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Full text of "The Gothic and Anglo-Saxon Gospels in parallel columns, with the versions of Wycliffe and Tyndale"

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1 HE Scriptures contain the revelation of God'a will to man, — God's 
tni addressed to all mankind. Afi the Scriptures are Truths the closer 
re adhere to them^ the nearer we are to Truth. But the nearest ap- 
proach we can make to the inspired originals, is in faithful translations, 
■s they express the sense with the greatest brevity and precision. Hence 
good translationB afford the best helps for obtaining a tnie knowledge of 
the Scriptures, and different versions, by learned and religious men, 
most be the best and shortest commentaries. The same truths are there 
expressed in different words. Where some are too brief and obscure, 
others may be more full and clear, while together, being the same in 
■enBe^ they mutually illustrate and conBrra each other. 

The present volume contains four translations of the Gospels. These 
translations were made by the leading men, — the intellectual aristocracy 
of their day. The first version is the Gothic by Ulphilas, in the 4th 
century. What vigour and decision of mind, — what a clear view of 
the future extension and iulluence of the Germanic race, must Ulpliilas 
have had to induce him to translate the Scriptures into the vulgar 
tongue of his people, in an age when Greek and Latin were the only 
languages employed for literary purposes 1 Ulpliilas deeply felt, from 
hie own experiencej that the power of the word of God to convince 
the understanding and to influence the conduct would be limited, unless 
it WHS not only preached, but read in the mother tongue, through which 
the beet affections of the heart are most easily touched. — These remarks 
are equally applicable to the translation of the Gospels in the 8th or loth 
centurj' from the Vetus Italica into Anglo-Saxon, and to the Wycliffe 
version of the whole Bible from the Vulgate into English in the 14th 
century, which was the dawn of that scriptural light that preceded 
the Reformation. In the i6th century, Tyndale presented the Gospel 
in a still clearer light by his translation of the New Testament from 




the original Greek into English, so faithfully, that it is, in substatice, 
our present authori2ed Version, which constantly uses the same phnu|^ 
olo^y and oRen employs tlie very same words. ^M 

These versions, extending from a.d. 360 to 1526, are not only of 
great value to Divines, hut deeply interesting- to the philologist, who 
ia here supplied with ample specimens of the earliest German, and of 
the Anglo-Saxon, as well as early English. The first German comes 
down to us in the translation of Ulphilas, made about a.d. 360. Though 
the Auglo-Soxon Gospels were translated in 735 or before, and the 
version printed in this volume is from a MS. wTitten about a.d. 995, 
yet we have an earlier record of Anglo-Saxon writing, in the Laws 
of Ethelbert, king of Kent. From the Title of these Laws, wo learn 
that " they were established in the days of Augustine*," that is, 
between A.b. 597, when Ethelbert wqp baptised, and the death of 
Augustine in 604. The most probable date is 599. From this timo 
to the present, we have our written Laws ; and we are told that 
Bede, just before his death in 735, had finished the translation of 
St. John's Gospel into his native tongue, called Engliiih [Euglisc] in 
the early Laws. Tlie Germans have the first written specimen of a 
Germanic language in Ulphilas, and we the next sjjecimen in our 
Anglo-Saxon Laws, and at a later date in the Gospels. The English 
philologist will now be able to trace many words and phrases from 
the present time, 1865, to the translation of Tyudalc in 1526^ of 
Wyclitfe in 1389, of the Saxon about 995, and of the Gothic about 
360, a space of more than 1500 years. The Gothic is a language of 
Low Germau originf, as well us the Anglo-Saxon and English, we 
are, therefore, notsnrprised to find many phrases apparently ideut 
in Gothic, in Anglo-Saxon, and in modern English. 


In bokom I'salmo. 
Ik im tlmlA daur. 
Langat whuilui. 
Kauli Icitlla wliella. 
Wilis brolliar. 
Kaurnu whaitels. 

In (Jm book of Psalms. 
I am the door. 
For a long wbilo. 
Now a little while. 
Wliose brother. 
A com of wheat. 

Ou tham Sealmc. Lk. xx. 434 
Ic com goat. Jn. x. 9. 
Lougre tide. Lk xviii.'4. 
Qyt same hwileji- Jn. vii. 33, 
Ilwuea brother. Lk. xx. 2 3, 
Uwa'tene corn. Jn. xii. 24. 

* Pn d'fnuu, Ae ^t>elbirht cyn'iag ^tte, on Augastlniu diSQe.^Thorpe't Ancient 
and Inititutea, 8vo. 1840, vol. 1. p. 3. 

t IVofessor Max Miiilcr's Survey of Ijagasigea, 2nd Etio. 8vo. 1855, p. 6j ; aoj hU 
Soifliice of Iioa^piAgc, Lecture V. p. i;^. X Yot some while or time. 



Haniu ist th&U waard. 
Sibnn brotluyos. 
Wfaeitoe swe aiiuws, 
Tnka aabsne. 
Wba Ut amuo tlieiu 1 
Gdeiks ist m&uu. 

Hordncea of heart. 
Hard is that word. 
Seveu brotlicrg. 
Wbite as suow. 
Yokei uf oxen. 
What is thy name 1 
He is like a man. 

Anglo- Saxon. 
Hcoriiui licfuxlDess. Mk. x 5. 
Heard is thcos sprsec*. Jn. vi. 60. 
Soofon yebrdthru. Lk. xx. 29. 
Swa hwitc swa anuw. MU. \x. 3. 
An ffeifme oxenat. Lk. xtr. 19, 
Hw»t is thin naraA ') Lk. viii. 30. 
He ys ^elic meu. Lk. vl. 48. 

TH£ GOTHIC traaslation of Ulphilas is the firsts iB date and 
importauoe^ which elnima attention in a brief notice of these four 
rersions, and of their celebrated translators. 

The heathen Goths settled in Dacia, ou the north-west of the 
Black Sea, at an early period. While resident there they became 
Chn*>tian8j and before the Council of Nice in a.d. 32.5, tlio Christian 
Goths were so nunierous as to elect their own Bishop, Thcophilus, 
whoee signature appears in the records of that Council. The most 
celebrated of tlieir Bishops was Ulphilast, born in a.d. 318 among-st 
the Goths in Dacia. His eminent talents^ learning', and benevolence 
gave him unbounded influence over his countiymen. It, therefore, 
became a proverb among' the Goths, " Whatever is done by Ulphilas, 
ii well done." This favourable irapressioa prepares us to hear of liis 
eoDsecration, at the age of 30, as Bishop § of the Goths in a.d. 348 
by Eusebius Bishop of Nicomedia. He continued to discharge his 
episcopal duties with great fidelity for forty years, and in a. d. 388 
vent to Constantinople to promote the interest of bis Church, where 
hft died at the age of 70. ITlphilas wrote in Latin, Greek, and Gothic, 
tsd was full of energy in the practical application of his learniug. 
No difficulty or literary labour deterre<l him when he had in view 
the cherished desire of his heart, the translation of the New Testament 
&om the original Greek, and part of the Old from the Septnagint 
into Gothic, that every one of his countrymen might read the wordj 
of God in his own tongue. It is most likely that this great literary- 
work was completed before a.d. 360; because, as a faithful and zealous 
preacher of the Gospel, anxious for the instruction and edification of 
the people, he had been accustomed to transhite into their own Ian; 

• Hard ii thif ipMcfa. + tiUratly A t«ftm of oxen. 

* Same eminent Oemuuu write the name Ulfitu. UlBla. Wulfila, &c. As I bAve not 
•Mft the sjiDA to written in imy uH^poftl docunieot, tbe uUl orthogniphy is letained, See 
tlhiw Tinini is Origin of Eog. and Oermiktuo Lang. vii. { 7, p. 115, noto *. 

1 WHta, Cebor dot Lebeo and die Lohre des tJlfila. Svo. Hanorer, 1S40. 




the passag^cs of the Scriptures which he quoted. Ulijliilas drew me 
water of life from the pure fountain, and delivered it to his people un- 
eontaminated. lie imbibed the doctrines of the Gospel at the fountain 
head, the original Greek, and preached those doctrines to the Gotl 
in their own nervous and expressive Germanic ton^e. 

Ulphilas had always taken the greatest interest in the welfare < 
the Goths. When, in the ytar 376, he saw they were grievous! 
oppressed by the Huns, he hesitated not to implore the protection 
the Emperor Valens, and pleaded their cause with such success, that 
the pro\'ince of Ma*sia was assigned to them. Their innumerable tribes 
then passed over the Danube into Mo:sia, now Ser\'ia and Bulgaria : 
it was from the residence of tliese Visigoths, or West Goths in ^la'sia 
that they have been called Mcoso-Gothsj and their language Mceso< 

Zealous Arians have always been anxious to claim Ulphilas, 
belonging to them. Valens and his Arian bishops would naturally 
use all their inHuence with Ulphilas^ and he would be disposed to 
concede as much as possible for the sake of peace and the welfare o^H 
bis people. Further, as a man of principle, he could not go. In the" 
strife, contention, and bitter persecution of the time^, it is difliculb to^ 
arrive at the exact truth. We know that LHphilas was not only 
man of great learniug, but of honest principles, and practical wisdom] 
he was, therefore, with his cautious and judicious antecedents — hi 
early and extensive knowledge of the Scriptures — not very likely 
fall into fatal errors. We are certain of this, that so far as the trai: 
lation of Ulphilas has been recovered, there is not a trace of Arianism 
be found. On the contrary, in passages clearly unfavourable to the do( 
trine of Anus, Ulphilas has honestly and plainly given the literal meaning 
of the Greek. The chief point in which we are now concerned, is thi 
that those who read the Gothic version of Ulphilas are not likely to 
led into error, as it is a faithful representation of the Greek. Thi 
was the opinion of the learned Junius and Dr. Marshall, the firsl 
editors of the Gothic Gospels, and of Cardinal Mai, and the grej 
body of learned men in the past age, as well as the present. 

Codox Argontous. — We gladly leave this subject to speak of 
principul MS. aud the chief editions of the Qotliic Gospels. The most 1 
brHted MS. is T?i4i Codex Argenteui^ or Silver Book, so culled from beinj 
transmitted to us in letters of a silvery hue, though the letters of a fci 
words in the begioniag of each paragraph are iu gold. I once thought witl 


Hire, Meerman*, and othen, that the words of this splendid Codex were not 
Trrilten on the vellum, which is of a reddish purjile colour, hut that each word 
was formed letter after letter by metallic characters heated, oud then impressed 
on stiver or gold leaf which was made to adhere to the vellum by some 
gtotiaous substADce, in the manner tliat bookhindcrs now letter and ornament 
the backs of books. On showing the facsimile to Henry Latham, Esq., M.A., 
of BrAsenose College, and of the Oxford University Press, he observed the 
letters were not so uniform as they would be if made by the impression of 
metallic characters, and suggested that the form of each letter was more 
]wt>bably drawn with some glutinous preparation, and the silver or gold leaf 
pressed upon it. On looking minutely ot our accurate facsimile, I saw 
▼aristions which could not have occurred if metaHic letters bad lieen usecL 
The word at the end of the third liuo of our faosimile is abbreviated, to 
niAke it accord with the preceding line. In the loth line of Dr. Uppstrtim's 
lai^gCT facsimile, to prevent a confused junction of the long stem of d> with 
the long stem of t in the preceding line, the top of <|| is bent to the left 
in auch a manner as could only be done by a pen or pencil. 

Being' anxious to obtain the most accurate information, even as to 

the colour of this invaluable MS,, I wrote to Professor Uppstriim. Not 

receiving an answer with that promptitude, which his liberality and 

kindness of heart always induced him to give, I presumed he had not 

received my letter, and wrot^} again. The answer came, not from the 

learned editor of the Codex Arf^enteus, but from a mutual friend, A. 

Diedrich Wackerbarth, whom I had known long ago, as graduating^ in 

honours at Corpus Chriati College, Cambridge. T may add that he has 

proved himself to be one of our best Teutonic scholars by his accurate 

and spirited translation of Beowulf, from the Anglo-Saxon into English 

verse, published in 1849. His letter gives the last sad tidings of one 

of Sweden's most learned men, and contains so minute a description of 

the MS. that I feel assured my readers will thank me for introducing 

the substance of it. 

"ITppsala, May 6th, 1865. 

" Your two letters were unfortunately too late to reach Professor Uppstriim. 
Our gowl friend died on the 2tBt of January last. His death was very unex- 
pected, and was caused by iuHammation of the lungs. Your letter of the 6th 
ulL was accordingly placed in the liauds of the Professor of Ancient Northern 
Literature, Prof. Save, who went, in company with me, to tlic library two or 
Uiree days ago, where I endeavoured by mixing water-colours to get a few 
approximations to the colour of the voUum of the Codex Argentcus. Since 

• Origin of Eng, and Genn*.nic Lang. rii. $ 10, p. Xl6, 


then your bocodJ letter Itas amrcd, that of the 28th ult. Professor Save ia at 
the present moment excecdiugly busy; but, being desirous not to keep you 
waiting for an answer, he this morning requested me to go up to the library, 
re-examine the Codex with reference to your questions, and make my report 
acconlingly. Tliis I have done and herewith communicate the result." — After 
an unsuccessful attempt to give the colour with greater precision, he sent me five 
specimens of tlie purple shades of the Tellnm taken from five dificreut parts of 
the Codex. Our facsimile is the medium colour. My friend then proceeds, — 
"The vellom is still somewhat glossy. The colour varies yery greatly in 
different parts of the Codex, iu some parts Indeed it may be said to have dis- 
appeared altogether or very nearly so, whereas in others it is even slightly 1 
darker than the darkest of my imitations, and has much the appearance o|H 
ripe mulberries. The leaves seem to have been colom'ed on one side only,^* 
the colour of the back of the bhcet being that of the front showing through. 
Calling the highly coloured side of a sheet the front, and the other side the 
back, the leaves seem to have been so arranged that front* are turned to fi-onts 
and backs to backs, so as to present uniformity of colour on both pages of the 
same opening of the book. 

" I now turn to your other question, namely the probabHity of Ihrc'a con- 
jecture that the letters are stamped ; or, iu other words, that the book is in 
fact printed, only letter by letter instead of sheet by sheet. To this conjecture 
I cannot assent, and I may add that Professor Upjistrbm held the same opinion 
OB myself, bo does also Prof. Save. The Codex is certainly very beautifully 
written and the letters are remarkably uniform, but strictly uniform they are 
not. . . .The breadth of the letter H is usually about 4^ millimetres : similarly 
the letter n : when the wi*itcr has been a little pressed for room the H and 
are reduced in breadth each to about 3J millimetres. Now had the wnter 
formed his letters by means of a stamp, he could only have contracted the 
spaces between the letters, not the letters themselves, unless indeed we suppose 
he htu\ several stamps of different breadths for each letter, which I do not think 
probable. It appears then, that the Codex has not been formed by stam])ing 
the letters but is throughout manuscript : a most beautiful and uniform manu- 
script it must have been, worthy of the pen of Brother Sintram of St. Gall 
himself, but written, not stamped. 

"Another circumstance, which I think may be worth mentioning, ia the 
following : On comparing Uppstrbm's facsimile page with the original, I observe 
that in the Codex the tail of the silver ^, which forma the first letter of the 1 2th 
line, goes quite over the arc of the golden D, which begins the next following 
line. From this I presume we may infer, that the gilding was done beforq^ 
the silvering. |H 

" 1 may mention that the upper part of the tp is not unfre<|ucntly slightly" 
bent to the left, as in the example cited by you, even when there is no 





with which it would otherwise interfere. Indeed all the letters, though quite 
nifiiciently aDiform to present to the eye that regularity which constitutes so 
import&nt & portion of what wc call beauty in writing, present, when examined 
with a magnifying glass and a fiue scale, differences of form and dimensions 
greater than I think would exbt had they been formed with a stamp. 

•* Prot Uppstrom, during his last journey in Italy, carefully cullated the 
HS8. in the Arahrosian and Vatican Libraries as well as that of WoIfcDbtittel. 
These he prepared for the press and hod even just commeuced printing when 
deatli put on end to his labours. The work will however not l>c lost to the 
world, OS it has been placed in able hands. In fact, it will be edited by Pro£ 

"I may add that the Codex has evidently been ruled throughout with 
double lines for writiug : single lines would have been sufficient fur stamping." 

Tlic Codex Argentcus, containing fragments of the four Go8[>e1». is supposed 
to be the work of Italians in their own country at the close of the 6fth 
century, or the beginning of the sixth. The only MS. in exactly the same 
style of writing, is the celebrated Gallican Psalter* now in the Abbey of 
SU Oeruiain des Pr^s. It is of the sixth century and is said to have belonged 
to St Germain, Bishop of Paris, who died May zS, 576. The vellum is stained 
of a purple-violet colour, and the writing is in silver letters, and a few particular 
words in gold. This description would sen'c for the Codex Argenteu^, the 
TcUum of which, however, is purple, exactly aa in our facsimile, of a reddish 
rather than a violet tint. 

The Codex Argenteus was preserved for many ceatunea in the monastery 
of Wcrdcn on the river Rhnr, in Wefltphalio. In the fjih century it waai 
transmitted for safety to Prague ; but, Count K^nigsmark taking that city 
in 1648, the Codex Argenteus came into the possession of the Swedes, who 
deposited it in tbo Library at Stockholm. Yossius in 1635, when visiting 
Sweden, became possessed of it, and brought it to Holland. Puffendorf, as 
he travelled through Holland in 1663, found it in the custody of Yossius, and 
pQTchased it for Count de la Gardie ; who, after having it bound in silver, 
jircMnted it to the Royal Library nt Uppsala, whore it is stiil preserved. 

I. This imperfect copy of the Four Gospels, beginning Matt. v. 15, waa 
fini printed from a beautiful facsimile made by Derrer ; and, with the Gothic 
QlOMuy of Junius, poblished by Junius and Marshall, in 2 vols. 4to., ot 

• A. most beaatiM faentoUa of thla MS. wm publislied by Count Bastard, 1843. in his 
and vxpeaure work an this nohject. Another is given, with a mbuta deMription 
«f Flal« ex. vol. i, p. 296 In Univerial Pal«<ignkphy, by M. J. B. Silveatre, translated from^ 
ttw French nrnl edited by Sir Fruderio liadden : Folio FUtos, and descriptiona in 3 Tola. Svoiij 
H. O. Bohn, London, 1850. I am indebted for tbc eight of these boumUes to Professorj 
J. O. WMtwood, MA-, F.L.a. author of the very beautiful work. Palcographia Sacra^ 
IVtorim kc 



Dordredit, 1 66.^. There arc two coliunna in eacb pige, the Gothic on the left 
columQj and the Anglo-Saxon on the riglit ; both in their original characters, 
the t3rpes for which were cast in Holland, at the expense of Junius. The same 
book, apparently publiahcd with new titles, and a reprint of the first sheet 
in Vol. II, tlte Glossary by Junius, appeared again at Amsterdam in 1684. 

H. Stiemliielm, a Swede, republished Uiphilaa, witli adilitions, entitled, — 
Evangelia ab Ulphila Qothice translato, cum versionibus Sueo-Gothic& NomeD& 
seu Islandica, et VulgatA Latina, Stockhohnur, 4 to. 1671. Sametime4 there ii 
bownd up with ti— Glossarium Ulphila-Gothicum per ¥. Juoium, nunc Sueo- 
Guthica auctum, He. per Georg. Stiemhielm, ib. 1670. 

III. The Gotliic Gospels were again prepared for tlie Press by Dr. Eric 
Benzolius, and published by Lye, 4to. Oxford, 1750, with a Latin translation, 
and notes below the Gothic : a short Gothic Grammar, written by Lye, is pre- 
6xed. Tliis handsome 4to. of the Clarendon Press was printed with the type 
which Junius had presented to the University of Oxford after it had been 
used at Dordrecht in the Edition of 1665. 

IV. A learned Swede, Ihre, a native of Uppsala, and afterwards professor, 
favoured the literati in 1753 with his remarks upon the editions of Junius, 
Stiemhielm, and Lye. He had constant access to the Codex, and his criti- 
cisms and remarks upon the editors' dcmtions from it are very valuable 
All Professor Hire's treatises on the Gothic version, and other tracts conn 
with the siibject, were published under the following; title : J. ab Ihre scripta 
versiouem Ulphilanam et linguam Mceso-Gothicam illuiitrajitia, edita ab Anto 
Frid. Biisching, Berolini, 4to. 1773. 

V. The Codex was again prepared and printed in Boman characters with- 
out accents, after the corrected text of Ihre, with a literal interlinear Latin 
translation, and a more free Latin version in the margin, with a Grammar and 
Glossary by F. K. Fuldo. The Glossary revised antl the text corrected by 
W. F. H. Rcinwald, published by J. C. Zahn, Weissenfela and Leipaic, 4to. 1805. 

VL A commentary on parts of the Gospel of St. John, with the following 
title: — Skeireins Aiwaggelyons thairh lohannen. — Auslegung des Evangeliii 
Johannis in gothischer Sprache von H. F. Massniann, Doctor der Philosophi 
Professor der alteren deutschen Sprache etc. 4to. Munclien, 1834. — It contai 
an account of the manuscript, p. ix-xvii : — the Commentary in Gothic, prin 
in £Eicsimile types, p. 3-34 : — the same Gothic text, in Roman and Italic ty 
accented, in one column, and a literal Latin version in the other, with not 
at the foot, p. 37-52 : — an account of the MS. and a short notice of Uiphilaa 
and the Goths, p. 53-118 : — a complete Glossary of the Gothic words with 
explanations in Latin, and the Greek equivalents, p. iai-x83 : — a facsimile of^ 
Skeir^ns, and other MSS. p. 183. 

VIL Ulfilas : — Veteris et Novi Testament! vcrsionis Gotliicn fragmenta, 
qun supereunt, ad fidem codd. castigata, Latinitate donata, adnotatione critica 





instmcta, cam Olossario et Grammatica Hiigusc Qotliicse, conjunctls cnris 
c<li(l<M-unt F{. C. de Gabelcntz et Dr. J. La'bc. Lipsia;, ajmd F. A. Brockbau3, 
1836 et 1846. — This ia a ycrj* viJunble work iu 2 vols. 4to. Vol. L contmus 
Prolegomena, p. ix-xxxvu : the Gothic text of the Gospels and Epistles, as 
&r as they have been discovere^l, with fragments of tJie Old Testament, printed 
In Roman type, without accents ; below is n I^tin translation, And under this 
«n> very useful notes in Latin, in a cols, small tyi>e, p. 1-359. — V**'* ^- ®<*'^" 
tains Vorwort, p. vi-xi : Skeir. p. xii-xvi : Calend. Gotb. p. xvii, xvili : Gloss, 
p. 1-314; Griechisch-gothischea Worterbucb, p. 215-341 : Gram, der Gotlu 

pw 1-398. 

Vm. Ulphilas von Gaugengigl : Vol. \. Sprachlehrc und Worterbuch : 
Vol. IL Gothic New Testament, 2 vols, in i, royal 8vo., with a plate of Gothic 
Alphabets. PatioUy 1849. 

TX. TTppstrom'e Codex jVrgeuteus, 410. 1854-1857: v. Notes, p. 570, Matt. 
i. 31 ; xi. 10. 

X. Mttssmann's Ulfilas*, Stuttgart, 1857, i vol. 8vo. Tbe Gothic text is 
printed entirely in Koman letters, of n good legible size, and fills the left hand 
pflgM. Porta of the Septuagiut and of the original Greek text and the Vulgate 
Latin Version, both in smaller type than the Gothic, fill the right hand pogci. _ 
They are in two columns, and the verses, both of the Greek and Latin, ar^ 
parallel with the Gothic. The Gothic text is accented according to the system 
introduced by the celebrated Professor, Dr. James Qrimm. ifany very valuable 
notes, a Glossary, and a brief Gotliic Grammar arc appended to the Text. 
It is a most nsefdl and comprehensive hook, containing, in one moderate 
8to. volume, the whole of the Gothic translation of the Old and New Testa- 
ments hitherto discovered, and oil that is kuown on the subject 

XL Ulfila oder die una crhaltcncn Denkmdler der Gothischen Sprache- 
Text, Grammatik und Worterbuch. Bearbcitet und herausgegeben von Friediich 
Ladwig Stomm, Pastor zu St Ludgeri, iu Helmstedt. Paderhom, 1858. — A 
plain, good sized, readable text, in Roman type, without accents. The )> is used. 

AITOLO-8AXOI7. — Before Gregory the Great planted Christianity 
in Eaghmd by liis missionaries, the energetic and warlike Anglo-Saxons 
bad scarcely any facilities for intellectual improvement. A gradual 
pre])aratioa for the public reception of the Christian faith had been 
made by the marriage of Ethelbert, king of Kent, with Bertha, a 
Frankish princess. Bertha and her attendants continued their Christian 
worship in England^ under the direction of the Bishop who accompanied 
her from France. The exemplary conduct of the Queen impressed the 
mind of Ethelbert and his court with a favourable opinion of Chris- 

* The exact title of thii sobolArlike and most bandy book is given in tbe Golbic notes 
i. »i. p. 570- 



tianlty. The way being opened by Bertlia, Ethelbert in a.d. 597 gave 
a friendly reception to Augustine, the leader of the Chnstian messengers 
of peace, and assigned them a residence in Canterbury. Aa Christiaa 
dootrines and discipline expand the mind, and prodnce a love of 
learning and iutellectnal pursuite, these results were seen by the 
establishment of the first school in Kent hy Ethelbert, and by his 
written Laws, as well as by the thirst for knowledge raised among 
his subjects. Those, who applied themselves to literature, manifested 
the strength of their intellectual powers, by a success which could 
not have been expected, and can scarcely be surpassed. Tliat within 
a hundred years after the dawn of Christianity and literature upon 
the Anglo-Saxons, two such men as Bede and Bonifacius should have 
arisen, the one from the most northerly and the other from the southerlyfl 
part of England, — from Durham iind Devonshire, — is an adeijuate proof 
that the pre\'ious absence of literary knowledge did not arise trom the 
want of intelloci, but of opportunity for its cultivation. Bede had 
a European reputation as a Scholar, and Bonifacius as a Christian 
Missionary. Bonifacius, a native Saxon, and like all the Angles 
and Saxons of Germanic origin, speaking a Germanic dialect, was a 
most successful herald of ^>eace to his kindred race on the Continent. 
His talunts, and his heart glowing ^vith benevolence and Christiaa 
zeal, made him the missionary Bishop over the numerous tribes ta 
whom he had preache<l with such success, that he is said to have 
been the means of converting to the Christian faith more than a 

hundred thousand Germans. Bede was born in 67a, and died in 

735. His works were spread over Europe, and so highly esteemed, 
that his Ecclesiastical History, written in Latin, mus printed about 
the year 1474, among the early works that issued from the German 
press. It was translated into Anglo-Saxon by King Alfred, and is still 
a well-known and popular book, though tinged with the croduUty of 
the age in which it was written. Bede was a diligent student and 
^translator of the Scriptures, as will soon appear; but, we must first 
observe, that among the many books sent by Gregory the Great to 
Augustine, two copies of the Gospels in Latin, of the same sire, and 
written in the same Roman uncials, are now extant. After being safely 
kept in the Bibliotheca Gregoriaua in St. Augustine's Abbey, Canter- 
bury, Archbishop Parker, at the dissolution of religious houses, took 
charge of these precious MSS. ; one of these he presented, with hiafl 
other MSS. and books, to the Library of Corpus Christi College, 
Cambridge, where it still remains in perfect safety. The other oopj 






know from the following entry in the margrin fol. a a, "Robertua 
tton Cuningionenaia 1602," was among the manuscript treasures of 
ir Robert Cotton. It is now in the safe custody of the Bodleian, 
brd. This Oxford Codex appears, from its history, as well as from 
its internal evidence, to have been the original from which numerooa i 
copies were made and spread over England as far north as the residcnco 
of Bedc in the Monastery of Wearmouth, Durham. The internal evi- 
dence is this, that all the Anglo-Saxon MSS. have the large interpola- 
n given in the note upon Matt. xx. 28, with others which will 
ortly be mentioned. This MS. of the Gospels, sent by Gregory the 
Qreat, is not the Vulgate, but the old Latin Version, the Vetus Italica, 
in constant nse till the time of Jerome, who guided by it, finished his 
Vulgate translation of the Gospels in a.d. 384. As the Anglo-Saxon I 
Version was made from the Vetus Italica, it may be useful in ascertain- 
mg the readings of this oldest Latin Version. We may cite one or two 
examples more in proof that the Anglo-Saxon was from the Vetua 
Italica, and not from the Vulgate of Jerome. i 

II In St, Matt xxvii. 3a, the Vulgate has Invenerunt hominem Cyrcnapum, 
Hid omits venieatem obvinm illis. The Anglo-Saxon is word for wonl from 
fhe Vetus Italica, as will be seen below. In this instance the AnglolSaxoa 
WM evidently translated from the Vetus Italica. 

Invenerunt hominem Cyreneum, veuieutem obviam illis. Vet. Ital. 

{>• gemetton big sinne Cyreniscne man, cumeade heom togenes. Ang.-Sax. 

A dause is also omitted in the Vulgate of St. Matt. xxiv. 41, when it is 
both in the Vetus Italica and Anglo-Saxon. 

Duo in lecto, unua asaumetur, ct unua relinquctur. Vet. Ital. 

Twegcn beo}} on bedde, uu by)> gcnumcn, and oder by[> licfed. Ang^-Sax, 

Sometimes a word is different in the Vulgate and in the Italic Version, and 
the Anglo-Saxon then follows the Italic, as iu St. Luke xv. 8. 

Et ewrtil domum. VeL Ital ] 

And dwent byre bus. Ang.-Sax. 
£t ewrrit domum. Vtdff. 

The Vetus Itahca somctimca omits a whole verse, and the same omisrioftj 
la observed in the Codex Anguatinius and in the Anglo-Saxon, when it is con- 
tuned in the Vulgate, as in St. Matt, xxiii. 14. This affords further evidence, 
that the Anglo-Saxon was translated from the Vetus Italica, and also that the 
Bodleian Codex Au^rustinius is the Italic, and not the Vulgate Version. Sw the 
^pon Matt xxiil 14, p. 577. 


It is then an interesting fact, tliat we still pOflscflBj in the Bodleian, 
one of the copies which Gregory the Great sent to England, — that 
it is not a copy of the Vulgate, but of the Vetu3 Italica, and that it 
may be the very copy from which the Anglo-Saxon Version was made. 

We arc not certain as to the names of those patriotic Anglo-Saxons, 
who devoted their time, talenU, and learning to the translating of the 
Scriptures into Anglo-Saxon, that they might be read by the people, 
and in their churches; but we have an indisputable evidence in the 
Rubrics, printed in our notes from the MS. that they were constantly 
read in Anglo-Saxon churches, as the rubrical directions declare what 
part of the Scriptures was appointed for successive seasons. We have 
no more knowledge of the exact date when the Gospels were first trans- 
lated into Anglo-Saxon, than we have of the translators. Wc are, 
however, a^ured by Cnthbert*, a pupil of the learned Venerable Bede, 
the glory of the Anglo-Saxon Church, that he was finishing his trans- 
lation of St, John's Gospel immediately K-fore his death on the a7th 
of May, 735. As St. John is the last of the Gospels, the three pre- 
ceding had most likely been previouiily translated. Cuthbert describes 
the last day of Bede's life with Christian simplicity and feeling, 'When 
the morning dawned he told us to write diligently what we had begun. 
This being done, one of us said, — Tliere is yet, beloved Master, one 
chapter wanting; will it be unpleasant to })g asked any more questions? 
He answered, Not at all. Take ynur i)en and write with speed. — Ho 
did so. At the ninth hour he said to me, I have some valuables in 
my little chest; fetch them that I may distribute my small presents. 
He addressed each and exhorted to prayer. "We wept. In the evening 
when his pupil said, Dear Master, one sentence is still wanting. Write 
it quickly, exclaimed Bede. When it was finished, he said. Support 
mo while I go to tlie holy place, where I can pray to my Father. 
When he was placed there he repeated the Gloria Patri, and expired 
in the effort.' 

We have no satisfactory evidence to prove that this was the first 
translation of the Gospels, nor that Bede's version has come down to 
us. The Scriptures, in their own tongue, were revered by the Anglo- 
Saxons, for Alfred the Great placed the Commandments at the head 
of his Laws, and incorporated many passages from the Gospels. Sub- 
sequent translators would naturally avail themselves of the versions 
made by their predecessors, and write them in the orthography, the 
language, and the style of the time in which they lived. From these 

• Snuth'tJ JBedC; p. 793. 





distingnishiDg features, the age of a MS. may be ascertained with 
toU'rable accuracy. Sometimes pereona and places are named^ which 
ftid in fixing the date. 

Anglo-Saxon MSS. of the Gospcla. Our Anglo-Saxon text* is hasecK^ 

upon the A!S. No. CXL. in Corpus Cliristi College, Cambridge, denoted byB;' 
tad the MS. li 2, i r. iu the Uaiverstty Library, Cambridge, designated by C ; 
collated with Cot. or the Cotton Otho C. I. the ilS. in the British Kfnseum, 
^^tnd with the Hatton MS. No. 38 in the Boilleian, Oxford, referred to in the 
^fcotcs, by the signature H, compared with Rl. or the MS. of nearly the some 
^Kictnn and date I. A XIV. in the Royal Library, Britinh Nfuseum : — collated 
^Bslio with the Oxford AfS. in the Bodleian No. 44 r, to which a reference \s 
^niade in the notes by O. — Also Rush, or the Ruahworth Gloss^ in the Bodleian, 
^^TJo. 3946 ; and the Lindisfarne in the British Museum, Nero D. IV. 

The Talne of these MSS. and the text formed upon their authority will be 
beat ascertained from a short account of each, chiefly in the alphabetictd order 
^B ^ the letters by which they are designated. 

^p I. B. is described in Wanley's Catat. p. xi6, and by Nasmitb, p. 213; it 
' is 34id to be copied from an older MS. before the Conquest. I lliink between 
A.D. 990 and 1030. Many vowels arc accented. At the end of St. Matthew's 
Gospel is the following note, written in the same form of letter as the MS. 
but of n somewhat later date : — Kgo /Elfricua scripai huuc librura in Monasterio 
Bodonio, et dedi Brihtwoldo Preitoaitot. — Dr. Marshall, apeaking of this A(S, 
iu 1664, says, — Hunc Codicem et Oxomcnaem, rarius reperi ab invicem dis- 
centientes ; auperloremque eos vetuatatcm spirare existimo. (p. 490.) 

H. C. denotes the MS. of the Anglo-Saxon Gospels, in the University of 

Cambridge^ marked li. a. i r. This MS. in small folio, written in a good 

clear band at>out the time of the | Norman Conquest, if not earlier, ia very 

valuable for ita accuracy in grammatical forms, and orthography aa ado])ted in 

the beet West-SaxoD ; and because it is tlie only copy which has the Rubrics 

complete, and written iu the same hand and just after the other parts of the 

! MS. Many vowels are accented. In 1704, when Wanley wrote his Catalogus 

j Historico-Criticus Monuscriptorum Septentrionalium, the leaf, containing the 

I following note, stood amoog the waste leaves at the beginning of this MS. : it ia 

now (1865) placed at the end§: — Huuc textum Euaugcliorum dedit Lcofricna 


* See Anglo-Saxon Notef, p. 574, col. 1. The Anglo-Saxon text. 

f Sc« Ati^lo-SjLXOD Not«3 upon Matt, xxviii. sow. % Wanley's Cabil. p. 153. 

I I might merely state the bet, but 1 mny odd, that Mr. Bnidslinw of King's College, 
who has the coro of tbo MSS. and ozamines tfaem meet minutely, is saiiitfieJ, fniin tlie size 
and Um cutting of the parofament, with other concorring drcnmstanceB, that, when the MH. 
«BS originally written, this vu the Ust leaf; be hu, therefore, restored it to what, be ia 
. was its first position. 



epUcojius ecclesifc Sancti Petri Apostoli in Kxonia ad ndlitatcm Eucccssorum 
suorum. Tlicn immediately follows in the same Anglo-Saxon hand oa the Codex, 
but of a little Uter dnto, — Das hoc Leofric biscop gcf Sancto Petro and e&Uutn 
bin n>flergeDgum into Exancestre Gode mid to denionne. 

At the foot of ft waste leaf, placed before the MS. is this note: — Hunc Codi- 
cem EvaugelioruDi Qregorius DoJde, Dccftnus Ecclesiffi ExoniensiSj cum asseosu 
frntrum Buorum Canunicorum done dedit Mattliseo Cautuaricusi Archie pisoopo, 
qui ilium in banc novam fumiom rcdigi et orunri curavit. 1566. 

On the upper margin of page i of this MS. is written iu the bold, clear 
band of Archbishop Parker, — " Matthseus Cantuar: 1574." At the foot of this 
page in the same clear band, " Coutinet pag. 401," i. e. TIic entire MS. contains 
401 pp. The Gospels occupy p. 1-343. — Ps«wlo-Evangdium Nickodemit p. 
344-383, publidiod by Thwaitea at the end of bis Heptateuchus in 8vo. 1698. — 
KaOutnia JudUei Legatio Fabuloaa ad Tihmum CirsaretH, p. 383-401. All the 
401 pages of the MS. are written in the same bold and distinct Anglo-Saxon 
bond. The Bubrics are in faded, dark red IciterB of the Kamo form as the MS., 
but written after the text was finigticd, aa they often extend fur into tbo margin, 
the latter words being placed at the end of one or more consecutive Hues of 
the MS. : for example in Matt, xi., MS. p. 37, lino 14-17. The letters of the 
ILubri<« were most likely formeil, when the Capital letters were coloured. The 
Gospels arc divided into panigriiphs, denoted by large plain Capital letters of 
diflVrcut colours, some of which, especially the green and light blue, are aa 
bright aa if recently coloured. There is generally, but not always, a Kubric 
at the lieod of each paragnijih. Three or four paragraphs are often included in 
a Chapter ; and the chapters of our modem versions sometimes begin in the 
middle or otlier parts of tbo jMiragraphs of this MS., in which there was not 
originally the least indication of such a division. 

III. This is what remains of the once fine MS. written on vellum before 
the Norm&n Conquest, and denoted by Cot, because it is iu the Cotton Library, 
British Museum, Otho C. I. A minute description is given of it by Wanley 
in A.D. 1704*, when it was in a perfect stato from Matt, xxvii, 6. It waa so 
much injurcti by the fire, which destroyed many of Sir Rol)crt Cotton's MSS. 
on the 33rd of Oct. 1731, tlint, what was defective only as far as Mutt, xxvii. 6 
before that calamity, afterwards looked like a charred mass, Planta, in his 
Catalogue of the Cotton M86., describes it as " once consisting of 390 leaves, 
but now (1S02) so much burnt and contracted as to render the binding of it 
impracticable." It was fortunately kept in a case ; and what was found im- 
pmcticable by Mr. Planta, bus been cfTcctcd under the carefid superintendence 
of Sir Frederic Madden, by whose judicious arrangements many MSS. have 
been restored, and made accessible to the public The smallest part of tbis 
burnt moss has been carefully mounted on thick folio paper, which is cut away 

• Catal. p. an, nx. 




in the middle to fit the iujured velluzn, and nude fast by tranapareDt paper, 
gummed to tbe edges of the paper and the vellum ; the MS. can, therefore, bo 
cBBily read oo both sides. It is now bound in two large folio vols. Sir Frederio 
Madden tella na— that twenty-fire folios are lost siDcc Wanlcy described it. 
The first small fragment of this MS. now remaining is from folio 26, which Sir 
F. Madden has marked as part of St. Mark vii. 22. Such a note deserves the 
best tltaidu of all who consult the MS. as it saves much of their time. The 
fregraents increase a little in size &-om fulio 36 to 38. St Luke is nearly com- 
plete, and occupies fol. 39-93. St. John fills fol. 95-135, and is nearly perfect, 
flBpedaUy in the latter part. There are not any rubrical directions, and only 
■ few badly formed capital letters of a dingy red colour in this ^IS. The 
•eeents are neither numerous nor carefully applied. 

TV. H. The Hattou MS. No. 38 in the Bodleian*, Oxford, is the size of 
m large 8vo. and written on vellum, in a very uniform and beautiful, but late 
hand, about the time of Henry 11. The letters are so uniform, upright, and 
Bc*r together, aa to appear like printing in facsimile types. It formerly be- 
longed to the Rev. John Parker, son of Matthew Parker, Archbishop of Canter- 
bury, who wrote his name in red chalk, " lohci parker,'* on tbe verso and top of 
tbe first fly-leaf. Wunley tells us that the miMing leaf Lk. xvi. was neatly 
written and inserted by Mr. Parker. Tlic four Qospels are arranged not iu tho 
usual order, but St. Matt is placed after St Luke ; thus, Mark, Luke, Matthew, 
and John. The only Rubric in Anglo-Saxon is this at the beginning of St. 
John, — Her onginjt diet god spell de Johonncii so goflspellerc gewrat on Path- 
nos dam eiglande. — The accents arc few, and capriciowtly applied. 

V. This MS, denoted by RL is in the Royal Lihrary, British Museum, I. A 
XIV. It is \'ery similar to the Hatton in the 8vo. size, but a little smaller. 
The writing is somewhat earlier in date, and less regular than the Hutlon, 
The Rubrics are very few, and of a brighter red than the Hatton. There are 
scarcely any accents; yet Tsouc is found in fol. 33, 5. The four Gospels are 
placed in this order, — ^Marfc^ Matthew, Luke, and John, — St Mark begins, 
loitium Sci Euongelii secundum .Marcura. Her ys Qodspcllcs augin, Halcndes 
Crittes Godes sane, swa awriten is on jios witegan bee Isaiaro. — Her ongind 
boc )>as halga GodspcUcres. — BeginSj Softlice wel is to uuderstandcn f 
Mstbeos gerccednysse her his oncneomysse boc Hieleudes Oristes Dauides 
budo. — St. Luke, Xu we willaS her eow areccen Lucas boc ttea halgau God- 
apelleres. — Begina, ForSam ite w}'todlice manega ^ohte ^are twinge wace ge 
cadebTTden fio on ns gefylde sint, swa us betahten })a (<e hit of frim&e gcsawon, 
and S*re spreece \e nas w»ron. — Then follows the Rubric to St Jolm precisely 
M io the Hatton MS. — Tliis Royal MS. belonged to St Augustine's Abbeyt, 
CWaUrbax7. It was also in possession of Thomas Cranmcr, Arcbbisliop of 
Caoterbof^, whose name is written on tho upper margin of the first leaf. ^ 

• WauUy'g Cfttftl \\ 76. + Ibid. p. l8z. 





VI. O. The Oxfonl MS. ia the Bodlciun, No. 441, is cloeely allied to thfli 
b€st MSS. B, C, and Cot. ; namely to I, II, and in.— This Oxford MS. of tlie 
four Anglo-Sa.\on Gospels is in small folio, written before the Norman Cou- 
quGSt*, in a fine bold Anglo-Saxon character, and has some vowels accented. 
The Bubrics are written in a small and recent bond, between the paragraphs ; 
or, for want of. room, in the margin. The first six leaves of St. Mark, fob 
57-63, fob 90, fob 131, and fol. I5o,a1so the last three leaves of St. John, 
fob 193-194, are written in a small and recent hand ui>on new parchment, 
with few accents. — The first edition of the Anglo-Soxou Gospels by John 
Foxe, in 157 1, was printed from this Oxford MS. No. 441. It was also the 
basis of the edition by Junius and Marshall in 1665. 

VII. The Latin of the Lindisfaruc Gospels, or the Durham Book, is said to 
bare been written about a.d. 687 by Eadfrith, a monk, and the interlinear and 
verbal Anglo-Saxon Gloss, by Aldred a Priest, between 946 and 968. Botb 
Eadfrith and Aldred became Bishops of Durham. It ia one of our finest MSS. 

VIII. Tlio Latin of the Rusbworth Gospels appears to be written about the 
end of the 7th century; and the interlinear and verbal Anglo-Saxon Gloss of 
the loth. The first three Gospels have been published by the Surtees Socie 
St. Matthew, edited by the Rev. Joseph Stevenson, M.A., 8vo. 1854. St Mar! 
in i86i, and St. Luke in 1863, both edited by Geo. Waring, Esq., M.A. 

Printed oditions. — I. The Anglo-Saxon Gospels were first printed, at 
the suggestion and expense of Matthew I'arker, Archbishop of Canterbury, 
under the care of John Foxe, the Martyrologist, with this title :— " The Gospels 
of the fower Kuangelisteji translated in the oldo Saxons tymc out of Latin into 
the vulgare toung of the Saxons, newly collected out of Auncieut Monumentca 
of the sayd Saxons, and now published for t«stimouie of tlie same at Londo: 
Printed by John Daye dwelling ouer Aldersgate. 1571. Cum PriuUetjio Rtg 
Maie^talis per D&xnnmm." The text is in the clear and readable Anglo-Saxoi 
type, used by Daye in ^Elfric's " Sennoa on Easter day," I567t, the first bool 
pnntcd in Anglo-Saxon. The Anglo-Saxon occupies two-thirds the width of 
the page, and the remaining third is filled with the English Version of the 
Bishops* Bible in small old English. Foxe wrote the long dedication to Queen , 
Elizabeth. The chief object for the publication of these Gospels is thus stated 
in the Preface : — " Wc baue published especially to ttiis end, that the said boke . 
imprinted thus in the Sctxojis letters, may remoine in the Church as a profitabl^H 
example, and president of olde antiquitie, to the more confii-mation of youi*^ 
grotious procedinges now in tlie Church agrcable to the same. Whcrin as we baue 
to see how much we ore beholden to the reuerend and learned father in God, 
MtiUhtw jVrchbishop of Cant, a cheefe and a famous trauoiller in thys Chur 
of England^ by whose industrious diligence and learned labours, this book 

F • Wanloy, \t. 6j. 

i t See Origin of Eng. uid Oer. Languges, ill. 9, page 18, note *. 



with others moe, h&th bene collected and searched out of the Saaxmt Monu- 
m€tea : bo likewise haue we to vndcrstnnd and conceauc, hy tbe edition hereof, 
how the religion presently twuyht and professed in tlie Chui'cb at thys present, 
ia no new reformation of thingua hktely hegonae, which were not before, but 
rather a reduction of the Church to the Pristine state of olde conformitie, 
which once it had." (p. 9.) 

H. A much improved edition of the Anglo-Saxon GoepeU* woa published, 
with the Gothic by Junius and Marshall, in 1665, with the following ample 
title, — Qutttuor D. N. Jesu ChrJsti Eiiangeliorum Versionea perantiquRj duce, 
Gothictt Bcil. ct Anglo-Saxonica : quftnim illam ex celcberrimo Codice Argenteo 
nunc primuni deprorasit FranciscuB Junius, Francisci filins. Hanc autem ex Codi- 
cibus MSS. coUatis emendatij^ rccudi curavit Thomas Marcachallus, Anglus : 
Cttjus etiam Obscrrationca in utramriuc Versionem subncctuutur. — Acceaait et 
OlosB&riam Gothicum : cui prxmittitur Alphabctum Golhicuni, Runicum, etc. 
opcrrA ejusdem Francisci Junii.— Dordrechti. Tyjua ct sumptibua Juuianis. — 
Excudebant Henricus et Joannes Eassei, Urbis Tj-pographi Ordiuarii. cioiocLiv. 

m. A very neat and handy edition of the Anglo-Saxon Gospels appeared 
in tsmo, London 1843, with this title — Da Halgau Godspel on Englisc. — The 
Anglo-Saxon Yeraion of the holy Gospels, edited from the original manuscriptfi, 
by Bemjamin Thorpe, F.S.A. London, Rivington : Oxford, Parker : 1843. 

One peculiar feature of the Anglo-Saxon version may be noticed, 
before wo speak of the next translation. Those terms, which are adopted 
in other versions from the HebreWj Greek, and Latin, an.- g^enerally 
trmnsUted by indigenous Anglo-Saxon compounds, so descriptive us to 
be intelligible to every reader. A very few examples will be sufficient 
to bhow this principle, and the compositive power of the An^lo-Saxon 
language. For Centui'ion they used hundre<l-mau, similar to the Lai. 
Cenlurio : — Disciple, leoming-cniht, a leamiaff youth : — Dropsy, a man 
with the dropsy was called wieter-scoc-man : — Parable, bigspel, a near 
esampU : — Eepentance, duid-bot, an. ameuda-tleed : — Resurrecti<m, scnst, 
a rliing again ; — Sabbath, rcste-dficg, a day of red : — Scribe, boc-erc, 
b6c-wer, <» hook man: — Synagogue, gesamnung, a cont/regat'ton : — 
Treasury, gold-hordj ^o/irf-Aoar(/. 

WYCLTFFE. — Till the discovery of printing in the I5tli centurj', 
i}\a Holy Scriptures and other writings could only bo published, or 
made generally known, by Lectures and by the slow process of manu- 
ecript«. Between forty and fifty years, Wycliffe was more or lets 
closely connected with the University of Oxford. As Tutor, Head of 
* Sec pNcription of thb vol, in Qothie, p. vii. No. I. 




its J 

a College, and Professor of Divinity, ho hnd great facilities for making ,1 
the Gospel generally known. In addition to the members of noble 1 
families, and men educated for lay professions, those especially preparing 
for the Church attended hia Lectures, and were educated under his 
superiutendence ; taking with them into every parish throughout the 
whole country, the learning and imprtssions they had received in the^^ 
University, giving lectures upon his principles, and often becoming his^| 
willing agents in transcribing his works. The important part, taken 
by Wyclifib in preparing for the Reformation by the translation of 
the Scriptures, will be best seen by a short notice of the chief incidents 
of his life. 

John Wycliffe is said to have been bom in 1324 at a small village 
that name, near Richmond, in Yorkshire ; and, at the age of sixteen 
to have become one of the iirst members of Queen's College, founded 
in 1340, He was a fellow of Merton College in 1356. With muck 
natural talent, unwearied assiduity, and a facility in acquiring know- 
ledge, this diligent and unobtrusive student gained in the University 
great reputation for Lis learning, and faithful friends by hia decision 
of eliaracter, combined with kinduess of heart and unassuming mannera. 
He was deservedly popular, and was much attached to Oxford for the 
literary facilities and the nninterrupt^ quietude which he could not find 
anywhere so i^rfcct as in the University. During more than twenty 1 
years ho gratified his insatiable desire for knowledge on all subjeetd|^| 
never neglecting to devote a specified time for rending the Bible, making" 
all other knowledge subservient to the great object he ever kept in view, 
& thorough knowledge of the Scriptures. He read the Latin Fathers 
with great care, and studied Aristotle, the profound reasoner of the 
Greeks. As the Greek language and literature were little known and 
almost forgotten in England before the taking of Constantinople b 
the Turks in a. d. 1453, ^^cn the Greeks fled for refuge to other 
countries, where they introduced and interpreted the ancient On 
authors, Wycliffe had not the means of acquiring a knowledge of 
He could, therefore, study Aristotle only in the Latin translations 
commentaries. Even with such inadequate assistance he became a m 
subtle reasoner, and an unrivalled disputant, able to encounter 1 
intricacies of scholastic divinity. Ilis great opponent, the Chi*onicler 
Knighton, admits that, while Wycliffe vms genei-ally esteemed a mos 
eminent theologian, he had no equal in the employment of the scholas 
art of dispntation. 

About the year 1360, circumstances occurred which called fo 



Wycliffe's eitniordinary talents. Oxford was bo celebrated as a seat 
of learning in tho reig:n of Henry III, that an immense number of 
students camo to the Univeraity from all parts of Enj^land and from 
the Continent. Anthony Wood, in his Annals*, tells us they amounted 
to thirty thousand. Wlien all allowance is made for this almost in- 
credible estimate of the students by one of Oxford's most partial 
friends, it at least indicates the popularity of the University. By 
the undae inflneucc of the mendicant Friars, the younpfcr student* were 
tempted to leave the Colleges for the Convent, till they are said 
to have been reduced to six thousand. The Church of Rome, to r»- 
vire the monastic institutions, established the four orders of Mendicants, 
the Augustines, Carmelites, Dominicans and Franciscans. The first 
establLshment of the Dominicans was at Oxford in 1221. With other 
priWleges, the Popes had allowed the Friars the lil>erty of superintending 
education. They had their own exempt jurisdiction; and, in their un- 
remitted endeavours to gain converts by trespassing on the statutes 
of the University, they were involved in continual disputes with the 
Chancellor and Scholars. The University and the Church sufTorcd so 
much by this inttrrferenoe, tliat a Convocation was assembled, and a de- 
cree passed, that no youth, under the age of eighteen, should be received 
br the Friare into their onlers. The contest l)ccnme so warm and 
exasperating, that Wycliffe entered into the defence of his beloved 
University with such eeaJ, energy and success, as to confound the 
Priara. They could not resist his plain and honest reasoning. He 
orenrfaelmed them by his arguments and learning, and brought them 
mto popular disgrace by his pamphlets on the "able beggary" ab- 
•nrdly advocated by the Friars. 

l!be whole University was gratified by tbis display of Wycliffo's 
met^, talents and learning; and, in testimony of respect and gratitude, 
elected him Warden or Master of Balliol College or Hall, as it was then 
called. In the early part of 1361, he was presented by his College to 
the valuable Rectory of Fillingham in Lincolnshirt*, which he afterwards 
exchanged for Ludgershall in Buckinghamshire, that he might be within 
« fiftw miles of his nnmemns friends in the Ihiiversity. In the year 1365 
Simon do Islip, Archbiiihop of Canterbury, appointed him Warden of 
Canterbar>' Hall, now occupied by the Canterbury Quadrangle of Christ 
rh\irch. In 1367 he defended Etlward III. in refusing to pay Pope 
I 'ri:'an the triluite which had been claimed ever since it was exacted 
from* the weak King John. Wycliffe wrote with such ability, and used 

• Vol, i. p. 106; Bolwr, p. IT. 

C 2 


such convincing arguments, as to prove, beyond any future doubt, tb4| 
illegality of the claim. The See of Rome was silent but indignant, 
looking upon Wycliffc with a jealous eye, as the cause of tbe defeat. 
In England tliis defence increased the fame of its author, and procured 
for him the favourable regard of the Duke of Lancaster and both Houses 
of Parliament. Edward III. had previously made him one of hi 

In 1372 Wycliffe was gratified by obtaining the chief desire of his 
^hdVrtj the election to the Pi-ofossorehip of Divinity. His whole life had 
''lieen spent in preparing himself for the faithful discharge of the duties 
dcvolviug on the Divinity Professor, Being elevated to a Proiessorship, 
which ei»a!ded hira to diffuse >vith authority that light which had 
already beamed on his own mind, he used great judgment in his lectures 
and in the theological discussions over which he presided. His experi^H 
ence taught hira that deep-rooted principles and old customs must be 
treated with a gentle baud. His heart was fillt^d with piety towards 
God and love to man, which were always manifested by liia unaffected 
Bimplicity of manner, in language as plain and expressive as it was 
elegant. His lectures always attracted a large audience, as he was ev< 
more desirous of correcting error by the statement of truth, than 
direct and personal attacks. When he had felt his way, and ha( 
obtained numerous supporters in the University, tbe majority of whom 
reiul and studied the Scriptures not only critically but practically; 
with such friouds, he threw off all reserve and spoke of vital religion, 
the religion of the heart with its practical results, and the best means o^^ 
promoting them amongst tbe people. His lectures and sermons wezi^| 
full of the Scriptures, forming short treatises on Di\nnity, worthy of the 
Oxford Professor. He entertained a deep conviction, that the only way 
of promoting vital and practical religion in the mass of the population, 
was by giving them the Word of God in their own tongue. He had, 
therefore, for some lime been engaged in translating the Seriptnres into 
English, from the Latin Vulgate, the authoi*ised version of the Church 
of that day. Many of his most able and faithful friends assisted him in 
this holy work. While he was increasing in Christian knowledge, and 
imparting it to the common peoi)le, as well as to those numerous 
students of the University who attended his Lectures for the aci|uisilion 
of that scriptural knowledge, wliich would enable them to discharge 
faithfully the duties of parish Priests throughout tiie whole land, — his 
reputation, his piety and worldly prosperity went hand in hand. His 
past services to the crown were rewarded in 1374, by his being present 




to the Tftlufible Rectory of Lutterworth. As eoclesiafltics were generally 
tbe best educated men of that time, and therefore well prepared to assist in 
state aifairs, Wycliffe wiis employed hy the Oovemment as a Diplomatist 
in several embassies. The See of Rome could not forget the robuko and 
victory of AVycIiQe. Though silent^ Rome was ever watehfnl for an 
opportnnity of crashing the successfid opponent. Wycliffe and his 
friends went on, with great zeal and energy, in their work of tmnslating 
and disaeminating the Scriptures. As his knowledge of revelation in- 
CTMfied, and Lis view of divine truth was cleared, he maniTested greater 
decision and Cully declared his religious opinions. When his friends, who 
had supported him from motives of state policy, saw that his govern- 
ing principle was scriptural tmth, they forsook him. The See of Rome 
seized the opportunity, and annoyed and persecuted him; but opposition 
coulil not retard his work. 

This brief notice must not be lengthened by entering into details : it 
is only necessary to state, that Courtney, ArchbiHliop of Canterbury, 
under tlie intiucncc of the Church of Rome, with the aid of the iVristoc- 
racy and the sanction of the timid Richard IT., brought a bill into the 
House of Lords to arrest Wycliffe and his followers, " and hold them in 
*' strong prison till they justify themselves according to the law and 
" reason of Holy Church*." As soon as the Bill hiul passed the Lords, 
Courtney endeavoured to carry it into effect. The House of Commons 
remonstrated upon its illegality, not having passed their house. The 
Chancellor of the L^niversity excused himself by declaring, that his own 
life and the peace of the University would be endangered, if Wycliffe 
were taken. To allay the fury of the storm, Wycliffe thought it prudent, 
in Nov. 138a, to retire to the country. But persecution was so severe 
vimd unrelenting, that he was compelled to descend from what had been 
throne — his jirofessorial chair, and to leave the University for ever. 
He sought retirement at Lutterworth, where, despite all opposition and 
persecution, he fearlessly wrote in defence of his doctrines, and proceeded 
in Ilia work of completing and revising the translation of the Scriptures, 
till hia death, on the last day of Dec. 1384. 

The bitter feeling and hostility of the See of Rome did not end with 
Wycliffo's death, but by a decree of the Council of Constance his remains 
wer^ disinterred in 1418, then burnt and the ashes cast into the Swift, 
a streamlet which runs by Lutterworthf. But Wycliffe lives, and ever 

• Gibgton't Codex Jiir, Eccles. Anglican, p. 399. 

t See Life of WyclifTe hy Fose, i6to : Lewis, 1710 1 Baber, 1810 : Le Baa, 1813 : Tytler, 
iS>6i Vwigtaii, 1845. 




will live in the hearts and afTections of the iVng-lo-Saxon race, as the first 
translator of the whole of the Scriptures into English. ^M 

As Oxford was the chief scene of Wycliffe's literary eDJojrment ano^l 
fame, the home of his heart, a retreat which he always sought with 
pleasure and lefl with regret, it is gratifj'ing to know that Oxford has 
r^Ked an imperishable monument to Wyclifie's memory by publishing,^— 
at its own expense, the splendid edition in 4 vols. 4to. of ^M 

" The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Testftments, with the Apoc- 
ryphal Books, in the earliest English Versions made from the Ijitin Vulgat© 
by John Wycliffe and his Followers ; edited by the Rev. Josiah Forshall, F.R.S.. 
etc., lute Fellow of Exeter College, and Sir Frotleric Madden, K,H. F.II.S. etcj 
Keeper of the MSS. in the British Museum. Oxford, at the University Preeftl 

This is one of the best, most laborious, and accurate editions of ani 
early English author I have ever seen. The editore have examined 
and described 170 MSS., and selected and most carefully printed two of 
the best in i)arallel columns, the first written before 1390, and the 
second before 1420. The Prologues and every available and desirabl^H 
information have been given. A \i^vy excellent and ample Glossary is^ 
appended to the 4th vol. Altogether, this edition is the work of sounc 
and ripe scholars, — an honour to the University of Oxford and ths 
press, as well as to the literary veterans, the editors. All must acknow< 
ledge with them, that "they have spared neither time nor pains 
render their work complete ;" especially when it is known, that " A 
considerable portion of their time, during nearly twenty-two years, 
been spent in accomplishing their task." — Pre/', p. xxxviii. 

Our text of Wycljffe's Gospels is founded upon the first version given in 
this Oxford edition of 1850, collated with tbc orijcinal MS. in the Bodleian, 
Ko. 369 of the Douce Collection. This MS. is written on vellum, in large fol. 
a ools. ff. 486 [429 bis], consisting of two distinct MSS., both imperfoct The 
first is written with marginal corrections throughout, in tl)ree differeDt hands, 
all before 1390*. Thu secoud part of the volume, from fol, ^51 to the end, 
containing tike Text of our Gospels, is written about the same time as the 
former, that is before 1390, say the preceding year 1389, the date I bftve 
adopted. A facsimile of this MS., Matt v\. 14, 15, is given in Uie plate facing 
the Title. Sir F. Madden says, in Pref. p, xxi., that '* the version described . . . . 
ifi to a greater or less degree the work of Wycliffe ; that it is the cai-liest transla- 
tion of the whole Bible in the English language, admits of no reasonable donbt.** 
• Sip F. Madden'n Pref. p. 1. No. 87. 

■ IS ^ 




Editlonfi of Wycliffe. — The Dumbers I. II. iiod ILL were from the text 
before 1420, adopted as the later text in the Oxford oditiou of 1850. 

I. The New Testament of Wycliffe was first printed in folio, London 1731, 
by the Bev. John Lewis, Minister of Margate, Kent, with a sliort Glossary or 
£xplailfttioQ of the old and obsolete words in Dr. Wycliffe*8 Translation. The 
text was taken from two MSS., one of which was his own [now, 1850, Sir F. 
Madden states, in the Bodleian, Gough, Keel Top. 5] and the other the property 
of Sir Edward Deering, Bart, now, 1850, of the Very Rev. Wm, Conybeare, 
dean of Llandaff. 

H. The Rev. Henry Baber, M. A., republished in 4to.| London i8io, % 
reprint of the jireceding with the following additions, which are very valuable, 
and deserve the attention of every scholar. "A short memoir of the Life, 
Opinions and Writings of Dr. Wycliffe : an historical account of the Saxon 
and English versions of the Scriptures which have been made previous to the 
fifteenth Century. The Glossary of Lewis at the end of the vol is corrected 
and considerably enlarged." (p, t.) 

III. The New Testament in the same version as that published by tho 
BcT. Jnbn Lewis was ag^n published in 1841, from a MS. then belonging to 
H. R. H. the Dake of Sussex, [now, 1 850, in tho collection of the earl of 
Aabbumham,] by Heasn. Bagster, in the English Hexaplo, ^to. Lond. 1841. 

rV. When the 4to. edition of 1850 was commenced. Sir F. Madden says, — 
VnL p. i note •, — " No pail of the earlier of tho two veraions before 1390 bad 
ever been printed^ with tho exception of the Song of Solomon, ^ven by Dr. 
Adam Clarke in his commentary on the Bible, [8 vols. 4to. Lond. 1 8 1 0-35,] 
from a MS. in bis own library," [now Brit. Mua, Eg. 618, 619]. 

V. In 1848, the New Testament in the earlier version, waa printed by 
Hr. Lea Wilson, from a MS. in his own possession, [now, 1 850, in the handa 
of the eari of Aabbumham,] under the title The New Testament in English^ 
trondaied by John Wydiffe, circa MCCCLXXX. etc. 4to. Lond. 

TTNDAIiB. — Tlie mind cannot be fettered by man, however power- 
ful. We yearn for fi-eedom of heart and soul. All the gifts of God are 
tf free as the light of the eun. So is the light of bis divine revela- 
tion free to all. By the light of the divine word man sees and knows 
the truth, and the truth makes him free*. Free from the thraldom of 
evil — and to do good. His freedom is not for eeliisbnesa, dissension and 
strife, but for order, harmony and truth. At particular times, we see a 
man raiiwd up, whose love for truth is so great, that it frees him &om 
all fear of evil and even from the fear of (/mM, when put in competition 


Ye aball koow tbo trath, And [if &Ai^iia dAn/etpAffii ifias] the truth sfa*U make yoa 
St. Joho riii. 37. • 



with tmtli. Such was William Tjudalej as will be seen hy a few par- 
ticnlar« of his life. William Tyndale, the second of three sons of John 
Tyndale of Hunt's Court, in the parish of North Nihley, in Gloucester- 
shire, is said to have been bom there about the year 1484. He descended 
irom Hugh Baron de Tyndale. At an early age he was sent to Oxford. 
John Foxe tells us, Wm. Tyndale " was brought up from a child in the 
University of Oxford, where he by long* continuance grew up and in- 
cnased, as well in the knowledge of tongues and other li1>eral arts ; as 
specially in the knowledge of the Scriptures, whereunto his mind was 
dngnlarly addicted; insomuch that he read privily to certain students 
and fellows of Magdalen College some parcel of di>Tnit3'. His manners 
mod convcrgation were such that all, who knew him, reputed and 
esteemed him to be a man of most virtnous disposition and of life un- 
spotted. Thus he in the University of Oxford, increasing more and 
more in learning, and proceeding in degrees of the schools, spying his 
time, removed from thence to the University of Cambridge." He pro- 
bably went to Cambridge with the view of profiting by the instructioa 
of Erasmus, who lectured on the Greek languac^ in that University, 
from 1509 till the beginning of 1^14. At Cambridge he formed aa 
acquaintance with a young and diligent student, John Frith, who after- 
wards assisted him in his translation of the New Testament. It must 
have been about 1518, in his thirty-fourth year, when, as Foxe tells usj 
Tynilale " had made his abode a certain space now further ripened in 
the knowledge of God's word, leaving that University also, he resorted 
to one Maister Welch, a knight of Gloucestershire, and was there school- ^^ 
maister to his children, and in good favour with his maister." This waa^^f 
Sir John Welch, of Little Sodburj', at whose house T)Tidale held many 
disputes on religious subjects with the clerical dignitaries of the neigh- 
bourhood, who frequented Sir John's table. This brought him into so 
much danger, that he deemed it prudent to leave the country and go to^H 
London. ^^ 

It is difficult to fix the time of his ordination ; wo only know that, 
after preaching at St. Dnnstan's in the West the same earnest and 
practii^ sermons delivered in the country, ho attempted to obtain 
the patronage of Tonstall, Bishop of London, by sending his translation 
of the Attic Greek Orator, Isocrates. He was unsuccessful, as the 
Bishop's palace was full; but an eminent merchant, Humfrey Monmouth, 
a favourer of Luther, admitted him into his house; and when T)'ndale 
" undcrstode at the laste, not only that there was no rowme in my lorde 
of london's palace to translate the now testament, but also that there < 



was no place to do it in all englonde," [Prol. to Pentateuch, 1530,] he 
determined to go to Germany. Ills friend Monmouth settled upon 
him an annuity of ten pounds, about ^150 of our money, and paid his 
passage that he might live abroad and finish his translation of the New 
Testament from Greek into English. He is said to have gone to Witten- 
berg tfl confer with Luther, who published in 1522 his first edition of 
his New Testament in German. Tvndale and his friend John Frith 
were driven from place to place, till at last they settled in the free 
imperial city of Worms on the Rhine, wliere Tyndale's first edition of 
the New Testament was printed at the end of 1525 or in the early part 
of 1526, in very small octavo. 

The beautiful facsimile edition of Mr. Francis Fry, F.S.A., has been noticed 
and the full title given in the notes on Tynd&le\s translation*. He has token 
K> much pains to ac<}uire accurate infomiation, as to tlic printer, the place and 
the date of this first etiition of Tyndale*8 New Testament, that I gladly refer 
to bis satisfactory introduction, illustrated by facsimiles. I have only room 
for a very brief summary. Peter Schoffer on becoming a Lutheran, found it 
oeeeauiy to leave Mayence, and to settle in the free city of Worms in 151a. 
Foartcen works printed by Schoffer from 1518 to 1529, seven of which have the 
imprint Worms, Iiave l>ccn carefully compared with the capital letters, the three 
nzca of typ4^, the woodcut of St Paul, and the numerals uge<l in the New Testa- 
ment of Tyndale, and tliey perfectly accord. Kot only the type, but the length 
of the lines and their number in eacli ]>af^, are exactly the same in the two 
German editions of the Prophets as in Tyudale's Testament. The wftter-marks 
in the paper are ulsu the same. If then the same type, the lengtli and the 
number of lines in a page, the same woodcut and water-mark are found in the 
other works of Schoffer, printed at Worms, as in Tyndale'a New Testament of 
1^26, can there bo any reasonable donbt that it was printed at Worms by 
PHer Schoffer, corroborated as this inference is by the Lutheran profession of 
Schoffer, and the residence of Tyndale at Worms I There is not any date in 
tlie Testament ; but, as Cocblnus cause<l T^iidale to flee to Worms in the 
nuddle of 15351 and the Testament was printed there immediately after, we 
may conclude it was published by the end of that year, or the beginning of the 
ncil, as it was sold in Oxford "before the 7th of Feb. 1526!." 

There is an imperfect copy of Tyndale's New Testament of 1526 in the 
library of St, Paul's Cathedral. The only copy known to exist, perfect from 
Xlit beginning of St. Matt to the end of Revelation, is in the Baptist's College, 
r : rol. Of this Bristol copy, Mr. Fry has taken a very correct facsimile, 
L wLi-:h was made on tracing paper, transferred to stone, and printed. The 

• Xofte*, p. 584. 

f AnderaoD*! Annals of tbe Engltah Bibl^ vol. i. p. 93. 



whole Uthograpliic impression conaisU of one bundrcd and seveDty-sevdn oopieiy 
of which twenty-fiix we in 4to. 

Our gratitude is due to the free dty of Worms, for the protect 
of Tyndale, while printing the first edition of hie New Teetament* In 
Engluud's days of darkness and persecution, on the false plea of relip;ion, 
wliich, when pure, and under the mild and e^'mpathiziug influenoe of 
the Gospel, abhors tyranny, we are deeply indebted to Hamburg and 
other free cities of Germany ; and, in after times of still greater gloom, 
to Holland and Switzerland for their friendly reception and protectio 
of our refugee countrymen, when their lives were imperilled at home, for 
conscientiously adhering to those truths which they had learned from: 
the Scriptures. In these free cities and states, onr countrymen wi 
received as brethren, with honour, — their talents and learning acknow- 
ledged, and their works printed and published. Though T^iidale had 
the reputation of being well versed in modem as well as ancient lan- 
guages, we should not have known the extent of his lingual acquire- 
ments, nor whether the first impression of his New Testament waa^J 
large or small, if the following facts iu the year 1526 had not been re-^| 
corded, by the friendly hand of a foreigner, in the diary of Spalatinus, ' 
secretary of Frederic, the elector of Saxony, and supporter of Luther. 
Von Busche, Professor of Hebrew in the University of Marburg, a per- 
sonal iriend of Tyndale, " told us that six thousand copies of the New 
Testament in the English language had been printed at Worms ; and 
that this translation had been made by an Englishman, sojourning there 
with two other natives of England, who was so skilled in seven lan- 
guages, Hebrew, Greek, Latin, Italian, Spanish, English, and German, 
that whichever he might be speaking, you would think it to be his 
native tongue*." 

The quarto translation wath notes, partly printed at Cologne, vrw 
finished at Worms in 1526, as well as the very small octavo already 
described. The Dutch booksellers found such ready sale for Tyudale'a. 
translation, that tliey issued several ^Kiitions, without any correction or 
supervision of the ti-auslator, who is supposed to have gone to Hamburg 
afl^r 1516 to obtain the best Hebrew criticism, from the learned Jews in 
that city, and to correct what he had translateil of the Old Testament 
by the original Hebrew. There he met ivith Miles Coverdale, who 
assisted him in translating the five books of Moses into English, printed 

* Scbelhornii Amaeuitates Litenvriic, torn. iv. p. ^31. ExccrpU qtuedam e dJaric 



by the Hambarg* press in 1530. Tyndale's English version of Jonah 
iamed firom the same press in 1531. We next hear of Tyndalo at Ant- 
werp, where he found a faithful friend in Thomas Poyntz, an English 
merchant, who cordially received him into his house. While residing 
in thiA respected family, besides preaching to the English residents, he 
most carefully revised hb translation of the New Testament, and in 
1534, after the lapse of eight years, published it with this title : — 

The Newe Testament, dylygoutly corrected and compared with the Oreke 
by Willyam Tindale : and fyaesshed in the ycre of cure Lordc God anno M.D. 
and XXXIIIL in the monetli of Noucmber. — Then follows. " W. T vnto the 
Reader. Here thou hast (mooat deare reader) the New Testament, or covenaunt 
mode wyth as of God in Chriates blonde. Which I have looked over aga)'ne 
(now at the last), with all dylygcncc, and compared it vnto the Greke, and have 
veded onte of it many fautos, which lackc of hetpe at the begynninge and 
ovtTvyght dyd sowe tberin." 

Tyndale's translation of the Scriptures bad been denounced by public 

authority in England ; and, by an imperiiU decree promulgjited at the 

diet of Augsburg in 1530, persons accused of heresy could be seized and 

cast into prison. Those who opposed the reading of the Scriptures in 

the language of the people were enraged when they saw the increased 

sapply of the English version ; and, availing themselves of the imperial 

dtcne, they employed secret influence and agency for the capture of 

TVndale. Henry Philips was sent to Antwerp, who, under the guise 

of friendship, inveigled him from the house of Po}Titz in August 1535, 

and then delivered him into the hands of the oflioers, sent to apprehend 

him a« a denounced heretic. Tj-ndale was at once conveyed to the 

Castle of Vilvoord, about eighteen miles fi'om Antwerp. Tliongh great 

efforta were made for his liberation, they were all ineffectual ; for, afler 

being confined in prison more than a year, he was brought to trial ; and 

"at last/' says Foxe, "he was condemned by virtue of the Emperor's 

decree, made in the assembly at Augsburg; and upon the same brought 

fbrtli to the pkce of execution ; was there tied to a stake ; and then first 

etmngled by the hangman, and afterword with fire consumed, in the 

inomiAg [* of October 6th], at the town of Vilvoord, in the year 1536, 

when he was about the ago of fifty-two. Thus much of William Tyndole, 

who, for his notable pains and travail^ may be worthily called an apostle 

of England/' 

• Th« dftte in Foze's CalendAr. Sue WAlter'i Biog^nphical Notice, p. bciiT, prefixed to 
1^ Works of Tycdile, 8vo. 1848. 

xxviii PREFACE. ^H 

Though Henry VTII did not appear to have any connection wit^ 
carrying into effect this arhitrary, unjust and cruel decree, Tyndalel 
earnestly and with a loud voice prayed at the stake — " Lord! open the' 
King of Enf^land's eyes !" — Tlie prayer of the djnng martyr was heard ; 
for, before the close of 1536, the first volume of the Holy Scriptures iiii 
English ever printed in this country, the folio edition of the *Ncw^J 
Testament, issued from the press of the king's own printer,' with the name 
of William Tyndale on the title. Nay more, when what is generally^ 
caWcd Ma/f/iew*s Biifle was published in 153", the king gave his royal 
" Licence that the same may he sold, and read of every person, without 
" danger of any act, proclamation, or ordinance heretofore granted toj 
" the contrary." This Bible received its designation from the name of 
Tliomas Matthew being given on the title-page. It was chiefly a i-epub-i 
lication of Tyndalc's vereion ; but those parts of the Old Testament, 
which he did not live to translate, were taken from Covordale's Bible c^ 
1535, The New Testament of Tyndale had been in circulation for elcvea 
years; and it was the best translation und popular, becatise the language 
was familiar to the people. Some of the Prologues and notes of Tj-ndale 
had been introduced into Matthew's Bible, and given offence and raised 
opposition. To remove these objections Archbishop Cranmer, with th 
king's sanction, proposed the publication of the whole Bible without 
note or comment. He had the translation of Tj-ndalc copied, and sent 
in portions to the Bishops for their correction, and then to be return 
to iiim for his final revision. This version was published in 1539, and 
is known as Cranmer^s, or the Great Bidle, the first that was authorbsed 
" to be sett up in eumme convenyent place within the ehurche, whereat 
the parishners may rede yt." Tlie Great Bible was the authorized^J 
version in the reign of Henry and Edward; and, after the death of^^ 
Mary, it was authorized by Elizabeth, and continued in general use till 
superseded by the revised edition of ij68 under the superintendence of 
Archbishop Parker, assisted by the most learned Bishops, hence called 
the Bishofii^ Bible. The first rule, recommended by King James I, i 
the preparation of our present authorized version of 161 1, was this, — 
" The ordinary Bible read in the Church, commonly called the Biakop^ 
** Biblf, to be followed, and as little altered as the original will permit.'* 
From this very brief detail^ it appears that our present English Version, 
was based upon the Bishops' Bible of 1568, and that upon Cranmer's of 
1539, which was a new edition of Matthew's Bible of i537j partly from 
^Coverdale of 1535, l>ut chiefly from Tjndale; in other words, that our 

* A copy U in the Dodlei&ii. 


present authorized translation is mainly that of Tyndale, made from 
the orijj^inal Uebrew and Greek, It has stood the lest of the severest 
criticism, from his last revision to the present time, without material 
alteration; becaase T)'ndale, having- a eritieal knowledge of Hebrew and] 
Greek and deep Christian experience, eaufjht the very spirit of the 
original, and gave the impression of it in plaiui idiomatic English. His 
style is easy, correct and vigorous. His translation of the New Testa- 
ment is a Roe specimen of our language, in what may be called the first 
stage of maturity. It is the'foundation of our si-aitdard Iranfthtion, which 
is also the standard of our Unffuage. He avoids Latin derivatives, and 
gmeraily uses indigenous words, the strong and expressive Saxon terms, 
known by all the pcc»ple. In this respect our version happily follows 
him. Tyndale translates tt\v ayhniv roO Qtov^ Lk. xi. 42, the love of 
Godf which our established version has adopted ; but Wycliffe has ike 
ckarite of God, from the Vulgate c/tarlfafem Dei. Our translators seldf)m 
depart from Tyndale, but when they do, in a particular word, the spirit 
of the passage is often lost; for instance, in i Cor. xiii. 13, Tyndale has, 
— j>Wtf afjideth faiflkj hope and love, even these thre ; but the chefe of these 
M love [}) ayatrr]]. Love is divine affection in the soul, for God w love 
\m 6 0€Off AydTp; iariv]. Faith in the Saviour is iXxc foundation of good 
rorks, ho/)e raises the superstructure, and love completes and crowns it 
eternity. FuitA works b}' love, and love is the f» If I ling of tJie law 
[vX^pw/ia wJ^u 1^ Ayajn;]. The perfection of a good work is, that it 
mngs from love. Eveiy Christian knows this to l>e his i*uling prin- 
Aplc. We have an illustration of it in lilial love. How dillerent is the 
ling and conduct of an alTcctionate child from that of a servant! The 
'cliild, influenced by love, is unwearied in attention, and the only hope is 
an increase of mutual affect ion ; while the ser\'ant^6 constraining principle 
is naturally the hope of material %'oyes. Tims, while Christian love is 
itlic constraining principle of action here, and the fulfilling of the law, 
rwhcn oar prescntyaiM is lost in sight, ixwA' hope iti enjoyment, this ay(5irr; 
will continue, and increase throughout eternity. — Now, if this be the 
^teral and true meaning of St. Paul's Greek, let lore be substituted for 
irit^f wherever it occurs in i Cor. xiii., as it is in Tyndale i jj'^, fol- 
>wed by Coverdale 1535, Matthew 1.537, Archbishop Cranmer 1539, 
fftnd Parker 156K, — and there can Ite little doubt that lore is more in 
'Jkcoordance with the scope of the chapter than charil^^ and that Tyndale's 
last clanse, — the chefe of these is love, is far better than the Vulgate major 
kerum est cliaritas, or than WycliOc's, — the vioost of thes is charite, or 
than our vcrsinn, — ih^ great t^st of these is charity. 


Before I close my Preface, I must have the pleasure of alluding 
to tlie friendly assistance I have received in the proparation and priutiug" 
of these Gospels. First, and most of all, I am deeply indebted to 
George Waring-, Esq., M.A., of Trinity College, Cambridge, and Mag- 
dalen Hall, Oxford, whose contributions to Anglo-Saxon philology aa 
editor, for the Surtees Society, of the Lindisfame and Ruehworth Glosses, 
are already before the public. Many years ago the text of the Gothic 
and Anglo-Saxon Gospels had been very carefully transcribml, and the 
Anglo-Saxon collated with the oldest and best MSS. The final revision 
had been long deferred in consequence of other pressing engagements 
and failing fjight, till all impediments were removed in the early part 
of 1864 by my friend, who made an arrangement with the Publisher to 
take the responsibility of preparing my transcript for the press, and 

seeing it accurately printed: of harmonizing the division of verses, 

and the punctuation of the Gothic, Anglo-Saxon, and the translation 
of Tyndalo witli Wycliife and our authorized version : and of regidating, 
as far as possible, the accents, which indicate the long sound of the 
Anglo-Saxon vowels over which they arc placed. The accent on 
diphthongs is here omitted, except when found in the MSS., as it was 
not employed by Dr. Grimm and others to denote the length of the 
vowel, but merely to indicate the etymological origin of the accented 
vowel. Every accent in the Anglo-Saxon text, therefore, denotes the 
long sound of the vowel over which it is placed, and the diphthongs 
60, ea, etc. aro accented exactly as in B. or in C. 


Aa the Bimplicity of Anglo-Saxon ftccentuation has frequently been orS!^ 
looked, or involved in a complicated system, it will tend to remove false 
pressions, and to make the matter clear, by rocoHccting that the Anglo-Saxons 
only used one accent, which always indicated the long sound of the vowel over 
which it was placed. Our complicated system of English vowels arose from 
the Norman scribes, who first confused the Anglo-Saxon accents, and ihea 
attempted to supply their place by a multiplicity of vowels, which wo have 
adopted, as will be seen by the following examples : — Cwcn m cwienj (ct fiei^ 
[es geeae, etc. : — Die a di^, lie like, lim lime, win wirie, etc : — Roc a book, for 

i, hrfor% god good, gcs a ffooae, etc. : — Du thou, hii hoie, bus « Itoufe, mua 
a tnoius, etc : — Bryd a hrid€, (yrjire, mys mice. In all these instances tho 
Anglo-Saxon is quite plain and couaiatcnt, expressing the same sound by tlie 
same accented vowel, while the English employs diD'erent vowels for the same 
purpose, as in cweco, geese ; — good, goo8«, ford ; — thou, how, hcuse, and mouaft. 
'Ilie greatest complication of vowels is seen in our expression of the long open 
sound of 0, hcaid in no and bone. We use oc, oa, and with a silent final e 



ini- ^M 




while the Anglo-SazonSi in all coses, merely accented the £, as, — ^Da a (2oe, fa 
• ,/be, la d toe, ete, — Bat a &oa/, iIc an oat, fom /oam^ etc. — Ban a fronc, stan 
a «tone, <te. TUs superabundant employment of English vowels is troublesome 
to nativea, and most perplexing to foreigners. On the contrary, the Anglo- 
Saxon system of accenting the long vowels is plain and definite. Mr. Waring 
haa been gmded by these general principles in accenting the Anglo-Saxon, but 
Gothic words have not been accented, because not a single accent has been 
(ottad ia God. Arg. Every possible care has, however, been taken to secure 
the greatest verbal accuracy in tho Gothic and Anglo-Saxon texts, as well as 
in the other two. 

I believe Mr. Waring has exerted himself to the uttermost to fulfil 
his enga^L-ment, and I have dt'voted a far longer time to the work 
than I &nticipnt4?d would be at my disposal. Neither labour nor expense 
hms been spared, when either could be profitably employed to benefit 
the work. I have, therefore, not only willingly assisted in preparing* 
the MS. for the press, collated tho B text with the C, but I have 
Cftrefully read over every proof t>vice and the revnse once, after being 
read in the same manner by Mr. Waring, and by a friend ; every sheet 
has, therefore, been carefully read over at least nine times. 

Mr. Waring sugeeste<l and superintended tlie placing of |» and d, or tl»e 
bard and soft sound of our modem M, as they are used in all parts of England 
at the present day. Though In our numerous provincial Dialects almost 
every letter has a diversity of sounds, I believe there is greater unilormity 
in the bard and soft sound of our f/i, — the Anglo-Saxon |> and d, — than in 
any other letters. jVs the true archaism of our good old English and its 
nervous energy arc retained in the provincial Dialects of our Istnnd*, I have 
no doubt ttie original and genuine hard and soft sounds of the Anglo-Saxon 
^ and d have been transmitted to us by tlto secluded peasantry of our rural 
districts, and confirmed by those educated in our Universities and towuij. 
Tha only way then of recovering tho right sound of ]) and d, and of correctly 
Applying those obaracters in writing and printing Anglo-Saxou, is to adopt 
the truA English sound of these tetters. If the two distinct sounds of our 
modem A have been faithfully conveyed to us, we only ascend to Anglo-Saxon 
times and re-adopt their rational system by using their two distinct characters 
for these two distinct sounds. The Nonnou scribes could not distinguish 
between the liard and soft sonnd of }> and d ; they therefore, in writing Anglo- 
g*-r/w, confounded them, using the one or the other without any apparent 
■Katmg timL Somc Bcribes only employed or d, which is the same letter 

* See Origin ol the Bagliih and G«naamo Laoguoges, (leri iiL f 19, p. a$. 



in a modified form, aa in the Rushworth Gloss, wLich discards tbe nse of 
altogether in St. Mark, Luke, and John. Hence the fA for both Bounda in 
modern English, to the confusion of foreigners. Our present printed Anglo- 
Saxon text, indicating the true, tlie distinct hard and soft sound of th hy |» an 
d, will l)e a great assistance to foreigners, in showing the correct pronunciatio 
ot th, in English words cognate with the Anglo-Saxon. 

The hard, sharp, or acuto sound of the English Ch in thm and soo^i, ifl 
represented by the Anglo-Saxon p and }> ; the soft, flat, or grave sound of T 
in THino and sooTIle is represented by D, d or 8. 

For ascertaining tbe hard and soft sound of ^j, equally applicable to EugU 
aud Anglo-Saxon, are given the following general 



I. The hard, sharp or acute p or |», is used in the beginning of alt wot 
not pronominal, as ))incan to Mink, |>in Min. 

a. And at th» end of radical and iuilectional terminations, as hsei^ a 
elaji cloM, s6|» Booth, |)inc|) tJiinketJi. Except wid wixu, et«. 

b. And sometimes when th is preceded or followed by a consonant, aa 
cmbj)cncuii to ihiixk ubout ; 6)ines easiness ; )>ritig Mirty. 

U. The soft, flat or grave D, d or 5 is used in tbe beginnifhff cj/* aU 
pronouns and of all words derived &om pronouns, as diet TDat ; do TUe ; 
dcslic liUe tui>, dononnc TH^nce, dferdser rucre. 

a. Also often between two vowels, as badu baTUS, badian to baTHe, cladam_ 
with cloTHes. 

These Rules ore in perfect accordance with those given in our best 
on orthoepy. 

In the printing department, we have had the most willing aasistani 
and co-operation from all engaged in the work at the University 
to whom our thanks are due. 

To the Master of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, Dr. Pulling? 
to the Rev. Henry Octavius Cose, M. A., Librarian, and to tbe Afisistjint- 
Librarians of tbe Bodleian, Oxford, I am greatly indebted, for the most 
ready and friendly aesistance, in the consultation and use of MSS. under 
their core. Though 1 had carefully collated the whole of the Bene't, or 
Corpus MS. of the Anglo-Saxon Gospels, with my own copy, in 183a, 
aud examined it again iu 1841, I have frequently had to constilt it 
since 1850, While the stringent regulations, made by Archbishop 
Parker, for the preservation of the MSS. and printed books left 
Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, have been observed, the Mast4 
Dr. Pulling, aud the Fellows of the College, have had the happy 



of giring ereiy facility, in so friendly a manner as to avoid tlie least 
appearance of conferring a favour. The same may be said of Dr. Guest, 
Master of Caius College, who has most kindly removed doubts by 
consulting the MS. My best and most willing acknowledgments are 
due to the Pev. J. E. B. Mayor, M.A., Librarian of the University 
of Cambridge, and to Henry Bradshaw, Esq., M.A., Fellow of King's 
College, for their ready assistance in procuring a Grace of the Senate 
to take out of the Library one of their treasures, the MS. of the 
Anglo-Saxon Gospels. I have, therefore, had the great advantage of 
the unrestrained possession and use of this MS. for reference, during 
the time the Anglo-Saxon text has been passing through the Oxford 
Unirersity Preie. 

Oxfirdi June alih, 1865. 

J. B. 


,11. !.»««*. 

0ml )U. OPBt OwUcUra* Md Aa- Jn. b.Jt>lin*iO<M|ML 

fla ■< T. XMm, p. m : «. 1 Md Lk. H. X.*^ 

fll. «f, M«A MMnu), V. Tnt. ^ l& f s. 

Ood. Art. Oi>A«s A n i lH il>. ▼. IVrf. n H. Mitfk. 

p. l.^x. Ml. «. HUtlifW. 

OcnL Anc. Oodn Av^Oatm B«dL D, a TW Dited V8L v. PiW. p. ztL \ *t 

^ tl. KL Boral US. t. 11W. p. it, ( v. 

OdL Oolnu. ■■*• « ■■*». ■••h.wttt. r. IVrf. 
Oxf^ CinyMChllflllOoll.OuB&T.B. ^i^ 

(M. ooMiM. f . mr. p. th. t UL »*. **<<«. •■ rw- ^ '«'• * •*■ 

B XD T aid.Aa|. OPI* Upf^rtw'iOod. Ai».«O.Up»- 

fU.orM.M*«rl^ Cpifc »»§. Odtt. ». IM«. P. ■»• 

OMlxIA.aMntawlUHT.FtiC V-.IUJ. TH- oy Itattc V«nl«i. r. 


xliv. Enim si rcmittitis hominibiis H 

MissA«5^eA.iNSi^G.AI=^^Tn|'9Ah ■ 


transgressiones eorum, remittit et I 

Tobis pater vester 6 super coelis. ■ 

i4>9Ai5AimiAI=A6ti«1>mAhmAmmis I 

Autem si non remittitis bominibus trans- ■ 

SAA.GAiNSt'xe.MitJ^AnA'rTAi'z; I 


gressiones eorum, neque pater ves- I 

yAjcAf=A6TitpMisSAA.6aiiNSi"2:yA I 

ter remittit transgressiones vest- ■ 

-Me- K^s: A^^AwKn|*6j:ASTAi^wiyAiK I 

xlv. tras. Autem quum j ej un atis, non fia- I 

Matt. vi. 14-16, T. Alph^tt, p. zxxri. H 

nunje' ac alyy- ur o^: yydlc Yo\flicd; picot)lic£f jyr 

co5t-nuiige, ac aly a xis of yfele soplice. W i totll ice gyl 
iBrnTp-tatiofU hill loose us from evil. Amen, Verily, j/j 

jcf )^op5y]:ay mantux hyjia y^nna \ori ^oji 
ge forgyiad maimiim hyra synna ponne . forj 
yc forgive m en their sins, then forg ivi 

€foj7cji Y^ hdoyicnlica yctTicyi €oy cforpc^ 5ylrai 
eower se beofenlica feeder eow eowre gylUia 
your \ heavenly father you, your guilts 

Cyj: K^€ yoS \ic€ nc ^ojT5yjaS" mannu. n€ C'orcji 
Gyt ge sodlice ne forgyfiid niannum^ ne eower 
If ye soothly forgive not men^ neither your 

X>cji ne jfonx^YylS toy c'orp.c' yynna; 

der ne forofvid cow eowTe synna, 

ther forgiveth you, your sxns. li'r^.p. xiii 


in co^nunjcT- ac alfy uy oy fy^ld. yo'Shc^- |)iro'Dlice' 
D costuunge, ac alys us of jfele. sodlioe. Witodlico 
[ly 5^ |:o]i5i|:ab" mannu he^oyia yfrina' )^onnd yo^ 
;if ge forgila*! manniim heora synna, )?t>nne f'or- 

\iyc1S doycji yd hcoyrcnlica y^rDc]! e'oj? doy^d 51I- 
[ifed eower se heofenlica fseder eow eovn-e gli- 
ay 51]: 5C' yoMicef nd yoji^iyaS mannu- nd doyeji 
*** g^ g© Bodlice ne forgifad mannum, ne eower 
articji ne* |:oji 5^]:^ e'o^ c'orjicf ^nna- Dyy 5^^ byyiatS" 
tarl^^ Tio forgyfd eow eowre syiina. Dys gebyrad'"'*' 


i/aM. vL 15-15. V. Pr^. p. wii. { iL 


yuel amen . )?at is so be it / for8o}?e 
3if 3ee shulen for5eue to men her 
synnys : & 30ure heuenly fadir, ehal 
for5eue to 3011 joxire trespassia / so 
|>ely 5if 3ee shnlen for3eue not to 
men : nei|> 3oure fadir shal for3eue 
to 3on 30ure synnes. But when 5ee 

Matt, Ti. 13-16. Prrf. p. xiiL 


;ion . but delyvre vs ffrom yvell / Amen. For ad 
yff yeshall forgevc other men there treaspases / 
yourc father i heve shal also forgeve you . but ad 
ye vryll not forgeve men there trcspases / nomo; 
re shall youre father for^ve youre treaspases. 

Moreovre when ye faste / be not sad as the y? 
pOciTt« are. For they disfigure there faces /that 
hit myght apere vnto men that they faste. Vere? 
ly y say vnto you / they have there rewarde. But 
thou / whe thou fastest / anoynte thyneheed / ad 

». Faoimae facing the Title ; aod Preface, p. vi. vVi. f v. Notes, p. 574, col. i ; and 

ce, p. xiii. t Verbally, tbf btawtly Fnihtr of you. || The Cambridge MS. : t. Preface, 

»ii. I It. The rerbal EnglUh of C "» given in the preceding example, marked B. •• The Rubric ; 

the entire Rubric, in Notet, p, 575, cnl. i. Malt. vi. 160. The literal English of this Rubric w, TT&tf 
10 the head of the fast on Wednesday. 




































































































WH wh 






ITotia on the OetMe JtpS'ibd. 

> The Gothic atphjkbet U eridently 
rnmied rram the Greek. It wai first 
lued by l^hiUi about a.d. 360. Sm 
FacsimiU, and Prt/aee, p. Hi. 

' Mott of the Gaibu Itlten have the 
nme sound ai their KngUsh rcprctctita- 
tivcs : but, at in Greek to in Gothic, 
g has alwiyi a hird sound, ai in grM; 
and ^ befuie another ^, or before h, hat 
the sound of n .* thus. Lk. i. ii. aggilos. 
an aned, u pronounced anf^tlus, as the 
Grk. ftyyfXoi : IJe. v. ai, >agkyan. to 
tbuti^ is pronounced ibaniyan. 

' Is reptetcnted by onr 7 sounded as 
kw, thui qens a nri/e, Lk. i. 18. is pro- 
nounced hwttnt. 

* Our imlcfiiute th would have been 
uicd, but the A.S. ^ was nccewary to 
(Uklingui&h if from th ai separate letters 
in such wordi as atliailandS) Lk. rii. 19. 

* As 7a y«, yuk a yoke. 

' A% oy between two consooanti. 
' The hard cb at the Grk. x- 
■ As in wheila wbiU, whan prbm : hw 
could not be used, as hw occur as separate 
letteit in hws»opo, prooounccd boysutfo, 
Skeir. p. 179. 

MA«ii: KA-JI: Nr- 

53 )Cnh«i88: p\X = S31 

IfoUt on fiW AngUSaxon AlphoM, 

Vowel*. Vgwi>!». 


Kmg. An«- 

To** I*. VwK 


o as o in cock. 
B ai in coke, 
d as 00 in co<^ 
a as « in ridl. 
u as oif In ftXfL 
y as^ in ljfaj». 
at^ in lyf life. 

as a tn xnan, 
[9^ as ai in nuun. ' < 
fe as « in out. 
K zsea in nuot. , I 
I e at H in nwvt. °1 
fi as I in wm. J 

[i as / in wme. * '1 
' I), d, \5 hare tlie sound of ^ in thine 
and soo£&r. See p. xxxii. 

i> t^. > have the louod of Ifr to /Mo 
and sootb. See p. xxxiL 

JVoft — The accent, in AnglchSaxon, 
indicates the long rowds [«e« notes k-i 
and p. XTx] and must not be confounded 
with syllabic cmphaiis, or the stress of the 
voice, which falli upon tlic duef syllable 
tn a word. This emphasif , in Gothic and 
Aogk)-Saxon« ii always upon ibt JSnt 
radical syllabU of a word, and never 
upon pie&xes, luch as a, be. gc, etc. 





:^A a 

A a 

B b 

B \ 

EC c 

C c 

DJ) T> 

D i 

ee e€ 

E ( 

PF r 


EC 5 

6 1 

Hb K 

H 1 

I I 

I i 

k k 

K 1 

L I 

L 1 


M 1 

NU n 

N I 


P p 

P 1 

Q q 

Q < 

R ?ip 

R 1 

SS r 

S . 

IZ z 

T 1 

a u 

U \ 

PF n 


;c X 

X : 

y r«f 

Y : 

z:z z 

Z j 



Dt5 d^ 


■^ f that: 

n anc 






■ubted from 




D. MB and 388, 
A.D. SM. 






Tnuulated firom the 

and printed chiefly 

from a MS. 

written between 

A. D. 990 and A. D. 1050; 

probably about 

A.D. 905. 






in Engliache : 

Tranilated ftom the 



and printed 


a manuscript 



A. D. 1889. 




8. XABU, B. LDU^ 

s. ihoit: 

Tnuulated from 



and printed 


the first edition. 


A. D. isse. 




BiV, OMGINinip 


Is uxmUngUU Chapter V, I $ 
a few veraes andJragmerUs o/verwBy the 
swrcee <if which are indicated in the 

^S^en to the Chapttr and Veneoftke Note* 
at the md of the Volume^ belonging to that 
Venion, and the Word of ^ Vene cjUr wAicA 


Chap. I. i Her is on caeoiuw bdo 
Helendes Crifltee, DMudes mok, Abn- 

a 66|>lice Abraham gestrynde Inao. 
Isaac gestrynde lacob. laoob gtMbynds 
ludam and his gebrodra. 

3 ludas gestrynde Fhares and Zaran^ 
of <tam wue de wes genemned Tliamir. 
Phares gestrynde EBrom. Esrom g»* 
strynde Aram. 

4 Aram gestrynde Atninadah. Aaa^ 
nadab gesfarynde Naason. Naaaon g^ 
stiynde Salmon. 

5 Salmon gestrynde Boo% of dla «Si 
Baab. Booz gestrynde Obethy of dm 
wife Ruth. Obeth gestrynde leMe; 

6 lesse gestrynde done oyning Dndd 
Datiid cyning gestrynde Salomon, of 4hai 
■wife de w8Ba TJrias wif. 

7 Salomon gestrynde Roboam. Boboil 
gestrynde Abiam. Abia gestrynde Aik 

8 Asa gestrynde losaphatii. lofli^hitt 
gestryndeloram. loras gestrynde OihBi 

9 Ozias gestrynde loatham. loathia 
gestrynde Achas. Achaz gestrynde Em- 

I o Ezechias gestrynde Mannaaen, 3fiu- 
nases gestrynde Amon. Axmm gt* 
strynde losiam.- 

I I losias gestrynde lechoniam and Ik 
gcbrodru, on Babilonis geleorednyve. 

1 2 And fefler Babilonys gdeorednjMb 
lechonias gestrynde SalaUueL pfi^l»iJ 
gestrynde ZorobabeL 




M A T H E 0. 

I The boke of generacioun 
■ Crist, the sone of Bauyd, the 

I^am geodride^ Yaaac. Ysa&o 
f lngat« Jacob. Jacob foraothe 
(llJiis and bis brethcreu. 
V forsotho bigate Pbarcs and 
' of Thainar. Phares forsotbe 
Earom. Csrom foraothe bigate 

B foraothe bigate Amynadab. 
lab forsotbe l>igate Nason. Nu- 
ptbe bigate Salmon. 
|ni foraothe bigate Booz, of Baab. 
fawthe bigate Obeth, of Kuth. 
Inotbc bigate Qesse, 
Iforaothc bigate Dauitb the kyng. 
Bbraothe k^iig bigate Salomon, 
pomman that was Uriea wt(f. 
bon forsotho bigate Roboam. 
I foraothe bigat Abiai. Abias 
ttigate Asa. 

fcpraothe bigate Joaophat. Jo- 
nothc bigate Joram. Joram 
igate Osioa. 

foraothe bi|;ate Joatban. Jo- 
e !*ignte Achaz. Acliaa 
ligate Exi-cbic. 

6 foraothe bigate Manawes. 
foraothe bigate Amon. Amon 
igate Josias. 
ftHVotho bigate JechoD}'aa and 
in to transnugracyouu of 

[ ftficr the traniimygracyoan of 
le, Jecboniaa bigate Salatiel. Sa- 
tho bigate ZorobabeL 


Chap. I. i Trs i« the boke off the 
gcneraciou off Jhesxis Gbri«t, the aonne 
of David, the aonnc abio oi Abraham. 

2 Abraham begat Isaac. Isaac b^at 
Jacob. Jacob begat Judas and hys 

3 Judas begat Phares and Zaram, off 
Thamar. Phares begat Esrom. ICsrom 
begat Aram. 

4 Aram begat Aminadab. Aniinadab 
begat Naasson. Naasaon begat Salmon. 

5 Salmon begat Boos, of Rahab. Boos 
begat Obed, of Ruth. Obed begat Jesse. 

6 Jesse begat David the kynge. David 
the kynge begat Solomon^ of her that 
was the wyfe of Ury. 

7 Solomon begat Roboam. Boboam 
begat Abia. Abia begat Asa. 

8 Asa begat Joeapbat. Josaphat begat 
Joram. Joram begat Osias. 

9 Osias begat Joatham. Joatham begat 
Acbas. Achas begat Ezccbias. 

10 Kzechias begat Manosses. Hanassea 
begat Amon. Amon begat Josias. 

1 1 Josias begat Jechoniaa and hyi 
brethren, alx»ute the tyme of the cap- 
tivete of Bubiloo. 

1 2 After they wer ledd captive to 
Babilon, Jechonifts begat SalathieL 8a- 
lathiel begat Zorobubel. 

B a 

GOTHIC, 360. 

ai . . . I)> ^bain}) sunn, jah haitais 
namo is lesu y 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995: [St. Matp. 

13 Zorobabel gcatryudc Abiud. Abhld 
gcstiyiKlc EUacbuiL Eliacbim gestiynde 

14 Axor gestrynde Sadoc. Sadoc ge- 
Btrynde Ackim. Acbim gcstiynde Eliud. 

15 Eliud geatrynde Eleaxar, Eleazor 
gestiynde Mathao. Mathan gcstrynde 

16 lacob gestrynde loseph, ilarian 
ver, of dere wim aceuned se Hselead, 
de is genemned Crist. 

17 Eoruostlice ealle cneoressa fram 
Abrabame od Dautd eyod feowertyne 
cneoreasa, and frazn Bauide od Babilo* 
nia geleorediiyssc feowertjiie cueoresM, 
aud &am Babilonia gelcoredaease oA 
Crist feowertjTie cneoressa*. 

18 S6j>lico du8 wees Cristes cneorea. 
Da da.>8 Hirlendes modor, Maria, wns 
loscpe beweddod, acr hi to Bomne be- 
comun, heo wies gcmet ou luuode bieb* 
bendc of dam Ualcgan Gaste. 

19 So[tl!ce losep, byre wer, da hfi 
WRs rlbtwia, and noldc hi gewidmseraiani 
he woUle hi dihlTce forlsetan. 

30 Him da s6]>licc A&a }nng )>cnoen- 
dum, Drihtncs engel on swefuum a?tywd^ 
anil him tu cwreji, losep, Dauiden sunn, 
neUc du ondrsedan Marian, dine gem»o- 
coan, to onfonne ; diet ou byre doemied 
yB hyt ys of dam Hal^n Guste. 

ai Witodlicc heo ceii)} sunn, and dd 
nemst bvB uaman Hselend : He 8o|>h'c« 
bya folc oal gcde|) fram hyra syonum. 

33 S6})licfl eal dys wses geworden, det 
gcfylted Tsere, dset firam Drihtne ge- 
cwedeu vetes \>urh done witegan. 

23 SoljHce ! sec fserane ha^ip ou innode, 
and heo ceD)> annu, and hi semnu]? his 
namau Emauuhel, dwt ys gereht ou lire 
ge|»eode, God mid us. ~ 

24 Da oi'iis losep of swefene, and dydc 
Bwa Drihtues engel him behead, and 
lie onfeng hys gemrecccan ; 

25 And he ne grette hi, [od daet]* 
cende byre frum-eennedan sunu, 
nemdc hys namon Helend.^ 

WYCLTFFE, 1389. 

1 forsoUic bcgnte Ahjufc. 
hygaU Eliachim. Elia- 
he bigutc Afior, 

foreollie bigate Sadoo. Sadoe 

gate Achym. Acbym forsotbo 
t forsotbo bygnte Eleasar. Elca- 

he bigate Matban. Matban 
ngate Jacob. 

b forsotbe bigate Jo8Cp!i, the 
ftf Marie, of whtcbcilfarw Jesua 
bat is clepid CVist. 
so alle generuciotms from Abrfr- 
to Dauitb ben fourtenc gcne- 

and fro Dauitb vnto traos- 
Kn of BaI>iloyne ben fourtene 
unSi and from tbo tranamygra- 
BAbilojne vnto Crist ben four- 

otb the gcncracionn of Crist wu 
rfaane Mario, his modir, was 
Josepb, bifore that tbei ehtil- 
9 to gidre, she in foimdun bau- 
Bio wombc of the Holy Qost 
ph forsotbo, bir buebond, when 
BbI man/ and wolde not pup* 
, wolde priuyly forsake hire. 
be]y hym thoiikyuKO these 

\ the angel of the Lord ape- 
eepe^ to hym. sayinge, Joseph, 

of Dauyd, nyl thou drede to 
le, tbi wyf ; forsotbc that thing 
>m in hire fs of the Holy Goost. 
ely sbe sbal here a sone, and 
t depc his name Jesus ; for he 
e his peple saif fro her synnes. 

othe al this thing was don^ that 
be fhlBIlid, that thing that was 
\ propbcte, seiynge, 
\ a virgyne sba] hsue in wombe, 
xhal bere a sone, and his name 
elepid Kmauuelj that is inter- 
Sod with us. 

8^ Joseph rysynge yp fro sleep, 

1 wnge] of the Lord comaundide 
toke bis wijf ; 

lie knewe liir nat, til she had 
f drat bygoten sone, and cicpidc 

TYNDALE. 1526. 

13 Zorobabel begat Abiud. Abiud be- 
gat Eliachim. Eliachim begat Azor. 

14 Axor begat Sadoe. Sadoc begat 
Achin. Achin begat Eliud. 

15 Eliud begat Elcasar. Eleaaar be- 
gat Matthan. Matthau begat Jacob. 

16 Jacob begat Joseph, the husbande 
off Mary, of whome was borcu that Jhe- 
sus, which is eallcil Christ. 

1 7 All the generacions from Abraliom 
to Daiid are fowrctcue generacions. 
Olid from Uavid vnto the captivetc of 
Bahilon are fowrtcne generacions, and 
from the captivete of Babilon vuto 
Christ are also fowrtene generacions. 

1 8 The byrthc off Christe was on thys 
wyse. When hys mother, Moi-y, was 
mar^*ed vnto Josejih, before they cam to 
dwell togedder, she was fonnde with 
cbylde by the Holy Goost. 

19 Then her husbande, Joseph, beinge 
a parfect man, and loth to defame her, 
was mynded to put her awaye secretly. 

20 AVhill he thus thought, behold ! the 
angell of the Lord apered vnto him 
in Bippe, sainge, Josepb, the sonne of 
David, fearo not to take vnto the Mary, 
thy wyfe ; for that which is conceaved 
in h*?r is of the Holy Goost. 

21 Bhe ghflll br)'ngc forthe a sonne, 
and tbuu shalt caU his name Jesus ; for 
be shall save his people from thcire 

23 All thys was done to fulfill that 
which was spoken of the lorde be the 
prophet, aaynge, 

23 Bcbolde ! a mayde slialbe with 
chylde, ond shall brynge forthe a sonne, 
and they shall call bis name Emanuel, 
which is as mocbe to saye be interpreta- 
cion, as God with vs. 

24 Joseph as sone as he awoke out 
of fllepe, did aa the angell olT the Lordo 
bade him, and toke hys wyfe vnto hym ; 

25 And kncwe her not, tyll she had 
brought forth her fyrst sonne, and called 
hys name Jesus. I EornuatKcedaseHalend 
aoenned wss on ludeiscrc Bcllileom, on 
<tics cyninges dagum Uerodes, da comon 
da tungol-witegan fram eut-daele to 

2 And cweedon, Hwscr ys se, ladeft 
cyuing de aoeimed ysl 86{i1ice we ge- 
uwoD hjB steorran ou east-dclc, and wc 
oomon UB him to ge-eadmedcnue. 

3 Da H erodes Stet gehyrde da Trcar|» 
he gedrvfed, and eal HteroBoUm-wara 
mid him. 

4 And da gegaderode Herodcs ealle 
ealUras daera sacerda, and folcea wT)t«ra«, 
and dxode, hw2er Crist aceoDod werci 

5 Da Baedon hi lum. On ludciscere 
Bethlem ; -witodlice dns ys awriten )mrii 
done witegan, 

6 And ttii, Bcthleem, ludea land, witod- 
lice ne eurt rlii liest on luda ealdruni ; 
of de for)>-g8e)> se here-toga, se de rec^ 
miu folc Israhel. 

7 Herodes da cljpode on sunder- 
■pnecQ da tungel-witegan, and befran la 
geome hw&nne se atcurra him seteowde. 

8 And he asende hi to Bethlem, and 
dns cwae}}, Fara]>, and axia)» geomlice be 
dam cOde, and donne ge hyt gemet«|>, 
cydu)* eft me, dffit ic cume and me to 
Mm gcbidde. 

9 Da hi djct gcbod gehyrdon, da fer- 
don hi. And 86|)Hce ! se etcorra, de hi 
on east-daeic gesawon, him beforan iei 
od he etod ofer, dier daet did wi ~ 

1 S6|;lice da, da tangeUwitegoo dooa 
steorran gcsawon, [hig] ^ {JE^en( 
swyde myclnm gefcau. 

1 1 And ganggende into dam hose, 
gcmetton diet cild mid Marian, hys 
der ; and hi a)}eDcdon hi, and hi to 
gebaKlon. And hi untyndon b^Ta gol 
bordas, and him \ac brohton, dat 
gold, and reccls, and myrre. 

1 2 And hi afcugon andsware on 
niira, djet hi eft to Hcrode ne hwyrfdc 
ac hi on odenie wcg on hyra rice ferdonj 

13 Da hi da ferdon, da aetywde Driht 

IL 1-13.3 VYCUTTE, 1389. 

Chap. TL i Therfore when Jhesns 
wia bom in 6«thlem of Juda, in the days 
of kjng Herode, loo ! kyngis^ cAmen fro 
the ecst to Jerusalem, 

a Sayinf^* "Wher is be, that is bonin 
kyng of Jevis ) foraothe we ban scjm hia 
strrre in the ester and we comen for to 
wirshipc hym. 

3 Sothcly kyng Herode herynge is 
tmblid, and al Jemaalem with iiim. 

4 And he^ gedrynge to gidre alle the 

'3 of prestia, and soribis of the pcple, 
ride of hem, wher Crist abuldu be 

5 And thei eeiden to hym, In Bethlem 
of Ju<U ; for so it is writ-en bi a pro- 

6 And thon, Bethlem, the lond of Jada, 
tbou art nat the leste in the pnnels 
of Juda ; for of thee a duk shal gon out, 
that aba] goneme my peple of Yrael. 

7 Ulan Herode, priuyli the k^Tigia 
clcpid to hym, bisily Icmyde of hem the 
tpne of the sterre that appende to hem. 

8 And he, sendyngc hem in to Beth- 
lem. saidc, Go ^ce, and axe ^ec bisily of 
the cbyld, and whan jce han foundcn, 
t«lle a;«in to me, that and Y cummynge 
wifsbipe bym. 

9 The whichc, when thei hadden hcrde 
the kyng, wcnt^'n nwey. And loo I the 
iterre, &e whiche thei sayen in este, 
veole bifore bom, til that it cummynge 
stood aboue> wher the child was. 

10 Forsothc thei, seeynge the sterre, 
ioyeden with a Ail grete loye. 

u And thei, entrynge the hous, foun- 
dcntbechild with Marie, his niodir; and 
thei &!lynge donn worshipiden hym. 
And her tresonrs opnyd, thoi oHTreden to 
hym ^iftia. gold^ encense, and merre. 

T3 And answer taken in sleep, that 
thei ahnldcn not tume a^cin to Herode, 
thei b«a turned by an otber wey in to 
her can tree. 

13 And when tbei hadden gon awey, 

TYNBALE, 1526. 

Chap. II. x When Jesus was borne 
in Bethleem a toune of Jur^', in tho 
iyme of king Herode, hcholde I tbcre 
cam wyse men from the est to JeruBolem, 

2 Saynge, Where is he, that ia borne 
kjTige of the Jues 1 we have scne his 
starre in the est, and are come to wor- 
ship bym. 

3 Herode the kynge after ho badd 
berde tbys was troubled, and all Jerusa- 
lem with hym. 

4 And be sent for all the chefe prestes, 
and scribes off the people, and domauiided 
off them, where Christ shuUIe be borne. 

5 They sayde vnto hym. In Bethleem 
a toune of Jury ; for thus it is written 
be the prophet, 

6 And thou, Bethleem, in the londe 
of Jury, ahalt not be the leest as per- 
te)'uiugc to the princes of Juda ; for out 
of the shal come a captaine, wbych 
shall govern my people Israhel. 

7 Then Herod prevely called the wyse 
men, and dyligcntly enquyrcd of them 
the tyme of the starre that oppered. 

8 And sent them to Bethleem, saynge, 
When ye be come thyder, scarcbo dyli- 
gentily for the childe, and wRen ye 
have founde hym, bringe me worde, 
that Y maye come and worsliippc bym 

9 When they had herde the kj*ngc, 
they departed. And lo ! the starre, 
whych they sawe in the este, went before 
them, vutyll it cam and stod over tho 
place, where the chylde was. 

10 When they sawe the starre, they 
were marveylously gladd. 

11 And entred into the bouse, and 
founde the childe with Mary, hys mother ; 
antl kneled doune and worshipped liym. 
And opened there treaaeures, and offired 
uuto him g}'ftea, gold, firanckynseoce, 
and mjT. 

I a And after they were warned in 
ther slepe, that they ebulde not go ageyne 
to Herod, they rctoumed into ther awne 
countre another way. 

13 After that they were departed, lo ! 

GOTHIC, 360. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. 


engel losepo on swefbtmij and clus cine)>, 
Ana, and uim tlset cild and hia modor, 
and fleoh on Egypta-Iand. and b«o ^Ua, 
od deet ic de MCge; towcard ys, defe 
Herodes 8ec|) d»t cild, to forspillenne. 

14 He oraa da, and nam tbet cTtd and 
his niodor on uibt, and ferde on £gyp- 

15 And WK8 daer od Herodea fot^-a{f» ; 
det ware gefyUed, d«et do fram Drihtne 
gecweden wma t>nrh done witegan, 0£^ 
EgTptum ic nunne aunu geclypode ^H, 

16 Da wies Herodes swyde gebolgen, 
fordam de he bepaeht vks (ram dam 
tuugel-witogum ; and he asende da and | 
ofaloh calte da cild, do on Bethleem 
wEerou, and on callum hyre gcmsnuUf 
fram twy-wintrum ctldc and biunan dam, { 
ffifter dflTe tide de he ge-axode &am 
dam tungel-vtitcgom. 

1 7 Da wies gef^lled, diet gecweden 
]>nrh lliercmiam. done vitegan. 


18 Stein waes on helinjsse gehyred 
wop and luycel ^otoniu^, Rachel woop 
hyre beam, and heo nolde beon gefrcf- 
red, fordam de hi meron. ^ 

19 S6f>lice du Herodea wsas for|ifarenr* 
witodlice! on Rwefiie Dribtnes engel 
aetywdo loaepe on Egyptum, 

3o And dua cw8e|>, Aria, and aim di 
cild and hia modur, and far on Israbcla 
land ; nii synd forpfarene de daes cTlties 
sawle sohton. 

3 1 He dros do, and onfeng duet cHd 
and hia modor, and com on Israhela land. 

3 3 Da he gehyrdo dttt Archclaus rixode 
on ludea jieode, for dtene Herodem, he 
ondred dyder to ferende. And, on swcf- 
num gemyncgod, he ferde on G&lileiaoe 

33 And be com da and eardode on 
dnre ceastre, de ia genemned NaxareUi, 
d»t waere gefylled, da^t gecweden w»a 
|iurh done witegan, Fordam de he Na. 
zareuisc by|) genemned/ 

t4-23] WTCLTFPE, 1389. 

loo ! the aungel of the Lord appendc in 
sleep to Joseph, sft^yoge, Ryac vp, and 
take the chiltl and his modir, And Hee in 
to Eg^pt. and be thou there, til tliat I 
■eye to thee ; sotbely it is to cume, that 
Herode seeke the child, for to lesc hyin. 

14 The whiohe Joseph^ ryRyngo vp, 
toke the cHiJId and hU modir by ny^te, 
and wente into £}<ipt> 

15 And was there til to the doth of 
Erode; that it Ahuld be fulfitlid, that 
thing that was said of the Lord by the 
propbete, sajangc. Fro Egypt Y hnuo 
clef)ide my aone. 

16 Thaime Erode seeynge that he was 
scorned* of the kjTigis, was gretely 
wroth J and he sendynge slewj alle the 
children, that weren in Bethlem, and in 
alle the eeudis of it, fro two ^eer age and 
with ynne, after the tyme that he hadde 
■ou^t out of the kyngis. 

17 Than it was (ulBUide, that thin;; 
that was said by Jeremye, the prophete, 

18 A voice is herd an hee^e, weep3mge 
and mychc wvil3mgc, Rachel wccpynge 
hir BonySt and she woldc not be conafortid, 

J for thei ben not. 

19 Sothely Erodb dead, loo) the an- 
I gd of the liord apeeride in sleep to 

Joseph in Egipt> 

30 Sayinge, Rj-se vp, and take the 
childe and his modir. and go in to the 
lend of Yrnel ; for thei that soujten the 
lyf of the chyld ben dead. 

31 The wbiche Joseph^ rysynge vp» 
toke the child and his modir, and cam in 
to the lond of Yracl. 

I J 2 Forsotbc he hccrynge that Arche- 
Uos regnede in Jade for Eroude, his 
iufiTi dred for to go thidir. And he, 
Bdoestid in sleep^ wente in to the parties 

13 And he cummynge dwelte in a 
eitce. that is clepid Nazareth, that it 
ibolde be fulfillid, that thing that is said 
by pmpbotis, For whi he shal be clepid 

TYNDAIE, 1525. 


the angell of the Lorde apered to Joseph 
in his slcpe, saynge, Aryse, and take the 
childe and his mother, and flyc in to< 
Egipte, and abyde there, tyll Y bringe 
the worde ; for Herod wyll seke the 
chylde, to destroye l^ym. 

r 4 Then he arose, and toko the chylde 
and his mother by night, and departed 
in to Egipte, 

15 And was there vnto the deeth of 
Herod ; to fulfill that which was spoken 
of the Lorde by the prophet, which say- 
etb, Out of Egipte have Y called my 

16 Then Henxl perceavynge that he 
was moocked off the wyse men, was ex- 
ceedynge wroth ; and sent forth and slue 
all the chyldren, that were in Bethleem, 
and in all the costos there of, as many aa 
were two yere old and vnder, occordynge 
to the tyroe which he had diligently 
searched oute of the w)*se men. 

X7 Then was fulfilled that which was 
spoken be the prophet, Jeremi, sayuge, 

x8 On the hilles was a voyce herde, 
moumjTige wepyngc and greate lamen- 
tacioD, llachel wepyngc ffor her chyldren, 
and wolde nott be comforted, because 
they were not. 

19 When Herod was deed, lo ! an angell 
off the Lorde apered vnto Joseph in 

20 Saynge, Arise, and take the chylde 
and his mother, and go in to the londs 
of Israhel ; fortheyare deed which sought 
the chyldes deeth. 

21 Then he iirose ^-p, and toke the 
chylde and his mother, and cam into the 
londe of Israhcl. 

33 But when he herde that Archelans 
did raygne in Jury in the roume off hys 
father, Herode, h« was afraydc to goo 
thethcr. Notwithstondvnge, after he waa 
warned in his slope, he toumed a sydo 
into the parties off Galile ; 

33 And went and dwelt in a cite 
called Nazareth, to ffulfill that which waa 
spoken be the prophctea, He shalbe called 
of Nazareth. 

GOTHIC, 36a 

3 Stibaa wopyandina Tn au|)idAi, Man. 
veid wig Frauyins ; raihtoa waurkei|> 
Btatgos 18. ^ 

7 . . . Kani na<lrc, whfts^taikDidaTzwia 
)»Uuhaa faura ^luma aaawair|im batica ?^ 

8 Waurkyai(> nu akran wa!r)>ata tdrei- 

9 Yah nl [tjugpkyail^] qil^ftn in izwis, 
Attan aii^i^i Abraham ; qi^a auk izwis, 
)>atei mag Gu|» \ia staiaam faim urraiaj-an 
barna Abrabama. ^ 

I o A^^ yu BO aqizi at waurtim bagme 
ligi|» ; all uu bagmc uubairandauc akran 
gMl, uamaitada, yah in fon galagyoda.^ 

IX Ik alHs izwia daupya in watin, [du 
Idrcigai] ; i\t sa afar mis ^^a^ganda swin- 
boza mis Tst, |>izci ik ni Tm wair|>s [sko- 
Laoi bairan] ; sah Q>an] Tzwis daupei)) 
In Ahmin We'diacmia [ysh fimin].* 

r. 995. [St. mrr 

Cbap. III. I On dam dagum coi 
lohannes se Fulluhtere, and bodude 
dam westene Iude», 

a And cwic|i, I>u[i dffid-bote, 86)iHce 
genealnece|> hcofona rice. 

3 Uis ya so, be dam de gecweden 
^urh Esaiam, dono witegan, Cl^-piendcfl 
Btefn wa»3 ou wcdtcue, Ocj 
Drihtnes weg ; d6|> hifi aidaa rihte. 

ite. ^1 

4 Sc lubaones wUodlicc hsefdo rcaf of 
olfenda fa»rum, and fellennc gyrdel embe 
hy3 Icndenu ; and hys mete wies gaersUp- 
an^ and wudu humg. 

t rioe ' 

5 Da ferde to him Ilieroaolim 
and eal ludea )»cod, and eal dfi>t 
wid geondum lordancn ; 

6 And bi wicron gcfullode od lor* 
dane fraro him, and hi andettan hjra 

7 Sotilicc du be gcseb nmncga dcra 
Sunder-halgena, and dicra Hifat-wiBendra 
to hiB fulluhte cumende, he cwDpf) to him, 
La nieddrena cyu, hwa geswuteloile eow 
to fleonne frara dam towcardan yrre ? 

8 Eomoatllce d6|> mcdemne weastm 
dtera deed -bote, 

9 And no cwedaji betwiix eow, We 
habba^ Abraham ns to fiedcr ; B6t)ncc ic 
aecge cow, diet God ya Bwa mihtig d»t be 
mteg of dyswu stanum awcceean Alm- 
ham<^s beam, 

T o Kallunga ya Beo ex to daera treowa 
wurtrumum asett ; eomustlico wlc tri 
de godne wsestm ne bring|', byj» furcoilV 
en, nn(i on ff r aworpen. 

II Witodlice ic eow fiiUige on 
tere, to d»d-bote ; Be do lefter me to- 
werd ys he ys strengra donnc ic, dsw 
gescy neom ic wyrde to berenne ; he eow 
fu]]&\> on Halgum Gaate and on fyre. 


13 OieB fann ys on his handa. 
he afeomia^ his |>}T8C€l-fl6re, and he ge- 
gadcru)) bis hwa>tc un his bem ; da ceah 
he forbremt* ou unadwajsccndlicum ^?re.* 

13 Da com se Hsclend htm Galilca 
to lordanc to lohanne, det he hine 

14 lolianncs da fi6{)b*ce forbead 

T-T4.1 WYCLTFFE, 13S9. 

Chat. ITT. 1 In thiike ckys CAme 
Joon Baptist, prechynge in the desert of 

a Sa^nge, Do )e penannce, for the 
Iqrn^om of benens shal nei;.^ 

3 Forsotbe this la he, of whom it is 
aitl hy Vs«ye> the prophete, A voice of a 
CTTinge in dcMrt, Make je redy the 
««yes of the Lord ; m&ke je rijtful the 
paUiCB of h jm. 

4 Fomothe that ilk Joon hadtle cloth 
of the hcerifi of cftmcylis, aud a girdil of 
Bkrn about* his leendis ; sothely hie 
mete weren locoBtia, and hony of the 

5 Thonnc Jerusalem wcnte out to hym, 
tnd al Jude, and al the cuntre aboute 
Jordan ; 

6 And tbei ireren criatenyd of hym in 
Jordan, knowlecliynge there synn^. 

J Sothcly he weynge many of Phari- 
ma and of Saduceee commynge to hia 
iMprteme, saide to hem, Generaciouns of 
eddns, who ahcwide tojou for to flee fro 
vrath to cumme 1 

BTherfore do jee worthi fimytis of 

9 And nyl 5c say with j-nne 30U, We 
bia the fadir Abraham ; sotbely Y saye 
to 5011, for whi God is mijti to reyae vp 
of these sionys the Bonys of Abraham. 

10 For now the axe is ptitt to the rote 
rftha tree ; aothely cner)' tree that mak- 
Hh nat good fru}-t, aUal be kitt doun, and 
^ be sent in to fijr. 

11 Fonotfae T crietene jon in water, 
in to penannce ; fotBothe he that is to 
eomme after roe is strengcr than Y, whoa 
ikoo Y am not worthi to bere ; he shal 
kptise* 30W in the Holy Goott and fijr. 

ij Whoe wynwing cloth* in his bond, 
ttid be shal fblly dense his come floore. 
tod shal gedre his come in to his heme ; 
bnl phaffis he shal brenne with fyr un- 

' ._t 

na JhesQS came fro Galilee in 
to Jordan to Joon, for to be cristnod of 
H Soothly Joon forbced hym, sayinge, 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


Chap. TII. i In those dayea Jhon 
the Baptiser cam^ and preached in the 
wilderaes off Jnry, 

a Sa>-nge, Kepent, the kyngdome of 
hevcn ia at houde. 

3 I'his is he, of whom it is spoken be 
the prophet, Esay, which sayeth, The 
voycc off a cryer in wyldemcs, Prepare 
the Lordes way; and make hys pathes 

4 This Jhon had hys garment off camels 
hccr, and a gerdcU off a skynne aboute 
his loynea ; hys meate was locustes, and 
wylde hony. 

5 Then went oute to hym Jcrosalem, 
and all Jury, and all the region rounde 
aboute Jordan ; 

6 And were baptised of hym in Jori- 
dan, knoledging their synnes. 

7 When he sawc many off the Phari- 
ses and off the Saduces come to hys bap- 
tism, he sayde vnto them, generacion 
of v-ipers, who hath taught you to fle 
from the vengcaunce to come 1 

8 Brynge forth therefore the fratea 
beloDgynge to repentaunce. 

9 And se that ye ons thinke not to 
saye in yourselves. We have Abraham to 
oure father ; for I say vnto you, that 
God is able off these stones to rayse vp 
chyldren vnto Abraham. 

10 Even nowe is the ax put vnto the 
rote of the trees ; soo that every tree 
which bringeth not fforthe goodc frutc, 
sbalbe hewue doune.and cast into the fyre. 

1 1 I baptise you in water, in token 
of repentaunoo ; but he that cometh 
after me is myghtier then I, whoso 
ahues I am not worthy to beare ; he shal 
baptise you with the Holy Gost and with 

12 Which hath also his fan in his 
hond, and will pourge his floore, and 
gadre the wheet into his gamer ; and 
will bume the chaffe with evcrlastyngo 

13 Then cam Jesus from Oalile into 
Jordan to Jhon, ffor to be baptised off 

14 But Jhon fforbade hym, saynge, I 



GOTHia 3«^ 

4 . . . Ki bi blaib ainana libfud 
muma, ak bi all waurdc , . . .* 

5 . . . yah f^asatida Ina ana gib- 
lin alhs, yah qa|> du Imtnaf^ 

6 Yabai sunus siyais Gu|>s, wairp f>uk 
dala^; gamelid tst ank, patei aggilum 
seinaixn asabiudi)) bi |mk,yab ana hjuidum 
jmk ufliaband. ei whan ni gaitagqyais by 
ataina fotu jieinana.^ 

7 . . 


Ni frusaiB Frauyan Qn^ 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Mi 

and cvne^, Ic sceal &am de beon gefullod, 
and cymst du to me 1 

15 Da aodswarode se Hvlcnd bim 
and cwfe)>, Lept nu, dua one gedafena^ 
ealle ribtvianeBse gefyUan. Da forlet 
bo hine. 

16 S6t»]ioe da ae Haelend gefuUod wiea, 
bnedltce be astah of dam wetcre ; and 
bim wurdon dier rihte beofenas ontyn- 
cde, and he gef^eah GiKles Gaat oider- 
stigende swa swa cidfran. and wumgende 
ofer bj-ne ; 

17 And Bo^Uce ! da com atefn of heof- 
enum, and dus cwfef>, Her ia min 
gecorena sonu, on dam mc gelicode.^ 

Chap. FV. i Da wbcs ae Hwlend geli 
fram Qaate on westen. d»t he waerc 
deotle coatud. 

2 And da da he ftcste feownrtig daga 
and fcownrtig nihta, da ongan hyne 
Byddan hingrian. 

3 And da geoealiebte sc coatnigeoc 
and cwee]i, Gyf du Godes snnnn sy, cwe^ 
dset das atanas to blafe gewurdon. 

4 Da audswarode ae Haelend, Hit ys 
awriton, Ne leofa^ se man be hlafe anum, 
ac be alcon worde de of Oodes md)« , 

5 Da gebrobte se deofol bine on 
balgan ceaatre, and nsette bine ofer 
temples bcahnesae^ and cwaef> to bim, 

6 Gyf du Godes suim cart, aaend de 
donne nydor ; 86|)Hce hit ys awriten^ Dwi 
be hia englum bcbcad be de, diet big dc^ 
on bym hiuidum bcron, de-Ues de din 
tei atane ietsiK>rne. 

7 Da cwse}) ae Hselend eft to biro, 
ya awriten, Ne costna du Drihtco 

8 Eft ae deofol bine genam and U 
bine on swide beabne muut, and iete< 
bim ealle middan-eardea ricu^ and byra 
wuldor ; 

9 And cwm^ to bim, £alle das ic 1 
de, gyf du f€«Uendo to me go-cadmi 

10 [|>anab] Tmma lesus (}a^ . . . gamelid ' i o Da cw»)» ae Hielend to bim, 

1U.I5.— IV. lo. 


I owe for to be crtstueU of thee, and 
thou oonimest to me t 

15 Forsothe Jhesua answeringo saide 
to bym, Suffrc uow^, fur so it bccummctb 
V8 for to fulfille alt ri^twUDCSse. Tliao 
Joon leete lij-m.^ 

\^ Forsothe Jbi^us cristcned 8t«i3 vp 
anoon fro tbc water ; and loo ! bcucus 
ben opened to hpn, and he eny the Spirit 
of Ood cummyQge doun aa a colucr, and 
cmnmynge vpon bym ; 

17 And loot a voice firo hcuenes, aay- 
inge, This ib my byloued sone, in the 
wlucbe T bane plesid to me. 

Chap, IV. x Tliaonc Jbcsuswaa led 
in to desert of a spirit, that be shulde be 
temptid of the dcudl. 

3 And wbanne he hadde faattd fourty 
dajv and fbnrety ni3tis; afterward ho 

3 And the tempter cummynge nij, 
njde to b^tn, 3if tboa be Guddis sone, 
sajr that these atoons be maad loouea. 

4 The whiche answerynge said to hym, 
It is wryten, A man Ijiieth not in breed 
aloon^ bot in cuery word that cometh 
forth fro the moutbe of God. 

5 Tbanne the deuyl toke bym in to 
an booly dtee. and sette bym on the 
jirnacle of tbe temple^ and saide to hym, 

6 3if thou be Goddia soiie, aeude tbee 
dotm ; Botliely it is imten, For to bis 
aan^U he comaundide of thee, and the! 
Blmldcn tuke thee in booadis, lest pera- 
ucuture thou burt« thi fote at a stoon. 

7 Eftftone Jbesua Baith to bym, It ia 
writen. Thou sbalt not tempte tbe Lord 

8 Eftsooe the dene! toke bym in to a 
fill he«3 hiU, and sbewide to hym alle tbe 
rewmys of the world, and the glorie of 
hem ; 

9 Aiid saide to hym, Alle tbese thingie 
V fihnl jeue to tliee, jif thou Cullynge 
4ouu shall worshipc me. 

10 Than Jbesus saide to hym^ Qo, 


ought to be baptysed off tbe, and com- 
mest thou too mo t 

1 5 Jesus anawcre<l and Rayde to bym, 
Lett hyt be so nowe, for thua hit becom- 
mcth uf) to fulfyll all Hgbtcwcanes. Then 
he suffied hym. 

1 6 And Jesos as sone aa lie was baptised 
cam strayght ont of tbe water ; and lo 1 
heven was oi>en vnto bym, and -he save 
tbe Spirite of God deacende lyke a dove« 
and lygbt vppon h)*m ; 

17 And lol there cam a voice from 
heven, sayng, Thj-s ys my deare sonne, 
in whom 10 my dclyte. 

Chap. IV. i Then waa Jcsua ledd 
ftwaye of the spirite in to a desert, to be 
tempted of the de^'yll. 

2 And when be had fasted fourtye 
dayca and faurtye nyghtcs, att the last 
he waa an bungred. 

3 Tlien came vntyll hym the tempter, 
and sayde, Yff thou l>e the aonue of God, 
commande that these stones be made 

4 Ho answered and sayde, Yt is wryt- 
ten, Man sbal! nott live only by brccde, 
but by ever)* worde that proceadeth out 
off tbe moutb u8 God. 

5 Then tbe devyll tooko him vpp in 
to the holy cite, and set h)Tn on a p)'na- 
cle of tl»e temple, and sayd vnto bym, 

6 Yf thou be the sonne of God, cast 
tbyaylfe doune ; for hit ys wrytten, He 
aball .geve bis angels charge over the, 
and with there handca the shall stey 
tbc vpp, that thou doahe not thy fote 
agaynst a stone. 

7 Jesus sayde to hym. Hit ys wrytten 
also, Thou sbalt not tempte thy Lordo 

8 Tbe devyll toke bym up agayne and 
ledde bym in toancxcedyngehyemoun- 
ta3^le, and sbcwed bym al tbe kyngdomes 
of tbe worlde, and tbc beauty of tbcm ; 

9 And sayde vnto hyui. All these 
will I geve tbe, ifi* thou wilt CauU doune 
and worship me. 

10 Then sayde Jesus vnto bym, Avoyd 

OOTHIC, 360. 

Eat, [Auk] Frnnjan Gu|» j'eiiiana Tnweit- 
als, yah iimna ainamma fulliifahyaia. ^ 

17 . . Idroigo|>, atncwhida sik 
))iu(l&ngai-di himino. ^ 

18 . . . Wharbonds (lan faur mar«in Go- 
leilaias, g;asawh twnns brojjruns, Seimona, 
[saei heitada] Paitms, 3rah Andraian, 
brujwr IS, wairpunJans nati in luarein ; 
wcsun auk Hskyans. 

19 Yah f[Q.\i Tm [tesus], Hiryats afar 
luisj yah gatauya igqls nutans moune/ 

30 [!f|> Jiai] suniuiiw afletondoiiB f>o 
natya, laistidedun afur imran. 

2 1 Yah iinngii^j»nn9 framis yainju-o, 
gasawh [luibarana twaiis br(>|>nmfk] la- 
kobu l^ana Zaibaidoiaus, yah lohanncn, 
bro^ar is, m skipa [mi^ Zaibaidaiau, 
attin eeinamma, raauw}'andau9 natya 
[seina], yah haihait Ins. 

22 I)} ^ Bunsaiw afletandans ))ata skip 
yah ftttan scinana, [laistidedun] af&r 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

(tu Bceocca onbec ; 86)>lice hit ys awriten. 
To Drihtne dinum Gixle dd de ge-eaA- 

inet8}>, and him anum |»eowast 

1 1 Da furlet se deofol hine ; and engh 
geneal»hton, and him jienodon.^ 

1 2 56))lice da se Hsflend gehyrde det 
lohannes beliewed wss, da fenle he 

13 And forlKt«nre diere ccastre Ki 
sareth, he com, and eardode on Caphiu-' 
n&um. on dam sae-gemserum, on endi 
Zabulon and Ncpt^Jim, 

14 Diet weerc gcfylled, dsetde gecw< 
en ■wws \>ur\x Esaiam, done wit«^ui. 



15 ^[Zabulones eoitu and Neptalimes 
eort>e, bks weg ofer lordane, dara )>eodft 

1 6 peoda-folc de on t*ystrum aet 
mycel Icoht, and aittendnm on geanU 
dea)>es sceadc. is leoht up-asprungeu. ' 

eu. ^H 

17 Syddan ongau sc Hielend bodiaa, 
and cwcdan^ D6)> daed-bote, s6)>lic« heof- 
oua rice geneataec)).^ 

18 Da se Hselend eode wid da GaIi- 
leiscean sse, he geseh twegeu gebrodn], 
Simoncm, ae wtps genemned Petni8. and 
Audrenni, his brudor, sondeude hyra oett 
on da sac J B6t>lice hi wacron fisceros. 

19 And he asede him, Cuma{> lefter 
me, and ic do diet gyt beo)' maana 

30 And hi dffir rihte forleton hyra net, 
and liim fyligdou. 

21 And da he danon code, he geaeh 
twegenodregebradni, lacobum Zebedei, 
and loannem, his brodur, on scype mid 
hyra feeder, Zebedco, remigeude b 
net, and he clypode hi. 

22 Hi da Bona forleton hjrra nett and 
hyra fieder, aud him fyligdon.^ 

I and J 

23 And da beferde se Hielend 
Oalileam, Isronde on hyra geaomnun^^ 
and he was bodiende goilsjiel dues rices" 
and ha^lcnde eelceadle, and aelceuntrum- 
u)'8se on dam folce. 

24 And da ferde his hlisa into eallfl 
Syriara j and hi brohton him euUe yfel- 


n m 

mtmt WonblpC toC liSB^k 

)ijm alone tM« Aril av^ 
ix Than tha doid Ufe 


12 Sothely 
tbt Jooa 

13 And Uic 
ame, u 

anm, bewie t^ ml 
ZibnloQ and 3 

14 Tha it ihflMt W 
thing that «» aid ty liav; 

15 The k»d nf 
ofXepUlym, tiba 
Jonimn, cf GaJOec of 

i$TKe pc^tte 
atmf greta^ni aa 
At camtree of ahadav «f 
ifnmge to hoa. 

17 Fro 
jiTfciie, aadiaf, Do je 
llie kyu gdooi of 

tU tee of KhBte. 

' - - thati8fllc|»dPe«n, 

■ her 
ivTBouie thci 

19 And be 
dler me^aud I 
firiieris of meo. 

}o And anoD ber 
Blwlen Lym. 

31 And he goynge IbHb fro 
Ajr twcyii otbier bretbcrcB, Jaajw «f 
Zfbedee, and Jooa, bis hrodier, ia (lie 
ihip with Zebedee, bcr ia£r, mitja^i 
•jria* ber nettis, and be " 

!^ Sotbcly &Doon the nettis 
I the fadir, tbei sueden hym. 
I And Jbesns ennyrannyde al Ga- 
i^ teebynge in the Byaagogifl of hem, 
Iprechyiige the gospel of kysgdam, 
I hdynge al sorow/ and al acdcenesae 
the pcple. 

14 And his opynyoun^ wente in to al 
%nc ; and tbei o^dea to hym alle men 

taryiatft Hnt 
, and folovfd 

33 And tber vitb ovt 
tbe riiyp aad' tbeir &tber, 

33 And Jean vent aboole all QaUK 
teacbyng yn tbeir aini^om Mkd portaeb* 
ynge tbe goi^>ell of the kyagdoiuc, aiut 
beaUnge ail manner of aickMw and all 
manner dyscasca nraotige the propUv 

24 And by 9 fliime sprcinl ihlii-t>odi) 
through oute all Stria ; and thry bronghi 


GOTHIC, 360. 

3 AndagM ^\ unled&ns tthmin, unto 
[Tze] 1st Jnudtngordi tiimlne.^ 

8 Andagai ^ hruDyahairtaDB, ante 
\tal Qa|» guuwband.^ 

13 pTus Biyat»] salt r^r)K)ft] ; TJ> ya- 
htd sftlt baud wairj>i|), whe gasupoda \ *, . 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Ma 

hsbbende xniBsenlicuiu adlum, and 01 
tiutregain gegripene, and da de deofel 
aeocnyssa hsefdon* and monod-seoce, and 
laiuan ; and he da geliaeldc 

35 And him fyligdon mycele nxenign 
fram Galilea, and fram DecApoli, and 
&am Hieruflalem, and firam ludea, and 
fram begeondan lordanen/ 



Chap. V. t S6}»Iioe da se Hseleod 
ge&eh da menigu, he ostah ou done munt ; 
and da he stetj da genealsehton hia^ 
iug-cnihtaa to him. 

3 And he ont^nde bia mu)>, and li 
hi, and cwse|>, 

3 Eadige Bjnd^ da gastlican 
fordam hyn ya heofenu rice. 

5 Kadige aynd da lt}«n, fordam de U 
eor|>an ligun. 

4 Kadigo syad da dc nu wepa)>, fordam 
de hi heo|> gefrefire«ie.* 

6 Eadige synd da de for rihti 
hiogriab and pjnU^f fordam de hi 

7 Eadige synd da mUd-heortan, 
dam de hi mild-beortnysse begyta^. 

8 Eadige synd da claen-heortao, 
dam de hi God geseoji. 

9 Eadige aynd da gesybauman, 
dam de hi beo[> Godes beam gcaemne 

10 Eadige synd da de ehtnyaae ^I 
for rihtwisDyssc, fordam de byra ys hi 
ouou rice. 

11 Eadige synd ge, donne lu 
eow, and ehta)> eow, and 8ecgca)> 
yfel ongen eow leogende, for m^ 

I a QeblisuA)) and gGfBE^giiia|>> foi 
de eowcr med ys mycel on henfouumj 
swa hi ehtun da witegan de beforan 

13 Qe aynd eorJ«in sealt ; gj-f 
scait awjT|f, on dam de hit gesylt bi|>l 
Hit ne ma^g syddau to uaht«, bul 13.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

bAu le, takyn with d^nicre soruwis 

>B<i <its, and hem thut htuldeu 

dciie::^, and tniiatijk men, and men in 
paisiey and he hclide hem. 

kl And there sueden bym many cum- 
ives of Galilee, and of Decapoly, and 
"aT Jertnaleni, and of Judee^ aud of be- 
jonde Jordan. 

Chap. V. i Jhesiu foraothe, aeynge 
campanyes, wente vj* in to on hill ; aud 
irttra he hadde aete, his disciplis camen 
1115":' ^t^ hyin. 

!ic, openyoge hia mouthc, tao^te 

^Itl be the pore in Bpirit, for the 
t in heaencs is heren. 
<id be mylde meriy for the! shuln 
I? eerthe. 

-id £« thei that moumen, for thei 

aid b€ thei that hungren and 
rijtvtsDeaae, for thei shuln ben 

; I'lc^aid be mercyfol men, for thei 
ilraln getc mercye. 

S Bicitfid be thei that ben of clene 
ItffI*. for thei shulu aec God. 

' - peaiblc m^n, for thei shuln 
• sonys of God. 

10 Btcasid be thei that auSron perse- 
aooon for ri^twisuesse, for the kyn^lam 
(.f lii-n-'noa is herun. 

shulen bo blcisid, when men 
line ;uu, aud shulen pursue ^ou, 
en saynlyuel ajeiiia 30U leering, 

1} loya jee witli yn forth, and glade 
JM vitii out forth, far ^ourc mccdc is 
iJotcoooflO in houenes ; forsothc so thei 
Un piuvued and prophetis that weren 
^tirt* ;ou. 

I>en suit of the crthe ; tlmt )if 

: slml Tauyshe awey, wherynne 

ay it be sftltidt To no thing it is 

TY?n>ALE, 1536. 

vnto hym all sickc people, that were 
taken with divers diseu^cs and gripinges, 
and them that were pos$(.'s*u:d with 
denls. and those which wero luuatykc, 
Olid those thut had the paUcy, and he 
healed them. 

25 And there folowe<l hjin a groate 
nomhre off people from Gulile, ami from 
the ten cites, and from Jerusalem, aud 
from Jury, and From the regious that lye 
beyondc Jordan. 

Chap. V. z Wlien he s&wo the peo- 
ple, he went vp into a mouutayne ; and 
when he was set, his disciples cam vuto 

2 And he openned Ids mought, aud 
taught them, saynge, 

3 Bleasod are the poore in sprete, for 
theirs is tlic kyugdome oflf heven. 

4 Blessed art they that mome, for they 
ahalbe comforted. 

5 Blessed are the mcke, for they shall 
inheret the erth. 

6 Blessed ,are they which honger and 
thurst for rightewesncs, for they ahalbe 

7 Blessed are the mercifull, for thej 
shall obte>^ie mercy. 

8 Blessed arc the pure in herto, for 
they shall se God. 

Blessed are tlie maj-ntfivners of peace, 
for they shalbe called the chyldreu of 

10 Blessed are tliey which suflro per- 
secucion for rightewcsiies sake, for theirs 
ya the kyngdome off heven. 

1 1 Blessed are yo, when men shall re- 
vyle you, aud persecute yon, and sliall 
fidaly say all manner of j-veU sayngcs 
agaynst you, ffor my sake. 

1 2 Roioyce, and be glad, for greate is 
youre rowurde in heven ; for so persecuted 
they the prophets which were before 
youre daycs. 

1 3 Ye are the salt of the erthe ; but 
and if the salt be once vnsavery. what 
can be salted ther with 1 It is thcnce- 




in, yah liuhtei})^ all&im |)aim in )>&mma 

1 6 Swa liuhtyai liuhaji izwar in anJ- 
wairjiya manne, ci gasaiwbama izwara 
goUa waurstwa, yah liauhyaiua attau 
liswarana ^aiia in tiiminain. 

17 Ni hugyai(> ei cjoniyan gatairan 
wito^, ai[)^au praufetims ; ni qaiu ga- 
tairnOj ak usfullyan. 

18 Amen auk qi|>a izvrla, und (latei 

Ufllcit>i)) himinn yah air]>a. yota ains, ai|>- 
)7aii »ins strik}}, ui uslei{>i^ af witoda, 
untc allata wair])it>. 

19 1\> saci nu gatairi}) aina anabusne 
|>izo niitiuistono, yah laisyai swa mans, 
minuista haitada m }>iudangardyai him- 
inc ; ?|r Bsei tAuyi)T, ynti laisyai s^i'a, sah 
mikils haitada in )>iudaugardyai himine. 

30 Qi)>a auk izwis, )>atei nibai manag- 
izo wair)>i|) Vzwuruizos gnruihtcins )>aa 
Jiixe bokarye yah Fareisnic, ui Jiau qimi^ 
in |>iuduDgan.h*ai himine. 

31 Hausidodu)) \tatei qi)mn Ist {laim 
airizam, Ni inaur|iryftifl ; ij* saei maur)>r- 
Gi|», akula watrt)i}> stauai. 

33 A[))>an i'k qi|;a fnvis, |)atet wbaeuh 
modug8 brolr Bcinamma sware, skula 
wnirt>it) stfluai j T|) saei cix\>'i\i bro()r scin- 
amma, l\aka, akuhi wair)ji|> f^aqum[rai ; 
R|>|»au saei (|i['it', Dwala, ^ula wair|>i^ 
Tn gaiainnan fimios. 

23 Yabai nu bairua aibr t>ein du hunsl- 
astada, yali yainar ^ununcis, [>atei brob- 
ar peha habai)) wha bi |ruk, 

34 Aflet yainar |>o giba |»eina m and- 
wairt>ya huDHlostadis, yah gagg faurjiis 
gastbyon bro|T |>cinamnia, yah bijie at- 
gigganda atbuir |>o giba |}cina. 

dffit hit sy ut-aworpen, and ay &am m&nn- 
um fortredcn. 

1 4 Ge Bynd middan-cardes leoht ; ne 
mag Beo ceaster bcon behyd Ae 
nppan taunt asct ; 

15 No h) ne wla|j hyra leoht-fiet, 
hit under cyfo sctta^, ac ofer candol-sl 
Ctrot hit onlihte eallum dam de on 
hu»c syud. 

16 hjwa onlihte eower leoht beforao 
mannum, diet hi geseon eowre godaa 
wcorc, and wuldrian eowcrne fsedcr de 
en heofouum ys.* 

1 7 Neile ge wenan dast ic come townip- 
an da se, uddc da wttegan ; ue com io 
na towurpan, ac gefyllan. 

18 S6{ie8 on cornost ic secge 
serdam de gewite heofon and eor|>e, an' 
odde an prica, ne gewit fram diere 
{erdam ealle ))ing gewurdan. 

19 Eoniostiice ae de towyrpj* an 
dysum Ia»tnm bebodum, and da 
tiwu lcer)>, se by]; liest gencmncd ou h< 
onan ncc j so^llce se de hit dtp, 
l»r|>, se bij> mycel genemned on heofoi 

30 S6|>Iice ic eecge cow, buton eoi 
rihtwisnya marc By donne diera writ 
and Sundor-hulgcna, nc ga gc oa b< 
onan rice. 

31 Ge gehyrdon dret gecweden 
on caldum tidwn, Ne ofslch du ; sei 
ofslib|>, sc by|) dome scyldig. 

33 Ic secge cow, s6|)lice daet »lc 
yTBa|) hya breder, by|> dome scyh 
86|>Hcc, sc de seg|t hys breder, Du ai 
enu, he bi[" geJ'Cahte soyldig : se dei 
Dii stunta, se by)> scyldig helle ffres.' 

33 Eornostlicc gyf du bringst dine 
to weofodo, and du da*r ge|^encgst, ^ 
din brodor hffif)> aenig )>ing agcn de, 

34 Lspt dfier dine lac beforan dam* 
tire, and gang »r and gcsybsuma 
diunc brudcr, and doonc cum dii eyH 
and bring dine lac.^ 

i[4-»4-] WYCLIFPE, 1389. 

lorth oacr. 00 bot thai it be sent out, 
^ defbalid of men. 

t4 3e ben H;t of the world ; a citee 
bU on an liill may nat be hid ; 

15 Nether men tendyn a lauterae, and 
Uteo it Tndir a busshel. but on n can- 
Utike, that it }ene U^t to allc that ben 
i the boos. 

J 6 So ahyync ;oure li^t before men, 
lat thei see jourc good werkis, and glo* 
|fie 30ure fadir that is in hcucus. 

17 Nyle 36 gease ^ that V came to 
lido* the lawe, or the prophetis ; I come 
|Di to vndo the lave, but to fulfUle. 

;f8 Fonotbe I say to jou trewthe, til 
jMun «nd erthe passe, oon i^ or titil, 
bil tiaX pane fro the lawe, tU alle thingis 
• doa. 
19 Therfere he that vndoth ^ oon of 

t teste maundementis, and techith 
men. slial be clepid the leste lu ike 
tnnne of heueoes ; forsothe this that 
koth, and techith^ shal be clepid grete in 
me kyngdame of hcuenes. 

Forsothe T say to ;ou, no but ^if 

rijtwianesse shal be more plenteu- 

tiuin of scribia and Fharitices, ;ee 

not entrcinto kyngdnmof heueuea. 

3ee ban henle that it is said to 

Is men, Thou shal oat slea; foraothe 

|b thai sleeth, shal be gylty of dome. 

I Bat I say to ;ou, that eaereche that 
ivtbe to hia l>rother, shal l>e gylty 
fae ; forsothe, he that shal say to bis 
pr, Raclia^ shal be gylty of coun- 
; aothly he that shal say, FooK, 
hal be gylti of the iijr of belle. 

93 Therfore ;tf thou oSri^ thi ^ift at 
fceuter.ADd there sbalt h^thcnkeithat 
Bii broUker hath sum what a3eiDS thee, 

44 Leeue there thi vft before the au- 
a&d go Brst for to be recounscilid^ to 
kcr, and tbaonc thou cummyngo 

TYKDALE, 1525. 


forthe goode for noth>*nge, but to be cast 
outc at the dores, and that mca treade it 
vnder fote. 

1 4 Ye are the light of the worlde ; a 
cite that is set on an hill cannot be hid ; 

15 Nether do men lyght a candell, and 
put it \'Ddcr a busHhell, but on a candcl- 
stick, und it lighteth all them which are 
in the houssc. 

1 6 Se that youre light so shyne before 
men, that they maye se youre good 
workca. and glorify youre father which 
is in hcven. 

17 Ye shall not thynko that I am come 
to disanull the lawe, or the prophets ; no 
I am nott come to disanutl them, but to 
fulfyll them. 

18 For truely I saye vnto you, till 
hevcn and ertli pcrisshe. one iott, or one 
t>'tle, of the lawe shall not scape, tyll all 
be fulfiUed. 

1 9 W hosoe ver breaketh one of these lest 
comaundmentes, and shall teachc men 
ao, he shulbe called the lecst in the kyng- 
dome off heven ; but whosoever shall 
observe, and tcache them, that persone 
sbolbe called greate in the kyngdomc off 

30 For I saye vnto you, except youre 
rightewesnes excede the rightewesnea off 
the scribes und rbarises, yc cannot en- 
tro into the kyngdome off hevcn. 

31 Ye have herde howe it was sayd 
vnto them off the olde tyme. Thou sbalt 
not kyll ; whosoever shall kyll, shalbe in 
daonger of iudgemenL 

32 But I say \'nto you, whosoever his 
angre with hys brother, shalbe in daun- 
ger off lodgement ; whosoever shall saye 
vnto bis brother, Kacha, shalbe in 
daungcr off a connsell ; but whosoever 
shall saye vnto his brother, Thou fole, 
shalbe in daunger off hell fyrc. 

2^ Therfore when thou offerest tliy 
gyfte tttt the altre, and there remembrest, 
that thy brother hath cny thyngc agaynst 

34 Leve there thyne oOrynge before 
the altre, and go thy waye first and 
reconcile thy silfe to thy brother, and 
then come and offro thy g)'ffte. 
c 3 


GOTHIC, 3(Jo. 

25 Siyftia wttilultugyandB andastauin 
]>einamuia sprauto, uud l^atci is lu wiga 
m{\> inima, ibai wUiiu atgibai |iuk sa anda- 
btuua stauTu, yah ba aUua )>uk atgil>ai 
andbohta, yah In kurkara galagyaza. 

26 Amcii qi|>fl \iua. Ni usgftg<jis vain- 
]n-o, uiite uH^^bta frana miniuBtaa kiutu. 

37 Hausidedn^ )>atei qi|>aD ist, Ni bor- 


38 A)»t>an ik qi)m Tzwis, ))At€i vhazuh 
eaci saiwhi[> qinon du luston izos, yu ga- 
horinoda izai in hairtiu sciQamma. 

29 l]f yabai augo bcin jnta taihswo 
marzyai buk, usstigg'^ Yta, yah waiq> af 
jms ; batizu iHt auk pus, ei fraqistuai aina 
li|iiwc [icinaize, yah ni allata leik pein 
gH(b-iuaai in gaiainnan. 

30 Yah yabai taihswo ^ina haudus 
marzyai |?uk, afmait fo, yah wairp af 
)ius ; batizo iBt ank {>us, ei fraqistnai 
ains Ii|)iire {xsinaize, yah ni allata Icik 
)>eiu gadriusai iu gaiainnan. 

31 Qi)>aDuh )>an 1st, ]>atoi whazuh saei 
afletai qen, gibai izai afataasaia bukos. 

33 t\> 'ik qijia izwifl, )>atci whazub saei 

afleti)> qeti seina, Vnuh fairina kalkinasa- 
auB, tauyi|» \>o horinon, yah sa ize afsat- 
ida liugai^, honno|r, 

33 Aflra hausidedujj, f»at€! qiftan iat 
bnim urizam, Ni ufarswarais, I'b usgibais 
FraujTn aij>an« J)einans. 

34 A|>|>an 7k qijia Vzwls, ni swaran alUe ; 
ni bi himina^ untc stols ist Gujis ; 

35 Nih bi air|)ai, unte fotubaurd ist 
fotiwe is ; nih bi Inirusaulnmai, unte 
baurga ist ]>is mikilinsjiiudanis ; 

36 Nih bi haubida )icinamnia swarais. 
unte ni magt aiu tagi wheit, a\\>]n\u swart 
gatouyan ; 

37 Siyai|>-|)an waurd izwar, Ta, ya ; 
Ne, ne ; i]) pata managizo jmiiDf us |»aai' 
ma ubilin ist. 

atO-SAXON. 995. [St. Matt. 

25 Beo rtii onbdgende dinnm wirter- 
winnau Iirade, eta hwile dc tlu cart ou 
wcge mid him, cle-lws de din wider- 
winna de sylle dam deman. and sc dema 
de sylle dam {>eue, and du sy on c w erteru 

26 S6)>es ic fiecge de, Ne gsst du 
danone, ser du agylde done ytemesUn 

27 Ge gebyrdon dnt on caldum cvyd- 
um gecweden waui, Ne uunht-lueme dii. 

28 Soplice ic Bccge eow, da't elc dnn 
de wif ges3'h|> and hyre gewilnaji, coUunga 
dKt se ge^ynga)) ou bys heort&n. 

29 Oyf din 8>Tydre cage de «si 

aholfl hit ut, and awurp hj-t fratn 
Bojincc de y8 betere, daet an dinrn li 
forwurde, donue cat din lichoma a 
belle as«nd. 

30 And g}'f din swidre hand de 
at'corf bi of, and awuq> hi fram 
witoilliee de ys betcre, da?t an diara 
lima foi*wurde, donne eal din Hi 
fare to bellc.^ 

31 S6|>lice hit ys gecweden, Swa hi 
Bwu his wif forlset, he sylle b}Te hyr* 
liiw-gedules boo. 

32 It! secgo eow to 86|>um, dwt «Ic de 
his wif forliet, biJton forlegenysse ^ngum* 
he d^)> dwt heo uuribt-htem^, and se im- 
nbt-hfieml', do forlwtcno seFter him g5* 

33 Eft ge gebyrdon, dret gecweden ww 
on eulduni cwydum, Ne forswere du, 
lioc Dribtne du agyltst dine ajws. 

34 Ic secge eow s6|>licc, diet ge eallnnn 
ne sweriou ; do ]iurh heofon, fordam Oe 
heo ys Codes ]jrjTu-setl ; 

35 Ne [)urh eorlian, fordam de heo 
hys fot-scamul ; ne {}urb Hiernsali 
fordam de heo ya mseres cyninc 
cester ; 

36 Ne du ne awere })urh din bcaf 
fordam de du ue miht aenne loc4: 
hwitne. odde blacne ; 

37 S6|ilice si eower sprsec, Hyt j-s. 
ys ; Hyt uys, hyt nys ; sojilice gyf di? 
mare hy\>, diet bi|» of yfcle. 

V. 25-37-] 


TTNDALE, 1526. 


»S Be thou consentynge to thin nd- 
xUTwne soon, the whijle tboa art in the 
way with hym, lest perauiuture thin aU- 
nersaric t&ke thee to the domesman, and 
tbedomeeman take thee to the m^mygtre, 
and thou bo scute in to priaonn. 

26 Trewely I say to thee, Ttiou ahalt 
not go thennes, til thou ^eldc the last 

97 3^ han herd for it was said to olde 
men. Thou shalt nat do leoherye. 

a8 Foreothe T say to 300, for why 
eaery man tliftt secth a wommau for to 
con«ite hire, now he hath do lecheiie by 
hire in his herte. 
79 That jif thi rijt eije sclaundre thee, 
le it out, and cast it fro thee ; for it 
editfa to thee, that oon of thi memhris 
periahe, than a! thi body go in to belle. 

30 And jif thi rijt bond sclaundre thee, 
kitt it awey, and cast it fro tiie« ; for it 
spcflith to thee, that oon of thi membria 
perisbe, than that al thi body go in to 

31 Foraothe it is said, Who cuere shal 
Iwue his wyf, jene he to hir a libel.^ 

31 Sothdy T say to 50U, that euery 

man that shal leeue his wyf, outakcn 

caoM of foniicacioun, he makith hire do 

'10, and he that weddith the forsaken 

. Juth auoutrie. 

3 j Kfle soonys jee ban herd, that it was 

said to olde men, Thou shalt not for- 

Hwere, sothely to the Lord thou shalt 

3eeld thin oethis. 

34 Foreothe Y say to jon, to nat swero 
on al manere ; neither by hcuene, for it 
is the trone of Qod ; 

35 Nether by the erthe, for it is the 
stole of his feet ; neither by Jerusalem, 
(or it is the citec of a greet kyng ; 

36 Neither thou shalt bwere by thin 
beaed, for thou maist not make oon 
beer whyt, or blok j 

37 But be 5oure word 3ea. 3ca ; Nay, 
nay ; forsothe that that is more than 
this, is of yxie\. 

25 Agre with thine iwlvcraary at once, 
whyles thou arte in the waye with hym, 
lest thine adversary delj-vre the to the 
indge, and the iudgc delivre the to tlie 
minister, and then thou be cast in to 

26 I say unto the vcrely, Thou shalt not 
come out thence, till thou have payed the 
vtmost farthinge. 

27 Te have herde howe yt was sayde to 
them off olde tyme. Thou shalt nott com* 
mitt advoutrie. 

aB But I say mto yon, that whosoever 
eycth a wyfc lustynge afftcr her, hatha 
committed advoutrie with her alredy in 
his hert. 

29 Wierfore yf thy right eye ofTende 
the, pluekc bym out, and cast^i him from 
the ; better hit is for the, that one of thy 
membres perisahe, then that thy whole 
body ebuld be caste in to hell. 

30 Also yf thy right honde offend the, 
cut bym off, and e^stc h>Tn from the ; 
better hyt ys, that one off thy membres 
pcrisshe, then that all thy body ahulde be 
caste in to hell. 

31 Hit ys sayd, Wbosoerer put awaye 
his wyfe, let bym geve her a testymonyall 
of her dcvorceraent. 

32 But I say vnto you, wboeoever put 
owaye hys wjrfe, except hyt he for fornica- 
tion, causcth her to breakc matrimony, 
and whosoever maryeth her that is di- 
vorsed, breketh wedlocke. 

33 Agayne ye have henle, howe it was 
sayd to them off olde tyme, Tliou shalt 
not forswcre thy silfc, but shaltt performo 
thyue olhe to God. 

3^ But I say vnto yon, swere not at all ; 
nether by beveu, for hit ys Qoddcs 

35 Nor yet by the erth, ffor it ya hys 
fote stole J nether by Jerusalem, ffor bit 
ys the cite of the grete kynge ; 

36 Nether shalt thou sweare by thy 
heed, because thou canst not make one 
beer whyte, or blacke ; 

37 But your communicacion sbalbo Ye, 
ye ; Nay, nay ; for what soever is more 
than that, cometb off yvell. 

3$ HAnsideduJ) JAtci qijjan ist, Aago 
und augin, jah tim|>u und tunftuu. 

39 I^ ik t\\\>A izvf'vi, n'l audsiaudan ollis 
|)anirua unaclyin ; ak yfthni whivs |»uk 
Btautai hi taihflvon {feina kinnu, wandei 
i'mma j'ali ]»o an|)ara ; 

40 Yah ^aminu wilyaudin miJ7 |>D4 sUua, 
yah paida )?clna uiniaD. aflet Trntnu yah 
wastya ; 

41 Yah yabai whas )7ak anaiiau^-ai 
rasta auia^ gaggais ml)) imma twos. 

43 pamma bidyaudin \>\ik gibaia, yah 
(laaima wilyaadia af Jma leiwhau sU ui 

43 HnuRidedu)» ]ttitc\ qi|)an \st, FriyoB 
newhuudyou {icinauaj yah fiais Band ^em- 

44 A)i))an ik qi})a izwis, friyo)» fiyanda 
izwanms, ^iii|^yui|t |>auB wrikaDdaits ixwis, 
waila tftuyfti|»t>ftim hatyandara irwia, yah 
hidyai[> hi )>auB uB)7nutaDdanB izwis ; 

45 Ei wair)tm|>suQyus nttins iKiyaris |>is 
in himinam, unte Bunnott seina urranuei)) 
ana abilaua yah godons. yah rigneij) ana 
gar^htaua yah ana inwindans. 

46 Tabai auk fHyo)> |>ans {riyondans 
izwis ainans, who mizdunu habai)il uiu 
yah |>ai )iiudo jiatu samo tauyand ? 

47 Yah yabai goIei|' jjans friyonda izwar- 
ans (latainci, whc managizo tauyi^ \ niu 
yah motarj'os J>atB somo Uiuyaud. 

48 Siyai|> uu y\iA fullatoyai, Bwaswo 
atta Izwor sa in himinam fuUat-oyis istt 

Chap. VI. 2 At3aiwhi|>, armaion iz- 
wara ui t^uyan iu aiidwaLrt>ya niaoue, du 
Baiwhan im, ai)>))au laun 2U habai^ firaiu 
attin izwaramma )>amma in himinam. 

a pan nu tanyais armaion, ni haurDynls 
faura |)UB, Bwafnve j^ai tiutona tauyand in 
ga({am|>im yah in ganmsim, ei hauhyain- 
dau from mamiam ; amen qi|ia izwis, 
anduemun mizdou sciiia. 


38 Qe gehyrdon ^ d»t gecweden « 
£dgo for eagc, and to)) for iep. 

39 S6))licc ic sccge cuw^ ne winne 
ongen da de eow yfel do^ ; oc gyf h 
dii alca on din swydre wenge, gegearviT 
him da-t odcr ; 

40 And dam de wylle on dome wid de 
flitau, and niman dine tunecan, \»t him 
to dinne waift-Is ; 

41 And swu hwa swa de gcnyt t^useod 
stapa, ga mid him odre twa )>uBead. 

42 Syle dam de de bidde, and dam 
[wylle] ' «t de borgiaa ne wyni 

43 ^6 gehyrdon deet gecweden wbb, 
Lufa dinne nextan^ and hata dluue feond. 

44 S6)4ice io aecgo eow, lalia)) eoi 
fynd, and do)) wel dam de eow yfel 
and gcbidda)) for eowre ehteraa, and 
eadum eow ; 

45 Btet ge BID eowres feeder beam da 
on heofonum ys, se de du|) da>t 
suunc up-dspring)) ofer da godan 
ofer da yfehm. and be Itet rinan ofer 
rihtwisau and ofer da unrihtwisan. 

46 Gyf gc B6t)lice da lutia)> de eow k 
ia)>, hn7lce mede habba})ge 1 hu ne 
tuanfiillc swa ? 

47 And gyf ge diet on do)) dsetge eowre 
gebrodra wy1eumia)i, hweet do ge maret 
hii uu d6|) hxclcucswaf 

48 EomuatKce beoj) fdlfremede, 
eower hoofoolica fs^der Ib fullfremod. 


Chap. VL i Begyma)), d«t ge ne 

dou eowre rihtwiaaease beforan mannum, 
dn>t gc sin gchcrede fram him, 
niebbo ge mede mid eowinim feeder 
on heofonum ys. 

2 Eomustlicc donne du dine elmc 
sylle, ne blawe man byman beforan d? 
swa liceteras do}) on geBomnunguin and 
on wicam, daet hi sin ge-arwur|>odo fram 
mannum ; so)* ic aecge eow, hi onfengOD 
hyra medc. 

38.-VL 3.] WYCLIFFE, 1389I 

I 38 Sec bAn bcrde Uiat it is said, £130 
I for ei^, toth for totfa, 
b^9 But T say to ;ou, to nat o^ein stonde 
^^kl ; but jif any shal smyte thee in the 
^Hl cbeekc^ jeue to hym and the tother ; 

"40 And to hym that wole strjnie with 
tiaee in dome, and take awoy thi cuute, 
leeuc tliou to hym and thiu guer clothe ; 

41 And who eucre constrayncth thee a 
tbouMzuI pacts, go thou with hym other 

4i Forsothe ;if to hym tliat axith of 
tbee, and turne thou nat awey fro hym 
that wol borwe of thee. 

43 3ec ban her<l that it Is said. Thou 
•halt loae thin ncijbore, and hate thin 

44 But Y eay to 30a, loae )ce joure 
oomyes, do ^ee wel to hem that haten 
joo, and prcyc ^ee for jn^n purau^Tige, 
tad fiUsly chalengyDge ^ou ; 

45 That ;ee be the sonys of joore &dir 
that 18 iu hcuenesT that makith his eune 
to springe rp vpon good and yuel men, 
and rayoeth i-pon iusto men and roinate 

TTNDALE, 1536. 


^^6 For ^ ;e loaen hem that loucn^ou, 
^Hpat mee«l shul ^ee baue i whether and 
^^Dpticans don nat this thing 1 

47 And 5if 5ee gretvn^ ^oure bretheren 

oouly, what more ouer ebul ^ec don ? 

whether and paynymmp don nat this 

PHf8 Therforc be ;cc parfit, oa and jourc 
^beoe&ly £ulir ia parht. 

CsAP. VI. I Take jee hede, lest 3c 
doD jour rijtwiancsse before men, that 
^ be seen of hem.ellia 30 shule nat ban 
iMed at 3ouro fadir that is in heuencs. 

a Therfore when thou dost almcsse, nyle 
thou syuge byfurc tbcc iu a tfumpo, as 
iritis don in aynagogis and strcetis, 
tbci ben maad worshipful of men ; 
lothe Y saye to 30Q, thei ban resceyued 

38 Ye liave herde howc it ys sayd, An 
eye for an eye. a tothe for a totbe. 

39 But I saye \'Dto you, that 3'e with- 
stand not VTonge ; but yf a man gere 
the a blowc on thy right cbeke, toume 
to him the othre ; 

40 And j-ft* euy man will sue the at tho 
\a.\vc, and take thy coute &om the, Ictt 
hym have thy cloockc also ; 

41 And whosoever wyll compel] the to 
goo a myle, goo wyth him twayne. 

42 Gcve to him that axeth, and from 
him that wolde borowc toume not awaye. 

43 Yc have hcrdc bowc it is sayde, Thou 
shoJt love thyne neghbouTj and hate thino 

44 But Y saye vuto you, love youro 
enemies, blessc them that coursac you, 
do good to them that bate you, prayo 
0br them which doo you wronge, and 
persecute you ; 

45 Tlmt ye maye be tlic cliyldren of 
yourc Ijevonly father, ffor be niuketh bis 
sunne to aryso on tho y^'cH onti on tho 
good, and scDdeth his reyne on the iustc 
and on the iniuutti. 

46 For yf ye shall love them which lovo 
yon, what rewardo shall ye have 1 doo 
not the publicans even so 1 

47 And if yc be frendly to youre bre- 
thren onli. what singuler tbyngedoo yel 
doo nott the publicans lykewysc 1 

48 Yc sh^l tbcrforo be perfecte, ovea 
as youre bevenly father is perfecte. 

Chap. VI. 1 Take bede to youre 
almes, that yc geve it not in the syght of 
men to the inteut that ye woUlc l>e seue 
off them, or els yc gett no rewarde off 
youre father in heven. 

2 Wliensocver therforc thou gevcst thine 
almcs, thou sbalt not molte a tromjiet to 
be blowuc before the, as the ypocritea 
do in the sjTiago^'ca and in the strctea, 
ffor to be preysed off men ; verily ] say 
rnto you, they have there rewarde. 

GOTHIC, 360. 

3 Kji |)uk taujandau Armaion, ni witi 
lileidumei |>cina wha taujfi)' taihswo (leina, 

4 Ei Biyaiso annab&irti|>a )»Ginft m fulli- 
snya, yah atta |)oins Raei Baiwlii|> in 
iiilhiinya, usgibi^ ^ua in biiirbtein. 

5 Yah ^an bidyai|>, ni slyniY swiiswc \>a\ 
lintnns, uut^; friyond in gaqnml«m yali 
wuihsbiiu phipyo slandantlana bidyan, ei 
gnnmyaindaumannam ; amenqitfftizwis, 
ysktei baband mizdon seina. 

6 t^ |>u )>an bidyaia, (?^gg in he|»yon 
bcina, yab galukuuds liaurdai )>ciDai, 
Didei du nttiu }>cinumnia fiamnia 'in fulh- 
unya, yah atta J»eins eaei saiwhi|» in 
fullisnya, usj^ibit) ^ub m bairhtein. 

7 Bidyftndnn5Uj>-|'an ni fiinwaurd^-ai|i, 
■waswe f»ai |?iudo, jmgkeiji Tni auk ei in 
filuwaurdciu seuiol andhausyaiuUau. 

8 Ni galcikof) nu |>aim, wait aiik atta 
'izwar |)izci yns |)aurbu|>, faurjiizei yua 
bidyai^ Tna. 

9 Swa nu bidyai|> yus, Atta tinsar J>u in 
biminom, weihnai namo )>ein ; 

10 Qimai ^iudinassus )>cins ; wair[iu 
wilya |)cin8 awe in himina yah ana &ir)Mii ; 

t T Ulaif unsarana ^ana sintcinan gif una 

bimnia daga ; 

1 3 Yub aQct nns |>atei Bkubina siyaima, 
swaswe yah wcis afletara |«im skulam 
nnsaraini ; 

13 Tab ni briggiua iub in fraistubnyai^ 
ftk lansei mis af j^i^mma ubilin ; unte 
ftcina ist }>iudangardi, yah niahts, yah 
wuI['U9 In aiwiiis, Amen. 

14 Unteynbai nflcii)>mannam missaded- 
ius izo, aHoti)} yah Tzwia atta izwar aa 
ufar biminam. 

15 l[>yBbuimafleti[> mannaramisaadcd- 
ins izo, ni )iau atta uwar afltiti)> miaaa- 
dedins Vzwaroa, 

1 6 A|i|»an bijyj fastaijt, m wair|)ai|> awa- 
Bwe fwi liutana gaurai, frawardyand auk 
andwairjjya seina, ei gasai wbaiudau maiin- 
ara fttstandaiiR j amen qi^a Yz^v^^, J»atei 
andnemun mi/.dou seiua. 

17 I)> )}u fastands, aalbo haubi)> ]>ein, 
yab ludya Jwiua I»wab, 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. HB 

3 &6|>lice donne du dine Blcacason do, 
nyte din wynstre hw»t <lo din svydrc, 

4 Dfet din t&lmesse ay on diglum, 
din fieder hit agylt de, se de geayh)^ 

5 Andclonnegeeowgebiddon.nebeo] 
swylce Hceteraa, da lufia)) da?t hig get 
duu hi Btandende on gesoiiinungum 
atrseta hyruuni, diet men big gesvon ; 
ic secgc eow, hi onfengon h)-ra mede. 

6 Du s6|>lice donne du de gebldde, 
into diuum bcd-clyfan^and dinro dura 
locenre, bide ^ne teder on dihluni, 
din fn?der de gesyh)i on dihlum, 
agylt de. 

7 86))b'ce donne ge eow gebiddon di 
ou^ ge sprecan fela, awa awa btedc 
big wcna^ dut hi tan gf^hyrcde ou hj 
menigfealdan apraecc. 

8 Nellen ge eornosth'cc him ge-efcnlafc- 
an. sojiHce eowcr fanler wat bw:ct eow 
)>earf ys, cfrdam de ge hyue biddaft. 

9 Eomustlice gebidda|» eow dus, Fas 
lire dii de eart on beofonnm, bI din 
gehalgod ; 

10 To-becume din rice; gewurde 
willa on eor))au swa awa on bcofonump 

It U'rne dficghwamllcan hlaf eyle 

13 And foi^yf ns ure gyltas, awa 
wc forgyfa)> lirum gjlteudum j 

13 And ne gelsd dii oa on coatni 
ac alya ua of yfele 

. . . . S6)>Iice. 

1 4 Witodlice gyf ge forgyfa|> manno^ 
byrn sj-nna, donne forgyf)> eower se h( 
euHca fteder eow eowre gjltas. 

15 Qyf ge B6)>lice ne forgyf&|f manni 
ne cower fteder ne forgyf)» eow 

16 86{)1ice donne ge fteston, neUon ge 
wesan awylcelease-Hccet^rafi, big fornym- 
a(t byra ansyna, diet big sateowofl 
mannum fseatende ; aoj^lice ic seoge eon^, 
d.Tt hig onfengon hyra mcde. 

17 Du so}>lic'c donne du fisste, smj 
din beafod, and j^weah dine anayne, 

VI. 3-17.] WYCLIF^, 1389. 

3 Bat thee doynge alme^se, knowe nat 
the left hoQil what tlii ri^t bond dotb, 

4 That thi olmes be in hidlis, and tbi 
fiu£r that moCA in hidliis abal ^elde to 

5 And when ;e sbuln preyc, joe sbuin 
nftt be OS ypocritis, tbe wbicbe 9101111)71^0 
loam to prove in syuagogis and corners 
of fetreetis, tiiat thci be seen of men ; 
trcwly y eay to 30U, thei ban resseyucd 
bw nieede. 

6 But whan thon sbaU. preye, entre in 
' '' ' "oucbe, and tbe (lore schet. preye 

t in bidlis, and tbi fadir that Stieth 
m hioiis, sbal ^Ide to tbee. 

7 Sotbely preyinge nyle joe Eipeke 
modie, afl hetben men don, for the! gessen 
that thei ben herd in theire mocbe specJic. 

8 Therfore nyl 50 be mood licbe to bcm, 
(or ;oQre fiulir woot what is need to 3011, 
Wore that je axen bym. 

I'oreothe thus je sbuJen prcycn, Om*e 
tiiat art in bcuencs, balwid be tbi 



1 Tbi kyngdom cumme to ; be tbi 
ville don as in heueu and in crtbe ; 

1 1 3if to T« this day oure breed oner 
other mhetannce ; 

1 3 And fon<^uc to vB ourc dettiflr aa we 
foqnie to oure dettours ; 

13 And lecdevB nat in to temptacioim, 
lot delynere tb fro j'uel. Amen.' 

14 Foreotbe jif jee sbulcu forjene to 
nn her synnys, and joure heueuly fadir 
llial forjeiie to 30U 3oure trespassia 

15 Sotbely ^if jee shulcn forjene not to 
1D0II, neither joure fadir ahal forjcue to 
yn )oiire synnes. 

16 Bot when 3ee fiiaten, nyl je bemnad 
ti rpocritsii aorweful, for thei putten bcr 
fiins out of Icyndly tonnya, that tbei 
•eme Ikstyn^e to men ; trewly Y say to 
30a. tbei ban rcsaoj-ued ber moedc. 

J 7 But whan tbou fostist^ anoynte thin 
hede, and wasbe tbi face. 

3 But when tbou doest thine almes, let 
not thy lyfte bond knowe what thy 
rigbtc Imnd dutb, 

4 That tb)iiG ulmcs may be sccretf and 
tby fntber which seith in aecret, shall 
rcwurde tbe openly. 

5 And wbcu thou pruyest, thou shalt 
nott be as the }'pocrites are, for tbey love 
to sioud and praye in tbo Bynagoggea 
and in comers of tbe strctes, becauao 
tliey woldc be sene of men ; vereloy I saye 
vnto you, tbey have there rewarde. 

6 But when thou prayest, entre into thy 
chamber, and shutt tby dore to the, and 
praye to tby father which ys in accrete, 
and thy fatbor which seith in secret, ehal 
rewarde the openly. 

7 But when ye praye bable not mocho, 
as the gcntyls do, for they thincko that 
tbey sbalbe herde ffor there mocbe bah- 
lyuges soke. 

8 He ye not lyke tbem there fore, for 
youre father knoweth wberof ye ba\*« 
ncude, before ye axe off him. 

9 After tbys muner there fore pmye ye, 
O oure ^tber which arte in beven, halow- 
ed be tby name ; 

10 Let tby kingdom come; tby yryW 
be fulfilled as well in erth as bit ya in 
heven ; 

1 1 Gere vb this dayo oure dayly breade ; 

1 2 And forgeve vs oure treaspasea, cvei 
as we forgeve tbem which treospaa tb ; 

13 Leede va not into temptacion, bub 
delyvre vs ffrom yrell. Amen. 

14 For and yff ye shall forgeve other 
men there treaspasea, youre father in 
heven «bal alao forgeve you. 

15 But and ye wyll not forgeve men 
there treepaaes, no more sliall youro 
father forgeve youre treaspasea. 

16 Moreovre when ye faste, bo not sad 
as tbe yprocritea are, for they disfigure 
there faces, that hit mygbt apcrc vnto 
men that they faste ; verely Y say \nU> 
you, tbey have there rewarde. 

17 But tbou when tbou iastest, ann- 
oynte thync heed, and waahe tby face, 



X 8 £i ni gASftmhatxau inannatD fastandfl, 
ok Bttin jteinamma fnunma in fuUisnya, 
jah atta feliis saci saiwhi^ in fulltsDya, 

\g Ni hu2(lyfti|> Vzwia huztla ana air|>fti, 
^lorci miilo ynli uidwa fruwarcloi|>, yah 
Jiarei (fluids uf>;raband yah hlifand ; 

ao 1)> huzdyiu|> iznia huzda h\ himina, 
)iarci uili malo nib nidwa frawardei[>, yah 
|)arei |iiub(>fl ni ufgraband, nib stiland. 

31 pam suk ist huzd izwar, ytuvh ist 
yah bftirto izwar. 

3 2 Lukom Icikia Ist augo ; yaba'i nu 
augD |Kin unfal|} ist, allata leik (»ciu liub- 
adein wair)>i)' ; 

33 ][)> yabui augo |)ein iinscl Tst, allata 
leik ^in riqizein wair|»ili. Yabai nu 
lluba^ )>ata in )>us riqiz ist, )>ata riqiz 
whan filu? 

24 N i manna mag twaim fraoyam 
Bkatkiuoti, uiitc yabai fiyaiji ainann, yah 
an)}arajiB friyo)> ; ai|>|)au ainainma ufhuus- 
ei^, i|] anlMU*amnu frukaun. Kt magu]) 
Gu)ia BkalkiuoD yah mammomu.^ 

25 Dn}}|>eqi)>aizwi8, ni maumoi}) saiw- 
aliu tzwarai, wba inatyai|> yah wha 
drigkai|> ; nib loika Tzwaramma, whc 
va8yai|>. Niu oaiwala maia ist fodeinai^ 
yah leik wastyoni 1 

26 Infiaiwbi|> du fuglam bitniDis, ^i m 
BAiond^nih SDei|>and, oih lisandm buust- 
ins ; yah atta Tzwar sa ufar hlniinam 
fodci)) ins, Niu j-us mais vml|>nzans 
siyu|i [laim Y 

37 lb whaa Tzwara mauniands mag 
asaauluui ana wabstu seinona aleina 

38 Yab bi wastyos wha saurgai|>? Ga- 
kiinnai); blomans hai[iyo8, wliaiwa lA'abs- 
yaiid. Nih urbaidyaud, uih spinnand ; 

99 Qi)iub {ion izwis, {mtci nib Saulaumon 
Tn allanima wtil|}au aeiuamma gawaaida 
Bik 8WC nin9 ^izc. 

30 Yah jxandc l>Dta hann haijiyos, bimma 
daga wisondo, yab gistradagis in aubu 

ANGLO.S^\XON, 995. 

1 8 Diet du ne sy gesewen fraro mann- 
nm fiesi^nde, ac ^num facder de ya on 
dygluni, and rtin fwder do gesyh^ 
dyglura, byt ag>'lt de. 

19 Ncllen gc gold-hordiau eow 
bordas on corJAii, tta^r 6m and mof»)>e 
foniiDi|), and der |>eo{as lut del£a^ 
rorstcla|> ; 

30 Gold-bordia|> eow fl6|>lice gold-hoi 
on beofcnan, daT nador 6m ne m<_ 
bit ne fomimj), and dar )>eofa8 bit 
dc1fa|i. ne ne rorste1a|). 

31 Witodlice 6xt din gold-hord 
dor is din beortc. 

33 {Mnes lichanian loobtfxt is 
^agc ; gyf j£u eage bi)> aafeald, eaU 
lichama bib beorbt ; 

33 Gif din cage s6|>]ice bifi mi 
eall din lichama by}i liysterfull. 
ustlico gyf dft>t leobt de on de is 
)>yBtru, bu mycle beo}) da J>y8tru P 

34 Nc mmf^ nan man twam blafc 
|>eowian, odde be 96t)Hce tenne 1 
and mienie lufa|) ; odde be bi|> at 
gchyrsum, and odrum uugcbyrsum. 
magon gc Godc ^wion and woi 

35 Fordam ic secge eow, dst ge 
sin ymbhydige eowre sawlc. bwie^ 
cton ; ne eowrum licbaman, mid hi 
ge syn ymbsciydde. 11 u nya aeo 
selre donne mete, and eower 
betera donnc daet reaf ? 

36 Behealda|i heofnnan fiiglas, fo: 
de big ne sawajt, ne big nc npa)>, oe 
nc gadria^ on berne j and cower K 
onlica fsder big fet Hu ne sjnt 
84>trun donnc big 7 

27 Hwylc cower maeg ao^Uce 
duet he ge-eacnige one elne to hyi 
licnesse ? 

38 And to bwi synt gt ymbbydigfl 
reafc 7 Besceawia)) tecyres IILian, 
big weaxa)>. Nc si^nnca}) big, ne h^j 
Bpinna^ ; 

39 Ic secge cow soplice, diet 
Salomon on calluro hys wuldre 
oferwrigcn swa swa an of d^-»on. 

30 S6))Uce g)f sec^Tcs weod, del 
to-dieg is, and bi^ to-morgcn on 

VL 18-30.] WTCLTFFE, 1389. 

|ld That tbuu t>c nat seen fastyn^e to 

kco. but to till fadir that ia iu liidlis, and 
thi fadir that seeth in IiidUs, ebal ^eelde 
to Uiea 

1 9 Nyle 50 treaoure to ;ou trceours in 
,erthe, wber ni£t and mou;thc distruy- 
and wher tbeeuea delu«n out and 

ao But treaoore )ee to ;ou tresooris in 
bencDC, wher neither rust ne mou^the 
distruyeth, and wher theues deiuen nat 
oat,* ne stelen. 

a I Forsothe wher thi tresour ia, there 
ind thin hertc is. 

a a The lanteme of thi body is thin eje ; 
^ thin ei^e be Bymplc, al thi body ahal 
be li3tftil ; 

33 Bot 3if thyn ei^e be weyward, al thi 
body shal be derkful. Therfore jif the 
fy that is in thee be derkncssis, how 
grote Khtilen thilk derkneseis bel 

a 4 Xo man may seme to two lordia, for- 
•otbe ethir he ahal faaat the toou. and 
louc the totber ; other he shal susteyn the 
toon* ftnd dispiae the tothir. 3^ mown 
nat aeme to Qod and richeasia. 

35 Therfore Y say to 30U, that je ben 
nat bcsic to ;oure lijf, what jc shulen 
ete ; otliir to jonre body, with what 5c 
riiuln he clothid. Wher ^oure lijf is nat 
more than mete, and the body more than 
clothe 1 

a6 Beholde je the fleejingo foulia of 
the eir, for tbei aowen nat, ne repyn, 
nether ji^adren in to heme's ; and ^ourc 
&diT of houen fcdith hem. Wher je ben 
nat more worthi than thei ? 

37 Sothely who of 30U thenkinge may 
pntte to to his stature 00 cubitc 1 

18 And of clothinj^ what ben ;e beaye 9 
Beholde )e the lilies of the fcelde, bow 
ftei wezen. Thei traueilen uat, nether 
fff'ynnen ; 

39 Trewly I say to ^on, for wbi neither 
Salamon in lU his glorie was keuerid aa 
oon of Ihes. 

30 For ;if God clothith thua the heye 
day is, and to morwc 

TTNDALE, igafi. 

18 That it appere nott \-nto men howe 
that thou fastest, but rnto thy father 
which is iu secrete, and thy father which 
aeith in secret, shall rewanle the openly. 

19 Qaddre not treasure together on 
crtb, where rust and mother comipte, 
and where therea breake through and 
stealc ; 

ao But gaddre ye trcaaure togedder in 
heven, where nether mat nor mothea 
corrupte, and wher thevea netber breako 
vp, nor yet ateale. 

a I For whearesoever youre treaanre ya, 
there are youre bertea also. 

aa The light off thy Iwdy is thyne eye ; 
wherfore if thyne eye be aingle, aU thy 
body ya full of light ; 

33 But and if thyne eye be wyckcd, 
then ia all thy body full of dcrcknea. 
Wherefore j-f the light that is in the be 
dcrcknea, howe greate ya that dorcknea i 

34 No man can serve two masters, for 
other he sliall hate the one, and love the 
other ; or els he ahall Icuo tho one, and 
despise the other. Ye can nott serve 
God and mammon. 

s$ Therefore I aaye vnto you, be not 
carefuU for youre lyfe, what ye shall eate, 
or what ye shall dryncke ; nor yet for 
youre boddy , what rft}'ment yc fthali wearc. 
Ys not the lyfe more worth then mcatc, 
and the boddy more off value then ray- 
ment f 

26 Beholde tho foules of the wer, for 
they Bowe not, neder reepe, nor yet cary 
into the bamea ; and yett youro hevenly 
lather fcdcth them. Are ye not better 
then they ? 

27 Whiche off you though he toke 
tought therefore coulde put one cubit 
vnto his stature ? 

38 And why care ye then for rayment 1 
Beholde the lylea off the fclde, howe 
thy growo. They lubour not, nether 
spynn ; 

29 And yet for all that I aaic vnto you. 
that even Solomon in all his roplte was 
nott oraycd lyke vulo one of these. 

30 Wherfore yf God so clothe tho 
graase. which ys to daye in the fclde, and 

28 GOTHIC, 360- 

AKOLO SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

galagij*, Guj) FWft wik«?)-if>, whaiwn maiB 

iwend, God Bcryt, eala ge gehwaedes 

ixviB Icitll galaubyoudauii 1 

gelcafan, dum myclo mi he acryt eow 1 

31 Ni mournai)! nu. qi)>andans, Whft 

31 Nellen ge eornustlice beon ymbhyd- 

matynmt ai}>]>ttu, Whadrigkam? ai|>]«iu. 

ige» duB cwe^ende, Hwat ete wel odde. 

AYhe wasjaima ? 

Hwirt (Irincc wel odde, Mid bwam beo 

we oferwrogene ? 

3 a AIlauk[»fttat>indo8Bokyflnd; ^raituh 

33 SoliHce ealle daa |iing [xsoda seoMb; 
witodlite eower fteder vr&t dst ge ealn 

Yan atta Izwar aa ufar hirainam ]>atei 


dyssa ))Iuga bc^urfon* ^J 

33 Eomnsilice Becea)> xrest Oo4^| 

nee and bys rihtwisnessCf and eolle d^H 

l^ing eow beo^ dser-to ge-eocnode. ^H 


34 Ne beo ge na ho^Tiendc yrob ^^t 

morgenlkan neode, s6|)lice so mor^enli^H 

dipg cara)r }*mb hyne sylfhe ; i^ghwj^H 


d»g bffif) genob ou bya ageuum yn^^f 

began. ^^M 

^C&AP VII. I Nellen ge deman, ^H^M 


ge ne syn fordemede ; l^U 

2 WitMlh'ce dam ylcan dome de ^^| 


demaji, cow bi)> gcdeined, and on dtt^H 

ylcao gemete de ge meta^, eov bfl^l 

gemeteu. ^H 

3 To bwi geaibst du dnt mot on dai^^| 

btodor egAD, and du tie gesyhst ^Q^^| 

beam on diniim agenum eagan 1 ^^M 

4 Oddc hiimeta cwyst du to diDil^H 

breder, Brudur, }>afa diet ic ilt-ado d^^| 

mot of ^num engon, donno sc bei^^| 

bi^ on dinum ac^ennm eoganl ^^t 

5 La dii ticcotere, ado terest u( do^^| 

beam of dinum agennm eagan, and b^H 

bawa domie diet du ut-ado d»t not^H 

dines brodur eagon. ^H 

6 Nellen ge syllan doet balige bundo^H 

ne ge ne wurpcn eowre mere-grotu t^H 

forau cowrum swynon, de-lses big m^B 

byra fotura big fortredou, and big don^^f 

ongeon gcwende eow toslyton.^ ^^M 

7 Bidda)), and cow bi)> geBuUd ; B£oe4^^| 

and ge bit finda)) ; cuucta)i. and eow V^H 

ontfned. ^^M 

8 Witodlice tvlc di^ra de bit, be onfebl^H 

and 8e de sec)?, be byt fint ; and dtf^H 


cnucicndum bi)> ontyned. ^^H 

VL31.— Vn.8.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

isieote in to tlie foumeysejhow moche 
lDor« 30a of litil feiUi I 

31 Tberfore nyl 3c be bisie, sajinge. 
What ebulen we etc ? or. Wbat abulen 
we drynke t or, Witb wbat tliiug abulen 
ire be kenered ? 

33 Fonothc beithcD men sechen alio 
tb«te tbingiii ; trcwly ^ourc fuJir wote 
thftt ^e ban need to alle tbeae tbingiii. 

33 Tberfore teke ^ee first the kirngdam 
of God and bis rijtwuucasc, and alle 
tbcae tbingiB sbolen be cast to 30U. 

34 Tberfore nyle je be beaie in to the 
morwe. for tbe morcw day shul be bcsio 
to it wlf ; sotbely it aufficith to tbe day 
bis malice. 

Chap. VII. i Nyle ^e detne, tbat 3c 
W Dat demyd ; 

» For in wliat dome ^e demen, 36 sbulen 
bea demyd, aod in what mcsuro 36 
toeten. it abol be meteo to 30U. 

3 But wbat secst thou a fcatu* in tbe 
ayt of tbi brother, onrJ thou secst nat a 
heme in thin owne eije ) 

4 Or wbat manor aaiat then to tbi 
braUiar, Brother, suHrc tliat I caste out 
• feitu fro thin eije^ and loo ! a heme is 
in thin owne ei;e ? 

5 Y|ioerit«, cast out first a bcme of thin 
ei^e, and than thou slrnlt see for to caat 
oat a festu of tbe 6136 of tbi brother. 

6 Kyi 3e ^cue boly thing to boundls, 
letber sonde je jour margaritis^ before 
Bwync. lest pcraueuture tbei dcfoulen 
htaa wttb thcirc feet, and lest houndis 
turned to gidrc al to-breke 50U. 

7 Axe 30. and it shal I>e 30Uen to 30U ; 
scke ;e, and 36 dhulcn fyude ; knocks je, 
and it ^bul be opnyd to 30U. 

S For c«'he that oxith, takitli ; and ho 
that Bccbith, fyndith ; and it shal be 
opnyde (o a man knokyngc. 

to morowe sbalbe cast into tbe fotimace, 
shall be not moche mure do the same 
^Tito you, ye off Ij-tle fayth t 

31 Tberfore take no tbongbt, saynge, 
What shall we eate ? or, Wbut abidl we 
dryucke t or, Wherewith shall we be 
clothed 1 

32 Ahve all these tbynges seke the 
gcutyls ; for yourc heveuly father know- 
eth that ye bare neade off all these 

33 But rather seke ye fyrst the kyng- 
dom off hcven and the rigbtewcsncs ther 
of, and all these tbynges slialbe mmistred 
vnto you. 

34 Care not tberfore for tbe daye folo- 
ynge, for the daye foloj-nge shal] care ffor 
yt sylfc ; eche dayes trouble ys sufficient 
fur the same sUfe day. 

Cbap. yn. I ludge not, lest ye be 
iudged ; 

2 For OS yc iudge, so sliall ye be iudged, 
and with what nu'sur ye mete, witb tbe 
same aliatl it l>e mesurd to you agayne. 

3 Why seist thou a mootc in tby brothers 
eye, and perce\-est not the beame that ys 
iu thyne awne eye ? 

4 Or why ssyest Ibou to thy brother, 
Suffrc me to plucke oute a mooto oute 
off th>'ne eye, and behold 1 a beame is in 
tb^Tie awne eye t 

5 Ypocr^-te, first cast oute tbe beame 
oute of th}'ne awne eye, and then sbalte 
thou se clearly to plucke oute the moote 
oute off tby brothers eye. 

6 Oerc not that which is boly to dogges, 
nether cast ye yourc pearles before 
swyne, lest they treade them vnder their 
fete, and the other toume agayne and all 
to rent you. 

7 Axe, and it ahalbc geven you ; seke, 
and ye shall fynd; knocke, and itshalbe 
opened vuto you. 

8 For whosoever axoth, rcceaveth ; and 
he that seketh, fyndcth ; and to hym 
that knocketh it sbalbe opened. 


AKGLOSAXOX. 99s [»» Matt. 


M of 

eow, gjf h» 
bTue Ist hUfai, ayfat <H him st*n t 


jitna invii mam, twa 

yah jvm tmap^ im, |«u uk ist vHo)> 

13 LmgaggH^^uriiAgginidaBr ; mU 
braid drar, yih miM «^ n brimadi 
la fralostai, yah managma auid ^ fao- 
galci^ttiMlAiw \mixh ^aU. 

14 Whan aggwu )iata danr* j»h ^nih- 
ons wigs, 6a brigganda m Hbaanai^ rah 
fawai sind )iai bigitondann JMno. 

1 5 Atsaiwhijf swejioah faura Uugnapmi- 
fetam, fnum iza qrautud at izwia lb 
waBtjom lambe, 1^ mua^ sind wnlfos 
wilwmndana ; 

16 6i akranam Ize iifkui]iiai|> ins. Ibai 
llaaQda of ^urnum weioobasya, ai^^a af 
wgadeinotn smakkana ? 

1 7 Swa all ba^me f^ndaize akiuoa |foda 
gatauTi|> ; T]i sa ubila bagxus nkrana 
nbila ^iaayi|>. 

18 Xi mag bagms ^in)>eigi akrana 
ubila gatau3ran. nih bagma ubiU akrana 
|nu|»ci^ yutaujan. 

19 All bagme ni tauyandane akrau 
god, QsmaitAda, yah in fon atUgyada. 

30 pauQU bi akranam ue tifknnnai|» 

a I Ni wbaziih saei qi(iij> mis, Frauya, 
Frauya, inngalcij^i)) Tn |)indimgardya Lim- 
ine ; nk Bu taiiyouda wilyaa attina 
meiuU |>i8 in huuiuftin. 

3 2 Maaa^i qiftand miit £n jraioamma 

diigtt,FnHiya, Frauya, niu )>eiDamma nam- 
in praufetidwlum, yah (iinamma nam. 
in unhul)H>n8 uswaurpuni, )-ah }>eiDamma 
namiii mahtins mikilos gatawidedumi 


10 06Sm gjf be brtt fiaoea, aylst du 

na ge, de yfele aynt, 
gode aylcna eonmnn bcarnum 
tyUaa, vjelfl om eower 6Rder i1f on 
bnAnom 71 syk^ god dam d« h} 

fiEonMMllne cmlle da ^ing, de 

wyOea IIbI bmh «cnr don. do^ ge 

didi tyiky dflA y« ao^e » and «rit( 
• -«- - J 


13 Qaagafc inn ^orfa diet nearwe 
fatdoa (fe act geat ia swydc wid, i 
wtg >• «w)de nun de to forspilledn< 

aad awyde manega ^mt de 

14 Eala hn ncara and hd angsom 11 
del geat, and ae weg, dc to h'fc gchcdl 
and Bwydc feawa synt de done 

1 5 Warnia)) eow fram leasom wit 
da cnmafr to eow on soeapa gegyrell 
ac big beo^ innaofi reafigendo wulfiu 

16 Fnun hyra wsatmun ge bi uii 
gyta^. Cw^'st du gaderab^ man 
borian af ^rnnmf odde fioa*ppbi 
^ymdnum t 

1 7 Swa «1c god treow byr]) gode 
maa ; and seic yfel treow byr^ 

18 Ne msg det godo treow 
yfle WMHtn i a a , ne dnt yfeic treow 

1 9 iCTlc treow de ne byr)> godne ' 
ay byt forcorfen, and on f^ ai 

30 Witodlicc be byra wieatmuin go 

21 Ne giet> selc dspra on heofena 
de cwyli to me, Drihtcn. DriJiten ; 
de wyrc|i mines faedcr willan de on heof' 
enum is, ae gae|> on heofena rice. 

3 3 Manege cwedaf* on dam dirge to 
DrihtcD, Drihten, bu ne witegodo we on 
dinum namaii, and on dinum naman wa 

I ut-awurpon deoflu, and on dinum namaa 

I we worhton myclc mihta ? 

WTCLITTE, 1389. 

t vrho of ;ou is a man. whom 
tone axe Lreed, wber he shal 
f hjm a stooQ Y 

er ;if he aba] axe a fishe, wher 
Brcasc to hj-m n si-qicnt I 
Ikiforc jif 5e, when 50 ben yuel 
il knowen for to jeue good tbing- 
Ifei to ;ouro sonys, bou mycbe 
re fudlr that is in hcuenes ahul 
tbitigis to men oxingc bym 1 
'ore alle thingis, vhat cuer 
wolcn that wen dou to ;ou, 
to bcm, forsotho these tbiugLs 
)awe and propbetia. 
hPo je hi the streyt jate ; for the 
It Icdilh to pcrdicioun^ is brodc, 
tweje large, and ther ben many 
pen U it 

fir rtreit is the jate, and narewe 
^ that ledith to lijf, and there 
b that f}'adcn it. 

ji^jue je, and flee fro fala pro- 
Ihe whiche cummen to ;ou in 
lb of shecpis, bot wythynnc tbta 
fab jnge woluesj 
[her fruytis je shulen knowe 
Whether men gaderea grapis of 
-or fijiicid of breeria 1 

cnery good tree makith good 
Vothely an yuel tree makith yuel 

■ood tree may nat make yiiel 
lether on yncd tree make good 

tree that makith nat good 
be kitte doun, and shal be 
the fire. 

of her 6ruytia ^ee shnlen 

ccbe man that saith to me, 
Drd, shal entre into the kyngdam 
PM ; but be that doth the vnWc 
JKlir that is in heucnes, he alial 
\ i*i the kyngdam of hcuenes. 
jby sbul »ay to mo in tbat day, 
liord. wbetbor we ban nat pro- 
tin (hi came, and ban cast out 
in tbt name, and ban don many 
En tbi name t 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


9 Ys there cny man among you, which 
woMe proffer his aomie a stone* if he 
axed him breed 1 

10 Or if be axed fyashe, wolde he proffer 
hymc u serpent I 

X I Yflf'ye then, whiche are evyll, caim 
geve to youre cliyldren good gj'ftes, howe 
moche moore shall yonre fiither which ya 
in bcvcn ^^ovc good thyngcs to them that 
axe off b^'m ? 

X 3 Therforo, whatsoever ye wolde that 
men shulde do to you, even so do ye to 
them, this ys the lawc and the pro- 

13 Enter in at the strayte gate ; ffor 
wydc is the gate, and broadc ys the waye 
thatt leodeth to destruccion, and many 
there be which goo yn there ott. 

1 4 For strayte ys the gate, and narowo 
is the waye, that leadeth vnto lyfe. and 
feawe there be that fynde it. 

15 Beware off falce prophettes, whiche 
come to you in sbepes clothyngc, but in- 
wardly they ore ravenyngc wolves ; 

16 Ye shall knowe them by their frutes. 
Do men giuldrc gmpea off tborncs, or 
figges of bryres t 

1 7 Even BOO evry good tree bryngcthe 
forthe Rood frutc ; butt a oorrupte tree 
bryngethe forthe evyll frute. 

1 8 A good tree cannatt brjmge fortlie 
bad frute, nor yett a bad tree can brynge 
forthe good frute. 

1 9 Every tree that bryngethe not forthe 
good frute, ebalbc hcwne doime. and cast 
into the iyre. 

20 Wberfore by there frutes ye aholl 
knowe them. 

21 Not all they thatt say vnto me, 
Master, Master, shall enter into the 
Icyngdome off heven : but he that ful- 
filleth my fathers will which ys in heven. 

a a Many will saye to me yn that daye, 
Master, Master, have we nott in tliy 
name prophesied, and in thy name have 
we not cast oute devyls, an<l in thy name 
have we nott done many miracles ? 


33 Ya]i )>aQandhiutaTiii. patei ni whan- 
buQ kunJKi izvfia ; aflei|)i^ fuirru mis, yua 
waurkyunduns uiisibyaiia. 

24 \Vbti2uli nu Baei hnuRci{) waurtla 
meina, yah tauyij) |>o, galciko inu woira 
frodumiua, saoi gatuunda rozn ficin aoa 

25 Yah afiddya dalab rigu, yah qcmun 
ttwUoa, yah waiwouu wmilue, yah bistugq- 
uu hi ^aiimia razna yainamma ; yah ni 
gadraua, irnte gasuli^ was ana Btaina. 

26 Tab whazub aoei hausci)) waurda 
meina^yah ui tauyi{) \>o, galcikoda mann 
dwalnraraa, saei gatimrida razn Beiu ana 

27 Yah atTddya dula)> rign, yah qeraun 
nwhos, yiUi waiwoun wiudos, yah htntugq- 
un bi yoiimmmii razoa; ykh gtidraus, 
yah w&a drus in Tn'kiJgr 

28 Yah war|>, |)an ustaub Kesns* )x> 
waui'cla, biabridcduQ mauagciiis aiia laia- 
cinai is ; 

39 Was auk loisyanda ins, swc valdu&ii 
babAnds, yah m awaswe bokaryos. 

Chap. VTTI. i Dalaji l^fln atgaggandin 
imma af fairgunya, laistiJeihm afar Tm- 
uia lumyous muiiagos. 

3 Yftli sai! manua |)nitsfill Imbancla 
duriiumiuU iuwait ina, qijiands, Frauya, 
yubai wilciSj magt luik gahniiuyan. 

3 Yah ufrakyands liandu, attaitok Tm- 
ma, qi|)uiids, Wilyau. wuirj) brains. Yah 
SUDS brain war]) ptxta [>ruts6H 1&. 

4 Yah qa|> Imma legus^ Saiwh, ei mann 
ui qi^ais ; ak gagg, \>nk silban ataugei 
gud)-in, yah at1>air giba |H>ci &iiabau|> 
Moses, du weitwodijmi Tra. 

5 Afaruh }>au \>aia. innatgaggandin im- 
ma Tn Kafarnnuni,duatTddya uuma bundo- 
fa)>i*, bi<lyfludH irm, 

6 Yuh qij^ands, Frauya, [>iumagusmcin9 
ligi)) in gordu U8liJ>u, Imrdubu bulwi|>s. 

tftH a 


ANGLO-SAXON, 995- pr. Wm 

33 Donne cwede ic to him, Da^ ic cow 
nxtre ne cudc ; gcwita|> fnuu mc, ge de 
worbton unryht^i'ysnessc. 

34 EomuBtlicc ^Ic tltera de das nune 
word gobyrjt, and da wyrcf>, bi|> gelic 
dam wisau were, sc hya bua ofcr atoa 

35 Da com Aver ren, and myceic Hi 
and dtt'r bk'owun wiudas, and aliruron on 
dcpt bus J and hj^t na ne feoU, aojilice 
WEBS ofer Stan getimbrod. 

26 And Eelc d»ra de gebyr^ das 
word, and da ne wjtc}*, ee bi^ gelic 
dysigan men, de getimbrode hys bus 

37 Dd rinde hit, and doer comun 
and bleowun windaA, and illiniron 
da't biis ; and diet bus feoU, and 
hryre wies niycel.^ 

38 Da waes geworden, da se Hwl 
Aas word gc-end*xlc, da wundrode 
folc Ilia lare ; 

39 R6|»Iice lie laerde, swylce be onw< 
bwfde, and na awa swa byra boceras, 

Chap. \7II. i S6|>lice da se Hiclt 
of dam munte nydor-astiih, da f^Ugdon 
bym mycle msenio. 

3 Da gcnealsebte an hrcofla to bini, and 
bine to him ge-eadinedde, and dus cwaej)^ 
Drihten, gyf du vylt, dii milit me ge- 

3 Da dstrelite se Ueelend hys hand, SE^t 
brepode hyne, and dus cwa»l>. Ic 
boo gecla^nsod. And bya hreofla 
braedlicc gocla-nsod. 

4 Da cwfle}i se Hadend to him, W« 
de, dtet dii byt nxnegum men ne 
nc gang, wteowe de dam aacerdo, 
bring byra da lac de Moyses bel 
on byra gooydnesse. 

5 So|>lico da se Hi'lend ineode 
Capbnrnaiim, du gcneala^btc bym 
bundredeB ealdor, hj^nc btddende, 

6 And dus cwaslcndc, Drihton. 
cnapa \\\f ou miuum busc lama, and 
yfle ge|)read. 

ni »3.-%Tir. 6.] vnrcLTFFE. 1389. 

33 And Uian Yahal knowliche to hem, 
For I Wuewe ;ou ueuor ; departe awey 
fro me, 50 that worchen wickidriesBe. 

34 Therforeeche man tlmt heritli these 
mjr wordiij. and dotU hem, slial be maad 
Kche to a wijsc man, tliat hath bildid his 
hooB vpoD a stooD. 

25 And rayn came douo, and flodis 
tttnco, and wyndU blewcn, and nisheden 
Ia to that hous ; and it felle nat doao, 
for it was fonndid on a Btoon. 

3(> And euery man thatherith these mj 
kttdis, and doth hem nat, is liche to a 
Hpi fool, that hath bildid his houd on 

37 And rayn came doun, and floodis 
nwD, and wyndis blewen, and thci 

fairiiden in to that bona ; and it fclle 
fkna, and the fiaJlyng doun therof was 

38 And it vt maad. when Jhestis hodde 
tendid these wordis, thecumpanyes won- 
dreden on his tecliyng ; 

39 Sothcly he was techynge hem, as a 
tan hauynge power, and nat as the 

Icribifl of hem, and Pharisees. 

TTND ALE, 1536. 


Chap. VTH. i Forsothe when Jhestts 
Imdde comeu donn iro the bil, many 
cmnpanycs folcwidcu hym. 
3 And loo ! n Icprouse man cum- 
hji^ worshipidtf hym, aajHnge, Lord, 
^thoQ wolt^tbuu raaist make me dene. 

3 And Jhesus. holdyn^ forthe the 
honrL touchide hym, sayiuge, I wole, 
'b« thou mood elenc. And anoon the 
tepre of hym was clensid. 

4 And Jhesus saith to hym, See, say 
tiioa to no man ; but go, shcwe thee 
Ib preatis, and ofTre thut ;ifto that 
Voyaea comanndide, in to witnessing 
Iq hem. 

5 8othe]y when he hadde entride in 
to Capharnaum, ccnturio nei3idc to 
km, prcyiiige hym, 

6 And fluide, Lord, my child lyeth in 
Ihe hous sikc on the paJsie^ and is yuel 


23 And then will I knowlegc vnto them, 
That I never knewe them ; depart from 
me, ye workers of iniquite. 

24 Whosoever lic-urcthe off me these 
sftj-nges, and doetlie the same, I wyll 
lyken h3mie vnto a wysoman, which byllt 
his bousse on a rockc. 

25 Audaboundauce off rayne descended, 
and tlic Huddes cam, and the wjiiddes 
blewe, and bett vj>pon that same liuutise ; 
and it was not over throweii, because it 
was groimdctl on the rocke. 

36 And whosoever hcareth of me these 
sainges, and doth not the same, shalbe 
lykened vnto a folysh man, which bilt 
hia housse apon the sonde. 

37 AndabundauDCC of raync descended, 
and the fluddcs cam, and tlio wynddes 
blewe, and beet vppon that houase ; and 
it was over throweu, and great was the 
fall off it. 

28 And it cam to pa.^e, that when 
Jesus had ended these saynges, the peple 
were astonnied »t his doctr)ne ; 

29 For he taught them, as one havynge 
power, and not as tlie scribes. 

Chap. VTTT. i Wlien Jesus was come 
downe from the mouutaync, moch people 
folowed him. 

2 iVnd lo ! tliere cam a lepre and 
wor8hei>ed him, saynge. Master, if thou 
wylt, thou canst make me clcnc. 

3 He putt forthe his bond, and 
touched him, sajTige, 1 w^ll, be dene. 
And Immcdiatly his leprosy was cleoscd. 

4 And Jesus said vnto liim, Sc, thou 
teil no man j but go, and shcwe thj-silf 
to the preste, and offer the gyfte that 
Moses eommauudcd to be offred, in 
witnes to them. 

5 When Jesus was entrcd in to Caper- 
naum, there cam vnto him a certajne 
Centurion, Ijcsechyng him. 

6 And saynge, Master, my servaunt ly- 
eth sicke att home off the palsye, and 
is grevoualy pajTied. 


aOTHIC, 360. 

30 Tab qa|> du i'lunm Icsus, Faalions 
grobos aigun, yab fuglos biniinis Bitlaiis, 
1^ Bunus mattii u\ habaiji whar haubi)} 
Beia acuhnaiwyai. 

21 An|iarub |>aii Biponyc Is qa|> du Tm> 
ma, Frauya, ualaubel mis fi-umiat ga)ei]>- 
an, yah gaiilban attan meinana. 

33 l{i Icaus qa}} du imma, L^Htei afar 
mU. yab let |>ims lUupans filbuii seiiiuus 

33 Yab mnatga^gandiD fmma ta skip, 
afariddyedun i'mma sipoiirua is. 

34 Yab sai ! wegs mikils wai'|i in inar- 
ein, swa^we p&ta skip gahali|> wair}>an 
fram wcgiin ; T)> is Miifilep. 

25 Ytth duatffagp^udans siponyos Ts, 
nmusidedtin iniijqi|randans,Frauya, nasei 
unais ; ^aqiBtnam. 

26 Yab qa[> du i'm leeus, Wba faurbt- 
ei|i leitil galaubyaadans ? panub urreis- 
ands gasok ^nndam yali marein, yab 
vrsiry wia mikil. 

37 ty {xii mans sildalcikidedun, qi))aud- 
anfi, VVliileiks ist sa, ei yab vrindos yah 
murei ufliausyand imnia 1 

28 Yab qimaiidiii imma bindar niarela 
'in gaaya Goirffaisaiue, gamotidodun 
'imma twai daiinonui-yos. os blaiwasnom 
riunaudans, slcidyai filu, swaswe ni mabta 
znoQua utiloi(>an ^uirb jiana wig }'ainana. 

39 Yab sai I hropidedun, qi[iandan9^ 
Wbu una yab jiua, lesu, aunaii Gufis ? 
qanit ber faur mcl balwyau uusis 1 

30 Wasub |«an fairra i'm luurda sweine 
maiiflfvaiKc lialdatm. 

31 Iji |>o fikolisla bedim Vua, qijjandaTis, 
Y'aboi uawairpifl uiis, uslaubei una galci}?- 
an iu ]io bairdu sweine. 

33 Yah qn[> du im, GagRi^. Ip cis 
Uflgaggandaos galijmn iq bainU sweine ; 
yab Hbu I run gawaurhteilun sis alia so 
boirda and driuson iu marein, yab ga- 
danJiDodedun lu wutuam. 

33 ^)^ 1*1^1 baldandana ga|)1aubuQ, yah 
goleij^udans gataibuu in baurg all bi 
l^ana daimonuryauj). 

34 Yob sai! alU so baurgs usiddya 

ANGLO-SAXON. 995. [St. Matt. 

30 Dil cwR?I» se Hseleud to bim, F< 
bablia|> holu, and beofenan fii^diu 
86})licc maunea sunu nxi^ bweer he byir^ 
beafud abylde. 

31 Da cwie|) to bini oder of bys leonh 
ing-enihtum, Dribten, alyfe me ai 
farenne, and bebyrigean minne f»d« 

22 Du cws)i 8e Hfelcnd to biin, 
mc, and Isct deade bebyrigean 
dead an/ 

33 iVnd be utab on scyp, and 
leoruing-cnyhtas bym fyligdon. 

34 Du wearji mycel atynmg 
on daare sse, swa Act rta»t acyp 
ofergoten mid ydum ; witodlice be 

35 And Iiig gcncalEehton.aud liy ui 
on hj-ne, flus cwedende, Dribten, 
ua ; we moton foi'^'urdan. 

36 Da cwec|> be to bim, To bwi 
forbte go lytles geleafan 7 Da 
and bebead dam winde and dnre 
and dftr wear{i gewordeu mycel 

37 Oewisslice da men wnndrodtm,] 
dus cwsedon, Hwa&t is des, diet wil 
and 8» bim byrsumia); 1 

38 Da 8c Hseleud com ofer done 
an on Gcraseniscro rice, da urnon 
togenes twogen de ba&fdon deofol- 
nesae, of b)Tgenum utgangende, da 
on swide rede, swu dset nan 
militc farau |)urb done weg. 

29 And big brymdon, and cwaedon,! 
Haelond, Godes sunu, bwKt y^ de 
us gcmiene ? come du bider »r 
to ^rcagenuo 1 

30 Da?r waes sojjlice unfeorran si 
heord manegra mauiia la«swicndr. 

31 Da deofla 86|>lico byne bcedon, 
cwedende, Gyf du ur ut-adrifet, 
us on das swiua beorde. 

33 Du cwR'l* be to bym, Fara)>. 
big da utgangende ferdon on da »} 
and dser rihte ferdc call soo heard 
turn onraese niwel on da sv, and 
wardon deade on dam wetere. 

33 Da hyrdaa witodlice flngon, 
comuu on da ccaslre, and cydtJon 
diis fting, and be dam de da 
seocnyssa bivfdon. 

34 Da eode eall seo ceaster-wara] 


ao-34 ] WYCLIFPE, 1389. 

fto Anil JlifsuB Raid to hjm, Foxis han 

Ichu,* anil bridiiU of the eir hati nostis, 

bt nuuuies soae hath nat wher he resto 


|Vt Sotheli nn oth^r of his dificiplis saidc 

i hjui, Lord, suffre me go first, and 

jbye my fsdir. 

ft2 Forsotbe Jliesus SAidc to hym, Sae 

ioa woe-, and lat«> dedc men birye her 

lad men. 

t3 And Jbesu steyinge vp in to a litel 
p. hts diaotplis snedcu liym. 
b4 And loo ! a grete steryng was maad 
h the see, bo that the litil ship waa hilid 
^th wawia ; but be slcpte. 
|j25 And hta disciplia caracn mj to bym, 
pd raysiden h}iD, saj-inge, Lord, saue 
i : we perishcu. 

b6 And Jhcsus seith to hem. What ben 
K of litil feith agast? Thanne lie rj-s- 
comaundide to the w^-ndis and the 
and a grete pesibleneme is maad. 

37 Forsotbe men wondreden, aajnnge, 
manere man is he this, for the 
and the Bee obeiaben to liym 1 
d whan Jhcsus hadde comen oucr 
r in to the cuntre of men of 
ill, twey men hau^Tjge deueh's 
nuien to hym, gojTigc out fro birielis, 
d fiMii:/ so that no man mijtc passe 
f that wcy. 

3<j And loo I thei crieden, aaying©, 
that to TB and to thee, Jbesu. tbe 
me of Qod 1 hfiat tbou cornea hidir 
dbre the tyme for to tourmente ts ? 
Sothely a Hoc^ of many hoggis 
ge was nat fcr from hem* 
tbe druelifl preyeilcn him, aey- 
3if tbou c&stidt out vs bcnnea, sende 
in to the droue of hoggis. 
2 And he snitb to Iiem, Oo ^ec. And 
goynge ont wente in to the hoggis ; 
in a greet hire al the droue 
heedlynge in to the see, and tboi 
dead in lAntris. 

[I^oraothe tbe birdea fledden awey, 

'Cnmmynge in to the citee, toUlen 

Uieac thiogis, and of hem that had- 

le feiiiiis. 

td loo ! al the citee wente njeinis 


TYNDALE, 1526. 37 

20 And Jesus suid \*nto him, Tlie foxes 
have holes, and tlie br)'d of the aier 
have ncBtes, but tbe sonne of the man 
hath not where on to leye bis heede. 

21 Anothre that was one of hys dis- 
ciples seyd vnto him, Master, suflro mc 
fjrst to go, and burye my father 

22 But Jesus suid vnto him, Folowo 
me, and let the deed burie their deed. 

33 And he entred in to a shyppe, and 
his disciples fulowed him. 

24 And lo ! there arose a grentc stonuo 
in tbe see, in so moche tbat the sbippe 
was byd with waves ; and be wna aalepc. 

25 And his disciples cum ^-nto him, 
and awocke h}'m, sayinge, Master, save 
\*8 ; we pcrishe. 

26 And be said vnto them, Why arc 
ye fearful] o ye endewed with lytell 
faitbe 1 Tlien he arose and rebuked tbo 
W}'nde3 imd the sec, and there folowed a 
great e calnie. 

27 And men man-eyled, and said, What 
man is tliis, that bothe wyndes and see 
obey hj-m 1 • 

28 And when be was come to the other 
syde in to tbe countre ofTtheOcrgesenfl, 
there met him two possessed of devyllea, 
which cam out off tbe graves, and were 
out off nieiLsure fearce, 80 that no man 
myght go by that waye. 

29 And lo ! they crye<l out, sayngc, O 
Jesii, tbe Sonne off God, what have wo 
to do with thee 1 art tliou come hytber 
to torment vs before the tyme be come ? 

30 Tlicre was a good waye off from 
them ft grente heerd of gwyne fedinge. 

31 Then the devyles besought l»im, 
saj-nge, If tbou cast vs out, suffre Ts to 
go ourc waye into the heerd of swyne. 

32 And he said ^Tito them. Go youre 
wnyes. Then went they out and de- 
parted into the beerd of sw^ue ; and lo ! 
all the heerd of swyne wna carved with 
violence hedlinge into the see, and 
perisshed in the water. 

33 Tlien the becrdmen fleed. and went 
there ways into tbe cite, and tolde every 
thinge, and what bod fortuned vnto them 
that were possessed of the devyls. 

34 And lo ! all tbo cite cam out, and 

3S GOTHIC, 360. 

wij»ra ietm ■, yah gasniwhandana lua, bed- 
un ci lulijjt hmdar markoa ize. 

Chap. IX. i Yah &Ut€i^D<Ift in skip, 
iiiarl&i|>, yah qam in seinai bauT^. 

2 panuh atberun du imina usli|»an,ana 
ligra li^uudan. Yah i^nsaiwhands lesua 
galauhein ize, qa|i du jiammn usli|>in, 
prafatci [>uk, bai'mto j afletonda pxis fra- 
VBurbteie tfoiuoi. 

3 paiiili sumat yizQ bokaryc qe(<ttii in 
Bis silbaiu, Su wa^mucrci}). 

4 Yah witands Icsus |?os mitonins ize, 
qa^, Duwho )128 mito|i ubila in bairtam 
izwunum 1 

5 Whajrar ist raihtis azctizo qi|>an, 
Afletauda )>us frawaurhteis, |>au qi|>aii, 
tJiTcia, yali gajjg 1 

6 A|)|iaii ei witci|>, Jfatei waldufni babait» 
Ba minus maus ana air))ai afleitan fra- 
vaiirlitins, {>uniib qa|> dii Immnia uslit>in, 
TJrrcisands ; ntm ))ana ligr |>einaoaf yah 
gagg m gard ))cmana. 

7 Yah urrcisauds, galat)) in gard scin* 

B. Qasaiwhandelns {lan managCMns, obt- 
edun sildaleikyandaufl, yah loikilidedun 
Gu)>, l^ana gibandan waldufiii swaleikula 
man nam. 

9 Yab |>airhloi)>and8 Icrob yainjiro, g^- 
sa^vb maiiiian sitandan at motai, Ma{>^am 
baitanana. Yah qM|) du nnma, Laistei 
afar mis. Yah lustondauds, iddya afar 

10 Yah war}>, bi[>o "la anakumbida in 
garda, yah sai ! managai inoturyos yah 
frawtmrhtai ([imandans inijianakumbide- 
duu Icsua yab si]}onyam is. 

1 1 Yah ganmyandans Fareisaieis qe)>un 
du |>aim aiponyani is, Duwbe mi]) motar- 
yom yah fraMaurbt^m matyi|) Ba laisareis 
I'zwar 1 

T3 !]> leauB gahaiufyaadst qa)) du im, 
Ni [laurbun bailai Ickcis, ak ^i unhaili 

3 A}>{>aii gaggaiji ganimit> wba styai, 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. 

geanes <tam Hitlende ; and da da 
hyno g«Bawun, da beedou big byoe, 
he fer^e frftm heora gcmienim. 

^Chap. IX. I Da astah he on 
and ofer-seglode^ and com on hia 

a Da brohton hig hjin senne lanian. oa 
beddc licgcnde. Da geseah se Hie lend 
hyra geleafan, and cn%^ to (tarn bimanr 
La bcanif gelyfe (te ; bco}i £oc 

3 Da cwiedon* sume rta b6ceraa 
betwinau, Dea spr^'c)) bysmor-spraoe, 

4 Dii BO Utclend geseah hyra g*^ 
da cwne|> hc» To hvri j>ence ge yfel 
eowrum beortum 1 

5 Hwwt is eadelicro to c^-edenne, 
beoti forg}'fcne dine synna, odde to 
aiinp, An's, and gal 

6 Diet ge aoj^Uce witon, dst 
Bunu bsef)) auwcald on eorj^an i _ 
forgj'fennc, da cwwl> he to dam U 
Arts ; nym din bedd^ and gang on 

7 And be aros, and fcrde to hys bal 

8 S6|>lioe da da soo maenigco dis 
on da ondrcdou hig bym, and wuk 
on God, dc ticalde swylcnc onweald 

9 Da se Hff lend danon ferdc, he 
cpnnc man sittendc set toll-8ccamnle,i 
nama wees Matbeus. And he cxn 
him, FyUg me. And he aras, and 

10 And hyt wsea gewordeo, da he 
iunati hiisc, da comun manega mi 
and 8)'iifu11e and sacton mid dam H«h 
and mid bys Ieoraing-K:nyhtum. 

1 1 Da da Sundor-halgan diet ges 
da cweedon hig to hys leoraing-cnyl 
Hwi ys eower lareow mid 
»nd H}'nfuUumt 

1 i And Be Il»Iend pwief> dis gehj 
Nys halnm Iseces nan )>Garf, ac se< 

13 Ga(r s6|)Uce and leomigca^ hy 


etyngc h3rm ; and hym Boen, 
rden Aym, that lie sbuldc passe 

i IX. I And Jbecos, go^g rp 
k>ot, pKande ouer the wttter. and 
to his eitee. 

loo ! thci oflreden to hym a mao 
pabie. Uggjnge m a bed. For- 
Beeyugc the feith of hem, 
man sake in palsie, Sone, 
thi synues ben for- 

lo ! snin of the scribis said with 
self, This blosfemcth. 
when Jhesus huddo seen her 
, he eaid, Wherto theuken 30 
gis in jour hertia 1 

b lifter to saye, Tbi synncs 
taen to thee, other to sayc, Kyse 
gd watke ? 

Dthe that je wite, that mannes 
kh power to foi^cue synneH in 
iftnne he saldc to tbilkc mau in 
tyae vp ; tako tbi bed, and go 

I be rooee, and wente in to his 

elj' the companyee aeeynge dred- 
t glorifieden Ood, that 3aue aiche 

'when Jhesus paeeidc thennia. ho 
siti}'Tige in u tolbotbe, Matheu 
And he saide to h}Tn, Sue 
And he, rysynge, folowide 

d it i« don, hym aittynge at the 
the honno. loo ! many pupli- 
lil sjTini'ful mcD cummjTi{j;o saten 
ieic with Jlie«u and his disc^)lis. 

Thaxisace aeeyngc saiden to hia 
Wbi etilh 5oure maistcr with 
^ and Bynfiil men f 

d Jhesus herynge aaidc, A loche 
lede tu men that faren wel, but 
Anttynge ynel. 
boly jee goynge lerne what it is. 

TYNDALE. 1526. 

met Jeans ; and when they sawe hihi. 
they besought him to depai'te out off 
there costtcs. 

Crap. IX. i And he entred into the 
shippe^ and passed over, and com into 
his awne cite. 

3 And lo ! they brought vuto him a 
man sicke off the pulse^', lyinge in his 
bed. And wlien Jesus sawe there faith, 
he said to the socke off the palscy, 
Sonne, be off good chere ; thy ainnes 
are forj'e%'en the. 

3 And lo ! certejTie of the Bcribcs said 
in them seh-ea, He blasphemeth. 

4 And when Jesus sawe there tbougbtes, 
he said, Wherfore thiiiko ye evyll in yoiu* 
herttea ? 

5 Whether ys esyer to aayc, Thi ainnes 
ar foryeren the, or to saye, Arise, and 

6 That ye may knowe, that the eonno 
of man hathe power to forycve s)7ines 
in erth, then sayd be vnto the sicke of 
the palficy, Aryse ; take \T>pe thi bced, 
and go home to thyue housse. 

7 And he arose, and departed to his 

8 The people tliat sawe it marveylled, 
and glorified God, whidi bad geren 
suuho power to men. 

9 And as Jesus passed forth from 
thence, he sawe a man sytt at the ro- 
ceyte off custume, nnmed Matheu. And 
said to him, Folowe me. And he arose, 
and folowed him. 

10 And hit cam to posse, thatt Jesus 
satt at mcato in his housse, and lo! 
many publicana and aynners cam and 
satt downe also with Jesus and his 

1 1 \Vlieu the Pharyses had perceaved 
that they sayj vnto hj's disciples, Why 
cateth youre master with publicans and 

12 Wlicn Jcsua horde that he sayde 
vnto them, The whole neade not the 
%iaicion, but they thalt lU'e sicke. 

13 Goo and learue what that meaneth, 

Armtihairti^ wilyau^ yah m hunsl ; Di)>- 
|>nn qani, la^Q uswaurbtaus, ak fra- 

T4 panuh atTddyedun aiponyoa lohan- 
nc8, qij^audaiis, Duwiic weis yah Furci- 
saieifl {astaui filu. ifr )Hii siponyos [teinai 
ni fastand ? 

15 Tah qa|) du im lesua. Ibfu magun 
sunj'us l)ru)ifadi8 qainon, und |>ata whdl- 
os )>ci mil) iin ist brul^falm? I|> ^tg^^s' 
an(P dagos, )>aQ afnimada af tin ba 
bni)?fa{>s, yah |>au fustaud 

16 A|i}>aii nt wbflahtm lagyiji da plata 
fanan )>arihis ana suagan fairnyana ; uute 
afuiiuit) fiiUon af )'nmma Hnagio, yah 
wairsiza gataura wair))i^. 

17 Ni|)-J>an giutand weia uiuyata in 
bftlgins faimyaiis, aitT|>au distaitrnuud 
balgeia, bi|K!h )>an yah weiu iisg^utnijt, 
yah balgcis fmqistnaud. Ak giutand 
wcin }-uggata m balgius niuyana, yah 
bayofium gabairgada. 

18 Mi|>)}anei is rodida |iata da I'm. 
)>aruh reika aioH qimacdB, mwait ina, 
qi^andtj jiatel, Dauhtar melua nu guawalt ; 
akei qiinands, atlagei handu |>eiua ana 
lya, yah libai|). 

19 Yah iirreisanda lesua iddya afar 
ixnma, yah »i]X)DyoB is. 

ao Yah Bai ! qino blo[)ariTmandei . ib . 
ivintnins, duatgaggandei all&ro, attaitok 
sknuta wastyus is. 

31 Qnjjuh auk in sis, Yabai ))atainei 
att«ka wustyai is, gaoisa. 

33 I^ testis gawandyvjids sik, yah ga> 
eaivrhauds J>o, qa|r, prafstci jjuk, dauhtar; 
galuubcuis )H;iDu ganaaida buk. Yah 
ganas so qino fram )>izai whcUat yainal 

23 Yah qinianda Tosna in garda |)i8 
reikis, yah gasaiwhanda swiglyaus, yah 
hnurnyaiia huuruyaudaus, yah mauagein 

24 Qa|> du ini, Afleij'il), untc ni gaawalt 
so iiutwi, ak slcpi}*. Yah bihlohuu ina. 

wylle mild-heortnesse* naea onaegd- 
ncfise; so^lioe ue cow ic, rUitwise (0 
gecigeanne, oc da sj-nnfullan.^ 

1 4 Da geaealsehton lohaHnes leorning^ 
cnihtas to hym. and dus* cwscdou, Hwi 
fnftste we and du Sundor-halgan g«]6m- 
licc, ft6)>tice dine Itiorning-cmhtas os 

fKStA|> 1 

1 5 And sc Hselcnd cws^ to him, Otn&e 
ge sceolun des brydguman cnihtas wep- 
an, da hwile de se hrydguma mid bym 
by)> ? S6|)Iicc da dagaa cuma)>, da;t se 
brydguma byj> afyrred fram hym, tiul 
donnc on dam dagum^ hig fjae5ta|». 

16 Ne de)> witodlice nan man nives 
dades scyp on eald rcaf ; ho to-brycli hyi 
stede on dam reafe^ and se slit« tJ)i 1 

17 Nc hig ne d6|) nivre wm on enlde 
bytta, gj'f hi d6}», da bytta beoj) to- 
broccup, and daet win agot<?n, and fk 
bytta forwurda|>. Ac hig doj* niwe win 
on uiwc bytta, and segder by^ gohaali 

18 Da he^ das |>ing to him spnM;] 
genealsehtc an eoldor, and ge>4 
hyne to him, dus cwedende, 
mill dobtor ia dead : ac com. and 
dine hand uppan hig, and heo Iy&I». 

19 And 86 Haelend araa and ^Uj 
hym, and hys leoming-cnihtaa. 

30 And du an wif de |)olode blod-i 
twelf gear, genealaehte vridnfUn, and 
etlirau hys reafes &ued. 

31 Heo cwre|) sotfUce on hyre 
For an ic beo h&l, gyf ic bys 

33 And se Heclond bewende 
and hig geseah, and cw(et>, Gelyf^ doht 
din geleafa de gehselde. And dct 
wees gchielod on dsere tide. 

23 And da se Htelend com into 
ealdres healle, and geseah hwiatleras^ 
hlydendo monigeo, 

24 He cwtBJi. Oa}) heouun, nys 
mxden dead, sojfh'ce ac heo sl&ep)i. 
hjg tffildtiu liyne. 

Eix. i4-*-i.] wvcuffe; 1389. 
Y wole mercye, and nat Bncrifice ; for- 
Bothe Y came, nat to clepc ri3tful mcD, 
bot 8}rzifal men. 
14 Tlianne the disciplU of Joon camcn 
1056 to lipii, sayings. Wlii we and Phari- 
wtm iut«n ofto, but tlii diaciplis fasten 

15 And Jhesns saide to hem, Whether 
the Bonjs of the 9poase^ mow weilcn/ 
bow longe the spouse ia with hem \ 
Sothely days sliuleo come, when the 
nwuse abal he t^ken awey fro hem. and 
tLume tbei ahulen faste. 

16 Sothely 00 man sendith ynnc a 
nedlynge of rudee^ clothe in to an oldc 
clothe ; sothely he tokith awcy the 
plcntc of it fro the clothe, and a wora 
kittyng is maad. 

17 Nether men Bcndcn newe wijne in 
to olde botelis,^ ellis the wijn vessels 
ben broken, and the wijn is shed out, 
uid the wijn vcaaelUs perishen. But 
men senden newe wijn in to newo wijn 
Tenellis, and hothe ben kept. 

z8 Jhesu spekynge these thingis to 
hem, loo ! 00 prince came to, and wor- 
ahipid hym, sayingo, Lord, my doujHr 
is now dead ; hut cume thou, and put 
tibin bond ^^lon hire, and alie ahal lyuo. 

19 And Jhesus rysynge sncdc hym, 
and his disciplis. 

30 And loo ! a womman that suffride 
the flj3L^ of blood twclne ;ecr, cam to 
byhynde, and touchide the hemme of his 

ax Sothely she saide with ynnc hir 
self, ^U I touchc oonly the clothis of 
hym, I fihal be snaf. 

2 3 And JheRus tumyde, and aeeynge 
hir, said?, Don^tcr. haue thou trust ; tin 
faith hath made thee saaf. And the 
WM maad saof fro that houre. 

TYNDALE, i5a5. 


33 And when Jhesua came in to the 
hoos of the prince, and see; mynstre1ia> 
and the companye makynge noyse, 

24 He anide. Go je owey, for the 
wsnchc is nat dead, hut alcpith, And 
thei Boomydcn byni. 

1 hftvc pleasure in morcy, and not in 
ofterjTige ; for I am not corae to call 
the rightewea, hut the ainners to repent- 

] 4 Then cam the deedplee of Jhon to 
hym, aaynge, Why do we and the Fanaea 
Uai ofie, hut thy diaciplea fast not 1 

15 And JesuB sayde vnto them, Can 
the weddynge chyldren mome, as longe 
as the bridegi-om is with them 7 The 
tym will come, when the brydgrome 
shalbe tacken awaye Jrom them, and 
then shall they faste. 

16 Noo man peccth ao olde garment 
with a pece off newe oloothe ; for then 
tacketh he away the pece agayne from 
the garment, and tlie rent ys made 

17 Nether do men put newe wyno into 
olde vessels, for then the vessels hre&ke, 
and the w^'ue runneth outc, and the 
ucssels pcrysahe. But they powre newe 
wyDc into newe veflaels, and so are both 
saveil togedder. 

18 Whyls he thus spake vnto them, 
lo! there cam a certaj-ne ruler, and 
worshipped hyme, 8a}-nge, My doghter 
is deed all rcdy ; but com, and lay thy 
honde on her, and she ahull live. 

19 And Jesus arose and folowed hjin, 
with h)'s disciples. 

30 And l>choldc ! a woman which was 
diseased with an issue of blond xij yerca, 
cam hehyiidc hym, and toched the hem 
off hya vesture. 

2 1 For she sayd in her silfe, Yff I mayo 
toche but even his veature only, I sltal 
be safe. 

33 Jesus toumcd hym about, and be- 
heUlc her. SAynge, Doughter, be off 
goode coniforto ; thy fayth hath made 
the safe. And she was made whole even 
that same houre. 

33 And when Jesus cam into the ruelera 
housse, and sawe the minstrels, and the 
people wondryngc, 

24 He saydo vnto them, Get you hence, 
for the mnyde is not deed, but alepeth. 
And thoy leughc hym to scome. 


a5 pAnuK |>an nsdribana w&r|) eo man- 
age!, atgaggaiuU inn, Imbaida Uaudu 
iios ; ytUi urreis 60 mawi. 

26 Yah usuldya meri]>a so and alia 
ynina air)>a. 

37 Yah wliarbondin jtesua yainj^ro, laist- 
idedun afar imiua twai blindans, hrop- 
yandans, y:ili i|i|iandfln9, Annai uggkis, 
sunan Daweidia. 

38 Qimandin y&u in garda, doabuldye- 
dun Tmma |iai blindaus; yah qu)v un 
Icsus, Gaulaubyabt, j^atei raagyau |)ata 
tauyani Qet>ua du inuna, Yai, Frauyn, 

39 panuh attutok augam ize, qi|»ands» 
Bi galftubeinai iggqarai \rair)>ai 'iggqia. 

30 Yah usluknododun im augona. Yah 
inagida ins JesuSj qifiaods, SaivUaUj et 
manna ni witl 

31 I|i ei8 osgftggandans, usmeridedim 
I'na in allai air)>ai yainaL 

32 panuh bijie ut uuddyedun eia, aai ! 
atberun imma roannan bandana, daiinon- 

33 Yah bi{>c usdribans war^ unhuI{>o, 
rodida sa duinbn. Yah eildaleikidedua 
manageins, qil^nndans, Ki aiw swa us- 
kun|> waa in l&raela. 

34 1^ Farcisaicis qetmn, In faurama^lya 
unhul|>ono asdroibiji UDhul|>onB. 

35 Yah bitauli Icsus baiirga alios yah 
haimos, laii^yanda in gaqnm^im izc, yah 
meryauda aivaggelyon }}iudangai\lyo3, 
yah liailyands alios sauhtina, yah alJa 

36 Gasaiwhands |)an )}ob manageins, 
mfctooda in ize ; tintc wesun afdauTdiu, 
yah frawaurpanai iwe lainba ui haband' 
ona httirdoiH. 

37 panuh qaj) du siponyam seinaim, 
Aeant raihtis managa, i\> waurstwyaus 

38 Bidyifi nu frauyan asanas, ci ua- 
Btndyai waurstwynns in asan seinft. 



35 And da ho da menigco ut-adraf^ 
eode^ in, aud nam hyre hand j and 
msedcn araa. 

26 And des hliaa sprang ofer eall da-t 

27 Da so He^lend danun for, du fylig- 
dun hym twrg)*n bUnde, hrymynde, and 
cwedende, La Dauidcs sunu, gcmilUa 

38 Sa}il)ce da ho bam com^ da blindan 
genealaphUju to hun ; and se HaeJead 
cw»(> to him, Oelyfe gyt, dwt ic inc mif*r 
gcbwlan 1 Hig cweedon to him. Witod- 
lice, Drihteo. 

39 Da ethran he hyra eagena, cwtd- 
ynde, Sy inc eftyr incrun gelcafan. 

30 And hjTa eagan wvrun ontCi 
And fie Haelynd t»eltead him, cwedf 
Wamia^ det ge h)t nanum 

31 Hig flojilicc utgangynde, gcwidmacr- 
Budun hyno ofer eall diet land. 

3} Da hig wserun BoJ^licc ut-dgio^ 
hig brohton him dumbne man, se vM 

33 And ut-odryfenum dam deo6c 
dumba spni^c. And da menigeo vni 
dun, cwcdeudei Netfre letywde swyki 
Israhela folce. 

34 S6|>lice da Sundor-halgan cmadflo, 
Ou deofla ealdrc ho drif)) ut dcoBu. 

35 Aud fic Uselend }'nibf6r ealle 
and ceoetra, lecrondc ou hyta g4 
nungum, and bodiende ncetf godspelli 
and h;eIo:nde selce a<Ue, aud «lce un- 

36 He gcmHteudc sotiUce dipre mi 
da lie hi geseah ; fordun hig 
gcdrt'htc, and licgendo swa svra a 
bjTde nabhaf*. 

37 Da he etcdc hys Icoming-cnihtuTT 
Wttodlioe micol np ya, and feawa wy^h^^ 

38 Biddn)> deea ripea hlaford, dct 
aende wyrhtan to hys ripe. 

CCai^-aS.] WYCLIFFE, 1389, 

35 And when the cumjianye rvna cast 
out, he entridc in, and held bir hondej 
■Dd the wenche roose vp. 

36 And this fame wento out in to al 
the loude. 

a 7 And Jhera paflsynge thennes, twey 
bljnde men soeden hyxn, cryinge, and 
njrioge. Thou sone of Daaith, haue 
mercy of vs, 

36 Sothely when thei come home, the 
Ujnde men camcn ni^ to hym ; and 
Jhesiis aaith to hem, What wolc 3c, that 
I do to 50U t And tht'i sciden, Loixi, that 
oare ee5en ben opnyd. And Jhesua B^dc, 
^eeue ^e. that I may do this thing to 
)Ott ^ And thei saya, Sothely,* Lortl. 

39 ThAn he touchide her ecjcn, §ay- 
inge, Vp 3onr feith be it don to 30U, 

30 And the ee5en of bothe lieu opnyde. 
And JheaoB thretynyde to hem, sayinge, 
See ^ee, that no man wite. 

3t But thei goyngo out, defameden 
hym thorw^ al that lond. 

33 Sothely thei gon out, loo I thei 
oftiden to hym a man doumb. hauynge 
a deuel 

33 And whan the deuel was cast out, 
tlic doumbe man Bpac. And the cum- 
pauyes wondredcn, sayinge, It aperede 
Bcoere so in Yrael 

34 But the Pharisees sniden, In the 
|iiince of deuelia he castith not deuclU. 

35 And Jbesus compaside hboutc alio 
■MMB and cartels, t^chynge in S)'nagogi9 
P^PlieiD, and prechynge the gospel of 

^r^gdatn, and helyngc al longuyshynge^, 
■nd al siktiesse. 

36 Forsothe Jbcsns. siynge cumpanyes, 
hftdde rewthe of hem ; for thei wereu 
tniuilid, and li^gynge bs sheep nat 
hauynge a aheporde, 

37 Thanne he saide to bis disciplis, 
Sothely then tM moche Type coniej but 
feve werkroen. 

38 Tberfore preye je the lord of the 
rijpe com, that be nende workmen into 
his njp com. 


TYNDALE. isa6. 


35 As Bono as the people wer put 
forthe a dorcs, he went in, and toke her 
by the bond ; and the maydo arose. 

36 And this was noyaed through out 
all the loude. 

37 And as Jesus departed thence, two 
biyndc men foIowe<l hym, cr)*ing, and 
nyngy thou soune of David, have 
mercy on vs. 

38 And when be was come into the 
bousse, the biyud cam to hym ; and 
Jesus saydc vnto them, Beleve ye, that 
I am able to do thysl They sayde vnto 
hyme, Ye, Master. 

39 Then touched he their eyes, sayng, 
Acordynge to youre faythe be it vnto 

30 And their eyes wer opened. And 
he cbaurged them, sayng, Se, that no 
man knowe of it. 

31 But they as sone aa they were de- 
parted. Bprecd abroade hys name through 
oute nil the londe. 

32 Aa they went out, bebolde! they 
brought to hym a doomc man, possctised 
of a devyll. 

33 And as sone as the devyll was cast 
oute, the domne spake. And the people 
merveled, saynge, It never soo appercd 
in Isruliel 

34 Butt the Phariscs sayde, He casteth 
oute devyls by the power of the chefa 

35 And Jesus went about all the cites 
and tounes. teachynge in their sina- 
goages, and preachyug the gospell off 
the kyngdome» and bcolinjije all maner 
aicknos, and deseasc amonge the people. 

36 But when he sawe the people, bo 
badd pite on them ; because tlicy were 
pined awaye, and scattered abroade even 
as sbepe havyngc no shephcerd. 

37 Then sayde he to hys disciples, The 
hcrvfst is greate, but the laborers ar 

38 Wberforc prayc the harvest lorde. to 
soude forthe labourers into hys harvest. 

Chap. X. 

twalif si 

GOTHIC, 360. 

1 Yah athaitands t'ans 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Mai 

Cbap. X. 1 And to somoc gcci. 
um fays twcif leomui;|;-caibtunr he »e; 
de him unclwnra gdsta anweald, rljet hig 
adr)'fon hig ut^ and haeldun ulle, and 
sice UDtrumnysse. 

2 £)is s^Tit s6t>Iice ttaera twelf Apostol 
namau ; se forma ys, Simony de js ge« 
nemned Petrus, and Aadreofl, hya br^ 
<tor ; lacobus Zvbedei, aud lobannes, 
hys br6<lur ; 

3 Philippus, and Bartholomcus ; Tlioni- 
as, and Mutheus Publicanua ; and lac- 
obus Alphei, aud Xaddcus ; 

4 Simon Chananens, and Tudas Oct- 
riolh, de h}Tie belawdc. 

5 Daa twelf se H»Iynd sende. him 
bcb«>dende, and cwedende, Ne fare p: 
on )>eoda weg, and ne ga ge innan Sanuu'- 
itana ceastre ; 

6 Ac ga)> ma to dam sccapum de for* 
wurdun laraela hlw-rsedcne. 

7 Se Hselond cw«eb to hys leonmig- 
cnifatun, Qa|i and bodia^, cwcdende, tlst 
heofona rice genealaecj* ; 

8 HecIu^i untnime, awcccca)> deader 
cIsDnsin[t hreofle, drifA|> lit deo6u ; g« 
onfengun to-gyfe, Bylla)> to-^yfe. 

9 Nrebbe ge gold, ne seolfer, no fcoh 
on eowi-um bigyrdlnm, 

10 Ne codd on wegc, ne twa tnnecar, 
ne gescy, no gyrde ; s6]>Hce se w}Tbta 
ys wyrde liys mete's. 

1 1 On Bwa h^T^lco burb, odde oeiBb%j 
swa ge iDgii}% absia]i hwa ai wyrde 
dserc, aud >v\uiia|] dser, od ge ut^gao. 



I a Donne ge ingan soj^lice on dset huji, 
gretaji hit, cwedcndc. Sy syh disum huM. 

13 And gj'f da't bus witodlice wy 
bij), cower eyb cj-me|> ofer byt ; gyf 
86|)h'ce wjrdc no byj>, eowur ayb by^ 
eow gecyrred. 

[4 And 8wa hwa swa eow ne under- 
fehli, ne eowrc sprwoi* ne g€ihyr|>» donnt 
ge ut-gan of dnm hilse, odde of dnre 
ceastere, a8ceaca)> dset dost of oowrum 

15 Sojdice ic eow secgc, acumcndlicro 


X. 1-15.] WyCLIFFE. 1389. 

Chap. X. 1 And the twelue disciplis 
clepid to gidre, he jaue to ht*ni power of 
ULcIene spiritis, that thci shuldc caaten 
hem outf aad tbot thci shulden bcele al 
ache, and ul sikDessc. 

2 Tlic£e hen the names of twelue apn- 
stelis ; the first, S}iuoun, ttiat is clepid 
umI Andrew, his brother ; 



3 Philip, and Bartilmew ; Jamyn of 
Zebedee, and Joon, his brother ; Tho- 
mas, and Matheu puplican ; and Jamea 
Alpbei, and Thadee ; 

4 SjmouDt Canane. and Jndaa Scarioth, 
the whicbe betraicdc Crist. 

5 Jhesus nente these twelue. coniaund- 
ynge to hem, and'i»uyinge, Goth je nat 
into the wey of hcithen men, and entre 
3e nat in to the citecfl of Samarietauys ; 

6 But rather goth to the sheep of the 
boos of Yrael. that penahidcn. 

7 Sothely jee goyuge predie, sayiuge, 
for the kyngdam of heuenes shul oei^e ; 


8 Hele ^e seke men, vpreyse ;ee dead 
men, dense ^e meselis, cast ^e out deuelis j 
frclr 5e hflu taken, frely jeuc 56. 

Nyl ;e welden gold, nether syluer, 
money in ;oure girdlis, 
10 Not a scripe in the weye, nether 
two cootis. nether shoon, nether jeerd ; 
for a workman is worthi bia mete. 

II In to whateuer citec, or cafltel, 50 
lien entre, axetb who therinne is 
rrtfai. and there dwelle 3c, til that 30 

Foraothe 3c entrynge in to an honse, 
te ;e^ it, sayinge, Pees to this bous. 
A.nd sotliely 3if that ilk hous be 
i, jonre pees shal cnnie on it ; 
the jif that bouse Ik; nat worthy, 
pees shall tume a;ein to 50U. 
And who euerc aliall nut rtsceyuc 
. nether heer ^oure wordiK, ;ee goynge 
h fro that boos/ sraytith awey the 
dost fro joure feet. 

J5 Trewly I say to 30U, it sliall be 

Chap. X. i And he called his xij 
disctplca TDto him, and gave them power 
over all vnclene sprlt^a, to cast them 
onte, and to heale all nianer of sick- 
uesaes, and all maner oS* deseases. 

3 The names of the xij apostlee are 
these ; the fyrst, Simon, which ys called 
Peter, and Andrew, his brother ; 

3 James the sonne off Zebede, and 
Jlion, his brother; Philip, and Bartle- 
mew; Thomas, and Muthcw the publican ; 
James the suuue ufF Alphe, and Lebbeus, 
otherwyse called Taddeus ; 

4 Simon off Cane, anil Judas Iscarioth, 
which also betrayed hym. 

5 These xij sent Jesus, and com- 
maunded them, saynge, Goo nott into 
the wayea thatt leade to the gentyls, and 
into the cites off the Samaritans enter 
ye nott ; 

6 But go rather to the lost shepe off 
the housse of Israhel. 

7 Go and jjrcach, sayng, that the kyng- 
dome off beveu ys at baude ; 

8 Heale the sicke, dense the lepers, 
rayse the deed, caste oute the devils ; 
frely ye have receved, frely geve agayue. 

9 Posses nott golde, nor silver, nor 
brasse yn youre gerdels, 

10 Nor yet scrip towardea your iomey, 
nether two cotes, nether shue^, nor yet 
a rod ; for the workman is worthy to 
hove Ilia meate. 

1 1 Into whatsoever cite, or toune, ye 
shall com, cnquyre who j-s worthy yu it, 
and there abydc. till ye goo thence. 

I a And when ye come into an housse, 
grete the same. 

13 And yff the housse be worthy, youre 
{>eaee shall come apon the same ; but yf 
it be not worthy, youre peace shall re- 
toumc to you agaync. 

14 And whosoever shall nott receave 
you, nor will heare youre preachynge, 
when ye departe oute off that housse. or 
that cite, shake of the duste of youre 

15 Truely I say vnto you, it sbalbc 

98 Yak m opiy Izmk )uf 


ga^ fayt on kiobte ; wmd Att g« on 


28 And Ae iw di wte g« da 4l» t u ^i ji w 

Xi6-28.] WTCLIFFE, 138$. 

TYNDALE, 1536. 


suffivalile to tbc lotiJ of men 
and Oomor in tlie day of iugo- 
ncntr than to tliat citec. 

16 Loo I I seude ;ou as ahccp Id to 
the mydil of wolues ; thorfore be je w&r^ 
M 8a7>entia, and sjmple as dowuea. 

1 7 Forsothe be ^e war of men, for the! 
tbuhi tokco 30U in counaoilis, and tbci 
•hula bete ^ou in there nroagogia ; 

18 And to presidentis,^ and to kyngia 
^e Bhulen be led for me, in to witness- 
ynge to bom. and hctbcn men. 

19 Bot whenne Ihci ehulcn takc^ 30U, 
nyl ^c tbenke, how or what thing jee 
Bfteeken, forsothe it ahal be ;uuen to 30U 
in thai hour, what ^e shuln speke ; 

20 For it ben nat ^c that Bpeken, but 
th« spirit of jonrc iadir, that Rpekith in 

21 Sotbcly the brother shal take the 
brother in to deth, and the fadir the 
Booe, and tlic sonys ahulen rjae a^eina 
&dir and modir, and sholen tourmento 
hem bi detli. 

33 And ;e sholen be in bate to alto 
men, for my name ; forsothe he that 
■hall dwelle stille in to the ceude, this 
ebol be soaf. 

23 Sothely whenne thei shulen pursue 
;uo iu tliia citec. Hee 3c in to an other. 
Trewly I saye to 50U, ;e shulen uat 
eende the citees of Yrael, til that monuea 
Bone come. 


24 The diaciplc is nat aboue the nudstrc, 
the seruaunt aboue hia lord ; 

5 It is ynow to the disciple, that he 
■a his iQ^trc, and to the seniuuut 
his lord. 3^^ ^^'^^ ^'^^ clepid the 
hnsbonde man* BeUebuh, hou myche 
his housbolde meynee 1 

a6 Therfore dre^Ie 50 nat hem ; for no 
thing is couerid/ that alud nat be abowid; 
and no thing is prcuy, that shal nat be 

»7 That thing that Y say to 50U in 
(lercnessifl, saye jee iu the H^t; and 
precho ;e v]K)n housis, that thing that 
jee hecre in ere. 

28 And nyl ^e dreede hem that slccn 

for the loude off Zodoma and Cro- 
mora in the daye uif iudgement, then for 
that cite. 

16 Lo! I sende you forthe as shepo 
amongo wolves ; be ye therfore wj-se as 
8er|fontefl, and innocent as doves. 

17 Beware off men, ffor they shall de- 
liver you vp to the couusoila, and shall 
scourge yuu in there sinagoggea ; 

x8 And ye shall be brought to the heed 
roelera, and kynges for my sake, in wit- 
nca to them, and to the gontyls. 

19 But when they put you vp, take no 
thought, howe or what ye slmll speake, 
for yt shall be gevi-n you even in thai 
same hourc, what yc shall saye ; 

20 For it is not ye tliat spckc, but the 
spreto of your father, which spcaketh in 

21 The brother shall betraye the bro- 
ther to deeth, and the father the aouue, 
and the chyldren shall ai^-se agynste 
their fathers and mothers, and ahall put 
them to deethe. 

22 And yc shall be hated off all men, 
ffor my name ; but whosoever shall con- 
tinew vnto the ende, shalbe saved. 

23 When they persecute you in wone 
cite, flye in to anotlier. I tell you for a 
treutb. ye tihal nott fynysshe all the cites 
of Israhel, tyll the soune of noan be 

24 The disciple ys nott above hys 
master, nor yet the servaont above his 
lorde ; 

25 It is ynough for the disciple, to bo 
as hys master ys, and that the servaunt 
be OS lug lorde }*s. Yf they have called 
the lorde off the housao Beelzebub, howe 
moche more shall they call them of his 
househulde so 1 

26 Fcare them nott therefore ; there 
is no tliingo so close, that shall not be 
openned ; and no thinge so hyd, that 
shall not bo knowen. 

27 What I tell you in denkneg, that 
speake ye in tyght ; and what yc hearo 
in the eare, thut prcacho ye on tho 
housse toppcs. 

28 And feare ye nott them which kyll 


an* Idk* ^aUiaei ; l> aainlu ni mag- 
udna utipfnii ; Sy ogei^ txuifl ^«im 
augandan jaih niwiloi jrab leUca fraqist- 
yaaio gaiainnftn, 

29 Niu twaS spanrana aaurjan bog- 
yandat yah aina ize oi gadriuai^ an* 
airJTA mub attios tzwaria wll^-ao. 

30 A|>(ttu ixwara yah tagla hanbidis 
ullu gara|>anA tanth 

3 1 Ni nuna ogei^ ; managaini cparwun 
batizana aiyu)> ^-us. 

33 Sawbaznh du eaei aodbaiti)! mis In 
ftndwair)7a masne, andhaita yah tk im- 
ma (n &ndwair|rya attins meiiua aaei in 
biminam utt. 

33 1|> Jiiswhrnioh saei afai3d)> mik lin 
andwa]r|>ya monne. a^ika yah ik Tna in 
aiidwuir|>ya atllos meiuia ym aaei in him- 
iiiiim iflt. 

34 Nib ahyftil*, |»atei qerayau lagyan 
gawair|)i aua airjia ; m <]fuu lagyan ga- 
wair)ii, ak bairu. 

35 Qnni auk Etkaidan mannan wi)>ra 
tittan iH, yab daubtar wi|)ra ai|»ein izoi, 
yah bru|i wi|)ra swaibroa Tzos ; 

36 Yah fiyandfl mans TnnakiinHai is. 

37 Saei friyo)i attan ai]i|iaT] ai)>ein ufar 
mik, nist mciua >vair)>s. Yah aaei fHyo|> 
sunu ai})|)au dauhtarufarmik, nist meina 

38 Yah saei ni nimiti galgnn seinana, 
yah laistyai afar mis, nist meina wair|>a. 

39 Saei big\ti|i saiwala sciiia, fruqiittci|) 
izai ; yali saei fi-aqistei)) saiwalai seinai 
in meina, bij;;iti|> J)0. 

40 Sa anduimands "izwis, mik aiiduim* 
i)> ; yah su mik andnimanda, andoim- 
i)> t>ana sandyandan mik. 

41 Sa andDiniands praiifetn in namin 
praufctaus, mlzdon praufottB nimi}j, \ah 
aa andnimands garaibtuua in namiu ga- 
raihtis, mizdon garaibtis nimi|i. 

43 Yah saei gadraf^kei|> ainana |)ize 
minnistane stikla kablis WiUiua |>utainci 
'in namin siponeis, amen qi|?a izwis, ei 
ni fniqi8tei|) mizdon sciuai. 

ANGLO-SAXON. 995. [St. 

Crliaman o&lea^ ; ne magon big au^C 
dbi aawle oUean ; ac undricdu^ mad( 
de nueg aawle and Hcbaman fordoo 

39 Ha ne becypaj) big twegcn spear- 
wan to peniuge ? and an of clam ae be-^ 
fyl^ on eor^ baton eowruu Ceeder. 

30 And BCi|>lioe ealle eowres b< 
loocas syut getealde. 

31 Ne ondnede ge; ge synt 
douue manega ^»eanran.^ 

32 yfiTlone eornustlice de me cyj) 
foran mannum, ic cyde hyne beioi 
minum Ceder de on heofonum ya 

33 Se de me widsaec]> befornn raanm 
and ic widsacc byue befomu miinim : 
de on heofenum ys. 

34 Ne wene ge, det ic come syl 
eor)>an to sendanne; ne com io 
to sendanne, ac swtird. 

35 Ic com ADt)lice mann aejui 
ongeu bys fieder, and dulitur ongen h] 
modur, and suure ongcn hyre swegre 

36 And mannea fynd hys gehusan.* 

37 Sc Hselcnd cwe):i to hys leomii 
cnihtum, He de lufa)> fseder odde mc 
ma donne me, nya he me wyrde. 
se de lufa)> sunu odde debtor swy^ 
douue me, uys he me wyrde. 

38 And se de ue nimp bya crnrbni 
and fylig|» me, nya he me wj-rde. 

39 Se de gemet by a sdwie, se foi 
big ; and sc dc forepit^ hys sawle 
mc, be gemet hi 

40 Sc de euw underfeb)>. he und( 
me ; and sc dc mc undcHcb}>. he und< 
feh|* done de me sende. 

4 1 Se de underfeb)> witegan on wil 
naman, he onfeh)» witygan mede. 
se do underfeh)) rihtwisnc on rihti 
namun, he onfeb^ ribtwisce mede. 

43 And swa hwylc swa syl^ anne 
cealdes wapteree anum dyssa lytylra 
na on Icoming-cnibtes naman, ao^ 
secge cow, uc amjT]> he bvB mede. 

: a9-4a.l AVYCLTFFE, 13S9. 

i body ; trewly thci mowen n&i slea 
t sottle ; bot rather dreede 50 l»yni, 
kt nuj leee soule and body ia to belle.' 

&9 WTictljer twey flparwis ben not sold 
kr ftn bslpeny ? and ooq of hem ahal uat 
tUe on the erthe wllhouten ^oure fudir. 

30 Forsothe alle tl^e heeris of ^oare 
eoed be uuundirid. 

31 Therfore nyle ;c drede ; 50 bon 
|ett«r than many spuntis. 

33 Therfore euery man that shal know- 
edic me before men, and I shal know- 
le hym byforc my fiidir that ia iu 

TYNDvVLE, 1526. 


33 Sothely he tliat ahal dcnyc me 
tfore mco, and I shull denize hym Ije- 
my fodir wbiche ia in heuenes. 

,}4 Xyl 9ee deroe. that I cam to sende 
in to erthe ; I cam not to seudo 
in to erthe, but swerd. 
Sothely Y cam to departs a man 
his fndir, and the dou;;tcr a^einys 
modir, and the sonys uyf a^eiua the 

or hiifihoiiHis, mndir ; 
Aad the eimiyes of a man le?i liis 
It uieyiiec. 

He that loueth fadir or modir marc 
tne, ia nnt worlhi o/'me. And he 
loueth aone or doubter ouer me, is 
worthi qf me. 

And he that takith nat his erosse, 
sueth nio, ia not worthi o/me. 
He that fyndith hia sonle^, shal 
it; and he that lesith his eoulo^ 
'ne. aha! fynde it. 

He that resscyueth 50U, reaceyueth 
ii and he that resceyucth me, re* 
hym that sentc mc. 
I he that resceyucth a prophete 
of a prophete. shul take the 
a prophete. And he tlint re- 
ft iiist man in the name of a 
man, ahal take the meedo of a iust 

who euer ;iuetb drynke to ooa 
l<«te n cupf)0 of cold water 
Id the name uf a disciple, trewly I 
to 30U, he shal nat leese his mede. 

the body ; mid he nott able to kyll the 
soulc ; but mlher fcaro him, which is 
able to dcstroyo 1)uthc soulo and body 
in hell. 

39 Are nott two sparowes solde for a 
farthinge 1 and none of them dothe Ivght 
on the jfrounde with out yoiirc father. 

30 And ntjwo aro all the hceres of 
youre heedca numbrcd. 

31 Feare ye not therfore; ye are off 
more value then many sparrowes. 

32 Who soever therfore knowlegeth 
me before men, him will I knowledge 
before my father in hcven. 

33 But whosoever shall deny© me be- 
fore men, him will I uUo dcnye before 
my father wluch ys in heven. 

34 Tliynke not. that Y am come to 
sende peace in to the crth ; I cam uott 
to 8cnd peace, but a swcarde. 

35 For Y am come to sett a man att 
varyaunce ageyust hys father, and the 
doughter ageyust her luother, and the 
doughlfrclawc agcinst her motherelawe ; 

36 And n mAnnes fooee shalhc they 
of his ownc houshoUle. 

37 He that lovith hys father or mother 
more tlien me, is not worthy of me. 
And he that loveth hia Boone or doughter 
more then me, ia not mete for me. 

38 And he that taketh nott his crosse, 
and folowetli me, ys nott mete for me. 

39 Hit that fyoidt'th his lyfc, shall lose 
it ; and ho that losith hys lyfe for my 
sakCj ahall fynde it. 

40 He that receavith you, receavith 
me ; and he that receavith me, receavith 
him that sent me. 

41 He that receavith a prophet iu the 
name of a prophet, shall ruceave a pro- 
phetes rewarde. And he that receavith 
a righteous man in the name of a right 
teous nmii, slmll receave the reward of a 
righteons man. 

42 And whosoever shall geve vnto won 
of these lytle wonnes to drinke a cuppa 
of colde water only in the name of a dis- 
ciple, I tel you of a truetli, he slmll not 
lose his rewarde. 


GOTHIC, 3<So. 

CllAP. XI. I Yah war)», bi|>c \isfu\- 
lida lesus, nimbiudHnds )>niin Iwulif aip- 
onyam aciimiin, ushof sik yuiujiro du 
luisyau yuli uicryaa uud baurga izc. 

a If) lohAnnes gahausyandB In korkarai 
waurstwa Cbristaua, Insaudyands bi 8ii>- 
onyom seiuaim, 

3 Qn}> du 'iuima, pu 'ia sa qiraaudo, )faa 
an}}artzuh beidaimu 1 

4 Tab andba^'audij IcsuBj qa|> du tin, 
Qagguadnns gutcilil}? lobauiic |)aU'i ga- 
IuLU8ei|» yali gasaiwliiji. 

5 Blindai ussoiwhand, yah haltai gagg- 
aud, ImitsBllai hrulnyui wairj^ond, yah 
bniidoi gabauRynnd, yah dau}?ui urrcis- 
and, yah uuledai wailameryanda. 

6 Tab audags ist whazuhj saci ui ga- 
marzyatla in mis. 

7 At }>aim )>an afgaggandam, dugann 
lesua qi^an )>aim manageim bi lohaimen, 
VTixa usiddyedu}) aua au))idu eaiwbau ? 
raus fram winda wagidata / 

8 Akei whn usiddyedu)> saiwban 1 mann- 
an buasqyaim wa«tyoiu gawasidunu ? 
Sai ! |>aici bnasqyaim wasidoi sind In 
g&rdim (nudane Bind. 

9 Akti wha uaiddycdu)^ saiwban? prauf- 
etu i Yui, qi^ izyf'ia, yah monagizo 

10 Sa ist auk, bi ))aiiei ganieU)> ist, 
Sai 1 Ik lusandya aggilu mcinaua ' faura 
]}us, saei gamanwci)i wig Jieinaua faura 

I r Ainen qi|ja izwia, ui urrais lu baur- 
im qiuono maiza lohaune |>aTnraA Daup- 
yandin ; i]> sa niinuiKa in ))iudangartlyai 
himiue, maiza i'mmu ist. 

1 2 Framub ]>an ]>aim dagani lohannia 
bis Daupyandinfl und bita |>iudniigardi 
xuminc auamabt^'ada, yah anamahtyand- 
aos frawUwand ^o. 

13 Allai auk ])raufGtcis yah wito|» ond 
lohannc faurnqe|)un. 

14 Yah ya1>a) wilde4loi)> mijiniman, sa 
ist Hflias saei sknlda qiman. 

ift Saul habai au[80ua^ bausyandooa, 

ANGLO-SAXON, 99S. [St. Matt. 

Chap. XI. i And byt virasa gewordcn, 
da 9C Hajiyud flys ge-endude, bys twelf 
leoruiug-cuibtum bebeodendc, he for 
duuuu da?t he la-rdc and bodude on h] 

2 Da lohannea on bcndum gehj 
Crifltcs weoruc, da acnde be to 
twcgeu bya Icornlng-cmbtA, 

3 And cw»|), Eart du dc feo 
eart, odde we odres sceolon abidan 1 

4 Sc Haelend antswarude. and cwie^ 
to him, Ga)7 and cydajr lobanuo du ^i 
de ge gehynlon and geeawon. 

5 Blind e gcseo)^, healte ga|), 
sytit aclKDsude. doafc gcbyra{). d< 
ansa)^. ))earfan bodia)>. 

6 And eadig ys, to de ne iwic&)> on 

7 Da hi tit-eodon, B6|>nce da on| 
HfElynd aecgan be lohanne, and 
to dure meuigeo, Hwl code gc 
weateu^ geseon ? winde awegyd hi 


8 Odde hwi code ge ut geseon ? 
bucscum gyrlum gcscrydnci Nii 
dc synt hnescum gyrlum gescrydde 
on cyninga husum. 

9 Ac hwiet code ge ut witegan 
Ic eow secgCt cac nmrau douue 

10 Des ys s6|>lioei be dam £1 
Nu 1 ic acndo minne engyl befdmn 
aneyne, se gegearwat* dinne weg 

[I Sujilico ic eow sccgc, ne aras 
twyx wifa bcaraum mara lubaunu 
wihtere ; 86)>lice ee de laeasa y% j 
heofena rice him mara. 

12 S6))lice fi-am lohamiea dagum 
mbterea od dia bcofeoa rice t>oIa)) 
and strece nima]> dat. 

13 So^licc ealle witegan and se 
udun od loh&unes. 

14 And gj-f ge wylla)} gely&n, 
Delias do to cumenne ys. 

15 Sc de euraa hiebbe to gchj 

a 1-15.] ^\*TCLIFFE, 1389. 

if. XI. t And it is don, when 
kodde eendid, he, comaundynge 
tfthistwc^Ioe disciplifi,passtde fro thennes 
for to precfae and t«che in the citeea of 
I FoffBothe when Joon in boondis hndde 
Iwrd the werkin of Crist, he, senJynge 
tfo or three of his discijilia, 

3 fieide to bym. Art tUuu he tliat art 
lOanuDTDge, or we abiden an other 1 

4 And Jhenu «iiiwerynge, seide to hem, 
' goynge telle a^^ to Joon the thin^ps 

jt hati herde and seen. 

fBlynde men seen, crokid men wan- 

meada ben maad dene, decf men 

dead men risen a^cin^ pore men 

taken to prGchynge of tlie gospol.^ 

And he ta hlessid, that ahaJ nat he 

idrid in me. 

Botbcly hem g03mge awcy, Jhcsus 

for to seye of Joon to the cum- 

Wfaat thin^; wenten 50 out for 

m deaert 1 whether a reede wawid 


Bat what thing wente 36 out for to 

T whethn* a man clothid with noft 

ris I Loo ! thci that ben clothid 

fiofte thingia ben in housts of 

But wliat thing wonten ^e out for to 
^ iriiether a prophete 1 \e, I seic to 
Old more than a prophete. 
For thia is he, of whom it is writyn, 
I I ffende myne aungel bcfon^ thi 
that ahal make redy tbi wey bifore 

Trtmif I say to ^on, ther roose 

more than Joon Baptint amonge 

of wommeu ; fursothe ho that 

Icaae in the kyngdam of heuenes, is 

than he. 

Sothety fro the days of Joon Baptist 

Iftow the kyiigdam of heiieucs suSreth 

igtbe/ and violent men ruuyslien it. 

13 For alle propbetis and the lawe tU 
on Bttpti'ii proph^'ciedcu ; 
4 And 5if jC wolca ressejoien, he is 
J that ifl io cume. 
p 'fie that hath ccria of heerjrnge, 
't.- he. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 



CuAP. XI. I And it earn to passe, 
when J08US had ended his preceptea voto 
his disciples, he departed thoucc to 
preache and teache in there cites. 

2 When Jhon beingc in presou lierde 
the workea of Christ, he scat two of his 

3 And sayde vnto him, Arte thou he 
that shall come, or aball we loke for 
another 1 

4 Jesua answered, and sayde vnto them, 
Go and shewe Jhon what ye have herde 
and sene. 

5 The blind se, the bait goo, the lyp- 
pera ar cleused, the deef heare, the ded 
are reysed vp agetue, and the gospell is 
preachede to the povre, 

6 And happy is he, thatt la noott hurte 
by me. 

7 Even as they departed, Jesus began 
to speake\Tito the people of Jhon. What 
went 5'e for to so in the wyldcrneat 
went ye out to ae a rede waveringe with 
the wyude ? 

8 Oder what went ye out for to set 
went ye to se a man clothed in soofle 
rayment ) Bcbolde I they that wcaro 
soofte clothing arc in kyuges bowses. 

9 Butt what went ye outc for to se I 
went ye outt to se a prophet 1 Yc. I 
saye vnto you, and more ibcu a prophet. 

10 For this is lie, off whom it is wrjt- 
ten, Bcholde I T sende my messenger 
before thy face, which shall prepare thy 
waye before the. 

1 1 Verely Y saye vnto you, amonge 
the ehyldren off women arose there not 
a grcttcr then Jhon Baptist ; not with 
stondingc he tliat ys lesse in the kyng- 
dom off hcven, ys grettcr then he. 

12 BVom the lyme off Jhon Baptist 
hytlierto the kyngilom of beven suflretb 
violence, and they that make vyoleuee 
pull it vnto them. 

13 For all the propbetes and the lawe 
prophesycd vnto to tyme of Jhon ; 

14 Also yf ye wyli receave it, tbya ya 
Helyas which shuld come. 

1 5 He that bath earcs to heare, let him 


GOTHIC, 360. 

j6 [Wc nu galciko] )«U ku[ni ? Oaleik 
1st Imrnara] sitandam [in j^ranaai, ynh 
wopyan]Uam au|Hir uu^a[rt8, yvh qi|>- 

1 7 Swiglo<le<lum Tzw[i8, yah] ni pliiuid- 
edu^ ; hur[uzn, yah] ni qoinodedut*. 

18 Qam raihtis iohan[ne8 nih luat]- 
jands nih dngkan[da, yah qi]^d, XJn- 
liul))[on habai^]. 

ig [Qaui] sa suuus maufs luaiyands 
yah] drigkauds. y[ah qi|>auu, Sail man]- 
na afctya, yah af[dnip]k)-a, [moltarye 
friyouds yah fruwuurht4iizo. Yau us- 
'waurhtA giidomida war|> bundugei fram 
bamam scinauu. 

20 pannh du^ann idwoityB[n] baurf^- 
iitu in )fain3ci wAur[mQ )»06 mao^istons 
mahteis is, [{ratei ni Idreigodedun] sik. 

2 1 [Wai |>us ! Kauraxein, wai ))]ns ! Bc|)- 
[saidan ; uute »")> walnrf»eina [in Tjtp yah 
Seidonjc landa muh[tcis |)os waur]tfanoDS 
'in Uwis, [airis )>]au iu sakkau yah azgun 
[idreig]odede] ua. 

23 Swejtauh qi[j»» ixwis], Tyrim yah 
Seidonim [sutizo n'a]ir^i)f in daga sUu- 
[08, |>au Tzwijs. 

33 Yah |>a, lCa{ama[um. |>u und hijmin 
uahauliida, [dalaf) nnd haly]a galei^iia. 

[Unte yabai In S]Audaumj-am [wuu]r|>e- 
ina in]aht«is, ^os vraur}>anon3 in izvris, 
Ai|>)>au eis wcseina and biua dag. 

34 Swe]>auh qi^ icwia, ^Ui air^ 
Saudaomyo sutizo viur|)i)) in daga stauos, 
^u )rns. 

35 loub yainamma uiela andhaf- . . 


16 86)>lTce hwam telle ic das 
gelice t Heo ys f^clic sitteodui 
on furettge, da brynia|> to hyra 
on, and oweda)}, 1 

1 7 Wo Bungun cow, and ge t 
tm ; we cwiddunr and gc ne w< 

r8 So|)licc Tohannes com ne 
drincende, and hi cwieduu, 
dcoful -seocnysse, 

19 Monnes sunn cometendei 
endc, and hi cwedu^, Her ys 4 
and win-drinceudc, manfalra 
fulra freond. And wisdom j 
wisud fram hoora bcamani.^ 

30 i)i ongan be hyspan da i 
dam waprnn gedone manega hyi 
fordam de hi ne dydoD dsed-ba 

31 Wdde! CToroeaim^wade! | 
fordam gyf on Tyro and Syda 
gedouc da miegnu dc ^dun< 
eow, ge^m hi dydun da?d-b6te 
and on axan. 

3 3 Deah ic Be<^ inc, Tyro aq 
by|i forgj-fcttdlicur on domes di 

33 And dii, Caphamaum, cwyi 
dii up-ahafen od hcofeu 1 Ac 
fterst od belle. Fordam gyf onl 
w»ron gedone da niKgnOf 4 
synt ou de, witodlice hi wrui 
dysnc dieg. 

24 Deal) hwtedere ic seoge 
Sodom-vara lande byfi for;gyfii 
domes dR-j;. donne d6.^ 

35 Se H:^lynd cwa>)> audswai 
aud^-tte de^ dribteu beofenea u( 
du de behyddyst das (ting &i| 
and gletwum, and onwrnge d 
tun ; I 

36 Swa, ivdeTi fordam byt ' 
gecvrcnie bcforon de. 

37 ICallc (ling me synt gese^ 
minum fuHi\T, and nan man ne< 
suuiu butun £:edyr. ne nan % 
can dune fanl^T, butun sunu, t 
de sc fiunu wyle onwreon. 

38 Cum^ to roe. oalle de swi) 
gcsr^mcdc synt, and ic cow gebl 


».] WYCtTFFE, 1389. 

to whom shal I gcsse tliis 
licliv ^ It is lic^ to cbil- 
i£fe in cheepyD(;e, the whiche, 
her pceris, seicn^ 
IfaazL songen to ;on, and ^e hau 
[d ; we ban mourued to ;ou, 

lut weilid. 
lely Joon cam neither ©tying© 
ige, and thei seien. He hath 

»one of man came etynge and 
and thei soyon. Loo ! a mun 
er,' and dn-nker of wyu, and 
pu[ilieau}'s and synful ineu. 
lain is iuiitiHed of her sonys. 

16 Jhesua began for to seie 

|to citeM, in wliiohe ful manye 

>f hyni ben don, for thei dideu 


to tiiee ! Cororaym, woo to 

thMuda ; for ^tf tlio vertuea 
I don in ^on hodden ben dou in 
" Sydon. sum tynic thei hodden 

tee in haire and asoh. 
teles I say, it shal be Bofter^ to 

Sydon than to ;ou. in the day 

iSxd thou, Capliomnuin, whether 
to hfluen thou ahiilt be rerid vp 1 
ihalt go douii til into belle. Fur 
vcrtues that l>cn don in thee, 
i }n- flun in Sodom, pcrauenture thei 
!: h.iTi dtTcUid til vn to this day, 
■i Y ftayc to 5011, for to the 
•m it shal be softer^ in the 
dome, than to thee. 
I the ilk tyme Jbesus answerynge 
I knowleclie to tliee, fadir, h>rd of 
and ertlie, for thou hast bid these 
I fro wijse fneii and ware,* and 
'I hem to litil men; 

. for whi BO it was pleaynge 

lie tbingis ben taken to me of my 
and no mrtii knewe the sone, no 
e failir. neither eny man knewe 
\xr, no but the sone, and to whom 
M wolde ahewo. 

lUc ^e that tmueilen, and ben 
,c<tme to mtr, and I shal refresht; ' 

TYNDALfi, 1536. 


16 But wheare \Tito shaU Y lyken thia 
generaeiun ? It ys lyke vnto cbyldrcn 
which syt in the markctt, and call vnto 
there felowes, and saye, 

17 We have pyped viito you, and ye 
have uut duuDsod ; we luive momed mto 
you, and ye hove not sorowd. 

18 For Jhon cam nether eatynge nor 
drinkinge, and they Baye, He hath the 

19 The eonne of man cam eatynge and 
drinkynge, and they eaye, Beholde ! a 
glutton, and a dr}'nker of wvne, and a 
frcnd vuto publicans and symiorij. And 
wysdome ys iu-stified off her chyldren. 

30 Then began be to vpbraid the cites, 
"in which most of his miracles were don, 
because they did not repent. 

ai Wo be to the! Chorasin, wo be to 
the ! Betzaida ; for if the miracles which 
wer ahewd in you had bene done in Tiyre 
and Sidon, they had repented louge agon 
in sack cloth and asshea 

a 2 Neverthelease Y say to you, it shall 
be eaicr for Tyro and Sidon at the day 
of iud},Tnent, then for you. 

23 And thou, Capernaum, which art 
lift vpynto beven, shalt be thrust doune 
to hell. Ffor if the miracles whicli have 
bene done in the, had bene shewed in 
Zodom, they had remayned to this daye. 

24 Nevcrthelesse I say vnto you, it 
shall be easiar for Zodom in the day of 
judgement, then for the. 

35 Then Jesus answered and sayd, I 
prayse the, ftUher, lorde of heven and 
erth, because thou hast bid these thynges 
from the wysc and prudcut, and hast 
opened them vnto babea ; 

26 Even so, father, for so it pleased 

27 All thynges are gcven mto me of 
my father; and no man knoweth the 
Honne, but the father, nether knoweth 
eny man the father, save the souue, and 
he to whome the sonue will open hym. 

38 Come vuto me, all ye that labour, 
and ar laden, and Y will esc you. 


GOTHIC, 360. , 

ANQLO-SAXOH, 995. [Sx. 

ap Nima^ nungeoo ofereow, am 
ia]> wt me, forCUm ie eom bilwi 
eadmod on heortan; and ge g 
reste eownun sawlom. 

30 S6]>lioe min geoc ys wynai 
min byrdyo ys leoht 

Cbap.XIL^ iSeHelyndSaroi 
dii^^ ofyr ecyras ; 86)rlice liys le 
cnihtas hingiyde, and big od| 
plucciau da ear, and etan. 

a &6]>lice da da Sondor-balgi 
gesawon, fai cwndon to him, Ni 
leommg-oiihtas d6)> diet turn alj: 
reste-ds^giun to doxme. 

3 And he cwee)) to hun, Ne ni 
hwset Dauid dyde, da hyne hi 
and da de mid hym w»ran t 

4 Hd he ineode on Qodes hna. 
da ofiring-hla£Eis» de nsenm him 
to etynne, ne dam de mid him 
bdtun dam sacerdum anum t 

5 Odde ne nedde ge on dere 
da sacerdas on reste-dagom 
temple gewemma^ done reote-di 
synt butan leahtre ) 

6 Ie Be<^ B6)>lice eow, diet 
msira donne diet tempeL 

7 Qyf ge B6|>lice wiston, hvnei 
wylle mild-heortnesse, and na c 
nyase, ne genydrude ge &fre nns 

8 S6)>lice mannes sunn ys tmt 
di^es hlafurd. 

9 Da se Hselend dannn lor, 1 
into hyra gesomnonge, 

I o Da wses daer an man se hteA 
scruncene hand. And hi lUisndo 
dus cwedende, Ys hyt alyfed to 1 
on reste-dagum 1 diet hi wrehtoi 

I I He saede him so^Iice, Hwylc 
of eow de haebbe an sceap, and | 
afyl)i reste-dagum on pytt* hd x 
he dtet, and hef|> hyt upp 1 

1 3 Witodhce micle ma mann yE 

12.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

Take ;e my 50c vpon jou, &ni1 lerne 
y; of me, for I am mylde and mecko in 
,hert«; and ^e shulea fynde reste in 
joun aoiUis. 

1 For my 50c is »wet©,* and toy charge 


XXI. r In that tyme Jheinis 
cornya on the sabot day ; for- 
tlisciplis, huagryoget bigunneD 
eria of corn, and to etc. 

lely Pharisees aeeynge, seidcn to 

Loo I tbi discipUs doo that thing 

11 nat leeful to hem to do in Bah* 

id he aeide to hem, Wlicther je 
rad, what Dauith didde, when 
ide, and thei that weren with 

oa be entride in to the houa of 

and ete loouis of proposicioua/ the 

e loouis was nat lecfuI to hym to 

nether to hem that weren with hym, 

to prestis only 1 

wlietber ^e ban nat rod in the 
for in anbothia prestia in the tem- 
Ht dcfoolen the Mbothis, and thei ben 
»itb outcn grete aj-nne 1 

6 Sotbe]y Y aaye to jon, for this is 
Bore than the temple. 

7 Foraothe ^if ;e wisten, what it is, I 
vek mercy, and oat sacrifice. ;c ahulden 
aeur han ooodempnyd innocentis. 

B Trvwiy mannys 0one is, ^he, lord of 
the sabot. 

9 And wbenne he paaaide thenDtu. he 
eaiae in to the synagogc of hem. 

10 And loo! a man banynge a drye 
bond. And the! axiden hym, sayinge, 
3if it is leefbl to heele in the sabot ? that 
tbei shuldcn acuse h^^m. 

\ t Sothely he seide to hem, Who shal 
he a man of 30U. that hath 00 sheep, 
ud pf it ahal falle doun in to a <Iike in 
the ulwtis. whether be shol nat holdc, 
and lift it Tp 7 

17 Hon moche more is a man. betre 

39 Take my yoke on you, and lerne of 
me, for Y am inckc and loly in herte ; 
and ye shall fynde ese vnto yourc aoules. 

30 For my yoke Is eaay, and ray burden 
ifl tight. 

Chap. XII. i In that tyme went 
Jeans on tlie aabot day thorow the com ; 
and his disciples wcr aohongred, and 
began to pluck e the cares oif coome, and 
to eate. 

3 When the Pharises bod sene that, 
they sayde Mito htm. Behold ! thy dis- 
ciples do that which is not lawfall to do 
apon the subotli day. 

3 He sjiyde vnto them. Have ye nott 
reed, whatt David did, when he was au- 
boungercd. and they alsoo which were 
with hym ? 

4 Howe be eutred into the housso of 
Ood, and ate the halowed loves, whiche 
wemot lawfuU ffor hym to eate, nether 
ffor them which were with hym, but 
only for the prcstesl 

5 Or have ye not reed in the lawe, 
howe that the prestes in the temple 
breakc the saboth dayc, and yet uro 
blamlessc 1 

6 Hut I saye vnto you, that here is one 
greater then the temple. 

7 "Wlierfuro if ye had wist, what this 
sayngo meneth, I re<iuyre mercy, and 
not sacrifice, yo wold never have con- 
demned inoccntcs. 

8 For the sonne off man is lord even 
off the saboth daye. 

9 And be dei)artcd thence, and went 
into their onagogge. 

10 And behoMel there ^^"08 a man 
whiche had his handc dryed vp. And 
they axed hym. sayngo, Ys y% lawfiiU to 
hcalc apon the saboth dayel because 
they myght ocuse him. 

1 1 And he sayde vnto them, Whycho 
ys he a mongc you, iff he hsd a shepe, 
fallen into a pitt on the saboth daye, 
that wolde not take hym. and lyft hym 

12 And howe moche ys a man better 


GOTHIC, 360. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [S¥. Maik: 

betera t WitodGoe hyt jt iXffed on 
dagum wel to donne. 

13 Da cwee]} he to 6am. menn, A^aoe 
dine hand. And he hi a)«nede ; a&d h» 
wees hal geworden Bwa seo oder.'^ 

14 Da Sunder4ialgan eodun da vt 
Bojilice^ and worhton ge|)eaht ongm 
hyne, hu hi hyne forspildon. 

15 Se Helend so^Iice daet wistefiad 
lerde danon ; and him fyligdon nrfvd 
nuenigeo, and he hslde hig ealle. •' 

16 And behead him, dsBt hig hyt namoi 
men ne ssedon ; 

1 7 Dffit wsere gefylled, diet de geewed- 
en wtes bnrh Isuam, done v!tegan» dof 

18 Her is min cnapa, done ic geeei^ 
min gecorena, on dam wel-geHcode nunn 
sawle ; ic asette minne gast ofer hjMi 
and dom he boda]> feodum. 

19 Ne flit he, ne he ne hiym^ ne nb 
man ne gehyr)i hys.steome on stnetoB> 

20 To-cwysed hreodhe neforbzytt,aiil 
smeocende flex he ne adwaeac}>, wrdtfi 
de he aworpe dom to sige ; 

a I And on hye naman )ieoda gehybtif ^ 

22 Da wses him broht an deofolnnot 
man, se wses blind and dumb ; and Im 
hynQ heelde, swa deet he sprsoc, and g»> 


23 And da menigeo ealle mmdrado^ 
and cwsedon, Cwede we is des Danidtf 
sunu t 

24 S6)»lice da da Sundor-halgaa dSi 
gehyrdon, da cweedon hig, Ne adrift 9m 
deoflu ut, buton ))arh Belzebab, 00081 

25 Se Heelend s6)>lice wiste hyn g** 
bancas, and cwtef) to him, JETlc rioe 4* 
byj) twyrade on him sylfum, byh to-woqh 
en, and sic ceaster, odde hus, de l^ 
widerweard ongen h3rt eylf, hyt ne atOOt 

26 And gyf se deofiil adiif)» tit dOM 
deofiil, hig beo]) to-dseiede ; hu m«g do^ 
ue hys rice standan 1 

27 And gyf ic |>nrh Belcebub adrifb i^ 

Xn. i3-»7-] WYCLIFFE, 1389! 

thui (k sheep ? And so it is leeful t« do 
good in the sabot. 

1 3 Thanne he scide to the man. Strccche 
fbrtb thtu bond. Aiid he Ktrci^te I'urth ; 
and it 15 restorid to helthe m the totber. 

14 For&otbe Pharisees goynge out, | 
nuden a counsel a^cins hym, hou thci | 
shulden lecse hym. 

^5 Sotbcly Jhesus wityoge, wentc awey 1 
^H^nes ; and mauy suedeu hym, und 
W bolide bom ulle. 

t6 And be comaundide to hem, that 
tbei sholden nst make hym opyn / 

17 Tliat that thing shuldo be fulfilled, 
that was said by Vsay, the proplieto, 

18 Loo! my chosen child, whom T 
faaue chosen, my dt^rlyng, in wbuni it 
hath wel plcsld to my eoule ; I Bhal 
pntte my spirit on hym, and he Bhal 
telle dome to heitben men, 

19 He sbal uat stryue, do cryc, nctber 
enj mAD sbal here bis roice in stretia. 

30 He ahal nat breke to gidre a scbak- 
ea r^tl, and he sbal nat qnenche smok- 
yiige flax, til that be cast out dome to 
TJrtorie ; 

31 And betben men sholcn hope iu his 

3 a Thanne a bl)*nd man and doumb, 
hanyugc a denelf was oflrtd v\> to hym ; 
tnd he helide hym, so that ho epac, mid 

33 And allc the cumpanyes wondreden, 
and saiden, Wber this be the sone of 
Daoith i 

34 But the Phariseefl, heryngc, seiden. 
He this cudtith not out fccmiis, no but 
is Bdsobub, prince of fendis. 

35 Sothely Jbesus, witynge ber thou3ti8. 
Mlde to hem. Eche kyii|.^Inin departid 
ft^eins hyni »&\f, sbal be <ieso)at,^ and 

jche ciiee, or hous, deportid ajeins it 
shal nat Btonde. 

And ^ir batbunos eo^tith out Sa- 
lic is deportid a^cins hym self; 
hou ahal bis kyngdam stonde 1 
37 And ^if I in Belzabub cast out 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


then A shepel Wlierfore it ya IcfuH to 
do a good dedc on the saboth d«ye. 

1 .3 Then snyde he to tlie man, Stretch 
forth thy band. And he stretched it 
forthe ; and yt was agayne mado even 
as whole as the other. 

1 4 Tiien the Farysea went forthe, and 
toke counsel] against hym, howc tlicy 
myght destroye hym. 

] 5 \Vlicu Jesus knewe that, ho departed 
thence ; and moche people folowed him, 
and he healed them all. 

1 6 And charged them, that they shulde 
not ronko him knownc ; 

17 To fulfyll that which was spoken 
by Esay, tlie prophet, which sayeth. 

18 Bcholdel my sonne, whom I havs 
chosen, my derlinge, iu whom my soule 
bath had dclite ; I wjll put my sprete 
on him, and he shall shewe iudgemcnt 
to te gcntyla. 

19 He shall not stryrc, he shall not 
erye, nether shall eny man heare hj-s 
voyce in te streetes. 

30 A brosed rede shall he not brcacke, 
and floxc that beg)Tineth to bume be 
shall not qucnche, tyll he sende forth 
iudgement vnto victory ; 

2 1 Aad in bys uorao shall the gentyls 

23 Then was brought to hym, won 
possessed with a de\->Il, wbycb was I)uth 
blyude and domnc ; and he heuled him, 
insomuch that he which was blynd and 
doiuue both spake, and sawe. 

23 And all the [Hrople wore amf 
and suvde, Ys not this the sonne o( 
Dttvid 1 

24 When the Pharises herde that, 
sayde, He dryvctb the dcvyls no notht 
wise oute, but by the helpi)e off Belse- 
bub, the chefe of the dcvj-lls. 

25 But Jesus knewo their thoughtcs, 
and sayde to them, Every k)-ngdoni <le- 
vided with in it sylfe, slmlbe desolate, 
nether shall eny cite, or bousholde, 
devyded aycnst it sjlfe, contynue. 

36 So if Satan cast out SiitaUj then ys 
he devyded ayenst him sylfe ; bowe 
shall then bys kyngdom endure 1 

27 AUso yf Y by tho lielppe of Belze- 

GOTHIC, 390. 

-SAXON, 995. [St. Haw. 

deoflo, ))Ur1j hwsne adrifa)) eowre bean I 
Fordam hig sylfe beoji eowre demun, 

a8 Qjf ic so|)Hce on Godes Qiste a- 
wurpe dcoflu, witodHc« on eow becym|i 
Godea rice. 

39 Odde hu mseg man ingon on strangoi 
hus> And hyB fata hyne bere&ii&D, buton 
he gebinde icrcst done strangan, ud 
donue bjB bus bereafigol^ 

30 So dc nys mid me, he is ongen nt 
and BC de ne gadera^ mid me, 

31 Fordam ic secgo eow, tele 
and ])y8mur-8pneo by}> forgj'fen man- 
nmn, sofilicQ da>9 Halgon Gaates bysiuur- 
Bpnec ne by|> forgyfca. 

32 And swa hwylc swa cwy|> word 
gen mannes Hunu, hira bvb forgyfen ; 
dc s6|)Ucc cwyj) ongeu Ualignc Gast, 
by|> hyt hym forgyfen, ne on diase we 
ulde, ne on dsere towcardan. 

33 Odde wyn:ea|j god treow, and hjs 
weastm gotlne ; odde wyrcea|i yfel treow, 
and hys wseatm yfelne ; witodlice be dam 
weastunne byt> da.'t treow oncuawen. 

34 La ge uiedreiia c^'nryn^ hd magoQ 
ge god aprecan, donne gc aynt yfelel 
Sojilicc of doLTe bcortan Lilian se md^ 

35 God mann b6)>1)G6 of godum got 
horde bringj> god forf), and yfol maon 
yfelum gold-hoi-de briugj* yfel for^. 

36 S6|>lice ic secge eow, dat »lo iii 
word dc memi sprcca)), hi agylda)> gc 
scead be dam on domes deegej 

37 So|}licc of diuum wordum du bi 
gerybtwisod, and of dinum wordum 
by at genyderod.^ 

38 Da an<bwArodun hym sume da 
eraa and da Sundor-halgan, dua c^ 
ende, Larcow, we wyllaji sum ticn of 1 

39 He anilswarode !i)-m and 
Tfel cneorys and forliger sec|] iacii| 

1-39] WTCLTFFE, 1389. 

f in whom^ ;ouro sonys casfccn 
rherfore thei shulen ben joure 

pnothe ^if I in the Spirit of Qod 
tot feoilu, therfore the kyngdam 
i IB camrocD in to ;ou.^ 
kb«r hou may eny mAn ontre in 
jlioTifi of astrongc man, and take 
Ks vcaBelis, no but tirst he shal 
'the etronge ntftn, and than he 
luyflhe his hoosl 
^ that is nat with roc, is a^cinns 
pid he that gadrith nat to gidro 
fte* vcfttrith abrood. 
crfore Y seye to 30U, a1 synne 
emye shal be foqouen to men, 
spirit of blosfemye shal nat be 

who euere shal seic a word 
mys sone, it shal be for^ouen 
foreothe he that shall seye a 
^eins the Holy Goost, it slial nat 
louen to hym, nether in this world, 
he tother. 
ler make je the tree goo<l, and 
good ; ether make ^e the tree 
hii fruyt cuyl ; forsothe a tree 
in of the finiyt. 
jgeneracioun of eddris, howe mowe 
I good thincpa, wlion 50 ben ywel ? 
toe mouth spckith of the grete 
if the herto. 

good man brengith fortli good 
of good treaoure, and an jmel 
igith forth ynel thingia of yuel 

nsotbe V seie to 300, for whi of 
rdel word that men speken, thei 
plde resoun tberof in the day of 

TVNDALE, 1535. 


of thi wordis then slialt bo 
(d, and of thi wordis thou abalt be 

16 sumo of the scribes and 
answereden to hym, seyinge, 
I, we woldcn se a toknc of thee. 

le which© onswerynge seith to 
iucl generacionn and auoutrere 
a tokne, and toknc shal nat be 

bub cast out devyls, by whose helppe do 
youre children cast tltem out) Therfore 
thei sholbe youre Judges. 

38 But if I cast out the devyls by the 
Sprete of God, then ya the kyngdom of 
God Dome on you. 

39 Other howe can a man enter into a 
mighty mannes housse, and violently 
take awaye his godes, excepto he fyrst 
bynde the stronge man, and then spoyle 
hys liousse 1 

30 He tliatt ys not with me, ys agaynst 
me ; and he that gaddereth not with 
me, Bcatt^roth abrode. 

31 Wherforo I say vnto you, all maner 
off synne and blasphemy ahiUbe forgeven 
vntu men, but the blasphemy against 
the Holy Goost shall not be forgeven 
vnto men. 

33 And whosoever speaketh a wordo 
agaynst the sonne off man, it shalbo 
forgeven him ; but whosoever speaketh 
agaynst the Holy Goost, yt shall not bo 
fforgeven hym, no, nether in this worlde, 
nether in the worlde to come. 

33 Other make the tree good, and his 
fnite good also ; or eU make the tree 
evyll, and his frute cvyll also ; for tlio 
tree ya kiiowen by hys frute. 

34 ^ generaoion of vipers, howe can 
ye sayo well, when ye youre selves are 
evyll 1 For of the aboundance of the 
hcrt the mouthe epeakcth. 

35 A good roan oute of the good trea- 
sure of hys hert bryngeth forth good 
thynges, and an evyll man out off his 
evj'U treasure bryngeth forthe evyll 

36 But I Bay vnto you, that of every 
ydell wordc that men shall have spoken, 
they shall geve a countcs at the daye off 
iudgement ; 

37 For by thy wordes thou shalt be 
iu3tifycd, and by thy wordes thou shalt 
be condemned. 

38 Then answered certaync off the 
scribes and off the Pharises, saynge. 
Master, we wolde fayne se a sygne of 

39 He answered them saynge, The 
evyll and advoutrous generacion sckctli 
a signc, but there shall no signe be 


GOTHIC, 360. 

A^GLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

byre ne bi)i nan tacn geeeald, buton 
lonas tacn, Ctees wftegan. 

40 Witodlice swa swa lonaa mes on 
dsea bwseles imio)>e pry dagas and )prao 
Diht, Bwa by]) mannes stmu on eor^ 
heortan pry dagas and )ireo nibt. 

41 Niniuetis<^ weras arisa^ on dome 
mid dysse cneorysse, and big genyderia^ 
big ; fordam de big dydon dsid-bote on 
lonaa bodunge, and dea is mara doniM 

43 SujMleeles cwen arist on dome 
mid disse cneorysse, and beo genyder^ 
big ; fordam de beo com fram laada 
gemserum, to gebyranne Salomonei 
wisdom and des is mara donne Salom- 

43 S6}ilice donne se imclsena gast nt- 
hsTp fram menn, be gae)) geond di^ 
stowa, secende reste, and be ne gemet 

44 Donne cwy|» be, Ic gecyrre on nun 
bus, daiion ic ut-eode. And comende be 
gemet byt temtig, and gedKnaod oud 
besmum, and gefnetwod. 

45 Donne geep be, and bim to-genim^ 
Bcofim odre gastas, wyrsan donne be; 
and ingangende big eardigea)) dser. And 
donne wurda]> daes mannes ytemeetao 
wyrsan donne da serran. And swa bj^ 
dysse wyrrestan cneorysse. 

46 Da be dits bing da gyt spnec to 
dam msenegum, aa stod hys modor and 
bis gebrodra deer ute, secende spheoan 
to bim. 

47 S6]>lice da cwseji sum to him, Wit- 
odlice! din modur and dine gebrodrt 
standat> ber ute, de secende. 

48 And be andswarode hym secgend- 
um, and cwse]), Hwylc ys min modor t 
and hwylce synt mine gebrodra t 

49 And be a|>enude bys hand on hk 
leoming-cnibtas, and cwfle}>, [Her is nun 
moder and mine gebrodra ;*J 

50 Witodlice swa hwylc swa wyn^ 
mines ffcder willau de on beofenan ii^ 
he is min brodur, and min swustor, and 

-so.] WYCLTFFE, 1389. 

> it, no l>at the tokne of Jonas, 

' AS JoQAS vf&B in the womb of 

tbre« dujra and three ui^tis, so 

aone shal be in the herte of the 

(hiyB and three nijttB. 
n of Nyiiyue shol r^sc in dome 
ifi gonerociouD, and ehuleu con- 
I it ; for thei diden penaunce in 

bynge of JoDoa, and loo ! here 

tliou Jonofi. 

' (}aeen of the south shal r)'8e in 
ivitii this generation, and shal 
pne it : for she came fro the 
y( the erthc, for to here the wis- 
8alomon, and loo ! heero U more 


le whan on vncleno spirit 
out fro a man, he goth by drye 
seekyiige revtOj atid he fyndytb 

uine he saith, T shal turoe a^ein 
y hous, fro whcnnya Y came out. 
cummyugc fyndith it voidc, 
vitb bismcs, and maod liuro. 



ume be gotb, and takitb aeuen 
>iritis with hym» worse than hvm 

md thei entrynge yn dwellen 

And the but tbingis of that man 
ad worse than the former. So it 

and to tbia worst goneracioim. 

bym spekynge to the cumpanyes 
e, loo I his raodir and bis Vire- 

atoden with outefortb, seekyug 
Vpeke to b^-m. 

ithely sura man aaide to bym, 
u modir andtlii brethren stondcn 
llfortb, scekyuge thee. 
bd be, answcrmgo to the man 

to bym, Bcith. \\*ho is my modir 1 
o ben my brethren 1 
id be buldynge forth bis bond in 
disciples, scide. Loo ! my modir 

brf tbcren ; 

uly wbocucr doth the wil of my 
tat is in beuenesj be is my bro- 
ister, And raodir. 

geveu to them, but the signe of the pro- 
phetts Tonas. 

40 For US lurius was thrc diiys and thre 
nyghtcs in the whales belly, soo shall 
the Sonne of man bo thre days and thre 
nigbtes in the hert of the erth. 

41 Tbe men of Ninivite sbuU rise at 
the day of iudgcraent witli tbis uacJon, 
and condemnc them ; for they repented 
at tbe preach}iige of Jonas, and belioldel 
a greater tlicu Jouos ys here. 

42 Tlie queue of tbe south shall ryse 
at the day of iudgement with this gene- 
racion, and uball con<1cmne them ; fur 
she cam fixjiu the vtmost parlies of tbe 
worhlc, to beare the wiadomc of Solo- 
mon, and behold ! beare is a greater then 

43 When the vnclene sprcte is gone 
out of a man, he walketb througliuut 
dry places, sckiug reest, uud fyudctb 

44 Then he snyeth, 1 will retoumo 
agcyne into my housae, from whence I 
cam oute. And when be is come be 
fyadcth the housse empty, and swepte, 
and gamigshc'd. 

45 Then he goeth bia wayc, and takcth 
Beren spretes, worsac then bjTU silfe ; and 
so cutre they iu and dwell there. And 
tbe ende of that man is worsse then tbe 
b^nnjTig. Even so shall it be to this 
frowanlc oacion. 

46 Whill be yet talked to the people, 
beholdot bys modcr and his brethren 
stode with out tbe dorcs, dcsynng to 
speake with him. 

47 Then won said mto him, 5c1ioM! 
thy mwlcr nud tJiy brctlireu stoud with- 
out, dcsiriugc to speke with the. 

48 lie anBWcred, and sayd to liim that 
tolde him, Who ia my mother t or who 
are ujy brethren I 

4»j) And be stretched forth his bond 
over bis disciples, and snyd, Behold ! my 
mother and my brethren ; 

50 Fur whosoever fuIfiUeth my fothera 
will whichc is inheven, he is my brother, 
my suster, and my mother. 

GOTHIC, 360. 

ANGLO-SAXON. 993. [&r. Matt. 

Chap. XIII. i Ou dam ds^ge ttam 
Heclcndo dt-gangeudum of huse^ be sset 
wid dft Bse. 

3 And myde memgeo wsron gesam- 
nodo to liyni, ewi diet he code on Bcyp 
and dasr set ; and eall aco nuenigea^ 
Htod on &dm waro)>e. 

3 And ho sprsH! to him fela on higspd- ' 
lum, cwedcudc. S6)>lice ! ut-c'ode se 6tcd- 
erc^ bys ased to aawcnne. 

4 And da dii ho seow, sume big feol 
wid weg, and (uglas comun, and 

5 S6l»lice sume feoUon on stseuifatl^j 
dter hyt naefdc niycle cor)tan ; and hi 
lice tiivsprungon, fordaui dc hig 
dicre <'nr|mn dypan. 

6 S6|)lice ui)-8pningeure sunn&n, higa* 
druwudon, and foracnmcoo, fordam 
hig uwfdou wyrtmm. 

7 86))lice snnie fcoUon on {K>ma8 ; 
da [Kiruaa weoxon, and for)iryBmttd( 

8 Sume so]>lice fcoUon on gode 
and sealdon weastm ; flum hund-fraJdi 
flum sixtig-fcaldne, ffom )}rittig-fealdDe. 

9 Se de beebbe earan to gchyreime, 

10 And da genealiehton his leoi 
cuibtas and cwsedon to bym. For hi 
spycst dii to liym raid bigspellum T 

1 1 i}a andswnrode he hrm, Fordaa] 
de eow is geseald to witanne heofc 
rices gciyou ; and bim nys na gCMiUL* 

12 S6}>lice dam dc luef)) him bj)> 
scald, and be hwi\> ; sojilicc se de m , 
and dset de be beef)) bim bif) s^hrodeo. 

13 Fordam ic spa^ to him mid hij 
spellum, foi dara de locicnde big nc 
Beoji, and gebyrcnde hig ne gebyni|», 
no ongyta|> ; 

14 Dset on him ay gefylted Ksaiaa 
egung, Of gehymyane ge gehyra)>, 
ge ne ongyta|» ; and lociende go geseo) 
and ge ne gcseo]) ; 

15 Sojdicc discs folces heorte is ah\- 
and hig befcUcc mid carum gchyrdoi 

bH 1-: 

J 5.] W^'CLIFFE, 1389. 

Cbap. Xlil. I lu tbat day Jbosua 

K5 out of the Iioob^ sat b^dis the 
d manye cumpenjea of pcple ben 
redrid to hjiu, so tbat ho fiteyiuge vp 
pi to B boot sat ; &nd al the ourupnnyo 
ttode ia the bn*nke. 
3 And be spak to hem m&ny tlungis in 
pormblU, seiynge, Loo I ho that sawitb, 
goCh oat to Bowo his ftoed. 
I 4 And the while he aoweth, aum felden 
nndfl the weye, and briddis of the eyre 
pmen, and ecteu hem. 
I £ Sothely other needi* felden into stoony 
blads, wher thei badden nat moche 
rriho ; and anoon thci bca sprungen ^'p, 
|br tltei haddc nat df^pnesae of erthe. 
I 6 Sottiely the sunne sprung ^'p, thei 
kvaliden,^ and for the! hadden nat roote, 
khei ilrieden vp. 

' 7 ForKothe other aeedis felden amongc 
Ihamig ; and the thomis vexen rp, and 
iden hem. 

8 Bot other s^edis felden in to good 
and ;auen fruyt ; sumc an hundrc<l 

>ld, another sexli fold, another thritti 

9 He that liath eria of hecryngc, beero 

And disciplis cummynge to seiden 
Whi i!i>ekist thou in parubliu to 

|Tbe whiche answeryngc seith to 
For to 30U it is jouen for to knowe 
iy»ierie*^oftbc k^-ngdam of bcuenes; 

U nat ^uen to hem. 

•For it Hbal be ;oucn to hym that 

and be Bhal have jilentee ; trcwly 

thut hath nat, ttiat thing that he is 

to baue ahal be taken awey fro 

Tlierfure I speke to hem in [larablis, 
>ri scej-nge see nat, and thci becr- 
beeren nat, nether vndirstondeu ; 

14 That the prophccie of Ysay aciynge 

W falfiUid in hem, With hcerynge 3c 

■InilcQ heere, and jeo abulen nat rndcr- 

" ' dud jee seeynge abulen aee, and 

u nat sec ; 

li I'Mf the berte of this peple ia en- 
^id, and thei hcrdeu grcuuudly with 

TYNBALE, 1526 

Chap. XILI. 1 The same dayo went 
Jesufi out off the booase, and sat by the 
see sydc. 

3 And moch people resorted Tuto him, 
so gretly that he went and sat in a 
ahj'ppe ; and all the people stode on the 

3 And be spake many thjrnges to tbem 
in similitudes, sayiuge, Beholde \ the 
sower wentt forth to sowe. 

4 And as he sowed, some fell by the 
waycs syde, and the fuwUca cam, and 
devoured it vppe, 

5 Some fell apon stony grounde, where 
it had not moche erth ; and a non it 
Bprongc vppe, because it had no depht 
off erth. 

6 And when the sun was ^^ipe, bitt 
cautb heot, and for hike off rotynge, 
wyddrcd swaye. 

7 Some fttll amonge thomes ; and the 
thomes arose, and chookcd it. 

8 Parte fell in goode grunde, and broght 
forth good frute ; some an hundi-ed fold, 
some fifty fold, aome thjrty foldo. 

9 Whosoever hath eares to heare, let 
him beare. 

10 And bys disciples cam and sayde to 
him, ^Vhy speakcst thou to them in 
parables ? 

1 1 He answered and sayde vnto them, 
Hit is geven vnto jou to knowe the 
secrcttes off the kj-ngdom of hcven ; but 
to them it is not geven. 

1 3 For wbosumevcr buth to him shall 
hit be gcvcu, and he Bliall have a1>ound- 
ance ; but whosoever hath not, from him 
elmlbe tokyn awaye even that same that 
he hath. 

13 Thcrforc speake Y to tbem in simi- 
litudes, for though they ae, they se not, 
ami hearinge they heare nut^ nether 
vnderstoude ; 

14 And in them ya fiilfylletl the pro- 
phesy of Esay which prophesi sayth, 
With youre eares yc sbull bcare, and 
shall not vnderstoude ; and with youre 
eyes ye sliall se, and shall not perceave ; 

15 For this peoples hert ys wexcd 
grosse, and their earca were dull of 


GOTHIC, 360. 

ANGLO-SAXON'. 995. [St. Matt. 

and hyra cngan beclysdou, de-Iaes bi 
&fre mid ca^um ^c^eou. and mid earuE 
gehyron, and mid heortnn onjjjrton, 
via gecyrredcj and ic hig g^bsele. 

ifi Su))1ice eocUge Bjnt cowre e«gta 
fowlam de big geseo|», and eowre eartB 
fordam de big gebyra)i. 

17 S6{»lice on comust ic eow 
dart muncgn witcgan and rihtwise gei 
Dudon dn jiing to geseonne de ge 
and tiig ne geaawon, and gebyran 
de ge gebyra^, and big nc gebyrdoa 

18 Gebyre ge B6)>lice dtea sawendua 

19 iClc diera do Godcs wnrd gel 
and ne ongjt, donne cyra|) d*oful, 
bereafia)) daet on bys heortan asawea 
diet is ne de wid done weg uauweu ia. 

30 S6|>Kce se de ofer done Btan 
IS, dia is Bc de dnt Godos wurd 
and hraHllIcc da>t mid blisee onfeh)>. 

21 S6}>lice byt upef|> done wyrtnnn on 
him^ oc ia bwilwcndlic. Gcwordcnre gft» 
drefednesse and ebtnease for dam warde^ 
bnedlice hig beo)) ge-untreowaode. 

2 2 S6|>lice dset dc asuwen is on {wruuni, 
diet is se de diet vviinl gehyrp, and dnna^ 
eomfiiUness disse worulde, and 1< 
dissa woruld-welenu for))rysnua^ 
wurd. aitd hit ia butan weaatme 

23 S6)>lice diet de asawen wsa on 
godc luuU. da^t is se dc diut wurd 
byr|>, and ongyt, and done weaaim 
bring^. And donne dc]} sum hi 
fca1<hic, sum sixti-fealdne, sum 

24 He rebte him da oder bigspel, lui 
du» cwaeb, Heofena rice ia goworden dan 
mcu gclic, de seow god seed on \a$ 

25 S6|>Uco, da da men alepon. da eca 
bis fconda sum, and ofer-scow hit iiii<l 
cocccic on midtUu dam hwftie. aod 
ferde danon. 

q6 .Sd|)IicQ da seo wyrt weox, and dc 


16-36] WVCLU-'FE, 1389. 

eris, and th«i hmi cloeid her ee^cn, that 
smn tymo thei seo with cejen, and with 
eris h««ren, nod TudirstouJcn in lierte, 
•fid thei ben to gidre turned, and I he«]e 

16 Foraothe joore ce;en that teeu ben 
hietrnd, and ^oure oris that hcercu. 

1 7 Forsothe I saye trewthe to 30U, for 
numr propbetis and iusto men Goaeit- 
iden to 9«e thoo thingus Ih&t ;ee Been, 
and thoi iiaiiiu nat, and to heeren thoo 
thingiB that 3ee heercn, and thei herden 

1 8 Therfore beerc je the parable of the 
tuge man. 

Kcbe that heerith the word of rewme, 
mdiretondith nat, the jiiel spirit 

comethf and rauynchith that that is 
aow>ii in bis herte ; thia ia that is sowen 
beaidis the weye. 

30 Sothely he tliat is sowen on the 
•toon, this it is, that lieerith the word of 
God, and unoou with ioje tukith it 

3 1 Foreothe he hath nat roote in hym 
self, but it IB temporal.^ Forsothe tribu- 
lacioao and pcrseouciouue moad fur the 
vord, anoon he is sclaundrid. 

22 Bot bo that is sowen in thomys, is 
this that herith the wurd, and the by^- 
Bcase of this world, and the fulsriessi^ of 
xificheBBia atranglitb the word, and it is 
oaad with uuteu fruyt. 

33 Bot ho that is sowen in to good 
luod, is thiit that berith the word, and 
Tbdirstouditbj and bryngthe forth fruyt. 
And aotbely sumc rnokith an liundre- 
bldf treuly another sixtj-fuld, forsothe 
ft&uther tlinttifold. 

34 Anuther parable Jbesus puttc foitb 
to hem, seyinge, The k}'ngdam of heuenes 
ii maad licbo to a man, that sew good 
•eed in his feeld. 

^5 But, when men sleptenf bis eumye 
came, and sew aboiie derueP in the 
midil of whete, and weute awey. 

26 Sothely when the herbe badde 

TTNDALE, t5«< 

berynge, and their eyes have they ch 
lest they shuldo se with their oyeOf. 
and heore with their eares, and shuld 
viiderstonde with their hertcs, and shuldo 
toume, that Y n»yght beale them. 

1 6 But blessed are youre eyes for they 
80, and youre eares for they beare. 

1 7 Verely Y say vnto you, that many 
prophetcs and perfaicte men have desired 
to se ttto thinges which ye se, and buvo 
not Bene them, and to hearo tho thingea 
which ye beare, and hare not henSe 

1 8 Heare ye therfore the similitude offj 
the sower 

1 9 When a man heareth the worde of 
the kingdom, and vndcrstondctb it not, 
there comctb the evyll man, and catcheth 
awayc that wliich was sowue in bys bert ; 
and thys is he which was sowue by tho 
woyc syde. 

3o But he that was sowne in the stony 
gruude, ys he, which heareth the worde 
of Qo^l, and aiinn with ioyc rcceuvcth itt 

3t Yet hath he no rottes in him selfe, 
and therefore he durcth but a season. 
For OS Bone aa tribulation or persecucion 
aryseth because of the worde, by and by 
he falleth. 

22 He that was sowne amonge thomes, 
ya be that heareth the worde off Ood, 
but the cjire off this worlde, and the 
dissaytfulnes off rycbes choke the worde, 
and so ys he made vnfrutfuU. 

23 He which is sowne in the good] 
grounds, j-h he that hearctli the worde,j 
and vndcrBtondeth it, which also beret" " 
frute. And bringeth forth, some 
hundred fulde, some fyfty folde, and 
some thjTty foldc. 

24 Another eimilitude put he forth 
vnto them, sayuge, The kjTigdom off 
heven ys lyke vnto a man, which sowed 
good seede in bis felde. 

25 Butt, whyll men shlepte, ther cam 
his foo, and sowed tares amongo the 
wheate, and went his wayc. 

36 When the blade was spronge vp^ and 

GOTHIC, 360. 

fGLO-SAION. 995. [W. SlATr. 

weostm brobte, di oeteowde se 

27 Dft eodon daa hlftfordM 
and cira^on, Hlaford, hu ne aeov 
god Bxd oa diiium eeoerc 1 Iiwanoa 
he coccelT 

28 Da cws)> he, Daet dyde unhol 

raann. Da cwwdoa da J>eowas, Wvlt 
we gi^, aud gadcrlu)* liig t 

39 Da cwk)) be, Kese, de-lies ge 
bwsete awurtwalioD donne ge done 
eel gaderia}>. 

30 La>ta)> apgder weaxan oQ rip-ti 
aud on dam rip-limnn ic secge dmu 
rnim, Gndi*iA|> icrest done coocfl], 
litDda|)Sceaf-m£clum to forbaem«iuie,i 
^^adria^ done hwsete into minum 

3 1 He rebte liim da gyt oder bif 
dus cwedende, Hcofena rice ia 
gelic senepes come, diet seow m nuo 1 
hys »cre. 

3 a Diet is ealra eseda laeety ao^liM doi 
ne hit wjtcJi, hit ia ealra wyrta 
and hit w)t(> treow : Bwii d»t heo( 
fuhlos cujna)>, and cordiuj) on hia Ijogum. 

33 He spnec to Mm oder bigapel. and 
dus cwee[>, Hcofena rice is geuc dam 
beorman, done dset wif oufeng, aiid be^ 
hydde on brim gemetum melwes^ od 
waes eall ahafen. 

34 Ealle dus ^iug se Hclend 
mid bigspellutn to dam weredum, 
nan )>iDg ne gpneo he butan bij 

35 Do^t wcere gcfyllcd diea wit«gui 
cir}'de, Ic atyne minue mu)> mid 
HpcUum ; io bodige digelnesse &am 
ikn-eardes gesetednesse. 

36 He forlet da da msenegeo, and 
to his inne ; and da genealseliton to him 
his Icuruing-cnihtaa, and cwsedon, A'rece 
ofl d«H bigi^U dwfl bwffitea and dot 


gtf.] WYCLIFFE.I389, 

nd nuuul Ira3rt, tbanne the 

ithc the Bcniauntis of the hue- 

comyngc 1115, ftt-idcD to hyn\, 

br Uiou hast nut suwen good 

t whcr of Uum katL it 


aeitli to hem. The man 
[h don ibis thing. Trewly the 
I seiden to him, Wolt thou we 
tdr^n hem t 

he HUth, NaT, Icet perauenture 
igo dernela' draw \-p by the 
dre with hem and the whete. 

e ye hem bothe wexe til to 
e ; and in tyme of rype corn I 
to reperis, First gedre ^ee to 
nxeb,' and byndeth hem to 
lm)'tchiB' fur to be brent, but 
whete in to my heme, 
ther paral>le Jhc£Uii putte forth 
eiynge, The kyngdain of heu- 
tce to a com of aeneney, the 
pun tak3mge aewe in hia feeld. 

irhiehe trcwly ta lecst of alle 
rt when it hath wexen, it is 
lie wurtis, aiiJ is maud a tree ; 
{ildis of the eyre cunimen, and 
k bowis^ therof. 
other parable Jhe»ua apac to 

kyn^dam of heuenea is He to 
r^, the whicbe token, a wom- 
B iu three mesnria of meele, til 


ai ipae allc theao thingia in 
o the campanyea of peple. and 
at to hem with outeu parahlia, 

it ahulde be fulfillid, that thing 

id by the prophet©, seyinge, I 

my mouth in parablia ; I shal 

t* bid thingua fro makjng of 

ne the cumpanyea lafi, he came 
umi; and hia disciplis camea 
m, aeiyiige, Expoime to va t)io 
r demclis'^ of the fecld. 


bad brought forth frute> then appered 
the tares a\so. 

27 The servauntes cam to the house- 
holder, and suyde vnto him, S}t, aowed- 
eat not thou good seed in thy clossel 
from whence tlien hath it tarea t 

38 He sayde to them, The enviona man 
hath done this. Then the aervauntea 
sayde vnto bym,WyIt thou then that we 
go, and gudcr it T 

29 And he aayde, Nay, lest whyll ye 
go aboute to wede out the tares ye 
pluckc %i)pe also with tliem the wheate 
by the rottes. 

30 Let bothe growe to gcther tyll 
harrest come ; and in time of barrcst I 
wyll saye vnto my repera, Gadtber ye 
fyrst the tarea, and byud them in sheves 
to be brent, but gadther the wheete in 
to my bame. 

3 1 Another parable be putt forthe vnto 
them, soynge, The kyngcdom of heven 
jra lyke mto a gmync of mustard seede, 
whych a man taketh and aoweth in hia 

32 Wliych ys the leeat of all aeedca, but 
when it ia grownc, it is the greatest 
amoDgc ycrbes, and is a tree ; so that 
the bryddes of the aier come, and bylde 
in te brauuohea o( it. 

33 Anuihere umilitude sayde he to 
them, The kyuifdomc of heven ys lyke 
vnto leven, which a woman tokc, and 
hyd in iij peckca off meele, tyll all was 

34 All these thyngea apake Jeaua vnto 
the people by aimilitudes, and withoute 
aimilitndes spake he nothingc to them, 

35 To fiilfyll, that which wsa apoken by 
the prophet, sayingc, I wyll open my 
mouth in similitudes ; and wyll Bt>eake 
forth thinges whych have line kepto 
secrete from the begynn^-ngc off the 
world e. 

36 Then sent Jesua the people awaye, 
and cam to houasc ; and hys disciples 
cam vnto him, saynge, Declare vnto va 
the similitude of the tores off the felde. 

GOTHIC, 360. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

37 Da andBwanide he him, Se (le now 
diet goilc Bied se is rnauues suna ; 

38 86))tice Be K«yr is dee mitUiuL 
geard ; thet gotle Bxd, dst ■ynt (ki 
heofouUcan noes beam, se coMel 
s6))llcc da nianfullan beam ; 

39 Se unhulda-man se de done 
seow da5t IB deofiil ; a6)»lice dnt 
wurulde endiuig, da ri|*enia ttyni ei 

40 Eoruustlice swa swa se ooccel 
g^adcnul, and mid ffre forbeemed, 
by|> on worulde endunge- 

4 1 Manoes sunu scut his englas, 
hi gadriaj) of his rice ealle gedr^fc 
and da de unrihtwisQesse wyrcca|r ; 

43 And Hscada|i hif^ on f)*rc9 ofen, 
by)> wop and tofiii gristliitung. 

43 DoDOG scina)) da rihtwisan swa 
Bunne, on hyra f»der rice, [Gehyre,! 
de earan to geh/ranne haaf^/J 

44 ^Hcofona rice is gclic gehjddi 
gold-hordo on dam jecere, done 
Be man de hiuc fint , and for hia bl] 
g»e)>, and sy\\t eall dwt he ah, and 
done aecer. 

45 Eft IB beofena rice gelic dam 
ere, de sobte d«i gode meregrot ; 

46 Da he funde dset an dooi 
meregrot, da eode be, and sealde 
da't he lUitc, and bohte duet mi 

47 Kft is beofena rice gelic oseoc 
nctte on da sse, and of selcum 
gadngendum ; 

48 Da hi da da^t nett upp-atugon, 
sieton be dam strande, dd gecuron 
da godan on hyra fatu, da yflaa 
uwurpou ut. 

49 Swa byji on disse worulde em 
Da euglas fara)>, and asyndria^ da 
of daera godra midlene. 

50 And aworpa^ big on dses ffrea ol 
d»er by|) wop and t6l>a gristbitung. 

5 1 Ougytc ge ealle dua \>h\g ? 
cwiedon big, WUodltce we hit ougyti 

37-51.1 WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

10 vhiche answeryngc B&lth, He 
ut Bowith gfXMl seed is mannes sone ; 

t8 Sothely the feld U tho world ; bot 
b good seed, these ben soiiys of the 
^n^un, derneU,* foraotbe theee bon 
id sonys; 

b^Bot the Gomye that sowcth hem is the 
Md; but the ripe com is the ccudyii);; of 
t^vorld, Bothely the repcrs ben angelis. 
|0 Thcrforc aa dernela ben gcdrid to 
Are, and brent in fijr, so it Bhal be in 
e ccodyitg of the world. 
^r Ifannes sonc ahal sande his angels, 
id tho ahuldeu gedrc of his rewmo 
k MibuiDdris, aud hem that don wiok- 

TTNDALE, 1536. 


(2 And thei ehulen seude horn into the 
kymney of fijr, there shal be wccpynge 
^ betynge to^fidre of teeth. 
kg Thinne iust men ahulen shyine as 
p aniM, in the rewme of her fadir. 
\e that hath cris of heeryngc, heerc he. 

14 The kyngdame of heueneft is lijk to 

Bhid in u feeld, the whiche a man 
iditli. hidith ; and for ioyc of it 
, and sellith alio thingis that 
■ bieth the ilk fecld. 
ftucB tho kyugdam of heuenes 
I uc 10 a man marchaunt, eeekyng good 
iM^arytia ; 

|6 fiothcly 00 preciousc margnrite 
jnn*l*.n he weutc, and solde allc thingis 

>ddc, and bou;te it. 
1; Lii the kingdam of heuencs is lie 
I a nette stmt in to the see, aud of alle 
foA of fiahifi gedrynge ; 
^8 The whiche whan it was fulfillid, 
pa ledjngc ont, and sittynge hysidis 
k brynkCf cheesidcn the good into her 
pMels, but thei scnten out the )'uel. 
4g So it ehal be in the eending of the 

Eid. Angelis ahulcn gon out, and 
en departe yucl men fro the niydil 
inste men. 
Aad thd shulcn sende hem into the 
ai 6jr ; there shall be weep- 
■nd betyngc togidre of teeth. 
I5r Hud ^ee vudcrstondcn alle these 
bii^i T l%ei Beien to hym, 3he. 

37 Then answered he and sayde to 
them, He that soweth the good seed, ys 
the Sonne of man ; 

38 Tho felde ys the Vorlde ; the chil- 
dren ofl the kyngdom are the good seed, 
the evyll mans children are the tores ; 

39 But the enemy which soweth them 
is the devill ; the harvest is the end of 
the world, and the rcpers be the angels. 

40 For even as the tares are gaddred, 
and brent in the fyre, so shall it be in 
tho eudc off this worlde. 

41 The Sonne off man shall send forth 
his angels, and they shall gadtltcr out 
off his kyngdom nil thiiiges that do 
hurte, and all them which do iniquitc ; 

42 And shall cast them into a fumes 
of fjTc, there shalbe waylynge aud 
gnaashyng off teth. 

43 Then shall the luste men shyne as 
bryght as the sun, iu the kyngdum of 
their father. Wusoever hath cares to 
heare, let him lieare. 

44 Agayne the kyngdom off hcven is 
lyke XTito treasure hiddc in the fcIde, 
the which a man fouude, and hiddc it ; 
and ffor icy there nf gocth, and sclleth 
all that he hath, and bycth that felde. 

45 Agaj-ne the kyiigtlom off hcven is 
lyke vuto a marchaunt, sekjTige after 
good peiirles ; 

46 Which when he had founde one 
precious pearlc, wentt, and aolde all that 
he had. and bought it 

47 Agayne the kyngdome off heven is 
lyke vnto a nect cast iu to the see, that 
gadcroth off all kyndcs of fysshcs ; 

48 Which when it is full, men drawe 
to londe, and sitt, and gadre tho good 
in to their vessels, and caste the bad 

49 So shall it be at the ende of the 
worlde. The angels shall come, and 
sever the bad from the good. 

50 And shall cast them into a fumes of 
fyre ; there shalbe waylinge and gnassh- 
jTigc of teth. 

51 Jesus sayde vnto them, Have ye 
vnderstonde all these thyn'^est They 
sayde, Ye, Syr. 

GOTUIC, 360. 

ANGLO-SAXON. 993. [St. Matt. 

5 a Da 8»(le he him, Fordaxn is kIo 
g;e1«red bocere on heofcniia Hoc geGo 
dam hircdcs ealdro, etc forji-bringji of hia 
gold-horde niwd jiiog and c&lde. 

53 And hit wes gewordeo, dii Be Htel- 
end ge-cudode das bigspel. da ferde he 
don QUO. 

54 jVnd da he com to hia earde, 
Isertic hig ou hjra gcsamnunguni, si 
dset big wundrcdon, and cwtedon, H' 
on ys drsum dea wisdom and dis mi 

55 Witodlice dea i8smi|>e9 sunn ; bo 
hutte hys modor Mariat and hys broil 
lacob, and loeeiih, and Simon. 
Indus } 

56 And hu ne synt ealle hys si 
mid vs 1 Uwanon synt dysum eolle 

57 And hig wsron ge-ontrywsode oo 
him. Da 66|ilice ssede &e Htcleud him, 
Nys nan wilega biitan wnrljecj-pe, bul 
on hya earde, and on hys hiise. 

58 And he ue worhto dier 
Duegena, for fayra ungeleafolnysH. 

Chap. XIV. i On dmre tide gehyrds 
Herodes se feor)iau daelce rica dcs 
eudea hlisan ; 

3 And da siede he his cnihtam, 
lobannes se FuUuhtere de ic beheifil* 
odo, he aras of dea)>e, and fordan 
da8 wundru gefromodo on him. 

3 S6|)lice Herodca nam lohannem^ 
geband hyne, and sette ou cwertera 
dam wife Herodiadon Philippu 

4 lohanncs him seede, Nys de 
hi to wife to ha?bbenue. 

5 And da lie Ityne ofeleaa wolde^^ 
BdrtHl him dftt folc ; fordam de 
hiefilon b)Tie for snne witegan. 

6 Da on Herodes gebyrd-dapge, It 
ude d;erc Herodiadiscean dobtur 
an him, and hit licodc Uerode. 

7 Da bebet be miil n{re byre to 8yU( 
awa hwffit swa heo hyne bfede. 

.-XTV. 7.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

seith to hem, Therfore eueiy 

a^t in the kyngdara of heuenes, 

ftn hasbonde luan, that br3Tigith 

hia tresour newe thtiigU and 

it 18 don, vhanne Jbcsos badde 
these i>arables, he pasddc fro 

I be, cnmniynge in to hia can- 
t hem in her sjOiBgogti, 10 that 
tdriden, and sciden. Wherof to 

Eun and rertues ? 
t this the soDG of a am jth ?* 
ir be nat seid Mnrie } and 
ren, Jamys, and Joseph, and 
tk auU Judud] 
hia Btstn's, whor thei alio ben 
t Therfbre wherof to bym aUe 

d BO thci weren scTaundrid in 
onotho Jliesus seide to hem. 
»te is nftt with outen wirsliipe, 
n hia owne cuntree, and in his 

I he dide nat there mauye rer- 
the vnbyleue of hem. 

XIV. I In that tyme Kroade 
^ herde the fiune of Jhesti ; 

aeide to Ina children, Thia is 
itist, he hath risen fro dead, and 
Tortaei worchen in hym. 

lothe Eroude helde Joon. and 

hym, and putte him in to pri- 

Erodiaa, the wif of bis brother. 

Joon saide to hym. It is nat 
tliec for to haue hir. 

he willynge to elea hym, drcde 
(le ; for thi'i huddcn hym as a 

»otbe in the day uf Kroudis 
he doubter of Krodius lecptc in 
bl, and pleside to Eroude. 
prfore with an ooth he byhi^te 
euc to bir, what eucr thinge she 
id of tiym. 


52 Then sayde he vpto them, Therforo 
every scrybe which is coninge vnto the 
kingdom of hcvcn, is lyke an housholder, 
which bryngeth forth out of bys treasure 
thynges bothe newe and olde. 

53 And hyt cam to passe, when Jesus 
had fynnessbcd these similitudes, that 
he departed thence. 

54 And cam into his awne coantre, and 
taught in there s^Tiagogges. in so moche 
that they were astuuycd, and saide, 
Whence cam all thys wysdon and power 
vnto him? 

55 Is not thys the carpenters sonnet 
Is not hy» mother called Murj' 1 and hya 
brethren be called, James, and Joaes, 
and Symon, and Judas t 

56 And arc not hys systcrs all hero 
with vsl Wlience hath he all these 
thynges 1 

57 And they wer hurte by him. Then 
Jesus sayde vnto them, There is no pro- 
phet with out honoure, save in hys awne 
countre, and amonge his awne k)'nne. 

58 And he dyd not many myraoUt 
there, for there vnbelefes sake. 

Chap. XIV. i In that tyme Herod 
the tetrarcha herde off the fame of Jesu ; 

2 And sayde vnto his servauntes, This 
is Jhon Baptist, he is risen agayne from 
deeth, and therfore hys power ys so 

3 For Herod toke Jhoo, and bounde 
hym, and put hym in prcsou 0br Hero- 
diaa sake, hys brother Phips wyfe. 

4 For Jhon sayde vnt<i hym, Hit ys 
not lawfull for the to have her. 

5 And when he wolil have put hym to 
deeth, he feared the people ; because 
they counted hym as a prophet. 

6 When Hcrodes birth daye was come, 
the doughter off Hcrodias daunsed be- 
fore them, and pleased Herod. 

7 ^Tierfor he promysed with an oth 
that lie wolde geve her, whatsoever she 
wolde axe. 


GOTHIC. 360. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 993. [St. Mai 

8 Da cwie(» heo, frAin liyre meder g«- 
m^god, Syle me on anum duoe loluui- 
nes hettfed dcs Fufluhtcres. 

9 Da WK« ae c^tiiiig gc-nnret, for 6jun 
B)>f>, And fbrdam de him sieton mid,* . . 

10 And bo ksende da, and bchMfd« 
lohannem on dam cwertemo. 

1 1 And man brohte da hia beafod 
anum disoe, and aealde diaro 
and da-t mtcden hyre m«ler. 

12 And da gcncala^bton bU I1 
cnihtaii and namon hys licboman, 
bcbjo^on h}'nc ; and comon an<i 
don byt dam Ufielende. 

13 Da 8C Haelend diet gehyrdff, 
ferde he donon ou-sondrou on ani 
acypo. And da da fjfangendan 
diet gcbyrdon, big fyligdon him of 1 

14 And du be danon forde, he 
myceic mfpnigu, and he him gemyll 
and gohaclde da untruman. 

15 Sofilioe da hyt \vrpB »fen gew< 
him to gonealsehton liys leoming-cniht 
and him to cwtcdon, Dcos stow ya' 
and tima ye foif-ugau ; forlact dSs 
et^, diet hi fnron into das barga, 
bim mete bicgean. 

1 6 Da cvfKh 8C Hselend to bim, Nabl 
hi neodc to &ronne ; sylle ge him 

17 Da andflwarodon big, Wc 
ber, buton fif blafiis and twegen fixai. 

18 Da cwipj) ae Hselcod, Bringa^ 
hidcr da. 

1 9 And da bo bet da mcncgu ofen 
gKjrs hi (jittttii, and he nam da fif 
and twegen ftxnn, and beseab on tfc 
heofon, and blet^ieadp. bnec da 
and Bcaldc liis leoming-enibtnm ; 
hi dam fulcc. 

30 And hi «cton ealle, and wvron 
fyllcdc. And hi namon da lai^ 
w^'lian fulle dicru gebrytsena. 

21 S6))1iee da'ra ctendra gctsel w, 
|>ueenda wora, butan wiium and cildui 

32 And dd Boua bet se HttlenJ 


d Bl»e liifore mouestid* of hir 
lib, 3cue thou to mc hidir the 

loon Baptist in a disobc. 
the kynj^ was sorowfiil, but for 

lit, and for hem thiit sccieu to 
the cnete, he comaundide to be 

be aente, and bihedide Joon in 

ftd hU heed is brou^t to in a 
and it is jouen to the whcncbe, 

bare it to hir modir. 
nd bis disciplia curamynge to 
body, and birycdcn it; and 
tuayngt toldcn to Jhesu. 

e whichc thing when Jliesus 
»«rd, he went fro thcnnus in to a 
to desert place bosidis. And 

the L'umpunycs of pepic hadden 
hei folowidcu hym and on the 


ud Jhesns, goynge out, saw a 
nuUitude of pople, and badde 
of hem, and heelide tlie sikc men 

itbely the eucn)-nge maad, his 
I camen nij to him, seijmge, The 
I desert, and Uie hour bath now 
; leene thou the cumpiinyes of 
that thei, goyngc in to castols, 
ectis to hem. 
inotbc Jhesus aeide to hem, Thei 
neede to go ; jeue je to hem 

i answeriden, We ban nat here, 
fine looues and two fishis. 
le whiche eeitb to hem, Brynge 
I hidir to me. 

id when he badde comaundid the 
ye for to sitte to mete on hiiy, 
and two fiehifl taken, he by- 
in to beuen, blesside, and bruk, 
e to his diBcipHs ; Botbely the 
;auen to the curapanyee. 
nd alle ecten, and wcren fulfiliid. 
ei token the relifis of broken 
twclue cofjTis ful. 

the the noumbre of men etyngc 
e tliouBand of meoj oat taken 
1 and litel children. 
d onou JlieeuB compellidc^ the 

TYNDALE, 1526. 

8 And she beinge informed of her mo- 
ther before, aayde, Geve me hero Jhon 
Baptistes heed in a platter. 

9 And the kyngc eorowed, ncverthc- 
lease for his othes sake, and for their 
sakcs which sato aUo att the table, he 
comaunded yt to bo geven bor. 

10 And sent, and bebeddcd Jhon in 
the preeon. 

1 1 And his heed was brought in a 
platter, and gercu to the damsoll, and 
she brought it to her mother. 

1 3 And bis disciples cam and toke vp 
his body, and buryed it ; and went and 
tolde Jeeus. 

13 When Jesus luul herde that, be de- 
parted thence by shippe, into a desert 
l)iace out of the way. And when the 
pcojjlo bad herde therof, they folowed 
him afotc out of there cites. 

14 And Jesus went forth, and sawe 
mochc people, and bis liertc dyde melte 
vppon them, and he healed oflf them 
those that were sicke. 

1 5 When even was come, his disciples 
cam to him, saynge. This ys a deserte 
place, and the dnyc is spent ; let the 
people departc, that they maye co in to 
the tonnes, and bey them vytaylTes. 

16 But Jesus sayde vnto tbcm, They 
have no neade to go awayej geve ye 
them to eatc. 

17 Then sayde they vnto him, We 
have here hut .v. lovca and two {yBshea. 

18 He saide, Bringc them bydtbor to 

19 And he comaunded the people to 
syt downe on the graase, and toke the 
.V. loves and the .ij. fysshes, and lokcd 
^^p to hcvcn, and blessed, and brake» 
and pave the loves to his disciples ; and 
the diseiples gave them to the people. 

20 And they all ate, and wcr suflised. 
And they gndercd vp of the gobbetes 
thatt remained, xij basketes full. 

2 1 They that ate were in nombre about 
T. M. men, besyde wemen and children. 

22 And strayght way Jesus made bia 

r, 995. [St. MB 

leorning-cnihUa on scyp iatigan, 
toforan him faratj ofer done indtwi, 
dect he da mcue^oi forlcte. 

33 And dd he hig forlsten hiefde, 
eode on done mdnt, and hyne dnr u 
gebaed. &D|}lioe da hyt efen vraei, 
yra^a una duer. 

34 Witodh'ce wea dvt scyp of 
y}>um totorfod, fordam de hyt 
straug wind. 

35 Da com se Hadend embc dono feoi 
an han-cred to him, ofer da aae 

26 Da 111 gesawon 6x1^ hi wurdon 
drefcde ; and for diuu ego cl^rpodon, aod 
cwsdoD dua, S6|>Iice hjt ys acmloc 

37 Da spnec se Ha^lend, and 
Hi^b^ geleafan, ic hyt com ; tiellen 
eow ondnedan. 

28 Da audjiwarode him Petros 
cw.'e^, Driht^n, gyf du hyt eart, bat 
cnman to de ofer das wieteriL 

39 Du cwie)> he, Cum to me. Da 
PetruB of dam Bcy|>c. ofer dait 
diet he to dam Ilcelende come. 

30 Da he geaeah done strangan 
he him ondred ; dii he wearj) 
he cwoe)), Drihten, gedo me halne. 

31 And da hriedltce^ .... 

he gcfengc hyne, 

dus cwfe|7, La lytles gelcafan, hwi ti 
edest du 1 

33 And da hi waeron on dam 
geswac se wind. 

33 8u|>lice da, de on dam 8cy[>e wwt 
comoD, and to him gcbsedon, and dtf] 
cwKdon, Sol^lice, dd eart Oodes •ana. 

34 And da liig ofer-aegelodon, hi 
on dset land Oenesareth. 

35 And da dffit folc hyne gecneow, 
aendon geond call diet land ; and brol 
on to him ealle untnime. 

36 And hyne btedon, diet hig bt 
(>)ngA his reafcs fnaed let-lirinon ; 
Bwa hwylce his lethrinon wurdon bale. 

'OLIFFK. 1389. 

for to go vp in to a boot, uud 
byra oucr tfao Bee, til that ho 


the campanyea left, he atei^ide 
to au hill alofiuo for to prcyc. 
r the euenyng maad, he was there 

thely the boot in the mydil see 
rowec with wuwia, forsothc the 
ms coDtrarie. 

It in the fourtlto wakj-ng of the 
I came to hem walkynge aboue 

|(i theif seeynge Lym walk}ti;;e 
llie flee, weren diBtonrblid, eey- 
pr it is a fimtnm ; and for drede 

■d anoon JThprnis Hpac to hem, 
f Haue ^ truiit, X am ; nyl 36 

Ithely Petre aMwerynge seide, 
f thou art, comaunde mc to cume 
vpon the watris. 

id he seith, Cume thou. Aud 
oynge donn fro the bote, walkide 
wateria for to cume to Jhesu. 
ewly he, seeynge a strong ^vjTid©, 
mle ; and whan he bygun for to 
ichid, he cryede, leyinge, Lord, 

pd anoon Jhesns, boldynge forth 
n), cau^tc hym, aud seith to hym^ 
i litil feitb, whi hast thou doutid ) 

ul whenue he hadde stied vp in 
boot, the wyude ceaside. 
btfaely tbei, that wercn in the 
imen, and worahipidcn hyin, sey- 
ipryty. thou art Qoddis sone. 
nd wherme he bad passide ouer 
^ tbei camen in to the lood of 

Old whenne men of that place 
I knowen hym, tbei seiiten into 
ft cnntree ; and thei ofirideu to 
I hauynge yuel. 

)ad thei prcyidcn hjrni, that thci 
k touche ether the hem of the 
ig of hym -J and who euer toucb- 
■0 maad aaaf 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


dcsciples enter into a shippe, and to goo 
over before him, whill be sent the peple 
a way. 

23 And as aone as he had sent the 
p^Ie a way, he went vp into a moun- 
taync alone to praye. And when nyght 
wa« come, he was there hym silf alone. 

14 And the shippe was in the middea 
of the see, and was tooat with waves, for 
it was a contrary wyiule. 

25 In the fourtbe watchc of the night» 
Jesua cam vnto them walkynge on the 

26 And when hys disciplca aawe bim 
walkynge on the see. they were amased, 
sayiuge, It ia some spirite; and cryed 
out for feare. 

2 7 And streyght waye Jesua spake 
vnto tbera, aaynge, Be of good cheare, 
it is Y ; be not a frayed. 

28 Peter answered and saydc, Master, 
and thou be bet bidde mo come vnto 
the on the water. 

39 And he sayde, Come. And when 
Peter was come doune out of the abyppe, 
he walked on the water to go to Je^us. 

30 But, when he sawe a myghty winde, 
he was afroycd ; aud as he began to 
ayukc, be cryed, sayinge, Master, save 

31 And immediatly Jesua stretched 
forth bis hondc, and caught him, aud 
aaide to hjTn, O thou of lytell fayth, 
wherfore diddest thou dout ? 

32 And as sooue as they were come in 
to the sbippe, the winde ceasscd. 

33 Then they, that were in the abyppe, 
cam, and worshypped bim, sayinge. Of a 
truth, thou arte the sonuc off Qod. 

34 And when they were come over, 
they went in to the londe of Qenazaretb. 

35 And when the men of that place 
ba<l knowledge of him, they aent out in 
to all that countre roundc about ; and 
brought vnto liira all tliat were sickc. 

;^6 And besought him, that they rayght 
touche the border of hys vesture only ; 
and as many aa touched bytt were mode 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [&r. Matt. 

Cha-P. XV/ I Dn comon to him fram 
HieniBalem da boceras and Fariseisc«. 
and cwxdon, 

2 Hwi forg^ma^ £dc leoming-cniliUa 
ure yldreoa Iag«1 ne )mc«J> hi Ljt» 
handa, clonnc hig mete |>icge«4>. 

3 Da andBwoTodc he him and [cw^t-f- ' 1 
Hwi forgyme go Oodca bcbod for ti v 

4 Witodb'ce God cwiej>, Wur^ dinne 
fiedcr and modor, and se de wyrig|> hjl 
fieder and modor, ewelte ee deH)>e. 

5 So|>Iice ge cweda(», Rwa hwylc swi 
Bcg|< bys feder and medcr, Swd bwylc 
lac awa of mc is, {rema)> de ; 

6 And ne weor}iia|i fieder and modor ; 
and gc for naht dydon Qodes bobod (w 
eowre lage. 

7 La licceteras, vre\ be cow wit^ode 
Isaiai, se witega, da he cwm(>, 

8 Dis folc me mid welemm weor)ia))/. . 
, . , , and hyra hcortc is feorr fram me ; 

9 Butan intingnn hig me vmrt>ia)t. Had 
liera[> manna tara. 

10 And be da, dam menegum togiedt 
gccly^jcdum, dus cwffi|), Ochyra)' 

1 1 Ne beamit done mann, dnt on 
md|p gw|} ; ac hyuc bcsmit, diet of 
mujie gael>. 

la Da genealiehton hjm leormng-ca 
as and cwiedon, Wont du. da>t da For 
iseiscean syiit gedrefedc, disum wardt 
gchyrodum 1 

i.^ Da andswarodc he him, ^]c ptanl 
uug, de miu heofcnlica fiedor nc pi 
ode, by|» owiirtwatod- 



1 4 I^ta|i hi ; hig synt bUmle, uhl 
hlmdra hltteowaa. Sc blinda gyf ti4 
bliuduc Itet, hig feaUa|> bcgcD on ki 

15 Da andswarode him Potrua^ . 
Xrece us dis bigspelL 

XV. i-is-] WTCUFFE, 1389. 

Obaf. XY. 1 Thaune scribis and 
PboiiBccs c&men 013 to b^in tro Jerusa- 
Um, aeyinge, 

3 Whi tbi diBciplis ouerp&sson* the 
trmdicioons^ of elder men 1 for thei 
WB«hen not Kondis, wbeoue thei eteu 

3 Sothely be uuwerjnge eeitb to bem. 
And whi and je brckcn the maunde- 
mcnt uf God for joure tradiciotui 1 

4 For whi God seide, Honoure thi fodir 
Slid tbi modir. and he that curaitb fadir 
or modir, dye be hy delL 

5 But je aeyn, Who eaere sbal naye to 
bdir or modir, What euere ^ide is of 
me, it ahnl profile to thee ; 

6 And he hath not worsbipid his fadir 
orniodir ; and )e ban made the maunde- 
nent of Qod voide^ for ^oure tradicioun. 

t Tr^Arritis, Yaay, the propbete, pro- 

- wel of 30U, aejinge, 
>: 1 1119 pcple honoureth me with lippis, 
jotwtbe her berte is fer fro me ; 

iTrewly thei worahipen me with outen 
techynge the doctrines and 
tBuindemeuts of men. 

10 And the cum}>anye8 of peple clcpid 
to gidro to hyro, he seide to bcra. Heere 
;e, and mderstonde. 

11 Nat that thing that entrith in to 
tlie moatb, dofoulitb a man ; but that 
tkiD^ that cummeth furth fro tbc mouth, 
defuulith a man. 

ta Thanne his disciplia curaraynge nij 
fcidro to hym, Wost thou, that, this 
•tmi berd, Pharisees ben sohiuudrid ] 

t3 And be answerynge aeitb, Kuery 
Jtynge, the wbiehe my fadir of beuen 
lb uut plaiitid. shal be druweu vp by 

14 Soffit 36 bem ; thei ben biynde, 
md lederis of blynde men. Sotbely jif 
k blynd man ;eue ledyuge to a blynd 
ban, bothe fallen doun in to the diche. 

15 Forsothe Petre answerynge saide to 
■5^ Expoun to rs this parable. 

TT^'^)ALE, 15J6. 


Chap. XV. i Then cam to Jesua 
scrybes and Pbarises firom Jerusalem, 

2 Why do thy disciples transgressc the 
tradicioDs of the senioura ? for they 
weashe not there boudes, when they eote 

3 He answered and sayde vnto them. 
Why do ye also transgresse the com- 
maundment of God tborowc youre tra- 
diciuus 1 

4 For God commaunded, sayinge, Hon- 
oure thy father and moder, and he that 
si>eaketb evyll ayeyuat bys fiitber or 
mother, shall suffer deetb. 

5 But ye saie, Every man shall saie to 
his father or mother, Whataoever thyng 
I offer, tliat same doeth profyt the ; 

6 And so slml he not honoure fays 
&ther and mother ; and thus have ye 
made that the commaundment of God is 
with out effecte through yourc tradiciona 

7 Y)*pocrite8, wel prophesied off you, 
Esay, sayinge, 

8 Tliis people drawetb nic vnto me 
with there moutbcs, and honoureth me 
with their li]>pea, yet their hert is farre 
from me; 

9 But in vaiue thei worehippe me, 
teachinge doctrine which is nothing but 
mens precepts, 

I o And be called the people vnto Mm, 
and saide to them, Heare, and vnder- 

I I That which goeth in to the mougtl), 
dcfylcth not a man ; but that which 
commctb out of the mougth, dcfyleth 
tlte man. 

13 Tlien cam bis disciples and saydo 
vnto hym, Perceavest thou, howe that 
tlie Pbar}-8e8 are offended, hearinge tbya 
saynge t 

J 3 He answered and aayde. All plantea, 
wbicli my hevenly father hath nott 
planted, sbalbe plucked vppe by the 

1 4 Lett them alone ; they be the blynde 
leddera of the blj-ude. If the blyndo 
Iccdc the bliude, boothe shall fall in to 
the dyche. 

15 Then answered Peter and aayd to 
him, Declare vnto va thys parable. 


ooTinc. 360. 

ANGLO-SAXON. 995. [St. Matt. 

x6 Da andsmrode b« him, And ejrpt 
ge gjt buUn andgyte t 

17 Ne ODgyte ge, dst eall dst on done 
inu(> gvfi, gar)) on da WHube, Mkl bj^ 
forjigang aaend 1 

18 So^lice da ^ng dc of dam 
gafi, cama(i of dasre beorUn, and 
beenuta^ done mann. 

19 Of d«re heortan cavoA^ yfle ge} 
aa, nuLnn-tilyhtear imriht-luezn«lu, 
ligro, atalft,^ leaee gewitnyasa, 

ao Dis Bjni Ai |Hag de done 
beanutu^ ; ne besnut dooe manDt d< 
be oQ^wogeoom handmn ete.^ 

a I And da feixU se Hselend donon, 1 
Tjrriaee and Sidoniscc endtie. 

aa And cfne I da of dam QunaneiE 
genuemm cljpode sum wi^ and 
DribUn, Dauides Brmu, gemHtaa 
min dohtor ya jfle mid dcofle g< 

33 Da ne ge-andswarode he brrc 
gonealiebtoQ hys 1eorning-<.*uihus 
him to cwsedoo, Forlaet big, fordam 

a4 Dia andswarode be, Ne eom ic 
baton to dam eceapun de fonronlonl 
Israhela boae. 

a ; Da com heo, and big to him 
and dtu cTtip}*, DrihteUr gefylst me, 

36 Da cwe^ be, Nvb hit na 
man nime beania hUf, and 

37 Da cmt^ beo, Dribteo, diit* 
•o^ ; witodUce da bwelpas eta^ of 
cnmuun, de of bym blaforda 

38 Da andswarode Dxihteu hjrc, 
dd vif, niToel ys din gelea& ; gei 
de. calswa dti vrlle. And da of 
tide vaa byre duhtor hal geworden. 

29 Da se Hsplend danon fcrde, eAJ 
com wid da GaUldacean oe. And ai 
on done munt, and dcr ant 

30 Dia genea]»bton bim to mj 
mc&qgv, mid him bsebbende 

XV, i6"3oi 


1 6 And be seide, 3*^ luid ;e ben with- 
out THiIer3toud)nigt 

17 Wher 50 vnderstonde aot, that al 
thing that entrith in to the mouth, goth 
in to the wombc, and is sent out in to 
the goyng awey ) 

18 But the thingis that cummen forth 
fro the mouth, gon out of the herte, and 
tho thiogus defuuleu a luun. 

19 For of the herte gon out yucl 
thou^tis, manaleayngia, auontries, fonii- 
eadoundj theftis, faia witneseia, blas- 

30 These thingig it ben that defoulcn 
a nuui ; sothelr for to ete with houdis 
fawuben, dcfouleth not a man. 

a I And Jheaus gon out fro thennya, 
wente into parties of Tyre and Sidon. 

33 And luo ! a wommau of Canaue 
gun out of the costis, cryede, seyinge to 
bjm. Lord, tho sou of Dauid, haue 
Bwrcye on me ; xny doubter is yuel tra- 
nnlid of a dcayl. 

33 The whiche anawerid nat to hir o 
wwd. And his disciplia cummynge to 
Drcyedeu hym, seyinge, Lceue thou hire, 
ror she criecb after vs. 
24 Forsothe he ausweryuge seitli> I am 
•ent. no but tu the sheep of the hous 
rael that perishiden. 
95 Bot she came, and wirshipide hym, 
Ii3ring«, Lord, help me. 

26 The whiche answerynge seitli, It is 
tut good for to take the breed of sonys, 
lod scnde to houndia. 

27 And she scide, 3he, Lord ; forwhi 
lod the litel whelpis eten of the cmm- 

that (alien dowi fro the bord of 

Thanne Jhesus answeringc seith to 
O ! thou womman, tlii feith is grete ; 
tt duD to thee, as thou wolt. And 
doubter was bcelid &o that hour. 

And whenne Jhesua hadde pasaide 

be came biaidis the see of Gali- 

And he Bteiynge in to an hyl, sat 

30 And many cumpanyes camen nij to 
hnuyuge with hem doimibe men 


16 Then sa)*de Jesus, Are ye yett with 
onten vnderstondinge 1 

17 Perceave ye not, that whatsoever 
goeth in at the mouthy descendethtlounft 
m to the bely, and ys cast out in to the 
draught ? 

1 a Butt tboeo thingcs whicli procede 
out of the mought, come from the herte, 
and they dyffyle a man. 

19 For out of the herte come evytl 
thoughtes, murder, breakyng of wed- 
lockc, whordom, theefle, falce witnes- 
bcrynge, blasphemy, 

3 These are tho thinges which de^Ie 
a man ; but to eatc with vnweashen 
hondes, dcfyleth nott a man. 

31 And Jesus went thence, and de- 
parted in to the costes of Tire and Sidon. 

2 2 And beholde ! a woman which was 
a Caiianyte cam out of the same coostes. 
and cryedvnto him, saynge, Have mercy 
on mc, Lorde, the soune off Dauid ; my 
doTighter ia pytiooaly vexed with a 

33 And be gave her never a worde to 
answer. Then cum to him his disciples 
and besought him, sayinge, Sende her 
awaye, for she foloeth vs crjinge. 

34 He answered aud sayde, I am not 
sent, but vnto the loost shepe of the 
housse of Israhel. 

25 Then she cam, and worshypped 
him, sayinge, Master, sucker me. 

26 He answered and saide, It is not 
good to take the childrens breed, and to 
cost it to whelpcs. 

27 She answered and saide. It is 
tnithe ; neverthe lesse the whelppes eate 
of the crommes, which (all from there 
masters tahlo. 

28 Then Jesns answered and sayde Tnto 
lier, O \ woman, greate ys thy fayth ; 
be hit to the, even as thou desyrest. 
And her doughter was made whole e^'en 
at that same tyme. 

2 9 Then Jesus went awaye from thence, 
and cam nye vnto the sec of Gulyle. 
Aud went vppe in to a mounttt)*ne, and 
sat doune there. 

30 Aud moche people cam vnto hym, 
haviuge with them halt, blinde, domne, 


GOTHIC, 360. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St Matt. 

he&lte and bllnde. nnd wixnliule, uid 
iDADega odre ; and aledon to liys rotam, 
and be gehaelde do. 

31 Swa dvdt <3u mienegu wozulredon, 
geeeonde dumbe spreoende, lieolte gmog- 
ende, Minde gesconde j and hig cdkvk 
odon larahela Qod.^ 

33 {)a cwk\> se Hjclend, tog«dere 
clypcdum hia Icoming-cnihtnm, 
menegu ic gemiltsige, fordam big ^rrf 
dagos mid me wtmodou, and big nabb- 
ap bwset big eton ; and ic hig nelle 
ftestende forlsetan, de-lm big on wep 

33 Da cwtedon bye leomlng-cnnitMi 
llwar nime we swa fela blofa on db 
westenc, dtet wc gefytbm swa myceU 
mceiiegu i 

34 Dil owte^ be, Hu felu bluAi 
get Di cw«don big, Seofon, and 


35 And bo bebcad da det seo i&< 
8»te ofcr d«ere corj^aD. 

3$ And he nam da da seofon 
and da fixas, and hrtec and sealde 
teorning-cnibtum ; and big sealdon 

37 And big leton eoUe, and wi 
gefi^llede, and diet toUfc wses of dam 
broto, big nAmon aeofon wiliau fulle. 

38 Witodlicc da d»r eeton waerun 
wur jiijseud manua, butau cilduni 

39 And bo forlet da da menegu. 
eode on scyp, and com on da 

Chap. XVI.* i And dd gencaleb* 
him to Farisei and Sfulucei and h] 
costodoD, and bicdun dcut he bun 
tacen of beofone a't/wdc. 

2 Dd andBwarode be him and 
On »fen ge cwedab, To inorgon byt 
smylte weder, dea ueofon y3 read ; 

3 And on morgen ge cwoda)?, To 

XV.3X.-XVL3.] WYCLITFE, 1389. 

•ad cro]dd, febic and blynde, and many 
otkir ; and castidcu liem doun at hia 

bei. And be helide hem, 

31 80 that the cumpanjes wondriden, 
weynge domnbe men spek)'ngeT and 
crokid gojmgc. bijiid men seeynge ; and 
Aei magnyfieden God of Yrael. 

33 Sothely Jlieffiu, his disciplia gederod 
to gider, seide, I baue rewthc of the 
eoiDpaoy of peple, for now the thridde 
day tbci dwellcn still with me, and thei 
bu not thing whiche thei shnlen ete ; 
■ad Y wolo oat leeuc hem fastynge, lest 
Ihei fallen in the weye. 

33 And the diacipUs seyen to hym, 
niarfore wherof so many loouys to vs 
lb desert, that we fulfiUe so gret« a 
OUnpAnje of peple 1 

34 And Jhesos aeith to hem, Hou 
Buuxy looujv ban ;ee t And tbei seidcn, 
SnCBC, and a few amalle fisbis. 

35 And he comaundide to the cumpany, 
Int thei shulde aitt to the mete ^'pon 

j|( And he t&kynge Rcuen looues, and 
dhifl* axkd doynge tbonkyngia, brak, and 
jaae to faia disciplia ; and discipUa joucn 
to Ui€ peple. 

37 And alle eten, and weren fulfilHd, 
tod thcd token that that was ouer of 
raJyuGS, eeuene lepia fiille. 

38 Foraotlie thei that eten weren four© 
tkoosand of men, with outen litil chil- 
dren and weinmcn. 

39 AnJ, the cumpanye of peple laH, 
Sk atyede vp in to a boot, and cam into 
the ooostJB of Magedao. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


maymed, and other many; and cast 
them doimc at Jesoa fete. And he healedl 

31 In 80 moche that the people won- 
drcd, to se the domne apcake, the maym- 
ed whole, the halt to go, and the Llinde 
to se ; and they glorifyed the Qod of 

3 a Jhesus called hia disciples to him, 
and saide, I have compassion on the 
people, because they have coutynued 
with me nowe iij dayes, and have no- 
thinge to eate ; and I wyll not let them 
dcparte fastingc, lestc they pensahc in 
the waye. 

33 And hia disciples sayd vnto him, 
Whence shuld we get so mochc breed in 
the wyldemea, as ahulde safTyse so greate 
a multitude 1 

34 And Jesus sayde vnto them, Howe 
many loves have ycl Aiid they seyde. 
Seven, and a feawe fysshes. 

35 And he commaunded the people, to 
ayt doune on the gruunde. 

36 And toke the seven loves, and the 
fysshes, and gave thankes, and brake 
tbcm, and gave to hys disciples .: and 
his disciples gave them to the people. 

37 And they oil ate, and were suflj-sed, 
and they toke v].ipe of the broken mcate 
that was lefte, vij bosketes full. 

38 They that ate were iiij M. men, be- 
ayde wemen and chyldren. 

39 And he scut awaye the people, and 
toke ahyppe, and cam in to the parties 
of Magdala. 

Coat. XVI. i And Phariseea and 

Baduceia temptynge him camen nij to 
hyni, and preiden hym for to ahewe to 
hem a tokene fro heuene. 
i And he answerynge seith to hem. 
Hie eeueoynge maad, ^e aeien, It uhal 
jr deer, for the heuene ia lijk to reed j 

J And the morwe. To day tempest, for 

Chap. XVL i Then cam to hym the 
Pharisca with the Saduccs also and dyd 
tempte hym, desji-inge that he wuld 
ahewe them aome aigne from heven. 

a He answered and saydc vnto them, 
Att even, ye saye, We shall have fajre 
wedder, and tliat because the skye ya 
reed ; 

3 In the mominge ye aaye, To daye 

GOTHIC, 360. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 99s- [St. Mai? 

hyt by^ Ureoh weder, deos Ijrft scm^ 
unwederlice. Nu cunne ge tocnawM 
heofonea hiw, witodlice ge ne migon 
viUn dsra tida tacnu. 

4 Seo yfele cneoryBS and unryht-hxm- 
ende tacen b€c|» ; and hyre ne byf 
gescuUl, btitun Iudos tuccD, Ches vitegaa. 
And, him forltctenum, he ferde. 

5 And da bis leoming-cnibtas conioD 
ofer done mujtaD, hig fui^elou det 
hlafas nomon. 

6 And da sttde he, Ofina|>, and 
ia)? fram dam beorman Fariseomm 

7 Du |)ohton big betwux him, uid 
owaedon, Numon we hUfas mid ns I 

8 Da BO Ilselcnd wiste hyra ge|«it( 
ho cw»|i to bim, Hwset |>enoe ge 
eow lytlee gelcafan, deet ge hlaias 


9 Ne underflUndc ge gyt. ne ge 
ge)>enGea{> dfcra fif blafa and fif 
manna, and bu fela wyligena ge 

10 Ne diera seofon b1a(a and feoi 
]msend manna, and bu fela vjligena 

1 1 Hwi ne ongyte ge gyt. da?t ic 
Bffide be hlafc, Wamia}) frara dam beom* 
an Fariseomm and Saduceonim t 

I a Da ongeton hig, d^t he ne 
vamia{> bram hlafa beorman, ao 
lore Fariseomm and Soduceorom/ 

13 Witodlice da com se Hselend om 
die1a8 Ceaareie Philippi, and Ehsode 
leoming-cuihtas, Hwamo se^oa^ 
dtet sy mannes sunu f 

14 Da cwtedon hig, Sumc lohannc 
done FuUuhtore ; sume Heliam 
Hieremiam, odde an diem witegeaa.^ 

15 Da Bsede lie, Hwst wcge ge dart 

1 6 Da andswarode him Pctrus. Da 
dtes lyfigeudes Qocles sunu. 

17 Da andswarode him ae Hifit 

XVI. 4-17-] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

ali}iictli Leuy.* Therforo 50 ban 
Imowe to deme wisely the face of heuen, 
but je moweu not witc the tokcoys of 

4 The yuel gcncracioan and arowtrcr 
aekith a tokne ; and a tokcne sUal uat 
b« ymen to it, no but the tokue of 
Jooat, the pruphete. And, licm foraokfin, 
he wente awey. 

5 And whenue his disciplia comon ouer 
the Bee, thei foqaten for to take loouya. 

6 The whiohe seidc to hem, BchoMe je, 
ind beth war of the flourdow^ of Phaui- 
aees wul Saducecs. 

7 Aad thei thou^ten amonge hem, sei- 
ynge. For we ban uat taken loouys. 

8 Forsothc Jbcsua witynge seide to 
hem, Wimt thcnken ;c ainonge 30U of 
lilU feithj for je ban uat loouys 1 

9 ^ 3e Tndirstonden nat, nether ban 
layudo of fyue loouyi iu to fyue thou- 
land of men^ aud hou many cofynfl ^e 
token T 

I o Trewly nether of seaen loouys in to 
ioiir tboiuaud of men^ and hou many 
lefua jee token ? 

II WM vndirstondcn 5c uat. for I seidc 
nat to 300 of breed, Be ^e war of sour- 
do«3 of Pharisees and of Saduceea ? 

12 Thanne thei vuderstoden, that he 
•eide nat to be war of sourdowj of 
loouya, bote of the techynge of Pharisees 
and Sdduceea. 

13 SoUiely Jhesna come in to the 
parties of Ceaarie of Philip, and axide 
his disdplis, scyinge, Whom scyn men 
to ben RUkimes sone 1 

1 4 And thei sciden, Summe Joon Ritp- 
Itst ; other foraotlie Hely ; but other 
Jcreiuyc, or oon of the proi)heti8. 

15 JhesuB seith to hem, Sothely whom 
KcirD ^e me to be 1 

1 6 Symon Petre angweryngc acidc,Thou 
art Crist, the sone of God Ijniyuge. 

17 Forvothe Jhesus answcrynge seide 

TYNDALE, 1526. 83 

sbalbe fonle weddcr. aud that liecause 
the skye ya troubbelous aud reed. O ye 
jp^MJcrytes, ye can disccnic the fjLssion 
of the skye, aud can ye not disceme the 
sygnes of the tymes 1 

4 Tlie frowarde nacion and advontrous 
Beketh a eygue ; there shall nonother 
sygiie be geveu vnto them, but the sygne 
off the propliet Jonas. So Icfte ho them, 
and departed. 

5 And when bis disoiples were come to 
the other side of the water, they had 
forgotten to take breed with them. 

6 Then Jesus sayd ^•nto them, Take 
hcde, and beware of the levcu of the 
Pharises and of the Soduces. 

7 They thought a monge them selves, 
sayinge. We have brought no breed ivith 

8 Wlien Jesus vnderstode that, he sayd 
vnto them, O ye of lytell fiayth. why 
arc youre mindes cumbred because ye 
have brought no breed ? 

9 Do ye not yet perceave, nether re- 
member those v lovessc when there were 
V M. men, and howe many boskettcs toke 
ye vpl 

10 Nether the vij loves when there 
were iv M. and howe many baskcttes 
toke ye vppe t 

1 1 Why perceave yc uot then, that Y 
spake not vnto you of breed when I 
sayde. Beware off the leven of the Pha- 
rises and of the Saduccs ? 

12 Then vndcrsttKle they, howo that 
he bad not them beware of the leven of 
breed, butt of the doctryne of the Pha- 
rises and of the Saduccs. 

13 When Jesus cam in to the coostes 
of the cite which ts called Cesarea Phi- 
lippi, he axed hys disciples, fta)'ingo, 
Whom do mcu saye that I the sonne of 
man ami 

14 They saide. Some saye that thou 
arte Jlion Baptist ; some Helyaa ; some 
Jcrcmios, or won of the prophctca. 

15 He seyde vnto them. But whom 
saye ye that I ura7 

16 Symon Peter answered and sayde, 
Thou arte Crist, the sonne of the livyuge 

17 And Jesus answered and sayde to 

a 2 

GOTHIC, 35o. 

Anglo-Saxon, 995 i^- matt. 

Eadig eart du, Stmon culfrau beani ; 
fordani hit du uo onwreah flcesc ue h\{ 
ac imn fseder de on heofeouxn ys. 

X 8 And ic secge de, daet du eart F( 
and ofer disne ston ic timbrige 
cyricean, and hcllc gatu ne magon ongen 

19 And^de ic s)'Ue heofona nces CKgii 
and swu hwiet swa du ofer por^an 
bindst, dffit by|) on heofoiium gebdndeai 
and Bwa hwKt avfi du unbludst o( 
eor|)an, dssi by|> unbuuden on bcofout 

ao Da bebead se Hselend hys 1< 
cnihtum, da;t big nanom menn ne nedc 
dast he ware Hselend Crist. 

a I Syddon he ongan awutelian h] 
leoming-cnibtum, dcet be woldt: larou 
Hiemaalem, and fela )nDga \>v\ttm 
yldrum, and boceraro, and ealdor- 
nnm dsera aacerda ; and beon o£sl( 
and dy {iryddan datge ariaao. 

33 And da genam Petrua hyne on- 
dron, and cww^ to hinit Drihten, 
gewurda dst. 

33 Da beaeah he hyne, and cwm} 
Pctre, Gang bieftuu me, Satanaa ; wif 
r«cdc du eart me ; fordam du nut 
\t\ng de synd Godea, ac da de 

24 Da ssede se Helend hya leoraii 
enihtum, Gyf hwa wylle ^ligean 
widsace hyne lylfhe, and nyme byf 
and mo fylige ; 

35 S6}iHco ee de wyle hys savle 
gedon, he big forepil^ ; and se de 
big for me forspyllan, se hig Hnt 

26 Hwwt fremajj »negum menn, 
he ealne raiddan-eard gcatryne, gyf 
bys Bawle forwyrd |>ola{i ? odde hi 
gewrixl 9y\\> se maun for hys sawlel 

27 Witodlice mannes aonu yi to 
enue on hys faeder wnldre, mid 
cnglum, and donne dgylt seghwylctun 
bya ageuum weorce.^ 

38 S6[»lice ic secge eow, sume synt 
•tandende. de deajf ne onbyTigea)>, 

XVI. 18-38.] WYCLIFFKiaSg. 

to hym, Blessid art thou, SjTtion Bar- 
tooa ;* for flesh and blood ahewidc nat 
to tface, but my fadir that ib in heuencs. 

18 And Y leye to thee, for thou art 
Peire, and rpon (his stoon I shal bilde 
my churche, and the ^atis of belle shuleu 
oat h&n mijt^ a^eins it 

19 And to thee I aha! )cuc tho keies 
of the kyngdam of hcucnes ; and what 
eoer tbon shalt b)*nde vjton ertlic, shal 
be bonnden and in heuenes ; and what 
cner tboa ahalt vnbynde vyton erthe, shal 
be mbouoden and in hcuenea. 

so Thanne he comanndidc to his dis- 
dplis, that tbei shulden seio to no man, 
that be was Crist. 

2 1 Fro that tyme .DiesiiB bygan for to 
ihewe to hia disciplis, that it byhouith 
hjm to go to Jerusalem, and euffre 
many thiogns of the eldris, and scribia, 
and princis of prestis ; and be eleyn, and 
the thridde day ryse vp a^ein. 

3 J And Pctre. takyngc hym to, began 
for to bUnie hym, seyinge, Fer be it fro 
U)e>e, Lord ; this thing shal not be to 

23 The wbiche, turnyd, seide to Petre, 
StUianafl, go after me: thou art sclaundre 
to me ; for thou aauerist nat* tho thingis 
that l>cn of God, but tho thiugis that 
ben of men. 

34 Thanne Jhesua seide to his disciplis, 
$f enj man wole cume after me, denye 
he hym sel^ aud take his crosse. and 
roe me ; 

15 For be that wole make his Boule 
utV shal lede it . forsothe he that »bal 
lew his sonle^ for me, shal fynde it. 

16 Sotbcly what profitith it to a man, 
^If he vryunc &\ the world, trewly he 
■ffiw peyrynge of his soulet or what 
daangynge shal a man jeue for his 

37 For manncs sono is to come in 
glrrrit! of his (adir, with his angelis, and 
tluiune he shal jelde to eucry man aftir 
his workis. 

38 Trealy I seie to 30U, there ben 
nunmc of r/teii stondynge beer, the 

TYNDALE, 1536. 


him, Flappy arte thou, Simon the soune 
of Jonas ; for Hcshc and bloud have 
nott opened vnto the that, butt my fiather 
which is in hcven. 

1 8 And I saye also vnto the, that thou 
nrt€ Peter, and apon this roocke I wyll 
bylde my congregacion, and the gate* 
off bell shall nott prevayle a geynst it. 

19 And I wyll geve vnto the the keycs 
of the kyngdom of hcven ; and whaUo- 
ever thou byndest vpfvon erth, yt shall be 
bounde in heven ; and whatsoever tliou 
lowsest on erthe, yt shalbe lowsed in 

3o Then he charged his disciples, that 
they shulde tell no m&n, that he was 
Jesus Clirist. 

21 From that tyme forth Jesus bcpan 
to shewe vnto bye disciples, howc that 
he must go vnto Jeruualom, and suffer 
many thingcs of the scniorcs. and of tho 
bye prest^ and of the scribes ; and 
must be killed, and ryse agayne the 
thirde daye. 

33 Peter toke him a side, and began 
to rebuke hym, sayinge, Master, fave 
thy sylfe; this shall not come vuto the. 

23 Tlien toumed he aboute, and sayde 
vnto Peter, Go after me, Satan ; thou 
offendeat me ; because thou perceavcst 
uott godly tliyngea, but worldly thinges. 

34 Jesus then sayde to hys disciptes, 
Yf eny man wyll folowe me, Icct liym 
forsaykc hym sylfc, and take hys crosse, 
and folowe me ; 

25 For who soever wyll save hys lyfe, 
shall loose yt ; and whosoever shall loose 
hys lyfe for my sake, shall fynde yt. 

26 Whatt shall hit proffct a man. yf he 
shulde wyn all the whoole worldc, so ho 
loose hys owne soulet or ela what ehall 
a man geve to redemo hys soule agayne 
with all 1 

37 For the sonne off man sliall come 
in the glory of hys father, with hya 
angels, and then shall he rewanio every 
man accurdinge to hys dedcs. 

38 Verely I save vnto you, some there 
be a monge them that hero stondc. 

GOTHIC, 360. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Mai 

hig goseoD manues sunu camendne od 
hys fedorricei 


Chap. XVII. i And »fter dx dafjrmn 
nam se Hselcnd Petnim, and Incubuni. 
and lohanncm, hys brudor, and \xMe 
hig on-sundron on cenne beahnc munt, 

2 And he wses gehiwod befor&n him. 
And hia ansyn soean swu awa inuuicj 
and hys reaf wsron swi hwite 

3 And c&e! tfa etfwde Mojtes udj 
Helias, mid him sprecende. 

4 Da cwiefi Potma to him, Drihten, god 
ys us her to beonne. Oyf du wjlt, ni 
wyrcean her yi'eo eordimg-stowa ; 
ane, Moyse ane, and Helie ane. 

5 Him da jEfyt eprecendumt andso^Ucai 
da beorht wolcn bi^ oferaccan ; and 
eihe! com stefn of dam wolcne, and cwp 
Her ys min leofa sunu, on dam me rr< 
gelica|> ; gebyrnl* hyne. 

6 And da IiIl; dis ^ebyrdon hys U 
iug-cnihtaa, big feollon on hyra ansji 
and h)-m swydc oudredon. 

7 He gen^iieht« da, and hig iDt-hniV| 
and bim to cW8e)>, Arisajr, and ne 01 
drsedab cow. 

8 Da big hyra eagan upp^abofon. 
gesawon big nsennc, buton done Hi 

9 And da hig of dam muute eodon, 
Hselcnd hym bebeail, and dua 
Ndnum monn ne secgeau ge dia, 
mannes sunu of deajw ariaei^ 

10 iVnd da axodou hys leormng-<9ut 
hync, Hwffit secgeti):> da boceraa, dnt i 
byrigc lerest euiuon Helium 1 

1 1 Da audswarodo he hym, Witodli 
Heliaa ys towcard, and he ge-ednii 
ealLe |)iug. 

13 S6|>Iicc ic eow socgc. da.>t Hd'n 
com, and hig hyne ne gecneowon, ac 
dydon yml>e hync, Bwa hntet swa 
W0IU0U ; and ssvn ys mannes Bunn 
firam him to |)i-6wigenne. 

-laj WYCUFFE, 1389. 

flbol nat taaste deth, til tbel 
ftnoys soDe conunynge iu his 

XVJl. I And after sexe 
liesaM toke Petre, and Jamys, 
I. his brother, and Icdde hem 
to an hi) hill, 

w«8 tranfftigured ^ bifore hem, 
ii (ace schoon as the minne ; for- 
ia dothis were maad white as 

lo ! MoYsee and Helye apperiden 
spckyugc with hym. 

lely Petre answerynge aeid to 
ionl, it is good va to he here. 
wolt, make we bore three taber- 
to thee oon, to Moysea oon^ and 

fxa spekynge, loo ! a li^ty cloude 
1 hem ; and loo ! a voih of the 
•eyinge. This is ray derworth 
I whom I haue wel plcaide to 
ire je hym. 
the disciplis. heerynge, fellen 
to ber facis, and dre<lden gretely. 

Jhenu came ni;, and touchidc 
d Mide to hem, Ris vp, nyl je 

ihtA, rysynge vp ber ei^en, 
no but Jhesus aloou. 

hem cummynge doan fro the 
m, Jliesus coranundide hem, 
Saie 3c to no man the risioun, 
tt sone ryse ajcin fro dead. 

t his diseij^lis axiden hym, scy- 
at therfore seyn scribis, that it 
Hely first come I 
d be answerynge aeith to hem, 
ft Hely tfl to come, and he ehul 
^e tliiugia. 

Buiy Y Bcyc to jou, that Hcly is 
Ben, and thei knewcn hym nat, 
diden in hym, what euere thingis 
deo J 00 and mannys sone is to 

TYNDALE, 1536. 87 

whych shall nott taste of deetb, tyll 
they shall have seuc the sonnc of man 
come in hys kjTigdome. 

Chap. XVII. 1 And affcr vj dayea. 
JhcHus toke Peter, and James, and Jhon, 
hyd brother, and brouglit them vppe 
into au liyc raonntayne out of the waye, 
3 Aud was translygurcd before them. 
And hya face dyd shjue &s the sun ; and 
h}'9 clothes were as whyte as the light. 

3 And beholde ! there appered vnto 
them Muses aad Hclyas, talkingo with 

4 Tlicn answered Peter and sayde to 
Jesus. Master, here is good bcinge for 
V9. Yff thou wylt, Icct vs make here iij 
tabernacles ; won for the, and won for 
M(»se3, and won for Ilelyas, 

5 Whyll he yet spiike, beholde ! a bright 
cloude shadowed tliem ; and lo ! a voice 
out of the cloude i>ayde, This is my deare 
Sonne, in whon I delite ; beare hym. 

6 And when the disciples herde that, 
they fell Hatt on there faces, and were 
soore afrnyod. 

7 Aud Jesus cam, and touched them, 
and sayde, Arj-so, and be not a frayed. 

8 Tlien lyfte they vppe their cyos, aud 
sawc no man, but Jesus only. 

9 And as they cam doune from the 

mounta}Tie, he charged them, sayinge, 
8e that ye shcwe thys vysion to no maji, 
tyil the sonne of man be rysen ageyuo 
from deeth. 

10 And hys disciples axed off him. 
sayinge, Wliy then suyc the scribes, that 
Helitts muste fyrst come ? 

1 1 J esus answered and sayd Tnto them, 
Fielias shall fjTst come, and restore all 

1 2 And I say© vnto you, that Bellas 
ys come alredy, and they knewe hym 
nott, butt have done vnto him, whatso- 
ever they lusted ; in lyke wTsc shall also 
the sonnc of man sufTre of tliem. 


QOTHIC, 360. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [&r. Matt. 

13 Da ougctoa liys lcoraiil|?-CDihtAfi, 
diet he lijt sscde be lohonne ^m Full* 

14 And di he com to dere mene^ 
him to geneolsehtc suin luaun, gebtgednn. 
cneowum toforan him, and cwa?|), 

T 5 Drihton, gcmiltsa mlnum suna , f( 
am Ac he ya fylle-seoc, &ud yfel ^la^ 
be fyl)> ou fyr, and gclomlicc on waei 

1 6 And ic brobte hyne to dinum 
ing-cnihtum, and big ne mibton hjme 

17 Da andswarodc he htm, Ealn g< 
ungeleoffalle and ^wyre cneorea ; hu UoffO 
beo ic mid cow? hu lang© forbere M.^ 
eow 1 Bringaji bjme to mc hider. 

1 8 And da |»rcade so Hselend hyne, 
Be deofol hyne forlct ; and se cnapa 
of dnre tide gehscled. 

1 () Da genealaehton hys leoming-cnil 
him to, and him to cwiedon digtiee, 
ne myhtc we hj-ne ut-adrifan 1 

20 Di cw»|» he. For hyra ungel 
nease. S6}>1ice on cornost ic eow 
gyf ge hfcfdon geieafan, swa sent 
com, and ge cwscdon to disaum 
Far heonone, donne ferde he ; and 
ne byt> Knig ^\d^ unmibtelic; 

21 S6|>lice dia cynn ne by|» dt-idryfe^ 
buton |mrh gvbcd and £»3ten. 

22 Da big wunedon on Qalilea. 
CAvmf ^c Ha'lend, Mannea simu ja 
fiyllenne ou manna handa ; 

33 And big of9lea|i hyne, and he 
on dam {riddan diege. Da wurdon ' 
J>eai-le ge-unrotaode, 

24 And da be com to Cafamaum,' 
gcnealeehton to Pctre, da deet gafol 
on, and dus cwwdon, Eower lareow 
g)'lt he gafol ? 

25 Dd cwa>|> be, Oy»e he de|>. 
dn he com into dam biisc, da cwn^l 
Hselend, Hwaet t'inc|t de, Symonl 
hwam nima|> cyuingas gafol odde 
of hyra bcarnum, bwsader de of freo»" 
edum 1 

26 Da cw»)i be> Of fremedum. 

rVlL 13-26.] WTCLIFFE, 1389. 

13 Thftixno diflciplis vndinttodcn, that 
of Joon Baptist he hadde seitl to hem. 

^4 And whaime be cam to the cum- 

^Hgrc of pcple, a man cam to hym, 

HSd on knees byfore hym, seymge, 

15 Lord, baue mercy on my Bonc ; for 
be IB tonatyke, and suJIrith yuol, for why 
oft tymys he falHtb in to tho 6jr, and 
oft tymys in to water. 

16 And I o&ide hym to thi diadpUs, 
ind thei myjten oat hele bym. 

17 Jbema aoffwerynge seith, A ! thou 
gaier»cioun ▼nbyleeftil,* and weiward ; 
boa lunge ehal I be with 30U ? hou 
longe aha] I miSke 30U ? Brynge 9eo hym 
hidir to me. 

i3 And Jhesns bUmyde hym, and the 
4rael went* out fro hym ; and tbo child 
it helid fro that houre. 

19 Tbanne disciplis camen ni) to Jbcsu 
priujly, and seiden to hym, Wbi mijte 
ut we casten hym out V 

I1PSU8 seith to hem, For joure 
no. Trculy 1 scie to 50U, jlf 5c 
iiiuiru haae feith, as a com of Boncucy, 
u ahulen seie to this hill, Posse thou 
MOima, and it shal passe; and no thing 
^ be impossible to 30U ; 

31 Forsothc this kynde is nat cast out, 
Qo bat by prejinge and fastyngc. 

22 Trculy, hem lyuyngo topdre in 
Galilee, Jhesna seide to hem, Mannea 
Mne ii to be bitraied in to the honiUs 

AIBieD ^ 

13 And thei shulcn slea hym, and the 
thriiide day he sbal rj'se a^ein. And 
tbci l>en maad ful scry. 

24 And whanne he came to Oaphar- 
aaun. thei tliat token tribut, camen to 
Petre. and seiden to bym, Joure maister 
psyeth nat tribute 1 

35 And be seith, ^he. And whenne 
be had ontrid in to an boose, Jhesua 
Qune bifore hym. seyinge, Symount, 
what aemctb to tbcc 1 Of wbichc taken 
the kyngis of crthe tribut?^ of her ounu 
•oays, ether of alyenya 1 ^ 

^ An d be seide, Of other meunus 

TYNDALE, 1526. 89 

13 Then hj-B disciples ixjrceaved, that 
be spake vnto them of Jbon Baptist 

14 And when they were come to the 

people, thcr cam to hym a certayne 
man, and kneled douuc to bym, saynge, 

1 5 Master, have mercy on my sonue ; 
fibr be is franticke, and ys aoro vexed, 
and oft tjoncs fallcth into the fyre, and 
oft into the water. 

1 6 And I brought him to thy disciples, 
and they couldc not beale him. 

1 7 Jesus aitfwered and sayde, ! 
generacion faytbles, and croked ; bowe 
longe shall I be with youl how longe 
shall Y Buffrc you 1 Bryng him bidder 
to me. 

18 And Jhesua rebuked the devyll, and 
he cam out ; and the child was healed 
even that same houro. 

19 Tlicn came hys disciples secretly,, 
and aayde, Why could not we cast him 

30 Jesus sayd mto them, Because offj 
yourc vubclfc. For I saye veryly vnto 
you, yff ye bad fa^thc, as a grayne off 
mustcrd seed, ye sliuld saye mto this 
mountaj'ne, Rcnieve hence to yonder 
place, and he ahuldc remeve ; nether 
shuld euy thynge be vnpossyble for you 
to do ; 

21 But this kynde goeth not oute, 
butt by pryer and fast^iigc. 

33 Whill they passed the tyme in 
Qalilc, Jesus saydo mto them, The 
Sonne off man shalbc betrayed into tho 
bondcs off men ; 

33 And they shall kill hym, and the 
tbyrd daye he shall ryse agayne. And 
they sorowed greatly. 

34 When thoy were come to Caper- 
naum, they that were wont to gadre 
poll money, cam to Fctcr, and suyde. 
Doth youre master paye tribute 1 

35 He sayd. Ye. And when he was 
come into the bousse, Jesus spake fyrst 
to bj-m, sayng. What tbynkest thou Si- 
mon ? Of wbome do the kyngea off the 
ertb take tribute, or ]>oU money 1 of 
their chyldren, or of straungers? 

26 Peter sayde vnto hyme, Of straungers. 

GOTHIC, 36a 

AKOLO-SAXON". 995. [St.Mxi 
Y he, KornoBtBce d* beam 


27 Deah-bwiedere diet we hi oe 
unrotsigeon, K;aiig Ui daerc ssf. and 
^Eume aogel at. and nim done 
fiac ; and, hys niu^ ge-opena, do fu 
Knne wecg on him j nim done, and 
for me and for 66, 

Chap. XVUl.^ i On drpre tide 
nealechton hp leomiag-cDihtas to 
Haelende, aud cwscdon, Hwa, wenst 
ys yldra on heofcoa rice t 

3 And da otypodo se Hselend 
Ij^Uog, and geaette on hjra midlen ; 

3 And cwae[>, So|)lice ic secge 
buton ge beon gecyrrode, and jyet 
ene swa swa lytlingas, ne ga gc oo hi 
eoa nee. 

4 Swa hwylc swa hyne ge-«admeft 
des lytling, se ys roara on heofena ri< 

5 And 8va hvrylo swa aune dil 
lytUng on minum naman onfehji, »e 
feh|) nie. 

6 Sc|>licc se de beswic^ senne of dy 
IjTtlir^imi, de on mo gclyfa^, beterv 
ys datfc an cw^rn-stan m to hys 
gccuyttf and si besenced on B»a gruDd! 

7 Wadysnm middon-gearde, )>urb 1 
domas ; neod ys, diet swycdomas eui 
deah-bwa'derc wa dam menu de 
dom Jiurh hyne cym|>. 

8 Gyf din hand odde din fot de 
aceorf hyne of^ aud avnirp fram 
Betere de ys dtefc dii ga wanhal, 
bealt, to life, donne du haebbe twa hi 
and twcgou fet and sy on ece fyr 

9 And gyf din eage de Bwica)>. 
b}'t ut, and awur]) byt fram de. Beti 
dc ys mid tinum cage on life to g 
duunc du si mid twam ascnd on 

.-XVIIL9.] WYCLTTFE, 1389. 

['Jlieeos 8<adc to bym, Tbcrforc 


>the that we sclaiindre nat 
tfaoa to the see, and sende an 

take the ilko fishc that 6rst 

Tp ; and, his mouth ojienyd, 
It fynde stater f thou tiikyng 

hem for me and for thee. 

7TNDALE, igatf. 


17. XVm X In that hour the 

^ camen 013 to Jhesns, sciyugo, 

thou, is more in the kyng- 


[ Jhesus, clepynge to a litil child, 

in the mydil of hem ; 

>Beide, I stiic trcwthe to ;ou, uo 

shulen be tumjd, and raaad 

children, 30 shulen nat entrcn 

k}iigdttm of heuenea. 

fre who euere shal meeke 

this litil child, he is more in 

of hcucnca. 
he that rcaceyueth ooa ache 
H my name, resccyucth me. 

bwho Bhal Klaundre oon of 
leate. that byleeuen in me, 
» hym that u myln stoon 

be hanged in his neeke, and 
chid in to the dcpnosse of the 

to the world, for sclaundris ; 
ii neede^ that sclaundris come ; 
woo to the ilk man by whom n 
z Cometh. 

jif thin hond or thi foot 
! thee, kitt it of, and kast awcy 
It is good to thee to entro in 
le, other croked, than luiuyngc 
or two feet to be sent in to 

jif thin eije sclanndre thee, 
DUt, and cast awey fro thee. It 

to thee with ooD ei^e to cntrc 
, than hanynge two cijea to be 
to fijr of helle. 

Then sayil Jesus \'nto hym agane, Then 
are the chyldrcn fre. 

27 Neverthelesse lest we flhuldo of- 
fende them, goo to the see, and cast in 
thyuo angle, and take the fysahe that 
fyrst Cometh vp; and, when thou hast 
opened his mouthe, thou shalt fynde a 
pece of twelve pens ; that take and paye 
for me and the. 

Chap. XVTH. i Tlie same tymc the 
disciples cam vnto Jesus, sayng, Who is 
the greatest in the kyngdom off beven 1 

2 Jesns called a chyldc vnto hym, and 
set hym in the middos of them ; 

3 And sayd, Verely I say vnto you, 
except ye toume, and become as chil- 
dren, ye cannot enter into the kyngdom 
off heven. 

4 Whosoever therfore shall submit him 
silfc as this chyldc, be is the greatest in 
the k}'ngdom of heven. 

5 And whosoever receaveth suche a 
chyldc in my name, receaveth rac. 

6 But whosoever offend won of these 
lytell wons, which beleve in me, yt were 
better for h^Tu that a millstone were 
hanged alK>ute his necke, and that he 
were drouned in the depth of ihe see. 

7 Wo be vnto thg world, because of 
evil I occasions; hit is necessary, that 
evy]\ occasions be geven ; neverthelesse 
woo be to that man by whom evyll 
occasion commeth. 

8 Wherefore yff thy honde or thy fote 
geve the an occasion of evyll, cut hym 
of, and cast hym from the. Hit ia 
better for the to enter into lyfe halt, or 
maymed, rather then thou shuldeste 
havyngo two hondes or two fete bo cast 
into cvcrlast)Tig fyre. 

9 And yf also thyne eye offende the, 
plucko him oute, and caste hym from 
the. It is better for the to enter into 
lyfe with one eye, then havyng two eyes 
to be cast into hell fyre. 

GOTHIC, 360. 

AXGLO-SAXON. 995. [St. 

I o Wamiat>, <!»i ge ne oferbogun sum 

of djsum IjiliDgum <le gel7&^ on na.^- 

1 1 SofiHce mannes smia com to 
a&ne Atei forwear}». 

1 2 Hwttt )-9 eow ge)iaht I Oyf 
ni&nn hxfy hnnd aceapat and him 
an of dam, hu ne forlaet be da nigoDi 
hund nigontig on dam znuntom, 
g»|» and 8co|> deet an de fonreaf^ t 

13 And gyf hyt gelimp^ dct he 
fiut, s6)>lice ic eow secge. dst he 
geblifisa)! for dam onum dimne o(er\ 
nigon and bund nigontig de ua ne 

14 Swa n}*s willa beforaa to^ 
fSseder de on heofenum ys, dset an 
wurde of diBum lytlingura.' 

15 So^lice gj-f din brodor sjngalx 
de, ga, and styr him, betwux de Aod 1 
Bylfum ; gyf he de gehyrj>, dii 
ast dinne brodor. 

16 Oj-f he de ne gchyr|>, nim 
gyt seune odde twegen to dc, da^j 
word Blonde on twegra odde 

17 Gyf ho hig ne gchyr)», snge 
gefemedene. G3rf he hig ne gehj 
si he de Bwa swa heeden and manfull. 

18 S6|)Iice ic Bccge eow, gwa hvryloi 
swa ge gebindft)* nfer eor^ian, da bco^ 
gebundcnc ou heofonum ; and swa hwp-^ 
ce swa go ofcr cor^n uubinda)>, da beof 
on heofonum unbuiidcuc. 

1 9 Eft ic eow secgei gyf twvgea ti 
cow ge)>waeriat> ofer eor^nin, be views 
))tngc dc hig bid(hi|>, hit gcwur)> htm oi 
minum feeder de on hcofonuni ya. 

30 Dier twegen odde ^ry aynt 00 
urn naman gegaderode, d»r ic 
hyra midlene. 

2 r Da gcncalachte Pctrna to him, lai 
cwffij», Dtihten, gjf min brodor Bynn 
wid me, mot ic him forgyfanl Od tecw 


10 Se ^e, that je dispiae aat oon of 
tiKM lilile. Trcwijr I seie to jou, that 
like ftngeltfl of bem in heucnes seen euer- 
Wtn the face of my fadir that U in 

1 1 Forsothe mannys wne came for to 
Koe that thing that i>eriahide. 

sa Wh&t semeth to ^oal y^f ther 
to samman an huudrid sheep, 
oon of hem shall ctre, wher he shal 
leeoe njnty and nyne in desert, 
fthal go for to seeke that that 

13 And if it befalle that he fynde tt, 
trewly I seie to jou, for he ehal ioye 
,|kciroQ more than of nynty and nyne 

enidcQ oat. 

14 80 it is nat will before youre fadir 
is in beueues, that oon of these litil 

reotb jif thi brother sJial synne 
.:■, go thoD, and reproue hyin,* 
ihee and h^'m ulooiio ; ^if he 
hcore thee, thou host wonnen thi 

t6 Trewly ^ he ahal nat heere thee^ 
with thee oon or two, that euery 
Btonde in the mouthe of two or 

»7 That y\i he ehal nat heere heni, 
■U thou to the chirchc. Forsothc ^if 
\i f^ud not becre the chirche, be bee to 
thn* a» an hethen and a pupticane. 

IS I seie to ;ou trewH, what euere 
thingu ^ee shnleii byudc vpoa crthc, 
Oku sliulen be bounden and in heuenes ; 
icd what euen: things jee shulon vn- 
\mu\o vpon erthe, tho sbulcu be vn- 
U.ii: .l(-u and in heuenes. 

ftaoone I seie to ;ou, that ;if two 
' . V a shulen consente on the crtlie, of 
■Dcry thingc whateuer thei shulen axe, 
*' -' ' be don to hem of my fadir that 
' -uenes. 
20 ror where two or three shuleu be 
Ifnlrid in my name, ther I am in the 
tr.: ' " , 1,1. 

iC Petrc, cummynge nij to 
u, MJde, Lord, hou oftc siml my 
'ther synoe in me, and I shal fu.3eue 
m f >\licther to seuen tymes 1 


TYNDALE, 1526: 

10 Se, that ye de-spise not won of theao 
litel! wona. For I saye vnto you, thatt 
in hcven their an^cla behold the face of 
my fader which ya in hoven. 

1 1 Te and the sonne of roan ia come 
to save that which is lost. 

1 2 How thynke ye 1 Yf a man had an 
hondred shepe, and one of them shuld 
goo astray, will he not levc nynty and 
nj'ne in the mountains, and go and seke 
that won which is gone astray 1 

13 If it happen that he fynd him, 
veryly I say vnto you, he reioyseth 
more of that shepe then of the nynty 
and nyne which went not astray. 

1 4 Even so hit is nott the wyll of youre 
father in heuen, that won oS this lytell 
wous shulde perishe. 

15 Moreover }'f tliy l)rother trespaa 
ayenst the, go, and tell b^-m his faute, 
belwene hyin and the alone ; yf ho 
heare the, thou bast wone thy brother. 

16 But yf he heare the not, then take 
with the won or two, that in the mouth 
of two or thre witnesses all aainges maye 

17 Yf he heare not them, tcl! hit vnto 
the congregaciou. Yf he heare not the 
congregacioD, take him as an hethen 
man and as a publican. 

18 Verely I say vnto you, whatsoever 
ye byude on erth, shalbc bounde in 
heven ; and whatsoever ye lose on erth, 
shalbe losed in heven. 

19 Aga3m I say vnto you, that if two 
off you shall agre in erth, in eny maner 
thinge whatsoever they shall deayre, hit 
shalbe geven them of my fader which is 
in heven. 

ao For where two or thre are gadered 
togedder in my name, there am I ui tho 
myddes off tliem. 

21 Then cam Peter to hym, and 
sayde, Master, howe ofte shall my brother 
trcspas agcynet me, luid I sliall foryevo 
hym ? Shall I forgeve hym seven tjTucst 

33 Da cwie)> ec Flselend, Ne 80 
tfe, od seofon sidaa ; &c od seo&n 
Beofont)p:oD sidotL* 

33 Fonliiin ys heofena rice an]i< 
oyninge, de bys ^was geradegodC 

24 And da be diet gerad settfl 
wits uu brobt, se bim aoeolde tjn (i 

35 And da be uiefde bwanon 1| 
ajpilde, h}iie bet bys blaford get 
and bys wif, and bys cUd, and ci] 
he ahte. 

36 Da astrcbte se |«ow liyne. and 
Hlaford^ gebafu ge|>yld on me. I 
byt de eall agylde. 

37 Da £renuIfasodc sc blaford bin 
forgcaf buu done gytt. 

38 D£ se |>cowa ut-eode, be ffl 
byB efcn-^wan, se bim sccolde all 
penega ; and be nam bync da. an 
^TTsmede hyne, and cw»^, Xgyf 4 

39 And da astrcbte bys efen* 
hyne and bed byne, ami dns 
Ge^d^Sy and ic byt de eall agyi 

30 He da nolde ; ac (cTdc. and 
hyne on cweartern, od diet he hj 

31 Da gesawon bys efen-JfeowM 
da vurdon big swyde ge-nnrd 
And comon, and ssdon 
calle da diede. 

33 Da cJrpode bys blafofd 
cww|> to bim, Eai« du \y\fn J 
eallue dinne gylt ic de forgeaf, s 
de du me baede. 

Hu ne gebyrede de 
Auinm efen-]ieowan, 

34 Da WRS se blaford yrre, and 
hyne dam witncnim, od dnt b 

35 Sira de|» min se beofonlToa 
gff ge of eowrum heortnm M 

M fbrgyfa|> 

seith to b^, T seie imt to 
MQcn sitliis; but to senenty 
iett« sitliis. 
tiote the kingdom of heuencs 
led to a xnon kyng, that wolde 
K>im witli bis seruauntia. 
I vhonne he begun for to putte 
oon was offrid to tiyin* that 
hym ten thoiuand talentiA. 
fr]y whaime he hadde oat wher- 
ide, his lord comaundidc h}*in to 
and bis wif, and soDys. and alle 
ihat be hadde, and to be payed, 
the the ilk seruaunt, fallyngo 
reide hym, seyinjfe, Haue pB- 
L me, and alle thiagia I shol 

hely the lord of that scniauut 
mercy, leete hym/ and for^auo 
Ihe dette. 

ly tbilk Bemaant gon out, 
on of bis cucQ Beruauntis, tliat 
fro. an hundrid pens ; and he, 
hym, stranglide hym, seyinge, 
i thou owist. 

i his euen scruauut preiede hym, 
Hane pocience in roe, and alle 
'. Bhal qu^-tc to thee, 
•othe be wolde nat ; but vcntc, 
i hym in to pryson, til that be 
the dette. 

tely bis cuen seruauutia, 8ee3mge 
igis that weren don, gretely 
•orowe. And thei cnmcu, and 
her lord alle the thingis that 

mne bia lord clepide hym, and 
b3rm, Weywai-il seruaunt, I 
thee ftl the dette, for thou 

erfore wher it behouede nat 
to baue mercy on thi enen 
t» aa I hu<lde mercy of thee 1 
id hia lord wroth, tok bym to 
rturs, til that be puiedc al the 

And my fadir of heucn shal do 
jif 5c for^eue nat euery man to 
ler^ uf 5oure hertls. 

a a Jesus sayd vnto bym, I saye nott 
vnto the, seven tymee ; but aeTeoty 
tjones sevL'Q tymee. 

23 Therefore ia the kyngdom off heven 
lykened vnto a certayne kjTige, whiub 
wolde take a countee of his servanntes. 

24 And when be had begone to rccken, 
won was browgbte vnto hj*m, whicho 
ought hym ten ttionsande talcnttes. 

35 But when be had nought to paye, 
the lord commauudcd him to be flolde, 
and his wyfo* and bis children, and all 
that be had, and payment to be made. 

36 The servaunt fell doune, and be- 
sought bym, saiuge, Syr, yeve me re- 
spyte, and I vyll paye hit every whit. 

27 Then had the lordc pitie on the 
servaunt, and lowscd b)Ta, and forgave 
hyin the dett 

28 Tlie same servaunt went out, and 
foundc wonc off liis felowcs, which ought 
hym an hundred pence ; and leyed 
hondea on h37n, and toke hym by the 
throote, aainge, Paye that thou owest. 

39 And bis felowe fell dounc and 
besought hym, saynge. Have paeieuce 
with nie, and I wyll |>aye the all. 

30 And he woUde not ; Imt went, and 
cast h^'m into preaon, tyll he shulde 
paye the dett. 

3 1 When his other felowcs sawe what 
was done, they were very sory. And 
cam, and tolde vuto there lorde all that 
had happened. 

32 TIjen the lorde called him, and 
sayde vuto hym, evyll servauct, Y 
forgave tlie all tlmt dett, because thou 
pray d est me. 

33 Was it not mete also that tboa 
ahuldest have bad compassion on thy 
folow, even as Y hod pitie on the] 

34 And his lorde was wrooth, and 
delyvered hym to the ioylcrs, tyll ho 
abulde paye all that was due to b}Tn. 

35 So lykc wj'se shall youre hevenly 
father do mto you, yf ye wj-ll not forgevo 
with youre herttes, cache won to bia 
brother there trcaspases. 


GOTHIC. 360. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [&r. Mai 

Chap. XIX. i And da »e U»I 

ge-eo(lode daa spneca, he ferde 
QalUca, and com on Iudeisc« em 
begoondftn lordanen. 

a And hym fjligdon mjc«le 
aud be hig gehselde dfer. 

3 Dtt genealtebtou liiin to Furissei, hj 
eostnigeDde, and cwecdon, Is al^ed 
egum menn hya wif to forlaetenne, 
Koegum )>mge 1 

4 Da audswarode he him, Ne 
ge, 86 de on fhuoaa worhte, be wc 
wsep-mann and wif-mann 1 

5 And cwa>|>, Fordam &c Duum fo 
&eder and modor, and hyne to 
wife ge)>eot ; and beo)) twegen on ui 

6 Witodlice no synt hig twegen, ac 
Besc. Ne getvcemc nan mann da 
Qod gesomnode. 

7 Da cwaedon hig, Hwi het Moj 
ByUan hiv-gedales hoc, and h% 
l&eton ? 

8 Da cw»)> he, Mojses, for eower 
ortan heardnesse, lyfde eow eower 
forlatcunc ; softiice niea hyt on 

9 S6|>Iicc ic flecge eow, swa hw£ 
forltttt hyB wif, biiton for forligere, 
oder feta|i, se uuryht-bfiemt> ; and sej 
forleetene 8efier him uym|>, so 

10 Da cwsedon hya leoi 
Oyf hjt swa ya dam menu mid hya 
ne &ema)> nanum mcun to wiRenne. 

1 1 Da cwBe}) he, Nc undcrf6)i 
menn dis word ; ac dam de hyt 

1 3 So[>lice syud belistnode, de of 
modor innodum cuui&)> ; and eft 
belifitDode, [da men de man belit 
and <jft^ ajTid belistnode,] de 
heHstnodon, for heofena rice, 
nyme ae, de undemymau m»ge. 

13 Da w«ron him gebrohte lytUi 
to, det he bys hand on hig aaette, 

T-t3-] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

Kr. XJX. I And it ia don, whenne 
I badde eendide these wordia, be 

^fro GaUIee, and came in to the 
r Judee oner Jordan. 
id m&nje campanyes of mm sneden 
md be belide hem there. 
pd Pbariaccs camcn ni^ to hym, 
psge bym, and seyiuge, Wher it 
ffiil for A Riflo for to leeae^ his 
if what euer cause ? 
le whiche auswcryugc seitb to 
ffan nAt ;ee rad, for he tbftt made 
tthe hjrrynnynge, male and female 
de hem ) 
)4 be eeide. For this thing a man 

Ke fadir and modir, and he shal 
I bis wif ; and thci shulen be 
I 00 flesh. 

ul so thei beu nat now two, bot 
ih. Therfore a nmu departe nat 
that Qod cuioynyde.* 

seyen to hym, What thanue 
ide Moyaes, to jeue a Htil boke 
!. and to Iceue off \ 

TYND ALE, 1536. 


seith in hem, For Moyses, 
of 3om-e herte, snffride 
;e 3oure w\iie3 ; fursothe at 
tyng it was oat so. 
riy I seie to 50U, that who euer 
h his wif. no but for foraicacioun, 
foddith on other, doth a vuwtrie ; 
w that weddith the forsaken wi/e, 

liplis seien to hym, 3>f the 
ft man with a wijf is so^ it 
ith oat to wodde. 

*he whiche seith to hem. Nut allc 
taken this word ; but to which it 

3otbely there ben geldyngts, the 
e ben thus bom of the modris 
■e ; and there ben geldyngis, that 
luud of men, and there ben geld- 
that ban gcldid hem self, for the 
Um of beuenes. He that may 
take he. 
rhanne UtU children weren offrid 

that be shulde puttc hondis 

Chap. XIX. 1 And it folowed, when 
Jesus liad fynysshetl those sayiuges, he 
gat hym &om Galile, and cam in to the 
coostea off lewry beyonde Jordan. 

2 And moeho people fotowed hym, and 
he healed them theare. 

3 Then cam \-uto hym the Pharises, to 
temptc hym, and sayde to hym, Ys hit 
law^U for a man to put a waye his 
wyfe, for all manner off causes ? 

4 He answered and sayde vnto them, 
Have ye not redde, bowe that he wliich 
made man at the begynnyngc, made 
them man and woman 1 

5 Aud saide, For thys thinge shall a 
man leve father and mother, and clcve 
vuto his wyfe ; and thoy twaue shalbe 
won flesse. 

6 Wherfore nowe are they not twayne, 
but won tteshe. Let not man therefore 
put asunder that which Ood hath cup- 
pled to gcdder. 

7 Then sayde they to hym, Why did 
M0B6S commaunde, to geve vnto her a 
testimonial! of divorsement, and to put 
her a waye ? 

8 He saide vnto them, Moses, because 
of the hardnes of youre hertes, su&ed 
you to put awaye yourc wyfcs ; but 
from the begynnynge hit was nott so. 

9 I saye therefore vuto you» whosoever 
putteth awaye his wyfe, except bit be 
for fomicuciun. and mtuyeth another, 
breaked wedlocke ; and whosoever mari- 
eth her which is divorsed, doeth commyt 

10 Then spake his disciples to bym, 
Yff the mutter be so betwene man and 
wyfe, then is it not good to mory. 

1 1 He sttydc vnto them, All men can 
not awaye with that saynge ; but they 
to whom it is geven. 

13 There arc chaste, which were so 
homo out of the mothers belly ; and 
there are chaste, which he made of men, 
and there be chaste, which have mode 
them selves chaste, for the kyrgdom off 
bevens sake. He that can take it,'lett 
hym take it. 

13 Then were brought to hj-m yonge 
cbyldreu, that he shulde put bis hondea 

aOTHTC, 360. 

AXGLO-SAXON, 99s. [St. Mai 

hig gobletsode. Da ^Teadon hj3 leoi 
iug-cnihtaa hi^. 

14 Da cvx\> Be Hselcnd, Lceta^ 
lytliDgas, atkl nelle ge hig fori 
cuman to me ; Bwylcni ys heofena nee. 

1 5 And da be him bys banda on-awttc^* 
da ferdc he danon. 

16 And da genealsehte him aD man 
and cnie}*, La goda lareov, hwst 
do ic, da*t iu ei-c lif luebbe ) 

17 Da cwieIj he, Hwiet axast du me 
gode 1 A'n God ya god, S6|>!ice gyf 
wylt OQ Itf becmuan, Leald da beboda. 

18 Da cwaBJi he, Hwylce t Da cwsji 
Hselciid, Ne do dii monn-sljht, ne 
du unryht-hscmcd. uc stel du, oe 
du lease gewittnyBee ; 

19 Wur|« diunc fieder and modor, 
Infa dinne nehstac swu de 83'lfiue. 

30 Da cw»)i se geonga, Eall dii 
geheold, hwst ys me gyt wanal 

21 Da cwwjj 86 n^leml, Gyf du 
beon fuUfrcmcd, go, oud becj^p tall 
du ahst, and syle hyt Jjcarftira. 
dounc hiefet du gold-hord on heofoaej 
and cum, and fulga me. 

22 Da 80 gcoDga mami gchyrd« 
word, da eode he aweg unrotr so^Iioel 
bsefde mycele shta. 

23 Witodlicc se Hiclend cwmj) 
leorning-cnihtura, S6|)nce ic cow 
dnt curro)>lice se wclega ga|i on 

24 And eft ic eow Bccge, diet eadeli 
by)r dam olfendc to ganne )nirli ua 
eage, doone se wclega on heofona v4 

25 Da hyp leoniing-mihtas dis geh/f 
on, hig wuiidrodun, and cwsedoD, ~ 
mieg ditj gcihealdan t 

26 Gv. cwrej) ee liaOend, TTDcadelic 
ya mid niannum ; ac calle )>ing synt 
Gode eadelice.* 

-j«.] WTCLITFE, 1389. 

mud preie. Sotkely bis disciplts 


Jliesua fieitb to hem. SuHre ;e 
lire cumu to mc, and oy\ 56 for- 
for to come to me ; for of 
the kyngcUm of beuenes. 

^mne he b&dde putte to hem 
he wcnte themius. 
d loo ! oon, cummji-nge to, seith 

Good mauiter, wlmt of good 
uU I do, tbut I baue cuerlastyuge 

which Bcith to h3rm. What axist 
of pood thing ? There is 00 
od. For ^if thou wolt entre io 
Bpe the comauuderaeiitis. 

eeith to hym, \\liiche 1 Trewly 
Midc. Tliou ahidt nat do man 
thou slialt nnt do avowtric, 
Bit nar do tbefte, thou ahalt Dat 
witntsslnge ; 

hipe thi fadir ood thi modir, 
ahalt looue thi nei^bore tia thi 

3;uog man seith to hyro, I hauc 
He these thingis fro my jouthe, 
Cailith to mel 

seith to hyni, 3'f thou wolt 

^jOj and 9ellc ulle thiiigus iliat 

^^ftsnd 3eue to pore men, and 

^iMiaQe tresour in beueDC ; and 

thou me. 

ffnothc whcDue the ijung man 

trde these wordis, he wente awey 

for he was hauynge many pos- 

VBothe Jhesus seide to bis dis- 
Bcie to 50U trcwthe, for a richo 

hard sbai eutro iu to the kytig- 


id ef^sone I seie to 3011. it is 

a camel for to passe thonr^ a 

ei;e, than a riclic man to entre 

I k^iigdam of heiienes. 

nxlj these wordis herd, tlie dis- 

rondridcn gretely, seyinge, "Who 
may be snafl 

rsothe Jhesus behoWyngo seide 
Anentis men this tbing is irn* 
', bat anentis Ood alle thingis 

T7NDALE, 1536. 

on thcin, and praye. And his disciples 
rebuked tbeni. 

14 Jesus sayde vnto them. Suffre the 
cbyldrcn, and forbid them not to come 
to me ; ffbr vnto suche belougeth the 
kingdome off heven. 

15 And when he had pat his hondes 
on tbcm, he departctl thence. 

16 And bcholde] won cam, and sayde 
vnto hym, Oowl master, what good 
thiugc shall I do, that I maye have 
eternal lyfet 

17 He sayde vnto him. Why callcet 
thou me good 1 'ITiere is none good but 
won, and that is God. But and thou wilt 
entre in to lyfe, kcpe the commaund- 

18 He snyde. Which t And Jesus sayde, 
Thou sbalt not kyll, tbou sbalt not breoko 
wedloockc, thou shalt not steale, thou 
shalt nott beare falce witnes ; 

1 9 Honoure thy father and mother, and 
thou shult love tb^Tie neghbour as thy 

ao The yonge man sayde vnto him, I 
have obscr\'cd all these tbiuges from my 
youth, what have V more to dol 

21 Jesus sayde ^Tito him, Yf tbou wylt 
be perfecte, goo, and sell that thou hast, 
and gcve it to the pu\Te, and tbou almlt 
have treasure in hoven ; and come, and 
folowe me. 

72 When the yonge man herdo that 
sayinge, he went a waye momiuge, for 
he bad greate poasessious. 

23 Jesus sayde then vnto bis disciples, 
Verely I saye vnto you, a ryche man 
shall with difficulte enter into the kyng- 
domc of heven. 

24 And moreover I saye vnto you, it 
is easier for a caraell to go through the 
eye of a nedle. then for a ryche man to 
enter into the kingdome of heven. 

25 When bis disciples herde that, tbcy 
were excedingly amased, sayingu, Who 
then can be saved i 

26 Jesus bebelde them and saide Tnto 
them. With men this is \-npos8yble ; but 
with God all tbinges are possyblc. 

n a 


GOTHIC, 35o. 

AKaLO-SAXON, 995. [Ss. 

37 Da andswarode Petrns and 
Nu ! we forleton ealle |dng, and i 
on de ; hwet hyp ns to mode t 

aS Da cwsB^ ae Helend, S6^ i 
secge, diet ge de me folgodon, cm 
Dinge donne mannes simii ntt c 
m8egen-{»i7mme, det ge sitta^ o^ 
setl, demende twelf nuegjia lorahe 

2 9 And selc de foriset, for mirnim i 
hjTB huB, odde hys gebrodro, odde 
tra, odde fteder, odde modor, oft 
odde beam, odde land, be bimd-C 
be onfeb)> lean, and b»f)> eoe \at 

30 S6})lice manega fyrmeste beo^ 
este, and ytemeste fyrmeste; 

Chap. XX.^ z S6}>lice heofona i 
gelic dam biredea ^dre, de on 
mergen ut-eode, ahyrian wyrbti 
hjB win-geard. 

3 Gewordenre gecwydnedene 
wyrbtum, be sealde aelcon nnne 
wid bjB ds^es weorce, he uende 1 
bys win-geard. 

3 And da he ut-eode embe under 
he geseab odre on stnete idele ats 

4 Da cwie|i be, Ga ge on iiunn< 
geatd, and ic sylle eow diet rihi 
And big da ferdon. 

5 Eft be dt-eode embe da sizta: 
aigo|)an tide, and dyde dam ewa gi 

6 Da embe da endlyftan tide 1 
eode, and funde odre standende ; a 
8«de he, Hwi stande ge her ealni 
idele 1 

7 Da cwsedon big, Fordam de u 
man ne hyrode. Da cw»)i he, A 
ge on nunne win-geard. 

8 Sc'lilice da byt waes afem gewi 
da ssede se win-geardes hl^ord bj 
refan, Clypa da wyrbtan, and agyl 

.-XX. 8.] WYCLIFFE, isHp- 

ne pQtre answerynge seiile to 
> ! we haa fontakea alle thingis, 
han sued thee ; what thcrforc 
to uftY 

forsothe seide to hem, Trewly 
to ;ou, that ^c that han forsaken 
giSj and >iued mc, in ref^citera- 
whonne mannes sone shall sttte 
te of his magestc, and 30 sbulcn 
lue sctis,' demynge the twelue 
of Yrael. 
id enery man that shal forsake 
bretheren, or natron, or fndir, 
', or wif, or sonys, or feeldis, 
name, he shul take an hundrid 
abal welde euerc lostynge lyf. 

the many shulen be. the Brsto 
and the laatc the firete. 

'. XX. I The kyngdam of he- 
I lie to an husl>ond man. thftt 
tut first eriy,* to hyre workemcn 

vyne 5erd. 
Bothe the couenaunt maad with 
of a peny for the day. he 
in to his vyne jerd. 

he, gon out about the thridde 
ky other atondyngc ydil in the 

ht Mide to hem, Qo and ;ee in 
e jerd. and that tliat shal he 
sbal )eue to jou. Sothcli thei 

cfUoonc he wente out aboute 
ur, and the nynotho. and 

[t aboute the elleuenthe hoare he 
out, and foond other stondynge ; 
e seide to hem, What stonden 30 

<ei seien to faym, For no man hath 
M. He soith to hem, Qo and 30 in 
vyne jerd. 

rsothc wheune cuenynge waa maad} 
rd of tbe vyne ^erd seith to his 
Btoor, Clepe the workmen, and 

TYNDALE, 1596. 

37 Tlien answered Peter and saide to 
him, Hebolde ! we have forsaken all, 
and huve folowed the ; what shall we 
have ther fore ? 

a8 Jesns sayde ^Tito them, Verely I 
saye to you, thatt ye which have folowed 
me, in the secondc gcneracion when tlio 
Sonne off man shal syt in the seatc of 
his maieste, shall syt also ^']1po^ xij 
seatea, and iudge tbe xij trybea off 

jg And whosoever fbrsaketh housse, 
or brethren, or systers, other father, or 
mother, or w^-fc, or children, or lyvelod. 
for my names eake, the same slisll re- 
ceove an hundred folde, and shall inheret 
everlostjTigc lyfe. 

30 Many that arc fyrsle shalbe laste, 
and the laste shalbe fiyTSte. 

Chap. XX. 1 For the kyngdom off 
heven ys lyke vnto an houssholder, wliich 
went out erly in the mominge, to hyre 
labourers into hys vynyarde. 

2 And he agreede with the labomcrs, 
for a peny a daye, and sent them into 
hia vynyarde. 

3 And he went out about the thyrdo 
houre, and sawe other stondyng ydell in 
the market place, 

4 And sayd \-nto them, Go yo also into 
my vynyarde, and whatsoever is right, I 
will geve you. And they went there 

5 Agayne he went out about the syxte, 
and nynthe houre, and dyd lyke wyse, 

6 And he went out aboute the eleventhe 
houre, and founde other stondynge ydell ; 
and sayde vnto them, Why stonde ye 
here all the daye ydell ? 

7 They sayde vnto hym. Because no 
man hath hyred vs. He sayde to them, 
Ooo ye alsoo into my vynyarde, and 
whatsoever shalbe right, that shall ye 

8 When even waa come, the lorde of 
the vyneyarde sayde vnto hys steward. 
Call the labourers, and geve them their 



GOTHIC, 360. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St.Mxtt. 

lieora me<lC;, it^^n &am dam ytemestvc, 
od (lone fyrme«tan. 

9 Eornostb'ce da de^ gecomon, (te embe 
da eudlyftan tide comoiu da ODfengon 
hig Beic Ilia pcuing. 

I o And da de deer serest oomon 
on, dset hig Rceoldon mare onfon, 
oniengon hig qrudrige pecc^as. 

II Da ongODDon big murcaian 01 
done hircdc« eaMor, 

I a And dus ewsedun, DSm ytexncst 
worhton ane tide, fttid du dydest 
gelice UB, do bsron b^Tdena on 
dasges hicton. 

13 DU cwa'|» he, andswarigeude hjit 
anaro, l"Iala du freond, ue du ic *" 
ns^nuc teoD&n ; hu ne come du to 
to w^Tceaune wid anum peninge 1 

14 Nim diet din ys. and ga; ic 
dj-Bum ytemestum syllan, eal swa 
swa de. 

15 Odde ne mot ic don d»t ic vyllflj 
Hwaeder de din cage manful ys, fc 
dc ic god eom ? 

16 Swa beo)i da fyrmestan ytemat 
and da ytomestau fynneste ; 86})Uce ' 
ega sjTit geclyjMide, and feawa geoorena^ 

17 £>H ferde ee Hselend to Hiemsaleni, 
&ad nam hye leomiug-cnihtas onsandroo. 
and dtif) cwa^|>. 

18 Nu ! we faraj] to Hicnisalem, uid 
monnea sium by|r geseald da?ni sacerdft 
ealdnira, and boccrum ; and big gen;^- 
criap hyne to deape, 

19 pcodum to bysmrigcnne, and 
8win;^^euuc, and to ahoune ; and 
(»tyddan diege be arist 

30 Dit eom to him Zelwdeis 
modor mid byre beanium, big ge-e 
medende, and sum )fing tram bim bid*' 

31 Dd cwoe)) be, Hvwt wylt du V Hi 
cwae|> heo, Sege daet dila mine twetcea 
8una sittan. an on di'no swidran boalfe, 
ami an on dine wynstran, on dinum 

23 Da andswarode him sc HkI( 
Oyt nyton hwaet gyt biddA)>. Mage 

WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

hem Iier hijre, bygynnynge At 

til to the 6r8tc. 
fore whenuo thei wercn coin- 

t camen about th<? citoucnth 
Id thei tokeD sj-ngtUer pens/ 
pwly ftud the 6rstc cummjmge 
Pj that thei wcren to take inoref 

d thei token echon by Uyza silf 

tliei takynge grutcheden a^eina 
md man, 

priQgc, Theie latte diden xoorehe 

K And tbou hast moad hem cucn 

not han bom the charge of the 


1^ be answcryoge to oon of hem, 

Frcnri. T do thee no wronge j 

m tliou hast oat accordid with me 


le that that is tMne, and go ; 

Y wole ;eue and to this the 
Mf as and to tbee. 
er it h nat leful to mc for to do 
i, I wolc ? Wber thin cije is 
Ebr 1 am good 1 

there shulen be the last iwn the 
Id the firate men the luste ; for 
^ clcpid, bot few chosun. 
4 JIicsus, stcyiDge vp to Jerosa- 
E« his twelae disciplis in priuytee, 
h to hem, 

ipl we gOQ rp to JcrusoJcm, and 
BOne shal bo taken tu princis of 

and scTtbis ; and thei sholen 
^o hym by detb. 

fed thei shulen bitake hym to 
men, for to be scomyd, and 

B, and crucitied ; and the thridde 

tahal ryse ajcin. 

tuuine the modir of the sonis 
ie oame 013 to hyro with hire 
lonoui-ynge, aod oxinge sume 
' hym. 

te vrbiehe seide to hir, What 
m 1 8he seitb to b)-m, Seie that 
ro my sonys sitten, oon at thi 
and oon at thi Icfthulf, in tbi 

Isotlie Jhesus answerynge seide, 
I oat what je axen.^ Mowen 30 

^ 1536. 103 

hyre, begynnyng at the kste tyll thou 
come to the fjTste. 

9 And they whiche were hyred a1>out« 
the elcveuthe huure cam, aud rccearcd 
every raun a pcny. 

10 Then cam the fyrst, snpposyng that 
they shuMc receavo mooare, and they 
like w)*8e receaved every man a peny. 

1 1 And when they had receaved it they 
grudged agaynst Uio good man of the 

13 Sajmg, These laste have uToght 
but one houro, and thou host made them 
cquall vnto vs, which have bom the 
burthen and beet of the daye. 

13 He answered to one of them, saynge, 
Frende, 1 do the no wronng© ; dyddoste 
thou not agre withe mc for a penny J 

14 Take that which is tliy duty, and 
goo thy waye ; I will geve vnto this 
last, BS moche as to the. 

15 Ys yt not lawfull fibr me to do as 
me listcth with uiync awue ? Ys thync 
eye evyll, because I am good 1 

16 Soo the laste shal be fyrste, and the 
fyrste sbalbe laste ; for many are called, 
and feawc be chosen. 

17 And Jesus ascended to Jerusalem, 
and toke the xij disciples aparte in the 

I way, and ssydc to them, 

' J 8 Loo! we goo vp to Jerusalem, 

and the Sonne ofi* man slialbe betrayed 
I vnto the chef prestes, and vnto the 

scrybes ; and they slkall coudcmnc hym 

to deeth. 
1 9 And shall delivre h3rm to the gen* 

tils, to be mocked, to be scourged, and 

to be crucified; and the tliird day he 

shall ryse agajoie. 

30 Then cum to hym the mother off 
Zebedes cliildrcn with her sonnes wor- 
fihippyng© him, and desjTynge a cer- 
tayne thj-nge off hyin. 

31 He sayde A-nto her. What wylt thou 
have? She sayde vnto h}Tii, Oraunte 
that these my two sonnes maye sitt. one 
on thy right bond, and the other on thy 
liftc honde, in thy kyngdom. 

23 Jesus answered and sayd. Ye wot 
not'wbatt yo axe. Are ye able to 

GOTHIC, 360. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 993. [St. Matt. 

drinc&n done calic do ic to drincenne 

hasbbe P Da cwsedon hig, Wj-t 


33 Da cw»|i he, Witodlice gyt mi 
calic drinca|) ; ... to sittaoiie on nit 
BwydroD hcatfc odde on wynstntn, uj 
mc inc to syllanne ; ao dam de byt 
minum fodcr gegearwod ys. 

34 And da da tya Icoraing-enibt 
gehalgon wid da twegeu gebrodni. 

35 Da clypode se Hsieud hi to hii 
and cw»)>, Wite ge, daet eaUlor-mei 
wcAldn)) hyra ^eodn, and da de 
yldiiiu, babba)> anweatd on him. 

36 Ne by|) 8wd betweox eow ; oc 
hwylc flwa wj'le botwcox eow beon 
ef he eower [»en ; 

27 iVnd 8C de wyle l>etweox cow 
fynncst, By he eower J»eow. 

38 Swa mannas sunu ne com dct 
man )>enodef ac dwt be benode, 
Bcalde hia sawle Uf to alysedneese 

39^ And da hig fcrdon firain Hieri< 
him fyligdo mycel menegu. 

30 And da steton twegen blindo wid 
done weg, and gehyrdon det se Hi 
(erde ; and du clypodou hig to hinif 
cwKdon, Drihten, gemiltsa one, Daoli 

^ 1 Da bead soo menegu bim, dset 
Buwodou ; da clypodoD big daes de 
Drihten, gemlltsa anc, Dauidee sunu. 

33 Da vtod sc HEelcnd, and cl^ 
hig to him, and cwaej), Hwset wylle 
diet ic inc do i 

33 Da cwsdon big, Drihten, diet unc 
eagan am ge-oponede. 

34 Da gemiltaode he him, and 
eagan aet-hran ; and liig aonft gMai 
and fyligdon him. 

Chap. XXL^ i Anddahegenealshte 
Hieruaalem, and com to Bethfage, to 


ISli.] WYCLIFFE.1389. 
nhe cnppe that I am to drynke 1 

pen to bjin. We moweu. 

i Mtth to hem, Forsothc ^e shal 
'SD7 euppo ; bat to sitte at the 
or ftt leflhuir, it is nnt ni}^ to 
30U ; bat to wUichc it is made 
my fadir. 

the ten bcrynf^ hadden indig- 

Q of the two bretheren. 

iiely Jbesiu clepide hom to hym, 

b, 3^ witen, for princis of hcttheu 

lordis of bcm, and thci that 

, hawnten power in to hem. 

febml oat be bo among )on ; bot 
ere wole be maad more among 
be joure mynyatre ; 
id who eucrc amongc 30U wole 
i, he shal be ^oure aeraauot. 

mannes sone carae nat for to be 
but for to seme, and for to jeue 

* redempcioun for many. 

i hem goynge out of Jerico, 

iompanyei of pcple sueden hym. 

d loo ! two bl3aid men Bitt}'ng;c 

the wcyc, herden that Jhcsua 

J and tbei crieden, geyinge, Lor<i, 

of Danyth, haue mercy on vs. 

nrsothe the cumpanyc blamyde 
to be stille ; und tbei crieden 
1 more, seiyngc Lord, the aone 

tb, haue mercy on vs. 

llJhesuB stood, and clepido hem, 
th, What wole je, that I do to 

i aeien to b3rm, Lord, that ouro 


notbe JbesuB, bauyoge mercy on 
Bcbide her ei^en : and onoon tboi 
bd vacden bym. 

LP. XXI. I And whanne Jbwua 
ki) to Jcniealem, and cam to Beth- 

TYNDALE, 1526 

drynke off the cuppe that Y shall drynke 
of, [and to be baptised with the bap- 
tim that Y sbalbc baptised with I] They 
answered to him, That wo are. 

23 He sayd vnto them, Ye shall drynko 
of my cui>e, and shalbe baptised with 
the baptim that Y shall be Iwptysed 
with ; but to syt on my ryght bond and 
on ray lyft bond, is not mync to ycve ; 
but to them for whom it is prepared of 
my iatber. 

24 And when the ten berde this they 
desdayned att the two breUiren. 

25 But Jesus called them ^-nto hym, 
and saidc, Ye knowe, that the lordes of 
the gentyls have dominocion over them, 
and they that are groat, exercise power 
over them. 

26 It shall not be so amonge you ; but 
whosoever wyll be greate among yon, 
let bym be youre minister ; 

2 7 And whosoever wilbe chefe, let 
him bo youre scrvaunt. 

28 Even as the sonne off man cam not 
to be ministred vnto, butt to minister, 
and to gcve his lyfe for the redempcion 
off many. 

29 And as they departe^l from Hierico, 
moche people folowcd hym. 

30 And l>eholtlc ! two blyndo men 
syttinge by the way sydCj when they 
berde that Jesus passed by, cryed, say- 
inge, Master, the sonne off David, have 
mercy on vs. 

31 And the people rebuked them, be 
cause they shulde holde there peace ; 
but they cr^-ed the moare, sayinge, Have 
mercy on vs. Master, which arte the 
Sonne off David. 

32 Then Jesus stode styll, and called 
them, and sayde, ^Vhat ynW ye, that Y 
shall do to you 1 

33 They said vuto hym, Master, that 
cure eyes maye be opened. 

34 Jesus pitied them, and touched 
there eyes ; and iraraediatly theire eyes 
receved syght, and they folowed bym. 

Chap. XXI. 1 Wlien they drewc nye 
vnto Jerusalem, aud were come to Bet- 



ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 
Olinetes done, lU sende he hja t 

castd ' 


a And sedc him, Fara)? on det 
diet foran ongean eow ys, and ctuuae 
Bona finde gji aae assene girtiggede, ud 
h\Te folan mid hyre ; onfeigea^ lag, 
IfledA}) to me. 

3 And gyf hwa eow semg ^ing to 
secgeaj), diet Drihten hasf^ dorses 
and doiiuo forlset be cow hrsedlice. 

4 Eall ^s wea gewordent diet 
^fylled dspt (fiirb Kaaiam done 
gecwedcn wn-s, 

5 Secgea)^ licabnessc deliter, Nn ! 
cyning de cyni|> to, s**'**'^*» o"*l ^^ 
pun tamre acBcne, and byre folan. 

6 Da fSi'don bys Icoruiug-cmlitaA, 
dydon swa he bim bel>e&d. 

7 And Iflpddon da assene to Kinii 
b}Ta folan, and ledon hyra reaf op] 
big, and settou byiie an uppan. 

8 WitoiUice diet folc itrebtou byn 
ondoueweg; sume beownn da>ra 
bogas, and streowedon^ on done weg. 

9 Dset folc d.Tt dar befomn ferdc, 
d«t dttr ajfter ferde, clypodon, and 
on, llul By du Dauides auuu ^ sy 
bictaod se de com on Dribtenee oami 
sy bim bsel on bebnessum. 

TO Da be ferde to lemsalem, dn 
eall SCO tmrb-waru oostyred, and 
on, Hw»t is des ? 

X 1 Da cwse{> divt folc, Dis ys se 
end, witega, of Nazaretb on Galilee 

z 3 Da Be Htelend into dam tem| 
eode, he adi*af lit cutle da do ceapod< 
innan dam temple ; and dara mi 
Boeamelas, and li^Ta settu, dara 
ran sealdon. he tobnec. 

13 And cw»)> to bim, Hyt ys £1 
Min bufl ys gebed-bus ; witodlice 
worbtoQ diet to )>eofa cote. 

14 Da codon to him da Mindau 
da bcaltan, and be bi gebselde. 

15 Witodlice da dara sacerda ealJras 

150 WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

[the tnuunt of Olyfeet, thanne 
lie hiii two disciplis, 

to bcra. Go ^0 in to the 

is a^eluiu jou, and anon ;e 

a ehe ossc tycd, and » cult 

u mbynde je, and bryng to 

eay nun abal seie to ;ou eny 
lie }e, that the Lord hath need 
d anoon he shftl leeue hem. 

al this WBs don, that that 

was seid by the prophete 

B fiilfilHd, seyiuge^ 

ie to the doubter of Syon, Loo 1 

Cometh to tbco, homly/ stt- 

as aaie, and a fole, the sone of 

idir ;ook. 

ibc <liscip1is, goynge, diden aa 
imauudide hem. 
hex broujten to a she asne, and 
and puttiden her clothis on 
madeu h,>'m aitte abuue. 
the fol muche cuin|)aiiyc strew- 
clothifi in the wey ; sothely 
ttden brauncbis of trees, and 
1 in the weye, 

Ihe ciunpanyes that wentcn be- 
: that sucden, criedcn, scyingc, 
to the sone of Douitli ; btessid 
ifc cummeth in the name of the 
tanna in the bce^ist thiugiu. 

when he had entrid in to Jern- 
1 the die was stirid, scyinge, 

Dly the pepli8 seiden, This is 
Ihe propbete, of Nazareth of 

Jkesns cntride in to the temple 

ind kest ont of tlio temple alio 

and byin|E:e ; and ho tuniyde 

the bordis of chauogeriij, and 

n of men aellynge cutueris. 

he seith to hem, It ia writen, 

I abal he clepid an hous of 

fonotho je ban made it a 

r thefes. 

id blyndo and orokid camen ni; 
the temple, and he helide 

the the priucifl of prestls and 


phage, vnto mountc Olivete, then sent 
Jesus tnro off his disclplos. 

2 Sayinge to them, Go in to the toune 
that lyeth over agaynato you, and anon 
ye sbiill fynde an asse bounde, and her 
coltc with her; lose them, and bringo 
tbcm vnto me. 

3 And if eny man aaye ought mto you, 
sayc ye, that youre Master hath neado 
off them ; and strcyght wayc he will let 
them go. 

4 All this was donne, to (ulfyll that 
which was spoken by the prophet, saj- 

5 Tell ye the doughter of Sion, Beholde ! 
thy kinge commctb vnto the, meke, sitt- 
inge v]>pon an asse, and a colte^ the foole 
off an asse Tsed to the yooke. 

6 The disciples went, and did as Jesus 
commaunded them. 

7 And brought the asse, and the colte, 
and put on then there clothes, and set 
him there om 

8 Many of the (wople sprced theire 
garmentea in the waie ; other cut douno 
braunclies from the trees, and strawed 
them in the wayc. 

9 Moreover tbe people that went be- 
fore, and they alAO that cam after, 
cried, Bayinge-i Hosianna to the sonne of 
David; blessed be he that comnieth in 
the name of the Lordc; Hosianna in 
the hyest 

10 And when he was come in to Jeru- 
salem, all the cite was moved, aayinge, 
Who ys this 1 

1 1 And the people sayde, Thys ys 
Jesus, the prophet, off Nazareth a cite 
of Galilc. 

1 2 And Jesus went in to the temple of 
God. and caste out all them tliat bought 
and solde in the temple ; and overthrew 
the tables of the mony chauugers. and 
the sctttcfl of them that solde doves. 

13 And saide to them, It ia wi-itten. 
Mine boussc shalbe called the houase off 
prayer; butt ye have made it a denu of 

1 4 And the btinde and tlie halt cam 
to hym in the temple, and he healed 

15 When the chefe prestea and scribes 

GOTHIC, 360. 

AN0L0-8AX0N, 995. [Sr. Mj 

and (!a l)6conui f;c8HWon da wundni 
Be Hielend worhU% and gohyrdun bu 
cild cl}i>o(lon on dam temple, and 
OD, Sy Dauidcs Bunu bal, da wvroo 

16 And cwttdon, Oehyrst dii hwwt 
cwtcdA}>t Da cwTp|) he, WitodliM ; 
neddon g« n&fre, Dii fiilfremedest lo^j 
cildu, and of sacendra^ mu|)el 

17 And he forlet hi da, and fertle 
doere bjrig, to Bcthanim ; and Ivrde 1 
dar bo Godes rice. 

18 On morp^n, da he cfl to 
byrig for, da hinjfredc hyne. 

19 And he geseh an fic-treow 
done wegf da code he to him. la 
funde on )iim butuii da leaf ane 
cwee|i he, Nc wurdc u^tre weartm 
de acenned. Da sona foracnno 

30 And his leorning-cmhtas 
on, and eweedon, Loca na hu 
diet fic-tptow forscranc. 

31 Da andswarodc he him. and 
&6\t ic eow secge, gj'f go hablmjj 
an. and nc twynia^, nc do ge na dtetl 
be dam fic-treowe, ac eac drfi ge 
to disam muute, Ahefe de upp, and 
innauda m. 

33 And rallcs da^s de ge b'ldda^ 
beo[i ti|>a, gjf ge gelyfa|>.* 

33 Da he com into dam templtj^ 
coMiou dara soccrda ealdras . . . , 
him to, and cwrfdon, On hwylcere 
wyrcst du das )>ing t and hwa 
disne anweald ? 

34 Da andswarodc se Heelend hiro 
cwiej), And ic ahsige eow anre tr^nkti 
gyf ge me da spneoe »ecgcft|). ^ 1 ^ 
secge ic eow, on hwytcum auwcal ■ •- 
daa ^ing wyroe. 

35 Hw»der wna lohannea fhtlaM; 
de of heofonum, de of manniunt Oi 
cwsedon hig botwux him, Oji *« 
8ecga|» of heofono, dounc cw)|) be 


i<J.-*5] WTCLTFFE, 1389. 

eribiis BMjngo the manieilouse thingifl 
be dide, and children cryiugc in 
(bfl temple, and seijiige, Osauiia to the 
■H of Dauitb, dedejncdcD, 

IPtAnd Beiden to hjnit Heerist thou 
■fast these seyen ? Sothely Jheeus sclth 
b» hem, ^he ; wher je han nat rad, For 
tf the mouth of children * and of souk- 
Dge mylk, thou baat made parfite 

(7 And, hem forsaken, he wcnte forth 
nt of the citee, in to Betiuiye ; and 
Ikffe he dweltc, and taa3te hem of the 
Ejngdam of God. 

[18 Forsothc on the morw, he, tnm- 
Dge a^etn in to the citee, hungride. 
19 And be, seejiige a figc tree bysidis 
wvye, came to it, and fonde no 

tber on no but leeuys oonly ; and 
with to it, Ncuer be fhiyt bom of 

in to with outeu ccude. And 
M3on the fijge tree was dried vp. 
pc And disciplis seeynge, wondi'edeD, 
Hou anon it driede. 

lely Jhesua answerj-nge. seith to 
Trewly I seye to 50U, jif je slmlen 
feitb, as a com of seneuey, and 
nat, nat oouly ;e shulcn du of 
sjge tree, hot and jif ^e seien to 
ull. Take thee, and caate thee in 
the see, and so it sfaal be don. 

a And allc thingis what euer je 
eo axe in preier byleuynge, ^ee 

3 Aad whenne he came in to the 
c^ the princifl uf prestia and eldre 
0$ the peple camen ni^ to hym 
seyinge. In what power dost 
these thingia ? and who 3af to thee 
lut power) 

34 Jheaua anawcrynge aeide to hem, 
ftad I ahol axe 30U o word, the whiehc 
tf ye ahulen aeio to me, and I shal 
leie to 30U, in what power I do theae 

Of wbennca was the boptcm of 

; of heuenc, or of men i And thei 

ten with inne hem self, aeyinge, 

we shulen seie of heuene, he ahal 

TYNDALE, 15:^6. 


sawe the mnnreyllefl thalt he dyd, and 
the chyldren cryinge in the temple, and 
sayinge, Hosianua to the Bonne of David, 
they desdayncd, 

16 And Baydc vnto hym, ITearcat thou 
what these Bay c1 Jeaus sayde vnto them. 
Have ye never redde, Off the mouth off 
babea and mickelingea, thou haste or- 
deyned prayael 

1 7 And he lefle them, and went out of 
the cite vnto Betliaui ; and posaed the 
tymc there. 

18 In the momyngc, as he returned 
in to the cite ageyne, he hungred. 

19 And Hpyeil a fygge tree in thewaye, 
and cam to it, and fouude uothiugc there 
on but levcs only; and said to it, Never 
fmte growe on the, hence forwardea. And 
anon the fygge tree wyddered awaye. 

30 And when his disciples sawe that, 
they mar^'cUed, sajinge. How aone is 
the fygge tree wyddered awaye. 

2 1 Jesus answered, and saydo vnto 
them, Verely I saye vnto you, yff ye 
shall have fayth, and shall not dout, ye 
shall nott only do that which Y have 
doQo to the fygge tree, but also yf yo 
Bhall saye vnto this mountayne, Take 
thy ailfe a waye, and cast tliy silfe in to 
the sec, it shalbe done. 

22 And whatsoever thlnge ye shall axe 
in youre prayers if ye beleve, ye ehall 
reccave hit. 

23 And when he was come into the 
temple, the chefe prestea and the seni- 
ores of the people cam vnto him as he 
was tcachiuge, imd sayde, By what 
auctorite doeat thou these thtiigeBl and 
who gave the this power I 

34 Jesua aiLSwercd and saydc vnto 
them, I also wyll axe of you a certayne 
question, which if ye asoyle me, Y in 
lyke wj-se wyll tell you, by what auc- 
torite I do these thiuges. 

35 Whence was the baptira of Jhon ; 
from hevcn, or of men ? And they 
thought in themselves, sayinge ; Yf we 
shall saye from heven, he wyll saye 


GOTHIC, 360, 

ANQLOHAXON. 995. [St.l 
Fortnram nfi gdjfile ge himt 

36 Gyf we Mcg»^ of 
ondneda]> <Uf folc, eaUe hig h 
lohannem for anne wftegan. 

37 Da andswaredoD fa^ aod e« 
We nyton. Da ew8e]i he, Ke ie et 
Becge, of hwyicnm anwealde ie 6k 

a 8 Hu ^e)» eowf A'n dubui 
twegen snna ; da cwe^ he to (bs 
ran, Sana, ga and wyroe to di 
minum win-gerde.^ 

39 Dacwseb be, IcneDe; .... 
code deh syodan to dam wm-gerd 

30 Da cw8e|> he eal swa to da 
mm. Da andffwarade se him, and 
Hlaford, ic ga ; and ne eode swa < 

31 Hwseder dan twegra djd 
feeder -willant Da cwsdon h: 
[yldra.]^ Da cw»)> ae Hclend t 
So)) ic eow secge, dffit manfol 
myltystran ga)i beforan eow on 

33 lohannes com on ryhtwimeai 
and ge ne gelyfdon him ; w! 
manfliUe and myltystran gelf^on 
ge gesawon* and ne dydon BjS6a 
d«ed-b6te, dset ge gelyfdon on hii 

33 Qehyra}> nu oder bigspeL^ 
luredes ealdor wses, se plantod 
genl, and betynde hjme, and set 
on win-wringan, and getimbrod 
Btypel, and geaette done mjd eorjt 
and ferde on el|>eodignysse. 

34 Da diera weastma tM gem 
da aende be hys ^eowas to dai 
tylion, diet big onfengon his w» 

35 Da namon big hys )«oir 
swungon sumne, sumne hi 
sumne big oftorfodon. 

36 Da sende be eft odre )»eowa 
donne dam srran WKFon, da dy 
dam gelice. 

37 iEt nybstan he sende byt mi 

^37] WYCL) 

Kie to Ts, Whi therfore belenen ^e nat 
to h3nn1 

26 Sothely ^if wc fibultn scie of nieii, 
n (Iredcu the cumpanye of pcplc, for 
die baJde Jooq as a propheto. 

37 And tbei aoswerTiige to Jhcflu 
iCtdeD, We witoa nut Aud he seith 
|B liem, Nether I seie to 30U, in what 
Wirer I do these thingis. 

28 Fotsothe what 8cinetb to 3oa1 Sum 
Ban hiidde two bouj'b - aud be cuni- 
Itfnge ni^ to the firste seide, ESone, go 
br to worche this day in to myn 

39 Sotbely he answeryngc scith, I 
l^le ; forsothe aflervmrd he stirid by 
knaance/ wcnte. 

I JO Forsothe he, cummyngc to the 
er, seide lie maner. Aad he an- 
aeitb, Lord, I go ; and he 

i3i Who of the two dide the fadris 
Hilt ITiei seien to hym, The first«. 
mtua seith to hem, Trcwly I iieie to 
Mi tor puplicauys and hooris sbulen 
b before ;ou in to the kyugdarn of 

3a Forsothe Joon cam to 30U iu the 
me of ri^twisnease, and ^c bileeueden 
M to hym ; but pupUcuoys and hooris 
•leseden to bym. Sothely jce seeyuge 
ladier badde don peoaunce afterward, 
hat yt bileeuydcn to bym. 

33 Ileei-e je an olbor parable. Ther 
Na an hnsbondnian, that plantide a 
ryne ;crd, and 3aue an bcgge nboute, I 
ikdue u pressour tberynne, and 
a toure, and hiridc* it to erthe 
and weute ferre in pilgrimage. 
^orsolbe whenne the tyme of fruytis 
ie, he lientc hifi fleruauntis to the 
tUiers, that thei token fruytis of 

35 And, his seniaimtis token, the erthe 
tfSen bceten the toon, an other thei 
dflwiD, but another thei atoouyden to 

ffi Eftsonea be sente other scruamitis, 
)nn than the Rnte, and liclie maner 
tfid didcn to hem. 

37 Fonotba at the laste he sent his 

[DALE, 1526. 


vnto Ts, Why dyd ye not then beleve 


aO But and iff we shall saye of men, 
then feare we the people, for all men 
belde Jhon us a prophet. 

27 And they answered Jesus and sayde, 
Wc cannot tell. He lyke wyse sayd 
vnto them, Nether tell I you, by what 
auctorite V do these thinges. 

28 What saye ye to thysl A certayne 
mau bad ij sonues ; and cam to the 
cider sayingc ; Qooud worke to daye in 
my \"yi»eyarde. 

39 Ho answered and sayd, I wyll not ; 
but afterwardc repented, and went. 

30 Then cam he to the seconde, and 
sayde lyke vrysc. And he answered aud 
sayde, I wyll, Syr ; yet went he not. 

3 1 Whcddcr of these ij fulfilled there 
fathers wyll? And they Baydo mto 
hym, The fyrst Jesus sayde vnto them, 
Verely I saye vnto you, that the pub- 
licans and the harlutes ahul come into 
the k^ngdome oft' tiod before you. 

32 For Jhon cam vnto you in the wayo 
of righte wesnes, and ye beloved hym 
not; but the publicans und tlie whoores 
beleved hym. Hut yc though ye fiawe 
it, yet were not moved with repeotaunce, 
that ye myght afterwarde have beleved 

33 Herken another similitude. There 
was a certa)*ne honeholder, wliych set a 
vjTieyarde, and hedged it rouude about, 
and made a wynpresse in it, and hilt a 
tower, and lett it out to husbandmen, 
and went in to a straunge couutre. 

34 And when the tyme of the frute 
(irewe neare, lie sent his servaimtea to 
the husbandmen, to receavc the fnites 
of it. 

35 And the husbandmen caught hia 
servAunte.*i, and bet won, kylled another, 
and stoned another. 

36 Againe he sent other servauntes, 
moo then the fyrst, and they served 
them lyke wj'se. 

37 But last of all he sent vnto them 

112 GOTHIC, ? 

ANGLO-SAXON. 995. [St. 

to, antl cvfK^, Hig forwoni^ta^ dct 
uc dull miuum suoa swa. 

38 WitoUHce da da tylian done 
gesawoD, da cwiedon hig bctirjrx 
Des yB yrfenama, aton gin, and 
h^-QC, and habban us hya »hia. 

39 Da namoD hig, and o&logOD 
and awurpon widiitan done win^gcanl 

40 Hwiet de^ dies win-geardea liU&rd 
dam eor))-tyIion, donne be cymf ^ 

41 Dd cwcedoD big, He forde(» da jfA- 
an mid jrfele, and gesett hya wm-gint 
mid odram tilion, do him hyt 
liyra tiduni agj'fuii. 

43 T>i cwb)} se Hielynd, Ne ntddeA 
nefrc oa gcwritun, Se stan dc da tuaboa 
endan awui-pon, y8 gewordcn to 
hyrnan heafdo? Dya ys friun Drihtaa 
geworden, and bjt ys wuudorltc oA 
drum caguin. 

43 Fordam ic secge eow. d»t eow 
letbroden Codes noe, and by^ 
daere ))eode de hys cama|>. 

44 And se de fy\\> uppan dysne 
he byj) tobiy^ed ; and Uv tobryi|t 
de he on uppan fyl^. 

45 Da dfpra aacerda eablras iiii>i iU 
Phariaei dys bigspel gehyrUon, "lu off 
gcton hig da't )ie hit siedi' be hiia. 

46 Hi aobton byne, and ondredou dxt 
folc, furdam de hi hsefdon byne for coflC 

Chap. XXII. i Da siede he hytt 
eft oder bigspell, and dna cwie|>. 

2 Ileofona rice ys gelic gewurden difl 
cyninge de macode bye auna gylU. 

3 And aende bis (>eowaa and clypo^b 
da geladodan to dam gyftum« da uotdoo 
hi cuman. 

4 Da aende he eft odere )>eoira8, an^ 


38.-XXIL4-] WYCUFFE, 1389. 

to hem, seyingc, Thci shulea 

~ mj sone. 

||8 Sothely the erthe tiliers, seejnge 

■one, seideu with yiiiie beta self, 

is the eire ; cume je, slea we hyiu, 

shulea baae his eritago. 

I, bym taken, Uici kesten out of 
vyi^erd, aod sicwen. 

|o Therfore whenne the lord of the 
fue^enl aha! cume, what sbal be do 
r the ilk erthe tiliers) 
1 1 Thei seieo to hjm, fie shal lese 
kde the ^el meu, and settc to hire 
vyiie3erd to other erthe tiliera, tlie 
e shulen jelde to bym fruytis iu 
Jhesos seith to hem, Redden ^e 
in Bcripturis, The stoon the whiche 
ge men reprouedcn, this is moad 
1 tA* the heued of the comer 1 Of the 
Drd this tbinj^ is moad, and it is mer- 
aUms in utire ei^en. 

13 Therfore I seie to 30U, for the 

^ngdam of God shal Ik; taken fro ;ou, 

ska] be ^oueu to a folk doingc 

^of it. 

Ami he that shal falle on this stoon, 

be broken togidre ; forsothe vpou 

tt shal falle, it shal togidre poune 

And when the princis of preatis 
Pharisees haddcu benle his parablis^ 
ket ksKyrta that he seide of hem. 
%6 And theij seekynge to holde hym, 
rcden the cumpanycs of peple, for thei 
bjm OS a pro})hete. 

TTODAIE, 1526. 


XXII. 1 And Jhesus answer- 
seide eftsone in parablis to hem, 

e kyngdam of heuencs is maiul lie 
man kyug tbat made weddiugus to 



he sente his semauntis for to 
men beden to the weddyngis, and 
wotden nat cume. 
Eflioonc he sentc other scruauutis, 

hys awnc sonne, sa^'inge, They wj-ll 
feare my sounc. 

38 Vilien the bushandnicn sawe his 
sunne. they sayde omonge them selves, 
Thys ys tbe bcyre ; come on, lett vs 
kyll hym, and lett vs take hys iuheryt- 
aunce to ourc selves. 

39 And they caught bym, and thrust 
him out of the vyncyaixle. and shlewe 

40 AVhen the lorde of the ^"yueyarib 
commctb. what wyll he do with those 
husbandmen ) 

4 J They sayde vnto hym, He will evyll 
deatroye those evyll persons, and w)-II 
lett out h^'s vyncyorde vnto other hus- 
bandmen, wbych shall delyvor bym bis 
frute att tymes convenient. 

42 Jesus salde vnto them, Dyd ye 
never reilde in the scriptures, The same 
stone which the bylders refiised, is set 
in the priucypall parte of the comer? 
This was the Lordes doiuge, and yt is 
mer\'eIou8 in oure eyes. 

43 Therfore saye I vnto you, the king- 
dome of God sbalbe taken from you, 
and shalbc geven to the gcntyls which 
aball br}iige forth the frutea off it. 

44 And whosoever shall fall on tbys 
stune, slialbe alto bi*okeii ; and whom- 
soever tbys Htoue shall fall oppon, he 
shall grj-nde him to powder. 

45 And when the chefe prcstes and 
Pbaryscs berdc his similitudes, they 
pcrceaved that he spake of them. 

46 And they went al>out to laye 
bondes on hym, but they feared the 
people, because they counted bym as 
a prophet. 

Chap. XXII. 1 And Jesus answered 
and si>akc vnto them agayne in stmili- 
tudes, aayinge, 

2 The kyngdome of heven is lykc vnto 
a certaj-ne kinge which maryed Ids 

3 And sent forth bis serrauntea to call 
them tbat were byd to the wcddinge, 
and they wolde uott come. 

4 Ageyue he seutt forth other ser- 



QOTfilC 360. 

AKQLOSAXON,995. [ft 

nededaingeladedon,Nal kgeg 
nunc feorme, mine feams and a 
elaa synt ofidegene, and ealle n 
synt gearwe ; coma^ to dam gy 

5 Da forgymdon hig dnt, aik 
gam to hys tone, Bum to faj 

6 And da odre namon hya ^ 
mid teonan geewencton, and o& 

7 Da M cyning, dnt gehyrde, 
he yrre ; and sonde hys here 
fordyde da manslagan, and hj 

8 Da cw8b}» he to hys )>eowQm, 
lice das gyEta synt gearwe,^ a> 
geladode wieron, ne synt wyrde 

9 Qa)) nu witodlice to wega { 
and clypia)» to disom ^^ftn 
hwylce swa ge gemeton. 

10 Da eodou da )>eowa8 oj 
wegas, and gegaderedon ealle di 
gemettoDy gode and yfele ; di 
da gyft-hus mid syttyndom : 

1 1 Da code se cyuing in, diet 1 
geseon da de Kber 8«eton ; da g 
deer senne mann de naes mid g 
reafe gescryd. 

12 Da cwfiej> he, La freond, 
eodeet du in, and nefdeat gyft 
Da gesuwode he. 

1 3 And se cyning cwie)) to hy 
Geblnda)) hys handa and hys 
wurpa)) byne on da uttran ^ysb 
by)i wop and tojra griatbitung. 

14 Witodlice manega synt g 
and feawa gecorene/ 

15 Da ongunnon da Pbuisei 
dset hig woldon done Hselend 
spraece befon. 

16 Da sendon hi him hyra 1 
cnihtas to, mid dam Herodi) 
and dus cwcedon, Lareow, we w 
du eart sojifsest, and du Iseres 
weg myd 86|)f£estnysse, and du x 
ast for nunum mean, ne dd ne 1 
ast nanes mannes had. 

3Cn. 17-32.] WTCLTFFE, 1389. 

1 7 Tberforc sc'ie to rs, what it semcth 
u thee. Is it lefiil to jeue to Cesar' 

18 FoTsothe, the wickcdncisso of hem 
mowen, Jhcsus seith, Tpocntis, what 

pten jee me ? 

19 Shewe jce to me the pryute of the 
Dooeje. Aiid thei oBfriilen to hym a 

3o And JhesQs seith to horn, Whos is 
ymage, and the wrytyng abouc ? 

21 Tliei aeyen to hym, Of Cesar. 

Iiaoiic he seith to hen). Therfore ;elde 
to Cesar tho thin^^ia tlmt ben Cc9- 
and to God tho thingis that ben 


i2 And thei heei*yuge wondrcden; and, 

Ym Uft, thei went«n awcy. 

S3 Id that day Sadncees, that seyen 
here is 00 rysyng a^cln, camen ui) to 
iym, and axiden hym, 

24 Seyinge, Maister, Moyjses seide, jif 
By man be dead, nat hauyngc a sone, 

his brother weddc liis wyf, and 
rc^se seed to his brother. 

25 Forsothe seuen brethercn weren at 
n ; and tho first, a wijf wtdJid, lu dead. 
hud he nat hauynge seed, lef^ his wijf 
^ his brother : 

26 Alao the iiceounde, and the thridde, 
jl$o the seuenthe. 

^W Forsothe the laate of alle, and the 
IKoman is dead. 

38 Tliereforc in tho rysyngc a;eiu, 
vbos vijf of the seuene shal she be 1 
br alle liadden hir. 

29 Sothely JhesuB answerynge seith to 
kem« Jce crren, uether knowyngc the 
•cripturis, nether the vertu of Ooil. 

30 Forsothe in the ryayng ajeyn, 
wither thei woddeo, nether bcu wetidid ; 
bat thei ben as the aungelis of God in 

31 Sothely of the rysyngc a5ein of 
dead men, ^eo Iian nat rad, tliat it is 
mM of the Lord, seyiuge to 30U, 

32 I am God of Abraham, and God of 
Tnac and God of Jacob? he is nat 
God of deed men, but of lyuynge men. 

TYXD ALE, 1556. 


1 7 Tell vs there fore, howe thynkestc 
tliou. Is it lawful! to yeve tribute \-nto 
Cesar, ur not 1 

1 8 Jesus perceaved there wylyuea, antl 
sayde, Why tempte ye me, ye ypocrytes? 

19 Lett me so the tribute money. 
And they toke hym a peny, 

20 And he saydc mto them, WhoM 
ys th^-s ymaj^c, and 8upcrscri|K;ion 1 

31 They saydc vnto hym, Cedars. Then 
sayde he vnto them, Gcve therefore to 
Cesar that which Is Cesani, and gevc 
mto God that which is Goddcs. 

33 When they hcrde that they mar- 
velled ; and leftc hjrm, and went there 

a^ Tlie same daye the Saduces cam 
vnto hym, which saye tliat there is no 
resurreccion, and they axed hym» 

24 tSajTige, Master, Moses bade, if a 
man dye, ha%'inge no chvldren. that the 
brother inary his wyfe, and rej^se vppe 
seed vnto his brotlter. 

35 There were with \-8 seven brethren; 
the fjTSt maiicd, ond dyed mth out 
ysshewe. And lefte bys wyfe vnto hys 
brother ; 

26 Lyke wise the seconde, and the 
thryd, vnto the eeventhe, 

37 Laste of all, the woman dyed also. 

28 Nowe in the rcaurrcccion. whoso 
wyfe shall she be of the vij ? for all had 

2 9 Jesus answered and soyde vnto 
them, Ye are deccaved, and knowe not 
what the scripture meaneth, nor yett the 
vertue of God. 

30 For in the resurreccion, they nether 
mary, nor arc niaryed ; but arc as the 
angels of God in hevcn. 

31 As touchj-ngc the resurreccion off 
the deed, have ye nott reddc, what ys 
sayde vnto you off God, which saycth. 

32 I am Abrahams God, and Ysanks 
God, tmd the God of Jacob? Go<l ys 
nott the God of the deed, but of the 

gAfrdon, dot 
i^fQe been, da 

Acre tt-liirMW, 
hj% doi 

km -«» 


36 Lt UreoWf 
bebod on drre m t 

37 Da m[f}» M HiScnd, La&i DrUiteo 
iKnoe God, od c«lre ffinic heortJin 
00 ealre dinre nvle, and 
dinam modeL 

38 Dis ys djeC m«fl(e and det fyrtDeita 

39 Oder ys djsom gdic j Lufii dinM 
nehstan swa nwi de syUbe. 

40 On dysum twam bebodum 
gcfyUed eall sco k. 

41 Da da Phftriseiscan gcgaJcrodl 
wieron, da cwk|> se Hxlend, 

43 Hwet ^mc|» eov be Oriate, hw0 
8UUU ye he 1 Hig cwedon, Dauidea. 

43 Da cvrse|> se Hselcnd. Hwi cljp^ 
Dauid hyne on gaste Dribtcu, ud 

44 Drihten cwirji to nunum Dhhtati 
Site on mine swydran bealfo, od diPt in 
gesette dine fynd de to fot-soeamole 1 

45 Oyf Dauid hyne on gaste Drjbta 
c!ypftt», hii ya he hya sunu 1 

46 Da ne mihton hig him nan 
andswarian, nc can ue donte of dm 
dnge, hyne nan |>ing mare acsian. 

Ciup. XXni. T Da sprnc se 
wd to dam folcc, and to hya 1 

a And cvie^, Boceras and Ph«W 
Mrton ofer Moyaea Ureow-aeU. 

3 Ue*lda)s and ivyroca)), vwa fawa'tivi 
hi$ ■frgeaf, And ne do ge na nftcr 
big aeogAa^, and ne do^. 


Cbaraa m 

byrdyna, de man 
and ]«c;gea^ da nppui 

atTT 33.-XSin. 4-] TVTCUFFE, 1 389. 

31 And U»e cumpanyes of pepio hfitr- 

fugc, wondreden in hU techyngo. 
34 Foreothc E*barisecs, hccniige that 
M hadde put silence to S«duccc8, camcn 
ogidre in to oon. 

JS And oon of hem, a tecbcr of the 
|Mre^ Axcde Jliesus, temptynge hym, 

36 Hiiistrc, whiche la a greet maunde- 
Bcnt in the \&vre ? 

37 Jhcsus seide to hym, Tlioa altalt 
Doe the Lord thi God. of nl thin 
tertc, and in al thi soulc^ and in al thi 

38 This is the firste and the most 
Dftun dement. 

39 Fonwtbe the seconnde ia Ho to 
U«; Thou shall- lono thi nei;bore a« 

40 In these two mftundementis hangith 

I the lave and propbetis. 

41 Sothely the Pbariseea gedrid to 
^dre, Jhcsua axide hem, 

43 Seyinge, What eenicth to 30U of 
!!rist, irboe sone is he t Thei aeyen to 
ym. Of Dauitli. 

43 He seith to hem, Tlicrfore hou 
iMuth in spirit clepith hym Lord, 

44 The Lord seide to my Lord, Sitte 

II my n;thalf, til that I put thin 
Kmyes a stole of thi feet ? 

45 Therfore jif Dauyd clepith him 
^rtl, hoa ia he his sone? 

46 And no man mijt unawcre a word 
9 hym, nether cny man was hardy fro 
hat day^ for to axe hym more. 

TYNDALE, 1536. 


XXin. I Thonne .Thcsus spac 
nunpanyea of i)eple, and to his 

VpoD the chaicr of Moysee, 
Pharisees seeten. 
3 Therfore kepc 500, and do ^ce alle 
Itmgis, whut euore thiugis thei ahulen 
(0 3011. Bnt nyl ^ee do after her 
; sothely thei seien, and don uat. 
lely tliei byndcn to grcnousc 
)me^», And TDportablo,^ and putten in 

33 And when the people hcrde that, 
they were astonyed at liys doctrine. 

34 Wlion the Phariscs had herde howo 
that he had put the Saduccs to silence, 
they drewe togedder. 

35 jVnd won of them, whych was a 
dootour off Iftwe, axed him a question, 
temptingc him, and sayingc, 

^6 Master, whych is the grett com- 
maundment in the Uwe i 

37 Jesus aayde vnto him, Thou shalt 
love thy Loitlo God, with uU Ihyue 
herfce. ^»^h all thy soule, and with all 
thy mynde. 

38 This ia the fyrst and that grett 

39 Aud there ys another lyke vnto 
thys ; Tbou shalt love thyne neghbour 
as thy selfe. 

40 In these two commaundmenteshango 
all the lawe aud the prophettes. 

41 Wbyll the Phariises were gaddered 
togedder, Jesus axed them, 

43 Saynge, What thinke ye of Christ, 
whose Sonne is hcl They sayde vnito 
h}'m. The aonne of David. 

43 He sayde vnto them, Howe then 
doeth David in spirite call him Lorde, 

44 The Lorde sayde to my Lorde, Sytt 
on my lyght hondo, tyll I make thyne 
eunemyes thy fote stole 1 

45 Yf David call hym Lorde, howe is 
he then his sonnel 

46 And none of them coulde answere 
him ageyne one worde, nether durste 
eny man from that daye forth, axe hym 
cny moo questions. 

Chap. XXIIT, 1 Then spake Jesus 
to the people, and to hys disciples, 

2 Saynge, The scrybs and the Pharises 
sitt in Moses se^te. 

3 Whatsoever they byd you observe, 
that observe, and do. But after their 
workes do not; for they saye, and do 

4 Ye and they bynde hevy burthens, 
aud greveous to be boruc, and ley them 

GOTHIC, 36a 

AXOL(«AXOy, 995. [&r. 
i cxk ; lad Dclla^ hig da 


Tore hig do^, Atei me 

1b neoo; faw tobnrda^ h/rn he 
Ue, aad iMinM|i heon rcbtA (aaAa. 

6 Hig lafige^ da fyrm«sUn set! 
gihniiaij|wii, nd da fynuertan li^ 
MU 00 gnamiixDffiuu ; 

7 AjhI drt hig man greie on 
and dat awim hig lareowaa DemDon. 

8 Ne gTTVC ge oKt eow man Ijlirowttj 
MBttt ; an yt eowcr lareow, ge 

9 And oe menuie ge eow fieder 
eor^an. aa ja eower- fieder. Be de 
beofonnm js. 

ic Ne eow man oe nemne lareowKl 
fbrdam an. Crist, is eovrcr larcow. 
1 1 Se de eow^ yidest sf, beo se 

12^ itodbce ee Ac bjne upp-ahef^, 
bx^ genydcrod ; and se de fayne 
ge-eadmet, se by|i np-ahafen.^ 

13 Wa eow, bocyras and Phariaei* 
oeteras, fordam ge beluca)» heofona 
beforaa mannnm ; ne ge in ne ga^ 
ge ne ge^afia^ det odre ingan. 


15 Wa eow, bocjras and Phariseu 
cetcnu, fordam ge befara{> ase and 
an, dset gc dun anno telfwodiuc ; 
donne be geworden by|>, ge gedo^ b) 
belle boarn, twyfcaldlicor donne eow. 

1 6 Wa eow, bliudon latteowaa, ge 
geaji, Swa bwylc vwa swere|> on tem{ 
dst ya nabt ; swa fawi swa swen^ 
dies temples goldc, se ys scyldig. 

1 7 Eala ge dysegan and blindan, bi 
er ys mare, de dst gold, de diet 
de diet gold gehalga)> t 

18 And swa hwa swa twero|> on 
weofodpT det ya noht ; swa hwylc 

5-i8.] WYCLIFFE.1389. 

to ilmli^rcs of men ; hut with her fyngir 
tlicj wolcQ Dat mouo hem. 

5 Tberfuro thei dou allc her worlds, 
tluU thei V>e seen of men ; forsothc tliei 
ttirgen her filoteries/ and magnyfie 

6 Sothely thei louen the first sUtyng 
pkcu ia aopcrs, and the Hrst chniera in 

7 Aiid salutaciouns in the chepyng, 
to l>en clcpid of men uiaiatirs. 

icly nyf jee ben depid maistir ; 
'oon is ;ourc maistir, forsothe alle 

d nyl ^ clepe to 90U a fadir on 
for oca is joure fadir. that is in 

Xether \h: je clepid mniatira, for 
is 5our nialstrc. Crist. 
He tliat is more of 30U. ahal be 
Forsothe he that shal hie hym self, 
be mekid ; and be that shal meeke 
iM*lf. bbal ben euhaunsid. 
Sothely .00 to 30U, scribis and 
ypoerjtis, for je closen the 
of heuenra before men ; sothe- 
entrea nat, nc suflrc men entryoge 

14 Woo to 50U, acribis and Pharisees, 
ypocritis, that eten the liouais of widucfl, 
In longe prcier preyingc ; for this thing 
^ sholen take the more dom. 

15 Woo to 50U, scribia and Pharisees, 
Tpotritis, that cumpasen the se and the 
load, tliat jce maken proselite ;^ and 

e he ahal be maad, ;e maken hym 
of hcUe, double more than 30U. 

Woo to 3011, blynde ledens, that 

Who euere shal swere by the 

le of God, no thing is ; sothely he 

i^sfaal strere in the gold of the temple, 

|m folia and biynde, forsothe what 
lore, the gold, or the temple that 
iritb the gold? 

And who euer shal swere in the 
no Uung is ; but he that shal 

iryDALE, 1536. 


on menncs shuldcrs ; but they them 
sylfe wyl not move them with one 

5 All there workea they do, for to be 
seno of men ; they sett abroade there 
philaterifl, and make large borders on 
there garmenttes. 

6 And love to sytt vppennooste at 
feastcs, and to have the chefe seatce in 
the synagoggea ; 

7 And gretyngea in the marketes, and 
to l>c called of men rahi. 

8 But ye slinll nott suflre youre solves 
to be called rahi ; for one yn youre 
master, that is to wytt Christ, and all 
ye are brethren. 

9 And call ye no man youre father on 
the erth, for one is youre father, and he 
is in hcvcn. 

ID Be ye not called masters, for one 
ys youre master, and he is Christ. 

1 1 He that is greateste umongc you, 
shalbe youre scrvauntc, 

12 But whosoever exalteth hym silfe, 
8ba1l)c brought lowc ; and he that sub> 
mitteth him silfe, shalbe exaltcil. 

1 3 Wo he vnto you, scribs and Pharises, 
dissemblers, for ye sheet v]> the kyiig- 
dom of hoven before men ; ye youre 
selves goo nott in, nether sufire ye thcui 
that come to enter in. 

14 Wo be vnto you, scribes and Pha- 
rises, for ye devoure widdowes houses, 
and that vnder a coloure of praying 
longe prayers ; wherfore ye shall receavc 
greater damnocion. 

15 Wo be vnto you, scrlljcs and Pha- 
rises, ypocrites, for ye compasse see and 
londe, to brynge one in to youre belefe ; 
and when ye have brought bira, ye 
make h)Tn two folde more the chyldo 
off hell, then ye youre selvea are. 

16 Wo bo vnto you, blynd gides, for 
ye saye, Whosoever swcare by the tem- 
ple, yt ys nothinge ; but whnaoever 
sweare by the golde of the temple, he ia 

17 Ye folea and blindc, whether is 
greater, the golde, or the temple that 
sauctifyeth the golde 1 

18 And whosoever sweareth by the 
Rulter, it ia nothinge ; but whosoever 


GOTHIC, 360, 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [&r. XUir 

8were|> on drere offnmge de ofcr 
wcoftwl ya, ae ys gyltig. 

1 9 Eala ge blindan, hwsedcr jtb 
dc ofinmg, dc diet weofod de gel 
da oflrunge ? 

30 Wito<llice se do iweFe|> on 
be swcre^ on him, and on callum 
de him ofcr B3mt. 

3f And ee de swere^ 00 temple, 
swere|» on him, and on dam de Inm 

2 3 And sc do sweraji on heofooan,. 
swery|» on Oode§ prjTn-setlc, and 
dam de ofyr rt/et sitt. 

33 Wa eow, boccras and PhonMi, 
cctoroa, ge de teodia|> mintan, aud 
and cumyn, and ge foHeton da 
synt hefigcrau diere oe, dom, 
heortnysse, and geleafan. Das 
gebyrede diet ge d)*don, and d* odrai 

S4 La blindan Utt^ovras, ge drehnij 
done gniet awcg, and drinca^ done olfe 

25 Wa eow, boceras and PhariBci. 
cctcras, fordam ge clrensia^ diet 
js, caliccaa and discas ; and go 
nan fullo re&flaces and unclaennyv*. 

26 Eala dn blinda PbAriB«QS. 
ttryst diet widiunan yi catioes and 
diet hyt m oloene dset widutan yt, 

37 Wa cow. boccrns and Phariiei 
cetcras, foittam ge synt gelice hi 
byrgenum, da ^incea)i mannmn 
wlitige ; and hig synt iunan fuUe 
adra bana, and ealre fy1)>c. 

28 And Bwa ge letywa^ manrnim 
rihtwise ; innan gc synt fuHc lie 
and unribtwisneeae. 

39 Wa eow, bocerae and Fhariaeif 
ccteraa, ge de timbm|> witegena 
ena, and glenga(» rihtwisrm 

30 And ge ewedajs Gyf we 
urc fiedcra dagum, neeron we beora 
feran on dtera witegena blodes gyte. 

31 Witodlice ge synt cow Bylfum 
gcwitnys&c, dset ge synt dsera beaia 
ofislogon da witegan. 

I' T9-3»] WYCLIFFE. 1389. 

were in the jifte Uuit is od the autor, 

19 Blynde men, foraothe what is more, 
the ;ift« or the uuter that halowith the 

»o For3othe h« th&t sweritli in the 
; swerith in it, and alle thingia that 

And bo tliat swerith in the t«mplc, 
in it, and in hym that dwellith 
e temple. 

Anil ho that swerith in heuenc, 
ith in the trone of God, and in hym 
sittith thcron. 
33 Woo to 30U, scribia and Pharisees, 
jpocritis, that tithon mcntcs anete, and 
compi, and han lefte tho thiiigis that 
Ven grenouser*^ of the lawe, dom, and 
mercy, uad feith. And thcae thiugis it 
behofte^ for to do, and not to leeue 

24 Blynde leders, clenajTige a gnatte, 
but vwolov'ynge a camel. 

35 Woo to jou, ecrihia and Pharisees, 
mocritis^ that maJccn clene that thiti^ of 
the cuppe and plater, that is with out- 

Bfonsothe with yime je ben ful of 
e and vntleniicefie. 
bou blynd Pharisee, cleose first 
oag of the cnppe and plater tliat 
I ynncfortb, that aud that thing 
that is with outonforth l>e mjiad clene. 

27 Woo to gou, Bcribis and Phariseea, 
ipocritis. that ben Uc to sepulcris maad 
whjjt, the whiche with outen forth senien 
Ure to men ; soUicly with ynne thei ben 
fal of boonys of dead men. and al filthe. 

KSo and 3C0 foraothc with outen 
b aperen inste to men ; but with 
e 3«e ben ful of jpocriaie and ^okid- 

TYXDALE. 1526. 


29 Woo to 30U, Bcribis and Pliaritrccs, 

ipwrritis, that helden scpulcria of pro- 
{jietia. and maken fiiire the birielis of 
niste men, 

30 Aud Bcicu, y\f we hadden ben in 
Uie dayea of our fodris, we shulden 
fist ban be here fclowia in the blood of 

3( And ao )e ben in witncssyng to gou 
idf, for ^ ben the sonya of hem that 
iloveo the prophctia. 

sweareth by the ofTeringe that lyctb on 
the aultre, ys detter. 

19 Ye folea and blinde, whether ia 
greater, the offeringe, or the aultro 
whych sonctifyt-tli the ofTeringe T 

30 \\1>o8oever therforo sweareth bo 
the aultre, sweareth bi it, and by all 
that there on is. 

2 1 And whosoever sweareth by tho 
temple, sweareth by it, and by hym that 
dwelleth there in. 

33 And he that sweareth by heven, 
sweareth by the seate of God, and by 
hym that sytteth thereon. 

23 Wo be to you, scrybes and Pha- 
rises, desemblera, for ye tythe mynt, 
annys, and commen, and leave tho 
waygthtyer mattrea of the lawe ondone, 
iudgement, mercy, and fayth. These 
ou^ht ye to have dune, and not to have 
lefte the othre ondone. 

34 Ye blinde gydes, which strayne out 
a gnat, and swalowe a cammyll 

25 Wo be to you, scrybes and Pharises, 
ypocrites, for ye make^ clene the vtter 
fiiric off the cuppe and off the platter ; 
but with in they we fiill of brybery and 

26 Thou hlynde Pharise, clcnso fyrst 
that which is with lu the cuppe and the 
platter, that the outsyde maye also be 

3 7 Wo be to you, scrj'boa and Pharises, 
yiwcrites, for ye are lyke vnto paynted 
torabes, which appere beautyfiill out- 
wardes ; but are with in fiill off deed 
mens bones, and of all fylthynes. 

28 So arc ye, for outwardes ye appere 
rightous vnto men ; when with in ye 
are full of dissimulacion and iuiquite. 

2 9 Wo be vnto you, scribes and Pha- 
rises, ypocrytes, ffor ye bilde the tombea 
off the prophetea, and garnisshc tho 
sepulchres off iusto men, 

30 And snye, Yf we had bene in onre 
fathers tyme, we woldc not have bene 
partners with them in Uie bloud of the 

31 So are ye witnesses vnto youre 
selves, that ye are the children of them 
which killed the prophctes. 

124 GOTHIC, 360. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St.Min. 

32 And gefylle ge diet gemet eovn 

33 Eala ge nitKltlran, and nsddtfnE 
cynn, hu fleo ge frrnn belle dome I* 

34 Ic Bcnde to eow witegan, and 
booeras ; and ge hig of&lea|>, and he 
and Bwinga^ on eowrum gesonmunj 
and gc lug clita}' of bjrig on byrig ; 

35 Dset ofer eow came seic 
blod, 6e WSB8 agoten ofer Gor|«Q, 
Abeles blode dues rihtwisan od 
arias blod, Barachias suna, done ge 
slogon betwyx dam temple and 

36 86^ ic eow aecge, ealle dai ^ 
ctmia)> ofer das cnooriBse. 

37 Eala Icnualcm^ cala Icmsaletn/ da 
de da witegan ofslihst, and mid stdDun 
oftorfast da dc to de asendc spit, &wid« 
oft ic wolde dBue beam gegadeni^^ait, 
8wa eeo henn byre eieeuu under hyn 
fydeni gegadera|), and du noldest 

38 Witodlico nu ! by|> cower hua tff9 
we«te forlieten. 

39 S6}> ic Becge eow, ne geaeo^ ga 
Sae bconon-for)7, serdam de ge aec^eon. 
S7 gebleteod ee, de com on Dnbtoei 

Chap. XXXV. i And da so HeW 
nt-eode of dam temple j bim to-geusA* 
Isbton h^'B leoming-onihtas, diet hi faim 
fletywdon dses temples getimhrunge. 

3 Da andswarode he him and cwipK 
Geaeo|> ge call dis 1 So)* ic sccge eow, 
oe byfi her Isfed atan uppan stanei it 
ne beo toworpen. 

3 Da he siet uppan Oliuctes done, ili 
comon h)*s leorning-cnibtas diblico, «wl 
ewajdou, Saegc us, hwienne das ^ng 
gewurdonj and bwylc tacn si dines 
locymcs, and worulde ge-cndunge. 

4 Da andsw&rode he htm and cwb^. 
Warnia^, diet eow nan ne beswicev 


Er3ji-SxiV.4.] WTCLIFFE, 1389. 

, 3a Anii je fulfillea the mesure of joure 

33 3*e sarpentis, fruytia* of eddria,^ 
hoa sliuleu ^ec Aec fro thu dom of 

(Therfore loo ! I aende to jon pro- 
u, and wia« men, and scribia ;* and 
ttu) ^ec abuleu eleo, aud cnicifie, 
of hem ;« abalen bete in jour syua- 
Si and abidea pursue fro citee in to 

That al the iuste Mode come vpou 

that was »hed on the erthe, fro 

ilood of iust Abel til the blood of 

ie, the sone of Barachie, whom 

iwen bitwise the temple and the 

Trewli I seie to ;ou, alle these 
aholen come vpou this genera- 

[Jeniwlem, Jcruaalem, that sleesi 

;tiB, and atonyst hem that hen 

to thee, hou oft wold I gcdre to 

thi Bonys, as an hcnne gedreth 

hir chikenjs vndir hir wengta, 

woldiat nat. 

Lool ;oure hous shal be lefte to 

: desert/ 

\Foff80the I seie to ;ou, jce shulen 
me fro hennya forth, til that jee 
Blesaid v» he^ that cumeth iu the 
of the Lord. 

TTNDALE, 1326. 


XXIV. I And Jhesua, gon out 
temple, wente ; and his disciplis 
ni) to hym, that thei shuldcii 
to hym the bildyngis of the 

Torsotbe he answerynge scith to 

jj Seen jee alle these thingis? Trewly 

to 30a, a stoon alial nat be lefie 

I on ft itooD, the whiche shal nat be 


lely hym sittynge on the hit of 
disciplis camen ni; to him 
ly, seijmge, Seie to vb, whanne thes 
schulcn be, aud what tokcuc of 
lynge, and of ending of the world. 
4 And Jhcsos anaweringe aeide to hem, 

33 FulfyU ye lyke wysc the measure 

of youpe fathere. 

33 Ye 8eq)entes, and generacion of 
vipers, liowe shall ye acape the damp- 
uacion of hell? 

34 \Vherfore beholde! Y sende vnto 
you prophetes» wyse men, and aeribea ; 
and off them some shall ye kyll, aud 
crucifie, and some shall ye scoiu-ge iu 
youre synagogges, and persecute from 
cite to cite ; 

35 Thatt all righteous blond may fiUl 
on you, which was tihced a|>on the ertlit 
from the bloud of rightous Abell vnto 
the bloud of Zachariaa, tlte Sonne of 
Barachias, whom ye slewe betwene the 
temple and the altre. 

36 Verely Y say vnto you, all tliese 
thinges shall light ai>on this geuera- 

37 Hierusaleni, Hierufwlem, which kyll- 
est prophctes, and stoncst them which 
are sent to the, howe often woldc I have 
gaddercd thy childrcu to gedder, as the 
hemic gaddrcth her chickens vudcr her 
vryngeB, but ye wolde not. 

3H Beholde t youre habitaciou ahalbe 
left* \*nto you desolate. 

39 For Y save vnto you, ye slmll not 
Be me hence forth, tyll that ye auye, 
Blessed ys he, that cummeth iu the 
name off the Lorde. 

CHA.P. XXTV. I And Jesus went out, 
and departed from the temple ; and hia 
disciples cam to hjTn, for to shewe hym 
the hyldinge of the temple. 

2 Jesus Bsyde vnto them, Se ye not 
all these thinges 1 Verely Y aaye vnto 
you, there shall not be liere leeft one 
stone vppon another, that shall not be 

3 And as lie sat vppon the mount 
Olivete, hia disciples cam vnto hym 
secretly, sayiugc, Tell vs, when this 
slmlbc, aud whut aigne shHlI)e of thy 
coturainge, ond of the ende of the worlde. 

4 And JcAUS answered and sayde vnto 
them, Take hede. that no man desceave 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

5 Manegn cntna^ on tninnm namaii. 
and cweda|>, Ic eom Crist j Bnd be- 
swic«|} mau^a, 

6 Witodlice ge gchyra|» gefeofat, «nd 
gefeolita hlis&n ; w&riugea(>, daet g« at 
beon gedrefctle ; das )>ing 3C«oloa gl- 
weordun, ac nys donne gyt se entle. 

7 peod wiD|> ongeo J»eode, and rirt 
ongen rice, and mann-<;wealmas beo^ 
and hungros, wide geond land, and eoi^ 
an atjTuuga ; 

8 K&IIc dds t^ing sjnt daora aara tu- 

9 Donne syllaj) hi eow on gedreftd* 
nysse, and ofs1t.'a|> cow, and callo men 
eow batigoa)) for rainum naman. 

10 And donne bco)> manegt 
tiywBode, and belsewaj) betwyx buii.ui^ 
batiga}) him betwfnan. 

1 1 And manega lease witegan cumi^ 
and bcswicaj) manega. 

1 2 And fordani dc unrihtwianys rica|y 
manegra Infu acola)) ; 

1 3 Witodlice se de lJurbwTma|» od ende, 
sc by|» hal. 

14 And dig godspel by|> bodwl ofcr 
calle eor}>ant on gewitnetue eollam \^ 
odum ; and donnc c^tqIi seo ge-endung. 

15 Donne ge ge860)> da ouac«onnnp 
dferc toworpennyaae, de sc wit^ga g*- 
cwsej), Daniel, da bo stod on baligrt 
stowe ; ongyte, se de byt net ; 

16 FlcoQ dunne to muntum, da de <A 
ludea-landc synt ; 

1 7 And se de ya uppan hys busc, me 
ga be nyder diet be senig ^ing od Iv 
buse feccc ; 

1 8 And se de is on fccerc, ne cjnv bl 
diet he bys tunecan nyme. 

1 9 Wa eacniendum and iedcndum » 
dam dagum. 

20 Biddafi, dst eower fleam on vnnixt, 
odde on reste^sge. ne geweorde. 

2 1 Witodlice donno hy^ Bwa 1 
deorf, 8Wa no^s of mtddan-geard 

^S-*«.] WTCUFFE,i389. 

5 Kmy schulen come in my nAme, 
vyyngOt I am Criat ; anti thei BcUuIeu 
bceyue manyc. 

'6 Sothly ^e beo to heere bateyU, and 
|»ynyouiiB of btteyb ; m ^e, that ^e ben 
wt Uistrvblid ; forsoth it bihouetU ibes 
hangis to be don, but not ^it is the 

7 Folk achal ryse to gidere a;en folk, 
od rowme iu to rcwme, and pcstilcucis, 
lad hnngm, and crthcmouyngis scbulen 

e by pUcis ; 

8 Fonothe alle thea tbing^s ben bigju- 
tyugia of sorwia. 

9 Tbeone tbei ncbnlen bitake ;oa in to 
tribqUciouiL, and tbct schulen ahe 30U, 
md ^ schnlen be in bate to alle folkia 
Ibr my name. 

10 A nd thannc manye schulen be 
■^ndrid, and to gidere bitrayc,^ and 
m hate haac to c^idere. 

21 And many false prophetis scbulen 
mtj and discex'ue numy. 

12 And for wickiduesse scbal be plen- 
teous, the cburite of manye schal wexe 

13 Forsotbe he tliat sofanl dwelle stable 
mto the endc, be this Bchul be saat 

14 And this gospel of kyngdom schal 
be prechid iu al the world, in to witness- 
inge to alle folkia ; and thanne the onde 
•mal come. 

15 Tberfore wbenne je scbulen se the 
abhomynacioun of discomfort, that is 
Kid of Duuyel, the propbcte, stondynge 
in the hooly pbtce ; he that redith, vudir- 
itoode ; 

16 Humne tbei that ben in Judee, fle 
to moimtcyna ; 

17 And he that is in the bona roof, 
Mae Dot down to take ony thing of his 

18 And be tliat it in the feeld, turne 
Mt a^en to take his coote. 

19 Forsoth wo t^) wynmen with ehilde 
nd Doryachinge in tbo duyes. 

K> Botbly preie ^e, that ^onre fleynge 
be Qot maad in wyntir, or sabotb. 

>t Forsothe thanne sobal be greet tri- 
Imlscioun, what niancr was not fro tlie 

TYNDAXE, 1526. 127 

5 For many shall come in my name, 
sainge, T am Christ \ and shall dcccave 

6 Ve shall bearc of warres, and of the 
noyse of warres ; but se, that ye be not 
troubled j for all these thinges muste 
come to passe, but the ende is not yet 

7 For nacion shall lyse ageynste nacion, 
and realme ageynste renlme, and there 
shalbe pestilence, and bonger, and erth- 
quakes in all quarters; 

ti All these are the beginnyngo off 

9 Then shall they put you to trouble, 
and shall kyll you, and ye ebalbe Itated 
off all iiacions ftbr my names sake. 

TO And then shall many fall, and shall 
betraye won another^ and shall bate wou 
the other. 

II Aud many falcc propbetes shall 
aryse, and shall decoavc many. 

13 And because iniquite shall have the 
vpper baudc, the love of many shall 
abate ; 

13 But be that endureth to the ende, 
shalbe safe. 

1 4 And this gospell off the kyngdom 
shalbe preached in all the worldo, for a 
witnes vnto all nacions ; and then shall 
the ende come. 

15 When ye then sliall se the abomi- 
nacion and desolacion, spoken of by 
Daniell, the prophet, stonde in the holy 
place ; whosoever rcdeth it, let hyni 
vnderstonde it; 

16 Then let them which be in lury, 
flyc into the mountayncs ; 

17 And lett hym whych is on the 
housse toppe, not come douue to take 
enytinge out of his housse ; 

18 Nether let hym which is in the 
felde, retume hackc to fetche his clothes. 

19 Wo be in those dayes to them that 
arc with chyldc and to them that gcv» 

30 Butt prayo, thatt youre flyght be 
not in the nHnther, nether on the saboth 

3 1 For then sluilbe greate tribula- 
cioUj BUche us ^vus not &om the begin- 

od dii, ne Du ne geweor|L 

22 Aiid buton da dagas guMjite 
OD, nsere iiuu mano hal geworden; 
for dam gecorenum, de he goceaa^ 
dogas beoj) gescjrte. 

23 Donne gjf eow hwa S4eg)i, N^ 
Crist ys Uer, odde doer, ne gdyie 

34 Donne cama)i lease Cristoa 
lease witc^^, anil d6|* roycle tacn 
fore-beacD ; dat da beo|i on geJi 
geledde, gyf hyt beon mieg, dc 

35 Witodlice 1 to bjt eow foresede. 

36 Gyf big eow secgea|^, Her be ja 
westene, ne &re ge ut ; gy( big 
Her he ys on )>urh-faruu, ne golyfe ge.{ 

27 Witodlice swa awa liget fi»rj» 
est-dsele, and Eetyw|) od weat-diei, 
by)> nuumes auua tocyme. 

28 Swa bwjcr Bwa bold by)i, d«i( 
beo)> eamas gegaderodc. 

29 Soua efter dsera di^ 
neaae^ seo sonne byji forsworceUf and 
moDA bye Icuht ue syl^, and steor 
l<e«na|> of dsere heofenanf and diere 
enau oue^nn beo^ astyrede. 

30 And domie Ktyw^ manncs 
t«cii oa beofonan, and doone 
ealle eor^an in«g|« ; and geseo)> 
nee siiuu cumendne ^ oa beofonan 
urn,* mid myclum EOKgene and 

31 And be aacnt hjB englas nud 
an, and mycelre ite&ie ; aod bl 
criga^ hyv geeomaa of Ceower 
eaidea endna, of 
od byrvgenuBTiL 

3J Leom^oa^ bj^yjl be dm 
treove Dioonc bys ting by^ 
■id leaf iriiMiiili , ge viton. dvt 

33 And wife g« cwa. doB&s p 
iMJtcnM^ dftC be ys oa da 

34 Sof le se«g* Mv. da« deoa 

-34] WTCLTFFE» 1389. 
of the world to now, nethir 

[jio bnt tbo dayes hiitlden be 
6eisch* Bchuldo not bo moad 
tho dnyes schulen be ronad 
tbe chosuu men. 
le if ony man schal aeie to 
lere is Cmt, or there, nyle je 

he fifilse Cristis and fulae pro- 
ulcn ryse, and thei Bchulcn 
tokened and wondris ; so that 
io6}-Qe be ledd in to errour, if 

[ haue bifore seid to 30U. 
pre if thei schulen sole to ;oii, 
la in desert, uylo ;o go out ; 
rucy cbambria,^ nyle je bileue. 

as leyt gotb out fi-o tbe eest, 
[th til in to the west, so scbal 
I comj'nge of mannus sone. 

t eaere the bo<ly sclial be, and 
icbalen be gederid thidur. 
itfae anoon aftir the trilinla- 
bo duyes, the sunuc schal be 
;, and the mone schal not jyue 
Ekd sterns schnlen fnllc down 
t, and the vertues of hcucnes 

thanne the tokene of mannas 

appcre in benene, and thanne 
di« of erthe schulen weylo ; 
cfaulen ae mannua sone cum* 
the clowdis of heuene, with 
lu and mageete. 
ke schal sende his angel is with 
f and greet voice ; and thei 
edere his chosync fro foure 
beucne, fro tbe hijcatc thiugia 
, til teermes* of hem. 
( 3e the parable of a fyge tree. 
08 bou^' is now tendre, and 
Ungen, ^ee witcn, that somer 

kd ^ee whenne ^ee shulen se 

thingis, wittth that it is ray, 

y I seie to 50W, for this gene- 
tal nat paase, til that nlle 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


nynge off the worlde to this tyme, ner 

22 Tc and except those dayes ahulde 
bo shortened, sbnide no flcsse be saved ; 
butt for the chosens sake, those dayes 
shalbe shortened. 

23 The« yff eny man shall sayc vnto 
you, Lo 1 hero is Christ, or there is 
Christ, beleve it not. 

24 Ffor there bIiuII arise fulce Christea 
and fttlce prophetos, aud bIimII gcvo 
greate signen an<l wonders ; so greatly 
that yff it were possible, even the chosen 
shuldc be brought iu to errourc. 

35 Tftke hede ! 1 have tohle you before. 

26 Yff they aliuU sayc vuto you, Lo! 
he is in tho desert, go not forth ; yff 
they saye, lo ! he is in the secret places, 
beleve nott. 

27 For as the lightnynge cometh out 
off the cest, and sbyneth vnto tbe woeat, 
so shall the commynge off tbe sonne of 
man be. 

a8 For wheresoever a deed body is, 
even thyther wyl! the eglcs rcsorte. 

29 Imrneiliatly after the tribulacioas 
off those dayes, shall the sun be derken- 
cth, aud the nione shall nob geve her 
light, and the sturres shall fall from 
heven, and the jwwcra of hevcn shall 

30 And then shall appcre the sygne of 
the Sonne off man in heven, and then 
shall all the kynreddcs of the erth 
mornc ; and they shall sc the sonne of 
man come iu the cloudes of heven, with 
power and greate maieste. 

31 iVnd he shall scude his angellcs 
with the grente voyce of a tronip : and 
they shall gadder to gedther hja chosen 
firom the fewer wj'ndes, and from tlie 
one cnde off tbo wurlde to the other. 

32 I.,enme a similitude ot the fygge 
tree. When hia braunches arc yet tender, 
and his leves spronge, ye knowe, that 
Bommcr is nye ; 

33 So lyke wyse when ye se all these 
thynges, be ye sure that it is uearc, even 
at tbe dorcs. 

34 Verely I saye vnto you, thatt this 
generacion shall not posse, tyll all be 
fulfilled ; 


GOTHIC, 360. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995, [Br. Mar, 

35 Heofone and eor)« gewffa^i^ wioir 
lice mine word ne geinta)>. 

36 Nat nan maun be dam dage ■• 
be dure tide, ne foidan eafgiMa, batqn^ 
fieder ana. 

37 Witodlice Bwa swa on Noes dagn 
wsBfl, Bwa hjp mannea sona tocjina. 

38 Swa hi wsron, on dam dagnm 
dam flode, etende and drinoend^ 
wifigende and gyfta syllende, od 
daeg, de Noe on da earce eode ; 

39 And hi njston,^ ter dnt flod 
and nam hig ealle, Bwa by)i mamici 

40 Donne beo^ twegen on netn, 
by)> genmnen, and oder by^ he&d ; 

41 Twa beo^ tat cwyme grindflnd^i 
hy^ genmnen, and oder by^ 
twegen beo)> on bedde, an byjr genu 
and oder hy^ Isefed.^ 

43 Waciga^ witodlice, fbidam dt 
nyton on hwylcere tide eower ""* 
cmnan wyle. 

43 Wita)>, d»t gyf se luredea 
wiste on hwylcere tide ae ^f 
wsere, witodlice he wolde wacigeaa,. 
nolde gej^afigan^ dset man bys hot 

44 And fordam beo ge gearwe^ 
de mannes sonu wyle cuman, on 
tide de ge nyton. 

45 Wenst du hwa ery getiywe 
gleaw )}eow, done geset hya hUfovd 1 
his hired, dst he him on tide 
sylle ) 

46 Eadig^ ys se )»eow, de hya 
byne gemet dns dondne, donne be 

47 S6}> ic eow secge, d«t ofor eaUj 
he ah he hyne geset. 

48 Gyf se yfela )>eowa ))en<^ on 
beortan and cwy)>, Min hlaford 
hys cyme, 

49 And agyn)i beatan hya efen-^en 
and yt and drinc^ mid dnmcennm; 

50 Donne cym|» dtee wealea Uifbid 

^tV.3S-5o.] WYCUFFE, 1389. 

^ Heuene and ertbe shulen poase, but 
Dy wurdifl fihulcn nat pAsse. 
;^6 Fursothe of tliilk day and hour no 
woot> tietlicr augclis of LeuenoB, no 
mt the fftdir alone. 

37 Forsothe as it was in the dayes of 
%oje, so shal be and tlie comjmg of 
Muines sonc. 

38 For as in the days bifore the grete 
luody thei weren etyuge and drinkyuge, 
ivOdyugc and takynge to wcddyngc, tU 

I to that day, iu the whiche Noc eulrido 
1 to the ship ; 

39 And thei knewen nat, til that the 
^retc Qood canK% and toke alle men, bo 

be the cummyng of luaunea souc. 

40 Thaune two shulen l>e in a fe«ld, 
ihal be taken to, and an other 

Two vrifmmen shulen be gryndyugc 
queme, oon abal be takou to, and 
other forsaken ; two in 00 bed« the 
aha] be token to, and the tothcr 
4a Therforo wake 3ce, for gee witen 
in what houre 3ourc Lord is to 
43 Sothely that thing wite jee, for ;if 
housbonde man wistc in what houre 
the tWef were to cumme, trewly he 
vidce, and sufire uat his hous to 
i mynjd. 

I tberfore and jee bo rcdy, for in 
iir ^ee gessen nat, manucs sone 
is to commc. 

45 \Vixo gcastst thou is a trew seruaunt 
and prudent/ whom his lurd ordcynyde 
0a his meynee, that he )euc to hem 
mete in tymel 

46 Blrsud M that seruaunt, whom his 
Wed, wbenuc be stial cumme, sluil f)-ude 

47 Trewly I seio to jou, for vpon alle 
biigoodis he sha! ordejiie liym. 

«R Ffirsothe jif thilk yuel seruaunt 
(• iu his hcrte. My lord makith 
v'e* to cum, 

• >\ bijL^ynne tu smyte bis euen 
• tis, sothely jif he ete and drynke 
with druiikenlewe men ; 

50 The lurd of thilk seruaunt shal 

TYNDALE. 1526. 


35 Heven and crth shall (>cris8hc, but 
my wordes altall abyde. 

36 But of that daye and hoore knowittt 
no man, no not the angels of heven, but 
my father only. 

37 As the tyme of Noe waa, so lyke 
wyse shall the commynge of the Sonne 
off man be. 

38 For as in the dayes 1>efore tlic floud, 
they dyd eato and drynke, mary and 
were maried, even vuto the daye, that 
Noe entrcd in to the shyppe ; 

39 And kikewe of nothyngc, tyll the 
(loude cam, and toke them all awaye. so 
shall also the commynge off the Sonne 
off man be. 

40 Then two shalbe in the feldes, the 
one shalbe rcceaved^ and the other shalbe 
refused ; 

4 1 Two Rhull>e grjiidtngc at the myll, 
the one shalbe receavcd, and the other 
ehnlbe refused 

42 Wake therefore, because ye knowe 
nott what houre youre Master wyll 

43 Off this be sure, that yff the good 
man off the housse knewe what houre 
the thefe wolde come, he wolde suerly 
watche, and not suffre his housse to be 
broken \-i)pe. 

44 Therfore be ye also redy, for what 
houre ye tinke leest on, iu the same 
shall the sonne of man come. 

45 Wliu is A faythfuU servaunte and 
wyse, whom his master hath made ruler 
over his housholde, ffor to geve them 
meate in season conveuient 1 

46 Happy is that servaunt, whom hys 
master, when he cometh. shall fiude so 

47 Verely Y saie mto you, he shall 
make him ruler over all his goodea. 

48 But and )'f the evyll servaunt shall 
aaye in his hertc, My master wyll differ 
his commynge, 

49 And begynn to smj-te his felowes, 
ye and to eatc and to drj-nke with the 
dronken ; 

50 TLat servauntes master wyll como 

K 2 


ANGLO-SAXON. 995. [St. uHt^ 

H • 

dam diege de be oa ne wen^, and on 


diere Ude de he nat, 


51 And tod8pl{> hjrnc, and osct Iiys dsl 


myd licceterum ; iter byt> wop, and t45^^j 


gnstbituug. ^B 


Chap. XXV.' i Donne by|> hM|||^ 


rice gelic dam tyn fsmnumt de da ^^^B 


Catu Dumuu, and lerdon ongen Bi^B 


brydguman and da bryde ; ^B 


3 Hyra fif wicron dyajge, and ^^B 


gleawe. ^B 


3 Ac da fif dyscgan namon leobt-fiiil^B 


and ne namon uanne cte mid liym ; ^B 


4 Da glcawau nnmon cle on hyra &Ui]^B 


mid dam leuht-ratum. ^B 


5 Da ae brydgnma ylde, da bnappedo^B 


big calle and alepon. • ^B 


6 Witodlice to middere nibto raisB 


hrymde and cwie(i, Nu ! Be brydgunaB 


cym)>, iara)) him togenes. B 


7 Da aryson collo da fiemnan, Ulil B 


gleitfKlon heora Icobt-fatu. fl 
8 v& cwaedon da dysegaa to daa B 



wiaum, Sylla|) us of eowrum ele, fordaa T 


lire leobt-fatu synt acwencte. 1 


9 Da andawaredon da glcawao, ud 1 


cwtedon. Nese, delav de we and gaJ 


nabbon gcnoh, gap to dam cyi>eiidiRI^B 


and bycgat» oow ele. ^B 


10 Witodiioe da big fenlon and wddo^B 


bycgcan, da com se brydguma ; and d^B 


de gcarwc wecrou, coduu iu mid bim t^^| 


dam gyftum ; and see diiru wks beloi^^B 


1 1 Da tet-nebstan comon da 6dr«^^^H 


nan, and cwicdon, Drybtyo, di^^iJ^H 


lEct us iu. ^B 


1 2 \yk andswarode be beom and cwcf^Bi 


S6y ic eow Becge, ne can ic eow. ^B 


13 Witodlice wactaf", fordam de g^H 


nyton ne 4onc dseg ne da tide . . ^B' 

14 Sum man ferde on cl}>eodiojM%ifl 


and clypode bys (reowas, aod betiSiM^B 


bym bys nhta ; ^B 


15 And uuum he scolde Hf puDd,B 

Cttmc In tfae day m wliicbe he hopith 
oat, and in hour that be knowith nat, 
SI Anil siiiU tieparte hym, and pot 
bis part with ypocritia ; there «hal be 
WMpynge, and betynge togidre of teetb. 

TYKDALE, 1536. 


CffAr. XXV. I Thanne the kyngdam 
of hencnefl shal be lie to ten ^Hrgynys, 
thu whiche, takyuge her Inuinpis, wentc 
oot meetjTige the spouse/ and the 
■pouseaso ;* 
a Forwjthe fyue of hem weren foolis, 
ft&d fyne prudent 

3 But the iyue footis^ her laumpis token, 
token nat oyle with hem ; 

4 Fonothe the prudent token oyle in 
Mr TOnels Mrith laumpis. 

5 fonothe the spouse^ makynge dwell- 
ynge, alle nappiden and alepteu. 

6 Sothcly at myd ni;t a cry was nioad, 
Loo t the 8j>ouse cummctb, go jce out 
mtynge to hym. 

7 lliAnne alle the virgynya rysen vp, 
nd anounieden her laumpis. 

8 Sotbely the foolis scidcn to the wise, 
Jroe 5ee t« vs of joure oile, for oure 
laumpis ben qw-cnchid. 

jl The prudent answcreden, seyinge, 
Leet pcnuienturc it suffisc nat to ua and 
lo jou, go ^ce rather to men sellynge, 
nd bye to 30U. 

10 Foreolhe the while thei wcntcn for 
to bye. tlie spouse came ; and tho that 
weren rwly. entrtdcn in with liym to 
the weddyngis ; and the ^ato is stiit. 

11 Sotliely at the lost and tho other 
IVgynya eanien« seyinge, Lord, lord, 
flpene to ts. 

> U And he answerynge seith, Treuly I 
' Mie to 30U, I knowe nat 30U. 

13 Anil so wake jee, and preye, for 
)cc witen oat the day nc tho hour 

(4 Sothi'ly as a man goynge fcr in 
pilgrimage, clcpide his seroauntis, and 
HoVc to hem his goodis ; 

15 And to oon he jaue fyuc talcntis,^ 

in a day© when he loketh not for hjTD, 
and in an hourc that he is not ware of, 

51 And wyll devyd hym, and gcve 
hym his rewarde weth ypoeritcs ; ^erc 
shalbe weplnge, and gnasehinge of tethe. 

Chap. XXV. i ITien the kj-ngdom 
of heven shalbe lykeneil >Tato x virgins, 
which t^ke their lampes, and went to 
mete the brydgrom ; 

3 Fyve of them were folysahe, and fyve 
were wyse. 

3 The folcs toke their Iam(>cs, bat toke 
none oyle with them ; 

4 But the wyse toke oyle with them 
in their vj-sscllcs with their lampes also. 

5 Whyll tlic brydgrome toiled, all 
slombrcd and sleptc. 

6 And even at mydnyght there was a 
crye made, Beholdc 1 the brydgrome 
commeth, goo and mete hym. 

7 Then all those virgins arose, and 
prepared their hmipes. 

8 And the folysshe sftyde to the wyse, 
Oeve vs of youre oyle, for oure lampca 
goo out. 

9 But the wyse answeretl, sayinge, Not 
so, lest there be not ynought for vs and 
you, but goo rather to them that sell, 
and by for youre selves. 

10 In conclusion whyll they went to 
bye, the brydgrom cam ; and they that 
were redy, went in with hjTii to the 
weddingc ; and the gate was shett vppe. 

1 1 Afterwardes cam also the oUicr 
virgins, Ba}inge, Master, master, open 
to vs. 

1 3 But he answered and sayde, Vercly 
I saye vnto you, Y knowc you not. 

13 Loke that ye watclie therefore, for 
ye knowe nether the daye nor yet tho 
hourc, when the sonne of man shall 

1 4 Lykwyse as a ccrtcync man redy to 
take his iorney to a straunge countre, 
callcil hys servauntea to hym, and de- 
lyvered to them hys gooddes ; 

1 5 And vnto won he gave v. talenteSi^ 

134 GOTHIC, 360. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. M 

Fumum two, sumum an, segliwjlcun) 
hya agcnam megene ; and fcrde sooa. 

16 Da ferde se de da fif pund amler' 
feng, .... and gestiynde oikn 

1 7 And ealswft se de <la tw£ txndei 
gcatryndc odre twa. 

18 Witodlice sc do dset un underfed 
ferde, and bedealf hyt on eorjian, 
behjdde hyB hlafordea feoh. 

1 9 WitodKce lefter miclum fjTrtc, 
dsera fwowa hlaford, and dyht« 

20 Da com se de da fif piind 
feng, and brohte odre Hfe, and 
Hlaford, fif pund du sesldest me, 
ic gcfftryode odre Hfe- 

21 Da cwie)> bys blaford to bym, 
bHt»e, du ffuda })cow and gctrywn ; 
dam de dd wsere getrywe ofcr lytJe 
ic gesettc de ofer mycio j ga into 
blafordes blisse. 

22 Da com bc de da twa pund 
feng, and cw»|», HlafonK twa pund 
me Bcalde«t; nd! ic biebbe gf 
odre twa. 

2^ Di cwffi]} bys blaford to hym, 
blissa, du goda ]>eowa and gettyi 
fordam de dii were getrywc ofer 
ofor fela ic de gesctte; ga on 
blafordes gefean. 

34 Da com se de dnt an pund 
feng, and cwie|>, Hlufurd, ic wat 
eart heard man ; dti ripst dwr 
Boowe, and gaderast daer du nc Bpi 
dest j 

35 And io ferde of-drsed, and behj 
din pund on eor])an ; ber da hie&t 

din ys. 

26 Da andswarodc bys blaford 
and cvrt0\>, Dn j-fela |)eow and slawaj 
wisteat diet ic rype d»r ic ne saWQ, 
ic gadcrige dzer ic ne strcdde ; 

27 Hyt gebyrede da»t du 
min feoh mynetemm, and Ic name 
ic come d«t min ys mid dam gafob 

28 Anyma)> dnt pund let bym. 


XXV. i6.?8.] WTCLIFFE, 1389. 

fbnotbe to an other two, but to an other 
OOD, to eche after his owne vertn ; and 
wcnte forth anooo. 

16 Forsothe and he that hadde take 
fyne talcntig, wcnte forth, and wroujte 
in hem, and wan other h-ne. 

17 Abo and he that hadde taken two, 
mn other two. 

18 Sothely he that hadde taken oon, 
BOTiige forth, dalf in to the crthe, and 
uddc the mone of Ihs lord. 

19 Bot after muche tyme, the lord of 
tho tenianntis came, and puttide resoun 
with hem. 

ao And be that hadde taken fyue 

■kknttSf cummyoge to, offride other 

^^k aejinge, Lord, thon bitokist mc 

^e talentis/ loo I I haue geten oner 

fltber fyne. 

■I Hta lord seith to hym, Wcl he thou, 
nod ■eruaunt and feithfut ;* for vpon 
iwe thingis thou hast ben trewe. I shat 
frdeyne thee vpon many thin^ ; entre 
Uou in to the ioye of thi lord. 
21 FoTftothe and he that hadde taken 
two talentia, came to, and seith, Lord, 
tbOQ bitokist to me two tulentis ; loo ! 
I L«uc geten oner other two. 
«3 His lord scith to him, Wei bo thou, 
good semaunt and trewe ; for vpon 
fun thingia thon hast ben trewe, I shal 
MqnM ibee vpon many thing;is ; entre 
uoo in to the io>-i* of thi lord. 
34 Forsothe and he that hadde taken 
M teleat, cafflm>-n|c:e to, scith, Lord, I 
that Uiou art an hard ninn ; thou 
vfaer thon hast nat sewcn, and 
gcderist to gidre wher thou hast 
M fprecdde ahrood ; 
»5 And I dredynge wcnte, and hidde 
thi talent in the erthe ; loo! thou hast 
tUt that is thin. 

•6 Solli<^ly his lord answerynge, seidc 
lo hym, Yuel aenmiint and slowe, ^visttst 
th*t I repe wher I sewe nat, and 
gfien to gidre wher I spradde nat 
*7 Thcrforc it bihonydc thee to sende' 
ty monee to chaungers, that and I 
jnge sbutdo haue resceyued for- 
thai thai' is myn with Tsuris. 
98 And 90 take ^6 awey fro hym tho 


to another ij, and to another one, to 
every man after his abiUte ; and streyght 
waye departwl. 

16 Then he that hadde receaved the 
fyvo taleutofl, went, and bestowed them, 
and wane other fyve. 

1 7 Lykwyae ho that receaved ij, gayned 
other ij. 

18 But he tliat receaved one, went, and 
digged a pitt in the erth, and hyd his 
majstera money. 

19 After a loDge season, the lordc of 
those scrvauutcs cam, and reckcncd with 

ao Then cam he that had receaved fyvc 
talentes, and brought other fyvc, sayinge. 
Master, thou delivcre<le8 vnto me fyvc 
talentcs, lo ! I have gayned with thorn 
fyve moo. 

a I Uis master saide ^Tito him, Well, 
good servaunt and faythful : thou hast 
bene faythfiill in lytell, I wyll make the 
ruler over niocho ; entre in into thy 
masters ioye. 

a a Also he that receaved ij talentes, 
cam, and sayde, Master, thou delyver- 
edes vnto me ij talentes ; lo ! I have 
wonc ij other with them. 

2j llis master saide vnto hym, Well, 
good servaunt und faythfull ; thou hast 
bene faythfuU in litell, I woll mako tho 
ruler over moche ; go in into thy mas- 
ters ioye. 

34 He which had receaved the one 
talent, cam also, and said, Master, T 
considered tliat thou vrtist an harde 
man ; which repeat where thou sowcdst 
not, and gadderest where thou strawedst 

35 And was oflraydc and went, and 
hyd thy talent in tho crth; lot thoU 
hast thyn awne. 

26 His master answered, and saydo 
vnto hym, Evyll 8er>-aunt and slewth- 
fuU, thou kncwcst that I repe where I 
sowed nott, and gaddre where I strawed 

27 Thou oughteat there fore to have 
had my money to the cbaungers, and 
then at my commynge fihulde I have 
receaved my money with vauntage. 

28 Take therefore the talent from hym, 


GOTHIC, 360. 

^38 WLanuL ^an jiuk sewhuzn gast, yeli 
gakj'udetium ; aij>|^uu naqaduna^ yah 
waeidedum K 

39 Wlianub |)an ]nik sowhum aiukana, 
ai^Jiuu lu karkai'oi, yali atidJ^otlum du 


40 Yah andhafyauds aa )>iudana qi)ii|» 
du im, Ajucq qi|>a izwis, yah jninei 
tawidedu)i aiuiinmia {rizc iniimifitiuic 
bro)ire meinaize, mia tawidedu)). 

41 panuh qi|)it> yah l^ini, af hkidutncm 
ferai. Uag^ji iui;Ta mis, yus frnqil'iiuaus, 
iu foa |>uta aitveinOi I'ata tnantrido un- 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [&r. Matt 
sylla^ dam de xne da tjn pund hrohte. 

39 Witodlice aelcoD d»ra de bsf^ mto 
tjX^f and he ha^Hi f^enob ; dam de luel^ 
diet hym ^iDc}i diet be htebbe, det hi 

byj> stbruden. 

30 And wtLr])a^ done uunyttan 
on da uttrnn |»y8tru j dier by|> wop^ 
to)»a gri«tbitung.* 

5 c Witodlicc donnc mannca sonu 
on bys mefgen>|>rymme, and eallc eni 
mid biro, donne sit he ofer hys u 
|>n'mme8 setl ; 

32 And ealle ("Coda beoji toforan hvm 
gegadcrode, and be asyndraji hi 
bctwynan, swa awa ae hyrde BSjni 
da aceji frani tycc«uum ; 

33 And be geoet da seep on fays 
Kwidran hoalfc, and da tyccena on bn 
w^'natrau bcolfc. 


. , . Cuma)> ge, gebletaode 
fieder, and onf6|> dat rice dvt eowj 
geirwod ya of middau-geardcs fr 

35 Me bingrode, and ge me 
ctan ; mo ^yretOi and go me 
drincan ; ic wies cnma, and ge m0 
hidodon ; 

36 Ic wKfl uacod, and ge mc sci 
ic wees antrum^ and ge oodon to 
ic wses on cweartemei and ge 
to mc. 

37 Donne andswana(> da riht-i 
and cweda)), Drihtcu, hwo?Dne 
wc de hingrigendne, and we de 
)<)T8tcndne, and we de drinc 

38 Uwaune gcsawe wc diet diT 
WBpre, andde in-!adodon; odde 
and wc de acrydilon ? 

39 [*Oddo hwffiune gesavon we' 
uutmmue,] oddc on cweftrtcrne, aud| 
comon to de 1 

40 Donne andawarat» se cyning 
and cwyj» to beom. S6|> ic eow 
swu langc swa gc dydon anum of dj 
minum Ireatum gebrodrom, swa 
ge bjt dydon me. 

41 Donne S£pgf ^^ dam, de beo)> 00 
h)'s wjTostran hcalfc, Ocwita)>, awyrgedr, 
fram me, on dwt ece fyr, de ya dfofc 


d )eue %t it t<j h/m that Imlh 

to cuury man hauyngc it ehal 
. and he shal baue plentc ; and 
I that hath uat, and that that he 
^io baue, shal be taken fro hyin, 
id caste ^te out the ynproBtablc 
uid send 3ec hym iu to Ttt«r- 
thero sbsl be weep- 
to gidre of teeth. 
wbauBe mannes sonc shal 
mag^«te, and allc h'la augelis 
, thaane he shal sitte on the 
bis magestee ; 
id alle folkia shulen be gederid 
liym, and he sehid dciwrto hem 
e, u a aheperde dcpartith scbeep 

• ; 

nd sothli ho Bohol seettc the 
on his ri^thalf, the kidis fursothe 

anno the kyug sclial scie to hem, 
Uen be on his rijtiialf, Come 5CC, 
nd of my fadir, welde ^ee^ the 
■n maad rcdy to jou fro the 
pige^ of the world. 
iraothe I was hungry, and ;o 
D me for to ete ; I thristide^ and 
en to me for to dr}'nke ; I waa 
pete, and jec goderidcu^ me; 
ikid, and jee hcliden nic ; seik, 
[ TifiitideQ me ; I was in prisoun, 
Duneu to me. 

tone iust men sbulcn answcre to 
eyiuge, Lord, whenne syjen we 
pgry, and we fedd thee ; thristy, 
jcQcn to thee drynke ? 
flieuie forsothe seiea we thee 
^ and we gcdridcn thee ; or 
#nd we heliden tliee 1 
whemie seien we thee seek, or 
, and we camen to thee 1 

ud he answerynge ahal seie to 
ireuly I seie to 30U, as long as 
bn to ooQ of these my leate bre- 
diden to me. 

ftuie the kyng shal acie and to 

E'tx bo on his left hal^ 
3ce cursid, iu to cocr- 

and gevc hit \iilo him which hath x 

39 For vnto over)' man that hath ahal- 
be geven, and he shall have abound- 
ancc ; and from hyxi\ that hath not, 
elialbe taken awaye, even that he hath. 

30 And cast that vnprophetal)le ser- 
vaunt into rtier derckucs ; there solbe 
wepyngo, and guasshinge of theth. 

31 When the sonne of man Bhall come 
iu hys maiestc, and all liys holy an- 
getlcs with him, then shall he sytt 
vppon the seatc of his maieste ; 

33 And before hym slialbe gaddre<1 all 
uacluns, and he shall sever tbcm won 
from another, as a shepherde putteth 
asunder the ehepc from the gootes ; 

33 And he shall sett the shepe on bia 
right bonde, and the gotes on Ids l3rfte 

34 Then shall the kyngo sayo to them 
ou his right honde, Come ye, blessed 
chyldren of my father, inhcrct ye the 
kyngdome prepared for you from the 
bcginuinge of the worldc. 

35 For I was anhongred, and ye gave 
me meate ; I thursted, and ye gave me 
drinke; I waa herbroulesse, and ye 
lodged me ; 

36 I was naked, and ye clothed me ; 
T v>m sicke, and ye visited me ; I wu 
in preaoD, and yc cam vnto me. 

37 Then shall the iuste answere byra, 
aayinge, Master, when sawe we the 
anhongred. on feed the , or a tburst, 
and gave the drjTike 1 

38 Wben sawe we the hcrbroulesse, 
and lodged the ; or naked, and clothed 
the ? 

39 Or when sawe we the sicko, or in 
prcson, and cam vnto the 1 

40 And the kyoge shall answere and 
saye vnto them, Verely I saye vnto you, 
in as moche as ye liave done it vnto 
won of the Iceet of these my brethren, 
ye have done it to me. 

41 Then shall the kynge saye vnto 
them, that shalbe on the lyffte hande. 
Dcparto from me, ye coursed, into ever- 

H 138 GOTHIC, 3^. ^^^^ 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St.Ma^ 

^B fan]^ yah AggUam is. 

and hys cnglttm g^carwod. ^J 

^M 49 Cote gred^^ was, ya-m g«ftw^ 

43 Wrtodlioe me Kingrede, and g? rfP 

^H mk nutjiD ; affMni^ was, jmn-tu 

tealdon mc ctan ; me |>yT8te' and ge me 

^H dra{fkidedti|v mtk ; 

driDcao ne sealdon ; 

^1 43 GaaU, jan-ni gala^Kxlodu^ mik ; 

43 Ic vna cnma, and ge me in oe 

^H n*qu)M, Tmn-ui wAJiideda{) mik : siuks, 
^H yali in kArkarai, yau-ui gawciso<]edu)> 

geladodon ; io wzes nacod, and ge ne 

scryddou me ; io woes uutrum, and cm 

^H moioa. 

cwearterne, and ge ne eomon a-t mc- 

^^ 44 panuh andhafyand yab ))ai, qi|>aad- 

44 Donne andswarigea)} hym {ta. i^i 

^H ■lis, Krauyn, whun ^uk senhum gred- 

cwe<!a^T Dryfaten. hwaenne gesawejjH 

^H BKAim, a))i^HU ftf^ursidium, ait^jiiu gast. 

^c hingrigcndne, otfde liyntendiie, a^^| 

^H a]|f}tnu umiodftna. ai|>[rnti aiukana, ai^))au 

cuman, odcle imtnimne, 0^^ ou cwc^^f 

^H 111 klU-Uurui, yuu-ni andbabtidedeima ^b1 

eme, and we ne t>cnedon &e t ^H 

^^t 45 paiiuh uiidlmfyit> im, qibaods, Amen 

45 {>onne and^wara)) se cyning he^^| 

^^^Bqit*a Uww, yuU ^ci ni tawidedu|> 

and cwyt>. S6|» ic eow secge. swa 1>^| 

^^^^ViUiiaintDa )>ixc IritiluiiCj mis ni tAwided- 

8wa ge ne dydon anum of (tysom li^H 


nm, ne dyde go hyt me. ^H 

^H 46 Yidi guto)|mnd fwi in balwein aiw- 

46 And donne ium)) hig on eco etd^H 

^H dnou : "iy yiX garoihtana in libain 

and da rihtwisfin on dsct cce lifl ^^M 

^H aiwoiuou. 


H Okip. XXVI. ' 1 Yah war|>, bi)»e 

Chaf. XXVT. I WitodKcc, da ^| 

^H UHUidi Ipsuti alia |)o wanrda, qa^ aipoo- 

Hfflend biefde ealle das Bpneca ^^t 

^K yam sciuaiin, 

eudod, da cwie|> he to hys Icoroid^H 

cuihtum,^ ^H 

^H a Witu)>. |iat«i afar twans da^ns paska 

a Wito ge, diet fefter ixvixn dagi^H 

^H wiur(>i^, yas-sa sunua xnana atgitioda, du 

bco)» eastro, and mannes beam tj^H 

^^^^v yahnmyaa. 

geseald. diot he si on rode ahangen. ^H 

^^^^H 4 Danuh 

3 Dd wi^ron gesanmodc da ealih^H 
dsra aacerda and hlafordaa dicfl fot^| 

^^^^^H J J**"'**" 

to dara Moerda ealdres hotle, de *^H 

gmemned Caipbas^ ^H 

4 And hig hiefdon mycel gemot, d^H 
hig woldon done Heelend nud (■'j^l 

besynnm, and o&lean ; ^H 

5 Hi^ cwipdoD witodlicc sume, £)cth|^| 

ne mibte beon on dam freols-diege. de4^H 

to mycel stynmg wm^e on dimi folcc ^H 

6 Da te HRlend wies on Betbanti, 4H 

Symoncshu^ dies hreoflan, ^^| 

7 Da genealipl)te him to sum wifl ^H 

bteMe box mid deorwyrfire soalfe, ^^| 

ag<At Dppan hya heafod dnr he >lM^^| 

8 Da goaawon hys leorning-cnthMflK^ 

Db Buhte bcoo geseald to mydi^H 

mnrf<, and f^aifiim g«dsled. ^H 

UV.43.-XXVI.9.] WYCLIFFE.r389- 

'= ""-r** fijr, the wliiche is mMui redy 
<^cujl and his angclis. 

^^ o*JtheIj I hongci^de, «md je ;auca 
Bit to me for to et« j I thristi<le, and 
jce ;auen uftt to me for to drynke j 

43 I was herberlessc, and jec gcdritlon 
not me; Dakid, and jee couereden nat 
me ; seik, and iu prUoun, and ^ee 
Tiiitidcn nftt me. 

44 Thftime and thei shulcn auswere to 
htm, sejinge, Lord, whannc scien we 
wcf hangnmge, or thristjTige, or her- 
Icrloise. or nakid, or acik. or iu prisoun, 
aoil we seruydcu nat to tbec ? 

45 Thanne he shnl answere to hem, 
leiynge, Treuly I seie to 3011, liou longe 
jee diden nat to oon of these Icatc^ 
nethero ^ee diden to me. 

46 And these ghuleu go in to eaer- 
lutyuge tourmcut ; forsothc the iuat 
fficQ in to euere lostinge lyf. 

TYNDALE, 1536. 


Chap. XXVI. i And it is don, 
vlienne Jhesus haddo cendid alle these 
VonlLs, he seide to hia disciplis, 

J Wite jee, for after two dAjes jMiak 
■hal be maad. and mannea aone filial be 
littakcn, that he be crucified. 

3 Thanne the prinois of prcstis and 
ddre men of the peplc ben gedrid in to 
ftr hallc of the princo of prefltis, that 
WM ioid Cai[tbas, 

4 And inii«Ieu a counseile, that thei 
■fcnldea holde Jhesu with gile, and 

My thei si'idcn, Nat in the feste 
-r per anenture noya were maad 
. . iwithe whenne Jhesus was in Bet- 
tttjc, in the hou»c of Symount leprous^ 

7 A womman hau}'nge a boxe of a)a- 
Ustn of preciouse oynemcnt. came di; 
to hym, and shcdde out 00 the heued of 
hyvi rcstinge. 

8 SotWly diaoiplis seeyngo baddcn 
dcdpyn, seyingc, Wlicrto this Iosbc ) 

<f Forvothe it mi^te be soldc for mychc, 
and be joucn to pore men. 

lastingc fire^ which is prepared for tbo 
devj'll and hya angclg. 

42 For I was an hungred, and ye gave' 
me no racate ; I tburstcd, and ye gave' 
me no drj-nke ; 

43 I was herbronlesae, and ye lodged 
me nott: I wua naked, an<i ye clothed 
me nott ; I waa aycke, and in prcaou, 
and ye viaitcd me not. 

44 Then shall they also answere bym, 
aayinge, Master, when aawe we Uie 
anbungred, or a thurst, or herbroulesae, 
or naked, or stcke, or in preson, and 
have not ministred vnto the } 

45 Then efaall he answere them, and 
saye, Verily I saye vnto you, in aa moche 
as yc dyd it nott to won off the lecat of 
these, ye dyd it nott to me. 

46 And tbeac shall go into cverlaatinge 
paync ; and the nghtous into lyfe 

Chap. XXVI. i And fait folowed, 
when Jesus had fyntsahed all theeo 
aayinges, he sayd vnto his disciples, 

3 Ye knowe, that afler .ij. dayes shal- 
be ester, and the sonnc of man ahalbo 
dely\*ered, for to be crucified. 

3 Then assembled togcdder the chefe 
prestea and 8cr}'he8 and seniours of the 
people in to the palice off the hye 
preste^ which was called Cay])ha8, 

4 And heelde a couxisell, howe they 
mygt take Jesus by 8uttelt«, and kyll 
him ; 

5 Butt they sayd, Not on the holy 
daye, lest eny trouble ar^-ae amonge the 

6 When Jcsua was in Bethany, in the 
houase of Symon the lyppcr, 

7 There cam vnto him a woman which 
had an olablaster boxe of prccioua oynt- 
ment, and powred it on his heed as ho 
aate att the bourde. 

8 When his disciples aawe that they had 
indignacion, aayinge, What nedcd this 
wuat t 

9 Tliia oyntmcnt myght have bene well 
sold©, and yeven to the povre. 

GOTHIC. 360. 

5AX0N, 995. [St. Mait. 

10 Da 8c Hselcnd hyt wiste, da cw»^ 
ho to heom, Hwi HjTit ge granae dysom 
wifel witodlice god weorc heo 
OD inc. 

1 1 Symle ge habbft|i )>earfiui mid «ow,, 
ac ge nabba)> rac symle. 

13 Heo dyJc Am sealfc on^ 
lichaman, diet ic ware gcemyrtd 

13 S6|» ic Becge cow, swa hww 
dya godspel by|» gebodod on ealh 
midJan-carde, b)t ge«ed on hyre 
myadf d<et heo dis dyde. 

14 Da fonlc an of dam twcUum, 
wtcs genemned ludae ee vidotto^ 
daera eacerda ealdrum, 

15 And cwee|» to heom, HwRt wylle 
m© syllan, and ic hyne beliewe cowl 
Da beheton hig hym Jiritig acylUngn. 

16 And ayddan he smeade geoi 
d»t he liyne wuldc belaewan. 

17 Da on dam formaii gearcung- 
genealsehton da leorning-cnihtas to 
Httlcudc, and dua cwsedou, Hwer 
du diet we gegearwion de dine \em 
to eastrou 1 

1 8 Da cw»|> ftc Hsclend, Faraii on 
ceastre to snmum men, and 
him, Sc lareow aegf* Min tiraa p 
hendc ; dwt ic mid de wyrce mine 
mid raiuum loon ling-cnih turn. 

19 And da leorniugK'nihtaA dydon 
80 Hielcnd heom behead ; and tug 
gearwodon him ea8ter-|jeaungc. 

20 On dam refcne, srct so Halend 
hya twclf Icorning-cnihtum set ccreord 

21 And da hi atou he cwsej* to "'' 
Witodlice ic secgo eow, d«t an 
belie w|» mo. 

23 Da wurdon hig swide gc-mirol 
and ongan anra gehvrylc cwedaii, Drihl 
cwyst dii eom ic hyt t 

23 And he andswaiwle and dus 
Se de be<lyp|» on diace mid me 
Imnd, se me belsewji. 

34 WitoiUice mannes simu fiBr|>. 
hit awriten ys bo him ; wa dam 
j>m-h done de by)) mannes Bunu 

)\j Jhesufl wytinge, seith to 
be je heuy* to this wom- 
lely a gooJ work she hath 

rlii ;ee ahulen euerraore haue 
Ik with 30U, hut 3CC shulcQ imt 
kne me. 

pDthe this womm&n seodengo 
it in to my body, made for 

!, iS»fi. 


iy I seio to 50U, wher euor this 
pi be prechid in al the world, 
seide aud that thia wommaa 
ide of hjni. 

of the twehie, that was 
loth, wcutc forth to the 

ith to hem. What wolen jee 
ke, and I shal bitakc hym to 
kd thei ordcyncdcn to hym 
^tiB of scluor. 

Ifiro that tyme he soujte coue- 
Ibr to biUdie hym. 
jbthe in the first day of the fest 
QiAciplis camcn to .TheBO, sey- 

wolt thou we make rcdy to 

ete paske 1 

seith, Qo ^ee in to the 
im man, aud seic to hym, The 
:ith, My tyme is nij ; at thee 
with my disciplis. 

the diaci])lt8 didcn, as Jhcsos 
to hem ; and thei niiiJcn 

e euenyng moad, he sat at 
irith hia twelae disciplis. 
be seide to hem etynge, Treuly 
30U, for oon of jou is to be- 

thei ful Bory bygumiyn eche 
Drd, wher I am ) 

[he answerynge Bcith, He that 
in puttith the bond in the 

shal bitrnye me. 
the mannes sone goth, aa it is 
[ hym i but woo to that man, 
ja sone shal be bitrayed ; 

10 When Jesus vuderstod that, ho 
saydo vnto them, Why troulile ye the 
woman 1 she bath wroght a good worke 
apon me. 

1 1 For ye shall have povro folke 
alwayca with you, butt me shall ye not 
have all waycs. 

12 And in that she castcd this oynt- 
ment on my body, she dyd hit to bury 
me with all. 

13 Verely I saye vnto you. where- 
soever this gospell shalbe preached 
tbrunghoute all the worlde, there shall 
also thys thatt she hath done be tottle. 
for a memorinll of her. 

14 Then won of the twelve, called 
Judos Isearioth, went vnto the chcfe 

i 5 And sayd, Whatt wyll ye gcre me, 
aud I wyll dclyvcr hym vnto you 1 And 
they opojTited vnto hym thirty peccs of 

16 And from that tyme he sought 
oj>ortunite, to betrayo hym. 

1 7 The fyrst daye of vnlevended breed 
the diaciples cam to Jesus, sayinge vnto 
hym, Where wylt thou that we prepare 
for the, to eate the ester lambe 1 

t8 And he said, Go into the cite vnto 
soiTcbe a man, and sayc to h^'m, Tlie 
master saycth. My tyme ys almoste come ; 
T wj'U kepe injiie ester att thy housse 
with my disciples. 

19 Aud the disciples dyd, as Jesus had 
apoynte<l them ; and made redy the 
ester lambe. 

20 When the even was come, he suto 
doune ^vith the xij. 

21 And aa they dyd eate, he sayde, 
Verely I saie vnto you, that won of you 
shall t>etraye me. 

2 2 And they were excedinge sorofull 
and began every man to saye vuto hym, 
Vs hit I, master f 

23 He answerede and sayde, He that 
depeth hia liondc with me in the diashe, 
shall bctraye me. 

24 The Sonne of man goeth, as }*t is 
wrytten of hym ; butt wo be to that 
man, by whom the sonue of mau shalbe 

GOTHIC, 360. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Mai 

liewed ; bctere wxre dam men, d»l 
niefrc uscrc accnned. 

35 Da cwKi|> ludos de hjoe 1>else 
Cwyrt (tu, lareow, hwieder \c byt si \ 
cws{) 8e Hslend, Du hjt saedcst 

26 WTtodlico da big wton, bc IIkI 
nam bluf, and h^*ue gcbletsode, 1 
bf-ffic, and sealde hjs leomin^coih' 
and cwe|>, Onfoj}, and eta^ ; dls ys 

27 And be genom done calic, |>anci 
and seulde hym, das cwedende, Driui 
eolle t»f dysiun; 

28 Difl is wiUMllicc mines blodes 
niwre k, da't by|i for manegum 
on symia forgj-fenueaso. 

29 Witodlicc ic seoge eow, dwt ic 
drince beononforf*, of dysum t-or^lk 
wine, »r dam diege de ic dnuce 
niwe mid cow, on miuea &edcr n'oe. 

30 Da hig hiefdon beora lofisaogj 
cnne, da ferdon big uppan Oliuetes di 

31 Da s^de se H^leud beoni^ 
go wurda^ ge-untroowsodc on me, 
dysse nibUi; b}'t ys awriten, purb 
h^TdCiS siege, by}> s«o heord todnefed. 

33 Wltodlice rcfter dam dc ic of (Ica( 
arise, ic cumc to eow on Galilea, 

33 Da andswyrde PetruB bim, and da 
cwa;|), Dcub dc big eallo ge-untreoi 
on de, ic nicfre nc ge-untreowsige 

34 Da cwi^l? se ilselendf Sofr ic 
dcf diet on dyesere uilite vrdom de 
crawe, )niwa du widstccat min. 

35 Da «ede Petrua him, Wi 
dcah do 10 scylc Hwellau mid de 
widsace ic din. Uolice dam cw 
calle da odrc Icoming-cnilitaA. 

36 Dd com HG Hselend mid liiiu ott 
done tuu, de ia gencmucd Gethsi-inidji' 
And Riede bys leoming-cnibtum, Silt«^ 
ber, od diet ic ga bider-gcond, auiJ 

37 And be gcnam Petniro, and Z< 
deus twcgcn suna, and ongan uuroluM 
and beon unrot. 

38 Da Bsedo fie Hselend beom, Uarfli 
ys m?u sdwl od dea)> ; gebida{> her, as^ 
waciu^ mid me. 

1 I^B 

(ood to hym, ^\{ that man 
I ben boren. 

ithe Judas that bitrayed hjm^ 
I Beyioge, Maister^ whcr I ain ? 
to liym, Tbou host seid. 
bthe bem soupynge, Jhesua 
id, and bliaside, and bracke, 
k} hu diseipliB, and scitli. Take 
05 this is my body. 

^ht takynge the cuppe, dede 
ht And jaue to hem, seylnge, 
» alle herof ; 
|s my blootl of the newe tcata- 

whiche shal be shed out for 
k> remiasioUQ uf synnys. 
tChe I aeie to 30U. X shal nat 
( tliia tyme, of thU fruyt of the 
|& to that day wUeuiie 1 ahal 
I newe with 30a, in the kyng- 
f fadir. 

lan ympue^ aeid, tbei weuteu 
the mount of Olyuete. 
pe Jbesus aeitb to hem, Alle 
hpiffi*e Bclaundre in me, iu this 
Et ifl wrrytyn, I shul amyte the 

and the sboep of tbe Hoc 

iothe after that I shal ryse 
al go biforc ;ou in to Galilee. 
jly Petre answeryugc, seith to 
I )if alle Bhulen bo sclaunUrid 
. shal nt'uere be sclaundiad. 
(t) seith to h>in, Trewly I seie 
|r in this iu;t bifore the cok 
iMthoa shall denye me. 

PMb to hym, And ^if it ehai 
^ to dye with thee, I ehal 
i tliee. Also and alle diaciplis 

pt Jbesus eame with hem in 

itbat is seid Gessemanye. And 

\o his disciplis, Sitte ;ee beer, 

ahal go thidir^ and prcie. 

taken to, and two sonvB 
be began for to be dis- 
aod Bory iu herto. 
oe be st'ith to hem. My soule 
il til to the deth ; susteyue 
I and wake 9ee with me. 

TYNDALE, 1536. 


betrayed ; it had bene good for that 
man, yfl* he had uevci* bene borne. 

35 Then Judas which betrayed him, 
anawercde, and saydo, Ya )1 f, master ? 
He sayde vuto hym. Thou haste saide. 

26 As they ate, Jesus toke breed, and 
gave thankes, brake it, and gave it to 
hia disciples, and aayde. Take, eate ; 
thys ys my body. 

37 And toke the cuppe, and gave 
thankes, and gave it them, sajringe, 
Driukc of it every won ; 

a8 This ys my bloudde of the newo 
testament, which shalbe shedde for many, 
for the for}-evenea of synnea. 

29 I saye vnto you, I wyll not drynke 
hence foortb, of this frute of the vyne 
tree, vntyll that duyc when I ahall 
dr)'ake it newe with you, in my faders 

30 And when they had sayd gr>0^ 
they went out into mouute Olyvcte. 

31 Then sayd Jesus vnto them, All ye 
ahall fall this nyght, because of me ; for 
yt ya wrj'tteu, I wyll smyte the shep- 
hcrdc, and the shepe of the Hocke shalbe 
scattered abroode. 

33 But after I am ryscn ageyne, I wyll 
goo before you iuto Gulile. 

33 Peter answered, and sayde vnto 
him, Thougli all men shulde be burte 
by the, yett wyll not I be hurte. 

34 Jesua sayde vnto hym, Verely I 
BAyc vnto the, that thys same night 
before the cocke crowe, thou ahalt denye 
me thryae. 

35 Peter saydo vnto hym, Yff I ahuld© 
dye with the, yet wyll I not deuye 
the. Lyke wyse also sayde all the dis- 

36 Then went Jesua with them in to a 
place, which ys called Gethsemaue. And 
sayde vnto hys disciples, Sitt ye here, 
wbyll I go, and praye yonder. 

37 And he toke with hym Peter, and 
the two Bonnca of Zel)ede, and began to 
wexe sorofull and to be in an agony. 

38 Then sayd Jesus vnto them, My 
soule is bevy even vnto the deeth j tary 
ye here, and watche with me. 


995- [St. MatpJ 

39 And da he waea Ij-t-liwon danoa] 
tigan, he fifeoU on liys ansyue, and hynrj 
gebied, and dus cwx»|>, Fwder vnin, 
hyt boon nuege, gcwite des calic frwn 
me ; dcah hwwdert' na 3wa swi ic wtU^] 
ao HWa swa du wyli. 

40 And be com to hya leorning- 
um, and he gemette big slirpendal 
And he s«de Petre, Swi, ne miht< gl{ 
nu wacian ane tid mid me ? 

41 Wa<3a|», and gcbidda|» cow, d»t 
in ne gan on coetnunge ; witodlioe 
gast is hned, and d»t flffsc ys mxtrniB* 

42 Eft udre Bide he lerde, and h] 
gebied, and cw«|>, Min &eder, gyf 
calic ne miege gewitan, buton ic b;; 
drince, gewurde din willa. 

43 Ajid be com eft, and gcmette 
sla-pcude ; so^Hce beora eagan 

44 And be fodet big eft. and 
and hync gebaxl {iryddan sidCr cwedc 
diet ylce gebed. 

45 Da com he to bys leoriiiuf^'-cnihtw 
and sede bcom, Slopa^ ealluuga, 
rcsta}* ^<^v t ^^ 1 gcnealac^ seo tid, 
mannea sunu by|» geacald on 
hand ; 

46 A'riaaj*, oton fiaran j nu ! gcni 
8C do me bel8ew|>. 

47 Ou he daa )>ing sijrrec, da 
ludas, an of dam twelfum, and 
folc mid hym, mid sweordum andi 
um, osendo fram diera sacerda 
and iixA folces ealdruni. 

48 Se de byue belaewde, sealde 
tacn, and cwfe|i, Swn bwiene awi 
cysso, 8c byt is ; nimu[i byne. 

49 And he gonealseht-e hntdlice to 
Hiclende, and cw»t>, Hal beo du, larMi 
and he cyste byne. 

50 Da cwie{i se Hselcnd to him, 
frcoud, to bwam becom du I Da 
Itehton big. and done Hielend geit 

^i WTtudlice ! an dwra de mid 
n«elcnde wcea, abned bys swcord ; 
tisloh of lines dnra saoerda oddres 
an earc. 

53 Da cwie|> se Haelend to hym, 
diu avrcord on bys scKt>e ; witodl 


■^ — ^ 

52.] VTTCLTFFE, 1389. 

le gou forth a litil, felle doun 
fuce, prennge, and seyiuge, 
^if it id [tussiiile, posse thin 
in« ; iiethcles nat as I vrole, 
I wolt 

le came to bis disciplia, and 
B slepynge. And Lc set lb to 
vrher ;ee mi^to nat oon huur 

^ee, and preic, that ^ce eu- 
n to tein|»tacioun ; fursolbe 
I ndy, bot€ the flesh soik.* 
le sccoundc iyine he wente, 
), aeyiiige, yiy fadir, ;if thia 
' oat puaae, qo bote I dryiike 
i he dou. 

eftaoDo be came, and foonde 
ige ; forsotbe her ejen wertn 

bem left, be weute cftsunc, 
I the thridde tynie, the souie 

ke be came to hia disciplis, 
to bcm, Slcpc 5ec uuwc, and 
too! the hour buth uei^ed, 
ts aone ahal be taken in to 
of i^imcra ; 

ybo, ^ wee ; loo ! he that 
le, sbal nei;e. 

t hyva Bpekj-nge, loo '. Judos, 
twelue, and with hyni came 
impanye, with swvrdin and 
i of the princes of prestis, 
e men of the [>eple. 
he he that bitruiede bym^ ^aue 
okne, fleiyuge, Whom euer Y 
be it ia ; holde jec Itytn. 
anon he cummynge ni^ to 
le, HatJe, miustre ; and be 

fbeaus seide to hym, Frend. 
i thou eoiucn I Thanne tliet 
, and castiden bondis iu to 
beldcn hym. 
loo ! oon of hem that wcren 
B, boldj-ngc out the bond, 
tiU swerd ; and he, amytyugo 
Dt of the prince of prestis, 
I litil ere. 

e Jheaus scitb to bym. Tume 
Su to biB place ; sotliely olle 

TTND ALE, 1526. 


39 And he went a way a lytcll apurte, 
and fell Hatt on hya face, and prayed, 
Bjyinge, my father, yf it be poflsyble, 
lett this cuppe passe &om lue ; nover- 
tlielesse nott 08 I wyll, butt as thou 

40 And be cam vnto bys disciples, and 
fuuude them a 6lej)c. And suyde to 
Peter, WImt, coulde ye not watebe with 
me one houre f 

4 1 Wutcbe, and praye, that ye fall not 
into Icmptaciou ; the spiritc yn will- 
yngp, but the flesshe is weeke. 

42 He went agayne oua moare, and 
prjed, 8av"inge, my father, yf this 
cuppe can nult posse away frum uie, 1>ut 
that I drjnke of it, thy will be fulfylled. 

43 Ami he cam, oud fuundc tliem 
aslepe a gayne ; for their eyes were 

44 And be lefi^e tbcm, and went 
agnyue, and prayed the tbrid tyme, 
sayingo the same wordes. 

45 Then cam he to bys disciples, and 
sayd vnto them, Sicpe hence fortli, and 
tidie youre reeat ; take hede! the houre 
is at honde, and the soune of man shal- 
be betrayed in to tlie houdes of 8\'uuers ; 

4O Rysc, lett vs be goiuge ; be is at 
honde, that shall betra}*e me. 

4 7 Whyll lie yet spake, lo ! Judas, won 
of the twelve cam, and with him a 
grcate multitude, with swcardcs and 
staves, wbych were sent from tlic chefe 
prestes, and seniours of the people. 

4H He that betrayed hym, gave them 
a token, sayiuge, Whomsoever I kysse, 
that same ia he ; ley hondes on him. 

49 And forth withall he cam to Jesus, 
and sayde, Hayll, master ; and kyssed 

50 And Jesus sayde vnto him, Frende, 
wherfore aite thou come 1 Then cam 
they, and laycd hondes on Jeaus, and 
toke bim. 

51 And beholde! won of them which 
were with Jesus, stretched oute his honde, 
and drue liis swearde ; and strukc a 
servaunt of the bye preate, and smote 
of his eare. 

5 a Then sayde Jesua vnto hym, Putt 
vppe thy swearde iu to hia sheathe; for 


146 GOTHIC, 360. 

ANGLO-SAXON. 9$5. [St. 

ealle da de sweord djiua^, mid 
hig forwurda^. 

53 WeDBt du, daet ic ne m/hU 
minne foder, diet he sende me ut 
donne twelf ooredu engia t 

54 Hq m&gon bcon j^'efyUedc d*! 
gewritu, de be me awrite&e tjuit\ 
d&m duB hyt gcb}Ta^ to beonoo. 

55 On diere tide cwmp Be HeU 
dam fulcc, EuUswa to ^fe gt 
cumcne. mid sweordum and midi 
me to nymaiine ; d»ghwamlice mi 
mid cow on dam temple, and iBrdej 
and gc mo nc namon. 

56 Dis eall ys gcwordetif dek 
Tntc^eoa halgan gcwritu syn 
Da flugon eollc du leoroiug-cuiht 
forletoii hjne. 

57 And hig genamon done Hi 
and Iseddou fayne to Caiphao, 
Bacerda coldre, dwr da bocurai, 
ealdras gesamuode wvron. 

58 Petrua hym fyligile feorrane^ 
00m to daera sacerda eoldres butU | 
be in-eode, and nod mid dam 
det he gesawe done endo. 

59 Witoillice dsra sacerda 
eall diet gemot sobton leaae 
done Hielcud, diet hig hyue to 
sealdoD ; 

60 And hig ne mibton nane fb 
da nuinega mid Icusum onsagum 
lechton. Dvi oet-nebstttD oomon ii 
diera Icogero, 

61 And cwsedon, Des siede, Ic 
towurpan Godes tempi, and Bsftiir 
dagimt hyt eft getimbrigean. 

63 Da tu'da se ealdor dttra 
cw(et>, Ne andwyrdst du nan ^cng^ 
da, do dis de onsecgeu)) % 

63 Se Heelend auwode. Da M 
diera sacerda cwa>|', Ic haldigc de 
done lifigendan God. ditt du 
gyf du sy Crist, Go«le5 sunu. 

64 Da cwte)> ae Hfliletid him 
du secdest ; sof) ic eow aecgl^ 
d}'sum ge geseo^ nmnnes bean 
on da Bwidran hcAlfo Godcs 
)>r3nnmes, and cumeudne on 

m7.] WYCLIFFE, J389. 

lb Coke aweni, shalen perislie 


f gessut thou, thai I may nat 

;Culir, and he shal ;eue to nic 

I than twelue legions of ongclis 1 

'tberfore shulen the scripturis 

It for 60 it befaoueth to be 

ut hoar Jhesoa seide to the 
!■ of peple, Aa to a theef ^ee 
bat, with fiwerdis nud hattin, 
^e me ; day by day I satte 
phyoge in the tomple, and 30c 
I me. 

lithe al tltis thing was don, tliat 
laria of prupLetis shaJden be 

Thunno alle diiiciplia Heddcu, 

. thci holdynge Jhesii, ledden 
kipbas, prince of prcstis, wher 
k Fbazisci's, and the cidrc meu 
||e hadden coramen to gidre. 
tthe Petre aaede liym afer, til 
lialle of the priuc«; of preatis ; 
bo ynne with }'nne, sutv with 
Ik tliat he ehulde fte the cend. 
Khe the princis of prestiA, and 
knimseile sou^tcn &.U witneas- 
bufl Jhcsa, that thoi aliuldcn 
^to deth ; 
thei founden nat, vrhenno 

witneasifl hadden cummen to. 
the laste, two &da witucsaia 

•eiden. Thin ieidc. I may dia- 

temple of God, and after the 

tf bilde it a^ein. 

the prince of preatia rysynge 

lym, Anawenst thuu no thing 

kingis. the whiche those wit- 

nnus thee 1 

oihe Jliesus was atille. And 

e of preatia teith to hyni, I 

thee by ijuycke God, that thoa 

, )if thoa be Crist, the aone of 

DS Made to hym, Thou liast 
lielea I aeic to }0u. an ullier 
len se m&nn^ sone sitt* 
Hjthalf of the verluo of 
in cloudia of 

TYNDALE, 15^6. 

all they that Icy hond on the swcarde, 
shall jjcrjashe with the sweanle. 

53 Other thynkcst thou, that I can 
not praye my father, and he ahull geve 
me moo then xij. legions of angellcs t 

54 Howe then shall the scriptures bo 
fiilfylicMl ? for so muste it be. 

55 The aarae tyme sayd Jeaua to the 
multitude, Yc be come out aa it were 
vnto a thefe, with sweardes and staves, 
for to take mc ; duyly I Bute a mongo 
you, teaohinge in the temple, and ye 
toke me not. 

56 All this was done, that the scrip- 
tures off the prophettes myglit l>e ful- 
filled. Then all his disciples forsoke 
him, and flccd. 

57 And they toke Jesos, and lee<1 hym 
to Cayphaa, tlm hye preeate, where the 
Borybes, and the senyouni were assem- 

58 Peter folowetl hj-m a farr© of, mto 
the hye prestos place ; and went in, 
and aate with the servauut<». to ae the 

59 The chcfc prestos, and the scniours 
and all the counsell sought fuUe witues 
ageinste Jesus, for to put him to deeth ; 

60 And they founde none, in so raoche 
that when many &Jsc witnesses cam, 
yet founde they none. At tho last, cam 
two false H7tue3scs, 

6t And sayii, Tliis fclowc saide, I caa 
diatroye the temple of God, and bylde 
the same in iij dayes. 

6a And the chcfe j^reste arose and 
Buyde to hym, Answerest thou nothinge, 
ho wo is it that these bcare witnea 
ageynst the 1 

63 Butt Jeans helde h}'8 peace. And 
the chefe preestc answered and said to 
b)-m, I charge the in tlie name off the 
lyvinge God, that thou tell vs, whether 
thou he Christ, the aoune of God. 

64 Jesus sayd to hym, Thou haate 
sayd ; neverthelesse 1 aaye vnto you, 
here after shall ye se the sonne of man 
ayttingo on the right honde of power, 
and come in tlic clowddee of tho 

h 2 


6s » 

GOTHIC, 360. 

t*^urbiim weitwodel 

Ml ! nu galiausideduji j>o wayamt* r«in la ; 

66 Vplia ixwis l^agkei}*! I{i eis oad- 
liufvtiudaus qe)niti, Skula (}au))AU6 Tst. 

67 poDub spiwun ana andawIeixQ u, 
joh kau[>astcdui] lua ; 8UtDUt>-))an lofiuD 

68 Qi|>&ndans, Praufetei unais, Chrutu, 
whus ist aa skhauds |iuk ? 

69 I|r Paitrus uta But una rohsnfti ; yah 
(luatiddya imma aiua \f\w\, qi}iandei, Yah 
yu wnat iui]> lesua |>aiiima Oaluiloiau. 

70 ^I)> IS langnida &ura ^m allaitn, 
qi|)andB, Ni wait wha qi)>ia. 

7 1 Usgaggaudiui f>aii ina in daur, ga- 
sawh ina anjttra, yah qaj* du ^im yaioar, 
Tab sa was ini)» l€«ua )>amma Nazoraiau. 

72 Yuli oflru afaiaik mlf>, ai|*a swar- 
ands, )>uiei ni kunu ]>uua mauuaii. 

73 Afar ]eiti), );au atgaggaudaua ^i 
sUudanduiiH, qc{iuu Puitruu, Bi sunyai 
ynh |>u |>izc is ; yah auk razda )ieina 
buDdwei|> {>uk. 

74 puiiuh Uugann afdoiuyau yah swor- 
on, ^ktei ni kuon |iaQa uiauuou. Yob 
BQUS hana hrukiila. 

75 Yuh gamuuda Paitrus waurdis les- 
uis, qi|>auis du sis, pulci faur huuinB 
bruk, ^rlm slu]wii iifaikis mik. Yab 
usgaggands ut, gaigrot baitraba. 

Chap. XXVII. i At mnurgin |>an 
waurjjaimnii, runa Dcmuii allai gudyatis, 
yult |>ni siuistans tnanageins bi jtesu, ei 
afdau|>idcdc'iou ma. 

3 Yali gabindandans ina gataubun, yab 
onafulliun ina Pauntiau Peilatau^ kiad- 

3 panuh ^aisaiwluuids ludiLS su galcw- 
yands ina, |)atci du etauoi gutauhaas 
war|>, Tidrexguuda, gawaudida J>ana )»rina 

ANGLO-SAXON, 993. [St. Matt. 

ds Da diora aacenU ealdor slat bys 
Bgen reaf. and ciw)>, Dis ys bysmoc^ 
^nec ; to hwi wilnige we senign; 
aage 1 du ! ge gehyrdou of bjTu g\l 

66 Hwtet )'s eow uu ge^bt 1 Hig 
werdon ealLe and cwsedoo, He is d 

67 Da HpsttoD big on bys ansyne, 
bcotou byne mid bcora fyatum ; 
hyne slogon on hia ausyue mid 
bradum bandum, 

68 And cwsdon, Sege ub, Crist, 
ys sc dc dc slob \ 

69 Petrus B6|>lice sst dte on dam 
tune ; da com to h)'m an (teowen, 
cwffi}), Ajid du wsere mid dam 
sceau Hselendc. 

70 And be widaoc beforan eaUum, 
cwie|), Nat ic bwiet du segst 

7 1 Da be dt-eotle of diere dura. 
geseali h)-ne oder wylu, and ssde duo 
de dier weeron, And des wies mid 
Nazareniaoean Hsclcnde. 

7 3 And be widsoc eft nud a)>e, dei' 
bys nau }>iug ne cude. 

73 Da sefter Ij-tlum (yrste.gen 
da do da^r stodou, and cWEedon to 
SoliHce du eart of hym ; and din 
de geflwutela)>. 

74 Da setsoc be and swerede, darf 
usefre done man ne cude. And 
da creow sc coce. 

75 Da gemunde Petrus dcs Hslcndtt 
word, de he cwa'Jr, ..^rdarn de sc wcc 1^ 
crawe, |>riwa dii me widsa&cst. And b* 1^ 
eode ut, and weop bityrlice. 

Chap. XXVII. 1 WitodKce da 
morgen wses, da worbton ealle 
sacerda caldras gemot, and ^Ijbb 
ealdraa ongeu done Hsetcnd, doi 
hyne to deajie bcLxwdon. 

3 And big Isddon byue gebunc 
and Bcaldon byne dam Pontiaoean T 
dam deman. 

3 Da geseah ludaa de byne belsi 
da*t be fordcmed wa^, da oogau 
hreowsian^ and brobte da )>nttig 

IXVI.65.-XXVn.3.]^^YCLIFFE,i 589. 

65 Tbannc tlic prince of prcslU kitte^ 
his cloibis, soyinge. Ho Imth hlasfemed ; 
whftt 5U, nede han we t-o witnwwal loo ! 
DOW ;ce han herd blasfemye ; 

66 What Bcmeth to 30U ? And thei 
aiuweryoge scideo, He is gilty of <Ieth. 

67 Tb&nne thci spitten tn to h'la face, 
and smytcD L}in with bulTetis ; forftothc 
other ^ouen strokis with the pawm of 
hondis in to his face, 

68 Seyinge, Tbou Crist, prophecio to 
TO, ^rho is he that smote thee T 

69 Sotliely Pctre sat with ontcn in the 
porcbe ; and an bond maydeu came ni; 
to hym, seyinge, And thou were with 
JhesQ of Oalitee. 

H~ o And he denycde before alio men, 
jSnge, I woot nat what thou saist. 
t Forsothc hyni goynge out the ^ate, 
«B other bond mftyrlen Ray hym, ami 
Kith to hem that wercn there. And this 
wu with Jhefiu of Nazareth. 
jj And eftsone he denyede with an 
00th, for he knewe nat the man. 
73 And after a litil, tliei that stoden 
[ame ni5, and seiden to Petre, Tretdy 
tad thou art of hem ; for whi and thi 
a»che makith thee opyn. 
Hft| Thonne he began to waryc and 
BKrc, that he knewe nat the man. 
And anon the cok crew. 
75 Aiid Petre bithoujte on the word 
of Jhesu, thftt he haddc seide, Bifore 
lite cok crewe, thriee thou ahalt denyo 
me. And be gon out, wcpte bittirly. 

TTNDALE, 1326. 


Chap. XXVll. 1 Forsothe the morwe 

alio the princis of prestia, and 

^^Hre men of the peplc token counscil 
H^Pna Jhesu, that thei shuUlen take 
%yin to deth. 

•J And thei lathlen hym bounden, and 
bitoken b^'m to Pilat of Pounce, meire.^ 

3 Thanno Judas that bitrayede hyra, 
MyQge that he was dampnyd« he led by 
paunmce,^ bruu^te A3ein thritti platis of 

65 Tlien the bye prestc rent his riothcs, 
sayinge, He lialh blasphemed ; what ncdo 
we off eny moo witDesscs t lo ! nowe 
bare ye herde hia blasphemy ; 

66 What thyncke yet They answered 
and saydj He is worthy to dye. 

67 Then spat they in hyB face, and betfc 
him with there Bated ; and other smote 
him with the palnie of there hondea oa 
the face, 

68 Saynge, Arede to ts, Christ, who 
js he that smote the t 

6g Peter ante with out in the palice ; 
and a damsell cam to h}'m, saynge. 
Thou also waste with Jesus of Gulile. 

70 Ho denyed l>efore them all^sayiuge, 
I woot not what thou sayst. 

7 1 \Mjea be was goonc out into the 
poorche, another wenche sawe hym, and 
sayde vnto them that were there, Thys 
felowe was also with Jesus of Nazareth. 

73 And agayue ho denyed with an 
ootbe, and sayde, I knowe nott the man. 

73 And after a whyle. cam vnto hym 
they that stodo bye, and sayde vnto 
Peter, Sucrly thou arte even won of 
them ; for they spcache be\vreyeth the. 

74 Then began be to course and to 
sweare, that he knowe not the man. 
And imme<lyatly the cocke krcwe. 

75 And Peter remembred the wordcs 
of Jesu, whych he sayde vnto hym, 
Before the cocke crowe, thou shnllt 
deny me thr}'8e. And went out at the 
dorea, and wepte bitterly. 

Chap. XXVIT. i When the morn- 
)*nge waa come, all the chefe preates, 
and scnyoura off the people helde a 
counsayle agcnst Jesu, to put hym to 

a And brought hym bonnde, and de- 
lyvered hym vnto Ponciua Pylate, the 

3 Then when Judas which betrayed 
hym, sawe that he was condcmpncd, ho 
repented him sylfe, aud brought ageyno 



GOTHIC, 360. 

tigona Bilubrlnaue gudyam^ job siuist- 

4 Qi|ianiU, Frawaurhta mis, galew)-ancls 
bloji swikn. Iji eis qe|iun, VMia kara 
unsia ) |}U witcis. 

5 Yuh utwuirpands |«um silubram in 
alb, allai|>, yah ga]ei)>and8 ushaihah sik. 

6 I|> ^i gudyans nimaudaos jians 
fikattans, qet>un, Ni akuld 1st lagyan 
))ans in kaurbanaun^ uote andawair)>i 
blo|}iA i'st. 

7 Qanini jian niroandans, usbauhteduu 
us |>aim |>ana akr ka^ins^ du usfilban 
ana gaatini. 

8 I>u|>)>c haitans war)) akra yaina akrs 
blo)»is, und bina dag. 

9 panub uafullnofla, ^ata qi|>ano j^^rb 
lairairaian praufctu, qijNindAn, Yab as- 
ncmun ))rins tiguns Bitubreuiaizc. and- 
wairpi |>is wairJKHlins, )>ateii garabnidedun 
fram Bunnm tsraelia ; 

10 Yab atgebun Tns imd akra kaeyiiui, 
swafiwe anabau}) mis Frauya. 

1 1 I|> lesoa flto)) faura kindina ; yah 
frab ina m kindias, qitninds, pu Ts {liud- 
ans iudoic i l)i lesus qa}> du imma, pu 

13 Yab uii^)}anei wrobi(>s was fram 
^&\m gudyam, yah sinistam, ui watbt 

13 panub qa)) du Tmma Peilatus, Niu 
bauseis, whan filu ana }>uk wcitwod- 

14 Yab ni andhof Tmma wi|<ra ni 
ainhun waurdc, swaswe sildaleikida aa 
kindina filu. 

15 And dul|i |ian wbarynh biubts was 
aa kindina fraletan ainana )>i£ai mauageiu 
bandyan, [lanei wildcdun. 

16 Tlabftidcdunub ))an bandyan, ga 
tarbidana Barabban. 

17 Gnqnmanaim Jjon im, qa|> im Pei- 
Ihtiifl. Wliana wilei|» ei fralelaa Jzwis ! 
Barabban, |>Aa lesUj saei baiUda Christ- 

Ungaa to Asern saccrda ealdrum, 

4 And cw»)», Ic ayngodc, da ic 
dset ribtwise blod. Da cwaedon 
HwKt 8])rycst tlu daet to us 1 

5 And he nwearp da acylUugaa io 
dnt tempt, and ferde, and mid 
byne sylfi^e alieng. 

6 Dd 8u))lice dnra aacerda caldras 
fengon dies aeolfrea, and cwaedou, 
hyt aa alyfed diet we uacndon byt 
urc madm-cyBt«f fordum de byt is bit" 

7 Hig worbton da gemot, and 
don bii big aceoldou dies Hseloudcs 
ateon, da Rcbobton big aennc wc<r 
dam feo tigcl-w}Tbteua, on to beb) 
enne el|>eodi8ce men. 

8 Fordam is ac secer gcbatcn A( 
dcmuh, da.'t is on ure gejwodr, blo^ 
roccr, and awa he is gcbaten od disnei 

9 Oa wies gefylled, diet gocwedca 
|)urh Uicrcraiam dune witcgan, dus 1 
cudo, And hi onfengon jirittig scyllii 
dies gebolitan wnr|i, done de wia 
gewur^d fram IsrabeU beamum ; 

10 And hig sealdon diet on tigel- 
ena eeccr, swa awa Dribten me geactt 

11 Da stod ac HBelend befuran 
deman ; and sc denia byne axode, 
cwedende, Eart du ludea cyningi 
cwb|7 se Hiolend. Dtet dti aogst. 

1 2 And mid dy de byne wregdou 
aaccrda caldi-os, and da blafordaSi 
l^ing be ne andswarode. 

13 Da cwffi)} Hiatus to bim, Na 
byreat du, bu fela aegena big ox 
do Bccgea[i? 

i4 And be no andwyrdc mid 
wordc, Bwa diet se dema wundrodc 

15 Hig hsfdon boom to gewonaa] 
beora symbel-dn'ge dset ae dema 
forg)-fau dam folce lennc forwoi 
man, swylcne big babbau woldoa. 

16 He bffifdc <1a s6|>ticc seone 
^ofman gebieftne, se wsa 

17 Da dset folc gesamnod 
cw«p|» Piktus, Hwseder wyllo gc drt' 
eow agyfe 1 de Barmbbiui, de done " 
end, de ia Crist gcbdlea I 

i;.] "WTCLIFFE, 1389. 

Ihe prill cis of prcstis, and to 
tafn of the peplc, 
b, I hftuo aynneii, hitrayingc 
\ And thei seiden, Wliat to 

w pl&tifl of seiner cast awey in 
I, be wentc awey, and goyingc 
kngide h)Tn with u grane.* 
be the princis of prestU, taken 
I of seluer, seiden, It is nat 
l^ende hem in to the tresorie, 
He pris of blood. 


f counceil tAken, thei bonjten 
I the feeld of a potter, in to 
If dead men. 

ig tbti ilk feeld is clcpid 
that is, a feeld of blood, 

it is fulBllid, that thing that 

the prophete Jeremye, sey- 

thei token tbritty platis of 

pris nf a man prc^'sid, whom 

Icn of the sonys of Yrael ; 

khci ;auen hem in to the feeld 

1^, as the Lord ordeyncd to me. 

Ijely Jhesus 8too<l byforo the 

knd the presedent uxide hym, 

pt thou kyng of Jewis 1 Jhesus 

pn. Thou scist. 

rrhcnnc he was acusid of the 
prestis, and eldre men of the 
Misweride no thing. 

[Pilat with to hym, Hcrtst 
hoa many witncasyngis thei 
ua theel 

be onswcride nat to hym to 
•0 that the presedcnt won- 

»the by H 8oI(>mpne day the 
was wont for to del)*ucre to 
I ooD boumlen, whom thei 

lotbe he haddc a noble man 
|tbat was seid Barabas. 

pre Pilat seid to hem godrid 

E5ee, I leoue* to 
r JBesu, that is 

TYNDALE, 1336. 


the \xx. platte-9 off sylvor to the chefe 
prcstes, and senyuures, 

4 Saynge, I have synned, betrajTige 
tlie innocent hloud. And they sayde, 
What is tliat to vs ? se thou to that. 

5 And ho cast dounc the sylvcr plates 
in the temple, and departed, and went 
and houngo hym sylfe. 

6 The chefe prestos toke the sylver 
plattcfl, and sayd, It is not lawFiill fur 
to put them in to the treasury, because 
it is the prycc of bloud. 

7 And they toke connsell, and bought 
with them a potters felde, to bury 
strangers in. 

8 Wherfore that felde is called the folde 
of bloud, vntyll this dayc. 

9 Tlien was fiillfylled, that which was 
spoken by Jeremi the prophet, sayinge, 
And they toke xxx. sylvcr plates, the 
value of him that wos prj*Bed, whom 
they bought of the chyldren of Israhel ; 

10 And they gave them for the potters 
felde, as the Lorde appoyntcd me. 

1 1 Jesus stode before tlie dobite ; and 
the debitc axed him, saynge, Arte thou 
the kj-nge of the lewcsl Jesus sayd 
vnto hym, Thou sayeat, 

1 2 When he was accused of tho chefe 
preestes, and senioures, he answered 

13 Tlicn sayd Pilate vnto him, Uearest 
thou not, howe many thinges they lay© 
ayenste the ? 

14 And he answered him to never a 
worde, in so moche that the debyte 
marveylled very sore. 

1 5 Att that feest the dcbytc was wonte 
to deliver vnto the peple a presoner, 
whom they wolde chose. 

16 He hade then a notable presoner, 
called Barrabas. 

1 7 And when they were gaddcred to- 
gether Pilate sayde vnto them, "Wlicther 
wyll ye, that Y geve lossc vnto yout 
Barrabas, or Jesus, which is called Crystl 

159 OOTHIO. 360. 

18 WiflM auk, ^tei Tn nei)>iB atgebun 

19 SiUudiD ^an imma aim stauasColn, 
iDBaa<1i(la <\u imma qens is, qi|>andoi, Ni 
waibt ^UB jah (tanima garaihtin ; . . • . 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

1 8 He wiBte sajilice, dct big hyne kr 
andan him Be&ldon. 

) 9 He sfpt da I'lliitus on his dom-c^tU, 
da sende his wif t^ hjm, and cwip{*, 
b^o de nan )>ing f^m^fne ongen 
rihtwisan ; Bc|ilice fela ic hx'bbe 
to dfeg, |>urfa gcs} b^e, for hym. 

20 Da laerdon d»n Bocerda 
and da blafardaa diet folc, diet big 
Borrablmn, and done Haelend fbrdj 

a I Da andwyrde ae denia and 
heom, Hwsefteme w)'lle ge det ic 
gyfe cow of tlisum twam 1 Da 
big, Barrabban. 

22 Da cwfe)> Pilatua to hcom. Wit 
hwiet do ic be dam Hielcnde, de is 
gcucmnedl Du cnedou big eolK 
he on rode ahangen. 

23 Da cyerpb so dema to heom, Wt( 
lice bwffit yfeles dyde des ^ H i da 
clypodou. dua cwcdcnde. Sy be ahan| 

24 Da gcsenb ritntim dn;t hyt iml 
fremodc, ac gewunle mare geUyd,] 
genam he wietcr, and )>w5h byi 
beforan ftam folce, and cwiej*. Vi 
ic eom fram dyscs rihtwisan blodejl 

25 Da andawarode call dtut fiilfl 
cw.t|», Sy bj-a l)16d ofer us, and ofcrl 

26 Da forgenf he hym Barrabban, 
done Hseloud be let swingan, aad 
heom to ahonne. 

27 Da uuderfengon Ares deman Ml 
done Hwlend on dam dom-crue, 
gegnderodon calne done [-reat to 

28 And unsnyddon hJ^Je hys i 
reafe, and scryddon hyne mid 
rcadum scycceisc ; 

29 And wiindon cynG-bclm of ^omffli^ 
and Bsetton ofer l»3*a heafod. and hreod** 
bys swidnui ; and bigdon beora cneof 
Iwforan him. and bj-snierotlon broe, 
ewedende, Hal wies du, ludca cjmi 

30 And spiEtton on byne^ and 
hrcodf and bcoton bya tieafod. 

31 And wfler dam de liig hyne (!• 
hysmermlon, big unscryddon bj-ne dun 
Bcyccelae, and scryddon byne mid hj 
genum rcale, and licddon byuc to ihi" 

Um ig-3i.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

18 Solbely he wiate, that by enuyc 
Ibri betnueden bym. 

19 Foreothe hym Hittyrige for instisc/ 
Itui "wyi seote to bym, sojnnge, No thing 
to thee and to that iuat man ; sothely I 
hue suffrid this day many thingifi for 
hjm, hy a visoan.^ 

10 Forsothe the princis of prestis and 
the eldre men tisideu* to the peplia, thut 
llwi Bbuhlen axe Barabas, but Jhesu 
tbd irhaideD Icse. 

21 i'urauthc the president anawerynge 
loth to hem, Whom of the two wolcn 
jot to be left^ to )ou 1 And thci sciden, 

Jj Pilat seith to hem, What Iberfore 
Aal I do of Jhesu, that is acid Crist 1 
Alle ■eien, Be he crucified. 

33 The preeedent seith to hem. Sothely 
vhftt of Tuel hflth be doni And thci 
trieden mnre, Bejange, Be he crucified. 

74 Forsothe Pilat scynge that he pro- 
fitide no thing, but the more noysc waa 
Jinri, water taken, washide the hondis 
Vrfore the peple, sej-inge, I am innocent^ 
fro the blood ot this iust man ; se jee. 

»5 And al the peple answerynge seide, 
Hit blood Tpon n, and on oure sonya. 

26 Thanne lie lefle to hem Barabaa^ 
hot he tokc to hem Jheati ecourgitl, 
that he ahulde })C crucified. 

?7 Thanne kni^tia of the president tak- 
yii^c Jhesu in the mote halle, gedriden 
to h}-m allc the cnmpanye of knijtta. 

28 And thci \'nclothinge hym, diden 
ite hym a rede mantel j 

9 And thei foldynge a crowne of 
B, puttideu on hia heucd, and a 
in his ri3t hond ; and the kneo 
* biforo hym, thei acomyden hym, 
Hayle, kyng of Jewia. 
d tliei apittynge in to hjrm, token 
reed, and srajten his heued. 
31 An>l after that thei hadden scoi-ned 
hym, tliei vnclothiden hyra of the mantel, 
" thei clolhiden hym with his clothia, 
IwIdi'U h)m for to crucific. 



18 For he knewe well, that for envy 
they had deI)Tercd hym. 

19 When he woa sett dounc to geve 
iudgement, hia wyfe sent to hj-m, say- 
inge. Have thou nothinge to do with 
that iufite man ; I have suffered many 
thingca this daye in my alepe, about 

30 The chefe preestea and the aenioura 
had porswaded the |>eopIe, that they 
shnlde axe Barmbas, and shnldo destroyo 

2 1 Tlie debite answered and aayde vnto 
them, Whether of the twayne will ye 
that I lett loosso vnto you 1 And they 
saydc, Barrabas. 

22 Pilate aayde vnto tbcm, What shall 
I do then with Jesua, which is called 
Crist 1 They all sayde to hym, Lett 
hym be crucified. 

23 Then sayde the debite. What ovyll 
bath he donel And they cryc<l the 
more, sajmge, Lett him be crucified. 

24 WTica Pilate aawe that he prcvayled 
nothinge, butt that moarc busenes was 
mwle, he toke water, and woaahed his 
hon<]ca before the people, aayinge, I am 
innocent of the blond of this iustc per- 
son ; and that ye shall se. 

35 Then answered all the people and 
aayde, His bloud fall on vs, and on oure 

26 Then lett he Barral>a8 looase vnto 
them, and scourged Jeaua, and dclyvered 
him to be crucified. 

27 Then the aoudeours of the debite 
toke Jesus vnto the comen hall, and 
gaddered vnto him all the comiMiny. 

28 And stripped bym, and put on hyra 
B purpyll roobe ; 

29 And platt€<l a croune off thomw, 
and putt vppon hya heed, ami a rede in 
his ryi;ht honde ; and lM>weil theire 
knees before him, saying, Hayle, kinge 
of the leweft. 

30 And spitted vppon hym, and toko 
the rede, and smoote hyra on the heed. 

31 And when they had mocked him, 
they toko the robe off" hym ageyne, and 
put hia awne reyment on him, and leed 
h}nn awaye to crucify hym. 

4» ,. 

. . . . Israelia 
lit, nUt4<i|^AU na af jiamma f?a1giii, ei 
gHHtiiwItitiina yiili pilniibyam i'miiui ; 

^\ TrutiitiiU ilu (Ju|>iL. Idusyiulftu nn 
Tiiu. yulHii wili ina ; qn)> auk, patei Qu|i« 
Km HUiiuiu 

44 pntuh Kimo yah )Hii wuitl^Nlyans, 

i\ nu)>Uiihr«luiiliuui iinina, ulwoiliiUHluu 


4^ I'Vum Mlhrion ^ whmloi wat^ 
li|iii ufnr nlki ifcitJHU, uud whoiU oi- 

4^ l|t |t(ttt 111 uhviln niuhduii uflu-opiiU 
IMUm flitlitmi iMiKittti, qi)>ttiu)«, Hotoi, 
lli)li>il, Until •iUnUt^ni. i*«loi Mt, (.lU^ 


A2TOLaSAI0iy. 995. [&r. Matt. 

3* SohGcc da big ut-ferdon, ^u ^- 
nettoo nig kiidc Cyrvnuicne num, cum- 
ende hecna togeDes, dra nama vca 
Sjinon ; done big uyddon, diBi b« \)kn 
bys rode. 

33 Da oomoQ big on da stove da, 
(^eDeomed Golgotbl, dsei is, Hcafodj 
nan etow, 

34 And big sealdon hym vin drii 
wid geallan gemcnged ; and da be 
onbyrigde, da nolde he byt drincaiL 

35 Soblicc ajfter dam dc l»ig 
rode anengon, big todsldon hyu 
and wurpon blot 6kt ofcr, det 
gefyllett, dst de gecwctlen woes 
done witegau, and dus cwa»|T, Hig 
daeldon beom rniuG reaf, and ofer 
reaf big mnirpon blot. 

36 And hig bcbeotdon hyne sittcnde^ 

37 And big dsctton ofer hys heafod 
gylt, duB awrttenne, DIS IS S£ 

38 Da weeron ubangen mid bym ti 
scea)MLn, an on da swidrou bcalfe, 
oder on da vynatran. 

39 Witodlice da wcg-fereudan hj 
bpmeredon, and cwehton boora beafo 

40 And cwsedon, Wa, Amt des 
Qodcs tcmjil^ and on ))nm dagnin 
eft getimbmji ; gcbsel nu de sylfac ; 
du sy Godea sunu, ga nydcr of '' 

4 1 Eao diero sacerda euldru byne 
smeredon, mid dam bocerum and 
dam Cfttdnim, and cvaedon, 

4a O'dere he gehaelde, and hyne syl 
gcbseUn nc mseg ; gyf he Israbela 
ing By, ga nu nydcr of dere rode, 
we gelyfa|> hym ; 

43 He gelyf)) on Ood, alyse hb 
nu, gyf be wyllc ; witodlice he 
Qodes sunu ic eom. 

44 Gclice da 6cea}jaD, de mid him 
bangene wwron, hyne hyspdon. 

45 Witodlice fram dwre nxtan ti 
wieron sewurden (lystru ofcr eallo eor{»- 
•n» od <U nigo|>an tid. 

46 And ymbe da nygo^ tid clypode 
M H»Icnd micelre stcihe, and doi 

»^, Heli, Hclif lema sabdani, drt 


33-46.] WYCLIFFE,i389. 

thel/ Uiei goyoge out, foundeu a 
if S\Tyneii, curamjiige fro a t^UD, 
At by n&me ; tbei constreyncdeu 
that Le ahulde take his crosse. 

33 And thei cftmen ia to a place tliat 
I depid Oolgftttia, that is, the place of 

34 And thci )aucn hym fur to drinkc 
njQ mcpiji^nd with gallc ; and wbcnnc 
u bad tastid, he volde nat driake. 

35 Sotbely after that tbci hadden cru* 

Piym, then departideu his clothis, 
ge lot, that it shulde be fulfillid, 
aci<L by the prophete, sojinge. 
■partidcQ to hem my clotbis, and 
cloth thei aenten lot. 

'3$ And thei alttyage kepteo hym ; 

|_And thei pattiden on his heued the 
of b^Ta wryten, This is Jhesua of 
th, kynf,' of Jcwis, 
58 Thiinne two thoeues ben crucified 
, oon ou the ri^t half, and oon 
left half. 

oraotht; men passynge forth blaa- 

hyin, mooHynge her heuedis, 

jlnd seyinge, Vatb/ that diBtro)'i8t 

temple of God, and in the thridde 

bildiat it a^eio ; sauc thou tlii self ; 

thott art the soue of God, cume dotm 


41 Also and princis of prestia scorn- 
pigft, «ith Bcribia and eldre men, seideu, 

ii He ma^le other men snaf, lie may 
Mt make hym self aaaf ; )if he is kyug 
•( Trecl, cume he nowe doun fro the 
ttOM. and we bileuen to hym ; 

a He trustith in God, dcljniere he 
IfTQ Dowo, )if he wole ; forsothe he 
ftid», For I am Goddis none. 

44 Fornothe and the tbeeuys, that 
Vireo crucitied witK hym, puttideu to 
■JTij with rcpreue the same tliiiijf. 

45 Sothcly fro the sixte hour dercneasis 
ben maail on al the erthc, til to the 
K^the hour. 

46 And ubuut the ojmthc hourc Jhesus 
with grete voice, seyinge, Holy. 

Iff tamazabataoy, that ia. My God, 

TYNDALE, 1526. 

33 And na tbey cam out, they founde 
a mau of Cyrcn, named Simon ; him 
tbey compelled, to beare his oroeae. 

33 And cam vnto the place which is 
called Golgotha^ that is to saye, a place 
of deed mens sculloa. 

34 And they gave him veneger to 
dr)£ikc myxte with gait ; and when he 
had tasted there of, he wolde not drinke. 

35 ^Vhcn they had crucified hym, they 
parted his garmentes, and did cast lottos, 
to fulfyll that was spoken by the pro- 
phet. They have parted my garmentes 
amonge them, and apon my vesture 
have cast loottea. 

36 And they sate and watched hym 
there ; 

37 And they set vppo over hia heed 
the cauae of his deeth written, This is 
Jesus, the kyngc of the Icwes. 

38 And there were two theves crucified 
with hym. won on the right honde, and 
another on the h'fte honde. 

39 They that passed by revyled hym, 
waggj-ngc ther beed<les, 

40 And sayinge. Thou, that destroyest 
the temple off God, and byldest it in 
thre dayes ; save thy aylfe ; if thou bo 
the Sonne of God, come doune from the 

41 Lykwyse also the prelates mock- 
ingc hj-m, with the scribes and senioura, 

43 He saved other, hym sylfe he can 
not save ; yif he he the kyngo off U- 
rahell, lot hym nowe come doune from 
the crosse, and we woll belcve h}'ni ; 

43 He trusted in God, letl God ilelyrer 
hym nowe, yf he will have hyra ; for he 
sayde, I am the Sonne off God, 

44 That same also the tlievcs, which 
were crucified with hym, cast in his 

45 From the sixte houre was ther 
dercknes over all the londe, vnto the 
nynth hourc. 

46 And about the nynth hourc Jesua 
cryed with a loude voyce, sayinge. Eli, 
EU, lama sabathani, that ia to saye, My 

meiiu, Ou)> nieins, duwho mis bilaist 1 

47 l\) sumai ]nze yainar stAndniulane, 
gahauayandaoB, qe)mn, patei Uelian 
woi>o!t) sa. 

48 Yah sans ))ragida ains us 1m» yah 
nam swnmm fullyanda akctin^ yah lag- 
yaada aaa raus, draggkida 1021. 

49 I|) (>ai an)iArai qe|nin, Let ; ei sai- 
wham qim&iu Helias, na^an 'ina 

go Kb lesus aftm hropyauda stibnai 
mikilai, aflailot ahman. 

51 Yah ))an famhah alhs diakritnoda^ 
in twa, Tupa|iro und dula{i. Yah air|>n 
inreiraidfl, yah Btainos disskritnodedun ; 

5 a Yah hlaiwasnos usluknodedon, yah 
managa leika |>ise ligandaoe weibaize, 

53 Yah u^tgaggandans ua hlaiwiumom, 
afar urrist \b i»natgugffaud»U3 in |h> 
wcihon bawgt yah atangide<lun sik mau- 

54 l)f hundafnJTS yah f^i m\\> imroA 
witandans lesun, gasaiwhaiidaiis |>o reir- 
on, yah \n> wi\urt>anona, o)ite<lun ab- 
ral)A. qil^andans^ Bi sunyai Qu{>8 sunus 
iflt sa. 

55 Wcaunnh ]>m\ yainar qinons manag- 
es fiHrra|)ro saiwhandcins, \*07.e\ laisti- 
dedun afar Xo^im fram Qalcilaia, aiid- 
bahfyandeins nnma. 

56 In )>uimri wna Marya 90 Magdalene, 
yali Marya so Kakolns, yah Kosez ai)>ei, 
yah ai[iei suniwe Zaibaidataits. 

57 ^t* ^n Bci^u wnrf), qam manna 
gabiga af Areima|>aiiLs, [lizuh namo losef, 
saei yah sitba aiponida Kessua. 

58 Sah atgnggands du Poilatau, bajt J>i8 
leikis leauis. paimh Peilatus usliiubida 
giban |>ata leik. 

59 Yah nimauda {vta Icik, loaof bimnd 
Ita aabona hnunyamma, 

60 Yah galagida Tta in niuyamma 
seiuamma htaiwa, ^tei ushultMla ana 
Btaina ; yah faonralwyands sUina mikil- 
amma daarons ))is hiaivirisr g&lu^. 

995. [St. 

on Gngliac, Min God, mm Ood, to M 
Torlete dii meT 

47 S6{>h'ce same da de d»r rtodoo, 
and dis gehyrdon, cvsdon, Nu hf 
clj*]ia)i Ucliam. 

48 Da hnedlice arn an heora, and g»- 
nam ane spongean and fylde big mid 
ecc'dc, and asette an hrood cber on, aad 
sealde hym drincan. 

49 Witodlioe da odre cvnedon, Lipt; 
uton geseon hwneder Helias come^ aad 
wj'Ue hyne alysau. 

50 Du clypode sc Heelend eft mie^ 
Btcfnc, and aaende bye gust 

51 And dfl?r rihte dss templca nib* 
ryfl wear|i tosliten on twcgen ihRmt 
fram ufcweardon od nydeweani And 
seo eorfre bifode, and staiias toburstno ; 

52 And byrgena wurdon ge-openodf, 
and manige halige Iichaman de m\ 
Blcpon, aryson. 

53 And dd big dt-€odon of dam bjTf- 
enum, tcftcr hys eeryste big comon ott 
da batigflD ceMtre, and nt^owdon h^j 
manegnm. j 

54 Witodlice diesbundredeaealdoriH 
da do mid biin w«eron bealdcnde 4M| 
Hselend, da big gesawon da cor|^btfangE^j 
and da )7ing de deer gewurdon. hif| 
ondrcdon heom ^earle, and cwtedov*, 
Soj^lice OoHea sunu wats de». 

55 Witodlice dwr waeron manega »if 
fcorran, da dc fyIi|;don dam UKleodl 
fram Galilea, him t»euigendc. 

56 Betwuh dam wns seo MagdaleniMfli 
Maria, and Maria lacobea moder, M^ 
losephea moder, and Zebedcia fluml 
moder. | 

57 S6|tHce da hyt «fen yrm^ com MBj 
welig man of Arimathia, daea nama 
loBf'p, 80 sylfa W8QA dnee 

5S He gcaealEcbte to PUate. 
dres Hoeicndcs lichamAn. Da hot ft" 
latuB ngyfan bira done Iichaman. 

59 And losep genam done tichanil^ 
and bewaad h^-nc mid clacure scytan, 

60 And lede hynt on hys niwan bjr^ 
ene, da he aheow on itane ; and M 
toawylte myoelne stan to hlide dflMl 
byrgene, and ferde syddan. 

nama wa^i 
, andM 

(-fio.] WTCLTTFE, 1389. 
wherto ^ bast thou forsaken 

y aommen stondynge there, 
ige, seideD, Tbit) clcpith Hely. 

anon con of hem rcnnj-nge, 

>ounge taiken with aycel,^ and 

a r«ed, and )aue to hyu for 

ither Midcn, SuBi*e thou ; see 
Hely cumme, delyuerj'iige 

>the Jhesus efUonea cryynge 
I Toice, sente out the spirit, 
too ! the veile of the teiuplc is 
D two parties, fro the hei^csfc 

And the erthe is moued, and 
m cleft ; 
biriola ben openyd, and many 

seintes that aleptcu/ rysen 

thei goynge out of her binds, 
resnrecciouu c&men in to the 
, and apecriden to munye. 

T oentnrlo and thei that wcreu 
Vcpinge Jhesu, the nioouynge 
le seen, and thoo tliingiR tlmt 
oe, dredden greteli, seyinge, 
iii waa Goddia soue. 

>the there wercn there many 
afer, that sueden Jhesu &o 
lynysiiynge to hym. 

Ige whiche was Marie Mawae- 

d Marie of Jttiuys, und the 

Joseph, and th« modir of 

TYND ALE, 1526. 


ktbe when the euenyng was 
ere came a richc man fro 
, Joseph by name, the whiche 
disciple of Jhesu. 
rente to Pilate, and axide the 

Jhesu. Thanue Hkte com- 

ie body to be golden. 

the body taken, Joseph wlap- 

a dene ecndel,^ 
jmttidc it in his newe biriel,- 
dde hewun in a stoon ; and he 
to a grete stoon at the dorc 

iel, and wentv awey. 

God, my God, why hast thou forsaken 

47 Some of them tliat stode there, 
when they herde that, saydo, Tliis man 
calleth fur Helias. 

48 And streyght way won off them 
raune, and toke a sponge and filled it 
full of veneger, and put it on a rede, 
and gave hym to dryidic. 

49 Other sayde. Let bej let ts se 
whyther UcUas wyll come, and delyver 

50 Jesus crycd agayne with a lowde 
voyce, and yelded vppo the goost. 

51 And behotde ! the \-ayle of the 
temple was rent in two jwirties, from 
the toppe to the bottom. And the erth 
did quake, and the stones did rent ; 

52 And graves did open, and the 
bodies off many saynctes which slept, 

53 And cam out off their graves after 
his resurrecciou, and cam iu to the holy 
cite, and uppered vnto many. 

54 When the pety captayne and they 
that were with hym watchiuge J&sos, 
sawe the erth quake, and those thyngea 
which hapencd, they feared greatly, 
sayinge, Off a surete this was the sonuo 
off God. 

55 And many wcmen wore there be- 
holdinge hym a farre off, whicli folowed 
Jesus fi*om Golile, umiistriugc vnto 

56 Amonge the which was Mary Mag- 
daleu, and Mary the mother off James, 
and the mother of Joses, and the mother 
off Zebedes chyldreu. 

57 When the even was come, there 
cam a ryche man off Aramathia, named 
Joseph, which same also was Jesus 

58 He went to Pilate, and begged the 
body of Jesus. Then Pilate commaunded 
the body to be delivered. 

59 And Joseph toke the body, and 
wrapped it in a dene lynnyne clooth, 

60 And put it in his newe tombe, 
which he bad hewen out even in the 
roke ; and rolled a greate stone to the 
dore of the ecpulcre, and departed. 


^H 6 1 Wasah )An y^uar Marya Magdalene 

61 Der wes B6)»Iioe seo Magdalemsee 

^H jrah so an))ara Mar)'a, sitandeiua and- 

Maria and seo oder Maria, sittende «t 

^H wairfns |>amma hiaiwa. 

dmrt byrgene. 

^H 6 a Ifiumin (wd dagm, aaei ist a&r p«r- 

6 a \Vltodlice odram dcge, de ma 

^H fiakaiweiu, gaqcmun uuhumistans gud- 

gearcuDg-dieg, comon tog»derc 6an 

^H yaoa yah ForeisaieU du Peilatau, 

saocrda ealdras and da Sundor-halflta 

to I'ikte, jB 

^H ^3 Qi)>aiidAD8, Frauya, gamundedum, 

63 And cwsedon, Hlafonl, we gema^^| 

^H ^tei yaiua airzyands qa|) naoh liliaadB, 

dst 9c swica sjiede da be oa life ^K^H 

^H Afar yrioB dagaus urreiiMt. 

MfUr ^rfm. dagoa ic arise. ^H 

^H 64 Halt DU witaD |>ainma blaiwa uud 

64 Hat nu healdan da byrgene ^H 

^H ^na (rridyau dtig ; ibui uft« q-.Diauduns 

done ^i*}'ddaa ds^ ; de Ices h}-8 leonui^| 

^B )iai giponyos Ts^ biuimaina Tiuiiia, yab 

cnibtas cumon, aud for^teloD hync, I^H 

^M qi|>uinu du maiiagein, Uirais us duu{)aim ; 

secgeoQ dam fulce, dst he aryM ^H 

^H yah iat so speidizei air£it>a watmix^ 

dea)>e; dotme hyp det leftere gc^hi^H 

^B |>izai fruniein. 

wyree donne diet sire. ^^M 

^H 65 Qa)i Im Peilatas, Habai)> wardyaus; 

65 Da cwie^ Pilatus, Qe babba)> hea^| 

^H fB^SS^h witaiduh awaawe kunnu)>. 

rsedcnno ; hn^ and healdaj) swm i^H 

go witon. ^H 

^m 66 !|i eis gaggandaus, galukun ^ta 

66 S6|>boe hig ferdon, and ymbe-trj^H 

V hlaiw, faursiglyandaoB [lana .... 

odon da b>Tgene, and Lnseglodoa d^H 

BtuD, mid dam weardum. ^H 

CHAP.XXVm/ T S6)>llce dam n^l 


d«igea sefene, «e de onlihie on d^| 

forman reste-d^ge, com seo Magdi^H 

isce Maria, and seo oder Maria, dM^H 

woldon geseon da byrgene. ^H 

a And dior wear|j ^ewordea miod M^H 

bifung ; witodlice Drihteui-a t;ugel "ij^l 

of beofoaan, and genealaehte uud av^^H 

done Stan, and set der on uppan. ^^M 

3 Hjs ansyn wns avylce tigyt. ^H 

bys reaf awa hmte swa snaw ; ^^t 

4 Witodlice da wcardas wivrou afyH^H 

and wieron gewordene swylce big <i^^| 

wopTon. ^H 

5 Da amlswarode ae engel and M^H 

dam wifon, Xe ondnede ge eow, io ^^| 

vitodltcc da>t ge sccea|i done Hid^^| 

done de on rode ahaugen wees ; ^H 

6 Nys be ber« be aras, so^Koo swa ^^t 

be siede ; cuma)>, and geseo)» da Btd<^^ 

dc se Hielend wsas on-^ed. ^^i 

7 And iara]) lirxdlice. and aecgea|i^H 


leoming-cnihtum, diet be arda, Hfl 


B6)»lice be cym)» beforan eow on Gsl^ 

.6i.-XXVnT. 7] WYCLIFPE, 1389. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


rsothe Mar}-e Mawdeleync mid 
kerc Mar_ve wcreii there, aittynge 
|tiie sepulere. 

^ely OD the tother d&y, that is 
^ucke euenynge, the princis of 

and Pharisees cameu to gidere 

kijnge. Sire, we han mynde, for 
Ke traitour* aayde jit lyuynge, 
jbre daycs I abol ryse ^eu. 

fore conunnde thoa the sepul- 
kcpt til in to the thridde day ; 
Lenturc his disciplis comcu, and 
and seyen to tlie pei>lej lie 
fro deeth ; and the laate errotir 
worse than the fonnere. 

Btfith to hem, 3^ ^^^ the 
y go je, kepe 30 as 30 kunnen. 

b thei goynce forth, kejiten ''' 
», marlunge*^ the stoon, with 

Lp. XXVm. 1 ForsoUio in the 

g of the saboth,^ that schyncth 

firste day of the woke, Marie 

Icyn cam, and another Marie, for 

le sepulere. 

td lo! tber was nioad a j^rcct 

ouyng ; forsoth the aungel of 

caui douu fro heueue, and 

to tumide awey the stoon, and 


i his lokyng was u leyt, and 
8 as snow j 

the for drede of him tlie keperia 
id, and thei ben maad as deede 

>(be tbe ftungel answeringo seide 

ivymmen, Kyle ^e drede, for I 

je seken Jhesu, that is cruci- 

'b not here, sothii be roos, as he 
come )e, and seeth tbe place, 
le Lord was putt. 
je guynge aone, seie to his dis- 
id (o Petre, for he hath rifiun. 

bl be schal go bifore jou in to 

61 There was Mary Magdalene end 
the other Mary, sittinge over aycnste 
the sepulere. 

62 Tbe nexte dayo, that folowetb good 
&ydayc, the hyo prestes and Pharises 
gut them selves to Pilate, 

6^ And sayde, Syr, we remember, that 
this deceyver sayde whyll he was yet 
al}'ve, After thru dayes Y wyll aryse 

64 Comraaunde tberfore that the sepul- 
ere be made sure vntyll the thyrd daye ; 
lest pamveuture his disciples come, and 
steale h)^^ nwaye, and saye vnto tlie 
people, He ys rysen from deeth ; and 
then the laste erroure shalbe worsse 
then the first was. 

65 Pilate sayde vnto them^ Take watche 
men ; go, and make ytt as sure as ye 

66 They went, and ma<le tlic sepulere 
sure with wutche men, and sealed the 

Chap. XXVIII. i The saboth daye 
att even, which dauneth the morowe 
after the saboth, Mary Magdalene, and 
the other Mary cam, to so tbe sepulere. 

2 And beliolde ! there was a greate 
erth quake ; for the angell of the Lordo 
descended from hcven, and earn and 
ruwlled bocke the stone ffrom the dore, 
ami sate apon it 

3 His couutenaunce was lyke lyght- 
nynge, and his ^aJ^ne^t whyto as snowe ; 

4 For feare of bym the kejHirs were 
astimnyed, and were as deed men. 

5 The angell answered and sayde to 
the wemen, Feare ye not, I huowe wele 
ye seke Jesus, which was crucified ; 

6 H© is not here, be is lysen, aa be 
sayde ; come, and sc tbe place, where 
the Lorde was put. 

7 And goo quickly, and tell hia dis- 
ciples, that he is ryseu from deeth. 
And beholde! be wyll go before you 



learn ; dier ge hyue gefleo|>. Nd! ic 

8 Dn fcrdoQ hig hroMllioe fram 
byrgene, mid egc and mid mych 
gefean, and umoa and cyddon byt 

9 Aoti efbe ! dti com se H^lend 
hig, aiid cwsji, Hale weae ge. 
geuealshtou, ami gcuonioD bys fet^ 
to him ge-eaduieddoo. 

10 Da cwc)> se Uoelend to hconi« 
ondrsede go eow ; &ra{f, and cyi 
minam gebrodrum, diet hig faroa 
Galileam ; di^r hig geseob mc. 

1 1 Da da hig ferdon, da oomon 
da weardas on da ceostre, and vji 
dfljra sacerda ealdrum ealle da |iiiig 
drer gewordene wneron. 

13 Da gesamuodon da ealdroB 
aud worbtou gemot, and aealdoa 
Jic^Tium micel feoh, 

13 And cwredon, Secgea|», dat 
1 coming -cnihtas comon uihtea, and 
Bt-celun hyuCj da wc 8le|iuu. 

14 And gyf so. denia dis ge-acit^, 
Isera)) hyue, aud ged6)> eow BorbleaBcj 

15 Da onfengOD hig dvs feoa, 
dydon, eallswH hig gelaerede 
And difl word wies gewidmeraod 
ludeum, od diane andweardau dftig/ 

16 Vh fcrdou da cudJufcu Icui 
cnihta8 on done munt, da^r se Uct 
beum dihtc. 

17 And liyue daer geaowon, and hig 
him ge-eadmetldou ; witodlice sumc 

18 Da genealehte se H»lend, 
spneo to bym das jiing, and dus ci 
Me is geeeftld selc anweald, on heofa 
and on eor^tan. 

19 Fura|i witodlice and Isers^ 
bcoda, and fulligea}i hig on ni 
Ffeder, and Suna, and dsa 
Gaates ; 

20 And Isera}^ da;t big healdoD 
da ))ing, de ic eow bcboad ; and ioi 
mid cow eallo dagas, od worulde 
endunge. Amen. 


8-aa] WTCUFFE, 1389. 

ttlilec; there |e Bcbulcu bc bim. Lo ! 

h«i« bifore seid to 30U. 

8 And Marie Mawdeleyn, and another 

llrie wentco out soone fro tlie baryel, 

iith drede and fp-C€t ioye, reuuyuge 

lar to telle bis disciplis. 

I 9 And lo I Jheaua ran ajetiB beni, sej- 
Heil je. Foreothe tbci camen to, 
celden bis feet, and worachipideii 

Jliesus seitb to bezn, Nyle 
le ; go 5e, telle 3c to my britliereo, 
Ihei go in to Galilee; tbere tbei 
ieo ae me. 

The wbiebe whanne tbei badden 

! Bomme of tbc kcpcria cauieu 

) (^tee} and tolden to the princes 

til allc thitij^^is that wcrcn don. 

id tbei gedrid to gidrc with tbc 

I meo, a coudcgH takun, 3aue to the 

plenteuoua money, 

[fieyiuge, Seie je, for bis disciplis 

ni^te, and ban stolen liim, va 

if this be herd of the pre- 
■we scbtdcD conccile bim, aud 

the money takun, tbei diden, 

wereu tau^t. And this word is 

at tbc Jcwis, til lu to tliis 

Ponothe enlenene disciplis wenteu 
Galilee, in to an bil, where Jbeaus 
ordeyned to hem. 
And tbei seynge bim, worschip- 
; iotbli aiuume of hem doutiden. 

And Jbesos comynge to, spfdc to 
, Kyinge, Al power is ^ouun to me, 
Wuene aud in ertbe. 

Tlierfore ;e go}iirrc tccbe allc folkia, 
;e hem in tbc name of the 
aud of the Soue, and of tbc 

ingc hem for to kepc oUe 

rwbat euere thingis I banc com- 

lo juu ; and lo ! 1 am with 30U 

dayesy til the endyng of the wurid. 

TTNDALK. 1526. 

into Qalile; tber« ye shall se b}!!^ Lo .' 
I have tolde you. 

8 Aud they departed quickly from 
tbo scpulcrc, with fearc and great joyc, 
and did runne to bringo bis disciplea 

9 And as they went to tell bis disci- 
ples, beboldc ! Jesus mctt them, snyiuge, 
God spede you. They cam, and held hjon 
by the fete, and worshipped bjTu. 

10 Then aayde Jesus vnto tbcm, Bo 
not afniyde ; go, aud tell my brethren, 
that they goo into Galite ; and there 
shall they se me. 

1 1 When they were gone, beboldc ! 
some of the kcpere cam in to the cite, 
and shewed vnto the prclattes all thinges 
wbych had hapeucd. 

12 And they gaddered them togedder 
with the soniouFes, and toke counscll, 
and gave Jarge money vnto tbc soudcrs, 

13 Sayn^^e, Saye, tliat his disciplea 
cam he nyght, and stoolc bym awaye^ 
whyll ye slept. 

14 And yf tliis come to the rulcra 
cores, we wyll pease him, and make you 

15 And they toke the money, and did, 
aa they were taught. Aud this sayDgo 
is noyscd amonge the Jewc«, vnto thia 

16 Then the xi. disciplea went there 
waye into Oalile, in to a mountujTie, 
where Jesus hud appoyiitcd ttiem. 

17 Aud when they sawe hj-m, they 
wor^tipped hynt ; but some of them 

18 Jesus come, and spake vnto them, 
saynge, All power ys geven vnto me, 
in heveo uod in erth. 

T 9 Cioo therefore and teacbe all nociona, 
baptisyuge them in the name of the 
Father, and the Sonne, and tbo Holy 
Goost ; 

20 Teachinge them to observe all 
tbvnges, whatsoever 1 commuuudcd you ; 
Hud io ! I am with you all waye, even 
vntyll tbe ende off the world© 



Cbap. I. I AnostodeiriB uw&ggel- 
jons lesois Christaua, suoaoB Gufis. 

2 Swe gamcHb ist in Esai'in. pranfetau, 
Sai ! ik iusaiidyu aggilu meiiuum faura 
)iu8, Baei gamonwei^ vng |fciaana faara 

3 Stibna wopyandins 'm au))idai, Man- 
weijr wig Fruu^ius, raihtus waurkci^ 
staigos Gujie UDsaris. 

4 Was Jtohannes daiipvands in aujfidai, 
yah meryauds duupetn Tdrcigos, du 
afla^ciuai frawaurhte. 

5 Yah usuKlyc^Jun du imma all ludaia- 
land, yali lainiaaulwracis ; yah daupidai 
wcsun aMni in luurduue awhai fram 
inuna, aodbaitoadaDs frawaurhtim sein- 

6 Wa8u|j-}>an lobanncs gawaaifia tag- 
lam ulhaudnus, yah gairda tillcina bi 
Imp Bcinana ; }'nh matida )>ramsteins, 
yah raili[> hai}7iwisk» 

7 Yah inerida,qi|>&ndB, Qimi|) swinjioza 
mis sa afar mia, ^\ze\ \k ni im wair|>a 
anahneiwands amlhindaii akaudaraip 
skohc IS. 

8 A|)(ian ik danpya Tkwu Tn watin ; i]) 
ia daupei|> izwia !u Abmin Weihamroa. 

Yati war)} In yaiuauu dagam, qam 
fir&m NazHnii)* Galcilaias, yah 
daupi[)s was fram lohanue in laurdane. 


TO Yah suns lugaggands us |>amma 
watin, gasawh ustuknandana buninans, 
yah Ahman awe abak, atgagguudan ana 

Chap. L i Her ys godapell* 
Hselcudes CrUt«e, Godes bodo. 

3 Swa awritcn U on dsa wiU 
Isalaiu. Nu ! io aaende miuzM 
befuran dinrc ao^ne, se g^ 
dinne weg beforan de. 

3 Clypigende atefcn on &Mxa y 
Oege&rwia|) Drihtues weg, U6^ i 

4 lohonnes wss on westene {n! 
and bodicDdcdsd-biSte fulwiht, a 

5 And to hira ferde eall ludfl 
and ealte Hten>so1tnui-ware; i 
fram bim gofullodu on lordant 
hyra synna anddetende. 

6 And lobanncs we3 geaoi; 
olucndcs btcrum, and fellen gyr 
yinbe his lendenu ; and gaersta| 
vmdu bunig he a>t, 

7 And he bodode, and cwae^ ( 
cyrnj? sefter me, daes ne com ii 
det ic his aceona ^wanga % 

8 Io fullige eow on wastorft; 
iulU)) on Balgum Qaste. 

9 And on dam dagum^ com se 
fram Nazareth GsJileef and ' 
fiillod on lordane fram lohann 

I o And Bona of dam wietere, h 
opene heofonas, and Haligne Q 
culfran astigende, and on Mm 

L I The higynnynge of the 
JhesQ Crist, the sone of God. 

it ifl writan in Ysaie, the pro- 
iO ! I scnde aiyu angel bifore thi 
t schal make thi weye rcdy 

voice of oon oryinge in desert, 
■ redy the weye of the Lord, 
his patliis ri^tfnl. 
Wfts in desert baptisynge, And 
e the baptym of penaunce, in 
cioim of synnes. 
alle men of Jerusalem wcnten 
, and al the cuntre of Jitdee ; 
baptiflid of him in the flood 
kuowlediinge her synnes. 

John was clothid with heeris of 
, and a girdil of skyn a1>owte his 
; and be cet locustus, aud houy 

prechide^ Bejnnge, A strengere 
tdtal come aftir me, of whom I 
pam not worthi for to vndo^ the 

of lus Bchoon. 

baptisld )ou in water ; for- 

^ ahal baptise 30U in the Holy 

it is don in tboo dayes, Jlieaus 
3 Kuxareth ofOalilee^ aud was 
of Joon in Jordan. 

d anoon be atyinge vp of the 
my^ heuenes opeuyd, und the 
Ooost cummyngc donn as a 
And dwellynge in hym. 

Chat. I. i The hegyiinyng off the 
goepell of Jcsu Christ, the sonnc off 

3 As yt ys written in the prophettca, 
Beholde ! I sende my messenger before 
thy face, whych shall prepare thy waye 
before the. 

3 The voyce of won that cryeth in the 
wildemes, Prepare ye the waye off the 
Lordc, make his i>ftthes streyght. 

4 Jhon did baptiflo in tlie wj'ldernes, 
and preachc the baptim of repeutaunce, 
for the remission of synnes. 

5 And all the londe off lewry, and 
they of Jerusalem went out vnto hym ; 
and were all baptised of hym in the 
rjrver Jordan, kuowledgjiige theire 

6 Jhon was clothed with caxnmyllea 
heer, and wyth a gerdyll off a becstea 
skyn about bys loynes ; and he ate 
locustcs, and wylde bony, 

7 And preached, saynge, A stronger 
then I commetb after me, whos shue 
latchett I am not worthy to stoupe 
doune and vnlose. 

8 I have baptised you with water ; 
but he shall baptise yon with the Holy 

9 And yt cam to passe in those dayes, 
that Jesus cam from Nazareth a cite 
of GalUe, and was baptised of Jhon in 

J o And immediatly he cam ont of tlie 
water, and sawe the hevena open, and 
the Holy Goost desceudinge vi>pou hym 
lyke a dove. 

u 2 



GOTHIC, 360. 

11 Yah 6tn>na qam us hinunam, pu is 
Bonus meins ba Huba, m )>uzci waila 

12 Yah suns su Alima ina ostauli in 
au]>ida. • 

13 Yolk was Tu \>ha.\ a\x]fu\&{ dagc 
fidwortiguns, fraisans fram Hatonin.Tah 
was rai{) diuKam, yali aggUeia anbahti- 
deduD imma. 

14 I)> afar ^tci at^ibana war{i lohau- 
oes, qum lesus lu (.Tt\Ieilaia, meryoudB 
aiwnggelyon |>iudangardyos Ciu|>8, 

15 Qi^nds, putci uafullnoda }iata mclj 
yah ntiicwhida n\k )imdaagardi Gu))8 ; 
idrcigo|), yah golaubeif) "in aiwaggelyun. 

x6 Yah wharbonds faur marcin GaleU 
laiaa, gasawh Seimonu, yah Andraian 
broffor ie, |>U Seitnoma, wairpandans 
Qati in marein j wcsuu auk fiskyans. 

17 Yah qa|) jin Kesua, Hiryats afar 
mis; yah gatauya fgqis wairjiaii nutans 

x8 Ya]i suns aflctandans |)0 uatya scina, 
laistideduu afar Imma. 

1 9 Yah yain|)i'o Tnngagganda framis 
leitilatn, gasawh lokobu jiana Zaibai- 
daiaus, yah Yohaniie, hrofiar is, yah }>aua 
ui jBkipa mauw)*andans nafcya. 

20 Yah suna hathait ins ; yah aflet- 
andans attan seinana. Zaibaidaiu, in 
{mmraa skipa mib BBuyam, gahbun afar 

2 1 Yah jUfali|)un m KaJarnanm, yah 
BUDS sabbatu duga galci|>auds in swn- 
agogCD, taisida ins. 

73 Yah usfilmaiis vaur))un ana }>lzai 
laiseinai is ; untc was Iiusyauds ins, svre 
waldufni habands, yah ni swaswe pai 

33 Yah was "in I)izRi swnngogen Vzo 
manna in utihrainyumma alimiu, yah 

24 Qi|iamls, Fralet, wha uns yah |)Ufl. 
lesu Naxoronni ? ijamt fraqistyan uns 7 
kanu )ruk wUas ))u is, sa weiha *Qu|«. 

25 Yah andbait ina lesus, qijiands, 

Ipahai, yali usgagg ut us [jamnia, olima 



1 1 And da waes stefn of heo! 
gewordcii, Du eart min gcltifodA 
on de ic gclicode. 

13 And sona Gast bine 01 

13 And be od westene 
daga and feowcrtig nihtA, and h 
&am Satane gccostnod^ and he mi 
deorum waes, and him englas ^no 

14 Syddan lobonnes geacald yrm 
se Haplcnd on Qalileam, Godcs 
godsjwll hodigende, 

15 Aud dus cwedende, Witodlicc 
gefylletl* and beofena rice gcnealwc 
dsed-bote, and gelyfa)) dum godspi 

16 And da be ferde wid da Qaltl 

sae, be gcseah Simonem, and Ant 
his brudor, h^Ta nett on da ss Icl 
86))lice hi wscrou fisccras. 

17 And da cwa^|i se Htelend, 1 
tefter me ; and ic do inc dtet gy 
sawla oufondc 

t8 And hi da hrcedlico bim ^1 
and forlctoD beora nett. 

1 9 And danon hwon agan, 
lacobum Zeliedci, aud 
brodor, and hi on hcora 
nett logodon. 

bim ^1 

an, H 

20 And he hi sona clypode : 1 
heora feeder, Zebedeo, ou scipe f< 
mid hyrlingum, 

3 1 And fcrdon to Cafaniaum, an 
reate-dagum he Iserde hi^ on gosaai 

22 And hi vundrcdon be his 
s6))lice bo wwa hi Iscrendo, awa 
anweald hKf|>, nies swa boceraStH 

23 And on heora gesamnuagi 
sum man on unclsenum gaat«, 1 
brymde, ' 

24 And cwie|r. Kala Nazarcniact 
end, h^'Tot is us and de I com 
to forspillanuef ic wat du eart 
halga. H 

25 Da cidde ae Hxlend him. and 
Aduniba, and g& of disum men. 


WVCLIFFE, 1389- 

^ voys ia maad fro heuonea, 
sy Bone loucd. in thee I Imuo 

aoB tho Spirit puttldc bym 

e was in desert fourty daycs 
nijtis, and vm& temptid of 
tind wuH with beestis, and 
Qyetrideu to Iiym. 
he after that Joon was taken, 
ae in to Galilee, prechinge 
of the kyngdam of God, 
eiynge, For tyme is fulfillid, 
^gdom of Qod sbal come 
nke jee/ and bileue jee to 

B pMBjBge bisidis the see of 

r Symont. and iVndrew, hi3 

kdynge ncttis in lu the see; 

i weren Bshcrs. 

Tbesus scidc to hem, Come 

le ; I sbal make jou to be 

n of men. 

noon the nettis forsaken, the! 


16 gon forth tbenues a littl, 
Df Zebcde, and Joon. his bro- 
hem in the boot makynge 

mooQ be clcpidc hem ; and 
r fadir, left in the boot with 
Bfitis, tbei sneden bym. 

hei wentcn forth in to Ctifar- 
AQOon in the sabotU he gon 
BynAgoge, tau^tc hem. 
ihei wondrcden on his tecb- 
lely be was tecbyiige hem, as 
iwcr, and not as scribis. 

i the ^nagoge of hem was a 
TBclcne ^irit, and be criede, 

^ What to TB and to tlioe, 
I of Nazareth ? baste thou 
fore the tj-rae for to dcstroie 
at that thou art tho holy of 

JhcsQs thretcnyde to bym, 
dowmb, and go out of 


TYNDALE. 1526. 165 

1 1 And there cam a voyce from hercn, 
Thou arte my dere sonne, in whom I 

I a And immediatty the Sprete drave 
bym into a wildemca. 

13 And he was there in the wildemes 
xl. dayes, and was tempted off Satan, 
and was with wylde bcestea, and the 
angels ministred vnto bym. 

14 After that Jhon was taken, Jesus 
cam in to Galile, preacbyngo the gos]>ell 
off the kyngdom of God, 

15 And saj-nge, The tyme ya ful come, 
and the kyiigdom of God is even att 
houde ; repent, and belero the gospell. 

16 As ho walked by tho see of QalUo, 
be sawe Simon, and Andrcwe, his bro- 
ther, castiu^c uottcs in to the ace ; for 
they were fysshers. 

17 And Jesus sayde vnto them, Folowe 
me ; and I wyll make yon to be fysshers 
of men. 

18 And they straygbt wayc foi-soke 
their nettes, and folowed him. 

19 And when he had gone a lytell 
further thcns, he sawe James the Ronne 
offZebede, and Jhon, his brother, even 
as they were in the ehippe dreasynge 
their uettcs. 

3o And anon he cal)e<l them ; and 
they leeft their father, Zebede, in the 
shij^pe with his beyred scrrauntcs, and 
went their waye after bj-m. 

21 And they cntrcd in to Capernaum, 
and streight waye on the sabot dayes be 
cntrcd in to the sinagogge, and taught. 

23 And they mervelled att hys leaiii- 
inge ; for be taught them, as won whych 
had power with him, and not as tho 
scrybea did. 

33 And there was in the sinagogge a 
man vexed with au vnclene spirite. and 
be cryed, 

24 Sayinge, Lett me a lone, what hare 
we to do with the, Jesus of Nazareth 1 
arte thou come to dcstroie va? I knowc 
what thou arte, thou arte that holy man 
promysed of God. 

25 And Jesus rebuked him, saynge, 
Hoolde thy pace, and come out of the 


GOTHIC, 360. 

yah qi|»andl9 dn imma jwtei, Yabai wileis, 
ntagt niik gahrainjan, 

41 1]) lesus, lufeinands, ufrakyanda 
hanilu seiua, attaitok 7mma, jah qa]? 
imma, Wilyau, wair)) brains. 

42 Yah bij'e qa{> J^ata lesus, suus |>8ta 
|init«fill aHai}) af Imma, yah brains war\>. 

43 Tab gnwhotyands Tmmo, auna ua- 
sauJida ina. 

44 Yali qA|) (1u imma, Saiwh, ei mann- 
huo ni qi|>Hi8 waiht ; ak ga^g, t^uk silban 
ataug)'an gudyiu, yah atbatr frani ^1- 
hraizieiuai {icinai ))atei auabau)> Moses, 
du weitwodiJTai tm. 

45 I}) Ta, uggaggandB, dup^nn moryan 
filu, yah usqi{>an ^ata waurd, Hwaswe is 
yuban ni mabta uudaugyo iu buurg 
gajei)«n, ak uta ana aujiyaiiii utudini 
waa ; yab iddycilun du imma allajiro. 

Chaf. II. I Yali ga1aij> aftra in 
Kafamaum. afar dagans. Yah gafrehun, 
|iatei In jijurdn ist, 

2 Yab suns gaqemun managai, swaswo 
yut»m ni gamosiedun, nili at daura. 
Yah rodida im waurd. 

3 Yali qemun at imma usli|>an buir- 
andans, hiUanoua &am 6dworim, 

4 Yah ni magandans newlia qiman 
Tmma faura manageim, andbulideduu 
brot, |)arci waa Icsus; yali usgraband- 
ans, inaailidfMbin [rata htaW, yah fra- 
lailotun, ana {^ummei tag sa uali^a. 

5 Qasaiwli&nds |>an leans galaubeinize, 
qa)? du |»imma uali^in, Hnrnilo, af!et- 
aiida |)ua frawaurhteiii )>einoB. 

6 Wosunuh t>an suroai |iize bokarye 
yainar aitandans, yah ))agkyandana sis 
in haJrtam seinium, 

7 Wha sa swa rodci|> naitoinioBl Whas 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St.Mau 

to cwie)>, Drihtcn, gif da wylt, do milit 
goclsnaian me. 

41 S6|>Iice se Hxlend hira miltfiodr, 
and hi» baud u^enode, and bine fft^hrb- 
ende. and dua cws^, Ic wylle, beo di 

43 And da he ctus cvncpy sona MO 
breofnea him fram gowat, and be 

43 And Bona he bead him, . . 


44 And cwrc^, Wama, diet du mt 
um men ne aecge ; ac ga, and K-tyw At 
daru saccrda ealdre, and bring for dlurc 
eltcnsuuga dcct Mo^'sca bcbcud, him jU 

45 And be, da utgangcndc, 01 
bodiau, and widmeersian da sprarce, 
dflpt he ne mihte openUce on da 
giin, ac boon ute on westum 
and hi Kghwanon to him comon. 

Chap. II. 1 And eft sStex 
he co<le into Cafamaum. And hit' 
gcbyred, diet he wiea on bds6^ 
2 And manega tc^iedere comon. 


heom spree. 

3 And hi comon urne Uroan to 
bercnde, done feower men bseron. 

4 And da hi ne mihton bine in- 
an for dsere roienigeo, hi opcnodon ' 
brof, dar se Hielcud woes ; and 

hi da in< 

doet bed, de bc lama on-lfeg. 

5 S6)>Iice da se Helend geaeili bdj 
gelea£&n, he cwffi{> to dam lomon. SoA 
dfl synt dine synna forgifene. 

6 Dar vrseron sume of dam booeniP 
aittende, and on beora hcortau |)ODceiMi^ 

7 Hwi spye^ des dual He dyi0g>^r 


l^i.-II 7.] WYCTJFFE, 1389. 

leide, yii thou wolt, thou maist dense 

41 Forsothe Jhesus, hauynge mercy 
on hrm, strei;t out his bond, and, tonch- 
jnge hym, seitfa to hym, X wole, be thou 
and clenc 

43 And whanne he hadde seide, anoon 
Um lepre partide awey fro hym, and he 
19 deusiJ. 

43 And he thretcnyde to hym, and 
•noon he putte hym out, 

44 And Beith to hym, Se thou, seie to 
fio man ; but go, shewc thcc to the 
princia of prcstis. and o&e for thi dens- 
pge tho thiiigis that Moyses bodde, in 
to witneasynge to hem. 

45 And he, gon out, biganne to preche, 
l&d diffame^ tho word, ao that uowe he 
mi^te uat apyuly ^ in to the cit^e, but 
be with out forth in deserte placis ; and 
tliei ounen to gtdre to hym on alle 

kP. IT. 1 And eft he entride in 

Limi, after ei^te days. And 

, that he was in an hous, 

many camen togidro, so that 

tek nat, nether at the jate. And he 

ipto to hem a word. 

3 And there camcn to hym men bryng- 
^ge a man Bike in paleaie, tho whichc 
"m horun of fourc. 

4 And whanne thei mi^te nat ofire h\-m 
to hym for tho campanye of peple^ thei 
OMdea tho roof nakid, wher he was ; 
Mwl mnkynge opyn^t'iei senten donn the 
Wd, in whiche the aike man in palasie 

Sf^thely whanne Jhcsua say the fcitli 
<r[ hem> be seith mto the sike man in 
pMi^io, Sone, thi eynnea ben forjoucn 

- ji^othe there weren sumroe of the 
*cHbia sittynge, and thenkynge in her 
7 >Vhat spekttb he thus? He blas- 

TYNDALE, 1526. 169 

him, and aayde vnto him, Vf thou wylt, 
thou arte able to make me dene. 

41 Jesus had compassion on him, and 
put forth his honde. touched him, and 
aayde vnto him, I will, be dene. 

43 And as sone as ho had spoken* 
immediatly the leprosy deported &t>m 
him, and he was clensed. 

4 3 And ho charged bym, and sent him 
awaye forthwith, 

44 And soyd vnto him, Se that tbon 
tell no man ; but gett the hence, and 
shewe thy sylfc to the presto, and oflcr 
for thy densynge those thinges which 
Moses commaunded, for a testimonial! 
vnto them. 

45 But he, aa sone aa he was departed, 
began to tell many thinges, and to pub- 
lyshe tho dedc, in so moche that Jesus 
coulde no more openly cntre in to the 
cite, but was out in desert placej* ; and 
they cam to him from every quarter. 

Chap. II. i After a feawo dayes, he 
entred into Ca])emaum againc. And it 
was uoysed, that he was in a housw, 

3 And anon many gaddered togedder, 
in BO moche that nowe there was no 
roume to receave them, no nott in pi 
about the dore. And he preached vnto^ 

3 And there cam vnto h^, that 
brought wone sicko ofl' tho palsey, home 
off fower men. 

4 And 1)0 cause they coutde not com 
nj'e vnto hym for preace. Uiey opened 
tlic rofe of tiie housse, where he was ; 
and when they had broken yt open, they 
lett doune the becd, where in tho sickei 
of the palsey ley. 

5 When Jesus sawe their fayth, he 
flayde to the sicke of the palscy, Sonne, 
thy syimes arc forgeveu the. 

6 There were certeyno of the sciybea 
sittinge, and reasoninge in their hertea. 

7 Howo doeth thys felowc blaspliemo 1 


noAg afletan frnwaurbttos, niba ainfl 

8 Yali 6UU8 ufkunnandfl lesna fthmin 
seinuinma, )}fltei swa bai mitodedun aia, 
qa|) du im, Duwbe mito)> )>ata ui bairtr 
am izwaruim } 

9 WliatMiTiBt ozetJEO du qi|ian jiamma 
utjU[<in,Aflctuuda \ms frawaoibtcis )>i.MnoB, 
|uu qij)an, Urreis, yiih n'nn |>nta badi 
t>ciimtA, yah gagg 1 

10 A|>)»au et witei|» ))6tei waldufni 
habai|> sudus maus ana air}>ai afletan 
frawAurhtlnsi qa)> du ^amma u8U)>iii, 

] I pus qi)>a, urrcia, uimuU |>ata badi 
jKjiCj yah gagg du ganla )>ciiiamma, 

13 Tah Tirraia suns, yah, ushafyands 

badi, uaiddya faura andivair)>ya alluize, 
BWU8WC us^i-isuodcdun allui yah bauh- 
idedun, rai ki lyaudans (J n]t, qi)?andaiis, 
patei aiw awa ui gaacwhun. 

13 Yah giilfti[> uftra faur marein, yah 
all nioiiageius Iddycduu du Vuima; yah 
laiaida Tna. 

1 4 Yftli wharhonda, gasawh Laiwwi 
}>aiia Alfuiaus sitaudan at inotai, yah 
qa|> du Tmina, Qa^g afar ims. Yah 
usstandfuids iddya afar imma 

15 Yah war{>, bijie U anakumbida 'in 
garda is, yah nianagai motaryoa yah 
frawaurhtai mi|>anakuiubideduu 1 esua 
yah aiponyam ia; wesun auk managai 
yah iddyedun afar imma. 

16 Yah |«i bokaryos yah Fiirciwiicia 
gisaiwIiandauB Tna iimtynndau mi)? \nkim 
motaryam yoh frawuurbtaim, qet^uu du 
Jiftira siiwnyain ia, Wba iat jitei mi|j 
motaiyaia yah frawaurhtaim matyi[i yah 
driggki^ ? 

1 7 Yah gahausyauda Icaus, qa)i du im, 
Kt |>aurbun swinj^ai lekeia, ak )>ai ub- 
ilaba * liabaudans ; ni qam Ia)>on u^ 
waurbtaua, uk ^-awaurbtans. 

18 Yah woflun Riponyoa YohaTini» yah 
Fareiaaieis fastandaua ; yah atlddyedun, 
yah qet»un du imnia, Duwhc aipouyoa 
lohannea yah Farciaiueis faatand, »f> \Hk\ 
)>eiDai sipoDyoa ni faataDd f 

rOLOSAXON, 995. [St. 

hwu mttg B^iuka forgyfan, butOD God 

8 Da sc Haelcnd dut 00 hb gaiti 
oDcoeow, dst hi iwi betwnx him ^t 
on, be cwffi|» to him. Hwi ^enee ge iSm 
|iing on eownim heortimi 1 

9 Hwieiter is cdre to secffvotie to dam 
laroan, Dc eynd dine synna forgifen^ 
hwfeder dc cwedan. Aria, nim din 
and ga ? 

10 Da>t ge ao^licc witon diet 
aunu hte^ atiweald on eorjiaa 
forgyfanne, be cwie|> to dam lamao, 

1 1 De tc Bccge, ana, uiai diu bed, 1 
ga to dinura huac. 

ta And he aona araa, and^ [raic 
here,] befomn him eallnm eode, 
da^t ealle wuudrcdou, .... 
. . . and dua cwaedon, Ncfra we^ 
dylHc ne gesawon. 

13 Eft he ut-eode to daere aue, aad 
seo mienigeo him to com ; and 

14 And da he for^Heode, he 
Lcuin Alphci sittende let bys 
and he cwce{> to him, Folga mo, 
aras bo and fotgode him. 

15 And bit gewear|>, da be 8«t 
buse, Asit mauega manfullo 
mid dam Hcelendc and hia U 
cnihtum ; s6|)lice manega, da de 
fyligdon, waeron 

1 6 BtSceraa and Farisei, and cwwJi 
Witodlice he jit mid manfullum and 
aynfuUum, and hi ewscdoD to hia leofS- 
iug-cnihtum, Hwi ytt eowcr lureow ani 
drinc]> mid manfullum and aynfallumt 

17 Da so Hcclend dia gehyrde, he svdi 
him, Ne be}>urfoD na da balan Iseccs, K 
da d(* untrnmc 83mt ; nc com ic na dfflj 
ic clypode ribtwtae, ac aynfulle. 

1 S And da wseron lobannoa b 
cnihtaa and Phariaei fteatttide ; and 
comon hi, and azedon him, Hvn finti^! 
lohannea leorning-cuUitas at ' ~ 
eomra, and dine ne fasta|i 1 

i8.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

; who may forjene synnes, no 
1^ Ood alone] 

8 The whicbe thin^r anoon knowen by- 
be Holy Ooost, for thei thnu;ten ro- 
rith uiue hem self, JhcsuB scith to hem, 
ifhat thenken jee these thingis in joure 

9 What ifl li^tere for to seie to the sike 
an in palosie, Syunea ben forjoucn to 
lee, or for to seiOf Kyee, take tbi bedr- 
id wmlket 

loSothely that ^ee wite that mannes- 

ne bath powere in crthe to for^cue 

laaea, he seith to tlie siko man in 


IS I aeie to thee, ryse rp, take Uii 

li; and go in to tliin bous. 

t* And anoon he rooa vp, aad^ the: 
taken vp, be wente bifore alle men, 
Ikat alle men wondriden, and lionour- 
Ood, oeyinge, For we aayen nener 

3 And he wente out eftsouc to tbo 
and al the cumpanye of peple cam 
\ hjxn ; and be taa^te hem. 

And whcDUc lie pasaide, be say 
fley sittynge at the tolbothe, and 
to hym, iSae tAou me. And he 
euedc hym. 
^ And it IB dou, wbenne be sat at 
B mete in hia hou.i, many pupHcauys 
id ayn^l men saten togidre at tho 
bIc with Jbcsu and his disoiplitt ; 
Ottly there werca manye thst folew- 
bo hym. 

[6 And scribis and Phariaeee eeeyingc, 
r bo eel with puplicanys and synful 
Mf aeidcn to bia disciplis, Wlii ^oure 
Mater etitli and drinkith with pupti- 
uj* and iynncrs 1 

!This thing herd, Jbeaus seith to 
Hoole men ban no nede to a lex;he, 
i that ban yucle ; foraotbo I cam 
or 10 clepe iuete men, but syuncrs. 

18 And disciplis of Joon and the Fha-- 
m weren fiutyngo ; and tlici canien, 
id nieo to hym, Wbi disciplis of Joon 
Id of Fharisees fiuten, but tbi disciplis 
rtcn uatl 

TYNDALE, 1526. 

"Who can forgevo synnea, bat Gotl 

8 And immediatly when Jcsna pcr- 
ceavetl in his flprete, that they so rea- 
soned in them selves, he sayde vnto 
them, Why thynke ye sochc tbingea in 
youre hertes ? 

9 Whether ys it easyer to saye to the 
aicke of the palsey, Thy ajmnes ar for- 
gevcn the. or to saye, Aryse. take vppo 
thy beetl, and walke 1 

10 That ye niaye knowe that the sonne 
of man hath |K)wcr in erth to forgcvc 
siunes, he spake vuto the sicke of tbo 

1 1 I saye vnto the, aryse, and take vp 
thy bccd, and get the hens in to tliync 
awne housse. 

la iVnd by and by he arose, tokc vp 
bys heed, and went forth before them 
all, in so moche that they were all 
amased, and glorified God, sayinge, We 
never suwe it on thys fassiun. 

13 And he went out agaj-ne vnto the 
see. and all the people resorted vnto 
hym ; and he taught them. 

14 And as Jesus |>&s8ed by, he sawe 
Levy the sonne of Alphey sytt att the re- 
ceyte of custome-, and sayde vnto him, FoU 
owe me. And he arose and folowed hym. 

1 5 And yt cam to passe, as Jesus sate 
att nieate in his housse, many pubpli- 
cans and B)*nner8 sate att meate also 
with Jesus and his disciples ; for there 
were numy that folowed him. 

16 And when the scriba and Pliarises 
sawe him eate with publicans and sj^i- 
ners, they sayde vnto his disciples, Howe 
is it that he eateth and drynketh with 
publicans and synnors 1 

17 When Jesus had hcrde that, he 
sayd vnto them, The whole have no nede 
of the visicion, but the sicke ; I cam to 
cal the sinners to rcpcutaunce, and not 
the iustc. 

18 And the disciples of Jhon and of 
the Plmrises did ffwte ; and they cam, 
and sayde vnto him. Why do tho dis- 
ciples of Jhon and ofT tbo Pborises faste, 
aud thy disciples fast nott T 

172 GOTHIC, 35o, 

19 Tab qa|> tni Icsiia, hntl magim 

Bimyuit bni])futlis, und bate! iiii|' im hi 
brul^fii^, fudtau I Swa mgga >vbcihi swo 
mi)) sis haband bnil^fail, ni nmgun 

20 A)}))an ntgaggand dagoa, \>&ii af- 
nimadu af im i^a brul^fafis, yah [win fast- 
and m yainamma daga. 

a I Nimanxia plat fanins niayis sinyi^ 
ana snagau fairuyana, ibai afhimai Tullon 
af (larania sa niiiya jiamma fiumyw, yah 
wairsiza gataura wair|»ij). 

32 Ni manua giuti^ wcin yug^tA in 
balgtns fairuyaas, Tbai aiifto dif^tairai 
vein jinta niuyo |>ans balgina. yab wcin 
Tisgutni|>, yah ^a\ balgeia iraqistnaud. 
Ak wciu yuggata 'in balglua uiuyans 

33 Yah war|>, |>airbgaggan Tmma aah- 
bato daga \f&u'h atisk, yali dugunuuu 
siponyos is skewyandans, raupyan ahsa. 

34 Yah Fareisaieis qc[)UU du uiuna, 
Sai I wha tauyand aiponyos |»einai sab- 
batizn, t^^tci ni ekuld ist. 

25 Yah is qn|> du im, Niu ussuggwu)> 
Biw wha gatawida Daweid, ]>an )>aurftfl, 
yah gredaga was is, yah )>ai mi}) Imma ? 

36 Whaiwa ga1ai|) m gard Ou^is, uf 
Abla|}ara^ gudyin, yah hlaibans faur- 
lageinais matida, {^anzei ni sknld ist 
Diatyun, niba aiuaim gudyam. yah gaf 
yah [laim mi); sis wisandani. 

27 Yah qa)f I'm, Sabbato m roans war]> 
gafika|>ans, ni maima in sabbato dagia ; 

38 Swaei firanya ist aa sunua mans yah 
Immma sabbato. 

Chap. III. i Yah galai)> aftra in 
>geD, yah was yainar manna ga- 
ranana hubands handu. 
3 Yah witaidedun "imma, hailidediu sab- 
mto daga, ei wrohidedeina i'na. 

ANGLO-SAXOK, 993. [St. M.ub 

19 Da c7b|> ae Hielend, Cwede ge 
Bccoton dises brydgumoQ cnihtaa 
Bwa lauge swd se brydguma midj 
Ne magon hi £ustan, swa lango 
hi done brydgnman mid him babba^. 

30 Su|>lice da dagaa cuma)>. duane it 
brydgiunn him bi^ fram acyrred, 
donne hi fft>sUj} on dam dagum. 

31 Kan man dc ii\wa,]f niwne 
ealdum reafo, elles he a^T|i done nil 
scyp of dam ealdan reafe, and bi^ 

22 And nan man ne de)) niwc wtn 
^ulde bytta, ellea diet win tobrye)! 
bytta, and diet wtn bi{> dgotcn, andj 
bjita forwurdali. Ac nlwe win aceal 
geilou ou uiwc bytta, donne beo^ 

2j Eft WKS geworden, da he 
dagum |>urh iDccras eode, bia U 
cmhtas ongtmnon da ear pIuccignuL 

24 Da cwedon Phamei to him. 
nu ] hwaet dine Icoruing-cnihtas 
dnt him alyfed lues on restc-di 

35 Da ssedc ho hym, Ne rvdde 
nfefre hwaet dyde Dauid, .... 
. . . . da bine hingrode, and da^ 
mid him wwron ? 

26 Uu he in Oodea hiise code, 
Abiathnr, dara sacerda raldre, and boi 
da ofTrung-hlafaSf do him ne alyl 
mcron to etanuc, buton sacerdum ai 
and ho scolde dam de mid bim wn 

27 And he a^de him. Reste-deg 
gcworht for dam men, naes se im 
dam reato-droge ; 

28 Witodtice driliten ia maunet 
eac Bwylce reste-dsBges. 

Chap. III. i And eft be eod« 
gcsomnuuge, and dar wies an man 
scruuccno band ha.*bbende. 

2 And hi gymdon, hwiWfer he 
dagum gehseldc, dst hi bine gei 

19.-III.2.] \VTCLTFFE,i389. 

19 And J1)c«us fR-ith to hem, Whether 
tke sonnya of wcUd^'ugis mown fudle, oe 
bog as* the spouse ijs with hetu ? llou 
Iwge tyiae tbei han the spotue with 
bnxi, the! niowe unt fastc. 
JO Forsothe tlajes shulcn come, wheane 
ho fpouM sbal t>e tukcn awcy from 
icm, and thanne the! shulen faste in 
tboo days. 

31 No man eeweth a paccbe of rude^ 
ioUie to an old clothe, ellis ho takith 
the newe supplement/ and a more 
irckyuge is moad. 

33 And no man sendith newc wyn in 

B CM>ld bottilis,^ ellis the \vyn ahal berste 

w^'n vesselis. and the wii'n ahal be 

ont, and the ivyne vessclis shulcn 

But newe wyn shal be sent in 

wyn TcsscUs. 

^3 And it is don cflsoone, whonnc the- 

walkide in the aahothis by the 

and his discipUs bigunn^ii to 

Corib, and plucke oris. 

24 Sothly the Pharyseea seiden, Loo!' 
Irhat don thi disciplia in sabotis, that is 

35 And he seith to hem, lUdde ;ce 
leuere That Dauyth dide, whanno he 
badde neede. and he huogride, aud tbei' 
tint woreu with hym ? 

36 Hou he wente in into the hous of 
Qod, mdir Ahiathar, prince of prestis, 
ind eete loouys of proposicioun, the 
Wtdche it was uat leeful to etc, nu but 
to prestis alone, and he ^aue to hem 
that wcren with hym. 

37 And be seJJe to hem, The sabote is 
iQsaad for man, and nat a man for the' 
•ibote ; 

z8 And BO mannys 8one is lord also 
of (he saboth. 

TTODALE, 1536. 


Chap. III. i And he entride eft- 
iu to the synagoge, and ther was' 
A BMO bauynj^ a drye bond. 
3 And thei aspiedcn h^Tn, jif he hetide 
I sabothts, for to accuse hym. 

19 And Jesus Buydc vnto them. Can 
the chyldren of a weddiuge faste. whils 
the biydgrome is with them ? As longe 
U8 they havo the brydgrome with them, 
tliey cauuot fuste. 

70 Butt the duycs wyll come, when the 
hrydc gromo shalbo taken from them, 
and then shall they faste in thooso< 

3 r Also no man soweth a pecc of ncwo 
cloth vnto an oldo garment, for then 
taketh he awaye the newe pece from the 
olde, and so k the rent wurssc. 

22 In lyke ^vyse no man poureth newe 
wyno in to olde vesaeltefl, for yf he do 
the newe wyne breaketh the vessellea, 
and the wyne runneth out, and the 
vessels afe luai-de. Butt newe wyno 
must be jKiured in to newe vesseUes. 

23 And it chaunscd, that he went 
thorowc the come feldes on the sabboth 
daye, and his disciples as they went on 
their waye, began to pluckc the cores 
of corae. 

24 And the Phariscs saydc vnto him, 
Take hede ! why do they on the sabboth 
daye, that which is \'nluufull. 

25 And he saydo vnto them, Have ye 
never rcdde what David did, when he 
had nede, and was anhougrcd, bothe he 
and tliey that were vnih him t 

36 Howe they went into the bousse of 
God, in the dayes of Abiathar, the hye 
preste, and fttc the liulowed loves, which 
is not laufull, hut for the prestes only, 
to eate, and gave also to them which 
were with him. 

27 And he sayde to them. The aaboth 
daye was made for man, and nott man 
for the saboth daye ; 

28 Wherfore is the sonne of roan lorde 
even of the saboth daye. 

Chap. III. i And he entred agavne 

into the eynagog. and there was a man 
which hod a widdred hondc. 

3 And they watched him, to se >*f he 
wolde hcale him on tlio saboth daye, 
that they myglit accuse hym. 


OOTHTC. 360. 

3 T>h qa^ (1u fmrnma mann |>ainma 
gal^atmana hnbaudiu huiidu, UrrcU Ta 

4 Yah qatf dti Ira, SknMu tet m sab- 
batim |)iu^ tauyan, fti|t|>au uu|)iu|i tauyan? 
saiwala nasyan, aiji^au us(ii9i}'nn 1 l(> 
eiB }}ahnidedun. 

5 Yah ussaiwbandft ins mi^ moda, 
gaurs m daubi)>os bairtins izc, qa(> da 
bamiua maim, Ufraket \^ bandu (r^ina. 
Yah ufrakida, yah gasto}> aftra so 
handoB is. 

6 Yah gagj^ndans J>nn Farelaaieis snnu- 
aiw, nii|> |taim Horodianum, garuni ga- 
tawidedun hi ina, ei Inima usqeineina. 

7 Yah temis aflai)) m\\> siponyam sein- 
aim du marein ; yah 51u nianageins as 
Galeilaia laistidcdon a&r unma yah us 

H Ynii UB tairusaulvmiin, yah us 1- 
dumaia, yah hiadana laurdaoaus, yah 
Y&i bi Twra yah Seidona, ruanageins filu, 
gahausyandans whan filu is tawida, 
qemuu at imma. 

9 Yah qaji )mim siponyam setnaim, ei 
skip habai}> wcsi at imma, in )>i£oa 
munagcins, el ni {iraihcina ina ; 

10 Managans aak gahallida, swaswe 
(Iruson ana ina, ci Tmma attaitokeina. 
Ynli 6wa managai swe baUudedun wand- 

11 Yah ahmans unbrainyaus, |>aih )>aii 
Ina gasewburi, drusun du imma, yah 
hropidednn, qij^andans, patei }>u is sun- 

1 a Yah filu ondbait ins, ei ina ni ga- 

13 Yah ustaig in fairgnni, )*Bb athai- 
bait |»anzci wilda is ; yah galifiun du 

1 4 Yah gnwaurlita, twalif du wisau ta\y 
sis, yah ci msaudidcdi ins mcryan. 

15 Yah haban ^-aldufai du hailyan 
sauhtins, yah uswuirpau luihulJKfua. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St.Mai? 

3 Da cwK^ he to (Sam meo <le lor 
scruDcenc hand hiefde, A'ris gemai^ 

4 Da cwk)» be, A'lyf^ reste-dagum «^ 
to duune, hweeder he yfelet nwla 
hielan, hwieder de forspilUnt Audi 

5 And bi beaoeawigeade nud yrre, 
hyra beortan blindness« gc-unret, ei 
to dam men, A')>ene dine hand. 
he aticnede hi, Hi wear^ hia hand 

16 Yah 

gosatida Seimona namo Pai- 

6 Da Pbarisei mid Herodioniscom 
gangende, |>eaht«lon ongen hine, 
hino fordon mihtoo. 

7 And da ferde se Hiclemi to dKNt] 
mid bis leorning-cnilittmi ; and 
menigeo him fyligde fram Oalila 

8 Aud Hicrusalcm. and fniro Idi 
and bcgeondan lordanc, and to him 
mycel menegeo yrabe Tinun and Sit 
gebyreude da )nng de he worbte. 

9 And be cvs^)* to his cnibtnm, 
him on scipe ^nodon, for daere 
iguin, da^t 111 blue ue <>f)>raDgOQ ; 

10 &6}>lice manega he gehttlde^ 


hi ffit-hrinon his. And swa fela swil 

1 1 And unctiene gastas hiefdon^ 
hiiie gesawon, lii tofdrun him 
and dua cwedende, clypedon, Do 
Godes aunu. 

1 2 And he him swyde forbead, 
hine ne geswutelodon. 

13 And on aune milnt ho ferde, 
him geclypode da de he wolde ; 
to him comon. 

14 And he dyde, daet hi twelfo 
liim wseroUf and he hi asende 
to bodigenne. 

15 And he him anveald sealde 
tnimnessa to bselaiine, and dcofot" 
uessa lit to udrifonne. 

16 And be nemde Simon Pctrum, 

|li6 seith to the man liaujnge a 
fcd, R)'s« in to the mydil. 

I lie scatli to liem, Is it leeueful- 
b in the asbotbii, or ynele T for 
p « Bonle sftaf, whether to lese 1 
■ wercu stillc. 

mc biliuldyngc hem aboute witlk 
(liaiiyiige aorwe vpon the bl^nud- 
f her herte, seith to the man, 
(nth thin honde. And he helde 
id the honde ia restorid to bym. 

Iriy Pharisees goynge out anoon, 
|k coanseil with Herodyans a^eins 
|D thei shulden leee bym. 

■crthe JhesuB with hia disciplia 
I the see ; and niyche oumpauye 
lilee and Judee suede hym, 




fro Jerusalem, and fro Ydunie. 
die Jordan, and thei that aboute 
vi^ydon, ft grete multitude, boer-. 
tbingia that he dide, camen to 

I Jlieeti-s seith to his dieciplis, 
Ititil boot shulde seme hym, for- 
lye of peple, Icat thei oppres- 

j he helide maDy, so that 
fast to hym, that thei uhulden 
lym. ForBothu hou many eucre 

d TDcIene spiritia, whenne thei 
nn, ieldcD down to bym, and 
aeyinge, Thou art the sone of 

I gretely he manasaide hem^ that 
Idcn nat make hym opyn.^ 
1 be stj-inge in to an bil, clopide 
nrbom be wolde ; and thei camcn 

be made, thut there wercn 

th bym* and that he shdde 

for to prcche. 

gaue to hem power of heel- 

and of casCynge out 

to Symount he putte name 

3 And be soide vnto tlie man wbycb 
had the widdred honde, Aryse and 
Btoude in the middes. 

4 And he sayd to them, Whether ya it 
lauful] to do a ^(ood dcde on the eabotb - 
daye, or an evyll ? to save u mnnnee life, 
or to kyll t Butt they belde tlieir peace. 

5 And he loked rouude aboute on them 
angrely, moruynge on the blindncs of 
their herttes, and sayd to the man, 
Stret<:h forth thyne honde. And he 
stretched it forth, and the honde was 
restore<l even as whole as the other. 

6 The Pliarisea departed, and streyght 
Mrayc gaddred a counsel) with them that 
belonged to Hcrode a^niyust bym, that 
they myght destroye him. 

7 And Jcsas avoyded with his disciplca 
to the see; and a greate muititudo 
folowed him from Qalile and from 

8 And from Hierusalem, and from 
Idumea, and from bconde Jordane, and 
they tliat dwelled about Tyro and Sidoo, 
a greate multitude, which when they 
bade herdc what thynges he did, cam 
\'nto him. 

g And he comnimded hia disciplea, 
that a shippe ahulde wayte on him, bo- 
cuose off the people, Icatc they sbulde 
thromige hym ; 

10 For he had healed many, in so 
moche that they preaaed apon him, for 
to tuuche him. As many uu had plages, 

11 And when the mclene sprites sawe 
him, they fell doune before him, and 
cryed, sayingc, Thou arte the sonne of 

12 And he streygbtly charged them, 
that they ahulde not vtter him. 

13 And he went vppe into a moan- 
tayne, and called ^'utu him whom he 
wolde : and they com vnto him. 

14 And he ordeined the twelve, that 
they shulde be with him, and that he 
myght sende them to preacbc. 

15 And that they might have power 
to heale aykneases, and to caat out 

16 And he gave vnto Simon to name 

17 Ynh Kakohau )tBmma Zftibaiduous 
yvXi lohamie, brot>r lakobnus, yah gasat- 
ida im namaa BauaiioirgaU, jiatei 1st, 
BunjTUs |>ciwhons ; 

1 8 Vrth Andraifin yah Filippu, yah 
Bar))uulaumaiu yah MatjAin, yah pomaD 
yah Xakobu pAna Alfuiaus, yah paildaiu 
yah Seimona ))aua Kananciteu, 

19 Yah ludan Iskariuten, saei yah 
galewida loa. Yah atiddyoUuc in ganl, 

90 Yah gaiddya sik roanagei, swaswe 
ni mohtedun nih hlaif matyan. 

21 Yah hausyaudaos fram iimna bok- 
•ryoa yah ant>arai, uaiddyodun gahaban 
ina ; qc)>uQ auk, patci usgaisi|>a ist. 

32 Yah bokaryofl {lai af lairnsaulwmai 
qimandaii^. qej^on. patci Baiailzalbul 
babai|), yah [lutoi i'u |mmmu rcikistiu 
iinbuI)]ono u.sfvaiq)i|i t*fiin^ unhuI|Miin. 

33 Yah athaitandH Tns m gayiikom, 
qu]> du Tin, Whaiwa mag Sotaoas Bat- 
ttnan uswairpau ? 

24 Yiih yabai |tmdangardi wipra sik 
gadailyada, ai mag ataodan so |tiudan- 
gardi yaiua. 

35 Yah yabai gards wi^ra sik gadail- 
yada, ni mag standan aa gtirda yains. 

36 Yah yabai Satana us8to|) ana aik 
ailbau, yah gadHili|>8 war)}, ui mag gast- 
andau. ak audi Iiabai[}. 

37 Ni manna mag kasa swinJiiB, palci|»- 
anda In gard is, wilwan, niba faurliis 
l^aun swiu)>an gablndi)}, yaU Jian )>ana 
gard is diswilwai. 

28 Amen qij>a i/.wie, |>Rtei ollata afiet- 
ftda )>ftta frawaiirbtc suuum maime, yah 
naitcinoB, swa managos swaewe wayom- 

39 A)>|)an saci wuyamcrci[> Ahman 
Weihana, ni babai^ Iralct aiw, ak skula 
iat aiweinaizoy fruwaui-htais. 

30 Unte qe{>un, Ahman unhrainyana 

31 Yah qemun |>an aifwi la )'ah bro)ir- 
yus Is, yuh uta standandona, iusandi- 
dcdun dti imma, haitaudoua 'ina. 

33 Yah setun bi ina managei ; qe)>UQ 

lNOLO-BAXON, 995. [St. 

17 And lacobum Zebcdei and lol 
nem, bis brodor, and him naman 
Boanerges, dasi ia, Jrunrea bearn ; 

18 And Andream and Philippnm, 
Bartholomeum and Mathemn, and Tht 
am and lacobum Alphei, and Taddi 
and Simonem Cbauancum, 

1 9 And ludam Scarioth, se hine seal 

30 And eft him to com swa micd 
igu, daet hi nsfdon hlof to etanue. 

2 1 And da hi bine gehyrdon, hi 
diet hi hyne namon ; and dus 
Sdjflicc be is on hat-beortneaie gcw( 

22 And da booeras de wendon 
Hierusalem, cwsedon, S6f>lice he 
Beelzebub, and on deufla eiddre he d( 
soocncssa ut-adnf)>. 

33 And he hi tofjffidere geclypode, 
on bigspellam him to cwa9|>, Hti 
Satanas Satanao ut adrifan i 

34 And gif his rice on him sylfura 
todisled, hu meg hit standan ? 

25 And gif d»t bus ofer hit syl 
to<leeled, bu mieg hit standan 1 

26 And gif Satanas winfi ongeo 
sylfoe, he bi}) todieled, and he 
nc mK'g, ac bce{)> ende. 

27 Ne nueg man done 
a^hta and his &tu bereafian, and oni 
hiis gan, buton man done straogancl 
gebiude, and donne bys hus reafigv. 

38 Sojilico ic eow secge, dtet eaUc 
synd manna beamum forgyfene, 
bysmcrunga, dam de hi bysmcriofii 

29 S6)}ltce ic eow secge, se dose 
gan Oast bysmera}!, se niefb on ea 
forgyfenease, ac biji ecea gyltcs 9cyU 

30 Fordam de hi cwvdon, He 

unclivDno gast. 

31 {)a com to him his modor and* 
gebrodra. and dar ute stodon, 
him scndon, and to him clypedon. 

32 And mycol mcnigu ymb bine 

ja] WYCIJFFE, 1389. 

JBtuem of Zebede and Jood, the 

t JameSi aud ho putto to bem 

•oooergee, that is, the sonea ot^ 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


Andrew and Philip, and Bar- 
e and Matbcw, and Thomas 
Alfe^, and Thadee and Sy-^ 

3 Judas Scarioth, that bitroide 
Vad. thei comen to au hous, 

the companye of peple came 
eftaoone, so that the! iui3te Dot " 

wfaaxme hu Uynnesmen badden 
thei wenten out for to holde 

theiy thei sciden, for he is 
to wodcnesse. 
fl the Gcribis that camen doun 

lem, seidt'u. Fur he bath BeUe- 

for in the prince of deuels be 

t fendis. 

d, bem ^^rid togidre, be seide 
10 parablis, Hou may Satbaoas 
t Sathonasl 
d if a rewme be dcpartide in 

like rewmc may not stonde. 

if an hous bo clispaq)oi]td on 
lillce hous may not stonde. 
if Sathauas bath risen i^eins 
he is disparpoilid, and he sbal 
stonde, but hath an cnde. 
gon in to a stronge mannes 
e awcy his vessels, uo but 
e the strongo man, and 
lie ihal diuersly rauyshe his 

irly I fieie to ^ou, for alio flynncs 
ipbemyes, by vhicbe thei ban 
k1, sbulcn be fot^oueu to the 


ely he tliat ehal blosfeme a^eins 
Goat, shal not hnue remissioun 
outen eeud, but he shal be 
euerlostynge trespos, 
thei eeiden, He hath an onclene 

his modir andbrctbercn comen, 
i (ttoudynge with cute forth, 
» hym^ clepynge hyni. 
1 a camjHLuy sat aboato hym; 

17 And be called James the sonne of 
Zebede and Jhon, James brother, and 
gave them Bonargcs to name, which is 
to saye, the sonnes of tbounder ; 

18 iVnd Andrewo and Philippe, and 
Bartlcmuwe and Matbcwe, and Thomas 
and James the sonne of Alphey, and 
Taddcus and Sjrmon of Cane, 

19 And Judas Iscarioth, whicbe same 
also bctmyed hym. And they came 
vnto housse, 

30 And the people assembled togedder 
agayne, so greuttly that they had nott 
lecsor somoche os to cate breed. 

31 And when they tliat longed vnto 
hym hcrde off it, they went out to holde 
hym ; for they sayde, he ys to fervent 

33 And the scribes which came from 
Jeiiisali^m, sayde, He buth Beelzebub, 
and by the power off the chcfe devyll 
casteth out devylles. 

33 And he called them vnto hym, and 
in similitudes sayde vnto them, Howe 
can (Satan drive out Satan ) 

34 And yf a realme be devided ageynste 
it sitfe, that realme cannot endure. 

35 And if a houssc be devided agaynste 
it silfe, that hou3se catmot continue. 

26 So yf Satan nmke insurreccion a- 
gaynstc him silfe, and be devided, he 
can not continue, but hath an endo. 

27 No man can entre into a stronge 
mans bousse, and take awayo bys 
gooddes, excepte be fyrste bynde thikt 
stronge man, and then spoyle hys 

28 Verely I saye vnto you, that all 
fijTines filmlhc forgoven vnto mens chyl- 
dren, and bluaiiheme, where with they 

39 Hut he that blasphemeth the Holy 
Goost, shall never have forgevenes, but 
is in daunger of etemall dampuacion. 

30 For they myde, He had an vnclene 

3 1 And there cam his mother and his 
britbreu, and stode with outc, and sent 
Mito him, and called hym. 

33 And the people sate aboute bym ; 



ai)>ei ^ctna, yah 
swistryuB 1>oIqos 

|iao da unmar Sai ! 
l)ro}'ryu3 jjcinai yah 
nU sokynnd \>nk. 

33 Yah ondhof im qi[iauds, Who tst bo 
ai{^i meina ai^|)au ^ai bro|>ryus meinfLi t 

34 Yah bisaiwhoada bisunyane, ^aoa 
bi Bik sitanUaus, <\ap, Sfu ! ai)7ci meioa 
yah paX brol^rj-us moloaL 

35 Saei allis waurkei)> wilyaa Gu|>0, sa 
yah bro^ar raeiiis, yuh swistar, yah ai)»ei 

Chap. IY. i Yah aftra Icsos dugann 
laisyan at marein ; yah galesun sik du 
imma nmaageins filu, swaswe ma ga- 
U'it^aiidau m skip, gasitan iu marem, jroh 
&1U so maoagei wijmi marcia, aua ata|>a 

3 Yah huaida ins in gayukom maiiAg. 
Yali qa)> im la laiscinai seinai, 

3 HaU9ci)>. Sai ! urrana aa aaiauds du 

sai&n fraiwa Reinamma. 

4 Yah war)> nii])|»anGi aaiso, snm raihtis 
gudruus ftiur wig, yah qemua ^los, yah 
fretun (lata. 

5 jVn|>aru|)-pan gadraua ana Btainaham- 
Tua, JMiret ui habuida air])a luanaga ; yah 
auns urrouD, in )iizei ni habaida diupaiz- 
OS air^B. 

6 At sunuiu jiari urriauandin, uflirann. 
yah uute ni habaida waurtius, gnjiaiirs- 

7 Yah ffum ga<lraua in )>aumuna, yah 
nfarstignn bai bauniyus, yah afwhapided- 
un bata, yan aKran ni gaf. 

8 Vail sum gadi-aus in airjifl goda, yah 
gaf akran, urriunan<lo, yah wahayando j 
yah bar ain .1 yah aiu .y. yah ain .r. 

9 Yah qa))^ Saei babai auaona hausyand- 
■ona, gnbausyai. 

10 I)) bi|7e warjj sundro, frehun ina [>ai 
bi ma uiij) ]»aim twalibim jiizog gayuk- 

and to him dieedon. Her is din modor, 
and dine gebrodra ute and seca^ Si. 

33 He da him andswarode and cwc^ 
nw)'!c is min modor and mine p- 

34 And he cvre^, da behealdendc, 
him ubuton sicton, Hur is min 
and mine gebrodm. 

35 So^lice se dc de\> Codes willsa,! 
is mtn modor, and nun brodor, 

Chap. IY. i And eft he onguj 
«et dfcre 89e leeran ; and him was mj 
meuegu to gegaderod, sn-a Axt be 
Bcip eodc, and on da^re sie was, 
eall seo menegu ymbe da sae wm| 

3 And be hi fcia on bigspellam U 
And him to cwsa^ on hys laro, 

3 Oehyra^/ Vi code se sedere 
89cd to Buwenne. 

4 And da he sew, snm feuU wid 
wcg, and fugchis comoo, and hit 

5 Sum feoll ofer ston-scyligeaB, 
hit ua-fde myceic Gor})an ; and sooa , 
code, fordam do hit niefde corjian 

6 Da hit up-eode, seo sunne hit 
Bwtrldc, and hit forscrauc, fordam 
wyrtruman na?fde. 

7 And sum feoll on )K>ma8, da 
da ^omas, and for^trysmodon dnt, 
hit wteatm ne beer. 

8 And sum feoll on god land, and I 
and dn bruhte ^ritig-fcaldnc, sum 
fcaldne, sum bund-fealdne. 

9 And he cwa?J>. Gehyre, se de 
hvebbc to gehyranne. 

ID And du he ana WffiS, bine alt 
da^t bigspell da twelfe de mid hitti 


m. 33.-IV. 10,] WYCLtTFE, 1389. 

nd ihe'i B^eo to hyta, Lo ! tbi modir, 
•bd Uiei bretheren with outen forth 
tdten theo. 

33 And lie answerjiige to hem seith, 
Who 19 my modir niul my bretheren t 

34 Aud biholdynge hem aboute, tliat 
nlrn in the cum pas of h)!!!, he seitb, 
Lo! my modir aud my bretheren. 

35 Forsoth who Uiat doth the will of 
Ckxl, be ia my brother, aod my sister, 
lod modir. 

CttAP. IV. I And eft Jhesus bigan 
far to t«che at the sec ; and myoho- 
smnfMiny of peple is gedrid to hym, so 
thit be fltyinge in to a boot^ sat lu the- 
•Ml, and al the cum]>any of peple woa 
•beote the see, on the lond. 

3 And he tau3te hem in parablts many 
ftUsgia. And he sdde to hem in his 
3 Heere jee. Loo! a man sowynge 
out for to Bowe. 
And the while he sowith, an other 
felde aboute the wey, and briddia 
of heuene* camen, and eeteu it. 

3 ' 

5 Forsothe an other felde doun nn 
■tony placiii, wher it hod nat myche 
ertbe ; and unoon it sprang vp, for it 
badde nat depnesse of ertlie. 

6 And whcunc the sunne rose vp, it 
wclwidc for heete, and it dried vp, for 
ii hadde not roote. 

7 And an other felde doun into thoniea, 
and thorncs stieden vp, and straugUden 
it, and it jnuc not &uyt. 

8 And an other felde doun in to good 
loDd, and jaue fru}*!, Btjnnge \'p. and 
VcxiDge ; and oon broujte thritty fold, 
■nd OOD sixtyfold, and oon an hundrid- 

9 And he seide, He that bath eris of 
breryng, heere. 

to And wheunc he was siuguler/ the 
tweluc that weren with hym nxiden hym 
for to expowne the parable. 

and saydc vnto hym. Bcholdc I thy 
mother, and thy brethren aeke for the 
with out. 

33 And he answered them saynget, 
Who ys my mother and my brethren 1 

34 And he loked rounde about on his 
diftdples, which aate in eompiisao about 
hym, aud saydc, Ueholde ! my mother 
and my brethren. 

35 For who soever doeth the will ofT 
Qod, ho is my brother, my syster, and 

Chap. IY. x And he began agayne 
to teache then by the see aydc ; and 
there fi^dcred to gedder vnto hym moche 
people, so greatly that he cntrcd in to 
a ehippe, and sate in the see, and all 
the people was by the see syde, on the 
shoo re. 

2 And he taught them many thyngea 
in similitudes. And sayde vnto them 
in his doctrine, 

3 Hcrkcu to. Beholde! the sower 
went forth to sowe. 

4 And it fortuned as he sowed, that 
some fell by the waye syde, and the 
fowles off the ajro cam, and devoured 
it vppe. 

5 Some fell on a stony grounde, where 
it had not raoche erlh ; and by and by 
Bprangc vp])e, because it bad not deepth 
of erth. 

6 And as sone as the snn was vppo, it 
caught heet, and bet'ause it Lad uott 
rotynge, it wyddre<l awaye. 

7 And some fell anionge the thomea^| 
and the thomes grewe >'ppe, and chokei' 
it, so that it gave no finite. 

8 And some fell apon good grounde, 
and did yeldc frute, that spronge, and 
grewe ; and brought forthe some tliirty 
folde. some fourty folde, and some an 
humlred folde. 

9 And he sayde vnto them, He that 
hath cares lo heurc, lett hym heare. 

10 When he was alone, they that were 
aboute l»)'m with the twelve axed l»ym 
of the similitude. 


aOTHIC, 360. 

1 1 Tah q&]t i'm, tzwia atgiban 1st kun* 
nan runa ^iudangardyos Quba. 1^ yain- 
aim )»aiin ula, in gayukoa allats wair)»i)», 

13 £i saiwhanda&s saiwhaina, yah ni 
gaumyaino, yah hausyundans hausyaina, 
yah ni &a))yama j uibai whan gawuod- 
yaina aik, yah afletuindau im fravaurht- 

13 Yah qa)» du im, Ni witu)» |»o go- 
Tukon 1 yah whaiwa alios }k>s gayukons 
Icunnei)) ? 

14 Sa saiyands, waurd saiyi|i. 

15 A|i)j«in |Mii wijira wg sind, J>arei 
Baiada ))utfi waurd ; yuh |>uu ^idiausyaud 
UnkAryiius, suns qinii}i Sataniis, yah tis- 
iiimi]> waui-d Juita lusaiano in hairtam 

x6 Tah sind somaleiko )ifti ana stain- 
ahamma saianans, }iaiei ban hausyand 
)vata waurd, suns mi)> fauedai uimand 

17 Tah ni baband wnurtins m sis, ak 
wheilawbairbai sind ; jiajn-oh bi|»e qimi|» 
agio, ai|)|>uu wrakya 'in |iis waurdis, tmus 

z8 Tab )jai sind |rai in ))aaman3 saian- 
aus ; ptii ^vaurd buusyaudaui^. 

19 Tah saur^os {iieos hbainais, yah 
a&iarecins p^abcins, yah )>ai bi t>ata au)>ar 
Iufit)'us innntgaj^LTAuduus, afwliapyand 
{^ata waurd, yah akrauoluua wair|:i^. 

ao Tab jnii sind |mi ana air]iai jiizai 
godon saionans, j^aici baus^'ond Jiata 
waurd, yah aQdnimond, yah akran bair- 
and, ^n .1. yah aiu ,y. ytdi uln .r. 

3Z Tah qa)} du im, ][bai lukarn qimi{}, 
du|re ei uf melon satyaidau, ai(>|>au un- 
dat* ligrl niu ei ana lukornastajian sat- 
yaidau 1 

33 Xih alHs 'ist wha fulgtnis, [latci ni 
gabairhtyaiduu ; nlh war|i analaugn, ak 
oi swikun}) wairj^ai. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Mart 

1 1 And he seede him, Eow is gc»eald 
to witanne Godes rices gcr'inu. Uam da 
uto synd, eaUe ^ing on bigspellum ge- 

I a Det hi geseonde geseon, and na ne 
geseon, and gehyrende gehyroo, and ue 
ong}'ton ; de-lies hi hweenne syu 
cyrcde, and him tun hyra synna 

13 Dfl s^do be him, Qe nyton 
bigspcll ? and hu mage ge ealle bi{ 

1 4 Sc de 88ew)i, word he asew^. 

15 S6)»lice da synd wit! done wep, 
dKt word ia gesawen ; and donue Id 
gehyra|), sona cyni|» SatAnas, and 
d^eb word de on heora heortou acai 


16 And da synd gelice de synd oferi 
stan-scylian cesawcn, sona dipnne 
d»k word geoyra|i, and 6mt mid 
onfo ; 

1 7 And hi nabba{> wyrtruman on 
ac beo]> unstadolfieste ; and 
upcyui(t dcofles costnung, and his eht 
for dam worde, 

18 Hi synd on ]>oruum gesawen 
■ynd ; da de deet word gebyrR|>, 

19 And of ynnj)e, and 
worold- welcna, and odra gewllDUDj 
drot word of-|frysmia|>, and synd 
wffistme gewordeue. 

ao And da de gesawcne synd ofer 
gode land, da synd de dast word 
hyraj), and onf6|>, and waestm brii 
sum l»ritig-fealduc, sum syxUg-feali 
and sum htnid-foaldne. 

31 He ssede him, Cwyst du cyro)" 
Icoht-fwt, dwt hit beo under byd< 
iiset, odde under bodde ? wito geareii 
bit sy ofer eandel-stffif aset ) 

33 S6)>ITcc nis nan Jong bebydd, ic 
&y gcswutelod ; ne nis digle gewor 
ac d»t hit oponbce cume. 

•a a.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

lid he seide to hem. To ;ou it 
D for to knowo the mysterie^ of 
IgdAtn of Go<l. Sothcly to hem 
D with cute forth, alle thingis ben 
1 porablis, 

pat thei scynge se, aud se cat, 
lei beoiynge heore, and vnder-. 
Dot ; that sum tyrne thai t>e con- 
and syonea be for^oneD to hem. 

■^^HBith to hera. Witen not 
B^^^9 and bowe jee shulden 

that sowith, aowith a word, 
lese sotbty ben that aboute the 
rbere t!ie word is sowuu ; and 

thei ban henl, anoon conicth- 
•, and talcith awey the word 

sowuD in her bertis. 

td also these l»on that ben sown 
tODr the whiche whanne thei han-^ 
le word, aaoou taken it with- 

id tbet ban nat roote in hem silf, 
ft ben temporal ;* afterward trl- 
im sprongen vp, and pcrsccucioun 
wt>rd, anoon thei ben sclauudrid.- 

d there bon other that ben sowiiu 
rnii ; these it bca, that heeren- 

sd myseiste of the world, and 
«f richeasis, and other charge of 
le entrynge ymie, stranguleu the 
md it in maad with outen htiyt. 

pd these it ben that ben sowuu 
td lond, the whiche hercn the 
tnd taken, and maUen fruyt, oon 
fold, OOD sixti fold, and oon an- 

id he seide to bem.WTier a lantcrne 
that it be put vndir a buRbel t 
)ot> that it be put vpou a caudil 

rnotfae ther is no thing hid, that 
H be maad opyn ; nether ony 
preny^the whiche shat not come 

TYNDALE, 152(5. 


I X And he saide vnto them, To you it 
is gcvcn to knowe the mistery of the 
kyngdum of God But >'utu them that 
are with out, shall all thinges bo done in 

13 That when they se they shall sc, 
and not disccme, and when they hearo 
they shall heare, and not vndcrstonde ; 
lesto at any tyme they sbulde toume, 
and their synncs shulde be foryevcn 

13 And he saydc vnto them, Perceave 
ye not this similitude Y and howe ye 
shall knowe all similitudes 1 

14 The sower sowetli the worde. 

15 These be they whiche are by the 
wayes syde, where the worde is sowen ; 
to whom as sone as they have herde itt, 
commeth the devyll, and takith awaye 
the worde that was sowen in their 

t6 And these also are they that are 
sowen on the stony grounde, which 
when they have herdo the worde, att 
onee they receave it with ioye ; 

17 Yett have no rote in theraselvra, 
and so endure but for a season ; after- 
warde as sone as eny trouble or perse- 
oucion ariseth, for the wordos sake, 
anon they fall. 

id Aud tlic&e arc they that ore sowen 
amonge the thomes ; which heare the 
worde of God, 

19 And the care of this worldc, aud 
the dissc)'tfulucs of rycbes, and the 
lustes of other thynges entre in, and 
cboocke the worde, aud it is made vn- 

20 And these are they that are sowcu 
in good grounde, which heare the worde, 
and receave it, and brynge forth frute, 
some thirty folde, some sixty folde, 
some an hundred folde. 

21 And he sayde vuto them, Is the 
candle lighted, to be put vnder a 
bussbcll, or vnder the bonle T ys it not 
therfore lighted, that it shuldc bo put 
on a candelsticke ? 

33 For there is no thinge so prevy, 
that shall nott be opene<l ; nether 
so secreet, butt that it shall come 


[82 GOTHIC, 360. 

33 Tabai wbas babiu ausona haiis^rand- 
ona, gahauayai. 

34 Yah qub du im, Saiwliit> wLu hau»- 
cij>. Kq l^iKaici mitafi nuti)>. mitada 
izwis, yuh biaukada izwis }>ium galaub- 

35 Untc t)i8wliammeh suci liubai^, ^b- 
adtt lumia, yaU fiae! ui Iiabu]|)^ yah |>Btci 
habui)>, ufnimada imma. 

26 Yah qa^, Swa ist jiiudangardi Gti)}0, 
Bwaswc yabai nmnna waiq>i)) fraiwa ana 

37 Yali aIe|>i)>T yali urreiaij} oaht yab 
daga, yah |)ata fraiw keini)), yab liQdi|r, 
Bwe ni wait ib. 

38 Silbo niilc nir|TH akrun )>ain|ij fruin- 
ist grus, |>n|iruh itb», }iH|iruh fulleijt kauru- 
is in bammu ahsa. 

39 puuuli bi[>c atgibwk akrau, suns 
insandci)) giljio, unte atist asana. 

30 Yah qa|», Wbe galeikom |nudan- 
gardya Gu]Jb ? aj)i|iau lu wltileikal go- 
yukon gabairam )h> 1 

31 Swekaunio sinapis, )>atci |*an saiada 
ana air^ nunnist allaise froiwe ist {lize 
ana airJMU ; 

32 Yuli )>ua saiada, urrinni)>, jrab wair)>- 
i^ alliiiKe grosc nuiiat ; yah gaiauyi^ 
aatans mikilanfi, swoswe magna ut' skod- 
au iui t'uglos himiuiii gabauan. 

33 Yah swnleikaim managaira ga- 
yukom rodida du im )Hita waurd, swa- 
Bwe mahtcdun hauayon ; 

34 1)^ muh gayukoD ni rodida im. I|? 
Bondro siponyam scinuim andbund al- 

35 Yah qa)i du 'im, 'in jrainomma doga, 
at andnnalitya |ian wauf)>aDammA, Us- 
lei[)am yainis stadia. 

36 Y)U» ttfletandaus |>o nmmigelu, and- 
nemun ina. awe was in skipa ; yah yan 
au))am skipa wesun mt)> imma. 

37 Yah war)> skura windis mikiU, yah 
wegOB wttltidcdun in sidp, swaawe ita 
*»(|kiu gafidlnodft. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [&r. Maei 

33 Gfihyre, gtf hwa earan hebbc to 

24 And he cw»J> to him, Waml*^ 
bw(vt ge gehyron. And on dam gemetfl 
dc go meta}>, cow bi|r gemeten, and eov 
bi)> ge-ict. 

35 Dam bi^ gcseald dc hip^t, and dx 
de na^fj), eac d«et ho beef)), him 

26 And he cw«)>, God«a rice ye, iwyl 
man wiirpe god sed on his land, 


37 And arise dsegee and nibtee, 
dflpt as^d growe, and wexe, donne be 

38 Sujilice sylf-willcB seo eor^ 
bera)>, Gerest gters, syddan ear, 1 
falnc bwiete on dam eare. 

39 And donne ae wa»tm bine fo 
bring|>, sona he sent his sicol, for 
diet rip let is. 

30 And eft he cwfie|), For bwam 
aolicie we heofena rice 1 oddc hwylcua 
bigspelle widmeto we bit ? 

31 Swa swik souc'pce seed, donne 
bi^ on eor))an gesawcn, hit is eaba 
lasst de on cor^an nynd ; " 

33 And doune byt asawen bits 
astibj), and bi); calra wyrta mestj 
ha'f|j .swa niycele hogas, da't h( 
fiigelas eardian mdgou under bis 

33 And manegum swylcum bigipelh 
be spraec to him, daet hi mibtou 
byran ; 

34 No spiec ho na butan bigspell 
Kail bo bis leoming-cnibtum 

35 And s»de him, donne sfen 
Uton faran agen. 

36 And da menigu forbetende, In 
fungon bine, swd be on scipe ws»; 
odre scipu wseron mid him. 

37 And da wies mycel yst win 
geworden, and y[i>a be awearp on M' 
scyp, daet bit gefylled wws. 


I^^WTCLIFFE, 1389. 
I tnan haue eeris of herjng, 

6 seide to bem, Sc ^ee what 
In what mcsure ^ee mcten,' 
i meten to 30a, aod be kost to 

dj it sbal be ^oucu to hym 

^ ftnd it slml 1>c token awey 

that hath not, also that that 

he sei(le» So the kingdom of 
if ft num caste seed in to the 

it alepe, and ryae Tp in ol^t 
and bryngc forth seed, ond 
. the while he wote not. 
lothe the erthc by hia owue 
c makith fi*uyt, first an erbe/ 
an eere, afterward fill frnyt in 

Wlumne of it sUf it hath brou^t 
t, anoon he senditli a sikil/ for 
be aeide, To what thing shulden 
i the kyugdom of God 1 or to 
ibte shnJcn wc cotnparisoune it ? 
i com of seneueye, the which 
is sowun in the ertho, is lesse 
media that ben in erthe ; 
whanne it is bredd/ it st3r^eth 
I trcCf and is maad more than 
U f* and it shal make greto 
i, so that briddis of hcucne 
elle vndir the shadcwe thcr of. 
In many sichc parablis ho rqmc 
irord, as tbei mitten beer ; 

Lely he spak not to hem with 

nble Forsothe he expounyde 

msciplis alle thiugia on sidis 

be scith to hem, in that day^ 
euenyng was maad, PaaM we 

thci leeuyngc the cumpanye 
taken hym, so that ho was in 
; and other bootis weren with : 

• greet storme of wynd is 
S eente wawis in to the boot, : 
le boot was fal. 

TTNDALE, 1526. 


23 Yf eny man have cares to heare, 

lett him hcaro. 

34 And he sayd mto them, Take hede 
what ye heare. With what measure ye 
mete, with the some shall it l>c measured 
vnto von agayne. 

35 And Tnto yon that have shall more 
be geveu, fur vnto bym that bath shall 
it he geren, and from hym tbut hath 
nott, shall be token awaye, even that ho 

26 And be sayd, So is the kyngdom 
of God, even as yf a man sbulde aowe 
scede in the grounde, 

37 iVnd shuld slepe, and rise rp night 
and doyc, und the seede shulde sprtuge, - 
and growe vppe, whyll be is not ware. 

28 For the erth bryugetb forthe frntc 
off her silfc, first tlic blad, then the 
cares, after that ftdl come in the eares. 

ig As sone as the finite is brought 
forth, anon he throusteth in the sykcU, 
be cause that herveat is come. 

30 And he sayde. Wliere ^iito filiall wo 
lykcn the kyugdom off God 1 or with 
what oompareson shall wc compare it ? 

31 It is lyke a grnj-ne off mustordseed, 
which when it ia sowen in the erth, is the 
leest of all secdes that be in the erth ; '. 

32 And after that it is sowen, it grow- 
eth vppe, and is greatest of all yerbcs ; 
and beretb greate braunches, so tlmt 
the fowles off the ayre maye dwell vnder 
the sbadowc of it 

33 And with many soche similitudes 
he preaclied the woitle vnto them, after 
as they myght heare it ; 

34 And with out similitude spako ho 
notbiuge vnto them. But when they 
were u parte he expounded all thiages 
to bis disciples. 

35 And the same daye, wlien even was 
come, be sayde vuto them, Ijett rs ])aMe 
over into the other syde. 

36 And they late the people dcparte, 
and toko him, even as he was in the 
shippe ; there were also with him other 

37 And there arose a great storme of 
wynde, and dasshed the waves into the 
shippe, so that it was full. ^ 


aOTHIC. 3^0. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. UiU 

38 Yah was \b nnn nnttn, nna wafr^;- 
ttiry% Kli^puntLt. VmI) urraisiilciluu ina, 
yah qr[>nti ilu imma, Loisnri, niu kara 
|>uk. ^iixi fnuitsLuuiii ? 

39 Ynh urroiBftntls, ^aaok winda, yah 
qii|» du nmi'cin. OttftUwai, Hfdumltn. Yah 
luiiuiUuida ba winds, yah wiurf» wis mikU. 

40 Yah qR|» du Tin, Duwhe fuurhtai 
aijut* Hwu i Whaiwa ni nauh habai|> 
gulAuhrin ? 

41 Yah uhtedon aia n^s mikil, yah 
ao)(un du bis misso. Wbas ^tamn sa 
siyai I untc yah wiuda yah marei uf- 
haoiyand (mm a. 

Cbap. V. 1 Yah q«imui hindar mar- 
ein In Uatla Qaddarme. 

a Yah Q^fp^gaudin imma us skipa, 
sunt s^amotiila unma * ff^n'*^ iu annh- 
yan iu ahmiii iinhrainyamma. 

5 Sari hauain hab«Ula in aanhyom» 
yah ni n aodaban dy oi <■ 
■a ttahta ba gabMaa. 

4 VvM U vlla BJMnnw bi 

Wki Mt jJk Ha. Ui^ «Mi Gi^ ^ 
»l fiyPM* ^ la OiK ■> 

38 And he waes on Bcipc, ofer 
slapcndc. And hi uvrehton hine, 
rwflpdoD, Ne belirap|i to de, dot 
forweorda|> ? 

39 And be aras, and dam winde 
b^d, and ow»]> to (Uen tat, Suwa, 
gestil. And bo wind geswac di, 
w«ar)> mycd amyltnes. 

40 And he ssede him, Hwi 
forhte ? Gyt ge nabba)> gelea&n I 

4 1 And hi micclum esce him 01 
and cwsedon kIc to odrum, UwiK 
du, hwset is des t dst him windis 
sae hyrvnmia^. 

CoAP. V.^ 1 Da eonum hi ate 
SKs mu)«n on tet nee 

3 And hym of scipc 

~ . vn an maa of dam 

3 St hxMe (M byiguuna 
hijEke ttiii naa aad 1 
ntthto gefaadia. 

4 «ft mad 


'ir. j8.-V. 9.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

38 And he wm in the hyndir port of 
lllie booir slepjmge oa a pilewe. And 
itiiei reyscD hyin, and seien to h3rm, 
JCftistre, perteneth it nat to thee, that 
we pcriahenl 

39 And be rjsyngc vp, m&nasside to 
itlie vynd. and aeide to the eee, Be stille, 
tau donmb. And the wjnd oeesidc- 
^B greet pesiblenesse ia maad. 

QB And he seith to hem, What dreden 
^ f Nat yt h&D ^eo feith t 

\^i And the] dredden with jirecte dreed, 
,«eidcn to eche other, Wl»o, geBsi^t 
13 this I for the wyad and the see" 
to hjrni. 

[AP. V. 1 And thei comen ouer 
wawc of the see into the cuntree 


^nd aooon a mau in ^'nclcne spirit 
it of a birj'el, to hym goynge out 

le wUiche.nian haddc an houa in 

,* and nether with chayuis now 

eny man byndc hym. 

for ofl tymes he bounden in stockia 

clu^ne?, huddo broken tlic chaynea, 

[badde brokuu the stockis to Binale 

and no man niijte daunte^ 

5 AxmI eocr more, ni;t and Jay, in 
and hillts, he was cryinge, and 
Ibfltynge hym silf with alooues. 

iSothely ho ecynge Jhesna afcr, ran^ 
worHhipide hym. 
ul he cryinge with greet voice, 
Wliat to me and to thee, thou 
the sone of God hieste 1 I con- 
the« bi God, that thoa tourmente 
^oraothe Jhesnn seide to hym, Thou 
le spirit, go out fro the num. 
^Axkd Jbestu axidc hym, What name 
to thecl And he acith to hym, A 
ifl name to me ; for we ben 


38 And he was in tho stemo, a alcpo 
on a pelowc. And they awoke h3rm, 
and sayiio vnto h^iii, Master, careeb 
thou nott, tliat we perisshet 

39 And he rose ^-ppe, and rebuked the 
wynde, and saydc vuto the see, Peace, - 
and be etill. And the wynde oluyed, 
and there folowcd a greate calme. 

40 And Iio aaydo \-uto them. Why 
are ye fearfiiU ? Howe is it that ye 
have no faj-th ? 

41 And they feared cxccdingly, and 
Bayde won to an other, What ielowe ia 
this 7 for booth wynde and see obey 

Chap. V. i And they cam over to 
the other sydo off the see in to the 
countre of the Gadercna. 

3 And wlicn he was come out of the 
ehippe, anon mett hym out ot the graves 
a man posacss)*d of ant^tictene aprete. 

3 Which had lua abydinge amongo the 
graves, and no mau coulde byude hym 
with chcynes. 

4 }$e cause that when he was often 
bounde with fetters and chcynes, he 
I>luckod tbe chaynea aduuthre, and brake 
the fettem in pecea, nether coulde eny 
man tame him. 

5 And alwayea, boothc uyght and daye, 
he cr}*ed, in the mountayuca and in tho 
graves, and bet hym ailfe with atones. 

6 When he bad spied Jcaus afarrc of, 
he ranne, and worsliipped him. 

7 And cryed with a Jowde voyce, and 
saydc, WTiat have I to do with the, 
Jeaua, the sonne of the moost hyeat 
Godi I requjrre tho in tho name of 
God, that thou torment me nott 

8 For he had sayd vnto hym, Come 
forthe of the man, thou fowie sprete. 

9 And he axed hym, AVhat ia thy 
name ? And he anshwered hym, My 
name ia legion ; for we are many. 


GOTHIC, 360. 

I o Yali ba)> ina filu, ei ni usdrebi im 
ua lantlii, 

I I IfVASuh )»aD yainar Imirda Bwoine 
halilana nt Jfomiiui fairgunya. 

12 Yah bcrhin ina alius )>o<i un1ml)Tons, 
qi|iandeiQ3, Insundci uufiia in |>o sweina, . 
ei in |>o gulei^Htmia 1 

13 Yali ufiluubida im Icaus suds. Yah 
usgaggandans alimans ^i nnhrainyana 
galijiun in }>o eweina, yah rann so hair- 
da and driusou 'in marein, wesuuu{»-^an 
swe twos (lusundyos, yah afwhapnododun 
in maroin. 

1 4 Yah )mi buldandaus )>o sweina, ga- 

fluuhuu, yuli gatailiuu in buur^, yuh 'in 
laiinoni ; yah qemun^ saiwlian wha wesi 
|}ata waur)>ano. 

15 YttJi utiddycdun du Icsiia, ynli ga- 
Baiwhand |>ana wodan, sitaudun yuh 
gawaaidana, yah fra^yandan, fiana saei 
habaidn laigaiou ; yaJi ohtedun, 

1 6 Yah Bpillodedun 'im, |iaioi gaae- 
whiin, whaiwa war)» bi ^ona wodan, yah 
bi {>o sweina. 

; 7 Yah dugnanan bidyan Ida, galcifion 
hiudor markos aoinos. 

18 Yah inngaggandaD ina in skip, ba^ 
'ina saei was woda, ei mi^ ixmna wesL 

19 Yub ni luilot I'na, ak qaji du I'nimaj 
Gagg du g&rdu buinamma du jicinaim, 
yah gateih im, wuan filu )}us Frauya ga- 
tawida, jab gaannaida ))uk. 

30 Yah galai|i, yah dnganu meryan in 
Daikapauleiu, vrli&n filu gatawida 'inuna 
lesus ; yali ollai sildalcikidcdun. 

31 Yah us]ei)iandin iesaa in skifva 
aftra hindar marcin, gaqemun sik man- 
ageins 61u du iimua, )'ab wiis iJiura 

32 Yali sai, qimi^ ains ^ize ewnagoga- 
fade, Qiuuin Yaeiinis, yah saiwhands lua, 
gadraus du folum lesuis, 

iraLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Mai 

10 And he hine svydo bted, dst 
hine of dam rice ne nydde. 

X I Dar wse embe done munt 
Bwyna beord beewigende. 

1 2 And da nnclsenan gastas bi 
baedon, and cwsedou, Scud us on 
Bwyn, dart we on bi peg^n. 

13 And da tyfdc so ilslend sona. 
da eodon da nnclsnan gaataa on 
Bwyn, and on mycluni hrjTe sco h( 
vreart) on s«e boscofcn, twa ))Usendo, 
wurdon adrunceue on daere b». 

14 S6|>lioe da de hi beohlon, Bt 
and cyddon on daere ceastre, and 
lands ; and hi ut-eodon, dxt hi geni 
hwset dar gedon wsere. 

15 jVnd bi comou to dam H«l< 
and hi gesawon done de mid d( 
gedrcht waes, gcscrydne sittan, and 
modes ; and hi him ondrcdon. 

t6 And hi rchton biro, da de bit 
sawon, bii bit gedon waes be dam 
deofol-seocnesso bjcfde» and be 

17 And hi bsedon, da;t he of bj 
gem scrum fore. 

x8 Da he on Bcip eode. hine 
biddan, se de »r mid deofle 
wo-'S, dn»t ho raid him wacre. 

19 Him fta se Haelend nc getidode," 
he saede him, Qa to dintmi hu8« 
diuum biwum, and cy^ him^ bd mj 
Dhbten gedyde, and be gemUtaode 

30 And bo dii fc'rde, and ongan 
igean on Decapolim, hu fela ae Hi 
liim dyde ; and big ealle daes 

21 And da se Uselend eft on 
ferde ofer done niti))an, him oom 
mycel menigUj and ynea ymbe da bb.{ 

33 And da com sum of hcsh- 
nongum, lainLs hatto, and da he 
geaeui, bo aatrchte hine to bis fol 

ta.] WYCLrFFE,i389. 

And be preicle hym myebc, that 
fthuiiW nat put hjm out of the 


1 FoTBothe there waa there aboate 
hill a flock of hoggis lesewynge in 

a And the spiritis preiedea JIieBu, 
in^, Sende ira into hoggis, that we 
tre into hem. 

3 And anoon Jhesus gmuntide to 
B. And the vnclcuc Hpiritt3 eutriden 
to the hoggis, and with greet bire^ 
i floe was cast doon in to the see, to 
eyne tbouBjodc, and tbei ben stran- 
id in the see. 

4 Soiholy Ibei that fedden hem, fled- 
ft, and tolJen in to tlic citee, and in 
the feci (lis ; and thei wcnten out, for 
Mc what was don. 

5 And thei eamen to Jhesu, and thei 
K^rym that was traucilid of the fond, 
^Hve rlnthid, and of hoolo myndo ; 

^Sei drcden. 

6 And thei tolden to hem, tlint 8a3ren, 
B it was don to bym that baddc a 
H mod of the hoggis. 

7 And thei byguuncu for to preie 
that he shulde go awey fro her 

d And when he stiede in to a boot, he 
traneilid of the deuel, bygan to 
jye hym. that he shulde be with h^in. 

9 Sotbly Jhesufi resceyned hyin iiat, 
I teith to hyin, Gk) thou in to thin 

to thine, and telle to hem, hou 
lay tliingis the Lord bath don to thee, 
d hiidde mercy of thee. 

10 And he wente forth, and bigan for 
precbe in Decapoly,' hou manyo 
gis Jhemu hadde don to hym ; and 
men wondriden. 

It And whanne Jheaua hadde stiedc 
io the boot cftaoone oner the see, 
rehc ciunpauye of peple canx togidre 
hym. and was aboute the see. 
3 And oon of the princis of synagogis, 
name Jayrua, cam, and seyingc hym, 
dotra at his feet, 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


10 And he prayd bym instantly, that 
he wolde nott sende them awayo out of 
that region. 

1 1 There waa there nye vnto the 
mountayns a greate heerd of swyno fed- 

13 And all the devyls besought hym, 
saynge, Sende vs in to the hecrdc off 
Bwyne, that we maye enter in to them. 

13 And auon Jesus gave them leave. 
And the vuclcnc BproU.-s went out and 
entred in to the swyne, and the heerd 
Btartelcd and ran hedlyng into the see, 
tliey were a lK>ut ij M. swyne, and they 
were druuiic<l in the see. 

14 And the swyne heerdes fleed, and 
tolde it in the cite, and in the countre ; 
aud they cam out, for to see what had 

15 And they cam out to Jesus, and 
they sawo hym that was vexed with the 
fendc and had the legion, sytt both 
clothed, and in his right mynde ; and 
were a frayed. 

(6 And they that sawc it, tolde them, 
howe it liad bapencd vnto hym that was 
poeaeued off the devjll, and also of the 

17 And they bc^m to pi-aye hym, that 
ho wolde departe from their cooatcs. 

iB And when he was come in to the 
ahippe, ho that had the devyll, prayed 
hym, that he myght be with hjin. 

rp JeMis woldo not soffre him, but 
sayde vnto him, Goo home in to thyne 
awTic houase and to thy frendes, and 
shewc them, what thinges the Lorde 
hath done vnto the, and howe he hod 
compassion on the. 

20 And he departed, and began to 
pufilisaho in the ten cites, what thinges 
Jesus had done vnto hym ; and all men 
did nierveylc. 

21 And when Jesus was come over 
agayne in the ahippe vnto the other 
syde, moche people guddcred vTito hym, 
and he was nye vnto the see. 

2 3 And beholde, there cam vnto hym 
won of the rulers of the sinagogge, 
whose name was Jairus, and when he 
aawe hym, ho fell doune att his fete, 


GOTKIC. 360. 

33 Tah ba^ Vna iilti, <|i])ands, patei 
dauhUr meina aftumiat habsi|» ; ei qini- 
ands, lagyaiB ooa |>o hauduns, ci ganisai, 

34 Yob galuij) mifi imma, yab iJilyeduQ 
afar imma mauagcins filu, yab ^raihuu 


35 Yab qinono Buma wisandei lo mna 
blofiis ycra twallf, 

a6 Tfth manag ga)»u!andei fram manag- 
aim lekyain, yah fraqimandei allamma 
scinaminH, yah ni >mhtaa botida, ak 
mais wtiirs babaida. 

37 Oahausyanilei bi tesu. at|(ap;»andci 
10 manageiu aftaua^ atUutok wostyai is. 

a 8 Unte qa)>» patei yabai waatyom u 
atU:ku, ganisu. 

39 Vab suDsaiw ga)iaursnoda sa bran- 
na b!o]>ifi izos, yah ufkun|>a ana leika 
|>atei gabailuod* af )>amma slaha. 

30 Yah sunsatw Kcsus ufktm|Hi 'in bis 
silbin )>o tiB sis maht usga^^gaudein, ga- 
waudyauds sik in manageiii, qaj?, WUas 
luis tultuk wastyuiu t 

31 Yah qe)>un du iroma Bipoayos is, 
Saivrbis {>o munagein {jroiliandcin }>uk, 
yah qi|>iii, Whaa mic> taitok ? 

33 Yah wlaitoda, saiwhan |>o ^ta 

33 lb so <lino ogandei yah roirandei, 
witandci )>atei war)> bi iya, qam, yah 
draus du imma, yah qa)r imma alia )» 

34 1 )> is qa^ du izai, Daubtar, galaubeins 
JteioA gaoaeida ^uk ; gagg in gawair))), 
yah slyais haila af |«iiimu slaba |>cinam- 

35 Naub|>aDub imma rodyaudin, qem- 
ou &UU1 bumma swnagogafado, qi[>uud* 
aus» patei daubtar )>ciua gaawalt; wba 
(laDamuB draibeis JNina laisari t 

36 I}) lesua. BUDHaiw gubausj'onds )>ata 
waurd roili|), qnb du jiamnia Bwnagoga- 
fada, Ni faurbtoi, t>ataiDei galaubei. 


33 And bine Bvyde b»d, and 
Min dubtor is. on ytemestoa 
cum, and sete d;ne bazid ofer 
heo bal sy^ and lybbe. 

34 Da ferde he mid him, t 
fyligde myoel meoigeo, and 

35 And da da>t wif de on bio 
twelf winter wses* 

36 And fram mancgum leu 
)>inga {K>lode, and daelde eall i 
abte, and lut uaht ne fremode* 
de wyrae, 

37 Da heo be dam Haelende 
beo com wid-seftan da lueuigo, 
reaf et-hrun. 

aS So^lice hoc cws)i, Oif ic fil 
reafes aet-hrme, ic beo bal. 

29 And da soua wcar)> hyv 
ryne adruwod, and heo on hlrft ] 
diet heo of dam wite geheeled 

30 And da so Helcnd oncn 
silfui^ dset him mtegen of 
cwaej), bewend to d»re menig 
Kt-luriiu mlucs reafes 1 9 

31 Da cwvdon his leorning 
Du gesybst das mcnigu de )rr 
and du cv'yst, Uwa et*hran ma 

33 And da heseah hine, daet U 
daene de dffit dyde. 

33 Dat wif da ondrtidende 

com, and asta-ehte hi 
him, and saede htm call diet riht 

34 Da cwa»|) se H»lend, Doh 
gclcafa de hiXe ge<1yde ; ga de 
and beo of disum hal. 

35 Him da gyt spreoen 
fram dam heah-gesanmu 
Din duhtor is dead 


Icng done lareow ? 


I; h^Ta 

36 Da he gohyrde d&t word, i 
sc Hffilcnd, Ne ondr«ed du 
for an. 

I] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

preiede hjm myclie, scyioge, 
my doubter U in the laatc 
come thou, putte thin bond on 
■he be 8aa£, and 1)^X6. 

be wente forth with hyia» and 
panje of peple snede hym, 
~de hym. 

a womman that waa in the 
lood twelue jere, 

hadde sofiride many thingis 
y lechifi, and spentlid alle bir 

ind no thing prophitide, but 

idc worsct 

nne ihe hadde herd of Jbesu, 
the cumpanye byhynde, and 

his cloUi. 

ly she scide, For if I alial 
his cloth, I shal be saaf. 
anoon the wcllo of blood is 
and she felido in body that 
slid of the wound.*' 

anoon Jbesua knowynge in 
the vc!rta that was gon ont of 
turned to the cumpvnye, eeith, 
chedc my clothis ? 

his disciplis seiden to hym, 
the CTimpenye pressinge thee, 
tiioUi >Vho touchide me ? 

Jbesuj) lokide aboute, for to 
liat haddu don this thing. 
yothe the womman dredinge 
lyngc, witynge that it was don 
, and fel down bifore him, 

to hjTui al treutbc. 
othe Jhesus seide to bir, D0U3- 
ith hath maad thee SEkf ; go in 

be aaf fro thi eykenes. 

dm spekynge, messageris camcn 
wince of a synagoge, seyinge, 
oa;tir i^ deed ; what traucilist 
nmistir fcrtherc 1 

;he the word herd that was 
ma seitb to the prince of the 
Nylc thou da'dc, oonly byleue 

TY5TOALE, 1525. 1&9 

23 And beiougbt liym greatly, sayngo, 
My dougbter lyitli att poynt of deeth ; 
1 wohle thou woldcst come, aiid hy thy 
honde on her, that she myght be safe, 
and lire. 

24 And he went with hym, and moche 
people folowed bym, and througe hym. 

2^ And there was a woman whichc waa 
diseased off an yssue off bloudo twelve 

26 And had suflTercd many thinges of 
many fisicions, and hiul spent all that 
she had, and felte nunc* umeudmeut at 
all, but wexed worsse and worsse, 

37 When she had bcrde off Jesus, she 
cam into the preace behynde hyisu and 
tewched hys garment. 

38 For she sayde, Yf I maye butt 
tewche his clothiuge, I shall be whole. 

39 And Btreyght waye her fountayne 
of blonde was dreyed rppe, and she felt 
in her body that she was healed off the 

30 And Jestts immediatly felt in him 
silfe the vertue that went out off hym, 
and tourned hym roundc aboute iu the 
preace, and sayde, Who tewched my 
clothee '? 

31 And his disciples sayde vnto hym, 
Thou seist the i>eople tlirustingc the on 
ever)' syde, ami yet sayest, Who did 
tewche me ? 

33 And he loked round about, ffor to 
ae her thatt hiul done that thinge. 

33 The woman feared and trembled, for 
she kncwe what was done witli in lier, 
and she cam, and fell douue before hym, 
and tolde hym the trueth of every thinge. 

34 And he sayde vntu her, Dougbter, 
thy fa}tb hath saved the ; goo in peace, 
and be whole off thy pl&ge. 

35 Wliyll he yet spake, there cam from 
the ruler of the synagogis housse cer- 
tayne, which sayde. Thy dtmghter is 
deed ; why descasest thou the roaster 
eny further? 

36 As sone as Jesus herde thatt worde 
spoken, he sayde vnto the ruler of the 
synagoge, Be not afrayed, only belevc. 


37 Yah ni fralailot ainohun ize mi^ 
BIB afarga^'gan, nibni Paitru, yiih la- 
kobu. yah lohannon, brofwr Jtakobia. 

38 Yah gn!ai)i in gard )tls awnagoga- 
failia. Yab gosawh auhyodu, yah gret- 
andons yah w^HturwhyaDdaos 61u. 

39 Yah innatgaggauds, qa)> du im, 
Wha auhyo]>, yah greti)> I pata barn ni 
gtuluupQoda, ak stcpi)*. 

40 Yah bihlohun ina. t^ 'is, uswairp- 
ands allaim, gHnimi)> attan |)U barnis 
y&h ai{»eia, yah )«D8 nii|i sia, yah galai|i 
inu, ))aret was )>ata bam ligaudo. 

41 Yah fairgraip bi handau )>ata barrij 
qu^iuh du izai, Talei|>a, kumei, Jmtei iat 
goskciri)?, Mawilo, du \>ua qi^ urreis. 

43 Yah guns urrais so mawi, yah id- 
dya ; was auk yere twalibe. Yah usgeis- 
nodeduu faurhtciu mikilai. 

43 Yah anabau)) im filu, ei numoA ni 
fuu^i [Mita. Yah haibait irai giban 
maty an. 

Chap. VI. i Yah ii8st^|i yain|jTO. yah 
4)am in landa aeinamma ; ynh laiRti- 
duduD afar unina aipouyos is. 

2 Yah h\\te war)) eabbato, dogonn in 
swnagoge IniRyan. Yah managai haus- 
yandans aildaleikidedun, qi|>an(hin8, Wha- 
\nr6 ]}nninin |mla1 yah who bo bandugeino 
BO gibauo inuiia, ci mahteU awalcikos 
|>airlk bandana u wair^and 9 

3 Niu )>ata ist sa timryar sa auntiB 
Marjin8, T(> brojiar lakoba yah luse yah 
tudiiw yah Seimonisi yid» niu sind 
swistryuB is her at unsis. Yaii gamarE* 
idai waurjKin in )iamina. 

4 Qii|) |)au iui Icsna, ])atci nist praufet- 
us unswcrs, nihn in gabaur|>ai Bcinai, 
yah in ganil^j^ain, yah in garda seinam- 

5 Yah ni mahta yainar ainohan mahto 

37 And be ue let him i^nig 
can, buton Fetrum, and locobf 
lobonneni, lacobea brodor. 

38 And hi comon on Aks bedi 
bus. A nd be gcseah my oel 
wepeudc and geomriende. 

39 And da he in-eode, he 
synd ge gedrefcde, and wept 
dia mscdcn na dead, ac beo bIc| 

40 Da tsldon hi hine. He di 
ut-adrifenum, nam dies maedeei 
and] modor, and da de mid him 
and inn-eodon sdwiende, dar dffil 

4 1 And hire hand nam, 
Thalimtha. cumi. daet ia on ixre 
gereht, Mscdcn, de ic accge, ari< 

43 And hen sona aras, on 
86|>lice beo wiea twelf wintnr. 
hi wundrcdon mycelre wundrun 

43 And he him [>earle bebead 
hyt nanum men ne saedon. 
hire ctan syllan. 


Chap. VI. i And da be dan 
he ferde on his edel ; and him 
hiB leoming-cnihtaa. 

3 And gcwurdenum reste 
gan on gesomnnnge Iseran. 
ego gehyrdon and wuu 
lare, and cwsedon, Hwanon ej 
sum ealle diis f^ngl and h 
wisdom de him geseald is, am 
inihta de )mrh hia handa gs 
Bynd ? 

3 Hu nys [dya] bc ami|>, Mati 
lacobea brodor and losepea a 
and Simonisf hu ne aynd hza 
her mid us? And da wurdoa 

4 Da cwie^ ae Hselend, S6)>noe 
witega butuu wur|)8cipe, but<Ml. 
edele, and on bis meegjie, And 

5 And be ne mlhte dor i 

viT^-VTsT^VYCLffFE. T389. 

37 And be rcHceyuedtj Dot ony man to 
lOG liim, uo but Fctrc, and Jiuncs, and 
fohn, tii« brother of James. 

38 And thei camcn in to the bous of 
the prince of the sjuagoge. And he si; 
Mjfic. and men weping« and wciUage 

39 And he gon yn, seith to liem, What 
CD ^ troubliJ. and wcpyu I The 
renehe ia not deed^ but alepith. 

40 And tboi Bcomeden him. Forsotbe 
ille kast out, he takhb the fadir aud 
nodlr of the wenche, and hem that 
ireren with him, and thei entren yn, 
vbere the wenche lay. 

41 And he holdinge the bond of the 
irenche^ seith to hir, Tabita, cumy, that 
Ea interpretid/ M'onche, to thee I aeie, 


43 And anon tbo wencbc rooe, and 
valkide ; sothly she was of twcloe ;cer. 
tbd weren abaiacht with greet 

I And he comaundide to hem greetlyj 
no man tichulde wite it. And be 
lundide to jiue to hir for to ete. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


;ap. VI. I Aad Jheetu gon out 

iu\s, wente in to his owne cuntrce ; 

hiB discipliii folwideu him. 

^And the saboth maad, Jbcsus bigan 

to tcche in o Bynogogo. And raaiiye 

ae wondrideii in bis techinge, 

Of wbennis to this alio these 

? aud what is the wysdom that 

Lun to him, and suche vertuea the 

te ben maad by hia bond ? 

thia is not a sniytb,^ the sonc 
tCj the brother of James aud 
and Judaa and Symound t wber 
bia sifitris ben nat here with vs? 
thei wereu Gtcluundrid iu htm. 
^And Jheaus seido to hero, For a pro- 
late is not with outcn honour, no but 
b his ownc cuutret-, and in bis bows^ 
lul in bia kyn. 

And he my^t^ not make there ony 

37 And he suffred no man to folowe 
bym, moo then Peter, and James, and 
Jbon, James brother. 

38 And he cam mto the hoasse of the 
ruler off the synagoge. And mwe the 
woudryngc, and them that wepte aud 
way led greatly. 

^g And be went in, and sayde Tnto 
tbeni, Why make ye this adoo, and 
wepe? The mayden is not deed, but 

40 And they lawght hym to scome. 
Then he put them all out, and toke the 
father and the mother off the maydcu, 
and thera that were with hym, and 
entred in, where the mayden laye. 

4 1 Aud toke the mayden by the houde, 
and sayde vuto her, Tabitho, cumi, which 
is V»y interpretacion, Mayden, I saye vnto 
the, arj'se. 

42 And atreight the mayden aroae, and 
went on her fete ; for she was of the 
age of twelve yerea. Aud they were 
BStonied at it out of measure. 

43 i\nd he charged tbcm stray tcly, 
that no man shulde knowe off it. Aud 
commauudod to geve her meate. 

CJitAP. VI. 1 And be departed tliens. 
and cam in to Ids awne countre ; and 
his disciples folowed hym. 

a Aud when the subutb daycwaa come, 
he began to teache in the sjTiagoge. And 
many thatt berde hym were astonyetl, 
and sayde, From whcna bath he these 
tbingca t aud what ^^sdom is this that 
is geven vnto lutn, and auche vertucs 
that are wrought by his hondes? 

3 Ya not this that carpenter, Marya 
Sonne, the brother off James and Jufios 
and Juda aud Simon 1 and are not his 
sisters here with vat And they wore 
hurt by the reason of him. 

4 And Jesus sayde ^aito them, A pro- 
phet ia not despysed but in bia awne 
countre, and aiuoiigc his awue kynne, 
aud amonge them that are of the same 

5 And he couldc there shewe no myra- 

GOTHIC, 360. 

gntauyon, niba fawaim aiukaim handuna 
galaj^ands, ^uhailido. 

6 Yah silJalcikida 'in ungalaubeioois 
ixe. Tab bitauh weibsa bisunyaoej 

7 \ab uUiaihait ))ans twalif, yah da- 
gftnn 'ins msundyaa twaDs whaiizub ; yah 
gaf im waldn&ii ubmanc uDhrainyaize, 

8 Yah faurbAu|t im, ei waiht ni nem- 
cona in wig, niba hmgga aina, luh 
matibalg, uUi hlaif, nih in giiirdus alx^ 

9 Ak gankohai sulyom, yah Di wasyai)* 
twoim paidonL 

10 Yah qa|) du im, piswhaduh )jci gagg* 
ai)) in gard, )>ar Ba]yai|t, untc usgaggaiji 

1 1 Yah awa inanagai mre ni andnim- 
uiiia izwis. ni hausyuina izwis, wtgagg- 
andana yaiujiro iislirisyai}) mulda {to 
undaro fotum izwaraim, du wcitwodi)iui 
im. Amtiu qi[ni i/.wis. sutizo ist Siiu- 
daumyam ai)>}iau Gainnaur}'nm in djiga 
Btauos, baa jiiKai baurg yaiuai. 

13 Yah uBgaggandans, meridcdun, ei 

J 3 Yah unhuljions managoa usdribun, 
yah gasalboiledun ulewa munaganB siuk- 
aua, yah gnhailidcdun. 

14 Yah giUiausida {fitidans Hcrodes, 
swikun)> allia war]) uamo ia, yah qa)», 
patei lohannia sa Daupyands ua dau^- 
aim urraiB, duyyc waurkyand )>os mahteifi 
in 'immft. 

15 An|)aru ^an qe]>uD, patei Helias 
'ist; an|>arai ^nu <ie(>un, Patei praufetcs 
ist, Bwc alus \>'v/.o pi-auft'tc. 

16 Gahausyands |»an, Herodcs qat>, 

fat«i |)flmmci ik haub)}> afinairaait, 
uhanne, sa ist sah urmis us duujuum. 

1 7 Sa auk ralhtis Herodcs tnsandyands^ 
gnhnluuda lohanncn, yah gaband ina in 
kurkarai. in Hairodiodius, qenais Filip- 
yaus, broils scinis ; unte Jhj guliugaida. 

18 Qaj) auk loliannea du Hcroda, patet 
ni flkuld iat |)UB, habnn qea bro|»r8 

J 9 lt> 60 Hcrodia naiw Imma, yah 
wilda Tmtna usqlmao, yah ni mohU. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [Br. Mau 

w)Tcan. buton feawa ontmnie, <iil4nU 
turn his handum. he geharldc 

6 And he wundrode fur heora toige* 
leafoo. He Ai laTcnde da castel beto^ 

7 And him twelfe to geclypode, ud 
a^an hi sendan twam and twam ; and 
him onweald sealdc unclfcnra gafita, 

S And him bebead, itet hi nabt ob 
wege nc namon, buton gjrde ane^ m 
codd, ne hla^ ne feoh on heora gyrdion, 

9 Ac gesceode mid calcum, and dart U 
mid twam tunecom gescrydde ncroo. 

10 And be cwne)* to him, Swa hwrlc 
htls swa gc in-gnf) wuuiga^ dar, cA 
dffit ge lit'gan. 

1 1 And Bwd hwylce swa eow ne 
hyra)), douuc gc danon ut-ga|i 
dst dust of eowrum fotum, him oq 

I a And ut-gangende, hi bodedon, 
hi dwd-botc dyduu. 

13 And hi manegjf deorol-seocneMa 
adrifon, and mancga untrume mid 
amyrcdon, and gchteldun. 

1 4 And du gebyrde Herodes se 
d»t s6|incc his nama wiea awutol 
wordon, and he cw»|>, "Witodlice 
onnes se Fulluhtere of dea)M! iraa, 
on him synd fordam miegenu gewo! 

15 Sume cwsdon, He ia EJias ; 
cwKdon, He is witego, awylce aa 
dam witegUQL 

16 Da Herodes dret gchyrde, he owaf* 
Se loiiannes, dc ic bebeafdode, ae irai 
of deabe/ 

17 S6|illee Herodee sonde and hil 
lohannem, gebindan on cwertem^, f<>r 
dipre Hcrodiadiacan. his brodor U&^ 
PhilippUB ; fordam dc he nam hi. 

r8 Da asede lobannes Herode, Kjs •)> 
alyfed, to hsbbenne dines broder WX 

19 Da syrwdo Uerodias ymbc hin*, 
and woldc h^iie ofidean, and beo K 

.] WYCLITFE. 1389. 

|» bat beelide a fewe stke men, 

£a pat to. 

the woudride for tbe vnbileue of 

Ibid he wcnte uboutc costcUs in 

rn* techinge. 

i he clepide turdue, and bigan 

Bide hem bi twejnc ; and ^af to 

ker of vncleue apiritis, 

I ci^imaandide hem, that thet 

i&ot take ooy thing in the weje, 

m jerd oonly, not a »crippe, not 

jkbcr money in tbe gii'dil, 

llchoon with sandalics,^ and that 

pen not clothid with tweie cootia. 


A be seide to hem, Wbidir cnero 

tlen entre in to an boos, dwcllc 

i till 3e gon out theonis. 

^ who euere acbuleu not resseyue, 

1 30U, je goynge ont fro thennes 

iirey the powdre fro jourc feet, 

Ife&esBJiige to hem. 

TYNDALE, 1536. 



thei goynge out, prechiden, 
ik Bcbuldcn do pcnaunce. 
|| tbci castiden out many fendis, 
l^tiden with oyle maDye syke 
id tbei wereu becUd. 
kd kjiig Eroude bcrde, forsothe 
je was maad opyn, and he seide, 
jne Baptist hath risuu a^en fro 

and therfore vertuea worchen 


dy othere seiden, For it is Ely; 
^ere eeideu. For it ia a propbcte, 
of prophetts. 

ke wbicbe thing herd, Eroude 
ffliom I haue bihedid, John, this 
pn fro deed men. 
oraotbe tbe ilke Eroude ecntc, 
n Joon, and bond him in to pri- 
ir Erodias, tbe wyf of Philip, his 
■: for he bndde weddid hir. 


ikbly Johnc seide to Eronde, It 
leefToI to thee, for to hauc tbe 
(hi brother. 

k1ias forsotbe leidc aspiea to him, 
Ide ale him, and mi^to not. 

cles, batt Icyd his hondcs apon a feawe 
sickc fooike, and healed them. 

6 And be merreyled at their vnbelefe. 
And he went aboutc by the totmes that 
lye in circuite, teaehyuge. 

7 And he called the twelve, and began 
to lende them two and two ; and gave 
them power over vnclene spretes, 

8 And commaunded them, that they 
shulde take nottbinge vnto their ioniey, 
save a rodde only, nether scrippc, nether 
breed, nether mouy in their puurses, 

9 Butt shoulde be sbood with sandals, 
and that they shulde not put on two 

10 And aayd vnto them, VThcrsoever 
ye entre into on houfwc, there abyde, 
tyll ye departe tbcna. 

1 1 And whosoever shall nott reccave 
you, nor beare you, when ye departe 
tbena shake of the duste that is vnder 
youre fete, for a remembraunce vnto 
tbcm. I saje verely Niito you, itt shalbe 
easyer for Zodom and Oomor att the 
daye off iudgenient, then for that cite. 

12 And tbey went out, and preached, 
that they shulde repent. 

13 And they caste out many devylles, 
and they annoynted many that were 
sicke with oylc, and healed them. 

14 And kynge Herode herde of him, 
for his name was spreed abroade, and he 
said, .Thon Baptiste is risen agayne from 
deeth, and tber fore myraclcs worke in 

15 Wotlier sayd, It is Helyas; and 
some sayde, It is a prophet, or as won 
of the prophettes. 

] 6 But when Herode herde of hini, he 
sayd, It is Jhon, whom I beheded, ha 
ye risen from deetb agajTie. 

17 For Herode him silfe had sent forthi 
and hail tjiken Jhon, and bouude him 
and cast him into preson, for llt-rodyaa 
sake, which was hys brother rbilippea 
wyfe ; for he had maried her. 

tS Jhon said vnto Herode, It is not 
laufiiU for tbe, to have thy brothers 

19 Ilerodias layd waite for him, and 
wolde have killed him, butt she coulde 



GOTHIC, 36a 

20 Unte Herodia ohta aia !oh&nneD, 

kuntuiuds ina wiiir ^i-uilitaim 3'uli wcih- 

juh witttitlu iniuwv. Yah baus- 

rands imma^ mana^ gatawidsy yah ga- 

baiiryabft imina andhaiuula. 

3 1 Yah w&ur|»Uia dags ^tib, |«n Hcrod- 
18 luchi gttbaur))aU seiDaUos nahtamat 
wauriita fiaim niaistam scinaize, yah 
|)Usuadifadim, yah )}aim friimiHtam Gal- 

22 Y^ah fttgaggukdetn inn dauhtftr 
Hcrodindins, yali pl'msyandein, yah ga^ 
leikandein Heroda, yah )<aim nii))ana- 
kuuibyandaiii, qa^ [>iudans du J^ixai uiau- 
yoi, llidci mik jiiswhizuh |iei wileis, yah 

Iba |>U8. 

33 Yah awor iziu, patei ^iswhah |>ei 
Hdyais mUc, giba )>us, und halba |riud- 

'ang&rdya ineiiia. 

34 i)> si, iisgaggandci, qa)> du ai)>ein 
Bcinai, Whis bidyau ? !)> si qaj», Uaub- 
idis lohanuU |iu) Daupyaudiud. 

35 Y''uh atgaggandei sunsaiw sniuman- 
do du |>auuua {liudana, ba)», qi^andei, 
Wilyau ei mis gibais aim mesa haubijj 
lobannis fiis Daupyaudioa. 

36 Y'ah gaurs wuur{>aus sa ]7iudaiis in 
|>ize ai|>c, yali in |iize nu|/auakumbyaud- 
cue ul wildu izAi ufbrikan ; 

37 Yah anns insandyands sa t)iudaQa 
spaikulaiur, aiialMLu]> briggan haubib i3. 
1^ 'iii guleiJNUida afmaimait imma haubi}) 
in karkarai, 

28 Y'ah atbar f>atJt haubi)) is ana mesa, 
yah algaf i'ta ^izai uiauyai, yah so mawi 
atgaf ita ai^^ein scinai. 

39 Y'ah gahautiyaDdana siponyos la, 
qemim, yah usnonnm Iclk 'ia. yah gft- 
lagideduu i'ta in hbiiM'a. 

30 Y'ah gaiddyedun apaustauleis du 
IcsOA, yah gataibun ininia ullata, yah 
Bwa filu awo gatawide[duD,] .... 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [9r. 

30 Sd}>lice Herodea ondred lobauooi^' 
and wiste da>l he wwe rihtww and 
and he heold bine on cwerterne, 
he gehyrde {ist be fcla wundra woi 
and he lufclice liim byrde. 

31 £)a BC dieg com Uerodei gel 
tide, he gcgearwode mycele feonne 
ealdormannum, aud dam fyrmeatum 

33 And da ila dare Herodit 

dohtor iun-eotlc, and tumbode^hit U 
Herode, and callum dam dc him 
8»ton, ae cing cw»)) du to dam nueJ< 
Ride me swa hwtet Bwa du wylie, aoi 
de aylle. 

33 And be awor hire, So>ci ie 
sylle, swd hwiet swa du me YAtik, 
dii wylle healf min rice. 

24 Da heo ut-code, heo cwie^ to 
moder, Hwies bidde ic ) Da cwk^ 
lohanncs hcafod dam Fulluhtercs. 

35 Sdna dd heo mid ofeste in to 
cyniuge code, heo bttd, and dua 
Ic wylie dfet du me br«c^'oo on 
disce sylle lohaunes heafod. 

26 Da wear)) se cyning ge-imrot 
dam a|>e, and fordam dc him Btud*^ 
nolde deah hi ge-unretan ; 

27 Ac sende ecnne cwcllere, and 
diet man lu.s hcafod on anum 
brohte. And he bine dd on cwf 

38 And his heafod on disce brol 
and bit sealde dam mscdene, and 
miedcu bit sealdc hire meder. 

39 Da his cuibtas det gehyrdon,! 
comon, and his Uc namon, and hinfti 
byrgene ledon. 

30 S6j>1icc du da apoatolai 
comoD, hi oyddon dam Hselende 
dii^ hi dydon, and hi Isrdon. 

31 And be sscdc him, Cnma)* and 
gdn on-sundron on weste stoxro ; asd] 
bwou restan. S6|)lice mnDcga inci 
de coniuu, aud ageu-hwyrfdou, andfj 
na^'fdoD diet hi aeton. 

32 And on scyp stigende, hi foroD 
sundron on westc stowe. 


Sothly Eroude dreUe John, witingo 

tiust man and hooly, und kepte 
And Uim herd, Le dide uiaDy 
and gladly berde hym. 

TYND ALE. 1526. 


n^ianne a couenable day haddc 
I, Eroude in hifl birtho duy made a 
!re to the priiicis. and tribunySf 
^ the finte^ of Galilee. 

Kd wbanne the doubter of thilke 
ClB bodde eiitrid yu, aud Icpte, and 
Co Emude;, and also to men rcst- 

le kyng seide to the wenche, 

>u of me what thou wolt, and I 

le to thee. 

td he Bwoor to bir, For what 
t thou scbalt axe, I schal ;yue to 
thou3 the half of my kynf^dom. 
The whiche, whanne sche haddc 
out, seide to hir modir^What schal 
r t And she seide, The heed of John 

hud vhanne she hadde entrid anon 
bite to the kyng, she axide, sey- 
v'wole that anoon thou ){>iie to me 
Jttcbc the liecd of John BajUisL 
And the kyng was sory for the 
and for men aittinge to gidere at 
ifi wolde not hir bo maad sory ; 

Bnt a manquellcrc sent, he co- 

,dide the heed of John TlaptiRt for 

I broigt. And be bihedide him in 


&nd brou3te his heed in a dische, 

tf it to the wenche, and the wench 

I hir modir. 

rhe which thing herd, his disciplls 

B, and token bis body, and puttidcn 

i buricl. 

had ApostUs comynge to gidere to 

^toldcn to hym atle thingia, that 
Iden don, and tau^t. 

ind be seitli to hem, Come 36 by 
lelae in to a desert place ; teste je 
^ Forsotb there weren manye 
cunen, and wenten a^cn, and thei 
■o not space for to ete. 
Liid thei 8ti5}-nge in to boot, wenten 
»dfliiort place by hem selue. 

20 For Herodc feared Jlion. knowynge 
that he n'&s iuste and holy, and gave him 
reverence. And when he herde hira, he 
did many thinges, and herde him gladly. 

a I And when a convenyeut dayc was 
come, Herode on hya birth daye made a 
supper to tlic lordes, captayns, and chofe 
estates of Ualile. 

32 And the doughtcr of the same Heri>- 
diua cam in, and dauuscd, and ]>teased 
Herode, and them that sate att bourtle 
also, then tlie kingo aayd vnto the 
maydeo, Axe of me what thou wilt, aud 
I will geve it the. 

33 And he sware vnto her, What soever 
tbtiu shalt axe of me, I will geve it the, 
cvea vnto the one halfe of my k^Tigdom. 

24 And ehe went forth, and saydo to 
her mother, Vflmi sliall I axe 1 And she 
sayde, Jbuu Baptibtey heed. 

25 And she cam in streigth waye with 
baste vnto the kinge, and axed, sayinge, 
I wvU that thou geve me by and by iu 
a charger the heed of Jhou Baptist. 

26 And the kinge wa^ sorye, yet for 
hys othes sake, and for their sakes which 
sate att supper also be wolde not put 
her besyde her purpost ; 

27 And immediatly the kynge sent the 
hangman, and commaunded his heed to 
be brought in. Aud he went and bi:- 
bccdcd him in the presoo, 

38 And brought his heedcle in a 
charger, and gave hit to the nmj'dcn, 
and the inuydeu gave it tu her mother. 

29 When his disciples herde of it, they 
cam, and toke vppe his body, and put it 
in a tuuuihe. 

30 Aud the apostles gaddered them 
selves to ge<Idre to Jesus, and toMc him 
all thyuges, booth what they hw.! done, 
and what they had taught. 

31 And he sayd vnto them, Come yo 
aparte in to the wyldemes ; and rest a 
whyle. For there were many commers, 
and goers, and they bad no leasur wons 
for to eate. 

32 And he went by shippe, asyde out 
off the waye into a dcdcrtt place. 

o a 


GOTHIC, 360. 

AXGLO^AXON. 995. [St. Mam 

33 And gesawon hi forendc, &nd U 
gecneowou moncgo, and g&ngende <d 
daui burguni, dydcr umon, and bim 
beforon comon. 

34 And da sc Heclend danon eode 
goseah mycele nie&egUf and he 
nultsode him, fordom de hi warron 
Bwa Bcep de niuiQe h3rrdG nabbu|>. 
he ongan hi fe!a liurau. 

35 And dd hit niyccl ylding ww, 
leoming-cnihtHS him to comon, 
cwacdou, DeoB stow ia weste, and 
is for))-agau ; 

36 Forlset das monega, deet hi 
on geheude tdn&ii, and Mm mete bit 
dset hi etou. 

37 Da cwm)) he, Syllc ge him 
Da cwiedon hi, Uton gan and mid 
hundred [>euegum hla&s bicgan^ u»d ' 
him etan sylla^. 

38 Da cwae|> be, Hu fela h\iS& 
gc ? Ga]>. and lucia)>. And da hi 
h) cwsedon, Fif hlufaa, and twege&: 

39 And da behead se Hxlend, 
Avct folc seetc ofer det grcnc big. 

40 And hi da scton, hundredam. 

41 And fif hlafum, and tvam 

onfangenum, he on heofon Incodc, 
hi bletsode, and da hlnfos bnec, 
seiildc his leoming-cnihlnm, det 
toforan him asetton. And twe'^'cn fii 
him euUun dseldc ; 

4 2 And hi eeton da ealle, and ge^Qi 

43 And In namon dara lilafa, and 
lafa, twelf wilion fuUe. 

44 S6)>liGe fif )»usend maoDat 
eteudra wseron.* . 

4.^ Da sona he nydde hia It 
cuihtos on scyp eti^an, doet hig T 
befcran foron ofer d»}u« niii)>an to fic- 
saida, od he dset fulc forlet«. 

46 And da 

5.] WTCLlFFE,i389. 

kxkd tfaei syyen hem goynge awey, 
— "aye knewcn, and goynge on feet 

B citees, thei runnea to gidere 

and came bifore hem. 

id Jhesoa goynge out sy^ moche 
lye, ftod hftdde mercy on hem, 
weren w sohe«pe not hauyn^o 
And be bigan for to teotie 
Sianye tliingis. 

Lnd whoDue moche our was maad 
is diaciplia camen ny^, seyinge, 
:e is desert, and now the our 

le hem, that thci goynge in to 
te townes or vilagia, bye to hem 
dche thei achulen ete. 

he answerynge seith to hem. 
je to hem for to ete. And thei 
to hym. Goynge bye we louea 
ro bundrid pens, and we schulen 
hem for to ete. 

kd he seith to hem, Hou many 
;e 1 Go je, and se. And 
thei hadden knowun, thei seien, 
kd two fyschis. 

he comaundide to hem, that 
lulden make alle men sitte to 
At compenyes, vpon grccue hey. 
^nd thei sat^n down by parties, by 
^ia, and ^rfties. 

, the fyue loouca taken, and two 
he biholdynge in to beuenc, 

I, and liruk UKtuis, and ^af to his 
that thei sebuldou puito bifore 

And he departide two fysehis to 

alle eeten, and weren fiUid. 

knd thei token the relyues of 
mete, twelue cofTyns full, and of 

ili thei that ecten, were fyue 
of men. 

anon he constrcynede his d!s- 

to stt^c rp in to a boot, that 

iddeo pmsc bifore him oucr the 

'thsayda, tiie while be lefte the 

TYNDALE, 1526. 

33 And the people spyod them when 
they departed, and many knewe him. 
and they busted afote thethcr out of 
every cite, and cam thytber before them, 
and cam togedder vnto hym. 

34 And Jesus went out and sawe moche 
people, and had compassion on them, be 
catiife they were lyke shepe whych bad 
no shcppherdc. And ho began to tcache 
them many thinges. ' 

35 And when the daye was nowe farre 
8|)ent, his disciples cam vnto him, aay- 
inge, Th)*s ys a de«ert place, and nowe 
the daye ys farre passed ; 

36 Lett thcni departe, that they maye 
goo in to the countrey rounde about 
and iu t^ the touncs, and bye them 
breed, for tbey have notliinge to eate. 

37 He an5were<l and sayde vnto them, 
Gere ye them to eate. And they sayde 
vnto hym, Shall we goo and bye ij. C. 
pcn^Tirorth of breed, and gevc them to 

38 He sayde vnto them, Howe many 
loves have ye? Goo, and loke. And 
when tbey had serched, they sayde, v. 
and .ij. fysshes. 

39 And he commaunded them, to make 
them all sytt douue by companyes, apon 
the grcnc grasse. 

40 And they sate doune here a row© 
and there arowe, by houndredes, and by 

4 1 And he tokc the v. loves, and tho 
.ij. fysshes, and loked vppe to hevcn, 
and blest, and brake the lovea, and gave 
tbcm to hys <]isetples, to put before 
them. And the ij. fysshes he devyded 
a monge them all ; 

4 a And they all ate, and were satis* 

43 And tbey toke vppe twelve basketes 
full, off the gobbettes, and of the fysshes. 

44 And they that ate, were about fyre 

thousand men. 

45 And streyght waye he caused hys 
disciples to goo into a shippc, nud to 
goo over the water before vnto lieth- 
saida, wbill he sent awaye the people. 


whanne he haddo left hem, be I 46 And as sone as be bad sent them 

W^ldS GOTHIC, 360. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [Sr.vI9 


on doae mdot, and bine ana Axr^ 


gebed. 1 


47 And da sfen mes, d«t Bcyp mn J 


on middre mi, and he ana met ttj 


lande ; ^H 


48 And he gfaeah hi on rewetto fwio^| 


e&de ; bim wvn wifter-weard ^nt^j^B 


And on niht embe da feoij«n wkcc^H 


be Cum to bim ofer da ate gangende, O^B 


wolde hi forbdgan. ^B 


49 Da hi hinc gesavou ofcr da ^H 


gangende, hi wendon dn^ hit imfi^H 


gast wacre, and hi cirpcdon ; ^H 


50 Hi oalle hinc gc&awon. and wind^| 


gedrefede. And aona he bprtcc to hl^^B 


and cws^. Oelyfi^s ic hit eom;^H 


tmrTon ge eow ondnedan. ^B 


51 And he on scyp to him eode, i|^H 


se wind geswac. And hi dsM d« ^H 


betwux him wnndredon ; ^H 


53 Nc ongeton hi be dam hlafda^B 


B6|flice heora heorte wbbs ablend. ^B 

^B_ S3 

63 And da hi ofer-Bcgledon, lu ooBfl^B 

^^^^K .... yiih dnatsniwun. 

to Genesaret, and dar vicedon. ^B 

^ 54 Tab usgaggandam ira us skipa. 

54 And da hi of scipe eodon, sou I^| 

^^H BOoSAiw ufkuuuaudiuis tna. 

bine gecneowon. ^^ 

^H 55 Birinnanilans all {mtA gftn-i, duguu- 

55 And eall daet rice bo&kreude. bi o^H 

Biec'cingum baeron da untniman, dferj^f 

^H bairau, |>adci hauaidedun cl 'is weal 

bine gehyrdon. ^H 

^H 56 Yfdi |>i8wluuluh (Hulet iddya in 

56 And 0wa hwar fftra he on wic olI^H 

^H haimos ai|i^ baurgSj ai^^u in weibsa. 

on tonaa eode, on atrston hi da O^B 

^H aoA gagga lagidedun siukans, yah bedun 

truman lotlun, and bino bedon, lti^| 

^H ma, ei )nm skauta wastyos Is attaitok- 

bi burn bia refes fnasd eet-hnnon ; '""^B 

^H eina ; yah swa nmuagai ewe attaitokua 

Bwu fela R\v& bine set-hrinonr ^ wunl^^B 

bile. ^^H 

^H Chap. TII. i Yah gaqemun sik du 

Chap. VIL z^ Da oomon to lu<^| 

^^m imma, Farcisjiieis yidi suuinl |>ize bok- 

rimnsei and aume boceras eomcDi^H 

^H aryc ciimaudaus us lairusaulvrmtnL 

Eran\ Hieruaalem. ^H 

2 And da hi goaawon finme of ^^^M 

^H onyo u gamainyaim handtini. ^t-ut 

leoming-cnihtum beamit«num baotbd^H 

^H uu^wahazukim, mntyandaua hlaibaas. 

diet ia, un|>vogejiuro bandum, ctao, I^H 


twldon hi and cwsedoD, ^H 

^^1 3 I^ FaroflMeU yah allai Kudaicis, 

3 Pboriaei and eaUe ludeas oe ^H^| 

'47 -Vn. 3.] WYCUFFE, 1389. 
'Wecte ID to All hi], for to preie. 

47 And whnnne cucnjiig was, the 
boot wu in tlie mydilil f>ce» and he 
•loone in tbe lend ; 

48 Aiid he ay; bcm trauelinge in row- 

Cge; Bot^li the wynd yraa eontrarie to 
B. And aboute the fourthe waking 
of the ny^tt be wandtyngc on the see 
to hem, and woldc passe hem. 

And thei, aa thei sj^en him wan. 

on the see, geasideu for to be a 

. and cncden; 

Forsoth alle aj^en hym, and thei 

diatorblid. And anon be apuk 

bem, and scide to hem, Tristc 3c, 

I ; uyle je drede. 

And bo cam vp to hem in to the 
and the w}'nd ceesside. And thei 
woodridea with ynue bem j 

For thei Tndirstoden not of the 
la ; Botbli her herte was blyndid. 

And wbanne thei badden passid 
the 866;. thei camen in to the lond 
[OaiAsareth, and Betten to londe. 

And wbonue thei huddcn ;>on out 
Etbe boot, anon thei knewen him. 
And thei rennrngc thur^ al that 
bigunnen to bcre aboute in 
hem that badden hem yuele, 
thei herden Ixini be. 
And wbidur euere he entride yn to 
and townes, or in to citeee, tbei 
idea syke men in stretia, and preic- 
him, that thei Kohulden touche either 
the hem of his cloth ; and how niiuiye 
touchiden him, weren maad Ba£ 

F. "VTL I And Phariaces and 

of Bcribis comynge fro Jenisa- 

Qftmen to gidere to tiim. 

i And wlianne thei budden Rt-yn suninto 

of hia diuciplis cte breed with comunc 

WobiUm,^ ibei blamyden. 

3 Fonoth Pborisces and alle Jewis 

TYND ALE, 1526. 190 

awey, he departed into a raonntaine to 

47 And wlicn even was come, the ahippe 
WHS ill the myddes of the see, and he 
alone on the londe ; 

48 And he sawe them tronbled in row- 
inge ; for the wyndc was contrary vnto 
them. And abouto the fourth quartre 
oi the nyght, he cam mto them walk- 
in^'c apon the see, and wolde have passed 
by them. 

49 Wlien they aawe him walkinge apon 
the see, they supposed yt had bene A 
8pret«, and crycd oute ; 

50 For tboy all sawe hym, and they 
were a frayed. And a non he talked 
with them, and saydc vnto them, Be of 
good chere, it is I ; l>o not afrayed. 

51 And he went vnto them into the 
ahippe, and the wyudo ceased. And 
they were sore amosed in tlicm selves 
Ueyonde measure and marveyled ; 

53 For they remembred nott off the 
loves ; be cause their hertes were 

{33 And they cam over, and went into 
the londe off Gcnazareth, and drue vp 
into the bftven. 

54 And as iwne as they were come out 
off the shippe, atrcyght they knewc hym. 

55 And ran forth through out all the 
region i-oundo al>out, and began to eary 
aboute in beoddos all that were sicke, 
when they horde tell that he was there. 

56 And whither soever be entred into 
the tounea or cites, or vyilages, they 
Icyde tbeir sicke in the stretes, and 
prayed byme, thatt they myght toucbe 
and liit wer but the edge off hys vesture; 
and as many as touched hym were safe. 

Chap. VII. i And the Phariaes cam 
togcdder vnto hym, and dyvera off the 
scribes which ana from Jerusalem. 

2 iVnd when they sawe certaync of hys 
disciples eate breed with commen bandes, 
that is to saye, with vnwesahen hondes, 
they complayned. 

3 For the Phariscs and all the Jewes, 


GOTHIC, 360. 

Diba ufta |>wabftnd hantluns, m matyand, 
habandans anafilb |rizc sinistane. 

4 Tab af ina[»1a, niba daupj'nnd, ni 
mutyand ; yah an)>Ar ist mani^;. [jfttei 
andnemun du habaa, daupeinins stikle, 
yah aurkye, yah katile, yah ligre. 

5 paJ»roh |>an frehun ina t>ai Farcisoieis 
yali |jai bokaryoa, Duwhc \ni\ siponyos 
jieiuai ni ji^apgaud bi |intnmei anafulhun 
]>ai siiiistana, ak uD{m'ahaDaim hondum 
matrand hlaif ? 

6 ![) is andhafyandfl f\ii]' du im, patei 
waila praufetida Kfln'ms hi izwis, jians 
liutana, swe gamebt) ist. So managei 
vairilom inik 6werai|», i}» bairto iee lair- 
ra bnbai)) sik mis ; 

7 ][|> Bware mtk blotand^ laisyandans 
buseinios auabasnius munue. 

8 Afletandans ra^htia anahusn Gii}>s, 
babai}i fiatei anafiilliun mannans, daup- 
ciuius aurkye, yali stikle ; yah uu)7ar 
galcik BwaleikatA maoag tauyi[>. 

9 Yali qa[) du im, Waila i'nwidi)> ana- 
bnsn Gu^s, ei ^tu aiiafuUuuiu i'zwar 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. 

buton bi byra banda gclomlice 
bcaldende bira yidrcna gesetn 

10 Moses auk mibtis qa]}, Swcrai attan 
lieinaoa yab ai}>cin )>eina ; yab saei ubil 
q\\>ai attiu scinamma ai|<[)au ai|>eiu i^ciuai, 
daujiau afdau|»yaidau. 

Ki I)} yiis <ii\>i\>, Yabai qi)tai roaonft 
attin seinarama ui))|>au ai|*ciM, Kaurbou, 
))atei lat, Mai{>ms, ^iswhab |>atei us mis 
gabatuis ; 

13 Yah ni fraletij? Tua ni waibt tauyan 
attiu Hcinauima aij^^au ai|>cin sciuai, 

13 Blau]>yandans waurd Gu]ifl pizai 
anaburmai izwarai, |>uci aimfu]bu[} ; yiJi 
galeik sfvalcikata mauag tauyi|>. 

ti4 Yah athaitauds alia ))0 managein, 

IS Ni waihts ist utajro mans inngagg- 
uilo in ina, ]iatci magi ina m^mainyan ; 

4 And on stncte, hi ue eUt>, butooj 
gejiwcgene bcon ; and muiega 
(mid, de him ge«cttc synd, dst is 
kcea fyrmlA, and ceaca, and dr-fata, 

5 And da acsodon hioc Pbariaei 
da boccras, Hwi ne ga|i dine \<iorm 
coihtas ttfter ure yldreiia ^esetiiyaae, 
bcsmitcnnm handam hyra hlaf |»icg»^r 

6 Da andswarode be bim, Wei wit 
Isaias be eow, licceterum, swa bit ai 
en is, Dis folc me mid weleinim w( 
s6|)licc hyra beorte ia feor firam me ; 

7 On idel hi me veor)>ia|), and 
lara and bcbodu Inra)*. 

8 S6|»lice ge forl»ta|> Godea bfl 
and bcalda}i manna laga, )»weala 
and calica ; and man^a odrc ge do|i. 

9 Da sipdo he him, Wei ge on 
dydon Oodes bebod, d^t ge eower 

10 >roy8es cwk|», WarJ)B dinne 
and dine modor ; and se de vyri 
feeder and bis modor, Bwelte sc d( 

11 S6l>lToe ge cwedab, Gif hwi 
hia feeder and meder, Corbanf dtti 
ure ge[)Code, Gy^ gif hwylo ia of 
de frema)) ; 

1 3 And ofer dffit ge nc Iseta)* hinei 
[>ing don hia ficdcr odde luedcr, 

13 Toslitende Oodea bebod for eo\ 
etuntan lage, de ge geaetton ; and 
ga udre I'ing dyasum gelice ge d6|t. 

(4 And eft da mnnegu he hi 
clypode, and cwe^, Oehyra^ me 
and ongyta)). 

1 5 Nya nan |iing of dam men on 
gangende. diet bine besmitan miegc; 

TE.4-13.] WTCLIFFE, 1389. 

Sk Dot, no but thel waissclion ofte 
pbomiis, hotdiDgc tlie trndtciouas^ 
oldero uion. 
4Alidthet tarnyugc o^en fro ohepynge, 
iten not, uo but thei ben waiscliuu ; 
md manye othcre thingia ben, that ben 
kkun to bem fur to kepe, wauchingis 
rf cuppis, and cnietia, and of veaecls of 
tns, and of beddis. 

$ And Phariseea and scribts axiden 
^m, scyin^T ^^^ go^ ^ot thi disciplia 
iftir tie tnidicioun of cldere men, but 
■ith comyne bondis thei eten bred I 

6 And he answeringe seide to hem, 
Tuic prophcciede wel of 50U, ypocritis, 
•I it is writun. This pe[)te worschipith 
ne with lippia, forsothc her hertc ia fcr 
no Tnc i 

J Id Tcyn trewli thei wonchipen mc, 
Mbge doctrinya and preceptia uf men. 

ft Forsoth ^e fortt&kinge the maunde- 
ae&l of God, holden the tradiciouns of 
BMi, musdiiugiH of cruetiSj and cuppis ; 
■d manye otherc thiugia lyke to thea 

9 And be seidc to hem, Wei ;e ban 
(toad the maundement of God voydCj 
j^kfl kepe ^oure tradicioun. 
jHi Foraotb Moysca seide, Worschipe 
TO^fikiir and thi modir ; and he that 
Aefaal curse fadir or modir, by decth 
doe be. 

iSothli ;c seycn. If a man scha) seye 

lir or to modir, Corban, that is, 

eucre jifte of me, achal proHte to 

.nd ouer ^e suffren not bim do ony 
to fftilir or modir, 
[3 Brckynge the word of God by 
[)ODrc tnuUciouu, that ^e ban ^uuun ; 
>)• doD zDADye othere suchc thingis. 

M And he efUoone clepingc t^ the 
Q&BpUiyc of [H?p1e, seide to hem, 3e alle 
Wre me, and vndirstondcn. 

^ 15 No thing with onten man ia entr- 
iBga in to him, that may dcfoulc liim ; 

TYNDALE. 15*6. 

exoepte they washo their hondoa oftci 
eate not, observingc the tradtciuus of 
the seniours. 

4 And when they come from the mar- 
kett, except they washc them selvea, 
they eate not ; and many other tfaingos 
there l>e, which they have taken apon 
them to oWrve, aa the waashingo of 
cuppes, and erases, &n<.l of braaen reaaela, 
and of tables. 

5 Then axed hym the Pharises and 
scribes. Why walkc not thy disciples 
aocordinge to the (radicions of the seni- 
ours, butt eate breede with vnweashen 
hondea 1 

6 Ue answered and snyde vnto them^ 
Well prophesied hath Ksayas of you, 
ypocr^ies, as it is written, This pcojde 
honorcth me with their Ij-ppcs, but their 
hert is farrefrom me ; 

7 In vayne they worabippe me, teach- 
inge doctryns which are nothiuge but 
the commandcmentes offincn. 

8 For ye laye the comraandcment of 
God aparte, and ye observe the tradi- 
ciuns uf men, as the we»singc off cruses, 
and off cuppea ; and many otltcr suche 
lyke thinges ye do. 

9 And he sayde vnto them, ^Vell ye 
putt awaye the commandunient of God, 
to maj'ntayne youre owuc trudecions. 

10 For Moses aayde, Uononre thy 
father and thy mother ; and whosoever 
sayeth ev)*U to his father or mother, let 
hym dey for it. 

1 1 But ye snyc, A man shall aaye to 
his father or mother, Corban, that is, 
^\^lataoever thynge I offer, that same 
doeth proffit the ; 

12 Aiid ye soffre no more that a man 
do eny thynge for liis father or mother. 

13 And thus hiive yc mode the com- 
maundcment off God off none effecte 
through youre awne tradicions, which 
ye have ordcyned ; and many socho 
thyngcs yc do. 

14 And he called all tlio people vnto 
liyni, and saj'de ^*nto thcra, Herken 
vnto me every one off you, and vnder- 

15 There ia no thyogo with oatt a 
man, that can diffyle hym, when hitt 


QOTHIC, 3«o. 

ak )>bU ntgiggando ni mann, fiata at 
^ta ganuunyando mannftti. 

r6 Yabai whaa habai ausona hausyand- 
ona, f^nhausyai. 

17 VoU l^it ga]ai}> in gard, ub jnisai 
maoagein, (rebun ina mponyoa is bi )n> 

18 Yah qat» da jm, Swa yah yus im- 
witana siyujil Ni 5*a|)yi|>, |>ammei all 
^ta uta}}ro inngaggaudo 'in mannan, ni 
mag ina gamainyan ? 

19 TTnto ni galei)>i|> inuna in hairto, 
ak m wamba, yali in urrunsa uagaggi)>, 
gahrainci|> allans matiufl. 

20 Qa|iu|>-))an. patel |»ata tis mann 
QSgaggando, l^ta gamainei)> mannan. 

a I ](nnat>ro auk, us bairtin manne 

mitotieis ubilos usgaggand, kalkinassyus, 
borinassv-us, maur|>ra, 

22 piubya, faibufnkeina, unseleins, 
liutoi, aglaiui, augo uuself wayamereuu, 
haubhairtei, unwiti. 

23 po alia ubilona !nDa}nx» uaga^^gand, 
yali gaganiaiuyand inanuan. 

34 V'ah yain))ro usstandaiidSr f^Iai^ in 
markofl Twre yah Seidone. Ynh ga- 
Icit^anda in gard. ni wilda witan mannau; 
yaii ni mabtu gulaugnytin. 

35 Oaliausvandci raihtifl qinobi ma, 
|>tzo7ei hubaidu dauhtar ahman un- 
nrainyana, qimandei, draus du fotum is. 

26 Wasu|)|)an so qino haifino, .Saurini 
fwnikiska gabaurjiai. Yah ba^ ina, oi 
])0 uubul|>on uswaui-pi us dauhtr ixoa 

37 Ij} Ifesus qaJT du Izai, Let faur)}is 
■adu wair|»ui barna; unto ni go)> ist 
niman hlaib bame, yah wairpan hund- 

a8 IJ> si andhof Tmma, yah qa)> du 
imma, Yai, Frauya ; yah auk hundoa 
nndaro biuda matyand, af draulisnora 

ag Yah qa|> du iKai, In }iis waurdia 
gtgg, ustddya unliul}K> ua daulitr [leinai. 

>N,995. N 

da [ling de of dam men for)f-ga|r, 
tiine I)C8mitI^t. 

1 6 Glf bva earan hiebbe, gehlyste ma 

17 And da se Hselend fram 
monegu code, his leonuug-cnihtaa 
au bigspcl acsodon. 

18 Da cyrm\t he, And synd g* dm 
gleawe? Nc ongyte ge, daet call 
utan cyra|> on done man gang^ndfl^i 
micg bine besmitan 1 

19 Fordam hit ne gx^ on his b( 
ac on bis inno)i, and on for)vguig 
witeji, ealle mettas clieawgende. 

30 Da ssede be bini) Duet da ^big; 
of dam men ga|>, da bine bosmita^ 

21 Innan, of manna bcortan yfel« 
))ancas cuma)), unriht-haemeda, snd 
ligcni, manslihtaa, 

22 [Stala,] gitsung, man, focmi, 
least, yfel gcsibji, dysiueasa, ofer-i 
uessa, stunted |>e. 

33 And calle das yfeln of dam h 
cuma)>, and done man besmtta)). 

24 Da ftrdc he douon on da 
Tyri and iSidonis. And be in- 
da^t Ims, be nolde diet hit aenjg wil 
and he ne raihto hit bcmi|^an. 

35 Sona da an wif, be him gehj 
dcere dohtor hefde unclsnne gut, 
in-eode, and to his fotum hi 

z6 S6})]ico diet wif mst hieden, 
fcnisoOB cynncs. And l>a'd bine, 
done deofol of byre deltter adrife. 

37 Da Nede he hire, liiet Krett] 
beam been gefyUed ; nia nu god 
man nime dara beama hlaf, and hi 

28 Da andswarode hco, aud 
Drihten, da>t is 80)1 ; witodlice da bi 
aa eta|i under dsra myoo, of 
cilda cmman. 

29 Da atvde he hjTO, For daero spt 
ga, nii se deofol of dinre dehter gti 

id-ag.] T9TCLIFFE, 1389. 

tho thingis that comeii forth of m&a, 
ko it Uen that dcfoulcn a man. 

16 Foraoth if ooy man hauc eeris of 
hertngr, liecre he. 

1 17 Aotl wh&Due he hadd« entrid in to 
m hems, fro the cumpftny of pepic, liis 
bctplis axitlen him the parable. 
S8 And he scith to hem. So uud 30 ben 
Rinulent^ Vndiratonden ;e not, for 
I thing withoute forth entringe in to 
may not defoulc him ? 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


19 For it Iiatb not entrid into his 
)ait, but in to the wom1>c, and bynetbe 
it gtith out, purgyugc alle metis. 

to Sothli be seide, For the thingis 
gon out of a man, tho dcfoulcn a 

'Foraoth fro withynne, of the herte 

comcn forth yuele thoi^tisr auou- 

fomicaciomw, mansleynj^is, 

Thefris, couetises,^ wickidnesses, 

.vndustitet ynel y^e, blasphemyea, 

le thes yuelia fro withynne comen 

and defoulen a man. 

'And Jhesus risj-nge thennis, wente 

the eudes of T^tc and Sidou. And 

goD in te an bows, wolde no man 

!; and he mi^te not dare.^ 

Sothli a womman, anon as sche 
of him, which wommanis donjtir 
iMdde an vncleoe spirit, entride, and fel 
Aoon at his feet 

36 Sothli the womman was bethene, 
of the gencracioun of Sirefen. And she 
pretde him, that he wolde caste out a 
deuel fro hir dou^tir. 
17 The which neide to hir, SulFre thou 
Alt Bones be fulfitd first ; it is not f^ood 
b tdce the bred ol sonee, and sende to 

38 And she answeridc, and seidc to him, 
Fomtho, Lrord ; for whi and title wclpis 
ifieo Tndir the bord, of the crummcs of 

29 And Jhesua scith to hir. For this 
go, the fend is went out of thi 

entreth in to hym ; bat thoo thyngea 
which procedo out of a man are thosfl 
which delyle a man. 

16 Yf eny man have eares to heare, let 
hym hearc. 

17 And when he cam into a housse, 
awaye from the people, his disciples axed 
him of the similitude. 

x8 And he sayd vnto them, Do ye then 
lacke vnderstondinge? Do ye Dot yet 
perceave, that whatsoever thinge from 
with out entreth into a man, hit can 
not dcfyle b)Tn 1 

19 Re cause hit entritb not into his 
hert, but into the belly, and goeth out 
into the draught, that porgeth oute all 

30 And he saydc. That dcfilcth a man, 
whiche comcth outc of a man. 

a I For from within, even oute off the 
berte off men proceade cvyll thoughtes, 
advoutry, fornicacion, murder, 

2 3 Theeft, coveteonsnes, wickednes, 
diceyte, vnclennea, and a wicked eye, 
blusiihcray, pryde, fulisshnes. 

23 All these evyll thynges com from 
with in, and defile a man. 

34 And from thence he rose, and went 
into the borders off Tire and Sidon. 
And cntrcd intn an houase, and wolde 
that no man shnlde have kuowcu off 
hym ; butt he culdo nott be hid. 

35 For a certayne woman, whose 
doughter had a foulo sprete, when she 
herde off bym, cam, and fell douno alt 
hys fete. 

26 The woman was a grekc, out off 
Sirophenicia. And she bc«oaght hym, 
that he woldo caste out the devyll out 
oft* her doughter. 

37 Jesus suyde vnto her, Lett the 
chyldren iyrst be feed ; it ys nott mete 
to take the chyldrcns breed, and to 
caste itt vnto whelppcs. 

38 She answered, and soyde vnto hym, 
Even BOO, Master ; neverthelesse the 
whelppcs also cate vnder the table, off 
the chyldrcns cromes. 

29 And he sayde vnto her, For thys 
saylnge goo Ihy waye, the devyll y> gOn 
out off thy doughter. 


GOTHIC, 360. 

30 Tfth galeitiaodei du garda seituun- 

ma, bigat unLul|K>n oBgaggUAi yah )>o 
daulitar HgaDdeln kda Ugra. 

31 Tab aftra galei^ds af ra&rkom 
Twre yah SeiJonc, qam at mareio Ga- 
leilaie, ini|> tweibnaim markom Daika- 

32 Tab bcran da imma baudana stain* 
mana, jab bedun ina, ei k^dedi imma 

33 Yah afhimands ma af raanageln 
BOndro, lagida 6ggnuu9 aeiaans la ausona 
imma; yub ape wands attiuiol^tuggOD is. 

34 Tab ussoiwbands du bimloA, ga> 
■woglda, yab qa)) du imma, Aiffa^ 
|iatei ist. Uslukn, 

35 Yah snnBaiw usIuknodeduD Tmma 
bUamana, yah andbuudnuda baudi tugg- 
ons 7a, yah rodida raihtaba. 

36 Tab anahau^ im, ei maun ni qe)^ 
fltna ; irhan fila is ira anabaa)>, mais 
|i«mma eis ineridedun, 

37 Tab nfarassau sildaleikidedan, qi)>- 
andans, Waila allata gatawida, yah 
baadans gatauyi[) gahauayao, yah im- 
rodyoDdans rodyan. 

Chap. VIII. i In yainaim Iran dag- 
om, aftm at fila managai managern 
wisandcin, yah ni habandam wha mati- 
dedeina, atbaitands siponyaus, qa))ub da 

3 Infcinoda da ^izai manageln, unte 
yu dagaus |>rins mi^ mis wesuu, yah oi 
haband vh& matyaina ; 

3 Tab yabai fralcta ins lau9qi}rrana dn 
garda ize, ufligand ana wiga ; aumai 
raihtis ize fairrafiro qemun. 

4 Yah andbofuu Imma siponyos is, 
WhaJ?ro )»an8 mag vrhaa gasofynji hlaib- 
am ana auj^idai 1 

5 Tab frah ina, Whan nianagAQS babai|> 
hlaibaosl Ip eta qe)nm, Sibun, 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Mi 

30 And cla heo on byre has eode, hco 
gemette dmt roicden on birc beddf^ 
Ucgeude, and done deofol ut-gan.^ 

3 1 And eft be eode of Tyra g« 
and com |)arb Sidonem to daere Gali 
AD siCj bctwux midde ernlas Decapol 

33 And bi laeddon him aenne th 
and dumbne. and bine baedon, 
bis band bim on asettev 

33 Da nam he bine onsnndran of 
meniga, and bis fingras on liis 
dyde ; and apstcnde bis tuogOQ ox 

34 And on done beofon bebealdt 
gcomrode, and cwie)>, Effeta. dci 
ure gejieode, Sy dii ontyned, 

35 And sona wiirdon his earta 
opeuode, and bis tuDgan bend 
uudyped, and he ribte apnec. 

36 And be li^ad him, daet bi bit 
men nc sicdon; 86)>h'ce swa he 
swidor bebcad, swa bi swidor bod< 

37 And djee de ma wondredon, 
cwaedon, Ealle j>ing he wcl dyde, and] 
dyde dset deafe gebyrdon, and di 


Chap. VTII. 1 ^ Eft on dam 
him wiefi mid micel menigu, and 
bMTst hi KtoD, da cw£b)> he, to 
gccl>'pcdum bia leorning-onibtum. 

2 Ic gerailtflige dyase mencgu, k 
bi ^ry dagas me ge-anbidia{>, and nal 
bwiot hi eton ; 

3 Gif ic bj fsestende to byra bi 
Ificte, be wege bi getoorigea^ ; 
comon feorran. 

4 And da andawarodon him hi« U 
ing-cuihtAft, Uwanon m^g aenig 
das mid bldfum on dlsuiu weatenc 
fyllan » 

5 Da axode he bi, Hd fcU hUh 
ge 7 Hi owscdon, Seofon. 

[I. 5] 


'NDALE, 1536. 


id whanne she hatlde f^tx bom, 

ul the wenche sittinge on the 

the deuel gon out fro hir. 


d eftsoone Jlieeos goyngc out 

Leudis^ of Tire, cam thurj Sidon 
!e of Galilee, tliut is bitwise tbo 
^ endls of Dccapolt'o<>. 
|k1 thei leedea to him a deef man 
^omb, and preiedeu him, that he 
p him the bond. 

he takynge him asydis fro the 

re* aente bis fyngris in to his 

; and spetiuge towcliidc his 

he biholdjrnge in to heuene, 
withynne, and seith, Effeta, that 
ou opcnyd, 

anon his ecris weren opeuyd, 
bond of his tunge is unbounden, 


d he comaundidc to hem, that 
Iden seye to no man ; foi-soth 
he he comaundide to hem, so 
ore thci prcchiden more, 
bd by that the more thei won- 
•eyinge, He dide wel alio thing^s, 
tf men he made to heere, and 
I for to speke. 


IK Vill. I In tho dayes, wh&nne 
cam{)CRyc of pepic was with Jhc- 
I hadde not what thei echnlden 

tdisciplis gaderid to gidcre, he 
ino rewthe on the cumpanye of 
por loo ! now the thridde day 
iteynen^ mc, and ban not whut 
bnlen ete ; 

1 if I leeue hem fostinge in to 
B, thei scbuten faile in the weye j 
I somme of hem camen fro fer. 

I diaciplis answeriden to him, 
a man schal mowe Alle hem 
nee here iu wildlmessc 1 

be axide hem, How manye loouea 

The whicbc seiden, Seuene. 

30 And when she was come home to 
her housse, ahe founde the devjll de- 
parted, and her doughter lyinge on the 

31 And he departed agaync from tho 
cooetea off Tyre and Sydon, and cam 
vnto the see offGaIile,throwc the myddea 
off the coostes off tbe .x, cites. 

J 2 And tliey brought vnto him won 
that was deffe and atambred in bya 
speche, and prayde bym, to laye bya 
liondo apou hym. 

33 And he toke hym a syde from the 
j>eopIe, and putt hya fyngers in hya 
eares ; and did spet and touched his 

34 And loked vp to heren, and ayghed, 
and snydc vnto hym, Ephatho, that ya 
to suye, Be openned, 

35 And Btreyght wnye hys eares were 
openned, and the stringe off h}'B lounge 
was loosed, and he spake playne. 

36 And he commaunded them, that 
they shulde tell no man ; butt the nioro 
he forbad thero, aoo moche the more a 
greate deale they pubbleased it, 

37 And were beyonde measure astonycd, 
sayiugo, He hath done all tliinges well, 
and hath made l>ooth tlie deffe to heare, 
and the dom to speake. 

Chap. \1II. i In those dayes, when 
tliere was a very greate company©, and 
had nothingc to eate, Jesua called hys 
disciples to hym, and aayd vnto them, 

3 My herte melteth on this people, be 
cause they have nowe bene wytb mo iij. 
dayes, and have uothingc to cate ; 

3 And yf I ahulde acnde them awaye 
fastinge to their nwne houses, they sbalde 
Co.}!!! by the waye ; for dyvers of them 
cam from farre. 

4 And hya disciples answered hym. 
From whence myght a man euffyse them 
with breed here in the wyldemes % 

5 And he axed them, Howe many loyes 
have yol They aayde, Seven. 

OOTHIO. 360. 

6 Tab OQubau)) pizoi managein ana- 
kumb}iui aD& air)iai. Vnh nimands ^aaa 
sibun hlaibans, ytih awiliudouds, gabrak, 
yah atgaf aiponyam seinaim, ei atlagi- 
dedciim laur. Yah atla^deduu iaur ^ 

7 Yah habaidedun fiakans fawans ; }*ah 
yann gn}iiu{)yaudB, <}a|i ei atlagidedeina 
yah t>anB. 

8 Gamattdedim ))an, yah aadai watir}>an ; 
yah usnemun laiboe gabrukot abun 

9 Webuuu))-|wji )>ai matyoudaus, awe 
fidwor ]>usuDdyoa ; yah Mai lot luab 

10 Tab galai^ sunsaiw lu skip, iiu|» 
siponyam seinaim, yah qam ana fera 

11 Yah uminnuD Fareis^eis, yah du- 
gunnun mi)isi)kyan Tmma, sukyandans du 
Imma taUui ub hiitiiuu, ii-aidftudaua ma. 

13 Yah ufiswogy&nda alimin Bcinamma, 
qa|i, Wha |>atu kuui taikn 8okc-i[> I 
Aiucn qi)>a izyris, yabai gibaidau kuiiya 
)»amma taikne. 

13 Yah afletaads ins, galei^nda aftra 
la skip, lulai)* hiodar uareiu. 

1 4 Yah ufarmunnodcdan niman hiaib* 
ana, yah niba aiiuma hlaif ni habaidodun 
mi|i sin 'in skipa. 

1 5 Yah anabau|> im, qi{>and3, SaiwhiJ), 
ci at&aiwhi|> Tzwis |>ia boistlfl Farcisaie, 
yah beistis Uerodis, 

16 Yah }>ahteduQ mifi bIs misso, qi^*- 
andana, Unte hiaibans nl babam. 

17 Yah fraj)yttud8 lestis, qa|) du im, 
Wha |<at<^koi^. unto hlaibaus xii habai)> I 
Ni nauh fra|>yi|t, nih witufi j unt« daub- 
ata habai}) hairtu 'izwar. 

18 Augona habandans, ni gasuwhi)>, 
yah aosona habandans, ni gHhausei)» j 
yah ui ganmnu)>, 

19 pan [lans fimf bltubaus gabrak 6mf 
^UBundyora, whan managos tainyons 
fiilloB gabnxko uauemu))? Qe(>un du 
umua, Twaltf. 

ao A)>|>an |>aii )>aiia sibun hiaibans 

.0-SAXON, 995. 

6 Da het ho uttan da menegu ofer d& 
cort>an. And nam <ta seofon hlafaa, aod 
C}o<Je {tauoodc, and hi hmc, and MaUt 
his leoming-cnihtum, flat hi 
him uetton. Aud hi awi dydon. 

7 And hi ni^fdon bnton feawa 
and he da blcUode, and het beioras 

8 And hi seton, and wurdon gcfyt 
and hi namon dffit of dam bi 
belaf, Beofou wiliau ftille. 

9 So^lice da de dar tcton, merOD 
(luscnd ; and he hi da forieU 

10 Aud sona he on scyp, mid 
leoming-cnihtum, astab, uud com 
da dselaa Daluiauu)»a. 

1 1 Aud da furdoii da Phariacl, 
ongunnon mid him Bmei^ean, and 
of heofoue Bohtou, aud his faadedoo. 

13 Dtt cwfe{> he, geomrieude 
gaste, Hwi %ecp deo6 cneoiifl 
SojiHce ic eow aecge, ne bi^ 
cneoriflse taccn geaeald. 

13 And hi da forleetende, eft on 
&0tah» and ferdc ofer done mu)>aa. 

14 And hi ofergeton deet hi hla&ll 
namon, and lii na*fdoD on scype 
him butou tcnne bluf. 

15 And be hini bead, and cwte^, 
and wankia)> fmu Fbariaea, and Hi 

16 Da bohton hi betwux him, 
cwscdou, Necbbo vro nano blafiu. 

J 7 Da se Htelend dojt wistc, he c 
Hwiet bence ge, fordam ge hla&a 
ba|) ? Gyt ge nc onciiawa|^ 
ongyta)} ; gyt ge habbft^ eowre 

18 Kagan ge habbajs and ne 
and caran, and ue gchyn^ ; ne 

19 HwKune ic brrcc fif hUfts 
twcgcu fixas, and bu fela vryligena 
namon fulle 1 Hi cwsedon da, Twel 

20 And hw&enne aeofon hlafas feoi 

h 1389- 

And ho comauudiUe tlic cumpaojo 
io sitt doun on the erthe. And he 
wkjuge senene looues, and dv)yDge 
laokyuges, brak, and ;af to his dW- 
iptJs, that thci sobuldeu puttc forth. 
Aid thei setten forth to the cumpany. 
7 And tbei hadd«n a fewe smale tischiB ; 
he ble&iide hcm> and comiuiodide 
be put forth. 

d thei eeten, and ben fulBld ; and 
token Yp that lefie of relyf/ senene 

9 yorsoth thei tb«( eoton, weren aa 
thoiLsand of men ; and ho lofte 

^o And auou he weute vp in to a 

boot, \vith Ills disciplis, and cam iu to 
Ibe jMirtis of Diilmamytha. 
II And Fhari^etiia weiiten oat, and bi- 
nnncn to sekc* with hinii axyuge a 
tokcQc of b}'m &o hcuene, tcmptingo 

Sa And he oorwynge vithynne in 
^l, Btrith, What lekith this genera- 
ioOQ a tokene? Trouly I scic to 30U, 
V a tokene schal be jouuu to this gene- 

13 And he leeuynge bem, wente vp 
dUoone in to a boot^ and wente ouor 

^^ AnJ thei for^atcu to take breeds 
^Hthc) hadUen not with hem uo but 
Hmin the boot 

P 15 And be comanndide to hem, scy- 
r ^e, and be 30 war of the sour- 

L . I'huriseea, and sourJow^ of 


15 And tbei thou)ten oon to another. 
fcifDire, For we han not breed. 
tT The which tiling kuowun, Jheaus 
^ith to hem. What thenke jc, for je 
^ not breed ? 3it ^e kuowcn not, ue 
^retonden ; ii% je han joure herte 

2 S >c haajnge y^en, seen not, and yo 
■ftaynge eeris, heeren not ; nether 30 
*n in^-nde, 

tg Whanne I brak fyue looues in to 

thouaande, and bou nmuyo cofTyns 

brukcne mete je token vp 1 Thei 

to him, Twelue. 

Whanne and aeueue looues in to 


6 And he commaunded the people to 
sitt doune on the j^rounde. And be toke 
the .vii. lovof), gave thankea, brake, and 
gave to hys disciplea, to set before them. 
And they sett them before the peopl& 

7 And they had & feawe smale fyaahea ; 
and he blcssud them, and commaunded 
them liUo to be sott before them. 

8 They ate, and were auSyscd ; and 
they toke vp off the broken meate that 
was leftc, \'ij. boaketea fuU. 

9 They that ate, were iu nombcr aboute 
fuwre thousandt ; and be sent them 

10 And a non he toke shippe, whith 
his disciples, and cam iu to the parties 
of Dulmanutha. 

11 And the Pharisea cam forth, and 
began to dispute whith hym, and sought 
of bym a siguc ^um hovcn, temptingo 

1 3 And he sygbed in his sprete, and 
8ayde> Why doth thya generation seke 
a signo 1 Vcrcly I saye vuto you, there 
shall no signe be gevcn vnto thys geue- 

13 And he lefte them, and went into 
the shippe agayne, and departed over 
the wut4ir. 

14 And they bad forgotten to take 
breed with tliera, nether had they in the 
shippe with them more then one looft\ 

15 And he charged them, sayinge, 
Take bcde, be ware of t!ie leven of the 
Pbnrisea, and the leven of Herode. 

16 And they reasoned amonge them 
selves, sayngc. We have no breed. 

17 And when Jesus knewe that, he 
sayde vnto them, Why take ye thought, 
be cause ye have no bread ? Perccave 
ye not yet, nether vndcrstonde ; have 
ye youre herttes yett Idyndod t 

18 Have ye e}'e8, and ae nott, and have 
ye eares, and heare not; do ye nott 
remember 1 

ig When I brake v. lovea a monge .v. 
M. men, howe many baakettcs fiill of 
broken mcatc toke ye vpp 1 They sayde 
vnto him ,xij. 

20 When I brake vij a monge iiij M. 

eidiaa fdlksa gmbniko i i ifinu} > t I^ 

31 Yah <^ dn im, Whaiwa oi oftoh 

33 Yah qemoD in Berlin, yah benm 
da launa blindan, yah bedim tna, ti 
imma attaitoki. 

33 Tab Eurf^ipandfl handu {^ia blind- 
ins, lutaiih ina otana weihsis, yah aptsw-' 
anda In angona is, atlagyanda ana hand- 
nns winoa, frah inar gau wha sewhi. 

34 Yah ossaiwhandfl, qa^, Qaniwli& 
m&ns ^otei nre bagmans^gasuwha gagg- 

35 pa^h afbra galagida handnns ana 
tH> augona is, yah gaUwida ina nssaiwh- 
an, yah aftragasati^ war)), yah gaaavh 
bairhuba allans. 

36 Yah Tnsandida ina du garda is, 
qi^mla, Ni in ^ta weihs gaggus; m 
mannhun qi)>ais, in j>axnma wehaa. 

37 Yah usiddya lesua yah ai}>onyo3 is 
10 websA KflisanoB ^zos Filippaus. Vah 
ana wiga frah siponyans seinans, qi^anda 
dn inXf Whaua niik qiband mans wisant 

3d I|r CIS andhofhn, lobannen |>ana 
Daupyand ; yah an|>arai, Helian ; sam- 
aih ^an, aiuans praufate. 

39 Yah Ifl qa)> du im, A|>))An yns whana 
mik qi[>i)) wisant Andhafyands Y&a 
Paitnis, qa|i du Imma, pu is Oliristus. 

30 Yah faarbau)) im, ei mannhun ni 
qc)>einn bt Tua. 

31 Yali diigann laisyon Ins, |)atet ekal 
lunUB mutia filn wiiinan, yah uakiusan 
skulds 'iai (rain |>aim sinistam, yah Jmim 
aubumistam gudyam, yah bokaryam, 
yah usqiman, yah afar brins dogana 

33 Yah Bnikun)>aba jiata waurd rodida. 
Yah oTtiuhands ina Paitnis, dugatin 
andbeitan ina. 

33 i^ 18 gawandyands sik, yah gasaiwh- 
ftnds {lans siponyons seitmns, andhait 

and h« Mm wyligeaa I 
fUlet HissrdoD,Se( 

31 Da saede be him, Hwi ■• 
ge gyt 1 

33 And hi comon da to Bcihza 
hi brobtoo him da aemie b&id 
hine bndon, tfnt he bine aBt-hrin 

23 And da et-hran be 6mb 
hand, and Uedde hine butan ^ \ 
■psettc on his eagan, and his h 
aaette, and lune axode, hwftder 

34 Da cwi^ he da, da be hyne 
Ic gtaeo men swylce treow gang 

35 Eft he asette bis banda < 
eagan, and he gcseah da, ani 
geedntwod, swa dset be bcorbt 

36 Dti sende he hyne to liis b 
cw%|i. Ga to diQum huse ; an 
dd on tdn ga, nxnegum dd 

37 Da eode be and bis leorni] 
tas on diet castel Cesaren Philip 
he on wege his leoming-cnihtas 
HwKt 8ecga)> men diet ic sy t 

38 Da andswarodon hi. Some, 
nem done Fulluhtere ; some, J 
Bume, sumne of dam witegum. 

29 Da cwaeji he, Hw»t secge g 
syl Da ondsworode Petrus I 
cwr{), Du eart CrisL 

30 And ^a bead he him, dnt 
egum be him nc sredon. 

31 Da ougan be hi Iseran, daet 
sunu gebyre)) fela hinga ))olian, 
dwoq)en &am caldonnanuiun, ai 
sacerdum, and bocerum, and 1 
slegen, and lefter \iT\m dagnm 

3 a And spree da openTiee 
nam Petnis hine, and ongi 

33 Va bewcnde he bine, 
Petre, and cwse^, Qa onb«c, '< 

3.] WYCLIFFE,i389. 

nde of men, how muDv \ev]n& 

mete )e token vp t And the! 


>e seide to hem, Uow vndir- 

not jit 1 

bei comen to Bethsaydo, and 

en to hm\ a blyttd mail, and 

jm, that, he schulde touche 

tile hond of the blynd man 
eddo him out of the atrrute, 
ge in to his y^en, his houdis 
i axide him, il he »y^ coy 

e btholdingc, seith, I le men 

ward eftaoonea he puttlde 
his yjen, and ho bigan for to 

is reetorid* bo that he sy; 


le scute him in to his hous, 
> in to till hous ; and if tlioii 
in to the strecte, seye to uo 

liesua entride yn and his dis- 
to the castels of Sezarie of 
nd in the weye he axide his 
ei/nge to hem, AMiom seyn 
r to be? 

whiche answer! den to hyrn. 
iimme, John Baptist ; othere 
e ; but othere #ey», as oon 

le he seith to hem. But whom 
for to be ? Petre answermge, 
n, Thou ert Crist. 

te thretenyde hem, that thei 
ot scie to ony man of liini. 
e bigan for to teche hem, for 
b maonis sone snffre manye 
d to be reproucd of the hi^cste 
I of elderc men, and soribis, 
slayn^ and afttr tlire dayes, 

he apak playnii the word. 
f takynge him, bygan for to 

rhich turnyd, scyngo his dia- 
tasido Pctrc, seiynge, Go aftir 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


howe many boi^kettcs of the levingcs of 
broken meate toke ye vyt 1 They sayde, 

2 1 And he saydc vnto them, Howe ia 
it thnt yc vnderstonde notl 

22 And he cam to Bcthsayda, and they 
brought a blyude man vnto him, and 
desyred hym, to touche him. 

23 And he caught the blinde by the 
honde, and ledd hym out off the tonne, 
and spat lu hys cyca, and put hya houdea 
apon hym, and axod him, yf he eawe 
eny thinge. 

24 And he lokcd rp, and sayde. I se 
men, for I se them walke as they were 

25 Aficr tlmt lie put his houdea agajoie 
apou bis eyes, and made hym see, and 
he was restored to his sight, and sawe 
every man clerly. 

26 And he scut h^on home to his awne 
houssc, 8a)"inge, Nether go into the 
touue, nor tell it to eny in the toune. 

37 And Jesus went out and his dis- 
ciples into the tounea that longe to the 
cite called Ceaarea Philippi. And by 
the waye he axed his disciples, sayiuge, 
Whom do men saye thnt Y am 1 

28 They answered, Some saye, tliat 
thou arte Jhon Baptiato ; some saye, 
Uelyas; and some, one off the pro- 

29 And ho sayde unto them, But whom 
saye ye that I am ? Peter answered, 
and sayd vnto hyva^ Thou arte very 

30 And he charged them, that they 
slmlde tell no man off it. 

3 1 And he began to declare vnto 
them, howe that the sonne of man muate 
Huffre many thyuges, and slmlde be re- 
proved off the seniours, and off the 
hye preates, and scrybes, and shuldc be 
kyllod, and after thre daycs, aryse 

32 And he spake that sayinge openly. 
And Peter toke hym a ayde, and began 
to chyde hym. 

33 He toumed abonte, and loked on 
his disciples, and rebuked Peter, sayinge, 

aOTHIC, 360. 

mtru, qi)mnds, Oagg hiDdar nuk, Sttt- 
aoft; unto ni fr»^yifl ^ftim Gu^ &k ^Aim 

34 Yah atboiUnds ^ numageiiiT mi)i 
iii|)uO}'ftii) scinairo, qu^ du I'm. S&«I wili 
afar mu lautyan, inwidai sik flillMLn, yah 
niuiu galguo seinana, yah lalstrai mik. 

35 Saei allis will saiwala seina ga- 
tiaayan, fraqist«i)» izai ; -T|> saei fi-a^jiHtei^ 
laiwalat aeinai tu mciiia yuli in yizos 
aiwBgE^clyuiis, gauas^nl* ^o, 

36 Wh& Auk 1>otu[> monnan, yaboi 
gngei;^ui)} [>una fiiinvliu allona, yah gar 
lJei|H.'i{> HiU Htiiwulai Hviuui t 

37 Ai^^u wha gibi^ manna inmaidcin 
•aiwdos icinaizofi Y 

38 Uutc saci Hkaxnai|r sik melna^ yah 
waurdc meinaizo in gabaur)Nii |)iz&i hor- 
iaoudem yuh frawtturhton, yuh suniui 
maua skaiuni)) sik is, |>uu 4imi)> in 
wuljiAU attiiut seiuis, mi)i aggilum jiuim 

Chap. IX i Yah qat» du ini, Amen 
qit)ft izwis, ^^atei aind aumtii jiize her 
Htiindundanc, [)al Tzc iii kausyund duu|i- 
auH, iiiite f^fuiaiwh&ud |>iudinn8su Uujts 
quirmuana in mahtai, 

2 Yuh ufiir flugtuia saibs ganam lesus 
Paitru, yah lakobu, yab lobaimen, yuh 
ustauh 'ins oua fuirguni hauh mindro 

^ uiiians ; yah iomaidida aik in andwair))- 
ya i»e. 

3 Yah wostyos Tb vaurjiun glitmun- 
yandeins wlicttos mwc snaiws, swaleikoB 
iwe M-ulIareifl auu airfiai ui mag ga- 

4 Yah ataugi|>8 war)i Itn Helias mi|> 
Hos6> yah wesuu rodyandauB int)» leaua. 

5 Yah aiulbuf)*audH I'aitnia qaj* du 
l04Ua, lU)>l>ci, go}i ist uufiis her wisan ; 
yuIi giiwnurkyatn bityana \>riD3, |)Ui oiu- 
anu, yul) Mofm uinana, yah alnana He- 

6 Ni auk wissu wha rodidedi ; weaau 
auk usagidai. 

7 Yali M-arji luilhma ufarskadwyaods 
; yuh qani stlbna us ffaiiima milbmin. 


forifaon du niat 6a }ing Ae aynd 
ac da ^ing de aynd maiuiA. 

34 Dr cwie^ he, iogffdera gecl] 
menegu, mid hia leoming-cnihtunj, (jiT 
hwa wyle me fyligean, widaace 
iylfne, and nime hia evylminge, 
folgige me. 

35 Se de wyte hii lawle hate 
se hi fonpD^; ae de forspiI[> hia Ml 
for me and fur dam godapelle »e 

36 Hwiet frema^ men, deah he 
middau*eard gestrync, and do hifl 
forwjTd 1 

37 Odde hwylc gewryxl lylt* m 
fur bis sawie 1 

38 Sol'licc ee de me forsyh|>. and 
word on diare unriht-haemedan and 
fiilran cneorisse, done mannca sona 
5yb|i, doime be cym|i on his 
wuldre, mid halgum euglum. 

Orap. TX. 1 Da aaede he him> So) 
ic secge eow, di^t sunie 8>*nd ber 
icnde, de deoJ> ne oubyrigeaf*. 
gescon Godes rice on mft>gue cumu.^ 

2 Da xher syx dagum nam se 
Pctrum. and lacobum, and lol 
and l8fdde hi sylfe on sundron on 
heahne miint ; and wear^ beforan 

3 And bis reaf wunlon gUtinicndei 
h^ite Bwa snaw, swa nan fuUere 
eorjtun nc mieg swa hwrte gedon. 

4 Da letywde him Heliaa mid M( 
and to him apneeon. 

5 Da andswarode PetruA him and 
Lareow, god is dflpt we her bran 
uton wjTcan ber (tco earJunjx-fltdi 
dne, and Muysc aue, oad Helie ane. 

6 So^lice he nyste hwaet he em^\ 
wiea lifKred mid ege. 

7 AjkI neo ]y(l hi ofersceadewode ; 
stefu com of d»re lyfte, and cwa-l".. 

4.-1X7-] W\'CL1FFE,J389- 

TYNDALE, 1536. 


IX. I And he aeide to hem, 
I seie to 50U. for ther ben summe 
stondin^'C here, the whiche 
not taste deetb, til thct Bea the 
ff God comynfi^ in vertu. 

Rftir Bixe dajea Jhe^ua took 
id Jainca, and Juhti, autl Icditb 
hem Beluo aloone in to ftn hi} 
d h« is tnuiflfigurid byforc hem. 

his clothia ben maod Bchynynge 
he fal mocbe as snow, and which 
dothis & fiiUere* may not make 

I erthe. 

Helye with Moyses apperide to 

id thci weren Bpckjnge with 

Petrc answeringe seith to Jhcsui 
^ i( is good ^'B for to be here ; 
here thro tabernaclia, oon to 
D to Mouses, oud oon to Helye. 

1i he wiste not what he Bchiilde 
i»othc thei wereu agast by drede. 
ther is maud a cloude schadew- 
1 ; aod a voys cam of the cloude, 

; for thou sanerist not tho j 
that bcQ of Qod, but tho thlngia 
I of men. 

d the cumpanye of peple gederid, 
a disciplia, he aeidu to hem, If 
D wole sue me, deiiyc he him 
1 take he his cros, and sue he 

hly who so wole make bis soule^ 
echol leese it ; foreothc he that 
me bis soulo^ for me and the 
Bchal make it saC 
Uili what profitctb it a man^ if he 
al (be world, luid do |>c}rriuge to 

what cluungyng Bcbal a man 

Ills eoulet 
braotb who that ftchal knolecbe 
d my wonlis in this generacioun 
and manuis sone i^cbal know- 
m, whfuine he schal come iu the 
; hia fudir, with his aungcls. 

Ooo after me, Satan ; for thou savcrest 
not the tb^Tiges offGod, but the thynges 
off men. 

34 And ho called the people vnto h}-ni, 
with bis disciples also, and sayd vnto 
them. AVhosoevcr wyll folowe me» lett 
In-ra forsake bym silfe, and take vp his 
crosse, and folowe mc. 

35 For whosoever wyll anvo his lyfe^ 
shall lost' it ; but whutiuevor shall lose 
his lyfe for my sake and the gospels, the 
same shall save it. 

36 What shal it profet a man yf be 
shultlc wyn all the worlde, and loose his 
awne souJe 7 

37 Or els wbat shall a man gore to 
re<leuje bis soulc agayue 1 

38 Whosoever thcrfore shall be as- 
shamed off mc, and oS* my wordea a- 
monge this advoutrous and eiiifull gene- 
raciou, of bym shall the sonne of man 
be ashamed, when he commetli iu tlie 
glory of bis father, with the holy angela. 

Chap. IX. 1 And he saydc vnto tbem, 
Verely I saye vnto you, there be some 
off them that stonde bei-e, which shall 
not taste of deeth, tyll they have sene 
the kyngdom off God come with power. 

2 And after .vj. daycs Jesus toke Peter, 
James, and Jhon, and loedc them y\) in 
to an hye inonntayi»e out of the waye 
alone ; and he was transtigurcd before 

3 And bis rayment did Bh3me and was 
made very whyte even as anowe, so 
wbyte as uoo fuller can make upon the 

4 And there apered vnto them Helyaa 
with Moses, and they talked with Jeeu. 

5 And Peter answered and saytie to 
Jesn, Master, here is good beinge for vs ; 
let vs moke .iij. tabernacles, one for the, 
one for Moses, and one for Helyas. 

6 And wist not wliat be sayde ; for 
they were afrayde. 

7 And there was a cloude that shad- 
duwed them ; and a voyce com out of 

p 2 


GOTinC. 360. 

Bft ist saotis meins sa liuba, )>amiaa 

8 Yah anaks Tosaiwhuidaiis, ni ban- 
asei^ ainohun gmsewhun, alya lesa 
ainana niiji sia. 

9 Dala)> }>an atgaggandam fm af )iamnia 
fairf^oyaf auabfiu|i im, ci mannhuQ ni 
spUIodedciua trntci gasewhun, mba bi)>e 
sunus mails us dau(>aim iiBato)n. 

10 Yoli )mLa waurJ habaidedun du sis 
miseo. sokyaDdans wba isC |)ata, as 
daubaim iisstandan. 

1 1 Yah frchuD ma, qij^andans, Unte 
qi)>and {lai bokaiyos, |«tei Bellas ekoli 
qiman faiir})ia? 

13 I^'iti andhiifyaods qu|> du im, Tlelia 
8we|iauh qimauds faurltis. aftra^botei[> 
alia ; yah whaisra ^meli|> iat bi sunu 
mans, ei manag vrmuai, yah frakunjia 

13 Akei qi))a izwis, ]>aiei yn Helias 
qam, yah ^towidcdun imma swa filu 

,flwe wildedan, swaswe gameli)> ist bi 

14 Yah qimands at siponyam, gnsatvh 
iihi mnna^ios bi ins, yali bokaryaua 
sokyanduns uii]> im. 

f 5 Yah sunsni w n1 la mtumgei ga- 
saiwhandaus tna, usgeisnodeduu ; yah 
durinnandans, luwitun ina. 

1 6 Yah frah }>ana bokar^'ans, Wba 
8okoi|> ta\p [laim ) 

17 Yah andhafyands ain.s us \nz6l 
managein (]aj>, LiiHari, bralita sunu 
xneinana du \t\is babandan ahman un- 
rodyandau ; 

18 Yah |»i8wbarub |)oi Tna gafahil», ga- 
rtrair|)i|) ina, yah wha|>yi|f, yah kriuitiji 

tun]}uiis seinans, yah gastaurkiii}>. Van 
qa)} gipouyam |>eiiiaim, ci usdrcibciua 
IDA, yah Qi mohtedun. 

19 lt|i IS andhafyands \m qa}*, 1 kuni 
angHlaub3rando, und wha at VkwIs siyau, 
uud wha }>uku tzwis ? Buiri^ lua du 

AXOLO-SAXOK, 995. [St. Mi« 
is min leofesU sonu. g«hyra)) hiae. 

8 And suua da hi besawon, hi uanne 
niid him ne ji^esdwon, baton done Ui 
end sylfne mid him. 

9 And da hi of dam munte astigon,] 
bead him. da?t bi oanam ne mdoa\ 
Jiing dc hi gesawoD, baton doone 
nes sunn of dcajic arise. 

ID Hi da diet word geheoldoa hcttrax, 
him, and smcadou hwiet dfit 
dunnc he of dea)>e arise. 

11 And hi bine ahsodon da, Hi 
aecgajt Pharisei and da boceras, 
gebyTB|» aereat Helias cumel 

12 Da ssede he him andswarieo 
Helias callc ^'ing gc-eduiwtij). donne 
cym|i; svra, be manncs suua anritca! 
dset he fehi |K>b*ge, and si oferhogoft. 

1 3 Ac ic secge eow, Act He)ta8 
and hi dydon him swa hwset m 
woldon, swa be him iiwriton is. 

14 And du he com to his leonul 
cnilttum, he gcscah myccle mc 
abuton hi, and boceras mid lilrn 

15 And sona call folc d»<ne 
>i;e8Conde» wearb afu^red. and forfat ; 
bine gretendc. liim to amon. 

16 Da ahsode he hi, Hwtet smeag* 
betweox cow V 

17 Him audswarode un of dvre 
igu, Larcow, ic brohte miune 
dumbne gast biebbende ; 

iS Se swa hwter swa he bice 
forgnit bine, and tojium griRtbiU^, 
forscnnc)). And ic stede dinum Icol 
iug-cnihtu!u, dait bi hiuc ut-adrifou. 
hi ne mihton. 

1 9 Da ands^-arode he him, Ealii ! 
getcofiullc cncorys, swa lange fwa 
mid eow boo, swa Uage ic eow 
Bringa]» hine to me. 

l] WYCLIFFE,i389. 

ThU is my mooste decrcworthe 

ire ^e him. 
ftnoD tliei biboldingc aboutc, 
[more &ny mou, no but Jbcsua 
pth bom. 

f hem comynge down fro tbc bil, 
iUudidc hem, that tliei schulde 
b to any man tbo tbinjj^s that 
|de w^Ti, no but whannc mannis 
kh rison fro deede 9pirilis. 
n thei hceldcu the word at hem 
^ge what schulde be, wham:)e 
jrismi fro deedc. 

a thei anden him, seyiugc, What 
I »cyn Pharisees and scribis, for 
pth Helye for to come first t 
I which aosweringe seith to hem, 
I Helye schal comi* first, be scbal 
idle thingiB ; and hou it is writun 
pumis souc that he ffofire many 
land be despisid. 

I aeie to 50U, for and Helye 13 
id thei diden to him vrhut eucre 
thei wolden, as it is writun of 

he comynge to his di8CT{k)ls, 
cnmpany aboutc hem, and 
ijDge with hem. 

anon ol the cnmpnnye seyui^e 
astoneyc'd, and tl^ei dreden ; 
rennynge to, greetcn him. 
he axide hem, What seken 36 
oon of the cumpany answer- 
Maistir, I bauc brou^t to 
hauynge an vnclene spirit ; 

ncli whcr eucre he schal take 

irtith him, and he frntbitlt/ and 

gidero with teeth, and wexith 

L.nd I seide to thi disciplis, that 

Ideu caste hym oat, and thei 


which answeringe to hem seide, 
Bchrevrid generacioun and out 
hou louge schal I be at ;ou, 
0cb&l I Bufli'e 30a 1 Bryuge 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


the cloudo, sayngo, Thia ys my dere 

Sonne, here hym. 

8 And Hodenly they loked roundo 
uboute them, and sawc no man more^ 
but Jesus only. 

9 As they C4un doune from the hill, he 
chai^geil them, that tboy sholde toll no 
man what they had sene, (yll the sonne 
of man were risen from dectb agayne. 

to And they kepto that sajnge with 
in them, and demaunded won of another, 
what that rysinge from deeth aga^*no 
shulde meane. 

1 1 And they axed hym, eayiuge, Why 
then sayc the scribes, that Helyos musto 
fyrste come 1 

1 2 He answered and sayde vnto them. 
Helyas at his f}Tstc commyngo, shall 
brynge all thynges agayne into got 
order ; and even so ys it wrytten oi 
the Sonne ofT man, that ho shall suffrc 
^any thinges, and shall be set atb 

13 And I saye vuto you. thutt Heljras 
ys come, and they have done vnto hym 
whatsoever pleased them, as it is wrytten 
off hym. 

14 And lie cam to his disciples, and 
sawe moche people aboutc them, and 
the scribes disputinge with them. 

15 And streyght waye all the people 
behelde hym, and were amased ; and 
ran to hym, and saluted hym. 

16 And he sayde >*nto the scribes, 
What dispute ye with them ? 

17 And won of the companyc answered 
and sayde. Master, I have brought my 
Bonne vnto the which hath a dom spirite ; 

j8 And whensoever ho tnketh hym, ha 
tecreth hjm, and he fomotli, and gnnsah- 
eth with his tcthe, and pyneth awaye. 
And I spake to thy disciples, that they 
shuldo caste hym out, and they coulde 

1 9 He answered him and sayd, O ! 
generacion without faight, bowe longe 
shall Y be with you, howe longe shall Y 
suOre youl Briuge him vnto me. 

214 GOTHIC, 360. 

ao Ynh Tirahtedun ina at Tmma. Tab 
gatiaiwhauds ina, suusuiw sa ahina tAhida 
mu f yul) driuaaods ana uir|)a, walwisoda 

2 1 Yuh frail |»ana attan "ia, Whan Injjg 
mcl lot, ci )?ata war)» imma] )[)> ia qu)*, 
Ua bamiskya ; 

23 Yali uii& ina yah m fon at warp jrah 
in wato, ei nsqutidedi imnia ; akci 
yabui magcis, liilp unsaro, gablci^y&nds 

33 l]t lesus qa^ du imnia, pata 3'abai 
maj,;eis gn1nu1>yAii,allatainaliteig [>nmma 

34 Yab sunsaiw ufhropyands sa atta 
|}is bumis mi}) ttigi'ani qaj), Galikubya ; 
blip meiniuKOS ungalaiibeinaia. 

25 CiAwiiwhauds {)an lesuB )>atei 8ain&{i 
rauu inaiiuf^^ci, gavrliotida abinlu [lanima 
uubrainyii)} qi|mnds du imma, pu alima 
^11 unrodyands }'ah bau^, ik jms ana- 
biuda, usgagg us |>amina> yab )>ana«ei]7a 
ni ga1oi[)ais in luo. 

26 Yah bropyanda, yah fihi tabyands 
'ina, usiddya; ynh war^ ewe dau)?8, swa- 
swc manngai qe[>un, )iatei gaswalt. 

37 I|> Kesua undgrcipandfl ina bi hand- 
au, urruiijida iua ; yub uuHtu|>. 

28 Yali galeit>andan Tna in ganl, nip- 
onyos 18 frehun ina sundro, Duwbe wota 
ui luabteduni uijdreiban ^ana) 

2g Yah qa|) du Tm, jiata kuni in 
TV'uihtai ni mag nagaggati, niba in bidai 
yuh fastubnyti. 

30 Yah yainjiro usgaggandana, iddye- 
dun |>airh Galeilaian ; yab ui wilda ei 
vbas wissedi. 

31 Unte laiaida sipouyans seinans, yab 
qa|) du i'm, patei suiius niuna utgtbada 
in hnndnna raanne, yali usqimanvl imnia, 
yah u3(pBti|»9, [>ridyiu daga U8atftndi|». 

33 l\f eia ni fro|»un jiamma wanrda, 
yab ohtodun ina fraihnan. 

33 Yah qam in Kafamaum. Yah in 
gardft qumana, frah ins, Wha in wigft 
luijj izwia lois&o mitodeduj)? 

ANGLO-SAXON. 995. [St. 

20 Da brohtoD hi bine. And da he 
bine gcseah, sona ae gaai bine gedn^fde ; 
and on eorfian forgiiyden, lieniende he 

31 And da ahsodc be hys Gieder^ Uu 
laug tid is, syddan him dis gebyrfde) 
Da cw%|> he. Of citdbadc ; 

2 3 He bine gclombce on (yr and 
WKtcr scnde, cU;t be bine forapilde ; M 
gif du bwset miht, gefylst ua, are 

33 Da owie^ s« Hielcnd, Qyf <ld 
lyfan miht, ealle j^ing synd gflyfedt 

24 Da sona brymde tties cfldca 
and wcpende cwa.'|T, Dribten, ic golyf 
gefyUt minre ungelfi&ffubyase. 

35 And eta ae Haclend geseob da 
yrnendan menogu, be bebead dam 
clxuan gaate, dua cwedende, Eala 
and dumt»a gust, ic beodo de, ga of 
and ne ga du leng on bine. 

26 He da hrymende, and bine 
alitende, eode of him ; and be 
avylcc he dead wsere^ swa. diet 
cwiedon, s6{)]ice he is dead. 

37 Da nam sc Hslend bia hand, 
bine up-abof ; and be ilriU da. 

28 And da he into dam hviso eode^i 
leorning-cnihtas bine digotllce ahsodc 
Uwi ne mihton we bine ut-adrifeu I 

39 Da atede he. Dia cyn ne meg ol 
nanum men lit-gan, baton jnirb g^bedft 
and on £n>atcne. 

30 Dd bi danon ferdon. liig forbugoo 
Oaliieam ; be oolde diet bit Koig mm 

31 S6]ilice he laerde bia leoroii 
cnihtaa, and sicde, Su)jlice mannes 
bi[) geseald on synt'uira handa« dct 
bine o&lean, and ofslagen, dam ^( 
dsge be arisL 

33 Da nyston bi d«t word, anA 
adrcdon bine alisionde. 

33 Da comou bi to Capbanuam, 
da hi tei bam weeron, be obsodo H 
Hwiet smeade go bo wege? 

"TYNDALE, 1326. 


ao And the! hrou^ten hym to. And 
rbume be ludde U}ii him, anon the 
pirit troablide liitu ; aud he cast doim 
D to the erthe, wus wulewid frotbingc. 
21 And h« axidc his faJir^ Hou mucho 
i tyme it is, sithen this tiling fel to 
iim ? .\jid he seith. Fro cliildhod ; 
13 And oft« be hath sent him and in 
ti fier Aud in to watir, that he schulde 
tMH him ; but &nd if tbou moist ony 
, help yv, haaynge mercy on vs. 

93 Sothli Jhesiu seith to him, If thou 
ttiit bileue, alle thingis ben potuible to 
ABiD bileDynge. 

94 And ttjiow the fudir of the child cri- 
m^ with teens seide, Lord, I bileue j 
lelp Ihoa mjT3 vnbilcucfulne«e. 

15 And whiiune JhciiUB badde scyn the 
c«np*ny of pt-ple rennynge to gidere, 
h maoAaide u* the vnclene spirit, soy- 
Hft to him, Thon deef nud doumb 
ifiril, I pomaaud thee» go out fro him, 
nd entre not more in to bim. 

26 And he criynge, and moche to- 
lin^ttge him, wrate out fro him ; and 
'h'u maad as deed, so that manyc seiden, 
tkt be was deed. 

17 Forfloth JbeflUB holdynge his bond, 
ft* Tp bim ; and he rooe. 

j3 And wlianne he badde entrid in to 

^ ■ bous, his ditjciptis axiden him priuely, 

IThi mj^ton not wc caste hym out f 

And he scj'de to hem, Tliis kyiide 

thing may go out, no bat in preier 

And tbei gon fro thennis, wenten 
in to Galile ; and be wolde no 


He tao^te his disciplis, and seido 
lo bem, For inannus Bono scbal be bi- 
hyed in to the homliH of men, and the! 
ridklen ele him, and he slayn, on the 
Ittridde day scbal rise ajen. 

3 J And thci knowen not the word, and 
ditdden for to axe bim. 

ijl And thei camen to Oafamaum. 
Hitli whennp he was in the bous, axide 
^E What tretiden ;e in the weici 

ao And they brought him ^iito him. 
And as sone as the sprele sawe him, ho 
tare bim ; and he fell dnune on tho 
grounde, walowingo and fonivnge. 

21 And he axed his father. Howe longe 
is it a goo, sens this huth bapjiened hym 1 
And he sayde, Of a cbylde ; 

23 And oftc tymes casteth bym in to 
the fyre and also in to tho water, to 
doetruye hjin ; butt yff thou canstc do 
euy thj-nge, have mercy on vs, and 
helppe V8. 

33 Jesus sayde vnto him, Yo yf thou 
couldest Iteleve, all thyngea are posayhle 
to hym that helevitb. 

24 Aud Btreygthwaye the father off the 
chylde eryed with teares snyinge, Lord©, 
I beleve ; sucker myne vnbelefc. 

35 When Jesus sawe that the people 
cam runnynge togcddcr vnto hym. ho 
rebuked the foule sprete, ii^yinge vnto 
hym, Tbou dom aud deffe sprete, I 
charge the, come out of hym, and cntre 
no more in to hym. 

26 iViid the sprete cryed, and rent him 
soro, and cam out ; and he was as won 
that had bene deed, in ao mocbe tltat 
many sayde, he is deed. 

37 Butt Jesus caught bys honde, and 
lyfte hym ^'pp ; and ho roose. 

38 And when he was oomc in to the 
bousse, his disciples axcil him secretly. 
Why coulde nott we caste hym out 1 

29 And he sayde vnto them, Tbys 
kyndc can by non other meanes come 
forth, but by prayer and faatynge. 

30 And they departc<l thens, and tokc 
there iomey thorowe Galile ; and wolde 
not that eny man sbulde have knowcn itt. 

31 For he taught liys disciples, and 
aayde vnto tbeui. The sonuo off man 
sballie del}*vcrcd in to the bondca off 
men, and they shall kyll h^in. and after 
that be yt> kylled, bo shall aryao agayn« 
the tbryil daye. 

32 Butt they wiste nott what that say- 
inge meant, and were aflfrayed to axe 

33 And he cam to Capernaum. And 
when be was come to hotisse, he sayde 
to them, What was that yo disputed by- 
twone you by the wayc 1 


34 I|> cis alawaidcdiin ; du sis misso 
aiidmnDnn, wharj'ia maists weai. 

35 Yah sitands atwopida |>an8 twalif, 
yth qft)> du im. Yabai whus wili fnimists 
wtmn, siyai allaize aftunilsts, yah ullaim 

36 Vub Qunanda 1>an), gasatida ita 'in 
midyaim Tin ; yah ana armlna nimanda 
Ita, qa|> du iiD, 

37 Saei aiD yizo swnleikaize harue 
andniTinit> ana namin mcinanuna, mik | 
andnimi)>j )'ah sawhazub Mci mik and- 
nimi|), ni mik audulmi[<t ak |>aDa sand- 
yandan mik. 

38 Audhof |HLn imma lohaonefi, qi^ 
nnds, Lnisari, scwlium BumaDa I'u |>eia- 
umina tiamin usdrcibaudan u»hu1j>on9, 
sact ni )ai3toi|» uiisIa, ^iih waridedum 
imma, unte ni laistci}) unsis. 

39 I|) is qft|), Ni warji)) Tmma ; 
ni mnnnahun auk tst Baei tauyi^i mabt 
'in namin mrinnmma, yah magi sprauto 
ubil wuurdyau mis. 

40 Unto saei niat wit>ra 'izwis, faur 
izwis lat. 

4 1 Stioi ank allis gadragkyai izwis 
stikla watins 'in namio meinamma, unte 
Chriataua fiiyu|), anicn qi|ia izwis, ci ni 
fraqistei)} mizdou seinai. 

42 Yah saivhazuh saei gamarxyai ain- 
ana )>ize leititane j;ize galaubyandane du 
mis, go)> ist iumia raais ei galagyaidau 
asituqainiuB ana lialsaggan is, yah fra- 
vaurpans wesi in marein, 

43 Yah yahai raarzyai ^k handus 
l^ina, afmait )>o ; go|» |)us Vst hamfamma 
in lilwin ga1ei|pan, ]iau twos lumduua 
babandin galci(iau in gaiainnan, in fon 
}«ta unwhapuando. 

44 parei nia{m ize ni gaswllti^, yah Ton 
m afirhapnij^. 

45 Yah yabai fotua |ioins marzyai ))ukj 
afmait Tna ; go{» ))us ThI galei^ in 
libain haltamma, jiau twans futuus hnb- 

^andin gawaiq)an in gaiainnan, In Toil 
'^ta unwba[)uando, 

46 parei ma|ta i'zc ni gaswilti)>» yah 
fon ni afwhapniti. 

47 Yah yabai augo ()cin marzyai |iuk, 

W5- [St. 

34 And hi BuwodoD ; witodlicc M 
wege smeadon, hwvlc hyra yidost wsere. 

35 Da he siet he clypode hi tweltet 
and suede him, Gif eowcr hvylc w^' 
beon fynnest, beo se cadmodost, 
eower calra |»en. 

36 an nam be anne cnapao, and 
sette on hyra middele ; da he 
bec1)*])tc, be wede him, 

37 Swa hwylc swa anne of dufl 
radum cnapum on minum naman 
se oufeb|i me ; and se de me onfeb^, 
no onfeh|» me, ac done de mc aende.* 

38 Di andswarode lohannes, and ci 
Lurcow, suimie wc gcsawon on di 
naman deofol-scocne^a ut-adrifende. 
ne fylig}} us* and we him forbudon* 

39 Da cw8e)i be. Ne forbeode gft 
nis nan de on minum mu 
wyrce, and maege radc be me 

40 Se dc ma ageu eow, se is 

41 S6)>Uce Bc de 6yi|> drioc eow 
fulne weeteres on minum naman, fo 
ge Cristes synd, ic eow soy socge, 
forlyst be Iub mede. 

43 And BWB bwa swa gedref^ aeno*^ 
dyssum lytlingum on me gtlyfendi 
betere him waerc datt an cweuni^ 
wsere to bis sweoran gecuyt, and 
Ob sse beworpcn. 

43 And gil din hand de swicat>. 
hi of; bctere dc is diet du vranliil 
life ga, donne du twa bauda bwbbc 
fare on belle, and on anacwen< 

44 Dar hyra wyrm ne swylti and 
ne bij> acweucett 

45 And gif din fot swica)> de. 
bine of; botere de is deet da 
gd on ece lif, donno du hicbbe twt 
fet and si aworpen on hello, 
cwencedlices fyrea, 

46 Oar hym wyrm ne awylt* nt ^Tj 
bi|» adwiESced. 

47 Oif diu eage de swica^, woorp 

1 WYCLTFFE, 1389. 

I thei veren stille ; sothli thei 

ki among hem in the n*eie. who 

iebulde be marc. 

I he aittinge clepide the twelue, 

h to hem, If any man wole l>c 

I among ^du. he schal be tho 

d mynystre of alio. 

I be takinge a childe. ordeynede 

(the myddil of hem ; whom 

be hadde byclippid, he aeitb to 




euere sebal receyue oon of 
{Idren in my name, he receyueth 
8 who euere recejiieth me, he 
h not me (doonc, but him that 

Bt ausweride to him, seyingc, 
we fiv^en sum oon for to ca«to 
|b in thi name, the whieh sueth 
^d we ban forbedun him. 

Ui Jbesus seith to him, Nylc 30 
him ; ther is uo man thftt doth 
ixay name, and may sooue spcke 

itothe he that is not ajens vh, ia 

ewho cuerc Bcbal ;yue drynke 
ppe of cold wntir io my imme, 
to of Crist, treuly I eeie to 30U, 
pot leese hia mede. 

who euere achal sclaundrc oon 
;\e bileuynge in me, it is good 
Lt a mylne stoon of aaais were 
hia necke, and were sent in 

if thin bond sclauadre thee,' 
y ; it is good to thee fcble to 
lyf, than hauynge twey houdis 
Ue, in to tier that neucre schal 

the worm of hem dcieth not, 
fier is not quenchid. 
I if thi foot Bclaundre thee, kitt 
I ifl goiKl to tliee for to eutre 
B to cuerlastin^r I^rf^ than Imu- 
~ feet to be sent in to helle of 

neuer achal be quenchid, 
the worm of hem deieth not, 

er is not qucuchid. 

i if thin y^c sclaundre thee, cast 

34 And they helde their peace ; for by 
the waye they rcasoncil amonge them 
selves, who shulde be the chefest. 

35 And he sute doune and called Uie 
twelve vnto hym, and soyd to them, Yf 
eny man desjTe to bo fyrst, the same 
shalbc Inst off all, and sen'nunt vnto all. 

36 And he tokc a chylde, and sett hym 
in the myildea of then» ; and toke hyra 
in hys armes, and sayde vnto th«n, 

37 Whosoever receave eny soche a 
cbylde in my name, he receaveth me ; 
and whosoever receaveth me, receaveth 
not me, but him tlmt scut me. 

38 Jbon answered him, sayinge, Master, 
we sawe won castingc out dovyls in thy 
name, which foloweth not vs, and wo 
forbade hym, be oause be foloweth vs 

39 But Jesus sayde, Forbid hyra nott; 
for there ys no man tliat shall do a 
myraclo in my name, and cau speake 
lightly evyll of me. 

40 Whosoever is not agaynste you, is 
on youre parte. 

41 And whosoever shall geve you a 
cupj»e off water to driukc for my noma 
sake, be cause ye are belong}nge to 
Ohristc, verely T ssye vnto you, he shall 
nott loose his rewarde. 

43 And whosoever shall hourte won of 
this litell wous that holeve in mc, it 
were better for him that a myll stouo 
were hanged aboutc his necke, and that 
he were cast in to the see. 

43 And yf thy hande offende the, cut 
b)*ni of; itt ys better for the to entre 
into lyffc majTued, then to goo vnth two 
hondes in to hell, in to fire that never 
shalbc quenched, 

44 Wlicrc there worm© dyeth nott, and 
the fyre never goeth oute. 

45 And j-f thy fote offende the, cct 
hym of ; it is better for the to goo halt 
in to lyfc, then with ij. fete to be cast 
into hell, into fyre that never shalbe 

46 Where there wormc dyeth not, and 
the fyre never goeth oute. 

47 And yf thyne eye offende the, plucke 


OOTHIC, 360. 


>N. 955. 

tiswairp I'mma ; goj) ^as isi liaibamma 
j,tftlci[jftn in jfiudangardya Gu|>8, I'uu twa 
aiir;nna hBbandin atwairpan To gaiaiimaii 

48 parci mat^ft iee ni f;^au{iQi^, yah 
fon ni afwhapnijj. 

4 9 \Vliii/,uh auk funin saltada, 3rab 
wharyatoh liunsic salta saltuda. 

50 Oo)» salt ; 1^ ynbiu salt unsaltan 
wair|)i)r, whe supudat Hubai|> in iz^rii 
salt, yah gawair|>eigai eiyaij> mi|> "izwia 

CoAp. X. I Yah yaml>ro usstand- 
ands, qam in niarkom Iiidaina hindar 
laurdiiuau; yah guqeiuuu sik aflra rnan- 
a;fcius du uuma, yali awe biuht«, aftra 
1 nisi da ius. 

2 Yah duatgasrgandftM Fareisaieia^ 
frehuu iua, Skuldii aiyai mann qen eS- 
satyun ? Draisauduiis lua. 

3 I|> is andhttfyands qa)), Wlia izwia 
anabau)» Sloees ? 

4 I|> eis qo|)Un, Moses oslaubida unsia 
bokos afsateinais melyon, yah aflotan. 

5 Yah andhafyanda lesus qafi du im, 
Wilii-fl harduhairtein iswara gamelida 
uwls |k> anabusn. 

6 1|» af unnatodeinfti iB^askaftaia gumcin 
yah qinein gatawida Gufi; 

7 luuh |)is bilei|)at manna attin aeinam- 
ma yah aijieiu seinai, 

8 Yah 8i3raina Jk) twa du leika samio. 
Swaawe |»anaacif»a ni siud twa, ak Jcik 

9 patei nu Gu)i gawafi, manna ))amma 
ni skaidai. 

10 Yah in garda aftra aiponyos is bi 
))ata samo frehuu i'na. 

11 Yah qa)> (hi im, Sawhazuh saei 
aflcti)) <]en seina, yah liugai^ an|iora, 
horino|i du [itzai. 

li Yah yabai qino afletifi a}>an aeinana, 
[ah liugada an})aramma, horiuo)>. 

at ; beterG de is mid anura 
on Oodes rice, donne twa 
bende sy uworpen on belle ^, 

48 Oar byra wynn do swylt, IM 
bil> acwpncod. 

4() S6)>tict> selc man bi)f mid 
sylU and «lo offrung bi^ mid 

50 God is Malt ; gif ^»t sedt 
bi)>, on dam de ge hit ayltat> ] 
sealt on cow, and habba^ aibbc 1 

Gbap. X I And danon, he 
ludeisce cudaa of lordaoe ; da 
eft menigu to him, and awa 
gewunode, he hi lerde efl-aoiiA. 

2 Da geneaieehtoD bun Fharii 
bine azodon, Uwa^der alyf^ 
men his wif forlaetan t his dm 

3 Da andswarode be him, Hwfl 
Moyses eow Y 

4 Hi Bscdon, Moyses lyfde di 
write hiw-gcdtilcs hoc, and hi fori 

5 Oa cwb)> bo Hnlend» For 
beortan heardnesse he eow 


6 Fram fruman gcsceaite Qod 
worhte wappnednum and wimral 

7 And cwie}», Fordam se man 
his fieder ancl moder, and U 
wife gef>eot, 

8 And beo^ twegen on anum 
Witodlice ne synd na twcgcn^ 

9 Dst God gesamnode, ne 1 
dtet nuu man. 

10 And efi innan hose his I 
(^ihtas bine be dara ylcan aheodo 

1 1 Da cw3e|» hc^ Swa hwylc n 
his wif forlect, and odcr nim^, 
hsemed he wyrc|> |»urh hi. 

1 3 And gif dset wif hire were 
and odcme aim)), heo nnribt-hDeq 

:, I a.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

ts good to ihee for to eotre 
10 to rcwme of God, than 
(B twey T^cn for to be scat in io 
ffier. ■ 

here the iromi of hpm deieth not, 
fier ifi not qucnchid. 
)th cuery iiian srlml )>e saltld^ 
and euery alajm sacritico scbal 
d with salt 

is good thing ; that if salt be 
in what thing schulcn ^e make 
1 Haue ;e salt in 3011, and 
pees among 301L ■ 

TYNDALE, 1516. 


X I And Jhesus risynj^e vp 

is, cam in to the endia of Juile 

and eftaooiioa tbe cum- 

peple camen to gidcrc to him, 

! was wont, eftsoone he taujte 

ttftrisees comjmgo ny^. axiden 
L lie leeff'ul to a man for to 
iryfl temptinge him. 

ho answcringe with to hem, 
naun<lide Moyses to 30U 1 
Hrhicfae seidcn, Moyses suffride 
~ libel of forsakinge, and to 

m Jhesiis onsweringo s«ith, 
of 50ure herte Moysee 
thia proc«pt. 
the fro the bigyunyn^ of crea- 
made hem male and female : 
e aeide. For this thing a man 
ne fadir and modir, and schat 
> hia \rii^ 

thd schnlen be two3me in o 
And so now thci bcti not 
t o fleisch. 

that tbin^ that God ioynede 
no man departe. 
eftfloone in the hows his dia- 

him of the Bamc thinr;. 
he seith to hem, Who euere 
e his wyf, and wedde another, 
outrie vpon hir. 
if the wj'f schal leeue hir bose- 
d be weddid to anotlicr, slie 

hym onte ; itt ys better for the to goo 
in to the kj*ngdom of God with one eye^ 
then havynge two eyes to be caste into 
hell f>TC, 

48 Where their worme dyeth nott, and 
the fyre never goPth oute. 

49 Every man tlierfore shalbe salted 
with fyre, and every sucr^'fyse shalbe 
seasoned with saltt. 

50 Salt ya good ; but yf the salt ho 
ynsavery, what aliall ye suite there ^'ith 1 
Se that ye have saltt in youre Belves, 
and have peace amonge youre selves one 
with another. 

Cftap. X. I And he rose from thons, 
and went in to the cooates of Jewry 
througli the regyon that ya bcyonda 
lordan ; and the people resorted vnto 
hyni afrcsahe, and as he was wont, ho 
taught them asrayne. 

a And the Fharyses cam, and axed hym 
a question, Whether it were luufull for 
ft man to patt awaye hya wyfcl to 
prove hym. 

3 He answered and said vnto them, 
What did Moses bid you do 7 

4 And they sayde, Moses suffred to 
wryte a teatiraoniall of her divoramcnt, 
and to putt her awaye. 

5 And Jesus answered and sayd vnto 
them, For because of youre harde herttea 
he wrote thys pi-ecept vnto you. 

6 But at the fyrst creacion God made 
them man and woman ; 

7 Sayiuge, For thys thiuRCS Bake shall 
a nmu Icve father and mother, and byde 
by his wj-fe, 

8 And .ij. shalbe made won flcsshe. So 
then are they nowo nott twayne, but 
won flosshe. 

9 Therfore that whych God hath cup- 
pled, let nott man separate. 

[o And in the houssc his disciples ftxed 
him agayne of that mater. 

1 1 And he sayde vnto them, Wlioso- 
ever putteth awaye hia wyfe, and maryeth' 
another, brcaketh wcdlocke to her warde. 

12 And yf a woman forsake her hus- 
band, and be mai-yed to another, alio 
coramitteth advoutry. 


'3 panuli at1>Grun du imma bomar ei 
attaitoki im ; 'i\> (>ai stpoDyoe ts aokun 
pnim bairaudam du. 

14 Qasaiff^bands |»in lesus, unwerida, 
yali qQ|t du 1111, lA*tif> jw lAtrna ;,'ugr'fftn 
(hi mis, yah oi 'war^'i)? |»o, unto })ize ist 
)»iuUungar<li Gu)>8. 

15 Amen qi)ia izvris, saei ni andnimi)) 
^iudau^ardya Qu|)S swe barn, ni y^nh 
qimi)} in izai. 

16 Yah pi[>Inihands im, Ingyands bond- 
uns ana \>o, |iiu|)ida im. 

17 Yab UBgftggandin irama in wig, 
duatnnnandA ains, yah knussyanda, ha)i 
'inA.c|i|iaiid9,La)sari |>iut>eijL!:a, wha tauyau, 
ei libaiuaia aiweinons arbya wair|>ftu? 

id I)> is qaji du imma, Wba mik qi|)i8 
))iu|icit;iuia1 Ni wbaahuu ^iupeigs, ulya 
ains Gu(i. 

19 poa anabusnins kant. ni borinoa, ni 
maurl^ryuig, ni hiifms, ni siyais ga- 
liu^awcitwuds, ui anoraabtyaia, awcrai 
attan ]M.*iimna yah ni^ein |>ciuu. 

20 purub andhafyanda qa}* du Vmnia^ 
Laisarif ^0 alia gafostaida us yundai 

31 l|i lesos insaiwhonds du inuna, 
{riyoda ina ; yab qa|r du Vmroa, Ainia 
|>UH wan itjt ; ga^gt siva tilu awe liabaia 
frabugoi, yub gif t^arbara, 3'ali habuis 
huzd in bimiiiaui ; yab biri, luistyau 
mik uimands golgao. 

22 I[) IS ganipnands 'in |)is wannJis, 
galni)) gaurs, was auk habandB faihu 

33 Yah bisaiwhands Ie«ns, qaj) sipon- 
yftm seinaira, Sai wbaiwa agluha |>ai laiho 
gahulmndans in (>iud&Dgardya Ouju ga- 
le i[>and. 

24 lt> }>iii siponyoB afst&ulmodGdun in 
waurdc is. panib Icrus aflra andhaf- 
^ands qa|> im, Burniluna. whuiwa agin 
Ust, |?aini hugyumlum nfur failmu in 
jfiudangardya Gu))a ga1ci})an. 

Azitizo ist ulbaudau |>airh {nirko 

995. [ 

13 And hi brobton Urn hyn 
dsnt he bi fet-brine ; da clddon 
ing-cnihtas dam de hi brohtoo 


14 Da se Hslend bi geseolt 
lice be hit forbead, and saede 
da I^'tlingas to me cnmao, 
beode ge him, Bo^iHce swyl 

15 S6|ilice ie secge 
8wa Qodes rice ne onfeh^ 
ne g»)r be on diet. 

16 Da beclypte he hi, 
ofer hi settende, bletflode hL^ ; 


17 And da he on wege eode^ 
to am, and geblgedum cneom 
him, cwsef), and bied bin^ 
lareow, hwftt do ie, dwt 10 ece 

18 D.'i cwfe)> ae Heelend, Hi* 
me godne ? Kis nitn man gi 
God ana. \ 

19 Canst du da bebodu, a 
bsem dii, ne slyh dd, ne st^ 
Bcge dii lease gcwitnesse, fiio 
dii, weor^ia diune fn;der and.di 

30 Da ondswarodc lie, Ood 
call dis ic gebeold of minre get 

31 S« Hselond bine da bd 
Infode ; and saede him, An \i 

wana ; gesyle eall dst du ag 
bit [K-arfiim, dunne liK&t du 
on beufuumu ; and c 

33 And for dam wordo be^ 
nnret, and fertle gnomigeodfl 
be hxfde mycele sbta. 

23 Dii cvra.'|> bc Utflcnd to lui 
cnihtum, bine heseonde, Swy< 
lico on Qodes rice ga)> da 

24 Da forhtodon bis leomii 
be hiB wordum. Eft se U» 
andswariende cwa^|>, Eala col 
earfu|>l)ce da de on heo ra fag 
ca^ gd)7 on Godei ri 

35 Eadere ya olfende 


the! of&iden to him litlc cbil- 
ftt he schuMe touche hem ; 
Uaciplia tbretenjden to men of- 



wbanne Jhesus badde se,>ii, 
henye,* and seith to hem, Suffre 
children for to oome to me, and 
^e hem not, forsoth of suche ia 
plom of God. 

luti I Beio to 50U, who euere 

pt receyue the Ityngdom of God 

itie cluld, he schal not entre in 

he biolippinge hem, and putt- 
▼pon hem, bleaside hem. 

d whanne JhesuB was gon out 
je, o man rennyiige bifore, the 
d, prcicdo him, 8t'i)-nge, Goode 
what Bchal I do, that I receyue 

othe JbeauB seide to him. What 
1 me good ? No man good, no 

D hast knoweu the comaunde- 
do thou non anoutric. ste not, 
Beie not fals witnesain*,^, do 
worschipe tbi fadir and mudir. 
he answeringe seith to him, 
I haae kept alle tliese thingiH 

Is Jhesoa biheld him, and louyde 
id be seide to him, O thing 
thee ; go thou, selle thou what 
Dgis thou hast, and ^yue to pore 
1 tliou scbalt baue trcsour iu 
ami come, roe thoa me. . . 

B which maad sorwfiil in the 
,te awey momynge, forsoth he 
mge many possesciooDS. 
Jhcsua biboldinge aboutc, seith 
plis. How hard thei that ban 
dklUen entre in to the kyngdom 

lotbe the disciplis wcrcn ston- 
his vordis. And Jhesns eft- 
weringe seith to hem. ^e litle 
V hard thing it i^, men trist- 
richessis for to eutre in to the 
of God. 
lifter ^ a camel for to pasw 

13 And they brought chyldren to hym, 
that he shoulde touche them ; and bys 
dificiples chid tboose that brought them. 

14 \\1ieu Jesus sawe that, he waa dis- 
pleased, and Bayd vuto them, Suffre the 
chyltlren to come vnto me, and forbid 
them not, for vnto suche belongeth the 
kiug<lom of God. 

15 Verely I saye to you, whosoever 
shall not receave the kyngdom of God 
M a chyide, he shall not entre therin. 

16 And he tokc tliem vppe in his 
annes, and putt his hondes apon tbemf 
and bles^d them. 

17 And when he was come out into 
the waye, there cam won mnninge, and 
kncled to him. and axed him, Goode 
master^ what ahall I do, that I maye 
enfaeret eternal \yfe 1 

18 Jesus said \'nto him, Why callcst 
thou me goode 1 There is no man goode 
but won, whycb ys God. 

1 9 Thou knowest the commaundmentcs, 
breake not matrimony, kyll not, steale 
nott, bero no falcc w^tnes, defraudo no 
roan, bouore thy father and thy mother. 

ao He answernl and said to him, 
Master, all tbcese I have observed from 
my youth. 

21 Jesus bchclde him, and had a favour 
to him ; and said vnto him, Won thinge 
is lackiuge vnto the ; goo, and sell all 
that thou haet, and gcve itt to the 
povre, and thou shalt have treasxire in 
heven ; and come, and folowe me and 
take thy crossc on the. 

33 But he was discumforted with that 
sayinge, and went awaye moruynge, for 
be had greate possesaiona. 

23 And Jesus loked rounde aboute, 
and sayd vnto hyg diecipleH, With what 
difliculte shall they that have ryches 
entre into the kingdom of God. 

24 Hys disciples were astonnyed att 
bys wordcs. Jesus answered agayne 
and sayde ^^lto them, Chyldren, hoWfe 
hardc is it, for them that truste iu their 
ryches to eutre in to the kjTigdom off 

35 Hit ys easyer for a camell to go 


oe}>1oa ga1ei)Au, \mi gabigomma m |>iud- | medic |)}Tel, donne »e ncft and 8»' 
fOigurOya Gu|>s galei|)aa. on Godea rice ga. 

a6 !|) eis mois usgeisuodedun, qi^i- 
aadaus du sis misso, Yah whas mag 
ganisan 1 

37 lusaiwliands da im lesus, qa)», Akei 
fram mannani uumahtcig istj ui &am 
GujHi; ullata auk maUteig 1st fi-am 

aS Dagann pan Paitrus qitTan du 'im- 
ina, Sai ! wets allailutum alia, yah. laUt- 
idcduui )ntk. 

29 Audhafyands im lesus (]■)>, Amen 
qil^a izwis, iii wbashun ist saei ailailotl 
gnrd, uiljljttu brofn-uns, uit>|>au ui^eut, 
ai|>)>aa atUn, ai)>})au qen, ai^|>au Imrua, 
ui|>j>uu buimo)>lya in moina yab in (lizoB 

30 Saei ni andnimai .r. fal|) nu in 
}ianuna mcla, gardius. yub brobruna, yah 
Bwistjuns, yab attan, yub aijicin, yab 
biii'iia, yab haimojilya, niiji wrakom, yah 
in ahva }>anuna anawair}>in libain aiv- 

31 A]))>an managiii wuir|iaiul, frumaofl 
aftumana, ynb aftumans frumaoa. 

33 \Yeiiunu)>-]>au ana wiga gaggandana 
du lairusaulwmui ; yah faurbigar^gands 
'ins lesus, yab siMalcikideduu, yub aiar- 
lautj'andans faurbtai wnurj'un. Yah 
uuduinuinds afbra |iana twalif, dugann 
'im qi)>an, ^ei babaideduu ina gadabau. 

33 patei 8ai ! usgaggam 'in Kairuaaul- 
wma, yab suuuh maus atgibada Jwiira 
ufarguUyani, yah bukaryam ; yab ga- 
waigyuud iua dau|}au, 

34 Yab bilaikand ina, yah bliggwnnd 
ina, yob speiwand ana Tna; yah Ud<jinmnd 
imina^ yah )»ridyin duga uataudi|}. 

35 Yah athabaidedan sik du Tmma 
lakobus ^'ab lubanncs, auuyus Zaibai- 
daiaus, <p|>AndauS} Laisjiri^ wllc-ima, ci 
|>utci t'uk bidyoR, tauyata utfgkis. 

36 1^ Icflus qa)) un, ^Vba wileits 
tauyan mik igfjis) 

37 }y P>« qejiuii du imrau, Fragii" ugkis, 
ains af taibswoo |)emai, yab ftius of 

26 Hi dssa de ma betwux hii 
dredon, and cwvdofi. And b 
beou bal ? 

27 £)d bcheold se Hselcad 
cwfe{>, Mid mannum hit is uni 
na mid Gode ; eolle j^iug mi< 
synd ea^Sebce. 

38 Da ongan Fetrus cwcdau, 
lice I ve eall« )>ing forleton, 1 
godon de. 

39 Da aodswarode him se ] 
Kis nan de his bus forliet. 
brodru, odde geswustra^ o^do 
odde modcr, odde beoru. odde 
for me and for dam godspcUe, 

30 De bund-feald ne onfo nu 
tide, bus, and brudru, aad swiu 
faxicr and moder, and bear 
ttccras, mid ehtncssum, ^nd 
weardre worulde ece U£ 

31 Mauega fymieste beo)) f% 
and ytemcete fjnncste. 

33 Sd|>lice hi ferdon on wege to 
Biilem ; and se Uslcnd bim 
eodc, and hi adredon him hioc^ 
fyligdon. And cit he nam M 
and ongan him secgau, da }iiug 
towearde waeroo. 

33 Dipt we nu astt(r&)> to H 
and monucs sunu bi|> geseald 
ealdrum, and boccrum^ and e 
and hi bine dea)N3 geuyder^^ 
biue |)Codum flyllB)r. 


34 And hi bine bysmria^, and 
on ^actaj), and bino Bwinga)» ; 
bine, and be arist on dam 

35 Him da genealscbton to 
and Xohannes, Zebedeis suna, 
on. Lilreow, we wyllat', diet d 
swa bwA't swd wo bidd»|>. 

36 Da cw8e|j he, ilwwt wyllc 
ic inc do 1 

37 Da ewsedou hi, Syle unc, 1 
aittoD, on dinum wddre, £n 

9y%e, tiiau a ricbo man for 
the kyngdum of God. 


idrlden more, scyinge 
J And wbu may be oioad 

tsua biboldioge bem, aeitb 
utis men it ia impossible, 
iptis Ood ; for alle tbingis 
hDemptis God. 
innud Petre bigau for to 
, Loo ! wc ban left alle 
ban sued tbcc. 
inaweringe aeitb, Treuli I 
her ia no man that scbal 
r bretberea, or aistris, or 
ir, or sonei, or feeldia fur 
le gospel, 

h achaX not taken an hun- 

paocbe now iu this t}ine, 

iretbcren, and sistris, and 

onee, and feldis, with per- 

d in the world to coraj-nge 


many scbulen be, the firste 

the lasto the &rste. 
I thei wereu in the weye 
nuolem ; and Jhesus wcnte 
and thei wondrtden, and 
dden. And cftsoone Jbe- 
to twelue, bygan to scye 

tbingis wereu to come to 

we Bti^en to Jeruaalem, 
sone scbal be bitrayetl to 
9f prcHtia, and to scribis, 
B men ; and thei echulen 
by deetb, and thei sdiiilen 
I hethene men. 
i tcbulen scorne btm, and 
t and boete him ; and tbel 
[m, and in the thridde day 

C8 and Jon, Zebcdcea sones, 
him, seyinge, Maistir, we 
euere we Bchulcn axe, 


le to hem. What wolen 

iiden, 5yTie to va, tliat 
m at tbi rijthalf, and 

tborowe the eye of an nedle, theii for a 
ryche man to entre into the kyngdora 
of God. 

26 And they were astonnyed out of 
measnre, sayinge betweue them selves, 
Wlio then can be Aaved Y 

27 Jesoa loked apon them, and aayd, 
With men it is vu|>oa8iblo, but not with 
Ood ; for with God all thiugea arc p08- 

38 And Petre began to naye vnto bym, 
Irf)o ! we have forsaken all, and have 
folowed the. 

29 Jesus anawere<l and aayde, Vercly 
I saye vnto you, there ys no man tliat 
hath fursakc-u housso, or brethren, or 
sisters, or fatlicr, or moder, or wyfe, 
other cbyldren, or londes, for my sake 
and the gospcUea, 

30 Whyoh shall nott roceave an bouu- 
dred fooMe nowe in thys lyfe, houses, 
and brethren, and flisters, and mothers, 
and children, and loiules, wbith persecu- 
cions, and in the worldc to come eleruall 

31 Many that are fyrst sbalbe last, and 
the last fyrst. 

32 lliey were in the waye goinge vppe 
to Jerusalem : and Jesus went bofore 
them, and they were amuHcd, and afi 
they folowed were affniyde. And Jesus 
toke the xij. agayne, and began to tell 
tbem, what thinges shuldc happen vnto 

33 Beholde! we goo vpiw; to Jerusa- 
lem, and the sonno off man sbulbc de- 
lyvrcd vnto the bye preestea, and vnto 
tlic scribbes : and they bIibII condempnc 
hjTn to deeth, and shall delyvro bym to 
the gentyls. 

34 And they shall mocke bym, and 
8Cour;re him, and spit apon bym ; and 
kill him. and the thirde daye he aball 
rj'se agane. 

35 And James and Jhon, the sons off 
Zcbcde, cam vnto hytu, sayinge. Master, 
we wolde, tliat thou shuldest do for vs, 
what soever we dcsjTf, 

36 He saydc vnto them. What wolde 
yo I abulde do vnto you 1 

37 They sayd vnto bym, Graunt ^^lto 
vs, that we maye sitt won on thy ryght 


hlcidumeiu })eiDai siuiwa, tu wul^iAU 

38 i|t iesua qn|)uh <lu Tin, Ni witu|)a 
whid hidyata; magtitsu dri^kan BtikI, 
^K'i ik driggka^ ybli dauju-iuai |»Uttiei 
ik daupyada, ei duupyaiudau 1 

39 t)i eia qcbun du 'immar Magu. 1^ 
leaus t{t\\>uh du im, Swebauh ^ikna stikl 
fwnci ik drig^ka driggkats, yah ^xzai 
daiipcinai, pizaiei Ik dmipyada, [dau[>- 
yandft ;] ^ 

40 I|> t>ata du sitan af taihs\ron meiuai 
Ai))|iau af hleidumeiii uist meiD du gi- 
ban, alya {^aimei manwi)* whs. 

41 Toh galmusyandanfl ^ta taihun du- 
gunnun unwcryan hi fokobu yah luban- 

42 i\> iii atliaitands Ins, qa|> du im. 
AViUi}', Jiatei [jjaipi]^ Jiuggkyand rfiikinon 
{liudoni, gafrauyiDoud im, i[r }»al mikil* 
aua 'ize gawaldaad im. 

43 ty nt 8wa Riyai in Tzwib. ak sa- 
whazuh saei will wair|»an mikila in ixwU, 
siyai izwar audbahts, 

44 Yali saei wili Vzwara wair|>an fruin- 
isU, siyai alUiiu skulks. 

45 Yidi auk buuus mans ui qani, at 
audbahtynin, ak andbahtyan, yah gibau 
saiwala sciua faur managans lun. 

46 Yah qemun in lairikoQ ; yali ua- 
gaggandin luiua yainbro. nii|> Hif>onyaTn 
aeinaiin, yah managcin ganoliai, annua 
Teiiuaiaus, Bartfimaiaua, bliudu, sat faur 
wig du aihtroD. 

47 Yftli gahanayands, {>atei I cans sa 
NazoraiuB Tst, dugnnn hropyiui, rah qi)>ttn, 
Sunau Dawcidis. Icau, anuai mik. 

48 Yah wholidedtm imma maaagai, ei 
gn|iultaidcdi ; i)> in 61u uiaia hropida, 
Suuau Dawcidis, amiai rnik. 

49 Yah gastaudanda leaua haihait at- 
wopyan Tun ; yah wopideduu |mna blind- 
BD, qiJAndans du Tmma, ])raf8tci |)uk, 

sis, wop«i]» )>uk. 

swydmn healfe, axid oAer on ilia 

38 Da cwie|) se Htelend. Oyt 
hwet gyt bidda}) ; mage gyt 
done (^c, de ic drince, and 1 
fullod 00 dam fullubte^ de ic b 

39 Da cw»don hi, Wyt mago 
cwaj^t se HKlend» Gyt drinca^ d 
de ic drince, gyt bcoJ» gefiillod 
fuUuhte, de io beo gefullod ; 

40 S6)>1ice oia hit na intii iuc 
lenne diet gyt aitton on mine 1 
bealfe odde on da wynstran^ ac 
hit gegearwod ya. 

41 Da gebulgon da tyne hi be 
and lohanne. 

42 Da clypode ac Hselend i 
cwihJi, Wite ge, dirt da de on 
ealdorscype habba[t, diet hjra 
anweald ofer hi habbafi. 

43 Bojilice on cow hit nia twrn^ 
hwylc awa wylc mid eow yld« 
ac byj> cower ^^'cn, 

44 And se do wyle on eow 
beon, ae b}*|> ealra ^'ow. 

45 S6|>lice ne com manncs 
him mou }:ieuode, ac diet he jieno 
his sawle sealde for manegm 

46 Da comon hi to Qcricho ; 
fcrdc fram Gcricho, and liia 1 
cuibtflfl, and myccl mcnegn, 
suuu, Bartimcus, sa't blind, w 
wcg wicdla. 

47 Da he geliyrde, Avei hit 
Nazarcniaca HaleDd, he ODj 
clypian, and cwedan, Hfeleud^ 
sunn, gemiltsa me. 

48 Da budon litm mau^o, 
auwode ; he clypode da dees 
Miltaa me, Dauides sunu. 

49 Da letstod ae Htelcnd and 

clypiau ; dd sa:dou lii dam bh'n 
gcheortro, and aria, ae HrIi 

X.3»-49.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 
IIk tothir at tbe left, in thi glorie. 

38 Forsotbe Jbcsus scith to bem, ^e 
-witcn Dot wb&t 3e schulen axe ; tuowd 
je diynke the cuppe, tbe'wbicli I dm to 
drrnkc, or be wuiscbun witb the bap- 
tjin, in wbioh I am baptUid 1 

39 And thei Beiden to him, We mown. 
Sotbli Jliesns seitb to hem, Treuli jc 
idiulen dryuke the cuppe that I drynke, 
ml je scbulcu be wiuschiin with the 
^»tYm, in which I am baptisid ; 

40 Sothli for to sitte at my ri3thalf or 
JdUudf is not niyn to jyue to 3012, but 

which it is ordoyned. 

1 tlie ten heeringe badden endig- 
of James and John. 

Sothli Jhesus clepinge hem, setth 

3c niteii, thut thei that semen* 

princeheJ on folkis, lordschipen* 

D, and the princes of bem ban 

of hem. 

Foraoth it is not so in ;ou, but who 
schal wolle be maad more, Bchal 
ire mynystre, 

And who euere schal wolle he the 
in ;ou, schal be scruuuut uf olle. 
Fonrhi and mannis sone cam not, 
it schulde he mynyatrid to him, 
that he schulde mynystre, and jyue 
[joulc* rcderapcioun* for manyo. 
And thei cnmen to Jerico ; ami 
goynge fortli fro Jerico, and his 
and a ful mochc cum puny of 
the sone of Tymey, Barthjaneus, 
kt btsydis the weye bcggynge. 

The which whuune he baddc herd, 
U is Jhesus of Nazareth, bi)>an to 
and seye, Jhesa, the soue of Uauith, 
mercy on inc. 

And mauyc thretnyden hym, that 
schulde be stille ; and he cricdc 
aodie more, Jhcsu, the sone of Dauitli, 
W tnercy on me. 

:9 And Jhesn stondinge oomnundidc 

m for to be clepid ; and thei clepiden 

iiiie man, aci}'nge to Mm, Be thou 

1 c herte, r)'sc vp, he cleplth thee. 



honde, and the other ou thy lyfte honde, 
in thy glory. 

38 Butt Jesus sayd vnto them, Ye wot 
not what ye axe ; cau ye dryuckc of the 
cnppe, that I shall di^Tike of, and be 
baptised in the baptim, that I shalbe 
baptised in 1 

39 And they sayd vnto him. That wo 
can. Jesus sayde vnto them, Ye Bhall 
di^-nke o9 the cuppe that I shall drynke 
of, and be baptised with the baptim, 
that I 8hall)o baptised in ; 

40 But to sitt on my right honde and 
on my lifte honde ys not myne to geve, 
but to them for whom it ys prepared. 

41 And when the .x. berde that they 
began to disdaync at James and Jhou. 

43 Butt Jesus called them vnto him, 
and sayd to tliem, Ye knowe wele, that 
they whych seme to bcare rule amougo 
the gentyls, raygne as lordes over them, 
and they tlmt he grcnte men amonge 
them esercyse auctorite over them. 

43 So shall it uot be a mougc you, but 
wosoever of you wilbe greate amonge 
you, shalbe youre minster, 

44 And wosoever wilbe chefe, shalbe 
servaunt vnto uU, 

45 For even the sonne of man came 
nott, that other slmldo minister vnto 
hym, but to minister, and to geve his 
lyfe for the redcmpciou of many. 

46 And they cam to Hierico ; and as 
he went oute off Hierico, with his dis- 
ciples, and a greate nouibre of people, 
BarthimeuB, the sonne of Tlumeus, which 
was bljTide, sate by the bye wayes syde 

47 And when he berde, that it was 
Jesus off Nnzareth, he hegnn to crj-e, 
and to saye, Jesus, the sonne off David, 
have mercy on me, 

48 And many rebulscd hyme, be cause 
he shulde hoolde is peace ; but he cryed 
the moore a greate deale, Thou sonne 
off David, have mercy on me. 

49 And Jesus stodc still and com- 
maunded l»ym to be called ; and they 
called the blynde, saynge \'nto hym, Be 
off good comfort, ryse, he callclh the. 

AKGLO&JIXOX, 995^ [ih.Mj 

ga H» ^ ip iJMp his mf, ftiuil 
jBsk aBil lo kim eon. 
^ ^ aMft 51 Gift €wmf m Hslend, HwKt 
■MB ^I i> Ai^tictfedot Dacw»^be,U 

51 Di «n^ n Hideul to his, 
6i hUmt gedyde. Ail 

lo.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

which, his cloth cast away, 
cam to him. 

Jhesna ausweringe soide to 
t wolt thou I Bchal do to thoo 1 
3e man sedde to him, Maistir^ 

li Jhesus aeide to him, Go 

feith hath mood tbce soaf. j 
I he 8^3, and suede him in the 

TYND ALE, 1526. 


XT. I And whanne Jhesus 
to Jerusalem and to Bctanye, 
«mt of Olyuete, he sendith two 

inth to hem, Qo 56 in to the 

It is a^eus 30U ; and uuoa ^e 

in thidur schulen f^aule a colt 

e which non of men sat ^it ; 

and hiyng him. 

ony man schal seie ony thing 
tie 36, that he is nedeful to 
and anon he schal lectie him 

thei goynge forth, founden a 
len byfore the jate with oute- 
|the meeting of tweye weyes; 
ibonuden him. 

ime of men stondinge there 
hom, What don je, vnbynd- 

lei seiden to hem, as Jhesus 
to hem ; and thei leften 

lei broujten the colt to Jhosu, 
puttiden to him her clothis, 

sat Tpon him. 
le manye strewiden her clothis 
% sothcli otherc men kittiden 

trees, and strewiden in the 

a that wcntcn bifore, and 
en, cryeden, seyinge, Osanna, 
he that Cometh in the name of 

rid the kyngdom tliat comcth 
Sir Paoith ; Osaaua in hijtees. 

50 He tbrewe awaye his clooke, and 
roose and cam to Jesus. 

51 And Jesus answered and sayd ynto 
bym, >Vhrtt wilt thou tluit I do vnto 
the'? The blynde Bayde vnto hym, Muster, 
that Y rayght see. 

52 Jesus sayd vnto bym, Ooo thy 
waye, thy fuyght httth saved the. And 
by and by he receaved his sight, and 
folowed Jesus in the waye. 

Chap. XI. i And when they cam 
nye to Hiemsalem vnto Bcthphaf^e and 
Bethani, be sydes mount Olivte, he sent 
forth .ij. of hia discipleti, 

2 And sayde vnto them, Ooo youre 
wayes into the toune that is over a- 
gaynstc you ; and as sone as ye cntre 
into it ye shall fynde a coolte bounde, 
where on never man sate ; loose h)Tn, 
and br)-nge bym bidder. 

3 iVnd if vny uiau saye vnto jou, Why 
do ye BOO 1 saye, that the Lorde hath 
neade of him, and streight waye he wyll 
sende hym bidder. 

4 They went their waye, and found a 
'coolte tycd by the dore with out, in a 
place where two wayes mett ; and they 
loeed hym. 

5 And divera of them that stode there 
Bayd vnto them ; What do ye, loosynge 
the coolte ^ 

6 And they sayd vnto them, even as 
Jesus liad commaunded them ; and they 
let thcni goo. 

7 And they brought the coolte to Jesus, 
and caste their garmentes on hym, and 
he aata apon li)!!!. 

8 And many spreede there garmentes 
in the waye, other cutt douue braunches 
of the trees, and strawed them in the 

9 And they that went before, and they 
that folowwl, cryed, saynge, Hosianna, 
blessed be he that cometh in the name 
off the Lonle ; 

1 o Blessed be the kyugtlom that com- 
mcth in the name off hym that is Ix>rde 
off oure father David ; Hosianna in the 

S88 GOTHIC, 360. 

I X Yali golui)) Lu lolrusaulwnia ][(3«ub, 
yah ill alh ; yah biftuiwhunds alia, at 
andanolityn yuban wisandtn wheilai, ua- 
]dd\ii Vn Bo)>aiuaD, mi)) )>aim twalibim. 

I a Yah ifhimin daga, usatandaodam 
im UR 6e}>ani'iii, gredags waa. 

1 3 Yali ^uMiiwhauds smakkabagm ftur- 
raj^ro Imbaiitlaii lauf, ntiddya, ei aufto 
higeti wha ami imma ; yah qiiuandB at 
'iruTTia, ni waibt bigat ana iinma, nlbu 
Uuf ; ni auk was mcl sniakkaDC. 

14 Yah usbairands qaf) da I'mma, Ni 
JH^iaaeifn us ))ua aiwiuaiitui akrau niat- 
yai. Yah gahauaidcduu )iai sipoayoa ia ; 

15 Yah iddycdua du lairusBulwinAi. 
Yah atgaggands lesus iii alb, dugnnn 
uswairpan {>aus frabu^yauiluiis yah bug- 
yandana in alli ; yali rucsa skattyune, 
yah sitlans )>i£e frabugyoudane ahakim 
uswaltida ; 

16 Yab ni loilot, ei whas ffairtiberi kaa 
jiait-li )iu ulb. 

17 Vub laisida, qit'ands du tm, Nia 
gamcU}) ist, patei ni/.n mein razn bido 
haitada alluim ))iudom ? 'i)> yus gatawi- 
dcduj) ita du filigrya waidedyane. 

18 Yah galiausidedun |>ai bokaryoa yah 
gudyaiic auhumistaus, yab sukidtidun 
whoiwa iimma u^iistidedciua ; ohlodun 
auk Tna, unte alia nianagei slldalcik- 
idoduu iu laiscinais is. 

19 Yah bi[ie audiuioliti war{i, usiddya 
nt uebizoi baurg. 

20 Yah in inuurgin faurgaj^j^andans, 
gusewhun \tanti smakkabagm ffaursyaua 
us waurtim. 

21 Yah gamunands Paitrus, q&y du 
immo, Kabbci, sai I smakkabagnis jianei 
Iraqaat, gn^taursuoda. 

33 Yah andhafyanda Kesns qaji du im, 
Habaij? gulaubciu Gujw ; 

33 Anion uuk (|i]>a izwis, ftiswhazuh ei 
i|ij>»i du JMiinnia fiuruuiiya, Usbafcj [luk, 
li wairp |nis in nmi-ein ; yah ni tuz- 

eryai in hairtiu scinamnia, ak gn- 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Mam 

II And he eode da on HierosoUnit 
tempi ; and ealle \tmg he besccawode, 
da w(en tuna wa», he ferde to B«tb- 
onioin, mid his tvelf leoming-cnihtaaL 

13 And odnnn dsge, da hi ferdoa 
firam Bethania, hine hingrode. 

13 Da he feorran geaeah an fic-treow 
de leaf hiefde, he com, and sohtehwjrdfcr 
he dar on aht funde ; da he him to 
ne fundc he dur, biiton leaf ane; 
ticti hit wics da-s fic-trcowcs tima. 

14 Da. cwaeti he, HeoDonfort» 00 
nesse ne cte seutg man viostm of 
And his leoi-uiug-cuibtaa dset gchyi 

15 Da comon hi eft to TTi^; 
And da he on d^t tempi eodo, he 
gan drifnu of dam temple sylleDilfl 
bicgende ; and mynetcra |)r6cu, 
beah-setlu de d& oul&an cyptoQ 
tobrtec ; 

16 And he ne ge|>afodCf diet senig 
wuig fwt purh dset tempi bwre. 

17 Aud he da Iwrcudc, dua cwic^j 
him, Nis hit awriten, Diet min 
fram callum )M>odum bi|i gen 
gebcd-hus? s6}>lice ge dydon dst 
8cea)>cna scr«efe. 

18 Da diera snccrda ealdrns and 
boceraa dia gehyrdon, hi )>ohtan bdj 
hine forspildon ; deh hi hint 
liiuc, fordum call seo mcuigu 
be hia Iai-e. 

1 9 Aud da hit aefcn wses, he eods 
diei'c ceastrc. 

20 On merigen dil hi ftrdou. hi 
sawon diet f ic-treow forserunccn of 

3 1 Du cwajjj Petnis, Loreow^ loca ! 
forscranc dcet fic-treow, de dd 

33 Da cw»|) se Hselend him 
swnrigende, Habba)} Godcs tniwan ; 

33 Ic aecgc eow to so|>c, swii hi 
swa cw)')) to diKura muute, Si dii 
red. and on ste aworpen ; aud 01 
heortau ne twynaji, ac gc\f(\>, swa hi 

»3-] WYCLIFFE,t389. 

be cDtridc in to Jerusalom, in 
temple ; and alle tliingis seyn 
^hanne t!ic our was now euen- 
I wcute in to Betouye. with 

thcr day, wbanne he wente 

'e, he hauffride. 
I whanne he hadde aeyn a fyge 
r hauynge leeuys, ho cam, if 
lie schul Je fy udo ony thi ng 
I ; and whanne he oam to it, 
no thinjuj, out taken ieeuys ; for 
t iymc of fygis. 

, Jheaus answcringe aeide to it, 
Snore with outen ende ony inon 
I of thee. iVnd his disciplea 

thei cAmen to .Terusaleni. And 
|ie hadde entrid in to the tem- 
igan for to caste out men selt- 

biggjmge in the temple ; and 
rde vpsodoun the boortlia of 
is, and the chaieris of men scll- 

he suffridc not, that ony man 
►ere a vessel thur^ the temple. 
I he tan^te hem, Rc^nnyie. Wher 
Trritun, For myn hou3 schal lie 
t hous of preiynge to uUe fulkis 1 
» ban maad it a den of theues. 

which thing herd, the princes 

I and scribiti sou^ten hou thei 

[eese him ; foraoth thei dreden 

al the campanye of peple won- 

liie teobing. 

I whanne euenyng was moad, 

i out of the citee. 

I whanne thei passidcn cerly, 

b the figc tree maad dryc fro 

Petre hauynge mynde, seide 
[ustir, lo ! tiie fygc tree, whom 
ledist, bath dryed vp. 

JbesoB answeringc seitb to 
ic 5c the feitli of God ; 

1i 1 seie to 50a, that who encro 
this bil, Take, and «ende in to 

and doutith not in his herte, 
Ictb, for what eucre he schal 



1 1 And the Lorde cntred into Hicru- 
salem, and into the temple ; and when 
he bad lok cd roundabout apon ol I 
thinges, and nowe the even tyde waa 
come, be went out Tuto Bethany, with 
the twelve. 

1 2 And uii the morowe, when tliey were 
come out from Bethany, be bungred. 

13 And he spycd a fygge tree a farro 
ofl' havinge levea, and went to se whether 
he myght fynde eny thinge there on ; 
but when he earn there to, he foundo 
nothinge butt leves ; for the tyme off 
fyggea was nott yet. 

1 4 And Jesus answered and aayd to it, 
Never man oate frutc of the hero after 
whill the worlde stondith. And his 
disciples herde it ; 

1 5 And they cam to Hierusalem. And 
Jesus wf'nt into tlie temple, and began to 
cast out them which soolde and bought 
in the temple ; and overthrewc the tabela 
of the money chnungers, and the stoles 
of them that sooUIe doves ; 

16 And wolde not suffre. that eny mau 
caricd a vcsscll thorowe the temple, 

17 And he taught, saynge vnto them, 
Ys it not written, Howe that lujrae 
housse shulbe called the housse of prayer 
vnto all naciona T butt ye have made^t 
a deen of theves. 

18 And the acribca and bye prcstes 
herde yt, and sought howe to distroye 
him J for they feared hym, he cause all 
the peple man'cld at his doctrine. 

19 And when even was come, he went 
out of the cite, 

■JO And in the mornyngc os they passed 
by, they sawe the fygge tree dryed vpp 
by the rotes. 

at And Peter remcmbrcd, and sayd 
vnto hvm, Master, beholde ! the fyggfl 
tree, which thou cursedes, ya widdred 

22 And Jesus answered and sayde vnto 
them, Have confidcns in God ; 

23 Verely I aye vnto you, that whoso- 
ever shall aaye vnto this mountayne, 
Take awaye thy ailfe, and cast thy silfc 
in to the see ; and shall not waver in 

GOTHIC, 360. 
laubyai, )«te ei Imtei qjl'iK gagaggi[>, 

34 Dti{>))e qijiA TxwiB, allatn jjiswhab )»ei 
bidyftndanH sokei)?, galuubei|> |>&tci iiimi|)» 
yah wair))i^ izwis. 

25 Yah \)&n standaiji hidynDdana, &6et- 
a)]i, yabai whu haliai|} wi|*ra wbana. ci 
yah atta izwar sa in biminam, afletai 
uwis uiasadedins iswaroa. 

26 1^ yabai yus zii aficti)), ni [lau atta 
izwar &a in bimiiuuxL, afletij) izwia mis- 
Mdedins uworos. 

37 Tab iddycdun aftra du lairtisaiilw- 
mai. Yah in alh wliarbondin iiuxna, 
at'iddycdun du imma ^ax aabuDiistans 
gudyaus. yah bukaryos, yah suustaQS, 

28 Tall qejjun du irama. In ivbamma 
waldufiiye ]>ata tauyisi yuh wliay ))U8 
)wta waldufut atgaf, ei y&Ui tauyis ) 

39 I]» leauB andbofyands qaj^ du im, 
Fraibiia yah *ik izwis ainia waurdis, yah 
andbafyi[> inis> yah qijia izwis, in wham- 
ma waldufbye ^ta tauya. 

30 Daupeins lobannis uzuh bimina 
was, )>an uzuh roannam 1 andiiafei)> mis. 

31 Yah )>ahtedun du sis misso, qi[>antl- 
ans, Yabai qi)>am ns hiniina, qi|fi]> n|){}aD, 
Duwhe ni gaJaubideduJ) imma ; 

\2 Ak qi|>am ub mannam, uhtedun ^ 
BDagein ; allai auk alakyo bahaidcihin 


managein , ^, 

lobanuen, }iatei bi sunyai pruufftes was. 
33 Yali audhafyanduns qe))Un du Itesua, 
Ni wituro. Yah andbafyauds lesua qa{» 
du i'm, Nib ik izwis qijm, in whamma 
waldahiye ^ta tanya^ 

Chap. XII. i Yah dugaim xm in 

gayukom qijwm. Weinagard usaatida 
manna, yab bisatida ina fii|)oni, yah us- 
.grof dal af men, yah gatimrida ketikn, 

ANGLO-SAXON. 995. [St- 
he cwy)), gewurdc dis, dxet 



24 Fordam ic cow Becge, awa hi 
Bwa gc fi^yniende bidda)*, gelyfi^i tfei 
hit onfo)), and hit eow becym^. 

25 iVnd (tonne gc 8tanda|} eow to 
biddcnne, forgifa[>, gif ge hwet 
aenigne habba^, daet eow eower 
forg)'fc, eower hcofoolica fieder se 
on beofonum ya. 

26 Oyf ge ne foi^gyfe}», ne eow 
synna ne forgyf)*, eower isder 

27 Da com he eft to Hiernsalcm. 
da he on dam temple eode, hha to| 
nealfcbton da heah-aacerdas, and 
aa, and ealdras, 

28 And dns cwapdon, On hwyk 
anwcalde dest du d;i0 ^lug ^ and hi 
scaldo de dianc aaweald, dttt do 

29 Da cwe^ se Ha^end, And ic ul 
eow anre sprsece, andswaria}} me, audi 
secgo cow donne, on hwylcum am 
ic dis do. 

30 Hwedcr wses lobaimcs fullubt 
of beofone, de of mannura? an< 

3 1 Da |>ohton bi, and cwKdon beti 
bim, Gif wo accga)> of beofone, be 
us, Hwi ne gelyfde ge him ; 

32 Gif we secga|i of mannam, we 
dr^d^i|> diH folc ; enllc hi hiefdon Ic 
nem, djet be wserc 36})lice witega. 

33 Du. andswarcdon bi dam Uelc 
and cwcedon, We nyton. Da cwie^j 
H»lend, Ne ic eow ne seoge» on bi 
urn anwealde ic daa }>ing do. 

Chap. XIL i Da ongan be him 
6pcl reccan. Sum man him pi 
win-geard, and betynde bine, and 
anne 6ea)>, and gctimhrodo sroue s^'] 

S4.-X:iI.J.] WYCLIFFE. 1389. 
Wf9, be it mnad, it schal be mood to 


94 'i'herfore I seie to 3011, alle thingU 
hat eaere tbingis je preiynge scbulen 
te, bilene ;e tbut ^e schulen take, and 
wi Bchulen come to ;ou. 
15 And wbanne 36 schuten Btonde for 
kpreie, for3yue je, if 30 han ony thing 
feaa ony man, tb&t and ^oure fadir 
Hit is in hcucnes, fonyuc to 30U ^ourc 

t6 That if je scbalen not forjyue, 
lather ^oure fadir that is in heuenea, 
ihal ftn-jyue 50U joure sjTinea. 
»7 And eftsoone tbei camen to Jeru- 
kwin. And whauiie be walkide in to 
It temple, the hi3C6tc prcstis, and 
inbi% and eldere men camen ni; to 

»8 And seien to him, In what power 
OMt thou thea tbingis ? or who jaf to 
M* thia power, that thou do thes 


19 Forsotbe Jbcsus answcringc seith 
j kentf And I schal axe 30U o word, 
id a&swere 30 to me, and I schal seio 
i 3011, in what power I do thea tbingis. 

ko Whether was the baptym of John 
I henene, or of men ? answerc 36 to mo. 

)t And tbei thou3ten with inne hem 

lac, seijnge. If wc schulen seic of 

EOene, he schal seie to vs, Whi ther- 

n Inleuen ;e not to him ; 

|a If we scbulen scie of men, we dreden 

ks piple ; for alle men badden John, 

r be was verily a prophctc. 

13 Aod thet aosweringc scycn to Jbeen, 

Fe witen neuere. And Jhetni answer- 

iaeith to hero, Neither I aeio to 30U, 

i,CgAP. XII. I And Jhesus bigan to 
porably/ A man plauntide a 
\, and puttide aboute an begge, 
a Uke, and h'ddide a tour, and 

TTNDALE. 1536: 

his hcrto, butt shall belcve, that tboose 
thinge« which he saycth, shall cume to 
passe, what soever he sayeth, shali>e done 
vnto bim. 

34 Tberfore I saye vnto you, what 
soever ye desvre when ye praye, bolevc 
that ye shall have it, and it shalbe done 
vnto you. 

25 And when ye stond and praye, for- 
yeve, yf ye have eny thinge agaynste cny 
mim, that youre father also which is in 
heven, maye foryeve you yourc trea- 


37 And they cam againe to Hienua- 
1cm. And as he walked in the temple, 
tbcie cam to hym the bye prcstca, and ^ 
the scribes, and the senioura, 

28 And aayd vnto hj-m. By what auc- 
torite doest thou these thinges 1 and 
who gave the thia auctorite, to do theee 
tliingea ? 

39 Jesus answered and saydc vnto 
them, I wyll also axe of you a certeyne 
thynge, and answcre ye me, and 1 wyll 
tell you, by what auctonte I do these 

30 Whether was the baptim of Jhon 
from bevin, or of men 1 answer me. 

31 And they thought in them selves, 
saynge, Yf we shall saye from heven, 
he will saye, Why then did ye not bclevc 
bym ; 

33 But yf we shall saye of men, then 
ffaie we the people ; for all men counted 
Jlioa, tbht he was a veri prophctt 

33 And they answered and sayd vnto 
JcBU, We cannot tell. And Jesus an- 
avrered and sayd vnto them. Nether wyll 
I tell you, by what auctorite 1 do these 

Chap. XII. i And be began to 

speoko vnto them in similitudes. A 
ccrtayue man planted a vincyunlc, and 
compascd it with an hedge, and ordeyn- 


GOTHIC. 360. 
falh ina waurstvyam, yah afiai^ 

2 Tah TnHanditla da ])um wauntwyam 
at mel skalk, ci nt |nijui waorstwyam 
nemi akrauU ^ia wciua^irdia. 

3 I)> eifl nimandans ina uabluggwun, 
yah insandidedtui lau!>handyan. 

4 Yah aftra insandida du xm fln|)arana 
■kalk, yah hana atainam vaiqHiudaus 
gaaiwuikodcuun, yah baubi|) wuuJaii 
1)nditedaD, yah insaudidcduD ganaitid- 

5 Yah aftra insandida anjiarana, yah 
yainana afglohon, yah managana anfyar- 
ans, suniana usbliggwandans, suxnanEuh 
^tan usqiniandans. 

6 patiuh nauh^nnuh oinana snou aig- 
aiids liubaua his, insandida yah \raam du 
i'm spedistana, qifiands, patei gaaistand 
flunu meiuana. 

7 1^ yunai )^ waurstnyans qe)>UD du 
sis miaso, patei sa 'ist aa arbiuuniya ; 
hiryi|> usqiniam imma, yah ua&ar wairj^i|» 
|}ata arl)i. 

8 Yah undgrcipandana ina, usqcmun, 
y^ uswaorpon imma ut ua )>Ainraa 

9 ^Vha nuh Uuyai frauya )>ia weinagard- 
ia? Qlmij), yah usfjistci}* yans wautvt- 
vyaiM, yah gibij) )>ana weinagard an- 

10 Nih (mta gomelido uasuggvu)>, 
Stains [mmmoi uRwanqiUD Y&\ timryans, 
Bah war}> du baubida waihatina ? 

1 1 Fram Prauyin warji sa, yah ist 
sildalciks in augam iinsaraim. 

1 2 Yah sokidedun ina undgreipan. yah 
ohtedun )>o managein ; fro)>un auk fmtL'i 
du im JH) gayukon qa^ ; yah aflctaudauB 
ina, gali])un. 

13 Yah i'Dsandidedun du imina sumai 
)>ize Fareieaie yah lierodiane, ci ina 
ganatcina waurda. 

14 I)) CIS tpinaudans qe]jun du imuia, 
I^isari, wituni bate! auuyeins 'is, yah ni 
kju-a |iuk nianshun ; ui auk saiwhis in 
andwair|>ya mannc, ak bi annyai wig 
Gujia loiacis. 8kuldu ist kaisaragild 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. 

and gcsettc bine mid eorJ>-tiliain, 
ferde on cl|>codigny8Be ; 

3 Da acndc he to dam tilium Ua ^ 
on tide, d«et he dies win-gearda 

3 Da swnngon tu dtene, and forlfUa 
bine idcl-hende. 

4 And eft be him sende oderne |«oi^_ 
and bi done on heafdc gcwuudodon, 
mid teonum geawenctozL 

5 And eft he him sumne sende, 
hi dicne ofalogon, and mancga 
9ume hi beoton, sume hi ofalogou. 

6 Da hsfde he da gyt xune leofo 
sunu, da scndo he a^t nehstao 
divne, and cwje|), Witodlice minne 
liig forwandia|>. 

7 Da cmedon da tilian him 
Her is se yrfenuma ; nton o6Uean 
donne bi{> tire seo yrfVeardnes. 

8 Hi dii ofelogOD bine, and 
vridutan done wia-geard. 

9 HwKt de|) dna win-geardes 
He cym)H and forde)> da tiligeaiii 
8}i|> odron done win-geard. 

10 Ne nedde go dis gcwrit, Se 
de da wyrhtan awurpon, d*^-^ 
wordcn on daTO byman beafc 

1 1 Dis )*9 fram Drihtne geworden, 1 
hit is wundorlic on nron eagum. 

13 Da smeadon hi dart hi g«l 
hlnCf and hi oudredon da mcniguji 
ouoncowon du dtet be dis bigsf 
him saede ; hi ferdon da, and 

13 Da aendon hi to him eume 
Pharisoum and Herodianumf dxi] 
befengon bine on bis worde. 

14 Dd comou hi and dus mid 
cwaedon, Lureow, we witon dast du 
Hu^fcest, and du ne recat be 
men ; ne beeccawast du manna 
ac dd Godea weg Isrst oo solrfosto^ 

p to erthc tilieris, &nd wcntc 
pilgiymage ; 


> sente to the crthe tllieris m 
leruaunt, that he schukle receyue 
Uji of the \-}-nc5enl at the erthe 

::whicbe bcten him takun, and 

I eftsoone he Rente to hem n 

fceruauQt, and tliei woundiden 
lio heed, and pou>-schcden with 

eftaonne he sente another, and 
ren him, and othere mo, bet/uge 
|>Qt sleynge othere, 

tore ^it ho hau3mgo a sone raoet 

lib, and to bem he sente him the 

^nge, For by hap thci achulen 

^y 8onc/ 

(othc the tenauntis seyden to 

J^ This is the eier ; come 50, sle 

;4Uid the eritage schal be oure. 


rthei takynge him, caatidcn out 

t the Tjne^erd, and slowen. 

lure what schal the lord of the 
t do t lie schal come, and Icese 
tintis, and jyue the vj'nejerd to 

JBr 30 han not rad this scripture, 
Va the which men blldingo han 
this is maad in to the heed of 

I thing is maad of the Lord, and 
trful in oare y^en. 
I thci sou^ten for to holde him, 
j dreden the cumpouye of pcple ; 
lei knewen for to hem he seide 
jtble ; and him left, thei wenten 


I thei scndeu to him summe of 
peee and Erodians, for to take 

i whiche comynge seyn to hym, 
'we witen for tituu ert sothfast, 
lust not of ony man ; sotlily 
jtbou seest in to face of man, 
teehist the wey of Qod in 


ed fl wync prcsse, and bilt a toure in 
hytt, and Ictt itout tohyre vnto husbaudc< 
men, and went into a stmunge countre ; 

2 And when tyme waa come ho sontt 
to the tennauntcs a servaunt, that lio 
myght of the tennuutcs roceave of the 
frute of the vyneyanle. 

3 jVnd they caught hym and bett hym, 
and aenlt hym aguyne empty. 

4 And mooreover he sentt vnto them 
another servaunt, and at hym they cast 
stones and brake hys heed, and sent 
htm agayne all to revyled. 

5 And agayne he sentt another, and 
hym they kylled, and many other, bect- 
ynge some, and kyllinge some. 

6 Yet had he one sonne whom he loved 
tenderly, him also sent he att the last 
vnto them, eayinge, They vryW fearo my 

7 Butt the tenaontcs saydc with in 
themselves, Thys ys the hejTe ; como, 
lett TS kill him, and the inheritaunce 
shalbe oures. 

8 And they toke him, and killid him, 
and cast hym out of the vyneyarde. 

9 AVhat shall then the lorde of the 
vyneyanle dol He will come, and dis- 
troyo the tenauntes, and let out the 
vyneyarde to other. 

10 Have ye nott redde thys scripture, 
Tlie stoone which the bylders did refuse, 
ya niatle the chefe stoone in the comerl 

1 1 Thys was done off the Lorde, and 
yg men'eyllous in ouro eyes. 

1 2 And they went about to take hym, 
butt they feared the people ; for they 
perceaved that he spake that similitude 
agaynst them ; and they left hym, and 
went their waye. 

13 And they sent vnto hym certayne 
off the Pharises with Herodes servauntes, 
to take hjrm in hys wordcs. 

14 And as sone as they were come 
thty sayd vnto hym, Master, we knowo 
that thou arte true, and careste for no 
man ; for thou consydcrcste nott the 
degre off men, butt tcachesto the waye 

234 GOTHIC. 360. 

giluia Kmsara? .... 

15 pau niu gil>^ma1 1\> lesua ga- 
saiwtiumls izo liutciu, qa]i du im, Wba 
mik Craisit*? atbairi]} mis Bkatt. ei ga- 


16 I)» CIS atborun. Yah qaji du iro, 
Whis I'st sa nmnlcika, yah so unfor- 
meleitu ? I|i cU qo}>uu du Tmnia, Kms- 

17 Tab andhttfyonds Icsns qaf* du im, 
T78gibi}> ))0 Kaisaris Kaisnni, yali \>o 
Gu))8 Gnjia. Yah sildaleikidedtm ana 

18 Yah atiddyedun Saddukaieis du 
imma, ^aici qi^and usstoss ui wisau, 
yah frehun inn, qi|>nT]dans» 

19 Laisari, Moses gtuuclida unais, f>atei 
yabM whis bro{iar ]u;adnu|)nai, yah bi- 
]eij)ai qenai, ynli bartie iii MUM|>ui, ci 
nimai tjro|)ar is |>o qen w, yali ussutyoi 
bania brojir seinanima. 

20 Sibuu bi*o))rahau3 wesun ; yah sa 
frnmista nam qen, yah ga^niltands, ui 
1>Uai{> fraiwa. 

3 1 Yah aii|)ar nam Y<i* yah gadau[iiioda, 
yali ni sa bilai]> fraiwa. Yuli firidya 

33 Yith uemuD |k> samaleiko )*ai sibnn, 
yah ui bili))uu fraiwa. Spcdumista al- 
laize gaHwalt yah bo qcns, 

33 in ffizai iisstaasai, j^an nsstandand^ 
wharyamDm izc vrair{>i^ qens 1 |iai auk 
sibuQ aihtcduu ))0 du qcDai. 

34 Yah andliafyands Xesus qa)> du im, 
Niu du{ie airzyai m}ii)^ ni kunmmdtms 
mcla, nih maht Q\i\>a ? 

35 Allis )>aD usstandand us daujraim, 
ni liugand, ni liugnnda, ak sind swo 
aggilyus pai in himiDflm. 

36 A|})mn bi daujiaTis, jiatci urreisand, 
niu gakunn aided u}i ana l>okom Moseys, 
ana oiwhatundyai, whaiwtk imma qa)i 
Oti|>, qit»ands, Ik i'm Ciu|j Abrahamis, 
yah Ou)> Yaafcia, yah lakubis ? 

37 Kist Gat> dau^aise^ ak qiwaize; 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. 
A]yf)f gaful to syllanne dam Caaere? 

15 Hwieder de we ne 8ylb|>t 
cw»|> he, and heora lot-vrenceas 
Hwt fiuidige ge min 1 bnnga|) me do 
pcning, dffit ic hine goseo. 

16 Da brohton hi him. D& nedoj 
him, Hweea is de^js anlionya, and 
gewriti Hi cvsedon, Dtea CasenL 

17 Da cww}> se Helend to liim, A{ 
dam Casere da \>\ng dt daes 
syndt and Gode Aa Ae Godei 
Da wundrodou bi be dam. 

18 Da comon hun to Sadacei, 
secga)> dset cerist ne sy, and bine 
sod on, and dus cwsedon, 

19 Larcow, Moyses 11s xrriU gif 
brodor dead bi|>, and Icf)) his wi^ 
ua?f)» nan l)eani, dtot bis brodor 
liis wif, and his brodor saed weoosw 

30 Eomostlice seofon gebrodni 
and se teresta nam wif, and wear^ 
na l«efedum ssedc 

7 1 And da nam se oder hi, and 
dead, ne se ssed ne leefde. Gclioe; 

3 3 And ealle seofon bi bsefdoo, 
sftd ne Irefdou. Ealra aeftemcit 
for|jfcrdc diut wif. 

33 On dam leriste, . . . . , 
. . . . hwylces dara seofona bi)> 
wif? hi ealle bi biefdou. 

34 Dd andswarodc him se Htclend,! 
nc dwclij^t* gc, fordam de ge nj 
halgau gowritu, ne Godes msegenf 

25 S6)>lice donnc hi of dea)»c 
wifiat> hi, ne ne giftia)>f ac bi 
swylce Godee englaa on beofonum. 

36 Be dam deadom, dset hi anaoB,1 
reeddo go on Moysee bocv bu God 
him cwffi)}, ofer done gorst-beam, Ie< 
Abrahames God, and Isaaoes God^ 
lacobes God f 

37 Nyg God dcadra, ac he ys lyW 

iS-»7-] WYCLIFFE,i389. 

Ireutbe. I» it leeffal for to ;yue tributo 
boCou-l .... 
' 1 5 Or wo achulen not jyue < The which 
ntinj^e her priucy falsaesse, seith to 
ion, \Vhat tcmpten 3c mc ? brj'Ogc je 
9 me u peny, that I se. 

j6 And thei offriden to him. Aod he 
lith to hem, AVbus is this ymnge, aiul 
ke in wrytinge * Thei seien to him, 

orsothe Jbesus answeringe seith 

, Thcrfore jclde ^e to Cesar tbnt 

Cesar, and to Gofl tbo thingifl 

ben of Ooti And alle wondridcn 


||8 And Sadacees, that seyen no remir- 
kmn to be, camen to him, and tudden 
B, »eyinge, 

rp Jfaistir, Moysca wroot to va, that 
•^kt brother of a man were deed, and 
ft wjf^ and lefte not soncs, his hro- 
take bia wyf, and reyse vp seed to 

erforo seticne britberen weren ; 
e 6 rate took a wyf, and ia deed, 

I And the secunde took bir, and ho 
deed, and neither tbia lefU seed. And 
thriddc also. 

d seneue tooken bir, and lefte not 
And the wommon the laste of alle 

le in the resoreccionn, whanne 

lea rise a^en, whos wyf of these 

tche be t sotbly scuene hodden hir 

^And Jbesua aoBwcringe seith to 
Wher 5c crren not thcrfore, not 
ige tbo aoriptnriB, nother the 
ierta of God 1 

*onM)the wbanne thei achuten riso 

deed meTi, neither tbei weddcn, 

ben weddid, but thei scbulen be 

la of God in heuenea. 

Sotkll of deed men, that tbei ryaen 

ban 50 not rad in the book of 

on the houschp, hou God seide 

•dyoge, I am God of Abraham, 

of Yaaac, and God of Jacob 1 

IB not God of deede men, but 

TYNDALE, 1526. 

oflf God truly. Ys yt laufull to paye 
tribute to Cesar, or nott 1 

15 Ooght we to geve, or onght we 
nott to geve? He knewe their dia- 
aimulttcion, and sayd vnto tbcin, Why 
tempte ye me 1 brynge me a peny, that 
I maye se yt. 

16 And they brought b'ym one. And be 
sayde vnto them, Whoso ys thya ymage, 
and supcrscripcioo 1 And they sayde 
vnto hym, Cesars. 

17 And Jeaua answered and saydo 
vnto them, Tiien gcve to Cesar that 
which bclongcth to Cesar, and geve God 
that which perteyneth to God. And 
they mcrvelletl att hym. 

18 And the Saduces cam mto hym, 
which saye there is no resurrection, and 
they axed hym, aayinge, 

19 Master, Hoses wrootc vnto va, yff 
eny mans brother dye, and leve bys vryf 
beli}Tidc him, and leve no cbyldreu, tliat 
then hya brother ahulde take h)"fl wyfe, 
and reyse vppc seed vnto his brother. 

20 There were seven bretliren ; and 
the fyrst toke a wyfe, and when he dyed, 
leeft DO aeedc bebinde hym. 

a I And the accondc toke her, and 
dyed, nether Icoft be eny aeede. And 
the thyrde lyke wyae. 

22 And aeven bad her, and Iced no 
seed bebyndo them. Lost of all the 
wyfc dyed ako. 

33 In tlie remirrecion then, when they 
shall rysc aga)-nc, whose wyfe shall she 
be of them ? for seven had her to wyfe. 

a 4 Jesna answered and sayde vnto 
them, Arc yc not tber fore deceaved, 
be cause ye knowe not the acrypturest 
nether the power of God 1 

35 For when they shall ryso agayne 
from deetli, they nether mary, nor are 
niftryed, butt are as the angels which 
are in beven. 

26 Aa touchyugc the deed, that they 
shall ryae agayne, have ye nott redde in 
the boke off Moses, howe, in the busshe, 
God spako vnto him. sayinge, I am tbo 
God of Abraham, and tbo God of Ysaao, 
and the God of Jacob 1 

37 He ia not the God of the deed, butt 

236 GOTHia 360. 

ft)>|)an yxiB filu airEyai styut>. 

a8 Yah <1ufltgn^gands aina [lize bok- 
arye, guhau-^r^finds ins gamaua sukyand- 
aiis, gasaiwlmntU ^tc! waila iim aiidhor^ 
fmh ina, wharya fat allaizo anabufine 

39 I^ lesus andhof imma, \>aic\ frum- 
iflto allaizo aua1)usn9, Hausei, Uracl, 
Frauya Gu|> un.tar Frauya ains ist ; 

30 Yah friyos Frauyan Gu|» jieinana us 
Allamma hairtm ^iuomma, yah us allai 
saiwalai )^inai, yah us atlai gahugdai 
beinai, yah us allai mahtai }>euiaL So 
mimista auabusus. 

31 Yah an)>ara galeika |»izai, Friyos 
newhuudyan {leinana awe }»uk silhui. 
MaUei ^aiiu aojiara anabums aist 

33 Yah qa)» du imma sa bokar^ia, 
"^'aila, laisari, bi sunyai qast ; |>atei alas 
isl, yuh uiat aul^ar^ alyu imimi : 

33 Yah \>&iA du friyon ina us allnmma 
hairtin, yah us altamma fra[>ya, yali us 
allui gaiwalai* yah us allai luahtai, yali 
^ttta du fi*iyoi:i ncwhundyan swc sik 
ailban, managizo tst allaim |«im ala- 
bruustim yah saudini. 

34 Yah leijus giisatwhanda ina |)etei 
frotiaba andbof, qa)i du imma, Ni ^\m 
is )»tndanganlyai G\i^. Yali aiushun 
^•naaei)* ni gadaursU ina fraihnan. 

35 Yah andha^-aiids lesns qa^^ lais- 

yands in alh, Whaiwa qif'and )*ai lK>karyo6» 
y^Ui Christus sunus ht Daweidis T 

36 Silba auk Daweid qa|> in Ahmin 
Weihamraa, Qit'i^ Frauya du frauyin 
mcinamma, Sit af toihswon meinai, tmtc 
ik galagya fiyasds )ieinaD8 fotobaurd 
fotiwe ^inaize. 

37 Silba ralhtis Dawcid qitn)> loa 
frauyan, yah wha|)ro imma sunus ist 1 
Yah alia so managri hausidednn imma 

38 Yah qa^ du im in laiaeb&i eeinu, 
Saiwhiy faura . . . , 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. 
ra ; sojilicc swyde go dweligea})/ 

3$ Da genealsehte htm an of 
boccnuu, de gehyrde hi smeagende, 
geseah diet he him wel andswarode, 
aliaodo hine, hwiet imre ealra 

29 Da andswarode he him, D«k ifti 
mseste bebod ealra, Israhel, g^yr, 
Drihten God he is an God ; 

30 And lufa diunc Drilitcn God of < 
dinre heortan, and of calrc dinrc Ml 
callum dinum mode, and of callum 
um nuegene. Det is dart 

31 8Q]>lico ia oder diasnm gelir, 
dinne nehstan swa de sylfoc. 
odcr marc bebod, 

33 Da cw»t> se boeere, Lareov, 
du on 86|>e cwaede ; dait an Qod il, 
nys oder, butan him ; 

33 Ami diet he si gclufbd of 
heortan, and of callum andgytCi 
calrc sawlc, and of calre strong^ < 
luiigean his nehstan swd hiuo 
dfPt is mare eallom onsasgdnyssom 

34 Da se Hselend geseah diet he 
wialtce andwyrde, he sacde him, Nc 
dii feor 6*am Godes rice. And hii 
dorst« nan man acnan. 

35 Da cwief> ee Haelendf on dam 
pie Isrendct Hti 8eega|i da booem^ \ 
Crist sy Dauides sona t 

36 Dauid eyU cw»)> to dam Hi 
Gaatc, Drihten cwie)? to miuum 
Site on nune swydran healfc, 
dine fynd asette to fot-sceamole 

37 Dauid sylf ncmde hine 
anil hwanon is be his sunut And 
mcnegu hine Inittoe gehyrtle. 

38 Da st«de he him on his lare» 
nia^ fnm bocerani. da wylla}i OD 
gj-rlum gan, and beon on strnl 

WYCLIFFE. 1389. 
'uyoge meo ; therfore ^e erren 

oon of the Bcribis, that liadde 
\ sekynge to gidero, cam ni^, 
ge that he hadje wel answerid 
|c hyuL, which was the firate 
ent of alle. 

ka answeride to him, that the 
ille comaundemeotia is, Heere, 
) Lord thi God la oon ; 
thou schal loiic the Lord thi 
thin herte, and of al thi soule, 
thi raynde, and of al thi vertu.^ 
e firete maundcuent. 

>tbe the secundo is lyk to thisr 
alt loue thi u{>i3cborc as thi 
r is non othir maiindcment 
D these. 

the scribe selth to him, Mai:jter, 
1^ thou hast wel scid ; for o 

tr is noD, out taken him ; 
he be loucd of al herte, 

tboujt/ and of al vudirstutid- 
, of al the soule, and of al 

and to loue the ncijebore as 
is more than alle brend of- 
ii sacrilicis. 

jQs forsothc seyinge that he 
iwerid wysely, seide to him, 

not fcr fru the kyngdum of 
bd now no man durstc axe 

iHiesuB aosweringe seide, tech- 
be temple, Therfore how eeyn 
Hit for to be the sone of 

mm Dauith him silf seide iu 
' Gost, The Lord seide to my 
e on my n3thalf, til I putto 
lyea the stool uf thi feet. 

bre Danith him silf seith him 
1 wherof is he his aoue 1 And 
BD^y gladli hcrdu Iiiui. 

P^fede to hem in his teching, 
of scribis, that woleu wandre 
jU|d be satutid in chcpiugc, 

TYNDjrVLE, 1526. 


the God of the livynge; yc are therfore 
greatly deceaved. 

28 And there cam won off the acrybes, 
and when he had herdo them disputynge 
to gedder, and perceaved that he had 
answered them well, he axed hym, which 
is the fyrste of ail the commaunde- 

39 Jesus answered hym, The fyrste of 
all the commaundcmcntcB is, Ucarc, 
Isruhcl, oure Lorde God is wonc Lordc ; 

30 And thou shaltt love thy Lorde 
God with all thy hert, uiid with all thy 
soule, and with all thy nijiide, and with 
all thy etreugthe. This ts the fyrste 

31 And the seconde is lyke vnto this, 
Thou shalt love thy neghbour as thy 
silfe. There is none other commaunde- 
ment greater then these. 

32 And the scribe sayde vnto hym. 
Well, master, thou hast sayde the truthe ; 
thatt there y» one God^ and that there 
is none but he ; 

33 And to love hyra with all the herte, 
and with all tiic niyiule, and with all 
the soule, and with aK the Btrcngthe, 
and to love n mans nchbour as hym silfe, 
ys a greater thyngc then all holocaustcs 
and sacrifises. 

34 And when Jesus sawe howe that he 
answered discretly, he suyd vnto hym, 
Thou art^i nutt farrc from the kj-ngdome 
of God. And no man after that durst 
axe hym eny question. 

35 And Jesus answered and sayd, teach* 
ynge in the ten»ple, Howe sayo the 
scribes, that Christ is the sonne off 

36 For David hym silfe inspyred witli 
the Holy Goost sayd. The Lorde soyde 
to my lorde, Sjtt on my ri^ht honde, 
tyll I make thyue enemys thy fote stole. 

37 Then David hym silfe calletb hym 
Im-dc, and by what meanes ys he then 
his soune } And moche people herds 
hym gladly. 

3H And he sayd vnto them in his doc- 
trine, Be ware off the scribes, which 
love to goo in longe doth^-nge, and love 
salutacions in the market pUces, 

AXOLO^AlOy, 995- [Br. 

39 Aod on ljui*t ain Ureow- 
■tten oA m miiMiiiiiLiiiii, and £ta 
m Mtl oo g«beoi«:3piun ; 

40 D» Ab wndewenA fads foi 
mid keora Uuigsaiiuui gebode ; iU 

41 D6 flet M Hvlend ongeo dot 
fmwJ. Ukd goeah hd dct fulc 
faah lorfode on (tone toU-eccamuI; 
BBM^i wdige torfodoo fela. 

4a Dft eom aa e«nn wndai 

43 Di clypode h« his leorninj 

mod atde hrm, Solrliee ic tow 
Aeotearme vndawe eallingai 
tern die on toU-soeflmul 

44 EftHe sendon of dam de hi 
lueiiaii ; so^IIce deoe of byre 
tet beo hirfde Mftlde, eoUe byre 

Chaf. Xm t Da he of dam 

code. <tt cw^ an of his leomii 
Con to hxm, Lareoir, loca, hw^rlcc 
ber VfuA, and hwylce getiml 

3 {>a cwi^ se Hslend, Ne 
cnlle dhs mvcelan getimbrunp;! T na] 
ber Isefed stan ofcr stau, de 

3 Da id Bcton on 01iaet«9 dune 
Aei tcinpel» synderiioe bine Pctni, 
iMLiAmt, aod lobniinea, and 

4 Sage ns, hwvone das ^ing gei 
•ad bvrlc taoen bi)i, dienne 
\ibg ooginna^ beon ge-endod. 

5 Da ongan se Hselend him 
ignde to cwedao, Warnia^ dai 
nan man ne beswicc ; 

6 So^fioe nmnegn cmna^ on 
naman, and cveda^ lo eom 
bc«wka^ manega. 

7 And donne ge gch/ra^ gcfeol 
gefeofala hltsan, ne ou\lrac<ic gc eoi 
bit gd)7t«b dxi bit gebelimpe, ao "^ 
gyt niaeoM* 

\^XUL 7.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

sitte in synagogis in the firste 
iUnd the firste utting places in 

whiche dcuourcn tbe housifl of 
^ vndir colour of long preier ; 
sen lec^ger dom. 
id Jlicsni nttinge a^ems the 

bibeUI hou the cumpany of 
ist« money in to the tnsorie ; 
Bje riclic costidcn many thingis. 
bli whanne o pore widuwe haddc 
•cbe sente tweye mynutis, that 

} his diacipliB cicpid to ^dere, 
I to hem, Trculy I seie to 50U, 

pore widowe sent© more than 
t MDte in to the treaorio. 

pdi nllc^CDtc of that thing that 
teuous to hem ; but this of hir 
laentealle thingis that ahe buddc, 

'. Xin. I And whanne he wente 
lihe temple, oon of Kis disciples 
him, Maistir, bihold. what maner 
and what moncre bildingis. 

be BDSweringo eeith to bim, 

lou alio thc9 grectc bitdingifi ? 

I not bo left a stoon vpon a 

which schal nut be distroycd. 

vhanne he sat in the mount of 
h i^ens the temple, thci axiden 
IF bem siluc, Petre, and JameSj 

U\f and Andrew, 

Uiou to vs, whanne tbes tbingis 
be maad, and what tokene, 

alle tbes thingis schulcn bigynne 

h endid 

'Jbesos answeringe bigan for to 

lem, Se ^e, that no man diaccyuc 

■oany scbolen come in my name, 

For I am ; and the! Bchuleu 


whanne ;e schulea hcere batela 
feiiouna of bateils, dredc ^e not ; 

it bihoucth these thingis for to 
>ut uol }it anon the end. 

TYNDALE, 15*6. 839 

39 And the chefe seates in the sina- 
goges, and to sit in the T|)permoflt 
roumea att feostes ; 

40 And devoure widowca houses, and 
vnder a colour praye longe prayers ;J 
these ahall hare greater domnacion. 

41 And Jesus sat over aga}-nst the 
treasury, and behelde bowc the i>cople 
putt money into the treasury ; and 
many that were ryche cast in mocb. 

43 And there cam a certayne povre 
widowe, and she tbrewe in two mytcs, 
whiche make a fartlij-nge. 

43 And he called ^Tito h3rm his dis- 
ciples, and sayd vnto them, Vcrely I 
saye vnto you, tliat thys pover widowo] 
bath cast moare in then all they which 
have caste into the treasury. 

44 For they all putt in off their super- 
fluite ; hut she off her poverte cast in 
all that she had, even all her li^-ynge. 

Chap. XIII, i And as he went out 
of the temple, won of his disciples sayd 
vnto hyra, Master, se, what stones, and 
what bildynges ore here. 

3 And Jesus answered and sayde vnto 

hym, Seist thou these grcate byldyngeal 
there ahall not l>e leefte one stone apon 
u uother, that shall not be tbrowcn 
do one. 

3 And as he sat« on mounte Olivete 
over ayenst the templo, Peter, and 
James, and Jhon, and Andrew, axed 
hym secretly, 

4 Tell VB, when these tbinges sbalbo, 
and what is the Bi<rno, when all these 
tbinges shalbe fulfilled. 

5 And Jesus answered tbem and begoa 
to saye, Take hede, lest eny man deceave 
you ; 

6 For many ahall come in my name, 
aayiugc, I am Christ ; aud shall deceave 

7 When re shall heare off warrc and 
tydiuges off warrc, be ye not troubleJ ; 
for Ihcy muste uedeg be, butt the cnde 
is nott yctt. 


GOTHIC, 360. 



JotKlyAitJtnm tu }iuuAim daganL 

);Jiiult« iiwur wiiitmu. 

k^.J. ;i. t %xrc iii WW swalcikik frnm 
' ui i^YiskufUiis Kwi giu»kop Gu^ 
i4»M uiiu, vail ni vnur^|>. 

AJf QLO-SAXON. 993. [St. Km 

8 S6)>nc« ^eod anal agen ^eofU, ii>d 
rice uDgen rice, and heop eoi^n ttjr- 
unga geoud stuwa and htmgor ; diiffiid 

9 WamiB|> eow sylfe, hi syWh^ cow ao 
ge)>eal)to, aud awiu^'a|i on gesaniDun^iitn; 
and ge 8taQda|i I>ef6nm demnTn uid 
cjiiinguro for mlDam naman. him aa 

10 And on ealle )ieoda erect gebjn^ 
beon da.'t godspel gebodod. 

11 And donue hi sylleudc eov- 
ne (ore-smenyc i;e hwa-t ge sj 
8peca)> dftst eow on diere tide 
bi|> ; ne synd ge ua specendei ac 
Halga Oast. 

13 S6|)1icc AC brodor done brodor 
dea|>e syl)), and so fteder bis to&u. 
da boara arisa)> agen hyra magaCt 
mid dea)»e hi gewxcea|». 

13 And ge beo}t ealluin on hatangt> 
minum uauian ; Bul^Hce se bi^ hal, 
de od eude [>urh-wuiiut>. 

14 OoDTie ge ge^u^o^ daerc toi 
nyase aaceonuDge, . 

stondan dirl 

ne 8C€«1 ; donne ong^c so do 
fleon donno on muntas, da d« sjmd 1 

15 And 8C de b ofcr fjccenc^ ue 
he on his bus, ne hu in uc ga, diet 
alit on hia buse nime ; 

16 And se de bi|> on ftccre, ne 
he oogean diet he bia reaf nime. 

17 Wa eennendnin on dam dagoni 

18 Bidda^ dvet dis on wintra w 

1 9 So^liee 00 dam dagum bco> 6w;1<« 
gedrefednean, sw^ce ne gc^runlou ut 
Ci^nn^ dune grs c ra fte , dc God gCMCOpi 
od au, ne na ne geworde^ 

■19.] WYCUFFE, 1389. 

W folk achal rise \*pon folk, and 
nrmc V}»od rewme, and crthe mouyng 
thai be by placea and huiigur ; bigyn- 
ivngu of sonris tLese thingis. 

9 Sothli se jc ;oa silf, for thei schulen 
ike 30U in couaccilfi, and je sclmlcn 
e beten in synagogis j and ^e schuton 
|ood« biforc kyngis and domenuen for 
le, in to witneasiug to lieu. 

Iio And in to alio folkis it biboaeth 
^ the go^l fur to be precbid. 
11 And wbfionc tbci sdmleu Icdc ^ou 
Un^tHngc, nyle je tbenkc wliat 30 schulen 
Mkcr but speke ;e tbat tbiug that sclial 
■ 30uen to 30U in tlint our ; suttili 30 
■t not Bpekingc, but the Hooty Uost 

la Forsothe a brother scbal bitraye 
brother in to deeth, and the fadir 
■one, and sones schulen ryso to gidrc 
fiulris and modrU, and |)on}'!M:Ue 
by deeth. 
113 And ^e ncbulen be in hate to alle 
for my name ; but he tlmt scbal 
|tateync in to the eude, this scbal be sat 
it4 Forsothe whnnne ^e schulen Be the 
ynacioun of discomfort, . . . 

stondin^e wher it 

itb not } vndirstonde he that rcdith ; 
e tbei tbat be in Jadoe^ flee in 
b hillia. 

115 And he that is aboue the roof, come 
t Dot douD in to the hous, neithir entre 
e, that be take ony thing of bis hows ; 

s6 And be that scbal be in the feeld, 
not A^en bybynde for to take his 

TTNDALE, 1526. 



u? Sothli wo to hem that ben with 
Hk and noriBcbinge in tbo dayes. 

!W Tlierfore preie je, that tbei ben not 

too in w^'ntir. 

mg Forsoth the ilke dayes of tribula- 
(pan schulen be suche, whiche numcre 
|nm not fro the bygjunjTige of crea- 
'ire, the which God made, til now, 

8 For there shall nacion aryse agaynste 
nacion, and reahne rcalmc, and 
there shalbc erthquukes in alt quartera 
and fuuiysshnient and troubles ; these 
are the begynnynge off sorowes. 

9 Butt tidce ye bedc to youre selves, 
for they shall bryngc you vp|ie to the 
counsels, and into the synagogges, and 
ye slialbe beeten ; and ye sbalbe brought 
before rulers and kyngea for my sake, 
for a lestimoniall vnto them. 

10 And the gospoll muste fyrste be 
publysshed amonge all naciuns. 

1 1 Butt when they leade you and 
prcsentt you, take uoo thought afore 
honde what ye shall saye, nether yma- 
giou, butt whatsoever is gcvcn you att 
tkm same tyme, that spavke ; for it shall 
nott t>e ye tbat shall epeake, butt the 
Holy Goost. 

12 Ye and the brother shall delyvre 
the brother to deeth, and the father the 
Sonne, and the chyldren shall ryse a- 
ga}'n5te their fathers and mothers, and 
shall putt them to dceth. 

13 And ye shnlbe hated off all men for 
my names sake ; butt whosoe\'cr shall 
endure vnto the cnde, shalbc safe. 

1 4 ilorcover when ye se the abominable 
desolncion, where off is spoken by Daniel 
the prophete, stonde were itt ought 
nott ; let hyiu that redcth it vnder- 
Btonde itt ; then let them which be in 
lewry, tie to the mountaynes. 

15 And let hym that is on the housso 
toppe, uott desceudc doune into the 
housse, nether entre there in, to fetcho 
eny thj*nge outc off his housse ; 

16 And lett hytn thatt is in the fclde, 
not toume backe agayne vnto tho 
thynges which he Icefte bcliyude hym, 
for to take his clouthes with h^Tti. 

17 Butt woo is then to them that are 
with chylde, and to them that geve 
souckc in thoose dayes. 

1 8 But praye, tbat youre flyght be not 
in the wynter. 

19 For there sbalbe in those dayes 
suche tribulucion, as was not from the 
begjTmynge off creatures, which Goil 
created, vnto this tyme, nether sbalbe. 


GOTHIC, 360. 

20 Yab ui Frauya ^mniirpfidedi {mns 
f]a;^\u8. ui |muh ^ancsi aiiiliun Icikc ; 
akei 'in t)i?.c {^Mrolidonc }>aDxei guwaliUo, 
gumaurgiUa j;>aus dagHua. 

31 Yah yun yabai whas mvng qi|>ai, 
8ai! her Chnatua, ai|>]>aa sai ! yoiuar, 
ni galaubyai]?. 

22 Uutc urreisand gftliu^achristyua 
yah galtugnpraufeteifl, yah giband taik- 
nins yah fauratiLny^ du afairzyBii, yabai 
mahteij; siyai, yuli, |iuub ^^awalidanB. 

33 ]t|> yu9 saiwhi|j ; sail fnuragatuih 
izwis altutA. 

34 Akci iu yainans dagana, afar |>o 
aglun yuiuu, sAu'it riqizei)), yah mcua ni 
gibi)} Uuhuf? seiu, 

25 Yah staimons himinia wair 

driusaudeins, yuh mahteis )>oa m himiu- 
aiu, gawagjauda. 

36 Yah |>au gAnaiwIiand Bunu mana 
qiniandnn in iniUimam, iui)> mahtai 
mauugai yah wult'au. 

37 Yuh )>fm insfiudei)* aggiluos sciimiis, 
yah galisij) ]>ans gawaliduna scinans 
af fidwor windum, fram andyam air)?os 
und audi liinnuis. 

28 Al>J)an flf smakkabagraa ganiini|> )»o 
gayukou. puu )>iri yujiau asts |>1b«{us 
wair^i(>, yah UHkeinand lauboa, kuunu)» 
fiatci ucwha ist osaoE. 

39 Swah yah iriis, }>an ga8aiwhi[> |tata 
wair)?an, kunneiji ^atei newha sij-u)) at. . 

AXGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. 

3o Aud gif Drihten das dagas ne 
aoyrte, nan Ha>sc ue mink hal ; au 
dam gecorsnum do he gtons, 1m 
so)Ttc da dagae. 

9 1 And gir eow hwylc aegft, WU 
her ia Crintj witodlice ! dser he v^' 
golyfe ge. 

33 S6}>tioe leaae Oriatoa and lease 
egan arisa|>, and wyTCA|> fore-l 
bcijwicauiie, cac% gif liit beuu uu^,{ 

33 \Vaniia)> eow ; nu 1 ealle ^iag* 
ic eow fore-Mede. 

24 Ao on dam dagiim, vetbet 
gtawcDceduysse, by}> sanne a] 
and se mona his beoriitaeiac ne syt^^ 

25 And heofonea at«orran heo^ 
Icnde, and bcu|> aatyrode, da 
de on hoofouum synd. 

26 Douue geseo]^ hi mannes 
endue on gciiipunif mid myceluu 
enc and wuldre. 

37 £)ouue aeut he his «DghB, 
gaderiat> hie gocorenan of feower 
um, of eorjiam hcahneaae od heol 

38 Lcoruiat* an bigspcl be dam 
troowe. Donne hia twi bil> ni(wni,4 
leaf beo)i iioennede, ge witun daet 
ia gehende. 

39 And vnte gc, duone ge das 
gesco)>, diet he ia dura geheude. 

30 S6j»lice ic cow •ecge, diPt 
cneores ne gcwit, Krdatn ealle das 

31 Heofon and eor|H> gcwito}-, 
lice mine wortl ne gewitaj^. 

33 Be dam diege and dxre tide I 
man nat, ne englaa on hcofuue, lie 
DM aunu, buton fseder ud<^ 

33 Waruia)), and waciaj», and ^W 
eow ; ge nytou, bwo-uue si 

34 Swft ae nmn de seH't . 
forlet hia bus, and acaldc his ^% 
dtene anwald gchw}'loce wi-orcw, • 
beode dam dure- wear dv, da-'t he waa^ 

35 Eomostlice wacigea)), g« 

•35 J WTCLIFFE, 1389. 

no bnt the Lord hadUo breig- 
Uyc8, al tlcisch^ hoJdc out be 
Hir the chosene whom he cheea, 
hath breiggid dayea.^ 

ihanne if (my mau schulde seic 

lO ! here is Crist, loo ! there, 


iftls Crislia and fals prophctis 

ryse Tp, and schulcn ^)-ue 

Ad grete wondria, to dUceyue, 

be dozL, ^e, the chosc-iie. 

fore se ^e ; loo ! I hauo biforc 

alle Uiingis. 

in iho daycB, aftir that tribuk- 
ft sunnc schul be inuad derk, 
tone Bcha] not jyae hir schyti- 

itcrris of hcuoncs schal be fall- 
i, and vortues that be in hc- 
lulen be monyd. 
thanoo thei sehulen se mannis 
^ge iu cloudla of heueue, with 
tQ and glorie. 

1 thanne he schal sentle his 
ind schal gedre his chosene fro 
adift, fro the lowcste tliiug of 
the hi^este thing of heuene. 
othe of the fyge ti-ce lenie 5c 
le. ^VbanlIe now his bruuncho 
endrc, and lecuys ben sprongeu 
iten for somer is in tlie ne\te. 
ml whanne je schuleu sc alle 
Igifl ben inaad, wite jc, that it 
Dexte in the doris. 

ly I aeye to 30U, for this gene- 
tchal nut pusse awey, til alle 
ugis be don. 

tne and ertbe schal passe, for- 
wordij) Bchulen not posse. 
ly of that day or our no man 
'.hir aungelij) in heuene, nether 
no but the ladir. 

ij wake je, and preie 3c ; aothli 
tiot, whuniic tyme is. 
u a man the which gon fer in 
!«, lefle his houa, and ^af tu his 
B power of euery work, and 
jde to the porter, that he schulde 

fore wukc 3e, forsobhc 3c witen 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


30 And excepte that the Lord had 
shortened those dayes, no man shulde 
bo saved ; but for the clectes sake which 
he hath chosen, he hatli shoiteued thoose 

21 And then yff eny man saye vnto 
you, Loo ! here is Christ, loo ! he is 
there, beleve nott. 

3 2 For falce Christes bliall aryse and 
falce propetos, and shall shcwe myraclea 
and wonders, to deceave, j-f it were pos- 
sible, evyn the electe. 

3,3 But take ye hedc ; beholde ! I have 
shewe<l yon all thinges before. 

34 ]^Ioreover in thoose dayes, after that 
tribuhicion. the sunue shall wexe darke, 
aud the mone shall not geve her light, 

35 And the starres off* heveu shall fall, 
and the powers which ore in heren, 
shall move. 

36 And then shall they se the sonne of 
man comniyuge iu the cloudes, with 
greate power and glorj-. 

27 And then shall ho acndc his angels, 
and shall gaddrc t^ gcdder his electo 
from the fouare wyndes, and from the 
one ende off the worlde to the other. 

38 Learne a similitude of the fygge 
tree. When his braunches are yett 
tender, and bath brought forth© leves, 
ye knowc that sommer ys neare. 

29 So iu lyke maner when ye se these 
thinges come to jHisse. vndcrstond, that 
it ys nye even att the dores. 

30 Verely T saye vnto you, that tbya 
generaciou shall nott passe, tyll all these 
thynges be done. 

31 Heven and crth shall i»assc, butt 
my wordes shall nott passe. 

32 Butt of the daye ond the bouro 
knowetli no man, no nott the angels 
which are in heven, nether the sonne 
liym nilfc, save the father only. 

j3 Take hede, watche, and praye ; for 
ye knowc nott, when the tyme ys. 

34 As a man which ys gone in to a 
strauuge couutrey, and hath lefle hys 
houssc, and geven auctorito to liys scr- 
vauntes and to every man hys worke, 
and commaundcd the port€r to watche, 

35 AVutche therforc, for ye knowc not, 



GOTmC, 360. 

. teins |)iB balsftnis war}) 1 

5 Maht wcsi auk |»atn balsan fmbugyan 
'in managizo [mi) tit-iyuliuiida sknttc, yah 
giban uiiledaim. Vali onddtauiraidcduu 

6 I|> lesus qa|i, Lot.i|» |io ; duwhe izai 
UB|)riuti|)1 jjannu go|> waurstw waurhta 
l>i mis. 

7 Sinteiuo auk [lans unleclans habaij) 
nii]j izwis, yah ^an wleit>, nmgu|> im 
valla tuuyau; i]> mik ui biiitciuu liabaij?. 

8 patei habaida so gatawiJa ; faursnxui 
Balboii luciu U'ik ilu lufilba. 

9 Amen qijia Vzwis, jiiswbaruh )>ei 
raery*aJa so aiwaggclyo and alia manaa- 
e^, yah |>atel gutawida so, rodyadu da 
ganiuudai izos. 

10 Yah ludas Kskarioteis, aius |)izc 
twftlibo, fvaluiji du )>uiui gudyaiii, ei ga- 

"~ jwidedi Tna im. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Mj 

hwsenne Akb htiaes hUford cynij), 
on sefen, de on midre nibte, do on 
crede» de on mcrgen ; 

^6 Dc-Ises he eovf slapcnde gemi 
dotmc he fseringa cymt>. 

37 S6|)Iice dast ic eow secge, eat 
ic hit secge, Wacia^. 

Chap. XIV. ■»! S6|>IiceaaBfterti 
da^m wicron castrou. .... And 
aubton da heali-sacerdaa and da 
as, bil hi hiue mid IKcuc namon, 

2 Da cwsedon hi, Na» na on 
dsegCj de-Ues dsa folces gdilyd v( 

3 And da se Hselcnd wtea on 
on Simonca base anea hreoflao, and 
ssBt. da com an wif, and hjefdc 
sealf-box deorwyr(»es nardea ; and 
brocenum sealf-boxe, ofer his 

4 Sume hit nnweordlTce forb»rou, 
betvimx him sylfum cwaedon. Foi 
WRs disse sealfe forspillednee gew< 

5 Decs sealf mibtc boon gcseald* 
J^rim bund penpgum, and beon 
geaeald. And yrsodon agen hi. 

6 Dii cwjeji se Hwlend, L«U^ 
hwi 33Tid ge byre grame 1 god 
hco on me worhte. 

7 S6|>Hce symble ge habbaji 
mid eow, and dunne ge wylla|>, ge 
on him teala don ; mc ge uymble 

8 Deos scalde dsot beo h/rfde ; 
cum to smyriauue minue b'ch&man 

9 S6)>lice ic eow secge, swa hwar 
dis godspcll gebodod bi|r on 
middaa-cardo, bit) gcbodod, dst heo 
on his gemynde dyde. 

10 Da ludas Scarioth, dmt is wil 
sacft, uu of dam twelfum, fcrde to 
heah-sacerdumj dset be bine bolxwdft^ 

SIir.36.-XIV,xa] WTCLIFFE, 1389. 

□ot. vrlianne tlie lorii of the lious 
coraeU), in the eucntide, or in the myd- 
tiyjfc, or kockis crowynge, or morwynge ; 

36 Lest whanne he schal come sudenly, 
be fynde 50U elepinge. 

37 Forsotho tbut that I scie to 3011, I 
to alle, Wake je. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 



Chap. XIV. i Forsothe paak and the 
fccBt« of thorf looues* was aftir the 
•ecunde day. And the hi5este prestis 
ft&d scritis sou^teii. huu thci schuldea 
liotdc him with gile, and sle. 

3 Sotlili thei seidoa, Xot in the feeste 
day, lest perauenture noyse were maad 
in the peple. 

3 Ami whanne he was at Betanye, iu 
Ac hous of Symount leproiu, and retitid, 
B voDUD&n comynge, hauyuge a l>ux of 
jffecionB oynement spikanaKl ; and the 
Iwx brokun, heldo out on his heed. 

Forsoth ther wcren sumrac l>cringe 

iworthily* with j-nne hem silf, and 

?y ^Vlierto is this loss of oynement 

For this oynement niy5te haue be 

more than for thrc huudnd pens, 

be jouan to pore men. And tbci 

leden in to hir. 

[i Sothli Jhcsus seide, Sufire hir ; what 

je heuy to hir ? aUo hath wrou3t good 

in mc. 
For euer more ^e schulen haue pore 
with 30U, and whanne je achiilen 
)IIe, 50 mown do wel to hem ; forsoth 
sdiulen not eucrmore haue me. 

dide that that she hadde ; sche 
fur to auoynte my body into 

I Bfiie to ^oti, where encre this 
Bobal be prcchid in al the world, 
that this womnutn hath done, sehal 
told in to mynde of hir. 

JFo And Judas Scanoth, oon of the 
cine, wcnte to tlie hi^este prcstis, that 
he schulde bitniy him to hem. 

when the master of the honase wyll come, 
whether att even, or at niydiiyj'ht, whe- 
ther att the oocke crowynge, or iu Uia 
dauuynge ; 

36 Lest yff he come sodenly, he shulde 
fynde you slepynge. 

37 And that I saye vnto you, I saye 
vnto all men, Wutche. 

Chap. XTV. i After two dayea fol- 
owcd ester and thedaycs of swotc breed. 
And the hye pre^tes and scrybea soui^ht 
mcuiics, howe they myght take hym by 
craftp. and putt hjnn to doeth. 

3 Butt they sayde, Nott on the fcasto 
daye, leest eny busynes aryso amonge 
the peoi)le. 

3 When he was in Betlmuia, in tho 
honsse off Simon the leper, even as he 
sate att meate, there cam a woman, with 
au alabluster boxe of oyntment called 
narde that was pure and costly ; and 
she brake the boxe, and powred it on. 
his heed. 

4 There were some that disdayned in 
them selves, and eayde. What neded this 
waste of oyntment 1 

5 For it myght have bene soolde for 
more tlien two hnundrcd ])cns, and bene 
geven vnto the povre. And they grudged 
agaynste her. 

6 And Jesus sayd, Lett her be in recst ; 
why grcvo ye herl she hath done ft 
goode worke on me. 

7 Ye and ye shall have povre with you 
all waycs, and when soever ye will, ye 
maye do them goode ; butt mo ye ahal 
not have alwaycs. 

8 She hath done that she couldc : she 
cam u fore honde to anoynt my boddy 
to his bui-yinge warde. 

9 Verely I saye vnto you, wheresoever 
thj*8 goajiell shalbe preached thorow out 
the whole worlde, thya also that she 
hath done, shalbo reheard ta remem 
brauncc of her. 

10 And Judas Iscariotb, won off the 
twelve, went awaye vnto theliye prestos, 
to betraye him vnto them. 

24« GOTHIC, 360, 

II I]> eis gahfluaynndnnB fajrinorledun, 
yah palmihttitun imma faihu giban. Yah 
Bokida whaiwa gatiUba ina galcwidedl 

1 3 Yali juimma frumistin dapa azwine, 
])an paska sulidcdun, c|e|nm du inmia ^ai 
BipODyos IS, Whar wilcis ei ga1(*i|-andans, 
inaQwyaizno, ei matyais poaka ? 

13 Yah insandida twans siponyo sein- 
ftise, qa)itih du im, GaggaU in \>o l>flurg, 
yah gamoteij) igqia iiianDa kas watins 
bairands ; gaggata afar )iamizuL 

14 Ynh |>a(lei inngalci)>a!, qit^aita |>am- 
ma heiwafrBiiyin, patei laisarcw qit'it'. 
Whar aind 8aU)iW08, [larei paska imp 
sipocyaiu mciuaim matyaa ? 

15 Yah sa izwis tfliknei|i kelikn mikil- 
ata gnst ra wi \> man wy ala, yah yai nar 
Tuanw^-ni)) tmsis. 

1 6 Yah us'iddyeduD ]»ai aipoD . . . 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Mm 

II Da hi dtfl gehyrdon In fahnodon, 
and behcton him feoh to syllannc And 
he smeade hu he hine digellice eealde. 

12 And dam forman dcge azimonm, 
da hi castron offrodon, his leoming- 
cnihtas him atedon, Hwyder writ ^ 
dfft we faron, and gcgcarwion de, dirt 
du eoatrou etet 

1 3 Da sendc he twegen of his leoniiiif- 
cuilitum, and ssde him, Gip oo m 
ceaatre, and inc agen-ym^ soid nui 
berende smnc weter-flaxon ; fol^ 

14 And swa hwyder sws he in-^ 
sccga^ -Ates buses hlafordc, U're Uifcft 
seg^, Hwar is min gyst-hua and n^ 
gereord, hwar ete ic eastron mid v^< 
um leomiDg-cnihtnm 1 

15 Aiid ho inc geffwutela^ 
hcalle getUefte, and gegeanria)» 1 

16 Da ferdon his leoniing-cnihtai^ i 
comon on da ceastre, and fundau 
eall swa ho sxde ; and g^earwodoi 

1 7 S6)?ltce da sefen com, him 
mid him 

iS Sittendnm, and ctcndmn, ntd$\ 
Hselend. Sd^iHce ic cow socge, del 
an de mid me yt, ge8yl|» me. 

19 Da ongunnon hi beon dreorigcvi 
betwux him cwedan, Cwyst du 

20 Du seedc he htm, Xd of eow 
um me sylji, se de his hand on 
mid me dypj?. 

21 And witodlice mannes luna 
swu bo him awriten is ; wa dftna 
jmrh done de mannee sunu geseald 
Betere him wsre, d»t ae man aoi 

22 Him da etendmn, afeng ae 
hlaf, and hine bletBiende brffCt 
sealde him, and dns cws}>, Nima^;' 
ys min Uchama. 

23 And onfeng calice, and Godc 
dyde and scalde him, and c&lle hi 

24 Dd ssde he him, Dis ys min Uoi 


[4.1 WYCLTFFE, T389. 

irliicho lieoTynge ioyeden, and 
(em to 5yuc him monoy. And, 
[ bow he acbulde bitrkye him 


the 6r8te day of theme loues, 
(ask was offrid, discipUs seyn 
Ifhidir woU thou we go, and 
^ to thee, that thou etc pask 1 

he scnditb tweyne of his dig- 
I oetth to hero. Go ^e in to the 
I ft man bcringc a galoun of 
bl rcnne to )ou;^ suwc ;o 

! whidir euere he achal entre, 
p the lord of the hous, For the 
leitb, Wher is my fulfilling,^ 
odial etc paak with uy dis- 


ibe sehfti shewe to )ou a g^reet 

^lace Btrewid, and there make 

i vs. 

hifl disciplifl wenten forth, and 
ito the citee, and foundc aa he 
id to hem ; and thci loaden 


euen maod, he cam with 

^hem sit^nge at the mete, and 
brsua aeith, Treuli I seie to 30U, 
i ;oo that ctith with me, achat 

thci bigunnen for to be aori, 
^ ech by hym si If, Whether 1 1 

which Beith to hem, Oon of 
iBt puttith yn the hond with 
ID plater. 

Bothli maonia aoae goth, as it 
\ of him ; forsotb wo to that 
liioin maonia sone achal be bi- 
It wore good to him, if that 
%add« not be borun. 

hem etingo, Jheaus took bred, 
Inge brak, and ;af to hem, and 
lie }c ; this is my l>ody. 

the cuppe takun. he doynge 
to b«n, and alte diimkun 

be satli to hem, This is my 

TYNDALE, 1526. 247 

11 When they herde that they were 
gladde. and promised tliat they wolde 
geve hym money. And lie sought 
howc he myght convenyeotly betraye 

1 2 And the fyrst daye of swcte breed, 
when they offered the pascal Inmbe, hi« 
disciples sayd %*nto hym. Where wylt 
thou that we goo, and prepare, tJiat thou 
moystc eate the ester lambc 7 

13 And he sent fourth two of liis dia- 
ciples, and sayde vnto them, tioo yc into 
the cite, and there shall a man mete 
you beringe a pitcher of water ; folowo 

14 And whidtbersoever he goeth in, 
saye ye to the good man off the hoosse, 
The master axeth, Where is the geest 
chambre, where I shall eate the ester 
lambe with my disciples ? 

15 And he wyll shewe you a greatc 
parlour paved and prepared, there make 
reddy for vs. 

16 And his disciples went forth, and 
cam in to the cite, and founde as he had 
sayd vnto them ; and made rcddy the 
ester lambc. 

17 And att even, he com with the 

18 And as they sate att horde, and ate, 
Jesus sayde, Vcrly I snye vnto you, that 
won off you shall betraye me, which 
eatcth ^vitU me. 

1 9 And they began to momo, and to 
snye to hym, won by won, Ys it 1 1 and 
another sayde, Ys it I ? 

20 lie answered and sayd vnto them, 
It is won of the .xij. and the same 
depeth with me in the platter. 

2 1 The Sonne of mau gocth, as it is 
written of hym ; but woo be to tliat 
man, by whome the sonne of mau is 
betrayed. Goodc were hitt for hym, if 
that man had never bene borne. 

2 2 And as they ate, Jesus toke breede, 
gave thankee, broke it and gave it to 
them, and sayd, Take, cate ; thys ys my 

23 And ho toke the coppe, gave 
thaukes and gave it to them, and they 
dronke all off it 

34 And be sayde vnto them, Thys ys 


QOTHIC, 360. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995- [St-^UrkI 

dfpre niwnn cydnoese, diet hi)) (br mfto- 
egum a^oten. 

25 Soplice ic eow aecgc, dipt ic heotwa- 
for|> ne drincc of dyses win- 
oynne, od done dng donne k 
niwne drincc on Oodes rice. 

26 And goGwed«Duzn lofe, hi fcrdon 
Ele-bergena mont. 

27 Da cwH*)> ae H^lend, KiiUe ge 
ge-untrcowsode on di^e uibte ; fot 
do hit nwnteu is, Ic slea dvoe b) 
and beo^ da sc«p todrefede. 

38 Ac eftcr dam de ic oriae, ic 
beforan eow on Oalileam. 

39 Da 3»de Fetms liim, Deah 
ealle swicion, ne Hwicige ic de nl 

30 Da cwse^ ae Hapleod, So^lioe ie* 
nege, daet du on disse nihte zr 
toWa cruwe, jniwa wid-siecst mio. 

31 And he dses de mare sprvc, 
deah me gebTrige mid de to swell 
ne KtMoe ic din. And swa hi c\ 

39 Da oomoD hi to anum tune, 
aama wks OcMBuani. And he cwv^ < 
his leomin|c;-cnihtnm, Sitta^ her, od 1 
k »e gebi Jde. 

33 ALJ be nam da mid him 
and lacobum and lohanncm, da ong 
be forbtian, and sargiaxL 

34 Axkd SKde him, Unrot is mi 
od d«K^ ; gcbida}) her, and wacia^. 

35 Da he lyl-hwon for^Btop, be 
■toehte hue ofer da eor^an, a&d be 
■if hit bcoa mibte, daet he on dm 
■ani wttMk gemte. 

3< Aad da cwv^ be, Abba, dai 
IWd«v 00 in ge^eode, ealle 
qpad m&ti^fe% itp- dyme calie 
rae; ac nadnt ie wyOe^ aedctdn. 

37 Daeomhe,and fiaiide Id 
Aad COT^to F«^ SinMnk, flwpst Aij 
da ane tide waciaD I 

38 Wada^ and gefaidda^ dKl |t 
ae gan ; wtedlioe se gtfk ' 


'»5-38.] WYCLIFPE, 1389. 

of Uie neve testament, the which 
icbil be ehedd out for mfuiye. 

35 Trculy 1 seie to 50U, for now I schal 
not dryiike of this fimit of vjme, tU in 
to thftt daye wfaannc I schal diynke it 
oewe in the rewmc of God. 

a6 And the ympne* soid, thoi wenten 
ort in to the hil of Olyues. 

17 And Jltesua seith to hem, Alle ;e 

Kten be sctanndrid in me in this ni^t ; 
t ia writun, I schal sniyte the schep- 
f, and the scheep of the tloc ftohulen 
be liiiiparplid. 

38 But uftir that I schal rysc ajen, I 
idn] go bifure 50U in to Galilee. 

19 Fnreoth Petre seith to him. And if 
alle achulen be sclauuilrid, but not 1. 

»And Jhesns seith to him, Treuly I 
to thee, for thou to day bifore tho 
in this ny^t twycs ^yue voiSj thries 
crt to denye me. 
And ho gpak more, And if it bihoue 
But to dye to gidcrc with thee, I schal 
^denye thee. Sothli and lyk manero 
And thei camen in to a place, to 
the uumc Gcthsamany. And he 
to bis disciplis, 8itte ^e here, the 
I preie. 

And be takitb Petrc and James 
John witli him, and bigan for to 

and to heuyc. 
And he seith to hem, My soule ia 
d til to the decth ; susteyne je^ 
and preie je with mo. 
And whanue he badde gan forth a 
he fcldc down on the crthe. und 
tbnt, if it my^tc be, the our 
le passe fro him. 

And he seide, Fodir, alle tbingis 
possible to thee, tunie fro me this 
otppe ; but not that I wole, but that 

37 And be cam, and fond hem alcp- 
jFDge. And be seith to Petre, Symount, 
llepiftt thon 1 my^tist thou not wake 
iritb me oou ourl 

38 Wfike je, and preie je, that 50 «utre 
lOi in to temptacioun \ forsothc the 
pint IB redy. but the fleisch syk. 

TYXDALE, 1535. 


my blonde of the ncwe testament, which 
slialbe sheed for many. 

25 Verely I saye vnto you, I wyll 
drynke no moore off* this frute off tho 
vyne, rntyll that daye that I shall 
drjTike it newo in the kyngdom of God. 

26 And when they hiKl sayd gmce, 
they went ont in to the mount Olivete. 

27 And Jesua sayde vnto them, All ye 
shalbe hurtt thorowc mo thys nygbt ; 
for it is written, I wyll smyte the shep- 
heerd, and the shecpe sbalbe scattered. 

28 Butt after that 1 am rysen agayne, 
I wyll goo into Gallic before you. 

29 Peter sayde vnto hj*™, And though 
all meu shulde be hurte, yett woldo 
nott I. 

30 And Jesus sayd vnto hym, Verely 
I saye vnto the, thys dove even in this 
nyght before the cockc crowe twyae, 
thou ehallt deney me thr)'8e. 

31 And he sfiakc boldlyer, No, if I 
shulde dey with the, I woll not deny 
the. Lyke wyse also sayd they all. 

33 And they cam in to a place, named 
Getbscrauui. And he sayde to his dis- 
ciples, Sitt ye here, whyll 1 goo aparte 
and praye. 

33 And he toke with hym Peter James 
and Jbou, and he began to woxe abassh- 
cde, and to be in an agony. 

34 And sayde vnto them, My soule ia 
very bevy even vnto tho doctb ; tary 
here, and watchc. 

35 And he went forth a lytle, and fell 
dounne on the grouudc, and prayede, 
that, yf it were possible, the honro myght 
poflse from hym. 

36 And he sayde, Abba Father, all 
thingoB are i)o8triblc vuto the, take awaye 
this cujipe from me ; neverthclesse nott 
that 1 wyll, butt that tbowe wilt bo 

37 And he cam, and founde them slep- 
inge. And sayd to Peter, Simon, slepest 
thou ? coudest not thou watche with me 
one houre ] 

38 Watchc ye, and prnye, least ye entr6 
into tcmptacion ; tho sprete is redy, but 
the flcssh is weekc. 



. . . ra! ! gnlonTatla sunus mans 'in 
hADduoB frawaurhtaize. 

42 UrreiBit*, gaggam; Bait sa lewyanda 
mik atnewliitla. 

43 TkIi, Buusaiw nauhtiaDnh at 'imiatk 
rotlyandiii. qnm KwlaA, fiums {lizetwalibe, 
ynJi mi)} imnm nianugei mi|> bairum yah 
triwum, frani ^aim uuliUuiUtutu gud- 
yaiii, yah bukar^ani, yah uiiieUm. 

44 Atub ^ikn gaf sa lewyanda im 
bandwon, qif^auds, paiimici kukyau, aa 
ist; groipi^ txuut, yob tiubi^ arniba. 

45 Yah qimanda, sunnuw atgagganda 
du unma, qa)i, Kabbei, rabbci ; yab 
kukida 'imma. 

46 I}) eis nsla^dodon bandana ana 'ioa, 
ynb undpriimn ina. 

47 \\> niu8 sums |>i£e atstandandace 
imiTiA, ualukan(.ls hnini, slob skalk aubu- 
nutttius )|^dyiaej yah a&lob imma auao 
}»atu tuihswo. 

48 Yuli iindliafyands tcsns qaji du iro, 
Swe du wuidodyiti nrrumiu)? uii^ buiruiu 
jab triwam, gieipan miki 

49 DiiKn whaninieb was ot Tzwis, in alb 
IniHyHiMU, ynb ni gri[>u|» mik ; ak 
u«ruUiio<lodiMua lx>kos. 



YaU aflotandana ioa, ga^Iauban 

51 Yah aina sums ynggaku^s laifitida 
afar iiuina, hiwaibi|« leina ana uaqad- 
ana ; yiUi gripuu is ^ yuggalaudols. 

5a T)i Ts bileit>andB |»unmn leina, naqa)A 
l(t\|*lnnti fuura int. 

5.1 Vab gutuubuu Icsu du aubumistm 
Ipidyiu. Yah gonumun mi)> Imma, 

.NGLO-SAXOX, 995. [dr.Miu 

39 And eh be gfibsd eta ylcan sprwob, 

40 And da hp bine oft a^^eo- 
he funde bi sliepcnde ; bynh eagao 
on ^ebefegode. iVnd lit nyaton, bwol' 
hi him andawaredon. 

4 1 Dd com be [iriddan side, and 
bim, .SUi>«|) nil, and reatu|> , gcnoh 
ys, Tima ya nnmen ; nu '. U numi 
sunu gescald on aynfuira handa. 

42 A'risa]), nton gan ; nul U 
6c de me Byl)f. 

43 llim du 6& gyt aprocGndum, 
ludaa Scariotb, dcet ys widertaca, an 
dam twdfum, and mid bim mycel mi 
cgeo mid awm'dum and mid 
fram beab-aaoerdum, boccnim, and 

44 S6|)lice hia Urwa bim tdcen 
and das cwte^, Swti bivylcnc awu 
oyisse, be bit ys ; nima]>, and Iicda^ hi| 

45 And aona swa he 00m, be 
ncalaehtc bim to, and cv/k^j 
and cyste hine. 

46 And hi hyra banda on hino 
and nomon bine. 

47 S6|>Uce an of dam de dar 
liton atodou, liis swurde abrted. 
alob Atee sacerdea ^ow, and hla 

48 Da owte|) ao Hsclend him 
awaricndc, Swa Hwa to anum 
ge ferdoz; mid swurdima and 
me gefon 9 

49 Donne ic degbwamlice mid 
wses, on t^mjile Isercudc, and ge aw 
namon ; ac diet da gewritu syn gtiji- 

50 Da forleton hia leoming'Cailil 
calle bync, and flugon. 

51 Sum iunjEjlinghim Migde, mid aoff 
scjtan bewaefed nacod; and hi naisoo 

53 Da nworpenre dsere soytAzit o*^ 
be bim fram deali. 

53 iVnd bi Iseddon dww Hrlcnd ^ 
dam heah-aacerde. And comon <iU* 


|3.1 WTCtTFTE, 1389. 

TYNDALE, [536. 


he goyngc preiedc, 
(rord seyin^. 

be tarny d a^co cft«oone, fond 
nge ; eothtt her yjen were 

And tbei knewen Dot, what 
Jen answerc to !iim. 
be cam the tbriddc tyme, and 
lem, Slepc ;e nowe, and reste 

it sufficitlu The oar cometb ; 
(US Booe Bchal be bitraycd in 
Df B]mful men. 

je, go we ; loo I be that achal 

c is ny^. 

pt liim gpekinge, Judas Sca- 
of the twclue, cam, and with 

tC cumpcijy with swcrdis nnd 

tt fro the hi^este pre^tis, and 

d fro the eldere men. 

^o the traitour hadde 30UU11 

tokene, seyinge, Wliom euere 

me, he it is ; holdo je him, 

e warly.' 

vhazme he cam, anon he com- 



scith, Maistir ; and he 

the! layden hondis in to him, 
in him. 

i ooQ of men etondinge aboiit'e, 
It a swerdj smot the acruaunt 
eete prest, and kitte of to him 

Jhcsus onswcringe seith to 
to a tbcf ;o ban gon out with 
id staues, for to take me 1 

oth day by day I was at jon, 

in the temple, and 50 heclden 
but that the scripturia be ful- 

be him forsalcun, allc his drs- 


li sum jong man, clothid with 

oth on the bare, suede him ; 

leetden him. 

the lynncn cloth forsakun, he 
\ awey fro hem. 

thei ledden Jhesu to the hi^este 
nd all camen to gidere in to 


39 And aga3me he went awaye and 
prayde, and spake the same wordcs. 

40 And he returned, and founde them 
aslepe agayne ; for their eyes were hevy. 
Netlicr coulde they tell, what they 
myght Guiswere to hym. 

41 And be cam the thyrde tyme, and 
sayd vnto them, Slepo bens forth, and 
take youro eaao ; it la ynough. Tbe 
houre is come ; bcbolde ! tbe sonnc of 
man sbalbe dclyvrcd into the hondes 
of synnera. 

43 Ryse vppe, let th goo; loot he 
that betrayelh me is come nyc. 

43 And immediatly, whill be yett spake, 
cam Judas, won off the twelve, and with 
byme a grcutc rionibor off people with 
sweordes and staves, from the bye prestes, 
and scribes, and senioura. 

44 He that betrayed hym gave them 
a generall token, sayingc, Whosoever I 
do kisse, he it is ; take hym, and leade 
hym awaye warely. 

45 And as sono na ho was come, he 
went streigbt wnyc to him, and sayd 
vnto hym, Master, master ; and kissed 

46 And they leyde their hondes on 
him, and toke him. 

47 Won off them that stodc by, druc 
out a Bwearde, and smote a servaunt off 
the hye preste, and cutt off hya ewe. 

48 And Jesus answered and sayd vnto 
them. Ye cam out as vnto a Ihefe with 
swcardcfl and with staves, ffor to take 

49 I was day ly with you in tbe temple, 
teacliinge, and ye toke mc not ; but 
that the scriptures shulde be fulfilled. 

50 And they all forsoke hym, and 

ranne awaye. 

51 And there was a certcyno yongo 
man thatt folowcd hym. cloothed in 
linncn a|>on the bare ; and the yongo 
men caught hym. 

52 And he lefte his lynnen, and Heed 
from them iiakeed. 

53 And they Icedde Jesus awaye to the 
hyest preste off all. And to hym came 

GOTHIC, 360. 

gndymnt alUi yah |)&i sinia- 

54 Yak Pftttras furr^ro Uistida afar 
iBuiw ante qun in garda ^ts atUiuiuIstins 
piljiai Yah was aituids mijv and- 
WrtMin. jah vannyan^ nk at liubada. 

55 I^ ^ anhnmiirtan^ gudyans, vab 
lila so gatenbi aokidtdtui ana Lwu 
vcUvwK^ da aMan^yan lua ; yah m 

56 Mfloa^ aok g^fing veitwodidfdun 
Ma 1m^ yaih maatUSkm ^ wdtvodi^ 

Tah M 

was weii- 

)Mwtwn vna wcHwodel 

64 HflMidaAi^ ^ vmyaraerein is. Whft 
bwia ^<igka^l l^rah da aUai m^ 

«5 Yah 

kaiinatywi Ihs 
- Yah 

M Yah vi^iaam nuCiM in 
Matah, yah aiiiUym aiaa ^m^ ^a aih«i- 

ANOLO-SAXOy, 993. [9r.5Ui 

SAcerdos and boccras oud ealJru 

54 Petnu him fyiigde feorran od 
hcah-sacerdea cafcr-tila. And b« 
mid dam jientLm, and wyrmdc tune 
dam fyre. 

55 Da heah-saoerdaa sohtoa. aod 
gc^eafat, tale agen done H:elead. 
hi liine to dea^ acahlon ; and lu 

56 Manega saedon looac gecji 
agen hine, and da cydnesa 

57 Da arison sumo and Medon 
agea hine, and diu cwaedoo, ' 

58 So|»es wc gebyrdon hrne secgu, 
towurpe dis band-worlite tcmpel, 
■Aflr ^anm dagum ic oder onhand- 

59 And fayra cydnys niEs dieiilic. 

60 Da aras sum heah-sacerd on 
uidlene, and ahaodc daeae Hxleod, 
aadiwanat du nan |»ing agC*n ditt 
de ODwvrpa^t 

61 He suwode^ and nafat ne 
aaaiude. Eft hine acsode se 
■cerl, Eart dii Crist, dsa geblvt 

62 Da aaede se Hselend, Ic eom ; 
9* $iMjii^ mannes iunu on swji 

his mi^enes, and a 
63 . Da ew»^ se heah-sacerd, bis 
^StmAt, Hwi gewilnige we gyt 

64 Oe gdhjrdon his bysroer. Hi 
^IM^ eort Da hyrwdon hi eaUe 
mmI ffcdtta d«t he w«re deabea 


agnnnon him on 
. his ansyne, and 
BDe beoton, and him to 
And da ^enM hine mid h< 

66 And da Fetroa w»s on 
Aa cou to him an ^nen dot 


54-<56.] WYCLIFFE, 1389! 

00, the prestU and the scribU and 
Uere men. 

54 Forsoth Petre suede bim afer til 
!itli yuue in t^) the halle of the hi;cste 
reC And he sat with the mynystris, 
nl wtnnydc him at the fier. 

55 Foivothe the bijeste prestia, and al 
M ooanoeiU sou;teu witiicsaiugc a^eus 
Mm, that thei schuleii -^yac him to 
etth ; nethor thei founden. 

gfi Sothli manye scidcn fuls witness- 

ta;ena hinif and the witnessingis 
not couenable. 
g; And summe risyuge sou3tea iala 
Dug ^ens bym, seyinge, 


58 For we ban herd bini Beiynge, I 
dudvndo this temple maad with houdis, 
id aftir the thridde day I scliat bilde 
Bother not moad witli hondifl. 

59 And the witnessing of hem vnuB not 

Foraothc the Ui^cstc prest ryeinge 
in to Ibe myddel, axide him, sey- 
Answerist thou not ony thing to 
thingis that ben put to thee of 

ir Sothli he was stille, and no thing 
reride. Eflaoouc the hi;e:^t prest 
him, aud scidc to him, Ert thou 
the soDC of blessid God 1 

>tbU Jhesus seide to him, I am ; 
^ schulcu se mannis Bone sittingo 
II the rijt half of tlie vertu of Ood» 
ii comynpc in cloudis of heueue 
$2 ForsOtb the hijest prest, kittinge 
b ctolliis« seith. What jit deayren we 

^4 5« liwi herde blaaiiheniye. What 
kSHh to ;ou? The whiche alio con- 
pnpoeden him for to be gilty of deeth. 

65 And summe bigiiUDCD for to bispitto 
K and to hide his yjen, and emyte 
|m witii boflktis, and seie to him. Pro- 
Lcu thou. And the mjiiystris bectcu 
n witli atrokia.^ 

P Ami wbonne Pctro was iu the halle 
|wUieo,.oon of the baud niaydeua of 
i kijesC prest cam. 


all, the bye prcstca and the senioura and 
the scribes. 

54 And Peter folowed a greate way of 
even into the pallys of tlie bye preste. 
And he was there and sat with the ser- 
vauutes, and warmed b)'nisilfe att tho 

55 And tho hye prestes, and all the 
counscll, sought for witncs agayiiate 
Jesu. to putt hym to duoth ; aud they 
founde noone. 

56 Yett many bare falce witncs a- 
gayuste bym, butt their witues aggrcod 
not to geilder. 

57 And there aroose certayne and 
brought falce witnes agaiuste hym, say- 
inge, ^ 

58 We herde hym saye, I wyll dcstroye 
this temple made with houdes, and with 
in thre duycs I wyll bildc another made 
with out houdes. 

59 And there witues aggreed not to 

60 And the hyeate preste atode vppe 
before them all, and axed Jesua, say- 
inge, Answerest thou nothinge, howe is 
it that these beure witues agajiist the I 

61 And he helde his pcace^ and an- 
swered uooth)'nge, Agayne the hycste 
preste axed hym, and siiydc vuto hym, 
Arte thou Christ, the sonne off the 
Blessed i 

62 Aud Jesus saydc, I am ; and ye 
shall se the sonne off man eitt on the 
ryglit honde of power, and come in the 
cloudes off heven. 

63 Then the hyest preste rent his 
cloothcs, and sayd, Wltat nedo we eny 
further of witnes 1 

64 Ye have herde the bliisphemy. \Vhat 
thinke ye? And they all gave sentence 
that he was worthy of deeth. 

65 And some began to spit at hym, 
and to cover his ^ce, and to bet hym 
with their fistes, and to saye vnto him, 
Arede vuto vs. Aud the servauulcs 
boffeted him on the face 

66 And Peter was beneeth in the pallys, 
and there cam won off the wenches off 
the byest preste. 


GOTHIC, 360. 

67 Yifa gasniwlmndfi Paitru warm- 
vanilaii sik, insoiwliandoi du imma qa^. 
Yah Im miji lesim (lamoui Naxoreinm 

C8 I)v is afaiaik, qi)>iin(ls, Ni wait, ni 
kanii, wttA )>u qi|)ia. Yah galai)> faar 
gmrd ; yah hana wopida. 

69 Yah {liwi gasaiwhandei Tna, aftra 
dugann qi^ ^mm Eaurastandandam, 
patei sa ))icei ut 

70 1^ Ib aflra laugDida. Yah a&r 
leitU, aflra |)ai atataudaudana, qe)Am dn 
Puitnttt, Bi BUDjfti ^ix/a ts, . . . . 
J9ik ank raada )ieina galeika ist 

7T 1|> IS dugann afaikan yah swaran, 
patei ni kann )Huia nuuiDan, |)aDei qi)^)>. 

73 Yali anjiarainma sin^ hana wopida. 

|Tah gamunda Pai^ms ^ta wanrd bwc 
t imma lesus, patci faur)>ize hana 
ikyai twaim sin|>am, inwidis mik |>rim 

ran^iuu. Yah dugami greitan. 

Cjiaf. XV. I Yah sonsaiw in maur- 
gio. ganini taayandans ^ aulmmistana 
gudyaos, mi^ ^m Biniatam, jah bok- 
ttjimi, yah alia ao gaiaurds, gabindaad- 
aD8 lesu, brahtedun loa at FeilaUn. 

a Yah frah loa Peilatus, pu is (>iudaiis 
I lodaic 1 I^ IS aadhafyauds qa)i du Imma, 
pu qi^'is. 

3 Yuh wrohidedun Vna \mi auhomistaiia 
gudyauB 6 In. 

4 l|> PoiUtus aflra frah ma, qij>and«, 
Niu andhafyU ni waiht? Sai, whan 
fihi ana |iuk wcitwodyand 9 

5 lb lesua |>ananuua ni andhof, swaswe 
aildHlcikida Pinlutus. 

6 iy aud dul)> wharyoli fralailot im 
^ainana bandyan. JAnci bodun. 

7 Wasnli )<au sa haitana Barabbas, mi)> 
kaun n»i|> i'minu drobyandnm gaUnrnJans, 
^cl m uuhyoduu uuiur|a* gaiawidtdun. 

ANGLO-SAirON, 995. [St. 

67 And da heo geseah Petnim 
code, da cwieb heo, Du wsre mid 
KuEareoisCAii liielende. 

68 Da letaoc he, and cwk^, le oat 
ne can, hwict du segst. And he 
da of dam cafer-tuno ; and k 

69 Eft da hine gecueow oder 
heo ODgun cwedan to dam de dari 
stodoD, Soplice dea ys of dam. 

70 And he eft aetsoc. And eft 
ymbe lytel. da de art-stodon ci 
to Petre, S6)>lice du eart of dam, 
lileiBc du eart. . . • . 

7 1 Da ongan he atsacan and 
S6]>C6 ne can ic dsne man, de ge 

7 a And da efl-soua creow se^ 
ff>tt gemunde Petrus daea HscU 
worde de he him saede, ^r «e 
crawc tuwa, )>riwa du me ctasBCSt. 
ongan he wepan. 

Chap. XV. i Da aona on 
worhtou da heah-saecrdas hyra 
mid ealdrum, and b6c«Tum, and 
werodum, and Icddou da;ne Uael 
gebuudenne, aud scaldon hine Pilata 

2 Da aCBode Pilatus liine, Eort 
ludea cyniog ? Du audswurudc be 
Du hit sogst. 

3 Da wregdon hine da beah- 
ou mauegum jnngura. 

4 Kft IMlatus Uiue ocsode, No 
swarast du nan ^iig i Loca, hu 
um hi de wregea^ I 

5 Da nc andswarode Be Hzlend 
ua mare, awa dart PiUtua wundrvde. 

6 On 8ymbcl-d«go wa>e his gi-wi* 
dfpt be him forgeafe aenne gebuudcoBei 
awa hwylcne awa hi ba^don. 

7 Da bsedon bi Bairubnn, ae wr* p^ 
bunden mid dam nrpliiijrum, BC ^oA 
8wio-craeft man-atybt geworbto. 

ine Bche hmlde seyn Tetre 
him, dchc biholdin^c him 
id tbou wiiat with Jbesu of 

he denyede, seyinge, Ncthir I 

licr I huuo knowun, what thou 

Ad be wentc forth biforo the 

id anon the cok Boug. 

DDO forsothe whaniie a nother 

Me baddc aeyn him, she btgan 

ie to mcu etuudiugc aboute, For 

I hem. 

he eftsone dfnyede. And aftir 

tsoone thei that stooden n)^, 

Pctre, Verily thou crt of hem, 

kI thou ert of Oatilee. . . , 

ili he bigan for to curse and 
' I knowc not this miin, whom 

wion oftsoonea the cuk soug. 
re hitlmu^te on the wcrd that 
Kdde aeid to him, Biforc the 
twyes, thrica thou achalt 
And he bigan for to wepe. 

TTNDALE, 1526. 


XV. I And anon the morwe 
I hi;eete prestis, makiuge coua- 

the eidere mou, and scribis, 
the oonnceil, byndinge Jbesu, 

d bitooken to PUat. 

lat aiidc him. Art thon kyng 
And he answeringe sclth to 
IQ seyst. 

the hi^este prestis accosiden 
luiye thingis. 

forsothe cft^oone axide him, 
IThou answcrtst not ony thing? 
I>n, in how manye thingia thei 

the JhesQS more no thing an- 
K) Chat Pilat schulde wundre. 
»th by a Bolemne day he was 

Icene to hem oon houndcu, 
Icre tbci axidcn. 
Ih tlierc vfos he that woa scid 
that was t>oundun with nlecrie 
aid that badde don manslau^tre 

67 And when she sawe Petre warm- 
ynge bym ailfe, she lokod on hym and 
Biiyd, Wast not thou also with Jcsua of 
Nazareth ? 

68 And he denyed it, sayinge, I knowe 
bym not, ucther wott I, what thuu aayest. 
And be went out in to the poorche ; 
and the cocke crewe. 

69 And a damsell sawe hym, and 
agayne begim to saye to them that Btode 
by, Thys ys won of them. 

70 And he denyed yt agnyna And 
anon after, agayne they that stode by, 
saydo to Peter, Suerly thou arte won off 
them, for thou arte of Qalile, and thy 
speachc agreth therto. 

71 And he began to coursse and to 
aweare, aayiuge, I knowe nott thya man, 
off whom ye speake. 

72 And a>,'nyue the cocke crcwc. And 
Peter rememhred the woi*de that Jesua 
aayd vnto him. Before the cocke crowe 
twysc, thou shalt deuy^ me thryse. And 
begun to wepe. 

CiTAP. XV. I And anon in the dawn- 
ynj»e, heelde the bye ])reste3 a counscU 
with the scnioura, and the scribes, iitul 
also the wboole congregacion, and bounde 
Jeaiifl, and ledde bym awaye, and de- 
lyvered bym to Piiate. 

2 And Pilate axed hym, Arte thon the 
kynge off the Jewe« ? And he answered 
and saydc vnto bym, Thou sayest yt. 

3 And the hye prestes accused hym off 
many Uiynges. 

4 Pylute axed hym agayne, sayinge, 
Answerest thou nothynge ? Behoolde, 
liowe many thingea they lay vnto thy 
charge t 

5 JeauB yctt answered never a worde, 
BO that Pilate mei*veled. 

6 Att the fvast Pilate was wont to 
delyvrc att their pleasure u presoner, 
whomsoever they wolde desyre. 

7 And there was one namcil Barrabas, 
which !aye bounde with them that 
caused in aurrcttion, and in the iu Bur- 
rection committed murtber. 

Tab usgaggandei aIU luanigei, du- 
gUQQun biUyui, sw«^e ODtdno tawida 

9 I^ PcUfttus andhof im, qi(iands, 
Wileida fnleiUn izwis jiaiia j^iudao 

10 Wissa auk, |iatei in nei|>ia atgebun 
Inu ^ai auliumisUns gudyaos. 

11 I^ |>ai suhumistaDS gudyana m- 
wngidedun JKi managein, ei mais Barab- 
ban fraUiloti tin. 

12 I{) Pcilatus aftra andhafyaods qa^ 
dii ini, Wha nu wilei)i u tauyau |)ammei 
qi)»i|> ^iudon ludaie) 

13 I)i eia aftra hropideduD, Ushramea 

14 !)» PeilatQs qa)) du im, Wha allis 
ubilU gatawida? l}i cis maiis hropi- 
dedun, Ushramei ma. 

15 I|> Peilatus wilyands )ii£ai managein 
fulljvfahyan, fralailot tm fiana Banibbiin, 
i|) letni atgaf, usbliggwaads, ei uaUrami[)9 

16 I]' gadranhteis gatauhun loa innana 
gardift, |ratci Tst praitoriauD, yah ga- 
haibaituu alia hansa, 

17 Yah gawasidedun ina ]>&urpnrai. 
Yah atlagidedun ana ina {Niumelna wipya^ 
uswiuduudans ; 

18 Yalt dugununn golyau Ina, Hails, 
)>iadan ludaie. 

19 Yali sluhun Th haubi)i rausa, vaK 
bispimin Tea; yah lagyaudaus kmwa 
inwitun ina. 

20 Yah bi)ie bilailaikun ina, andwasi- 
dednn ina ^izai i>ani*])urai, yah gawasi- 
dedtin ina wastyoia swe^im, yah ustauh- 
un ina, ei usliniuiidcdciua iiiu. 

a I Yah midgripua sumana manne, 
Seimona KArroinaiu, qimandan af akra, 
jUtan Altuksaudraus yah Kufaus, ci nemi 
tlgan iH. 

33 Yah attauhuD ina ana Gau1gau{)a 
8tat», |>atci u>t gaskciri}>, Wliairucins 

23 Yah gel tun imma drigkun wcin nu)} 
sniwruo, ip is ni qazu. 


8 Aud du be fcrde, da onga 
menegeu hiiie btddau, swa beo 

9 Da cwK)f FUatoa, Wylle ge i 
eow forgyfe lodea cjning 1 

10 He wiate, det yarh andai 
sealdon da hcah-sac^'daa. 

1 1 Da ast}Tedon da bisoeopw A 
egOf dset be bim Batnbaa foi^ 

I a Eft Hiatus him aodswarode, 
do id be ludea cyninge t 

1 3 Hi eft hrymdon and cwedofl 

14 Da nedfl Pilatus, Hwivt >-fele 
he 1 Hi ds0 de ma clypedoa, 

25 PiUtos wolde da dam fo 
cwemuu, and forgef bim Barnbi 
sealde him done Hxleud, beswm 
da't be abangeu mere. 

16 Da leddou da cempan bino 
dom-emes cafer-tun, and lu U 
call werod clypedou, 

17 And Bcryddon bine mid poi 
And bim onsetton ^ymenne helm, 
dcune ; 

18 And ongunnon bine dus 
Hal wes, du ludea cyning. 

19 jVbJ bcoton bine on dat 
mid lireode, and spaettou bim 01 
heora cneow btgdon and hiuo 

90 And syddan hi bine byn 
unsoryddon bine dam purpura 
scryddon hine mid liia reafu 
Iicddon hine, dwt hi bine ubengoi 

a I And genyddon fmmne wogfel 
Simonom Cyreneum. cuniende ( 
tunc, Alcxaudrca fJAMler and Ru 
he bU rode here. 

33 And hi leeddon bine on di 
Golgotha, diet is on ure go^eode 
He^odpaDDeoa stow. 

33 And seaMon bim gebiteti 
and be bit ue onfcng. 

.] WYCUFFE, 1389. 

-wfaanne the company hadde 

he bigou fur to prcyc, m be 
t dide to hem. 

If PUat answeride to hem, and 
iden 36 I leeue to 30U the kyng 

pli he wiste, that the liijeatc 
den token him by enuye. 
e the biacbopls st'iredcu the 

of peple, that more be schulde 

em Bnrabas. 
ioth eftaoone Pilat answeringe 
hem^ What tbcrfuro wolcu je I 
to the kyng of Jewis 1 

thei eftaoone criedeu, Cracifie 

toth Pilat seide to hem, Soilili 
yucl hath he don 1 And thci 

Dore, Crucific him. 

lli I^at willingo for to do jTiow 
pie, lefte to hem Barabas, and 
hem Jhesu, amy ten ^ mth 
that be schnlde be crucified, 
the knj'^tia ledden him with- 

to the floor of the moot balle, 

|deu to ^dcrc al the cumpcnye 

clothiden him with purpur. 
foldingc a corowne of thornea, 
to him ; 

bigunnen for to greet him, 
Hail, thou kyng of Jewis. 

thei bmyten his heed with a 
id bi^palteu huu ; and puitinge 

thei worsbipiden him. 

aftir that thei hadden acomyd 
vuclotbidcn him 5-0 purpur, and 
b him with his ctotbis, and led- 
^ that thei schulde crucifie him. 
d thci constreyneden sum mau 
ft forth, Sj-mouut of Syrenen, 
t fro the town, the faUir of Alys- 
Dd Rufc, that be Bchuldo take 

II thei ledden him in to a place 
%, that is interpretid/ the place 

1 thei ^ancn him for to drynke 
ddelid with m)Tre, and he took 

TYND ALE, 1526. 


8 And the people colled mto liym, and 
began to dcsyre oJT bym, accordingc as 
he bad ever done vuto them. 

9 Pylute uhswerod tliem, and sayd, 
Wyll ye that I loose vnto you the kjTigo 
off the Jcwes t 

10 For he kncwc, that the bye prestea 
had delj-vercd bym off envy. 

11 Butt the bye prestea bad moved 
the people, that he shulde rather dolyvre 
Ban-alias vnto them. 

13 P)'Iate answered agayne and sayd 
vntu them, What wyll ye then that I do 
with bym whom ye call the kyugc of 
the J ewes 1 

13 And they cryed agayne. Crucify 

14 Pylatc sayde vnto them. What 
harme hath he done ? And they cryed 
the moore fervently, Crucifi hym. 

15 Pylate ynlliuge to content the peo- 
ple, loused Barral>as, and delyvered Je- 
sus scourged, for to be cructfyed. 

16 And the souddcers ledde bym a- 
waye, in to the commeu hall, and called 
togedder all the whoole multitude, 

17 Aud they clothed hym wj-th purple. 
And they plated a crounc off thorues, 
aud crouned bym with all ; 

18 And begun to salute hym, Huyl, 
kynge off the Jewes. 

I f) And they smoote b^nn on the heed 
with a rede, and spatt afwn hym ; aud 
kneled dounc and worsbepcd hym. 

30 And when they had moocked him, 
they toke the purple off him, and put 
his awne ctoothes on him, and ledde bim 
oute, to crucify him. 

21 And they compelled won that 
passed by, called Simon o( Cerene, 
which cam oute of the felde, and waa 
fiitber off Alexander and Rufus, to 
beore bys crossc. 

33 And they brought him to a place 
named Golgotha, which is by interpre- 
tacion, the place off deed mens scoullea. 

33 And tbey gave him to drynke wyne 
myngled with mirre, butt be recesved 
it not. 


QOTHTC, 3<5o. 

34 Yah URhrftm\-aniIflnfi ina <lisdail- 
yancl waatyoa is, waiquimloua lilauU ana 
]k)8, wharjizub vfhtk ncmi. 

25 Wiwuh J>an wheila |>ridyo, yah 
UfihramiUcdun ina, 

36 Ynh was ufarmeli fairinos 'is uCar- 
meliy, Sa {^iudans luduic. 

27 Yah mi}) imma ushramidcdun twons 
vaidodyaos, ainaua af tuihswon, yah 
^nana af hicidumein ia. 

38 Yah iLsfulluoda ^aia gamclido |)ata 
qij^no, Yah mi)} unaibyaim rahnifis was. 

39 Yah Jiai faurf*iif;ffandan« wayamcri- 
dedun ina, wi[)oiKlaii8 liaiibida seina, yah 
qiJMtndazm. ! Ba gutuiranda \>o alh, yah 
hi ffius dagons gatimrjauds jio ; 

30 Nasei ))uk stlban, yah atatcig af 
^nuna galt^in. 

3 1 i^sauialeiko ynh |)ai auhumistans 
gudyans bihiikaiulans ina, mifr sis niieso, 
mij> l^aim bokar)*am, qc|)un, Ai]))araDa 
ganasida^ ip tiik silbau n\ mag ganasyau. 

32 Sa Christus, ea ]>iadana Israel ia, 
atsteigadau nu af |;>anima galgiu. cl ga- 
Baiwhaima, yah galaubyaimo. Yah [>ai 
ini)}uabrauudaua Tmma, idweitidedun im- 

33 Yah bifie war|> wheila saihsto, riqis 
war}} ana allai airtiai und wheila niun- 

34 Yah niundou whcilai wopida losua 
gtiboai roikilai, qi)>ands, Ailoe, Ailoe, 
lima dibnk|>iLiK-ij |7atei 1st gaskciri|}, Gu^ 
mcins, Gu(> meins, duwbc mis bilaifit? 

35 Yah Bumai )»ize atataudandane ga- 
hausyandaus qe)}un, Sal! Heliau wopci|i. 

36 pragyanda ]jau aiiis, yah gafullyanda 
swam ukeitis, gulu^^yuiids ana ruus, dragk- 
ida lIll^ qi^nds, l>ct, ci saiwham, qimatu 

Hebas atbofyau ioa. 


37 l\t Icsua, aftra IctAuds stibna mikiUi, 

38 Yah fiiurahab alha disskritnoda lu 

ANGL0-SAX03T, 995. [St. 

24 And tta hi liinc oheogon hi tlv k 
his rculf and hlotu wuipOQ, hwset gehi 

35 D£ WK8 uadcm-tid, and hi ahi 

26 And ofer-gewrit hia gyltea 
awriteu, Iudea ctxino. 

37 And hi ahengon mid htm U 
sceafian, aiinc on his swydran he 
and oderne ou his wynstraa. 

28 Da waes doei gewrit gefylled 
cwy\>y And he wiea mid unriht 

39 And da de for|»-8topon bine 
don, and h}Ta heafo<i cwebton, and 
(nrsedon, Wala ! Be towyrp{> diet temf 
and on |)nm dagum cfl gcUmbra|> ; 

30 Qehal do sylfiie, of dftrt 

3r £all-swa da heah-sacerdas 
riende, bctwux dam boceruiu, 
O'drc he hale gedyde, bine syliiie be 
mieg baluc gcddn. 

33 Crist, Israbda cyning, astige 
of rode, da»t, wc gc«eon, and geljl 
And da dc him mid hangodon. 
him mid gebundeoe. 

33 And drere syxtan tide, 
\tyatm gewordeno geond ealle eoi 
od non-tide. 

34 And tu noD-tidc se Hslend dj 
mycelre stemne, Hcloi. Heloi, Ien;a 
battani, diet ia on ure get>eode, 
God, uin God, bwi forlete dii me I 

35 And sumo dc dar abuton stod 
and dia gebyrdon, hi cwaedon, Na } 
clypa)) lieliani. 

36 Da am hyra an, and fylde 
Bpingan mid cccde, and on hreod 
and bim driuonu scaldc, and 
Lsta)t, diet we geaeou, hwa^der He 
cume liinc nyder to settaune. 

37 Sc Ha'lcnd, da aaeude his 
and forjj-fcrde. 

38 And dfljs tomplea wah-rift 

»4-38-] WYCLIFFE, 13S9. 

34 Aod tbci cnicifiynj^e him departiden 
lis clothu, s«D<iiDge lot, who what 
Khnlde take. 

IS Forsoth it n-as thothridde our,^ and 
bn crncifiedc'n tiim. 

36 And the title of his cause was writ- 
D, Jbesus of Kusarcth, kyug of Jewia. 

Ifj And tbei crucifien with bim twey 
kroes, cou at the ri3tba1f, and oou at 

98 And the praphecie is (ulfild that 
1^, And he is gesside^ with wickido 

39 And passinge forth thei blasfem- 

him, moayngo ht'r heedis, and scy- 

E, Ty^ [ thou that clistroyest the 

iple of God, and in thre dayes a^en 


30 Thou cotnynge down fro the crog, 

e tlii self saf. 

Also and the hi3este prestcs scorn- 

him, cch to other, with scribis, 

, Crist, kyug of Yrael» monde 

men saf, he maye not saue bim 

'OotDO be down now fro the cross, 
iWO se, and bileue. And thei that 
crucifie<l with him, puttcdyn 
\^ to him. 

And the sixte owr * maad, derk- 
ben maud Tpon al the crtbe til in 
nyntbe our/ 

And in the nyuthe our Jhesos 

with greet vois, aeyynge, Heloy, 

l>y, bLmazabntany, tbc which intcr- 

tid is, My God, my God, whi^ bast 

foraike me 1 

[5 And summe of men stondingc 

ite beeringe seiden, Lo ! he clepith 

36 Sotbh ooD rennynge, and nlliugc a 
with >'5Ticgre, and i>uttiiigt' a- 
to a reede, jauo him drj'nke, sey- 
Soffre je. Be we, if Hely come for 
do byxD down. 

37 Forsoth Jbesus, a greet vois sent 

[38 And tlie veil of the temple is kitt 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


24 And wheu they bad crucified liym 
they parted bys garmentcs, castingc 
Irtottes for them, what every man shulde 

25 And it was alwute tbc th)Tde boure, 
and they crucifyed hym. 

36 And the title of the cause of b)^ 
dccth was wrytten. The kynge of the 

27 And tliey craeifycd with bim two 
theves, the one on bis ryS^^^ bonde, and 
the other on bys lifte huude. 

28 And the Bcnptnre WAa fulfilled 
which aayeth, And be was counted 
amongc the wicked. 

29 And they that went by rayled on 
liym, waggyuge their heedes, and say- 
ingc, A ! wretcbe that dcstroyest the 
temple, and byldest yt iu thre dayes j 

30 Save thy silfc, and come doune 
fi*om the crosse. 

31 Lyke wyse also mocked blin the 
bye precstea, amonge themselves, wbyth 
the scribes, and saydc, He saved other 
men, bj-ra silfe he cannot save. 

3* Lett Christ, the kyngc of Israel} 

nowe descende from the crosse, that wo 
maye so, and bcleve. jVnd they that 
were crucified with bim, checked bym 

33 And when the sixte boure was 
come, darknca aroose over all the erth 
%*ntill the nyntbe boure. 

34 And att the nynth© honre Jesus 
cryed with a loude voycc, sayjngc, Eloi, 
Eloi, laraa sabaththani, which is j-f yt 
be interpretwl, My God, my God, why 
hast thou forsaken me 7 

35 Aud some ofi" them that stode by 
when they henle that sayde, Behooldc ! 
he calleth for Helias. 

36 And won ran, and filled a sponge 
fitil off vcneger, and putt )t on a rede, 
and gave it bym to drynkc, sayingo, 
Lett bym alone, let va sc, whither llelias 
wyll come and take bym doune, 

37 Butt Jesus crjcfl with a loude voyce, 
aud gave \'j)pe the gooste. 

38 And the raylo off the temple did 

3 2 

260 GOTHIC. 360. 

twa iupa|>ro uud dalafi. 

39 OflSoiwhandB {lau sa liua(lafa|iSj sa 
AtatandaxKlfl Tu andwair|}ya la, |>atei Bwa 
hropyanda uzon, qa|>, Bi sanjai, aa m&ima 
sa suuua was Ou)m. 

40 We8unu|>-)»Ln qinons fAirra))ro saiwh- 
andeias, in )>aimei was Marya bo Mag- 
duloue, yah Marj'a lakubis bU xuiimiz- 
iufi, yah losezis a\\>e\j yab ^lome. 

41 Yah (ran waa In GaleUaia, yah 
laistidediin i'na, yah andbahtidodun ttu- 
ma, yali au|)aros nianagos, (rozei niipid- 
dyedun imma id lainuialem. 

42 Yah yujian at andanabtya waur|>- 
anumuia, iuit« was paraakaiwe saei iat 
fruiua sabbato, 

43 Qimands Ifosef af Areimafiaias, ga- 

guds ragiueia, saei was silhu beidands 
biud&ugardyus Gu)>s; aiuman|>yands ga- 
iai|» inn du Peilatau, yuh bu]> |)U Icikia 

44 lb Pcilatus ailduleikidaj ei Is ya|)an 
gaswalt. Yuh athaitnnds [>an huudafu)», 
frah Jina, ^nilrau gadau}>nodedi ; 

45 Yah fiD{>and8 at Iramma himdofada, 
fragaf }>ata teik loaefa. 

46 Yah UT^bugytuids leiu, yuh usnim- 
ands Tta, biwuiid )>iimma Icina^ yah ^- 
lagida ita in hiaiwa t>atei was gadral>an 
us staiua, yah atwalwida stain du daura 
^Is hiaiwis. 

47 I|> ]^[arya so Magdalene, yah Marya 
losezis Bcwhun, whor galagi))S wcsi. 

Crap. XVI. t Yah Tnwisandina sab- 
bftta dogis, Maryu au Mugdulcno, yah 
Morya so lukubisj yah Salome usbauht- 
cdun aromatu, ei atgagguDdeins gasalb- 
odctleina Tna. 

a Yuh lilu air [lis dugU afursabliate; 
atj'ddyedun du }>amma hluiwa, at uiriun- 
audin suuoiu. 


tosHten on twa of ufeweardum 0^ 

39 Da se hundred-man. de d 
agen, geseah (H»t ee Hslend 

iende for^ferde, he cw»)>, 
man waes Godes smiu. 


40 And da wif waeron feorraa 
ende, and bctwux dam waes 1 
duleuisce Maria, and Maria 
tnodor [diea gingran, and loaept 
cr,]* and Salomeae. 

41 And da ho wics on G 
fyligdoD him, and him |)eQ«d( 
mancga odre, de him mid 

id iSi 

42 And da sefen waw gew 
wucs paraacfiue dst is ar saeterH 

43 Da com losep, se ledela g 
Ariraathia, se sylfa Godes 
anbidode ; and he dyntigli 
Filutc code, and bted dies 

44 Dd wundrode Pilatua. gi 
gj-t forji-ferde. Du clypode h 
hundrcdman, and hino ahsode, 
he dead ware ; 

45 Da ho wiste dset, da agef 
lichaman losepc. 

46 Da bohtc losep uuc scytau, 
and liiuG dar-ou befcold, and on 
ledc seo wses of stone aheaw 
wylte anne stdn to do^re byrgeni 

47 Da com Maria Mogdal 
lusepes MariA and beheoldon, 1 
gulcd wsere. 

Chap. XVI i And da 
da*g wsra agan. seo MagdaleniM 
and lacobcs Maria, and Salomett 
wyrt gcmang. diet hi comon 
amy red on. 

3 And s^yde ser ouum 
comon to diere byrgene, up-asiK 


a.] ■NVTCLIFFE,i389. 
byno fro the hi^estc til to 

boentorio seynge, the which 
Ajenst, for so criynge he 
ed, seith, Yerrili, this man was 

I there weren and othere wym- 
|diQ|;;c fro aflfer, amou); ivhtche 
^ Mawdeleyn, and Mari of 
i lasse, and modir of Joseph, 

I^hftnne Jheeus was in Galilei, 
fiden him, and mynystridcn to 
manye othere wymmen^ that 
vtijcden vp with him to Jeru- 

( wfaanne euentyd was now 

Et was the euentyd hi fore the 
I of Annathie, the noble de- 
jcam, the which aud he was 
the rewme of God ; aud hardily 
e in to Pilat, and axide the 
jthe Pilat wondride, if he liodde 

fAnd centiirio axid to/ he 
if he were now deed ; 

Iwhume he hadde knownn of 
ke jaf the body of Jhean to 

Joseph byinge him lynnou 
doynge him doun, winppede 
^en cloth, and puttide in a 
|Dlcrc that was hcwcn in a 
tl walewid to a stoon at the 
' the sepulcre. 

le Mawdclc}-!! forsothe, and 
UM^h bihecldcn, where be 

^VL t And whanne the aab- 
rpflsaid, Marie Mawdeleyn, and 
IJames, and Salome l>ou;tcn 
m that thci comynge schnlden 
eerly in oon of woke diiycs, 
to the Bcpulcrc, the sonne 

TYND ALE, 1536. 


rent in two parties from the toppe to 
the boot tome. 

39 And the vnder captaync, which stode 
before hym, sawe that he so cr}'ed and 
f^ve v{>pe the gooste, aud he 8ayd> 
Truelv, this man was the sonne of 

40 There were also wemen a good waye 
of beholdingc hiiu, amouge whom was 
Mary Magdalen, and .Mary the mother 
of James the lytic, and of Joses, and 
Mary Salome. 

41 Which alsoo when he was in Galile, 
foloweil hym, and minstml vnto him, 
and many other wemen, which cam vppe 
with hym to Hicrusolem. 

43 And nowo when nyght was come, 
because it was the even that goeth be* 
fore the sabotli, 

43 Joseph of Arimathia, a noble senatour. 
which also loked for the kyngdom of 
God, cam ; and wentbooldly vutu Pylate, 
and begged the boddy off Jesu. 

44 Pylate mcrveled, that he was alredy 
deed. And calle<l mto hym the vnder 
captayoe, aud axed of him, whether he 
had bene cny whyle deed ; 

45 And when he knewe the trueth off 
the vnder captayne, he gave the boddy 
to Joseph. 

46 And he bought a linnen cloothe, 
and toko hym doune, and wrapped hym 
in the lynneu clouthe, and laydc hym in 
a tombe that was hewen oute of the 
rocke, and rootled a stone vnto the dore 
off the sepulcre. 

47 And Mary Magdalen, and Mary 
Jose beheld, where he was layde. 

Chap. XVI. i And when the sabboth 
daye was past, Mary Magdalen, and 
Mary Jacobi, and Salome bouglit oynt- 
mentcs, tliat they myght come and 
anoynt him. 

a And yerly in the mominge the ncxte 
daye after the sabljoth day, they cam vnto 
the sepulcrC; when the sun was risen. 



3 Yali qe)mn dn sis miMo, Whas a£- 
walwyai unaifl {>aiu Btaia af daurom ^ia 
hlttiwU ? 

A Yah infuuwbondeins g&amidedaQ ^oni' 
mci afwfclwi^ 'ist m sUina, was auk 
mikilfl abraba. 

5 Yali atn^^andeins in {wta lilaiw 
'gasewliun yugga]au)> sitondan, in taibs- 

wai biwajbiduua vaslyai wbcitai ; yah 


6 panih qa^ du im, Ni faurhtoi^ Izwia; 
lesu Bokci)T Kazoniiu ^tina uahraiuidaji ; 
nist hor^ urraiB ; aai t {nuia 8ta)i fiarei 
ipdagideduu Too. 

7 Akei ^gf(i|>, qi{»idub du siponyam 
Tfl, yah du Faitrau, )>atei faurbigagg7)> 
izwis'iD OiilcilaiiiQ; ))aruh ma gHaiuwhi)», 
awaswc qa)} Izvr'is, 

8 Yah nsgaggandcimt af |iamma blaiwa 
kblaubun ; dizub {mn sat lyos rciro 

yab tisfilmci, yah ni qe{>UQ manuhun 
waiht, ohteduQ sis auk. 

9 XTasfcADdanJs ^d iq manrgin (rumin 
Biibbato, ataugida frunuBt Mar^nii \>itiu 
Magdalene, af (lizoiei uswaq) sibuu un- 


10 Sob gaggandei gataih ^m mi}* Tm- 
ma wiaaodam, qaiuondam }~ali gretand- 

IX Yalk CIS bausyandans yatex Ub(u)>j 
yah gAsaiwhans war|> fram iieai} ni ga- 

13 Alarub t>aD |)nti 

3 And dnedon bun betwTiii 

awylt us tfjsue itan of &aat 

4 Da hi hi besawoa hi g«aaw< 
Stan aweg ftwyltae, Bo^oe i 
awyde mycd. 

5 And da hi eodon on da byi 
goaawon anne geongne, on da 4 
healfe aittende, hwitmn gegyri 
wrogenne ; and bl tta forbtodon 

6 Da cwe|> he to him, Ne for 
na; ge 8eca)» diene Nazarcnlscan 
ahangenne ; be wnAt nis be her 
seo stow dter hi hioe ledou. 

7 Ac fara^, and Be<^t> Ids 1 
cnibtum, and Petre, deet he g«^ 
eow on Galileam ; dar ge hint 
swa he cow 8£edc. 

8 And hi nt-eodon and Aug 
dsre byrgcno ; and vrseron ihi 
da.>re gcsyh|>c de hi geaawon, 
iianani men nalit ne saedon, ai 
bim adredou.^ 

9 Da be aras on seme-xnoi 
reste-dsgc, ser^*st be letywdc da 
dalenisoan Marian, of daere bo 
Beofon deofol-seooiyaaa. 

JO And boo da ut-eode and 
cydde de mid bim waeroD, ht 
and wependum, 

1 1 Da hi gebyrdon dst he 
and hi bine gesuwou, du ne 
hi him. 

13 iBfter dam him twam 
selywetl on odrum hiwe, h i» 
tun farendum. ^H 

13 .'Vnd hi da forou and dfe 
cyddon, and bi htm no geU^don 

14 Da et nebston, be aetyi 
Kudlcfenef dar bi letgicdere an 
Uplde h\Tn UDgeleaffalnease, « 
heort-an bcardnesse, fordam d 
gelyfdon dam, de luno gesawoa 

15 And be svde bim, Fora^ it 
middan-eard, and bodia)> godq) 

16 Se de gclyf)"^ and gcfollod 
bi^ hal ; so^Uce ac do 

16] WVCLIFFE, 1389. 

thei eeiden to gidere, Who schal 
;eu to V3 the stoon fro the dore 

pulcrc 1 

ihci biholdiDge sy^en the stoon 
1 nwey, forsoth it waa fill greet. 

thei goynge 511 into the scpulcro 
^ong oort^ hilid with a whit stoolc, 
I at the rijt half ; and thei weren 

i which seith to hero, Nyle ;c 
je Beken Jhcsu nf Naxareth cru- 
be bath ristm, he is not beere ; 
t place where thei puttiden him. 

I go jc, seye 50 to his dinciplis, 
Petre, for he achal go byforc ^oa 
alilee ; there ^e schnlen se him, 
lide to ;ou. 

thei goyuge out fledJen fro the 
I ; forsothe drede and <|unkyngo 
naylid hem,^ and to no man thei 
yay thing, forsoth thei dreddea. 

hly Jliesus, ryainge erly in the 
f of the wouke, apperide firsto to 
llawdeleyn, of whom he hadde 
I Beuene deuelis. 

le goynge tolde to hem that 
rith himj hern weyliDge and wep- 

id thei hceringe that he lyuede, 
I soyn of hir, bilcueden not. 

bli after thes thingis tweyne of 
andringe, he \a schcwid in an 
kneBse^ to hem goyngc in to a 

d thai goynge toolden to othere, 
hei bilcuydeu to hem. 
rsoth at the laste, hem enleucnc 
\, Jbesus apperide to hem, and 
de the vnbileue of hem, and the 
M of bertc, for thei hilcuydcn 
liom, that hadden seyn him to 
fun fro deede. 

he soidc to liem, ^e goyuge in 
e worhl, preche the gospel to 

that sclial bllcue, and schal be 
^ schal be sanyd ; sothli he thut 
eue not, schal be dampned. 



3 And they said won to anotlier, Who 
shall rolle awaye the stone from the 
dore ofi* the scpulcrc 1 

4 And when they behelde yt they saw© 
how the atone was rolled awaye, for it 
was a very greate won. 

5 And they went in to the sepulcre 
and BAWC a yonge man, sittiugc ou the 
lyght syde, cloothed in a longo white 
garment ; and they were abasshed. 

6 Ue soyd \Tito them, Be nott afrayed ; 
ye soke Jesiis of Nazareth which waa 
cnicified ; he ya ryaen, he ys nott here ; 
behoolde ! the place where they putt 

7 Bntt go youre waye, and tell his 
discijjk'S, and nanily Peter, that lie is 
goone before you in to Galile ; tliere 
shall ye se hym, as he sayde vnto you. 

8 And they went oute (juicly and Heed 
from the sepulcre ; for they trembled 
and were omased, nether said they eny 
tbinge to eny man, for they were 

3 When Jesus was risen, the morowc 
after the sabboth daye, he appered fjTst 
to Mary Magdalen, oute ofi* whom he 
cast seven devyls. 

ro And she went and toolde them that 
were with hynj, as they morucd and 

X I And when they herde that he was 
alive, and Iiad appiercd to her, they 
belcved it not. 

12 After that he appered ^Tito two of 
them in a strannge figure, as they walked 
and went in to the cuuntr)'. 

J J And they went and toolde it to the 
rcrauuuiit, and they beleved them nether. 

14 After thut, he appered vnto the 
eleven, as they sate at mcate, and cast in 
their tcthe their vnbelefc, and hardnea 
off berte, be cause they beleved not 
them, which had senc hym afler his 

15 And ho sayd vnto them, Qoo ye in 
to all the woorlde, and prcache the gos- 
pell to all creatnrs. 

1 6 Whosoever bclevcUi, and ys babtised, 
shalbe safe ; and whosoever belevetli 
nott, sbalbo dampned. 


GOTHIC, 360. 

AKGLOSAXOK, 995. [ar.Mint 

17 Das tacnn fyliab dua, Ae g^ftt^ 
On minnm nanum hi dec^twocMM 
dt-dri&^ ; hi spreca^ niwnin tangam; • 

18 N»ddia& hi afym^ ; and him m 
dera)>, (teah lu hw»t deadbflerUoea drino- 
on. Ofer seoce hi hyim haada aett% 
and U beo)r hale.' 

19 And ^todUce Drihten Bmieai, 
syddan he to him spnec, he mm on • 
heofonum alangen, and he at on Qote 
Bwidran healfe. 

ao S6))lice hi da fivende seghwar bodft* 
don, Drihtne mid-wyrcendam, and irjm^ 
mendre spnece aefter-fyUgendnm tacB* 

XVli7-*o.] WYC!LXFFE,r389. 

17 FotsoUk tiMse tokenee schulen sue 
Wd, that aeholea bileue. In my name 
An admlenoMt out fendis ; thei Bchtilen 
ipeke with newe tangis ; 

18 Ibd fldmlen do awey serpentis ; 
,nd if thei flchnlen drynke ony venym,^ 

k tehal not noye hem. Thei schulen 
fiitte hir hondu vpon sike men, and 
An admlen haue weL 

19 And flothli the Lord Jheso, aftir 
fftit ha hadde spoke to hem, is takim 
bb in to heaene, and sittith on the rijt- 

' so Sothli the! gon forth prechiden 
msjiilii III, the Lord worchinge with, 
md eonferminge the word with signes 

TYNDALE, 1536. 


17 And these signes shall folowe them, 
that belere. In my name they shall 
cast oute devyls ; and shall speake with 
newe tonges ; 

18 And shall kill serpentes; and yf 
they drynke eny dedly thynge, yt shall 
nott hurte them. They shall laye their 
hondes on the sike, and they shall 

19 So then when the Lorde had spoken 
vnto them, he was receaved in to heven, 
and sate on the right honde of Gk>d. 

30 And they went forth and preached 
every where, and the Lorde wroght witE 
them, and confirmed their preachyage 
with myracles that folowed. 




Obap. I. I Unte raihtm managai 
cluijpinuun mclyan lusaht, bi ^oa ga- 
fiiUawcididous m una walhtms, 

2 SwBSve anafulhun unsis, [laiei ^tn 
frumiHtin silbosiuDyos, yah aadbahtos 
wcflun |)is waurUis, 

3 Galeikaida yah mis yah Ahmin 
Weihamma, fram anastodcinui ollaim 
glaggwiiba afurlaistyandin, gahahyo l^ua 
melyaa, hatista paiaufcilu, 

4 Ki gakunnaia, ]»ize bl (>oci galfusi]^ 
'is waurdc aaUp. 

5 Was, 'in dagam Herodca, liiudanig 
ludaibs, f^dya, iiamiii Zakarias, us afar 
Abiyins^ yah qt*ins la us dauhtmm 
AharoDs, yah namo izos Aileisabai}». 

6 Wosnnuh )>an garaihtji b« in nnd- 
wair|>ya Gu)>s, gaggandona in allaim 
auabusnim yah garaihteim Frauylus, 

7 Yah Di was im bame, unte was 
Aileisabai)) atairo, yah ba framoldra 
dage aeiimizo wesun. 

8 War|? |)aD, nii)i|}anei gudyinoda is, Tn 
wikon kuuyia seluia I'u audwalrjiya Gujis, 

9 Bi hiuhtya gudyinassaus, hiauts im- 
ma orrauu du salyuo, atgaggands in 
alh Frauyins. 

10 Yah alls hiubina was roanageins 
beidandons uta^ whcilai )>wmiamias. 

Chap. I^ i Fordam de wii 

manegft |>ohton daera J»inga nee 
cudeltyrdan, de on ua gefylledc sp^i] 

2 Swa us bctehton, da de bit of i 
geaawon, and dasro spnece ^exuB 

3 ^fe gcjfuhte .... geornliee 
od cndebyrdncsse, writaa de^ dd set 
oata Theophilus, 

4 Duet du oncnawe diera worJa 
fiestnesse, of dam dc du gclacred 

5 On Herodes dagum, Indca cynfc 
wa?8 sum Boccrd, on uamau 
of Abian tune, and his wif 
Aoronea dobtrum, and byre 

6 S6|>lice big wjcron buta 
beforan Godc, gaugonde on oallumj 
b^ltothim and ribtwisnessum, 

7 And liig nicfdon nan beanif 
dc Klizahutb Mfsaa unbcrendc^ and 
on bcora dagnm butu for^-codOD. 

8 Sojtlice Wffis geworden, da 
his sacerdbudes breac, on his gewril 
endebjTdnesse beforan Qodc, 

9 JEfter gewunan des 
blotcs, lie code dset ho his 
Ectte, da he on Godcs tempel 

JO Kail werod dss folcea wvs 
gcbiddendo on dsere offruoge tmiiiJi- 

^P nSB£ BTGT^NETIl ^^^P ^^^^^| 


^^ ^^H 

H LUKE. S. L U K E. ^^ 

^^KhaP. I. I FoTSOthe for rnanyc men 

Chap. L i For as moche as many ^H 

^Hprcedcti to onleync the tell^g of 

have taken in bond to compylc a trcatea ^^^B 

^Hbgis, wbiche ben tiUid in vs, 

ofi* thoo thyngcs, which are surely know- ^^^B 

en amonge vs, ^^^H 

^B^As tiiei that seyn atte the higytt- 

2 Even as they declared them vnto TS, ^M 

^Kfe and wcren mimetris of the word 

which from the begynynge sawe them ^M 

with their eyes, and were minsters at ^B 

tho doyng; ^| 

^H It 18 seen also to mc, bauynge alio 

3 I determined also, as soue as I bad ^B 

^Hngifl diligentli bi ordro, to write to 

aeorcbed out diligently all thinges from ^B 

^We, tboa best 'Fheofilc. 

the begynynge, that then I wolde wrjte ^B 

vnto the, goode Tbeophilus, ^B 

^■That thoQ knowe the trcuthc of tho 

4 That thou myghtest knowe the ccr- ^B 

^Bdia, of whiclic tboa art lemed. 

tentc oif thoo tbingei), whereof thou arte ^M 

informed. ^B 

^B Ther was sam prcst, Zacborie by 

5 In the tyme of Uerode, kjnge of ^B 

^Hbcy in the dayea of Erondo, kyng of 

le^Ty, there n-as a ctrtayne proat, named ^B 

^Hdee, of tho sort of Abia, and bis wyf 

Zacarias, off the course of Abie, and bia ^B 

^Hthc dou^tria of Aaron, and htr name 

wyfo was of the doughtcra of Aaron, and ^B 


ber name was Elizaheib. ^M 

^B&otbli the! bothc weren iustc bifore 

6 Booth were perfect before God, and ^B 

^Bd goyugc in ulle the raaundemcntis 

walked in all the lawes and ordinacions ^B 

^Bl iostiiyiiigis of the Lord, with outen 

of the Lordcj that no man coulde fynde ^B 

fawte with them. ^^^B 

^B And a sune was not to hem, for tliat 

7 And they bad no childe, be cause ^^^B 

^Bsabeth was barcyne, and bothc haddcu 

that Elisabeth was barren, and booth ^^^B 

pm forth fer in her dayes. 

were wele stricken in age. ^H 

8 Sotbli it was don, whannc Sacharic 

8 Hit cam to passe, as he executed the ^M 

was set iu presthod, in the ordre of his 

prestea office, before God as his conrae ^M 

aort biforfi Ood. 

cam, ^B 

9 Vp the custom of presthod, by sort 

9 Accordinge to the custome of the ^B 

be wcnte forth, that he entrid in to the 

prestea office, bia lott was to bren odourea, ^B 

temple of tlie Lord, schulde puttc cn- 

and went into the temple of tho Lorde. ^B 

^Bb And alle the multitude of the peple 

lo And all tho multitude of people ^M 

iru withouteforth, preiyngc in the our 

were with out, in their prayers wbill ^M 

of eacente. 

the odoui-es were abrcnnynge. ^^H 


GOTHIC. 360. 

AITGLO-SAXON, 995. [Sr.LrKi 

1 1 Wftr|> \>nn Tmina Tn siunai Bgfplus 
Frau^niu, etantlAnds of tAiliawon hunsla- 
Btadis [iwrniamiiis. 

1 3 Yub goUrobnoUa Zukorios gaaaiwh- 
andfl, yah agis disdraas Tna. 

13 Qn|> {>an du imma sa aggllus, Ni 
ogB |>us, Znkann ; dujic ci andJiausida 
iBt bida beina, yah qut^ns [tcina, Aileis- 
&bai^, galiairid eunu {lus, yali haitais 
namo 'is luhanneu. 

14 Yah wair)ji|> }>U3 faheds yah sw^g- 
ni^ ; yah managai in gab&ur)Tai is fag- 

15 Wair))i)» auk mikils in andvairjiya 
FraujTna, yah wein yah leijin ni drigkidt 
yah Ahmins Wcihis ^fultyada naub^u 
in wambai ai[)eiDB seiuaizoa. 

t6 Yah Diana^^AiiB suniwc Israelis ga- 
wandri]} du Frauyin (ju}>a ize ; 

1 7 Yah silba fuuraqimid in aiidwair)>ya 
IS m ahrain yali ranbtai HailciVns ; ga- 
wandyan hairtona attane du barnam, 
yah uiitalnus in frodein garalhtai ze, 
raanwyan Frauyin manageiu gafahnda. 

r8 Yah qaf> Zakarias du |>amniA aggi- 
Jtiu, Biwhc kuuDum |>ata ? i'k raihtis im 
JBineigs, yah qens meina framaldrozei 'in 
dagam ecinaini. 

1 9 Yah andhafyands sa agn^Ius qa|> du 
inima, Ik i'ni Gabriel, sa aUiKlanda lu 
andwair}iyft Gu|>3; yah inaandij* im 
rodyan du Jjus, yah wailametyan [»us 

20 Yah aijrais )?ahand8, yah ni magands 
rodyan und |>aua dag, ei wairjjai |>Ata ; 
dut>e ei ni galaubides ^vHunbira niein- 
aim, |H)ei usfullyanda m mela eciiiamma. 

31 Yah was managci bcidandans Zaka- 
riina, yali sildalcikidedun, wba lutidedi 
ina in bizai alh. 

33 Usgnggandf} ^n ni mahta du un 
rodyan, yah fro|)uu |iamraei siun ijnsawh 
in alh. Yidi silba was bandwyanda i'm, 
yah was dumbs. 

33 Yali war|), bi[>e usfullnodedun dagos 

bim Dribtnea eogel, 
weofodea swy&n 

1 1 Dii a?tywde 
standende on 

1 2 Du wear)) Zacharios gedrefed dd 
ge — onde, and him ege on-hreas. 

13 Da cw«t» Be engel him to, N« 
ondncd dii 6e, Zacbarias ; foritam it 
Am ben ys gehyred, and din wif, Hi- 
lubetb, etc Bunu cenf>, and du uemst bii 
naman lohannes. 

1 4 And be by)> de to gelean ODd to 
blisse ; and mouega on his acennednjM 

1 5 S6|»iice he by|> miere beforan Driht- 
ne, and he ne drincj* win ne beor, mH 
be by|) gefjiled on Jlaligiim 
donne gyt of hys modor innodc 

16 And luanega Israhela beanut 
gecyr)> to Drihtnc h}TA Oode ; 

17 And he gse)i toforan him on 
and Etias roihte ; d:iet he fiedera be 
to heora bearnum gecyrre, and 
leadttllc to rihtwisra gleawscype, 
full-fremcd folc gegearwiau. 

18 Da cwie)) Zacbarias to dam 
HwauoD wat ic (tis? ic eom du 
and mjn wif on byre daguni foi 

19 Da andswarc'de him se engcl, 
eom Gabriel, ic de etande bcforau Codt; 
and ic eom asend wid de sprecut, ui 
de dis bodian. 

30 And nu 1 du byvt suwigende, taJ 
dii Bprecan uc mibt od done dofg. 6t 
das ^ing gcwurda|i ; fordam du mizinBi 
wordum ne gelyfdest, da bcoji on hjn 
timan gefyltede. 

31 And diet folc wies Zach&riun g^ 
anbidigende, and wnndrigende, dat ^ 
on dam temple Itet wses. 

23 Da lie ut-eudc nc mihte be 
sjirccan, and big oncncowon dfft 
dam temple suroe gesyb{)e geseah. 
bu vfKs incniendo him, and dun 

33 Da woes gcworden, da hie |«oi 


WYCLIFFE. 1389. 

1 1 SotUIi im auiigel of the LonI ap- 
peridtf to him, Btondinge on the rijfchulf 
of the ttutcr of eiiscucc. 

1 2 And Sacharic seyage waa disturljlid^ 
and drede felde douu on him. 

»3 Forsoth the auugcl seith to Iiyiu, 
Zftcbarie, dretle thou uot ; for thi preier 
u herd, and Elizabeth, thi wyf, schal 
bere to thee a soae, aud his name Bcbal 
be clepid John. 

14 And ioye and gladinge achal be to 
thcc ; and manye schulen enioje in hia 

15 Sotbli he schal be greet biforc the 
Lonl^ &nd he schal not dnnke vrp\ and 
sydir, and he schal be fulHIUd of the 
Hooly Gost ^it of his modir wouibe. 

16 And he schal conuertc manye of 
the sones of Israel to the Lord God of 

1 7 And he schal go bifore him in the 
tpirit and vertu of Helye ; and he schul 
turae the hertis of fadris in to hodcSj 
ftnd men out of bileue to the prudence 
of iuste men, for to moke redy a parfyt 
peple to the Lord. 

18 And Zachari seidc to the aungel, 
Wherof schal I wite this? for I am old, 
tad my wyf hath gon fer in liir dayes. 

19 And the aungel answeringe seide to 
him, Forsoth I am Gabriel, that stoude 
Ii3r3 bifore God ; and I am sent to thee 

^^for to BpekCj and to euangelise^ to thee 
^Wbea thingis. 

^V 30 And loo 1 thou shalt be stille,^ and 
fluni sch&It uot mowe speke til in to tbo 
4ay, in vhich thea thingla schulea bo 
doo ; for that thou hast not bileuyd to 
ny wordis, whiche schulen be filUd in 
te tyme. 

2T And the peplc was abidinge Za- 
charitf, and thei woudridcu, for lie tartede 
Iq tiif temple. 

23 Forsoth he goo out my^te not speke 
to hem, and thei kncwcu that he hudde 
Kfn a riciomi in the tcmjilc. Aud ho 
vu bekenynge to hem, and dwellido 
>3 Aud it was maad, as the dayes of 

TTNDALE, 1526. 


1 1 There appered vnto him the Lonles 
angcll, Htonfjingc ou the right sydc ofiT 
the aultre oif odours. 

13 Aud when Zacharias eawe hym 
he wa3 obasshed, and feare cam on 

1 3 The angell sayde vnto hym, Feare 
not, Zacary ; ffor thy prayer is herde, 
and tliy wyfe, Helyzabcth, shall beare 
the a Bonne, and thou shalt coll his name 

14 And thou sholtt hare ioyc and glad- 
ncs ; and many shalt roioyce att his 

[5 For he shalbe greate in the sight 
oft" God, aud shall nether drynke wyno 
ncr strougc dr}'nke, and he shalbe filled 
ivith the Holy Goost f^ven in his mothers 

1 6 Aud many off the chyldren off Is- 
rahcl shall he tounic to their Lorde 

1 7 And ho shall goo before hym in the 
sprcte and power off Helyas ; to tounm 
the herttes off the fathers to their chyl- 
dren, and the Tubelereres to the wisdom 
off the iuBte men, to make the peopto 
redy ffor the Lordc. 

18 And Zacary sayde vnto the angell, 
Wherliy slmll I knowe thisi seingo that 
I am olde, aud my wyfe wele stricken 
ill ycares. 

19 And the angell answered and sayde 
vnto h}*m, I am Gabrlcll, that stonde ia 
the prcscns off God ; and am sentt to 
s))cukc vnto the, aud to sbewe the this 
glad tydinges. 

30 And take hede \ thou shalt be 
domme, and not able to epeukc vntyU 
the tymc, that these thingea be per- 
formed ; because thou belevcdst not my 
wordcs, which shalbe fulfilled in there 

31 And the people wayted for Zo- 
carcas, and mervcUcd, that ho turyed ia 
the temple. 

3 2 When he cam oute he coulde not 
apcuke vuto them, aud they perccaved 
that he luid scue some vision iu the 
temple. And he beckened vnto them, 
and remajTicd speachlesse. 

33 And it fortuned, as sone as the 

270 GOTHIC, 360. 

andhuhteis is, galaij> du garda Beioam- 

34 Afuruh )>fin ]>&sia dagana nikiljx} 
wftr|» Aileisabai|>, qena is, yol» galaug- 
nida sik menoj^a timf, qi|>andei, 

25 putei »wu miu gutawidu Fruuya m 
dagam, )iftiniei insawh, afniman idvreit 
meiQ in mannam. 

a 6 |>aziuh ^tm \n mcno^ saihstin in- 
saudifrs vraa aggilus Gabriel fram Gu)ia 
'in baurg Oaleilaias, sei baitada Nazar- 

27 Da maga)iAi, in frngibtim abin, |?i7.ei 
namo loaef, us garda DawfiiUa ; yab 
namo Jiizos iDaga(»ais Mariam. 

28 Tall gu1ci|Huids urn sa aggilua du 
izai qajr, Fugiuo, anstoi auJidmfta ; 
Frauja mi}> ))ub ; [rmjiido })U 1Q qinom. 

29 I)i ai, gasaiwhandci, ga^lalmioda bi 
Tntuitgahtai is, yah )iahtA sis whcleika 
vfcsi so goleins, |>atei awa )}iu}>ida izai. 

30 Yah qafi aggilus du Iz&i, Ni ogs 
))aa, Mariam, bigast auk anst fram 

3 1 Yah eiu ! ganimis 'in kUj^in^ yah 
gabairis sunn, yah haitais namo is 

32 Sail wuir{ii|> mikils, yah sunus Hauh- 
istins haitada ; yali gibid ifmma Frauya 
Gu]} stol Dawcidis, attins Is, 

33 Yah |>iudano|> ufor garda lakobis 
in nyukduj). yah Jjiudiniasaua is ni 
irair)»ij> andcis. 

34 C^|> ]}an Mariam (hi )inmma aggilnu, 
Wfaatwa Bi)*^ Jiata, ))andei aban ni 
kunn 1 

SS Yah nndhafyandfl ea aggilus qa]i 
du, Ahma Wcihs &tg^gi)> ana jiuk, 
yah Diahta Huuhistins u&Irskadwcid jius; 
du)}c ei saei gubairoda wclhs, haitada 

8UDU8 Gu}>B. ^ 

36 Yah sai ! Aileisabaiti, nibyo Jtciua, 
ynh BO iuki]}>o Bunau in atdoniin sciuam- 
ma, yah sa mciio}is sail^ta hi isai sei 
haitada stairo ; 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Luit 

dngas gefyllcde WKroit, he fierde to 

24 Su^lice lefter dagum EUzabetb, 
wiff ge-eacnode» and heo bediglode 
fif monl'as, and cwtej), 

25 S6J>b'ce me Drihtcn gedyde dus. 
dam dagum, de he geaeah, minne be 
betwcox mannum afymm.^ 

26 Soblice on dsm syztan monjie 
dscnd Gabriel se engel fram DrihtDfl 
Oalilea ceastre, di^ nama wcs 

27 To beweddadre f»mnan annm 
d.vfl nama w&s losep, of Bauides hii 
and dcre ^mnan nama woes Maria. 

28 Da cwre^ ac engcl ingangcnde* 
wjea dii, mid gyfe gefylled ; Driht 
mid de ; du eort gebletaud on wifinn. 

39 Da wcar^ hco on his 5i>nL'ce 
drefcd, and ^ohte hw»t sco grei 

30 Da cwffi)> Bc engcl, Ne ondned 
de, Maria, 66)»lice du gyfe mid 

31 Sofjlico nu ! du on innodc 
eacnast, and sunn censt, and his 
Hxlend gcnemnest. 

32 Se by^ msere, and dies Hi 
smm gencmncd ; and him sylji Di 
God, his Caxler Dauides sctl, 

33 And he ncsa)> on ecnease on' 
huse, and his rices eadc ne by]». 

34 Da cwfc)> Maria to dam engle, 
gevfyrp dis, fordam ic were ne oncnai 

35 Da andswarode hyre ae engd» 
Batga Giist on de becym)}, and 
Ueahstan miht dc ofer-8Ccada)> ; 
fordam da:t halige de of de 
by)), byft Godea sunn gcnemned. 

36 And nu ! Elizabeth, din 
fiunu on h)TC ylde ge-eacnode, and 
m6na)> ys hyre syxta seo ia unl 
genenmed ; 

ireren fulfilliJ^ he wente in to 

yth ftftcr daycs KliEabotb. his 
^Bjnede, and hidde hir fyue 

D the Lord dide to me in the 
the Trliiclic he bilielde, for to 
f my scbeuscbip a luong men. 

sly m the aixte monethe the 
ftbriel was sent fro God in to 
i Gaiiiee, to which the name 

linftydeQj weddid to a man^ to 
■i name was Joseph, of the 
bauitb ; and the name of the 

be ttungel gon yn to hir seide, 
of puce ; the Lord be with 
■id be tiiou among wymmen. 


I, whonne she hud herd, was 
1 his word, and thou3tc what 
Itociomi tliis was: 

the aungel seido to hit, Ne 
ru, ]^Iarie, sotbli thou hast 
race aneroptia God. 

thou achalt conseyue in the 
d achalt here a sone, aud thou 
e bis nume Jhesu. 
cfaal be greet, and ho schal be 
aone of Uie Hi^eiite ; and the 

schal ^yuG to Iiim the scetc 
hilt fadir, 

ic Bchal regno in the hous of 
I uutcn ende^ and of his rcwiuc 
on cndc. 

th Marie selth to the aungel, 
manerc schal this thing be 
knowe not man 1 
the aungel auBwcringe seide 
e Hooly Goat schal eumo fro 
ko thee, and the vertu of the 
nal schadewe vnto thee ; ther- 
liat h<xily thing that schal be 
ee, schal be clepid the suae of 

loo! Elizabeth, thi coaynea^ 
Eiath conceyncd a sone iu hir 

this monethe is the sLxte to 

clepid boreyne ; 


tymo off his office was oute, he departed 
home iu to his awne hoossc. 

24 Affter thooac daycs his wife, Eliza- 
beth, couceAved, and hid her silfc .v. 
moncthes, saynge, 

25 This wysc hath God dealte with 
nie in the dayes, when he loked on me, 
to toko &uni me the rebuke that I 
BuffertMl a munge men. 

•j6 And in the .vj. moneth the angell 
Gabryel was sent from God vnto a cite 
o£f Galile, named Nazareth, 

27 To a virgin, spoused to a man, 
whose name was Joseph, of the housse 
of Durid j and the virgins name was 

38 And the angell went in vnto her 
and Huyde, Huyle, full of grace; the 
Lordc is with the ; blessed arte thou 
amonge wcnien. 

39 \\Tien she sawe hym, she was a- 
bosshcd att his sa)iigc. and cast iu her 
mynde what manor of salutooion that 
shulde be. 

30 And the angell sayde vnto her, 
Feare nut, Mary, thou host founde grace 
with God. 

3 1 Loo I thou slialt conceave in thy 
wombe, aud shult bearc a childc, and 
sbalt call his name Jesus. 

3 J He shalbe grcate, and shalbe called 
the sonuo off the llyest ; and the Lorde 
God flhall geve vnto hym the seats off 
liis father, David, 

;^^ And he shall raygne over the houase 
uft Jacob for ever, and of his kyngdom 
shalbe none ende. 

34 Tlion Hayd Mary vnto the angell, 
Howe shall this be, seinge tbat I knowe 
no man 1 

35 And the angell answered and sayd 
vnto her, The Holy Goost shall come 
apon the, and the power off the Hycst 
shall over shaddowe the ; thcrfore also 
that holy thyugo which shalbe borne, 
shalbe called the sonne of God. 

36 And marke ! thy cosen, Elizabeth, 
hatU also couceaved a sonne in her olde 
age, and this is the .vj, moneth to her 
which was called l^rcn ; 

GOTHIC, 360. 

37 Uute oiflt umnohteig Gu)ia aiuhun 

38 Qa|> l^an Mariam, Sai I ]>\vn Frau- 
yina ; walrjioi mia bi waurda }>cinaiuma. 
Yah galai)t fiurra izm aa oggilus. 

39 UBstondandei ^sa Mariam in }>aim 
dagam, iddya in bairgabem sniumundu, 
in baurg ludins. 

40 Yah gnlai^ in gard Zakariina, yah 
goUda Aileisabui)). 

41 Yuli war^, bwc baufiida Aileieabai)^ 
golein Mariins, lailaik bam id qijiaii 
UO8. \aii gafullnoda iVlimios WeihU 

42 Yah ufwopida Btibnal mikilai, yah 
qa{j, piu)>idu {»u in qinom, yob l^iujiido 
nkrau qi^vts |>einis. 

43 Yab whaJ>ro mis J>ata, el qemi ai^ei 
Frauyins meinis at mis ? 

44 Sai \ allifl Bunsei war|> Btibna gol- 
Gumis [lemaizos in ausam meluuim, lai- 
laik yai& barn in 8wigni)>ai in wambat 

45 Yah audaga so galaubyandci, [>atei 
wair{}i|» nstauht.9, ]>ize rodidanc izui frum 

46 Yah qa)» Mariam, Mikileid saiwala 
meina Frauyan. 

47 Yah swegneid abma meins du 
Gu))a, nasyand meinamma. 

48 Unte 'insawb du hnaiweiiial Jriuyos 
aeinaizos. Sai ! allis firam himma nu 
audagyaud mik alia kunya. 

49 Unte gatawlda roia mikilein sa 
mohtciga, y^ woUi namo is. 

50 Yah armahairtei is in aldtns aide, 
)>aim ogandam ina. 

51 Gatawida Bwin)>ein in arma seinam- 
ma, distabida mikil|;uhtau^ gahugdai 
hairtina ficlnifi. 

5 a Gadrnuaida mahteigaoB af stolam, 
yah luhauhida guhnu^widiuiB. 

37 Fordam nis letc word 

38 Da cwae^ Maria, Her ia 
}>inen ; geweorae me Kfber dium 
And se engd byre fram-gcwdt^ 

39 Sojilice on dam dagum 
and ferde on muntland mid i 
ludoiece ceastre. 

40 And code into Zftcharin> 1 
grette Elizabeth. 

41 Da wees geworden, ^ 8 
gchyrde Marian gretinge, da g 
d:Et did on hyre innode. 
we&rt> Elizabeth Halegum 

43 And heo cl3q>ode mjcelr 
and cwiej?. Du cart bctwux w 
bletsod, and gebletsod is dlneB 

43 And hwanon is me dU, dl 
Drihtnea modor to me oume t 

44 Sona swa dinre gretinge 
minnm earum gcwordeu wais, 
node .... nun cild a 

45 And eadig du cart, du de j 
dflet fulfremcdc synd da ying d< 
Drihtne gesccde synd. 

46 Da cw8e)f Maria, Mio saw 
Drib ten, 

47 And min gast gebliasode 
minnm haelende. 

48 Fordam do ho geseah h] 
eud-modnesse. Sd))licel heonoi 
eadige aecga)> calle cneoreasa. 

49 Fordam de me micele ^ 
de mihtig is, and hys uama ya 1 

50 And hys mild-heortnea of 1 
on cneoreeae, hyne oudrKdeod 

51 He worhte [msegne] on h; 
he to-deelde da ofer-mod&n 
byra hedrtan. 

53 He awear]> da rican oi 
da ead-mddui up-ahot 

3^-53-1 WyCLIFFE,f389. 

ty For eaeiy word schal not be inpos- 
le aneniptis God. 
|8 Forsotb Marie seide. Loo I the bond 
pnrcien of the Lord ; be it dou to mo 
pr thi word. And the atmgel depart- 
t fro hir. 
^9 Sotbli Marie risinge \ip in tbo 

Bwente with haste id to the hiUy 
in to a citee of Judee. 
jid scbe eutrido yn to the hows of 
^diaric, and grette Elizabeth. 
i% And it wua don, as Elizabeth herde 
psJntacioun of Marie, the ^onge child 
I hir wombc gladide. And Elizabeth 
U fiUid with the Uooly Qost, 

ia And criede with grete vojs, and 
id^ Blessid be thou a mong wymmcu, 
l^lessid be the firuyt of thi wombe. 




d wberof this thing to me, that 
modir of my Lord come to me 7 

1 forsothe as the vois of thi 
ioun was maad in myn eeria, the 
child gladidu with ioye in my 

And blessid thou ert, that hast 

for tho tliingis that bcu scid to 
fro tlie Lord, schulen be purfytli 

46 And Marie seide^ My soule inagny- 
eth the Lord, 

47 And my spirit bath gladid in Ood, 
lyn heel the. 

48 For he bath biholden the meke* 
me of his band mayde. Loo ! forsoth 
F tlus alle generaciouns schulen seie mc 

49 For be that is my^ti hath don 
ret« thiugis to me, and his name i> 

50 And his mercy is fro kynredls in to 
ynrcdifl, to men dredinge him. 

j|l He made my^te in his arme, he 
■teride proudc men witli rayude of his 


ta He puttldc domi myjty men fro 
ptje, Ai^ cnhaanside meke. 

37 For with God shuU nothinge be 

3a Mary sayd, Beliolde ! the honde 
maydcn off the Lorde ; be it ^uto mo 
even as thou host sayde. And the augell 
departed from her. 

39 Mary arose in thoosc dayes, and 
went into the mountayns with hast, into 
a cite off lewxy. 

40 And entred in to the houase off 
Zacary, and saluted Elizabeth. 

41 And it furtuncd, as Elizabeth hcrdc 
the salutacion of Marj', the babe spronge 
in her belly. And Elizabeth was filled 
with the Holy Goost, 

42 And cryed with a londe Toyce, and 

Bayde^ Blessed arte thou among wcmen, 
and blessed is the &ute off thy wombe. 

43 And whens hapeneth this to me, 
that the mother off my Lorde shulde 
come to me? 

44 Loo! as Bone as the voyce of thy 
salutacion sownded in m)'nG cares, the' 
babf Icpte in my belly for ioye. 

45 And blessed arte thou, that bclev- 
edst, for thooac thinges slialbo performed, 
which were tulde the from the Lorde. 

46 And Mary sayde, My soule magui- 
fietb the Lorde, 

47 And my sprete reioysetb in God, 
my savioure. 

48 For he hath loked on tho povre 
degre off his honde mayden, Beholde 1 
Dowe from hens forth ahall all genera- 
cions call me blessed. 

49 For he that is myghty hath done 
to me greate thinges, and blessed ys his 

50 And hys mercy is always on them 
that fcare him, thorow onto all genera- 

51 He hath shewed strengthe with hia 
arme, he bath scattered tliem that are 
proude in the ymaginacion of their 

S3 He hath putt dounc the myghty 
from their Bcates,and hath exalted them 
of lowe degre. 

874 OOTHia 360. 

53 Qredagans gaso^iiiU )>m}>c, }rah ga- 
bunuuxdaiis uisaudida lauaaiis. 

54 HleibitU JtsraclA, )>iiiinagu i^iiun- 
tnai| gmmauaiids nnzuhairteini ; 

55 Swaswe roJida du atUm nrwanum, 
Abrtthunm ymh frmiwa la, nml atv. 

56 Qastoj^ ^en Manam mi(i uai swe 
iDcno|« )rriu3, yah gawamlida nk da 
garda seinamma. 

57 I|> Aileisab&i)* oaftiUnoda mel du 
bttnn, yah gubur sttno. 

58 Yah haasidedun bisitands yah ga- 
xu)>yoe 1X06, unte gAmikilida Frauya 
amiuhatrtcin seina hi izai ; yah mi}ifa^- 
iuudt'duu izsii. 

59 Yah war)», in daga ahtudin, ()cmun 
bimaitau ^ata bam ; yah tuuhailua iua, 
afar uuuia attliu is, Zakarian. 

60 Yali andha^'andei so aibet is qa^ 
Kc, ak huitttiduu lobannes. 

6i Yah qt'(>ua du txai, patei m ainshon 
iat iQ kunya ^eiuauima, saei haitaidau 
|nmma namin. 

63 Gubundxridcduu \nm attin is, |)ata 
whaiwa wildcdi h^utan ina. 

63 I ^ is sokyaods spilda, nam gah- 
mclida, qibauils, luhaiiDcs ist uamo 
ift. Yah sildaleikidedun allai. 

64 Usiuknodu fiaii iimn|>ft is bods, yah 
tuggu i8j yah rudida, ]iiu|>yBnd8 Ou^ 

65 Yah war)» ana allaim ogis ^uii 
bisitandani iua, yah In allai luiirgahein 
ludaias mcrlda weson aUa ^ waurda. 

66 Yah ^a^dedun allai Juii hausyand- 
ans in hairtin seiuamma, qi|iandans, 
Whft skuli f)atft bum wairjiun 1 Yah 
)ian bnndus Krauyios was mi^ iinraa. 

67 Vail Zakarias, atta is, gnfullnoda 
Aliniina Weihia, yah praufetida, yah 

68 piu|»oig9 Frauya Gn|t iBraelis, unte 
gaweisoda, yah gawaurhta ustauseiu 
xnana^cin setnai. 

69 Yuh urraisida huurn ua&ciaais unais 
Kd garda Daweidis, ))iuu)agaus scuiia. 

ANGLO-SAXON. 995. [Br. 

53 Hlngriende he mid gudum gd'yt^ 
and ofcr-modc idelc furlct. 

54 He afeng larahel, byi eniht, 
gemunde hj's mild-heoTtnesae ; 

55 Swti he sprwc to drum 
Ahrahame and hya sotdc, on a worul^ 

56 Sdj^Iice Maria wunede mid 
swylce yry zn6n(<as, and gewende 
hyre huae. 

;7 Oa 

gefyUed Eliubethe 

ning-tid, and heo suuu ccnde. 

58 And hyre nehchebnras ami 
cudan dfflt gehyrdon, <l»t Drihtea 
mild-heortnesse raid hjxe meersudc; 
hig mid hyre blissodon. 

59 Da, on ftam ehtoo|MUi dicge, 
comon dst ctid ymb-Bnldan ; and 
don hine, hys fieder uaman, Zacharii 

60 Da andswarode his modor, 
solves, ac he by)» lohaunea geaemneiij 

61 Da cwvdon hig to hyre. Xis 
on dinre m9eg)>e, dyson nanun 

63 Du bicuodon hi to hys fieder, 
he wolde hine genemuedne beon. 

63 Da wrat he, gebedenum wex-l 
lolumnes is hys nama. Da wundi 
hig eallc 

64 Da wear)} sona hys md|), and 
tungc ge-openod, aud he spnec, Dt 

65 Da wear)) ege gevorden ofer 
h}Ta nehcheburas, aud ofer calle II 
munt-land weeron das word 

66 And ealle da de hit gehyrdon 
hcura hcortan sctton, and ci 
WcDSt dii, hwwt by|) des cnapal A^ 
lice Drihtcnea liand waes mid him. 

67 And ZacIiarifLs, his faMlur, va 
Halegum Qa^te gefyllcd, aud he 
ode, and cwve^, 

68 Gebletsod si Drihten Israbela ' 
fordam de he geneoeode, and hia 
alysednesse dyde. 

69 And he us haele bom ar^rdft' 
Dauidea huse, hys <miht«& 

WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

bftth fiilid hungry men with 
tris, and he hutU left rychc 

ge mynde of his mercy, 

, hiB child ; 

lath spoken to oure fadria, to 

and to his accd, in to wurldis. 

Oth Morye dwellide nntb hir as 

iaethiB, and tumydo a^cn in to 

kly the tyme of bcringc child 
to £lizabeth| and sclio childide 

I the nei^oboris and cosyna of 
ftn, for the Lord hadde maguy- 
bercy with hir ; luid thci thank- 

it was don, tn the ei^tethe day, 
for to circumside the child ; 
[clepidcn him Saohono, by name 

lua modir ansMreringe aeidej 
he Bchal be clepid John, 
thci sciden to hir. For no num 

kyn, that is clepid bi this 

^li thci madcn a syndic to his 
>m ho woldc him for to be 

1m uunge a poyntel, vroot, 
John is Ida name. And alio 

FBotb his mouth was opcnyd 
A his tnnge, and he spak, blesa- 

1 drede was niaad ou alle her 
% and thes wordis wcrcn ]>up- 
9D alle the hilly pUcis of Judec. 

d alle men that lierdcn putte{l}-n 
lerte. seyiuge, Wlio, gessiat thou, 
tld sohul be ? And sothli the 
f the Loni was with him. 

Zocharie, his fadir, was fiilid 
HooU Ooat, and prophosiode, 

id b« the Lord God of Israel, 
kth visitid, and maad redemp- 
his poplc. 
id he hath rerid to vs an horn of 
the hotis of Dauith, his child. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


53 He hath filled the hongry Trith 
guodc thingcs, and hath sent awayc the 
rychc empty. 

54 He hnth remembred mercy, and 
liath holpcn his servaunt, Israhel ; 

55 Even as he proiuiaed to cure fatlicra, 
Abraham and to his scede, for ever, 

56 And Mary aboode with her lij. 
monethesj and rctourned home agayne. 

57 Elizabethcs tymc was como that 

fihe shuUle be delyvercd, and she brought 
forth a Sonne. 

58 And her neghboures and her cosina 
hcrde tell, howe the Lorde had magui- 
fied hys mercy vppon her; and they 
reioysed with her, 

59 And hit fortuned, the eyght daye, 
they cam to circumcise the childe; and 
called his name Zacari, after the namo 
of his father. 

60 And his mother answered and sayd, 
Not SCO, but he shalbc called Jhon. 

61 And they sayd vuto her. There ya 
none of thy kyiine, that is named with 
thys name. 

62 And they made signes to hys father, 
howe he wolde have hym called. 

63 And he axed for wrytynge tables, 
and wroote, saying, Hys name is JhoQ. 
And they mervelled all. 

64 And hys moughtwns opened inime- 
diatly, and hys touge, and he spake, 
lawdynge God. 

65 And feare cam on all them that 
dwelt uye, and all these sayiuges were 
noised abroadc throughoutt all the hylly 
countre of Jewry. 

66 And al! they that herde them layde 
them vfjpe in their hertes, sayiug, What 
iiiftn#r cliylde shall thys be 7 And the 
honde of God was with h)-m. 

67 And his father, Ziichcrias, was fylled 
with tho Holy Qoost. and prophisyed, 

68 Blessed be the Lorde God of Israhel, 
for he hath visited, and rcdemed his 

69 And hath reyaod rppo the home 
off health vuto vs ia the housse of his 
scrvftuut, David. 

T a 


OOTHTC 360. 

70 Swwre rodidft teirfa m\in\t w^h- 
UMi \ime bun ■nMfnnriini aiwU, i>iua- 
SU annum 

J X GShaB nuriin ns fiyajadftm mmnum, 
jdb n ImdAa alUixe ^ue hatandaxie 

73 Tattyiu anoalMfati^ tu AtUm xm- 
MiniTTi, yah gmnimMi triggwoe weiiuuzoa 

73 Ai^ ^aikei iwor wi^ Abnham, 
itua KUMnoMS a g«bi 

74 UnwoB u faaadau fiyuide im- 

75 In miyti jmb gmibtdn Id and* 
■ >u|ya a aflana dagiM xiamnaa. 

76 Yah )ki, bamiio, praaietaa Hauli- 
iBtiM hutasa; fiuxngaggii ank bora 
•mlwmufya Frngrina, maowyaa wigana 

77 Du giban knn^ naaeinais DuuQagcda 
is, ID afleU frawaorhte ize ; 

78 puHi -infeiuaudein annahairtciD 
Gq^ unaaris, in ^ammei gawciso^ uo- 
sara urruxu us hauhi^ 

79 OabairlitTftu |>wm in liqiza, yah 
akacliku dHU{>U!> sit«ndam; du garaihtyao 
fbtUDs onaarans in wig gamur^jris. 

80 I^ ^ta barn mhB, yah Bwin|iQoda 
almtin^ yah was ana an^dom und dag 
usUikneiuos semaizoa du laraela. 

Chaj*. IL 1 Warf ^ In di^^ans 
yainans, nrnum gagrefta fram Kaisara 
Aguatau, gamcljan aUana inidyungard. 

s Soh ^aa giUitramcleina frumista war)* 
at wisandm kindtna Swrtais, mgiuundm 
Saurim Kwrciuiuau. 

3 Vab iddyedun allai, ei mcHdai 
VtiMinai whar)rixuh in seinai baurg. 

4 Ummn JHin yah losef us Galcilaia, 
OS biiurg Niuamil*, in ludaian, in baurg 
DuwcidiSf »ei haitada Bejilahaini, du]ie 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. 

70 Swa he spnec frurh hjrs 
wit^ena mu^, ^ de of worldes 

7 1 And he alysde us of linim feon^ 
and of ealra dsra baoda de ns 

7 a ICHd-bcortncsse to vryroLnM 
unun faMlerum, and geniuuaa his 
an cydnease. 

73 Hync us to syllaime done a^ 
urum fiedcr, Abrahame^ swor. 

74 Diet we butan ege of ore 
haoda alysede, him }«owian, 

75 On halignesse beforan him 
urum dagum. 

76 And du, cnapa, byst diBB He 
witega genemned ; dii gsest 
Diibtnes ansyne, his wegaa 

77 To syUanne his folce hys bele 
wit, on hyra synna forgyfenease ; 

78 purh inuodos ures Goda 
heortnesse, on dam he us gcDeaaodsj 
east-dsle up-spriugcnde. 

79 Onlihtan dam do on }tydtnirQ,i 
on dea^ aoeade sitta)i ; um fet to 
reocanne on sybbe weg. 

80 S6)>]ice se cnapa weox, and wcs . 
gaste gestrangod, and woes on wostei 
od done ds^ hys etiwednemm 

Chap. II. * 1 S6|ilioe on dam 
wies gcwordcn gcbod fram dam 
Augusto, da!t eall ymbe-hwyrfl 

2 £>eoa tomearoodnes wks »rert 
worden fnm dam deman Syrigc^ 

3 And ealle big eodon, .... 
syudrie ferdou on hyra oeaatre. 

4 Da ferde losep fram Galilea, of < 
ceostre Nazareth^ on lodeisoe, 
Dauidcs, bco U gcoemued 


70.-IL4-] WTCLIFFE, 1389. 

70 As he spftk by the raoutlie of hooly 
prophetia> that bon fro the world. 

71 Helthe fro oure enemycfi, and fro 
the bond of alle men that hatiden tb. 

7 J To do mercy with oure (iadris, and 
to hAQC mynde of his booly tesUment 

I 73 The ooth that he swor to Abraham, 
pare hdir, to ;yne him 8ilf to vs. 

I 74 That we withoute drcde dcliuerid 
m the bond of onre enemyes, seme to 

• 75 In hoolynesse and rijtfulnesge bifore 
MB in alle oure daycs. 

HvAnd thou, child, schalt be clopid 

lEe prophcte of the Hijeste ; for thou 

Mialt go bifore the face of the Lord, to 

kdake rcdy his weyes. 

I 77 For to 5yuo the science of helthe 

^ hi« peple, in to remiscioun of her 


[78 Bi the entraylU of mercy of oure 

Dod, in whiche he Bpryngynge vp fro an 

ptt) hath risytid vs. 

' 79 For to jyue lijt to hem that sitten 

la derkiicssifl, and in schadcwe of detb ; 

br to dreese oure feet in to the wey of 

80 Sotbli the child waxide^ and was 
fortid in spirit, and was in desert til 
the day of bis schewinge to Israel. 

TYNDALE, 1536. 


II. I Forsothe it was don iu 
dayes, a maundcment went out fro 
?jesar Augnst^^ that al the world schulde 
W discrrued. 

' 3 This firste discryuyng was maad of 
i^ryne, iostice of Cirye. 

P^And alle men wenten, that thei 
•cliuldc make profescioun,^ ecb by him 
: lelf in to bis cite. 

4 iSothly and Josep sti^ede vp fro Gali- 
[Iw, of the cite of Nazareth, in to Jude, 
'id to a cite of Daoith, that is clepid 

70 Even as he promised by the moughth 
of his holy prophetcs, which were sens 
the worlde began. 

7 1 That we shulde bo aaved from oure 
cnimys, and from the bondis of all that 
bate vs. 

73 To shewe mercy towardca ouro 
fatbera, and to remember hya holy 

73 That is to saye the ootbe which ho 
Bware to ouro father, Abraham, for to 
geve vs. 

7 4 That we delivered oute of the hondea 
of oure enerais, myght serve hym with 
oute feare, 

75 All the dayea of ourc.lyfe in suche 
holynes and ryghtewesnea that are ac- 
cept before him. 

76 And thou, cbylde, shalt be called 
the prophet off the Hyest ; for thou 
shalt goo before the face off the Lorde, 
to prepare his waycs. 

77 And to geve knowlege off health 
vnto hys people, for the remission of 
sinnes ; 

78 Through the tender mercy off ouro 
Lorde, wher with bath visited vs the 
diiye springe from an hye. 

79 To geve light to them that sate in 
darckncs, uud iu sbadowe of doth; and 
to gyde oure fete into the wayc of 

80 And the cbylde cncreased, and 
wexcd strongc in sprete, and was in 
wildemes tyll the daye cami when he 
shulde shewe liyniiilfe vnto the la- 

Chap. IL i Hit folowed in tboose 
dayes, that there went oute a commuund- 
ment from Augnste the Emperour, that 
all the woorlde shulde be valued. 

2 This taxynge was fjTst executed when 
Syrenus was Icfteuaunt in Sirio. 

3 And every man went in to his awno 
shyre toune, there to he taxed. 

4 And Joseph also ascended from Ga- 
lile, oute of a cite called Nazareth, viito 
lewry, into a cite of David, which ia 

^ WBB US gardft Eodrcio&is Dawcidia, 

5 Anwtnelyan mi^ Mariin, sei in fra^ft- 
im vns imma qcias wisaudcin iLnkii|>oQ. 

6 War^ Jmu, mi|it>anei ^ wesun yiuuMTt 
usfullnodedan dagna, da bairan Tzai. 

7 Tfth gabar stmu Beioana (ada fnim- 
abaar, ynh hiwand ma, yah galagida Tna 
in uzetin, onto ni was im rutnis in 
itodft )ramina. 

8 Yali hairdyos wesun in ]>aznma sam- 
in landa, pairhwakaudons yak witaad- 
ana wahtwom nahts ofaro bidrdai sclnai 

9 I^ i^CR^Qs Franyina anaqam ms, yab 
wuljius Frnuyina bUkain ias; yah obt- 
edun ogistt niikilamma. 

10 Tab qa^ da im sa a^j^lua, Ni 
0£:ci|> ; untc sjii ! spillo izwis fohcld 
mikila. sei wfur]>i)> allai managein. 

It patei f^abaurans ist izvis himma 
daga nasyands, soei ist Christus Vrauya* 
in bnurg DaweidU. 

1 2 Yab t>ata TewU taikns; bigitid bam 
biwundan, yah galagid tn uictin. • 

13 Tab anaks war^ mi^ |iamina agg- 
ilau mnuagei baryis biminakundia, haz- 
ynndaiie Gu|>, yah qi|>andune, 

1 4 Wutjius Tu bauhiHtyaiu Gujia, ynh 
ana nir[iai gawair))! in mannaiu godis 

15 Yub wftr)>, h\]tc gali|mn fairra Vm 
in liitnin |>fti agpilyus, yah fiai maus |>ai 
bninlyod qo{tuii dii sis niissn, pairbgagg- 
ainiii yu uiid Bc|>Iahttiui, yah Baiwhwrna 
wrturd [iftta waurf«uiO| |>atei Frauya ga- 
kanaida uuaia. 

ifi Yah qcmun Bniamyandan^s yali bi- 

f;ctun ^[anAn yali losvf, yah |>ata bam 
igundo in uzctin. 

17 (Jasaiwliandona JHin, gakannidedun 
bi [iftta wuurd |)atei rodi|) iras du im 
bi |>uti» burn. 

iH Vidi iillni \>a\ gabausyandans sil- 
dalcikidcdun, bi \to rodidona fram )>aim 
hairdyani du im. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Inn 

fordam de bo wks of Daoides busc and 
hired e, 
5 Uiet be ferde mid Marian, »!e him 

bcweddod wses end wes ge-cocnod. 

6 S6|)lice wass gcwordcn, AH hi 
vsron, hire dagaa wseron gefylted^ 
bco cende. 

7 And bco oendc byre frum-c 
minn, and bine mid ctld'cladum be 
and bine on binne aledc, fordam 
nafdou rum on cumeua huse. 


8 And byrdas wseron on dam yl 
nco, waciendo and zubt-waeocan 
ende ofcr heora beorda. 

9 Da stod Dribtnes engel vid 
and Godoa bcorhtnes him yml 
and bi him niycelum ege adredoo. 

10 And se cngel bim to cws)>, Xdlej 
cow adraedan ; 86|»lice uu ! ic cow 
mycclue gofean, se bi|> eallum folce. 

1 1 Fordam to-dseg cow ys 
acenned, 6e ia Dribten Crist, on 

12 And die taccn eow by(>; g« 
meta|i an ci!d bnegUim bewundea* 
on binne died. 

13 And dii vfKs fs5ringa gen*ordea 
dam engle raycelnes beofoubces vef 
Qod herigendra, and dus cvedc 

14 Godc ay \niIdor on heahnc 
on eor))an sybb niannum godca 

15 And bit wies geworden, da da 
glua to hcofoue fcrdon, da byrdas 
betwynan spnecon, and owxdonr 1 
faran to Bethleeni, and geseon _ 
word dc geworden is, dst Dribtea 

16 And big cfstende coraon, and 
metton Marian aud loaep, and dat 
on binne died. 

17 Dd bi dffit gesawon, dd onsne 
big be dam worde de him gcnrd 
be dam cildc. 

18 And eallc da de gehyrdon 
rodon, be dam de him da b] 

— - -^ 

'it 5-1 8] WTCLTFFE, 1389. 

Bedleem, for that he was of the hous 

raeyne of Dauitb, 

Tliut ho scbuldo knowlechc with 

ic, with child spousid wyf to him. 
ithli it was don, whannc thei wcren 
the dajes wereii fiiltiUid, tliat slie 

Ide l>ere child. 
\d schc chiididc her firstc bora 
ODd wlappide him in clothis, and 

ide him in a cracche, for ther was 
not jiloce to hyni in tlie corayn Btablo, 

SdliepherdiB weren in the same 
waldnge and k(?pinge the watchis 
ny^t ou her flok. 

loo * the auugel of the Lord 

by sydia hem, and the clerenease 

Bchynede aboute hom ; and thei 

en with greet drede. 

And the auugcl scido to hem, Nyle 

lo 1 Bothli I euangelise to 50U 

ioye. that scbal be to al peple. 

It For a sanyour is boron to day to 
Ti, that is Crist the Lord, in the cite of 

1 3 And this a tokene to ^ou ; ^e schulen 
^de a ^ODg child wlappid in clothis, 
and put in a eracche. 

r3 And sudenly thcr is maad with 
the aosgcl a multitude of hcucnly kny^i- 
hud, heriynge God, and seyinge, 

14 Glorie be in the hi^este thingia to 
God. and in erthe pees be to men of 
good willc. 

15 And it was don, that whanne the 
lungclis passidcn a wcy tro hem in to 
lieoene, the schepherdis spaken to gidere, 
•riynge. Passe we ouer til to Bedleem,, 
•ad se we this word that is maad, the 
wliiche the Lorde maad, and schcwid 
to vs. 

16 And thei hy^inge cameu, and foond- 
en Marie and Joseph, and a jong child 

in a craoche. 

Hothli thei seinge, knewen of the 
that was aeid to hem of this cliilJ. 

And "alle men that hadden herd 
iden, and of thcs thingis that 
seide to hero of the schepherdis. 

TYND ALE, 1536. 


called Bcthlcem, because he woa of the 
Iiousse and linage of David, 

5 To be taxed with Mary, his wedded 
wife which wiw with childe, 

6 And it fortuned, whiU tliey there 
were, her tyme was come, that she shnldo 
be dely^-ered. 

7 And she brought forth her fyrst be- 
gotten sonnCt and wrapped hym in swad- 
lynge clootlies, and layed hym in a 
manger, be cause there was no roume 
for them with iu in the hostrey. 

a And there were in the same region 
shepherdes, abydinge in the felde and 
watching their flock e by nyght 

9 And loo ! the angell of the Lorde 
stode Itarde by them, and the brightnes 
of the Lorde shone rounde aboute them ; 
and they were soore afrayed. 

10 And the angell sayd vnto them, Be 
not afrayed ; boholdc ! I brynge you 
tydiugea oflf grcate ioye, that sliall oome 
to all the [>eopIe. 

1 1 For vnto you is borne this daye in 
the cite of David, a saveoure, which is 
Christ the Lorde. 

12 And take tliis for a signc ; ye shall 
fyndc the childe swadled, and layed in a 

13 And streight waye there was with 
the anj;ell a multitude of hevenly sow- 
diers, laudynge God, and sayinge, 

1 4 Glory to God an bye, and peace on 
the ertli, and vnto men reioysyngc. 

15 And itt fortuned, as sonc as the 
angels were gone awayc in to heven, 
the shcpherdes sayd won to another. Let 
vs goo even vnto Bethlcem, and se this 
thj-nge thatt is liapcncd, which the Lorde 
hath shewed vnto vs. 

J 6 And they cam with haste, and 
faundc Mary and Joseph, and the babe 
layJe in a manger. 

1 7 When they liad sene it, they pub- 
lisshed abrotie the sa;-nge which was 
toldc them off that chylde. 

18 And all that heitle itt woudred, alt 
thoose thyngea which were tolde them 
off the shepherdea. 

» ^ 

MO GOTHIC, 360. 

19 t)> Maria alia gafastwdji ))o waurda, 
Jiagk^'andei in hairtin Bemammo. 

20 Yah gawandidedun sik ^ai boirdyos, 
Tnikilyandans yah I)a7.)*andaiis Ou{> in 
all u i ze jii zeei gahaaaiUedun yah ga- 
6cwhun« BWQSwe rodiji was du im. 

31 Yah bi^e usfulnodcdiui dagoeohtaa, 
du bimaitan ina, yah haitan was namo 
is lesus, ^uta qi|>ano fram aggUau, faur* 
{lizei gauuuums weal m wozubu. 

3a Yah hi|)e usfulnodedun dagos hrain- 
eioaia ize, bi witoda Mosezia, hrabte<luii 
iDa in lairusalcQii atsatyau faura Frau- 

33 Swaswe gamelid 1st 'in wttoda 33 Swa awa on Drihtnes te avriten U, 
Fruujius, patci whazuh gumakundaizo I 0«et wlc warned gecynd-lim ontynende, 

ANGLO-BAXOK, ^9$. [&r. Lew 

19 Maria gebeold ealle das word, on 
byre beortau ameagende. 

30 Da gewendon bum da hyrdas, God 
wnldrigende and heriende on eiUuia_ 
dam de hi gebyrdon and genwon, ~ 
to him gecveden waea.^ 

31 Jitter dam de ehta dagM 
fyllede vseron, da&i daet cild eml>4Dj 
waere, hia nama vies Haelead, M 
fram cugle gcnenmed, ser he on tnitt 
ge-eacnod waere. 

32 And mficT dam de byre MaJtinny 
dagas gcfylledc WEcron, tester MojHI 
K, hi Iceddou bine on Uicrusalem, dit 
hi bine Gode gesetton, 

usiukauda 4i|mj weihs Frauyins huitada; 

34 Tab ci gcbcina fram imma btinal, 
Bwaswc qij^an ist "in witoda Frauyins, | 
Gayuk hraiwadubono, ^^}iaa twos yngg- 
ons abake. 

35 paruh \raa manna in lairusalem, 
)iLzei namo Swmaion ; yah sa manna 
yfUB garaihta yah gudafaurhta. beidands 
la|>onai8 Israelis ; yah Abma Wcihs was 
fftna Ymma. 

36 Yah WAS imma gataihan fram Ah- 
miu |)amma ^yeibin, ui saiwbau dau)»u, 
faur|)Lzu scwhi Christu Frauyiua. 

37 Yah qam tn alimin in ]}izai alh. 
Tall mi))|)uuci iuDuttAubun berusyos )>ata 
barn Icsu, ei tawidcdoina bi biubtya 

ritodis bi Tna, 

28 Tab ia andnam ina ana armins 
seiuans, yah ^iu|>ida Guba, yob qn|i, 

39 Nu fraleitais skalk ^cinana frau- 
yinond, Frauya, bi waurda ]>einamma in 
gawairjiya ; 

30 pande sewhun augona meina naacin 

31 poei manwides in andwiur)tya al- 
laizo nianagelno ; 

33 Liuha)) du andhuleinai ^iudom, yah 
wu1|iu niiuiagein )>einai Isracla. 

33 Yah M*as losef yah ai|jei is silda- 
leikyondona ana (taim, }ioei rodida wcsun 
bi lua. 

by|) Urihtne halig genemned ; 

3 4 And da^t hig offrunge kbUqb, 
(pfter dam de Dribtnee « gecwetlen ii, 
Twa turtlan, odde twegen culfran biid- 

35 And da wiea an man on Hien- 
salem, dtps nama waea Simeon ; ami Att 
man wa's rihtwisT . and od U- 

rahcla frofor gc-anbidicndc ; and Hati^ 
GaSt him on wies. 

26 And be ondsware fram dam Hileg- 
an Gusto oufcug, dft^t he deab oe ge- 
sawCj biiton bo scr Dribten Crial gc- 

37 And on gaste he on daet tempd 
com. And da his magas leddon doM 
Haelend, dset hig for him eefUr 
Be gewunan dydon, 

38 He onfeng bine mid hys 
.and God bletso<]c. and cwiej!, 

39 Dribten, na dii IsStat dume 
eftcr dinum worde on sibbe ; 

eagan gesawoD 

30 Fordam mine 

3 1 Da du ge-carwodcat beforan 
callra folca ; 

3 3 Leoht to )>eoda ■.wrigeneaM, 
dines folccs wuldre larahel/ 

33 Da wses his faedcr and his 
wundriendc be dam, de be him 

»^33] VnrCLlFFE.1389. 

119 FoTBoth MaHc kept«fJ1ethe8 wordifi, 

leringe to gidere iu fair herte. 

ito And the ecbepberdis turncdea a^co, 

lorifijnge and beriynge God in alle 

Mngta th&t tbei h&ddcn herd and seyn, 

I it is seyd to hem. 

31 And aftir tbst ci^te daycs wcren 

tidid, that the child achulde be circum- 

idid, his name was clepid Jheaiis, which 

rui clepid of the aungel. bifore be vras 

Mucjiicd in worn be. 

laa And aftir that the dayes of pnrga- 

looD of Marie weren fulflld, vp >foysea 

^we, thei token him in to Jerusalem, 

bat thei schulden ofire bim to Ihe 

1 93 Aa it \a writun in the lawe of the 
[jord, For ech male kynde openynge 
Iu wombe to go oui, schal be clepid 
looly to the Lord ; 

[34 And that thei schulen jyue an ofT- 
», Tp that it is seid in the lawe of 
Lord, A peyre of turtris, or twey 

lo ! a man was in JcrUBalcra, 

lom the name Symeon ; and this 

iRM iust and dreilful. abidinge the 

»rt of Isruel ; and the Houly Goat 


id he hadde taken answers of the 

[>1y Gost, that he eclial not sc deeth, 

>ut be sai; first the Crist of the 

[And ho cam in spirit in to the 

And whenne his &dir and 

leddcn in the child Jhcsu, that 

n scbolden do vp the custom of lawe 


28 And he took him in to his armes, 

bleflside God, and seidc, 

DOW thou leeuyst thi senfaunt 
word in pecs ; 

for myn y^en ban 80)71 thin hclthe, 

Tlie which thou bast moad rcdy 

the face of alle peplia ; 
lajt to the schewing of betbene, 
|fh]«io of tbi peplo of Israel. 

hJB fudir and his modir wcren 
on thea tbingis, that wercn 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


19 But Mary kept all tbooso sayinges, 
and pondered them in hyr hcrt 

20 And the sbepherdes retourned, 
praysynge and laudyngc God ffor all 
that they bad herde and seno, evyn as 
itt was told vnto them. 

31 And when the cyghl dayc was come, 
thatt the cbylde sbuld bo circumcised, 
his name was called Jcmis, which was 
named off the angell, befoi-e he was con- 
ceaved in bis mothers wombe. 

22 And when the t3rmo of their puriS- 
cacion, after the lawo of Moyses, was 
come, they brought hym to Hienisalemj 
to present hym to the Lordc, 

23 As yt is written in the Uwe off the 
Lorde, Every man chylde that fyrst 
openetb the matrix, sbalbe called holy 
to the Lorde ; 

24 And to offer, as yt ys saydc in the 
lawe of the Lorde, A payre off turtle 
doves, or ij. yonge pigions. 

25 And beholde! there was a man in 
Hierusalem, whose name was Simeon; 
and the same man >ras iuste and feared 
God, and lou^'cd for the consolacion off 
Israbel ; and the HolyUoost was in hym. 

26 And an answer was geven hym of 
the Holy Goost, that be sbuldc not bo 
dcethe, before he had scne the Lordes 

27 And he cam by inspiracion in to 
the temple. And as the fiithcr and 
mother broght in the chylde Jesus, to 
do for hym after the custome of the 

28 Then toke he hym vppc in his 
arm<»8, .... and sayde, 

3(} Lorde, nowc Icttest thou thy ser- 
vaunt departe in peace accordinge to 
thy promee ; 

30 For mjme eyes have scne the saveour 
sent from the, 

31 Wliich thou bast prepared before 
the face of all people ; 

33 A light to lighten the gcntyls, and 
the glory off thy people Israbel. 

33 Aad his father and mother mervel- 
led att tbooae thinges, which were spoken 
off hym. 

GOTHIC, 360. 

34 Va]i (fiulnda inu Svrtiuuon, yuH qa); 
du Mariin, ai{>oin is, tioX ! sn ligi{> du 
dnua jroh usstaasai matiAgaixe in 1m- 

;S«el», J9h du taiknai ondgakanaL 

35 Yah ^an |)eina Billions suwala 
^i^>g>Srsi|> Iiairus, ei andhulyiundau ua 

laiHUtgaim hairtam mitoncis. 

36 Tab was Anna pranfeteis, danhtar 
Fanoelia, lu kunya Aseria. Boh &am- 
ftldra dage managaiie, Ubandei mi^ abtn 
yera aibun fram maga]>ein seinai. 

37 Soh ^n widawo yere ahtautcbund 
pah tidwor; soh ni afiddya fifurra alb, 

itubnyam yab bidom blotande Frau* 
yan nabtaia yob daganL 

38 Sob Jfisai wbeila! otstandandei, atid- 
plimbtut Frauyin, yab rodida bi ina in 
iftltaim ]>alm usbeidaadain la^a laini- 


39 Yab bi)>e ustAuhnn allata, bi witoda 
Prauyins^ gawandidedun sik m Qa- 
leilaian, Id baurg soina Nasarai^. 

40 ¥[) ^ta bam woba, yab owin^odn, 
abmins fulluands yah bondugoins ; yah 
ftnata (fii)ia waa ana Tnium. 

4t Yah wratodedun |>ai birusyos is 
ijera vhammeb in lairusalcm, at dul)) 

4a Yab bl^ war)) twalibwintrua, ufr- 
f^g^udam )>an tin in lalrusaulwiua, bi 
biuhtya du1)}au, 

43 Yah lutiuhAndam )>an8 dagans* mif»- 

5ane ga\randide<tun sik aftra» goato)} 
cffua aa magna lu lairusalcm, yab ni 
iriaodan loeef ynb ai|«?i is. 

44 Hugynndoiia in gasinJ'Tam Tna wis- 
ma, qemun dagis wig, yab sokidedun ina 
Su gani|iyam yoli in kun^oi. 

45 Vnh ni biginindona ina, gawandi- 
dedun aik \n lainisalem, sokyaudona 

46 Yab war)<. afar dagans {rins bige- 
tun ina iiii utili. sltandan in midyaim 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. {Sr. 

34 And tJa bletsode big SimeoD, 
cwip|* to Marian, his meder, Loca 
{loA is on bryre and on sryst 
manegru on Israbd, and on tacesi, 1 
de wid-cwcdeu by|>. 

35 And bis sweord dine sawIc 
f9ir\f, dftft gc^btas syn owrigeiM 
manegum beortum. 

36 And Anna v«s witegestre, Fia* 
ueles dohtor, of Aasem iD8eg|>c. Dm 
wunode mffinigne dasg, and bco lyfode 
mid byre -were seofen gear of hjrt 

37 And heo wsm wnduwe od 
and hund-«abtatig gcara; seo of 
temple Qc gcwat, dfcges and 
|)eowig«nde on fiestonum aod od 

38 And deoa Cbere ti<le 
Dribtue and^tto^ and be lum 
ealluTO dam de ge-anbidedon IIi< 
alem olysedneaae. 

39 And da hi calle )iing gef 
tcfter Orihtucs sc, bi gehwurfoo 
Galileam, on beora ceastre Ni 

40 S6|rlToo diBt cild weoxy and 
geetrangodf wisdomea full ; and 
gyfii wses on him. 

41 And bis magas ferdon »lee 
to Hierusalem, on easter-deges 

43 And da he v,k9 twelf wintre, 
foron to Hierusalcm, to dam 
freolse, wfter byra gewtman, 

43 And gefylledum dagum, da 
agen-gebwurfon, bcUf ae HKleoJ 
Hierusalem, and his magas debt 

44 Wendon diet be on beort 
WKre, du comon big nnea dnges 
and hiue sobton betweox his magM 
bis cudan. 

45 Da big byne nc ftlndon, Mg 
wcudon to Uieruaalem, bine 

46 D£, aefter )>nm dagum U^ 
bine on dam tcroplcj sittcnde 01 

.] "WTCLIFFE. 1389. 

S^incon btessiilo hem, and 
Marie, his motlir, Lo ! this is 
b) the faiUingc aiiJ ia to the rys- 
of many raoii tu Israel, aud 
tokene, to whom it schal be 

II swerd eclial poaee thorw tliin 

ee» that thoujtis ho sehewid of 

id Anna was a prophotiase, the 

of Fanoel, of the lynage of 

And Bohc Iiiulde gon fortli 

jy dayes, and hadde l^nicd with 

jBboade seucu 3cer fro hir luayd- 

^ this was a widowe til to fourc 
and foure ; which depnrtido 
the temple, eeniynge nj^t and 
and biaechingis. 

this in thilke our aboue com- 
lowlechide to the Lord, and 
him to alle that abidea the re- 
ouu of Israel. 

ad as thei hadden perfytli doon 
talgia, by the lawe of the Lord, 
piyden a^eu iu to Galilee, in to 
to Nazareth, 

thli the child wax, and was coum- 
fbl of wysdom ; and the grace of 
la in him. 

^ his fadir and modir wenten by 
in to Jcnualem, in the so- 
iday of paak& 

wlianne Jhestis was maad of 

■is, hem Bti3ynge yp in to Je- 

by custom of the fcesto day, 

itke dayes cndid, whannc thei 

:^eD, the child dwelte in Jeru- 

id his fadir and modir knewen 

je thei geannge him to be in 
lipe, camen the wey of a day, 
[ten him a mong his cosyns aud 


id thei not fyndinge, wenten ajcn 

pusalem. sdcyngo him. 

it was don, aftir the thridde 
founden him in the temple. 

TTODALE, 1526. 283 

34 And Simoon blessed them, and sayd 
yjiU^ Mnry, his mother, Behold ! this 
childe 8haU>c the full and resurreotnon 
00* many iu Isruhcl, aud a siguc, which 
shalbe spokyn aga>-U3te. 

35 And moreover the sweorde sh&JI 
peareo the very Iiert off the, that the 
thoughtes of many hertes maye be 

36 And there was Anna a prophetes, 
the dongliter of Phanuel, of tribe of, 
Ascr. Aiul she was off a greate age, 
aud had lived with an hosbande .vij. 
yere from her virginite. 

37 And this wedowe was aboute .iiij. 
scooro and .iiij. yere off agu ; which 
went never outo of the temple, but 
served there with fastinge and prayer 
nyght and daye. 

38 And she cum forth that samchoure, 
and praysed God, and spake of h>*m to 
all that loked for redempcion in Hieni- 

■^(f iVnd as sono as they had performed 
all thinges, acoordinge to the lawe off 
the Lordc, they returned iuto Oalilc, into 
their awno cite Nazareth. 

40 And the ehilde grcwc, and wexed 
stronge in B]>rete, aud was full off ^78-; 
dom ; and the favour of God was with 

4t And his father and mother went to 
Hierusalcm every yeare, att the feeate 
of ester. 

42 And when he was xij. yere olda, 
they went vppe to Hierusalcm, after the 
custome of the feeste, 

43 And when they hatl fulfilled the 
dayes, as they returned home, the chyldo 
Jesus boode styll iu Hieru8alem,vnknow- 
ynge to his father and mother. 

44 For they suppose<l he had bene in 
the comfMrny, they cam a da5'8 iorney, 
and sought hym amougc their kynsfolke 
and aequayntaunce. 

45 And founde hym not, they went 
backe agaj'nc to Hicrtisalem, aud sought 

46 And hit fortuned, tliat after .iij. 
dayes they founde hym in the temple, 


GOTHIC, 360. 

laisaryam, yah hausyandan i'm yah fraih- 
tiftudftn Tnfi. 

47 UsgeisnodeduD )>ftn nliai |>ai liaus- 
yaudans is, ana frodein yah andawaurd- 
yam is, 

48 Tab ^aaaiwbandans iua sihlalcik- 
idedun. Yab qu)) du tmma so aijiei is, 
Mogau, wba gatawidf?^ una awa^ Sai ! 

•M attA [leins yab ik winnaiidoua eokl- 
dedum )>uk. 

49 Yah qat> da im, Wha )>atei soki- 
deilu}) niik ? niu wiflsedu)>, jiatei in )>aim 
Bttins nieinis, skuldu wisuu ) 

50 Yah lya ni frot>UD |»amma waurda, 
{ratei rodida du im. 

51 Yah iddya mi|» 'im, yah qam in 
Na2aru|), yah was ut'bausyanda un. Yah 
Bi)>ei u gafastuida }k) waurda alia in 
hairtin sciuamma. 

52 Yah lesus )>aih frodein, yali walie- 
tau, yah anstai, at Gu|)a yah maunam. 

Chap. III. i In yera |»an fimfla- 
tflihundin |imdiniissaus Teihairiaua, Kai- 
aaris.raginondin Puutiau Pcilatau ludaia, 
yah Hdurra^iiiya pis Galcihuaa^ Ilcrodeii), 
Filippauziih, [>an broj)r9 is, fidurrAg- 
inya ^ia Ituraias, yah Trakaiineitidaiis 
landis, yah Lwsauiaus, Abcilcni fidur- 

2 At aahmistam gndyam Annin yah 
Kayafin, warj» waurd Gajw at lobauncn, 
Zacbari'ina snnau, in au{)idai, 

3 Yah qam and allans ^auyana Taur- 
danaiis, meryands daupein idrcigos du 
fraleta frawaurhte. 

4 Swaswe ^auielld ist m bokom wanrde 
EsaciiDS, praufctaua, qi|iaiidmij, Stibna 
wopyandiua in aujjidai, Manweid wig 
Frauyins, raibtoe waurkciji staigoa 7s. 

5 All daloi usfullynda, yah all fairgtinyc 
yab blaine gahnaiwyada ; yali wairfiij) 
[lata wruiqo du raihtamma, yab uadrus- 
teia du wigam slaihtaim ; 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [9r.Lt 

dan ^am lareowum, hlystonde and 

47 Da wundrodon hig eallc dc 
byrdon, be bis gleawsdpe and Up 

48 Da cwap|i his mc 

to him, Simu, hwi dydcst du unc 
din fabler and io sarigeude Ac sobt 

49 Da owte)i he to him, Hwnt ii 
gyt me aohton 1 ^ nysto gyt. Ad 
gebyra|) to lM?onnc on dam ^ingum 
mines faedcr synd 1 

50 Da ne ougeaton hig diet word,1 
ho to him spra^c. 

51 Da fcrdc ho mid hini« and coratflj 
Nazareth, and wks bim under-^^oi 
And bis modor geheoUl ealle das w( 
on byre beortaii smeagende. 

53 And se Hu^loud [leah on visdi 
and on yide, and mid gyfe, mid Godi] 
and mid mannnm. 

Chap. III. i ^Sol>]ice dam fif 
gearo dies Caserea anwealdes, 
begymendmn dam Pontiacan 
Iudea-))eode, feor)>an dxles rica G< 
Herode, Filippo, hia breder, fooi^ 
daJIes riea Iturie, and dies rices 1W 
conitidis, and lasania, Abilinc fe 
daeles nca, 

2 Under daera sacerda ealdnnn 
and Caifa, Go^es word woes gew< 
ofer Zacharias sunn, on westene. 

3 And he com into eall lordaiuft 
bodigeiide dsed-hote fnlluht and 

4 Swii hit awriten ya on Isaiea 
does witegan, Clypicndca stefii on 1 
ene, Gegearwia|) Dribtnea weg» do^ 
aidas ribte. 

5 itric denu bib gcfylletl, and 
munt and beorb by(» genj-derod j 
|>weoru beo)) on gerihte, Mid 
on amcde wegaa ; 

■^-In. 5.] WTCLIFFE, 1389. 

in the myddil of doctoura, becr- 
iage hem and aiiuge hem. 

47 Sothli alle men that herden liiin, 
vondrideu on tlie prudence and luiBweriB 
of him. 

+8 And thei seynge wondriden. And 
nu modir scide to him^ Sodc, what haat 
tfaoa don to vb thus 1 Lo ! thi fadir and 
I sorwynge han soujt thee; 

H49 And he seith to hem, What is it 
kbit ^ sou^ten mc 7 wiaten jc uut, for 
b tho thiugis that 'i>en of my fodir, it 
Uhooetb me to be ? 

, 50 And thei vcdirgtoden not the word, 
irfaich he apak to hem. 
51 And he cam doun witb hem, and 

Pto Nazareth, and wua suget to hem. 
his modir kepte to gidere alle thcs 
Ivurdis, beringe to gidere in hir herte. 
t 5J And Jhenu protitido in wysdom, 
Ige, and grace, aDemptla God aud mcu. 

^HAP. III. I Forsothe in the fyf- 
IIRte ^eer of the empyre of Tiberie, 
!rour, Pilat of Pounce kepiuge Judce, 
Kroude, prince of Galilee, Philip 
hia brother, pnoce of Itnree, 
of the cuutrc of Tracou, and Lisany, 
prince of Abityn, 

3 Yadir the princia of prestis Annas 
iod Caylas, the word of the Lord ia 
biud on John, the aone of Zacharie, in 

. 3 And be cam in to al the cuntro of 
|9ord&n. prechinge baptyra of penaunce 
n& to remyscioun of aynnes. 
I 4 Aj it IS writuu in the book of wordis 
i,«f Taaye, the prophete, The voya of oon 
||CriyTige in desert. Make je redy the 
|(Veye of the Lord, make je hia pathis 


Taley schal be fulfiUid, and ech 
kvn and titil hil schal be mand 
; and acbrcwide tbicgis schulcn be 
k to drfisid thiugi», aud scharpe thiugJa 
hi to phiyne weyee ; 

TYTTDALE, 1536. 


sittinge in the middes of the doctours, 
both hearynge them and posirige them. 

47 And ail that berdo hym, mervelted 
at bis witt and answers. 

48 And when they sawe hym they were 
astonyed. And his mother sayde vnto 
h^Tii, Sonc, why haste tJiou thus dealte 
with vs ? Beholde I thy fatlier aud I 
have Borowed and sought the. 

49 And he sayd vnto them, Howe is it 
that ye sought me 1 wist ye not, that I 
muste goo aboute my fathers busiues ? 

50 And they vnderstod nott the saynge, 
that be spake to them. 

5 f Aud be weut with tbem, and cam 
to Nazaretli. and was obedient to them. 
His mother kept all these tbyngcs in 
her hert. 

52 Aud Jesus increased in wisdom, 
aud age, and in fiavoure, with Ood and 

Chap. III. i In the tiftenthe yeare 
of the raigne off Tiberius, the cmperoure, 
Pontius Pilute beiuge leftenaimt of Jewry, 
and Herode beinge tetrarch of Oalile, 
and his brother Philip, tetrarch in Iturea* 
and in the region of Truconitis, and Ly- 
sauias the tetrarch of Abyliue, 

2 When Anna and Cayphas were the 
bye prestes, the comniaundmeut of God 
was puplisshed vnto Jhon, the sonne off 
Kacarias, in the wildemes. 

^ And he cam into all the eooatea 
aboute Jordan, preaoiiynge the baptim of 
rei)entauuce for the remission of syimes. 

4 Aa it is written in the boke of the 
sayinges of Esayas, the prophet, which 
saetli, The voycc off a crj'ar in wyldcr- 
nes. Prepare the waye off the Lorde, 
make hys patlies stniight. 

5 Every valley shalbe fylled, and every 
mountayne and hyll shalbe broght lowe ; 
and crockedtliyugcsJ shidbc made streigbt, 
and the rougbt wayes slmlbe made smoth ; 

G0T9IC, 2^0. 
^ah g&aaiwhi{T all leike uaseiu Ou^ 

manageini, <laupyiiD frum sU, Kani nod- 
re, wKaa gataikniflii tzwis }>Uuhan fkura 
})aDUXui anawuir|>iD hntizaY 

8 Waurkyai|) nn akran wmrjieta id- 
reig(M, yah ni rlugiDDfti)> qi|)aa in iewia, 
AtUn aigum Abraham ; i\iy& auk iizwis, 

mag Ou{7 us Btainam (tolin urrais- 
yan bama Abraluuna. 

9 A}>))fta yu ao otjlzi at ivaurtini bHj^e 
ligif^ ; nil nu bagnie unbairandane akrau 
god; usmaitado, yith in ton galag^rada. 

to Yah frehnn Inn managelns, qi}i- 
andons, -Vn wha tnuyaimA ? 

II Audltufyaufls f>an qu|t, Sa babanda 
twos paidoH, gibai fiammu unbubaudiu ; 
yah saei babai matins, aanmk'iku tauyai. 

13 Qemun (mui motaryos duupynu ; yah 
qoban du i'mma, Usari, wha tau- 
yai ma? 

T3 parah qa|7 du Tra, Ni watht, niar 
]>atei garaid aiyai Tzwia, Unsyai^. 

14 Frcbuu )>au ina yali |>ai militond- 
ans, qif>ftn(lim«, Yah weig wha tau- 
yaimai Yah qn|) du iim, Ni mnnnanhun 
bolo|), ui muuiinnhun ouamahtyaid, yah 
vuldui)i annoni 'izwaraim. 

15 At wcnyandein |<an allai raanageia, 
yiili |»a*^kyimdiunallaimmhairtam seiuaim 
bi lohrtTiiieiii, iiiu auflu sa wcai Cbriatua, 

16 Audhof J)an Tohannes, allaim qi|>- 
anda, Ik aliis izwia vatin dnupya; !{> 

[gaggi^ ffwinjtoza mis. |)izci ik ni im 
wair|»8 andbindan skaudnruip Hkohia la ; 
aab izwis daupei}> in Ahmin Weihamma 
yub fuuiu. 

17 Habands win^iskauron Tn handau 
Boiuai, yah giihruiuei|> ;jnij>rask srin, yah 
briggi[» kauru in bansta scinumma ; ip 
ahauu intandeiji funin unwhapnaudin, 

18 MftUttf^Jt-fian yabanjittr (rafstyands, 
)>iu}>spiUoda mauitgetti. 

AJfOLO-SAXON; 995. [St. Ltmt 

6 And stc Asm geaih^ Oodea hcle. 

7 S6)>lice he cw(e|> to dam amiegitm. 
do fenloD, dwt hi wieron gvfullode tmk^ 
him, £ala ge naeddrcna crnn, liwm 
ywde eow d»t ge fleon &am dam 
weardan jTre I 

8 D6|» geomtice weordlice d»d- 
WKstmas, and ne ongynne ge ewe 
AVe babba)> ua to fanlcr iVbraham 
secge eow, diet God is swa mihtig 
he mng of dysmn at&num Abri 
beam aweccau. 

9 Nu is SCO tux asct to daea treowM 
wjrtrumftn ; witodlice «lc treow de 
bmig}) godue wa3stm» bif» fbrcoHlen, 1 
on fjT awoqjcn. 

TO Da ahflodon hync da menegu, 
cwEcdon, HwTet do we ? 

1 1 Da cw£t|) bo to him. Se do 
twa tunecan, sylle dam de n»'f^; 
dam gelice do, se de mettaa bajf^. 

I a Da oomou da maufullan diet 
a)»wegene waeron ; and cw^edon to 
Larcow, hwnt do we 1 

13 Da ovs)» he, Ne do ge naht 
doime dffit eow geaet is. 

14 Da ahsodon hinc da cempan, 
cwsedon, And hwret do we ? Da 
he him, Ne slea ge nnnne, ne ia 
d6\>, and bco)> edhyldc on eowrom 

15 86|>1ice dam fblcc wenendum, sad 
eallmn on byra heortan JHmcendam be 
lolianne, hwrcder he Crist ware, 

16 Da ondswarode Inhunnea, him et}* 
lum Bccgende, Witodlice ie eo^ 
wietere futlige ; sol^lTce cym)) sti 
donne ic, daa ic ne eoin wj-rdc 
hys sceo-|)wang uncnytte; he eow 
on Halgum Oaste and on ffre. 

17 And his fann ys on his handa, 
ho feorma)> his hemes flore, and 
dcra|) hj-s bwEete into his borne ; 
ccaf be forbairn|) on uuacwcntedli< 

18 Hanega odre ];lDg bodigende, 
dwt folc lierde. 

ntfi-iS.] WYCLIPFE. T389: 

id ech fleiach^ Bobftl ao the belthe 

7 Therfore lie Bcido t<> the cumpanyes, 
llie ffbiche wentoii out, that tbei scbuldea 
be baptjsid of liim, Kyndlis of eddris, 
vbo echewidc to 30U to tlee tro wrathtbe 

8 Therforo do 30 wortbi fruytis of p«n- 
■aeev and bigyime je not to seye, Wq 
bin a {adir Abrabaoi ; Botbti I seie to 
fn, God U tny;tt to rcise of tbea 
rioooes the »onea of Abrabam. 

9 Fonothe now an ax ia put to tfao 
of tbc tree ; sotbli ccb tree not 

good frnyt. scbal he kitt douu, 
be sent in to tbe tier. 

TYNDALE, 1536. 


And tbe cumpanyes oxden bim, 
Wliat tberfore schulen we do t 
tliU be answennge aeide to hem, 
that bath twey cootis, ^yuc to bira 
iukt bath nun ; and be that bath metis, 
3o on lyk monere. 
13 Sothli and papplicana camen for to 
c baptised ; mid ibci scidcu to him, 
tfaistir, what schtilea we don 1 
13 And be seide to bem, Do }e no 
Jung more, than that that is ordeyned 


Fonothe and kuy^tia axiden bim, 
What Bcbulen also we do ? And 
b to hem. Smyte 50 wn>ngfulli no 
nether make je fold chaleiige, and 
■paid with ^ourc soudia. 
Fursotb al the pepic gcssinge, and 
men tbenkhige in ber bertis of John, 
ueuture be were Crist, 
John answer ide, seymge to alle 
Sotbli I baptiae jou in watir ; 
c a strengere than I acbal come 
me, of which I am not worth! for 
to vnbynde tbe thwong of bis scboon ; 
b* schal baptyae 30a iu the Hooly Goat 
Aod fyer. 

17 Whos wynewyng tool in bia bond, 
and be scbal purge his corn floor, and 
■chal ged^e tbe whete in to bis heme; 
Bothli the clkaffij} be schal hrcnne iu ficr 

18 fursoth and he moncstingc manye 
Dtbere thingis, euongcliflido to tbc poplc. 

6 And all flessbe shall ae the saveour 
aent oft' God. 

7 Then sayde he to tbe people, that 
were come to he haptiised of bym, O 
generacion of vipers, who hath shewed 
you the crafte to flye from wrath to 

8 Brynge forth due fnites of repent- 
aunce, and begyn nott to saye in youro 
aeivea. We have Abraham to oure father; 
fur I say mto you, God is able of these 
atouea to reysc vppo children vnto Abra- 

9 Nowe also ya tbe axe leyd vnto the 
rote off the trees j every tree tberfore 
which bringeth not forth good frute, 
ahalbe hewen doune, and caste in to tbe 

10 And tbe people axed him, sayinge, 
What shall we do then * 

1 1 He answered and aayde vnto them, 
He that bathe ij. coottca, lett bym parte 
with biin that hath none ; and be that 
batli meate, let him do lyko wyse. 

12 Then cam there puplicana to be 
baptised ; and sayde vuto hym^ Master, 
what shall we do 1 

13 He answcrwl vuto them, Rcquyre 
no more, then that which ys appoyuted 
vnto you. 

14 The soudiers lykcwyse dcmaunded 
off bym, sayingo. And whwt shall we do ? 
And be sayde to them, Do violence to 
noo nmn, nether trouble eny man wrong- 
fully, and he content wj-th youre wages. 

15 As the people were in a doutc, and 
all men disputed iu there hcrtes of Jhon, 
whether he were very Christ, 

16 Jhon answered, and suyd to them 
all, I baptise you wytb water ; butt a 
stronger then I commetli, whose ahue 
latchct I am nott worthy to vnloosc ; 
he will baptise you with tbe Holy Goost 
and with fyre. 

17 Wliich bath his fan in hia bond, 
and wil jiourge his floore, and will gader 
bis corne in to hys bame ; and the 
chaffe wyll he bourne with fyre that 
never sbalbc quenched. 

18 And many other thyngcs in hya ex- 
hortacion^ preached be \Tito the people. 



^^^LO-SAXON» 995. [St.LoH 


19 Ip Herodcs, sa taifcrarkes, gasalcans 

19 Horodes, sc fcor)>&ii dvles nc*,^^| 


frain "imraa h\ HcrodiiiJuiu, i{cu bro|>ra 

he wios &am htm gefiread be ^^l^H 


IS, yah l)i aIIa )K>ei gawourhta ubila 

Herodiodiflcan, liys broder wife, and^H 



eallum yfehim de Herodea dyde, JH 


30 Anaaiaok yah t>ata ana alia, yah ga- 

30 And ofer eall d»t he ge-icte. SM 


lauk lol)uuneu la karkurti'i. 

he beclyede lohannem on cwearterne. J 


21 War|> J>an, bi|>e daupula alia man- 

21 S6[)licfl WKS geworden, da eall J^| 


ogoiu, yah at Icsu ufdaupidamma, yah 

fbic WIE8 gefullod, and dam HseU^H 


hidyandin, ualuknoda hlmins. 

gcfulledum, and gcbiddeudom, Im^H 
wiea ge-opeuod. ^H 


22 Ya]i atiddya Ahma b& Wciha leikis 

2 3 And Be Halega Gaat astah lich^H 


Biunai, Bwe ahaks ana toa; yah Btibua 

licre ansyne, on h3me Bwa an cul^^H 


iu himina nur}}, qijiaiidei, pu is sunus 

and stefen wees of heofuue gewora^H 


meinfl sa Uubo. la |>usei waila galeik- 

and dns cw8i]>, Du eait min geooi^H 



Bunu. on de me gelicodo. ^H 


23 Yah silba was lesus swe yer« pri- 

33 And Bc Hielead wies od ylde s^*1^| 


yetigiweuf gakun))ai,swaei suQUs tuunds 

|>ritig wintre, d»t men wendon dx^H 


was losefia, Bunaua HeleiB, 

wsere loBepea sunu, se wees Helies SQ^^| 
34-38 Be WRS Nazareth. Swa of cn^^^ 


24 Suimus Mfttj>atis, eunaua Lftiwweis, 

ysac on cneorysse, od Adam, se «^H 


fiunaus Mailkeia, sunauB Yanniiut, sun- 

Godcfl sunu^ od fif and hund-deofei^H 

aus losefis, 

cneoryssa. f^M 

25 Sunuus Matta])iT\HB, sunaufi Am- 


nions, suuauB Naumis, sunous Audeimis, 


Bunaiis Nftggaifl, 


36Suiua8 Maha|>is, suuaus Matta)»iAitB, 


BunuuB Soiiuaiciuis, suuaus losefis, buu- 


aufl lodins, 


27 Bunaua lobanninB, sucaus Reains, 


BUDBus Zanraababilia, suuaus SalaJjieliB, 


■UQBUB NeriuB, 


28 Suuaus Mailkeius, suuaus AddeuiB, 


suDaus Kosamis, suuaus AirmodamiSi 


Bunaua Herisj 


2j> SunauB losezifl, aunaus AileiaizairiB, 


Bunaua loreimis, Buuaua Mattafjanis, sun- 


auB Laiwweis, 


30 Suuaus S\rtnftionB, Runaua tudiiiB, 


suuaua loaefis, suuaus lohumuus, Biui- 


atis Ailclukeiiub, 




o.] "WTCLIFFE, 1389. 

Ilili Eroude, thi; forlhc prince, 
he was blamyd of John for 

^ wyi of his brother, and of alle 
I Eroud dide, 

dide this ouer alle. and closidc 


■oth it was don, whanne al the 

IS baptisid, and tUiesu crititcuyd, 

ynge, bcucnc was opcuyd. 

the Hooly Goet cam doun in 
ckneiBe, aa a culucre in to him ; 
18 maad fro heuenc. Thou 
dereworthe none, in tbce it hath 


I Jhesa him silf was bygynnynge 
itti jeer, that he was geasid tho 
Toseph, which waa of Uely, 

fcfa waa of Mnthath, which waa 
, wich waa of Melchy, which waa 
r, that was of Joseph, 

t was of Mataty, that was of 
Ihat was of Naum, that waa of 
was of Nagge, 

TYKDALE, 1526. 


It wua of Matbath, tliat was of 
re, that waa i>f Semy, that was 
h, that was of Juda, 

t was of Johanna, that was of 
was of Zorobat>el, that was of 
, that was of Nery, 

t wai of Melchy, that waa of 
ibat was of Cosau, that was of 
, that was of Uer, 

hat was of Jcsu, that was of Kle- 
was of Jorym, that waa of 
that was of Leuy, 

was of Symecrti, that waa of 
it waa of Joseph, that was of 
was of Elyachim, 

19 Then H*^rode, the tetrach, when he 
was rebuked of hyra for Herodlus, his 
brother I'hilippes wyfe, aud for all the 
evyls which Herod liad done, 

20 Added this above all, and leyd Jhou 
in preson. 

21 And yt fortuned, as oil the people 
rcccarcd baptim, and when Jesus waa ^ 
baptised, and did praye, that hevcn was 

22 And the Holy Gooat cam doune in 
a bodely shape, lyke a dove apon him ; 
and a voyce cam from hevcn, sayiuge, 
Thou arte my dere sonne, in the do I 

23 And JesQS him silfe was about thirty 
ycrc of age when he began, Ixiingo aa 
men supiH>sed the Sonne of Joseph, 
which Jasepb wtis the sonne of Heli, 

24 Which was the Bonne of Mathat, 
which was the sonne of Levi, which waa 
the sonne of Mclcbi, which was the sonno 
of Janna, which was the sonne of Joseph, 

25 Wliich was the sonne of Matatthios, 
which vros the sonne of Amos, which 
was the sonne of Nahum, which was the 
Bonne of Esli, which waa the sonne of 

26 >Vliich was the sonuc of Miiath, 
which was the sonne of Matathias, which 
was the sonne of Semei, which waa the 
Sonne of Joseph, which waa the souue of 

27 VVIiieh was the sonne of Johanna, 
which waa the sonne of Rhcsya, which 
was the sonne of Zorobabel, whicli was 
the Bonne of Salathiel, which was the 
Sonne of Xeri, 

28 Which was the sonne of Melchi, 
which was the sonne of Addi, which waa 
the sonne of Cosara, which was the sonne 
of Uelmaihuu, which waa the sonne of 

39 Which was the sonne of Jcso, which 
was the sonne of Uelicaer, which waa 
the Sonne of Jorani, which was the sonne 
of Mattha, which was the Honne of Levi, 

30 Which was the aonnc of Simeon, 
which was the sonne of Judo, which was 
the sonno of Joseph, wliicb was the 
sonne of Jonam, which was the sonne 
of Hcliacim, 



290 GOTHIC, 3<5o. 



31 SuDftus Mailaianis, euaaus Maeia- 



nnia, sunaus MnttA}>aiii8, simaua Najianif), 



sunauB Daweidia. 



33 SunaoB laiasaizis, snnaiifl Obeidia, 



■unaua Bauauzis, suuaus Salmooia, sun- 



aos NahaABoaifl, 



33 Snnaua Ameinadabia, suuaua Ar- 


ami*, suuaus Aizoris, auuaus Famizis, 


sunaua ludios, 


34 Sunaus lukubb, suuaus Ysakis, sua- 


aus AbrahoiuUj suuaus parins, lunaua 




35 Sunnu3 Rairokig, sunaua Ragawis, 
fiUDaiift FulaigiB; sumius Ait)airi8, sunaus 

36 Sunaua Kaeinauis, saoaus Arfak- 
sadia, suuaus Semis, sunaus Nauelis, 
a uuuus Tfiuimik is. 


37 Sunaus Ma{niBaliB, sunuus jVinokis, 


BUDAus larc'dirf, suuaus Malcilaiells, sun- 


aus Kaeinauis, 




38 Sunaus Aino^iis, sunaus Sedis, sun- 


aus Adam id, sunaua GuJ'a 



Chap. IV. i 1\> tcsua Ahmins Weih- 

Crap. IV. i Solilice se H»Iend 

is fulls gawftndidii Rik fraiu luunlanau, 

full Haligum Qaate and ferdc fnuuJ 

yah taubaus was tn ohmin in au|7idui 

ane, and he w»s fram HalignniM 
gelscd on snnium wcsteue ^^^1 

a Dage fidwortiguns, fraisana fram 

2 Fcowertig doga.and wani^^B 

dlabulau, yah ni matida waiht in dar>;am 

costod, and ho on dani dagum m 

yaiuaiu ; yuh at ustaubanaiui Jiuiiu dug* 

nc mi J and dam gefylledum ( 

am, bi[»e grcda*,'8 war|». 

hine liingrede. 

3 Yah qa|» du irama diabulus, Yaltai 

3 Da ciree^ se deofbl him U^, ( 

sunaus eijais Gu{is, qi)> Jiamnm ataina, 

sy Oodes sunu, sege disom stan 

ei wairt>ai Idaibs. 

he tu hiiifo gcveorde. 

4 Yah andhof lesus wi[>ra i'na qijMinds, 

4 Da andswarodc him se Evteiu 


'•4.] WyCLTFFE,i389. 

ft was of Mclca, that was of 
plat was of Matbatha, that was 
b, that waa of Dauith, 

iyna of Jesse, that was of Obeth, 
I of Boozj that waa of SaJmon, 
^f Kaaou, 

t waa of Amynadflb, that was of 
hat was of Esrom, that vraa of 
j^t was of Judos, 

% was of Jacob, that was of 
kat waa of Abraham, that was 

rl was of Nacor. 

t was of Seruch, that waa of 

tt was of Phalcth, that was of 
b was of Sale, 

I waa of Caynau, that was of 
hihat was of Hem, that was of 
ff was of Lameth, 

kis of Matusale, that was of 
waa of Jareth, that was of 
t was of Cayuan, 

\ was of Eoos, that was of Setb, 
I of Adam, that was of God. 

TTNDAI^, 1526. 


z Foraothe Jhesu fnl of 
Gost tumede ajen fro Jordan, 
by the spirit ia to desert 

dayea, and was temptid of the 
cet no thing in Uio dayes; 
byes endid, he hungride, 

the deuel seide to him, If 
Idis sone, sejc to this stooo, 
" bred. 
oDSweridc to him, It ia 

31 Which was the aonno of Melea, 
which was the sonno of Mcnam, which 
was the sonno of Mathathan, which was 
the Sonne of Nathan, which was the 
eonne of David, 

3 a Which was the sonne of Jesse> which 
was the Sonne of Obed, which was the 
Sonne of Boos, which was the sonne of 
Salmon, which was the sonoc of Niiosou, 

33 Wliich was the sonne of Aminadab, 
wliich was the sonne of Aram, which 
waa the sonne of Ksrom, wliich was the 
sonne of Phares, which was the sonne of 

34 Which was the sonne of Jacob, 
which was the sonne of Ysaac, which 
waa the sonne of Abraham, which was 
the Sonne of Tharra, which was the sonno 
of Nachor, 

35 Which WQ8 the sonne of Sanich, 
which was the sonne of Kagan, which 
was the sonne of Fhalc<^!, which was tho 
sonne of Heber, which was the sonne of 

36 Which was the sonne of Cainan, 
which was tho sonne of Arphaxat, which 
was the sonno of Som, which waa tho 
eonne of Noe, which was the sonno of 

37 Which waa the sonne of Mathusala, 
which was the sonne of Enoch, which 
was the Sonne of Jareth, which was the 
sonne of Malalehel, which was the sonne 
of Cainan, 

38 Which was the sonne of Enos, which 
was the sonne of Seth, which was the 
sonno of Adam, which was the sonne of 

Chap. IV. i Jeans then full off the 
Holy Ooost rctumyd from lordan, ami 
was caryed off the spret^j into a wilder- 

2 And was xl. dayes tempted of the 
devyl, and in thooso dayes nto he no 
thinge ; and when they were ended, he 
after ward hongred. 

3 And the dcvyll sayd ^-nto him, Yf 
thou be the sonne of God, commaonde 
this stone, that he be breed. 

4 And Jesus answered hym, saying 

V 2 

aOTHIC, 360. 

mieliil iBt, pfit«i iii bi blaib ainaiiA 
libaid maima, ak bi all WAurde Oujifi. 

5 Yah ustiuhaiiUs loa diabulaus ana 
fairj^ini hnuliata, atuugida iinma allona 
))iudiQaB8UUS )}is xuidyuogardia In stika 
molis ; 

6 Yah qa)> du iinma sa diabulus, pus 
glba JNita wuldufhi )>ixe ullata, yah wiil|>u 
Ize, untti mis at^baii tat, yah |>i£wham- 
tufb |>ci wilyau giba )>atu ; 

7 pn nu yabai inweitU mik 'in and- 
vrairjiya mciuamiiia, wiur]>i|7 );eiu all. 

8 Yah andhafyandn imma lesus qa|T, 
. . . . Gamolid 1st, Frauyao Gu^ 
|>einana inweitaia, yah unma ainamma 

9 pa^roh i^ataub inn in lairusalem, 
yiiU pis^itida ina uiin gibliu alhs, yah 
qa}> du Tinma, Yabai sunus styaia Gu)>8, 
valrp I'uk |)aJ»ro dala[) ; 

10 Ganiclid Tst auk, patci aggilum 
Bcinaim anabiudi|r bi ))uk« du gafastau 

1 1 Yah ^tci ana bandum ^uk ufluib- 
and, ci wban ni gastagqyaia bi ataina 
fotii )>oinana. 

12 Yah audliafyanda qa|> i'mraa !teaas, 
patei qi|)au ist, Ni fraiaaia Frau^-an Gu^ 

1 3 Yah ustiubands all frahiohnjOf 
diabulus afsto}* fairra imma uud mel, 

1 4 Yalt gawandida sik Xesas in mabtai 
ahiiiins in Galcilaian, yah monjia ur- 
raun and all ga^n bisitaude bi lua. 

15 Yah 19 latsida 'in gaqum}»im tze, 
niikilids &am allaim. 

16 Yah qam in Kazarail*, jjarei was 
fodijis, yah galai{> inu bi biubt^'a s«ia- 
amma 'in daga subbato in awnagogein, 
yah usstoft siggwan bokoa. 

17 Yah atgibanos wcsnn imma bokos 
Eisaeiins, praufetus ; yah ustukanda )>08 
bokos, bigat stud fioret was gumcUd, 

18 Abmu FraujTna ana mis, "in |iizei 
gaaalboda mik ; du wailamcrjan unled- 
»im insandida mik, du ganasyan )nui8 

ANGLO-SAXON» 99S. [fi 

ifl awriten, Dst se man ne 
hlafe anum, ac of selcom Godce 

5 And da laedde ae deofol li 
wtywde him ealle ricu corfm 
hwyrftes on iinre byrhtm-hwil< 

6 And to him cw$e^, Ealne ( 
woald ic de eyllc, and byra 
fordam de hi mo synd geseald 
hi 8}'lle dam de ic wylle ; 

7 Witodlice ealle hig bco)» dio 
ge-cadmetst beforau mc. ^m 

8 Da. andfiwarode him ee ni 
. . . Hit is awriten, Uriht 
God dii ge-cadmetst, and hii 

9 Da Iseddc be byne un Hii 
and gesetto bine ofer does temp 
and him to cwaef*, Gyf du s 
Bunu, dsend de hconun nyder 

10 Sojthce hyt is awritcu. Da 
englum be de bebyt, djet hi) 

1 1 And diet hig de mid hand 
on, de-la?s du diune fot itt a 
speorne. ^m 

1 3 Da cwae)) se HKlend y^ 
iende, Hyt is gecwedcn, Jf^t 
Drihten dinnc God. 

1 3 And calre diere cosbit 
fylledrc, so deoful him sume hi* 

14 Da £erde so Haelcnd o 
miegcno on GuUlcani. and his 
him forde on call dset rice. 

15 And be Isrdc be hyra gen 
mn, and wies fram eallum gems 

16 Da com he to Nazareth| 
died wfes, and be code on rest^ 
da gcsanmuuge wfler his gewii 
he iiras diet he nedde. , 

17 And him wvb geaeold la\ 
da>s witcgan ; and sona swa b| 
unfeold, du fiinde he dor UtrnU 

18 Drihtnes Oast is ofer m^ 
de be smyrcde me ; he sendo V 
am bodion^ and gehnftum al^ 

.] WYCLTFFE, 1389. 

iTor a man lyneih not in bree<l 
It in cuery word of God. 

deuyl ladde Itym in to an 
id schevido to him alle the 
the roundnesse of erthe in a 
fof a tyrac ; 

[Bcith to him, I scbal 5yue to 
tliis power, and the glorio of 
^ to me thei ben jouun, and to 
yro\e I ^yue hem ; 

|bre if thou fallinge donn ochalt 

kt bifore me, alio thingis schulen 


Vhcsiis answeringe Beide to him, 

L It is writcn, Tliou schalt 

m the Lord thi God, and to 

one thou schalt scmo. 

lie ledde him in to Jemsalem, 

EC on the pynacle of the temple, 
to him, If thou art Ooddis 
le thi self fro hennis down ; 
it is writen, For be hath co- 
[lo bis nungcls of tbee, that thei 

in alle thi weyes, 
ffor thei Bchulen in hondis take 
(penraenture thou hirtc thi foot 

Jbf'sufl answeringe setth to 
aeid. Thou schalt not tempte 
thi Ood. 

cuery temptacioun endid, the 
nte away fro him til to a tymc. 

f, Jbesu tumyde ajen in the 
tiie spirit in to Galilee, and the 
^te forth of him thur; al the 

I be taujte in the synagogis of 
was magnyfied of alle men. 
be cam to Nazareth, wliere 
foriacbid. and he entrido by 
the day of saboth in to the 
and rooa for to rede, 
the book of Ysaie, the pro- 
ps taknn to him ; and ns ho 
uxt book, he fond a place where 

IBpirit of the Lord on me, for 

png be anoyntide me j he eente 
Id euaungclise to pore men, for to 

TYNDALE. 1.126. 



It ys winttcn, Man shall nolt live by 
breed only, bntt by every worde of 

5 And the devj-U toke him vppe into 
an hye niouutuyue, and shewed hym all 
the kyngdoms of the erth even in {he 
twyncklynge of an eye ; 

6 And the devyl said vnto him, All 
this power will I gevo the everj-whit, 
and the glori of them, for that is de- 
l^'vered to me, and to who soever I wyll 
I gevo it; 

7 Yf thou therfore wilt worshippe me, 
they shalbe all thyne. 

8 Jesus answered and sayd mto bym, 
Hence ^om me, Satan, for hit U wi*itten, 
Thou sbalt honour thy Lordc God, aud 
hym only serve. 

9 And he caryed hym to Hierusalem, 
and set him on a pynacle 0I the temple, 
and sayd vnto him, Yf thou he the soune 
of Gk>d, cast thy silfe doune from hens ; 

10 For it ys written. He shall geve 
hys angelles charge over the, to kepe 

] I And with there hondis they shall 
st-ey the ^'ppe, that thou hurt nott thy 
fote aga^'nst a stone. 

13 Jesus answered and sayde vnto 
hym, It ys sayd. Thou shalt nott tempte 
thy Lordc God. 

J 3 And as son© as the devyll had ended 
all his tcmptacions, he departed from 
hym for a season. 

14 And Jesus retoumed by the power 
of the sprete in to Galile, and the fume 
ofT hym went throwe oute all the region 
roundo uboute. 

15 And he taught in there sinagogges, 
and was commended off all men. 

1 6 And he cam to Nazareth, where he 
was noursed, and as hys custume was 
went in to the sinagog on the saboth 
daye, and stode vppe for to rede. 

1 7 And there was delyvered vnto hym 
the boke off the proptict, Esaios ; and 
when he had opened the boke, he foundo 
the place where hit was \\T)-tten, 

1 8 The Sprete off the T^rde apon me, 
be cause he hath annoynted mc ; to 
preacbe the gospell to tbo po\TC be hatli 


GOTHIC, 360. 

gamtilwidans bairtin, xncryan {ralian|>- 
anaiiii Frulct, yah blincloiin niua ; frulct- 
an gamniikns in ga))raf8tein ; 

19 Uerjan yer Frouyiua audauem. 

30 T&h f&ifa])> )>os bokos, yah usgib- 
anda audbahta, gasat ; yuli allaim ui 
^izai swnagoifeia wesuu augona fair- 
weityantlouA du Imma. 

31 Dbgann |>aii rodyan du im, patci 
Klinma daga uafulluodcdun mclu )»o 'in 
ausam izwaraira. 

23 Yah allfti alakyo weitwodidedan 
imm% yah Bildiileiki<leduu bi )h) waurdn 
anstais, ^ iiRgaggnndona ua muii|>a \a. 
Tab qc))iin, Niu ea iat sunus loseBa I 

23 Yah qftji du im, Auflo qit>i|> mis \to 
gayukou, pu leiki, hailei |>uk giUian. 
\VhaD tilu Lausidcdum waur{>an ia 
KuTuruaumi tawei yah her in gabaar)*ai 

34 Qn|) |>an, Amen 'ityna qij^a, )}atei ni 
aiiishuii prautete audauctna ist ia ga- 
baar})ai scinaJ. 

35 A)7)}an bi sunyai qi|>a izwis, fiatci 
maDagoti widuwoua wesuu la dugam 
Hcleiins in Israela, [ion galuknnda hira- 
iDS du ycram )inm yah monojis siub8,8we 
warji huhrus mikils and alU ur^a ; 

36 Tnh ni du ainaihun )>izo insandibs 
vaa Helias. alya in Sariupta SddonaiSt 
du qinon widuwon. 

37 Yah managai [rutsfiUai wesnn, uf 
Hiuleisatu, praufctau, in Isracin, yah 
ni ainabuu izc gahrainids was, alya 
Naiman sa Saur. 

38 Yah fullai vaur}>un allai modia in 
)>izai swnagogcln, hausyandana ^ta. 

39 Yah uS8tandandan«, uskusun unma 
ut us baurg, yiUi bralitedun ina und 
auhmiato y\s fairguuyia ana ))umiDei ao 
baurgs izc gutimrida vras, du afdrauayan 
ina ]m})ro. 

30 Yb 18 {}airhlet)»indd )iairh raidyans 
iu3 iddya ; 

31 Yah galaif) in Kafurnaum, baurg 


and bliaduxn geBih)»e, 
hnlaD; .... 


19 And bodian Drihtnes andfengij 
and edleanea deg. 

30 And da ho da boc bcfoold, 
dam ^e agef, and net ; and 
hcora eagan on dere gfaanmnnge 
on on hyne beh«aldende. 

31 Da ongan be him to rwedan, 
lice to-d«eg dia gewrit ia uo eoi 
carum gefylled. 

3 3 And big calle wsron 
cnsewe, and vuudrodon be dam 
de of his mut>c eodon. And das 
on, Nys des losepes aunu ? 

33 Da cwttji he, Witodlice gt 
me das gelicneaai^, Eala ta&ce, 
lylfne. Do her on diuum 
fbla wundru swa we gebyrdou 
OD Cafurnuum. 

34 Da cwie^ be, B6|)lice 10 eov 
dret nan witega nil aad&ogt 

35 S(j)ilioe ic eow secge, maiie| 
ewun wxron on Heliaa dagom 
rahel, dd da sco heofon wafl 
\fTeo ger and syx m6n)iaA, da 
worden mycel hunga* on ealre 1 

36 And to dam nanum nasi 
asend, buton to anre wadoi 
Sarepta Sidonie. 

37 And manega 1ic-fir6w«iru 
on larahel, under Heliseo, dam 
and hyra nan uiiea Aclgwo^ 
Naumau eo Siriac^ 

a8 Da wnrdoo hig ealle on 
samnonge mid yrre gefylled, dtfj 

39 And big ariaon, and scdoo 
of diere ceaatrc, and Iseddon Umi 
daea mnntes ouepp ofer done hyral 
getimbrod woes, dset bi bine oj 

30 Da ferde ho ^rh bjrra midlea; 

3t And be ferde to Ca&r&MVt 

t.] W\'CLIFFE, 1389. 

trite men in herte, and for to 
m^scioun to cajtifs, and si^t 
s men ; and for to delyuere 
LCD in to remiscioun ; 

precbe the ^eer of the Lord 
ind the day of ^cldyng^. 

whanne he hnddci closid the 
[af ajein to the mynyetre, and 

the y^en of olle men in the 
wreren hiholdingc in to him. 
i he higan for to seie to hem, 
B day this scripture is fulfillid 
alle men ;aucn witneasio^e to 

wondriden in the wordia of 
t cameu forth of hia mouth, 
seiden, Whor this is not the 

he Kide to hem, Sothli ;e 
ie to mo this liknesse, Leeche, 
rilf. Thei sayden, llou fjp-etc 
a we herd don in CapharDauni, 

1 and here in thi cuntre. 

li he seith, Treali I seie to 
» man prophete is receyned in 

snthe I seic to jou, for manye 
eren in the dayes of Elye, the 
in Israel, vhannc henene waa 
"e ^ccr and sixe monethis, 
eet hungir was maad in euery 

to non of hem was Elyo sent, 
Sarepta of SydoUj to a wom- 

Dioye mMoIis weron in Israel, 
M^ the prophete, and non of 
lenaid, no but Naman of Hiric. 

a]Ie in the sjTiagORo heer- 
thingis, weren fulfillid with 

iiei risen vp, and castiden out 

oute the citce, and Icddo him 
of the hil on which the cite 
foundid, that thei echuiden 


r Jliesns passyngc wente thorw 

1 of hem ; 

le cam doun in to Oafamaum; 

TYNDALE, 1536. 295 

sent me, and to hcalo them which are 
troubled in there hertes, to prexiche 
dcliveraunco to the captive, and siglit to 
the blynde ; and frely to sett att Uberta 
tliem tliftt are brused ; 

1 9 And to preache the aceptable yeare 
ofTtho Lorde. 

20 And he clooscd the booke, and gave 
it agayne to the miniBtcr, and sate 
donue ; and the eyes oflf all thatt were 
in the synagog were fastened on hym. 

21 And ho began to saye vnto them. 
This daye ys thys scripture fulfilled in 
youre earea. 

22 And all they bare hym witnes, and 
wondred att tlie gracious wordea, which 
proceded oute oflf hys uioutlu And sayde, 
Is not this Josephs sonne t 

23 And he sayde vnto them, Yo mnye 
very wcic saye vnto me this proverbe, 
Visicion, healo thy silfe. Whatsoever 
we have herd done in Capernaum, do 
the same here lyk wyse in thyue awno 

24 And he aayde, Verely I saye vnto 
you^ no prophet is accepted in his awne 

25 But I tell you oflf a tnieth, many 
w)-ddowc8 were in Israbell in the dayes 
off Helyas, when hevyn was shet thrc 
yercs and sjrxe monethes, when greate 
fammifishment was troughouto all tlie 
londe ; 

26 And vnto none off them was Helyas 
sent, save in to Sarepta besydes »Sydon, 
vnto a woman that was a widow. 

27 And many leppers were in Israhel, 
in the tyme off Heliseus, the prophet, 
and yet none off them was healed, sav- 
ynge Naaman off Siria. 

28 And as many as were in the sinagog 
when they herdo that, wer filled with 

29 And roose vppe, and thrust hym 
out* of the cite, and letldo hym even 
vnto the edge of the hill wheron their 
cite waa bilte, to cast hym doune hed- 

30 But ho went his waye even thorowe 
the rayddes of them ; 

31 And cam in to Capernaum, & cite 


GOTHIC, 360. 

Qaleilalas, yah was I^yandB ins id sab- 

32 Yali siUIiilcikifletlui) bi )>o lalscin is, 
vnte in wiildufuya was waunl is. 

33 Yah in J^tzni awongogcin was man- 
na habaada aliman uuhul)K)ns uuhrain- 
yana, >'ab uriiropiiia, 

■ 34 Qilmncls, Let, wha uns yali |)ua, 
Imu Naxorenu ? qamt fratjistyan unaia 1 
Kann |>uk whos is, su wciba Gu)>8. 

35 Tab ^wbotida imma lesus, qi|>- 
&n<Is, Ardoi>Ti, yub uagagg as |«nima. 
Yah gawnirpiinds ina aa unhulJMi 'in 
midyaim, urraun af imma, ni walhtai 
gasknjiyiiuils Tmniu. 

36 Yub warj) nfslaul^nan allona, yah 
rodidedun du sis misso, qijianduuH, AVba 
vaunle |>ata, [latci mi|j watdufoya yab 
mAhtAi anabiiidi)) liaira unhrainyam ah- 
mom, yvli uagag^and ? 

37 Yah luiddya meri)>a fram imma and 
allans stadins ^is bisunyano landis. 

38 Usstandanda |>an ns filzai ewnagogai, 
galai^ lu ^rd Seiiuonis ; »wuibro |7un 
[■is Scimonis was analmbaida brinnon 
mikilai, yab bedun ina bi )>o. 

39 Yah atstandands ufar lya, gasok 

|>izai brinnon, yah aHailot Yya ; sunsaiw 
|7uu uHstundandei andbahtidft im. 

fo Kn|)|)Anei \i9n sagq sunno, allai swa 
niana^'ui swe habaidcdun eiukans sauh- 
tim missaleikairu, bmlitcdun ins at im- 
ma ; l|) Ta, ainwharyonimeh ize handuns 
analaKyunds, gabaiUda 'ina. 

41 tJsTddycdun |>un yah unhuI)>on9 af 
managaim, hropyandoins, yah qi|>and' 
eins, patei |>u 'ia Christus Hunus Gu^s. 
Yali gasakands Vm ni lailot ^a rcxlyau, 
unte wisseduu silbon ChrlBtu lua wisau. 

42 Bi}>ch, [fan war)) dags, usgaggands, 
galai|> ana au{iynna stad ; yah manag- 
cins sokidoduii iua, yah qemun und Tna, 
yah gnbabaidedun ina, ei ni afli^i fairra 

43 paruh is ((a|» du Im, patci yub |«im 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [Sr.Li 

Galilcisee ccastrc, and lu <tar on 
dagum laerde. 
33 And hig wundredon he his 
furilam his spnec on anwealde 

33 And on hyra geaamnnnge 
man unclsene deofol habbende, aodj 
brymde micelre stcfne, 

34 And cwip)}, Ltet, la Nadi 
Hsclend, bw»t is ns and de t com 
us to forHpillanne ? Ic wut, dirt 
eart Qodea halcga. 

35 And da cidde him se Hxleod. 
cwe)>, A'dumbo, and ga bini of. 
da he iSt-iidraf blue on heora midle 
he htm frum-gewut, aad bim nohi 

36 Dii wnrdon big ealle forbte, 1 
a]triGcon him betwynan, and ci 
Hwa>t ys dtct word, dse't be on nu| 
and on mff*gene uncleenum 
bebyt, and big nt-gaf>1 

37 Du wses bis bliaa gewidmaersotl 
ttlcerc stdwe dass rioes.^ 

38 So))lice be araa of hcora 
nunge, and ferde on Simones 
WH?8 Simones swcger geswt'n< 
mycelum feferum, and big byne 
byre bsedon. 

39 And he standcndc ofer hjg, 
fcfcrc behead, and he big forlct ; 
heo sona aras and him )>enode. 

40 So^Hce da simne asab, 
untrurae wsron un mislicum tidlum, 
leeddon bim to ; and be, syudrygmn 
hand on-settende, big gebvlde. 

41 Da ferdon da deoflu of maat 
hrymendc, and cwcdcnde, S6|iee diS 1 
Godes suuu. And he ne getrafodei 
big aenig ping spracon, fordam de 
wiston da.'t be Ciist wit's. 

4 a Da, gewordenmn dege, se 
ut-gangende, ferde on weste stowe; 
da mamcgu bine sohton, and H 
to liim, and l>ehicfdon bine, d:et lie 
fram ne gewite. 

43 Da eedc be him, 86|»lioe me 

^3.] WYCLIFFE. 1389. 

of OftlUce, and there he tan^te 
the s&botbiB. 

d thei werea astoayed in bis 
, for his word was m power. 

id in the Bynikgoge waa a man 
an vnclene fend, and he criede 
tet vois, 

Kinge, Suflre, what to vs and to 
esna of Nazareth 1 hast thon 
for to leesc V8 1 I kuowc thee, 
art the hooly of Qod. 

id Jliesn hiamyde him, seyinge, 
onmbe, and go out fro him. And 

the feud haddc cast him forth 
be myddel, he wente a wey fro 
d ;it noycde hym uo thing. 
id drede is moad in alle men, and 

en to gidere, seyingc, What is 
mi. for in power and vertu he 
dtth to vnclenc spiritis, and thei 


id the fame was puppliechid of 
to ech place of the cuntre. 

the Jheeu risynge of the syna- 
itride in to the hous of Symount ; 
he raodir of Synioudit* wyf was 

rith grete fenciia, and thei 

him for hir. 
bd Jhesu stondinge on hir, co- 
de to the feuir, oud it Icfte hir ; 
)DD ache risynge mynystride to 

BW>th whanne the sanno wente 
llle that hadden aike men with 

langwischingifl, ledden hem to 
and he, puttinge hondis to och 

wlf, hcolide hem. 
thli fendis wenten out fro manye, 
, and aeyinge, For thou crt the 
Qod. And he blamynge mjffndo 
n for to speke, for thei wisten 
be Crist 

ithli, the day maad, he gon out, 
n to desert place ; and the cnin- 
of peple sou^ten him, and thei 
til to him, and thei hcldcii him, 
I schnldc not go awey fro hem. 
b whicbo he seyde, For and to 

TYNDALE, 1536. 


of Galile, and there taught them on the 
Bahboth dayea. 

32 And they were a stonied at his 
doctrine, for hys preachinge was with 

33 And in the ainagoge there was a 
man which had a foiile sprete whith in 
him, flud cryed with a loudc voyce, 

34 Sayinge, Let me alone^ what baste 
thou to do wyth va, thon Jeans off Naza- 
reth 1 arte thou come to destroye vs } I 
knowe the what thou arte, thou arte the 
holy man of God. 

35 And Jesua rebuked hym, sayinge, 
Hooldc tliy peace, and come oute of 
hym. And the devyle threwo him in 
the myddea of them, and cam oute of 
hym, and hurt hym not. 

36 And feare cam on them all, and 
they spake amonge them selves, sayinge, 
Wliat manner a tlunge ia this, for with 
auctoritc and power he uommaundcth 
the foule spretes, and they come out 1 

37 And the fame of hym spreed ahronde 
throwoute uU places of the countrc round 

38 And he roose vppe and cam oute of 
the synagoge, and entred into Simons 
huussc ; and Siinous motlierclawe waa 
taken wyth a greate fever, and they 
made intercession to him for her. 

2Cf And he stode over her, and rebuked 
the fever, and hit Iceft her ; and immc- 
diatly she roose and ministred vnto 

40 When the san was doune, all they 
that had sicke taken with divers deseasea, 
brought them vnto him ; and he layde 
his hondes on every won of them, and 
healed theia 

41 And devils also cam out of many 
of them, cryiuQC, and saying. Thou arte 
Christ the sonno of God. And he re- 
buked them and suffered them nott to 
spcake, for they knewe tliat he waa 

42 As Gone as it was dayc, be departed, 
ami went nwaye into a »Iesert place ; 
and the people sought hym, and cam to 
hym, and kept hym, that he shuldc not 
dcparto from them. 

43 And he sayde Tnto them, I must© 

298 GOTHTC, 3«o. 

anf'araim bfturgim wnilameTynn flc skal 
bi t^iudtm^ardya Gu|)B, unto iJu|>e mik 
44 Yah WM mcr>'andfl In swnagogim 

ANGLO-ffAXON, 995. [Sr.Lna 

dafcna)i odruxn oeastnim Coda riei 
boiUun, fordom to dam ic eom iamii 

Cnxp. V. I Yah war^, ini|t|«nei man- 
agei anatramp ina, do hansyon waurd 
Ou))s, yah is sitba waa BtenHanid< newLkA 
soiwa Gainncsanuti, 

9 Yah gaaawh twa Bkipa standandoaa \ 
at fwmma saiwa ; i|> fihkynus afgap;g- 
auduDS uf im, os^wohun iiatya. 

3 Qalai)) |>aa in ain t>uc akipe, )»atei 
WAS ^inionis, haibut ina aftiuhan faiira 
Btat^u leitil ; yah gaaitanda laisida us 
|>auima akipa manage ina. 

4 BijKih Jpan ^nanjjida rodyAnds, qft|> 
du ScimoDau, Brigg ana diupi[>a, yaii 
athohid Jk) natya uwara du fiakon. 

5 Yah andhafyands Scinion qa)> da im- 
ma, Talzyaad, alia naht )»airharbaidyand- 
ans waiht ui nemum, i{i afar waurda 
ffeintunma wairpom natjra. 

6 Yah bata tauyandaos, galukun man- 
age! n Bake filu ; awe natya diahnupno* 
dcdun fxe. 

7 Yah bandwidodnn gamanom, ^ei 
WQiun Tn anfiaramma skipa, ei ntiddyed- 
dna, lulpan lie. Yah qemun^ yah ga- 
fullibedun ba |io skipa, swe sugquo. 

6 Gaumyands |>an Seimon T^itms, 
draiis du kniwam lesuis, qi|»auda, Bidya 
fmk uBgo^g fairra mis, uote manna fina- 
waurhta ira, Frauya. 

9 Sildaleik auk dishabaida Ina, yah 
allnna l^aua mi|) iinmo, in gafahis biae 
6akc (>anzei gonutun. 

10 fiamaleikob ^n yah !akobau yah 
loLannen, Bununs Zaibak1aian<t, ^aioi wes- 
un gadailaiis Seimona. Yali qaji du 
Seimona Jesus, Ni oga \>ua ; fram him- 
tua nu mauno Bind nutans. 

44 And he 
gesamnun gum. 

bodigende <m Qiliitt 

Chap. V. i +S6)>lJce p— _. 

da da mancgu him to comon, did 
Godes word gchyrdon, he b-tod wid 
mera Oenesaretb, 

2 And he geeeah twa scipu Etande 
wid dono mere ; da fisoeraa eodon, 
woxon heora nett. 

3 He da oBtigcnde on an ftcyp, 
wn^s Simones, bied hyne dKt he 
lyt-hwon fram hmde tuge ; and on 
Bcipc aittende be Uerde da msnego. 

4 Da he fiprecan geswae, he owc^ 
Simonei Tcoh hit on dypon, and liil 
eowre nett on done fisc-wer. 

5 Da CWK^ Simon him andswarie 
Eala bebeodond, ealle niht swine 
we naht ne gefcngon. 86)>licc on 
worde ic mTn nett ut-l»te. 

6 And da hi diet dydon, big 
myccic meuigco fixa; and byra net 

7 And hig bicnodoo hyra ge£eru, 
on odruni scipe wscron, diet hi 
and him fylston. £)d comon hig, 
gefyldon butu da scipu, swa d»t hi 
wseron besenctc. 

8 Dk Petrofl diet gcseab, he feoU 
dura Hielendes cneowum, and 
Drihten, gowit fram me, fordam ic 
synfull mann. 

9 And he wnndrode, and eallo di 
mid him wieron, on dam were daia 
de Ui gcft'ugoD. 

10 Oelice lacobnm and L 
Zebcdeis snoa, da wseron Simonea 
leraa. Da cwfe|> se Hsteod to Sime 
No ondricd du de ; heouonfor)y du 
men gefoude. 

p.44.-V. 10.] WyCLIFFE, 1389. 

citees it biboaeth me for to cuaan- 
, ge Hae the kjTigiloU! of God, for therfore 
■Kam Hcnte. 

^B|4 Aud bo was prechinge in tbe eyna- 
' gogis of Galilee. 

TYNBALE, 1526. 


Chap. y. i8othcliitwasdoa,whanQo 
campAnyes of peplc fcMeu iu*^ to Jheau, 
that thei scfa olden beere tbe word of 
God, and be stood bisjdis tbe stooduige 
wfttir of Oenaserctb, 

2 And sy3 twcy bootis stondinf^e bi- 
wydiB the ^tonding wAtir ; sotbli the 
fiachcru haddeu gon doun, and waiscbidc 


3 Bothli he eti^ynge in to a boot, that 
ivas Syxnouodia, preiede him to lede 
i^en a Util fro the lond : and he sittbge 

I tau;t0 the carapauyes fro the boot. 

^H| Sotbli as he ceesside to Rpeke, be 
^Bide to Symoundf Ledo thou iu to hi;, 
^Bd slake je ^oure ncttis in to the 

^^m -^^ Sj-niount answeringe seide to 
^Vm, Comftundour, we trauelinge by al 
the ny;t token no thing, but in tbi word 
1 8Chal Itye out the nctU 

6 And whannc thei haddcn don thia 
thing, thei closidcn to gidere a plcnt«u- 
oos multitude of lyacbes ; forsotlt her 
t was broken. 

And thei bekenyden to fclowis, that 

in an otbir boot, tlmt thei Acbulden 

e, and bel[>c bom. And thei camen^ 

filliilen bothe Htle bootis. so that 

i weren al moost drenchid. 

Which thing wbanne Symound Petro 

ho fclde doun to tlie knees of Jbeau, 

nge» Lord, go fro mc, for I am a man 


Sotbli greet wondir hadde bigon 

utc him, and alle that wercn with 

in tho takinge of Caches wbicho 


o Sothti in lyk roanere James and 

John, tbe souea of Zcbede, wliicbc wercn 

felowis of Syruouut Pctrc. And Jbesu 

seith to Symound, Nyle thou drcdc ; 

now fro this tymc thon scbalt be tak- 

jngc men. 

to other cities also prcace the worde of 
God, for therfore am I sent. 

44 And he preached in the synagogea 
off GalUe. 

Chap. V. i Hit cam to passe, as tbe 
people preasoil a|>ou bym, to heare the 
wottle off God, that he stode by the lake 
of Oenazareth, 

a And eawo two shippes stonde by the 
lake syde ; for the fiaabermen wore gone 
out of them, and were waaahynge their 

3 Jesus entred in to one of the shippes, 
which pcrtejrned to Simon, and prayed 
bym that he wolde cary liym a litell 
from tbe toudc ; and be sate doane and 
tAugbt tbe peple out nf tbe sbippe. 

4 When he had leeft speakyuge, bo 
aayde vnto Simou, Cary vh in to the 
depe, and lett slippo thy nett to make a 

5 And Simon answerid and sayde to 
hyra. Master, we have labored all uyght 
and have taken notbynge, yet nowe at 
thy worde 1 wil loose forthc the not. 

6 And when they had so done, they 
inclosed a greato multitude of fisBhea ; 
and the net brake. 

7 And they made signes to their fel- 
owes, which were in the other ahippo, 
that they shulde come, and hclpe tbem. 
And they cam, and they filled botbo tbe 
ahippes, that they soncke agayne. 

8 When Simon Peter sawe that, be fell 
doune at Jesus kuccs. sayinge, LordOy 
goo from roe, for I am a sinful) man. 

9 For be was vtterly astonyed, and alt 
that were with bym, att tho draught oflf 
6saho which they toke. 

10 And so was also James and Jhon, 
tbe aonnea of Zebcdei, which were parte- 
takers with Simon. And Jesus 'sayd 
vnto Simon, Foare not ; from hence 
fortho thou shalt catcho men. 


GOTHIC, 360. 

I Yah gatiuhaiKlftns |>o itkipa ana 
ur^ aflei^ntlans ollata, laistide<lun 
a£ir Imma. 

I J Yah vrar^, mi|i|«nei was is In ainai 
bungc^ yah sai t mauna fulls t<nit^filHs ; 
jttb gaMiwhao<lB !esu, driusanda ana 
•Dtlwair^i, bad ina, qttwnds, Frauya, 
y«bat «il«is» tuagt mik gahrainyan. 

13 Tall ofrakjranda handu, attaitok 
Inuna, qi^d% Wilyau, walr^ bntiua. 
Yfth mum ^ata ^tsfill a6at)r af inima. 

14 Yah n firarband immn, ci mann m 
qr^ ; Ak eagfr jah atau^^'t )>uk silbau 
gvj^pB. yu atbair Imma fram btsai g^- 
hrauwinai ^nai, ^atei aDabaoa Moses, 

15 UMBcraoda ^ |iato vranrd mais 
U bM ; yah ganumuu hiuhmaiia man- 
«g*^ han^yMi, yah Icikinou fram iouna 

itt 1> It yrm aflei^ds ana aii)>ido8, 
y«b Udyu4^ 

17 Yah war^ la ainamma dage, yah is 
»«• bMraadi ; ^h weson aitandans 
FarcaaaMM. ymb vitodalttaaiyos, )«iei 
VMMa gai|iBBanai m aUamma haimo 
OaMkiSM.. j»h Iwkuaa, yah lairasaolw- 
MM ; jnh OMhls Fraayina waa da hail- 
yaa W 

18 Yah ma\ nmaa bairandaos aoalign 
Mauiait Mtkrx was uali^ yah sokidediiii 
whaivra lua muAtbemoa, yah galagi- 
dkkiua fit andvratr)7« Is. 

I <j Yidi ui higitaadans vhaiwa Tn- 
l^attH^ixMim \na, lu munagcms, usateig- 
aiidtMi* mill lirot, iind skaljos goaatide* 
^luu lua mi|> )iamma badya 'in midyaitUr 
Ikun leaua. 

90 Yah gASAiwhonds galaubcin ize, qa}> 
du ^omraa iuli)>in, )[anna, aHeitauda ^U8 
frawaurhtcia ^inoa. 

a I Yttb du^'uunun |)agkyan ^ai Ixik- 
Itryos yah Fiirfisaii-i:^, t|i|>ai)ilnnt!>, ^^lllls 
bt ail, SAci io(lei|> iiiiitciiiius ? wIih^ mug 
iJIctiin, alya aiiis Ciii|> I 

19 UfkunuuDds ))un Icsus mitonius ize, 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [Sr. 

1 1 And big togon hyra scypu to UMt, 
and forleton big, and folgodon duD 

12 Da he wirs on anre ceaatre, da 
wses dar an hreofla ; and da he ^cse^^. 
done Uxlend, da ostrohtc be bine, u|H 
bicd, and dua cw»|>, Drihtco, gyf dn^ 
wylt, dil mibt me gocliensiau. 

13 And he et-hran hine, his 
a)K!Dede, and cw2e)>, Ic wylle, si dd 
clstnsod. And aoua ac hreofla him fnisl 

i4 And he behead him, dvt be hitg 
nunum tucq ne ssede ; Ac ga, and »tj 
de dam saccrde, and bring for dt 
claensunge, swa Moyaes bebead, him 

15 Witodlioe d-es dc ma seo sprecbt 
bim ferde ; and mycple menegeo comon, 
d»t hi gchyrdon, and wurdon gcbxleik 
fram hyra untrumucssum. 

r6 lio da ferde on westen, and bine 

17 Da wies annm d»ge geworden, dst 
be Net and big Iserde ; and da wsroa 
da Farisci sittcnde, and diere ac lareow- 
as^ da comon of ;elcum castellam GaI- 
Uteae, and Indeie, and Hienisalem ; sad 
Drihtnee msgen waes big to gebclense. 

18 And da bttroo men on onom bedda 
aane man se wna Jama, 

19 And big ne mihton bine in brio^ 
and ale^an hefornn bim, for dnre mes- 
igeo de mid dam Hwleude wks, <1^ 
astigon hlg' uppao di^ne brof, and ^urb 
da wateUs bine mid dam bedde naeiidoD, 
beforan done HKlend. 

20 Da ho gweah hyra geleafan, be 
ewa?|>, La mann, dc synd dine flyniii 

2 1 {)a agunnon jwncan da boccras ami 
Farisei, and cwicdon, Hwaet is dcs. <U 
ber Bpryc]? wofl'unga ? bwa ma?g synB* 
forgj'fan, buton God ana Y 

33 Da se Hslend gecneow hyra g^ 

CUFFE. X38? 

iDttB led vp to the loud, 
fchei suedeD him. 

doUf whamie he was in 
and lo ! u uian ful of 
ge Jbesu, ami fallinge 
face, prciede him, sey- 
fchou wolt, thou maUt 

oldtnge forth the hond, 

leyiuge, I wole, be thou 

u anoa the Icpre passidc 

manndide to him, that 
no man ; But go tliou, 


to a prest, and oBre 
pinge, as Moysea bad, in 

rord wulkide al«>ute the 
and raanye cumpanyea 
fchut thei Hobuldcu hccre, 
her syknessts. 
I wente in to desert, and 

I don in oon of daycs, 
tau^te ; and there were 
■e, and doctours of the 
I of ech custel of Galilee, 
d of Jerusalem ; and 
t Lord was for to heelc 

ftcn beringe in a bc<l a 

rk in palasye, and tliei 

ire in hym, and to putte 

vt fyndinge in what part 
IB him yn, for the cuiu- 
stijeden vp on t!ie raf, 
is thei senten him doun 
t to the uiyddJt, by fore 

if whiche as Jhesu sy^, 
synnes ben for3ouun 

and Phariseoa bijfiuineu 
jinge, Who is this, that 
lyes 1 who may forgyue 
od ftloone ? 
liesu knew the thou3ti9 

11 And they broughtt their shippes 
to londo, and forsoke all, and folowed 

12 And itt fortuned, that he was in u 
certayne cite, and beholde ! there was a 
man fHiU of leprosy j and when he had 
spied Jesua, he fell on his fiicc, und be- 
sought hjTn, Baying, Lorde, yif thou 
wilt, thou canst make ine cteane. 

13 And he strethed furth his bond, and 
touched hym, sayinge, I will, be thou 
cicaue. And immediatly the leprosy 
departed from hym. 

14 And he warned hym. that ho ehuldo 
tell no man ; But that he slmlJc goo, 
and shewe h}'m silfe to the preate, and 
offer for his clensyuge, accordynge as 
Moses coinraaunderoent was, for a witn^ 
vnto them. 

15 But hJ8 name sprced the moare 
abroadc ; and the jicople cum togedder, 
to hcare, and to be healed of hym of 

16 And he kcpte hym silfe aparto in 
the wildemea, and gave hym silfe to 

17 And itt happened on a certa3mc 
daye, that he t^tught ; and there sate the 
Pliarises, and doctours of lawe, which 
were come out olT all the touues of 
Oalile, Jewry, and JcruBalem ; and the 
power off the Lnrde was to heale them. 

18 And beboldc ! men brougt a man 
Ijinge in hys beed which was taken with 
the palsey, and they sought meanea to 
brynge hym iu, and to laye hyiu before 

19 ^Vnd when they coulde not fyndo by 
whiit wayc they myght biyngo hym in, 
be cause off the preace, tliey went vp on 
the toppe of the housse, and lett hym 
doune thorowe the tylyngc bccd and all 
in the myddes, before Jesus. 

20 When he sawe their fayth, he sayde 
vnto hym, Man, thy syunes are foi^ven 

21 iVnd the scribes and the Phariaes 
began to thynke, saynge. What felow is 
this, which spcakcth blasphemy 1 who 
can forgcve syunes, butt God only t 

2 2 Wlien Jesus perceaved their 


aOTHTC. 360. 



andhafyands qa)> da im, Wlm bi]>agkeiti 
in bairtam izwaraim f 

33 VHialiftr Ist azetizo qi)>an, Afletanda 
))UB frawaurbteis, )>au qi)}fm, Urrc'is. yah 

gayK ' , . 

24 A|>|>an oi witc^itl, l>atci walouftu 

habaid sa sunua mans ana airfiai allctan 
fruwaurhtiiia, quj) du jiuiuina uslil^in, Du 
^us «p|>a, urreia, yah ushafyands )>ata 
h&di (winata, ^6^ ^ g<^ )>eiaana. 

25 Yah minmiw nsetandands 111 and- 
wair|)ya izq, uahafyuuds ana )>aiuTnci 1^, 
galai)) in gard aeinana, mikilyands Gu|f. 

a6 Yah usfibne! dissat allans, yah mik- 
Uidcdun Gut* ; yah fullni waurj»un «g- 
isie, qi|4indaD9, patei gasaiwbam wul)>Aga 
kimuia daga. 

97 Yah afar |«ta uanddya, yah ga- 
sawh tuotari, namin Laiwwi, sitamian 
anu motostadu. Yah qn)} du unma, 
Laistei afar mis ; 

28 Yah bilei|>andA allaim, nsstandanda 
iddya afar imma. 

29 Yah gawaurhta danht mikila Laiw- 
weis imma in garda seinaroma ; yah was 
managei motaryc mikila, yob an{)araizo 
Jiaiei wesua mi^ Tm auakumbyaudaua. 

30 Yah birodidcdun bokaryoa Tze yah 

FaroisaitMH, du siiHJiiyam is qiJTandaiia, 
Duwhe miji [>aim niotoryam yah fra- 
waurhtaim mntyid yah drigkid 1 

31 Yah audhafyunda Ycsus qa}> du im, 
Ni («urhun hailot leikeia, ak ^i un- 
bailana ; 

3 a Ni qam lajx^n garaihtans, ak fra- 
waurhtaus in idreiga. 

33 I|i eis qct'Uii du imma, Duwho 
Hponyos lohannea fnstand ufta, yah bid- 
oa tauyand, sonudeiko yidt Fareisuiei, T)> 
Y&i ^ciuai siponyoa matyand yah drigk- 

34 paruh 18 qa|» du im, Ni magud 
8UUUUS bi'a[>fadiB, unte sa bru))fada miJi 
Tm ist, gatauyan fkataa 1 

35 A|)}>(m qimand dagos, yah (ran 
afiiimiida af im sa bni^fails, yah j>an 
fttstand Ta yaiuaim dagam. 

^coB, be azidsvrarig«iide ew£»{i to him, 
Hwset |)«oee ge on eowrum Geortum 1 

23 Hwwder is edre to cwedcnoc, Db 
syiid dine sj-mia forgyfeoe, hwedcr de 
cwedan, Aria, and ga? 

24 Diet ge witoa, dst mamiei 
on oor{>an anweald hoef)) synna to 
gyfiume, and be sxdc dam laman, 
ic secge, aris^ nim <£n bed, and gi 
din htia. 

25 And be sona befdran him arms, 
nam daet be on la^g, and to hia '. 
ferde, and God wnldrode. 

26 And hig eallo wundrcdon, and < 
msersodon ; and wseron mid ege 
fyllcde, and cwsedon, 86|»efl we to- 
wuudni geaawou. 

27 Da fleftcr dam he nt-eode, and 

aeah pnblicanum, he wies odrum 
Lcui gcbaten, oet ceap-aocamulc si 
And be cwa.')i to him, Filig me ; 

28 And he him da filigde, and 
hya |)ing forlet. 

29 And Leui dyde hym myoehie 
beorscype on his hose ; and dar 
mycel menegeo maniuhu, and odnni 
mid him aaeton. 

30 Da murcnodoD da Farisei and 
boceras, and cwiedou to hys If 
cnihtum, Hvt etc ge and drinca^ 
manfiillum and s^'ufiiHum 1 

3 1 Do audawarode se Hslend 
cwa;|> to him, Ne bet^rfon Iecc* da < 
hale synd, ac da de unhseljie habba)> ; 

32 Ne com ic rihtwiae clypiaa, 
aynftdle on dsd-bote. 

33 Da cwecdou lug to him* Hwi 
lohannes leoming-cnihtaa geldmliee, 1 
halaunga d6)>, and call-awa Fariseat 
dine eta}> and dxiiica|>1 

34 Da cwee|) he, Cwyst dd magoD 
brydguman bearn fa&atan, awa lange 
ae brydguma myd him jtb I 

35 S6)ilice da dagaa cumal>, doune 
brydguma him by|> afyrredjdoim«j 
big on dam dagum. 

WTCLIFFE, 1389. 

Biuweringo scido to hen, 
BA 3e yuele tlimgia in ;oure 

I latere to seye, Synnea ben 
thee, ethxt to aeic, Ryse vp, 

bat je wttOj for manoiB sone 
in erthe to for3yue synnei, 
^e syka num in polasy, To 
ryse vp, take tlii bed, aud 
1 hous. 

an he rising rp bifore hem, 
I in which he lay, and weute 
18, Eoaguyfyiuge Qod. 

■eefc wondir took alio men, 
agnyfieden God ; and thei 
id with greet drede, seyinge, 
seyu merucilouae tbingia to 

iir thes thingig Jbcsu wcnte 
i pnpplican, Lecuy by nanio, 
be toIboUie. And he scith 
thon mo ; 
3 thingis forsaken, be rieyoge 

leay made to him a greet 

IB hous ; and there was a 
wye of pup[)Hcan8, and of 
veren with henit sittinge at 

riseea and the scribis of hem 

Beyinge to hia diaciphs, Whi 

I dr}'ukcu with puppiicaua 


MU aneweringe seitb to hem» 

en hoole ban no node to a 

lei that ban yuele ; 

', cam not to clepe iuat men, 

lea to pcnaunce. 

m aeiden to him, Whi dis- 

ihn fiuten oft, and maken 

also and of Pharisees, bat 

etcn and dryukeu 7 

:he he seitb, Wher 30 mown 
les of the spouse for to faste, 

Kose is with hem I 
schulen come, whanne 
<^ul be taken awey fro hem, 
schulen faste in tho daycs. 

TYXDALE, 1536. 


thonghtea, be answered and sayde vnto 
them, What thjuke yo in youre hertes 1 

33 Whether is easyar to saye.Tby synnes 
arc forgeven the, or to saye, Rise, and 
walke ? 

24 That ye mayc knowc, that the Sonne 
off man bath power to forgeve synnea 
00 erth, he sayde vnto the sicko of the 
I>al)*8e, I saye to the, arysc, take vp thy 
beed, and goo home to tby bousse. 

35 And immediatly he rose vp before 
them all, and toke vp his beed where on 
be layc, and departed to his awue housse, 
praysynge Qod. 

26 And they were all amaaed, and they 
lauded Ood ; and were filled with fcare, 
sayinge. We Iiave seue straunge th)*nges 
to daye. 

37 And after tlmt be weTit forthe, and 
sawe a publican, named Levi, sittynge 
at the receyte off custome. And sayde 
vnto hym, Folow me ; 

aS And he leeft all, roose vppe and 
folowed byni. 

29 And that same Levi made bim a 
greate feaste at home in his awne houase ; 
and there was a greate company of pub- 
licans, and off other, that sate at meate 
with hym. 

30 And the scribes and Pharisea 
grudged agaynst his disciples, sainge, 
Why eate ye and dryuko ye with publi- 
cans and synncrs t 

31 Jesua answered and sayde vnto 
them, They that are whole nede not of 
the phisicion, but they that are sicke ; 

33 I cam not to call the nghtewca to 
repentaunce, but the synncrs. 

33 They cayde vnto bym. Why do the 
disciples off Jhon fest often, and praye, 
and the disciples of tho Pharisea also, 
and tbyne eate and drynke 1 

34 To whome he sayde. Can ye make 
the children of the wcddynge fiist, aa 
longe aa the brydegrome is present with 

35 The dayes will come, when tlie brj'd- 
grorae shulbc tiiken awaye from them, 
then shall tbey fast in thooae dayes. 


36 Qatmh )>ftn yali gayukon du tm ; 
patei uushuD plat snagins niuyis ni 
lBg3-id aua saagan fairuyaua ; aif^jmu 
yah sa uiuya aflaunud, yah t^amxna 
fftiniyin iii gatinud )>ata af ))amiDA 
niuyin. 1 

37 Yah aiDshim ni giutid wcln uiayata 
Tu batgius fairuynns ; ni|>|iau dUtairid 1 
l^ata niuyo wciii ^ns halgins, )'ah sUbo 
usgutni{>, yah ))ai balgeis buqistiuuid. 

38 Ak weln yuggatft in baJgina niayans 
giutand, yah bayojis gafiutonda. 

39 Yah aiiuihiiD drigf^andonc fainu, ni 
ffuns will yugg; qi}>i|> auk, pata fairnyo 
batizo 1st. 

Chap. VI. i Yah war|) iu sabbato 

an^aramraa fruniiD, gaggan Tmma ^airh 
atisk, yah raupidedtin ahsa siponyos 19 ; 
yah matidedun, buauandaos haQ<lum. 

2 I|) 8umai Fareisaie qe))un du Tm, 
\Vha tauyid, |)atci ui skuld i'st tauyau in 
fiubbuto dagam ? 

3 Yah ondhafyanda wij^ra tns lesofl 
qa^, Ni fiata ussaggnud, ^atei gatawida 
Daweid, )>aa gredags was silba, yah |*aid 
tnij> imma wesun ; 

4 Whaiwa inngulaib in gard Guba, yah 
hlaibans fuurliigeiuait} usnam, yah mat- 
ida, yah gaf |)ftim mi|i bis wisnudam ; 
))anzet ui skuld ist matyan, nibai ainaim 

5 Yah qa|» du ira, patei frauya Tst sa 
8UDU8 muns, yah, |)ainma sabbutj tla^ 

6 Yah war)) )>au in an))aramma daga 
sabbato, galcij»m imnm 'in Bwuagogeiu, 
ytih laisyan. Yah was yainar muuna, 
yah handus is so taihswo was [laursus. 

7 Witaidedunuh [lau |>ui bokaryos yah 
Fareisaicis, yau in subbato daga Icik- 
inodedi, ei bigeteina til da wrobyan 

S I)) Ts wissuh uitonins vjx, yah qab 
du )>amma maim ))amma jiuurBya habaud- 
in baudu, Urreis, yah stand in midytiim. 
paruh 13 urreisauds gasto^. 

36 Oa fu»<le he him un bigvpell ; Ke 
asent nan man scv-p of niwum reafe (» 
cald reaf; cUes dnt uiwc sUt. and^ 
niwa scyp ne bylp)) dam eflldan. 

37 Ne nan man ne sent niwe via 
eaJde bjlta ; elles diet niwe win Viiyc^ 
da b}*ttu, and dset win by^ agoteOf ul 
da byttu forwurdaf). 

38 Ac niwe win is to sendenno- 
niwe bytto, dunce beo|> da bytU g^ 

39 And tie drincj) nan man eald 
and wyllc sona daet niwe ; be 
DHft ealde is betcre. 

Chap. VL t S6|»Kce 
on dam tufteran rcstc-dtcge sercst, 
he ferde |>urh da ipceras, hys leornia^ 
cnihtoa da car pluccedon ; and inl: 
byra hondum guidon, and ivtoQ. 

3 Da cwaedon sume of dam S1Inda^ 
}ialgaii, Hwi do gc, dst eow alylodj 
on reste-dagum ? 

3 })ti aiidfiwarode him se IfaelcBiti^ 
rttdde ge dfet, hwet Danid dydi^l 
hiuc Iiiugrcdc, and da de mid 
WBcron ; 

4 Hu he eode into Codes base, 
nam da offnmg-ldiifas, and big Kt,j 
dam scaldc de raid bim wseroa ; dai 
alyfede to etAnne, baton sacerdmUj 

5 And he ssede him. Diet drihi 
manncs sunu, cac swylce, re«tc-( 

6 So^b'co on odrum restC'd^ge 
gewordeu, deet be on g^amnunge 
and licrde. And dar wies sum 
and bis swydre hand wsm foi 

7 Da gymUon da boceras and Fi 
hwieder he on rcste-diegc bKldc, 
hyne gcwregdon. 

8 S6|)lice he wiste byra pe]»anca5, 
he 8a:de dam men dc da funK:ruQi 
hand ha-fde, Am, and Btond her 
dan. Da orus ho and stod. 

TL. 8.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

36 Forsoth tie aelde to liem ulao a lik- 
leeso ; For no umu scuditli a muUliug 
tf newe cloth iu to an old i-loth ; ellis 
nd be brekitb the newe, &nd the niiHl- 
isg of the nene acordith not to the 

37 And no man seodith ncwc wyn in 
o oble vrjn veMeHa ; ellia the ncwc wyn 
Kihal broke the wyn vesselis, aud tho 
Wyji scbal be ached out, and the wyn 
rcAselis achulen j>eriBche. 

38 But newe wyn ia to be sent in to 
lewe wyn vesaelis, aud bothe ben kept. 

And no man dr^mkinge old, wole 
ncwe ; sotbll he aeith, The olde is 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


. YL I Forsothc it is dou in the 
e firste saboth, wbanne he passide 
comeB, htB disciplis pluckc^dcu eeris ; 
thei frutlngc with tier hondis, ceten. 

tf 8othU summe of the PbariBcea Bcideu 
it hi*m, \Y)mt don 30 this, that is uoi 
ccffii) ill sabotis t 

3 Aiid Jbeau aiisweringe seide to hem, 
Keithir je hiin r&d tliis, thtit Dauith 
£de, whttnne he hungridc, and thoi that 
irercn with him ; 

4 Uou he entride in to the hooa of 
God, and took looues of proposicioun, 
md eet, and 5iir to hem that weren with 
bim; wbichc iooue^ it wus not leefful to 
1^, no but to preestis oloone. 

ud he seide to hem, For mannis 

is ]ord, ;e, of tlio saboth. 

8othli it was don and in an other 

kbotb. that he enttide in to a synagoge, 

and tau;te. Aud a man was there, and 

H? n;(bond wus dryc. 

the scribis aud Pharisees aspi- 
_ ,, if he Bcbulde heelc him in the 
wboth, that thei schuldeu fyn<le cause, 
irbcrof thoi achuldcu accuse him. 
8 Suthli he wistc tlie thoujtis of hem, 
ud he seith to the man that badde a 
bje bond. Rise vp, and stoud in to the 
~ 'eL Ami he risingc stood. 

1^6 He Bjioke vnto ihem iu a simili- 
tude- ; No man puttbcth a pece of an 
newe garment into au oldc venture ; for 
yf he do, then breaketh he the newe, and 
the pece that was tnkcn out of the newe 
agreeth nott with the olde 

37 Also no man imureth newe wyne 
into olde vessels ; yf he do, the newe 
wyne breaketh the vessels, and runneth 
out it silfe, and the vessels pcrisahe. 

38 But newe wyne must bo poured 
into newe vcgsels, and boothe are pre- 

3(> Also no man that drynketh olde 
wyne, stniyght waye can awayc with 
newe ; for he sayeth, The olde ia plc- 

Chap. VI. i Hit happene<l on an 
aftcrsalK>th, they went tborowe the corne 
felde, and his disciples plut:ke<l the eai*cs 
of come ; and ate them, and rubbed them 
in tiieir hundes. 

2 Certa)*ne of the Pharises sayde vnto 
them, Why do ye that, which U not lau- 
fuU to be done on the siiboth dayes ? 

3 Jesus answered them and sayde. 
Have ye nott i-edde what David did, 
when he hyui silfe was anbangred, and 
they which were with bym ; 

4 Howe he went into the houwe off 
God, and toke, and ate the loves oft* 
halowod breed, and giive also to them 
which were with hym ; which was nott 
laufuH to cate, but for the prestca only. 

5 And he sayd vnto them, Tl»e sonne 
of man is lorde, even of the saboth daye. 

6 And it fortuned in a notfacr saboth 
also, tliat he entrwl into the sinagoge, 
and tau;iht. And there was a man, 
whose right honde was drj"ed vp. 

7 The scribes and tho Pharises watched 
hyra, to se whether he wolde heale on 
the saboth dnye or not, that they myght 
fynde an accusncion ngiiynst hym. 

8 Butt he kucwe their Ihoughtcs. and 
sayde to the mau which had the wyddred 
houde, Rysc vp, and stonde forthe in 
the myddca. He arose and stepped 

30(S GOTHIC, 360. 

9 Qat> y^i^ Iti'Hus du tm, Fraiboa is- 
wis, w\i& skuM i.iL subbatu ilagam {>iu|i 
tauyan, ]mu uu|>iu)i iauyan I s&iwaU 
gauosyan, {lau iid<itst}'an 1 

10 Yati, ussaiwlumds ullaus Tqs, qa)i du 
imma, tJfrakei |>o handu ^eiiio. parab 
u ufrokido, yah gasto{> so haadus is 
iWMwe BO ao^a. 

21 1^ eU fuUai waur|)un uDfi'odeins, 
yah rodidtUuii du aU miaso, wha tAW- 
idideiiia ftumuia Icsua. 

12 Yah war}> in dagatn JMiiin, ei usTd- 
dya leeua in fair^ni bidyan ; yah %v*as 
nuht jMurhwakaudii iu bidoi Qu)w. 

1 3 Yali bi|ie war)> dAgs, atwo[>ida 
Biponyaos Bciimns, yah gawalyanda us 
ink twulib, |)auzcl yah apaustuluus uam- 
uida ; 

14 SeirnoD, )>anci yah namnida Faitru, 
Vuh AndruLuiif bnj}qLr is* takobu yah 
lohaimcn, Filippu ytdi Bur|}ulumaiu, 

15 Ma[i}Hhiu yah poman, lokobu ^ana 
Alfuius, }-ab ^eimon, |)auu hailoimu 

16 ludau Tttkobaua, yah Kndan la- 
kai-iolcu, suci yuh war{i golewyuuds ma. 

1 7 Yah atgoggands dala)) nii^ un, ga- 
stoj] ana studa ibnamma ; yah hitima 
stpouyc IS, yah hansa mikila manageins, 
af allamiaa luduituj, yah Iiiiru.sal<]iu, yah 
|>izo fuur ruarein, Twre, yali Seidouc, 
yah au})arauo baurge, )>aiei qcmuu 
bausyaa imaia, yah hailyuu sik sauhto 

18 Tah |iai auahabaidaiis fram alimam 
uahraiiiyuim, yah gahailidai waur}jun. 

19 Yah alia muuHgel sukidedun attt'kan 
imraa, untc inidits af imina usiddya, ^-ah 
l^asida allaus. 

30 Yali is, ushafyauds augona seina da 
siponyam selnaini, qap, Audagai, jus 
onledazis ahmin, unt« Tzwara Tst })iud- 
angardi hiiuine. 

31 Audagai yu8, grcdagans du, unte 
Badm wair))i]i. Audagai yua, grctoudaua 
m, untc ufblohyanda. 

22 Audagai siru)>, |)an fiyand IfxwiB 

ANGLO-SAXOy. 995. [St. 

9 i>a cyrse^ &c Haclead tu liim, 
ahsige eow» alyf^J on r«te-«Ugum wd 
don, odde yfelol aawle bale ge 
hwadder He forspillaa f 

CO And, him eallom gesce&wodum 
yrre, he s&ede dam men, Athene 
hand. And he a)>euode, and bis 
wees ge-edniwod. 

11 Da wurdon big mid oni 
gefyUode, and sprsecon hetwui 
hwset hig dam Hwleudo dydon. 

12 S6[>licc on dam dn^m, he ferdej 
aune miiDt bine gcbiddau ; iukI 
dar wacigende on Codes gebode. 

13 And da da dreg vrxs^ he clj 
hys leorning-cnihtaji, and geccaa 
of him, aud da he ucmdc apostolaa ; 

14 Simoncm, dsene be nemdo P< 
aud his brodor, Andream, lacobum 
lohauncm, Philippum and 

15 Thomam and Matheum, 
Alphei, and Simonem, bo is gene 

16 ludam lacobi, and ludam 
sc wa^s Ificvra. 

17 And mid him fjirendum, be stall 
feUUicre stowe ; and mycel wercd 
Icoruing-cmhto, and niycel mt 
fram culrc ludca, and fram h 
aud ofer mu|>au, and s«-gcma>re, 
and Sydonis, da comou, da.>t hi 
gehyrdoQ, and wseron of hyra iu 

iS Aud da de woeron of ui 
gtlstum gcdrehte, wa-rou gchseled& 

19 And cal seo menigeo suhte hii 
Rjt-brinanne, fordam do nuegeu of 
eodc, and be eallc gebaclde. 

20 Da cwft>|» se Hiclcnd, b( 
his leoming-onihtum, Eadigc 
{}earfan on gaste, fordam de Oodes 
is cower, 

2 J Eadige synd, ge de biagria^ 
fordam de ge bco}) gefyUede. 
Bynd, ge do nu we|)a|>, fordam ge 

22 Eadige beo go, donne eow 

>.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

tttit Jliesu scitb to hem, I axe )ou, 
b Icc^l to do wd in the sabot, 
juele ? for to nuke a aoule saf, 
to leeoel 

TYNDALE. 1526. 



id. alle men lookiile ahoute, ho 
to the man. Hold furth tblu hund. 
be held forth* aud his bond was 
id to helthe. 


U thei weren fulBlId with va- 
my, and s{)aken to gidcrc, what 
iclMitden do of Jhe«u. 
Poreotbe it is don in tho daycs, be 
t out in to an bil for to preye ; and 

al nyjt dvellinge in the preier 

Ind wbanne tlie day was maud, he 
le bis disciplis; and cbecs twelue of 
whicbe he clepide also apostUs ; 

3yiiiound, whom be clcptde Petrc, 
^drew, his brother, James aud 
Philip and l^rtolmew, 


■thea and Thomas, James Alphei, 
Fjnnoand, that is clepid Zclotis, 

Fsdifl of James, aud Judos Scariot, 

na traitour. 

Ind Jhcsu comynge doun ^o the 

ith hem, stood in a feeld place ; 

he cuxupeuye of hia disciplis, aud a 

nious multitude of pore peple, of al 

^ and of Jerusalem, snd of the bc 

It, and of Tire, and of Sydun, whicbe 

D, that thei scbuldo heere bj-m, 

tut thei schulden be beelid of her 


And thei that wcrcn trauelid with 

ne spiritia, weren beetid. 

And ech cumpeny of the pcple 

Ba for to touche him, for vcrtu 

1 out of him, and beclide alle. 
\nd, his yjeu reysid v\t in to his 
>li0^ be seide, Blessid be ;e, pore 

ttfae kyngdom of Qod is joure. 
lid £tf 3^ that huui^ren now, for 
lniI«o be fillid. Blesaid be y, that 
a now, for 3e scbulcn Icy^c. 
•ohulcu be Uusaid, wbunuc meu 

9 Then saydu Jcaus vnto them, I will 
axe you a question, whether is it laufull 
on tiie sabotb dayes to <Io gorxle, or to 
do evill ? to save life, oder for to de- 
stroye bytl 

10 And be bchclde them all in com- 
posse, and sayd vnto tho man, Stretche 
forth thy bonde. He did soo, and his 
bonde was restored and made as whoulc 
as the other. 

1 1 And tliey were filled full of made- 
nes, and cuuusclled won with another, 
what tbey myght do to Jesu. 

13 Hit foituned in tboose dayes, he 
went out into a mountaync for to praye ; 
and continued all nygbt in prayer to 

13 And as sone as it was daye, he 
called his disciples, and of them bc chose 
twelve, which also be callotl his apo- 
b teles ; 

14 Simon, whom also lie named Peter« 
and Andrew, bis brother, Jannes and 
Jbon, Philip and Bartlcmeaw, 

15 Mathew and Thomas, James the 
Sonne of Alpbeus, and Simon, called 

16 And Judos James sonnc, aud Judas 
Iscariot, which same was the traytour. 

17 And he cam doune with tbcm, and 
stode in the plajTic felde ; vnih the 
caiti]tauy of bis disciples, aud a grcate 
multitude of people, out off nil parties 
off Jewry, and Jerusalem, and ^m the 
see cooflte off Tire, and Sidou, which 
cam to heare hyni, and to be healed of 
their diseases ; 

18 And they also that were vexed with 
foulc spretos, and they were healed. 

1 9 And all the people preascd to 
touche hym, for there went vertue out 
oif hym, and heated them all. 

30 And he lefie y\i his eyes apou bis 
disciples, and saydc, Blciiscd are yc, 
povre> for youers is the kyngdom off 

■3 X Blessed are ye, that honger, for ye 
sbalbe satistied. Blcijsed are ye. that 
wepe, for ye shall lough. 

32 Blessed arc ye, when men hate you, 
X 2 


GOTHIC, 360. 

nians, yah rifskaidand Tzwis, yah Vtl- 
woityaiid, yah uswaii-pand namin izwur- 
amma sve ubil&inma, Vn suuaus mans. 

33 Fngiuod in yainamma daga, yah 
laikid ; imtc mi ! inizdo Vzwara manai^ 
Ifu htrainara ; bi )>iiminn uuk tawidedun 
praufetum attans iice. 

34 A|>|>an wai izwis. {'aim gabcigam, 
unte y\\ liabuid ga|>kil)t izwura. 

35 Wai izwia jtis sailans nu, unte 
grodngai wairjii|». Wai izwia yua hlah- 
yandaus nu, unte gauuou, yah gretau 

36 Wai, t>«n waita izwid qit>and allai 
mans ; samaleiku allis tawidedun ga- 
liugapraufetutii attauH V^e. 

37 Akoi iKwia i\t^ |taim hausyandam, 
friyod JKina hatandana Ifzwis, waila tau- 
^iiid \imm tiyuuduiu iznis ; 

28 piu{)yai^ [rnns fraqi {randans Vzwis, 
bidyaid frani jiaim unamnhtj'andan) Ve* 

39 puninia stautandiu (>uk l>i kiunu, 
gslewei immn yah anj^ai'a ; yah )iamma 
ninwudin uf |>us waatya, yah, paida ui 

30 Whammeh |>ftn bidyandane fiuk gif, 
yah af {tamma niniautlin )>eii), ni lauseL 

31 Yah swaswe wileid ei tanyaina Iz- 

wis mans, yah yus tauyaid Ytn samaleiko. 

33 A)i|ian yabai friyod [fans friyoudaDa 
izwia, wba ViGwis laune 1st ? yah auk \tti\ 
frawaurhtans [wns friyondanasik friyond. 

33 Yah yabai J»iu|> tauyaid |>aim fiup 
tauyandam izwis, wlm izwis laiiuo ist ? 
yah auk |?ai frawaurhtans ]iata samo 

34 Yah yabai Iciwhitl, frani jjaimei 
wencitl audniniun, whn izwis laune lat? 
yuh auk frawaurhtai fniwaurbtaim leiwh- 
uud, ei andniiuuiuu saniuhmd. 

35 Swe^auh friyod Jwins fiyands iz- 
wai-ans, |>iu[» tauyaid, yah leiwhaid, ni 
wailttnis UBWcnans, yah wair|>i|> mizdo 
'izwara nianaga, yah wair|>i[> ^nyus 
Hauhistins, unte vs gods ist jiaini nn- 
fngram yah unselyaui. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [»i. 

haiia}>, and ehta)>, and onhisca^ 
dwurpa)» cowcme nazuan swa swa 
for mannca suna. 

33 Geblissia}), and gefsgnia)* on 
dagum ; nu I eower nied is myc 
hcofenum ; a6[>Iicc lefler disum \\i 
hyra f»denu dydon dam witegcin. 

2 4 Deali-h WHjdere wa eow wdij 
fordam de ge eowerne frofer habU 

35 Wa eow de ge fyllede synd, for 
du go hingria]>. Wa eow de nu bli 
fordjun de ge hoofia)>, and wepa^. 

36 Wa eow, donne eow ealle 
bletsiafi ; tefter disum fiinguin 
feedcras dydou dam . . witcjfum. 

27 Ac ie eow sccge fordam Ai 
gebyra|), Infia)} eowre fjrud, d6|> daml 
do euw butcdon ; 

28 BIetsia|> du de eow nirgia^ 
bidda|» for da de eow onhisccat*. 

39 And dam de de alih[> on dia 
wenge, wend oder agen ; and di 
< din rcaf nimj>, ue foriieod him ni 
I tunecan. 

30 Syle victim de de bidde, and 
nim|i da ^ing de dine a^ntl, ne mj 
du hyra. 

31 And 8wa ge wylUj* diet eow 
don, do^ bim geKce. 

32 And hwylc )»anc ia eow, 
1ufia|> da de eow In6a^f so{^lice 
fulle \\if\&\t da do hi IuBm^. 

32 And gyf ge wcl d6(» dam de 
wel dijjt, hw^lc |>nnc is cow? 
dtet do^ synJiiUe. 

34 And ^f ge Isena);), dazii de 
ii&t-onf6|», hwylc Jionc is cowl 
synfulle s^nfullum tfena^*, diet hi 

35 Deah-hwiedcre lufia|» eowre 
and him wcl d6|>, and Iifne syllali 
)>ing dauun eft gohihtende, and 
med byji mycel on beofone, aad ge bci> 
da» HebstAn bearu, fordam de be b 
god ofer un)ijmcfutle and ofer vfeki 


bs.] WYCLIFFE.7389. 

hate ;ou, imd schulcu itepartc 
', and scbulen puttc schcnscUip 
and schulen cAste out joure 
yucl, for mannis Bone. 
3c in herU in that day, and 
oute firrUh ; loo ! sothli 
is niochc in heuene ; for- 
TBcs tblngia the fadris of hem 
Tetheles woo to )ou, ricbe men^ 
ian jourc comfort. 
^00 to ;ou tliat bcu fulHIlid, for ;e 
.hongrc. Woo to ;ou that laujhen 
^ schal morne, and wope. 

ivhanne alle men schulcu 
; oftir thes thingis th» fadris 
[idea to . . prophetis. 
I scie to ;ou that beorcn, louc 
ire cnemyes, do je wel to Iiem that 
3011 j 

EImm 36 to men cursinge 30U, preie 
falsly chalcDgyngo 30U. 

to him that schal smyte thee 
?kc, 5yue also the tothcr ; and 
[that Ukith awey fro theo a cloth, 
thou forhcde tlie coote. 
othly ;yue to ech axinge thee, and 
ith away tho thingis that ben 
to thou not Ajeyn. 

as 3c woten that men do to 
do 3e to hem in lyk maikere. 

if 30 louen hem that loaen 30U, 
I* ia to 30U 1 for whi and ayn- 
m louen men louyngc hem. 
>nd if 3c don wel to hem that don 

F, what grace is to 30W ? aothly 
men don this thing. 

iBd if 3e 3yuen borwyngc to hem, 
le 3e hopen to tako^3en, what 
to 3UU ) for whi and synful meu 
synful men, that thei taken 
kene thingis. 

theles louc 30 3Dure enemyes, 
36 wel, and ^j-ue yt borwyng, 
^00 thing therof, and ^oure mwlo 
moche, and ;e Hchuien he the 
the Hijeatc, for he is benyngne 
ide mca and ^niclc men. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


ETUU6 mca £ 

antl thrust you out off their eompanye, 
and raylo ou you, and abhorrc youre 
name as an evill thynge, for the somie 
offmannes sake. 

33 Reioyse ye then, and be gladdc \ 
i^T bobolde ! youre rewartle is greato ia 
hcven j after this manner their fathers 
entreated the prophetes. 

24 But wo be to you, that are ryche, 
for ye have ther in youre consolacion. 

35 Wo be to you that are full, for ye 
shall hunger. Wo he to you that nowe 
laugh, for ye shall waylo, aud wepe. 

36 Wo be to you, when all men prayso 
you ; for so did their fathers t«^j the falce 

27 But I saye vnto you which hcare, 
love youre cncmys, do goodo to them 
whych liate you ; 

28 Blesse them that coursse you, and 
praye for them which wrongfully trouble 

29 And \*nto hym that smyteth the 
on the one chcke, oifer also the other; 
and hym that takelh awaye thy goune, 
forbid nott to take tliy coote also. 

30 Geve to every man that axeth of 
the, and yf cny man take awaye thy 
goodcs, axe them nott ngajnie. 

31 And as ye wolde that men sbulde 
doo to you, soo do ye to them lykc 

33 Yf ye love them which love you, 
what thanke arc ye wortliy of? seinge 
that the very aynners love their lovers. 

33 And j-f ye do for them which do 
for you, what thanke are ye worthy of 1 
for the very sinners doo even the same, 

34 Yff ye lendc to them, off whomo ye 
hoopc to rcceavo, what thanke shal ya 
have i for the very syimors lende to sin- 
ners, to receave as moch agayxie. 

35 Love ye youre encmys, do goode, 
and lende, lokynge for noth}'nge ngayne, 
and youre rcwanJe shalbo grcatc, and ye 
shalbethe chyldren off the Hyest, for ho 
is kyndc vnto the vnkynde and to the 


GOTHIC. 360- 

36 Watrjiaid h1ci{i}'^ndans, swasve yab 
iktUi f/.wnr bleija i8t. 

37 Yah ni atoyid, ei ui Btoyamdau. 
Ni afdomyiiid, yali ui afdomyanda ; 
fraletaid, yah fraletandn. 

38 Oibaid, yah gibada izwis. Mitads 
goda, yah ufarfidla, yah gawigana, yah 
Q&rgntana gibada to harm Yzwarnnn ; 
)}izAi auk Bamon mitadyoQ, |ilziuei mitid, 
mitada iz^'ia. 

39 Qa]>tili |)an gayukon iid, ibai nmg 
blindB bliuduna tiubau ) uiu bui m dal 
gadriusand ? 

40 Nist si[>onei9 ufar laisari scinnna ; 
fp gamanwids, wharyizuh wair^iai swc 
lauaris Vs. 

41 Ajijian whn gaumcis gramsta Yn 
augin bro{}r8 (fciDis, i)> anza m )>fiiDamma 
augin ui gaumeis 1 

43 Ai})|>au whalwa magt qi)>aii du bro|>r 
|>einaTnma, Bro|)ar, lot, Vk uswairpa ^iim- 
sta )>amma 111 uugin |>cinamma ? silha in 
augin |>cinaniinu uuza ui gaumyaudst 
Liuta, uswuirp ftiur)>is jrainma anxa ua 
au^a [)oinAmma, yah ])an gnumyais, us- 
waiqiou gramsta )>amiim in augin bro)>r8 

43 Ni auk Vst bugmfl gods, tauyands 
'ukran ul)it, mL)>an bagms ubils^ tauyands 

akrau god ; 

44 ^Vllaryizuh raihtis bagme us swe- 
samma akrana uskuu)» hi. Ni auk us 
]iaurnum liaanda smukkans, nibjian us 
aiwhatundyai tnidanda wcinabasya. 

45 piut>cigs niRUDa us ))iu|>cigamma 
hur.da hairtins scinis usbnirid |)iu|>, yub 
ubila maimu us ubilainmn huzda huirtins 
seiuis, usbairid ubll ; uzub allia u£ar- 
fiiltciu luurtins rodcid munjis is. 

46 A|>l>ftn wha mik haitid, Frauya, 
Fruuyu, yah ui Uuyid [utoi qi^ia. 

47 Wliaxuh sa gaggands du mis, yah 
hniLsyaiids waurda meina, yah tauyands 
***\ atougya tswis, whamma galeiks Vst 


36 * Eornostlice boo|t mild-h 
cower feeder is mnd-beort. 

37 Nelle ge demon, and g 
demeile. Nelle ge gonydeni 
ne bcoji gcnydcrode ; forg}'& 
byji forgyfcn. 

3d Sylla}?, and cow by}) gfiSi 
gemet, and full, and geheapot 
fioweude hig syllu)) on eowei 
dam sylfan gemote de ge 1 
by)> geraeten 

39 Da ssedc he him sum big 
du mieg so bUnda dsene btini 
bu ue feallaj) big begeu od 61 

40 Nis 86 leoruing-tniht 
Ureow ; aelc byf» fullreraed 
swylce bys lareow. 

41 Hwi gesihat du da e^l 
brodor eogan, and nc geaihiit 1 
on diuum eagan ? 

43 And hu miht du sees 
breder, Brodor, Iset, dset ic i 
of dinum eagan) aud du ■ 
syhst diune beam on j£nu 
eagan 7 Kala ^icetere, teob 
beam of dinum eogan, and 
geaihst, d»t du ateo da eg 
brodor oagan. 

43 Nys ^od treow, de jrft 
de|>, ne ma yfel treoWi got 
doade ; ^^ 

44 ^Ic treow is be h]M| 
cnawen. Ne hig of )iomiu] 
nc gadcria^, ne wm-berian ai 

45 06d man of godom gol< 
bcortau god for)>-bnng|), tun 
of >-felum gold-horde, yfel I 
Bojrlice se mu)> spycp snL 

1 TOc^n 

46 Hwi clypige ge 
ten, and ne do^ dnt ic eow • 

47 ^Ic dara dc to me cyail 
spraecA gohyr|>, and da dt 
letywe, hwam he geh'c 

VI. 36-47] WYCUFFE, 1389. 

36 Thorforc be 50 mercj-fiil, m and 
^txre fodir is mcrcyfiil. 

37 Xyle 50 deme, and ;o Bclmlen not 
fci demyd. Nyle 50 condompnc, and 50 
ichnlen not be condempued ; forjyuc je, 

idU it Bch&l be for^unun to 30U. 

38 33rue 5c, and it Bchal be jouiin to 
fKL Thei ftchulen jyne in to 50ure 
boaim A good megure, Aud wcl fillid, 
nd fthakuD to gidcre, and ouernon'yQ)j;c ; 
foreothc by tbc sanie mesure^ by which 
^ echaleo mete^ it Bcbal he metea to 


39 Sothli be scido to hem and a lik- 

BMM, Wbetbir a biynd man may lewle 
tite bijnde ? whethir tbci falle not bothc 
in to the dychc 1 

40 A disciple ia not abouc the maistir; 
•othli wh schfll be perfyt, if ho is as hia 

it 8othli what seeat thoa in tbi bro* 
Ibcris y^e a fcflta,^ but thou biholdist 
Dot a bt'cra, which is in thi own© y^e? 

4a Otbir hou muiat thou seye to thi 
brother, Brother, suflre, I schal caste out 
a Testa of thin y^e 1 thou biholdist nut 
a heeni m thin ownc y^e'i Ypocrite, 
fini tak out the bccm of thyn y^e, and 
tfcaone thou schalt 1)iho)<]e, that thou 
l«de out a festu of thi brutheria y^e. 

43 Foraothe it is not a good tree, that 
jnole frutis, nothcr an yuele 

that makith goodo frujlis ; 

44 Sotbli cuery tree is knowun of his 
frnyt. Sothli neither men ^cdcryn fygia 
oCthomea, neither men geder>*n a grape 
of a boysch of breris. 

45 A good man of the Roode tresour 
of his berta bryngcth forth good thing, 
UMf an yuel man of yuol tresour, bryng- 
ith fortb yuel thing ; sothli of the plente 
of the herto the mouth spokith. 

46 Forrothe what clepen 50 me, Lord, 
U>rd, aud don not tho tbingia that I 

47 Ech that Cometh to mo, and heerltb 
nijwordis, and doth hem, I scbal schewc 
to )(m, to whom be is lyk. 

TTND ALE, 1526. 


36 Be ye Iherforo morcifull, aa yourOi 
father ys mercifull. 

37 Judge nott, and ye shall nott b«' 
jadgwi. Condemne nott, and ye shall 
not be condemned ; forgeve, and ye 
sbalbe forgeven. 

38 Gcvc, and yt shalbo j^oven vnto 
you, Ooode meaaure, pressed dounc, 
shaken to gedder* and runnyngo over 
shall men geve into youre besomea ; for 
with what measure ye mete, with tho 
same shall men mete to you agayne. 

39 Aud he put forthc a Mimilitudo vnto 
them, Can the blynde ledde the biyndo f 
do they nott both then fall into the 
dyche 1 

40 The disciple is not above his master ; 
every man ahalbe perfecte, even aa hya 
master ys. 

41 \Vliy scist thou a mooto in thy 
brothers eye, and considerest not th< 
beame, that is in thyne awne eyet 

43 Other howe canncst thou saye to 
thy brother, Brother, lett mo pull out 
the moote that is in thyne cyel when 
thou perceaveat nott the bcamc that is in 
tbyue awne eycl Ypocrito, cast out tho 
beame out off thyne awne eyp first, and 
then flhalt thou se perfectly, to pull out 
the mooto out of thy brotliera eye. 

43 Hit 19 nott a goode tree, that 
bryngcth forthe e^yll fnite, nether ia 
that an evyll tree, whych bryngeth forthe 
goode frute ; 

44 For every tree ya knowen by his 
frute. Nether off thomea gadcr men 
fyggee, nor of busshcs gadrer they grapes. 

4,!; A goode man off the goodo treasure 
off bys hert brj'ugetb forthe that which 
jrs goode, and the evyll man of the evyll 
treasure off hys hert, bryngcth fortbo 
that whych jrs evyll ; for off the abound- 
aunce off the hert the mouj;ht apeakcth. 

46 Wliy call ye me, Master, Master, 
and do not as I bid you. 

47 ^Vliosoever commcth to me, and 
hearcth my sayinges, and doeth tho 
same, I vryll shcwe you, to whome he 
ys lyke. 

GOTHIC. 36b. 

48 GuIeikB ist tnann timr^andia raen, 
Baci grob yuh gadinpula^ yah givuitida 
gmnOiivnddyflu nna stAina. At ga- 
ninyou |)an n'aurj^anai, bistagq awha bi 
yaiuamina ruzua, yab m mubta gawag- 
yan Vta, gtisulid auk waa ana ^mnui 

49 1|) sa baosyanda, yab ni tau)'auds, 
gaWika ist maun tiinryundlii razn auu 
aii'|)ai 'iiiub grundtiwmldjrii ; [tatei bistagq 
flodns, yub auoa gadraua ; yah war]> so 
uawalteina )>ifl raznis mikila. 

Chap. VII. z Bi))e jiaa usfullida alia 
)»o waurda seina Yn bltumans manageins, 
galaij) in Kafamaum. 

a Hundafade {lan snmis skalks siuk- 
ands, B\mltawair}>ya, aaci was Vuiua 

3 Gohnusyanda fiaa bi lesu, insandida 
du Ymma ainistaus Kudaie, bidyauda ina, 
ei qimi, yab ganasidedi t>ana skalk u. 

4 t^ eis qimandans at leaua, bedun 
ina oadaudo, qi|>AndanB, patei wair[>a 
ist, t^amtnei fragibia J>ata ; 

5 Unto friyo|> |»iuda unsara, yal» swn- 
agogeifi Vr gatimrida unaia. 

6l^ tesua iddyub n\\p im. Yah yufiau 
ni fairra w'isaudin 'immn {iftmnia gardn, 
inoandida du imina ea huntlafatlH fi-i- 
y oiids, qi |)aiids du imin a, Frauy a, n i 
draibei jiuk, untc ni ini wau|>8, ci uf 
hrot mein imigiiggaia ; 

7 Du|)ei ni mik silban T\-air)>ana rab- 
nida, at ^us qimou ; ak qi)* waurda, yali 
gabailnid sa jiiumagus ineins. 

8 Yab )>an auk Tk manna im uf waUl- 
ufnya gasutids, babiinds uf mis eilbin 
gadrauhtins; yah qi[>a du |>amnia, Uagg, 
y^ S'^S&^i y^h aujmranima, Qim her, 
yab (jimid, yub du skalka meiuammo, 
Tawei |)ata, yab tauyid. 

g Oabau^yands J^au l-ata leeiis, sil- 
laloikida iua ; yah wandyands aik du 
izai afarlaiBtyaudein sis managoin, qat>t 

ION", 995. [St. Lu 

48 Ho ys geb'c tiinbriendum oicn kii 
hug, Bc dealf deope. and hy^^ ^nil-uutl 
ofcr d»ne atan asette. So^jice g;cw( 
citum flodcr bit fleow into dam Iiii 
aud bit uc mihtc diet bus ofitirian. 
wffis ofer ctffiDe stan getrymcd. 

49 Se de gebyr)>, and nc dc^ he 
gelie dtim timbriendan men bis has o( 
da i>L>ri>an butan gnind-weallc ; and 
flod in-flcow, and hnedHce b}t afeoUj 
and wear)) mycel bryre docs buses. 

Crap. VII. i S6|.Iice da he 
bis word g;i^fyUle on dwa fblcea hlj 
be code into Cufamaum. 

a Da ws» siimes hundrcd- 
)»eowa untrum, se waes sweltoidlie, 
was him dyrc. 

3 And da he gehyrde bo dam Haeleni 
he sonde to him Indea ealdras, and 
dsBt he come, aud bys )»eow gehaUi^ 

4 Da hi to dam Haelende comoo. 
baedon byne geomb'ce. and das cyniAt 
He ia wyrde, da.'t du Iiim tUige ; 

5 WitodUce be lniii}> ure ))«6de, and 
us arc samnunge getimbrode. 

6 Da fcrdc sc Heeleud mid him. Al 
da he wtps unfcor dam huso, so hand) 
man sendc hys frj'nd to him, and 01 
Drihten, nelle dii Ijcou gedreht, ne 

ic wyrde, da»t dii ga under mine 

7 Fordam ic ne tealde me sytfne, 
ic to de come ; ac cwe|» din word, i 
min oniht by)> gebaeled. 

8 Ic com dn man under anwealde 
sett, ccmpau under me bmbbcodc ; 
ic secge dissura, Ga, and he gse^ 
ic tiecga diasnm, Ouniy donne cyxn^ 
and ic secge miuum (>cowe. Do dis. 
be do)?. 

9 Da wundrode se Hscleud, 
hyredum ; and cw(et>, to doere 
bewend, S6|>lice ic seoge eow, ne 

48.-VTT, 9.] WYCT^TFFE, 1389. 

d He is lyk to a quid hiUlingo an 
■^ that di^^rulc dec(»e, and puttidc 
f fiCNlO<leQieiit on a stoon. Sothli 
Wi flowing niBod, Hood was hurtlid to 
Lt boos, and it m^^te not moue it, (or 
iras foundid on n sod stoou. 

9 Sothli be that hecrith, and doth 
U is ^S^ ^^ ^ ^°^^ blldiiigc his hous 
ertbe with out« foundenicnt -. in to 
u^ the flood was hnrlid, and a non it 
Lde dooD ; and the fallinge doun of 
Al hous is maod greet. 

fp. VII. I Forsothe whanne he 
fiiltillid alle hifl wordis in to the 
ttris of tho peple, lie entride in to Ca- 

i Sothli a seruAUDt of sum man cen- 

hrio' lianj-nge jniel, was to deyiage, 
■fell was precious to him. 
3Aud whanac he Laddc herd of Jhesii, 
Ittiente to him tho elderc men of Jewts, 
JVaynge him, that he come, and hceic 

J Aud, whanne thei camen to Jhesu, 

^reietlen bisyli, seyinge to him, For 

worthi, that thou jyne to him this 

for he loucth oure folk, and he 

to rs a synagoge. 

dy Jhcflu wente with hem. And 

le now he was not fer fro tlie hous, 

iu aeutc to him &cndis, seyinge^ 

nyle thou be trauelid, for I am 

rorthi, that thou cntre vndir my 

^>r which thing and I demyde not 
Qr silf worthi, that I schuldc come to 

I; but seye thuu by word, aud my 
I schal be hecHd. 
for whi and I am a man ordejTied 
r power, hauynge knyjtis vndir itie ; 
I seio to this. Go thou, aud he got!u 
to anothir. Come thou, and he 
'"Macth, and to my scruaunt, Do thou 
tU thing, and he doth. 
^5 The which thing herd, Jbesu won- 
; and he tuniyd, seide to the cum- 
auynge him, Trculi I seye to 30U, 

TYT^D ALE. 1526. 


48 He is lyke a man which hilt an 
houswc. which digged depe, and laydo 
the foundacion on a rocke. When the 
waters arose, the fludde bott upon that 
honsse, and coulde nott move h}% for it 
was grounded apou a rocke. 

49 But he tliat hearcth^ and doth not, 
is lykc n man tliat >vith out foundacion 
bylt an housse ii[)on the erth ; against 
which the Hudde bet, and it fell by and 
by ; and the fall of that housse was 

Chap. VII. r When he had ended 
all his sayinges in the audience of the 
people, he entred into Ca|>eraaum. 

2 And the servanut off a certayne cen- 
turion was sickc, and redy to dye, whom 
he made moclie of. 

3 And when he herdc of Jcsu, he sent 
vnto hym the seniours of tho lewe^ 
besechjTige him, that he wolde come, 
and save his serraunt. 

4 And they cam to Jesus, and besought 
him instantly, sayinge, He is worthy, 
that thou shuldest do this for hym ; 

5 For he loveth oure nacion, and hath 

bilt VB a sinagogo. 

6 And Jesus went with them. And 
when he was nott faiTC from tlic housse, 
the centurion sent to hym hys frendes. 
saj-ingc vnto h\-ni, Lorde, trouble not 
thy sllfe, for I am nott wortliy, that 
thou shuldest enter into my housse ; 

7 Wlierfore I thought nott ray silfe 
worthy, to come vnto the ; but saye the 
worde, and my servaunt shalbc whoole. 

a For I lyke wysc am a man vnder 
power, aud have vnder me soudicrs ; 
and I saye vnto won, Goo, and he goeth, 
and to another, Come, and he cometh, 
and to my servaunt, Do this, and he 
doeth it. 

9 When JeeuB herde this, he raerveyled 
at him ; and turned hym about, and 
sayd to the people tliat folowed hym, I 

314 GOTHIC, 360. 

Amen qi|.'a Tm^iR, ni m tsracla sw&lauOB 
galaubein 1)igat 

10 Yiih gBWAnrlynndAnit gik, \>9J in- 
SAiididaua, <lu garda, bigctun fuma siukoa 
akalk hailana. 

11 Yah warjt 'in |iftmina afar daga 
Mdya m baurg, namnidn Naen, 3rah 
mididdywlun irama siponyoa is ganohai ; 
yah manageiua tilu. 

13 Bi|>ch {ran ncwha vns daura ^izos 
haurgs, |>ttnih sai ! athaurans waa naua 
Bunus ainaha ai|rein sctnai ; j'ah hi silbo 
vidowo ; yah ntanagei ))iE08 baurgs ga- 
noha uu)) isai. 

13 Yah gasaiwhanda |)0 Franya lesos, 
^'Dfeinoda du izai, yah qa)i du izai, Ni 

14 Yah dufttgaggands, uttaitok whilf- 
tryom ; i)> ^ai bairandana gasto|>UD. 
Tah qa)>, Yuggalaud, du ))us qijia, urreis, 

15 Yah ussat sa uaus, yah dugana 
rodyan j yah atgaf Tna ai|)eiii 'is. 

16 Diasat (lan aHans agis, yali mik- 
ilidcdun Ou)j, qi|>andans, patei praufettiB 
mikUa urraia in unaia, yah, patei ga- 
weiBoda Gu|t managcins seinftizoa. 

17 Yiih us'idityu \*nta wnurd auil alia 
ludaia bi tna^ yah and allans bisitands. 

18 Yah gataihuQ lohanncn atiwnyos 
'is bi alia |h>. 

19 Yuh utbaitanda twana aiponye aein- 
aizo lohauDcs, insaudida Tna du lesua. 
qijianda, pu is aa qimanda, }>au anjiaraDU 
wenyaima ? 

20 Qiniandaua )>an at imma pAi wairos, 
qe)»un, lobannes sa Daupyauds lasand- 
idu ugkis du jma, qijiands, pu la aa 
qimanda, )>au an^anu wen)'airaa ? 

at tnuli jian l^iKai nvheilai gahailida 
managana af aauhtim, yali alahiin, yah 
ahmauc ubilatzo ; yah blindaim manag- 
aim frngaf eiun. 

aa Yah andhafyands lesuB qft|> du Tm, 
Gaggandnna gateihnta lohanncn )>atoi 
gaaewlmU yah gahausideduU ; ^atei 

ANGLO-SAXOy, 995. [St. Ltk 
ic on Israhel swa mycelne gclcafaiL 

10 And da da ham comon, He awtiik 
WEcrou, hig gcmetton halne denies de rr 
untruni wres.^ 

T 1 Oa wses sycldan gewnrden ha (cnle 
on da ceaativ, de ia genemned Nun, 
and mid hiju ferdon hys leornlu^-cnifat^ 
as ; and mycel moncgo. 

ra t)a h« genealsehte ctAre ccastn 
gate^ da wiea dar an dead num geborcB, 
anre wiidewaii suuu, t!c uuanc odOM 
luefde ; and bco wudewe wn>« dor ; aod 
mycel menegu doerfi btirh-wara BOd 
hyre. ^ ^ , 

1 3 Da se Hcelend hig geseah, da ma 
he mid mild-heortnesse ofer hig ge- 
fylled, and cwa?|> to byre, Ne wep dd ni 

14 Da gcneala'lite he, and da f!vttM 
aet-hran ; da o^tstodon da de I^ 
bteron. Da cwfe{> se Hjclend, EiIk 
geoDga, de ic aecge, aria. 

1 5 Da arda se de dead waes, and oogta 
sprecau ; da agef he hino hys meder. 

16 Da ofcr-code egc hig ealle, andhi^ 
Ood miersodon, and cwiedoD, Diet Buin 
witega on us aras, and, Diet God hjH 
folc gcucoaode. < 

17 Da ferde deos spaic be liim on 
ealle ludea, and embe call da?t rice. 

iB Da cyddon lohannea ]eonung<B&(^ 
as him be caUuin dysum |iingtxm. I 

19 Da clypode lohanuea twegen of Im 
1 corn tng-cnih turn, and sende to dm 
Ilsclendc, and dus cwe^, £art do (U 
to cunienne eart, liwKder de we odm 
Bculon onbydan ? 

so Da hig to him comon, das hig 
cwccdon, lohannes sc Fulluhterv V 
aendo to de, and dus cwa?J>, Enrt to 
dc to cumenne eart, de we sculou odrti 
on bid an 1 

21 S6|)Kce on daere tide he gebcWi 
manega of adium, ge of witnm, tod (^ 
yfelum gastum ; and manrgum hIiDAfll| 
he gesilifc forgeat 

22 Da cwae|> »c Hielend, Fan^ »nd 
cyda|i lobanne da t'iug de ge gcnwvo 
and gehyrdon ; da^t hh'nde geseo^. ffA 


tn. 10-23.] WTCLIFFE, 1389. 
aetbir in Israel I fond so moche fcith. 

10 And thei that wcrcn sent, turnyd 
^ea bom, foonden the aeruAunt bool, 
which vaa syk. 

11 And it was dun aftirward Jbesu 
ite in to a cite, that is clepid Naym. 

his disciplis ; and ful greet cum- 
lye of peple wcnte with him. 
r 2 Sothly whanne be cam uy^ to the 
jkte of the citeo, loo ! on oonlypi sone 
of his modir was horn out deed ; and 
this was a widowe ; and moche cumpauy 
of the citcc vxu with hir. 

; 3 Whom wfaanne the Lord Jhesu 
ide 8C}Ti, he raeuyd by mercy on hir, 

Ide to hir, Nyle thou wcpc. 

14 And he nei^iedCi and tnuchide the 
here ; and thei that baren stoodcn. 
And he scith, 3ong mao, I aeie to thee, 
rjrse vp. 

x^ And he that was deed sat vp, and 
bigan to speke ; and be ^af him to his 

16 Sothli drede t^ok alio men, and 
thei nia^'iiytiedeu God, seyingc. For a 
greet projiljete hath risuu among vs, 
and, For Uod hath visitid hia pople, 

17 And this word wente out of him in 
to al Judec, and in to al the cuutre 

18 And diBciplis of John tohlen him of 
tile thcs thiugis. 

19 And John cicpide to gidere tweyne 
of his disciplis, and sento to Jhesu^ scy- 

XArt thou that art to comynge, 
r we ablden another 7 

20 Sothli whanne the men hadden 
eoOM to him. thei seiden, John Uuptist 
ientc vs to thee, seyinge. Art thou that 
nrt to comynge, other wo ahtdeu an- 
other 1 

2X Forsothe in that our he hcclide 
many men of her sykeneflsis, aud woundis, 
and yucle sptritis ; and bo 3af si^t to 
manye btynde men. 

33 And Jhesu answcringc soidc to 
hem, 3e guy^^ telle ^en to John tho 
ihingis that jc ban herd and scyn ; for 

TYXD ALE, 1536. 


saye vnto you, I have not fonndo 000 
greatc fayth, noo nott in Israbel oer- 


TO And they that wor sent, tamed 
backe home agayno, and foonde the ser- 
vaunt that was sioke, whoole. 

1 1 Aud it fortuned after that he went 
into a cite, called Naym, and hya dis- 
ciples went with him ; and a grcate 
Domber oflf people. 

13 When he cam nyo to the gate off 
the cite, beholde ! there was a deed mnn 
caried out whicli was the only sonne of 
his mother ; aud she was a widowv ; 
and moche people off tho cito was with 

13 xVnd the Lorde sawe her, and had 
oomi>a8sion on her, and aaydc vnto her, 
Wepe not 

1 4 And went, and touched tlic coflyn ; 
and they that bore hym stodc still. .tVnd 
he saydc, Yongc man, I saye vnto the, 

15 And the deed sate vp, and began 
to speake ; and he delivered hym to his 

16 And there cam a feare on them all, 
aud they glorifit^d God, sayingc, A greate 
prophet ys rysen amonge vs, and, God 
hath viRitc<l h}'8 people. ■ 

17 And thys rumor off hyn» went forthe 
throughout all Jewry, and thomwout all 
the regions whych lye rounde about. 

t8 And \-nto Jhon shewed hys disciples 
off all these thynges. 

19 And Jhon oaJlcd vnto hym two off 
hys disciples, and sent them to JcsuSf 
soyinge. Arte thou he that shall come, 
or shall we loke for another 1 

30 When the men wer come vnto hym, 
they sayde, Jhon Baptisto sent vs vnto 
the, sayinge, iVrtc thou he tlwt sl»all 
come, or shall we wayto for another 7 

3 1 Att that same t>'me he cnred many 
off their infimuttcs, and plages, and off 
evyll sprctes ; and \'nta many thatt 
were blynde he gave sightt. 

33 And he answered and sayd vnto 
them, Goo youre wayes and shewe Jhon 
what thingcs ye have hcrde and scnc ; 


GOTHIC, 3ffo. 

bliodai usgaiwbnnd, haltAi gnf»pin<l, 
|>nitrifillai gahrAinyaiidA, bauiUi gahtms- 
yiuid, tiaweia urreisand, unleilai waila- 

23 Ynh audftgs Tst, sawbaxah saei ni 
ganiiirzyadu 'in mis. 

24 At ^lL'i|>iuu1uin Yan }?aiTn ainim 
lobftTines, du|^nn rodynn dii mftmij»oin 
bi loluinnen, AVliti tisiddyedu]? in »u|)iriu 
saiwliau 1 raua fram winda wagid 1 

2^ Ake! wba Ufiiddyedu{i saiwban 1 
inannau in bnoaqyaim woatyom ga- 
wnsidana? Sail (>ai in ^vastyoin wu!)>- 
agnirn ^'ab fodoiuai wisandaus, Tu |>iad- 
angardyom sind 

26 Akei wba us'iddyedu)> saiwhan Y 
praufetu f Yai i\i\» izwia, yab mais 

27 iSa iBt, bi |)anei gametid Tst, Sni I 
ik insandya aggilu mcinana faura au<1- 
wair|tya beinaniina, aaci gamaowcid \r)g 
{reiimna faura ]}us. 

28 Qi)>a allis izwis, maisft in baorim 
qioono praufetud, lobanne ^amma Daup- 
yatidin, atnsbuii nist ; T|> sa uiijiiiiza im- 
nia in {liudangardjrai Ga|>8, maiza Im- 
l»n '1st. 

39 Yali alia ninnaget gabausyaudei, 
yab motaryos, garaibtana (ioinide<biD 
Qu\>, ufduupidai diiupeinai lobanniB ; 

30 i\> Fareisaieis yah witodafastyoSi 
runa Uu(«a frnqo]>un and sik, ni daup- 
idai fnim imina. 

31 Wbe nu galeiko \>nns 

mai»8 ]>\a kunjrifl, yah wlie siyaina ya- 
Icikat ] 

33 Oaleikai sind bamam [mini in ga- 
runsai sitandam, yah wopyaudani seiiia 
misso. yah qit^andoin, Swiglodediim ix- 
wifl, yub ni pUnsideduj^ ; gatmoUeduin 
izwis/ yab ni gaigrotuj?. 

33 ITrranu raihtia Johannes sa Daup- 
yniids, nib blaif matyands, nib wein 
drigkiimlft, yah <\i\>\]>, (Tnhul|wu hahai|i. 

34 Crrann HtiniLs mans mutynuds yab 
drigkauda, yah (\\yi^, Sai! manna afetya, 
yah weiii(h'u;;kya, firiyouds motaryo yah 


hnultc ga|>, hreoflan Hynd gehxiede, de&fij 
gebyra^, deade arisa]>, )>e&rfiui boding. 

33 And cadig ys, sva bwylc swi db 
byl* Oil mc ge-untreow»od, 

24 And da da lohannes eercnd-recaa 
ferdon, da cwfe|r se llslend to dam fo 
be lobanne, Hwi* ferde ge on west 
gt.>acon 1 duit breod de by^ mid 
ast^ed 1 

2,5 Ac hwi ferde ge to sconnet 
man mid hne.scani rcafam gcsajAuib} 
da de Byud on dcorwurjjuni rcBw oA 
on estam, [*synd ou cyninga hiisum]. 

36 Ac bwi ferde go dsne wiUigHi_ 
geseon I Witodlicc ic eow aecge, he 
nifira donne witega. 

37 Des is, be dam de awriU'n is, Ns 
ic ascnde minne cngcl bcfurau di| 
ansvne, se g^earwa)! dinne w^ bdiSr 

38 S6|>Iice ic eow aecge, Xig beti 
wifa bearnum, nan mcerra witcga, dc 
lobanncB se Fullubtero ; se de is 
on Qodes rice, se is bis mara. 

29 And eall fotc dis gebyTende, San- 
dor-halgan God boredon, and gcfulIcJe 
on lohannea fuUutite ; 

30 S6)3lice da Sundor-balgan and 
K-gleawnn, forbogodon dera llslendtf 

fe^ealit on him Hylfum, na fram dim 
[selendc gefullodc. 

31 Hwam telle 10 gelia 

disse cneorisae men, and hvram ijnd 
hi gehVel 

32 Hi synd gclico cildum on stnrtfi 
sittcndum, and Rpeccndnm betwux him. 
and owedcndum, We sungon eow be 
hcarpan, and ge ne aaltcdon ; wo faeof* 
don, and gc ue weopon. 

33 Sojilice lohannes com Be FullnhteR. 
hlaf ne ctcnde, ne win drincende, tuvl 
ge cwedal', Dcofol-scocnysse he liK.'f|>. 

34 Mannes sunu com ctende and dr'^ 
cende, and ge cweda|>, Dei man 
Bwelgend, and win drincende, maufoln 
and synfulra frcond. 

23-34] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

fade TDCn seeo, croki<lc men gon, 
SAelU ben maod dene, dcef men hoeren, 
ede znea rysen a^eo, pura niea ben 
^un to prtM:hinge of the gospel^ 

3 And he that aohal not be gclaundnd 
me, » bleasid. 

4 And whaunc the niessangers of 
iuk Uaddcu gOQ away, he bigua to 
M of Jolm to the cuni]>aiiyes, Wltat 
pden ^e out in to deaert for to se ? a 
od vravrid with the wynd 1 

[5 Bat what wente 5c out for to se Y a 
^ clotbJd with sofle clothis i Lo ! 
vA tbat ben iu a precious cloth and in 
lUoes, ben ia houais of kyugis. 

16 But irhat thing wente ^e out for to 
}% a prophcte) 8othIi I seic to ^ou^ 
id more than a jtrophute. 
*7 Thifl it is, of whom it is wrltcn, 

t I aeodc myn aun^el byfore thi face, 
p« wliich 0chal make thi weye redy 
Efore thee. 

38 Sotbly I seye to 30U, among the 
liildeivn of w)inmcu, uo man ia more 
ian John Baptist, pro]ihet« ; »othU he 
aat is lease in the k^nigdom of lieuenes, 

1 more than he. 

19 And al the pcple hoeriuge, und pup- 
Renn!). baptisid with buptym uf Johu, 

ti fioii ; 

uih Pharisees aud wyse men of 
Be lawe, not bsptisid of liira. dispiscden 
I^ODseil of God in hem silf. 

I^Sothli the Lord seyde, Therfore to 
"bom sclml I seye men of this genera- 
ioun tyk, aud to whom ben thci 3yk 1 
3a Thei ben lyk to cluldren sittinge in 
Kepinge, and apekynge to gidere, and 
feyinge. We hau songun to 30U with 
ipis, and 3c hau not dauusid ; we hau 
.laad bimcntociouu, aud ;e hau uot 

33 Foraoth John Baptist cam, nethir 
Itmge breed, nether drynkynge wyn. 
Hid 3e aeyn, He huth 11 fend. 

34 Miuints aone earn etiuge and drynk- 
\o^ and ;e seyn, Lo ! a man deuourere,^ 
and (iryiikiuge wyn, frend of puppUcana 

andof ayuful mcu. 




howe that the biynde so, the Imlt goo, 
the lepers are etunsed, the dcufe heara^ 
the deed aryse, to the pover is the 
gospel! preached. 

33 And happi is he, that fallcth not 
by the reason of me. 

24 When the messengers of Jlion wer 
departed, he began to bpeakc vnto the 
]>eoplc of Jhon, What went ye out fur 
to se in to the desert ? went ye to se a 
rcdc shnkcu with the wynde ] 

2$ But wliut went ye out for to sc 1 a 
man clothetl in sauite mynient'? Beholde ! 
they which are gorgeously apparelled 
und ly vc dclicatly, are in kyugcu courtes. 

26 Butt what went ye forth to sel a 
pru|)het ? Ve I sayc to you, and moore 
tht*n ft prophet. 

27 This is he, of whom hit ia wrytten, 
Boltolde ! I sende my messenger before 
thy face, to prepare thy waye before 

28 I saye Tuto you, a greater prophett 
then Jhon, omouge wemeua children, ia 
there none ; nevertheleese won that is 
lesse in the kyngdom of Qod, is greater 
then he. 

29 And all the people that herde, and 
the publicans iustitied God, whidi wer 
baptised in the haptim of Jhon ; 

30 But the Pharyscs aud scribes de- 
spised the eounscll off God agaynst them 
selves, and wer not baptiaetl of hym. 

31 And the Lorde sayd, Where vnto 
shall I lyken tlie men of this generadoii, 
aud whtttt thynge are they lyke 1 

32 They are lykc vnto chyldren sitt- 
ynge in the market phicc, and cryinge 
one to another, and sayiiige. We have 
pyped vnto you, aud ye have nott 
duuused ; we have mouniod to you, and 
ye Imve not wept. 

33 For Jhon Baptist cam vnto you, 
nether eatyuge breed, uer drynkyngo 
wj'ue, and ye saye. He hath the dc%yll. 

34 Tht' Sonne off man is c4tmo and 
eateth and drj-nkcth, aud ye aaye, Be- 
holde ! a man which is a glotton, and a 
dryuktr of wyne, the frcnde of publicans 
and sinners. 

318 GOTHIC, 360. 

35 Yali gusuuyoiJu war|> haudugei fram 
'bamam sciuaim allaim. 

36 ])a|> |»in inu sums Parcisaie, ei 
xaatidedi luib imma. Yah atgaggaiids 
'in gord |>U lareiaoiaus, auakumbida. 

37 parub sai I qino in )>iwii baurg, aei 
«*&s frawaurlita, yah ufkuiuiaudel, ^tei 
anakumbida lu raeou }»iB Fareiauaus, 
briggandei alaltalfitrauri baJsanis ; 

38 Yah atandandcl faura fotum is, 
uftaru greitandei dugaim nutyan fotiins 
IS tAgrara, yah skufta haubidis seiais 
bisworb, yah kukida futuni Ttf, yah ga- 
B&lboda {HLiuiua bolsana. 

39 Gasaiwhanda |:)aa sa FarcisaiiiB, saei 
haibnit iuu, rudidu sis ulus, qitmiids, Sa 
i|i wesi prnufetus, ufkun|>edi y&u, who 
yah whileika so qino sei teki)> imnsa, 
[tatei frawaurhta tst 

40 Yah andliafyands lesus qa}> du 
Paitrau, Seimon, skal ^us wba qi)>aii. 
J)) is qa[i, Laisari, qi|>. 

4 1 Twiu dulgis akulaos wcsim dul- 
gahaltyin Bumautma; aina akulda skatte 
Bmf hunila, \]> anjiar Bmf tignne. 

43 Ni habandam \ian wba^ro osgebcina, 
baini fragaf. 'Wliajrar uu jiizc, qi^, mais 
Tna friyod 1 

43 Audhafyand^ |>au Seimon ija)^, pana 
_ iwenya, |>animei mau^izu fnigaC por- 
oh 18 qa)> du imma, Kaihtoba atauTdes. 

44 Yah, gn\vuDd3'aDds sik du J'irai 
qinon, qaji du Seimona, Gasaiwhls |)0 
qinou 1 Atgaggandin in gard {leinana, 
wuto mts aua fotuns meinana ni gafl ; 
i^ si tagram sciiiaiiu ganutidu lucinans 
fotuns, yah skufta seinamma bisMrarb. 

45 Ni kukides mis ; ip si, fram |>am- 
inoi innatiddyu, ut sxTfuf bikukyan fot- 
uns meinana. 

46 Alc\i*n haubid meiuata ui salbodos j 
1)1 si balsana gasalboda fotuus meinana. 

47 In ))izei qi))a'))U8, afletanda fra- 


35 And wTsdum is geribtwisod ou tall- 
mu his licanium/ 

36 Ua b»d bine sum of Aasa Sundof^ 
hdlgum, CUet be mid him sete. Da code 
he into dsss Fariseisean huse, and ge- 

37 And da diet wif, de w«a on Smt 
ceaatre, synfol, da hco uucucow, d»t 
8iet on deoe Fariseua huM, heo br 
byre aealf-box ; 

38 And stod wid-eeftan bis fet, 
ongan mid h)Te teanim hys let }y 
and drigde mid hyro heafdes fcax^ 
cyste hya fet, and mid sealfe BmyTed< 

39 Da se Sundor-halgaf de fayne 
gela^de, da;t geseali, he cwa*^ 
ge)>aDce, Oyf dea man ■wit^.'ga 
Tvitodliee he wiate, hwwt and hwylc 
wif were de his «t-brin}>, det 
syuful is. 

40 Da cwee|) se Hsclend him 
Bwaricnde, Symon, ic hi^bbc de to 
gcnne sum |)ing. Da cwtsp he, ~ 
aegc donne. 

4 1 Twegen gafol-gyldan wsron 
um lEencudc ; an sceoldc (if bund 
ega, and oder fifUg. 

43 Da big niefdon hwanon hi 
aguldon, he hit him bam forgeaf. Hi 
er . . . lufodc hyne awydor f 

43 Da andawarode Simon, Ic wene,l 
de he mare forgeaf- Da cwie]» he, Bi 
dti demdest. 

44 Da bewende ho hyne to dam 
and sede Simouc, Ocsyhst du dia 
Ic code into dinum hdsc, nc 
du me wffiter Ut nunum fotum ; 
mid hyre tearum mine fet ^vroht 
raid hyre I cecum drigde. 

45 Cobs dii me ne sealdest. 
syddan ic in-eode, ne geswae 
mine ft-t ne cyste. 

46 Min heafm) dii mid ele nc smyi 
«t ; deoB amyrode mid M»]fe mine 

47 Fordam ic secge de^ hyre vf^ 

35-47- J \V^'CIJFFE. 1389. 

35 Ami wTaUom is justified of alle her 

36 ForeotU Buxu Phhrise prciede Jlieau, 
ihat be sehuldc et« with htm. Aud lie 
estriogc in to the hous of the Fhorise, 
sat at the mete. 

I 37 And lu ! a wommon synnerease, 
^Uui was in the citee, as sche knew, that 
Jheni hadde sete ot the mete in the 
ilioos of the Pharisee, broujte an ala- 
ibastre I>ox uf oyocment ; 
; 38 And sche stondiuge byhynde htsydis 
lu feet, bigan to moiste his feet with 
jteeriA, and wypide with heeris of hir 
^heed, and kiato luu fcot, und unoyntidc 
I with oynement. 

1 39 SothU the PhonBe aeynge, that 
di^pide him, seith with yune him silf, 
Mipige, If this were a prophctc, sothli 
k Knulde wite, who and whiit maner 
vonmian it were that touchith him, for 
ihe is a synucresse. 

40 And Jhesu answeringe seide to him, 
Symomid, I haue snm thing for to seye 
to thee Aud he seith, Miustir, seie 

41 And he ausweride, Tweye dettoura 
tere to sum leeuere f oou ou^te fyue 
hmdrid pemi, and an other fyfty. 

42 Sothli hem not hauyn^ wherof 
tfcei schuldon jeldc, he gaf frely to euer 
9thur. yr\\o therfore . . . loueth him 

43 S3rmoand answeringe seide, I gesae, 
'fw he to whom he frely jaf more. ^Vnd 
he onsweride to him, Thou hnet demyd 

'44. Aod he, turned to the nomman, 

to Symoand, Sccst tbou thu) wom- 

1 I eotride in to thi Itous, thou 

not ;ouun watir to my feet ; forsoth 

toomman hath moistid my feet with 

ftud hath wypt with hir heeris. 

45 Thou haat not juuun to me a oosac ; 
Iknoth tills loomrnart^, sithea sohc eutride, 
bca»de nut to kiase my feet 

46 Thou hadt not anoyntid myu heed 
Irith oylc ; fureothe this oyntide my feet 
Irith oyuement. 

47 For which thing I scie to thoe. 


35 And wiadum hi tustiiied of a]] her 

36 And one off Uie Pharysea desired 
hym, that he woldc eate with hyni. 
And he cam in to the Pharises housse, 
and sate doune to meate. 

37 And bebolde ! a woman in that 
cite, which was a synuer, as aone aa she 
knewe, that Jesus sate at meate in thu 
Phariaes houase, she brought an ola- 
hhiater boxe of oyntment ; 

38 And she atode at hia fete behynde 
hyni wepynge, and began to wesahe his 
fete with tearcs, and did wipe them 
witli the hearea off her heed, and kyssed 
hia fete, aud anoyntcd them with oynt- 

39 When the Phariae which bade hym 
to hi^ houaae, sawe that, he spake with 
in h)Tn sylfe, sayingo, Yf this man wer 
a prophet, he woldo surely have knowen, 
who and what maner woman this ia 
which touchetli hym, for ttho ia a synuer. 

40 And Jesus answered and sayde 
vnto hym, Simon, I have aomwlint to 
aaye vnto the. And he aayd. Master, 
saye on. 

4 1 There was a certayne lender which 
had two dettcrs ; the one ou^fat five 
hondred pence, and the other fifty. 

42 WTien they had nothiuge to paye, 
he forgave them boothe. Which of tuern, 
toll mCf wrill love hym moost i 

43 Simon answered and aaydo, I sup- 
pose, that he to whom he forgave mooat. 
And he sayde vnto him, Thou bast 
truely iudged. 

44 And he turned to the woman, and 
sayde vnto Simon, Seist thou thys wo- 
man ? I entred into thy houase, and 
thou gavcst me noo water to my fete ; 
butt ahe hath wesshte my fete with 
teares, and wiped them with the heerea 
of her heed. 

45 Thou gaveat me no kysac ; but she, 
seucc the tyme I cam in, hath not 
ceased to kysae my fete. 

46 Mync heed with oylc thou didcat 
nott anoyntc ; and she hath aunoyutod 
my fete with oyntment. 

47 Wherefore I saye vnto the, many 


GOTHIC, 3tfo. 

waurliteU izos |>q9 rimun^oiia, uute ft'iyoda 
filu ; 1^ {^iimuiet leitil friiletjida, leitil 

48 Qa|nih )>aa du izai, Aflctanda ])U8 
fniwaurhtCMB |»cuios. 

49 Yfth diigiinnun, ^at mijianakurab- 
yandans, qijMin in sis silbaru, Wltus sa 
tet saei frawaurhtiDS afletai t 

50 1[|> IS qa}> ]>an da |>izai qioon, 0&- 
laubeins )}eiua gauosida ^uk ; gagg ui 

Chap. VIII. i Yah war|» l>i|>e afar 
bata, ct yah i's wrutoda and huurgs yah 
tiaimoB, iiierynnds yah wail asp ill uudn 
|iiudaogardyu Gu^, ytiU |mi twalib iiii|i 
imtna ; 

2 Yah qinons |>ozei wesun galeikinodoa 
idimuiie ublluizc yuh Bauhtc, yah Marya, 
sei haitanu was MagdaleDc, us {lizaiei 

lUsiddyeduD unhu!|>ons sibun, 

3 Yah lohanim, <|i.n9 Kuains, fuur- 
ogagyins Hcrodcs, yah Susanua, yah 
aDJ>aros inanagoa, )>uztil andbahtededua 
iin us aighiain Bcinaiin. 

4 GaquniMTiaim [iiui hiumam managaim, 
yah }»aira ])aiei us baurgun gaiddyedun 
dti ininia, qu|> |)airh gayukoii, 

5 Uirann saiixuds du saian fraiwa sein- 
amma. Yah mi[>|)ftnci saiso, sum ga- 
draui} faur wig, yah gatrudau war]>, yah 
fugloa himiuis frctuu |iuta. 

. 6 Yah an)>ar gadraua ana staina, yah 
uskiyaiiata ga^U]*suoda, in f>izei ui hab- 
juda qranuuijm. 

7 Yah sum gadnius in midumai )iaurn- 
iwe, yuh Inijiuskeinandaufl ]>ni ^urnyua 
afwhapidcdun )>atA. 

8 Yah au|>ar garlraus ana air|?ai godai, 
}'ah Ufikcinoda, yah tanida akran Uih- 
uuttiihundralj). pata |>aii qi|)ands uf- 
xropiila, Saei habni ausoua du hausyau, 

ij Frohun f>au i'na siponyos \'a qi]mn- 
dans, wha siyai so gayuko. 

10 I|> 18 qal>, izwis atgihan ist kunuan 
runos |)iudinaasaus Guj>8 ; T|i |)uim au* 
fiaraim iu gayukQin, ci Daiwhiinilaua ai 


mauega sinna forgyfene, fortlam heo 
swydi? lufotle ; la?ase lu&i|', tiam dehrw 
forgyfeu ya. 

48 t)a c>v»{i he to hyre^ De synd 
synna forgyfenc. 

49 Dd beguDuon, da de <1ar bkU 
betwux liim cwedan, Hwreet is d« 1 
muuua synna forgyf)i1 

50 Da cwie)> be to dam wife, Din 
Icafa dc dyde hale ; ga nu on sybbe. 

Chap. VIII. 1 Syddan ww 
wordcn, dst he ferde [)urh da 
and diet castcl, Godes rice (iredici* 
aud bodiendc, and big twelfe raid 

2 And snroe vrif de vrsron 
of awjTgdum g-7stum and untnti 
sum, seo Magdalenisce Maria, of 
seofen deoflu ut-eodon, 

3 And loliauna, Chuzan wiC Hi 
gcrefan, and Susanna, and mauega 1 
de him of hyra spedum {>eDedon. 

4 Sojitice da mycel menegoo com,' 
of dam ceastmm to biro efktun, be 
bim an big8]>c1, 

5 Sum man his s<vd seow. Da be 1 
seovr, sum feotl wid done weg, 
vrearp fortredeu, and beofones 
bit fneton. 

6 And sum feoU ofer dan« stan, 
hit forscraue, fordom de liic 

7 And sum feoU on da ^rnaa, tadj 
^ornos . . . byt lorjtrysmodoiL 

8 Aud sum feoU on godc eor^. taA 
worIit<> hundfoaldne wiefitm. Daclrpoil' 
be aud cwii'li, Oehyre, se de etrto 

9 Da ahsodon bine hys Ieomiii| 
as, hwjot i1:ft bigspel WBerc. 

10 Da Qvrte]^ be, £ow ia gesetdtl 
ge w*iton Goiles ncea geryne ; and uJ- 
rum on bigspelltun, dst hi 

VUL to.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

imes ben foqouun to hire, for 
loued mycLe \ Bothli lit* to 

ease for3ouun, loucth lesse. 

li Jhemi seide to bir, Synnea 

lun to thee. 

tiiei that saten to giderc nt the 

;uane to Beie with yiine hem 
18 this that also for^yueth 

pthe he seldc to the wommftD, 
hath maad thee saf ; go thou 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


Till. I And it was don aFtir- 
I Jhesn made iomey by citees 
plia, prechiuge and euangelys- 
rcvmie of God, aud twcluc with 

Bumme wymmfn that weren 
wickide spiritia and sykaessis, 
uit~ is clepid Mawdeleyii, of 
Dene deuelis wenten out, 

one, the wyf of Chusc, procu- 

f Kroude, and Susunne, and 

there, whiche myuystrideu to 

fr ricliea. 

th whanuc ful mocho cumpanye 

idere, and fro citees hastidcii to 

leide by a liknesse, 

that sowith, ;ede out for to 

geed. And the while he bow- 

felde by sydiH the weye. and 
uUd, and briddis of the eyr 

another foldc doun on a stoou, 
orungen vp dryede, for it hadde 

auothir feldo doun among 
and the thomcs ajmingcn vp 
B strangliden it. 
another felde doun in to j;ood 
il it Hpruiiguu vp uuulc an hun- 
3 fruit, lie scyiuge thca thingis 
[e that hath eeria of heeringe, 

I Ida disciplla axtden him, what 
hie wan. 

whiche he aeyde, To ^ou it is 
knowe the mysterie of the 

of God ; forsothe to othere 

aynncs are forgeven her, Itecnuse aha 
loved moohc ; to wlioin lesae ia forgevon, 
the same doetli Icssc love. 

48 And he sayde vnto her. Thy synnes 
are forgeven tlic. 

49 And they that aate at meate wyth 
hjrm, began to aaye with in tliein selvea, 
Who ia thia whych forgeveth aynnea 

50 And he sayde to the woman, Thy 
faytb hath saved the; goo in peace. 

Chap. VIIT. i And it fortuned after 
that, he hym stlfe went troughout citiea 
and tonnes, prcachyngo and ahowinga 
the k}-Qgdom of God, and the twelve 
with hyni ; 

a And also cei*tftyne wemen whych 
wer healed of vnclene spretca and in- 
firmittes, Mary, called Magdalen, out of 
whom went seven devyla, 

3 Aud Joanna, the ^-yfe of Chusa, 
Herodea stewarde, and Suaaiiua, and 
many other, which miuiatred vnto hym 
of their siibat-aunce. 

4 ^Vlien moch people wer gadred to 
gctUer, and were come to liim out of 
the cities, he spake by a similitude, 

5 A sower went out to sowe his aeede. 
And aa lie sowed, some felt by the waye 
syde, and hit was trodeu vnder fete, and 
the foulea of the bjtc devoured it vp. 

6 And some fell on ston, and na sone 
as yt was spronge vp yt widdrcd awaye, 
because yt lucked moystucs. 

7 Aud some fell omonge thomes, and 
the thornes sprouge vp with it and 
choked it. 

8 And some fell on goode groimde, and 
spronge vp and bare frutc an hondred 
foolde. And as he sayde these th>*nges 
he cryed. He that hath eorea to heare, 
lett liym hcare. 

9 Hys disciplea axed hym. sayinge, 
yrhat maucr airailitudo this ahulde be. 

J o And he sayde, Vuto you ia it geven 
to knowe the secretes of the kyngdom 
of God ; butt to other in eimilitudes^ 


322 GOTHIC, 360. 

gasaiwfaaina, yah gahausyandans ni fra^ 

1 1 A|>)>flu |)ata ist bo gaynko. pata 
fraiw mi waurd Gu|)a ; 

13 I}> )ku wi|)ra wig, sind )hu liauB- 
yaiiduns ; |>a|>roh qtmi^ diubulus, yah 
usniini|> jmta wanrd af hairtin 'ize, ei 
galaubyaodaiis ni gouisaino. 

13 J)} \ttLi ana t>amma stainar ue |ian 
haiisyand, ini|i faheidai audniniand |>ata 
wnurd. Yali ^ai waurtiiia ui Labund ; 
}*aici du mcla j^laubyaud, yah la mda 
fraifltubnyos a&tandand. 

14 I)) ))ata in [mumuna gadriusando, 
)>iu sind )>aLci gahausynDdiuis, yah af 
Baurgom, yah gabein, yah gabauryo|>uni 
jiizos libaiuais gnggandaus afwhapnand, 
yali ni guwriis<iund. 

25 I)) jiata ana frixd godon alr^i, (lai 
siud. \nu izc In hairtiu godamma yah 
siilyaiunin, gahauByandans )Hita waurd 
gahabaud, yuh ukrau bairand iu J^ol- 

16 Al>)>au ni mauna lukam tandyanda 
dishul}-i|) ita kasa, ai|i(»ttu nt Hgr ga- 
Batyi|>. ak ana lukariiasta|tin Batyip, ei 
|»ti iuDgaggiuidana saiwhaina liuhad. 

T 7 Ni auk ist analaugn^ |Hitoi 8wikuD)> 
ni wair))ai, nih fulgiu, [latoi ni ga- 
kuuuaidau, yah in 8wekun}iamnuL qimai. 

18 Saiwhi)} uu. whaiwa bausoi|} ; uatc 
saei habai)) gibada ininm, yah saei ni 
habai|\ yah )>ut«i )}ugkei)» habon, afoim- 
ada af imina. 

19 Atiddyedun )>an du imma ai)>ei yah 

bro|jryu3 'isi ; yah ni raahtedun audqijjan 
Inima fuura managciii. 

30 Vah gataihan war}> imiiiH, Jlatei 
aiJHii )>eina yah br{>)>i')'U8 ]}einat standand 
uto, gosaiwhau )7uk giiirnyanduna. 

ax I|» ta andliaf)'auds qu|i du iro, AJ)>ei 
meina yah brofiryus nicinai |tai sind. )tai 
waurd Qu})S gahouayandans, yah tat^ 

3 3 \Var|» pan in ainamnia )>ize dage, 
yah M ga]ai|> m ekiji yah sipunyus is. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [Sr. 

ne geaeoD, and gebyrende ne on* 

11 So|>lic« difl is daet bigspsU. 
Bsed ys Godes word ; 

12 Da de eynd wid dcene w^, 
ffynd da de gehyraji ; ayddan te 
cyin)>, and nt-bryt d»t word of 
heortan, diet hig )>urh dune gd< 
hole no goweordon. 

r3 Da de synd ofer dipne stan, . 
da dffit word mid gefean onf6|i. 
da nabba)? wyrtniniao ; fordam 
hwilnm gelyfafi, and awaoia)? on 
costnunge tiinan. 

J 4 Diet sad de feoU on da 
dfl3t synd da de geliyra)>, and of 
and of welum, and of luatum dyaei 
synd forjyrysinede, and nanne 

15 Diet feoll on da godon eor|MU)J 
synd, da de on godre and on 
heortan, gebyrende diet word he 
and wseetm on gc|>ylde brings^. 

16 Nc ofer-wnb|> nan man mid 
his on-selcdc leoht-fiut, oddc under 
&aet, AC ofor candel-ataef aset, 
in-gangendon leoht geseon. 

17 S6)>lice nis mln \\ng digle, 
sy geswtitelod, ne behydd, dcet 
cu)!, and open. 

18 Wamia|>, hu ge gehyron ; daml 
geaeald de hipfj), and swa hwytc 
usf)», dcet he wcne diet he biebbe, 
by|i ufyrrcd. 

19 Hia modor and hia gebrodrn 
to comon ; and hi ne mihton hiM] 
dsre iDanegn geucosian. 

20 Da wees him gecyded. Bin mi 
and (Kne g«br6dru atandafi her vtc; 
w)*lla|» de geaeon. 

3 1 Da cwse)> be to him, ^Hn nutkr 
and mine gebrodrn synd da, de g^ 
hyra}), and d6]> Godcs word. 

3 3 S6|)licc anum diego 
da he un si'yp eode and his 

1-23.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

in parablis, that the! yeynge se Dut, 
U thei hceriDge nulirstoDde not. 

)i Sotbli this is tho parablo. The 
tf is Goddifi word ; 
ja Sothli thei that ben bisydia the weye, 
p thes Uiat heeren ; aftirward the 
id oometb, und takith awey the word 
I ber beite, lest thet bilcuyugc be 
nxl ssaf. 

3 Forvrhi thei that /eldan doun on a 

F, ben theae «>«n whichc whcntie 
haa herd, reoeyueu tho word with 
And thos ban not roote; for at a 
thei bileaen, and in tyme of temp- 
noun tlici goa awey. 

4 Foreothe thes that felden doun in 
pnLCSr ben thes that herdcn, and of 
■uieaBis, and richcs^is, tuid lu3tia of lyf 
m i^ornge ben stranglid, and br}tigen 

I ''th this ih&t /side doun in to 

crthe, ben thes ttx^h whiche, in 
berto and best, hecringe the word 
and bryngen forth fruyt in 

•th ito man 1i;tinge n htnterne 
»„:.. . .vith a veftscl^ ethir puttith -xTidir 
bed, bat on a condilsticke, that men 
c ae li;t. 

^OTBoth no tiling ia priney, which 
not be opeuyd» neither hid, which 
not be kiiowuii. and come into 

8 Therfore se je, hon 50 heeren ; for- 
it schal be ^ouun t« him tliut 

And who enere Imtlt not. also thia 
th him silf to haue, achal be 
uc uwey fro him. 

9 FonkJth bis modir and britheren 
to him ; and thei myjten not go 

y to him for the cumpany of i>eple. 
3o And' it is told to him, Thi modir 
thi britheren stoudeu nith oute 
nth, williDge to ae thee, 
a I ^Ttich auBweringe seide to hem, 
"y tnuder and my britheren ben the^, 
hiche heeren the word of Qod, nnd 

Forsoth it was don in oon of dayea, 
be Htijede in to u boot imd bis dis- 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


that when they se they shulde nott so, 
aiul when they heare they shulde not 

II The aimiUtude is this. The scede 
ye the worde of God ; 

13 Thoose thot are besyde the waye, 
are they that heare j and afterwarde 
eommeth the dev)'ll, aud takcth aw^aye 
the worde out of their hertea, lest they 
shulde beleve and be saved. 

13 They on the stonnes, are they which 
when they heare the worde, recca%'e yt 
with ioyc. And thes<; have noo rotes; 
which for a whyle beleve, and in tyme 
of temtacion goo awaye. 

14 That which fell amonge thomes, 
are they which heare, and goo forth and 
are choked with care, and riches, and 
voluptrous livjTjge, and brj'ngc forth 
n^H) frute. 

1 5 That in the good grounde, ar they 
which, with a goode and pure hert, heare 
the worde and kepo it, and bryngc forth 
frute with pacience. 

16 No man Ivghteth a eandell and 
coverit hyt vnder a vcssell, nether putt- 
eth hit vnder the table, but aetteth it 
on a cAudclHticke, that they that enter 
in maye ae lyght. 

17 Noo thingc is iu secret, that shall 
nott come ubroode, nether eny thinge 
hyd, that shall not be kuowen, and 
come to light. 

18 Take hede therfore, how ye hear© ; 
for whosoever hath to him shalbe geven, 
and whosoever hath not, from hym shalbe 
taken, even that same whichc ho sup- 
poseth that he hath. 

1 9 Then cam to hym hys mother and 
his brethren ; and coulde nott come at 
hym for prcace. 

30 And they toldc hjTii, stiyiugc, Tliy 
mother and thy bretliren stondc wyth 
out, and woldc se the. 

21 He answered and sayd vnto them, 
My mother and my brethren are these, 
which heare the worde of God, and 
do it. 

22 Hit chaunsed on u certupie dayo, 
that he went into a shlppe und hia dia- 

Y 2 


OOTHIC, 35o. 

Yfth r|a{) du im, Galei{>nm hindftr )>aiia 
marisaiw. Yah ^U)»un. 

33 pnrah, t^an awe faridedun, anDfiai- 
alep. Yah atiddya flkura wiudia in \!&n& 
marisaiw, juh gafullDodedun, yah birek- 
yai wuurjiim. 

34 Doatgaggandana ))an iirraisidedun 
Tna, qijwndans, Talzyand, fraqistaam. 
1)) is urreitiauds gasok wiuda, yah (lani- 
ma wega vrutius ; yah anaslawaidedtm, 
yah warji wis. 

25 Qajj \'&n du Tm, Whar ist ga- 
lauhcins izwara I Ogandans |>an sild- 
aleikidedun, qi^andtuis du sis misso, 
Whaa siai sa? ei yah w'mdnm faurbiudi)) 
yah watnam, yah ulliatisyand imma. 

26 Yah atfurideduii in gawi Gad- 
dareno, |iatci ist wi{irawair}i Ualeilata. 

27 Usgaggandin )raa inuna ana air|>a, 
gauiotida iiuma wair Bums ua baurg, 
Buei hahuida uiitiul|Tons inela lagga, yah 
waatyom u\ gawa«i|>s ivas, yah in ganla 
ni gawas, ak in hluiwaanotn. 

38 Gasaiwhands )>au Icsu, yah uf- 
hropynnds draus du imma, yah Btibnai 
mikitai t)a}>, Wha mis yah ^hBj lesu, 
Bunau Oul^s hauhislina? Bidya )»uk, ni 
bolwyaiB mis. 

ap Untc anabaud abmin fiamroa nn- 
liruinyin. uapt^^ui af |>amnia iiiunn. 
Manag auk inel fniwalw ina, yuli buod- 
ans was ciaamabaadyoin yali futubaud- 
yom fiLstaitis tvas, yah, di!jbu!u[mud4 
|m)8 bniidyye, dnubi{)9 was fnim ))umTua 
unhul|rin aim au|>ido8. 

30 Frah [lan ina lesus, qil^ands, Wha 
1st uaino jieiD } paruh f|a|>, Huryls ; 
uiite unhuljions monagos gali|)un in 

3 1 Yah bad ino^ ci ni anabudi Im, id 
afgrundi)ia galc*i)>an. 

32 Wa«u|)-|>nn yninar bairda aweine 
mauRgaizo tinldjiuaizo in )>auima fair- 
guuya, yuh bcduu ino^ ci usiaubidedi im 
in |)0 gatei})Hn. Vab uslaubida im. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St.Li 

cnihtas. }>a owk)i he to him. Ut 
segliau ofer diane mere. And Uig 
ledou da. 

23 Da hig reowoD, da slep he. 
com irindi yst, 

and hjg forhtodoD. 

24 Da genealaehton hig him to, 
cwsedoD, HIafonI, we forweorda^. 
aras he and ^reade dcene wind, 
dees wseterea hreohnesse; da geswa 
wind, and wear|) mycel smyltnea. 

25 Da cw8c[t »c Hselead, Hw9 
eower geleafat Da udiedou hig 
wuudrcdoQ, and betwux him ci 
'VVeust du^ hwKt ifi des ? dct be 
ge windum ge m, and hig him 

26 Da reowon hig to G< 
rice, diut is furau ougen GalUeam. 

27 Da he to lande com, htm af 
sum man . , . , ae hsefde deofol- 
langc tide, and uses mid nuoum 
gpscryd, and ne mibte on boM 
wunian^ ac on byrgennm. 

23 Da be geaeah daene Hslc 
aatrebte hyne tofurau him. and 
myceire stt'fno iirymemie, Hwa^t U 
and de, la Hsleud, d^ea hehatim 
auuu ? Ic iuUsigc dc, dst dd nc 

29 Da bead he dam unclsSnan ^^ 
diet be of dam men ferde. So[»lk« 
langc tide he bine gegrap, and he 
mid raccnteagum gcbiiuden and 
fut-copaum gcbealdeu, and, tob( 
bendum, he waes I'nim deufle on w< 

30 Da shsode sc Hselend hioe, Hi 
IH (iin iiama 1 Da cw!e)> he, 
dwt is on lire ge|>eode, Eorcd ; 
dt? manega deoHu on byne eodon. 

3 1 Da ba>dou big bine, diet be 
budc, dwt hi on grund ne b«6cat«it 

32 And dar wses mycel hcord 
on dam muntc lieaiendra, da bwdoo! 
diL't be lyfde him on du gun. V» 

be him. 

33-3»-] WTCLIFFE,i389. 

dplis. And he seith to hem, Pasac we 
oner (he Btoodinge watir. Antl the! 
sd^cden vyi. 

33 Sothli, hem rowj-nge, lie slepte. 
And a tempest of -wynd cam douii in to 
the iratir, and tbei weren driaen hidur 
aitd thidur with wawb^ uud wercu in 

34 Forsothe thei comynge ny^ reyaiden 
Mm, »eyinge, Comaunduur, we periachen. 
And he risynge hiamydc the wynd, and 
the tcmpeat of watir ; and it ceeaaide, 
and pesyblete was maad. 

25 Foreoth he seyde to liem, Wliere ia 
I ^em re feitli I Whiche dre<Iinge won- 

^HSdeiif Beyingo to gidere, \V)io, gcssiat 
^^Knir is this? for he comaundith to 

wyndifl and to the eee, and thei obcyen 

to him. 

26 And thei rowiden to the cuntree of 
QenaeDUd, which is a3eas Galilee. 

37 And wbanne be wente ont to the 
lond, 9um man ran to htm • . . , which 
iiadde a douyl now longe tymes, and was 
&ot clutlnd with cloth, neither dwellide 
in hous, but in sepulcria. 

38 This as he sy^ Jbeso, felde doun 
re him, and criyngc with greet voys 
e, ^Vhat to me and to thee, Jhesu, 
■one of God the hi^este ? 1 bescche 

ihee^ that thou turmente not me. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 



39 Sothli he comaundide to, the Tnclone 
•pint, that he schulde go out fro the 
taan. Forsothe he took him longe 
^n&ea, and he kept in stockis was 
Imxnden with chajnies, and, the hooudis 
broken^ he was led of fendis in desert. 

30 SothU Jhesu axide him, seyinge, 
t name is to thee 1 And he scyde, 

legioun ; for manye fendis hadde 
vntrid in to him. 

31 And thei preidcn him, that he 
tchuldc not comaunde hem, that thei 
Bchultlen go in to the depnesse. 

33 Forsothe a fiok of manye hoggis 
was there Icsewynge in an hil, and thei 
preieden him, that he schulde sufiVe hem 
to entre in to hem. And he suBridc 

ciples alaoo. And he sayde vnto them, 
Lett TB goo over vnto the other syde of 
the lake. And they lauchcd fortlie. 

33 And, as they sayled, he fell a sicpe. 
And there arose a storme of wyndo in 
the lake, and they wer fylled with water, 
oud wer in ieopi^rdy. 

34 And they went to hym and awoke 
hym, sajiuge, Ihlaster, master, we are 
loost. He arose and rebuked the wyudc, 
and the tempest off water ; and they 
ceased, and it wexed calme. 

25 And he suyd vnto them, Wlicre is 
yonre fayth ? They feared and woiidred, 
sayinge one to another, Who is this i 
for be commaondetb windes and water, 
and they obey him* 

a6 And they sayled vnto the region of 
the QaderenSf which is over agayust 

37 As he went out off the shippe to 
londe, there met hym a certayne man 
out off tlie cite, whych had a devyll 
longe tyme, and ware noo clothes, nether 
aboode in eny booase, but amonge graves. 

28 When he suwe Jesus, he crj-ed, and 
fell doune before hym, and with a loude 
voyce sayde, What have I to do wylh 
the, Jesus, the sounc off the moost 
Hyest 1 I beseche the, torment me noot. 

29 For he eommaunded the fonle 
spretc. to come out of the man. For 
ofte tjrmes he caught hym, and he was 
bounde with chaynes and kept with 
fetters, and he brake the boudes, and 
was carycd of the fende into wildemea. 

30 Jesus axed hym, sayinge, What ia 
thy name 1 And ho sayde. I^don ; bo 
cause many dcvyls wer entred into hjTU. 

31 And they besought hym, that he 
wolde notb commaunde them, to goo 
into the depe. 

3 J There was tberby an heerde of many 
fiwyne fcadynge on an hill, and they 
prayed hym, that he wolde soffre them 
to enter into them. And ho soffcred 



33 Usga^goudans jian suns ^\ unhul)^ 
ftDS af |ramma manii, gBli)}UQ in |k> 
Bweina j yali rann so WTi|3U8 and Uriuson 
ID )iana marisaiw, yali afwhapnodeduu. 

34 Gasai whan dans ^an |)ai haldandans 
|tata waiir[}ano, ga)>1anhunf yah gataihun 
"in baurg, j'ah in wtihaa, 

35 UsuUIyciIun |)uii sikiwhan f«Lta waur|>- 
ano. Yah qeniun ut le-tiia, yah bigot- 
un Kitandan {>ana mannan, lif ()amraei 
tinbu1)H)iis usTddyeUuiif guwaeidaiia yah 
{ra|iyauilau, faura fotuui losuis ; yah 

36 QataihuQ ]^&n iin }'ah |>ai gasaiwh- 
ADdaQS, whatwa gaoaa aa daimouarcia.* 

37 Yah hcduQ ina allai gauyaiis ))i20 
(^liddarcno, galei^an faimi sis, unte 
agisa mikilainma disliabaidai wcsun. 
1^ 18 galeij^audfl lu skip gawaudida &ik. 

38 B^ |)an ina sa wair, af ^mraci }h)S 
uuhulfwiis us'iddycdun, ui wesi mi\> im- 
ma. Fraloilut )>an 'ina lesus, qit>aad8, 

39 Qawandei ))ak du garda )>einaninui, 
yah usspillo whuu filu gata\\'ida |)U8 
Ou|». Yah galai|) and baurg alia, mer- 
yaodfl, whau filu gatawida imma Kesus. 

40 'War]> |>an, mi|t|tanei gawandida sik 
IcBM, audiiam ina manage! ; wcsun auk 
allai beidaudans ia. 

41 Yah sai ! qam wair, |itzei namo 
laeirus, sab fauraiim|>Icit} swnagogais 
was ; yali, driusands faura folum le- 
8uiS| bad ina gaggan in gard seinana, 

43 Unte dauhtar ainoho waa imma 
swe wintriwe twalibc, y&li so swalL 
Mi)>f»anci (>an "iddya is, manageina |>raih- 
un Ina. 

43 Yah qtno wisandei in runa blo^Jis 
yera twalif, sooi in lokyans fraqam 
allanima aigina seiuamma, yah ni msihta 
vras fi-am aiuomchun guJeikiuoo, 

44 Atgaggandei du aftaro, attaitok 
akauta waatyos is, yah suns gaatoji sa 
runs blo{>is izos. 

33 Da codon hig of dam m( 
Bwyn ; da ferde aeo hcord qj 
raise on dteuc mere, oud wol 

34 Da da hyrdaa dnt g«a£i 
flugon big, and cyddon on daj 
and on tunum. 

35 Da eodon hig ut dnt hig | 
d»t dar geworden wva. Da 
to dam Hsleude, da fundon 
man, do dcofol of eode, 
halum mode, set hU fotuio j 
adredon him. 

36 Da cyddon him da do 
ho wcea hal gevorden of dam 

37 Da bnd hyne call mcncgo 
Gerasenonim, daet be firam hi 
fordam big raycelum ege gehi 
on. Da wende he on Bcype i{ 

38 Du bed hyne se man, de 4 
of eodc, dwt he mid him wuufi 
forlet ae Utelend byno, and 1 

39 Wend to dinom huae, ana 
mycel de Ood gedou lief^. | 
he into eall da ceastre, and <; 
mycel ae Hslond him gedon h4 

40 S6|»!ice waes geworden, daj 
end agen-oom, seo maneg«o him 
calle hig gcbidon his. 

41 And da com an mftn, tk 
yfsss Idirus, bo wns daere gea 
ealdor ; da feoU he to dties ] 
futuni, and baxl hyne, dnt be 
hys huae, 

43 Fordam be haefde ane dot 
twelf wintre, nud soo for|»ferde. 
bj-rede hyt, da ho lerde, of d| 
egiim he vrasB of-|irungen. 

43 Da yvfca Buin wif on fe 
twelf ger, aeo for-dselde on li 
d%t heo ahte, and ne mibte 
aenegum beon gehwled, 

44 Da genealshte heo widaJ 
Rit-hrun bys reaios biaed, da 
dsfl blodes ryne. 

TLIFFE, 1389. 

^rforc fendis weutcii out fro the 
id entride in to boffgia ; and 
the tloc wente bediinjje in to 
of watir, and waa stmnglid. 
kh thiaf<, aa thet that losewidcD 
in. t)iei fleddcQ, and tolden in to 
and in townes. 
jjllili tbei jcden out to se that thing 

Plldon. . . . And theifonndcntbo 
Binge clothid, fro whom the fcndia 
I out, and in hool mynde nt hia 
pd thei dredden. 
iU And thei thftt ij^en toMon 
how he was mnad hool of the 

td ft] the muUitade of the cnn- 
Geniisenas preiedeu him, that he 
'go fro hem, for thei wcren holde 
tee-t dredc. Sothli he stijynge in 
t turned a^ein. 

the man of whom the fendis 
It, preied him, that be schulde 
him. Sothli Jhesu lefte him, 

a;eyn in to thin hous, and telle 
thingiB Go<l hath don to thee. 

wente thorw al the citee, prech- 
j^u grcte thingia Jhcsu hadde 

jrtothc it was don, wbanne Jhe«u 
u a^eyn, the cumpanye of laplo 
e him ; forsothe i^te weren 

Id loo ! a man. to whom the name 
mrvB, And he was a prince of a 
Eb; and be fel doun to the feet 
p, preiynge him, that he schuldc 
k Co his boos, 

ir olypi doQ^tir waa to him al- 
pf twelue ^ecr, and this deiede. 
fbifel, the while ho wente, he waa 
lln of the cumpeny. 
pd sum womman was in flix of 
fro twelue jeer, which liaddc 
al hir cdtcl in to lechis, nether 
curid of ony, 

ny^ bihynde, and touchide the 
dooth, and a uon the flix of 

TYNBAtE, 1526. 327 

33 Then went the devyls out off the 
man, and cntred into the swyne ; and 
the heenl toke their course and ran 
heedlynf^e into the lake, and wer choked. 

34 ^^'hen the herdmen sawe what bad 
clmunsed, they fleed, and tolde it in the 
cite, and in the villages. 

35 And they cam out to se what was 
doue. And cam to Jesus, and founde 
the man, out of whom the deryls wer 
departed, aittynge att the fete of Jesus 
clothed, and in hyu right mynde j and 
they wer nfrayde. 

36 They also which sawe it tolde tbom, 
by what meanes be that was possessed 
of the devyll was liealed. 

37 And all the whole multitude of the 
Gadarens besought bjTn, that be woldo 
departc from them, for they wer taken 
with great© feare. And be gate hym 
into the shyppe and rotamed backo 

38 The man out off whom the devyls 
were departed, besought hyra, that bo 
myght be with hym. But Josos sent 
byni awaye, aayinge, 

39 Goo home agayne into tbyne ownc 
housse, and shewe what thynges Gkxl 
hath done to the. And he went his 
waye, and preached thorowc out nil the 
cite, what thynges Jesus had done vnto 

40 Hit fortuned, that when Jesus waa 
eonie aj^'ayuc, the people recoaved hym ; 
for they all longed for hyra. 

4 1 And beholde ! there cum a man, 
named Jainu, and bo waa n ruler off 
the sinagoge ; and he fell douno at 
JesuB fete, and besought hym, that ho 
wolde come into bis bousse, 

42 Ffor ho bad but a doughter only 
of twelve ycro of age, and she laye a 
dytnge. As he went, the people throngc 

43 And a woman bavyngc an issne of 
bloud twelve ycres, whicbc had spent all 
her substamice amonge phiaiciona, nether 
couldc be bolpen of cny, 

44 Cam behinde h)Tn, and touched the 
hem of his Korment, and immediatly her 
issue off bloud staunched. 

GOTHIC, 360. 

^ T«h qi^ lenn, Wha> aft tekuids 
mill tmaioywoiam ^an alliiiro, qab 
PlHtna^ jah ^ inl^ immA, Talzyauu, 
luanap iiw biwhMriiHid ^nxk, yah ^reih- 
■od, yth qi^ \Vbas n tckauds nus 1 


46 pandi ii «|a^ Twtok mis sums, tk 
oCkua^ Biibi ttsp^gandem af mis. 



^■a so qiQo, pstei m 
reiraadei, yah at^lnusandei 
dtt Bmnft, in ^iaei attaitok imma g&taih 
^ yiwia IB aadwairtra aHaTSTFT manageiiis, 
yah whahrm gahajhwwk aims. 

48 1^ Iflsn qa^ da ini, pn&Ua (nk, 
dMktaTt fgnhn hnm ^cum gaaaaida yak ; 

gags IB gawaorfTa. 
49 Kanfa^va imina rodyasdin, gaggi)> 
bis fiMramablcis swn- 
da uuBa» paCci ga* 

^eiaa, ni draibci )*sa 

50 I^ la gaihflRByaiMla, andfaof Inmia 
qihands, Ki fiMiktca, ^tuaei galaubei, 
yab gaiMsyada. 

$1 QinttrfB Hb ui S*'^ ^ fraUUot 
•iaokaa Imags g ga n^ alya Faitm yah 
laknba yah Ii^MDDeo* yah ^aaa attao 
)•»• maiayna yah 

SS OMgroCm ^ a&u, yah fiuBaknn 
^ paiah qa^ Nt gra^ ante ni ga- 
stralU ak slcpi^ 

53 Vah biUiohsB laa» BStaiwhandann 
)>lat gaawali. 

54 Itooh b iwhaib— ds aUans at, yah 
fiurgraipaDda hands taoa vopida, qi^ 
aodi, MK9iy mreaa, 

55 Yah gmwandida ahman ixos, yah 
Yah aaahaod ixai giban 

56 Yah n%<iiiuo)Vwlun &dmn tioa ; 
iy is fiuirhaad tm, ei mans ni qi)>eina 


45 0a cwa^ se Haeleod, Hwff>t ii 
Ae ro« set-brail ! Da big eaU« ael-socoD, 
du cwapfi PetniB, and da de mid lura 
vreeroD, Eala Jilafurd, das mcnegi» tie 
^rtnga|>, and geswenea^ and dd 
Hwa Bt-briui me } 

46 Da cwK^ he, Sam me lei-fana, 
irist« daet maegen of me code 

47 Da det wif gcaeah, daet bit hu 
nres d}Tae, heo com forbt, and 
big to his fotuin, and geswut«lode 
foran eaUum folce for hwylcuni ^taj 
heo bine efe-hrao, and ha heo 
Bona bal. 

48 Da cwKj» he to byre, Dohtor, . 
. . din geleafit de bale gedyde ; ga 
on sybbe. 

49 Him da gyt aprecendam, da 
sara man to dmre gesamnunge 
and cww\t to bim,'[E^n dohtor ys dl 
ne dreoe du byne. 

50 Da as Helend dset word 
be andswarode dies nuedenoe fa 
ondrsd du de, gelyf witodlice, aad 
bi|> hal. 

51 And da da be to dam buse con^ 
let be nannc mid him in-giia, but 
Petmm and lobaonem and 
and dies maedenes Caxler and 

53 Da weopon big ealle, and h( 
hi. Da cwk)» he, Nc wepe ge, 
nis dis maetlen dead, ac heo slscp)'. 

53 l)a tsldon big byne, aud 
dart beo dead wies. 

54 . . . .Da nam he hyre bi 
and cw«e)s Kteden, de ic sec^ aria. 

55 Da gehwearf b3rre gast ageo, 
beo adna araa. And be het hyre lyl 

56 Da wundredoD hyre magaa,* A^ 
bead bo dam, diet hi bit nanam men o9 

6mi dor gcdon 

Chap. IX. 1 Gahaitands ^ ^ans 
ixrtXit apauatauhns, algaf tax mabt yah 

Chap. IX. *i Da clypoda h« 
gnderc his twetf apostolas, and 

I 45--IX. I.] \n'CLIFFE, 1389. 

\$ And Jbesu seitb,^V)la ia it that touch* 
e me 1 Sothli alle men deuyinge, Petre 
ide, and thei that wereo with Lini, 
maundour, cuiupaiijefl thriuj^'Q, uud 
ntjn thee, and tboa seist, Who 
de mel 

6 And Jhesus acide. Sum man touch- 

me, forwhi and 1 haue knowe vertu 

bane gon out of me. 

f Sothly the womman seynge, for it 

not priuey, sche trenibliup^t* cam, 

felde doun bifore his feet, and fur 

cause sche badde touchid him sche 

'ide brfore al the pcple, and hou a 

bu Bcbe was Iioelid. 

48 And he seide to hir, Doujtir 

m fcith bath maad thee saaf ; go thou 

i9 y\t him spekinge. Bum man cam to 
pD prince of the sj-nagogc, acyingc to 
im. For thi dou^tir is deed, nylc thou 
taiudle the ma^'stir 

50 Sotbli this word herd, Jhesu aa- 
irende to the Mir of the damysole. 
^jle thou drede, but oonly bileue thou, 
Kid sche ahal Im; saat 
151 And whtinuo he hod come to the 
\ot»y he Butfride not ony man for to 
intra with him, no but Fctro and John 
|od James, and the fudir and the modir 
bf the damysele. 
52 Sothli alle wepten, and biwayleden 

And he aeide, Nyle 50 wepe, eothli 
ysele is not deed, but slepilh. 

And thei scoraidcn him, witingc 
e WB8 deed. 

.... Forsothe he holdinge hir 

criede, seyinge, Damj-nel, ryse vp, 

1 55 And hir spirit tumyde a^eyn, and 

rooB auon. And he comaundide to 

to hir for to ete. 

56 And hir fadir and modir wondriden 

^tly ; to wliiche he comuuudidc, that 

Uiei scliuldon not seye to ony man the 

that was don. 



^5 And J(>su3 sayde, Who it} it that 
touclied me ? Wlien every man denyed, 
Peter luid they thut were with hym 
sayde, Master, the |*copIe thrust the, 
and vexe the, and thou sayest^ Who 
touched me 7 

46 And Jesus aayd, Some boody touched 
me, for 1 perceave that vertue is gone 
out of me. 

47 When the woman sawc, that she 
was not hid from h}nn, she cam trim- 
hlynge, and fell at his fete, and tolde 
hym before all the people for what cause 
she had touched hym, and hows she 
was healed immediatly. 

48 And he sayde vnto her, Doughtcr, 
be of goode comforte, thy fayth hath 
made the safe ; goo iu peace. 

49 Whyll he yett speake, there cam 
won from the rulers off the syuagogis 
housso, which sayde tohym.Thy doughter 
is deed, disease not tlie