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Full text of "The Gothic and Anglo-Saxon gospels in parallel columns with the versions of Wycliffe and Tyndale"

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1 HE Scriptures contain the revelation of God^s will to man^ — God's 
word addressed to all mankind. As the Scriptures are Truths the closer 
we adhere to them, the nearer we are to Truth. But the nearest ap- 
proach we can make to the inspired orig-inals, is in faithful translations, 
as they express the sense with the greatest brevity and precision. Hence 
good translations afford the best helps for obtaining a true knowledge of 
the Scriptures, and different versions, by learned and religious men, 
must be the best and shortest commentaries. The same truths are there 
expressed in different words. Where some are too brief and obscure, 
others may be more full and clear, while together, being the same in 
sense, they mutually illustrate and confirm each other. 

The present volume contains four translations of the Gospels. These 
translations were made by the leading men, — the intellectual aristocracy 
of their day. The first version is the Gothic by Ulphilas, in the 4th 
century. What vigour and decision of mind, — what a clear view of 
the future extension and influence of the Germanic race, must Ulphilas 
have had to induce him to translate the Scriptures into the vulgar 
tongue of his people, in an age when Greek and Latin were the only 
languages employed for literary purposes ! Ulphilas deeply felt, from 
his own experience, that the power of the word of God to convince 
the understanding and to influence the conduct would be limited, unless 
it was not only preached, but read in the mother tongue, through which 
the best affections of the heart are most easily touched. — These remarks 
are equally applicable to the translation of the Gospels in the 8th or Toth 
century from the Vetus Italica into Anglo-Saxon, and to the Wycliffe 
version of the whole Bible from the Vulgate into English in the 14th 
century, which was the dawn of that scriptural light that preceded 
the Reformation. In the i6th century, Tyndale presented the Gospel 
in a still clearer light by his translation of the New Testament from 



the original Greek into English, so faithfully, that it is, in substance, 
our present authorized Version, "which constantly uses the same phrase- 
ology and often employs the very same words. 

These versions, extending from a.d. 360 to 1526, are not only of 
great value to Divines, hut deeply interesting to the philologist, who 
is here supplied with ample specimens of the earliest German, and of 
the Anglo-Saxon, as well as early English. The first German comes 
down to us in the translation of Ulphilas, made about a.d. 360. Though 
the Anglo-Saxon Gospels were translated in 735 or before, and the 
version printed in this volume is from a MS. written about a.d. 995, 
yet we have an earlier record of Anglo-Saxon writing, in the Laws 
of Ethelbert, king of Kent. From the Title of these Laws, we learn 
that " they were established in the days of Augustine *,'' that is, 
between a.d. 597, when Ethelbert was baptised, and the death of 
Augustine in 604. The most probable date is 599. From this time 
to the present, we have our written Laws ; and we are told that 
Bede, just before his death in 735, had finished the translation of 
St. John's Gospel into his native tongue, called English [Englisc] in 
the early Laws. The Germans have the first written specimen of a 
Germanic language in Ulphilas, and we the next specimen in our 
Anglo-Saxon Laws, and at a later date in the Gospels. The English 
philologist will now be able to trace many wgrds and phrases from 
the present time, 1865, to the translation of Tyndale in 1526, of 
Wycliffe in 1389, of the Saxon about 995, and of the Gothic about 
360, a space of more than 1500 years. The Gothic is a language of 
Low German originfj as well as the Anglo-Saxon and English, we 
are, therefore, not surprised to find many phrases apparently identical 
in Gothic, in Anglo-Saxon, and in modern English. 

GoTnic. Anglo-Saxon. 

lu bokom Psalmo. lu the book of Psalms. On thani Sealme. Lk. xx. 42. 

Ik im thata daur. I am the door. Ic com geat. Jn. x. 9. 

Langai wheilai. For a long while. Langre tide. Lk. xviii. 4. 

Nauh leitila wheila. Now a little while. Gyt sumo liwilej. Jn. vii. 33. 

Whis brothar. Whose brother. Hw£es brother. Lk. xx. 28. 

Kaurno whaiteis. A corn of wheat. Ilwa'tcuc corn. Jn. xii. 24. 

* Da d(5mas, de jS^l^elbirht cyning ^sette, on Aiigustinus cLcge. — Thorpes Ancient Laws 
and Institutes, 8vo. 1840, vol. i. p. 2. 

+ Professor Max Miiller's Survey of Langnagca, 2nd Edn. Svo. 1855, p. 6.3 ; and liis 
Science of Language, Lecture V. p. 175. + Yet some while or time. 


Gothic. Anglo Saxon. 

Hardu-liaiitei. Harcluess of heart. Heortau heardness. Mk. x. 5. 

■Hardu ist thata waiud. Hard is that word. Heard is tbeos sprsec*. 

Sibun brothryus. Seven brothers. Seofon grebr5thru. Lk. xx. 29. 

Wheitos swe snaiws. White as snow. Swci hwite swa snaw. Mk. ix. 3. 

luka auhsne. Yokes of oxen. A'n getfnie oxenaf. Lk. xiv. 19. 

Wha ist namo theiu 1 What is thy name 1 Hwset is thin nama 1 Lk. viii. 30. 

Galeiks ist maun. He is like a man. He ys geVic men. Lk. vi. 48. 

THE GOTHIC translation of Ulpliilas is the first, in date and 
importance, which claims attention in a brief notice of these four 
versions, and of their celebrated translators. 

The heathen Goths settled in Dacia, on the north-west of the 
Black Sea, at an early period. While resident there they became 
Christians, and before the Council of Nice in a.d. 325, the Christian 
Goths were so numerous as to elect their own Bishop, Theophilus, 
whose signature appears in the records of that Council. The most 
celebrated of their Bishops was UlphilasJ, born in a.d. 318 among-st 
the Goths in Dacia. His eminent talents, learning, and benevolence 
gave him unbounded influence over his countrymen. It, therefore, 
became a proverb among the Goths, " Whatever is done by Ulpliilas, 
is well done.^^ This favourable impression prepares us to hear of his 
consecration, at the age of 30, as Bishop § of the Goths in a.d. 348 
by Eusebius Bishop of Nicomedia. He continued to discharge his 
episcopal duties with great fidelity for forty years, and in a. d. 388 
went to Constantinople to promote the interest of his Church, where 
he died at the age of 70. Ulpliilas wrote in Latin, Greek, and Gothic, 
and was full of energy in the practical application of his learning. 
No difliculty or literary labour deterred him when he had in view 
the cherished desire of his heart, the translation of the New Testament 
from the original Greek, and part of the Old from the Septuagint 
into Gothic, that every one of his countrymen might read the word 
of God in his own tongue. It is most likely that this great literary 
work was completed before a.d. 360 ; because, as a faithful and zealous 
preacher of the Gospel, anxious for the instruction and edification of 
the people, he had been accustomed to translate into their own language 

* Hard is this speech. + lAterally A team of oxen. 

J Some eminent Germans write the name Ulfilas, Ulfila, Wulfila, &c. As I have not 
seen the name so written in any original document, the old orthogra^^hy is retained. See 
other reasons in Origin of Eng. and Germanic Lang. vii. § 7, p. 115, note *. 

§ Waitz, Ueber das Leben und die Lehre des Ulfila. 8vo. Hanover, 1840. 



the passages of the Scriptures which he quoted. Ulphilas drew the 
water of life from the pure fountain^ and delivered it to his people un- 
contaminated. He imbibed the doctrines of the Gospel at the fountain 
head^ the original Greek, and preached those doctrines to the Goths 
in their own nervous and expressive Germanic tongue. 

Ulphilas had always taken the greatest interest in the welfare of 
the Goths. When, in the year 376, he saw they were grievously 
oppressed by the Huns, he hesitated not to implore the protection of 
the Emperor Valens, and pleaded their eauSe with such success, that 
the province of Mcesia was assigned to them. Their innumerable tribes 
then passed over the Danube into Mcesia, now Servia and Bulgaria: 
it was from the residence of these Visigoths, or West Goths in Mcesia 
that they have been called Mooso- Goths, and their language Moeso- 

Zealous Arians have always been anxious to claim Ulphilas, as 
belonging to them. Valens and his Arian bishops would naturally 
use all their influence with Ul})hilas, and he would be disposed to 
concede as much as possible for the sake of peace and the welfare of 
his people. Further, as a man of principle, he could not go. In the 
strife, contention, and bitter persecution of the times, it is difficult to 
arrive at the exact truth. We know that Ulphilas was not only a 
man of great learning, but of honest principles, and practical wisdom; 
he was, therefore, with his cautious and judicious antecedents — his 
early and extensive knowledge of the Scriptures — not very likely to 
fall into fatal errors. We are certain of this, that so far as the trans- 
lation of Ulphilas has been recovered, there is not a trace of Arianism to 
be found. On the contrary, in passages clearly unfavourable to the doc- 
trine of Arius, Ulphilas has honestly and plainly given the literal meaning 
of the Greek. The chief point in which we are now concerned, is this, 
that those who read the Gothic version of Ulphilas are not likely to be 
led into error, as it is a faithful re})resentation of the Greek. This 
was the opinion of the learned Junius and Dr. Marshall, the first 
editors of the Gothic Gospels, and of Cardinal Mai, and the great 
body of learned men in the past age, as well as the present. 

Codex Argenteus. — Wc gladly leave this subject to speak of the 
principal MS. and the chief editions of the Gothic Gospels. The most cele- 
brated MS. is Tlie Codex Argenteus, or Silver Book, so called from being 
transmitted to us in letters of a silvery hue, though the letters of a few- 
words in the beginning of each paragraph are in gold. I once thought with 


Hire, Meerman*, and others, that the words of this splendid Codex were not 
written on the veUum, which is of a reddish purple colour, but that each word 
was formed letter after letter by metallic characters heated, and then impressed 
on silver or gold leaf which was made to adhere to the vellum by some 
glutinous substance, in the manner that bookbinders now letter and ornament 
the backs of books. On showing the facsimile to Henry Latham, Esq., M.A., 
of Brasenose College, and of the Oxford University Press, he observed the 
letters were not so uniform as they would be if made by the impression of 
metallic characters, and suggested that the form of each letter was more 
probably drawn with some glutinous preparation, and the silver or gold leaf 
pressed upon it. On looking minutely at our accurate facsimile, I saw 
variations which could not have occurred if metallic letters had been used. 
The word at the end of the third line of our facsimile is abbreviated, to 
make it accord with the preceding line. In the loth line of Dr. Uppstrom's 
larger facsimile, to prevent a confused junction of the long stem of di with 
the long stem of t in the preceding line, the top of {[) is bent to the left 
in such a manner as could only be done by a pen or pencil. 

Being anxious to obtain the most accurate information, even as to 

the colour of this invaluable MS., I wrote to Professor Uppstrom. Not 

receiving an answer with that promptitude, which his liberality and 

kindness of heart always induced him to give, I presumed he had not 

received my letter, and wrote again. The answer came, not from the 

learned editor of the Codex Argenteus, but from a mutual friend, A. 

Diedrich Wackerbarth, whom I had known long ago, as graduating in 

honours at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. I may add that he has 

proved himself to be one of our best Teutonic scholars by his accurate 

and spirited translation of Beo^vulf, from the Anglo-Saxon into English 

verse, published in 1849. His letter gives the last sad tidings of one 

of Sweden''s most learned men, and contains so minute a description of 

the MS. that I feel assured my readers will thank me for introducing 

the substance of it. 

"Uppsala, May 6th, 1865. 

" Your two letters were unfortunately too late to reach Professor Uppstrom. 
Our good friend died on the 21st of January last. His death was very unex- 
pected, and was caused by inflammation of the lungs. Your letter of the 6th 
ult. was accordingly placed in the hands of the Professor of Ancient Northern 
Literature, Prof. Save, who went, in company with me, to the library two or 
three days ago, where I endeavoured by mixing water-colours to get a few 
approximations to the colour of the vellum of the Codex Argenteus. Since 

* Origin of Eng. and Germanic Lang. vii. § 10, p. 116. 


then your second letter lias arrived, that of the 2Sth ult. Professor Save is at 
the present moment exceedingly busy ; but, being desirous not to keep you 
waiting for an answer, he this morning requested me to go up to the library, 
re-examine the Codex with reference to your questions, and make my report 
accordingly. This I have done and herewith communicate the result." — After 
an unsuccessful attempt to give the colour with greater precision, he sent me five 
specimens of the purple shades of the vellum taken from five different parts of 
the Codex. Our fixcsimile is the medium colour. My friend then proceeds, — 
" The vellum is still somewhat glossy. The colour varies very greatly in 
different parts of the Codex, in some parts indeed it may be said to have dis- 
appeared altogether or veiy nearly so, whereas in others it is even slightly 
darker than the darkest of my imitations, and has much the appearance of 
ripe mulberries. The leaves seem to have been coloured on one side only, 
the colour of the back of the sheet being that of the front showing thi'ough. 
Calling the highly coloured side of a sheet the front, and the other side the 
back, the leaves seem to have been so arranged that fronts are turned to fronts 
and backs to ba(;ks, so as to present uniformity of colour on both pages of the 
same opening of the book. 

" I now turn to your other question, namely the probability of Ihre's con- 
jecture that the letters are stamped ; or, in other woixls, that the book is in 
fact printed, only letter by letter instead of sheet by sheet. To this conjecture 
I cannot assent, and I may add that Professor Uppstrom held the same opinion 
as myself, so docs also Prof. Siive. The Codex is certainly very beautifully 
written and the letters are remarkably uniform, but strictly uniform they are 
not. . . .The breadth of the letter H is usually about 4^ millimetres : similarly 
the letter M : when the wi'itcr has been a little pressed for room the Vi and H 
are reduced in breadth each to about 3^ millimetres. Now had the writer 
formed his letters by means of a stamp, he could only have contracted the 
spaces between the letters, not the letters themselves, unless indeed we suppose 
he had several stamps of different breadths for each letter, which I do not think 
probable. It appears then, that the Codex has not been formed by stamping 
the letters but is throughout manuscript : a most beautiful and uniform manu- 
script it must have been, worthy of the pen of Brother Sintram of St. Gall 
himself, but written, not stamped. 

"Another circumstance, which I think may be worth mentioning, is the 
following : On comparing Uppstrbm's facsimile page with the original, I observe 
that in the Codex the tail of the silver C, which foi-ms the first letter of the 1 2th 
line, goes quite over the arc of the golden H, which begins the next following 
line. From this I presume we may infer, that the gilding was done before 
the silvering. 

" 1 may mention that the upper part of the tf* is not unfrcquently slightly 
bent to the left, as in the example cited by you, even when there is no letter 


with which it would otherwise interfere. Indeed all the letters, though quite 
sufficiently uniform to present to the eye that regularity which constitutes so 
important a portion of what we call beauty in writing, present, when examined 
with a magnifying glass and a fine scale, differences of form and dimensions 
greater than I think would exist had they been formed with a stamp. 

" Prof Uppstrom, during his last journey in Italy, carefully collated the 
MSS. in the Ambrosian and Vatican Libraries as well as that of Wolfenbiittel. 
These he prepared for the press and had even just commenced printing when 
death put an end to his labours. The work will however not be lost to the 
world, as it has been placed in able hands. In fact, it will be edited by Prof. 

" I may add that the Codex has evidently been ruled throughout with 
double lines for writing : single lines would have been sufficient for stamping." 

The Codex Argenteus, containing fragments of the four Gospels, is supposed 
to be the work of Italians in their own country at the close of the fifth 
centujy, or the beginning of the sixth. The only MS. in exactly the same 
style, of wi-iting, is the celebrated Gallican Psalter* now in the Abbey of 
St. Germain des Pr^s. It is of the sixth centuiy and is said to have belonged 
to St. Germain, Bishop of Paris, who died May 28, 576. The vellum is stained 
of a purple-violet colour, and the writing is in silver letters, and a few particular 
words in gold. This description would serve for the Codex Argenteus, the 
vellum of which, however, is purple, exactly as in our facsimile, of a reddish 
rather than a violet tint. 

The Codex Argenteus was preserved for many centuries in the monastery 
of Werden on the river Rhur, in Westphalia. In the 17th century it was 
transmitted for safety to Prague ; but, Count Konigsmark taking that city 
in 1648, the Codex Argenteus came into the possession of the Swedes, who 
deposited it in the Libi'ary at Stockholm. Vossius in 1655, when visiting 
Sweden, became possessed of it, and bi'ought it to Holland. Puffendorf, as 
he travelled through Holland in 1662, found it in the custody of Vossius, and 
purchased it for Count de la Gardie ; who, after having it bound in silver, 
presented it to the Royal Library at Uppsala, where it is still preserved. 

I. This imperfect copy of the Four Gospels, beginning Matt, v, 15, was 
first printed fi'om a beautiful facsimile made by Derrer ; and, with the Gothic 
Glossary of Junius, published by Junius and Marshall, in 2 vols. 4to., at 

* A most beautiful facsimile of tliis MS. was published by Count Bastard, 1843, in his 
splendid and expensive work on this subject. Another is given, with a minute description 
of Plate ex. vol. i. p. ^296 in Universal Palaeography, by M. J. B. Silvestre, translated from 
the French and edited by Sir Frederic Madden : Folio Plates, and descriptions in 2 vols. 8vo. 
H. Gr. Bohn, London, 1850. I am indebted for the sight of these facsimiles to Professor 
J. O. Westwood, M.A., F.L.S., author of the very beautiful work, Palieographia Sacra 
Pictoria, &c. 

viii PREFACE. 

Dordrecht, 1665. There are two cohimns in each page, the Gothic on the left 
column, and the Anglo-Saxon on the right ; both in their original characters, 
the tj^pes for which were cast in Holland, at the expense of Junius. The same 
book, apparently published with new titles, and a reprint of the first sheet 
in Vol. II, the Glossary by Junius, appeared again at Amsterdam in 1684. 

II. Sticrnhielm, a Swede, republished Ulphilas, with additions, entitled, — 
Evangelia ab Uli^hila Gothice translata, cum versionibus Sueo-Gothica Norrsena 
sen Islandica, et Vulgata Latina, Stockhobnice, 4to. 167 1. Sometimes there is 
hound Zip with i^ — Glossarium Ulphila-Gothicum per F. Junium, nunc Sueo- 
Gothica auctum, etc. per Georg. Stiernhielm, ib. 1670. 

III. The Gothic Gospels were again prepared for the Press by Dr. Eric 
Benzelius, and jiublished by Lye, 4to. Oxford, 1750, with a Latin translation, 
and notes below the Gothic : a short Gothic Grammar, written by Lye, is pre- 
fixed. This handsome 4to. of the Clarendon Press was printed with the type 
which Junius had presented to the L'niversity of Oxford after it had been 
used at Dordrecht in the Edition of 1665. 

rV. A learned Swede, Ihre, a native of Uppsala, and afterwards professor, 
favoured the literati in 1753 with his remarks upon the editions of Junius, 
Stiernhielm, and Lye. He had constant access to the Codex, and his criti- 
cisms and remarks upon the editors' deviations from it are very valuable. 
All Professor Ihre's treatises on the Gothic version, and other tracts connected 
with the subject, were published under the following title : J. ab Ihre scripta 
versionem Ulphilanam et linguam Mcjeso Gothicam illustrantia, edita ab Anton. 
Frid. Biischiug, Berolini, 4to. 1773. 

v. The Codex was again prepared and printed in Roman characters with- 
out accents, after the corrected text of Ihre, with a literal interlinear Latin 
translation, and a more free Latin version in the margin, with a Grammar and 
Glossary by F. K. Fulda. The Glossary revised and the text corrected by 
W. F. H. Reinwald, published by J. C. Zahn, Weissenfels and Leipsic, 4to. 1 805. 

VI. A commentary on parts of the Gos])el of St. John, with the following 
title: — Skeireins Aiwaggelyons thairh lohannen. — Auslegung des Evangelii 
Johannis in gothischer Sprache von H. F. Massmann, Doctor der Philosophic, 
Professor der iilteren deutschen Sprache etc. 4to. Miinchcn, 1834. — It contains 
an account of the manuscript, p. ix-xvii : — the Commentary in Gothic, printed 
in facsimile types, p. 3-34 : — the same Gothic text, in Iloman and Italic type 
accented, in one column, and a literal Latin version in the other, with notes 
at the foot, p. 37-52 : — an account of the MS. and a short notice of Ulphilas 
and the Goths, p. 53-118 : — a complete Glossary of the Gothic words with 
explanations in Latin, and the Greek equivalents, p. 121-182 : — a facsimile of 
Skeireins, and other MSS. p. 183. 

VII. Ulfilas : — Veteris et Novi Testamenti versionis Gothicae fragraenta, 
qure supersunt, ad fidem codd. castigata, Latinitate donata, adnotatione critica 


instructa, cum Glossario et Grammatica lingure Gothicae, conjunctis curis 
ecHderunt H. C. cle Gabelentz et Dr. J. Lcebe. Lipsise, apucl F. A. Brockhaus, 
1836 et 1846. — This is a very valuable %York in 2 vols. 4to. Vol. I. contains 
Prolegomena, p. ix-xxxvii : the Gothic text of the Gospels and Epistles, as 
far as they have been discovered, with fragments of the Old Testament, printed 
in Roman type, without accents ; below is a Latin translation, and under this 
are very useful notes in Latin, in 2 cols, small type, p. 1-359. — Vol. II. con- 
tains Vorwort, p. vi-xi : Skeir. p. xii-xvi : Calend. Goth. p. xvii, xviii : Gloss, 
p. 1-2 14: Griechisch-gothisches Worterbuch, p. 215-241 : Gram, der Goth, 
p. 1-298. 

VIII. Ulphilas von Gaugengigl : Vol. I. Sprachlehre und Worterbuch : 
Vol. II. Gothic New Testament, 2 vols, in i, royal 8vo., with a plate of Gothic 
Alphabets. Passau, 1849. 

IX. XJppstrom's Codex Argenteus, 4to. 1 854- 185 7 : v. Notes, p. 570, Matt. 
i. 21 ; xi. 10. 

X. Massmann's Ulfilas*, Stuttgart, 1857, i vol. 8vo. The Gothic text is 
printed entirely in Roman letters, of a good legible size, and fills the left hand 
pages. Parts of the Septuagint and of the original Greek text and the Vulgate 
Latin Version, both in smaller type than the Gothic, fill the right hand pages. 
They are in two columns, and the verses, both of the Greek and Latin, are 
parallel with the Gothic. The Gothic text is accented according to the system 
introduced by the celebrated Professor, Dr. James Grimm. Many very valuable 
notes, a Glossary, and a brief Gothic Grammar are appended to the Text. 
It is a most useful and comprehensive book, containing, in one moderate 
8vo. volume, the whole of the Gothic translation of the Old and New Testa- 
ments hitherto discovered, and all that is known on the subject. 

XI. Ulfila oder die uns erhaltenen Denkmaler der Gothischen Sprache. 
Text, Grammatik und Worterbuch. Bearbeitet und herausgegeben von Friedrich 
Ludwig Stamm, Pastor zu St. Ludgeri, in Helmstedt. Paderborn, 1858. — A 
plain, good sized, readable text, in Roman type, without accents. The ]> is used. 

ANGLO-SAXON. — Before Gregory the Great planted Christianity 
in England by his missionaries, the energetic and warlike Anglo-Saxons 
had scarcely any facilities for intellectual improvement. A gradual 
preparation for the public reception of the Christian faith had been 
made by the marriage of Ethelbert, king of Kent, with Bertha, a 
Frankish princess. Bertha and her attendants continued their Christian 
worship in England, under the direction of the Bishop who accompanied 
her from France. The exemplary conduct of the Queen impressed the 
mind of Ethelbert and his court with a favourable opinion of Chris- 

* The exact title of this scholarlike and most handy book is given in the Gothic notes 
on Matt. i. 21, p. 570. 


tianity. The way being opened by Bertha, Ethelbert in a.d. 597 gave 
a friendly reception to Augustine, the leader of the Christian messengers 
of peace, and assigned them a residence in Canterbury. As Christian 
doctrines and discipline expand the mind, and produce a love of 
learning and intellectual pursuits, these results were seen by the 
establishment of the first school in Kent by Ethell^ert, and by his 
written Laws, as well as by the thii'st for knowledge raised among 
his subjects. Those, who applied themselves to literature, manifested 
the strength of their intellectual powers, by a success which could 
not have been expected, and can scarcely be surpassed. That within 
a hundred years after the dawn of Christianity and literature upon 
the Anglo-Saxons, two such men as Bede and Bonifacius should have 
■arisen, the one from the most northerly and the other from the southerly 
part of England, — from Durham and Devonshire, — is an adequate proof 
that the previous absence of literary knowledge did not arise from the 
want of intellect, but of opportunity for its cultivation. Bede had 
a European reputation as a Scholar, and Bonifacius as a Christian 
Missionary. Bonifacius, a native Saxon, and like all the Angles 
and Saxons of Germanic origin, speaking a Germanic dialect, was a 
most successful herald of peace to his kindred race on the Continent. 
His talents, and his heart glowing with benevolence and Christian 
zeal, made him the missionary Bishop over the numerous ti'ibes to 
whom he had preached with such success, that he is said to have 
been the means of converting to the Christian faith more than a 

hundred thousand Germans. Bede was born in 672, and died in 

735. His works were spread over Europe, and so highly esteemed, 
that his Ecclesiastical History, written in Latin, was printed about 
the year 1474^ among the early works that issued from the German 
press. It was translated into Anglo-Saxon by King Alfred, and is still 
a well-known and popular book, though tinged with the credulity of 
the age in which it was written. Bede was a diligent student and 
translator of the Scriptures, as will soon appear; but, we must first 
observe, that among the many books sent by Gregory the Great to 
Augustine, two copies of the Gospels in Latin, of the same size, and 
written in the same Roman uncials, are now extant. After being safely 
kept in the Bibliotheca Gregoriana in St. Augustine's Abbey, Canter- 
bury, Archbishop Parker, at the dissolution of religious houses, took 
charge of these precious MSS. ; one of these he presented, with his 
other INISS. and books, to the Library of Corpus Christi College, 
Cambridge, where it still remains in perfect safety. The other copy 


we know from the following entry in tlie margin fol. 2 a^ " Robertas 
Cotton Cuningtonensis 1602/'' was among the manuscript treasures of 
Sir Robert Cotton. It is now in the safe custody of the Bodleian, 
Oxford. This Oxford Codex appears, from its history, as well as from 
its internal evidence, to have been the originatl from which numerous 
copies were made and spread over England as far north as the residence 
of Bede in the Monastery of Wearmouth, Durham. The internal evi- 
dence is this, that all the Anglo-Saxon IMSS. have the large interpola- 
tion given in the note upon Matt. xx. 28, with others which will 
shortly be mentioned. This MS. of the Gospels, sent by Gregory the 
Great, is not the Vulgate, but the old Latin Version, the Vetus Italica, 
in constant use till the time of Jerome, who guided by it, finished his 
Vulgate translation of the Gospels in a.d. 384. As the Anglo-Saxon 
Version was made from the Vetus Italica, it may be useful in ascertain- 
ing the readings of this oldest Latin Version. We may cite one or two 
examples more in proof that the Anglo-Saxon was from the Vetus 
Italica, and not from the Vulgate of Jerome. 

In St. Matt, xxvii. 32, the Vulgate has Inveneinint homiuem Cyi'en?eum, 
and omits venientem obviam illis. The Anglo-Saxon is word for word from 
the Vetus Italica, as will be seen below. In this instance the Anglo-Saxon 
was evidently translated from the Vetus Italica. 

Invenerunt hominem Cyrenseum, venientem obviam illis. Vet. Ital. 

Da gemetton hig senne Cyreniscne man, cumende heom togenes. Ang.-Sax. 

A clause is also omitted in. the Vulgate of St. Matt. xxiv. 41, when it is 
both in the Vetus Italica and Anglo-Saxon. 

Duo in lecto, unus assumetur, et unus relinquetur. Vet. Ital. 

Twegen beo]) on bedde, an hy\ genumen, and oder by}? Isefcd. Ang.-Sax. 

Sometimes a word is different in the Vulgate and in the Italic Version, and 
the Anglo-Saxon then follows the Italic, as in St. Luke xv. 8. 
Et evertit doraum. Vet. Ital. 
And awent hyre bus. Ang.-Sax. 
Et everrit domum. Vulg. 

The Vetus Italica sometimes omits a whole verse, and the same omission 
is observed in the Codex Augustinius and in the Anglo-Saxon, when it is con- 
tained in the Vulgate, as in St. Matt, xxiii. 14. This affords further evidence, 
that the Anglo-Saxon was translated from the Vetus Italica, and also that the 
Bodleian Codex Augustinius is the Italic, and not the Vulgate Version. See the 
note ujjon Matt, xxiii. 14, p. 577- 


It is then an interesting faet^ that we still possess^ in the Bodleian, 
one of the copies which Gregory the Great sent to England, — that 
it is not a copy of the Vulgate, Lut of the Vetus Italica, and that it 
may be the very copy from which the Anglo-Saxon Version was made. 

We are not certain as to the names of those patriotic Anglo-Saxons, 
who devoted their time, talents, and learning to the translating of the 
Scriptures into Anglo-Saxon, that they might be read bj' the peojile, 
and in their churches; but we have an indisputable evidence in the 
Rubrics, printed in our notes from the ]\IS. that they were constantly 
read in Anglo-SaxiDn churches, as the rubrical directions declare what 
part of the Scriptures was appointed for successive seasons. We have 
no more knowledge of the exact date when the Gospels were first trans- 
lated into Anglo-Saxon, than we have of the translators. We are, 
however, assured by Cuthbert*, a pupil of the learned Venerable Bede, 
the glory of the Anglo-Saxon Church, that he was finishing his trans- 
lation of St. John's Gospel immediately before his death on the 37th 
of May, 735. As St. John is the last of the Gospels, the three pre- 
ceding had most likely been previously translated. Cuthbert describes 
the last day of Bedels life with Christian simplicity and feeling. ' When 
the morning dawned he told us to write diligently what we had begun. 
This being done, one of us said, — There is yet, beloved Master, one 
chapter wanting ; will it be unpleasant to be asked any more questions ? 
He answered. Not at all. Take your pen and write with speed. — He 
did so. At the ninth hour he said to me, I have some valuables in 
my little chest; fetch them that I may distribute my small presents. 
He addressed each and exhorted to prayer. We wept. In the evening 
when his pupil said. Dear Master, one sentence is still wanting. Write 
it quickly, exclaimed Bede. When it was finished, he said. Support 
me while I go to the holy place, where I can pray to my Father. 
When he was placed there he repeated the Gloria Patri, and expired 
in the eflPort.'' 

We have no satisfactory evidence to prove that this was the first 
translation of the Gospels, nor that Bedels version has come down to 
us. The Scriptures, in their own tongue, were revered by the Anglo- 
Saxons, for Alfred the Great placed the Commandments at the head 
of his Laws, and incorporated many passages from the Gospels. Sub- 
sequent translators would naturally avail themselves of the versions 
made by their predecessors, and write them in the orthography, the 
language, and the style of the time in which they lived. From these 

* Smith's Bede, p. 793. 


distinguishing" features, the age of a MS. may be ascertained with 
tolerable accuracy. Sometimes persons and places are named, which 
aid in fixing the date. 

Anglo-Saxon MSS. of the Gospels. Our Anglo-Saxon text* is based 

upon the MS. No. CXL. in Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, denoted by B; 
and the MS. li. 2. 11. in the University Library, Cambridge, designated by C ; 
collated with Cot. or the Cotton Otho C. I. the MS. in the British Museum, 
and with the Hatton MS. No. 38 in the Bodleian, Oxford, referred to in the 
notes, by the signature H, compared with Rl. or the MS. of neai'iy the same 
form and date I. A. XIV. in the Royal Library, British Museum : — collated 
also with the Oxford MS. in the Bodleian No. 441, to which a reference is 
made in the notes by 0. — Also Rush, or the Rushworth Gloss, in the Bodleian, 
No. 3946 ; and the Lindisfarne in the British Museum, Nero D. IV. 

The value of these MSS. and the text formed upon their authority will be 
best ascertained fnom a short account of each, chiefly in the alphabetical order 
of the letters by which they are designated. 

I. B. is described in Wanley's Catal. p. 116, and by Nasmith, p. 213; it 
is said to be copied from an older MS. before the Conquest. I think between 
A.D. 990 and 1030. Many vowels are accented. At the end of St. Matthew's 
Gospel is the following note, written in the same form of letter as the MS. 
but of a somewhat later date : — Ego ^Ifricus scripsi hunc librum in Monasterio 
Badonio, et dedi Brihtwoldo Prepositot. — Dr. Marshall, speaking of this MS. 
in 1664, says, — Hunc Codicem et Oxoniensem, rarius reperi ab invicem dis- 
sentientes ; superioremcpie eos vetustatem spirare existimo. (p. 490.) 

II. C. denotes the MS. of the Anglo-Saxon Gospels, in the University of 
Cambridge, marked li. 2. 11. This MS. in small folio, written in a good 
clear hand about the time of the |Noi-man Conquest, if not earlier, is very 
valuable for its accuracy in grammatical forms, and orthography as adopted in 
the best West-Saxon ; and because it is the only copy which has the Rubrics 
complete, and written in the same hand and just after the other parts of the 
MS. Many vowels are accented. In 1704, when Wanley wrote his Catalogus 
Historico-Criticus Manuscriptorum Septentrionalium, the leaf, containing the 
following note, stood among the waste leaves at the beginning of this MS. : it is 
now (1865) placed at the end§: — Hunc textum Euangeliorum dedit Leofricus 

* See Anglo-Saxon Notes, p. 574, col. i. The Anglo-Saxon text. 

+ See Anglo-Saxon Notes upon Matt, xxviii. 20w. J Wanley's Catal. p. 152. 

§ I might merely state the fact, but I may add, that Mr. Bradshaw of King's College, 
who has the care of the MSS. and examines them most minutely, is satisfied, from the size 
and the cutting of the parchment, with other concurring circumstances, that, when the MS. 
was originally written, this was the last leaf ; he has, therefore, restored it to what, he is 
assured, was its first position. 


episcopus ecclesiae Sancti Petri Apostoli iu Exonia ad utilitatem successorum 
suoinim. Then immediately follows in the same Anglo-Saxon hand as the Codex, 
but of a little later date, — Das boo Lcofric biscop gef Saucto Petro and eallum 
his ieftergengum into Exanccstre Gode mid to denienne. 

At the foot of a waste leaf, placed before the MS. is this note : — Hunc Codi- 
cem Evangeliorum Grcgorius Dodde, Decanus Ecclesise Exoniensis, cum assensu 
fratrum suorum Canonicorum dono dedit Matthseo Cantuariensi Ai'chiepiscopo, 
qui ilium in banc novam formam redigi et ornari curavit. 1566. 

On the upper margin of page i of this MS. is written in the bold, clear 
hand of Archbishop Parker, — " Mattlueus Cantuar: 1574." At the foot of this 
page in the same clear hand, " Coutinet pag. 401," i. e. The entire MS. contains 
401 pp. The Gospels occupy p. 1-343. — Pseudo-Evangelkim NiclLodemi, p. 
344-383, published by Thwaites at the end of his Heptateuchus in 8vo. 1698. — 
Nathanis Judcei Legatio Fahulosa ad Tiherium Ccesarem, p. 383-401. All the 
401 pages of the MS. are wi'itten in the same bold and distinct Anglo-Saxon 
band. The Rubrics are in faded, dark red letters of the sama form as the MS., 
but written after the text was finished, as they often extend far into the mai'gin, 
the latter Avords being placed at the end of one or more consecutive lines of 
the MS. : for example in Matt, xi., MS. p. 37, line 14-17. The letters of the 
Rubrics were most likely formed, when the Capital letters were coloured. The 
Gospels are divided into paragraphs, denoted by large plain Capital lettei'S of 
diiferent colours, some of which, especially the green and light blue, are as 
bright as if recently coloured. There is generally, but not always, a Rubric 
at the head of each paragraph. Three or four paragraphs are often included in 
a Chapter ; and the chapters of our modern versions sometimes begin in the 
middle or other parts of the paragraphs of this MS., in which there was not 
originally the least indication of such a division. 

III. This is Avhat remains of tlie once fine MS. written on vellum before 
the Norman Conquest, and denoted by Cot. because it is in the Cotton Library, 
British Museum, Otho C. I. A minute description is given of it by Wanley 
in A. D. 1704*, when it was in a perfect state from Matt, xxvii. 6. It was so 
much injured by the fire, which destroyed many of Sir Robert Cotton's ]\ISS. 
on the 23rd of Oct. 1731, that, what was defective only as far as Matt, xxvii. 6 
before that calamity, afterwards looked like a chai-red mass. Planta, in his 
Catalogue of the Cotton MSS., describes it as " once consisting of 290 leaves, 
but now (1802) so much burnt and contracted as to render the binding of it 
impracticable." It was fortunately kept in a case ; and what was found im- 
practicable by Mr. Planta, has been effected under the careful superintendence 
of Sir Frederic Madden, by whose judicious arrangements many I\ISS. have 
been restored, and made accessible to the public. The smallest part of this 
burnt mass has been carefully mounted on thick fplio papei', which is cut away 

* Catal. p. 211, 212. 


iu the middle to fit the hijured vellum, and made fast by transparent paper, 
gummed to the edges of the paper and the vellum ; the ]\IS. can, therefore, be 
easily read on both sides. It is now bound iu two large folio vols. Sir Frederic 
Madden tells us — that twenty-five folios are lost since Wanley described it. 
The first small fi-agment of this MS. now remaining is from folio 26, which Sir 
F. Madden has marked as part of St. Mark vii. 22. Such a note deserves the 
best thanks of all who consult the MS. as it saves much of their time. The 
fragments increase a little in size from folio 26 to 38. St. Luke is nearly com- 
plete, and occupies fol. 39-93. St. John fills fol. 95-135, and is nearly perfect, 
especially in the latter part. There are not any rubrical directions, and only 
a few badly formed capital letters of a dingy red colour iu this MS. The 
accents ai'e neither numerous nor carefully applied. 

IV. H. The Hatton MS. N"o. 38 in the Bodleian*, Oxford, is the size of 
a large 8vo. and written on vellum, in a very uniform and beautiful, but late 
hand, about the time of Henry II. The letters are so uniform, upright, and 
near together, as to appear like printing in facsimile types. It formerly be- 
longed to the Rev. John Parker, son of Matthew Parker, Archbishop of Canter- 
bury, who wrote his name in red chalk, " lohes parker," on the verso and top of 
the first fly-leaf Wanley tells us that the missing leaf Lk. xvi. was neatly 
written and inserted by Mr. Parker. The four Gospels are arranged not in the 
usual order, but St. Matt, is placed after St. Luke ; thus, Mark, Luke, Matthew, 
and John. The only Rubric in Anglo-Saxon is this at the beginning of St. 
John, — Her ongin)? dost god spell de Johannes se godspellere gewrat on Patli- 
mos dam eiglande. — The accents are few, and capriciously applied. 

v. This MS. denoted by PL is in the Royal Library, British Museum, I. A. 
XIY. It is very similar to the Hatton in the 8vo. size, but a little smaller. 
The writing is somewhat earlier in date, and less regular than the Hatton. 
The Rubrics are very few, and of a brighter red than the Hatton. There are 
scarcely any accents; yet Ysaac is found in fol. 33, 5. The four Gospels are 
placed in this order, — Mark, Matthew, Luke, and John. — St. Mark begins, 
Initium Sci Euangelii secundum Marcum. Her ys Godspelles angin, Halendes 
Cristas Godes sune, swa awriten is on jjas Avitegan bee Isaiam. — Her ongind 
Matheus boc ))as halga Godspelleres. — Begins, SoSlice wel is to understanden ^ 
sefter IMatheus gerecednysse her his oncneornysse boc Hselendes Cristes Dauides 
suna. — St. Luke, Nu we willaS her eow areccen Lucas boc 'Saes halgau God- 
spelleres. — Begins, ForSaip Se wytodlice manega bohte ['are ))inge wace ge 
endebyrden Se on us gefylde sint, swa us betahten })a \q hit of frimSe gesawon, 
and Sare sprsece \e nas wseron. — Then follows the Rubric to St. John precisely 
as in the Hatton MS. — This Royal MS. belonged to St. Augustine's Abbey t, 
Canterbury. It was also in possession of Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of 
Canterbury, whose name is written on the upper margin of the first leaf 
* Wanley's Catal. p. 76. t Ibid. p. i8x. 


VI. O. The Oxford MS. in the Bodleum, No. 441, is closely allied to the 
best MSS. B, C, and Cot. ; namely to I, II, and III.— This Oxford MS. of the 
four Anglo-Saxon Gospels is in small folio, Avritten before the Norman Con- 
quest*, in a fine bold Anglo-Saxon character, and has some vowels accented. 
The Rubrics are written in a small and recent hand, between the paragraphs : 
or, for want of room, in the margin. The first six leaves of St. Mark, fol. 
57-62, fol. 90, fol. 131, and fol. 150, also the last three leaves of St. John, 
fol. 192-194, are written in a small and recent hand upon new parchment, 
with few accents. — The first edition of the Anglo-Saxon Gospels by John 
Foxe, in 1 571, was printed from this Oxford MS. No. 441. It was also the 
basis of the edition by Junius and Marshall in 1665. 

VII. The Latin of the Lindisfarne Gospels, or the Durham Book, is said to 
have been written about a.d. 687 by Eadfrith, a monk, and the interlinear and 
vei'bal Anglo-Saxon Gloss, by Aldred a Priest, between 946 and 968. Both 
Eadfrith and Aldred became Bishops of Durham. It is one of our finest MSS. 

VIII. The Latin of the Rushworth Gospels appears to be AATitten about the 
end of the 7th century; and the interlinear and verbal Anglo-Saxon Gloss of 
the loth. The first three Gosjicls have been published by the Surtees Society. 
St. Matthew, edited by the Rev. Joseph Stevenson, M.A., 8vo. 1854. St. Mark 
in 1861, and St. Luke in 1863, both edited by Geo. Waring, Esq., M.A.- 

Printed editions. — I. The Anglo-Saxon Gospels were first printed, at 
the suggestion and expense of Matthew Parker, Archbishop of Canterbury, 
under the care of John Foxe, the Martyrologist, with this title : — "The Gospels 
of the fower Euangelistes tianslated in the olde Saxons tyme out of Latin into 
the vulgare toung of the Saxons, newly collected out of Auncient Monumentes 
of the sayd Saxons, and now published for testimonie of the same at London. 
Printed by John Daye dwelling ouer Aldersgate. 157 1. Cum Priuilegio Regice 
Maiestatis pei' Becennkan." The text is in the clear and readable Anglo-Saxon 
type, used by Daye in ^Ifric's " Sermon on Easter day," 1567 +, the first book 
printed in Anglo-Saxon. The Anglo-Saxon occupies two-thirds the width of 
the page, and the remaining third is filled with the English Version of the 
Bishops' Bible in small old English. Foxe wrote the long dedication to Queen 
Elizabeth. The chief object for the publication of these Gospels is thus stated 
in the Preface : — " We haue published especially to this end, that the said boke 
imprinted thus in the Saxons letters, may remaine in the Church as a profitable 
example, and president of olde antiquitie, to the more confirmation of your 
gratious pi'ocedinges now in the Church agreable to the same. Wherin as we haue 
to see how much we are beholden to the rcuerend and learned father in God, 
Mattheiv Archbishop of Cant, a checfe and a famous trauailler in thys Church 
of England, by whose industrious diligence and learned labours, this booke, 

* Wanley, p. 64. 

+ See Origin of Eng. and Gcr. Languages, iii. 9, page 18, note *. 


with utliers moe, hath bene collected and searched out of the Saxons Monu- 
metes : so likewise haue we to vnderstand and conceaue, by the edition hereof, 
how the religion presently taught and professed in the Church at thys i)resent, 
is no new reformation of thinges lately begonne, which were not before, but 
rather a reduction of the Church to the Pristine state of olde couformitie, 
which once it had." (p. 9.) 

II. A much improved edition of the Anglo-Saxon Gospels * was published, 
with the Gothic by Junius and Marshall, in 1665, with the following ample 
title, — Quatuor D. N. Jesu Christi Euangeliorum Versiones perantiquai dupe, 
Gothica scil. et Anglo-Saxonica : quaruxn illam ex celeberrimo Codice Argenteo 
nunc primum depromsit Franciscus Junius, Francisci filius. Hanc autem ex Codi- 
cibus MSS. collatis emendatiiis recudi curavit Thomas Mareschallus, Auglus : 
cujus etiam Observationes in utramque Versionem subnectuntur. — Accessit et 
Glossarium Gothicum : cui prsemittitur Alphabetum Gothicum, Kunicum, etc. 
opera ejusdem Francisci Junii. — Dordrechti. Typis et sumptibus Junianis. — 
Excudebant Henricus et Joannes Esstei, Urbis Typographi Ordinarii. cioioclxv. 

III. A very neat and handy edition of the Anglo-Saxon Gospels appeared 
in i2mo, London 1842, with this title — Da Halgan Godspel on Englisc. — The 
Anglo-Saxon Version of the holy Gospels, edited from the original manuscripts, 
by Benjamin Thorpe, F.S.A. London, Rivington : Oxford, Pai'ker : 1842. 

One peculiar feature of the Ang-lo-Saxon version may be noticed, 
before we speak of the next translation. Those terms, which are adopted 
in other versions from the Hebrew, Greek, and Latin, are generally 
translated by indigenous Anglo-Saxon compounds, so descriptive as to 
be intelligible to every reader. A very few examples will be sufficient 
to show this principle, and the compositive power of the Anglo-Saxon 
language. For Centurion they used hundred-man, similar to the Lat. 
Centurio ; — Disciple, leorning-cniht, a learning youth : — Dropsy, a man 
with the dropsy was called wseter-seoc-man : — Parable, bigspel, a near 
example : — Repentance, dsed-bot, an amends-deed : — Resurrection, serist, 
a rising again : — Sabbath, reste-dseg, a day of rest : — Scribe, boc-ere, 
boc-wer, a hook man : — Synagogue, gesamnung, a congregation : — • 
Treasury, gold-hord, gold-koard. 

"WYCLIFFE. — Till the discovery of printing in the 15th century, 
the Holy Scriptures and other writings could only be published, or 
made generally known, by Lectures and by the slow process of manu- 
scripts. Between forty and fifty years, Wycliffe was more or less 
closely connected with the University of Oxford. As Tutor, Head of 

* See Description of this vol. in Gothic, p. vii. No. I. 


xviii PREFACE. 

a Colleg-e^ and Professor of Divinity, he had great facilities for making 
the Gospel generally known. In addition to the members of noble 
families^, and men educated for lay professions, those especially preparing 
for the Church attended his Lectures, and were educated under his 
superintendence ; taking with them into every parish throughout the 
whole country, the learning and impressions they had received in the 
University, giving lectures upon his principles, and often becoming his 
willing agents in transcribing his works. The important part, taken 
by Wyeliffe in preparing for the Reformation by the translation of 
the Scriptm-es, will be best seen by a short notice of the chief incidents 
of his life. 

John Wyeliffe is said to have been born in 1324 at a small village of 
that name, near Richmond, in Yorkshire ; and, at the age of sixteen, 
to have become one of the first members of Queen's College, founded 
in 1340. He was a fellow of Merton College in 1356. With much 
natural talent, unwearied assiduity, and a facility in acquiring know- 
ledge, this diligent and unobtrusive student gained in the University 
great reputation for his learning, and faithful friends by his decision 
of character, combined with kindness of heart and unassuming manners. 
He was deservedly popular, and was much attached to Oxford for the 
literary facilities and the uninterrupted quietude which he could not find 
anywhere so perfect as in the University. During more than twenty 
years he gratified his insatiable desire for knowledge on all subjects, 
never neglecting to devote a specified time for reading the Bible, making 
all other knowledge subservient to the great object he ever kept in view, 
a thorough knowledge of the Scriptures. He read the Latin Fathers 
with great care, and studied Aristotle, the profound reasoner of the 
Greeks. As the Greek language and literature were little known and 
almost forgotten in England before the taking of Constantinople by 
the Turks in a. d. 1453, when the Greeks fled for refuge to other 
countries, where they introduced and interpreted the ancient Greek 
authors, Wyeliffe had not the means of acquiring a knowledge of Greek. 
He could, therefore, study Aristotle only in the Latin translations and 
commentaries. Even with such inadequate assistance he became a most 
subtle reasoner, and an unrivalled disputant, able to encounter the 
intricacies of scholastic divinity. His great' opponent, the Chronicler 
Knighton, admits that, while Wyeliffe was generally esteemed a most 
eminent theologian, he had no equal in the employment of the scholastic 
art of disputation. 

About the year 1360, circumstances occuiTed which called forth 


WyclifFe^s extraordinary talents. Oxford was so celebrated as a seat 
of learning in the reign of Henry III. that an immense number of 
students came to the University from all parts of England and from 
the Continent. Anthony Wood, in his Annals*, tells us they amounted 
to thirty thousand. When all allowance is made for this almost in- 
credible estimate of the students by one of Oxford^s most partial 
friends, it at least indicates the popularity of the University. By 
the undue influence of the mendicant Friars, the younger students were 
tempted to leave the Colleges for the Convent, till they are said 
to have been reduced to six thousand. The Church of Rome, to re- 
vive the monastic institutions, established the four orders of Mendicants, 
the Augustines, Carmelites, Dominicans and Franciscans. The first 
establishment of the Dominicans was at Oxford in 1321. With other 
privileges, the Popes had allowed the Friars the liberty of superintending 
education. They had their own ^xempt jurisdiction ; and, in their un- 
remitted endeavours to gain converts by trespassing on the statutes 
of the University, they were involved in continual disputes with the 
Chancellor and Scholars. The University and the Church suffered so 
much by this interference, that a Convocation was assembled, and a de- 
cree passed, that no youth, under the age of eighteen, should be received 
by the Friars into their orders. The contest became so warm and 
exasperating, that WyclifFe entered into the defence of his beloved 
University with such zeal, energy and success, as to confound the 
Friars. They could not resist his plain and honest reasoning. He 
overwhelmed them by his arguments and learning, and brought them 
into popular disgrace by his pamphlets on the " able beggary " ab- 
surdly advocated by the Friars. 

The whole University was gratified by this display of Wycliffe's 
energy, talents and learning ; and, in testimony of respect and gratitude, 
elected him Warden or Master of Balliol College or Hall, as it was then 
called. In the early part of 1361, he was presented by his College to 
the valuable Rectory of Fillingham in Lincolnshire, which he afterwards 
exchanged for Ludgershall in Buckinghamshire, that he might be within 
a few miles of his numerous friends in the University. In the year 1365 
Simon de Islip, Archbishop of Canterbury, appointed him Warden of 
Canterbury Hall, now occupied by the Canterbury Quadrangle of Christ 
Church. In 1367 he defended Edward III. in refusing to pay Pope 
Urban the tribute which had been claimed ever since it was exacted 
from the weak King John. Wycliffe wrote with such ability, and used 

* Vol. i. p. 206; Baber, p. 11. 



such convincing arguments^ as to prove, beyond any future doubt, the 
illegality of the claim. The See of Rome was silent but indignant, ' 
looking' upon Wycliffe with a jealous eye, as the cause of the defeat. 
In England this defence increased the fame of its author, and procured 
for him the favourable regard of the Duke of Lancaster and both Houses 
of Parliament. Edward III. had previously made him one of his 

In 1372 Wycliffe was gratified by obtaining the chief desire of his 
heart, the election to the Professorship of Divinity. His whole life had 
been spent in preparing himself for the faithful discharge of the duties 
devolving on the Divinity Professor. Being elevated to a Professorship, 
which enabled him to diffuse with authority that light which had 
already beamed on his own mind, he used great judgment in his lectures 
and in the theological discussions over which he presided. His experi- 
ence taught him that deep-rooted principles and old customs must be 
treated with a gentle hand. His heart was filled with piety towards 
God and love to man, which were always manifested by his unaffected 
simplicity of manner, in language as plain and expressive as it was 
elegant. His lectures always attracted a large audience, as he was ever 
more desirous of correcting error by the statement of truth, than by 
direct and personal attacks. When he had felt his way, and had 
obtained numerous supporters in the University, the majority of whom 
read and studied the Scriptures not only critically but practically; 
with such friends, he threw off all reserve and spoke of vital religion, 
the religion of the heart with its practical results, and the best means of 
promoting them amongst the people. His lectures and sermons were 
full of the Scriptures, forming short treatises on Divinity, worthy of the 
Oxford Professor. He entertained a deep conviction, that the only way 
of promoting vital and practical religion in the mass of the population, 
was by giving them the Word of God in their own tongue. He had, 
therefore, for some time been engaged in translating the Scriptures into 
English, from the Latin Vulgate, the authorised version of the Church 
of that day. Many of his most able and faithful friends assisted him in 
this holy work. While he was increasing in Christian knowledge, and 
imparting it to the common people, as well as to those numerous 
students of the University who attended his Lectures for the acquisition 
of that scriptural knowledge, which would enable them to discharge 
faithfully the duties of parish Priests throughout the whole land, — his 
reputation, his piety and worldly prosperity went hand in hand. His 
past services to the crown were rewarded in 1374^ by his being presented 


to the valuable Rectory of Lutterworth, As ecclesiastics were generally 
the best educated men of that time^ and therefore well prepared to assist in 
state affairs,, WyclifFe was employed by the Government as a Diplomatist 
in several embassies. The See of Rome could not forg-et the rebuke and 
victory of Wycliffe. Thoug-li silent^ Rome was ever watchful for an 
oppoi-tunity of crushing the successful opponent. Wycliffe and his 
friends went on^ with great zeal and energy^ in their work of translating 
and disseminating the Seriptm-es. As his knowledge of revelation in- 
creased, and his view of divine truth was cleared, he manifested greater 
decision and fully declared his religious opinions. When his friends, who 
had supported him from motives of state policy, saw that his govern- 
ing principle was scriptural truth, they forsook him. The See of Rome 
seized the opportunity, and annoyed and persecuted him ; but opposition 
could not retard his work. 

This brief notice must not be lengthened by entering into details : it 
is only necessary to state, that Courtney, Archbishop of Canterbury, 
under the influence of the Church of Rome, with the aid of the Aristoc- 
racy and the sanction of the timid Richard II., brought a bill into the 
House of Lords to arrest Wycliffe and his followers, ^' and hold them in 
" strong prison till they justify themselves according to the law and 
" reason of Holy Church*.^'' As soon as the Bill had passed the Lords, 
Courtney endeavoured to carry it into effect. The House of Commons 
remonstrated upon its illegality, not having passed their house. The 
Chancellor of the University excused himself by declaring, that his own 
life and the peace of the University would be endangered, if Wycliffe 
were taken. To allay the fury of the storm, Wycliffe thought it prudent, 
in Nov. 1382, to retire to the country. But persecution was so severe 
and unrelenting, that he was compelled to descend from what had been 
his throne — his professorial chair, and to leave the University for ever. 
He sought retirement at Lutterworth, where, despite all opposition and 
persecution, he fearlessly wrote in defence of his doctrines, and proceeded 
in his work of completing and revising the translation of the Scriptures, 
till his death, on the last day of Dec. 1384. 

The bitter feeling and hostility of the See of Rome did not end with 
Wycliffe^s death, but by a decree of the Council of Constance his remains 
were disinterred in 1428, then burnt and the ashes cast into the Swift, 
a streamlet whicb runs by Lutterworthf. But Wycliffe lives, and ever 

* Gibson's Codex Jur. Eccles. Anglican, p. 399. 

t See Life of Wycliffe by Foxe, 1610 : Lewis, 1720 : Baber, 1810 : Le Bas, 1823 : Tytler, 
1826: Vaughan, 1845. 

xxii PREFACE. 

will live in tlie hearts and affections of the Ang-lo-Saxon race, as tlie first 
translator of the whole of the Scriptures into English. 

As Oxford was the chief scene of Wyclifie^s literary enjoyment and 
fame, the home of his heart, a retreat which he always sought with 
pleasure and left with regret, it is gratifying to know that Oxford has 
raised an imperishahle monument to Wycliffe^s memory by publishing, 
at its own expense, the splendid edition in 4 vols. 4to. of 

" The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments, with the Apoc- 
ryphal Books, in the earliest English Versions made from the Latin Vulgate 
by John Wycliffe and his Followers ; edited by the Rev. Josiah Forshall, F.E.S. 
etc., late Fellow of Exeter College, and Sir Frederic Madden, K.H. F.R.S. etc., 
Keeper of the MSS. in the British Museum. Oxford, at the University Press 

This is one of the best, most laborious, and accurate editions of any 
early English author I have ever seen. The editors have examined 
and described 170 MSS., and selected and most carefully printed two of 
the best in parallel columns, the first written before 1390, and the 
second before 1420. The Prologues and every available and desirable 
information have been given. A very excellent and ample Glossary is 
appended to the 4th vol. Altogether, this edition is the work of sound 
and ripe scholars, — an honour to the University of Oxford and their 
press, as well as to the literary veterans, the editors. All must acknow- 
ledge with them, that *^'they have spared neither time nor pains to 
render their work complete ;" especially when it is known, that " A 
considerable portion of their time, during nearly twenty-two yearSj has 
been spent in accomplishing their task.^'' — ^ref. p. xxxviii. 

Our text of WyclifFe's Gospels is founded upon the first version given in 
this Oxford edition of 1850, collated with the original MS. in the Bodleian, 
No. 369 of the Douce Collection, This MS. is written on vellum, in large fol. 
2 cols. flf. 486 [429 bis], consisting of two distinct MSS., both imperfect. The 
first is written with marginal corrections throughout, in three diflcreut hands, 
all before 1390*. The second part of the volume, from fol. 251 to the end, 
containing the Text of our Gospels, is written about the same time as the 
former, that is before 1390, say the preceding year 1389, the date I have 
adopted. A facsimile of this MS., Matt. vi. 14, 15, is given in the plate facing 
the Title. Sir F. Madden says, in Pref. p. xxi., that " the version described .... 
is to a greater or less degree the work of Wycliffe ; that it is the earliest transla- 
tion of the whole Bible in the English language, admits of no reasonable doubt." 
* Sir F. Madden's Pref. p. 1. No. 87. 

TYNDALE. xxiii 

Editions of Wyeliffe. — The numbers I. II. and III. were fi-om the text 
before 1420, adopted as the later text in the Oxford edition of 1850. 

I. The New Testament of Wyeliffe was first printed in folio, London 1731, 
by the Rev. John Lewis, Minister of Margate, Kent, with a short Glossary or 
Explanation of the old and obsolete words in Dr. Wycliffe's Translation. The 
text was taken from two MSS., one of which was his own [now, 1850, Sir F. 
Madden states, in the Bodleian, Gough, Eccl. Top. 5] and the other the property 
of Sir Edward Deering, Bart., now, 1850, of the Very Rev. Wm. Conybeare, 
dean of Llandaff. 

II. The Rev. Henry Baber, M. A., republished in 4to., London 18 10, a 
reprint of the preceding with the following additions, which are very valuable, 
and deserve the attention of every scholar. "A short memoir of the Life, 
Opinions and Writings of Dr. Wyeliffe : an historical account of the Saxon 
and English versions of the Scriptures which have been made previous to the 
fifteenth Century. The Glossary of Lewis at the end of the vol. is corrected 
and considerably enlarged." (p. v.) 

III. The New Testament in the same version as that published by the 
Rev. John Lewis was again published in 1841, from a MS. then belonging to 
H. R. H. the Duke of Sussex, [now, 1850, in the collection of the earl of 
Ashburnham,] by Messrs. Bagster, in the English Hexapla, 4to. Lond. 1841. 

IV. When the 4to. edition of 1850 was commenced, Sir F. Madden says, — 
Pref. p. i. note ^ — "No part of the earlier of the two versions before 1390 had 
ever been printed, with the exception of the Song of Solomon, given by Dr. 
Adam Clarke in his commentary on the Bible, [8 vols. 4to. Lond. 1810-25,] 
from a MS. in his own library," [now Brit. Mus. Eg. 618, 619]. 

V. In 1848, the New Testament in the earlier version, was printed by 
Mr. Lea Wilson, from a MS. in his own possession, [now, 1850, in the hands 
of the earl of Ashburnham,] under the title The New Testament in English, 
translated hy John Wyeliffe, circa MCCCLXXX. etc. 4to. Lond. 

TYNDALE. — The mind cannot be fettered by man^ however power- 
ful. We yearn for freedom of heart and soul. All the gifts of God are 
as free as the light of the sun. So is the light of his divine revela- 
tion free to all. By the light of the divine word man sees and knows 
the truths and the truth makes him free*. Free from the thraldom of 

evil and to do good. His freedom is not for selfishness^ dissension and 

strife^ but for order, harmony and truth. At particular times, we see a 
man raised up, whose love for truth is so great, that it frees him from 
all fear of evil and even from the fear of death, when put in competition 

* "Ye shall know the truth, and \r) aX^fjeeia ih^vdepditTei iifias] the truth shall make you 
free." St. John viii. 32. 

xxiv PREFACE. 

with truth. Such was William Tyndale, as will be seen by a few par- 
ticulars of his life. William Tyndale, the second of three sons of John 
Tyndale of Hunt^s Court, iii the parish of North Nibley, in Gloucester- 
shire, is said to have been born there about the year 1484. He descended 
from Hug"h Baron de Tyndale. At an early ag-e he was sent to Oxford. 
John Foxe tells us, Wm. Tyndale '' was broug-ht up from a child in the 
University of Oxford, where he by long- continuance g'rew up and in- 
creased, as well in the knowledge of tongues and other liberal arts ; as 
specially in the knowledge of the Scriptures, whereunto his mind was 
singularly addicted ; insomuch that he read privily to certain students 
and fellows of Magdalen College some parcel of divinity. His manners 
and conversation were such that all, who knew him, reputed and 
esteemed him to be a man of most virtuous disposition and of life un- 
spotted. Thus he in the University of Oxford, increasing more and 
more in learning, and proceeding in degrees of the schools, spying his 
time, removed from thence to the University of Cambridge. ^^ He pro- 
bably went to Cambridge with the view of profiting by the instruction 
of Erasmus, who lectured on the Greek language in that University, 
from 1509 till the beginning of 1514. At Cambridge he formed an 
acquaintance with a young and diligent student, John Frith, who after- 
wards assisted him in his translation of the New Testament. It must 
have been about 15 18, in his thirty-fourth year, when, as Foxe tells us, 
Tyndale " had made his abode a certain space now further ripened in 
the knowledge of God-'s word, leaving that University also, he resorted 
to one Maister Welch, a knight of Gloucestershire, and was there school- 
maister to his children, and in good favour with his maister.^^ This was 
Sir John Welch, of Little Sodbury, at whose house Tyndale held many 
disputes on religious subjects -svith the clerical dignitaries of the neigh- 
boui'hood, who frequented Sir John^s table. This brought him into so 
much danger, that he deemed it prudent to leave the country and go to 

It is difficult to fix the time of his ordination ; we only know that, 
after preaching at St. Dunstan^s in the West the same earnest and 
pi-actical sermons delivered in the country, he attempted to obtain 
the patronage of Tonstall, Bishop of London, by sending his translation 
of the Attic Greek Orator, Isocratcs. He was unsuccessful, as the 
Bishop^s palace was full; but an eminent merchant, Humfrcy Monmouth, 
a favourer of Luther, admitted him into his house ; and when Tyndale 
" understode at the laste, not only that there was no rowme in my lorde 
of london's palace to translate the new testament, but also that there 

TYNDALE^S NEW TEST. 1526. xxv 

was no place to do it in all enghnde," [Prol. to Pentateueli, ^SS'^i] l^e 
determined to g-o to Germany. His friend Monmouth settled upon 
him an annuity of ten pounds_, about .^150 of our money^ and paid his 
passage that he might live abroad and finish his translation of the New 
Testament from Greek into Eng-lish. He is said to have gone to Witten- 
berg to confer with Luther^ who published in 1522 his first edition of 
his New Testament in German. Tyndale and his friend John Frith 
were driven from place to place, till at last they settled in the free 
imperial city of Worms on the Rhine, where Tyndale^s first edition of 
the New Testament was printed at the end of 1525 or in the early part 
of 1526, in very small octavo. 

The beautiful facsimile edition of Mr. Francis Fry, F.S.A., has been noticed 
and the full title given in the notes on Tyndale's translation*. He has taken 
so much pains to acquire accurate information, as to the printer, the place and 
the date of this first edition of Tyndale's New Testament, that I gladly refer 
to his satisfactory introduction, illustrated by facsimiles. I have only room 
for a very brief summary. Peter Schoffer on becoming a Lutheran, found it 
necessary to leave Mayence, and to settle in the free city of Worms in 1512. 
Fourteen works printed by Schoffer from 1518 to 1529, seven of which have the 
imprint Worms, have been carefully compared with the capital letters, the three 
sizes of type, the woodcut of St. Paul, and the numerals used in the New Testa- 
ment of Tyndale, and they perfectly accord. Not only the type, but the length 
of the lines and their nvunber in each page, are exactly the same in the two 
German editions of the Prophets as in Tyndale's Testament. The water-mai'ks 
in the paper are also the same. If then the same type, the length and the 
number of lines in a page, the same woodcut and water-mark are foimd in the 
other works of Schoffer, printed at Worms, as in Tyndale's New Testament of 
1526, can there be any reasonable doubt that it was printed at Worms by 
Peter Schoffer, corroborated as this inference is by the Lutheran profession of 
Schoffer, and the residence of Tyndale at Worms 1 There is not any date in 
the Testament ; but, as Cochlseus caused Tyndale to flee to Worms in the 
middle of 1525, and the Testament was printed there immediately after, we 
may conclude it was published by the end of that year, or the beginning of the 
next, as it was sold in Oxford "before the 7th of Feb. 1526!." 

There is an imperfect copy of Tyndale's New Testament of 1526 in the 
Library of St. Paul's Cathedral. The only copy known to exist, perfect from 
the beginning of St. Matt, to the end of Revelation, is in the Baptist's College, 
Bristol. Of this Bristol copy, Mr. Fry has taken a very correct facsimile, 
which was made on tracing paper, transferred to stone, and printed. The 

* Notes, p. 584. + Anderson's Annals of the English Bible, vol. i. p. 93. 

xxvi PREFACE. 

whole lithograplilc impression consists of one Inindred and seventy-seven copies, 
of which twenty-six are in 4to. 

Our g-ratitude is due to the free city of WormSj for the protection 
of Tyndale, while printing the first edition of his New Testament. In 
Eng-land^s days of darkness and persecution^ on the false plea of relig-ion, 
which, when pure, and under the mild and sympathizing influence of 
the Gospel, abhors tyranny, we are deeply indebted to Hamburg and 
other free cities of Germany ; and, in after times of still greater gloom, 
to Holland and Switzerland for their friendly reception and protection 
of our refugee countrymen, when their lives were imperilled at home, for 
conscientiously adhering to those truths which they had learned from 
the Scriptures. In these free cities and states, our countrymen were 
received as brethren, with honour, — their talents and learning acknow- 
ledged, and their works printed and published. Though Tyndale had 
the reputation of being well versed in modern as w^ell as ancient lan- 
guages, we should not have known the extent of his lingual acquire- 
ments, nor whether the first impression of his New Testament was 
large or small, if the following facts in the year 1526 had not been re- 
corded, by the friendly hand of a foreigner, in the diary of Spalatinus, 
secretary of Frederic, the elector of Saxony, and supporter of Luther. 
Von Busche, Professor of Hebrew in the University of Marburg, a per- 
sonal friend of Tyndale, " told us that six thousand copies of the New 
Testament in the English language had been printed at Worms ; and 
that this translation had been made by an Eng'lishman, sojourning there 
with two other natives of England, who was so skilled in seven lan- 
guages, Hebrew, Greek, Latin, Italian, Spianish, English, and German, 
that whichever he might be speaking, you would think it to be his 
native tongue"^. ■'^ 

The quarto translation with notes, partly printed at Cologne, was 
finished at Worms in 1526, as well as the very small octavo already 
described. The Dutch booksellers found such ready sale for Tj^ndale's 
translation, that they issued several editions, \tithout any correction or 
supervision of the translator, who is supposed to have gone to Hamburg 
after 1526 to obtain the best Hebrew criticism, from the learned Jews in 
that city, and to correct what he had translated of the Old Testament 
by the original Hebrew. There he met with Miles Coverdale, who 
assisted him in translating the five books of Moses into English, printed 

* Schelliornii Amcenitates Literarise, torn. iv. p. 431. Exceri)ta qusedam e diario Geo. 


by the Hamburg press in 1530. Tyndale^s English version of Jonah 
issued from the same press in 1531. We next hear of Tyndale at Ant- 
werp^ where he found a faithful friend in Thomas Poyntz^ an English 
merchant, who cordially received him into his house. While residing 
in this respected family, besides preaching to the English residents, he 
most carefully revised his translation of the New Testament, and in 
1534, after the lapse of eight years, published it with this title : — • 

The Newe Testament, djlygeutly corrected and compared with the Greke 
by Willyam Tindale : and fynesshed in the yere of oure Lorde God anno M.D. 
and XXXIIII. in the moneth of ISTouember. — Then follows. " W. T. vnto the 
Eeader. Here thou hast (moost deare reader) the New Testament, or covenaunt 
made wyth us of God in Ohristes bloude. Which I have looked over agayne 
(now at the last), with all dylygence, and compared it vnto the Greke, and have 
weded-oute of it many fautes, which lacke of helpe at the begynninge and 
oversyght dyd sowe therin." 

Tyndale's translation of the Scriptures had been denounced by pnblic 
authority in England ; and, by an imperial decree promulgated at the 
diet of Augsburg in 1530, persons accused of heresy could be seized and 
cast into prison. Those who opposed the reading of the Scriptures in 
the language of the people were enraged when they saw the increased 
supply of the English version ; and, availing themselves of the imperial 
decree, they employed secret influence and agency for the capture of 
Tyndale. Henry Philips was sent to Antwerp, who, under the guise 
of friendship, inveigled him from the house of Pojmtz in August 1535, 
and then delivered him into the hands of the officers, sent to apprehend 
him as a denounced heretic. Tyndale was at once conveyed to the 
Castle of Vilvoord, about eighteen miles from Antwerp. Though great 
efforts were made for his liberation, they were all ineffectual ; for, after 
being confined in prison more than a year, he was brought to trial ; and 
" at last," says Foxe, " he was condemned by virtue of the Emperor^s 
decree, made in the assembly at Augsburg ; and upon the same brought 
forth to the place of execution ; was there tied to a stake ; and then first 
strangled by the hangman, and afterward with fire consumed, in the 
morning [* of October 6th], at the town of Vilvoord, in the year 1536, 
when he was about the age of fifty-two. Thus much of William Tyndale, 
who, for his notable pains and travail, may be worthily called an apostle 
of England." 

* The date in Foxe's Calendar. See Walter's Biographical Notice, p. Ixxiv, prefixed to 
the Works of Tyndale, 8vo. 1848. 

xxviii PREFACE. 

Though Henry VIII did not appeal- to have any connection with 
carrying into effect this arbitrary, unjust and ci'uel decree, Tyndale 
earnestly and with a loud voice prayed at the stake — " Lord ! open the 
King of England's eyes \" — The prayer of the dying martyr was heard; 
for, before the close of 1536, the first volume of the Holy Scriptures in 
English ever printed in this country, the folio edition of the "^New 
Testament, issued from the press of the king's own printer, with the name 
of William Tyndale on the* title. Nay more, when what is generally 
called Matthew's Bible was published in 1537, the king gave his royal 
" Licence that the same ma}' be sold, and read of every person, without 
" danger of any act, proclamation, or ordinance heretofore granted to 
" the contrary." This Bible received its designation from the name of 
Thomas INIatthew being given on the title-page. It was chiefly a repub- 
lication of Tyndale's version ; but those parts of the Old Testament, 
which he did not live to translate, were taken from Covei'dale's Bible of 
1535. The New Testament of Tjaidale had been in circulation for eleven 
years ; and it was the best translation and popular, because the language 
was familiar to the people. Some of the Prologues and notes of Tyndale 
had been introduced into Matthew's Bible, and given offence and raised 
opposition. To remove these objections Archbishop Cranmer, with the 
king's sanction, proposed the publication of the whole Bible without 
note or comment. He had the translation of Tyndale copied, and sent 
in portions to the Bishops for their correction, and then to be returned 
to him for his final revision. This version was published in 1539, and 
is known as Cranmer' s, or the Great Blhle, the first that was authorized 
" to be sett up in summe conven^^ent place within the churche, whereat 
the parishners may rede yt." The Great Bible was the authorized 
version in the reign of Henry and Edward; and, after the death of 
Mary, it was authorized by Elizabeth, and continued in general use till 
superseded by the revised edition of 1568 under the superintendence of 
Archbishop Parker, assisted by the most learned Bishops, hence called 
the Bishops' Blhle. The first rule, recommended by King James I. in 
the preparation of our present authorized version of 161 1, was this, — 
" The ordinary Bible read in the Church, commonly called the Bishops' 
" Bible, to be followed, and as little altered as the original will permit." 
From this very brief detail, it appears that our present English Version 
was based upon the Bishops' Bible of 1568, and that upon Cranmer's of 
1539, which was a new edition of Matthew's Bible of 1537, partly from 
Coverdale of 1535, but chiefly from Tyndale; in other wordsj that our 
* A copy is in the Bodleian. 


present authorized translation is mainly that of Tyndale, made from 
the original Hebrew and Greek. It has stood the test of the severest 
criticism, from his last revision to the present time, without material 
alteration ; because Tyndale, having- a critical knowledge of Hebrew and 
Greek and deep Christian experience, caught the very spirit of the 
original, and gave the impression of it in plain, idiomatic English, His 
style is easy, correct and vigorous. His translation of the New Testa- 
ment is a fine specimen of our language, in what may be called the first 
stage of maturity. It is the foundation of our standard translation, which 
is also the standard of our language. He avoids Latin derivatives, and 
generally uses indigenous words, the strong and expressive Saxon terms, 
known by all the people. In this respect our version happily follows 
him. Tyndale translates ti]v aydirriv rod 0eou, Lk, xi. 42, t/ie love of 
God, which our established version has adopted; but Wycliffe has the 
charite of God, from the Vulgate charitatem Lei. Our translators seldom 
depart from Tyndale, but when they do, in a particular word, the spirit 
of the passage is often lost; for instance, in i Cor. xiii. 13, Tyndale has, 
— Nowe abideth fayth, hope and love, even these thre ; hut the chefe of these 
is love [?; dya-TTTj]. Love is divine affection in the sonl,for God is love 
[on 6 0eos ayaTij] eoriy] . Faith in the Saviour is the. foimdation of good 
works, hojje raises the superstructure, and love completes and crowns it 
in eternity. Faith works by love, and love is the fidfilling of the law 
\-!:X-{\p(i>\ia vofjLov rj dya7r?j]. The perfection of a good work is, that it 
springs from love. Every Christian knows this to be his ruling prin- 
ciple. We have an illustration of it in filial love. How different is the 
feeling and conduct of an affectionate child from that of a servant ! The 
child, influenced by love, is unwearied in attention, and the only hope is 
an increase of mutual affection ; while the servant^s constraining principle 
is naturally the hope of material wages. Thus, while Christian love is 
the constraining princij)le of action here, and the fulfilling of the law, 
when our present faith is lost in sight, and hope in enjoyment, this aydirr] 
will continue, and increase throughout eternity. — Now, if this be the 
.literal and true meaning of St. PauFs Greek, let love be substituted for 
charity, wherever it occurs in i Cor. xiii., as it is in Tyndale 1526, fol- 
lowed by Coverdale 1535, Matthew 1537, Archbishop Cranmer 1539, 
and Parker 1568, — and there can be little doubt that love is more in 
accordance with the scope of the chapter than charity, and that Tyndale's 
last clause, — the chefe of these is love, is far better than the Vulgate major 
horum est charitas, or than Wycliffe's, — tlie moost of thes is charite, or 
even than our version, — the greatest of these is charity. 


Before I close my Preface, I must have the pleasure of alluding 
to the friendly assistance I have received in the preparation and printing- 
of these Gospels. First, and most of all, I am deeply indebted to 
George Waring, Esq., M.A., of Trinity College, Cambridge, and Mag- 
dalen Hall, Oxford, whose contributions to Anglo-Saxon philology as 
editor, for the Surtees Society, of the Liudisfurne and Rushworth Glosses, 
are already before the public. Many years ago the text of the Gothic 
and Anglo-Saxon Gospels had been very carefully transcribed, and the 
Anfflo-Saxon collated with the oldest and best MSS. The final revision 
had been long deferred in consequence of other pressing engagements 
and failing sight, till all impediments were removed in the early part 
of 1864 by my friend, who made an arrangement with the Publisher to 
take the responsibility of preparing my transcript for the press, and 

seeing it accurately printed : of harmonizing the division of verses, 

and the punctuation of the Gothic, Anglo-Saxon, and the translation 
of Tyndale with Wycliffe and our authorized version : and of regulating, 
as far as possible, the accents, which indicate the long sound of the 
Anglo-Saxon vowels over which they are placed. The accent on 
diphthongs is here omitted, except when found in the MSS., as it was 
not employed by Dr. Grimm and others to denote the length of the 
vowel, but merely to indicate the etymological origin of the accented 
vowel. Every accent in the Anglo-Saxon text, therefore, denotes tlie 
long sound of the vowel over which it is placed, and the diphthongs 
eo, ea, etc. are accented exactly as in B. or in C. 

As the simplicity of Anglo-Saxon accentuation lias frequently been ovei'- 
looked, or involved in a complicated system, it will tend to remove false im- 
pressions, and to make the matter clear, by recollecting that the Anglo-Saxons 
only used one accent, which always indicated the long sound of the vowel over 
which it was placed. Our complicated system of English vowels arose from 
the Norman scribes, who first confused the Anglo-Saxon accents, and then 
attempted to supply their place by a multiplicity of vowels, which we ha\e 
adopted, as will be seen by the following examples : — Cwen a cween, fct feet, 
ges geese, etc. : — Dic'a dike, lie like, liin lime, win wine, etc. : — Buc a hook, for 
fore, before, god good, gos a goose, etc. : — Dii thou, hu how, hus a house, mus 
a mouse, etc. : — Bryd a bride, if r fire, mys mice. In all these instances the 
Anglo-Saxon is quite plain and consistent, expressing the same sound by the 
same accented vowel, while the English employs different vowels for the same 
purpose, as in cween, geese ; — good, goose, fore ; — thou, how, house, and mo?tse. 
The greatest complication of vowels is seen in our expression of the long open 
sound of 0, heard in no and bone. We use oe, oa, and with a silent final e, 

ANG.-SAX. ACCENTS: AND p, D. xxxi 

while the Anglo-Saxons, iu all cases, merely accented the a, as, — Da a doe, fa 
a /oe, ta a toe, etc. — Bat a boat, ac an oa^, fam foam, etc. — Ban a bone, stan 
a stone, etc. This superabundant employment of English vowels is troublesome 
to natives, and most perplexing to foreigners. On the contrary, the Anglo- 
Saxon system of accenting the long, vowels is plain and definite. Mr. Waring 
has been guided by these general principles in accenting the Anglo-Saxon, but 
Gothic words have not been accented, because not a single accent has been 
found in Cod. Arg. Every possible care has, however, been taken to secure 
the greatest verbal accuracy in the Gothic and Anglo-Saxon texts, as well as 
in the other two. 

I believe Mr. Waring has exerted himself to the uttermost to fulfil 
his engagement^ and I have devoted a far longer time to the work 
than I anticipated would be at my disposal. Neither labour nor expense 
has been spared, when either could be profitably employed to benefit 
the work. I have_, therefore, not only willingly assisted in preparing 
the MS. for the press, collated the B text with the C, but I have 
carefully read over every proof twice and the revise once, after being 
read in the same manner by Mr. Waring, and by a friend ; every sheet 
has, therefore, been carefully read over at least nine times. 

Mr. Waring suggested and superintended the placing of |j and d, or the 
hard and soft sound of our modern th, as they are used in all parts of England 
at the present day. Though in our numerous provincial Dialects almost 
every letter has a diversity of sounds, I believe there is greater uniformity 
in the hard and soft sound of our th, — the Anglo-Saxon ]? and d, — than in 
any other letters. As the true archaism of our good old English and its 
nervous energy are retained in the provincial Dialects of our Island*, I have 
no doubt the original and genuine hard and soft sounds of the Anglo-Saxon 
)> and d have been transmitted to us by the secluded peasantry of our I'ural 
districts, and confii'med by those educated in our Universities and towns. 
The only way then of recovering the right sound of }> and d, and of correctly 
applying these characters in writing and printing Anglo-Saxon, is to adopt 
the true English sound of these letters. If the two distinct sounds of our 
modern th have been faithfully conveyed to us, we only ascend to Anglo-Saxon 
times and re-adopt their rational system by using their two distinct characters 
for these two distinct sounds. The Norman scribes could not distinguish 
between the hard and soft sound of {> and d ; they therefore, in writing Anglo- 
Saxon, confounded them, using the one or the other without any apparent 
distinction. Some scribes only employed S or d, which is the same letter 

* See Origin of the English and Germanic Languages, part iii. § 19, p. 26. 

xxxii PREFACE. 

in a modified form, as in the Rushwortli Gloss, which discards the use of [> 
altogether in St. Mark, Luke, and John. Hence the th for both sounds in 
modern English, to the confusion of foreigners. Our present printed Anglo- 
Saxon text, indicating the true, the distinct hard and soft sound of th by \ and 
fJ, will be a great assistance to foreigners, in showing the correct pronunciation 
of th, in English words cognate with the Anglo-Saxon. 

The hard, sharp, or acute sound of the English th in th\\\ and sooth, is 
represented by the Anglo-Saxon p and J) ; the soft, flat, or grave sound of TH 
in THine and sooTHe is represented by D, d or 6. 

For ascertaining the hard and soft sound of th, equally applicable to English 
and Anglo-Saxon, are given the following general 


I. The hard, sharp or acute p or )', is used in the beginning of all words, 
not pronominal, as J)incan to ^7«nk, |)in thm. 

a. And at the end of radical and inflectional terminations, as baej) a ba^A, 
clajj clo<7i, so)) sooth, J)inc)) think&th. Except wid wIth, etc. 

6. And sometimes when th is preceded or followed by a consonant, as 
embj)encan to tKxvik about ; ejmes easiness ; jjritig thniy. 

II. The soft, flat or grave D, d or S is used in the beginning of all 
pronouns and of all words derived from pronouns, as dajt THat ; de THe ; 
dajslic like this, danoune inence, dterdter THere. 

a. Also often between two vowels, as badu baTHS, badian to baTHe, cladum 
with cloTHes. 

These Rules are in perfect accordance with those given in our best works 
on orthoepy. 

In the printing- department, we have had the most wilUng assistance 
and co-operation from all engaged in the work at the University Press, 
to whom our thanks are due. 

To the Master of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, Dr. Pulling, 
to the Eev, Henry Octavius Coxe, M. A., Librarian, and to the Assistant- 
Librarians of the Bodleian, Oxford, I am greatly indebted, for the most 
ready and friendly assistance, in the consultation and use of MSS. under 
their care. Though I had carefully collated the whole of the Bene't, or 
Corpus MS. of the Anglo-Saxon Gospels, with my own copy, in 1832, 
and examined it again in 1841, I have frequently had to consult it 
since 1850. While the stringent regulations, made by Archbishop 
Parker, for the preservation of the MSS. and printed books left to 
Corpus Christi College, Camhridg-c, have been observed, the Master, 
Dr. Pulling, and the Fellows of the College, have had tlie happy art 



of giving every facility, in so friendly a manner as to avoid the least 
appearance of conferring a favour. The same may be said of Dr. Guest, 
Master of Caius College, who has most kindly removed doubts by 
consulting the MS. My best and most willing acknowledgments are 
due to the Rev. J. E. B. Mayor, M.A., Librarian of the University 
of Cambridge, and to Henry Bradshaw, Esq., M.A., Fellow of King's 
College, for their ready assistance in procuring a Grace of the Senate 
to take out of the Library one of their treasures, the MS. of the 
Anglo-Saxon Gospels. I have, therefore, had the great advantage of 
the um-estrained possession and use of this MS. for reference, during 
the time the Anglo-Saxon text has been passing through the Oxford. 
University Press. 

Oxford; June 21th, 1865. 

J. B. 


a, after a nnmber, denotes the right 
hand page, redo ; and b, the left hand 
page, verio, 

a indicates the first word in a verse, 
t=2, c=3, d=i etc. to 2=26: ab denote 
words 1 and 2, aJ=3 and 4: a-d denote 
the words from 1 to 4, both inclusive : dd 
indicate a double alphabet, i. e. 26 letters 
of one alphabet, and d=i of the next. 
or 26 + 4=30, the nnmber of the word 
in the verse. Thus, in Notes, p. 571, 
col. ?• 15«=chap. V. verse 15 ; «=5, the 
fifth word in verse 15. 

Arg. or Arg. v. Cod. Arg. 

A. S. Anglo-Saxon. 

B The Bene't or Corp. Christi MS. v. 
Pref. p. xlii. 4 1. 

b, V. a. 
h, V. a. 

The Cambridge MS. v. Pref. p. liil. 

Cast. Mai. Count Castiglione and An- 

gelo Mai, v. Notes, p. 571 : v, 8 and 

vii. 28e. 
Ood. Arg. Codex Argenteus, v. Pref. 

p. iv-ii. 
Cod. Aug. Codex Augustinius Bodl. D. 

Col. Column. 

Corp. Corpus Christi CoJJ. Camb. v. B, 
Cot. Cotton, v. Pref. p. xiv. { iii. 
D. 2. U, V. Cod. Aug. 
ete. or etc, et oaetera. 
Fol. or foL folio or leaf. 
3 =£7, gh and y. 
Gab. lab. Gabelentz and Lflbe, v. Pret. 

p. viii, 5 vii. 
Grk. Greelc. 

H. or Hat. The Hatten MS. v. Pref. p. xv. 

i. e. id est. 

Jn. St. John's Gospel. 

Lb. St. Luke. 

Mass. Massman, v. Pref. p. ix. } i. 

Mk. St. Mark. 

Mt. St. Matthew. 

0. The Oxford MS. v. Pref. p. xvi. ; vi. 

Bl. Koyal MS. v. Pref. p. xv. } v. 

Bosh, or Boshw. Eushworth, v. Pref. 
p. xvi. 

Skeir. Skeireins, v. Pref. p. viii. } vi. 

Upps. UppstrSm's Cod. Arg. 4to. Upp- 
sala 1854-18.57, V. Notes, p. 570. 

Upps. Frag. Goth. v. Notes, p. 570. 

V. vide, see. 

Vet. Ital. The Old Italic Version, \. 
Pref. p. xi. 

w. wanted or omitted in MSS. 


M^. n N T e 9 A^ Ai Af^^STitpM A^^N Am 

xliv. Enim si remittitis hominibus 

Ml S S ^d^ed^Itl Si Xe ' /»ip\GTl^g/<.h 


transgressiones eorum, remittit et 


vobis pater vester o super coelis. 

i* tp 9 Ak A I N I A )^ A 6 T n|> M An N A M M I s 

Autem si non remittitis hominibus trans- 

S /idLGd^Itl S'i'ZG'tll^ ^n ^TT'/i'i X 


gressiones eorum, neque pater • ves- 


ter remittit transgressiones vest- 

•MG- ]<.^S: A^^AwBitpej^ASTAi^'HiyAiK 

xlv. tras. Autem quum jejiinatis, non fia- 

Matt. vi. 14-16, V. Alphabet, p. xxxvi. 

nnn^e! ac alyy ur o^: y^e'le yo|?lice'; pico'^licc' ^yr 

co5?-nnnge, ac alys us of yfele soJ?lice. Witodlice gyf 
iemip-tation, hut loose us from evil. Amen. Verily, if 

5ef 'foy.^yya'S mannu Hy]ia rynna ])oh i:o)t ^^y}^ 
ge forgyfad mannuin liyra synna poniie for gyf p 
ye forgive men their sins, then forgiveth 

e'ope]! y^ lie'o):enlica yct'Cicyi doy doy^e! ^ylrar; 
eower se heofenlica fseder eow eowre gyltas. 
your I heavenly father you, your guilt. 

Gyj 5^^ yo'S lied ne yoy.^Yya^ mannu. ne! e!oycn yet 

Gyi ge sodlice ne forgyfad mannum, ne eower fee- 
If ye soothly forgive not men, neither your fa- 

t)eji ne yo^^y^ doy e!oyy.d v-ynna ; 
der ne forp-yfd eow eowre synna. 

,7 ^ • ^7 • f Matt. VI. 1^-15. 

mer jorgiveth you, your sins. \ pref p xiii 


on coyzn\in^€- ac alyy viy oy: y^def. ro'Slic^' "pirotjlice' 

on costnunge, ac alys us of yfele. sodlice. Witodlice 
51^ ^d yo'p.^iya'^ mannn Ke'Djia yynna- |?onn€^ ^o|i 
gif ge forgifad mannum heora synna, ]?omie for- 
5i|:e^ efopeji yc; Heo|:enlica ycfbcy, doy e'orjte' 51I- 
gifed eower se heofenlica feeder eow eowre gil- 
zay ^ly ^ef yoMicef n€f yo|i5i|:a<5' mannv,- n€ doycy, 
tas. gif ge sodlice ne forgifad mannum, ne eower 
ycx^Xicy, nd yoy. ^fy'S c'op doyye! rynna* C^VY* 5^ byjiatS" 
f^der ne forgyfd eow eowre synna. Dys gebyrad '"'"' 

Matt. vi. 13-15, V. Pref. p. xiii. § ii. 

yuel amen . )7at is so be it / forso]?e 
3if 300 shulen for3eue to men her 
synnys : & 3oure heuenly fadir. slial 
for3eue to 30U 3oure trespassis / so 
]?ely 3if 5ee shulen for3eue not to 
men : nei}> 3oure fadir shal for3eue 
to 30U 3oure synnes. But when 300 

Matt. vi. 13-16. Pref. p. xxii. 


tempta-cion . but delyvre vs ffrom yvell / Amen. For ad 

yfF yeshall forgeve other men there treaspases / 

youre father i heve shal also forgeve you . but ad 

' ye wyll not forgeve men there trespases / nomo# 

re shall youre father forgeve youre treaspases. 

Moreovre when ye faste / be not sad as the jf 
pocryts are. For they disfigure there faces / that 
hit myght apere vnto men that they faste. Vere^ 
ly y say vnto you / they have there rewarde. But 
thou / whe thou fastest / anoynte thyneheed / ad 

Matt. vi. 13-17. 

* V. Facsimile facing the Title; and Preface, p. vi. vii. + v. Notes, p. 574, col. I ; and 

Preface, p. xiii. J Verbally, the heavenly Father of you. || The Cambridge MS. : v. Preface, 

p. xiii. § ii. The verbal English of C is given in the preceding example, marked B. ** The Rubric : 

V. the entire Rubric, in Notes, p. 575, col. I. Matt. vi. l6a. The literal English of this Rubric is, This 
helongeth to the head of the fast on Wednesday. 


Form Sound Number 
































































































WH wh 





NoUs on the Gothic Alphabet. 

^ The Gothic alphabet is evidently 
formed from the Greek. It was first 
used by Ulphilas about A.D. 360. See 
Facsimile, and Preface, p. Hi. 

' Most of the Gothic letters have the 
same sound as their English representa- 
tives ; but, as in Greek so in Gothic, 
g has always a hard sound, as in give ; 
and g before another g, or before k, has 
the sound of n : thus, Lk. i. 11, aggilus, 
an angel, is pronounced angilus, as the 
Grk. ^77eA.or : Lk. v. 21, bagkyan, to 
think, is pronounced thankyan. 

^ Is represented by our q sounded as 
kw, thus qens a wife, Lk. i. 18, is pro- 
nounced kweens. 

* Our indefinite th would have been 
used, but the A. S. )> was necessary to 
distinguish i|) from th as separate letters 
in such words as athaitands, Lk. vii. 19. 

* As ya yea, yuk a yoke. 

* As oy between two consonants. 
"> The hard ch as the Grk. x- 

^ As in wheila while, whan when ; hw 
could not be used, as hw occur as separate 
letters in hwssopo. pronounced hoyssopo, 
Skeir. p. 179. 

MA = ii: kA=2i: Nr= 

53: )<.nh = i88: ]:\X = B31 

Notes on the Anglo-Saxon Alphabet. 

Eng. Ang.-Sax. En^. Ang.-Sax. 

Vowels. Vowels. Vowels. Vowels. 

h Ja as a in man. fo as o in cock. 

\ae'' as ai in mam, 

e as e in met. 

ffi as ea in meat 

e as ee in meet. 

as i in wm. 

as i in wme. 

* D, d, ^ have the sound of tb in th'me 
and soothe. See p. xxxii. 

^ \^, )? have the sound of th in th'm 
and sooth. See p. xxxii. 

Note — The accent, in Anglo-Saxon, 
indicates the long vowels [see notes b.g 
and p. xxx] and must not be confounded 
with syllabic emphasis, or the stress of the 
voice, which falls upon the chief syllable 
in a word. This emphasis, in Gothic and 
Anglo-Saxon, is always upon the first 
radical syllable of a word, and never 
upon prefixes, such as a, be, ge, etc. 



■ o< a as in coke. 

[o as 00 in cook. 
. Ju as 11 in fuW. 

\u as ou in foi^l. 

Jy as>' in lyfaj>. 
^ ^ [y as > in l_yf life. 



A a^ 



B b 



C c 



D (1 



E e<= 



F f 




G g 
H h 



I i^ 



K k 



L 1 


L m 

M m 



N n 







P p 
Q q 
R r 

S s 



T t 



U u' 


W w 
X X 

Y y« 
Z z 
Ai ai'' 


that : 

*1 and. 








Translated from 



Bishop of 

The Moeso-Goths, 


A. D. 348 and 388, 


A. D. 360. 





gereorde : 

Translated from the 

and printed chiefly 

from a MS. 

written between 

A. D. 990 and A. D. 1050 ; 

probably about 

A. D. 995. 








in Englische : 

Translated from the 


and printed 


a manuscript, 



A. D. 1389. 




S. IHON : 

Translated from 



and printed 


the first edition, 


A. D. 1526. 








7s wanting till Chapter F, 1 5 ; except 
a/eto verses and fragments of verses, the 
sources of which are indicated in the 
notes ^. 

^ Jiefcrs to the Chapter and Verse of the Notes 
at the end of the Volume, helomjing to tJuit 
Version, and the Word of the Verse after which 
the t stands. 

Chap. I. i Her is on cneonsse boc 
Hselendes Cristes, Dauides suna, Abra- 
hames suna. 

2 S6|)lice Abraham gestrynde Isaac. 
Isaac gestrynde lacob. lacob gestrynde 
ludam and his gebrodra. 

3 ludas gestrynde Phares and Zaram, 
of dam wife de waes genemned Thamar. 
Phares gestrynde Esrom. Esrom ge- 
strynde Aram. 

4 Aram gestrynde Aminadab. Ami- 
nadab gestrynde Naason. Naason ge- 
strynde Sahnon. 

5 Salmon gestrynde Booz, of dam wife 
Raab. Booz gestrynde Obeth, of dam 
wife Ruth. Obeth gestiynde lesse. 

6 lesse gestrynde done cyning Dauid. 
Dauid cyning gestrynde Salomon, of dam 
wife de WJBS Urias wif. 

7 Salomon gestiynde Roboam. Eoboas 
gestrynde Abiam. Abia gestiynde Asa. 

8 Asa gestrynde losaphath. losaphath 
gestrynde loram. loras gestiynde Oziam. 

9 Ozias gestiynde loatham. loatham 
gestrynde Achaz. Achaz gestiynde Eze- 

10 Ezechias gestrynde Mannasen. Man- 
nases gestiynde Anion. Anion ge- 
strynde losiam. 

1 1 losias gestrynde lechoniam and his 
gebrodru, on Bubilonis geleorednysse. 

12 And cefter Babilonys geleorednysse, 
lechonias gestiynde Salathiel. Salathiel 
gestrynde Zorobabel. 




M A T H E U. 





Chap. I. i The boke of generacioun 
of Jhesu Crist, the sone of Dauyd, the 
sone of Abraham. 

2 Abraham gendride''' Ysaac. Ysaac 
forsothe bigate Jacob. Jacob forsothe 
bigate Judas and his bretheren. 

3 Judas forsothe bigate Phares and 
Zaram, of Thamar. Phares forsothe 
bigate Esrom. Esrom forsothe bigate 

4 Aram forsothe bigate Amynadab. 
Amynadab forsothe bigate Nason. Na- 
son forsothe bigate Salmon. 

5 Salmon forsothe bigate Booz, of Raab. 
Booz forsothe bigate Obeth, of Ruth. 
Obeth forsothe bigate Gesse. 

6 Jesse forsothe bigate Dauith the kyng. 
Dauith forsothe kyng bigate Salomon, 
of that womman that was Uries wi^. 

7 Salomon forsothe bigate Roboam. 
Roboam forsothe bigat Abias. Abias 
forsothe bigate Asa. 

8 Asa forsothe bigate Josophat. Jo- 
sophat forsothe bigate Joram. Joram 
forsothe bigate Osias. 

9 Osias forsothe bigate Joathan. Jo- 
athan forsothe bigate Achaz. Achaz 
forsothe bigate Ezechie. 

10 Ezechie forsothe bigate Manasses. 
Manasses forsothe bigate Amon. Amon 
forsothe bigate Josias. 

1 1 Josias forsothe bigate Jechonyas and 
his bretheren, in to transmigracyoun of 

12 And after the transmygracyoun of 
Babiloyne, Jechonias bigate Salatiel. Sa- 
latiel forsothe bigate Zorobabel. 

Chap. I. i Tys is the boke off the 
generacion off Jhesus Christ, the sonne 
of David, the sonne also ot Abraham. 

2 Abraham begat Isaac. Isaac begat 
Jacob. Jacob begat Judas and hys 

3 Judas begat Phares and Zaram, off 
Thamar. Phares begat Esrom. Esrom 
begat Aram. 

4 Aram begat Aminadab. Aminadab 
begat Naasson. Naasson begat Salmon. 

5 Salmon begat Boos, of Rahab. Boos 
begat Obed, of Ruth. Obed begat Jesse. 

6 Jesse begat David the kynge. David 
the kynge begat Solomon, of her that 
was the wyfe of Ury. 

7 Solomon begat Roboam. Roboam 
begat Abia. Abia begat Asa. 

8 Asa begat Josaphat. Josaphat begat 
Joram. Joram begat Osias. 

9 Osias begat Joatham. Joatham begat 
Achas. Achas begat Ezechias. 

10 Ezechias begat Manasses. Manasses 
begat Amon. Amon begat Josias. 

1 1 Josias begat Jechonias and hys 
brethren, aboute the tyme of the cap- 
tivete of Babilon. 

12 After they wer ledd captive to 
Babilon, Jechonias begat Salathiel. Sa- 
lathiel begat Zorobabel. 

GOTHIC, 360. 

21 ... ijj gabairi]) sunu, yah haitais 
namo is lesu ;■'" 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

1 3 Zorobabel gestrynde Abiud. Abiud 
gcstrynde Eliachim. Eliaohim gestrynde 

14 Azor gestrynde Sadoc. Sadoc ge- 
strynde Achim. Acbim gestrynde Eliud. 

15 Eliud gestrynde Eleazar. Elcazar 
gestrynde Mathan. Matban gestryude 

16 lacob gestrynde losepb, Marian 
wer, of dajre wses acenned se Haelend, 
de is genenined Crist. 

17 Eornostlice ealle cneoressa fram 
Abrabame od Dauid synd feowertyne 
cneoressa, and fi-am Dauide od Babilo- 
nis geleorednysse feowertyne cneoressa, 
and fram Babilonis geleorednesse od 
Crist feowertyne cneoressa ■*■. 

18 S6))lice dus wses Cristes encores. 
Da dises Hselendes modor, Maria, waes 
losepe beweddod, ser bi to somne be- 
comun, beo wses gemet on innode bseb- 
bende of dam Halcgan Gaste. 

19 S6|)lice losep, hyi-e wer, da be 
wses rihtwis, and nolde hi gewidmsei'sian, 
be wolde bi diblice forlsetan. 

20 Him da sojjlice das \>mg Jjencen- 
dum, Dribtnes engel on swefnum a^ty wde, 
and him to cwaij?, losep, Dauides sunu, 
nelle du ondrsedan Marian, dine gemsec- 
cean, to onfonne ; dajt on byre acenned 
ys byt ys of dam Halgan Gaste. 

21 Witodlice beo cenj> sunu, and du 
nemst hys naman Haelend : He s5|>lice 
hys folc bal gede]) fram byra synnuni. 

22 S6j)lice eal dys wa3S geworden, da;t 
gefylled wsere, dset fram Dribtne ge- 
cweden wses )jurh done witegan. 

23 So]jlice ! seo fseninc ba'fj) on innode, 
and beo cenjj sunu, and bi nemna]> bis 
naman Emanubel, da;t ys gerebt on lire 
gejjcode, God mid us. 

24 Da aras losep of swefcnc, and dyde 
swa Dribtnes engel bim bebead, and 
be onfeng bys gema;ccean ; 

25 And be ne grette bi, [od doetjt beo 
ccnde byre frum-cennedan sunu, and 
nemde bys naman Hselend.^ 

1. 13-25.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

13 Zorobabel forsothe begate Abyut. 
Abyut forsothe bygate Eliacbim. Elia- 
chym forsothe bigate Asor. 

14 Asor forsothe bigate Sadoc. Sadoc 
forsothe bygate Achyni. Achym forsothe 
bygate Elyut. 

15 Elyut forsothe bygate Eleasar. Elea- 
sar forsothe bigate Mathan. Mathan 
forsothe bigate Jacob. 

16 Jacob forsothe bigate Joseph, the 
husbond of Marie, of whiche Marie Jesus 
is born, that is clepid Crist. 

1 7 And so alle generaciouns from Abra- 
ham til to Dauith hen fourteue gene- 
raciouns, and fro Dauith vnto trans- 
mygracioun of Babiloyne hen fourtene 
generaciouns, and from the transmygra- 
cioun of Babiloyne vnto Crist hen four- 
tene generaciouns. 

1 8 Forsoth the generacioun of Crist was 
thus. Whane Marie, his modir, was 
spousid to Joseph, bifore that thei shul- 
den come to gidre, she is foundun hau- 
ynge in the wombe of the Holy Cost. 

19 Joseph forsothe, hir husbond, when 
he was iust man,'*' and wolde not pup- 
liche''^ hir, wolde priuyly forsake hire. 

20 Sothely hym thenkynge these 
thingus, lo ! the angel of the Lord ape- 
ride in sleepe''' to hym, sayinge, Joseph, 
the sone of Dauyd, nyl thou drede to 
take Marie, thi ^vyf ; forsothe that thing 
that is bom in hire is of the Holy Goost. 

21 Sothely she shal here a sone, and 
thou shalt clepe his name Jesus ; for he 
shal make his peple saif fro her synnes. 

2 2 Forsothe al this thing was don, that 
it shulde be fulfillid, that thing that was 
seid by a prophete, seiynge, 

2 3 Loo ! a virgyne shal haue in wombe, 
and she shal bere a sone, and his name 
shal be clepid Emanuel, that is inter- 
pretid,'*' God with us. 

24 Sothely Joseph rysynge vp fi'o sleep, 
did as the angel of the Lord comaundide 
hym, and toke his wijf ; 

25 And he knewe hir nat, til she had 
boren hir first bygoten sone, and clepide 
his name Jhesus. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 5 

13 Zorobabel begat Abiud. Abiud be- 
gat Eliachim. Eliachim begat Azor. 

14 Azor begat Sadoc. Sadoc begat 
Achin. Achin begat Eliud. 

15 Eliud begat Eleasar. Eleasar be- 
gat Matthan. Matthan begat Jacob. 

1 6 Jacob begat Joseph, the husbande 
off Mary, of whome was boren that Jhe- 
sus, which is called Christ. 

17 All the generacions from Abraham 
to David are fowretene generacions, 
and from David vnto the captivete of 
Babilon are fowi'tene generacions, and 
from the captivete of Babilon vnto 
Christ are also fowrtene generacions. 

1 8 The byrthe off Christe was on tliys 
wyse. When hys mother, Mary, was 
maryed vnto Joseph, before they cam to 
dwell togedder, she was founde with 
chylde by the Holy Goost. 

19 Then her husbande, Joseph, beinge 
a parfect man, and loth to defame her, 
was mynded to put her awaye secretly. 

20 Whill he thus thought, behold ! the 
angell of the Lord apered vnto him 
in slepe, sainge, Joseph, the sonne of 
David, feare not to take vnto the Mary, 
thy ^yyie ; for that which is conceaved 
in her is of the Holy Goost. 

21 She shall brynge forthe a sonne, 
and thou shalt call his name Jesus ; for 
he shall save his people from theire 

22 All thys was done to fulfill that 
which was spoken of the lorde be the 
prophet, saynge, 

23 Beholde ! a mayde shalbe with 
chylde, and shall brynge forthe a sonne, 
and they shall call his name Emanuel, 
which is as moche to saye be interpreta- 
cion, as God with vs. 

24 Joseph as sone as he awoke out 
of slepe, did as the angell off the Lorde 
bade him, and toke hys wyfe vnto hym ; 

25 And knewe her not, tyll she had 
brought forth her fyrst sonne, and called 
hys name Jesus. 

GOTHIC, 360. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995, [St. Matt. 

Chap. II. i Eornustlice da se Hselend 
acenned wses on ludeiscre Bethleem, on 
dses cyninges dagum Herodes, da comon 
da tungol-Nvitegan fi-am east-dsele to 

2 And cwcedon, Hwser ys se, ludea 
cyning de aceuned ys? s5|)lice we ge- 
sawon hys steorran on east-dsele, and we 
comon us him to ge-eadmedenne. 

3 Da Herodes dset gehyrde da wearjj 
he gedrefed, and eal Hierosolim-waru 
mid him. 

4 And da gegaderode Herodes ealle 
ealdras dsera sacerda, and folces wi'iteras, 
and axode, hwser Crist acenned wsere. 

5 Da ssedon hi him, On ludeiscere 
Bethlem ; witodlice dus ys awriten J)urh 
done witegan, 

6 And du, Bethleem, ludea land, witod- 
lice ne eart du Isest on luda ealdrum ; 
of de for))-gEej) se here-toga, se de recjj 
min folc Israhel. 

7 Herodes da clypode on sunder- 
sprsece da tungel-witegan, and befran hi 
georne hwseune se steorra him a^teowde. 

8 And he asende hi to Bethlem, and 
dus cwsej?, Fara]), and a,xia)> geornlice be 
dam cilde, and donne ge hyt gemetaj), 
cydaj) eft me, doet ic cume and me to 
him gebidde. 

9 Da hi daet gebod gehyrdon, da fer- 
don hi. And s5l)lice ! se steorra, de hi 
on east-dsele gesawon, him beforan ferde, 
od he stod ofer, daer daet cild waes. 

10 S6})lice da, da tungel-witegan done 
steorran gesawon, [hig] ''' fsegenodon 
swyde myclum gefean. 

1 1 And ganggende into dam huse, hi 
gcmetton daet cild mid Marian, hys me- 
der j and hi a))enedon hi, and hi to him 
gebfcdon. And hi untyndon hyra gold- 
hordas, and him lac brohton, doet waes 
gold, and recels, and myrre. 

12 And hi afengon andsware on swef- 
num, dset hi eft to Herode ne hwyrfdon, 
ac hi on oderne weg on hyra rice ferdon.^ 

1 3 Da hi da ferdon, da sety wde Drihtnes 

II. I-I3.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

Chap. II. i Therfore when Jhesus 
was born in Bethlem of Juda, in the days 
of kyng Herode, loo ! kyngis^ camen fro 
the eest to Jerusalem, 

2 Sayinge, Wher is he, that is borun 
kyng of Jewis 1 forsothe we han seyn his 
sterre in the este, and we comen for to 
wirshipe hym. 

3 Sothely kyng Herode herynge is 
tiublid, and al Jerusalem with him. 

4 And he, gedrynge to gidre alls the 
princis of prestis, and scribis of the peple, 
enquiride of hem, wher Crist shulde be 

5 And thei seiden to hym, In Bethlem 
of Juda ; for so it is writen bi a pro- 

6 And thou, Bethlem, the lond of Juda, 
thou art nat the leste in the princis 
of Juda ; for of thee a duk shal gon out, 
that shal gouerne my peple of Yrael. 

7 Than Herode, priuyli the kyngis 
clepid to hym, bisily lernyde of hem the 
tyme of the sterre that apperide to hem. 

8 And he, sendynge hem in to Beth- 
lem, saide, Go jee, and axe 5ee bisily of 
the chyld, and whan jee han founden, 
telle a5ein to me, that and Y cummynge 
wirshipe hym. 

9 The whiche, when thei hadden herde 
the kyng, wenten awey. And loo ! the 
sterre, the whiche thei sayen in este, 
wente bifore hem, til that it cummynge 
stood aboue, wher the child was. 

10 Forsothe thei, seeynge the sterre, 
ioyeden with a ful grete ioye. 

1 1 And thei, entrynge the hous, foun- 
den the child with Marie, his modir ; and 
thei fallynge doun worshipiden hym. 
And her tresours opnyd, thei oflfreden to 
hym 5iftis, gold, encense, and merre. 

12 And answer taken in sleep, that 
thei shulden not turne a5ein to Herode, 
thei ben turned by an other wey in to 
her cuntree. 

13 And when thei hadden gon awey, 

TYNDALE, 1526. 7 

Chap. II. i When Jesus was borne 
in Bethleem a toune of Jury, in the 
tyme of king Herode, beholde ! there 
cam wyse men from the est to Jerusalem, 

2 Saynge, Where is he, that is borne 
kynge of the Jnesi we have sene his 
starre in the est, and are come to wor- 
ship hym. 

3 Herode the kynge after he hadd 
herde thys was troubled, and all Jerusa- 
lem with hym. 

4 And he sent for all the chefe prestes, 
and scribes off the people, and demaunded 
off them, where Christ shulde be borne. 

5 They sayde vnto hym, In Bethleem 
a toune of Jury ; for thus it is written 
be the prophet, 

6 And thou, Bethleem, in the londe 
of Jury, shalt not be the leest as per- 
teyninge to the princes of Juda ; for out 
of the shal come a captaine, whych 
shall govern my people Israhel. 

7 Then Herod prevely called the wyse 
men, and dyligently enquyred of them 
the tyme of the starre that appered. 

8 Ajid sent them to Bethleem, saynge, 
When ye be come thyder, searche dyli- 
gentily for the childe, and when ye 
have founde hym, bringe me worde, 
that Y maye come and worshippe hym 

9 When they had herde the kynge, 
they departed. And lo ! the starre, 
whych they sawe in the este, went before 
them, vntyll it cam and stod over the 
place, where the chykle was. 

10 When they sawe the starre, they 
were marveylously gladd. 

11 And entred into the house, and 
founde the childe with Mary, hys mother ; 
and kneled doune and worshipped hym. 
And opened there treaseures, and offred 
unto him gyftes, gold, franckynsence, 
and myr. 

12 And after they were warned in 
ther slepe, that they shulde not go ageyne 
to Herod, they retourned into ther awne 
countre another way. 

1 3 After that they were departed, lo ! 

GOTHIC, 360. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

engel losepe on swefnum, and dus cwse]>, 
A'ris, and nim daet cild and his modor, 
and fleoh on Egypta-land, and beo dser, 
od daet ic de secge ; toweard ys, dset 
Herodes secjj daet cild, to forspillenne. 

14 He aras da, and nam dset cild and 
Lis modor on niht, and ferde on Egyp- 

15 And W0es dser od Herodes for})-sij) ; 
da3t wsere gefylled, daet de fram Drihtne 
gecweden wses [mrh done \vitegan, Of 
Egyptum ic minne sunu geclypode. 

16 Da wses Herodes swyde gebolgen, 
fordam de lie bepaeht wses fram dam 
tungel-witegum ; and he asende da and 
ofsloh ealle da cild, de on Betlileem 
weeron, and on eallum hyre gcmserum, 
fram twy-wintrum cilde and binnan dam, 
sefter dsere tide de he ge-axode fram 
dam tungel-witegum. 

1 7 Da wses gefylled, daet gecweden waes 
Jjui'h Hieremiam, done \vitegan, 

18 Stefn waes on hehnysse gehyred, 
wop and mycel ))otorung, Rachel weop 
hyre beam, and heo nolde beon gefref- 
red, fordam de hi nseron. t 

19 SoJ)lice da Herodes waes forjjfaren, 
witodlice! on swefne Drihtnes engel 
aetywde losepe on Egyptum, 

20 And dus cwaej), Aris, and nini daet 
cild and his modor, and far on Israhela 
laud ; nu synd forjjfarene de daes cildes 
sawlc sohton. 

21 He aras da, and onfeng daet cild 
and his modor, and com on Israhela land. 

22 Da he gehyrde dset Archelaus rixode 
on ludea jjeode, for daene Herodem, he 
ondrcd dyder to farende. And, on swef- 
num gemynegod, he ferde on Galileisce 
daelas ; 

23 And he com da and eardode on 
dtere ceastre, de is gencmncd Nazareth, 
dset waere gefylled, dset gecweden waes 
jjurh done witegan, Fordam de he Na- 
zarenisc hy\> genemned.^ 

II. 1 4-23-] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

loo ! the aungel of the Lord apperide in 
sleep to Joseph, sayynge, Ryse vp, and 
take the child and his modir, and flee in 
to Egipt, and be thou there, til that I 
seye to thee ; sothely it is to cume, that 
Plerode seeke the child, for to lese hym. 

14 The whiche Joseph, rysynge vp, 
toke the chijld and his modir by nyjte, 
and wente into Egipt, 

15 And was there til to the deth of 
Erode ; that it shuld be fulfiUid, that 
thing that was said of the Lord by the 
prophete, sayinge, Fro Egypt Y haue 
clepide my sone. 

1 6 Thanne Erode seeynge that he was 
scorned'*' of the kyngis, was gretely 
wroth ; and he sendynge slew3 alle the 
children, that weren in Bethlem, and in 
alle the eendis of it, fro two jeer age and 
with yune, after the tyme that he hadde 
soujt out of the kyngis. 

17 Than it was fulfillide, that thing 
that was said by Jeremye, the prophete, 

18 A voice is herd an heeje, weepynge 
and myche weilynge, Rachel weepynge 
hir sonys, and she wolde not be comfortid, 
for thei ben not. 

19 Sothely Erode dead, loo ! the an- 
gel of the Lord apeeride in sleep to 
Joseph in Egipt, 

20 Sayinge, Ryse vp, and take the 
childe and his modir, and go in to the 
lond of Yrael ; for thei that soujteu the 
lijf of the chyld ben dead. 

21 The whiche Joseph, rysynge vp, 
toke the child and his modir, and cam in 
to the lond of Yrael. 

22 Forsothe he heerynge that Arche- 
laus regnede in Jude for Eroude, his 
fadir, dred for to go thidir. And he, 
monestid in sleep, wente in to the parties 
of Galilee ; 

23 And he cummynge dwelte in a 
citee, that is clepid Nazareth, that it 
shulde be fulfillid, that thing that is said 
by prophetis, For whi he slial be clepid 
of Nazareth. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 9 

the angell of the Lorde apered to Joseph 
in his slepe, sayngc, Aryse, and take the 
childe and his mother, and flye in to 
Egipte, and abyde there, tyll Y bringe 
the worde ; for Herod wyll seke the 
chylde, to destroye hym. 

14 Then he arose, and toke the chylde 
and his mother by night, and departed 
in to Egipte, 

15 And was there vnto the deeth of 
Herod ; to fulfill that which was spoken 
of the Lorde by the prophet, which say- 
eth. Out of Egipte have Y called my 

16 Then Herod perceavynge that he 
was moocked off the wyse men, was ex- 
ceedynge wroth ; and sent forth and slue 
all the chyldren, that were in Bethleem, 
and in all the costes there of, as many as 
were two yere old and vnder, accordynge 
to the tyme which he had diligently 
searched oute of the >vyse men. 

17 Then was fulfilled that which was 
spoken be the prophet, Jeremi, saynge, 

18 On the hilles was a voyce herde, 
mournynge wepynge and greate lamen- 
tacion, Rachel wepynge fibr her chyldren, 
and wolde nott be comforted, because 
they were not. 

1 9 When Herod was deed, lo ! an angell 
off the Lorde apered vnto Joseph in 

20 Saynge, Arise, and take the chylde 
and his mother, and go in to the londe 
of Isi-ahel ; for they are deed which sought 
the chyldes deeth. 

21 Then he arose vp, and toke the 
chylde and his mother, and cam into the 
londe of Israhel. 

22 But when he herde that Archelaus 
did raygne in Jury in the roume ofi" hys 
father, Herode, he was afrayde to goo 
thether. Notwithstondynge, after he was 
warned in his slepe, he tourned a syde 
into the parties off Galile ; 

23 And went and dwelt in a cite 
called Nazareth, to ffulfill that which was 
spoken be the prophetes. He shalbe called 
of Nazareth. 


GOTHIC, 360. 

3 Stibna wopyandins in au]ji(lai, Man- 
weicl wig Frauyius ; raihtos waurkeijj 
staigos is. ^ 

7 . . . Kuni nadre, whas galaiknida izwis 
|)liuhan faura jjamma anawairjjin hatiza P 

8 WaurkyaiJ) nu akran wair))ata idrei- 
gos. + 

9 Yah ni [|)Uggkyai))] qij^an in izwis, 
Attan aigum Abraham ; qij>a auk izwis, 
jjatei mag GuJ^ us stainam jjaim urraisyan 
barna Abrahama. "•■ 

- I o A)5j)an yu so aqizi at waurtim bagme 
Iigi[> ; all nu bagme unbairandane akran 
god, usmaitada, yah in fon galagyada.^" 

1 1 Ik allis izwis daupya in watin, [du 
I'dreigai] ; i|) sa afar mis gagganda swin- 
jjoza mis ist, )>izei ik ni im wairjjs [sko- 
hans bairan] ; sah [|'an] izwis daupei]) 
in Ahmin Weihamma [yah funin].''' 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

Chap. III. i On dam dagum com 
lohannes se Fulluhtei-e, and bodude on 
dam westene ludese, 

2 And cwtiej), D6|> dscd-bote, sojjlice 
geneal?ece)j heofoua rice. 

3 Dis ys se, be dam de gecweden ys 
|jurh Esaiam, done witegan, Clypieudes 
stefn wses on westene, Gegearwiaj) 
Drihtnes weg ; doj? his sidas rihte. 

4 Se lohannes ^vatodlice hsefde reaf of 
olfenda hserum, and fellenne gyi'del embe 
hys lendenu ; and hys mete wses gserstap- 
an, and wudu hunig. 

5 Da ferde to him Hierosolim-waru, 
and eal ludea j^eod, and eal daet rice 
wid geondam lordauen ; 

6 And hi wseron gefullode on lor- 
dane fram him, and hi andettan hyra 

7 S6})lice da he geseh manega dsera 
Sunder-halgena, and dtera Riht-wisendra 
to his fulluhte cumende, he cwsej) to him, 
La nseddrena cyn, hwa geswutelode eow 
to fleonne fram dam toweardan yrre 1 

8 Eornostlice d6]> medemne weastm 
dasra dsed-bote, 

9 And ne cwedaj) betwux eow, We 
habbajj Abraham us to fseder ; s6f)lice ic 
sccge eow, dset God ys swa mihtig dset he 
mseg of dysum stanum aweccean Abra- 
hames beam. 

I o Eallunga ys seo a^x to dfera treowa 
wiu'trumum asett ; eornustlice aelc treow 
de godne wtestm ne bringj), hy\> forcorf- 
eu, and on fyr aworpen. 

I I Witodlicc ic eow fuUige on wse- 
tere, to daed-b5te ; se de sefter me to- 
werd ys he ys strengra donne ic, daes 
gcscy neom ic wyrde to berenne ; he eow 
fullajj on Halgum Gaste and on fyre. 

12 Daes fann ys on his handa, and 
he afeormaj) his [jyrsccl-florc, and he ge- 
gadcrajj his hwsetc on bis bevn ; da ceafu 
he forbaernj) on unadwaescendlicum fyre.^ 

13 Da com se Htielcnd fram Galilca 
to lordane to lohanne, dajt he bine 

14 lohannes da s6|)lice forbcad him, 

III. 1-14.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

Chap. III. i In thilke days came 
Joon Baptist, prechynge in the desert of 

2 Sayinge, Do 50 penaunce, for the 
kyngdom of heuens shal neij.^ 

3 Forsothe this is he, of whom it is 
said by Ysaye, the prophete, A voice of a 
cryinge in desert, Make je redy the 
wayes of the Lord ; make je ri3tful the 
pathes of hym. 

4 Forsothe that ilk Joon hadde cloth 
of the heeris of cameylis, and a girdil of 
skyn aboute his leendis ; sothely his 
mete weren locustis, and hony of the 

5 Thanne Jerusalem wente out to hym, 
and al Jude, and al the cuntre aboute 
Jordan ; 

6 And thei weren cristenyd of hym in 
Jordan, knowlechynge there synnes. 

7 Sothely he seeynge many of Phari- 
sees and of Saducese commynge to his 
bapteme, saide to hem, Generaciouns of 
eddris, who shewide to 30U for to flee fro 
wi'ath to cumme? 

8 Therfore do 3ee worthi fruytis of 

9 And nyl 3e say with ynne 50U, We 
han the fadir Abraham ; sothely Y saye 
to 30U, for win God is mi3ti to reyse vp 
of these stonys the sonys of Abraham. 

TO For now the axe is putt to the rote 
of the tree ; sothely euery tree that mak- 
ith nat good fruyt, shal be kitt doun, and 
shal be sent in to fijr. 

It Forsothe Y cristene 30U in water, 
in to penaunce ; forsothe he that is to 
cumme after me is strenger than Y, whos 
shon Y am not wortbi to here ; he shal 
baptise^ 30W in the Holy Goost and fijr. 

12 Whos wynwing cloth'*' in his bond, 
and he shal fully dense his corne floore, 
and shal gedre his corne in to his berne ; 
but chaffis he shal brenne with fyr un- 
quenchable. 'I' 

13 Thanne Jhesus came fro Galilee in 
to Jordan to Joon, for to be cristned of 

1 4 Soothly Joon forbeed hym, sayinge. 

TYND ALE, 1526. II 

Chap. III. i In those dayes Jhon 
the Baptiser cam, and preached in the 
wildernes oft" Jury, 

2 Saynge, Repent, the kyngdome of 
heven is at honde. 

3 This is he, of whom it is spoken be 
the prophet, Esay, which sayeth, The 
voyce off a cryer in wyldernes. Prepare 
the Lordes way ; and make hys pathes 

4 This Jhon had hys garment off camels 
heer, and a gerdell off a skynne aboute 
his loynes ; hys meate was locustes, and 
wylde hony. 

5 Then went oute to hym Jerusalem, 
and all Jury, and all the region rounde 
aboute Jordan ; 

6 And were baptised of hym in Jor- 
dan, knoledging their synnes. 

7 When he sawe many off the Phari- 
ses and off the Saduces come to hys bap- 
tism, he sayde vnto them, O generaciou 
of vipers, who hath taught you to fle 
from the vengeaunce to come 1 

8 Brynge forth therefore the frutes 
belongynge to repentaunce. 

9 And se that ye ons thinke not to 
saye in yourselves. We have Abraham to 
oure father ; for I say vnto you, that 
God is able off these stones to rayse vp 
chyldren vnto Abraham. 

10 Even nowe is the ax put vnto the 
rote of the trees ; soo that every tree 
which bringeth not fforthe goode fi-ute, 
shalbe hewne doune,and cast into the fyre. 

11 I baptise you in water, in token 
of repentaunce ; but he that cometh 
after me is myghtier then I, whose 
shues I am not worthy to beare ; he shal 
baptise you with the Holy Gost and with 

12 Which hath also his fan in his 
bond, and will pourge his floore, and 
gadre the wheet into his garner ; and 
will burne the chaffe with everlastynge 

13 Then cam Jesus fi'om Galile into 
Jordan to Jhon, ffor to be baptised off 

14 But Jhon fforbade hym, saynge, I 


GOTHIC, 360. 

4 . . . Ni bi hlaib ainana libaid 
manna, ak bi all waurde . . . .^ 

5 , . . yah gasatida ina ana gib- 
lin alhs, yah qa^ du imma,''' 

6 Yabai sunus siyais Gu])S, wairp jmk 
dala)>; gamelid ist auk, patci aggilum 
seinaim anabiudijjbi J5uk,yah ana handuni 
))uk ufliaband, ei whan ni gastagqyais by 
staina fotu beinana.^ 


. Ni fraisais Frauyan Gujj 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

and cwsej), Ic sceal fram de beon gefullod, 
and cymst du to me ? 

15 Da andswarode se Hselend him 
and cwajjj, Ltct nu, dus unc gedafena)> 
ealle rihtwisnesse gefyllan. Da forlet 
he liine. 

1 6 S5})lice da se Hjelend gefullod wses, 
hrsedlice he astah of dam wretere ; and 
him wurdon dier rihte heofenas ontyn- 
ede, and he geseah Godes Gast nider- 
stigende swa swa culfran, and wunigende 
ofer hyne ; 

1 7 And s5))lice ! da com stefn of heof- 
enunij and dus cwjb)), Her is min se 
gecorena sunn, on dam me gelicode.^ 

[o [panuh] imma lesus qa)^ . . . gamelid 

Chap. IV. i Da wses se Hselend gclscd 
fram Gaste on westen, daet he wsere fram 
deofle costud. 

2 And da da he fseste feowurtig daga 
and feowurtig nihta, da ongan hyne 
syddan hingrian. 

3 And da genealcehte se costnigend, ■•■ 
and cwse\>, Gyf du Godes sunnu sy, cwej) 
dset das stanas to hlafe gcAvui'don. 

4 Da andswarode se Hselend, Hit ys 
awi'iten, Ne leofajj se man be hUife auum, 
ac be selcon wordc de of Godes mu);e gc)e|). 

5 Da gebrohte se deofol hine on da 
halgan ceastre, and asette hine ofer dues 
temples heahnesse, and cwsey to him, 

6 Gyf du Godes sunu cart, asend do 
donne nyder ; s5)jlicc hit ys a,\vi'iten, Dajt 
he his englum bebead be de, dajt hig dc 
on hyra handum bcron, de-la3S de din fot 
a;t stane aitsporne. 

7 Da cw8e)> se Hselend eft to him, Hit 
ys awriten, Ne costna du Drihtcn dinne 

8 Eft se deofol hine genam and laeddc 
hine on swide heahne munt, and jcteowde 
him calle middan-eardes ricu, and hyra 
wuldor ; 

9 And cwa^]> to him, Ealle das ic sylle 
de, gyf du feallende to me ge-cadmetst. 

10 Da cwa?)) se Tla-lcnd to him, Gang 

III.I5.— IV. lo.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

I owe for to be cristned of thee, and 
thou commest to me ? 

15 Forsothe Jhesus answeringe saide 
to hym, Suffice now, for so it becummeth 
vs for to fulfill e all ri3twisnesse. Than 
Joon leete hym.''' 

16 Forsothe Jhesus cristened stei^ vp 
anoon fi-o the water ; and loo ! heuens 
ben opened to hym, and he say the Spirit 
of God cummynge doun as a culuer, and 
cummynge vpon hym ; 

1 7 And loo ! a voice fro heuenes, say- 
inge, This is my byloued sone, in the 
whiche Y haue plesid to me. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


Chap. IV. i Thanne Jhesus was led 
in to desert of a spirit, that he shulde be 
temptid of the deuel. 

2 And whanne he hadde fastid fourty 
days and fourety ni3tis, afterward he 

3 And the tempter cummynge nij, 
saide to hym, 3if thou be Goddis sone, 
say that these stoons be maad looues. 

4 The whiche answerynge said to hym, 
It is wryten, A man lyueth not in breed 
aloon, bot in euery word that cometh 
forth fi'o the mouthe of God. 

5 Thanne the deuyl toke hym in to 
an hooly citee, and sette hym on the 
pynacle of the temple, and saide to hym, 

6 3if thou be Goddis sone, sende thee 
doun ; sothely it is wryten. For to his 
aungels he comaundide of thee, and thei 
shulden take thee in hoondis, lest pera- 
uenture thou hurte thi fote at a stoon. 

7 Eftsone Jhesus saith to hym. It is 
writen. Thou shalt not tempte the Lord 
thi God. 

8 Eftsone the deuel toke hym in to a 
ful hee3 hill, and shewide to hym alle the 
rewmys of the world, and the glorie of 
hem ; 

9 And saide to hym, Alle these thingis 
Y shal jeue to thee, 3if thou fallynge 
doun shalt worshipe me. 

10 Than Jhesus saide to hym. Go, 

ought to be baptysed off the, and com- 
mest thou too me ? 

15 Jesus answered and sayde to hym, 
Lett hyt be so nowe, for thus hit becom- 
meth us to fulfyll all rightewesnes. Then 
he suffred hym. 

16 And Jesus as sone as he was baptised 
cam stx'ayght out of the water ; and lo ! 
heven was open vnto hym, and he sawe 
the Spirite of God descende lyke a dove, 
and lyght vppon hym ; 

17 And lo ! there cam a voice from 
heven, sayng, Thys ys my deare sonne, 
in whom is my delyte. 

Chap. IV. i Then was Jesus ledd 
awaye of the spirite in to a desert, to be 
tempted of the devyll. 

2 And when he had fasted fourtye 
dayes and fourtye nyghtes, att the last 
he was an hungred. 

3 Then came vntyll hym the tempter, 
and sayde, Yff thou be the sonne of God, 
commande that these stones be made 

4 He answered and sayde, Yt is wryt- 
ten, Man shall nott live only by breede, 
but by every worde that proceadeth out 
off the mouth off God. 

5 Then the devyll tooke him vpp in 
to the holy cite, and set hym on a pyna- 
cle of the temple, and sayd vnto hym, 

6 Yf thou be the sonne of God, cast 
thysylfe doune ; for hit ys wrytten, He 
shall geve his angels charge over the, 
and with there handes the shall stey 
the vpp, that thou dashe not thy fote 
agaynst a stone. 

7 Jesus sayde to hym. Hit ys wrytten 
also. Thou shalt not tempte thy Lorde 

8 The devyll toke hym up agayne and 
ledde hym in to an excedynge hye moun- 
tayne, and shewed hym al the kyngdomes 
of the worlde, and the beauty of them ; 

9 And sayde vnto hym, All these 
will I geve the, iff" thou wilt faull doune 
and worship me. 

10 Then sayde Jesus vnto hym, Avoyd 


GOTHIC, 360. 

ist, [Auk] Frauyan Gu)) ))einana Ynweit- 
ais, yah imma ainamma fuUafahyais. ^ 

17 . . . IclreigoJ), atnewhida sik 
J)iudangardi himiue. ^ 

18 ... Wharbonds |)an faur marein Ga- 
leilaias, gasawh twans brojn-uns, Seimona, 
[saei heitada] Paitrus, yah Andraian, 
brol^ar is, wairpandans nati in marein ; 
wesun auk fiskyans. 

19 Yah qa}) im [lesus], Hiryats afar 
mis, yah gatauya igqis nutans manne.''" 

20 [i\> )?ai] sunsaiw afletandans ])0 
natya, laistidedun afar imma. 

21 Yah inngaggans framis yain|)ro, 
gasawh [an)>arans twans brojjruns,] la- 
kobu ))ana Zaibaidaiaus, yah lohannen, 
brojjar is, in skipa [mij) Zaibaidaiau, 
attin seinamma, manwyandaus natya 
[seina], yah hailiait ins. 

22 ijj })ai sunsaiw afletandans jiata skip 
yah attan seinana, [laistidedun] afar 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

(1u sceocca onbsec ; so))lice hit ys awi'iten, 
To Drihtne dinum Gode du de sfe-ead- 
mets)5, and him anum ()eowast. 

1 1 Da forlet se deofol hine ; and englas 
genealBehton, and him j^enodon.^ 

12 So))lice da se Haelend gehyrde daet 
Johannes belsewed waes, da ferde he to 

13 And forlsetenre dtere ceastre Na- 
zareth, he com, and eardode on Caphar- 
naum, on dam sae-gemserum, on endum 
Zabulon and Neptalim, 

1 4 Da^t wsere gefylled, daet de gecwed- 
en wffis ))urh Esaiam, done witegan, 

15^ [Zabulones eor|)U and Neptalimes 
eorl)e, sses weg ofer lordane, dara Jieoda 

16 peoda-folc de on jjystrum seet geseah 
mycel leoht, and sittendum on geai'de 
deajjes sceade, is leoht up-aspningen. 

17 Syddan ongan se Haelend bodian, 
and cwedan, D6\> dsed-bote, s6]>lice heof- 
ona rice genealsec}).''' 

18 Da se Hselend code wid da Gali- 
leiscean sse, he geseh twegen gebrodru, 
Simonem, se wses genemned Petrus, and 
Andream, his brodor, sendende hjra nett 
on da sae ; soj^lice hi WEcron fisceras. 

19 And he ssede him, Cumaj) a;fter 
me, and ic do daet gyt beo)> manna 

20 And hi daer rihte forleton h3Ta net, 
and him fyligdon. 

21 And da he danon code, he geseh 
twegen odre gebrodru, lacobum Zebedei, 
and loannem, his brodur, on scype mid 
hyra fseder, Zebcdeo, remigende hyra 
net, and he clypode hi. 

22 Hi da sona forleton hyra nett and 
hyra fseder, and him fyligdon.^ 

23 And da beferde se Hselend ealle 
Galileam, Iserendeon hyra gesomnungum, 
and he wass bodiende godspel djcs rices, 
and htelende aelce adle, and selce untrum- 
nysse on dam folce. 

24 And da ferde his hlisa into ealle 
Syriam ; and hi brohton him ealle yfel- 

IV. 11-24.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

Sathanas ; forsotlie it is wrytin, Thou 
shalt worshipe the Lord thi God, and to 
hym alone thou shalt serue. 

1 1 Than the deuel lafte hym ; and 
loo ! aungelis camen ni5e, and serueden 
to hym. 

1 2 Sothely whanne Jhesus hadde herde 
that Joon was taken, he wente into 

13 And the cite of ISTazaret laft, he 
came, and dwelte in the citee of Capher- 
naum, beside the see, in the eendis of 
Zabulon and Neptalym, 

14 That it shulde be fulfillid, that 
thing that was said by Ysay, the pro- 

15 The lond of Zabulon and the lond 
of Neptalym, the weye of the see ouer 
Jordan, of Galilee of hethene men, 

16 The peple that dwelte in derknes- 
sis say grete lijt, and men sittynge in 
the cuntree of shadew of deth, li5t is 
sprunge to hem. 

17 Fro thennus Jhesus bygan for to 
preche, and say. Do 5e penaunce, forsothe 
the kyngdom of heuens shal cume ni5e. 

18 Sothely Jhesus, walkynge bisidis 
the see of Galilee, say two bretheren, 
Symon, that is clepid Petre, and Andrew, 
his brother, sendynge nett in to the see ; 
forsothe thei weren fisheris. 

19 And he saide to hem. Come 56 
after me, and I shal make 30U to be maad 
fisheris of men. 

20 And anon her nettis forsakyn, they 
sueden hym. 

2 1 And he goynge forth fro that place, 
say tweyn other bretheren, Jamys of 
Zebedee, and Joon, his brother, in the 
ship with Zebedee, her fadir, makynge 
a3ein''" her nettis, and he clepide hem. 

22 Sothely anoon the nettis forsaken 
and the fadir, thei sueden hym. 

23 And Jhesus enuyraunyde al Ga- 
lilee, techynge in the synagogis of hem, 
and prechynge the gospel of kyngdam, 
and helynge al sorow,''" and al sekenesse 
in the peple. 

24 And his opynyoun'*' wente in to al 
Syrie ; and thei ofti-iden to hym alle men 

TYNDALE, 1526. 15 

Satan ; for it is wi'itten, Thou shalt 
worshyp thy Lorde God, and hym only 
shalt thou serve. 

1 1 Then the dyvell left hym ; and lo ! 
the angels cam, and ministred vnto hym. 

12 When Jesus had herde that Jhou 
was taken, he departed in to Galile. 

13 And left Nazareth, and went, and 
dwelte in Capernaum, which is a cite 
apon the see, in the coostes off Zabulon 
and Neptalim, 

1 4 To ffulfiU that whiche was spoken be 
Esay, the prophet, saynge, 

15 Behokle the londe of Zabulon and 
Neptalim, the waye of the see beyonde 
Jordan, Galile off the Gentyls, 

16 The people whiche sat in dercknes 
sawe greate lyght, and to them which 
sate in the region and shadowe of deeth, 
lyght is spronge. 

17 From thatt tyme Jesus began to 
preache, and to say. Repent, for the 
kingdome of heven is at honde. 

18 As Jesus walked by the see off 
Galile, he sawe two brethren, Simon, 
which Avas called Peter, and Andrew, his 
brother, castynge a neet into the see ; 
for they were fisshers. 

19 And he sayde unto them, Folowe 
me, and I will make you fisshers of men. 

20 And they stray ght waye lefte there 
nettes, and folowed hym. 

21 And he went forthe from thence, 
and sawe other twoo brethren, James the 
Sonne of Zebede, and Jhon, his brother, 
in the shippe with Zebede, their father, 
mendynge their nettes, and called them. 

22 And they with out taryinge lefte 
the shyp and their ftither, and folowed 

23 And Jesus went aboute all Galile, 
teachyng yn their sinagoges, and preach- 
ynge the gospell of the kyngdome, and 
healinge all manner of sicknes, and all 
manner dyseases amonge the people. 

24 And hys ffame spreed abroode 
through oute all Siria ; and they brought 


GOTHIC, 360. 

3 Audagai |jai unledans ahmin, unte 
[Tze] 1st jjiudangardi himine.+ 

8 Audagai |)ai hrainyahairtans, unte 
Jjai Gu|) gasaiwhand.l" 

13 [Yus siyujj] salt [air})Os] ; ij) ya- 
bai salt baud wair])i|), wbe gasupoda 1 ^. . 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

hsebbende missenlicum adlum, and on 
tintregum gegripene, and da de deofel- 
seocnyssa haefdon, and m5nod-seoce, and 
laman ; and he da gehselde. 

25 And him fyligdon mycele menigu 
fi'ara Galilea, and fram Decapoli, and 
fram Hierusalem, and fram ludea, and 
fram begeondan lordanen.t 

CiiAP. V. I Sojjlice da se Hselend 
geseh da menigu, he astah on done munt ; 
and da he sajt, da genealsehton his leorn- 
ing-cnihtas to him. 

2 And he ontynde his map, and Iserde 
hi, and cwsejj, 

3 Eadige synd^ da gastlican jjearfan, 
fordam hyra ys heofena rice. 

5 Eadige synd da li|)an, fordam de hi 
eor))an agun. 

4 Eadige synd da de nu wepa]), fordam 
de hi beoj? gefrefrede.''" 

6 Eadige synd da de for rihtwisnessc 
hingriaj) and })yrsta)j, fordam de hi beo]> 

7 Eadige synd da mild-heortan, for- 
dam de hi mild-heortnysse bcgyta}). 

8 Eadige synd da clten-heortan, for- 
dam de hi God geseojj. 

9 Eadige synd da gesybsuman, for- 
dam de hi beoj) Godes beam genemnede. 

10 Eadige synd da dc ehtnysse jjolia}) 
for rihtwisnysse, fordam de hyra ys hcof- 
onan rice. 

1 1 Eadige synd ge, donne hi wyTiajj 
eow, and ehta|) cow, and secgeaj; aelc 
yfel ongen eow Icogcndc, for me,' 

12 Geblissia)) and gefffigniaj), fordam 
de eower med ys mycel on heofonum ; 
swa hi ehtun da witegan de beforan eow 

13 Go synd eor)ian scalt ; gyf dset • 
scalt awyi-jj, on dam de hit gesylt bij)? 
Hit. ne mseg syddan to nahte, buton 

IV.25.-V. 13.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

hauyiige yuele, takyn with cljTiers sorowis 
and tourmeutis, and hem that hadden 
deuelis, and hinatijk men, and men in 
palsie, and he helide hem. 

25 And there sueden hym many cum- 
panyes of Galilee, and of Decapoly, and 
of Jerusalem, and of Judee, and of be- 
jonde Jordan. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


Chap. V. i Jhesus forsothe, seynge 
cumpanyes, wente vp in to an hill ; and 
when he hadde sete, his disciplis camen 
ni5e to hym. 

2 And he, openynge his mouthe, tau3te 
to hem, sayinge, 

3 Blessid be the pore in spirit, for the 
kingdam in heuenes is heren. 

5 Blessid he mylde men, for thei shuln 
welde the eerthe. 

4 Blessid he thei that mournen, for thei 
shuln be comfortid.''" 

6 Blessid he thei that hunrrren and 
thnsten ri5twisnesse, for thei shuln ben 

7 Blessid he mercyful men, for thii 
shuln gete mercye. 

8 Blessid he thei that ben of clene 
herte, for thei shuln see God. 

9 Blessid he pesil^le men, for thei shuln 
be clepid the sonys of God. 

10 Blessid he thei that suffren perse- 
cucioun for ri3twisnesse, for the kyngdam 
of heuenes is herun. 

1 1 3ee shulen be blessid, when men 
shulen curse 30U, and shulen pursue 30U, 
and shulen say al yuel a5eins 50U lee3ing, 
for me. 

12 loye 3ee -with yn forth, and glade 
jee Avith out forth, for 30ure meede is 
plenteuouse in hettones ; forsothe so thei 
han pursued and prophetis that wei'en 
before 30U. 

1 3 3ee ben salt of the erthe ; tliat 3if 
the salt shal vanyshe awey, whcrynne 
shal it be saltidl To no thing it is 

vnto hym all sicke people, that were 
taken with divers diseases and gripinges, 
and them that were pos.sessed with 
devils, and those which were lunatyke, 
and those that had the palsey, and he 
healed them. 

25 And there 'foloAved hym a greate 
nombre off people from Galile, and from 
the ten cites, and from Jerusalem, and 
from Jury, and from the regions that lye 
beyoade Jordan. 

Chap. V. i When he sawe the peo- 
ple, he went vp into a mountayne ; and 
when he was set, his disciples cam vnto 

2 And he openned his mought, and 
taught them, saynge, 

3 Blessed are the poore in sprete, for 
theirs is the kyngdome off heven. 

4 Blessed are they that morne, for they 
shalbe comforted. 

5 Blessed are the meke, for they shall 
inheret the erth. 

6 Blessed are they which honger and 
tliurst for rightewesnes, for they shalbe 

7 Blessed are the mercifuU, for they 
shall obteyne mercy. 

8 Blessed are the pure in herte, for 
they shall se God. 

9 Blessed ai-e the maynteyners of peace, 
for they shalbe called the chyldren of 

10 Blessed are they which suffre per- 
secucion for rightewesnes sake, for theirs 
ys the kyngdome off heven. 

1 1 Blessed are ye, when men shall re- 
vyle you, and persecute you, and shall 
falsly say all manner of yvcll saynges 
agaynst you, ffor my sake. 

1 2 Reioyce, and be glad, for greate is 
youre rewarde in heven ; for so persecuted 
they the prophets which were before 
youre dayes. 

13 Ye are the salt of the erthe ; but 
and if the salt be once vnsavery, what 
can be salted ther with "? It is thence- 


GOTHIC, 360. 


ak ana lukavnastajj- 

in, yah liuhtei)) + allaini )'aiiu in J)anima 

16 Swa liuhtyai liuha]' i'zwar in and- 
•\vair|'ya maniie, ei gasaiwhaina izwara 
goda waurstwa, yah hauhyaina attau 
izwarana jjana in himinani. 

17 Ni hiigyai}) ei qeniyau gatairan 
■witojj, ai))|3au praufetuus ; ni qam ga- 
tairan, ak usfuUyan. 

18 Amen auk qi)>a izwis, und )>atei 
usleijiijj hiniins yah airjia, yota ains, aiJ5- 
J)au ains striks, ni usleilji}) af witoda, 
unte aUata Avairjjij?. 

19 1)) saei nu gatairi]) aina anabusne 
];izo minnistono, yah laisyai swa mans, 
rainnista haitada in j^iudangavdyai him- 
ine ; 'i\> sa?i tauyi|?, yah laisyai swa, sah 
mikils haitada in jjiudangardyai himiue. 

20 Qijja auk izwis, jjatei nibai manag- 
izo wair))i)) izwaraizos garaihteins J>au 
J)ize bokarye yah Fareisaie, ni ])du qiniijj 
in Jjiudangardyai himine. 

21 Hausidedujj )?atei qijjan ist })aim 
airizam, Ni mauij?ryais ; i]> saei maurj)r- 
ei\>, skula wair})i|) stauai. 

22 A))))an ik qij^a izwis, Jjatei whazuh 
modags brojjr seinannna sware, skula 
wairjjijj stauai ; 'i\> saei qil'i|' bro|)r scin- 
amma, Eaka, skuhi wair{)i|) ga(ium|)ai ; 
a|)j)an saei qil^i}?, Dwala, skula wairpij) 
in gaiainnan funins. 

23 Yabai nu bairAis aibr )jein du hunsl- 
astada, yah yainar gamuneis, })atei brojj- 
ar |)eins habai)> wha bi J)uk, 

24 Aflet yainar |)o giba ))cina in and- 
wair|)ya hunslastadis, yah gagg faur)>is 
gasihyon bro|)r jieinamma, yah h\pe at- 
gaggands atbair ])o giba ];cina. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

^set hit sy iit-aworpen, and sy fram mann- 
uni fortreden. 

14 Ge synd middan-eardes leoht ; ne 
mseg seo ceaster beon behyd de byj> 
uppan miint aset ; 

1 5 Ne hi ne selajj hyra leoht-fset, and 
hit under cyfe setta|i, ac ofer candel-sttef, 
daet hit onlihte eallum dam de on dam 
hiise synd. 

16 Swa onlihte eower leoht beforan 
mannum, da?t hi geseon eowre godan 
vveorc, and Avuldrian eowei'ne feeder de 
on heofonum ys.''' 

1 7 Nelle ge wenan dset ic come towurp- 
an da se, odde da witegan ; ne com ic 
na towui'pan, ac gefyllau. 

18 Sojjes on eornost ic secge eow, 
scrdam de gewite heofon and eor|)e, an i, 
odde an prica, ne gewit fram dtere x, 
serdam ealle Jjing gewurdan. 

19 Eornostlice se de towyrpjj an of 
dysum Isestum bebodum, and da men 
swa Iserjj, se by)) lasst genemned on heof- 
onan rice ; so^lice se de hit do)), and 
l.Tr)i, se bi}) mycel genemned on heofonan 

20 S6|)lice ic secge eow, buton eower 
rihtwisnys mare sy donne dajra writera 
and Simdor-halgena, ne ga ge on heof- 
onan rice. 

21 Ge gehyrdon daet gecweden wtes 
on ealdum tidum, Ne ofslch dii ; se de 
ofslihj), se by)) dome scyldig. 

22 Ic secge eow, s6))lice dajt selc de 
yrsa)) hys breder, by)) dome scyldig ; 
s6j)lice, se de seg\> hys breder, Du itword- 
cna, he bi)) ge))eahte scyldig ; se de seg)), 
Du stuuta, se by)) scyldig helle fyres. 

23 Eornostlice gyf du bringst dine lac 
to wcofode, and dii d;or ge))cncgst, daet 
din brodor liajf)) aenig ))ing agen de, 

24 Lset da)r dine lac beforan dam al- 
tare, and gang aer and gesybsuma wid 
dinne broder, and donnc cum dii syddan 
and brine: dine lac.''' 

V. 14-24] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

worth oucr, no bot that it be sent out, 
and defoulid of men. 

14 3e ben li5t of the world ; a citee 
putt on an hill may nat be hid ; 

15 Nether men tendyn a lanterne, and 
putten it vndir a busshel, but on a can- 
dilstike, that it jeue li3t to alle that ben 
in the hous. 

16 So shyyne 50ure li5t before men, 
that thei see joure good werkis, and glo- 
rifie 30ure fadir that is in heuens. 

17 N"yle 56 gesse ■*■ that Y came to 
vndo''' the lawe, or the prophetis ; I came 
not to vndo the lawe, but to fultille. 

18 Forsothe I say to 50U trewthe, til 
heuen and erthe passe, oon i''', or titil, 
shal nat passe fro the lawe, til alle thiugis 
be don. 

1 9 Therfore he that vndoth ''' oon of 
these leste maundementis, and techith 
thus men, shal be clepid the leste in the 
rewme of heuenes ; forsothe this that 
doth, and techith, shal be clepid grete in 
the kyngdame of heuenes. 

20 Forsothe Y say to 50U, no but 5if 
5oure rijtwisnesse shal be more plenteu- 
ouse than of scribis and Pharisees, 5ee 
shulen not entreinto kyngdam of heuenes. 

21 3ee han herde that it is said to 
olde men, Thou shal nat slea ; forsothe 
he that sleeth, shal be gylty of dome. 

22 But I say to 50U, that euereche that 
is wrothe to his brother, shal be gylty 
of dome ; forsothe, he that shal say to his 
brother, Racha"*", shal be gylty of coun- 
seile ; sothly he that shal say. Fool''", 
shal be gylti of the fijr of helle. 

23 Therfore 5if thou offrist thi 5ift at 
the auter, and there shalt bythenke, that 
thi brother hath sum what a3eins thee, 

24 Leeue there thi 5ift before the au- 
ter, and go first for to be recounseilid'' to 
thi brother, and thanne thou cummynge 
shalt offre thi jifte. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 19 

forthe goode for nothynge, but to be cast 
oute at the dores, and that men treade it 
vnder fete. 

1 4 Ye are the light of the worlde ; a 
cite that is set on an hill cannot be hid ; 

15 Nether do men lyght a candell, and 
put it vnder a busshell, but on a candel- 
stick, and it lighteth all them which are 
in the housse. 

16 Se that youre light so shyne before 
men, that they maye se youre good 
workes, and glorify youre father which 
is in heven. 

1 7 Ye shall not thynke that I am come 
to disanuU the lawe, or the prophets ; no 
I am uott come to disanuU them, but to 
fulfyll them. 

18 For truely I saye vnto you, till 
heven and erth perisshe, one iott, or one 
tytle, of the lawe shall not scape, tyll all 
be fulfilled. 

19 Whosoever break eth one of these lest 
comaundmentes, and shall teache men 
so, he shalbe called the leest in the kyng- 
dome off heven ; but whosoever shall 
observe, and teache them, that persone 
shalbe called greate in the kyngdome off 

20 For I saye vnto you, except youre 
rightewesnes excede the rightewesnes off 
the scribes and Pharises, ye cannot en- 
tJ'e into the kyngdome off heven. 

21 Ye have herde howe it was sayd 
vnto them off the olde tyme, Thou shalt 
not kyll ; whosoever shall kyll, shalbe in 
daunger of iudgement. 

22 But I say vnto you, whosoever his 
angre with hys brother, shalbe in daun- 
ger off iudgement ; whosoever shall saye 
vnto his brother, Racha, shalbe in 
daunger off a counsell ; but whosoever 
shall saye vnto his brothei', Thou fole, 
shalbe in daunger off hell fyre. 

23 Therfore when thou offerest thy 
gyfte att the altre, and there remembrest, 
that thy brother hath eny thynge agaynst 

24 Leve there thjae offrynge before 
the altre, and go thy waye first and 
reconcile thy sille to thy brother, and 
then come and offre thy gyffte. 

c 2 

20 GOTHIC, 360. 

25 Siyais wailahugyands andastauin 
jjeiuamnia sprauto, luul )>atei is in wiga 
mi|) Tmma, ibai whan atgibai |.!uk sa anda- 
staua stauTu, yah sa staua Jmk atgibai 
andbahta, yah in karkara gaUigyaza. 

26 Amen qi))a |)us, Ni usgaggis yain- 
\>vo, uute usgibis j^ana miunistan kintu. 

27 Hausidedujj jjatei qij^anist, Ni hor- 

28 Ajijian ik qijja izwis, ))atci whazuh 
saei saiwhi}) qinon du luston izos, yu ga- 
horinuda izai in hairtin sciuamma. 

29 I]? yabai augo ])cin })ata taihswo 
marzyai )>uk, usstigg^ ita, yali wairp af 
})us ; batizo ist auk \>us, ei fraqistnai ains 
lijjiwe Ijeinaize, yah ni allata leik })ein 
gadi'iusai in gaiainnan. 

30 Yah yabai taihswo j^eina handus 
marzyai jjuk, afmait ]>o, yah wairp af 
])us ; batizo ist auk \ius, ei fraqistnai 
ains ]i})iwe jjeinaize, yah ni allata leik 
J)ein gadriusai in gaiainnan. 

31 Qij'anuh j^an ist, patei whazuh saei 
afletai qen, gibai izai afstassais bokos. 

32 I}) ik qijja izwis, J?atei whazuh saei 
afleti}> qen seina, inuh fairina kalkinass- 
aus, tauyijj j'o horinon, yah sa ize afsat- 
ida liugaij), horiuoj). 

33 Aftra hausidedu}>, ];atei qijmn ist 
J)aim airizam, Ni ufarsvvarais, i]) usgibais 
Frauyin aijjans Jjeinans. 

34 Aj'l^an ik qijia izwis, ni swaran allis ; 
ni bi himina, uute stols ist Gu];s ; 

35 Nih bi airjjai, unte fotubaurd ist 
fotiwe is ; nih bi Tairusaulwmai, unte 
baurgs ist })is mikilins Jj'iudanis ; 

36 Nih bi liaubida ))einamma swarais, 
unte ni magt ain tagl wheit, ai])]>au swart 
gatauyau ; 

37 Siyai|)-))an waurd izwar, Ya, ya ; 
Ne, ne ; ij) })ata managizo ])aim[, us ])ani- 
ma ubiliu ist. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

25 Beo du onbugende dinum wider- 
winnan hrade, da hwile de du eart on 
wcge mid him, de-la?s de din widcr- 
winna de sylle dam deman, and se dema 
de sylle dam J^ene, and dii sy on cwertern 

26 S6|)es ic secge de, Ne gsest dii 
danone, ser du agylde done ytcmestan 

27 Ge gehyrdou dtct on ealdum cAvj'd- 
um gecweden waes, Ne unriht-hseme dii. 

28 S6})lice ic secge eow, daet selc dajra 
de wif gcsylij) and hyre gewilna}), callunga 
da3t se gesyngaj) on hys heortan. 

29 Gyf din swydre cage de Eeswicie, 
ahola hit ut, and awurp hyt fram de ; 
s6j)lice de ys betere, divt an dinra lima 
forwurde, donne eal din lichama si on 
hclle asend. 

30 And gyf din swidre hand de aswice, 
aceorf hi of, and awurp hi fram de ; 
witodlice de ys betere, dset an dinra 
lima forwurde, donne eal din lichama 
fare to hello.''' 

3 1 S6})lice hit ys gecweden, S^va hwylc 
swa his wif forlset, he sylle hyre hyra 
hiw-gedalcs boc. 

32 Ic secge eow to s6})um, dast sclc de 
his wif for] set, biiton forlegcn3'sse l^ingum, 
he dej) diet hco unriht-hi]em|), and se un- 
riht-haem]), de forlsetene sefter him ge- 

33 Eft ge gehyrdon, da?t gecweden wa's 
on ealdum cwydum, Ne forswere du, s6]>- 
lice Drihtne dii agyltst dine a|)as. 

34 Ic secge eow s6|)lice, drot ge callunga 
ne swerion ; ne jjurh hcofon, fordam de 
heo ys Godes J)rym-sctl ; 

35 Ne |)urh eorjian, foidam de hco ys 
hys fot-scamul ; ne l)urh Hicrusalcm, 
fordam de heo ys msercs cynincges 
cester ; 

36 Ne dii ne swcrc jnirh din heafod, 
fordam de dii nc niiht ecnne locc gcdon 
liwitne, oddc blacne ; 

37 S6|)lice si eower sprsec, Ilyt ys, liyt 
ys ; Ilyt nys, hyt nys ; sojilicc gyf dier 
mare byj>, dset bij) of yfele. 

V. 25-37-] WYCLIFFE, 13S9. 

25 Be thou consentynge to thin ad- 
uersarie soon, the whijle thou art in the 
way with hym, lest perauenture thin ad- 
uersarie take thee to the domesman, and 
the domesmau take thee to the mynystre, 
and thou be sente in to prisoun. 

26 Trewely I say to thee, Thou shalt 
not go thennes, til thou jelde the last 

27 3e han herd for it was said to olde 
men, Thou shalt nat do lecherye. 

28 Forsothe Y say to 50U, for why 
euery man that seeth a womman for to 
coueite hire, now he hath do lecherie by 
hire in his herte. 

■29 That jif thi rijt 6156 sclaundre thee, 
piille it out, and cast it fro thee ; for it 
speedith to thee, that oon of thi membris 
perishe, than al thi body go in to helle. 

30 And jif thi rijt bond sclaundre thee, 
kitt it awey, and cast it fro thee ; for it 
spedith to thee, that oon of thi membris 
perishe, than that al thi body go in to 

3 1 Forsothe it is said, "Who euere shal 
leeue his wyf, 5eue he to hir a libel. ^ 

32 Sothely Y say to 50U, that euery 
man that shal leeue his wyf, outaken 
cause of fornicacioun, he makith hire do 
lecherie, and he that weddith the forsaken 
wijf^ doth auoutrie. 

33 Efte soonys 566 han herd, that it was 
said to olde men, Thou shalt not for- 
swere, sothely to the Lord thou shalt 
jeeld thin oethis. 

34 Forsothe Y say to 50U, to nat swere 
on al manere ; neither by heuene, for it 
is the trone of God ; 

35 Nether by the erthe, for it is the 
stole of his feet ; neither by Jerusalem, 
for it is the citee of a greet kyng ; 

36 JsTeither thou shalt swcre by thin 
heued, for thou maist not make oon 
heer whyt, or blak ; 

37 But be 5oure word 5ea, ^ea ; Nay, 
nay ; forsot'ie that that is more than 
this, is of yuel. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 21 

25 Agre with thine adversary at once, 
whyles thou arte in the waye with hym, 
lest thine adversary delyvre the to the 
iudge, and the iudge delivre the to the 
minister, and then thou be cast in to 

26 I say unto the verely. Thou shalt not 
come out thence, till thou have jiayed the 
vtmost farthinge. 

27 Ye have herde howe yt Avas sayde to 
them off olde tyme, Thou shalt nott com- 
mitt advoutrie. 

28 But I say vnto you, that whosoever 
eyeth a wyfe lustynge affter her, hathe 
committed advoutrie with her alredy in 
his hert. 

29 Wherfore yf thy right eye offende 
the, plucke hym out, and caste him from 
the ; better hit is for the, that one of thy 
membres perisshe, then that thy whole 
body shuld be caste in to hell. 

30 Also yf thy right honde offend the, 
cut hj^m off, and caste hym from the ; 
better hyt ys, that one off thy membris 
perisshe, then that all thy body shulde be 
caste in to hell. 

31 Hit ys sayd. Whosoever put awaye 
his wyfe, let hym geve her a testymonyall 
of her devor cement. 

32 But I say vnto you, whosoever put 
awaye hys wyfe, except hyt be for fornica- 
tion, causeth her to breake matrimony, 
and whosoever maryeth her that is di- 
vorsed, breketh wedlocke. 

33 Agayne ye have herde, howe it was 
sayd to them off olde tyme. Thou shalt 
not forswere thy silfe, but shaltt performe 
thyne othe to God. 

34 But I say vnto you, swere not at all ; 
nether by heven, for hit ys Goddcs 
seate ; 

35 Nor yet by the ei'th, ffor it ys hys 
fote stole ; nether by Jerusalem, ffor hit 
ys the cite of the grete kynge ; 

36 Nether shalt thou sweare by thy 
heed, because thou canst not make one 
heer whyte, or blacke ; 

37 But your communicacion shalbe Ye, 
ye ; Nay, nay ; for what soever is more 
than that, cometh off yvell. 

22 GOTHIC, 360. 

38 Hausidedu)? jjatei qi})an "ist, Augo 
und augiu, yali tunjju und tunjjau. 

39 1)5 ik qijja izwis, ni andstandan allis 
Jjamma unselyin ; ak yabai whas }>uk 
stautai bi taihswon jjeiua kinnu, Avandei 
imma yah \>o anjjara ; 

40 Yah jjamma wilyaudin mi}) })US staua, 
yah paida ))eina niman, aflet imma yah 
wastya ; 

41 Yah yabai whas jjuk ananaujjyai 
rasta aina, gaggais mif) imma twos. 

43 pamma bidyandin ))uk gibais, yah 
J)amma Avilyandin af ])us leiwhan sis ni 

43 Hausidedu}) )>atei qij^an ist, Friyos 
newhundyan Jieinana, yah fiais fiand jjein- 

44 Ajjjjan ik qiJja izwis, friyojj fiyands 
izwarans, J^iuj^yai)) ))ans wrikandans izwis, 
waila tauyai}) jjaim hatyandam izwis, yah 
bidyaij? bi jjans usjji'iutandans izwis ; 

45 Ei wair)jai)> sunyiTS attins izwaris ]>\s 
in himinam, unte suimon seina urranuei|j 
ana ubilans yah godans, yah rigneijj ana 
garaihtans yah ana inwindans. 

46 Yabai auk friyoj) ))ans friyondans 
izwis ainans, who mizdono habaij) 1 niu 
yah )jai jjiudo |jata samo tauyand 1 

47 Yah yabai goleijj jpans friyonds izwar- 
ans jjatainei, whe managizo tauyij) ? niu 
yah motaryos jjata samo tauyand. 

48 Siyaij) nu yus fullatoyai, swaswe 
atta izwar sa in himinam fullatoyis ist. 

Chap. VI. i Atsaiwhijj, armaion iz- 
wara ni tauyan in andwair)>ya manne, du 
saiwhan im, aij)))au laun ni habaij) fram 
attin izwaramma ]jamma in himinam. 

2 pan nu tauyais armaion, ni haurnyais 
faura ))us, swaswe ))ai liutans tauyand in 
gaqum))im yah in garunsim, ei hauhyain- 
dau fram mannam ; amen qijja izwis, 
andnemun mizdon seina. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

38 Ge gehyrdon''' dset gecweden wses, 
Eage for cage, and t5|> for tej'. 

39 S5|)lice ic seege eow, ne winne ge 
ongen da de eow yfel d6\> ; ac gyf hwa 
de slea on din swydre wenge, gegearwa 
him dset oder ; 

40 And dam de wylle on dome wid de 
flitan, and niman dine tunecan, laet him 
to dinne wtefels ; 

4 i And swa hwa swa de genyt ])usend 
stapa, ga mid him odre twa jjusend. 

42 Syle dam de de bidde, and dam de 
[wylle] ■•■ set de borgian ne wyrn du 

43 Ge gehyrdon dset gecweden wses, 
Lufa dinne nextan, and hata dinne feond. 

44 So}>lice ic secge eow, lufia}) eoAvi-e 
fynd, and d6]> wel dam de eow yfel d6\>, 
and gebiddajj for eowre ehteras, and tsel- 
endum eow ; 

45 D?et ge sin eowres feeder beam de 
on heofonum ys, se de de}) dset his 
sunne up-aspring}) ofer da godun and 
ofor da yfelan, and he laet riuan ofer da 
rihtwisau and ofer da unriht^visan. 

46 Gyf ge s6})lice da lufia}) de eow luf- 
ia}), hwylce mede habba)) ge 1 hu ne do}) 
manfulle swa 1 

47 And gyf ge dset an d5}) dset ge eowre 
gebr5dra wylcumia}), hwset do ge mare? 
hii ne do)) hsedene swa ? 

48 Eornustlice beo)) fulfremede, swa 
eower heofonlica fseder is fullfremed. 

Chap. VI. i Begyma}), dset ge ne 
d5n eowre rihtwisnesse beforan mannum, 
dset ge sin geherede fram him, clles 
nsebbe ge mede mid eowrum fseder de 
on heofonum ys. 

2 Eornustlice donne du dine selmessan 
sylle, ne blawe man byman beforan de, 
swa liccteras do)) on gcsomnuiigum and 
on wicum, dset hi sin ge-ar\vTir))ode fram 
mannum ; so)) ic secge eow, hi onfengon 
hyra mede. 

V. 38-VI. 2.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

38 3ee han herde that it is said, Eije 
for ei^e, totli for totli. 

39 But Y say to 3011, to nat a5ein stonde 
yuel ; but 3if any shal smyte thee in the 
rijt cheeke, jeue to hym and the tother ; 

40 And to hym that wole stryue with 
thee in dome, and take awey thi coote, 
leeue thou to hym and thin ouer clothe ; 

41 And who euere constrayneth thee a 
thousand pacis, go thou with hym other 

42 Forsothe 5if to hym that axith of 
thee, and turne thou nat awey fro hym 
that wol borwe of thee. 

43 5ee han herd that it is said, Thou 
shalt loue thin nei3bore, and hate thin 

44 But Y say to 30U, loue 3ee 5oure 
enmyes, do 3ee wel to hem that haten 
50U, and preye 3ee for men pursuynge, 
and falsly chalengynge 30U ; 

45 That 3ee be the sonys of 3oure fadir 
that is in heuenes, that makith his sune 
to springe vp vjjon good and yuel men, 
and rayneth vpon iuste men and vniuste 

46 For 5if 36 louen hem that louen 30U, 
what meed shul 3ee haue ? whether and 
puplicans don nat this thing 1 

47 And 3if 3ee greten''" 3oure bretheren 
oonly, what more ouer shul 366 don 1 
whether and paynymmys don nat this 
thing ] 

48 Therfore be 366 parfit, as and 3oure 
heuenly fadir is parfit. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


Chap. VI. i Take 3ee hede, lest 30 
don 30ur ri3twisnesse before men, that 
3ee be seen of hem, ellis 36 shule nat han 
meed at 30ure fadir that is in heuenes. 

2 Therfore when thou dost almesse, nyle 
thou synge byfore thee in a trumpe, as 
ypocritis don in synagogis and streetis, 
that thei ben maad worshipful of men ; 
forsothe Y saye to 30U, thei han resceyued 
her meede. 

38 Ye have herde howe it ys sayd, An 
eye for an eye, a tothe for a tothe. 

39 But I saye vnto you, that ye with- 
stond not wronge ; but yf a man geve 
the a blowe on thy right cheke, tourne 
to him the othre ; 

40 And yft" eny man will sue the at the 
lawe, and take thy coote from the, lett 
hym have thy cloocke also ; 

41 And whosoever wyll compell the to 
goo a myle, goo wyth him twayne. 

42 Geve to him that axeth, and from 
him that wolde borowe tourne not awaye. 

43 Ye have herde howe it is sayde. Thou 
shalt love thyne neghbour, and hate thine 

44 But Y saye vnto you, love youre 
enemies, blesse them that coursse you, 
do good to them that hate you, praye 
fFor them which doo you wi"onge, and 
persecute you ; 

45 That ye maye be the chyldren of 
youre hevenly father, ffor he maketh his 
sunne to aryse on the yvell and on the 
good, and sendeth his reyne on the iuste 
and on the iniuste. 

46 For yf ye shall love them which love 
you, what rewarde shall ye have 1 doo 
not the publicans even so ? 

47 And if ye be frendly to youre bre- 
thren onli, what singuler thynge doo ye ? 
doo nott the publicans lykewyse 1 

48 Ye shall therfore be perfecte, even 
as youre hevenly father is perfecte. 

Chap. VI. i Take hede to youre 
almes, that ye geve it not in the syght of 
men to the intent that ye wolde be sene 
off them, or els ye gett no rewarde off 
youre father in heven. 

2 Whensoever therfore thou gevest thine 
almes, thou shalt not make a trompet to 
be blowne before the, as the ypocrites 
do in the synagoges and in the stretes, 
ffbr to be preysed off" men ; verily I say 
vnto you, they have there rewarde. 


GOTHIC, 360. 

3 i]> ))uk tauyandan armaion, ni witi 
hleiduniei ))eiua wha tauyi)) taibswo J)eina, 

4 Ei siyai so armahairtijja {jeina 'in fulli- 
snya, yah atta perns saei saiwliij) in 
fulbsnya, usgibi)) jms in bairlitein. 

5 Yah j^an bidyaij), ni siyai |j swaswe })ai 
liutans, unte fi-iyond in gaqum))im yah 
waibstam plapyo standandans bidyan, ei 
gaumyaindau mannam ; amen qi|)a izwis, 
]jatei baband mizdon seina. 

6 I]) jju \>a,n bidyais, gagg in hej^yon 
))eina, yah galukands baurdai jjcinai, 
bidei du attin j^einainma ))amma in fulb- 
snya, yali atta jjeins saei saiwhijj in 
fulbsnya, usgibijj ^us in bairbtein. 

7 Bidyandansu)3-})an ni filuwaurdyai|), 
swaswe ]>ai Jjiudo, [jugkei}? im auk ei in 
filuwaurdein seinai andbausyaindau. 

8 Ni galeiko]? nu j^aim, wait auk atta 
izwar })izei yus J>aurbuj>, faurj;izei yus 
bidyaij) ina. 

9 Swa nu bidyai}) yus, Atta unsar Jju in 
biminam, weibnai namo ]>em ; 

10 Qimai j^iudinassus ]>ems ; wairjiai 
wilya J)eins swe in bimina yah ana airjjai ; 

1 1 Hlaifunsarana j^ana sinteinan gif uns 
bimma daga ; 

T 2 Yah afiet uns jsatei skulans siyai ma, 
swaswe yah weis afletam jjaim skulam 
unsaraim ; 

13 Yah ni briggais uns in fraistubnyai, 
ak lausei uns af j)amma ubilin ; unte 
jjcina ist ))iudangardi, yah mabts, yah 
wnl})us in aiwius, Amen. 

1 4 Unte yabai afletij? mannam raissaded- 
ins ize, afletij) yah izwis atta izwar sa 
ufar biminam. 

15 I}) yabai ni afletij? mannam missadcd- 
ins ize, ni })au atta izwar afletij) missa- 
dedins izwaros. 

16 A})j)an bij)e fastaij), ni wairj)ail) swa- 
swe j)ai liutans gaurai, frawardyand auk 
and\vair})ya seina, eigasaiwbaindau mann- 
am fastandans ; amen qij)a izwis, j)atci 
andiicmun mizdon seina. 

17 Jj) j)u fastands, salbo baubi))' ))ein, 
yah ludya j)cina j)wab, 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

3 S6j)lice donne dii dine selmessan d5, 
nyte din wynstre bwset do din swydre, 

4 Doet din selmesse sy on diglum, and 
din feeder bit agylt de, se de gesyhj) on 

5 And donne ge eow gebiddon, ne beo ge 
swylce liceteras, da lutiaj) dset big gebid- 
don hi standende on gesommmgum and 
strseta byi'uum, dtet men big geseon ; soj) 
ic secge eow, hi onfengon hyi-a mede. 

6 Du s6j)lice donne du de gebidde, gang 
into dinum bed-clyfan,and diure dura bc- 
locenre, bide dinne fseder on diblum, and 
din freder de gesybj) on diblum, byt 
agylt de. 

7 Sojjlice donne ge eow gebiddon ncll- 
on'*' ge sprecan fela, swa swa bsedcne, 
big wenaj) dset hi sin gebyrede on byra 
menigfealdan sprsece. 

8 Nellen ge eornostlice him ge-efenlsec- 
an, s6l)lice eower fteder wat bwjet cow 
j)earf ys, serdam de ge byne biddaj). 

9 Eornustlice gebiddaj) eow dus, Fseder 
ure dii de eart on beofonum, si din nama 
gebalgod ; 

I o To-becume din rice ; gewurde din 
willa on eorj)an swa swa on beofonum ; 

II U'l'nc dsegbwamlican bldf syle ns 
to-daeg ; 

12 And forgyf us ure gyltas, swa swa 
we forgyfaj) iirum gyltenduni ; 

13 And ne gelsed du us on costnunge 
ac alys us of yfele 


1 4 Witodlice gyf ge forgyfaj) mannum 
byra synna, donne forgyfj) eower se beof- 
enlica ftuder eow eowre gyltas. 

1 5 Gyf ge s6])lice ne forgyfaj) mannum, 
ne eower feeder ne forgyfj) eow eowle 
synna. ■•■ 

16 S6j)lice donne ge faeston, ncllon go 
wesan swylce lease-licceteras, big fornym- 
aj> byra ansyna, dait big ajteowun 
mannum faestende ; s6|)lice ic secge eow, 
dii't big onfengon byra mcde. 

17 Du s6})lice doiHie du fa?ste, smyra 
din bcafod, and j)weab dine ansyne, 

VI. 3-17.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

3 But thee doynge ahnesse, knowe nat 
the left liond what thi ri3t hond doth, 

4 That thi almes be in hidlis, and thi 
fadir that seetlb in hidlis, shal 5elde to 

5 And when 5e shuln preye, jee shuln 
nat be as ypocritis, the whiche stondynge 
louen to preye in synagogis and corners 
of streetis, that thei be seen of men ; 
trewly Y say to 50U, thei han resseyued 
her meede. 

6 But whan thou shalt preye, entre in 
to thi couche, and the dore schet, preye 
thi fadir in hidlis, and thi fadir that seeth 
in hidlis, shal 5eelde to thee. 

7 Sothely preyinge nyle 5ee speke 
moche, as hethen men don, for thei gessen 
that thei ben herd in theire moche speche. 

8 Therfore nyl 3e be maad liche to hem, 
for 5oure fadir woot what is need to 50U, 
before that 50 axen hym. 

9 Forsothe thus 5e shulen preyen, Oure 
fadir that art in heuenes, halwid be thi 
name ; 

I o Thi kyngdom cumme to ; be thi 
wille don as in heuen and in erthe ; 

I I 5if to vs this day oure breed oner 
other substaunce ; 

1 2 And for3eue to vs oure dettis, as we 
for3eue to oure dettours ; 

13 And leede vs nat in to temptacioun, 
but delyuere vs fro yuel. Ameu.^ 

14 Forsothe 3if 3ee shulen for3eue to 
men her synnys, and 3oure heuenly fadir 
shal for3eue to 30U 30ure trespassis. 

1 5 Sothely 3if 3ee shulen for3eue not to 
men, neither 3oure fadir shal for3eue to 
30U 3oure synnes. 

1 6 But when 3ee fasten, nyl 36 be maad 
as ypocritis sorweful, for thei putten her 
facis out of hjndly termys, that thei 
seme fastynge to men ; trewly Y say to 
30U, thei han resseyued her meede. 

17 But whan thou fastist, anoynte thin 
hede, and washe thi face. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


3 But when thou doest thine almes, let 
not thy lyfte hond knowe what thy 
righte hand doth, 

4 That thyue almes may be secret, and 
thy father which scith in secret, shall 
rewarde the openly. 

5 And when thou prayest, thou shalt 
nott be as the ypocrites are, for they love 
to stond and praye in the synagogges 
and in corners of the stretes, because 
they wolde be sene of men ; vereley I saye 
vnto you, they have there rewarde. 

6 But when thou prayest, entre into thy 
chamber, and shutt thy dore to the, and 
praye to thy father which ys in secrete, 
and thy fatlier which seith in secret, shal 
rewarde the openly. 

7 But when ye praye bable not moche, 
as the gentyls do, for they thincke that 
they shalbe herde fFor there moche bab- 
lynges sake. 

8 Be ye not lyke them there fore, for 
youre father knoweth wherof ye have 
neade, before ye axe off him. 

9 After thys maner there fore praye ye, 
oure father which arte in heven, halow- 
ed be thy name ; 

I o Let thy kingdom come ; thy wyll 
be fulfilled as well in erth as hit ys in 
heven ; 

I I Geve vs this daye oure dayly breade ; 

1 2 And forgeve vs oure treaspases, even 
as we forgeve them which treaspas vs ; 

13 Leede vs not into temptacion, but 
delyvre vs ffrom yvell. Amen. 

14 For and yff ye shall forgeve other 
men thei-e treaspases, youre father in 
heven shal also forgeve you. 

15 But and ye wyll not forgeve men 
there trespases, no more shall youre 
father forgeve youre treaspases. 

1 6 Moreovre when ye faste, be not sad 
as the yijrocrites are, for they disfigure 
there faces, that hit myght apere vnto 
men that they faste ; verely Y say vnto 
you, they have there rewarde. 

17 But thou when thou fastest, ann- 
oynte thyue heed, and washe thy face. 

26 GOTHIC, 360. 

1 8 Ei ni gasaiwhaizau mannam fastands, 
ak attin jjeinamma J^amma m fulhsnya, 
yah atta )>eins saei saiwbi]) in fulhsnya, 
usgibij) jms. 

1 9 Ni huzclyaijj izwis huzda ana au'J)ai, 
jjarei malo yah nidwa frawardeij>, yah 
Jjarei J>iubos ufgraband yah hlifand ; 

20 I|) huzdyai)) 'izwis huzda in himina, 
j^arei nih malo nih nidwa frawardeif), yah 
))arei j^iuhos ni ufgraband, nih stiland. 

2 1 pai-ei auk ist huzd izwar, Jjaruh ist 
yah hairto izwar. 

22 Lukarn leikis ist augo ; yabai nu 
augo ))ein ainfaljj ist, allata leik J>ein liuh- 
adein wairjji]) ; 

23 I]j yabai augo ]>em unsel ist, allata 
leik Jjein riqizein wair]?ijj. Yabai nu 
liuha]) jjata in ])us riqiz ist, jjata riqiz 
whan filu 1 

24 Ni manna mag twaim frauyam 
skalkinon, unte yabai fiyai]) ainana, yah 
anjjarana fi'iyojj ; aijjjjau ainamma ufhaus- 
eij), 'i\> anj^aramma frakann. Ni maguj) 
Gujja skalkinon yah mammonin.^ 

25 Du])))e qijja izwis, ni maurnai]? saiw- 
alai izwarai, wha matyaij> yah Avha 
drigkaijj ; nih leika izwaramma, whe 
wasyai)). Niu saiwala mais ist fodeinai, 
yah leik wastyom 1 

26 Insaiwhi}) du fuglam himinis, ]>ei ni 
saiand, nih sneijjand, nih lisand in banst- 
ins ; yah atta izwar sa ufar himinam 
fodei}) ins. Niu yus mais wuljjrizans 
siyu)) J)aira 1 

27 1|) whas izwara maurnands mag 
anaaukan ana wahstu seinana aleina 

28 Yah bi wastyos wha saurgaijj ? Ga- 
kunnai}) blomans hai})yos, whaiwa wahs- 
yand. Nih ai'baidyand, nih spinnand ; 

29 Qijjuh J)an izwis, Jiatei nih Saulaumon 
in allamma wuljjau seinamma gawasida 
sik swe ains |jize. 

30 Yah })ande })ata hawi hai|)yos, himma 
daga wisando, yah gistradagis in aulm 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

1 8 Dset du ne sy gesewen fram mann- 
um fa?stende, ac diuum fajder de ys on 
dyglum, and din fjeder de gesyh|j on 
dyglum, hyt agylt de. 

19 Nellen ge gold-hordian eow gold- 
hordas on eorjjan, dter 6m and mo]j|)e hit 
fornim)), and Ciser Jjeofas hit delfaj) and 
forstela|> ; 

20 Gold-hordia]j eow sojjlice gold-hordas 
on heofenan, dier nador 6m ne mojjj^e 
hit ne fornim]), and dar jjeofas hit ne 
delfaj), ne ne forstela)). 

21 Witodlice dser din gold-hord is, 
dter is din heorte. 

22 Dines lichaman leohtfoet is din 
cage ; gyf din cage bij) anfeald, eall din 
lichama bi]) beorht ; 

23 Gif din eage s6j)lice bi]) manfull, 
eall din lichama by}) ])ysterfull. Eorn- 
ustlice gyf doet leoht de on de is synt 
})ystru, hu mycle beo]) da ]»ystru P 

24 Ne mseg nan man twam hlafordum 
])eowian, odde he s6])lice senne hata]>, 
and oderne lufa]) ; odde he bi]) anum 
gehyrsum, and 6drum ungehyrsum. Ne 
magon ge Gode Jjeowian and woruld- 

25 Fovdam ic seege eow, dset ge ne 
sin ymbhydige eowre sawle, hwset ge 
eton ; ne eowrum lichaman, mid hwam 
ge syn ymbscrydde. Hu nys seo sawl 
selre donne mete, and eower lichama 
betera donne dset reaf 1 

26 Behealda]) heofonan fuglas, fordam 
de hig ne sawa]), ne hig ne ri])a]), ne hig 
ne gadria]) on berne ; and eower heof- 
onlica fsedcr hig fet. Hu ne synt ge 
selran donne hig 1 

27 Hwylc eower mseg s6])lice ge})encan 
dset he ge-eacnige ane elne to hys an- 
licnesse 1 

28 And to hwi synt ge ymbhydige be 
reafe ? BesceawiaJ) secyres lilian, hu 
hig weaxa]). Ne swinca]) hig, ne hig ne 
spinna)) ; 

29 Ic secge eow s6j)lice, dret furdon 
Salomon on eallum hys wuldre naes 
oferwrigen swa swa an of dyson. 

30 S6j)lice gyf 8ec}Tes weod, dset de 
to-dseg is, and bi]) to-morgen on ofen 

VI. i8-3o.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

18 That thou be nat seen fastynge to 
men, but to thi fadir that is in hicUis, and 
thi fadir that seeth in hidlis, shal 3eelde 
to thee. 

19 Nyle 56 tresoure to 30U tresours in 
erthe, wher rust and mou5the distruy- 
eth, and Avher theeues deluen out and 
etelen ; 

20 But tresovTre 566 to 50U tresouris in 
heuene, wher neither rust ne mou5the 
distruyeth, and wher theues deluen nat 
out/ ue stelen. 

2 1 Forsothe wher thi tresour is, there 
and thin herte is. 

22 The lanterne of thi body is thin eje ; 
5if thin ei5e be symple, al thi body shal 
be li5tful ; 

23 Bot 5if thyn ei^e be weyward, al thi 
body shal be derkful. Therfore 5if the 
li3t that is in thee be derknessis, how 
grete shulen thilk derknessis be 1 

24 No man may serue to two lordis, for- 
sothe ethir he shal haat the toon, and 
lone the tother ; other he shal susteyn the 
toon, and dispise the tothir. 3^ mown 
nat serue to God and richessis, 

25 Therfore Y say to 50U, that 56 ben 
nat besie to 5oure lijf, what 5e shulen 
ete ; othir to 3oure body, with what 5e 
shuln be clothid. Wher 30ure lijf is nat 
more than mete, and the body more than 
clothe 1 

26 Beholde je the flee3inge foulis of 
the eir, for thei sowen nat, ne repyn, 
neither gadren in to bernys ; and joure 
fadir of heuen fedith hem. Wher je ben 
nat more worthi than thei 1 

27 Sothely who of 50U thenkinge may 
putte to to his stature 00 cubite ? 

28 And of clothing what ben 50 besye ? 
Beholde 56 the lilies of the feelde, how 
thei wexen. Thei traueilen nat, nether 
spynnen ; 

29 Trewlyl say to 30U, for whi neither 
Salamon in al his glorie was keuerid as 
con of thes. 

30 For :;if God clothith thus the heye 
of the feeld, that to day is, and to morwe 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


18 That it appere nott vnto men howe 
that thou fastest, but vnto thy father 
which is in secrete, and thy father which 
seith in secret, shall rewarde the openly. 

19 Gaddre not treasure together ou 
erth, where rust and mothes corrupte, 
and where theves breake through and 
steal e ; 

20 But gaddre ye treasure togedder in 
heven, where nether rust nor mothes 
coiTupte, and wher theves nether breake 
vp, nor yet steale. 

2 1 For whearesoever youre treasure ys, 
there are youre hertes also. 

22 The light oflFthybodyis thyne eye ; 
wherfore if thyne eye be single, all thy 
body ys full of light ; 

23 But and if thyne eye be wycked, 
then is all thy body full of derckues. 
Wherefore yf the light that is in the be 
dercknes, howe greate ys that dercknes 1 

24 No man can serve two masters, for 
other he shall hate the one, and love the 
other ; or els he shall lene the one, and 
despise the other. Ye can nott serve 
God and mammon. 

25 Therefore I saye vnto you, be not 
carefull for youre lyfe, what ye shall eate, 
or what ye shall dryncke ; nor yet for 
youre boddy, what rayment ye shall weare. 
Ys not the lyfe more worth then meate, 
and the boddy more off value then ray- 
ment 1 

26 Beholde the foules of the aier, for 
they sowe not, neder reepe, nor yet cary 
into the barnes ; and yett youre hevenly 
father fedeth them. Are ye not better 
then they 1 

27 Whiche off you though be toke 
tought therefore coulde put one cubit 
vnto his stature 1 

28 And why care ye then for rayment ? 
Beholde the lyles off the felde, howe 
thy growe. They labour not, nether 
spynn ; 

29 And yet for all that I sale vnto you, 
that even Solomon in all his royalte was 
nott arayed lyke vnto one of these. 

30 Wherfore yf God so clothe the 
gi-asse, which ys to daye in the felde, and 


GOTHIC, 360. 

galagi]>, Gul> swa wasyij), vvliaiwa mais 
izwis leitil galaubyandans 1 

3 1 Ni maurnaij? nu, qij^andans, Wlia 
matyam 1 aij)l)au, Wba drigkam 1 aijjjjau, 
Whe wasyaima 1 

32 All auk J)ata jjiudos sokyand ; waituh 
Jian atta Tzwar sa ufar luuiinam Jjatei 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

asend, God scryfc, eala ge geliwsedes 
geleafan, dam mycle ma he scryt eow 1 

3 1 Nellen ge eornustlice beon ymbhyd- 
ige, dus cwedende, Hwoet ete we*? odde, 
Hwfet drince we 1 odde, Mid hwam beo 
we oferwrogene ■? 

32 Sojjlice ealle das J)ing jjeoda scceaj? ; 
■\vitodlice eower feeder wat dajt ge ealra 
dyssa ])inga be])urfoii. 

33 Eornustlice secea)j sercst Godes 
rice and hys rihtwisnesse, and ealle das 
J)ing eow beo]> dser-to ge-eacnode. 

34 Ne beo ge na hogiende ymb da 
morgenlican neode, so))lice se morgenlica 
dseg cara)) ymb byne sylfne; segbwylc 
da3g bsefjj geu5b on hys agenum ymb- 

■• Chap VII. i Nellen ge deman, duet 
ge ne syn fordemede ; 
• 2 Witodlice dam ylcan dome de ge 
demaj), eow bi]? gedemed, and on dam 
ylcan gemete de ge metaj), cow byj> 

3 To bwi gesibst du dset mot on dines 
brodor egan, and du ne gesybst done 
beam on dinum agenum eagau 1 

4 Odde bumeta cwyst du to dinum 
breder, Brodur, ])afa dset ic ut-ad5 daet 
mot of dinum eagan, donne se beam 
bi|j on dinum agenum eagan ? 

5 La du liccetere, ado serest ut done 
beam of dinum agenum eagan, and be- 
bawa donne dast dii lit-ado dset mot of 
dines brodur eagan. 

6 Nellen ge syllan dset halige bundum, 
nc ge no wurpcn eo^vl•e merc-grotu to- 
foi'an cowrum s^vynon, de-]a>s big mid 
byi-a fotum big fortrcdon, and big donne 
ongcan gewende eow toslyton.^ 

7 BiddaJ), and eowbij) gcseald ; seceaj), 
and ge bit finda]) ; cnucia]), and eow bij) 

8 Witodlice rclc dosra dc bit, he onfclij) ; 
and se de sec|), lie byt fint ; and dam 
cnucicndum bij) onty^ned. 

VI.3I.— Vn.8.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

is sente in to the fourneyse, how moche 
more 30U of litil feith ] 

31 Therfore nyl 56 be bisie, sayinge, 
What shuleii we ete 1 or, What shuleii 
we dryuke 1 or, With wliat thing shulen 
we be keuered ? 

32 Forsothe heithen men sechen alle 
these thingis ; trewly 5oure ftidir wote 
that 3e han need to alle these thingis. 

33 Therfore seke 566 first the kyngdam 
of God and his ri3twisnesse, and alle 
these thingis shulen be cast to 30U. 

34 Therfore nyle 3e be besie in to the 
morwe, for the morew day shal be besie 
to it self; sothely it sufficith to the day 
his malice. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


Chap. VII. i Nyle 3e deme, that 36 
be nat dernyd ; 

2 For in what dome 3e demen, 36 shulen 
ben demyd, and in what mesure 36 
meten, it shal be meten to 30U. 

3 But what seest thou a festu''' in the 
6136 of tin brother, and thou seest nat a 
heme in thin owne ei3e 1 

4 Or what raaner saist thou to thi 
brother, Brother, suffre that I caste out 
a festu fro thin ei3e, and loo ! a heme is 
in thin owne ei3e 1 

5 Ypocrite, cast out first a heme of thin 
ei3e, and than thou shalt see for to cast 
out a festu of the ei5e of thi brother. 

6 Nyl 36 3eue holy thing to houndis, 
nether sende 36 3our margaritis''' before 
swyne, lest perauenture thei defoulen 
hem with theire feet, and lest houndis 
turned to gidre al to-breke 30U. 

7 Axe 36, and it shal be 30uen to 30U ; 
scke 3e, and 36 shulen fynde ; knocke 36, 
and it shal be opnyd to 30U. 

8 For eche that axith, takith ; and he 
that sechith, fyndith ; and it shal be 
opnyde to a man knokynge. 

to morowe shalbe cast into the fournace, 
shall he not moche more do the same 
vnto you, o ye off" lytle fayth 1 

31 Therfore take no thought, saynge, 
What sliall we eate 1 or, What shall we 
dryncke 1 or, Wherewith shall we be 
clothed ? 

32 Aftre all these thynges seke the 
gcutyls ; for youre hevenly father know- 
eth that ye have neade off" all these 

33 But rather seke ye fyrst the kyng- 
dom off" heven and the rightewesnes ther 
of, and all these thynges shalbe ministred 
vnto you. 

34 Care not therfore for the daye folo- 
ynge, for the daye foloynge shall care ffbr 
yt sylfe ; eche dayes trouble ys sufficient 
for the same silfe day. 

Chap. VII. i ludge not, lest ye be 
iudged ; 

2 For as ye iudge, so shall ye be iudged, 
and with what mesur ye mete, with the 
same shall it be mesurd to you agayne. 

3 Why seist thou a moote in thy brothers 
eye, and percevest not the beame that ys 
in thyne awne eye 1 

4 Or why sayest thou to thy brother, 
Suffre me to plucke oute a moote oute 
off' thyne eye, and behold ! a beame is in 
thyne awne eye 1 

5 Ypocryte, first cast oute the beame 
oute of thyne awne eye, and then shalte 
thou se clearly to plucke oute the moote 
oute off" thy brothers eye. 

6 Geve not that which is holy to dogges, 
nether cast ye youre pearles before 
swyne, lest they treade them vnder their 
fete, and the other tourne agayne and all 
to rent you. 

7 Axe, and it shalbe geven you ; seke, 
and ye shall fynd; knocke, and it shalbe 
opened vnto you. 

8 For whosoever axeth, receaveth ; and 
he that seketh, fyndeth ; and to hym 
that knocketh it shalbe opened. 


GOTHIC, 360. 

yaina izwis mans, swa 

yah yus tauyaij) im, jjata auk ist ^y\tQjj> 
yah prauteteis. 

! 3 Inngaggaij) |)airh aggwT.1 daiir ; unte 
braid daur, yah rums wigs sa brigganda 
in frahistai, yah managai sind ]>ai inn- 
galei]?andans |)airh })ata. 

14 "Whan aggwu j^ata daur, yah J)raih- 
ans wigs, sa brigganda in Hbainai, yah 
fawai sind Jjai bigitandans ])ana. 

15 AtsaiwhiJ> swejjauh fauraliugnaprau- 
fetum, )>aim izei qimand at izwis in 
wastyom lambe, i]j iuna|)ro sind wulfos 
wilwandans ; 

16 Bi akranam ize ufkunnai]) ins. Ibai 
lisanda of jjaurnum weinabasya, ai]5))au af 
wigadeinom smakkans 1 

1 7 Swa all bagme godaize akrana goda 
gatauyi]) ; ij> sa ubila bagms akrana 
ubila gaiauyijj. 

18 Ni mag bagms ]jiu|jeig3 akrana 
ubila gatauyan, nih bagms ubils akrana 
J)iu)>eiga gatauyan. 

19 All bagme ni tauyandane akrau 
god, usmaitada, yah in fon atlagyada. 

20 pannu bi akranam ize ufkunnaijj 

21 Ni whazuh saei qi}''}' mis, Frauya, 
Frauya, inngalei|'iJ5 in Jjiudangardya liim- 
ine ; ak sa tauyands wilyan attins 
meinis ]jis in himinam. 

22 Managai qij^and mis in yainamma 
daga, Frauya, Frauya, niu jjeinamma nam- 
in pranfetidedum, yah Jjeinamma nam- 
in unliullions uswaurpum, yah jjoinamma 
namin mahtiiis mikilos sratawidedum 1 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

9 Hwylc man is of row, gyf his sunu 
hyne bit hlafes, sylst du him stan 1 

10 Odde gyf he bytt fisces, sylst du 
him na>ddran 1 

1 1 Eornustlice nu ge, de yfele synt, 
cunnun gode sylena eowrum bearnum 
syllau, mycle ma eower feeder de on 
heofenum ys syle]) god dam de hyne 
biddajj ? 

12 Eornustlice ealle da ]>h^g, de ge 
wyllen dast men eow don, doj) ge him 
dait sylfe, dset ys s6])lice eb and witcgena 

1 3 Ganga]) inn j^urh da;t nearwe geat ; 
fordon de dtet geat is SAvyde wid, and so 
weg is swide rum de to forspilleduesse 
gelset, and swyde manega synt de ))urh 
done weg fara)). 

14 Eala hu neara and hu angsum is 
dret geat, and se weg, de to life gclaedt, 
and swyde feawa synt de done weg 

1 5 Warnia]j eow fram leasum witegum, 
da curna]) to eow on sceapa gegyi-elum, 
ac hig beo]) innane reafigende wulfas ; 

x6 Fram hyi-a wsestmun ge lii under- 
gyta|j. Cw}'st du gadera^ man win- 
berian of jjoruum, odde fic-seppla of 
J)yrncinum 1 

1 7 Swa selc g5d treow byr)) gode waest- 
mas ; and selc yfel treow byTj> yfele 

18 Ne mgeg dset gode treow beran 
yfle wsestmas, ne dset yfele treow gode 

1 9 ^'Ic treow de ne hjr\> godne wsestm, 
sy hyt forcorfen, and on fyr aworpen. 

20 Witodlice be hyra waestmum ge hig 

21 Ne gBe}> sclc dsera on hcofena rice, 
do cwy|) to me, Drihten, Driliten ; ac se 
de wyrcj) mines fa;derwillan de on heof- 
enum is, se gsej) on heofena rice. 

2 2 Manege cwcda)> on dam da?gc to me, 
Drihten, Drihten, hu ne witegode we on 
dinum naman, and on dinum naman we 
ut-awurpon dcoflu, and on dinum naman 
we worhton mycle mihta 1 

VII. 9-22.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

9 Other who of 5011 is a man, whom 
jif his sone axe breed, wher he shal 
dresse to hym a stoou 1 

10 Other 5if he shal axe a fishe, wher 
he shal dresse to hym a serpent 1 

11 Therfore 5if ^e, when 36 ben yuel 
men, han knowen for to jeue good thing- 
us 5ouen to 5oure sonys, hou myche 
more 5oure fadir that is in heuenes shal 
jeue good thingis to men axinge hym 1 

1 2 Therfore alle thingis, what euer 
thingis 5ee wolen that men don to 50U, 
and 56 do to hem, forsothe these thingis 
ben the lawe and prophetis. 

13 Entre 5e bi the streyt 5ate ; for the 
gate that ledith to perdicioun"'" is brode, 
and the weye large, and ther ben many 
that entren bi it. 

1 4 How streit is the 5ate, and narewe 
the weye, that ledith to lijf, and there 
ben fewe that fynden it. 

15 Perceyue 56, and flee fro fals pro- 
phetis, the whiche cummen to 50U in 
clothingis of sheepis, bot wythynne thei 
ben rauyshynge wolues ; 

16 Of her fruytis 36 shulen knowe 
hem. \Yhether men gaderen grapis of 
thornys, or fijgis of breeris ? 

17 So eueiy good tree makith good 
fruytis ; sothely an yuel tree makith yuel 

18 A good tree may nat make yuel 
fruytis, nether an yuel tree make good 

19 Euei-y tree that makith nat good 
fruyt, shal be kitte doun, and shal be 
sent in to the fire. 

20 Therfoi'e of her fruytis 366 shulen 
knowe hem. 

21 Nat eche man that saith to me, 
Lord, Lord, shal entre into the kyngdara 
of heuenes ; but he that doth the wille 
of my fadir that is in heuenes, he shal 
entre in to the kyngdam of heuenes. 

22 Many shul say to me in that day, 
Lord, Lord, whether we han nat pro- 
phecied in thi name, and han cast out 
deuelis in thi name, and han don many 
vertues in thi name 1 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


9 Ys there eny man among you, which 
wolde proffer his sonne a stone, if he 
axed him In-eed 1 

T o Or if he axed fysshe, wolde he proffer 
hyme a serpent 1 

1 1 Yff ye then, whiche are evyll, cann 
geve to youre chyldren good gyftes, howe 
moche moore shall youre father which ys 
in heven geve good thynges to them that 
axe off hym 1 

1 2 Therfore, whatsoever ye wolde that 
men shulde do to you, even so do ye to 
them, this ys the lawe and the pro- 

13 Enter in at the strayte gate ; ffor 
wyde is the gate, and broade ys the waye 
thatt leadeth to destruccion, and many 
there be which goo yn there att. 

1 4 For strayte ys the gate, and narowe 
is the waye, that leadeth vnto lyfe, and 
feawe there be that fyude it. 

15 Beware off falce prophettes, Avhiche 
come to you in shepes clothynge, but in- 
wardly they are ravenynge wolves ; 


1 6 Ye shall knowe them by their frutes. 
Do men gaddre grapes off thornes, or 
figges of bryi-es 1 

I'j Even soo evry good tree bryngethe 
forthe good frute ; butt a corrupte tree 
biyugethe forthe evyll frute. 

18 A good tree cannott brynge forthe 
bad frute, nor yett a bad tree can brynge 
forthe good frute. 

1 9 Every tree that bryngethe not forthe 
good frute, shalbe hewne doune, and cast 
into the fyi'e. 

20 Wherfore by there frutes ye shall 
knowe them. 

21 Not all they thatt say vnto me, 
Master, Master, shall enter into the 
kyngdome off heven ; but he that ful- 
filleth my fathers will which ys in heven. 

2 2 [Many will saye to me yn that daye, 
Master, Master, have we nott in thy 
name prophesied, and in thy name have 
we not cast oute devyls, and in thy name 
have we nott done many miracles 1 


GOTHIC, 360. 

23 Yah ))an andhaita im, patei ni whan- 
Imn kunjja "izwis ; aflei])ij) fairra mis, yus 
waurkyandans iinsibyana. 

24 Whazuh nu saei hauseijj waurda 
iiieina, yah tauyijj J)0, galeiko ina waira 
frodamma, saei gatiinrida razn seiu aua 

25 Yah afiddya dah\|5 rign, yah qemun 
awhos, yah waiwoun windos, yah bistvigq- 
uu bi Jjanima razna yainamma ; yah ni 
gadraus, unte gasuli)> was ana staina. 

26 Yah whazuh saei hausei]? waurda 
meina, yah ni tauyi}> j^o, galeikoda mann 
dwalamma, saei gatimrida razn sein ana 

27 Yah afiddya daLaJ> rign, yah qemun 
awhos, yah waiwoun windos, yah bistugq- 
un bi yainamma razna ; yah gadraus, 
yah was drus 'is mikils. 

28 Yah war)), l)an ustauh lesus^ \>o 
waurda, biabridedun manageins ana lais- 
einai is ; 

29 Was auk laisyands ins, swewaldufni 
habands, yah ni swaswe bokaryos. 

Chap. VIII. i Dala)j ))an atgaggandin 
inima af fairgunya, laistidedun afar im- 
ma "iumyous manages. 

2 Yali sai ! manna J^rutsfill habands 
durinnands inwait i'na, qij^ands, Frauya, 
yabai wilcis, magt mik gahrainyan. 

3 Yah ufrakyands handu, attaitok im- 
ma, qij/ands, Wilyau, waii')) hrains. Yali 
suns hrain war]) Jjata ])rutsfill is. 

4 Yah qaj) imma lesus, Saiwh, ei mann 
ni qi|)ais ; ak gagg, ))uk silban ataugei 
gudyin, yah atbair giba ))oei anabauj) 
Moses, du weitwodijjai im. 

5 Afaruh })an J^ata innatgaggandin im- 
ma in Kafarnaum,duatiddya imma liunda- 
fa])S, bidyands ina, 

6 Yah (lij'ands, Frauya, {)iumagus mcins 
ligi)) in garda usli|)a, harduba balwijis. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

23 Donne cwede ic to him, Da;t ic eow 
n&fre ne ciicte ; gewita)) fram me, ge de 
Avorhton unryhtwysnesse. 

24 Eornusthce sclc dajra de das mine 
word gchyr|), and da wyrcj), bij) geHc 
dam wisan were, se hys hiis ofer stan 

25 Da com djer ron, and mycele flod, 
and dajr bleowun windas, and ahruron on 
dajt hus ; and hyt na ne feoll, sojjlice hit 
wses ofer stan getimbrod. 

26 And 3elc dsera de gehyr)> das mine 
word, and da ne wyrcj), se bi)) gelic dam 
dysigan men, de getimbrode hys hiis ofer 

27 Da rinde hit, and d?er comun flod, 
and bleowun windas, and ahruron on 
da^t hus ; and daet hus feoll, and hys 
hryre woes my eel. ^ 

28 Da wfes geworden, da se Haelend 
das word ge-endode, da wundrode da^t 
folc his lare ; 

29 So])lice he Iserde, swylce he anweald 
hsefde, and na SAva swa hyra boceras, and 

Chap. VIII. i S6))lice da se Htelend^" 
of dam miinte nyder-astilh, da fyligdon 
hyni mycle m?cnio. 

2 Dii gcnealcehte an hreofla to him, and 
hine to him ge-eadmedde, and dus cwa'|>, 
Drihten, gyf dii wylt, dii milit mc go- 

3 Dii astrehte se H^clend hys hand, and 
hrepode hyne, and dus cwa3)), Ic wylle, 
bco gechvnsod. And hys hreofla wajs 
hroedlice geclsensod. 

4 Dii cwfe)) se Htelend to him, Warna 
de, dajt dii hyt nsenegum men ne secge ; 
ac gang, aateowe de dam sacci-de, and 
bring hym da lac de Moyses bebcad, 
on hyra gecydnesse. 

5 »S6))lice da se Hadend ineode on 
Capharnaum, da gcnca1?clitc hym an 
hundredes'ealdor, hyne biddendc, 

6 And dus cwa;dendc, Drihten, m'n 
enapa li)) on minum huse lama, and mid 
yde ge))rcad. 

VII. 23.-VIII. 6.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

23 And than Y shal knowliche to hem, 
For I knewe 30U neuer ; departe awey 
fro me, 56 that worchen wickidnesse. 

24 Therforeeche man tliat herith these 
my wordis, and doth hem, shal be maad 
liche to a wijse man, that hath bildid his 
hous vpon a stoon. 

25 And rayn came doun, and flodis 
camen, and wyndis blewen, and rusheden 
in to that hons ; and it felle nat doun, 
for it was foundid on a stoon. 

26 And euery man that herith these my 
wordis, and doth hem nat, is liche to a 
man fool, that hath bildid his hous on 

27 And rayn came doun, and floodis 
camen, and wyndis blewen, and thei 
hurliden in to that hous ; and it felle 
doun, and the fallyng doun therof was 

28 And it is maad, when Jhesus hadde 
eendid these wordis, the cumpanyes won- 
dreden on his techyng ; 

29 Sothely he was techynge hem, as a 
man hauynge power, and nat as the 
scribis of hem, and Pharisees. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


Chap. VIII. i Forsothe when Jhesus 
hadde comen doun fro the hil, many 
cumpanyes folewiden hym. 

2 And loo ! a leprouse man cum- 
mynge worshipide hym, sayinge, Lord, 
jif thou wolt, thou maist make me clene. 

3 And Jhesus, holdynge forthe the 
bond, touchide hym, sayinge, I wole, 
be thou maad clene. And anoon the 
lepre of hym was clensid. 

4 And Jhesus saith to hym. See, say 
thou to no man ; but go, shewe thee 
to prestis, and ofFre that 3ifte that 
Moyses comaundide, in to witnessing 
to hem. 

5 Sothely when he hadde entride in 
to Capharnaum, centurio neijide to 
hym, preyinge hym, 

6 And saide, Loi'd, my child lyeth in 
the hous sike on the palsie, and is yuel 

23 And then will I knowlege vnto them, • 
That I never knewe them ; depart from 
me, ye workers of iniquite. 

24 Whosoever hearethe off me these 
saynges, and doethe the same, I wyll 
lyken hyme vnto a wyseman, which byllt 
his housse on a rocke. 

25 And aboundance offrayne descended, 
and the fluddes cam, and the wynddes 
blewe, and bett vppon that same housse ; 
and it was not over throwen, because it 
was grounded on the rocke. 

2 6 And whosoever heareth of me these 
sainges, and doth not the same, shalbe 
lykened vnto a folysh man, which bilt 
his housse apon the sonde. 

27 Andabundaunce of rayne descended, 
and the fluddes cam, and the wynddes 
blewe, and beet vppon that housse ; and 
it was over throwen, and great was the 
fall off it. 

28 And it cam to passe, that when 
Jesus had ended these saynges, the peple 
were astonnied at his doctryne ; 

29 For he taught them, as one havynge 
power, and not as the scribes. 

Chap. VIII. i When Jesus was come 
downe from the mountayne, moch people 
folowed him. 

2 And lo ! there cam a lepre and 
worsheped him, saynge. Master, if thou 
wylt, thou canst make me clene. 

3 He putt forthe his bond, and 
touched him, saynge, I wyll, be clene. 
And immediatly his leprosy was clensed. 

4 And Jesus said vnto him, Se, thou 
tell no man ; but go, and shewe thysilf 
to the preste, and offer the gyfte that 
Moses commaunded to be offi-ed, in 
witnes to them. 

5 When Jesus was entred in to Caper- 
naum, there cam vnto him a certayne 
Centurion, besechyng him, 

6 And saynge, Master, my servaunt ly- 
eth sicke att home off the palsye, and 
is grevously payned. 


GOTHIC, 360. 

7 Yah qaj) tlu imma lesus, Ik qimamls 
galiailya iua. 

8 Yah andhafyands sa hundafa})S qa]>, 
Fi-auya, ni iiu wairjjs, ei uf hrot mein 
iungaggais ; ak }>atainei qi|> waurda, yah 
gahailui]) sa })iumagus meius. 

9 Yah auk ik manna ini habands uf 
AvakUifnya meinamraa gadrauhtins ; yah 
qi})a du ))amma, Gagg, yah gaggij> ; yah 
anj^aramma, Qim, yah qimij? ; yah du 
skalka meinamma, Tawei J5ata, yah tau- 

10 Gahausyands })an lesus sikkxleikida, 
yah qaj) du Jjaim afarhiistyandam, Amen 
qi))a izwis, ui in Israela swalauda galaub- 
ein bigat. 

1 1 A}))ian qi})a i'zwis, |5atci managai fram 
urrunsa yah saggqa qimaud, yah ana- 
kumbyand mi)) Abrahama yah Isaka yah 
lakoba in );iudangai'dyai hi mine ; 

12 Ijj ))ai sunjais jjiudangavtlyos us- 
wairjjanda "in riqis |)ata hindumisto ; 
yainar wair])i}) grets^ yah krusts tunjjiwe. 

13 Yah qa]j lesus })amma hundafada, 
Gagg, yah swaswe galaubides, wair|)ai 
jjus. Yah gahailnoda sa j^iumagus is in 
yainai wheilai. 

14 Yah qimands lesus in garda Pai- 
traus, yali gasawh swaihron Is ligandein 
in heitom. 

15 Yah attaitok handau izos, yah aflai- 
lot iya so heito ; yah urrais, yah aud- 
bahtida imma. 

16 At andanahtya {lan Avaur])anamma, 
atberun du imma daimonaryans manag- 
ans, yah uswarp |)ans alunans waurda, yah 
allaus jjans ubil habandaus gahailida; 

17 Ei usfullnodedl, jjata gameUdo jjairh 
Esaiau, praufetu, qij^audan, Sa unmaht- 
ins unsaros usnam, yah sauhtins usbar. 

18 Gasaiwhands jjan lesus managans 
hiuhmans bi sik, hailiait galeifmn sipon- 
yans hindar marein. 

1 9 Yah duatgaggands ains bokarcis, 
qa|) du imma, Laisari, laistya ])ukj \>is- 
whaduh })adci gaggis. ^ 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

7 Da cw8e]> se Halcnd to him, Ic cume, 
and hyne gehade. 

8 Da andswarode se huudredes eaklor 
and ttus cwse}), Drihteu, no eom ic wyi-de, 
ctset dii ingange under mine })ecene ; ac 
ewe}) d'n an word, and min enapa bi]) 

9 SoJ)lice ic eom man under anwealde 
geset, and ic ha^bbe ))eguas under me ; 
and ic cwede to dysum, Gang, and he 
geej) ; and ic cwede to odrum, Cum, 
and he cym)) ; to minum ])eowe, Wyrc 
dis, and he wyi'cj). 

10 Witodlice d:i se Hselend, dis gchyrde, 
d;i wundrode he, and cwse}) to dam de 
hym fyligdon, So}) ic secge eow, ne 
gemette ic swa mycehie geleafan on 

1 1 To s5})um ic secge eow, dagt man- 
ige cuma)) ft-am east-dsele and west- 
dsele, and Avunia}) mid Abrahame and 
Isahace and lacobe on heofena rice ; 

12 Witodb'ce discs rices beai-n beo)) 
aworpene on da ytemestau })ystro ; daer 
bi}) vfop, and t6])a gristbitung. 

1 3 And se Hcelend cwse]) to dam hund- 
rydes ealdre, Ga, and gewurde de, swa 
swa du gelyfdest. And se cnapa waes 
gehseled on dasre tide.''' 

14 Da se Hselend com on Petres huse, 
da geseah he hys swegre licgende, and 

15 And he setliran byre hand, and se 
fefor hig foi'let ; da aras heo, and ])euode 

1 6 S6}'Hce da hyt sefen wajs, hig broht- 
on him manege deofol-seoce, and he 
ut-adraefde da uncItEuan gastas mid liys 
woi-de, and he calle gchselde da yfel- 
hiv;bbendan ; 

1 7 Diet Wccre gefylled, dffit de gecwed- 
en is J)urh Esaiani, done witcgan, du3 
cwcdende. He onfcng lire untrumnessa, 
and be abajr lire adla. 

18 Da geseah se Hselend mycle menig- 
eo ymbutan hyne, da hot he hig farau 
ofer done mu})an.''' 

1 9 Da genealsehte him an bocere, and 
cwa?}), Larcow, ic fylige de, swa hwseder 
swa du fserst. 

VIII. 7-T9.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

7 And Jhesus saith to hym, I shal 
cvime, and shal hele hym. 

8 And centurio answerynge saith to 
hym, Lord, I am not worthi, that thou 
entre vndir my roof; but oonly say 
bi word, and nly child shal be helid. 

9 For whi and I am a man ordeynd 
vnder power, hauynge vndir me kni3tis ; 
and I say to this. Go, and he goth ; 
and to an other, Come thou, and he 
Cometh ; and to my seruaunt, Do thou 
this thing, and he doth. 

10 Sothely Jhesus, heerynge these 
thingis, wondride, and saide to men 
suynge hym, Trewly I saye to 50U, I 
fonde nat so grete feith in Yrael. 

1 1 Sothely Y say to 50U, that nianye 
shulen come fro the est and west, and 
shulen rest with Abraham and Ysaac 
and Jacob in the kyngdam of heuenes ; 

12 Forsothe the sonys of the rewme 
shulen be cast out in to vttremest 
derknessis ; there shal be weepynge, 
and beetynge togidre of teeth. 

13 And Jhesus saide to centurio. Go, 
and as thou hast bileeued, be it don to 
thee. And the child was helid fro that 

14 And when Jhesus hadde comen in 
to the hous of Symond Petre, he say his 
wyues moder liggynge, and shakun with 

15 And he touchide hir hond, and the 
feuer lefte hir ; and she roose, and 
seruyde hem. 

16 Sothely whan the euenyng was 
maad, thei brou;te to hym many hau- 
ynge deuelys, and he castide out spiritis 
by word, and helide alle hauynge yuel ; 

17 That it shulde be fulfillid, that thing 
that Avas said by Ysaie, the prophete, 
sayinge. He toke oure infirmytees, and 
here oure sykenessis. 

18 Sothely Jhesus seeynge many cum- 
panyes about hym, bad his disciplis go 
ouer the water. 

19 And 00 scribe''' commynge to, saide 
to hym, Maistre, I shal sue thee, whidir 
euer thou shalt 2:0. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


7 And Jesus sayd vnto him, I wyll 
come, and cure him. 

8 The Centurion answered and saide, 
Syr, I am not worthy, that thou shuldest 
com vnder the rofe of my housse ; but 
speake the worde only, and my servaunt 
shalbe healed. 

9 For Y also my selfe am a man vndre 
power, and have soAvdeeres vndre me ; 
and Y saye to one, Go, and he goeth ; 
and to anothre, Come, and he cometh ; 
and to my servaunt, Do this, and he 
doeth it. 

10 When Jesus herde these saynges, 
he marveyled, and said to them that 
foloAved him, Verely Y say vnto you, 
I have not founde so great fayth, no, 
not in Israeli. 

Ill say therfore vnto you, that many 
shall come from the eest and Aveest, and 
shall rest Avith Abi-aham Ysaac and 
Jacob in the kyngdom of heven ; 

1 2 And the children of the kingdom 
shalbe cast out in to the vtrnoost derck- 
nes ; there shalbe wepinge, and gnassh- 
ing of tethe. 

1 3 Then Jesus said vnto the Centurion, 
Go thy waye, and as thou hast beleued, 
so be it vnto the. And his servaunt was 
healed that same houre. 

1 4 And Jesus Avent into Peters housse, 
and sawe his Avyves mother lyinge si eke 
of a fevre. 

15 And he thouched her hande, and 
the fevre leeft her ; and she arose, and 
ministred vnto them. 

16 When the even was come, they 
brought vnto him many that Avere pos- 
sessed with devylles, and he cast out the 
spirites with a worde, and healed all that 
were si eke ; 

17 To fulfill that whiche was spoken 
by Esay, the prophet, sainge. He toke 
on him oure infirmytes, and bare oure 

18 When Jesus saw moche people about 
him, he commaunded to go over the 

19 And there cam a scribe, and said 
vnto him. Master, I woll foloAve the, 
whythersumever thou goest. 

D 2 


GOTHIC, 360. 

20 Yah qa}) du inima lesus, Faulions 
grobos aiguii, yah fuglos himiiiis sitlans, 
i[) suiius mans ui habaijj whar haubij) 
sein anahnaiwyai. 

21 Anjjaruh l^an siponye is qa)? du im- 
ma, Frauya, ushxubei mis frumist galei]?- 
an, yah gafilhan attan meinana. 

22 Ijj lesus qa)) du imma, Laistei afar 
mis, yah let )>ans dau))ans filhan seinans 

23 Yah innatgaggandin imma in skip, 
afariddyedxin imma siponyos is. 

24 Yah sai ! wegs mikils war)) in mar- 
ein, swaswe ))ata skip gahuli)) wair))an 
fram wegim ; i)? is saislep. 

25 Yah duatgaggandans siponyos is, 
urraisideduu ina,qijjandans, Frauya, nasei 
xinsis ; fraqistnam. 

26 Yah qa)) du im lesus, Wha faurht- 
ei)) leitil galaubyandans ? panuh urreis- 
ands gasok wiudam yah marein, yah 
war)? wis mikil. 

27 I)) ))ai mans sildaleikidedun, qi))and- 
ans, Whilciks ist sa, ei yah windos yah 
marei ufhausyand imma 1 

28 Yah qimandin imma hindar marein 
in gauya Gairgaisaine, gamotidedun 
imma twai daimonaryos, us hlaiwasuom 
rinnandans, sleidyai fiki, swaswe ui mahta 
manna usleij)an ^airh ))aua wig yainana. 

29 Yah sai ! hropidedun, qi))andans, 
Wha uns yah ))us, lesu, sunau Gufis 1 
qamt her faur mel balwyan unsis 1 

30 Wasuh ))an fairra im hairda sweine 
managaize hakhina. 

31 Ij) ))o skohsla bedun ina, qijandans, 
Yabai uswairpis uns, uslaubei uns galeij)- 
an in ))0 hairda sweine. 

32 Yah qaj) du im, Gaggij). I)) eis 
usgaggandans galijjun in hairda sweine ; 
yah sai ! run gawaurhtedun sis alhi so 
hairda and driuson in marein, yah ga- 
dau))nodedun in watnam. 

33 I\> ))ai haklandans ga))lauhun, yah 
galei))aii(hms gataihun in baurg all bi 
))ans daimonaryans. 

34 Yah sai ! alia so baurgs usiddya 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

20 Da cwfe)) se Hselend to him, Foxas 
ha1)ba)) liolu, and heofcnan fuglas nest, 
s6))lice maunes sunu nsef)) hwasr he hys 
heafod ahylde. 

2 1 Da cwfej) to him ocler of hys leorn- 
ing-cnihtum, Drihten, alyfe me serest to 
farenne, and bebyrigean minue fa'dcr. 

22 Da cwse)) se Haelend to him, Fylig 
me, and Iset deade bebyrigean hyra 

23 And he astah on scyp, and hys 
leorning-cnyhtas hym fyligdon. 

24 Da wear)) mycel st}Tung geworden 
on dfere see, swa {Ja^t ctiet scyp wear)j 
ofergoten mid ydum ; witodlice he slep. 

25 And hig genealsehton, and hy aweht- 
on hyue, ctus ewedende, Drihten, hsele 
us : we moton forwurdan. 

26 Da cwpe)) he to him, To liAvi synt ge 
forhte ge lytles geleafan 1 Da iu-as he 
and behead dam winde and dagre sse, 
and dajr wear)) geworden mycel smylt- 

27 Gewisslice da men wundrodun, and 
dus cwsedon, Hwaat is des, da3t windas 
and sse him hyrsumia); 1 

28 Da se Hselend com ofer done mii))- 
an on Geraseniscra rice, da union him 
tocfenes twe<ren de hsefdon deofol-seoc- 
nesse, of byrgcnum utgaiigcnde, da wser- 
on swide rede, swa dust nan man ne 
mihte faran ))urh done weg. 

29 And hig hrymdou, and cwsedon, La. ! 
Hselend, Godes sunu, hwset ys de and 
us gemsene 1 come dii hidcr ser tide us 
to ))reagenne ? 

30 Dffir wses s6|)lice unfeorran swyna 
heord manegra manna Ifeswicnde. 

31 Da deoHa s6))lice hyiie lijcdon, dus 
ewedende, Gyf du us ut-adrifst, aseude 
us on das swina heorde. 

32 Da cwa-)) he to hym, Fara)). And 
hig da utgangende ferdon on da swin ; 
and dajr rihte fcrdc call sco heord myc- 
lum onrsese niwel on da sae, and hig 
wurdon deade on dam wa^tere. 

33 Da hyi'das witodlice flugon, and 
enmun on da ccastre, and cyddon ealle 
dfis ))iiig, and be dam de da deoful- 
soocnyssa ha'fdon. 

34 Da code eall sco coaster- waru to- 

"VIII. 20-34.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

20 And Jhesus said to liym, Foxis han 
dichis/ and briddis of the eir han nestis, 
but mannes sone hath nat wher he reste 
his heued. 

2 1 Sotheli an other of his disciplis saide 
to bym, Lord, suifre me go first, and 
birye my fadir. 

22 Forsothe Jhesus saide to hym, Sue 
thou me, and late dede men birye her 
dead men. 

23 And Jhesu steyinge vp in to a litel 
ship, his disciplis sueden hym. 

24 And loo ! a grete steryng was maad 
in the see, so that the litil ship was hilid 
with waAvis ; but he slepte. 

25 And his disciplis camen nij to hym, 
and raysiden hym, sayinge, Lord, saue 
vs ; we perishen. 

26 And Jhesus seith to hem, What ben 
5ee of litil feith agast % Thanne he rys- 
ynge comaundide to the wyndis and the 
see, and a grete pesiblenesse is maad. 

27 Forsothe men wondreden, sayinge, 
What manere tnan is he this, for the 
wyndis and the see obeishen to hym 1 

28 And whan Jhesus hadde comen ouer 
the water in to the cuntre of men of 
Genazereth, twey men hauynge deuelis 
runnen to hym, goynge out fro birielis, 
ful feerse,"*" so that no man mi3te passe 
by that wey. 

29 And loo ! thei crieden, sayinge, 
"VNTiat to vs and to thee, Jhesu, the 
sone of God 1 hast thou comen hidir 
before the tyme for to tourmente vs ? 

30 Sothely a floc^ of many hoggis 
lesewynge was nat fer from hem. 

31 But the deuelis preyeden him, sey- 
inge, 3if thou castist out vs hennes, sende 
vs in to the droue of hoggis. 

32 And he saith to hem. Go 566. And 
thei goynge out wente in to the hoggis ; 
and loo ! in a greet hire al the droue 
wente heedlynge in to the see, and thei 
ben dead in watris. 

33 Forsothe the hirdes fledden awey, 
and cummynge in to the citee, tolden 
alle these thingis, and of hem that had- 
den the fendis. 

34 And loo ! al the citee wente a3einis 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


20 And Jesus said vnto him, The foxes 
have holes, and the bryd of the aier 
have nestes, but the sonne of the man 
hath not where on to leye his heede. 

21 Anothre that was one of hys dis- 
ciples seyd vnto him. Master, suffre me 
fyrst to go, and burye my father. 

22 But Jesus said vnto him, Folowe 
me, and let the deed burie their deed. 

23 And he entred in to a shyppe, and 
his disciples folowed him. 

24 And lo ! there arose a greate storme 
in the see, in so moche that the shippe 
was hyd with waves ; and he was aslepe. 

25 And his disciples cam vnto him, 
and awocke hym, sayinge. Master, save 
vs ; we perishe. 

26 And he said vnto them, Why are 
ye fearfuU o ye endewed with lytell 
faithe ? Then he arose and rebuked the 
wyndes and the see, and there folowed a 
greate calme. 

27 And men marveyled, and said. What 
man is this, that bothe wyndes and see 
obey hym 1 

28 And when he was come to the other 
syde in to the countre off the Gergesens, 
there met him two possessed of devylles, 
which cam out off the graves, and were 
out off measure fearce, so that no man 
myght go by that waye. 

29 And lo ! they cryed out, saynge, 
Jesu, the sonne off God, what have we 
to do with thee 1 art thou come hyther 
to torment vs before the tyme be come 1 

30 There was a good waye off from 
them a greate heerd of swyne fedinge. 

31 Then the devyles besought him, 
saynge, If thou cast vs out, suffre vs to 
go oure waye into the heerd of swyne. 

32 And he said vnto them. Go youre 
wayes. Then went they out and de- 
parted into the heerd of swyne ; and lo ! 
all the heerd of swyne was caryed with 
violence hedlinge into the see, and 
perisshed in the water. 

33 Then the heerdmen fleed, and went 
there ways into the cite, and tolde every 
thinge, and what had fortuned vnto them 
that were possessed of the devyls. 

34 And lo! all the cite cam out, and 


GOTHIC, 360. 

wi})ra lesu ; yah gasaiwlianclans iua, bcd- 
un ci uslij'i hindar markos ize. 

Chap. IX. i Yah atsteigands 'in skip, 
ufailai]j, yah qam in seiuai baurg. 

2 panuh athei-un du imma usli})an,ana 
ligra Ugandan. Yah gasaiwhands lesus 
gahiuhein ize, qa}) du ))amma usli))in, 
prafstei [)iik, barnilo j afletanda j)us fra- 
waurhteis fieinos. 

3 pandi sumai jjize bokarye qejmn in 
sis silljam, Sa wayamerei}). 

4 Yah witands lesus fios mitonins ize, 
qajj, Duwhe yus mitoj) ubila in hairtam 
izwaraim 1 

5 Whajjar ist raihtis azetizo qi|)an, 
Afletanda |)us fi-awaurhteis, jjau qijjan, 
Urreis, yah gagg 1 

6 Aj^t^an ei witeij?, }?atei waldufni habaijj 
sa sunus mans ana airj^ai afleitan fra- 
waurhtins, j^anuh qajj du J^amma usli|?in, 
Urreisands ; nim jiana ligr Jjeinana, yah 
gagg in gard }>einana. 

7 Yah urreisandsj galaij) in gai'd sein- 

8. Gasaiwhandeins ])an manageins, oht- 
edun sildaleikyandans, yah mikilidcdun 
Gu)), |)ana gibandan waldufni swaleikata 

9 Yah );airhlei)7ands lesus yainj^ro, ga- 
sawh mannan sitandan at motai, Ma)>})aiu 
haitanana. Yah qa)> du imma, Laistei 
afar mis. Yah usstandands, iddya afar 

10 Yah war]?, bi|)e is anakumbida in 
garda, yah sai ! managai motaryos yah 
frawaurhtai qimandans mij^anakumbide- 
dun Icsua yah siponyam is. 

1 1 Yah gaumyandans Fareisaieis qe)?un 
du J)aim siponyam is, Duwhe mi{) motar- 
yam yah frawaurhtaim matyij) sa laisareis 
izwar ? 

I li Ij) lesus gahausyands, qa]) du im, 
Ni jjaurbun hailai lekeis, ak jjai unhaili 

13 AJ)}ian gaggaij) ganimi]> wha siyai, 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

geanes dam Hgclende ; and da da big 
hyne gesawun, da bsedon big byne, daet 
he ferde fram beora gemcerum. 

■•^Chap. IX. I Da astah he on scyp, 
and ofcr-seglode, and com on his ceastre. 

2 Da brohton big hym cenne laman, on 
bedde licgcnde. Da geseah se Hselend 
byra geleafan, and c\vvo]> to dam laman, 
La beam, gelyfe de ; beoj) dine synna 

3 Da cwsedon''' sume da boceras him 
betwinan, Des spryc|) bysmor-spraecc. 

4 Da sc Hselend geseah byra gef)anc, 
da cwsej) be, To hwi Jjeuce ge yfcl on 
eowrum beortum 1 

5 Hwret is eadelicre to cwedcnne, De 
beoj) forgyfene dine synna, odde to cwed- 
anne, Aris, and ga 1 

6 Dset ge s6))lice witon, dset manncs 
sunu baifj) anweald on eorjjan synna to 
forgyfenne, da cw0e]j he to dam laman, 
A'lis ; nym din bedd, and gang on din 

7 And be aras, and ferde to bys buse. 

8 S6))lice da da seo msenigeo dls gesaw- 
on da ondredon big hym, and Avuldrod- 
on God, de sealde swylcne anweald man- 

9 Da se Hselend danon ferde, he geseah 
Eenne man sittende vet toll-sceamule, dass 
nama wses Matheus. And he cwre)) to 
him, Fylig me. And be aras, and fyligde 

10 And hyt wses geworden, da he sset 
innan buse, da comun manega manfulle 
and synfulle and sseton mid dam Haelende 
and mid bys leorning-cnyhtum, 

1 1 Da da Sundor-halgan dajt gcsawon 
da cwsedon big to bys leorning-cnyhtum, 
Hwi yt eowcr lai-eow mid manfullum 
and synfullum 1 

12 And se Haelend cwjej) dis gchyrcnde, 
Nys balum Iseces nan ))earf, ac seocum. 

1 3 Ga]) s6j)licc and leornigea]) hwa^t is, 

IX. I-I3.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

Jhesu, metynge hym ; and hym seen, 
thei preiden hym, that he shulde passe 
fi'O her coostis. 

Chap. IX. i And Jhesus, goyng vp 
in to a boot, passide ouer the water, and 
came in to his citee. 

2 And loo ! thei offreden to hym a man 
syke in palsie, liggynge in a bed. For- 
sothe Jhesus, seeynge the feith of hem, 
saide to the man sike in palsie, Sone, 
haue .thou trust ; thi synnes ben ibr- 
5euen to thee. 

3 And lo ! sum of the scribis said with 
ynne hem self, This blasfemeth. 

4 And when Jhesus hadde seen her 
thou5tis, he said, Wherto thenken 36 
yuel thingis in 5our hertis ? 

5 What is li5ter to saye, Thi synnes 
ben for5euen to thee, other to saye, Eyse 
thou, and walke 1 

6 Forsothe that 56 wite, that mannes 
sone hath power to forjeue synnes in 
erthe, thanne he saide to thilke man in 
palsie, Ryse vp ; take thi bed, and go 
in to thin house. 

7 And he roose, and wente in to his 

8 Sothely the companyes seeynge dred- 
den, and glorifieden God, that 3aue siche 
power to men. 

9 And when Jhesus passide thennis, he 
sei3 a man sittynge in a tolbothe, Matheu 
by name. And he saide to hym. Sue 
thou me. And he, rysynge, folowide 

10 And it is don, hym sittynge at the 
mete in the house, loo ! many pupli- 
cauys and synneful men cummynge saten 
at the mete with Jhesu and his disciplis. 

1 1 And Pharisees seeynge saiden to his 
disciplis, "VVhi etith 50ure maister with 
puplicanys and synful men 1 

12 And Jhesus herynge saide, A leche 
is nat nede to men that faren wel, but 
to men hauynge yuel. 

13 Sothely 3ee goynge lerne what it is, 

TYNDALE, 1526. 39 

met Jesus ; and Avhen they sawe him, 
they besought him to departe out off 
there costtes. 

Chap. IX. i And he entred into the 
shippe, and passed over, and cam into 
his awne cite. 

2 And lo ! they brought vnto him a 
man sicke off the palsey, lyinge in his 
bed. And when Jesus sawe there faith, 
he said to the seeke off the palsey, 
Sonne, be off good chere ; thy sinnes 
are foryeven the. 

3 And lo ! certeyne of the scribes said 
in them selves. He blasphemeth. 

4 And when Jesus sawe there thoughtes, 
he said, Wherfore thinke ye evjdl in your 
herttes 1 

5 Whether ys esyer to saye, Thi sinnes 
ar foryeven the, or to saye. Arise, and 
walke 1 

6 That ye may knowe, that the sonne 
of man hathe power to foryeve synnes 
in ei'th, then sayd he vnto the sicke of 
the palsey, Aryse ; take v]ipe thi beed, 
and go home to thyne housse. 

7 And he arose, and departed to his 

8 The people that sawe it marveylled, 
and glorified God, which had geven 
suche power to men. 

9 And as Jesus passed forth from 
thence, he sawe a man sytt at the I'e- 
ceyte off custume, named Matheu. And 
said to him, Folowe me. And he arose, 
and folowed him. 

10 And hit cam to passe, thatt Jesus 
satt at meate in his housse, and lo! 
many publicans and synners cam and 
satt downe also with Jesus and his 

1 1 When the Pharyses had perceaved 
that they sayd vnto hys disciples. Why 
eateth youre master with publicans and 
synners 1 

12 When Jesus herde that he saydo 
vnto them. The whole neade not the 
visicion, but they thatt are sicke. 

13 Goo and learne what that meaneth, 


GOTHIC, 360. 

Armahairti))a wilyau, yah ni liunsl ; nijj- 
J)an qam, la])Ou uswaurlitans, ak fra- 

14 panuh aficldyeclun siponyos Johan- 
nes, qijjandans, Duwhe weis yah Farei- 
saieis fastam filu, 'i\> )jai siponyos ))einai 
ni fastand 1 

15 Yah qa|> du 'im lesus, Ibai magun 
sunyus brujjfadis qainon, und jjata wheil- 
os ))ei mi)> im 'ist brujjfajjs 1 !]> atgagg- 
and'*' dagos, J^an afnimada af im sa 
bru]jfaj)s, yah Jjan fastand. 

16 A})Jjan ni whashun lagyi]j du plata 
fanan |iavihis ana snagan fairnyana ; unte 
afuimi}) fuUon af J)amma suagin, yah 
wairsiza gataura wairjji]?. 

17 NiJ)-])an giutand wein niuyata in 
balgins fairnyans, ai})})au distaurnand 
balgeis, bi})eh J)an yah wein usgutni)>, 
yah balgeis fx'aqistnand. Ak giutand 
wein yuggata in balgins niuyans, yah 
bayo])um gabairgada. 

18 Mi})))anei is rodida J)ata du 'im, 
Jjaruh reiks ains qimands, inwait "ina, 
qijjands Jjatei, Dauhtar meina nu gaswalt ; 
akei qimands, atlagei handu Jjeina ana 
lya, yah libaij>. 

19 Yah urreisands lesus 'iddya afar 
imma, yah siponyos "is. 

20 Yah sai ! qino blojiariunandei .ib. 
wintruns, duatgaggandei aftaro, attaitok 
skauta wastyos is. 

21 Qajjuh auk in sis, Yabai Jjatainei 
atteka wastyai is, ganisa. 

22 Ij) lesus gawandyands sik, yah ga- 
saiwhands ))0, qa]j, pi'afstei })uk, dauhtar; 
galaubeins Jjeina ganasida ))uk. Yah 
ganas so qino fram jjizai whcilai yainai. 

23 Yah qimands lesus in garda ]ns 
reikis, yah gasaiwhands swiglyans, yah 
haurnyans haurnyandans, yah managcin 

24 Qa]) du im, Aflei))i|i, unte ni gaswalt 
80 mawi, ak slepi]>. Yah bihlohun ina. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

Ic wylle mild-heortnesse, n£es onssegd- 
nesse ; soj^lice ne com ic, rihtwise to 
gecigeanne, ac da syimfuUan,''' 

14 Da genealsehton lohannes leorning- 
cnihtas to hym, and dus^ cwtedon, Hwi 
foeste we and da Sundor-halgan golom- 
lice, s5j)lice dine leorning-cuihtas ne 
fiesta|j ] 

1 5 And se Hselend cwsej) to him, Cwede 
ge sceolun dses brydguman cnihtas wep- 
an, da h-vvile de se brydguma mid hym 
hy\> 1 S6|)lice da dagas cumaj), dajt se 
brydguma by)) afyrred fram hym, and 
donne on dam dagum^ big fsesta)?. 

16 Ne de\> witodlice nan man niwes 
clades seyp on eald reaf ; he to-bryc|) hys 
stede on dam reafe, and se slite bij) de 

17 Ne big ne dojj niwe win on ealde 
bytta, gyf lii d6\>, da bytta beoj) to- 
brocene, and djet win agoten, and da 
Ijytta forwurdaj). Ac big d6]> niwe win 
on niwe bytta, and eegder by}) gehealdeu.^ 

18 Da he''' das ))ing to him sprsec, da 
genealgehte an ealdoi-, and ge-eadmedde 
hyne to him, dus cwedcnde, Drihten, 
min dohtor is dead ; ac cum, and sete 
dine hand uppan big, and heo lyfa|). 

19 And se Hseleud aras and fyligde 
hym, and hys leorning-cnihtas. 

20 And da an wif de ))olode blod-ryne 
twelf gear, genealsehte widseftan, and 
a3thran hys reafes fused. 

21 Heo cwse)) s6|)lico on hyre mode, 
For an ic beo hiil, gyf ic hys reafes 

22 And se Hselend bewcnde hyne, 
and hig geseah, and cwa3|), Gelyf, dohtor ; 
din geleafa de gehgelde. And daet wif 
wses gehceled on dsere tide. 

2,3 And da se Hselend com into dajs 
ealdres healle, and geseah hwistleras, and 
hlydcude menigeo, 

24 He cwsej), GaJ) heonun, nys dys 
mseden dead, s6))lice ac heo slsep)). And 
hig tseldon hyne. 

IX. 14-24.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

Y wole mercy e, and nat sacrifice ; for- 
sothe Y came, nat to clepe ri3tful men, 
bot synful men. 

14 Thanne the disciplls of Joon camen 
ni3e to liym, sayinge, Whi we and Phari- 
sees fasten ofte, but thi disciplis fasten 

15 And Jhesus saide to hem, Whether 
the sonys of the spouse ■•■ mow weilen,''' 
how longe the spouse is with hem 1 
Sothely days shulen come, when the 
spouse shal be taken awey fro hem, and 
thanne thei shulen faste. 

16 Sothely no man sendith ynne a 
medlynge of rudee''' clothe in to an olde 
clothe ; sothely he takith awey the 
plente of it fro the clothe, and a wors 
kittyng is maad. 

17 Nether men senden newe wijne in 
to olde botelis,'*' ellis the wiju vessels 
ben broken, and the wijn is shed out, 
and the wijn vessellis perishen. But 
men senden newe wijn in to newe wijn 
vessellis, and bothe ben kept. 

18 Jhesu spekynge these thingis to 
hem, loo ! 00 prince came to, and wor- 
shipid hym, sayinge, Lord, my dou5tir 
is now dead ; but cume thou, and put 
thin bond vpon hire, and she shal lyue. 

19 And Jhesus rysynge suede hym, 
and his disciplis. 

20 And loo ! a womman that suffride 
the flix''" of blood twelue 5eer, cam to 
byhynde, and touchide the hemme of his 

21 Sothely she saide with ynne hir 
self, 3if I touche oonly the clothis of 
hym, I shal be saaf. 

22 And Jhesus turnyde, and seeynge 
hir, saide, Dou5ter, haue thou trust ; thi 
faith hath made thee saaf. And the 
womman was maad saaf fro that houre. 

23 And when Jhesus came in to the 
hous of the prince, and see5 mynstrelis, 
and the companye makynge noyse, 

24 He saide. Go 36 awey, for the 
wenche is nat dead, but slepith. And 
thei scornyden hym. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


I have pleasure in mercy, and not in 
ofFerynge ; for I am not come to call 
the rightewes, but the sinners to repent- 

14 Then cam the desciples of Jhon to 
hym, saynge, Why do we and the Farises 
fast ofte, but thy disciples fast not 1 

15 And Jesus sayde vnto them. Can 
the weddynge chyldren moi-ne, as longe 
as the bridegrom is with them 1 The 
tym will come, when the brydgrome 
shalbe tacken awaye from them, and 
then shall they faste. 

16 Noo man peceth an olde garment 
with a pece off newe cloothe ; for then 
tacketh he away the pece agayne from 
the garment, and the rent ys made 

17 Nether do men put newe wyne into 
olde vessels, for then the vessels breake, 
and the wyne runneth oute, and the 
uessels perysshe. But they powre newe 
wyne into newe vessels, and so are both 
saved togedder. 

18 Whyls he thus spake vnto them, 
lo ! there cam a certayne ruler, and 
worshipped hyme, saynge, My doghter 
is deed all redy ; but com, and lay thy 
honde on her, and she shall live. 

19 And Jesus arose and folowed hym, 
with hys disciples. 

20 And beholde ! a woman which was 
diseased with an issue of blond xij yeres, 
cam behynde hym, and toched the hem 
off hys vesture. 

2 1 For she sayd in her silfe, Yff I maye 
toche but even his vesture only, I shal 
be safe. 

22 Jesus tourned hym about, and be- 
helde her, saynge, Doughter, be off 
goode comforte ; thy fayth hatb made 
the safe. And she was made whole even 
that same houre. 

23 And when Jesus cam into the ruelers 
housse, and sawe the minstrels, and the 
people wondrynge, 

24 He sayde vnto them, Get you hence, 
for the raayde is not deed, but slepeth. 
And they leughe hym to scorne. 


GOTHIC, 360. 

25 panuli ]?an usdribana war)> so man- 
agei, atgaggaiids inn, habaida handu 
izos ; yah urrais so mawi. 

26 Yah us'iddya merijja so and alia 
yaina air)}a. 

27 Yah wharbondin lesua yain})ro, laist- 
idedun afar imma twai blindans, hrop- 
yandans, yah qij)audans, Armai uggkis, 
suuau Daweidis. 

28 Qimandiu pan in garda, duatiddye- 
dun imma |)ai blindans ; yah qaj) im 
lesus, Gaulaubyats, })atei magyau })ata 
tauyan. ? QeJ;un du imma, Yai, Frauya. 

29 panuh attaitok augam ize, qi|)ands, 
Bi galaubeinai iggqarai wair])ai iggqis. 

30 Yah usluknodedun im augona. Yah 
'inagida ins lesus, qij)ands, Saiwhats, ei 
manna ni witi. 

31 Ij) els usgaggandans, usmeridedun 
ina in allai airj^ai yainai. 

32 panuh bi|je ut usiddyedun eis, sai ! 
atberun imma mannan baudana, daimon- 

33 Yah bijje usdribans Avar]) unhul})0, 
rodida sa dumba. Yah sildaleikidedun 
manageins, qi]?andans, Ni aiw swa us- 
kunjj was in Israela. 

34 Ijj Fareisaieis qej>un, In fauramajjlya 
unhuljjono usdreibi]) unhuljjons. 

35 Yah bitauh lesus baurgs alios yah 
haimos, laisyands in gaqum|)im ize, yah 
meryands aiwaggelyon )>iudangardyos, 
yah Iiailyands alios sauhtins, yah alia 

36 Gasaiwhands J)an ])os manageins, 
infeinoda in ize ; unte wesun afdauidai, 
yah frawaurpanai swe lamba ni haband- 
ona hairdeis. 

37 panuh qa)) du siponyam seinaim, 
Asans raihtis managa, i]) waurstwyans 

38 Bidyi]) nu frauyan asanais, ei us- 
sandyai waurstwyans in asan seina. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

25 And da he da menigeo ut-adnif, he 
eode^ in, and nam hyre hand ; and dset 
niseden aras. 

26 And des hlisa sprang ofer call dget 

27 Da se Hselend danun for, da fylig- 
dun hym twegyn blinde, hiymynde, and 
cwedende. La Dauides sunu, gemiltsa 

28 Sof)lice da he ham com, da blindan 
genealsehton to him ; and se Hselend 
cwfe}) to him, Gelyfe gyt, dajt ic inc maeg 
gehselau 1 Hig cwsedon to him, Witod- 
lice, Drihten. , 

29 Da aethran he hyra eagcna, cwed- 
ynde, Sy inc seftyr incrun geleafan. 

30 And hyra eagan wserun ontynede. 
And se Haelynd behead him, cwedende, 
Warnia]), dset ge hyt nanum men ne 

3 1 Hig sojjlice utgangynde, gewidmser- 
sudun hyne ofer call dcet land. 

32 Da hig w?eron sojilice ut-agane, 
hig brohton him dumbne man, se wtes 

33 And ut-adryfenum dam deoflc, sc 
dumba sprsec. And da menigeo wundi'c- 
don, cwedende, Nscfre setywde swylc on 
Israhela folce. 

34 S6l:'lice da Sundor-halgan cwsedon. 
On deofla ealdre he drif|) ut deoflu. 

35 And se Hfclend ymbfor ealle burga 
and ccastra, Iserende on hyra gesom- 
nungum, and bodiende rices godspcll, 
and hselende aelce adle, and jeIcc un- 

36 He gemiltsudc s5[>lice dajre menigeo, 
da he hi geseah ; fordan hig wperun 
gedrehte, and licgende swa swa sccap de 
hyrde nabbaj). 

37 Dii he sscde hys leorning-cnihtun, 
Witodlice micel rip ys, and feawa wyrht- 

38 Bidda)) d.ies ripes hlaford, dajt he 
sende wyrhtan to hys ripe. 

IX. 25-38.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

25 And wheo the cumpanye was cast 
out, lie entvide in, and held hir houde ; 
and the wenche roose vp. 

26 And this fame wente out in to al 
the londe. 

27 And Jhesu passynge thennes, twey 
blj'nde men sueden hym, cryinge, and 
sayinge, Thou sone of Dauith, haue 
mercy of vs. 

28 Sothely when thei came home, the 
blynde men caraen ni:; to hym ; and 
Jhesus saith to hem. What wole 56, that 
I do to 50U ] And thei seiden. Lord, that 
oure ee5en ben opnyd. And Jhesus saide, 
Bileeue ^e, that I may do this thing to 
50U 1 And thei sayn, Sothely,^ Lord. 

29 Than he touchide her ee5en, say- 
inge, Vp 3our feith be it don to 50U. 

30 And the ee5en of bothe ben opnyde. 
And Jhesus thretynyde to hem, sayinge, 
See 5ee, that no man wite. 

31 But thei goynge out, defameden 
hym thorw3 al that lond. 

32 Sothely thei gon out, loo ! thei 
oftVideu to hym a man doumb, hauynge 
a deuel. 

33 And whan the deuel was cast out, 
the doumbe man spac. And the cum- 
panyes wondreden, sayinge, It aperede 
neuere so in Yrael. 

34 But the Pharisees saiden. In the 
prince of deuelis he castith out deuelis. 

35 And Jhesus compaside aboute alle 
citees and castels, techynge in synagogis 
of hem, and prechynge the gospel of 
kyngdam, and helynge al languyshynge''", 
and al siknesse. 

36 Forsothe Jhesus, siynge cumpanyes, 
hadde rewthe of hem ; for thei wereu 
traucilid, and liggynge as sheep nat 
hauynge a sheperde. 

37 Thanne he saide to his disciplis, 
Sothely there is moche rype corne, but 
fewe werkmen. 

38 Therfore preye 56 the lord of the 
rijpe corn, that he sende workmen into 
his rijp corn. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


25 As sone as the people wer put 
forthe a dores, he went in, and toke her 
by the bond ; and tlie mayde arose. 

26 And this was noysed through out 
all the londe. 

27 And as Jesus departed thence, two 
blynde men folowed hym, crying, and 
sayng, thou sonne of David, have 
mercy on vs. 

28 And when he was come into the 
housse, the blynd cam to hym ; and 
Jesus sayde vnto them, Beleve ye, that 
I am able to do thys 1 They sayde vnto 
hyme, Ye, Master. 

29 Then touched he their eyes, sayng, 
Acordynge to youre faythe be it vnto 

30 And their eyes wer opened. And 
he chaurged them, sayng, Se, that no 
man knowe of it. 

3 1 But they as sone as they were de- 
parted, spreed abroade hys name through 
oute all the londe. 

32 As they went out, beholde ! they 
brought to hym a domne man, possessed 
of a devyll. 

33 And as sone as the devyll was cast 
oute, the domne spake. And the people 
merveled, saynge, It never soo appered 
in Israhel. 

3 4 Butt the Pharises sayde. He casteth 
oute devyls by the power of the chefs 

35 And Jesus went about all the cites 
and tonnes, teachynge in their sina- 
goages, and preachyng the gospell off 
the kyngdome, and healinge all maner 
sicknes, and desease amonge the people. 

36 But when he sawe the people, he 
hadd pite ou them ; because they were 
pined awaye, and scattered abroade even 
as shepe havynge no shepheerd. 

37 Then sayde he to hys disciples, The 
hervest is greate, but the laborers ar 

38 Wherfore praye the harvest lorde, to 
sende forthe labourers into hys harvest. 


Chap. X. 
twalif si 

GOTHIC, 360. 

Yah athaitands Jjans 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

Chap. X. i And to somne gecigyd- 
um hys twelf leorning-cnihtun, he seal- 
de him unclBenra gasta auweakl, tl;iet hig 
adiyfon hig ut, and hseldun adle, and 
selce untrumnysse. 

2 Dis sjait s6})lice dsera twelf Apostola 
naman ; se forma ys, Simon, de ys ge- 
nemned Petrus, and Andreas, hys bro- 
dor ; lacobus Zebedei, and lohanncs, 
hys brodur ; 

3 PhiHppus, and Bartholomeus ; Thom- 
as, and Matheus Publicanus ; and lac- 
obus Ali)hei, and Taddeus ; 

4 Simon Chananeus, and ludas Sca- 
rioth, de hyne belsewde. 

5 Das twelf se Hselynd sende, him 
bebeodende, and cwedonde, No fare ge 
on })eoda weg, and ne ga ge innau Samar- 
itana ceastre ; 

6 Ac gajj ma to dam sceapum de for- 
wurdun Israela hiw-rsedene. 

7 Se Hselend cwaejj to hys leorning- 
cnihtun, Gajj and bodiaj), cwedende, dast 
heofona rice genealsec)) ; 

8 Hsela)) unti'ume, aweccea]? deade, 
clsensiaj) hreofle, drifa)) ut deoflu ; ge 
onfengun to-gyfe, syllaj) to-gyfe. 

9 Nsebbe ge gold, ne seolfer, ne feoh 
on eowrum bigyrdlum, 

10 Ne codd on wege, ne twa tunecan, 
ne gescy, ne gyrde ; s6j)lice se wyrhta 
ys wyrde hys metys. 

1 1 On swa hwylce burh, odde ceastre, 
swa ge ingfij), ahsiaj> hwa si wyrde on 
dsere, and wuniajj dajr, od ge ut-gan. 

1 2 Donne ge ingan s6))lice on daet hus, 
greta}) hit, cwedende, Sy syb disum huse. 

13 And gyf dajt hus witodlice wyrde 
bij), eower syb cyme)) ofer hyt ; gyf liyt 
sol^lice ^vyl•de ne byj), eowur syb by)) to 
cow gccyrred. 

14 And swa hwa swa cow ne undcr- 
feh)), ne eowre sprspca ne gcliyr)>, donne 
ge ut-gan of dam huse, odde of dsere 
ceastere, asceaca)) dajt dust of eowrum 

15 Sojilice ic cow sccgc, acumcndlicre 

X. I-I5.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

Chap. X. i And the twelue disciplis 
clepid to gidre, he 5aue to hem power of 
vncleue spiritis, that thei shulde casten 
hem out, and that thei shulden heele al 
ache, and al siknesse. 

2 These ben the names of twelue apo- 
stelis ; the first, Symoun, that is clepid 
Petre, and Andrew, his brother ; 

3 Philip, and Bartilmew ; Jamys of 
Zebedee, and Joon, his brother ; Tho- 
mas, and JNIatheu puplican ; and James 
Alphei, and Thadee ; 

4 Symount Canane, and Judas Scarioth, 
the whiche betraiede Crist. 

5 Jhesus sente these twelue, comaund- 
ynge to hem, and sayinge, Goth 56 nat 
into the wey of heithen men, and entre 
56 nat in to the citees of Samarietanys ; 

6 But rather goth to the sheep of the 
hous of Yrael, that perislaiden. 

7 Sothely 5ee goynge preche, sayinge, 
for the kyngdam of heuenes shal nei3e ; 

8 Hele 56 seke men, vpreyse 5ee dead 
men, dense 5e meselis, cast ^e out deuelis ; 
frely ^e han taken, frely 5eue 56. 

9 Nyl 5e welden gold, nether syluer, 
ne money in joure girdlis, 

10 Not a scripe in the weye, nether 
two cootis, nether shoon, nether 3eerd ; 
for a workman is worthi his mete. 

IT In to whateuer citee, or castel, 56 
shulen entre, axeth who therinne is 
worthi, and there dwelle 50, til that 5e 
gon out. 

1 2 Forsothe 56 entrynge in to an house, 
grete '^e^ it, sayinge, Pees to this hous. 

13 And sothely ^if that ilk hous be 
worthi, 5oure pees shal cume on it ; 
forsothe 3if that house be nat worthy, 
50ure pees shall turne a3ein to 30U. 

14 And who euere shall nat resceyue 
50U, nether heer 3oure wordis, 3ee goynge 
forth fro that hous,"'' smytith awey the 
dust fro 30ure feet. 

15 Trewly I say to 30U, it shall be 

TYNDALE, 1526. 45 

Chap. X. i And he called his xij 
disciples vnto him, and gave them power 
over all vnclene sprites, to cast them 
oute, and to heale all maner of sick- 
nesses, and all maner off deseases. 

2 The names of the xij apostles are 
these ; the fyrst, Simon, which ys called 
Peter, and Andrew, his brother ; 

3 James the sonne off Zebede, and 
Jhon, his brother; Philip, and Bartle- 
mew ; Thomas, and Mathew the publican ; 
James the sonne off Alphe, and Lebbeus, 
otherwyse called Taddeus ; 

4 Simon off Cane, and Judas Iscarioth, 
which also betrayed hym. 

5 These xij sent Jesus, and com- 
maunded them, saynge. Goo nott into 
the wayes thatt leacle to the gentyls, and 
into the cites off the Samaritans enter 
ye nott ; 

6 But go rather to the lost shepe off 
the housse of Israhel. 

7 Go and jn-each, sayng, that the kyng- 
dome off heven ys at hande ; 

8 Heale the sicke, dense the lepers, 
rayse the deed, caste oute the, devils ; 
fi-ely ye have receved, frely geve agayne. 

9 Posses nott golde, nor silver, nor 
brasse yn youre gerdels, 

10 Nor yet scrip towardes your iorney, 
nether two cotes, nether shues, nor yet 
a rod ; for the workman is worthy to 
have his meate. 

1 1 Into whatsoever cite, or toune, ye 
shall com, enquyre who ys worthy yn it, 
and there abyde, till ye goo thence. 

1 2 And when ye come into an housse, 
grete the same. 

1 3 And yff the housse be worthy, youre 
peace shall come apon the same ; but yf 
it be not worthy, youre peace shall re- 
tourne to you agayne. 

14 And whosoever shall nott receave 
you, nor will heare youre preachynge, 
when ye departe oute off that housse, or 
that cite, shake of the duste of youre 

15 Trudy I say vnto you, it shalbe 




I'izai baurg, f)liuliaij> in 

an]5ara. Amen auk qijja izwis, ei ni us- 
tiuhijj baurgs Israelis, unte qimijj sa 
sunus mans. 

24 Nist siponeis ufar laisarya, nih 
skalks ufar frauyin seinamma ; 

25 Ganah siponi, ei wair])ai swe laisar- 
eis "is, yah skalks swe frauya is. Yabai 
gardawaldaud Baiailzaibul haihaitun, und 
whan filu mais jjaus inuakundans is 1 

26 Ni nunu ogei)) izwis ins ; ni wailit 
auk ist gahulijj, jjatei ni andhulyaidau ; 
yah fulgin, })atei ni ufkunnaidau. 

27 patci qi|)a izwis in riqiza, qil^ai]) in 
liuliada ; yah j^atei in auso gahausei)', 
nieryai)) ana lirotam. 

28 Yah ni ogei)? izwis j^ans usqimand- 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

by)) Sodoma lande and Gomorra on 
domes dajg, donne da^re ceastre.''" 

16 Nil! ic eowsende swa sceap gemang 
wulfas ; beoj) eornustlice glcawc swa med- 
dran, and bilwyte swa culfVan. 

17 Warnia]) eow s6|)lice fram mannum, 
hig syllaj) eow s6|)lice on gemotum, and 
swinga]) eow on hyi'a gesomnvmgum ; 

18 And ge beoj) gelsedde to demuni, 
and to cynyngum for me, to hyra dome, 
and jjeodun. 

19 Donne belsewa]) hig and''' sylla}) eow, 
ne ]?ence ge, hu oddc hwajt ge sprecun, 
eow by)) geseald sojjlice on dsere tide, 
hwa^t ge sprecun ; 

20 Nc synt ge na de da3r spreca)', ac 
eowres fieder gast, de spryc)) on cow. 

21 S5))lice brodur syl)) hys brudur to 
dea))e, and faeder liys sunu, and beam 
arisa)) ougeu magas, and to dea))e hi 

22 And ge beo)) on hatunge callum 
mannum, for minum naman ; s5))lice se 
))urhwuna)) od ende, se by)) hal. 

23 Donne hi eow ehta)) on dysse byrig, 
fieo)) on odre ; and donne hi on da>re 
eow ehta)), fleo)) on da )ryddan. Soj'lice 
ic eow secge, ne befara)) ge Israhela 
bui'ga, serdan de mannes sunu cume. 

24 Nys se leorning-cniht ofer liys la- 
reow, ne ])eow ofer hys hluford ; 

25 Genoh by)) s5)'lice dam leorning- 
cnihte, daet he sy swylce hys lareow, and 
))cow swylce hys hlal'ord. Gyf hi dajs 
hircdes faeder Belzebul) clypedun, mycle 
swydur hig eow clypia)) 1 

26 Eornustlice ne ondrsede ge hig ;^ 
nys s6))lice nan )'ing dyhle, divt ne wurde 
gcswutclod; ne nan dililc ))iiig, da?t ne 
wurde geopenod. 

27 Da3t ic eow secge on ))ystrum, sec- 
ga)) hyt on leohte ; and dajt go on eare 
gcliyra)), bodia)) uppan hrofum. 

28 And ne ondrsede ge da de eowyrne 

X. i6-28.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

more sufFreable to the loncl of men of 
Sodom and Gomor in the day of iuge- 
ment, than to that citee. 

16 Loo ! I sende 50U as sheep in to 
the mydil of wolucs ; therfox-e be je Avar''' 
as serpentis, and symple as dowues. 

17 Forsothe be 5e war of men, for thei 
shuln taken 50U in eounseilis, and thei 
sludn bete 50U in there synagogis ; 

18 And to presidentis/ and to kyngis 
5e shulen be led for me, in to witness- 
ynge to hem, and liethen men. 

19 But whenne thei shulen take''' 50U, 
ryl 56 theuke, how or what thing 5ee 
S{)eeken, forsothe it shal be 5ouen to 30U 
in that hour, what 30 shuln speke ; 

20 For it ben nat 3e that speken, but 
the spirit of 50ure fadir, that spekith in 

21 Sothely the brother shal take the 
brother in to deth, and the fadir the 
sone, and the sonys shulen ryse a3eins 
fadir and modir, and shulen tourmente 
hem bi deth. 

22 And 56 shulen be in hate to alle 
men, for my name ; forsothe he that 
shall dwelle stille in to the eende, this 
shal be saaf. 

23 Sothely whenne thei shulen pursue 
"ou in this citee, flee 3e in to an other. 
Trcwly I saye to 30U, 5e shulen nat 
eende the citees of Yrael, til that mannes 
sone cume. 

24 The disciple is nat aboue the maistre, 
ne the seruauut aboue his loi'd ; 

25 It is ynow to the disciple, that he 
be as his maistre, and to the seruaunt 
as his lord. 3if thei ban clepid the 
husbonde man''' Belzebub, hou myche 
more his housholde meynee ? 

26 Therfore drede 30 nat hem ; for no 
thing is couerid,''' that shal nat be shewid; 
and no thing is preuy, that shal nat be 

27 That thing that Y say to 30U in 
dercnessis, saye 366 in the li5t ; and 
preche 5e vpon housis, that thing that 
3ee heere in ere. 

28 And nyl 3e dreede hem that sleen 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


easier for the londe off Zodoma and Go- 
mora in the daye off iudgement, then for 
that cite. 

16 Lo! J sende you forthe as shej^e 
amonge wolves ; be ye therfore wyse as 
serpentes, and innocent as doves. 

17 Beware off men, flbr they shall de- 
liver you vp to the counseils, and shall 
scourge you in there sinagogges ; 

18 And ye shall be brought to the heed 
ruelers, and kynges for my sake, in wit- 
nes to them, and to the gentyls. 

19 But when they put you vp, take no 
thought, howe or what ye shall speake, 
for yt shall be geven you even in that 
same houre, what ye shall saye ; 

20 For it is not ye that speke, but the 
sprete of your father, which speaketh in 

21 The brother shall betraye the bro- 
ther to deeth, and the father the sonne, 
and the chyldren shall aryse agynste 
their fathers and mothers, and shall put 
them to deethe. 

22 And ye shall be hated off all men, 
ffor my name ; but whosoever shall con- 
tinew vnto the ende, shalbe saved. 

23 When they persecute you in wone 
cite, flye in to another. I tell you for a 
treuth, ye shal nott fynysshe all the cites 
of Israhel, tyll the sonne of man be 

24 The disciple ys nott above hys 
master, nor yet the servaunt above his 
lorde ; 

25 It is ynough for the disciple, to be 
as hys master ys, and that the servaunt 
be as his lorde ys. Yf they have called 
the lorde off the housse Beelzebub, howe 
moche more shall they call them of his 
householde so ] 

26 Feare them nott therefore ; there 
is no thinge so close, that shall not be 
openned ; and no thinge so hyd, that 
shall not be knowen. 

27 What I tell you in dercknes, that 
speake ye in lyght ; and what ye heare 
in the eare, that preaclre ye on the 
housse toppes. 

28 And feare ye nott them which kyll 


GOTHIC, 360. 

ans leika j^atainei ; 'i\> saiwalai ni mag- 
aiidans usqiman ; 'i\> ogeijj mais pana 
magandan yah saiwalai yah leika fraqist- 
yan in gaiainnan. 

29 Niu twai sparwans assaryau bug- 
yanda 1 yah ains ize ni gadriusi]) ana 
airjja 'inuli attins izwaris wilyan. 

30 Ajjjjan izwara yah tagla haubidis 
alia garaj)ana sind. 

3 1 Ni nunu ogeij) ; managaim sparwam 
batizans siyu)j jus. 

32 Sawhazuh nu saei andhaitijj mis "in 
andwairjjya manne, andhaita yah '\k im- 
ma in andwaii-|>ya attins meiuis saei in 
himinam ist. 

33 ijj jjiswhanoh saei afaiki]) mik in 
andwairj^ya manne, afaika yah ik "ina in 
andwaiij?ya attins meinis f)is saei in him- 
inam ist. 

34 Nih ahyai]?, jiatei qemyau lagyan 
gawairjji ana airjja ; ni qam lagyan ga- 
wairjii, ak hairu. 

35 Qam auk skaidan mannan wiln-a 
attan is, yah dauhtar wij^ra ai})ein izos, 
yah brujj wi})ra swaihron izos ; 

36 Yah fiyands mans innakundai is. 

37 Saei friyo|i attan ai))|iaii ai}'ein ufar 
mik, nist meina wairjjs. Yah saei friyo}) 
sunu aij>)jau davditar ufar mik, nist meina 

38 Yah saei ni nimi|) galgan seinana, 
yah laistyai afar mis, nist meina ■\vair})S. 

39 Saei bigiti|> saiwala seina, fraqisteij) 
izai ; yah saei fraqisteij) saiwalai seinai 
in meina, bigiti|> ]>o. 

40 Sa andnimands Vzwis, mik andnim- 
ijj ; yah sa mik andnimands, andnim- 
ij) J)ana sandyandan mik. 

4 1 Sa andnimands praufctu in namin 
praufetaus, mizdon praufetis nimi|>. Yah 
sa andnimands garaihtana in namin ga- 
raihtis, mizdon garaihtis nimij>. 

42 Yah saei gadragkeij) ainana |>izc 
minnistane stikla kaldis watins J)atainei 
in namin siponeis, amen qijja izwis, ci 
ni fraqisteil? mizdon seinai. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

lichaman ofslea)) ; ne magon hig sol^lice 
(ta sawle ofslean ; ac ondrsedaj' ma (tone, 
de mseg sawle and lichaman fordon on 

29 Hu ne becypa]) hig twegen spear- 
wan to peninge 1 and an of (tarn ne be- 
fyl|) on eor])an biitan eowruu fajder. 

30 And scj)lice ealle eowrcs heafdes 
loccas syut getealde. 

3 1 Ne ondrsede ge ; ge synt selran 
donne manega spearwan.''" 

32 -^'Icne eornustlice de me cf\> be- 
foran mannum, ic cyde hyne befoian 
minum fajder de on heofonum ys. 

33 Se de me widsoec|) beforan mannum, 
and ic widsace hyne beforan minum fujder 
de on heofenum ys. 

34 Ne wene ge, dset ic come sybbe on 
eor})an to sendanne ; ne com ic sybbe 
to sendanne, ac swurd. 

35 Ic com soljlice mann asyndrian 
ongen hys faeder, and d51itur ongen hyrc 
modur, and snore ongen hyre swegre ; 

36 And mannes fynd hys gehusan.''" 

37 Se Hgelend cwkjj to hys leorning- 
cnihtura, Se de lufa|) fajder odde modor 
ma donne me, nys he me w^'rde. And 
se de lufaj) sunu odde dohtor swydur 
donne me, nys he me wyrde. 

38 And se de ne nim]j hys cwylminge, 
and fyligt' i""*^, nys he me wyrde. 

39 Se de gemet hys sawle. se forspilj) 
hig ; and se de forspiljj hys sawle for 
me, he gemet hi. 

40 Se de eow underfehj), he underfehjj 
me ; and se de me imderfehj>, he under- 
fehj; done de me sende. 

41 Se de underfehj' witcgan on witegan 
naman, he onfehj> witygan mode. And 
se de imderfehj) rihtwisne on rihtwises 
naman, he onfehj) rihtwises mede. 

42 And swa hwylc swa syljj anne drinc 
ccaldes wseteres anumdyssa lytylra man- 
na on leorning-cnihtes naman, so}) ic 
secge eow, ne amyrjj he hys mede. 

X. 29-42.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

the body ; trewly tliei mowen nat slea 
tlie soule ; bot rather dreede je hym, 
that may lese soule and body in to helle. 

29 Whether twey sparwis ben not sold 
for an halpeny 1 and oon of hem shal nat 
falle on the erthe withouten jom-e fedir. 

30 Forsothe alle the heeris of joure 
heued be noumbrid. 

3 1 Therfore nyle 5e drede ; je ben 
better than many sparwis. 

3 2 Therfore euery man that shal know- 
leche me before men, and I shal know- 
leche hym byfore my fadir that is in 

33 Sothely he that shal denye me 
bifore men, and I shall denije hym be- 
fore my fadir whiche is in heuenes. 

34 Nyl 5ee deme, that I cam to sende 
pees in to ei'the ; I cam not to sende 
pees in to erthe, but swerd. 

35 Sothely Y cam to departe a man 
a5eins his fadir, and the dou5ter a5einys 
hire modir, and the sonys wyf a5eins the 
wyues, or husbondis, modir ; 

36 And the enmyes of a man ben his 
homly meynee. 

37 He that loueth fadir or modir more 
than me, is nat worthi of me. And he 
that loueth sone or dou3ter ouer me, is 
nat worthi 0/ me. 

38 And he that takith nat his crosse, 
and sueth me, is not worthi of me. 

39 He that fyndith his soule '•', shal 
leese it; and he that lesitli his soule ^ 
for me, shal fynde it. 

40 He that resseyueth 50U, resceyueth 
me ; and he that resceyueth me, re- 
sceyueth hym that sente me. 

41 And he that resceyueth a prophete 
in the name of a prophete, shal take the 
mede of a prophete. And he that re- 
sceyueth a iust man in the name of a 
iust man, shal take the meede of a iust 

42 And who euer 5iueth drynke to oon 
of these leste a ciippe of cold water 
oonly in the name of a disciple, trewly I 
saye to 50U, he shal nat leese his mede. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


the body ; and be nott able to kyll the 
soule ; but rather feare him, which is 
able to destroye bothe soule and body 
in hell. 

29 Are nott two sparowes soldo for a 
farthinge 1 and none of them dothe lyght 
on the grounde with out youre father. 

30 And no we are all the heeres of 
youre heedes numbred. 

3 1 Feare ye not therfore ; ye are off 
more value then many spaiTowes. 

32 Who soever therfore knowlegeth 
me before men, him will I knowledge 
before my father in heven. 

33 But whosoever shall denye me be- 
foi-e men, him will I also denye before 
my father which ys in heven. 

34 Thynke not, that Y am come to 
sende peace in to the erth ; I cam nott 
to send peace, but a swearde. 

3 5 For Y am come to sett a man att 
varyaunce ageynst hys father, and the 
doughter ageynst her mother, and the 
doughterelawe ageinst her motherelawe ; 

36 And a mannes fooes shalbe they 
of his owne housholde. 

37 He that lovith hys father or mother 
more then me, is not worthy of me. 
And he that loveth his sonne or doughter 
more then me, is not mete for me. 

38 And he that taketh nott his crosse, 
and foloweth me, ys nott mete for me. 

39 He that fyndeth his lyfe, shall lose 
it; and he that losith hys lyfe for my 
sake, shall fynde it. 

40 He that receavith you, rcceavith 
me ; and he that receavith me, receavith 
him that sent me. 

41 He that receavith a prophet in the 
name of a prophet, shall roceave a pro- 
phetes rewarde. And he that receavith 
a righteous man in the name of a righ- 
teous man, shall receave the reward of a 
righteous man. 

42 And whosoever shall geve vnto won 
of these lytle wonnes to drinke a cuppe 
of colde water only in the name of a dis- 
ciple, I tel you of a trueth, he shall not 
lose his rewarde. 



GOTHIC, 360. 

Chap. XI. i Yah war)?, bij'c usful- 
lida lesus, anabiudands })aim twalif sip- 
onyara scinaim, iishof sik yainju'o du 
laisyan yah meryan and baurgs ize. 

2 I|) lohannes galiausyands in karkarai 
waurstwa Christaus, insandyauds bi sip- 
onyani seinaim, 

3 Qa)) du imma, pu 'is sa qimanda, Jjau 
anj?arizuh beidaima 1 

4 Yah andhafyands lesus, qa^ du im, 
Gaggandans gateihij) lohaune j'atei ga- 
hausoi)) yah gasaiwhi)>. 

5 Blindai ussaiwhand, yah haltai gagg- 
and, (jrutsfiUai hrainyai wairjiand, yah 
baudai gahausyaud, yah daujjai ui'i'eis- 
and, yah unledai wailameryanda. 

6 Yah audags ist whazuh, saei ni ga- 
in arzyada "in mis. 

7 At |)aim pan afgaggandam, dugann 
lesus qijian j)aim manageim bi lohannen, 
Wha usiddyedujj ana au])ida saiwhan ? 
raus frani winda wagidata 1 

8 Akei wlia usiddycdul) saiwhan 1 mann- 
an hnas(jyaim wastyoni gawasidana 1 
Sai ! Jiaiei linasqyaim wasidai sind in 
gardim Jsiudane sind. 

9 Akei wha usiddyedujj saiwhan? prauf- 
etu ? Yai, qijja izwis, yah managizo 

10 Sa i'st auk, bi ]>anei gamelijj "ist, 
Sai ! ik insandya aggilu meinana ■*" faura 
J)us, saei gamanwei]) wig Jjeinana faura 


1 1 Amen qijja Vzwis, ni urrais "in baur- 
im qinono maiza lolianne J)amma Daup- 
yandin ; ij) sa minniza in J)iudaugardyai 
Limine, maiza imma ist. 

12 Framuh ))an |)aim dagam lohannis 
jjis Daupyandins uud liita j^iudangardi 
liimine anamahtyada, yah anamahtyand- 
ans frawilwand ])0. 

13 Alku auk praufeteis yali witojj und 
lohunne fauraqe);un. 

14 Yah yabai wildedei}) mi]>niman, sa 
ist HoHas saei skukla qiman. 

15 Saei habai au[sona''' hausyandona, 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

Chap. XI. i And hyt wfes geworden, 
eta se Hselyud ttys ge-endudc, hys twelf 
leorning-cnihtum bebeodeude, he for 
danun diet he kerde and bodude on hyra 

2 Da lohannes on bendum gcliyrde 
Cristes weoruc, da sende he to him 
twegen hys leoruing-cnihta, 

3 And cwa3)j, Eart dii de to cumenne 
eart, odde we odres sceolon abidan 1 

4 Se Hselend antswarude, and cwsejj 
to him, Gaj) and cyda}) lohanne da J)ing 
de ge geliyrdon and gesawon. 

5 Blinde geseo)), healtc gaj), hreofe 
synt aclseusude, deafe gehyrajj, dcade 
arisa)?, jjearfan bodiajj. 

6 And eadig ys, se de ne swica]) on me. 

7 Da hi ut-eodon, sc4>lice da ongan se 
Hcelynd secgan be lohanne, and cyvai\> 
to dajre menigeo, Hwi eode ge ut on 
westen"'" geseon ] winde awegyd hreod? 

8 Odde hwi eode ge ilt geseon 1 maun 
hncscum gyrlum gcscrydne 1 Nu ! da 
de synt hncscum gyrlum gcsciydde synt 
on c}niuga hiisum. 

9 Ac hw£et eode gc ut witegan geseon 1 
Ic cow secge, eac maran donne witegan. 

10 Des ys soj'lice, be dam a\VTyten ys, 
Nu ! ic sende minne engyl beforan dine 
ansyne, se gegearwajj dinne weg beforan 

1 1 S6|)lice ic cow secge, ne aras bc- 
twyx wifa bcarnum mara lohamie Ful- 
wilitcre ; s6|)lice se de laessa ys, ys on 
heofena rice him mara. 

1 2 S6j>Hce fram loliannes dagum Ful- 
wihteres od dis heofena rice jjohijj nead, 
and strece uimaj) dait. 

13 S6[)licc ealle witegan and se witeg- 
udun od loliannes. 

14 And gyf ge wylla}) gclyfan, lie ys 
Ilclias de to cumenne ys. 

15 Se de earan haebbe to gehyrynne, 

XL 1-15.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

Chap. XI. i And it is don, when 
Jhesus hadde eendid, he, comaundynge 
to his twelue disciplis, passide fro thennes 
for to preche and teche in the citees of 

2 Forsothe when Joon in boondis hadde 
herd the werkis of Crist, he, sendynge 
two or three of his disciplis, 

3 Seide to hym, Art thou he that art 
to cummynge, or we abiden an other ? 

4 And Jhesus answerynge, seide to hem, 
3ee goynge telle a5ein to Joon the thingis 
that 56 han herde and seen. 

5 Blynde men seen, crokid men wan- 
dren, mesels ben maad clene, deef men 
heei-en, dead men risen a5ein, pore men 
ben taken to prechynge of the gospel.''" 

6 And he is blessid, that shal nat be 
sclauudrid in me. 

7 Sothely hem goynge awey, Jhesus 
biganne for to seye of Joon to the cum- 
panyes, What thing wenten je out for 
to see in desert 1 whether a reede wawid 
with wynd ? 

8 But what thing wente ^e out for to 
seen 1 whether a man clothid with soft 
thingis 1 Loo ! thei that ben clothid 
with softe thingis ben in housis of 

9 But what thing wenten ^e out for to 
se 1 whether a prophete 1 ^e, I seie to 
50U, and more than a prophete. 

10 For this is he, of whom it iswrityn. 
Loo ! I sende myne aungel before thi 
face, that shal make redy thi wey bifore 

1 1 Trewly I say to 50U, ther roose 
noon more than Joon Baptist amonge 
children of wommen ; forsothe he that 
is lesse in the kyngdam of heuenes, is 
more than he. 

12 Sothely fi'O the days of Joon Baptist 
til now the kyngdam of heuenes suftVeth 
strengthe,+ and violent men rauyshen it. 

1 3 For alle prophetis and the lawe til 
Joon Baptist prophecieden ; 

14 And 5lf 3e wolen resseyuen, he is 
Ely that is to cume. 

15 He that hath eeris of heerynge, 
heere he. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 51 

Chap. XI. i And it cam to passe, 
when Jesus had ended his precei)tes vnto 
his disciples, he departed thence to 
preache and teache in there cites. 

2 "When Jhon beinge in preson herde 
the workes of Christ, he sent two of his 

3 And sayde vnto him, Arte thou he 
that shall come, or shall we loke for 
another 1 

4 Jesus answered, and sayde vnto them, 
Go and shewe Jhon what ye have herde 
and sene. 

5 The blind se, the halt goo, the lyp- 
pers ar clensed, the deef heare, the ded 
are reysed vp ageine, and the gospell is 
preachede to the povre. 

6 And happy is he, thatt is noott hurte 
by me. 

7 Even as they departed, Jesus began 
to speake vnto the people of Jhon, AVhat 
went ye for to se in the wyldernes 1 
went ye out to se a rede waveringe with 
the wynde 1 

8 Oder what went ye out for to se ? 
went ye to se a man clothed in soofte 
rayment 1 Beholde ! they that weare 
soofte clothing are in kynges bowses. 

9 Butt what went ye oute for to se t 
went ye outt to se a prophet? Ye, I 
saye vnto you, and more then a prophet. 

10 For this is he, ofl' whom it is wryt- 
ten, Beholde ! I seude my messenger 
before thy face, which shall prepare thy 
waye before the. 

11 Verely Y saye vnto you, amonge 
the chyldren off women arose there not 
a gretter then Jhon Baptist ; not with 
stondinge he that ys lesse in the kyng- 
dom oft' heven, ys gretter then he. 

12 From the tyme off Jhon Baptist 
hytherto the k}nigdom of heven suftreth 
violence, and they that make vyolence 
pull it vnto them. 

13 For all the prophetes and the lawe 
prophesyed vnto to tyme of Jhon ; 

1 4 Also yf ye wyll receave it, thys ys 
Helyas which shuld come. 

1 5 He that hath eares to heare, let him 

£ 2 

52 GOTHIC, 360. 

16 [We nu galeiko] |>ata ku[ni 1 Galeik 
1st biiruam] sltandam [in gavunsai, yah 
wopyanjdam auj)ar an] a[ris, yah qij)- 

17 Swighidedum izw[is, yah] ni plinsid- 
edu]) ; huf[um, yah] ni qainodedu|). 

18 Qam raihtis Iohau[nes nih niat]- 
yands nih drio;kan[ds, yah qi]|?aud, Uu- 
ludl)[on liabai[i]. 

1 9 [Qam] sa sunns nian[s matyands 
yali] drigkands, y[ah qijiand, Sai ! nian]- 
na afetya, yah af[drug]kya, [ino]tarye 
friyonds yah frawanrhtaize. Yah us- 
waurhta gadomida warjj handugei fram 
barnam seinaim. 

20 panuh dugann idwcitya[n] baurg- 
im, 'in ))aimei waur))un )>os nianagistons 
mahteis 'is, [|)atei ni 'idreigodedun] sik. 

21 [Wai ))us ! Kaurazein, wai ]?]us! Bc]>- 
[sa'idan ; unte 'i)) wa]ur}5eina ['in Tyre yah 
Seidon]e hmda niah[teis l^os waur] [canons 
'in 'izwis, [airis |)]au in sakkaii yah azgon 

22 Swe}ianh qi[}'a 'izwis], Tyrim yah 
Seidonini [sntizo wa]ir}njj 'in daga stau- 
[os, jiau izwi]s. 

23 Yah ]>u, Kafarna[uni, \n\ und hi]inin 
nshauhida, [dahvj) und lialy]a galei|)is. 

Unte yabai in S]audaumyani [wau]r})e- 
ina m]ahteis, })os waurjjanons in 'izwis, 
ai})})au eis weseina und hina dag. 

24 Swejjauh qi))a 'izwis, J^atci air|jai 
Saudaumye sutizo wairjn}) in daga stauos, 
])au ))us. 

25 Inuh yainamma mela andhaf- 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

1 6 S6}>lice hwam telle ic das cneorysse 
gelicc 1 Heo ys gelic sittcndum cnapun 
on f'oretige, tta hrymaj) to hyra cfengelic- 
on, and cwedaj>, 

17 We sungun cow, and ge ne fricud- 
un ; we cwiddun, and ge ne weopun. 

18 Sojjlice lohannes com ne etende ne 
drinccnde, and hi cwtedun, He hsdi^ 

1 9 Mannes sunn com etende and dvync- 
ende, and hi cweclaj), Her ys ettul-man, 
and win-drincende, manftdra and syn- 
fulra freond. And wisdom ys geriht- 
wisud fram heora bearnum.^ 

20 Da ongan he hyspan tta bm*ga, on 
dam wi^run gedone manega hys maegena, 
fordam de hi ne dydon dsed-bote. 

21 Wade! Corozaim,wade! Bethsaida; 
fordam gyf on Tyro and Sydone waeruu 
gedone da moegnu de gedone synt on 
eow, gefyrn hi dydun died-bote on hseran 
and on axan. 

2 2 Deah ic secge inc, Tyro and Sydone 
by)> forgyfendlicur on domes dteg, donne 

23 And dii, Capharnaum, cwyst dii byst 
dii up-ahafen od heofcn ? Ac du nider- 
fterst od helle. Fordam gyf on Sodomum 
wseron gedone da m?egnu, de gedone 
synt on de, witodHce hi wunedun od 
dysne dteg. 

24 Deah hwsedere ic secge eow, daet 
Sodom-wara lande by)j forgyfenlicre on 
domes diieg, donne de.''' 

25 Se Hiclynd cwajj? andswariende, Ic 
andytte de, drihtcn heofencs and eor])an, 
dii de bcliyddyst das jjing fram wisum 
and gleawum, and on>vruge da lytling- 
um ; 

26 Swa, fanler, fordam hyt wa^s swa 
gecweme bcforan de. 

27 Ealle ))ing me synt gescaldc fi-am 
minum ftedyr, and n;in man nc can done 
sunu, butun fsedyr, ne nan mann ne 
can done fiedyr, butun sunu, and dam 
de se sunu wylc onwi-eon. 

28 Cuma)) to me, ealle de swinca)', and 
gesymede synt, and ic eow gcblissige. 

XI, i6-28.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

16 But to whom shal I gesse this 
generacioun lichy ^ It is lichi to chil- 
dren sittynge iu cheepynge, the whiche, 
cryinge to her peeris, seien, 

17 We han sungen to 5011, and je han 
nat lippid ; we han mourned to 50U, 
and 36 han ]pt weilid. 

18 Sothely Joon cam neither etyinge 
ne drynkyuge, and thei seien, He hath 
a deuel 

19 The sone of man came etynge and 
drynkynge, and thei seyen, Loo ! a man 
deuourer,+ and drynker of wyn, and 
frend of puplicanys and synful men. 
And wijsdam is iustified of her sonys. 

20 Thanne Jhesus began for to seie 
repreue to citees, in whiche ful manye 
vertues of hym ben don, for thei diden 
nat peuaunce. 

2 1 Woo to thee ! Corozaym, woo to 
thee ! Bethsaida ; for 5if tho vertues 
that ben don in 50U hadden ben don in 
Tyi-e and Sydon, sum tyme thei hadden 
don penaunce in haire and asch. 

22 Netheles I say, it shal be softer ■*■ to 
Tyre and Sydon than to 30U, in the day 
of dome. 

23 And thou, Caphernaum, whether 
til in to heuen thou shalt be rerid vp 1 
Thou shalt go doun til into helle. For 
3if the vertues that ben don in thee, 
hadden be don in Sodom, perauenture thei 
shulden han dwellid til vn to this day. 

24 Netheles Y saye to 30U, for to the 
lond of Sodom it shal be softer ^ in the 
day of dome, than to thee. 

25 In the ilk tyme Jhesus answerynge 
saide, I knowleche to thee, fadir, lord of 
heuen and erthe, for thou hast hid these 
thingis fro wijse men and ware,''' and 
hast sliewid hem to litil men ; 

26 So, fadir, for whi so it was plesynge 
tofore thee. 

27 Alle thingis ben taken to me of my 
fadir ; and no man knewe the sone, no 
but the fadir, neither eny man knewe 
the fadir, no but the sone, and to whom 
the sone wolde shewe. 

28 Alle 3e that traueilen, and ben 
chargid, come to me, and I shal refreshe'*' 

TYNDALE, 1526. 53 

1 6 But wheare vnto shall Y lyken this 
gcneracion 1 It ys lyke vnto chyldren 
which syt in the markett, and call vnto 
there felowes, and saye, 

17 We have pyped vnto you, and j'e 
have not daunsed ; we have morned vnto 
you, and ye have not sorowd. 

18 For Jhon cam nether eatynge nor 
drinkinge, and they saye, He hath the 

19 The Sonne of man cam eatynge and 
drinkynge, and they saye, Beholde ! a 
glutton, and a drynker of wyne, and a 
frend vnto publicans and syuners. And 
wysdome ys iustified off her chyldren. 

20 Then began he to vpbraid the cites, 
in which most of his miracles were don, 
because they did not repent. 

2 1 Wo be to the ! Chorasin, wo be to 
the ! Betzaida ; for if the miracles which 
wer shewd in you had bene done in Tiyre 
and Sidon, they had repented longe agon 
in sack cloth and asshes. 

22 Neverthelesse Y say to you, It shall 
be esier for Tyi-e and Sidon at the day 
of iudgment, then for you. 

23 And thou, Capernaum, which art 
lift vp vnto heven, shalt be thrust doune 
to hell. Ffor if the mii'acles which have 
bene done in the, had bene shewed in 
Zodom, they had remayned to this daye. 

24 Neverthelesse I say vnto you, it 
shall be easiar for Zodom in the day of 
iudgement, then for the. 

25 Then Jesus answered and sayd, I 
prayse the, o father, lorde of heven and 
erth, because thou hast hid these thynges 
from the wyse and prudent, and hast 
opened them vnto babes ; 

26 Even so, father, for so it pleased 

27 All thynges are geven vnto me of 
my father; and no man knoweth the 
Sonne, but the father, nether knoweth 
eny man the father, save the sonne, and 
he to whome the sonne will open hym. 

28 Come vnto me, all ye that labour, 
and ar laden, and Y will ese you. 


GOTHIC, 360. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

29 Nima)) min geoc ofer eow, and leorn- 
ia)) set me, fordam ic eom bihvite and 
eadni5d on heortan ; and ge gemetaj? 
reste eowrum sawlum. 

30 S6j)lice min gcoc ys wynsum, and 
min byrdyn ys leolit. 

Chap. X1I.+ i Se Hjelynd for on reste- 
da3ge ofyr secyras ; s6j)lice hys leorning- 
cnihtas hingryde, and hig ongunnun 
plucciau da ear, and etan. 

2 Sojjlice da da Sundor-halgan dset 
gesawon, hi cwsedon to him, Nil ! dine 
leorniug-cnihtas do)? dait him alyfyd nys 
reste-dagum to donne. 

3 And he cwse]> to him, Ne reedde ge 
hwset Dauid dyde, da hyne hingrede, 
and da de mid hym WBerun 1 

4 Hu he ineode on Godes hiis, and set 
da offring-hlafas, de nserun him alyfede 
to etyune, ne dam de mid liim Avserun, 
butun dam sacerdum anum 1 

5 Odde ne rgedde gc on dajre se, dset 
da sacerdas on rest^-dagum on dam 
temple gewemma}) done reste-dseg, and 
synt butan leahtre 1 

6 Ic sccge s5l)h'ce eow, doet dcs ys 
m^rra donne dfet tempel. 

7 Gyf ge s6|>hce wistun, hwset ys, Ic 
wylle mild-heortuesse, and na onssegd- 
nysse, ne genydrude ge sefre unscyldige. 

8 Su))hce mannes sunu ys eac reste- 
dseges hlafm-d. 

9 Da se Hsclcnd danun for, he com 
into hyra gesomnungc. 

10 Da wses doer an man se ha;fde for- 
scruncene hand. And hi alisudon hyne, 
dus cwedende, Ys hyt alyfed to hselenne 
on reste-dagum 1 daet hi wrehton hyne. 

1 1 He ssede him s6|)lice, Hwylc man ys 
of eow de hsebbe an sceap, and gyf da^t 
afyl[) reste-dagum on pytt, hu ne nimjj 
he daet, and hcfj) hyt upp 1 

1 2 Witodlice miclc ma mann ys sceape 

XL29.-XII. 12.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

29 Take 56 my 50c vpon 50U, and lei'nc 
5e of me, for I am mylde and meekc in 
herte ; and 50 sbulen fynde reste in 
joure soulis. 

30 For my 30013 swete,''' and my charge 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


Chap, XTI. i In that tyme Jhesus 
wente by cornys on the sabot day ; for- 
sotbe his disciphs, hungrynge, bigunnen 
to pluc eris of corn, and to ete. 

2 Sotheiy Pharisees seeynge, seiden to 
hym, Loo ! thi disciplis don that thing 
that is nat leeful to hem to do in sab- 

3 And he seide to hem, Whether 5e 
han nat rad, what Dauith didde, when 
he hungride, and thei that weren with 

4 Hou he entride in to the hous of 
God, and ete loouis of proposicioun,''" the 
whiche loouis was nat leeful to hym to 
eet, nether to hem that weren with hym, 
no but to prestis only 1 

5 Or whether 5e han nat rad in the 
lawe, for in sabothis prestis in the tem- 
ple defoulen the sabothis, and thei ben 
with outen grete synne ] 

6 Sotheiy Y saye to 30U, for this is 
more than the temple. 

7 Forsothe 3if 30 wisten, what it is, I 
wole mercy, and nat sacrifice, 36 shulden 
neuer han condempnyd innocentis. 

8 Trewly mannys sone is, 3he, lord of 
the sabot. 

9 And whenne he passide thennus, he 
came in to the synagoge of hem. 

I o And loo ! a man hauynge a drye 
bond. And thei axiden hym, sayinge, 
3if it is leeful to heele in the sabot ? that 
thei shulden acuse hym. 

I I Sotheiy he seide to hem, Wlio shal 
be a man of 30U, that hath 00 sheep, 
and 3if it shal falle doun in to a dike in 
the sabotis, whether he shal nat holde, 
and lift it vp ? 

12 Hou moclie more is a man betre 

29 Take my yoke on you, and lerne of 
me, for Y am meke and loly in hcrte ; 
and ye shall fynde esc vnto youre soules. 

30 For my yoke is easy, and my burden 
is ligflit. 

Chap. XII. i In that tyme went 
Jesus on the sabot day thorow the corn ; 
and his dfeciples wer anhongred, and 
began to plucke the eares off coorne, and 
to eate. 

2 When the Pharises had sene that, 
they sayde vnto him, Behold ! thy dis- 
ciples do that which is not lawfuU to do 
apon the saboth day. 

3 He sayde vnto them, Have ye nott 
reed, whatt David did, when he was an- 
houngered, and they alsoo which were 
with hym 1 

4 Howe he entred into the housse of 
God, and ate the halowed loves, whiche 
wernot lawfull ffor hym to eate, nether 
ffor them which were with hym, but 
only for the prestes ? 

5 Or have ye not reed in the lawe, 
howe that the prestes in the temple 
breake the saboth daye, and yet are 
blamlesse ? 

6 But I saye vnto you, that here is one 
greater then the temple. 

7 Wherfore if ye had wist, what this 
saynge meneth, I requyre mercy, and 
not sacrifice, ye wold never have con- 
demned inocentes. 

8 For the Sonne off man is lord even 
off the saboth daye. 

9 And he departed thence, and went 
into their sinagogge. 

10 And beholde! there was a man 
whiche had his hande dryed vp. And 
they axed hym, saynge, Ys yt lawfull to 
heale apon the saboth daye? because 
they myght acuse him. 

1 1 And he sayde vnto them, Whyche 
ys he a monge you, iff he had a shepe, 
fallen into a pitt on the saboth daye, 
that wolde not take hym, and lyft hym 

12 And howe moche ys a man' better 


GOTHIC, 360. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

betera 1 WTtotllice hyt ys alyfecl on reste- 
daguni wel to donne. 

13 Da cwasj) he to dam menu, A'Jjcne 
dine hand. And he hi a))enede ; and heo 
wses hal geworden swa seo oder. ■•■ 

14 Da Sunder-halgan eodun da ut 
s6j)L'ce, and worhton gejjeaht ongcn 
hyuc, hu hi hyne forspildon. 

15 Se Hgelend s6j)lice dtet wiste, and 
ferde danon ; and him fyligdon mycel 
msenigeo, and he hselde hig ealle. 

16 And behead him, dset hig hyt nanum 
men ne ssedon ; 

1 7 Dset W£ere gefylled, daet de gecwcd- 
en wses J)m'h Isaiam, done witegan, dus 

18 Her is min cnapa, done ic geceas, 
min gecorena, on dam wel-geHcode minre 
sawle ; ic asette minne gast ofer hyne, 
and dom he bodajj Jjeodum. 

19 Ne flit he, ne he ne hrym]>, ne nan 
man ne gehyrj) hys stemne on strsetom. 

20 To-cwysed hreodhe neforbrytt, and 
smeocende flex lie ne adwsesc]), aerdam 
de he aworpe dom to sige ; 

21 And on hys naman])eoda gchyhta}).^ 

22 Da wses him broht an deofol-seoc 
man, se wses blind and dumb ; and he 
hyne hselde, swa daet he sprsec, and ge- 

23 And da raenigeo ealle wundrudon, 
and cwsedon, Cwede we is des Dauides 
sunu 1 

24 S5j)lice da da Sundor-halgan dis 
gchyi'don, da cwaedon hig, Ne adiif[> des 
deottu ut, buton Jjurh Bclzcbub, dcofla 

25 Se Heclend s6j)lice wistc hyra ge- 
Jjancas, and cwsej) to him, ^E'lc rice de 
byj) twyrscde on him sylfum, by]? to-worp- 
en, and selc ceaster, oddc bus, de by}) 
widerwcai'd ongen hyt sylf, hyt ne stent. 

26 And gyf se deoful adnf|) ut done 
dcoful, hig beo]) to-dselcdc ; hu maeg don- 
ne hys rice standan 1 

27 Aftd gyf ic ))uvh Bclzebub adrife ut 

XIL 13-27.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

than a sheep 1 And so it is leeful to do 
good in the sabot. 

13 Thaune he seide to the man, Strecche 
forth thin hond. And he strei3te forth ; 
and it is restorid to helthe as the tother. 

14 Forsothe Pharisees goynge out, 
maden a counsel a3eins hym, hou thei 
shulden leese hym. 

1 5 Sothely Jhesus witynge, wente awey 
thennes ; and many sueden hym, and 
he heUde hem alia. 

16 And he comaundide to hem, that 
thei shulden nat make hym opyn ;'^ 

17 That that thing shulde be fulfilled, 
that was said by Ysay, the prophete, 

1 8 Loo ! my chosen child, whom T 
haue chosen, my derlyng, in whom it 
hath wel j^lesid to my soule ; I shal 
putte my spirit on hym, and he shal 
telle dome to heithen men. 

19 He shal nat stryue, ne crye, nether 
eny man shal here his voice in stretis. 

20 He shal nat breke to gidre a schak- 
en reed, and he shal nat quenche smok- 
ynge flax, til that he cast out dome to 
victoria ; 

2 1 And hethen men shulen hope in his 

22 Thanne a blynd man and doumb, 
hauynge a deuel, was offrid vp to hym ; 
and he helide hym, so that he spac, and 

23 And alle the cumpanyes wondreden, 
and saiden, Wher this be the sone of 
Dauith ? 

24 But the Pharisees, herynge, seiden, 
He this castith not out feendis, no but 
in Belzabub, prince of fendis. 

25 Sothely Jhesus, witynge her thou5tis, 
seide to hem, Eche kyngdam departid 
a3eins hym self, shal be desolat,''' and 
eche cltee, or hous, departid a3eins it 
self, shal nat stonde. 

26 And 3if Sathanas castith out Sa- 
thanas, ha is departid ajeins hym self ; 
therfore hou shal his kyngdam stonde 1 

27 And jif I in Belzabub cast out 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


then a shepe 1 Wherfore it ys lefull to 
do a good dede on the sabotli daye. 

13 Then sayde he to the man, Stretch 
forth thy hand. And he stretched it 
forthe ; and yt was agayna made even 
as whole as the other. 

14 Then the Faryses went forthe, and 
toke counsell agaynst hym, howe they 
myght destroye hym. 

1 5 When Jesus knewe that, he departed 
thence ; and moche people folowed him, 
and he healed them all. 

1 6 And charged them, that they shulde 
not make him knowne ; 

17 To fulfyll that which was spoken 
by Esay, the prophet, which sayeth, 

18 Beholde ! my sonne, whom I have 
chosen, my derlinge, in whom my soule 
hath had delite ; I wyll put my sprete 
on him, and ha shall shewe iudgement 
to te gentyls. 

19 He shall not stryve, he shall not 
crye, nether shall eny man heare hys 
voyca in te streetes. 

20 A brosed rede shall he not breacke, 
and flaxe that begynneth to burne he 
shall not quenche, tyll he sonde forth 
iudgement vnto victory ; 

2 1 And in hys name shall the gentyls 

22 Then was brought to hym, won 
possessed with a devyll, whych was both 
blyude and domne ; and he healed him, 
insomuch that he which was blynd and 
domne both spake, and sawe. 

23 And all the people were amased, 
and sayde, Ys not this the Sonne of 
David 1 

24 When the Pharises herde that, they 
sayde. He dryveth the devyls no nother 
wise oute, but by the helppe off Belse- 
bub, the chefe of the devylls, 

25 But Jesus knewe their thoughtes, 
and sayde to them, Every kyngdom de- 
vided with in it sylfe, shalbe desolate, 
nether shall eny cite, or housholde, 
devyded ayenst it sylfe, contynue. 

26 So if Satan cast out Satan, then ys 
he devyded ayenst him sylfe ; howe 
shall then hys kyngdom endure ] 

27 AUso yf Y by the helppe of Belze- 


GOTHIC, 390. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

deofla, ]}urh hwaene adrifa)) eowre beam 'i 
Fordam hig sylfe beoJ> eowre deman. 

28 Gyf ic sojilice ou Godcs Gaste a- 
■wiirpe deoflu, witodiicc on eow bocymjj 
Godes rice, 

29 Otttte hu mfeg man ingan on stranges 
bus, and hys fata byne bereafian, buton 
be gebiude serest done strangan, and 
donne bys bus bereafige?''' 

30 Se de nys mid me, be is ongen me ; 
and se de ne gadera]> mid me, be 

31 Fordam ic secge cow, selc synn 
and bysnmr-sprsec byjj forgyfcn man- 
num, s6})lice dtes Halgau Gustes bysmur- 
sprsec ne byp forgyfen. 

32 And swa bwylc swa cwy|j word on- 
gen mannes sunu, bim by)? forgyfen ; se 
de s6))lice cwy]) ongen Haligne Gast, ne 
byJj byt bym forgyfen, ne on disse wor- 
ukle, ne on daere toweardan. 

33 Odde wyrcea]> god treow, and bys 
weastm godne ; odde wyrcea)' yfel treow, 
and bys wajstm yfelne ; witodiicc be dam 
weastmme by}) dtet treow oncnawen. 

34 La ge nsedrena cynryn, bu magon 
ge god sprecan, donne ge synt yfelc 1 
S6))lice of dsere beortan willan se miij) 

35 God mann s5]?lice of g5dum gold- 
horde bring]) god for]?, and yfel mann of 
yfelum gold-horde bring)? yfel for]?. 

36 S6))lice ic secge eow, dset selc idel 
word de menn spreca)), hi agylda]) ge- 
scead be dam on domes dajge; 

37 So))lice of dinum wordum du byst 
gerybtwisod, and of dinum wordum dii 
byst genydcrod.^ 

38 Da andswarodun bym sume da b5c- 
cras and da Sundor-balgan, dus cwcd- 
cnde, Lareow, we wylla)) sum tacn of de 

39 Ho andswarode bym and cwse)?, 
Yfel cneorys and forliger sec); tacn, and 

XII. 28-39.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

deuelis, in whom''" 5oure sonys casten 
out"? Therfore thei shulen ben 5oure 
domys men. 

2 8 Forsothe 5if I in the Spirit of God 
caste out fendis, therfore the kyngdam 
of God is cummen in to jou.''" 

29 Ether hou may eny man entre in 
to the hous of a stronge man, and take 
awey his vessel is, no but first he shal 
bynde the stronge man, and than he 
shal rauyshe his hous 1 

30 He that is nat with me, is a5einus 
me ; and he that gadrith nat to gidre 
with me, scatrith abrood. 

31 Therfore Y seye to 50U, al synne 
and blasfemye shal be for30uen to men, 
but the spirit of blasfemye .slial nat be 

32 And who euere shal seie a word 
a5eins mannys sone, it shal be for5ouen 
to hym ; forsothe he that shall seye a 
word a3eins the Holy Goost, it shal nat 
be for30uen to hym, nether in this world, 
ne in the tother. 

33 Ether make 5e the tree good, and 
his fruyt good ; ether make 3e the tree 
yuel, and his fruyt euyl ; forsothe a tree 
is knowen of the fruyt. 

34 3e generacioun of eddris, howe mowe 
je speke good thingis, when 56 ben yuel 1 
Sothely the mouth spekith of the gi-ete 
j)lente of the berte. 

35 A good man brengith forth good 
thingis of good tresoure, and an yuel 
man bryngith forth yuel thingis of yuel 

36 Forsothe Y seie to 50U, for whi of 
euery yd el word that men speken, thei 
shul 3elde resoua therof in the day of 
dome ; 

37 For of thi wordis thou shalt be 
iustified, and of thi wordis thou shalt be 

38 Thanne sume of the scribes and 
Pharisees answereden to hym, seyinge, 
Maistre, we wolden se a tokne of thee. 

39 The whiche answerynge seith to 
hem, An iuel generacioun and auoutrere 
sekith a tokne, and tokne shal nat. be 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


bub cast out devyls, by whose helppe do 
youre children cast them out 1 Therfoi'C 
thei shalbe youre iudges. 

28 But if I cast out the devyls by the 
Sprete of God, then ys the kyngdom of 
God come on you. 

29 Other howe can a man enter into a 
mighty mannes housse, and violently 
take awaye his godes, excepte he fyrst 
bynde the stronge man, and then spoyle 
hys housse 1 

30 He thatt ys not with me, ys agaynst 
me ; and he that gaddereth not with 
me, scattereth abrode. 

31 Wlierfore I say vnto you, all maner 
off synne and blasphemy shalbe forgeven 
vnto men, but the blasphemy against 
the Holy Goost shall not be forgeven 
vnto men. 

32 And whosoever speaketh a worde 
agaynst the sonne off man, it shalbe 
forgeven him ; but whosoever speaketh 
agaynst the Holy Goost, yt shall not be 
fforgeven hym, no, nether in this worlde, 
nether in the worlde to come. 

33 Other make the tree good, and his 
frute good also ; or els make the tree 
evyll, and his frute evyll also ; for the 
tree ys knowen by hys frute. 

34 O generacion of vipers, howe can 
ye saye well, when ye youre selves are 
evyll 1 For of the aboundance of the 
hert the mouthe speaketh, 

35 A good man oute of the good trea- 
sure of hys hert bryugeth forth good 
thynges, and an evyll man out off his 
evyll treasure bryngeth forthe evyll 

36 But I say vnto you, that of every 
ydell worde that men shall have spoken, 
they shall geve a countes at the daye off 
iudgement ; 

37 For by thy wordes thou shalt be 
iustifyed, and by thy wordes thou shalt 
be condemned. 

38 Then answered certayne off the 
scribes and off the Pharises, saynge, 
Master, we wolde fayne se a sygne of 

39 He answered them saynge. The 
evyll and advoutrous generacion seketh 
a signe, but there shall no signe be 


GOTHIC, 360. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

hyi'e ne bit> nan tacn geseald, bilton 
lonas tacn, Clses witegau. 

40 Witodlice swa swa lonas woes on 
daes liwseles innojjc Jsry dagas and jjreo 
niht, swa by|> mannes sunu on eor|)an 
heortan ]>rf dagas and ))reo niht. 

41 Niniuetisce weras arisa]) on dome 
mid dysse cneorysse, and hig genytteria}? 
hig ; fordam de hig dydon dsed-bote on 
lonas bodunge, and des is mara donne 

42 Su)>-dcEles cwen arist on d5me 
mid disse cneorysse, and heo genyderaj? 
hig ; fordam de heo com fram hmdcs 
geniferum, to gehyranne Salomones 
wisdom and des is mai"a doune Salom- 

43 Sojjlice donne se uncljena gast ut- 
f8er|> fram menn, he gsejj geond drige 
stowa, secende reste, and he ne gemet. 

44 Donne cwy|j he, Ic gecyrre on min 
bus, danon ic ut-eode. And cumende he 
gemet hyt semtig, and geclaensod mid 
besmum, and gefrsetwod. 

45 Donne gsejj he, and him to-genim)> 
seofun odre gastas, wyrsan donne he ; 
and ingangende hig eardigeajj da?r. And 
donne wurda}) dees mannes ytemestan 
wyrsan donne da eerran. And swa hy\> 
dysse wyiTestan cneorysse. 

46 Da he das ))ing da gyt sprrec to 
dam msenegum, da stod hys modor and 
his gebrodra dser ute, secende sprsecon 
to him. 

47 Sojilice da cwsejj sum to him, Wit- 
odlice! din modur and dine gebrodra 
standaf) her lite, de secende. 

48 And he andswarode hym secgend- 
um, and cwaij), Hwylc ys min modur? 
and hwylce synt mine gebrodra 1 

49 And he Titjcnude hys hand on his 
leorning-cnihtas, and cwa;)?, [Iler is min 
moder and mine gebrodru ;+] 

50 "Witodlice swa hwylc sw;! wyrcj) 
mines faider willau de on heofenan is, 
he is min br5dur, and min swustor, and 

XII. 40-50.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

joueu to it, no but the tokne of Jonas, 
the prophete. 

40 For as Jonas was in the womb of 
a whall three days and three ni3ti8, so 
mannus sone shal be in the herte of the 
erthe three days and three ni5tis. 

4 1 Men of ISTynyue shal ryse in dome 
with this generacioun, and shulen con- 
dempne it ; for thei diden penaunce in 
the prechynge of Jonas, and loo ! here 
is more than Jonas. 

4 2 The queen of the south shal ryse in 
dome with this generation, and shal 
condempne it ; for she came fro the 
eendis of the erthe, for to here the wis- 
dam of Salomon, and loo ! heere is more 
than Salomon. 

43 Forsothe whan an vuclene spirit 
shal go out fro a man, he guth by drye 
places, seekyuge reste, and he fyndyth 

44 Thanne he saith, I shal turne a5ein 
in to my hous, fro wheunys Y came out. 
And he cummynge fyndith it voide, 
cleusid with bismes, and maad faire. 

45 Thanne he goth, and takith seuen 
other spiritis with hym, worse than hym 
self ; and thei entrynge yn dwellen 
there. And the last thingis of that man 
ben maad worse than the former. So it 
shal be and to this worst generacioun. 

46 Bit hym spekynge to the cumpanyes 
of peple, loo ! his modir and his bre- 
theren stoden with outeforth, seekyng 
for to speke to hym. 

47 Sothely sum man saide to hym, 
Loo ! thi modir and tin brethren stonden 
with outforth, seekynge thee. 

48 And he, answerynge to the man 
seiynge to hym, seith, Who is my modir 1 
and who ben my brethren 1 

49 And he holdynge forth his bond in 
to his disciples, seide, Loo ! my modir 
and my bretheren ; 

50 Treuly whoeuer doth the wil of my 
fadir that is in heuenes, he is my bro- 
ther, suster, and modir. 


geven to them, but the signe of tlie pro- 
phete, lonas. 

40 For as lonas was thre days and thre 
nyghtes in the whales belly, soo shall 
the Sonne of man be thre days and thi-e 
nightes in the hert of the erth. 

41 The men of Ninivite shall rise at 
the day of iudgement with this nacion, 
and condemne them ; for they repented 
at the preachynge of Jonas, and beholde! 
a greater then Jonos ys here. 

42 The queue of the south shall ryse 
at the day of iudgement with this gene- 
racion, and shall condemne them ; for 
she cam from the vtmost parties of the 
worlde, to heare the wisdome of Solo- 
mon, and behold ! heare is a greater then 

43 When the vnclene sprete is gone 
out of a man, he walketli throughout 
dry places, seking reest, and fyndeth 

44 Then he sayeth, I will retourne 
ageyne into my housse, from whence I 
cam oute. And when he is come he 
fyndeth the housse empty, and swepte, 
and garnisshed. 

45 Then he goeth his waye, and taketh 
seven spretes, worsse then liym silfe ; and 
so entre they in and dwell there. And 
the ende of that man is Avorsse then the 
beginnyng. Even so shall it be to this 
frowarde nacion. 

46 Whill he yet talked to the people, 
beholde ! hys moder and his brethren 
stode with out the doi-es, desyriug to 
speake with him. 

47 Then won said vnto him. Behold ! 
thy moder and thy brethren stond with- 
out, desiringe to speke with the. 

48 He answered, and sayd to him that 
tolde him. Who is my mother ? or who 
are my brethren 1 

49 And he stretched forth his bond 
over his disciples, and sayd, Behold ! my 
mother and my brethren ; 

50 For whosoever fulfilleth my fathers 
will whiche is in heven, he is my brother, 
my suster, and my mother. 


GOTHIC, 360. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

Chap. XIII. i On dam daege daiu 
Hcclende ut-gangcndum of husc, he sset 
wid da sse. 

2 And mycle msenigeo wseron gesam- 
node to liym, swa diut he code on scyp 
and djer sset ; and call seo msenigeo 
st5d on dam waro])e. 

3 And he spreec to him fela on bigspel- 
lura, cwedende, S5)>h'ce ! ut-eode se sscd- 
ere''' hys sfed to saAvenne. 

4 And da da he seow, sume hig feollon 
wid weg, and fuglas comuu, and seton 

5 S6]jlice sume feollon on stsenihte, 
deer hyt najfde mycle eorj^an ; and hrisd- 
lice up-sprungon, fordam de hig najfdon 
dajre eorJ)an dypan, 

6 S6|)lice up-sprungenre sunnan, hig a- 
driiwudon, and forscnincon, fordam de 
hig ntefdon wyrtrum. 

7 Sojjlice sume feollon on })ornas ; and 
da ])ornas wcoxon, and forjn-ysmudon 

8 Sume s6})lice feollon on gode eorj^an, 
and scaldou weastm ; sum hund-fealdne, 
sum sixtig-fealdue, sum jjrittig-fcaldue. 

9 Se de hsebbe earan to gchyrenne, 

10 And da gencalsehton his leorning- 
cnihtas and cwsedon to hym, For liwig 
spycst du to hym mid bigspellum 1 

1 1 Da andswarode he hym, Fordam 
de cow is gcseald to witanne heofena 
I'iccs geryuu ; and him nys na geseald. 

12 So})lice dam de ha'fj) him by]) ge- 
seald, and he hasfj) ] soj)licc se de naif)), 
and da^t do he hasfj) him bi]> setbrodeu. 

13 Fordam ic spsec to him mid big- 
spellum, fordam de loeiende hig ne ge- 
scoj), and gehyrende hig nc gchyra]), ne 
ne ongytaj) ; 

14 Dffit on him sy gcfylled Esams wit- 
egung, Of gchyrnyssc ge gehyra)), and 
ge ne ongyta); ; and loeiende ge gesco]), 
and ge ne geseo)) ; 

15 Sujd'ce discs folccs hcorte is ahyrd, 
and hig hefelice mid carum gchyrdon, 

XIII. I-I5.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

CuAP. XIII. I In that clay Jhesus 
goynge out of the hous, sat besidis the 

2 And manye cumpanyes of peple ben 
gedrid to hym, so that he steyinge vp 
in to a boot sat ; and al the cumpanye 
stode in the brynke. 

3 And he spak to hem many thingis in 
parablis, seiynge, Loo ! he that sowith, 
goth out to sowe his seed. 

4 And the while he soweth, sum felden 
byside the weye, and briddis of the eyre 
camen, and eeten hem. 

5 Sothely other seedis felden into stoony 
placis, wher thei hadden nat moche 
erthe ; and anoon thei ben sprungen vp, 
for thei hadde nat depnesse of erthe. 

6 Sothely the sunne sprung vp, thei 
swalideUj'i' and for thei hadden nat roote, 
thei drieden vp. 

7 Forsothe other seedis felden amonge 
thornis ; and the thornis wexen vp, and 
strangliden hem. 

8 But other seedis felden in to good 
lond, and 5auen fruyt ; sume an hundred 
fold, another sexti . fold, another thritti 

9 He that hath eris of heerynge, heere 

10 And disciplis cunimyuge to seiden 
to hym, Whi spekist thou in parablis to 

11 The whiche answerynge seith to 
hem. For to 50U it is 30uen for to knowe 
the mysterie''' of the kyngdam of heuenes; 
but it is nat jouen to hem. 

12 For it shal be 50uen to hym that 
hath, and he shal have plentee : trewly 
who that hath nat, that thing that he is 
seen to haue shal be taken awey fro 

13 Therfore I speke to hem in parablis, 
for thei seeynge see nat, and thei heer- 
ynge heeren nat, nether vndirstonden ; 

1 4 That the propheeie of Ysay seiynge 
be fulfillid in hem. With heerynge 5e 
shulen heere, and 5ee shulen nat vnder- 
stonde ; and 5ee seeynge shulen see, and 
5ee shulen nat see ; 

15 For the herte of this peple is en- 
fattid, and thei herden greuously with 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


Chap. XIII. i The same daye went 
Jesus out off the housse, and sat by the 
see syde. 

2 And moch people resorted vuto him, 
so gretly that he went and sat in a 
shyppe ; and all the people stode on the 

3 And he spake many thynges to them 
in similitudes, sayinge, Beholde ! the 
sower weutt forth to sowe. 

4 And as he sowed, some fell by the 
wayes syde, and the fowUes cam, and 
devoured it vjjpe. 

5 Some fell apon stony grounde, where 
it had not moche erth ; and a nou it 
spronge vppe, because it had no depht 
off erth. 

6 And when the sun was vppe, hitt 
cauth heet, and for lake off rotynge, 
wyddred awaye. 

7 Some fell amonge thornes ; and the 
thornes arose, and chooked it. 

8 Parte fell in goode grunde, and broght 
forth good frute ; some an hundred fold, 
some fifty fold, some thyrty folde. 

9 Whosoever hath eares to heare, let 
him heare. 

10 And hys disciples cam and sayde to 
him, Why speakest thou to them in 
parables 1 

1 1 He answered and sayde vnto them, 
Hit is geven vnto you to knowe the 
secrettes off the kyngdom of heven ; but 
to them it is not geven. 

12 For whosumever hath to him shall 
hit be geven, and he shall have abound- 
ance ; but whosoever hath not, from him 
shalbe takyn awaye even that same that 
he hath. 

13 Therfore speake Y to them in simi- 
litudes, for though they se, they se not, 
and hearinge they heare not, nether 
vnderstonde ; 

14 And in them ys fulfylled the pro- 
phesy of Esay which prophesi sayth, 
With youre eares ye shall heare, and 
shall not vnderstonde ; and with youre 
eyes ye shall se, and shall not perceave ; 

15 For this peoples hert ys wexed 
oTosse, and their eares were dull of 


GOTHIC, 360. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

and hyra eagan beclysdon, de-loes lug 
cefre mid eagum geseou, and mid earum 
gehyron, and mid heortan ougyton, and 
siu gecyrrede, and ic Iiig gcliijele. 

16 So})lice eadige synt eowre eagan 
fortlam de hig geseo)), and eowre caraii 
fordam de hig gehyra}?. 

17 S5j5lice on eornust ic cow secge, 
daBt manega witegan and rihtwise gewil- 
nndon da j^ing to geseonne de ge geseo)), 
and hig ne gesawon, and gehyran da jjing 
do ge gehyraj), and hig ne gehyrdon. 

18 Gehyi'e ge s6j)lice daes sawendan 

19 yE'lc dsera de Godes wurd gehyr]), 
and ne ongyt, donue cym[) deoful, and 
bereafaj) daet on hys heortan asawen is ; 
da3t is se de wid done wee; asaweu is. 

20 Sojjlice se de ofcr done strln asawen 
is, dis is se de dset Godes wiu-d gehyr]>, 
and hraidlice dtet mid blisse onfeh|j. 

21 S6j)lice hyt nsefj) done wyrtrum on 
him, ac is hwhvendlic. Gewordenre ge- 
drefednessc and ehtnesse for dam wurde, 
hrsedlice hig beo^) ge-untreowsode. 

22 S6j)hce daet de asawen is on Jjornum, 
dset is se de daet wmxl gehyr|), and ^donne 
eornfuUness disse woi'ulde, and leasung 
dissa woruld-welena for)?rysmia)) dset 
wurd, and hit is butan weastme ge- 

23 S5l)lice dfet de asawen wses on dast 
g5de land, diet is se de diet wurd ge- 
hyr|>, and ongyt, and done weastm 
bring)). And donne de)) sum hund- 
fcaldne, sum sixti-fealdne, sum ))ritti- 

24 He rehte him da oder bigspel, and 
dus cwa;)), Heofena rice is geworden dam 
men gelic, de scow god ssed on his 

25 S6j)lice, dil da men slepon, dii com 
liis feonda sum, and ofer-seow hit mid 
coccele on middan dam hwa-te, and 
ferde danon. 

26 So|)lice da sco w}Tt wcox, and done 

XIII. 1 6-26.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

eiis, and tliei han closid liei' ee5en, that 
sum tyme thei see with ee5cn, and with 
eris heeren, and vndirstonden in herte, 
and thei ben to gidre turned, and I heele 

16 Forsothe 5oure ee5en that seen ben 
blessid, and ^oure eris that heeren, 

1 7 Forsothe I saye trewthe to 50U, for 
many prophetis and iuste men coueit- 
iden to see thoo thingus that 3ee seen, 
and thei saien nat, and to heeren thoo 
thingis that 3ee heeren, and thei herden 

1 8 Therfore heere je the parable of the 
sowynge man. 

jg Eche that heerith the word of rewme, 
and vndirstondith nat, the yuel spirit 
Cometh, and rauyschith that that is 
sowyn in his herte ; this is that is sowen 
besidis the weye. 

20 Sothely he that is sowen on the 
stoon, this it is, that heerith the word of 
God, and anoon with ioye takith it. 

2 r Forsothe he hath nat roote in hym 
self, but it is temporal.''' Forsothe tribu- 
lacioun and persecucioune maad for the 
word, anoon he is sclaundrid, 

22 Bot he that is sowen in thornys, is 
this that herith the word, and the bysy- 
nesse of this world, and the falsnessis of 
ritchessis stranglith the word, and it is 
maad with outen fruyt, 

23 Bot he that is sowen in to good 
lond, is this that herith the word, and 
vndirstondith, and bryngthe forth fruyt. 
And sothely sume makith an hundre- 
fold, treuly another sixtyfold, forsothe 
another thrittifold. 

24 Another parable Jhesus putte forth 
to hem, seyinge, The kyngdam of heuenes 
is maad liche to a man, that sew good 
seed in his feeld. 

25 But, when men slepten, his enmye 
came, and sew aboue deniel+ in the 
midil of whete, and wente awey, 

26 Sothely when the herbe hadde 

TYNDALE, 1526, 


hcryngc, and their eyes have they closed, 
lest tlicy shulde se with their eyes, 
and heare with their eares, and shuld 
vnderstondc with their hertes, and shulde 
tourne, that Y myght heale them. 

16 But blessed are youre eyes for they 
se, and youre eares for they heare, • 

17 Verely Y say vnto you, that many 
prophetes and perfaicte men have desired 
to se tho thinges which ye se, and have 
not sene them, and to heare tho thinges 
which ye heare, and have not herde 

18 Heare ye therfore the similitude oflF 
the sower, 

1 9 When a man heareth the worde of 
the kingdom, and vnderstoudeth it not, 
there cometh the evyll man, and catcheth 
awaye that which was sowne in hys hert ; 
and thys is he which was sowne by the 
waye syde. 

20 But he that was sowne. in the stony 
grunde, ys he, which heareth the worde 
of God, and anon with ioye receaveth itt. 

21 Yet hath he no rottes in him selfe, 
and therefore he dureth but a season. 
For as sone as tribulation or persecucion 
aryseth because of the worde, by and by 
he falleth, 

22 He that was sowne amonge thornes, 
ys he that heareth the worde off God, 
but the care off this worlde, and the 
dissaytfulnes off ryches choke the worde, 
and so ys he made vnfrutfuU, 

23 He which is sowne in the good 
grounde, ys he that heareth the worde, 
and vnderstoudeth it, which also bereth 
frute. And bringeth forth, some an 
hundred folde, some fyfty folde, and 
some thyrty folde. 

24 Another similitude put he forth 
vnto them, saynge, The kyngdom off 
heven ys lyke vnto a man, which sowed 
good seede in his felde. 

25 Butt, why 11 men shlepte, thcr cam 
his foo, and sowed tares amonge the 
wheate, and went his waye. 

26 When the blade was spronge vp, and 


GOTHIC, 360. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

weastm brohte, da teteowde se coccel 

27 Da eodon dffis hlufordes jjeowas, 
and cwa-don, Hlaford, hu ne seow clu 
god sad on dinum secere 1 hwanon bsefde 
be coccel 1 

28 Da cwjp]} he, Dset dyde unbold- 
mann. Da cwwdon da J)eowas, Wylt du 
we gaj), and gadei'ia)) big ? 

29 Da cwjb|) be, Nese, de-lses ge done 
bwsete awurtwalion donne ge done coc- 
cel gaderia]). 

30 Lretaj) segder weaxan od rip-timan ; 
and on dam lip-tiniau ic secge dam rip- 
erum, GadriaJ) serest done coccel, and 
binda]) seeaf-mselum to fovbivi'ncune, and 
gadriaj) done bwsete into minum berne. 

3 1 He rebte bim da gyt oder bigspel, 
dus cwedende, Heofena rice is geworden 
gelic senepes come, daet seow se man ou 
bys secre. 

32 Da?t is ealra sseda Ijest, s6j>lTce don- 
ne bit wyx)7, bit is ealra wyrta m;vst, 
and bit wyrj) treoAV ; swa da?t bcofnan 
fublas curaaj>, and eardia)) on bis bogum. 

33 He spraec to bim oder bigspel, and 
dus cw£e|>, Heofena nee is gelic dam 
beorman, done dtet wlf oufeng, and be- 
bydde on j^rim gemetum mclwes, od be 
waes call abafen. 

34 Ealle das J)ing se Hselend sjjrajc 
mid bigspellum to dam wei'cdum, and 
nan jjing ne sprajc be biitan bigspel- 

35 Da?t wsere gefylled da^s witegan 
cwyde, Ic at5'ne minne mu|> mid big- 
spellum ; ic bodige digelnesse fram mid- 
dan-eardes sesetednesse. 

36 He forlct da da majnegeo, and com 
to bis inne ; and da gencal?eliton to liim 
bis leorning-cnibtas, and cwtpdon, Arcce 
us dait bigspell dies bwsetes and daes 

XIII. 27-36.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

growid, and macad fruyt, tlianne the 
dernel''' aiiperiden. 

27 Forsothe the seruauntis of the hus- 
bondeman comynge nij, seiden to hym, 
Lord, wher thou hast nat sowen good 
seed in thi feekl 1 wher of than hath it 
dernel P 

28 And he seith to hem, The man 
enmye hath don this thing. Trewly the 
seruauntis seiden to him, Wolt thou we 
go, and gedren hem 1 

29 And he saith, jSTay, lest perauenture 
5e gedrynge dernels''' draw vp by the 
roote togidre with hem and the whete. 

30 SufFre 56 hem bothe wexe til to 
rype corne ; and in tyme of rype corn I 
shal seie to reperis, First gedre 566 to 
gedre dernels,''' and byndeth hem to 
gidre in knytchis^ for to be brent, but 
gedere 5e Avhete in to my berne. 

3 1 An other parable Jhesus putte forth 
to hem, seiynge, The kyngdam of heu- 
enes is like to a corn of seneuey, the 
whiche a man takynge sewe in his feeld. 

32 The whiche trewly is leest of alle 
seedis, but when it hath wexen, it is 
most of alle wortis, and is maad a tree ; 
so that briddis of the eyre cummen, and 
dwellen in bowis^ therof. 

33 An other pai'able Jhesus spac to 
hem, The kyngdam of heuenes is lie to 
soure dow5, the whiche taken, a wom- 
man hidde in three mesuris of meele, til 
it were al sowrdowid. 

34 Jhesus spac alle these thingis in 
parablis to the cumpanyes of peple, and 
he spac nat to hem with outeu parablis, 

35 That it shulde be fulfillid, that thing 
that is seid by the prophete, seyinge, I 
shal opyn my mouth in parablis ; I shal 
bolke out''' hid thingus fro makyng of 
the world. 

36 Thanne the cumpanyes laft, he came 
into an hous ; and his discii^lis camen 
ni3 to hym, seiynge, Expoune to vs the 
parable of dernelis^ of the feeld. 

TY:NDALE, 1526. 


had brought forth frute, then appered 
the tares also. 

27 The sei-vauntes cam to the house- 
holder, and sayde vnto him, Syr, sowed- 
est not thou good seed in thy closse 1 
from whence then hath it tares ? 

28 He sayde to them, The envious man 
hath done this. Then the servauntes 
sayde vnto hym, Wylt thou then that we 
go, and gader it 1 

29 And he sayde, Nay, lest whyll ye 
go aboute to wede out the tares ye 
p]ucke \i)pe also with them the wheats 
by the rottes. 

30 Let bothe growe to gether tyll 
harvest come ; and in time of harvest I 
wyll saye vnto my repers, Gadther ye 
fyrst the tares, and bynd them in sheves 
to be brent, but gadther the wheete in 
to my barne. 

31 Another parable he putt forthe vnto 
them, saynge. The kyngedom of heven 
ys lyke vnto a grayne of mustard seede, 
whych a man taketh and soweth in his 

32 Whych ys the leest of all seedes, but 
when it is growne, it is the greatest 
amonge yerbes, and is a tree ; so that 
the bryddes of the aier come, and bykle 
in te braunches of it. 

33 Anothere similitude sayde he to 
them. The kyngdome of heven ys lyke 
vnto leven, which a woman toke, and 
hyd in iij peckes off meele, tyll all was 

34 All these thynges spake Jesus vnto 
the people by similitudes, and withoute 
similitudes spake he nothinge to them, 

35 To fulfyll, that which was spoken by 
the prophet, sayinge, I wyll open my 
mouth in similitudes ; and wyll speake 
forth thinges whych have bene kepte 
secrete from the begynnynge off the 

36 Then sent Jesus the people awaye, 
and cam to housse ; and hys disciples 
cam vnto him, saynge, Declare vnto vs 
the similitude of the tares off the felde. 

F 2 


GOTHIC, 360. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

37 Da andswarude he him, Se de seow 
dset gode seed se is mauues sunu ; 

38 S6})lice se aecyr is des middan. 
i^eavd ; da^t gode ssed, dtvt synt da^s 
heofonllcan rices bearn, se coccel synt 
s6}'lice da niaiifullan bearn ; 

39 Se unholda-man se de done coccel 
scow dfet is deoful ; s6])lice da3t rip is 
worulde endung, da rijieras synt englas. 

40 Eornustlice swa swa se coccel by}) 
gegaderud, and mid lyre forboerned, swa 
by)) on wornlde endunge. 

41 Mannes sunu sent his englas, and 
hi gadriaj) of his rice ealle gedrefednesse, 
and da de unrihtwisuesse wyrceaj) ; 

42 And asendaj) hig on fyres ofen, daer 
by]) wop and tojja gristbitung. 

43 Donne scTna)) da rihtwisan swa swa 
sunne, on hyra fajder rice. [Gchyre, se 
de earan to gehyranne hsefj).'''] 

44 ■''Heofona rice is gelic gehyddum 
gold-horde on dam tecere, done beliyt 
se man de hine fint ; and for his l)lysse 
gse}), and syl|) eall dset he ah, and gcbigj) 
done a?ccr. 

45 Eft is heofena rice gelic dam mang- 
ere, de sohte dajt gode meregrot ; 

46 Da he funde da?t an deorwyrde 
meregrot, da code he, and sealde eall 
da?t he ahte, and bohte dast meregrot. 

47 Eft is heofena rice gelic asendum 
nctte on da sse, and of selcum fisccynne 
gadrigendum ; 

48 Da hi da dret nett upp-atugon, and 
sac ton be dam strande, da gecuron hig 
da godan on h}Ta fatu, da yikn hig 
awurpon ut. 

49 Swa by}) on disse worulde endunge. 
Da englas fara}), and asyndria}) da yfelau 
of daera godra midlene. 

50 And aworpa}) hig on da^s fyres ofen ; 
dier by]) wop and t6]'a gristjjitung. 

51 Ongyte ge ealle das ])ing ? Da 
cwsedon hig, Witodlice we bit ongyta]). 

XIII. 37-5I-] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

37 The whiche answerynge saith, He 
that sowith good seed is mannes sone ; 

38 Sothe]y the feld is the world ; hot 
the good seed, these beu sonys of the 
kyngdam, dernels,''' forsothe these ben 
yuel sonys ; 

39 But the enmye that soweth hem is the 
feend; but the ripe corn is the eendyng of 
the world, sothely the repers ben angelis. 

40 Therfore as dernels ben gedrid to 
gidre, and brent in fijr, so it shal be in 
the eendyng of the world. 

41 Mannes sone shal sende his angels, 
and thei shulden gedre of his rewme 
alle sclaundris, and hem that don Avick- 
idnesse ; 

42 And thei shulen sende hem into the 
chymney of fijr, there shal be weepynge 
and betynge togidre of teeth. 

43 Thanne iust men shulen shyine as 
the suune, in the rewme of her fadlr. 
He that hath eris of heerynge, heere he. 

44 The kyngdame of heuenes is lijk to 
tresour hid in a feeld, the whiche a man 
that fyndith, hidith ; and for ioye of it 
he goth, and sellith alle thingis that 
hath, and bieth the ilk feeld. 

45 Eftsones the kyngdam of heuenes 
is lie to a man marchaunt, seekyng good 
margarytis ; 

46 Sothely 00 preciouse margarite 
founden, he wente, and solde alle thingis 
that he hadde, and bou5te it. 

47 Eft the kingdam of heuenes is lie 
to a nette sent in to the see, and of alle 
kynd of fishis gedrynge ; 

48 The whiche whan it was fulfillid, 
men ledynge out, and sittynge bysidis 
the brynke, cheesiden the good into her 
vessels, but thei senten out the yuel. 

49 So it shal be in the eending of the 
world. Angelis shulen gon out, and 
shulen departe yuel men fro the mydil 
of iuste men. 

50 And thei shulen sende hem into the 
chymney of fijr ; there shall be weep- 
ynge and betynge togidre of teeth. 

51 Han 3ee vnderstonden alle these 
thingis 1 Thei seien to hym, ^he. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


37 Then answered he and sayde to 
them. He that soweth the good seed, ys 
the Sonne of man ; 

38 The felde ys the worlde ; the chil- 
dren off the kyngdom are the good seed, 
the evyll mans children are the tares ; 

39 But the enemy which soweth them 
is the devill ; the harvest is the end of 
the world, and the repers be the angels. 

40 For even as the tares are gaddred, 
and brent in the fyre, so shall it be in 
the ende off" this worlde. 

4 1 The Sonne off" man shall send forth 
his angels, and they shall gadther out 
off his kyngdom all thinges that do 
hurte, and all them which do iniquite ; 

42 And shall cast them into a furnes 
of fyre, there shalbe waylynge and 
gnasshyng off teth. 

43 Then shall the iuste men shyne as 
bryght as the sun, in the kyngdom of 
their father. Wosoever hath eares to 
heare, let him heare. 

44 Agayne the kyngdom off heven is 
lyke vnto treasure hidde in the felde, 
the which a man founde, and hidde it ; 
and ffor ioy there of goeth, and selleth 
all that he hath, and byeth that felde. 

45 Agayne the kyngdom off heven is 
lyke vnto a marchaunt, sekynge after 
good pearles ; 

46 Which when he had founde one 
precious pearle, wentt, and solde all that 
he had, and bought it. 

47 Agayne the kyngdome off heven is 
lyke vnto a neet cast in to the see, that 
gadereth off all kyudes of fysshcs ; 

48 Which when it is full, men drawe 
to londe, and sitt, and gadre the good 
in to their vessels, and caste the bad 

49 So shall it be at the ende of the 
worlde. The angels shall come, and 
sever the bad from the good. 

50 And shall cast them into a furnes of 
fyi-e ; there shalbe waylinge and gnassh- 
ynge of teth. 

51 Jesus sayde vnto them. Have ye 
vnderstonde all these thynges? They 
sayde. Ye, Syr. 

GOTHIC, 360. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

52 Da saede he him, Fordam is selc 
gelsered h5cere on heofenan rice gelic 
dam hiredes ealdre, de forjj-bringj) of his 
gold-horde niwe J^iug and ealde. 

53 And hit wpes geworden, da se HecI- 
end ge-endode das bigspel, da ferde he 

54 And da he com to his earde, he 
Iserde hig on h}Ta gesamnungmn, swa 
da3t hig wundredon, and cwsedon, Hwan- 
on ys dysum des wisd5m and dis ma^gen 1 

55 Witodlice des issmijjes sunu ; hu ne 
hJitte hys modor Maria? and hys br5dru, 
lacob, and Joseph, and Simon, and 
ludas ? 

56 And hii ne synt ealle hys swustra 
mid us 1 Hwanon synt dysum ealle das 

57 And hig wseron ge-untrywsode on 
him. Da s6|)lice seede se Hselend him, 
Nys nan witega butan wui-])scype, buton 
on hys earde, and on hys huse. 

58 And he ne worlite dser manega 
mcegena, for hyra ungeleafulnysse. 

Chap. XIV. i On dsere tide gehyrde 
Herodes se feorjjan dseles rica dses Hsel- 
endes hlisan ; 

2 And da ssede he his cnihtum, Des is 
lohanues se FuUuhtcre de ic beheafd- 
odc, he aras of deajje, and fordan synd 
das wundru gefremode on him. 

3 S6j)lice Herodes nam lohannem, and 
gebaud hyne, and sette on cwertcrn for 
dam wife Herodiaden Philippes hys 

4 Johannes him ssede, Nys de alyfcd 
hi to wife to haebbenue. 

5 And da he hyne ofslcan wolde, he 
adred him diet fulc ; fordam de hig 
hsefdon hyne for senne witegan. 

6 Da on Herodes gebyrd-da^ge, tunib- 
ude dtere Herodiadiscean d51itur befor- 
an him, and hit licodc Hcrode. 

7 Da behet he mid ;i}>e hyre to syllenne, 
swa hwset swa heo hyne hsede. 

XIII. 52.-XIV. 7.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

52 He seith to hem, Therfore euery 
wiyter tau5t in the kyngdam of heuenes, 
is lie to au husboude man, that bryngith 
forth of his tresoui- newe thiugis and 

53 And it is don, whanne Jhesus hadde 
eendid these parables, he passide fro 

54 And he, cummynge in to his cun- 
tree, tau3t hem in her sjiiagogis, so that 
thei wondriden, and seiden, Whei'of to 
hym this wisdam and vertues 1 

55 "Wher is nat this the sone of a smyth?^ 
Wher his modir be nat seid Marie ? and 
his brethren, Jamys, and Joseph, and 
Symount, and Judas ] 

56 And his sistris, wher thei alle ben 
nat at vs 1 Therfore wherof to h^Tn alle 
these thingis ] 

57 And so thei weren sclaundrid in 
hym. Forsothe Jhesus seide to hem, 
A prophete is nat with outen wirshipe, 
no but in his owne cuntree, and in his 
owne hous. 

58 And he dide nat there manye ver- 
tues, for the vnbyleue of hem. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


Chap. XIV. i In that tyme Eroude 
tetrarcha^ herde the fame of Jhesu 3 

2 And seide to his children, This is 
Jon Baptist, he hath risen fro dead, and 
therfore vertues worchen in hym. 

3 Forsothe Eroude helde Joon, and 
bounde hym, and putte him in to pri- 
soun for Erodias, the wif of his brother. 

4 For Joon saide to hym. It is nat 
leful to thee for to haue hir. 

5 And he >villynge to slea hym, drede 
the peple; for thei hadden hym as a 

6 Forsothe in the day of Eroudis 
birthe, the dou5ter of Erodias leepte in 
the mydil, and pleside to Eroude. 

7 Whei-fore with an ooth he byhi5te 
for to 5eue to hir, what euer thinge she 
hadde axid of hym. 

52 Then sayde he vnto them, Therfore 
every scrybe which is coniuge vnto the 
kyngdom of heven, is lyke an housholder, 
Avhich bryngeth forth out of hys treasure 
thynges bothe newe and olde. 

53 And hyt cam to passe, when Jesus 
had fynnesshed these similitudes, that 
he departed thence. 

54 And cam into his awne countre, and 
taught in there synagogges, in so moche 
that they were astunyed, and saide, 
Whence cam all thys wysdon and power 
vnto him 1 

55 Is not thys the carpenters sonne? 
Is not hys mother called Mary ] and hys 
brethren be called, James, and Joses, 
and Symon, and Judas 1 

56 And are not hys systers all here 
with vs 1 Whence hath he all these 
thynges 1 

57 And they wer hurte by him. Then 
Jesus sayde vnto them, There is no pro- 
phet with out honoure, save in hys awne 
countre, and amonge his awne kynne. 

58 And he dyd not many myracles 
there, for there vnbelefes sake. 

Chap. XIV. i In that tyme Herod 
the tetrarcha herde ofi" the fame of Jesu ; 

2 And sayde vnto his servauntes. This 
is Jhon Baptist, he is risen agayne fi'om 
deeth, and therfore hys power ys so 

3 For Herod toke Jhon, and bounde 
hym, and put hym in preson fibr Hero- 
dias sake, hys brother Phips wyfe. 

4 For Jhon sayde vnto hym, Hit ys 
not lawfuU for the to have her. 

5 And when he wold have put hym to 
deeth, he feared the people; because 
they counted hym as a prophet. 

6 When Herodes birth daye was come, 
the doughter off Herodias daunsed be- 
fore them, and pleased Herod. 

7 Wherfor he promysed with an oth 
that he wolde geve her, whatsoever she 
wolde axe. 


GOTHIC, 360. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

8 Da cwjfijj heo, fram hyre meder ge- 
myngod, Syle me on anuni disce lohan- 
nes heafod daes Fulluhteres. 

9 Da wtes se cyning ge-unret, for dam 
a^e, and fordam de him saeton mid/ . . 

10 And he asende da, and beheafdode 
lohannem on dam cwerterne. 

1 1 And man brohte da his heafod on 
anum disce, and sealde dam mcedeue, 
and doet mseden h}Te meder. 

12 And da genealsehton his leorning- 
cnihtas and namon hys lichaman, and 
bebyi-gdon hyne ; and comon and cyd- 
don hyt dam Hselende. 

13 Da se Hselend da?t gehyrde, da 
ferde he danou on-sundron on anum 
scj]ye. And da da gangendan nifenigeo 
dffit gehyrdon, big fyligdou him of dam 

14 And da he danon ferde, he geseh 
mycele ma^nigu, and he him gemyltsode, 
and geheelde da untruman. 

15 SoJ)lice da hyt wa^s sefen geworden, 
him to genealsehton hys leorning-cnihtas, 
and him to cwsedon, Deos st5\v ys westc, 
and tima ys for))-agan ; fori set das nia-n- 
egeo, dset hi faron into das burga, and 
him mete bicgean. 

1 6 Da cwie)> se Hselend to him, Nabba)> 
hi neode to farenne ; sylle ge him etan. 

17 Da andswarodun big, We nabba]) 
her, buton fif hirjas and twegen fixas. 

18 Da. cwae)) se Hselend, Bringaj) me 
hider da. 

1 9 And da he het da menegu ofei' da^t 
gfcrs hi sittan, and he nam da fif hllfas 
and twegen fixas, and bcseah on done 
heofon, and blctsiende. brsec da hlafas, 
and sealde his leorning-cnihtum ; and 
hi dam folce. 

20 And hi scton eallc, and wseron ge- 
fyllede.. And hi namon da lafa, twelf 
wylian fulle daei-a gebrytsena. 

21 S6))lice dsera etendra getixA -wses fif 
biisenda wera, butan wifum and cildum.''' 

22 And da sona het se Hjclcnd his 

XIV. 8-22.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

8 And she bifore monestid^ of hir 
luodir, seith, 3eue thou to me hidir the 
bed of Joon Baptist iu a disc-he. 

9 And the kyng was sorowful, but for 
the ooth, and for hem that seeten to 
gidre at the mete, he comaundide to be 

10 And he sente, and bihedide Joon in 
the pi'isoun. 

11 And his heed is brou3t to in a 
dische, and it is 3ouen to the whenche, 
and she bare it to hir modir. 

12 And his disciplis cummynge to 
token his body, and biryeden it ; and 
thei cummynge tolden to Jhesu. 

13 The whiche thing when Jhesus 
hadde herd, he went fro thennus in to a 
boot, in to desert place besidis. And 
whenne the cumpanyes of peple hadden 
herd, thei folowiden hym and on the 
feet fi"o citees. 

14 And Jhesus, goynge out, saw a 
greet multitude of peple, and hadde 
rewthe of hem, and heelide the sike men 
of hem. 

15 Sothely the euenynge maad, his 
disciplis camen ni3 to him, seiynge. The 
place is desert, and the hour hath now 
passid ; leeue thou the cumpanyes of 
peple, that thei, goynge in to castels, 
bigge meetis to hem. 

16 Forsothe Jhesus seide to hem, Thei 
ban nat neede to go ; jeue 30 to hem 
for to ete. 

17 Thei answeriden, We ban nat here, 
no but flue looues and two fishis. 

18 The whiche seith to hem, Brynge 
jee hem hidir to me. 

1 9 And when he hadde comaundid the 
cumpanye for to sitte to mete on hay, 
fyue looues and two fishis taken, he by- 
holdynge iu to heuen, blesside, and brak, 
and 3aue to his disciplis ; sothely the 
disciplis 3auen to the cumpanyes. 

20 And alle eeten, and weren fulfillid. 
And thei token the relifis of broken 
gobetis, twelue cofyns ful. 

2 1 Forsothe the noumbre of men etynge 
was fyue thousand of men, out taken 
wemmen and litel children. 

22 And anon Jhesus compellide^ the 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


8 And she beinge informed of her mo- 
ther before, sayde, Geve me here Jhon 
Baptistes heed in a platter. 

9 And the kynge sorowed, neverthe- 
lesse for his othes sake, and for their 
sakes which sate also att the table, he 
comaunded yt to be geven her. 

10 And sent, and behedded Jhon in 
the preson. 

11 And his heed was brought iu a 
platter, and geven to the damsell, and 
she brought it to her mother. 

1 2 And his disciples cam and toke vp 
his body, an<l buryed it ; and went and 
tolde Jesus. 

13 When Jesus had herde that, he de- 
parted thence by shippe, into a desert 
place out of the way. And when the 
people had herde therof, they folowed 
him afote out of there cites. 

14 And Jesus went forth, and sawe 
moche people, and his herte dyde melte 
vppon them, and he healed oft" them 
those that were sicke. 

1 5 When even was come, his disciples 
cam to him, saynge. This ys a deserte 
place, and the daye is spent ; let the 
people departe, that they maye go in to 
the tonnes, and bey them vytaylles. 

16 But Jesus sayde vuto them. They 
have no neade to go awaye ; geve ye 
them to eate. 

17 Then sayde they vnto him, We 
have here but .v. loves and two fysshes. 

18 He saide, Bringe them hydther to 

19 And he comaunded the people to 
syt downe on the grasse, and toke the 
.V. loves and the .ij. fysshes, and loked 
vp to heven, and blessed, and brake, 
and gave the loves to his disciples ; and 
the disciples gave them to the people. 

20 And they all ate, and wer suffised. 
And they gadered vp of the gobbetes 
thatt remained, xij basketes full. 

2 J They that ate were in nombre about 
V. M. men, besyde wemen and children. 

22 And strayght way Jesus made his 


GOTHIC, 360. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

leorning-cnihtas on scyp astigan, and 
toforan him faran ofer done mujjan, od 
dvet he da menegu forlete. 

23 And da he hig forlseten hoefde, he 
eode on done munt, and hyne da?r ana 
gebsed. S6j)lice da hyt sefen wses, he 
Avses ana dser. 

24 Witodlice wses dset scyp of dam 
y))um totorfod, fordam de hyt wses 
Strang wind. 

25 Da com se Heelend embe done feor))- 
an han-cred to him, ofer da sse gang- 

26 Da hi gesawon dset, hi wurdon ge- 
di'efede ; and for dam ege clypodon, and 
cwsedon dus, Soj>lice hyt ys scinlac. 

27 Da sprsec se Hselend, and cwsejj, 
Habba]? geleafan, ic hyt com ; nellen ge 
eow ondrsedan. 

28 Da andswarode him Petrus and 
cwse}), Drihten, gyf du hyt eart, hat me 
cuman to de ofer das waeteni. 

29 Da cwje|) he, Cum to me. Da eode 
Petrus of dam scype, ofer dset wseter 
dcet he to dam Hgelende come. 

30 Da he geseah done strangan wind, 
he him ondred ; da he wear|) gedofen, 
he cw8e]>, Drihten, gedo me halne. 

3 1 And da hroedhce^ 

he gefengc hyne, and 

dus cwsej), La lytles geleafan, hwi tAvyn- 
edest dii 1 

32 And da hi wseron on dam scj'pe, 
geswac se wind. 

33 S5j)lice da, de on dam scype wseron, 
comon, and to him gebccdon, and dus 
cwaedon, S6|)lice, du eart Godes sunu. 

34 And d;i hig ofer-scgelodou, hi comon 
on dset land Genesareth. 

35 And da da;t folc hyne gecneow, hi 
sendon geond call diet land ; and broht- 
on to him ealle untrume. 

36 And hyne bEedon, da)t hig huru- 
))inga his reafes fna;d a;t-hrinon ; and 
swa hwylce his sethrinon wurdon hale. 

XIV. 23-36.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

disciplis for to go vp in to a boot, and 
go bifore hym ouei- the see, til that he 
lefte the cumpanyes. 

23 And the cumpanyes left, he steijide 
vp in to an hill aloone for to preye. 
Sothely the euenyng maad, he was there 

24 Sothely the boot in the mydil see 
was throwen with wawis, forsothe the 
wynd was contrarie. 

25 But in the fourthe wakyng of the 
ni3t., he came to hem walkynge aboue 
the see. 

26 And thei, seeynge hym walkynge 
aboue the see, weren distourblid, sey- 
inge, For it is a fantum ; and for drede 
thei cryeden. 

27 And anoon Jhesus spac to hem, 
sayinge, Haue je trust, I am ; nyl 30 

28 Sothely Petre answerynge seide, 
Lord, jif thou art, comaunde me to cume 
to thee vpon the watris. 

29 And he seith, Cume thou. And 
Petre goynge doun fi'o the bote, walkide 
on the wateris for to cume to Jhesu. 

30 Trewly he, seeynge a strong wynde, 
was aferde ; and whan he bygan for to 
be drenchid, he cryede, seyinge. Lord, 
make me saaf. 

31 And anoon Jhesus, holdynge forth 
the bond, cau3te hym, and seith to hym. 
Thou of litil feith, whi hast thou doutid 1 

32 And whenne he hadde stied vp in 
to the boot, the wynde cesside. 

33 Sothely thei, that weren in the 
boot, camen, and worshipiden hym, sey- 
inge, Veryly, thou ai't Goddis sone. 

34 And whenne he had passide oner 
the see, thei camen in to the lond of 

35 And whenne men of that place 
hadden knowen hym, thei senten into 
al that cuntree ; and thei offriden to 
hym al hauynge yuel. 

36 And thei preyiden hym, that thei 
shulden touche ether the hem of the 
clothing of hym ; and who euer touch- 
iden ben maad saaf. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


descii^les enter into a shippe, and to goo 
over before him, whill he sent the peple 
a way. 

23 And as sone as he had sent the 
peple a way, he went vp into a moun- 
tayne alone to praye. And when nyght 
was come, he was there hym silf alone. 

24 And the shippe was in the middes 
of the see, and was toost Avith waves, for 
it was a contrary wynde. 

25 In the fourthe watche of the night, 
Jesus cam vnto them walkynge on the 

26 And when hys disciples sawe him 
walkynge on the see, they were amased, 
sayinge. It is some spirite ; and cryed 
out for feare. 

27 And streyght waye Jesus spake 
vnto them, saynge. Be of good cheare, 
it is Y j be not a frayed. 

28 Peter answered and sayde. Master, 
and thou be he, bidde me come vnto 
the on the water. 

29 And he sayde. Come. And when 
Peter was come doune out of the shyppe, 
he walked on the water to go to Jesus. 

30 But, when he sawe a myghty winde, 
he was afrayed ; and as he began to 
synke, he cryed, sayinge, Master, save 

31 And immediatly Jesus stretched 
forth his honde, and caught him, and 
saide to hym, O thou of lytell fayth, 
wherfore diddest thou dout 1 

32 And as soone as they were come in 
to the shippe, the winde ceassed. 

33 Then they, that were in the shyppe, 
cam, and worshypped him, sayinge. Of a 
truth, thou arte the sonne off God. 

34 And when they were come over, 
they went in to the londe of Genazareth. 

35 And when the men of that place 
had knowledge of him, they sent out in 
to all that countre rounde about ; and 
brouo-ht vnto him all that were sicke. 

36 And besought him, that they mygbt 
touche the border of hys vesture only ; 
and as many as touched hytt were made 


GOTHIC, 360. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

Chap. XV.^ i Da comon to him fram 
Hierusalem da boceras aud Fariseisce, 
and cwsedon, 

2 Hwi forgj'majj dine leorning-cnihtas 
ure yldreua lage 1 ne )nvea}) hi hyra 
handa, donne hig mete jiicgeajj. 

3 Da andsworode he him and [cwa:!}^^] 
Hw forgyme ge Godes bebod for eowre 

4 Witodlice God cwse]), Wm-jja dinne 
fffider and m5dor, and se de wyrigjj hys 
fseder and m5dor, swelte se deajje. 

5 S5})lice ge cweda}), Swa hwylc swa 
seg{) hys ffedei- and medcr, Swa hwylc 
lac swa of me is, frema|) de ; 

6 And ne weor])ia}) fa?dcr and modor ; 
and ge for naht dydon Godes bebod for 
eowre lage. 

7 La licceteras, wel be eow witegode 
Isaias, se Avitega, da he cwsejj, 

8 Dis folc me mid welenim weor])a}),'''. . 
.... and hyra heorte is feorr fram me ; 

9 Butan intingan hig me wur})ia|), and 
Iserajj manna lara. 

10 And he da, dam mencgum togjedcre 
geclypedum, dus cwjbJj, Gehyraj), and 

1 1 Ne besmit done mann, dset on hys 
mu)j gse)) ; ac hyne besmit, diet of hys 
mujje gsej>. 

T2 Da gcnealjchton hys Icorning-cniht- 
as and cwsedon, Wast du, dipt da Far- 
iseiscean synt gedrefcde, disum wurde 
gehyredum 1 

13 Da andswarode he him, JE'lc plant- 
ung, de min hcofenlica faeder ne plant- 
ode, by)> awurtwalod. 

14 Leeta]? hi ; hig synt blindc, and 
blindra latteowas. Se blinda gyf lie 
blindne Iset, hig fcalla]) bcgcn on senne 

15 Da andswarode him Pctrus''' . . ., 
A'rece us dis bigspcU. 

XV. I-I5.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

Chap. XV, 1 Thanne scribis and 
Pharisees camen 1113 to hym fro Jerusa- 
lem, seyinge, 

2 Wlii tin disciplis ouerpassen''' the 
tradiciouns^ of elder men 1 for thei 
washen nat hondis, whenne thei eten 

3 Sothcly he answerynge seith to hem, 
And whi and 56 breken the maunde- 
ment of God for joure tradicioun 1 

4 For whi God seide, Hououre thi fadir 
and thi modir, and he that cursith fadir 
or modir, dye he by deth. 

5 But je seyn, Who euere shal saye to 
fadir or modir, What euere jifte is of 
me, it shal profite to thee ; 

6 And he hath not worshipid his fadir 
or modir ; and ■^e han made the maunde- 
ment of God voide''" for 5oure ti-adicioun. 

7 Ipocritis, Ysay, the prophete, pro- 
pheciede wel of 30U, seyinge, 

8 This peple honoureth me with lippis, 
forsothe her herte is fer fro me ; 

9 Trewly thei worshipen me with outen 
cause, teohyuge the doctrines and 
maundements of men. 

10 And the cumpanyes of peple clepid 
to gidre to hym, he seide to hem, Heere 
je, and vnderstonde. 

11 Nat that thing that entrith in to 
the mouth, defoulith a man ; but that 
thing that cummeth forth fro the mouth, 
defoulith a man, 

12 Thanne his disciplis cummynge ni3 
seiden to hym, Wost thou, that, this 
word herd, Pharisees ben sclaundrid 1 

13 And he answerynge seith, Euery 
plantynge, the whiche my fadir of heuen 
hath nat plantid, shal be drawen vp by 
the roote. 

1 4 Suffre 36 hem ; thei ben blynde, 
and lederis of blynde men. Sothely 3if 
a blynd man 3eue ledynge to a blynd 
man, bothe fallen doun in to the diche. 

15 Forsothe Peti'e answerynge saide to 
hym, Expoun to vs this parable. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


Chap, XV. i Then cam to Jesus 
scrybes and Pharises from Jerusalem, 

2 Why do thy disciples transgresse the 
tradicions of the seniours 1 for they 
wesshe not there hondes, when they eate 

3 He answered and sayde vnto them, 
Why do ye also transgresse the com- 
maundment of God thorowe youre tx'a- 
dicions 1 

4 For God commauuded, sayinge, Hon- 
oure thy father and moder, and he that 
speaketh evyll ayeynst hys father or 
mother, shall suffer deeth. 

5 But ye sale, Every man shall sale to 
his father or mother. Whatsoever thyng 
I offer, that same doeth profyt the ; 

6 And so shal he not honoure hys 
father and mother ; and thus have ye 
made that the commaundment of God is 
with out effecte through youre tradicions. 

7 Yypocrites, wel prophesied off you, 
Esay, sayinge, 

8 This people draweth nie vnto me 
Avith there mouthes, and honoureth me 
with their lippes, yet their hert is farre 
from me ; 

9 But in vaine thei worshippe me, 
teachinge doctrine which is nothing but 
mens precepts, 

10 And he called the people vnto him, 
and saide to them, Heare, and vnder- 

1 1 That which goeth in to the mougth, 
defyleth not a man ; but that which 
commeth out of the mougth, defyleth 
the man, 

12 Then cam his disciples and sayde 
vnto hym, Perceavest thou, howe that 
the Pharyses are offended, hearinge thys 
saynge ] 

T 3 He answered and sayde, All plantes, 
which my hevenly father hath nott 
planted, shalbe plucked vppe by the 

14 Lett them alone ; they be the blynde 
ledders of the blynde. If the blynde 
leede the blinde, boothe shall Ml in to 
the dyche. 

15 Then answered Peter and sayd to 
him, Declare vnto vs thys parable. 


GOTHIC, 360. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

16 Da andswarode he him, And synt 
ge gyt butan andgyte 1 

1 7 Ne ongyte ge, dset eall dxt on done 
mu|) gsej), gsej) on da wambe, and by]) on 
forbofans: asend 1 

18 S5j)lice da ]>mg de of dam mu))e 
gaj), eunia]) of doere heortan, and da 
besmitaj) done mann. 

1 9 Of dfere heortan cuma]) yfle gejjanc- 
as, mann-slyhtas, unriht-hsemedu, for- 
ligru, stala,''' lease gewitnyssa, tallice 

20 Dis synt da ))ing de done mann 
besmita)) ; ne besmit done mann^ deah 
he un])\vogenum handum ete.^ 

21 And da ferde se Haelend danon, on 
Tyi-isce and Sidonisce endas. 

22 And efne ! da of dam Chananeiscum 
gcnicerum clypode sum wif, and cwi\?)), 
Drihten, Dauides suuu, gemiltsa me ; 
min dohtor ys yfle mid deofle gedreht. 

23 Da ne ge-andswarode he hyre. Da 
gcnealsehton hys leorning-cnihtas and 
him to cwsedon, Forlset hig, fordam heo 
clypaj) sefter us. 

24 Da andswarode he, Ne eom ic asend, 
buton to dam sceapun de forwurdon of 
Israhela huse. 

25 Da com heo, and hig to him gebsed, 
and dus cwa?)), Drihten, gefylst nie. 

26 Da cwiujj he, Nys hit na god da^t 
man nime bearna hlaf, and hiindum 

27 Da cwtef) heo, Drihten, d;ot ys 
s5|' ; witodlice da hwelpas ctaj) of dam 
crumum, de of h}Ta lilaforda beodum 

28 Da andswarode Drihten hjn-e, Eala! 
du wif, mycel ys din gelcafa ; gcwurde 
de, ealswa du wyllc. And da of d;ere 
tide wses hyre d5htor hal gewordcn. 

29 Da se Hselcnd danon ferde, eft he 
com wid da Galilciscean sae. And astah 
on done munt, and da?r sfet. 

30 Da. gcnealsehton him to myccle 
menegu, mid him hsebbende manega 

XV. i6-3o.] WYCXIFJ-E, 1389. 

16 And he seide, 3it and ■^e ben with- 
out vnderstondyng 1 

17 Whei- 56 vndevstonde nat, that al 
thing that entrith in to the mouth, goth 
in to the wombe, and is sent out in to 
the goyng awey 1 

18 But tho thingis tliat cummen forth 
fro the mouth, gon out of the herte, and 
tho thingus defoulen a man. 

19 For of the herte gon out yuel 
thou3tis, mansleayngis, auoutries, forni- 
caciouns, theftis, fals witnessis, blas- 

20 These thingis it ben that defoulen 
a man ; sothely for to ete with hondis 
vnwashen, defouleth not a man, 

21 And Jhesus gon out fro thennys, 
wente into parties of Tyre and Sidon. 

22 And loo ! a womman of Canane 
gon out of the costis, cryede, seyinge to 
hym, Lord, the son of Dauid, haue 
mercye on me ; my dou3ter is yuel tra- 
ueilid of a deuyh 

23 The whiche answerid nat to hir o 
word. And his discipHs cummynge to 
preyeden hym, seyinge, Leeue thou hire, 
for she crieth after vs. 

24 Forsothe he answerynge seith, I am 
nat sent, no but to the sheep of the hous 
of Yrael that perishiden. 

25 Bot she came, and wirshipide hym, 
seyinge. Lord, help me. 

26 The whiche answeiynge seith, It is 
nat good for to take the breed of sonys, 
and sende to houndis. 

27 And she seide, ^he, Lord; forwhi 
and the litel whelpis eten of the crum- 
mys, that fallen douu fro the bord of 
her lordis. 

28 Thanne Jhesus answeringe seith to 
hir, ! thou womman, thi feith is grete ; 
be it don to thee, as thou wolt. And 
hir dou3ter was heelid fro that hour. 

29 And whenne Jhesus hadde passide 
thennes, he came bisidis the see of Gali- 
lee. And he steiynge in to an hyl, sat 

30 And many cumpanyes camen ni3 to 
hym, hauynge with hem doumbe men 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


16 Then sayde Jesus, Are ye yett with 
outen vnderstondinere 1 

17 Perceave ye not, that whatsoever 
goeth in at the mouth, descendeth doune 
in to the bely, and ys cast out in to the 
draught 1 

18 Butt those thinges which precede 
out of the mought, come from the herte, 
and they dyffyle a man. 

19 For out of the herte come evyll 
thoughtes, murder, breakyng of wed- 
locke, whordom, theefte, falce witnes- 
berynge, blasphemy. 

20 These are the thinges which defyle 
a man ; but to eate with vnwesshen 
hondes, defyleth nott a man. 

21 And Jesus went thence, and de- 
parted in to the costes of Tire and Sidon. 

22 And beholde ! a woman which was 
a Cananyte cam out of the same coostes, 
and cryed vnto him, saynge. Have mercy 
on me, Lorde, the sonne off Dauid ; my 
doughter is pytiously vexed with a 

23 And he gave her never a worde to 
answer. Then cam to him his disciples 
and besought him, sayinge, Sende her 
awaye, for she foloeth vs cryinge. 

24 He answered and sayde, I am not 
sent, but vnto the loost shepe of the 
housse of Isi-ahel. 

25 Then she cam, and worshypped 
him, sayinge, Master, sucker me. 

26 He answered and saide, It is not 
good to take the childrens breed, and to 
cast it to whelpes. 

27 She answered and saide, It is 
truthe ; neverthe lesse the whelppes eate 
of the crommes, which fall from there 
masters table. 

28 Then Jesus answered and sayde vnto 
her, ! woman, greate ys thy fayth ; 
be hit to the, even as thou desyrest. 
And her doughter was made whole even 
at that same tyme. 

29 Then Jesus went awaye from thence, 
and cam nye vnto the see of Galyle. 
And went vppe in to a mountayne, and 
sat doune there. 

30 And moche people cam vnto hym, 
havinge with them halt, blinde, domne. 


GOTHIC, 360. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

healte and blintle, aud wanhale, and 
manega odre ; and aledon to hys fotum, 
and he geliselde da, 

31 Swa dfet da moenegu wundredon, 
geseonde dumbe spi'ecende, healte gang- 
ende, blindc geseonde ; and big msers- 
odon Israhela God.^ 

32 Da cwpe]> se Heelend, togffidere ge- 
clypedura his leorning-cnihtum, Disse 
nienegu ic gemiltsige, fordam big |ny 
dagas mid me wunodon, and big nabl)- 
a)) bwset big eton ; and ic big nelle 
fsestende forlsetan, de-lses big on wege 

33 Da cwsedon hys leorning-cnibtas, 
Hwar nime we swa fela blafa on dis 
westene, dait we gefyllan swa mycele 
msenegu 1 

34 Da cwfej) be, Hii fela blafa bsebbe 
ge 1 Da cwsedon big, Seofon, and feawa 

35 And be bebead da dset seo menegu 
stete ofer dsere eorj'an. 

36 And he nam da da seofon blafiis, 
and da fixas, and brrec, and scalde bys 
leorning-cnihtum ; and big sealdon dam 

37 And big seton ealle, and wseron 
gefyllede, and doet tolafe wa^s of dam ge- 
brote, big namon seofon wilian fulle. 

38 AVitodlice da doer fcton wseron feo- 
wer Jjilsend manna, butan clldum and 

39 And be foi'let dti da menegu, and 
code on scyp, and com on da endas 

Chap. XVI. ■•■ i And da geneal.nebton 
him to Farisei and Saducci and bync 
costodon, and btcdon da-t be him sum 
tacen of heofone aitjhvde. 

2 Da andswarode be him and cwa?|), 
On sefen ge cwcdaj), To morgen byt by)> 
smyltc weder, dcs heofon ys read ; 

3 And on morgen ge cwcda)', To da?g 

XV. 3 1. -XVI. 3.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

and crokid, feble and blynde, and many 
othir; and castiden hem doun at his 
feet. And he helide hem, 

31 So that the cumpanycs wondriden, 
seeynge doumbe men si)ekynge, and 
crokid goyng-e, blynd men seeynge ; and 
thei magnyfieden God of Yrael. 

32 Sothely Jhesns, his disciplis gedered 
to gider, seide, I haue rewthe of the 
cumpany of peple, for now the thridde 
day thei dwellen still with me, and thei 
ban not thing whiche thei shulen ete ; 
and Y wole nat leeue hem fastynge, lest 
thei fallen in the weye. 

33 And the disciplis seyen to hym, 
Therfore wherof so many loonys to vs 
in desert, that we fulfiUe so grete a 
cumpany e of peple 1 

34 And Jhesus seith to hem, Hon 
many loouys ban 566 ? And thei seiden, 
Seuene, and a few smalle fishis. 

35 And he comaundide to the cumpany, 
that thei shulde sitt to the mete vpon 
the erthe. 

36 And be takynge seueri looues, and 
fishis, and doynge thonkyngis, brak, and 
5aue to his disciplis ; and disciplis 3auen 
to the peple. 

37 And alle eten, and weren fulfillid, 
and thei token that that was oner of 
relyues, seuene lepis fixlle. 

38 Forsothe thei that eten weren foure 
thousand of men, with outen litil chil- 
dren and wemmen. 

39 And, the cumpanye of peple laft, 
be styede vp in to a boot, and cam into 
the coostis of Magedan. 

Chap. XVI. i And Pharisees and 
Saduceis temptynge him camen ni3 to 
hym, and preiden hym for to shewe to 
hem a tokene fro teuene. 

2 And be answerynge seith to hem. 
The eeuenynge maad, ^e seien. It shal 
be cleer, for the heuene is lijk to reed ; 

3 And the morwe, To day tempest, for 

TYNDALE, 1526. 81 

maymed, and other many; and cast 
them doune at Jesus fete. And he healed 

3 r In so moche that the people won- 
dred, to se the domne speake, the maym- 
ed whole, the halt to go, and the blinde 
to se; and they glorifyed the God of 

32 Jhesus called his disciples to him, 
and saide, I have compassion on the 
people, because they have contynued 
with me nowe iij dayes, and have uo- 
thinge to eate ; and I wyll not let them 
departe fastinge, leste they perisshe in 
the waye. 

33 And his disciples sayd vnto him. 
Whence shuld we get so moche breed in 
the wyldernes, as shulde suffyse so greate 
a multitude 1 

34 And Jesus sayde vnto them, Howe 
many loves have ye 1 And they seyde, 
Seven, and a feawe fysshes. 

35 And he commaunded the people, to 
syt doune on the grounde. 

36 And toke the seven loves, and the 
fysshes, and gave thankes, and brake 
them, and gave to hys disciples ; and 
his disciples gave them to the ijeoj^Ie. 

37 And they all ate, and were suffysed, 
and they toke yppe of the broken meate 
that was lefte, vij basketes full, 

38 They that ate were iiij M. men, be- 
syde wemen and chyldren. 

39 And he sent awaye the people, and 
toke shyppe, and cam in to the parties 
of Majrdala. 

Chap. XVI. i Then cam to hym the 
Pharises with the Saduces also and dyd 
tenipte hym, desyi'inge that be wold 
shewe them some signe fi-om heveu. 

2 He answered and sayde vnto them, 
Att even, ye saye. We shall have fa}Te 
wedder, and that because the skye ys 
reed ; 

3 In the niorninge ye saye. To daye 



GOTHIC, 360. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

hyt by}> hreoh wcdcr, deos lyft scTnl> 
unwederlice. Nu cunne ge tocnawan 
heofones liiw, witotllice ge ne magoa 
witan dvevd tida tucnu. 

4 Seo yfele cneoryss and unryht-hsem- 
eude taccu sec|) ; and hyre ne by)> 
geseald, biiton lonas tacen, cta^s witegaii. 
And, him forlaitenum, he ferde. 

5 And da his leorning-cnihtas comon 
ofer ctone niu])au, hig forgeton daet hig 
hlilfas namon. 

6 And da ssede he, Gyma)), and warn- 
ial^ fram dam beorman Fariseorum and 

7 Da j)ohton hig betwux him, and 
cwsedon, Namon we hlafas mid us 1 

8 Da se Hselend wiste hyra gel^ancas, 
he cwa?J) to him, Hwtet ))ence ge betwux 
eow lytles geleafan, dait ge hlafas nabb- 

9 Ne understande ge gyt, ne ge ne 
gejjenceajj d;x3i-a fif hhifa and fif |)usend 
manna, and hu fela wyligena ge namon ] 

10 Ne dsera seofon hlafa and feower 
})usend manna, and hu fela wyligena ge 
namon 1 

1 1 Hwi ne ongyte ge gyt, daet ic ne 
saede be hlafe, Warnia}) fram dam beorm- 
an Fariseoi'um and Saduceorum ? 

12 Da ongeton hig, doet he ne ssede, 
warniajj fram hlafa beorman, ac fram 
lare Fariseorum and Saduceorum.^ 

13 Witodlice da com se Hselend on da 
dselas Cesareas Philippi, and ahsode hys 
leorning-cnihtas, Hwfene secgea]) menu 
dset sy mannes sunu 1 

14 Da cwsedon hig, Sume lohannem 
done FuUuhtere ; sume Heliam ; sume 
Hieremiam, odde an daera witegeua.^ 

1 5 Da saede he, Ilwajt secge ge dait ic 

16 Da andswarode him Petrus, Du eart 
daes lyfigeudes Godes sunu. 

17 Da andswarode him se HscIcnd, 

XVI. 4-1 7-] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

heuen shyneth lieuy.t Therfore 50 han 
knowe to deme wisely the face of heuen, 
but 36 moweu not wite the tokenys of 

4 The yuel generacioun and avowtrer 
sekith a tokne ; and a tokene shal nat 
be 5ouen to it, no but the tokne of 
Jonas, the prophete. And, heni forsaken, 
he wente awey. 

5 And whenne his disciplis camen ouer 
the see, thei for3aten for to take loouys. 

*6 The whiche seide to hem, Beholde 5e, 
and beth war of the sourdowj of Phari- 
sees and Saducees. 

7 And thei thou5ten amonge hem, sei- 
ynge, For we han nat taken loouys. 

8 Forsothe Jhesus witynge seide to 
hem. What thenken 5e amonge 50U of 
litil feith, for 36 han nat loouys ? 

9 3it 36 vndirstonden nat, nether han 
mynde of fyue loouys in to fyue thou- 
sand of men, and. hou many cofyns 36 
token 1 

10 Trewly nether of seuen loouys in to • 
four thousand of men, and hou many 
lepis 566 token 1 

1 1 Whi vndirstonden 30 nat, for I seide 
nat to 30U of breed. Be 3e war of sour- 
dow3 of Pharisees and of Saducees 1 

12 Thanne thei vnderstoden, that he 
seide nat to be war of sourdow3 of 
loouys, bote of the techynge of Pharisees 
and Saducees. 

13 Sothely Jhesus came in to the 
parties of Cesarie of Philip, and axide 
his disciplis, seyinge, Whom seyn men 
to ben mannes sone ? 

1 4 And thei seiden, Summe Joon Bap- 
tist ; other forsothe Hely ; but other 
Jeremye, or oon of the prophetis. 

15 Jhesus seith 10 hem, Sothely whom 
seien 36 me to be ? 

1 6 Symon Petre answerynge seide, Thou 
art Crist, the sone of God lyuynge. 

17 Forsothe Jhesus answerynge seide 

TYNDALE, 1526. 83 

shalbe foule wedder, and that because 
the skye ys troubbelous and reed. ' O ye 
ypocrytes, ye can discerne the fassiou 
of the skye, and can ye not discerne the 
sygnes of the tymes 1 

4 The frowarde nacion and advoutrous 
seketh a sygne ; there shall nonother 
sygne be geven vnto them, but the sygne 
off the prophet Jonas. So lefte he them, 
and departed. 

5 And when his disciples were come to 
the other side of' the water, they had 
forgotten to take breed with them. 

6 Then Jesus sayd vnto them. Take 
hede, and beware of the leven" of the 
Pharises and of the Saduces. 

7 They thought a monge them selves, 
sayinge, We have brought no breed with 

8 When Jesus vnderstode that, he sayd 
vnto them, O ye of lytell fayth, why 
are youre mindes cumbred because ye 
have brought no breed ? 

9 Do ye not yet perceave, nether re- 
member those V lovesse when there were 
V M. men, and howe many baskettes toke 
ye vp ] 

10 Nether the vij loves when there 
were iv M. and howe many baskettes 
toke ye vppe 1 

1 1 Why perceave ye not then, that Y 
spake not vnto you of breed when I 
sayde, Beware off the leven of the Pha- 
rises and of the Saduces 1 

12 Then vnderstode they, howe that 
he bad not them beware of the leven of 
breed, butt of the doctryne of the Pha- 
rises and of the Saduces. 

1 3 When Jesus cam in to the coostes 
of the cite which is called Cesarea Phi- 
lippi, he axed hys disciples, sayinge. 
Whom do men saye that I the sonne of 
man am ? 

14 They saide. Some saye that thou 
arte Jhon Baptist ; some Helyas ; some 
Jeremias, or won of the prophetes. 

15 He seyde vnto them, But whom 
saye ye that I am? 

16 Symon Peter answered and sayde, 
Thou arte Crist, the sonne of the livynge 


17 And Jesus answered and sayde to 

G 2 


GOTHIC, 360. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

Eadig eart du, Simon culfran beam j 
fordam hit de ne onwrcali flsesc ne bl5d, 
ac min feeder de on hcofenum ys. 

1 8 And ic secge de, daet du eart Petrus, 
and ofer disne stan ic timbrige mine 
cyi'icean, and belle gatu ne miigon ongen 

1 9 And de ic sylle heofona rices csegia ; 
and swa bwtet swa du ofer eor|)an ge- 
bindst, diet by}) on beofonum gebundcn ; 
and swa bwset swa du unblndst ofer 
eorj^an, dnet by]) unbunden on beofonum. 

20 Da bebead se HEelend bys leorning- 
cnibtum, da?t big nanum menu ne SBedon, 
dset be wsere Hselend Crist. 

21 Syddan be ongan swutelian bya 
leorniug-cnibtum, deet be wolde faran to 
Hierusalem, and fela ))inga ))olian fi-am 
yldrum, and bocei'um, and ealdor-mau- 
num daera sacerda ; and beon ofslegen, 
and dy ))ryddan daege arisan. 

22 And da genam Peti'us byne on-sun- 
dron, and cwa^]; to bim, Dribten, ne 
gewurde dset. 

23 Da beseah he byne, and cwa^]) to 
Petre, Gang bseftan me, Satanas ; wider- 
rsede dii eart me ; fordam du nast da 
))ing de synd Godes, ac da de synt 
manna. + 

24 Da ssede se Hselend bys Icorning- 
cnihtum, Gyf hwa wylle fyligean me, 
widsace byne sylfne, and nyme bys rode, 
and me fylige ; 

25 Sojjlice se de wyle bys sawle hale 
gedon, be big forspil|) ; and se de wyle 
big for me forspyllan, se big fint. 

26 Hwaet fremaj) sencgum menn, deah 
he ealne middan-eard gestryne, gyf he 
bys sawle forwjTd {jolaj)? odde bwylc 
gewrixl syl)) se mann for bys sawle 1 

27 Witodlice mannes sunu ys to cum- 
ennc on liys feeder wuldre, mid hys 
englum, and donne agylt segbwylcum be 
hys ageimm weorce.''' 

28 Sojjlice ic secge eow, sume synt her 
standendc, de dea]) ne onbyrigeaj), aer 

XVI. 18-28.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

to hym, Blessid art thou, Symon Bar- 
iona ;+ for flesh and blood shewide nat 
to thee, but my fadir that is in heuenes. 

18 And Y seye to thee, for thou art 
Petre, and vpon this stoon I shal bilde 
my churche, and the 5atis of helle shulen 
nat han mi3t''" a3eins it. 

19 And to thee I shal 5eue the keies 
of the kyugdam of heuenes ; and what 
euer thou shalt bynde vpon erthe, shal 
be bounden and in heuenes ; and what 
euer thou shalt vnbynde vpon erthe, shal 
be vnbouuden and in heuenes. 

20 Thanne he comaundide to his dis- 
ciplis, that thei shulden seie to no man, 
that he was Crist. 

2 1 Fro that tyme Jhesus bygan for to 
shewe to his disciplis, that it byhouith 
hym to go to Jerusalem, and sufFre 
many thingus of the eldris, and scribis, 
and princis of prestis ; and be sleyn, and 
the thridde day ryse vp ajein. 

22 And Petre, takynge hym to, began 
for to blame hym, seyiuge, Fer be it fro 
thee. Lord j this thing shal not be to 

23 The whiche, turnyd, seide to Petre, 
Sathanas, go after me ; thou art sclaundre 
to me ; for thou sauerist nat^ tho thingis 
that ben of God, but tho thingis that 
ben of men. 

24 Thanne Jhesus seide to his disciplis, 
5if eny mail wole cume after me, denye 
he hym self, and take his crosse, and 
sue me ; 

25 For he that wole make his soule 
saaf,''' shal lese it ; forsothe he that shal 
lese his soule ■*■ for me, shal fynde it. 

26 Sothely what pi'ofitith it to a man, 
jif he Wynne al the world, trewly he 
suflFre peyi-ynge of his soule ? or what 
chaungyuge shal a man jeue for his 
soule ? 

27 For mannes sone is to come in 
glorie of his fadir, with his angelis, and 
thanne he shal 3elde to euery man aftir 
his workis. 

28 Treuly I seie to 30U, there ben 
summe of men stondynge heer, the 

TYNDALE, 1526. 85 

him, Happy arte thou, Simon the soune 
of Jonas ; for fleshe and bloud have 
nott opened vnto the that, butt my father 
which is in heven. 

18 And I saye also vnto the, that thou 
arte Peter, and apon this roocke I wyll 
bylde my congregacion, and the gates 
off hell shall nott prevayle a geynst it. 

19 And I wyll geve vnto the the keyes 
of the kyngdom of heven ; and whatso- 
ever thou byndest vppon erth, yt shall be 
bounde in heven ; and whatsoever thou 
lowsest on erthe, yt shalbe lowsed in 

20 Then he charged his discijiles, that 
they shulde tell no man, that he was 
Jesus Christ. 

21 From that tyme forth Jesus began 
to shewe vnto hys disciples, howe that 
he must go vnto Jerusalem, and suffer 
many thinges of the seniores, and of the 
hye prestes, and of the scribes ; and 
must be killed, and ryse agayne the 
thirde daye. 

22 Peter toke him a side, and began 
to rebuke hym, sayinge. Master, faver 
thy sylfe ; this shall not come vnto the. 

23 Then tourned he aboute, and sayde 
vnto Peter, Go after me, Satan ; thou 
offendest me ; because thou perceavest 
nott godly thynges, but worldly thinges. 

24 Jesus then sayde to hys discii)les, 
Yf eny man wyll folowe me, leet hym 
forsayke hym sylfe, and take hys crosse, 
and folowe me ; 

25 For who soever wyll save hys lyfe, 
shall loose yt ; and whosoever shall loose 
hys lyfe for my sake, shall fynde yt. 

26 Whatt shall hit proffet a man, yf he 
shulde wyn all the whoole worlde, so he 
loose hys owne soule 1 or els what shall 
a man geve to redeme hys soule agayne 
with all ? 

27 For the sonne off man shall come 
in the glory of hys father, with hys 
angels, and then shall he rewarde every 
man accordiuge to hys dedes. 

28 Verely I saye vnto you, some there 
be a monge them that here stonde. 


GOTHIC, 360. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

hig geseon mannes sunu cumendne on 
hys foeder rice. 

Chap. XVII. i And sefter six dagiim 
nam se Heelend Petnim, and lacobum, 
and lohannem, hys brodor, and Isedde 
hig on-sundron on senne heahne muut, 

2 And he wses gehiwod beforan him. 
And his ansyn scean swa swa sunne ; 
and hys reaf wseron swa hwite swa 

3 And efne ! da setywde Moyses and 
Helias, mid him spvecende. 

4 Da cwse}) Petrus to him, Drihten, god 
ys us her to beonne. Gyf du wylt, uton 
wyrcean her |)reo eardung-st5wa 3 de 
ane, Moyse ane, and Helie ane. 

5 Him da gyt sprecendum, ands6))lice ! 
da beorht wolcn hig oferscean ; and da 
efne ! com stefn of dam wolcne, and cwa;)?, 
Her ys min leofa sunu, on dam me wel- 
geb'cajj ; gehyra]) hyne. 

6 And dii hig dis gehyrdon hys leorn- 
ing-cnihtas, hig feollon on hyra ansyne, 
and hym swyde ondrcdon. 

7 He genealsehte da, and hig aet-hran, 
and him to cwa3)>, A'risaj>, and ne on- 
drscdaj) cow. 

8 Da hig hyra eagan upp-ahofon, ne 
gesawon hig nsenne, buton done Hselend 

9 And da hig of dam munte codon, se 
Hselend hym behead, and dus cwa3|i, 
Nanum menu ne secgcan ge dis, scr 
mannes sunu of deaj^e arise.'*' 

10 And da axodon liys Icorning-cnilitas 
liync, Hwa^t sccgca]) da boceras, daet ge- 
byrige serest cuman Heliam 1 

1 1 Da andswarodc he hym, 'Witodlice 
Helias ys toweard, and he ge-edniwa|) 
ealle |>ing. 

12 S5|)Hce ic eow sccge, d»t Heh'as 
com, and hig hyne ne gecncowon, ac hig 
dydon ymbe hyne, swa liwa^t swa hig 
woldon ; and swa ys mannes sunu eac 
fram him to ))r6wigcnne. 

XVII. T -1 2.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

whiche shul nat taaste detli, til thei 
seen mannys sone cummynge in his 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


Chap. XVII. i And after sexe 
dayes Jhesus toke Petre, and Jamys, 
and Joon, his brothei', and ledde hem 
asydis in to an hi5 hill, 

2 And was transfigured'*' bifore hem. 
And his face schoon as the sunne ; for- 
sothe his clothis were maad Avhite as 

3 And lo ! Moyses and Helye apperiden 
to hem, spekynge with hym. 

4 Sothely Petre answerynge seid to 
Jhesu, Lord, it is good vs to be here. 
3if thou wolt, make we here three taber- 
naclis ; to thee oon, to Moyses oon, and 
oon to Helie. 

5 5it hym spekynge, loo ! a li3ty cloude 
shadewid hem ; and loo ! a vois of the 
cloude, seyinge. This is my derworth 
sone, in whom I haue wel pleside to 
me ; heere 56 hym. 

6 And the disciplis, heerynge, fellen 
doun in to her facis, and dredden gretely. 

7 And Jhesus came ni5, and touchide 
hem, and seide to hem, Ris vp, nyl je 

8 Forsothe thei, rysynge vp her ei5en, 
sawen no man, no but Jhesus aloon. 

9 And, hem cummynge doun fi-o the 
mounteyn, Jhesus comaundide hem, 
seyinge, Sale 36 to no man the visioun, 
til mannes sone ryse a3ein fro dead. 

10 And his disciplis axiden hym, sey- 
inge, What therfore seyn scribis, that it 
belioueth Hely fii'st come 1 

11 And he answerynge seith to hem, 
Forsothe Hely is to come, and he shal 
restore alle thingis. 

1 2 Treuly Y seye to 50U, that Hely is 
now comen, and thei knewen hym nat, 
but thei diden in hym, what euere thingis 
thei wolden ; so and mannys sone is to 
suffre of hem. 

whych shall nott taste of deeth, tyll 
they shall have sene the sonne of man 
come in hys kyngdome. 

Chap. XVII. i And affcr vj dayes 
Jhesus toke Peter, and James, and Jhon, 
hys bi-other, and brought them vppe 
into an hye mountayne out of the waye, 
2 And was transfygured before them. 
And hys face dyd shyne as the sun ; and 
hys clothes were as whyte as the light. 

■3 And beholde ! there appered vnto 
them Moses and Helyas, talkinge with 

4 Then answered Peter and sayde to 
Jesus, Master, here is good beinge for 
vs. Yff thou wylt, leet vs make here iij 
tabernacles ; won for the, and won for 
Moses, and won for Helyas. 

5 Whyll he yet spake, beholde ! a bright 
cloude shadowed them ; and lo ! a voice 
out of the cloude sayde, This is my deare 
sonne, in whon I delite j heare hym. 

6 And when the disciples herde that, 
they fell flatt on there faces, and were 
soore afrayed. 

7 And Jesus cam, and touched them, 
and sayde, Aryse, and be not a frayed. 

8 Then lyfte they vppe their eyes, and 
sawe no man, but Jesus only. 

9 And as they cam doune from the 
mountayne, he charged them, sayinge, 
Se that ye shewe thys vysion to no man, 
tyll the sonne of man be rysen agcyne 
from deeth. 

10 And hys disciples axed off him, 
sayinge, Why then saye the scribes, that 
Helias muste fyrst come 1 

1 1 Jesus answered and sayd vnto them, 
Helias shall fyrst come, and restore all 

1 2 And I saye vnto you, that Helias 
ys come alredy, and they knewe hym 
nott, butt have done vnto him, wliatso- 
ever they lusted ; in lyke wyse shall also 
the sonne of man suffre of them. 


GOTHIC, 360. 

ANGLO-SAXON, gg^- [St. Matt. 

13 DcX ongeton bys leorning-cnihtas, 
dset he hyt saede be lobanne dam FuU- 

14 And da be com to da?re mencgii, 
bim to genealsebte sum mann, gebigedum 
cneowum toforan bim, and cwaB]?, 

15 Diibten, gemiltsa minmn suna, ford- 
am de be ys fylle-seoc, and yfel Jjobi)), oft 
be fyljj on fyr, and gelomlice on wsetcr. 

16 And ic brobte byne to dinum leorn- 
ing-cnibtum, and big ne mibton byne 

17 Da andswarode be bim, EaL% ge 
ungeleaffulle and })wyre encores ; bu lange 
bco ic mid eow 1 bii lange forbere ic 
eow 1 Bringa]? byne to me hider. 

1 8 And da ])reade se Hselend byne, and 
se deofol byne forlet ; and ae cnapa wses 
of dsere tide gebseled. 

1 9 Da genealsehton bys leorning-cnibtas 
bim to, and bim to cwsedon digbce, Hwi 
nc mybte we byne ut-adrifan ] 

20 Da cwse)) be, For byra ungelcafful- 
nesse. S6|)lice on eornost ic eow secge, 
gyf ge bsefdon gcleaftin, swa sencpcs 
corn, and ge cwsedon to dissum munte. 
Far beouone, donne ferde be ; and eow 
ne byjj senig })ingunmihtelic; 

2 1 So))Hce dis cynn ne by)) ut-adryfen, 
buton |5urb gebed and fsesten. 

22 Da big wunedon on GaHlea, da 
cwaij) se Hivlend, Mannes sunu ys to 
syllenne on manna handa ; 

23 And big ofslea)) byne, and be anst 
on dam jn-iddan dsege. Da wurdon big 
Jjcarle ge-unrotsodc. 

24 And da bo com to Cafarnaum, da 
genealsebton to Petrc, da da;t gafol nam- 
on, and dus cwsedon, Eower bireow ne 
gylt be gafol 1 

25 Da cw3e)j be, Gyse be de|). And 
da be com into dam busc, dii cwfep se 
Hselend, Hwajt \nnc\> de, Symonf Mt 
bwam uima)j cyningas gafol odde toll 1 
of byra bearnum, bwteder de of frem- 
cdum 1 

26 Da cwajjj be, Of fremedum. Da 

XVir. 13-26.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

13 Thanne discipHs vndirstoclen, that 
of Joon Baptist he hadde seid to hem. 

14 And whanne he cam to the cum- 
panj'e of peple, a man cam to hym, 
foldid on knees bj'fore hym, seymge, 

1 5 Lord, haue mercy on my sone ; for 
he is lunatyke, and sufFrith yuel, for why 
oft tymys he faUith in to the fijr, and 
oft tymys in to water. 

16 And I ofFride hym to thi disciplis, 
and thei my3ten nat hele hym. 

17 Jhesus answerynge seith, A ! thou 
generacioun vnbyleeful, ■*■ and weiward ; 
hou longe shal I be with 50U 1 hou 
longe shal I suffre 30U 1 Brynge jee hym 
hidir to me. 

1 8 And Jhesus blamyde hym, and the 
deuel wente out fi-o hym ; and the child 
is helid fro that houre. 

19 Thanne disciplis camen ni5 to Jhesu 
priuyly, and seiden to hym, Whi mijte 
nat we casten hym out ? 

20 Jhesus seith to hem, For 5oure 
vnbyleue. Treuly I seie to 50U; 5if 50 
shulen haue feith, as a corn of seneuey, 
50 shulen seie to this hill. Passe thou 
hennus, and it shal passe; and no thing 
shal be impossible to 30U ; 

2 1 Forsothe this kynde is nat cast out, 
no but by preyinge and fastynge. 

22 Treuly, hem lyuynge togidre in 
Galilee, Jhesus seide to hem, Mannes 
sone is to be bitraied in to the hondis 
of men ; 

23 And thei shulen slea hym, and the 
thridde day he shal ryse a3ein. And 
thei ben maad ful sory. 

24 And whanne he came to Caphar- 
naum, thei that token tribut, camen to 
Petre, and seiden to hym, 5oure maister 
payeth nat tribute 1 

25 And he peith, 5he. And whenne 
he had entrid in to an house, Jhesus 
came bifore hym, seyinge, Symount, 
what semeth to thee 1 Of whiche taken 
the kyngis of erthe tribut ^^ of her owne 
eonys, ether of a,lyenys 1 ^" 

26 And he seide, Of other mennus 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


13 Then hys disciples perceaved, that 
he spake vnto them of Jhon Baptist. 

14 And when they were come to the 
people, ther cam to hym a certayne 
man, and kneled doune to hym, saynge, 

15 Master, have mercy on my sonne ; 
ffor he is franticke, and ys sore vexed, 
and oft tymes falleth into the fyre, and 
oft into the water. 

1 6 And I brought him to thy disciples, 
and they coulde not heale him. 

17 Jesus answered and sayde, O ! 
generacion faythles, and croked ; howe 
longe shall I be with you 1 how longe 
shall Y sufFre you ] Bryng him bidder 
to me. 

1 8 And Jhesus rebuked the devyll^, and 
he cam out ; and the child was healed 
even that same houre. 

19 Then came hys disciples secretly, 
and sayde, Why could not we cast him 

20 Jesus sayd vnto them, Because off 
youre vnbelfe. For I saye veryly vnto 
you, yflf ye had faythe, as a grayne off 
musterd seed, ye shuld saye vnto this 
mountayne, Eemeve hence to yonder 
place, and he shulde reraeve ; nether 
shuld eny thynge be vnpossyble for you 
to do ; 

21 But this kynde goeth not oute, 
butt by pryer and fiistynge. 

22 Whill they passed the tyme in 
Galile, Jesus sayde vnto them. The 
Sonne off man shalbe betrayed into the 
hondes off men ; 

23 And they shall kill hym, and the 
thyrd daye he shall ryse agayne. And 
they sorowed greatly. 

24 When they were come to Caper- 
naum, they that were wont to gadre 
poll money, cam to Peter, and sayde, 
Doth youre master paye tribute ? 

25 He sayd. Ye. And when he was 
come into the housse, Jesus spake fyrst 
to hym, sayng, What thynkest thou Si- 
mon 1 Of whome do the kynges off the 
erth take tribute, or poll money ? of 
their chyldren, or of straungers 1 

26 Peter sayde vnto hyme, Of straungers. 


GOTHIC, 360. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

cwaejj lie, Eornostlice da beam synt 

27 Deah-hwsedere dset we lii ne ge- 
unrotsigeon, gang to dsere sse, and wurp 
dinne angel ut, and nim done serestaa 
fisc ; and, liys muj? ge-opena, dii fintst 
senne wecg on him ; nim done, and syle 
for me and for de. 

Chap. XVIII.t i On drere tide ge- 
nealsehton liys leorning-cnihtas to dam 
Hselende, and cwsedon, Hwa, wenst du, 
ys yldra on lieofcna rice ? 

2 And da clypode se Hselend senne 
lytling, and gesette on liyra midlen ; 

3 And cwaej), S5j)lice ic secge eow, 
buton ge beon gecyrrede, and geword- 
ene swa swa lytlingas, ne ga ge on heof- 
ena rice. 

4 Swa liwylc swa liyne ge-eadmet swa 
des lytling, se ys niara on heofena rice. 

5 And swa liwylc swa anne dilicne 
lytling on niinum naman oiifcli]?, se on- 
feh)) me. 

6 Soj^lice se de beswicjj senne of dyssum 
lytlingum, de on me gelyfa)), betere him 
ys dset an cwyrn-stan si to hys swyran 
gecnytt, and si besenced on sues grund. 

7 Wa dysum middan-gearde, jjurh swic- 
domas ; neod ys, dtiet swycdomas cumon ; 
deali-liwfederc wa dam menu de swyc- 
dom J5urli liyne cym)). 

8 Gyf din hand odde din fot de swica]', 
accorf hyne of, and avvurp fram de. 
Betere de ys d«t dii ga wanhal, odde 
hcalt, to life, donne du hfebbe twa handa 
and twegen fet and sy on ece fyr asend. 

9 And gyf din eage de swTca]), ahola 
hyt ut, and awurp hyt fram de. Betere 
de ys mid anum eage on life to ganne, 
donne dii si mid twam asend on belle 

XVTI. 27.-XVIII. 9-] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

sonys. Jbesus seide to hym, Therfore 
sonys ben free. 

27 Forsotlie that we sclaundre nat 
hem, go thou to the see, and sende an 
hoke, and take the ilke fishe that first 
.cummeth vp ; and, his mouth opeuyd, 
thou shalt fynde stater ;■•■ thou takyng 
it, jeue to hem for me and for thee. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


Chap. XVIII. 1 In that hour the 
disciplis camen ni3 to Jhesus, seiynge. 
Who, gessist thou, is more in the kyng- 
dam of heuenes ? 

2 And Jhesus, clepynge to a litil child, 
putte hym in the mydil of hem ; 

3 And seide, I seie trewthe to 50U, no 
but 5if 36 shulen be turnyd, and maad 
as litil children, 56 shulen nat entren 
in to the kyngdam of heuenes. 

4 Therfore who euere shal meeke 
hym as this litil child, he is more in 
the kyngdam of heuenes. 

5 And he that resceyueth oon siche 
litil in my name, resceyueth me. 

6 Forsothe who shal sclaundre oon of 
these smale leste, that byleeuen in me, 
it spedith to hym that a myln stoon 
of assis be hanged in his neeke, and 
be drenchid in to the depnesse of the 

7 Woo to the world, for sclaundris ; 
treuly it is neede, that sclaundris come ; 
netheles woo to the ilk man by whom a 
sclaundre cometh. 

8 Forsothe jif thin bond or thi foot 
sclaundre thee, kitt it of, and kast awey 
fro thee. It is good to thee to entre in 
to lyf feble, other croked, than hauyuge 
two hondis or two feet to be sent in to 
euerlastynge fij^. 

9 And jif thin ei5e sclaundre thee, 
pulle it out, and cast awey fro thee. It 
is good to thee with oon ei5e to entre 
in to lyf, than hauynge two ei3en to be 
sente in to fijr of belle. 

Then sayd Jesus vnto hym agane, Then 
are the chyldren fre. 

27 Neverthelesse lest we shulde of- 
fende them, goo to the see, and cast in 
thyne angle, and take the fysshe that 
fyrst cometh vp; and, when thou hast 
opened his mouthe, thou shalt fynde a 
pece of twelve pens 3 that take and paye 
for me and the. 

Chap. XVIII. i The same tyme the 
disciples cam vnto Jesus, sayng. Who is 
the greatest in the kyngdom off heven 1 

2 Jesus called a chylde vnto hym, and 
set hym in the middes of them; 

3 And sayd, Verely I say vnto you, 
except ye tourne, and become as chil- 
dren, ye cannot enter into the kyngdom 
off heven. 

4 Whosoever therfore shall submit him 
silfe as this chylde, he is the greatest in 
the kyngdom of heven. 

5 And whosoever receaveth suche a 
chylde in my name, receaveth me. 

6 But whosoever offend won of these 
lytell wons, which beleve in me, yt were 
better for hym that a millstone were 
hanged aboute his necke, and that he 
were drouned in the depth of the see. 

7 Wo be vnto the world, because of 
evill occasions; hit is necessary, that 
evyll occasions be geven ; neverthelesse 
woo be to that man by whom evyll 
occasion commeth. 

8 Wherefore yff thy honde or thy fote 
geve the an occasion of evyll, cut hym 
of, and cast hym from the. Hit is 
better for the to enter into lyfe halt, or 
maymed, rather then thou shuldeste 
havynge two hondes or two fete be cast 
into everlastyng fyre. 

9 And yf also thyne eye offcnde the, 
plucke him oute. and caste hym from 
the. It is better for the to enter into 
lyfe with one eye, then havyng two eyes 
to be cast into hell fyre. 

GOTHIC, 360. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

10 Warnia|), dset ge ne oferhogian senile 
of dysum lytlingum de gelyftij) on me.''' . 

1 1 SoJ'lice mannes sunu com to gehael- 
amie dvet for wear J?. 

I 2 Hwset ys eow gej^uht 1 Gyf bwylc 
mann haeff) Iiund sceapa, and him losa}) 
an of dam, liu ne forlset he da nigon and 
hund nigontig on dam muntum, and 
geej) and secjj dset an de forwearj) ? 

13 And gyf hyt gelimpl^ dset he hyt 
f int, s5]jlice ic eow secge, diet he swydor 
geblissa]) for dam anum donne ofer da 
nigon and hund nigontig de na ne los- 

14 Swa nys willa beforan eowrum 
feeder de on heofeniim ys, dset an for- 
wurde of disum lytlingum.''' 

1 5 S5jjlice gyf din brodor syngaj) wid 
de, ga, and styr him, betwux de and him 
sylfum ; gyf he de gehyr]), du gesta})el- 
ast dinne brodor. 

16 Gyf he de ne gehyrji, nim donne 
gyt senne odde twegen to de, daet selc 
word stande on twegra odde jjreora 

17 Gyf he big ne gehyr]?, soege hyt 
gefeiTsedene. Gyf he big ne gebyr)?, 
si he de swa swa hseden and manfull. 

18 S6|)lice ic sccgc eow, swa hwylce 
swa ge gebinda}j ofer eorJ)an, da bcoj) 
gebundene on heofonum ; and swa Iiwyl- 
ce swa ge ofer eorjjan unbindaj>, da beoJ> 
on heofonum unbundene. 

19 Eft ic eow sccgc, gyf twegen of 
eow ge])W3eria)j ofer eor})an, be selcum 
))inge de big bidda)), hit gcwiu-)) him of 
minum feeder de on heofonum ys. 

20 Dser twegen odde ))ry synt on min- 
um naman gegaderode, daer ic com on 
hyra midlcne. 

21 Da gcnealcEhte Pctriis to him, and 
cwse}), Dribtcn, gyf min brodor syngaj) 
wid me, mot ic him forgyfan? Od seofon 
sidas ? 


10 Se 56, that 5e dispise nat oon of 
these litile. Trewly I seie to 50U, that 
the angelis of hem in heuenes seen euer- 
more the face of my fadir that is in 

11 Forsothe mannys sone came for to 
saue tliat thing tliat perishide. 

12 What semeth to 50U ? ^if ther 
weren to summan an hundrid sheep, 
and oon of hem shall erre, wher he shal 
nat leeue nynty and nyne in desert, 
and shal go for to seeke that that 
erride 1 

13 And if it befalle that he fynde it, 
trewly I seie to 50U, for he shal ioye 
theron more than of nynty and nyne 
that erriden nat. 

14 So it is nat will before youre fadir 
that is in heuenes, that oon of these litil 

15 Forsoth 5if thi brother shal synne 
in thee, go thou, and reproue hym,^ 
bitwixe thee and hym aloone ; 5if he 
shal heere thee, thou hast wonnen thi 

16 Trewly jif he shal nat heere thee, 
take with thee oon or two, that euery 
word stonde in the mouthe of two or 
three witnessis. 

17 That 5if he shal nat heere hem, 
seie thou to the chirche. Forsothe jif 
he shal not heere the chirche, be hee to 
thee as an hethen and a puplicane. 

18 I seie to 50U trewli, what euere 
thingis 5ee shulen bynde vpon erthe, 
tho shulen be bounden and in heuenes ; 
and what euere thingis 5ee shulen vn- 
bynde vpon erthe, tho shulen be vn- 
bounden and in heuenes. 

1 9 Effcsoone I seie to 50U, that 5if two 
of 50U shulen consente on the erthe, of 
euery thinge whateuer thei shulen axe, 
it shal be don to hem of my fadir that 
is in heuenes. 

20 For where two or three shulen be 
gedrid in my name, ther I am in the 
midil of hem. 

21 Thanne Petre, cummynge ni3 to 
hym, seide. Lord, hou ofte shal my 
brother synne in me, and I shal forjeue 
hym 1 Whether to seuen tymes ? 

TYNDALE, 1526. 93 

10 Se, that ye despise not won of these 
litell wons. For I saye vnto you, thatt 
in heven their angels behold the face of 
my fader which ys in heven. 

11 Ye and the sonne of man is come 
to save that which is lost. 

1 2 How thynke ye ? Yf a man had an 
hondred shepe, and one of them shuld 
goo astray, will he not leve nynty and 
nyne in the mountains, and go and seke 
that won which is gone astray 1 

13 If it happen that he fynd him, 
veryly I say vnto you, he reioyseth 
more of that shepe then of the nynty 
and nyne which went not astray. 

1 4 Even so hit is nott the wyll of youre 
father in heuen, that won off this lytell 
wons shulde perishe. 

15 Moreover yf thy brother trespas 
ayenst the, go, and tell hym his faute, 
betwene hym and the alone ; yf he 
heare the, thou hast wone thy brother. 

1 6 But yf he heare the not, then take 
with the won or two, that in the mouth 
of two or thre witnesses all sainges maye 

1 7 Yf he heare not them, tell hit vnto 
the congregacion. Yf he heare not the 
congregacion, take him as an hethen 
man and as a publican. 

18 Verely I say vnto you, whatsoever 
ye bynde on erth, shalbe bounde in 
heven ; and whatsoever ye lose on erth, 
shalbe losed in heven. 

19 Agayn I say vnto you, that if two 
off you shall agre in erth, in eny maner 
thinge whatsoever they shall desyre, hit 
shalbe geven them of my fader which is 
in heven. 

20 For where two or thre are gadered 
togedder in my name, there am I in the 
myddes off them. 

21 Then cam Petef to hym, and 
sayde, Master, howe ofte shall my brother 
trespas ageynst me, and I sliall foryeve 
hym ? Shall I forgeve hym seven tymes 1 


GOTHIC, 360. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

22 Da cwa)j> se Haelcnd, Ne sccge ic 
de, od seofon siclas ; ac od seofou liuud 
seofontigon siiton. ■•" 

23 Foittam ys heofcna rice anlic dam 
cyniuge, de hys Jjeowas geradegode. 

24 And da he dset gerad sette, him 
wpes an broht, se him sceolde tyn jjilsend 

25 And da he nsefde hwanon he hyt 
agulde, hyne het hys hlaford gesylhm, 
and hys wif, and hys cild, and eall dset 
he ahte 

26 Da astrehte se ))eow hyne, and cwse}), 
Hlaford, gchafa ge))yld on me, and ic 
hyt de eall agylde. 

27 Da gemiltsode se hlaford him, and 
forgeaf him done gylt. 

28 Da se jjeowa ut-eode, he gemette 
hys efen-])eowan, se him sceolde an hund 
penega ; and he nam hyne da, and for- 
^rysmede hyne, and cw£e|>, A'gyf dset du 
me scealt. 

29 And dii astrehte hys efen-j^eowa 
hyne and ba?d hyne, and dus cwajj), 
Gejjyldega, and ic hyt de eall agyfe. 

30 He da nolde ; ac fcrde, and wearp 
hyne on cweartern, od d«t he him eall 

31 Da gesawon hys efen-j^eowas dfct, 
da wuidon hig swyde ge-unr5tsode. 
And comon, and ssedon hyra hlaforde 
ealle da dsede. 

32 Da clypode hys hlaford hyne, and 
cwsef) to him, Eala dii. ly|n"a })eowa, 
eallne dinne gylt ic de forgeaf, fordam 
de dii me bsede. 

33 Hu ne gcbyrede de gem^tsian 
dinum efen-})cowan, swa swa ic de 
gemiltsode 1 

34 Da Avses se hlaford yrrc, and sealde 
hyne dam witnerum, od &^et he eall 

35 Swa de\> min se hcofonlica freder, 
gyf ge of eowrum hcortum cownuu 
brodrum ne foi'gyfa|). 

XVIII. 22-35.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

22 Jhesus seith to hym, T seie nat to 
thee, til seuen sithis; but to seuenty 
sytliis seuene sithis. 

23 Therfore the, kingdom of heuenes 
is lickened to a man kyng, that wolde 
putte resoun with his seruauutis. 

24 And whanne he began for to putte 
resoun, oon was ofFrid to hym, that 
ow3te to hym ten thousand talentis. 

25 Trewly whanne he hadde nat wher- 
of to 5ekle, his lord comaundide hym to 
be sold, and his wif, and sonys, and alle 
thingis that he hadde, and to be payed. 

26 Forsothe the ilk seruauut, fallynge 
doun, preide hym, seyiuge, Haue pa- 
cience in me, and alle thingis I shal 
jeelde to thee. 

27 Sothely the lord of that seruaunt 
hauynge mercy, leete hym,"'' and forjaue 
to hym the dette. 

28 Trewly thilk seruaunt gon out, 
fonde oon of his euen seruauntis, that 
ou3te hym an hundrid pens ; and he, 
holdynge hym, stranglide hym, seyinge, 
3eld that thou owist. 

29 And his euen seruaunt preiede hym, 
seyinge, Haue pacience in me, and alle 
thingis I shal quyte to thee. 

30 Forsothe he wolde nat ; but wente, 
and sent hym in to pryson, til that he 
paide al the dette. 

3 1 Sothely his euen seruauntis, seeynge 
the thingis that weren don, gretely 
hadden sorowe. And thei camen, and 
tolden to her lord alle the thingis that 
weren don. 

32 Thanne his lord clepide hym, and 
seide to hym, Weyward seruaunt, I 
for5af to thee al the dette, for thou 
preidist me. 

33 Therfore wher it behouede nat 
and thee to haue mercy on thi euen 
seruaunt, as I hadde mercy of thee 1 

34 And his lord wroth, tok hym to 
tourmenturs, til that he paiede al the 

35 So and my fadir of heuen shal do 
to 50U, 5if 5e for5eue nat euery man to 
his brother, of 3oure hertis. 

TYNDALE, ir;2 6. 


22 Jesus sayd vnto hym, I saye nott 
vnto the, seven tymes ; but seventy 
tymes seven tymes. 

23 Therefore is the kyngdom ofFheven 
lykened vnto a certayne kynge, which 
wolde take a countes of his servauntes. 

24 And when he hadbegune to recken,- 
won was browghte vnto hym, whiche 
ought hym ten thousande talenttes. 

25 But when he had nought to paye, 
the lord commaunded him to be solde, 
and his wyfe, and his children, and all 
that he had, and payment to be made. 

26 The servaunt fell doune, and be- 
sought hym, sainge, Syr, yeve me re- 
spyte, and I vyll paye hit every whit. 

27 Then had the lorde pitie on the 
servaunt, and lowsed hym, and forgave 
hym the dett. 

28 The same servaunt went out, and 
founde wone off his felowes, which ought 
hym an -hundred pence ; and leyed 
hondes on hym, and toke hym by the 
throote, sainge, Paye that thou owest. 

29 And his felowe fell doune and 
besought hym, saynge. Have pacience 
with me, and I wyll paye the all. 

30 And he wollde not ; but went, and 
cast hym into preson, tyll he shulde 
paye the dett. 

3 1 When his other felowes sawe what 
was done, they were very sory. And 
cam, and tolde vnto there lorde all that 
had happened. 

32 Then the lorde called him, and 
sayde vnto hym, evyll servaunt, Y 
forgave the all that dett, because thou 
praydest me. 

33 Was it not mete also that thou 
shuldest have had compassion on thy 
folow, even as Y had pitie on thei 

34 And his lorde was -vvi-ooth, and 
delyvered hym to the ioylers, tyll he 
shulde paye all that was due to hym. 

35 So lyke wyse shall youre h evenly 
father do vnto you, yf ye wyll notforgeve 
with youre herttes, cache won to his 
brother there treaspases. 


GOTHIC, 360. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

Chap. XIX. i And dfi se Hijelcnd 
ge-endode das sprseca, he ferde fram 
Clalilea, and com on ludeisce cndas 
begeondan lordanen. 

2 And hym fyligdon mycele nifcncgu, 
and lie hig gehselde da3r. 

3 Da genealsehton him to Farissei, hyne 
costnigende, and cwsedon, Is alyfed sen- 
egum menn hys wif to foilsetenne, for 
senegum J>inge 1 

4 Da andswarode he him, Ne raedde 
ge, se de on fruman worhte, he worhte 
wsep-mann and wif-mann 1 

5 And cw0e]>, Fordam se mann forlsett 
feeder and niodor, and hyne to hys 
wife ge])eot; and beoj; twegen on anum 

6 Witodiice ne synt hig twegen, ac an 
flsesc. Ne getwseme nan mann da de 
God gesomnode. 

7 Da cwEedon hig, Hwi bet Moyses, 
syllan hiw-gedales boc, and hig for- 
laeton 1 

8 Da cwaj)? he, Moyses, for eower he- 
ortan heardnesse, lyfde eow eower wif to 
forlaetcnne ; s6])lice nses hyt on frymjie 

9 So))lice ic secge eow, swa hwa swa 
forlcctt hys wif, buton for forligcre, and 
odor fetaj), se unryht-hpemj) ; and se de 
forlsetene sefter him nyni]^, se unriht- 

10 Da cwsedon hys leorning-cnihtas, 
Gyf hyt swa ys dam menn mid hys wife, 
ne fremaj) nanum menn to wifienne. 

1 1 Da cwsep he, Ne underfoj) ealle 
menn dis word ; ac dam de liyt geseakl 

12 S6))lice synd bclistnodc, de of hyra 
modor innodmn cuma)) ; and eft synd 
belistnode, [da men de man belistna)», 
and eft^ synd bclistnodc,] de hig sylfe 
belistnodon, for hcofena rice. Under- 
nyme se, de undernymau msege. 

13 Da waeron him gcbrohte lytlingaa 
to, da^t he hys hand on hig asette, and 

XIX. I-I3.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

Chap. XIX. i And it is don, whenne 
Jhesus hadde eendide these wordis, he 
passide fro Galilee, and came in to the 
eendis of Judee ouer Jordan. 

2 And manye cumpanyes of men suedcn 
hym, and he helide hem there, 

3 And Pharisees camen nij to hym, 
temptynge hym, and seyinge, Wher it 
be leeful for a man for to leeue''" his 
wijf, of what euer cause 1 

4 The whiche answerynge seith to 
hem, Hau nat 3ee rad, for he that made 
men at the bygynnynge, male and female 
he made hem 1 

5 And he seide. For this thing a man 
shal leeue fadir and modir, and he shal 
cleue^ to his wif j and thei shulen be 
two in 00 flesh. 

6 And so thei ben nat now two, bot 
00 flesh. Therfore a man departe nat 
that thing that God enioynyde.^ 

7 Thei seyen to hym. What thanne 
comaundide Moyses, to 5eue a litil boke 
of forsakynge, and to leeue ofi"? 

8 And he seith to hem, For Moyses, 
at the hardnesse of 50ure herte, suffi'ide 
50U foi-sake 5oure wyues ; forsothe at 
the begynnyng it was nat so. 

9 Trewly I seie to 50U, that who euer 
leeueth his wif, no but for fornicacioun, 
and weddith an other, doth a vowtrie ; 
and he that weddith the forsaken wife, 
doth avowtrie. 

10 His disciplis seien to hym, 3if the 
cause of a man with a wijf is so, it 
speedith nat to wedde. , 

1 1 The whiche seith to hem, Nat alle 
men taken this word ; but to which it 
is 30uen. 

12 Sothely there ben geldyngis, the 
whiche ben thus born of the modris 
wombe ; and there ben geldyngis, that 
ben maad of men, and there ben geld- 
yngis, that han geldid hem self, for the 
kyngdam of heuenes. He that may 
take, take he. 

13 Thanne litil children weren offi'id 
vp to hym, that he shulde putte hondis 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


Chap. XIX. i And it folowed, when 
Jesus had fynysshed those sayinges, he 
gat hym from Galile, and cam in to the 
coostes off' lewry beyonde Jordan. 

2 And moche people folowed hym, and 
he healed them theare. 

3 Then cam vnto hym the Phariscs, to 
tempte hym, and sayde to hym, Ys hit 
lawfull for a man to put a waye his 
wyfe, for all manner off" causes ? 

4 He answered and sayde vnto them, 
Have ye not redde, ho we that he which 
made man at the begynnynge, made 
them man and woman? 

5 And saide. For thys thinge shall a 
man leve father and mother, and cleve 
vnto his wyfe; and they twane shalbe 
won flesse. 

6 Wherfore nowe are they not twayne, 
but won fleshe. Let not man therefore 
put asunder that which God hath cup- 
pled to gedder. 

7 Then sayde they to hym, Why did 
Moses commaunde, to geve vnto her a 
testimonial! of divorsement, and to put 
her a waye ? 

8 He saide vnto them, Moses, because 
of the hardnes of youre hertes, suffred 
you to put awaye youre wyfes ; but 
from the begynnynge hit was nott so. 

9 I saye therefore vnto you, whosoever 
putteth awaye his wyfe, except hit be 
for fornicacion, and maryeth another, 
breaked wedlocke ; and whosoever mari- 
eth her which is divorsed, doeth commy t 

10 Then spake his disciples to hym, 
Yff" the matter be so betwene man and 
wyfe, then is it not good to mary. 

1 1 He sayde vnto them. All men can 
not awaye with that saynge ; but they 
to whom it is geven. 

12 Ther£ are chaste, which Avere so 
borne out of the mothers belly ; and 
there are chaste, which be made of men, 
and there be chaste, which have made 
them selves chaste, for the kyngdom off" 
hevens sake. He that can take it, lett 
hym take it. 

13 Then were brought to hym yonge 
chyldren, that he shulde put his hondes 


GOTHIC, 360. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

liig gebletsocle. Da Jjreadon hys leorn- 
ing-cnilitas hig. 

14 Da cwajjj se Hselend, Lsetajj da 
lytlingas, and nelle ge liig forbeodan 
cuinan to me ; swylcra ys lieofeua rice. 

1 5 And da he him hys handa on-asette, 
da ferde he danon. 

16 And da 'genealsehte him an man to, 
and cw£e)j. La goda lareow, hwset godes 
d5 ic, dait ic ece lif haibbe ? 

1 7 Da cwfe|> he, Hwset axast du me be 
gode 1 An God ys g5d. S6|ilice gyf du 
wylt on Hf becuman, heald da beboda. 

T 8 Da cwa3)) he, Hwylce 1 Da cw£e)> se 
Hselend, Ne do dii mann-slyht, ne do 
dii unryht-htEmed, ne stel du, ne sege 
du lease gewittnysse ; 

1 9 Wurjja dinne feeder and modor, and 
lufa dinne nehstan swu de sylfne. 

20 Da cw:3e}> se gconga, Eall dis ic 
geheold, hwa3t ys me gyt wana 1 

2 1 Da cwa^l? se Hselend, Gyf dii wylt 
beon fullfremed, ga, and becvp eall da>t 
dii ahst, and syle hyt ))earfum, and 
donne hajfst du gold-hord on heofone ; 
and cum, and folga me. 

22 Da se geonga mann gehyrde dis 
word, da code he aweg unrot, s6j)lice he 
hajfde mycele sehta. 

23 Witodlice se Hselend cwae]) to hys 
Icorning-cnihtum, S5))lice ic eow secgc, 
da3t earfojjlice se welega gse|) on Godes 

24 And eft ic eow secge, dset eadelicre 
byj> dam olfende to ganne Jmrh ntcdle 
cage, donne se welega on heolona rice 

25 Da hys leorning-cnihtas dis gehyrd- 
on, hig wundrodun, and cwsedou, Hwa 
maeg dis gchealdan ? 

26 Da cwa;)) se Hselend, Uneadelic da^t 
ys mid mannum ; ac callc ]nng synt mid 
Gode cadclice.''' 

XIX. 14-26.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

to hem, and preie. Sotliely his disciplis 
blameden hem. 

1 4 But Jhesus seith to hem, Suffre 53 
litil childre cume to me, and nyl 56 fox*- 
bede hem for to come to me ; for of 
siche is the kyngdam of heuenes. 

1 5 And wheune he hadde putte to hem 
hondis, he wente thennus. 

1 6 And loo ! oon, cummynge to, seith 
to hym, Good maister, what of good 
thing shal I do, that I haue euerlastynge 


1 7 The which seith to hym, What axist 
thou me of good thing 1 There is 00 
good God. For 5if thou wolt entre in 
to lif, kepe the comaundementis. 

18 He seith to hym, Wliiche ? Trewly 
Jhesus seide. Thou shalt nat do man 
sleaynge, thou shalt nat do avowtrie, 
thou shalt nat do thefte, thou shalt nat 
seye fals witnessinge ; 

19 Worshipe thi fadir and thi modir, 
and thou shalt looue thi nei3bore as thi 

20 The 5ung man seith to hym, I haue 
kepte alle these thingis fro my jouthe, 
Avhat jit failith to me 1 

21 Jhesus seith to hym, 5if thou wolt 
be perfit, go, and selle alle thingus that 
thou hast, and jeue to pore men, and 
thou shalt haue tresour in heuene ; and 
cum, sue thou me. 

22 Forsothe whenne the Jung man 
badde herde these wordis, he wente awey 
sorwful, for he was hauynge many pos- 

23 Forsothe Jhesus seide to his dis- 
ciplis, I seie to 50U trewthe, for a riche 
man of hard shal entre in to the kyng- 
dam of heuenes. 

24 And eftsone I seie to 50U, it is 
lijter''' a camel for to passe thorwj a 
nedclis eije, than a riche man to entre 
into the kyngdam of heuenes. 

25 Treuly these wordis herd, the dis- 
ciplis wondriden gretely, seyinge. Who 
therfore may be saaf ? 

26 Forsothe Jhesus beholdynge seide 
to hem, Anentis men this thing is im- 
possible ; but anentis God alle thingis 
ben possible. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


on them, and pi-aye. And his disciples 
rebuked them. 

14 Jesus sayde vnto them, Suffre the 
chyldren, and forbid them not to come 
to me ; fFor vnto suche belongeth the 
kingdome off heven. 

15 And when he had put his hondes 
on them, he departed thence. 

16 And beholde ! won cam, and sayde 
vnto hym, Good master, what good 
thinge shall I do, that I maye have 
eternal lyfe? 

17 He sayde vnto him. Why callest 
thou me good 1 There is none good but 
won, and that is God. But and thou wilt 
entre in to lyfe, kepe the commaund- 

1 8 He sayde, Which 1 And Jesus sayde, 
Thou shalt not kyll, thou shalt not breake 
wedloocke, thou shalt not steale, thou 
shalt nott beare falce witnes j 

1 9 Honoure tliy father and mother, and 
thou shalt love thyne neghbour as thy 

20 The yonge man sayde vnto him, I 
have observed all these thinges from my 
youth, what have Y more to do 1 

2 1 Jesus sayde vnto him, Yf thou wylt 
be perfecte, goo, and sell that thou hast, 
and geve it to the povi-e, and thou shalt 
have treasure in heven ; and come, and 
folowe me. 

22 When the yonge man herde that 
sayinge, he went a waye morniuge, for 
he had greate possessions, 

23 Jesus sayde then vnto his disciples, 
Verely I saye vnto you, a ryche man 
shall with difficulte enter into the kyng- 
dome of heven. 

24 And moreover I saye vnto you, it 
is easier for a camell to go through the 
eye of a nedle, then for a ryche man to 
enter into the kingdome of heven. 

25 When his disciples herde that, they 
were excedingly amased, sayinge, Who 
then can be saved 1 

26 Jesus behelde them and saide vnto 
them, With men this is vnpossyble ; but 
with God all thinges are possyble. 

n 2 


GOTHIC, 3^0. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

27 Da andswarode Petrus and c\vse\>, 

Nu ! we forleton calle )>ing, and folgod- 
on de ; hwimt by)j us to mede 1 

28 Da cw£e)) se Heelend, S6|) ic eow 
secge, dset ge de me folgodon, on edcen- 
niuge donne mannes sunu sltt on hys 
ma^gen-))rymme, divt go sittaj) ofer tvvelf 
setl, demende twelf insegjja Israhel. 

29 And aelc de forlset, for minum naman, 
hys bus, odde hys gcbi-5dru, odde swus- 
tra, odde fajder, odde modor, odde wif, 
odde beam, odde land, be hund-fealdon 
he onfehj) lean, and hcefj) cce lif. 

30 S6})lice manega fjrmeste beo]? ytem- 
cste, and ytemeste fyrmeste. 

Chap. XX.''' i S6|)lice hcofona rice ys 
gclic dam hiredes ealdre, de on scrnc 
mcrgen ut-eode, ahyriau wyrhtan on 
hys win-gear d. 

2 Gewordcnrc gecwydrsedene dam 
wyrhtum, he scalde selcon senne penig 
wid hys dajgcs weorce, he asende hig on 
hys win-geard. 

3 And da he ut-eode embe undern-tide, 
he gescah odre on strsete idele standan. 

4 Da cw£e]) he, Ga ge on mmne win- 
geard, and ic sylle eow dtet riht byjj. 
And hig da ferdou. 

5 Eft he ut-eode embe da sixtan, and 
nigojjan tide, and dyde dam swa gclice. 

6 Da embe da endlyftan tide he ut- 
eode, and funde odre standende ; and da 
stede he, Hwi stande ge her ealne dieg 
idele ] 

7 Da cwsedon hig, Fordam de us nan 
man ne hyrode. Da cwaj|> he, And ga 
ffc on miune wiu-ffcard. 

8 Sc'ljlice da hyt w.ts Dcfcn geworden, 
d,i ssedc se win-gcardcs liliiford hys gc- 
refan, Clypa da wyrhtan, and agyf hym 

XIX. 2 7. -XX. 8.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

27 Thanne Petre answerynge seide to 
hym, Loo ! we hau forsaken alle thiugis, 
and we ban sued thee; what therfore 
shal be to us ? 

28 Jhesus forsothe seide to hem, Trewly 
Y seye to 30U, that 3e that han forsaken 
alle thingis, and sued me, in regenera- 
cioun''" whenne mannes sone shall sitte 
in the sete of his mageste, and 50 shulen 
sitt on twelue setis,^ demynge the twelue 
kynredis of Yrael. 

29 And euery man that shal forsake 
hous, or bi-etheren, or sistren, or fadir, 
or modir, or wif, or sonys, or feeldis, 
for my name, he shal take an hundrid 
fold, and shal welde euere lastynge lyf. 

30 Forsothe many shulen be, the firste 
the laste, and the laste the firste. 

Chap. XX. i The kyngdam of he- 
uenes is lie to an husboud man, that 
weute out first erly,''' to hyre workemen 
in to his vyne 5erd. 

2 Forsothe the couenaunt maad with 
workmen, of a peny for the day, he 
sente hem in to his vyne jerd. 

3 And he, gon out about the thridde 
hour, say other stondynge ydil in the 

4 And he seide to hem, Go and 500 in 
to my vyne 5erd, and that that shal be 
ri3tful, I shal jeue to 30U. Sotheli thei 
wenten forth. 

5 Forsothe eftsoone he wente out aboute 
the sixte hour, and the nynethe, and 
dide on liche manere. 

6 But aboute the elleuenthe houre he 
wente out, and foond other stondynge ; 
and he seide to hem, Wliat stonclen 30 
her ydil al day ] 

7 Thei seien to hym. For no man hath 
hirid us. He seith to hem, Go and 30 in 
to my vyne 3erd. 

8 Forsothe whenne euenynge was maad, 
the lord of the vyne 3erd seith to his 
procuratour, Clepe the workmen, and 

TYNDALE, 1526, 101 

27 Then answered Peter and saide to 
him, Bcholde! we have forsaken all, 
and have folowed the; what shall we 
have ther fore ? 

28 Jesus sayde vnto them, Verely I 
saye to you, thatt ye which have folowed 
me, in the seconde generacion when the 
Sonne off man shal syt in the seate of 
his maieste, shall syt also \'ppon xij 
seates, and iudge the xij trybes oflf 

29 And whosoever forsaketh housse, 
or brethren, or systers, other father, or 
mother, or wyfe, or children, or lyvelod, 
for my names sake, the same shall re- 
ceave an hundred folde, and shall inheret 
everlastynge lyfe. " 

30 Many that are fyrste shalbe laste, 
and the laste shalbe ffyrste. 

Chap. XX. i For the kyngdom off 
heven ys lyke vnto an houssholder, which 
went out erly in the morninge, to hyre 
labourers into hys vynyarde. 

2 And he agreede with the labourers, 
for a peny a daye, and sent them into 
his vynyarde. 

3 And he went out about the thjTde 
houre, and sawe other stondyng ydell in 
the market place. 

4 And sayd vnto them, Go ye also into 
my vynyarde, and whatsoever is right, I 
will geve you. And they went there 

5 Agayne he went out about the syxte, 
and nynthe houre, and dyd lyke wyse. 

6 And he went out aboute the eleventhe 
houre, and founde other stondynge ydell ; 
and sayde vnto them. Why stonde ye 
here all the daye ydelH 

7 They sayde vnto hym, Because no 
man hath hyred vs. He sayde to them, 
Goo ye alsoo into my vynyarde, and 
whatsoever shalbe right, that shall yc 

8 When even was come, the lorde of 
the vyncyarde sayde vnto hys steward, 
Call the labourers, and geve them their 


GOTHIC, 360. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

heora mede, agynn fram dam ytcmestan, 
ocl clone fyrmcstan. 

9 Eornostlice da de^ gecomon, de embe 
da endlyftan tide comon, da onfengou 
hig selc his pening. 

I o And da de dser serest comon wend- 
on, doet liig sceoldon mare onfon, da, 
onfengon hig syndrige penegas. 

II Da ongunnon hig murcnian ongen 
done hiredes ealdor, 

12 And dus cwBedon, Das ytemestan 
woihton ane tide, and du dydest hig 
gelTce us, de bseron byrdcna on discs 
dtegcs hsetan. 

13 Da cwfe)' he, andswai'igcndc hyra 
anum, Ealii du freond, ne do ic de 
naenne tconan ; hu ne come du to me 
to wyrccanne wid anum peninge 1 

1 4 Nim d.iet din ys, and gii ; ic wylle 
dysum ytemestum syllan, eal swa myccl 
swa de. 

1 5 Odde ne mot ic don dtet ic wylle 1 
Hwsedei* de din cage manful ys, fordam 
de ic god com 1 

16 Swii beo)j da fyi-mestan j'tcmcstc, 
and da ytcmestan fyrmeste ; s6j)1ice man- 
ega synt gcclypede, and feawa gccorene.''' 

17 Da ferde se Hjplend to Hicrusalcm, 
and nam hys leorning-cnihtas onsundron, 
and dus cwse}). 

18 Nu ! we faraj) to Hici'usalem, and 
manncs sunu by)> geseald daera sacerda 
ealdrum, and bocevum ; and hig genyd- 
eriaj) hync to dea])C, 

19 peodum to bysmrigennc, and to 
swingenne, and to ahonnc ; and dam 
jjryddan dsege he arist. 

20 Da com to him Zebcdeis bcarna 
modor mid hyre bearnum, hig gc-cad- 
medende, and sum ))ing fram him bid- 

21 Da cwseji he, Hwoet wylt SuP Da 
cw»}) heo, Sege doet das mine twegcn 
suna sittan, an on dine swidran healfc, 
and an on dine wynstran, on dinum 

22 Dii andswavodc liim se ITaelend, 
Gyt nyton hwoet gyt l)idda|). Mage gyt 

XX. 9-22.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

jelde to hem her hijre, bygynnynge at 
the laste til to the firste. 

9 Therfoi-e whenne thei weren corn- 
men, that camea about the elleuenth 
hour, and thei token synguler pens.^ 

10 Trewly and the firste cummynge 
demeden, that thei weren to take more, 
trewly and thei token echon by hym silf 
a peny. 

1 1 And thei takynge grutcheden a3eins 
the husbond man, 

12 Seyinge, These laste diden worclie 
con our, and thou hast maad hem euen 
to vs, that han born the charge of the 
day and hete. 

13 And he answerynge to oon of hem, 
seide, Frend, I do thee no WTonge ; 
whether thou hast nat accordid with me 
for a peny 1 

14 Take that that is thine, and go ; 
forsothe Y wole 5eue and to this the 
laste man, as and to thee. 

15 Wher it is nat leful to me for to do 
that that I wole ? Wher thin ei3e is 
wickid, for I am good ? 

1 6 So there shulen be the last men the 
firste, and the firste men, the laste ; for 
many ben clepid, bot few chosun. 

1 7 And Jhesus, steyinge vp to Jerusa- 
lem, toke his twelue disciplis in priuytee, 
and seith to hem, 

18 Loo ! we gon \'p to Jerusalem, and 
mannes sone shal be taken to princis of 
prestis, and scribis ; and thei shulen 
condempne hym by deth. 

19 And thei shulen bitake hym to 
hethen men, for to be scornyd, and 
scourgid, and crucified ; and the thridde 
day he shal ryse a5ein. 

20 Thanne the modir of the snnis 
of Zebede came ni3 to hym with hire 
sonys, honourynge, and axinge sume 
thing of hym. 

21 The whiche seide to hir, "What 
wolt thou % She seith to hym, Seie that 
these two my sonys sitten, oon at thi 
rijthalf, and oon at thi lefthalf, in thi 

22 Forsothe Jhesus answerynge seide, 
3e wyten nat what je axen.+ Mowen je 

TYNDALE, 1526. 103 

hyre, begynnyng at the laste tyll thou 
come to the fyrste. 

9 And they whiche were hyred aboute 
the el even the houre cam, and receaved 
every man a peny. 

10 Then cam the fyrst, supposyng that 
they shulde receave mooare, and they 
like wyse receaved every man a peny. 

1 1 And when they had receaved it they 
grudged agaynst the good man of the 

12 Sayng, These laste have wroght 
but one houre, and thou hast made them 
equall vnto vs, which have born the 
burthen and heet of the daye. 

13 He answered to one of them, saynge, 
Frende, I do the no wronnge ; dyddeste 
thou not agre withe me for a penny ? 

14 Take that which is thy duty, and 
goo thy waye ; I will geve vnto this 
last, as moche as to the. 

15 Ys yt not lawfull ffbr me to do as 
me listeth with myne awne ? Ys thyne 
eye evyll, because I am good ? 

16 Soo the laste shalbe fyrste, and the 
fyrste shalbe laste ; for many are called, 
and feawe be chosen. 

1 7 And Jesus ascended to Jerusalem, 
and toke the xij disciples aparte in the 
way, and sayde to them, 

1 8 Loo ! we goo vp to Jerusalem, 
and the sonne off man shalbe betrayed 
vnto the chef prestcs, and vnto the 
scrybes ; and they shall condcmne hym 
to deeth. 

1 9 And shall delivre hym to the gen- 
tils, to be mocked, to be scourged, and 
to be crucified; and the third day he 
shall ryse agayne. 

20 Then cam to hym the mother off 
Zebedes children with her sonnes wor- 
shippynge him, and desyrynge a cer- 
tayne thynge off hym. 

2 1 He sayde vnto her, What wylt thou 
have? She sayde vnto hym, Graunte 
that these my two sonnes maye sitt, one 
on thy right bond, and the other on thy 
lifte honde, in thy kyngdom. 

22 Jesus answered and sayd, Ye wot 
not whatt ye axe. Are ye able to 


GOTHIC, 360. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

drincan done calic de ic to drinccnne 

hoebbe P Da cwEedon big, Wyt 


23 Da cwse]) he, Witodlice gyt rainno 
calic drinca)) ; ... to sittanne on niuie 
swydran bcalfe odde on wynstran, nys 
me inc to syllanne ; ac dam de byt fram 
minum fseder gegearwod ys. 

24 And da da tyn leorning-cnibtas 
gebulgon wid da twegeu gebr5dru. 

25 Da clypode se Hzelend bi to bim, 
and cwsej), Wite ge, dset ealdor-menn 
wealda)) hyra Jjeoda, and da de synt 
yldran, babba)) anweald on bim. 

2 6 Ne by)> swa betweox cow ; ac swa 
bwylc swa wyle betweox eow bcon yldra, 
sy be eowcr J)en ; 

27 And se de wyle betweox eow bcon 
fyrmcst, sy be eowcr jjcow. 

28 Swa mannes sunu ne com dset bim 
man fienode, ac d£et be j^enode, and 
sealde his sawle lif to alysednesse for 

29+ And da big ferdon fram Hiericbo, 
bim fyligde mycel menegu. 

30 And da ScEton twegen blinde wid 
done weg, and gebyrdon divt se Halend 
ferde ; and da clypodon big to bim, and 
cwsedon, Drihten, gemiltsa unc, Dauides 

3 1 Da bead sco menegu him, dtet big 
suwodon ; da clypodon big dtes de mil, 
Drihten, gemiltsa unc, Dauides sunu. 

32 Da stod se Ilailcnd, and clypode 
big to bim, and cwa^j), llwa^t wylle gyt 
dajt ic inc d5 1 

33 Da cwsedon big, Drihten, daet fincre 
cagan sin ge-oponedc. 

34 Da gcmiltsode be bim, and liyra 
cagan a^t-bran ; and big sona gesawon, 
and fyligdon bim. 

Chap. XXI.+ i And da he gcncalscbte 
Hierusalem, and com to Bcthfagc, to 

XX. 23.-XXL I.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 
dryuke the cuppe that I am to drynke 1 

Thei seien to hym, We mowen, 

23 He seith to liem, Forsothe 56 slial 
drynke my cuppe ; but to sitte at the 
ri3thalf or at lefthalf, it is nat myh to 
jeue to 50U ; but to wliicbe it is made 
redy of my fadir. 

24 And tbe ten berynge badden indig- 
nacioun of tbe two bretberen. 

25 Sotbely Jbesus clepide bem to bym, 
and seith, ^e witen, for princis of beithen 
men ben lordis of bem, and thei that 
ben more, hawnten power in to bem, 

26 It shal nat be so among 50U ; bot 
who euere wole be maad more among 
50U, be be 50ure mynystre ; 

27 And who euere amonge 50U wole 
be firste, be shal be 50ure seruaunt. 

28 As mannes sone came nat for to be 
serued, but for to serue, and for to 5eue 
bis soule^ redempcioun for many. 

29 And hem goynge out of Jerico, 
manye cumpanyes of peple sueden bym. 

30 And loo ! two blynd men sittynge 
bcsidis tbe weye, berden that Jbesus 
passide ; and thei crieden, seyinge, Lord, 
the sone of Dauyth, haue mercy on vs. 

31 Forsothe tbe cumpanye blamyde 
hem, for to be stille ; and thei crieden 
more and more, seiynge, Lord, tbe sone 
of Dauyth, haue mercy on vs. 

32 And Jbesus stood, and clepide bem, 
and seith, What wole je, that I do to 

33 Thei seien to hym, Lord, that oure 
ei5en be openyd. 

34 Forsothe Jbesus, hauynge mercy on 
hem, touchide her ei3eu ; and anoon thei 
sayen, and sueden bym. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 105 

drynke off the cuppe that Y shall drynke 
of, [and to be baptised with the bap- 
tim that Y shalbe baptised with 1] They 
answered to him. That we are. 

23 He saydvnto them, Ye shall drynke 
of my cupe, and shalbe baptised with 
the baptim that Y shall be baptysed 
with ; but to syt on my lyght bond and 
on my lyft bond, is not myne to yeve ; 
but to them for whom it is prepared of 
my father. 

24 And when tbe ten berde this they 
desdayned att the two brethren. 

25 But Jesus called them vnto bym, 
and saide, Ye knowe, that tbe lordes of 
the gentyls have dominacion over them, 
and they that are great, exercise power 
over them. 

26 It shall not be so amonge you ; but 
whosoever wyll be greate among you, 
let hym be youre minister ; 

27 And whosoever wilbe chefe, let 
him be youre servaunt. 

28 Even as the sonne oflP man cam not 
to be ministred vnto, butt to minister, 
and to geve bis lyfe for the redenipcion 
off many. 

29 And as they departed from Hierico, 
mocbe people folowed bym. 

30 And beholde ! two blynde men 
syttinge by tbe way syde, when they 
berde that Jesus passed by, cryed, say- 
inge, IMaster, the sonne off David, have 
mercy on vs. 

31 And tbe people rebuked them, be 
cause they shulde bolde there peace ; 
but they cryed the moare, sayinge, Have 
mercy on vs, Master, which arte the 
Sonne off David. 

32 Then Jesus stode styll, and called 
them, and sayde. What will ye, that Y 
shall do to you'? 

33 They said vnto bym. Master, that 
oure eyes maye be opened. 

34 Jesus pitied them, and touched 
there eyes ; and immediatly tbeu-e eyes 
receved syght, and they folowed bym. 

Chap. XXI. i And wbanne Jbesus 
came ni3 to Jerusalem, and cam to Beth- 

Chap. XXI. I When they drewe nye 
vnto Jerusalem, aud were come to Bet- 


GOTHIC, 360. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

Oliuetes dune, da sende he hys twegen 

2 Aiid ssede him, Fara)) on dtet castel 
dset foran ongean eow ys, and donne 
s5na finde gyt ane assene gctiggedc, and 
hyre folan mid hyi-e ; untigeaj) hig, and 
Iseda)) to me. 

3 And gyf hwa eow tenig jjiug to cwy]>, 
secgeajj, djet Drihtcn ha?f]j dyses neode ; 
and donne forlaet he eow hrsedhce. 

4 Eall dis wfes geworden, dset wsere 
gefylled dset Jjurh Esaiam done witegan 
gecweden wtes, 

5 Secgeajj heahnesse dehter, Nu ! din 
cyning de cymj) to, gedoefte, and rit up- 
pan tamre assene, and hyre folan. 

6 Da ferdon hys leoi'ning-cnihtas, and 
dydon swa he him behead. 

7 And Ijeddon da assene to him, and 
hyra folan, and ledon hjTa reaf ujipan 
hig, and setton hyne an uppan. 

8 Witodlice dset folc strchton hyi-a reaf 
on done weg; sume heowun dsera treowa 
bogas, and streowedon^ on done weg. 

9 Dset folc daet dar beforan ferde, and 
daet dar sefter ferde, clypodon, and cwjed- 
on, Hal sy du Dauidcs sunu ; sy ge- 
bletsod se de com on Drihtenes naman ; 
sy him hsel on hehnessum. 

10 Da he ferde to Icrusalcra, dii wcar)> 
call seo bui'h-waru onstyred, and cwsed- 
on, HAvset is dcs 1 

1 1 Da cwse}) djst folc, Dis ys se Htel- 
cnd, witega, of Nazareth on Galilca. 

12 Da se Hselend into dam temple 
code, he adraf ut ealle da de ceapodon 
innan dam temple ; and dara mynetera 
sccamclas, and h}Ta setlu, dara de culf- 
ran sealdon, he tobra^c. 

13 And cwa3)j to him, Hyt ys awriten, 
Min hus ys gc1)ed-hus ; witodlice gc 
worhton da;t to j'cofa cote. 

14 Da codon to him da blindan and 
da healtan, and he hi gehaelde. 

I n Witodlice da dara sacerda ealdras 

XXI. 2-15.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

fage. in the mount of Olyfeet, tlianne 
Jhesus sente his two disciplis, 

2 Seyinge to hem, Go 56 in to the 
Cfistel that is a5eiuus 50U, and anon 50 
shal fynde a she asse tyed, and a colt 
with hir : vnbynde je, and bryng to 

3 And jif eny man shal seie to 50U eny 
thinge, seie 56, that the Lord hath need 
to hem ; and anoon he shal leeue hem. 

4 Trewly al this was don, that that 
thing that was seid by the pi'ophete 
shulde be fulfillid, seyinge, 

5 Seie 3e to the dou3ter of Syon, Loo ! 
thi kyng cometh to thee, homly,''" sitt- 
ynge on an asse, and a fole, the sone of 
a beest vndii' 500k. 

6 Forsothe disciplis, goynge, diden as 
Jhesus comaundide hem. 

7 And thei brou5ten to a she asse, and 
the fole, and puttiden her clothis on 
hem, and maden hym sitte aboue. 

8 Forsothe ful muche cumpanye strew- 
iden her clothis in the wey ; sothely 
other kittiden braunchis of trees, and 
strowiden in the weye. 

9 But the cumpanyes that wenten be- 
fore, and that sueden, crieden, seyinge, 
Osanna''' to the sone of Dauith ; blessid 
is he that cummeth in the name of the 
Lord ; Osanna in the heejist thingis. 

10 And when he had entj-id in to Jeru- 
salem, al the cite was stirid, seyinge. 
Who is this 1 

11 Treuly the peplis seiden. This is 
Jhesus, the prophete, of Nazareth of 

1 2 And Jhesus entride in to the temple 
of God, and kest out of the temple alle 
sellynge and byinge ; and he turnyde 
vpsadoun the bordis of chaungeris, and 
the chaiers of men sellynge culueris. 

13 And. he seith to hem. It is writen. 
My hous shal be clepid an hous of 
preiere ; forsothe 5e han made it a 
denne of tliefes. 

14 And blynde and crokid camen ni3 
to hym in the temple, and he helide 

15 Forsothe the priucis of prestls and 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


phage, vnto mounte Olivete, then sent 
Jesus two off his disciples, 

2 Sayinge to them, Go in to the toune 
that lyetli over agaynste you, and anon 
ye shall fynde an asse bounde, and her 
colte with her : lose them, and brinae 
them vnto me. 

3 And if eny man saye ought vnto you, 
saye ye, that youre Master hath neade 
off" them ; and streyght waye he will let 
them go. 

4 All this was donne, to fulfyll that 
which was spoken by the prophet, say- 

5 Tell ye the doughter of Sion, Beholde ! 
thy kinge commeth vnto the, meke, sitt- 
inge vppon an asse, and a colte, the foole 
off an asse vsed to the yooke. 

6 The disciples went, and did as Jesus 
commaunded them. 

7 And brought the asse, and the colte, 
and put on then there clothes, and set 
him there on. 

8 Many of the people spreed theire 
garmentes in the waie ; other cut doune 
braunches from the -trees, and strawed 
them in the waye. 

9 Moreover the people that went be- 
fore, and they also that cam after, 
cried, sayinge, Hosianna to the sonne of 
David; blessed be he that commeth in 
the name of the Lorde ; Hosianna in 
the hyest. 

10 And when he was come in to Jeru- 
salem, all the cite was moved, sayinge, 
Who ys this 1 

11 And the people sayde, Thys ys 
Jesus, the prophet, off Nazareth a cite 
of Galile. 

1 2 And Jesus went in to the temple of 
God, and caste out all them that bought 
and solde in the temple ; and overthrew 
the tables of the mony chauugers, and 
the seates of them that solde doves. 

13 And saide to them. It is written,^ 
Mine housse shalbe called the housse oft" 
prayer ; butt ye have made it a denn of 

14 And the blinde and the halt cam 
to hym in the temple, and he healed 

15 When the chefe prestes and scribes 


GOTHIC, 360. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

and da boceras gesawon da wuntlni dc 
sc Hpclend worhte, and gcliyrdon hu da 
did clypodon on dam temple, and c\va?d- 
on, Sy Dauides sunu bal, da wseron liig 

T 6 And cwecdon, Gehyrst du hw£et das 
cwpedaj> 1 Da cwse]) be, Witodliee ; ne 
rseddon ge najfre, }3u fulfremedest lof, of 
cilda, and of sucendra'*' mujje 1 

17 And lie forlet bi da, and ferde of 
dajre byrig, to Bctbauia ; and Itcrde bi 
dar be Godes rice. 

18 On morgen, da be eft to doere 
byi'ig f5r, da bingrcde byne. 

19 And be geseb an fic-trcow wid 
done weg, da code be to bim, and ne 
fiiude on bim buton da leaf ane ; da 
cwae}) be, Ne wurde n&fre weastm of 
de acenned. Da sona forscranc da)t 

20 And bis Icorning-cnibtas wundi-od- 
on, and cwscdon, Loca nu bu brredlice 
da^t fic-trcow forscranc. 

21 Da andswarode be bim, and cwa?]>, 
S6j> ic cow secge, gyf ge babba)) geleaf- 
an, and ne twynia)?, ne do ge nil daet an 
be dam f ic-trcowe, ac eac deli ge cwcdon 
to disum munte, Abefc de upp, and feall 
innan da sae. 

22 And calles da^s de gc bidda]? ge 
bcojj ti]>a, gyf ge gclyfa]>.^ 

23 Da he com into dam temple, da 

con ion dara saccrda ealdras 

bim to, and cwajdon, On bwylcere mibtc 
wyrcst du diis ))ing 1 and bwa sealde de 
disne anweald ? 

24 Da andswarode se Hselcnd him and 
c\vpe]>, And ic Tibsige cow anre sprscce, 
gyf ge me da Rprajcc sccgea}>, donne 
secge ic cow, on bwylcum anwealde ic 
das J)ing wyrce. 

25 Hwsedcr wses lobanncs fullubt ; 
de of beofonum, de of mannum? Da 
cwsedon big betwux bim, Gyf we 
secgajj of beofone, dunne cwyjj be. 

XXI. 1 6.-25-] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

scribis, seeynge the mavueilouse tliingis 
that he dide, and children cryinge in 
the temple, and seiynge, Osanna to the 
sone of Dauith, dedeyneden, 

16 And seiden to hym, Heerist thou 
what these seyen 1 Sothely Jhesus seith 
to hem, )he ; whei' 56 han nat rad. For 
of the mouth of children >■ and of souk- 
ynge mylk, thou hast made parfite 
heryinge 1 

17 And, hem forsaken, he wente forth 
out of the citee, in to Betanye ; and 
there he dwelte, and taujte hem of the 
kyngdam of God. 

18 Forsothe on the morw, he, turn- 
ynge a3ein in to the citee, hungride. 

19 And he, seeynge a fige tree bysidis 
the weye, came to it, and fonde no 
thing ther on no but leeuys oonly ; and 
he seith to it, ISTeuer be inijt born of 
thee, in to with outen eeude. And 
anoon the fijge tree was dried vp. 

20 And disciplis seeynge, wondreden, 
seyinge, Hou anon it di'iede. 

2 1 Sothely Jhesus answerynge, seith to 
hem, Trewly I seye to 50U, 3if ^e shulen 
han feith, as a corn of seneuey, and 
douten nat, nat oonly je shulen do of 
this fijge tree, bot and jif je seien to 
this hill, Take thee, and caste thee in 
to the see, and so it shal be don. 

22 And alle thingis what euer je 
shulen axe in preier byleuynge, jee 
shulen take. 

23 And whenne he came in to the 
temple, the princis of prestis and eldre 
men of the peple camen ni3 to hym 
techynge, seyinge, In what power dost 
thou these thingis ] and who jaf to thee 
this power 1 

, 24 Jhesus ansAveiynge seide to hem, 
And I shal axe 50U o word, the whiche 
3if 36 shulen seie to me, and I shal 
seie to 30U, in what power I do these 

! 25 Of whennes was the baptem of 
Joon ; of heuene, or of men 1 And thei 
thou3ten with inne hem self, seyinge, 
3 if we shulen seie of heuene, he shal 

TYNDALE, 151' 6. 10.0 

sawe the marveylles thatt he dyd, and 
the chyldren cryinge in the temple, and 
sayinge, Hosiannato the Sonne of David, 
they desdayned, 

1 6 And sayde vnto hym, Hearest thou 
what these saye 1 Jesus sayde vnto them, 
Have ye never redde. Off" the mouth off 
babes and suckeliuges, thou haste or- 
deyned prayse*? 

17 And he lefte them, and went out of 
the cite vnto Bethani ; and passed the 
tyme there. 

18 In the mornynge, as he returned 
in to the cite ageyne, he hungred. 

1 9 And spyed a fygge tree in the waye, 
and cam to it, and founde nothinge there 
on but leves only; and said to it. Never 
frute growe on the, hence forwardes. And 
anon the fygge tree wyddered awaye. 

20 And when his disciples sawe that, 
they marvelled, sayinge. How sone is 
the fygge tree wyddered awaye. 

21 Jesus answered, and sayde vnto 
them, Verely I saye vnto you, yff ye 
shall have fayth, and shall not dout, ye 
shall nott only do that which Y have 
done to the fygge tree, but also yf ye 
shall saye vnto this mountayne. Take 
thy silfe a waye, and cast thy silfe in to 
the see, it shalbe done. 

22 And whatsoever thinge ye shall axe 
in youre prayers if ye beleve, ye shall 
receave hit. 

23 And when he was come into the 
temple, the chefe prcstes and the seni- 
ores of the people cam vnto him as he 
was teachinge, and sayde, By what 
auctorite doest thou these thinges 1 and 
who gave the this power 1 

24 Jesus answered and sayde vnto 
them, I also wyll axe of you a certayne 
question, which if ye asoyle me, Y in 
lyke wyse wyll tell you, by what auc- 
torite I do these thinges. 

25 Whence was the baptim of Jhon ; 
from heven, or of men ] And they 
thought in themselves, sayinge ; Yf we 
shall saye from heven, he wyll saye 


GOTHIC, 360. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 
Forhwam ne gelyfde ge liim 1 

26 Gyf we sccga)) of niannum, we 
ondreedaj) dis folc, eallc liig liajfdon 
lolianuem for anno witegan. 

27 Da andsAvaredon liig aud cwaedon, 
We iiyton. Da cwa'jj lie, Ne ic eow ne 
secge, of hwylcuni anwealde ic das ])ing 

28 Hu |)inc)) eow? A'n mann hsefde 
twegcn suna ; da cwa3|) lie to dam yld- 
ran, Suna, ga and wyrce to dseg on 
niinum win-gerde. 

29 Da cwa>)> he, Ic nelle; 

code deh syddan to dam win-gcrde. 

30 Da cwa?Jj he cal swa to dam 6d- 
runi. Da andswarude se him, and cwa^lj, 
Hlaford, ic ga ; and ne code swa deah. 

31 Hwwder dara twegra dyde daes 
faider willan 1 Da cwaedon hig, Se 
[yldra.]^ Da cwse]) se Ha4cnd to him, 
So)) ic eow secge, da^t manfulle and 
myltystran gajj beforan eow on Godcs 

32 lohannes com on ryhtwisnesse wege, 
and ge ne gclyfdon him ; Avitodlice 
manfulle and myltystran gclyfdon. And 
ge gesawon, and ne dydon syddan naue 
du!d-b5te, dajt ge gelyfdou on him. 

33 Gchyra]) nu oder bigspcl.''' Sum 
hircdes cJlldor wa3s, se plantode wlii- 
gerd, and betynde hync, aud sette divr 
on win-wringan, and getimbrode anne 
stypel, and gcsette done niyd eor|)-tylion, 
and ferde on el))eodiguyssc. 

34 Da dtera wcastma td geneahvhte, 
da sonde he hys jicowas to dam eorj)- 
tylion, diet hig onfcngou his wiestmas. 

35 Da mimon hig hys )>cowas, and 
swungon sumnc, suinnc hi ofslogon, 
sumnc hig oftorfodon. 

36 Da scndc he eft odrc ]:cowas, sclran 
donne dam scrran wscron, da dydon hig 
dam gelice. 

37 ^t nyhstau he scndc hys sunu hym 

XXI. 26-37-] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

seie to vs, Whi therfore beleuen je nat 
to hym 1 

26 Sothely 5if we sliulen seie of men, 
we dreden the cumpanye of peple, for 
alle hadde Joon as a prophete. 

27 And thei answerynge to Jhesu 
seiden, We witen nat. And he seith 
to hem, Nether I seie to 5011, in what 
power I do these thingis. 

28 Forsothe what semeth to 30U? Sum 
man hadde two sonys ; and he cum- 
myngc ui3 to the firste seide, Soue, go 
for to worche this day in to myn 

29 Sothely he answerynge seith, I 
nyle ; forsothe afterward he stirid by 
penauuce,^ wente. 

30 Forsothe he, cummynge to the 
tother, seide lie maner. And he an- 
swerynge seith, Lord, I go ; and he 
wente nat. 

31 Who of the two dide the fadris 
will ? Thei seien to hym, The firste. 
Jhesus seith to hem, Trewly I seie to 
50U, for puplicanys and hooris shulen 
go before 30U in to the kyngdam of 

32 Forsothe Joon cam to 30U in the 
weye of ri3twisnesse, and 5e bileeueden 
uat to hym ; but puplicanys and hooris 
beleuedcu to hym. Sothely jee seeynge 
nether hadde don penaunce afterwai'd, 
that je bileeuyden to hym, 

33 Heere 3e an other parable. Ther 
was an husbondman, that plantide a 
vyne 3erd, and jaue an hegge aboute, 
and dalue a pressour therynne, and 
bildide a toure, and hiride''" it to erthe 
tiliers, and wente ferre in pilgrimage. 

34 Forsothe whenne the tyme of fruytis 
nei3ide, he sente his seruauntis to the 
erthe tiliers, that thei token fruytis of 

35 And, his seruauntis taken, the erthe 
tiliers beeton the toon, an other thei 
slewen, but another thei stoonyden to 

36 Eftsones he sente other seruauntis, 
mo than the firste, and liche maner 
thei diden to hem. 

37 Forsothe at the laste he sent his 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


vnto vs. Why dyd ye not then beleve 
hym 1 

26 But and iff" we shall saye of men, 
then feare we the people, for all men 
helde Jhon as a prophet. 

27 And they answered Jesus and sayde, 
We cannot tell. He lyke wyse sayd 
vnto them, Nether tell I you, by what 
auctorite Y do these thinges. 

28 Wliat saye ye to thys? A certayne 
man had ij sonnes ; and cam to the 
elder sayinge ; Go and worke to daye in 
my vyneyarde. 

29 He answered and sayd, I wyll not ; 
but afterwarde repented, and went. 

30 Then cam he to the seconde, and 
sayde lyke wyse. And he answered and 
sayde, I wyll, Syr ; yet went he not. 

31 Whedder of these ij fulfylled there 
fathers wyll 1 And they sayde vnto 
hym, The fyrst. Jesus sayde vnto them, 
Verely I saye vnto you, that the pub- 
licans and the harlotes shal come into 
the kyngdome off" God before you. 

3 2 For Jhon cam vnto you in the waye 
of righte wesnes, and ye beleved hym 
not; but the publicans and the whoores 
beleved hym. But ye though ye sawe 
it, yet were not moved with repentauuce, 
that ye myght afterwarde have beleved 

33 Herken another similitude. There 
was a certayne housholder, whych set a 
vyneyarde, and hedged it rounde about, 
and made a wynpresse in it, and bilt a 
tower, and lett it out to husbandmen, 
and went in to a straunge countre. 

34 And when the tyme of the fi'ute 
drewe neare, he sent his servauntes to 
the husbandmen, to receave the frutes 
of it. 

35 And the husbandmen caught his 
servauntes, and bet won, kylled another, 
and stoned another. 

36 Againe he sent other servauntes, 
moo then the fyrst, and they sei'ved 
them lyke wyse. 

37 But last of all he sent vnto them 


GOTHIC, 360. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

to, and cwajjj, Hig forwandiaj) d£et liig 
ne don minum suna swa. 

38 Witodlice da da tylian done sunu 
gcsdwon, da cwsedon hig betwyx hym, 
Dcs ys yi-fenuma, uton gan, and ofsleau 
hyne, and habban us hys sehta. 

39 Da namon hig, and ofslogon hyne, 
and awurpon Avidutan done win-geaid. 

40 Hwset de|) dses win-geardes hlaford 
dam eorjj-tylion, donne he cymj) ? 

4 1 Da cwsedon hig, He fordejj da yfel- 
an mid yfele, and gesett hys wm-gerd 
mid odrum tilion, de him hys wa^stm 
hyra tidum agyfon. 

42 Da cw£e)j se Hselynd, Ne rsedde go 
n^fre on gewritun, So stan de da timbri- 
cndan awiu-pon, ys gcwordcn to da?re 
liyrnan hcafde 1 Dys ys fram Drihtne 
gcwordcn, and hyt ys wundorhc on 
drum eagum. 

43 Fordam ic sccge eow, dfct eow by); 
setbroden Godes rice, and by)> gescald 
dsere Jjcode de hys earnajj. 

44 And se de fyl|) uppan dysne stan, 
he byjj tobrysed ; and he tobrys]) done, 
de he on uppan fyl|?. 

45 Da dsera sacerda ealdras and da 
Pliarisci dys bigspcl gchyrdon, da on- 
geton hig da?t lie hit seede be him. 

46 Hi sohton hyne, and ondredon dnot 
folc, fordam de hi hsefdon hyne for aenue 

Chap. XXII. i Da sa^de he hym 
eft oder bigspell, and dus cwsejj. 

2 Heofona rice ys gelic gewurden dam 
cyninge de macode hys suna gyfta. 

3 And scnde his })COwas and cl}T)ode 
da gchidodan to dam gyftum, da uoklon 
hi cuman. 

4 Da sende he eft odcre jjeowas, and 

XXI.38.-XXII.4.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

sone to hem, seyinge, Thei sliulen 
sb.ame"'' my sone. 

38 Sothely the erthe tiliers, seeynge 
the sone, seiden with ynne hem self. 
This is the eire ; cume 36, slea we hym, 
and we shulen haue his eritage. 

39 And, hym taken, thei kesten out of 
the vynjerd, and slewen. 

40 Therfore whenne the lord of the 
vyne3erd shal cume, what shal he do 
to the ilk erthe tiliers? 

41 Thei seien to hym, He shal lese 
yuele the yxiel men, and sette to hire 
his vyne3erd to other erthe tiliers, the 
Avhiche shulen jelde to hym fruytis in 
her tymes. 

42 Jhesus seith to hem. Redden je 
neuer in scripturis. The stoon the whiclie 
beldynge men reproueden, this is maad 
in to the heued of the corner 1 Of the 
Lord this thing is maad, and it is mer- 
ueilous in oure eijen. 

43 Therfore I seie to 50U, for the 
kyngdam of God shal be taken fro 30U, 
and shal be jouen to a folk doinge 
fruytis of it. 

44 And he that shal falle on this stoon, 
shal be broken togidre ; forsothe vpon 
whom it shal falle, it shal togidre pouue 

45 And when the princis of prestis 
and Pharisees hadden herde his parablis, 
thei knewen that he seide of hem. 

46 And thei, scekynge to holde hym, 
dreden the cumpanyes of peple, for thei 
hadden hym as a prophete. 

Chap. XXII. 1 And Jhesus answer- 
ynge seide eftsone in parablis to hem, 

2 The kyngdam of heuenes is maad he 
to a man kyng that made weddingus to 
his sone. 

3 And he sente his seruauntis for to 
clepe men beden to the weddyngis, and 
thei wolden nat cume. 

4 Eftsoone he sente other seruauntis, 

TYNDALE, 1526. 113 

hys awne sonne, sayinge, They wyll 
feare my sonne. 

38 When the husbandmen sawe his 
Sonne, they sayde amonge them selves, 
Thys ys the heyre : come on, lett vs 
kyll hym, and lett vs take hys inheryt- 
aunce to oure selves. 

39 And they caught hym, and thrust 
him out of the vyneyarde, and shlewe 

40 When the loi'de of the vyneyarde 
commeth, what wyll he do with those 
husbandmen 1 

4 1 They sayde vnto hym. He will evyll 
destroye those evyll persons, and wyll 
lett out hys vyneyarde vnto other hus- 
bandmen, whych shall delyver hym his 
frute att tymes convenient. 

42 Jesus saide vnto them, Dyd ye 
never redde in the scriptures. The same 
stone which the bylders refused, is set 
in the princypall pai-te of the corner ? 
This was the Lordes doinge, and yt is 
mervelous in oure eyes. 

43 Therfore saye I vnto you, the king- 
dome of God shalbe taken from you, 
and shalbe geven to the gentyls Avhich 
shall brynge forth the frutes off it. 

44 And whosoever shall fall on thys 
stone, shalbe alto broken ; and whom- 
soever thys stone shall fall oppon, he 
shall grynde him to powder. 

45 And when the chefe prestes and 
Pharyses herde his similitudes, . they 
perceaved that he spake of them. 

46 And they went about to laye 
hondes on hym, but they feared the 
people, because they counted hym as 
a prophet. 

Chap. XXII. i And Jesus answered 
and spake vnto them agayne in simili- 
tudes, sayinge, 

2 The kyngdome of heven is lyke vnto 
a certayne kinge which maryed his 

3 And sent forth his servauntcs to call 
them that were byd to the wcddinge, 
and they wolde nott come. 

4 Ageyne he seutt forth other ser- 



GOTHIC .^60. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

ssede dam geladedon, Nu ! ic gegciirwode 
nihie feorme, mine fcai-ras and mine fug- 
elas synt ofslegene, and calle mine })ing 
synt gearwe ; cumaj? to dam gyftum. 

5 Da forgymdon hig dajt, and ferdon, 
sum to liys tunc, sum to bys mang- 

6 And da odre namon hys j)eowas, and 
mid teonan geswencton, and ofslogon. 

7 Da se cyning, d?et gehyrde, da wres 
be yrre ; and sonde bys bere to, and 
fordyde da manslagan, and byra burh 

8 Da cwa?)) be to bys jjeowum, Witod- 
lice das gyfta synt gearwe,''' ac da de 
geladode wseron, ne synt wyrde. 

9 Ga}) uu witodlice to wega gelaetum, 
and clypia}) to disum gyftum, svva 
Invylce swa ge gcmeton. 

10 Da eodon da jjcowas ut on da 
wegas, and gegaderedon calle da de big 
gemetton, gode and yfele ; da wserun 
da gyft-btls mid syttyndum mannum 

1 1 Da code se cyning in, da^t be wolde 
geseon da de daer sivton ; da geseab be 
daer senne mann de na^s mid gyftlicum 
reafe gescryd. 

12 Da cwa?)) be, La frcond, liumcta 
eodest dii in, and noefdest gyftlic real"? 
Dii gcsuwode be. 

13 And se cyning cwtej) to bys |)cnon, 
Gebi'ndajj bys banda and bys fet, and 
wui-jxij) byne on da uttran j^ystro ; dier 
by}) wop and toj^a gristbitung. 

14 Witodlice manega synt geladode, 
and fcawa gccorcne.''' 

15 Da ongunnon da Pbarisei raedan, 
da't big woldon done Hselend on liys 
sprscce befon. 

16 Da sendon bi bim byra leorning- 
cnibtas to, mid dam Herodianiscum, 
and dus cwacdon, Lareow, we witon dajt 
du curt s6|)fost, and dii laercst Gudes 
wcg inyd s6|)fa!stnysse, and du nc wand- 
ast for nanum moiin, nc du ne bcsccaw- 
ast naucs manucs bad. 

XXII. 5-1 6.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

seiynge, Seie ^ee to the men beden to 
the feeste, Loo ! I haue made redy my 
mete, my boles and volatills ben slayn, 
and alle thingis redy ; cumme 5e to the 

5 Sothely thei dispisiden,''' and thei 
wenten awey, oon in to his vyne3erd, 
forsothe an other to his marchaundise. 

6 But the other heklen his seruauntis, 
and slowen hem, ponished with contek. 

7 Forsothe the kyng, whenne he hadde 
herde, was wroth ; and, his hoostis sente, 
he loste^ the man quellcrs, and brente 
her citee. 

8 Thanne he seith to his seruauntis, 
Sothely the weddyngis ben redy, but 
thei that weren clepid to the feeste, 
weren nat worthi. 

9 Therfore go jee to the outgoyngis 
of weyes, and whom euere je shulen 
fynde, clepe to the weddyngis. 

10 And his seruauntis, gon out in to 
the weyes, gedreden togidre alle that 
thei founden, good and yuel ; and the 
weddyngis of men sittynge at mete ben 

11 Forsothe the kyng entride, that 
he shulde see men sittynge at mete ; 
and he 8663 there a man nat clothid 
with brijd clothis. 

12 And he seith to hym, Frend, hou 
entridist thou hidii', nat hauynge brijd 
clothe 1 And he was doumbe. 

13 Thanne the kyng seide to the my- 
nystris, His hondis and feet bounden, 
sende 566 hym into vttermore dcrk- 
nessis ; there shal be weepyng and 
betyng to gidre of teeth. 

14 Forsothe many ben clepid, but fewe 

15 Thanne Pharisees, goynge awey, 
token a counseile, that thei shulden 
take Jhesus in word. 

16 And thei senden to hym her dis- 
ciplis, with Erodyanys/ seiynge, Maister, 
we witen, that thou art sothfast, and 
thou techist in trewthe the weye of God, 
and there is no cure''' to thee of eny 
man, for thou bcholdist nat the pcrsoone 
of men. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


vauntes, sayinge, Tell them which are 
bydden, Lo ! I have prepared my dyn- 
ner, myne oxen and my fatlinges are 
kylled, and all thinges are redy ; come 
vnto the mariage. 

5 They made light of it, and went their 
wayes, won to his ferme place, another 
about his merchandyse. 

6 The remnaunt toke his servauntes, 
and intreated them vngoodly, and slewe 

7 When the kinge herde that, he was 
wroth ; and sent forth his warryers, and 
distroyed those murtheres, and brent 
vppe theire cite. 

8 Then sayde he to hys servauntes, 
The weddinge was prepared, butt they 
which were bydden there to, were not 

9 Go ye therefore out in to the hye 
ways, and as many as ye fynde, byd 
them to the mariage. 

10 The servauntes went out in to the 
wayes, and gaddered togedder as many 
as they coulde fynde, booth good and 
bad ; and the weddinge was furnysshed 
with gestes. 

1 1 The kinge cam in, to viset -hys 
gestes ; and spyed there a man which 
had not on a weddinge garment. 

12 And sayde vnto hym, Frende, howe 
camyst thou in hydder, and hast not on 
a weddyng garment 1 And he was even 

13 Then sayde the kynge to hys minis- 
ters, Take and bynde hym hande and 
fote, and caste hym into vtter dercknes ; 
there shalbe wepinde and gnassinge of 

1 4 For many are called, and feawe be 

15 Then went the Farises, and toke 
counsell, howe they myght tangle him 
in his wordes. 

16 And sent vnto him there disci- 
ples, with Herodes servauntes, sayinge, 
Master, we knowc, that thou arte true, 
and that thou teachest the waye of God 
trueli, nether carest for eny man, for 
thou consydrest nott mennes estate. 


ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

17 Ssege us, hwset \>mc]> de. Ys hyt 
alvfed dxt man Casere gafol sylle, de 

18 Da se Hseleud liyra facn gehyrde, 
da cwie\> lie, La Hcceteras, hwi f'andige 
ge mm ? 

19 JEt-f\ya]> me dies gafoles mynyt. 
Da broliton lii him anue peninc. 

20 Da cwjBJ) se Haelend to him, Hwajs 
auHcuys ys dis, and dis ofergewrit 1 

21 Hig cwsedon, Dses Caseres. Da 
c\vx\> he, A'gyfajj dam Casere da })ing 
de djes Casyres synt, and Gode da ];ing 
do Godcs synt. 

22 Da hig diiot gehyrdon da wundrod- 
on hig ; and forleton hyne, and ferdon 

23 On dam dvege comou to him Sad- 
ucei, da secgea]? dret nan itryst nc sy, 
and hig acsedou hyne, 

24 And cwsedon, Lureow, Moyses ssede, 
gyf hwa dead syg, and beam ntebbe, 
diet his brodor nyme hys wif, and stryne 
hym beam. 

25 "Witodlice myd ns Wccron seofun 
gebrcdru ; and se forma fette w1f, and 
fbr})-fcrde. And Isetde hys brcdcr his 
wif butan bearne ; 

26 And se oder ealswa, and se ]>rydda, 
od done seofu))an. 

27 Da ait sidemestan, forjj-ferde da-t 

28 Hwylces dsera sufona by)? da3t wif, 
on dam ceriste 1 ealle hig hsefdon hig. 

2 9 Da andswarode se Hselend hym and 
cwa)}), Ge dweliaj), and ne cunnon halige 
ge^vi-itu, nc Godes mtegen. 

30 Witodlice nc wifiajj hig, ne hig ne 
eeorlia)>, on dam seryste ; ac hig synt 
swylce Godes englas on heofone. 

31 Nc rscddc ge, be dcadra manna 
seryste, dset cow fi'am Gode gessed wses, 

32 Ic com Abrahamcs God, and Isaiiccs 
God, and lacobes God? nys God na 
deadra, ac lybbendi'a. 

XXII. 17-32.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

17 Therfore seie to vs, what it semeth 
to thee. Is it leful to jeue to Cesar^ 
rente 1 '^ 

18 Forsothe, the wickeclnesse of hem 
knowen, Jhesus seith, YpocritiSj what 
tempten 3ee me 1 

19 Shewe 5ee to me the prynte of the 
moneye. And thei offriden to hym a 

20 And Jhesus seith to hem, Wlaos is 
this ymage, and the WTytyng aboue 1 

2 1 Thei seyen to hym, Of Cesar. 
Thanne he seith to hem, Therfore ^elde 
jee to Cesar tho thingis that ben Ces- 
aris, and to God tho thingis that ben 
of God. 

22 And thei heerynge wondreden j and, 
hym laft, thei wenten awey. 

23 In that day Saducees, that seyen 
there is no rysyng a^ein, camen ni3 to 
hym, and axiden hym, 

24 Seyinge, Maister, Moyses seide, 5if 
eny man be dead, nat hauynge a sone, 
that his brother wedde his wyf, and 
reyse seed to his brother. 

25 Forsothe seuen bretheren weren at 
vs ; and the first, a wijf weddid, is dead. 
And he nat hauynge seed, left his wijf 
to his brother ; 

26 Also the secouude, and the thridde, 
til to the seuenthe. 

27 Forsothe the laste of alle, and the 
womman is dead. 

28 Therefore in the rysynge a3ein, 
whos wijf of the seuene shal she be 1 
for alle hadden hir. 

29 Sothely Jhesus answerynge seith to 
hem, 3ee erren, nether knowynge the 
scripturis, nether the vertu of God, 

30 Forsothe in the rysyng a3cyn, 
neither thei wedden, nether ben weddid ; 
but thei ben as the aungelis of God in 

31 Sothely of the rysynge a3ein of 
dead men, 3ee han nat rad, that it is 
seid of the Lord, seyinge to 30U, 

32 I am God of Abraham, and God of 
Ysaac, and God of Jacob 1 he is nat 
God of deed men, but of lyuynge men. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


17 Tell vs there fore, howe thynkeste 
thou. Is it lawfuU to yeve tribute vnto 
Cesar, or not 1 

1 8 Jesus perceaved there wylynes, and 
sayde, Why tempte ye me, ye ypocrytes? 

19 Lett me se the tribute money. 
And they toke hym a peny. 

20 And he sayde vnto them. Whose 
ys thys ymage, and supersci'ipcion ? 

2 r They sayde vnto hym, Cesars. Then 
sayde he vnto them, Geve therefore to 
Cesar that which is Cesurs, and geve 
vnto God that which is Goddes. 

22 Wlien they herde that they mar- 
velled; and lefte hym, and went there 

23 The same daye the Saduces cam 
vnto hym, which saye that there is no 
resurreccion, and they axed hym, 

24 Saynge, Master, Moses bade, if a 
man dye, havinge no chyldreii, that the 
brother mary his wyfe, and reyse vppe 
seed vnto his brother. 

2 5 There were with vs seven brethren ; 
the fyrst maried, and dyed with out 
ysshewe. And lefte hys wyfe vnto hys 
brother ; 

26 Lyke wise the seconde, and the 
thryd, vnto the seventhe. 

27 Laste of all, the woman dyed also. 

28 No we in the resurreccion, whose 
wyfe shall she be of the vij 1 for all had 

29 Jesus answered and sayde vnto 
them, Ye are deceaved, and knowe not 
what the scripture meaneth, nor yett the 
vertue of God. 

30 For in the resurreccion, they nether 
mary, nor are maryed ; but are as the 
anjjels of God in heven, 

31 As touchynge the resurreccion off 
the deed, have ye nott redde, what ys 
sayde vnto you off God, which sayeth, 

32 I am Abrahams God, and Ysaaks 
God, and the God of Jacob 1 God ys 
nott the God o£ the deed, but of the 


GOTHIC, c;6o. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

33 Da dset folc dset gehyrde, da 
wundredon big hys lare.^ 

34 Da da Phai'iseiscan gcliyrdon, daet 
he het da Saduceiscan stylle beon, da 
eodon big togsedere. 

35 And an, de wfes doere 3e lareow, 
acsode byne, and fandode bys, dus 

36 La bireow, bwset ys dset mseste 
bebod on dsere se 1 

37 Da cwae)5 se Hselend, Lufa Dribten 
dinne God, on ealre dnn-e beortan, and 
on eab-e dinre sawle, and on eallum 
dinum mode. 

38 Dis ys daet mseste and dset fyrmeste 

39 Oder ys dysum gelic ; Lufa dinne 
nehstan swa swa de sylfne. 

40 On dysum twam bebodum by)> 
gefyllcd call seo se. 

41 Da da Pbai'iseiscan gegaderode 
wseron, da cwjbJ) se Haelend, 

42 Hwa^t ))inc]j eow be Cristc, bwses 
sunu ys be 1 Hig cwaedon, Dauides. 

43 Da cwse|) se Hselend, Hwi clypaj) 
Dauid byne on gaste Dribten, and 

44 Dribten cwsej) to minum Dribtne, 
Site on mine swydran bealfe, od dset ic 
gesette dine fynd de to f5t-sceamole 1 

45 Gyf Dauid byne on gaste Drybten 
clypa}), bu ys be bys sunu 1 

46 Da ne mihton big bim nfln word 
andswarian, nc nan ne dorste of dam 
dsege, byne nan Jjing mare acsian. 

CiiAP. XXIII. I Da spra^c se IIscI- 
end to dam folce, and to hys leorning- 

2 And cwsejj, Boceras and Pharisei 
sseton ofer Moyses blreow-setl. 

3 Heakla)>, and wyrcca}), swa hwact swa 
liig secgcaj). And ne do ge na sefter 
beora worcum ; big secgca)), and ne d6]>, 

4 Hig binda}) hefige byrdyna, de man 
aberan ne mseg, and lecgea}) da uppan 

XXII.33-XXIII.4.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

33 And the cumpanyes of peple heer- 
ynge, wondreden in his techynge. 

34 Forsothe Pharisees, heerynge that 
he hadde put silence to Saducees^ camen 
to gidre in to oon. 

35 And oon of hem, a techer of the 
lawe, axede Jhesus, temptynge hym, 

36 Maistre, whiche is a greet maunde- 
ment in the lawe 1 

37 Jhesus seide to hym, Thou shalt 
loue the Lord thi God, of al thin 
herte, and in al thi soule, and in al thi 

38 This is the firste and the most 

39 Forsothe the secounde is lie to 
this; Thou shalt loue thi nei3bore as 
thi self. 

40 In these two maundementis hangith 
al the lawe and prophetis. 

41 Sothely the Pharisees gedrid to 
gidre, Jhesus axide hem, 

42 Seyinge, What semeth to 50U of 
Crist, whos sone is he 1 Thei seyen to 
hym, Of Dauith. 

43 He seith to hem, Therfore hou 
Dauith in spirit clepith hym Lord, 

44 The Lord seide to my Lord, Sitte 
on my ri3thalf, til that I put thin 
enmyes a stole of thi feet 1 

45 Therfore jif Dauyd clepith him 
Lord, hou is he his sone 1 

46 And no man mijt answere a word 
to hym, nether eny man was hardy fro 
that day, for to axe hym more. 

Chap. XXIII. i Thanne Jhesus spac 
to the cumpanyes of peple, and to his 

2 Seiyngp, Vpon the chaier of Moyses, 
scribis and Pharisees seeten. 

3 Therfore kepe jee, and do 5ee alle 
thingis, what euere thingis thei shulen 
seie to 30U. But nyl 3ee do after her 
werkis ; sothely thei seien, and don nat. 

4 Sothely thei bynden to gi-euouse 
chargis, and vnportable,^ and puttcn in 

TYNDALE, 1526. 119 

33 And when the people herde that, 
they were astonyed at hys doctrine. 

34 When the Pharises had herde howe 
that he had put the Saduces to silence, 
they drewe togedder. 

35 And won of them, whych was a 
doctour off lawe, axed him a question, 
temptinge him, and sayinge, 

36 Master, whych is the grett com- 
maundment in the lawe 1 

37 Jesus sayde vnto him, Thou shalt 
love thy Lorde God, with all thyne 
herte, wyth all thy soule, and with all 
thy mynde. 

38 This is the fyrst and that grett 

39 And there ys another lyke vnto 
thys ; Thou shalt love thyne neghbour 
as thy selfe. 

40 In thesetwo commaundmenteshange 
all the lawe and the prophettes. 

41 Whyll the Pharises were gaddered 
togedder, Jesus axed them, 

42 Saynge, What thinke ye of Christ, 
whose Sonne is he? They sayde vnto 
hym, The sonne of David. 

43 He sayde vnto them, Howe then 
doeth David in spirite call him Lorde, 
saynge, . 

44 The Lorde sayde to my Lorde, Sytt 
on my ryght honde, tyll I make thyne 
ennemyes thy fote stole 1 

45 Yf David call hym Lorde, howe is 
he then his sonne 1 

46 And none of them coulde answere 
him ageyne one worde, nether durste 
eny man fiom that daye forth, axe hym 
eny moo questions. 

Chap, XXIII, t Then spake Jesus 
to the people, and to hys disciples, 

2 Saynge, The scrybs and the Pharises 
sitt in Moses seate. 

3 Whatsoever they byd you observe, 
that observe, and do. But after their 
woi'kes do not ; for they sayc, and do 

4 Ye and they bynde hevy burthens, 
and greveous to be borne, and ley them 


GOTHIC, 360. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

manna exla ; and nella]) big da mid 
heora fingre set-hrinan. 

5 Ealle lieora wore big doj), dset mcnn 

bi geseon ; big tobrEeda|) byra bcals- 
beCj"'' and msersiaj) heora reafa fnadu. 

6 Hig lufigeaj) da fyrmestan sctl on 
gebeorseypum, and da fyrmestan lareow- 
setl on gesamnungum ; 

7 And dset big man grete on straJtum, 
and dfet menn big lareowas nemnon. 

8 Ne gyrne ge dtet eow man lareowas 
nemne ; an ys eower lareow, ge syut 
ealle gebrodru. 

9 And ne nemne ge eow fajder ofer 
eorjjan, an ys cower fteder, se de on 
bcofonum ys. 

10 Ne eow man ne nemne lareowas, 
fordam an, Crist, is eower lareow. 

11 Se de eower yldest sy, beo se eower 

1 2 Witodlice se de byne upp-abcf|>, se 
byj> genyderod ; and so de byne sylfne 
ge-eadmet, se by)) up-ahafcn-^ 

13 Wa eow, bocyras and Pbarisci, lic- 
cetcras, fordam ge beluca}) beofona rice 
beforan mannum ; ne ge in ne gajj, ne 
ge ne gej>afiaj) dtet 5dre ingan. 


15 Wa eow, bocyras and Pbarisci, lic- 
ceteras, fordam ge bcfara|) sse and cor|)- 
an, dset ge don anne a)l|)Codine ; and 
donne be geworden by[), ge gedo)) byne 
belle beam, twyfealdlicor donne eow. 

16 Wa eow, blindan latteowas, ge scc- 
gca)>, Swa bwylc swa swcrcj) on temple, 
diet ys nabt ; swa bwa swa swere)) on 
djBS temples golde, se ys scyldig. 

17 Eala ge dysogan and blindan, bwfcd- 
cr ys marc, de d;ct gold, de da^t tempi 
de diet gold gcbalga}) ? 

18 And swa bwa swa swerej) on dam 
wcofode, da;t ys nabt ; swa bwylc swa 

XXIII. 5-i8.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

to sliuldres of men ; but witli her fyngir 
thei wolen nat moue hem. 

5 Therfore thei don alle her werkis, 
that thei be seen of men ; forsothe thei 
alargen her filateries/ and magnyfie 

6 Sothely thei louen the first sittyng 
placis in sopers, and the first chaiers in 
synagogis ; 

7 And sakitaciouns in the chepyng, 
and to ben clepid of "men maistirs. 

8 Sothely nyl 5ee ben clepid maistir ; 
for oon is 5oure maistir, forsothe alle 
56 ben brethren. 

9 And nyl 56 clepe to 50U a fadir on 
erthe, for oon is 5oure fadir, that is in 

10 Nether be 5e clepid maistirs, for 
oon is 50ur maistre, Crist. 

11 He that is more of 50U, shal be 
joure mynystre. 

1 2 Forsothe he that shal hie hym self, 
shal be mekid ; and he that shal meeke 
hym self, shal ben enhaunsid. 

13 Sothely woo to 50U, .scribis and 
Pharisees, ypocritis, for je closen the 
kyngdam of heuenes before men ; sothe- 
ly je entren nat, ne sufFre men entrynge 
for to entre. 

14 Woo to 50U, scribis and Pharisees, 
ypocritis, that eten the housis of widues, 
in longe preier preyinge ; for this thing 
50 shulen take the more dom. 

15 "Woo to 50U, scribis and Pharisees, 
ypocritis, that cumpasen the se and the 
lond, that 566 maken o proselite j^ and 
whanne he shal be maad, je maken hym 
a sone of helle, double more than 50U. 

16 Woo to 30U, blynde lederis, that 
seien, Who euere shal swere by the 
temple of God, no thing is ; sothely he 
that shal swere in the gold of the temjile, 

17 ^ee folis and blynde, forsothe what 
is more, the gold, or the temple that 
halowith the gold 1 

18 And who euer shal swere in the 
auter, no thing is ; but he that shal 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


on mennes shuldcrs ; but they them 
sylfe wyl not move them with one 

5 All there workes they do, for to be 
sene of men ; they sett~ abroade there 
philateris, and make large borders on 
there garmenttes. 

6 And love to sytt vppermoostc at 
feastes, and to have the chefe scates in 
the synagogges ; 

7 And gretynges in the marketes, and 
to be called of men rabi. 

8 But ye shall nott sufFre youre selves 
to be called rabi ; for one ys youre 
master, that is to wytt Christ, and all 
ye are brethren. 

9 And call ye no man youre father on 
the erth, for one is youre father, and he 
is in heven. 

10 Be ye not called masters, for one 
ys youre master, and he is Christ. 

11 He that is greateste amonge you, 
shalbe youre servaunte. 

12 But whosoever exalteth hym silfe, 
shalbe brought lowe ; and he that sub- 
mitteth him silfe, shalbe exalted. 

T 3 Wo be vnto you, scribs and Pharises, 
dissemblers, for ye sheet vp the kyng- 
dom of heven before men ; ye youre 
selves goo nott in, nether suffre ye them 
that come to enter in. 

14 Wo be vnto you, scribes and Pha- 
rises, for ye devoure widdowes houses, 
and that vnder a coloure of praying 
longe prayers ; wherfore ye shall receave 
greater damnacion. 

15 Wo be vnto you, scribes and Pha- 
rises, ypocrites, for ye compasse see and 
londe, to brynge one in to youre belefe ; 
and when ye have brought him, ye 
make hym two folde more the chylde 
off" hell, then ye youre selves are. 

16 Wo be vnto you, blynd gides, for 
ye saye, Whosoever sweare by the tem- 
ple, yt ys nothinge ; but whosoever 
sweare by the golde of the temple, he is 

17 Ye foles and blinde, whether is 
greater, the golde, or the temple that 
sanctifyeth the golde 1 

18 And whosoever sweareth by the 
aulter, it is nothinge ; but whosoever 


GOTHIC, 360. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

swerejj on dtere offrunge de ofer daet 
weofod ys, se ys gyltig. 

19 Eala ge blindan, hwneder ys mare, 
de offrung, de dset weofod de gelialgajj 
da offrunge ? 

20 Witodlice se de swere}) on weofodc, 
he swerej) on him, and on eallum dam 
de him ofer synt. 

21 And se de swerej) on temple, he 
swerejj on him, and on dam de him on- 

22 And se de swera]) on hcofonan, he 
sweryj) on Godes jn-ym-setle, and on 
dam de ofyr dtet sitt. 

23 Wii eow, boceras and Pharisei, lic- 
ceteras, ge de tcodia)) mintan, and dile, 
and cumyn, and ge forlcton da |nng de 
synt hefigeran dsere se, dom, and mild- 
heortnysse, and geleafan. Diis |)ing liyt 
gcliyrede dset ge dydon, and da odre ne 

24 La blindan latteowas, ge drehnigea]) 
done gnset aweg, and drincaf) done olfend. 

25 Wa eow, boceras and Pharisei, lic- 
ceteras, fordam ge elsensia)) dast widutan 
ys, ealieeas and discas ; and ge synt in- 
nan fulle reaflaces and unclsennysse. 

26 Eala du blinda Phariscus, clsensa 
seryst dset widinnan ys caliccs and disces, 
daet hyt si claene dset widutan ys. 

27 Wa eow, boceras and Pharisei, Iic- 
ceteras, fordam ge synt gelice hwitum 
byrgenum, da |;incea)> mannum utan 
wlitige ; and hig synt innan fulle de- 
adra bana, and ealre fylj'c. 

28 And swa gc setywaj? mannum utan 
rihtwlse ; innan ge synt fulle liccetunge 
and unrihtwisnesse. 

29 Wa eow, boceras and Pharisei, lic- 
ceteras, ge de timbria|) witegena byi'g- 
ena, and glcngaj) rihtwisra gemynd- 

30 And ge cweda{», Gyf we war on on 
ui'e fsedera dagum, nseron we heora ge- 
feran on dsera witegena blodes gyte. 

31 Witodlice ge synt eow sylfum to 
gewitnysse, dset ge synt dajra beam de 
ofslogon da witcgan. 

XXIII. 19-31.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

swere in the 5ifte that is on the auter, 

19 Blynde men, forsothe what is more, 
the jift, or the auter that halowith the 
5iae ? 

20 Forsothe he that swerith iu the 
auter, swerith in it, and alle thingis that 
ben theron. 

2 1 And he that swerith in the temple, 
swerith in it, and in hym that dwellith 
in the temple. 

22 And he that swerith in heuene, 
swerith in the trone of God, and in hym 
that sittith tlierou. 

23 Woo to 50U, scribis and Pharisees, 
ypocritis, that tithen mente, aiiete, and 
comyn, and ban lefte tho thingis that 
ben greiiouser''' of the lawe, dom, and 
mercy, and feith. And these thingis it 
behofte'*' for to do, and not to leeue 

24 Blynde leders, clensynge a gnatte, 
but swolowynge a camel. 

25 Woo to 50U, scribis and Pharisees, 
ipocritis, that maken clene that thing of 
the cuppe and plater, that is with out- 
forth ; forsothe with ynne 5e ben ful of 
raueyne and vnclennesse. 

26 Thou blynd Pharisee, dense first 
that thing of the cuppe and plater that 
is with ynneforth, that and that thing 
that is with outenforth be maad clene. 

27 Woo to 50U, scribis and Pharisees, 
ipocritis, that ben lie to sepulcris maad 
whijt, the whiche with outen forth semen 
faire to men ; sothely with ynne thei ben 
ful of boonys of dead men, and al filthe. 

28 So and jee forsothe with outen 
forth apei-en iuste to men ; but with 
ynne jee ben ful of ypocrisie and wickid- 

29 Woo to 50U, scribis and Pharisees, 
ipocritis, that belden sepulcris of pro- 
phetis, and maken faire the birielis of 
iuste m,en, 

30 And seien, 3if we hadden ben in 
the dayes of our fadris, we shulden 
nat ban be here felowis in the blood of 

31 And so 5e ben in witnessyng to 50U 
self, for 56 ben the sonys of hem that 
slowen the prophetis. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


swearcth by the offeringe that lyeth on 
the aultre, ys detter. 

19 Ye foles and blinde, whether is 
greater, the offeringe, or the aultre 
whych sanctifyeth the offeringe ? 

20 Whosoever therfore sweareth be 
the aultre, sweareth bi it, and by all 
that there on is. 

21 And whosoever sweareth by the 
temple, sweareth by it, and by hym that 
dwelleth there in. 

22 And he that sweareth by heven, 
sweareth by the seate of God, and by 
hym that sytteth thereon. 

23 Wo be to you, scrybes and Pha- 
rises, desemblers, for ye tythe mynt, 
annys, and commen, and leave the 
waygthtyer mattres of the lawe ondone, 
iudgement, mercy, and fayth. These 
ought ye to have done, and not to have 
lefte the othre ondone. 

24 Ye blinde gydes, which strayne out 
a gnat, and swalowe a cammyll. 

25 Wo be to you, scrybes and Pharises, 
ypocrites, for ye make clene the vtter 
side off the cuppe and off the platter ; 
but with in they are full of brybery and 

26 Thou blynde Pharise, dense fyrst 
that which is with in the cuppe and the 
platter, that the outsyde maye also be 

27 Wo be to you, scrybes and Pharises, 
ypocrites, for ye are lyke vnto paynted 
tombes, which appere beautyfuU out- 
wardes ; but are with in full off deed 
mens bones, and of all fylthynes. 

28 So are ye, for outwardes ye appere 
rightous vnto men ; when with in ye 
are full of dissimulacion and iniquite. 

29 Wo be vnto you, scribes and Pha- 
rises, ypocrytes, ffor ye bilde the tombes 
off the prophetes, and garnisshe the 
sepulchres off iuste men, 

30 And saye, Yf we had bene in oure 
fathers tyme, we wolde not have bene 
partners Avith them in the bloud of the 

31 So are ye witnesses vnto youre 
selves, that ye are the children of them 
which killed the prophetes. 


aoTiiic, 360. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

32 And gefylle ge doet gemet eowra 

33 Eala ge nseddran, and njeddrcna 
cynn, hu fleo ge fram helle dome?^ 

34 Ic sende to eow witegan, and wise 
boceras ; and ge hig ofslea]), and hoj), 
and swingaj) on cowrum gesommuiguni, 
and ge liig clita]j of byrig on byrig ; 

35 Daet ofer eow cume selc rlhtwis 
blod, de wsBS agoten ofer eorJ)an, fram 
Abeles blode djxjs rihtwisan od Zach- 
avias bl5d, Barachias suna, done ge of- 
slogon betwyx dam temple and dam 

36 S6|) ie eow scege, ealle das Jjing 
cumajj ofer das cncorisse. 

37 Eala lerusalem, eala Jerusalem,''' du 
dc da witegan ofslilist, and mid stanum 
oftorfast da de to de asende synt, swide 
oft ic wolde dine bearn gcgaderigan, 
swa SCO licnn hjTe cicenu under hyre 
fydcru gegadcra]?, and dii noldcst. 

38 Witodlice DU ! byj) cower 1ms cow 
weste forlEcten. 

39 So)) ic secge eow, ne geseoj) ge 
me heonon-forj), serdam de ge sccgeon, 
Sy gebletsod se, de com on Drihtnes 

CiTAP. XXIV. I And dii se Hcclcnd 
ut-eode of dam temple ; him to-genea- 
lEchton hys leorning-cuihtas, dast hi him 
jetywdon da2s temples gctimbrunge. 

2 Da andswarode he him and cwm)?, 
Gescoj) ge call dis 1 So)) ic secge eow, 
ne byj) her Isefcd stan uppan stanc, do 
ne beo toworpen. 

3 Da he S£et uppan Oliuctes dune, da 
comon hys leorning-cnihtas dihlice, and 
cwccdon, Spege us, hwa?nnc das ))ing 
gewurdon, and hwylc tacn si dines 
tocymes, and worulde ge-cndunge. 

4 Da andswarode he him and cwsq]>, 
"Warnia)), dast cow nan no beswice. 

Chap. XXIV. i And Jliesus, gon out 
of the temple, wente ; and his disciplis 
camen ni3 to hym, that thei shulden 
shevve to hym the bildyngis of the 

2 Forsothe he answerynge seith to 
liera, Seen 3ee alle these thingis 1 Trewly 
I seie to 50U, a stoon shal nat be lefte 
here on a stoon, the whiche shal nat be 

3 Sothely hym sittynge on the hll of 
Olyuete, disciplis camen ni3 to him 
priuely, seiynge, Seie to vs, whanne thes 
thingis schulen be, and what tokene of 
thi comynge, and of ending of the woi'ld. 

4 And Jhesus answeringe seide to hem, 
Se je, that no man disceyue 30U. 

XXIII. 32.-XXIV. 4.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

32 And 3e fulfillen the mesure of 30ure 

33 3^6 sarpcntis, fruytis'*' of eddris,''' 
hou shulen 306 flee fro the dom of 
helle 1 

34 Therfore loo ! I sende to 30U pro- 
phetis, and wise men, and scribis ;''' and 
of hem 3ee shulen slee, and crucifie, 
and of hem 50 shulen bete in 3our syna- 
gogis, and shulen pursue fro citee in to 
citee ; 

35 That al the iuste blode come vpon 
30U, that was shed on the erthe, fro 
the blood of iust Abel til the blood of 
Zacharie, the sone of Barachie, whom 
3ee sloweu bitwixe the temple and the 

36 Trewli I seie to 30U, alle these 
thingis shulen come vpon this genera- 

37 Jerusalem, Jerusalem, that sleest 
prophetis, and stonyst hem that ben 
sent to thee, hou oft wold I gedre to 
gidre thi sonys, as an henne gedreth 
togidre hir chikenys vndir hir wengis, 
and thou- woldist nat. 

38 Loo ! 30ure hous shal be lefte to 
50U desert.''' 

39 Forsothe I seie to 30U, 300 shulen 
nat see me fro hennys forth, til that 3ee 
seien, Blessid is he, that cumcth in the 
name of the Lord. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


32 Fulfyll ye lyke wyse the measure 
of youre fathers. 

33 Ye serpentes, and generacion of 
vipers, howe shall ye scape the damp- 
nacion of hell 1 

34 Wherfore beholde! Y sende vnto 
you prophetes, wyse men, and scribes ; 
and off them some shall ye kyll, and 
crucifie, and some shall ye scourge in 
youre synagogges, and persecute from 
cite to cite ; 

35 Thatt all righteous bloud may fall 
on you, which was sheed apon the erth, 
from the bloud of rightous Abell vnto 
the bloud of Zacharias, the sonne of 
Barachias, whom ye slewe betwcne the 
temple and the altre. 

36 Verely Y say vnto you, all these 
thinges shall light apon this genera- 

37 Hierusalem, Hierusalem, which kyll- 
est prophetes, and stonest them which 
are sent to the, howe often wolde I have 
gaddered thy children to gedder, as the 
henne gaddreth her chickens vnder her 
wynges, but ye wolde not. 

38 Beholde ! youre habitacion shalbe 
lefte vnto you desolate. 

39 For Y saye vnto you, ye shall not 
se me hence forth, tyll that ye saye. 
Blessed ys he, that commeth in the 
name off the Lorde: 

Chap. XXIV. i And Jesus went out, 
and departed from the temple ; and his 
disciples cam to hym, for to shewe hym 
the byldinge of the temple. 

2 Jesus sayde vnto them, Se ye not 
all these thinges 1 Verely Y saye vnto 
you, there shall not be here leeft one 
stone vppon another, that shall not be 

3 And as he sat vppon the mount 
Olivete, his disciples cam vnto hym 
secretly, sayinge. Tell vs, when this 
shalbe, and what signc shalbe of thy 
comminge, and of the ende of the worlde. 

4 And Jesus answered and sayde vnto 
them, Take hede, that no man desceave 


GOTHIC, 360. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

5 Manega cuma}) on mmum naman, 
and cwecta}>, Ic eoni Crist ; and be- 
swicaj) manega. 

6 Witodlice ge gehyra)) gefeoht, and 
gefeohta hlisan ; wai-nigea]), dixit ge ne 
beon gedrefede ; das })ing sceolon ge- 
weordan, ac nys donne gyt se ende. 

7 peod win)) ongen ))eode, and nee 
ongen rice, and mann-cwealmas beojj, 
and hungras, wide geoud land, and eorj)- 
an styrunga ; 

8 Ealle das ])ing synt daera sara an- 

9 Donne sylla}) hi eow on gedrefed- 
nysse, and ofsleaj) eow, and ealle menn 
eow hatigeajj for niinum naman. 

10 And donne beo|j manega unge- 
trywsode, and belsewaf) betwyx him, and 
hatiga)) him betwynan. 

1 1 And manega lease witegan cuma}», 
and beswica)) manega. 

1 2 And foidam de unrihtwisnys ricsa]), 
manegx'a lufu acolaj) ; 

13 Witodlice se de jjurhwunaj? od ende, 
se by|) hal. 

14 And dis g5dspel by]) bodod ofer 
ealle eor))an, on gcwitnesse eallum \>e- 
odum ; and donne cym}) sco ge-endung. 

15 Donne ge geseoj) da ousceonunge 
da^re toworpennyssc, de se wltega ge- 
cwae)), Daniel, da he stod on haligre 
stovve ; ongyte, se de hyt raet ; 

16 Ficon donne to muntum, da de on 
ludea-lande synt ; 

17 And se de ys uppan hys husc, ne 
ga he nyder dast ho leuig ))iug on his 
huse fecce ; 

18 And se de is on a^cere, ne cyiTe he 
diet lie hys tunccan nyme. 

19 Wa eacniendum and fedendum on 
dam dagum. 

20 BiddaJ), dajt cower fleam on wintra, 
odde on rcste-difgc, ne gewcordc. 

2 1 Witodlice donne by}) swa mycel ge- 
dcorf, swa najs of middan-geardes fruman 

XXIV. 5-21.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

5 Many schulen come in my name, 
seyynge, I am Crist ; and thei schulen 
disceyue mauye. 

6 Sothly 36 ben to heere bateyls, and 
opynyouns of bateyls ; se je, that 50 ben 
not distroblid ; forsotli it bihoueth thes 
thingis to be don, but not 3it is the 

7 Folk schal ryse to gidere a3en folk, 
and rewme in to rewme, and pestilencis, 
and hungris, and erthemouyngis schulen 
be by placis ; 

8 Forsothe alle thes thingis ben bigyn- 
nyugis of sorwis. 

9 Thenne thei schulen bitake 30U in to 
tribulacioun, and thei schulen slee 30U, 
and 36 schulen be in hate to alle folkis 
for my name. 

10 And thanne manye schulen be 
sclauudrid, and to gidere bitraye,^ and 
in hate haue to gidere. 

1 1 And many false prophetis schulen 
ryse, and disceyue many. 

1 2 And for wickiduesse schal be plen- 
teous, the charite of manye schal wexe 
coold ; 

1 3 Forsothe he that schal dwelle stable 
vnto the ende, he this schal be saaf. 

14 And this gospel of kyngdom schal 
be prechid in al the world, in to witness- 
inge to alle folkis ; and thanne the ende 
schal come. 

15 Therfore whenne 36 schulen se the 
abhomynacioun of discomfort, that is 
seid of Danyel, the prophete, stondynge 
in the hooly place ; he that redith, vndir- 
stonde ; 

16 Thanne thei that ben in Judee, fle 
to mouuteyns ; 

17 And he that is in the hous roof, 
come not down to take ony thing of his 
hous ; 

18 And he that is in the feeld, turne 
not a3en to take his coote. 

19 Forsoth wo to wymmen with childe 
and noryschinge in tho dayes. 

20 Sothly preie ^e, that 3oure fleynge 
be not maad in wyntir, or saboth. 

2 1 Forsothe thanne schal be greet tri- 
bulacioun, what maner was not fi'O the 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


5 For many shall come in my name, 
sainge, Y am Christ ; and shall deceave 

6 Ye shall heare of warres, and of the 
noyse of warres ; but se, that ye be not 
troubled ; for all these thinges muste 
come to passe, but the ende is not yet. 

7 For nacion shall ryse ageynste nacion, 
and realme ageynste realme, and there 
shalbe pestilence, and honger, and erth- 
quakes in all quai'ters ; 

8 All these are the beginnynge off 

9 Then shall they put you to trouble, 
and shall kyll you, and ye shalbe hated 
off all nacions ffor my names sake. 

10 And then shall many fall, and shall 
betraye won anothei', and shall hate won 
the other. 

11 And many falce prophetes shall 
aryse, and shall deceave many. 

1 2 And because iniquite shall have the 
vpper hande, the love of many shall 
abate ; 

13 But he that endureth to the ende, 
shalbe safe. 

14 And this gospell off the kyngdom 
shalbe preached in all the worlde, for a 
witnes vnto all nacions ; and then shall 
the ende come. 

15 When ye then shall se the abomi- 
nacion and desolacion, spoken of by 
Daniell, the prophet, stonde in the holy 
place ; whosoever redeth it, let hym 
vnderstonde it ; 

16 Then let them which be in lury, 
flye into the mountaynes ; 

17 And lett hym whych is on the 
housse toppe, not come doune to take 
enytinge out of his housse ; 

18 Nether let hym which is in the 
felde, returne backe to fetche his clothes. 

19 Wo be in those dayes to them that 
are with chylde and to them that geve 

20 Butt praye, thatt youre flyght be 
not in the winther, nether on the saboth 

21 For then shalbe greate tribula- 
cion, suche as was not from the begin- 


GOTHIC, 360. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 
od dis, ne nu ne geweorjj. 

22 And buton da dagas gescyrte wser- 
ou, iisere nun mann bal geworden ; ac 
for dam gecorenum, de he geceas, da 
dagas beojj gescyrte. 

23 Donne gyf eow bwa sseg)), Nu ! 
Crist ys ber, odde dajr, ne gelyfe ge 

24 Donne cumaj) lease Cristas and 
lease witegan, and d6\> mycle tacn and 
fore-bcaen ; dast da beep on gcdwolau 
gelsedde, gyf byt boon mseg, de gccorene 

25 Witodlice ! ic byt eow foresEede. 

26 Gyf big eow secgeaj>, Her be ys on 
westene, ne fare ge ut ; gyf big secgea[). 
Her be ys on J)urb-farun, ue gelyfe ge. 

27 Witodlice swa swa liget fserj) fram 
cst-daelc, and setywj^ od west-dael, swa 
byj) mannes suna tocyme. 

28 Swa bwser swa bold by]>, daeder 
heolp earnas gegaderode. 

29 Sona sefter dajra daga gedrefyd- 
nesse, seo sunne by)) forsworcen, and se 
mona bys leobt ne syl}>, and steorran 
feallaj) of dyere beofenan, and da^re beuf- 
enan nijpgcnu beo]; astyi-ede. 

30 And donne setywjj mannes suna 
tacn on beofonan, and donne wci»a}> 
callc eor]ian mfegl)a ; and geseo)) man- 
nes suuu cumendne^ on beofonan gcnip- 
uni,+ mid myclum ma^gene and msegen- 

3 1 And be asent bys englas mid bym- 
an, and mycelre stefue ; and bi gegad- 
erigaj) bys gccorenan of feower middan- 
cardcs endum, of beofona beabnyssum 
od byra gcmjcru. 

32 Leornigcal? bigspcl be dam fic- 
trcowe. Donne bys twig by)) bncsce, 
and leaf acennede, ge witon, da^t sumor 
ys gcbende ; 

33 And wite ge swa, donne gc das 
))ing geseo)), dajt be ys on durum ge- 

34 So)) ic secge eow, dajt dcos cneorys 
ne gewit, serdam de ealle das j)ing ge- 
weordon ; 

XXIV. 22-34.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

bigynnyng of the world to now, netliir 
•schal be maad. 

22 And no but tho dayes hadden be 
breggid, al fleisch^ schulde not be maad 
saaf; but tho dajcs schulen be maad 
schort, for the chosun men. 

23 Thanne if ony man schal seie to 
50U, Lo ! here is Crist, or there, nyle ^e 

24 Forsothe false Cristis and false pro- 
phetis schulen ryse, and thei schulen 
5yue gi'cte tokenes and wondris ; so that 
also the chosyne be ledd in to errour, if 
it may be don. 

25 Lo ! I haue bifore seid to 30U. 

26 Therfore if thei schulen seie to 50U, 
Loo ! he is in desert, nyle 50 go out ; 
loo ! in piyuey chambris,''' nyle je bileue. 

27 Sothli as leyt goth out fro the eest, 
and apperith til in to the west, so schal 
be and the comynge of mannus sone. 

28 Where euere the body schal be, and 
the eeglis schulen be gederid thidur. 

29 Forsothe anoon aftir the tribula- 
cioun of tho dayes, the sunne schal be 
maad derk, and the mone schal not 5yue 
hir li5t, and stcrris schulen falle down 
fi'o heuene, and the vertues of heuenes 
schulen be mouyd. 

30 And thanne the tokene of mannus 
sone schal appere in heuene, and thanne 
alle kynredis"'' of erthe schulen weyle ; 
and thei schulen se mannus sone com- 
ynge in the clowdis of heuene, with 
moche vertu and mageste. 

31 And he schal sende his angelis with 
a trumpe, and greet voice ; and thei 
schulen gedere his chosyne fro foure 
wyndis of heuene, fro the hi3este thingis 
of heuenes til teermes''" of hem. 

32 Lerne 5e the parable of a fyge tree. 
Whenne his bou3t is now tendre, and 
leeuys sprungen, 3ee witen, that somer 
is nij ; 

33 So and 5ee whenne 3ee shulen se 
alle these thingis, witith that it is ni3, 
and in the 5atis. 

34 Trewly I seie to 30W, for this gene- 
racioun shal nat passe, til that alle 
thingis be don j 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


nynge off the worlde to this tyme, ucr 

22 Ye and except those dayes shulde 
be shortened, shulde no flesse be saved ; 
butt for the chosens sake, those dayes 
shalbe shoi'tened. 

23 Then yff eny man shall saye vnto 
you, Lo ! here is Christ, or there is 
Christ, beleve it not. 

24 Ffor there shall ai'ise falce Christes 
and falce prophetes, and shall geve 
greate signes and wonders ; so greatly 
that yff it were possible, even the chosen 
shulde be brought in to eri'oure. 

25 Take hede ! I have tolde you before. 

26 Yff they shall saye vnto you, Lo ! 
he is in the desert, go not forth ; yff 
they saye, lo ! he is in the secret places, 
beleve nott. 

27 For as the lightnynge cometh out 
off the eest, and shyneth vnto the weest, 
so shall the commynge off the sonne of 
man be. 

28 For wheresoever a deed body is, 
even thyther wyll the egles resorte. 

29 Immediatly after the tribulacions 
off those dayes, shall the sun be derken- 
eth, and the mone shall not geve her 
light, and the starres shall fall from 
heven, and the powers of heven shall 

30 And then shall appere the sygne of 
the Sonne off man in heven, and then 
shall all the kynreddes of the erth 
morne ; and they shall se the sonne of 
man come in the cloudes of heven, with 
power and greate maieste. 

31 And he shall sende his angelles 
Avith the greate voyce of a tromp ; and 
they shall gadder to gedther his chosen 
from the fower wyndes, and from the 
one ende off the worlde to the other. 

32 Learne a similitude of the fygge 
tree. When his braunches are yet tender, 
and his leves spronge, ye knowe, that 
sommer is nye ; 

33 So lyke wyse when ye se all these 
thynges, be ye sure that it is neare, even 
at the dores. 

34 Verely I saye vnto you, thatt this 
generacion shall not passe, tyll all be 
fulfilled ; 


GOTHIC, 360. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

35 Heofone and eorJ>e gewita)), witod- 
lice mine woi'd nc gcw^ta]). 

36 Nat nan mann be dam dsege ne 
be dajve tide, ne furdan englas, buton 
feeder ana. 

37 Witodlice svva swa on Noes dagum 
wees, swil byl> mannes suna tocyme. 

38 Swa hi Wceron, on dara dagura set* 
dam flode, etende and drincende, and 
wifigende and gyfta syllende, od done 
dseg, de Noe on da earce code ; 

39 And hi nyston,''" ser dset flod com, 
and nam big calle, swa byj> mannes suna 

40 Donne beo)) twegcn on jecere, an 
by]j genumen, and oder byjj Isefed ; 

41 Twa beo)) set cwyrne grlndende, an 
byj> genumen, and oder byjj Isefed ; 
twegen beo}) on bedde, iiu byj) genumen, 
and oder byj) Isefed.^ 

42 Wacigaj) witodlice, fordam de ge 
nyton on hwylcere tide eower Hlaford 
cuman wyle. 

43 WitaJ), dvet gyf se hiredes ealdor 
wiste on hwylcere tide sc jjcof towcard 
wsere, witodlice he wolde wacigean, and 
nolde gejjafigan''" daet man hys bus un- 

44 And fordam beo ge gcarwc, fordam 
dc mannes sunu wyle cuman, on diore 
tide de ge nyton. 

45 Wenst dii hwa sy gctrywe and 
gleaw [jcow, done geset hys hlaford ofcr 
his hired, da3t he him on tide mete 
sylle ? 

46 Eadig"*" ys se jjcow, de hys hlaford 
hyne gcmet dus dcndne, donne he cymj). 

47 S6|) ic cow sccge, daet ofer eall daet 
he ah he hyne geset. 

48 Gyf se yfola })eowa j>cnc}' on liys 
hcortan and cwyj), Min hlafoi'd uferaf) 
hys cyrae,^ 

49 And agynj) bcatan hys cfcn-j)Cowas, 
and yt and drinc]) mid druncenum ; 

50 Donne cym)) dies weales hlaford oa 

XXIV.35-50-] VVYCLIFFE, 1389. 

35 Heuene and ertbe sliulen passe, but 
my wordis shulen nat passe. 

36 Forsothe of thilk day and hour no 
man woot, nether angelis of heuenes, no 
but the fadh- alone. 

37 Forsothe as it was in the dayes of 
Noye, so shal be and the comyng of 
mannes sone. 

38 For as in the days bifore the grete 
flood, thei weren etynge and drinkynge, 
weddynge and takynge to weddyuge, til 
in to that day, in the whiche Noe entride 
in to the ship ; 

39 And thei knewen nat, til that the 
grete flood came, and toke alle men, so 
shal be the cummyng of mannes sone. 

40 Thanne two shulen be in a feeld, 
oon shal be taken to, and an other 

41 Two wymmen shulen be gryndynge 
in 00 querne, oon shal be taken to, and 
the other forsaken ; two in 00 bed, the 
toon shal be taken to, and the tother 

42 Therfore wake 5ee, for 3ee witen 
nat in what houre joure Lord is to 

43 Sothely that thing wite 3ee, for jif 
tlie housbonde man wiste in what houre 
the theef were to cumme, trewly he 
shulde wake, and sufii-e nat his hous to 
be vndirmynyd. 

44 And therfore and 3ee be redy, for in 
what hour 366 gessen nat, mannes sone 
is to cumme. 

45 Who gessist thou is a trew seruaunt 
and prudent,^ whom his lord ordeynyde 
on his meynee, that he 3eue to hem 
mete in tyme ? 

46 Blissid is that seruaunt, whom his 
lord, whenne he shal cumme, shal fynde 
doynge so. 

47 Trewly I seie to 50U, for vpon alle 
his goodis he shal ordeyne hym, 

48 Forsothe 3if thilk yuel seruaunt 
shal seie in his herte. My lord makith 
dwellynge+ to cum, 

49 And bigynne to smyte his euen 
seruauntis, sothely 3if he ete and drynke 
with drunkenlewe men ; 

50 The lord of thilk seruaunt shal 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


35 Heven and erth shall perisshe, but 
my wordcs shall abyde. 

36 But of that daye and houre knowith 
no man, no not the angels of heven, but 
my father only. 

37 As the tyme of Noe was, so lyke 
wyse shall the commynge of the sonne 
off man be. 

38 For as in the dayes before the floud, 
they dyd eate and drynke, mary and 
were maried, even vnto the daye, that 
Noe entred in to the shyppe ; 

39 And knewe of nothynge, tyll the 
floude cam, and toke them all awaye, so 
shall also the commynge off the sonne 
off man be. 

40 Then two shalbe in the feldes, the 
one shalbe receaved, and the other shalbe 
refused ; 

41 Two shalbe gryndinge at the myll, 
the one shalbe receaved, and the other 
shalbe refused 

42 Wake therefore, because ye knowe 
nott what houre youre Master wyll 

43 Off this be sure, that yff the good 
man off the housse knewe what houre 
the thefe wolde come, he wolde suerly 
watche, and not suffre his housse to be 
broken vppe. 

44 Therfore be ye also redy, for what 
houre ye tinke leest on, in the same 
shall the sonne of man come. 

45 Who is a faythfuU servaunte and 
wyse, whom his master hath made ruler 
over his housholde, ffor to geve them 
meate in season convenient 1 

46 Happy is that servaunt, whom hys 
master, when he cometh, shall finde so 

47 Verely Y sale vnto you, he shall 
make him ruler over all his goodes. 

48 But and yf the evyll servaunt shall 
saye in his herte, My master wyll differ 
his commynge, 

49 And begynn to smyte his felowes, 
ye and to eate and to drynke with the 
dronken ; 

50 That servauutes master wyll come 

K 2 


GOTHIC, 360. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

(tarn dregc dc he na 11c •\veii)>, ami on 
ctiyrc tide tte he nat, 

5 1 And todseljj hync, and aset hys dsel 
myd liccctcrum ; dter by|) wop, and t6j)a 

Chap. XXV. + i Donne by)j heofena 
rice gclic dam tyn fsemuum, de da leoht- 
fotu namon, and ferdon ongen done 
brydguman and da biyde ; 

2 Hyra fif wseron dysige, and fif 

3 Ac da fif dyscgan namon leoht-fatu, 
and ne namon nanne ele mid hym ; 

4 Da gleaAvan namon ele on hyra fatum 
mid dam leoht-fatum. 

5 Da se brydguma ylde, da hnappedon 
hig ealle and slepon. 

6 Witodlice to middere nihte man 
hrymde and cwaj)>, Nu ! se brydguma 
cymjj, faraj) him togenes. 

7 Da aryson ealle da fsemnan, and 
glcngdon heora Icoht-fatu. 

8 Da cwEcdon da dyscgan to dam 
wisum, Sylla)) us of eowrum ele, fordam 
lire leoht-fatu synt acwencte. 

9 Da andswaredon da gleawan, and 
cweedon, Nese, deltes de we and ge 
nabbon gcnoh, gaj) to dam cypendum, 
and bycgajj eow ele. 

I o Witodlice da hig ferdon and woldon 
bycgean, da com se brydguma ; and da 
de gearwe wseron, eodon in mid him to 
dam gyftum ; and sco duru wa>s bclocen. 

I I Da a)t-nehstan comon da odrc fttm- 
nan, and cwsedon, Dryhtyn, dryhtyn, 
lact us in. 

1 2 Da andswarode he heom and cwk)>, 
Sojj ic cow sccge, ne can ic eow. 

13 Witodlice wacia]), fordam de ge 
nyton ne done da'g ne da tide . . 

14 Sum man ferde on cljjcodinysse, 
and clypode hys jjeowas, and betschte 
liym hys tclita ; 

15 And anum he scaldc fif pund. 

XXIV.51.-XXV.15.] WYCLIFFE,i389. 

cume in the day in wMche he hopith 
nat, and in hour that he knowith nat, 

51 And shal dcpartc hym, and put 
his part with ypocritis ; there shal be 
weepynge, and betynge togidre of teeth. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


Chap. XXV. i Thanne the kyngdam 
of heuenes shal be lie to ten virgynys, 
the whiche, takynge her laumpis, weute 
out meetynge the spouse/ and the 
spousesse ;■•■ 

2 Forsothe fyue of hem weren foolis, 
and fyue prudent. 

3 But the fyue foolis, her laumpis taken, 
token nat oyle with hem ; 

4 Forsothe the prudent token oyle in 
her vessels Avith laumpis. 

5 Forsothe the spouse^ raakynge dwell- 
ynge, alle nappiden and slepten. 

6 Sothely at myd ni3t a cry was maad, 
Loo ! the spouse eummeth, go jee out 
mctynge to hym. 

7 Thanne alle the virgynys rysen vp, 
and anourneden her laumpis. 

8 Sothely the foolis seiden to the wise, 
5eue 3ee to vs of 5oure oile, for oure 
laumpis ben qwenehid. 

9 The prudent answereden, seyinge, 
Lest perauenture it nat to us and 
to 50U, go 5ee rather to men sellynge, 
and bye to 50U. 

10 Forsothe the while thei wenten for 
to bye, the spouse came ; and tho that 
weren redy, entriden in with hym to 
the weddyngis ; and the jate is shit. 

11 Sothely at the last and the other 
virgynys camen, seyinge, Lord, lord, 
opene to vs. 

12 And he answerynge seith, Treuly I 
seie to 50U, I knowe nat 30U. 

13 And so wake jee, and preye, for 
jee witen nat the day ne the hour . 

14 Sothely as a man goynge fer in 
pilgrimage, clepide his seruauntis, and 
bitoke to hem his goodis ; 

15 And to oon he jaue fyue talcntis,^ 

in a daye when he loketh not for hym, 
and in an houre that he is not ware of, 

51 And wyll devyd hym, and geve 
hym his rewarde weth ypocrites ; there 
shalbe wepinge, and gnasshinge of tethe. 

Chap. XXV. i Then the kyngdom 
of heven shalbe lykened vnto x virgins, 
which toke their lampes, and went to 
mete the brydgrom ; 

2 Fyve of them were folysshe, and fyve 
were wyse, 

3 The foles toke their lampes, but toke 
none oyle with them ; 

4 But the wyse toke oyle Avith them 
in their vysselles with their lampes also. 

5 Whyll the brydgrome taryed, all 
slombred and slepte. 

6 And even at mydnyght there was a 
crye made, Beholde ! the brydgrome 
commeth, goo and mete hym. 

7 Then all those vii'gins arose, and 
prepared their lampes. 

8 And the folysshe sayde to the wyse, 
Geve vs of youre oyle, for oure lampes 
goo out. 

9 But the wyse answered, sayinge, I^ot 
so, lest there be not ynought for vs and 
you, but goo rather to them that sell, 
and by for youre selves. 

10 In conclusion whyll they went to 
bye, the brydgrom cam ; and they that 
were redy, went in with hym to the » 
weddinge ; and the gate was shett vppe. 

11 Afterwardes cam also the other 
virgins, sayinge, Master, master, open 
to vs. 

12 But he answered and sayde, Verely 
I saye vnto you, Y knowe you not. 

13 Loke that ye watche therefore, for 
ye knowe nether the daye nor yet the 
houre, "when the sonne of man shall 

1 4 Lykwyse as a certeyne man redy to 
take his iorney to a straunge countre, 
called hys servauntes to hym, and de- 
lyvcrcd to them hys gooddos ; 

15 And vnto won he gave v. talentes, 


GOTHIC, 360. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

sumum twa, sumum an, seghwylcum be 
hys agenum msegene ; and ferde sona. 

16 Da ferde se de da fif pund under- 
feng, .... and gestrynde odcre 

17 And ealswa se de da twa underfeng, 
gestrynde odre twa. 

18 Witodlice se de dnet an underfeng, 
ferde, and bedealf hyt on eorj^an, and 
behydde hys hlafordes feoh. 

1 9 Witodlice pefter miclum fyrste, com 
d?era Jieowa hlaford, and dyhte hym 

20 Da com se de da fif pund under- 
feng, and brohte odre fife, and cwa?)>, 
Hlaford, fif pund du sealdest me, mi ! 
ic gestrynde odre fife. 

21 Da cwse)) hys hlaford to hym, Bco 
blij)e, du goda jieow and getiy wa ; for- 
dam de du wsere getrywe ofer lytic j'ing, 
ic gesette de ofer mycle ; ga into dines 
hlafordes blisse. 

22 Da com se de da twa pund under- 
feng, and cwsej), Hlaford, twa pund dii 
me sealdest ; nu ! ic haebbe gestryncd 
odre twa. 

23 Da cwse); hys hlaford to hym, Ge- 
blissa, du goda jjeowa and gctiywa ; 
fordam de du wsere getrywe ofer fcawa, 
ofer fela ic de gesette ; ga on dines 
hlafordes gefean. 

24 Da com se de daet an pund under- 
feng, and cwsejj, Hlaford, ic wat daet dii 
cart heard man ; dii ripst d?er du ne 
SCO we, and gaderast dser du ne sprcng- 
dest ; 

25 And ic ferde of-drsed, and behydde 
din pund on eorpan ; her dii hsefst daet 
din ys. 

26 Da andswarode hys hlaford him, 
and cw£e|), Dii yfcla j^eow and slawa, dii 
wistest diet ic rype daer ic ne sawe, and 
ic gaderige daer ic ne stredde ; 

27 Hyt gebyrede daet du befsestcst 
min feoh myneterum, and ic name donne 
ic come daet min ys mid dam gafole. 

28 A'nymajj daet pund set hym, and 

XXV. 16-28.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

forsotlie to an other two, but to an other 
oon, to eche after his owne vertu ; and 
wente forth anoon. 

16 Forsothe and he that hadde take 
fjue talentis, weute forth, and wrou3te 
in hem, and wan other f}'ue. 

17 Also and he that hadde taken two, 
wan other two, 

18 Sothely he that hadde taken oon, 
goynge forth, dalf in to the erthe, and 
hidde the mone of his lord. 

19 Bot after muche tyme, the lord of 
tho seriiauntis came, and puttide resoun 
with hem. 

20 And he that hadde taken fyue 
talentis, cummynge to, offride other 
fyue, seyinge, Loixl, thou bitokist me 
fyue talentis,+ loo ! I haue geten ouer 
other fyae. 

2 ) His lord seith to hym, Wei be thou, 
good seruaunt and feithful;''' for vpon 
fewe thingis thou hast ben trewe, I shal 
ordeyne thee vpon many thingis ; entre 
thou in to the ioye of thi lord. 

22 Forsothe and he that hadde taken 
two talentis, came to, and seith, Lord, 
thou bitokist to me two talentis ; loo ! 
I haue geten ouer other two. 

23 His lord seith to him, Wei be thou, 
good seruaunt and trewe ; for vpon 
fewe thingis thou hast ben trewe, I shal 
ordeyne thee vpon many thingis ; entre 
thou in to the ioye of thi lord. 

24 Forsothe and he that hadde taken 
00 talent, cummynge to, seith, Lord, I 
wote that thou art an hard man ; thou 
repist wher thou hast nat sewen, and 
thou gederist to gidre wher thou hast 
nat spreedde abrood ; 

25 And I drcdynge wente, and hidde 
thi talent in the erthe ; loo ! thou hast 
that that is thin. 

26 Sothely his lord answeiynge, seide 
to hym, Yuel seruaunt and slowe, wistist 
thou that I repe wher I sewe nat, and 
gedere to gidre wher I spradde nat 
abrood 1 

27 Therfore it bihouyde thee to sende'*' 
my monee to chaungers, that and I 
cummynge shulde haue resceyued for- 
sothe that that is myn with vsuris. 

28 And so take je awey fro hym the 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


to another ij, and to another one, to 
every man after his abilite ; and streyght 
waye departed. 

16 Then he that hadde receaved the 
fyve talentes, went, and bestowed them, 
and wane other fyve. 

17 Lykwyse he that receaved ij, gayned 
other ij. 

1 8 But he that receaved one, went, and 
digged a pitt in the erth, and hyd his 
masters money. 

19 After a longe season, the lorde of 
those servauntes cam, and reckened with 

20 Then cam he that had receaved fyve 
talentes, and brought other fyve, sayinge. 
Master, thou deliveredes vnto me fyve 
talentes, lo ! I have gayned with them 
fyve moo. 

21 His master saide vnto him, Well, 
good servaunt and faythful ; thou hast 
bene faythful! in lytell, I wyll make the 
ruler over moche ; entre in into thy 
masters ioye. 

22 Also he that receaved ij talentes, 
cam, and sayde. Master, thou delyver- 
edes vnto me ij talentes ; lo ! I have 
wone ij other with them. 

23 His master saide vnto hym. Well, 
good* servaunt and faythful! ; thou hast 
bene faythful! in lite!!, I woll make the 
ruler over moche ; go in into thy mas- 
ters ioye. 

24 He which had receaved the one 
talent, cam also, and said. Master, T 
considered that thou wast an harde 
man ; whicli repest where thou sowedst 
not, and gadderest where thou strawedst 
not ; 

25 And was afFrayde and went, and 
hyd thy talent in the erth ; lo ! thou 
hast thyn awne. 

26 His master answci'cd, and sayde 
vnto hym, Evyll servaunt and slewth- 
fidl, thou knewest that I repe where I 
sowed nott, and gaddre where I strawed 
nott ; 

27 Thou oughtest there fore to have 
had ray money to the chaungers, and 
then at my commynge shulde I have 
receaved my money with vauntage. 

28 Take therefore the talent from hym^ 


GOTHIC, 360. 

■•^38 Whanuli J^an jmk scwlium gast, yali 
galul)otledum ; ai])|)au naqadaiui, yah 
Avasidedum 1 

39 Whanuli ))an ))uk sewhum siukaiia, 
aij)J)au in karkarai, yah atiddycduin du 

40 Yah andhafyauds sa |>iudans qi}'il> 
du im, Amen qil'a azwis, yah ))anei 
tawidcdu)> aiuaniina })ize minnistane 
bro))rc meinaize, mis tawidcdu]/. 

41 panuh qi'l)!)) yah |)ahn, af hleidunicin 
fcrai, Ciajfoil} fain-a mis, yus fraqi|)anans, 
in fon juita aiwcino, j^ata manwidu uu- 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 
syllajj dam de me da tyn pund brohtc. 

29 Witodlice selcon da^ra de hsef)) man 
syl}i, and he hoef[j genoh ; dam de ntef}), 
diet hym Jjincj) da^t he hasbbe, dait hym 
by)) a3tbroden. 

30 And wui-pa)) done unnyttan J^eowan 
on da uttran ))ystru ; da^i" hy\> wop, and 
tojja gristbitung."'' 

3 1 Witodlice donne mannes sunu cymj; 
on hys msegen-jirymme, and ealle englas 
mid him, donne sit he ofer hys ma'gen- 
))rymmes setl ; 

32 And ealle j^eoda beo]' toforan hym 
gegadcrode, and he asyudra}) hi him 
betwynan, swa swa se hjTde asyndraj? 
da seep fram tyccenum ; 

33 And he geset da seep on hys 
swidran healfe, and da tycccnu on hys 
wynstran healfe. 

. . . Cuma)> ge, gebletsode mines 
fteder, and onfo}) daet rice da^t eow ge- 
gearwod ys of middan-gcardes frym))e. 

35 Me hingrode, and ge me sealdon 
ctan ; me )>yi*ste, and ge me sealdon 
drincau ; ic wjes cuma, and ge me in- 
ladodon ; 

36 Ic w£es nacod, and ge me scryddon ; 
ic wa;s untrum, and ge eodon to me ; 
ic woes on cwcarterue, and ge comon 
to me. 

37 Donne andswariaj) da riht-wisan, 
and cwcda)), Drihten, hwajnne gesawe 
we de hingrigendne, and we de feddon ; 
J)yrstcndne, and we de drinc sealdon ? 

38 Hwoenne gesawe we da^t dii cuma 
Avsere, and de in-ladodon ; odde nacodne, 
and we de scryddon 1 

39 [^Odde hwa^nne gesawon we de 
untrumnc,] odde on cwearterne, and wc 
comon to de 1 

40 Donne andswaraj) se cyning hym 
and cwyj) to hcom, tSojj ic eow secge, 
swa langc swa ge dydon ilnum of dysum 
minum IsBstum gebrodrum, swa lange 
ge hyt dydon me. 

41 Donne scegl) he dam, de beoj) on 
liys wynsti'an healfe, Gcwita|), awyi-gedc, 
fram mc, on d:et ecc fyr, de ys deofle 

XXV. 29-41.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

talent, and jeue je it to hym that liatli 
ten taleutis. 

29 For to eucry man laauynge it slial 
be 50uen, and he sbal liaue plente ; and 
to hym that hath nat, and that that he 
semeth to haue, shal be taken fro hym. 

30 And caste 5ee out the vnprofitable 
seruaunt, and send 5ee hym in to vtter- 
more derknessis ; there shal be wecp- 
ynge, and betyng to gidre of teeth. 

3 1 Forsothe whanne mannes sone shal 
cume in his mageste, and alle his angelis 
with hym, thaune he shal sitte on the 
sege of his magestee ; 

32 And alle folkis shulen be gederid 
before hym, and he schal departe hem 
atwynne, as a sheperde departith scheep 
fro kidis ; 

33 And sotlili he schal seette the 
scheep on his rijthalf, the kidis forsothe 
on the lefthalf. 

34 Thanne the kyng schal seie to hem, 
that shulen be on his ri5thalf, Come 5ee, 
the blessid of my fadir, welde jee''" the 
kyngdam maad redy to 30U fro the 
bygynnynge ''■ of the world. 

35 Forsothe I was hungry, and 36 
jauen to me for to ete ; I thristide, and 
5ec jeuen to me for to drynke ; I was 
lierberlesse, and 5ee gederiden"'" me; 

36 Nakid, and 5ee heliden me ; seik, 
and 5ee \isitiden me ; I was in prisoun, 
and 30 camen to me. 

37 Thanne iust men shulen answere to 
hym, seyiuge. Lord, whenne sy3en we 
thee hungry, and we fedd thee ; thristy, 
and we 5euen to thee drynke 1 

38 "Whenne forsothe seien we thee 
herberlesse, and we gedriden thee ; or 
nakid, and we heliden thee 1 

39 Or whenne seien we thee seek, or 
in prisoun, and we camen to thee 1 

40 And he answerynge shal seie to 
hem, Treuly I seie to 30U, as long as 
3ee diden to oon of these my leste bre- 
thren, 3ee diden to me. 

41 Thanne the kyng shal seie and to 
hem, that shulen be on his left half. 
Depart fro me, 3ee cursid, in to cuer- 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


and geve hit vnto him which hath x 

29 For vnto every man that hath shal- 
be geven, and he shall have abound- 
ance ; and from hym that hath not, 
shalbe taken awaye, even that he hath. 

30 And cast that vnprophetablc ser- 
vaunt into vtter dercknes ; there salbe 
wepynge, and gnasshinge of theth. 

31 WTien the sonne of man shall come 
in hys maieste, and all hjs holy an- 
gelles with him, then shall he sytt 
\1ipon the seate of his maieste ; 

32 And before hym shalbe gaddrcd all 
nacions, and he shall sever them won 
from another, as a shepherde putteth 
asunder the shepe from the gootes ; 

33 And he shall sett the shepe on his 
right honde, and the gotcs on his lyfte 

34 Then shall the kynge saye to them 
on his right honde. Come ye, blessed 
chyldren of my father, inheret ye the 
kyngdome prepared for you from tlie 
beginninge of the worlde. 

35 For I was anhongred, and ye gave 
me meate ; I thursted, and ye gave me 
drinke ;■ I was herbroulesse, and ye 
lodged me ; 

36 I was naked, and ye clothed me ; 
I was sicke, and ye visited me ; I was 
in preson, and ye cam vnto me. 

37 Then shall the iuste answere hym, 
sayinge. Master, when sawe we the 
anhongred, an feed the ; or a thurst, 
and gave the drynke 1 

38 When sawe we the herbroulesse, 
and lodged the ; or naked, and clothed 
the ? 

39 Or when sawe we the sicke, or in 
pre^n, and cam vnto the 1 

40 And the kynge shall answere and 
saye vnto them, Verely I saye vnto you, 
in as moche as ye have done it vnto 
won of the lecst of these my brethren, 
ye have done it to me. 

41 Then shall the kynge saye vnto 
them, that shalbe on the lyffte hande, 
Departe from me, ye coursed, into ever- 

ins GOTHIC, 360. 

liul))in yah aggilum 'is. 

42 Unte gredags was, yan-ni gebu|) 
mis niatyan ; afj)aursi])S was, yan-ni 
dragkidedu]) mik ; 

43 Gasts, yan-ni gala]5odedul) mik ; 
naqa]?s, yan-ni wasidedu}> mik ; sinks, 
yah in karkarai, yan-ni gaweisodedujj 

44 panuh andhafyand yali ]>a\, qi)jand- 
ans, Frauya, whan })uk sewhum gred- 
agana, ai})J)au afjjaursidana, ai}7})au gast, 
aijjf'an naqadana, aijij^au siukana, ai})})au 
in karkarai, yan-ni andbahtidedeima \>us1 

45 panuh andliafyij) im, qijjands. Amen 
qil)a izwis, yah [lanei ni tawidedu|j 
ainamma \>\ze leitilane, mis ni tawided- 

"^- ... 

46 Yah galeij>and J)ai in balwem aiw- 

einon ; ij) Jjai garaihtans in libain 

Chap. XXVI. + i Yah war}), _bi))C 
ustauh Icsus alia \>o waurda, qaj) sipon- 
yam seinaim, 

2 Witu]), |)atei afar twans dagans paska 
wair})ij), yas-sa sunus mans atgibada, du 

3 panuh ... 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 
and hys englum gegearwod. 

42 Witodlice me hingrede, and ge nc 
scaldon me etan ; me Jjyrste, and ge me 
drincan ne sealdon ; 

43 Ic wses cuma, and ge me in ne 
geladodon ; ic wses nacod, and ge ne 
scryddon me ; ic wses untrum, and on 
cwearterne, and ge ne comon set me. 

44 Donne andswarigeaj) hym da, and 
cweda)), Dryhten, hwsenne gesawe we 
de hingrigendne, odde })yrstendne, odde 
cuman, odde untrumne, odde on cweart- 
erne, and we ne |)enedon de ? 

45 Donne andswarajj se cyning heom, 
and cwyjj, S6]> ic eow secge, swa lange 
swa ge ne dydon anum of dysum lajst- 
um, ne dyde ge hyt me. 

46 And donne faraj) hig on ece susle ; 
and da rihtw^san on daet ece lif. 

Chap. XXVI. i Witodlice, da se 
Ilselend hjefde ealle das sprseca ge- 
endod, da cwsej) he to hys leorning- 

2 Witc ge, dset sefter twam dagum 
beoj) eastro, and mannes beam byj) 
gescald, daet he si on r5de ahangcn. 

3 Da wseron gcsamnode da ealdras 
dsera sacerda and hlafordas dses folces 
to dsera sacerda ealdres botle, de waes 
genemned Caiphas, 

4 And hig hsefdon mycel gemot, daet 
hig woldon done Hselend mid facnc 
besyrwan, and ofslean ; 

5 Hig cwsedon witodlice sume, Dtet hyt 
ne mihte beon on dam frcols-dajge, de-Ues 
to mycel styning wurde on dam folce. 

6 Da se Hselend wa?s on Bethania, on 
Symones hiise daas hrcoflan, 

7 Da gcncalsclitc him to sum wif, seo 
hrefde box mid deorwyr|)rc scalfe, and 
ageat uppan hys heafod djer he sajt. 

8 Da gesawon hys leorning-cnihtas dset 
and wurdon gcbolgcne, and cwscdon, To 
hwan ys dis fbrspilled 1 

9 Dis mihte beon gescald to myclum 
wurjje, and ))carfum gedseled. 

XXV.42.-XXVL9.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

lastynge fijr, the whiche is maad recly 
to the deuyl and his angelis. 

42 Sothely I huugeryde, and •^e 5auen 
nat to me for to ete ; I thi-istide, and 
566 5auen nat to me for to drynke ; 

43 I was hei'berlesse, and jee gedriden 
nat me ; nakid, and 566 couereden nat 
me ; seik, and in prisoun, and 366 
visitiden nat me. 

44 Thanne and thei shulen answere to 
hym, seyinge, Lord, whanne seien we 
thee hungTynge, or thi'istynge, or her- 
berlesse, or nakid, or seik, or in prisoun, 
and we seruyden nat to thee 1 

45 Thanne he shal answere to hem, 
seiynge, Treuly I seie to 30U, hou longe 
5ee diden nat to oon of these leste, 
nethere 3ee diden to me. 

46 And these shulen go in to euer- 
lastynge tourment ; forsothe the iust 
men in to euere lastinge lyf. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


Chap. XXVI. i And it is don, 
whenne Jhesus hadde eendid alle these 
wordis, he seide to his disciplis, 

2 Wite 3ee, for after two dayes pask 
shal be maad, and mannes sone shal be 
bitaken, that he be crucified. 

3 Tlianne the princis of prestis and 
eldre men of the peple ben gedrid in to 
the halle of the prince of prestis, that 
was said Caijihas, 

4 And maden a counseile, that thei 
shulden holde Jhesu with gile, and 

5 Sothly thei seiden, Nat in the feste 
day, lest per auenture noys were maad 
in the peple. 

6 Forsothe whenne Jhesus was in Bet- 
anye, in the house of Symount leprous, 

7 A womraan hauynge a boxe of ala- 
bastre of pi'eciouse oynement, came nij 
to hym, and shedde out on the heued of 
hym restinge. 

8 Sothely disciplis seeynge hadden 
dedeyn, seyinge, Wherto this losse 1 

9 Forsothe it mi3te be solde for myche, 
and be jouen to pore men. 

lastinge fire, which is prepared for the 
dev}'ll and hys angels. 

42 For I was an hungred, and yc gave 
me no meate ; I thursted, and ye gave 
me no drynke ; 

43 I was herbroulesse, and ye lodged 
me nott ; I was naked, and ye clothed 
me nott ; I was sycke, and in preson, 
and ye visited me not. 

44 Then shall they also answere hym, 
sayinge. Master, when sawe we the 
auhungred, or a thurst, or herbroulesse, 
or naked, or sicke, or in preson, and 
have not ministred vnto the ? 

45 Then shall he answere them, and 
saye, Verily I saye vnto you, in as moche 
as ye dyd it nott to won off the leest of 
these, ye dyd it nott to me. 

46 And these shall go into everlastinge 
payne ; and the rightous into lyfe 

Chap. XXVI. i And hit folowed, 
when Jesus had fynisshed all these 
sayinges, he sayd vnto his disciples, 

2 Ye knowe, that after .ij. dayes shal- 
be ester, and the sonne of man shalbe 
delyvered, for to be crucified. 

3 Then assembled togedder the chefe 
prestes and scrybes and seniours of the 
people in to the palice off the hye 
preste, which was called Cayj^has, 

4 And heelde a counsell, howe they 
mygt take Jesus by suttelte, and kyll 
him ; 

5 Butt they sayd, Not on the holy 
daye, lest eny trouble ' aryse amonge the 

6 When Jesus was in Bethany, in the 
housse of Symon the lypper, 

7 There cam vnto him a woman which 
had an alablaster boxe of precious oynt- 
ment, and powred it on his heed as he 
sate att the bourde. 

8 When his disciples sawe that they had 
indignacion, sayinge, What neded this 
wast 1 

9 This oyntment myght have bene well 
solde, and yeven to the povre. 

140 GOTHIC, 360. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

10 Da se Hselencl byt wiste, da cw»l> 
he to hcom, Hwi sjTit ge gramc dysura 
wife? witodlice god weorc heo worhte 
on me. 

1 1 Symle gc habbajj Jjearfan mid cow, 
ac ge nabba)) me symle, 

12 Heo dyde das sealfe on mmne 
lichaman, dset ic wsere gesmyrcd to 

13 S6j5 ic secge eow, swa Irwser swa 
dys godspel by)) gcbodod on eallum 
niiddan-earde, by)) gesBed on hyre ge- 
mynd, dtet lieo dis dyde. 

14 Da ferde an of dam twelfum, de 
wses genemned ludas so widersaca, to 
dfBi'a sacerda ealdrum, 

15 And cwsej) to heom, Hwjet wylle ge 
me syllan, and ic hyne belsewe eow? 
Da beheton big hym ]?ritig scyllinga. 

16 And syddan he smeade geornlice, 
dset he hyne wolde belsewan. 

17 Da on dam fornian gcarcung-da?ge 
genealsehton da leorning-cnihtas to dam 
Hselende, and dus cw^edon, Hwa^r wylt 
dil dset we gegearwion de dine jjenunga, 
to eastron 1 

18 Da cwfe|) se Heel end, Fara)) on das 
ceastre to sumum men, and secgeaj) 
him, Se lareow seg\>, Min tima ys ge- 
hende ; da^t ic mid de wjtcc mine eastro 
mid minum leoi'ning-cnihtum. 

19 And da Icorning-cnihtas dydon swa 
se Hselend heom behead ; and big ge- 
gearwodon him easter-}>enunge. 

20 On dam sefene, sjet se Hselend mid 
hys twelf leorning-cuihtum a-t gereorde. 

21 And da hi acton he cwa^)) to him, 
Witodlice ic secge eow, diut an eower 
belccwj' me. 

22 Da wurdon hig s\vide ge-unrotsode 
and ongan anra gehwylc cwcdan, Drihten, 
cwyst dii com ic hyt ? 

23 And he andswarode and dus cwa3j), 
Se de bcdypj) on disce mid mc hys 
hand, se me belscwj). 

24 Witodlice mannes sunu iser\>, swa 
hit awriten ys be him ; wti dam men, 
jmi-h done de hy\> mannes sunu be- 

XXVI. IO-24.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

10 Sothely Jhesus wytinge, seith to 
hem, What be 56 hciiy^ to this worn- 
man'? sothely a goo J work she hath 
wrou^t in me. 

1 1 For whi 566 shulen euermore haue 
pore men with 30U, but 5ee shulen nat 
algatis haue me. 

12 Forsothe this womman sendenge 
this oynement in to my body, made for 
to birye me. 

13 Treuly I seie to 50U, wher euer this 
gospel shal be prechid in al the world, 
it shal be seide and that this womman 
dide, in to mynde of hym. 

14 Thanne oon of the twelue, that was 
seide Judas Scarioth, wente forth to the 
princis of prestis, 

15 And seith to hem, What wolen jee 
5eue to me, and I shal bitake hym to 
50U? And thei ordeyneden to hym 
thritti platis of seluer. 

1 6 And fro that tyme he sou3te coue- 
nablete, for to bitake hym. 

17 Forsothe in the first day of the fest 
of pask disciplis camen to Jhesu, sey- 
inge, Wher wolt thou we make redy to 
thee, for to ete paske 1 

1 8 And Jhesus seith, Go 5ee in to the 
citee to sum man, and seie to hym, The 
maister seith, My tyme is ni5 ; at thee 
I make paske with my disciplis. 

19 And the disciplis diden, as Jhesus 
comaundide to hem ; and thei maden 
redy pask. 

20 Forsothe euenyng maad, he sat at 
the mete with his twelue disciplis. 

2 1 And he seide to hem etynge, Treuly 
I seie to 50U, for oon of 50U is to be- 
traye me. 

22 And thei ful sory bygunnyn eche 
to seie, Lord, wher I am ] 

23 And he answerynge seith, He that 
with me in puttith the bond in the 
plater, this shal bitraye me. 

24 Forsothe mannes sone goth, as it is 
writen of hym ; but woo to that man, 
bi whom maunys sone shal be bitrayed ; 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


10 When Jesus vnderstod tliat, he 
sayde vnto them. Why trouble ye the 
woman 1 she hath wroght a good worke 
apon me. 

11 For ye shall have povre folke 
alwayes with you, butt me shall ye not 
have all wayes. 

12 And in that she casted this oynt- 
ment on my body, she dyd hit to bury 
me with all. 

13 Verely I saye vnto you, where- 
soever this gospell shalbe preached 
throughoute all the worlde, there shall 
also thys thatt she hath done be tolde, 
for a memoriall of her. 

14 Then won of the twelve, called 
Judas Iscarioth, went vnto the chefe 

15 And sayd, Whatt wyll ye geve me, 
and I wyll delyver hym vnto you 1 And 
they apoynted vnto hym thirty peces of 

16 And from that tyme he sought 
oportunite, to betraye hym. 

1 7 The fyrst daye of vnlevended breed 
the disciples cam to Jesus, sayinge vnto 
hym, Where wylt thou that we prepare 
for the, to eate the ester lambe 1 

18 And he said, Go into the cite vnto 
souche a man, and saye to hym, The 
master sayeth, My tyme ys almoste come ; 
I wyll kepe myne ester att thy housse 
with my disciples. 

1 9 And the disciples dyd, as Jesus had 
apoynted them ; and made redy the 
ester lambe. 

20 When the even was come, he sate 
doune with the xij. 

21 And as they dyd eate, he sayde, 
Verely I sale vnto you, that won of you 
shall betraye me. 

22 And they were exccdinge sorofall 
and began every man to saye vnto hym, 
Ys hit I, master 1 

23 He answerede and sayde, He that 
depeth his honde with me in the disshe, 
shall betraye me. 

24 The Sonne of man goeth, as yt is 
wrytten of hym ; butt wo be to that 
man, by whom the Sonne of man shalbe 


GOTHIC, 360. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

Isewed ; betere wsere dam men, diet he 
nsefre nsere acenned. 

25 Da cwjb)) ludas de hyne beleewde, 
Cvvyst du, lareow, liwoedcr ic liyt si 1 Da 
cwse)? se Hselend, Du hyt ssedest. 

26 Witodlice da hig <eton, se Hcrlend 
nam lilaf, and hyne gcbletsodc, and 
brsec, and seakle hys leorning-cnihtum, 
and cw8e)i, Onfo]?, and eta)> ; dis ys min 

27 And he genam done calie, |)ancicnde, 
and sealde hyra, dus ewedende, Drinca)) 
ealle of dysum ; 

28 Dis is witodlice mines blodes calic 
niwre se, diet by[> for manegum agoten, 
on synna forgyfennesse. 

29 Witodlice ic secge eow, dfet ic ne 
drince heononfor}), of dysum eor))lican 
wine, ?er dam dsege de ic drince dait 
niwe mid eow, on mines feeder rice. 

30 Da liig hajfdon heora lofsang gesung- 
enne, da ferdon hig uppan Oliuetes dune. 

31 Da ssede se Hselend heom, Ealle 
ge wurdajj ge-untreowsode on me, on 
dysse nihte ; hyt ys awriten, pnrh dajs 
hyrdes siege, by}) sco heord todrsefed. 

32 Witodlice sefter dam de ic of deaj)e 
arise, ic cume to eow on Galilea. 

33 Da andswyrde Petrus him, and dus 
cwaj}', Deah de hig ealle ge-untreowsion 
on de, ic n&fre ne ge-untreowsige. 

34 Da cwsej) se Hselend, So|) ic secge 
de, dset on dyssere nihte aerdam de cocc 
crawe, jiriwa du widssecst min. 

35 Da sscde Petrus him, Witodlice 
deah de ic scyle sweltan mid de, ne 
widsace ic din. Gclice dam cwaedon 
ealle da odre leorning-cnihtas. 

36 Da com se Hailcnd mid him on 
done tun, de is genemncd Gethsciiiani. 
And ssede hys leorning-cnihtum, Sitta]? 
her, od da't ic ga hider-geoud, and me 

37 And he genam Pctrum, and Zebe- 
deus twegcn suna, and ongan unrotsian 
and beon unrot. 

38 Da ssede se Hselend heom, Unrot 
ys min sawl od dea|> ; gebidaj) her, and 
wuciajj mid me. 

XXVI. 25-38.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

it were good to hym, jif that man 
hadde nat ben boren. 

25 Foisothe Judas that bitrayed hym, 
answeride, seyinge, Maister, wher I am ? 
He seith to hym, Thou hast seid, 

26 Forsothe hem soupynge, Jhesus 
toke breed, and blisside, and bracke, 
and 3aue to his disciplis, and seith, Take 
5ee, and ete ; this is my body. 

27 And he takynge the cuppe, dede 
thankyngis, and 5aue to hem, seyinge, 
Di'inke 566 alle herof ; 

28 This is my blood of the newe testa- 
ment, the whiclie shal be shed out for 
many, in to remissioun of synnys. 

29 Forsothe I seie to 50U, I shal nat 
drinke fro this tyme, of this fruyt of the 
vyne, til in to that day whenne I shal 
drinke it newe Avith 30U, in the kyng- 
dam of my fadir. 

30 And an ympne^ seid, thei wenten 
out in to the mount of Olyuete. 

31 Thanne Jhesus seith to hem, Alle 
56 shulen suffre sclaundre in me, in this 
ni5t ; for it is wrytyn, I shal smyte the 
sheperde, and the sheep of the floe 
shulen be scatered. 

32 Forsothe after that I shal ryse 
ajein, I shal go bifore 50U in to Cralilee. 

33 Sothely Petre answeryuge, seith to 
him, And 3if alle shulen be sclaundrid 
in thee, I shal neuere be sclaundrid. 

34 Jhesus seith to hym, Trevvly I seie 
to thee, for in this ni5t bifore the cok 
crowe, thries thou shale denye me. 

35 Petre seith to hym. And 5if it shal 
behoue me to dye with thee, I shal 
nat denye thee. Also and alle disciplis 

36 Thanne Jhesus came with hem in 
to a toun, that is seid Gessemanye. And 
he seide to his disciplis, Sitte jee heer, 
the while I shal go thidir, and preie. 

37 And Petre taken to, and two sonys 
of Zebedee, he began for to be dis- 
tourblid^ and sory in herte. 

38 Thanne he seith to hem, My soule 
is sorowful til to the deth ; susteyne 
jee^ hei'e, and wake 3ee with me. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


betrayed ; it had bene good for that 
man, yff he had never bene borne. 

25 Then Judas which betrayed him, 
answerede, and sayde, Ys yt I, master 1 
He sayde vnto hym, Thou haste saide. 

26 As they ate, Jesus toke breed, and 
gave thankes, brake it, and gave it to 
his disciples, and sayde, Take, eate ; 
thys ys my body. 

27 And toke the cuppe, and gave 
thankes, and gave it them, sayinge, 
Drinke of it every won ; 

28 This ys my bloudde of the newe 
testament, which shalbe shedde for many, 
for the foryevenes of synnes. 

29 I saye vnto you, I wyll not drynke 
hence foorth, of this frute of the vyne 
tree, vntyll that daye when I shall 
drynke it newe with you, in my faders 

30 And when they had sayd grace, 
they went out into mounte Olyvete. 

3 1 Then sayd Jesus vnto them, All ye 
shall fall this nyght, because of me ; for 
yt ys wrytten, I wyll smyte the shep- 
herde, and the shepe of the ilocke shalbe 
scattered abroode. 

32 But after I am rysen ageyne, I wyll 
goo before you into Galile. 

33 Peter answered, and sayde vnto 
him, Though all men shulde be hurte 
by the, yett wyll not I be hurte. 

34 Jesus sayde vnto hym, Verely I 
saye vnto the, that thys same night 
before the cocke crowe, thou shalt denye 
me thryse. 

35 Peter sayde vnto hym, Yff I shulde 
dye with the, yet wyll I not denye 
the. Lyke wyse also sayde all the dis- 

36 Then went Jesus with them in to a 
place, which ys called Gethsemaue. And 
sayde vnto hys disciples, Sitt ye here, 
whyll I go, and praye yonder. 

37 And he toke with hym Peter, and 
the two sonnes of Zebede, and began to 
wcxe sorofull and to be in an agony. 

38 Then sayd Jesus vnto them, My 
soule is bevy even vnto the deeth ; tary 
ye here, and watche with me. 


GOTHIC, 360. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. ^Iatt. 

39 And da he wses lyt-hwon danon 
jigan, he afcoll on hys ansync, and hyne 
geljted, and dus cwa;]', Freder nnn, gyf 
hyt beon niajge, gewite des calic fram 
me ; deah hwa^dere na swa swa ic wyllc, 
ac swa swa dil wylt. 

40 And he com to hys leorning-cniht- 
um, and he gemette hig sUvpende. 
And he stede Pctre, Swa, ne mihte ge 
nu wacian ane tid mid me 1 

41 Waciaj), and gebidda)) eow, da)t ge 
in ne gan on costnunge ; w^todh"ce so 
gast is hrajd, and da^t flacsc ys unti-um. 

42 Eft cdre side he ferde, and hyne 
gcbsed, and cwfe]', Min f;eder, gyf des 
calic ne mtege ge\Yitan, biiton ic hyne 
drince, gewurde din willa. 

43 And he com eft, and gemette hig 
slsepende ; soj'lice heora eagan wccron 

44 And he forlct hig eft, and ferde, 
and hyne geba^d jjiyddan side, cwcdcnde 
daet ylce gebed. 

45 Da com he to hys Icorning-cnihtum, 
and Sfcde hcom, Slai:>a}) ealKinga, and 
rcsta]> eow ; mi ! gcnealjpc)) sco tid, and 
manncs sunu byjj geseald on synfuh'a 
hand ; 

46 Arisa]>, uton faran ; nu ! genealsecj), 
se de mc belEewJj. 

47 Da he das jjing spra?c, da com 
ludas, an of dam twelfum, and micel 
folc mid hym, mid sweordum and sahl- 
um, asende fram dajra sacerda caldrum, 
and dfes folces eakhum. 

48 Se de hyne belcewde, sealde heom 
tacn, and cwa^)^, Swa h\va;ne swii ic 
cysse, se hyt is ; uimaj) hyne. 

49 And he genealsehte hrajdiice to dam 
Haclcnde, and cwse)), Hiil beo du, lareow ; 
and he cyste hyne. 

50 D.a cwa^jj se Hjclend to him, Eala 
freond, to hwam bccom du ] Da gcnca- 
Icchton hig, and done Ilsclend gcnamon. 

51 Witudlice ! an da^ra de mid dam 
Hfclende wres, abra;d liys swcord ; and 
asloh of anes daera sacerda ealdrcs j'cow- 
an care. 

52 Da cwae)) se Hjelcnd to hym, Do 
din swcord on hys scpfj'C ; witodhce 

XXVI. 39-52.] WYCLIFFE, 13S9. 

39 And he gou forth a litil, felle cloim 
in to his face, preyinge, and seyinge, 
My fadir, 5if it is possiI>le, passe this 
cuppe fro me ; netheles nat as I wole, 
but as thou wolt. 

40 And he came to his disciplis, and 
foonde hem slepynge. And he seith to 
Petre, So, wher 5ee mijte nat oon hour 
wake with me 1 

41 Wake 5ee, and preie, that 5ee en- 
tren nat in to temptacioun ; forsothe 
the spirit is redy, bote the flesh seik.''' 

42 Eft the secouude tyme he wente, 
and preide, seyinge. My fadir, jif this 
cuppe may nat passe, no bote I drynke 
it, thi wille be don. 

43 And eftsone he came, and foonde 
hem slepynge ; forsothe her e^en weren 

44 And hem left, he wente eftsone, 
and preide the thridde tyme, the same 
woi'd seyinge. 

45 Thanne he came to his disciplis, 
and seith to hem, Slepe 5ee nowe, and 
reste ^e ; loo ! the hour hath nei3ed, 
and mannes sone shal be taken in to 
the hondis of synners ; 

46 Eyse 5ee, go wee ; loo! he that 
shal take me, shal neije. 

47 And jit hym spekynge, loo ! Judas, 
oon of the twelue, and with hym came 
a grete cumpanye, with swerdis and 
battis, sent of the princes of prestis, 
and of eldre men of the peple. 

48 Forsothe he that bitraiede hym, jaue 
to hem a tokne, seiynge, Whom euer Y 
shal kisse, he it is ; holde jee hym. 

49 And anon he cumraynge nij to 
Jhesu, seide, Haile, maistre ; and he 
kisside hym. 

50 And Jhesus seide to hym, Frend. 
wherto art thou comen 1 Thanne thei 
camen nij, and castiden hondis in to 
Jhesu, and helden hym. 

51 And loo ! oon of hem that wei'en 
with Jhesu, holdynge out the bond, 
droAvj out his swerd ; and he, smytynge 
the seruaunt of the prince of prestis, 
kitte of his litil ere. 

52 Thanne Jhesus seith to hym, Turne 
thi swerd in to his place ; sothely alle 

TYND ALE, 1526. 


39 And he went a way a lytell aparte, 
and fell flatt on hys face, and jjrayed, 
sayinge, O my father, yf it be possyble, 
lett this cuppe passe from me ; never- 
thelesse nott as I wyll, butt as thou 

40 And he cam vnto hys disciples, and 
lounde them a slepe. And sayde to 
Peter, What, coulde ye not watche with 
me one houre ? 

41 Watche, and praye, that ye fall not 
into temptacion ; the spirite ys will- 
ynge, but the flesshe is weeke. 

42 He went agayne ons moare, and 
pryed, sayinge, O my father, yf this 
cuppe can nott passe away from me, but 
that I drynke of it, thy will be fulfylled. 

43 And he cam, and founde them 
aslepe a gayne ; for their eyes were 

44 And he leffte them, and went 
agayne, and prayed the thrid tyme, 
sayinge the same wordes. 

45 Then cam he to hys disciples, and 
sayd vnto them, Slepe hence forth, and 
take youre reest ; take hede! the houre 
is at honde, and the sonne of man shal- 
be betrayed in to the hondes of synners ; 

46 Ryse, lett vs be goinge ; he is at 
honde, that shall betraye me. 

4 7 Whyll he yet spake, lo ! Judas, won 
of the twelve cam, and with him a 
greate multitude, with sweardes and 
staves, whych were sent from the chefe 
prestes, and seniours of the people. 

48 He that betrayed hym, gave them 
a token, sayinge. Whomsoever I kysse, 
that same is he ; ley hondes on him. 

49 And forth withall he cam to Jesus, 
and sayde, Hayll, master ; and kyssed 

50 And Jesus sayde vnto him, Frende, 
wherfore arte thou come "? Then cam 
they, and layed hondes on Jesus, and 
toke him. 

51 And beholde! won of them which 
were with Jesus, stretched oute his honde, 
and drue his swearde ; and stroke a 
servaunt of the hye preste, and smote 
of his eai-e. 

52 Then sayde Jesus vnto hym, Putt 
vppe thy swearde in to his sheathe*; for 


GOTHIC, 360. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

eallc da de sweord nyma)), mid sweorde 
hig forwurdajj. 

53 Weust du, da3t ic ne mylite biddan 
minne feder, dset he sende me nu ma 
donne twelf eoi'edu engla 1 

54 Hu magon beon gefyllcdc da halgau 
gewritu, de be me awritcue syntl for- 
dam dus liyt gebyra]) to beonne. 

55 On dajre tide cwse]) se Hselend to 
dam foice, Eallswa to Jieofe ge synt 
cumeue, mid sweordum and mid sahlum, 
me to nymanne ; dsegliwamlice ic sa?t 
mid eow on dam temple, and Iserde eow, 
and ge me ne namon. 

56 Dis call ys geworden, dset dtera 
witegena halgan gewritu syn gefyllede. 
Da fiugon calle da leoruing-cnihtas, and 
forleton hyue. 

57 And hig genamon done Hselend, 
and Iseddon hyne to Caiphan, dsera 
sacerda ealdre, dfer da boceras, and da 
ealdras gesamnode wseron, 

58 Pctrus hym fyligde feon-ane, od he 
com to da^ra sacerda ealdres botle ; and 
he in-eode, and sset mid dam })enum, 
daet he gesawe done ende. 

59 Witodlicc da3ra sacerda ealdras, and 
call da^t gemot sohton lease saga ongen 
done Hselend, dset hig hyne to deaj^e 
sealdon ; 

60 And hig ne mihton nane findan, da 
da manega mid leasmu onsagum genea- 
leehton. Da a^t-nehstan comon tvvegeu 
dsera leogera, 

61 And cwsedon, Des ssede, Ic maeg 
towurpan Godcs tempi, and sefter )>rym 
dagum hyt eft getimbrigean. 

62 Da aras se ealdor diera sacerda and 
cwsej), Ne andwyrdst dii nan })iug ongen 
da, de dis de onsecgea]) 1 

63 Se Hselend suwode. Da se ealdor 
daera sacerda cwfe}>, Ic halsige de J)urh 
done lifigcndan God, da^t dii secge us, 
gyf dii sy Crist, Godes sunu. 

64 Da cwKJ) se Hselend him to, Da^t 
dii Stcdest ; s6|) ic cow secge, a-fter 
dysum ge gcseo)) manncs beam sittcnde 
on da swidran hcalfo Godes m«gcn- 
])rymmes, and cumendne on heofones 

XXVI. 53-64] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

that shulen take swerd, shulen perislie 
by swerd. 

53 Wher gessist thou, that I may nat 
jireie my fadir, and he shal 5eue to me 
now more tlian twelue legions of angelis 1 

54 Hou therfore shulen the scriptui'is 
be fulfiUid 1 for so it behoueth to be 

55 In that hour Jhesus seide to the 
cumpanyes of pcple, As to a theef jee 
han gon out, with swerdis and battis, 
for to cacche me ; day by day I satte 
at 50U, techynge in the temple, and 566 
helden not me. 

56 Forsothe al this thing was don, that 
the scripturis of prophetis shulden be 
fulfillid. Thanne alle disciplis fledden, 
hym forsaken. 

57 And thei holdynge Jhesu, ledden 
hym to Caiphas, prince of prestis, wher 
scribis and Pharisees, and the eldre men 
of the peple hadden cummen to gidre. 

58 Forsothe Petre suede hym afer, til 
in to the halle of the prince of prestis ; 
and he gon ynne with ynne, sate with 
seruauntis, that he shulde se the eend. 

59 Forsothe the princis of prestis, and 
alle the counseile sou5ten fals witness- 
ynge a3einus Jhesu, that thei shulden 
take hym to deth ; 

60 And thei founden nat, whenne 
many fals witnessis haddeti cummen to. 
Treuly at the laste, two fals witnessis 

61 And seiden, This seide, I may dis- 
truye the temple of God, and after the 
thridde day bilde it ajein. 

62 And the prince of prestis rysynge 
seith to hym, Answerist thou no thing 
to tho thingis, the whiche these wit- 
nessen a5einus thee 1 

63 Forsothe Jhesus was stille. And 
the prince of prestis seith to hym, I 
couniour thee by quycke God, that thou 
seie to vs, jif thou be Crist, the sone of 

64 Jhesus seide to hym, Thou hast 
seid; netheles I seie to 50U, an other 
tyme'*' 5ee shulen se mannes sone sitt- 
ynge at the rijthalf of the vertue of 
God, and cummynge in cloudis of 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


all they that ley hoijd on the swearde, 
shall perysshe with the swearde. 

53 Other thynkest thou, that I can 
not praye my father, and he shall geve 
me moo then xij. legions of angelles 1 

54 Howe then shall the scrii)tures be 
fulfylled 1 for so muste it be. 

55 The same tyme sayd Jesus to the 
multitude, Ye be come out as it were 
vnto a thefe, with sweardes and staves, 
for to take me ; dayly I sate a monge 
you, teachinge in the temple, and ye 
toke me not. 

56 All this was done, that the sci'ip- 
tures off the prophettes myght be ful- 
filled. Then all his disciples forsoke 
him, and fleed. 

57 And they toke Jesus, and leed hym 
to Cayphas, the hye preeste, where the 
scrybes, and the senyours were assem- 

• 58 Peter folowed hym a farre of, vnto 
the hye prestes place ; and went in, 
and sate with the servauntes, to se the 

59 The chefe prestes, and the seniours 
and all the counsell sought false witnes 
ageinste Jesus, for to put him to deeth ; 

60 And they founde none, in so moche 
that when many false witnesses cam, 
yet founde they none. At the last, cam 
two false wytnesses, 

61 And sayd. This felowe saide, I can 
distroye the temple of God, and bylde 
the same in iij dayes. 

62 And the chefe preste arose and 
sayde to hym, Answerest thou nothinge, 
howe is it that these beare witnes 
ageynst the ? 

63 Butt Jesus helde hys peace. And 
the chefe preeste answered and said to 
hym, I charge the in the name off the 
lyvinge God, that thou tell vs, whether 
thou be Christ, the sonne of God. 

64 Jesus sayd to hym, Thou haste 
sayd ; neverthelesse I saye vnto you, 
here after shall ye se the sonne of man 
syttinge on the right houde of power, 
and come in the clowddes of the 

L 2 



GOTHIC, 360. 

|)aiu'lmm weitwode 1 

sai ! nu galiausidedujj J)0 wayamerein "is ; 

66 AMia izwis |5uc;lvei)>? 1)> cis and- 
hafyaudaus qejjuu, Skula dau})aus ist. 

67 panuli spiwun ana andawleizn 'is, 
yah kaupastedun ina ; sumai})-|)an lofam 

68 Qi))andans, Praufetei unsis, Cbristu, 
■\vhas 'ist sa slahands \n\k 1 

69 1)) Paitrus uta sat ana rolisnai ; yah 
duatiddya iinma aina \nwi, qijjandei, Yah 
]>u wast mij) lesua Jjamma Galeilaiau. 

70 '''Ijj 'is langnida faura }iaim aUaim, 
qil'ands, Ni wait wha qi))is. 

7 1 Usgaggandan \>a.n ina 'in daur, ga- 
sawh ina anjiara, yah qa|j du jjaim yainar, 
Yah sa was mijj lesua Jjamma Nazoraiau. 

72 Yah aftra afaiaik mi]^, aijja swar- 
ands, jjatei ni kann j^ana niannun. 

73 Afar Icitil, }>au atgaggandans ])ai 
standaudans, qc})un Paitrau, Bi sunyai 
yah j)U |)ize 'is ; yah auk razda peina 
bandwei)) }nik. 

74 panuh dugann afdomyan yah swar- 
an, Jjatei ni kann [>ana mannan. Yah 
suns hana hrukida. 

75 Yah gamunda Paitrus wauvdis les- 
uis, qi|ninis du sis, patei faur hanins 
hruk, jjrim sinjjam afaikis mik. Yah 
usgaggands ut, gaigrot baitraba. 

Chap. XXVII. i At maurgin j^an 
waurj^anana, runa nemun allai gudyans, 
yah jjai sinistans managcins bi lesu, ei 
afdau))idedeina ina. 

2 Yah gabindandaiis 'ina gatauhun, yah 
anafulhun ina Pauntiau Peilatau, kind- 

3 panidi gasaiwhands ludas sa galew- 
yands ina, J)atei du stauai gataulians 
warjj, 'idrcigonds, gawaudida [jans })rin3 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

65 Da itrera saccrda caklor slat hys 
agen rcaf, and cwa?)), Dis ys bysmor- 
sprsec ; to hwi wihiige we scnigre 6c!re 
sage 1 nu ! ge gehyrdon of hym gylthce 
sprpece ; 

66 Hwpet ys eow nu gc|)uht? Hig and- 
werdon ealle and cwyedon, He is dea])e3 

67 Da spjctton hig on hys ansj^ne, and 
beoton hyne mid hcora fystum ; sume 
hyne slogon on his ansyne mid liyra 
bradum handum, 

68 And cwsedon, Sege us, Crist, hwa't 
ys se de cle si oh 1 

69 Petrus so|)lice s?et ute on (tarn cafer- 
tune ; eta com to hyra iln })eowcn, and 
cwfej), And du wee re mid dam Galilei- 
scean Hgeleude. 

70 And he widsoc beforan ealluni, and 
cwai'}?, Nat ic hwset du segst. 

71 Da he ut-eode of dsere dura, da 
gcscah hyne oder wyln, and ssede dam 
de da3r wperon. And des w£bs mid dam 
Nazareniscean Hselende. 

72 And he widsoc eft mid ajie, dset he 
hys nan |;ing ne cude. 

73 Da ajftcr lytlum fyrste, genealsehton 
da de da^r stodon, and cwccdon to Pctre, 
S6))lice du eart of hym ; and din sprsec 
de geswutela|>. 

74 Da jetsoc he and swerede, dset he 
nrefre done man ne cude. And hrsedlice 
da creow se cocc. 

75 Da gcmunde Petrus da^s Hselendes 
word, de he cwa})>, yE'rdam de se cocc 
crawe, |)riwa dii me widstecst. And he 
code ut, and weop bityrlice. 

CiiAP. XXVII. 1 Witodlice da hyt 
morgon wvcs, da worhton ealle da>ra 
saccrda ealdras gemot, and dtes folces 
ealdras ongeu done Ha^'lend, doet hig 
hyne to dea))C bclscwdon. 

2 And hig livddou hyne gebiindcnne, 
and scaldon hyne dam Pontisccan Pilate, 
dam deman. 

3 Da gcscah ludas de hyne bclccwde, 
da?t he fordemcd wa)S, da ongan he 
hrcowsian, and brohtc da ))rittig scyl- 


65 Thanne the prince of prestis kitte^ 
bis clothis, seyinge, He hath blasfemed ; 
what 5it nede han we to witnessis 1 loo ! 
now 3ee han herd blasfemye ; 

66 What semeth to 50U? And thei 
answerynge seiden, He is gilty of deth. 

67 Thanne thei spitten in to his fiice, 
and smjiien hym with buffetis ; forsothe 
other 5ouen strokis with the pawm of 
hondis in to his face, 

68 Seyinge, Thou Crist, prophecie to 
vs, who is lie that smote thee 1 

6g Sothely Petre sat with outen in the 
porche ; and an bond mayden came ni3 
to hym, seyinge, And thou were with 
Jhesu of Galilee. 

70 And he denyede before alle men, 
seyinge, I woot nat what thou saist. 

7 1 Forsothe hym goynge out the 5ate, 
an other bond mayden say hym, and 
seith to hem that weren there, And this 
was Avith Jhesu of ]Sra3areth. 

72 And eftsone he denyede with an 
ooth, for he knewe nat the man. 

7.3 And after a litil, thei that stoden 
came ni3, and seiden to Petre, Treuly 
and thou art of hem ; for whi and thi 
speche makith thee opyn. 

74 Thanne he began to warye and 
swere, that he knewe nat the man. 
And anon the cok crew. 

75 And Petre bithou3te on the word 
of Jhesu, that he hadde seide, Bifore 
the cok crewe, thries thou shalt denye 
me. And he gon out, wepte bittirly. 

Chap. XXVII. i Forsothe the morwe 
maad, alle the princis of prestis, and 
eldi-e men of the peple token counseil 
a3eins Jhesu, that thei shulden take 
hym tc deth. 

2 And thei ladden hym bounden, and 
bitoken hym to Pilat of Pounce, meire.''' 

3 Thanne Judas that biti-ayede hym, 
seynge that he was dampnyd, he led by 
penaunce,''' brou3te ajein thi'itti platis of 

TYNDALE, 1526. 149 

65 Then the bye preste rent his clothes, 
sayinge, He hath blasphemed ; what nede 
we off" eny moo witnesses 1 lo ! nowe 
have ye herde his blasphemy ; 

66 What thyncke ye 1 They answered 
and sayd, He is worthy to dye. 

67 Then spat they in hys face, and bett 
him- with there fistes ; and other smote 
him with the palme of there hondes on 
the face, 

68 Saynge, Arede to vs, Christ, who 
ys he that smote the 1 

69 Peter sate with out in the palice ; 
and a damsell cam to hym, saynge, 
Thou also waste with Jesus of Galile. 

70 He denyed before them all, sayinge, 
I woot not what thou sayst. 

71 When he was goone out into the 
poorche, another wenche sawe hym, and 
sayde vnto them that were there, Thys 
felowe was also with Jesus of Nazareth. 

72 And agayne he denyed with an 
oothe, and sayde, I knowe nott the man. 

73 And after a whyle, cam vnto hym 
they that stode bye, and sayde vnto 
Peter, Suerly thou arte even won of 
them ; for they speache bewreyeth the. 

74 Then began he to course and to 
sweare, that he knewe not the man. 
And immedyatly the cocke krewe. 

75 And Peter remembred the Avordes 
of Jesu, Avhych he sayde vnto hym, 
Before the cocke croAve, thou shallt 
deny me thryse. And Avent out at the 
dores, and Avepte bitterly. 

Chap. XXVII. i When the morn- 
ynge Avas come, all the chefe prestes, 
and senyours off the people helde a 
counsayle agenst Jesu, to put hym to 
deth. • 

2 And brought hym bounde, and de- 
lyvered hym vnto Poncius Pylate, the 

3 Then Avhen Judas which betrayed 
hym, sawc that he Avas condempned, he 
repented him sylfe, and brought ageyne 


GOTHIC, 360. 

tiguns silubi'inaize gudyam, yah siuist- 

4 Qi|jands, Frawaurbta mis, galewyands 
Llojj swikn. Ij) eis qejjun, Wba kara 
unsis 1 J)U witcis. 

5 Yah atwairpands Jjaim sikibram in 
alh, aHaiJ), yah galeij)auds ushaihah sik. 

6 1\> f)ai gudyans nimandans J^ans 
skattans, qe|)un, Ni skuld i'st lagyaii 
]>ans in kaurbanaun, unte audawairpi 
blojjis ist. 

7 Gaimni J)an nimandans, usbaubteduu 
us jjaim ))ana aki- kasyius, du usfilhan 
ana gastim. 

8 Duj7})e baitans war)) akrs yains akrs 
blo})is, und hina dag. 

9 panub usfulbioda, j^ata qi})ano jiairb 
lairaimian pvaufetu, qijjandan, Yah us- 
nemun ))rius tiguns silubreiuaize, aud- 
wair|>i J)is wairjjodins, })atei garabnidedun 
fram sunum Israelis ; 

10 Yah atgcbun ins und akra kasyins, 
swaswe anabauj? mis Frauya. 

Ill)) lesus stoj) faura kindina ; yah 
frab ina sa kindins, qij)ands, pu is jnud- 
ans ludaie 1 1]> lesus qaj) du imma, pu 

1 2 Yah mi))J)anei wi'ohi|)S Avas fram 
Jjaim gudyam, yah siuistam, ui waiht 

13 panub qa)) du imma Peilatns, Niu 
bauseis, whan filu ana j;uk wcitwod- 
yand 1 

14 Yah ni andbof imma wil)ra ni 
ainbun waurde, swaswe sikUdeilvida sa 
kindins fihi. 

15 And dul)) ]>an wharyob biubts was 
sa kindins fraletan ainana ))izai managein 
bandyan, ))auei wildcdun. 

16 Habaidedunub pan bandyan, ga 
tarbidana Barabban. 

17 Gaqumanaim j^an im, qaj) im Pei- 
latns, Wbana wileij) ei fraletau izwis 1 
Barabban, \>a\i lesu, saei baitada Cbrist- 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 
lingas to doera sacerda ealdrum, 

4 And cwse}), Ic syngode, da ic seakle 
dtet ribtwise blod. Da cwsedon big, 
Hwset sprycst dii djet to us 1 

5 And be jiwearp da scyllingas in on 
dsef tempi, and ferde, and mid gryne 
byne sylfne abeng. 

6 Da s6}>lice da?ra sacerda ealdras on- 
fengon dajs seolfres, and cwsedon, Nis 
b}i; na alyfed dtet we asendon byt on 
ure madm-cyste, fordam de byt is blodes 

7 Hig worbton da gemot, and smea- 
don bii big sceoldon daes Heelendcs wurj) 
ateon, da gebobton hig aenne aeccr mid 
dam feo tigel-wyrbtena, on to bebyrg- 
enne elj^eodisce men. 

8 Fordam is se secer gchaten Achel- 
demali, dfet is on lire gej^eode, blodes 
secer, and swa be is gehaten od disne dseg. 

9 Da waes gefylled, daet gecweden is 
jjurb Hieremiam done witegan, dus cwed- 
ende, And hi onfengon jjrittig scyllinga, 
dses gebohtan wurf), done de wses ser 
gewurjjod fram Israbela bearnum ; 

10 And hig soaldon dvet on tigel-wyrbt- 
ena secer, swa SAva Drihten me gesette. 

1 1 Da stod se Hselend beforan dam 
deman ; and se dema byne axode, dus 
CAVcdende, Eart dil ludea cyning] Da 
cwsi\> se Hselend, Dset dii segst. 

1 2 And mid dy de byne Avregdon dsera 
sacerda ealdras, and da hlafordas, nun 
))iug be ne andswarode. 

13 Da cwfej) Pilatus to him, Ne ge- 
byrest du, hu fela sagcna big ongcan 
de secgea]) 1 

J 4 And he ne andwyrde mid nanuni 
worde, swa dtet se dema wundrode swid- 

J 5 Hig bsefdon beom to gcwunan to 
beora symbel-da>ge djct se dema sccolde 
forgyfan dam folce scnne forworhtue 
man, swylcne big habban woldon. 

16 He hsefde da s6))licc senne strangne 
)>eofman gebjcftne, se wajs genemucd 

1 7 Da dajt folc gcsaninod w.ts, da 
cwsej) Pilatus, Hwsedcr wyllc gc da;t ic 
eoAv agyfe 1 de Barrabban, de done Hsel- 
end, de is Crist gchaten ] 

XXVII. 4-1 7-] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

seluer to the princis of prestis, and to 
the eldre men of the peple, 

4 Seyiuge, I haue synned, bitrayinge 
iust blood. And thei seiden, What to 
vs 1 se thou. 

5 And the platis of seluer cast awey in 
the temple, he wente awey, and goyinge 
awey he hangide h^^m with a grane.^ 

6 Forsothe the pi-incis of prestis, taken 
the platis of seluer, seiden, It is nat 
leueful to sende hem in to the tresorie, 
for it is the pris of blood. 

7 Sothly counceil taken, thei bou5ten 
with them the feeld of a potter, in to 
byryinge of dead men. 

8 For this thing the ilk feeld is clepid 
Acheldemak, that is, a feeld of blood, 
til in to this day. 

9 Thanne it is fulfillid, that thing that 
is seid by the prophete Jeremye, sey- 
ynge. And thei token thritty platis of 
syluer, the pris of a man preysid, Avhom 
thei preysiden of the sonys of Yrael ; 

10 And thei 3auen hem in to the feeld 
of a potter, as the Lord ordeyned to me. 

1 1 Sothely Jhesus stood byfore the 
meyre ;^ and the presedent axide hym, 
seyinge, Ait thou kyng of Jewis ] Jhesus 
seith to hym. Thou seist. 

12 And whenne he was acusid of the 
princes of prestis, and eldre men of the 
peple, he answei'ide no thing. 

13 Than Pilat seith to hym, Herist 
thou nat, hou many witnessyngis thei 
seien a5eiuus thee 1 

14 And he answeride nat to hym to 
eny word, so that the presedent won- 
dride gretely. 

15 Forsothe by a solempne day the 
pi-esedent was wont for to delyuere to 
the peple oon bounden, Avhom thei 

16 Forsothe he hadde a noble man 
bounden, that was seid Barabas. 

17 Therfoi-e Pilat seid to hem gedrid 
to gidre. Whom wole jee, 1 leeue^ to 
50U 1 wher Barabas, or Jhesu, that is 
seid Crist 1 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


the XXX. plattes off sylver to the chefe 
prestes, and senyoures, 

4 Saynge, I have synned, betraynge 
the innocent bloud. And they sayde, 
What is that to vs 1 se thou to that. 

5 And he cast doune the sylver plates 
in the temple, and depai'ted, and went 
and houuge hym sylfe. 

6 The chefe prestes toke the sylver 
plattes, and sayd. It is not lawfull for 
to put them in to the treasiuy, because 
it is the pryce of bloud, 

7 And they toke counsell, and bought 
with them a potters felde, to bury 
strano-ers in. 

8 Wherfore that felde is called the felde 
of bloud, vutyll this daye. 

9 Then was fullfylled, that which was 
spoken by Jeremi the pi'ophet, sayinge, 
And they toke xxx. sylver plates, the 
value of him that was prysed, whom 
they bought of the chyldren of Israhel ; 

10 And they gave them for the potters 
felde, as the Lorde appoynted me. 

1 1 Jesus stode before the debite ; and 
the debite axed him, saynge. Arte thou 
the kynge of the lewes ? Jesus sayd 
vnto hym, Thou sayest. 

1 2 When he was accused of the chefe 
preestes, and senioures, he answered 

13 Then sayd Pilate vnto him, Hearest 
thou not, howe many thinges they laye 
ayenste the 1 

14 And he answered him to never a 
worde, in so mochc that the dcbyte 
marveylled very sore. 

1 5 Att that feest the debyte was wonte 
to deliver vnto the peple a presoner, 
whom they wolde chose. 

16 He hade then a notable presoner, 
called Barrabas. 

1 7 And when they were gaddered to- 
gether Pilate sayde vnto them, Whether 
wyll ye, that Y geve losse vnto you 1 
Barrabas, or Jesus, which is called Crysti 

152 GOTHIC, 360. 

18 Wissa auk, J^atei in nei))is atgcbun 

19 Sitandin j^an imma ana stauastola, 
insantlida du 'iinnia qcns is, qi|nindci, Ni 
wailit \>xxs yah |)amma gavaihtin ; . . . . 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

1 8 He wiste s5j)lice, dset liig byne for 
andan him sealdon. 

J 9 He spet da Pilatus on his dom-setle, 
da sende his wif to hym, and cwje]), No 
bco de nan )>ing gcmivne ongen disne 
rihtwisan ; sojilice fela ic hrebbc ge))olod 
to doeg, \>i\Yh. gcsyhjie, for hym. 

20 Da Iserdon diiera sacerda ealdras 
and da hlafordas dajt folc, dset big bsedon 
Barrabban, and done Hselend fordydon. 

21 Da andwyrde se dema and ssedc 
beom, Hwajdcvne wylle ge da^t ic for- 
gyfe eow of disum twam 1 Da cwEedon 
big, Barrabban. 

22 Da cwse]} Pilatus to beom, Witodlice 
hwset do ic be dam Hselende, de is Crist 
genemncd 1 Da cwsedon big ealle, Sy 
he on rode abangen. 

23 Da cwajj) se dema to beom, Witod- 
Hce hwset yfeles dyde des t Hi da, swidor 
clypodon, dus cwcdende, Sy he abangen. 

24 Da geseah Pilatus diet byt nabt nc 
fremode, ac gcwurde mare geblyd, da 
genam he \va;ter, and |)\v6h hys banda 
beforan dam folcc, and cw8ej>, XJnscyldig 
ic eom fram dyses rihtwisan bl5de ; go 

25 Da andswarode call dset folc and 
cwa'}), Sy hys blod ofer us, and ofer ure 

26 Da forgeaf he hym Barrabban, and 
done Hselend he let swingan, and sealde 
beom to abonne. 

27 Da underfengon dses deman cem2")an 
done Hjelend on dam dom-erne, and 
gegaderodon calne done ))reat to beom. 

28 And unsciyddon byne hys agcnum 
rcafe, and scryddon byne mid weolccn- 
I'eadum scyccelse ; 

29 And wuiidon cyne-belm of jjornum, 
and asetton ofer hys bcafod, and brood on 
hys swidran ; and bigdon hcora cncow 
beforan him, and bysnicrodou byne, dus 
cwedendc, Hill wa?s dii, ludea cyning. 

30 And spsctton on byne, and namon 
hreod, and beoton hys heafod. 

31 And asftcr dam de big byne dus 
bysmcrodon, big uiiscryddon byne dam 
scyccelse, and scryddon byne mid hys a- 
geuum rcafc, and lyuddon byne to abonne. 

XXVII. 1 8-3 1.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

18 Sothely he wiste, that by enuye 
tliei betraieclen bym. 

19 Forsothe hym sittynge for iustise,''' 
his wyf sente to hym, seyinge, No thing 
to thee and to that iust man ; sothely I 
haue suffrid this day many thingis for 
hym, by a visioun.''" 

20 Forsothe the princis of prestis and 
the eldre men tisiden''' to the peplis, that 
thei shulden axe Barabas, but Jhesu 
thei shulden lese. 

21 Forsothe the president ansvverynge 
seith to hem, Whom of the two wolen 
3ee to be left^" to 30U ? And thei seiden, 

22 Pilat seith to hem, What therfore 
shal I do of Jhesu, that is seid Crist? 
Alle seien, Be he crucified. 

23 The presedent seith to hem, Sotliely 
what of yuel hath he doni And thei 
crieden more, seyinge. Be he crucified. 

24 Forsothe Pilat seynge that he pro- 
fitide no thing, but the more noyse was 
maad, water taken, washide the hondis 
byfore the peple, seyinge, I am innocent''" 
fro the blood of this iust man ; se jee. 

25 And al the peple answerynge seide, 
His blood vpon vs, and on oure sonys. 

26 Thanne he lefte to hem Barabas, 
but he toke to hem Jhesu scourgid, 
that he shulde be crucified. 

27 Thanne kni5tis of the president tak- 
ynge Jhesu in the mote halle, gedriden 
to hym alle the cumpanye of kni5tis. 

28 And thei vnclothinge hym, diden 
aboute hym a rede mantel ; 

29 And thei foldynge a crowne of 
thornis, puttiden on his heued, and a 
reed in his ri5t bond ; and the knee 
bowid^ bifore hym, thei scornyden hym, 
seyinge, Hayle, kyng of Jewis. 

30 And thei spittynge in to hym, token 
a reed, and smyten his heued. 

31 And after that thei hadden scorned 
hym, thei vnclothiden hym of the mantel, 
and thei clothiden hym with his clothis, 
and ledden hym for to crucifie. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


18 For he knewe well, that for envy 
they had delyvered hym. 

19 When he was sett doune to geve 
iudgement, his wyfe sent to hym, say- 
inge, Have thou nothinge to do with 
that iuste man ; I have suffered many 
thinges this daye in my slepe, about 

20 The chefe preestes and the seniours 
had parswaded the people, that they 
shulde axe Barrabas, and shulde destroye 

2 1 The debite answered and sayde vnto 
them. Whether of the twayne will ye 
that I lett loosse vnto you 1 And they 
sayde, Barrabas. 

22 Pilate sayde vnto them. What shall 
I do then with Jesus, which is called 
Crist 1 They all sayde to hym, Lett 
hym be crucified. 

23 Then sayde the debite. What evyll 
hath he done 1 And they cryed the 
more, saynge, Lett him be crvicified. 

24 When Pilate sawe that he prevayled 
nothinge, butt that moare busenes was 
made, he toke water, and wasshed his 
hondes before the people, sayinge, I am 
innocent of the bloud of this iuste per- 
son • and that ye shall se. 

25 Then answered all the people and 
sayde. His bloud fall on vs, and on oure 

26 Then lett he Barrabas loosse vnto 
them, and scourged Jesus, and delyvered 
him to be crucified. 

27 Then the soudeours of the debite 
toke Jesus vnto the comen hall, aud 
gaddered vnto him all the company. 

28 And stripped hym, and put on hym 
a purpyll roobe ; 

29 And platted a croune off thorncs, 
and putt vppon hys heed, and a rede in 
his ryght honde ; and bowed theire 
knees before him, saying, Hayle, kiuge 
of the lewes. 

30 And spitted vppon hym, and toke 
the rede, aud smoote hym on the heed. 

31 Aud when they had mocked him, 
they toke the robe off hym ageyne, and 
put his awne reyment on him, and lecd 
liym awaye to crucify hym. 


GOTHIC, 360. 


. . . . Israelis 

"ist, atsteigarlau nu af )'amma galgin, ei 

gasaiwliaima yah galaubyam imma : 

43 Trauaida du Gu|)a, lausyadau nu 
ifna, ya1)ai wili ana ; qaj> auk, patei Gujjs 
'im sunus. 

44 patuh samo yah Jjai waidedyans, 
))ai mijjushramidans imma, idweitidedun 

45 Fram saihston j^an wheilai war)) 
riqis ufar allai air]?ai, und wheila ni- 

46 Ij5 ]>nn hi wheila niundon ufhropida 
lesus stibnai mikiU^i, qi|)ands, Helei, 
Helci, lima sibukl'ani, |)atei ist, Gu}> 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

32 SoJ^lice da hig iit-ferdon, da ge- 
metton hig senne Cyreniscne man, cum- 
ende heom togenes, dees nama wses 
Symon ; done hig nyddon, daet he bcere 
hys rode. 

33 Da comon hig on da stowe de is 
genemned Golgotha, dajt is, Heafodpan- 
nan stow, 

34 And hig sealdon hym win drincan 
wid geallan gemenged ; and da he hys 
onbyrigde, da nolde he hyt drincan. 

35 S6j)lice jefter dam de hig hyne on 
rode ahengon, hig todseldon hys reaf, 
and wurpon hlot dfer ofer, dset WBcre 
gefylled, dset de gecweden woes ))urh 
done witegan, and dus cwaj)), Hig to- 
daeldon heom mine reaf, and ofer mine 
reaf hig wurpon hlot. 

36 And hig beheoldon hyue sittende ; 

37 And hig asetton ofer hys heafod hys 
gylt, dus awritenne, DIS IS SE II^E'L- 

38 Da wseron ahangen mid hym twegen 
sceajian, an on da swidran healfe, and 
odor on da wynstran. 

39 Witodlice da weg-ferendan hyne 
bysmeredon, and cwehton heora heafod, 

40 And cwsedon, Wa, dtet des towyrp]) 
Godes tempi, and on \>Yim. dagum hyt 
eft getimbraj) ; geheel mi de sylfne ; gyf 
du sy Godes sunu, ga nyder of daere 

41 Eac deera sacerda ealdras hyne by- 
smeredon, mid dam bocerum and mid 
dam ealdrum, and cwaedon, 

42 O'dere he gehselde, and hyne sylfne 
gehselan ne nipeg ; gyf he Israhela cyn- 
ing sy, g.i nu nyder of diere rode, and 
we gelyfaj) hym ; 

43 He gelyf|) on God, alyse he hyne 
nu, gyf he wylle ; witodlice he ssedc, 
Godes sunu ic com. 

44 Gelice da sceajjan, de mid him a- 
hangene wseron, hyne hyspdon. 

45 Witodlice fram dsere sixtan tide 
WBcron gewui'den ))ystru ofer ealle eorj?- 
an, od da nigo))an tid. 

46 And ymbe da nygo))an tid clypode 
se Hgclend micclrc stcfne, and dus 
c\vie\>, Heli, Heli, lema zabdani, diet is 

XXVII. 32-46.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

32 Sothely thei goynge out, founden a 
man of S}Tynen, cummynge fro a touii, 
Symont by name ; thei constreynedeu 
hym, that he shulde take his crosse. 

33 And thei camen in to a place that 
is clepid Golgatha, that is, the place of 

34 And thei 5auen hym for to drinke 
wiyn meyngid with galle ; and whenne 
he had tastid, he Avolde nat drinke. 

35 Sothely after that thei hadden cru- 
cified hym, thei departiden his clothis, 
sendynge lot, that it shulde be fultillid, 
that is seid by the prophete, seyinge, 
Thei departiden to hem my clothis, and 
on my cloth thei senten lot. 

36 And thei sittynge kepten hym ; 

37 And thei puttiden on his heued the 
cause of hym wryten, This is Jhesus of 
Nazareth, kyng of Jewis. 

38 Thanne two theeues ben crucified 
with him, oon on the ri3t half, and oon 
on the left half. 

39 Forsothe men passynge forth blas- 
femyden hym, moouynge her heuedis, 

40 And seyinge, Vath,''' that distroyist 
the temple of God, and in the thridde 
(lay bildist it a3ein ; saue thou thi self ; 
jif thou art the sone of God, cume doun^ 
of the crosse. 

41 Also and priucis of prestis scorn- 
ynge, with scribis and eldre men, seideu, 

42 He made other men saaf, he may 
nat make hym self saaf ; 5if he is kyng 
of Yrael, cume he nowe doun fro the 
crosse, and we bileuen to hym ; 

43 He trustith in God, delyuere he 
hym nowe, 3if he wole ; forsothe he 
seide, For I am Goddis sone. 

44 Forsothe and the theeuys, that 
weren crucified with hym, puttiden to 
hym with repreue the same thing. 

45 Sothely fro the sixte hour dercnessis 
ben maad on al the erthe, til to the 
nynethe hour. 

46 And about the nynthe houre Jhesus 
criede with grete voice, seyinge, Hely, 
Hely, laniazabatany, that is, My God, 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


32 And as they cam out, they founde 
a man of Cyren, named Simon ; him 
they compelled, to beai'e his crosse. 

33 And cam vnto the place which is 
called Golgotha, that is to saye, a place 
of deed mens scuUes. 

34 And they gave him veneger to 
drynke myxte with gall ; and when he 
had tasted there of, he wolde not drinke. 

35 When they had crucified hym, they 
parted his garmentes, and did cast lottes, 
to fulfyll that was spoken by the pro- 
phet. They have parted my garmentes 
amonge them, and apon my vesture 
have cast loottes. 

36 And they sate and watched hym 
there ; 

37 And they set vppe over his heed 
the cause of his deeth written. This is 
Jesus, the kynge of the lewes. 

38 And there were two theves crucified 
with hym, won on the right honde, and 
another on the lyfte honde. 

39 They that passed by revyled hym, 
waggynge ther heeddes, 

40 And sayinge, Thou, that destroyest 
the temple off God, and byldest it in 
thre dayes ; save thy sylfe ; if thou be 
the Sonne of God, come doune from the 

41 Lykwyse also the prelates mock- 
inge hym, with the scribes and seniours, 

42 He saved other, hym sylfe he can 
not save ; yff he be the kynge off Is- 
rahell, let hym nowe come doune from 
the crosse, and we woU bcleve hym ; 

43 He trusted in God, lett God dclyver 
hym nowe, yf he will have hym ; for he 
sayde, I am the sonne off God. 

44 That same also the theves, which 
were crucified with hym, cast in his 

45 From the sixte houre was ther 
dercknes over all the londe, vnto the 
nynth houre. 

46 And about the nynth houre Jesus 
cryed with a loude voyce, sayinge, Eli, 
Eli, lama sabathani, that is to saye, My 

156 GOTHIC, 36o. 

meins, GuJ) raeins, cluwhe mis bilaist 1 

47 i\> suniai Jjize yainar standaudane, 
galiausyandaus, qej)UD, patei Helian 
Avopei[5 sa. 

48 Yali suns )'ra:^lda ains us i'm, yah 
nam swamm fullyaads aketis, yah lag- 
yauds ana raus, draggkida ina. 

49 Ij> ]jai anjjarai qcjjun, Let ; ei sai- 
wham qimaiu Hclias, nasyan ina 

50 Ijj lesus aftra hro2:>yands stibnai 
niikilai, aflailot ahman. 

51 Yah ))an faurliah alhs diskritnoda '•' 
in twa, iupa})ro und dalajj. Yah air])a 
inreiraida, yah stainos disskritnodedun ; 

52 Yah hlaiwasnos ushiknodedun, yah 
nianaga Icika |)ize ligandane weihaize, 

53 Yah usgaggandans us hlaiwasnom, 
afar urrist is innatgaggaudans in ]>o 
wciliou baurg, yah ataugidedun sik man- 

54 i]> hiindafajjs yah j^ai mi|? imma 
witandaus Icsua, gasaiwhandans \)0 reir- 
on, yah j^o waurjjanona, ohtedun ab- 
raba, qijjandans, Bi suuyai Gujjs suuus 
ist sa. 

55 Wesunuh |)an yainar qinons manag- 
os fairrajiro saiwhandeins, j)Ozei laisti- 
dedun afar Icsua fram Galeilaia, and- 
bahtyaudeins imma. 

56 In ))aimei was Marya so Magdalene, 
yah Marya so lakobis, yah losez aij^ei, 
yah aijjei suniwe Zaibaidaiaus. 

57 Ij' jjan sei[)U \var]>, qam manna 
gal)igs af Areima])aias, jiizuh namo losef, 
saci yah silba siponida Icsua. 

58 Sah atgaggands du Peilatau, ba}? })is 
Icikis icsuis. panuh Peikitus uslaubida 
giban |>ata leik. 

59 Yah nimands J)ata Icik, losef biwand 
ita sabana hrainyamma, 

60 Yah galagida ita in niuyamma 
sciiiamma Idaiwa, j^atei uslmloda ana 
staiua ; yah faurw.alwyands staina mikil- 
anuna duurons ])is hUiiwis, gahiijj. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

on Englisc, Min God, min God, to hwi 
forlcte c!d me ? 

47 S5])lice sume da dc titer stodon, 
and dis gehyrdon, cwsedon, Nu he 
clypaj) Heliam. 

48 Da hrasdlice arn an heora, and ge- 
nam ane spongean and fylde hig mid 
ccede, and asette an hreod dter on, and 
sealde hym drincan. 

49 WitodHce da cdre cwgedon, Lset ; 
uton geseon hwa^der Helias cume, and 
wylle hyne alysan. 

50 Da clypode se Hselend eft miceh'e 
stefne, and ascnde hys gilst. 

51 And dser rihte dass temples wali- 
ryft Avearj) tosliten on twegen daelas, 
fram ufeweardon od nydeweard. And 
SCO eorJ)e bifode, and stanas toburston ; 

52 And byrgena wurdon ge-openode, 
and manige haligc lichaman de scr 
slepon, aryson. 

53 And da hig iit-eodon of dam byi-g- 
enura, ajfter hys seryste hig comon on 
da haligan ceastre, and reteowdon hig 

54 Witodlice da^s hundrcdes ealdor and 
da de mid him weeron hcaldcnde done 
Hselend, da hig gesawon da eor))-bifungc, 
and da jjing de djier gewurdon, hig 
ondredon heom })earlej and cwsedon, 
S5jilice Godes sunu wajs des. 

55 Witodlice doer wseron manega wif 
feorran, da de fyligdon dam Hselende 
fram Galilea, him penigende. 

56 Betwuh dam wses seo Magdalenisce 
Maria, and Maria lacobcs moder, and 
loscphes m5der, and Zebedeis sunena 

57 Sojjlice da hyt sefen wjes, com sum 
wclig man of Ariinathia, dajs nama wa s 
losep, se sylfa wajs da3s Hcielyndcs 

58 lie gcncahvhtc to Pilate, and bned 
dios Hajicndcs lichaman. Da hot Pi- 
latus agyfan him done lichaman. 

59 And losep genam done lichaman, 
and bcwand hyne mid cltcnre scytan, 

60 And lede hyne on hys niwan byrg- 
enc, da he t'dieow on stane ; and lie 
toiiwylte mycelne stan to hlide dicre 
byrgcne, and fcrdc syddan. 

XXVII. 47-6o.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

my God, ■wherto^ hast thou forsaken 
mee 1 

47 Sothly summeii stondynge there, 
and heerynge, seiden, This clepith Hely. 

48 And anon oon of hem rennynge, 
fillide a spounge taken with aycel,''' and 
pnttide to a reed, and 5aue to hym for 
to drinke. 

49 But other seiden, Suffre thou ; see 
we wher Hely cumme, delyuerynge 

50 Forsothe Jhesus eftsones cryynge 
with grete voice, sente out the spirit. 

5 T And loo ! the veile of the temple is 
kitf"" in to two parties, fro the hei3est 
til doun. And the erthe is moued, and 
stoonys ben cleft ; 

52 And biriels ben openyd, and many 
bodies of seintes that slepten,'*' rysen 

53 And thei goynge out of her biriels, 
after his resureccioun camen in to the 
holy citee, and apeeriden to manye. 

54 Treuly centurio and thei that weren 
with hym kepinge Jhesu, the mooiiynge 
of the erthe seen, and thoo thingis that 
weren done, dredden greteli, seyinge, 
Verrely this was Goddis sone. 

55 Forsothe there weren thei'e many 
wymmen afer, that sueden Jhesu fro 
Galilee, mynystrynge to hym. 

56 Amonge whiche was Marie Mawcie- 
leyne, and Marie of Jamys, and the 
raodir of Joseph, and the modir of 
Zebedees sones. 

57 Forsothe when the euenyng was 
maad, there came a riche man fro 
Aj-mathia, Joseph by name, the whiche 
and he was disciple of Jhesu. 

58 He wente to Pilate, and axide the 
body of Jhesu. Thanne Pilate com- 
aundide the body to be 5olden. 

59 And the body taken, Joseph wlap- 
pide it in a clene sendel,^ 

60 And puttide it in his newe biriel, 
that he hadde hewen in a stoon ; and he 
walowid to a grete stoon at the dore 
of the biriel, and wente awey. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


God, my God, why hast thou forsaken 
me 1 

47 Some of them that stode there, 
when they herde that, sayde, This man 
calleth for Helias. 

48 And streyght way won off them 
ranne, and toke a sponge and filled it 
full of veneger, and put it on a rede, 
and gave hym to drynke. 

49 Other sayde, Let be; let vs se 
whyther Helias wyll come, and dclyver 

50 Jesus cryed agayne with a lowde 
voyce, and yelded vppe the goost. 

51 And beholde ! the vayle of the 
temple Avas rent in two parties, from 
the toppe to the bottom. And the erth 
did quake, and the stones did rent ; 

52 And gi-aves did open, and the 
bodies off many saynctes which slept, 

53 And cam out off their graves after 
his resurreccion, and cam in to the holy 
cite, and appered vnto many. 

54 When the pety captayne and they 
that were with hym watchinge Jesus, 
sawe the erth quake, and those thynges 
which hapened, they feared greatly, 
sayinge. Off a surete this was the Sonne 
off God. 

55 And many wemen were there be- 
holdinge hym a farre off, which folowed 
Jesus from Galile, ministringe vnto 

56 Amonge the which was Mary Mag- 
dalen, and Mary the mother off James, 
and the mother of Joses, and the mother 
off Zebedes chykh-en. 

57 When the even was come, there 
cam a ryche man off Aramathia, named 
Joseph, which same also was Jesus 
disciple . 

58 He went to Pilate, and begged the 
body of Jesus. Then Pilate commaundcd 
the body to be delivered. 

5ff And Joseph toke the body, and 
wrapped it in a clenc lynnyne clooth, 

60 And put it in his newe tombe, 
which he had hewen out even in the 
roke ; and rolled a grcate stone to the 
dore of the sepulcre, and depai'ted. 


GOTHIC, 360. 

61 Wasub ]jan yainar Marya Magdalene 
yuh so an))ara ]\Iai-ya, sitandcins aud- 
Avair})is ))amma lilaiwa. 

62 Iftumin )5an daga, saei I'st afar par- 
askaiwein, gaqemun auliumistans gud- 
yaus yali Fai'eisaieis du Peilatau, 

63 Qijjandans, Frauya, gamundedum, 
])atei yains airzyands qap nauli libands, 
Afar |)rins dagans urreisa. 

64 Halt nu witan ))amma hlaiwa und 
)5ana l)ridyau dag ; i'bai ufto qimaudans 
]>ai siponyos is, biuimaina iinnia, yah 
qijjaina du managcin, Urrais us dau))aim; 
yah ist so si)eidizei aii'zijja wairsizei 
J)izai frumein. 

65 Qa|) "im Peilatus, Habaij) wardyansj 
gaggi)', witaiduh swaswe kuuuu}). 

66 \]> cis gaggandaiis, galukun j)ata 
hlaiw, faursiglyaudans Jiana .... 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. ^Iatt. 

61 Dser wses s6|)lice seo Magdalcnisce 
]\Iaria and seo oder Maria, sittende set 
ctc\3re byi'gene. 

62 Witodh'ce odrum da-ge, de wtes 
gearcuug-dseg, comon togajdere diera 
sacerda ealdras and da Sundor-halgan 
to Pilate, 

63 And cwsedon, Hlaford, we gemunon, 
dast se swica ssede da he on life woes, 
iEfter })rym dagou ic ansa. 

64 Hat nu healdan da byrgene od 
done jiryddan daeg ; de-lajs hys leorning- 
cuilitas cumon, and forstclou hyne, and 
secgcon dam folce, diet he arysc of 
deajje ; donne by)> da^t seftere gedwyld 
wyrse donne daet serre. 

65 Da cwaej) Pilatus, Ge habba)> heord- 
rsedenne ; farajj, and healdaj) swa swa 
ge witon. 

66 S6))lice hig ferdon, and ymbe-trym- 
cdon da byrgcnc, and iiiseglodon done 
stan, raid dam wearduni. 

Chap. XXVIII.+ i S6})Hce dara reste- 
dajges sefene, se de onlihte on dam 
forman rcsto-daige, com seo Magdalcn- 
isce Maria, and seo oder Mai'ia, diet hig 
woldon geseon da byrgene. 

2 And dier wearjj geworden mice) coi'J)- 
bifung ; witodlice Drihtencs engel astah 
of hcofonan, and gencalaehte and awylte 
done stan, and sa3t da^r on uppan. 

3 Hys ansyn wses swylce ligyt, and 
hys reaf swa hwitc swa snaw ; 

4 Witodlice da wcardas waeron afyrhte, 
and wiitron gewordene swylce hig deade 

5 Da andswarode se engel and saede 
dam Avifon, Ne ondrsede ge cow, ic wat 
witodlice diet ge seceajj done Hseleud, 
done de on rode ahangen w.ies ; 

6 Nys he her, he aras, s6j)lice swa swa 
he ssede ; cuma]), and geseo)) da stowe, 
de se Hselend wa^s on-alcd. 

7 And fara]5 hrfedlice, and secgca)) hys 
leorning-cnihtum, dast he aras. And 
B6|>lice lie cym)) beforan cow on Gali- 


TYNDALE, 1526. 


61 Forsothe Marye Mawcleleyne and 
an otliere ]\Iarye weren there, sittynge 
a3cins the sepulcre. 

62 Sothely on the tother day, that is 
after pascke euenynge, the princis of 
prestis and Pharisees camen to gidere 
to PiUite, 

63 Seiynge, Sire, we han mynde, for 
tlie ilke traitour^ sayde jit lyuynge, 
Aftir thre dayes I shal ryse ajen. 

64 Therfore comaunde thou the sepul- 
cre to be kept til in to the thridde day; 
lest peraueuture his disciplis comen, and 
stelen him, and seyen to the peple, He 
is risun fro deeth ; and the laste errour 
schal be worse than the formere. 

65 Pilat seith to hem, ^e han the 
kepinge j go je, kepe 56 as je kunnen. 

66 Forsoth thei goynge forth, kepten''' 
the sepulcre, markinge''' the stoon, with 

Chap. XXVIII. i Forsothe in the 
euenyng of the saboth,''' that schyneth 
in the firste day of the woke, Marie 
Mawdelcyn cam, and another Marie, for 
to se the sepulcre. 

2 And lo ! ther was maad a greet 
erthe mouyng ; forsoth the aungel of 
the Lord cam douu fro heuene, and 
comynge to turnide awey the stoon, and 
sat theron. 

3 Sothli his lokyng was as leyt, and 
his clothis as snow ; 

4 Forsothe for drede of him the keperis 
ben afferid, and thei ben maad as dcede 

5 Forsothe the aungel answeringe seide 
to the wymmen, Nyle je drede, for I 
woot that je seken Jhesu, that is cruci- 

6 He is not here, sothli he roos, as he 
seide ; come je, and seeth the place, 
where the Lord Avas putt. 

7 And 56 goynge sone, seie to his dis- 
ciplis and to Petre, for he hath risun. 
And lo ! he schal go bifore 30U in to 

61 There was Mary Magdalene and 
the other Mary, sittinge over ayenste 
the sepulcre. 

62 The nexte daye, that foloweth good 
frydaye, the hye prestcs and Pharises 
got them selves to Pilate, 

63 And sayde, Syr, we remember, that 
this deceyver sayde whyll he was yet 
alyve, After thre dayes Y wyll aryse 

64 Commaunde therfore that the sepul- 
cre be made sure vntyll the thyrd daye ; 
lest paraventure his disciples come, and 
steale hym awaye, and saye vnto the 
people. He ys rysen from deeth ; and 
then the laste erroure shalbe worsse 
then the first was. 

65 Pilate sayde vnto them, Take watche 
men; go, and make ytt as sure as ye 

66 They went, and made the sepulcre 
sure with watche men, and sealed the 

Chap. XXVIII. i The saboth daye 
att even, which dauneth the moroAve 
after the saboth, Mary Magdalene, and 
the other Mary cam, to se the sepulcre. 

2 And beholde ! there was a greate 
erth quake ; for the angell of the Lorde 
descended from heven, and cam and 
rowUed backe the stone ffrom the dore, 
and sate apon it. 

3 His countenaunce was lyke lyght- 
nynge, and his rayment Avhyte as snowe ; 

4 For feare of hym the kepers were 
astunnyed, and were as deed men. 

5 The angell answered and sayde to 
the Avemen, Feare ye not, I knowe Avele 
ye seke Jesus, Avhich Avas crucified ; 

6 He is not here, he is rysen, as he 
sayde ; come, and se the place, Avhere 
the Lorde was put. 

7 And goo quickly, and tell his dis- 
ciples, that he is rysen from deeth. 
And beholde ! he Avyll go before you 


GOTHIC, :<6o. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Matt. 

learn ; dter ge hyne gcsco)'. Nu! ic secge 

8 Da ferdon big hraHllicc fram daere 
byrgene, mid ege and mid mychim 
gefean, and urnon and cyiJdon byt bys 
Icorning- cnibtum. 

9 And efne ! da com se Htjelend ongean 
big, and cwrej), Hale wese ge. Hig 
genealsebton, and genamon bys fet, and 
to bim ge-eadnieddon. 

10 Da cwsejj se Hselend to beom, Ne 
ondrsede ge eow ; faraj), and cydaj) 
minum gebrodi'um, da^t big faron on 
Galileam ; dser big gesco)) me. 

1 1 Da da big ferdon, da comon sume 
da weardas on da ccastre, and cyddou 
daera sacerda ealdi'um ealle da })ing de 
dser gewordene wseron. 

12 Da gesamnodon da ealdras big, 
and worhtou gemot, and sealdon dam 
])egnum micel feoh, 

13 And cwcedon, Secgeaji, daet bys 
leorning-cnibtas comon uibtes, and for- 
st&lon byne, da we slepon. 

14 And gyf se dema dis ge-acsa|), we 
Iserajj byne, and ged6j> eow sorblease. 

15 Da onfengon big dses feos, and 
dydon, eallswa big gelsercde waeron. 
And dis woi'd wass gcwidmsersod mid 
ludcum, od disne andweardan da;g.+ 

16 Da ferdon da endlufen leorning- 
cnibtas on done munt, doer se Hselend 
beom dibte. 

17 And byne dier gesawon, and big to 
bim ge-eadmeddon ; witodlice sume big 

18 Dfi genealsebte se Hselend, and 
sproec to bym das \>ing, and dus cwto]', 
Me is gcscald aeic anwcald, on beofonau 
and on eorjjan. 

19 Faraj) witodlice and Iserajj callc 
j)Coda, and fulligeajj big on naman 
Fiieder, and Suna, and da^s Halgan 
Gastes ; 

20 And Iseraj) dajt big bealdon calle 
da I'ing, (Jc ic cow bebead ; and ic beo 
mid cow callc dagas, od worulde ge- 
endunge. Amen. 

XXVni. 8-20.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

Galilee ; there je schulen se him. Lo ! 
I luiue bifore seid to 50U. 

8 And Marie Mawdeleyn, and another 
Marie wenten out soone fro the buryel, 
with drede and greet ioye, reunynge 
for to telle his disciplis, 

9 And lo ! Jhesus ran a3ens hem, sey- 
inge, Heil -^e. Forsothe thei camen to, 
and heelden his feet, and worschipiden 

10 Thanne Jhesus seith to hem, Nyle 
56 drede ; go ■^e, telle ^e to my britheren, 
that thei go in to Galilee; there thei 
schulen se me. 

11 The whiche whanne thei hadden 
gon, loo ! summe of the keperis camen 
in to the cytee, and tolden to the jirinces 
of prestis alle thingis that weren don. 

12 And thei gedrid to gidre with the 
eldere men, a counceil takun, 3aue to the 
knyjtis plenteuous money, 

13 Seyinge, Seie je, for his disciplis 
.«camen by ni3te, and ban stolen him, vs 


14 And if this be herd of the pre- 
sedent,''" we schulen conceile him, and 
make 50U sikir. 

15 And the money takun, thei diden, 
as thei weren tau3t. And this word is 
pupplissid at the Jewis, til in to this 

1 6 Forsothe enleuene disciplis wenten 
in to Galilee, in to an hil, where Jhesus 
hadde ordejTied to hem. 

17 And thei seynge him, worschip- 
iden ; sothli summe of hem doutiden. 

t8 And Jhesus comynge to, spak to 
hem, seyinge, Al power is 30uun to me, 
in heuene and in erthe. 

1 9 Therfore 5e goynge teche alle folkis, 
cristenjTige hem in the name of the 
Fadir, and of the Sone, and of the 
Hooly Gost ; 

'20 Techinge hem for to kepe alle 
thingis, what euere thingis I haue com- 
aundid to 30U ; and lo ! I am with 30U 
in alle dayes, til the endyng of the world. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


into Galile; there ye shall se hym. Lo ! 
I have tolde you. 

8 And they departed quickly from 
the sepulcre, with feare and great joye, 
and did runne to bringe his disciples 

9 And as they went to tell his disci- 
ples, beholde ! Jesus mett them, sayings, 
God spede you. They cam, and held hym 
by the fete, and worshipped hym. 

10 Then sayde Jesus vnto them. Be 
not afrayde ; go, and tell my brethren, 
that they goo into Galile ; and there 
shall they se me. 

1 1 When they were gone, beholde ! 
some of the kejiers cam in to the cite, 
and shewed vnto the prelattes all thinges 
Avhych had hapened. 

12 And they gaddered them togedder 
with the senioures, and toke counsell, 
and gave large money vnto the souders, 

13 Saynge, Saye, that his disciples 
cam be nyght, and stoole hym awaye, 
whyll ye slept. 

14 And yf this come to the rulers 
eares, we wyll pease him, and make you 

1 5 And they toke the money, and did, 
as they were taught. And this saynge 
is noysed amonge the Jewes, vnto this 

16 Then the xi. discijiles went there 
waye into Galile, in to a mountayne, 
where Jesus had appoynted them. 

17 And when they sawe hym, they 
worshipped hym ; but some of them 

18 Jesus came, and spake vnto them, 
saynge. All power ys geven vnto me, 
in heven and in erth. 

T 9 Goo therefore and teache all nacions, 
baptisynge them in the name of the 
Father, and the Sonne, and the Holy 
Goost ; 

20 Teachinge them to observe all 
thynges, whatsoever I commaundcd you ; 
and lo ! I am with you all waye, even 
vntyll the ende off the worlde. 





Chap. I. 

Anastodeins aiwaoffrel- 

yons iesuis Christaus, sunaus Gu])S. 

2 Swe gameli)) ist "in Esaim, praufetau, 
Sai ! ik insandya aggilu meinana faura 
]}us, saei gamanwcijj wig jjciuaua faura 


3 Stibna vvopyandins in au))idai, Mau- 
weij) wig Frauyins, raihtos waurkei]) 
staigos GiiJ)S uusaris. 

4 Was iohannes daupyands m au})idai, 
.yah meryauds daupeiu idreigos, du 

aflageinai frawaurbte. 

5 Yah us'iddyedun du inima all ludaia- 
land, yah lairusaulwmeis ; yah daupidai 
wesuii allai in laurdane awhai frani 
imma, andhaitandans frawaurhtim sein- 

6 Wasu|)-))an Iohannes gawasi|)3 tag- 
lam ulbandaus, yah gairda fiUeina bi 
hup seinana ; yah matida J^ramsteins, 
yah milil? haij)i\visk, 

7 Yah merida, qij^ands, Qinii|) swin})Oza 
mis sa afai- mis, J)izei ik ni ini wairj^s 
anahneiwands andbiudau skaudaraip 
skohe is. 

8 A|)))an ik daupya izwis in watin ; i]> 
is daupei]; izwis in Ahmin Weihamma. 

9 Yah warj) in yainaim dagam, qam 
Icsus fram Nazai-aiJ) Galeilaias, yah 
daupijjs was fram lohanue in laurdane. 

10 Yah suns usgaggands us jjamma 
watin, gasawh usluknandans himinans, 
yah Ahman swe ahak, atgaggandan ana 

Chap. I. i Her ys godspelles angyn 
Hselcndes Cristes, Godes suna. 

2 Swa awriten is on dtes witegan bee 
Isaiam, Nu ! ic asende minne cngel 
beforan dinre ausyiie, se gcgearwa]> 
diune Aveg beforan de. 

3 Clypigende stefen on dam westene, 
Gegearwia}) Drihtnes weg, do]) ribte his 

4 Iohannes AVfes on westene fulligende, 
and bodieude d8ed-b5te fulwiht, on synna 

5 And to him ferde call ludeisc rice, 
and ealle Hierosolima-ware ; and waeron 
fram him gefullode on lordaues flode, 
hyra synna auddetende. 

6 And Iohannes wses gescryd mid 
oluendes haerum, and fellen gyrdel wses 
ymbe his Icndenu ; and gterstapan, and 
wudu huuig he a^t, 

7 And he bodode, and cwaej), Strengra 
cym}) sefter me, dajs ne eom ie wyrde 
d;et ic his sccona ))wanga bugende 

8 Ic fullige eow on wsetere ; he eow 
fuUa]) on Ilalgum Guste. 

9 And on dam dagum, com se Hselend 
fi-am Nazareth Galilee, and wa>s ge- 
fuUod on lordane fram lohanne. 

I o And sona of dam wa^tere, he geseah 
opene heofonas, and Haligne Gast swa 
culfran astigeude, and on him wunig- 







' S. MARKE, 

Chap. I. i The bigynnynge of the 
gospel of Jhesu Crist, the sone of God. 

2 As it is writun in Ysaie, the pi'o- 
phete, Lo ! I sende myn angel bifore thi 
face, that schal make thi weye I'edy 
bifore thee. 

3 The voice of oon cryinge in desert, 
Make 56 redy the weye of the Lord, 
make je his pathis ri5tful. 

4 Jhon was in desert baptisynge, and 
prechinge the baptym of peuauuce, in 
to remiscioun of synnes. 

5 And alle men of Jerusalem wenten 
out to him, and al the cuntre of Judee ; 
and weren baptisid of him in the flood 
of Jordan, knowlechinge her synnes. 

6 And John was clothid with heeris of 
camelis, and a girdil of skyn abowte his 
leendis ; and he eet locustus, and hony 
of the wode, 

7 And prechide, seyinge, A strengere 
than I schal come aftir me, of whom I 
knelinge am not worthi for to vndo+ the 
thwong of his schoon. 

8 I haue baptisid 50U in water ; for- 
Bothe he shal baptise 50U in the Holy 

9 And it is don in thoo dayes, Jhesus 
came fro Nazareth of Galilee, and was 
baptisid of Joon in Jordan. 

10 And anoon he styinge vp of the 
water, say5 heuenes openyd, and the 
Holy Goost cummynge doun as a 
culuere, and dwellynge in hym. 

Chap. I. i The begynnyng off the 
gospell of Jesu Chi-ist, the sonne off 

2 As yt ys written in the prophettes, 
Beholde ! I sende my messenger before 
thy face, whych shall prepare thy waye 
before the. 

3 The voyce of won that cryetli in the 
wildernes, Prepare ye the waye off the 
Lorde, make his pathes streyght. 

4 Jhon did baptise in the wyldernes, 
and preache the baptim of repentaunce, 
for the remission of synnes. 

5 And all the londe off" Jewry, and 
they of Jerusalem went out vnto hym ; 
and were all baptised of hym in the 
ryver Jordan, knowledgynge theire 

6 Jhon was clothed with cammylles 
beer, and wyth a gerdyll off a beestes 
skyn about hys loynes ; and he ate 
locustes, and wylde hony, 

7 And preached, saynge, A stronger 
then I commetb after me, whos shue 
latchett I am not worthy to stoupe 
doune and vnlose. 

8 I have baptised you with water ; 
but he shall baptise you with the Holy 

9 And yt cam to passe in those dayes, 
that Jesus cam from Nazareth a cite 
of Galile, and was baptised of Jhon in 

I o And immediatly he cam out of the 
water, and sawe the hevens open, and 
the Holy Goost descendinge vppon hym 
lyke a dove. 

ir,4 GOTHIC, 360. 

1 1 Yali stibna qam us luminam, pu "is 
suims mciiis sa liuba, in ))uzei waila 

12 Yah suns sai Abma ina ustauh in 

13 Yah was in )nzai aulndai dage 
fidwor tiguns, fraisans fram Satanin. yah 
was mi)) diuzam, yah aggileis aubahtf- 
dedun imma. 

14 ij) afar ))atei atgibans war]) lohali- 
nes, qam lesus in Galeilaia, meryands 
aiwaggelyon J)iudangardyos Gul)S, 

15 Qi|)ands, patci usfuUnoda j)ata mel, 
yah atnewhida sik |)iudaugardi Gufjs ; 
idrcigoj), yah galaubeij) in aiwaggelyon. 

16 Yah wharbonds faur marein Galei- 
hiias, gasawh Seimonu, yah Andraian 
bro|)ar is, J)is fSeimonis, wairpandans 
nati in marein ; wesun auk fiskyans. 

17 Yali qa)) im lesus, Hiryats afar 
mis; yah gatauya igqis wairj)au nutans 

18 Yah suns afletandans ])0 natya seina, 
laistidedun afar imma. 

19 Yah yain))ro inngaggands framis 
leitiUita, gasawh lakobu jjana Zaibai- 
daiaus, yah lolianne, broj)ar is, yah ])ans 
in skipa manwyaudans natya. 

20 Yah suns haihait ins ; yah aflet- 
andaus attau seinana, Zaibaidaiu, in 
))amma skipa mij) asnyam, gali))un afar 

21 Yah gali|)un in Kafarnaum, yah 
suns sabbato daga galeil)ands in swn- 
agogen, laisida ins. 

22 Yah usfiUiiaus waur))un ana J)izai 
laiscinai is ; unte was laisyands ins, swe 
waldufni habauds, yah ni swaswe ])ai 

23 Yah was in ))izai swnagogen ize 
manna in unhrainyamma ahmin, yah 

24 Qi))ands, Fralct, wha uns yah t)us, 
lesu Nazorcnai ? qamt fraqistyan uns 1 
kaun );uk whas \>\i is, sa weiha Gu])S. 

25 Yah andbait ina lesus, qi))ands, 
J^aliai, yah usgagg ut us ))amma, ahma 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Mark 

1 1 And da wses stefn of heofenum 
gewordcn, Du eart min gclufoda sunu, 
on de ic gelicode. 

12 And soaa Gast hinc on westen 

13 And he on westene wa?s feowertig 
daga and feowertig nihta, and he wxs 
fram Satane gecostnod, and he mid wild- 
dcorum wies, and him englas ))enodon. 

14 Syddan lohanncs geseald wsbs, com 
se Hselcnd on Galileam, Godcs rices 
godsjiell bodigeude, 

15 And dus cwedende, Witodlice t'd is 
gefylled, and heofena rice genealaccj); do]) 
dsed-bote, and gelyfa]) dam godspelle. 

16 And da he ferde wid da Galileiscan 
sse, he geseah Simonem, and Andream, 
his br5dor, hyra nett on da sse Isetende ; 
s5])lice hi wsei'on fisceras. 

17 And da cwa?]) se Hsek^nd, Cuma}) 
ajfter me ; and ic do inc dajt gyt beo]) 
sawla onfonde. 

18 And hi da hrsedlice him fyligdon, 
and forleton heora nett. 

19 And danon hvFon agan, he geseah 
lacobum Zebedei, and lohannes his 
brodor, and hi on heora scype heora 
nett logodon. 

20 And he hi sona clypode ; and lii 
heora fa^der, Zebedeo, on scipe forleton 
mid hyrliugum, 

2 1 And ferdon to Cafarnaum, and sona 
reste-dagum he laerde hi, on gesamnunge 

22 And hi wundrcdon be his lare ; 
Bopllce he wajs hi laerende, swa se de 
anweald hief]), nses swa bocei'as. 

23 And on heora gesamnunge wses 
sum man on unclacnum gdste, and he 

24 And cwa;]), Eala Nazai-cnisca Hsel- 
cnd, hwa't is us and de ? com dii us 
to forspillannc'? ic wat dil cart Godes 

25 Da cidde se Hselend him, and cwsej), 
Adumba, and ga of disum men. 

1. 11-25.] VVYCLIFFE, 1389. 

11 And a voys is maad fro heuenes, 
Thou art my sone loued, in thee I haue 

12 And anon the Spirit puttide hyni 
in to desert. 

13 And he was in desert fourty dayes 
and fourty ni5tis, and was temptid of 
Sathanas, and was with beestis, and 
angelis mynystriden to hym. 

1 4 Forsothe after that Joon was taken, 
Jhesus came in to Galilee, prechinge 
the gospel of the kyngdam of God, 

15 And seiynge. For tyme is fulfillid, 
and the kyngdam of God shal come 
ni3 ; forthinke 3ee,^ and bileue 5ee to 
tjie gospel. 

16 And he passynge bisidis the see of 
Galilee, say Symont, and Andrew, his 
brother, sendynge nettis in to the see ; 
sothely thei weren fishers. 

17 And Jhesus seide to hem. Come 
5ee after me ; I shal make 50U to be 
maad fishers of men. 

18 And anoon the nettis forsaken, thei 
sueden hym. 

19 And he gon forth thennes a litil, 
say James of Zebede, and Joon, his bro- 
ther, and hem in the boot makynge 

20 And anoon be clepide hem ; and 
Zebede, her fadir, left in the boot with 
hirid seruauntis, thei sueden hym. 

21 And thei wenten forth in to Cafar- 
naum, and anoon in the sabotis he gon 
yn into the synagoge, tau5te hem, 

22 And thei wondreden on his tech- 
ynge ; sothely he was techynge hem, as 
hauynge power, and not as scribis. 

23 And in the synagoge of hem was a 
man in an vnclene spirit, and he criede, 

24 Seyinge, What to vs and to thee, 
thou Jhesu of Nazareth? haste thou 
cummen bifore the tyme for to destroie 
vs 1 Y woot that thou art the holy of 

25 And Jhesus thretenyde to hym, 
seyinge, Wexe dowmb, and go out of 
the man. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 165 

1 1 And there cam a voyc« from heven, 
Thou arte my dere sonne, in whom I 

12 And immediatly the Sprete drave 
hym into a wildernes. 

13 And he was there in the wildernes 
xl. dayes, and was tempted off Satan, 
and was with wylde beestes, and the 
angels ministred vnto hym. 

14 After that Jhon was taken, Jesus 
cam in to Galile, preachynge the gospell 
off the kyngdom of God, 

15 And saynge. The tyme ys ful come, 
and the kyngdom of God is even att 
honde ; repent, and beleve the gospell. 

1 6 As he walked by the see of Galile, 
he sawe Simon, and Andrewe, his bro- 
ther, castinge nettes in to the see ; for 
they were fysshers. 

1 7 And Jesus sayde vnto them, Folowe 
me ; and I wyll make you to be fysshers 
of men. 

18 And they strayght waye forsoke 
their nettes, and folowed him. 

19 And when he had gone a lyteli 
further thens, he sawe James the sonne 
off Zebede, and Jhon, his brother, even 
as they were in the shippe dressy nge 
their nettes. 

20 And anon he called them ; and 
they leeft their father, Zebede, in the 
shippe with his heyred servauntes, and 
went their waye after hym. 

21 And they entred in to Capernaum, 
and streight waye on the sabot dayes he 
entred in to the sinagogge, and taught. 

22 And they mei'velled att hys learn- 
inge ; for he taught them, as won whych 
had power with him, and not as the 
scrybes did. 

23 And there was in the sinagogge a 
man vexed ■with an vnclene spirite, and 
he cryed, 

24 Sayinge, Lett me a lone, what have 
we to do with the, Jesus of Nazareth ] 
arte thou come to destroie vs? I knowe 
what thou arte, thou arte that holy man 
promysed of God. 

25 And Jesus rebuked him, saynge, 
Hoolde thy pace, and come out of the 

IGf, GOTHIC, 360. 

26 Yah taliida "ina alima sa unhrainya, 
yah hropyands stibnai niikilai, usiddya 
us i'mma. 

27 Yah afslau|)nodedun allai, silda- 
leikyandans, swaei sokidedun mi)? sis 
misso, qi})andans, Wha siyai J)ata ? wlio 
so laiseino so niuyo 1 ei mij) waldufnya 
yah ahmam |)aim unhrainyam anabiud- 
i]i, yah ufhausyand imma. 

28 Usiddya ]jan meri))a is suns and 
allans bisitands Galeilaias. 

29 Yah suns us jjizai swnagogen ns- 
gaggandans qemun 'in garda Seimonis 
yah Andraiins, mijj lakobau yah lo- 

30 I)) swaihro Seimonis lag in brinnon j 
yah suns qcjjun imma bi iya. 

31 Yah duatgaggands, urraisida |)0, 
undgreipands bandu izos, yah aflailot 
j;o so brinno suns, yah andbahtida im. 

32 Andanahtya j'an wauv];anamma, ])an 
gasaggq sauil, bei'un du imma allans 
})ans ul)il habandans, yah unhuljjons 

33 Yah so baurgs alia garuunana was 
at daura. 

34 Yah gahailida managans ubil hab- 
andans missaleikaim sauhtim, yah un- 
huljjons manages uswarp, yah ni fralailot 
rodyan jjos unhul))ons, unte kunj^edun 

35 Yah air uhtwon usstandands, usid- 
d}'a, yah galai]> ana auj^yana stajj, yah 
yainai' ba|). 

36 Yah galaistans waurj)un imma Sei- 
mon, yah J)ai mij) imma. 

37 Yah bigitandans ina, qcjjun du im- 
ma, patei allai jjuk sokyand. 

38 Yah qaj) du im, Gaggam du j^aim 
bisunyane haimom yah baui-gim, ci yah 
yainar meryau, unte dujje qam. 

39 Yah was mcryands in swnagogim 
izc, and alia Galeilaian, yah unhuljjons 

40 Yah qam at imma j)rutsfill habands, 
bidyands ina, yah kniwam knussyands, 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Mark 

26 And se unclsena gast hinc sHtende, 
and mycelre stefue clypigende, him of 

27 Da wundredon hi ealle, swa dset hi 
betwux him cwsedon, Hwfet ys dis 1 
hwjet is deos niwe hxr? dast he on 
anwealde unclsenum gastum bebyt, and 
hi hyrsumia]) him. 

28 And sona ferde his hlisa to Galilea 

29 Hrsedlice of hyra gesamnunge hi 
comon on Simonis and Andreas hus, 
mid lacobe and lohanne. 

30 Soj)lice da sfet Simonis swcger 
hrijjigende ; and hi him be byre ssedon. 

31 And genealsecende, he hi up-ahof, 
hyre handa gegripenrc, and hrpcdlice se 
fefer hi forlet, and heo jjcnode him. 

32 Soj)lice da hit wjes sefcn gewordcn, 
du sunne to setle eodc, hi brohton to 
him ealle da unhalan, and da de wode 

33 And eall sco burh-waru wses ge- 
gadcrod to dsere duran. 

34 And he mancga gehsclde de mis- 
scnlicum adhun gedrehte waeron, and 
manega deofol-seocnyssa he ut-adnlf, 
and hi sprecan ne let, fordam hi wiston 
dajt he Crist wajs. 

35 And swide ser ai'isende, lie ferde on 
weste st5we, and liine dar gcb£ed. 

36 And him fyligde Simon, and da de 
mid him Wccron. 

37 And da hi hine gemetton, bi saedon 
him, Eall dis folc de see)). 

38 Da cwoej) he. Fare we on gehcndc 
tunas and ceastra, dajt ic dar bodige, 
witodhce to dam ic com. 

39 And he wses bodigcnde on licora 
gcsamnungum, and calre Galilea, and 
deofol-scocnessa ut-adrifende.''' 

40 And to him com sum hrcofla, hine 
biddciide, and gcblgcdum cncowum, him 

I. 26-40.] WYCLIFFE, 1389, 

26 And the vnclene goost debrekynge 
bym, and cryinge with grete vois, wente 
awey fro liym. 

27 And alle men wondriden, so that 
thei soujten togidre amonge hem, sey- 
inge, What is this thinge 1 what is this 
newe techyng? for in power he com- 
aundith to vnclene spiritis, and thei 
obey en .to hym. 

28 And the tale^ of hym wente forth 
anoon in to al the cuntree of Galilee. 

29 And anoon thei goynge out of the 
synagoge camen in to the hous of Sy- 
mout and Andrew, with James and 

30 Sothely and the modir of Symontis 
wif sik in feueris restide ;■•■ and anoon 
thei seien to hym of hir. 

31 And he cummynge to, reride hir 
vp, the bond of hir taken, and anoon 
the feuere left hire, and she mynystride 
to hem. 

32 Forsothe the euenynge maad, 
whenne the sone wente doun, thei 
broujten to bym alle bauynge yuel, 
and bauynge deuelis. 

33 And al the cite was gaderid at the 

34 And be belide many that weren 
traueilide with djTiers soris, and he 
castide out many deuelis, and he suffride 
hem nat for to speke, for thei knewen 

35 And in the morewynge ful erly he 
rysynge, gon out, wente in to desert 
place, and preiede there. 

36 And Symont suede bym, and thei 
that weren with bym. 

37 And whanne thei hadtlen founden 
bym, thei seiden to hym, For alle men 
seeken thee. 

38 And he seith to hem, Go we in to 
the nexte townes and citees, that and 
there i preche, for to this thing I 

39 And be was prechynge in the syna- 
gogis of hem, and in alle Galilee, and 
castynge out fendis. 

40 And a leprous man cam to hym, 
bisecbynge hym, and, the knee foklen, 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


26 And the vnclene spirite tai'e him, 
cryed out with a lowde voyce, and cam 
out of him. 

27 And they were all amased, in so 
moche that they demaunded won off 
another a monge them selves, saying, 
What thinge ys thys 1 what newe doc- 
trine is thys 1 for be commaundeth the 
foule spirites with power, and they 
obeye him. 

28 Anon his name S2:)reed abroade 
througboute all the region borderynge 
on Galile. 

29 And immediatly as Sonne as they 
were come out of the sinagogge they 
entred in to the bousse of Symon and 
Andrew, with James and Jhon. 

30 Symones motberelawe lay sicke of 
a fiver; and annou they told bym of 

31 And he cam, and toke her by the 
bonde, and lifte her vppe, and the fiver 
forsoke her by and by, and she ministred 
vnto them. 

32 And at even, when the sun was 
doune, they brought vnto him all that 
were diseased, and them that were i:)OS- 
sessed with devyls. 

33 And all the cite gaddred togedder 
at the dore. 

34 And be healed many that were 
sycke of dyvers deseases, and be cast 
out many devyls, and suffered not the 
devyls to speake, because they knewe 

35 And in the moorninge very erly 
Jesus arose, and went out in to a solitary 
place, and there prayed. 

36 And Simon and they that were 
with bym folowed after bym. 

37 And when they bad founde him, 
they sayde vnto him, All men seke for 

38 And he sayd vnto them. Let vs go 
in to the next tonnes, that Y maye 
preache there also, for truly I cam out 
for that purpose. 

39 And he preached in their sina- 
go<yges, throughout all Galile, and cast 
devyls out. 

40 And there cam a leper to him, be- 
sechingc him, and kneled doune vnto 


GOTHIC, 360. 

yah qi})ands clu imma jiatei, Yabai wileis, 
niagt mik gahrainyan. 

41 Ij* lesus, iufeinands, ufrakyands 
handu seina, attaitok imma, yah qajj 
imma, Wilyau, wairj? hrains. 

4 2 Yah h\\>e qa|> })ata lesus, suns )'ata 
Jjrutsfill aflaij) af imma, yah hrains warj). 

43 Yah gawhotyands imma, suns us- 
saiidida ina, 

44 Yah qa}j du imma, Saiwh, ei mann- 
hun ni qi})uis waiht ; ak gagg, )?uk silbau 
ataugyan gudyin, yah atbair fram ga- 
hi-aineinai jjeinai J'atei anabauj? Moses, 
du weitwodi|)ai im. 

45 iijj is, usgaggands, dugann meryan 
filu, yah usqijjan |)ata waurd, swaswe is 
yujjan ni mahta andaugyo in baurg 
galeijjan, ak uta ana au}>yaim stadim 
was ; yah iddyedun du imma allajjro. 

Chap. II. i Yah galai|j aftra in 
Kafai-naum, afar dagans. Yah gafrehun, 
Jjatei in garda ist, 

2 Yah suns gaqcmun managai, swaswe 
yuj^an ni gamostedun, nih at daura. 
Yah rodida im waurd. 

3 Yah qemun at imma uslijjan bair- 
andans, hafanana fram fidworira, 

4 Yah ni magandans newha qiman 
imma faura manageim, andhulidedun 
hrot, jjarei was lesus; yah usgraband- 
ans, insaihdcdun J)ata badi, yah fra- 
lailotun, ana jjammei lag sa uslijja. 

5 Gasaiwhands ])an lesus galaubeinize, 
qaj) du J)amma uslipin, Barnilo, aflet- 
anda |)U3 frawaurhteis }>einos. 

6 Wesunuh jian sumai \>lze bokarye 
yainnr sitandans, yah J)agkyandans sis 
in hiiirtaiu seinaim, 

7 VVha sa swa rodei]) naiteinins 1 Whas 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Mark 

to cwa}|j, Drihten, gif dii wylt, du miht 
geclsensian me. 

41 Sojilice se Hselend him nnltsode, 
and his hand ajjenode, and hine a?t-hrin- 
ende, and dus cwae)), Ic wylle, beo du 

42 And da he dus cwsej), sona seo 
hreofnes him fram gewat, and he wses 

43 And sona he bead him, .... 

44 And cwfe}), Warna, dset du hit nan- 
um men ne secge ; ac ga, and fetyw de 
dara saccrda ealdre, and bring for dinre 
clsensunga doet Moyses behead, him on 

45 And he, da utgangende, ongan 
bodian, and widmsersian da spraece, swa 
da3t he ne mihte openlice on da ccastre 
gan, ac beon ute on westum stowum ; 
and hi jeghwanon to him comon. 

Chap. II. i And eft a^ftcr dagum, 
he code into Cafarnaum. And hit wses 
gehyred, diet he wa?s on huse, 
2 And manega togsedere comon, . . 

. . And he to 

heom sprsec. 

3 And hi comon anne laman to him 
berende, done feower men bseron. 

4 And da hi ne mihton hine in-bring- 
an for daere mtenigeo, hi openodon done 
hrof, dar se Haelend waes ; and . . . 

hi da in-asendon 

dset bed, de se lama on-laeg. 

5 S6j)lice da se Hselend geseah hcora 
geleafan, he c\v!g\> to dam laman, Sunu, 
de synt dine synna forgifene. 

6 Dar wseron sumc of dam bocerum 
sittende, and on heora heortan Jjencende, 

7 Hwi spyc)) dcs dus ? He dysega}) ; 

I. 41.-II. 7.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

seicle, 3 if thou wolt, thou maist dense 

41 Forsothe Jhesus, hauynge mercy 
on hym, strei5t out his hond, and, touch- 
ynge hym, seith to hym, I wole, be thou 
maad clene. 

42 And whanne he hadde seide, anoon 
the lepre partide awey fro hym, and he 
is clensid. 

43 And he thretenyde to hym, and 
anoon he putte hym out, 

44 And seith to hym, Se thou, seie to 
no man ; but go, shewe thee to tlie 
princis of prestis, and ofFre for thi clens- 
ynge tho thingis that Moyses badde, in 
to witnessynge to hem. 

45 And he, gon out, biganne to preche, 
and diffame''' the word, so that nowe he 
mi3te nat opynly go in to the citee, but 
be with out forth in deserte placis ; and 
thei camen to gidre to hym on alle 

Chap. II. i And eft he entride in 
to Capharnaum, after ei3te days. And 
it is herd, that he was in an hous, 

2 And many camen togidre, so that 
it tok nat, nether at the jate. And he 
spac to hem a word. 

3 And there camen to hym men bryng- 
ynge a man sike in palesie, the whiche 
was borun of foure. 

4 And whanne thei mijte nat ofFre hym 
to hym for the carapanye of peple, thei 
maden the roof nakid, wher he was ; 
and makynge opyn, thei senten doun tlie 
bedd, in whiche the sike man in palasie 

5 Sothely whanne Jhesus say the feith 
of hem, he seith vnto the sike man in 
palasie, Sone, thi synnes ben forjouen 
to thee. 

6 Forsothe there weren summe of the 
scribis sittynge, and thenkynge in her 

7 What spekith he thus? He blas- 

TYNDALE, 1526. IC9 

him, and sayde vnto him, Yf thou wylt, 
thou arte able to make me clene. 

41 Jesus had compassion on him, and 
put forth his honde, touched him, and 
sayde vnto him, I will, be clene. 

42 And as sone as he had spoken, 
immediatly the lepi-osy departed from 
liim, and he was clensed. 

43 And he charged hym, and sent him 
awaye forthwith, 

44 And sayd vnto him, Se that thou 
tell no man ; but gett the hence, and 
shewe thy sylfe to the preste, and offer 
for thy clensynge those thinges which 
Moses commaunded, for a testimonial! 
vnto them. 

45 But he, as sone as he was departed, 
began to tell many thinges, and to pub- 
lyshe the dede, in so moche that Jesus 
coulde no more openly entre in to the 
cite, but was out in desert places ; and 
they cam to him from every quarter. 

Chap. II. i After a feawe dayes, he 
entred into Capernaum againe. And it 
was noysed, that he was in a housse, 

2 And anon many gaddered togedder, 
in so moche that nowe there was no 
roume to receave them, no nott in places 
about the dore. And he preached vnto 

3 And there cam vnto hym, that 
brought wone sicke off the palsey, borne 
off fower men. 

4 And be cause they coulde not com 
nye vnto hym for preace, they opened 
the rofe of the housse, where he was ; 
and when they had broken yt open, they 
lett doune the beed, where in the sicke 
of the palsey ley. 

5 When Jesus sawe their fayth, he 
sayde to the sicke of the palsey, Sonne, 
thy synnes are forgeven the. 

6 There were certeyne of the scrybes 
sittinge, and reasoninge in their hertes, 

7 Howe doeth thys felowe blaspheme 1 


GOTHIC, 360. 

niaj^ afletan frawaurhtins, niba ains 

8 Yah suns ufkunnands Icsus alimin 
seinamma, j^atei swa j^ai mitodedun sis, 
qa]) dii im, Duwlie mitoj) ))ata in hairt- 
am i'zwaraim 1 

9 AVhajjar i'st azetizo du qijian })amma 
usli|nn,Atletanda })us frawaurliteis ))einos, 
|)au qi|)an, Urreis, yah nim j^ata badi 
|)eiuata, yah gagg 1 

10 A})})an ei witeijj jjatei waldufni 
habalj) sunus mans ana airj^ai afletan 
frawaurhtins, qa{) du J^amma usli})in, 

1 1 pus qi|ja, urreis, nimuh ))ata badi 
Jjein, yah gagg du garda Jjeinamma. 

12 Yah urrais suns, yah, ushafyands 
badi, usiddya faura andwair)>ya allaize, 
swaswe usgcisnodedun allai yah hauh- 
idedun, mikilyandans Guj), qijjandans, 
patei aiw swa ni gasewhun. 

13 Yah galai}) aftra faur marein, yah 
all manageins iddyeduu du i'nima; yah 
laisida ins. 

14 Yah wharbonds, gasawh Laiwwi 
J)ana Alfaiaus sitandan at raotai, yah 
qajj du imma, Gagg afar mis. Yah 
usstandands iddya afar 'imma. 

15 Y^'ah war)), bi})e is anakumbida in 
garda is, yah managai motaryos yah 
frawaurhtai mil)auakumbidedun lesua 
yah siponyam is ; wesun auk managai 
yah iddyedun afar imma. 

16 Yah |)ai bokaryos yah Fareisaieis 
gasaiwhandans ina matyandan mi}) |)aim 
motaryam yah frawaurhtaim, qe))un du 
I'aim siponyam is, Wha ist patei mi|) 
motaryam yah frawaurhtaim matyijj yah 
driggkij) 1 

I'j Yah gahausyands lesus, qa)> du im, 
Ni ))aurbun swinjjai lekeis, ak })ai ub- 
ilaba habandans ; ni qam la))on us- 
waurhtaus, ak frawaurhtans. 

18 Yah wesun siponyos lohannis yah 
Fareisaieis fastandans ; yah atiddyedun, 
yah qejjun du imma, Duwhe siponyos 
lohaimcs .yah Fareisaieis fastand, i|) ))ai 
Jjcinai siponyos ni fastand 1 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Mark 

hwa mseg synna forgyfan, biiton God 
ana 1 

8 Da se Hselend clfet on his gastc 
oncueow, dsat hi swa bctwux liim jioht- 
on, he cwa?J> to him, Hwi Jjence ge das 
))ing on eowrum heortum ? 

9 Hwseder is edre to secgcnne to dam 
laman, De synd dine synna forgifene, 
hwajder de cwedan, Aris, nim din bed, 
and ga 1 

10 Dfet ge 861)1106 witon dset mannes 
sunu hsef}) anweald on eorJ)an synna to 
forgyfanne, he cwcej) to dam laman, 

1 1 De ic secge, aris, nim din bed, and 
ga to dinum hiise. 

12 And he sona aras, and, [undei'lcat 
bei*e,] beforan him eallum eode, swa 

daet ealle wundredon, 

. . . and dus cwsedon, N^fre we ser 
dyllic ne gcsawon. 

13 Eft he ut-eode to dscre sx, and call 
seo msenigeo him to com ; and he hi 

14 And da he foi-))-eode, he gescah 
Leuin Alphei sittendc £et hys cep-setlc, 
and he cwve\> to him, Folga me. Da 
aras he and folgode him. 

15 And hit gewear]), da he sret on his 
hiise, da3t manega manfulle . . . secton 
mid dam Hselende and his leorning- 
cnihtum ; so})lice manega, da de him 
fyligdon, wseron 

16 Boceras and Farisci, and cwsedon, 
Witodlice he ytt mid munfuUum and 
synfuUum, and hi cwsedon to liis leorn- 
ing-cnihtum, Hwi ytt cower lureow and 
drinc)) mid maufullum and synfuUum 1 

17 Da se Hcelend dis gehyrde, he ssedc 
him, Ne bel'urfon na da halan laeces, ac 
da de untrume synt ; ne com ic na dait 
ic clypode rihtwise, ac synfulle. 

18 And da WEeron lohannes leoi'ning- 
cnihtas and Pharisei fajstendc ; and da 
comon hi, and ssedon him, Hwi fiesta)) 
lohannes leorning-cnihtas and Pharis- 
eorum, and dine ne fsestajj ? 

II. 8-1 8.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

femeth ; who may forjeue synnes, no 
but God alone? 

8 The whiche thing anoon knowen by 
the Holy Goost, for thei thou5ten so 
with inns hem self, Jhesus seith to hem, 
"What thenken 5ee these thingis in joure 
hertis ? 

9 What is Ii3tere for to seie to the sike 
man in palasie, Synnes ben forjouen to 
thee, or for to seie, Ryse, take thi bed, 
and walke 1 

10 Sothely that 566 wite that mannes 
sone hath powere in erthe to for3eue 
S}Tines, he seith to the sike man in 

11 I seie to thee, ryse vp, take thi 
bed, and go in to thin hous. 

12 And anoon he roos vp, and, the 
bed taken vp, he wente bifore alle men, 
so that alle men wondriden, and honour- 
iden God, seyinge, For we sayen neuer 

13 And he wente out eftsone to the 
see, and al the cujppanye oi peple cam 
to hym ; and he tau3te hem. 

14 And whenne he passide, he say 
Leui Alfey sittynge at the tolbothe, and 
he seith to hym. Sue thou me. And he 
rysynge suede hym. 

15 And it is don, whenne he sat at 
the mete in his hous, many puplicanys 
and synful men saten togidre at the 
mete with Jhesu and his disciplis ; 
sothely there weren manye that folew- 
eden hym. 

16 And scribis and Pharisees seeyinge, 
for he eet with puplicanys and synful 
men, seiden to his disciplis, Whi joure 
maister etith and drinkith with pupli- 
canys and synners ? 

17 This thing herd, Jhesus seith to 
hem, Hoole men han no nede to a leche, 
but thei that han yuele ; forsothe I cam 
not for to clepe iuste men, but synners. 

1 8 And disciplis of Joon and the Pha- 
risees weren fastynge ; and thei camen, 
and seien to hym, Whi disciplis of Joon 
and of Pharisees fasten, but thi disciplis 
fasten nat 1 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


Who can forge ve synnes, but God 
only 1 

8 And immediatly when Jesus per- 
ceaved in his sprete, that they so rea- 
soned in them selves, he eayde vnto 
them. Why thynke ye soche thinges in 
youre hertes 1 

9 Whether ys it easyer to saye to the 
sicke of the palsey. Thy synnes ar for- 
geven the, or to saye, Aryse, take vppe 
thy beed, and walke 1 

10 That ye maye knowe that the sonne 
of man hath power in erth to forgeve 
sinnes, he spake vnto the sicke of the 

III saye vnto the, aryse, and take vp 
thy beed, and get the hens in to thyne 
awne housse. 

12 And by and by he arose, toke vp 
hys beed, and went forth before them 
all, in so moche that they were all 
amased, and glorified God, sayinge, We 
never sawe it on thys fassion. 

13 And he went out agayne vnto the 
see, and all the people resorted vnto 
hym ; and he taught them. 

14 And as Jesus passed by, he sawe 
Levy the sonne of Alphey sytt att the re- 
ceyte of custome, and sayde vnto him,Fol- 
owe me. And he arose and folowed hym. 

15 And yt cam to passe, as Jesus sate 
att meate in his housse, many pubpli- 
cans and synners sate att meate also 
with Jesus and his disciples ; for there 
were many that folowed him. 

16 And when the scribs and Pharises 
sawe him eate with publicans and syn- 
ners, they sayde vnto his disciples, Howe 
is it that he eateth and drynketh with 
publicans and synners 1 

17 When Jesus had herde that, he 
sayd vnto them, The whole have no nede 
of the visicion, but the sicke ; I cam to 
cal the sinners to repentaunce, and not 
the iuste. 

18 And the disciples of Jhon and of 
the Pharises did faste ; and they cam, 
and sayde vnto him, Why do the dis- 
ciples of Jhon and off the' Pharises faste, 
and thy disciples fast nott 1 


GOTHIC, 360. 

19 Yali qaj) im Icsus, Ibai magun 
sunyus bru|)faclis, und j^atei mi|j 'im ist 
bru|)iii})S, fastau 1 Swa lagga wlieila swe 
iiiij? sis habaud brujjfad, ni magun 

20 A})|)an atgaggand dagos, j^an af- 
nimada af im sa bruj'fajjs, yah j^an fast- 
and in yainamma daga. 

2 1 Ni manna plat fanins niuyis siuyi]) 
ana snagan fairnyana, ibai afnimai fuUon 
af ))amma sa niuya }jamma fairnyin, yah 
wairsiza gataura wair))!]). 

22 Ni manna giuti^ wein yuggata in 
balgins fairnyans, ibai aufto distairai 
wein ))ata niuyo })ans balgins. yah wein 
usgutuijj, yah jjai balgeis fraqistnand. 
Ak wein yuggata in balgins niuyans 

23 Yah war)>, Jjairhgaggan imma sab- 
bato daga })airh atisk, yah dugunuun 
siponyos is skewyandans, raupyan ahsa. 

24 Yah Fareisaieis qe|)un du imma, 
Sai ! wha tauyand siponyos jjeinai sab- 
batim, j^atei ni skuld ist. 

25 Yah is qa]> du im, Niu ussuggwu]) 
aiw wha gatawida Daweid, )>au Jjaurfta, 
yah gredags was is, yah Jjai mi]j imma 1 

26 Whaiwa galaijj in gard Gu])S, uf 
Abia))ara, gudyin, yah hlaibans faur- 
lageinais matida, ))anzei ni skuld ist 
matyan, niba ainaim gudyam, yah gaf 
yah |)aim mij) sis wisandam. 

27 Yah qa)j im, Sabbato in mans war)) 
gaskapans, ni manna in sabbato dagis ; 

28 Swaei frauya ist sa sunus mans yah 
})amma sabbato. 

Chap. III. i Yah galaij) aftra in 
swiiagogen, yah was yaiuar manna ga- 
))aursana habands handu. 

2 Yali witaidedun imma, hailidediu sab- 
bato daga, ei wrohidedeina ina. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Mark 

19 Da cw8ej> se Haelend, Cwede ge 
sceolon daes brydguman cnihtas fostan, 
swa lange swa se brydguma mid him is 1 
Ne magon hi festan, swa lange tide swa 
hi done brydgimian mid him habba]). 

20 Sojjlice da dagas cuma)), donne se 
brydguma him bi]) fram acyrred, and 
donne hi feestajj on dam dagum. 

21 Nan man ne siwa|) niwne scyp to 
ealdum reafe, elles he afyi")> done niwan 
scyp of dam ealdan reafe, and bijj mare 

22 And nan man ne de)) niwe win on 
ealde bytta, elles da^t win tobiyc]) da 
bytta, and dajt win bij) agoten, and da 
bytta forwurdajj. Ac niwe win sceal beon 
ged5n on niwe bytta, donne beojj butu 

23 Eft woes geworden, da he reste- 
dagum ))urh seceras code, his leorning- 
enihtas onguunon da ear pluccigean. 

24 Da cwsedon Pharisei to him, Loca 
nil ! hwset dine leorning-cnihtas do]), 
dset him alyfed uses on reste-dagum. 

25 Da S0ede he hym, Ne rsedde ge 
n^fre hwset dyde Dauid, 

. . . da bine hingrode, and da do 
mid him wseron ? 

26 Hu he in Godes huse code, under 
Abiathar, dara sacerda ealdre, and he set 
da offrung-hlafas, de him ne alyfede 
neeron to etanne, buton sacerdum anum, 
and he sealde dam de mid him waeron. 

27 And he Sfede him, Restc-dseg wass 
geworht for dam men, noes se man for 
dam reste-doege ; 

28 Witodlice drihten is mannes sunu 
eac swylce reste-da3gcs. 

Chap. III. i And eft he eodc on 
gesomnunge, and dar wses an man for- 
scruncene hand hsebbende. 

2 And hi gymdon, hwa^der he on reste 
dagum gehselde, diet hi hine gewregdon. 

IT. 19.-IIL 2.] WYCLirFE,i389. 

19 And Jhesus seitli to hem, Whether 
the sonuys of weddyngis mown faste, as 
long as the spouse is with hem 1 Hou 
longe tyme thei han the spouse with 
hem, thei mowe nat faste. 

20 Forsothe dayes shulen come, whenne 
the spouse shal be taken awey from 
hem, and thanne thei shulen faste in 
thoo days. 

21 No man seweth a pacche of rude''" 
clothe to an old clothe, ellis he takith 
awey the newe supplement,"'" and a more 
brekynge is maad. 

22 And no man sendith newe wyn in 
to oold botelis,^ ellis the wyn shal berste 
the wyn vesselis, and the wyn shal be 
held out, and the wyne vesselis shulen 
pei'ishe. But newe wyn shal be sent in 
to newe wyn vesselis. 

23 And it is don eftsoone, whanne the 
Loi'd walkide in the sabothis by the 
corues, and his disciplis bigunnyn to 
passe forth, and plucke eris. 

24 Sothly the Pharysees seiden, Leo ! 
what don thi disciplis in sabotis, that is 
nat leeueful. 

25 And he seith to hem, Radde 566 
neuere what Dauyth dide, whanne he 
hadde neede, and he hungride, and thei 
that weren with hym 1 

26 Hou he Avente in into the hous of 
God, vndir Abiathar, pi-ince of prestis, 
and eete loouys of proposicioun, the 
Avhiche it was nat leefid to ete, no but 
to prestis alone, and he 3aue to hem 
that weren with hym. 

27 And he seide to hem, The sabote is 
maad for man, and nat a man for the 
sabote ; 

28 And so mannys sone is lord also 
of the saboth. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


Chap. III. i And he entride eft- 
soone in to the synagoge, and ther was 
a man hauynge a drye bond. 

2 And thei aspieden hym, 5if he helide 
in sabothis, for to accuse hym. 

19 And Jesus sayde vnto tltem. Can 
the chyldrcn of a weddinge faste, whils 
the brydgrome is Avitli them 1 As longe 
as they have the brydgrome with them, 
they cannot faste. 

20 Butt the dayes wyll come, when the 
bryde grome shalbe taken from them, 
and then shall they faste in thoose 

2 1 Also no man soweth a pece of newe 
cloth vnto an olde garment, for then 
taketh he awaye the newe pece from the 
olde, and so is the rent worsse. 

22 In lyke wyse no man poureth newe 
Avyne in to olde vessel-les, for yf he do 
the ncAve wyne breaketh the vesselles, 
and the wyne runneth out, and the 
vessels are marde. Butt newe wyne 
must be poured in to newe vesselles. 

23 And it chaunsed, that he went 
thorowe the corne feldes on the sabboth 
daye, and his disciples as they went on 
their waye, began to plucke the eares 
of corne. 

24 And the Pharises sayde vnto him, 
Take hede ! why do they on the sabboth 
daye, that which is vnlaufuU. 

25 And he sayde vnto them, Have ye 
never redde what David did, when he 
had nede, and was anhongred, bothe he 
and they that were with him 1 

26 Howe they went into the housse of 
God, in the dayes of Abiathar, the bye 
preste, and ate the halowed loves, Avhich 
is not laiifull, but for the prestes only, 
to eate, and gave also to them Avhich 
were with him. 

27 And he sayde to them, The saboth 
daye was made for man, and nott man 
for the saboth daye ; 

28 "Wherfore is the sonne of man lorde 
even of the saboth daye. 

Chap. III. i And he entred agayne 
into the synagog, and there was a man 
which had a widdred honde. 

2 And they watched him, to se yf he 
wolde heale him on the saboth daye, 
that they myght accuse hym. 


GOTHIC, 360. 

3 Yah qa)) clu ])arama 111 aim ))amma 
ga] aursana habandin liaudu, Urreis iu 

4 Yah qa|j du im, Skuldu ist "in sab- 
batim |)iu|j tauyan, aijjjjau iin)'iul) tauyan'? 
saiwah^ iiasyan, ail)}iau usqistyan? Ij) 
eis j)aliaidedun. 

5 Yah ussaiwhands ins mij) moda, 
gaurs in daulnjjos hairtins i'ze, qa)j du 
J)amnia mann, Ufrakei ]>o handu jjeina. 
Yah ufrakida, yah gasto}? aftra so 
handus is. 

6 Yah gaggandans Jjan Fareisaieis suns- 
aiw, m\]) {)aim Herodianum, garuni ga- 
tawideduu bi ina, ei imma usqemeina. 

7 Yah lesus aflaij? mil> siponyam sein- 
aim du niarein ; yah filu manageins us 
Galeilaia laistideduu afar aninia yah us 

8 Yah us lairusauhvmim, yah us I- 
dumaia, yah hindaua laurdanaus, yah 
}'ai bi Twra yah Seidona, manageins filu, 
gahausyandans whan filu is tawida, 
qemun at imma. 

9 Yah qa}> jjaim siponyam seinaim, ei 
skip habuijj wesi at imma, in })izos 
manageins, ei ni ))raiheina ina ; 

10 Managans auk gahailida, swaswe 
drusun ana ina, ei imma attaitokeina. 
Yah swa managai swe habaidedun wund- 

11 Yah ahmans unhrainyans, \>sdh. ])an 
ina gasewhun, drusun du imma, yah 
liroi)idedun, qij>andans, patei \>u is sun- 
us Glu|5S. 

1 2 Yah filu andbait ins, ei ina ni ga- 

13 Yah ustaig in fairguni, yah athai- 
hait Jjanzei wilda is ; yah gali]>uu du 

14 Yah gawaurhta, twalif du wisan mi|> 
sis, yah ei insandidedi ins nieryan. 

15 Yah haban waldufni du hailyan 
sauhtins, yah uswairpan unhul})ons. 

16 Yah gasatida Seimona name Pai- 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Mark 

3 Da cwa^j) he to ctam men do foi*- 
scruncene hand ha^fde, A'ris gcmang 

4 Da cwa3}j he, A'lyfj? reste-daigum wel 
to donne, hwseder de yfele 1 sawla ge- 
hcelan, hwseder de forspillanl And hi 

5 And hi besceawigcnde mid yrre, ofer 
hyra heortan blindnesse ge-unret, cwaijj 
to dam men, A|)ene dine hand. And 
he a))enede hi, da wear}) his hand ge- 
hceled sona. 

6 Da Pharisei mid Herodianiscum ut- 
gangende, )jeahtedon ongen hine, hu hi 
bine fordon mihton. 

7 And da ferde se Hselend to drere sse 
mid his leorning-cnihtum ; and mycol 
mcnigeo him fyligdc fram Galilca and 

8 And Hierusalem, and fram Idumea,'*' 
and begeondan lordane, and to him com 
my eel menegeo ymbe Tirum and Si done, 
gehyrendc da ])ing de he worhte. 

9 And he cwae)) to his enihtum, dast In 
him on scipe J)enodon, for dserc mcn- 
igum, deet hi hine ne of|)rungon ; 

10 S5jjlice manega he gehaelde, . . . 

swa daet 

hi a3t-hrinon his. And swa fela swa un- 

1 1 And unclsene gastas hfefdon, da In 
hine gesawon, hi toforan him astrehton, 
and dus cwedende, clypedon, Du eart 
Godes sunu. 

1 2 And he him swyde forbead, daet hi 
hine ne geswutelodon. 

1 3 And on anne munt he ferde, and to 
him geclypode da de he wolde ; and hi 
to him comon. 

14 And he dyde, djet hi twelfe mid 
him wacron, and he hi asende godspell 
to bodigcune. 

15 And he him anwcald sealde un- 
trumnessa to hselanne, and deofol-seoc- 
nessa ut to adrifannc. 

1 6 And he nemde Simon Petrum, 

III. 3-i6.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

3 And he.seith to the man hauynge a 
drye hond, Ryse in to the niydil. 

4 And he seith to hem, Is it leeueful 
to do wel in the sabothis, or yuele 1 for 
to make a soule saaf, whether to lese 1 
And thei weren stille. 

5 And he biholdynge hem aboute with 
wrathe, hauynge sorwe vpon the blynd- 
nesse of her herte, seith to the man, 
Holde forth thin honde. And he helde 
forth, and the honde is restorid to hym. 

6 Sothely Pharisees goynge out anoon, 
maden a counseil with Herodyans a3eins 
hym, hou thei shulden lese hym. 

7 Forsothe Jhesus with his disciplis 
wente to the see ; and myche cumpanye 
fit'om Galilee and Judee suede hym, 

8 And fro Jei'usalem, and fro Ydume, 
and bi3endis Jordan, and thei that aboute 
Tyi-e and Sydon, a grete multitude, heer- 
ynge the thingis that he dide, camen to 

9 And Jhesus seith to his disciplis, 
that the litil boot shulde serue hym, for 
the cumpanye of peple, lest thei oppres- 
siden hym ; 

10 Sothely he helide many, so that 
thei felden fast to hym, that thei shulden 
louche hym. Forsothe hou many euere 
hadden soris,''' 

11 And vnclene spiritis, whenne thei 
seien hym, felden down to hym, and 
crieden, seyinge. Thou art the sone of 

12 And gretely he manasside hem, that 
thei shulden nat make hym opyn.^ 

1 3 And he styinge in to an hil, clepide 
to hym whom he wolde ; and thei camen 
to hym. 

14 And he made, that there weren 
twelue Avith hym, and that he shulde 
eende hem for to preche. 

1 5 And he 5aue to hem power of heel- 
ynge siknessis, and of castynge out 

16 And to Symount he putte name 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


3 And he saide vnto tlie man whych 
had the widdred honde, Aryse and 
stonde in the middes. 

4 And he sayd to them. Whether ys it 
laufuU to do a good dede on the saboth 
daye, or an evyll 1 to save a mannes life, 
or to kyll 1 Butt they helde their peace. 

5 And he loked rounde aboute on them 
pngrely, mornynge on the blindnes of 
their herttes, and sayd to the man. 
Stretch forth thyne honde. And he 
stretched it forth, and the honde was 
restored even as whole as the other. 

6 The Pharises departed, and streyght 
waye gaddred a counseil with them that 
belonged to Herode agaynst hym, that 
they myght destroye him. 

7 And Jesus avoyded with his disciples 
to the see ; and a greate multitude 
folowed him from Galile and from 

8 And from Hierusalem, and from 
Idumea, and from beonde Jordane, and 
they that dwelled about Tyre and Sidon, 
a greate multitude, which when they 
hade herde what thynges he did, cam 
vnto him. 

9 And he comaunded his disciples, 
that a shippe shulde wayte on him, be- 
cause off the people, leste they shulde 
throunge hym ; 

to For he had healed many, in so 
moche that they preased apon him, for 
to touche him. As many as had plages, 

1 1 And when the vnclene sprites sawe 
him, they fell doune before him, and 
cryed, sayinge. Thou arte the sonne of 

12 And he streyghtly charged them, 
that they shulde not vtter him. 

13 And he Avent vppe into a moun- 
itayne, and called vnto him whom he 
wolde ; and they cam vnto him. 

14 And he ordeined the twelve, that 
they shulde be with him, and that he 
myght sende them to preache. 

15 And that they might have power 
to heale syknesses, and to cast out 

16 And he gave vnto Simon to name 


GOTHIC, 360. 

17 Yah iakohau jiamina Zaibaidaiaus 
yah lohaniie, bro)'r lakobaus, yah gasat- 
itla iiu namna Bauanairgais, Jiatei ist, 
sunyiis ))ei\vhons ; 

18 Yah Andraian yah Filippu, yah 
Barjjaulaumaiu yah Matjjaiu, yah poman 
yah lakobu jiana Alfaiaus, yah paddaiu 
yah Seimona ))aiia Kanaueiten, 

19 Yah ludan Iskarioten, sael yah 
galewida iua. Yah atiddyedun iu gard, 

20 Yah ga'iddya sik manage!, swaswe 
ni mahtedua nih hlaif matyan, 

21 Yah hausyandans fram imma bok- 
aryos yali anjarai, iis'iddyedun gahaban 
ina ; qe)>uu auk, patei usgaisiJ)S ist. 

22 Yah bokaryos ]>ax af lairusauhvmai 
qimandans, qe})un, patei Baiailzaibul 
habaif), yah |)atei 'in ])amma reikistin 
uuhul|'Ouo uswairpi]) jjaim unhul))om. 

23 Yah athaitands ins in gayukom, 
qa[j du im, Whaiwa mag Satauas Sat- 
anan uswairpan 1 

24 Yah yabai |)iudangardi wlln-a sik 
gadailyada, ui mag standan so ]>iudan- 
gai'di yaiua. 

25 Yah yabai gards wijjra sik gadail- 
yada, ni mag standan sa gards yains. 

26 Yah yabai Satana usstoJ> ana sik 
silban, yah gadailijjs \var|j, ui mag gast- 
andan, ak andi habaijj. 

27 Ni manna mag kasa swinj^is, galeijj- 
ands in gard is, wihvan, niba faur))is 
jjana s\vin|)an gabindij), yah jjan jjana 
gard is diswihvai. 

28 Amen qij^a izwis, j^atei allata aflet- 
ada })ata frawaui-hte sunum manne, yah 
naiteiuos, swa manages swaswe wayam- 

29 Al)))an saei wayamerei)> Ahman 
Weihana, ni habai]) fralet aiw, ak skula 
ist aiwcinaizos frawaurhtais. 

30 Unte qe))un, Ahman unhrainyana 

3 1 Yah qemun jjan ai|)ei is yah brojjr- 
yus is, yah uta standandona, insandi- 
dedun du imma, haitandona ina. 

32 Yah setuu bi ina managei ; qejjun 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Mark 

17 And lacobum Zcbedei and lohan- 
nem, his brodor, and him naman onsette 
Boanerges, dset is, jjunres beam ; 

18 And Andream and Philippuni, and 
Bartholomeum and Matheum, and Thom- 
am and lacobum Alphei, and Taddeum 
and Simonem Chananeum, 

1 9 And ludam Scai-ioth, se hine sealde. 

20 And eft him to com swa micel men- 
igu, dvdt hi nsefdon hlaf to etanne. 

2 1 And da hi hine gehyrdon, hi ferdon 
dset hi hyue namon ; and dus cwsedon, 
S6)>lice he is on hat-heortnesse gewend. 

22 And da boceras de wendon fram 
Hierusalem, cwaedon, S6j)lice he hgefj) 
Beelzebub, and on deofla ealdre he deofol- 
seocnessa ut-adriff). 

23 And he hi togsedere geclypode, and 
on bigspellum him to cwa?)), Hu mseg 
Satanas Satanan ut adrifon 1 

24 And gif his rice on him sylfum byjj 
todseled, hu mseg hit standan 1 

25 And gif dfet hus ofer hit sylfe ys 
todseled, hu mreg hit standan 1 

26 And gif Satanas win)) ongen hine 
sylfne, he bij) todteled, and he standan 
ne mjeg, ac hajfj) ende. 

27 Ne mseg man done strangan his 
cvhta and his fatu berealian, and on his 
bus gan, buton man done strangan aerest 
gebinde, and donne hys hus reafige. 

28 So))lice ic eow secge, d?et ealle sinna 
synd manna bearnum forgyfene, and 
bysmerunga, dam de hi bysmeria]?. 

29 Sr)|)lice ic cow secge, se done Hal- 
gan Gast bysmcraj), se ntefj) on ecnysse 
forgyfencsse, ac biJ) eces gyltes scyldig. 

30 Fordam de hi cwsedon, He hsef]) 
unclsenne gtist. 

31 Da com to him his modor and his 
gcbrodra, and dar ute st5don, and to 
him sendon, and to him clypedon. 

32 And mycel menigu ymb hine saet ; 

III. 17-32.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

1 7 Aud James of Zebedc and Joon, the 
brother of James, aud he putte to hem 
names Boonerges, that is, the soues of 
thoudrynge ; 

18 And Andrew and Philip, and Bar- 
tholomewe and Matliew, and Thomas 
and James Alfey, and Thadee and Sy- 
momit Cananee, 

1 9 Aud Judas Scarioth, that bitraide 
hym. And thei comen to an hous, 

20 Aud the cumpanye of peple came 
togidre eftsoone, so that thei mi3te not 
nether ete breed. 

2 [ Aud whanue his kynnesmen hadden 
herdde, thei weuteu out for to holde 
hym ; sothely thei seiden, for he is 
turnyd in to wodeuesse. 

22 And the scribis that camen doun 
fro Jesusalem, seiden, For he hath Belse- 

'bub, and for in the prince of deuels he 
castith out fendis. 

23 And, hem gadrid togidre, he seide 
to hem in parabhs, Hou may Sathanas 
caste out Sathanas 1 

24 And if a rewme be departide in 
itself, the ilke rewme may not stonde. 

25 And if an hous be disparpoilid on 
it self, thilke hous may not stonde. 

26 And if Sathanas hath risen a3eins 
hym self, he is disparpoilid, and he shal 
not mowe stonde, but hath an ende. 

27 No man, gon in to a stronge mannes 
hous, may take awey his vessels, no but 
he byude firste the stronge man, and 
thanne he shal diuersly rauyshe his 

28 Trewly I seie to 50U, for alle synnes 
aud blasphemyes, by whiche thei ban 
blasfemed, shulen be for^ouen to the 
sones of meu. 

29 Sothely he that shal blasfcme a5eins 
the Holy Gost, shal not haue remissioun 
in to with outen eend, but he shal be 
gilty of euerlastynge trespas. 

30 For thei seiden. He hath an unclene 

3 1 And his modir and bretheren comen, 
and thei stoudynge with cute forth, 
senten to hym, clepynge hym. 

32 And a cumpany sat aboute hym; 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


17 And he called James the sonne of 
Zebede and Jhon, James brother, and 
gave them Bonarges to name, which is 
to saye, the sonnes of thounder ; 

18 And Andrewe and Philippe, and 
Bartlemewe and Mathewe, and Thomas 
and James the sonne of Alphey, and 
Taddeus and Symon of Cane, 

19 And Judas Iscarioth, whiche same 
also betrayed hym. And they came 
vnto housse, 

20 And the people assembled togedder 
agayne, so greattly that they had noLt 
leesar somoche as to eate breed. 

21 And when they that longed vnto 
hym herde off it, they went out to holde 
hym ; for they sayde, he ys to fervent. 

22 And the scribes which came from 
Jerusalem, sayde. He hath Beelzebub, 
and by the power off the chefe devyll 
casteth out devylles. 

23 And he called them vnto hym, and 
in similitudes sayde vnto them, Howe 
can Satan drive out Satan 1 

24 And yf a realme be dcvided ageynste 
it silfe, that realme cannot endure. 

25 And if a housse be devided agaynste 
it silfe, that housse cannot continue. 

26 So yf Satan make insurreccion a- 
gaynste him silfe, and be devided, he 
can not continue, but hath an ende. 

27 No man can entre into a stronge 
mans housse, and take awaye hys 
gooddes, excepte he fyrste bynde that 
stronge man, and then spoyle hys 

28 Verely I saye vnto you, that all 
synnes shalbe forgeven vnto mens chyl- 
dren, and blaspheme, where with they 

29 But he that blasphemcth the Holy 
Goost, shall never have forgeven es, but 
is in daunger of eternal! dampnacion. 

30 For they sayde. He had an vnclene 

3 1 And there cam his mother and his 
brithren, and stode with oute, and sent 
vnto him, and called hym. 

3 2 And the people sate aboute hym ; 


GOTHIC, 360. 

])an du imma, Sai ! ai)>ei J>cina, yah 
bro}'ryiis jjeinai yah swistryus jjeiuos 
uta sokyand ))uk. 

33 Yah andhof im qi)?ands, Who ist so 
ai})ei meina ai{)))au jiai brojjryus meinai ? 

34 Yah bisaiwhands bisunyanc, )5ans 
bi sik sitaudaus, qaj), Sai ! ai|)ei meina 
yah Jjai bro])ryus meinai. 

35 Saei allis waurkeij> wilyan Gu|is, sa 
yah brojjar meins, yah swistar, yah aij)ei 

Chap. IV. i Yah aftra lesus dugann 
laisyan at marcin ; yah galesun sik du 
imma manageins filu, swaswc ina ga- 
leijjandan in skip, gasitan in marcin, yah 
alia so managei wijjra marein, ana stajja 

2 Yah laisida ins in ga}aikom manag. 
Yah qa]j im in laiscinai scinai, 

3 Hauseijj. vSai ! urrann sa saiands du 
saian fraiwa seinamma. 

4 Yah war]) mijjjjanci saiso, sum raihtis 
gadraus faur wig, yah qemun fuglos, yah 
fretun Jjata. 

5 AnJ>aruJ)-|;an gadraus ana stainaham- 
ma, Jjarci ni habaida airj^a nianaga ; yah 
suns urrann, in J)izei ni habaida diupaiz- 
os airj)03. 

6 At suunin jjan urrinnandin, ufbrann, 
yah unte ni habaida waurtins, gajjaurs- 

7 Yah sum gadraus in jjaurnuns, yah 
ufarstigun ]>ai jjaurnyus, yah afwhapided- 
un ))ata, yah akran ni gaf. 

8 Yah sum gadraus iu airjja goda, yah 
gaf akran, urrinnando, yah wahsyando ; 
yah bar ain .1. yah ain .y. yah ain .r. 

9 Yah qaJ), Saei habai ausona hausyand- 
ona, galiausyai. 

10 {\} l)i|ie war]) sundro, frehun ina ])ai 
bi ina niij) J)aim twalibim J)izos gayuk- 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Mark 

and to him cwsedon. Her is din modor, 
and dine gebr5dra ute and seca}) de. 

33 He da him andswarode and cwae]', 
Hwylc is mm m5dor and mine ge- 
brodru 1 

34 And he cw£e)j, da behealdende, de 
him abiiton sseton, Her is min modor 
and mine gebrodru. 

35 S6})lice se de dej' Godes Avillan, se 
is min modor, and min brodor, and 

Chap. IV. i And eft he ongan hi 
set dajre sse Iseran ; and him wses mycel 
mencgu to gegaderod, swa dtet he on 
scip code, and on daere sse wtes, and 
call seo menegu ymbe da sse wses, on 

2 And he hi fela on bigspcllum Iserde. 
And him to cwa^j) on hys lare, 

3 Gehyra)).t XJ't code sc ssedere his 
ssed to sawenne. 

4 And dii he sew, sum feoU wid done 
weg, and fugelas comon, and hit frseton. 

5 Sum feoll ofer stan-scyligean, dar 
hit na^fde niycele eor^'an ; and suna up- 
eodc, fordam de hit uaifde eor|)an })icc- 

6 Da hft up-code, seo sunne hit for- 
swtelde, and hit forscranc, fordam hit 
wyrtruman naifde. 

7 And sum feoll on jjornas, da stigon 
da ))Ovnas, and for})rysmodon da^t, and 
hit wiestm nc ba;r. 

8 And sum feoll on god land, and hit 
sealdc,uppstigendc, and wcxcndc, wsestm ; 
and ;1n brohte J'ritig-fcaldne, sum syxtig- 
fcaldnc, sum hund-fealdne. 

9 And he cwre)), Gehyre, se de earan 
hajbbe to gchyranne. 

10 And da he iina Wivs, hine axodon 
da;t bigspcU da twclfe do mid him 

III. 33-IV. lo.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

and thei seien to hym, Lo ! tlii modir, 
and thei bretheren with outeu forth 
seken thee. 

33 And he answerynge to hem seith, 
Who is my modir and my bretheren ? 

34 And biholdyiige hem aboute, that 
saten in the cumpas of hym, he seith, 
Lo ! my modir and my bretheren. 

35 Foi'soth who that doth the will of 
God, he is my brother, and my sister, 
and modir. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


Chap. IV. i And eft Jhesus bigan 
for to teche at the see ; and myche 
cumpany of peple is gedrid to hym, so 
that he styinge in to a boot, sat in the 
see, and al the cumpany of peple was 
aboute the see, on the lond. 

2 And he tau3te hem in parablis many 
thingis. And he seide to hem in his 

3 Heere jee. Loo! a man sowynge 
goth out for to sowe. 

4 And the while he sowith, an other 
seed felde aboute the wey, and briddis 
of heuene''' camen, and eeten it. 

5 Forsothe an other felde doun on 
stony placis, wher it had nat myche 
erthe ; and anoon it sprong vp, for it 
hadde nat depnesse of erthe. 

6 And Avhenne the sunne rose vp, it 
welwide for heete, and it dried vp, for 
it hadde not roote. 

7 And an other felde doun into thornes, 
and thornes stieden vp, and strangliden 
it, and it 3aue not fi-uyt. 

8 And an other felde doun in to good 
lond, and 5aue fi'uyt, styinge vp, and 
wexinge ; and oon brou3te thritty fold, 
and oon sixtyfold, and oon an hundrid- 

9 And he seide, He that hath eris of 
heeryng, heere. 

10 And whenne he was singuler,^ the 
twelue that weren with hym axiden hym 
for to expowne the parable. 

and sayde vnto hym, Beholde ! thy 
mother, and thy brethren seke for the 
with out. 

33 And he answered them saynge, 
Who ys my mother and my brethren 1 

34 And he loked rounde about on his 
disciples, which sate in compasse about 
h)-!!!, and sayde, Beholde ! my mother 
and my brethren. 

35 For who soever doeth the will off 
God, he is my brother, my syster, and 

Chap. IV. i And he began agayne 
to teache then by the see syde ; and 
there gadered to gedder vnto hym moche 
people, so greatly that he entred in to 
a shippe, and sate in the see, and all 
the people was by the see syde, on the 

2 And he taught them many thynges 
in similitudes. And sayde vnto them 
in his doctrine, 

3 Herken to. Beholde! the sower 
went forth to sowe. 

4 And it fortuned as be sowed, that 
some fell by the waye syde, and the 
fowles off the ayi-e cam, and devoured 
it vppe. 

5 Some fell on a stony grounde, where 
it had not moche erth ; and by and by 
sprange vppe, because it had not deepth 
of erth. 

6 And as sone as the sun was vppe, it 
caught heet, and because it had nott 
rotynge, it wyddred awaye. 

7 And some fell amonge the thornes, 
and the thornes grewe vppe, and choked 
it, so that it gave no frute. 

8 And some fell apon good grounde, 
and did yelde fi'ute, that spronge, and 
gi-ewe ; and brought forthe some thirty 
folde, some fourty folde, and some an 
hundred folde. 

9 And he sayde vnto them, He that 
hath eares to heare, lett hym heare. 

I o When he was alone, they that were 
aboute hym with the twelve axed hym 
of the similitude. 

N 2 


GOTHIC, 360. 

1 1 Yah qa\> im, Izwis atgiban ist kun- 
nau runa ^iudaugardyos Gu)?s. 1]> yain- 
aim J)aim uta, in gayukon allata wairjji]), 

12 Ei saiwhandans saiwhaina, yali ni 
gaumyaina, yah hausyandans hausyaina, 
yah ui frajjyaiiia ; nibai whan gawand- 
yaina sik, yah afletaindau im frawaurht- 

13 Yah qa]) du im, Ni witu]) J)0 ga- 
j^ikou? yah whaiwa alios ))0S gayukons 
kuuneij) ? 

1 4 Sa salyands, wam-d saiyi]?. 

15 A))))an )jai wij)ra wig sind, J)arei 
saiada jjata waurd ; yah ])an gahausyand 
unkaryaus, suns qimi)) Satanas, yah us- 
nimij) waurd jjata iusaiano in hairtam 

16 Yah sind saraaleiko ]>a\ ana stain- 
ahamma saianans, Jjaiei J)an hausyand 
Jjata waurd, suns mi]j fahedai nimand 
ita ; 

17 Yah ni haband wain-tins in sis, ak 
wheilawhairbai sind ; ])a[)roh bijje qimi|> 
agio, ai))))au wi-akya in ])is wam'dis, suns 

18 Yah ])ai sind jjai in )>aurnuns saian- 
ans ; J)ai waurd hausyandans, 

19 Yah saurgos ])izo8 libainais, yah 
afmarzeins gabeins, yah j>ai bi ))ata anjiar 
lustyus innatgaggandans, afwhapyand 
|)ata waurd, yah akranalaus wair|;i)). 

20 Yah j)ai sind J?ai ana airjiai j)izai 
godon saianans, jsaiei hausyand jjata 
waurd, yah andniniand, yah akran bair- 
and, ain .1. yah ain .y. yah ain .r. 

21 Yah qa]> du im, Ibai lukarn qimi)?, 
dujje ei uf melan satyaidau, ai))}'au un- 
dar ligr? niu ci ana lukarnasta))an sat- 
yaidau 1 

22 Nih allis ist wha fulginis, ))atei ni 
gal)airhtyaidau ; nih warjj analaugn, ak 
ei swikuujj wairj>ai. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Mark 

1 1 And he ssede him, Eow is geseald 
to witanne Godes rices gerinu. Dam de 
ute synd, ealle Jjing on bigspellum ge- 

1 2 Dset hi geseonde geseon, and na ne 
gescon, and gehyrende gehyron, and ne 
ongyton ; de-Ires hi hwjenne syn ge- 
cyrede, and him sin hyra synna for- 

13 Da seede he him, Ge nyton dis 
bigspell 1 and hu mage ge ealle bigspell 
witan 1 

14 Se de sjewjj, word he sa?w)j. 

1 5 SoJjHce da synd wid done weg, dar 
dset word is gesawen ; and donne hi liit 
gehyrajj, sona cym}) Satanas, and afyr|> 
da;t word de on heora heoi'tan asawen 


1 6 And da synd gelice de synd ofer da 
stan-scylian gestiwen, sona drenne hi 
dast word gehyra}), and diet mid blisse 
onfojj ; 

17 And hi nabba)) wyrtruman on him, 
ac beoj? unstadolfseste ; and syddan 
upcym)) deofles costnung, and his ehtnys 
for dam worde, . .• 

18 Ili synd on })ornum gesawen daet 
synd ; da de dset word gehyra)?, 

19 And of yrm))e, and swicd5me 
worold-welena, and odra gewihmiiga, 
dajt word of-))rysiniaJj, and synd biiton 
wsestme gewordene. 

20 And da de gesawcne synd ofer da't 
godc land, da synd de da3t word ge- 
hyra}>, and onfo)), and wiestni In'ingaj), 
sum jiritig-fealdnc, sum syxtig-fcaldne, 
and sum hund-fealdiie. 

21 He saede him, Cwyst du cym)) dwt 
leoht-ffet, dset hit beo under bydene 
aset, odde under bedde? wite gcare, da?t 
hit sy ofer candel-stajf liset 1 

22 S6))lice nis nan ))ing behydd, de ne 
sy gcswutelod ; ne nis digle geworden, 
ac dait hit openlice cume. 

IV. 11-22.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

1 1 And he seide to hem, To 50U it 
is 5ouen for to knowe the mysterie^ of 
the kyngdam of God. Sothely to hem 
that ben with oiite forth, alle thingis ben 
maad in parablis, 

12 That thei seynge se, and se nat, 
and thei heerynge heere, and vnder- 
stonde not ; that sum tyme thei be con- 
uertid, and synnes be forjouen to hem. 

13 And he seith to hem, Witen not 
5ee this parable 1 and howe 5ee shulden 
knowe alle parablis 1 

14 He that sowith, sowith a word. 

15 These sothly ben that aboute the 
weye, where the word is sowun ; and 
whenne thei ban herd, anoon cometh 
Sathanas, and takith awey the word 
that is sowun in her hertis. 

16 And also these ben that ben sown 
on a stoon, the whiche whanne thei ban 
herd the word, anoon taken it with 

1 7 And thei han nat roote in hem silf, 
but thei ben temporal ;''' afterward tri- 
bulacioun sprongen vp, and persecucioun 
for the word, anoon thei ben sclaundrid. 

1 8 And there ben other that ben sowun 
in thornis ; these it ben, that heeren 
the word, 

19 And myseiste of the world, and 
disseit of richessis, and other charge of 
coueitise entrynge ynne, strangulen the 
word, and it is maad with outen fruyt. 

20 And these it ben that ben sowun 
on good lond, the whiche heren the 
word, and taken, and maken fruyt, oon 
thritti fold, oon sixti fold,. and oon an 

2 1 And he seide to hem, Wher a lanterne 
come, that it be put vndir a bushel 1 
wher not, that it be put vf on a candil 
stike 1 

22 Forsothe ther is no thing hid, that 
shal not be maad opyn ; nether ony 
thing is preuy, the whiche shal not come 
in to apert. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


1 1 And he saide vnto them, To you it 
is geven to knowe the mistery of the 
kyngdom of God. But vnto them that 
are with out, shall all thinges be done in 

12 That when they se they shall se, 
and not discei'ne, and when they heare 
they shall heare, and not vnderstonde ; 
leste at any tyme they shulde tourne, ' 
and their synnes shulde be foryeven 

13 And he sayde vnto them, Perceave 
ye not this similitude 1 and howe ye 
shall knowe all similitudes 1 

14 The sower soweth the worde. 

15 These be they whiche are by the 
wayes syde, where the worde is sowen ; 
to whom as sone as they have herde itt, 
commeth the devyll, and takith awaye 
the worde that was sowen in their 

16 And these also are they that are 
sowen on the stony grounde, which 
when they have herde the worde, att 
once they receave it with ioye ; 

17 Yett have no rote in themselves, 
and so endure but for a season ; after- 
warde as sone as eny trouble or perse- 
cucion ariseth, for the wordes sake, 
anon they fall. 

18 And these are they that are sowen 
amonge the thornes ; which heare the 
worde of God, 

19 And the care of this worlde, and 
the disseytfulnes of ryches, and the 
lustes of other thynges entre in, and 
choocke the worde, and it is made vn- 

20 And these are they that are sowen 
in good grounde, which heare the worde, 
and receave it, and brynge forth frute, 
some thirty folde, some sixty folde, 
some an hundred folde. 

21 And he sayde vnto them, Is the 
candle lighted, to be put vnder a 
busshell, or vnder the borde 1 ys it not 
therfore lighted, that it shulde l)e put 
on a candelsticke 1 

22 For there is no thinge so prevy, 
that shall nott be opened ; nether 
so secreet, butt that it shall come 


GOTHIC, 360. 

23 Yabal wbas babai ausona bausyand- 
ona, gabausyai. 

24 Yab qa]) du 'im, SaiwbiJ) wba baus- 
ei]>. In jjizaiei niita]) miti]), niitada 
izwis, yab biaukada izwis Jjaim galaub- 

25 Unte ]>iswbainmeb saei babaij>, gib- 
ada "imma, yab saei ni babai]>, yab j)atei 
baljaij), afuimada imma. 

26 Yah qa)>, Swa ist Jjiudangardi Gu))S, 
swaswe yabai manna wairpi]) fraiwa ana 

27 Yab slepij), yab urreisi]> nabt yali 
daga, yab j?ata fraiw keini}), yab liudi]?, 
swc ni wait is. 

28 Silbo auk air|)a akran bairi|>, frum- 
ist gras, Jjajjrob abs, ])a]jrob fuUeij) kaurn- 
is in jjamma absa. 

29 panub bij)e atgibada akran, suns 
insandeij) gil]>a, unte atist asans. 

30 Yab qaj), Wbe galeikom jjiudan- 
gardya Gujjs 1 aij^jjau in wbileikai ga- 
yukon gabairam ^o 1 

3 1 Svve kaurno sinapis, );atei ])an saiada 
ana air|)a, minnist allaize fraiwe ist })ize 
ana airj^ai ; 

32 Yab ]jan saiada, urrinni]?, yab wair]j- 
i)) allaize grase maist ; yab gatauyij) 
astans mikilans, swaswe magun uf skad- 
au is fuglos biminis gabauan. 

33 Yab swaleikaim managaim ga- 
yukom rodida du im jjata waurd, swa- 
swe mabtedun hausyon ; 

34 Ij) inub gayukon ni rodida im. Ij) 
sundro siponyam seinaim andband al- 

35 Yab qa)> du im, in yainamma daga, 
at andanabtya jjan waurjjanamma, Us- 
lei})am yainis stadis. 

36 Yab afletandans ]>o managein, and- 
nemun ina, swe was in skipa ; yab pan 
anjjara skipa wcsun m\\> imma. 

37 Yab warjj skura windis mikila, yab 
wogos waltidcdun in skip, swaswe ita 
yuj>an gafullnoda. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Mark 

23 Gebyre, gif bwa earan bsebbe to 

24 And be cwsej) to bim, Warniaj) 
bwaet ge gebyron. And on dam gemete 
de ge metaj>, eow bi)) gemeten, and eow 
bij) ge-ict. 

25 Dam bi}) gescald de h{ef\>, and dam 
de na'fj), eac dajt be hvaip, bim bi)? 

2 6 And be cwse)), Godes rice ys, swylce 
man wurpe god ssed on bis land, and 

27 And arise da^ges and nibtes, and 
daet ssed gr5we, and wexe, donne be nat. 

28 S6|)lice sylf-willes seo eorjje waestm 
beraj), serest gsers, syddan ear, syddan 
fulne bwEete on dam eare. 

29 And donne se wsestm bine for]?- 
bringj), sona be sent bis sicol, fordam 
dsBt rip set is. 

30 And eft be cwa3)>. For bwam ge- 
anlicie we beofena rice ? odde bwylcum 
bigspelle widmete we bit 1 

31 Swa swa senepes ssed, donne bit 
bif) on eor})an gesawen, bit is ealra sscda 
Isest de on eorjjan synd ; 

32 And donne byt asfiwen bijj, bit 
astibj), and bi]j eab'a wyrta maest ; and 
hse^y swa myccle bogas, dajt beofenes 
fugelas eardian mugon under bis sceade. 

33 And manegum swylcum bigspellum 
be sprtec to bim, dset bi mibton ge- 
byran ; 

34 Ne spree be na butan bigspelle. 
Eall be bis leorning-cnibtum asundron 

35 And ssede bim, donne sefcn bij), 
Uton faran agen. 

36 And da menigu forlaetcnde, bi on- 
fengon bine, swa lie on scipe waes ; and 
odre scipu waeron mid bim. 

37 And da wses mycel yst windes 
gcworden, and yjux be awearp on dset 
scyji, dset hit gefyllcd wais. 

IV. 23-37-] WYCLIFFE, 13S9. 

23 If ony man haue eeris of lieryng, 
heere he. 

24 And lie seide to hem, Se 5ee what 
jee heeren. In what mesure 566 raeten, 
it shal be meten to 50U, and be kast to 

25 Sothely it shal be 5ouen to hym 
that hath, and it shal be taken awey 
from hym that hath not, also that that 
he hath. 

26 And he seide, So the kingdom of 
God is, as if a man caste seed in to the 

27 And it slepe, and ryse vp in ni^t 
and day, and brynge foi-th seed, and 
wexe faste, the while he wote not. 

28 Forsothe the erthe by his owne 
worchynge makith fruyt, first an erbe,^ 
afterward an eere, afterward ful fruyt in 
the ere. 

29 And whanne of it silf it hath brou^t 
forth fruyt, anoon he sendith a sikil,^ for 
rype corn cometh. 

30 And he seide. To what thing shulden 
we likene the kyngdom of God 1 or to 
wh'at parable shulen we comparisoune it 1 

31 As a corn of seneueye, the which 
whann it is sowun in the erthe, is lesse 
than alle seedis that ben in erthe ; 

32 And whanne it is bredd,''' it sty^eth 
vp in to a tree, and is maad more than 
alle wortis ;^ and it shal make grete 
braunchis, so that briddis of heuene 
mowe dwelle vndir the shadewe ther of. 

33 And in many siche parablis he spac 
to hem a word, as thei mi3ten heer ; 

34 Sothely he spak not to hem with 
outen parable. Forsothe he expounyde 
to his disciplis alle thingis on sidis 

35 And he seith to hem, in that day, 
whenne euenyng was maad, Passe we 

36 And thei leeuynge the cumpanye 
of peple, taken hym, so that he was in 
the boot ; and other bootis weren with 

37 And a greet storme of wynd is 
maad, and sente wawis in to the boot, 
so that the boot was ful. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 

J 83 

23 Yf eny man have eares to heare, 
lett him heare. 

24 And he sayd vnto them, Take hede 
what ye heare. With what measure ye 
mete, with the same shall it be measured 
vnto you agayne. 

25 And vnto you that have shall more 
be geven, for vnto hym that hath shall 
it be geven, and from hym that hath 
nott, shall be taken awaye, even that he 

26 And he sayd, So is the kyngdom 
of God, even as yf a man shulde sowe 
seede in the grounde, 

27 And shuld slepe, and rise vp night 
and daye, and the seede shulde springe, 
and growe vppe, whyll he is not ware. 

28 For the erth bryngeth forthe frute 
off her silfe, first the blad, then the 
eares, after that full corne in the eares. 

29 As sone as the frute is brought 
forth, anon he throusteth in the sykell, 
be cause that hervest is come. 

30 And he sayde, Where vnto shall we 
lyken the kyngdom off God 1 or with 
what compareson shall we compare it ? 

31 It is lyke a grayne off mustardseed, 
which when it is sowen in the erth, is the 
leest of all seedes that be in the erth ; 

32 And after that it is sowen, it grow- 
eth vppe, and is greatest of all yerbes ; 
and bereth greate braunches, so that 
the fowles off the ayre maye dwell vnder 
the shadowe of it. 

33 And with many soche similitudes 
he preached the worde vnto them, after 
as they myght heare it ; 

34 And with out similitude spake he 
nothinge vnto them. But when they 
were a parte he expounded all thiuges 
to his disciples. 

35 And the same daye, when even was 
come, he sayde vnto them, Lett vs passe 
over into the other syde. 

36 And they late the people departe, 
and toke him, even as he was in the 
shippe ; there were also with him other 

37 And there arose a great storme of 
wynde, and dasshed the waves into the 
shippe, so that it was full. 


GOTHIC, 360. 

38 Yah was is ana notin, ana Avagg- 
aiya slepands. Yah urraisidedun ina, 
yah qe)>un du imma, Lai sari, niu kara 
|juk, ^izei fraqistnam 1 . 

39 Yah urreisands, gasok winda, yah 
qa\> du marcin, Gaslawai, afdumhn. Yah 
auasilaida sa winds, yah war}) wis mikil. 

40 Yah qaj> du im, Duwhe faurhtai 
siyu)) swa 1 Whaiwa ni nauh habaij) 
gahiubein 1 

41 Yah ohtedun sis agis mikil, yah 
qejjun du sis niisso, Wlias jjannu sa 
siyai 1 unte yah Avinds yah marei uf- 
hausyand imma. 

Chap. V. i Yah qemun hindar mar- 
ein in landa Gaddarene. 

2 Yah usgaggandin imma us skipa, 
suns gamotida imma manna us anrah- 
yora i'n ahmin unhrainyamma. 

3 Saei bauain habaida in aurahyom, 
yah ni naudil)andy()m eisarneinaim man- 
na mahta ina gabindan. 

4 Unte is ufta eisarnam bi fotuns 
gabuganaim yah naudibandyom eisarn- 
einaim gabundans was, yah galausida 
af sis )jos naudibandyos, yah \>o ana 
fotum eisai'na gabrak, yah manna ni 
mahta ina gatamyan. 

5 Yah sinteino, nalitam yah dagam, in 
aurahyom yah in fairgunyam, was hrop- 
yands, yah bliggwands sik stainam. 

6 Gasaiwhands Jian lesu fairrajjro, rann, 
yah inwait ina. 

7 Yah hropyands stibnai mikilai, qaj), 
Wha mis yah \ms, lesu, sunau GuJ)s pis 
hauhistins? .Biswara Jjuk bi Gu^a, ni 
balwyais mis. 

8 Unte qa}) imma, Usgagg, ahma un- 
hrainya, us j)amma mann. 

9 Yah frail ina, Wha namo ))ein 1 Yah 
qa|) du imma, Namo mein laigaion; unte 
munagiii siyum. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Mark 

38 And he wses on scipe, ofer bolster 
slapende. And hi awehton hine, and 
cwsedon, Ne belimpj) to de, dajt we 
forweordaj) 1 

39 And he aras, and dam winde be- 
head, and cwsej) to da?re sae, Siiwa, and 
gestil. And se wind geswac da, and 
wear)) mycel smyltnes. 

40 And he saede him, Hwi synd ge 
forhte 1 Gyt ge nabbaj) geleafan ? 

41 And hi micclum ege him ondredon, 
and cwsedon seic to odrum, Hwjet wenst 
du, hwajt is des 1 dast him windas and 
sse hyrsumiaj). 

Chap. V.+ i Da comon hi ofer dasre 
sses mujjan on dcet rice Hierasenorum. 

2 And hym of scipe gangendum, him 
sona :igen arn an man of dam byrgenum 
on unclsenum gaste. 

3 Se hajfde on byi'gcnura scra?f, and 
hine nin man mid racenteagum ne 
mihte gebindan. 

4 Fordam he oft mid fot-eopsum and 
racenteagum gebundcn, toslat da racet- 
eaga, and da fot-copsas tobrajc, and hine 
nan man gewyldan ne mihte. 

5 And symle, dseges and nihtcs, he 
wft^s on byrgenum and on muntum, 
hrymende, and hine sylfne mid stanum 

6 S6j)lice da he done Hselend feorran 
gescah, he arn, and hine geba?d. 

7 And mycelre stemne lirymende, and 
dus cwa)|), Eala mscra Hie lend, Godes 
sunu, hw}«t is me and de 1 Ic halsige 
de jjurh God, dset du me ne })reage. 

8 Da cvvse}) se Haelend, Eala unclsena 
gast, ga of dysum men. 

9 Da rdisode he hyne, Hwaet is din 
nama ? Da cwa?)) he, Min nama is 
legio ; fordara wc manega synd. 

IV. 38.-V. p.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

38 And he was in the hyndir part of 
the boot, slepynge on a pilewe. And 
thei reysen hym, and seien to hym, 
Maistre, pevteneth it nat to thee, that 
we pei-ishen 1 

39 And he rysynge vp, manasside to 
the wynd, and seide to the see, Be stille, 
wexe doumb. And the wynd ceeside, 
and greet pesiblenesse is maad. 

40 i\nd he seith to hem, What dreden 
» 5ee 1 Nat 3it han see feith ? 

41 And thei dreddenwith greete dreed, 
. and seiden to eche other, Who, gessist 

thou, is this 1 for the wynd and the see 
obeyshen to hym. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


Chap. V, i And thei camen oner 
the wawe of the see into the cuntree 
of Genazareth. 

2 And anoon a man in vnclene spirit 
ran out of a biryel, to hym goynge out 
of the boot. 

3 The whiche man hadde an hous in 
graues,^ and nether with chaynis now 
mi^te eny man bynde hym. 

4 For oft tymes he bounden in stockis 
and chaynes, hadde broken the chaynes, 
and liadde bi'okun the stockis to smale 
gobetis, and no man mi3te daunte"'' 

5 And euer more, ni3t and day, in 
biriels and hillis, he was cryinge, and 
betynge hym silf with stoones. 

6 Sothely he seynge Jhesus afer, ran, 
and worshipide hym. 

7 And he cryinge with greet voice, 
seide. What to me and to thee, thou 
Jhesu, the sone of God hieste"? I con- 
ioure thee bi God, that thou tourmente 
not me. 

8 Forsothe Jhesus seide to hym. Thou 
vnclene spirit, go out fro the man. 

9 And Jhesus axide hym, What name 
is to thee? And he seith to hym, A 
legioun is name to me ; for we ben 

38 And he was in the sterne, a slepe 
on a pelowe. And they awoke hym, 
and sayde vnto hym, Master, carcst 
thou nott, that we perisshe? 

39 And he .rose vppe, and rebuked the 
wynde, and sajde vnto the see, Peace, 
and be still. And the wynde alayed, 
and there folowed a greate calme. 

40 And he sayde vnto them, Why 
are ye fearfuU ? Howe is it that ye 
liave no fayth 1 

41 And they feared excedingly, and 
sayde won to an other. What felowe is 
this ? for booth wynde and see obey 

Chap. V. i And they cam over to 
the other syde off the see in to the 
countre of the Gaderens. 

2 And when he was come out ot the 
shippe, anon mett hym out oi the graves 
a man possessyd of an vnclene sprete. 

3 Which had his abydinge amonge the 
graves, and no man coulde bynde hym 
with cheynes. 

4 Be cause that when he was often 
bounde with fetters and cheynes, he 
plucked the chaynes asundre, and brake 
the fetters in peces, nether coulde eny 
man tame him. 

5 And alwayes, boothe nyght and daye, 
he cryed, in the mountaynes and in the 
graves, and bet hym silfe with stones. 

6 When he had spied Jesus afarre of, 
he ranne, and worshipped him. 

7 And cryed with a lowde voyce, and 
sayde, What have I to do with the, 
Jesus, the sonne of the moost hyest 
God? I requyre the in the name of 
God, that thou torment me nott. 

8 For he had sayd vnto hym. Come 
forthe of the man, thou fowle sprete. 

9 And he axed hym. What is thy 
name? And he anshwered hym, My 
name is legion ; for we are many. 


GOTniC, 360. 

10 Yali ba)) iiia filu, ei ni usdrebi im 
us lauda. 

IT Wasuh ]jan yainar hairda sweine 
haldana at jjamma fairgunya. 

1 2 Yah bedun ina alios jjos unliuljjons, 
qi})andeins, Insandei uusis in J)0 sweina, 
ei in ]>o galeijjaima. 

13 Yah uslaubida im lesus suns. Yah 
usgaggandans ahmans ]>ai unhrainyans 
galijjun in ))o sweina, yah rann so hair- 
da and driuson in marein, wesunujj-jjan 
swe twos ))usundyos, yah afwhapnodedun 
in mai'ein. 

1 4 Yah jjai haldandans J)0 sweina, ga- 
])lauhiin, yah gataihun "in baurg, yah in 
haimom ; yah qemun, saiwhan wha wesi 
Jjata waurjiano. 

15 Yah atiddyedun du Icsua, yah ga- 
saiwhand Jjana wodan, sitandan yah 
gaAvasidana, yah fraj>yandan, J)ana saei 
habaida laigaion ; yah ohtedun. 

16 Yah spillodedun im, })aiei gase- 
whun, whaiwa war]) bi jiana wodan, yah 
bi ]>o sweina. 

1 7 Yah dugunnun bidyan ina, galeijjan 
hindar markos seinos. 

1 8 Yah inngaggandan ina in skip, ba)> 
ina saei was wods, ei mi]) imma wesi. 

19 Yah ni iailot ina, ak qa}) du imma, 
Gagg du garda Jjeinamma du J^einaim, 
yah gatcih im, whan filu })us Frauya ga- 
tawida, yah gaarmaida ])uk. 

20 Yah galai]>, yah dugann mcryan in 
Daikapaulein, whan filu gataAvida imma 
lesus ; yah allai sildaleikidedun. 

21 Yah uslci])andin lesua in skipa 
aftra hindar marein, gaqemun sik man- 
ageins filu du imma, yah was faura 

2 2 Yah sai, qimi]? ains ])ize swnagoga- 
fadc, namin Yaeirus, yah saiwhands ina, 
gadraus du fotum lesuis, 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Mark 

10 And he bine swyclc bsed, daet he 
bine of dam rice ne nydde. 

11 Dar W£es embe done munt mycel 
swyna heord Ijeswigende. 

12 And da unclsenan gastas hyne 
brc'don, and cwaedon, Send us on das 
swj'n, d.-et we on hi geg;'n. 

13 And da lyfde se Hselend sona. And 
da eodon da unclsenan gastas on da 
swfn, and on myclum hryrc seo heord 
wear}) on sse bescofen, twa })Usendo, and 
wurdon adruncene on dajre sae. 

14 S6|)lice da de hi heoldon, flugon, 
and cyddon on difire ceastrc, and on 
lande ; and hi ut-eodon, diet hi gesawon 
hwset dar gedon wsere. 

15 And hi comon to dam Hselcnde, 
and hi gesawon done de mid dcofle 
gedreht wses, gescrydne sittan, and hales 
modes ; and hi him ondredon. 

16 And hi rehton him, da de hit ge- 
sawon, hu hit gedon wa3S be dam dc 
deofol-seocnesse ha^fde, and be dam 

17 And hi bsedon, dset he of hyra 
gemeex'um fore. 

18 Da he on scip code, hine ongan 
biddan, se de ser mid deofle gedreht 
wtes, diet he mid him wsere. 

19 Him da se Hselend ne getidode, ac 
he ssede him, Ga to dinum huse to 
d'num hiwum, and cyj) him, hu mycel 
Drihten gedyde, and he gemiltsode de. 

20 And he da ferde, and ongan bod- 
igean on Dccapolim, hii fcla se Hselend 
him dyde; and big ealle dies wund- 

21 And da se Hselend eft on scype 
fcrde ofer done mu})an, him com to 
mycel menigu, and wa;s ymbe da ssc. 

22 And da com sum of hcah-gesam- 
nungum, luirus hiittc, and da he hyne 
geseali, he astrchte hine to his fotum, 

V. 10-2 2.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

10 And he preide hym myclie, that 
he shulde nat put hym out of the 

11 Forsothe there was there aboute 
the hill a flock of hoggis lesewynge in 

12 And the spiritis preieden Jhesu, 
seyinge, Sende vs into hoggis, that we 
entre into hem. 

13 And anoon Jhesus grauntide to 
hem. And the vnclene spiritis entviden 
in to the hoggis, and with greet bire^ 
the floe was cast doun in to the see, to 
tweyne thousynde, and thei ben stran- 
gelid in the see. 

14 Sothely thei that fedden hem, fled- 
den, and tolden in to the citee, and in 
to the feeldis ; and thei wenten out, for 
to see what was don. 

15 And thei camen to Jhesu, and thei 
seen hym that was traueilid of the feud, 
sittynge clothid, and of hoole mynde ; 
and thei dreden. 

16 And thei tolden to hem, that sayen, 
hou it was don to hym that hadde a 
fend, and of the hoggis. 

17 And thei bygunnen for to preie 
hym, that he shulde go awey fro her 

1 8 And when he stiede in to a boot, he 
that was traueilid of the deuel, bygan to 
preye hym, that he shulde be with hym. 

19 Sothly Jhesus resceyued hym nat, 
but seith to hym, Go thou in to thin 
hous to thine, and telle to hem, hou 
many thingis the Lord hath don to thee, 
and hadde mercy of thee. 

20 And he wente forth, and bigan for 
to preche in Decapoly,^ hou manye 
thingis Jhesus hadde don to hym ; and 
alle men wondriden. 

21 And whanne Jhesus hadde stiede 
in to the boot eftsoone oue^- the see, 
myche cumpanye of peple cam to^dre 
to hym, and was al)oute the see. 

2 2 And oon of the princis of synagogis, 
by name Jayrus, cam, and seyinge hym, 
fel doun at his feet, 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


10 And he prayd hym instantly, that 
he wolde nott sende them awaye out of 
that region. 

11 There was there nye vnto the 
mountayns a greate heerd of swyne fed- 

12 And all the devyls besought hym, 
saynge, Sende vs in to the hecrde off 
swyne, that we maye enter in to them. 

13 And anon Jesus gave them leave. 
And the vnclene spretes went out and 
entred in to the swyne, and the heerd 
stai-teled and ran hedlyng into the see, 
they were a bout ij M. swyne, and they 
were drouned in the see. 

14 And the swyne heerdes fleed, and 
tolde it in the cite, and in the countre ; 
and they cam out, for to see what had 

15 And they cam out to Jesus, and 
they sawe hym that was vexed with the 
fende and had the legion, sytt both 
clothed, and in his right mynde ; and 
were a frayed. 

16 And they that sawe it, tolde them, 
howe it had hapened vnto hym that was 
possessed off the devyll, and also of the 

17 And they began to praye hym, that 
he wolde departe fi-om their coostes. 

18 And when he was come in to the 
shippe, he that had the devyll, prayed 
hym, that he myght be with hym. 

19 Jesus wolde not sofFre him, but 
sayde vnto him, Goo home in to thyne 
awue housse and to thy frendes, and 
shewe them, what thiuges the Lorde 
hath done vnto the, and howe he had 
compassion on the. 

20 And he departed, and began to 
publisshe in the ten cites, what thinges 
Jesus had done vnto hym ; and all men 

' did merveyle. 

21 And when Jesus was come over 
agayne in the shippe vnto the other 
syde, moche people gaddered vnto hym, 
and he was nye vnto the see. 

22 And beholde, there cam vnto hym 
won of the rulers of the sinagoggc, 
•whose name was Jairus, and when he 
sawe hym, he fell douue att his fete, 


GOTHIC, s6o. 

23 Yah baj) 'in a filu, qijjands, patei 
dauhtar meina aftumist habaijj ; ei qim- 
aiuls, lagyais ana \>o hauduns, ei ganisai, 
yah libai. 

24 Yah galaijj mij> imma, yah 'iddyedun 
afiir imma manageins filu, yah Jjraihun 

25 Yah qinono suma wisandei in runa 
blojjis ycra twalif, 

26 Yah manag gaj)ulandei fram manag- 
aim lekyam, yah ft-aqimandei allamma 
seinamma, yah ni waihtai botida, ak 
mais wairs habaida, 

. 27 Gahausyandei bi lesu. atgaggandei 
in managein aftana, attaitok wastyai is. 

28 Unte qa]), patei yabai wastyom is 
atteka, ganisa. 

29 Yali siinsaiw gajjaui'snoda sa brun- 
na blojjis izos, yah iifkun|)a ana leika 
Jjatei gahaihioda af jjamma slaha. 

30 Yali sunsaiw lesus ufliiinj^a in sis 
si 1 bin ))0 us sis maht usgaggandein, ga- 
wandyands sik in managein, qa]?, Whas 
mis taitok wastyom 1 

31 Yah qejjun du imma siponyos is, 
Saiwhis Jjo managein Jjreihandein J^uk, 
yah qijjis, Whas mis taitok 1 

32 Yah wlaitoda, saiwhan ]>o )jata 

33 Ij) so qino ogandei yah reirandei, 
witandei Jjatei warj> bi iya, qam, yah 
draus du imma, yah qa]j imma alia ]>o 

34 I\> is qajj du izai, Dauhtar, galaubcins 
)>cina ganasida jjuk ; gagg in ga\vaii})i, 
yah siyais hiiila af Jiamma slaha jjeinam- 

35 Nauh}?anuh imma I'odyandin, qom- 
un fram })amma swnagogafada, qi])uiid- 
ans, ])atei daiditar jjcina gaswalt ; wha 
})anamais draibeis Jjana laisari ? 

36 J J) Jesus, sunsaiw gahausyands j^ata 
waurd rodij), qa}) du Jiamma swnagoga- 
fada, Ni faurhtei, patainei galaubei. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Mark 

23 And hine swycte b?cd, and he cwreji, 
Min d5htor is on ytemestum s'de ; 
cum, and sete d'ne hand ofer hi, dtet 
heo hal sy, and lybbe. 

24 Da ferde he mid him, and him 
fyligde mycel menigeo, and Jn-ungon 

25 And da &xt wif de on blodes ryno 
twelf winter wees, 

26 And fram manegum Isecum fcla 
l^inga Jjolode, and daelde eall dtet heo 
ahte, and hit naht ne fremode, ac wass 
de wyrse, 

27 Da heo be dam Hselende gehyrde, 
heo com wid-a^ftau da menigu, and his 
reaf set-hriin. 

28 S5))lice heo cwfe)), Gif ic furdon his 
reafes fet-hrine, ic beo hal. 

29 And da sona wearjj hyre blodes 
ryne adruwod, and heo on hire gefredde 
dset heo of dam wite geheeled waes. 

30 And da se Hselend oncneow on him 
silfum djct him moegen of code, ho 
cwaej), bewend to dajre menigu, Hwa 
ajt-hran mines reafes ? 

31 Da cwsedon his leorning-cnihtas, 
Du gesyhst das menigu de Jiringende, 
and du cwyst, Hwa ast-hran me 1 

32 And da beseah hine, dset he gesawe 
dsene de dtet dyde. 

33 Dat wif da ondraedende and forht- 
igende, •. . . . 

. com, and astrelite hi beforan 
him, and saede him eall d.Tt riht. 

34 Dii cwa^j) sc Hselend, Dohtor, din 
gcl( afa de hale gedyde ; ga de on sibbe, 
and beo of disum hal. 

35 Him da gyt spreccndum, hi comon 
franidam heah-gcsamnungum, and cwscd- 
on. Din dohtor is dead ; hwi drccst dii 
Icng done lareow t 

36 Da he gehyrde dset word, da cwjr[) 
se Hselend, No ondrsed du de, gelyf 
for an. 

V. 23-36.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

23 And preiede hym myche, seyinge, 
For whi my dou5ter is in the laste 
thingis ; come thou, putte thin hond on 
hire, that she be saaf, and lyue. 

24 And he wente forth with hym, and 
myche cumpanye of peple suede hym, 
and oppresside hym. 

25 And a womnian that was in the 
flux of blood twelue 5ere, 

26 And hadde suffride many thingis 
of ful many lechis, and spendid alle hir 
thingis, and no thing prophitide, but 
more hadde worse, 

27 Whanne she hadde herd of Jhesu, 
she cam in the cumpanye byhynde, and 
touchide his cloth. 

28 Sothly she seide, For if I shal 
louche or his cloth, I shal be saaf 

29 And anoon the welle of blood is 
dried vp, and she felide in body that 
she was helid of the wound. ■*■ 

30 And 'anoon Jhesus knowynge in 
hym silf the vertu that was gon out of 
hym, he, turned to the cumpenye, seith, 
Wko touchede my clothis ] 

31 And his disciplis seiden to hym, 
Thou seest the cumpenye pressinge thee, 
and seist thou, Who touchide me 1 

32 And Jhesus lokide aboute, for to 
see hir that hadde don this thing. 

33 For3othe the womraan dredinge 
and quakynge, witynge that it was don 
in hir, cam, and fel down bifore him,, 
and seide to hym al treuthe. 

34 Forsothe Jhesus seide to hir, D0U5- 
tir, thi feith hath maad thee saf ; go in 
pees, and be saf fro thi sykenes. 

35 3it him spekynge, messageris camen 
to the prince of a synagoge, seyinge, 
For thi dou3tir is deed ; wha*-, traueilist 
thou the maistir ferthere ? 

36 Forsothe the word herd that was 
seide, Jhesus seith to the prince of the 
synagoge, Nyle thou drede, oonly byleue 

TYND ALE, 1526. 


23 And besought hym greatly, saynge, 
My doughter lyith att poynt of deeth ; 
I wolde thou woklest come, and ley thy 
honde on her, that she myght be safe, 
and live. 

24 And he went with hym, and moche 
people folowed hym, and througe hym. 

25 And there was a woman whiche was 
diseased off an yssue off bloude twelve 

26 And had suffered many thinges of 
many fisicions, and had spent all that 
she had, and felte none amendment at 
all, but wexed worsse and woisse, 

27 When she had herde off Jesus, she 
cam into the preace behynde hym, and 
tewched lays garment. 

28 For she sayde, Yf I maye butt 
tewche his clothinge, I shall be whole. 

29 And streyght waye her fountayne 
of bloude was dreyed vppe, and she felt 
in her body that she was healed off the 

30 And Jesus immediatly felt in him 
silfe the vertue that went out off hym, 
and tourned hym rounde aboute in the 
preace, and sayde. Who tewched my 
clothes 1 

31 And his disciples sayde vnto hym. 
Thou seist the people thrustinge the on 
every syde, and yet sayest, Who did 
tewche n\e1 

32 And he loked round about, ffor to 
se her thatt had done that thinge. 

33 The woman feared and trembled, for 
she knewe what Avas done with in her, 
and she cam, and fell doune before hym, 
and tolde hym the trueth of every thingo. 

34 And he sayde vnto her, Doughter, 
thy fayth hath saved the ; goo in peace, 
and be whole off thy plage. 

35 Whyll he yet spake, there cam from 
the ruler of the synagogis housse cer- 
tayne, which sayde. Thy doughter is 
deed ; why deseascst thou the master 
eny fiu'ther 1 

36 As sone as Jesus herde thatt worde 
spoken, he sayde vnto the ruler of the 
synagoge, Be not afraycd, only bcleve. 


GOTHIC, 360. 

37 Yah ni fralailot ainoluin 'i/.e mi]j 
sis afargag'gan, nibai Paitru, yah la- 
kobu, yah lohannen, brol)ar lakobis, 

38 Yah galai]) in gard ))is swnagoga- 
fadis. Yah gasawh auhyodu, yah gret- 
audaas yah wairfairwhyandaus filu. 

39 Yah innatgaggands, qa]) du im, 
Wha auhyo)), yah grctij) 1 pata barn ui 
gadau]>noda, ak slepij). 

40 Yah bihlohun ina, I|j is, uswairp- 
ands allaim, g?inimi)) attan ))is barnis 
yah aijjein, yah |)ans mij> sis, yah galai]) 
inn, Jjarei was J)ata barn ligaudo. 

41 Yah fairgraip bi handau jjata barn, 
qajjuh du izai, Taleijja, kumei, jjatei ist 
gaskeirij), Mawilo, du J)us qijja, urreis. 

42 Yah suns urrais so mawi, yah id- 

dya ; was auk ycre twalibc. Yah usgeis- 
uodeduu faurhtein mikilai. 

43 Yah anabaujj im filu, ei manna ni 
funj)i jjata. Yah haihait izai giban 

Chap. VI. i Yah usst.o|j yainjjro, yah 
qam in landa seinamma ; yah laisti- 
dedun afar inima siponyos is, 

2 Yah bijie war J) sabbato, dugann in 
swnagoge laisyan. Yali managai haus- 
yandans siklaleikidedun, qijjandans, Wha- 
jjro Jjamma Jjata? yah who so handugcino 
so giljano imma, ei mahteis swaleikos 
})airh handuns is wairj)and 1 

3 Niu Jiata ist sa timrya, sa sunus 
Maryins, i|j broJ)ar lakoba yah lusc yah 
ludins yah Seimonis 1 yali niu sind 
8wistr}ais is her at uusis. Yah gamarz- 
idai \vaui|)un in J^amma. 

4 QaJ) )jan im lesus, patei nist praufet- 
us unswers, niba in gabaurjjai seinai, 
yah in ganijjyam, yah in garda seinam- 

5 Yah ni mahta yainar ainohun mahtc 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Mark 

37 And he ne let him senig ne fylig- 
ean, biiton Petrum, and lacobum, and 
lohanncm, lacobes broctor. 

38 And hi comon on daes heah-ealdres 
hus. And he geseah myccl gehlyd, 
wepeude and geomriende. 

39 And da he in-eode, he cw£e]>, Ilwt 
synd ge gedrefede, and wepa})? Nis 
dis maden na dead, ac hco slsep]?. 

40 Da tfeldon hi hine. He da, eallum 
ilt-adrifenum, nam daes msedenes [fa^dcr 
and] moder, and da de mid him Wcoroii, 
and inn-eodon siiwiende, dar daet mEeden 

41 And hire hand nam, and cwre)), 
TliaUmtha, cumi, dset is on ure gel)eode 
gereht, Mseden, de ic secge, aris. 

42 And heo sona aras, and code ; 
s6|)lice heo waes twelf wintre. And ealle 
hi wundredon mycch'e wundrunge. 

43 And he him |)earle behead, da;t hi 
hyt nanum men ne ssedon. And he hot 
hire etan syllan. 

Chap. VI. i And da he danun eode, 
he ferde on his edel ; and liim folgodon 
his leorning-cnihtas. 

2 And gewordenum reste-daege, he on- 
gan on gesamnunge Izeran. And man- 
ege gehyrdon and wundredon on his 
lare, and cwsedon, Hwanon synd dys- 
sum ealle das jjing? and hwa^t is se 
wisdom de him geseald is, and swylce 
mihta de Jjurh his lianda gewordenc 
synd 1 

3 Hu nys [dys] se smij), Marian sunn, 
lacobes brodor and losepes and ludc 
and Simonis ? hu ne synd his swustra 
her mid us 1 And da wurdon hi ge- 

4 Da cwa?}) se Hadcnd, S6}>lice nis nan 
witega buton wurj)sci])e, biiton on bis 
edele, and on his mscgl'C, and on his 

5 And he ne mihte dar senig maagen 

V.37-VI. 5.] WYCLIFFE,i389. 

37 And he resceyuede not ony man to 
sue him, no but Tetre, and James, and 
John, the brother of James. 

38 And thei camen in to the hous of 
the prince of the synagoge. And he si3 
noyse, and men wepinge and weiliuge 

39 And he gon yn, seith to hem, What 
bea 5ee troublid, and wepyn ? The 
wenche is not deed, but slepith. 

40 And thei scorneden him. Forsothe 
alle kast out, he takith the fadir and 
modir of the wench e, and hem that 
weren with him, and thei entren yn, 
where the wenche lay. 

41 And he holdinge the bond of the 
wenche, seith to hir, Tabita, cumy, that 
is interpretid,^ Wenche, to thee I seie, 
rise thou. 

42 And anon the wenche roos, and 
walkide ; sothly she was of twelue jeer. 
And thei weren abaischt with greet 
stoneyinge. - 

43 And he comaundide to hem greetly, 
that no man schulde wite it. And he 
comaundide to jiue to hir for to ete. 

Chap. VI. i And Jhesus gon out 
thennis, wente in to his owue cuutree ; 
and his disciplis folwiden him. 

2 And the saboth maad, Jhesus bigan 
for to teche in a synagoge. And mauye 
heeringe wondriden in his techiuge, 
seyinge, Of whennis to this alle these 
thingis ? and what is the wysdom that 
is 50uun to him, and suche vertues the 
whiche ben maad by his hond 1 

3 Wlier this is not a smyth,^ the sone 
of Marie, the brother of James and 
Joseph and Judas and Symound 1 wher 
and his sistris ben nat here with vs? 
And thei weren sclaundrid in him. 

4 And Jhesus seide to hem, For a pi-o- 
phete is not with outen honour, no but 
in his owne cuntree, and in his hows, 
and in his kyn. 

5 And he myjte not make there ony 

TYNDALE, 1526. 191 

37 And he suffred no man to folowe 
hym, moo then Peter, and James, and 
Jhon, James brother. 

38 And he cam vnto the housse of the 
ruler ofi' the synagoge. And sawe the 
wondrynge, and them that wepte and 
Avayled greatly. 

39 And he went in, and sayde vnto 
them, Why make ye this adoo, and 
wepe? The may den is not deed, but 

40 And they lawght hym to scorne. 
Then he put them all out, and toke the 
father and the mother off the mayden, 
and them that were with hym, and 
entred in, where the mayden laye. 

4 1 And toke the mayden by the honde, 
and sayde vnto her, Tabitha, cumi, which 
is by interpretacion, Mayden, I saye vnto 
the, aryse. 

42 And streight the mayden arose, and 
went on her fete ; for she was of the 
age of twelve yeres. And they were 
astonied at it out of measure. 

43 And he charged them stray tely, 
that no man shulde knowe off it. And 
commaunded to geve her meate. 

Chap. VI. i And he departed thens, 
and cam in to his awue countre ; and 
his disciples folowed hym. 

2 And when the saboth daye was come, 
he began to teache in the synagoge. And 
many thatt herde hym were astonyed, 
and sayde. From Avhens hath he these 
thinges 1 and what Avysdom is this that 
is geven vnto him, and suche vertues 
that are wrought by his hondes ? 

3 Ys not this that carpenter, Marys 
Sonne, the brother off James and Joscs 
and Juda and Simon 1 and are not his 
sistei's here with vs ? And they were 
hurt by the reason of him. 

4 And Jesus sayde vnto them, A pro- 
phet is not despysed but in his awne 
countre, and amonge his awne kynne, 
and amonge them that are of the same 

5 And he coulde there she we no myra- 


GOTHIC, 360. 

gatauyan, niba fawaim siukaim handuns 
galacjyantls, gahailida. 

6 Yah sildaleikida "in ungalaubeinais 
ize. Yah bitauh weihsa bisuiiyane, 

7 Yah athailiait ))ans twalif, yah du- 
gann ins insaudyau twans whaiizuh ; yah 
gaf im waldufni ahmane unhraiiiyaize, 

8 Yah faurbaujj iin, ei waiht ni nem- 
eina in wig, niba hrugga aina, nih 
matibalg, nih hlaif, nih in gairdos aiz, 

9 Ak gaskohai sulyoni, yah ni wasyai)) 
twaim paidoui. 

10 Yah qa)) du im, piswhaduh ]>ei gagg- 
aijj in gard, Jjar salyai}), unte usgaggai}) 

1 1 Yah swa mauagai swe ni andnim- 
aina izwis, ni hausyaina izwis, usgagg- 
audans yainjjvo ushrisyai]) mulda ))o 
undaro fotuui izwaraim, du weitwodijjai 
im. Amen qij)a izwis, sutizo ist Sau- 
daumyam aij^j^au Gaumauryam in daga 
etauos, ]jau jjizai baurg yainai. 

1 2 Yah usgaggandans, meridedun, ei 

13 Yah unhid [ions manages usdribun, 
yah gasalbodedun alewa mauagans siuk- 
aus, yah gahailidedun. 

14 Yah gal)ausida })iudan3 Herodes, 
swikunj) alHs war)> namo is, yah qajj, 
patei lohannis sa Daupyands us dau^- 
aim urrais, dujjjje waurkyand Jjos mahteis 
iu imma. 

15 Anjjarai ]jan qejjun, patei Helias 
ist ; anl)ai'ai [jan qejjun, patei praufetes 
ist, swe ains jjize praufete. 

16 Gahausyands ))an, Herodes qa|), 
patei })ammci ik liaubij) afmaimait, 
iohannc, sa ist sah urrais us dau})aim. 

1 7 Sa auk raihtis Herodes insandyands, 
gahabaida lohannen, yah gaband ina in 
karkarai, in Hairodiadins, qenais Filip- 
paus, bro|)rs seinis ; unte Jjo galiugaida. 

18 QaJ) auk lohannes du Heroda, patei 
ni slvuld ist ))us, haban qen brojirs 

19 1\> so Herodia naiw imma, yah 
wilda imma usqimau, yah ni mahta. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Mark 

wyrcan, buton feawa untrun»e, on-aset- 
tum his handum, he gehsekle. 

6 And he wuudrode for heora unge- 
leafan. He da laerende da castel beferde. 

7 And him twelfe to geclypode, and 
agan hi sendan twam and twam ; and 
him anweakl seakle unelseni-a gasta, 

8 And him behead, dfet hi uaht on 
wege ne namon, buton gyx'de ane, ne 
codd, ne hlaf, ne feoh on heora gyrdlum, 

9 Ac gesceode mid calcum, and da>t hi 
mid twam tunecum gescrydde nseron. 

10 And he owns}) to him, Swa hwylc 
Inis swa ge in-gaj), wuuiga]? dar, od 
diet ge ut-gan. 

1 1 And swa hwylce swa cow ne gc- 
hyraj), donne ge danon lit-ga}) jisceaca)) 
dast dust of eowruni fotum, him on ge- 

12 And ut-gangende, hi bodedon, diet 
hi dsed-bote dydon. 

1 3 And hi manega deofol-seocnessa iit- 
adrifon, and manega untrume mid elo 
smyrcdon, and gehseldon. 

1 4 And da gehyrdc Herodes se cyng, 
diet soj^lice his nama wajs swutol ge- 
woi'den, and he cwa;}), Witodlice loii- 
annes se Fulluhtere of dea))e anis, and 
on him synd fordam maigenu geworht. 

15 Surae cwsedon. He is Elias ; sume 
cwiedon, He is Avitega, swylce an of 
dam witegum. 

\6 Da Herodes da3t geliyrde, he cwjv|>, 
Se lohannes, de ic beheafdode, se aras 
of dea|)e.''' 

17 S6l)lice Herodes sende, and liet 
lohannem, gebindan on cwerternc, for 
diere Herodiadiscan, his brodor lafe, 
riiilippus ; fordam de he nam hi. 

18 Da sa-de loliannes Herode, Nys de 
alyfed, to hiebbenue dhies broder wif. 

19 Da syrwde Herodias ymbc hinc, 
and wokle hyne ofslean, and heo ne 

VI. 6-19.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

vertu, no but hcelide a fewe sike men, 
the hondis put to. 

6 And he wondride for the vnbileue of 
hem. And he wente aboute castelis in 
enuyrown, techinge. 

7 And he -clepide twelue, and bigan 
for to sende hem bi tweyne ; and 5af to 
hem power of vnclene spiritis, 

8 And comaundide hem, that thei 
schulde not take ony thing in the weye, 
no but a 5erd oonly, not a scrippe, not 
bred, neither money in the girdil, 

9 But schoon with sandalies,''' and that 
thei weren not clothid Avith tweie cootis. 

10 And he seide to hem, Whidir euere 
5ee schulen entre in to an hous, dwelle 
3e there, till 56 gon out thennis. 

1 1 And who euere schulen not resseyue, 
ne heere 30U, 50 goynge out fro thennes 
shake awey the powdre fro joure feet, 
in to witnessinge to hem. 

12 And thei goynge out, prechiden, 
that men schulden do penaunce. 

13 And thei castiden out many fendis, 
and anoyntiden with oyle manye syke 
men, and thei weren heelid. 

14 And kyng Eroude herde, forsothe 
his name was maad opyn, and he seide. 
For Johne Baptist hath risun ajen fro 
deed men, and therfore vertues worchen 
in hym. 

1 5 Sothely othere seiden. For it is Ely ; 
but othere seiden. For it is a pi'ophete, 
as oon of prophetis. 

16 The Avhiche thing herd, Eroude 
seith. Whom I haue bihedid, John, this 
hath risun fro deed men. 

17 Forsothe the ilke Eroude sente, 
and held Joon, and bond him in to pri- 
soun, for Erodias, the wyf of Philip, his 
brother ; for he hadde weddid hir. 

18 Sothly Johne seide to Eroude, It 
is not leefful to thee, for to haue the 
wyf of thi brother. 

1 9 Erodias forsothe leide aspies to him, 
and wolde sle him, and mi3te not. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


clcs, butt leyd his hondes apon a feawe 
sickc foolke, and healed them. 

6 And he merveyled at their vnbelefe. 
And he went aboute by the tounes that 
lye in circuite, teachyuge. 

7 And he called the tAvelve, and began 
to sende them two and two ; and gave 
them power over vnclene spretes, 

8 And commaunded them, that they 
shulde take notthinge vnto their iorney, 
save a rodde only, nether scrippe, nether 
breed, nether mony in their pourses, 

9 Butt shoulde be shood with sandals, 
and that they shulde not put on two 

10 And sayd vnto them, Whersoever 
ye entre into an housse, there abyde, 
tyll ye departe thens. 

1 1 And whosoever shall nott receave 
you, nor heare you, when ye departe 
thens shake of the duste that is vnder 
youre fete, for a remembraunce vnto 
them. I saye verely vnto you, itt shalbe 
easyer for Zodom and Gomor att the 
daye off iudgement, then for that cite. 

12 And they went out, and jireached, 
that they shulde repent. 

13 And they caste out many devylles, 
and they annoynted many that were 
sicke with oyle, and healed them. 

14 And kynge Herode herde of him, 
for his name was spreed abroade, and he 
said, Jhon Baptiste is risen agayne frorii 
deeth, and ther fore myracles worke in 

15 Wother sayd. It is Helyas ; and 
some sayde. It is a prophet, or as won 
of the prophettes. 

1 6 But when Herode herde of him, he 
sayd. It is Jhon, whom I beheded, he 
ys risen from deeth agayne. 

1 7 For Herode him silfe had sent forth, 
and had taken Jhon, and bounde him 
and cast him into preson, for Herodyas 
sake, which was hys brother Philippes 
wyfe ; for he had maried her. 

18 Jhon said vnto Herode, It is not 
laufull for the, to have thy brothers 

19 Hei-odias layd waite for him, and 
wolde have killed him, butt she coulde 




GOTHIC, 360. 

20 Unte Hcrodis olita sis lohannen, 
kunnaiids "ina wair garaihtana yah weih- 
aua, yah witaida imma. Yah haus- 
yands "imma, manag gatawida, yah ga- 
bauryaba imma andhausida. 

2 1 Yah waurj)ans dags gatils, ))an Herod- 
is meUi gabaui-J^ais seinaizos nahtamat 
waurhta jjaim maistam seinaize, yah 
J)usundifadim, yah ))aim frumistam Gal- 

22 Yah atgaggandein inn dauhtar 
Herodiadins, yah plinsyandein, yah ga- 
leikandein Heroda, yah paim mij^ana- 
kumliyandam, qaj) jjiudans du Jjizai mau- 
yai, Bidei mik ))iswhizuh );ei wileis, yah 
giba t^us. 

23 Yah swoi' izai, patei )?iswhah Jjei 
bidyais mik, giba Jjus, uud halba jjiud- 
angardya meina. 

24 Ij) si, usgaggandei, qa)i du aij^ein 
sciuai, Whis bidyau 1 Ijj si qa]), Haub- 
idis lohaunis ))is Daupyandins. 

25 Yah atgaggandei sunsaiw sniumuu- 
do du J)amma jjiudana, ba}j, qij^andci, 
Wilyau ei mis gibais ana mesa haubij) 
lohannis jjis Daupyandins. 

26 Yah gaurs waui-jjans sa })iudans in 
]nze aijjc, yali in J)ize mijjanakumbyand- 
ane ni wilda izai ufbrikan ; 

27 Yah suns insandyands sa })iudans 
sjiaikulatur, anabau]) briggan haubij> is. 
I)) is ga]ei})ands afmaimait imma haubijj 
in kaikarai, 

*28 Yah atbai' J^ata haubi]> is ana mesa, 
yah atgaf ita jjizai mauyai, yah so mawi 
atgaf ita aijjein seinai. 

29 Yah gahausyandans siponyos is, 
qemun, yah usnemun leik is, yali ga- 
lagidcdun ita in hlaiwa. 

30 Yah gaiddyedun apaustauleis du 
Icsua, yah gataihun imma allata, yah 
swa filu swe gatavvidc[dun,] .... 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Mark 

20 S6}>Hce Herodes ondred lohannem, 
and wiste dret he wses rihtwis and halig, 
and he heokl hine on cwerterne. And 
he gehyrde dset he fcLa wundra worhte, 
and he lufeHce him hyrde. 

21 Da se djBg com Herodes gebyvd- 
tide, he gcgearwode mycele feorme his 
caldormannum, and dam fyi*mestum on 

22 And da da dsere Herodiadiscan 
dohtor inn-eode, and tumbode, hit licode 
Herode, and eallum dam de him mid 
sseton, se cing cwsej) da to dam msedene, 
Bide me swa hwajt swa dii wylle, and ic 
de sylle. 

23 And he swor hire, Soj'es ic de 
sylle, swa hwajt swa dii me bitst, deah 
dii wylle hcalf mui rice. 

24 Da heo ut-eode, heo cwse]) to hyre 
meder, Hwses bidde ic 1 Da cwsej) heo, 
lohannes hcafod dies FuUuhteres. 

25 Sona da heo mid ofeste in to dam 
cyninge eodc, heo ba?d, and dus cwa-)), 
Ic wylle da?t du me hra^dlice on anum 
disce sylle lohannes heafod. 

26 Da wear|j se cyning ge-imret for- 
dam a])e, and fordam de him mid SBeton 
noldc deah hi ge-unretan ; 

27 Ac sende senne cwellere, and behead 
da^t man his heafod on anum disce 
brohte. And he hine da on cwerterne 

28 And his heafod on disce brohte, 
and hit sealde dam mtedcne, and dajt 
mseden hit sealde hire meder. 

29 Da his cnihtas da?t gehyrdon, hi 
comon, and his lie namon, and hine on 
byrgene ledon. 

30 S6)>licc da da apostolas togsederc 
comon, hi cyddon dam Hselende call, 
da!t hi dydon, and hi Iserdon. 

3 1 And he Sccde him, Cuma]) and uton 
gan on-sundron on weste stowe ; and us 
hwon rcstan. S6|)lice manega wseron 
de comon, and agcn-hwyrfdon, and fyrst 
naifdon dajt hi seton. 

32 And on scyp stigendc, hi foron on- 
sundron on weste stowe. 

VI. 20-32.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

20 Sothly Eroucle drecle John, witinge 
him a iust man and hooly, and kepte 
him. And him herd, he dide many 
thingis, and gladly herds hym. 

2 1 And whanne a couenable day hadde 
fallun, Eroude in his birthe day made a 
soupere to the princis, and ti'ibunys, 
and to the firste''' of Galilee. 

22 And whanne the dou5ter of thilke 
Erodias hadde entrid yn, and lepte, and 
pleside to Eroude, and also to men rest- 
ynge, the kyng seide to the wenche, 
Axe thou of me what thou wolt, and I 
schal 5yue to thee. 

23 And he SAvoor to hir, For what 
cuere thou schalt axe, I schal 5yue to 
thee, thou3 the half of my kyngdom. 

24 The whiche, whanne sche hadde 
gon out, seide to hir modir, What schal 
I axe 1 And she seide, The heed of John 

25 And whanne she hadde entrid anon 
with haste to the kyng, she axide, sey- 
inge, I wole that anoon thou ^yiie to me 
in a dische the heed of John Baptist. 

26 And the kyng was sory for the 
ooth, and for men sittinge to gidere at 
mete he wolde not hir be maad sory ; 

27 But a manquellere sent, he co- 
maundide the heed of John Baptist for 
to be brou3t. And he bihedide him in 
the prison, 

28 And brou5te his heed in a dische, 
and jaf it to the wenche, and the wench 
jaf to hir modir. 

29 The which thing herd, his disciplis 
camen, and token his body, and puttiden 
it in a buriel. 

30 And apostlis comynge to gidere to 
Jhesu, tolden to hym alle thingis, that 
thei hadden don, and taujt. 

3T And he seith to hem, Come 56 by 
50U selue in to a desert place ; reste ■^c 
a litel. Forsoth there weren manye 
that camen, and wenten a3en, and thei 
hadden not space for to ete. 

32 And thei sti5ynge in to boot, wenten 
in to a desert place by hem selue. 

TYND ALE, 1526. 195 

20 For Hei'ode feared Jhon, knowynge 
that he was iuste and holy, and gave him 
reverence. And when he herde him, he 
did many thinges, and herde him gladly. 

2 1 And when a convenyent daye was 
come, Herode on hys birth daye made a 
supper to the lordes, captayns, and chefe 
estates of Galile. 

22 And the doughter of the same Hero- 
dias cam in, and dauused, and pleased 
Herode, and them that sate att bourde 
also, then the kinge sayd vnto the 
mayden. Axe of me what thou wilt, and 
I will geve it the. 

23 And he sware vnto her, What soever 
thou shalt axe of me, I will geve it the, 
even vnto the one halfe of my kyngdom. 

24 And she went forth, and sayde to 
her mother. What shall I axe 1 And she 
sayde, Jhon Baptistes heed. 

25 And she cam in streigth waye with 
haste vnto the kinge, and axed, sayinge, 
I wyll that thou geve me by and by in 
a charger the heed of Jhon Baptist. 

26 And the kinge was sorye, yet for 
hys othes sake, and for their sakes which 
sate att supper also he wolde not put 
her besyde her purpost ; 

27 And immediatly the kynge sent the 
hangman, and commaunded his heed to 
be brought in. And he went and be- 
heeded him in the preson, 

28 And brought his heedde in a 
charger, and gave hit to the mayden, 
and the mayden gave it to her mother. 

29 When his disciples herde of it, they 
cam, and toke vppe his body, and put it 
in a toumbe. 

30 And the apostles gaddered them 
selves to geddre to Jesus, and tolde hini 
all thynges, booth what they had done, 
and what they had taught. 

31 And he sayd vnto them. Come ye 
aparte in to the wyldernes ; and rest a 
whyle. For there were many commers, 
and goers, and they had no leasur wons 
for to eate. 

32 And he went by shippe, asyde out 
off the waye into a desertt place. 

o 2 


GOTHIC, 360. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Mark 

33 And gcsawon hi farende, and hi 
gecneowon manega, and gangende of 
dam burgum, dyder uruon, and him 
beforan comon. 

34 And da se Hcclend danon code he 
gescah myccle menegu, and he ge- 
miltsode him, fordam de hi Wceron swa 
swa seep de naune hyrde nabba]j. And 
he ongan hi fela Isei'an. 

35 And da hit mycel ylding wees, his 
leorning-cnihtas him to comon, and 
cwBedon, Deos st5w is weste, and tima 
is for))-agan ; 

36 Forlset das manegu, diet hi faron 
on gehende tunas, and him mete bicgan 
dset hi eton, 

37 Da cwjb|j he, Sylle ge him etan. 
Da cwEedon hi, Uton gan and mid twam 
hundred penegum hlafas bicgan, and we 
him etan syllaj). 

38 Da cwfej) he, Hu fela hlafa haebbe 
ge 1 Ga)), and lociajj. And da hi wiston, 
hi cwaedon, Fif hlafas, and twegen fixas. 

39 And da behead se Hadend, dset 
diet folc SEete ofer da^t ffrene hijr. 

40 And hi da sseton, hundredum, and 

41 And fif hlafum, and twam fixum 
onfangenum, he on heofon locode, and 
hi bletsode, and da hlafas brsec, and 
sealde his leorning-cnihtum, dset hi 
toforan him asetton. And twegen fixas 
him eallon dselde ; 

42 And hi aeton da ealle, and gefyllede 

43 And hi namon dara hhifa, and fixa 
lafa, twelf wilian fulle. 

44 S6])licc fif Jjusond manna, dara 
etendra vvseron.''' 

45 Da sona he nydde his leorning- 
cnihtas on scyp stigan, da^t hig him 
befcran foron ofer djene muj^an to Beth- 
saida, od he da^t folc forlete. 

46 And da lie hi forlct, he ferde 

VI. 33-46.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

33 And thei sy5en hem goynge awey, 
and manye knewen, and goynge on feet 
fro alle citees, thei ruunen to gidcre 
thidir, and came bifore hem. 

34 And Jhesus goynge out sy5 moche 
cumpanye, and hadde mercy on hem, 
for thei weren as scheepe not hauynge 
a shepherde. And he bigan for to teche 
hem manye thingis. 

35 And whanne moche our was maad 
now, his disciphs camen ny5, seyinge, 
This place is desert, and now the our 
hath passid ; 

36 Leeue hem, that thei goynge in to 
the nexte townes or vilagis, bye to hem 
metis whiche thei schulen ete. 

37 And he answerynge seith to hem, 
3yue 5e to hem for to ete. And thei 
sciden to hym, Goynge bye we loues 
with two hundrid pens, and we schulen 
5yue to hem/ for to ete. 

38 And he seith to hem, Hou many 
loues han je ? Go 56, and se. And 
whanne thei hadden knowun, thei seien, 
Fyue, and two fyschis. 

39 And he comaundide to hem, that 
thei schulden make alle men sitte to 
mete aftir cumpenyes, vpon greene hey. 

40 And thei saten down by parties, by 
hundridis, and fyfties. 

41 And the fyue looues taken, and two 
fyschis, he biholdynge in to heuene, 
blesside, and brak loouis, and 5af to his 
disciplis, that thei schulden putte bifore 
hem. And he departide two fyschis to 
alle ; 

42 And alle eeten, and weren fillid, 

43 And thei token the relyues of 
broken mete, twelue coffyns full, and of 
the fyschis. 

44 Sothli thei that eeten, were fyue 
thousynd of men. 

45 And anon he constreynede his dis- 
ciplis for to sti3e vp in to a boot, that 
thei schulden passe bifore him ouer the 
see to Bethsayda, the while he lefte the 

46 And whanne he hadde left hem, he 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


33 And the people spyed them when 
they departed, and many knewe him, 
and they hasted afote thether out of 
every cite, and cam thyther before them, 
and cam togedder vnto hym. 

34 And Jesus went out and sawe moche 
people, and had compassion on them, be 
cause they were lyke shepe whych had 
no sheppherde. And he began to teache 
them many thinges. 

35 And when the daye was nowe farre 
spent, his disciples cam vnto him, say- 
inge, Thys ys a desei't place, and nowe 
the daye ys farre passed ; 

36 Lett them departe, that they maye 
goo in to the countrey rounde about 
and in to the tonnes, and bye them 
breed, for they have nothinge to eate. 

37 He answered and sayde vnto them, 
Geve ye them to eate. And they sayde 
vnto hym, Shall we goo and bye ij. C. 
penyworth of breed, and geve them to 

38 He sayde vnto them, Howe many 
loves have ye ? Goo, and loke. And 
when they had serched, they sayde, v. 
and .ij. fysshes. 

39 And he commaunded them, to make 
them all sytt doune by companyes, apon 
the grene grasse. 

40 And they sate doune here a rowe 
and there arowe, by houndredes, and by 

4 1 And he toke the v. loves, and the 
.ij. fysshes, and loked vi>pe to heven, 
and blest, and brake the loves, and gave 
them to hys disciples, to put before 
them. And the ij. fysshes he dcvyded 
a monge them all ; 

42 And they all ate, and were satis- 

43 And they toke vppe twelve basketes 
full, off the gobbettes, and of the fysshes. 

44 And they that ate, were about fyve 
thousand men. 

45 And streyght waye he caused hys 
disciples to goo into a shippe, and to 
goo over the water before vnto Beth- 
saida, whill he sent awaye the people. 

46 And as sone as he had sent them 


GOTHIC, 360. 


yah tluatsnlwun. 

54 Yali iisgaggandam im us skipa, 
suusaiw ufkuniuuidans ina. 

55 Biriniiandans all J)ata gawi, duguu- 
niin ana badyam j^aiis ubil liabaudans 
bairaUj Jsadci hausidcdun ei 'is wesi. 

56 Yah ])iswhaduh Jjadci iddya in 
haimos ai])J)aii baurgs, aijjjjau in weilisa, 
ana gagga lagidednn siukans, yah bedun 
ina, ci jjau skauta wastyos is attaitok- 
ciua ; yah swa managai swe attaitokun 
imma, ganesun. 

Chap. VII. i Yah gaqcniim sik du 
imma, Fareisaieis yah sumai ))ize bok- 
arye qimandans us laii-usaulwmim. 

2 Yah gasaiwhandans sumans ]>ize sip- 
onyc is gamainyaim handum, ]>at-ist 
unjjwahanaini, matyandans hlaibans. 

3 I)> Fareisaieis yah allai ludaieis, 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Mark 

on done munt, and hine ana dar 

47 And da sefen wfes, dset scyp wses 
on middre See, and he ana wa^s on 
lande ; 

48 And he geseah hi on rewette swinc- 
eude ; him wses wider-weard wind. 
And on niht embe da feorJ)an wajccan, 
he com to him ofer da sae gangende, and 
wolde hi forbugan. 

49 Da hi hine gesawon ofer da Sce 
gangende, hi wendon djet hit unfsele 
gast wsere, and hi clypedon ; 

50 Hi ealle hine gesawon, and wurdon 
gedrefede. And sona he spra^c to him, 
and cwtejj, Gelyfa)>, ic hit eora ; ne 
])urfon gc eow ondrsedan. 

51 And he on scyp to him code, and 
se wind geswac. And hi daas de ma 
bet^vux him wundredon ; 

52 Ne ongeton hi be dam hlafum ; 
s6))lice heora heorte wtes iiblend. 

53 And da hi ofer-segledon, hi comon 
to Genesaret, and dar wicedon. 

54 And da hi of scipe eodon, s5na hi 
hine gecneowon. 

55 And call dret rice befarende, hi on 
sseccingum beeron da untruman, dar hi 
hine gchyrdon. 

56 And swa hwar swa he on wic odde 
on tunas code, on strseton hi da un- 
truman Icdon, and hine bsedon, dset 
hi huru his refes fn;ed fct-hrinon ; and 
swit fcla swa hine £et-hrinon, hi wurdon 

Chap. VII. i^ Da comon to him, 
Pharisei and sume boccras cumcnde 
fram Hierusalcm. 

2 And da hi gesawon sume of his 
Icorning-cnihtum bcsmitcnum handum, 
dajt is, un))wogenum handum, ctan, hi 
tseldon hi and cwacdon, 

3 Pharisei and ealle ludeas nc eta|>, 

VI. 47--VII. 3-] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 
weute in to an hil, for to preie. 

47 And whanne euenyng was, the 
boot was in the myddil see, and he 
alooue in the lend ; 

48 And he sy5 hem trauelinge in row- 
ynge ; sotldi the wynd was ' contrarie to 
hem. And aboute the fouvthe waking 
of the nyjt, he wandrynge on the see 
cam to hem, and wolde passe heiu. 

49 And thei, as thei sy5en him wan- 
drynge on the see, gessiden for to be a 
fantiim, and crieden ; 

50 Forsoth alle sy5en hym, and thei 
weren disturblid. And anon he spak 
with hem, and seide to hem, Triste 36, 
I am ; nyle 56 drede. 

51 And he cam vp to hem in to the 
boot, and the wynd ceesside. And thei 
more wondriden with ynne hem ; 

52 For thei vndirstoden not of the 
looues ; sothli her herte was blyndid. 

53 And whanne thei hadden passid 
ouer the see, thei camen in to the lond 
of Genazareth, and setten to londe. 

54 And whanne thei hadden gon out 
of the boot, anon thei knewen him. 

55 And thei rennynge thur3 al that 
cuntree, bigunnen to here aboute in 
beddis hem that hadden hem yuele, 
where thei herden him be. 

56 And whidur euere he entride yn to 
vilagis and townes, or in to citees, thei 
puttiden syke men in stretis, and preie- 
den him, that thei schulden touche either 
the hem of his cloth ; and how manye 
euere touchiden him, weren maad saf. 

Chap. VII. i And Pharisees and 
sumrae of scribis comynge fro Jerusa- 
lem, camen to gidere to him. 

2 And whanne thei hadden seyn summe 
of his disciplis ete breed with comune 
hondis,''' thei blamyden. 

3 Forsoth Pharisees and alle Jewis 

TYNDALE, 1526. 199 

awey, he departed into a mountaine to 

47 And when even was come, the shippe 
was in the myddes of the see, and he 
alone on the londe ; 

48 And he sawe them troubled in row- 
inge ; for the wynde was contrary vnto 
them. And aboute the fourth quartre 
of the nyght, he cam vnto them walk- 
inge apon the see, and Avolde have passed 
by them. 

49 When they sawe him walkinge apon 
the see, they supposed yt had bene a 
sprete, and cryed oute ; 

50 For they all sawe hym, and they 
were a frayed. And a non he talked 
with them, and sayde vnto them. Be of 
good chere, it is I ; be not afi-ayed. 

51 And he went vnto them into the 
shippe, and the wynde ceased. And 
they were sore amased in them selves 
beyonde measure and marveyled ; 

52 For they remembred nott off the 
loves ; be cause their hertes were 

53 And they cam over, and went into 
the londe off Genazareth, and drue vp 
into the haven. 

54 And as sone as they were come out 
ofi' the shippe, streyght they knewe hym. 

55 And ran forth through out all the 
region rounde about, and began to cary 
aboute in beeddes all that were sicke, 
when they herde tell that he was there. 

56 And whither soever he entred into 
the tonnes or .cites, or vyllages, they 
leyde their sicke in the stretes, and 
prayed hyme, thatt they myght touche 
and hit wer but the edge off hys vesture; 
and as many as touched hym were safe. 

Chap. VII. i And the Pharises cam 
togedder vnto hym, and dyvers off the 
scribes which cam from Jerusalem. 

2 And Avhen they sawe certayne of hys 
disciples eate breed with commen handes, 
that is to saye, -with vnwesshen hondes, 
they complayned, 

3 For the Pharises and all the Jewes, 

200 GOTHIC, 360. 

niba ufta J)waliand handuns, ni matyand, 
liabandans anafilh J)ize sinistane. 

4 Yali af ma))la, niba daupyand, ni 
matyand ; yah an|)ar ist manag, J)atei 
andnemun du haban, daupeinins stikle, 
yah aurkye, yah katile, yah ligre. 

5 pa})i-oh jjan frehun ina l^ai Fareisaicis 
yah \)ni bokaryos, Duwhe )iai siponyos 
])einai ni gaggand bi fiammei anafulhun 
jiai sinistans, ak unjnvahanaim handum 
matyand hlaif 1 

6 Ij) 'is andhafyands qa)> du ira, patei 
waila praufetida Esa'ias bi izwis, ))ans 
liutans, swe gameH|) ist, So managei 
wairilom mik sweraij), 'i\> hairto ize fair- 
ra habaij) sik mis ; 

7 i[j sware mik blotand, laisyandans 
hiiseinins anabusuins manne. 

8 Afletandans raihtis anabusn Gu|'S, 
habaij) j^atei anafidhun manuans, daiii)- 
einins aurkye, yah stikle ; yah aujjar 
galeik swaleikata manag tauyijj. 

9 Yah qajj du im, Waila inwidi}) ana- 
busn Gu})S, ei )jata anafulhano izwar 

10 Moses auk raihtis qa]j, Swerai attan 
})einana yah aijicin ))eina ; yah saei ubil 
qijjai attin seinanima aijjjjau ai)>ein seinai, 
daujjau afdaujjyaidau. 

1 1 I]j yus qij'ij', Yabai qijjai manna 
attin seinamma aijjj'au aijjein, Kaurban, 
jjatei ist, MaiJ)ms, ];is\vhah Jjatei us mis 
gabatnis ; 

12 Yah ni fraleti)) ina ni waiht tauyan 
attin seinamma ai|i))au ai}>ein sciniii, 

13 Blaujjyand^ns waurd Gu}>s i)izai 
anabusnai izwarai, |joci anafuUmj) ; yah 
galeik swaleikata manag tauyijj. 

14 Yah athaitands alia ))0 managcin, 
qa}) im, Hausei]) mis allai, yah fra|)yaij). 

15 Ni waihts ist uta|)ro mans inngagg- 
ando in ina, Jjutci magi ina gamainyan ; 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Mark 

bilton hi hyra handa gel5mlice ))wean, 
healdende hira yldrena gesetnessa. 

4 And on strsete, hi ne eta)?, baton hi 
ge})wegene beon ; and manega odre 
synd, de him gesette synd, dixit is ca- 
ll cea fyrmjja, and ceaca, and ar-fata, and 

5 And da acsodon hine Pharisei and 
da b5ceras, llvn ne gaj) dine leorning- 
cnihtas jfifter lire yldrena gesetnysse, ac 
besmitenum handum hyra hlaf JjicgaJ) 1 

6 Da andswarode he him, Wei witegode 
Isaias be eow, licceterum, swa hit awrit- 
en is, Dis folc me mid welerum ■\vcor{)aJ7, 
sojjjice hyra heorte is feor fram me ; 

7 On idel hi me "weor|)iaJ), and manna 
lai'a and bebodu IseraJ). 

8 Sofilicc ge forlijctaj) Godes bebod, 
and hcaldajj manna laga, ))weala ceaca, 
and calica ; and manega odre dyllice 
))ing ge do]). 

9 Da sjcde he him, Wei ge on idel 
dydon Godes bebod, dset ge eower laga 

10 Moyses cwa3)>, Wur|)a dinne foder 
and dine modor ; and se de wyrigj) his 
faeder and his modor, swelte se deaj^e. 

11 S6))lice ge cweda)), Gif hwa segj) 
his feder and meder, Corban, dvet is on 
lire ge))eode, Gyfu gif hwylc is of me, 
de fremajj ; 

T 2 And ofer dset ge ne Isetajj hine senig 
|)ing don his fajdcr odde meder, 

13 Toslitende Godes bebod for eower 
stuntan lage, de ge gcsetton ; and mane- 
ga odre ]>'mg dyssum gclicc gc do]). 

14 And eft da manegu he him to 
clypode, and cwre]), GehyraJ) me calle, 
and ongyta]). 

15 Nys nan ])ing of dam men on hine 
gangcnde, diet hine besmitan msege ; ac 

VII. 4-1 5-] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

eten not, no but tbei waisschen ofte 
lier hondis, holdinge the tradiciouns^ 
of eldere men. 

4 And thei turnynge a5en fro chepynge, 
eten not, no but thei ben waischun ; 
and nianye othere thingis ben, that ben 
takun to hem for to kepe, waischingis 
of cuppis, and cruetis, and of vessels of 
bras, and of beddis. 

5 And Pharisees and scribis axiden 
^ him, seyinge, Whi gon not thi disciplis 

' aftir the tradicioun of eldere men, but 
with comyne hondis thei eten bred ? 

6 And he answeringe seide to hem, 
Ysaie propheciede wel of 50U, ypocritis, 
as it is writun, This peple worschipith 
me with lippis, forsothe her herte is fer 
fro me ; 

7 In veyn trewli thei worschipen me, 
techinge doctrinys and preceptis of men. 

8 Forsoth 5*6 forsakinge the maunde- 
nient of God, holden the tradiciouns of 
men, waischingis of cruetis, and cuppis ; 
and manye othere thingis lyke to thes 
36 don. 

9 And he seide to hem, Wel 50 han 
maad the maundement of God voyde, 
that 56 kepe 50ure tradicioun. 

10 Forsoth Moyses seide, Worschipe 
thi fadir and thi modir ; and he that 
schal curse fadir or modir, by deeth 
deie he. 

1 1 Sothli 56 seyen, If a man schal seye 
to fadir or to modir, Corban, that is. 
What euere 3ifte of me, schal profits to 
thee ; 

12 And ouer 36 suffren not him do ony 
thing to fadir or modir, 

13 Brekynge the word of God by 
3oure tradicioun, that 3e han 3ouun ; 
and 36 don manye othere suche thingis. 

14 And he eftsoone clepinge to the 
cumpanye of peple, seide to hem, 3e alle 
heere me, and vndirstonden. 

1 5 No thing with outen man is entr- 
inge in to him, that may defoule him ; 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


excepte they washe their handes ofte, 
eate not, observinge the tradicions of 
the seniours. 

4 And when they come from the mar- 
kctt, except they washe them selves, 
they eate not ; and many other thingcs 
there be, which they have taken apon 
them to observe, as the wasshinge of 
cuppes, and cruses, and of brasen vessels, 
and of tables. 

5 Then axed hym the Pharises and 
scribes, Why walke not thy disciples 
accordinge to the ti-adicions of the seni- 
ours, butt eate breede with vnwesshen 
hondes 1 

6 He answered and sayde vnto them. 
Well prophesied hath Esayas of you, 
ypocrytes, as it is ^rritten, This people 
honoreth me with their lyppes, but their 
hert is farre from me ; 

7 In vayne they worshippe me, teach- 
inge doctryns which are nothinge but 
the commandementes off men. 

8 For ye laye the commandement of 
God aparte, and ye observe the tradi- 
cions of men, as the wessinge off cruses, 
and off cuppes ; and many other suche 
lyke thinges ye do. 

9 And he sayde vnto them, Well ye 
putt awaye the commandement of God, 
to mayntayne youre owne tradecions. 

10 For Moses sayde, Honoure thy 
father and thy mother ; and whosoever 
sayeth evyll to his father or mother, let 
hym dey for it. 

1 1 But ye saye, A man shall saye to 
his father or mother, Corban, that is, 
Whatsoever thynge I offer, that same 
doeth proffit the ; 

1 2 And ye soffre no more that a man 
do eny thynge for his father or mother, 

13 And thus have ye made the com- 
maundement off God off none effectc 
through youre awne tradicions, which 
ye have ordeyned ; and many soche 
thynges ye do. 

14 And he called all the people vnto 
hym, and sayde vnto them, Herken 
vnto me every one off you, and vnder- 

15 Tliere is no thynge with outt a 
man, that can diffyle hym, when hitt 


GOTHIC, 360. 

ak |>ata utgaggaudo us mann, jjata ist 
{)ata gamainyando mannan. 

1 6 Yabai whas habai ausona hausj'and- 
ona, gahausyai. 

17 Yah j>an galai)) in gard, us ))izai 
managein, frchun iua siponyos "is bi \>o 

18 Yah qajj du im, Swa yah yus un- 
witans siyu)?] Ni fraj)yi|), l^ammei all 
J)ata uta))ro inngaggaudo in mannan, ui 
mag iua gamainyan 1 

19 Unte ni galel))i|) imma in hairto, 
ak in wamba, yah in urrunsa usgaggijj, 
gahrainei}) allans matins. 

20 Qa))u})-)5an, patei |)ata us mann 
usgaggando, pata gamainei)) mannan. 

21 Inna))ro auk, us hairtin manne 
mitoneis ubilos usgaggand, kalkiuassyus, 
horinassyus, maur)?ra, 

22 piubya, faihufrikcius, unseleins, 
liutei, aglaitei, augo unsel, wayamereins, 
hauhhairtei, unwiti. 

23 po alia ubilona inna})ro usgaggand, 
yah gagamainyand mainian. 

24 Yah yain|)ro usstandands, galai J> in 
markos Twre yah Seidone. Yah ga- 
lei[)ands in gard, ni wilda witan mannan; 
yah ni mahta galaugnyan. 

25 Gahausyandei raihtis qinobi ina, 
))izozei habaida dauhtar ahman un- 
hrainyana, qimandei, draus du fotum is. 

26 Wasu]7-})an so qino hai})no, Saurini 
fwnikiska gabaur|)ai. Yah ba^ ina, ci 
po uuhuljjon uswaurpi us dauhtr izos. 

27 Ij) lesus qa)) du izai, Let faurj)is 
sada Avairjjan barna; unte ni gop ist 
niman hlaib barne, yah wairpaa hund- 

28 I]) si andhof imma, yah qajj du 
imma, Yai, Frauya ; yah auk Imndos 
uudaro biuda matyand, af drauhsuom 

29 Yah qaJj du izai. In J)is waurdis 
gagg, usiddya unhul))0 us dauhtr Jjeinai. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Mark 

da J)ing de of dam men for))-ga|>, da 
hine besmitaj). 

1 6 Gif hwa earan haebbe, gehlyste me. 

17 And da se Hselend fram dtere 
menegu code, his leorning-cnihtas hine 
an bigspel iicsodon. 

18 Da cwjej) he, And synd ge dus un- 
gleawe 1 Ne ongyte ge, dfet eall dajt 
utan cym}j on done man gaugcnde, ue 
maeg hine besmitan 1 

1 9 Fordam hit ne gx]> on his heortan, 
ac ou his inno|), and on f'or})-gang ge- 
\vite]j, ealle mettas claensigcnde. 

20 Da ssede he him, Dset da jjing de 
of dam men gaj), da hine besmitaj?. 

21 Innan, of manna heortan j'fele ge- 
jjancas cuma]?, unriht-haemedu, and for- 
ligeru, manslihtas, 

22 [Stala,] gutsung, man, facnu, sceam- 
Icast, yfel gesih}), dysinessa, ofer-modig- 
nessa, stuntscipe. 

23 And ealle das yfelu of dam innode 
cumajj, and done man besmitaj;. 

24 Da ftrde he danon on da endas 
Tyri and Sidonis. And he in-agan on 
diet hiis, he nolde dset hit senig wiste ; 
and he ne mihte hit bemij)an. 

25 Sona da an wif, be him gehyrde, 
diere dohtor hiefde unclicnne gast, heo 
in-eode, and to his fotum hi astrehte. 

26 S6|)lice dtet wif W3es haeden, Siro- 
fenisces cynncs. And ba?d hine, dajt he 
done deofol of hyre dehter adrife. 

27 Da ssede he liire, Laet sercst da 
bcarn beon gefylled ; nis na god diet 
man nime dara bearna hlaf, and hiindum 

28 Da andswarode heo, and cwae);, 
Drihten, doet is s6)> ; witodlice da hweli)- 
as etaj) under daere mysan, of dara 
cilda cruman. 

29 Da sscde lie hyre, For dsere sprsece 
ga, mi se deofol of dinre dehter gevvit. 

VII. 16-29.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

but tho thingis that comeii forth of man, 
tho it ben that defoulen a man. 

1 6 Forsoth if ony man haue eeris of 
heeringe, heere he. 

17 And whanue he hadde entrid in to 
an hous, fro the cumpany of peple, his 
disciplis axiden him the parable. 

18 And he seith to hem, So and 3e ben 
vnprudent.'*' Vndirstonden 5e not, for 
al thing withoute forth entringe in to 
a man, may not defoule him 1 

19 For it hath not entrid into his 
herte, but in to the wombe, and bynethe 
it goth out, purgynge alle metis. 

20 Sothli he seide. For the thingis 
that gon out of a man, tho defoulen a 

21 Forsoth fro withynne, of the herte 
of men comen forth yuele thou3tis, auou- 
tries, fornicaciouns, mansleyngis, 

22 Theftis, couetises,''' wickidnesses, 
gyle, vnchastite, yuel y3e, blasphemyes, 
pride, folye. 

23 Alle thes yuelis fro withynne comen 
forth, and defoulen a man. 

24 And Jhesus risynge thennis, wente 
in to the endes of Tyre and Sidon. And 
he gon in to an hows, wolde no man 
wite ; and he mi3te not dare.^ 

25 Sothli a womman, anon as sche 
hcrde of him, which wommanis dou5tir 
hadde an vnclene spirit, entride, and fel 
doun at his feet. 

26 Sothli the womman Avas hethene, 
of the generacioun of Sirefen. And she 
preide him, that he wolde caste out a 
deuel fro hir dou3tir. 

27 The which seide to hir, Suffre thou 
the sones be fulfild first ; it is not good 
to take the bred ot sones, and sende to 

28 And she answevide, and seide to him, 
Forsothe, Lord ; for whi and litle welpis 
eten vndir the boi'd, of the crummes of 

29 And Jhesus seith to hir, For this 
word go, the fend is went out of thi 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


entreth in to hym ; but thoo thyngcs 
which procede out of a man are those 
which defyle a man. 

1 6 Yf eny man have eares to hcare, let 
hym heare. 

17 And when he cam into a housse, 
awaye from the people, his disciples axed 
him of the similitude. 

18 And he sayd vnto them, Do ye then 
lacke vnderstondinge 1 Do ye not yet 
perceave, that whatsoever thinge from 
with out entreth into a man, bit can 
not defyle hym 1 

19 Be cause hit entrith not into his 
hert, but into the belly, and goeth out 
into the draught, that porgeth oute all 

20 And he sayde. That defileth a man, 
whiche cometh oute of a man. 

2 1 For from within, even oute off the 
herte off men proceade evyll thoughtes, 
advoutry, fornicacion, murder, 

22 Theeft, coveteousnes, wickednes, 
diceyte, vnclennes, and a wicked eye, 
blasphemy, pryde, folisshnes. 

23 All these evyll thynges com from 
with in, and defile a man. 

24 And from thence he rose, and went 
into the borders off Tire and Sidon. 
And entred into an housse, and wolde 
that no man shulde have knowen off 
hym ; butt he culde nott be hid. 

25 For a certayne woman, whose 
doughter had a foule sprete, when she 
herde off hym, cam, and fell doune att 
hys fete. 

26 The woman was a greke, out off 
Sirophenicia. And she besought hym, 
that he wolde caste out the devyll out 
off her doughter. 

27 Jesus sayde vnto her, Lett the 
chyldren fyrst be feed ; it ys nott mete 
to take the chyldrens breed, and to 
caste itt vnto whelppes. 

28 She answered, and sayde vnto hym, 
Even soo, Master ; neverthelesse the 
whelppes also eate vnder the table, off 
the chyldrens cromes. 

29 And he sayde vnto her, For thys 
sayinge goo thy waye, the devyll ys gon 
out off thy doughter. 


GOTHIC, 360. 

30 Yah galeijjandei du garcla seinam- 
nia, bigat unhul})on usgaggana, yah J)0 
dauhtar ligaudeiu ana ligra. 

31 Yah aftra galeij^ands af markom 
Twre yah Seidoue, qam at marcin Ga- 
leilaie, mi[) tweihuaim markom Daika- 

32 Yah beran du 'imma baudaua stam- 
mana, yah bedun ina, ei lagidedi imma 

33 Yah afnimands "ina af managein 
siindro, lagida figgrans seinans in ausona 
imma; yah spewands attaitok tuggon is. 

34 Yah ussaiwhands du himina, ga- 
swoglda, yah qa)j du imma, Aiffa})a, 
J)atei ist, Uslukn, 

35 Yah sunsaiw usluknodedun imma 
hliumans, yah andbundnoda bandi tugg- 
ons is, yah rodida railitaba. 

36 Yah anabau]) im, ei mann ni qe]>- 
eina ; whan filu is im anabau|j, mais 
|jamma eis meridedun, 

37 Yah ufarassau sildaleikidedun, qijj- 
andans, Waila allata gatawida, yah 
baudans gatauyif) gahausyan, yah un- 
rodyandans rodyan. 

Chap. VIII. i In yainaim j^an dag- 
am, aftra at filu managai managein 
wisandein, yah ni habandam wha mati- 
dedeina, athaitands siponyans, qa])uh du 

2 Infeinoda du Jjizai managein, unte 
yu dagans j^rins mi|) mis wesun, yah ni 
haband wha matyaina ; 

3 Yah yabai fraleta ins lausqij)ran3 du 
garda izc, ufligand ana wiga ; sumai 
raihtis ize fairrajjro qemun. 

4 Yah andhofun imma siponyos is, 
Wha])ro jjans mag whas gasojjyan hlaib- 
am ana aujjidai ? 

5 Yali frah ins, Whan managans habai|) 
hlaibaus 1 1\> cis qej^un, Sibun. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Mark 

30 And da heo on hyre hus eode, heo 
gemette dfet mseden on hire bedde 
licgende, and done deofol ut-gan.+ 

3 1 And eft he eode of Tyra gemserum, 
and com jjurh Sidonem to dsere GaHleisc- 
an sae, betwux midde endas Decapoleos. 

32 And hi Iseddon him senne deafuc 
and dumljne, and hine bsedon, daet he 
his hand him on asette. 

33 Da nam he hine onsundran of dsere 
meuigu, and his fingras on his earan 
dyde ; and spsetende his tungan onhran. 

34 And on done heofon behealdende, 
geomrode, and cwae)?, Effeta, daet is on 
lire ge)>eode, Sy du ontyned, 

35 And sona wurdon liis earan ge- 
openode, and his tungan bend wear}) 
unslyped, and he rihte sprajc. 

36 And he bead him, dset hi hit nanum 
men ne ssedon; s6))h'ce swa he hini 
swidor behead, swa hi swidor bodedon, 

37 And dxs de ma wundredon, and 
cwaedon, Ealle ]>'mg he wel dyde, and he 
dyde dtet deafe gehyrdon, and dunibe 

Chap. VIII. i + Eft on dam dagum, 
him wa?s mid micel menigu, and nsefdon 
hwaet hi aGton, da cwa?)) lie, to somne 
geclypedum his leoi'ning-cnihtum, 

2 Ic gemiltsigc dysse mcncgu, fordam 
hi \n-y dagas me ge-anbidia}), and nabbajj 
hwoat hi eton ; 

3 Gif ic hi fnestcnde to hyra hilsum 
Isete, be wege hi geteorigeaj) ; sume hi 
comon feorran. 

4 And da andswarodon him liis leom- 
ing-cnihtas, Hwanon nifeg ?enig man 
das mid hlafum on disum westene ge- 
fyllan 1 

5 Da axodc be lii, 11 u fcla hlafa hjebbe 
ge ? Hi cwsedon, Seofon. 

VII. 30.-Vin. 5.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

30 And Tvhanne she hadde gon horn, 
she fond the wenche sittinge on the 
bedd, and the deuel gon out fro hir. 

31 And eftsoone Jhesus goynge out 
fro the endis^ of Tire, cam tliur3 Sidon 
to the see of Galilee, that is bitwixe the 
myddil endis of Decapoleos. 

32 And thei leeden to' him a deef man 
and doumb, and preiedeu him, that he 
putte to him the hond. 

33 And he takynge him asydis fro the 
cumjianye, sente his fyngris in to his 
litle ecris ; and spetinge towchide his 

34 And he biholdynge in to heuene, 
sorwide withynne, and seith, EfFeta, that 
is, Be thou openyd, 

35 And anon his eeris weren openyd, 
and the bond of his tunge is unbounden, 
and he s^iak ri5tly. 

^6 And he comaundide to hem, that 
thei schulden seye to no man ; forsoth 
how moche he comaundide to hem, so 
moche more thei prechiden more, 

37 And by that the more thei won- 
driden, seyinge, He dide wel alle thingis, 
and deef men he made to heere, and 
doumbe for to speke. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


Chap. VIII. i In tho dayes, whanne 
moche cumpenye of peple was with Jhe- 
su, and hadde not what thei schulden 
ete, his disciplis gaderid to gidere, he 
seith to hem, 

2 I haue rewthe on the cumpanye of 
peple, for loo ! now the thridde day 
thei susteynen''' me, and han not what 
thei schulen ete ; 

3 And if I leeue hem fastinge in to 
her hous, thei schulen faile in the weye ; 
forsothe summe of hem camen fro fer. 

4 And disciplis answeriden to him, 
Wherof a man schal mowe fiUe hem 
with looues here in wildirnesse 1 

5 And he axide hem. How manye looues 
han 36 1 The whiche seiden, Seuene. 

30 And when she was come home to 
her housse, she founde the devyll de- 
parted, and her doughter lyinge on the 

31 And he departed agayne fi-om the 
coostes off Tyre and Sydon, and cam 
vnto the see ofFGalile,throwe the myddes 
off the coostes off the .x. cites. 

32 And they brought vnto him won 
that was deffe and stambred in hys 
speche, and prayde hym, to laye hys 
honde apon hym. 

33 And he toke hym a syde from the 
people, and putt hys fyngers in hys 
eares ; and did spet and touched his 

34 And loked vp to heven, and syghed, 
and sayde vnto hym, Ephatha, that ys 
to saye, Be openned, 

35 And streyght waye hys eares were 
openned, and the stringe off hys tounge 
was loosed, and he spake playne. 

36 And he commaunded them, that 
they shulde tell no man ; butt the more 
he forbad them, soo moche the more a 
greate deale they pubblessed it, 

37 And were beyonde measure astonyed, 
sayinge, He hath done all thinges well, 
and hath made booth the deffe to heare, 
and the dom to speake. 

Chap. VIII. i In those dayes, when 
there was a very greate companye, and 
had nothinge to eate, Jesus called hya 
disciples to hym, and sayd vnto them, 

2 My herte melteth on this people, be 
cause they have nowe bene wyth me iij. 
dayes, and have nothinge to eate ; 

3 And yf I shulde sende them awaye 
fastinge to their awne houses, they shulde 
faynt by the waye ; for dyvers of them 
cam from farre. 

4 And hys disciples answered hym, 
From whence myght a man suffyse them 
with breed here in the wyldernes 1 

5 And he axed them, Howe many loves 
have ye ? They sayde, Seven. 


GOTHIC, 360. 

6 Yah anabauj) ]>{za.\ managein ana- 
kumbyan ana airjiai. Yah nhiiautls J)ans 
sibun hlaibaus, yah awiUudoiids, gabrak, 
yah atgaf siponyam seinaim, ei atlagi- 
dedeina faur. Yah atlagidedun faur ]>o 

7 Yah habaidedun fiskans fawans ; yah 
))ans ga})iu))yands, qa]> ei atlagidedeina 
yah jjans. 

8 Gamatidedun |)an, yah sadui waur|?un ; 
yah usnemun laibos gabruko, sibun 

9 Wesunu)j-|)an ))ai matyandans, swe 
fidwor })USundyos ; yah fralailot ins. 

10 Yah galaij) sunsaiw 'in skip, mi)> 
siponyam seinaim, yah qam ana fera 

1 1 Yah urrunnun Fareisaieis, yah du- 
gunnun mi})Sokyan imma, sokyandans du 
'imma taikn us himina, fraisaudans ina. 

12 Yah ufswogyands ahmin seinamma, 
qaji, Wha |iata kuni taikn sokei|> 1 
Amen qij^a izwis, yabai gibaidau kunya 
})amma taiknc. 

13 Yah afletands "ins, galei|'ands afti'a 
in skip, uslaijj hindar marein. 

14 Yah ufarmunnodedun niman hlaib- 
ans, yah niba ainana hlaif ni habaidedun 
mi)» sis 'in skipa. 

15 Yah anal)au}) 'im, qil^ands, Saiwhij), 
ei atsaiwhip 'izwis })is beistis Fareisaie, 
yah beistis Herodis. 

16 Yah })ahtedun m\\> sis misso, qij)- 
andans, Unte hlaibans ni habam. 

17 Yah fra))yauds Icsus, qaj? du 'im, 
"Wha |)aggkci|>, unto hlaibans ni habaij) 1 
Ni nauh frajjyijj, nili witu]) ; unte daub- 
ata habai)) hairto izwar. 

18 Augona habandans, ni gasai\vhi|j, 
yah ausona habandans, ni gahausei}) ; 
yah ni gamunujj, 

19 pan jjans fimf Iilaibans gabrak fimf 
};usundyom, wlian manages tainyons 
fullos gabruko usncmuj) ? Qc))un du 
"ininia, Twahf. 

20 A)))jau |)an })ans sibun hlaibans 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Mark 

6 Da het he sittan da mencgu ofer da 
eorjjan. And nam da seofon hUlfas, and 
Gode l^ancode, and hi bra3C, and sealde 
his leorning-cnihtum, diet hi toforan 
him asetton. And hi swa dydon. 

7 And hi na3fdon biiton feawa fixa ; 
and he da blctsode, and het beforan him 

8 And hi seton, and wurdon gefyllcde ; 
and hi namon da^t. of dam brytscnum 
belaf, seofon wllian fulle. 

9 Sojjlice da de dar seton, waeron fif 
j;xisend 3 and he hi da forlet. 

10 And s5na he on scyp, mid his 
leorning-cnihtum, astah, and com on 
da dselas Dalmanujja. 

1 1 And da ferdon da Pharisei, and 
ongunnon mid him smeageun, and taceu 
of heofone sohton, and his fandcdon. 

12 Da cwfejj he, geomriende on his 
gaste, Hwi secjj deos cneoris tticcn 1 
S6))lice ic cow sccge, ue bij) disse 
cneorisse tacen geseald. 

13 And hi da forlsetende, eft on scyp 
astah, and ferdc ofer done muj)au. 

14 And hi ofergeton da^t hi hhifas ne 
namon, and hi ntefdon on scype mill 
him buton senne hltif. 

15 And he him bead, and cwaj|i, Locia]', 
and warniaj) fram Pharisca, and Herodea 

16 Da ]>ohton hi betwux him, and 
cwacdon, Ntebbe we nanc lilafas. 

17 Da sc Ilselend da)t wistc, he cw\t]j, 
Hwret J)ence go, foi'dam ge hUifas nab- 
bal> 1 Gyt ge ne oncnawa}), nc nc 
ongytaj) ; gyt ge habbajj eowre hcortan 

18 Eagan ge habba)), and nc gcseo)), 
and earan, and ne gehyrajj ; ne ge ne 

19 Hwajnnc ic brrec fif hlafas and 
twegen fixas, and hii fcla wyligena ge 
namon fulle 1 Hi cwiCdon da, Tvvelfe. 

20 And hwa^nne seofon hlilfas feower 

Vm. 6-20.] VVYCLIFFE, 1389. 

6 And he comaundide the cumpanye 
to sitt doun ou the erthe. And he 
takynge seuene looues, and doynge 
thaukynges, brak, and 3af to his dis- 
ciph's, that thei schulden putte forth. 
And thei setten forth to the cumpany. 

7 And thei hadden a fewe smale fischis ; 
and he blesside hem, and comaundide 
for to be put forth. 

8 And thei eeten, and ben fulfild ; and 
tliei token vp that lefte of relyf/ seuene 

9 Forsoth thei that eeten, weren as 
foure thousand of men ; and he lefte 

10 And anon he wente vp in to a 
boot, with liis disciplis, and cam in to 
the partis of Dalmamytha. 

1 1 And Pharisees wenten out, and bi- 
gunnen to seke^ with him, axyuge a 
tokene of hym fro heuene, tem2:>tinge 

12 And he sorwynge ■<vithynne in 
spirit, seith, What sekith this genera- 
cioun a tokene 1 Treuly I seie to 50U, 
if a tokene schal be 30uun to this gene- 

1 3 And he leeuynge hem, wente vp 
eftsoone in to a boot, and wente ouer 
the see. 

1 4 And thei for3aten to take breed, 
and thei hadden not with hem no but o 
loof in the boot. 

15 And he comaundide to hem, sey- 
inge, Se je, and be 36 war of the sour- 
do w 3 of Pharisees, and sourdow3 of 

16 And thei thou3ten oon to another, 
seiynge, For we han not breed. 

17 The which thing knowun, Jhesus 
seith to hem, What thenke 3e, for 36 
han not breed 1 3it 36 knowen not, ne 
vndirstonden ; 3it 3e han 30ure herte 

18 5e hauynge y3en, seen not, and 36 
hauynge eeris, heeren not ; nether je 
han mynde, 

19 Whanne I brak fyue looues in to 
fine thousande, and hou manye coffyns 
ful of brokene mete 3e token vp 1 Thei 
seyn to him, Twelue. 

20 Whanne and seuene looues in to 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


6 And he commaunded the people to 
sitt doune on the grounde. And he toke 
the .vii. loves, gave thaukes, brake, and 
gave to hys disciples, to set before them. 
And they sett them before the people. 

7 And they had a feawe smale fysshes ; 
and he blessed them, and commaunded 
them also to be sett before thejn. 

8 They ate, and were suffysed ; and 
they toke vp off the broken meate that 
was lefte, vij. basketes full. 

9 They that ate, were in nomber aboute 
foAvre thousandt ; and he sent them 

10 And a non he toke shippe, whith 
his disciples, and cam in to the parties 
of Dalmanutha. 

1 1 And the Pharises cam forth, and 
began to dispute Avhith hym, and sought 
of hym a signe from heven, temptiuge 

12 And he syghed in his sprete, and 
sayde, Why doth thys generacion seke 
a signe 1 Verely I saye vnto you, there 
shall no signe be geven vnto thys gene- 

13 And he lefte them, and went into 
the shippe agayne, and departed over 
the water. 

14 And they had forgotten to take 
breed with them, nether had they in the 
shippe with them more then one loofe. 

15 And he cliarged them, sayinge, 
Take hede, be ware of the leven of the 
Pharises, and the leven of Herode. 

16 And they reasoned amonge them 
selves, saynge, We have no breed. 

17 And when Jesus knewe that, he 
sayde vnto them. Why take ye thought, 
be cause ye have no bread ? Perceave 
ye not yet, nether vnderstonde ; have 
ye youre herttes yett blynded ] 

1 8 Have ye eyes, and se nott, and have 
ye eares, and heare not ; do ye nott 
I'emember 1 

1 9 When I brake v. loves a monge .v. 
M. men, howe many baskettes full of 
broken meate toke ye vpp 1 They sayde 
vnto him .xij. 

20 When I brake vij a monge iiij M. 

208 GOTHIC, 360. 

fitlwor )5iisunclyom,whan managans spwr- 
eitlans fullans gabi'uko usnemuj) ? I|> 
eis qe})uu, Sibun. 

21 Yah qaj) du im, Wbaiwa ni nauh 


22 Yah qemun 'in Bejianiin, yah berun 
(lu imma blindan, yah beduu iiia, ei 
imma attaitoki. 

23 Yah fairgi'eipands handu |)is blind- 
ins, ustauh 'ina utana weihsis, yah speiw- 
ands in augona 'is, atlagyands ana hand- 
uus seinos, frah "ina, gau wha sewhi. 

24 Yah ussaiwhands, qa|i, Gasaiwha 
mans ))atei swe bagmans gasaiwha gagg- 

25 pa|)roh aftra galagida handuns ana 
)>o augona is, yah gatawida "ina ussaiwh- 
an, yali aftragasatijjs war}), yah gasawh 
bairhtaba allans. 

26 Yah insandida 'ina du garda 'is, 
qi|iands, Ni 'in ))ata weibs gaggais ; ni 
mannhun qij)ais, 'in );amma wehsa. 

27 Yah usiddya Icsus yah siponyos is 
"in wehsa Kaisarias jjizos Fihppaus. Yah 
ana wiga frah siponyans seinans, qij^ands 
du im, Whana mik qijjand mans wisan 1 

28 I\> eis andhofun, lohannen |)ana 
Daupyand ; yah an|)arai, Helian ; sum- 
aih Jjan, ainana praufete. 

29 Yah "is qa)) du 'im, A|)))an yus whana 
mik qi\>i]> wisan t Andhafyands })an 
Paitrus, qaj) du 'imma, pu 'is Christus. 

30 Yah faurbauj) im, ei mannhun ni 
qejjcina bi ina, 

31 Yah dugann laisyan ins, })atei skal 
sunus mans fihi winnan, yah uskiusan 
skukls 'ist fram jjaim sinistam, yah J)aim 
auliumistam gudyam, yah bokaryam, 
yah usqiman, yah afar ])rins dagans 

32 Yah swikunj)aba ]>&t&, waurd rodida. 
Yah aftiuhands ina Paitrus, dugann 
andboitan ina. 

33 ^\> is gawandyandg sik, yah gasaiwh- 
ands Jsana siponyans seinans, andbait 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Mark 

J)iisendum, and hii fela wyligena brytsena 
ge namon fuUe 1 Hi ssedon, Seofou. 

21 Da ssede he him, Hwi ne ongyte 

gegyt? ^ 

2 2 And hi comon da to Bethzaida, and 
hi brohton him da fenne blindne, and 
bine bsedon, dset he bine pet-hrine. 

23 And da ret-hran he does blindan 
hand, and Isedde bine butan da wic, and 
spaette on his eagan, and his hand on- 
asette, and hine axode, hwaeder he aht 

24 Da cwsej) he da, da he hyne bcseah, 
Ic geseo men swylce treow gangende. 

25 Eft he asette his handa ofer his 
eagan, and he geseah da, and wear)? 
geedniwod, swa diet he beorhtlice eall 

26 Da sende he hyne to his huse, and 
cw£e|), Ga to dinum huse; and deah 
dii on tun ga, nsenegum du hit ne 

27 Da code he and his leorning-cnih- 
tas on dset castel Cesarese Philippi. And 
he on wege his leorning-cnihtas ahsode, 
Hwaet secgaj) men daet ic sy 1 

28 Da andswarodon hi, Sume, lohan- 
nem done Fulluhtere ; sume, Heliam ; 
sume, sumne of dam witegum. 

29 Da cw8ej> he, Hwset secge ge dset ic 
sy? Da andswarode Petrus him, and 
cwsejj, Dii eart Crist. 

30 And da bead he him, dset hi nsen- 
egum be him ne saedon. 

31 Da ongan he hi Iseran, da^t mannes 
sunu gcbyre)> fela ))inga jjolian, and beon 
aworpen fram ealdormannum, and heah- 
sacerdum, and b5cerum, and beon of- 
slegen, and softer prim dagum arisan. 

32 And sprsec da opcnlrce. And da 
nam Petrus hine, and ongan hine 

33 Da bewende he hine, and cidde 
Petre, and cvva})>, Ga onbsec, Satanas; 

VIII. 21-33.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

four thousande of men, how many leepis 
of brokene mete 56 token vp ? Antl thei 
seyen, Seuene. 

2 1 And he seide to hem, How vndir- 
stonden 56 not jit 1 

22 And thei comen to Bethsayda, and 
thei bryngen to him a blynd man, and 
})reieden hym, that he schulde touche 

23 And the bond of the blynd man 
takun, he ledde him out of the streete, 
and spetynge in to his yjen, his hondis 
put to, he axide him, it he syj ony 

24 And he biholdinge, seith, I se men 
as trees walkynge. 

25 Aftirward eftsoones he puttide 
hondis on his yjen, and he bigan for to 
se, and he is restorid, so that he syj 
clerely alle thingis. 

26 And he sente him in to his hous, 
seyinge, Go in to thi hous'; and if thou 
schalt go in to the streete, seye to no 

27 And Jhesus entride yn and his dis- 
ciplis in to the castels of Sezarie of 
Philip. And in the weye he axide his 
disciplis, seiynge to hem, Whom seyn 
men me for to be ? 

- 28 The whiche answeriden to hym, 
seiynge, Summe, John Baptist ; othere 
seyn, Helye ; but othere seyii, as oon 
of the prophetis. 

29 Thanne he seith to hem. But whom 
seye 56 me for to be 1 Petre answeringe, 
seith to him. Thou ert Crist. 

30 And he thretenyde hem, that thei 
schulden nat seie to ony man of him. 

3 1 And he bigan for to teche hem, for 
it bihoueth mannis sone suffre manye 
thingis, and to be reproued of the hijeste 
prestis, and of eldere men, and scribis, 
and to be slayn, and aftir thre dayes, 
for to rise ajen. , 

32 And he spak playnli the word. 
And Petre takynge him, bygan for to 
blame him. 

33 The which turnyd, seynge his dis- 
ciplis, manaside Petre, seiynge. Go aftir 

TYNDALE, 1^26. 


howe many baskettes of the levinges of 
broken meate toke ye vp ] Tliey sayde, 

2 1 And he sayde vnto them, Howe is 
it that ye vnderstonde not ] 

22 And he cam to Bethsayda, and they 
brought a blynde man vnto him, and 
desyred hym, to touche him. 

23 And he caught the blinde by the 
honde, and ledd hym out off the toune, 
and spat in hys eyes, and put hys hondes 
apon hym, and axed him, yf he sawe 
eny thinge. 

24 And he loked vp, and sayde, I se 
men, for I se them walke as they were 

25 After that he put his hondes agayne 
apon his eyes, and made hym see, and 
he was restored to his sight, and sawe 
every man clerly, 

26 And he sent hym home to his awne 
housse, sayinge, Nether go into the 
toune, nor tell it to eny in the toune, 

27 And Jesus went out and his dis- 
ciples into the tounes that longe to the 
cite called Cesarea Philippi. And by 
the waye he axed his disciples, sayinge, 
Whom do men saye that Y am 1 

28 They answered, Some saye, that 
thou arte Jhon Baptiste ; some saye, 
Helyas; and some, one off the pro- 

29 And he sayde unto them, But whom 
saye ye that I am? Peter answered, 
and sayd vnto hym. Thou arte very 

30 And he charged them, that they 
shulde tell no man off it. 

31 And he began to declare vnto 
them, howe that the sonne of man muste 
suffre many thynges, and shulde be re- 
proved off the seniours, and off the 
hye prestes, and scrybes, and shulde be 
kylled, and after thre dayes, aryse 

32 And he spake that sayinge openly. 
And Peter toke hym a syde, and began 
to chyde hym. 

33 He tourned aboute, and loked on 
his disciples, and rebuked Peter, sayinge, 


GOTHIC, 360. 

Paitru, qi))ancls, Gagg hindar mik, Sat- 
ana; uute ni fraj)yis |)aim Gujjs, ak Jiaim 

34 Yah atliaitands ))0 managein, mi)) 
siponyam seiuaim, qa)> du "im, Saei will 
afai- mis laistyan, iuwidai sik silban, yah 
nimai galgan seinana, yah Uiistyai aiik. 

35 Saci allis wili saiwala seiua ga- 
nasyan, fi-aqistei)? izai ; ij> saei fraqisteij) 
saiwaUii seiuai in meina yah iu J;izos 
aiwaggelyons, gauasyij? ]>o. 

36 Wha auk botei)) mannan, yabai 
gageigaij) ))ana faivwhu allana, yah ga- 
sleijjeij) sik saiwahxi seiuai 1 

37 Ai})J)au wha gibijj manna inmaidein 
eaiwalos seinaizos ] 

38 Uute saei skamaij) sik meina, j^ah 
waui'de meiuaize in gabaurj^ai ))izai hor- 
inoudein yah frawaurhton, yah suuus 
mans skamai]) sik 'is, J)au qimi|) in 
Avuljiau attius seinis, m\]> aggilum ];aim 

Chap. IX. i Yah qa}> du im, Amen 
qijja izwis, Jiatei siud sumai Jjize her 
staudandaue, J^ai ize ui kausyaud dauj)- 
aus, uute gasaiwhaud ])iudiuassu Gu|)S 
qumauana in mahtai. 

2 Yah afar dagaus saihs gauam lesus 
Paitru, yah lakobu, yah lohannen, yah 
ustauh ins ana fairguui hauh sundro 
ainaus ; yah inmaidida sik in audwair])- 
ya ize. 

3 Yah wastyos is waur))un ghtmun- 
yaudeius wheitos swe snaiws, swaleikos 
swe wullareis ana airjjai ni mag ga- 

4 Yah ataugi})S war}> im Helias mijj 
Mose, yah wesun rodyaudans mi]) lesua. 

5 Yah andhafyands Paitrus qa]' du 
lesua, Piabbei, goj) ist unsis her wisan ; 
yah gawaui-kyam hliyans |)rius, |)us aiu- 
aua, yali Mose aiuaua, yah ainana lie- 

Ni auk wissa wha rodidedi ; wesun 
auk usagidai. 

7 Yah war)) milhma ufiirskadwyauds 
im; yah qam stibua us ))anuna milhmin, 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Mark 

fordam du nast da ))ing de synd Godes, 
ac da ))ing de synd manna. 

34 Da cwse)) he, togtedere geclypedre 
menegu, mid his leoruing-cnihtum, Gif 
hwa wyle me fyligean, widsace hiue 
sylfne, and nime his cwyhuinge, and 
folgige me. 

35 Se de wyle his sawle hale gedon, 
se hi forspil)) ; se de forspil)) his sawle 
for me and for dam godspelle se big 

36 Hwa?t frema)) men, deah he eallne 
middau-eard gestryiie, and do his sawle 
forwjTd 1 

37 Odde hwylc gewryxl syl)) se man 
for his sawle ? 

38 S6))lice se de me forsyh)), and mine 
word on disre uuriht-hsemedau and syn- 
fulran cneorisse, done manues suuu for- 
syh)), donue he cym)) on his fajder 
wuldre, mid halgum englum. 

Chap. IX. i Da ssede he him, So))lice 
ic secge eow, d;et surae synd her wuu- 
ieude, de dea)) ne onbyrigea)), ser hi 
gescon Godes rice on msegne cuman.''' 

2 Da sefter syx dagum nam se Hselend 
Petrum, and lacobum, and lohauuem, 
and liedde hi sylfc ou suudron on sumne 
heahne munt ; aud wear)) beforan him 

3 And his reaf wurdon glitiniende swa 
hwite swa snaw, swa nan fullere ofer 
eor))an ne niseg swa hwite gedon. 

4 Da a^tywde him Ilelias mid Moyse, 
and to him sprtEcon. 

5 Da andswarode Petrus him and cvrx]>, 
Lareow, god is da^t Ave her beon ; and 
utou wyrcau her ))reo eardung-stowa, de 
ane, and Moyse auc, and Helie aue. 

6 S6))lice he nyste hwjet he cwse]> ; he 
wass afaered mid ege. 

7 Aud SCO lyft hi ofersceadcwode ; aud 
stefu com of diore lyfte, and cwai)), Des 

VIIT. 34.-IX. 7.] WYCLIFFE,i389. 

me, Sathanas ; for thou sauerist uot tho 
tlungis that ben of God, but tho thiugis 
that ben of men. 

34 And the cumpanye of peple gederid, 
with his disciplis, he seide to hem, If 
ony man Avole sue me, deuye he him 
self, and take he his cros, and sue he 

35 Sothly who so wole make his soule"'" 
saf, he schal leese it ; forsothe he that 
schal leese his soule''' for me and the 
gospel, schal make it saf. 

36 Sothli what profiteth it a man, if he 
Wynne al the world, and do peyringe to 
his soule 1 

37 Or what chaungyng schal a man 
5yue for his soule 1 

38 Forsoth who that schal knoleche 
me, and my wordis in this generacioun 
auoutresse, and mannis sone schal know- 
leche him, whanne he schal come in the 
glory of his fadir^ with his aungels. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


Chap. IX. i And he seide to hem, 
Treuly I seie to 50U, for ther ben summe 
of men stondinge here, the whiche 
schulen not taste deeth, til thei sen the 
rewme of God comynge in vertu. 

2 And aftir sixe dayes Jhesus took 
Petre, and James, and John, and ledith 
hem by hem selue aloone in to an hi3 
hil ; and he is transfigurid byfore hem. 

3 And his clothis ben maad schynynge 
and white ful moche as snow, and which 
maner clothis a fuUere^ may uot make 
white on erthe. 

4 And Helye with Moyses apperide to 
hem, and thei weren spekynge with 

5 And Petre answeringe seith to Jhesu, 
Maistir, it is good vs for to be here ; 
make we here tlc-e tabernaclis, oon to 
thee, oon to Moyses, and oon to Helye. 

6 Sothli he wiste not what he schulde 
seie ; forsothe thei weren agast by drede. 

7 And ther is maad a cloude schadew- 
inge hem ; and a Yoys cam of the cloude, 

Goo after me, Satan ; for thou saverest 
not the thynges off God, but the thynges 
off men. 

34 And he called the people vnto hym, 
with his disciples also, and sayd vnto 
them. Whosoever Avyll folowe me, lett 
hym forsake hym silfe, and take vp his 
ci'osse, and folowe me. 

35 For Avhosoever wyll save his lyfe, 
shall lose it ; but whosoever shall lose 
his lyfe for my sake and the gospels, the 
same shall save it. 

36 What shal it profet a man yf he 
shulde wyn all the worlde, and loose his 
awne soule 1 

37 Or els what shall a man geve to 
redeme his soule agayne 1 

38 Whosoever therfore shall be as- 
shamed off me, and off my wordes a- 
monge this advoutrous and sinfuU gene- 
racion, of hym shall the sonne of man 
be ashamed, when he commeth in the 
glory of his father, with the holy angels. 

Chap. IX. i And he sayde vnto them, 
Verely I saye vnto you, there be some 
off them that stonde here, which shall 
not taste of deeth, tyll they have sene 
the kyngdom off God come with power. 

2 And after .vj. dayes Jesus toke Peter, 
James, and Jhon, and leede them vj) in 
to an hye mountayue out of the waye 
alone ; and he was transfigured before 

3 And his rayment did shyne and was 
made very whyte even as snowe, so 
whyte as noo fuller can make apon the 

4 And there apered vnto them Helyas 
Avith Moses, and they talked with Jesu. 

5 And Peter answered and saytie to 
Jesu, Master, here is good beinge for vs ; 
let vs make .iij. tabernacles, one for the, 
one for Moses, and one fur Helyas. 

6 And wist not what he sayde; for 
they were aft-ayde. 

7 And there was a cloude that shad- 
dowed them ; and a voyce cam out of 

p 2 


GOTHIC, 360. 

8a "ist siinus mcins sa liuba, J)amma 

8 Yali anaks iusaiwhantlans, ni f)an- 
aseijjs ainoliun gasewhuu, alya lesu 
ainana mi}) sis. 

9 Dala)) l^an atgaggandam i'm af |'amma 
fiiiroiinya, anabauj) im, ci niamihun ni 
spillodcdcina patei gascwluin, niba bi])e 
suuus mans us dau])aim ussto})i. 

10 Yah ))ata waurd habaidedun du sis 
misso, sokyandans wlia ist Jjata, us 
daujjaim usstandan. 

11 Yah fi-ehun ina, qi|)andans, Unte 
qij^and |)ai bokaryos, })att'i Helias skuli 
qiman fanijns 1 

12 ij) is andhafyands qa|» du "im, Helia 
swe})auh qimands faur})is, aftragabotei)? 
alia ; yah whaiwa gamclil) 'ist bi sunu 
mans, ei manag wiunai, yah frakunjjs 

13 Akei qi|)a izwis, Jjatei yu Helias 
qam, yah gatawidedun imina swa filu 
swe wildedun, swasvve gamelij) "ist bi 

14 Yah qimands at siponyam, gasawh 
filu manageihs bi ins, yali bokaryans 
sokyandans mijj im. 

15 Yah sunsaiw alia managei ga- 
saiwhandaus ina, usgeisnodedun ; yah 
durinnandans, inwitun ina. 

16 Yah frah jjans bokaryans, Wha 
sokei}) mi]j })aim 1 

I'j Yah andhafyands ains us jjizai 
managein qaj), Laisari, brahta sunu 
meinana du J)us habandan ahman un- 
rodyandan ; 

18 Yah })isvvhavuh ]>ei ina gafixhi|), ga- 
wairpij) ina, yah whajiyi]), yah kriusti]) 
tun[)uns scinans, yah gastaurknij). Yah 
qa|) siponyam ))einaim, ci usdreibeina 
ina, yah ni mahtedun. 

19 I|) i's andliafyands im qaJ), 0! kuni 
ungalaubyiuido, und Avha at izwis siyau, 
unci wha jjulau izwis 1 Baiiij; iua du 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Mark 
is min leofesta sunu, gehyraj) bine. 

8 And sona da hi besawon, hi nnnne hi 
mid liim ne gesawon, biiton done Hael- 
end sylfne mid him. 

9 And da hi of dam munte astigon, he 
bead him, dret hi nanum ne saedon da 
jjing de hi gesawon, biiton doune man- 
nes sunu of deal'O arise. 

10 Hi da diet word geheoldon betwux 
him, and smeadon hwset daet "wsere, 
donne he of deajje arise. 

1 1 And hi hine ahsodon da, Hwait 
secga}) Pliarisei and da boccras, da3t 
gebyTa|j gerest Helias cume 1 

12 Da SBede he him andswariende, 
Helias ealle J)ing ge-edniwa|), donne he 
cymj) ; swa be mannes suna awriten is, 
dtet he fela J^olige, and si oferhogod. 

13 Ac ic secge eow, dajt Helias com, 
and hi dydon him swa hwa^t swa hi 
woldon, swa be him awriten is. 

14 And da he com to his leorning- 
cnihtum, he geseah mycele mcncgu 
abutou hi, and boccras mid him sj^rec- 

15 And sona eall folc dsene Hselend 
gesconde, wear}) afCred, and forht ; and 
hine gretende, him to urnon. 

16 Da ahsode he hi, Hwset smeage ge 
betweox cow P 

17 Him andsAvarode an of dsere men- 
igu, Larcow, ic brohte minnc sunu 
dumbne gast hajbbendc ; 

18 Se swa hwa^r swa he hine gelaec}), 
forgnit hine, and tc)})um gristbita)), and 
forscrinc}). And ic Si6de dinnm Icorn- 
ing-cnihtum, diet hi hine ut-adrifon, and 
hi ne mihton. 

19 Da andswarode he him, Eala ! un- 
gelcaffulle cneorys, swa lange swa ic 
mid eow beo, swa lange ic cow ])olige 1 
Bringaj) hine to me. 

IX. 8-19.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

seylnge, This is my mooste deereworthe 
sone, lieere 50 liim. 

8 And anon tliei biholdinge aboute, 
3756 no more any man, no but Jhesus 
oonly with hem. 

9 And hem comynge doAvn fro the hil, 
he comaundide hem, that thei schulde 
not telle to any man tho thingis that 
thei hadde seyn, no but whanne mannis 
sone hath risun fro deede spiritis. 

TO And thei heelden the woi-d at hem 
silf, sekynge what schulde be, whanne 
he hath risun fro deede. 

1 1 And thei axiden him, seyinge, What 
therfore seyn Pharisees and scribis, for 
it bihoueth Helye for to come first 1 

1 2 The which answeringe seith to hem, 
Whanne Helye schal come first, he schal 
restore alle thingis ; and hou it is writun 
in to mannis sone, that he suffre many 
thingis, and be despisid. 

13 But I seie to 50U, for and Helye is 
comun, and thei diden to him what euere 
thingis thei wolden, as it is writun of 

14 And he comjmge to his disciplis, 
sy3 a greet cumpany aboute hem, and 
scribis axynge with hem. 

15 And anon al the cumpanye seynge 
Jhesu, was astoneyed, and thei dreden ; 
and thei rennynge to, greeten him. 

1 6 And he axide hem, What seken 56 
among 30U 1 

17 And oon of the cumpany answei"- 
inge seide, Maistir, I haue brou5t to 
thee my sone hauynge an vnclene spirit ; 

1 8 The which wher euere he schal take 
hym, hirtith him, and he frothith,''' and 
betith to gidere with teeth, and wexith 
drye. And I seide to tlii disciplis, that 
thei schulden caste hym out, and thei 
my3ten not. 

1 9 The which answeringe to hem seide, 
A ! thou schrewid generacioun and out 
of bileue, hou longe schal I be at 50U, 
hou longe schal I suffre 30UI Brynge 
je hym to me. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


the cloude, saynge. This ys my dere 
Sonne, here hym. 

8 And sodenly they loked rounde 
aboute them, and sawe no man more, 
but Jesus only. 

9 As they cam doune from the hill, he 
charged them, that they shulde tell no 
man what they had sene, tyll the sonne 
of man were risen from deeth agayne. 

10 And they kepte that saynge with 
in them, and demaunded won of another, 
what that rysinge from deeth agayne 
shulde meane. 

1 1 And they axed hym, sayinge. Why 
then saye the scribes, that Helyas muste 
fyrste come 1 

1 2 He answered and sayde vnto them, 
Helyas at his fyrste commynge, shall 
brynge all thynges agayne into good 
order ; and even so ys it wrytten off 
the Sonne off man, that he shall suffre 
many thinges, and shall be set att 

13 And I saye vnto you, thatt Helyas 
ys come, and they have done vnto hym 
whatsoever pleased them, as it is wrytten 
off hym. 

14 And he cam to his disciples, and 
sawe moche people aboute them, and 
the sci-ibes disputinge with them. 

15 And streyght waye all the people 
behelde hym, and "were amased ; and 
ran to hym, and saluted hym. 

16 And he sayde vnto the scribes, 
What dispute ye with them? 

1 7 And won of the companye answered 
and sayde. Master, I have brought my 
sonne vnto the which hath a dom spirite ; 

18 And whensoever he taketh hym, he 
teareth hym, and he fometh, and gnassh- 
eth with his tethe, and pyneth awaye. 
And I spake to thy disciples, that they 
shulde caste hym out, and they coulde 

1 9 He answered him and sayd, ! 
generacion without ftiight, howe longe 
shall Y be with you, howe longe shall Y 
suffie youl Bringe him vnto me. 

214 GOTHIC, 360. 

20 Yali brahtedun ina at imma. Yah 
gasaiwhauds 'ina, suiisaiw sa alnna taliida 
ina ; yah diiusands ana air|)a, walwisoda 

2 1 Yah frah ))ana attan is, Whan lagg 
mel ist, ei jjata wavj) imma 1 !]> is qa]), 
Us barniskya ; 

22 Yah ufta ina yah in fon atwarp yah 
in wato, ei usqistidedi imma ; akei 
yabai mageis, hilp unsara, gablei}'yands 

23 If) Icsus qa]) du imma, pata yabai 
mageis gahaubyan, allata mahteig |iamma 

24 Yah sunsalw ufhropyands sa atta 
))is barnis mi|) tagram qa]?, Gaiaubya ; 
hilp meinaizos ungalaubeinais. 

25 Gasaiwliands jjau lesus Jjatei sama}) 
rann managei, gawhotida ahmin })amma 
unhrainyin, qifiands du imma, pu alnna 
|)U unrodyands yah banjos, ik ))us ana- 
iaiuda, usgagg us J^amma, yah J)anaseiJ)3 
ni galei))ais in ina. 

26 Yah hropyands, yah filu tahyands 
ina, usiddya ; yah war^ swe dau})s, swa- 
swc managai qejmn, jjatei gaswalt. 

27 i|) lesus undgreipands ina bi hand- 
au, urraisida ina ; yah ussto}j. 

28 Yah galeij'andan ina in gai\l, sip- 
onyos is frchun ina sundro, Duwhe weis 
ni mahtedum usdreiban J)ana 1 

29 Yah qa)) du !hn, pata kuni in 
waihtai ni mag usgaggan, niba iu bidai 
yah festubnya. 

30 Yah yain))ro usgaggandans, iddye- 
dun jjairh Galeilaian ; yah ni wilda ei 
whas wissedi. 

3 1 Unte laisida siponyans seinans, yah 
qa)) du im, patei sunus mans atgibada 
in handuns manne, yah usqimand imma, 
yah usqistiJ)S, {)ridyin daga usstandij). 

32 i|) cis ni fro))un ))amma waurda, 
yah ohtedun ina fraihnan. 

33 Yah qam in Kafarnaum. Yah in 
garda qunians, frah ins, Wha in wiga 
mij) izwis misso mitodedu))? 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Mark 

20 Da brohton hi hine. And da he 
hine geseah, sona se gast hine gedrefde ; 
and on eor)'an forgnyden, faemende he 

21 And da ahsode he hys faeder, Hu 
lang tid is, syddan him dis geb}Tede 1 
Da c\yie\> he. Of cildhade ; 

22 He hine gelomlice on fyr and on 
wfeter sende, dtet he hine forspilde ; ac 
gif dii hwset miht, gefylst us, ure ge- 

23 Da cwsej) se Hselend, Gyf du ge- 
lyfan miht, ealle Jjing synd gelyfedum 

24 Da sona hrymde dses cildes faeder 
and wepende cwaej), Drihten, ic gelyfe ; 
gefylst minre ungeleaffulnysse. 

25 And da se Hfelend geseah da to- 
j-rncndan mencgu, he behead dam un- 
clsenan gaste, dus cwedende, Eahi deafa 
and dumba gast, ic beode de, ga of him, 
and ne ga du leng on hine. 

26 He da hrymende, and hine swyde 
slitende, eode of him ; and he wses 
SAvylce he dead wsere, swa, dajt manega 
cwsedon, s5))lice he is dead. 

27 Da nam se Hselend his hand, and 
hine up-ahof ; and he aras da. 

28 And da he into dam huse code, his 
leorning-cnihtas hine digollice ahsodon, 
Hwi ne mihton we hine lit-adrifan 1 

29 Da Scede he, Dis cyn nc mreg of 
nanum men lit-gan, buton })urh gebcdu 
and on frestenc. 

30 Da hi danon ferdon, hig forbugon 
Galilcam; he nolde dset hit sehig man- 

31 S6j)lice he laerde his leorning- 
cnihtas, and sscde, S5))lice mannes sunu 
h\\> geseald on synfulra handa, daet hi 
hine ofslcan, and ofslagen, dam ))riddan 
dajge he arist. 

32 Da nyston hi dtet word, and hi 
adredon hine ahsiende. 

33 Da comon hi to Capharnaum. And 
da hi set bam wseron, he ahsode hi, 
Hwaet smeade ge be wege? 

IX. 20-33.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

20 And thei brou3ten liym to. And 
whanne he hadde seyn him, anon the 
SY)int troublide him ; and he cast doun 
in to the erthe, was walewid frothiuge. 

2 1 And he axide his fadir, Hon moche 
of tyme it is, sithen this thing fel to 
him 1 And he seith, Fro childhod ; 

22 And ofte he liath sent him and in 
to fier and in to watir, that he schulde 
leese him ; but and if thou maist ony 
thing, help vs, hauynge mercy on vs. 

23 Sothli Jhesus seith to him, If thou 
maist bileue, alle thingis ben possible to 
a man bileuynge. 

24 And anon the fadir of the child cri- 
ynge with teeris seide, Lord, I bileue ; 
help thou myn vnbileuefulnesse. 

25 And whanne Jhesus hadde seyn the 
company of peple rennynge to gidere, 
he manaside to the vnclene spirit, sey- 
inge to him, Thou deef and doumb 
spirit, I comaund thee, g'o out fro him, 
and entre not more in to him. 

26 And he criynge, and moche to- 
breidynge him, wente out fro him ; and 
he is maad as deed, so that manye seiden, 
that he was deed. 

27 Forsoth Jhesus holdynge his bond, 
lifte vp him ; and he roos. 

28 And whanne he hadde entrid in to 
an hous, his disciplis axiden him priuely, 
Whi my5ten not we caste hym out ] 

29 And he seyde to hem, This kynde 
in no thing may go out, no but in preier 
and fastinge. 

30 And thei gon fro thennis, wenten 
forth in to Galile ; and he wolde no 
man wite. 

31 He tau3te his disciplis, and seide 
to hem. For mannus sone schal be bi- 
trayed in to the hondis of men, and thei 
schulen sle him, and he slayn, on the 
thridde day schal rise a5en. 

32 And thei kuewen not the word, and 
dredden for to axe him. 

33 And thei camen to Cafarnaum. 
Which whenne he was in the hous, axide 
hem, "What tretiden 30 in the weie ? 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


20 And they brought him vnto him. 
And as sone as the sprete sawe him, he 
tare him ; and he fell doune on the 
grounde, walowinge and fomynge. 
^ 21 And he axed his father, Howe longe 
is it a goo, sens this hath happened hym 1 
And he sayde, Of a chylde ; 

22 And ofte tymes casteth hym in to 
the fyre and also in to the water, to 
destroye hym ; butt yff thou canste do 
eny thynge, have mercy on vs, and 
helppe vs. 

23 Jesus sayde vnto him, Ye yf thou 
couldest beleve, all thynges are possyble 
to hym that belevith. 

24 And streygthwaye the father off the 
chylde cryed with teares sayinge, Lorde, 
I beleve ; sucker myne vnbelefe. 

25 When Jesus sawe that the people 
cam runny nge togedder vnto hym, he 
rebuked the foule sprete, sayinge vnto 
hym, Thou dom and clefFe sprete, I 
charge the, come out of hym, and entre 
no more in to hym. 

26 And the sprete cryed, and rent him 
sore, and cam out ; and he was as won 
that had bene deed, in so moche that 
many sayde, he is deed. 

27 Butt Jesus caught hys honde, and 
lyfte hym vpp ; and he roose. 

28 And when he was come in to the 
housse, his disciples axed him secretly, 
Why coulde nott we caste hym out 1 

29 And he sayde vnto them, Thys 
kynde can by non other meanes come 
forth, but by prayer and fastynge. 

30 And they departed thens, and toke 
there iorney thorowe Galile ; and wolde 
not that eny man shulde have knowen itt. 

31 For he taught hys disciples, and 
sayde vnto them. The sonne off man 
slialbe delyvered in to the hondcs off 
men, and they shall kyll hym, and after 
that he ys kylled, he shall aryse agayne 
the thryd daye, 

32 Butt they wiste nott what that say- 
inge meant, and were afii'ayed to axe 

33 And he cam to Capernaum. And 
when he was come to housse, he sayde 
to them, What was that ye disputed by- 
twene you by the waye ? 


GOTHIC, 360. 

34 I J) eis slawaidedun ; du sis misso 
audrunnun, wharyis maists wesi. 

35 Yah sitands atwopida \>iins twalif, 
yah qa{> du im. Yabai whas wili frumists 
wisan, siyai allaize aftumists, yah allaim 

36 Yah nimands barn, gasatida ita 'in 
midyaim im ; yah aua armius nimands 
ita, qaj) du im, 

37 Saei ain ]>he swaleikaize barne 
andnimij? ana namin meinamma, mik 
andnimij); yah sawhazuh saei mik and- 
ninii)), ni mik andnimi}), ak ))ana sand- 
yandan mik. 

38 Andhof ]>an imma lohannes, qij>- 
ands, Laisari, sewhum sumana in })ein- 
amma namin usdreibandan unhuljjons, 
saei ni laistei)) unsis, yah wai'idedum 
imma, uute ni Uiistei|) unsis. 

39 i)> is qa|>, Ni wai-yij> imma ; 
ni mannahun auk ist saei tauyij> maht 
in namiu meinamma, yah magi sprauto 
ubil Avaurdyan mis. 

40 Unte saei nist \vi|)ra izwis, faui* 
iz\vis ist. 

41 Saei auk all is gadragkyai izwis 
stikla watins in namiu meinamma, unte 
Christaus siyuj), amen qipa izwis, ei ni 
fratpsteij) mizdon seiuai. 

42 Yah sawhazuh saei gamarzyai ain- 
ana ]>ize leitilaue J^ize galaubyandane du 
mis, go}) ist imma mais ei galagyaidau 
asiluqairnus ana balsaggan is, yah fra- 
waurpans wesi in marein. 

43 Yah yabai marzyai })uk handus 
]jeiua, afmait \>o ; go)) ^us ist ham fan an a 
in libain galei))an, ])au twos handuns 
habandin galei))an in gaiainnan, in fon 
pata unAvhapnando, 

44 parei maj)a ize ni gaswilti)), yah fon 
ni afwhapnif). 

45 Yah yabai fotus ))eins mai'zyai ))uk, 
afmait ina ; goj) ))us ist galeij)an in 
libain haltamma, jjau twans fotuns hab- 
andin gawairpan in gaiainnan, in fon 
J)ata unwhai)nando, 

46 parei ma))a ize ni gaswilti)), yah 
fon ni afwhapni)). 

47 ^iili yabai augo ))ciu marzyai ))uk. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Mark 

34 And hi suwodon ; witodlice hi on 
wcge smeadon, hwylc hyra yldost wsere. 

35 Da he sset he clypode hi twelfe, 
and saede him, Gif cower hwylc wyle 
beon fyrmest, beo se eadmodost, and 
eower ealra )jen. 

36 Dii nam he anne cnapan, and ge- 
sette on hyra middele ; da he hine 
beclypte, he ssede him, 

37 Swa hwylc swa anne of dus ge- 
radum cnapum on minum naman onfeh)), 
se onfeh)) me ; and se de me onfeh)), he 
ne onfeh)) me, ac done de me sende.''" 

38 Da andswarode lohannes, and cwae)), 
Lareow, sumne we gesawon on diuum 
naman deofol-seocnessa ut-adrifende, se 
ne fylig)) us, and we him forbudon. 

39 Da cwae)) he, Ne forbcode ge him ; 
nis nan de on minum naman msegen 
wyrce, and msege radc be me yfele 

40 Se de nis agen eow, se is for 

41 S6))lice se de syl)) drinc eow calic 
fulne wa^teres on minum naman, fordara 
ge Cristes synd, ic eow so)) secge, ne 
forlyst he his mede. 

42 And swa hwa swa gedref)) senne of 
dyssum lytlingum on me gelyfendum, 
betere him wsere da^t an cweorn-stan 
wsere to his sweoran gecnyt, and waere 
on sae beworpen. 

43 And gif din hand de swica)), ceorf 
hi of ; betere de is da^t dii wanlial to 
life ga, donne dii twa handa h;ebbe and 
fare on helle, and on unacwenccdlic 

44 Dar hyra wyrm ne swylt, and fyr 
ne bi)) acwenced. 

45 And gif din fot swica)) de, ceorf 
hine of; betere de is d;et dii healt 
ga on ece lif, donne du ha-bbe twcgcn 
fet and si awori)cn on belle, una- 
cwenccdlices fyres, 

46 Dar hyra wyrm ne swylt, ne fyr ne 
bi)) adwtesced. 

47 Gif din cage de swicaj), wcorp hit 

IX. 34-47-] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

34 And thei weren stille ; sotlili tliei 
disputiden among hem in the weie, who 
of hem schulde be more. 

35 And he sittinge clepide the twelue, 
and seith to hem, If any man wole be 
the first among 50U, he schal be the 
la,ste, and mynystre of alle. 

36 And he takiuge a childe, ordeynede 
him in the myddil of hem ; whom 
whanne he hadde byclippid, he seith to 

37 Who cuere schal receyue oon of 
suche children in my name, he receyueth 
me ; and who euere receyueth me, he 
recejTieth not me aloone, but him that 
sente me. 

38 John answeride to him, seyinge, 
Maistir, we sy3en sum oon for to caste 
out fendis in thi name, the which sueth 
not vs, and we han forbedun him. 

39 Sothli Jhesus seith to him, Nyle 56 
forbede him ; ther is no ihan that doth 
vertu in my name, and may soone speke 
yuele of me. 

40 Forsothe he that is not a3ens vs, is 
for vs. 

41 Sothli who euere schal 3yue drynke 
to 30U a cuppe of cold watir in my name, 
for 3e ben of Crist, treuly I seie to 50U, 
he schal not leese his mede. 

42 And who euere schal sclaundre oon 
of thes litle bileuynge in me, it is good 
to him that a mylne stoon of assis were 
don aboute his necke, and were sent in 
to the see. 

43 And if thin bond sclaundre thee, 
kitt it awey ; it is good to thee feble to 
eutre in to lyf, than hauynge twey hondis 
go in to helle, in to fier that neuci'e schal 
be quenchid, 

44 Where the worm of hem deieth not, 
and the fier is not quenchid. 

45 And if thi foot sclaundre thee, kitt 
it of; it is good to thee for to entre 
crokid in to euerlasting lyf, than hau- 
ynge twey feet to be sent in to helle of 
fier, that neuer schal be quenchid, 

46 Where the worm of hem deieth not, 
and the fier is not quenchid. 

47 That if thin y3e sclaundre thee, cast 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


34 And they helde their peace ; for by 
the waye they reasoned amonge them 
selves, who shulde be the chefcst. 

35 And he sate doune and called the 
twelve vnto hym, and sayd to them, Yf 
eny man desyre to be fyrst, the same 
shalbe last oft' all, and servaunt vnto all. 

36 And he toke a chylde, and sett hym 
in the myddes of them ; and toke hym 
in hys armes, and sayde vnto them, 

37 Whosoever receave eny soche a 
chylde in my name, he receaveth me ; 
and whosoever receaveth me, receaveth 
not me, but him that sent me. 

38 Jhon answered him, sayinge. Master, 
we sawe won castinge out devyls in thy 
name, which foloweth not vs, and we 
forbade hym, be cause he foloweth vs 

39 But Jesus sayde. Forbid hym nott ; 
for there ys no man that shall do a 
myracle in my name, and can speake 
lightly evyll of me. 

40 ''^Tiosoever is not agaynste you, is 
on youre parte. 

41 And whosoever shall geve you a 
cuppe off water to drinke for my nams 
sake, be cause ye are belongynge to 
Christe, verely I saye vnto you, he shall 
nott loose his rewarde. 

42 And whosoever shall hourte won of 
this litell wons that beleve in me, it 
were better for him that a myll stone 
wei-e hanged aboute his necke, and that 
he were cast in to the see. 

43 And yf thy hande ofi'ende the, cut 
hym of; itt ys better for the to entre 
into lyfie maymed, then to goo with two 
hondes in to hell, in to fire that never 
shalbe quenched, 

44 Where there worme dyeth nott, and 
the fyre never goeth oute. 

45 And yf thy fote offende the, cut 
hym of ; it is better for the to goo halt 
in to lyfe, then with ij. fete to be cast 
into hell, into fyre that never shalbe 

46 Where there worme dyeth not, and 
the fyre never goeth oute. 

47 And yf thyne eye offende the, plucke 


GOTHIC, 360. 

uswairp 'imrna ; go|> ))us ist haihamma 
galeil>an "in ))iuclangardya Gu|)S, {^au twa 
aiigona habaudin atwairpan in gaiainnan 

48 parei maj^a iize ni gadaujinij), yah 
fon ni afwhapnij). 

49 Wliazuh auk funin saltada, yah 
wharyatoh hunsle salta saltada. 

50 Gop) salt ; i]? yabai salt unsaltan 
wair|Mj), wlie supuda? Habaij) iu izwis 
salt, yah gawairjjeigai siyai]) mij) azwis 

Chap. X. i Yah yainpiro usstand- 
ands, qam in markom ludaias hindar 
laurdanau; yah gaqemun sik aftra man- 
ageins du imma, yah swe biuhts, aftra 
laisida ins. 

2 Yah duatgaggandans Fareisaieis, 
frehun ina, Skuldu siyai mann qen af- 
satyan 1 fraisandans ina. 

3 ])) is andhafyands qa]j, Wha izwis 
anabaujj Moses 1 

4 Ij) eis qejjun, Moses uslaubida unsis 
bokos afsateinais raelyan, yah afletan. 

5 Yah andhafyands lesus qa)j du im, 
Wi)/ra harduhairtein izwara gamelida 
izwis Jjo anabusn. 

6 l]j af anastodeinai gaskaftais gumein 
yah qinein gatawida Guj) ; 

7 Inuh ])is bileij^ai manna attin seinam- 
ma yah aijjcin seinai, 

8 Yah siyaina Jjo twa du leika samin. 
Swaswe J^anaseijjs ni siud twa, ak Icik 

9 patei nu Gu]j gawaj), manna Jjanima 
ni skaidai. 

10 Yah in garda aftra siponyos is bi 
J)ata samo frehun ina. 

1 1 Yah qa)) du ira, Sawhazuh saei 
afleti)) qen seina, yah liugai]) anjjara, 
liorino)) du jnzai. 

1 2 Yah yabai qino afletij) aban seinana, 
yah liugada anjjaramma, horino]). 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995, [St . Mark 

ut ; betere de is mid anum eagan gaa 
on Godes rice, donne twa eagan hseb- 
bende sy aworpen on helle fyr, 

48 Dar hyi'a wyrm ne swylt, ne fyr ne 
bijj acwenced. 

49 S6|>lice selc man h\]> mid fyre ge- 
sylt, and selc offrung bi)> mid sealte 
gesylt. ^ 

50 God is sealt ; gif d?et sealt unscalt 
bi]>, on dam de ge hit syltaj) 1 Habba)) 
sealt on eow, and habba]) sibbe betwux 

Chap. X. 1 And danon, he com on 
ludeisce endas of lordane ; da comon 
eft menigu to him, and swa swa he 
gewunode, he hi Iserde eft-s6na. 

2 Da genealsehton him Pharisei, and 
hine axodon, Hwpeder alyf)? aeuegum 
men his wif forlsetan 1 his dus fand- 

3 Da andswarode he him, Hwset bead 
Moyses eow 1 

4 Hi ssedon, Moyses lyfde dfet man 
write hiw-gedales boc, and hi forlete. 

5 Da cwse]) se Hselend, For eowre 
heortan heardnesse he eow wrat dis 

6 Fram framan gesceafte God hi ge- 
worhte wsepncdman and wimman ; 

7 And cwae]), Foi-dam se man forlaet 
his fiedcr and moder, and hine his 
wife gejjcot, 

8 And beo]) tAvcgen on anum flsesce. 
Witodlice ne synd na twcgen, ac an 

9 Dret God gesamnodc, ne syndrigc 
da;t nan man. 

10 And eft innan huse his leorning- 
cnihtas hine be dam ylcan ahsodon. 

1 1 Da cwoe}) he, Swa hwylc man swa, 
his wif forlset, and odor nimj), unriht- 
hsemed he wyrcj) })urh lit. 

12 And gif da)t wif hire were forlaet, 
and oderne niraj), heo unriht-haem]).+ 

IX. 48.-X. 12.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

it out ; it is good to thee foi- to entre 
gogil 73 ed in to rewme of God, than 
hauynge twey y5en for to be sent in to 
belle of fier, 

48 Where the worm of hem deietb not, 
and the fier is not quenchid. 

49 Forsoth euery man schal be saltid^ 
with fier, and euery slayn sacrifice schal 
be sauorid with salt. 

50 Salt is good thing ; that if salt be 
vnsauori, in what thing schulen ^e make 
it sauori 1 Haue 56 salt in 30U, and 
baue 36 pees among 30U. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


Chap. X. i And Jhesus risynge vp 
fro thennis, cam in to the endis of Jude 
ouer Jordan ; and eftsoones the cum- 
panyes of peple camen to gidere to him, 
and as he was wont, eftsoone he tau3te 

2 And Pharisees comyngfe ny5, axiden 
him. If it be leefful to a man for to 
leeue^ his wyf *? temptinge him. 

3 And he answei'inge seith to hem, 
What comaundide Moyses to 30U 1 

4 The whiche seiden, Moyses sufFride 
to write a libel of forsakinge, and to 

5 To whom Jhesus answcringe seith, 
To the hardnesse of 50ure herte Moyses 
wroot to 50x1 this precept. 

6 Forsothe fro the bigynnyng of crea- 
ture God made hem male and female ; 

7 And he scide, For this thing a man 
schal leeue fadir and modir, and schal 
clefe to his wif, 

8 And thei schulen be tweyne in o 
fleisch. And so now thei ben not 
tweyne, but o fleisch. 

9 Therfore that thing that God ioynede 
to gidere, no man departe. 

10 And eftsoone in the hows his dis- 
ciplis axiden him of the same thing. 

11 And he seith to hem. Who euere 
schal leeue his wyf, and wedde another, 
he doth auoutrie vpon hir. 

1 2 And if the wyf schal leeue hir hose- 
bonde, and be weddid to another, she 
doth auoutrie. 

hym oute ; itt ys better for the to goo 
in to the kyngdom of God with one eye, 
then havynge two eyes to be caste into 
hell fyre, 

48 Where their worme dyeth nott, and 
the fyre never goeth oute. 

49 Every man therfore shalbe salted 
with fyre, and every sacryfyse shalbe 
seasoned with saltt. 

50 Salt ys good ; but yf the salt be 
vnsavery, what shall ye salte there with ] 
Se that ye have saltt in youre selves, 
and have peace amonge youre selves one 
with another. 

Chap. X. i And he rose from thens, 
and went in to the coostes of Jewry 
through the regyon that ys beyonde 
lordan; and the people resorted vnto 
hym afresshe, and as he was wont, he 
taught them agayne. 

2 And the Pharyses cam, and axed hym 
a question. Whether it were laufuU for 
a man to putt awaye hys wyfe] to 
prove hym. 

3 He answered and said vnto them, 
Wliat did Moses bid you do 1 

4 And they sayde, Moses suffred to 
wi-yte a testimonial! of her divorsment, 
and to putt her awaye. 

5 And Jesus answered and sayd vnto 
them, For because of youre harde herttes 
he wrote thys precept vnto you. 

6 But at the fyrst creacion God made 
them man and woman ; 

7 Sayinge, For thys thinges sake shall 
a man leve father and mother, and byde 
by his wyfe, 

8 And .ij. shalbe made won flesshe. So 
then are they nowe nott twayne, but 
won flesshe. 

9 Therfore that whych God hath cup- 
pled, let nott man separate. 

10 And in the housse his disciples axed 
him agayne of that mater. 

1 1 And he sayde vnto them, Wlioso- 
ever putteth awaye his wyfe, and maryeth 
another, breaketh wedlocke to her warde. 

12 And yf a woman forsake her hus- 
band, and be maryed to another, she 
committeth advoutry. 


GOTHIC, 360. 

13 panuh atberun du 'imma barna, ei 
attaitoki ini ; ajj Jjai siponyos is sokun 
J)aim bairaudam du. 

14 Gasaiwhands jjan lesus, unwerida, 
yah qa|) du im, Leti}) \>o barna gaggan 
du mis, yah ni waryijj Jjo, unte jjize. "ist 
J^iudaugardi Gujjs. 

15 Amen qi})a "izwis, saei ni andnimi}) 
piudangardya Gujjs swe barn, ni j^auh 
qimi}) in izai. 

1 6 Yah gajilaihands im, lagyands hand- 
uns ana ]>o, ))iu|)ida im. 

17 Yah usgaggandin imma in wig, 
duatrinuands aius, yah kuussyands, ba|) 
ina, qi})ands,Laisari j)iu|jeiga, .wha tauyau, 
ei libainais aiweinons arbya wairjjau i 

18 iijj is qa}) du imma, Wha mik qit)is 
))iu})eigana ] Ni whashun |)iu}jeigs, alya 
ains Guj). 

19 pos anabusnins kant, ni horinos, ni 
niaur})ryais, ni hlifais, ni siyais ga- 
liugavveitvvods, ni anamahtyais, swerai 
attan jjeinana yah aij^ein J>eina. 

20 paruh andhafyands qajj du imma, 
Laisari, ]jo alia gafastaida us yundai 

21 1}) lesus insaiwhands du imma, 
friyoda ina ; yah qaj) du imma, Ainis 
])us wan ist ; gagg, swa filu swe habais 
frabugei, yah gif Jjarbam, yah habais 
huzd in himinam ; yah hiri, laistyan 
mik nimands galgan. 

22 I}) is ganipnands in \>{s waurdis, 
galaij) gaurs, was auk habands faihu 

23 Yah bisaiwhands lesus, qa|j sipon- 
yam seinaira, Sai whaiwa agluba \>ax I'aiho 
gahabaudans in ])iudangai-dya Gujjs ga- 

24 I[) Jjai siponyos afslau))nodedun in 
waurde is. paruh lesus aftra andhaf- 
yands qajj im, Barnilona, whaiwa aglu 
ist, })aim hugyandam afar faihau in 
Jjiudangardya Gu))S galcijian. 

25 Azitizo ist ulbandau jjairh Jjairko 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Mark 

13 And hi brohton him hyra lytlingas, 
doet he hi set-hrine ; da ciddon his Icorn- 
ing-cnihtas dam de hi brohton. 

14 Da se Haelend hi geseah, unwurd- 
lice he hit forbead, and ssede him, LaetaJ) 
da lytlingas to me cuman, and no for- 
beode ge him, s6])lice swylcera is heofona 

] 5 S6|)lice ic secge cow, swa hwylc 
swa Godes rice ne oufehj} swa lytling, 
ne gee]? he on dtet. 

16 Da beclypte he hi, and his Landa 
ofer hi settcnde, bletsode hi.''' 

17 And da he on wege code, sum him 
to arn, and gebigcdum cneowc toforau 
him, cwpe[j, and ba?d hine, La goda 
lareow, hwaet do ic, dajt ic ece lif age 1 

18 Da cwsejj se Hselend, Hwi segst du 
me godne 1 Nis nan man g5d, biiton 
God ana. 

19 Canst du da bebodu, ne unriht- 
hsem dvi, ne slyh du, ne stel du, ne 
sege dii lease gewitnesse, facen nc do 
dii, weor))a diune feeder and dine moder. 

20 Da andswarode he, Goda lareow, 
call dis ic geheold of minre geogude. 

21 Se Haelend hine da bchealdende, 
lufode ; and saede him, A'n j)ing de is 
wana ; gesyle call dajt dii age, and sylc 
hit Jjearfum, donne hsefst dii gold-hord 
on heofonum ; and cum, and folga me . 

22 And for dam wordc he wa^s gc- 
uuret, and ferde gnornigende, fordam 
he hajfde mycele sehta. 

23 Da cwaij) se Hiclend to his Icorning- 
cnihtum, hine beseonde, Swyde earfoj)- 
lice on Godes rice gaj> da de feoh 

24 Da forhtodon his leorning-cnihtas 
be his wordum. Eft se Hsclcnd him 
andsAvaricnde cw8e|), Eala cild, swyde 
earfojjlice da de on hcora feo getruwig- 
ca]j giij) on Godes rice. 

25 Eadcre ys olfcnde to farcnnc jmrh 

X. 13-25] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

1 3 And Uiei offriden to him litle chil- 
dren, that he schulde touche hem ; 
sotheli disciplis thretenyden to men of- 

14 Wliom whanne Jhesus hadde seyn, 
he baar heuye,''' and seith to hem, Suftre 
56 litle children for to come to me, and 
forbede 36 hem not, forsoth of suche is 
the kyngdom of God. 

15 Treuli I seie to 5011, who euere 
schal not receyue the kyngdom of God 
as this litle child, he schal not entre in 
to it. 

1 6 And he biclippinge hem, and putt- 
inge hondis vpon hem, blesside hem. 

17 And whanne Jhesus was gon out 
in the weye, o man rennynge bifore, the 
kne bowid, preiede him, seiynge, Goode 
maistir, what schal I do, that I receyue 
euerlastinge lyf ? 

1 8 Forsothe Jhesus seide to him, What 
seist thou me good 1 No man good, no 
but God aloone. 

19 Thou hast knowen the comaunde- 
mentis, do thou non auoutrie, sle not, 
stele not, seie not fals witnessinge, do 
no fraude, worschipe thi fadir and modir. 

20 And he answeringe seith to him, 
Maistir, I haue kept alle these thiugis 
fro my 50uthe. 

21 Sothli Jhesus bihekl him, and louyde 
hym ; and he seide to him, O thing 
failith to thee ; go thou, selle thou what 
euere thingis thou hast, and 3yue to pore 
men, and thou schalt haue tresour in 
heuene ; and come, sue thou me. . . 

22 The which maad soi'wful in the 
word, wente awey mornynge, forsoth he 
was hauynge many possesciouns. 

23 And Jhesus biholdinge aboute, seith 
to his disciplis, How hard thei that han 
money schulen entre in to the kyngdom 
of God. 

24 Forsothe the disciplis weren ston- 
eyed in his wordis. And Jhesus eft- 
soone answeringe seith to hem, 3e litle 
sones, how hard thing it is, men trist- 
ynge in richessis for to entre in to the 
kyngdom of God. 

25 It is li3ter+ a camel for to passe 

TYNDALE, 1526. 221 

1 3 And they brought chyldren to hym, 
that he shoulde touche them ; and Jays 
disciples chid thoose that brought them. 

14 When Jesus sawe that, he was dis- 
pleased, and sayd vnto them, Snffre the 
chyldren to come vnto me, and forbid 
them not, for vnto suche belongeth the 
kingdom of God. 

15 Verely I saye to you, whosoever 
shall not receave the kyngdom of God 
as a chylde, he shall not entre therin. 

16 And he toke them vppe in his 
armes, and putt his hondes apon them, 
and blessed them. 

17 And when he was come out into 
the waye, there cam won runninge, and 
kneled to him, and axed him, Goode 
master, what shall I do, that I maye 
enheret eternal lyfe 1 

18 Jesus said vnto him. Why callesfc 
thou me goode 1 There is no man goode 
but won, whych ys God. 

1 9 Thou knowest the commaundmentes, 
breake not matrimony, kyll not, steale 
nott, here no falce wytnes, defraude no 
man, honor e thy father and thy mother. 

20 He answered and said to him. 
Master, all theese I have observed from 
my youth. 

2 1 Jesus behelde him, and had a favour 
to him ; and said vnto him. Won thinge 
is lackinge vnto the ; goo, and sell all 
that thoii hast, and geve itt to the 
povre, and thou shalt have treasure in 
heven ; and come, and folowe me and 
take thy crosse on the. 

22 But he was discumforted with that 
sayinge, and went awaye mornynge, for 
he had greate possessions. 

23 And Jesus loked rounde aboute, 
and sayd vnto hys disciples, With what 
difficulte shall they that have ryches 
entre into the kingdom of God. 

24 Hys disciples were astonnyed att 
hys wordes. Jesus answered agayne 
and sayde vnto them, Chyldren, howe 
harde is it, for them that truste in their 
ryches to entre in to the kyngdom off 

25 Hit ys easyer for a camell to go 


GOTHIC, 360. 

ne))los galeijjan, ]>au gabigainma in })iud- 
augardya Gujjs galeijjan. 

26 Ij) eis mais usgeisnodedun, qi))- 
audans du sis iiiisso, Yah wbas mag 
ganisan 1 

27 lusaiwhands du im lesus, qa]>, Akei 
fram maunam uumaliteig 'ist, ni fram 
GuJ)a ; allata auk mahteig ist fram 

28 Dugann J)an Paitrus qijjan du im- 
ma, Sai ! weis aflailotum alia, yali laist- 
idedum |;uk. 

29 Andhafyands im lesus quip, Amen 
qij'a izwis, ni whashun ist saei aflailoti 
gurd, ai))})au bro))runs, ai|5})au aijjein, 
ai|)))au attan, aij)))au qen, ai]'}'au bamia, 
ai})))au haimo]>lya in meiua yah in jjizos 

30 Saei ni andnimai .r. faljj nu in 
J)amma mela, gardins, yah brojjruns, yah 
swistruns, yah attan, yah aijjein, yah 
barna, yah haimo)>lya, mi]) wrakom, yah 
iu aiwa J)amma anawairjjin libain aiw- 

31 A|)])an managai wairjjand, fi-umans 
aftumaus, yah aftumaus frumans. 

32 "Wesunujj-Jjau ana wiga gaggandans 
du lairusaulwmai ; yah faurbigaggands 
ins lesus, yah sildaleikidedun, yah afar- 
laistyandans fauihtai -waurtjun. Yah 
anduimands aftra jjaus twalif, dugann 
im qijjan, j^oei habaideduu iua gadaban. 

33 patei sai ! usgaggam in lairusaul- 
wma, yah sunus mans atgibada J^aim 
ufargudyam, yah bokaryam ; yah ga- 
Avargyand ina daujjau, 

34 Yah bilaikand ina, yah bliggwand 
ina, yah speiwand ana ina; yah usqimand 
imma, yah j^ridyiu daga ustandijj. 

35 Yali athabaidedun sik du imma 
lakobus yah lohannes, sunyus Zaibai- 
daiaus, qijjandans, Laisai-i, wilcima, ei 
))atei I'uk bidyos, tauyais uggkis. 

36 i\> lesus qa}) im, Wha wileits 
tauyan mik igqis ? 

37 ^l^ eis qe})un du imma, Fragif ugkis, 
ei ains af taihswon Jjeinai, yah aius af 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Mark ' 

nsedic I'yrcl, (tonne se rlca and so wclcga 
on Godes rice ga. 

26 Hi titles de ma betwux him wun- 
drcdon, and cwsedon, And hwa, ma^g 
beon lial ? 

27 Dii beheold se Haelend hi, and 
cwsej), Mid maunum hit is uncaclelic, ac 
na mid Gode ; ealle ])ing mid Gode 
synd eadelice. 

28 Da ongan Petrus cwedan, Witod- 
lice ! we ealle ])ing forleton, and fol- 
godon de. 

29 Da andswarode him se. Haelend, 
Nis nan de his bus forlset, odde ge- 
brodru, odde geswustra, odde • feder, 
odde moder, odde beam, odde seceras 
for me and for dam godspelle, 

30 De hund-feald ne onfo nu on disse 
tide, bus, and brodru, and swustra, and 
feeder and moder, and beam, and 
seceras, mid ehtnessum, and on to- 
weardre worulde ece lif 

31 Manega fyrmeste beoJ> j'tcnieste, o 
and ytemeste fyrmeste. ] 

32 S6])lice hi ferdon on wege to Hieru- 
salem ; and se Hselend him beforau 
code, and hi adredon him bine, and him 
fyligdon. And eft he nam hi twelfc, 
and ongan him secgan, da ])ing de him 
tovvearde wseron. 

33 Diet we mi astiga}) to Hierusalem, 
and mannes sunu bijj geseald sacerda 
ealdmm, and bocerum, and ealdrum ; 
and hi bine deaj)e genyderia]), and hi 
bine J)eodum sylla)). 

34 And hi bine bysmriaj), and hi him 
on spseta)', and bine swinga|) ; and ofslcaj) 
bine, and he ilrist on dam briddan 

35 Him da gcncalaMiton to lacobus 
and loliannes, Zebedeis suna, and cwsud- 
on, LHreow, wc wylhij', diet dii us do, 
swa hwiut swa wc bitldal?. 

36 Da cwsej) he, Hwset wylle gyt dajt 
ic iuc do 1 

37 Da cwsedon hi, Syle unc, daet wyt 
sitton, on dinuni wuldrc, iln on dine 

X. 26-37-] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

thorw a nedlis 750, than a riche man for 
to eutre in to the kyngdoni of God. 

26 Wliicbe wondriden more, seyinge 
at hem selue, And who may be maad 

27 And Jhesus biholdinge hem, seith 
to hem, Anentis men it is impossible, 
but not anemptis God ; for alle thingis 
ben possible anemptis God. 

28 And aftirward Petre bigan for to 
seye to him, Loo ! we ban left alle 
thingis, and ban sued thee. 

29 Jhesus answeringe seith, Treuli I 
seie to 50U, ther is no man that schal 
leeue hous, or bretheren, or sistris, or 
fadir, or modir, or sones, or feeldis for 
me and for the gospel, 

30 The which schal not taken an hun- 
dridfold so moche now in this tyme, 
housis, and bretheren, and sistris, and 
modris, and sones, and feldis, with per- 
secuciouns, and in the world to comynge 
euerlasting lyf. 

31 Forsoth many scliulen be, the firste 
the laste, and the laste the firste. 

32 Forsothe thei weren in the weye 
sti3ynge to Jei'usalem ; and Jhesus wente 
bifore hem, and thei wondriden, and 
folowinge dredden. And eftsoone Jhe- 
sus takinge to twelue, bygan to seye 
to hem, what thingis weren to come to 

33 For lo ! we sti^en to Jerusalem, 
and mannus sone schal be bitrayed to 
the princes of prestis, and to scribis, 
and to eldere men; and thei schulen 
dampne him by deeth, and thei schulen 
bytake him to hethene men. 

34 And thei schulen scorne him, and 
byspeete him, and beete him ; and thei 
schulen sle him, and in the thridde day 
he schal ryse a5en. 

35 And James and Jon, Zebedees sones, 
camen nyj to him, seyinge, Maistir, we 
wolen, that what euere we schulen axe, 
thou do to vs. 

36 And he seide to hem. What wolen 
56 that I do to 50U ] 

37 And thei seiden, '^jue to vs, that 
we sitten that oon at thi ri5thalf, and 

TYNDALE, 1526. 223 

thorowe the eye of an nedle, then for a 
ryche man to entre into the kyngdom 
of God. , 

26 And they were astonnyed out of 
measure, sayinge betwene them selves, 
Who then can be saved 1 

27 Jesus loked apon them, and sayd. 
With men it is vnpossible, but not with 
God ; for with God all thinges are pos- 

28 And Petre began to saye vnto hym, 
Loo ! we have forsaken all, and have 
folowed the. 

29 Jesus answered and sayde, Verely 
I saye vnto you, there ys no man that 
hath forsaken housse, or bretln-en, or 
sisters, or father, or moder, or wyfe, 
other chyldren, or londes, for my sake 
and the gospelles, 

30 Whych shall nott receave an houu- 
dred foolde nowe in thys lyfe, houses, 
and brethren, and sisters, and mothers, 
and children, and londes, whith persecu- 
cions, and in the worlde to come eternall 


3 1 Many that are fyrst shalbe last, and 
the last fyrst. 

32 They were in the waye goinge vppe 
to Jerusalem ; and Jesus went before 
them, and they were amased, and as 
they folowed were affrayde. And Jesus 
toke the xij. agayne, and began to tell 
them, what thinges shulde happen vnto 

33 Beholde ! we goo vppe to Jerusa- 
lem, and the sonne off man shalbe de- 
lyvred vnto the hye preestes, and vnto 
the scribbes ; and they shall condempne 
hym to deeth, and shall delyvi-e hym to 
the gentyls. 

34 And they shall mocke hym, and 
scourge him, and spit apon hym ; and 
kill him, and the thirde daye he shall 
ryse agane. 

35 And James and Jhon, the sons off 
Zebede, cam vnto liym, sayinge, Master, 
we wolde, that thou shuldest do for vs, 
what soever we desyre. 

36 He sayde vnto them, "What wolde 
ye I shulde do vnto you 1 

37 They sayd vnto hym, Graunt vnto 
vs, that we maye sitt won on thy ryght 


GOTHIC, 360, 

hleidumein }>einai sitaiwa, 'in ^v^ll)5au 

38 1 1' lesus qajnih du im, Ni witu))S 
wliis bidyats ; niagutsu driggkan stikl, 
])anci ik driggka, yah daupeiuai Jjizaiei 
ik daupyada, ei daupyaindau 1 

39 I)) eis qc))un du imma, Magu. I]j 
lesus qajjuh du im, Swejiauh ))ana stikl 
])anei ik driggka driggkats, yah |)izai 
daupeinai, })izaiei ik daupyada, [daup- 
yanda;] + 

40 i}> ])ata du sitan af taihswon meinai 
aijjjjau af hleidumeiu nist mein du gi- 
ban, alya Jjaimei manwij) was. 

41 Yah gahausyandans ])ai taihun du- 
gunnun uuweryan bi lakobu yah lohan- 

42 I|> is athaitands ins, qa{j du im, 
"\Vitu)i, }>atoi [jKiici]''" ])Uggkyand reikinon 
])iudom, gafrauyinoud im, ij^ ])ai niikil- 
ans ize gawaldand im. 

43 Ijj ni swa siyai in izwis, ak sa- 
whazuh saei wiU wair|^an mikils in izwis, 
siyai izwar andbahts, 

44 Yah saei wili izwara wairjjan frum- 
ists, siyai alhiim skalks. 

45 Yah uuk sunus mans ni qam, at 
andbahtyam, ak andbahtyan, yah gibau 
saiwala seina faur mauagans lun. 

46 Yah qemun "in lairikon ; yah us- 
gaggandin imma yain])ro, mij) siponyam 
seinaim, yah managcin ganohai, sunus 
Teimaiaus, Bavteimaiaus, blinda, sat faur 
wig du aihtron. 

47 Yah gahausyands, }>atei lesus sa 
Nazoraius ist, dugann hropyan, yah qij)an, 
Sunau Daweidis, lesu, armai mik. 

48 Yah whotidedun imma managai, ei 
ga])ahaidedi ; ijj is filu mais hrojiida, 
Sunau Daweidis, armai mik. 

49 Yah gastandands lesus haihait at- 
wopyan ina ; yah wopidedun ))ana blind- 
an, qi))an(lan3 du imma, prafstei J)uk, 
urreis, wopcij? ])uk. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Mauk 

swydran healfe, and oder on dine wyn- 

38 Da cw8e]j se Hselend, Gyt nyton 
hwset gyt bidda); ; mage gyt drincan 
done calic, de ic drince, and beon ge- 
fullod on dam fuUulite, de ic beo ge- 
fullod 1 

39 Da cwsedon hi, Wyt miigon. Da 
cwsej) sc Hselend, Gyt drinca)) done calic 
de ic drince, gyt beo|> gefuUode dam 
fulluhte, de ic beo gcfuUod ; 

40 S6})lice nis hit na miu inc to syl- 
lenne dset gyt sitton on mine SAvydran 
healfe odde on da wynstran, ac dam de 
hit gegearwod ys. 

41 Di gebulgon da tyne hi be lacobe 
and lohauue. 

42 Da clypode se H?elend hi, and 
cwa^jj, Wite ge, djet da de on |)eodum 
ealdorscype habbaj), da^t hyi-a ealdras 
anweald ofer hi habbaj). 

43 S6|)lice on eow hit nis swa, ac swa 
hwylc swa wyle mid eow yldest beon, 
se by}) eower jieu, 

44 And sc de wyle on eow fyrmest 
beon, se by|> ealra |ieow. 

45 Sojilice ne com mannes sunu, dtvt 
him man jienode, ac daet he j^enode, and 
his sawle sealde for manegra lilysed- 

46 Da comon hi to Gericho ; and he 
ferde fram Gericho, and his leorning- 
cnihtas, and mycel mencgu, Timeus 
sunu, Bartimeus, saet blind, wid done 
weg Avaidla. 

47 Da he gehyrde, da?t hit wses se 
Nazarenisca Hselend, he ongan da 
clypian, and cwcdan, Haelend, Dauides 
sunu, gemiltsa me. 

48 Da budon him manega, da^t he 
suwode ; he clypode da dies de ma, 
Miltsa me, Dauides sunu. 

49 Da ajtstod se Hselend and het hine 
clypian ; da ssedon hi dam blindan, Beo 
geheortra, and aris, se Hselcnd de clyp- 

X. 38-49-] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 
the totliir at the left, in thi glorie. 

38 Forsothe Jhesus seith to hem, ^e 
witen not what ^e schulen axe ; mown 
56 drynke the cuppe, the which I am to 
diyuke, or be waischun with the bap- 
tym, in which I am baptisid ? 

39 And thei seiden to him, We mown. 
Sothli Jhesus seith to hem, Treuli 3e 
schulen drynke the cuppe that I drynke, 
and 36 schulen be waischun with the 
baptym, in which I am baptisid ; 

40 Sothli for to sitte at my ri3thalf or 
lefthalf is not niyn to 3yue to 50U, but 
to which it is ordeyned. 

41 And the ten heeringe hadden endig- 
nacioun of James and John. 

42 Sothli Jhesus clepinge hem, seith 
to hem, 5e witen, that thei that semen ^ 
to haue princehed on folkis,,lordschipen''" 
of hem, and the princes of hem ban 
power of hem. 

43 Foi'soth it is not so in 30U, but who 
euere schal wolle be maad more, schal 
be 3om'e mynystre, 

44 And who euere schal wolle be the 
firste in 30U, schal be seruaunt of alle. 

45 Forwhi and mannis sone cam not, 
that it schulde be mynystrid to him, 
but that he schulde mynystre, and 3yue 
his soule^ redempcioun"'' for manye. 

46 And thei camen to Jerico ; and 
him goynge forth fro Jerico, and his 
disci plis, and a ful moche cumpany of 
peple, the sone of Tymey, BarthjTneus, 
blynd, saat bisydis the weye beggyuge. 

47 The which whanne he hadde herd, 
for it is Jhesus of Nazareth, bigan to 
crie, and seye, Jhesu, the sone of Dauith, 
haue mercy on me. 

48 And manye thretnyden hym, that 
he schulde be -■^tille ; and he criede 
moche more, Jhesu, the sone of Dauith, 
haue mercy on me. 

49 And Jhesu stondinge comaundide 
hym for to be clepid ; and thei clepiden 
the blynde man, seiynge to him, Be thou 
of betei-e herte, ryse vp, he clepith thee. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


honde, and the other on thy lyfte honde, 
in thy glory. 

38 Butt Jesus sayd vnto them, Ye wot 
not what ye axe ; can ye dryucke of the 
cuppe, that I shall drynke of, and be 
baptised in the baptim, that I shalbe 
baptised in 1 

39 And they sayd vnto him, That we 
can. Jesus sayde vnto them. Ye shall 
drynke off the cuppe that I shall drynke 
of, and be baptised with the baptim, 
that I shalbe baptised in ; 

40 But to sitt on my right honde and 
on my lifte honde ys not myne to geve, 
but to them for whom it ys prepared. 

41 And when the .x. herde that they 
began to disdayne at James and Jhon. 

42 Butt Jesus called them vnto him, 
and sayd to them. Ye knowe wele, that 
they whych seme to beare rule amonge 
the gentyls, raygne as lordes over them, 
and they that be greate men amonge 
them exercyse auctorite over them. 

43 So shall it not be a monge you, but 
wosoever of you wilbe greate amonge 
you, shalbe youre minster, 

44 And wosoever wilbe chefe, shalbe 
servaunt vnto all. 

45 For even the sonne of man came 
nott, that other shulde minister vnto 
hym, but to minister, and to geve his 
lyfe for the redempcion of many. 

46 And they cam to Hierico ; and as 
he went oute off Hierico, with his dis- 
ciples, and a greate nonibre of people, 
Barthimeus, the sonne of Thimeus, which 
was blynde, sate by the hye wayes syde 

47 And when he herde, that it was 
Jesus off" Nazareth, he began to crye, 
and to saye, Jesus, the sonne off" David, 
have mercy on me. 

48 And many rebuked hyme, be cause 
he shulde hoolde is peace ; but he cryed 
the moore a greate deale. Thou sonne 
off" David, have mercy on me. 

49 And Jesus stode still and com- 
maunded hym to be called; and they 
called the blynde, saynge vnto hym. Be 
off" good comfort, ryse, he calleth the. 


GOTHIC, 360. 

50 Ij) is, afwairpands wastyai seiuai, 
ushlaupands qam at lesu. 

51 Yah aniUiafyands qa)> du imma 
lesus, Wha wileis ei tauyau Jjus? !]> 
sa blinda qa]) du imma, Rabbaunei, ei 

52 I}) lesus qa|) du imma, Gagg, ga- 
laubeius jieina ganasida Jiuk. Yah sun- 
saiw ussawh, yah laistlda in wiga lesu. 

Chap, XI. i Yah bijje newha wes- 
un lairusalem in Be])sfagein yah Bi]j- 
aniin, at fairgunya Alewyin, insandida 
twans siponye seinaize, 

2 Yah qa}) du im, Gaggats in haim \>o 
\vi])rawair]jon iggqis ; yah sunsaiw inn- 
gaggandaus in ]>o baurg bigitats fuhm 
gabundanana, ana ])ammci nauh ainshun 
manne ni sat ; andbindandans iiia, at- 

3 Yah yabai whas iggqis qij)ai, Duwhe 
jjata tauyats 1 qijjaits, jjatei Frauya ])is 
gairneij), yah suusaiw ina insandeij) 

4 Galijjun ])an, yah bigetun fuhm ga- 
bundanana at daura uta, ana gagga ; 
yah andbundun ina. 

5 Yah sumai J)ize yainar standandane 
qe))un du im, Wha tauyats, andbind- 
andans ])ana fulan 1 

6 I]) cis qe])un du im, swaswe anabau]) 
im lesus ; yah lailotun ins. 

7 Yah brahtedun Jjana fulan at lesua, 
yah galagidedun ana wastyos seinos, yah 
gasat ana ina. 

8 Managai ])an wastyom seinaim straw- 
idedun ana wiga, sumai astans niai- 
maitun us bagmam, yah strawidedun 
ana wiga. 

9 Yah ]jai fauragaggandans, hropide- 
dun, qijjandans, Osanna, J)iu])ida sa qim- 
anda in namin Frauyins ; 

10 piujjido so qimandei ))iudangardi in 
namin attins unsaris Daweidis ; Osanna 
in hauhistyam. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Mark 

50 He da, awearp his reaf, and forj)- 
reesde and to him com. 

51 Da cwve^ se Hselend, Hwa^t wylt 
dil da^t ic de d5] Da cwsej) he, Lareow, 
dset ic geseo. 

52 Da cwee)) se Haelend to him, Ga, 
din geleafa de halne gedyde. And he 
sona geseah, and him fyligde on wege. 

Chap. XI. i tDa he genealsehte 
Hierusalem and Betliania, to Oliuetes 
dune, he sende his twcgen leoining- 

2 And cwa?J) to him, Farajj to dam 
castele de [ongen] inc ys ; and gyt dai* 
sona gemetuj) assan folan getigedne, ofer 
da3ne nan man gyt ne si^t ; untigeajj 
hine, and to me geleeda]). 

3 And gyf hwa to inc hwtet cwy|>, 
secgaj), diet Diihten htefj) his neode, 
and he hine sona hider Iset. 

4 And da hi ut-fordon, hi gemetton 
done folan ute, on twycenan, bcforan 
dura getigedne ; da untigdon hi hine. 

5 And sume do dar st5don dus ssedon 
him, Hwcet do gyt, done folan un- 
tigende 1 

6 Dfi cwcedon hi, swa se Hselend unc 
bead ; and hi leton hi da. 

7 Da Iseddon hi done folan tp dam 
Heelende, and hi hyra reaf on-aledon, 
and he on-sa.'t. 

8 Mancga hyra reaf on done weg 
strehton, sume da [bogas]^ of dam treow- 
um heowon, and sti'eowodon on done 

9 And da de beforan codon, and da de 
ajfter-folgodon, cwaedon dus, Osanna, 
sy gcblctsod se de com on Drihtnes 
naman ; 

10 Si gcblctsod dajt rice de com ures 
fiiedcr Dauides ; Osanna on hcahnes- 

X. 50.-XI. lo.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

50 The which, his cloth cast away, 
sturtinge cam to him. 

51 And Jhesus answeringe seide to 
him, What wolt thou I schal do to thee 1 
Tlie blynde man seide to him, Maistir, 
that I se. 

52 Sothli Jhesus seide to him, Go 
thou, tlii feith hath maad tliee saaf. 
Aud anon he sy3, and suede him in the 

TYNDALE, 1^26. 


Chap. XI. i And whanne Jhesus 
cam ny5 to Jerusalem and to Betanye, 
to the mount of Olyuete, he sendith two 
of his disciplis, 

2 And seith to hem. Go 36 in to the 
castel that is a3ens 50U ; and anon ^e 
entrynge in thidur schulen fyude a colt 
tyed, on the which )ion of men sat jit ; 
vnbynde je, and bryng him. 

3 And if ony man schal seie ony thing 
to 30U, seie je, that he is nedeful to 
the Lord, and anon he schal leeue him 

4 And thei goynge forth, founden a 
colt bounden byfore the jate with oute- 
forth, in the meeting of tweye weyes ; 
and thei vnbouuden him. 

5 And summe of men stondinge there 
seiden to hem, What don je, vnbyud- 
inge the colt 1 

6 And thei seiden to hem, as Jhesus 
comaundide to hem ; and thei leften 

7 And thei broujten the colt to Jhesu, 
and thei puttiden to him her clothis, 
and Jhesus sat vpon him. 

8 Forsothe manye strewiden her clothis 
in the weye, sotheli othere men kittiden 
bowis+ fro trees, and strewiden in the 

9 And thei that wenten bifore, and 
that sueden, .cryeden, seyinge, Osanna, 
blessid is he that cometh in the name of 
the Lord ; 

10 Blessid the kyngdom that cometh 
of oure fudir Dauith ; Osanna in hijtees. 

50 He threwe awaye his clooke, and 
roose and cam to Jesus. 

5 1 And Jesus answered and sayd vnto 
hym. What wilt thou that I do vnto 
thei The blynde sayde vnto hym, Master, 
that Y myght see. 

52 Jesus sayd vnto hym, Goo thy 
waye, thy ftiyght hath saved the. And 
hy and by he receaved his sight, and 
folowed Jesus in the waye. 

Chap. XL i And when they cam 
nye to Hierusalem vnto Betliphage and 
Bethani, be sydes mount Olivte, he sent 
forth .ij. of his disciples, 

2 And sayde vnto them, Goo youre 
wayes into the toune that is over a- 
gaynste you ; and as sone as ye entre 
into it ye shall fynde a coolte bounde, 
where on never man sate j loose hym, 
and brynge hym bidder. 

3 And if eny man saye vnto you. Why 
do ye soo 1 saye, that the Lorde hath 
neade of him, and streight waye he wyll 
sende hym bidder. 

4 They went their waye, and found a 
coolte tyed by the dore with out, in a 
place where two wayes mett ; and they 
losed hym. 

5 And divers of them that stode there 
sayd vnto them ; What do ye, loosynge 
the coolte 1 

6 And they sayd vnto them, even as 
Jesus had commaunded them ; and they 
let them goo. 

7 And they brought the coolte to Jesus, 
and caste their garmentes on hym, and 
he sate apon hym. 

8 And many spreede there garmentes 
in the waye, other cutt douue braunches 
of the trees, and strawed them in the 

9 And they that went before, and they 
that folowed, cryed, saynge, Hosianna, 
blessed be he that cometh in the name 
off the Lorde ; 

10 Blessed be the kyngdom that com- 
meth in the name off hym that is Lorde 
off oure father David ; Hosianna in the 



GOTHIC, 360. 

II Yah galai]) 'in lairusaulwraa lesus, 
yah 'in alh ; yah bisaiwhauds alia, at 
andaualitya yujjan wlsandin wheilai, us- 
iddya iu 'Be))aiiiau, mi]; ))alm twalibim. 

12 Yah iftumin daga, usstandandam 
im us Be|)aniin, gredags was. 

1 3 Yah gasaiwhands smakkabagm faii-- 
ra))ro habaudan lauf, atiddya, ei aufto 
bigeti wha ana inima ; yah qimands at 
iiuma, ni waiht bigat ana imma, niba 
lauf ; ni auk was mel smakkane. 

14 Yah usbairands qa)j du imma, Ni 
Jianasei}5S us )jus aiwmanna akran mat- 
yai. Yah gahausideduu ]?ai siponyos is ; 

15 Yah iddyedun du lairusaulwmai. 
Yah atgaggands lesus in alh, dugaun 
uswairpau J)ans fvabugyaudaus yah bug- 
yaudans in alh ; yah mesa skattyane, 
yah sitlans J)ize frabugyaudane ahakim 
uswaltida ; 

16 Yah ni lailot, ei whas jjairhberi kas 
Jjairh |)0 alh. 

17 Yah laisida, qif)ands du im, Niu 
gamclijj ist, patei ra/.u mein razn bido 
haitada allaim })iudom 1 i}) yus gatawi- 
dedu]; ita du filigrya waidedyaue. 

1 8 Yah gahausideduu ]>'m bokaryos yah 
gudyane auhumistans, yah sokidedun 
whaiwa imma usciistidedeina ; ohtedun 
auk i'na, untc alia managei sildaleik- 
idedun in laiseinais is. 

19 Yah h\])e andanahti warjj, usiddya 
ut us })izai baurg. 

20 Yah in maurgin faurgaggandans, 
gasewhun Jjana smakkabagm j^aursyana 
us waurtim. 

21 Yah gamunands Paitrus, qa]> du 
imma, Rabbei, sai ! smakkabagms jjanei 
fraqast, gajjaursnoda. 

22 Yah andhafyands lesug qaj? du im, 
Habai}) galaubein Gu})S ; 

23 Amen auk (jijxi izwis, ))iswliazuh ei 
qi))ai du jjamma f'airgunya, Ushuiei |)uk, 
yah waiip |)us in maiein ; yah ni tuz- 
weryai in hairtin scinamma, ak ga- 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Mark 

1 1 And he eode da on Hierosolima 
tempi ; and ealle })ing lie besceawode, 
da EC fen tima wajs, he ferde to Beth- 
aniam, mid his twelf leorning-cuihtum. 

12 And odrum dsege, da hi ferdon 
fnim Bcthania, hine hingrode. 

13 Dil he feorran geseah an fic-trcow 
de leaf ha^fde, he com, and sohte hwa'der 
he dar on aht funde ; da he him to com, 
ne fiinde he dai', biiton leaf ane ; s5j)- 
lice hit wa3S dies fic-treowes tima. 

14 Da cwaej) he, Heononforjj on ec- 
nesse ne ete Eenig man waistm of de. 
And his leorning-cnihtas dajt gehyrdon; 

15 Da comon hi eft to Hierusalem. 
And da he on doet tempi eode, he on- 
gan drifan of dam temple syllcnde and 
bicgende ; and mynetera Jjiocu, and 
hcah-setlu de da culfran cypton he 
tobrajc ; 

16 And he ne ge])afode, dret senig man 
Kunig fa't ))urh dvet tempi btere. 

17 And he da laerende, dus cwajjj to 
him, Nis hit awriten, Dajt min lius 
fram eallum ))eodum bijj gencmned 
gebed-hus? s6[)lice ge dydon dajt to 
sceajjena scrajfe. 

18 Da daira sacerda ealdras and da 
boceras dis gehyrdon, hi Jjohton hii hi 
hine forspildon ; deh hi him udredon 
hine, fordani call seo nienigu wundrode 
be his lare. 

19 And da hit aefen woes, he eode of 
da3ie ccastre. 

20 On merigen da hi ferdon, hi ge- 
sawon da3t f ic-treow forsci'uucen of dam 

2 1 Da cwaij> Petrus, Lfireow, loca ! hu 
forscranc da^t fic-trcow, de dii wyrig- 

22 Da cwae); se Hrelcnd liim and- 
swarigende, Habbaj; Godcs truwan ; 

23 Ic sccge eow to su|ie, swa hwylc 
swa cwy}) to disum miinte, Si du afyr- 
red, and on sye aworpcn ; and on his 
heortan ne twynaj), ac gelyfj', swa hwtet 

XL 11-23.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

1 1 And he entride in to Jerusalem, in 
to the temple ; and alle thingis seyn 
aboute, whanne the oux* Avas now euen- 
yng, he wente in to Betanye, with 

1 2 And another day, whanne he wente 
out of Betanye, he hungride. 

13 And whanne he hadde seyn a fyge 
tree afer hauynge leeuys, he cam, if 
happily he schulde fynde ony thing 
therynne ; and whanne he cam to it, 
he fond no thing, out taken leeuys ; for 
it was no tyme of fygis. 

14 And Jhesus answeringe seide to it, 
Now no more with outen ende ony man 
ete fruyt of thee. And his disciples 
herden ; 

1 5 And thei camen to Jerusalem. And 
whanne he hadde entrid in to the tem- 
ple, he bigan for to caste out men sell- 
inge and biggynge in the, temple ; and 
he turnyde vpsodoun the boordis of 
chaungeris, and the chaieris of men sell- 
inge culueris ; 

16 And he suffride not, that ony man 
schulde here a vessel thur3 the temple. 

17 And he taujte hem, seyinge, Wher 
it is not writun, For myn hous schal be 
clepid the hous of preiynge to alle folkis ? 
forsoth 3e han maad it a den of theues. 

18 The which thing herd, the princes 
of prestis and scribis sou5ten hou thei 
schulde leese him ; forsoth thei dreden 
hym, for al the cumpanye of peple won- 
dride on his teching. 

19 And whanne euenyng was maad, 
he wente out of the citee. 

20 And whanne thei passiden eerly, 
thei sy3en the fige tree maad drye fro 
the rootis. 

21 And Petre hauynge raynde, seide 
to him, Maistir, lo ! the fyge tree, whom 
thou cursedist, hath dryed vp. 

22 And Jhesus answeringe seith to 
him, Haue 56 the feith of God ; 

23 Treuli I seie to 50U, that who euere 
seith to this hil. Take, and sende in to 
the see ; and doutith not in his herte, 
but bileueth, for what euere he schal 

TYNDALE, 1526, 


I r And the Lorde entred into Hieru- 
salem, and into the temple ; and when 
he had loked roundabout apon all 
thinges, and nowe the even tyde was 
come, he went out vnto Bethany, with 
the twelve. 

1 2 And on the morowe, when they were 
come out from Bethany, he hungred. 

1 3 And he spyed a fygge tree a farre 
off' havinge leves, and went to se whether 
he myght fynde eny thinge there on ; 
but Avlieu he cam there to, lie foundc 
nothinge butt leves ; for the tyme off 
fygges was nott yet. 

14 And Jesus answered and sayd to it, 
Never man eate frute of the here after 
whill the worlde stondith. And his 
disciples herde it ; 

1 5 And they cam to Hierusalem. And 
Jesus went into the temple, and began to 
cast out them which soolde and bought 
in the temple ; and overthrewe the tabels 
of the money chaungers, and the stoles 
of them that soolde doves ; 

16 And wolde not suffi-e, that eny man 
caried a vessell thorowe the temple. 

17 And he taught, saynge vnto them, 
Ys it not written, Howe that myne 
housse shalbe called the housse of prayer 
vnto all nacions 1 butt ye have made it 
a deen of theves. 

18 And the scribes and hye prestes 
herde yt, and sought howe to distroye 
him ; for they feared hym, be cause all 
the peple marveld at his doctrine. 

1 9 And when even was come, he went 
out of the cite. 

20 And in the mornynge as they passed 
by, they sawe the fygge tree dryed vpp 
by the rotes. 

21 And Peter remembred, and sayd 
vnto hym, Master, beholde ! the fygge 
tree, which thou cursedes, ys widdred 

22 And Jesus answered and sayde vnto 
them, Have confidens in God ; 

23 Verely I sye vnto you, that whoso- 
ever shall saye vnto this mountaync, 
Take awaye thy silfe, and cast thy silfe 
in to the see; and shall not waver m 


GOTHIC, 360. 

laubyai, ))ata ei ))atei qijjiK gagaggijj, 
wair])i)j imma, jjiswhah ]>ei qijjijj. 

24 Du])jje qi]?a izwis, allata J)iswhah J^ei 
bidyandans sokei]?, galaubei]) j^atei uimi]?, 
yah wair))i]) izwis. 

25 Yah |)an standaij? bidyandans, aflet- 
a\]>, yabai Avha habai]> wijjra whana, ei 
yah atta izwai- sa in himinam, afletai 
izwis missadedins izwaros. 

■26 Ijj yabai yus ni afleti]?, ni ]>au atta 
izwar sa in himinam, afleti)? izwis mis- 
sadedins izwaros. 

27 Yah iddyediin aftra du lairusaulw- 
mai. Yah in alh whai'bondin imma, 
atiddyedun du imma J)ai auhumistans 
gudyans, yah bokaryos, yah sinistans, 

28 Yah qc])un du imma. In whamma 
waldufnye )>ata tauyis ? yah whas J)us 
jiata waldufni atgaf, ei Jjata tauyis 1 

29 I|j iesus andliafyands qa]) du im, 
Frailma yah ik izwis ainis waurdis, yah 
andhafyif> mis, yah qi]ja izwis, in wham- 
ma waldufnye jjata tauya. 

30 Daupeins lohannis uzuh liimina 
was, ]>a\i uzuh mannam 1 andhafeij) mis. 

31 Yah ])ahtedun du sis misso, ql|5and- 
ans, Yabai qi})am us himina, qi])i]j aj^jjan, 
Duwhe ni galaubidedu]? imma ; 

32 Ak qijjam us mannam, uhtedun po 
managein ; allai auk alakyo habaidedun 
loliannen, )jatei bi sunyai praufetes was. 

33 Yah andhafyandans qc|)un du Icsua, 
Ni wltum. Yah andliafyands Iesus qa]j 
du ini, Nih ik izwis qi|)a, in whamma 
waldufnye pata tauya. 

Chap. XII. i Yah dugann im in 
gayukom qijjan. Weinagard ussatida 
manna, yah bisatida ina fa})om, yah us- 
grof dal uf mesa, yah gatimrida kclikn. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Mark 

swa he cwy]?, gewurde dis, dset ge- 

24 Fordam ic eow secge, swa hwast 
swa ge g}Tnende bidda]), gelyfajj daet ge 
hit onfoji, and hit eow becymjj. 

25 And donne ge standa)> eow to ge- 
biddenne, fovgifal^, gif ge hwset agen 
senigne habbaj), dset eow eower synna 
forgyfe, eowei* heofonlica fteder se de 
on heofonum ys. 

26 Gyf ge ne forgyfaji, ne eow eower 
synna ne forgyfj), eower fa^der . . . 

27 Da com he eft to Hierusalem. And 
da he on dam temple code, him to ge- 
nealeehton da heah-sacerdas, and bocer- 
as, and ealdras, 

28 And dus cwsedon. On hwylcum 
anwealde dest du das ])'mg1 and hwa 
sealde dc disne anweald, dset du dis 


29 Da cwa^jj se H^vlend, And ic ahsige 
eow anre sprsece, andswariaj) me, and ic 
secge eow donne, on hwylcum anwealde 
ic dis d5. 

30 Hweder wses lohannes fulluht de 
of heofone, de of manuum? andswariaj> 

3 1 Da ))ohton hi, and cwsedon betweox 
him, Gif we seogajj of heofone, he segjj 
us, Hwi ne gelyfde ge him ;' 

32 Gif we secgajj of mannum, we on- 
drsedaj) dis folc ; ealle hi ha;fdon lohan- 
nem, da;t he wsere sojjlice witega. 

33 Da andswaredon hi dam Hselende 
and cwsedon, We nyton. Da cw?e)) sc 
Hsclcnd, Ne ic eow ne secge, on hwylc- 
um anwealde ic das ])ing d5. 

Chap. XII. i Da ongan he him big- 
spel reccan. Sum man him j)lantode 
win-geard, and betynde hine, and dealf 
anne sea)>, and getimbrode scnne stypel, 

XL 24.-XII. I.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

seye, be it maad, it sclial be maad to 

24 Therfore I seie-to 50U, alle tliingis 
what euere tliingis 56 preiynge sclmlen 
axe, bileue 56 that 56 schulen take, and 
thei schulen come to 50U. 

25 And whanne 56 schulen stonde for 
to preie, foi^yue ^e, if 56 han ony thing 
a5ens ony man, that and 50ure fadir 
that is in heuenes, for^yue to 30U 5oure 

26 That if 56 schulen not for3yue, 
neither 50ure fadir that is in heuenes, 
schal for5yue 30U 50ure synnes. 

27 And eftsoone thei camen to Jeru- 
salem. And whanne he walkide in to 
the temple, the hi3este prestis, and 
scribis, and eldere men camen ni3 to 

28 And seien to him, In what iDOwer 
doist thou thes thingis 1 or who 3af to 
thee this power, that thou do thes 
thingis ? 

29 Forsothe Jhesus answeringe seith 
to hem, And I schal axe 50U word, 
and answere 30 to me, and I schal seie 
to 30U, in what power I do thes thingis. 

•30 Whether was the baptym of John 
of heuene, or of men 1 answere 36 to me. 

31 And thei thou3ten with inne hem 
selue, seiynge. If we schulen seie of 
heuene, he schal seie to vs, Whi ther- 
fore bileuen 3e not to him ; 

32 If we schulen seie of men, we dreden 
the peple ; for alle men hadden John, 
for he was verily a prophete. 

33 And thei answeringe seyen to Jhesu, 
We witen neuere. And Jhesu answer- 
inge seith to hem. Neither I seie to 30U, 
in what power I do thes thingis. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 231 

his herte, butt shall beleve, that thoose 
thinges which he sayeth, shall come to 
passe, what soever he sayeth, shalbe done 
vnto him. 

24 Therfore I saye vnto you, what 
soever ye desyre when ye praye, beleve 
that ye shall have it, and it shalbe done 
vnto you. 

25 And when ye stond and praye, for- 
yeve, yf ye have eny thinge agaynste eny 
man, that youre father also which is in 
heven, maye foryeve you youre tres- 


27 And they cam againe to Hierusa- 
lem. And as he walked in the temple, 
there cam to hym the hye prestes, and 
the scribes, and the seniours, 

28 And sayd vnto hym, By what auc- 
torite doest thou these thinges 1 and 
who gave the this auctorite, to do these 
thinges 1 

29 Jesus answered and sayde vnto 
them, I wyll also axe of you a certeyne 
thynge, and answere ye me, and I wyll 
tell you, by what auctorite I do these 

30 Whether was the baptim of Jhon 
from hevin, or of men 1 answer me. 

31 And they thought in them selves, 
saynge, Yf we shall saye from heven, 
he will saye, Why then did ye not beleve 
hym ; 

3 2 But yf we shall saye of men, then 
feare we the people ; for all men counted 
Jhon, that he was a veri prophctt. 

33 And they answered and sayd vnto 
Jesu, We cannot tell. And Jesus an- 
swered and sayd vnto them, Nether wyll 
I tell you, by what auctorite I do these 

Chap. XII. i And- Jhesus bigan to 
speke parably.t A man plauntide a 
vyne3erd, and puttlde aboute an hegge, 
and dalf a lake, and bildide a tour, and 

Chap. XII. i And he began to 
speake vnto them in similitudes. A 
certayne man planted a vineyarde, and 
compased it with an hedge, and ordeyn- 


GOTHIC, 360. 

yah anafalli "ina waurstwyara, yah aflaijj 
alya}) ; 

2 Yah insancHda du ]?aim waurstAvyam 
at niel skalk, ei at ^aim ■waurstwyam 
nemi akranis ])is weinagavdis. 

3 I]) eis nimandans ma usbluggwun, 
yah "iiisandldedun laushandyan, 

4 Yah aftra insandida du im auj>arana 
skalk, yah jjana stainam Avairpandans 
gaaiwiskodedun, yah haubijj wundan 
brahteduu, yah insandidcdun ganaitid- 

5 Yah aftra insandida anj^araua, yah 
yainana afslohun, yah managans anj^ar- 
ans, sumans usbliggwandans, sumanzuh 
J)an usqimandans. 

6 panuh nauli})anuh ainana sunu aig- 
ands liubana sis, insandida yah j^ana du 
im spedistana, qij>ands, patei gaaistand 
sunu meinana. 

7 Ij) yainai pM waurstwyans qe])un du 
sis misso, patei sa ist sa arbinumya ; 
hiryi]) usqimam imma, yah unsar wairj^ij) 
Jjata arbi. 

8 Yah undgreipandans ina, usqemun, 
yah usAvaurpun imma ut us Jjamma 

9 Wha nuh tauyai frauya })is Aveinagard- 
is 1 Qimi]j, yah usqisteijj Jjans Avaurst- 
wyans, yah gibijj Jjana wcinagavd an- 

10 Nih J)ata gamelido ussuggwu)). 
Stains Jjammei usAvaurjiun Jjai timryans, 
sail \vai-|) du haubida Avaihstins ? 

1 1 Fram Frauyin warj) sa, yah ist 
sildaleiks in augam unsaraim. 

12 Yah sokidedun ina undgreipfin, j'ali 
ohtedun po managein ; fro))un auk jjatei 
du im \>o gayukon qa^ ; yah afletandans 
ina, galijjun. 

13 Yah insandidedun du imma sumai 
|)ize Fareisaie yah Herodiane, ei ina 
ganuteina Avaurda. 

14 1|) eis qimandans qejjun du imma, 
Laisai'i, Avitum Jjatei sunycins is, yah ni 
kara ))uk manshun ; ni auk saiwhis in 
andwaiijjya nuinnc, ak bi sunyai Avig 
Gujjs laiscis. Skuldu ist kaisara-'ild 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Mark 

and gesette hine mid eor]>-tilium, and 
fcrdo on el|)eodignysse ; 

2 Da sendc he to ctam tilium his J)COW 
on tide, diet he dses AAaii-geardes AA'Oistni 

3 Da SAvungon hi dsene, and forlcton 
hine idel-hende. 

4 And eft he him sendc octevne ))Coav, 
and hi done on heafde geAvuudodoii, and 
mid teonuni c'esAvencton. 

5 And eft he him sumne sende, and 
hi da^ne ofslogon, and manega odre, 
sumc hi beoton, sumc hi ofslogon. 

6 Da haifde he da gyt senne Icofostne 
sunu, da sende he a-t nehstan him 
daiue, and CAva?]), Witodlice minne sunu 
lug forAvandia]). 

7 Da CAveedon da tilian him betAveonan, 
Her is se yrfenuma ; uton ofsleaii hiilc, 
donne bi|j lire seo yrfAveardnes. 

8 Hi d'l ofslogon hine, and Avurpon 
Avidiitan done Avin-geard. 

9 HAVfet de[) d?es Avin-geardes hlaford 1 
He cymj>, and fordej? da tiligean, and 
syljj odron done Avin-geard. 

10 Ne rtvdde ge dis gcAA^rit, Se stan 
de da Avyrhtan aAvurpon, des ys ge- 
Avorden on dasre hyrnaii hcafod 1 

1 1 Dis ys fram Drilitne gcAvordcn, and 
hit is Avundorlic on uron cngum. 

12 Da smcadon hi da't hi jrefcnffon 
hine, and hi ondrcdon da mcnigu ; hi 
oncneoAvon da da;t he dis bigspel to 
him ssede ; hi ferdon da, and hine 

13 Da sendon hi to him sume of 
Phariseum and Herodianum, dat hi 
befengon hine on his Avorde. 

14 Da comon hi and dus mid fiicne 
CAVcicdon, LareoAv, Ave Aviton daet dii eart 
sojjfrest, and dii ne rccst be scnegum 
men ; ne l)esceaAvast dii manna ansyne, 
ac dii Godcs Aveg laerst on s6j>ftestnysse. 

XII. 2-14-] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

liirede it to erthe tilieris, and wente 
forth in pilgrymage ; 

2 And sente to the erthe tilieris in 
tyme a seruaunt, that he schulde receyue 
of the fruyt of the vyne5erd at the erthe 

3 The whiche beten him takun, and 
leften him voyde. 

4 And eftsoone he sente to hem a 
nether seruaunt, and thei woundiden 
him in the heed, and ponyscheden with 

5 And eftsoone he sente another, and 
thei slowen him, and othere mo, betynge 
summe, but sleynge othere. 

6 Therfore 5it he hauynge a sone most 
dereworth, and to hem he sente him the 
Uiste, seyinge, For by hap thei schulen 
schame my sone.''' 

7 Forsothe the tenauntis seyden to 
hem self,'*' This is the eier ; come 5e, sle 
we him, and the eritage schal be oure. 

8 And thei takynge him, castiden out 
withoute the vyne5erd, and slowen. 

9 Therfore what schal the lord of the 
vyne3erd do 1 He schal come, and leese 
the tenauntis, and jyue the vyne3erd to 

10 Wher 5e han not rad this scripture, 
The stoon the which men bildinge han 
dispisid, this is maad in to the heed of 
the corner 1 

1 1 This thing is maad of the Lord, and 
is wondirful in oure y3en. 

1 2 And thei soujten for to holde him, 
and thei dreden the cumpanye of peple ; 
sothli thei knewen for to hem he seide 
this parable : and him left, thei wenten 

13 And thei senden to him summe of 
the Farisees and Erodians, for to take 
hym in word. 

14 The whiche comynge seyn to hym, 
Maistir, we witen for thou ert sothfast, 
and reckist not of ony man ; sothly 
neither thou seest in to face of man, 
but thou techist the wey of God in 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


ed a wyne presse, and bilt a toure in 
hytt, and lett it out tohyre vnto husbande- 
men, and went into a straunge countre ; 

2 And when tyme was come he sentt 
to the tennauntes a servaunt, that he 
myght of the tenauntes receave of the 
frute of the vyneyarde. 

3 And they caught hym and bett hym, 
and sentt hym agayne empty. 

4 And mooreover he sentt vnto them 
another servaunt, and at hym they cast 
stones and brake hys heed, and sent 
him agayne all to revyled. 

5 And agayne he sentt another, and 
hym they kylled, and many other, beet- 
ynge some, and kyllinge some. 

6 Yet had he one sonnewhom he loved 
tenderly, him also sent he att the last 
vnto them, sayinge. They wyll feare my 

7 Butt the tenauntes sayde with in 
themselves, Thys ys the heyre ; come, 
lett vs kill him, and the inheritauuce 
shalbe oures. 

8 And they toke him, and killid him, 
and cast hym out of the vyneyarde. 

9 What shall then the lorde of the 
vyneyarde do 1 He will come, and dis- 
troye the tenauntes, and let out the 
vyneyarde to other. 

10 Have ye nott redde thys scripture, 
The stoone which the bylders did refuse, 
ys made the chefe stoone in the corner? 

1 1 Thys was done off the Lorde, and 
ys merveyllous in oure eyes. 

1 2 And they went about to take hym, 
butt they feared the people ; for they 
perceaved that he spake that similitude 
agaynst them ; and they left hym, and 
went their waye. 

13 And they sent vnto hym certayne 
off the Pharises with Herodes servauntes, 
to take hym in hys wordes. 

14 And as sone as they were come 
they sayd vnto hym, Master, we knowe 
that thou arte true, and careste for no 
man ; for thou consydereste nott the 
desre off men, butt teacheste the waye 

234 GOTHIC, 360. 

giban Kaisara? .... 

15 pau niu gibaima'? !]> lesus ga- 
saiwhaiitls 'ize liuteiu, qa|) du i'm, Wha 
niik fraisijj 1 atbairijj mis skatt, ei ga- 

1 6 I]) eis atberun. Yah qa]) du "im, 
Wilis 'ist sa manleika, j^ah so unfar- 
meleins 1 Ijj eis qe]jun du imma, Kais- 

17 Yah andhafyands lesus qa]? du "im, 
Usgibi}) ))0 Kaisaris Kaisara, yah \>o 
Gu|)S Gujja. Yah sildaleikidedun ana 

18 Yah atiddyedun Saddukaieis du 
imma, ])aiei qij^and usstass ni wisan, 
yah frehun ina, qijjandans, 

19 Laisari, IMoses gamelida unsis, J'atei 
yabai whis broj^ar gadauj^nai, yah bi- 
Iei]>ai qenai, yah barne ni bileij^ai, ei 
nimai bro}^ar is ])0 qen is, yah ussatyai 
barna brojr seinamma, 

20 Sibun broj^rahans wesun ; yah sa 
frumista nam qen, yah gasvviltands, ni 
bilaij) fraiwa. 

. 2 1 Yah anj)ar nam J)0, yah gadaujjnoda, 
yah ni sa bilai]> fraiwa. Yah jjridya 

22 Yah nemun ]>o samaleiko )3ai sibun, 
yah ni bililmn fraiwa. Spedumista al- 
laize gaswalt yah so qens. 

23 in |>izai usstassai, J>an usstandand, 
wharyamma ize wair]n)> qens 1 ])ai auk 
sibun aihtedun ]>o du qenai. 

24 Yah andhafyands lesus qa)> du "im, 
Niu du))e airzyai siyu]), ni kunnandans 
mela, nih maht Gujjs 1 

25 Allis jjan usstandand us dau))aim, 
ni b'ugand, ni liuganda, ak sind swe 
aggilyus ]?ai in himinam. 

26 A))|jan bi dauj^ans, )>atei urreisand, 
niu gakunnaidedu)) ana bokom Mosczis, 
ana aiwliatundyai, whaiwa imma qa]? 
Gu)j, qi|)ands, Ik i'm Gu)> Abrahamis, 
yali Guj) isakis, yah lakobis 1 

27 Nist Guj> dauj>aize, ak qiwaizc ; 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Mark 
A'lj'fj) gaful to syllanne dam Casere 1 

15 Hwseder de we ne sylla))'? Da 
cwas)) he, and heora lot-wrenceas wiste, 
Hwi fandige ge miu 1 bringaj) me done 
pening, dtet ic hine geseo. 

16 Da brohton hi him. Da ssede he 
him, Hwses is deos aulicnys, and dis 
gewrit? Hi cweedon, Does Caseres. 

1 7 Da cwse]' se Hpelend to him, A'gyfajj 
dam Casere da ])ing de daes Caseres 
synd, and Gode da de Godes synd. 
Da wundrodon hi be dam. 

J 8 Da comon him to Saducei, da 
secga)) dset Eerist ne sy, and hine ah- 
sodon, and dus cwsedon, 

1 9 Lareow, Moyses us wrat, gif hwses 
brodor dead bij?, and leefj) his wif, and 
na;f|j nan beam, da?t his brodor nime 
liis wif, and his brodor ssed wecce. 

20 Eornostlice seofon gcbrodru waeron; 
and se seresta nam wif, and wear]) dead, 
na laefedum ssede. 

2 1 And da nam se oder hi, and wear j> 
dead, ne se seed ne Isefde. Gclice se 

22 And ealle seofon hi ha^fdon, and 
ssed ne Isefdon. Eah-a seftemest da 
forjjferde da?t wif. 

23 On dam seriste, 

. . . hwylces dara seofona bi]) dset 

wif? hi ealle hi hajfdon. 

24 Da andswarode him se Hselend, Hu 
ne dwcliga]) ge, fordam de ge nyton da 
halgan gewritu, ne Godes mtegeu 1 

25 S6})lice donne hi of dea])e arisa]), ne 
wifia}) hi, ne ne giftia]>, ac hi synd 
swylce Godes englas on heofonum. 

26 Be dam deadum, daet hi arison, ne 
rsedde ge on Moyses bee, hu God to 
him cwi«J>, ofer done gorst-1)cam, Ic eom 
Abrahames God, and Isaaces God, and 
lacobcs God 1 

27 Nys God deadra, ac he ys lybbend- 

XII. 15-27.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

treuthe. Is it leefful for to 3yue tribute 
to Cesar? .... 

15 Or we schulen not 5yue 1 The which 
witinge her priuey falsnesse, seith to 
hem, What tempteu je me 1 biynge je 
to me a peny, that I se. 

16 And thei ofFriden to him. And he 
scith to hem, Whos is this ymage, and 
the in wrytinge ? Thei seien to him, 

17 Forsothe Jhesus answeringe seith 
to hem, Therfore 5elde ^e to Cesar that 
ben of Cesar, and to God tho thingis 
that ben of God. And alle wondriden 
on him. 

18 And Saducees, that seyen no resur- 
ecioun to be, camen to him, and axiden 
him, seyinge, 

19 Maistii', Moyses wroot to vs, that 
if the brother of a man were deed, and 
lefte a wyf, and lefte not sones, his bro- 
ther take his wyf, and reyse vp seed to 
his brothir. 

20 Therfore seuene britheren wereu ; 
and the firste took a wyf, and is deed, 
no seed left. 

21 And the secimde took hir, and he 
is deed, and neither this lefte seed. And 
the thridde also. 

2 2 And seuene tooken hir, and lefte not 
seed. And the womman the laste of alle 
is deed. 

23 Thanne in the rcsureccioun, whanne 
thei schulen rise a3en, whos wyf of these 
schal sche be 1 sothly seuene hadden hir 


24 And Jhesus answeringe seith to 
hem, Wher 5e erren not therfore, not 
knowinge the scriptui'is, nother the 
vertu of God ? 

25 Forsothe whanne thei schulen rise 
a5en fro deed men, neither thei wedden, 
nother ben weddid, but thei schulen be 
as aungels of God in heuenes. 

26 Sothli of deed men, that thei rysen 
a5ein, ban 5e not rad in the book of 
Moyses, on the bousche, hou God seide 
to him, seiynge, I am God of Abraham, 
and God of Ysaac, and God of Jacob 1 

27 He is not God of deede men, but 

TYNDALE, 1526, 


off God truly. Ys yt laufull to paye 
tribute to Cesar, or nott 1 

15 Ought we to geve, or ought we 
nott to geve? He knewe their dis- 
simulacion, and sayd vnto them, Why 
tempte ye me ? brynge me a peny, that 
I maye se yt. 

1 6 And they brought hym one. And he 
sayde vnto them, Whose ys thys ymage, 
and superscripcion ? And they sayde 
vnto hym, Cesars. 

17 And Jesus answered and sayde 
vnto them, Then geve to Cesar that 
which belongeth to Cesar, and geve God 
that which perteyneth to God. And 
they mervelled att hym. 

18 And the Saduces cam vnto hym, 
which saye there is no resurrection, and 
they axed hym, sayinge, 

19 Master, Moses wroote vnto vs, yff 
eny mans brother dye, and leve hys wyf 
behynde him, and leve no chyldren, that 
then hys brother shulde take hys wyfe, 
and reyse vppe seed vnto his brother. 

20 There were seven brethren ; and 
the fyrst toke a wyfe, and when he dyed, 
leeft no seede behinde hym. 

21 And the seconde toke her, and 
dyed, nether leeft he eny seede. And 
the thyrde lyke wyse. 

22 And seven had her, and leeft no 
seed behynde them. Last of all the 
Avyfe dyed also. 

23 In the resurrecion then, when they 
shall ryse agayne, whose wyfe shall she 
be of them 1 for seven had her to wyfe. 

24 Jesus answered and sayde vnto 
them, Are ye not ther fore deceaved, 
be cause ye knowe not the scryptures, 
nether the power of God 1 

25 For when they shall ryse agayne 
from deeth, they nether mary, nor are 
maryed, butt are as the angels which 
are in heven. 

26 As touchynge the deed, that they 
shall ryse agayne, have ye nott reddc in 
the boke off Moses, howe, in the busshe, 
God spake vnto him, sayinge, I am the 
God of Abraham, and the God of Ysaac, 
and the God of Jacob 1 

27 He is not the God of the deed, butt 

236 GOTHIC, 360. 

a]>]'an jnis filu airzyai siyu]>. 

28 Yah duatgaggancls aixis ]nzc bok- 
arye, galiausyands ins samana sokyand- 
ans, gasaiwhands ))atei waila ini audhof, 
frah ina, wharya ist allaizo aaabusne 

29 Ij? lesus andhof irama, ))atei frum- 
ista allaizo auabusns, Hausei, Israel, 
Frauya Gu\> unsar Frauya ains ist ; 

30 Yah friyos Frauyan GuJ) })einana us 
allanima hairtiu ))eiuamma, yah us allai 
saiwalai J)einai, yah us allai gahugdai 
Jjeinai, yah us allai mahtai Jjeinai. So 
frumista auabusus. 

31 Yah anjmra galcika j^izai, Friyos 
newlumdyan ]jeinana swe Jjuk silban. 
Maizei Jjaim auj)ara auabusns nist. 

32 Yah qa}) du imma sa bokareis, 
"Waila, laisari, bi sunyai qast ; )?atei ains 
ist, yah nist anjjar, alya imma ; 

33 Yah Jjata du friyon ina us allamma 
hairtin, yah us allamma fraj^ya, yah us 
allai saiwalai, yah us allai mahtai, yah 
J)ata du friyon newhundyan swe sik 
silban, managizo ist allaim jjaim ala- 
brunstim yah saudim. 

34 Yah lesus gasaiwhands ina jiatei 
frodaba andhof, qaj) du imma, Ni fairra 
is J)iudangardyai Gu})S. Yah ainshun 
Ijanaseijjs ni gadaursta ina fraihnan. 

35 Yah andhafyands lesus qaj), lais- 
yands in alh,Whaiwa qijmnd J)ai bokaryos, 
j'atei Christus sunus ist Daweidis 1 

36 Silba auk Daweid qaj> in Ahmin 
Weihamma, Qiln)j Frauya du frauyin 
mcinamnia, Sit af taihswon mcinai, untc 
ik galagya fiyands J>cinans fotubaurd 
fotiwe |)einaize. 

37 Silba ralhtis Daweid qi|>i}> ina 
frauyan, yah wlia))ro imma sunus ist 1 
Yah alia so managei hausidcdun imma 

38 Yah qa|> du im in laiseinai scinai, 
Saiwhi]) faura .... 

ANGLO-SAXON", 995. [St. Mark 
ra 3 s6|)lice swyde ge dweligeaj).''' 

28 Da genealsehte him an of dam 
bocerum, de gehyrde hi smeagende, and 
gcseah dyet he him wel andswarode, and 
ahsode hine, hwset waere ealra beboda 

29 Da andswarode he him, Dset is doet 
mseste bebod ealra, Israhel, gehyr, urne 
Drihten God he is an God ; 

30 And lufa dinne Drihten God of ealre 
dinre heortan, and of ealre dinre sawle, 
eallum dinum mode, and of eallum din- 
um nipegene. Dset is dast fyrmeste 

31 So])lice is oder dissum gelic, Lufa 
dinne nehstan swa de sylfne. Nys 
oder mare bebod. 

32 Da cw8e)> se bocere, Lareow, well 
du on s6]>e cwsede ; dset an God is, and 
nys oder, butan him ; 

33 And dset he si gelufod of ealre 
heortan, and of eallum andgyte, and of 
ealre sawle, and of ealre strengj^e, and 
lufigean his nehstan swa hine sylfne, 
dset is mare eallum onsa^gdnyssum and 

34 Da se Hselend geseah dajt he him 
wislice andwyrde, he ssedc him, Ne eart 
du feor fram Godes rice. And hine ne 
dorste nan man acsian. 

35 Da cwaBJj se Halend, on dam tem- 
ple Iserende, Hii secga|) da boccras, dset 
Cr-ist sy Dauides sunu ? 

36 Dauid sylf cwsejj to dam Halgan 
Gaste, Drihten cwsd}) to minum drihtne, 
Site on mine swydran hcalfc, od ic 
dine fynd asctte to fot-sceamole dinra 

37 Dauid sylf nemde hine drihten, 
and hwanon is he his sunu'? And mycel 
menegu hine luflice gehyrde. 

38 Da ssede he him on his lare, "War- 
nia]) fram bocerum, da wylla)) on ge- 
gyrlum gan, and beon on straetum 

XII. 28-38.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

God of lyuynge men ; therfore je erren 

28 And oon of the scribis, that hadde 
herd hem sekynge to gidere, cam ni^, 
and seyinge that he hadde wel answerid 
hem, axide hym, Avhich was the firste 
mauudement of alle. 

29 Jhesus ansAveride to him, that the 
firste of alle comaundementis is, Heere, 
Israel, the Lord thi God is oon ; 

30 And thou schal loue the Lord thi 
God of al thin herte, and of al thi soule, 
and of al thi mynde, and of al thi vertu.''' 
This is the firste maundement. 

3 1 Forsothe the secunde is lyk to this. 
Thou schalt loue tlii neijebore as thi 
silf Ther is non othir maundement 
more than these. 

32 And the scribe seith to him, Maister, 
in treuthe thou hast wel seid ; for o 
God is, and ther is non, out taken him ; 

33 And that he be loued of al herte, 
and of al thou5t,''' and of al vndirstond- 
inge, and of al the soule, and of al 
strengthe, and to loue the nei3ebore as 
him silf, is more than alle brend of- 
fringis and sacrificis. 

34 Jhesus forsothe seyinge that he 
hadde answerid wysely, seide to him, 
Thou ert not fer fro the kyngdom of 
God. And now no man durste axe 

35 And Jhesus answeringe seide, tech- 
inge in the temple, Therfore how seyn 
scribis, Crist for to Ije the sone of 
Dauith ? 

36 To Avhom Dauith him silf seide in 
the Hooly Gost, The Lord seide to my 
lord, Sitte on my ri3thalf, til I putte 
thin enemyes the stool of thi feet. 

37 Therfore Dauith him silf seith him 
a lord, and wherof is he his sone 1 And 
moche cumpany gladli herde him. 

38 And he seide to hem in his teching, 
Be 5e war of scribis, that wolenwandre 
in stoolis, and be salutid in chepinge, 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


the God of the livynge ; ye are therfore 
greatly deceaved. 

28 And there cam won off the scrybes, 
and when he had herde them disputynge 
to gedder, and perceaved that he had 
answered them well, he axed hym, which 
is the fyrste of all the commaunde- 

29 Jesus answered hym, The fyrste of 
all the commaundementes is, Heare, 
Israhel, oure Lorde God is Avone Lorde ; 

30 And thou shaltt love thy Lorde 
God with all thy hert, and with all thy 
soule, and with all thy mynde, and witli 
all thy strengthe. This is the fyrste 

31 And the seconde is lyke vnto this, 
Thou slialt love thy neghbour as thy 
silfe. There is none other commaunde- 
ment greater then these. 

33 And the scribe sayde vnto hym. 
Well, master, thou hast sayde the truthe ; 
thatt there ys one God, and that there 
is none but he ; 

33 And to love hym with all the herte, 
and with all the mynde, and with all 
the soule, and with all the strengthe, 
and to love a mans nehbour as hym silfe, 
ys a greater thynge then all holocaustes 
and sacrifises. 

34 And when Jesus sawe howe that he 
answered discretly, he sayd vnto hym. 
Thou arte nott farre from the kyngdome 
of God. And no man after that durst 
axe hym eny question. 

35 And Jesus answered and sayd, teach- 
ynge in the temple, Howe saye the 
scribes, that Christ is the sonne off 
David 1 

36 For David hym silfe inspyred with 
the Holy Goost sayd, The T^orde sayde 
to my lorde, Sytt on my right honde, 
tyll I make thyne enemys thy fote stole. 

37 Then David hym silfe calleth hym 
lorde, and by what meanes ys he then 
his Sonne] And moche people herde 
hym gladly. 

38 And he sayd vnto them in his doc- 
trine, Be ware off the scribes, which 
love to goo in longe clothynge, and love 
salutacions in the market places, 

238 GOTHIC, 360. 

ANGLO-SAXON", 995. [St. Mark 

39 And on fyrmestum lareow-setlum 
sittan on gesamnungum, and cla fyrmcst- 
au setl on gebeorscipum ; 

40 Da de wudewena lius forswelga|), 
mid lieora langsuman gebede ; da oufoj) 
lengestne dom. 

4 1 Da siBt se Heelend ongen done toll- 
sceamol, and geseali liii dict folc liyva 
feoh torfode on done toll-seeamul; and 
manega welige torfodon fela. 

42 Da com an earm wuduwe, and 
wearp twegen feordlingas. 

43 Da clypode he his leorning-cnihtas, 
and ssede him, S6]>lice ic eow secge, d?et 
deos earme wuduwe eallinga msest sealde, 
dara de on toU-sceamul sealdon. 

44 Ealle sendon of dam de hi genoh 
hasfdon ; s6))lice deos of hyre yrmjje eall 
da;t heo hsefde sealde, ealle hyre and- 

Chap. XIII. i Da he of dam temple 
code, da cwse)) tin of his leorning-cnih- 
tum to him, Lareow, loca, hwylcc stanas 
her synd, and hwylce getimbruuga disscs 

2 Da cweejj se Hjelend, Ne geseo ge 
ealle diis mycelan getimbrunga 1 ne h\\> 
her Isefed stan ofer stan, de ne boo 

3 Da hi Sccton on Oliuetes dune ongen 
dtet tempel, synderlice hine Pctrus, and 
lacobus, and lohannes, and Andreas 

4 Sege us, hwsenne das ]jing gewurdon, 
and hwylc taceii bij), dtenne ealle dus 
j>ing onginna)) boon ge-cudod. 

5 Da ongan se Hselend him andswar- 
igende to cwedan, Warniajj, dtet eow 
nan man ne beswicc ; 

6 S6])lice manega cuma)) on minum 
naman, and cweda]>, Ic eom Crist 3 and 
beswicaj) manega. 

7 And donnc ge gcliyra|) gcfcohtu and 
gcfeohta hlisan, ne ondrsede ge eow ; 
hit gebyra)> da3t hit gebelimpe, ac donne 
gyt nis ende. 

XII. 39.-XIII. 7.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

39 And sitte in synagogis in the firste 
cliaircs, and the firste sitting places in 
soperis ; 

40 The whiche deuouren the housis of 
widewis, vndir colour of long pi-eier ; 
thei taken leuger dom. 

41 And Jhesus sittinge a5eins the 
treserie, biheld hou the cumpany of 
peple caste money in to the tresorie ; 
and maiiye riche castiden many thingis. 

42 Sothli whanne o pore widowe hadde 
comen, sche sente tweye mynutis, that 
iSj a fei'thing. 

43 And his discipHs clepid to gidere, 
he seith to hem, Treuly I seie to 50U, 
for this pore widowe sente more than 
alle, that sente in to the tresorie. 

44 Sothli alle sente of that thing that 
was plenteuous to hem ; but this of hir 
myseste sente alle thingis that she hadde, 
al hir lyflode. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


Chap. XIII. i And whanne he wente 
out of the temple, oon of his disciples 
seith to him, Maistir, bihold, what maner 
stoones, and what manere bildingis. 

2 And he answeringe seith to him, 
Seeste thou alle thes greete bildingis? 
ther schal not be left a stoon vjjon a 
stoon, the which schal not be distroyed. 

3 And whanne he sat in the mount of 
Olyuete a5ens the temple, thei axiden 
hym by hem silue, Petre, and James, 
and John, and Andrew, 

4 Seie thou to vs, whanne thes thingis 
schulen be maacl, and what tokene, 
whanne alle thes thingis schulen bigynne 
for to be endid. 

5 And Jhesus answeringe bigan for to 
seie to hem, Se 5e, that no man disceyue 

6 For many schulen come m my name, 
seiynge, For I am; and thei schulen 
disceyue manye. 

7 Sothli whanne ^e schulen heere batels 
and opyniouns of bateils, drede ^e not ; 
forsothe it bihoueth these thingis for to 
be don, but not 3it apon the end. 

39 And the chefe seates in the sina- 
goges, and to sit in the vppermost 
roumes att feastes ; 

40 And devoure widowes houses, and 
vnder a colour praye longe prayers ; 
these shall have greater damnacion. 

41 And Jesus sat over agaynst the 
treasury, and behelde howe the people 
putt money into the treasury ; and 
many that were ryche cast in moch. 

42 And there cam a certayne povrc 
widowe, and she threwe in two mytes, 
whiche make a farthynge. 

43 And he called vnto hym his dis- 
ciples, and sayd vnto them, Verely I 
saye vnto you, that thys pover widowe 
hath cast moare in then all they which 
have caste into the treasury. 

44 For they all putt in off their super- 
fluite ; but she off her poverte cast in 
all- that she had, even all her livynge. 

Chap. XIII. i And as he went out 
of the temple, won of his disciples sayd 
vnto hym, Master, se, Avhat stones, and 
what bildynges are here. 

2 And Jesus answered and sayde vnto 
hym, Seist thou these greate byklynges'? 
there shall not be leefte one stone apon 
a nother, that shall not be thro wen 

3 And as he sate on mounte Olivete 
over ayenst the temple, Peter, and 
James, and Jhon, and Andrew, axed 
hym secretly, 

4 Tell vs, when these thinges shalbe, 
and what is the signe, when all these 
thinges shalbe fulfilled. 

5 And Jesus answered them and began 
to saye, Take hede, lest eny man deceave 

6 For many shall come in my name, 
sayinge, I am Christ ; and shall deceave 

7 When ye shall heare off warre and 
tydinges off warre, be ye not troubled ; 
for they muste nedes be, butt the eude 
is nott yett. 


GOTHIC, 360. 


wastya seina. 

17 AjiJ^an wai jjaim qi})uliaftom, yah 
dacklyandeim in yaiuaim dagam. 

18 A)))>an bidyai|>, ei ni wair))ai sa 
))lauhs izwar wintrau. 

19 Wiiiij)and auk Jjai dagos yainai agio 
Kwaleika, swe ni was swaleika fram 
anastodcinai gaskaftais, ))oci gaskop Gu}), 
uud hita, yah ni wairjjij). 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Mark 

8 S6j)lice J)eod arist agen J'code, and 
rice ongen rice, and heoj) eor))an styr- 
unga geond stowa and hungor ; clis^ynd 
Sara angin, 

9 Warniaf) eow sylfe, hi syllajj cow on 
gejjeahte, and swinga]) on gesamnungum ; 
and ge standa|) beforau demum and 
cyningum for minum naman, him on 

10 And on ealle Jjeoda serest gebyra]> 
beon da?t godspel gebodod. 

1 1 And donne hi syllende eow Iseda)), 
ne fore-smeage ge hAvast ge specon, ac 
speca]) diet eow on daire tide geseald 
bijj ; ne synd ge ua sjjecende, ac se 
Halga Gast. 

12 So})lice se br5dor done brodor to 
deal)e syl]', and se fa3der liis sunu, and 
da boarn arisajj agen hyra magas, and 
mid deaj)e hi geweeceajj. 

13 And ge beo}j eallum on hatunge for 
minum naman ; s6))lice se bijj hfd, se 
de od ende ))urh-wunaj>. 

14 Donne ge geseojj dsere toworpenv 

nysse asceonunge, 

standan dar heo 

ne sceal ; donne ongyte se de rset ; 
fleon donne on muntas, da de synd on 

15 And se de is ofer j'ecene, ne stige 
he on his bus, ne he in ne ga, dset he 
aht on his hiise nime ; 

16 And se de bi)> on a^ccre, ne cyrre 
he oncrean daet he his reaf uime. 

17 Wu cennendum on dam dagum, 

18 Bidda}>, diet dis on wintra ne ge- 

1 9 Sojjlice on dam dagum beoj) swylce 
gcdrefednessa, swylce ne gewurdon of 
frymj^e da^re gesccafte, dc God gesceop, 
od nu, ne na ne geweordej). 

XIII. 8-19.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

8 Foi' folk schal rise vpon folk, and 
rcwme vpon rewme, and erthe mouyug 
schal be bj' places and huugur ; bigyn- 
nyngis of sorwis these thingis. 

9 Sothli se 56 50U silf, for thei schulen 
take 50U in counceils, and 56 schiden 
be beten in syuagogis ; and ^e schulen 
stonde bifore k}Tigis and domesmen for 
me, in to witnessing to hem. 

10 And in to alle folkis it bihoueth 
first the gospel for to be prechid. 

1 1 And whanue thei schulen lede 50U 
bitrayinge, nyle ^e thenke what ■^e schulen 
s])eke, but speke je that thing that schal 
be 3ouen to 30U in that our ; sothli je 
ben not spekinge, but the Hooly Gost. 

12 Forsothe a brother schal bitraye 
the brother in to deeth, aud the fadir 
the sone, aud sones schulen ryse to gidre 
ajens fadris and modris, and ponysche 
hem by deeth. 

1 3 And 36 schulen be in hate to alle 
men for my name ; but he that schal 
susteyne in to the ende, this schal be saf. 

14 Forsothe whanne 56 schulen se the 
abhomynacioun of discomfoi't, 

stondinge wher it 

owith not ; vndirstonde he that redith ; 
thanne thei that be in Judee, flee in 
to hillis. 

1 5 And he that is aboue the roof, come 
he not doun in to the hous, neithir eutre 
he, that he take ony thing of his hows 3 

16 And he that schal be in the feeld, 
turne not ajen byliynde for to take his 

17 Sothli Avo to hem that ben with 
childe, and norischinge in the dayes. 

1 8 Therfore preie je, that thei ben not 
don in wyntii. 

19 Forsoth the ilke dayes of tribula- 
cioun schulen be suche, whiche manere 
weren not fro the bygynnynge of crea- 
ture, the which God made, til now, 
neither schulen be. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


8 For there shall nacion aryse agaynste 
nacion, and realme agaynste realme, and 
there shalbe erthquakes in all quarters 
and famysshment aud troubles ; these 
are the begynuynge off sorowes. 

9 Butt take ye hede to youre selves, 
for they shall brynge you vj^pe to the 
counsels, and into the synagogges, and 
ye shalbe beeten ; and ye shalbe brought 
before rulers and kynges for my sake, 
for a testimoniall vnto them. 

10 And the gospell muste fyrste be 
publysshed amonge all nacions. 

1 1 Butt when they leade you and 
presentt you, take noo thought afore 
uonde what ye shall saye, nether yma- 
gion, butt whatsoever is geven you att 
the same tyme, that speake ; for it shall 
nott be ye that shall speake, butt the 
Holy Goost. 

12 Ye and the brother shall delyvre 
the brother to deeth, and the father the 
Sonne, and the chyldren shall ryse a- 
gaynste their fathers and mothers, and 
shall putt them to deeth. 

13 And ye shalbe hated off all men for 
my names sake ; butt whosoever shall 
endure vnto the ende, shalbe safe. 

14 Moreover when ye se the abominable 
desolacion, where off is spoken by Daniel 
the prophete, stonde were itt ought 
nott ; let hym that redeth it vnder- 
stonde itt ; then let them which be in 
lewry, fle to the mountaynes. 

T 5 And let hym that is on the housse 
toppe, nott descende doune into the 
housse, nether entre there in, to fetche 
eny thynge oute off his housse ; 

1 6 And lett hym thatt is in the felde, 
not tourne backe agayne vnto the 
thynges whicli he leefte behynde hym, 
for to take his cloothes with hym. 

17 Butt woo is then to them that are 
with chylde, and to them that geve 
soucke in thoose dayes. 

18 But praye, that youre flyght be not 
in the wynter. 

19 For there shalbe in those dayes 
suche tribulacion, as was not from the 
begynnynge off creatures, which God 
created, vnto this tyme, nether shalbe. 


GOTHIC, 360. 

20 Yah ul Frauya gamaurgkletli |'ans 
tlagaus, ui ]>auh ganesi aiuluin leike ; 
akei iu jjize gawalidane ))anzei gawalida, 
gamaurgida Jjans dagaus. 

21 Yah ]jan yabai whas "izwis qi\>a\, 
Sai I her Christus, aijjjjau sai ! yainar, 
ni galaubyaijj. 

22 Unte urreisand galiugachristyus 
yah galiugapraufeteis, yah giband taik- 
nins yah fauratanya, du afairzyan, yabai 
mahteig siyai, yah, })aus gawalidans. 

23 I}) yus saiwhij^ ; sai! fauragataih 
izwis allata. 

24 Akei in yaiuans dagans, afar Jjo 
aglon yaiua, sauil riqizeij?, yah meua ni 
gibij> liuha]) seiu, 

25 Yah stairnons himinis wairjjand 
driusaudeins, yah inahteis Jjos in himiu- 
am, gawagyauda. 

26 Yah J>au gasaiwhaud suuu mans 
qimandan in milhnnun, mi]? mahtai 
managai yah Avul|iau. 

27 Yah })an iusandeijj aggiluns seinans, 
yah galisi)) ))ans gawalidans seinans 
af fidwor wiudam, fram andyam airj)OS 
iind andi himinis. 

28 A}5|>an af smakkabagma ganimij) jjo 
gajiikon. pan J)is yii})an asts jjlaqus 
wair))i|), yah uskeinand laubos, kunnu]) 
))atei newha ist asans. 

29 Swali yah yus, jjan gasaiwhi)) )3ata 
wair})an, kunneij) jatei newha siyu]) at. . 

ANGLO-SAXON; 995. [St. Mark 

20 And gif Drihten das dagas ne ge- 
scyrte, nan flsesc ne wurde hal ; ac for 
dam gccorenum de he geceas, he ge- 
seyrte da dagas. 

21 And gif eow hwylc seg]), Witodlice! 
her is Crist, Avitodlice ! daer he is, ne 
gelyfe ge. 

22 S6])lice lease Cristas and lease w1t- 
egan arisa}), and wyrcaj) fore-beacnu, to 
beswicanne, eac, gif hit beon mieg, da 

23 Wai'niajj eow ; nu ! ealle J'ing de 
ic eow fore-siOde. 

24 Ac on dam dagum, a^fter daere 
gesweucednysse, by[) sunne aj^eostrod, 
and se m5na his beorhtnesse ne sylj>, 

25 And heofones steorran beoJ> fcal- 
lende, and beoJ> astyrode, da megenu 
de on heofonum synd. 

26 Donne geseoj) hi mannes sunu cum- 
endne on genipum, mid mycelum mteg- 
ene and wuldre. 

27 Donne sent he his englas, and hi 
gaderia|) his gecorenan of feower wind- 
um, of eorjjam heahnesse od heofones 

28 LeorniaJ) an bigspel be dam fic- 
treowe. Donne his twi h\\> mearu, and 
leaf bco)) acennede, ge witon dset sumor 
is gehcnde. 

29 And Avite ge, donne ge das Jjing 
gesco]>, daet he is dura gehende. 

30 S6|)lice ic eow secge, dfet deos 
encores ne gewit, serdam ealle das ])ing 

31 Hcofon and eor|)e gewitaj), witod- 
lice mine word ne gewitaj). 

32 Be dam diege and dan-e tide nan 
man nut, ne euglas on heofone, no man- 
nes sunu, biiton ftedcr ana. 

33 Warnia)', and wacia]), and gebiddaj) 
eow ; ge nyton, hwa^nne seo t.d ys. 

34 Swa se man de asljjoodilice ferde, 
forlet his hus, and scaldc his })COWum 
da3ne anwald gchwylccs wcorccs, and 
bcode dam durc-wearde, dait he wacige. 

35 Eornostlice wacigea]), ge nyton, 

XIII. 20-35-] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

20 And no but the Lord hadde breig- 
gid tho dayes, al fleisch''" hadde not be 
saf ; but for the chosene whom he chocs, 
the Lord hath breiggid dayes.''' 

2 1 And thanne if ony man schiilde seie 
to 50U, Lo ! here is Crist, loo ! there, 
beleue ^e not. 

22 For fals Cristis and fals prophetis 
schulen ryse vp, and schulen 5yue 
tokenes and grete wondris, to disceyue, 
if it may be don, 5he, the chosene. 

23 Therfore se 5e ; loo ! I haue bifore 
seid to 30U alle thiugis. 

24 But in tho dayes, aftir that tribula- 
cioun, the sunne schal be maad derk, 
and the mone schal not 5yue hir schyn- 

25 And sterris of heuenes schal be fall- 
inge doun, and vertues that be in he- 
uenes, schulen be mouyd. 

26 And thanne thei schulen se mannis 
sone coniynge in cloudis of heuene, with 
greet vertu and glorie. 

27 And thanne he schal sende his 
aungels, and schal gedre his chosene fro 
foure wyndis, fro the loweste thing of 
erthe vuto the hi5este thing of heuene. 

28 Forsothe of the fyge tree lerne 50 
the parable. Whanne now his braunche 
schal be tendre, and leeuys ben sprongen 
out, 3e witcn for somer is in the nexte. 

29 So and whanne 50 schulen se alle 
these thingis ben maad, Avite je, that it 
is in the nexte in the doris. 

30 Ti-euly I seye to 50U, for this gene- 
racioun schal not passe awey, til alle 
these thiugis be don. 

31 Heuene and erthe schal passe, for- 
sothe my wordis schulen not passe. 

32 Treuly of that day or our no man 
woot, nethir aungelis in heuene, nether 
the sone, no but the fadir. 

33 Se 56, wake 30, and preie 36 ; sothli 
je witen not^ whanne tyme is. 

34 For as a man the which gon fer in 
pilgrimage, lefte his hous, and 3af to his 
seruauntis power of euery work, and 
comaundide to the portei", that he schulde 

35 Therfore wake 3e, forsothe 36 witen 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


20 And excepte that the Lord had 
shortened those dayes, no man shulde 
be saved ; but for the electes sake which 
he hath chosen, he hath shortened thoose 

21 And then yff eny man saye vnto 
you. Loo ! here is Christ, loo ! he is 
there, beleve nott. 

22 For falce Christes shall aryse and 
falce propetes, and shall shewe myracles 
and wonders, to deceave, yf it were pos- 
sible, evyn the electe. 

23 But take ye hede ; beholde ! I have 
shewed you all thinges before. 

24 Moreover in thoose dayes, after that 
tribulacion, the sunne shall wexe darke, 
and the mone shall not geve her light, 

25 And the starres off heven shall fall, 
and the powers which are in heven, 
shall move. 

26 And then shall they se the sonne of 
man commynge in the cloudes, with 
greate power and glory. 

27 And then shall he sende his angels, 
and shall gaddre to gedder his electe 
from the fouare wyndes, and from the 
one ende off the worlde to the other. 

28 Learne a similitude of the fy gge 
tree. When his braunches are yett 
tender, and hath brought forthe leves, 
ye knowe that sommer ys neare. 

29 So in lyke maner when ye se these 
thinges come to passe, vnderstond, that 
it ys nye even att the dores. 

30 Verely I saye vnto you, that thys 
generacion shall nott passe, tyll all these 
thynges be done. 

31 Heven and erth shall passe, butt 
my wordes shall nott passe. 

32 Butt of the daye and the houre 
knoweth no man, no nott the angels 
which are in heven, nether the sonne 
hym silfe, save the father only. 

33 Take hede, watche, and praye ; for 
ye knowe nott, when the tyme ys. 

34 As a man which ys gone in to a 
straunge couutrey, and hath lefte hys 
housse, and geven auctorite to hys ser- 
vauntes and to every man hys worke, 
and commaunded the porter to watche. 

35 Watche therfore, for ye knowe not, 

K 2 


GOTHIC, 360. 

. . tcins ))is balsanis war}) 1 

5 Maht wesi auk })ata balsan frabugyau 
an managizo |)au |)riyulmiida skatte, yah 
giban uuledaim. Yah audstaurraidedun 

K.. .. 

6 I\> lesus qa)j, LetiJ) )>o ; duwhe izai 
us])riuti}) ? jjaniiu go}) waurstw waurhta 
bi mis. 

7 Sinteino auk })ans unledans habai}) 
mi}) izwis, yah })au wilei}), magu}) 'iiu 
waila tauyan; i}) mik ni siuteiuo habai}). 

8 patei habaida so gatawida ; faursaau 
salbon mein leik du usfilha. 

9 Amen qi})a izwis, })iswharuh })ci 
meryada so aiwaggelyo and aba manas- 
e\>, yah })atei gatawida so, rodyada du 
gamundai izos. 

10 Yah ludas Iskariotcis, ains }>ize 
twabl>c, galai}) du })aim gudyam, ei ga- 
lewidcdi iua ini. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Mahk 

hwsenne dves buses hUlford cym}), cle 
on sefen, de on midre nihte, tie on han- 
crede, de on mergen ; 

36 Dc-Lts he eow slapendc gemete, 
donne he fscringa cym}). 

37 S6})lice diet ic eow secge, eallum 
ic bit secge, Wacia}?. 

Chap. XIV. +1 So})Hce da fefter twam 

dagum wseron eastron And da 

stJhton da hcah-sacerdas and da bocer- 
as, hu hi hine mid facne namon, and 

2 Da cwsedon hi, Na;s na on frcols- 
dsege, de-hts dajs folces gehlyd weorde. 

3 And da se Hselend wres on Bethanla, 
on Simones hiise anes hreoflan, and dar 
sast, di com an wif, and htefde byre 
sealf-box deorwyr]'es nardes ; and to- 
broceuum sealf-boxe, ofer his heafod 

4 Sumc bit unweordb'ce forbaeron, and 
betwux him sylfum cwsedon, Forhwi 
wa3S disse scalfe foi'spillednes gewordeu ? 

5 Deos sealf mihte beon geseakl to 
})rim bund penegum, and beon })carfum 
geseakl. And yrsodou agen hi. 

6 Da cwts]> se Haelend, L^cta}? hi ; 
hwi synd ge byre granic 1 god wcorc 
heo on me worhte. 

7 S6})Hce symble ge babba}) })earfan 
mid eow, and donne ge wylla}), ge mag- 
on him teala don ; me ge symble nab- 

8 Deos sealde dset heo hsefde ; heo 
com to smyrianne minnc lichaman on 

9 S6|)Hce ic eow secge, swa hwar swa 
dis godspell gcbodod h\\> on eallum 
middau-cardc, bi)) gcbodod, da;t heo dis 
on his gemynde dydc. 

10 Da ludas Scarioth, d:vt is widci*- 
saca, an of dam twclfum, ferdc to dam 
hcah-saccrdum, dait he hine behOwde.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

uot, whanne the lord of the hous 
Cometh, in the cuentidc, or in the myd- 
ny^tj or kockis crowynge, or morvvynge ; 

36 Lest whanne he schal come sudenly, 
he fynde 5011 slepinge. 

37 Forsothe that that I seie to 5011, I 
seie to alle, Wake 36. 

Chap. XIV. i Forsothe pask and the 
feeste of therf looues ^ was aftir the 
secunde day. And the hi3este pi-estis 
and sci-ibis sou3ten, hoii thei schulden 
holde him with gile, and sle. 

2 Sothli thei seiden, Not in the feeste 
day, lest perauenture noyse were maad 
in the peple. 

3 And whanne he was at Betanye, in 
the hous of Symount leprous, and i-estid, 
a womman comynge, hauynge a box of 
precious oynement spikanard ; and the 
box brokun, helde out on his heed. 

4 Forsoth ther weren summe beringe 
vnworthily^ with ynne hem silf, and 
sepnge, Wherto is this loss of oynement 
maad 1 

5 For this oynement my3te haue be 
sold more than for thre hundrid pens, 
and be 3ouun to pore men. And thei 
groyneden in to hir. 

6 Sothli Jhesus seide, Sulfre hir ; what 
be 36 heuy to hir ? she hath wrou3t good 
Avork in me. 

7 For euer more 36 schulen haue pore 
men with 50U, and whanne 3e schulen 
wolle, 3e mown do wel to hem ; forsoth 
36 schulen not euermoi-e haue me. 

8 She dide that that she hadde ; sche 
bifore cam for to anoynte my body into 

9 Treuli I seie to 30U, whei-e euere this 
gospel schal be prechid in al the world, 
and that this womman hath done, schal 
be told in to mynde of hir. 

10 And Judas Scarioth, oon of the 
twelue, wente to the hi3este prestis, that 
he schulde bitray him to hem. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 245 

when the master of the housse wyll come, 
whether att even, or at mydnyght, whe- 
ther att the cocke crowynge, or in the 
daunynge ; 

36 LestyfFhe come sodenly, he shulde 
fynde you slepynge. 

37 And that I saye vnto you, I saye 
vnto all men, Watch e. 

Chap. XIV. i After two dayes fol- 
owed ester and the dayes of swete breed. 
And the hye prestes and scrybes sought 
meaues, howe they myght take hym by 
crafte, and putt hym to deeth. 

2 Butt they sayde, Nott on the feaste 
daye, leest eny busynes aryse amonge 
the people. 

3 When he was in Bethania, in the 
housse off Simon the leper, even as he 
sate att meate, there cam a woman, with 
an alablaster boxe of oyntment called 
narde that was pure and costly ; and 
she brake the boxe, and powred it on 
his heed. 

4 There were some that disdayned in 
them selves, and sayde, What neded this 
waste of oyntment 1 

5 For it myght have bene soolde for 
more then two houndred j^ens, and bene 
geven vnto the povre. And they grudged 
agaynste her. 

6 And Jesus sayd, Lett her be in reest ; 
why gi'cve ye her 1 she hath done a 
goode worke on me. 

7 Ye and ye shall have povi*e with you 
all wayes, and when soever ye will, ye 
maye do them goode ; butt me ye shal 
not have alwayes. 

8 She hath clone that she coulde ; she 
cam a fore honde to anoynt my boddy 
to his bui-yinge warde. 

9 Verely I saye vnto you, wheresoever 
thys gospell shalbe preached thorow out 
the whole woi-lde, thys also that she 
hath done, shalbe rehearsed in remcm 
braunce of her. 

10 And Judas Iscarioth, won off the 
twelve, went awaye vnto the hye pi-estes, 
to betraye him vnto them. 


GOTHIC, 360. 

III]? eis galiausyandans faginodedun, 
yah o-ahaihaitun inima faihu giban. Yah 
sokida whaiwa gatilaba ina galewidedi. 

1 2 Yah jjamma fi-umistin daga azwrae, 
|jan paska salidedun, qejnm du iiimia jjai 
siponyos "is, Whar wileis ei galeij audans, 
manwyaima, ei matyais paska 1 

13 Yah "insandida twans siponye seiu- 
aize, qa))uh du im, Gaggats in ])0 baurg, 
yah gamoteijj igqis manna kas watins 
bairauds ; gaggats afar |)amma. 

14 Yah ])adei inngalei})ai, qijjaits jjam- 
ma hciwafrauyin, patei laisareis qi]>i|', 
Whai- sind salijjwos, |)arei paska mi]> 
siponyam meinaim matyau? 

15 Yah sa izwis taikneij) kelikn mikil- 
ata gastrawi)? manwyata, yah yainar 
manwyaijj unsis, 

1 6 Yah usiddycdun jjai sipon . . . 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Mark 

1 1 Da hi dis gehyrdon hi fahnodon, 
and bebcton him fcoh to sylbxnne. And 
he smeade hii he hiue diaellice sealde. 

12 And dam forman dfoge azimorum, 
da hi eastron offrodon, his leorning- 
cnihtas bim ssedon, Hwyder wylt du 
d;Bt we faron, and gegeai'wian de^ dajt 
du eastron ete 1 

1 3 Da sende he twegen of his leorning- 
cnibtum, and ssede bim, Gajj on da 
ceastre, and inc agen-yrnj) sum man 
berende sume w«ter-flaxan ; folgia)) 

14 And swa hAvyder swa he in-gsel?, 
secga|> does hiises bhlforde, U're lareow 
seg|>, Hwar is niin gyst-hus and nrn 
gereoi-d, hwar ete ic eastron mid min- 
um leorning-cnibtura 1 

15 And he inc geswutelajj mycele 
healle gedsefte, and gcgearwia]) us dara. 

16 Da ferdon his leorning-cnihtas, and 
comon on da ceastre, and fiindon liit 
eall swa he ssede ; and gegearwodon da 

17 S5jjhce da eefen com, him twelfum 
mid him 

18 Sittendum, and etendum, SEede se 
Hselend, Soj^Hce ic cow secge, dset eovver 
an de mid me yt, gesylj? me. 

19 Da ongunnon hi beon dreorige, and 
betwux him cwedan, Cwyst du com ic 

20 Da sscde he him, An of eow twelf- 
um me sylp, se de his hand on disce 
mid me dypj\ 

21 And witodlice mannes sunu gx\>, 
swa be him awritcn is ; wa dam men, 
Jmrh done de mannes sunu geseald bi[). 
Betere him waere, dset se man acenned 

22 Him da etendum, afeng se Hselend 
hblf, and hine blctsiende brrec, and 
scakle him, and dus cwse]?, Nimaj) ; dis 
ys min lichama. 

23 And onfeng cahce, and Gode j^ancas 
dyde and sealde him, and ealle him of 

24 Da ssede he him, Dis ys min blod 

XIV. 11-24.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

1 1 The wliiche heerynge ioyeden, and 
bihi5ten liem to 5yue him money. And 
he soii5te how he schulde bitraye him 

1% And the firste day of theme loues, 
whenne pask was offrid, discijilis seyn 
to him, Whidir wolt thou we go, and 
make redy to thee, that thou ete pask 1 

13 And he sendith tweyne of his dis- 
ciplis, and seith to hem, Go 5e in to the 
citee, and a man beringe a galoun of 
watir schal renne to 50U •,'^ suwe 5e 

T 4 And whidir eiiere he schal entre, 
seye je to the lord of the hous. For the 
maister seith, Wher is my fulfilling,"'' 
where I schal ete pask with my dis- 
ciplis 1 

15 And he schal shewe to 50U a greet 
souping place strewid, and there make 
je redy to vs. 

1 6 And his dis.ciplis wenten forth, and 
camen in to the citee, and founde as he 
hadde seid to hem ; and thei maden 
redy pask. 

17 Sothli euen maad, he cam with 

] 8 And hem sittinge at the mete, and 
etinge, Jhcsus seith, Treuli I seie to 50U, 
for oon of 50U that etith with me, schal 
bitraye me. 

19 And thei bigunnen for to be sori, 
and to seie, ech by hym silf, Whether 1 1 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


20 The which seith to hem, Oon of 
twelue that puttith yn the bond with 
me in the plater, 

2 1 And sothli mannis sone goth, as it 
is writun of him ; forsoth wo to that 
man, bi whom mannis sone schal be bi- 
trayd. It were good to him, if that 
ilke man hadde not be borun. 

22 And hem etinge, Jhesus took bred, 
and blessirge brak, and 5af to hem, and 
seith, Take je ; this is my body. 

23 And the cuppe takun, he doynge 
gracis jaf to hem, and alle drunkun 

24 And he seith to hem, This is my 

11 Wlien they hcrde that they were 
gladde, and promised that they wolde 
geve hym money. And he sought 
howe he myght convenyently betraye 

1 2 And the fyrst daye of swete breed, 
when they offered the pascal lambe, his 
disciples sayd vnto hym, Where wylt 
thou that we goo, and prepare, that thou 
mayste eate the ester lambe 1 

13 And he sent fourth two of his dis- 
ciples, and sayde vnto them, Goo ye into 
the cite, and there shall a man mete 
you beringe a pitcher of water ; folowe 

14 And whidthersoever he goeth in, 
saye ye to the good man off the housse. 
The master axeth. Where is the geest 
chambre, where I shall eate the ester 
lambe with my disciples ? 

r5 And he wyll shewe you a greate 
pai-lour paved and prepared, there make 
reddy for vs. 

16 And his disciples went forth, and 
cam in to the cite, and founde as he had 
sayd vnto them ; and made reddy the 
ester lambe. 

17 And att even, he cam with the 

1 8 And as they sate att borde, and ate, 
Jesus sayde, Verly I saye vnto you, that 
won off you shall betraye me, which 
eateth with me. 

19 And they began to morne, and to 
saye to hym, won by won, Ys it I ? and 
another sayde, Ys it 1 1 

20 lie answered and sayd vnto them, 
It is won of the .xij. and the same 
depeth with me in the platter. 

21 The Sonne of man goeth, as it is 
written of hym ; but woo be to that 
man, by whome the sonne of man is 
betrayed. Goode were hitt for hym, if 
that man had never bene borne. 

22 And as they ate, Jesus toke breede, 
gave thankes, brake it and gave it to 
them, and sayd, Take, eate ; thys ys my 

23 And he toke the coppe, gave 
thankes and gave it to them, and they 
dronke all off it. 

24 And he sayde vnta them, Thys ys 


GOTHIC, ^60. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Mauk 

djere niwan cydnesse, dset h\\> for mau- 
egum figotcn. 

25 Sojjlice ic eow secge, daet ic heonon- 
forj> ne drince of dyses win-geardes 
cynne, od done dseg donue ic bine 
niwne drince on Godes rice. 

26 And gecwedenum lofe, hi ferdon on 
Ele-bergcna munt. 

27 Da c\\se]> se Hpelend, Ealle ge bcol> 
ge-untreowsode on disse nibte ; fordani 
de bit awriten is, Ic slea dfene byrdc, 
and beo]) da seep todreefede. 

28 Ac asfter dam de ic arise, ic cume 
beforan eow on Galilcam. 

29 Da ssede Petrus him, Deah de 
ealle swicion, ne swicige ic de na. 

30 Da cwfcjj se Hselend, Sojjlice ic de 
secge, dset dii on disse nilite eer bana 
tuwa crawe, |;riwa wid-ssecst min. 

31 And be dses de mare sprsec, And 
deah me gebyrige mid de to sweltanne, 
ne setsace ic din. And swa hi cwsedon 

32 Da comon hi to anum tunc, does 
nama wa>s Gezemani. And be cwsej) to 
his leoi'ning-cnibtum, Sitta]) her, od da3t 
ic me gebidde. 

33 And be nam da mid him Pctrum 
and lacobmii and lohannem, da ongan 
he forbtian, and sargian. 

34 And ssede him, Unrot is min sawl 
od deaj) ; gebidaj) her, and waciaj). 

35 Da be lyt-bwon forjj-stop, he a- 
strebte bine ofer da cor};an, and be bred, 
gif bit beon mihte, dtet he on dajre tide 
fram bim gewite. 

36 And da cwre)) be, Abba, da?t is, 
Fredcr, on lire gc)>code, ealle |)ing de 
synd mibtiglicc, jif^r dysnc calic fram 
me ; ac na dret ic wyllc, ac diet du. 

37 Da com be, and fiindc hi slsepende. 
Aid cwaj)) to Pctre, Simon, sl.Tpst du? 
ne mibtest du ane tide vvacian 1 

38 WaciaJ?, and gcbidda]>, da3t ge on 
costnunge ne gan ; ■\vitodlicc sc gast is 
gcaru, ac diet flscsc is untruin. 

XIV. 25-38.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

blood of the ncwe testament, the which 
schal be shedd out for manye. 

25 Treuly I seie to 5011, for now I schal 
not drynke of this fruit of vyne, til in 
to that daye whanne I schal drynke it 
newe in the rewme of God. 

26 And the ympne^ seid, thei wentcn 
out in to the hil of Olyues. 

27 And Jhesus seith to hem, AUe 5e 
schulen be sclaundrid in me in this ni3t ; 
for it is writun, I schal smyte the schep- 
herde, and the scheep of the floe schulen 
be disparplid. 

28 But aftir that I schal ryse a5en, I 
schal go bifore 50U in to Galilee. 

29 Forsoth Petre seith to him, And if 
alle schulen be sclaundrid, but not I. 

30 And Jhesus seith to him, Treuly I 
seie to thee, for thou to day bifore the 
cok in this ny5t twyes jyue vols, thries 
thou ert to denye me. 

3 1 And he spak more, And if it bihoue 
me to dye to gidere with thee, I schal 
not denye thee. Sothli and lyk manere 
alle seiden. 

32 And thei camen in to a place, to 
whom the name Gethsamany. And he 
seith to his disciplis, Sitte 50 here, the 
while I preie. 

33 And he takith Petre and James 
and John "svith him, and bigan for to 
drede, and to heuye. 

34 And he seith to hem, My soule is 
sor-Nvful til to the deeth ; susteyne 5e^ 
here, and preie 56 with me. 

35 And whanne he hadde gon forth a 
litel, he felde down on the erthe, and 
preiede, that, if it my5te be, the our 
schulde passe fro him. 

36 And he seide, Fadir, alle thingis 
ben possible to thee, turne fro me this 
cuppe ; but not that I wole, but that 
that thou. 

37 And he cam, and fond hem slep- 
ynge. And he seith to Petre, Symount, 
slepist thou 1 my3tist thou not wake 
with me oon our 1 

38 Wake 5e, and pi-eie je, that ^e entre 
not in to temptacioun ; fox'sothe the 
spirit is redy, but the fleisch syk. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


my blonde of the ncwe testament, which 
shalbe sliced for many. 

25 Verely I saye vnto you, I wyll 
drynke no mooi-e off this frute off the 
vyne, vntyll that daye that I shall 
drynke it ncAve in the kyngdom of God. 

26 And when they had sayd grace, 
they went out in to the mount Olivetc. 

27 And Jesus sayde vnto them, All ye 
shalbe hurtt thorowe me thys nyght ; 
for it is written, I wyll smyte the shep- 
heerd, and the sheepe shalbe scattered. 

28 Butt after that I am rysen agayne, 
I wyll goo into Galile before you. 

29 Peter sayde vnto hym, And though 
all men shulde be hurte, yett wolde 
nott I. 

30 And Jesus sayd vnto hym, Verely 
I saye vnto the, thys daye even in this 
nyght before the cocke crowe twyse, 
thou shallt deney me thryse. 

31 And he spake boldlyer. No, if I 
shulde dey with the, I Avoll not deny 
the. Lyke wyse also sayd they all. 

32 And they cam in to a place, named 
Gethsemani. And he sayde to his dis- 
ciples, Sitt ye here, whyll I goo aparte 
and praye. 

33 And he tokewith hym Peter James 
and Jhon, and he began to waxe abassh- 
ede, and to be in an agony. 

34 And sayde vnto them. My soule is 
very hevy even vnto the deeth ; tary 
here, and watche. 

35 And he went forth a lytic, and fell 
dounne on the grounde, and prayede, 
that, yf it were possible, the houre myght 
passe from hym. 

36 And he sayde, Abba Father, all 
thinges are possible vnto the, take awayc 
this cuppe from me ; neverthelesse nott 
that I wyll, butt that' thowe wilt be 

37 And he cam, and founde them slop- 
inge. And sayd to Peter, Simon, slepest 
thou ? coudest not thou watche with me 
one houre 1 

38 Watche yc, and praye, least ye entre 
into temptacion ; the sprete is redy, but 
the flcssh is wceke. 


GOTHIC, 360. 


. . . sai ! galewj'ada sunus mans "in 
handuns frawaurhtaize. 

4 2 Urreisi}', gaggam ; sai ! sa lewyands 
mik atnewhida. 

43 Yah, sunsaiw nauhj)amili at i'mma 
rodyandin, qam ludas, sums })ize twalibe, 
yah mi]) imma manage! mi}) hairum yah 
triwam, fram J^aim auhumistam gud- 
yam, yah bokaryam, yak sinistam. 

44 Atuh ])an gaf sa lewyands im 
bandwon, qij'ands, pammei kukyau, sa 
1st ; gi'eipij) jjana, yah tiuhij) arniba. 

45 Yah qimands, sunsaiw atgaggandg 
du imma, qa}), Rabbei, rabbei ; yah 
kukida 'imma. 

46 Ij) eis uslagidedun handuns ana ina, 
yah undgripun "ina, 

47 i\> ains sums J)ize atstandandane 
'imma, ushikands hairu, sloh skalk auhu- 
mi>.tins gudyins, yah afsloh 'imma auso 
Jiata taihswo. 

48 Yah andhafyands lesus qaj) du im, 
Swe du waidcdyin urrunnuj? mi}) hairum 
yah triwam, greipan mik 1 

49 Daga whammeh was at 'izwis, in alh 
hiisyands, yah ni gripu)) mik j ak ei 
usfullnodedeina bokos. 

50 Yah afletandans ina, ga])lauhun 

51 Yah ains sums yuggalau|)S laistida 
afar imma, biwaibi})S leina ana naqad- 
ana ; yah gripun 'is ])ai yuggalaudeis. 

52 T)) is bileitiands Jjamma leina, naqaj)3 
gaj)lauh faura im. 

53 Yah gatauhun lesu du auhumistin 
gudyin. Yah garunnun mi]) imma, 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Mark 

39 And eft he gebted cJa ylcan sjji-aece. 

40 And da he hinc eft agen-bewende, 
he funde hi slsepende ; hyra eagan wser- 
on gehefegode. And hi nyston, hwa;t 
hi him andswaredon. 

41 Da com he ])riddan side, and ssede 
him, Slapa]) nil, and restaj) ; genoli hit 
ys. Tima ys cumen ; nu ! is mannes 
sunu geseald on synfulra handa. 

42 A'risa]), uton gan ; nii ! is gehende 
se de me syl[). 

43 Him da da gyt sprecendum, com 
ludas Scarioth, dfet ys widersaca, an of 
dam twelfum, and mid him mycel men- 
egeo mid swurdum and mid sahlum, 
fram heah-sacerdum, bocerum, and eald- 

44 S6])lice his Isewa him tacen sealde, 
and dus cwse]), Swa hwylcne swii ic 
cysse, he hit ys ; nima}>, and Iseda]) hine 

45 And s5na swa he com, he gc- 
nealsehte him to, and cwse]), Lareow ; 
and cyste hine. 

46 And hi hyra handa on hine wurpon, 
and niimon hine. 

47 S6])lice an of dam de dar embe 
uton stodon, his swurde abra?d, and 
sloh dnes sacerdes })eow, and his eare 

48 Da cwte}) se Haelend him and- 
swariende, Swa swa to anum sccajjan 
ge ferdon mid swurdum and treowum, 
me gefon 1 

49 Donne ic daeghwamlice mid eow 
wses, on temple Iserende, and ge me ne 
namon ; ac dtet da gcwritu syu gcfyl- 

50 Da forleton his leorning-cnihtas 
ealle hyne, and flugon. 

5 1 Sum iungling him fyligde, mid iinre 
scytan bevvaefed nacod; and hi namon 

52 Da aworpcnre doere scytan, nacod 
he him fram llcah. 

53 And hi Iseddou drone Hselend to 
dam heah-sacerde. And comon ealle 

XIV. 39-53-] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

39 And effcsoone he goynge preiede, 
the same word seyinge. 

40 And he turnyd a5en eftsoone, fond 
hem slepinge ; sothli her y3en were 
greuyd. And thei knewen not, what 
the! schulden answere to him. 

41 And he cam the thridde tyme, and 
seith to hem, Slepe 5e nowe, and reste 
5e ; sothli it sufficith. The our cometh ; 
loo ! mannis sone schal be bitrayed in 
to houdis of synful men. 

42 Ryse 5e, go we ; loo ! he that schal 
bytraye me is ny5. 

43 And, 3it him spekinge, Judas Sca- 
rioth, oou of the twelue, cam, and with 
him moche cumpeny with swerdis and 
staues, sent fi-o the hi5este prestis, and 
scribis, and fro the eldere men. 

44 Forsothe the traitour hadde 5ouun 
to hem a tokene, seyinge, Whom euere 
I schal kisse, he it is j holde 56 him, 
and lede 56 warly.''' 

45 And whanne he cam, anon he com- 
inge to him, seith, Maistir ; and he 
kisside him, 

46 And thei layden hondis in to him, 
and heelden him. 

47 Sothli oon of men stondinge aboute, 
ledinge out a swerd, smot the seruaunt 
of the hi3este prest, and kitte of to him 
an eere. 

48 And Jhesus answeringe seith to 
hem, As to a thef 56 ban gon out with 
swerdis and staues, for to take me 1 

49 Forsoth day by day I was at 30U, 
techinge in the temple, and 56 heelden 
not me ; but that the scripturis be ful- 

50 Thanne him forsakun, alle his dis- 
ciplis fledden. 

51 Sothli sum 3ong man, clothid with 
lynnen cloth on the bare, suede him ; 
and thei heelden him. 

52 And the lynnen cloth forsakun, he 
nakid flei3 awey fro hem. 

53 And thei ledden Jhesu to the hi3este 
prest. And all camen to gidere in to 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


39 And agayne he went awaye and 
prayde, and spake the same woi-des. 

40 And he returned, and founde them 
aslepe agayne ; for their eyes were hevy. 
Nether coulde they tell, what they 
myght answere to hym. 

41 And he cam the tliyrde tyme, and 
sayd vnto them, Slepe hens forth, and 
take youre ease ; it is ynough. The 
houre is come ; beholde ! the sonne of 
man shalbe delyvred into the hondes 
of synners. 

42 Ryse vppe, let vs goo ; loo ! he 
that betrayeth me is come nye. 

43 And immediatly, whill he yett spake, 
cam Judas, won off the twelve, and with 
hyme a greate nomber off people with 
sweardes and staves, from the hye prestes, 
and scribes, and seniours. 

4'4 He that betrayed hym gave them 
a generall token, sayinge, Whosoever I 
do kisse, he it is ; take hym, and leade 
hym awaye warely. 

45 And as sone as he was come, he 
went streight waye to him, and sayd 
vnto hym, Master, master ; and kissed 

46 And they leyde their hondes on 
him, and toke him. 

47 Won off them that stode by, drue 
out a swearde, and smote a servaunt off 
the hye preste, and cutt off hys eare. 

48 And Jesus answered and sayd vnto 
them, Ye cam out as vnto a thefe with 
sweai-des and with staves, ffor to take 

49 I was daylywith you in the temple, 
teachinge, and ye toke me not ; but 
that the scriptures shulde be fulfilled. 

50 And they all forsoke hym, and 
ranne awaye. 

51 And there was a certeyne yonge 
man thatt folowed hym, cloothed in 
llnnen apon the bare ; and the yonge 
men caught hym. 

52 And he lefte his lynnen, and fleed 
from them nakeed. 

53 And they leedde Jesus awaye to the 
hyest preste off all. And to hym came 


GOTHIC, 360. 

auhumistans gudyans allai yali j'ai sinis- 
tans yah bokaryos. 

54 Yah Paitrus fairrapro hiistida afar 
inima mate qam iu garda ))is auhumistius 
gudj'ins. Yah was sitands mij) and- 
bahtam, yah wai'myands sik at Hvdiada. 

55 If) }5ai auhumistans gudyans, yah 
alia so gafaurds, sokidedun ana lesu 
weit\vodi[)a, du afdau|?yau ina ; yah ni 

56 Managai auk galiug weitwodidedun 
ana ina, yah samaleikos Jjos weitwodij^os 
ni wesun. 

57 Yah sumai usstandandans galiug 
weitwodidedun ana "ina, qij^andans, 

58 patei weis gahausidedum qij^andan 
ina, patei ik gataira alh })0 handuwaurh- 
ton, yah bi \>Y'ms dagans anjjara un- 
handuwaurhta gatimrya. 

59 Yah ni swa samaleika was weit- 
wodi})a ize. 

60 Yah usstandands sa auhumista 
gudya in midyaim, frah lesu, qi[)ands, 
Niu andhafyis waiht wha |)ai ana j)uk 
wcitwodyand 1 

61 I)) 'is ])ahaida, yah waiht ni andhof. 
Aftra sa auhumista gudya frah ina, yah 
qa]) du imma, pu is Christus, sa sunus 
{'is piuj^eigins 1 

62 Ij> is qajnih, Ik im ; yah gasai- 
wlnl> |)ana sunu mans af taihswon 
sitandan mahtais, yah qimandan mijj 
milhmam himinis. 

63 Ijj sa auhumista gudya, disskreit- 
ands wastyos seinos, qa}), Wha jjanamais 
I'aurbum weis weitwode ? 

64 Hausidedu}> po wayamerein is. Wha 
izwis ImgkeiJ) ? paruh cis allai ga- 
domidedun ina skulan wisan daujjau. 

65 Yah dugunnun sumai spciwan ana 
wlit is, yah hulyan andwairj)i is, yah 
kaupatyan ina, yah qej'un du iinina, 
Praufetei. Yali andbahtos gabauryaba 
lofam slohun ina. 

66 Y^-ih wisandin Paitrau in rohsnai 
dahilia, yah atiddya aina J)iuyo )>is auhu- 
mistins gudyins. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Mark 

saccrdas and boceras and caldras to- 

54 Petrus him fyligde fcorran oc1 daes 
licah-sacerdes cafer-tun. And he sait 
mid tiam jjenum, and wyrmde hinc set 
dam fyre. 

55 Da heah-sacerdas suhton, and call 
gej'caht, tale ageu done Hselend, diet 
hi hine to deajje scaldon ; and hi no 

56 Manega sscdon lease gecydnysse 
agen hine, and da cydnessa luieron 

57 Da arison sume and ssedon lease 
cydnesse agen hine, and dus cwsedon, 

58 Solves we gehyrdon hine sccgan, Ic 
towurpe dis hand-worhte tcmpel, and 
sefter Jjrim dagum ic oder unhaud-worht 

59 And hyra cydnys ntes dseslic. 

60 Da aras sum heah-sacerd on hyra 
midlene, and iihsode dpene Hselcnd, Nc 
andswarast dii nan ))ing agen dcet das 
de onwurj^aj) 1 

61 He suwode, and naht ne and- 
swarode. Eft hine acsode se heah- 
sacerd, Eart dii Crist, dses gebletsodan 
Godes sunu ? 

62 Da ssede se Hselcnd, Ic eom ; and 
ge geseoj) mannes sunu on swydrau 
healfe sittan his msegenes, and curaende 
mid heofones genipum. 

63 Da cw0e)) se heah-sacerd, his reaf 
slitende, Hwi gcwilnigc we gyt cydcra 1 

64 Ge gehyrdon his bysmcr. Hwait 
])inc)> cow ? Da hyrwdon hi callc hinc 
and cwccdon daet he wsere deaj^es scyl- 

65 And sume agunnon him on spactan, 
and ofcr-\vreon liis ansyne, and mid 
fystum hine beoton, and him to cwsedon, 
A'raed. And da {)cnas hine mid handum 

66 And da Petrus wics on cafer-tunc, _ 
da com to him an })incn daes heah- ■ 
sacerdes. '' 

XIV. 54-66.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

oon, the prestis and the scribis and 
eldere men. 

54 Forsoth Petre suede him afer til 
with ynne in to the halle of the hi5este 
])rest. And he sat with the mynystiis, 
and warmyde him at the fier. 

55 Foi'sothe the hi3este prestis, and al 
the counceil, sou5teu witnessinge ajcns 
Jhesu, that thei schulen 5yiie him to 
deeth ; nether thei founden. 

56 Sothli manye seiden fals witness- 
inge a5ens him, and the witnessingis 
Averen not coueuable. 

57 And summe risynge sou3ten fals 
witnessing a5ens hym, seyinge, 

58 For we ban herd him seiynge, I 
schal vndo this temple maad with hondis, 
and aftir the thridde day I schal bilde 
a nother not maad with hondis. 

59 And the witnessing of hem was not 

60 Forsothe the hi3este prest rysinge 
vp in to the myddel, axide him, sey- 
inge, Answerist thou not ony thing to 
tho thingis that ben put to thee of 
these 1 

61 Sothli he was stille, and no thing 
answeride. Eftsoone the hijest prest 
axide him, and seide to him, Ert thou 
Crist, the sone of blessid God 1 

62 Sothli Jhesus seide to him, I am ; 
and 36 schulen se mannis sone sittinge 
on the ri3t half of the vertu of God, 
and comyuge in cloudis of heuene. 

63 Forsoth the hi3est prest, kittinge 
his clothis, seith. What 3it desyren we 
witnessis 1 

64 3e ban herde blasphemye. What 
semeth to 30u^ The whiche alle con- 
dempneden him for to be gilty of dceth. 

65 And summe bigunnen for to bispitte 
him, and to hide his y3en, and smyte 
liim wiih boffatis, and seie to him, Pro- 
phecie thou. And the mynystris beeten 
him with strokis.''' 

66 And whanne Petre was in the halle 
bynethen, oon of the hand maydens of 
the hi3cst prest cam. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


all, the bye prestos and the seniours and 
the scribes. 

54 And Peter folowed a greate way of 
even into the pallys of the hye preste. 
And he was there and sat with the ser- 
vauntes, and warmed hymsilfe att the 

55 And the hye prestes, and all the 
couusell, sought for witnes agayiiste 
Jesu, to putt hym to deeth ; and they 
founde noone. 

56 Yett many bare falce witnes a- 
gaynste hym, butt their witnes aggreed 
not to gedder. 

57 And there aroose certayne and 
brought falce witnes againste hym, say- 

58 We herde hym saye, I wyll destroye 
this temple made, with hondes, and with 
in tlire dayes I wyll bilde another made 
with out hondes. 

59 And there witnes aggreed not to 

60 And the hyeste preste stode vppe 
before them all, and axed Jesus, say- 
inge, Answerest thou nothinge, howe is 
it that these beare witnes agaynst the 1 

61 And he helde his peace, and an- 
swered noothynge. Agayne the hyeste 
preste axed hym, and sayde vuto hym, 
Arte thou Christ, the soune oft" the 
Blessed ? 

62 And Jesus sayde, I am ; and ye 
shall se the sonne off man sitt on the 
ryght honde of power, and come in the 
cloudes off"heven. 

63 Then the hyest preste rent his 
cloothes, and sayd. What nede we eny 
further of witnes 1 

64 Ye have herde the blasphemy. What 
thinke ye 1 And they all gave sentence 
that he was worthy of deeth. 

65 And some began to spit at hym, 
and to cover his face, and to bet hym 
with their fistcs, and to saye vnto him, 
Arede vnto vs. And the sorvauntes 
bofteted him on the face. 

66 And Peter was beneeth in the pallys, 
and there cam won off" the wenches off 
the hyest preste. 


GOTHIC, 360. 

67 Yah gasaiwliaiidei Paitru warm- 
yandau sik, insaiwhandei du imma qa)), 
Yah })U mi]j lesua ))amma Nazoreiuau 

68 I]) is afaiaik, qij'ands, Ni wait, ni 
kann, Avha \>u qi}'is. Yah galaijj faur 
gard ; yah hana wopida. 

69 Yah })i\vi gasaiwhandei ina, aftra 
dugann qi))au J;aim faurastaiidaudam, 
patei sa J^izei ist. 

70 I|) is aftra laugiiida. Yah afar 
lei til, aftra j^ai atstaiidandans, qejjun du 
Paitrau, Bi sunyai J)izei is, .... 
yah auk razda })eina galeika ist. 

71 iijj is dugann afaikan yah swaran, 
patei ui kaun j'ana mannan, |)anei qi|>i)'. 

72 Yah anjiaramma sinjja hana wopida. 
Yah gamuiula Paitrus }Jata waurd swe 
qa|) inuna losus, patei faurjjize hana 
hrukyai twaim sinjiam, inwidis mik jjrini 
sinjjum. Yali dugann greitan. 

Chap. XV. i Yah sunsaiw in maur- 
gin, garuni tauyandans jjai auhumistans 
gudyaus, mij> J'aim sinistam, yah hok- 
aryam, yah alia so gafaurds, gabindaud- 
aus Icsu, brahtcdun ina at Peilatau. 

2 Yah frah ina Peilatus, pu is ))iudans 
ludaie ? l]) is audhafyauds qaj) du inima, 
pu (|ij)is. 

3 Yah wrohidedun ina pal auhumistans 
gudyans filu. 

4 IJj Peilatus aftra frah ina, qi|)ands, 
Niu andhafyis ni waiht ? Sai, whan 
filu ana }>uk weitwodyaud ? 

5 I\> lesus ])anamais ni andhof, swaswe 
sildaleikida Peilatus. 

6 Ijj and dul)) wharyoh fralailot im 
ainana bandyau, J^anei bedun. 

7 Wasuh jjan sa haitana Barabbas, mi|) 
J'aim mi)) imma drobyandam gabuudaiis, 
I'aiei in auhyodau maurj^r gatawidedun. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Mark 

67 And da heo geseah Petrum wyrm- 
ende, da cwa?)j heo, Du wsere mid dam 
Nazareniscan Hselende. 

68 Da setsoc he, and cw£bjj, Ic nat, ne 
ne can, hwset du segst. And he code 
da of dam cafer-tiane ; and se hana 

69 Eft da hine gecneow oder ])inen, 
heo ongan cwedan to dam de dar abutan 
st5don, S6])lice des ys of dam. 

70 And he eft setsoc. And eft da 
ymbe lytel, da de ait-st5don cwsedon 
to Petre, S6{)lice dii eart of dam, Ga- 
lileisc dii eart 

71 Da ongan he setsacan and swerian, 
Sopes ne can ic dcene man, de ge secga)>. 

72 And da effc-sona creow se hana. 
Da gemunde Petrus da?s Hselendes 
worde de he him ssede, iE'r se hana 
crawe tuwa, Jjriwa dil me a^tsajcst. Da 
ongan he wepan. 

Chap. XV. i Da s5na on mei'gen, 
worhton da heah-sacerdas hyra gemot 
mid ealdrum, and bocerum, and eallum 
werodum, and Iseddon dajue HaJIend, 
gebundenne, and sealdon hine Pilato. 

2 Da acsode Pilatus hine, Eart du 
ludea cyning 1 Da andswarode he him, 
Dii hit segst. 

3 Da wregdon hine da heah-sacerdas 
on manegum j)ingum. 

4 Eft Pilatus hine acsode, Ne and- 
swarast dii nan |)ing 1 Loca, hii micel- 
um hi de wregeaj) ? 

5 Da ne andswarode se Hselend him 
ua mare, swa diet Pilatus wundrode. 

6 On symbel-dajge wa;s his gcwuna 
dvGt he him forgeafe scnue gebundenne, 
swa hwylcne swa hi bsedou. 

7 Da bsedon hi Barraban, sc wsos ge- 
bunden mid dam rseplingum, se purh 
swic-crteft man slyht geworhte. 

XrV. 67.-XV. 7-] WYCLIFFE,i389. 

67 And wbanne sche hackle seyn Petre 
warmyuge Mm, sche biholdinge him 
seith, And thou Avast -with Jhesu of 

68 And he denyede, seyinge, Nethir I 
woot, nether I haue knowun, what thou 
seist. And he Avente forth bifore the 
halle ; and anon the cok song. 

6g Eftsone forsothe Avhanne a nother 
hand mayde hadde seyn liim, she bigau 
for to seie to men stondinge aboute, For 
this is of hem. 

70 And he eftsone denyede. And aftir 
a litil, eftsoone thei that stooden nyj, 
seiden to Petre, Verily thou ert of hem, 
forAvhi and thou ert of Galilee. 

71 Sothli he bigan for to curse and 
swere, For I knowe not this man, Avhom 
5e seyn. 

72 And anon eftsoones the cok song. 
And Petre bithou5te on the Averd that 
Jhesus hadde seid to him, Bifore the 
cok synge tAvyes, thi-les thou schalt 
denye me. And he bigan for to Avepe. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


Chap. XV. i And anon the morAve 
maad, the hi-^este prestis, makinge coun- 
ceil Avith the eldere men, and scribis, 
and al the counceil, byndinge Jhesu, 
ledden, and bitooken to Pilat. 

2 And Pilat axide him, Art thou kyng 
of JcAvis 1 And he answeringe seith to 
him, Thou seyst. 

3 And the hi3este prestis accusiden 
him in manye thingis. 

4 Pilat forsothe eftsoone axide him, 
seyinge, Thou answerist not ony thing] 
Seest thou, in hoAV manye thingis thei 
accusen thee ? 

5 Forsothe Jhesus more no thing au- 
SAveride, so that Pilat schulde Avondre. 

6 Forsoth by a solemne day he AA'as 
wont t:> leeue to hem oon bouudeii, 
Avhom euere thei axiden. 

7 Forsoth there Avas he that was seid 
Barabas, that was boundun Avith sleeris 
of men, and that hadde don manslau3tre 
in seducioun.+ 

67 And Avhen she sawe Potre warm- 
ynge hym silfe, she luked on hym and 
sayd, Wast not thou also Avith Jesus of 
Nazareth 1 

68 And he denyed it, sayinge, I knoAA'e 
hym not, nether Avott I, Avhat thou sayest. 
And he went out in to the poorche ; 
and the cocke crcAve. 

C'^ And a damsell saAve hym, and 
agayne began to saye to them that stode 
by, Thys ys avou of them. 

70 And he denyed yt agayne. And 
anon after, agayne they that stode by, 
sayde to Peter, Suerly thou arte Avon off 
them, for thou arte of Galile, and thy 
speache agreth therto. 

7 1 And he began to coursse and to 
sweare, sayinge, I knoAve nott thys man, 
off Avhom ye speake. 

7 2 And agayne the cocke crewe. And 
Peter remembred the Avorde that Jesus 
sayd vnto him, Before the cocke crowe 
twyse, thou shalt deny me thryse. And 
began to Avepe. 

Chap. XV. i And anon in the daAvn- 
ynge, heelde the hye prestes a counsell 
Avith the seuiours, and the scribes, and 
also the Avhoole cougregacion, and bounde 
Jesus, and ledde hym awaye, and de- 
lyvei'ed hym to Pilate. 

2 And Pilate axed hym, Arte thou the 
kynge oft" the JeAves ? And he answered 
and'sayde vnto hym, Thou sayest yt. 

3 And the hye prestes accused hym off 
many thynges. 

4 Pylate axed hym agayne, sayinge, 
AnsAverest thou nothynge I Behoolde, 
howe many thinges they lay vnto thy 
charge 1 

5 Jesus yett answered never a worde, 
so that Pilate merveled. 

6 Att the feast Pilate Avas wont to 
delyvi-e att their pleasure a presoner, 
Avhomsoever they Avolde desyre. 

7 And there Avas one named Barrabas, 
Avhich laye bounde Avith them that 
caused in surrettion, and in the in sur- 
rection committed murthcr. 


GOTHIC, 360. 

8 Yah usr.-affo-antlci alia iiianagci, du- 
guuuun biiiyau, swaswe siiitciuo tawida 

9 I}j Peilatus andliof im, qijiands, 
Wileidii fraleitan izwis j'aua })iudan 
ludaie 1 

10 Wissa auk, J^atei in nci[)is atgebun 
'ina J)ai auliuinistans gudjans. 

11 1]> ]nn auliuinistaus gudjans 111- 
wagidedun ['o maiiagein, ei mais Barab- 
bau fralailoti im. 

12 Ijj Peilatus aftra andhafyands qa)? 
du im, Wlia nu wilei|) ei tauyau jjammei 
qi))ijj l^iudan ludaie 1 

13 I|) eis aftra hropidedun, Ushramei 

14 ij) Peilatus qa]? du im, Wha allis 
ul)ilis gatawida ? I\> eis mais hropi- 
dedun, Ushramei ina. 

1 5 i]> Peilatus wilyands jsizai managein 
fuUafahyan, fralailot im ['ana P)arabban, 
ijj lesu atgai", usbliggwauds, ei ushramij)s 

16 i\> gadrauhteis gatauhun ina innana 
gardis, })atei ist praitoriaun, yah ga- 
haihaituu alia hansa, 

17 Yah gawasidedun ina jiaurpurai. 
Yah atlagidcdun ana ina jjaurneiua wipya, 
uswindandans ; 

18 Yah dugunnun golyau ina, Hails, 
J)iudan ludaie. 

19 Yah slohun is haubi)) rausa, yah 
l>ispi\vun ina; yah lagyandans kniwa 
inwitun ina. 

20 Yah bi})e bilailaikun ina, andwasi- 
dcdun ina [)izai paui'ijurai, yah gawasi- 
dedun ina wastyoni swesaim, yah ustauh- 
uii ina, ei -ushramidedeina ina. 

21 Yah undgripun sumana manne, 
Seimona Kwreinaiu, qimandan af akra, 
attan Alaiksaudraus yah Rufaus, ei neini 
galgau is. 

22 Yah attauhun ina ana Gaulgau})a 
staj>, jjatei ist gaskeiri)?, Whairneins 

23 Yah gebun imma drigkan wein mi)) 
Bm^vi-na, ijj is ui nam. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Mark 

8 And du he ferde, tta oiigan seo 
menegeu hine biddan, swa heo symle 
dyde. ^ 

9 Da cwaejj Pilatus, Wylle ge da^t ic 
eow forgyfe ludea cyning 1 

10 He wiste, dset })urh andan hine 
sealdon da heahsacerdus. 

1 1 Da astyredon da bisceopas da men- 
egu, diet he him Barrabau forgefe. 

1 2 Eft Pilatus him ands>yarode, Hwset 
d5 ic be ludca cyniuge 1 

13 Hi eft hrymdon and cwaedon, Hoh 

14 Da ssede Pilatus, Hwset yfeles dyde 
he 1 Hi dajs de ma clypedon, A'lioh 

15 Pilatus wolde da dam folce ge- 
cweman, and forgef him Barraban, and 
sealde him done Hiulend, beswuugenue, 
dset he ahangen wsere. 

16 Da lueddon da cempan hine on dnes 
doin-ernes cafer-tiln, and hi tosomne 
call werod clypedon, 

17 And sciyddon hine mid purpuran. 
And him onsettou ])yrnenne helm, awiin- 
denne ; 

18 And ongunnon hine dus gretan, 
Hal wes, dii ludea cyning. 

19 And beoton hine on dset hcafod 
mid hreode, and spsetton him on ; and 
heora cneow bigdon and hine ge-ead- 

20 And syddan hi hine bysmrydon, 
unscryddon hine dam i)urpurau, and 
scryddon hine mid his reafum, and 
Iseddon hine, dset hi hine ahengon. 

21 And gcnyddon sumne wegfercndne, 
Simonem Cyrcneum, cumcnde of dam 
tune, Alexandres feeder and Rufi, daet 
he his rode bjcre. 

22 And hi Iccddou hine on da st5we 
Golgotha, dajt is on ure gc|)eode gereht, 
Heafodpannena stow. 

23 And sealdon him gcbiterod win, 
and he hit ne onfeng. 

XV. 8-23.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

8 And whaune the cumpany hadde 
sti3e vp, he bigan foi- to preye, as he 
euermore dide to hem. 

9 Sothely Pilat answerlde to hem, and 
seide, Wolen 5e I leeue to 50U the kyng 
of Jewis 1 

10 Sothli he wiste, that the hi3este 
prestis hadden taken him by enuye. 

1 1 Forsothe the bischopis stiredeu the 
cumpenye of peple, that more he schulde 
leeue to hem Barabas. 

1 2 Forsoth eftsoone Pilat answeringe 
seith to hem, What therfore wolen 50 I 
schal do to the kyng of Jewis ? 

13 And thei eftsoone crieden, Crucifie 

14 Forsoth Pilat seide to hem, Sothli 
what of yuel hath he don 1 And thei 
crieden more, Ci'ucifie him. 

1 5 Sothli Pilat willinge for to do ynow 
to the peple, lefte to hem Barabas, and 
bitook to hem Jhesu, smyten''" with 
scourgis, that he schulde be crucified. 

16 Forsothe kny^tis ledden him with- 
ynne, in to the floor of the moot halle, 
and clepiden to gidere al the cumpenye 
of kny5tis, 

17 And clothlden liim with purpur. 
And thei foldinge a corowne of thornes, 
puttiden to Mm ; 

18 And bigunnen for to greet him, 
sayinge, Hail, thou kyng of Jewis. 

19 And thei smyten his heed with a 
reede, and bispatten him; and puttinge 
her knees thei worshipiden him. 

20 And aftir that thei hadden scornyd 
him, thei vnclothiden him fro purpur, and 
clothedyn him with his clothis, and led- 
den him, that thei schulde crucifie him. 

21 And thei constreyneden sura man 
passynge forth, Symount of_ Syrenen, 
comynge fro the town, the fadir of Alys- 
andre and Eufe, that he schulde take 
his cross. 

2 2 'And thei ledden him in to a place 
Golgotha, that is interpretid,^" the place 
of Caluarie. 

23 And thei 3auen him for to drynke 
wyn meddelid with myrre, and he took 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


8 And the people called vnto hyra, and 
began to desyre off hym, accordinge as 
he had ever done vnto them. 

9 Pylate answered them, and sayd, 
Wyll ye that I loose vnto you the kynge 
off the Jewes 1 

10 For he knewe, that the hye prestes 
had delyvered hym off envy. 

11 Butt the hye prestes had moved 
the people, that he shulde rather delyvre 
Barrabas vnto them. 

12 Pylate answered agayne and sayd 
vnto them, What wyll ye then that I do 
with hym whom ye call the kynge of 
the Jewes 1 

13 And they cryed agayne. Crucify 

14 Pylate sayde vnto them. What 
harme hath he done 1 And they cryed 
the.moore fervently, Cnicifi hym. 

15 Pylate willinge to content the peo- 
ple, loused Barrabas, and delyvered Je- 
sus scourged, for to be crucifyed. 

16 And the souddeers ledde hym a- 
waye, in to the commen hall, and called 
togedder all the whoole multitude, 

17 And they clothed hymwyth purple. 
And they plated a croune off thornes, 
and crouned hym with all ; 

18 And began to salute hym, Hayl, 
kynge off the Jewes. 

1 9 And they smoote hym on the heed 
with a rede, and spatt apon hym 3 and 
kneled doune and worsheped hym. 

20 And when they had moocked him, 
they toke the purple off him, and put 
his awne cloothes on him, and ledde him 
oute, to crucify him. 

21 And they compelled won that 
passed by, called Simon of Cerene, 
which cam oute of the felde, and was 
father off Alexander and Rufus, to 
beare hys crosse. 

22 And they brought him to a place 
named Golgotha, which is by interpre- 
tacion, the place off deed mens scoulles. 

23 And they gave him to drynke wyne 
myngled with mirre, butt he receaved 
it not. 

258 GOTHIC, 360. 

24 Yali ushramyandans ina cHsdail- 
yand wastyos is, wairpandans hlauta ana 
])0S, wharyizuh wba nemi. 

25 Wasuh ))an wlieila J>ridyo, yali 
ushramidedim ina. 

26 Yah was ufarmell falrinos "is ufar- 
meli]>, Sa jjiudans ludaie. 

27 Yah mijj imma ushramldedun twans 
Avaidedyans, ainana af taihswon, yah 
ainaua af hleidumein is. 

28 Yah usfuUnoda |)ata gamelido }'ata 
qijjano, Yah miy uusibyaim rahni]>s was. 

29 Yah jjai faurgaggandans wayameri- 
dedun ina, wi[)ondans haubida seina, yah 
qi})andans, ! sa gatairands ]>o alh, yah 
bi ])rins dagans gatimryands Jjo ; 

30 Nasel ]?uk silban, yah atsteig af 
})amma galgin. 

31 Samaleiko yah )'ai auhumistans 
gudyans bilaikandans ina, mij) sis misso, 
mij) fjaini bokaryam, qe})un, Anjjarans 
ganasida, ij) sik silban ni mag ganasyan. 

32 Sa Christus, sa }jiudans Israelis, 
atsteigadau nu af Jjamma galgin. ei ga- 
saiwhaima, yah galaubyaima. Yah j'ai 
mijjushraiuidans imma, idwcitidedun im- 

33 Yah bije war]j wheila saihsto, i-iqis 
Avarj) ana allai air})ai und wheila niun- 

34 Yah ninndon wheilai wopida lesius 
stibnai mikilai, qij)ands, Ailoe, Ailoe, 
lima sibakj)anei, ))atei ist gaskeiri|>, Gu]) 
meins, Gu^ raeins, duwhe mis bilaist 1 

35 Yah sumai ])ize atstandandane ga- 
hausyandans qcpun, Sai! Helian wopei]>. 

36 pragyands Jjan ains, yah gafuUyands 
swam akeitis, galagyands ana vans, dragk- 
ida ina, qijjands. Let, ei saiwham, qiniaiu 
Hellas athafyau ina. 

37 Ij) Icsus, aftra Ictands stibna mikila, 

38 Yah faurahah alhs disskritnoda in 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Mark 

24 And da hi hine ahengon hi dseldou 
his rcaf, and hlotu AA'urpon, hwtet gchwa 

25 Da waes undem-tid, and hi ahengon 

26 And ofer-gewrit his gyltes wks 
awriteu, Iudea cyxixg. 

27 And hi ahengon mid him twegcn 
scea])an, anne on his swydran healfe, 
and oderne on his wynstran. 

28 Da wses dset gewrit gefylled dset 
cwyjj. And he wses mid unrihtwisum 

29 And da de for))-st6pon hine greme- 
don, and hyra heafod cwehton, and dus 
cwsedon, Wala ! se towyrp]) dtvt tempcl, 
and on {)rim dagum eft getimbraj) ; 

30 Gehsel de sylfne, of da^re rode 

31 Eall-swa da hcah-sacevdas bysm- 
riciidc, betwux dam bocerum, cwsedon, 
O'di-e he lulle gcdyde, hine sylfne he ne 
mreg halne gedon. 

32 Crist, Israhela cyning, astfge nu 
of r5de, da?t we geseon, and gelyfon. 
And da de him mid hangodon, wseron 
him mid gebuudeue. 

33 And da^re syxtan tide, wurdon 
|)ystru gewordene geoud ealle eorjjan 
od non-tide. 

34 And to non-tide se Hselend clyiiode 
mycelre stennie, Heloi, Heloi, Icma sab- 
battani, da3t is on ure gejjeode, Miu 
God, min God, hwi foi'lete dii me 1 

35 And same de dar abuton stodon 
and dis gehyrdon, hi cwaedon, Nii ! dc8 
clypa)) Hcliam. 

36 Da am liyra an, and fyldc ane 
spingan mid ecede, and on hreod sctte, 
and him drincan scalde, and cwai|>, 
Laetaji, daH we geseon, hw;vdcr Helias 
cunie bine nyder to settanne. 

37 Se Ilaclend, da asendc his stefne, 
and foi))-f6rde. 

38 And dies temples wah-rift wtcs 

XV. 24-38.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

2 4Andthei crucifiynge him departitlen 
his clothis, sendiuge lot, who what 
schulde take. 

25 Forsoth it was thethridde our,''' and 
thei crucifieden him. 

26 And the title of his cause was wi'it- 
urij Jhesus of Nazareth, kyng of Jewis. 

27 And thei crucifien with him twey 
theues, oon at the ri3thalf, and oon at 
his lefthalf. 

28 And the prophecie is fulfild that 
seith, And he is gesside^ with wickide 

29 And passinge forth thei blasfem- 
yden him, mouyuge her heedis, and sey- 
inge, Fy5 ! thou tliat distroyest the 
temple of God, and in thre dayes ajen 
bildest it ; 

30 Thou comynge down fro the cros, 
make thi self saf. 

31 Also and the hi3este prestes scorn- 
ynge him, ech to other, with scribis, 
seiden, Crist, kyng of Yrael, maade 
othere men saf, he maye not saue him 

32 Come he down now fro the cross, 
that we se, and bileue. And thei that 
weren crucified with him, puttedyn 
wrong''' to him. 

33 And the sixte our^ maad, derk- 
nessis ben maad vpon al the ei'the til in 
to the nynthe our.''' 

34 And in the nynthe our Jhesus 
criede Avith greet vols, scyynge, Heloy, 
Heloy, lamazabatany, the which inter- 
pretid is. My God, my God, whi+ hast 
thou forsake me 1 

35 And summe of men stondinge 
aboute heeringe seiden, Lo ! he clepith 

36 Sothli oon i-ennynge, and fillinge a 
sponge with vynegre, and puttinge a- 
boute to a reede, 5aue him drynke, sey- 
inge, SuflPre 50, se we, if Hely come for 
to do hym down. 

37 Forsoth Jhesus, a greet vois sent 
out, deiede.^ 

38 And the veil of the temple is kitt 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


24 And when they had crucified hym 
they parted hys garmentes, castinge 
loottes for them, what every man shulde 

25 And it was aboute the thyrdehoure, 
and they crucifyed hym. 

26 And the title of the cause of hys 
deeth was wrytten. The kynge of the 

27 And they crucifyed Avith him two 
theves, the one on his ryght honde, and 
the other on hys lifte honde. 

28 And the scriptui^e was fulfilled 
which sayeth. And he was counted 
amonge the wicked. 

29 And they that went by rayled on 
hym, waggynge their heedes, and say- 
inge, A ! wretche that destroyest the 
temple, and byldest yt in thre dayes ; 

30 Save tliy silfe, and come doune 
from the crosse. 

31 Lyke wyse also mocked him the 
hye preestes, amonge themselves, whyth 
the scribes, and sayde. He saved other 
men, hym silfe he cannot save. 

32 Lett Christ, the kynge of Israel, 
nowe descende from the crosse, that we 
maye se, and beleve. And they that 
were crucified with him, checked hym 

33 And when the sixte houre was 
come, darknes aroose over all the erth 
vntill the nynthe houre. 

34 And att the nynthe houre Jesus 
cryed with a loude voyce, sayinge, Eloi, 
Eloi, lama sabaththani, which is yf yt 
be interpreted, Uy God, my God, why 
hast thou forsaken me 1 

35 And some off them that stode by 
when they herde that sayde, Behoolde ! 
he calleth for Helias. 

36 And won ran, and filled a sponge 
full off veneger, and putt yt on a rede, 
and gave it hym to drynke, sayinge, 
Lett hym alone, let vs se, whither«Helias 
wyll come and take hym doune. 

37 Butt Jesus cryed with a loude voyce, 
and gave vjipe the gooste. 

38 And the vayle off the temple did 

s 2 

200 GOTHIC, 360. 

twa uipa)>ro unci dalaj>. 

39 Gasaiwhands J)an sa liundafajjs, sa 
atstandands 'in and\vair})ya is, |)atei swa 
lu-oj)yands uzon, qa|>, Bi suuyai, sa manna 
sa sunus was Gu})s. 

40 Wesunu))-})an qinons fairra|n*o saiwh- 
andeins, in })ainiei was Marya so Mag- 
dalene, yah Marya lakobis j)is minniz- 
ins, yah losezis ai|;ei, yah Salome. 

41 Yah ])an was in Galeilaia, yah 
laistldedun ina, yah andbahtidedun im- 
ma, yah anj^aros manages, );ozei mij;id- 
dyedun imma in lairusalem. 

42 Yah yuj)an at andanahtya waurj)- 
anamma, unte was pavaskaiwe saei ist 
fruma sabbato, 

43 Qimands losef af Arcima|iaias, ga- 
guds ragineis, saei was silba beidands 
{jiudaugardyos Gu|)Sj anananjjyands ga- 
iaif) inn du Peilatau, yah ba]> ))is leikis 

44 1\> Peilatus sildaleikida, ei is yu)'an 
gaswalt. Yah athaitands |)an hundafaj), 
frah ina, yii};an gadau|)nodedi ; 

45 Yah finjjands at {^amma hundafada, 
fragaf |)ata leik losefa. 

46 Yah usbugyands loin, yah usnim- 
ands ita, biwand jjamma leina, yah ga- 
lagida ita in hlaiwa |)atei was gadraban 
us staina, yah atwulwida stain du daura 
{lis hlaiwis. 

47 l]> Marya so ^Magdalene, yah Marya 
losezis sewhun, whar galagijjs wcsi. 

Chap. XVI. i Yah inwisandins sab- 
bate dagis, Marya so Magdalene, yah 
]Marya so Jakobis, yah Salome usbaulit- 
edun aromata, ei atgaggaudoins gasalb- 
odedeina ina. 

2 Yah filu air \>\h dagis afarsabbate, 
atiddyedun du J^amma hlaiwa, at urrinn- 
andin suuuin. 

ANGLO- SAXOK, 995. [St. Mark 

tosliten on twa of ufeweardum od neode- 

39 Da se hundred-man, de dar stod 
agen, geseah da;t se Hselend swa clyp- 
ien,de forjj-fei'de, he cwaj|), Sojjlice, des 
man wass Godes sunn. 

40 And da wif wseron feorran behcald- 
ende, and betwux dam wa?s seo !Mag- 
dalenisce Maria, and Maria lacobes 
modor [d?es gingran, and losepes mcd- 
er,]'*' and Saloniea). 

41 And da he wses on Galilea, hi 
fyligdon him, and him jjenedon, and 
mancga odre, de him mid fcrdon on 

42 And da Bcfen wses geworden, dset 
wtes parasceue dajt is £er sa;ter-da;ge, 

43 Da com losep, se a^dcla gerefo, of 
Arimathia, se sylfa Godes rices ge- 
anbidode ; and he dyrstiglice in to 
Pilate code, and bred da3s Haelendes 

44 Da Avundx-ode Pilatns, gif he da 
gyt forJ)-ferde. Da clypode he da>ne 
hundrcdman, and hinc ahsode, hwjedcr 
he dead WBere ; 

45 Da he wiste dset, da agef he done 
lichaman losepe. 

46 Da bohte losep ane scytan, . . 
and hine dar-on befeold, and on byrgene 
lede seo avjbs of stane aheawen, and 
wylte anne stan to dsere byrgene dura.^ 

47 Da. com Maria Magdalene, and 
losepcs Maria and beheoldon, hwar he 
geled wsere. 

Chap. XVI. i And da ssetcrnes 
dteg wa'S agiin, seo Magdalenisce Maria, 
and lacobes Maria, and Salomcio Itohton 
wyrt gcmang, diet hi comon and bine 

2 And Hwydc ccr iinum reste-drege, 
comon to dterc byrgene, up-asprungenre 

XV. 39--XVI. 2.] WYCLIFFE, T389. 

in to tweync fro the hijeste til to 

39 Forsoth centurio seynge, the which 
stood euene a5enst, for so criynge he 
hadde deied, seith, Verrili, this man was 
Goddis sone. 

40 Sothli tliere weren and othere Avym- 
men bihoklinge fro affer, among whiche 
was Maiy ]\Iawdeleyn, and Mari of 
James the lasse, and raodir of Joseph, 
and Salome. 

41 And whanne Jhesus was in Galilee, 
thei folowiden him, and mynystriden to 
him, and manye othere wymmen, that 
to gidere sti3eden vp with him to Jeru- 

42 And whanne euentyd was now 
maad, for it was the euentyd bifore the 

43 Joseph of Armathie, the noble de- 
curioun,^ cam, the which and he was 
abidinge the rewme of God ; and hardily 
he entride in to Pilat, and axide the 
body of Jhesu. 

4 4 Forsothe Pilat wondride, if he hadde 
now deied. And centurio axid to,^ he 
axide him, if he were now deed ; 

45 And whanne he hadde knowun of 
centurio, he 3af the body of Jhesu to 

46 Sothli Joseph byinge him lynneu 
cloth, and doynge him doun, wlappede 
in the lynen cloth, and puttidc in a 
newe sepulcre that was hevven in a 
stoon, and walewid to a stoon at the 
mouth of the sepulcre. 

47 Marie Mawdeleyn forsothe, and 
Marie of Joseph biheelden, where he 
was putt. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


Chap. XVI. i And whanne the sab- 
oth hadde passid, Marie Mawdeleyn, and 
Marie of James, and Salome bou5ten 
oynementis, that thei comyuge schulden 
anoynte Jhesu. 

2 And ful eerly in oon of woke dayes, 
thei camen to the sepulcre, the sunne 
now sprungen vp. 

rent in two parties from the toppe to 
the boottome. 

39 And the vnder captayne, which stodc 
before hym, sawe that he so cryed and 
gave vppe the gooste, and he sayd, 
Truelv, this man was the sonne of 
God. ' 

40 There were also wcmen a good waye 
of beholdinge him, amonge whom was 
Mary Magdalen, and Mary the mother 
of James the lytle, and of Joses, and 
Mary Salome. 

41 Which alsoo when he was in Galile, 
folowed hym, and minstred vnto him, 
and many other wemen, which cam \\)])q, 
with hym to Hierusalem. 

42 And nowe when nyght was come, 
because it was the even that goeth be- 
fore the saboth, 

43 Joseph of Arimathia, a noble senatour, 
which also loked for the kyngdom of 
God, cam ; and went booldly vnto Pylate, 
and begged the boddy off Jesu. 

44 Pylate merveled, that he was alredy 
deed. And called vnto hym the vnder 
caj^tayne, and axed of him, whether he 
had bene eny whyle deed ; 

45 And when he knewe the truetli off 
the vnder captayne, he gave the boddy 
to Joseph. 

46 And he bought a linnen cloothe, 
and toke hym doune, and wrapped hym 
in the lynnen cloothe, and layde hym in 
a tombe that was hewen oute of the 
rocke, and rooUed a stone vnto the dorc 
off the sepulcre. 

47 And Mary Magdalen, and Mary 
Jose beheld, where he was layde. 

Chap. XVI. i And when the sabboth 
daye was past, Mary Llagdalcn, and 
Mary Jacobi, and Salome bought oynt- 
mentes, that they myght come and 
anoynt him. 

2 And yerly in the morningc the nexte 
daye after the sabboth day, tliey cam vnto 
the sepulcre, when the sun was risen. 


GOTHIC, 360. 

3 Yah qe))un du sis niisso, Whas af- 
Avalwyai unsis [lana staiu af daurom )ns 
lilaiwis 1 

A Yah insaiwhandeins gaumidedun ))am- 
mei af\valwi})S ist sa stains, was auk 
mikils abraba. 

5 Yah atgaggandeins in jjata hlaiw 
gasewhun yuggalau)) sitandan, in taihs- 
wai biwaibidana wastyai wheitai ; yah 

6 paruh qa|) du im, Ni faurhtei|) "izwis; 
lesu sokei|) Nazbraiu }'ana ushramidan ; 
nist her, urrais ; sai ! jjana stajj ))arei 
ffalaGiidedun ina. 

7 Akei gaggi]', qijjiduh du siponyam 
is, yah du Paitrau, |)atei faui-bigaggij) 
izwisin GalciUaiau; |)aruh ina gasaiwhi]), 
swaswe qa|> i'zwis. 

8 Yah-usgaggandcins af jiamma hlaiwa 
ga})hiuhun ; dizuh j'an sat iyos rciro 
yah usfihnei, yah ni qc))un mannhun 
■\vaiht, ohtedun sis auk. 

9 Usstandands })an "in maurgin fruniin 
sal)bato, ataugida fi'umist Maryin J)izai 
Magdalene, af Jjizaiei uswarp sibuu un- 

I o Soh gaggandei gataih ]>aim mi]j im- 
ma wisandam, qainondam yah gretaud- 

I I Yah eis hausyandans Jjatei libai}?, 
yah gasaiwhans war|) fram izai, ni ga- 

12 Afaruh J;an J)ata 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St Mark 

3 And cwsedon him betwynan, Hwa 
awylt us dysne stan of dsere byrgcne 
(hira 1 

4 Da hi hi bestiwon hi gestiwon dsene 
stan aweg aAvyltne, s6))lice he wses 
swyde mycel. 

5 And da hi eodon on da byrgene hi 
gesawon anne geongnc, on da swydran 
healfe sittende, hwitum gegyrlan ofer- 
wrogenne ; and hi da forhtodon. 

6 Da cwpej) he to him, Ne forhtige ge 
na ; ge secaj? dsene Nazareniscan Hselend 
ahangenne ; he aras, nis he her ; her is 
seo stow dser hi hine ledou. 

7 Ac fiu-aj), and secga}) his leorning- 
enihtum, and Petre, dset he gpej) toforan 
cow on Galileam ; dar ge hine gcseojj, 
swa he cow saede. 

8 And hi ut-eodon and flugon frani 
dfiere byi'gene ; and wsei'on afierede for 
dajre gesyhjjc de hi gesawon, and hig 
nanuni men ntlht ne ssedon, s6|)hce hi 
him adi"edon.^ 

9 Da he aras on serne morgen on 
reste-dasge, seryst he a^tywde da^re Mag- 
daleniscan ^larian, of daere he ut-adraf 
seofon deofol-seocnyssa. 

10 And heo da ut-eode and hit dam 
cydde de mid him wseron, heofendum 
and wependum. 

1 1 Da hi gehyrdon dret he leofode, 
and hi hine gesawon, da ne gelyfdou 
hi him. 

12 ^fter dam him twain he w£es 
ajtywcd on odrum hiwe, him on done 
tiin farendum. 

13 And lii da foron and dsct odrum 
cyddon, and hi him no gelyfdon.^ 

14 Da set nehstan, lie a^tywde him 
a>ndlefene, dar hi PptgcTdcrc saeton, and 
tselde hyi-a ungclcafi'uhiessc, and hyra 
hcortan heardnessc, fordam de hi ne 
gclyfdon dam, de hine gesawon of deajje 

15 And he ssede him, Fara)) into ealne 
middan-eard, and bodia)) godspell ealre 

16 Se de gelyfj), and gefuUod bij), se 
hi)) hal ; s6))lice se de ne gelyfl?, se bij) 

XVT.3-I6.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

3 And thei seiden to gidere, Who sclial 
turne a5en to vs the stoon fi-o the dore 
of the sepulcre 1 

4 And thei biholdinge sy5en the stoon 
walewid awey, forsoth it was ful greet. 

5 And thei goynge yn into the sepulcre 
sy5en a 3ong oon, hilidwith a whit stoole, 
sittinge at the rijt half; and thei weren 

6 The which seith to hem, Nyle 5e 
drede ; ^e seken Jhesu of Nazareth cru- 
cified ; he hath risun, he is not heere ; 
lo ! the place where thei puttiden him. 

7 But go 56, seye 56 to his disciplis, 
and to Petre, for he schal go byfore 50U 
in to Galilee ; there ^e schulen se him, 
as he seide to 50U. 

8 And thei goynge out fledden fro the 
sepulcre ; forsothe drede and quakynge 
hadde assaylid hem,''' and to no man thei 
seiden ony thing, forsoth thei dredden. 

9 Sothly Jhesus, rysinge erly in the 
first day of the wouke, apperide firste to 
Mary Mawdeleyn, of whom he hadde 
cast out seuene deuelis. 

10 She goynge tolde to hem that 
weren with him, hem weylinge and wep- 

1 1 And thei heeringe that he lyuede, 
and was seyn of hir, bileueden not. 

12 Sothli after thes thingis tweyne of 
hem wandringe, he is schewid in an 
other lyknesse ^ to hem goynge in to a 

13 And thei goynge toolden to othere, 
nethir thei bileuyden to hem. 

14 Forsoth at the laste, hem enleuene 
restinge, Jhesus apperide to hem, and 
reprouyde the vnbileue of hem, and the 
hardnesse of herte, for thei bileuyden 
not to hem, that hadden seyn him to 
haue risun fro deede. 

1 5 And he seide to hem, ^e goynge in 
to al the world, preche the gospel to 
ech creature. 

16 He that schal bileue, and schal be 
baptisid,''' schal be sauyd ; sothli he that 
schal bileue not, schal be dampned. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


3 And they said won to another. Who 
shall rolle awaye the stone from the 
dore off the sepulcre 1 

4 And when they behelde yt they sawe 
how the stone was rolled awaye, for it 
was a very greate won. 

5 And they went in to the sepulcre 
and sawe a yonge man, sittinge on the 
ryglit syde, cloothed in a longe white 
garment ; and they were abasshed. 

6 He sayd vnto them, Be nott afrayed ; 
ye seke Jesus of Nazareth which was 
crucified ; he ys rysen, he ys nott here ; 
behoolde ! the place where they putt 

7 Butt go youre waye, and tell his 
discij^les, and namly Peter, that he is 
goone before you in to Galile ; there 
shall ye se hym, as he sayde vnto you. 

8 And they Avent oute quicly and fleed 
from the sepulcre ; for they trembled 
and were amased, nether said they eny 
thinge to eny man, for they were 

9 When Jesus was risen, the morowe 
after the sabboth daye, he appered fyrst 
to Mary Magdalen, ovite oif whom he 
cast seven devyls. 

10 And she went and toolde them that 
were with hym, as they morned and 

1 1 And when they herde that he was 
alive, and had appiered to her, they 
beleved it not. 

12 After that he appered vnto two of 
them in a straunge figure, as they walked 
and went in to the country. 

13 And they went and toolde it to the 
remnaunt, and they beleved them nether. 

14 After that, he appered vnto the 
eleven, as they sate at meate, and cast in 
their tethe their vnbelefe, and hardncs 
off herte, be cause they beleved not 
them, which had sene hym after his 

15 And he sayd vnto them, Goo ye in 
to all the woorlde, and preache the gos- 
pell to all creaturs. 

1 6 Whosoever beleveth, and ys babtised, 
shalbe safe ; and whosoever beleveth 
nott, shalbe dampned. 


GOTHIC, 360. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Mark 

17 Das tiicnu fylia}) dam, de gelyfaj). 
On milium naman hi dcofol-seocnessa 
ut-drifaj) ; hi sprecaj) niwum tungum ; 

18 Nseddran hi afyrraj) ; and him tie 
dera)>, deah hi hwset dcadbserlices drinc- 
011. Ofer scoce hi hyra handa settaj', 
and hi beoj) hale. 

19 And witodlice Drihten Hselend, 
syddan he to him sprajc, he W£bs on 
heofonum afangen, and he sit on Godes 
swidran healfe. 

20 S6})h'cc hi da farendc reghwar bode- 
don, Drihtne mid-wyrcendum, and trym- 
mendre spraece sefter-fyligendum tacn- 

XVI. I7-20.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

17 Forsoth these tokenes schulen sue 
hem, that schulen bileue. In my name 
thei schulen cast out feudis ; thei schulen 
sjieke with newe tungis ; 

1 8 Thei schulen do awey serpentis ; 
and if thei schulen drynke ony venym,''' 
it schal not noye hem. Thei schulen 
putte hir hondis vpon sike men, and 
thei schulen haue wel. 

19 And sothli the Lord Jhesu, aftir 
that he hadde spoke to hem, is takun 
vp in to heuene, and sittith on the ri3t- 
half of God. 

20 Sothli thei gon forth prechiden 
euerywhere, the Lord worchinge with, 
and conferminge the word with signes 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


1 7 And these signes shall folowe them, 
that beleve. In my name they shall 
cast oute devyls ; and shall speake with 
newe tonges ; 

1 8 And shall kill serpentes ; and yf 
they drynke eny dedly thynge, yt shall 
nott hurte them. They shall laye their 
hondes on the sike, and they shall 

1 9 So then when the Lorde had spoken 
vnto them, he was receaved in to heven, 
and sate on the right honde of God. 

.20 And they went forth and preached 
evei'y where, and the Lorde wroght with 
them, and confirmed their preachynge 
with myracles that folowed. 





Chap. I. i Unte I'ailitis managai 
clugunnun melyan 'insalit, bi Jjos ga- 
fiillaweisidons in uns waihtins, 

2 Swaswc anafulhun unsis, jjaiei fram 
fi-umistin silbasiunyos, yah andbahtos 
wcsun J)is waurdis, 

3 Galeikaida yah mis yah Ahmin 
Weihamma, fram anastodeinai allaim 
glaggwuba afai'laistyandin, gahahyo |jus 
melyan, batista paiaufeilu, 

4 Ei gakiumais, J)ize bi )joei galaisi|)S 
is waurde asta]>. 

5 Was, in dagam Herodes, ]>iudanis 
ludaias, gudya, namin Zakarias, us afai' 
Abiyins, yali qeins is us daulitrum 
Aharons, yah namo izos Aileisabai]?. 

6 Wesunuh J)an garaihta ba in and- 
wair})ya Gu})S, gaggandona in allaim 
anabusnim yah garaihteim Frauyius, 

7 Yah ni was im barne, unte was 
Aileisabaij) stairo, yah ba framaldia 
dage seinaize Avcsun. 

8 War)) )>an, mi})}7anei gudyinoda is, in 
wikon kunyis seiuis in andwairjjya Gu])S, 

9 Bi biuhtya gudyinassaus, hlauts im- 
ma un-ann du salyan, atgaggands in 
alh Frauyins. 

10 Yah alls hiuhma was managcins 
beidandans uta, wheilai jjwmiamins. 

CuAP. I.^ I Fordam de wltodlice 
manega ))ohton dtcra j'inga race ge- 
endebyrdan, tte on us gefyllede synd, 

2 Swa us bettehton, da de hit of frym|)e 
gesawon, and da3re sprsece ])enas wser- 

3 Me gc})uhte .... geornlice eallum 
od endebyrdnesse, writan de, du se sel- 
csta Theoi^hilus, 

4 Da;t du oncnawe dfera worda sojj- 
fa^stnesse, of dam de du gelaercd eart. 

5 On Herodes dagum, ludea cyninges, 
wpes sum sacerd, on naman Zacharias, 
of Abian tune, and his wif yvses of 
Aaron cs dohtrum, and hyre uama waes 

6 S6])Hce hig Wceron butu rihtwise 
bcforan Gode, gangende on eallum his 
bebodum and rihtwisnessum, butan 

7 And liig naefdon nan bcarn, fordam 
de Elizabeth wses unbercndc, and hig 
on hcora dagum butu forji-eodon. 

8 S6))lice wjes geworden, dii Zacharias 
his sacerdhudes breac, on his gcwrixlcs 
endebyrdnesse beforan Gode, 

9 iEfter gewunan dajs sacerdhadcs 
hlotcs, he code dast he his ofTrungc 
sette, da he on Godes temj^cl code. 

10 Eall werod d.ies folces wses ute, 
gebiddendc on dterc offrunge timan. 







S. L U K E. 

Chap. I. i Forsothe for manye men 
enforceden to ordeyne the tellyng of 
thingis, wluclie ben fiUid in vs, 

2 As thai that seyn atte the bigyn- 
nyng, and weren ministris of the word 

3 It is seen also to me, hauynge alle 
thingis diligentli bi ordre, to wx'ite to 
thee, thou best Theofile, 

4 That thou knowe the treuthe of tho 
wordis, of "whiche thou art lerued. 

5 Ther Avas sum prest, Zacharie by 
name, in the dayes of Eroude, kyng of 
Judee, of the sort of Abia, and his wyf 
of the dou3tris of Aaron, and hir name 

6 Sothli thei bothe weren iuste bifore 
God, goynge in alle the maundementis 
and iustifyingis of the Lord, with outen 

7 And a sone was not to hem, for that 
Elizabeth was bareyne, and bothe hadden 
gon forth fer in her dayes. 

8 Sothli it was don, whanne Sacharie 
was set in presthod, in the ordre of his 
sort bifore God, 

9 Vp the custom of presthod, by sort 
he wente forth, that he entrid in to the 
temple of the Lord, schulde putte en- 

10 And alle the multitude of the peple 
was withouteforth, preiynge in the our 
of encence. 

Chap. I. i For as moche as many 
have taken in bond to compyle a treates 
off thoo thynges, which are surely know- 
en amonge vs, 

2 Even as they declared them vnto vs, 
which fi-om the begynynge sawe them 
Avith their eyes, and were minsters at 
the doyng, 

3 I determined also, as sone as T had 
searched out diligently all thinges from 
the begynynge, that then I wolde wryte 
vnto the, goode Theophilug, 

4 That thou myghtest knowe the cer- 
tente off thoo thinges, whereof thou arte 

5 In the tyme of Herode, kynge of 
IcAvry, there was a certayne prest, named 
Zacarias, off the course of Abie, and his 
wyfe was of the doughters of Aaron, and 
her name was Elizabeth. 

6 Booth were perfect before God, and 
walked in all the lawes and ordinacions 
of the Lorde, that no man coulde fynde 
fawte with them. 

7 And they had no childe, be cause 
that Elisabeth was barren, and booth 
were wele stricken in age. 

8 Hit cam to passe, as he executed the 
prestes office, before God as his course 

9 Accordinge to the custome of the 
prestes office, his lott was to bren odoures, 
and went into the temple of the Lorde. 

10 And all the multitude of people 
were with out, in their prayers whill 
the odoures were abrennynge. 


GOTHIC, 360. 

1 1 War]) ))an imma in siunai agojilus 
Frauyins, standauds af tailiswon Iiunsla- 
stadis [nvmiamins. 

12 Yah gadrobnoda Zakarias gasaiwh- 
ands, yah agis disdraus ina. 

13 Q^]> ^an du imma sa aggilus, Ni 
ogs })us, Zakaria ; dujje ci andhausida 
ist bida j^eina, yah qens J)cina, Aileis- 
abai]), galjairid sunu J)us, yah haitais 
namo is lohauneu. 

14 Yah wair})i]> })us faheds yah sweg- 
nijja ; yah managai in gabaur}jai is fag- 

15 WairJ)i|j auk mikils in andwairf)ya 
Frauyins, yah wein yali leijm ni drigkid, 
yah Ahmins Weihis gafullyada nauhj^an 
in wambai aijieins seiuaizos. 

16 Yah managans suniwe IsraeHs ga- 
wandeijj du Frauyin Gu])a ize ; 

1 7 Yah silba fauraqimid in andwairj^ya 
is in ahmin yah mahtai Haileiins ; ga- 
wandyan hairtona attane du barnam, 
yah untalans in frodcin garaihtaize, 
manwyan Frauyin managein gafahrida. 

18 Yah qaj) Zakarias du jjamma aggi- 
lau, Biwhe kunnum j;ata 1 ik raihtis im 
sineigs, yah qens meina framaklrozei in 
dagam scinaim. 

19 Yah andhafyands sa aggilus qa]? du 
imma, Ik im Gabriel, sa standands in 
andwairjjya Gujjs ; yah insandijjs im 
rodyan du J)US, yah wailameryan ]jus 

20 Yah siyais ])ahands, yah ni magands 
rodyan und ))ana dag, ei wairjjai Jjata ; 
du))e ei ni galaubides waurdam mein- 
aim, Jjoei usfullyanda in mela seiuamma. 

21 Yah was managei beidandans Zaka- 
riins, yah sildaleikidedun, wha latidedi 
ina in jjizai alh. 

22 Usgaggands ))an ni malita du im 
rodyan, yah frojjun jjammci siun gasawh 
in alh. Yah silba was bandwyauds im, 
yah was dumbs. 

23 Yah war)), bi})e usfullnodedun dagos 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Luke 

11 Da setywde him Drihtnes engel, 
standende on daes wcofodes swydran 

12 Da wear)) Zacharias gedrcfcd daet 
geseonde, and him ego on-hreas. 

13 Da cwpe)) se engel him to, No 
ondraed du de, Zacharias ; fordam do 
din ben ys gehyred, and din wif, Eli- 
zabeth, de sunu cen)), and du nemst his 
naman lohannes. 

14 And he by)) de to gefean and to 
blisse; and manega on his acennednyssc 

15 S5))lice he by)) msere beforan Driht- 
ne, and he ne drinc|) win ne beor, and 
he by)) gefylled on Haligum Gciste 
donne gyt of hys modor innodc. 

16 And manega Israhcla bearua ho 
gecyr)) to Drihtne hyra Godc ; 

17 And he gse)) tofoi-an him on gastc 
and Elias mihte ; doet he foedera hcortan 
to heora bearnum gecp-re, and ungc- 
leaffullc to rihtwisra gleawscype, Drihtne 
fuU-fremcd folc gegearwian. 

18 Da cwse)) Zachainas to dam cngelc, 
Hwauon wat ic dis 1 ic eom nu eald, 
and min wif on hyre dagum for))-e6de. 

19 Da andswarode him se engel, Ic 
eom Gabriel, ic de stande beforan Gode ; 
and ic eom asend wid de sprecan, and 
de dis bodian. 

20 And nu ! dii byst suwigcnde, and 
du sprecan ne miht od done da^g, dc 
das ))ing gewurda)) ; fordam dii minum 
wordum ne gelyfdest, da bco]) on hyra 
timan gcfyllede. 

21 And dact folc w.ics Zachariam gc- 
anbidigende, and wundrigcndc, dset he 
on dam temple la?t wics. 

22 Da he ut-eodc ne mihte he him to 
sprecan, and hig oncneowon dait he on 
dam temple sume gcsyh))c geseah. And 
he wses bicniende him, and dum jjurh- 

23 Da WKS gcwordcn, da his j'enunga 

I. 11-23.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

1 1 Sothli an aungel of the Lord ap- 
peride to him, stondinge on the ri3thalf 
of the auter of ensence. 

1 2 And Sacharie seynge was disturblid, 
and drede felde doun on him. 

13 Forsoth the aungel seith to hym, 
Zacharie, drede thou not ; for thi preier 
is herd, and Elizal)eth, thi wyf, schal 
bere to thee a sone, and his name schal 
be clepid John. 

14 And ioye and gladinge schal be to 
thee ; and manye schulen enioye in his 

15 Sothli he schal be greet bifore the 
Lord, and he schal not drynke wyn and 
sydir, and he schal be fulfillid of the 
Hooly Gost jit of his modir wombe. 

16 And he schal conuerte manye of 
the sones of Israel to the Lord God of 
hem ; 

17 And he schal go bifore him in the 
spirit and vertu of Helye ; and he schal 
turne the hertis of fadris in to sones, 
and men out of bileue to the prudence 
of iuste men, for to make redy a parfyt 
peple to the Lord. 

18 And Zachari seide to the aungel, 
Wherof schal I wite this 1 for I am old, 
and my wyf hath gon fer in hir dayes. 

1 9 And the aungel answeringe seide to 
him, Forsoth I am Gabi-iel, that stonde 
iiy3 bifore God ; and I am sent to thee 
for to speke, and to euangelise''' to thee 
thes thingis. 

20 And loo ! thou shalt be stille,''' and 
thou schalt not mowe speke til in to the 
day, in which thes thingis schulen be 
don ; for that thou hast not bileuyd to 
my wordis, whiche schulen be fillid in 
her tyme. 

21 And the peple was abidinge Za- 
charie, and thei wondriden, for he tariede 
in the temple. 

22 Forsoth he gon out myjte not speke 
to hem, and thei kneweia that he hadde 
seyn a vicioun in the temple. And he 
was bekenynge to hem, and dwellide 

23 And it was maad, as the dayes of 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


1 1 There appered vnto him the Lordcs 
angell, stondinge on the right syde off 
the aultre off odours. 

12 And when Zacharias sawe hym 
he was abasshed, and feare cam on 

13 The angell sayde vnto hym, Feare 
not, Zacai-y ; ffor thy prayer is herde, 
and thy wyfe, Helyzabeth, sliall beare 
the a Sonne, and thou shalt call his name 

1 4 And thou shaltt have ioye and glad- 
n«s ; and many shall reioyce att his 

15 For he shalbe greate in the sight 
off God, and shall nether drynke wyne 
ner stronge drynke, and he shalbe filled 
with the Holy Goost even in his mothers 

i6.And many off the chyldren off Is- 
rahel shall he tourne to their Lorde 

17 And he shall goo before hym in the 
sprete and power oft" Helyas ; to tourne 
the herttes off the fathers to their chyl- 
dren, and the vnbeleveres to the wisdom 
off the iuste men, to make the people 
redy ffor the Lorde. 

18 And Zacary sayde vnto the angell, 
Wherby shall I knowe this 1 seinge that 
I am olde, and my wyfe Avele stricken 
in yeares. 

19 And the angell answered and sayde 
vnto hym, I am Gabriell, that stonde in 
the presens off God ; and am sentt to 
speake vnto the, and to shewe the this 
glad tydinges. 

20 And take hede ! thou shalt be 
domme, and not able to speake vntyll 
the tyme, that these thinges be per- 
formed ; because thou belevedst not my 
wordes, which shalbe fulfilled in there 

21 And the people wayted for Za- 
careas, and mervellcd, that he taryed in 
the temple. 

22 When he cam oute he coulde not 
sj)eake vnto them, and they perceaved 
that he had sene some vision in the 
temple. And he beckened vnto them, 
and remayned spcachlcsse. 

23 And it fortuned, as sone as the 

270 GOTHIC, 36o. 

andbaliteis is, galaij) du garda seiuam- 

24 Afariih ))an jjans dagans inkiljjo 
warj) Aileisabai|), qeus is, yah galaug- 
nida sik meno))S fimf, qil'andei, 

25 patei swa mis gatawida Frauya in 
dagam, Jminiei insawh, afuimau idweit 
inein in mannani. 

26 panuli Jjan in meno]? sailistin in- 
sandiJ)S was aggilus Gabriel fram Gu)ja 
in baurg Galeilaias, sei haitada Nazar- 


27 Du magajjai, in fragibtim abin, )jizei 
namo losef, us garda Daweidis ; yah 
namo ])izos maga]>ais ]\Iariam. 

28 Yah galei])ands inn sa aggihis du 
izai qa]>, Fagino, anstai audahafta ; 
Fruuya mi|) J;us ; J>iu];ido Jju in qiuom. 

29 I}) si, gasaiwhandei, ga))lahsnoda bi 
innatgahtai is, yah ))ahta sis whelcika 
Avesi so goleins, j^atei swa J)iu])ida izai. 

30 Yah qa)) aggilus du izai, Ni ogs 
])us, Mariam, bigast auk aust fram 

31 Yah sai ! ganimis in kil|)ein, yah 
gabairis sunu, yah haitais namo is 

32 Sah walrl)i}) mikils, yah sunus Hauh- 
istins haitada ; yah gibid imma Frauya 
Gu]j stol Daweidis, attins is, 

33 Yah })iudano]> ufar garda lakobis 
in ayukdujj, yah })iudinassaus is ni 
wairj>ij) andcis. 

34 Qajj Jjan Mariam du |)amma aggilau, 
Whaiwa siyai Jjata, ]>andei aban ni 

35 Yah andhafyands sa aggilus qa)j 
du izai, Ahma Wcihs atgaggi]> ana })uk, 
yah mahts Hauhistins ufarskadweid |)us ; 
dujje ei saei gabairada weihs, haitada 
suuus Gujjs. 

36 Yah sai ! Aileisabaij), ni))yo ]>cina, 
yah so inkilj>o sunau in aldomin seiiiam- 
ma, yuli sa menojjs saihsta ist izai sci 
haitada stairo j 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Luke 

dagas gefyllede wseron, he fcrde to his 

24 S6j)lice sefter dagum Elizabeth, his 
w1f, ge-eacnode, and heo bediglode hig 
fif m6n|'as, and cwa?)), 

25 S6|)lice me Drihten gedyde dus on 
dam dagum, de he geseah, miuue hosp 
betweox maunum afyrranit 

26 Sojjlice on dam syxtan m6n])e woes 
asend Gabriel se engel fram Drihtne on 
Galilea ceastre, dsere nama wses Na- 

27 To beweddadre ftjemnan anum were, 
dxs nama wa^s losep, of Dauides hiise ; 
and da^re faemuan nama wa3S Maria. 

28 Da cwse)) se engel ingangende, Hal 
wjes du, mid gyfe gefylled ; Drihten 
mid de ; du eart gebletsod on wifum, 

29 Da wear]) heo on his sprsece ge- 
drefed, and jjohte hwtet seo gretiug 

30 Da cwsejj se engel, Nc ondrsed dil 
de, Maria, s6)jlice du gyfe mid Gode 

3 1 S6])lice mi ! du on innode ge- 
eacnast, and sunu censt, and his naman 
Hcclend gencnmest. 

32 Se by}) maerc, and da^s Hchstan 
sunu genemned ; and him sylj; Drihten 
God, his feeder Dauides sctl, 

33 And he r'esa)) on ecu esse onlacobes 
huse, and his rices ende ne by)?. 

34 Da cwa3)> Maria to dam engle, Hu 
gewyrj) dis, fordam ic were ne oncnawc 1 

35 Da andswarode hyre se engel, Se 
Halga Gast on de becym)), and dajs 
Healistan miht de ofcr-sceadaj) ; and 
fordam diet halige de of de acenued 
byj), by)) Godes sunu genemned. 

36 And nu ! Elizabeth, din mrege, 
sunu on hyre ylde gc-cacnodc, and des 
monaj) ys hyre syxta seo is unbercndo 
genemned ; 

1.24-36.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

liis office weren fulfillicl, he weute in to 
bis hous. 

24 Forsoth after dayes Elizabeth, his 
wyf, conseyuede, and bidde bii- fyue 
monetbis, seyinge, 

25 For so the Lord dide to me in the 
dayes, in the wbicbe he bibelde, for to 
take a wey my schenscbip a mong men. 

26 Sothely in the sixte monetlie the 
aungel Gabriel was sent fro God in to 
a citee of Galilee, to which the name 

27 To a mayden, weddid to a man, to 
whom the name was Joseph, of the 
house of Dauith ; and the name of the 
mayden Marie. 

28 And the aungel gon yn to hir seide, 
Heil, fill of grace ; the Lord he with 
thee ; blessid he thou among wymmen. 

29 Which, whanne she bad herd, was 
troublid in his word, and thou3te what 
maner salutacioun this was, 

30 And the aungel seide to hir, Ne 
drede thou, Marie, sotbli thou hast 
founden grace anemptis God. 

3 1 Loo ! thou schalt conseyue in the 
wombe, and schalt here a sone, and thou 
schalt clepe bis name Jbesii. 

32 This scbal be greet, and he scbal be 
clepid the sone of the Hi3este ; and the 
Lord God scbal 5yue to him the seete 
of Dauith, bis fadir, 

33 And he scbal regne in the hous of 
Jacob with outen ende, and of bis rewme 
scbal be non ende. 

34 Forsoth Marie seith to the aungel, 
On what manere scbal this thing be 
don, for I knowe not man ? 

35 And the aungel answeringe seide 
to hir, The Hooly Gost scbal come fro 
aboue in to thee, and the vertu of the 
Hi3este scbal schadewe vnto thee ; ther- 
fore and that hooly thing that scbal be 
born of thee, scbal be clepid the sone of 

36 And loo ! Elizabeth, thi cosyness, 
and scbe hath conceyued a sone in hir 
elde, and this monethe is the sixte to 
hir that is clepid bareyne ; 

TYNDALE, 1526. 2/1 

tyme off his office was oute, he departed 
home in to bis awne housse. 

24 Affter thoose dayes his wife, Eliza- 
beth, conceaved, and hid her silfe .v. 
monetbes, saynge, 

25 This wyse bath God dealte with 
me in the dayes, Avhen he loked on me, 
to take from me the rebuke that I 
suffered a monge men. 

26 And in the .vj. moneth the angell 
Gabryel was sent from God vnto a cite 
off Galile, named Nazareth, 

27 To a virgin, spoused to a man, 
whose name was Joseph, of the housse 
of David ; and the virgins name was 

28 And the angell went in vnto her 
and sayde, Hayle, full of grace ; the 
Lorde is with the ; blessed arte thou 
amonge wemen. 

29 When she sawe hym, she was a- 
basshed att bis saynge, and cast in her 
mynde what maner of salutacion that 
sliulde be. 

30 And the angell sayde vnto her, 
Feare not, Mary, thou hast founde grace 
with God. 

3 1 Loo ! thou sbalt conceave in thy 
wombe, and sbalt beare a cbilde, and 
sbalt call his name Jesus. 

32 He shalbe greate, and sbalbe called 
the Sonne off the Hyest ; and the Lorde 
God shall geve vnto hym the seate off 
his father, David, 

33 And he shall raygne over the housse 
off Jacob for ever, and of bis kyngdom 
sbalbe none ende. 

34 Then sayd Mary vnto the angell, 
Howe shall this be, seinge that I knowe 
no man 1 

35 And the angell answered and sayd 
vnto her, The Holy Goost shall come 
apon the, and the power off the Hyest 
shall over sbaddowe the; tberfore also 
that holy thynge which sbalbe borne, 
shalbe called the sonne of God. 

36 And marke ! thy cosen, Elizabeth, 
bath also conceaved a sonne in her olde 
age, and this is the .vj. moneth to her 
which was called barren ; 

272 GOTHIC, 360. 

37 Unte nist uumahtcig Gu])a ainhun 

38 Qa]> })an Mariam, Sai ! jjiwi Frau- 
jins ; wairj)ai mis bi waurda ])einamma. 
Yah galai]) fairra "izai sa aggilus. 

39 Usstandandei jjau Mariam "in J^aim 
dagam, iddya in bairgahein sniumuado, 
in baurg ludins. 

40 Yah galaijj in gard Zakariins, yah 
golida Aileisabaijj. 

41 Yah war]j, swe hausida Aileisabaij? 
golein Mariius, lailaik barn in qi{)au 
izos. Yah gafullnuda Ahmins Weihis 

42 Yah ufwopida stibnai mikilai, yah 
qaj>, piu|)ido ]>\x in qinom, yah jjiujjido 
akran qi|>aus })einia. 

43 Yah whajjro mis )jata, ei qemi aijjei 
Frauyins meiuis at mis 1 

44 Sai ! alHs sunsci warj> stibna gol- 
einais ))einaizos in ausam meinaim, hii- 
laik Jjata bai'n in swignij^ai in wambai 

45 Yah audaga so galaubyandei, {^atei 
\vairj)i[) ustauhts, ]>ize rodidane izai fram 

46 Yah qa]> Mariam, Mikileid saiwala 
meina Frauyan, 

47 Yah swegneid ahma meins du 
Gu|)a, nasyand raeinamma. 

48 Unte insawh du hnaiweinai ]>iuyos 
seinaizos. Sai ! allis fram himma uu 
audagyand mik alia kunya. 

49 Unte gatawida mis mikilein sa 
niahteiga, yah weih namo is. 

50 Yah armahairtei is in aldins aide, 
paim ogandam ina. 

51 Gatawida swin})cin in arnia scinam- 
ma, distahida mikiljjuhtans gahugdai 
hairtins scinis. 

52 Gadrausida mahteigans af stolam, 
yah ushauhida gahnaiwidans. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Luke 

37 Fordam uis selc word mid Gode 

38 Da cwsej) Maria, Her is Drihtnes 
))inen ; geweorde me a;fter dinum worde. 
And se engel hyre fram-gewat.^ 

39 Soj)lice on dam dagum ai-iis Maria, 
and ferde on muntland mid ofste, on 
ludeisce ceastre. 

40 And eode into Zacharias huse, and 
grette Elizabeth. 

41 Da wa3S geworden, da Elizabeth 
gehyrde Marian gi-etinge, da gefagnode 
duet cild on hyre inuode. And da 
wear]? Elizabeth Halegum Gaste ge- 

42 And heo clypode mycelre stefne, 
and cwsej), Du eart betwux wifum ge- 
bletsod, and gebletsod is dines innodes 

43 And hwanon is me dis, dset mines 
Drihtnes modor to me cume 1 

44 Sona swa dinre gretinge stefn on 
minum earum geworden Avass, da fteg- 
node .... min cild on minum 

45 And eadig du cart, dii dc gclyfdcst, 
dset fulfremede syud da \>'mg de de fram 
Drihtne geseede synd. 

46 Da cwsejj Maria, Min sawl msersa)) 

47 And min gast geblissode on Gode, 
minum hselende. 

48 Fordam de he gescah hys ])-ncne 
ead-modnesse. S6j>lice ! heonon-forjj me 
cadige secgajj ealle cneorcssa. 

49 Fordam de me micele ]>'mg dyde se 
dc mihtig is, and hys nama ys luilig. 

50 And hys mild-heortncs of cncorcssc 
on cncoresse, hyne ondracdcndum. 

51 He worhte [m.-egne] on hys carme, 
he to-dselde da ofer-modan on mode 
hyra heortan. 

52 He awearp da rican of setle, and 
da ead-modan up-ahof. 

I. 37-52.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

37 For euery word schal not be inpos- 
sible aiiemptis God, 

38 Forsoth Marie seide, Loo ! the hand 
mayden of the Lord ; be it don to me 
aftir thi word. And the aungel dcpart- 
ide fro hir. 

39 Sothli Marie risinge vp in tho 
dayes, wente with haste in to the hilly 
placis, in to a citee of Judee. 

40 And sche entride yn to the hows of 
Zacharie, and grette Elizabeth. 

41 And it was don, as Elizabeth herde 
the sahitacioun ofMai-ie, the 5onge child 
in hir wombe gladide. And Elizabeth 
was fiUid with the Hooly Gost, 

42 And criede with grete voys, and 
seide, Blessid he thou a mong wyinmen, 
and blessid he the fruyt of thi wombe. 

43 And wherof this thing to me, that 
the modir of my Lord come to me ? 

44 Loo ! forsothe as the vois of thi 
salutacicun was maad in myn eeris, the 
3onge child gladide with ioye in my 

45 And blessid thou ert, that hast 
bileuyd, for tho thingis that ben seid to 
thee fro the Lord, schulen be parfytli 

46 And Marie seide, My soule magny- 
fieth the Lord, 

47 And my spirit hath gladid in God, 
myn heelthe. 

48 For he hath biholden the meke- 
nesse of his hand mayde. Loo ! forsoth 
of this alle generaciouns schulen seie me 

49 For he that is my5ti hath don 
grete thingis to me, and his name is 

50 And his mercy is fro kynredis in to 
kynredis, to men dredinge him. 

51 He made myjte in his arme, he 
scateride proude men with mynde of his 

52 He puttide doun my5ty men fro 
seete, and enhaunside meke. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


37 For with God shall nothinge be 

38 Mary sayd, Beholde ! the honde 
mayden off the Lorde ; be it vnto me 
even as thou hast sayde. And the angell 
departed from her. 

39 Mary arose in thoose dayes, and 
went into the mountayns with hast, into 
a cite off lewry. 

40 And entred in to the housse off 
Zacary, and saluted Elizabeth. 

41 And it fortuned, as Elizabeth herde 
the salutacion of Mary, the babe spronge 
in her belly. And Elizabeth was filled 
with the Holy Goost, 

42 And cryed with a loude voyce, and 
sayde, Blessed arte thou among wemen, 
and blessed is the frute oflF thy wombe. 

43 And whens hapeneth this to me, 
that the mother off my Lorde shulde 
come to me ? 

44 Loo! as sone as the voyce of thy 
salutacion sownded in myne eares, the 
babe lepte in my belly for ioye. 

45 And blessed arte thou, that belev- 
ecist, for thoose thinges shalbe performed, 
which were tolde the from the Lorde. 

46 And Mary sayde, My soule magni- 
fieth the Lorde, 

47 And my sprete reioyseth in God, 
my savioure. 

48 For he hath loked on the povre 
degre off his honde mayden, Beholde I 
nowe from hens forth shall all genera- 
cions call me blessed. 

49 For he that is myghty hath done 
to me greate thinges, and blessed ys his 

50 And hys mercy is always on tliem 
that feare him, thorow oute all genera- 

5 1 He hath shewed strengthe with his 
arme, he hath scattered them that are 
proude in the ymaginacion of their 

52 He hath putt doune the myghty 
from their seates, and hath exalted them 
of lowe degre. 



GOTHIC, 360. 

53 Greelagans gaso})ida })iu);o, yali ga- 
Liguaudaus 'iusandida lausaus. 

54 Hleibida Israela, jjiumagu seinam- 
ma, gamunauds anuahairteiiis ; 

55 Swaswe rodida du attain unsaraim, 
Abi'aliama yah fraiwa 'is, und aiw. 

56 Gasto^ J^an Mariam mi|) izai swe 
meno])S J)rins, yah gawandida sik du 
garda seinamma. 

57 I}> Aileisabaijj usfuUnoda mel du 
bairau, yah gabar sunu. 

58 Yah hausidedun bisitands yah ga- 
nijjyos 'izos, uiite gamikilida Frauya 
armahairtein seina bi izai ; yah mijjfag- 
iuodedun izai. 

59 Yah war]), 'in daga ahtudin, qemun 
bimaitau ])ata barn ; yah haihaitun ina, 
afar namin attins is, Zakarian. 

60 Yah andhafyandci so aij;ei is qaj), 
Ne, ak haitaidau lohauncs. 

61 Yah qel^uu du izai, patei ni aiiishun 
ist in kuuya jjeinamma, saei haitaidau 
Jjamma namin. 

62 Gabandwidedun fian attin is, Jjata 
whaiwa wikledi haitan ina. 

63 Ij) is sokyands spilda, nam gah- 
melida, qijjands, Johannes ist namo 
is. Yali sildaleikidedun allai. 

64 Uslukuoda j^an munJ)S is suns, yah 
tuggo is, yah rodida, ])iu])yands Gu|). 

65 Yah warj) ana allaim agis |)aim 
bisitandam ina, yah in alhii bairgahein 
ludaias merida wcsun alUi Jjo waurda. 

66 Yah gahagidcdun allai Jjai hausyand- 
ans in hairtiu seinamma, qijjandans, 
AVlia skuli ]>ata barn wairj)an 1 Yah 
J)an handus Frauyins was mi]) imma. 

67 Yali Zakurias, atta is, gafulhioda 
Alnnins Weihis, yah praufetida, yah 

68 piu])cigs Frauya Gu]) Israelis, unto 
gaweisoda, yah gawaurhta uslauscin 
managein scinai. 

69 Yah urraisida haurn naseinais unsis 
in garda Daweidis, ])iumagaus scinis. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Luke 

53 Ilingriende he mid godum gefylde, 
and ofer-ui5de idele forlet. 

54 He tifeng Israhel, hys cniht, and 
gemunde hys mild-heortnesse ; 

55 Swa he sprrec to lirum federum, 
Abrahame and hys ssede, on a woruld.^ 

56 S6])Hce Maria wunede mid by re 
swylce })ry monj^as, and gewende da to 
byre huse. 

57 Da wses gefylled Elizabethe cen- 
ning-tid, and heo sunu cende. 

58 And byre nehcheburas and hp-e 
cuttan dset gehyrdon, da^t Drihten hys 
mild-heortnesse mid byre msersode; and 
big mid byre blissodon. 

59 Da, on dam ehteojjan daege, big 
comon diet cild ymb-snidan ; and nem- 
don bine, hys feeder naman, Zaehariam. 

60 Da andswarode his modor, Nese 
s6])cs, ac be by]) lohanncs genemned. 

61 Da cwBcdon big to byre, Nis nan 
on dinre maeg])e, dyson naman ge- 

62 Da bicnodon hi to hys fa^der, hwast 
he wolde bine genemnedne beon. 

6;;^ Del wrat he, gebedenum wex-brcde, 
lohannes is hys nama. Da wundrodon 
big ealle. 

64 Da wear]) sona hys muj), and liys 
tunge ge-openod, and he spra^c, Drihten 

65 Da wear]) ege geworden ofer ealle 
byra nehcheburas, and ofer ealle Iiidea 
munt-laud wseron diis word gcwid- 

66 And ealle da de hit gehyrdon on 
heora bcortan sctton, and cwaedon, 
Wenst dii, h\va>t by|) dos cuapa'? Witod- 
lice Drihtencs band wais mid liim. 

67 And Zacliarias, his fa;der, wjes mid 
Halcgum Gaste gefylled, and he witeg- 
odc, and cwajj), 

68 Geblctsod si Drilitcn Israhela God, 
fordani de be gencosode, and his folccs 
alysedncsse dyde. 

69 And he us ha'le born ar^vrdc on 
Dauidcs huse, hys cnihtos. 

1.53-69] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

53 He hath fillid hungry men with 
goode thingis, and he hath left rychc 
men voyde. 

54 He, hauynge mynde of his mercy, 
took vp Israel, his child ; 

55 As he hath spoken to onre fadris, to 
Abraham and to his seed, in to worldis. 

56 Forsoth Mai-ye dwellide with hir as 
thi'ee monethis, and turnyde a5en in to 
hir hons. 

57 Sothly the tyme of beringe child 
was fillid to Elizabeth, and sche childide 
a sone. 

58 And the nei3eboi-is and cosyns of 
hir herden, for the Lord hadde magny- 
fied his mercy with hir ; and thei thank- 
iden him. 

59 And it was don, in the ei^tethe day, 
thei camen for to circumside the child ; 
and thei clepiden him Sacharie, by name 
of his fadir. 

60 And his modir answeringe seide, 
Nay, but he schal be clepid John. 

61 And thei seiden to hir, For no man 
is in thi kyn, that is clepid bi this 

62 Sothli thei maden a syngne to his 
fadir, whom he wolde him for to be 

63 And he axinge a poyntel, wroot, 
seyinge, John is his name. And alle 
men wondriden. 

64 Forsoth his mouth was openyd 
anon, and his tunge, and he spak, bless- 
inge God. 

65 And drede was maad on alle her 
nei3eboris, and thes wordis weren pup- 
plischid on alle the hilly placis of Judee. 

66 And alle men that herden puttedyn 
in her herte, seyinge, Who, gessist thou, 
this child schal be"? And sothli the 
bond of the Lord was with him. 

67 And Zacharie, his fadir, was fillid 
with the Hooli Gost, and prophesiede, 

68 Blessid be the Lord God of Israel, 
for he hath visitid, and maad redemp- 
cioun of his peple. 

69 And he hath rerid to vs an horn of 
helthe in the hous of Dauith, his child. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


53 He hath filled the hongry with 
goode thinges, and hath sent awaye the 
ryche empty. 

54 He hath remembred mercy, and 
hath holpen his servaunt, Israhel ; 

55 Even as he promised to oure fathers, 
Abraham and to his seede, for ever. 

56 And ]\Iary aboode with her iij. 
moiicthes, and retourned home agayne. 

57 EHzabethes tyme was come that 
she shulde be delyvered, and she brought 
forth a Sonne. 

58 And her neghboures and her cosins 
herde tell, howe the Lorde had magni- 
fied hys mercy vppon her ; and they 
reioysed with her. 

59 And hit fortuned, the eyght daye, 
they cam to circumcise the childe ; and 
called his name Zacari, after the name 
of his father. 

60 And his mother answered and sayd, 
Not soo, but he shalbe called Jhon. 

6 1 And they sayd vnto her, There ys 
none of thy kynue, that is named with 
thys name. 

6 2 And they made signes to hys father, 
howe he wolde have hym called. 

63 And he axed for wrytynge tables, 
and wi'oote, saying, Hys name is Jhon. 
And they mervelled all. 

64 And hys rnought was opened imme- 
diatly, and hys tonge, and he spake, 
lawdynge God. 

65 And feare cam on all them that 
dwelt nye, and all these sayinges were 
noised abroade throughoutt all the hylly 
coimtre of Je^vry. 

66 And all they that herde them layde 
them vppe in their hertes, saying. What 
maner chylde shall thys be 1 And the 
honde of God was with hj^ii. 

67 And his father, Zacherias, was fylled 
with the Holy Goost, and prophisyed, 

68 Blessed be the Lorde God of Israhel, 
for he hath visited, and redemed his 

69 And hath reysed vppe the borne 
off" health vnto vs in the housse of his 
servaunt, David. 

T 2 

27G GOTHIC, 360. 

70 Swaswe roclida jjairh munjj weili- 
aize, ])ize fram anastodeinai aiwis, prau- 
fete seiuaize. 

71 Gilian nasein us fiyaudam uusaraim, 
yah us handau allaize Jnze hataudaue 

72 Tauyan armahairtijja bi attam un- 
saraim, yah gamunan triggwos weihaizos 

73 Ai))is l-anei swor wi]>ra Abraham, 
attan unsarana, ei gebi unsis. 

74 Unagein us handau fiyande un- 
saraize galausidaim, skalkinon imma, 

75 In sunyai yah garaihtein in and- 
■wair|)ya is allans dagans unsarans. 

76 Yah ))U, barnilo, praufetus Hauh- 
istins haitaza ; fauragaggis auk faura 
andwaii-J)ya Frauyins, manwyan wigans 

77 Du giban kunjji naseinais managein 
is, in afleta frawaurhte ize ; 

78 pairh infcinandcin armahairtein 
Gu))S unsaris, in })ammei ga\veiso]> un- 
sara urruns us hauhi|)ai. 

79 Gabairhtyan J)aim in riqiza, yah 
skadau dau)>us sitandam; du garaihtyan 
fotuns unsarans in Avig gawair|)yis. 

80 Ij) |)ata barn wohs, yah swm]?noda 
ahmin, yah was ana au])idom und dag 
ustaikneinais seinaizos du Israela, 

Chap. II. i Warjj Jjan in dagans 
3'ainans, urrann gagrefts fram Kaisara 
Agustau, gamelyan allana midyungard. 

2 Soh |)an gilstrameleins irumista war]? 
at wisandin kindina Swriais, raginondin 
Saurim Kwreinaiau. 

3 Yah iddyedun allai, ei melidai 
wescina, wharyizuh in scinai baurg. 

4 Un-ann ))an yah losef us Galcilaia, 
us baurg Nazaraij', in ludaian, in baurg 
Daweidis, sei haitada Bej)lahaira, duj)e 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Luke 

70 Swa he spraec |)urh hys halegra 
witcgena mu]), da de of worldes frym))e 

7 I And he Tdysdc us of lirum fcoudum, 
and of ealra dtera handa de us hatedon. 

72 Mild-heortnesse to wyi-canne mid 
urum fajderum, and gemunan his haleg- 
an cydnesse. 

73 Hyne us to syllanne done a]) de he 
urum fa^der, Abrahame, swor. 

74 Dajt we butan ege of ure feonda 
handa alysede, him J?eowian, 

75 On halignesse beforan him ealium 
urum dagum. 

76 And du, cnapa, byst dses Hehstan 
witega genemned ; du gsest beforau 
Drihtues ansyne, his wegas gearwian. 

77 To syllanne his folce hys hselc ge- 
wit, on liyra synua forgyfencsse ; 

78 purh innodas ures Godes mild- 
heortnesse, on dam he us geneosode of 
east-dsele up-springcnde. 

79 Onlihtan dam de on |)ystrum, and 
on dea})es sceade sittaj) ; lire fet to ge- 
reccanne on sybbe weg. 

80 S5))lice se cnapa weox, and waes on 
gaste gestrangod, and wa3S on westenum 
od done dajg hys astiwednessum on 

Chap. II. ^i So})licc on dam dagum, 
WJes geworden geljod fram dam Casere 
Augusto, dait call ymbe-hwyrft wsere 

2 Dcos tomearcodnes waes sercst ge- 
worden fram dam dcman Syrige, Ci- 

3 And ealle liig codon, .... and 
syndrie ferdon on hyra ccastre. 

4 Da ferde losep fram Galilea, of dsere 
ccastre Nazareth, on ludeiscc, ccastre 
Dauides, sco is genemned Bethleem, 

I. 70.-II. 4.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

70 As he spak by the mouthe of hooly 
prophetis, that ben fro the workl. 

71 Helthe fro oure enemyes, and fro 
the hond of alle men that hatiden vs. 

72 To do mercy with oure fadris, and 
to haue mynde of his hooly testament. 

73 The ooth that he swor to Abraham, 
oure fadir, to jyue him silf to vs. 

74 That we withoute drede deliuerid 
fro the hond of oure enemyes, serue to 

75 In hoolynesse and rijtfulnesse bifore 
him in alle oure daycs. 

76 And thou, child, schalt be clepid 
the prophete of the Hijeste ; for thou 
schalt go bifore the face of the Lord, to 
make redy his weyes. 

77 For to 5yue the science of helthe 
to his peple, in. to remiscioun of her 
synnes ; 

78 Bi the entraylis of mercy of oure 
God, in whiche he spryngynge vp fro an 
hij hath visytid vs. 

79 For to 5yue li3t to hem that sitten 
in derknessis, and in schadewe of deth ; 
for to dresse oure feet in to the wey of 

80 Sothli the child waxide, and was 
comfortid in spirit, and Avas in desert til 
to the day of his schewinge to Israel. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


Chap. II. i Forsothe it was don in 
tho dayes, a maundement went out fro 
Cesar August,^ that al the world schukle 
be discryued. 

2 This firste discryuyng was maad of 
Cyryne, iustice of Cirye. 

3 And alle men wenten, that thei 
schukle make profescioun,+ ech by him 
self in to his cite. 

4 Sothly and Josep sti3ede vp fro Gali- 
lee, of the cite of Nazareth, in to Judc, 
in to a cite of Dauith, that is clepid 

70 Even as he promised by the moughth 
of his holy prophetes, which were sens 
the worlde began. 

7 1 That we shulde be saved from oure 
euimys, and from the hondis of all that 
hate vs. 

72 To shewe mercy towardes oure 
fathers, and to remember hys holy 

73 That is to saye the oothe which he 
sware to oure father, Abraham, for to 
geve vs. 

7 4 That we delivered oute of the hondes 
of oure enemis, myght serve hym with 
oute feare, 

75 All the dayes of oure lyfe in suche 
holynes and ryghtewesnes that are ac- 
cept before him. 

76 And thou, chylde, shalt be called 
the prophet off the Hyest ; for thou 
shalt goo before the face off the Lorde, 
to prepare his wayes. 

77 And to geve knowlege off health 
vnto hys people, for the remission of 
sinnes ; 

78 Through the tender mercy off oure 
Lorde, wher with hath visited vs the 
daye springe from an hye. 

79 To geve light to them that sate in 
darcknes, and in shadowe of deth; and 
to gyde oure fete into the waye of 

80 And the chylde encreased, and 
wexed stronge in sprete, and was in 
wildernes tyll the daye cam when he 
shulde shewe hyrasilfe vnto the Is- 

Chap. II. i Hit folowed in thoose 
dayes, that there Avent oute a commaund- 
ment from Auguste the Emperour, that 
all the woorlde shulde be valued. 

2 This taxynge was fyi'st executed when 
Syrenus was leftenaunt in Siria. 

3 And every man went in to his awne 
shyre toune, there to be taxed. 

4 And Joseph also ascended from Ga- 
ble, oute of a cite called Nazareth, vnto 
lewry, into a cite of David, which is 

278 GOTHIC, 360. 

ei was us gartla fadreinais Daweidis, 

5 Anamelyan mij) Mariin, sei in fragift- 
im was imnia qeins wisandein inkil])on. 

6 Wai|) ))an. iui})|)anei Jjo wcsun yaiuar, 
usfullnodedun dagos, du bairan izai. 

7 Yah gabar sunu seinana J^ana frum- 
abaur, yah biwaud ina, yah galagida ina 
in uzetin, unte ni was iiu rumis in 
stada Jjamma. 

8 Yah hairdyos wesun in pamma sam- 
in landa, |)airhwakaudans yah witand- 
aus wahtwom nahts ufaro hairdai seinai. 

9 J]> aggilus Frauyins anaqam ins, yah 
wulpus Frauyins biskain ins ; yah oht- 
edun agisa mikilamma. 

10 Yah qa]) du im sa aggilus, Ni 
ogeijj ; unte sai ! si)illo izwis falieid 
mikila, sei wair])i]j allai managein. 

I T J)atei gabaurans ist izwis himma 
daga nasyands, saei ist Christus Frauya, 
in baurg Daweidis. 

1 2 Yah Jjata izwis taikns ; bigitid barn 
biwundan, yah gaUigid in uzetin. 

13 Yah anaks war]? mijj Jjamma agg- 
ilau managci haryis himinakundis, haz- 
yandane Gu]?, yah qi|5andane, 

14 Wuljjus in liauhistyam Gu]>a, yah 
ana air]>ai gawairj^i in mannam godis 

15 Yah war]), bijje galij^un fairra im 
in hiniin ))ai aggilyus, yah ])ai mans ))ai 
hairdyos qejjun du sis misso, pairhgagg- 
aima yu und Bej^hdiaim, yah saiwhaima 
waurd jjata waurjjuno, j'atei Frauya ga- 
kannida unsis. 

16 Yah qemun sniumyandans, yah bi- 
getun Marian yah losef, yah )jata barn 
ligando in uzetin. 

17 Gasaiwhandans ])an, gakannidedun 
bi ))ata waurd j^atei rodi]> was du im 
bi J)ata barn. 

18 Yah allai jjai gahausyandans sil- 
dalcikidedun, bi ])o rodidona fram jjaim 
hairdyam du im. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Luke 

fordam de he wees of Dauidcs huse and 

5 Dset he ferde mid Marian, de him 
beweddod wfes and wses ge-cacnod. 

6 S6|)licc wses gCAvorden, d;i. hi dar 
wseron, hire dagas waeron gefyllede, dset 
heo cende. 

7 And heo cende hyre frum-ccnnedan 
sunu, and hine mid cild-cladum bewand, 
and hine on binne alede, fordam de hig 
najfdon rum on cumena huse. 

8 And hyrdas wseron on dam ylcan 
rice, waciende and niht-wjBCCan heald- 
ende ofcr hcora heorda. 

9 Da stod Drihtnes engel wid hig, 
and Godes beorhtncs him ymbc-scean 3 
and hi him mycelum ege adredon. 

10 And se engel him to cwre)), Nelle ge 
eow adreedan ; s6])lice mi ! ic eow bodie 
mycelne gefean, se bi]) callum folce. 

11 Fordam to-da^g eow ys hselend 
acenned, se is Drihten Crist, on Dauides 

12 And dis taccn eow hy]> ; ge ge- 
meta}) an cild hraiglum bewuuden, and 
on binne aled. 

13 And da w£es fseringa geworden mid 
dam engle mycclncs heofonlices weiydes, 
God herigendra, and dus cwedcndra, 

14 Gode sy wuldor on heahncsse, and 
on eor])an sybb mannum g5des willan. 

15 And hit wa?s geworden, da da cn- 
glas to heofone ferdon, da hyrdas him 
bctwynan sprsecon, and cwsedon, Uton 
faran to Bcthlcem, and geseon diet 
word de geworden is, diet Drihten us 

16 And hig efstcnde comon, and ge- 
metton Marian and losep, and duet cild 
on binne aled. 

17 Da hi d:ct gesawon, da oncneowon 
hig be dam wordc de him gcsivd avks 
be dam cilde. 

18 And callc da de gchyrdon wund- 
rcdon, be dam de him da hyrdas 

II. 5-1 8.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

Bedleern, for that he was of the hous 
and meyne of Dauith, 

5 That he schulde knowleche with 
Marie, with child spousid wyf to him. 

6 Sothli it was don, whanne thei weren 
there, the dayes weren fulfillid, that she 
schulde bore child. 

7 And sche childide her firste born 
sone, and wlappide him in clothis, and 
pnttide him in a cracche, for ther was 
not place to hym in the comyn stable. 

8 And schepherdis weren in the same 
cuntre, Avakinge and ke2)inge the watchis 
of the nyjt on her flok. 

9 And loo ! the aiingel of the Lord 
stood by sydis hem, and the clerenesse 
of God schynede aboute hem ; and thei 
dredden with greet drede. 

10 And the aungel seide to hem, Nyle 
56 drede ; lo ! sothli I euangelise to 30U 
a grete ioye, that schal be to al peple. 

1 1 For a sauyour is borun to day to 
vs, that is Crist the Lord, in the cite of 

1 2 And this a tokene to 50U ; 5e schulen 
fynde a 5ong child wlappid in clothis, 
and put in a cracche. 

13 And sudenly ther is maad with 
the aungel a multitude of heuenly knyjt- 
hod, heriynge God, and seyinge, 

14 Gloria he in the hi5este thingis to 
God, and in erthe pees he to men of 
good wille. 

15 And it was don, that whanne the 
aungelis passiden a wey fi-o hem in to 
heuene, the schepherdis spaken to gidere, 
seiynge, Passe we ouer til to Bedleern, 
and se we this word that is maad, the 
whiche the Lorde maad, and schewid 
to vs. 

1 6 And thei hy5inge camen, and found- 
en Marie and Joseph, and a jong child 
put in a cracche. 

17 Sothli thei seinge, knewen of the 
word that was seid to hem of this child. 

18 And alle men that hadden herd 
wondriden, and of thes thingis that 
weren seide to hem of the schepherdis. 

TYND ALE, 1526, 


called Bethleem, because he was of the 
housse and linage of David, 

5 To be taxed with Mary, his wedded 
wife which was with childe. 

6 And it fortuned, whill they there 
were, her tyme was come, that she shulde 
be delyvered. 

7 And she brought forth her fyi-st be- 
gotten Sonne, and wrapped hym in swad- 
lynge cloothes, and layed hym in a 
manger, be cause there was no roume 
for them with in in the hostrey. 

8 And there were in the same region 
shepherdes, abydinge in the felde and 
watching their flock e by nyght. 

9 And loo ! the angell of the Lorde 
stode harde by them, and the brightnes 
of the Lorde shone rounde aboute them ; 
and they were soore afrayed. 

10 And the angell sayd vnto them, Be 
not afrayed ; beholde ! I brynge you 
tydiiiges off greate ioye, that shall come 
to all the people. 

1 1 For vnto you is borne this daye in 
the cite of David, a saveoure, which is 
Christ the Lorde. 

1 2 And take this for a signe ; ye shall 
fynde the childe swadled, and layed in a 

13 And straight waye there was with 
the angell a multitude of hevenly sow- 
diers, laudynge God, and sayinge, 

14 Glory to God an hye, and peace on 
the erth, and vnto men reioysynge. 

15 And itt fortuned, as sone as the 
angels were gone awaye in to heven, 
the shepherdes sayd won to another. Let 
vs goo even vnto Bethleem, and se this 
thynge thatt is hapened, which the Lorde 
hath shewed vnto vs. 

16 And they cam with haste, and 
founde Mary and Joseph, and the babe 
layde in a manger. 

17 When they had sene it, they pub- 
lisshed abrode the saynge which was 
tolde them off that chylde. 

1 8 And all that herde itt wondred, att 
thoose thynges which were tolde them 
off the shepherdes. 


GOTHIC, 360, 

19 i)) Maria alia gafastaida \>o waurda, 
]5agkyaiidei "in hairtiu seinamma. 

20 Yah gawandidedun sik ))ai hairdyos, 
niikilyandaiis yah hazyaudaus GuJ> in 
aUaize |)izeei gahausidedun yah ga- 
scwhiin, swaswe rodijj was du "im. 

2 1 Yah bijje usfulnodeduu dagos ahtau, 
du bimaitau ina, yah haitan was nanio 
is lesus, J?ata qi})auo fram aggilau, faur- 
))izei ganumans wesi in wamba. 

22 Yah bi|)e usfulnodeduu dagos hrain- 
einais ize, bi Avitoda Mosezis, brahtedun 
ina in lairusalem, atsatyan faura Frau- 

23 Swaswe gamelid ist in witoda 
Frauyius, patei whazuh gumakundaize 
uslukands qiJ)U, weihs Frauyins haitada ; 

24 Yah ei gebeina fi-am imma hunsl, 
swaswe qij^an ist in witoda Frauyins, 
Gayuk In-aiwadubono, aijjj^au twos yugg- 
ons ahake. 

25 paruh was manna in lairusalem, 
])izei namo Swmaion ; yah sa manna 
was garaihts yah gudafaurhts, beidands 
lajjonais Israelis ; yah Ahma Weihs was 
ana imma. 

26 Yah was imma gataihan fram Ah- 
min |)amma Wediin, ni saiwhan daujju, 
faurj)ize sewhi Christu Frauyins. 

27 Yah qam in ahmin in Jjizai alli. 
Yah mijjjjanei innattauhun berusyos |)ata 
barn Icsu, ei tawidedeina bi biuhtya 
witodis bi ina, 

28 Yah is andnam ina ana armins 
scinans, yali Jjiujnda GuJ^a, yah qaj), 

29 Nu fraleitais skalk Jjcinana frau- 
yinond, Frauya, bi waurda jjcinamma in 
gawair})ya ; 

30 paude sewhun augona meina nasein 

31 poei manwides in andwairj)ya al- 
laizo manageino ; 

32 Liuhal> '^^ andhuleinai })iudom, yah 
wul))U managein })einai Israehi. 

33 Yah was losef yah ai|)ei is silda- 
leikyaudonaana jjaim, J>oei rodidawesun 
bi iua. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Luke 

19 Maria geheold ealle das word, on 
byre heortan smeagende. 

20 Da gewendon ham da hyrdas, God 
wuldrigende and herieude on eallum 
dam de hi gebyrdon and gesawon, swa 
to him gecwcden w£es.+ 

21 iEfter dam de ehta dagas gc- 
fylledc wseron, dtet djet cild emb-snydeu 
Avsere, his nama wses Hcelend, se wses 
fram engle genemned, xr he on innode 
ge-eacnod wsere. 

22 And fefter dam de hyre clsensunge 
dagas gefyllede waeron, fefter Moyses 
Be, hi Iseddon hine on Hierusalem, da^t 
hi hine Gode gesetton, 

23 Swa swa on Drihtnes se awritcn is, 
Dset Eelc wsepned gecynd-lim ontyncnde, 
byj) Drihtne halig genemned ; 

24 And dajt big offrunge sealdon, 
sefter dam de Drihtnes se gecwcden is, 
Twa turtlan, odde twegen culfran brid- 

25 And da wses an man on Hieini- 
salem, dscs nama wses Simeon ; and dcs 
man wsos rihtwis, . . . and od Is- 
raliela fi-ofor ge-anbidiende ; and Halig 
Gast him on wses. 

26 And he andsware fram dam Hjileg- 
an Gastc onfeng, dset be dea)) ne ge- 
sawe, buton he ser Drihtcn Crist ge- 

27 And on gaste he on dat tcmpel 
com. And da bis magas kvddon done 
Hselend, dajt liig for him a^fter dasre 
je gewunan dydon, 

28 He onfeng hine mid hys handum, 
and God bletsode, and cwa-j;, 

29 Drihtcn, nu dii lactst dinne j^eow 
sefter dinum worde on sibbc ; 

30 Fordam mine eagan gesawon dine 

31 Da du ge-earwodest bcforan ansyne 
callra folca ; 

32 Lcoht to ))eoda awrigenessc, and to 
dines folccs wuldrc Israhel.^' 

33 Da wses his fivdcr and his modor 
wuiidriende be dam, de be him gessede 

II. 19-33] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

1 9 Forsotli Marie kepte alle thes wordis, 
beringe to gidere in liii- hevte. 

20 And the schepherdis tm-neden ajen, 
glorifiynge and hgriynge God in alle 
thingis that thei hadden herd and seyn, 
as it is seyd to hem. 

21 And aftir that ei3te dayes weren 
endid, that the child schulde be circum- 
sidid, his name was clepid Jhesus, which 
was clepid of the aungel, bifore he was 
conseyued in wombe. 

22 And aftir that the dayes of purga- 
cioun of Marie weren fulfild, vp Moyses 
lawe, thei token him in to Jerusalem, 
that thei schulden offre him to the 

23 As it is writun in the lawe of the 
Lord, For ech male kynde openynge 
the wombe to go out, schal be clepid 
hooly to the Lord ; 

24 And that thei schulen 5yiie an ofF- 
rynge, vp that it is seid in the lawe of 
the Lord, A peyre of turtris, or twey 
culuei'e briddis. 

25 And lo ! a man was in Jerusalem, 
to whom the name Symeon ; and this 
man was iust and dredful, abidinge the 
comfort of Israel ; and the Hooly Gost 
was in him. 

26 And he hadde taken answere of the 
Hooly Gost, that he schal not se deeth, 
no but he saij first the Crist of the 

27 And he cam in spirit in to the 
temple. And whenne his fadir and 
modir ledden in the child Jhesu, that 
thei schulden do vp the custom of lawe 
for him, 

28 And he took him in to his armes, 
and he blesside God, and seide, 

29 Lord, now thou leeuyst thi seruaunt 
vp thi word in pees : 

30 For myn y^en han seyn thin helthe, 

31 The which thou hast maad redy 
bifore the face of alle peplis ; 

32 Li5t to the scheA\'ing of hethcnc, 
and gloi-ie of thi peple of Israel. 

33 And his fadir and his modir weren 
wondringe on thes thingis, that weren 
seid of him. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


19 But Mary kept all thoose sayiuges, 
and pondered them in hyr hert. 

20 And the shepherdes retourned, 
praysynge and laudynge God fibr all 
that they had herde and sene, evyn as 
itt was told vnto them. 

2 1 And when the eyght daye was come, 
thatt the chylde shuld be circumcised, 
his name was called Jesus, which Avas 
named off the angell, before he was con- 
ceaved in his mothers wombe. 

22 And when the tyme of their purifi- 
cacion, after the lawe of Moyses, was 
come, they brought hym to Hierusalem, 
to present hym to the Lorde, 

23 As yt is written in the lawe off the 
Lorde, Every man chylde that fyrst 
openeth the matrix, shalbe called holy 
to. the Lorde ; 

24 And to offer, as yt ys sayde in the 
lawe of the Lorde, A payre off turtle 
doves, or ij. yonge pigions. 

25 And beholde! there was a man in 
Hierusalem, whose name was Simeon ; 
and the same man was iuste and feared 
God, and longed for the consolacion off 
Israhel ; and the HolyGoost was in hym. 

26 And an answer was geven hym of 
the Holy Goost, that he shulde not se 
deethe, before he had sene the Lordes 

27 And he cam by inspiracion in to 
the temple. And as the father and 
mother broght in the chylde Jesus, to 
do for hym after the custome of the 

28 Then toke he hym vppe in his 
armes and sayde, 

29 Lorde, no we Icttest thou thy ser- 
vaunt departe in peace accordinge to 
thy promes ; 

30 For myne eyes have sene the saveour 
sent from the, 

31 Which thou hast prepared before 
the face of all people ; 

32 A light to lighten the gentyls, and 
the glory off thy people Israhel. 

33 And his father and mother mervel- 
led att thoose thinges, which were spoken 
off hym. 


GOTHIC, 360. 

34 Yah J)m))ida "ina Swmaion, yah qa]) 
dii Mariin, ai})ein is, Sai ! sa \\g\]> du 
drusa yah usstassai managaize iu Is- 
raela, yah du taiknai andsakanai. 

35 Yah ))an jjeina sllbons saiwala 
Jjairhgaggijj hairus, ei audhulyaindau us 
managaim hairtam mitoneis. 

36 Yah was Anna praufeteis, dauhtar 
Fanuelis, us kunya Aseris. Soh fram- 
aldra dage managaize, libandei mi]) abin 
yera sibun fram maga])ein seiuai. 

37 Soh ]jan widuwo yere ahtautehund 
yah fidwor; soh ni afiddya fairra alh, 
fastubnyam yah bidom blotande Frau- 
yan nahtam yah dagam. 

38 Soh ))izai wheilai atstandandei, and- 
haihait Frauyin, yah rodida bi ina in 
allaim jiaim usbeidandam hijjon lairu- 

39 Yah bi]je ustauhun allata, bi witoda 
Frauyins, gawandidedun sik in Ga- 
leilaian, in baurg seina Nazaraijj. 

40 I}) Jjata barn wohs, yah swinjjnoda, 
ahmins fulhiauds yah handugeinsj yah 
austs Gu])S was ana imma. 

41 Yah wratodedun ]jai birusyos is 
yera whammeh in lairusalcm, at dul]j 

42 Yah bij)e war]) tvvalibwintrus, us- 
gaggandam jjan im in lairusaulwma, bi 
biuhtya dul])ais, 

43 Yah ustiuhandam ])ans dagans, mi])- 
jjane gawandidedun sik aftra, gasto]) 
lesus sa magus in lairusalem, yah ni 
wisedun losef yah aij)ci is. 

44 Hugyandona in gasin])yam ina wis- 
an, qemun dagis wig, yah sokidedun ina 
in gani])yam yah in kun];am. 

45 Yah ni bigitandona ina, gawandi- 
dedun sik in lairusalem, sokyandona 

46 Yah warj7, afar dagans })rins bige- 
tun ina in allh, sitandan in midyaini 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Luke 

34 And da bletsode hig Simeon, and 
cwa?J) to Marian, his mcdei% Loca nu ! 
des is on hryre and on seryst iisett 
manegra on Israhel, and on tiicen, dam 
de wid-cwedeu by]?. 

35 And his sweord dine suwle J'urh- 
fsev\>, dajt ge])ohtas syn awrigene of 
manegum heortum. 

36 And Anna wees witegestre, Fan- 
ueles dohtor, of Asseres m8eg]ie. Decs 
wunode m?enigne diseg, and heo lyfode 
mid hyre were seofen gear of hyrc 

37 And heo wres wuduwe od fcower 
and hund-eahtatig geara ; seo of dam 
temple ne gewat, doeges and nihtes 
Jieowigende on faestenum and on hal- 

38 And deos da^re tide becumende, 
Drihtne tmdette, and be him spraec 
callum dam de ge-anbidedon Hicrus- 
alem alysednesse. 

39 And da hi ealle ])ing gefyldon, 
asfter Drihtnes se, hi gehwurfon on 
Galileam, on heora ceastre Nazareth. 

40 SoJ'lice doet cild weox, and wa\s 
gestrangod, Avisdomes full j and Godcs 
gyfu w£es on him. 

41 And his magas ferdon selce geare 
to Hierusalem, on easter-dajges freols- 

42 And da he W£es twclf wintre, hy 
foron to Hierusalem, to dam easterlican 
freolse, £efter hyra gewunan, 

43 And gefylledum dagum, da hig 
agen-gehwurfon, bclaf se Haelond on 
Hierusalem, and his magas dtet nyston. 

44 Wendon dajt he on heora gefore 
wsere, da comon hig ancs dajges fa^r, 
and bine sohton betwcox his magas and 
his cudan. 

45 Da hig hyne ne fundon, hig gc- 
wendon to Hierusalem, hine secende. 

46 Da, sefter J)rira dagum hig fundon 
hine on dam temple, sittende on mid- 

11.34-46.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

34 And Symeon blesside hem, and 
seide to Marie, his modir, Lo ! this is 
put in to the fallinge and in to the rys- 
inge ajen of many men in Israel, and 
in to a tokene, to whom it schal be 

35 And a swerd schal passe thorw thin 
owne soule, that thou^tis be schewid of 
manye hertis. 

36 And Anna was a prophetisse, the 
dou5tir of Fanuel, of the lynage of 
Aser. And sche hadde gon forth 
in many dayes, and hadde lyued with 
hir hosebonde seuen 5eer fro hir mayd- 

37 And this was a widowe til to foure 
score 5eer and foure ; which departide 
not fro the temple, seruynge ny3t and 
day to fasti ngis and bisechingis. 

38 And this in thilke our aboue com- 
ynge, knowlechide to the Lord, and 
spak of him to alle that abiden the re- 
dempcioun of Israel. 

39 And as thei hadden perfytli doon 
alle thingis, by the lawe of the Lord, 
thei turnyden a3eu in to Galilee, in to 
her citee Nazareth. 

40 Sothli the child wax, and was coum- 
fortid, ful of wysdom ; and the grace of 
God was in him. 

41 And his fadir and modir wenten by 
alle 5eeris in to Jerusalem, in the so- 
lempne day of paske. 

42 And whanne Jhesus was maad of 
twelue jeeris, hem sti5ynge vp in to Je- 
rusalem, by custom of the feeste day, 

43 And the dayes endid, whanne thei 
turneden a5en, the child dwelte in Jeru- 
salem, and his fadir and modir kncAven 

44 Forsothe thei gessinge him to be in 
the felowschipe, camen the wey of a day, 
and soujten him a mong his cosyns and 

45 And thei not fyndinge, wenten a3en 
in to Jerusalem, sekynge him. 

46 And it was don, aftir the thridde 
day thei founden him in the temple, 

TYNDALE, 1526. 283 

34 And Simeon blessed them, and sayd 
vnto Mary, his mother, Behold ! this 
childe shalbe the fall and resurreccion 
off many in Israhel, and a signe, which 
shalbe spokyn agaynste. 

35 And moreover the swearde shall 
pearce the very hert off the, that the 
thoughtes of many hertes maye be 

36 And there was Anna a prophetes, 
the doughter of Phanuel, of tribe of 
Aser. And she was off a greate age, 
and had lived with an husbande .vij. 
yere from her virginite. 

37 And this wedowe was aboute .iiij. 
scoore and .iiij. yere off age ; which 
went never oute of the temple, but 
served there with fastinge and prayer 
nyght and daye. 

38 And she cam forth that same houre, 
and praysed God, and spake of hym to 
all that loked for redempcion in Hieru- 

39 And as sone as they had performed 
all thinges, accordinge to the lawe off 
the Lorde, they returned into Galile, into 
their awne cite Nazareth. 

40 And the childe grewe, and wexed 
stronge in sprete, and was full off wys- 
dom ; and the favour of God was with 

41 And his father and mother went to 
Hierusalem every yeare, att the feeste 
of ester. 

42 And when he was xij. yere olde, 
they went vppe to Hierusalem, after the 
custome of the feeste, 

43 And when they had fulfilled the 
dayes, as they returned home, the chylde 
Jesus boode styll in Hierusalem,vnknow- 
ynge to his father and mother. 

44 For they .supposed he had bene in 
the company, they cam a days iorney, 
and sought hym amonge their kynsfolke 
and acquayntaunce. 

45 And founde hym not, they went 
backe agayne to Hierusalem, and sought 

46 And hit fortuned, that after .iij. 
dayes they founde hym in the temple, 


GOTHIC, 360. 

lulsaryam, yah hausyandan im yah fraih- 
naudan ins. 

47 Usgeisnodedun })an allai ]>ai haus- 
yandans is, ana frodeiu yah audawauixl- 
yam is. 

48 Yah gasaiwhandans ina siklaleik- 
idedun. Yah qa}) du imiua so ai|)ei is, 
Magau, wha gatawides uus swa 1 Sai ! 
sa atta })eins yah ik -winuandona soki- 
dedum })uk. 

49 Yah qa}j du im, "Wlia jjatei soki- 
deduj) mik ? uiu wisseduj), j^atei in jjaim 
attins meinis, skulda wisan 1 

50 Yah iya ni frolsun Jjamma waurda, 
J)atei rodida du im. 

51 Yah iddya mij) im, yah qam in 
Nazarai)?, yah was ut'hausyauds im. Yah 
n[]>ei is gafastaida ]>o waurda alia in 
hairtin seinamma. 

52 Yah iesus jniih frodein, yah wahs- 
tau, yah anstai, at Gujja yah mauuam. 

Chap. III. i In yera ]ian fimfta- 
tailmndin jnudinassaus Teibairiaus, Kai- 
saris,raginondin Puntiau Peilatau ludaia, 
yah fidurraginya Jjis Galeilaias, Herodeis, 
Filippauzuh, })an bro))rs is, fidurrag- 
inya ]jis Itm-aias, yah Trakauneitidaus 
land is, yah Lwsaniaus, Abeileni fidur- 

2 At auhmistam gudyam Annin yah 
Kayafin, war]) waurd GuJ^s at lohannen, 
Zachariins sunau, in au])idai. 

3 Yah qam and allans gauyans laur- 
danaus, meryands daupein idreigos du 
fraleta frawaurhte. 

4 Swaswe garaehd ist in bokom waurdc 
Esaciins, praufetaus, qijjandins, Stibna 
wopyandins in au})idai, Manweid wig 
Frauyins, raihtos waurkci]? staigos is. 

5 All dalei usfullyada, yah all fairgunye 
yah hlaine gahnaiwyada ; yah wairj>ij) 
))ata wraiqo du raihtarama, yah usdrus- 
teis du wigam slaihtaim ; 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Luke 

dan dam lareowum, hlystende and hi 

47 Da wundrodon hig eallc de ge- 
hyrdon, be his gleawscipe and hys and- 

48 Da cwaj]) his modor 

to him, Sunu, hwi dydest du unc dus 1 
din feeder and ic sai-igende de sohton. 

49 Da cw3e]> he to him, Hwfet is dset 
gyt me sohton? nyste gyt, dajt me 
gebyra}) to beonne, on dam jjingum de 
mines fteder synd 1 

50 Da ne ougeaton hig dset word, de 
he to him sjira^c. 

51 Da ferde he mid him, and com to 
Nazai'eth, and wa^s him under-|5eod. 
And his m5dor geheold calle das word, 
on hyre heortan smeagende. 

52 And se Hselend j'eah on wisdome, 
and on ylde, and mid gyfe, mid Gode 
and mid mannum. 

Chap. III. i +So))licc dam fiftco])an 
geare dses Caseres anwcaldos, Tiberii, 
begymendum dam Poutiscan Pilate 
Iudea-|)eode, feor])an dseles rica Galilee, 
Herode, Filippo, his breder, fcor|)an 
dseles rica Iturie, and does rices Tra- 
conitidis, and Lisania, Abiline fcor))an 
dseles rica, 

2 Under dsera sacerda caldrum Anna 
and Caifa, Godes word wses geworden 
ofer Zacharias sunu, on westene. 

3 And he com into eall lordancs rice, 
bodigende dsed-bote fullulit and synna 

4 Swa hit awriten ys on Isaies bee, 
dses witegan, Clypicndes stcfn on west- 
ene, GcgearwiaJ) Drihtnes weg, d6j> his 
sidas rihte. 

5 .^'Ic denu bijj gcfyllcd, and selc 
miint and beorh by|) gcnydcrod ; and 
jjwcoru beo|> on gerihte, and ungerydu 
on smede wegas ; 

II. 47 --ni. 5.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

sittings in the mycklll of doctours, heer- 
inge hem and axinge hem. 

47 Sothli alle men that herden him, 
"vvondriden on the prudence and answeris 
of him. 

48 And thei seynge wondriden. And 
his modir seide to him, Sone, what hast 
thou don to vs thus 1 Lo ! thi fadir and 
I sorwynge han sou3t thee. 

49 And he seith to hem. What is it 
tliat 5e sou3ten me 1 wisten 56 not, for 
in tho thingis that ben of my fadir, it 
bilioueth me to be 1 

50 And thei vndirstoden not the word, 
Avhich he spak to hem. 

51 And he cam doun with hem, and 
cam to Nazareth, and was suget to hem. 
And his modir kepte to gidere alle thes 
wordis, beringe to gidere in hir herte. 

52 And Jhesu profitide in wysdom, 
age, and grace, anemptis God and men. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


Chap. III. i Forsothe in the fyf- 
tenthe 5eer of the empyre of Tiberie, 
emperour, Pilat of Pounce kepiuge Judee, 
sothli Eroude, prince of Galilee, Philip 
forsoth, his brother, prince of Ituree, 
and of the cuntre of Tracon, and Lisany, 
prince of Abilyn, 

2 Vndir the princis of prestis Annas 
and Cayfas, the word of the Lord is 
maad on John, the sone of Zacharie, in 

3 And he cam in to al the cuntre of 
Jordan, prechinge baptym of iDenauuce 
in to remyscioun of synnes. 

4 As it is writun in the book of wordis 
of Ysaye, the prophete. The voys of oon 
criynge in desert, Make ^e redy the 
weye of the Lord, make 30 his pathis 

5 Ech valey schal be fulfiUid, and ech 
mountayn and litil hil schal be maad 
I0U3 ; and schrewide thingis schulen be 
in to dressid thingis, and scharpe thingis 
in to playne weyes ; 

sittinge in the niiddes of the doctours, 
both hearynge them and posinge them. 

47 And all that herde hym, uiervelled 
at his Avitt and answers. 

48 And when they sawe hym they were 
astonyed. And his mother sayde vnto 
hym, Sone, Avhy haste thou thus dealte 
with vs 1 Beholde ! thy father and I 
have sorowed and sought the. 

49 And he sayd vnto them, Howe is it 
that ye sought me 1 wist ye not, that I 
muste goo aboute my fathers busines ? 

50 And they vnderstod nott the saynge, 
that he spake to them. 

51 And he went with them, and cam 
to Nazareth, and was obedient to them. 
His mother kept all these thynges iu 
hep hert. 

52 And Jesus increased in Avisdom, 
and age, and in favoure, with God and 

Chap. III. i In the fiftenthe yeare 
of the raigne off Tiberius, the emperoure, 
Pontius Pilate beinge leftenaunt of Jewry, 
and Herode beinge tetrarch of Galile, 
and his brother Philip, tetrarch in Iturea, 
and in the region of Traconitis, and Ly- 
sanias the tetrarch of Abyline, 

2 When Anna and Cayphas were the 
hye prestes, the commaundment of God 
was puplisshed vnto Jhon, the Sonne off 
Zacarias, in the wildernes. 

3 And he cam into all the coostes 
aboute Jordan, preachynge the baptim of 
repentaunce for the remission of synnes. 

4 As it is written in the boke of the 
sayinges of Esayas, the prophet, Avhich 
saeth, The voyce off a cryar in wylder- 
nes. Prepare the waye off the Lorde, 
make hys pathes straight. 

5 Every valley shalbe fylled, and every 
mountayne and hyll shalbe broght lowe ; 
and crocked thynges shalbe made streight, 
and the rought wayes shalbe made smoth ; 

286 GOTHIC, 360. 

6 Yah gasaiwhi]) all leike iiasein Gu})S. 

7 Qaj? J;an du J)aim atgaggandeim 
manageim, daupyan fram sis, Kuni nad- 
re, wbas gataikuida izwis })liuhaii faura 
j)amma anawair})iu hatiza 1 

8 Waurkyail? nu akran wairjjata 'id- 
reigos, yah ni duginnaij) qi|nxn in izwis, 
Attan aigum Abraham ; qi))a auk izwis, 
Jiatei mag Gup us stainam Jjaim urrais- 
yan barna Abraliama. 

9 A)j)>an yu so aqizi at waurtim bagme 
ligijj ; all nu bagme unbairandane akran 
god, usmaitada, yah in fon galagyada. 

10 Yah frehun ina manageins, qi}>- 
andans, An wha tauyaima ] 

I r Audhafyauds |)an qa]j, Sa habands 
twos paidos, gibai Jjamraa unhabandin ; 
yah saei habai matins, samaleiko tauyai. 

1 2 Qemun J)an motaryos daupyan ; yah 
qe))un du imma, Laisari, wha tau- 
yaima 1 

13 paruh qa|) du im, Ni waiht, ufar 
J'atei garaid siyal izwis, lausyaijj. 

14 Frehun J:an ina yah })ai militond- 
ans, qijjandans, Yah weis wha tau- 
yaima 1 Yah qajj du im, Ni mannanhun 
huloj), ni mannanhun anamahtyaid, yah 
waldaijj annom izwaraim. 

15 At wenyandein |)an allai managein, 
yali |>agkyandamallaiminhairtam seinaim 
bi lohannein, niu aufto sa wcsi Christus, 

16 Audhof j^an lohannes, allaim qi[5- 
ands, Ik allis izwis watin daupya ; ij) 
gaggi)) swint)0za mis, })izei ik ni im 
\vair|>s andbindan skaudaraip skohis is ; 
sah izwis daupei]> in Ahmin Weihamma 
yah fuuin. 

17 Habands win))iskauron in handau 
seinai, yah gahraineijj gajjrask sein, yah 
briggijj kaurn in bansta seinamma ; ijj 
ahana intandei]) funiu unwhapnandin. 

18 Managu|)-))an yah an))ar j)rafstyands, 
])iuJ)spilloda managein. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Luke 

6 And selc flsesc gesihj) Godcs hsele. 

7 SojjHce he cwie]> to dam menegum, 
de ferdon, dset hi wseron gefiillode fram 
him, Eala ge nseddrena cyun, liwa set- 
ywde eow doet go fleou fram dam to- 
wcardan yrre 1 

8 Do}) geornlice weordlice dsedbote 
wsestmas, and ne ongynne ge cwedan, 
We habba}) us to freder Abraham ; ic 
secge eow, d«t God is swa mihtig dset 
he mjeg of dysum stanum Abrahames 
beam aweccan. 

9 Nu is seo sex aset to dses treowes 
wyrtruman ; witodlice selc treow de ne 
bryng}j godne wajstm, bij) forcorfeu, and 
on fyr aworpen. 

10 Da jihsodon hyne da menegu, and 
cwsedon, Hwjet do we 1 

1 1 Da cwce]) he to him, Se de li0ef]> 
twa tunecan, sylle dam de najf)) ; and 
dam gclice do, se de mettas h£ef[>. . 

12 Da comon da miinfullan dset hig 
a})Avegene wseron ; and cwsedon to him, 
L:u*eow, hwset do we ? 

13 Da cwse]j he, Ne do ge naht marc, 
donne dset eow geset is. 

14 Da ahsodon hine da cempan, and 
cwsedon. And hwret d5 we 1 Da ssede 
he him, Ne slea ge nanne, ne tale ne 
do)), and beoj) edhylde on eowrum and- 

15 S6})lice dam folce wencndum, and 
ealkim on hyra hcortan J)enceudum be 
lohanne, hwseder he Crist waere, 

16 Da andswarode lohannes, him eal- 
lum secgende, Witodlice ic eow on 
wsetere fullige ; s6|jh'ce cymjj strengra 
donne ic, dtes ic ne eom wyrde diet ic 
hys sceo-);wang uncnytte; he eow fulla]) 
on Halgum Gaste and on fyre. 

17 And his fann ys on his handa, and 
he feorma}) liis berncs flore, and ga- 
dera}) hys hwsetc into his berne ; dit't 
ceaf he forbaernjj on unacweucedlicum 

18 Manega odre ping bodigeude, he 
dset folc Iserde. 

III. 6-i8.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

6 And ech fleisch^ sclial se the helthe 
of God. 

7 Therfore he seide to the cumpanye^, 
the whiche wenten out, that thei schulden 
be baptysid of him, Kyndlis of eddris, 
who schewide to 50U to flee fro wraththe 
to comynge'? 

8 Therfore do 56 worthi fruytis of pen- 
aunce, and bigynne 56 not to seye, We 
han a fadir Abraham ; sothli I seie to 
50U, God is myjti to reise of thes 
stoones the sones of Abraham. 

9 Forsothe now an ax is put to the 
roote of the tree ; sothli ech tree not 
makynge good fruyt, schal be kitt doun, 
and schal be sent in to the fier. 

TO And the cumpanyes axden him, 
seiynge. What therfore schulen we do 1 

1 1 Sothli he answeringe seide to hem. 
He that hath twey cootis, 5yue to him 
that hath non ; and he that hath metis, 
do on lyk manere. 

12 Sothli and pupplicans camen for to 
be baptised ; and thei seiden to him, 
Maistir, what schulen we don 1 

13 And he seide to hem, Do ^e no 
thing more, than that that is ordeyned 
to 50U. 

14 Forsothe and kny5tis axiden him, 
seiynge. What schulen also we do 1 And 
he seith to hem, Smyte 5e wrongfulli no 
man, nether make 3e fals chalenge, and 
be 56 apaid Avith 3oure soudis. 

15 Forsoth al the peple gessinge, and 
alle men thenkinge in her hertis of John, 
lest perauenture he were Crist, 

16 John answeride, seyinge to alle 
men, Sothli I baptise 50U in watir ; 
forsothe a strengere than I schal come 
aftir me, of which I am not worthi for 
to vnbynde the thwong of his schoon ; 
he schal baptyse 30U in the Hooly Gost 
and fyer. 

17 Whos wynewyng tool in his bond, 
and he schal purge his corn floor, and 
schal gedere the whete in to his berne ; 
sothli the chaffis he schal brenne in fier 

18 Forsoth and he monestinge manye 
othere thingis, euangeliside to the peple. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


6 And all flesshe shall se the saveour 
sent ofi' God. 

7 Then sayde he to the people, that 
were come to be baptised of liym, O 
generacion of vipers, who hath shewed 
you the crafte to flye from wrath to 
come 1 

8 Brynge forth due frutes of repent- 
aimce, and begyn nott to saye in youre 
selves, We have Abraham to oure father ; 
for I say vnto you, God is able of these 
stones to reyse vppe children vnto Abra- 

9 Nowe also ys the axe leyd vnto the 
rote off the trees ; every tree therfore 
which bringeth not forth good frute, 
slialbe hewen doune, and caste in to the 

10 And the people axed him, sayinge, 
What shall we do then 1 

1 1 He answered and sayde vnto them, 
He that hatlie ij. coottes, lett hym parte 
with him that hath none ; and he that 
hath meate, let him do lyke wyse. 

12 Then cam there puplicans to be 
baptised ; and sayde vnto I>ym, Master, 
what shall we do 1 

13 He answered vnto them, Requyre 
no more, then that which ys appoynted 
vnto you. 

14 The soudiers lykewyse demaunded 
off hym, sayinge, And what shall we do 1 
And he sayde to them, Do violence to 
noo man, nether trouble eny man wrong- 
fully, and be content wyth youre wages. 

15 As the people were in a doute, and 
all men disputed in there hertes of Jhon,- 
whether he were very Christ, 

16 Jhon answei'cd, and sayd to them 
all, I baptise you wyth Avater ; butt a 
stronger then I commeth, whose shue 
latchet I am nott worthy to vnloose ; 
he will baptise you with the Holy Goost 
and with fyre. 

17 Which hath his fan in his hond, 
and wil pourge his floore, and will gader 
his corne in to hys barne ; and the 
chaffe wyll he bourne Avith fyre that 
never shalbe quenched. 

18 And many other thynges in hys ex- 
hortaciou, preached he vnto the people. 


GOTHIC, 360. 

19!}) Herodes, sa taitrarkes, gasakans 
fraiii i'mma bi Herodiadein, qen bro}u*s 
is, yah bi alia })oei gawaurlita ubila 

20 Anaaiauk yah j'ata ana alia, yah ga- 
lauk lohannen in karkavai. 

21 War}) Jjan, bij'e daupida alia man- 
agein, yah at lesu ufdaupidamma, yah 
bidyandin, uslukuoda himius. 

22 Yah atiddya Ahma sa Weiha leikis 
siunai, swe ahaks ana ina ; yah stibna 
us himina war|j, qi]iandei, pu is sunus 
nieins sa liuba, in J)uzei waila galeik- 

23 Yah silba was lesus swe yere )iri- 
yetigiwe uf gakuujjai, swaei sunus munds 
was losefis, sunaus Heleis, 

24 Sunaus IMatl'atis, sunaus Laiwweis, 
sunaus Mailkeis, sunaus Yannins, sun- 
aus losefis, 

25 Sunaus Matta})iwis, sunaus Am- 
nions, sunaus Naumis, sunaus Aizleimis, 
sunaus Naggais, 

26 Sunaus Mahajjis, sunaus Mattajjiaus, 
sunaus Saimaieinis, sunaus losefis, sun- 
aus iodins, 

27 Sunaus lohannins, sunaus Resins, 
sunaus Zauraubabilis, sunaus Salaj)ielis, 
sunaus Nerins, 

28 Sunaus Mailkeins, sunaus Addeins, 
sunaus Kosamis, sunaus Airmodamis, 
sunaus Heris, 

29 Sunaus losezis, sunaus Ailciaizairis, 
sunaus lorcimis, sunaus Mattaj)anis, sun- 
aus Laiwweis, 

30 Sunaus Swmaions, sunaus ludins, 
sunaus losefis, sunaus lohannins, sun- 
aus Aileiakeimis, 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Luke 

19 Herodes, se feorjjan daelcs rica, da 
he WKS fram him ge})read be cftere 
Hcrodiadiscan, hys broder wife, and be 
eallum yfelum de Herodes dyde, 

20 And ofer eall daet he ge-icte, dtet 
he beclysde lohannem on cwearternc. 

21 Su})lice wses geworden, da eall diet 
folc Ava^s gefullod, and dam Hselende 
gefuUedum, and gebiddendum, heofon 
W£es ge-openod. 

22 And se Halega Gast astah licham- 
licre ansyne, on hyne swa an culfre ; 
and stefen wses of heofone geworden, 
and dus cw?e}), Dii eart min gecorena 
sunu, on de me gelicode. 

23 And se Hselend wtes on ylde swylce 
jjritig wintre, da^t men wendon da^t he 
wsere losepes sunu, se wa^s Helies sunu,^ 
24-38 se wses Nazareth. Swa of cneor- 
ysse on eneorysse, od Adam, se wa?s 
Godes sunu, od fif and hund-seofentig 

III. 19-30.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

1 9 , Sotlili Eroucle, the forthe prince, 
whanne he was blamyd of John for 
Herodias, wyf of his brother, and of alle 
euels that Eroud dide, 

20 Addide this ouer alle, and closide 
John in prisoun. 

2 1 Forsoth it was don, whanne al the 
peple was baptisid, and Jhesu cristenyd, 
and preiynge, heuene was openyd. 

22 And the Hooly Gost cam doun in 
bodily licknesse, as a cnluere in to him ; 
and a voys was maad fro heuene. Thou 
ert my dereworthe sone, in thee it hath 
plesid to me. 

23 And Jhesu him silf was bygynnynge 
as of thritti 3eer, that he was gessid the 
sone of Joseph, which was of Hely, 

24 Which was of Mathath, which was 
of Leuy, wich was of Melchy, which was 
of Jamne, that was of Joseph, 

25 That was of Mataty, that was of 
Amos, that was of Naum, that was of 
Hely, that was of Nagge, 

26 That was of Mathath, that was of 
Mathatye, that was of Semy, that was 
of Joseph, that was of Juda, 

27 That was of Johanna, that was of 
Resa, that was of Zorobabel, that was of 
Salatiel, that was of Nery, 

28 That was of Melchy, that was of 
Addy, that was of Cosan, that was of 
Elmadan, that was of Her, 

29 That was of Jesu, that was of Ele- 
asar, that was of Jorym, that was of 
Mathath, that was of Leuy, 

30 That was of Symeon, that was of 
Juda, that was of Joseph, that \va,s of 
Jona, that was of Elyachim, 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


19 Then Hcrode, the tetrach, when he 
was rebuked of hym for Herodias, his 
brother Philippes wyfe, and for all the 
evyls which Herod had done, 

20 Added this above all, and leyd Jhon 
in preson. 

21 And yt fortuned, as all the people 
rcceaved baptim, and when Jesus was 
baptised, and did praye, that heven was 

22 And the Holy Goost cam doune in 
a bodely shape, lyke a dove apon him ; 
and a voyce cam from heven, sayinge, 
Thou arte my dere sonne, in the do I 

23 And Jesus him silfe was about thirty 
yere of age when he began, beinge as 
men supposed the sonne of Joseph, 
which Joseph was the sonne of Heli, 

24, Which was the sonne of Mathat, 
which was the sonne of Levi, Avhich was 
the sonne of Melchi, which was the sonne 
of Janna, which was the sonne of Joseph, 

25 Which was the sonne of Matatthias, 
which was the sonne of Amos, which 
was the sonne of Nahum, which was the 
sonne of Esli, which was the sonne of 

26 Which was the sonne of Maath, 
which was the sonne of Matathias, which 
was the sonne of Semei, which was the 
sonne of Joseph, which was the sonne of 

27 Which was the sonne of Johanna, 
which was the sonne of Ehesya, which 
was the sonne of Zorobabel, which was 
the Sonne of Salathiel, which was the 
sonne of Neri, 

28 Which was the sonne of Melchi, 
which was the sonne of Addi, which was 
the sonne of Cosam, which was the sonne 
of Helmadam, which was the sonne of 

29 Which was the sonne of Jeso, which 
was the sonne of Helieser, which Avas 
the sonne of Joram, which was the sonne 
of Mattha, which was the sonne of Levi, 

30 Which was the sonne of Simeon, 
which was the sonne of Juda, which was 
the sonne of Joseph, which was the 
sonne of Jonam, which was the sonne 
of Hcliacim, 


290 GOTHIC, 360. 

31 Sunaus Mailaianis, sunaus Maciii- 
anis, sunaus ]\IattaJ)anis, sunaus Na])anis^ 
sunaus Daweidis. 

32 Sunaus iaissaizis, sunaus Obcidis, 
sunaus Bauauzis, sunaus Salmonis, sun- 
aus Naliassonis, 

33 Sunaus Ameinadabis, sunaus Ar- 
amis, sunaus Aizoris, sunaus Faraizis, 
sunaus ludins, 

34 Sunaus lakobis, sunaus Isakis, sun- 
aus Abrahamis, sunaus parins, sunaus 

35 Sunaus Sairokis, sunaus Ragawis, 
sunaus Falaigis, sunaus Ail^airis, sunaus 

36 Sunau^ Kaeinanis, sunaus Arfak- 
sadis, sunaus Semis, sunaus Nauelis, 
sunaus Lamaikis, 

37 Sunaus Majjusalis, sunaus Ainokis, 
sunaus laredis, sunaus Maleilaielis, sun- 
aus Kaeinanis, 

38 Sunaus Ainosis, sunaus Sedis, sun- 
aus Adamis, sunaus GuJ)s, 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Luke 

Chap. IV. i IJj lesus Ahmins Weih- 
is fulls gawandida sik fram laurdanau, 
yah taubans was in ahmin in au|)idai 

2 Dage fidwortiguns, fi-aisans fram 
diabulau, yah ni matida waiht in dagam 
yainaim; yah at ustauhanaim jjaim dag- 
am, h\\)e gi-edags war)). 

3 Yah qaj) du imma diabulus, Yabai 
sunaus siyais Gu]>s, qij) Jjamma staina, 
ei wair))ai hlaibs. 

4 Yah andhof lesus wij)ra ina qi|)ands, 

Chap. IV. i S6))lice se Hselend wais 
full Htiligum Gaste and ferde fram lord- 
ane, and he Avoes fram Haligum Gaste 
gelsed on sumum westcne 

2 Feowertig daga, and waes fram deofle 
costod, and he on dam dagum nan |)ing 
ne set ; and dam gefylledum dagum, 
bine bingrede. 

3 Da cwiH})) se deofol him to, Gif dii 
sy Godes sunu, sege disum stune, diet 
he to lilafe geweorde. 

4 Da andswarode him se Hailend, Hit 

IIL31.-IV. 4.] WYCLIFFE,i389. 

31 That was of Melca, that was of 
Menna, iha,t was of JMathatha, that was 
of Nathan, that was of Dauith, 

32 That was of Jesse, that was of Obeth, 
that was of Booz, that was of Salmon, 
that Avas of Nason, 

33 That Avas of Amynadab, that was of 
Aram, that Avas of Esrom, that was of 
Phares, that Avas of Juclas, 

34 That was of Jacob, that was of 
Ysaac, that was of Abraham, that Avas 
of Tare, tliat was of Nacor, 

35 That was of Seruch, that Avas of 
Ragau, that Avas of Phaleth, that Avas of 
Heber, that was of Sale, 

36 That was of Caynan, that was of 
Arfaxat, that Avas of Sem, that was of 
Noe, that Avas of Lameth, 

37 That Avas of Matusale, that was of 
Enok, that was of Jareth, that was of 
Malaliel, that Avas of Caynan, 

38 That was of Enos, that Avas of Seth, 
that AA'as of Adam, that Avas of God. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


Chap. IV. i Forsothe Jhesu ful of 
the Hooly Gost turnede a5en fi'o Jordan, 
and was led by the spirit in to desert 

2 Fourty dayes, and was temptid of the 
deuyl, and eet no thing in tho dayes ; 
and tho dayes endid, he hungride. 

3 Forsothe the deuel seide to him, If 
thou ert Goddis sone, seye to this stoon, 
that it be maad bred. 

4 And Jhesus answeride to him. It is 

31 Which was the sonne of Melea, 
which was the sonne of Menam, which 
Avas the sonne of Mathathan, which Avas 
the Sonne of Nathan, which Avas the 
Sonne of David, 

32 Which was the sonne of Jesse, which 
Avas the sonne of Obed, Avhich was the 
sonne of Boos, which was the sonne of 
Salmon, Avhich Avas the sonne of Naason, 

33 Which Avas the sonne of Aminadab, 
Avhich Avas the sonne of Ai-am, Avhich 
Avas the sonne of Esrom, which Avas the 
sonne of Phares, Avhich was the sonne of 

34 Which was the sonne of Jacob, 
Avhich was the sonne of Ysaac, which 
Avas the sonne of Abraham, Avhich AA'as 
the Sonne of Tharra, Avhich was the sonne 
of Nachor, 

35 Which was the sonne of Saruch, 
which was the sonne of Pagan, which 
was the sonne of Phalec, Avhich was the 
sonne of Heber, which was the sonne of 

36 Which was the sonne of Cainan, 
which Avas the sonne of Arpliaxat, which 
Avas the sonne of Sem, Avhich was the 
Sonne of Noe, which Avas the sonne of 

37 Which Avas the sonne of Mathusala, 
which was the sonne of Enoch, which 
was the sonne of Jareth, Avhich Avas the 
sonne of Malalehel, which was the sonne 
of Cainan, 

38 Which was the sonne of Enos, which 
was the sonne of Seth, which was the 
Sonne of Adam, which Avas the sonne of 

Chap. IV. i Jesus then full off the 
Holy Goost returnyd from lordan, and 
was caryed off the sprete into a Avilder- 

2 And Avas xl. dayes tempted of the 
devyl, and in thoose dayes ate he no 
thinge ; and Avhen they were ended, he 
after Avard hongred. 

3 And the devyll sayd vnto him, Yf 
thou be the sonne of God, commaunde 
this stone, that he be breed. 

4 And Jesus answered hym, sayinge, 

u 2 


GOTHIC, 360. 

Gamelid ist, patei ni bi hlaib ainana 
libaicl manna, ak bi all wauide Gujjs. 

5 Yah ustiuhands ina diabulaus ana 
fairguni hauhata, ataugida imma allans 
})iudiuassuus |)is midyungardis in stika 
nielis ; 

6 Yah q.a)j du imma sa diabulus, pus 
giba {)ata waldufni ))ize allata, yah wid|)U 
izc, unte mis atgiban ist, yah ])iswham- 
meh })ei wilyau giba J^ata ; 

7 pu nu yabai inweitis mik in and- 
wairj'ya meinamma, wair])i}) J^ein all, 

8 Yah andhafyands imma lesus qaj), 

Gamelid ist, Frauyan GuJ> 
))einana inweitais, yah imma ainamma 

9 pa))voh gatauh ina in lairusalem, 
yah gasutida ina ana giblin alhs, yah 
qa|) du imma, Ya]>ai suuus siyais Gu];s, 
wairp })uk ):a|)ro dalaf) ; 

10 Gamelid ist auk, patei aggilum 
seinaim anabiudij? bi ])uk, du gafastan 

11 Yah Jjatei ana handum |)uk ufhab- 
and, ci whan ni gastagqyais bi staina 
futu })cinana. 

1 2 Yah andhafyands qa]> 'imma lesus, 
patei qijjan ist, Ni fraisais Frauyan Gu|) 

13 Yah ustiuhands all fraistobnyo, 
diabulus afstojj fairra imma und mel. 

14 Yah gawandida sik Icsus in malitai 
alimins in Galeilaian, yah meri|)a ur- 
rann and all gawi bisitande bi ina. 

15 Yah is laisida in gaqumjjim ize, 
mikilids fram allaim. 

16 Yah qam in Nazaraij), jjarei was 
fodi{5S, yah galaij> inn bi biuhtya scin- 
amnui in daga sabbato in swnagogein, 
yah ussto)) siggwan bokos. 

17 Yah atgibanos wesun imma bokos 
Eisaeiins, praufetus ; yah uslukands jjos 
bokos, bigat stad jjarci was gamelid, 

18 Ahma Frauyins ana mis, in |'izei 
gasalboda mik ; du wailaraeryan unled- 
aim insandida mik, du ganasyan pans 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Luke 

is ;iwritcn, Da3t se man ne lyfaj) be 
hlafe auum, ac of selcum Godes AVt)rde. 

5 And da Iscdde se deofol hyne, and 
ajtywde him ealle ricu eoijnm ymbe- 
hwyrftes on anre byrhtm-hwile ; 

6 And to him ewfc)), Ealne disne an- 
weald ic de sylle, and hyra wuldor, 
fordam de hi me synd gesealde, and ic 
hi sylle dam de ic wylle ; 

7 Witodlice ealle hig beo)> dine, gif da 
ge-eadmetst beforan me. 

8 Da andswarode him se Hsclend, . 

Hit is awriten, Drihten diune 
God dii ge-eadmetst, and him anum 

9 Da Isedde he hyne on Hierusalem, 
and gesette hine ofer dses temples hricg, 
and him to cwsej), Gyf du sy Godes 
sunu, tlsend de heonun nydei- ; 

10 S5})lice hyt is awriten, Da^t he hys 
cnglum be de bebyt, dset hig de ge- 

1 1 And dajt hig de mid handum nim- 
on, de-la^s du dinne fot set stane ajt- 

1 2 Da cwa^]) se Hselcnd him andswai-- 
icnde, Hyt is gecweden, Ne costna du 
Drihten dinne God. 

13 And ealre dajre costnunge ge- 
fylledre, se deofol him sume hwile fram- 

14 Da ferde se Ha'lcnd on gastes 
ma'gene on Galileam, and his hlisa be 
him ferde on eall dset rice. 

15 And he laerde be hyra gesamnung- 
um, and wres li-am eallum gcnui'rsod. 

16 Da com he to Nazareth, dar he 
afed wies, and he code on reste-da^ge on 
da gesamnunge ajfter his gcwunau, and 
he aras da;t he rjedde. 

17 And him wa>s geseald Isaias boc, 
dajs witegan ; and soiia swa he da boo 
unfeold, da funde he dar awriten, 

18 Drihtnes Gast is ofer me, fordam 
de he smyredc me ; he sendc me jjcarf- 
um l)Otlian, and gelKoftum alysedncsse, 

IV. 5-i8.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

writun, For a man lyucth not in breed 
aloone, but in cuery word of God. 

5 And the deuyl ladde bym in to an 
hi3 bil, and sebewide to bim alio tbe 
rewmes of tbe roundnesse of ertbe in a 
moment of a tyme ; 

6 And seitb to bim, I scbal jyue to 
thee al tbis power, and the glorie of 
hem, for to me tbei ben ^ouun, and to 
whom I wole I 5yue hem ; 

7 Therfore if thou fallinge doun schalt 
worschipe bifore me, alle thingis scbulen 
be thine. 

8 And Jhesus answeringe seide to him, 

. It is writen, Thou schalt 
worschipe the Lord tbi God, and to 
hym aloone thou schalt serue. 

9 And be ledde bim in to Jerusalem, 
and settide on the pynacle of the temple, 
and seide to bim, If thou art Goddis 
sone, sende tbi self fro bennis down ; 

10 For it is writen, For be bath co- 
maundid to bis aungels of thee, that tbei 
kepe thee in alle tbi weyes, 

1 1 And for tbei scbulen in bondis take 
thee, lest perauenture thou birte tbi foot 
at a stoon. 

1 2 And Jhesus answeringe seitb to 
bim, It is seid, Thou schalt not tempte 
tbe Lord tbi God, 

13 And euery temptacioun endid, the 
deuyl wente away fro bim til to a tyme. 

14 And Jbesu turnyde ajen in the 
vertu of the spirit in to Galilee, and the 
fame wente forth of him thur^ al tbe 

15 And be tau5te in the synagogis ol 
hem, and was magnyfied of alle men. 

16 And be cam to Nazareth, where 
be was noriscbid, and be entride by 
custom in tbe day of saboth in to tbe 
synagoge, and roos for to rede. 

17 And the book of Ysaie, the pro- 
pbete, was takun to him ; and as be 
turnyde the book, be fond a place where 
it is writun, 

18 The Spirit of the Lord on me, for 
which thing be anoyntide me ; he scnte 
me for to euaungelise to pore men, for to 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


It ys written, Man shall nott live by 
breed only, butt by every worde of 

5 And the devyll toke him vppe into 
an bye mountayne, and shewed hym all 
the kyngdoms of the erth even in the 
twyncklynge of an eye ; 

6 And the devyl said vnto him, All 
tbis power will I geve the cverywhit, 
and the glori of them, for that is de- 
lyvered to me, and to who soever I wyll 
I geve it ; 

7 Yf thou therfore wilt worshippe me, 
they sbalbe all thyne. 

8 Jesus answered and sayd vnto bym, 
Hence from me, Satan, for bit is wi'itten, 
Thou shalt honour thy Lorde God, and 
hym only serve. 

9 'And be caiyed bym to Hierusalem, 
and set him on a pynacle of the temple, 
and sayd vnto him, Yf thou be the soune 
of God, cast thy silfe doune from bens ; 

10 For it ys written, He shall geve 
hys angelles charge over tbe, to kepe 

11 And with there bondis they shall 
stey tbe vppe, that thou hurt nott tby 
fote agaynst a stone. 

12 Jesus answered and sayde vnto 
bym, It ys sayd, Thou shalt nott tempte 
thy Lorde God. 

1 3 And as sone as tbe devyll bad ended 
all his temptacions, be departed from 
hym for a season. 

14 And Jesus retourned by the power 
of the sprete in to Galile, and tbe fame 
off hym went throwe oute all the region 
rounde aboute. 

1 5 And be taught in there sinagogges, 
and was commended off all men. 

16 And be cam to Nazai-etb, where be 
was noursed, and as hys custume was 
went in to the sinagog on tbe saboth 
daye, and stode vppe for to rede. 

1 7 And there was dely vered vnto hym 
the boke off the prophet, Esaias ; and 
when he bad opened the boke, be founde 
the place where bit was wrytten, 

18 The Sprete off the Lorde apon me, 
be cause be bath annoynted me ; to 
prcache tbe gospell to the povrc be bath 


GOTHIC, 360. 

gamahvidans hairtin, meryan fraliun)?- 
auaim fralet, yah blindaim siun ; fralct- 
aii gamaidans iu gajjrafstein ; 

19 Meryan yer Frauyins andanem. 

20 Yah faifalj) ]jos bokos, yah usgib- 
auds andbahta, gasat ; yah allaim in 
])izai swnagogein wesun augona fair- 
weityandona du "imma. 

21 Dugann \)an rodyan du im, patei 
himnia daga usfulhiodedun mela po in 
ausam izwaraim. 

22 Yah alUxi alakyo Aveitwodidedun 
imma, yah sildaleikidedun bi ))0 waurda 
anstais, ))0 usgaggandona us mun))a is. 
Yah qe})un, Niu sa ist sunus losefis 1 

23 Yah qa]) du im, Aufto qi)?il> mis Jjo 
gayukon, pu leiki, hailei )juk silban. 
Whan filu hausidedura waurj'an in 
Kafarnaum, tawei yah her in grbaurjjai 

24 Qa)) jian, Amen izwis qij^a, j^atei nl 
ainshun praufete andanems ist in ga- 
baurj>ai seinai. 

25 A|;Jjan bi sunyai qi|'a izwis, |)atei 
managos widuwons wesun in dagam 
Heleiins in Israela, }ian galuknoda hira- 
ins du yeram ))rim yah menoj^s saihs, swe 
war}) huhrus mikils and alia air]ja ; 

26 Yah ni du ainaihun })izo insandi})S 
■was Helias, alya in Sai'aipta Seidonais, 
du qinon widuwon. 

27 Yah managai j^rutsfillai wesun, uf 
Haileisaiu, praufetau, in Israela, yah 
ni ainshun ize gahrainids was, alya 
Nairn an sa Saur. 

28 Yah fullai waurjjun allai modis in 
}>izai swnagogein, hausyandans jjata. 

29 Yah usstandandans, uskusun imma 
ut us baurg, yah brahtedun ina und 
auhniisto ))is fairgiinyis ana })ammei so 
baurgs ize gatimrida was, du afdrausyan 
ina ))a|)ro. 

30 Ij) is })airhlei))ands })airh midyans 
ins iddya ; 

31 Yah galai)> in Kafarnaum, baurg 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Luke 

and blindum gesihj>e, forbrocene ge- 
hselan ; . . . . 

19 And bodian Drihtnes andfenge ger, 
and edleanes dseg. 

20 And da he da boc befeold, he hig 
dam J)ene agef, and sset ; and ealra 
heora eagan on d?ere gesamnunge waer- 
on on hyne behealdende. 

21 Da ongan he him to cwedan, S6))- 
lice to-dseg dis gewrit is on eowruni 
earum gefylled. 

22 And hig calle wseron dfes ge- 
ensewe, and wundredon be dam wordum, 
de of his mu)?e eodon. And dus cwsed- 
on, Nys des losepes sunu 1 

23 Da cwse)) he, Witodlice ge secga)) 
me das gelicnesse, Eala Isece, gehsel de 
sylfne. Do her on dinum earde, swa 
fela Avundra swa we gehyrdon gedoue 
on Cafarnaum. 

24 Dii cwfe}) he, S6}>lice ic eow secge, 
dffit nan witega nis andfenge on his 

25 Soj^lice ic eow secge, manega wud- 
ewan wseron on Helias dagum on Is- 
rahel, da da seo heofon wa^s belocen 
Jjreo ger and syx m6n]jas, da wses ge- 
worden mycel hunger on ealre eorjjan ; 

26 And to dara niinum uses Helias 
asend, biiton to anre wudewan, on 
Sarepta Sidonie. 

27 And manega ]ic-))r6weras wseron 
on Isvahel, under Heliseo, dam Avitegan, 
and hyra nan na^s aclaensod, buton 
Naaman se Sirisca. 

28 Da wurdon hig ealle on drere ge- 
samnunge mid yrre gefylled, das Jjing 

29 And hig arison, and scufon hine 
of daere ceastre, and lacddon hine ofer 
djes muntes cniepp ofer done hyra burh 
getimbi'od wses, dajt hi hine nyder- 

30 Da ferde he Jmrh hyra midlen ; 

31 And he fcrdc to Cafarnaum, on 

IV. 1 9-31 •] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

heele contrite men in herte, and for to 
preclie remyscioun to caytifs, and si5t 
to blynde men ; and for to delyuere 
brokun men in to remiscioun ; 

19 For to preche the 5eer of the Lord 
plesaunt, and the day of 5eldynge. 

20 And whanne he hadde closid the 
book, he 5af a^ein to the mynystre, and 
sat ; and the y5en of alle men in the 
synagoge wei-en biholdinge in to him. 

2 1 Sothli he bigan for to seie to hem, 
For in this day this scripture is fulfillid 
in 5oure eeris. 

22 And alle men ^auen witnessinge to 
him, and wondriden in the wordis of 
grace, that camen forth of his mouth. 
And thei seiden, Wher this is not the 
sone of Joseph ? 

23 And he seide to hem, Sothli ^e 
schulen seie to me this liknesse, Leeche, 
heele thi silf. Thei sayden, Hou grete 
thingis han we herd don in Capharnaum, 
make thou and here in thi cuntre. 

24 Sothli he seith, Treuli I seie to 
50U, for no man prophete is receyued in 
bis owne cuntre. 

25 In treuthe I seie to 50U, for manye 
widewis weren in the dayes of Elye, the 
prophete, in Israel, whanne heuene was 
closid thre 5eer and sixe monethis, 
whanne greet hungir was maad in euery 

26 And to non of hem was Elye sent, 
no but to Sarepta of Sydon, to a wom- 
man widowe. 

27 And manye meselis weren in Isi'ael, 
vndir Elyse, the prophete, and non of 
hem was clensid, no but Naman of Sii'ie. 

28 And alle in the synagoge heer- 
inge thes thingis, weren fulfillid with 

29 And thei risen vp, and castiden out 
him with oute the citee, and ledde him 
to the cop of the hil on which the cite 
of hem is foundid, that thei schulden 
caste him doun. 

30 Sothly Jhesus passynge wente thorw 
the myddil of hem ; 

31 And he cam doun in to Cafarnaum, 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


sent me, and to heale them which are 
troubled in there hertes, to preache 
deliveraunce to the captive, and sight to 
the blynde ; and frely to sett att liberte 
them that are brused ; 

1 9 And to preache the aceptable yeare 
off the Lorde. 

20 And he cloosed the booke, and gave 
it agayne to the minister, and sate 
do'une ; and the eyes off all thatt were 
in the synagog were fastened on hym. 

2 I And he began to saye vnto them, 
This daye ys thys scripture fulfilled in 
youi-e eares. 

2 2 And all they bare hym witnes, and 
wondred att the gracious wordes, which 
proceded oute off hys mouth. And sayde, 
Is not this Josephs sonne 1 

2 J And he sayde vnto thera, Ye maye 
very wele saye vnto me this proverbe, 
Visicion, heale thy silfe. Whatsoever 
we have herd done in Capernaum, do 
the same here lyk wyse in thyne awne 

24 And he sayde, Verely I saye vnto 
you, no prophet is accepted in his awne 

25 But I tell you off a trueth, many 
wyddowes were in Israhell in the dayes 
off Helyas, when hevyn was shet thre 
yeres and sjxe monethes, when greate 
fammisshment was troughoute all the 
londe ; 

26 And vnto none off them was Helyas 
sent, save in to Sarepta besydes Sydon, 
vnto a woman that Avas a widow. 

27 And many leppers were in Israhel, 
in the tyme off' Heliseus, the prophet, 
and yet none off thera was healed, sav- 
ynge Naaman off* Siria. 

28 And as many as were in the sinagog 
when they herde that, wer filled with 

29 And roose vppe, and thrust hym 
oute of the cite, and ledde hym even 
vnto the edge of the hill whcron their 
cite was bilte, to cast hym doune hed- 

30 But he went his waye even thorowe 
the myddes of them ; 

31 And cam in to Capernaum, a cite 

296 GOTHIC, 360. 

Galeilaias, yah was laisyands 'ins 'in sab- 

3 2 Yah siklaleikideduD bi j^o laisein is, 
uute "in waklufiiya was waurd is. 

33 Yah in |)izai swuai^opjein was man- 
na habands ahman unhul})ons unhrain- 
yaua, yah iifhropida, 

34 Qi|)ands, Let, wha uns yah })us, 
iiesu Nazorenu ? qamt fraqistyan unsis 1 
Kann J)uk whas is, sa weiha Gu])S. 

35 Yah gawhotida iuima lesus, qijj- 
ands, Afdobn, yah usgagg us ))anima. 
Yah gawalrpauds ina sa unhul})a in 
midj'aim, urrann af imma, ni wailitai 
gaska))yands imma. 

36 Yah war)) afskxulman alkins, yah 
rodidedun du sis misso, qi})andans, Wha 
waurde J)ata, ))atci mij) wakhifnya yah 
mahtai anabludi)j ))aini unhrainyam ah- 
mam, yah usgaggand 1 

37 Yah usiddya merij>a fram imma and 
allans stadins JJis bisunyane landis. 

38 Usstandands ]>an us ))izai swnagogai, 
gaUxi)) in gard Seimonis ; swaihro |)an 
J)is Seimonis Avas anahabaida brinnon 
mikilai, yah bedun ina bi ])0. 

39 Yah atstandands ufar iya, gasok 
Jiizai brinnon, yah aflailot iya ; sunsaiw 
]jan usstandandei andbahtida im. 

|0 Mij)})anei j^an sagq sunno, alhii swa 
managai swe habaidcdun siukans sauh- 
tim missaleikaim, brahtedun ins at im- 
ma ; ij) is, ainvvliaryammeh ize handuns 
analagyands, gahailida ins. 

41 Usiddyedun j^an yah unhuljjons af 
managaim, hropyandeins, yah <p[)and- 
eins, patei ))u is Christus sunus Gu[>s. 
Yah gasakauds im ni kiilot J)os rodyan, 
unte wissedun silban Christu ina wisau. 

42 Bi})ch, ))an war)) dags, usgaggands, 
gakii)) ana au))yana stad ; yah manag- 
eins sokidc(km ina, yah qemun und ina, 
yah galiabaidedun ina, ei ni afli))i fairra 

43 paruh is qa)) du im, patei yah j)aim 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Luke 

Galileisce ceastre, and hi Clar on reste- 
dagum Icerde. 

32 And hig wundredon be his Lire, 
fordam his sprsec on anwealde wses^ 

33 And on hyra gesamnunge w£es sum 
man unclsenc deofol haibbende, and he 
hrymde micch-e stefne, 

34 And cwa?)), Leet, la Nadzarenisca 
Hcclcnd, hwajt is us and dc 1 com du 
us to forspillanne 1 Ic wat, dset du 
cart Godes halega. 

35 And da cidde him se Hselend, and 

cwte)), Adumba, and ga him of. And 
dil he lit-adraf hine on heora midlene, 
he him fram-gewat, and him naht ue 

36 Da wurdon hig ealle forhte, and 
sprsecon him betvvynan, and cwaedon, 
Hwait ys dait word, da^t he on mihte 
and on majgene uncleenum gastum 
bebyt, and hig lit-ga]) ? 

37 Da wa'S liis hlisa gewidmsersod on 
selcere stowe daes rices. ■*■ 

38 S6))lice he aras of heora gesam- 
nunge, and ferde on Simones bus ; da 
wa^s Simones sweger geswcnced on 
mycelum feferum, and hig hyne for 
hyre bsedon. 

39 And he standendc ofcr hig, dam 
fefcre bebcad, and he hig forlet ; and 
heo sona aras and him ))enode. 

40 So))licc da sunnc asah, ealle de 
untrume wscron on mislicum adlum, hig 
laeddon him to ; and he, syndrygum hys 
hand on-settcnde, hig gehselde. 

41 Da ferdon da deoflu of manegum, 
hrymcnde, and cwcdende, S6)'cs du cart 
Godes sunu. And 'he nc gejiafode dait 
hig senig |>ing spraecon, fordam dc hig 
wiston dset he Crist wscs. 

42 Da, gewordenum daige, se Hcclcnd 
ut-gangendc, ferde on wcste st5we; and 
da majnegu hinc sohton, and hi comon 
to him, and bchaifdon hinc, da3t he him 
fram ne gcwite. 

43 Da sttdc he him, S6))lice mc gc- 

IV. 32-43-] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

a citee of Galilee, aucl there he tau3te 
hem in the sabothis. 

32 And thei weren astonyed in his 
teching, for his word was in power. 

33 And in the synagoge was a man 
hauynge an vnclene feud, and he criede 
with greet vois, 

34 Seylnge, Suffre, what to vs and to 
thee, Jhesus of ISTazareth 1 hast thou 
comen for to leese vs 1 I knowe thee, 
that thou art the hooly of God. 

35 And Jhesu blamyde him, seyinge, 
Waxe doumbe, and go out fro him. And 
whanne the fend hadde cast him forth 
in to the myddel, he wente a wey fro 
him, and 5it noyede hym no thing. 

36 And drede is maad in alle men, and 
thei spaken to gidere, seyinge, What is 
this word, for in power and vertu he 
comaundith to vnclene spiritis, and thei 
gon out ? 

37 And the fame Avas puppllschid of 
hym in to ech place of the cuntre. 

38 Forsothe Jhesu risynge of the syna- 
goge, entride in to the hous of Symount ; 
sothli the modir of Symondis wyf was 
holden with grete feueris, and thei 
preieden him for hir. 

39 And Jhesu stondinge on hir, co- 
maundide to the feuir, and it lefte hir ; 
and anon sche risynge mynystride to 

40 Forsoth whanne the sunne wente 
doun, alle that hadden sike men with 
dyuerse langwischingis, ledden hem to 
hym ; and he, puttinge hondis to ech 
by him silf, heelide hem. 

41 Sothli fendis wenten out fro manye, 
criynge, and seyinge, For thou ert the 
sone of God. And he blamynge suffride 
not hem for to speke, for thei wisten 
him to be Crist. 

42 Sothli, the day maad, he gon out, 
wente in to desert place ; and the cum- 
penyes of peple sou5ten him, and thei 
camen til to him, and thei helden him, 
that he schulde not go awey fro hem. 

43 To whiche he seyde, For and to 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


of Galile, and there taught them on the 
sabboth dayes. 

32 And they were a stonied at his 
doctrine, for hys preachinge was with 

33 And in the sinagoge there was a 
man which had a foule sprete whith in 
him, and cryed with a loude voyce, 

34 Sayinge, Let me alone, what haste 
thou to do wyth vs, thou Jesus oft' Naza- 
reth 1 arte thou come to destroye vs ? I 
knowe thfe what thou arte, thou arte the 
holy man of God. 

35 And Jesus rebuked hym, sayinge, 
Hoolde thy peace, and come oute of 
hym. And the devyle threwe him in 
the myddes of them, and cam oute of 
hym, and hurt hym not. 

36 And feare cam on them all, and 
th,ey spake amonge them selves, sayinge. 
What manner a thinge is this, for with 
auctorite and power he commaundeth 
the foule spretes, and they come out 1 

37 And the fame of hym spreed abroode 
throwoute all places of the countre round 

38 And he roose vppe and cam oute of 
the synagoge, and entred into Simons 
housse ; and Simons motherelawe was 
taken wyth a greate fever, and they 
made intercession to him for her. 

39 And he stode over her, and rebuked 
the fever, and hit leeft her ; and imme- 
diatly she roose and ministred vnto 

40 Wlien the sun was doune, all they 
that had sicke taken with divers deseases, 
brought them vnto him ; and he laydc 
his hondes on every won of them, and 
healed them. 

41 And devils also cam out of many 
of them, cryinge, and saying. Thou arte 
Christ the sonne of God. And he re- 
buked them and suffered them nott to 
speake, for they knewe that he was 

42 As sone as it was daye, he departed, 
and went awaye into a desert place ; 
and the people sought hym, and cam to 
hym, and kept hym, that he shulde not 
departe from them. 

43 And he sayde vnto them, I muste 


GOTHIC, 360. 

anj)araim baiirgim wailameryan ik slcal 
bi ))iudangai-tlya Gu])S, unte dujie mik 

44 Yah was meryands in swnagogim 

Chap. V. i Yah war)), mi})|)anei man- 
agei anatramp ina, du hausyan waurd 
Gujjs, yah is silba was standands newha 
saiwa GainnesaraiJ), 

2 Yah gasawh twa skipa standandona 
at l^amma saiwa ; 'i\> fiskyans afgagg- 
andans af im, us|)Wohun natya. 

3 GaUxij) J)an in ain ]>\ze skipe, jiatei 
was Seimonis, haihait ina aftiuhan fairra 
sta|?a leitil ; yah gasitands laisida us 
))amma skipa manageins. 

4 Bijjeh jjan gananjjida rodyands, qaj) 
du Seimonau, Brigg ana diupi)ja, yah 
athahid |)0 natya izwara du fiskon. 

5 Yah andhafyands Scimon qa\> du im- 
ma, Talzyand, alia naht ))airharbaidyand- 
ans waiht ui nemum, i|) afar waurda 
Jjeinamma wairpam natya. 

6 Yah |)ata tauyandans, galukun man- 
agein fiske filu ; swe natya dishnujino- 
dedun ize. 

7 Yah bandmdedun gamanam, Jjoei 
wesun in anjjaramma skipa, ei atiddyed- 
cina, hilpan ize. Yah qemun, yah ga- 
fullibedun ba ]>o skipa, swe sugqun. 

8 Gaumyands |)an Seimon Paiti-us, 
diaus du kniwam lesuis, qi})ands, Bidya 
Jjuk usgagg fairra mis, unte manna fra- 
waurhts im, Frauya. 

9 Sildaleik auk dishabaida ina, yah 
allans ))ans mi[) imma, in gafahis ^ize 
fiskc l^anzei ganutun. 

_ I o Samaleikoh |)an yah ifakobau yah 
lohannen, sununs Zaibaidaiaus, |)aiei wes- 
un gadailans Seimona. Yah qa)) du 
Scimona lesus, Ni ogs ))us ; fram him- 
nia nu manne siud nutans. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Luke 

dafenaj) octrum ceastrum Codes nee 
bodian, fordam to dam ic eom iisend. 

44 And he wses bodigende on Galilca 

Chap. V. i ■'■S5))lice wses geworden, 
dii da manegu him to conion, dajt hig 
Codes word gchyrdon,he stod. wid done 
mere Genesareth, 

2 And he geseah twa scipu standende 
wid done mere ; da fisceras eodon, and 
woxon heora nett. 

3 He da astigende on an scyp, d?et 
wfes Simoncs, bted hyne dset he hit 
lyt-hwon fram lande tuge ; and on dam 
scipe sittende he Iserde da msenegu. 

4 Da he sprecan geswac, he cwsej) to 
Simone, Teoh hit on dypan, and Isetaj) 
eowre nett on done fisc-wer. 

5 Da cwpe)) Simon him andswariende, 
Eala bcbeodend, ealle niht swincende 
we naht ne gcfengon, s6})licc on dinum 
worde ic min nett ut-lfete. 

6 And da hi dpet dydon, hig betugon 
mycelc menigeo fixa ; and hyra net wjys 

7 And hig bicnodon hyra geferan, de 
on odrum scipe wseron, diet hi comon, 
and him fylston. Da comon hig, and 
gefyldon butu da scipu, swa duet hi neh 
wseron besencte. 

8 Da Petrus dset geseah, he fcoll to 
d?es Hselendes cneowum, and cwa3}», 
Drihten, gcwit fram me, fordam ic eom 
synfull mann. 

9 And he Avundrode, and calle da de 
mid him wscron, on dam were dara fixa 
de hi gefengon. 

10 Gelicc Licobum and lohannem, 
Zcbedeis suna, da wferon Simones ge- 
feran. Da cwjip}) se Haelend to Simone, 
Ne ondraed dii de ; heononforj) dii byst 
men gefonde. 

IV. 4 4 --v. lo.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

othere citees it bihouetli me for to euauii- 
gelise the kyngdom of God, for therfore 
I am sente. 

44 And he was prechinge in the syna- 
gogis of Galilee. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


Chap. V. i Sotheli it was don, whanne 
cumpanyes of peple felden in''' to Jhesu, 
that thei schulden heere the woi'd of 
God, and he stood bisydis the stondinge 
Avatir of Genasereth, 

2 And sy3 twey bootis stondinge bi- 
sydis the stonding watir ; sothli the 
fischeris hadden gon doun, and waischide 

3 Sothli he sti3ynge in to a boot, that 
was Symoundis, preiede him to lede 
a5en a litil fi'o the lond ; and he sittinge 
tau3te the cumpanyes fro the boot. 

4 Sothli as he ceesside to speke, he 
seide to Symound, Lede thou in to hi5, 
and slake 3e 3oure nettis in to the 

5 And Symount answeringe seide to 
him, Comaundour, we trauelinge by al 
the ny3t token no thing, but in thi word 
I schal leye out the nett. 

6 And whanne thei hadden don this 
thing, thei closiden to gidere a plenteu- 
ous multitude of fysches ; forsoth her 
nett was broken. 

7 And thei bekenyden to felowis, that 
weren in an othir boot, that thei schulden 
come, and helpe hem. And thei camen, 
and filliden botlie litle bootis, so that 
thei weren al moost drenchid. 

8 Which thing whanne Symound Petre 
sy3, he felde doun to the knees of Jhesu, 
seyinge. Lord, go fro me, for I am a man 

9 Sothli greet wondir hadde bigon 
aboute him, and alle that weren with 
him, in the takinge of fisches whiche 
thei tooken. 

10 Sothli in lyk manere James and 
John, the sones of Zebede, whiche weren 
felowis of Symount Petre. And Jhesu 
seith to Symound, ISTyle thou drede ; 
now fro this tyme thou schalt be tak- 
ynge men. 

to other cities also preace the worde of 
God, for therfore am I sent. 

44 And he preached in the synagoges 
off Galile. 

Chap. Y. i Hit cam to passe, as the 
people preased apon hym, to heare the 
worde off God, that he stode by the lake 
of Genazareth, 

2 And sawe two shippes stonde by the 
lake syde ; for the fisshermen were gone 
out of them, and were wasshynge their 

3 Jesus entred in to one of the shippes, 
which perteyned to Simon, and prayed 
hym that he wolde cary hym a litell 
from the londe ; and he sate doune and 
taught the peple out of the shippe. 

4 When he had leeft speakynge, he 
sayde vnto Simon, Cary vs in to the 
depe, and lett slippe thy nett to make a 

5 And Simon answerid and sayde to 
hym, Master, we have labored all nyght 
and have taken nothynge, yet nowe at 
thy worde I wil loose foi'the the net. 

6 And when they had so done, they 
inclosed a greate multitude of fisshes; 
and the net brake. 

7 And they made signes to their fel- 
owes, which were in the other shippe, 
that they shulde come, and helpe them. 
And they cam, and they filled bothe the 
shippes, that they soncke agayne. 

8 When Simon Peter sawe that, he fell 
doune at Jesus knees, sayinge, Lorde, 
goo from me, for I am a sinfuU man. 

9 For he was vtterly astonyed, and all 
that were with hym, att the draught off 
fisshe which they toke. 

10 And so was also James and Jhon, 
the sonnes of Zebedei, which were parte- 
takers with Simon. And Jesus sayd 
vnto Simon, Feare not ; from hence 
forthe thou shalt catche men. 


GOTHIC, 360. 

1 1 Yah gatiuhandans \io skipa ana 
air)?a, afleij)an(lans allata, laistidedun 
afar imma. 

12 Yah warj), mi|>))anei was is in ainai 
baiirge, yah sai ! manna fulls |)rutsfillis ; 
yah gasaiwhands lesu, driusands ana 
andwairj)i, bad ina, qi}jands, Fi-auya, 
yabai wileis, magt mik gahrainyan. 

13 Yah ufi-akyands handu, attaltok 
irama, qijjands, Wilyau, wair)> brains. 
Yah suns j)ata jjrutsfill aflaijj af imma. 

14 Yah 'is faurbaud imma, ei mann ni 
qej)! ; Ak gagg, yah ataugei }'uk silban 
gudyin, yah atbair imma fram })izai ga- 
liraineinai })einai, j^atei anabaud Moses, 
du weltwodi})ai im. 

15 Usmernoda ))an ]>nta waurd mais 
bi ina ; yah ganinnun hiuhmaus man- 
agai, hausyon, yah Icikinon fram imma 
sauhte seinaizo. 

16 I|) is was aflei))ands ana au])idos, 
yah bidyands. 

17 Yah war)) "in ainamma dage, yah is 
was laisyands ; yah wesun sitandans 
Farcisaieis, yah witodalaisai-yos, ])aiei 
wesun gaqumanai us allamma haimo 
Galeilaias, yah ludaias, yah lairusaulw- 
mon ; yah mahts Frauyins was du hail- 
yan ins. 

18 Yah sai! mans bairandans ana ligra 
mannan saei was usli})a, yah sokidedun 
whaiwa ina innatbcreina, yah galagi- 
dideina in andwairj)ya is. 

19 Yah ni bigitandans whaiwa in- 
natbcreina ina, in managcins, usstcig- 
andans ana hrot, and skalyos gasatide- 
dun ina mijj jjamma badya in midyaim, 
faura lesua. 

20 Yah gasaiwhands galaubein izc, qa)) 
du jjamma usli})in. Manna, afleitanda pus 
frawaurhteis Jjcinos. 

2 1 Yah dugunnun jjagkyan J^ai bok- 
aryos yah Fareisaicis, qi {randans, Whas 
ist sa, saei rodeif) naiteinins ? whas mag 
aflctan frawaurlitins, alya ains Guj) ] 

22 Ufkuimands ))an lesus mitx>nius ize, 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Luke 

1 1 And hig tugon hyra scypu to laude, 
and forleton hig, and folgodon dam 

1 2 Da he w?es on anre ceastre, da 
w£es dar an hreofla ; and da he gcseah 
done Hselend, da astrehte he hine, and 
bred, and dus cwre)), Drihten, gyf du 
wylt, dii miht me geclseusian. 

13 And he set-hran hine, his handa 
a})enede, and cwpe)), Ic wylle, si du gc- 
chtnsod. And soua se hreofla him fram 

14 And he behead him, dajt he hit 
nanum men ne ssede ; Ac ga, and rety w 
de dam sacerdc, and lu'ing for dinre 
clgtnsunge, swa Moyses behead, him on 

1 5 Witodlice dses de ma seo spreec be 
him ferde ; and mycele menegeo comon, 
dtet hi gehyrdon, and wurdon gchBelede 
fram hyra untrumnessum. 

16 He da ferde on westcn, and hine 

1 7 Da wses anum dsege geworden, dset 
he sset and hig Iserde ; and da wseron 
da Farisei sittende, and dasre se lilreow- 
as, da comon of alcum castellum Gal- 
lile?c, and ludete, and Hierusalcm ; and 
Drihtnes misgen wajs hig to gehselcnne. 

18 And dii bseron men on anum bedde 
anne man se wres lama, 

19 And hig ne mihton hine in bringan 
and alecgan beforan him, for drerc men- 
igeo de mid dam H;vlende wajs, da 
astigon hig uppan djene hrof, and |)urh 
da watclas hine mid dam bedde asendon, 
beforan done Hsclcnd. 

20 Da he gcseah hyra gclcafan, he 
cwa3|>, La mann, dc synd dine synna 

2 1 Da agunnon ))cncan da boccras and 
Farisei, and cwaedon, Hwret is des, de 
her sprycj) woffunga 1 hwa maig synna 
furgyfan, buton God anal 

22 Da sc Ha:lcud gccncow hyra go- 

V. 11-2 2.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

T I And the bootis led vp to the loud, 
alle thingis left, thei sueden him. 

12 And it was don, whanne he was in 
con of the citees, and lo ! a man ful of 
leper ; and seynge Jhesn, and fallinge 
doun in to his face, preiede him, sey- 
inge, Lord, if thou wolt, thou maist 
make me clene. 

13 And Jhesu holdinge forth the hond, 
touchide him, seyinge, I wole, be thou 
niaad clene. And anon the lepre passide 
a wey fro hym. 

1 4 And Jhesu comaundide to him, that 
he schulde scie to no man ; But go thou, 
schewe thou thee to a prest, and ofFre 
thou for thi clensinge, as Moyses bad, in 
to witnessinge to hem. 

15 Sothli the word walkide aboute the 
more of him ; and manye cumpanyes 
camen to gidre, that thei schulden heei-e, 
and be heelid of her syknessis. 

1 6 Forsothe he wente in to desert, and 

17 And it was don in oon of dayes, 
and he sittinge tau3te ; and there were 
Pharisees sittinge, and doctours of the 
lawe, that camen of ech castel of Galilee, 
and of Judee, and of Jerusalem ; and 
the vertu of the Lord was for to heele 
syke men. 

1 8 And loo ! men beringe in a bed a 
man that was syk in palasye, and thei 
sou5ten for to here in hym, and to putte 
bifore him. 

1 9 And thei not fyndinge in what part 
thei schulde bere him yn, for the cum- 
penye of peple, sti3eden vp on the rof, 
and by the sclattis thei senten him doun 
with the bed in to the myddil, byfore 

20 The feitli of whiche as Jhesu sy5, 
he seide, Man, thi synnes ben forjouuu 
to thee. 

2 1 And swibis and Pharisees bigunnen 
for to thenke, seyinge, Who is this, tliat 
spekith blasphemyes 1 who may forjyue 
synnes, no but God aloone 1 

22 Forsoth as Jhesu knew the thoujtis 

TYNDALE, 1526. 301 

11 And they broughtt their shippes 
to londe, and forsoke all, and folowed 

12 And itt fortuned, that he was in a 
certayne cite, and beholde ! there was a 
man full of leprosy ; and when he had 
spied Jesus, he fell on his face, and be- 
sought hym, saying, Lorde, yfF thou 
wilt, thou canst make me cleane. 

13 And he strethed forth his hond, and 
touched hym, sayinge, I will, be thou 
cleane. And immediatly the lejjrosy 
departed from hym. 

14 And he warned hym, that he shulde 
tell no man ; But that he shulde goo, 
and shewe hym silfe to the preste, and 
offer for his clensynge, accordynge as 
Moses commaundement was, for a witnes 
vnto them. 

15, But his name spreed the moare 
abroade ; and the people cam togedder, 
to heare, and to be healed of hym of 

16 And he kepte hym silfe aparte in 
the wildernes, and gave hym silfe to 

17 And itt happened on a certayne 
daye, that he taught ; and there sate the 
Pharises, and doctours of lawe, whiclx 
were come out off all the tounes of 
Galile, Jewry, and Jerusalem ; and the 
power off the Lorde was to heale them. 

1 8 And beholde ! men brougt a man 
lyinge in hys beed which was taken with 
the palsey, and they sought meanes to 
brynge hym in, and to laye hym before 

1 9 And when they coulde not fynde by 
what waye they myght brynge hym in, 
be cause off the preace, they went vp on 
the toppe of the housse, and lett hym 
doune thorowe the tylynge beed and all 
in the myddes, before Jesus. 

20 When he sawe their fayth, he sayde 
vnto hym, Man, thy synnes are forgeven 

21 And the scribes and the Pharises 
began to thynke, saynge, What felow is 
this, which speaketh blasphemy? who 
can forgevc synnes, butt God only 1 

22 When Jesus perceaved tlieir 

302 GOTHIC, 360. 

andliafyauds qa)) du im, Wha bijjagkeijj 
iu bairtam izwaraim 1 

23 ^\Tia|)ar ist azetizo qijan, Afletanda 
)jus frawaurhteis, Jjau qij)au, UiTeis, yah 

24 A)j])an ei witeid, ))atei waldufni 
habaid sa sunus mans ana airjjai afletan 
frawaurlitins, qa|) du }>amnia uslijjin, Du 
J)us qij^a, urreis, yali ushafyands J^ata 
badi |)einata, gagg in gard })einana. 

25 Yah sunsaiw usstandands in and- 
wairj)ya ize, ushafyands ana Jjammei lag, 
galai)) in gard seinana, mikilyands Gu]j. 

26 Yah usfilmei dissat allans, yah mik- 
ilidedun Gu}> ; yah fullai waur|)un ag- 
isis, qi|iandaus, patei gasaiwham wuljjaga 
himma daga. 

27 Yah afar })ata usiddya, yah ga- 
sawh motari, namin Laiwwi, sitaudan 
ana motastada. Yah qaj) du imma, 
Laistei afar mis ; 

28 Yah bileij^ands allaim, usstandands 
iddya afar imma. 

29 Yah gawaurhta dauht mikila Laiw- 
weis imma in garda seinamma; yah was 
manage! motarye mikila, yah anj^araize 
})aiei wesun mi]) im anakumbyandans. 

30 Yah birodidedun bokaryos ize yah 
Fareisaieis, du siponyam is qi[)andans, 
Duwhe mi]) })aim motaryam yah fra- 
■\vaurlitaim matyid yah drigkid 1 

31 Yah andhafyands lesus qaj) du im, 
Ni })aurbun hailai leikeis, ak ])ai un- 
hailans ; 

32 Ni qam la})on garaihtans, ak fra- 
waurhtans in idreiga. 

33 I]) eis qe];un du imma, Duwhe 
siponyos lohannes fastand ufta, yah hid- 
es tauyand, samaleiko yah Fareisaiei, ij) 
})ai ])einai siponyos matyand yah drigk- 

34 paruh is qa|) du im, Ni magud 
sununs bru])fadis, unte sa bru])fads mi]) 
im ist, gatauyan fastan ? 

35 Aj)))an qimand dagos, yah ))an 
afnimada af im sa bru])fads, yah pan 
fastand in yainaim dagam. 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Luke 

jjancas, he andswarigende cwte}) to him, 
Hwset })ence ge on eo^vTum heortum ? 

23 Hwoeder is edre to cwetJenne, De 
synd dine synna forgyfene, hwader de 
cwedan, A'ris, and ga? 

24 Da3t ge witon, dast mannes sunu 
on eoi'])an auweald hpefj) synna to for- 
gyfanne, and he ssede dam laman, De 
ic secge, aris, nim din bed, and ga on 
din hus. 

25 And he s5na beforan him ants, and 
nam dset he on Iseg, and to his huse 
ferde, and God wuldrode. 

26 And hig ealle wundredon, and God 
niEersodon ; and wseron mid ege ge- 
fyllede, and cwsedon, S6]ies we to-dseg 
wundru gesawon. 

27 Da sefter dam he ut-eode, and ge- 
seah publicanum, he wses odrum uaman 
Leui gehaten, a3t ceap-sceamule sittende. 
And he cwaj}) to him, Filig me ; 

28 And he him da filigde, and ealle 
hys })ing forlet. 

29 And Leui dyde hym mycelne ge- 
beorscype on his huse ; and dar wtes 
mycel menegeo maufulra, and oderra de 
mid him sseton. 

30 Da murcnodon da Farisei and da 
boceras, and cwacdon to hys leorning- 
cnihtum, Hwi ete ge and drinca]) mid 
manfullum and synfullum 1 

3 1 Da andswarode se Hselend and 
cwfe]) to him, Ne be])urfon laeces da de 
hale synd, ac da de unli0el]'e habba]) ; 

32 Ne com ic rihtwise clypian, ac 
synfulle on daed-bote. 

33 Da cwsedon hig to him, Hwi foesta]) 
lohannes leorning-cnihtas gelondice, and 
halsunga do}), and eall-swa Farisea, and 
dine etaj; and drinca}) 1 

34 Da cw8e]> he, Cwyst du magon dses 
biydgumau beam fajstan, swa lange swa 
se brydguma myd him ys 1 

35 S6))lice da dagas cuma}), donne se 
brydguma him by}) afyrred, donne fsesta}) 
bifif on dam dagum. 

V. 23-35] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

of hem, he answeringe seiile to hen, 
What thenken 50 yuele thingis in joure 
hertis 1 

23 What is li5tere to seye, Synnes ben 
forjouun to thee, ethir to seie, Ryse vp, 
and walke ? 

24 Sothli that 56 wite, for mannis sone 
hath power in erthe to for3yue synnes, 
he seith to the syke man in palasy, To 
thee I seie, ryse vp, take thi bed, and 
go in to thin hous. 

25 And anon he risinge vp bifore hem, 
took the bed in which he lay, and weute 
in to his hous, magnyfyinge God. 

26 And greet wondir took alle men, 
and thei magnyfieden God ; and thei 
weren fulfiUid with greet drede, seyinge. 
For we han seyn merueilouse thingis to 

27 And aftir thes thingis Jhesu wente 
out, and sy5 a pupplican, Leeuy by name, 
sittinge at the tolbothe. And he seith 
to him, Sue thou me ; 

28 And alle thingis forsaken, he risynge 
suede him. 

29 And Leuy made to him a greet 
feeste in his hous ; and there was a 
greet cumpanye of pupplicans, and of 
othere that weren with hem, sittinge at 
the mete. 

30 And Farisees and the scribis of hem 
grucchiden, seyinge to his disciplis, Whi 
eten 56 and drynken with pupplicans 
and synful men? 

3 1 And Jhesu answeringe seith to hem, 
Thei that ben hoole han no nede to a 
leche, but thei that han yuele ; 

32 Sothli I cam not to clepe iust men, 
but synful men to penaunce. 

33 And thei seiden to him, Whi dis- 
ciplis of John fasten oft, and maken 
bisechingis, also and of Pharisees, but 
thi disciplis eten and drynken ? 

34 To whiche he seith, Wher je mown 
make the sones of the spouse for to faste, 
the while the spouse is with hem 1 

35 Sothli dayes schulen come, whanne 
the spouse schal be taken awey fro hem, 
thanne thei schulen faste in tho dayes. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 


thoughtes, he answered and sayde vnto 
them, What tliynke ye in youre hertes 1 

23 Whether is easyar to saye. Thy synnes 
are forgeven the, or to saye. Rise, and 
walke 1 

24 That ye maye knowe, that the sonne 
off man hath power to forgeve synnes 
on erth, he sayde vnto the sicke of the 
palyse, I saye to the, aryse, take vp thy 
beed, and goo home to thy housse. 

25 And immediatly he rose vp before 
them all, and toke vp his beed where on 
he laye, and departed to his awne housse, 
praysynge God. 

26 And they were all amased, and they 
lauded God ; and were filled with feare, 
sayinge. We have sene strauuge thynges 
to daye. 

27 And after that he went forthe, and 
sawe a publican, named Levi, sittynge 
at the receyte off custome. And sayde 
vnto hym, Folow me ; 

28 And he leeft all, roose vppe and 
folowed hym. 

29 And that same Levi made him a 
greate feaste at home in his awne housse ; 
and there was a greate company of pub- 
licans, and off other, that sate at meate 
with hym. 

30 And the scribes and Pharises 
grudged agaynst his disciples, sainge. 
Why eate ye and drynke ye with publi- 
cans and synners ? 

31 Jesus answered and sayde vnto 
them. They that are whole nede not of 
the phisicion, but they that are sicke ; 

32 I cam not to call the rightewes to 
repentaunce, but the synners. 

33 They sayde vnto hym, Why do the 
disciples off Jhon fast often, and praye, 
and the disciples of the Pharises also, 
and thyne eate and drynke % 

34 To whome he sayde, Can ye make 
the children of the weddynge fast, as 
longe as the brydegrome is present with 
them ? 

35 The dayes will come, when the bryd- 
grome shulbe taken awaye from them, 
then shall they fast in tlioose dayes. 

304 GOTHIC, 360. 

36 Qa))uh J)an yah gayukon du ini ; 
patei ainshim plat snagins muyis iii 
lagyid ana snagan faii-nyana ; ai}))niu 
yah sa niuya aftauriiid, yah };amma 
fairnyin ni gatimiJ j^ata af Jjamma 

37 Yah ainshun ni giutid wein niuyata 
in balgins fairnyans ; aij'l'au distairid 
|iata niuyo wcin l?ans balgins, yah silbo 
usgutui}), yah jjai balgeis fraqistnand. 

38 Ak wein yuggata 'in balgins niuyans 
giutand, yah bayojjs gafastanda. 

39 Yah ainshun driggandane fairni, ni 
suns will yugg ; qi)ji]> auk, pata fairnyo 
batizo ist. 

Chap. VI. i Yah wai*)? m sabbato 
aii|)arainnia frumin, gaggan imma )-airh 
atisk, yah raupidedun alisa siponyos is ; 
yah matidcdun, bnauandans handum. 

2 I]> sumai Fareisale qej)un du im, 
Wha tauyid, })atei ni skuld ist tauyan in 
sabbato dagam 1 

3 Yah andhafyands wijjra 'ins lesus 
qa[), Ni J^ata ussuggwud, ^atei gatawida 
Daweid, jjan grcdags was silba, yah Jjaiei 
mi}) imma wesun ; 

4 Whaiwa inngalai)) in gard Gujjs, yah 
hlaibans faurlageinais usnam, yah mat- 
ida, yah gaf Jjaim mi)> sis wisandam ; 
})anzei ni skuld ist matyan, nibai ainaim 

5 Yah qaj) du im, patei frauya ist sa 
sunus mans, yah, |)amma sabbato daga. 

6 Yah warjj J^an in anj^ai-amma daga 
sabbato, galeijjan imma in swnagogein, 
yah laisyan. Yah was yainar manna, 
yah handus is so taihswo was j^aursus. 

7 Witaidedunuh Jjan ))ai bokaryos yah 
Fareisaieis, yau in sabbato daga leik- 
inodedi, ei bigeteina til du wrohyan 

8 ]j) is wissuh mitonins ize, yah qa)j 
du I'iimma mann Jiamma jjaursya, haband- 
in liandu, Urreis, yah stand in midyaim. 
paruh is urrei sands gastoj). 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Luke 

36 Da sBedc he him an bigspcll ; Ne 
asent nan man scyp of niwum i-eafe on 
eald reaf ; elles dret niwe slit, and se 
niwa scyp ne hylp)) dam ealdan. 

37 Ne nan man ne sent niwe win on 
ealde bytta ; elles dret niwe win bryc|> 
da bytta, and dtet win byj) agoten, and 
da bytta forwurda)?. 

38 Ac niwe win is to sendenne on 
niwe bytta, donne beoj) da bytta ge- 

39 And ne drincj) nun man eald win, 
and wylle sona diet niwe^j he cwyj), 
Da)t ealde is betere. 

Chap. VI. i Sojjlice w?es gewoi-dcn 
on dam ajftcran reste-daage aerest, d;i 
he ferdc })urh da ajceras, hys Icorning- 
cnihtas da ear jiluccedou ; and mid 
hyra handum guidon, and jvton. 

2 Da cwsedon sume of dam Sundor- 
halgan, Hwi do ge, daet eow alyfed nis 
on reste-dagum 1 

3 Da andswarode him se Hselend, Ne 
rsedde ge dajt, hwset Dauid dyde, da 
hine hingrede, and da de mid him 
wseron ; 

4 Hu he eode into Godes hilse, and 
nam da offrung-hlafas, and hig set, and 
dam sealde de mid him wseron ; da nseron 
alyfcde to etanne, buton sacerdum an- 

5 And he ssede him, Dset di-ihten is 
manncs sunu, eac swylce, reste-da-ges. 

6 S5|)lice on odrum reste-da>ge w?os 
geworden, dait he on gesamnunge eode, 
and Iserde. And dar wass sum man, 
and his swydre hand wa!S for.scruncfcn. 

7 Da gymdon da boccras and Farisei, 
hwseder he on reste-dajge hcelde, diet hi 
hyne ge\vregdon. 

8 Sojjlice he wiste hyra ge})ancas, and 
he sscde dam men dc da forscrunccnan 
hand hrefde, A'ris, and stand her jimid- 
dan. Da aras he and stod. 

V. 3<5.-VI. 8.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

36 Forsoth he seide to hem also a lik- 
nesse ; For no man sendith a medling 
of newe cloth in to an old cloth ; ellis 
and he brekith the newe, and the med- 
ling of the newe acoi'dith not to the 

37 And no man sendith newe wyn in 
to olde wyn vesselis ; ellis the newe wyn 
schal breke the wyn vesselis, and the 
"wyn schal be sched out, and the wyn 
vesselis schulen perische. 

38 But newe wyn is to be sent in to 
newe wyn vesselis, and bothe ben kept. 

39 And no man drynkinge old, wole 
anon newe ; sothli he seith, The olde is 
the betere. 

Chap. VI. 1 Forsothe it is don in the 
secunde firste saboth, whanne he passide 
by cornes, his disciplis pluckeden eeris ; 
and thei frotiuge with her hondis, eeten. 

2 Sothli summe of the Pharisees selden 
to hem, What don ^e this, that is not 
leefful in sabotis 1 

3 And Jhesu answeringe seide to hem, 
Neithir 5e ban rad this, that Dauith 
dide, whanne he hungride, and thei that 
weren with him ; 

4 Hou he entride in to the hous of 
God, and took looues of proposicioun, 
and eet, and jaf to hem that weren with 
him ; whiche looues it was not leefFul to 
ete, no but to preestis aloone. 

5 And he seide to hem, For'mannis 
sone is lord, 3e, of the saboth. 

6 Sothli it was don and in an other 
saboth, that he entride in to a synagoge, 
and tau3te. And a man was there, and 
his rijthond was drye. 

7 Forsothe scribis and Pharisees aspi- 
eden him, if he schulde heele him in the 
saboth, that thei schulden fyude cause, 
wherof thei schulden accuse him. 

8 Sothli he wiste the thou5tis of hem, 
and he seith to the man that hadde a 
drye bond. Rise vp, and stond in to the 
myddel. And he risinge stood. 

TYNDALE, 1526. 305 

36 He spake vnto them in a simili- 
tude ; No man puttheth a pece of an 
newe garment into an olde vesture ; for 
yf he do, then breaketh he the newe, and 
the pece that was taken out of the newe 
agreeth nott with the olde. 

37 Also no man poureth newe wyne 
into olde vessels ; yf he do, the newe 
wyne breaketh the vessels, and runneth 
out it silfe, and the vessels perisshe. 

38 But newe wyne must be poured 
into newe vessels, and boothe are pre- 

39 Also no man that drynketh olde 
wyne, strayght waye can awaye with 
newe ; for he sayeth, The olde is pie- 

Chap. VI. i Hit happened on an 
aftersaboth, they went thorowe the corne 
felde, and his disciples plucked the eares 
of corne ; and ate them, and rubbed them 
in their hondes. 

2 Certayne of the Pharises sayde vnto 
them. Why do ye that, which is not lau- 
fuU to be done on the saboth dayes 1 

3 Jesus answered them and sayde, 
Have ye nott redde what David did, 
when he hym silfe was anhungred, and 
they which were with hym ; 

4 Howe he went into the housse oif 
God, and toke, and ate the loves off 
halowed breed, and gave also to them 
which were with hym ; which was nott 
laufidl to eate, but for the prestes only. 

5 And he sayd vnto them, The sonne 
of man is lorde, even of the saboth daye. 

6 And it fortuned in a nother saboth 
also, that he entred into the sinagoge, 
and taught. And there was a man, 
whose right honde was dryed vp. 

7 The scribes aid the Pharises watched 
hym, to se whether he wolde heale on 
the saboth daye or not, that they myght 
fynde an accusacion agaynst hym. 

8 Butt he knewe their thoughtes, and 
sayde to the man which had the wyddred 
honde, Ryse vp, and stonde forthe in 
the myddes. He arose and stepped 


GOTHIC/ 360. 

9 Qa)> ]jan lesus du im, Fruihua I'z- 
■wis, wha skukl 1st sabbato dagam ))iu)j 
tauyan, jjau unjjiujj tauyan 1 saiwala 
ganasyan, jjau usqistyaa 1 

10 Yah, ussaiwliauds allaus Tus, qaj> du 
imma, Ufrakci |)0 Iiandu ))eiiia. paruh 
is ufrakida, yah gastojj so handus is 
swaswe so aiijjara. 

11 I[) eis fulhii Avaur{)un unfrodeins, 
yah rodideduu du sis misso, wha taw- 
idideina jjamma lesua. 

12 Yah war]) in dagara })aim, ei usid- 
dya lesus in fairguni bidyan ; yah was 
naht |)ah-hwakauds in bidai GuJ)S. 

13 Yah bi})e warjj dags, atwopida 
siponyans seinans, yah gav/alyands us 
iin twahb, Jjanzei yah apaustuluus uam- 
nlda ; 

14 Seimon, |)anci yah namnida Paitru, 
yah Andraian, bro))ar is, lakobu yah 
lohanncn. Filippu yah Bar})ulomaiu, 

15 Maj)l?aiu yah poman, lakobu };aua 
Alfaius, yah Seimon, j^ana haitanan 

16 ludan lakobaus, yah ludan Is- 
karioten, saei yah warj? galewyands ina. 

17 Yah atgaggands dalajj mi]) im, ga- 
sto)) ana stada ibnamma ; yah hiuma 
siponye is, yah hansa mikila managcins, 
af allamma ludaias, yah lairusalem, yah 
]>he faur marein, Twre, yah Seidone, 
yah anjjai-aizo baurge, j'aiei qemun 
hausyan imma, yah hailyan sik sauhtc 

18 Yah ]?ai anahabaidans fram ahmam 
unhrainyaim, yah gahailidai waurjjun. 

19 Yah alia mauagei sokidedun attekan 
imma, unto mahts af imma usiddya, yah 
ganasida allans. 

20 Yah is, ushafyands augona scina du 
sipoii}'am seinaim, qa)>, Audagai, yus 
uulcdaus ahmhi, unte izwara ist })iud- 
anganli jiimine. 

21 Audagai yus, gredagans nu, unte 
sadai waii-|n)). Audagai yus, grctaudans 
iiu, unte ufhlohyanda. 

22 Audagai siyujj, J^an fiyand izwis 

ANGLO-SAXON, 995. [St. Luke 

9 Da cwsey se Hselend to him, Ic 
ahsige eow, alyf|) on reste-dagum wel 
don, odde yfele"} sawie halo gedon, 
hwaider tte forspillan 1 

10 And, him eallum gesceaAvodum mid 
yrre, he ssede clam men, A'))ene ctine 
hand. And he ajjeuode, and his hand 
wtes ge-cdniwod. 

1 1 Da wurdon lug mid unwisdome 
gefyllede, and sprsecon betwux him, 
hwset hig dam Hselende dydon. 

12 S6])lice on dam dagum, he ferde on 
anne munt hine gebiddan ; and wtes 
dai" wacigende on Godes gcbcde. 

13 And da da d?eg wres, he clypode 
hj's leorning-cnihtas, and geceas twelf 
of him, and da he nemde apostolas ; 

14 Simonem, dfene he nemde Petrum, 
and his brodor, Andrcam, lacobum and 
lohannem, Philippum and Bartholo- 

15 Tliomam and Matheum, Lxcobum 
Alphci, and Simonem, se is genemned 

16 ludam lacobi, and ludam Scarloth, 
se wiGs Isewa. 

17 And mid him farendum, he stod on 
foldlicre stowe ; and mycel wered his 
leorning-cnihta, and myccl menegeo, 
fram ealie ludca, and fram lerusalem, 
and ofer mu|)an, and sse-gemsere, Tiri, 
and Sydonis, da comon, daet hi hyne 
geliyrdon, and weeron of hyra adlum 

18 And da de wseron of unclaenum 
gastum gcdrchte, waCron gcliEclede. 

19 And cal seo mcnigeo suhtc hine to 
a3t-hnnanne, fordam de ma^gcn of him 
code, and he calle gohseldc. 

20 Da cwi\i]> se Ilaelcnd, beseonde to 
his Icorning-cnihtum, Eadige synd, ge 
l)carfan on gaste, fordam de Godes rice 
is eower. 

21 Eadige synd, ge de hingria]) nu, 
fordam de ge bco}) gefyllede. Eadige 
synd, ge de mi wejja}), fordam ge hlilia[>. 

22 Eadige bco gc, duniie cow men 

VI. 9-2 2.] WYCLIFFE, 1389. 

9 Sothli Jliesu seith to henij I axe 50U, 
if it is leefFul to do wel in the sabot, 
ether yuele 1 for to make a soule saf, 
ether for to leese ? 

10 And, alle men lookide aboute, he 
seide to the man, Hold forth thin bond. 
And he hekl forth, and his bond was 
restorid to beltbe. 

1 1 SothU thei wcreu fulfiUd with vn- 
wysdora, and spaken to gidere, what | 
thei schuklen do of Jhesn. 

1 2 Forsothe it is don in tho dayes, he 
wente out in to an bil for to preye ; and 
be was al ny5t dwelHnge in the preier 
of God. 

13 And whanne tlie day was maad, he 
clepide bis disciplis, and chees twelue of 
hem, whiche be clepide also apostlis ; 

14 Symound, whom he clepide Petre, 
and Andrew, bis brother, James and 
Jon, Philip and Bartolmew, 

1 5 Matheu and Thomas, James Alphei, 
and Symound, that is clepid Zelotis, 

16 Judas of James, and Judas Scariot, 
that was traitour. 

17 And Jhesu comynge doun fro the 
bil with hem, stood in a feeld place ; 
and the cumpenye of his disciplis, and a 
plenteuous multitude of pore peple, of al 
Judee, and of Jerusalem, and of the se 
coostis, and of Tire, and of Sydon, whiche 
camen, that thei schulde beere hym, 
and that thei schuklen be heelid of her 
langwischingis ; 

1 8 And tliei that weren trauelid with 
vnclene spiritis, weren heelid. 

19 And ech cumpeny of the peple 
sou5ten for to touche him, for vertu 
wente out of him, and beelide alle. 

20 And, his y5en reysid vp in to bis 
disciplis, be seide, Blessid be ^e, pore 
men, for the kyngdom of God is joure. 

2 1 Blessid be 56, that hungren now, for 
56 schulen be fillid. Blessid be je, that 
wepeu now, for 5e schulen ley5e. 

22 3e schulen be blessid, whanne men 

TYND ALE, 1526. 


9 Then sayde Jesus vnto them, I will 
axe you a question, whether is it laufuU 
on the saboth dayes to do goode, or to 
do eviin to save bfe, oder for to de- 
stroye bytl 

10 And he behelde them all in com- 
passe, and sayd vnto the man, Stretche 
forth thy honde. He did soo, and his 
bonde was restored and made as whoole 
as the other. 

1 1 And they were filled full of made- 
nes, and counselled won with another, 
what they myght do to Jesu. 

12 Hit fortuned in thoose dayes, he 
went out into a mountayne for to praye ; 
and continued all