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Case1:05-cv-01458-UNA-AK Document 17 Filed 01/04/2006 Page 1 of 11 


Hicks (Rasul) v. Bush 
Al Odah v. United States 
Habib v. Bush 
Kurnaz v. Bush 
Khadr v. Bush 
Begg v. Bush 
El-Banna v. Bush 
Gherebi v. Bush 
Anam v. Bush 
Almurbati v. Bush 
Abdah v. Bush 
Hamdan v. Bush 
Al-Qosi v. Bush 
Paracha v. Bush 
Al-Marri v. Bush 
Zemiri v. Bush 
Deghayes v. Bush 
Mustapha v. Bush 
Abdullah v. Bush 
Al-Mohammed v. Bush 

Case No. 02-CV-0299 (CKK) 

Case No. 02-CV-0828 (CKK) 

Case No. 02-CV-1130 (CKK) 

Case No. 04-CV-1135 (ESH) 

Case No. 04-CV-l 136 (JDB) 

Case No. 04-CV-l 137 (RMC) 

Case No. 04-CV-l 144 (RWR) 

Case No. 04-CV-l 164 (RBW) 

Case No. 04-CV-l 194 (HHK) 

Case No. 04-CV-1227 (RBW) 

Case No. 04-CV-l 254 (HHK) 

Case No. 04-CV-l 5 19 (JR) 

Case No. 04-CV-l 937 (PLF) 

Case No. 04-CV-2022 (PLF) 

Case No. 04-CV-2035 (GK) 

Case No. 04-CV-2046 (CKK) 

Case No. 04-CV-2215 (RMC) 

Case No. 05-CV-0022 (JR) 

Case No. 05-CV-0023 (RWR) 

Case No. 05-CV-0247 (HHK) 

Case1:05-cv-01458-UNA-AK Document 17 Filed 01/04/2006 Page 2 of 11 

El-Mashad v. Bush 

Al-Adahi v. Bush 
Al-Joudi v. Bush 
Doe 1-570 v. Bush 
Al-Wazan v. Bush 
Al-Anazi v. Bush 
Alhami v. Bush 
Ameziane v. Bush 
Batarfi v. Bush 
Sliti v. Bush 
Kabir v. Bush 
Qayed v. Bush 
Al-Shihry v. Bush 
Aziz v. Bush 
Al-Oshan v. Bush 
Tumani v. Bush 
Al-Oshan v. Bush 
Salahi v. Bush 

Mammar v. Bush 

Al-Sharekh v. Bush 

Case No. 05-CV-0270 (JR) 
(consolidated with 05-CV-833) 

Case No. 05-CV-0280 (GK) 

Case No. 05-CV-0301 (GK) 

Case No. 05-CV-0313 (CKK) 

Case No. 05-CV-0329 (PLF) 

Case No. 05-CV-0345 (JDB) 

Case No. 05-CV-0359 (GK) 

Case No. 05-CV-0392 (ESH) 

Case No. 05-CV-0409 (EGS) 

Case No. 05-CV-0429 (RGL) 

Case No. 05-CV-0431 (RGL) 

Case No. 05-CV-0454 (RMU) 

Case No. 05-CV-0490 (PLF) 

Case No. 05-CV-0492 (JR) 

Case No. 05-CV-0520 (RMU) 

Case No. 05-CV-0526 (RMU) 

Case No. 05-CV-0533 (RJL) 

Case No. 05-CV-0569 (JR) 
(Consolidated with 05-CV-0881) 
(Consolidated with 05-CV-0995) 

Case No. 05-CV-0573 (RJL) 

Case No. 05-CV-0583 (RJL) 


Case1:05-cv-01458-UNA-AK Document 17 Filed 01/04/2006 Page3of11 

Magram v. Bush 
Al Rashaidan v. Bush 
Mokit v. Bush 
Al Daini v. Bush 
Errachidi v. Bush 
Ahmed v. Bush 
Battayav v. Bush 
Adem v. Bush 
Aboassy v. Bush 
Hamlily v. Bush 
Imran v. Bush 
Al Habashi v. Bush 
Al Hamamy v. Bush 
Hamoodah v. Bush 
Khiali-Gul v. Bush 
Rahmattullah v. Bush 
Mohammad v. Bush 
Nasrat v. Bush 
Rahman v. Bush 
Bostan v. Bush 
Muhibullah v. Bush 
Mohammad v. Bush 

Case No. 05-CV-0584 (CKK) 
Case No. 05-CV-0586 (RWR) 
Case No. 05-CV-0621 (PLF) 
Case No. 05-CV-0634 (RWR) 
Case No. 05-CV-0640 (EGS) 
Case No. 05-CV-0665 (RWR) 
Case No. 05-CV-0714 (RBW) 
Case No. 05-CV-0723 (RWR) 
Case No. 05-CV-0748 (RMC) 
Case No. 05-CV-0763 (JDB) 
Case No. 05-CV-0764 (CKK) 
Case No. 05-CV-0765 (EGS) 
Case No. 05-CV-0766 (RJL) 
Case No. 05-CV-0795 (RJL) 
Case No. 05-CV-0877 (JR) 
Case No. 05-CV-0878 (CKK) 
Case No. 05-CV-0879 (RBW) 
Case No. 05-CV-0880 (ESH) 
Case No. 05-CV-0882 (GK) 
Case No. 05-CV-0883 (RBW) 
Case No. 05-CV-0884 (RMC) 
Case No. 05-CV-0885 (GK) 


Case1:05-cv-01458-UNA-AK Document 17 Filed 01/04/2006 Page4of11 

Wahab v. Bush 
Chaman v. Bush 
Gul v. Bush 
Basardh v. Bush 
Khan v. Bush 
Nasrullah v. Bush 
Shaaban v. Bush 
Sohail v. Bush 
Tohirjanovich v. Bush 
Khudaidad v. Bush 
Al Karim v. Bush 
Al-Khalaqi v. Bush 
Sarajuddin v. Bush 
Kahn v. Bush 
Mohammed v. Bush 
Mangut v. Bush 
Hamad v. Bush 
Khan v. Bush 
Zuhoor v. Bush 
Ali Shah v. Bush 
Salaam v. Bush 
Al-Hela v. Bush 

Case No. 05-CV-0886 (EGS) 
Case No. 05-CV-0887 (RWR) 
Case No. 05-CV-0888 (CKK) 
Case No. 05-CV-0889 (ESH) 
Case No. 05-CV-0890 (RMC) 
Case No. 05-CV-0891 (RBW) 
Case No. 05-CV-0892 (CKK) 
Case No. 05-CV-0993 (RMU) 
Case No. 05-CV-0994 (JDB) 
Case No. 05-CV-0997 (PLF) 
Case No. 05-CV-0998 (RMU) 
Case No. 05-CV-0999 (RBW) 
Case No. 05-CV-1000 (PLF) 
Case No. 05-CV- 1001 (ESH) 
Case No. 05-CV- 1002 (EGS) 
Case No. 05-CV- 1008 (JDB) 
Case No. 05-CV-1009 (JDB) 
Case No. 05-CV-1010 (RJL) 
Case No. 05-CV-1011 (JR) 
Case No. 05-CV-1012 (ESH) 
Case No. 05-CV-1013 (JDB) 
Case No. 05-CV- 1048 (RMU) 


Case1:05-cv-01458-UNA-AK Document 17 Filed 01/04/2006 Page 5 of 11 

Mousovi v. Bush 
Khalifh v. Bush 
Zalita v. Bush 
Ahmed v. Bush 
Baqi v. Bush 
Aminullah v. Bush 
Ghalib v. Bush 
Al Khaiy v. Bush 
Bukhari v. Bush 
Pirzai v. Bush 
Peerzai v. Bush 
Alsawam v. Bush 
Mohammadi v. Bush 
Al Ginco v. Bush 
Ullah v. Bush 
Al Bihani v. Bush 
Mohammed v. Bush 
Saib v. Bush 
Hatim v. Bush 
Al-Subaiy v. Bush 
Dhiab v. Bush 
Ahmed Doe v. Bush 

Case No. 05-CV-1124 (RMC) 

Case No. 05-CV-1189 (JR) 

Case No. 05-CV-1220 (RMU) 

Case No. 05-CV-1234 (EGS) 

Case No. 05-CV-1235 (PLF) 

Case No. 05-CV-1237 (ESH) 

Case No. 05-CV-1238 (CKK) 

Case No. 05-CV-1239 (RJL) 

Case No. 05 -CV- 1241 (RMC) 

Case No. 05-CV-1242 (RCL) 

Case No. 05-CV-1243 (RCL) 

Case No. 05-CV-1244 (CKK) 

Case No. 05-CV-1246 (RWR) 

Case No. 05-CV-1310 (RJL) 

Case No. 05-CV-1311 (RCL) 

Case No. 05-CV-1312 (RJL) 

Case No. 05-CV-1347 (GK) 

Case No. 05 -CV- 1353 (RMC) 

Case No. 05-CV-1429 (RMU) 

Case No. 05-CV-1453 (RMU) 

Case No. 05-CV-1457 (GK) 

Case No. 05-CV-1458 (ESH) 


Case1:05-cv-01458-UNA-AK Document 17 Filed 01/04/2006 Page 6 of 11 

Sadkhan v. Bush 
Faizullah v. Bush 
Faraj v. Bush 
Khan v. Bush 
Ahmad v. Bush 
Anion v. Bush 
Al Wirghi v. Bush 
Nabil v. Bush 
Al Hawary v. Bush 
Shafiiq v. Bush 
Kiyemba v. Bush 
Idris v. Bush 

Attash v. Bush 
Al Razak v. Bush 
Mamet v. Bush 
Rabbani v. Bush 
Zahir v. Bush 

Akhtiar v. Bush 
Ghanem v. Bush 
Albkri v. Bush 
Al-Badah v. Bush 

Case No. 05-CV-1487 (RMC) 

Case No. 05-CV-1489 (RMU) 

Case No. 05-CV-1490 (PLF) 

Case No. 05-CV-1491 (JR) 

Case No. 05-CV-1492 (RCL) 

Case No. 05-CV-1493 (RBW) 

Case No. 05-CV-1497 (RCL) 

Case No. 05 -CV- 15 04 (RMC) 

Case No. 05-CV-1505 (RMC) 

Case No. 05 -CV- 15 06 (RMC) 

Case No. 05-CV- 1509 (RMU) 

Case No. 05-CV-1555 (JR) 
(Consolidated with 05-CV- 1725) 

Case No. 05-CV- 15 92 (RCL) 

Case No. 05-CV- 1 60 1 (GK) 

Case No. 05-CV- 1 602 (ESH) 

Case No. 05-CV- 1607 (RMU) 

Case No. 05-CV-1623 (RWR) 
(Consolidated with 05-CV-01236) 

Case No. 05-CV- 163 5 (PLF) 

Case No. 05-CV-1638 (CKK) 

Case No. 05-CV- 1639 (RBW) 

Case No. 05-CV- 1641 (CKK) 


Case1:05-cv-01458-UNA-AK Document 17 Filed 01/04/2006 Page 7 of 11 

Almerfedi v. Bush 

Zaid v. Bush 

Al-Bahooth v. Bush 

Al-Siba'i v. Bush 

Al-Uwaidah v. Bush 

Al-Jutaili v. Bush 

AH Ahmed v. Bush 

) Case No 

Khandan v. Bush ] 

) Case No 

Kabir (Sadar Doe) v. Bush 

) Case No 

Al-Rubaish v. Bush 

) Case No 

Qasim v. Bush 

) Case No 

Sameur v. Bush ' 

) Case No 

Al-Harbi v. Bush ] 

) Case No 

Aziz v. Bush 

) Case No 

Mamet v. Bush 

) Case No 

Hamoud v. Bush ] 

) Case No 

Al-Qahtani v. Bush 

) Case No 

Alkhemisi v. Bush 

) Case No 

Gamil v. Bush ' 

) Case No 

Al-Shabany v. Bush 

) Case No 

Zakirjan v. Bush 

) Case No 

Muhammed v. Bush 

) Case No 

Case No. 05-CV-1645 (PLF) 
Case No. 05-CV-1646 (JDB) 
Case No. 05-CV-1666 (ESH) 
Case No. 05-CV-1667 (RBW) 
Case No. 05-CV-1668 (GK) 
Case No. 05-CV-1669 (TFH) 
05-CV-1678 (GK) 
05-CV-1697 (RBW) 
05 -CV- 1704 (JR) 
05-CV-1714 (RWR) 
05 -CV- 1779 (JDB) 
05 -CV- 1894 (RWR) 
05-CV-1971 (RMC) 
05-CV-1983 (RMU) 
05-CV-2010 (JR) 
05-CV-2029 (JDB) 
05-CV-2053 (HHK) 
05-CV-2087 (RMC) 


Case1:05-cv-01458-UNA-AK Document 17 Filed 01/04/2006 Page 8 of 11 

Othman v. Bush 
Ali Al Jayfi v. Bush 
Jamolivich v. Bush 
Al-Mudafari v. Bush 
Al-Mithali v. Bush 
Al-Asadi v. Bush 
Alhag v. Bush 
Nakheelan v. Bush 
Al Subaie v. Bush 
Ghazy v. Bush 
Al Khatemi v. Bush 
Al-Shimrani v. Bush 
Amin v. Bush 
Al Sharbi v. Bush 
Ben Bacha v. Bush 
Zadran v. Bush 
Alsaaei v. Bush 
Razakah v. Bush 
Al Darby v. Bush 
Haleem v. Bush 
Al-Ghizzawi v. Bush 
Awad v. Bush 

Case No. 05-CV-2088 (RWR) 

Case No. 05-CV-2104 (RBW) 

Case No. 05-CV-21 12 (RBW) 

Case No. 05-CV-2185 (JR) 

Case No. 05-CV-2186 (ESH) 

Case No. 05-CV-2197 (HHK) 

Case No. 05-CV-2199 (HHK) 

Case No. 05-CV-2201 (ESH) 

Case No. 05-CV-2216 (RCL) 

Case No. 05-CV-2223 (RJL) 

Case No. 05-CV-2248 (ESH) 

Case No. 05-CV-2249 (RMC) 

Case No. 05-CV-2336 (PLF) 

Case No. 05-CV-2348 (EGS) 

Case No. 05-CV-2349 (RMC) 

Case No. 05-CV-2367 (RWR) 

Case No. 05-CV-2369 (RWR) 

Case No. 05-CV-2370 (EGS) 

Case No. 05-CV-2371 (RCL) 

Case No. 05-CV-2376 (RBW) 

Case No. 05-CV-2378 (JDB) 

Case No. 05-CV-2379 (JR) 


Case1:05-cv-01458-UNA-AK Document 17 Filed 01/04/2006 Page 9 of 11 

Al-Baidany v. Bush 
Al Rammi v. Bush 
Said v. Bush 
Mohammon v. Bush 
Al-Quhtani v. Bush 
Thabid v. Bush 
Al Yafie v. Bush 
Rimi v. Bush 
Almjrd v. Bush 
Al Salami v. Bush 
Al Shareef v. Bush 
Khan v. Bush 
Hussein v. Bush 
Al-Delebany v. Bush 
Al-Harbi v. Bush 

Case No. 05-CV-2380 (CKK) 

Case No. 05-CV-2381 (JDB) 

Case No. 05-CV-2384 (RWR) 

Case No. 05-CV-2386 (RBW) 

Case No. 05-CV-2387 (RMC) 

Case No. 05-CV-2398 (ESH) 

Case No. 05-CV-2399 (RJL) 

Case No. 05-CV-2427 (RJL) 

Case No. 05-CV-2444 (RMC) 

Case No. 05-CV-2452 (PLF) 

Case No. 05-CV-2458 (RWR) 

Case No. 05-CV-2466 (RCL) 

Case No. 05-CV-2467 (PLF) 

Case No. 05-CV-2477 (RMU) 

Case No. 05-CV-2479 (HHK) 


Case1:05-cv-01458-UNA-AK Document 17 Filed 01/04/2006 Page 10 of 11 


Respondents hereby give notice of the recent enactment of legislation that, among other 
things, amends 28 U.S.C. § 2241 to remove court jurisdiction to hear or consider applications for 
writs of habeas corpus and other actions brought in this Court by or on behalf of aliens detained 
at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. See Department of Defense Appropriations Act, 2006, Pub. L. No. 

, § 1005 (2005) (signed by President Bush on Dec. 30, 2005) (copy of relevant excerpts 

attached). 1 No sooner than the week of January 9, 2006, respondents anticipate filing in each of 
the above-cap tioned cases a motion to dismiss or for other appropriate relief based on the new 
legislation. Prior to or shortly after filing of such motion, respondents will consult with 
petitioners' counsel in an effort to agree upon a briefing schedule that can be proposed to the 

Dated: January 3, 2006 

Respectfully submitted, 


Assistant Attorney General 

United States Attorney 

Terrorism Litigation Counsel 

[signature block continued on following page] 

1 Section 1005 is part of Title X of the Department of Defense Appropriations Act, 2006. 
Title X is also know as the Detainee Treatment Act of 2005. See Department of Defense 
Appropriations Act, 2006, Pub. L. No. , § 1001 (2005). 


Case1:05-cv-01458-UNA-AK Document 17 Filed 01/04/2006 Page 11 of 11 

Isl Joseph H. Hunt 

JOSEPH H. HUNT (D.C. Bar No. 43 1 134) 

VINCENT M. GARVEY (D.C. Bar No. 127191) 










United States Department of Justice 

Civil Division, Federal Programs Branch 

P.O. Box 883 

Washington, DC 20044 

Tel: (202)514-2000 

Attorneys for Respondents