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Case 1 :05-cv-01 458-UNA-AK Document 21 -4 Filed 07/07/2006 Page 1 of 9 


Hicks (Rasul) v. Bush 
Al Odah V. United States 
Habib v. Bush 
Kumaz v. Bush 
Khadr v. Bush 
Begg V. Bush 

BChalid (Benchellali) v. Bush 
El-Banna v. Bush 
Gherebi v. Bush 
Boumediene v. Bush 
Anam v. Bush 
Almurbati v. Bush 
Abdah v. Bush 
Hamdan v. Bush 
Al-Qosi V. Bush 
Paracha v. Bush 
Al-Marri v. Bush 
Zemiri v. Bush 
Deghayes v. Bush 
Mustapha v. Bush 
Abdullah v. Bush 

Case No. 02-CV-0299 (CKK) 
Case No. 02-CV-0828 (CKK) 
Case No. 02-CV-1130 (CKK) 
Case No. 04-CV-1135 (ESH) 
Case No. 04-CV-l 136 (JDB) 
Case No. 04-CV-l 137 (RMC) 
Case No. 04-CV-l 142 (RJL) 
Case No. 04-CV-l 144 (RWR) 
Case No. 04-CV-l 164 (RBW) 
Case No. 04-CV-l 166 (RJL) 
Case No. 04-CV- 1 1 94 (HHK) 
Case No. 04-CV- 1227 (RBW) 
Case No. 04-CV- 1254 (HHK) 
Case No. 04-CV-l 5 19 (JR) 
Case No. 04-CV- 1 937 (PLF) 
Case No. 04-CV-2022 (PLF) 
Case No. 04-CV-2035 (GK) 
Case No. 04-CV-2046 (CKK) 
Case No. 04-CV-2215 (RMC) 
Case No. 05-CV-0022 (JR) 
Case No. 05-CV-0023 (RWR) 

Case 1:05-cv-01458-UNA-AK Document 21 -4 Filed 07/07/2006 Page 2 of 9 

Al-Mohammed v. Bush 
El-Mashad v. Bush 

Al-Adahi v. Bush 
Al-Joudi V. Bush 
Al-Wazan v. Bush 
Al-Anazi v. Bush 
Alhami v. Bush 
Ameziane v. Bush 
Batarfi v. Bush 
Sliti V. Bush 
Kabir v. Bush 
Qayed v. Bush 
Al-Shihry v. Bush 
Aziz V. Bush 
Al-Oshan v. Bush 
Tumani v. Bush 
Al-Oshan v. Bush 
Salahi v. Bush 

Mammar v. Bush 

Al-Sharekh v. Bush 

Magram v. Bush 

Case No. 05-CV-0247 (HHK) 

Case No. 05-CV-0270 (JR) 
(ConsoUdated with 05-CV-833) 

Case No. 05-CV-0280 (GK) 

Case No. 05-CV-0301 (GK) 

Case No. 05-CV-0329 (PLF) 

Case No. 05-CV-0345 (JDB) 

Case No. 05-CV-0359 (GK) 

Case No. 05-CV-0392 (ESH) 

Case No. 05-CV-0409 (EGS) 

Case No. 05-CV-0429 (RJL) 

Case No. 05-CV-0431 (RJL) 

Case No. 05-CV-0454 (RMU) 

Case No. 05-CV-0490 (PLF) 

Case No. 05-CV-0492 (JR) 

Case No. 05-CV-0520 (RMU) 

Case No. 05-CV-0526 (RMU) 

Case No. 05-CV-0533 (RJL) 

Case No. 05-CV-0569 (JR) 
(ConsoUdated with 05-CV-0881) 
(ConsoUdated with 05-CV-0995) 

Case No. 05-CV-0573 (RJL) 

Case No. 05-CV-0583 (RJL) 

Case No. 05-CV-0584 (CKK) 

Case 1 :05-cv-01 458-UNA-AK Document 21 -4 Filed 07/07/2006 Page 3 of 9 

Al Rashaidan v. Bush 
Mokit V. Bush 
Al Daini v. Bush 
Errachidi v. Bush 
Ahmed v. Bush 
Battayav v. Bush 
Adem v. Bush 
Aboassy v. Bush 
HamUly v. Bush 
hnran v. Bush 
Al Habashi v. Bush 
Al Hamamy v. Bush 
Hamoodah v. Bush 
BChiali-Gul v. Bush 
RahmattuUah v. Bush 
Mohammad v. Bush 
Nasrat v. Bush 
Rahman v. Bush 
Bostan v. Bush 
MuhibuUah v. Bush 
Mohammad v. Bush 
Wahab v. Bush 
Chaman v. Bush 

Case No. 05-CV-0586 (RWR) 
Case No. 05-CV-0621 (PLF) 
Case No. 05-CV-0634 (RWR) 
Case No. 05-CV-0640 (EGS) 
Case No. 05-CV-0665 (RWR) 
Case No. 05-CV-0714 (RBW) 
Case No. 05-CV-0723 (RWR) 
Case No. 05-CV-0748 (RMC) 
Case No. 05-CV-0763 (JDB) 
Case No. 05-CV-0764 (CKK) 
Case No. 05-CV-0765 (EGS) 
Case No. 05-CV-0766 (RJL) 
Case No. 05-CV-0795 (RJL) 
Case No. 05-CV-0877 (JR) 
Case No. 05-CV-0878 (CKK) 
Case No. 05-CV-0879 (RBW) 
Case No. 05-CV-0880 (ESH) 
Case No. 05-CV-0882 (GK) 
Case No. 05-CV-0883 (RBW) 
Case No. 05-CV-0884 (RMC) 
Case No. 05-CV-0885 (GK) 
Case No. 05-CV-0886 (EGS) 
Case No. 05-CV-0887 (RWR) 

Case 1 :05-cv-01 458-UNA-AK Document 21 -4 Filed 07/07/2006 Page 4 of 9 

Gul V. Bush 
Basardh v. Bush 
Nasrullah v. Bush 
Shaaban v. Bush 
Sohail V. Bush 
Tohirjanovich v. Bush 
Al Karim v. Bush 
Al-Khalaqi v. Bush 
Sarajuddin v. Bush 
Kahn v. Bush 
Mohammed v. Bush 
Mangut V. Bush 
Hamad v. Bush 
Khan v. Bush 
Zuhoor V. Bush 
AU Shah v. Bush 
Salaam v. Bush 
Al-Hela v. Bush 
Mousovi V. Bush 
KhaUfh V. Bush 
ZaUta V. Bush 
Ahmed v. Bush 
AminuUah v. Bush 

Case No. 05-CV-0888 (CKK) 
Case No. 05-CV-0889 (ESH) 
Case No. 05-CV-0891 (RBW) 
Case No. 05-CV-0892 (CKK) 
Case No. 05-CV-0993 (RMU) 
Case No. 05-CV-0994 (JDB) 
Case No. 05-CV-0998 (RMU) 
Case No. 05-CV-0999 (RBW) 
Case No. 05-CV-lOOO (PLF) 
Case No. 05-CV- 1001 (ESH) 
Case No. 05-CV-1002 (EGS) 
Case No. 05-CV- 1008 (JDB) 
Case No. 05-CV- 1009 (JDB) 
Case No. 05-CV-lOlO (RJL) 
Case No. 05-CV-lOll (JR) 
Case No. 05-CV-1012 (ESH) 
Case No. 05-CV-1013 (JDB) 
Case No. 05-CV- 1048 (RMU) 
Case No. 05-CV-1124 (RMC) 
Case No. 05-CV-1189 (JR) 
Case No. 05-CV-1220 (RMU) 
Case No. 05-CV- 1234 (EGS) 
Case No. 05-CV-1237 (ESH) 

Case 1:05-cv-01458-UNA-AK Document 21 -4 Filed 07/07/2006 Page 5 of 9 

Ghalib v. Bush 
Al BChaiy v. Bush 
Bukhari v. Bush 
Pirzai v. Bush 
Peerzai v. Bush 
Alsawam v. Bush 
Mohammadi v. Bush 
Al Ginco V. Bush 
UUah V. Bush 
Al Bihani v. Bush 
Mohammed v. Bush 
Saib V. Bush 
Hatim v. Bush 
Al-Subaiy v. Bush 
Dhiab v. Bush 
Ahmed Doe v. Bush 
Sadkhan v. Bush 
Faizullah v. Bush 
Faraj v. Bush 
Khan v. Bush 
Ahmad v. Bush 
Amon V. Bush 
Al Wirghi v. Bush 

Case No. 05-CV-1238 (CKK) 
Case No. 05-CV-1239 (RJL) 
Case No. 05-CV-1241 (RMC) 
Case No. 05-CV-1242 (RCL) 
Case No. 05 -CV- 1243 (RCL) 
Case No. 05-CV-1244 (CKK) 
Case No. 05-CV-1246 (RWR) 
Case No. 05-CV-1310 (RJL) 
Case No. 05-CV-1311 (RCL) 
Case No. 05-CV-1312 (RJL) 
Case No. 05-CV-1347 (GK) 
Case No. 05 -CV- 1353 (RMC) 
Case No. 05-CV-1429 (RMU) 
Case No. 05-CV-1453 (RMU) 
Case No. 05-CV-1457 (GK) 
Case No. 05-CV-1458 (ESH) 
Case No. 05 -CV- 1487 (RMC) 
Case No. 05 -CV- 1489 (RMU) 
Case No. 05-CV-1490 (PLF) 
Case No. 05-CV-1491 (JR) 
Case No. 05-CV-1492 (RCL) 
Case No. 05-CV-1493 (RBW) 
Case No. 05-CV-1497 (RCL) 

Case 1:05-cv-01458-UNA-AK Document 21 -4 Filed 07/07/2006 Page 6 of 9 

Nabil V. Bush 
Al Hawary v. Bush 
Shafiiq v. Bush 
Kiyemba v. Bush 
Idris V. Bush 

Attash V. Bush 
Al Razak v. Bush 
Mamet v. Bush 
Rabbani v. Bush 
Zahir v. Bush 

Akhtiar v. Bush 
Ghanem v. Bush 
Albkri v. Bush 
Al-Badah v. Bush 
Almerfedi v. Bush 
Zaid V. Bush 
Al-Bahooth v. Bush 
Al-Siba'i v. Bush 
Al-Uwaidah v. Bush 
Al-JutaiU V. Bush 
Ali Ahmed v. Bush 
Khandan v. Bush 

Case No. 05-CV-1504 (RMC) 

Case No. 05-CV-1505 (RMC) 

Case No. 05 -CV- 15 06 (RMC) 

Case No. 05-CV-1509 (RMU) 

Case No. 05-CV-1555 (JR) 
(Consolidated with 05-CV-1725) 

Case No. 05-CV-1592 (RCL) 

Case No. 05-CV-1601 (GK) 

Case No. 05-CV-1602 (ESH) 

Case No. 05-CV- 1607 (RMU) 

Case No. 05-CV-1623 (RWR) 
(Consolidated with 05-CV-01236) 

Case No. 05-CV-1635 (PLF) 

Case No. 05-CV-1638 (CKK) 

Case No. 05-CV- 1 639 (RBW) 

Case No. 05-CV- 1641 (CKK) 

Case No. 05-CV- 1645 (PLF) 

Case No. 05-CV-1646 (JDB) 

Case No. 05-CV- 1666 (ESH) 

Case No. 05-CV- 1667 (RBW) 

Case No. 05-CV- 1 668 (GK) 

Case No. 05-CV- 1 669 (TFH) 

Case No. 05-CV- 1 678 (GK) 

Case No. 05-CV- 1697 (RBW) 

Case 1:05-cv-01458-UNA-AK Document 21 -4 Filed 07/07/2006 Page 7 of 9 

Kabir (Sadar Doe) v. Bush 
Al-Rubaish v. Bush 
Qasim v. Bush 
Sameur v. Bush 
Al-Harbi v. Bush 
Aziz V. Bush 
Hamoud v. Bush 
Al-Qahtani v. Bush 
Alkhemisi v. Bush 
Gamil v. Bush 
Al-Shabany v. Bush 
Othman v. Bush 
Ali Al Jayfi v. Bush 
JamoUvich v. Bush 
Al-Mudafari v. Bush 
Al-Mithah v. Bush 
Al-Asadi v. Bush 
Alhag V. Bush 
Nakheelan v. Bush 
Al Subaie v. Bush 
Ghazy v. Bush 
Al-Shimrani v. Bush 
Amin v. Bush 

Case No. 05-CV-1704 (JR) 
Case No. 05-CV-1714 (RWR) 
Case No. 05-CV-1779 (JDB) 
Case No. 05-CV-1806 (CKK) 
Case No. 05-CV- 1857 (CKK) 
Case No. 05-CV- 1 864 (HHK) 
Case No. 05-CV- 1894 (RWR) 
Case No. 05-CV- 1 97 1 (RMC) 
Case No. 05-CV-1983 (RMU) 
Case No. 05-CV-2010 (JR) 
Case No. 05-CV-2029 (JDB) 
Case No. 05-CV-2088 (RWR) 
Case No. 05-CV-2104 (RBW) 
Case No. 05-CV-2112 (RBW) 
Case No. 05-CV-2185 (JR) 
Case No. 05-CV-2186 (ESH) 
Case No. 05-CV-2197 (HHK) 
Case No. 05-CV-2199 (HHK) 
Case No. 05-CV-2201 (ESH) 
Case No. 05-CV-2216 (RCL) 
Case No. 05-CV-2223 (RJL) 
Case No. 05-CV-2249 (RMC) 
Case No. 05-CV-2336 (PLF) 

Case 1:05-cv-01458-UNA-AK Document 21 -4 Filed 07/07/2006 Page 8 of 9 

Al Sharbi v. Bush 
Ben Bacha v. Bush 
Zadran v. Bush 
Alsaaei v. Bush 
Razakah v. Bush 
Al Darbi v. Bush 
Haleem v. Bush 
Al-Ghizzawi v. Bush 
Awad V. Bush 
Al-Baidany v. Bush 
Al Rammi v. Bush 
Said V. Bush 
Al Halmandy v. Bush 
Mohammon v. Bush 
Al-Quhtani v. Bush 
Thabid v. Bush 
Al Yafie v. Bush 
Rimi V. Bush 
Almjrd v. Bush 
Al Salami v. Bush 
Al Shareef V. Bush 
Khan v. Bush 
Hussein v. Bush 

Case No. 05-CV-2348 (EGS) 
Case No. 05-CV-2349 (RMC) 
Case No. 05-CV-2367 (RWR) 
Case No. 05-CV-2369 (RWR) 
Case No. 05-CV-2370 (EGS) 
Case No. 05-CV-2371 (RCL) 
Case No. 05-CV-2376 (RBW) 
Case No. 05-CV-2378 (JDB) 
Case No. 05-CV-2379 (JR) 
Case No. 05-CV-2380 (CKK) 
Case No. 05-CV-2381 (JDB) 
Case No. 05-CV-2384 (RWR) 
Case No. 05-CV-2385 (RMU) 
Case No. 05-CV-2386 (RBW) 
Case No. 05-CV-2387 (RMC) 
Case No. 05-CV-2398 (ESH) 
Case No. 05-CV-2399 (RJL) 
Case No. 05-CV-2427 (RJL) 
Case No. 05-CV-2444 (RMC) 
Case No. 05-CV-2452 (PLF) 
Case No. 05-CV-2458 (RWR) 
Case No. 05-CV-2466 (RCL) 
Case No. 05-CV-2467 (PLF) 

Case 1:05-cv-01458-UNA-AK Document 21 -4 Filed 07/07/2006 Page 9 of 9 

Al-Delebany v. Bush 
Al-Harbi v. Bush 
Feghoul V. Bush 
Rumi V. Bush 

) Case No. 05-CV-2477 (RMU) 

) Case No. 05-CV-2479 (HHK) 

) Case No. 06-C V-06 1 8 (RWR) 

) Case No. 06-CV-0619 (RJL) 


Upon consideration of Respondents' Motion for Procedures Related to Review of Certain 

Detainee Materials and Request for Expedited Briefing, it is hereby Ordered as follows: 

1. Petitioners shall respond to Respondents' motion on or before July 17, 2006; 

2. Respondents shall file any reply memorandum on or before July 21, 2006. 

United States District Judge