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Case1:05-cv-01458-UNA-AK Document 30 Filed 12/18/2006 Page 1 of 8 


Hicks (Rasul) v. Bush 
Al Odah v. United States 
Habib v. Bush 
Kurnaz v. Bush 

Khadr v. Bush 

) Case No. 

Begg v. Bush ] 

) Case No. 

Khalid (Benchellali) v. Bush 

) Case No. 

El-Banna v. Bush 

) Case No. 

Gherebi v. Bush ' 

) Case No. 

Boumediene v. Bush 

) Case No. 

Anam v. Bush 

) Case No. 

Almurbati v. Bush 

) Case No. 

Abdah v. Bush 

) Case No. 

Hamdan v. Bush 

) Case No. 

Belmar v. Bush 

) Case No. 

Paracha v. Bush 

) Case No. 

Al-Marri v. Bush ] 

) Case No. 

Zemiri v. Bush 

) Case No. 

Deghayes v. Bush 

) Case No. 

Does 1-570 v. Bush 

) Case No. 

Al-Wazan v. Bush 

Case No. 02-CV-0299 (CKK) 
Case No. 02-CV-0828 (CKK) 
Case No. 02-CV-1130 (CKK) 
Case No. 04-CV-1135 (ESH) 
04-CV-1227 (RBW) 
04-CV-1254 (HHK) 
04-CV-2022 (PLF) 
04-CV-2035 (GK) 
04-CV-2046 (CKK) 
04-CV-2215 (RMC) 
Case No. 05-CV-0329 (PLF) 

Case1:05-cv-01458-UNA-AK Document 30 Filed 12/18/2006 Page 2 of 8 

Batarfi v. Bush 
M.C. v. Bush 
Al-Oshan v. Bush 
Tumani v. Bush 
Al-Oshan v. Bush 
Al-Shamri v. Bush 
Salahi v. Bush 
Mammar v. Bush 
Al-Sharekh v. Bush 
Magram v. Bush 
Al Rashaidan v. Bush 
Mokit v. Bush 
Al Daini v. Bush 
Errachidi v. Bush 
Zaeef v. Bush 
Ahmed v. Bush 
Battayav v. Bush 
Adem v. Bush 
Aboassy v. Bush 
Hamlily v. Bush 
Imran v. Bush 
Al Habashi v. Bush 

Case No. 05-CV-0409 (EGS) 

Case No. 05-0430 (RJL) 

Case No. 05-CV-0520 (RMU) 

Case No. 05-CV-0526 (RMU) 

Case No. 05-CV-0533 (RJL) 

Case No. 05-CV-0551 (RWR) 

Case No. 05-CV-0569 (JR) 

Case No. 05-CV-0573 (RJL) 

Case No. 05-CV-0583 (RJL) 

Case No. 05-CV-0584 (CKK) 

Case No. 05-CV-0586 (RWR) 

Case No. 05-CV-0621 (PLF) 

Case No. 05-CV-0634 (RWR) 

Case No. 05-CV-0640 (EGS) 

Case No. 05-CV-0660 (RMC) 

Case No. 05-CV-0665 (RWR) 

Case No. 05-CV-0714 (RBW) 

Case No. 05-CV-0723 (RWR) 

Case No. 05-CV-0748 (RMC) 

Case No. 05-CV-0763 (JDB) 

Case No. 05-CV-0764 (CKK) 

Case No. 05-CV-0765 (EGS) 


Case1:05-cv-01458-UNA-AK Document 30 Filed 12/18/2006 Page 3 of 8 

Al Hamamy v. Bush 
Hamoodah v. Bush 
Gul v. Bush 
Basardh v. Bush 
Tohirjanovich v. Bush 
Sarajuddin v. Bush 
Hamad v. Bush 
Khan v. Bush 
Al-Hela v. Bush 
Mousovi v. Bush 
Khalifh v. Bush 
Zalita v. Bush 
Mammar v. Bush 
Ahmed v. Bush 
Baqi v. Bush 
Abdulzaher v. Bush 
Aminullah v. Bush 
Ghalib v. Bush 
Al Khaiy v. Bush 
Altaiy v. Bush 
Bukhari v. Bush 
Pirzai v. Bush 

Case No. 05-CV-0766 (RJL) 
Case No. 05-CV-0795 (RJL) 
Case No. 05-CV-0888 (CKK) 
Case No. 05-CV-0889 (ESH) 
Case No. 05-CV-0994 (JDB) 
Case No. 05-CV-1000 (PLF) 
Case No. 05 -CV- 1009 (JDB) 
Case No. 05-CV-1010 (RJL) 
Case No. 05-CV-1048 (RMU) 
Case No. 05-CV-1124 (RMC) 
Case No. 05-CV-1189 (JR) 
Case No. 05-CV-1220 (RMU) 
Case No. 05-CV-1233 (RJL) 
Case No. 05-CV-1234 (EGS) 
Case No. 05-CV-1235 (PLF) 
Case No. 05-CV-01236 (RWR) 
Case No. 05-CV-1237 (ESH) 
Case No. 05-CV-1238 (CKK) 
Case No. 05 -CV- 123 9 (RJL) 
Case No. 05-CV-1240 (RJL) 
Case No. 05 -CV- 1241 (RMC) 
Case No. 05-CV-1242 (RCL) 


Case1:05-cv-01458-UNA-AK Document 30 Filed 12/18/2006 Page 4 of 8 

Peerzai v. Bush 
Alsawam v. Bush 
Mohammadi v. Bush 
Al Ginco v. Bush 
Ullah v. Bush 
Al Bihani v. Bush 
Mohammed v. Bush 
Saib v. Bush 
Hatim v. Bush 
Al-Subaiy v. Bush 
Dhiab v. Bush 
Ahmed Doe v. Bush 
Sadkhan v. Bush 
Faizullah v. Bush 
Faraj v. Bush 
Khan v. Bush 
Ahmad v. Bush 
Amon v. Bush 
Al Wirghi v. Bush 
Nabil v. Bush 
Al Hawary v. Bush 
Shafiiq v. Bush 

Case No. 05-CV-1243 (RCL) 

Case No. 05-CV-1244 (CKK) 

Case No. 05-CV-1246 (RWR) 

Case No. 05-CV-1310 (RJL) 

Case No. 05-CV-1311 (RCL) 

Case No. 05-CV-1312 (RJL) 

Case No. 05-CV-1347 (GK) 

Case No. 05-CV-1353 (RMC) 

Case No. 05-CV-1429 (RMU) 

Case No. 05-CV-1453 (RMU) 

Case No. 05-CV-1457 (GK) 

Case No. 05-CV-1458 (ESH) 

Case No. 05 -CV- 1487 (RMC) 

Case No. 05 -CV- 1489 (RMU) 

Case No. 05-CV-1490 (PLF) 

Case No. 05-CV-1491 (JR) 

Case No. 05-CV-1492 (RCL) 

Case No. 05-CV-1493 (RBW) 

Case No. 05-CV-1497 (RCL) 

Case No. 05 -CV- 15 04 (RMC) 

Case No. 05-CV-1505 (RMC) 

Case No. 05 -CV- 15 06 (RMC) 


Case1:05-cv-01458-UNA-AK Document 30 Filed 12/18/2006 Page 5 of 8 

Kiyemba v. Bush 
Idris v. Bush 
Attash v. Bush 
Al Razak v. Bush 
Rabbani v. Bush 
Akhtiar v. Bush 
Albkri v. Bush 
Al-Badah v. Bush 
Almerfedi v. Bush 
Zaid v. Bush 
El -Marqodi v. Bush 
Al-Bahooth v. Bush 
Al-Siba'i v. Bush 
Al-Uwaidah v. Bush 
Al-Jutaili v. Bush 
AH Ahmed v. Bush 
Khandan v. Bush 
Kabir (Sadar Doe) v. Bush 
Al-Rubaish v. Bush 
Amir v. Bush 
Edries v. Bush 
Qasim v. Bush 

Case No. 05-CV-1509 (RMU) 
Case No. 05-CV-1555 (JR) 
Case No. 05-CV-1592 (RCL) 
Case No. 05-CV-1601 (GK) 
Case No. 05-CV- 1607 (RMU) 
Case No. 05-CV-1635 (PLF) 
Case No. 05-CV-1639 (RBW) 
Case No. 05-CV- 1 64 1 (CKK) 
Case No. 05-CV- 1645 (PLF) 
Case No. 05-CV-1646 (JDB) 
Case No. 05-CV-1649 (RBW) 
Case No. 05-CV- 1 666 (ESH) 
Case No. 05-CV- 1667 (RBW) 
Case No. 05-CV- 1 668 (GK) 
Case No. 05-CV- 1 669 (TFH) 
Case No. 05-CV- 1 678 (GK) 
Case No. 05-CV- 1697 (RBW) 
Case No. 05-CV-1704 (JR) 
Case No. 05-CV-1714 (RWR) 
Case No. 05-CV-1724 (RMU) 
Case No. 05-CV-1725 (JR) 
Case No. 05-CV-1779 (JDB) 


Case1:05-cv-01458-UNA-AK Document 30 Filed 12/18/2006 Page 6 of 8 

Aziz v. Bush 
Mamet v. Bush 
Hamoud v. Bush 
Al-Qahtani v. Bush 
Alkhemisi v. Bush 
Gamil v. Bush 
Al-Shabany v. Bush 
Zakirjan v. Bush 
Muhammed v. Bush 
Ali Al Jayfi v. Bush 
Al-Mudafari v. Bush 
Al-Mithali v. Bush 
Al-Asadi v. Bush 
Nakheelan v. Bush 
Al Subaie v. Bush 
Ghazy v. Bush 
Al Khatemi v. Bush 
Al-Shimrani v. Bush 
Ben Bacha v. Bush 
Zadran v. Bush 
Alsaaei v. Bush 
Razakah v. Bush 

Case No. 05-CV-1864 (HHK) 

Case No. 05-CV-1886 (EGS) 

Case No. 05-CV-1894 (RWR) 

Case No. 05-CV-1971 (RMC) 

Case No. 05-CV-1983 (RMU) 

Case No. 05-CV-2010 (JR) 

Case No. 05-CV-2029 (JDB) 

Case No. 05-CV-2053 (HHK) 

Case No. 05-CV-2087 (RMC) 

Case No. 05-CV-2104 (RBW) 

Case No. 05-CV-2185 (JR) 

Case No. 05-CV-2186 (ESH) 

Case No. 05-CV-2197 (HHK) 

Case No. 05-CV-2201 (ESH) 

Case No. 05-CV-2216 (RCL) 

Case No. 05-CV-2223 (RJL) 

Case No. 05-CV-2248 (ESH) 

Case No. 05-CV-2249 (RMC) 

Case No. 05-CV-2349 (RMC) 

Case No. 05-CV-2367 (RWR) 

Case No. 05-CV-2369 (RWR) 

Case No. 05-CV-2370 (EGS) 


Case1:05-cv-01458-UNA-AK Document 30 Filed 12/18/2006 Page 7 of 8 

Haleem v. Bush 
Awad v. Bush 
Al Rammi v. Bush 
Said v. Bush 
Mohammon v. Bush 
Thabid v. Bush 
Al Yafie v. Bush 
Feghoul v. Bush 

Case No. 05-CV-2376 (RBW) 
Case No. 05-CV-2379 (JR) 
Case No. 05-CV-2381 (JDB) 
Case No. 05-CV-2384 (RWR) 
Case No. 05-CV-2386 (RBW) 
Case No. 05-CV-2398 (ESH) 
Case No. 05-CV-2399 (RJL) 
Case No. 06-CV-0618 (RWR) 


PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that undersigned counsel, Preeya M. Noronha, hereby 
withdraws her appearance as one of the counsel for respondents in the above-captioned cases. 
Dated: December 15, 2006 Respectfully submitted, 


Assistant Attorney General 

Terrorism Litigation Counsel 

/s/ Preeya M. Noronha 

JOSEPH H. HUNT (D.C. Bar No. 43 1 134) 

VFNCENT M. GARVEY (D.C. Bar No. 127191) 









Case1:05-cv-01458-UNA-AK Document 30 Filed 12/18/2006 Page 8 of 8 


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