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Full text of "Governor's proclamations and executive orders [microform]"

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mr Californio 


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Call^^rn-rhe^^^^ f^^tff?^^^^- °^ ^^^^ o^ the State of 

docuJ^rorrL^'d%^^S;I°f°;°f-f i^ °^ an,- paper 
and correct copy of the orifinL fiLd °' '''" ^^^ ^ ^^^^ 
each said copies was microphotoLanieH h'"''' °"^^^- ^"^ ^hat 
control this/^^^^ day ^^^^^^^^^g^^Phed under my direction and 

>f the^E^JS^L'e'Sde''^ -xcrofil. reproduction is Section 1551 

Filmed bv : 

•^ ■ R. Wainscott 
Microfilm Tech. II 
State Archives 

'"■ \'IT\Ess\\iii;i,(.(tr. i , ,,.;,,,. 
iiiis (vrtificKi- ami affix tli- Cn' ,! 

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DEO .1. 1933. 







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— nil. 



DEC. 25t:^ 1938. 

DSC. 7. 1938, 


fxtcutitic Bcportmcnt 

:?tatc of California 

inoi-c conplrterute of tiie v.eirai-e &nri happi$e«8 of ourv_ 

t 11,8 

Since tne Mptorlc nli,;lit lihen the siiep- 
:■■;. m t : i .ide and the wlte men follOsved the llKht 
or the iittraoham ! tar to rind a bt:b.-' In o ruriic, 
dpliv. rlnt unto him pivoioue ftifte, tble period ol the 
year huh bs.-r: o'jEt--r\ov'. ae a tl-e to ©xchuft^e g^'eetir, s 
•>n.i ,irr;ojirl ro:a-,:ib-.-,jr, •.'.'. Tl « -or -incarely appreola- 
• ■ ' ' • . ' oad 01- a klnrily act. 

In oonpld«rt;ilon of the noe . 

' ' "-'i - - •■- to n-vive and exempllfj tllilf .■ 

"li' 0- uooi ^^i.Jiiirltan" nci.. tnerolore, I, j ranic t 

oVHraor oi Callfornli., do h-reb, proclaim the 
;V0f:lnnlr.- with the Ifthiay of Dt.ce-nbor. to unci 
i'"-',^^^? "?/ of i.>'cetnbhr, or Chri&t»me Day ol 1 
".:rlp Tl,y N.i.'hbo" ^oek" In calirornla, Bijrt re? 
a.V.d all 01 oar people to do everything- .Oetlbl 
t'i-ir isehKf^ to relljvo thw fulierln^, wh.-.rever 
UB Jour.;, un.' to &,.Ke personal sticririceti to s.j 
tne _^tiik:B of hun.;;nr cmonp thore -.eople who are 
tunnto, th,: r..!ejy o.- U.c .-atu-rvln,-, un-Kiiploy^d. 

■ hoys 
irlt of 
. Verrla-n, 
938, ee 
e *lthin 

It DTiSy 

leflfl ror- 

boreunto eet aiy: hrrnci an(5 
caustid th«i Great feol of 
the Great Seal or the State 
of Oallrornie to be mrixeil 
U:it: tMiU day Of ; ccarbor, 
A. )', , or. t.houOi:ii:(1 nine 
hunirod hmi thirty-ei, 

.tovernor l;ornia 

. OC 1"'>^' 


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1 1 SR 

— 1112, -_•* '- -" 


DEC. 19. 1938. 




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t. U <J -o ^ 

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S. o ^ -, . 

c S -i f t. 

t3 O -H 
O -M +J 


a tj a 

t^ *> ir. 

r o »^ a o "' 
< -: t, « tu 
-• •" ri * -^ 

jr ? ♦* « 2 . , 
? - i -^ o 

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*-* Qi 1 

'■ -^ r" •' o 5 

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■ .,„,<= s C u 

!? " - ».i 

^ ^^ 5 § i I 

<. 2 -M -i _ j^: 

♦^ C r . r 
- '- "-> t! t. ^ 

ijccutiuc Bcpartnicnt 

State of (Ijlirornij 

►.e.rin.-,, n. vomer or <vai:orni« «o h.-.r«tty -.rccuL T) • 
Jv^^.j,,r ivth, 1^:6, „fi -;.,,.; ..amotion Ttiy- In r),« .♦ 

• . r . . ! 1 ,f>rs tfl v«lr - ■ 1 

runic >, 

I'ftrs to ''^.a'<: 
our cdiintry. 

lo b« tiifri:r«t<t t> It MfT 

'^^^t^yU^ ^^ ^/l^yU,,uc^ / 

^'V' r 'c/ 

.:1. .r, 5., 

Tt. n 


14 89 

— 1113 


1958. YULE SS/iSON. ** 

DZC. .Jl, 1953. 

fxecutiDc department 

^tJtf of (£j|ifornia 



to r 

<^^'' ^^i 

irlwtmtjs f'.T.tion 

' v 

*.'.» to /l*1 Tt'- 

■' '". 7 • j • 

liin anri to ■: ■ ' 


'■r«.r-nt f,7i-. 

.:'jnSt/ 1 

i . Itl v.i, ,, 

■ t, ■. 

♦m^i^.f lui 

-or nil'.. 




m4.--l ^ 90 

• procl:.l.-tioh.» / 


''CiQ£oinrEALTH u^t: care ^1<D 


DSC . ..3. 1953. 

aritcutiDc department 

5tatc of (£jlifornia 


>.. oo-i Alll Which Jill ihls tin.P 
:)Ol.l<- or th'TP hlHfiT irioalf. 



.ni I. 


ill t L 
elu. •■I'. 

■.^1 «:Utlon on ;,- M tiAbyn to t :, . ., ' 
1 •■ ' !■ ;;,,) • ill ' ■ , 1 o 

o) i; .. fdot t;. I II '->:xv i.i h... /t 

■.U.'jln tlieniBclv.- itv ^ -ivU --o oJ 5;lvlnf; tc jII 
l)-.<5 . i!t OS ih.> /rot.'ctlon or liin iitfeli', now, 
thfli'Hior**, I, ti'anlc h. ..■iTi..>ri, Oov-rnor oi i'.,lli'. 
oi-bIk, Uo sFictf,-,t (.1.1 ..ituin tit' llinltr or thlg 
coismoii.'. !iilth u Mil.; ot utloD tO' tlo 

^vi\, -Mv oi :■■ in1u,-v. o il' 

IN .I'ifNr.^i .ChjUj, 1 liAVe 

C(,.ut»d the preni teal of 
tt.n rt'te ai( oalliornlo 
to r> ,;. iiliityA ttile twecty- 
ti:ivi! -l.';;,' oi Lee." !•.'•■, 

one ihouf ;p(i nln . i 

•■ ' " I'l - 1 : • . 

'OVfrrDor oJ 

91 IJ'orri'-i 







— 1115." 



» ijOD irai5H5DR DAT." 

DEC. 38. 1938. 

^xecutiDc Department 

Srjtc of (Ijlifoniu 

"f THT. (• 

!, . 


~iJ- Ditinor Ciu*-^ ilii ; : ., i,i,h. j i; . , .^., ,::'' ,..v< 
biited each New Yper'e l:uy rlnofl t.h»l det«. Is 

in nxonll^nt -cXiA ^Tactic:) • • ■, ' .. : ' ' ■.,,■. 
found in tii. ,;ol.; t -ul-i. 

orili.hiits iiuirunittiPiun mov«v, 

-•■f-.n> 1-. ^.errll»ril, if;overno'' .^t 
"•Jfalm Kun-u.^, Jhhu. 

nS' , t Parol or«, I, 

CtillJ orntf , 

1939, ■ f "i'.oo ■ 

ornlf. and r<-(ifet'ai; 

arson fct his o»,n ("Inn^ii- tuble, or to 
"* ■ 1*' • " •o, niz»r c' ■'. ■ 

'HPtlon, 1 . '. ! 

r;i; Isph: prl Vi i^,-c-,. -jv 

ttern ol xBuljual i.rlpfal- 

^^♦Li^'-' i'^i^ "^■•^"^ ; =-,,lnen to every ''■^urt and 

extend an infl^rncp wM^.i, .in ..p . .,„:',p.,,^. "°V 
only on '.'«v Yf ,•'. - - t-... .i..^ 

;:ii-o to lollo**. ' '■' 

i!<in *: 
o ioi 

ji«reunto BSt :ny hund -,n(3 
csu^eii tho Great Ceal ol 
the ftata ojl uaJifornla 
to be erfix;«(1 this tueni 
eighth day br Cec«;ub6r, 
". D., on*? itfcoutan'! nine 
) uridred isndi thirty-*i^-ht. 








spEcinL ele:tioh. I 

Ttti 17-:h DAY 0? JAI.ISTO 
?Q2 STATE SElT/.rOR 13 THE ] 

DEC. 31. 1938. 


ixccutiuc Department 

Srjtc of <£jliforiiia 

, 'overnor ol Calilornia, 
■ B Bi/oelal olooticn 

■ Jf.r.'iur ■, 1 :: , 



. rod 

L ■.. ■ ., r;- 

. .'•ovisior... .1. , our, 

■' ' . ■(T.rurie to he iitxid 

' i roi. ; ; . > '^r ' ' c 

uou: ^. .■.olli'.ro. 

' ^4..x.j« ..;i],'^u:J^l , T have 

> ereunto act ijiy Lano end 

causec! tlio Great Coal of 

tho State of CftHfomia 

to be arflxoajthlB ridrty-Cirat 

dn.v ol" Dooa-bir, 1938, 



'/ y^- 

'••"•■"' I'^m „i„>. j.„ 


•■11 ■rl'./I 

,V "7'- ••'".. 

" »• 7.:;;..: 

Deoemtjor 31, ir538 

Hon* 'A'lllla.1 Junkana 
Ch«a.nnan, ' onrd of Suporvlaora 

Kedi'.l!!^., lullfonila 

r)ear 'halrman Junkanst 

In accordance with Goctlnn 1053 
of t}io Political Code, I «; , onolosl-,- liwrcydth an 
executed oooy of a Spoclal iJlecti-n Pf«oclairation 
>vhicli I have iscuod today. 

Yon will noto tlila electl n is 
to bo iiold ov Januery 17, 1939, for the purpose of 
olectirtt^ soncono to fill the vnoancy in the of lice 
of ."tate oenator, caused by the ' nfortunat.o death 
of ieriator John . ' oColl. 


">ith kind personal rc^arus, I 

V*ry ainoeroly youra. 

Gov«mor of fallfomli 

Fr ns 

D«oe::ibor 31, 1938 

Hon, 3. . rown 

Chalrrnan, :'o«r<' of iJuporvlsors 

v;o»-rervlllo, t^allforria 

Dear .'hairinan irowni 

In accordance with Saction 1 't)3 
of the Political ''odo, I an onclosl; c h.roiwlth an 
executed copy of a Special Jlectlon Proclamation 
v*iich I Jmve Issued today. 

You wi 11 note this election Is 
to bo hold on January 17, lP39.fcr the purpose of 
electl-^C 30 «ono to fill the vacancy in tUo office 
of Sta o r.onator, caused 1 y tJo uni-ortunate death 
of Senator John ". "oColl. 


.1th Idr.d personal rez^f^^t I 

Very sincerely yours. 

Governor of California 

FF".' na 

fxccurlDc department 

:rrarc of tljlifornia 

^Z^t-*(.,,<AJ^ X- ./^i'^^i^ 





_ 1 1 • . f . I ' .POSTMARK or 

Form 3606 (K'> '" ='• '"■ ' 3 , III.) - -7? -V 

n^^ ^« ... — . S^c,,^^'^ + .1 V-' , . 

mi.^tl« r..«rict»i'«cT;., ■) __ 

'- MAIL ING orriCT 

K)Sl V .KSTt».tm :- ' :;;^ ^„ ',;.,. „„, P^^^' 

s'-Fr-:, {riTTisis^-^-s,::. J?-'^ i.'^"^ sr.c. o. ^. - - ^^*^- -• 

ol roMlia* B.». *0«E"»»">T rKl»TlB« Of'ICt 

POS7>»AFX r»F. 
Form ri^OG r- T^. '^.- 1955) O ' M I j ' J /' . - 

Fc^pcic _..-»"■■" aoMpojcis' - -f 

t«-l^.,^. ,»;u. -.- Su.-b,r;epa.d.J 

R..,,r- ?.e«:rl (»--.- - ?P'- I'"'y ** - 

d1 " <-, :«TMCIM to a<l«if«*». 

a^ m-Tm resrricted <l«-!v«-- /^ 

_. M.i iiNCOrric'- 
»nCT MASTai. >» - - — ^ — r r-. ■ 

— T-e f. ;" •r.'-'ii--l *^>'« --■=»'''■■■"'"'.,' _ .^ 

iicl V- ■ ■- ■*>■■ r*"'*P' ^= '"* ' '^ ' ■'' "" f ' ..«■ 

B,- ' lire* s^- ''■'-'''• -" ' ' -'■.-■'' ^-^ • 

„r«.-i . ; :- ; . i- L- ,,*,.'.._, t-n^.-i-Bl-.e fo rt^w'w^i 



• • 

5" "s 



DSC. 31. 1938. 

ixecutiV)c Departnicrit 

£»tatt of ctJlifornia 


.iiifii:, iti>' ..tij-iT'omln t tete !.• t,i^itl ture in ■*'•*- 
'n, tionvertlnt- In FaT&nianto liBK.innia' on Momuy, tfie 

soil conB'Tviitl in tisroui^ the; ;.'re7ention or 
jontrol of I. Ion, ertaVln,i e r t«te Coll 

Cu;!. >>rv&tlor! Ufe anrt d i-llnl-v. ite (Jutl^s 

.uthorlty; rovidln*; ppoctSure i'or t.he 
;ul;-f4*l:>n, .iMiia^rement end iiesolutlon o- eoi) 
coneervatioi: il;trlctE am! duflnlnj their yOMni-b 
bti'i vrovidir ior conperation betv.ann the ttate 
f-.oll ..OB! f.TVation Oormlttee, the United Steles, 
tho Ltate, counv'"!, ton conirr\r-Mon llftrlctf, 
othur yiuhiic dl 1 , 

, I'Of-tl-M • ." 

.hi;;h ; 
ami 1? 

ctraorHnary .' erglon. 

the ctete i?oli Oon.'.frvu', ion v. 
Kn^-ir.r"tir, thf V^an of tiif t-ol 

.■-'rl'"\ of th» Jnlvor.' Ity 

."xr-L Uiifit to I i.c ,.-ovii-ioT.. .. ruM. 

lor m 


■ ct 

ion ;^ 

. 01: 

!3. t.. Crooh"ron of H*»rVeley, ColirorniD th.s bften 
■ ' * . il Corif-ervBtion Co.'Kultt'-'-. 

;iiiijii .. 01 ;'-.i'. u<i lUiLini^\i'3°c thet iinTOC?'. 
& ;.ointmont of the appointive sn'ober ■rovldeO for in 
tnereof , tl.fet tf." orgar.liation of! tfce f tate Coil Con- 
GpminittaB shoulu be Ufciarad by executive order of the 

♦ > - ■ , I, rranic i. Mftrrijan, Governor of Calll- 

* • iiorlty Id me ve! tifjd by Chepter 7, itatut*8 

.J,, .. , .. .; -jorJiaeji-y i't^flon »-.ncl uf tterein rtlr^otntl , 
3rtlf>' and d' thft organisation of the ttate Soil 
von Cosii-.ittiH', conf.i'::tlnj< of ir.c EltHte t^: the 

thf» Collet.e of *trrl culture of the Iftii 


■']'■"/. f'Ql H'OTla. 

i\ ir:.'.-. -, i •■•■fc 

r,,-"e.,.. -fi'i and 

cuuac-: tLc v^iotHT . eai of 
the rtete of Celiforaiti 
to be affixed this tveaty- 
nlnfti 'lay 01 I ecer.ber, *i. . 
' ou-tind nine hurdi-jd 
' '!irty-elt;ht. 


' Cfe1«t!'y ql w-t^ e 

1X1* „^ -^ £-% __^ 





U " 



,.i^ ^/ ilcpartmcut nf i\ariciiltiirc 


Pertalninr, to Peach I'.oaaio Disease 
Effective on end after : ocoiiiber 27, 1938 

\.IIEREA:>, The fact }ia8 been determined by the 
Director of Anricultiire tliat Injurious plant diseases not 
riencrally distributed in Callforula and loiowi as virus 
diseases of certain stcjne fruits capable of causing peach 
mosaic or nymptoms identical with those of peach mosaic, 
exist in certain areas of the United States hereinafter 
de8crn)ed and Icnov/n as iiifectod area, and t.hat all species 
and varieties. Including the riowerlnn forms, of peach, 
nootai-i -o, api-lcoL, almond, plum and prune trees or parts 
of tlese trees for or capable of propacatlon, except 
fruit pits, are liable to bo carriers of tula disease; 

NOV., TlIEHEl'ORK, It la declared necessary in order 
to prevent the further introduction Into and spread v/lthin 
the ntoto of Calif ortila of the said virus diseases, that 
a quarantine be and fuc same is loreby established at the 
boundaries of the iitnte of California in accordance with 
the provisions of Section 106 of the Ar,rlcultural Code of 
the Stnto nf Califoinia ar.ainst all peach, nectarine, 
npilcot, almond, plum and prune trees or parts of these 
trees for or capable of propajiation, except fruit pits, 
t^ovvn In or imported, shipped or b 'ought from the herein- 
after described infected ui'ea, and no such possible carriers 
of t'^ia disease as quaranti ed ar^airist Ir Miis Proclamation 
slmll bo : emitted to pass over the said quarantine lines 
so hereby established and proclaimed. 

Infected rea ? 

Arizona ! Counties of Apache, Cochise, Coconino, 
Graham, i aricopa, Plina, Santa Cruz and Yavapai. 

Colorado: Govmtles of Delta, Garfield, Mesa 

and I onteziuua. 

Kew Mexlooj Countlee or i ernallllo. Dona Ana, 
Lincoln, oToro, lUo Arriba, i3andoval, Santa 1-e, Sierra, 
Socorro, Taos nnc- Valoiicla. 

Oklahoma : County of Bryan. 

Texas: Counties of Bexar, Bowie, Broim, Callahan, 
Cherokee, Chlldreas, Comanche, Cooke, Dallas, Denton, Eastland, 
UL Paao, L.rath, F.- yette, Grayson, Hudspeth, Johnson, Kerr, 
Llnoatone, Llills, Palo Pinto, Rusk, San Saba, Smith, Stephens, 
Tarrant, '..heeler, Wichita and v.llbareer. 

Utah t Counties of crand. Salt LeOce, San Juan, 
Utali and V.aahlnf^ton. 

Any possible oarriers of this disease as quarantined 
acalnst In thla i roclanatlon, arrlvlnr in CaHfor;ila from the 
said Infected territory shall be refused admittance Into 
t'lis state and shall be immediately sent out of the state or 
destroyod at the option and oxponse of the owner or ovmers, 
his or tholr responslblo agents. 

The forenolnn does not a^ply to experiments of th« 
United states j^partinent of Agriculture in the State of Cali- 

All dei-uties of the Director of Agriculture and 
all Ctate 1 lant Quarantine Officers are hereby empowered to 
carry out all the provisions of this Proclamation. 

This Quarantine Proclamation Ko. 14, Revised, 
suporaedea ..uarantine Proolsmation Ho. 14, Reviaed, issued 
October ec, 1937, and shall take effect immediately. 


Governor of the State of California 

I r. SUED J 

DEC 27 1938 




FSB 4. 1939. 





State o; >'alirorn'.a 




^t '" flttln- that California have 

K ^. '-o;''^. ®-^' • ^* ^» ^"*i" that thla 
bo first weok In yarch, thus endln; with 
Arbor ay, nnJ norkln, lAither dUTLank'ig birth 
ony. it la flttln, thnt all cltlzono observe 
t.. 1 3 week by bnn-lln,. t.inir onerjlen to orcpar. 
Inj tJ;o soil for the; coraln^- aoasoti's jrowth. 

^ -^- ---^•' ^ '-» now, therefore, i, 

^lUbert L. Olson, ■''ovmniop o: ncilirom'a. do 
heroby proclaim the weok be^innlnr; with the 
lirrt Ua^r or -iRrcJi, 10.3f), nn "?lantln^ ' 'e<-k" 
In c'ollfornln, -n - .i nr-p wldo-spread obaer- 
vanc end participation oy all cltlz.f-ne, 

IK '-viTKrnji 1, .,, .J. , I 
have lierciinto aet my 
hand and coiiaod the 
Great 3eal of tlie State 
ol rcllfornla to be 
afrixcd this thirl 
Jay or - cbruor-y, '"*.'.'., 
oni? thousand nine 
huiadpod thirty-nine. 



'tiA Callfornlt 



^^23. 7. 1S59. 

^xcfutivic Pcpartnicnt 

;:c>(\irf of (Inlifoniia 


ulvln:: In a i: y.. . ^ . ^ -it:: <5cgric 

•, natural \TOn(.:(j.y, u-.u. rx-soui'cca, v;c oi' 
ntei'u oLabos Too!, tjjut ovsri Is r. ::iost fr-vorccl 
'■*'"• • ocjttloa Iiorc cnu 

: :•. etc pai'onLa tluiL v/llJorncss 
• nlrc, prioductive er.jujh to on- 
•'-, '■■- '■ i-i, to live f>:u"_ er.'o- :-, .l'_lc v;art::- 


.i,iolw"..i i..ii' ui-udltion, t.30 vffliolo wost - iron 
tj Joop ..out::, i-D::i tl.e r.oclcios to U.o I'aclilc - 
.) ion house, i-c-^loro : locta oI all tl:ios - 

-'.^ ';itei-.i..:... -I .::'>oE'.tlor, on .r-rn-.-rc: "Is- 
c'.rco r.- , 

'.-. ' ■■"■ •■• .-.;..:. .', ^^ .;ont- 

1 v/it.* ull i'OUvIs loacllii ,1 to .1.1'ufisur-.? irlGnd, 
;tcrn 'tf.t-r v/:.ll ".'o t: c ".orts. 

:30 ,1c-. 

■:■!:« t. I ■■) 

'-ontc _cai' J. i_x .ccf 


: -••••eralfLy invito tl-c oooplor 
uoata .p>r the itoat ai^u if.e 
oa'.tlor. bn 'I'roas'ur'c Islani 

Jiand g;:.: caitsod tLo 
Croat ..atl ox tiio Otate 
01 Calirbrnla to be 
ai'- Ixotl tUlo rourtii 

iin:' or rpi-)ruur:-, ■.'., 
• I .otooiii Ku:iuro. 

■ - Vllj^rnla 

.■cictar: o- .JjtriEc 




FEB. 7. 1959. 





State of California 




; STATt 

FebruMTv JfT''^ ' u^^':''''^''^ ' ^^« eighteenth day of 

«„♦. ,. ^'HR'RKAS, it appears to be to the best 
Interests of the State of California nJ thf 
citizen, and inhabitants thereorthat?his epochal 
event should be generally observed and thai ^1? 
persons desiring to attend the opening of this 
great ^ exposition should be given 'the "^pportS^i'ty to 

Governor of the State of California do he rebJ' 
appoint and proolnim Saturday, the Ei«SteenthH«^ 
of February, Nineteen Hundred 'and Thirty n?ne To 
Calif SJnia! ^"^^'^"^ throughout the sJate'Sf ' 

have hereunto set my 
hand and caused the 
Great Seal of the State 
of California to be 
affixed this third 
day of February, A. D. , 
Nineteen Hundred and 





governor of Cai;LjPocpla' 

Secr<-ttfry of,,ei!ate 




PR0GLAli'»TI01I. X ^ *J ' 
FEB. 3. 1939. 

I lil\ :)n- 

3:xcfutit)e ©cparrnicnt 

i^rarr of (I.ilifornia 






' ' ' r ;■"-:. '• mmblc birtli! and dea_^ , ^rt'becane 

itor to htman jjonforts rid has 

; i- ov|ir3:maow ath mu' 

la V7as 


<- C^-vc-rx to the Invonttlc 
of our .1 inuus tries. 

possible till-' 

■he coniiis of 2a;lPon. 

^ -rowtJi of Calif- 
"?0'5 v/hen the 

•'^•! then on 
-i'lila* ~ 
• • ^'i' -i..i-tnas Alvn 
notion pictures. 


'■..''fra-nenho Cr.ldc!, 

■ • , ,';'■.-,■■'''"-'- ■ 'J'^^i' iniportaiit 

■^utornaoLOi:^al Exposition, the 
■■■.-'-■ 'Jt-ntoimlal, and the discovery 
Jo^mj;. -arshall:. All these events 
--i.3 otate, land so d^irln- this, 
-t, it is appropriate that the 

:;:',\^;5 Sr-'' "^^ respect to .bnerlca's 
,,.c..ii-, n^oruir. Alva Edison, whose 

r remarkable ^^rov/th. 

'^ f- 

■1' ",•', - t-brua 

I' on 

■" ' :-tin- th 



a 'J re .J- ■ 

' -; -'^ i-. Cloon, 

-ij-t as.iie and proclaln, 
homas Alva lidison Do^- ." 
't-y-second aimjvcrsary of the birth 
. t.nd i urco all citizens to obr,er"ve 

11, 1939, as '^Thomas Alva 


h£iv€i hrrcu.;tc ijct ,n"" 
hancl and cavised the* 
Creat Ceal of the 3t-te 
of CTialifornla to be 
affijxed this eighth day, 
of .•v.bruary, A.D., one 
t-:o-' .-nd nine hundred 



PROCLAMATIOH. 1 .1 v> c/ 

FEB . IV. 1939. 

3:xcrutiUc department 

:rinrr of (L.ilironiM 



It is fitting and proper that California 
have a "Home Construction Week". It is fitting that 
this be the week ending February 25, 1939. It is 
fitting that all citizens observe t' is week by bend- 
ing their efforts and energies toward improving the 
housing conditions and the homes in our state. 

To this end, now, therefore, I, Culbert L. 
Olson, Governor of Calif omit., do hereby proclaim 
the week ending February 25, 1939, as "Horae Con- 
struction Week", and I urge wide- spread observance end 
participation by all citizens. 

hbve hereunto set my 
hand end caused the 
Great Seal of the Stfcte 
of California to be af- 
fixed this seventeenth 
day of February, A.D., 
One thousand nine 
hundred and t' irty- 



' - '-"ornla 

Sec^tary ov3tLie 






1. 20. 1939, 

^xcfutiuc Bcpartnicnt 

.:c»tatc of (1-iliruiiii.i 



The creat 3tate of California has been" 
ble33ed with an abundnnce of natural resources 
which have added greatly to her wealth and 

scenic beauty. 

It ir, appropriate that California set 
aside a week each year to be known as "Conser- 
vation Week," extollln;: the wonders of her 
natural resources, and ur^^inf: that those 
resources be guarded and preserved apainst 
unlawfull encroaclimont and wastage. 

.. It is also appropriate that "Conserva- 
tion .Veek," be oiJr.erved this year durinp the 
week befinnin,'; March b, during which fall 
Arbor Day and Luther Uurbank»s birthday, and 
I call upon all California's citizens ti unite 
in a policy of observinj- our conservation laws 
this week and every week throughout the year. 

To this end, now, therefore, I, Culbert 
L. Olson, -^.overnor of California, do hereby 
proclaim the week be^unnin^- March b. 1^»59 as 
"Conservation Week" in California, and' I urpe 
wide-spread observance and participation bv 
all citizens. "' 


:*>: \ 

t4 r •>-U—- - 

have hereunto set my 
hand and caused the 
Great deal of the State 
of California to be 
affixed tliis twentieth 
day of February, A.D., 
one tliousand nine 
hundred thirty-nine. 


Governor of Califor'Kia 


Jecretary of State 


^k^^.. ^ / : 






/ > 

FEE. 20. 1939. 


^xccutilic Bcpartinnit 

:;c>t.-itc of (L.iliroriii.i 



P R C L A !.! A T I N 

Throughout the Nation tho week bor.inning 
liarch 0, has boon desi/^nated as "Children's Week." 

It is fittinf; that California, with its 
wonderful schools, playr.rouiids, recreational 
facilitiiis, and ideal climate, should observe 
this week as "Children's V/eek," as a sort of 
stock- takinp week on the part of parents, 
teachers, social workers and the cieneral public. 
The welfare of our children, tomorrow's citizens, 
demands that we p;uide their training and be ever 
watchful of their health, not only during this 
woek, but throughout the entire year. 

To this end, now, therefore, I, Culbert 
L. Olnon, a^vcrnor of California, do hereby 
proclaim the week beginning March 6, 1939, as 
"Children's Week," and I urge observance by 
all citizens of California, 

have hereunto set my 
hand end caused the 
Great Seal of the State 
of California to be 
affixed this twentieth 
day of February, A.D. , 
one thousand nine 
hundred thirty-nine. 

Governor o 


f C>4<fornia ^ 

3cretaTy of .jtate 

Deputy ' y 





FSB. 2a. 



^xcfutiDc Bcparrinent 

^t.ur orCL.iliHiriiKi 

r. C L A 

ij. G SwG"!*"' ^ 

bt^ :■']£ 

^j ^- (>i*U 



lie and private oncoura-er.ont a;;. 

.12 9d 



Ih and ciiirront earnlr.j ability 

■1" " - ■* ic assGt in 

1 th or 

• iiuucL noL --ii^" ail av.'t , 

':3 IncressG, Imp:. . the 

: 1 ■: . 

" 303 occasion- 

' . -— t •;: building 

-urity, coura-e, 

1 r ..-uianitarifi:; piojrciti to dis- 
Tiuation of tl.fis vital noed for 

, G-.;lbort L. Olson, aoverinor of California, 

--in'r- '■"•■.I' i" N -•; '^r. -•-■>-!. ^ f i^ur, p/.th day ■-'^ 

' :■. 3ali: 
to uso t^iij.3 ^:arlod to In- 
a io iv.atei pro[;raii of 

'AV G 


II' 'ill' J.V .^Ji,.j , 

Iicroiuito ijSu t ...„, ..a,„. 
cai;3ed tl^ie Groat Soal c. 
iitate of iCalirornla to be a..- 
rixad this tw8nty-rourth day 
of i'ebruafy, A.D., ninotocn 
hnndro • Hind thlrti'- nine. 

.^^bw\.K XA>A.a^JV:^^J!Cm^ 


joci'ottiry ol' 3tc.te 







UAHCH. 10.- 1939. 


3:Kfi)tinc Brparrincnr 

' .V G L A I.. A 

I :: 

Jtui-Bsciue plonoor era of C^allfornia, viien " 

■' "'''^ f'^ '!:^"4. Th'r- one ijent and honorable 

Iln(3d Gra as virtual 1 
: can nacort hii'salf and 

;a'..n ajKi^vercar;: 
Spcrai."onto ai^- 
i.iifjrn C,alli''orrila auva joined 
' ion Iri v;!;ich vo..\r.r.c^ of 
n " 

— ij or.p., l.i^ Jii.cic.i:iui»to— 
,•3 allied '.T'ils;:srlnos of 
-eviva] "3 ancient and 

-V vih^r . . Ac- .-.--■f . 

t-v;oon :,ter61i 11 and I,!ay 13, 
Gawp" I'o-croation of a 

', . ot aside as V.lilakors 

ooTsitles of til© 
, /uriador, Alpine, Putte, 
' ' ', i-^Jiu, Ifovada, Placer, 

, , Jolnno, Sttfror, Yolo and 

■ , lo i-i:;i:i:n::tiatQ that thdy r i he-men. 

Mpirlt of l-'.-'r f"ore-f<if-.hf=;t«f; oil r-inh 






vPRIL 7-ch. 1939. 

^xcfutiDc Bcp^rtmciit 

5t.itf of (L.iiiroii)i.i 




'^•'- ^'/V^** 



' obr.crvar 

I.I. -■ ! ' 

l.t'.'- CO; . ..■. 1^, _, .. ■ 
i; ha.g boon tl> 
.'1 County orcani;-a..iuji3 
•no }iburn for the reverent 


. )lr,pn, (lovcriior aJ 

.ii-rtot iliat all Jtate 

:.ho observation of 

t,'iO hourtv of twglvc uoon 

■tr-rroon or,: Friday, .uiril 

enpioycen nay have 


of Calif- 




..^nxiion^^^-i O 

APRIL 4 Ml IS.^9. 

a:xcfutiDc Bcpnrtincnt 

^Lltf Ol CL.llltOrilKI 


.•yd carii]ii««iorati; 

In ..u.' 
all ■■^.■ 

U tU'O 

tivo boco:^ 


)a imd to oiicourBco 

iMJi'Oiaiio uut loj liMiid unci 
GLi. uioii tlia rrroat Coal of 

-ttt«* of Cttlifomla 
>.-.. ..^ oiMxod tlila fovrl • 
day of A.n'il A .J)., one 
thoutiuiid :il;;;^, •".rod uxia 






APRIL 15. 1S39. 

arxccutiuc Bcpartinciit 

5t.itr of (i.iliroriiin 




APRIL. 12. 1939. 

arxcrutiuc l?>cpartincnt 

ir>tJtf ol (I.iliCoriii.i 



Til 11 





ixccuntic Bcpartnitnt 

^Kitt of ii:.iliroriiia 


th.^rmsnt'lUv P8 nevT before to aoMeve end 

«nd ohal7«nrln>r '>ur ft-lth In th- t^schlnrn of HIti. 
Iho sao-.d us t,h« oath, U Is comfort nr to lo.y 
u'i^n th*- nn\vls '"ho IW- omonr and rrlth us, 

-],«<!■ ,tt-r f-,Vth Tn our ev-rv sctinn, th^lr 
uni-it-rtm- sccent^nce of our ev-ry -M-n, ^>^-'?' 
n-^vr-f^ninr lovpltv, stand, out ns p ^'';''^" ^J^^' 
"./t,,!- r.of.'l to tru- hannlnaas, c-nt^ntm^nt and th^ 
J- 1 ■ . • 'nn for m«n. 

ep.,. Saurrof d.^otlon pnd klndUaass which th.y 
be'sto"' uoon us. 

W^ cora« onc^ af-tln to a ^e -k In 
o-us<! pnd think of th-s'! nualUl^s rmd 
sur- to m- to recoKnlz- th« offauty and 
bv r)rocla\n>1n,- t.h« wo«k fro;a AnrVl if, 
AnrU P^ T'^'^O, s.-j "B- Kind tn AnVmals v/eek. 

h' ch th* o-on"' • 
It T SI a nl«a- 
tl-n«'llne83 of It 
lo-^o', to 

IN ",'iri:3u 'WinsoF, l 

hav-* h«r«unt'o set ray 
hand and C'U3'*d th<r Or-at 
3.»al of thff 3tste of 
Cpllfomia to be affixed 
t,)il =i rif-'-nth day of 
Aorll , A.D. one thousand 
nin'' hundred "nd th^^ty- 



■w^ -^ 



.iDi^partiucut of Ai^riruItiuT 


»rjT QUA 



Ai.J^j:;;»a!.hT U,). 1 To ..aAKANTIWi.. l-lvJCLA ATIJN HO. 7 
Portalnlrif' to Alfalfa Weevil 
Effective on and ul'ter A-^r'l 7 10"9 




ii.iii.ia:^i>, 'n,e lact has been determined by the Director 

of tSe SnJ '«d%r'r' ♦•^':/^^f,i^-« «««vil cxiats In Lrtaln Soaf 
Of the United btatos other Uinn thoao doacrlbed In Provision 1 

^Lf'tf" irTr'"''^""'f."^' ■'^' '^' '^^^^'^ iieptcriibor 16, 1937, and 
that the alfalla weevU hns apparently be^n eradlcat^ from 

^^^ n'"'"^ f' Nevada, Pi-ovlalon 1 of said -iuarantlne Proclama- 
t,i on iJo. / la hereoy niuended to read as lollows: 

Provision 1. Infested Territory . 

„ iLi^iiai All that portion of Coconino County north 
of the Colorado Mver, ' 

Colorado; Entire counties of Delta, Earle, Garfield. 
aunnls^jn, „esa, of fat, . ontezvuna, t.'ontroae, Ouray, Pitkin, 
hlo iilanco, Kjutt, iian Juan, ban iilir-uel and Ueld, 

JLdaho: iiintire state. 

Ijebrasira ; Lntlre coimties of iianjier, 
Sioux; tov,n3}il;;s 2'/ and ^0, north, ranpea ;,1 and 
townaliipa 27 and ki8 north, ranges 49 and f>0 west 
County; townshi,.a 31 and 32 north, range 52 west 
County; townships 21, 22 and 23 north, ranf.os S7 
and toTOishlp :j3 north, ran^^e 56 west. In t>cotts 

„ , ,^^ iv'ovada; iintire counties of Churchill, 
Humboldt, Lender, Lincoln, Lyon, Mineral, Ormsby 
otorey, ^ashoe and V.hite Pine. 

Klwball and 
52 west, and 

in box Butte 
in Dawes 
and 58 west. 

Bluff County. 

Douglas, tlko, 
, Pershing, 

, „^ , , .^^'%""-' entire coimties of liaker, xlarney, Jackson, 
Josephine, . aiheur and Union, and that portion of Douglas 
Couiitif lyln^ south of a line be^-lnnlni.. on the west at a point 
^'T^^J'^ ^^""^^ lit.O^iwny 42 enters said county and followli^« 
said hi hwRy e«at to its Junction with J. S. iilKhway 99. 
thence directly east to the oast boundary of said oourity. 

South Dakota: Entlra oounty of Cu»t«r and that portion 
of Fall Rlvor Counii 'icnov.n as Indian Township, 

Utah I Entire state, 

WyoitilnK : Entire state, 

Tlila ,\merHiaient No. 1 to liuarantine Proclamation No, 7, 
dated September 16, 1937, supersedes Ajaiendnient Ko, 1 Issued 
May 11, 1938, will take effect Inmedlately, 




■ fiu um J<', 

5ovemor of the s^bate of Cm. Ifornl 



i'xcfutiuc Bcpartmciit 

^tjtc of (<:.iiirflnii.i 

-I-.-U - iim 

'lys tr. Afs riof? o>iijtpiyu?,„,j % 

* T* " n " 

th.» growth >*' 

of VAi 

■'-> ^n.» growth >*' 3Rny of our 
)ro>«ent or'-., an w-n ns 
Tntapr/ — ♦ . tho atVf»!T onnernt of ^-no'Plon's 

vt n rnbl« old stsftraorH hnvlnp- ^<Jor,in* ')»i:r«nd, 
*'' -^ ' >r the Qolorful nlon<?>er •luir Rnd 

»., til,, iiuv lor>;artnr of th ' Inlsmt n'''»r-^r.^g vja, 
,V r*I!}/''^'' rrtM-t-h -f our nr-tton, U In fUtin^r r^nd 
.WM^r- thr.t th'.s ootorfui tri\aU,i,,n of tnV^nrt i^i^rlOR b» 
r '/•v-.i -i-h r,:j :;An'^.n.-"{ Id ?!,,-« aiv^r Jti^^-nb^^t "coo 
"irday April p-'ml, l^'^g, nt "<htch r,l-i> th" rlvor 
Ti; :>f oltl.!^. on -N-jv orlneloRl InloM w««-oi-.^y(, ..,fi^ 
- -. dultrm^'oualy ^t.' tlia, ov-^r a c»iPrt<ir-.d 0^1-9^. 
> , t; l9 qiy bfil!( •• ' ' this roo «-m -.rov^ th<. 
•^^p«aocr of rlv<-T • n nlyl.u- 3=,n .TnB-uln onfl 

;>ror«. ;v;nto iilv-..T8, «h'io!i vll'» mow nr«>ln0t. tirag to the 
.oia.'n Oftt* lat.srfjMtinQl ;xj>o»lt.!,n pt fr-rsur 1^1 "rvl 

V^V\ 93 InTfinUnt 



•'■'.)1 i>>;,,- rt. 

1ult> rt I.. f.'laonjOoV'rnnr of thn St^t,^ 
.op.,'..y daolnr- and nrool'fln Anrll PPrx'l, 
♦ ■.nhoftt, Drty In C«illfornl", sn'l io h^r^by 

' 'lorthrm Calirnrn1r> to -.srtlolrMit* 
'/IvrT of r- jflorlous Anrjrlo-'n 
» " oijn-;ot»d th*-. (3\r.\z'nn9i of 3tookton 

• » .»into-fk)l(l»n '-Ira-.^r f'-nt 'n-ilBl. 

v.ri.)U!» -;lvl(2 >>s-. mlKSttona fry ' 1 't-'mrlBw 

'tl-vtlvv In 3-K>n':->r1nr th' n rr.n,r^. 

h«ve hor^iiinto get ay 
h«nd nn/^ c-'unad th« 
Optsfft .i8r.\ „i" th« 3teto 
of Cllforn!n to b« 
afflx-^d t!»i., nlneti^-nth 
dny of Aorn A.'), orw 
thoas'ind nln*- hundrvd 
•nd th!rty-nln«. 

IT VY'^ 

^xcfuriDr Bcparrincnt 

^r.itc of CL.iliroriiia 

'" THE ST ' •"TofSute 

■ v:iuu 

or Cttlii'oniia's 

.issi I'Qsonrcoe, 
i'uuter coti- 
'J lOr all citizens 

■ 1 .i«y eac 

or the 
30 tJiat on 
r cjjilaren's 
in tuo mlnjda or all o«oplo; 
' ' tomOrT'' ^' -Q 

lncl3, .- Med 

■ Cltixj. 

oi- or tiie State 

oi'o^^.'uO set my 
• arid cfiiiaed t:;o 
■roGt .'ieal of uto 

of Gill 1 Tom 1n ,■'. 


'■-'" ^' •- • ":!'! I ..o''3and 
: irod an I 1 Llri- - 


i-xcfiititic Bcpartnicnt 

.^t.itr of (TnliforiiKi 

'he Un? 

•0 tL* ofSw of m Sfecretarr of Itete 
II 1939 


.^rRfor>^ , T , C'V'. 

nio-i L-:--'f.l 

/ - >.^-F. I 

.isy-. 'i»r°unto «j«t rnv 
hBtxd and dusad the 
(In? at cja^l of th« State 
of California to be 
affixed thta twentieth 
dHjf of Aorll , A.n. , 
on4 t,hous='nd nine hundred 

3:xcfUtiDc Bfpartinciit 

:^tatc of (Ennrornia 

H G L A M A T I N 

To th° VfllRnt Moth<?r9 "-ho hflv Tonf 
suff<ired th" loa;j of their a ma wh-' died " 
for thoir country, I n y n humble tribute. 

In this y«pr, 1ot;i, f-unty-t-o ynnrs 
■ft.r t)i nt.rance of th'j United St-^tes Into 
the World War, It I3 fitting that on Trengure 
l!;l=>nd, ^lorc nor In orof^regs Is n pr"''t 
'.orld'3 Fslr, thnt ♦he Gold 3t<>r Mothern'of 
Crllfornla hflV'> p dny de3irn"t«»d to thp"n. 
This dny sh luld hav> n doubli^ rn«nnlnp: - a 
tribute to the .iotherH '"hr pive their sona 
In thr? oast "-ar, thfit Demoorficy mlpht llv, 
•irid ■■■ cratlai to the ..lotliers of today to 
exert tVielr no'-pir for '*orld Pence In th»^» 
trylnf^ tlrai>8 of thrf»Btened confllot. 

In vlev of thft9« thouKthts, Now, there- 
fore, I, Culonrt L.. Olson, Oovernor of 
Cfillfornla, do hereby n'^clftlm A-trli ?5th, 
I'T^q, aa.TiOld Star Mothers' Day," on 
Trensurp Island, and urc" "-Ide-airend ob- 

i-i "/ w!l-:rsof, i 

havn hereunto net -ay 
hand and cuned the 
Great 3epl of the St^tp 
of Cr-iifornla to be 
affixed thl3 t"-enty-f Irat 
day of Anrll , A,D, , one 
tho.JsanO nine hundred 
and thirty-nine. 





3:xcfutivic Bcpjrtniciit 

:5»tJtc or (I.iliforiiia 

Jotf Ay. 

r It C L. A .*.! A T I N 

"W^RidAS the founding of SPcrRmento In 
l!?39 by Qpn-rnl John A. Sutter, brourht the flpgt 
clvlllxatVnn to Interior Cpllf ornln , nnd subsequently 
•Tot':' nn^ of the njont romsntlc «nd dramatic chiinters 
In Amerlonn iilntory; and 

WHiJri:.,Aj, th? subaeouent discovery of pn\A 
nenr 3<?crpmento \n l^^?'^ by James -frshnll changed 
the course of a nation, and started a '"est'-flrd 
ralfrrpT.j^u '■i.thout nnr^^llel In world history; nnd 

WHKH'IAS, the modern City of 3ficrnmento 
has Joined "1th fifteen nelrhborlnf/- counties in 
the 3.'-,crnmento-Gk)lden Smplre Centennial celebrating 
the rcrlon'a Century of Trop-resn, in Hilch they wll 
oay tribute to the hardy oloneers nnd ap:nln re-llve 
the ilorlous dsys of the e'?rly wegt; and 

THEH-;FOrt . , I, Culbert L. Olson, Governor 
of the Stpte of Cf.llfornla, do hereby declare and 
oroclelm Sunday, April JO as 3ecrr-nento - Golden 
^""^'^^^g Centennlol Day In Csllfornlp find do hereby 
cl' unon all true Callfornlana and visitors alike ' 
to Join -holeheartedly In this ^'lorlous celebration 


I\' WITNE33 >¥IIEH':OF, I 
have hereunto set my 
hand «nd caused the 
Orsrt 3eel of the State 
of Cclifornla to be 
affixed this t-enty- 
slxth d'y of Aorll A.D. 
one ttiounond nine hurxired 
and thirty-nine. 

^'.>^. Ur. 




3e:cr;:ta!<y cp, af^t^ 
\ - 



'^i^"^W' ^ 



^xcnitiiic Bcpjrriiicnt 

StQii Of (inliloriiij 


fan, the Fortieth Anniversary of tl,l ' lltllnVtloU 
^.onf.->r nee for '.torld Peace, held at the H^™e In 

It Ig Pooro'-.rlHt 
y^-^r throuprdout th.' State 
unnth of liny he obaerved 

nnd flttinr th«>t thlg 
of Cr>llfornia, the entire 


as *Vorld Good ",nil Dny.»" 



Throu-Th.out thff month of .Mnv I a^v -1,^«-.^».^-^ 
ODg'=Trv'=.ncG nf th> m»r.ii-„ „^ r. ~ ' ^'^ "laesnread 

o-acr^xla'lnr r, ?h ^ °f ''"'' Democracy and the 
.'..cicf?.exi3 .im. In th- Americas while there 1 

and throst of war In oth*>r 

muf'h turaoll 





It bo"hoovf3 all Amvjrlcpns to tviinv «# 
I Gu1b-.r.J"/\®-,' "^ ^^^^"^ thought g, now, therefore 

I.r •.•/ir-j-rs:] WHSRi^oF, i 
hftva hereunto set ay 
hand and c«'i9ed the 
^r^V'.t 38"! of the '.tste 
of Cfillfomla to be 
affixed thl3 twenty- 
seventh day of Aorll , 
A.l, one thnuaand nine " 
hundr«^d and t-lrty-nlne. 

"a':c-i ,'.^A-<': q/ s'^^f-i 



^pjffutitic Brpartment 

^Mtr of (S:.iliforiiia 





" y Hi: u.;ou 

thf! fo-u--tc.»nt: ^'. ■>-; 1.;; 

ro.-T t , :, 1, i'ovorc:ico tlKv dnaervo cacl^ C.n^ In 
tiie yeui^, 

•niiu', '..; vlow of tIioit,;ht8, , 

,» •'-■' ;-^clal'-t nurififiy, .'Toy 

" otlier'' 'n '^.".llfornln, 

11 'On Ir , 1-,' o". ■• ' ' •■• 

fotTTtocntJi, 1 

have hercijiito act ay 
hand and en used the 
Qroftt ;;eal of the State 
of Culirornla to b« 
hfl'lxod tlilf? second 
&vzr Of -lay, A.L. one 
tiiousnnd nlno hundred 
tirsc; t. Irty-nlne. 

i^ ' ;:.0! M'i'.'i^-^Ty^^ 


0l*f:. /^. 

^xccutlvic Bcpartnicnt 

^tatt ofCilifoniiJ 



It Is appropriate that "Hospital Day" be 
observed on May IPth, the birthday of Ploranca 
r.'lghtln,<Ble, through vhose valiant efforts the 
first Btas^o of poforr. Jn mcdlcsal practises and 
nospltaliaatlon vere scoured. 

Today we are more cognisant of the need 
for the prevention of slilcness and dls€«ise through 
social refoiTO than at any other period since the 
time vhen Florenoe ragbtlngale vas vlnnlng her 
fltjht for proper hospl tall eat Ion of the sick and 

On "Hospital Doy" this year, I ask all 
people to lend their ef forte to support reforms 
that vill give to the underprtveleae^i a greater 
opportunity for proper laedloal and hospital 
treatment to develop a social saving that results 
in the prevention of death, misery and pain and 
suffering by th<» Infllnted. 

In vlov of these facts, now, therefore, I 
Culbert L. Olson, Oovemor of California, do 
hereby proclaim Friday, May l?th, ae "Hospital 
Day I In the State of California. 


hereunto set my hand and 
caused the Oreat Saal of 
the State of California 
to be affixed this 
fifth day of t4ay, A.D., 
one thousand nine hundred 
and thirty-nine. 


)V Y^At.i^rSftMTA 

i "7 1 q 

-/ ^ 


^xccutivic Bcpartniciit 

:c»t.iir of (LJliforma 


? K L A .: A T I N 

'H^oroQS, tho i-eataiirant and hotel Indu tries' 
i:: : ^_ ^rnlu and tliron^aoMt tho Nutlon couatltuto 
;:!ajor i'Dctora in oui* oconojnlc wollare, strive 
constantly for bottor health tlxrouja aclentU'lo 
proptiratlon oi' i'ood, niaintaln hl^^li atandards of 
sanitation, aoo.': nlwuya to provide ;tioro oiTlclont and 
ploaaln^, aorvloe, uii.l aro Inri^o jmroliaaoro of foodstufls, 
thoroby aldlnj r,rowor3 and p\irvoyora, and 

..aoraa3, tney contribute to tiie woll-bein^ 
oi" aocloty by onployln taonaunda oi workers, and 

\,noroa3, National Kostaurant .^eok la bolntj 
obaorvod ovor tho I'nltod Jtutos in r ;cojiltion of 
roatunriinto and hotels, I, Culbort L. Olson, Jovemor 
of >illionila, do hoi-oby .1:>ln with the California 
State i aataurunt Aacoclatlon and tlie California f.tate 
Hotel Association In vir^^lnt; public obaorvanco of 
lip-tlonal f?3ta\irant Week, May dth to May 14th, 1939. 

Ill V.ITHK33 \,';U-a-;E01--, I nAVe 
iioreujito aot ny hand and 
tho 'Iroat ;>oal of tJie litate 
of California, this flftii 
day of May, A.D. nlnotoon 
hundred aiu.i thirty nine* 

'^^^k^ ! ^'^^^itil'bR^^'^" 

A'l"P.-i3T I 

,'Ojii-MfV or aTATH 

^Kfutinr Bcpartmciu 

^tart ofCLjlifornia 

-» ;> c V * ^ A y y Q 1^ 

!!:,'2"» provlrt«» nw«*|.ou. opportuM 1 1 « S! 
or «c«t h«AUhfuX quill t!w! p'««iu=t 

m WlTitus MHTfttOW, I 
»»•»• b»r«uato tot ay 
b*nrt and «wu««d th» 
Or»«t -<«1 of the ?ut# 
Of CalifapnU to b* 
•fftKwe thlt tenth <!ftj 
of *««]f, A.r. one thouMad 
nlD« aundr«i<? and thlrtT- 


-!F7 — 

f Kfutliic Brpartiiifiit 

^tJtc or(>:aiii"oriiia 

i^lV;" . 

PPie» fflBfJe by disabled and 


>."iprt to tn« Veterans c >n> 

" • . Now, • ■ 

i.rornt 1, hereby proclaim 

9 '^Poopy Plover Tlaift 

IK WlTNl->,v. : 
bave hapftuii . 
hand tkin] oi»u»oU the 
Opent Seel of the £Ut« 
of California to b© 
afflJted this elsvcntti 
^y 4f »*y A.D., one 
^f-ouaand nine ■.iu»i3re<J 

ra' tnirty-nlne. 




ixcnitiDc Bcpartnicnt 

i^t.1tc ofCiJliloriiij 

" ?? n L A f; A 7 I .) 'ft 

. >n..c8t thr.ou,;h-,ut Uk- warlfl, with for-eB ^ 

^u t«5 very «»uten.-t> of I>*«A rirt , Lr?«,. 

-91 * f> all Deaoimti prlmlnla.. 
-> -,...;> V. , ..,1 o>f thr. Imrortant wsi»f »k . 
• or U,*, i^, or i)«,or« y, It la 

8 V 

■ulbe..L I ''i-i;^« ''\ '"''"•'' '"*'t8, Wov. therefor* t. 
Aacr' .^r: X %1>^ ?c'th throu,:h Juno »M a. 


.inri <>.'' 

a-'t of all 

have heyetnto 8*t ny 
narnl and -auaed the. Or««t 
?9al or the fute of Cal- 
ifamla to hm «ffix«<» 
t'lU ntaeteenth da^. jf 
•'toy. A,D, 9a« thouaaiul 
nine toua4p»d ant! thlrtv- 
nin«. ^ 


Jxcnitiiic Bcpartniciit 

iDtarc ot (Ijliroriiij 


Ui t^'i* 

of Mtjhly nPVoWru';/*' 

, • • '" -oil turrc^^ 

. ...«4-.. • 


■ \{c ni5r'-'et'.t«it.<v 

• nceo, ioVG of 

.•■i"-nii8hlr* nni>nj hl^p 


' Tiilft nodoo, '/onto 

ool: rl 

'u* sonducto. In 

on ^ilth • 

rodeo, e 'iOi'8?>- 

contort V'. 

OOl .il'li<» 


Ison, 'ovfTiioi* o. "cllior-nla, 

IGth inciluolve lui ""oroo- 
'^-.-.^lo nf^f xii-^t! Jill our 

'1:'. tJie spotT^ora of 
!:• al" " "> D6rpOtli«t« 


hnvp }i^l»euntr.> sot ?'iy 
'■irerv.' 'iml cstiso'.'i tlio 
".r^nt 'jipal of th© ijtate 
o' "rllfot-nla to be 
nf flsecl this tw-ntt^ 
nfxtb- day of ", . ., 

■ ,\1''!'ll*C 


i'xccutiuc Bcpartmciit 

:5»tatc of€alitoriiia 


'n thfl 00^ ot tbti i^rtuij of SMito 

Of TBI bT "! ■ V OiiHU 

may:] 71939 

_J: . L A M A Y I ft 


he potato Industry la 
' • —• . ustrles In Kem County and 

n the ngrlcviltui'al vealth 
oi ua-ii .rui;. , At i.& littlng tliGt the citizens 
of the Stat© reallae the »lgnl nonn^?© of this 

■'"^ , . :w^ ofitable sale of 

. xFi jCern Oouji;,^ Ureotly effe-ts the 
;^ -'•'' ito 12^,000 oltlisens. In other 
-oui)uieB of the State vhere potatoes are grown 
~n leas qujjntlty, the economic effect Is pro- 
■o;-LJon ;e i.o tne veiilth produced. The annual 


;rop is approximately 

ese considerations, nov, 
1, caei-CiOi-e Ouiberi, L. Olson, Governor of 
California, io hopeby proclaim the week be- 
ginning; jW;,e :^ch, Q8 "Potato Week", and urt'e 

all citizens t ' •^- ;, - -. - • , - -■ li^g, 

^;.x'OVi, , .iiatoea. 

have hereunto set my 
h&nd and caused the 
Great Seal of the State 
or California to be 
• i'fixed this t^enty-slxtn 
any of May, A.D. one 
thousand nine hundred and 


'■ ■) I 

Jxcnitinf Brpartiiicnt 

^tJtf of California 

P B 

J L A M A T 

lu view -ji the official action of the 
United States Depai-tnieat of Interior In issuing 
>t ney Great Master Mup of the United States, its 
tervic,oi»j.e3 and possosslons representing two iind 
a quarter billion acres of lend, secured through 
treaty and purchase during the past one hundred 
and fifty years, it la fitting that Sunday, June 
4th, ba dasiguated as "THIS OUR AMERICA DAY" In 
Calif orn in, 

Cooperatiii,, vl^u the United States 
Department of Interior, the Rational Broadct^atlng 
Company will, from 11 A.M. to 12 noon on Sunday, 
June ^th, present over Its facilities a dr^-ma- 
tlzation of the story of the United States In 
-^csinection with the offiolul issuance of this 
nev Great Map. 

It is veil that the citlstens of California 

..,, . ji oiie United States l»e cogniaant of the 
iwinner in which the United States of America 
secured the majority of its territory through 
Democratic prooessos of trw'ity and purchase, in 
comparison with the manner In which certain 
Europecn couatries todcy ure taking possession of 
people and lands through military invasion end 

In view of these consaiderntlons, now, 
therefore, I, Culbert L. Olson, Governor of 
California, do hereby proclain the day of June 4th, 
1959, as "THIS OUR AMERICA DAY" in California, and 
urge our citizens to famllierlze themselves with 
the fundamental p^'ln^ilples of Democracy and cherish 
•no protect our Denjcci'Stic! heritage. 

hereunto set ay hand and 
caused the Oreat Seal of the 
Stat© of California to be 
affixed this thirty-first day 
of May, A.D. one thousand nine 
hundred thirty-nine. 

lSc^:f?^m OP ' d ' XLJFOKHIA V 



^xcfutjuc ©cpartmcnt 

5tarc of Californij 

;-lrst c. 




// t 

-n 1226 

^KcutiDf Bcpartmciit 

"-• (ilOoffin. . 

'.. to evoi'y coi'asi' or 
raun in a 1 1 ijn 5 •: : • r- ., i • i^, , 

-n oui* uoi'dora pser 

L rising 

- prlva{-.o. 



' on- 

'lievlri" that 

^xcrutiDf department 

^t.iii oftalilornid 

ilUUC, ... .. CliG tLoUSJUi- 







0? Trjr.??-<>'th 



Jlopartmeut of i\i.\riculturc 



PertPininc to I ex lean Cotton Uoll V eevil. and 
Varletiea TV-oreof, RAd rink Bollwonn of 

' : .'933 


Kff ecMve on mid after Jh' e 

I'l, lyov 

'IIIM'^S, T'le fact as been determined by the Director 
of Ar.riculture that injurious insects l^,°yf^,^\^'^%3^^^?S, 
cotton boll v;oovil ( Antlmnomi-s r:ra.'flis i3oh. ) , varieties 
? oreof Buid ti o x.mlc bollv^orn (lootlnophore ^-oasyrUllg 
-Aimders). ncv/ t / and not hitherto >novm tu exist v; 1th in and 
trrm hoit tf^ .tate of California exists ^^ :;---\f3?i- 

?"o°. a,TCt',or vohloloa. •■«Cca,-,o, P«">;«V .ffeot». <»lcr«t 
nSloa, "30d 11 .uaoliold <-rr«ot«, household, 
ciL'pl" effect. a.,a ca.„l.-,r lBpl.ner.1., .ro liable to b. 
carriers f snid insects: 

,.e,»,t .:» int=iS;'.rtni ^s-f jio^r-^ii^.e^ra^s 

Code of the otate oi baixi jx. ^" »■ , cotton, cotton seed, 
T^. ::r1^;i^s/S:S'^^ sLroaS: j:??4leed'.eal cotton 
?ixmSr,^^ rilli-'r machinery, cotton '^^f^^f-J'^;]!^^,"? °f J^J, 
^Vrkora' bars a .d all other articles or materials tlmt have 
pickers oar," "^'" "^-^ , ^, (rrowlnr. harvestin.-, -Inning, 

«L?a thereof' railroad ca?o . 2ouo\ iUs r^^^^^^^S^^lo trailer.. 
??;«'« ami Co^oriehicles. bar.r.age, personal effects, cmi^^ant 

^jv«blea, -iBBd household efl.ota, hou8«J:old I, pla.nenta, cmplng 
ofiectB, Hr,d c«iipln.- lr.,l«ientB Imported, shipped ,r brour-ht 
iropi unj jther atato, territory or loosJ.lty of f e Jnlted 
-tatepj ^nd iurU^er, no such oora-ioc-ltlea, artlclca, mterlal* 
OP venlcX«B as quarantined a alnat In tfla ordw ahall b« 
pcmltted to iuaa ^v©r the auld «iu«rantliie lines so hereby 
establlBlied and proclaimed exoept v.nd6r and subject to the 

„.„^„ -ilSl^iliiil !• -^©ed cotton or oottansoed j;Town In any 

awato ... locality .f^tue 'Jx^lted rotates ^.ereln tie cultivated 
cotton la known to bo Uifeotod wlUi t)ie Mexican cotton boll 
^^^fJif^ yajiotles thoreoi, or tJ.e pink bollworm Is hereby 
pro: Iblted I-rom enterlrv the State of California for any purpose 
•hataorver, nr,. ui>on t:.o an lv»a oj an;,- suol» seed cotton op 
cotton aoed ao ..uai'WJtlned a. alnst in t-ls order, the same 
tf..nll be 1 a;«)Ulate.lj( sent out >i the St«t* or destroyed at the 
option and exi^ense or t)ie owner, consltTiee or at«nt, 

-fof* ^ ^T^^rMn'^1 ^®®** cotton or cotton seed ^Town In any 
state ^>f the United TTtates where th« lexicon cotton boll weevil. 
«v/?'}'"if^ t! ureor, .r t^c pink bollvMom are nor-^Sin to ' 

exist In tie cultivated cotton nay be admitted Into the state 

nLhll H^U " ^K^-^f®^ ^^^•'*' ^■■°llo«i'»t; requirement! Person. 
ca«t«i..latlni.; the luportln,: or brln^-lnc Into tt»e state of Call- 
'tV^ll *.*®'^ ootton or cotton aood from any state In the United 
otatea wJ.erc the oxlcan cotton ^^ll weevl'. or varieties e"reof. 
or t).e pink .xjlUom not known to exist In the cultivated 
Juii**?^?''^^ '^ff\^'""f« «i Plloatlon to U.e Director of vSSl- 
Zf, ^ V ' fT'J* ^"^ '^^ ""*' ■^•*^ In t^« application tie pur- 
pose .or wi.loh tl^e seed cotton or cotton seod is intended, the 
nai.e aaul nd.lreas ^f tJie exporter, the ooallty «»iere the ieed 
cotton or cotton a«ed was ; rown. tJ-e ainount ^ the Importation, 
the terminal point jf delivery, arwi tJie name and address of thi 
1 :porter in t»-e state .f CalliorrUa to whoo the pJSfJIh^ld ?e 
se-.t. .-*ccoeipanylne the af^rlloatlon Biust be a stat«aent al-ned 
bi the state ontomolo. 1st of the state iro« which the seed 
cotton or cotton seed lo to be Imported to t: o effect that the 

JnS t°^t'"'" ^'V??!''''!' '•*^ *^^^ ^^ l"»P«ot«<J before shipment 
and that a certlilcate ol Inspection nl.ned hj the atato 
ontomolo. lot hIII aooonpany ty<e oJilpinent ur be attaoliod to th« 
waybills, oonuuctors» hianllest, Jie: oranda or bills of Isdln? 
covering audi o).li«,ent. Such certlilcate ahall set forth the 
rv^rf> ."^ oi orii'.ln of tl^e seod ootton or cotton seed caraprlslng 
the, :»),«n oatnl,!!.^, the fact th^t th.e v.exlcan ootton 
boll weevil, t « varieties tiioreof, am t>.e pink bollworm are 
not knovn to exist In the cultivated cotton In the state In 
ri« ,\r^? ^ ^'^^^^ 'M* ootton seod orlrlnates, ami stiall five 

the Jnltlolo aua our r>u.aber oi t>;o car In which shipped If osr 
lot ahlpinerit, If losa than oar lot ahlp.nent n«rkinfc-s of container 
^ containers shall be j Iven. A copy of the oertlfidat. Jhill 

!cr^^a.^. cf^yr^*,^^ al.lp..ent to tl»e L-lrector ^ Ar.rlcult»ire. 
wacraiiento, Caxlfontla* 

Pi'oylalon 3, Seed cotton or cotton aeed Inuorted or 
brou^-lJit into tac litaTo of Callx'ornia under porriit Issued by the 
Jlreetor oT A^;i«; culture sliall l;svo oacli pnckajo or container 
in t:.o shlpi.iont plainly raid correctly'j,:od to sLov/ tl^e :iur.ber 
or t:.o ^omit, tie quantity ol" tho contants, the stRts and 
locality -all© re ^ ro7.a-i, tUe aoiio ai>d addreaa of t.ic ox sorter and 
t'.to iia o and Rddresa of tJio con3i;;neo, I'enr.its issued by th« 
Director cT Aj^riculture caall D^ieciry tho troataent t^iich shall 
be ^-Ivon f.o co:r,iodlty or contaiiior or vo' Icle na a condition 
'f entr:' '^ :' -.ntorial i'or v,' ' -'• 'omit is requested, 

i'7'ovi3ion _4, i'ei-Gons contonplatinr; tiie innortinc or 
brlnji:-^, ii^uo L ;o otat-j cj." Jaliroraia ox cotton lint, linters, 
wcrte., 07/eo )in£;a, anriplos, or any foiia of \ai3Tinnuract\ired cotton 
frori m-iy o;-,hcr atnto ^f t'- Unltod Gtr.toc nhcll first nake 
application to tie Director of Agriculture for a nonait to do 
80, otfitin<3 In tlio aipllctitlon tho nar.:e and address of the 
e.xiortor, tiio locality Tron w}iich t'.ie ahlpnent is to be r.iade,- 
tho ainoimt of tho linportntion, the tomilnnl point of delivery, 
and tho na::e and nddrooc of the Importer in tl.o lltato of Cnll- 
fomla to liiam. the pcrsnit sViOuld bo sent. Pc-iits issued by 
the Diroctor of A,/ricultvj?o chnll spocl.'y troat-.-ient nliich shall 
bo , ivon oor^;odity or contr.inor or vo^.lcle an n condition of 
entry T r'.ntorini >" ' '"'■■ ■>o-!Tiit is roouostoci, 

i'-'Ovi:"loy: o, Jot-:on oeod oa!:o a;ul cotton seed : loal 
and t'..o sac: a ov othlTr contalnoro In which a -vie nro nhlp-isd, 
v/ill bo adnitted into tho State of California fron any of 
to Un.'. tod 3tr>to3 inly when c -nh C'^t:;on Good by-products ".nd 
their coiitainorc i..-»c froo Troii liiolo cotton good and i^aen ac- 
coMpi-micd by a certlfinato of tlic duly authorised nlant q\uiran- 
tine inn->ectlon ofliclpl of ttio state of ori(:in ostablishinc 
tho fnct "irt t^.o nachs or other contaiiiors nro new or h.^ve 
not .-rovioucly boon ;-i3©d to contain seed cotton, cotton aeed 
or cotton seed by-productc. 

Provialon £. dxce it as provided in . rovirlon 5 hereof, 
ba^„inii; anC othor wrTipin,; raid containors that "..avo been sed 
in con:-.ection with seed cotton or cotton aeed or In tho baling 
of cotton, cotLon ov cotton v/acto or In tV.o :ia:iufacturo or 
lia-n.^llng of cotton seed by-products or aro contrminated 
with cotton or cotton products x'jroEi any atato of the United States 
are ;oroby yrohibited unless a por.iit Jiaa first boon secured froa 
the .director oi" A;_;rlc\dturo, 3uch burlap or other x^abrlcs shall 
be sliippod via all-water i-oute to docl.jnRted California oorts 
and upon arrival thereof shall bo vacmiii fUTilcatod in an' approved atl on ch.".r;ber -nin^i; a dostii^c ccl-.edulo of Tour ounces of 
liquid hydro cyanic acid . ao per one hvcidred cubic feet of chaobep 
spcce for a noriod ^f one hour, such c^s to bo injected In a twenty- 
seven inch Moreurldl vacuun and vacmun mfiintslned throu^-hout tine 
of o;:por\u'0, ~n lieu of zxicli treatment such burlnp or other 
fabrics nay be allov/ed r.ovev.en t to a ccnvorcion nill v/.^lch '.las 
first bean approved in writing by tiie Director of Africultup* 

as liavlnc u-om^x- Juclliilcn for prompt couvopalcn of ffuoh 
"our-lnp or other fa'ji'lco Into papei* or otlior convcr-lon as the 
^Iractoi' :.a-' a.>p]'0vc. r..o liJiportatlon into and all novonent, 
troatv-ont and converolon of such burlap or other fabrics within 
the stc'te of CLaifoiixia shtO.! bo Uiidor tho Jurladictlor. of the 
Director, hla dooxity or Inc^octor and no such burlap or other 
ff."brlcE o\.cll "borioved for any purpose v-Iifiteoovor except under 
am s-iibject to c nditlona prCBCrihcd by tho autliorlEod 3tate 
riant ^xinraiitlr.Q Officer lavinc jurisdiction tlicroof ao herein 
-.rovidod, i-'orcions contcnplr.':1.n,: f. c Inportlnc or brlnrlng Into state of California of nny audi bacclnC ' r other fpbrlcs ra 
Voretoforo desoribod in tills prcvialon, shall firct applica- 
tion tc U.o Dii'octor of Ai^riculturo for a -lorilt to do so, stating 
in t\\e G->pllcatlon tho nanc and address of the exporter, the 
loc.".l::.ty' -^roM '.v:dch f.e rJ.lpraent is to be :iide, dio natou-e and 
BJiount of tlie i:-:portntlon, t*'W3 r-xxi-ltiuo port of entry In Cr>ll- 
fcrniln, and t.o lu-uio and liddrosa of tiio importer in tho state of 
C'lllfnrnia to virion tlio permit should be sent. 

Provision 7. Cotton i:innlne or cotton nllllnc; riachlnery 
that has provlouiily TTeon ..sod In the cin'-'lnc or iiilllinc of aoad 
cotton or cottovi scod or cotton need by-proiiucts, in any state 
of th.c United Statoo will bo adrr.ltted into the stats of Cali- 
'o-nla r.uhjcct t and only '2idor tho follovAi^ req-jlronontn j 
iperoona contor>olatln£ the i;.-,.'ortlnc or brln.;lnf' into the state 
of Callforaia of any s\ich y^ichinory as :.o--*oto-'orc onuiiorated In 
this orovision, shall first xaalio applicatiou to tho Director of 
Agriculture ^^or a or:ilt to do so, stating: in the appliet.tlon 
tho naic r^id adurocs vL' thr5 exporter, 11.. > locality frora vj!.ieh 
the ohl'iriont is to bo -.nude, the nature and iciouiit of tlio inporta- 
tion, t^e tor-inal point of dollveiy, and tho naiic rJid address 
of the in sorter in tliO state of California to i*iom tho penlt 
should bo' oent, -Huny and all shlpncnta of cuch ;:achino.-y :is 
herotoforo jnunerated in this roLUlatlon Iriportod or broucht 
into tho str.tQ of California undor authority of ponalt l^jcuod 
by tho Director -'- Acriculturo sliall liavo nttachod to each 
chipno-t a corti-icnLe flirnod by tixc official ontoriolo/lst of 
tho stato froa '.iiicli s-acl-. i.lpnont vaz ;.ade, showin^ the iruriber 
of tiC pornlt to l:.r)ort aiu: oottinG forth the facL that all the 
cotton Ginnin,: or cotton uillii^c ..lachlnory ;Lnc,ludod Ln tho ship- 
nent had been oloaiiad and :\u.'.lcat9d with hy:..rocy:mlc acia ^as 
before be In:" loaded for ship::icut, tixe date and place of fuid^a- 
tion, arj." t'O anount of cyrnidc used in tho fumlcation of the 
s^ilp-'cr.t oovorod by tha certlfioato. Any oiid all sliiprientc of 
cotlon iiriinc or cotton :-;illlr.:- :.;achinery not acoo:ar)anicd by 
a oortiflcnto as -jrovldod for In tliis ror^ilatiou shall be refused 
adnittanco Into tiio statu of Calif or.ila, and upon t'.io arrival of 
any jucli machinery without a certlfioato ao provided for, the sxiall be l-iriodiitely sent out of tlic state at the expense 
of the ov-Ticr, consignee or tizont. 

for ilchla 

r^-ovlsion 8. Cotton picking: bacs thrt hnVO been \ised 
L or harvest ln_ cotton in any stato or tervitory of the 

Iftiited Statoc or any cotton plcklni.- baca fiirt hcvc cot-on lint 
oi- cotLon aeod in or u-ion or nOlierint;; to tlie aro lere.y 
• roh'bltocl fron cnto;-ixv t^c oti 'oO oT Cnllfomla, and upon the 
ai-rlvcl or any rxicli cotton rdc'.rinc baco, as q\xa?antinsd acalnst 
in thlc oroclar'^tion, tViO aa o simll bo l:.t->edlrvtcly sont out cx the 
stato or dectroyod at tlio bptlon and oxpenao of tt:a omior, con- 
'l-neo or a-ent; -I'ovided . uaod cotton picV.ln;;, bacs c&rriad 
or"otherwi30 brovv^it into tlic atate of Calirornia throurJi a 
bordoi" quQi-nuhli.o stotion .-.aintalnod hy tlxC otate of CRliromla 
nho-K' ''nr.ili'..icr as-c avail.".' lo for storlllzation, laay bo admitted, 
-'-oTldod the said plcldnc ba^^s aro L-oiiersad for not loss than ten 
kinutea in bollln; v.p.tor, cold ntorillEation to bo ,:lvcn at cuoh 
border qiui-nntinc otr^tioue an.: under the irvodlato ?.nd <-Urect 
su->orvirlon of t" o marontlne Incpoctor at such station, -al 
o-Aenne ixrd laboi' c'nnoctcd with the storilizatlon cf cuch cotton 
"IclJLr." ba.'-s clia.ll bo borne by tixe owner or ouaiers or poraon op 
persons in'c.harcc of saiio. Any failure or rofuaal by the OTmer 
ov -lorson in ^or;r.osGlon of such nicking:, ba^n arriving at mich 
bordor* cnrerar-.t ".no station to sterilize sucli bacs, to the satla- 
fncfonVf the rurraiitine in5!:)Gctor at such Etntl^n, ohall result 
In rvcl -ilchinc ba^B bein^, refused ad::iittanco Into the utcte of 
Calirornia, and either Irj.odl&toly sent out of the ctnto, or 
destroyGc", nt iho option and oxponso of the owner or party in 
jossoeclc;-. .-. ; ■e. 

x:'bvi:.lon 0. hrllroaL" cnrr th..-t "ifivs been usod for 
the trann mortal ion oT" aood cotton, cotton lint, cotton seed, 
or cotton' seod hulls, riuot l::v,icd lately upon arrival at '^r.A- 
'"omin .jr.intr bo co dAi^lnfootcd or cto:'illECd c-.n "o rerovc all 
posciblc dim-9r of Infcrtntlon of the Ler.lcan boll weovll, and 
variotioB tlicroof, or the T-<lnl: bollwoin nnd tborcu. hlr cleaned 
of all cotton seed, or cotton oeod hulls, and such cotton seed 
o- hill'' 3 c: all be bumod upon re: -.oval fron t":? err. Any nnd 
-J.1 -uch care fcimC. nt any -.oint in California containin.: cotton 
Beod or cotton o -^d hulls in or upon caiy of the parte thereof, 
shall bo anf^-nablo to all tho -rovlclonr of t'lla nroclai-Jition,- and 
shall bo -laced iu ov^rrnt ^r.o by tlie airoctor of Agriculture, his 
de-uty o^'dc^.utioc, "or Gtrt Plant Quarantine Ofilcers, until 
o.-aic car '^aB boon d .is Infected or sterilized to the satisfaction 
of the -niaronllno officer i^clilr^ ti;e i!:cM:5Ction ".nd the said 
cotton seed or cotton seed hullo destroyed, 

Ih-o vision 10. 3oanlGh-nosa C Tlllandsia usnooides ), 
ilnnts end al.l '-.n'rta*nicroof, in a fresh vojetativo str.te, is 
prohibited nr^iitLaiico int.-. the Stfte of California as packing 
or ctlicrwiso, 

Ko roatrlotiono nro nlacod by this provision on tlio 
outx-^ Into Giillf^'nla of no-called "vocot.<ible hair," Wiicli has 
been ^:>oceanod by I'ettinc and limine, or on any other product 
made frori ooanlsh-inoaa v/aich is rianufacturod or processed in a 
nanner and by :-£it\\o'. sat.Lsfactory to the Director, de.mty 
or inspector to ollsinate the cotton boll weevil. 


Provision 11, Autonoblles, antonoblle trailers, 

truclcs, aa'a ot\\cr voTTTcIgs, baccatje, onl^rant :.:ovabl8S', personal 
ef£oets, fnrc-JLnc i:iplc?nontc, or other field apj-liances, used 
housGhold elTocta, hor^oeliold Iriplen'ints, onritjinc effects and 
oonpl;Tc Inpleiicnta arriving: in- t'le Gt'itc or California froia 
the States cf Alabaria, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georci*» 
Kcn'cuclty; Louisiana, f.insl.isippi, J.^ir,souri, ilew '.exico, llorth. 
Cnrollna, Okla'iona, 3out!i Gnrollna, Tonnesceo, Texas and 
Vlrrlnia, sh.nll be placed in qi-iarantlne by the Director of 
A;3ricTxlturo, 'lin do.'Uty oi' dR;:nition, or Ctratc Plant ''.narantin© 
Cfflcers of the district or coixnty into w'llch such vehlcloo, 
articles or CO V >oditioa aro Innortod or brcfiijht, Mntil it has 
boon uotoriiined by iJinpootlon tlint aarie aro free from the 
hexlcan boll weovil, or variotlos the roof, or tlio pinlc bollworm, 
end otJior artlclos qvarantinod against in this proclnnation. 

The adr.iissibillty into the State of California of 
any articles or corm^.odlty covoi'od by t!io foreiolnc rejjulations 
Eljill bo ."urthcr subject to t ; provisions of &nj other quaran- 
tine r^ales or reflations nor in force or which nay hereafter 
bo proEtulf-.atod, 

■..■hen t'ac iiecretary of A^-riculture of the United 
States shall r.avc j'ro'nil^atod nuarantlno roj^ulationa ovemlnc 
the intorsteto ::;ovor.iant fror-i any state or portion of any 
state, of cotton or cotton '.^roducts or any other article or 
coji'iodity reati'lctod by tho provisions of ti,ia quarantine, 
such rsijTAlatlons \)j the secretary of A^^ ricultvire shall sTiper- 
cede th.oso provisions and all nuch cotton op cotton products 
or other articles oi* cou'ioditios fron the i.reaa covered by 
ruch federal n'mranf-ne :r.ay enter t'lls state only :ln accordance 
with the re^nxietloni: of the Socretai^ cf A(;rioultuj:»oj provided , 
tlmt if at smy tlrae for any reason tlie a:- id regulations of the 
L^ocretary cf AcricultuiH3 are set aside or ai^ not enforced for 
any state or portion of any state of tho United States, then 
fill the -^rovinions :i3roln sot forth shall be in full force 
nnd effect. 

All deputies of the Director o^ Agriculture and all 
Stnte riant >aranti::o Ofi'lcers "ro !iereby e"po\7ored to carry 
out all t". e provisions of thi-: iroclarmt 'iOn, 

The foracoiix; provisions do not apply to the oxperi- 
iiients of the United "States ho-:ia?triont of A ;riculture in th« 
State of Call ornla. 

Thia r.uamntlno rroclsunatlon !Io. 5 nuporsedoa Quar- 
Rntino OiHlor Ho. 5 {Hov Scrloa) datod April 7, 1932, and 
shall ta"ke effect irdnodiately. 


li'o'ctox- ui '\, I'lcaltuiHS 


JUN 1 G 1339 



^xccutlDe ©cpartnicnt 


up 7,p5 




) J y I 





A./^ "^ 


^fxcrutioc ©cpartment 

^tarr of daliforiiu 

OF . 


I Jiways. 

:'5 ;:,e.av/ Jvay toll la cUic lar-fel 
• -openuonco Day ■iol!c"''" i-TAnM, 4-^4-„t" - , . ' 


•r''"-'?^^'."r."-;^' or.r boundnrles nre onto:- to ml'st 

'• ■ • -lot"-. 

iicrounto sot ;ay hand and 
caused tho Grout 3eal of 
Uie otate of Cnlirornir to 
be afrixod; this twonty- 
aeventli dn'r of /tne \ '" 
thousand nlr, ' *' ** 


^xcnitiDc ©rpartmcnt 

5tjrr ofdaliforiila 

n tho offlw of th« 8«CTtt«rTof State 


for chlltlren: reerec>t^ 

■ LOituti.;; _ ud usti of 
:in:i eroated recrr-'. '■J ->*» re; 
• ou. Q.'.-i re 3I lent". Is one of our 

1;- . >. 

'*t!'T'; ■ t! Tore: ' • 
actnary 0;' 
. - -^yrrou.-i'-'r,'', .. 
•vplo-ment of tho 

r h»roby 

• - St-.rte "*• C'l* -'-rr.'t. to 

b© r ■■ • .t. _ 

I-. Ut'v 

^xcfutiDe ©tpartment • '^^"^ 

Starr of daliforiua 


In the oMlce of ihelSei^etury of .SUto 
of the StatcLf iCalU' ml* 

FRAHK C jroroiU. Seodary ol Stote 
' i,cius.;.B«6nTr.iw>f 

Al-nondf <:-ptillar * n C llfornla Inasmuch rs 

■'•' ' * "' *' ' : re grovn here. 

': '"<'' rivr main o,--rloul ture 

I.': Uwirles and c Mitrlbutes Largely *-o the v;e;l' of 
C lirornlK ' n\ '•*!:■ .eorlr. 

- -:- '/i-- ; -1 .o;...; ro.,v.r.: ..f.;^ .tt . i " esiitc it:. 
?• bumuer crop which is now bein»j harvested. It Is 1 - 
portrnt that a retdy market be found for the sfcle of 
this crop so th! t growerr, -ackers and shlpvers Tirht 

roflt; ?o thrt e-i.)lornent ml^ht be ,'lven to th'usands 
o!" C-lir-T-^is v'or'tcers sn ' so th't the wefilTi of this 
St t <^ . 1 ■' '(int-e'Mallv 1 .creafied. 

^1 •■"' ■ : ■ •-* .■ rn-' ! , 71(.- f aiding 

o;i0 o! C-,llior lit; ' s 'i; Jor i-iou.-trles, nov/, therefore, 
I, Culbert L. Olron, Governor of Ct llfornla, do hereby 
proclaim the wee'.t bev'lnainf^ Jnly 17th, as "Almond 
Vi'ee't in C- ll'^omla" and i.irs;e nil reople to land '-heir 
aid in the Sale of C:illfornla eliuond's so thr.t this yesr's 

Cro: TlHV giPU-^n" f-ir^ '^ro^l •",',■ .ly hP SOld. 

n iVITfUESS RTitPEOF, I have 
hereunto set my hand end 
c. used the Grest Seil of 
the Stjite of Callfornlt to 
be afflxe.-! tils twe it"- 
aeventti day of Jime A.D., 
one thons.'tnd nine hnndrod 
;ind thirty-nine. 

.^l^aj^. V Pajdv^ 


^xcnitiuc Bcpartinciit 

^rorr of djlifornia 


Petitions signed by approxlmstely 737,000 
purrjorteo'ly qualified eloctorr of this stati. hnve 
heretofore bten prf-rcnted to me, requesting that 
I call a special sttte cl<ctJcn for a vote of the 
people en a prorosed constitutional emendment 
Initiated by petition making the same request, 
signed by 366,180 qualified electors and filed in 
the office of the Secretary of State, under the 
following title and £uminf.;ry of the general purpose 
■ nd points of said proposed amendment to the Con- 
stitution of the State of Calif crnie: 

"RETIREUEIwT ViARR/.NTS. Initiative Constitu- 
tional Amendment. Requires ?tatt issue weekly 
at least thirty $1.00 T;f.rrants for life to 
electors fifty y...;jrs olc, neither employer nor 
employee, redeempble annually in cash, 
provided stamps sold by State affiled thereon 
weekly; warrants receivable for all obligations 
dup State or political subdivisions, and some 
due therefrom. Incorporates Seles, U^e Tax 
Acts. Enacts 3% gro£.s income tax. Creates State 
bank to handle warrants ; made sole depository 
for all public funds; reruires |'20,Oo6,000 bond 
issue for initial capital. Permits Administrator 
proi^ose amendments, calling elections thereon. 
Creates Economics Board. Prohibits courts 
interfering v/ith administration." 

^ ., v.. ^"^®^ Article IV, Section 1, of the Consti- 

tutlcn, th-£ proposed amendment must be i?laccd UDon the 
ballot for £ vote of tht people at the next general 
election on the first Tuesday after the first Monday 
in November, 1940, unless a special election is duly 
called for a vote on the same prior to said general 

Article IV, Section 1, of the Constitution, 
provides that ^^hen an initiative petition is filed with 
the Secretary of State: 

"The secretary of st-.te shall submit the said 
proposed law or am^^ndment to the Constitution 
to the electors at the next su--:ceedlng election 
occurring subsequent to one hundred thirty days 

JxuTitiiic Bcpartmcnt 

^tJtf of California 


Page 2. 

"after the prerentation aforesaid of said 
petition, or at any spe-cial election called 
by the governor in hi? discretion prior to 
such general election." 

It is my duty to e-vercise the authority thus 
conferred upon me by the Constitution, with sovmd 
discretion and due consideration, not only of the 
requert of the proponents .-md their constitutional 
right to the initiative, but also the rights of all 
other electors; in order that the fullest possible 
opportunity shall be given for thorough consideration, 
discussion and action by all electors on this imnortant 
m< a sure . 

This proposed measure would make far-reaching 
changes in the Constitution of the state and vital 
changes in the whole taxation system under the present 
Constitution. It contains provisions of an experimental 
nature affecting the fiscal operations of state and 
local governments, and involves constituticn;!l questions 
under provisions of the Constitution of the United States. 
It, therefore, should be most carefully considered and 
fully discussed by the voters, dispassionately, 
unemotionally, upon the basis of reason only, and in the 
light cf all available facts and information that can be 

The icsues raised by this measure are such 
that they would overshadow all other state issues (and 
there will be a number of them) on the ballot at the 
General Election in 1940. Tiioy v.ould also overshadow 
consideration by the voters of the qualifications and 
principles presented by candidates for the important 
state and national offices to be voted upon at the 
19-40 General Election, including candidates for 
Presicent cf the United States. 

I am, therefore, convinced that it is wise 
and just and that it will serve to accomplish more 
intelligent operation of our democratic processes to 
h.ivt- fi special election on the nuestion of the adoption 
or rejection of this measure, free from its confusion 
with any other statewide issue. 

In that belief, I informally stated, when 
these petitions were formally presented to me, that 
I woulc cell a special election on this measure r-fter 
the adjournment of tho recent session of the legislature, 
and that I felt sure the date fixed therefor would be 
satisfactory to the proponents and to the people as a 

^xcnititic Bcpartmcnt 

5rarr of California 

Page 3. 

In fixing that date, consideration must be 
gxven to the fact that a similsr measure wan voted 
upon at the general election held in November of last 
year. If it were not for the fact that hundreds of 
thousrnds of people believe that a majority is now 
ready to accept thly mea.sure and that its adoption 
I'lt^'^r'^T'' ^^t^"" economic salvation and their permanent 
^^'■>-^^^ ^^^om the poverty, insecurity and distress they 
now suffer; and, if it were not for the far-reachinf 
na.ure of this measure and the Justification above 
stated for having it voted upon at a special election. 
I woulo lesve xt to be voted upon at the general 
election in 1940. b ^^ j. 

The Eecreta 
tion for a special el 
ninety days. The fir 
in November is the da 
accustomed to voting, 
one year from the dat 
voted upon by the peo 
occur, minimizing the 
on that date. 

ry of State 
ection will 
St Tuesday a 
te on which 
That date 
e when the s 
pie. Some lo 
expense of 

advises that prepara- 
require aparoxime tely 
fter the first Monday 
the electors are 
this year is only 
imilar measure was 
cal elections will 
a speciEl state election 

... ^^1 matters considered, I have decided that 
it is a proper exercise of my discretion to fix the date 
tm! nfr^^'"?'^-^ election for Tuesday, November 7, 1939. 
This date, I am told by many of the petitioners, is 
satisfactory to them. It should be satisfactory to all 
proponents of the measure, as well as all other voters 

.,, ^f^ fairnesi. and Justice to the proponents of 
this mea..ure, to all of the electors of th? state? and 
to my own conscience and intellectual freedom, I must 
^^^f'^J^r' r^^'* U^^t^'--'^ *^'^^^ ^ informally innounoed 
^/elT^r^^ ^^ l^^^ this special election; that it mu3t 
not te inferrea from this call that I be] ieve this 

™^^n™'^i7rf,^^^\'?'' ^^""^^ ^^ adopted, it ^ould work to 
accomplish the objectives of its proponents. 

I am thoroughly in sympathy with and I shall 
continue to work, as I have heretofore worked, for 
those objectives, that is to say: for the social 
security of all citizens; for relief from econoD.ic 
submergence, poverty, and distress of so large a portion 
of our ropulrtion expressed in the demands which the 
proponents of this measure believe they can realize by 

Paye 4, 

^xcnitivic Bcpartiiitiit 

6t3rr of Galifoniia 

The demand for old age retirement and security 
ir. a vital issue throughout the nation. 

Th-t demand Is manifested In this and other 
movements appealing to the distress of the aged, the 
unemployed, and the under-employed. 

The platform on which I was elected recognized 
that fact, and affirms that for uniformity, equity and 
fiuancirig, old cge pensions in their entirely should be 
provided for and edminlsterfcd by the F flerr"! Government. 

r woulii be false to my own conscience and 
sen.':e of duty if I failed to here express my belief 
thet, if adopted, this measure would fall to achieve 
its oLjectlves, would disappoint the hopes of its 
supporters, and would retsrd instead of aiding our 
nrogress to a better economic order. 

T must also state that there are previsions 
wi. tli rtgard to tlio use of unstamped warrants for legal 
payment of taxes and other obligations, which the 
judicial branch of the governra'^nt may hold to be Incon- 
sistent with certain provisions of the Constitution of 
tht Uniled Etstes. Hov.ever, the act provides that if 
any one or more sections are helo unconstitutional, 
other constitutional sections would not thereby be 
-^rCj •I'll; and there are other sections -vhich may be 
.:eld constitutional. 

It is the right of the petitioner? to propose, 
and the right of tht- electors to adopt this measure if 
that i;; the will of a majority of the people. It is 
thri.t right that I respect and shall protect to the limit 
of my powur against any obstruction to its exercise. 

V;ita iiiis exolanatory statement, T, 
CULBliRT L. OLCON, Governor of the State of California, 
by virtue o£ the? authority vC'stod in me by Article IV., 
Section i, of the Constitution of the J'tnto of -^or:; J ' , 
1> hereby call and proclaim a special election to be held 
throUj^hout the State of California on Tuesday, the 7th day 
of November, 1939, at which election tnera will be submitted 
to thrt qaallflPd elector:; of said state for adoption or 
rbjtiction in accordance with tht; provisions of Section 1 
of Article TV, of the Constitution of said state, that 
Certain initiative measure proposed by initiative petition 
filed with the Secretary of State and bearing the title and 
suiaintiry above set forth. 

$xcfutiV)c Bcpartmcnt 

StJtr of California 

Page 5. 

And I do hereby offer a reward of Ono Hundred 
Dollars for the arrest and conviction of any and everj' 
oerson violating any of the provi::.lons of Title Four, 
Part One, of the Penal Code, or of Division aIV of the 
Elections Code, whichever be in effect; such rewards 
to be paid until the total bmount hereafter expended 
for the purpose reaches the sum of Ten Thousand Dollars, 

IN WITNKSi-, V/HLRiiOF, I have 
hereunto set my hand and caused 
the Great Seal of the State of 
California to be affij<ed hereto, 
this first day of July, A.D. 
one thouisand nine hundred and 




^.^j:hWiiM OF STi'XL 

Deputy tjocretai-y of/ State. 


l ilB^«WlMPH> p^Bpiplw^ M l i l w^lWw>»» »w 

' t>*J 



W. H Ml 

BunrAu bF plant ouAnANTiNC 

D. B. Tackle 


pcjjartuunit uf ,i\t^riculturi 



Lri'oct Lve 

oO oVVtsO u J. Ow^. 1.U "CCVil 

. , . ■ . ..ti i'C .J . (JO.. ; . Ined iv' ^ _ -Irector 

•leultxire . secL Injviriaua to sweet potato tubers 

-1... iiweot r50tat J i uiLa, 'inov/n as the swoet potato weevil 
( C:-lii3 rarirl ja.riu;j . lal-.), new to arul not heretoloro ^jrevalent 
or dlsti'lbutod ill t!.c atate oL' Caliroriiia, exists In L'le states 
Df i'lorlua a;.'., i'oxar ; f'.nc in L. at ^jortlon ol the state of 
Loulslaiia iiouth oi ' . juUi boundary ol' the parishes oi' Vei'non, 

..up Ides, .vo,.'-.lleo ricordla; ui-.d in certain counties of 

the stat J8ls8li>pl, to wit: Jackson, Harrison, Ilsuicock, 

Tearl Klw... ,, iikt,, Jonoi;, Joffert-in Davis, Lawrence, 
.althall, Marlon ar.l 3tone; and in cortaln ccamtles In the 
atato ji' ;.laba_,ia, lo \/lt: "jaldv;in, 3onc o-^i aiid Iioblle; and In 
certain cavmtloa in the state of Georgia, to .•itj Gojaden, 
Charlton, Clynn and i'.'iouas; all jf whioh bein^^ herolnafter 
rcfcrrd lo as IfLfcstod terriwOiv, a-id Lhat 3W3-3t .ot'ito tutiers 
iijid yuiis ( l^>o:jiooa batatrs ) and parts tijerooi" and s^'foet potato 
Ijlonts, vlnoE, CLiLti;i,_^a, dra?/s aiiJ slips, and r. online; glories 
( Iporaooc; a'l.i Jojivolvvil :3 iJ.-v;. ) Are liable to be caJ'-'lers of 
said Dv/oot potato . ': .-l' '.r.t let:' ' -inrv-lse J ree frora 

oah; \,ccvii; 

clared necessary in order 

,1 - - - . 

oX said swoot j.itato v.eevll Into 
it a -jvarantlne be anu t e sai^e is 
jundarlea of tue state of Jalllornla 
i>jvialoME s)f joctljn 106 of the A^ri- 


'■••»■ •■■>■■■ 

to prevent tne introduction 
i. iC stui.o of Cal If Oi'in.i , !.'. 
•lereby cstahli.nhed at 
in accor-dutice with ti. 

caltiu'al Jodo of the state of California against t.-.a 
sweet "Otato weevil ( C/ylas f uriiiicarlu:.. i'ab.), sveet 
tubers arid 2>-ai. s ( Ipomooa baLata.s } aiid parts tiioreol , sweet 
lotato ::ilttnt3, vines, cuttin<_3, draws a-id slips, ax.d iaorning 
glories ( looruooa utkI donvolvulus 3pp.), 1; .ported, shipped jr 
brou;3!it froi.. all states and .hlstricts of the United States 
aru' no such .luaits a- libcrii >v pai'ts thereof shall be .er- 
, It tod to pass ovor to luarantlne lines so heren established 
ruid iroclaii •' , '.- '■ ' rubjcct to t c allowing 


I'sx>vlnlo:;. I, r.vfeot .otuto tuberr Oi-d ya.;a { Ipomooai 

baLattis ) u:..' .^arta "tjorooi", awoot potato plante, vine*, 

^--;^ivolyuli-ia o.'y,) Uxat .lav* boon ^rown, ^jtickod or atoretl In 

w. .c c.;_.; ^Jil'oatoii tcrriloi^y tire uereb proaibitod e: tiy Into 
3a-. i:. or;,. Si rop uiiy .nir^foec ^.:.;^tBoovo^ «U'i.; any .va-ii rol-ii'^ltod 
arfcicleB Arriviis-, in v.-aiior, li. fr-^a t:i& fluid ir;roatoU. tcrrl- 
toi'jr a'lail l>o 1 clj sent out of tlao Qtalo or doatroycd 

.:..o« of tiio ownar or u^mc^^, liie or 

at f.{2 iption ic-i. . . 

■-.■ r©3.}0n»ibla agents, 

i.ravlai'j}; ^, ;^;v/oet ;,»otttto tiibora aaid yaus ( aiw 

bututu. 3) iiixi jarta tTcrooI, owoot .otuto :il.i;.La, vinos, ou 
^^a-.:;: ;•.: > eli^io '^-lilch aavo not bocr. <-.rown, ^xttckou oi- ctorod In." 
^'•<^- ~ :st€h.i territ . V . o Into California, 

uiJcLor r'jvisilan Siull bear an ofi'lclrO. ocrtiricato ::L iiod 

b;' t -t! .'.ay uutlioriaod b.c.iotlon oiilotal si" t'.iO otnte in" 
v.'Iiloh Bi«iG jrl,^li=utOB oatubilaliixi^. t-^u fact U^at all :.-At©riiil 
ooi.'.silned In t; o lot or a:ili-)i.ei t \;ss :;rovirt, :aclcod an>I otorod 
In a '.■iBt^iot froo frcea ewcot ^'Otafco uetvil, ouch oortiris&t© 
s:iull otcto tue n\;.-i>©r ^' paCcacos In ti;e aMpiW.nt, wnorc To^m. 
t:io nm;i© a. id tw'Jroos 3f ti;o ^ovror, tii« na.* w;d oddross of 
t ^6 s;il;jiK;r, I .;iiit 1' ehi,:Mxr.t, f..o toiv.luc:. -jolr.t of 

dellvoi-/ ttiid ^ .u ;;«i.i«i uM adii.re88 of t:.c consl^iioo. .'. co^.y of 
5-acii cortiileato oliuil bo i:ua.ll&'d by shlr;>or, in lidvoTiCe of 
rs4l...:io ■, : '-.'QOlor •.>? Ai^i'lcultv . ', .oranci'.to, Cjallfomlft. 

.11 lote Qp s2ilpjaotit8 of t'.jo nrtlolca oiiun- 
vi^ion wjpriviii;; In CaUfornla r/ltiiout ti^ 
. Idod Tor ahu.l be -. jaodlctoly cent out of 
-. '/od at t;.t; jfvtla^ ax;d ©;qion«o of t^.o owner 

.r t :Gir resi-ioiiijlbic ji^octo. 


u.'.e otvi^^v 

^v ovau.'r:. 

..ereo.. , ;: 

t:"0 r ■ :io 

. i .. ^i". 4..;. .-J ./w4 . ._ 

:its i_. 


i'ovidod in i'rovlclon 1 

*' » ' . < i 'II. ii» H I i | « ■ ■ I I «» . » * r' 

u'^ ^..ia-.rt z'eslr. 'Ul-.xi '.in- .or tli* 

c u;:Uil8albLlity Into t;«3 eti&to of Callfornlfi. of 
any .utlw^w ^r oocs;;0'.Uty O'jvorcd b/ t>jc i'orO'^.oinii; ^/rovlelon* 
e;^ll Ijo Turtuor atibjcct to i. -.a ^r-ovitsiojio if urry otlicr iUc-.r- 
j.l-ljiO .rod. ■' £ vr ro.Mlationa now In foro« or V.^lcdi ...^ 

, .oroaTter be 


.o.!ul,lec . Irc'Otoi' ^i-loulture ai-^ ull 

.vtatc -l:i..i> v.iii'cmtluo v/i. laoro are ..orelT^- e:.vO\'orod to enforc« 
Sill to .•rovislona or t 'ts ••roclftiueLtloii* 

•Jills novlaod ^imranti o iix)cla.^tlon l-o, i,M:?or8©de« 
.waresitli-JB i i'ocla ;'..tion ::o, J (neviso-l), iatoU Lluy 11, 1037, 
suiiJ (jiiall toloj of foot l.i odiateiy. 



liij'octor .'i -i!, rlcult\y© 


voiii r ■ i -o ijtlfcte of Jallioi^J.* 




^xcfutiOf ©cpartincnt 

^tJfr ofdaliforiija 


liilB,^d: und ii'tor.mtiorml exposition on ^JreaauJe 

n3 "Ida;.o"i:;:i:"'i;;">^j;;:!7^/;^;^y f * •■-« been aet aside 
^■tntc; and ^" •'C>^'<^i ^f tho former realdonta of that 

or Ida;.i;aloS^ Klth^^?:^::J^^V,f: :'°^tolfsen, Covernor 
'any ro 

!0, alone ^^itli members of "hl^ .rr, 7 ?°?' Lovorno 


"•0!.:., I, Culbort L. Ol! 

Calif cinila, do hereb4 nrrrilVrr^tl ''■^''°"' Governor of 
tc yl.It Treasure IsLna'on ^^1^^*'^.^''^^°"^^ "f' ^^a 
,ual:itancoo n-.i.i to nld n.TJ^7L*r^° ■^®"°^'' ^l^ 


nroat i'alr. 



IN V.Il'iffiGS V.KEKoOI', I have 
liepounto 3ot niy haAd and 
caiiaoa the Groat Soal of 
hA°o-^?^",°^ Millfornia to 
clt' o^^ J,!^ '^'i^ twenty-first 

sanu nl2ic hundred thirty- 
nine. •' 



^xmm Brparrnirnt 

^tatc orejliloriiia 

Of TFT- ^ , 

7f(. c 

i: ii p L A I.i A 

nar.ynatSiai^^'Li'^f?[^,^^^"™"t, States, Cities ^d 
air ro,;r©3s; and ■"" J-usive for the observance of 

Orvllle and "llS,ir''wrrht^'?ertfr'-S«Tr T^^^^^^"' 

alx.ays"r^L°"fr^^J:;;:^-- ^^*« e.tenalve cor^^erclal 
border, anc^ fron thl« ^21^ ? coast, and border to 
tiie world, anJ ^ "*"°" ^^ '''^"i' °thor natlona of 

inc.«a.l., of co,^ ^SaTa^id^^SJa?: Si.:^;::j 

-an to fiy^^VuKUdrjrcoll'' *'"'"^"^' 1^'00<^ :-unc 
and th re Is, a.c a le-ult . ? ^-V ''"'^ ^^y^ -choola^ 

uoue inceaae of u. na^Sonirfer^^JlT^LSJtJ^^f^- 

t^-eso do;;elo^"ent: ^nf^^sf of't^^'' ''1?}' ^ ^^-^^^ of 
further exrono Ion of Itfjlyln "J^cuImI^''.''" ^'"^ ^"^^ 
reoearcli and defence; ^■^<>^-^"< lacllltlas lor ooramerclal. 

the ;)tnte of 
the ;)erloil of 
Air '-ro^Tflas 
the citizens 
for Its loc; 1 

,jf>l-lod IXE It 

all citizens 
knowled'j* of 
pay trlLiite t 
air projjrear 

JlOl-OlOl'O, I, 

('"allf ornla , d 

^opte-nbei- 11 

Period," for 

oi this :^tnte 

oi.aervance a 

may find moat 

to portlclvat 

aviation, Ita 

o the mon an.i 


^"^^^ ^: "^°"' Governor of 
^J i.ereby doal.nate and ..roclalm 
ta to 241.h lncli,aive, 1939°^ 

the obaervance of air pro^roaa by 
aiid I ask each com- unity to LlL*. 
Ufa day or days In thT&njol^i-l^ ^ 

convenient a^d fittl^t^^^f ^^'J ^ 
o in bieao events to obtain a Iu3i.« 

Pr-oblema, ita advonta ea, and t^ 

wo,.en wlio have nade Americana 

3£xcfutitJC department 

ir'tatf of €j|iroriii.i 


IN Vi'ITNTSt . !ii;!i:OF, L hav« 
hereunto set my hand and 
caused tho >Jr.-^at Seal of tlio 
State of California to te 
affixed thlB twonty-flrst 
day of Au not, 1939, 

GovEijjos 01 cALJtForA'lA 


By C^^^^JL^. 
Deputy >^/ 

^xcfutiuc ©cpartment 

^tatc of eaiifornia 






'i I J a 


.^.!h^ w',.t..rn pert of tho (Jnlt«d . 'at f^, ? ' "." *" '^'^ °*'^^^"« ^' 
ftt^r.df.nce ct thl .-r-r.- „>• - , V^ ^"* "'"•^ '^^ derived from 

uo vornby proolei^tir'^Bvi* J"tn^,''!.^;.°^f'r' ^O'"'^"'''- ^>f Celifornlr, 
vl.It th« lo-ao ..,,...:.! ^; .'.""" cordlelly Invite etch of you to 

vl.It t);el03c,uirorr,iK;.t«t"Kjr: 

opt .:y hend an« cused tn. Groat ceel 
of th^ ..t6te Of Cuiif-^rnU, to be efflxr,' 
tM« twenty-rdnth dcy of Au.-ust. 1" 
OHM thousand nine hundred -. nc. 

k^ z^^^^X 

$xcrutiV)c Bcparniicnt 

^tatr ofCjliforiiia 


or TH 

• ;50 1939" 

f •■ $ 



I"* 4' 

/6 ^../qS'S 




W B Parker 



SACRAMENTO ^^-I'^^^^^'fT' »^V , 

■iUAiuiTTiiiE pROOL-uy^TioN ijo. G (r:::vised) 

Portalnlut: to Vetcli v/oevil 
Lffoofcivo on Olid of tor i^ust 25. 1039 

vail'TCiAU. It has been doterninod by tho Director of 
Acriculturo timt li^ insect liijurlovia to vetch ^e^. J^'Own^* 
tSo votch »/oevll ( pruchus bruchlalls), new to anu not hereto- 
fore -.rovolont In t!u) lit'ate or Oaiiion:la, exists in the 
;?atos of l)clav7aro, Georgia, l^l'^^l^. ,"«' J'^^'^r ^'S*^ ^ 
Carolina. Ore on, Ponxisylvanla, South Carolina, Virginia and 
SiSton, nil Sf «iilch are Includod in and ^^^relnafter 
referrod tS as infosted territory, and that vetch seed is 
liable to be a carrier or oald vetch weovll; 

HOW. T!n2R:ii''0Iir:, it is declared no ce saury In order to 
nrevo-t Va I'tro'-oiction of tlio said vetch weevil into the 
Stale o—3rllfo^-la that a iuarantiue be anJ tlxo sane is i.ereby 
estSli^hoi at th. boui.dario8 of Gallfornia, in accordance 
Sfth the Sovisious or section 100 of the Acricultural Code 
of I .o 3tuto of Califc-iviia ujair.-at said ^«tchveovllanc. vetch 
see? rovm in. or slilp )ed ^r brouclit from said ln^®»<^od terri- 
loT- i-° no votch weevil ( Bimchua bracSiialis ) and no vetch seed 
shS.l^e 1 ei'!it?ed to -,as3-373rTli .auarantlno li-«« ^^Jj^ 
08tt:ai3hed Ja^.l jrocial:.;od erccept -under am euujeot to the 
followiuc piTOvieionsj 

rrovision !_. Kestrlctiou_s . 

Votch sood Which has been L-rown in f «^^PP»|^fr?° 
t^ifl said irJ^oatou tor.-ltory will be adnitted into the State 
of C^^ ifor-ia only ^>rovldlnc oacii ^hlpr.ient or lot of such seed 
?3 ao^coSSued ir/ a cortif icato ci.ned l^- a duly authorized 
lJs^oc?ion ofricloL of tho state of orl in, ^^J^^^^S^^J^ 
Kial all vetcli sood in tho ohlpxiont or lot iiao been furu^atea 
I^ accordlice v;?th Fx-ovision 2 hereof and has not ^•^^«p?»«^ 
to oos?-troat;.;ont i^^ostation OR that suolx "^Jf « ^°^*J^^i. 
and* aliiTi )cd from a non- infested area in aocordanofc wltli frovl- 
Son 3 S?ooiT iV?l such certificate, ^st show t.xe and 
^°"tit-, of seed cor.t.anod in the shipn^ent or lot, car nuriber 
S identlfylr^ rmrks, iianner of 8hipi.-^nt, narae and aadress of 

shlppei', noi^ie and addroas of consl^ee and the locality where 
crown. T.\e orl^.lnal muat be attached to t ^e way bill or bill 
of ladln^; and a duplicate copy oont to Director of A^ri- 
cultiare, oacroiuonto, Calil'ori'-la, at tino of ahip:.;ent« 

Provision 2. 

l''ui'iir:atlon Cortiflcates. 

Certificates of furil^atlon siust certify tliat no lean 
tlmn 12 ounces of aodiun cyanide per lOo cubic feet of space 
was used in an alr-tijit ojr.talner for a. period of twenty-four 
hours at a te/-:porature of not leaa than GO de^reos Faiirenheit, 
oizcopt tluit if tlio Oiroctor of A^^ri cul tviro , aftor the effective 
date of tUla Froclai.iatlon, determines that vetcli seed may be 
satlsfacooi'ily treated by anotlier uiothO'.., cortlfyln>_; officials 
may Isouo certificates afririrJ.n[: suclx alternate treatment aa 
tjao Director lias approved. 

?:-ovicion _3. Gortiricatoa PrOjiii I?on-infested Areaa. 

V/hon It lias been deterained by annual official ourveys 
tliat an area of any otabo in t-.c sai>_. infoatod territory is not 
iiifostod by tlic aaid vetcli v/eevll and providing adequate pro- 
tection la afforded by such state a£;ain8t the entry of vetch 
weevil into such non-iiifostod aroa, the Director of Agriculture 
nay, upon receipt in wi'ltir.^; of proper evidence from the 
authorized officiul of audi state, je:"..iit tiie entrj' of vetch 
seed which lo certified as boi;.^ i^royta in and sliipped froju such 
non-infestod area, 

Provlaion J[. Hold l|jr Inspection . 

Vetch seed adnlsaiblo fro;:i tlvo said iiiTestod territory 
\ander the foro^ol:\;. provisions or when orl;^inatii^ in areaa 
outside of tlie said infested torrito3?y i^aiat upon arrival in 
California, be liold by ooLaaon carrier a^onta and not delivered 
to oontii^iOe or a£:ent until inspected tu.d passed by a State 
x-lant ^uai'aitl:ie orficer. 

'fiio adi;ii8aibility into tlie State of California of 
any article or co::i':-odl ty covered by tlie foro^,oin»- provisions 
shall be furtriei* subject to the provisions of any other quor- 
toitino procltu/jitioi.o or regulations now in force or wjiioh laay 
hereafter bo ■.•roriulr-ateu. 

Do2;>utios of the Director of A£pr'icult\ire suid State 
Plarjt i,v.arant li o Officers are Hereby empoYrorcd to enforce the 
provisions of this proolaiimtion. 

rills rovlsod :imrantli;e Procleu-iatlon lio, 6 8UT:)©r«ede« 
^uarantxjio F:'ocla:.uil:lon Ho. 6 (Revised), dated Scpteniber 14 
1937, Ljid Oiiall toko effoot liit-uedlatoly, * 

Irootor ol^ Agrl culture 


Governor of t]io SMte of iJalirornri 


MG 2 b 1939 

^xcrutiiic ©cpartmcnt 

State of djiiforiiia 

,1 . f '-'V 

-f: ?.HtY 



Jxcfutioc ©cpartinciit 

Store ofdjlifornia 

••0 tr. 



a£xcnjti\)c Bcpartmcnt 

5tJtc of California 



h^M-i^ 1 1 2 

t.iire edltorlnl nttltudis toivnrd 

ly arm, it is fitting 

•:, Crovrnor of 

' to 14th, inclusive, 

''-"1 I hfive hero- 
• , : ; ::d and oeused the 
i.T'd^t ^oul or the State of Cellf- 
OT-nie to b" offired this fou-ptenBth 
dry of fc'eitomber, A.D. one thoue-i 
hundred thirty-nine. I 

-.v^t «i „., 

^A.v \ . Xw/'VUi^^ 




^xcrutiDc Bcpartiiiciir 

;^tjtc of (£.iliforiiia 


'tit cr'>»te8 or 
wltJi v.-r!le! It l3 
'•ntellv p ^ftt -r of 

1 virtu* 1 or tho rrour. 

.,,,., ' .itlon oi;nno' i- .iv 

o the par^rr 1 

Iz Vlsiv 

•1 "1 'fl 

•f, ortJ.,;, 

■^T'llofilnf I n f ttitu 
•onn^otJ.r, n -.", t|i,roforo, I, Culbert I. ■Jl:on. 

i:- i.';. .-. 

■' JJ- 1 ttro herounto 
Eot «y hi«ijd fnd ceusrtd the arort 

i»»<i thii; t/»ntr-firt>i 

nine hundred tMrty-nlnft. 


\_, ' '^\X^\ 



, I " .1 - . 

■ >;^ 

i'xcrutioc Bcpartinciit 

^tJtc of CLnliloriiij 


f>F Tin 



^n U 11 

th't-*} Is tltoref-.-ir 
•nilturw on thn North 


roui^ end 

"•5".' t1 -" f. t»- ' - t 

•- rl ■ 

•t -• 

' •unto f »t W!y 

( of thfi .-'ti -r. 

u tills t.»enty-flft^ 

V »_ 'Laa^S^v'''-' 

s^y \^ VXX/'A 


i'xcfutiDc ©cpartiiinit 

^tarc ol" (I,ili("oiiiij 

£12 c i AM A T_I N 


8P«cl-l three cent postcre 4Sp fi ho^Ji *, °" ^«^*''"^" ^5*^, IsauiV 
tredes. P08«ro stamp, tn honor Justly deeerved by the printing 

hand ^^ lTllillt^\Z;..T'V^''' '^'^'^-''"^ ^°' 'y^'^ -<^ Blow 
ranwin.. Industries! M^JS ipSr![.er'eS,rr:r^ "•"-'" 

.ent or:ur:rti"^/^i^^,^;,-rr:2a''''^\''^ *° ^^^ °"^*"-^ '^--- 

to tho cultural cide of our a. ly nveS- It h^s h °"'^ '"^ '* contributed 
of bU American industry. * " ^*''' *'^*'°'"« ""^ "^ *he leaders 

value Of pr-oductlonlddU b.y"r^f rtire-Tr" In' T'^^'t"^^-'^'' ""* ^^ 
omi.loyoefi; fir^t It, i;eUries paid- nfth'i. >. ^^ "™'^*"" °*' sel^rlsd 

in ...,. p.,.. .„d fifth in .Te'or'lZil.TTZull.r'^ "'"'^^''^^ *^^^<^ 

■-ecordr°';Sh\ru^j;uf frsit:^;::,srai^ ^r^*^ ^^ ^^-^ ^*« ^^''- 

union, ^nc its stereotyporr7 unions ifC^ f '^^°°^' ^*« Presem. .»e 
other industries, trr.dea" na creft^ Jhrrh^f' /'f!'" f" over-shauowln« 
r^tner than cooperate .U. ^^^orV:'l^C:^^:i^l^Z^, 

n. co;:r?hu^:^x^:;: :rtiSi";:s J;ss^.^;j:- -j:—" -- 

Oov.rno" oTLnfS^rr/dol'or^^J^^^^JiX't^'''''-'^'-'^' ^' ^'^""'^ ^- °^-. 
September 30th lnclu.i;e. ar-PiaK im iikw''^E^°',^%'*'"'^'' '^^th to 
urfre rll cltl:.ens durlnr this week ^^0™!™ /^ *° California end 

made by the prlntln,. In^us ^y foTth^ bJ^o^^IL ^^/ *fr*'°'°"'' '*'"<»' 
the people In our lifetime. '>ettennent and enlipht«,ninent of all 


IN V.ITN:JSS WIERBOF. I here hereunto 
aet my h»;nd end ceused the Greet 
iieal of th-^ Ptat« of California to 
b" (fflxod this twenty- -irth day 
of Ceptember, A.D., one Chiuaand 
nine hundred thirty-nine. 

iWVil'fNJ.-' OF cAiiipnuui 

decretory <ff .-itate 

THl •■ 

■V'nf.l. „^*^ 

OF n?/^' "'.'?■■ 0. 

afxcfutiuc Bcpartnifiit 

^tcitc of Ci.iliroriiia 

■o !iU'ii,i" <■ ;!:;< li ■lrt.^'-ni:''.e ycai'3 n.~o 
, aon of Hrlk the Recl,i settlor and founder 
/ I ^>oi.a.;ilc of '^reonlfind, lor.^ocl on the shoren of 
. ;..,■{,. Aiorica, lie vms a neafarin.'tj, pro£^csslve nan, 
entlov/cd v.'lth the SccoidLnavlan prlnclplon of denocracy 
::].'. ci'i orl -1 'iil.f'M'; -'ll.h I't- ■'.cn'ii"r.avlnr ^r^or^lr af^ early 

■. ' - rtd principle; 
. i;:ln :s were -:_i'rlcu uy tl.c ;jeji-i'dvera Into i.or>.:. .. jorica, 
'jid theli' I'ealrea for freodon and llndlvldual liberty i 

-■ori> so instillc'.T In. trie coantry'a or-rly settlor thnt 
tl'ey vrere Ir.cor-^rntot-! in the Gor-.atitutl jn of the United 

" • ' .t3. ' 

ilils yoar, c^ulLnavlniss and people of 
.-. ian doscontf tia'ou/jhout tlie v/orld, v/ill homr 
trllTuto to Lislf HrikBon ori his birthday wlilch j 



lu honor tuu! roapoct to^ the contributions 
'.-.avian people Vavo "ivon to the donoGreciot 
' v.'orld, md to the achiovenonta and accon.jlish- 
-^^ Loif Erl'reon, ^ov!, tlieroforc, I, Jnlbort I,. 
, ovcmor of Jallfornia, do hereb;. proclaim 
cLobor 'J!.h ar '. '■ "rikr.oii Day in- Hlifornia, nnr 

ill noonl 

Inavlan descent to pay tribute 

hnrour-.'-.: ;,„„ ._ .;...,. ;..ncl 
cuuaod the iroat iioal of 
the State of Califomle to 
\ye affixed this tv/enty-sixth 
day of GoMtenber, '.D., one 
thoijppniT nine h^jny'rod th.irty- 

». - 


\ , ',J.y>.' 

"I," ' ■ ■ ' I' i * . M '! 






I '7 o 





a:xccutiDc Bcpartmcnt 

State of (L.ilirofina 


• ■0. 


II i ^ 

■" ■ ■ r-i). utj U'l-;. t'. 'SO or iolin 

:, ; _• !;• doath, dectructlor. and 

tra.-,eaiC3 or v/ur •.■.■:;lc;:" nov; L-ifllct !' -t- ':- -.7hence 
you' and your for«fnti''pr'r? cfi'-to. 

■ ^ ^ ^ ..^ '_ ■ ^ yc;-i';. .. , 'oplo of 

:>llsh descent, am:; people of all nati-cmalxf cs In the 
Ited ntatoa, will pay honor and rospebt to Brl-:adier 
rneral Caslr^ Tulankl, a hero of the American Ucvolutionary 
' — ' -i^--'- "■•■ '■■'■^" "• r>llsh OBP-'Oral are Icno-m to 
■ '.■'•e hljstoi'y of OT;r 

Cii acrcc , iz -jc -ornd foir th - noble 

t'< :iv« ""? ' : "ton Irt flslitln-: for the 

at this year, on October ""Ith, 17:10:1 the 
lite to Tlrif.adlor 3e-eral Uasinr lulaahl, 
observed with sadness .In our heartr, 

it la iitul-j,; uiut or; ctobr-r lith, ull 
Quld pay reaoect onfl donate to this man isrho 
holneu l'> e our cou.ntr-y its frendo-;, and at t'.ic sa-e 
tl'n fervently pray that thp rocor.a '..ruction of iolar.d 
'uturo destiny o' '' oople v;lll V'p fo 'r 

J. : ',; : < UC O 

'v' ~'i'i:, Li vie./ o.L i,I:0;-;« i: >:i3l. erati ons, 
, over or of i^'nlifqmla, do hereby 

Lth as ""len •■rul iulagkl I'o.norlal hay" 
nvf the noonle to Obsfirvf thla day 

■ ' placer ■' .opronriate 

V-.creunto sot r:y h.anc' ai-.d 
cauaod [the Oreat Seal of 
the Stiito of Callfor-.vla 
to be sif fixed this twenty - 
sixth dtvv of Septeribor, ' . 
one tb.ouaand nine himdrcd 



• V>\A>>v\ 


i'xcfutiuc Bcpartiiifiit 

3tatc or (i:.iliforiii.i 

A n A 

Unltm; ; tt ! 

V ' ■ ^. e L^ 

the ptot SBvcn-.l ynera, f nrt 

•outihout the 

^ .,, + !,, , • -'Plondld work- do: Unacr-frt to tetc^ 

t-nc 3fllf-8UM.or-tln- 1? yony norltorious, rrd ' " 



• " ''" ' "lliviiTi.ft .:)r.'r.nlrf.t!-^n9 Is 

''^ ' ■'■ 'nt-ny of our cltizane, now 

■'^'•^ '-'*'*'■ ■ solvscl thfit „,, 

. i-^luslve, ;. ....t ,, ide fis "Bllndcrr.ft >-o;:" in ...-U '-j-riT 
. nu I urf-c -11 oiti-.-.«ns to visit hlindoruft shops end 

.oB« Who hfV9 been deprived of the -.orders of "ve^l-^ht 

IK IVlSriWSv, wriiSH)F, I htye her<mnto ty hRnd tnd eeused the Greet 
oeel of the Stete of Cellfornlf to 
be ffflxwd this thlrtoonth dev of 
Octobler, /,.p. 01," t>.r.u.=ifnd nine 
hun'"-^ V lrty-nln«. 

'-V-VN, vHa>^>.., 

i^xcriiriDc Brpnrtiiiciit 

In '1«f-»nu« of J °^'""' " •«'-lJ •<-^r into .hi* T ^'**''«"« ""s 

-" .0. Si:.-:;/-— --- to .. .. ,, , „^^^ ^^^ ^^^^ 

h«.««r.h«pr,* '/,••;, ^" ''or..^^«r llth. m..,,, „, ^j.^,, . ^^ 
rrovtou'-, -„.,H " '■fr«.-Krmp nth to hon^^ ;. * **"" ''"i"- of 

r-^o. or thi« n. tion. ' '""^ '^••°» ^"<' to pUaro th^,,..",!;";; Jj^ 

ornle to l.« ^f-^/ 1 *' "'^ CrUf- 




.^■^'">^P / 


£xcrutivic department 

.:6r.iti ot ti>iliroriii.i 


The annual American National Red Cross Roll Ctll will be lield 
this year •"rom November 11th to 30th, 

In view of the sxpanding domestic program ot the Red Cross 
National organiKation tmd its thoust^nds of chapters t>nd branches; in 
view of the increasint aeoossity t,o furnlsn aid to civilianB and 
wounded soldiers of the Euro;>ean conflict, the Red Cross this year 
hbs greater slgniflcauca than In previous years and will n«ad even 
greater sup ort than has been so willingly tjiven in the past. 

With the European war under way only a short time, the American 
Red Cross iiae already sent fifty thousand dollars for meaical aid to 
the Polish p;ople; twenty-five thousand dollars to the Aiierican 
hospittl in :'r.ri3, end twenty thousana dollars to iiondon to care for 
the Athenia survivors. If the war continues the need for medical 
supplies and aia will be ever increasing. 

In view of these facts, now therefor*, 1, Culbert L. Olson, 
Governor of California, do hereby proclaiui the period of November 11th 
to November 30th, 1939, as Red Cross Roll Call Period in California, 
and urge ali citiaens to support in whatever way thay can the Auierican 
Red Cross in its drive for funds. 

hcreutito set uy tiand and caused 
the Great Seal of the State of 
California to be affixed this 
eleventh day of November, A. D., 
one tuouaand nine hundred and 

"^ ^)aJU^<^i^A^ 






// 7 : 


m f: 




iUAMA.'.'TI '15 !":iOCLA*''ATlOiJ 80, IS 
i'»i>tttialiii. to Osoiiluui i >t Hot 
Effootlvo on a id after October 19, 1939 

d^tie- ^i 

^^.-•/% -j^ 

A, , Tiio fact :•» b««n i«tofuliwd by tli* i>ir««to» 
, .. Pxc>. .i- .. o t iBt » dK--. aroua ni8««3o .«8t of uto-urnvj atoek* 
-.■Aomi aa QstorilvBi op ootto - root rot (Phyr-Atotrleliua (O»oniy) 
o-i-ilvorua), not ax^rttlly .•l8trlimt«d In t .e tat* of l^alAforala 
•xlsta i.t *- f> eroin tiaaor^Twd i;ifootou ftroaa, and a*! 
wll, iiur««r^ a took av»5 pi suits with r ota nrm noata or yoaalbl* 
oarr-lorB -)f srI'I dlat>a»«»j 

HOW, r rciffiro.u , it la daclarad Jjaoaaaary that a quftr- 
intl-ia ba and tie aa; « lo ierel>y fiotaMlaSiod at t::« boim'arlea 
of t'-'a state '•>£ California In aooordaiioo wlt*i tia provlaloiia 
'• eotina 106 of t :o .'H-rlci:lt-ir«l Corta -f t-.a Stnta of Oall- 
•^rtilB fl •ali:at oaid aiaaaaa, its -mats or poanlblo can-iora, 
aa naroin rte^orlbod a k" no audi things as (rsara.itlr.ed a^alaaV 
In t ^« >TH33lfl. fltlo »*«a.l ba jartaltted to iaaa oirar t:i« aald 
Tr.amnt.i-.e lln&e itoraby e3taoH;»>ioa a." :'-TT>elala;ed a^ca:>t urwier 
:•,!« joct tfj t'99 (jDtidlLlo-u> .larain Trvjvided, 

!• (jotton ro'^t ml (PjjC22i2£Ei2liIS 

i . ;iY t Oxonlnr. 
(OionlyE) c^^ttilvoruro ) . 

Ml:.0: :, i liatii'o atate* 

^K^iA^l^J^ uatlro atata. 

1^.; ;. iQ t }>ntire cfuatlaft ?f l>o.»« A-i«# Eddy, Charee, Lee, 
"■'"" tm-Mt io^'*** -rant and itldalro* 

Oiy.^:::;. U i 

a pa atate. 

r;;"<.^3 ; Kntire atnte, 
•jr/v-U i^tiro oounty ' 

jln.:tO v\l V^'^^n^^^TT'oXCe'iir^ 


t &11 aoll, aureery atook or 
"•' vldad iu Prvjvlolon 9 ax^oi*. 

irovlslon 1. DRPIHlrx . 

r?s wonp "FH^KisKa." 

T • word ".iroiiiaea" as iier»liiaft»r -aead in t:u«M 
pi>ovl3loas B .nil bo oowatrued to iMmxx all Um lft:id inolud«d 
und«r one le^al description op any pai»oel of laiKi f«i^.iod or 
hoiv'led 83 ->rM3 unit oT , roiuui, jrcvldad, Uiat ntwli "pi^nilaas* 
shall inolud« an ad'^ltlonnl area of at least 100 feot oomplata- 
ly clrcar.aorlblii,; t ue actual ijai*oel of ./roiind on wiloh tha 
niirsar:; atook, trees, plants, shrubs op vlitea to ba ahlpi:)ad 
or noved i-Ava been .'.rowing. 


C":rxi- i.>-:;t4iv;i :to.< | >. i.ii:.idi-..:T3 . 

iixoept as /povided In li'ovialon 3 iiepeof, no reatrlctefl 
articles lapola I'.iajwuiti.'.ed ajali^st will be ^p.ltted entry 
into t e otnto of Cadiror-iia fpoa tie said Infected areaa unless 
each ahipiatant or lot is aooota.^aiiled b? a oertlfloate si.ined by 
tJie duly authoplBed in3->ootlon of riclal of tho state in vliloh 
Bft:i9 orl laatea, ostabll-Ufilnc tie fact tl\at n.l of the n«terial 
ooatnliiod In tiio lot or 3';ii5«aeut was ,r,i^wn on riremlaes free from 
•aid ORoniwa or cotton pf>ot rot. In addition, each auoh eertl* 
fioate shnll sLnte t'.-.o tiiiirsep nnJ kla a of tpeos and i^lanta 
ooatainnd In ti-.e suiraiieat or lot, whex^ ^rown, iisii^e and addi^ss 
of ooii3l,neo aric! oonsi J^op, 'joint of ghlyjiwnt nnci teminal point 
of delivery. 

:"ovl lion J5, 


7I0N3 • KX•t:-V.rT10^^- OF 

Ho reatrlotlona are placed by tills proolantation upon 

tu«;; of t jo rollowl-.ici 

(a). If fpe« frog poota (ujI ooil, nuraery stoolc or 
:!lant9, liicludi.'v: trees, sbrubj, vinos, stolon:;, corris, donsant 
bulbs (Inoludlnc onions «.»i. oulon seta), pips, cuttinga, acions, 
biids, ,;paft8, fpults, leafy vegetn ilea, fpuit .its, aeeda and 
plant .irod>!Ots» 

(b)» If into:>3ed for oull>]t> ^urpoaes nnri wa.Vi>.ed free 
f r o p »oil, ar.TO0t!r"p ot ve^* table a inoh as potatoes, sweet 
aoTetoes, carrots, turnips, and beets except ttmt this exemption 
does not « •;>ly to .^an^els and a\»c«r beets. 

Pro vision 4. :u...'o.-,i?iO'; vv uncuKTiri'V -I'l^MKr-TS. 

Any and all lots or aiiipnei.ta of tl.e ertlclos 3peoified 
in t Is jrooloi :atlon ari'lvlii, in Oalifopr»la fpora tie eaid in- 
fected nrea without t;ie oertl fioate reqiilred in ^'revision 2 
liereof or not otiterwise o 3fci;>lyir4j with the provisions of t. la 
ppoolamtlon shall be l;i ^diately sent out of the state or 
destpoy'^d at tie option m:o expense of tiifl owner or owners, his 
or t. .olr r«3;ion8it>le agents. 

CO;.VON CARMi..; AGUNTS . oBT MOLw ;.iiJi^.:.T3 . 

All articles attolsalbla undar fet»e fore^^oln^ provl* 
sxo.,3 -Mat 'je Jielti by co.-.iu^on oarrier r onta and not delivered 
to CDi.rtijiiee or « eat luitil lis^ooted nad passed by th« 
i-areotor .f Agriculture, his de juty or dejuMea, or e duly 
futh.<^rixB6 aLate jlant 'iiKrnnti lO officer. 

i' ?^7w lOTKu ;.aTiCi,h;a -tr.'jix;? 



'■.■1 RULES Og 

T>ie adsilislblllty Into the State of California of any 
artlolo or oo.-iodlty oovorod oy t].» Tore olng oroviaions shall 
be furtJier .lubjMot to t >a .rovlalons of any other ricMntliie 
rtJlaa or re^-ulntlons iiow In I'oroe or viiioh may liareaftor be 

All deputloa of t .« Ulreotor nf As'rloulture and all 
atrtte .lasit quar»mtli*e officers nre -.ereby eupowered to carry 

out ml t '« ."ovi.-ilo.i3 -if t Is )i-oclaj'«tlon, 

,, '^*^8 viiarantirie :'roola. *tlou .%'o, IS auixirsades maran- 

ii:!0 Order Jo, IC. ( I.'ew erloa) (viUi lie ..ulatloas - Revised) . 
dated ;.aroa 19, 1930, and aSiall take effect Ira ladlately. 

A' i Vi:.i;t 


■ October 19, ji^;^^ 

i'xcrutiDc ©cpartiiiciit 

.^^tarr of (Lnliforiiu 

: 1 J N 

r'fi.H. f<^i 



Ul.-.n tirour.out, th. n. tion » r-<! thn world. 

in in 

r «e M ;v."r,^:'*'^*"i^ '^"'^ '" ^"'- ' - ■■'- historic •v.nto 
_ lice In tb'T nr . ^t-t! . n<J i.cirt-d Po<l>noa of f 
or-nar ir'-o, th«. c.1.,p„ ount.lna mc y«llo*cton« 

^ 'ut..r,:l n orjoct. but . «o«n« of Motoric ri-nlfi; nc " " "^ 

fry, KIp iioBt ff.iioue 


r,., - t,*. m- . - . ■ rr-.t ; » 1 J fornlfcn. 

.a;s t.'-.r..f:,rn. i, Cult-«rt 1. Jl-on, r,-,v^rnor of Vr .tit- of . e lilt hAOK" ».nn o«ll u;''ir: t i» cltlv«n. nf ct i < f,^« t » 
= ^l.-ut. to -n-l to ,«y .„, .tuuy th. u I'tll .%'>".''"[";; '" ^'^ 

IN .ii'U.^o ..t. . uf, i f,,.ye hor#ninto 
f^st my hin<3 tnd cfUifid tbo Gr^Rt i;«»fl 
of Lhp otfte or OrllfTr-lft to he rf- 
ri>ed this twenty-nl.-hth diy of 
r»ovf>nt«r, ..i. Mn-itnen hunttred «nd 






> f-, uty 

i'xcfutitic Bcpartniciit 

,^tatc of (i:.ilit'oriii.i 


n^ ;v 



3:xccutiDc ©cpartincnt 

5tatc of (laliroiina 

■ iT.. 

iM/Q ..ertii-iito 

fet ay iu-nd and caused trie Gretit ieal 
of the rUitt of Ct lif oniift to :e 
af Clxed tHis twuuty-sevtiith a;;.- 
jf Dscoiiiber, A.£. iUi.etaen imiidrfed 
and t;:drty-aiae. 




w 2 


■P Ph O 

u o « 

3 -H •^ 

O 01 

:3 o 

f< -p 

ii -P 

;:3 c 


O 'P 
-P CO 

S c 

o (^ 

O *4 

= -^ ? "2 


+j -p 

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•3 S 

»-• r^ 

G G 

5 B 

-! -3 


4-. O f4 

! -d d-H o 

; o o tt n <w 
^ <D n +> -H 

-. ,^1 3 n > '-"3 
:i ^ O to 

3 ra 

o S f<i 

, - o ci-i p "d 
o*^•p o^ o 

I +5 < 

d V( ^ 3 o S V« ti 

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rt O fl O O H +> 

- 1 r ■• r> •-< r! n 

:j -o O ^ 

O V< P -d S 

o,'z} o rs >j ;h p -H 
d S «H p ^ o C '■'-. 

P -J +J XJ O U tH 
ta O J SrH 
O «3 


13 O 2 

+> a o M 


•H O f< . 

1 tH -O ad M 

SI "M P 

r> ri r* 

« -J 4-) n u 

'■' " »i ri 
«H •.^ ,2 C 

■p n 

cJ "d i-i ;j 

•ri • ; o S 

o -P 

-P O in O 

J-<Hr-l U 

0} cj o 

•H :J) •- ! 

O H 

O O O Oa''. r.\ fi 

H « 

3 B 

O -P 


<3 SJii ■ 
cj 2 p 

a iJ ?j 

M 01 > 
<D O O 


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o a o 

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p O ei 

»-P T-l 

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S o o 

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f< c; o 
o -P .S 

2.h5 p' 
J<p+3 o 

+3 t-i -p ^: 
o ,o ri 4-> 

o o n - _ 

OWd (-lOPci^i 

,-1 4J n 04 c 4J 

s a n n 

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n c3 ? o ^ 
o O -^ o 
an to 

ad H c 

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•u • ri .^' A. 

C CI o ;< o 

a in n _ H 

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ri a 5ii-i 

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• rH 4J o n 

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ri o cj r 


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■<■> oH t>> O 

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E C o 

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o-H c3 
,C n 40 
-w «j B b 

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HO, T< 
O cS+> 


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-^ • > 'd <u, 
o o o d I'l 

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o o ,r; rj o 
ti - i O ::! 
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« .. H -a 

•H O (h 

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-p s 

C 03 Jh <M 
O C S O -H 

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o 'O 'd 0] 
■H d (0 c -p 

C c3 

P d 4J cJ S 

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Cj 4J © • 
O Cj rH 03 

r? ffi r> ri. -* ,-, 

O O 0< 
r^ — r f\ 

C J 

■Ar-K O 

■P s 

« c3 © 

S -P -P 

O >>'H '^ 

•H --! 8 

c « 

' A ^ 

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c3 ;:; c! o 3 3 

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p r fH 

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d o '^ © 

oj>>C!<o OT^;^Q, 

£'d O rt O 

O P 

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O O P 

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3rH4J S rt 

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C3 0,43 ^ +3^ 

d 03 

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d 2 <H d ',-i 4J 


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0» 043 fi v<<H 

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d C3 S) H 


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o n 


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■P O d O fH tj 

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43 Cl rt ••H ,J 03 
03 O O d C 
-:; H ;::; U .) 

O O +3 'm O -H 

o p< r> o ;w H 

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■HO OdCJ04J©004J04Jp.H O 

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Of. H CO 01 43 "H 



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C P O -H 03 

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43 H 

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•rl © "H 03 O 03 r< 

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f^H 13 

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•H -d jrj wi f* 

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dp d 

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iL, 03 •■ O © 
_ _ O 43 03 +3 

S — I 01 •.•H vW CV4J cj 
'^ ' • "- - ,H O 43 

P o ;:, O ^ ■ 

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C3« M d 43 Vl ■ J rj 

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"H '"I .H .H Q, 

o d o-d c" 

fH O 03 o 03 5 

S-^ iy 

Q c 43 o fi 


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'HS'iri*f^5i'^«-p =^ 

G +3 o p 43 c; 

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c a u !h m 

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43 r5 f 1 o -^ r rt ^ is - -; ■*^. 5 9 C3 f< >>'^ 

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d ^ ;:: 03 

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■ O n rj 

cJ >> o c e; 'd o 


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O 03 

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• ^043 .HO-;' — 13 

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Ti ^ « M U "H t< G C3 P< P 1' 

ri o 43 •"-i.H 

U p M ,•-, rJ 
o d c% o 
-d 1^ ^ 

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•H 3 
f-i o ;i, o ^ -J 
" o o c; r; o 

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c! -H 



n .^ « ?■ ■_; '^j O 03 f:; o Q o n 2 

«o og.p o n^ o o "^^ li-f H 43cij 

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r^ t j 03 4-3 O d O 


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n n 

4-5 ri 

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o u 43 o 

O ^ O ,0 ^H 

V-t O -P 

fr) :-( I-l >H 

rH O 

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•) f-l o o 


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H O ^4" 'd 43 

ft 03 3 

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d o Q,o o © ^ 


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C3 -H 

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•H C4-- 
TJ H C3 O -d „ 


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I -lo n 

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•ri o no> S 

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©•HO 4JOf5'Hfl OJ 

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> .H -ii nH 4^ -P Vi 


a 'd n«H 

en r. 


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o -d o H 



C3 O O 
H<H U. « O 

4-; ti O n '': U U 


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b '^ ?i - 

H aH-H'd4i'ti-l->-H 


■M o d tJ n ■ 

th a M o 1 

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O T-i O tS n 

d -P ^ fl n 

O -H O -H 

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■H ii-H a© o 

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r^ o 4J c 4J 

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O 4J 4-1 "H 

O O d 


C c; ;* O *-! X 

O Q 


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1^ ra C +3 - ' fn a Cj 

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rH f, O -C d 

H -J o o r,, o 
;:; a"3 o o 
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4-3 43 43 a C,-r4 rt 

O -H O 

cj e;43 r! . 
H ^ «-< "J 
m -^ n o 

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o o « cj ;■ •-• 

H ti«T H 

O B O ^ 
fl -P 43 -3 d 

liH o o -d 


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a -4; 

. 143 g 
■P o « ^ 

o !h -i y 

q. S 

,r! d 

C n P -J 



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o d 

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o d O 

r; O 

•rt i» u »_. -..^ 
r4 a ^ P .>^ 

O O 

,•:; ^' o 85 

• o 4-5 ' 


H O cJH O 

_i H -iJ o n t; 

■ ;^ A-l S c 

O O J H 

J '"^ O O 43 

, ,:H-r^ d 

J -1 d H S 

43 (ri 

43 I 

_ O h p^ 

+3 -d -j^ -p o 

p cf 43 w ;h 

■ a H -^ i 

c: 2 H d 

•H =►-( w o 
43 V) H C-i 
d O H 

C 43 

•H 5-1 

d OS «43 o 

i 43 "rt :- H 

;< 03 "d > 

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O Vh > O 'J . 

a o •> o n d ■ ; 

C :h ::: vJ 43 

P H o a o -J o 

3 O vH o o -^ 

fn to J. Of* 

C-P O PH 043 

O J: !h O H O 03 

c:. o o -^ O i:^ .H 

H W 

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'S •t5^(•Hn•<^p -J43-P 

o p d n 

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P " o vi H ;-i 

li P P 43 Vl O 

O H O £i P 

;< f- o .-! ;h o p 

■ .; ^t 43 o o o 

> o 'd 43 

P o o o 

43-3 P 
d P o 

n P 

Pf H 

a o > d o p H 

- ;h O 43 

O P H H C 

n o H 43 d 

r; H o c5 -H 

o 43 a N H 

H >4J 3 c! 

•H J d ■:'d o 

O Sh4J fc, ^ -H 

03 a&2 o d p 

OH ;4 a . 
43 © o o 


p 'J. 


t;J P d H 

•3; O 

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J f4 43 

^^«^ O ti 

ra o '-I c 

I o y 

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H 43 

u o 

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§ §2 

O *4 rH 

4J O 

43 tH 43 
H U 



^ © o 

.-J ;:5 

o c 

-P 43 fH 

u d n 
d ^ P 

C43 d 

a-H u 

43 43 

2 w 1, 

«s g P 


-d a-.; 

' 3H 

M © ;4 P 

B ^1 P !h 

P o d d 

O tH 

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43 HH 

d o u; 

o H H o rt 
43 o p o 

'2 '^ '-' 

P fi >.^ 

;J Id 

O O 

43 ^3 


1-? !P 

;::; O CO H = -P 
o ^ P 
"H d 


43 d d 

1"^ rt '^ 

»a o o 

I .H 


o ^ ® . 

o 43 p-P 

rl O 

•d H P ^ 

d 03 > 'd w n 43 O O g 

,3 43 
-. P 

o ,o O J , 
P o 

O 03 03 O 

-; c o a 

fi 43 © 

© p 

OH d 

o p 03 ; 

• H 

J 43 H ^ r^ 

o y o 
o T\ d * •! 

H aH> O H o H 43 a 

^ o 

.4 O 


o © © 

O H^ 


■-5 H 

p 43 ^ 
d u o 

03 i^ 
© p 

43 d Q 

^ ^"-^ 
d d o 

2 o^ 

O > P 

O i^ 



,43 o • 43 43 

© ^d c 

•^OW-r|P£J -^OH 

o 43 .^ 

t4 .P O 

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>i43 3 

o =' P P< 2 ? 





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4JH O 

*H H 


43 43 O 
d © 

05 ;< H 


P U 43 

o a d 

o P d 

•■-SCO o 


Pi -J 


^■33 S 

:1 C^ 

-P o > 
• o n rt 

H O O H H o O ,n 

(h43 n 
d P 

.2 >^ o 

o > 


C 2 





3 d 

-a o 


0} 4-5 4J "H 

•H C _ t. 

a o a a 
<; p « ft- 

o o ci 

o ti 

Ci tiH o -d n 
ti -H Sri 

+j +3 e ,y 

? w 

O « 

" ° s 

O G P5 •> 

do o. ;J -p 
^irt O , :; 

d a 


■p o 

a o 


c3 O -^ S 
-dH «-i 
S d o +J 
d ;::; H n 

B5 C: a 
M Pi -P -I 
© « •^ 

•H « O 

W O O 

:; ^ o o 

■-5 O -P 


u in 

o ^ 

in O 

0.q o 

O o *^ ;1 t^ 5 


O O O O 

+3 ^^ ^ 
•P -H tJ 

d ■ -: ^ o 

a u -^ o 

a. ^ p 2 ad H- 

9 B 

i3 i^ -p 

4J -P O © 

S d 

d --i 

3 -2 -^ t- 

di-t s 

-1 "^ o 3 

<H 0+3 '■1 


*H "J -P 

o o 

• O -P ' 

H C --I -1 • 

ca o n ^ H 
'I .^i d o 

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o d 

o s 

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d H 

H O 

O -H 
H P 

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-d -p 

M O O 

4J d 
•P ,a 

C! OTj 

O O 4-> 

O -H 

_ d d'd'S 
d r; o o 


-d o 

; — i .H O d 

O C I 

4J O W 

»^ n 

•■+3 o 

;I d [■•! 

o ;^ o i-i o 
a o c PC''? 

Pi O 

G o-d 

4J d -p _ 

d K ^ Cj ,q •> 

H ci o H -p s 

(0 -p ■ " 

■ - © o 

Q ^M 

H -p -P 


fl o 

a o o 

d r; •«H 

:; ^ 

^3 o 'in 

O i> O 


.J ■-< 

M r. d •;! 

tl 04J -P 


t-M O O 

a 00 

ra^ o 

ti 0.5 2 

c; >> a Ip 
o +j r! 
^ ^ ■.,; '-^ 
-P a O S 
d i^H 3 

BJ > V< « 
•r^Ti O >, 

■ -fi -P 

O 3 't-H 

f-i r; d 

O "H O 

r^ iH »-< , i 

O -P u i;-! 

O O --i 

■P ,E) O 

. S O 

'J O +3 -I 

;::: '.J O 

d o -P 

00 , 

•d ,rl C-) ,f! 

aj c: o o « 

I -P o 

O fH 

4J O 


ej "d 

C! P. 


+3 P< 

o o 

XJ Jl o 

cj a d 
d K 

!^ , 

O OJ '— : 

"J +3 C 

<a c n 
d <^ ti 

O -"5 

4:: ^ o q 00 


d -d 

Q C 


o tl 

d o 


fl o 

•J o 

■^ o 

<H ca 



C 2 



n d a n 

■p a a> 

^ b 

u u 

O o o ^ o 

C « S O rt 

o » 

^ O '" f • ^ 

3£ d c : 
■P +: 

cj c no 

-j cj ^ ,% n 

"; o -p '3 o 

:3 .H d -15 ^-1 

--:;I3 -P 



C3 . 

13 U 

■b 5 

V( 4-i O 0( 

Of, a 'O'h 


- ^"2 
C o C 
o > o 

r- n .0 

■tJ fi CO 



^ <D n 

Jj '3 

o o ' 

I o o 

1,«H ^ 

° ai 

O :3 


O © C 

•H 4J 

O O ti 

3 o 

■^ O 

O P -J 

rj O 
-d +i +3 
2 n<q 

ti o _, 

■a C:". "H 

!^ 53 > 

o a 

f^ C! W 

o o to 

o s 


O a O 
•H :3 -( O 

•rt'r'. Si O 

aw rH 

ti-tl > B 

o o 

fl <BH fl f, 0,1 

O O _ . 

3 S 4-1 J 

J 3 T' . 

-3 4^ .-H O 

n w 


o ti 

O >-< >- rJ 

O S 

w ^ Vl 

•-1 o o 

-14J +» O 

+J o fl > 

K O O C 
i-< in T^ 3 

•H c! %^ © 

- O 03 >i 

£4 C 

,. o ■-: ■; 

;j 4J ^ •v 

;1 -p o h 

cJ n © 

;h C c o 


o •. o 

O -H J-: 

^"' Vh .0 ^c c 

: 3 <H ^1 o ■• ■ 

Jj O tn ;. 

-J o © ^ 

© t, o, 

> © M 

ox; o 

o a 

;i •H a -o 
"^ era 

"He do 

■p > •> H 

o c; 4J c! 

;:J M o n d 

1 C5(«H o £2, 
•H n ti a 

u n > 4J o 

H Q t, C 

CO »H O Tl C! 

•H q a, 3 

i; ? Vl O 

a ra OH 

-^ E 

« q o c 

, d -p -H 

" d ;:< 

-.. n f< 4J 

O f4 ra 

rH O O p 

--I o iJ S 

.: a ^i 

- . 01 , 

r: rt o w 


« « 


-d -a 
a q 
t« as 


+3 o 

•.'•J V« 

o,q, o 3 

4J O 

g G © -i q -g f-i q f< g 

sJ -H «H o O q ,:! © o 3 


Cm C30,OM4JVi 4>00 

.q»^ G 

*f< o o a o 

rj "} O '~3 

o o 

■P O 
d -.-3 i: 

a rt > c: r3 
„ „ ,_, o o o © n 

o n o 

-^ ;? 

o ^ 

' 5S -P ,CI 
^ H —< 

' o ;., C 

« «, 

o -H 

Qi»< O 

. q M o 

O H P 4J T^ 

2 q Q,H O 

<H 4J s 3 3 g 

•H P 

Sh >» rt n > — J 

£( g r5 fl -r 1. q a,4J o n th -3 

•H <H ra 3 I •:-( 

-. O 

•P O ,T1 S ,_ 

-d x: 

•H c ;h 


(4 e5 


o o s '3 -g 

^ Gj C ^-H O 


— i -P O W d 


2 © O O 

o > © tj p, o q 

p n s n 

^4 fl- 


n E 


•. at ^ 

? O >^ f, r-i 

•H ?< ft ri • T* «H Q • n, « o '::■ 

.-I *-{ -p 

— ■: o 

q o * o :-' 

•-. q !> r-l © 

c o c - 

f3<w o,rl 

3 .-.J o r; ■^^ 

-^ -P j.j 

. O O ttvO 

-1 , O -H 

t. .: q 

p »*^ 

43 4J 0} ^ a O 3 

c»T-( n 

o q o -H c 

2 & 

a, : i 44 ,2j 

O C i) 

d SH tf 

d rO -H 

fi tJ o 

-"-! Ih o o « n r^ d 
, © 


'■' -H '^ - _ Ci 

S 'ft 

Q O 

U5 -P 

a r> 

o rj 

>,;;: O 

o m 

07 -4-: I 

O Ci ® 

•H t. « 

„> O -- 

- H ^. O 

fH £j C H 

' : a o o 

H O O Cj 

O — ! O 

■H V» "tj 

- -> o g 

: j:^ r-: • 

_j ca :i 

• a ^- o ..-; 

-; vJ .p o n 

• ■ cj rt C 

o !h « r 

;< c (0 o 

n a o u 

'O C M o 

r I o 


-M 4-> 



CI a> 

,H o ;4 

c > 

i a 

O flr-l 

) o r; c 

3 O 

-do •> o 

llrAr-l O O U 

3 o ^ -H no 


9 ■= .-, M^-S 

d ^ 

SJ aJ « 


o - o § 

Q .i ii-i 

H O 

a o 
o o 

-» w ^ 

+5 O 

u fi o es o t, «^ o . 

rj 3 K f. 

■P ^ 3 -■■ 

■J 5 O M . 

C ■— * 

O d c 
o © 

;5 O 

o n 

n -p n tJ ci 

.i o 4) ^, 

-r-(,T« O 

O "H 

'^ r"^ 3 

*^ fc-^ ■--' 

O Ti «H 

+> c3 
r^ O-P 

la r; 


H O 

a a 

J 3 

a (H 

ri -p s 

+> a -P 

o o 

^ f-i ci 

<M o 

rf d -H 

*3 M "O in 
j3 -O C O 
r-J 02 ,-( tJ 

o c c! « 


„i > >> • '■ 

'^ ^ .-«-r-J 

won, M 
vH jj rJ fl o 

~ O 0} o 


o u ei 

-H ©. 

',^ -I 

-::,4.^ Bi CO O ■- 

fj C o 3 •: • 

■p G -^ o • 

O -P T-ri P" 

O -P 


li § a 

c ^ 

o ra Pi i> c! 

c! r\T< o 

O Hi Q> 

P ^^ H 


•H ,J 

!1 O 

*-' 3 - 

■P 89 'T? 

; f-( ® -ij © 

O o ' 


» Oj 
-. O O M n 

08 ..-> 

•M -O, 

-^ j;, 61 O 

C n 

-J O 
O At 

O <D H O O 

-^ *:- O :^ H 

O O O 

.O f. 

O li 

=1 ■" ti 

.H ;. 5 

o o 

■'J H 

«-! O O 

w5 ,r; 

C 43 o 

o > 

o o 

S '// 

(3 « 

f4 O 


o o 
*-< > 


rH O 
•H O 

o n 

U a 
o o 

*H c: 

-^ f« 

.-! +3 -eS 

T^i^f" W tf -P 

CO i:^ K 

O O 

■«* o 

© . 

i -H tH+S 


\'A I 

o m 

1 o 

^ CJ t« « 

0+- ?. 


o o 

4J -P -P 


a O 

•H O •C) 

-d « 

> 2 

U -P • - 
o o q -; 


o o 

b +j 4J o ;4 
:3 i- !^ Q 

J f! 

^';h C o '-, 
.: -1 a «-nrl .;, ui 

H 5 tj -H ;- 

u-^ > 
1 ^ q o 

rt d 3 tj. 

•H O O ft 
.-■ +> O O 

:.■> U 

^ ^ .^ ^ H 

V^ Jh-P 

;< cj^l 

O O 


^ o 

a a 

) +> O -u 

o d 

■p h 

^ " -! i 2 

o "J -p r" 

M M a 

^ ri > 

R O ,'- t! 

.G L, O ® 
4-» P O O 

d o 

o n 1- • 
^ ^> -d P( n 
o d -^ 



O Q 

; U .>■'■ 

-^ a . 

o '4^ (0 -I 

b rs 

^ f^ 

rJ o 


;4 f< -M 
^( o o 
^-^ r: -H 

H 3 >J 
(D at s^ 

a 11 o 

O 4J 3 

4J O iVh ^ O -P g 


a CO iH 

■ 1 -H Pi 
c W > O 
rH CJ O v^ 

O CJ «J 

^1 4J 




•zJ o 

n .-i ^ ~> 2 


■P O 

50 ^_ 


OH « 

a a -. 

3 !'■' 

4J +3 

> ■- 

O K-i r-i 




•d o o 

a o 

a o 

o JJ "3 

-p 4J 


•rl 4> 
•H O ^ 
O O 

-p o n 


0) ;3 n 

3 -H 
r-l O 

ixcrutioc Bepartmcnt 

)c«tJtc or dalirornia 





t'stxutiUf ©fpartinrnt 

^tjtf of California 

£ ii ii C L A K: A T I N 

In conservLticn effort thl vll^ t J "'^ '^ cooiJsrfctlon 

five ye.r. r...t, conducted extonllvf J, ^'m"''^;^"''*-"°"« heve for 
weelth of n..turt.l peeouroes. Ca;ifornl8»8 f;r»at 

Mfrch 7, ie Luther I)urbpnk»3 hintv-in^ ^ . 
Concerv<,ti.n Weak b« obeorved «t tMrtS'l?*^ '* ' ' '"'*""'' *»>«* 

Ther«3fo.-e, m yie„ ^f ,^j^ . 

ernor of CelifornU, do hereby LI'im* L* "'* "^ ^^"°''» «°^- 

hire hereunto net ray 
h^nd nnd oftused the Great 
-«fl of the cjteta of 
Ccllfornl,: to be affixed 
tlilo jovetith dey of 
February, /, D. , one thousand 
nine hundred tjnd fourty. 

3:xccutiV)c Bcpartmcnt 

,^tatc of CL.ilitornM 


I. / I£ A r 1 N 

fibn ry ISth throurh I>bruiry PSth ha.f hesn set fBlda for the 
aeTenth cjonaecutlvo yotr for th'- Kstlonf-l Obj;orvtnc« of I rotherhood 
V.eek, sponsored by the N^tlon^l Confer moe .if Ohrlntlr.ns fnrt J"wa, 
This we-sic it= rnnw.lly celebrf tfd by schooln, f pt terrf I onJ<>rs, churchoe, 
thet^tera, vetert^ns i nci servlcfi clubs, women's clubs, clvlo forums 
end iM otbor pt tVerlnp;s of eltlzena. 

?m Troth'^rbooU of M? n is tho fundj^montel principle of or(3:cnl7e(l 
Bocioty. It i." the bi-sic .hilo:-ophy of ill {)rop;roHa. Only thT-ouyh 
rocornition f'ntl ept llcftlon r^f this hunrne concept of burfn existence 
c?n Kfl edTjnce to hichor ::tt.nci6rds of civili;- tlon. It le th« 
inorlrption of rlf-hteousno-s, toler.vnoo r-nd sll worthy clvlo md 
rollf.-ious idetla. App.- cii tion of th! t brotherhood re.ulros toler- 
t.nco by us ; 11 toward our noip;hbors, ptrticultrly to tboso r^o 
tdhors to diffe- nt bollofj, or who were born Into different rtces. 

colors oi' oroodH. 

It rronptrtd r pr-i t poet to soy: "It lo not e 
but ri tho^' r crlno to be intolertnt". 

I ccU upon til citirenf. of Ci.lifornlr. to join with the Pp'ij-ldent 
of tho United '-trtps, with tho Conference of ^hrirti'ns r nd Jowe, 
t-nd with tho citizens of kII other Stnto.-, in ots'^rvr^nee of Nt;tlon«l 

r^^- ,■ -, ' ' •■^■■, r' -">oo-nltion of the Brotherhood of Mtn. 

IN v.iTN:-'iii *:iQ-.; :>, i hrT« 
hereunto E'»t my hend tnd 
Cftusod the Greft C'eel of 
the ritf te of CtliforniP to 
be t^'flxed this el#lith day 
of Kobrufiry, A.D,, one 
thouyi nd nine hundrod end 

G07".;,N3H OF Cj<LTK)i(Kli. 

.•,0;-.ii.Ti.:^ OF bT/>r£ 



ixccutioc Bcpartmcnt 

ic»tatt ofCialifornui 


V V 






Lt. 1340 

f V 



ixccutiDc Bcpamncnt 

State of dJliromui 

J V. 

I. AR 7-1940 
''AUL^^K, Sectary of 


. , rt;-; .- ' -y floOQt hi T« OOOUTsd or tl'P SecW^rwBtO 
'■.Ivor 1 r.j Its* trlbuttrlst, Inunfititinf, pojful' twd : .*«»*« roc tb^ustuda 
of fcnf. '-f • li'^'y ''••vlo-'id fiPK Irnda t.nd forclv huncrr^'lB of 
! - . ; t-nd 



^t etl.if. wld 


l.u.^v„v*i, unices w 1.1 loToeo » :"> r- i^i^^C the Twmi 1 cprlnft 
fivjshsts iiijri -eltlTii- BiKJ»rii *111 win* tho rlVfM's and atrotT»c In 
tV'O Stcrmftnto KlTof bnaln fitid orui«« v«,t«r to flov mit th^>ugh 

thoee Jrv-"!* brv !-:■ f. lit! rirtfi'^r !nunrtit'> rt ,>f fcl.-' 1; nd« f.nd ; r*- 
ror.t t'.«ir r hiMIiti-tlin » r.> t>' '• r.nttl'sir.rtnt of t^(»Ir populs- 

tl:>n ♦^.'"•■-or; i tit": 

J- .. i^, un' -•. _■. ^.- l<i7<^i br'tt '<£ tr'> r-Ttlei j r.c ti;o ;x>iul*rtloi» 
of «tiU ' r^f c r-tum"4 t- t^»lr h-jsps Rnd f? ma, t^iny will b« 

!; , .' . . :'. , I, Cu I --"•t. f . "l!<on, GoTf-nor ot Ctlifoml*, pur- 
au^nt to tho vr<^vl»l?ns of Ch< >%er 66S, ?'t?tut«o of !-?<?, r-nd 
■^urflwnt to th'^ •.'.-o^"i'-.t;nd< tlon af tb»! Ktf t- Eror^oncy Council, do 
norrtby dnoltr" ».n nt,i-^r/ancy t-^ Rjlst within th«? biundt rloe of th« 
bJ^alu of th»! Sj:ori.-imnto I'ivsr i.nA lt^ trlbut- rl'>s, hn.1 I -•iT'^by 
Instr-ot tb*! Dlr->otor of tbo Enpt.rtnont of iMbUc Kortcs of th« 
Stft" of Cilifopnl* to mko rij Iwnodirto Kurvaj- of •'»ld Er«ft, ^nd 
to dsWriir.!" tho locMlon • nfi nztont of tb^^ drnr .-ro <w-uf>«(3 by tbo 
I'l jt Dooflc, of l-^Yix^ brotirs, of tbo jotantli-l dDorar of furthsr 
flooils fct tbs tlr»o of thf! oj.rin<5 froohflta, i nd of th« ber.t irotnod 
of r»iiftbillt; tlu^'; ti'o inurdi't'd Unas within suld *r«r. und rMtor- 
in*- tno .voi.uli.tlon of field Itmau to tiiolr hoitics; r.nd fcr-.e, «.n<5 to 
tik-o- srjsL furth»ir nt^ps ts iir« neo»e«r.ry to r"hi>blHttt» seld 

II. iiliu.!.^ -u-jlf I hi-vo ^.or'3- 

unto net ciy bmd mkI oiur.^d the 
r.r«it -'•el of tbc St«t<!i of C«Uf- 
• -nl« tj »''■ *rfl>f!d t 1 '■ '1'"'> 
dty of M.'-oh, i ,r,, on<-' thouaend 
nSr.r bun;'rc.'! ■nd forty. 




lo^'ft'ry of otvtw 

-i.iL>iY to^ 



^xccutioc department 

Statt of Ctaliforma 



, If 6 sal '.ated 

<:<! v.i.O' , .11.1: ■■. ■ falle upon 
as Ion bear store of 

si.;-io, county uiia city {iovcrriueuts to set aside 
»l. least thr?iit hmrc Tor tiie revTent observa- 

iii view oi' tiiese considorajblons, 
• . : Ji^e, I, 'i^Tf.-f. J., .ilaon, OoveiiKji , 

Mornlu, I ct thai all state 

uj . Ice:^ r> -1 -;^ .t^ observance of Oood 

- rlfaj! ■ ^ .'; d1' twelve noon and 

tixToe li. ,uo aiiCi'.;o_in xriday. Larch 22«s, 1340, 
so M»pt, all atate '■im;'''' oyons nay hB\'p th'^ 
o,), 'oi'txinli'.. r. • • n;, , i.eir 


Utiiid a- 

oi-nujiLu set my 
d CltUSOd tho 

Great Seal of the State 
of '-nlifonila to be 
affixed this Otii day 
of -arch, ?<ln#i*-"»n 
I'mndrod ani|l Forty. 










■rT-^-.k 1 



ssttt^S^i^? 1 




—I- ^ ,-, 


>^ \U 


' 1 

yxju.jc.*\ . 1 

- . 1 









■ i! 


MicrofiLT. Processir 


:£;.-2f (G.-'sc) 


/ / 


ixcfutiDf Department 

i6»t.itt of ejiifornia 

-. c 


•« tli« •*lcf el Iht SMrtUfv of Sttia 

MAR 2 9 1940 

PAUL HiK. S«crttary of Suta 

.tractive Mi^ .urpo.sfux ...<,. ■ i.>,;..i .roen 4., ■aa.i,.aoci t^ dd •. 
acfuevu, ^couoMlc security of tf,« iua^ric.iii Fu«.iiy, .iU b« con- 

i, ^\ :^:^y'''^ seriously a*b...teci t. ^irJ-^uenUl c.:u„,a 

X. -,«.Joci 1„ tn« mat .od of ;«»tluc tlio ou, . .. ..iaicai c.-re ^.i* ^ne 

-f\w:U j^ 

ijuxa be .jrot^ctfi4 afci^iuat the loaa or 

•^ t^ o. lacoma au« to aiaabllity •>o.r'. ill a^nxfi or ^cci:.^ut.. 
uvi i^ WW actual vtwit, when iaoOijie couk . ... . + „ . ,,- „ ,.. „ 

,00a a«uith aui eun.. . . ,. .. , for. tfc . .. r.,.: aco.o«dc 
- ■- la t,a« .majority of cc.,-e. rfaeu disabilitv coj^b.. turou.h in 

<..,a..-, but^i wid other e.ii.ei, t,» -„^ 

tiecui-ity of tnc fKniiiy. , . tne •couo-at 

o;..'^LT'f "'" ''°"'^''"'' ^ '^ "■'■^ ^^""" i" buildiat toward tLT 
o«xi ecoaoaic ..<-curity, „„,v ,.« enco^ru^e, coo.,er.t^ una assist in I 

bro^uanim; of l.n... bn.« of ..,..lth r.n. ..cciU.nt insursncM ,. t,. -^^ 

iieeded Jfroteotioii. 

•isriioato 3«t Uiy h/ind and 
cuusad the Graat Seel oi' the 
.tJite of C.:iiforii^f< to De af- 
' i;--ea t lis tw«utj'-ai;itn day 
r," March, A.C., one t.i.> .t nd 
(line 'lUiiirec; i.rii for' '. 
, ) 

t-cretary of .^ti^l 

I J 

afxccunuc department 

;s>mt of (lalifornia 


^^ '''AR;{ 1940 


-■ ^. 

it . -opritote tiv.t -4a-fic*.i4S, iU: ur-iinati^iat their Le.iocrutic 

Ubeitj.. . i-;icir iu tiia ikiaorlc..i»j siOv,Tiin'.'nt., 2.iouli dorin^ 
ti-ds ^rioa rew^ffirm their faitn in the pnaci-pUa «J" Deaocracy -:ia 
t:.'- civil li;«rtiif u..-i n li • i u '■...itesd tUem \i..:,*.r jur "■^laral ■"on- 
L' u ,;ti - 1. 


fitti.i. ;a.. ro >i.i- tu. t, ! = t J b'.aul'^ t . t--- --;■.. ..a joincl--',-.>t lo 

a«c 1 otiior. At, no tirao in th.* history of! oar natlca lias the «**-:! Uea 
30 t,i-cat a;' at opeseut to rocotid^e th*i i^alations.^.i!' of yoit:. to *n«r- 
ioftn citi;....; 'uip. Ths /iut.i of toi^y, o-jr citiisns if toiuorrov , must 
urtier.' 1 ?iiU ffl*.-.aiut of citi:-tii3.-Jip in m-irxc:-.!: ce .ocr^cy, tiie 

-rot^otj . xvou thsa ood the ov»^.orturti ry ttflordavi t.iCii, oar 
aeiaocrutio 3Vi-.teu of tiO^<-**'»*'''*=''^ • 

citi..^n 'Jivjuld co-o?rtri.i,u xita Civic, J.ocia, leii^ioas -jjd Patriotic 
ort,.."i. tioii:. ill re-u: ac.tia_ thf^ b.,.=;ic , ri.ioi .1*'E 
Kreoi'.oifl of Speech, P'-ess, RcHt.;ious 'ors.i; , ■ 
universe 1 e ^icitiaii :'<>•> »af Trut^L. . 

' our bfcaiOcr .cy, 

■:-i : by j'-jy. 

He, , ta'.''"e^''jrs, i;* vIh- ji" tm.- ■. y:^.^.:- ^•.■i;.\.i,^.u,f i, ... — -- ■ "• 
Oiion, Governor of Celirorniu, do heraTjj'- denij^^a-te the A-jek of April 
-8 tarca. n ii^^.v 4., 1940, ..s "Citi..e<tship Se..;c" taid "Youtn V.'eoK" ill 
Califarnia, u'lxi ur, e uli ritt.ejis to pi.rticiiv^to in t:i« :>;»ecija avbn+;^ 

I'l' ■ V t _3;Bm'JUiit.' 3 ' . 3tat«. 

i.. i:.,££S ftKERiOF, I ..^-ve 
actroifiito sot my liuna tiid 
CKUseo t'it< Oroet Znal of the 
Sttte of a-ilU'ornia to be ^f- 
fixaa this tr.enty-niixih d&y 
■jp v.; .-ca, A.D., one thouS&nd 
i.i.i tiuadr'ac c— i-J forty. 
^ — ^ 



Socr..t..ry of State 

1 rpuly S*oritx)'i( SMI* 





ixcfutiuc department 

^tatf of (lalifornu 


APR 1 2 1940 

PAUL PEEK, StcrtUryolSW. 






Th: Ufctio..8 or Central and South Aia^rica tutve eujo/eci a 
fritiidly tiKi iiarjiojiious r!.-iation8hi;i «ith tiiG Uniteci States, cei^ent- 
injj our iu.tionp to^'-ther c •; a bulwark, a^tilnst a;.c.'otichnient fro« 

Tiis year tha -eonloB of thtj Ajierlo&a uave evury retson 
to rejoictj m ttw conuuoii boua of ;autu*l unacrtitaadiiit. ni»u i^utual 
u jjnertiliou -'ach exists between our roe.jcctivt. countries* liecijirocal 
tritde troiatiee are .torkiai- to our mutual benefits. Taore ai'e no ia- 
veaiona, trraii'd ov othcr.v-ia j notiirjiita of w»:r uetveea ftny of Die nations 
of tiie Auerlcas. ifte are sth.idint firm on this rocit of aiutiiaiity *ith 
no fear, aiaj^iy or coLlsotlvaly, of foreifcii invasion or disruption of 
'jmt ^ood ueif,aborlin8ss, 

'?an Ajst ricu bb.-j «111 bti calabrated in Uiiltod States 
tnd iii ov ry other iiatia of the Anioricus on A ;ril Hth. It iriil t>e 
obstirv««l as a at^y of Oct ce and felloivshlp. It ia fittirij,, tnert-fore, 
t'u^t the citizens of CaliTornia join iu t;)<e.-j cdlebri-tious for tiiis 
(,rt!«t state haa closer rtiiatioaiStiii'B with our sldter nations tljaa any 
otii-.-.r state in tiit- Union. 

In viert of tfiese considerations, no.., tiicrefore, 1, 
Culbc-rt L. Ulaon, Governor of Cai.-.foriiia, do hereby j.rocloijn AtTll 
14tn, 1940, as "Ptn Ab rica Day" in Californ.a and urge all citizens 
friondsiiip bot..eeii tne ni.tions of the Aiuurlccs. 

IN ..IT.iCSS filiaiEUF, I have 
hurcsunto set my nand toid 
Cftupea t^je Greet Seal of the 
Stfcto of Celiforuia to be 
affixed this tenth day of 
April, A.C., .Uneteen Kundrtd 
and Forty, 


G'jVi:i-uor jf fiiij-fornia 



I .— 

rocret'.r ' of 





W B Parker 



Pertaining', to Mfalfa V.'«ovll 
Effective on and after "ovouibet- 10, 1339 

..TEHI-JV3. The fact liaa l>een deterrdned ^J ^ J^i-r^l'^ 
of Acrlcultxiro that oii iuseot peat Inj^irioua ^^° "^^^^J' ^J^^ii,, 
as Hlfall-a waevll ( Phytonomus posticus, y^^* g^^iigS^ j;^^ !„ ^' ' 
not (generally diatrroifcecl In t:iO litate of CallforHTa, «^lj*J^; 
<■ e Welnaftor deaorlbed Infested nraas and that tlie restriotea 
Article* nereln dewrib^i are hoata or posalble carriers of .aid 
alfalfa weovll into areas of thl» state otherwise fr«e from this 

HOW. Tirt^REPORE, It is declared necessary In ord*'^ *<> 
prevent f.o farther dlaserdnatlon of said Insect !»••* i" *^» ^ 
s^te of California, that a quarantine be toid the sarie Is hereby 

under and subject to tlie oon.dtlou. herein provided; 

p-r^T : An alfalfa weevil ( Ph; ^tonDama jioatlou*, Oyll. 
or Hyoera variabilis ) . 

AHKO^s All tli:it portion of Cooonlno Oounty north of th« 
"'■* Colora>lo 'ilver. 

GOiXaDOx Entire coxmtles of 1^1 ta. Eagle, Oarfleld, 0"^»o»» 
■ -^ ■• lAosa, lloffat, .outeaui.m, Montrose, Ouray, Pl/^fin. 
Rio Blanco, Routt, San JUan, San tiltnel •»<i •••1*« 

IDAHO t Entire state. 

^OiITAl!A > Kntire oounty of Big Horn. 

'JIBRA^KA : Entire oounties of Bonner, '^^J^^i^^J/i^^^J* ^' 
" ' ^Ips 27 axxl 28 north, ranees 61 and 52 west, ana 

tormshlDS 27 and 20 north, ranr;ea 49 and 50 w«st, In 
Boi St?: County; town^hl^. 31 and 32 north r^. 
52 west In Dawes Coimtyj townahlps 20, 21, a^ ana 
il Tortlx. ran^ee 57 anS 68 w-t, »f ^Jownahlp 23 north, 
rmi-ea 55 and 56 west, in r.cotts Bluff County. 

mmDkx Entire counties of Ohurohlll, Douglas. Elko, Humboldt, 
^^^^^^ Lender, Liiwolu, Lyon, mineral, Ormsby, Parshlng, 
Storey, Washoe and WVilte Pin«. 

ORSaoN t Entire counties of DaV»r, Ham»y, J^'i"^' '"•gljj^ 

^^ I^HlVieur HiKi Union, nnd thnt portion of Douflas County 

lylnr .iouth of a line be-iniiinc on the west at a 
pJin\ «hero tl* state Hlrhway f •"^•^^ .■•i?.^n5tlx 
and followiiiF, snid hi h*Hy e«at to its J^i°" *J*^ 
U. ■:,, llii^wny ''>9, tvhenoe dirootlj east to the east 
boundary ol' snld county. 

SOPTR DAi-OTA: Entire county of Custer «^^^-^|}^^„P°^";^°^ 
^^ Pall River County known as Indian Pownahlp, 

UTAlI t Entire State. 
WYOMING » iintire state, 

RESTRICTED ARTICLES ; Alfalfa hay and all other hay 
and cereal si^raw. a TfmTT:?^, chop.oed ^^^^ ^^^^^^^Z JJ^^^^'^y 
Lid i!nnle^.ent3 that have beor. used in the uiilllnb, ^*i^»,-^. 
harveatl^- or tloroslvlnE of alfalfa, ^^^^f ,<=«•! ''"^,^'^^1; J' 
nutono-oile tr^iilers, trucks, and other '•^^i°^«^^"^^^J,^*'t 
used in the tranaportatlon of the aforementioned articles. 

Provision 1. 


Except as provided in Provisions 2, 3 and 4 of thl« 
nroolamation, alfalfa hay and other hay and cereal •* raw and 
chopped alfalfa hay v.!ilch has been r.rovm. or «^or*^i«2?!. 
infested area, imported as such or as ?acV:inj °r otherwise 
;?irbe ad^rdtted into tl^ State of California ^j^y PJ^'^J^^i ^^^ 
each such lot or aliipmant is aocoraoanied by V"^4 fi !r?l«niM 
bv a duly authorized inspector of the state of "^^Sia •ffl«^?6 
that Sch hay. straw or ohoooed hay has been treated by a method 
ihlch^as f"i;t been .p -roved ^^^he Director of Agric^ture and 
Jas been subseiueutly handled and -pipped under ^^^iSJ^J^Sj;' 
vision in a manner satisfactory to the Director cf "Vgri culture 
to ,na?ntain continued Identity and ^^'^'^^ P°»^f S^jjlt^^.i;- 
featation. Such certificates must set forth the dosace ^"a, 
M.^ "f exoo3^e. temperatxire within the enclosure during time 
of '^xposJrer^t; of Seat.uent. nanies and f f •"" °^f "»ig'* 
and c?nai Tior, niethod of trail sportation and date aiipped. The 

°aifirLf«^^'^nr''^^f^S*** f''''^ accompany tlie transportation 
_aper3 aiicl a copy mailad on tlie date of ahi-,neut to the 

DorJotiL^f V^°;^^t^^«. sacrruaonto. Movement by rail trans- 
port«ition l3 >areby approved. 

Provision 2. g^'^THEATED HAY. STRAW AI.'D GHOFPKD ".lAY 

Untrop.ted alfalfa 'aarj, otlier h&v and ofiraal af-«M«r 
and Chopped alfalfa hay from thi said IrJisJSd ^^^ Ly S 

iSo c^rtaS"? "tlfi!" ^^•--f*/^^- ti^» Wractor^f'A^LSture 
is fodder f-:rnn?'i^' r^untaln and desert nraas for consumption 
as I Odder for anl aIs. i,aid penolts will be issued authorlKlmr 
such :novemor:t only into f-ose areas ^-'doh the Director of A^S 
c.atnre is satlafied rill v^esent no :r»nace to tH? a??ajf, ^ 

.nflV* w^i4-ff*^''°"f.°°i't^®"P^'*^^"G auoh importations shall first 

S^itir sertln^-"Jo^?i^?" *° ^'^ Director of Agriculture for a 
periQit, settinf^ forth in sxioh application the kind and wantltv and address of shipper, na-ue and address of imoorter ni««. 
ioorM'*°T?r'°'** ^^ tr^-3portatlon and a description ^J'ti" 
i??l ir.°^ the promises where such hay, straw or c£?ped SS 
will be couauaea. T^e im .orter aoconpaixy such application 

where?, l?"":^^. ^^"^''^f ^^«<1 ^^^^ "^^-"^ *^" before a .^ta^f .iSui 
wnereiu it aiall oa iuouibent upon tie Importer to ua^ all such 

-^^;^'«!^r'* °'' °'^0-^:-'«'i -^^"7 «3 feed for anlrunls on such nJemiS^ 
«7.d t^nt no portion of «,ch shipment or lot so In^rted win Se 
It^rn^, ^'"^ °"^^^ destination nor used for Sy othS ™Ji.^ 

ifip.?:i Tuc^A :sSnt-o^rioJ^i?i ^z^ ^jrJ 
SiSur?3 ^SL:SeHrd:;;t?;sti^i^-^ i^.ediaJ2j^tSi-rs;^r 



^° restrlctioua are placed by this auarantina iin«n 
tne raoveroent of any of t^.e oo„.'K>dities'^aS art?^!^^ ,uS^ 
tirMtJ^S^"'^ ^f, '^'^" Proolaniation from the said li^fMtad 
territory xnto that portion of tiie State of California now 
generally infested witlx alfalfa weevil limuedlSelyidWnt 
to tne eastern or northern Oallfornla border and dewrlbS 
a'o?;^'f 9!"'' '^«^-^*=°^y A" in California .^^LiuinrRiJ-SL 

Provision 4. 


raSTa — - 

No r«strlotlon» nre placed by tMs qusrantlne \ipon 
the move ent of any of tt<e ooiumodltles and articles quarantined 
against in this proclariatlon from the said Infested terrltoiry 
to that Interior portion of the State of tfallfomia now 
generally infested with alfalfa weevil and described as 
"Re.-ulated Territory D" in Callfoiiila Marantine Re^:;ulation 
No. 9 or areas adjacent to said "Regulated Territoiry B," provided 
thnt shlpraento of nlfalfa 'h^.j, otlier hay, eerenl straw and 
chopped alfalfa hay will be adialtted only for use wiUiin the above 
described nreaa and only during; tlie period October Ist to May 
Slat; in cavlond lots; in tif^'it rnllroad cars vdtli all cracks 
and other oponln^js sealed In a nanner a^jproved hy the Director 
of A^rloultiire; and :)rovided eaol\ such hay shipment Is con- 
si jiod only over the v*o3toiii Pacific Ilallroad, Feather River 
Canyon Route, via Sacra^xSnto and Stockton; tJie Southern Pacific 
Railroad 0;3don Route, via Tmckee and SaoranientOf or t'.e Southern 
Pacific Railroad ''haata Soute, directly to a point within the 
above described area and furtlier provided tiiat such oars shall 
not be opened or diverted on route and tiiat each such hay ship- 
ment is aoaompanied h-j a certificate aljned by an authorised 
state inspector affirming tnnt the empty railroad oar was in- 
spected before loadinj^ and foimd tl'Tht and in rrood condition 
and that all cracks and openlnca around the doors and otherwise 
were tl ^htly sealed in an .approved .tianner, Huch certificate 
must also state the nuinber and Initials of tiio oar containing 
t>ie hay, the amovuit of the sliipmeat, tlio naiae and address of 
the consignor, the na:iie and address of the conalfTnee, the route, 
and t'le date of ahipiaeat and a copy of tlie certificate liiuat be 
inailed at tirae of shipment to the Director of A,rtrlculture, 
Sacramento, California. It la further provided that upon arrival 
at destination and irai;iedlately t.e hay is unloaded the empty 
car shall be placed in quarantine and siiall not be :,.oved to any 
point outside of the alfalfa weevil Infested area In California 
until It has been thorou-hly cleaned, to the aatisf action of 
t!ie stnto plaiit quarantiiie officer havin^;^^ jxirladlction; piKJVlded 
further tliat in the case of shipments of alfalfa hay, other hay, 
eerenl straw and chopped alfalfa liay Intended for destinations 
vd-tliln t>ie areas adjacent to "RejTulated Terrltoj?j' B", the 
importer liiust first secure a written permit from the Cotmty 
Agricultural Co; luI 33 loner of tlie County of inteadsd destliiatlon 
and each^ such shipioent siiall be accompanied with a copy of such 

Provision 5. ALFALFA rffiAL. 

Except as provided in Provisions 3 and 4, alfalfa meal 
uiilled fi^in hay wixlch 'las been grown or stored in the said in- 
fested area, vdll be aduiltted into the State of Califomla only 

provided each alilpment or lot Is acoompaiiled by an official 
certificate affinnlnj, that (1) no larger than a 5/8 Inch 
screen was used in the nxill diu'ln^^ the pvoaeaa of milling; 
(2) that tiie conveyance wa3 Inspected prior to loading •nd 
found free from alfalfa weevil, alfalfa hay, other hay or cereal 
straw; (3) tlmt such ii.eal and the conveyance have been safeguarded 
in a nanner to prevent coutatnination by live alfalfa weevil. 
Such certificate Muat also state the naina and location of the 
mill, the uanies and addresses of oon3i;;nee ajid consiytior, the 
ar-.ount of fe^e product, metliod of transportation, the number and 
initials of tiie car or license nuiaber of the motor vehicle con- 
veying; tie shipment, and date shippej, Tlie ori inal of tlie 
certificate must accompany the transportation papers and a copy 
mailed uxi t.i© date of ahl.jment to the Director of Af^riculture, 

Provision G. USED ALFALFA IJlACIillffiRY . 

Except as provided in Provisions 3 and 4, all nmohinery 
aiKi imple.ienfcs that nave been used In the baling, lullllnc, har- 
vesting; or tlireB]ii)r, of alfalfa will be ackiitted into the State 
of California from the said Invested area only when same have 
been thorou^jlily cleaned of all alfalfa 'lay or other possible 
source of alfalfa weevil infestation before being transported 
into t;:o State of California. Any such .-Liachinery and/or imple- 
ments contaminated with alfalfa hay shall be held in quarantine 
until all alfalfa hay has been cleaned out and buraed to the 
satisfaction of the inspector nakln,-, the inspection and at the 
expense of *:he owner or o\mer8, hla or their responsible agents. 

Provision 7. VKHICLKS Ku'D iJAIL-^OAD CARS. 

Automobiles, automobile trailers, trucks and other 
veh-icles tiiat have been used in the tranaportation of any 
probable carrier of alfalfa we«vll herein quarantined against, 
from the said infested area, arriving in California, shall be 
placed in qviarantine by tiie agricultural Inspector liavlng 
jurisdiction at the point vdiere sa'e arrives until it Ixas 
been detenilned by inspection that same are free from alfalfa 
weevil, alfalfa hay, other hay and cereal straw and except as 
provided in Provisions 1 to 4 Inclusive, all co;iiiion carriers 
shall clean as.d free of alfalfa hay and other hay and cereal 
straw, all railroad cars tiiat l.ave been used in the transporta- 
tion of live stock or alfalfa hay smd other hay and cereal 
straw, in oi' tljro\ith any part of tlie said Infested territory 
before t e enter the State of California, Any and all 
such cars found at any point in tlie State of California which 
have not been cleaned as alrave shall be placed in quarantine 
until all such hay or straw is thoroui^hly cleaned from the 
car to tlie satisfaction of tl» quarantine officer rjikln^; tlie 
Inspection. All hay or straw found in cars transporting live 
stock into Ocaifonila from or tlirout;h any part of the infested 
territory shtLLl be deexed to nave ori, inated within tlie In- 
fested territory and shall be amenable to all the provisions 
of t'.is jroclaiiiHtlon unless accompanied by an official certifi- 
cate issued by an aj^ricultiu'al inspection official of the state 
where tiie hay was loaded in the oars, establishing the fact 

that the Ixay was ^Pown la a non-lnfestod area and setting forth 
tiie locality of origin, 


All articles adiiiisaible under tlie forecoing provisions 
nust be aeld by ooi.iraon carrier a.enta and not delivered to con- 
signee or af-ent until inspected and passed by fae Director of 
Acricuxo-ire; his de,.uty or de.mties, or by a duly auUiorised 
state plant quarantine officer. 

Diafosirioii 0/ viojAi'-i-ONs . 

Except as provided in tiie forejcoine provisions, eny 
lot or sliipment of coLmodltias or articles arriving, in Cali- 
fornia in violation of tiie provisions of t is proclai.iation, 
stiBll be lia mediately sent out of the state or destroyed at th« 
option axid expense of the owner or bailee, 

RESTaICTED a rticles I"^JECT to OTIffiR muis kW 

The adiiiie Sibil Ity into the State of California of 
any article or coiiiniodlty covered by t le forecoing provisions 
siiall be f'ortlier subject to the provisions of any otner 
quarmitine procla-.atlon or re;/ulatlon now in force or which 
may liereafter be proinulc-ated, 

E]:rr'0RGI.3 rO'./EHS . 

All deputies of the Director of Agriculture and all 
state plant quarantine officers are iiereby eiapowered to cairry 
out all the provisions of tb.ia proclaiiiatlon, 


T>ils -iuarnntine Proclaiatlon No. 7 (Revised) super- 
sedes .uaraitiue Proclamation No, 7 (Revised) dated Septeniber 
16, 1937, as aj.iended April 7, 1939, and sliall take effect 




APPROVED: _ V ' ■ . ■ ^ ^ ^ .. i T ,^^\\* rr 

Governor o^ th^llkate or uallfornia 


NOV 1 (\ V'^'^ 



W B Parker 



^.... ^-'0 

i ertalnlrv- to Orane Phylloxera 
Kffeotlve on and after December 2S, 1939 

VJ.iERKAS, The pest known ae rrape phylloxera 
has become quite -•nerally dl.tributed throurhout the 
coiniuerolnl ra e producing areas of tie State of Call- 
loniia, and 

WireSKA:., It hae been ahoim that grape phylloxera 
nay oe trax.anltted by uncontrollable n.ean. .uS^ aa Irrl! 
yatlon water, and •>**** 

, , '^iERFAS, Ariple authority la provided in the 
Agrxcoltural Code for t! e requirement of deetlnatlon 
treat.ront of vliiaa which are llicely to earn' eald 
phylloxera end which are destined to be plpnted in a 
non-liifeated area or .jremlses, and 

«-T , V. "'>i'^3» effective trftBtiients mve been de- 
veloped by tola Dexiartinent w/iloh will adequately saferuard 
Infosted vine3 Intended for plantlni; in nSl.lnfe."d k^«. 

NOW, TTKIiKPORK, Effective Irar.ediately. quaran- 
tine i'roclfcnatlon No. 17, issued July 0, 1934. is iierebv 
revoked, this revocation in no way affeotlnTthe ailSStr 

Drovlded In t -e AfrlcuJ turol Code wit}. reraJd to theln- 

S^Ji'^LJerstitT^'"^" '" ^'~'*^' "^^ ^^-"^^ ^'^'^"«*- 




Governor of thi 

or ualifornla 

••■'■'' T I 





fr-y-i^-r T ki 




W B Parker 



IDfpartmpttt tif Agrtntlturt 


tiUARAifTIIffi PROCLArATION ?fO, 18 (Rdvlaad) 
•Pt«li\lnf, to Satin Muth 
Sff«otlve on aikl after March 9, 1940 



iVIOiRKAij, Tie fnol ana b«en detor.ulned by the Director 
of Agriculture tiiai an inseot peat injurious to poplar and 
willow treoa, known no the aatln nioth, not laiov.Ti to occur in 
t>ie State of Cnlifor la, exists in t le hereinafter described 
infested nreaa and that all varieties and species of poplar 
fxnd willow trees aud parts tiiereof are known to be hosts op 
possitilo carriers of ti is pest, 

NOW, THEIlLi'ORT., It is ddolarod neoejsary in order 
to nrevent t)-© liitroductlon of f^w said insect pest into tti« 
State of Gallfor .ia, tJmt a qiiai^aniliie be aiid the same is 
hereby eBtnbliniied at the tioundnries of tie State of California, 
in accordance with Section 106 of the Af^rioultural Code of ths 
State of Oaiiforula, a-alnat snld pest, its hosts or possible 
carriers, inportod, shipped .ir br3uj;!;ht from the said infested 
areas, aud no suol\ restricted products aa quarantined a;_ain8t 
in t' 13 oroalaimtion aim]! he ocrr.iitted to pass over said 
luarantlae linos lierehy ostabliahed and proclaimed, except 
under and subject to the conditions Iterein providedj 

P'-ST : Satin moth ( ntilpnotia sallcis Lljui.) 

C0N;;ECTICU'J > Entire st«xte, 

£^IuK: L'ntire state, 

MA3SA0HUSKTTS i Entire state, 

IHi 'ift''-'" !I-HK : Entire state. 

ORK'-n.;! ! Oountieo of Benton, Olaeka as, Clatsop, Columbia, 

Uou^.las, liood lllver, Lane, Liiu>, iiarion, Uultnomah, 
Polk, V-ashington and Yai:ihill, 

RHOOE IBjJ.IOj : Kntlre stato. 
VKKkOOT: Kntlro atat*. 

v.Ar.nxiiaTu-:i Counties of Clallam, Clark, Cowlitz, 3ray»8 

Har'oor, IsIrucI, Jeffer9on, Klii,.;, Kitsap, Lewis, 
Wbsou, i'aclfio, I'leroe, Saii Juan, Skarit, 
Slcamanla, SiioJujiiiisli, Tlixirston, Wahkiakum and 

R;.;.T1ICT1LD ■ HO.>>lCTS t All npeoles and varieties of 
poplar (l-opulus; and willow (Sailx) trees or parts thereof for 
or cnpa bla of propacatlon, inoludlnr willow withes, exoaot 
olean seed. *^ 

Provision 1, PHObUCTI> i'HQillHITED . 

Except as provided In Provision 2 riereof any and all 
restricted products or things herein quarantined ajtainst. 
Imported, sfiijjped or broiv^'it from the said ird"e8ted areas are 
liereb.; -jrohihited aciiilttance i:ito the State of California, 

Provision 2, 

PRoi>uoT3; from oreoon 

Poplar or willow trees or pnrts thereof capable of 
propagation will bo aimitted into the State of Callforrila 
froi.. tlie said Infested areaa in the states of Oref-on and 
>Vaahlji£tou onl;/ prtjviuiac each auch lot or ahipTiiont is ao- 
ooinpa, led by a certificate 3i:?ied hy the authorlted inspection 
official of the state of oriijln certifying that all of th« 
Doplar and wlllov; trees or parts thereof capable of propafa- 
tion in aaid lot or aJiipMent ware growrj outside of the said 
ItifoBterl nroa and thnt saiie, wlille in the said infested area, 
were stored in a storage in wiiich no poplar or ii How trees 
or parts thereof fron the said infested areas had been stored, 

CAK !IHR AOi .i.TS liUST HOLD L^HIi'Lli.. TS . 

All products atli.isaible under t'lO I'oretroing Provi- 
sion 2 )nust bo lelu by oor:r,K)n carrier afonts an J not delivered 
Lo ooni(l:jiee or a-eiit until luapected and oassed by the Director 
of A/'ri culture, his deputy or deputies, or by a duly authorlEed 
state plant qxiarRntine officer, 


Any and all lota or shlpiaents of nroducts arriving 
in tiie State uf California in violation of tt'.e provisions of 
t-iia orocla atlon shmll ho iiiriediately sent out of the state 
or destroyed at tiie option and oxpoase of ti^e owner or bailee. 

RiiST fICTOD PHO.)i:CTS .iimJl.CT TO 0T:1^R HUL^S 

- ■ — A ! !) fti;'>ir.A TTCT^ 

r.e aetalflfllbllltj^ Into the State of Califorla of 
any article or conu^^dity covered by the forefolm, Pj?^i«^°^ 
ehill be farther subject to ti>e provisions of any other quar- 
ni.tlue .rocla...ptlou3 or re^'oxlatlons now in forca or whloU 
may lereafter be proraul£ated. 

P:ia-X)RCINa r'O'.VI.RS . 

All de-jutles of tt.e Director of Aerloulture and all 
State Plant ^mrantir-e Officers nro ..erttyj 9mpo^-er9d. to en- 
force all tha provisions of this proclamation, 

pi::D::ilAL KXPt^;i;:KNTAL 3HIP!/!K^^^o KXISMPT . 

T lo fore,'olii<: does not a,)ply to the experiments of 
the United States liepartoiMint of Agriculture In the 3tata or 


This iuarsntine Proolair.ation Ho. 1& (Revised) super- 
sedes I- arai.tiae Proclar.ation No, 18, dated February 10, 1937, 
and shall take effeot laKiedlfltely, 

otor of Ai^rlcultui^ 

APi'KovEDj ^- *■ '- _ — .- .1 AijT^ i'ly 

Governor ol t'ne State of califonaa 


MAR - 9 1940 









W B Parker 



SACRAMENTO a r^jl ^ ? • '''^'4^ 


"1 ^ 

Pertalnliig to Insect and Disease Peats of Per8li.;jMA^^«i<J»» •*''?. 
Effeotlve on and aft«»i -Movcmber 10, 1939 <C '""''• 

of Agriculture thn 
8iiiii.K>n root borer 
plant disease pest 
neither of v.- IcU i 
exist in several s 
species aiid variet 
to be carriers of 

Tlie fact has been determined by the Director 
t an Injurious Insect oest known as tiie per- 
( Sanniita urooerlfoi-rals ) and an Injurloua 

known as Ceplialosporluiu wilt of persiiauon, 
s known to oocxir in the State of California, 
itfites of the United States and that all 
lea of neralnmon ( Dloapyros 3p.) are liable 
eltlier or both of "desepests; 

NC'.v, T'.TKHHi-'Olli^, It is declared necessary In order 
to prevent Uie Introduction of said pests of persiix-ion into 
the btate of Golifomia that a quarantine be and tlie san» la 
hereby oata)liahed at tlie boundaries of the State of California 
in accordance with Jeotion 106 of tlie Af^rloultural Code of th« 
State of California a-ainst said persluL-non root borer and 
Cep ialosporlun wilt of porsimmon and a^/alnst all possible 
carriers of said pests ereln described, fron Siiy and all 
states, viistrlots and territories of tlie United States, and 
no articles ns quarantined ar.ainst in tJ-iis proolarjatlon J^all 
be poriltted to jmss over tiie said .n^arantine lines hereby 
estan wished and proclniiued. 

PESTOi Perslianon root borer (Saor^ne urooerii^omi» ) 
and Ceplialo sporlum wilt of perslnraon. 

PtlOHIlMTi;.!) ARTiCL::sj All species and varieties of 
perslanDn ( fllosp-yro'a sp.J trees and plants and all parts 
taereof except tiie rn^ita a;id seeds. 

tories of the United states. 

All states, districts and terri- 


Any and all of the above prohibited articles as q\xar- 

antined acalnst in this proclSTnation arrivli^ in the State of 
California from all states of tiie United States shall be placed 

in quarantine and Iraniedlately aent out of the state or destroyed 
at the option and expense of the owner or owners, his or tlielr 
responsible agents. 


All deputies of the Director of A,jrlculture and all 
State Plfi-it luarantlrxe Oi'ficera are r.ereby empowered to enforce 
all tlie orovi alone of tiiis pvoclaiiiatlon. 


Tm& forer.oing does not apply to the experiments of 
the United :itatea Ueparbuent of Agriculture in the State of 

This proolanatlon shall take effect inmedlately. 

Clrector of AsrloHtur* 


Sovernor of the &W* of Oalifomla 

v.. v^_ 


NOV 1 1939 

i'KfutiUc department 

^tjtt of Californu 

i-^:i£kiji^^±ij :. 

By, -^ 

found, tl.-n 
■ v- iL 


- -t. to inor ■ "? «f « tlon to Join their toIo,, 

MA 1t^ "- . -■cl'tlon of it. T.lue end *=oco-r.;ll3h- 

.- h"tt - undrrrt.riiln f v* ■!! r.^-'"^''*'' "^ '=°'^<'<'l chli^^en or not. 

3ur boy. .nu .i..^ L»t l ' /fj^^i^r"" "r"'^'' "' ln,,ort.nt. 

prepfrfid to ;urf.;ice into • ,. J, I f'"^«»'«''l5- 1" *■ d«"ocn,oy. 
not only b« dirfr,.„nt from th. ."ioPi;. t* }" 1'^"^ ^^ 1*" K^r'^ctfi, win 
ly dlffloult t6 », to u*ioci til f.elrp.ronts n.w, but Incr., sin,- 

HOT, ti; > <-.,;, ►,,^ .^, , . "^° ■-" "111 i^'rend, as n^,-,.,, j,-,,-,^,, 

t. 7lelt th. n«.r«at public ^^oS L t^ Ith : ^ ''"^^ "^^ °^"=^« 

IK iiVi'Uti^ iLJ^^imV, 1 htve 
' •-■rfsunto ■•^ot -ny hind end 
iv.utod th» Or^, t i-wl of the 
' t te of Cfllfornla to be ef- 

Ix-^il this nf trpnth dty of 
'•rrll, /.. n., on" thoupfiod 
nino »unarcd f:nrl for^y. 

« — \ ll» I I 

-*0 V* "*^'^ *• *' ** ' ^,^ «w t - 


^- \Tjb^-,Ie 



^ gf^ -I,.*- -*- 

^pcT* tr ry of bt^ta 

ixcfUtiDc department 

i»tJtt of Cialifornu 

C 1, A 


■' *-OC{„,y g, 

Ore/ '■ -J. li:i ,. 

:ti;t;li»hfKl liii- Union Lt.b-1 as 

utiUBP! t 

1, >- " ' 


I ivilftlto In recoinitioQ 

' . ■ •■■! 1 J' c I iins 

J . ■. . . I 1 1 "ilans, " ir d«it!'.nt wji'i-J-iig 

C'jndltji.ii ; , . ;■ •frt.-i, : a? i;V; .. ;u loyttent, 

t:, s- ', ,• i. ,•:, ...j.1. i... -z ,, . ■;r'.S- wlf ... -r i.:. .>... 

., •, i ', •■o'.ur, ' T ,lt.h, It j.8 fiiUd^ Li.- ; « »iti.«. r* 

Now, ' I ■T- , , iiuibtfrt L. Oiao;;, 

Ciulifor.. , 1'! r >f:i. : , '.}:imuiig ll&y 6th, 

tMrbutilo aet ay lAnd and 
CHXtsud th-i Grac.t S«?. 1 jf iiie 
Stuta of Califoraia to be 
af**lxf;<i this sixteenth d^v 

of A. ril, *•.!.., ii.",';'* 
ihuidrod and Forty, 

S.:cr •. 

•• ^-* to 

^umm department 

^tJtt of Ciaiifornia 


in tht officf of th< S<cr<Ury of StiU 
APR 1 ] 1940 I 

PAUL E£y(;,Scc.etdty of Slate 

a 3:; 63 frori 



ccali-t.tod v/.tthin ZO days 

••.vec, ti .,»9,!n:^e(^, or driven, or 
^ :: |the aforesaid 

a:xcfUtiV)c Bcpartment 

£»tatt of dalifornu 

certiilcate, iucx 
' blOQtl test i"oi* 
-d tql tlie effect 

beonjc ----c ^ '. 




\'y- <. o 

^ocrtrtrry~o? St;^ 

^xcfutiDc department 

S(.nt of CLalifornia 


ix Ih. oHitt el II.. StertHry o< SM» 
o( Kit Sbl. 0) CMerm, 

' '!V( 1 1940 


R C L / 

V.heroB3, an extracr Inary occasion hr.E arisen and 

•, re. •.:'!♦!«?■ U,nt the Lof Itiifituro of the State of 
\ roc; ncv., therefore. 

dvv, for 

appro prif. 

Ijitlcn to the Iieclniriation Board x'or con- 
, iirhts of Misy, oBsomontSj and general acL-nln- 
!rnf; an I ovni'liua^', '.n oufO'-ontritlon of the 

■■ .; ., , : -'t ;.ct of 1^39, 

.^, i-r :-isltie: ■ c.t uoon lorialHtlon riekinf an 

at)r5ro'?rl: '..o e.?.er( >^.v ., Tunc", createc by Item ;il2 of the 

B-jil-it l.c for the cost of ropolr and restoretlcn of 

pr-^ norty -Ja :ufei or ccatroyot by stor^na end flcoja and for 
*ork nntj rer.eripl nef'surts uosignof to overt, alleviate, and 
prevent si:c] -" d'JEtructlon. 

foi' i-he acviuL: 

conslUer and fc.t u-^on lecljlrtlon to 'provide 
.tion ano conotruction, naihtenanco and ooer- 

etlon of r, 'rsvstein of viorks for th« control, stcrafre, 
connorvrt !' ji arid i;-^' 1 ' r"^ tlon of the of the Napa P.lver 
and its trlbutariei . 

•:. .u consider ■ ict men lefialatlon maklnr an 

t'->r<nrlntitin to the Depart .(j: it of IJaturnl Resources for 
fc rust flro si2r-.nrocs!.cii p.nd nrovontlon. 


ogI... I..- Liof.i.n of the Let:l3lRtui'0 In 
.atltutlonol A.:iOndnent No. 9, Resolutions 
Cttitutos of 1059. 

ii; V,lTi.:.r.S vaiEniiOF, I have 
horouiito set my hariu and 
cauaoci the Great Ceal of the 
State of California to bo 

azxccutiDc department 

;^tatf of Calirornu 


PRf« 2 

affixed this tenth dcy of l-iay, 
A. I^., one thousond nine himdrofi 
and forty. 



ITocrctnry of l!;tntc 






i^xccutiuc department 

5»tatt ot (lalitarnu 


.■li^i^X V>v 


V' ■' 








^xccutivic Bcpartincnt 

^t.itt Oi California 


- "ell 

..- trv 

■ 1 'id the (. I of 

the StEte of 0- ^ 1 :■. ■ 
to b« f.ffls^(j t-ls 
'Ixt dsy of Afirll, .- ° 





^xcfunuc department 

:c»t.itt ut (Ialiforni.1 


it tion of gioort riUi lo i e >;"•> : 

-t . mi 


. .'• - AJ .a.i.,1^1. pf •>.■t^ t)ii£'r.fl<, custo.T', end 
: jnttrucLlv* r:ni. fruitful 'i'fforts of tbe 


.:i., I'J 

-nlToPBlty of Vlr»!ii)lt whi • 

I, CulUirt.L. Von, Governor of the Dt; t« -f "i.lifornlf., 
• .r^t.y irool».1' r. veeH nf Uey Jtjii, 19V5, -s "T.'htl-n>^ "u.»lc 
cro,:.'" i.- r llfornifc . And, In !>ureui n*<' t.h"r^of, 

•'■ : i " -• " 1:i^-->' t !n »U8lc bv .1 "itl-zeno; '- .ir . f.o;.tijn 

to I ■ '• TiseJ fo- ■■ tn tmctlon and on.^oy- 

'. , ;i>i :fi.- ,.u; jr-i. ' n ifforls to irculct t^ t*'n lov» rnd 
ji tlon r j»ood mu . • n sstioiitlfcl i -t of ,-oo(' llvlr^», 

IK wit:.; ruir, i h v* 

hoi'ounto art r.y hf-ncl tnd 
o(.»;.-'d t><o Grgi.t fin«l of the 
Stite 3f Cbllfornlp to be 
tfflxed thlo tlilrd dcy of 
Mfjr, A. D., One ttouaf-rri 
r.lti' ' ' •- forty. 


r .j's 


■v. -c^-t:.ry 3f Cti t« 

ixccutiuc department 

^tJtf ot CLJlirorni.1 

'■■'« off/, 


Cnntrl ' 


, ^.^JU>J 


ixccunoc department 

:^t.itt of (Taliforiiu 


;« t!n eflii* el (i<» i,iii,\tif 9/ Slot 

,V v! - !040 



y '' 




■ fid 

Ion on 

. - >' > V 



■- .Ion '.:> ov- 
!3sloRfcl end 

<ni end 


/ \: 



/■ : 

t..' te 


Pepuiy^^crttary of Sum/ 


ixcfutivic Bcpartnicnt 

5ratt ol (lalifornia 

P'^UIjPrEK, S, 

1 3 1940 

ecrcJary of St«tj 

i^ r, C L A iJ! A T I N 

VlffihEAS. in times oi disaster, whether it be by flood, 
earthqur^ke7hurrlc:.rie or w.^r. the American Red Cross has 
S!a5s -^ome to the Pld of the sufferiiii^ in tae stricken 
areas, and 

- i-,c Ainerlcan people thrrjvrh tholr -eneroslty 
«nri n-pniiinp' ^T.innthv for distressed people have curing 
?hese tim^s of stress, contrlouted trcv>ly to the America., 
^ed Cross, rmd 

H^RF.AS tori3Y tie unwr.rp' nted Invaslor -f Holland, 
Bel;:'lum and Luxenbourg by powerful military Jo^^jr^^'^^^ 
f^-ni-inf u told and wldesnrefd sufff^rlng and hardships 
ilong mlinois S helplesr ,^en, ■.o...en and children, and 

'HinrAS the Amerlcpn Red Cross is launching a drive 
for a minimum Jar Sef fund of ao,ooo,OoQ with every 
dollar cortrlbut.d soing directly for war relief iMthout 
• i^dut^tlons, and 

>HbaEAS, the Citizens of the Ltate of Califorala 
lap^y in the enjoyiuent of peaceful existence sympathize 
V 1th the pcoole of these Invaded lands, will be called 
upon to contribute to the war relief fund of the American 
Hed Cross, now 

Ti^,Kii.FORH. I, nul::.ert L. Olson, Governor of California, 
do h-i^eby Droclali- the existence of an anergency requiring 
the extraoVdlnary sei-vlces of the American Red Cross. I 
solicit the asrlstence of .11 citizens in the ^tate of 

California to the end that our State shall res 
?reat himanltarian responsibility. 

Dond to this 

IN WITNESS V.HEri-.OF, I have 
hereurtb set my hand and 
caused the Great Seal of 
the Ltate of California 
to he afnx'>(l this etetenth 
day of May, A.D., one 
thousand nine hundred and 
f oity , 



Secretary of St&te 


i!:xcf untie I?)c|jartincnt 

£«t.nt ot (iJliforiiu 


13U^..X '^^^^^ 

f Kfiitiiir Bcpartmciit 

^r.itc or (I.iiifornKi 




IfflEkEAS, Saturda;,-, tiia tweoV-l'ifth day of a«v 
nineteen nundred forty. ...e : een set L ti.e dlte Lr S 
of.icl,.,! 1^4.^ o eainfc of tue V..UCor:ixa Goid«n Gate Intern. 

year, ana 

W .Er:US, tiio yetir i?^ ,iH be a trovoi-iri-A 


r^s^atrn^r""^'^ ^;-'^^ ^^-^^ c.u?j::rrc'ii:;\:^^ ^ •^'^^-^ 

t£t «K e'i; ^r''\-'"' '^""^ ^'^ Generally observed and 
that, an ernons dejirin^ to attend tne oronxag of tai» 
re^r.a.le . x. sno.Xa Ue ^v.. t.e o .^rMtTto do ao; 

Saturday, tici;nt;.'iftrL^ o'^.^^'^^ ""' '^'"^'^'"^ 

to ce a ',ur.Mo H^Vii^ ! •' °^ '^>' "^netaen hundi-ed forty. 

to OB a ^uDilc hoiid..y t.xrou^hout tnc £t*,te of alifornia. 

il.' ftiT.-ESS HHFRBJF, 1 nav. 
hereunto set isy iiand and 
c. used t:ic ureut Se^.l of tae 
StKte of CKiifor.iia to be 
ui'iixQo liJ.8 st.veuteeuth 
day of May, A. L. uineteen 
nandred forty. 



S-CKhTAiOf oF ST;.t: 

ixccunuc Bcpartmcnt 

^Mfc Of (faliforni.! 


m Iht effici el (he Stcttiry ol S4il« 
el Iht Suti of Olifernit 

VAY2 9 1940 

PAUL R|fiK, StcrtUry of 5^(f 





^Kfutivic Bcpartment 

Rotate otXiiliforiiia 


I r 


ixccutiVK Bcpartniciit 



WniR.As, S.uura,.v. il.c nvcnty-l.lil. d,y d M.u , nineteen 
Lundrcd tortv, h.. been set as tlK< d.ue for the oificial 1 V40 o 
ihe CA^iorn\^ Coklen Caie Iniein.uu.n.l l,xp..s>t,on on Frensu,. Island 
in San irnnelsco U.iv; -ind 

W'ni ui AS Tlu- ( tlitornia Golden Gate International F.xpos.t.on 
,|„s xe.u w,ll Iv .. lH..K..n of pe.ue and .,o„d will in the Western 
I lemispiiere; and 

Wn. K. AS. iWvause of .Ik- educational advantaj;es this rxpos.t.on 
otfer. .he people o. .he Tn-ted States and Pan Amer.can Nations ,n 
ciiiime, ar., science and ..uhiMnal proj^ress; and 

\Vn. K. AS, The year I'MO will be a travel-in- America year; and 
\\ ,,..u AS. I. w.iibeinthebesl of .he State of California 
„h1 .he c,.,/ens .hereof .hal this epochal event, the -l— « -»; - 
1940 Caiifon.ia (.olden Gate l.uernational b.xpos.t.on should Ik t,^n- 
caiU ..bserved and .h.u all pc'sons desiring to attend the opening ot 
th,s ,e,,.blc Isposn-on should be given the opportunity to do so; 

\'n,r, Ihncfon; I. Cu. .u u . 1,. O.son, Goveruor ot the State o 
C do hereby set aside and proclaim Saturday, the twenty-hft 

day o' M-' --•^-' '--'■•^•^' '"''^ • '*' ^" ■' '"'^^'" '^ '• ^^^''""-'^'"'"' 
the State of California. 

In Witni ss Will ri oi , / Intic 
/miiiiii/o w/ iin hiiihl iind 
causal tin- C.ii-ii/ S(<// «/ //><■ 
S/w/c of ( 'iiliforniii l(> I'C uffixcd 
this scull tciiilh day of -^'''.V. 
A. n. iiimfirn hundred forty. 

^xccunvic Bcpartnicnt 

State of dJlifornia 



II Kl AS, 


Satiiril.iy, tlic uvciu\ tiltli d.iy -.1 M.iy, lunciccn 
he date for the orticial 1940 openiiiR ot 

toriv, been set as t 

lioklen Ci.ue hitern.Uioiial r\positi.<n uii 

tlic C^alitorma 

ill San 1 lancisn) lia\ ; and 




a no 


III u 

I AS, The California 

(, olden Gate International Hxposition 

this \ear w i 

1 leniisphere; mk\ 

.1 lieaeoii ot 


d will 

the Western 


I II Kl AS, 

Hc.uise 111 

the ediieational ad\ am. igcs this F.xposition 

)lieis tlie people 

I lie I'nited States aiu 

1 Vm\ American Nations in 


in, SI 11 

iR-e ami progress; and 

Win Kl AS, 1 lie yeai 


HI Kl As 

;uul ihe eiti/ens 


IV40 will he a travel-in-Anieriea year; and 
f theStateof California 

I he in the hest interests o 

1940 California 

thereof that this epochal event, the openini; of the 
(iolden C.aie liUernaiional l.xposilion, sl.oiiKI he gc 

erally o 
tliis reinarl 

hserved and that all persons desiring 

to attend the ojxMiing of 

kable V\position should he given the oppoitunitv to do so; 



I . Oi SON, (iovernor of the State ot 

C;alifornia, do herein set aside ani.\ ] 




Saturday, the twenty 



)f Mav 

teen hundred forty, to he a public holiday thri)ughout 

the State of C alitornia. 

I N Wi iNiss Wmi Ri oi , / bun- 
hereunto set m\ hand and 
tanud the (iirat Seal of the 
State of California to he affixed 
this seienteenth day of Max, 
A. D. nineteen hundred forty. 



(,(ii ftnitr of i.iiUforufJ 

ftflrJ I 




2:xcfurH)c Brpartmcnt 

^t.uc ot Cilifornin 


■ Itle on© dny 

..- :.■....;, . "Shut-in Dfj" 

: robleras of thousands of 
.I'j -i.'.j!i- ;. , !..i'i' .vio uro 'ronj^iiea l:i nosjltfils, 8enit.>riums and 
ithor Irwtitutl-.ine for th« trsntmont nnri "ur" r>f plcVne.'?'' nnrt ii.^ei' 

ISO of US Kfbo :|iaYe roou henlth. Vlsitc 

plde so ffreetly 

•forts or Mr. Frt.nV:i Taoraine, City "ic-rk of 
' ' ■ • I w>-" wcs 8 patlaht In t. Benltorlixi for six 

-• .r,i, "Shut-in Dsy" hre b-jcoma ^scof?niEed as n day for th« eproed- 

• .iivtl?; HOC institutii^nt- nRko-'j uc lor-.? coi.Tnlr.Rnt 
o prevention of sicicn^es end dlserse tbroufh 
aociai. rufom. . iid th« Tihernli/fition of our lews tr> pernio a more 
pencroi fippl 1 cr.tion oT t.ri,) (rmil^ril .';.>ir-aB<« io our ftt,I.-r,n«, 

oi. ■•,-,. fif,T,^;.aor of Califorala, do hereby .poolsslm Sundry , 

the dixtfl'inth lay of June, 1940, n.«= "Shutj-ln Day" In Cnllforr ia, 

nnd ar«T« kU citizens to vl:.It hos;itnl8, sfinitoriamR end institutions 

IN >.i !..„.., ...i.:.-. .Ji, I ht-ve 
heitminto set my hfcnd and 
coiised the Gredt Shr\ of 
the State of Californie to 
b« efiired ihla elevwrith 
dny -if Juno, nlnet-*.ni hun.1r«J 


jtji-y of otflt,.; O 


pe^t/ 9Krclary «» 5\»!4 



fxcfutioc department 

5t.itt of (Inliforni.i 

OF Till . 

Tff -n 


JUN I I 1940 
PAijn^. ,., , , ^ 


. , ., , 1 .1., ad, 

.to tm A5.eriCs=ii .iefcTO Ex- 

„ ro riat« exldbit d«;.ictiafe : '•' f ■^^*Th !?.v v ur 

in California have c«..tributed t. tu^ cuitui'b, indue trj', v..ur, 

Lit!: X; J. 

r Illinois in t;, 

t ur>. '. . ' ;i ;. 

euro 111' 

ro t 

tKcAS, HiiUje it is iu tuv LuM ^"t,';!-^^^ "V' r«,■ 
t..U■.^^lif■ uiid :.i; 5f itr eo-L- tut Uie Ceiliforaia l-oa. 

. -.nnrnxB, do hereby set a.ide t-.e ;«fi^„'>r-f!;''t„2At:. 
July 31 ..^ Aa^ricftu Uet;ro :>po,^itl:.n Period In the 
■ .• c iir>rni« HO t.ct ti>e oitizeae of the St.t. of CaUforr. 
«ay'uc:..,e niiiy ac,ut.iatea ..itn trie efrorts of the 
CoLi«J^ionB to kuc "ux^s to onter an t ro rif.te exrdnit, ^nd 
S:t'I; "u t all citizens civic .nd ^-triotic .nd u 

en-^rnliy to tnis cau9'- so ti«.t California's x.iildt 
w!ll !ii^r'dlt t,. the A^ericn No.,^.e8 la California and the s. .- 


(•'•ur ■ 





/ /■ 






^ o 

^ o 

♦3 ♦> 

f- ?^ c 

^-> « 

5 = 

ji o u 

H '^ 

V c/) M 


11 o 

a 3 « 

ex O 05 

O 1 

o o 

»^ -< as 

« o 

? O S 
■:(1 ■« « 

^ c ® 

g- ^i u- ,,._♦ » . gq-.,..^.--Jl:,£-*»- 

ill *^ G 


o o C 

I o 

-I _i <tj 

i; c «> a 

^ 03 tS 

(C .3 

9) o fl ^< 

- +> 3 g « 

ti V i- •<-» 

!m o jC -C •-! 

O •'i -P 

_H in • 

4} ,H c 3 g 

3, jj '-I "O 

o s -c o © 
« « e t> 

^ u C ^ t« 
?i+3 ^ V. 

C to 3 

- M ;- o !-< 

4:3 .-J S) ^ o 

■P ^ 13 "J _ 

p. f» 

r-i Q O 

-c o 

a! » 'S 

U *o p +3 ^ 

— , _: r a; </) 

O c! 

:2 <B 

£ to 

W C 

C tn 

t3 © 

U !C 

o c 

M O 

^ o u ^ 
c; ^ c^ <# 

3 ft, a p 

=: c c 

O C5 C 

Pa o o n 

tn «3 

3 ^4 

ec o 

C © <D 

.r^ +5 ,z; d 
+3 a -p o 

0} u 

P. -a 

35 r 

+3 d c « f^ 
c e H 3 « 

-^ OT D "^ 

j-5 © C! "O 

+3 o « M as 

5 A3H O 43 -P 

-1 *J 

a to 

«H •-« O ^1 3 

, 3 ? g «-^ 

PJ O O »-( 6 

• -^ » "S 

:. +3 .^ - c S 

f" O "3 ."1 ® 
- ^ 1^ 5 " ^ 

03 C) C 

H O 

" C! 


i O 'O 

- C! .1 Vi fl ^^ ^ 

3_l 3^0 
-'' « 2 ^ 3 - 

v< -P 

O ' '' 

^ c 

s: c 4 

.^ O W f-! 
3 P f^ 

. O C O 

« -J o b. ti -s 

d o 

t£^.. « 

fM '^ 

p *» p 

. (B O O to 
3? frt P > 

.-I B 

i d > 
: u -I 

s^ a 

K a <» ^ 
-5 o P - 

O 03 t. ■ 

3-^ c 

N C ^ 

3 C « 

in O P 

(h r-t M 

f xciiitiuc Bcpartmciit 

:5ratf of CL.iliforiii.1 

, ■ ■ ■ • urgent upor;| tlit; yuoplo of tJie 

; ' the United iitates of .'imerioa 

.•:■!« their ..iiilu^'ness to cooj)erato \.'ith the 

- n^^ l.ntir. . orlTin ;et,uhll os : o;" :.•■- ;-.•....; .,.-.ho-f 

[. ■<■■- _-L VT,- 

i4, 1S40, to be 

Oliver li)ay. 

'3 tine 

haraunto a^^ and and caused 

t»ie Great ..t^tto. ^r ti-;a Otate o ;' 
Ualifornia to be affixed this 
3l>:teanth day of July, .^,i), 
-iacteen aundred and forty. 

. & 

>.'■■■- i ... 1 il.. V .i 

(y ^A ljL'^-^^rsiri 









^xcfutiiic Bcpartnicnt 

:^t.itr of (Ijliformn 



JUL 1 7 1940 
PAUL f-LcK.SecreUry of S«««e 

£ 3. 2. c L A iV. A T^^o-if'f ty^ ^. 


0'. noKO 

Tl.c St -■ jf Calif onvLa I'via contrilnited auna 
I'ion Gntn Intamatiorml Exposition, iid 

/ui, tiie E^:j.)03ition is for Uie inirpoae of an 

„.-,■_;, _ ^.Uiibit aa .ell ric fimiiglrr; - rccr:^- '■," ■ , i i-el.';;^tion 

tc tho people oi' &:lifomia, and 

)ortuui t. 

< '..ifnmir 

..r>, man," ciiiliircn i yo not tine faciliticD nor fche 
-' "V ■' ' ;f'-i to ntbend the World's Pair, and every (diild ^n 
California alwiJld iv-.v« Wie ou.ortunity of attiendinc the ex'.ii' .- 

i>, ■■•*., :•!";. (-r., culture. '"7 ■■r'''_'' •;: !!■•''- -1 -•'■'■, r ^T'^r-" *• ■ 

in tiie Cavolcfuie 

■ ATiorica, and 

^od StuL 


V/Jr-T."" . cliildron aiicjlri .c cor.verx,.. .., o 

■t of tiie Unii-ed nt;voo3 pf Anoricci and t;.c devolopnont 
■^iou, iind 

ir.irjiS, pr.triotisn ;md lo^-nlt-- to tiic United States of 
A i • .ore inportmit tod-^.y M-cui -.t any tine in tlie In..'5tor;,' of 

oui- ;. ^i-,.i., no th t o raay iirescr-ze our denoor. tic Tom of tjov'cm- 
Ei'^nt, Uie cJiildren of California siio-ald be inspired altl: thia 
n.i?torrul panornm." o." tho iiiotor^- of our nr.tion, tlie s.icrificoa of 
our ji'eat ler.der.'i, 7.:)d 

■ - •■ ,v' '- - iX-aj.'v^ Ju:-ie :i,.j t..c rcsoitL'ces and 
rop;rly t;-ke care of ita r.eod;^ cJaldresi for one 

c oif^nnl 

;,.',., ..:.."-o:"oro, I, ExlxT-, ... l:j.z-^cz-.ion, Acti;., Govenior 
o- the State oC California, in callint; on patriotic, civic end 
odiicrxtional or.ri:.izati..n3, as v.oll na tran3.>ort;tion commnioa rjad 
b-j,^iiies.; ncn .ind others who ore ij;tere3tcd in sho-.riiic th? undsr- 
pri'/ile;:cd cliildrcn of tlie St- to o. CoO-ifomia a nood tine as i/ell 
.'.3 a beneficial educ.".tion;.l outinf; for a fc.v daya, to .nid in 
o- .^rJ-iiin-, ccrin^ for, trarisportiiit;, feodinr and Iioiisir^ tl.e k.- 3 
ra.-. "ivlr; :-i'n .-o.-,-"^ v ■' --■- ,1 ':ho ?;— r —- '-^ign* " ^ 

Ai.a I, Ei.ii.y , P' ■t.&j:':jon, Actiii:: Governor of the. 
Zt.-zc r.; Calif crriia, do hax-oljy proclain tlio days stnrtini: 


3:xc[unvic Bcpartinciit 

St.uc ot (L.ilifornia 


I'MO, an c)>ililren' =! v/(>fik at the Golden Gaoe Intonvitional 

IN TnTMIi'-P MrvleXJF I nave nei-eicito Sot n; ''mncl 
and caused the Great Soal of the State of 
Calii'omln no bo affixed tliis 

SBVonfceentli dny of Jul> , - . ., 
one tiiouciu'.d jiine Iruaidred 
■ d :>rt-'. 



ACTiiiG gov:;k!OR of a\Li?0K:;iA 


C_j^ x^. 




MIS1INI. nfiltfll 

aixcfutioc Bcpartniciit 

:t»t.itc ol" (I.iliroiina 


I' R u c 

J94Q ■''■■' 

^c^. - - Juno tv.cDty-nlnth Is belnf: 

L the Goluon Gate International Lxnoaltlun 

o, '"-oiisuro lalami as "I W.1 kU i-i...iaG/w- \.^hK v.lacli la 
doVrcutcd to the benorlt cf our Aiaerlcun hcrltafo. 

iuTierica atnnuB touoy domln.ait 1 i-torn 

vorl tS bulv.nrk Biu; li^^oe of uemocracy, uio nrr.ycr 
-1 clv-llzation, U^c tr.n^sccndcnt never for -^^^^f;. ^ 
'/ civ^.iza.x I , tor.orrovi, may ^-ra-np 

roru" S? J'-nSn SI? sayt'ir they apcaU the truth 

:,n%,;?i.[< s the battle for a just nud enaurlnc neace 
f^..,( , : ,; Dornles of the world. 


"M- oir- vry to ludrc the future is by 
.u^ „-" .p thnt end. there will te -.rescntou 
^'reasvrc i;ia." In cc mecti. n vlth "I n.u «n American 
{ceS" r.'cctacie known uo "Amerlcal Gayalcaue of a 
Watlon" which will brln^ the ..tory of the bulluine 
S ouS'renubllc fro.. Its nlonccr l^«(;lnnlnt to the 
-lorv find rruatnesa of tho orcsent. Iho tele ol 
alsc?vS?7. of develonaent, ana - ., tless Prcrross 
to 'Che uJcatest achlevo.aent In ^he maklnc of a free 
rmmt-v for free men will be uenlcte^^. ihe United 
'tates^of A^nerlca is the only nation in history 

,^^t "Miv libortY and Pursuit of Happiness is 
not .ero'y r. Political mouthlnr ut is a respi.n.ent 
Ainericnn trutlu 

those, e ;;nontly flttlnf 

hhnt fi s'lecial woclc be set aulce of, by ana for the 

2rori:.n nelple, to count "'« af nm 'o^ fa 'th'?!; 
^ondcr the American flof and reaffirm our f^^^^^^" 
i!ierican ideals and infltltutlcns. It 1b tl.o .or 


U3 to 

■- sny. 


lorlfy in 

the fact 
or lean." 

tVint each c ." ns can 

in view of these fin Inrs, 
ciovcrnor of the State of 

: contain.- in our iJill ' • i^ts. 

ixcfutiDc department 

^latf of CnliforiiM 

Proci! iir-tlnn 
Pfipe two 

111 V.ITW'iSt, V.HKRKOF, 1 have 
hereunto set "ly han.- end 
CDU30U the Great SobI of 
the Utnto of Cijlliornla 
to be afrlxcc; this elfhteonth 
day cf June, A.i^., One 
Thcucraic Nine Hundroa end 

nnTi nri 

Liecretrry cf otrte 

ifxccunoc department 

5t.uc of" (iJliforniJ 

, itlon 01" equostrltin iiprforaiinoe."., 

Il|j ft'ITNBb& WHERW/f . T 
hs^ve hereunto set Ky htud 
• -Iri cru^od the Grp.nt SeRl 
t'to of Cp.llfornia 

,. ' day of June, 

. rm 



CnJlifrt VOPlean 

W B Parkfr 



Jlr^jartttimt of Agrtntitiirf 



in the office of tlie Seatitty of State 

AUG 1 - 1940 

PAUL RtliK^Secrelary of State 

QU/^Rf.irPUat PROCLAloATICK NO. 9 (Revised^ r^VAJ.Owf-??<-^ .^ V 

Pertalnln/r to Sweet Potato Weevil 
Effective on and after July 22 1940 

WIKRKAS, The fact has been determined by the Director 
of Af-rloulture tiiat nn insect Injvirloua to aweet potato tubers 
and Bweet po.tato plants, laiown as the sweet potato weevil, new 
to and not neretoforo prevalent or distributed In the 13tate of 
Onliforrila, exists In tiie hereinafter described infested areas 
and i.iat restricted products herein described are hosts or 
possl'jle carriers of anid peat, '»*•«.■ or 

N0\;, TiIF.REl.*0RE, It Is declared necessary In order 
to prevent tt.e Introduction of said sweet potato weevil Into 
tae Stnteoi California, that a quarantine be and the same Is 
hereby datnbllahed at tiie iKJuiidarles of fe State of Oallfornla 
In accordance with Section 106 of the A.-^ricultural Code of tiie 
State oi California nfalnst tiie said sweet ootnto weevil. Its 
hosts cr possible carriers, l:aported, shlp.jsd or brou.:ht from 
all stntes a/ui districts of tl»e United .;tste3 and no such 
products or parts tnareof ohnll he ponaltted to oass over the 
quarantine linos noreh, established and nroolr.lmed. except 
under and sxibjoot to the conditions herein provided, 

li^t Sweet potato weevil ( Cylaa ror-ntlcarlus . Fab.). 

ALAr5A^_A: Entire counties of Baldwin, Conecuh and I«oolle. 

FLO:iIDA ; Ijitlre state, 

GKOaaiA ; Entire counties of Cnrnden, Glxarlton, Olynn and Thomas. 

LOVlL.inm t West of iaa slaslppl Hlver i All parishes aouth of 
and i.nolutiin;; the parlslies of Vernon, Rapides and 

East of l:5 sal ajj o ^1 Rivert All parishes south of 
the ITlssiaaip-ji-Loulalana State line. 



EntlM countl«« of Amitt, Covington, Hancock, 
Harrlsoa, Jackaon, Jefferaon Davis, Jonea, 
Lawrence, Marlon, Pearl Klver, Pike, Ston« 
and Vtalthall. 

Entlr* state except the oountlea of Bo*l«, 
Callaiian, Caaa, Clay, Coraaiushe, Cooke, Dallas, 
Dawson, Eastland, Ellis, El Paso, Erath, Fails, 
Faimln, Iranklln, Grayson, Hale, Hill, Hockley, 
Hood, Hov.ard, Jack, Johnson, Laisar, Lamb, 
Lubbock, Lynn, McLennan, iiadlaon, Morris, 
Navarro, Palo rinto, Parker, Potter, Red Kirer, 
Hobertson, Somervell, Swisher, Tarrant, Taylor, 
Terry, Titua, Tom Qreen, Wilbarger, Wise and 


Sweet potato plants, vines, cuttings, draws and »llP« 
and sweet ,.otato t or so-called yams ( Ipomoea batatas ) , and 
mominii glorj- plants ( Ipomoea and Convolvulus spp.) 

Provision 1. 

~~~~~~ AREAS. 

Sweet potato tubers or yams ( Ipomoea batatas ) and 
Parts thereof, sweet potato plnnte, vines, cut tlrv.;fl, draws 
and alius, ai.d morning, glories (Ipomoea and ConvolvuluB spp.) 
that have been i,rown, packed or slored in ^he said Inrested 
territory are hereby prohibited entry into California for any 
purpose whatsoever. 

provision 2. 


Sweet lotato tubers or yams ( Ipomoea batatas ) and 
parts thereor, sweet potato plants, vines, cuttings, draws and 
slips wilch have not been f.rown, packed or stored In the said 
infested terrTTSr^TwiH ^» admitted into Uie State of Call- 
lornia onlv .provided each lot or shipment is accompanied by 
an official certificate aicnad by the duly authorised Inapeotlon 
official of the state in wliich same originates establishing the 
fact tliat all such restricted products contained in the lot or 
shipment were ferown, packed and stored in a district free from 
sweet potato weevil. Such certificate shall state the number 
of packages in the shipment, w^iere grown, the na^tie and address 
of the grower, ttie name aiid address of the shipper, Uie point 
of shlpaent, the terminal point of delivery and tlie name and 
address of tne consignee. A copy of such certificate shall be 
mailed by shipper, in advance of shipment, to the Director or 
Agriculture, Sacra.ionto, Cai.lfornla. 

Provision 5« 



Sxoapt as provided In Provision 1 h«r«of, morning 
£lor^ plants ( Ipomoea and Convolvulus spp.) are admissible 
Into California without res tr lotion under tlio provisions of 
this proclaioatlon. 


All products admissible under the foregoing provi- 
sions must be held b> ooiiiinon oarrler agents and not delivered 
to coiisi^nee or a, ent until Ins^jeoted and passed by the 
Director of Aciriculture, his deputy or deputies, or bj a duly 
authorized State Plant v^.iarantine Officer. 


Any and all lots or shipments of products arriving 
In the State of California in violation of the provisions of proclamation, simll be iimnedlately sent out of tlie 
state or destroyed at the option and expense of tiie owner or 



The admiealblllty into the State of California 
of any article or commodity covered by the foret^olng provi- 
sions shall be furtlier subject to the provisions of any 
other quarantine procla .lation* or regulations now In fore* 
or which laay hereafter be promulgated. 


All deputies of the Director of Agrioixlture and ull 
State Plant Quarantine Officers are hereb; empowered to en- 
force all the provisions of this proclaraation. 


The fore»',oinir does not a^-ply to the ejcperlraents of 
the United States Departjneut of Afcriculture In the State of 


Thl« kuaranLlne Proclamation Mo. 9 (Ravlaad) 
Bupers.das ^u*rantli» Proola>T«tlon No. 9 (R«yl"d) datad 
Juli 10, 1959, and ehall take affect Immediately. 

mricto'r of A^ricultupa 


6ove7nor ot tlie StaU of Caiiiornla 



JUL 22 1940 


/ y f -V 




STATE OF CALiroRNiA «,!] J ,h, SeottarT <)< S***« 

SACRAMENTO ft^lJQ \ - 1940 

CiCARAHTIKE PhO'JiJVMATIuli 110. ^|^^^^^^^^J^^itii^^ 
Pdrtalnlnii to Kut Tree In8«otB 
Effective ^n aiui aft«r July 22, 1940 

WFiOJ^S. The fact has b««n d.t.r-nined bj th« Jif««^o' 

^^^[;:;t^t^•^^:trictid^.i::;ucif ?:reirLacriUe. are net. or 
^loaslbl© carrlera of aaW peata, 

:./;.. TluatEI^OItK. It !• declared ^^^o*"*^!'* 4" .^^T' 
to revent t ; IrtSt^uotlou ol «aid .-e.ta ^''".^■« ^J^*" ^ 
l\'rl^ tint a ouarar.tlne be and tiie sft^e Is hereby 
oatroil.'d at u' Sofluarie. ol U.e State of Cal.llornla In 

state ui Cailfcr,.la .{.ainst aald v.ete, treir ;'^^°' ^^1^^ 

^^:i?;rJrt^:^t"ci:Siir ^i!i*bc' :;^u.rtnr ;.er u. 

^'fi^ . i«r « 11 *b ^retT»h«.d * d , roclalaed •to%A 
^er'anna^jJot';:: thr:.udltlon. nerelu , ro,ided. 


hut tree caao be«rere ( Acr^baale »i^V') 

.(F;,^- All atat©B «:v. v^iatrlcta ct the 
oasTrrinTc; mcluulivi t.:* .tatea of *ontana, 
oloi'ado a»id »»ew -^aIoo. 

QT f'Ti' OC'"- All «, oclas and varietlee of 

parte Uiereof except tua nutaT^ 

Provision l» 

lP«ea, Duri^cod a^ ■^c^^^'* Adittlnalble 
~~~~" upon Arrivax . 

Except aa provided in iToTl.lon 2 -'"o^ »^*^*- ^^ 

Sled Inlu the Stute .f CallforiUa uolj i^rovldlnc a .••^Jilt 

aaay deal .i^ate trerela. 

Person, coafm. Utl,>g th-/»*f "'^^,1"^^ '.il'll'ftilt 

make '^-l^^f Jf? '?.,';^,/t''uc;tlin th. na»- .M .ddr... of 
to do ao, .tatlr^ In ^V* *;^f^^i^*J;, tr««8, 'oudwood or aolona 

i rovloion 2* 

Trees, ..ntdwooU ami Sciona Admlaslb^e 

Agriculture. .^ucla..rovul»*.l-^^^ __^^^^ ^^ cobvU»<1 

of aLlpOfant* 
eut >rl»ed stnto ^luiit *iaarant'r« oi fleer. 


iL;.! I vN'S- . 

Rxflejt Ma ,-wVlded In the for«bolnc' , roiflBioiiii. any 
"..option .rJ .x^..—. --r «■• o»n.r or h.ll... 


ri-ICTED /aaOLCT.--, V>\j'jJUC1 T ^ wTHIR 

anv ,.oru«f %*?^"i^^^^'^ ^"*''' " • S*^**"* *^^' C.Ufornl. of 
«v«iV h2 ? i^ comraodltj covered o^ the I.r«A:oine i>r-»i«lon« 
«hall be further aubject to tJ,e i.rovl.lona -of fcnV other 
quarant.r.e procle-mtlon or reLuUtlon no. In forie or Ihieh m* 
thereafter be , ronuUgated. wi.xen my 

"f^h- -n. t^^ '-.evutiee wl U:e Director of A<rrlcultare and all 
oit !ii r'i -"^"T^^^'- Orricer. are l^r.^rj eu^o^ered tc oaJJy 
out all ti.e provisions of t.le ^roolaumtion. ^ 

... .. ^^1 ^i^irantlne Procla.2iatlon Ho. 12 •upersedea 
March 3, l»*;7, uiid ahaii take effect loaaedlatelj. 


rect-'-r oi" A(^riculture 



V- .. V. ... A \^.f 

Ocvernor o/ ti.© Sla 


I.. ...i.: 

JUL tZ 1940 



I .■■■ 



(EuHicrt I" OPlBim 




STATE OF CALIFORNIA to the offlcc of the StcrtUry of SUtc 


mfpartmntt iif Aixrtmlhtrf ^^^ ^ _ ^^^^ 

SACRAMENTO p^^|_ PtU<,S«C,,Ury ofSUt. 

ftUARAKTINE PnOCI-U-ATIOH NO. 16 {Revlft»A^ ^'' ^^^^'^'Up-i'y' 

Pertaining to Colorado Potato Daatla (-^ 
Effeotlve on arid after July 22, 1940 

WHLi<EA3, The fact haa been determined Uy the Director 
of Agriculture that a aerlous Inaoot pest of potatoes ton»toee 
a id^ra ^lant. .nown aa the Colorado potato be.tlc, not known 
to ocfSr'n the state of California, exlata In the ^^e^'J^,,^^ 
deacrJSed infested area«. ti*t tuber., plants or cuttli^a 
S potato, plants a..d cuttln^.s of tomato and eggplant, and 
soli in connection *lth or attached to such tubera, planta or 
cuttli^'s are hoata or poaaiole carrlera of aald ^eat. 

NOV.'. TliKREFOIlE. It la declared neceaaary !« o^«^ 
to prevent tae iatroductiou of the aald Colorado potato beetle 
into t ,is atate that a quarantine be and the same is hereby 
iatabllahod at the boundarloo of the State of California In 
rccoriif'ceVith t... .rovlaloua of Section 106 ^^ J^'^jJ'^^;, 
tural Uode uf the State of Callfor:iia a.-^alnat said Inaeot. It. 
hoa?8 or .osslble carrlera, as herein described, aiid "« «uch 
products as quarantined asalnat in ti,lBprocla.:iatlon shall be 
permitted to paae over tiie said quarantine line. I'^^eby 
eatatllbreC aad proclaloied oxoept ui^er and subject to the '^ereln i^rovided. 


Colorado potato beetle ( Leptlnotaraa decemlineata) 

INIKCx-KD ^.<^:AU , All acatea. Clstrlcts "^f ^J*"ii^[^«» 
01 tne Lal led 5taU T"i5r^e..t ti e atate j1 Nevada and the Terri- 
tory of L'bwaii. 

RLSTH^CTLD PflODTCTS: Tubers, plants and cuttln^a of 
tie c.^-raiU>! Ir-if.h r.olato C'.iol^.nani tuberosuia ) ; planta and 

of e--i5plant ( CcUnuuTnntn^^STiST T and soil in connection with or 
attacl-.ed to .v 1 i jch moers, plants or cuttings. 

Provltlon 1. 

Certlflcatea xor Plants . CuttixiKS and 
^i?ul)ora from Mon-Infeated Local ltlr- 


Except as provided in i'rovislon. 2 and 3 hereol , no 
restricted prooucts herein quarantined «£alnet will be per.nltted 

•ntry Into the State of California ^ '^"^ •'^S/f "jTjftJ*" 
unleM each shipment or lot is •ceo^Pf"^*^?? ' J'^J^thJ 
^ned bS the duly authorlted Inapeotlon '^f^^^'J °i.*^* 
thf. district or territory In which eRme orirAnatea, 

'esti'll^hJ^^'tie^ fact that ill — Jj^i^f .J^^^f J/ori*^'" 
m the lot or ahlpment were rrown In and ahipped Irom a 
locallLy free from Coloraao potato beetle. 

Provision 2. 

Ce rtilicatea for ixibera from In- 
fested Tlocalltiee. 

Potat tubera which V*ve been trown in an Infeated 
locality will be admitted providing each lot or "l^^P"*"* J» 
accoimnled b. a certificate sicned by the ouly authorlted 
?^pection official oi U.e atate aletrlct °^ ^ J«"i?f Lw. 
which 8u:ne originates, estabiiahlnf, the ^ot that »1J tubera 
contained in tU lot or shipment iiave been paaaed oyer a 
ic^iJn o? nCt le.e than one inch ™..h prior ';- i°*""f ^Jf ° 
car or vehicle or have been otherwlae freed from all aoll 
cSLia and that the ahipn»nt or lot le free fro. «.opa or 
PO^ons thereof . or any other plant debris »«l/^^'« ^"^ 
.L,oed m new or'clean sacke. loaded in a «*' °' '•^^jiJ^ 
free from debris, and that adequate precaution* were t"*" 
to prevent InJeatation or conta.dnatlon following .creening. 

ProvlBion 5. Diauoaition of bnoertified Shipaenta. 

Any and ail lots or ahlpments of the producta 
specified ^\Tb proclamation «rrlvi..t m California f rom th« 
ta" iSeated areas without a certificate aa ^'^'^^ P^^^JJ*?^. 
or not otherwise com^dylnt: with the provisions of ti>^» proclama- 

of potato tubers of one hundred i>.unda or less provialng aa- 
are found upon Insi-ectlon to be free from any stage °^ l^* 
Colorado potato beetle, -oil chunka. tops or portiona thereof 
and other plant debris or if ao contardnated, such contaailna- 
tlon ireutlrely remov;d ana destroyed under his supervision. 

com^n CA.iftiut AG .\Ts lilst :ioLb ^-iiipmekts. 

All producta adioiasible under the fore^olne yPO*^- 
siona must be held by co.-unon carrier a<::ent8 and not delivered 
to con8i,:uee or at^ent until inapeoted and pasaed b; the 
Director of Ar^'loulture, Lis deputy or deputies, or by a dulj 
authorixed atate plant liuarantlne officer. 


The admissibility into the State of Calif onila of 
any product or commodity covered bj the foregoing provision* 

■hall be further suojeot to th« provlaiono of any oth«r quar- 
fciit^ue rules ^r rejjulutloua now In force or which may here- 
altor be promulgated. 


All deputies of the Director of Arrlculture and all 
State Plant v^uarant In© Oificere ure liereuj eai^jowered to oarry 
out ail tlie yroviaiona of tLLa proclaiuation, 

sup; R.'^EDK.S !TJ:VI./11S PhOC-.Ai.Ailjft . viuarant:ae IToclaiaation ho, 16 (Revised) 
auperaedea quarantine Proclaination Mo, 16 (Revised), datad 
July 5, 1955, and shall take effect imuediately. 

liirector of Ai^lcul 





J Jtate oi (iailfornla 


JUL 22 1940 

afxcfutiuc department 

^tntc or California 


1- cltl:- 

f xcfutitic Bcpartmcnt 

Start of Cjlifofiuj 

) f 



.^^.> ll 

f xcfuriur Bcpjrtmciit 

^tatr of CiliforiiKi 


in the office of the Secretary of State 

AUG :2 12 1940 

PAUL Fcc!<,Secrei«ryo( State 



'« or ci 


^ will 



rnl^ i»r 


-. + r, - ••■ 1 . 

t.-. th'j ' o&t in 


• -yUry of St!.te 


^v't.- :•;/ of ^-t/•to 


^xcfunnc Bcpjrtincnt 

*t.itf of Ciliforiiio 



■ ■■•? Contr; 
I ; i»nc oll:iinpt« fo 
on joyed hy the rrl- 

■ted offo-*: or 
r;rcl Velloy . to- 
■slzed in r.qttin ■ 
ct on wMeh we ; ey 
'lofi or TTorxrure 


fxcfutivic department 

£>tatc ol (lalifovm.i 

-^J j I 





N.. i>r*uB 


i'xrrutiiic Bcpartniciit 

^tJtr of Ciliforiiia 


mlhf office of the SccrcUrypfSU** 
OF THE STATE 0/C\! '.K^-^- 




!'6 < ffiX'JC 


-•^-IvJa v's 




-/^— .-<; — ..- 




Kj''%Jf ^- 

ixcfunoc Dcparrnicnt 

:^t.itc of €.iliforiiKi 


U. the office oJ the SecreUtyM^^^^^^^ 
OF THE STATE O'fV'If'^K''''^ 

SEP 1 1 1940 



J V ^. r; T) * 

••i.'.v , 

t'T m-.'I SO 

I Itfc certl- 
lootl tost for 

Di i i' Iq f ri ?ont !* t ri o X y 

■ -- : ■:..:^ c. rtirylng 

'n kept • • -ant rsstrtint, 

' "' ;• not uadfir 

, ' 1 on 

I )c : 

■'I I hfve 

■■> 3r-»Ft .. -! 1 of tho 
Ot-lifornlf thl8 tenth 
Oy. "r.ber, nlnotoan hun- 


r-,' :'■ ■- t: '," 


^xcfumir Bcpartmrnt 

^UU 0/ (!L,]||forill.l 


in tli« »ntu »> ihf WcxUiy al SMt 
el lilt S«4t« •( Cilllonili 


PAUL PEEK. S«er«liry of Stitr 

" - - -By. ri'^.^-^Hn 



1 i.: a ju. 


a vidua! 


■ u < . ■ . 



M.MWV.irAiflK fmitirm 


i'xcfutiur department 

^r.irf of (r.iiiforiii.1 


•^EP 12 1940 

PAUL PEEK, S,cr.Uryo/S..U 

By . ,,. , :T 





.V^K v^^. 


fxcfutiuc Bcpartnicnt 

^T'tJtr ot GjliforiiKi 








, (• • <-r 


f xcruntic Bcpartiiicnt 

5r.uc of C.iliforiii.1 


«l till lli»« •• 0'il»»« 

TCP I 2 ^940 


■^ ' , W««v 






.faille ' 


Hrxcfutitic Bcpartmcnt 

StJtt of (California 

^xccutiDc Bcpartmcnt 

^tJtt of ejlifornia 


2:xcfutivic Bcpartincnt 

-^tatt of California 


3:xcrutinc Bcparrmcnt 

5tJtr of (I.iliforni.i 

A U I. 


•n Iht oWict el Hit S«crtUfy ol Sitte 
of lh« St<l< of Calilwnit 

SEP 2 G 1940 

PA „ L*«tl<, SccrtUry of Sia^ 

o eaklr.d; sweepliv- forest «n1 fli^ld, ciiy mi to^n; dsstroylnr In 
nlnuto?., ,-finnrftionn of tend! work of natur*' ewe -en; levpllinK fpc- 
tortos rml atof^B, hotels t.-O. •••Itrl.-, c^ur-hon , nd schools; dr'vi 
r^on women .nd oMld.ori fr ■ i , , ,,^1^^^ ^;; ^.^^^^ 


Injur d, 

t b» o' hullf"- 


i-TOi^Tiets or 


. . ' \f°* ^'^^ *° 'S'B feto but to -Bn-^tCe ceutes i 

■^Jl^sd by oxorc!."' - • r> -'- — ft^o.^? : »^ • ^- --r, ' 

citizajir, r-nd 

- -I the T-roslaont of the Un-' 
sures of ruMlc en^ • rlvrt^^rr Jf !. " ^nzards, ronote -ee- 

-xtro-s ccpe In t' i=< canr-oti n now «,! . TBCtlcIrr 

^.ro -nor of t!-, St.- : llfor-^ ^!\ ^^ ' '' ""^^'""^ '' ^l'''°''. 

not :-^ Jitnd and er.u«ed t^« Greet 

^ecl ojr the r,tP.te of Ce'Ifonit 
to be Affixed t lo tw<,nty-sirth d. , 
tnd forty. ' ■ ■ " •'^"^*-*" "^ndr-'d 

^P^t/ S«,«l»y „f5„„ 


^xcfumic Bcpartiiiciir 

:?tntf or (I.iliforiii.1 

i. J. 2. £ Ji A M ii£. J. 1. K 


biji't? Uey of Leif irie'^rson 

•! sVrson into 

1 - : • 

fo--', I, ■'^'T!. -^ 
oil i"' ■ ■ 
u,' :'j t.H •!Opl 
:''.■ t exulorer. 

of do, uorcoy o?jl. ir,t:t^d wltii too Sccn- 
'''•I7 6.8 the yoti^ OIO tttI V,-^ &<■) -^^^itia 
' -<s of th« Vlkir ^if 

'Tier, " 

•1^9;of tha world, raw, thor«- 
; j;:, I. )v .—'or «f CRllfo-nlR, do har-jby :-o- 
"l.eif Erickson IJey" in Cellfoiriie, era!' 
■••''■ i-'' r : •■•■ ' ;• trlV-u"- '- 

harauTito .c ■ ,,.- ,,tr,^, ^.^^ 
iCJUsed the Ore t Setl of the 
;.?trt« of Cellfomlt to be 
affixed this twenty-sly* 

idi'v nf ^'eptonber, >. T. , ' 
itegn hundred fr.vA 'ortv. 



Govorr.or of C 



1 Tuiy tertiary »f Ptin 



^xcfutioc Bcpartmcnt 

-6tatc of California 


In tht •Nlc( el ttit S«V*4trv of SM* 
e( tht $(il< ol Cilifemi* 


PA\)l^H», S«««Ury of Stale 

i'KfutiDc Brpjrtiiicnr 

^f Jtf of ejiiforiiij 

a:jccunvic department 

3tatc of Cjliforma 

, 1 ' -IS ll» 

i'Kfumic Bcparriiicnt 

^rnrr of (Tnliforiii,! 

^^ , SEP 11 mo j 

, ' ' ' -Ind our 

; • . nituro end hor ■ 

■^tlllly, fend ' '* 

■ i ■ are hcj.plneae b- ., ., 

•e .!Odm-n. ch^.^Ao t:; "' ^^ "'^ c r.tlnu. ,^^„ the 

-.•nl.M.. a.. .od.™r^-.S-^ II: 

:. ■ :. .„, '"^**f' ^940, -8 National 

' - Hi) r ooETOand tht t on- ^tt.t 
' i.n kr,ir "-ItuW-^ns -N*r« the 

■ . . li,.l,,f,*. . . '^"5. '"^ ***" »•*«»* 

oftujod the Cei^t -..n Of th» 
'11,1 /-o-ty, A.P. 

■{•o"! le 

■■•'Qr-ti vy- o<- ;-t. -r- 

^Kfutlur Brpjrtincnt 

^tjtf ofCjiiforiiij 


" '■ •'-■MirCiLlIA Y 

1 1940 

PAtJL>t^,>:,bfc.;iiiary of Stats i 

'• ^""" RT I.. Oi COM r i^ j " 

"""■-•«.■ ■".".. .,'„;l;; ' •"■'■ -'■'""■■ '-"..-..r™!, -to; r, ■i^j"""."'''- T""V,.6": 

Ml:Mlil:i<so,.T,„:Assi,„„v, , n-.-.F."J. ■n,.„,.«,i,: 

TRICT. niVIsiCN A^ K^':; ''"'™'^ "^ «^^RT OF APPFA. srrovr. 
^ ONi: ASSCK lATF sT r . "'"""" '•"""^^^ '• ""»'= "^"^^ APPELLATE DIS- 


ON' Asso, i^n ';;■':;'■" "'-...« .,..„...„, ;. Vi,f/''''^'- «:c:ond appellate n,s- 

"<'<■'• 'or .lu. ,..n„ ^. '..^ r: ^'^ '^ !>'^'R<C:T court OF I 

ONI vsso, lA n (IN „ '""'"^ ■'■'""■"y '• >"": ' ^" appellate DFS- 

,„, ONF ASSO( lA T msT ,;. ' ■ ^" appellate DIS 

.'^'■H^KSOF n FSUP R :« ""^ ""••■O^RTHAPPFI.LAT, 

s^^i;::^;:-:;-^^^^ -— ^ 

sTANisiAus-o... „..„.;;:;;,'"'"'= 


V "" iciiii). 

Si'rr/ary of SUte 

^xccutitjc department 

^tJtc of ejlifornij 


1 1940 i 


'.I aerv ' 
ou ai..ind"„ 

J --■ :■ i-J. U'- 

or nbsenct>nfoi' nlUhnv 



, CO 

OX I ate 


^xcfutiDf Brparrmrnt 

^t.itt of CL.iliforni.i 

iC 'iV-c 


to the office of the SecreUry of Slatt 


Or.j \) . 1940 

:' 'AUL U.;^, Secretary otStatej 

' c ;^tlo:i J. 



^xcfutitic Bcpartmcnt 

^tatc of Ciilifornia 


.jVOUDer 21st, and 

<'2 the U:dtou Stutea .las 
..o observo t.ds rear on 

e n.: 

SiixiAS, iL 13 fittitit^ aiiJ , ro. ar tiiat Thmikativiut; 
o I. crvod t.irout;;liout the Unitod State;;, and 

.i Su"JlAS, the Anor^oun people liviiii, in k peaceful 
.it:iia3i'4ioro aiid onjoyin; all tha bonoTit^ of our dccocrac 

j.;VO 3u Tuucii ti.' Ua tiiaiilcful ;'ur, 


:alh rt L. Olao.i, 

Cal.i 'on::' a, do iieroir- seb u.:vi 'roclaiE Thxiroday tho 2l3t day 

of ;.ov8n;bor, 1940» as Th4Uik3i;ivi.i^ Day i;; t;io 3tfete of 'oliforu-u, 

.•i.:l urg'j all citizen3 to oi servo t'tla iioiliduy as a , htriotic 

-laaka iviii^j with tiie /l. ericcui flac displayed on all ,u:.lic 

aiidinLS aiid hoiaaa. 

in ..ITMl-SS .Ili'JilBF, 1 .lavo .lerounto 
set ley iioiKi and caused tuc '.reat 
Seal of ti»o Stato of Calif nr. da 
to lie affixed tids first day of 
IJovaniber, A .D. , idnoteen :iuiidred 
atKi forty. 

V v^ ^ A^ £ -y/^' . X-^VAcws 

Ci)ViJ;uNjR 07 C/iLiI'''Jii.l)L, 







3:xccunV)c Bcpartincnt 

Statr of California 


*'«'« office of fJrj^*^ 


Wharef.s, an extraordinnry occasion tma "risen and now exist 
rfeouirinn t(u.t Mie Lp ri "1* tui-ft of the State of Caiifornia be 
convened; now, thfr.^tore, 

I, Calbert L. Olson, Govfrt..jr of the SU.te of CBlifomia, by 
virtue of tho power and euthorit\ in ne veaV d by section 9 of 
Artie Lo V of Uie Constltiilon of thf "^tate of California, do hf-reb;, 
convene the Lef,islt. foi e of tht Stflt.e of Caiifurnia to ffl(?et and 
assemble in extrnordtniry session, fit Sacrhnieuto, Lallfornla, on 
Monday, trie fec.rd dfv of Dtc ember, one thouaund nine hundred and 
forty, at three r'clocic P. a. of sni.d day, for t.'-.e following purpoaen 
and to lef'lslete upon the foilowinp subjecta, to wit: 

1. To conslapr -nd f ct upon lef^islf.tion providlnr the bases, 
terms find condition? upon w'lich, and in f.ccordjiixe rith unemplojinent 
experience, Ihe ratfs ot' corjtri.butions by emjiloyers uiidur the 
Unemployiaeiit InFiu-unce Act may be reduced in conformity with the 
reiiuirements I'oi- nn additional credit under the Federnl Uneisplovment 
T>.x Act. 

Z. To consiGT und <.ct upon let^inl tion maltinf an additional 
approprihtion to the Adjutt.nt Centrfll and tie California Netior^al 
Gu.'-rd or construction, laproveraent.s nnd equipment of armories, 
crsfinals, df blee, rifle ranges . nd canp sites, < nd to aake an 
additional fippropri'. tion to the em«'r>ency fund ajiecifled In Iteo 212 
of the Budget Act of lyy) to reinburae U:e fund to the extent thifit 
aoneys )iHve i.tretofore \>oea made available tl^urefron tc the Adjuttnt 
Gentrfil ; ,. ' <• C ,! : ■' r . r Nt. tional Gu; re for the pux-poses specified 

3. To ccnslatr eiid > ct u^on let.isl' tion to enaljle tlie Stcte of 
Ci.lifornie to cst.iblish .md maintain mlliUirj- forces and or^nnlia- 
tions in audition \o the Cnliforr.ift National Guftrci, as authorised 
ly fedeifl law. 

k. Tj consider und act upon letlsl- tion reli ting to the use 
of ti.e tioeiands ti.d FivbrntTiec lands which were o;ranted by the State 
to the Cit;. and County of Sim Fr; ncisco by Crmpter '>12 of the 
Statutes of i9i3. 

5. To consider and act upon lecisl&tion authorizlnf life 
insurers to moke investments in housinc projects end providing' for 

tlie tf.xt.tioii of the projects and of insureis investinp in sucli 

6. To consider i.nd ret upon ler.isl' tion to authorize the 
erection j^iid isaliiteriance and to j.iovide for the us© of a wind 
tunnel and r.eccss'ry Hppurtenances in the oajnpus of the ?an Diego 
Stc te Colle^'e. 



. To consider and fiCt upon lef.islition aut lori 
tJi cltsi) cities to acquire, eotabliah, opt-rate. 

izint counties 
repfiir and 


miKllNb Or^M 



^xccutmc Bcpartmcnt 

^tatc of Cjlifomia 

arinUin 'VrrlM. , iinuii., : < i\c f 
ontt ^notiici- for r-ucU ,iUrLOMf??.. 

.uitt:w-.ncfi , ■■ 1.^ to contr. ct «lth 

" , To consii;«r ffui f.ct ujwn Xnfisl' tlon *ut.liori»lnj, county 
1x1. r'uf of fu.wTviror'- to o;<cfi'n,« rrwi iTOji^rty "1 Ui »,h»? 
•UUn Govniiffltrit, or 'n.y , ••ncy Uitir«of, for ua» for public !.uri>o«««. 

'. To con-i'ter j.m: ret u; on le£lri tion to »iutnorti» th* city 
3!" ?fnU H»rb*r' to convey to t..* Unltcu ""-U-.ttx fov, rruarnt, or nny 
^if'cncy ♦.►ij-ri'ot , t sJortUn oi ti^f a,i-nu-- ;ii.'rf:tororo ,'T iif^u to th« city 
i-.y M.* ?i<.t* of OUI'iJinU. 

1). To consluer nwi ftCt ujjon i»f,li« 1*^1 ion to ' uthorlfe the 
Pt. te c>j" Cj-ilfoinit *ctini^: throuj li Ui«» il»lJuUnt G-uci-i to «v«c^i;.tif«i 
c»'rt in re. 1 i.roj^rty --.Ituit^o in U.e Count', of 5» n Lul« Obimo. 

Ill 'ITUfP JTHlRror, I '■•v." (.«.r«>ujit.) ;■■< t !.;:, t,; ru] mmJ ri ukwI 
the Civi,t Sn.l of the ft te u! D to j.e ft fixed this 
■econc ii«y o:" Cecnr.6*=i-, A. t., One TJwus^' no Hlii* liun- rod <!nu fort\. 


GoTerrior of Ct.ilf» 




ecret- rj- of Sti.t* 

^KfutiDc Drpartnirnt 


---- -^i^iiJiii 






> 1 


r^Mf:';:^,*^:* ^^-"ti- 

t cc'f-pn+'- 


■ --• . t ■ ■ 

ccld.„t .-v^ntLn/Tg'* "'"' '='^"^'^=t « wen 

■ 1 

■V ■ 

ta rovide 
.;ty £.ifa-tor of I\iln „ 

'•o hepol 

•■tlll?.9 the 
'1 «n.t -frr.etivq. ^ 

■•I Wfnt 

^ lotion. 

^xccutioc Bcpartmcnt 

^rart of dnlifornia 

' ; 1 rnc] ceuser - 

'■ "' )'■ 1 or t".c .tits of ^... 

ornlSj to be sffliad t In twont- 
third; 3ay of Dooenbgr, A. R., 
ninGtiion hunJp*'d end forty. 







^xcrutiDc Bcpartincnt 

^tatc of California 

T 1 

IS" I ' 

^^Ukp^^ ; ' J940 "^ 

• i,.^or. tor-n^^d thf "Pli y •:« i;-! -><' thp N'etlpn", tnd in rccont 
xter.dnt! itr. rrc • \ ^'ffort^ to th^ devnlop- 

;•;, _ to- . ..o-t , t' u to t'v- dlrondjr lanr lift of 

E. ttPf otl^jB: , ■ ".Jti to tint hoc :v-iry 

■ t -^ , •■■nov.'ii'iU "Ci.iifor.Ja Hi-orts- 


--••Ji CeJifox'iils lies oxceptlom:li3r -ooO terivin *:nc! 
1 !l -t". of :; - i'on In i.'-ioii wintMr c.-ort^; orn Ve 

throu^tojut th^- world; nnd 

_ly to tho 


, .. , ,1, c.:'.' . .. , ov -: - 

Gr"i:t .'t! «i> of CiiXi , ■•■!:y dflclop© and r''TOclBiB tntt 

the ^3ro d)-y of Tf^cv , '. ^-'-, ■■'- n b" t'^f" d'*'' «f th» 

official opf^nln- of th- vlnt'-^r ort.; aeaedin In Cedlforrle., 
tnt"! ■Turth' ', I Qo '.o -"by urgo tni! voijueet Gjillfor iens to tik^ 
uv! nti>Ke of t is dolls-htt^il *-lMt''.' fncr«»".tl -.n, m'^ furtlvr, 

irvit'i to Cilifor-lr, 
rrti r.^ tT loin -vlth u: , 

to t nd otb-iir 

i;. .1*'. . . -. , 1 .. V-. :-or8unto 

set ojr hfilid end eruoed thn Grcft 
.'Foal of tWa uts\t>? of CfHfor!l< to 
bo efflx«d t'>l8 -Itt dry of De- 
cerrber, j . . ., nineteen hundred 
.' mi forty. 


f xcfiiniir Pcparrnifiit 

^•tiitt of CL.iliform.i 


tojhe office of Iht Sccretarv of SUte 


l)tC2:; 1940 


, ednesday this 

inany pu:>llc employees whose work 


ved ir- lilTire to spend 




»■■■»'(■.■ PI" ;J 

)F, I 
ui..^ ..^i ^^...w odt iriy heiid 
and Cfiised the Gre.Nt fieal 
of the :i tate of Cellfcrnla 
to be affixed this twenty- 
tlilrd day of December, A.]-, 
nineteen hundred and fortv. 


icretarv oi 

^xcfutiiic department 

;^tJtc of dJiifornia 


ia (he oiiicc of t:;: SccrcLiry of State 
^ •• i:::: iVAY^ Or CAL1F0!;:!IA 


-. le 

• n-b.-'.T 

• > 

!r:!Oi7 ~-t 



^^ccfutiDf Brpartincnt 

^tjtr of (Tjlifornia 

S^'^S^Hi^-^^vcf state 

---iiliAM;|4 1i£]i 





-CtiC';. - 

• lO ^ooa 

7r-=^; ^ 

1 :-^ » (> 


in f he citic: cf tLc SccaLrv cf r.^xie 

^xcrutiuc Bcpartincnt 

::c»tatc of California j yf^ 


, 19U hrs beer. 

^ic orgEftizfc', 


• and 

voara any 

.^nta of tho 3ti t -.f 


into set 



^xcrutiuc department 

^tJtc of ealifomla 


WAR AhROAU, end our owii Notinnul emerKeiic> , hnve Impressed all 
citliieris anew with the necegsity of mobilizing- «il of our 
rtrsnui-cep of manpowei , enerf:y nnd mf.teribl for the National 
defense, »ujci Kiveri new ueanu.p, to Uie vlue of our rich 
"natural resources" and the necessity of conservinf them, 
guarainp then /.(gainst waste and unlawful encroechunent. 

FOh THE several years, the State Depftrtment of Education 
and the California Conservfi tion Council, alon^- with federal 
and civic ori.anizations, in ve condiicted extensive 
f^djcational pro(.r-nis uc(,uaintint, school chiloren and the 
.enerra public wit). CalLfornLe's great wealth of natural 
resources and tue wisdom of conservinj^^. them. 

AND, for t.he past several years, in pursuance of these programs 
of eaucation, California Fias observed "Conservetion Week" 
durlnf the i.anth of Marcii at a time includinf Arhor Dav and 
Luther Burbank's birthday, March 7th. 

T!t£ observance of "Conservation Week" is both timelv and 
ppproprii te. 

NOVt, TilFRFFCKE, to this enc^ I, COLUilT L. CLSON, Governor of 
Caliibrnia, do hereby proclaim the werk hej-innint 
March 7th, 19U, as "Conservution Week" in' California, and 
I ur.e wide-spread observance and pfrticipation by all 


have hereunto set my liand 

and caused the Great Seal 

of tiie rv te of California 

to be aTlxed this sixteenth 

day of January, fi.t., one 

thousand nine hundred forty-one. 

)vernor of Calif n 

Secrotpry of State 

- :«5 



^xtrnm Bcpartmcnt 

^tatf of (Tjlifornia 

r K J c 

-iTllltn Con89nri.tlon Cctob SSfo-v-ir^ -U^ 'testes ea 

"nlrnra^ry of the o.n..*.?! :r^.^'^„5°'f?^-«''«"on of the '^th 

' niv>rf!».ry of the opor, tlon of t>,n dviliru 



• '■ c,;:trl!-uti )n -rd- hv +v,»J "* "^'^ ^" ^'•^' Union. 

-..KHies, hra boon ■ trvv ^r^T ■^"•''^^- "^^n ■ nd .1,^ to r'>o(iy 

■^y Ay, 000, 000 h£s bean pj . ' r, ,>. ^y 

'- boys onron«d in t>-- c- • . ^' 

..'iful teqrlean oitlzsna. 


vlll-n Cna.^. tlon Co:;a r2-1?tKo"^/j?L??'V.^''^- 


I^ • ' .•■ iJERSOF, J li. vo 

t.;o Greft : -el of thn Ptf te of 
Ctaifornlf, Ho be fffixsd t io 
twlftji dhy of ','f,roh, /.. r. 
nl net -ten handr-^d tad forty'* 





Jxcfutilic Bcpartnicnt 

5tatc of (iGlifornij 

■(•111 -.-^*) 

^xccutioc department 

£>tatc of Gjlifornia 

ill :^'tiZ 


3fxccuti\)c Bcpartmcnt 

5tJtr of Galifornia 

; oi; !,; ♦■ :. t -Aook be 
;od iieolth habits and 

.1„- t rov»i''i edequeto utt^sntioti to the Jresnrvi-tlon of t ■- 
- 1- "(nirity c<" '■.''• .>.iJT*ief.n for<o otn v»o, t!.e 

■ nd nnti , tf! Pcbl:^TO net! ^nel acicurl t; 

■ t' roateh fr- ■-; V - - 

:. . J I -isEt th'^ ■ ■. ■ . -"se 

■ , ia In buili^l")- JconoT'lc Imttrer 

. , I ,;•■ '^^'!od for ts e oonaicie^^tion a: 

lissesili ni'^ent Informetion risBerdirif the ▼Ital 


•',1, Culhort !,. Olson, GovoTnor of Galirornlsi, 
i~ • na dooJrnetPi tbf? wort: boflnjnin/- 5'troh 2Ath 

1th Veftk" in Ctllforn'f., t nC urre til citlz-^ns 
:i. jr:lt> t,o r>-,ploy tM r : eTlod Id the invest?,- tl^r, 
i. 'ortlon of ' rotoction sfrelnst the 

■ -iTito set fiy h* IK. i.i.d 
. :4 f>:e ' gfm-t fi'^rl of fc' -^ 
• tf te of C»lljfornlf. to bo 
t rfixnd this dey of 
'Obrupryt A.Di.» nin«»t«on hundred 


1 :i?ii 

I y^vS 

^umm Bcpartmcnt 

^tatc of (ZMom 

^I^S^^^/l.^ O 

i: :. C 1, 

'I this >ienlspVf>rB 

■- ^^'--'li-e oeptf In rpdio bro 

' ' ■ ' - 15 


Ir --/..' 

^- C?" 1 CO . . . , „ . 

1 -_:s,_v. 1260 

... ■ _ U^Q 

J 1310 

/.rye--'.' ■;'•.•;• 5S0 

,. ' » l/»23 

— f.-.n-cep ..... T\i- 

-- Kodefto „;;^ 

;l.-vvv,;: i-'ia 


,, 380 

iCiMO— " ^,i-' 

'-:co oio 





56a : 

c__ *,•/ i.:';o ' 

__■ . 1310- . 

11 :. 

• • • 1 "- -. 

„ "■, '.''r c^a ' 














ixccutitic department 

;6t.i[t ol CL.ilil"orma 

3 'it 


in kc. 




r*vs ri r^} I 


11] fA) 

. 710 

• • » 

-.' -. . • 



• fl 


■ • a • • i^ -' 







> • • • • ; ' 




• • 


I 00 




• • 







. . .o«in 







• * 

..... 900 





• • 




JT'Ii— ■■ 

. 1120 

. lao 
. 1210 

T 1A20 


: Ki ■ 
















,, i i-t ;:" -■ ^ ' ■ '^flts O'' 

retilloc! Sii.n t-* s,.-=»e<llly .-.v.'iliM-J to t;,- cltl/iro of Ct"! Ifornitx, 

1 first "'"3slbl» b'^'!'''urior! In the 


:»« THKlliPOltE 

'-:no ^ 

"■^.fllo »*ovln 

I u 

•itizdi)-; t' 

1 , [iOGL/IM Til^.T 3atiirii:y, ••.t-ch 20, 19/,1, be 


♦:' ra rhnut t>ie Statn of Cfelifornit 


nf^oosoftry jedjufttr^ont of their receivers 

1' .^ : V(l.!i'KB)F, I 'lAVi; hornunto 

' : d ! nd ctused the Greet 

' " Sttt«? of CtlifornlB to 
to f;ri:nr) t; l8 tv'«iiity-fourth day of 
Fobruii'^;, IJ-., nlnetoon '^undrj'd end 


i'xcfutiur department 

^ratc of dalifornij 


ia the cf fice of i^z SiacL:r of State 

i.ii£^i4|K A T I j. 

t'' d«fenoe :)if ti 

■•■ tl3 wi^y of "! Iff 


• orduri ;. 

ula do fill in nuv 


. i-'t'., inc'.-u.--ivo, fls ":.: 
•;tiE^,n;i ji- th:c greet Lt 
' ' WEy thlt rarthv 

iVKHw" end ctU 

",-* ,r^ 

-' ' "" '•''' o- iiBocl the Grert 
*?<! of the iJtct^ Of C.:13f,irr5P to 
•' ' lixed thie f-ird dty of M- rch 

. ., nlrRt,-f,n bun rpf! end forty- ' 


I X 


irNi. ortirt 

i'xcrutioc Bcpartnicnt 

^tJtc of Cilifornia 



il ii £ C L A I A T 1 u j_ 

^3ii' 1>V 

:nite«,^8t.t,s by ^oi^ll^LV^J'Z 


a tit 

\3 d£y. 

•ducting e;^T'roprl£te celebrttlone on 

! citlzeno thea .^ cnj- otho:- time °ltMn 

^_ '.^■. cr; cy ii! crushed thpauuh the 
«ur. t.,t it .,.nn.thapp«5C;.' ' 

nitfcr:/^ mlpit of 
■ ■■■«■' ? c3'>t - ml nftd 

^r«Jv- ... ■ . '^^^^ .>nc, n,^,.nt^. - th our 

^:;. >^ 4;e't:rin":;r;::: ^riu^iJ'ij" ,^ '^-^• 

.-trlotic hodlea tK.,.^,ii;^j;i*^,:? ff ^^-P^= ^11 c^vlc ^-^ 

rarity of njp country. oai^L^ a t^,"' "^^^ ^°^ "'« 

IN auTitou ,. 

^ ' '■▼a '-fiTMunto 

.ot my|.rnu .n. ctusoJ tbo 0.„ct 5^.1 
of the 6tr.te of Ceilfornle to be 

"f^r" V" * ■•^•ty-seond ifiy of Varch. 

nlnnt' ...n 'ui!..",^ci i-.nd ^o-tv-one. ' 

V '^-:;%/i^,x 

>-A\ IX 


'■ • -'i:* hz _ __ 

"■-K mil r.i-ciM ,,ii„. 'Jocrotepv ■)(• t'+.^j~ 

.i.»..rii Mi>,«i.,i..i M.Nii. •• *> 1 " »i- 1 jr li >^xrio 

^jcrutivjf department 

^tatc of California 

;J9±v\ .:. 

of Ifcc 

• '.' ' o .jHi^n al;!, ;ularly 

^ fi'eodo^ Involve, .en t in the 

• •oyert.xelLosu, daii, er is no 
.'. It aetfi n valriO, e%'on ..l^iiei' ".. t. 
:ul relai ' , • Mon of or 

purpose ; , • ar : oi" tli.o 


■•■• ' '■-" ronotli. 

- >, i:.-Lciu; : al;:.., icrr-od as 
1 conrer-oncej of tiie /ii.:eri ■ 
ua ^i. .,yril 14, IH^O, oi zuo virtue 
re ei-l'oct'vo-.oEs -'.f Its efforts, and ■ »» 




al or ■ 

• i cull 



, -^Ji'll 14, 1.-41, us '', aii->i.j.-,erLcan 
servance uy all citizons tiiro i^li- 

■■Ciitoola ary. cl^'lc assoclatlona 

;i n...n^o^-r^• ■ rf> ceremonies, 

•■ .artal B- 1- 

.:; , .- -i- 


■^.11 fo: c 

--ei'Q.-i..t... cot ; ;, iiund aiid 
cauaeu Uie .sreat .'.eal of 
'Ae Sitate of to 
"0 fir'fi:.,^d Lila seventh dajr 
• > ••■'•» nlnoteeJi 


',tV4l *l*CTiCf H. MOOD ATI rilNTIl 

^KfurlDc department 

^ratf of djiifornw 

• ■ ■■■' y-. 


•'i •" t..-- .niteU „tal,eb jf ..i„rio; 

: ■ :• ■ ■ 'it ■• • ,', . '^f'-'^r"*-' a •- > be citizens bv birth -aust be 
.:■ na:... .. ' "'^ " " >1'-' "^cra^y. 1=^ the greatest benefaction 


rl ,-l 
1 ui-i 

" 1"*8 01 thiy natian a3 „ n-ee itoile ir 
; ■ -"^^ in security; ih^y n^^e guiiied the ri^ht to 

..:rt;:: :;^L1/::^ --i::^"^' t^ '^^^ °^'^ '^ 

, ,„...... = '•° "l"*^!" s^^'e uonatitiiiion of the Unl teU 

^^atc. a;,a to iMteet our nation. «hcn ,;'.■ 

:;►•( u 

J ri .•«■ 

s. against any 

;he rijjh: 

to foreign dictators that thel 

;',■ ''••■•■•"'" ■ 'it.y is tht (irunleai 

?^!!'^5"!*^' '" d^-«cratic procesaea. 

r ihllo.'^Tihles aJiall never 


.-...i^d \l°1m;.' :L'i' iri" :!'.:f' " ■"-'•«"«. ..- 

^'>' ... Jj-pj;, Governor of the jr«t« 
I'.ln ^und^y, ..lay nth. 1941, as "I 
.^at this day be observed in ^atriotic 
i\<- ni"-i riMtunillzfd so that our 

'' *•*■'«■ ^«'ttnitt; of ...nericun 
"l.-i. "U jutrlotic, civic, 
nt ^tule 01 v-ulifornia 

' i ■' 1 ', ; 

j«-i /111 .i.:i..j'iL'Wi ^ay", uii,( 

^'ibhior. by all citi/en.s i 

children ahull t:aiu u fullei 

citi^enahi,. 1 call uion all iuuii.- 

.eilfciouy ana educationul oreani^ati • n^ , . , --• 

•^ JMn in auroirlatc 1 rogra^s\no -i -vi , ■ .h f ^' -"HforrUa 

-'<■ citi..e„shii in the lii.'d ^tatLt "f't^^ricl"""* """ ^■''■*"" 

^^^ .■.^:.i..,r, ... i^;i. hereunto 
^■tt ay har.a ojid caused the Great 
-^"1 or the ^tatt" of California to 
be uffiAf.d this ninth day of ..jrll 

--.. inntteeii hundreu ana forty-one. 

v^avti-.oj. o: .alifor)ju 

tcretarj' of ^ta te 

^xcfutitic Bcpartnicnt of CLJlifornij 

i'io 1. ije 
ftscapa' 1 

liberty sjiali 
':.e ri-J.' 

'■ , -Ined the 

•>r} a irc'j .eoplo, in 
- Ii;;ain0d Uic rij.t to 

iuiitij B-- ■jieir oath tjiey 
c Corlaflh:'-ion of Ihc r'til ' 

■ nr.' is liic ^;rar:dnst 
lla doKio erai; i n processes ■ 
• 11 never 

•on Da*-" nnd 

iurfvl i z 

:.. iv-a. Its "1 

!r;'Od ']'•. nrri-'tjo 

■iona i:i o:' Oaliloriiia 
irif-inj tiw- i:;ea.aini^ ana vlr!;ues 

r Califor-iia to 
liinth day of i^ril 
.nil trod and forty-o-.e. 

^xcfutitic Bcpartmtnt 


-■rialiy to 


f xcfutitic Bcpartmcnt 

^tJtc of Cilifornia 





» • •« 

X - ' ''■''''^ 


m "Hil N J., i .,,,! II M 

^xcrutiuc Bcpartmcnt 

3tatc of California 

oa,-' , 

■' .:. » I C. 

■ 8p;erc r 

onl" < 

Jn all 

■ ar rjf t:.o 

■ ■ ea 



oJ ttju! 



'.'.\\ •} 

..r..uiM„,,„, ,,„„,„„ , „,„„,„,„ 


^^ccutKic Department 

3tatc of California 

- '' ' uWi 





■'•or i. .0 ■ oi> 
Galirom-" ix 


■1.,, .1 

^xrrutJDc department 


i.- :>-..''>^o//...,*^ lj > 

""J- ' .^,, .,,, 

.«MlS„.,,,j, , ,„, 


.•iore\!ato ji^t ray iv.: 
"^-thie lat c 

^xmmc ©rpartmcnt 

^tatc of California 


-ii^TP. jr CALIPOliNlA 

yo- 1^ / 



> J,0J4 per.sorii; lost 

■St year in Lraffii 

tiieir lives in Calif 



ed ir. t 

'-^-•idenL., a„u 57,922 other 

"t saiiie in;i finer 

s were 


:•' ^:oi 


■J- Of 19^1 

rfte of 


Qeath and injuries will 

t-o date indicate the 


ti,s tiie 

prevail tnis 

ui- ; vine 

C'iution in L 

le operr.tic 

;'Ubllc 1^ aroused to 
'H or iiiotor vehicl( 


exercise greater 


, uaft 

(JiIviHij in th 

."li'-lU- duty bi 

lese critical t 

-'t^ It Lt^nd 

imes becomes 

-'' to conserve t 

re; ourct 

of t 

he huiiian and 

n^t lonn] 

H' nation for th 


t coiuiiion tas 

I n-c 

K of 



C;: i 1 f 

> ^ CULHH.T L. 


Ki, do hereby 

i^-0.\'. Governor of 



-nd tnuln 

'" tiie week be^'l 

"iotor vt.l;JeI, 
reducing tue tr, 

, I do 

J-^st to I: 

inlng May 18 

■e t), 

ife Driving Week. 

earnestly urge e 

in C: 


'r;ii;( to 

tv-li of Jeati 

iyi> L 

y driving; carefully a 

very person driving 

'ier p?irt In 

•'^■y on our hlgh- 

'o his or 

1 anC }; 

I'^ttr. .tt u ill tr.'iffi 

ana ui-ge all organizations 

-■cut Of t 

'• Si'f. t,y to cooper 



e high objecti 

Loward the achi 



Governor of California 

f xccutinc department 

^tatc of (laliforiiij 

: 11. 

n :';'^ved lr.I« St 


'cputy Seq^X-v of ^: 

■W 1 H'll'.I H. Mt> 




^xcfutiDc Bcpartmcnt 

State of ealifornia 

■'/ <■-' - 

^ '^^ office of .to^^ 

VyAVv^, vX 



_^ >, 


^mum Bcpnrtincnt 

^tatc of California 



-'ulbcrtj I.. .10:1, Tover-o- 

' ■ - in the statfl 

••onty-f ■ 

a:xcfutiDc Bcpartiiicnt 

.^tJtc ol" CL,iliforiiia 

^ , ». ■'> ''^o. ^^ 

1 yu;tro, spojvstu- 

tute on GoverrEient in 

'. -i liiiir Institute . ■ 'the 

i''orjila ini i,os ;Ln-<?leE. 


„ • ,. 1 ' ■'■ ■ -ssion 

■c . .creat ^i -ublic e:-:nlo.-ees and 
1 'l^f^f i^^ernraent ac^iieves its 

V: ''V^°^'-'^* manner, i.ianiring to 

■■-- :-'lIvr t\at -•„.. ...„ . ^j^^j ^^^^ 

.-1 welfare, 
Vfarn-entu,! ©a- 

, ^re no' 

Itisens have an 

June .th to 
:"e.iuest all 
:io da/ and evening; dur:?.- 
'''^ thesp d»?-!art.T.ents. I 
■ J radip broadoastinfi stations to 
.'.isaiblfc to inTornin- the -ublic 
rioraod by fafteral, state, countv and 

■ ■ ■ . . .vr- 

:°"^ , - J-iiVrni. 

to bo^zf :c. .^e:ity-sec;.:.: 

aay o^^y, ... ^., aineteen 
mini-rod anci ."orty-one. 



.:'^;./< /s 

^icrutiDc Bcpartmcnt 

otjrc or C.ilifonii.1 

.J .<':AG, tlio .resident of the United States 
. atlonal Lefense preparations, and 

, , ' tlon is fast beco!Tiin •; one of the 

.r [!i, j...;^)Qrtanu ractore In our defense, and" 

. ^> '.>.J':ii>::Aa, tiio defe;:se of y\xv coixntry la forojnoat 

in tlio nlnds of all loynl citizens:, and loromost 

■ - -.. -..,, iiie ojiited states Ar..iv. in c ndufl-^n 
an extensive recruiting ca...palen to bulll ^ air ?orce^ 
.'joc nd to none, and 

.-lil'^AiJ, the Lopartment lias ostabllshed 
ui-y air corps tralnln^^, bafOe loc...te< it 
r,vCt^ -^^^^^.^an Pleco, ,.eraot, Oxnnrd, Ontarlc , Glendale. 
i^il--re, and kin^ City; tliree basic air coroc iralnln^ ' 
ba. 03 located at loiritt 'lold, baker.field and viSv 
ty/c aoA,v.ced tralnin^ bases at . tockton aiid Mather .iold 
.acrainento and mlataln^ ti.ree air force statlone at ' 
aS base. ' ^ '^"^'^' 'ilverslde, and the l-'resno 

+ i-.« '•4-0+-*' r n 1 • \.. . ' Culbert L, Ll^on, uovemor of 
the utate o . CaL for^ila, do hereby :.rr,claln the rionth 
of cvuie aa "rlyln- Cadet .onth" In California and urre 
all citizens to /■ . .lllarlze themselves v.ith the op^or! 
..inxtles tlie ..nlted ^tt-.tes Ai-iy Is rlvln - .ur vo-ith L 
•ecne pilots and tralr..d a-^ation tedu -'cl^'sr f 
ro"P-^ctl^lly re-iue^t all citizens to visit the above 
nn, ^r,'"«^ "^ ^='^'?-\ «*«^iona durln,- tao month of June 

^ th° ?ralnf^'^^f"'^°''''^*f^ ^°^*'' ^"^ ^^"^^ themselves 
01 ohe trainln^j the -raiy is now offer'n^ them. 

U; ■.-•ITHESS W*;RF0F, I have hereunto 
set my hand and caused tlie Great 

oal of the Gtate of Call for la to 
^;o affixed this tv.anty-nlnth day 

01 i.a;,'. A,];., nlnoteon hundred and 

secretary of itat« 



i'xcfutitir Bcpartniciit 

^tJtr of (Tjlifornia 

/' / - 

/x' - 

' -/'-' 


2:xcfutiDc department 

;c<tnrr ol" i£.ilironiia 

■~i. u. 










" 1 

a of 

:ied by 

' d"-* E 

D o e; : 

ixccutivic Bcpartincnt 

State of (Laliroriua 



^xrrutiUf Bcpartmcnt 

^ratc of CiliforiiKi 



c. ■ 



is ii U ii ^ i jrli 

, Itint yoor tiiero waa ••tAbllBSind 
" viiown aa "ImUIn l^y* oci lln£ 

- Ski ,n iblane of thoiiouiidB of 
ro c. f,ii«(S In hoB:)lteln, 
;;tltvjtlona foi* tljo M*ont» 

, tiiof«« yfttl*>nt« Poce' ve eo nch 
iBlt tJi«n mtX olitter tJiw. durliso tlwlr ODnflno.ner-.L. 

111 V 

. o r c .^c'iil ofrort to 

'-'• —5* r*,/.'; " ..iy*....u, do horojy ,>i'.olcJl!.i uricla-- 

.-vrio 1^ ., 1U41, ue ".huL-Xn uy" In Gft-.lfor-la and 
:u't:e all ir.lo-Jtia oiul roletlVM of paclatita o »nr' od 
In hoe,)lt(>l8, 8f!-iu'vui-lu;;a u.ui otJ\oi> i.itit' tut. laic to 
visit tlior! on tills cia;;. 

-^ • V- ' , I have 

! ornunto B©fc Enr 'amd and oaua«d 
-i.o f-i-out aal^^ol t 19 Jtata of 
ullivjr:..ia to bo aff Ixnd tiita 
t&ntii day 01 Juno, lixil. 


ocivjtary 01 tate 



35xcfutit)c Bcpartmcnt 

State of daliforiiia 

i. . >. 


t:^ the ::olAcilve 'Ji-a^nlvi 

/.?.te<i Gtator, xuraiiant 

. ya .^«. .iia; RIi'"i .OPVlOO /.Ct Of 1940, ftp- 

-or Iw, 1.^40, (bi S,ttxt, aa&i, has iVoclairiod 
lo. iativ.ti 'n undar aald Act shall tiilia place 
':■ ;£;toG on iZ.o i-t day of «Jul2^, l.:41, between 

'■'■ r . u.n, ujv' '.•■ j.ii.j and 

•-."^ ; •■ ^" . c- -.0 ..nlted fc'tates, aiid 
lion reef. " . ':»© continental United 

i.. — ^ _.i Uia 'ieri-i. ..'^ ^i' Luwall, ?uojrtc xilco, or 
tlie Teri'itori' of '^lae'cti (otlier tl:au :>oirBon8 <»rempted 
h-n sectlo:i C (a) oi "..o v.elactivo Tralidn^, o.icl :^«x*vioe 
Act Of 1J40 or by oectl n UOd of the woaat ■^:.ard 'xlllaiy 
a v-d .eeorve '>ct of 1S41) la re : lireU to ait' c lall on 
July 1, Iv'll, .irooent li?.r"r«l'" for and r :brJ.t to r-e I3- 
tratl n bofoi-e a dTily d ro^;;lBtratlon official 

or rolon' 

nnrvico 1 
-h ho ;. 

i' ' avl.;;, j'oi'lsulction In 
LT-BUiOnt hone or In w!iloh 

If — 

ir. J ■ :cu I'-rron o;i o;- .jofore <jm1v 1, lJ41, ami g.^j-^. 
seq 'o .t t Jotober 10, 1940, haa attained tl:o tv/enty- 
r'^'st an IvTsai^- of tiio day of .ils blr':.., and hao • ot 
horetoloro "oorn r'? 'fto'-od uixlor the ..ol ctlvo rralnlni^ 
u':d. .orvlce ;.ct 

t ) 10, 1940, had attatned 

ti.o tv;r» t;,'-iix'ot u:i ivei';:..- ,• o:' tlio day of '.. r, birtu .jx . •.-.ot attained the lalrty-nlxtli an Ivereainr of the 
'.la. of ■-£! bli'th and has ;;ot ixuretofore been reels tared 

..ider t'io .'v^l ctive Trs:.inin^, and ^ervlco Act of 1U40| 

-•ovl^ou . i!At tlie duty of any >OTson lo ;)io8ent hlneolf 
Tor cz-.d c.:b;,ilt to re^^lntrati n In acoordanco • iUi ar\y 

i. :>vloua .iroclaimvtio'i .Israed under the sfild .'lot eiiall 

, . •,., .-...:^_,,. ,,^, ,,_- ^. .^ ..^-iclajTiatlun. 


Bubjeot i« rej'iiatratlon may reclster 

■'str;itlan In cato .10 II -rcver^ttd 

.1: - n- „ .. . _ ./I \i lo'r : 

■o^istorrii; or. by ol2'civ>Bta;ncer boyond hie 

-.. j1 o:- bocauee , .. j^ /i-Owent In Ujo Uulteil ;,tates, 

..e -er:ito3?y 01 av/aii, ihierto i>ico, or the rer:ltoi7^ 
.f Alaska on la; t ua„. If liO la not in .hfl Uallod .tatea 
or tiio -errltory of Hawaii, i\jerto .ilco, or the Ten Itory 
01 .'laar.a on tue day fixed foi* reiilstratlon but eub- 
t!0 : ontly enters any of crch luces, he fimll -..Itliin 

' -m days aftor e.^cli entrance :)repe:'.t lil::relf ftoi' and 
ui a.iit to je^jlatrati n beforo a duly desl^Tiuted recla- 
tration official oi- :ol«-»ctlvo ser\'lce lociil board. If 



^xmmt Brpartmciit 


•i^^ is In tJio 
or to nico, 
Tor ra^.lstru 
his 'Oi^^j-ol :i3 
to re^^l strati r 
:iors^-bla af t ■ 
e lat. 


n tlio J errltory of iiawall 

■•-•^--Ji,, of Alaaka on tho da- rixad' 
aouuoe of cir<«A.a8t»>u;ooa Ixjyond 
. .ofi&.t hl-i!r.eljr .'o:" anil cubnlt 
' . , no E;mll ( o ro da coon es 
• •-' Inabllltj' cot-aeu to 

.l.cWv«-:^ervlc«'™''^tj!j'i^ '^ m ".coxx^r^oa with «.a 
<:^orc. •:.; and °^' -^nulatl^ai, and to oociply 


^''^ tiie A' rot: ■, r tlio r,n, ,, . . 

. .^-j^^? ;.^'^n"-rf i^ri-.^i^^^^.f^'^- 

:2!r..T* .A^ :/ 

-. 01,: :d: 



J claim as follows j 


ior;?°J'tr-°"-°?;.".,??'^!'', '-r ^•'■•ctlv. ...rain. 
-1, betwe^-a tiio liorra of 7 a.^. 

--n^ tind oorvio© Act 
tlio fli-pt da- of Jul^, 

"-^-rr - ■ • .,oir ard ro I-Ta '''v.°l ^''^ ^ ^^^ -t^tes to 

. . on :'i.o^da^^J:IvV°J^r /^^° >'^«^^« of 7 a.«. 
o^- at u,. .t.a.r oluco'h^^T-^^ I^v«'h^'T f ^"^"' ^«^ 

■ 'ratlori, "^ 

• **-•-•; -v^n aix local boi;rdo pj^.' n..«-f« *•■ 
ati ua .>roscrlbod • •J:'t^''^^^^''^ ?rvlca ..o.;^a- ^ 


■- or to do .aid p..rfonn all acta 
-c,>m:,Ua:i coE:plota a-xL effectlv. 


red miliar said "c^- ta i-A -f<-l \- - ''"^^loyoos who ar« 

■v ,^u;. Li c.Jgi. ; : Jo -!?c.rr "^ ^^Itho-t 

ox" rose m 
publicize ' - 
tp.tos '~ 

" '-"'ti^/S'^^t.*^'^^-^'" "*^°«*= effortaio " 
-^ .oicn bf tho -renldont or theUMted 

-. t.^ :,oloctivo service .io^-ufatS^c' S 

P-tntrJ I'l . M 

'■'I .*T»TI rRINItt 

^xcrutivic Bcpartmcnt 

3tarc of California 

every newSijapox* aad . oi-lodlcal anti over ©vary broadcaet 
facility witiiin Uiolr i-espootlve JtirlatUctlons, 

, - cull Ujjon till of iicers of the otate of CDllior;i. 
.. : tollulcal au it'. 1 'nc uioi-oof to joi'ior.^ ■HfiCtever 
acta \ay be required, to insure ronlstratlcn iJtireuant to 
tiio . I'eniucE-t 'h /rocla mtlon oiid tlie ;..eloctivo ■'rnlnlnc 
aiid Lervlc© Act of 1040 ond to .oriom E".ch 8er\.i.ce8 
v.*. tliout .;ay, 

7. i ctill upon tiie peoplo of ^@ State of Calif or. il« 
to c ^tv-lbute v/.uitevar rervlcen .Ay "ae re-i' ired of U\aia 
to Ineur*! t!mt :iie rc> o lariat Im of the .rocldont of tlio 
r.lted ' '.6 carried Into effect. 

. ■ , 1 have 
hereunto set r-y hand and 
caused the Oreat .'.'.eal of tiie 

tate of Ja3 '..fonila to bo 
affl.xed t3i.l8 nineteenth day 
of Junn, 1941, 


a:xcfUtiDc Bcpartmtnt 

^tatc of California 

I K 



..iEurj\3, Jtme '''t'i'. is an important date 
in 'die }\lB'-nr-y of ^•' n .. :>3l:iv oooplo, and 

.. ,l: , .j,!ople of xu^oslav jdescwnt In the 

United Jtatoa obaorvo t'.is day Y/lth appropriate cere- 
monies, an 

\»i:T.RriiJ, the Yuj;o8lav v.'ar lielS-of Corunlttee 
in California on tlilr day -.vill make syocial efforts 
to rulae funds fo ' ■ doprossed and needy in the 

.L.i J.., Xf Oiibox't ^m -Ison, Llovox'.ior 
of tiie atate of do heretoy proclaim 
Juno 2Gt!i ao "iuroslav Day" in California, and urge 
till .ioc>ple to acq.ial:i.t t.iomsolves wit}i the suffering 
of tiio Yuijoslav people since their country lias been 
Invtdod by Axis forces, and to sup^.ort in \ilii\toveT 
way i>uEalble the lu^:oslav ar iiellef Corimittee. 

Hi v-i'i-NESS lljUKhn;oF, i iiave 
hei*eur,to set my hand and caused 
the Ci-^at vieal of tho rtate of 
■Jallfornla to be affixed this 
twonty-flrst duy of Jime, A.U, , 
nineteen hundi-ed ond forty-one. 

Governor of California 


I1HT» miNlPi 







STATE OF CALIFORNIA j |_. . ' "■"•■• ^---M 

SACRAMENTO i,\, '^fj^Ji ^ ~ ' ' •''^' «-fjJe 

Pertaining to Ozonium Root Rot 
Efftctlv© on and after September 17, 1940 

It tiavln^ been determined by annual surveys that 
Ozonlum or Cttton root rot disease occurs in the state of 
Arkonaao .nlj in tli© counties of Little River and Miller, 
and fiATtner conditioned on regulations bj tl-e Arkansas State 
Plant ixiard which prohibit the niovetient of i;robable carriers 
of said disease to joints outside of the above-nained oountieSf 
the infected areas as described In Callfoixiia Quarantine 
?i-oci&.rtatioK :vo. 15, it sued October 19, 1939, are hereby 
amended to read as lollowat 


ARIZOKA : Entire ?tate, 

AMAiMSAS t Entire couaties of Little Klver and Miller* 

MEW ■•iK/ICO i Entire counties of Dona Ki\&, Sddy, Chaves, 
Lea, Luam, Sierra, Jrant oad Hidalgo* 

OKLAHjiAA t Entire State. 

TEXAS : Entire State. 

UTAH: Bndpe county of •Aashing-ton. 

tireotur of AgrlcullTre 



Governor of the StutA^of Xalli-ornfl 


reptembtr 17, I7A0 

I ■'> i ^ f 




D. B MACKIE. Chief 

In'.Lcr: :■;..,■. 


Brpartmcut nf JVi^riculture 


F t L E D 



JUiN2li 1941 

Pertainiiii, to Satin Moth 
Effective on ai.d after December 3, 1940 

WH'IRiiAS, The fact hno been determined by the Director 
of Agriculture that an insect pest injurious to poplar and 
willow trees, kno.;n na the aatiii moth, not known to occur in 
the 3tato of California, exists in the hereinafter described 
InfostoJ areis and that all virieties and species of poplp.r 
and willow trees and parts thereof are known to be hosts or 
possible carriers of this pest, 

Nov;, TUbT.EFcni-, It is declared necessary In order 
to prevent the introduction of the said insect pwst into the 
State of California, tliat a quarantine be and the same Is 
hereby established at tiio boundaries of tiie State of C.-ilifomia, 
in accordance with Section 106 of the Acricultural Code of the 
State of California, against said post, its hosts or posslb.le 
carriers, ii, ported, shipped or brought from the said infested 
areas, a;id no such restricted products as quarantined against 
in this proclamation shall be pormltted to pass over said 
quarantine lines hereby establiohed and proclaimed, except 
under and sub^^ect to the conditions herein provided; 

^" 3T ; Satin raoth ( stilpnotla i^alicls Linn.) 

i;:FI..Sf2D \..z.Ao i 
Co:;N1:.CTIGUT; Entire strite. 


iiiitire state. 

^;^33AC^iTJS^^TS ; }:iitlre state. 

New HAI^PSHTRE: Entire state. 

O.'.ZGON : Counties of Lenton, Clackaiias, Clatsop, Columbia, 

Douglas, Hood River, Lane, Linn, Llarion, Multnomah, 
Polk, .VashinGton and Yamhill, 


RHODE ISLAND: Entire otate. 
V::.R:..0KT ; iiitlrc state. 

";\3HI:;g70:; : counties of Clallam, Clark, Cowlitz. Gray' • 

-^-^^ ' Harbor, Island, Jefferaon, king, Kitsap, Lewie, 

Vaaon, Pacific, Pierce, San Juan, Skagit, 
3knr.ianla, Snohoalsh, Thurston, Wahkiakum and 

RKSTUICTFD FRODUCTJ : All apooles and yarlotlas^of^ 
3) and wil 

{QDUCTJ : All apooies anu vuji^-x«= «* 
poplir (F opulus^ and HlTSTTsallx) trees or parts thereof for 
o? capailo^of propagation, Ir.cludlng willow withes, except 
clean socd. 

Provision 1. PB22iigi2. .rRorjEirai. 

except as provided in Provisions 2 and 3 horoof any 
nnd all r ■sSlcted products or bhl.ic3 horeln quarantined a.aitiet, 
?nporiedrihIpped o? Srought from the said infested areas are 
hereby prohibited admittance into the State of California. 

Provision 2. £2m^IlMmm^^M^MM^ ^^^^^ 

mLS£l ^ifiifilii 



-xcopt as provided in Provision 3 horoof bare rooted 

fl^r^lion of S .ioure. to^poraluro within tlia anoloauro during 
been protected from post-treatment infestation. 

Provision 3* 

u:: rn v pyp raoDUCTS \D!.:i: -^:^Tni.l FROM OREGON 
Ajro ;-.'A.>HItiGTON 

pro pa 

ponlar or willow trees or parts thereof capable of 
•ati .n will Z admitted into the State of California from the 

said lnl\ao,jJ areaa In the etatea of Oregon and Viaahini^ton 
providin;. each such lot or shiprnont is aocompinied by a certifi- 


Bit,nc:d by the authorized Inspection official of the state 

of orlrln oertifyin;: that all of the ..oplar and willow trees 

P'u ta tiioruof capable of propagation In 
grown outside of thi^ said infested area 
tie 3-\id Infesttid area, wor-j atcrod in : 
poplar or willow trees or parta thereof 
had been atorod. 

said lot 

and that 

ati, rr. "c 

fr^ - 

or shlpraent were 
same, while in 
Ir which no 
ijaid ii.fested areas 


IIOLO 3HIP;.::A^T3 . 

2 and 
to Co 



niUB. vr^'^fVf f adMlaaiblo under tha foregol.. Provisions 
rnuBt be .leld by oo.inoa carrier agents and not delivered 
or a^,ent until inspected and passed by the Director 
Afsrlculture. his deputy .r daputi.c, or by a duly authorized 
state plant quarantine officer. ^ autnorized 

+ v -.* . ^^ ^^'^ ^^^ ^"'•^ o"" ahipinenta of products arrivlnc in 
the State of California In violation of the provisions of ?hl8 
proclar^atior. shall be irnncdi'tel/ 8«nt out of the stat-^ or 
destroyed at the option and expeaao of the ok/ncr or ballea. 

I-.-.:>x.i.iCTLp 1 i>OL"JU.'.> 


li TC OTIL-:.v iVJL^3 AND 

^rilo-.. or.'"'*' a'i^ifsibiUty into the Stale of Craifornla of any 
f; J.^tf, coLimodlty uovereu by the foreLoln^ provlcions shall 
be further ^uL.^oct to tao previsions of any other .-.uaranLlne 

brpronSigated!'' ^^^'^^^'^'^^'^'^ "°^' "^ ^"^-^ -^ "l^lc-^- "«y hereafter 

iLiSonsiiia ;'o: 

-♦ . , ., ^^^ deputies of the Director of Agriculture and all 
otate riant Officers are hereby empowered to enforc. 
all the proviaions of this proclamation. 

TTnit„i a* f^® foroGoinc does not apply to the experiments, of the 
United States Department of \grlculture in the State of Califor- 


This Quarantine rroclar.,atlon No. 18 CReviaed) super- 
Intlne Proclamation No. 18, dated Karch 9, 1940, and 

sedes \uar ^, . -, 

aball take effect innedlately. 

Director of A.srlculture 


13 -u d: 

w. \_^\%y^y^^Kj 

Governor of t 

of Caliioxnia 

■JlEO 3.M. 





ilcuartimnit nf Aarirulture ^ 


iUv:":Ti;. ..:.vCLAi-':ior; no, 9 (R«vlaed) 

PortalnliiG to Sweet Potato oovll 
~ffeotlvo on aiui after December S, 194Q 

JUN'3(! 1941 


Ai3, Tho fact hna been determined by the Dlrootor 
of Agriculture tlmt nn Inooct injurious to aweet ,>otato tuber* 
and sweat potato j^lnnta, Itnown «o the aweet i^otato weevil, new 
to «nU not heretofore pruvilent or distributed In J'^« 5^«^« J* 
Jnllfornla, oxlata In the horolnaftor dcocrlbod l^^^at-ea aroaa 
and tho.t th.. rcatrl.:tad oroducta herein doacribed aro hoata or 
possible cnrrlors of Sfild peat, 

to prevent the Introduot, 
tho it^.to of Oalifornla, 
horoby ootnbllshod nt th 
In nccord'tncu .vith :ccil 
3tnte of :::allfornla a; nl 
hoata or poa^lblc cirrlc 
^11 at'itea nnd dlatricts* 
product 3 or parts thoruo 
cuarnntlnc linca !iorcby 
undor ftnd subject to tlio 

, It la declared neoeasary In order 
lv>n of Qfild aweet potato vtecvll Into 

thit 0. quarantine be nnd tho aftiac Is 
o boundnrlca of tho litato of California 
on 106 of the Aerloultur'^l Code of the 
iiat tho 8«ld anoat potato woevll, It* 
ra, l:-.portcd, ahlpped or brou^^ht from 

of th(, T'nltod atfttca and no each 
. ohili be pernlttod to pnaa over the 
catablishcd and proclaimed, ©xoopt 

condltlona herein provided. 

I- 4x; awcet ixjtato weevil (Jiiiaja laHliaaJllUI* Fab.). 

utlrc couiitlca of Baldwin, -oneouh and ;-obll*. 

ntlr-,- f?t"t0. 
cr.uIAJ ntlrc cauntUo of Oaaden, Charlton, CJlynn and Thonwe. 


Lx;UI..IM:a : cat ^^J^LMmh^A-^kH^L^ ;^il P'^rlahoa w^th of 
. ^"* ^ ^^ ^Tr:iT;IdlTv., tho parUhos of Vernon, napldca and 

,aot of :'ia.ia4i;.>l iwr: All ^'rr^f'"" •°"''' °' 

ihc loaiaolppl-Laulolana ititc lino. 


mig;I3 I .,I; 


titlre oountloB of Anlto, Covlnt^ton, lianoook, 
Hrri loon. Jnchaon. Jofforaon LMvU, Jonoo, 
Lmtroncc, '.Mrlon. i^earl l;iver. rlkc, .ton* 
and '."nlthnll. 



awcot potnto plftnta. vlnoo. outtlnr.8. «*;*?« "J^.f^J^i 
and sweet potato tub^ra or ao-callo.! ya.,3 (jjiiisiaaa tootaiai) . ««1 
BornlngGliry plants (l poi:) 90. P a'^<i C9R V 9;YM; aa »PP-) 

^rovlolon X. ^u^vQUCf^ iiiy*LJ^ 


parto th 

and allp 

thfit h 


purpooe wlintsoovcr. 

iTovlalon 2, 

Sweot not«to tubers or y^"* Cii>2iaaiia J^lSitai) J"d 

Bhlpnor-t ooro cro<m. I"""','"' ""J.^'^rt^ JSatl ".t» ino nuob.r 
of .hli«^nt. the tor..lnal i»'"' f/„f ;';,''.''^.rtlf loala .hall b. 


oaormnonto, Calliomla. 

Provloion 3. 

MLLji Sil^m ILJUm: vm-HTnicfr ;^ 



J..i I'tMl.. 


All rrouiuts ad.,iJot;lLl,. andor L) . forbixoii^r rr-vi. 
to c!.^?^Ln" ''"'^ ^i °^"'"=^' «»'■»•»«'• •^^''^ts «ni^ot dejr;ei;d 

^JthorJLf ^ttT''^f'^^•'• *'''' '^*'^^y *»»• doputioa, or by% duly 
authorlEed otaLc : lant c^uarmtlne Officer. 

this proclar.ntlon, Ivn bo irintj}nti?v °' ^''^ Provlulor.3 of 
st-Jte or doatroycd at th,. t ti ,^^^ '^''"^ "'-^^ o^ ^^le 

baUao. ^ ^^ ^^^ ''^'^*^" a^>'l expense of t.i:o ownar or 

,iiL^iU Jtl;^ 

of nny .rtioL'J^'j^^JJ}*^ covrr'S^'H'Vi^ °' California 
slona ahall be further atUwtiT?, ^^ tho foregolag provl- 

or v.hlol, >.ny haru.^ftor brpJoLJg.ntX """" '" '°'"°*' 

force an tho Pr ovlalouo^ oJ'^Jus^IiJocra^ilor"'"*" '' '"' 

the Unlted'^tnUrSj^rt'o:;? "r-^i:?'^^' *''? ^^l^^'-i'^onta of 
Craifornla. '^e,>^ri..iof)t uf isrlouUuro ia thu state of 



vnimcm i'wciAumm . 

Thla auarantliio Proclanation No. 3 (nevlaod) 
auporsedes ;,unrTntlne Proclanatlop. Tio» 9 (Rovlaod) dp.tad 
July 2-;, 194C, arui shall takt effaot. Iraoedlately. 

iJirector of A^rl culture 


-\^v^ N/(\U'. V<J 


Oovemor of t! c ,-»>^t,0 of California 


13 i"'-':^: 

DEC 3 1940 

i O 4 A 






STATE OF CALIFORNIA in'.';^- . .' ** H O 

department of Agriculture 


AilEIrtiMEOT NO. 1 TO 

Pertalnlnt; to Oriental Fruit Math 

Effective on and after April ), :j4i 


■X r» ^•^r°.y^'^''"."°- ^ °' Quarantine Proclamation 
.3 IH^vI^j^) pertalnlrifc, to Oriental Fruit rtoth ef- 
otlve on and after November 26, 1938. is hereby 

amended to read as folio ^.tb: 

Provision 2. Ireataent of Trees at Origin . 

Bare- rooted trees or pl-nte of peach nec- 
t::rlne, alnont^, eprlcot, plum, cherry, choHecherry 

^M^J'^^.'Ti ^""^ f''"*^^^ grown* in or Shipped ??irth. 
SRld InfePtec- territory will be admitted Into the State 
of California only during the dormant period from 
dovenber 1 to April 1 and providing- eaSe have SJn fuml- 
gated in an cpproved fumigation chonber by an apDrored 
method as herein provided, except that sujh trSi^Mch 
^n!n^"" .'" ^r^'*^ ''"^^"^- the period NoJembrJ J to 
pn officially approved stora^je In which all trees or 
plr.nt8 or n«rte thereof herein nuarantlned ajralnst have 
been treated aa herein provided prior to being Placed 

iprt^Ji.r?'''''*'' "-V^ ^- admitted beyond Aprff V^H 
certified In nocordanoe with this Provision. 


4.V, . ^L^* ® condition of entry of plf.nts treated 
therein the Director muat have approved In vr^'n!- th. 
construction, er,ulpment. and opemtlo! of t^ J^Sta- 
tl ,n ohRmber and such approval ahall epeclfy the 


t!i. t : a: 

na of entry. 


'. vith. 

the trent-nent procedure 




...;;;. or 8hl,.aifcnt of treci )r pl:.ntB 
rjuble for »T)try unccr thle Provision wu3t be ^c- 
--■1*-.= by c cprtlflcRte iBiJuei'. by a <1ul/ 'juth'irlred 

• -fflcl--l ''f thp «stnte of origin certlfyln,-: 
. s^icii ',ret;B .>r :.;3„.u*a vere trortad under his ^*ere:.ii,-tl 
"i^vlil^m In n np. r;jve<? Tumli^ator In nocon'itnati with 

■r">oedur« s >eolfiei! by the I'lrentir, anrt, If ahlp- 
t \i r'-c"'^ froii at'T— e (.f'.er Ar^'.ll 1, tr.c cirtlflc. t e 

li^B th-t :'J.i such tfe«9 or pl'nt/' con- 
..!.. '.4 v.. ■ cc.i-i,>. I >ln; lot or Hhlpiient w«?re trcitai? 
'^v to 'inrll 1 "ni^ vm-re Bub*e|uently held Ir e.nC 
--' ■'■"jra i-;>,jt'>-»vf." fit^ri-.^e &e herein -rovlvleiS; tliAt 
;.1cntlt/ h:i-i b«on nc Intelnec!, ^n.l thft auch 
.J .-:• pl.ntii v«re . :'ateoted froa Infcptftlon upon 
'vnl from stort »;e e^nci prior to shlp-acnt. A nopy of 
. ct rtl. lv"te must idao ue r3£,ilec. t.T ti»e Mrector it 
Ic-ltuj- t ^aoraicni;), u»llfornla, at lime of 


Aj^rl culture 

IS 'JEf.: 

APR - 9 1941 

^xcfutliic Bcpcirtiiicnt 

;r»tatt ofdalifornia 


TOFFJFl?, Southern California Prison, located at 
Chlnr) in San Berntrdino County, whdch tias been in the course 
of construction for several years lhi?t past, is now r«ady 
for occupencj and use, end 

WHFKF^r. tlie Bojid of Prison Directors, under date 
of June II, 19U, hfcs certified to me that priBoners aaiy 
nor be trensfeireci to end declined in Southern California 
Prison in nccorcjinca »<ith the provistone of the Statutes 
of l^-il, Cfjapter II, 

BO?. TUHjnOhE, I, Culbert L. Olson, Governor of the 
Stote of Californie, pursuant to the authority vested in ae 
by General Laws, Act oil/, Stsction IM, do hereby proclaljn 
th; t the Southern C&iiforuia Prison is ready for occupancy 
and use. 

ID MTNFrC f;HfItEOF, I liava 

hereunto set my hand and 

csuped the Greet Seel of 

the State of Calii'ornia 

to be affixed Uiis Slat 

day of June, A. £.. Nineteen 

Hundred and Forty one. 

Governor of California 


-^ r — 



5ecr..^t<.ry of State 


^Kfutinc Bcportincnt 

^torc of Cjliforiiij 

') c f, 


' -^ :ea. rail^ on';' fS;;-- ^-^'^ ^^- Fourth or .uly^ 

clone atif^^oo'n^S Sn'^'^^ull^^^^^ u^nlclpal ofricea 
ofUces and Incfustrlal firme, L'd ''''^^ Private 

ornia boys atrvlSit'^S^&U'^^iiiir'' ^"^ ^^«^^^ '^r Calif- 
States located in Ca?l ^ J,"^^.^*^!^,-' ^^^a of fche lh,lt^^ 

aurin, t.«, inuapondance iaA;:^'e:draid '''''' ""'^^ 

•^uly 5tii, be ,^t aaldo as ""^uf?? V^;-'^^ "^'^t Saturday 
-y.have tae o.,,ortuni.rtS S^it't^'^i'^^- f° --ore people 
in-.i^^:ny onoanpir.onta. ^xsit the boys in tlie 

tiie state of Cali.o 'a' ,- ^'''^^ L. Oiaon, Govomor -r 
July 4th a::d ^li^c^',^J'^^^'-oclaL boST^Ji^fy, 
In tlae State of Callfor-tL r \' ' ^^^al hclidava ^* 
req-eat that duo lo t-h« ' •** ^ '^Iso ""'k^ a spoclal 
on tiie CalHor.'L • ---^c^eased traffic that wtii • 

^u^. roeaution be -o/tH.^r^-.^-J^^^^^ 

part so tnat Uallfor-la..^ ^^ c ttizona to do t i«?^ 
con..^ondablo, >• vlf*^ ^'^°°^'d t^^la year v/lli h« 

lan condeinnable. °° 

h&vmi^t-ry _"', I have 

hereunto set my hand anrf 
o&used the Great Seal^^ ^u 
^tate of Cal-fo„,irto be • 
o?ir 'r^ ^--pty-^Lti! day 

Goiei-uor of UlifoV ^ a 


-eci'etarj' of itat" 

-— rrr^ 


1 H47 



^xcfutioc Brpartmcnt 

^tJtc of California 

£ ^ £ £ i A H ii I i ii^ 

[>,v,H., .Z'''^]'^'^' ^" °" '^'■^'^'■^ ^'^ correct thlB condition the Orrioo of 
P^-od ,ctlon M:.n.y.„.,nt and t... or.'lce or Civiil,m Deronse. Idl • .M^ectlon 
01 tl:e President of the United ytnt.s. have muiounced « n«Uonlw^d; c i- 
paijp-.. starting July 21 and continuing tlirou^. JiUy 29 %oZ.^.,^:^\ 
Of ala^ia^un content donated by cltlzona. and ' «rticle» 

Flor.ll«^!f'"T'"^' !i'r ""^*"'^ '^^"^ ■'' °l^«=t'^'- of Civilian Demnac. Ueyor 

toM .Jet ; ^"^""^ «• '-« offlci^Uy re^ueated the Ooy^mor of 'ceUf mla ■ 

to di.oct t.o c..apolgn for the collootlon of «eid «luninu«i in ti-i^'L^; an^ 

this Stnf«^'"^T't' "^ ^'«"»°' Of Cnllfraij. und on behalf of the people of 
thia State, I have accepted this roopoualbllity , Peopxc or 

NOW Tiu!:i<i..l.y 1,, I, Cnibert L. Oieon, Govoruor of Califoral,. d» 

state o}zl^^c^^^ T^f^*^*'" **'^* *^« oollecti ,n<f «ld alumlnun in th« 
?t< to ?Lcii^*T r *^^ f ""'^'''" *"^ «""«^^ direction of the Calif n^ia 
^t<.to Coui.ciicf l)ef,mae ^.d ita fixocutiro Director, y.r. Ricr^rU GruvLra^d 

Of countLr«:d"iocrcotc?rr:r ^e^4^!;\\^^.*!:%s:i; i ^^^-^r* 

" '^ ^"'l>nc ofilclaio for their full coopor.ition, c^d 

i.,«t<.. ^ '^° doolfTiat.- .,.., collectora of such aluralmon the Votanins* oraan- 
l^ationa v«>m„n'a clubs, youth orfiani^ church ai>d fr't'r^l «rouS 
civic clubo. ou«ieu3 aim oo„..erclal -rgn^iizations and all other LfcS 


L. WlTlOiBo M:i.MK0>-, j j^^, Hereunto aet ray 
hand and cf.U80d thr- Or.i;t iieal f the iitet. ' 
of California to bo affixed this i^_^ day of 
J;ly, A.D. , Nineteen hundred i?orty-one. 

' l.^ . J ^ l/iUi}b) ^Jj> UKL 

■J' ..TA.'ii Ji' OTATK 


i'Kfutaic Bcpartmcnt 

^tatf of California 




^xccutiDc Bcpiirtmcnt 

^tatc of California 







D B MACKIE. Chlltf 


in the office of the Secretary of SUU 


AUG 'J- 1941 
PAUL f-c^,ScctcUryof Stute 

gupartmcut of |^Briculture^_^ 


A.HLiJDhls.NT NO, 1 TO 


Pertalnln tc .exlc^.n Cotton Boll yeevll, 

and Varieties Thereof, and Fln.c Bollworm 

of wotton 

Effective on anc" after Jul; 


Provlelon TJo. 6 of :;uarantlne Proclanrtlon 
"o 5 nerta an to lexicon Cotton ')oll ■..•eevll. and 
V.^letles' ieieof . and Pin. L'ollwcm o^ -°J^°^./f; 
fbcUve June 16, 10-9, Is hereby nraended to re.^d aa 


?^°? IT^in u,S«1iv =Snn.,tlon vltS --a cotton or 

rrtor:t^tf .'/•i'-tnri^si.-Jtr.r^j-.rnJ ?, oft. 

cotton o coi,^u states are hereby nrohlblted 

any 3t-.te of ^;^®. ^,'^"i;-*''teen secured from the Director 
S'-'ricuiture orlhe 5nlter5t'?e8 Department of Agrl- 
^JltSre?"' -uch burl.p or other, rabrlca_or^r..s shall 

-^^^'3 i2 ?f Sr°oun,erof ri.uld'hyarocyanlH acid gae 
'^r1ne%un'ired cuMc Let of chamber ap.ce for a 
-^.^rofSne hour jucn .as to be injec^ 

twenty-seven ^"^^/'''^"^^'^t in lieu of such treat nent 

^^^-erl'>^'or^?'e^?abr^c•s orM's nfy be allowed 
Buoh turl^p '^^^J^JIgi^n ^111 ;,hlch has first been ap- 
P;:;rln'°ru?n"'br'he Director of Agriculture a. 


«r.lo„ or ,rocesa ae the director ''Sr„°'r?J^' ^Z"' 
l»;.,rt,-itlon Into nncl all ao,s„ent. trJnSniJ? aAs 'J* 

,ur-ose wnat.-.otver exce ^,t under and sublect to l^l-^f^ 
tlons -.rescrlbee. by the authorized S?^ti?JaJ? -^^t.'. 
tine Officer having Jurisdiction theJeJ? a^ Seretrn^- 

i^ ^i^:^ ^^^^^-- a^Je^^r?^ js-^ - 

CaT, forma to wh^m the rer'u sho'uirJe sJnt!''' ""'* '' 


Governor of the 











to the office of the Secretary of State 

Icpartuicnt of ^grtcuUurc AUG 9- 1941 

PAUL i-iil.^ccrelaryofStalt 



Pertaining to Alfalfa Weevil 


'AHEHEAS, It has beon determined by coinpe- 
tent surveys c undue ted for a period of ten years of 
ull knovm Infested areas of the state that there has 
been no appreciable fspread rS alfalfa weevil (Hjpera 
varlabllla ) or economic daraage to alfalfa from 
Trisect In Uie State of Cailfornia, and 



vniliitEAS, Tlie inveatlGatlons of the University 
of CaLifornla and the State Department of Agriculture 
support the conclusion tuat the alfalfa weevil is sub- 
ject to both climatic and biological checks that will 
prevent Its attaining; the status of a peat in tlie 
State of California, and 

WHEREAS, Thie dlaaeminatlon of alfalfa weevil 
can be accomplished through the normal and uncontrollable 
movement of such agencies as persons, live stock, 
vehicles, farm implementa, etc., from Infested areas, 

WHEIUiAS, The status of cereal huy, strew, 
and alfalfa ineal as . robuble carriers of alfalfa weevil 
iias been deter'nlnod to bo negligible, 

NOW, TllEIlEI'ORE, Effective Imiaediately, quar- 
antine Irocianiation Ho. 7, dated NuvcMber 10, 1939, 
Is hereby laodlfled to exempt, from the provlslona 
tliereof all cereal hay and straw, alfalfa meal and 
choi.pod liay, ojcowpt clioppod alfalfa hay, and 


WHEREAS, All member states of the Western 
Plant Board In convention assembled At Salt Lake City, 
Utah, June v:^, cA, and r5, 1P41, un-^nlmously recom- 
mended t^e revocntlon of all nucrantlnes of the western 
states dlrpoted ngalnst the alfalfa weevil, Its hosts 
or possible cnrrlers mA established a uniform effective 
date thereof; r'nd, 

WlKHfc-AS, It Is now evident that California 
Qyarantine Proclamation No. 7 pertalnlnj^ to alfalfa 
weevil In other st.-^tes no longer serves a useful pur- 
pose in nreventlnti the further establlehment of the 
alfalfa veevll In this state; 

UC'.-i, i'Hii;Ki:.KCJ\t;, In compllp.nce with sound pl'^nt 
'Quarantine principles and the recommendations of the 
•estern Plant Board, I hereby revoke California Quaran- 
tine rivjcl; laatl ;n .-o. 7 dated November 10, 1939, revoca- 
tion to become effective on and after October 1, 1941. 

This modification and revocetion in no way 
affects the auth:!rlty provided In the Agricultural Code 
with regard to the inspection and dlaporitlon of plants 
and pl?mt products moving Interstate. 


;\s3'j sf.anl blpeot'or of Agricul ture 


Governor of th 


ISSUED: July :.5, :>.l 

^xccutiiic Bcpcirtincnt 

;?tjrc of (fjliroriiia 




J,'. » . r ~': a .^_y_ 


^xrnitivic Bcpnrtmcnr 

!otm ofCTalifornia 


^xccutiDc Bcpartincnt 

ic»t.itc of e.ilifornia 


^EPll' 1941 1 
HAUL I o-U^Sccrcbryo^itjt, 






■ ! 

to to 



^xcfutivif Bcpartmcnt 

^tatc of G jlifornia 

SIP ir, VJ4] 

6y^ ' 

V>-LL/^4<Aj!f$: Li^syvx 



i'xccutiuc department 

^r.itc of (fjlifomia 



SUMo 1941 
PAUL biy^,Sccret3ryof'Stdf« 

^xcrutiDc i?)cpartmcnt 

^tJtr of (I.iliforni.i 




. lltlC pRINTtI 

Jxcrutitic Bcpartmcnt 



^xcfutivjc Bcpartmcnt 

^tatc of California 


^^.^'J. Ua /^ 








^xcrutiuc Bcpartmcnt 






Com;iilttee to the ar 'n^LJ^^^f^^ Advisory 
all o..ners of motor tScte «nf .of" ^^^^^^ "P"" 
a patriotic duty, to^5 fv^?r?^°^°r,^"^^6S' «s 
be requested of {he?, in^ k LtV^°™il^''" t;hat win 
Of highway transJSrtaUon facllltll't ^f"'"^ 

atlng ^rtf ^e'f;t'hS%;^rSi^{°''r« ^^ cooper- 

citizens vvS o.?n tr,Ss inH,'"^^ ^"'^ "^^^ ^^l 
careful, accurate nnS..^"^'^®^ ^° "'^il^^e 

uefense. "^ '^ '^^ Importance to national 

IN .ITflffiS JEREOP, I have 
hereiinto set my haAd and 
caused the Gre,t Seal Si the 
State of C?;llfornla this 
nineteenth day of Je Se^er 




ecreLary or ^t^'fe 


y— ^f 


01- ni5 v^^i^-r^^- 

^KfuriDc department 

^torc of€.iliforiiia 

Coast has boon rooo,plr.od as the pr-^por -.lace 

^n«?^ '^^-.^v^* i^*-^ '*"^'"^ n.nventlori of the 
• ropeller Club of th^ United st«tca m,d the 

naUon"^/^oL^^r' ' :^''^*' Conference b, thrdesl.- 
natlon of ->nn Irarcincc f^a tho hoat olty. 

nocaus© or Onlirorr.lft'B ability to moot 
c.t=nr(;oncy dc.,..<r.l. with ,.,m..ptneas and <^ ff T^L-ncy 

.hlpnlni, to en extent never before Sfzedf 
.11 of tho -orts hevB rot these demends rlth 
iinnatch and efflcloncy. 

wm of?^ V'iT^*""^ ''■'' ^^ ^''^o ahlppJnc fraternity 
/rnnoiio *^'^" ^'^"^«"tlon and Conferonco In Si ^ 

trenon.lcna problomn of tho Tlio o-tl-e 
tho entire rorld will feel the results. 

: oy; 

' therefore, I. Onlbert L. naon. 

C-overr.or of the state of GaUfoirria."o hereby 
proclaim the week of October 19. 1941 aa^ 
/^me^lc.n :-erohant r,ar1ne •««„ aAd In ao :iolng 

I5l% ^Te^e'nce!'' "''""""' '" '^'^ Convention ^ 

- ,' . ••.. y 

IN ..IT!F.SS VkKEREO}., I have 
hereunto set my hand and 
caused the Great "eal of the 
State of California to be 
affixed this twentieth day c£ 
r^eptomber, A.>^,, nineteen 
,h\indred and forty-one. 


^ocVetary ot^ State 



^xccutinc l?>cpartmcnt 

iDt.itt of Galifornij 

"Cliilly e^i'titliylutJ tha' ' <'3t 

. iecot,nii;ed as the|pi'C\ ae 

jr iioliiin^;; the 15th /;ii:iual '; mvention of tfie 
vopal^e-v iLiib of the United Stetea and the 
: ' :^ rchant Marine Gonferetice by the 

6 ' 3 abi liiy Lo meet 

ro.uptnca$ and e ff Iclency, 
.(■at Is wlaolyi spend liij^ millions 
/bulM Int contr&cts at varl oiis 

arbors. The pti'rts of rViii jfTlTu- 
■i-iu Ired to hendie 
extent never before reallKed, 

> - ] I : i o x'o no e i 1 r 

'.'■>'. : rci!3 8 thf; 

e entire 

' . ..^ ^ 1^,^. . t 5 ona find 
the result i. 

' ; jrniaha, especially, 
V i±i recjt.'^-^^- '-■''* i:n^jorttr.ce of ; the :;onventic>n 
"'imJ C -inference enr' be enllglitenef^, edified and 

, \;ulbGrt j|.. Olaoi;, 
. Gal ' r,,TT. If. , iir. 
Octobo , 


- V -f 

set my hand i . 

"ireit seal . 

. lfi|>mlM to be 
;.-'^M iiiiL-i t>t(ent leth dnj' ai 
tember, A.Di, nineteen 






.'.•7T=:'et».i-i' of itFle 


ixccunvic Bcpartniciit 

^tatc ofdnlifornia 



U' /V:; 


.oe by 

j.^^prj iii.f, jiiirod to handle 
• -: - jel'oro i>et*llsi'^d» 

. :a v/ith iisiuitch ■■- ud 

orobler.s of tho 
i lie^,wjn to >-holr dellbor- 

111 feci the rerijlla. 

livontlon end Cor.: 

■irt L^ v>isan, Govuii.oi jT tno 
•oy px''|>clnlm the wnoit of 
lean Merfchent to line Vseic und in 
1^ o,ir.c«r,B tn the •'^nnvontion and 

UitO sot c:j ii'-^'■-l 
.•uuaQil tha areat 
„'n:i ol the i»tute of 
r^'liroi'nla to be 

J.- J oi .,a^itQtnb*»'', •" . • 
line teen h\indv 




,c- 1 

f xccunoc department 

5t.itt otCJiifornij 


Q. k L'l '1' 

f.HEHIiA£ the Am>;rican Indian has played 
an Itvortnnt pai't In tiin history of our State 
and nation, nnd 

:_. ._wv leaders and members of the 
California tribes have for some years past met 
one day each year to Jointly celebrate the 
cultural ,:alnr. they have nade in the past centur-;, 


.':]i.:-U<£, fentember 27th has been 
dcsitUiated by the califomia Indians as the 
this fiesta. 

NOV TH . , I, culbert L. Olson, 
Governor of the j;tax.c of California, in recog- 
nition of the rW^htf and the ;)OEition held ly 
the American Indian, pnclalm Saturday, F.eptember 
27th, lyijl, as Indian Day in California. 

hereunto set my hand and 
caused the Great ceal of 
this state of Califon.ia to 
be affixed this twenty- 
second day of September, 
A.L., nineteen hundred and 


etary of State 





^KcutiDc Bcpartmcnt 

^t.itf of CiliforiiLi 

/ ' 

" =^^^-^.4= 



'■, huo been aealt,n«I 
Issiarti f3 "Liberty - 
I '3n of tb<j Inurichlni? oi 

♦ ., . , - 1^ J( 

;ntry i, .^vn since r ?Dr ■ 

Icl^til'j 1 in by E ^r 
In .vii)> hiatirv. 

i ru-vi^il'- 


t by ar 
tion, ' 

i' '. 


ni«, «nd iurt 


f xctutiDc Bcpartmcnt 

-^Mtc otdlifornu 

. Lizons oi t|i- 

I 11'.-' i nunc II. l;'. _ 

j.H,noBs the 

ich to 

tlnd couaea the CVraBt 

irtlnotoen hu:> 







^xcfutivic Bcpartinciit 

;^tatc of California 

P K G L A M A T I K 

in tti« office of Ihc Secretary of 
of the Sutc of Ctihlo.'i^i* 

(i - 1941 

r AUL rjjL.,\, ScciC^iiy c. 3f|cl~ 

It has beon ouatonary for Soaiidli'.aviRns and 
people of oandinnvian doacont;, or. Ootobcir f) of oaeh yoar, 
to observts the birthday of Tx)if iViclao/, tiie croat seanun 
w'jio lande.! on tho sl.oroa of 'orth Anorioa 941 ysara afO» 

Setting doi-iooraoy aiid Ita dofonso as tiio t]:om« 
of t is year's celobrationa, '".oa dinnvians throufhout the 
otat«3 mil obsorvo 'eif "iriokson'a T^irtl-day ap-rop- 
riato caroriosiies. T" ia is fittinj- a«i nroprr as the 
principlos of dc.-.ooraoy ori,'-,ir;atcd with tho ^oa:idlnavlanB 
as early as tho year 900 A.T), 

In tribute to tho social c >nti*il uti oiia tfia 
'•ca/idi:iav-lans !'.e;-^o plvon to tlip world, x\<m therefore, I, 
Culbort L. Olsoi), Govirnor of the State of California, do 
hereby proclaim October 9, lO.'l, as "I«if l^rickson Day" 
in '.alifor-iia and nrpe all pooplo to patriotically join 
in t' is oolebratioti. 

ISVariffiSS T.'ERE)!-, I hav« 
horounto ret --y \\a.rA and 
oavisod the Creat Seal of 
the :-.tate of Califor-la 
to be affixed this second 
day of October, A,*),, 
nineteen hundred and forty- 




"ovomor of Califorr.ia 



.'>ao otar\' of State 

^xccutiiic Bcpnrrincnt 

State of €.iiifornia 

'" "^^ office of (,S» s. . ' 


^xcfurioc Brpnrtnicnt 



It the of ';. c of (be Statiary of State 

OCT 1-- 1941 


iii J_ L A :; A V I jj 

can piny In .otm .-aionln:- riovoorao- ''or dofonro. 

^ proTwr tt.f . ... Q y,g^ ha 
m^uito, 00 no; to tiK) nua^joaa of r>ur iniu.ta^l. soel*! 

IrT- !*^o/«'""«»'^ n--^ «>o auooesB »] r«wth of -ur 
""" "" ■■■ "■"' ' ^ 'Myrtrihatiom of vianm. 

-ntior. r.Jil roapoot of thoir .orv^ooa to 

n roo 
«» oourAr:^, C, ^-.M^nrt ■, )l.:on, Cwo" or of ."M-r,-^a 
!• lwpo;,y rrooluln «« ,.,^1- orf" .XrtoJxM- .-,«. to lit!, as 

on cdtlson.. In reoo/niitlon of the part «,o iio^n play 

iiorounto set "i^r Imiil art) 
oa^ood the roat oml of 
iiio . tnto of 'r.!<.f<3rda 
t» bo aff:.xTd tt 3j alxtJ. 
day of Ootdbor, A, «,, 
nlnotsoa liuntlmxi and forlw* 

^wVdf '"^liiTM^feS;^ 


:'.<M notary of f^tato 


I ^ 

r ; ' '- .-, 

^xccutiiic Bcpnrrnicnt 

^t.uc of (jlalifornia 

tStii will be oUiorveu ea utit . 


.1 Oiu-e 


viiM'ian -.iX-X I. 

■<\ \tj 

' bfi eno-'iirprei' 


h . 


, uuiboi't L, ril:ipfij liOVcji-nor cl the 
(Ay; i,v,;1; im tii- '.vetrk of nfl,G>Hr 

iiersiinto set jid 

til a 't* U' 

' olio^-, *V-^'«» "ine- 
' ' ii :.\yit 1 orty-one. 


^xcfutinc Bcpartnicnt . 

.'J our nfetioiifO peoiiri* - ■■ ft,,,^,* . c^ ^ , 

•^ ' "- ' ■-;■, j..n,-i «illortf be fiveii 

■rors or wnr, r,r! '^'^l'. » ,ui/ tion 


gressive stap tnrrKrd America 

ite iuciliUee La reeoi;?;erto ^h^T^i ♦^"!"^ ^" developing 

re ii,i^r.. 

■av;- ieru has 

— i--..wj^;wB oiiu Wife rivate vt,m« nf 5,.^ l- 

-t full ca,.city wiU. ixi«f t ^^ '^ t"" "°° 



i-j I'ljlLert L. 01 fc 

...rir n\ '; '^' ■'"' '^•ov^'-'or of California 

IN i.llNES£ mifiljtEOF. I hf.v. 

set ffly fujid Bua Cfcuaed the (Ireat f^eaj 

^rrf"^, ^u?"® °^' C'-lifor^iic to be 
affixed thiB tiyenty-secorid atv of 
^-'ctober, A.J ., Vu-i^te.-, — "■. , 



jZ^'l O 



Jlrparlment of (Agricixlture ^^^^i^'^'"'''"''°^^^'^l^ 

PortRlnln^ to fc-uropean Corn Horer 
Uffeotlya on and aft«r October .w. 1041 


,... : uroponn corn borer (^^yrauatf. nabllalla Hubn. ) 
TNirc-rvn AHF^::: -ntlre eti,t«9 of Connecticut, Delaware, 

chlo^ Pennaylvanlo. r.hode Island, Vermont, Virginia, .e.t 
VlrijlnlR, anfl .leconsln. 

, T fL-'ru r :'\J0T..: DtariB,, oobs or other purte 
.^ .^e brlB of co rTTTilF:;^ corn, sor^hams. and ^uAm ^ra,e 
?exce-n Be J nnJ shelled liraln free f^^/^-^f^^'^J* °^ ^,J^i 
- Vk^^ rtabrli): Mna bean-$ In the pod, green eneii 

wn'^n thi^Mo? ti; variety ^nown «e cranberry or .or 1 1- 
cu??urfli); be«te wUh topa; and rhubarb (out or pl.nts). 

Provision 1. 'tAlAs . J^»ra, Coba or Other Pwpta or 
lM»briB of Oo'-n . iiroom Corn , oiv.hum': . 
ani' ^iidrtn ;'»rne!A Admitted under '.^lil n - 
faptl >n qnr Trentmanl Cgrtlflonto . 

^t»l<i8, e>ipa, coba, or other parts or ('.cbrl3 of corn, 
Droom corn, nor..:hum. , hn' ^uc'.an t^rase tjrown In or shipped 
froi the ar.ld Infe. ted areas Imparted aa auoh or an paoKing 
or H3 contamln'tlon In ««ed or uholled t-^rnin, or otherwise, 
will be ndiiltted Into the wtatc of California only -irovlrtlng 
f.noh sf.liment or lot Is Rocoiapiinled by h certlflcte eltlxer 
(a) 9l, ned by an ln.-Ji)fcct;or of the bureau of l-ntor.iolo^^y and 
""lant iiarnntlne of the United Stntea Department of Aj'-rlculture 
certlf;/lnj; that suoh m,iterl»I contained in the shlpraent or lot 
hss bei»n dlalnfeoted or treated un<^er the eupervlaion of auoh 
Inspector In nuch r mfiniier aa to pllraln; te all rlek of trana- 
snlttVni: th« J.uro}>f«?vn corn l-orer, or (b) signed by the proper 
offlolrl of the BtRtc of orli^m certifying thet auoh material 
h.»3 been trcited unt'er official nupervlalon In a oi'mner nnd 
by ,1 method approved by tne Director of A,/rloul ture. Juch 
uertlflcnte ahflll aot forth tlie rsaterlals 'u*?ed, the doaac* 
3cVie^ule tnc' period of exposure »».nd date and place of tre<BLt- 

:"rovl3lon r. I.l:na 3eans, Oreen hell Pef»ng . Peeta . 
•jfT^ •■■''•uberb Adnitted un'er Tn's-:)ect)Lon 
Certlflcitd . 

Ll-1? bcnns In the -)od; j,reen shell beana In the pod (of 
the variety < -,ovn -^s crnnberry or hortlcul turnl) ; be^'te with 
tops; and rhub^^rb (cut or plants) ^ro .n In or 8hl;?ped from the 
sfild Infected areaa vlll be admitted Into th<» "^ta'te of C-.llfornl* 
->nly ^nvldln.'; each ahlprnent or lot Is acconp^nled by a certi- 
ficate st.^ned by nn Inspector of the !<ureau of H.ntoiaolo,:y nnd 
Plant oia'^nntlne of the United litf^tefl Department of At-rlcultup* 
or by the proper official of the state of orlijln certifying that 
6uch mfxterlal contained In the ahlpraent or lot Iihs been In- 
8- eoted nnd f )anc! free from Infestation by the European corn 

Provision "5. cletin ^eed anC- Lie an ::hell»id Orain 

r«8trlctlins ape placed by thle Proclamation unon the 
njveaent of seed '>r shellad grain froin reatrlcted pl^nta which 

Is frep from fratjraents of cob una other plant (lebrls of corn, 
broo"^ Qcrn, oor,.;hunn, o-r Judan grata. 

Pro vl Minn 4. t.i-nufactiired or ?voqi)&p96 Prortuof ^^xerapt 
from neatrlction . 

o restrictions nre :^liic«d by this Proclamation upon the 
moveraent of the rr^atrlcttia ; r-xluots herein (ieflned which ar« 
".r->c««^e<^ or mnnuffcturad In such a m'.nner aa to •llralnat* all 

:, er :■? carry In. . t'l.f- eat ..eraln uurant ■.••)ed fet^alast. 



/•ll proi^uctB pdcls'.lble un<'er the foregoing- ->rnvlsi'^n8 
rauet be h'el'J by coaion carrier cent nnd not delivered t-^ con- 
Pl nee r.r r.;-ent until lns;>ected and lasfled by the Director of 
A.-rlouMure, hl5 deputy o- (Je-utles, or by c duly puthorlzed 
' -t -unrintlne officer. 

::i..?':: -.lTio:i of v i.:i/^tioh3 

"xoe >t fis ">r->vl(?e(? In th« foregolr.ij -^rovialons, «ny lot 
or- sM";ient of comwot^ltlea or trtlclee irrlvlnt; In California 
L- vl^i tlon of the prorlslons of this froclfimatlon, ehall 
be l'Ti*»rl = tp"'y sent out ^f the stfito or t^eatroyed at the op- 
tl n '^nr ex; pr)s>e of tho n^^ner or bailee. 

, ^ . [ , , ■ - !• ,. .■"<J-:QT to CTHK;^ "UL'-:3 A S! ) 


7 .e 4dnlB8lblllty Into the 3trae of Callfornl' of pny 
nrof"uot or oomraoiUty covered by the foregoing orovlelone shall 

be furtlier subject to the ^rovlil-'np of r.ny other '-u'^r-antlne 
:»roclui.mtl>n o^^ HejiUl^-tlon n> • U. Toroe or which -any h^i-^fter 
be ^ro^ul.inted. 

All I'.eputles of the L'lreotor of A^jrlauiture *nd all -tst* 
"l!-nt ..uir/ntlne Officers ara herobj ca;:ower«d to carry out 
■1'. t'-,-= ^r«ovlslon>3 of this Proclcia''-tl3n, 


This ,unrflntlne ProclHiBPtlon Ho, 15 ()<•»! sed) •uparsedc* 
6hill tsKe effect lm'!.ti('.lttely. 


I>lr«otor of Agrlcultup« 

.•ovornnr of the ivite of Cullfornla 


, ;]o \w 

F I I 

^Xffiitiiic Brp.irtnifnt 

^t.itc of (I.ilil"orni.i 

L- ^. f. 

/■. 1 L 

.■- annual i^iai ricim f»< Cross Poll Oi^ll rili . 
is yt3i>r Troai Wovnlmi Tltli to Noveq^lier 30t:., 

i lians in ttie Et .LLforaia ^>«jiric called 

.11 uj »ake irtukt ever c. (.i-uution tiiey feel ■ 
-le for th i; lojst rwrtiiy orfunisetiona. 

v., ,. driijn w:. 

-i' entiixd." for domcBtic ^jur-yoses BiiC wljll be Kept 

fjrefitly iijcreesed rorlc 

.1 Vie* ^ 

: : , Gov ( 

itctti, no-x, tJierefor'-, I, ^-ulbert 
'o rtfta of'ox* dti, do h reh" 
jvumber 11th to 'Koventb*:, 

L\ riTNi . ;■ , . , , : vo 
hereunto set luy utuiu bnd 
coUied tliC Upm.t teal of 
tlie Etr-.te of C;:l±fomia 
to be ef fixed tfds fourUi 
day of Novewlkir, A. I'., 
one taoosanci uini Jiunored 
fina forty-on0. 

C-'voitior of C£j...i"p^-:.:e 

ecret; ry ol' Etot.e 


'<' . 

2:xcfutinc department 

i^tntc orcilifornin 

■; n:^.^] 

-;be'r ^ A. ■ . , 




i'xrrumif Brpartmrnt 

i? of Ciliforma 


Tha unity 01 the peoples of the Americas, TJc 
and South, an i the unity of our own citizens la of 
perarrount importance during this rar-tom era, for the 
ireservatlon of .lemov-t! government anl the ultimate 
peac"? if the world. 

hates and prejudices which pit cluas against class, 
race against ruoa and creed ajjalnst ci-ood have no place 
In our dermcracy. Yet, 'proponents of disunity may be 


round atteniptlnt^ to foment these nates and prejudices 
&mon£ our citizens. .,e inuat ever be on our guard leat 
thej niako some hea Ivray and disrupt even a small pert the 
unity jf Duroose jf our people in preparing; for our 
total dofenae, as -ell as glvintj full end complete aid 
t • ti -ns fighting against the Axis powers. 

aw Year's Day, even before Columbus discovered 
i'.i .:,., wan time Ibr frlonlly celebration amonc the 
Indians In the .estem Hemisphere. For many centuries 
the nlvent of the new year was observed as a special 
occasion for apulyln, the spirit if tlie lood r.olchbor, 
by n'an an.l women in the old world# 

During the past several years. New Year's ! ay 
has benn officially nroclaimed as "txood 'rol^hbor ;78y" 
by a maj-rlty 0." the t^ovdrnors of the forty-eight states. 
It has become an occasion devoted to extending hospitality 
and good cheer to the unfortunates and b\iilc.lng good 
will between all 'joooles. 


r:ov theralore, I, Culbert L. olnon. Governor of 
the itate of California, do hereby aroclaim Ner Year's 
bay, 1^42, as '^Clooi liei^^hbor Jay" in Calirornia and 
urge all civic, religious and r^trlotlc organizations 
make plans for the yropor observfcince of this day. I 
alsi urge tht. t the A:-:n'lcan 1 la$ be flown fror.: all sttto 
county and munir-.ipal buildings as well as from all homes 
as a public expression of determination on the pert of 
our people to b-ln,: about a better un Jorstandlng, a 
better living condition and a better guarantee for the 
^rotoction, the wall being, the prosperity an ; happiness 
of men, women and children. I also urge that all citizens 
highly resolve that ""lood »elr,hbor Day" shall be observed 
everj' day iirlng the year 1942, so that the unity of our 
people shall be so stron,/, that no proponent of hat© and 
pralullco can ^vcv oenetrate and llsi-apt the national 
unity nreaent conditions demand, 

IN VVmiEks WHEREOt, I have hereunto 
set my hand ; nd caused the '}reat 
.'•-eal of the ntate of California 
to be affixed tills twenty-fo:rth 
day of November, A. b., nineteen 
hundred and f-irty-one. 





i'xccutlDc department 

^t.irc ofC.iliforiii.1 

P K J C L A V. A 1 : N 

Uccenib'sr 15, 1541, marks the Seaqul-Contomilal of 
the elopti.-)n by the ueople and Congress of the United 
Stater, of the first ton unrindmenta to the Constitution — 
known end revored na the Ulll of Rights. lor a century 
ani a hclf. It haa stoo.l as the charter of the liberties 
of the AmerlcHn people. It Is not only a part ol' the 
Conatltutlon; It la tho soul of that Inraortol dooui'ient. 

Ihe Bill of nit^hts e 
which the founders of our c 
revolittlonary sacrifices we 
atl )ri3 have sare£,uardod the 
tod&y to renew our loyalty 
e4uullty upon which they ro 
freedom of speecli, freedom 
ess9inbly--theaG are the pll 
of liberty under law. 

stabllshed the froeaoms for 
ountry 3trut,ulad and for which 
re made. Succeeding gener- 
ae froodoms. It inspires us 
to the principles of human 
St. I-roedom of worship, 
of the press, freedom of 
lars which suataln the temple 

On this one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of 
the aioutlon of the Rill of nij^hts. It is fitting that 
Americans rededlcate theciselves to the maintenance of 
these freedo.-na, particularly becnuse this anniversary 
comcn at a tlno when ,,an4^,Btor8 abroad are determined 
upon abolishlnjT those freedoms and establishing tyranny 
and human slavery. 

Af;alri.>;t such attempts from within or without our 
countr-y, the American people raunt stand fir;;; and be 
proper^l to flt,ht and maK-o all necessary sacrifices. 
True Americans of all races and creeds, regardless of 
political affiliatlona, welcome the opportunity which 
the Sesqul-Centennlal of the Bill of Rights affords 
them, to reaffirm their devoted loyalty to the fun lamontal 
principles of personal liberty and human equality 
embo iled In our Bill of Tii^ts. 

In observance of this determination, and also In 
view of the events planned by various organizations 
thrjughout the State of California, the period from 
December t>th through December Ibth should be designated 
as "Bill or liights uaya". 

NOV. TUERU OEE, I, Culbert L. Olson, Governor of 
California, do hereby proclaim the period from December 
0th through December Ibth as "Bill of Rights Days". I 
urge all schools, collages and universities to ^^Ive 
special instruction in their classes as to the meaning 
of our 3111 of Rights. I further urge all civic. 


£xc[unvic Bcpartmtnt 


Pai^e '-i" 

^tImov. to oonluct •^P«<^^f ."^^J^,^^ a celobr-Htlon ol the 
Observance of the J^^'^^^^r^^^^.Tatltutlon ol the, anltod 
nrst ten r.mondn.«nta ^^^.^^^J^ ^^m of Rights. 
States, known &^ the Am 1 1 oai 

rhr^fe^t'eaf o? the State of 
tne io«»|^ affixed this 

first day of r-ecembor >-'>•» 
nln teen hundred anJ iorty- 



Tjovemor o. 


i'xffutliif Bfpartincnt 


->r our- ■■■aunt 

1 -Centennial of 
'f the United 
' 'latltutian -. 
- - '^ "-ritury 

-1 the 



'- iiiUiitiaJ^ 

"Q3 an 

■VQlcorao ti., 
the Bill 
•evoted loyai 

'oefty an..! 'hi. 

"•'Ut our 
■ id be 
• y-'cririces. 
'■ecotdle^js of 
'tunity Which 
•'-■' tifforda 
fie fundar- 


"J-Q PoMod from 


peclft ' 

■; i?^ Hit: 

r,'"^S93 as to the 

'h Jovsrnor of 


>i«ri PHc 


^xccutiDc Bcpartmrnt 

^tJtc of Cilifornhi 

1 meetlnt 


IW WIT- , 

the 1; 

Cul ■ 

Ml-.. - -■'^. ^4. ^■.. 

nlMe?:'"jn rmndre 

my imnd and caused 

1 :-f M-c 3tnte of 

,.nj 3 

Govis'TTioj' of JaTlf I' 


^xcfutJDf department 

^t.itc of (»:.ilifori)i.i 

n^^^g^"' ^*='«'«/of State 

i3 hiia buen 
nclan In tha 

ll iiii, J ^^i ic, 
rnlfi be enll. 

t ho 
V, - 



i:xc[Utivic department 

5tatc of djlifomia 


in lilt office of the SecrtUrv of Statt 

DEC 9- VJ:! 

piintti "> • 

fxccutioc department 

::c>r.irc ofCilifornu 


frtmtlJ iff I > 



£xcfumic department 

:r»tJtc of (I.itifonii.i 


f xcfunvic Bcpartmcnt 

^t.Uf of dnlifornu 


■ lUCC U.-li ■-■Z'lji-.Z 

;!' the Lt:^-.te oi" 
Cv lii'oniiu to be affixed 
ti'.iE < tJ: c.ny of Leco.-'jer, 

/> -^ 

ixccutioc Bcpartincnt 

5t.itt of dlifornu 


Id the offfct of the Secretary of Sute 

DEC 12 1941 

P AU LJ^, Secretary of Sute 

1 .1 

■nin;; a^ort; 


■ \l..]LnJ>, p.\port)(.A^rd is ;:uinuracturocl from v.-asto :aper, 

iicliidea olii iici/B.xi;"" 
■nd irerior;!.! c- nt<jnt 

•i'vi ",'. "izlnorj, until corru 'ftted 

apor basket: 


: , , 1, , ■• • ice .'.dir-inistration in ' aah- 

iiV^ton a.lvi;-.e;j Lii.a, itijiurit L':ir-,ju-; uwi-ilis of this v luable riw 
M.itoriil ii burned by r^ovirtimental aijonoias^ business establish' 

,.tL^ci, it is 'ibsolutoly ottCfes^Ary X.hix\. 

.ir n.-iion::] dofcaso. 


,.i>>ViLi;, ±, Julciort w. wlion, tovornor of the 
t ' .i, in thv! intt;i*ost of m.tional defense, do 

hbvtiiij ,.:-oc;i_L;ii t WHSte p;iper :"horta -e in the State of California, 
and Ui-;:e ill county and municipal jiuthorities, business i;istituti ns, 
hotel and apartment hniso owners ouid house rives to ccnaorve for 
-lufuase piir-oiJO, all thoir waste paptr and 1 also uri^o chfi.ritable 
or ;ci.ii::ation3 i^nd waste ;>apor dealers in ttie Jtcite to put every 
■ ■ ' rt behind tlie leathering of v.-^ato paper iso thiit it ciiri be 

led into a necessary defense. I also; cjill upon the upprop- 
ri.iLc oo;.Ti:iittoes of tl.o state ;.ad local council; of -lufunse to 
coopttrate in furthorin^', this order. 

L; , IxilijJj ..:!^;i:iUi% I have 
hereunto set my })and and 
caused tlie Profit .Jeal of the 
State of California to be 
affixed this eleventh day of 
;>ecember, A. ')., nineteen 
hundred und forty-one. 

^vernoi" of GailfoV-'tia 

Jocret-ii-y of . t'lte 


/ ^ 



ixcrunvic Bcpartincnt 

State or (I.iliforni.i 

.: fJ 


ill th« office of thf Secretary of State 

DEC 12 1941 

PAUUfgCK,Secr*taty ofSute , 


' ik-,a.,.'uj, for the i>ast four yeax-a tho p.,.»lu« .,oce„iber 
luis been obsurveU Lhroujjhout various ..estern otatea 

.i., ;.ul; ' <)i- uoti, and 

', \\:^i<ou..:., c^t tills Eouson of the year everyorio should 
bo .aado more acutely .viare of the plL^ht of tiieir less 
fortunate fello\ ni n :Jid wonian, and 

...i^iUi.S, we CRii ill count and sliare our olessings by 
c/dlinj' Ui)on eacli other ami our rof-fxictlvc business houses, 
clubn, sooietias and i)rivi<to wolf .«s or^,.-Jiizatlon:- to obourve 
tl.o wuok beforo :hriatf.ias, ly/tl, for this puri.ose, I, Julbert 
:. .l;,on, kjvonior of the .jtite of Califonla, do offici.J.Iy 
procliilni the period 'Jeco,;:ber lB-25 na lielp Thy I'ltji^hbor . ook 
and call uijon all citiv.ons to (iavise w lys and nioans of v-uttin^ 
the deservin.^ jobless to work and otherf<ipe helpiu', the less 
fortunate fii.ioiv; u? so thK.t tl:oy and tht;ir loved ones will 
ft'oy -1 're;>ter rio-ipiire of I'conoirlc security in which all 

• ■ . ' ; ■ ' ;.r«. 

17. ., ■ ' .., L^>/, "I have hereunto 
sot ii\y h^ind and c used the Oreat 
.'.leal of the litate of California 
to be affixed this eighth day 
of :)eca:'ibor, •^. '")., ninetee: 
hundred and forty-one. 


^ A>.-'--> 

".ovui'iior of C 



TTi^iiT : 

jocretary of Jtate 


^xcrumir f>fpartiiicnt 

ir» of (Tnlifomia 

^xcfutiiic department 

:r»t3tc of (lalifonihi 

*. nn iiun 



^xcrutiDf department 

^rotf ofeoliforni.1 


virt-im «f' fi,::" "■^"» Oov?mjr of the 
yirtuo of t^o power and Buthoritv 3n 

ia.ornla. .io noroby Convene the Lei,iala?ure 
to meet »nd aaasiublo In ©xtra- 
a.o, Cal3^fomia, on Friday, the 
.u» Tnou8t.nd Urine Hundred and Forty! 
• • ). ""If^iai, for the following 

the fo lov,int. Bubjecta, t it: 

h"l'^ augteontlng 

, "': ■ . — - ---, -nd ort,bnl- 

no; nlnety-thiiM r.nd ninolv- 
-^tlons 3i;l, 540, aJb, 
Coda, with r^s ;act to 

-o' "-I'itint;, 
In I ten 21,: 

>"sl xi^.,:i i^^iaiation autiiorizin>; 
^unti««. icltl-,". nnd clt.K.3 and 



- , I hhva 
t my htnd 
•'■aa caused the Grant 
■ni*l of the State if 
^ ' nla to be 
■ - ' i.- . this aixt 
"•• y oi ;'ocQmbnr, . . 
' :•* i'iiouat.nd Nine 
andrad and I-orty-vi. 

^iijCx V^-5t^ 


f;;::i':,: •-" "•• t.». „„„. 


to the office of the SecretAry of Stale 

OF Ha. '.lAl ,• or CAilFORNiA 

' 1941 
_^ ' -'- ■ ^ - ^tetaryofState 

■xcfutinc Bcpjrti)icjit,i^ 4^^.^ ' 

--ratrofenlifornia t/^'f'^ k 

- 1941 DEC 9 A,'/, iO 39 

■ ■'Jtuurity 
, ^. ' 'C £tate 

-L ti>.vjf,.i.;t?ntj, Callfjrn- 
Dpe^,ub^r. 1941, tt 11 ..iclicl? 


Culbert, _ 

ipior I, 


i'^ I vt-t^j in oic- by 
t for t?ie eonvenin- of 
' ^'^r^r do ir. s ray 

e able on 
"-i--' *:., --^itiontl 

hi"i^F°f *^^ Legisleture to 
•DJ^ct#, in addition to the 
nil pPoclEination, to vit: 

ie|lsl. . ... , ^ 
. -^ cuiJiL/, dtstrii;t, ur otnor n„"v,n . 
Uc funu. .nd to expend, ise, or "^ ^' 
^^rop-.rty or personnel to'rr.eet 
, ''^litcry,; nava or air 
ie^Mi^te n.-tl-.riai or loc'i 
.. — -- ot3h?T liiflltitions. T.iis 
icttlon cr tli^ third subj^t in ^'L 
- In-^-der th^t legisl tionty"'" 

nc r^.tiiieci by the 

"rtr- i^";J'' -P^rove or reject county 
tr.r, hmendmenta submitted to. 

electors lunaer Section 7i of 
■?•' "J??.*^^ fiPprove or reject 


a..o„ ,vL ..iy n.-ria ^n^ Ci used 
'« Cc.^.o^ni£ to be tffixed 

this hineteenth day of 
Dccejb-r, A. D, frinc-tei 
i^un-.rod end Furt'-onc 



^xcfutiOf ©cpartincnt 




resident i-r 
lli, lih2, 1 1; sued 
Germfjns rnd ita 
who nre not cltl 
Certifier! tes of 
Justice has set 
^'^^■n>' 1, I9h2. fo 
I Icr^tl m lunjoso 

■fin,ain Lelano hoosevelt. on JanuPt^ // 

Hans, fourteen .years of a-^g or ovpr ' 

Tdentlllcntlnn. The Le;,8rtnent of 

the period from Februnry 2 th?o.^J ^eb- 

t^'«se aliens to 
In "Ufornla. 

resistor for Identx- 

^ro,™ ;n're:"' ■^ ^^-l-irements of the Identification 


( ) All siich alien:- must file p airptinnc ^it^i 
- r-loa it^m i-ebnj.ry 2 through P'ebrua?^ ??' ^"'^" 

must be 

Api)licntinn;: lor 
filed at I'lrst or 

Ffr^^J^S?^®^ ''^ Identiflcatl n 

any such 

their ai 

lei'^^'r'?fon''ReL°?.^t'"^H%S'^%'nr^^'^ '^^^'^ ^^^"^ 

ol their fJnlTy or\'"?r?^L''fr J.^"^ ''^^ '^^^ « member 
cannot .'.ri??, (hey arf ad5i4? S%'^'^ "^^^^^- ^^ ^hey 
Who ..rites nlainlj. 5 .^h „ ' ^^^^ pneone with them 

ti;^i^,^ -- -rice^.?;i'^,::!rs;e^^K ^-^^-^^^ 


he :.ost Office cr^r^n^'^^nl^^^^ l^h^2''''^^H '^^^^ 
ccent.nnc;^. I. ciiitnte delivery and 

tH^ ','i '"" '^^Qulrenents should involve no pxipho* «■„ 
the nilens e>-.ceot for the ^hntopmnh., rt i '^ *^® ^° 

assist the alien as much as possible. ' 

£xccutiV)c Bcpartmciit 

5tatc of Ciliforma 


(w) 'icxnplete printed liustructl ns ior filing 
i Trtiorif^ .'ire nvr liable at all post offices. 

. , / , In vlev* of these facts, I, culbert 

[.. ll^on, uovrinior of the rtste of Califor-nla, do hereby 
jixnclat'n the 'lorlod of 2 i-ebruf ry (, 
l;>i:2, as Alleia F.e.^lstr^tlon Period for the nurpose of 
securL'ig Certificate: of Identllicstl n. I uige all 
Gernan, Ttpllan and Jn.ianese r-llens, fourteen years of 
B!y,e or ov-^r, to comply* with the requirements of the 
i-edernl iovei-nrnent within this time. 

IN ..'ITNKGL, Ani.'nj-^A- , 1 have set my hand and 
c.-iused the arerit seal of 
the ::tcite of :allfornla 
to be affixed this tir.enty- 
eighth day of January, 
.A. D., nineteen hundred 
and forty-two. 

pTtnitd I 

^KfutiDf i?)fparrniciir 

^t.ur of (I.iliforiii.i 

ii k A i:! A r ION 

-,..^^.. *, "^^ *''*'^ '^ lTi,)0.sln? a severe tax upon our <-^ ' 
productive cfi,.acltles nnd u, on our nnt.iral i-eso;rces. 

The ODnrrer-vstlon and tlie prudent utlll7«tinn 

°'^r"."^'.^!:L\r''l^"'^^^ ^^^'^^^ «^ gSarLportan^e'"" 
»..iist .t r, leclally oDterved now. 

>-<,. „* *'''^"^ eduGMtlonfd activities of ttie Stete 

tne CrilUornIn >.nnrervatlon Council and various 
federal «nd rlvlc or-a;,lzatlons hnve. In tlrHast 
served well to Ir.nre.r citizens v.lth'the S ^ortance 

eek" Vn^«'^- J" '"-^ ""''''^ ^""^^ "^'onserva^Ion 
; , van a^-aln be obr.erved In March at a tl-iP 
including .rbor i .■, r-na ut^,- ^^^l ti^^^tsy, 

I epR" «. onlic^/!;^"^"' ^^^ 'J^servance of "Conservatism 
i.eeK a.'su;!.eE a new and oven greater l.-portsnce. 

NOV, THI-;F-.i:;FO;£, I, Culbert L, Ol'ion flnv- 
en: .r of California, do hereby .roclalm the Seek 

^^^^^'''''i V ^^^^' «^ "C .nservatlcn eer"\n 
?niJf I"^^?; '""'^ ' "'-^^ ^Idesnrend observance and 
r>artlcM:)'tlon t).\ all citizens. 

IN uiTNliSS W KRkOI- , I have 
hereunto set my hand and 
caused the Great real of 
the state of California 
to be affixed this twenty- 
seventh day of Jpnuary, 
'"■■' L,, nineteen hundred 
and forty- two. 

Governor o: 



^mmm Brpartmcnr 

^Mtf of(I,ilifornij 


^fiOCLAMATlON .... ^ 


designated as'rlxtT??f' ^f ^'^^ry 4 has been 

eooperntlon v Uh" ?he JeaS^"" Association in ^ 
orPranLzatl.ns of this sLte.- ^d "' '"' ^^"^"^^^ 

event is to'^^^i;'^';,."^^^^^ ^^ this natl.n-v.ide 
worke-^s In v- 1 '^^otect soldiers «5pnnvo ., 
gonon^i? .;ni ^"^^^^^^^s from s^h!ui°I^d^"' 

toward ■•thf^fl''i!2fjlattentl,n Is being directed 

to concontn tl ■n-nfl^l/^J'^ ^^eas adjacent 
indue,, ,,.1 centers? ""^'^ ^"^'^^^ ^'l In wir 

^L'^^!^^^^™ S^^Califo/^S"^^ ^ Olson, Gover-nor 
^ednesday, lehr>ary T^lU ^° ^^^^by proclain 
l^ny and do herei-v ur^^ t^it^' ^^ social Hy^'lene 
Of Calirornla to^iJ^gvf thJ^'S^^ of the^S 

loss to the natlon?s%\1iiKr,l-,and^p^^vent 

have hereunto set my 

Gi'eat seal of the ^tatP 
Of Califbrnia to be ^'^ 

day Jl'rf ^^ tv.enty-rirst 
aay Of January, ;i. r 

f"o?fy!?;o^"^^^ "^-^ 


Cal If orn 

uccret^ry of""- 1 ate 



t'Kfumif Bcpartmrnt 

:?f.irf ofe.iliforni.i 


'"fheo'r ' ^ ^ n 

■■' . 'AL, our troops- and allies ivlll be 
nofir-tened and our enei; ies dleturbed by puolic 
■voi^al of our unity of purporo In mnttci-s 
. ertnmln,- to n- tlonal clofense nnd th ■ hcrlth 

'""' t •■••■-■,, I Culbert L. OiEon. 

«yernor of Craifornla, do her-by .roclalm 
iildr.y, ^nmwvy ^oV , ly],2, an occasion for 

,UMn^: express i-ni to our wortL^.-e natl nai unity 
b holding ;iatrlotlc iro^rfOTs In fcMooIe 
the-tre.s and oth.r place? of public gathering. 
.^ivinc p-rtles In homes, attendln- dinces. and 
T'^J;'^^. oth-f «ay celebretln,'^ the sixtieth 
i'lrt-.dry annlvots'^ry of Tetldent i-rrniclln 
lOlano ioosevelt, ConrnHnder-in-Q lef of the 
..nUed ^tnter;, and sponsor o, the fight against 
Jt I'M. til- 

IK ITU. ._._, ... . .,,r , I have 
hereiiiito set a;y hand and 
caused the areat real of 
the rtnte -.f .>.iifnrnla 
to be affixed tMp t;'.enty. 
third dav of J; nLiar7, 
A. L., nineteen hundred 
anid forty-tv.o. 


iovemor o 

OCT etnry of ::tate 



i'xccutaic I?>cpartmfnt 

^ratc of (r.iiiforiii.i 

fie ^/ 

P E C L A MA T I . 

_ni'.lvLjAS, the Comress of the [inltP>ri ci-ei-^^ v, 

. . -eur. n;^ •^{'•yli^^^ saving tlrie as of 
..-u; :..m "^"^"^^^ -'» l:^'i2, Pdvancin- the clock one 

■^ctl n it 
time :je unlion 
ftnd the cltlv 

;.u''AS, in the Interest of our defen^^p irr,- 
iv. vltPlly Irportant thnt d^vllS? s^vln^ 
'U.y observed L/ aii industrv • " 

'■^norrUy for the duration 

of the war. 

-'!■ the • ti^to'of'r.i'i'V.^',^' !:"l^ert L. oison. Governor 

■ 'r or unil cJ;4eS'''of '"': ''" ^^^^^^tlon^of the 
.urinesB rir-s -ii ct = t^ ^I v* ^^^ Industrial and 


hereunto set my hand and 
Cfiused the Great seal of 
the i^.tnte of California 
to be affixed this tiventv- 
fourth df.y of J- nuary 
A. '.■., nlneteon hundred 
and forty-two. 



pttnifd I 

• ■■HI* tTAta ^HiniriMi. orrifk 




^xccutiuc department 

i?t.itf of dliforiiij 


C L i- 




. the r-er-ident or the ii ited .,-^- ■ 
sjnnt to nhe elective Trftlnln nnQ Venice 'crol l^i u 

Mn tl'^^V^*^^"^^ n utdor seid ;ct shell trke ;ilr.ce In the 

thP h^,.;3''^^^ "" ^■''^ ^^^^ ^^^ ""^ hebrmiy, 1^1.2. botv^een 
Lne murr nf :^^ r-..-., ^.n^; y-.o^; end 

Thnt ever:y mrlo flMzen of the nnlted ftates. and 
f^V Tk^V^~?" ler. Idln,- in the continental 'Jnited states 
or In the Territory nf Mnivnll. ^lerto Ic^., or the 
en Itory of Alej^ica th;.n .--rs^onc exempted by 
£ectl;.n h (-,) of L'le ; elective Trnlnlnf- nnd rcrvlce Act 

l^'!u, fls nD:toded, or o.y recti r. =uJ of the Coast 
.rjr,ra AuxUlar;; Pnu 'cserve /ct of i^),ij is reoiLied to 

;o*T!!, r ■''^^■'r ^•^^'"•'^ " "^'^^^ desU-n-ted r-e,MFtrntlon 
Mit?^ ,!^^Vk'^'-^^^^'? -^'^^l-ce local board liavirt^- jurls- 

iV^^'.^hw P.^^'' ''•.*'''• ^" "''^^^ ^^ ^^« "I- pomnnent home or 
In .'.hich ^s -ay hap;,jn to oe on thpt dr." If— 


(r-i , .ch rf:on 
hns at'r 'ned his 2uth 
re Irter-jd under the : 
;f 1^1 ^, .-s r^r-enaed. 

on >r ^fore .tJce.Tuer jl, lyul, 

Irt'iday and has not h'ir-etnioic 

el;;c*lv-i f :^ iP. ' ond ^er\lcc ' 



':;r£,on on . eceir^ber ,-1, ^.^,1, hrm '^tt;; ; ad 
oLi. bn;lvciE;iry of Lhe aay of : Is bi. th pnd -nd 
ii>th annlverssry of the dav of .^.li jlrth 
, 1^1,2 and haf .lot heretofoi-e been re-^irtered 
lain In.' pnd ."-ervlce .'.ct of Ijho, rs 

,. t.hFit the duty of nny nerron to pre? on t 

l: xOi in.. :i:u,r;t ti re-lftrrtl n In sccoxOmce „lth 
itivl.iue- iir-^Glpir.f»tlon Ijr^ued under the rnld 'ct shall 
1: : oclainfitl >n. 

thu t..ent, 
;.ot nttalned the 
on ; t3bruHry 1 
iJii'ir.r th*' f elective 
• ;.u:i J : 'rovlaed, 

ihat a ,)>;ri,on tUv^Ject to iep;lstrf.tlin p.,r;v rtitrleter 
filter the dn.v fi.w;d for rc-lFtn>tlon in c.ife hp If jrovnted 
iror re-lstering on that day bv clrct.n^tr.nceF beyond "Is 
control or becpurc he Ic not nrerent In the united it.-te- 
the Territory nf "awall, uerto r.lco, or f^ie rr-ltory " ' 
ol /larKa on thrt dry. jf h(; Is not In the Jnited .tates 
Of the rrltory of Hawaii, tuorto llco, or the territory 
01 ir.fKa on the lay fixed i or repl$trrtl n t :t subpen ,enUv 
ont-r.' rmy of fuch pi- ces, he shall v.lthln five drys after 

i-repent hliurelf lor -nd juunlt to ref.-lEtratlon 
aeslf^mted reglstrat} m official or rel.ctlve 
bor^rd. If ho If, In the hi ted itiites or In 
of Hrivnll, ^uci-to iico, or the 'en Uoiy of 
day ri ed for- registration but because of 
beyond his control is mable to present hi: - 
to re'',)n - -• - ■ 
rlble after the 

£ich entrance 
Before a duly 
service l.ical 
thti on Itory 
Insica on thb 
cl rcMmstanc-E 
EC If for 
do Eo as 


eoi^n "s :nr 

ceases to exist. 

on th?t dry, he r.hall 
cause for such Inability 

i'xcfuriDc Brparrmcnt 

^r.itf orCiliforiiia 

- L? A li A T I N 

— ' — 

n.fa!i effective Rnd r<,wij)iete re-lptr- ri n; 

: t to 

! 1 

, • - ', ;overr:oi- of the 
' oclaln Hs iollofts: 



onr^elr'^'U^';'^^^:.,^' is Important th.^'L^ese 

'■•^Uronu.; ;;hi^i^'^^^,^^ri^ to^l^c^liS 'Sri^^nV^^tSi 
r .cl..mntlon oi the .rerldent of the nited frte^ S 

t'forP n ^ Ion. ";•''• T ^^^■^"''' «^ ^»^e al^f've stated dntS 


^xcfutivic department 

iDtatc of (I.iliforni.1 

- - d L k t ILl 1 :ili 

publicize the Toclnmatlon or the ;refldent oi the United 
1 tf.tas nna tJi., roclr,mhtl..n oi the rrovomor of the r tate 
of CalLfornl.-i pnci the selective .' ervlco l.e". Ir'tlons In 
ev.-i.y neivj-;;upcr nnU p : lodlcal and over every brondcast 
facility .-.Ithln their rer.ectlve Jurisdictions. 

., . cm u^jon all olflcerr oi the itr.te of (.; 11.- 
onilri i-.nd rolltlc^l fubdlvlElons thor-eof to orforn whatever 
;jcts may be required to Inrure rei-'lstr: ti -n ouisu^nt to 
the ''rorldi?nt»F f'rnclnnntlon nnd the ffrended .'elective 
vrnlnin- snd £ervlce ,'>ct of lyl-o i^nd to perform r-uch 
son. i OGE .vlthoiit poy, 

). : c- 11 uiion the .)eo')l . m the . tate of California 
to r.ntrlLute whatever .'r rvicer may be required of t»-e' to 
inpuro thjr. the .uoclPnmtl.n of the ro- ! lent '>f the 
'.,'.ted r.raet; If CPTTled Into efiect. 

IN MTN'jiJ »-.?|;ir,LJl, I have 
hereunto set ray han.i rji . 
caused the arept ceal of 
the LtDte of CMlfornia 
to be sfilxed this nlne- 
te.;nth day of Jaruery, 
n.d., nineteen Munted 
and forty-t».o. 



-«-<— ^_ 


Secretary of !: t?';'te 


^xcfutilif ©cpartmcnt 

^tntc ofenlifornij 

p R 

C L A ,N! A T 


•" "^ *''«" of (F>, Sccrrf-.ry of - 

Ol Ih. Sbl. of Oii.0.-T.ij 

J.V» i 71940 
PAUL F^^SccrcUr/ of State 

v.h:J.;j»tj •;. •xtmordlrtary ooo«slon has apisen and 
i-ic» fljilBte raqulrlnf tiict tha Laglaletupa of tha ^tata of 
Cellforr;le ba oonvener^i 

N V,, TSCSFMoFli. (- culbapt f,. :-laon, Covapnor of tha 
•.tcte tif California, by vlrtuo of the pcwar ant' euthoplty In 
lao vastod l;\ :«otlor Si of Aptlole V of the Conatltution of 
the State of Celifornin, do haraby oonvana tha '.aglalatura 
of the .. tat<) of Cpllfornlu to maat and aaaambla In axtra* 
ordlp^x-y saaslcr. at Secramanto, Celifopnla, on Saturday, tha 
17th day of January, Owa Ihouaand KliM Ifundrao end lorty- 
Tvo, at ^ o'clock, ;•, ji, of said day, for tha follc«lnA 
purpoaaa anu to lajilalato upon tba following subjaota, to witi 

1. To oonaldar anfl act upon leglalatlon authorialne 
tha CltjT end bounty of ^oa iranolaou to gvnt to th«j United 
&tataa of iiserioa, for the uao of tha iiary lapartiaant of aaltf 
nltac otfctes, tllla In fee to thoa<. tide antf autaarcad lands 
haratoforo crantad b? the State to aald City and county by 
Chapter P12, rtatutea .f 1933| conaenting on behalf of tha 
. tate to the ooqulaltlcn of aald lands by the United Statea 
ant rtjaorTlnj to the ; t«to the power of taxation »nc\ the au- 
tiiorlty to aerve civil anr orlolnal prooaaaf and confairlni; 
upo;i tl:6 "nltac v'^tatee ttte powera no« had by aald city and 
county to ralae, fill, and reolala »ald landa and for that ' 
purpoae to uredt* aalo lanc.a and aubinerged landa adja««nt 

a. 7o eonalder and act upon leglalatlon provldlna 
for wafo end aalary deductlona for the purchaae of United 
Statea ftavlnge ; onde or almllar obllgatlona of the United 
wtatea for public offloera and employaea of the State of 
California, oountlea, cltlea and countlea, eltlea, aunlelpal 
corporatlona, political aub-dlvlalona, public dlatrlota and 
of other public agonclea of the State of California, 

S« To oonaldar and act upon leglalatlon making 
county probation offloera and auperlntendenta of atate 
correctional aohoola ell£,lble to aerve, without additional 
co;npf>n8ctlr»r., aa mombora of tliC Youth Correction AuthorltT. 

IS ftiTfn-:&.v AhTiPROF, I have 
i: ireunto eat oty hand 
and cauaed the Great 
Seal of the :^tate of 
California to be 
affixed thla seventeenth 
day of January, A, I ,, 
One Thouaand i;lne Hundred 
and Forty- two. 



Mr riiNTta 

i'xcrutiDf Bcparrinrnr 

M ii I i .V 

■* ^ ^ •• ii 


ia Uk office ef tlu SeaeUry of SUtc 

DEC 1 1941 

■ . -' . t..' O {,-1 ,• . ■ 

.. r. .... .:t..,.,,„,., .^,^, ,^, H^rn^J-^ "J^"«"«<1 to buILi our own 

l.^nJ erul cnusej ti'.o -»„.,+ 
^oal or tl;o , t.U of ■ " 

^ io thirteenth lUv of 




^Kfutaic department 

:?t.nt of e.iliforma 




i'xcrutiDf Brparrmcnt 

^ratf of California 



MAf? 2 - 1942 

PAUL P£i^SecreUryc 


^< 0-. oenlerou i.. vilifornlat ,- 

< — e~-^' 



^Kcutioc Bcpartinciit 


PAULPa5»(,Sec,ei.,yofState ^ 


f xcfutitic Bcparrmcnt 

^tJtc of California 

ffimltJ in <j<iir<-aNit »t*tk Hhmin. oprtfk 

^xccumic Bcpiirtmciit 

-:r>tatc of California 


i'xcfutiDc Bcpartnicnr 







£xccutiDc l?>fpiirtniciit 

ir»tatc ofdjIiforni.T 


-cJZ-- *S^^^-«_-^^ 

frtnlrJ m ■ m iftr-f stmi riti-JTiNit iipviri 


/ 3 /(o 

a:xc[untic Bcpartmcnt 

^taic of dalifornia 




1 . -t- 

li; . .;t 





ifxccutmc Bcpartmcnt 






author it J' an ; 
•cLion 7 of the Canstitutl ; 
'sey th£at. tho laws are iuit..- 
'i,uost tl^fit appropriate law enforce- 

It M««.«F.»lAIt FIINTla 

^xcrumic ©cpartincnt 

iDtatc ofCnIifornin 


Koj^lL . 

14. Htui -■■•>. "ij! i.riMK.V M MtHMt.tlAli PKINTH 


txcrutiiir Bcpiirtmrnt 

^tJtf orCL.iliforiii.1 

i'xccutivjc ©cpartmciit 

^tatt of Cilifornia 




i'xccutuir department 

^tatc orejlifornia 



■ .riili..r II MiUiNi-.fiATK MtNTIm 


^xcrutiiir Bcpartincnt 

i?t.ur of California 


■ ■ ■ , .'lo I.p.tlonnl Boys and Clrla V/eek CommUtee has 

selGcted the week or April 2iith to May 2nd, 1942, Inclusive. 
lor the twenty-3CC'>;ic] tuir.ual obaorvance of "BJYS /w.'^ iXi>LS 

tlirou --Jiout-. iho United Stntes; and 

ulIl'RLAS, tho objocts of this week are to awoken an 
Incrcaaln; number of adults to the 1-.y,o and opportunities of 
hclpln:: youths; to -ive Impetus to yerr-round prora'is and 
character buildlnj activities lor the general welfare ol boys 
and :lr]a and acquaint the public with a-oncles aorvin - t^.ls 
purpose; to enphnalzo the Importance of education and the 
coinplotc development of boys and -.iris, physically, mentally 
and spiritually, callinj attention to duties In the home, the 
scliool, and tho church in this developnent; to instill in 
boys and ;;lrls lovQ of country, and a realization of tho 
"^"'"'"'^ "'" i'^' ponriibllitles of citizenship; and 

.... ,.:,, boyn and jirla need tho help and encoura<:omont 

o! every connunity and every or rnnlzation in t} jharacter 
ouildin; ond their conft'onco in the future of our Republic 

a-.d Ita il(»)-ior;ratlc processes; nn:^. 

. .i.L., to win the war onr nlao the pea.:e '"or the 
domocracie-s in tho present International conflict, we .mist 
have noi only l->ottor amloa and nnvies, but better boys and 
;lrl3 an v:oll, and the chnroctor bulldlui^ of our youth nuat 
not be no .loctod even while we ore roqulrec' to give so much 
t.nou :ht and ener.iijy to v/innln.'; the war. 


■ , I, Cnlbert L. Olson, G-overnor of the State of 
I, call upon all tho citizona of California to join of tho other ata'es in tho obaorvance of Boys and 
Girls '.oek durln tho wool: of .'.prll 25th to May 2nd, 1942. 
inclusive, wMch I do horoby proclaim as Boys and Gi^ " 
in Iho ;:t,aie of California. jr tui j.. 

^Is " eek 

IN WITir:i-;^ wiv RRO!., I >,ave here- 
unto set my hand and 
caused the Great Seal of 
the State of California 
to bo hereto affixed this 
third day of April, A. D. 
one thousand, nine hundred 
riri!'. forty-two. 

Sacr< tary of State 

^xcfutitic department 

c<[ar[ of£jlifornia 

i .pro.- In i : . , ;• 
ia . ..Ijof .eo] "j and 

Or' O 

rao :1A.7ATI.3?I 

1-- L^:i:t: 

' '' '" ' ■'■' ' '" ■■ -il 19th as 

'' " '"' ■ ' ^'' stronrhold of remocracy 
rly five yearn brnt-elv 



■:""-u OMsly Lo 
es- eiitj " : . 

>o:ovcit'o aolerm aaaortion that "it is 

1942 to DO --ov 


:, ull.ort ■ . ]:-,on. Govemoi 
.'foolaijn t}>« \io^\: of <■]■]] 
'- nok'', n, 

aiforn^n to oboc-rvo thi. wook nn one ,:,vot'v: to ssouri: 
as.i8tnr,c. to ..L. ,..0,!. v ' i . ,, ,hoir pUfiht. 

-f ..IT;.-,SS iVl RHOF I have horoufto 
8«t my hnnd and caused the 
Great Seal of the State 01' 
■-nliforni(i to he affixed this 
oevBnth dftv of April, A. '-, 
■ '• -mdrod a: U i orty-two. 

. ,^ 

t'Kcunuc Bcpartincnt 

^tatr of Galifornia 



.'tr-tc.'.n c, 

-•^<^^'t . . ., vc.-: , .Mo Of 
I'oby procl. • - ,:.ncr !,;;:!. a spoclrl 
'■■'' "'■' "■' '-^ '• l-vcnty-flfth day or August, 

'" ' ''•' ■ '' 'oriy-t;;©. In the Sevcntoenth 
■>-^ ^ ■ 1 istrict of Vila, rs the said district 
v/r- c.n3tiT.ute-,^ in I ,., to the takln,,- effect of 

l.'-tl, to fill t'ne vocancy In the 
- ' \proaentBtlvG to the Con ;rcBS of the United 

' evfintoenth Con. -irnr; I jhgI ' la rlct 
■ ■•••• . ■o^.or. 

:■ a reyivT'' ol' One undred 
■ >;onvlction of any r.nd every 
'i th« provislDn." • \ ^ n.vt 1 
o o; auch rewards l, c prl mtll to totel 
a-:ouni 'oman.vr expended :or t^ie purpose reachen the sum of 
■ (10,0 -) •l:vr3. 

lU V.IV|3ij,^S V.HLKi!.uf I hcve here- 
unto set my hand and caused 
the Great f^eal of the Ktnte 
of Calif ornln to be affl- 
this otn day of jrjr:^ . 
A. I . "Ineteen Hundred and 




: orty-two. 


Governor of Cim ornle 

Tccrf tni 


2:xccunV)c Bcpartmcnt 

State of California 


■ 'A 



^ f L E D 

--- CAUr- 

APR I n 19,^^ 

.2 S 

S3 1^1 


^xccutioc Bcpartinint 

£"tJtc of (laiiforiiij 







2:xccutiDc department 

:^tGtc ot California 



ixccunvic Bcpartmcut 

r«totc of€.iliforiiia 

^xccutioc I?)cpartincnt 

Statf or California 

, , FILED 

' ^^ ^TATt oi- CALIFORNIA 

APR •,' 7 1942 

•P i' 




^xcfutiuc department 

^tatr ofGalifornia 

p R C! L 

Vy 1 ''^^ 

asking th.t'the1^rSn^-r.'r'^^v?S'ALS;:?S^^;:^t?''^^r^"^ ^«-- 

Uieir .:.jfiS'*f'tS^t'?n"^?'"^'' of voiunteer Minute Men, as 
tine ond efiorJcZ-J^J^f.^.^^'/.r'''''''^^'.""^ ^^^^"^^^ ^^i^^lr own 

fitK„:Ln n^pS^ .nd '""''"^ obll^^atlon In this time of 

child in CniLK 

out of curxent 

^tr ',•.-) ;■ Hnd Bonds; and 


and .,re not m connict ath bu? ^^n f ^^"" 1" « critical hour, 

^^lear,e to .;et uiaae re -ilnr^snvl - fnr tL'"'''''^ citizen to 

to l..ue .J^ii^r pr^ 'LtlonJ'so"tfft'?fif?r^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^ 
over subscrlbf^ h.r quotn of "liotulMuo for^'"'^" """ ^'"'^ ^•■^^1 

month of May. 


/ %->'.^ 

IN .,rrNi'^,S !Hf;itEOF I have 
hereunto set my h^nd 
and caused the Great 
Sefil of the Etftte of 
Caiiiornla to be 
afrixea this jz.^ «^ 

«i2y of ^w^i.^-^ 

iJinet-jen fiundred • TTd 

urovenior of ca 


.';ccretr:ry or stste 





^mmm Bcparrinmt 

^r.irr of eaijfornia 



hmwn rr.'odom. The f-itivAn; ',i '' u '■' ''^''^-'I'i-i" to shoulder Tor 

rotectioji In childhood ^.^cuTftvii^^ k'^ cultural uevelopnient; 
age. xujioou, ..ecurlty in utinhood and peace In old 


de/:rfHle other .>eopl°r bu? ft np°'^,,n''°V^?r ^° ^^"'-^l^v-. and 
•11 the force at their col -.mi « S ^"1'^'^ """"- ^" ^"e-'^ist i.ith 
-nciv ,t :.nd van not ? r?hem k'i unVn 'J f'^^^^^-'^ion and 

tncm rsfet until victory is theirs. 

nr.htm. lor'hS^'valwes ns'oS^IS?':.'? '" ^°"^ ^^^ Nations 
the rights of the :>l.Hln men «nd' !o^. n ' '' •■"<'^'h'-^n^^ed state; for 
.:roun ?.i ■. ,!■ . <-, V^Mr^ fV;ii °^'" '^-'^ n.)josed to an evil 

do.tiny. fello.s. This is our herltagS and our 

To (• 
■.'.via- uhim he h;; 
stout horjrts and 
Into the t 

■'■ lit; 



the dust but that the 

'hnnt ^. *^^c»^ Anierlca stands, 
,nout the world. 


mannei' oy 




do hereby pvoclui„^^,^}^''L}t\^''?''f J^^^^<^r of call, 
tay, i^nd uiv^e that 

cUlzens 5 can^^ ^"^ observed in patriotic 
^ii.i^tns. I call upon all public officials 

"-•"•■""-1 onanizatlons' 
ite programs 
lip In the United 

manner ov -ill our r^t\.^^r^^ "--.-c. unjr ua ooserv( 

''• HlMxEOF I have 

hereunto r-t my hr.nd 

;nid caused the Great 

seal of the state of 

California to be 

aflixed this , r 



i;nd Forty-two 

Mi.^t[: ?/y' Hundre d 

Governor^ of Celiforal^ 


Sffcr-eTTTry of state 


£xcfutit)c Brparrmcnt 

^rnrc of djlifornia 


PAULWfl:u,SecreUiy otStat^ 

General Douplae MocArthur hue becoin* e symbol of the 
mllitwrjr adj^it of Uis ailiirtl nuUoa*), 

Genercl UacArthur, eiter o.irTxng hia covntry and ite enwd 
force.- in pe.ue time cntl in Uie pest World W»r, rone to the 
poBltlon of Chief of Staff of the United St»t«B Ai»y. Thereafter, 
he gavB tangible &«d Danaen«nt oxproBoion to the eniighteneu 
lBeric;,r. co:..oiiitl nolicy, t/iroui;!! hie eplendid relhUons rith 
the oi''ici;.lt i-nu peopLo of Uie Phiii::.ine lelande. There, too, 
the Gener*i'B fflb«r»lficerit abiiity In the field of o»llit*iry 
science wan dMonBtrated by hie oetabllshmeiit and trtinin* of 
the intmpid >'>iillpr.lne Aroy. 

Bwt olvavu I, Li. Ui« vorli-i hns i/ieplred by the gnllant 
• trut:«;Je of Uenorfci hacArthur and hit, fultmul foJlo**.!* arriact 
overr/hoLninf; forc^e oi' a^, rnselon in tlie Pfiilin^^inee, Bata«n 
Penlnt":if>. tor-eridor, »jid now tlie Sout-^rfp.-t pTclfic theiiter of 
war! . 

iJctif.rttl {U:cArtiiur h<,fi l>ncani, r. oyraboi of the risinu night 
of the Axarlcrn uooocracy pad of the forces of all of the united 
notions strrxi-gliiig to nrevent the eollpBO of deaocrotic 
inc-titutiono by Uie rutidoa). forces of tot«iiUri< 

It Ic, thtjrefore, fitting and ' ropor Ui .t we UeElgnato a 
dfiy of celeto/aion to be lcno«j ti^ "Douglec lfc.cArthur Dey" durlnir 
which no nay celehrete Uxe nillti^ry Bucoeee he and hlo forces 
have achieved to dcto, tad ccnteaoUte the ultlawte trluatjh of 
democracy in the da/B to cone. 

No*» therefore, I, Culbert L. Oleon, Governor of the Stcte 
or Oelifomie, pursuwit to the authority veetod In me by the 
constitution end la>« of tlie State of Cnllfornla, do hereby 
proclaln Sfctm-day, Juno i:', 1'^;:, to be DouglaB MacArthur day 
anu cell upon ell citl»«»B «nd public officialB of tii. Stete of 
Callfornift to join In public obBervwice of that day. 

IN V-ITNKK; T(HiJiR)F, I have here«»to 
set tiy hand and caueed the 
Qreat Seal of the Stnte of 
California to be affiied 
this -' _ciay of 

A. D. 

nineteen Hundred ani Forty- 

*V;"7;;.,V;/;,,:;;,fi«^w^HTro?^taW -''~'*-^^ ■ 




^xcfutitic Bcpartmciit 



in tht office of th; SccreUrysf State 
0- TT-r -Tt - oi^CALIFORMlA 





o^. o: 



• 'f2K' 

^xccutlvic I?>cpartinciit 

:^tatc of California 




.^^A^-jri^' } 

^ . L ,... ^ 

'ftht yf':;c of thf Sjcrefarv of 'Jt-.f^ 

Jxccutivic department 

i'tJtc of (^Jlifornij 

P AULWjtii, S"ecrfeid( y of St, 

^xffutinc department 

Stjrc ofdnlifornin 

) C h A 

1 N 

ftjfc^hi-./*:!, Ufie United statea of AJDtrlca la now ent^ac^ad 
in the dofenae of the Jomocretlc prlnclj/l^ia noon »hlcti thla 
^:ovornni«int waa fo\incJe<l, unci 

kC, our Jemocretio procosaes o* t^ovBrnmont re- 
inlift lull from the paoplo, through axerclae of 
tha rl ht of the frenculse, and 

.... I/O, It la the firat Juty of avory citizen to 
support, at hotiia, t..oao prl!iclpl«a of free j,ovornnont for 
which "»i^' forces are fl.htlnji abroad, 

\>w, Th;" iOHE, I, Culbort L. ">l8on, Oovornor of tha 
State of n«]ljornla, ilo hei«by proclol.: the weak bo4;,lnnlng 
Juno 29, t^na enJlnj, July 4, aa n;.OIJTrH TO VOTE it)-3X, end I 
earneatly ur^.a every citizen to malt© certain that he la 
prn;>irly "ejjlatnre 1, so tnat ho can express nla own vlawa at 
the forthcomlnfci eloctlona. I further ur^.o all patriotic, 
rrntornnl, civic urM lauor t.rou.^'fi anrl orctnlzatlona to taKO 
an actlvo ;>urt In tiia >jrlvff to re^.lator tiie vjtere of 
Colifoi-nla, ana I cell upon tne neTraoapora an J r«j ilo atatlona 
to Inborn! tho people us to mhuro tney con radiator and 
aupf.ort "K«i;_:,lBtor To Vote ."ek" In ovMry </■■■■' poaslbla. 

i: i Hi_.-i-.,')i-, I have 
hereunto aet nj hand 
and caused tha Great 
Bat I :■)!' tno 3tete of 
California to be 
airixei ti la / day 
of June, r, Inetvien 
hun-ired and f oi ty-twO| 

loV^mor 3f CalUorhia^ 

Secretary of State 


orri. I ^ / 

/ ^ ^(^ 

35xcrutiDc department 

^rjtc of (Ealifornjj 

-Y ::ial'^ 

c- (ti) of the 

Jurisdiction in 

-1 secord- 

1 -.rf-l 

uo '- fill ( 

SUbffi ': 

r ■svent • 

^xrrutiDc Dcpjitincnt 


Mas :> ' 

."■'"•'•' «..,,„«„ „. 



^xcfUtiDc department 

.^tJtc ofC:.ililormj 



\ii<_-«— <_-c 

--<— ^. 

^xcrutiiic department 

^tarc of (California 

H n 

6 ■)i'i\' i t.ig 

imi lie, .U«»f 

^(•u fi; 

■=<E uayvj 


1^ J*or- its 

ixccunvic Bcpartiiicnt 

^t.itt of (Ialiform.1 




^/ ^l 

.•^puiy SccreUi 


■mum Btpmmtnt 


wl t>. 



'••HNC oriicf V X^ f / 

^xcfutjoc department 

^tntf ofdjliforiiia 

'- 1 

'U tjC JA ■ 

tn^ natl. 



-r '. ll 


^-^_X.<-i— 1_-^_^ V_y , 

•^ ", , ,r«ii r„,t 



F ! L '^ n 


|lcpaitmait of JVgriruIturc 



Pertaining to Sweet Potato Weevil 
Effective on and after June U , 1942 

provided. ^ ^"" "^•'^ "^''"^'^^^ *^° ^^° conditions he?Sn 

PiiST: Sweet potato weevil (Cylas fortrdcarlua . Pab.). 



FLo::iM i 


Entire counties of Baldwin, Dutler. and Mobile. 
Entire state, 

SormD/"""""' °^ Cariden, Clxarlton, Glynn, and 

^'■'^''^ ' Entire covmtles of mllard, Carlisle, Hlclo-,an, 

fuiton, and Graves* ' 



^ Of WsBissW River: All parlBhes south 
oTirn^lriciuclln^ ihe-^EFIahea of Vernon. Ranid. 

and Avoyollea. 

Vernon, Rapides, 

ii^st of I'laslsslppl 
of the f.Tssis3lppl- 

IssisslDul jRlver: 

Louisiana State lliiel 

All parishes south 



aitlrc counties of Amite, Covin-^ton, Forrest, 
S?ls ' Tonl^r T ' Harrison, Jackson, ' Jeff ersoA 
iJavis, Jones, Lawrence, rtarlon. Pearl River Pike 
atone, and ..altliall. » ^-^ inver, i'uce. 

Ca. n rf. ^T^°-^ *^* counties of Bowie, Callahan. 

G?a-.or ''^/re '',aL *^°',f*^*'' ^"^"^"' Franlcim; 
liowaS r^nt'-^'r I * 'tockley. Hood, Jiopklns, 

•i^-jijj 'S?;- sj;l" 'rT°^'- si'iltlT^^t. 

EEST!:ro'ii:D fpoDuorsi 

Provifilon 1, 


Mroiii •I'.^i; FOM imi^sny) 

akHaS ' 

part, th,rS:r-:^s^rt'^otf.rpi°Lr:,^in5iti^*^' '"^ 

purpose whatsoave?/ ^^^^^^^^^^^^ «"tri' into Calif oirila for «iy 

Provision 2. 


IirT-lfllET Ate AS 


eatabllahln^l tho fact that all such rostrlcted products con- 
tained In t]io lot or shipr.ont viere Lirov/n, packed and stored 
In n dlatrlct free fror; aweet potato weevil, r.uch certificate 
shall atato Uio nurruer of packages in tho ahlpnent, where 
(jrown, tiic nar.o and addros.-. of the i^'.ivjwor, tlie nario and ad- 
dress of Iho shipper, tho point of alilpmont, ttie terminal point 
of dollvory and tlio nnro and addres:; ol tho conal nee* A 
copy of auch cortlflcate sholl bo nailed by shipper, in ad- 
vai\cc of ahlprent, to tho Diroctor of AKrlculture, Sacramento, 

Provision 3. 

■:L0F.Y PL/.?!T:. UTJPl.S'i'RICTLD FhX)M 

)iccopt 03 provided In Provision 1 hereof, rorning 
;:lor-/ plantfi ( Iporoou asid Convolvulus spp.) are ad-'-issible 
into California wltliout restriction under tho provisions of 
this procla):iatlon, 

cah;?ii!:h ,\Qm:Tii i.tust hold 3hipment3 

All products adrrilsnlblo under the fore.'oino provi- 
sions nuot be hold by corrr,:on caiTier n;:entn and not delivered 
to consl.-noe or ar.ent imtll !:• spec ted and passed by the Di- 
rector of A^jriculturo, hln deputy or deputies, or by a duly 
authorized rtato Plant .quarantine Officer, 


Any and all lota or shipnents of products arriving 
In tho State of California in violation of the provislor.s of 
tlils procltrratlon, slmll be Imodlately sent out of the state 
or destroyed at the option and expenao of the owner or bailee* 


LTio adirJLsslbiiity Into the State of California of 
arr^' urtlclo or co:;.^oi''lt; oovored by the forc-oinr- provisions 
shall be furtVier subject to tho provlalona of any other quar- 
aiitlno proclaj.-,atlon3 or regulations nov/ in force or which nay 
hereafter bo pronul.^ated, 


All deputlen of the Director of Acrlculture and all 
State I'lant C^arantlne Officers are licreby enpowered to en- 
force all the provision;! of this proclanatlon*' 


Ihe i"ore,;oin;- coos not apply to tiie e;qperlrr.ents 
of the United Statoa Dcpartront of Acrlculturo In the State 
of California. 

Tills Quarantine 1 ronlnr atlon T!o. 9 (Revised) super- 
oedea QixaranLlne Proclai atlon Ko. 9 (Revised) dated 
Deconber 3, 1940, and shall take effect imnedlately. 


ISS IfiiD t Jnn>: 1.', ., 1 ! M r 

3:XLTUtiV)c department 

^tatc of (TjlifoniKi 


>^^^^fcL:i\,bie:cr«irtry ofi'irtt' 

'-■eaoj. I J, 

« n-ts ij HI, urrici 

i'xcfunvic Bcpnrtiiifiit 

^cjtc ot (Ijliroriiij 

}: U ) C L AIM A T I N 

vkHi'.UtlAS Juno 14 Is tho anniversary of the adoption 
^v the Contln«ntal Conyreaa June 14, 1777, of tho Stars and 
^tripes as the emblem of the United States, and with that date 
bo -n the h.u<,toiy of our 118^ as a symbol of our nationality; 

, ^ •!:^'*"^' *^® Am-5rican Hag Day Association, which 
.or n arly ilfty y-ars acr le 1 the observance of "hL Oav" 
ss 8 patriotic Influence for national unity, v^lth other 
^nM^nii '' ^yf t"""*^' °^''^°' mllllDry, social, service, edu- 
n!iJ?^? %f '^^u^'"° ^"•' ^^^"^'^ or.^anUfltlons cooperating end 
P8rtlcl:,.tln^:, have by their example 8hov,n tho nation at 
lerje th« patriotic Influencos v/hlch auch observances exert and 

fh« nv. «4.^"'^''^^'v ?*^'' Country la engaged In a war to preserve 
the liberties of which the i lag of the United States Is the 
I'ov.^i r 'T'^^l' and the cltl.ons of California In common with 
l?ntin lllruT.^''^ far-flun^ battle fronts of the world are 
effort th..r?,r^'^ ^""^ worlclnt In a united and determined 
eiiort Ihjt the freedoms won and preserved for us by our fore- 
lathers Shall not pr-rish from the earth; and 

^ ^, , *"''-^''-AS, tho period of June 8-14 has been designated 

luMlf '-^^^ "^W^ ^"^*^^^ ^^«^^« ^^«*^ Association, duxlnr^hlcu 
suitable patriotic ex.rcis.s .ill De conducted to pay hom^.e 

.atMotlf T' '^''^^'^ ",°"« """^^ evidence of the'^coura^'and 
..atrloM3:., Tov^ tmd lo.ulty of the Airorlcan people; and 

r.,.-.,v.., by such colobration of our llrst national 
oann r our prl ie in our nntlon and in An.erican cltLonsh?" 5^^ 
stimulate:., and e.x phaaizod, our lalth in and devotion to our 
r.o.ubUc and American Inatltutiona strengthened, a greater love 
of country .diown, our patriotism rekindled; 

State of C 
and direct 
States be 
} urthertr.or 
Stars and 
ex pre 3. '3 Ion 
faith, tho 
th'= world. 

hOf^ TFIJ^.RFIORF, I. Culbort L. Olson. Oovernor of the 
alllornia, do hereby proclalai June 8-14 as I- lag l^eek 
that Jurini, this period the Hag of the United 
ila played on ell ij.ovornniont and public buildinfes. 
e, I do urge tho people of California to display the 
t.trlpo3 at th«ir hom-js, olaces of business, and 
and to conduct patriotic cerernonics i-a a public 
of our love of Country, national unity, and 
to our Watlonul Pjnb) om, tho aymbol of our civic 
beacon of hope to liborty-lovlne people throughout 

hereunto sot my hand 
and caused the Great 
3eal of the State of 

• •ISj^. 

ixccutiVJC Bcpartmtnt 



Caliiornla to be affixed 
this ') 'h-JU ^^l of June, 
A. i;.,' nine teen hundred 
enJ forty-two. 



Oo^^Vnoi^SV ballf^rnla 


rS>.^ J--c^ sf^ 

Secretary of State 

^xcrutilic Bcpartmcnt 

3t.itt of (Talifornu 

5--<*1»-. ^ 





i'xccutiDc Bcpartincnt 





■■ --.t 






3:xcfutilic Bcpartmcnt 



very citizen 

or ev! 



'— - - *a] 


JI Oli^l-J :^l .jtfete I 

^xccutiDc Bcpartmcnt 

3tatc of (lalirornia 


^xcrutiDc Bcpartmcnt 


i- n VB 



^xcfumic Bcpartnicnt 

:^r.itc ofCaliforiiM 


^xcrutiuc Bcpartinciit 

^tatc of Ciliforiiij 

- i. I' V 

i'5e o-iT- 

■■■,'■ * 1, 




Office of the Director 



July 20, 1942 

H' noroble Paul Peek 
Secretary of Stnte 
iJtote Capitol 
iaacrnniento, Cfllifornia 

Dear Kr. Peek 

V.e transmit herewith, in accordance 
with the provisions of Chapter 628, Statutes of 
1941, Economic Poisons Regjlation No. 9, ef- 
fective July 29, 19:2. 

Thi3 regulation was adopted by virtue 
of authority vested in the Director of Agriculture 
by Section 1068 of the Agricultural Code. 

Very sincerely yours 

W. C."/acoKsen 
Assistant to the Director 

WCJ Vll 


By virtu* of the sathorlty T«»ti»(l In th« Director of Agri- 
culture by Section 1068 of the Agricultural Coie, I, W. J. Cecil, 
Director of Aj^rl culture of the Stute of Cellfornla, do hereby 
proclaim a regulstlon relative to pro<1uct« to be used on food crop* 
to be known m» Economic Poisons ^epulntlon No. 9 (Revlttd). Thii 
reKUl»>tlon will be In full force and effect July 29, 1942, »nd 
oonelete of the following provision*; 

(Originally l««ued Aug-unt 1, 1938. Rtvlttd June 29, 1942) 

Relative to J»ro Vacte to be Uaed on Food Crop* 

Sec. 1. 

The label of an eoonoailo polaon Intended for uae on, or eold 
for application to, any food crop and oont*ilnlng 9ny arsenic expreteed 
ae metslllc In exceae of C.rsJ, sny lead expreaeed ae metallic In 
exceee of 0.25Ji, or any fluorine In exoee* of 0.56^, shall etate the 
percjntfcge of each. 

In testimony whereof, I hive hereunto set my hpnd and caused 
the offlolel sepl of the Departnent of Agriculture to be affixed In 
£pcr<»mento, California, this ?9th dny of June, 1942. 




Ir AirrioulWrV 




Fish and Game: 



Oil and Gas 


KtNNETH I. Fulton 



August 11, 1942 

Hon. Paul Peek 
Secretary of litate 
Jtate ^^apttol 
aacranento L;alirornia 

uear Sir: 

I anclose herewith for filing in your office Order Uloaing 
rish and 'Jarae jJstrictB 1-7/8, 2, 2-1/4, 2-1/2, 2-3/4 and 3 to the 
hunting of deer. This is being sent you In compliance vrtth the provisions 
of Chapter 62H of the Statutes of 1941. 

Very truly yours 


snnetn j.. fulton 

_ a^ 


ms b^ 





2:xccutitic department 
6toti- of e.iiiroriii.i 

AUG ;! I 194;> 

''^■^'J^fcX SecreUryof %«{, 



^xcfutiiic Bcpartincnt 



''~ 'LED 



i'xccutlDc department 




Of 1 ; 



AUG .'] I 194:;. ! 

". r- 



ixccutiDc department 

^tatc of California 

-I6«i'i"< •„fii,. c 

i\U[]:\ I 19/1;. 
'■^^^^'^ Secretary o/Sut* 




ixccutivic Bcpartnicnt 


Of , '■Y^fsUfKofSUtt 

' '-•iLIFOWHA 


'-. Ifi * 

i'xcfurluc Bcpartinciit 



'^UL f 


"^^y- ^ 

"■r^ Ci 

^xccutitjc Bcpartmrnt 

^rarc of C.iliforni.i 


Ul 3v«,r the >orlu toJ.y /-^riodn. ar* flr.Htlns- ftnd dyln- 
.J <«ep A;.«rlc. free. Vnoy ara aeXcmUrw. our oountr/. our p«„^i," 
»i><i 3jr do: oorao/. i r - 

free ^orU In . a.aoaraoy, It i. tho flr.t rlrht th, 
on.l,vea p»,.l« I. totalitarian .mtion. anU In oonTo-rod countrl... 

.:r^r j.r!ri: ^; ;;; 'i:?:!-: - "■"-" ^-^ '^ - ^'^•" ^-^ -' 

lt.«^ pre.entl,v r-.Uc for M.,.t, oay, prior ta .»v...b«r 5. 1942! 

if th«. L'/" "•"""^•^^ '•'"• •^l «i«^l«»n, to roiUfr or r-r.,a.t»r 

if the^ did r«>t vota at U.» i:)40 .Uctio,... If they i«*. oJ«n-.d 
tnoir nlaoo of r««Mence ulaoe t„.y la.t re.iater.d. ^r H tw 
n.»e ,«.« oeea o!*n,;.d tl»rov.,.h «arria,,e or o^art d.oro*. 

.K* , '°-'l'l''t««atl»u of pUoo. for rerlatratlon .^ b« 
obta „.d fro,, the ;ou„ty Cl,r« of th, .,v.ral oo..r.lU. ^rrJ. 
-ount, „,:i.vr«ra of Voter.. The fl^uil date for re.i.traUoa for 
the ^ooertl clootloi, oi' tnU yoar I. r;«,,t»™iw 24, U42. 

It. very ao.ilt, to,. to ..tabll... that d^n^a;.; .^^r '' 
iMcadent as oUl.^d b, a.i. .ro,..^.dl.t.. U I. ^.t .UZZl Uat 

: f ' ! t^u'X'" ^^'' *"" ^""^ ^^'^ <*» -"^••' ^^-^^ 'St 

.^irornU.'.urau.nt t; i;e^.io;i;^ ::;t:d i^T^^ V^lr^:^^. 

all cUUen. of .aUforaia to t.\otl. K^' x'''^u\i,r'' 
nvana, e.......t. iaUr. clvU. pntriotlo. fraternal, r-ll, o!! L ^U 

re 1^0^::%;;' TJ'T ":' •"'"""''•"• -^^^ «l^-i-- o^ ^"i^'oJifa to 
rei.trtr to vote jy JUilayJn- an.l i>ubilol«i.jr ':■'-■;,• ^- • 

and by pj.tln,; :.r3.;lr.,»tl,,n In ap -r^ .rlntr," plaae.. 


- //-: 

'"' ■ . ' tiav«» jicrejrjlo 

•et my lianu and oaucad the ^reat 
"enl of Ute .»tale of ..ailfornta 
to bo affixed tdla _//_day 
of ^•ptett.ber. A. ;. .' ^ifiotuan 
hundred and forty 


.-,.,. J,. ,y ,,, , , 

3:xccutilic department 

5t.itc of €jliforma 


V n 

- !»> 


'3Jb /'■) 










I2JiH3^ OF ACTcrjiruHE; 

i^'iacDUCTomr note 

Qu^iiis^-^Ji-^'g^ i^?? 


Pertaining to Citrus White Hi 
Effective on and efter Septecber 22 


J? ^yi'^g teen det 



^reined that citrus 

the "Xr-J'ested ixci 

>ccur in the Stet 

-jaifornia pfolf;:;': 

t_e of Virgini':, 

ead as fclicv 


= described i 
rTocle:i»tion :;o.lO 
IE herecy scended 

:^iREt TOR 




J^cpartmeut of Agriculture 


threo co:>ies of fn^ f.r.^. ,. 

'orwardin - 

1- to quarantine Froclamation 

rt;iinii,c. to ^Citrus .Vhite Plies, 

: 1 rativ ■-. i . ^ 

^, I. vwnit 



ORIGINAL Jlffrartmcnt of Agriculture 


Aifi^mim NO. 1 TO 

tiUARii.,'i'i':]J ^BOCUXATIOU ;:0.10 (KKVISKD) 
rertninli\g to Cltma ..'alto 1 lies 
Kffootivo on ami after September 22, 1942 

jiiif.od to roa.] as follows: '*l,"»*. ^, xj*,i, is 

i^^tiro states of Alalii^.a. Aplcsnaan -i «,,,<>_ ^i . 

trxrol ? ^ -^c. t..c t.atG ,,r t.f. >rflvluu8 lU-oclarjitlon Brocreefied 
lov^a: -^i^'* tiicroof to i-uu:; ua Toi- 

M (»t^:^ 

■Iljlia ^'KUv::..^:'ATinf ; 

.u«ran..i.c':^iooi;?'It^'^^/''l^^S.tli"^ '°-, ^° Uevl.ed) auporaoda. 
ta::e erioc ''^'-^''^-''■' «• 1- ''^ted 10, 193C, and aliaU 


Director of AGricjltur* 

As8|8tant Dlrootor 

« ^ 



■ ' 





£? O" 



2. o 

S o 




2* » 

o ;: 



!=! fS 




r ....••"• '/ i 



.>^: ^■ 



i y 

: ffl e 






















2 ^ 

'J' s 

r=>' CSI 

^ «^ 




(^. ti 

§■ £i 








R 'tl 

s &-> 




^ ▼ 



P' 5:< 


. :ii. 


.■> *J n *:; '.3 o y o f5 

pan. »-«g 

3 • 

C ^* i; f* 'J i-^ o 

:3 g jr o- 

3 53 ;:: ;1 

>-» o ... •-* ►< 

'! --3 O <• 

fS o 

'- CI 

3 .-t 

O 'J ►* 

-■+ II O" 

til C1- rt- a >-- 


O 3 rt- o 


::; M 

„ :-•' 3 <^ O 3 

w "d 


a o 

•^ o o v; o 

o o 

ft jj a C »-% r» 

3 rt •I 3 

H«£a a* H 

a ::■• c+a» i-iz >*Ti a 

'-• i^*crj-»; 

<*TJ C S o » 4a 

< « O o 

2 i^ < 

* H" ;3 

hJ© 1 

;^ M a M a.* 

o o 

n>9 *i 

.1 Q ■': f* 

*-!! H> a y 

' rt- O ' 


fit *'« 

*< ;:» S O 3 M 

', a < » • 

., „ ^ o a ta '^ 

■-^S u o ta a ^ 

•:.; n 

» J U r^ ft 

» 3 H^O O 


^ ^** -^ 

S S o r; 

►J rt Mff 

O « 

O 3 

sro •- M 

- o 

JS M i-» t: 

i-«os' 5 

9 O ts Jl 

O 1-^ ll- tB VJ 

I t^ p o :r 


(i 3 r> p M ►< 
O CI i-> 

<»• o ■ 


P * 
•-i o 

H» H 

2 o o H. tr •-1,1 

O *» M 

o 'i 

o o 


59 ^ P 

O O fll 

ns p < ,- 

1 >-i 

■ O !1 £1 

a .-^3 M. 

o ;.. cT o 

O et H" cr ,- 
"" o o 

CIO rt- O 

«••< fi o o 

f-» O O »-» M 

»-< S T p 

J* H» ^5 » g 

•i V « K. 

k a 

<< <6 

3 a 3 ■ 

o u 

o -^ 

.1 g 

o a 


o O 3 

3 C 

^ T w 

^ cr»; 3 
O n a rt- 
.--:, H" r* »j 

O n < a 

rs a r^ o 
o a " 


5 '.* S M 

o S o' o 
O <» - 

ct cf (f a 

"> w ►} 'J 


•■'5 » 

MS" 'i O 

9 1) 

; 1 i-i) »■* c* rt 
>i **««<«<? 

;» fl> :} ct o 
3 O 3 O 

o > 

o a 

4 Q « _ 

■M r* 3 p 

rf B 

O O 


O 5t 




M r> tt-f 

a rr 

o *? "I a 

3 O cf 

C fl> "^ 

o o « 



£" 'S 


3 rt 

s:3 O s 

O O c+ O Hi 

o a ' 
y ch P ^ 2 ^. 

■;■..» : ; .■•■ 3. O 

H*) o o 

;:? c? 

£> ca 


►-•O <B O c* 

M 3 3 ^-• 

3 T r^ -: 

; - r^ c+ 

O t 

t »-"« 

(^; ct/ 

o a. 3* 2 
a a < o 

p. 1-1 

C M O "O "-4 

— a CO 

< < 

rt ►"* .-t* '•^ 


» o c- 

•i D- 

y-^'< o 

3 >-• r+ 3. t-" 3 

3 c* a O ►* O ■ 

' ^ c c y cs «< 

.-♦ c* 


5 :i, < 

-' < 

< o 

3 ;:., 

a r+ 

C 't ,11 O ►"* "I 

C H- H» t-f- CD 

T c* '^ 3 

-J o o "-J 

-» 3 n « 

"= •< 

w i-j o H- cj 

o O O C 

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t-" O H- 

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S^ X ^^ tr l-» l- P- «0««i 

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o 'C o 
rl- ►^ 3 

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3 a ci" o cc 

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to CO c 

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(S C5 o 

CT i.^ c+ O * 

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(B VJ t o 

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a a 

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rt- o 3 a 

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t-4 kj 

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3* C a c 3 

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I-* rf ti- a 3" 

3* 3- ►} a 

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3 O rf 

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o s o 

CT ft- *? H- I-. 3 - 

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2. 3 « 3- 3 H^ 3 

K ►! C 3* CS 
•-i e 3 M 

rt 3 C- tt; O 
O H- »-» 3 JO ■ 

" O < 3 V 

3 a i-» rt- 

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CO en a 3" a 

M 3" P kj JE 

3 C" »^ :« M-c 

rt- o 

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o 7; 

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a a 

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a n 

B3 I-' 3 O U 
•"S P rf 

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covj a B^ 

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U. ►J ct- 

w r, o 

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3- 3- r 
C a •-» 
"< rt"- 
CO -u a o 
-J. (» 1 — 

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(X- >i Ct 

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a. a •-;> 

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e a - 

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v; 5r a 

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ct O ►! -! 

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crc? a 

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ro c» o 
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a o o cfi 

'i T 3 CO n 3 CT 


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a G ►J 

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a CO 

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a a 

t- >! >c 
<D - ct- 

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ro 3 

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p w 

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a. 3 M 


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cr o c+ 

t>J CO 

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rj (-" o 

c cr 
a a o 

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T- a "I 

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3 ct 

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tD ►I ft o 3 01 . 
* o o ;; u .s> 

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ti M g CO M r/5 3- 
_ '-3 c ct a 

3: I-* O CO (B 

9- ct- CO 

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O o (E ct 

ct 01 I-* -ri 

ct O P N_ 

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t fi S 3- 

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M a c H, ;! 

C 3 «. X 3 3 

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a o ct ►^ 

ct »i C-c = P 

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■a B B 

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a rt 

C3 M M ri- H 

n t£iO 3 3- 3 

M *■ 3 B »-i 

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3" a rt 

ct B a 

M 3 

O & ^-: 3 

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3" fj O O. 

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ctOr, • B 

a ro tr to 

a O M rt 

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CO p a 

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a a B B 
rt- ct 3 >o 

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a o 3 1 

a 3 & CO 

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ti. !D W ►o rt O 

»-» 3 <B >1 f • »-^ 

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rf 50 c+ 

H- O O ^- t) ;t 

'i < rf 05 "I C. 

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to *1 < C O -fj 

• 01 r»- H' li 

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9 (9 3 O O'i • 

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H- - o n M 

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to M < CB 'O 

d- » O r- O 

C O O a (- r<- 

o 3 ~ Cfl ji p 

I-- l-» •- CB 

cl- 3 

3 c+ ■-) 

o :;■ OB 

« < » O ^- rr 

ct T C.-3 3 

3" v- r^ r+ C O 

H- r 3" cl- S 

3 3 c-t CD 3 oa 


c+ « 

C3 M t- 

to O 3 rt H- 

O "O '-•j t— 

H- O 

rt- O ta 

►1 -c o <3) "-^ a 

'-sit-' O H- 

Q /— C/5 ^1 3 

to US >-) ct c* a 

■i; 3 o B" ta c-i- 

o u 1 t-i- >— 

o 3 a cl- 3 
CO O a, 


< -i 

<B H» *> 3 C CTi 
3 O- cr o 

P tJ ® 



O ri- S' o H- 
0! 3* CD •->■ CD 
I-' <» N CO 

n- B ^j 

cr CD 

CO ^ 

1 o d 
a> 3 H" 
(X. rr >:! 

l-» CD 

U r* fi, 

c<- ~ 

CB » C 

►i 3 5 1 


O > 

c-f O 
3- o- 3 
O o 

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l-» V! 



Ct C» 

a rt- 3 

CO (S 


o C c» 

X/ CE 

H- M CS 

3 O ca 


O <» « 

►1 (» s- 

a ca O 


►i ct » 

O "I 

f c+ < "O 

O 3- H- J 
O u) O I-* 
O >-S <B 3 
90 ct 

•c C > ca 
^3 o a 

r- ^ rf 
ca (B C 

O cl- 

1-^ U- C-i 

O 3- 


C9 O 

1-5 D. M o 3 1 'O 

cl- O 

30c 3-D3<e 

•-S CO o 
<B I— 0» •-• 3 
•-» C CB O 

•^ H" 3 !3 

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ct SB ct O 

Q H> M H- "-^ I 

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CB ct O 

3- CC 

«>^0 Mow®!-' 

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ctctO KCB^jCflCT 

3" O "I H- 

<: CB o 

CD C !-• t-" ' 

ct 3 o tT> ►i 
►j ^ CB O (i 
S ct CO 

ct 00 :3 (-» 
I-" a CB < c 
O fj oc » 3 

3 <: c u 

• I— H «-9 
O S ►J 01 
<B rt P C J 
t» t-» H- -B 
3 3 
3 3 •-• ct 
iB CD 3 ca 
O CT. 
0*0 ct 

10 ►I £ 3 
U CB 3 CB 
SE CO Ck >-i 

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I-" CB B) 

ct cr 1 -o 

O (B I I 

ct ct (>.: -i , ■ 

I-'' 3* a * "-^ o 

O C- O (f; 3 

3 ct < I-" ft 3 

• C» ca - H- 

3 ct O P 

03 CO Q 

*< ct n 'fl S 

B ►3 3' 

3" ct cr O O 


< U ct !-• H- 

G :S C- u 

2- (B CB 

C B a 3 -3 

CB ct 3 ct 0) 

C CB u_ 
3 CO 


•-% H> t-J 

<B cr c* o 

CO o 3" 3" U C 

i-i o CS -a 

^ ct O 

1 *1 C O 3 
a o CO 3 


CB S G rt CB < 

C o ^ 

u v^ 

P O ct CB 3 

ct (-• O » >-i R 

3" ct M 


O • ca C 

MB 3 4 -o 

■-; • ct ca • 

o u. 3 C ►< 

ar p p CB 

t-* O 3 "U 3 O 

-: i~ "S r* ■:i 

cr o 

B <t) CB ct !-• 
B Ct •• O -. 3 

1 C 3 

ii p O d- ct ct 

3 D' 3- 

'-1>'<J *D y CB CB 

►J o 3 a 

It . CO 


CB CB O t-* fJ ct 

ca -a 

3 P "-^ 

►i CS CB Q. ct 

P O 

H- O 

O P 

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B p 

^^ CD ^g 

' *^ S' 

o < P 

•n H- ct 

H- O ct 

^ or 

O > CB 
►J o 
3 ct tfl 

I-" (-* 

P 3 3 

3 p. 

1 3- 

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O ct C.1 

< B CB 

i» ^' (-• 

(B CB 

B C5 

CD tJ ct 

3 H H" 

ct p < 

»-* O C» 
O A 


U 1 iB O 

•-,.3 3 
o O ct 

O -^ CO ct 

ct3l-' ct^ cri-'IO^ 

CB o 


O O 

3 W 

•-» tt • 

Ci, ►J OK 

O f: 

M W 

C P ct 

B (0 1^ 

ct B B • 

C2 P ct H- 

CO a H- g ^a 



C8 :> 

o < tc 


CS ct 

G< ca 

3 ^ 

'P3 rf 3 

p, to ' 

^ S 

►3 U. P U ct 

M •-!) r 


O « '3 
• O CS 



3 O ►^ 3 

O B B ct 
O ►^ M 

CB u, O 

P P P ct 
►1 3 rt 3- 
«<: & CB <B 


€t p a 

00c P 3 
CB 3 ^- 
p 3 u- ct 
O ct CB 
O OB P a, 
O I-' 

ct (-< W 
•0 3^ ct 
f-> (B O P 
H- -I ►"! ct 
ta (B M) <B 
3' O •-• 10 

CB CD 3" 

Ht, rt ►! P 

^. O to ca 

O Q< P O 

ct O 3 P 

(-» D. M 

< P hJ 

CB 3 (B 

O. p. 

3- O CS f) 

!-• o 

CB e to ■-> 

■s 3 ct a. w 

f-- » - ^3 C" • 

rt- h- ^ 3 

3- H" rt fl 

• p -^ CB 

►3 J 1-3 

3" W o 

(-• < Ct(?J 

CB v; 

M Ml 

t^-y CB B 

,B M ct 

ct o ct 3 

3- 3 t- ^ 

O D" '^:J (B 

CB ^3 

►3 O < ^^ 

CB ct 1— 3" 

ct CB to 

' O 

to t 

CT'-j 5 •< CD 

■■B W) CB 

to O < CB 

H" M 3 3 

" X ►-« 01 c» r-r 

•-^ o ct CB rr 

ct D, •-► CS (i ;B 

CB 03 

*t •-> ►i O i-jct-^ 

O CB "-J ►-• O 

ct M p ca o 3 ^^ 


3- u. cr ?» 

h- O ^3 O 

CO CO «<J 3 ►! -c 

o cr, 


tat3«w C'-3a'3t--a-tj 

CO CB i^ Q, to B ta 
CB P, I-" ctt< o 
H- ct 3* (B 3 

►30H- Octctl«i-t-»to 

•-f >^ o 


CO ct tj O 

X C 

n o C5 ct c "n CS 

3" 3 l-» ►S ^3 O ct 

• U O H> ►? 

t- ct M 3 ct- 

►3 • C". 3* o 


O t-* »-» CB H- M 3" 

Ct ca ^3 

M 3" O M) iB IP. 

t-» p 3 ct CD H- 

ct>iCB*^ <<:i-J£lCBctH-ct 

CB (R O 

H- to 1-3 

O C. C CS O ti. *^ >- 3 ct E 

3l-*H'l-' CBOH-toa'-3rt 




B l-» 

ctctB tfltaOCOctcj 

p ►i H* p 
3 P o cf 
U ct 3 H- 


3 ^3 H- 3 

ct p 
P 3" CT O 3 3 

i-'coo cttacDt-'3 

cf O 

O 3 0"i 


O ca 

i-» < 

to ct ct 3 
CB O •-* ct 3" 

to CB B H" 3 CB 

O C^ O CB 

•O -3 3 t- 
•-' CB H» 
«<) .t; 3 CJ 
3 (» CB 



ct P 

ct B O 1 p, CB CB 

ca tj o P cr 

ca <<! 3* H- 


"U O <B 

O 3 3 cr 

ct«<l t-' CB 

OB fj 


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O H C 


r Q ►->).■:) MP cris 

►i 3 

9 3 ^ yi 

«< cf a c ►^ o e 

I » o 

cr CS o ft "I 

O B5 3 

S Z 3 

H" ct (B :ri 


S ^ 

rc cf 


1 > 

W 5- 

o o 

O 3 

O- O C- » rt C3 

V5 M 

ViJ E 

« 1 cr tr 

M) O » 3 < 

I M> ft a. » 

CD d- 3 

a 3" t 

3 -a 

O O rt- 

t-H B =: n 

© S = 
rt t- » H 


o o 

•-^ a D 



"xj o "a 

■i tn a 

o> o 

« 3 -o 


3 CT O 

<+ ^ l-^ 

O T r<- 

•->; a 2- 

^ a 

3" •-* CO 

a 1 fi- 

a g> 

C O. c* 

<-r -. O 

a »-) 

O. r* 

3- O 

W a Bi 

n- 3 I-- 


ct cr >-^ 

» o o 

n ►^ 

H- 3 

P- 3 H" 

o ca a> 

» 11 

3 H-, 

fi- 1 C <3 — o ;i 


O » ,5 »-w 

n t-t 

x: ^ p 

>^ cT o »> 

o cs H" e M 

►1 3 a- 

3 » 'J (i c 

3 :: H.-0 

CO 3 -i <- O 

^ 3 a ^- 3 

^ a O M 

m 3 

►3 a ca 

n c3 r ti i-» 

a rf cf 'J o 

CO M. r- a o 

< - O "^ 
S a 3 t-^ CO 

cj V-- 3 re O 

3^ ■-( C O -^ 

o a ►! 

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ct D ;: to y 

t— tD 1 a 

■D 3 3 '-^i 

B ft rf O yi 

«<J -i rr 

. = rf 3 » 

r o c+ 

c. s a 

rt 3 

W 3- IT _, 

a a ri- "-Ti 

•1 J) 

< T3 < a 
H- 1 a » 
o a "J I— 
a CD '-" 

I-* r ^ 

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o a c* "I 

ci- 3 CO I 

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S '3 

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'J' s 

r^; 'II 

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a, o 

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77^ Q\ 


3 ^ 



3 O 

a * ^-' 

C CT 3 




» n- o ^ n V- ^ 
3 B" <-» '- a a 3 


C! Ch CD i-» ^-^ 

M » a. -J u 

» a ►-^ 


o !r> 3 
•-< r5 C rt 

f u. » tr 3 

O o 9 

M O • 

^^ C cr X 

- • J ^ 3 

►J >-• M. r* a 
■■4 '« * 3- 

0) c 

►1 » S» O I 

n p; 

1 ^ » ,^ 
<-1 3 U •? 

CK ce 3 

(-3 r 

t* ri-T .Q ^ 

3 O 


» .T C3 rr cr ir 

r^ « a 


i» a 

« rf O 

0> q> 

*1 O VS »-» 3 r 
« 3 

A IS « 

•O 3 rf 
O D-O 

3 n- * >-^ 

(» 3- 

3 O ca 

3 3 T3 

O. 3 ^ 

3" o- u cr 

^ c ►- (S o 

"- a 3 "a pf 

» < 

3 « c .: 

Cfl ta I 

(J 3 

!B "^ 3 

9 r« (9 

O < -T 3 t- 3- 

O o-i-i 


'^ 3 :z o 

"■:::■ ^ a 

C:. O rj 

? ? 2 = - 
T » » CD 

J '-^ ^^ *-♦ 

» <B 'X C. 3 

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'^ ^ cr 


"3 v: i-» a a 

M — 3 

3 < C ^ 

3 "-i a rr 

«" o 

N UM ^ 

Jt^.r- „ 

O ct 

<* 't 

O I 

- •-• D^ O 

o a p 

S> n 3 IE p 

««: O 

rf B 


CS tt 

I o o 

•^ 3" » 

3- t-. 

» » (B 3 

C u ►- 

3 3 le 

O ^^ a 3 

O c-r C 


' - O -: 

3 « ►< -- 

i^ ^ -J ►^ 

* * S 3" » 
I- ' :r - « - 

« 3 

1 & a 

c w. 

-^ ^ C r: 

~ D » M 

■> *- rr C 

-X 1 3-t<s ^ ?i- 

i:: c- 3 C rt 3= 

- O i <-f r" <t 

■^ 3 « >3 

3 5-1} ►- o 

cf a rt o 

■S «• » 3 
J O C (->■ 

*^ 3 ►-^ a rr 

c a "■ 3 -o 
'-' 2 3" o C a 

C rfVJ 

T Ut 

a o -J 1 

^ m c -ti < 

• O T -J Ml (B 

■ - - o 

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'■■- -fl c<- C 

o > 

f- a a 

3- 3 

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a o n 

r» 3 O 

r ?r 3 

I a o t* 

3 O 'i » 
a r» 

*1 •? «-!» 

•3 J* ►i 

o or c» o 

•- a c 

'? 3 a. T 

a r* g a 1- 

n X -► M 

r- » w -, 

O r^ 

c •- 3 a 


■O O — cr 'J £»:, 

n- 3 


a 3 c^ "c V! s 
■7 c r- 

■s o: ot M ^ 

'-300 ►-• 

'- D. ►» cr (» 

'i O c« s> ca 

a 3 ■« 

3 a a- 

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g o i> 
u g IS 


P'S lt-1 


«3 1=: 

'J' S 

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p, 'il 


....:^r« {T/f^ 

) -'•■,'■.• : • ^ 

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▼ vT^ 


• {^ 

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• ? 35 O 

T :: -• < 

~ a 

D B rr ■- 

(X^ ^ 

X 5; 

S:C,S :3--::.3 

3 3 <-• 

T S a 1i 

as 3 M 3" i-» '-S 

•"* t-" o a 

"^ »-• ^ ,j 
Ji "3 » » 


Q< <I> 

a cT 

-Cn 3 <♦ e- 3-^ 

•-3 3 O 

(0 J. 

U 3 

I-" o *«; 

"3 O « -» 
O PJ :» 

-j» O C — 


J c 3 

-f 3 » — 

^ A O. 3 

-• ^-» 

■» '-» to 3 

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- o g 
3 2 

■J <» u 

r- 3 
I— 3 ►- 

■> Ii o •; 

O 3 3 C-. 

o cn O e 

3 « ^ 

G. O 1 o' 

• (7 « : 

X » — • .-. 

f* 3 o r 

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tr o o 

ffl -T * 3 
O O 3" » 

rr o O S 

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y irfor "uid at- 1 u 
i'^n , oi the Military and 
w .division 7 tliereto, rela 
e, local, and ree;lonal par 
the war effort, Includlru' 
a State '.Var Council and lo 
9. regional and local a 'en 


-ijfJnlng their powers and 
rnor and other e^dstin^ St 
agencies in relation there 

on legislation to repeal 
Veterana Code, axid to add 
tin..: to and providing for 
ticipation in civilian defense 
but not limited to provision 
cal war councils and other 
cles, bodies and officers, 
duties and those of the 
ate and local officers, bodies 
to . 

a pronrlatin- 'r^r. .u ^^'^ "P°" legislation making an 

to carry out the purposes o^f sSci^^^°Ll^ti^n ll^'d^'^Z. 

caused' thf'^St'lf^fr;. LTlt ;^^^«""^° ^«^ "^ ^^^ -d 
affiled thi. zl V( ^^ ^^*^^ of California to be 

Attest: / } r7 

Secretary of State 



dai of January, 1943. 
Governor of California 


In Oie office of (lie Sjcretaty of SUt« 
of ttic Sute of Olifoinia 

JAN 2 -.194'^. 
FRANK M. JORDAN, Secretary of sute 







~^o^ '-■ 

■2 "^ CD » 

to H* 0) O 
3 rj5 »-:5 t^ 

D J-^ [D o C 3 

3 C (5 11, O 

J a a" 


'-i c» ixi a 5 

5 'i P} pj -c- (-• 

3 a. t 
T M. (^ H. ■:- c 

• T,, H. 3 Q .^ 
--■ vT> u» 

cfl n^ c: ^ 

-5 s; H> 

•^ rf 

(-< >D {» 3 01 

(-J 01 "i ^• 

2 3 3 3 

J ?>* 3 CD i> 3" 

J5 (5 O, 


O 3 a ,'ij 
■5 D 3 rl- 

2*o 3 

• H) o d c < 

, _ '^ :o 1 O 

^^ O 3 

O Ci c* 

3 - ^ 

O a o H~ -, I. 

"-■ » 3 g a - 
■ ; o 

~ 2 '■" o 
-- 3 ^-^ 

3 I;:* 3 ►Ti < s- 

-i CO 

*i CD 3 '^ -* 

■-• rf Ca 3 ~ . - 

'^ a-rt- 
CD 35 P c 

d CD <• 
o M a> a 
-^ _^ o «; o 
. cr o CD n 
•-. '<j • ^ 
a CD 

S CD 1— ( -1 

*3 3 03 r • 

C+ C 03 

ca a o 'T 

c*-3 C 

O ►? 3 

•-» 3* T 3- .* 

CD i-j 

C CD «<; 

•-"a »s 3 

'-" 5 (a H. rKB 

• 5* " t^ 3 3 

CD Cli t<] Q, 


r+ r-r 3 C 

2 O 3" M. 3 

_^ ^ CD 3 a 

< CD i-J rf CD 
1 O CD a> ►J 

'■ a M-i. I 

3 "^ H- c <+■, 

tP HJ 3 a jj- ,- 
w o a a p. -•; 

M iS H» CD M ^ 


en 1 < "a 

cro a 

a >-^ <D 

c ^j o 

Cj po ,., 
N^ O C : 

» H-CD 
O 3 

I3>H rt CO O r- 

" 3 r* rt- '-«l !-! 

^ 01 


I-* ") H- 

f+ "^3 -) 

^T) ca 3 c+ a 

a c 

a c 

r>- 1? ^^ o S3 

tr (B 3 cf o 

.ff „ M cr o :;: « 


') < rt- CD 

H- 03 << 

c- O rf 

o < 

(T 3" o 

CD r+ CD CD O "k; 
•i 3" ►< 3- 

S So' 

3^ o h* CD s; 

o < 

< CD 

J C 

"^ 3 

CD O rt- CO CD r( 

.3 O 

H. 3> »i < o W 

3CW O » t3 

O G 

« CD P =<! 03 >D a 

a )-<. 
SJ a" o a .-3 c 

C3 <D M • 

'C C5 (B 

M •-1XD -*.t, 

f M rf "-SI CD ►i ^ 
c+ CD d CD ca - 

O «: CD a i 
3 CO 


3 < 

i3 O 

o 'jj 3 CD s: 

d ^j 

•-S CD 

M (D J 


05 ~ »-5 a o 

■3 O X ^ 

3-3 "-S -^ ^ 

3 3 3 O 

a >-, tj Q 

CD .-^ »-j 

■ n 'c 

•-5 H- D 


O n CD 3- 

CD 2 CD 3 03 

'0 ^J _ 

3 3 c-r O O 
. M .^ ►-, .-, 

O rt l-i 3 

CD I rt 

rt rtC5 -> 
'-S 3' O 

(D < 1-1 
a CD ,-— 
CD "-5 ►i < 
'O ca 3 CD 

3 - CD rt 

a 3 

03 rt -r « 

* — 3* 

rt rj — 

< > 

-> 3 

-s 0) s: 

a -J CD 

25 ^-• ►^ 
rr r-- CD 

O O r* 

3 3 
3" CD 

r- 3 

3 a 

< CD 

< CD 
CD <i 


e ^ 


■*' : v:/,^>v' 


, 3 0.(»X 

o •-' o 
;^ p CD 

l^ a Cii 1^ Q p :.5 ^- 

•'' U ^S 'oi n 

~ lO ^^ 3 ,- - 

» !-t- O 0) O • 

a ^j 

o t; ^^3 G 

'C 3 I-" — 
O c^Xj c* Z' 

3 3-»j cr 3- • 

m o s CD — 

CD P O cf 

a. fa .1) ^ ^,: 

cr K c-t- M. 

CD o •:! to 

3 M ^: 

•-5 ri- _, 2> |-• 
'-: 3" S, Cfl >— 

►-^^ W 3 

O 3 3 

3 3 CD r* 

; O O c-^ O 
3- O O 

< (-> 

— ' <B C5 p 

O ►i H. fi 

• -1^3 rf " 

'-"JO )-» h-» 

- "^ en 3 

o> Oq 

*^ CD t-^ 

C ca o 

3 3 

3S ►J 

3 Xj ^ • 
•c 3 

cf n O 

•^(^t) M'Q 3- C 

CD O ►* H- H» SJ 
r 0'-»*-t)3)P3r+o 


» .f 

CD d- O <D 

ra c+ 3" O o :;0 3 

• CD 

3 5 

o "-sa - 

<rf=<; Q. 


O 3- 

35 3-0 ' 

^ t J o f^ CD H o 

3 05 CD 

•^ O P 

W "-^ H- •^ 


ci- -^ -3 3 

H-' O <-<• 3" O "^ 

o CO .^ 3 3- 
O CI fo rr 3 "rj 6 

(?3a)OCD<*3r CC 
3 3 13 H- " ■ " 


I-* ►-jy 


^ t-4 

o M !-«• jB a o c-i- 

►:! c; i-i 

c+ "I 3 CD 

CJ I— 3 , 
1- 3- "^ O ;,i 3- 
:3 35 3 3 .-J ; 

ri- CD ca 

3- H. 

S3 i-J ►-i 3 CO 

ID ►! ct- C IS^o rs ►! a. 


3' 3 » *i 


X O f-3 

03 ca o V o o 

C5 C o ^■« 

r+ 3 •< H- CO M cTpj (>} 

h-:t <i o 0) o ^ c^ 

to O* O H- I— 


>-■ OJ CD H> 

^ ci- O 3 *-• O 

< H- I 

o 3 

CD tn 

o a 

3 3" 

CO O t-^ C3 
CD u y jj 

■•3 'J5 £3 

- r- 3. 

:3: 3 o c* 3 o 4 

-^ CDI-'CD>!'0 3- r^"» 

:o 3 -A. , 

?r r*3 

- ~ 3 03 1-* -! 

CT rf ■< a ^- 

• H- !-»(-♦■ ■ 

3 C S''^ 

... ,-.S3.Q. C 

CD Q :. 

>a n c 

c o a "^ 

-3 3 

^ rf a. r,- 

CD rj c 

CO ►-• 3 ^. 

o* a- r- ■ 

c-T 3 >. 'o >S 

3" ca (» 

CD h- 9 

-+1-1-3 3 

a 3- 

J 3 CD 

CD ►S 

H- O 
M 3 

•j o 

O Q 3 

Cr 1— rr) 

O H. 3 3 

33 2- a. 

c- (-J n 
3*0 O . 
CD (» 




o :) 

1— C 3 
3 ►:{ - 

3- ,-1- 
■ r* CD 

-^ :j Of 

an, u 

c :> 

O >^ n- 

"^i 3- 

cs rr ai CD 
M G at 

't 3 O 2 

o a- ^ o 

3 H- 3 
:o -5'-!, 

1-. ►J l-» 3 

" 3 O 

3 O H- 

O CO a 
CD CD rs 
Qi a - 

a. t-( (3 
o cr 

ii ID 

3 '-D 

,3 3 

3 O 


'0 "ci "^ 
03 C' 

"^ cr 

<^ '^ 




r r 

CO E' 





7 ..; '. 

•■ I t V !■■ ' 



- 3 

(t) t 


c-i- r.'' m 
P' r+ M 

^c o 

i- (? 

C ^i 

•-3 M 

o a- 

ct ;:;- 

T O ;>■ D m ^ O 

t/i ! rD r; o Q fu 

TJ (? 1 

M. r^ t3 

n> >:( O "-} M H- M 

c-t O O ct :1.^C rr 

o - p o o <<; 

O M O 

I) O t-t) 



c-f P ' 

W Q O 


O 1-3 

'-•jp' o 

C P O C 

a"! o o <^ ■-< 1^ tj 

H- :v- tj <-- o '^ rt 

11 3 c .-h n 

rj • p 3 o 
ctg>. y-o.-iOM 

O P 3 


(1 I-} H- rt> 


3 w 

M O 3 

H- O 3 3 n 
3C3roc+C:- C ctH« 

P (D 
3 M 3 '-^ 3 "-J 

ctH- C 

Xi M 

(TJ H- -L 


o 'a !-*• r+ 3 M .': 5 3 

■ ►;; >-s ti 3' ci, c "^ p D> 

O t-t O O prr 

H- H- -• 3' >^ H- P 


cr TO 

M c+ c+ O S^ 

(T> 3^ 3' :5 > 

' Oi (U O 5P 

SCO !-:] 

rti C p :^ 

rt X H- n a 

O t-jp- rt 

H)-, 43*^(7) h!3o COro»i 


<0 H O 05 c* 

'O 3 P E 

r+ O O O — PC 

H- '-') d H- O ri < -o 

3 ' .5 m fD 4 M M O 

p -• 

H' M' P O 

ct 3 <; 

wo ct 3 rt fD 

O to 


()■; ct o I 

3' ct a h H- ' 

3 3 3 

■ ■ a p o 

t) o 

3 1). , - ,- < 

P 3 ct P M t— O P f-j M, o << o 

3 w a 


3 i-'n 

P-> 3 M»(r5 ffl H- 

p p 

3 O-.^ o ^^ 

ct g O « 3- ct 3 c+ 

:■ '-^<5 <D 3' 

ct p, C 

(-* P 



ct cr H •-: (D ct 

ro g (c 

H- 1) H- s 

■ J H- ct CO 



•-J cr; rti 

o (t> w 3 H- I 


3 O 

^ O P ct < c+ 

I "O O 3 c 

fD cr P >■! 

o o p o w 

■ H"a 

j^ 3 3* 

H- 1^ <• p 

IT. ct VI ct 

'-it-^3a)<» OB'-J 
IV Qj M >-i p O 
m tn a ~ < 

rt P t; t H. 

:: 3* ►^ o 3'o a- 
3^ D. I en 


ct O 

O ct O 

•-^ o o- o 

O -!>■ P O ' rT ' 

>• »• i-j 1^ p p 

P H- H CO M 

P ru 5 h'j hJ- (D H- 

3 rt O O 1-^ O t^ 

3 -I O ctO 
M ct 3 *-! H- H 
O O H- 3 O 3 
P' H^ 3 t^ - 

P' '»3 
(D (i 

M O 
fD P 3 
'•> HO 


3 H- r- 
P" '1 3". 

P ct pr' 

H W 

^/'^• E 

^ Jl> 

^ C/1 

G .^ 
3 C P 

<; H. 3 

tX> hi 

3 l-'-O 

ra 3 !- 
P.c; c- 

H. c+ P 
3 3"0 

ct ct 3 
^ 3'i- 
P <D •-! 
O «< 

1-3 3< 

H-n o 

3 H< O 

p 'Jl p 

<-! i-'V. 

*< P H- 

Ct O 

M 3 3 

"1 fT 3* 

•n p 

H'O M 

O •-» 

3 P 
»• ct •^ 

3- p. 

0) in 
3 T 

i; ct 

»• p 









12 3 

B y^ 

I w 

L. P 


i!p a 

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^■'■»->,... < 





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2 t^ 

! ' 

ctS i HRKO 

I'. '■•'■> 


: rr'-''^^, 




▼^ ▼▼ ^ 

c cr c H- y <p 

& C O O 3 3: 

- t^ 'T "■ - -! r I-.. - 

M- t ►-" t -* 

- !n-'< fi- r- g 

O .-■* = 

■ 4 3- p, r/.. 3 T -^ H. c 

•^ H-C 

•-t CT X 

C C ~ 

to (0 r— 

D ►.-; c :, 

3 C 3 


c o 

cr- 7; •-6 '^ o t— ii- "c "c 3 

3 -^ O 3 w C 

fS (Ti t^ HI- t-» >- 

T5 K C 

r*" *< c* "^ <-i 

o -: M.- 

M C M O ■< 5 (t C X 

-t- n. C 

K m c+ H— I 

3 O H- ;, o 

^ c+ r* C.;A cr- p__ 3 

3 V 

cT tr S 

M - p- c+ I 

pr (t o- X 
C5 c c» 3-3- ?,: c; 

Q O r' 

a o t " 

3 — p 

3 < a H c J 

*C C 'T. ff 05 c*" h-^ H» H*» (^ C^ < c* 


t+ 3 C 3 

3 c (t cr w c+ © 

c o 

3 t-f C 

' O C Cb C 

O 3 

3 cr o 

3 H. 

c o 






.J j-j ^„ j-f 

??• ►♦, 

c < X s 

., n _. ►_, _-} 
J> o 


-■;*-^ -0"--^^— |3^-"-r*- **^'^--^t^3-- ♦— -t 


t-r c* >-j 

I v-^ r+ .S. 1) 

S M M c+ t— 
"0 - ^ =r v-j 

s << 

^1 Hi a 

5 C ►! ►-t 

•.-^ n c 

H- c+ "-J 

f ►-^ 


t — 

• < 



c -^ 

•-a »r C ('■ o 
{r p w o O 

«* a 

' C Or r-» 


- 3- r i- 

c r 

t ■ •~. i-i 

o » r-- 

.0 ^- 

,-»< O 

CZt-l IF 

Cr .T' :■■■ 

•-- c c 


f ■ -^ ■ 

■ tr "-J 

a» (I ?- 

r-^ cat 
p '' p a s m 
3 c 3 - ►— - 
c^ o n 

c cc *•• o 
si » (e c o 
P cr 3 *^ " 

CO C le O H- 0) 

Cr e - cr o a 

H> R - D- O 

3 « » tr 

T, •<. ? *^ '1 o 

et c >— H-- - 

O e It ^• 

a a c ►-■ »r f 


3 C C C O 

« p. 3- tJ- 

- t-'tB O B 

►- B C I'- 3 W 

ct O 

<:»» o 

1— »^ c 

C 3 


3 I-- 

o» C 

►if f, 
» O 


C- 3 

c. o 
o o 
c »- 
H 3 
►1 » 

•-3 1^ 

o o 



O C »-" (-»• 

3 -s 

■3 3 1-3 

IE cn 
e cr 

at n 

? o 

c 00 

3 ►I 3- 

Ct C K" 

ff N Ot 

N » 

r; 3 

tt c- r, 

a> c 

•J 3 

■C 3 

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3 C 


a- CR 
c « 
n ff 
a 01 


ei < 

ts o 

fE CS 
Q F 

rr "D «-f H- O IB ^^ r.i c 

*i: •— ►j o 

•1 fr C CT 3 >-i 

c < 

t c f ^ "-t cr 1 

& H- o n E? 

►-» cr D c 

C r'- rt 

•— >^ C ' 

O t 

C c^ 

«CTOr»'Ci'<'-» 3"^-! 

f> rf •-•, r O H» 

C « 

I» rf c* jr ^« (J ^ 

t!; tt c» n o 

<? t-f (2 ri re 

(t P Ce 

r. ►I ^3 ri i-i •-•,•?-- 


c* C D- 

C» C 

O C 3" O 

S M.| 

O 3 CT 

MO, r^ --i -i _' 

1 p. 

C It 

C t- 3 C >-j 


P ?» M f5 H- •-! 

C 1 ff 

» S » 

H t B » C! or •i 
OP*! trrt»-»c'3 


B CT h 


» >-» O 

r? C-- X, » t- H- 

r? < 3 
CP C ft c.. 

a 4 p. 


•^ H- cr 

C c« ff 3 «< 

» •I :t I— 

CI » C 


te 3 -I C _ 

C P 

f »-' "^ 3 ;? 

• c* "n tr o> o ff I— c 

C C C -i 3 SB C-. I- I 

XI 3 *^ 

O Sr 3 B 

C> Ct e~ O •-• .T 

1 tr t- p 

» ^* (t *c ri . 

3 W t^ r^ O CT 3- 

cT ce tr » oc 
•-"•rot OBc'ctf 
3 ►I B) H» o tr (I 
<» c ir cr 

•^ CO a 
H" js » »t 

o c f» »- c 

c* c* C 3 3 

» C (> 

f, a: r> 

fj OB 

o- c a Of 

• r ' (t 

'^ •-) t- O 3" ff "1 


CP c *< 

iT'(t03»C <c 

CO CT ce (e "-I K ■ 

H- c 

t "-i 1— » <^ CT 

f» C t--CTI-<.»*>-.f«^ JVC 


tr cB r 

o D cs 

rt» H- 

H tt o <» 

C !-■ I-J O ^l 0> 

C B c- ^ 

C C *-. 3 3 

►1 1 o (r. ,'■'■ tr 3 f.'j 

o (t m tr o ►— 

*i o 


C9 D. H" « H> 

O ct cr cT <» 

« e I 

•1 :•■ 3 --t t- )-» CT . 

o cr f " ^ 

»-" CT cr- 

O « c- o p — . tj 

o e c* 

•1 ct 3- 

t f- tr cj » 3 >-» 
•=:• « f- C a CT o 

CC C »— c-t 'i Cn C s: 3 Hj c- 

PT c o a H^ tt M- 

f- f . li ? 3 

c i- 

'fi C ¥-^^-y ?r c C 

i" C ff < »-» c 

CT 9 

■ 0? c 

3 w a 
f- *\. cr 

L" e H cj 

p * 

B C)3h- tropBD 

» t^ r GO a Ct 




o e *t z, p tsi s 

»-< Cri C w H- B CB 

•-* P P! a 

cr H- V^ 0! 9 3 

2 P 3 S ff C cr 

IT O ►I ct 01 7 

•^ Ct (t o 

« 3^ 

* Ct B P C 3 *» 

r c» IS >-» tt 

O tt C ^ O P H- 



<* E K- » t-t 

J- >■ o < c » 

3 3 t— CB H» »— CT 

O 3 J >; 60 (5 
C /; ►- C (f 'J C 

ct cr 

» "I »— (? 

- tr CT ir ct 
T ^- H- r o 

<-! » 

O O H- H 

t> 3 ►- o CT O 
t- ct ►< ►^ 
ct c I- 

9 » I 

< t^ tr 

» CT«< >- 

t: M 




H' •-* H- to 

f. ►I ff 

ff O *-! 

O B 

C r- P 

►-^ B r* 

(t p n 

O C* t 


< ii'. 

p t- 

w tr 

c < 

(9 I— 

t:^ R 

f C 

a c 

> ,^ 

o c 

c- cr 


rr <» 

re o 
c ^ 

C c> 


B t- 

C ^ H 

c fs r- 

C — . C 

t^' ►-» '-. 

1 ■ »^ ►I 

e D- c* 

t % 

er o 

«< n 

o > 

■o ►I 

o ►- 

< o 

a c 


c* <c 


» r> 


C en 

« O 1.: ►^ »-" 

cr r» c- o 

t— <— t— rt c 


es n 

:^ n r t- '^ ►< r 
" > P >i c P 

^^ ft r* ^- 

■c o c p (» 

t h* ^ - . ^ 

T O K ►- O 

M tr o -* 

c* (B 

B O 

<» c» ffl »j r 

I- c 

C O ►J •< o 

-• C T. ^ < 

ri cf ~ p T 

H C U "- 


tr- p. o »— 
o t c c cr 

D a M^ f-» «-» 

P r» Ct •-! » 

»^ C c O A 
t; c D t^ 

- ® C3 3 t/ 
C ►- "-J 

r.' c ra p o 

•— "^ r 

tf H- »-; C 

c D ►t o 

C » c» O ct 

►J a o B B 

c» ►« r» c* P 
r O tr cr 0> 

H- T t ^ 

HO « C 

D) i» r 

4 cr t» ►*■ ►! 

a f* cr r P 

C! C* P 

"C ct rr ►- c 

O cr B H- 

p a p I p 

?(' s 


^ » 

^xecutiDc ©cpartmcnt 


j'ci-Luiiii'i.^ Lo Peach Iwosaic Disease^"'^ 

ict ftas been aeterminea by the Director of 
- ; injurious plHnt diseuSes not eenerally dlatri- 

bui I 1 in California and known hp virus ! diseases of certain stone 
fruity capable of cnufrlng peach EosaicHor syiaptoas iaentlcal 
v.ith those ol* peuch iijoaaio, exist In ciprtain areas of the United 
' atrtinaJ'ter doserlbed and knov.niaE infectea area, and 

!'^ prolilbit«ni pvofiiieir hircln aeijcrlbea are ho.sts or 

; vl 


rht-Ki-tuHi,, it is declared neitessary in oraer to pre- 
1,-n,, T- >"+'• . ; !-tion into andlspread v.'ithin the State 
vifUfc diseasijis, that a quarantine be 
:.• :•' ijy c .jtabiishea at %h.b boundaries of the 
'"ornis in accordnnoe v.ith :the provisions of Section 
tUi_ /.t-riculturol U ;■ the State of Oaiifornia aeainst 
r»i!i .'.iseoses, thel' or possible carriers, ti^own in 
.•;hippea or brought fron tj|e hereinafter aescribea 
(.r:il no '-'.11'], virup disea^eB or possible carrier^- 
■n this iproclamation shall be 

ich .luosaie. 

C o c un i no , G r ahan , 

i;ua;itit!ii of fci. rnuiillu. Loan J-siu, Lincola, Otero, Rio 
Arri'Oii, LJandov-il, fc^nntti I'e, ."-illf^rrti, vocorro, Tbos, and 


-ti.'sLxHua, i^ixis, i_.i taoO, ^irttlu, X'uni;i;i, lii^r.-^r, iioya, 
uriiyson, Gregg, lluii: , iludson,: Johnson, Jon^s, wills, 

ian Saba, Smith, 

V. ood. o nd Youn.-. 

t^Mlo Pinto, Ptirker, Runnels, Russ, 

i'rirr-mt, Taylor, Uprhur, VvilbHrrcr, 

cpricot, alr^oi.a, pluit, anu prune 
fi for or cni].iobl»- of |ji"opti). atior , 

puitfJ in c»i \T 
■ AritMiNrn, 194J 

»T«Tii »iiNiiNo orricH 

K H MOniF. »TAli rtlNTlK 


^xccutiDc Bcpartmcnt 


jJ^J'P^I'J'I C'N Ul' V IOf.ATI out: : 

' ' I'Tohibiteci . quaraiui:.t G 

in thic i:'rocituiifai.ioii, arj-ivin^: in California from the saiu in- 
fectec. territory ahall be rel'usea ftomittaiice into this state and 
-a:. .. iiu,.tuititely tent out of the stJate or destroyed at the 

■M ■■ •■ (.vLfTiMr o<' t\u ovT' ?• or ^\r-T-:. r'- - ".i.!i^ . . : [,un- 

i-uFGr.CII.^j r O'l.LKi . : 

' ■ •■■ ' • ■ ' '^1' >A,jricul t ur - .:_ . :...: .v.:. i^ 

riant viUarantiiiK Uffloers are hereby empov^ereu to carry out all 

;,,. prnvi:ion;. of tiAi- I'r.u' :;.:;./, t.i, in . 

J.I-I..J. i ; 

;' ■ forfefe'^infc uoi :.■ not apply to e:i{periii,f;nts of the Unitea 
i.artHient of Arriruiture in th»H' Ptate of . 

-; ■ . :; ■ j.tionNo. ... , ..,^it.,, .^,,. _...... 

.;^rtntinc i^roclaiuatlcn ^o. il. , Kevisecij, issuea March 5, 19/,>', 

.n., ahtiil tMkh effect 1iiq-„pc; j ot^'ly . 

In ii.Ii'i'niLi'ij kini.ivj_ui , 1 nave 
nereunto set my nana 
ano causea the Urcot 
Seal of the Ltate of 
California to be af- 
fixed thiii 3rci 'iny :f 
April A.r. , or,< 
tliuuscnu nintr .'im;art.d 
and forty-thrt-e. 

,^--'^2.^^' /^^-,_-t--<-*-^ 



\.. '•.*-»»«-yu' /^Vy^***''*-*' 

yecrb'tarv -f , : :,t< 

ISSUED: L),puly^retoi4«fSl.l» 

t"intij tm ciiiroiNiA ttATa raiNimo epri* ■ 

^icnitiOf Bcpartmcnt 


■-siiy nee. 

;'lendid work, the 
■fficia]ly observ- p 
thi'i^iif'hout the .Vesterri 
'■ifit ^he Jtite of '-'- 1 ^- '- '... : 
■':nua3| celebrptic 

If ^ r. ") 

Tnd c«uBe<i theVjre^t 

*'« rRINtINg OPflCK 
" Moo«F.»T»TlI>m|rf,i 

^xecutiuc ©cpartmcnt 

^ratc of California 

■ dtfP'i 

vho ha' 

_^Z-' ^^^'-^--^ 



»»»*• riiMiiMe oprtrK 
»■-« M. MOOM, iT»T» niMTiai 

ixccutioc Bcpartiiiciu 

^tatt of California 



■' d ' 

oi'^ of (lUJti country . Our na ' 

p in whi.'.Ti cvt-ry person raus ' 

crovnod vltl 

heal til In this 
I'jrsons yearly and 
)l*eat strides have been 

I np f xilly in 

vwrjfuac! sii.Hild know tli'' 
•ud tje aware that prompt 
impoifatlve If the dlse' 

''"vtfen, Govpri'.^r "*' "■■ 
4^" April, 

■: rid 

- , . , t 

■ :-.a-al& to be ''- 
; this 3rd d'^: f 
-.pril. A, D., 

t1>'<ur,-".rirl nTrio 

7 / >.-^ 



^xenitiDe ©tparrmcnt 




c^Tt-'In innlip.nnblr. 

■^ri^ the , - 

jmns \Terferpon, author 

'<ii^ O C 

1 ' ilOl.L- of 

. , r«>nt«. who 

:• , "-; fi? mounded b- "■homna 

nfltior. -jf our- ■,-.-- ro^.- i.^,;. 

■ ■ n tru. •., .-...- >, 

' -^t_ .n. joir uti A:,ai 15, 194?, 'ip 


n fill 


, ■ . , I lieve 

! or-.ufito Ret my hnnd 


te of 

^"ril, A.?.., one 

^xtcutiuc ©tpartmcnt 

^tote or California 


In Uw offk* of «* » SttfKi'v ol SWa 
of rtw Strft d C*lifomi<i 

APR'^ :-■:■■■ 
FRANK M. JORDAN, Secretary olStrt» 

' not> the "ruclf l:^lo; he 

. >.^^le-: of the f<orld ol" "Jl It'C-:; fu' ?]•, ^'ds 

uch ne«d of nivlne proteotJiou p>n<\ ■!:uld''nGe «>b 

-iri; luui • ; over every portion of the -lobe 

i' ■'" the d.':-,ti-il.-iM ot; of n1wni-"?;,.n ■■nl ♦),,, 

suppresslcn of 'l,rl"tl- ■' . 

to if. 
child r 

direct , ""'Odless n;er, -iv: strlvin-: 

•V u,. uii freetigj. iuvil!l|.^3; men ticI v-orerj »nd 
rSrtprlv© them of tJieJr rifrht to worshi- 

ridpy of :'ol.. , oibserv l: ;■ 

*'" ^■"'icifiriui. -jI .;J^riot, is - (j-y for 
' - these tinea df dsrv forebodl riJ^s, 

• or, t-hnn (*ver be on jccpinion for levout 
.lf"tvln'-' for thi" M^in'-lr-r the ^Ir^i-^htv 

' ■>Tll 2'-:, 

tiilB pur: 

^ '• ' >!• nil our oiti7.'!ns pronoi- obstfrvncc 

"} " !"J «s novornor of bnUrornlp, I, fori 

(t ..J. i,,c -'ii 't^tc employftef? «vho der.irc to ntter" 
rvlcep hetwcfui the hourp of! 1?:00 ond ^:00 on 

'•■'■. '-'^ ■ ■ 'I '' '•" ' :■ ■ th'-lr'ilLitiri for 

hereunto net try hand. 
pnd onused the "^rreat 
i'e^ii of tho -tnte of 
Crjifornin to be nf- 
fired thin 19th dny 
of April , '.D., ona 
thousind'^ hn-,,-r'o.^ 
"ndj f orty-t 



V-V^ < .<■ . < .< <4iy 

r>ect-et»ry fofi' Sfte 

^xccutivic Bcpartmcnt 

State of California 





FRANK M, JORDAN, Secretary cf 'tite 














ly Secrt tary of bti 

ry of i)tite 

I tivtiM., orrir r. 

^xecotitic ©cpartmcnt 

3tate oftSlaliromia 



triifttJ IS CAltfOKNIA 

:^^.'.'r,°. ;.:?«v- ^m^^(c<u^ 

3Excnititic Bcpartmcnt 


•.•.•ttrd im CAitroRNiA »i*r« ritNiiMc opru 

tkrftWIINTO. I94J (.eoHCii H.MOOIV.tTltTf MINTl 

^^Kcotioc department 

^tatt of California 

tn t?i.- 

FRAfvK f 

F: ' ?^n 

" ""™«.">t. P.lNIt. 

l^xtcutltit Bcpartment 

^tatc or California 

■•TING d^fUt 

^Kcutiuc Brpartmcnt 

3tatc of California 

)4J *.«(iK<,t M.MOO«i.*T^Tf MINTFt 

i^xccutitie Bcpartmcnt 


X^,,^^ ^^^^^^ 


^mnV^t department .a^.^rriN. proclamation no. 9 (revisk.) 
^tjtc of California , , , (REvishj) 

lertalnln^ to ^weet Potato Aeevll 

^ on and after June 1, 19^j. 

3v.eet potato planS, S^own as'^he sw.L' '^^I ^"'^'° ^^^«" ^^^ 

01 California that a qC^ranMno ba aSd th« "'^''''^J ^"'^ ^*^« ^^^^e 
nshei ot the bounda-lea ol fh2 of f ^^® ''®'"® ^^ hereby esfab- 
*Uh section 106 of t^e Ag•lcS?tui^^°^ Callrornia la 
nla against the said .Jaot potato See vfi' f, T f^^'^ °^ Callfor- 
carriers. Imported, snipped or br.^,whJ? ^^ '??^^^ °^ Possible 
*rlct3, and territories' SltneUnUef^tif-'" ^^ states, dls- 
or parts thereof shall ce pemltMd ?o^«i ' ^ "° "''''^ pro:luot. 
lines nereby established and oroclfi™^.* ""t"' '"* 'Warantlne 

to the conditions herein orovlded ' ^°^^'' ''"^*'' ^'^ ^^^1«°t 

£IABAMA: Entire OoimtJes of Raldw 

lH^Lm- 'i - .rate. 

GSORG^IA: Entire Count' 

f^ill^ roroOcarl^us, tab.). 
In, Butler, and Mobile. 
^Qn, Charlton, Glynn, and 

_u^i: iiitire Goimtlss of Ballard rariiBi- v,, ■ 

ttn-i Graves. -«i-xaid, Carlisle, Hickman, Fulton 

L OUISI AhlA: V/est o f Vlsalsslnpl ^iver- 

i-j--!7^i^^»^'v.;^inr^..'pj'L:rj - •- 



E.3?i»„d! Blif^'Ei K^i'f A '=°°'"' "'II". Dawson, ' 

Shslb, %»?;, ' ' "'•'«'•. Potior, l,»ci Rivor ' 
bholoy, M,iti,. 3„„<,rvoU, 3,l.h,^, T,rr.„t, ?;;ior, 


3;xecutlDc Bcpartnicnt 

^tatc of CaliforniJ 

Page 2 

leriy, Titus, Tom Groon, Upshur, Wilbarger, Mao 

an-i iVoo-i. 


AIL stBter, l'Tt,j'lcts, an; 

torles of the United States. 

sw.^f ^ i.^ f plains, vines, cuttinsa, draws, and slips f 

^Z\ '" "r ^'^-'^^^^^'i yams (Ipo».ooH r.ulata? ), and 

^''"-- (IpoTioea and Con^olmilna (ijjl- ' - 

VI 1. 


fMH^^,'^"'"" ""Mod In Provision 2 hereof, sweet potato 
Ifnlfl ""I'r^^^ (i£23>o«a. bat^as) and parts thereof, sweet potato 
plants, vxneo, cuUlnfis, draw.., and allpa, and moraln, glories 
(f£2|Ooa and >-onvoIyulns spp.) that have .een grown, packed, or ' 

'alir'' n?« •' ""''' ^"^^^'^'^'^ «^«« «^« hereby prohibited entr^ Jnto 
uailfornla for any purpose whatsoever. j."»-u 


_ : - , , 'ubera grown, packed, or stored In the herein 
^.^.-uxu^.: a:a3-.ed area will be admitted Into the state of Cali- 
fornia only province 3a,-r,o iiave been fmnlt:at,d (at owner's rtL ) 
oLTlVf.T^" ^-^^'^'^^tion chamoer.- by an Approved method Inl 
cert.Me.i In accoraai.ce with Provision 4 (a) hereof and protected 
- eatment Infestation. -^vu^u 

■•' A£2^™^ £L iJy^.',aation chamber shall be by the director of 

Provision .'5. 

ALi, :;i':3j'U^T!Ll) PhODfJGTS I- ItOM NONl^iiaTiiD AI-JiA 

'^..- a-I restricted products herein defined which have 

rown, packed, or in the said Infested area 

--.\£ txorles, wr.ica are unrestricted from nonlnlested 
. ce admitted Into the State of Calllornla only provld- 
.ni same aro oiflcially certified In accordance with Provision 4 
(o) hereof arflrmln,/ such fact,-,. noMsian « 


"''"'" '■" ■" — _^_.. _ ' ■• J.H'iJ?. Oi' CEtnii''ICATE3 

■^«n^.?H" "'*' '■":■.. ^i'^P?"""^ '^^ restricted products must be accom- 
panied by a certificate l-^,,,^.! by e duly-authorized Inspection 

tory, or district of origin. 



) lor cured tubers only - If tubers were grown. 

toreil^ln the herein JeScribed inieste;. area. 
said certllicet9 must aifli-u that all tubers In said lot or 
shLpraent were fumleated Immediately prior to shlp-^ent under 
the personal supervision oi the certifying officer for a 

t>r,nttJ »m r.nrn 

^xecutioc department 

3tatc of California 

Page 3 

lieria-! oi Tour hours ua bit, not lesa than 3a~ pounds of 

.'..etnyl brotnlde poi- l,00o cubic feet of space at a tempera- 

lure of 70>> /• . or abov-^ or such other alternate treat-nent 

a3 the Director may approve after the effective date of 

-als proclamatlor. and set.ln^ forth the na-ne of owner or 

operator .. ■ - ' ,-, ciwriVt-r o.,ed anJ the date of 


(b) ; ;.;• ui . __ 

_._j- .uj ts - 'f reatrictea 
wore not grown, packed, or 

- - - ----- -^ -o -H"v..^.; " rj 1. 1- uMi. K'""n, pacKed. or 

stored In said Inieatod areaT^circertlf Icate must so 
3tate thesfl facts, c-Wing the name an-J address of the 
growei , except tnat ir the origin and subaecjuent handling 
°l ^"',^^£e cannot be determined, aaine must be treated and 

All cerliricatea, in uuaitian to the lril-or,natlon i>auulred 
-^i or (b) above, must state the name and address of the 
-PX>er, number and kind of containers In shipment or lot. 
^n-^r of sn'-->!«n*. „n < .,,. '.,Uln^5. and number M shipped by 


' issued in accordance with this 
'■''? -"^Wtic,o .e .i.aiiea to the Director of Hi,riculture 
■ito. ".iUiornla, at Mme of ahlnmeiit,. ^ ^uxture. 

ba iie 

- ■-. J:HI§ fc'^ . ^/i; ijOLU SHXeMSNT J 

■■■ Hdmlssiule under Int. fore^olnt provisions tmst 
carrier asents and not delivered to consignee 
" '; "'-^1 iii^pected aiul passed by the Director of Ai ricul- 
. lis deputy or deputies, or by a duly-authorized State 

'i ^"^.^^' !•'''''' '•'^' ^'^Ipwenta or products arriving in -.iie 
of nalifoinla In vlolaMoi, cf or not fully comolyln. with 
rr.vlslons Of this proclaniatlon, shall be l.medlately^ent 
. "' ''' ''" ' - ■ e option and expense of the 

Tho ni: isslblllty luLo i,..e ..uate of Oallfomla of any 
hi inr, -'""^'Jfty covered by the foregoing provl.^lons shall 

be tuii.-- ouoject to the provisions of any other quarantine 
proclaffiatlona or regulations now m lorce or which may her;2arter 

'«P"|^1° li'octo' Dt Afcrlculture and ail state 

' i-'?r;) are hereby empowei^ed to '■ j] : ^^ proclamation.».,re.„« „„„,„ „„o„.„.„ ,.,«„. 

Page L 

^xccutiuc Bcpartnicnt 


The rort:t;oirir; Qoeu not nyi'Iy to \.hv cy^pcriait-nt; of tbe 
United LtHteP l'epnrtr..eut of A,- rloulture In the State of Ctilifor- 

nifj. ' 


TJii: i.u(irtini-in. iTouiumuLlon ho. '^ (htvit'cd) supursedep 
>.uerar.titiu Proclecetiori No. y (Revlstc;) datea June 15, Iv^i , 
fclid shtill take effect iiiiii'eul&tely. 

IN V.ITMi.t. V.'HiiRLOl'' , I htiVe 
hereunto set ny huna 
anu caused the Great 
Seel of the State of 
California to be af- 
fixed thiB 1st day of 
June A. D., one thousand 
nlnr hundred ami forty-ti 

Uovernor of California 

Secretary of tjtate 




*^' ^' ' '".ett^o*^^'" 

^xccutiuc department 

^tatt of California 


ress. Jmie 1^1, 1777, has the flag" of oui- Country been thej 

. . ; i^f l-.n .n t.o r^,, ni^n-- n,MHon?» ■^f oeople !n the vorld as ' 

ur i' .ru or LV^^ernrneiit, it hac> .ul;f,o bee 
•olief for thp n;)prf»r!sod of the v^rld. 

■Ith the npirlt of justtce nnd immnlty, It Is'todnv 

"■'"'''''"'/'■■' f'-i''- ■'- •> '"n>''i-wlc|J9 ensign -" :.v' 

• ' '■ - ' ' : 'nertjv for al" . 

i:jurt.y'3 uuusG, it povea forward todny in an 

"11 n. 

fr-ht nr the svHbiT nf 1'ip hr'nth..r,>i^^i ^r 

.. .:. ■;. Ihi.l £'■'-'■ '"'^ "^' "'-^** rfountj, men 
e months aheaa, be called upon to advancte 
,,* ■ .; --'^ - ■'■ '-^ stripes intolmany strange lands that 
tne rule of aggressors may be endei^ , we find reason for mfls" 
rrtdedication t. '• .-ause. As we batch the echo, in th'- 
I nir of crfflp. .-. mir'^hlng fe^ht ^^ 1 h'- -"t-r!-*- vY 

■ In tr\-: :■■,"• 
• ru?!t. 

:" crisis, for tributes to our flag, 

^ . ■ ■ ., .,.„..,.... .<• •■ ^ -f ^pnitii, do hereby procinl;:; 

'■'"'• :,•'•". • '^-^ in California and urge 

^f tijie Star? and Stripes in 

r th«? ?t''te ^f 

qf June, • ... ao 


^xcrutiDc Bcpartment 

<i?ratf of djiifornu 




' •tivnted 

13 th Airn-ir^il 
of its kind" 

:■'> ha 
• < nnm.'i 
-'.7 of 


J -int. rer-oluLlan, n-. 
sponsor this s -.7 end 1,1 
ovn pnd permlssi 

r; boon nranted hv wn /Xv. r^ ^" ""d permlssi 

ndlnc (4oml, who h^fr^^r'^^'^"^" B/Wogan! 
f July as a dav rl ^Lfl^r*''?^: ^^^^^Cnnted the F 

as a day for ohrlstenim^ 

^ nd po^r T o'» " *■» 

1 'Ped Dlvim Ml 
' "-l-''it training ar 
^'i tt has become ;,„, 
'on be permitted 

■ r, ,~.A ., i . 

men from everjf i- n ♦•».-. n • 

to n.^/ftr?|^:^lrri?!?l.!:>- that the 


in recognition of this ti^rhi,!^ f 
^.qiiostod the coonerntlon of c!vf- i, 
t-nte to the end that this 

. - : ndorp tiirouphout 

wish »ay be formally fSlfiHed 

I'^t'"''' '.'''' ^hls Flag Day of 194^/2 b^^'^^raaUy fulfil 




U the w ■ 
pf'o.-lalra Califorr. 

r'lvlston .'ind d«"'"- 

'i, iJovernor of" 
"•ur Oommonve;? 1 1 ;■ 
vonsorphlo of 

'I'f|VE33 WHEREC: , I ,ave 
hereunto set ray hand 
and caused the Great 
^^•eal of the State of 
California to be af- 
fixed thlp i/fth dfl 
June, A.n., one 
thousand nine hun, 

y of 




-••r.,'. t '. 

^/ yfi'. 

i^xcrutiuc Bcpartiiicnt 



Byrniar^^-i-^^^. ' 

yiC*. f /l>^*^^ 



In IV 

^xccutiDc Bcpartmciit 

^totf of ealjforiiij 

CZA-'-JvIIOK i<IUvbLfi } 


ant to^thi'''.'^V'%^*'^^^"$"'^^ ^^«**' ^'^^ Council aotirx^, pursu- 
ant to the provisions of iluction 15 or Chapter 229, Statutes 

?9!3 'to'oontini:' ?i''^'^''^^ '^"^f '' '^-P^^^^^^^s'T 
hi" rn^d - IT. '•^ ^P"^fte saia veliicUs <.urlafe perioas of 
19Ij! ^nd"^""' '''''* i^ciucing the first day of aepten.oer. 

WhiRhAt, the ConuDendlng General of the lAeatern i.«y<.n.« 
Corarianu Las concurrec in the aaia findlJ« de?^^?n*tfono 
an.l ruoo^enuatioa. of the Californlalt^t^ '^r JS^^cUr 

S'^'^'S %^t ^t""-"';^ ^^^'^^ ^^ -« ^^ section t^ or '^' 
In ;^%:r^' f^^f^^*^'^ ^-^^ ■^v'43, do hereby proclaim the follow- 
ine. auuitionul air raid precaution regulation, to ^U: 

tory autr.orize 
Issuea by the 
authorlzea to 
of Ch6pt,.r »;2> 
tinue to oporo 
alariL to anu i 
anu sutiject to 


or publicly ovmed vehicles (oth 

i' R^Lcrtienay vehicles) hoidint P£< 
responsible State and loctl offl 
issue fiuoh pentdts prior to the 

Ltatatfei 19^3, aru hereby autn 
tc: suit! vfchiolts Quring perioae 
nciudinK the first aay of Septen 
said permits isflued by auoh £ta 

er than atatu- 
rjiiits properly 
cials v/ho v/ere 
effective date 
orizet. to oon- 
of air raid 
be:-, 194 >, under 
t& and local 

i^UDiber 3. 

This Proclamation is hereby designated Proclamation 

IN wiTi«i:,S& ViHKRiXjr, I have 
hereunto sot jay hand 
anu caused the Grout 
£eai of the i-tate of 
Caiifornla to be af- 
fixed tnis i6th day 
of July, A. i)., one 
thousanu nine hunured 
and forty- three. 

Governor of California 

Secretary of St^;j4 


i'xcfutinc Bcpcirtnirnt 

^tjtc or (^jliforiiKi 







This pi oclair.atl^n vi..r, n ver filed with ti-i = r.^-r* mo- 
tion is tr.ken ITor: the book '" t t^SJli Jl?^;.^^^ ''°^^ °^ "^« proclama- 
Governor Culbert L. Olson? E.l 3)26/43 Addresses" by 

l'IK)CLAMATIONS-1942 .gg 


LsfaNnhn,, a 55-mile J>er hour speed limit in California and 
n,lli„}> for the enforcement thereof 

i,a- ^^t:-^ ^^::::^\;t^'''' :^'-'^^'-^ "' ♦''" ^^^ed state. 

^ |. ^.^11^^^ ^^^^1 I, «ith paitifular iTt,.,-ei,ee to the eoiiservation 

■'■' — ^" ^-i. -i.K-H i'Vp;;,t';;;:"irL'S;.''"''=^' "' "^'™^^ 

i'X'',',',"'',,''''' ■''■"''' '■""""' "" *"!"-''''■ ^^ i'^on shall drive or 

isilu. Irss.T ^ ""'^'MHM- Jiour, ^vl^dlover rate Of speed 

u.^''appk 'om\';"T''^^'"'\ ^''- P^yvisions of this sub-part shall 
>"i a|)|)iN 10. (A.) Any luott.r vohu-Ie driven or onorated bv or 
n.uU.r ,lK. dnvt-fon or the n.ilitary or naval fonn. f ?he T^nited 

"I TiH l)('|(Mis<' Act as aniended. 

•MJ' Any n.„iur vehidc avIum. driven or operated in e.nerovnev 
;. th,. pn.leHH.n or preservation of HIV. I.eailh. or f , m H e 
.-1..1, : ,,n>v,d,M. that this paragraph shall n.,t be so e.M^ od 

. Sloan hor.xe .ny sneh n.otor vehicle to be driven or operated a 

'y-U'ol spee.l n, exe,.ss ol that which is reasonable nn.ler condi- 

1.0ns prevailni'j- at said time. 

;_S<vtion :>()! J,:, KHVclive Date. This s,d,-part shall beeon.e effec- 
;.'^< /'••'.. her 1. ^'M^2 and shall remain in full force and etTeet until 
'"';"'*'•• '"•<'•"■• ••' ""• <•'•'!<■<■ "1- nWense Transportation, .'xcept that 
as to any per..-,, opera! n,- ;niy motor vehicle for hi.v in scheduled 
n-nliii- n.nie >ervice. shall become eU'ect on Octobei- If). i;)42." 

..vk. i"" "'■"'■;'r' ^'''•'.'•'■•'^''- '"^ '"'">• .iHstitied by the present war emer-euev 
X tniLT n, the n.-.hon. and particniarly in the State of California, a 

•;:" ," '■"!"7 ■"•■y i;av,ML.' I n to within the State 

yl ( aulornia by proclamation of the (M.vern..r thereof on December 14 
'•'I I ; and 

WuKKK.As. it is nec.^ssary tln.t the sp,-.,! limit so ordered be observed, 
ad that provision be made for the enforcement therc.f in order to 
ton.s<-ive public and private transportation in this State; 

:i2— is:.27 



Now, ihcrcforc, I, Culhert L. Olson, Governor of the State of 
California, under and by virtue of the autliority vested in nie as chief 
executive of the State of California, and in response to the appeal to 
all state and local {rovernnieiils to make effective the said order of the 
Director of Dci'ciisc Transportation, do hereby declare and proclaim 
that it is necessary to the war effort that the said speed rejrulations 
above set fortli be sliiclly obs(>rved in the State of California from and 
after October 1, l!i-12, excej)t that this order shall not be deemed to 
increase any existing: speed limit within the State of California. 

1 further call ui)()n each and every driver of a motor vehicle within 
the State of California, as his patriotic duty, to observe said speed 
limit to consei-ve to the fullest extent the rubber which is so vital to 
the war effort. 

I hereby direcl the Dii-ector of Motor Vehicles, actin<r throujrh the 
California Highway Patrol and the Division of Drivers' Licenses of 
the Dei)art incut oi" Motoi- Vcliides, to take all lawful action necessary 
to enfoi-ce said speed limit an<l to compel observance thereof with all 
facilities at his command, and request that all local law enforcement 
ajrencies likewise lake all lawful measures to enforce said speed limit 
within llicii" i-espective jurisdictions. 

In Witndss Wiii:i{i;()k I liave luM-eunto .set my hand and caused the 
Great Seal of the Stale of ("alirornia to be aflixed this 30th day of Sep- 
tember, A. 1). one llioiisaiid nine hundred fortv-two. 

CuLiJKKT L. Olson 

Gorirnor of California 

Aifist: Pail Pi;i:k 

Secretary of .*?/«<<• 




"9^3 SEP ?\ m la 16 


department of J^griculture 


yp^^.^^ ^^ 



^t-ite of Georgia to ^',-^-,,,j ir-^fested^ 

of the Countier, ci ^^l^ij^vis, Jones, 
rest, SeorKe.Jefi-^cn^ ^^_. ^^ ^tate 
Lawrence, fiarion, and^ co-'.ties in 
^ lassissippi. ?5®vE:ri \ac'^ reported 

iS^^tine Proclacatior. f ^^g"i^t been . 

fnimd infested, sir-cej-- ^_ S'.ate intonoi 
fomition received ^-^^t%,^.. of Agrx- 
ogist arJ. tae t. — 

• • +n &7cet Potato -ffeevil 

Effective on ar^ ""ter .=r^^- ^5, 

^ ;, >^cp" a": iescriDed m 
The "Infested. -rea a^ j^^g^ged) 

(>aar^.tine P^^S^^^f |Sato"-SeeVilj effec- 
l^r-.aining to gweet rota_ ^^^^ed to 

tive June 1, l-*-^' 
itr,.^ as follows t 

^^ounties o 

^^=3^= i^Sulercu^A •.TasT.ington. 

f Balavdn, 3-tler, 


Entire st^ite. 

Counties of Ballard^ Z^^^> 
HictJran, Julton, ar^ 




'^-^ITz. OF CALIJ0K5A 



^^^Xf'-iorgia to tne,ini'=-,;rf ested area 
State 01 -^°i3^^ the iczir.ei 7--t,:_ Tot- 
the recov&x ■t'=^°'^„| Lite. Ccvir^-;--.^ -o^ 

iril^^in^^^ocXanation ^^r^/j.,fte^ 

f oSd i^es^^. ^^5°?in"th2^S--Se >toncl- 

oEist arxl ^-e 


■= — Pi-dn^ tc 5v;eeT r.-.=^-C 

Zffective or. ar^ ^^^J^ ,,,, ^ i. 

-^» "Iri'estea.'^rcS: =^5 revised) 
^^.Srdr^.to l-eet^ ^^^,4 to 

real s-^ follo^.-sJ 

caivdr., Butler, 
■ gtor.. 

Ixbile, ana ..a^-ir« 
Tjitire state. 

of BrooKS, 



rr.atha=A;-:--^^ n-.oitri^. 

only), '■'■y— ■' . 

r -aa-nard Carli^''-*^' 
Co-ontics i,^f^_l^A r.rrvvcs. 


■ -^^ng the parishcE of 
, Bapides, and Avd- 



•rrcc'qc;TTr:;T • Co-jntice ci Hancock;, _=a- 
-^SS-^^i--i-- ^n? Jackson, ??axl rave 


Hancock, _Har--i- 

Stone, ay^ •Jaltnall. 


Entire o 


Canp, Cass Clay, v^ocdHSM, 


iiio. Hoctley Kooo^ 



son,' ii:ir.!ix, L-3C0, 



veil, _Svd she: 

rr.erc-/, 3ci 






r:rr-r.t, -aj»- 

if-'or," "Vil'bargcr, 7is 


Tnis iicendcent ;>c 

1 to Califcrr.i& 
^.^3£xt^SSl|natloi^ro l^^pcv^sod) 

iss--ed i.^Jn>- i, ia-i.., ..-—- -^ 




id the 

the Sta^c 
to ' 

■:-~:ZI3C7, I have 
■t r.y hand Exa 
-^roat Seal cf 
^•*■ C--ilifomic 

m DC affixoi tr.U_ 
day of I'^r-.S 134.' 


5ovorr.or of Caifcmaa 



Socr..tnry of State 




of State 

I, FRANK M. JORDAN, Secretary of State of the State of 
California, do hereby certify: 

That I have compared the annexed transcript with the record on 
file in my office, of which it purports to be a copy, and that the same is 
a full, true and correct copy thereof. 

In Witness Whereof, / hereunto set my hand and 
affix the Great Seal of the State of California 

this • "--"■^•^'^- 

O^jt.** «« 

StcreUfy df State 


JxcnitiDc Bcpartmcnt 

State of Cjlifornja 

i * 




ixccutlDc Bcpartnicnt 

State of California 





In thi- oHict of thj S-cf<*t-iiy of j. .; • 
oJ (Kc St )ttf ol CoHiornij 

AUG 2 5 iP.'3 

FRAfJiv W. jOnDAN, Secretary ol Sute 

By SlACy H. AS»*cV 







D li 
lii j- 











C (D .. 
^H o 

c; o 

0) ID -a 

■r: S O 


01 o o 

O +J 4J 

CI ::: 0) 
kJ .-:i G 

'-M .H CI 


jn c c> 














O 7) 


§ t 

j3 ^ 
03 CO 

OH Oj 

O rH 

OJ r-H 


^ >i 

O .0 
M > 

o c 

3 cd 

CO « 


to 0) 


CO P( 


< ^^ 


•H i 
VJ ,! 

E 4> 


:^ o 

•o ^ 

o o 
c > 

• • 


• • 

• • 








;— J 








^— ( 

I- ^ 






r - i 



[ ,j 










o cd 

CC iH 

— D '3 

CO .-D 

E C 
3 O 

o +^ 




• £ 

page 2 

^xccutiDe department 

^tatc of (California 

This Ajiiendment No. 1 to California Quarantine Proclama- 
tion rio. (Rcvj.sed), issued June 1, 1943, shall take effect ir. - 


hereunto set my hand and 
caused the 'ireat Seal of 
the State of California to 
be affixed this 25th day of 
AUi.'USt, 1945. 


aovernor of California 





Secretary oS State 



m CAiiruiNij 

•»*ri vitNitNo orru 

MCi.MlHTO. I91> „0.r.« „. MOO... ,T,T1 MINTI. 

^xccutiDc Bcpartmcnt 

^tatc of California 




^xccutioc Bcpartmciit 

StJtt of enliforiiij 

llct t 

■ , "'■.'; ' •' '■--'- '-i^- ■ i' ....'■-^ are 

fUT- oi/iritiu-l chiiracter and arc reallrj"-, • 
at the doctrines of liberty and the brotherhood 
nllya part of tnje rell -ions faith, 'fany 
irpR !r :.. >-^r■e^ :-iave foiiind In the heat of " 
eretofore appreciated the 

fs whc have valued 
' ■ "^r reriliuntlon of the 

' » 

, It lii 

cc of holir-ioiis 
> ' H3 served to 
■ the 


VMLittrn ..evada, and 

ooiincll of churc es, will be <^bser\eC 

- ■■ '.Octobers, In cooper: ith 

. ' c w 1 s h f ;■ ".-Tia "0 "1 ' c ;; . 

• r" ,. i; .omla 

Octoher 3 


i ; .1 ' . I,. I . i 

■ \orci:rA.o srt ".v ha-d 
and tauaed the >rcat 
'■eai: of the rtate of 
California to be af- 
fixed tills 24th da^' 
of : p.f^.her. A, d"., o' 
the . -tne hundred 

s^io'^a.-/. "oorahary of State 

\ \0U:! vi-oo I' 1.'' l\'U\r 

£xecutit)t Bepartmcnt 

^tatc of California 



)f this war is vrittfen, the servic 

.,-..-■ 1 1 • . .•t ' '-^.-- ill irijcrish- 

>-lotlsm, the 
,;!■ ii^c . • ve inspired the 

' ' on but '■■ rnisntries of 

value ,5.a • ■ ' '^'^ oy the 
■-r ir.fiirec-.. ' ot'~''^nts 

mndiM (Xperlentit ' v: l-:r 

■MX c; 11 ;: 
.,;/;s throii -Koii' 

• • . tateis Army and Lieu- 
efveli, Joi,.;',ur.ain-',l Army i^ervlce ^'orvui, 
I; to (■r:lV.:tr"ent of 170,000 au>iitlonal 

1 ;^i :!to release an equal 
; ,- (iinlibt from each 
' • - lasualtiei;. It is 
1- ^.. • .■•w,i, ..jMliijLe'J by ijtate 

■te flat tc the Y.'AC Train- 


increase:.. i;.e str^ n,'Cii or 
r f-nd itai:tens the day of 

illfornia ' 

. Ustrrients vn.ll be announceri by the 

f-w. ' Hvor or f'^ ■i ' '' '"a f'tive of 
■iirrriai '^p-e to 

: ri.ay .'ipip in evcr.v v. a;/ 
1-1 thpi:f "ounfT-y's Coll, i- , 

' ■ ■■ ■ ■ •■OV'V 

tivlty esseriticil to the 

pjiOi'', I have hereunto 
■ • i anla caused (-.he --Teat 
the State of Culifomir 

■.(yp,. 'ff.Sr, ■-'7t » (-ay of 
; . ... .. -" uusanil 




^J. ^t^K^A / 



, ,/ iff C*) tfi'ftNM *tAIB PRINTtNO Omci 
«MlMO, l'l(i <.t !■»'.« II, MOOKF, ITATf I 



ISxtcDtioe ©epartmtnt 




Scrap metal stock piles of th© nation have 
been heavily drawn upon since the 1942 scrap drive 
and we are now officially infomed must be replenished 
rapidly to insure our continued peak production of 
steel antiaments. 

War Production Board off 5 dels estimate that 
the mlnlmuin requirements for the current half year 
will be 15,000,000 tons of which California's quota 
has been set at 709,500 tons, en increase of 37.255? 
over our last quota. 

In view of the Importance of tlils drive 
I, Ear] W'arren, Governor of California, do hereby' 
urge every California citizen and public agency to 
corporate In the creation of community "victory scrap 
banks" and particularly urge the members of salvage 
coiitmlttecf., the Citizens Service Corps, the Junior 
Citizftns Service Corps and every Defense Council In 
the State to devote their full energies to the task. 
To the end thia t Calllomla'e quota may bo met in a 
period of concftntra ted activity, I hereby designate 
the period corrimenclng October 1 and ending November 
15, 1943 np the time for Califoi-nia to make its 
contributions to the national scrap pile. 


hereunto set my hand 
and caused the great 
seal of the State of 
California to be af- 
fixed this 28th day of 
Sept, ember, A.D., one 
thousand nine hundred 
and f orty-threj^. 

■ £< 

Governor of Califoitiia 


Secretary c(f iState 

^xtcutiiiic ©tpartment 

;Statt of California 




' HE in (palif • 

■ -'■ '■ -'^ ' .!^!'-' ■'•"■ ..v. Ill,' > . 

n.iiy I ri').-.: - -one t: ■ ■. cir elder.' 
of t-liwi. aiw '>i Uie stor:l>?i ui Lj;eir bravery c 
-:rvicp on far-flun-- battlofields, and so are 


■iijj of J 

leir conti 

L confUnt is written". 

• UU,: i:i LIIL 

fort will fc> 
■ ■ ' ■ >'tlc3 


11 Lies aru; iioaitJ- education have '"ifre-J 't»'e Ind^^a"' 
'■■HforiiH Ccr V.u- tasks they no?; are perfomln^" 
auritr;'. "■ '■;, or-inlzatioris as the Call fnmja 
f "Sf^, fnc, hav^ '^one much to arlvance 
'• .(.^ bocl.-jl nt.:iti!3 of the Indians of our State. 
• ■; -■■•M..^. - ■ t>iis Association meet to discuss 

• iTibpa an'"'? 1''- r"^le^;»".i-« Tr-^^ij^i-.r^ 

> f ''i c la I ly ir. ro v. lai rr; the f 1 rs t 

^' ■ — • — an 

c T'TiT. 

' liens hi 

iiereunto set m:' 'lana 
anid Coused the"^ threat 
nGixl or the State of 
California to ^e af- 

fixeti tl'-is 29t.'-. ciav 

of: oeptemt)er, a. d'. , one 

tJicMciaiG nine inm.-irei 

? J V 


^Yy^nO^o-H^r, / z-,//" 

^xccutitif Brpartnicnt 

^c'tatc of Californin 







Ko,,-. During this long period of supreme war effort we 

our Aallv^nr^ ^'-,''°'"^ ^° ^^^" "°^^ ^^^^^^7 than usual upon 
our dally and weekly newspapers. We look to thezn to keen ua 
fully and wisely Infomed as to developments the world o?er 
and to publish the sober facts which keep us alert to thl 
wff °f each day. And, we look to them\o cooperate in all 

,.«^o4i ..P f^ fitting that we as a people pause to 
?n??M« r i'"P°^tance or this service— the beneficial 

influence of a free press upon our daily lives. These are 
days when there must be intelligent evaluation of our A^s 
and a cautious weighing of all trends which may influence 
nnffi^ 0""^ rJ^^f? ^'"'^ '^^y^ *^«" comniunity effort must be 
^uid^nn^r ^^^«'''^^^«• M°^« than ever before we need the 
guideposts of accurate, full presentation of news for the 

wr™,:r'''''r\'" *i?'°^ "* ""« ^^'^e^t «"^ the trinds wh?lh 
we must evaluate extend far beyond air own Immediate horizons. 

If. ^^14 Democracy has long since proved the worthiness of 
LL ^'""'® ''^°" ^ ^"^'^ P^®^^- The manner in which news- 

As Governor of California, I, Earl Warren take 
this ?tat«'r ^° ''^"""^-l the daily and'weekly newspapers of 
this State lor the many and splendid public services thev 
have rendered during the months the nation has been at war 
and do hereby urge a general State-wide observance of 
National Newspaper Week which has been designated as the 
perloT from October 1 to October 8, 1943. 


herevinto set my hand 
and caused the great 
seal of the State of 
Callfornle to be af- 
fixed thlE 30th day of 
September, A.D., one 
thousand nine hundred 
and j;o rt y- th r^ . 

^^J ^^^^^ 

Governpr of Cflltfornik 


.t„, I, ■.,„„,v,, ,,.„ „,H„„5 „„^, 

iCI.M.KtO. I,„ C.O,r.. „ uootf. 1„T1 n,-,Tt, 



i'xcfutioc Bcparriiicnt 

^Mff or CLJllforilU 


xtic^tOVl L a:Hl ,; : ii\i;- 1 n .,1... » _. - 

u«s I'Jdc 


eneny attack. 

I: \ O 




2 i 


. all flndand 4eten.lno tl^t aSdlUonal 

--^-1 hereol, or tliat restrictions 
otJlier areas in order to nre- 
, ^ ^;-«-'7.' the said state ' k- 
- to t;.e Governor, and if 

; ostrJ'^*-'?,-, ^'fclalm such addl- 

aii t...... o.poii „ucoj,iO erieotive and shall 

cludin. por?S;s ?"'J^^LiV! ^^°!^^^r,°;^ '"^^^ 

'■ °^ oxcluded iron 

■ovlsions of 
<=^« " r"--'"-^'-^'' 'J-t anr such re -u- 
.ilade.iea^or and be punishable as 
• .:. -a*:!!!- sue;-, l-ivosti.-ations 

" '•:n .''!!^"''f} ^" ::ereby directed 
..^o i^nuationc of the Coanand- 
- _ -ise (jorxiand or such other 
yi -natod by the Ceorotary oi 
-jvornor Oroolaiu ir.or: -^--.>vr •^^- ' 
ecxxied_by:said Co;^,:ar ' ^ o^e-al" 
as possible ^..o re :u- ' 
with tho orders or recon- 
E^l." Ar.d 

ii coustluute a 



at Insofar, 
-all bo ui,ii;oi'a 

-;C.l ^as duly ^ound, deter, lined, 
L.J-.>iti.Lnc i.ou9s oe ests'->T - -■ -•' 

■a -.,. coitain 'respects of li-hf 
•>nes ar; of 10 t)c;.o-,^r 1"^;=;. ^I^r 

■°o°^Jn.^^'^^^;*''^^ I^'*'^^^"^^'^"^!^^^^^^^^ 

"■'' '■ , ■ - - , overno: 
■I'ooiui.i ti.e ioiiow: 


f I L E D 

jie oific* of tlie S«rfc<arv of SUI» 

OCT 9 -1943 

2!xenitiDe ©rpartmcnt 

3tatc of California 

i'a, :e 

U-tiii.; ^.OiifaB vvi tain t^ e 
-latec' and es tahllalied: 


r^-x^:.,""" ■ "^V^ '' ^■•-i-'-v^Q- all ti.o oortlons 

-ollowln;: counties as ter doaci-ibed' 

_ A includes only tSiat ooi-tlon o: t^e ' 

v;xir: couatioa situated witMn fliteen nllea Iron 

oa at' uerinou In toctlon 7;; (b) hoi-eof, except 

a dliierent oortion 




-V 1 

or a bounty is ii 
.oi'e il|,ho doscrli. 
OSes fc!u'ou-h any , ; ,, , 
town Is l,.cli:dod v/lf'ii 
t^ilE purpocQ, the boundary 
c-.all oe de;:,:ed to .lr:clude 
'i.iK' l^-ixts jor any such ii.oorpo- 
Lae conti.^uouB ejreaa oi any sucli In- 
.corporated city v- : -vm which are 
mation of the i- . oQt li-Ltin 

• <•■ '-: ">:■■■ *.ov.'n: 



-- ail that poirtion situated 
i five ..'lies' v.'eet of Cali- otnto ::: -hivay: ■ o, 21, wl.icli 
rima tlLrou-li liar tines, .alnut Creole 

-- all fix 
uuC)^ . .o. u Liiau i'ive juilcj. 
lornlQ ..tato IHihway io. 


Y, u l; 






- all. tliat ,)0:'L:o,i sltviuted 

Mta Clara ..Ivor or south 
-.o.i :'atiojlal Porost and 

w-osterly oi" .orldlan 118" wliich runa 
• /; • c:. :nindary of the 


o county. 

>u co'..nty. 

-ro area or 


t:.l,J I, c.tlro.v,. ,,.„ „„„„„ „„„. 

l.Ct.U.NTO. .,„ cl-.t „„<„„.. „,„ „„,„ 

u v; >J 

3£xtcutit)c Bcpartmcnt 

State of (lalifornia 

cutii'G a: 

.e county. 

,. -- i;il Mtat portion within a radius 

oi .ivo ..iiiou ri'ou u-c ■ 11 or 

Velio Jo, C-illfoi-'nla.:: 

o.,c , , .;j.,..:l1 ■ -11 
:on« A widcli is witliin ton -'.ilos 
,, I,- . -5.. . r^,, 7 ('.,) •,ereof. 

(c) i-i.;iitlik. --one U i.iciuucs all U.e portions 
of '■'■0 ■oll«v;ir.- oovuiLlea as hei-eln&ltQr descriood: 
-" each coTonty n(aned below, except 
.:> co:;nty 'i:icltio9d in Ll.'htln-, "ouo 
■ elude '-nz i^ono :G, except wLare 

."portion or u ... .-W -3 specirically dascribad. 
,:Gre tl.o doncrlbod nouaidar-,- ll4e of Ll,":.'.tin5 Zone 
: oarsea tiu'ou-li tmy city or tovhi, all 01 cuch city 
or" tovni Is Included wltliln I.l;-htfin- Zone C. :or 
. '- r-nocs, th« lioundai-y of any auch city or 
\:Z:^ "^■■ail be w.r-r or". Vo iKcludo all t>.e aroa within 
*"e clt- li-rlo imch lncd)rooratod cit;;, and 

t^Ie conti-iious ...-^u:. oi any such incorporated or 
railncorporatod city or town whicU are _ served uy a of the 8a:.-a r'r^v--! L' -.t-'r- ciSLon 
.,,-• ^'' ..; nald clt"" or tovmi 

v.'c ; 

■jortlon situated 

oriido ■ t'.;.io' al ".orest. 

CAiitiVi.iJVG — all that portion situated 

• ^ov-ovl, y- .;t:-niElaus National : orost. 

:. :yj:.;JX) — all that portion siLuatou 
wost'orlv 01" r;l Dorado >'ational 1 orost. 

tntttJ in civiti'oiiNiA »T*it FaiNiiNo ofrici 

^xccutiDc department 


11 . )OrtS.ou sltur. tod 

. t 1 I , 

; -ji oGt^ oxcopti 

poi'tion i .cli-ued 

..Li...' ..^^ — aii t;]Rl, ;»Qi'tior. situated 
v/osterl.y oI' I'lorra Rational Forest. 

aMu "lorra ;.atloual orost. 

— ;ii: 

rjj/'. J /-i -- all Uitit j)Oi'tiou situui-ed 
wo r '.■-■:■ 1"' of Va!ioa It- i,l0:ial :0.«?st. 

v/i>stei'lj oj.' tliQ ;5aiii ^ieiiuirdirio .ieiidian, 
lriCl-11-v"; 2.11 or tlje city o:' Han 

a led. sotitiiwoE terly pi i c 

lalLorjal : oi'ast. 


wo 3 ti- 

.ill f.i&t n.ortion Eltviated 
Aiiza raiser t jitute I'ark, 
^ .(-.vf' on Incl led 1?-. i,'. ..l- 


ffinttJ in CSHF01W1A *I*tl VtlNTtHC oprio 

^xtnititit Bcpartmcnt 

^tatc of California 

.'a -e b 


all V)n^ 

Lablo ::orldian. 


— rill l,:.Qi rjituated 

wcr-ci'iy oi 'uie :jai,£cr. i.iitional Forest 
and wocterly of the . ost v/crtei'ly 
lioundary oi' Lasaen ".National rorost 
projoctod north alou" the hount 'Jlahlo 
?'e:'ldlan to the solutliorly boundary of 

M,-. . ; — all tliat portion situated 
woL'tei'ly of biorra national ,01 eat, 
Sequoia (.atlonal Po.rk and i^equola 
yci?*.onal "i oi'ost. 

. ,, , . -- a.11 I : ' Dorti.on situated'l;; oi' : tanlalaua ..('clonal Forest. 



Section 2, ■S.iP^ZCTLW KomiS. ml liglitlng restrictions 
uoi'olna:tar provided shall ^je appliteahlo and observance there- 
of requi; • ■ at all tl..:ea iro:: ono-lyair lio..r afto. suncot 
.:;1'1 .;::0- ' ' -)ur ueioi'6 sunriae each nl,>;t fro..; 1 October 
1-5 .''.-• . ■ "1, fro". nno ',;onr idt.ov sunset until one ho\a> 

.V- ■ ' -' .'^-or. 1 . i\~' t'-) '60 ..ontciber. 

.;.OOi.AOU 5. iu..U\CulC':iltj:i> 11. uU'jUi ul'iUx'Il'.Cr ^Oi;hS A Al'.D 

ubjcct to the oxcoptlons h-*j'el^rter provided, durin:^' 
' r;;-)eolfled In Section 2 hereof illujiination within 


. trolloci &r iollov.'s: 

'--jaVed Ei-:n3 and ornanontal, decorative and 
^.:.i..'ia;, 11 "h tin''; of evoi'-y description wh.lch are 
loeateu out-of-doors, and lloodli \l-.tlii -, w'.lch 11- 

1 ■ ."■ i.lliJln.';o or ai :ns, chall Le o ". ; ■ .:; 

[o) Upward Li 'lit. All llfht sources oi avai; 

■.,)tloii 2. tall bo situated jor c;leldoJ 00 t!.af 

no w'.ioct rays from any li-jlit 
the horizontal ov.t-of-doors. 

jsourco a;o eriitted a.ove 

facK*ut«;To, I94J ciosbt m. Mnoai, |T*ir rinNT»li 

I^xcratiot Btpartment 

3tate or California 

Pa.-e 6 

(c) Outdoor Ai'ea IllumlnuLto, 

lirnl nation 
foot candle 

3uujOc. OACOptlQiiij -.cjiei. i.M toi- Dx'ovidQu, diiriu ■; tiio 

liours . -id in Gectlon 2 }ieroof , any Xl'-jit soiu:'co located 

witlilu Li'.;>itln:- ; l5 which is dirqictly visible fraa the sea, 
as :.:rol:a:tei Ji;-.:..od, sliall bo oit^ior o;cti;i -lilc he ? or 
sJiloldo<l 3o_t: la no lonpier dli^iectly vialole rroM the 

sou, '' -i." ■ ■ 1 ■ J , ,,^ t ' .0 f"^)'"!! Ic" ' "i.'.^ r'T^; c! * Tr*; 'irov'ded In. 
' cc ' ^^ " ' ^ ' 

to t 

M.ectioa ; 

. V ' '1 i W i ^ ^ 

Ion 2 liei'oor 

.-.ONE C. Subject 
-^ o . ; ..o.. , ..u:-inr: the hours 
ill-an-lhtitlor, within Ll'^htin^; 
• ..llov/B: 

la.ips in @7ic 

1' " ' source 


Ol i.l, H'^ i '■>;' 

loot aciuaro 
to bo a sln^ 
intensity? oi 
exceeds the 
t'lei: nil sue 

-.-^-^. .,»il elBctilc .L.c.'i...;v..icui.t 
100 watts capRcity, and all other 
.... ^. uciu;, eijulvalbnt li^ht Intensity, 
out-of-doora, cliall be aViielded so tliat 
:' ro.\ any 11 :ht fipiji'oo aio e.-lttod 

ntnl out-of-doora. Any uccumulatlon 
i ces local Qtl v;ithln or above any ten 
of outdooi- round aroG sliall be'doonod 
:le li..;ht aource, and il' the at";re-,atQ 

suc'ii an accuiultitipn of 11 :ht" sources oxprocsed in the orocedln.; sentence, 
h l'"ht porj'ces shP-11 hfi srilcldod. 

0-. ;-..., 

. -UOvi--, 


■j'ov a-^y 


*'.. '_i.ii.a. iii i. lo. 

nroval or tj. 

'0 COijLnaaa, o^ 


Jor to r.rvjow 

: f! 

aavunce, im\. 

' o f '>' ' ■''•!fi :: 

- liovi;: 

.at^, iieaith and'c. 
tho rostrlctLons of this 
'.teed bi'- the written ap- 
lonoral of tho ..jstorn 
i a, ;onc7 fjesi-'^ated by isuch 
ich variaiiojiB, obtr\.'.ndd in 
.-J to the e,-;taiit required 
;aj(.i:iiu:i Industrial efflcioncv 


. rt.'li. U.i'0 . 

' rcquii>e 
snandln: Joneral of the vvestorn 

All approvals 

rjortod to, in 

jr rvroporty, or to 
i tho e.-:to:;t 
Mitary neces- 

uL\o .;y the Cora- 

^jQionae Conr.iand. 

of li;>itl.n?_; variations shall be re- 

cv'^leot to -evoctiition by tlio Oon- 
~> - -.'.0 Gcs-Tmajid, ill 

fri»/,J ,n CAIiroIniA ii,,, raiNiiHO orncl 


^xecotitiE Bcpartmcnt 

^tate of California 

-ti;< L U' 

UUt,9E iJCw, 

illumiruition vd.t}iin LI -.htlr 



M.l;-Uod "'orelu, shall 

.'.a ions 

:poct tj any 
, V, or c, es- 

ont-of-doors rrou any 11. -Jit ao-'iir'cci siiall oo pornittad 
'■ ' ■ I' ■ ! r )i;rco Is (1) wltliilii any bulldlna and 
• ot iroi'- tiie nea^^est window or othji- 




.1 01 

.. - : a buix. 

ice, apartnent, hotel 

3 clli'oct ra- :' c ill tad 


:iia.lU;:, or (2) at any 
.uoq; pr-lnarlly ec a 
or j-osldontlal club, 1 
above the horizontal 
any cnstojnary rosldentlal 
. — ; ,..^. ^.. viitlijar cane no dix'ect rays 
sourco shall he ier.iltted tlirou~h any 
11 'ndoor lii;ht ijsovu'cas -^thlia Ll^vitln^ 
■"' shall ■ oliiod so tliait they ai o not directly 

lo rro::i ti.o sua. (sec Cecition 5 Tor further 

11 'h L 

1' J..: 




;iceptlon oi iriiorlor liryit eouiccs 

.) ' 

; ^-raaUloiml LI . 'rL-'tuoor tti'oa 

rn to a u-axi.-i.. J- -. irty foot cauvJ^ji 
location ."oli'o tlian tlareo nller. 
. ..ou iu. - ^^-elnaf tor >,^of;3.nod, but only when 
i..c e:;ieiit acUially i-eqxiirod and prl:.:Grlly 
or syoi'ts or i-ec? eation, land when othcrwioa 
illanco with tlie applioai^le restrictions of 

.:.Vclo :.l:;i!t3« All voiiicle l.i.:hta 
law aio 'Cjnitted; jorovldod. i.owcver. 

1)0 o:.! I'll '^Ct. o..xi cj 
\.; uhorized e:iOi"'_;oiu 
:i*.Er.'o;-s nro o.-ccop. 

t; is .v; 

, in areas visible from 

, od,: drlviu' la;. IDS shall 
ovj oi- ceprecsed heaii. 
i^lofc ok olTlcial onei'-er.c" 


3i ?;tis on ;;niblic carrier vehicles 

the ■■""?^ c'.c ';' -1- :■ ■- . 'hln ^ro- 



li-act tra.h Ic ai'e a:;ceptod frosi all 
■"■■"'■ .n; :.vld.od, however, tiiat 
, eloctilc larips of 

t;xiii iuJ wa-^ cdiiaoity o:' the equivalent, 
the 11 -ht aotircos illu.tilnatlr. ; ni'ch. 
:■ '- - .1;- v/- t: ;:octlo:, \ ; ' 


|ACI*ur.NTO. t!;4^ al.»Ki.t»l M.IOIP, ITATF MINT« 


iSxECUtiOt Btpartmtnt 

^tatc of (California 

' iar ilaren In an iorior.'-ency, or so- 
cuiloa oO^iiM i-ypo Xlaivis anc waimlr.;" lanterns, aie 
e:::c'tcd fro' r.ll f o iOre^-.olr^ restrictions, but 
) axlent acCuclly and Li^iedlntoly 

r ; ..civL : >'.j.. .:....^ : ill i}v. - ^^ ;..u3. :u:^.:orlzed 
ocesoaiv to racllitate air or watar navigation, 
■ ■ " Lioad slTinl li 'Hts, and i.aadli.-litc 





■ ■ .iO.: .. . - >JStri0tlO2".S 

, > t tli«y nuat be sixielJod 
. :!jurGO§ no ..ore t)iari ten ■g'lv 
lfi.;-> Imens ai.ove the Iiorisontal 
' ' Gucli lir;'ut oourcc3 

.".lot caridloa of 11- 
romiii, &i~id in 
ir sliloldod 80 
©ctly visible 

As ujjti^u -ci-eln, tlio i'ollov/ln 
ti.e followin" :•'G■^~^irTS: 

it. I., 


' ortior. 5 or an;' x-oileotDr, 
'^'icy, i or other eQuipinont 
.J cfi)ntrol ov dixiusion 


' ": tors ol t:.iQ -aciric Ocean 

' . . jr on tiio nVtorelina or 

ut< ,ei.Ji-uii^, ..jiovm as ^anta ..:onica ■.?„-, 
'i-/ara Ouanrol, •:r\n ^ Obispo -'iaj, ::-storo 
-Lerey . ora of Tan fra.ncisco 

•-"•■ '•"•■I ir-tondiiv, fron Point 

'!Ot intonded fk-ml s .all 

coa, IS 




^jccutiiic Brpartmcnt 

3tatc of California 

Par^e 9 

Trai i-:.c 
coa tail v/hl, 

^t-^V^i;^ portions of streets 

oiblo frosj 




> -!--'..0, 

ay of 

^^?K°-^ V-^ Cttte or 
ua^lXornla to W af- 
i^lxod tMs - " da- 
or October, A.D., one 
taov.sanc. rlne .-.uiu'red 






~/^ ^ 


J::::::;.::^*^-:;^ -;■—-»;;;;: 

^xcnitioc Bcpartincnt 

^tatc of dnlifornij 

PR^CLAMATi^ ^^ ^.^a^^S^ 


i' the eflke of the S?f fpliry of Sute 

OCTl 31943 

'/ y - 

enjoy today "a7|Jo7vo1 SneTw^L' S'i°^ "%'" '^^^ "^"- 
-a Bible and It Is an eaJecl lly o^a fniL y,'^^«^«"°« ^^°r 
in times of emergency such as thL^J? \ ^ ^°^ '^ country 
sisnirioance anAalJe.^S ^he^^^^e^n^rj^^r^J^JoiLS. 

-11 parts o? ?h: ^o?t^"fo"n'ih^^°' ^r ^^^"^ -^p^^ to 

relHin In honor -nd iVh!^ ^^^^ht, in orler that we may 

we have dlXat^S m^h o/our eLn^°''^^^"' '^''^^^ '^ ^-ve. 

social relationships to ?he sa.e onJ!^ ""' disturbed normal 


t we steadf.:t y ■efuae'^to be^'fr%"?"^ " '' Iniportant 
•iamental Institutions wnJohh.^''^^^ ^^^^^ ^""^^ the 
Always the droatosfsoCrce of st^en ^h^^^"" °"^ development. 
its understanam, of ?Se , ul lln n^ /? ^ P^°P^« 11«« In 
their greatest pWes^ ha^fbeSr? Se?'"''" "^°" ^^^'^ 

observance^o^r NaUonSrMblJ Je^J i'!; c"f}?^^ ^?"^^^^ 

of such obsorvance can come a f!«„, Cullfornla. Fi>5m out 

crusade m which ^o Tretnr,\al r^T,^\°^ -^^^^h In the 

our 3tund<,i.d„ and In our tutnf« ^^^ ^" ''"'' °^"3«' 1^^ 

rellect tiie s-.lrlturl and 1^«?* J"".^^^ °^'^ «'«^y ««tlon 

be to .trencthen the V9XV bi.daM^"'^''^' °'^ '^^ ^^^^^ »111 
demoorncy war built. ^owiuatlon upon which our 

i;; V IWKSS WHr-."E>i-', I ha ve 
hereunto sat my hund 
nnd caused the Great 
Real of ttie State of 
Ci llfornla to be af- 
fixed this 13th dey of 
October, A.D., one 
thousand nine hundred 
and ijjrty-thr/e. 

aovernor of California 


orat^y of state 

C U«pWrS«cr?ljiry of SbM 


^xcfutitic Bcpartincnt 

^t.itf of (Ijliforiiij 



'» *• otlxrt of l*ie S»crctarv of Slate 
e( the Stt\i of Cal-lornij I 

OCT 1 31943 i 

UK ffKJi>f<l»<l><ittrtUry«fSU!. 

tw ,,0 1 There exists In our nation today an urgent na«d 
lor registered nurses Tor military duty and f or th« 
..mtennnoe of ,m ndoquate nurslnf aerJice foi clvJllanB. 

1., thn r,»„*^"^,f^ ^^^ exactions Imposed upon us by the war 
ihlch n.aJ^^al'n^^h^L'^^^^V'^^'^^e public health d iLlnlr 
»hich maintains both mori^la and production at a hi^h level. 

n,„«^ H "^^ "'®®^ *^^^ problem it has become aoparent ther* 
Saoabl« f,'^f°«'^/"to .service thousands of volunteers 
heTuiVctlJ??^!"^ assistance in all phases of puSuc 

nurses «ra^r?«ni^fi''^ ?u^ ^"""^ ''"^ ^avy for additional 

4-u .- . *''^" *^" ^°'-'® '^"Ck from the war will nevAr forv,«4- 

apparent in our home frent nursing proS^ Suf It 2«t h- 
:o^K:er ^r?^i^r^' the assLL°L"^^'t?ou3aLro • '' 
™y^o?^ront ua! ''' ""''' '^ '''''' "^^ on.ercencles which 

under w„y ^""o^V^^dr^^ i? .1? elT??;!^ "^Jn, 

Nurse Procuroment Programs which wlirbrina^J^aterjn 
Cnllfomla communitle:: during the balance of fSsmonJh. 

hereunto set my hand 
nnd CRuaea the Great 
Seal of the state of 
Cnllfomla to be af- 
fixed this 13th day of 
October, A.D., one 
thousand nine hundi-ed 
and f 01^ y- three. 7 

Oovetnor of California 


Secretory of^ State 

Deputy Sccreitty of Sltte 

^xccutluc department 

StJtr of (Taliforiiij 


Oi t*»» Stnt' »** Caliiorrfa 

OCT.'i ni943 


our orlmlru 
brancho.n > 
behalf, i 
bravery, t 
owi sons, 
i ina nartl 

In atlrrlnc tlraea such as theao. It la 
ly llttlrig that we ahould t^lve vole© to 
tlon of tha i-Mnnnv In which tho various 
. our amed aeivlcas ere fi^htln^ In our 
o lall la this would ba to Ignore the 
he aaorlflce an.i the firm resolve of our 
nolt^bors ani frlenis who are now fr-ont 
clpanta i., this terrible global war. 

Q«-„f „ ^" *^® luiparalleled record of our United 
?o fnfnfr^ ^urm, the year will be fSund mJch 
to inaol e now oonfl lenco In this splendid i Uhtln? 
iorce. Per, colorAU and !naplrlnc as Its Mstaij 
has been >ur !fevy m,s w9ath-,rou the Initial t.stJ of 

exl'nSef i\^"^'?4''' '" unprecedented manner and ^ 

9.xor.naed its Inlluonce to all the seven seas. 

.. „ , ^^- '"^3 in the month of October 1775 thaf 
the Contlnentnl Congress laid the foiuidatlon ol^Jr 
A..8rlcan Nnvy. It ,m.8 alnce become custom So bono? 
the Navy lurln, tills month, and more '^rtloularlv 

?KSio?e'r'' '"^ fl" «-l-^--y oftha Llr?S':r^ 
fheoiore Tooaevolt, the President under whose 

u^^er^tan^KHfli--^,:- Tjl^tJ^'^rZ Preas- 

Worf .^''•%r'°^'''^"^'^"'^=' ^<»«" «o heavy SeC 
before has there been better reason for expressing 
our amiiutlon of the tasKS beln^ per^oi^ed ?y all 
Who *ear the Navy blue, ior these'^reaa^e, l] " 
tarl ..arren, Oovomor of Calif >mla. ij -roclalm 

r?t??:n ^%V^^ '^^^ ^*Y ^" C« aJd i^^J the 
citizenry ,>f the State to Join In the ob^isrvance and 
t. continue ever mlndfal of the valiant services 
oeln„^rendered by both our Navy and our MerlA^n? 

I?f WITN .SS WH:iT,EOF I have hereunto 
B«v. my hand and caused the 
great seal of the State of 
California to be affixed thla 
25th Jay ©;■ October, 1J43. 

«.-<:,<' ^< 


Governor of California 

Secretary o£/3ftate 


^xcfutiDc Bcpartment 

^tJtc of (Tjliforiiij 

Pertaining to Oriental F'rult ;.;oth' 
iifrectlvti on kuA after VU^. 1,1 j4j 


Of A 

and fnalt 

i' " 

iin. that ,.he restricted ortTJles hSfln 

01 .. )sslijlp can- 

■fs 1 f raid 

t^es t, ; 

iLtfl) iiot hereto- 
tate of callf- 
Infested area 
described are hosts 

■aevent the further' litroSuclion^? ^'^?««^«^y ^'^ order to 
Of Callfornlc., that e qd--TaSu?^ ll V'X^ X^^^ ^"^^ ^^^ -^ate 
estriQlished a the uoaSda S n'? th/e? ^^"^ ^"'''® ^s hereby 
in .ith the i vSiSns Si ^^ 
A-Tlcalturai (^nje of th4 -tatP of piiVf^^?" ^^^ "^ ^^^ 
.est. Its host.s or ms'lblp cariferf ^^n!^"i^' ^^^^"^^ ^^1^ 
articles herein cri-.^ant f,,.-, ^^^^'^^p. ^nd no such pest or 

unaer and subject to the fo?lo,;5rpLvLionsf ' ^"^^^ 


oriental Fruit, Moth (.Org^qllta (Las^evresla ) 


Vlr,l,ua, ,.,„. .est .^■■^Ai ^^^'^'^^^TW^ST' 

and In rr.n-idr, me i^i ovlncc 

of t'ntario. 

JS2-:Si|.-«-°- -^'- Sr^S^S-aSf- 



"tJite cf tliff Sectelrry cf Sl»'« 
of tKf J.lal; of Calllomln 



Bf.e 2 

^xccutivic Bcpartmcnt 

;5tatc of eatlfornia 

cl j^ liT' the l'io..orln- loi 
lif,:, . eai", qulnca 

rinijE enrol in i jjga i Carolina cherry). 

rnriT o 


lei t 

11 J i 
"l y " 1' ." 

nectar ln«, peach, 

^ I Carolina 

' v;:MrTforr. Ih" ev«r,'ri}i'n cnerr;. ), Tanuf 

Irte^rUnlUi (Catallrti cnenj^j, tu"u« 

iaf,a:- 'f^»».r^\. Vaoneaatcr .^iU--yV. ^^ 

o'.^K^.fs or t>t.n-ii (;.;)nt:,Ii!ers that hsa ix^en used t.o con- 

.Jg^ ITuUf,, orllnntln- in the r.erelr. ieecrlbeo In- 
is, a-e herribv .edared hocts '^r -r^-lole ceniers 
::t :ereUi i,!ed HFBlnsl. 


.jstrlctlonr. a: e , Ucad D>- this yrc)Ci.-w»tlon 
Mt -»t roBtrlcl' i nrt:clt>E hfeieln ciellhe.l i 
?.e(j areu In otnar states to t nints In 

thla state 

, vv iclonn Which aie B.;c/4sslble un^er 

er«lt'frbB the i '.rector of Agrlcultur-- as ...ovliled in rro- 
■ !s?on t hmeo!, e^ch lot or ahl.-ment ol reatrlcted articles 
s.'l v^a tYoti. the iniestei area to .olnte In the pi .t-.cted 
aree of thli sta^e ffui^t Le HCcomimnleC by f certificate 
I'Fuei ov f auly authorized ofilclal ol the state In *hich 
tae cni..;.lnH- j>olnt Is «lt.iMed. alllmin^- »-^f ,i»J^\\,,^«- 
strlct ii ai tides in toll in or shliuw.t orlginatud out- 
side of the herein Jescrlued lnlest.-:J area ae jirovldad in 
"rovl^lon ^ t--"!'-.!-. oi (I)) nil such articles have been 
tr^^ted un^^r . ^:. ->.ervl6l0i) :c)vldedlu revision 


i'-u. : affirn • i ..-atrert f.v-.nll . '- 3 larucd 

Lc"-- tnt ircatB-enl facilities used pi^' of hi. a^i.rove.l ty.e 
n-o sit^cles to ce ffovt^d f-tfrsur.aer ser^i treated by a 

■■.ji L". ; 


as. J tro sit^cles to ce ffovt^a i.-er«Lir.m.'r *««. t: ^i^a^^u «j ^ 
trept-rent herein H^„roved or s.ibse<iuently 8,.^ roved by the 
. ire^-tov of A-rlcultur:. • ucn certincr,te? muft set iorXh 
•V.0 do«?r'e s;cV:cd.-le u^ed if fuiiii,-;atea or full particulars 
-i tieatlr-eut If otner..ise trt:atecl. m^-.e a'.\ adJress^ of o*ner 
-;r op«rr.tor ot fumigation Cia-'bor cr ot>«r tieattfont facil- 
ities used, na' fend a raresfses oi shipper en. ^;0"vi-';*f®»„ . 
Q^-iount and Kind of 'utir-i -. rnv.T-od by certlilcate, and 
>inrer oi tjnijraejit. 

i'xcfutiuc Bcpartmrnt 

-^tatr of California 

j'aj^e i 

illy Jlann' trso period {»;?>• i to ct-her ti fn 
•' 'sra ustng metnyl i^romiae at the rate ol: 

to ^ . ..' . ' ' • '- "' che:!!ber rohc ■ . '-.■ j_,- 

• run ,„i'.„tortor ;r;;tJ„.S^?,-'„. SSvS'L1SS"'^u?f' 



" ^ *-ii->H rv. T '' -^"^J-* "'- treated -^nlv 

^'^S ;J £;SJ- - - - -n ,^ o.. 

.*t'.-, ■::-;: .,-. ,„,;'•■ " 1- t•,^.: ^?o« .'nani'.er as r.ursery 

' '^* '^ vlolon ii) 

:^:if inert, - AyjMuved [■f^' 


« ■ . » 

. f. • , ' ^a icp rts a^-vroved fur nui- 

iUlrj/^ ftith live 

^xcfutivjc department 

^tatc of California 

i^age 4 

ptji ic- 

;, I , . ' .-•. i, olnutes* 
. tobt'j jif BLioh conl'/Irier 8 :*y 

'It: / • 


1 1 In ]\xr*: 

101 Ui in: IB) stova and live 
cont»ftlner? -}"".' eTpt.^ , bs Dot 

liibiit ^ ' 

.1. ht' 

.it t* • 

tnt . 

port tur*. 

to tlif • litici-uj: lU 

Inp In ? ■?1..- ", . I'Cfi 

. ; ,.» .. •.; tUbJUCt to 

cfiTtlflec* Vn accord- 
i.ri . I .:Oiis desii'inf, to 1«5- 

: , rr i&i itter. hii.'lloatlon 
. ', .' t") do so, 8t»t- 
: i ■•lUiti, and ed- 
t* Ruu hiniret: '! vi.e :.ereon 

>n i tall i7\,, nu- ;. i^ .itt,^-u u l.j,?i.a ^ loclefs&tion on th« 
li, l:-u.; L u 3.ovuaicnt on throug:^ bill <^ IftJlfii: of rest;rlctv;d 
artoliBii iics a -lolnt oul^^vae ol the lier«ln citgcrl&«d In- 
l-.'Stea p.iBb, tnrba:h the tnlostau ai'.i., to any poVnt in \his 

Villi, in url'^lnal lldaed Cv'>ni'ilneis aji-l otner^'u-- (articles. >? '''natln^' outslae oi" the herein der- 
crlbfid liiicsted ai' , t-' i-e&hlpped fron. f.ny point wit .- 

In the Infyfiteo r^rnf. t • ^/uiritf within the ,rotectcci area 
of tnli; pt t€> only i>rovlded continued laentUy eund ,r;.tec- 
tl'-n fr>i'i ifiieatatlbn 'luvc beua mfcinteljKJ inn lie ulthin the 
Inleatea sree fij^u eecn lit or ehliJi..cnt Is ofl'lclr.lly cer- 
tliU.d ffoa: Dint of shlpffient, oi'llrmlnf: such i>cts snd 
tettin i*;rth tht staU; hiiC county of orlt^l:*, ,v;ln'., of re- 
fa') l»r:ient, xB.uor of sMlpiTont, amount and Kind of articles 
coBiprLr.ln ♦ ' -^ lot or snl;.'5e(il, >in i nnres 9kj addrejites of 
the shl;; ^ cnnsl' netj". 

^_____ __ __ f vA H^-.l-ii t 'JH Iiv£. g:':tXuN 

, , ted articles 'Grcln defined a<u.- ■ .Id 

by fo..2s:<n cfeu Idr aj^enls fnd not delivered to consl^^nae or 
s'ent until Ins e^rt d m "- . f^t;:-eu uy the ; Irector, his 
i'.eiuty or '.ij/Ut ' , i,.i. , ithorlzed stp.te .lant 

^xcnitil)c Bcpartnicnt 

^tiUc of (Talifornia 

Page 5 


A: ^. :. . ull lote; .; - ■ , ;'. : restrict. .Mtlcltjs 
artlvlri.; In the Mate oi C'lil -rnla l.n vloli^tlon of or not 
luiljf Cur /liiitir/ ^ith the .roviElons of this ^.r 'jclB:riJil.on, 
siiuU ot iiiOdlau>i> .sent oat ol th'i state or iestroyea nt 

t'.i. .:t' r-, ■:: -■ ' ■; : " -r '^- '^ -r.-' r -: r--'].-.t. 

/. ■ .. ■ -J ..: ,„ ...- ::i ,i.^ L. :-:::.£■ uf anj' 

Brltcxv.!. or i.):.4T:o;.ily cov'iteci b^' thi' foro.vol/. »■( 'tvlsUjns 
shall l.t •lurther j-uDJect to tr;a prbvlt'lonp of any otner '^u^.r- 
sntlne i/i'Ofilairst.lon.'? oi reKjl?tlonr no* in turce or which 

i.;. deputise oi th3 r.l?«ctor ul Agriculture iinJ all 

i;t.- i:].. * (ni.'T; '.Mil- .-'..I'"*-''? r?" !; ^.:v>;!v *'~')Owere<l to 

••JCLA ^^A TjL , .;!, 


t)cr ll;, \ji,?., an-i .-jhsXl taKa efr:'ct^ci.- i.elv. 

Hve hereunto pet tjcy 
■.<r-i'-.z ->n,J cft s8Ctl the 

re.'t . H- 1 of the jtBte 
5i "Hi 11 or file to be af- 
. '.x-a this //»/ da^v of )t#v- 
.^^.A" ' . '. . , one th >uss!i;l 
nine hunaitttl fen J forty- 

■ t'-uy u' . tate 

2:xcnitiDc ©cpartiiiciit 

^tatt of California 


'in.: :..^,. 





,3fcC l-lv)l'i 

tn crov 


i?f i tcr 22'>, . tiitutca 1744.?, en- 

„. . .e for .jrecrntlor.ft Ht'uln't eri>.'rny 
lacKout .'id uiiiiout le^ul tloub, etc.. 

,*filV I 

the Cnilfomln State ar ':ouucil, 
•ti ation r fieftruu' bk it maij, 
1 1 f Ino and aeternivhe that additional 
ttrictlri^;' lirI^tlll;. axe reqalreci in 
'•*"^"' •'^"■'- ! ■•'^r-oi-, nr that restrictions 

I Jirfc.-»fc In (;rui-r to pre- 
•^'^ '!"-• ^; '•■ y, the sQla state «ar 

..;. ita liuai.. i.he Jovtii.jr, and If 

. u.', ti'KM-ciij, hi ii;.aii prociaiffi £\.cn addl- 
reiit icatrictluiiii miU re/zuiatioiis .governing 
on Ahltjit «i.«li. tu.^i-eupon |.ieco:i,.: effective and shall 
;m.iu ti"ii;(;L uti o;' tuLs : ii-il^ ariil i.:'.all super- 

or -^ .X 
t'ie ar 
on fcu*.-:, 
vent a 
the Go 


hav;i t'.e : 

sed£ t;) Uitf cixLUiit of any ciinilLc-t tno pi(.«viEions or this 
chaptoi anciiidln,?; pen. our or iuojecta nerein iixcluced from 
the oi^er-ition or tiiib c.rftyierj auu jiiiy other ^'rovlsions of 
law .'■.ovt.iiiiif.. liluuln;:tlon. itit- violation of nriy such regu- 
Ictlonr i.\ii,l± constitute a riii£cie.-iifc'ar»ai- and be punishable as 
a vioi *,ion of this chapter, rn maKin/3 sucn investi ^T.tions 
and de^,5r!iltmtloris, the .' tata ar Cornell la horehj' directed 
to con?laar the ilndlt.ea and recoiinenuatlons of the Co:' aiid- 
ln^'_ifciijial .1 the v-tetern Lefense Coii...and or such other 
!iulit,ar> a^sr.cjr ^-s De di;blrnated bj the 'ecretary of . ar 
and in no event shall vh.^ Govemr.t r -itiLx more i-eatrictlve 
regiilrtlons then tiiouc specliied uy seta uo-T^'anding General, 
it lii-ini thi- iiitc.ntion t.hfct ln:.olar as ofii-.sli.le the i^gu- 
latlof.i i'..) .sdo; teu shall be un.forni ..ith the orderi. or re com- 
Eendatloi.:; of the said Comnand .Jeneral." And 

t.i-i^ihi'j^.-;, the itate Council has (iuly found, determined 
and re.:ocTe.-idtji tha. the ll^ntlxi;: r:.i.trictlons heretofore es- 
taL;xlE':'!a o.y lur. aud t,/ authority of lavi find (isneclfilly those 
Imoosec L,y ,ar i-o..ers Tocianfitlon No. 4, iat^d' G v:tobei 
l^ki -riii efuicclve io octouer l>i+jj, be l,M;jeaiately suspended. 
super.". ;ai'a, aitd revoked; and 

..u -;...,, Lho said recofr.n.-;niatlon8 of the state war 
council aie unllor:; with the order of the con;;ianding General 
of the estern Com?!*nd In fOWJllrnce with section k 
of Ch.-. ter Zdj, . tututes 1^*45, 

NO*, THKhEtjhK, I, aAFiL i.AHhiiii^, Governor of the ^tate 
of California, do her-euy proclal"! tliat the li-htln??, restrlc- 


• 11. UlhlR>,< 

page 2 

£xcnitiV)c ©cpartnicnt 

^tatc of California 

t..e Eumv 01 liL.. i'„-;.>v -^f;* -.reniAPPR mav authorize, 

and the la* iri 

This pi iH'ia-'at 
Procl8;i«itlori No. 5" 

the premlFes may authorlz 
ciesi:;imt2(l " 

• r.i shnll tSice 

ar i'o.ers 
effect iaaied lately. 


^ITi;:. ;. . . ..-i-v;! , I have 
hereunto set n^ hand 
yiil ceusfcfl the Great 
rc3l cI the tale of 
^r.llforr.lf tOjJae af- 
flyo;l thls/^ ^ (lay 
of Noverber, A.I. . one 
tnounanii nine hundred 
p.nd forty-three. 

governor of California 



y»t «« «i«p _ 

Secietary of .'tate 

l..lll.*T*Tt l-t:l 

*■ "^'f^^TTl^BJ 

€xeratioc ©cpartmtnt 





■ 1 Ale raiN tihg orm r 

ton' T H.MOOKI,tT*II MtlKTBt 

^xcoititjc ©cpartmtnt 

3tate of California 


thajl. there are mil" 

ilgTiIm rat}ier . 
: ^ind 'pplnclple^i v ' 
■ "ns of :our country, 
.jikfulnepsi for bountlfi-l 

■ 1 m1ad that 1 , 

■-.' Itf ornl;!; r:ii.i ur, 
me In grafeful recr; 
f\Tv\ , mny tlher** be si>eoLftl 

cpaiit ■ . 

>-.nij!5(ar) the gPefl 1 

late np 
be 5f - 
•n this ?2d dfi- 


friitrJ (N csiiroiNiA staib psiniiko orric* 

l«VltMtMTO, (9fJ (.K>R<.C II Wor>t|r, IT»T» mtNTlll 


3!xtnitiV)t ©tpartmcnt 

3tate or California 


As we concentrate upon the tremendous re- 
quirements of war ajia bond our will to tiie sacrifices 
entailed, there la reason for rising satisfaction that 

not <tll whloii wo pei'.' uj . it Ll be wasted arid outlived 
in the c^KQutlc struggle in which wo are enRaged. 

There Is much in our war effort which 
silver-linos evon its darkout aspects. Glowing bright 
among these rays of hojje for a better world to come is 
our proiyfiiics 1:; uiio Tic id of avlatlun. 

V.o liav? -J. .U'i lo loo., up.,., .-ur air forces as 
the powerful jpearhoad of our drive against the eneaies 
uf dom>jcriCj . -ictu^illj' it ia much aoro. In spear- 
heading our thrusts against the enemy our daring 
allien ai-a alao Kiairhlu^- nway at ban :. orb c. time and 
distance whJ.oh have stood in our ;jathway thi'oaf^iout 
history. ?:iey aro ope.ilut, new vistt-ij for U3 and 1 

ushering In a aev era of clorer association between 
men of good will tlirougnout wio world. 

Wo hero In California oire proud of the con- 
tributJon we are making to the widening of this global 
air rosd of Uie fut\ire. We are proud of the manner in 
wlitch onplneertap and production skill hau bean mobil- 
ized into a mighty force witliia our jo.tte. We thrill 
at the perfection of those young men klio make use of 
those planes in the axorcluo or V..r'r .'-vcj-miuatlon 
that tho rlg^-.t to bo free shall not be denied. 

It Is for these reasons that I, Earl Warren, 
Govoruor of Callfoi'uia, do hei-eb^ urge Uia citizens of 
Cflllfornla to look upon December 17, 19'^3 as a day of 
upeol.'il laportanco. It waa upon December 17, I903 that '' 
Wilbur and Orvllle Wright made the historic flights at 
Sltty Hawk, North Carolina, whioh first gave reality to 
man's ambition to speed through the air. No day could be 
iooro fitting for hoiioriag ttiosa who havo pioneered that 
today's progress might be possible and those who pioneer 
aov that there sliall be fewei' barriers to world-wide 
mutuality of understanding aM good will in our future. 

IN WITNESS WHHRSOP, T have herexinto 
set ray hand and caused the 
Oreat Seal of the St^te of 
Cfltfornla to be affixed this 
nth day of Deceniber, A.D., one 
Uiousand nine hundred and 
f orty74jhrRe . 

Oovornor < 

of California 

Secretary of/atate 

^xcfutitic department 

5t.uc of ealiforiiij 


f " *ht offtc« of ftr SuCTrtsry of Sh4 
ol Ihc S(«l« of Colilornfa 

JAN n 1944 

FRANK M. JORDAN, Secretary oJSti 



'nUll^iVS, Section 1^ of Charter ???, Statutes 1943 
entitled "An Act to Provide for Precautions Agairst Enemy Attack 
Includ:nK Blackout and Dlrnout Regulations", etc., provides ^3 
foJlows: » » ^ 

"Geo. i:?. Whenever the State; War Council after such 
study, inyeGtigatlon or hearing as it may make, direct or con- 
duct shall find ana determine that additional or different air 
raid precaution rofiulatiouE are: required in order to protect 
lile or property, the i^tate V.'ar Council shall address its find- 
ings to the Governor and if the Governor and the Coramardinc 
General of the Western Defense Cor.imand or such other military 
agency as may be de3l--,nated by the Secretary of War concurs 
therein, the Governor shall proclaiir such additional or differ- 
ent air raid precaution re Kijlatlona whi ch shall thereuron be- 
come effective and shall have the same effect as laws of this 
?i"f.f: ."^^u ^^ii^lstiona shall supersede to the. extent of any 
conllict the provisions of this chapter (including persons or 
bubjectt: herein excluded from the operation of this chapter) 
and also any other prevision of law which interferes with the 
purioses of this chspter. The violation of any such regula- 
tions shall constitute a ml.Kdemeanor and shall be punishable 
as a violation of this chapter." And 

V/HEHEAS, the otate 'War Council has duly fi.und. deter- 

mired and recomnu-nded that the ' - - •' » 

precaution regulations, 

roads, excavations, etc., are required for the protection of 

life and property; and 

following additional air raid 
concerning industrial rrocesses, rail- 
, are ' ' " 

"■.TiEfffiAS, the Commanding' General of the V/estern Defense 
Conmand has concurred in the said findings, determinations and 
recommendations of the dtate War Councllt -uiai-ions ana 

^. r- ^/^0''/..THEHi,FOtffi, 1, Earl Warren, Governor of the State 
JioS'ieglil'aM^ns? "'"''' '''°''"'" ''^ ^^ll-^"^. ^-i- -aid precau- 

iiAlLiiOADS, E. CA VAT IONS, ETC. * emitted 
naces, fcunc'ries a 
light would involv 
tions after a blac 
cars or locomotive 
tives are operated 
ol ud i ng vert: bul e 
63. cavations, repai 
tuch places and du 
periods in areas o 

from Indus 
nd kilns, 
e serious 
kout, ali 
s, (whethe 
by steam, 
and marker 
rs or obst 
rin^; such 
f ai r raid 

trial processes, 
where the exting 
difficulties in" 
lights on or in 
r such trains, c 
diesel or elect 
lights; and red 
ructions, shall 
periods (ii.oludi 
alarm) and unde 

such as fur- 
ulshment of the 
resuming opera- 
ra.Uroad trains, 
ars or locomo- 
rlc power), in- 

llshts m-rking 
be permitted at 
n^ blackout 
r such conditions 

- ^Ul«>ll^. ti4 

^xcfutioc Bcpartniciit 

5r.uf of CTjIiforiiia 

po such lliht if: l. pacifically authorized in writirig in 
advance by the Comrrandine General, Western Defense Com- 
mand, or any other military agency desipmted by the 
oecretery of War, or an agency deslf.nated by such 
Commanding General to approve such variations. 

This proclamation 
Proclamrtion No. 6" and j 
January, 1944. 

is hereby designeted "V/ar Powers 
ihall take effect the 11th day of 

IK V.-JTNnS rm>;REOF, I have 
hereunto set my hand and 
caused the Great Seal of 
the State of California 
to be affiled at Sacramento 
this il^thjiay of January, 
A. D. one thousand nine 
hundred and forty-four. 

^^ f/l^.^' 


Governor of California 


3ecretar\^s«(r State 

^xtcotitie Bepartnitnt 

3tate or California 

^ ' ^ s: D 

,„:)•:,.:! •(■.l,wc?au JiinuiJi'v L'' tuid Kebriifipj- l^i, li^^'*, af< the per' i 

•id War Starao- . 

h', V/ 

•ill ! . !• I i.. 

.>i ..ii't,uiilL;,' Lo iiu:.'i;t.' .) cuaut.! invedtraent aM at tiif 
ii-fnit'^ nnd nf'-»dr«d conttMb'i t' r>n t.n v'.nnT.n.f the v/.j- 

rtct propfij' 

^v^nxgl'j urge tbf.t the people >" 
■riF'bLliby with a firm detei-'nlns- 
v'jll bu raised In the shortest 
'I'.- and indefatigable 
j' -r'c,-: to our <? nun try and 

uch <:• ' oan fui'n'.sli additional 

I "3 VT'' 

^T?T?OF , 

M... .0,1 .•.'i..kH .i,.,.ir,.i,,. iM . 


€imm department 

:r»t.itf of Cilifornij 



■" li)e office of iSi Svrreity of Sd;^ 

of Iho f,';,'. ef Cl.harrii 

' HANK M. JOfiOAN. s.v,.,«,y ,rt <•., I 

^xcfutiDc department 

,ir»tJtc of GallforiiiJ 

? R 


^VKIW. JORDAN, Sec«.,y„.-ti. 




••..•■ t-'nns, Tihc. 

: ^' Mblning In 

the experience and the knowledge of six 
;.- i.;in,i tTT' f<r>ci,M"! !^ nd. velfarc agencies , th1 

'.versar;/ with r-. record 


^■ ;■ . . . lod wLLli Uie growLli .if our armed forces 

.1 il I '^r 2,800 c5.\ibp and centers throughout 

the United Gtc;tes .uiid our off-s!Jiore baaes. In its many cen- 

t.^'T-:; ;■- ; ■ -n,'!; 'i-id i.'omnn, many <hf them away from home Trrc 

lii'iiv lives, Eire being afforded a touc 

i .■. j^^.roc 1-l:. tioii of th.ii) typic.illy .'-moricaa service 
■r«Ht or i^rxni ration is offering our fightinp men 
^urthor encovij' ■ neral civilian iinder- 

T* -^r ! tr 'r' _jrocr&ms, I, Esrl 

"fornla, do hereby call 
\rzv df. te of United 
dded encouraj' - 


•— p.; ^v. 

nen &n' 


I have 

-iito set m; 

- hand 

rid caused the 


.-'1 rf tlie ?tj 

t2 Of 

' • fornla to be af- 

■Xwd t':'- "-' 

-1 n .- r^f 

fjbruar, , . . 

houcand nins I 


nd forty-four. 




^xcfutiDc I?>cpartnicnt 

^tntc of (lalifornij 


.>n the Hvuriastlng admlr-itlon and 
"y their jJev of -" <- duty as m^jinberE 
-.ulr eff!lclei= tho Imoortrrce 

the war :fer^ • - attested'not only 
(ham bv f t^Artment but by 

r serv 

'■1, one idistlnsuJshert bran 
)0n havcjbeen writing an Imj^ '- ' 
bijnrvlnp; Its first am ' 
- .., ,. .,„ ^, ,, "nlted States 

' ntn an ■'•^vc^nn' 

', i-no 
V ■)iaen '• 

Tnd :|n recognit " 
.. ihe devotion to c;--. '. , '.i^.iA:^ ^-.jC ^. 
■0 materially added tooths strength' 
-■> ""rr^n, Gover- -- ■" "■iffom^ . 

nifornla ' "n mai<:'- 

■ "amJratlon and " ,^_^reclatlon 
nunn worten pre ■^Tfr^vmlnrr, 


set my hand 
■ -'' the greet 

"t?te of 
rnla to bo cf- 
thls 8th day 
-uary, . '. , 



: H-y2> 


i • 






^xccutiDc department 

;5tJtc of California 

pertain Ir);" to Vetch eovll 
bffective on and after f- bruax-y 10,1944 

. ri .. .Aii, It r,as Deeij dettirmined dy the Director of Afi;ri- 
Ciltaie t.hnt sn ins-)Ct, li Jurloup to vetcf' seed, ttiiOi.n as the 
vetch weevil ( [•.luc^'ur brachlalis ). ne.. to and not neretolore 
>rjV8lcnt In the ;.tata of ijalllornib, ejUsts in the states of 
Aia^a:!;:, v. i^ecticut, ;els».arfe, District ol ooliaibia, .';eor/:ia, 
■aaho, .ret„lRn(j, ■.■^Lssis^;U^^Ji, Wcw wersey, uorth ;arollnfi, 
.'ie;on, •^eniisvlvanla, -o.jtli ;:firollna, Virnnia, rnd 8shlri,,-ton, 
fll of «i ich are included in and berf Lnm ter ref erred to as 
Inlest'.'d tenitoiy, r,.nd tiat Vv;tch seed is liable to be s 
carri' ; \ tch we vil; 

'a , I'i- ■.;>. fo. , Tt is 
vent the Introduction of th 
of .jalliorni?! that s quaran 
tablished at the ooundHri -r 
the provisions ol ! ectlon 1 
ftatv; of .':8liiorni8 a^sinst 
•roATi in, oi c.hijp--u, or ur 
?nci no vetch /.eevll (■'.u 
rh-11 bfc t)jrmltteJ to psf;- 
estfbllttied Tini on^iclalraed 
f oi 1 -y.i In I ■ 'iV ifi ions : 

deciarod neC3ssary in order to pre- 
said vetch weevil into the ; tate 
tine be and the saric Is rereby es- 
ol California, in acoordance' with 
Ob 01 the <\gric'Jltuiai 'ode ol the 
fsld vetch weevil and vt-tch seed 
Hi-'hr, ir^m csia irieet.'.;. terrltor-y 
L '•'t'^v^hisl:)?; ) snG no vetch seed 
over the yufirantlne lines hereby 
•j-ycapt under and subject to the 

rjt_o%_i^tnA^: 1 i_. her!tr let inns 

Vitoh seed which ha^ ti^mu rov,n Ir or shipped from the 
seiii infested tciirltory i^dil d-j fiJmlttcd into the L tate of 
-•alifornia only provldin each shipment or lot of ruch seed 
is ficco'op-.niea by h cextlf icato fi.ened oy a duly authorlzt.'u 
iuRpectlon official ol the stato of orli^'ln, afilrmlnt' either 
that ali Vetch seed in th ■ shipment or lot ha^-. oeeii fumigated 
in accordance Alth Fiovision ^ hereof and has not been ex- 
poseu to fi post-treatment infestation, ::h that such seed has 

rown In and shipped from s noninfested ar^a in acc^ordp.nce 
v^ith .rovision ') hereof. Ml uuch certificates must show 
the n?re -md ^uf!;.tlty ol se^C. contalneu in the shipment or 
lot, car nuffioer or identify in;- marKs, Ksanner of shipm nt, 
name mu addresE of f.rA^.er, tmae unci aJdresj ol cooEl.rnee, 
f:nd the locality v^hero i-OKn. The- oric-^lnru must be attached 
to ihs- way bill or bill of lading and a duplicate cojy sent 
to the i liectoi' •,£ Aa'icultiire, s-'^craniento, cslliornia, at 
time of shipment. 

rovision £. i uml. r-'i ion 'ertiilcatep; 

ertlllcates aiilrinin,.; treatment shall not be Issued un- 
lea.- r.ii vetch soed t be moved thereunder- ass ti eated as 
herein approved or subsfiMuently approved by the Llrector of 
t- rricultaro under oiiiolal jHipervlsion in n -•as-tight chamber. 

AiM'rovv'd / Itemct'- ! rt^s t.i:cnts 

(A) Atmospheric i'Uflii._;atlon 

^xccutiDc Bcpartiiicnt 

£»tatt of dalifornij 




_ j) pounds per l,u\;v^ cubic 
,;ace In a iss-tl iit fuiid-atlon 
tciTfperniure ol not lese tnan 
p.^riod of not les;. than u hours 

chamber at s 

0^" K. ior s . ^ 

St p maximum loHd of 15,uuu ponnciK per 
i.uuo cubic lent. At least two fbns i*ith 

12- Inch blades- t- be He Jt In operation at 

OtH'Ositc cncit In the fuinU-.Btlnh cha bei- 

fedt 01 «lr ^;3nce in s ^Cb-tl-ht fumigation 
chgi^iboi- ; t a temptrature of not lesr. than 
oi^-* F. for 8 period of not l=ss than 2 '--oiir! 
at a raaxlKiuirt load of 13,uuo pounds upr 

:5. ::j. 



gj^ U»^:ii j. L poundG per l,uwo 
Jili t;.8ce in n ,<fis-tlyht funil- 
at a r.era^JKr- ture of not less 
then o'-j" h, for a period oi not lesr than 
2U houiE at a 'nsxloiua) loau of l^.uvu pounds 
per l,UijO cuolc feet, ench layer- of socles to 
be sdji rated by 2x4 boards to permit free 

CUOlC [I'.ct 01 

»=:&tioi: chauioej 

^1r- il^'nor 

■■1 "tnE 



^ ) 



ch' laber at, 
63" F. foi 
mutti lOBi. 
feet, Qa 
•d X k ooaxds 

li'Mcie , 2w iDunds per l,oou cubic 
pace in a .c^es-tlKht fumlKation 
a te;T!,)eratui e of not less than 
n period 01 2i; hourt- at 8 maxl- 

i of i;;,Ouo po'ondE per i,u«>o cubic 
ach lay.?r of sscKs ti bu se^-arated by 
to peraoit free ciiculptlon ol 

c;nloror:lcrln . l^ poundr per l,ooo 
Of air :;p8ce in a ras-ttrht faoilra 
at F tijDjjerftrurt >f not ie^-^ than 
& period of 2i, hours at 9 maxiniaa 
l*),uv«j iX)unds oer l,Uuiu. cubic feet 
of SFCics to be separated t.^ 2x1; 
permit Ire-, cirfiulntlon of trav. and 
two f'.HF ivltf 12- Inch blr,des to be 
operation at opposite >3nds in the 
chamber throu,^hout the tl • if exu 

■ . anl^:etion 

cu;3lc feet : 

tlon chamber 

Ol/" F. for 

load of 

, each Isyerl 

boHrdf. to 
at least ji 
Kspt In 1 

fuml ration 

osure , 

Hv-arocv; nU- acid (HCM) . Y ounces per Iwo 
'"UDlc feet c?f r-vhce at a temperature of not 
lesfc than o'^o v., the ^hb to oe injected at 
not lesr than r. 2j-ln; h v^cuufl! for a period 
01 ^ hours fit n maj:ia]um load of l'',00u pounds 
,; >r L,U/.. i.Ui.? loot 

^xccutioc Bcpartmcnt 

State of (Talifoniia 

'VLr. lon ^, 

: nefrli erator cars me.y ue us-2ii 
as fuBlr.ation chembers. How- 
ever, It is anpiieslzed that 
th'i rirBln;:- .'rust oe sealed with 
.vater, and i£ the car Is liable 
to oe shurjtod darln. the laTil- 
:atlon cycir, the drelnt should 
be plUf- yd .\lth wet pa ei *.hlch 
choulw b^r rvsiioved at the com- 
jletl.^ - cbe eye I'-. 

'ertiilc>;.e& from i«rjf;ii:ie8tec Ai'ea j ; 

- ;, ,.y annuel oriiclo v 'ys 

thet aii ul :•>£!/ i,talo' iu tho i;.-ild ii^iestec tox'. lt>jj;y ie 
not iniesteii by the swld vet-h weevil and iiiovidiiii-, a^e- 
ruato .;rotf,'Ction is oiiordeJ oy r;.;ch state a-ainct the entr.v 
6i vetch .veevll into such nonlnfesteci area, the ilittctor ol 
• riculture tnny, upon r' 1ii wrltlRj-: ol prober evlaence 
iroiii th« Biith rlzec! olilclsl or such state, pemlt the entry 
of vetch seed /.htch Is certified as belnr 'iroftn in and shipped 
ircDfl pucr. nonirifRStr '. - :r-, . 

{■''J It 


"iuld ior 'neniection; 

votch s^ed admlef lule f r -m the ksIC inlested territory 
mder the jor-e/^oinK' i>rovlsLons or «hen orl^tnatins in areas 
outside the said Infested territor:y must u,.ion arrival in 
'p.lllornis, oe held by cn;.irnon-carrlt't aj/snta and not aeilv- 
ered tn consignee or a/rent ant 11 inupeCted and passed by 
a . v.!iT !'^".t" ;:-:ir>nt^:i- ffi'e)'. 

'.'he aoiuii?: luiilL,, in 'j the : t&'^.tj or aiircrtily oi any 
arti.:j.e oi- cO;u;rodlty covered by the forf?'-oin- provisions 
shhil te iurther suolc^ct to the !)r vIsIouf of eny other 
qi^arfjntine proclamnlicf.ti or iefsulationi] nof. In I'oice or 
i:ie.h niay heraaftt-^ ••■ romul;:8ted, 

.eouties I the director ct Agriculture end i tate /lant 
i,,u&rantlne Ofilcerb are her'eby empr'jerec' t- >nron*.e the pro- 
vis iur.s or this .ji-oclp.n.fitlon. 

^xcfutioc Bcparniicnt 

^tatc of CiliforiiKi 

•• 1; ,.!vlsed Huai-antlne /roclamatinri no. 6 supersedes 
and sliEll tRke effacl luifefl lately. 

.-.. i' I 

b>;nd eni: caused the 
Great tee.! ol the ; tste 
ol CBlliornia to be al- 
ifLxea this i''-nday of :vb- 
Irinry A.D., one tho isand 
I nine hundred and forty- 


"ovon' ""T "* i.iiornia 

tai7 oi<7t3te 

r llibiD 

In rni> olflC* Ot ''• 

I Sut« 

3:xccutiVic department 

:^tatc of California 

QUAiiA;ZL'riv'f!. i KOCLAJvUTj 01': I'O. 15 ('^-■VIS3)) 

PertriUing to European Corn ■ orer 
Effective op aEtd, after Februnry 15, 1944 

T.h -(KAS, Ttit j'act has been deteriairied by the Director 
u:' Agriculture tlmt a flasiyf rouu iii^ieot prst l.novT. us the 
European corn bortr ( Py i-nuuta nuLi] alJ .< Lubii . ) heretofore not 
exist in the otate of Galifor;Jci, t, ir. the hei-e- 

areas, and that the restricted prod- 

1 no'«i; to 

inafter aeseribed infested 

act;; it 

•*<;■■ \ ' 


vent th 


that a 


bound at 

iec of t 

ti..r: IC 

(. of the 

id pe 

'^'- ■". '- ." ; L. 

^/td prcd 

oli'.lJ be cernijt 


shed and 

■11 tion; 

li^rfij II 



:^ .., I'. Glared;! necessary :; .; -ji.' i- to pre^ 

ui.'tiuii of tiaid i est int© the State of California 
tic be and the saitip Is hi^reby et-tabli r.hed at the 
he ijtute of CalA forniB in accoTKlance with Sec- 

AgricuUn 'Hi Code of tbe State of California 
st, it: I., or poyrible carrier;:, and no such 

uctfc. at; .luuruiitined a{.'airi;-.t in this Proclamation 
ted to pass over the said ouarantine lines hereby 

proclaimed except undet- and subject to the con- 


;',V( fii} t .11 c-.,ii-i. Dojvr (>yiou:ita nubijalis hubn. ; 

Eiitlre dtates of Connenticut , 

jcJ ; vv;; i-e", Illiiiois', Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Karylsnd, i.'.asna- 
chuaetts, iViichi{;an, l^ew Karaptihire, New; Jersey, New York, North 

llliiioi t 

Cti rni i Ti' 


Pennuylvania , 
nd Wiaoonsin. 

?hoite Tri'.nd, V'- f"'(itit , 



CouiitJt'L; oi' Allamaiee, Appanoo^'e, Benton, 

alacr , i.awK, aremer,, liUuler, Cedar, Oerro Gordo, 
Jiiichtiuav;, JlarkG, GJayton, ^linton, Davi.s, Delav.aj-e, Dea Koines, 
uubuquo, Fa ette, Floyd, !''ranKlin, Oruhdy, Hamilton, Hancock, 
;-iard"i, ;;ei;-> , nownrd, Iowa, JacksoD, |;icper, Jefferson, Johiiijon, 
•*oi: , , 1 , Linn, l.ouls:a, Lucag, Kahast^, JAarion, Marshal 

...itci i a J , ■..ui,.-o«::, ..luscatlne, Folk, PowfeshieK, 3cott, Story, Tama, 
Van Bureu, Wapello, Warren, Washirgtop; Wayne, Winrebago, 
,.i . !;i^ ' , ;orth, and Wright, 

-.:I; iLaOTA: CL.uiity of Houston. 



.' /•Hill Ln, 
dt. Lou' 

Jef fe rv-.un, miu 
, Perry, Piko, 

, ..ud:'ain, Cape Girardeau, Clark, 

, Ltwj.-., Lincoln, Kecon, Marlon, f..onroe, 

lutnani, Hallr. , Randolph, St. Charles, 

■iuvl !■, cotlend, Shelby, and Y/arren|^ 


.i]0'"J<.l» i'^vDUCCi' 

Jtalkr. , : ears, cobs or other parts 

ov debris of corn, broom corn, sorghumj?, and Sudan srass (except 
seed and shelled grain free from frafgjients of cob and other 
plant oebriii); lima beans in the pod, green shell beans in the 
pod (of th«i variety nriowtt h:; cranbcrr\ or horticultural); beets 
v.itl; t.-ip.'; -hubarb (out o- plants and roots). 


^xcfutiDc ©cpartmtnr 

^tjtc ofCalifornij 

Page 2 

f'"ovi.,jor, 1. 

ment or- lot ? ? "''''^'^ °^ Cain-ornia on f °*^*^^-"^ise, will be 
' bv ,-. • ^ ^^ accoravaiJKd bv a ori^fv.?^'-^^ P^ovidin.: each --m^ 
,.- * '^tO£. Of the Bureau of FnV"^^'^''*^ ^itl^^er farsi^r^f';^ 

in such . : ^'^^f-'^ "fder the superifS ^r ^°^ ^'^^ ^^^^ 

the state of ori Mr \.'^' si.c.ned bv thP r^to^ ^■'^*^*'^'^S the 

approved by the n,- ^ ^"Pe^vlMor In a mn ^"^ ^^^ ^^^en 

-t forth LfL^JS^" °'/^"^«^^*"-. sue; L'f..'^,^ -"^^^-^ 
^^ =>-d Place Of treatmeS?. "^"^^ ^'''^ Period of 

JJ;^ -^•^"rino:;:\i^i^;jod; ,.een .hell bea 
top.;; and r-hubarb (cut m- f"'^ °^ hortloultura 
-'■om the said inf^l^^ PlanLu acd r-ootil . 

^'^lifornlfi only DrDvldlnrff ^ "^^ ^^ admitted 
by a certificate' si In^i^ ®^°^ shipment or in- 
^olc.y and Plant ia'"a?t?L^^^'^^^^P« = tor of the 
Agriculture or ty "il^'^i^/^^:}^- .^nite6 3tat 

^^^ '^eL^'inip^itSt.n^^^^^ ^ontalLri '^he 
European corn bore.?"' ' "'^'^^ ^^^^ ^-rom infesta 

i'^oyialon 5. 

ns ir the pod (of 
-l;, beets with 

'?^" \" °r Shipped 
into the otate of 
is accorn-anled 
fureau of En to- 
es Depurtment of 
tate of origin 

shipment or lot 
tion by the 

Provision 4. 

Ho to eliminate all 


$xcfutiV)c Bcpartnicnt 

State of California 

Page 3 


t,n ;■ jt. uarjantined against. 





V; ibllity iiiuo the .JtHte of California of 

•my proau'-v u" conimodity cu^^ei-i^d by the foregoing provlfi or"- 
.nail be further* nub.jtct to the provisions of anv other 
iuai-nntinp. Proclnrant ion or .ie.-ulMtion now \' '■■■•! or whl.^h 
may hercnfter be 'roraul j^^ated . 

rtlj f) -o-iuu t,;i ad-iii:. - lulo uuJ'ir th' i •■. ' o.'! 

■iu.-it bfc hftld by coininon carrier agent and not aelivered to 
oonaisnee or • ■'■ t. until inspected and r.f,,'-: ed by the Direot-;r 
of Ap;ricult>. ■ , ' >in])uty or deputr , ■ ! ' :uly authorized j 

;, .:.■ '^ :., : ■ '- o*'"' -■-:'. ! 


r;:;o«pt 9 3 rir'ovided in the foregoing provisions, any i 

lot or uhipratmt of cc mo ii t les or artiqlec arriving in 1 

California in violuti the provisions of tliis Proclamation j 

uuMll be ininiridiately 'i' of the stnte or df-t"';""!! at , 
t-ne option and expen.- jv.iier or bailee. 

all de;mtie3 of the Director or ii.,;;rj culture end all 
ilant wunrantine Officers are hereby emno.vered to 


■■-r- (V 1 

'on- of thl:; proo] iiin t ' 'in. 



Tni:j /UUfK 

1 ; u- ••; ■ 

^la-nrtion No^ !> (Revised) 

'v tion Fo. 1.'' i~-upd December 

inr,*rMi I'iNii 

^xccutiDc Bcpartmcnt 

State of California 

It, 1 

1 ; n I 


..i'i':!]i;^^ v.i!r. i:v^^.', 1 have 
hereunto set my hand and caused 
the Great Seal of the State of 
CaliroPE:ia to be affixed this 
15thriay of February A.D., 

ono thousand i.ine hundred and 

^^^^_/X— ^ 


Sovfccrjor of Calif^r;, ja 

^ f < ** ' 

oecretar oV 



3:xcfutit)c Bcpartincnt 

^tJtr of CTjIiforma 

JikJ:£i ivubUTiON t'RQt^LM'lA'l'iaa 

I, EAiix. WiliRM, Governor nf t ho <3 +-.,-• 
''U'-°fi?' -'-^^^^^^^ ProcSm^nJ Saer thai a 

of tS; kfiiL ^" t"*^.Eii£hth Seaator ial District 

Of 'f i?%'^^"^^' ^° "■" *i^« vacancy in the o??ice 
of otutc Soauoor. Elijjith Senatoriel District °^^^^^ 

t:^i<: X .o i.croijy offHr h reward nf On» 

the rewards to il ^Sd uJuf the totn?*^''"'' ?°^^' 
'■'■ter cy^endea Tm- -it^ until the total amount here- 
' . -hous^m no ^he, purpose roacnes the sum of 

- .hous,;na Dollars |!10,000.00) . 

li. WITl4i;sS Vv]_...... I .hereunto 

-f'li Jiiy hand and cause t.ho 
Great Seal of the State of 
Callfornip to be afiixed 
hereto this ibth day of 
Tebruary, 19U. 

( overnor of California 
Secretary of 


3:xcrutlDc Bcpartincnt 

5»tatc of (Talifornia ^^ 

PROCLAMATI O^^^^kl^^^?^^ 

^ * ,w ^ Slnoo ;)Jonaer dsye abundant natural renoimSaR hawi* 

natlnn. Fertile soils, extensive foreata, rich oil and ■In.Ml 
««n?Hi « ^"^ Abundant vator have been converted, tir^hthJ^' 
genius and enarj^y of our people. Into the many coaforts «nrt 
conveniences of modern clvlll«atlon. coarorts and 

our «ay of^Mf.' fL^'® "^'^"^ ''^ ^^ "^Shty struggle to .reserve 
our vay or life, these saae resources are beln? us«d in •««» 

DSmoJjucy/ ^ <lealp^tlon of our land as "^he Arsenal^f 

fire and unnecessary dG..lotlon. Even more obvlousls tS^ n«--i 
for r'reventlng waste of any of the critical aat^l«i« ^ 
vitally needed In the war effort? "'^"^"'^ materials so 

conservation ^^^^iT*^ '^^^^'^ consideration of the need for 
conservation programs and to emphasize that we can b«tt*T. 

hereunto set mj' hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
California to be af- 
fixed thlD ^/'S^Aa.j 
of February, A.D., one 
thousand nine hundred and 
forty -four. 


Governor of California 


1^ A»^>/,* 
Secretary of State 

3:jLCcutiV)c Pcpartinciit 

;:rt.uc of cs:.iliforiiia 

p p, c n A 

In nallfon-Ja Rrd throuG^cut thn nation, the 
Ainerlcar. neonle will oe nail el >jp:)n, 1urln£ tha itontn of 
March, to meka oontributlons which t.1 11 enable the Anu^rlean 
Fed Orosf to continue Its many serviceti to the u-an and woicen 
of -"jr armod I'orces at home anl •broad, 

Moic than 80 per cent of the Red Cross funds are 
nor belnjj (^xnendod in aervlcos .or oar overaens forces, in 
the coming months our military operatlnns vlli eapand and 
it It ^nowr. that the Army end th-) Navy will be calling upon 
thq 1=9 i Cross to ,i ©op pacfl with this oxpanal^sn. 

In via*. oX 
the aaltlple tasKs w 
both a ->rlviieoO and 
to the T,q6 CJto3s at 
helpln^i Increase the 
vices rends ro i mr y 
ovorseaa I'l^jhtin,, In 
rendorlnt, alJ anri a a 
sacrl loea vaich the 

Uie.-ie e^pundlnti war requirement s and 
.ilea must be undertaken. It becomes 

a reaponalalllty to rake contrl.jutlona 
tnla time. The >rlvlle^_,o is one of 

countless small, personal human aer- 
u'oiij .-on nn M women who nve '\.}Ui.j^ the 

tuis war. The responsibility la one of 
alatanort to tho?e wh-^ are niaklne, the 

war «ntalla» 

i-or these raae ons I, Karl Viarren, lovonior of 
Callfor.iti, do horeoj call tho attentl>n of all cltlsons of 
tho ntate of Cailiorula to th"? 1^44 land 'rive -f the 
American Ped Crona which will be c-nducte 1 during the period 
March 1 to 51 ani do h»»reby ur^e upor, all citizens a response 
In i<er;pin,_, ^ i th tho humanitarian services known to be 

'..ITNESn «;iEE'-E^F, I have 
hereunto sot my hand 
an '■ oausiid the Great 
Seal of the ;^,tato of 
California to be af- 
fixed this ' day of 
•'arch A..., one 
thousand nine hundred 

'^A-^:^ /^^-^^^ *- 


aovemor of California 



Secretary W State 

Dj(;ut, . ...'.Ucji of Sisis 

^icrutiDr Bcpartmciit 

^tjtt of dalifornij 

^LKO'rxON ^MQCum/nod 

I'M ec 

-f the 

' ■-■•-iaary 

i-hat a 
- -ii-y of May, 
^ _ ters of the btaT,n 

Qxi-tii^utiuijai Amendment No. 
.ture aurinni its 3d Extraorcii:. a- 
i tn oe.sior^ of the Legislature/ 
iolc 13 of tne >'■>•- ^ tutlon of 

■' ':f^,^°f ?^' -ty owned 

' '■ " : tJit ;jL- .'.f of 
•ftfiy be 

revmj|u or undred 

;t"n."?t^''t If^ provisions of DiviJon 
t.o.i. (.ou.:; t.}K> rewards, to be oaid 
-er eipoMetl for the 


> ■ • unto 
-.-> (-•: act- tne 
. ' of the State of 
'-ti^a.^uj-jjixu to be affixed 
-arcto ^this ^f uay of 

i»» ..^ 


3:xccutiOc Bcpartmciit 

^t.uc of (Talifornia 



In this 
must e:cort 

critical period of our history, when every 
full eaev^ to the needs of wai^, tlie preserva- 

^ „ „ ^.vv^j. >- J. .-.J. t viii.cj.5jf >"-' i-'io iiooua ui «<*>9f wie preserva-- 

tlon of manpower and womanpower through the protection of health' 
Is more than ever a matter of public concern. 

Diurlng the month of April the Women's Field Army of 
the American Society for the Control of Cancer is to conduct 
a drive to increase public knowledge of the progress which has 
been made in the treatment of cancer. Authorities In this 
field tell us that many of the 103,003 individuals who die of 
cancer annually in our nation die needlessly, simply because 
they did not submit to early diagnosis and early treatment. 

Being fully in accord with the objectives of this 
campaign to acquaint the American people with the early signs 
of this dread malady, I urge that special attention be given 
to the annufl meesago of the Women's Field Array of the American 
Society for the Control of Cancer. For the purpose of encour- 
aging public education as to the facts of cancer and the 
importance of early diagnosis and treatment I hereby proclaim 
the month of April, 1944 to be Cancer Cnntrol Month In the 
State of Cplifornla and m'ge wholehearted public support of 
the program of the Women's Field Army of the American Society 
for the Control of Cancer. 

here\into set my hand 
and caused the great 
seal of the State of 
Cc liroriilE to be 
affixed this ' day 
of March, 1945*. 

Governor of California 











.■, l,.l! 

,." I'.,- < -T. ■ .V 


r. J 1S44 


i L.L. 



StJtc of Califoriii5^^*^^X^-^ 

M A T I :i 

"hP!T'^ ;: iliforn!'! today an unexplained lag in the re- • 

■ > ■ nf citlT-eofi In 1,1..' ■ '' > register and qualify as voters. | 

. •■ ' re times when tliere Is far more than normal responslr 
biiil; M.Llficiie'1 to American citizenship ahd this seeming apathy 
on the part of huiidreds of thous'uvis of citizens is e matter of 
general concern. 

Believing th.M t every American, regardless of political 
.--'Illation or conviction, has the duty as well as the riglit to 
vote and thflt the obli£,').tlon to participate in public decisions 
increases in war time, I hereby urge the citir-enry of every Cali- 

fornia oo-amunity to 

reg'.str:- t.Lon by Apr 

mike a final effort to increase o'or state 

The right to vote one's own convictions is a principle of 
je.Tiocracy for which men are now offering their Uvea. We have 
pro;)erly shown concern over the right of these fighting men to 
vote and h-'-ve adjusted our state laws to increase their oppor- 
tunity. We must now add to their confidence in ovvr management of 
home front by ass\irlag them of our full particitxition in the 


decisions which lie ahead. 'I'his is a trust which they have placed 
la our hands for Lhey tire fighting for an Ideal in government 
which imposes responsibility upon ill and permits the expressed 
'.ill of the majority to become the program of all, 

"ipril 6 being the final day for registering for the May l6 
i'l'lmary election, it is important that every person qualified to 
r'Ji_;lster in Ct'lifornia be urged to do so immediately. For this 
i'sacori, I, Karl Warren, Goveraor of Cpllfornla, do hereby r^ro- 
claim April 1 to 6 inclusive, with the exception of Sunday, April 
2 PS Registration Days in Oalifornla and d'^ hereby urge all citi- 
2euc to jo! 'I In "s drive to make Oallfornis's reg'stration totals 
added proof of "nr full Hssumption of wartime responsib^'.llties. 

hereunto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the otate of 
California to be af- 
fixed this 31st Day 
of M^'rch, A.D, , One 
Thousand N le Kvuidred 
tind Forty -four. 


Governor of California 


r i j_ !~ f~J 

: I'.c o'.'.kr. cF iSe Sscre'.jrv of St«l<! 

^xcfutiuc Department 

^t.itc or (Taliforiiij 

■: '"1944 




'■'■.■.memoTHle the irad tl^n n? ib'^'A^""^ "^^ ff^ *^=i^« ««ch year to 
which,%.r.-.r.r.rv,^M!^,,^'"!^,,^','S' _^^^/°Vj:^'^'' ^'^^J the sacrifice 


In sacrifice 
'^I'lny of the Ur. t k.,i 
the principle 

valorji the personiiel of 


Rnd in deeds of 

it, values of the American home. It !« the 


■Tender nf huma^ rights 


•atlon Its 
v.'i) are this day carrylni 
linds of t.h© vorlri. 


, ";", not only for solemn 
1 Uij- (,r freedom to the 



•■•St and present or hhB",,rri^ ''■ '-'eJj ' il on of the deeds, both 
united St4tel! i; SfrfUiJrfi rov^^ "'^"^''^ ^"^^ ^^"^ '^^ the 
.proclaim Thursday', Si iT "',4?''^ ^^"^ of California, do hereby 
io hereby urge all cttizen^ to ri ,\ n/^^^Ti i°^^ ^" California «nd 
States at their placerarbusiness^ tLS"^, ^^^^ "^.'^'^ ^"^^^^^ 
'^■Iso suitable and to oarlio!!Hte ?n suth Ju'f^^ ""'^ vherever 
.•eremonles a« rnay be h«v, r-^^'- c^lvJlian and military 

■i;r,.] • , ^3 "^'^ ■::"•' '^^i^^se of br'nninc to oubllc 

js of our! soldlerp. 

hereunto set jriy hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
California to be Af- 
fixed this ^th dav of 
Apj'il, A. D., One" 
Thousand Nine Hundred 
■tun Forty-fnvir> 

uovarnor of C/aifornlaj, 

iTTKGT: [ 

"ecvetai^kr State 


' of Ru 

■ V/i. 

^xcnitiDc Bcpartnicnt 

StJtf of (TaliforiiKi 


PROCLAMAT 10 IT'' V/, '^''^v^J 

A year has passed since full observance of the Friday 
Of Holy Week, the anniversary of the Crucifixion of Christ 
was last urged upon our California citizenry. 

During that year the armed forces of our country have 
reached further Into many portions of the world to challenge 
the assault that has been made by godless enemies upon the 
peaceful way of iile so dear to God-fearing men and women 

.^"^^^^^^■^^^^ '"^^^^ °^ °"^ armed forces toward the enemy 
has called for Increase of sacrifice and courage on the part 
of our brave men and women at their posts of danger, and has 
brought into even sharper view the tremendous Issue for which 

an^nJ^'thrn 'f^'^V.^^". ^'^^^ °^ ""'^ country, and In concert with 
all of the United Nations. 

With the solemn support of their nation these men and 
women are enduring; and gradually overcoming the cruelties of 
the organized forces of evil throughout the world. 

More than ever before the men and women of our armed 
xorces 3tand in need of the consolation to be derived from the 
su: faring of the Crucified Christ, and the confidence that 
comes from knowledge thnt those at home Join with them in 
prayer for Divine guidance and strength. 

Therefore I, Earl Warren, Governor of California, again 
urge all our citizens to properly observe the Friday of Holy 
V«eek, April 7, 1944, and to pause for devout reflection during 
the hours twelve noon and 3 P. M. on that day; and I hereby 
authorize all state employees who desire to attend church 
services during those hours to absent themselves from their 
duties for that purpose. 

hereunto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
Callforiiia to be af- 
f Ijced this 4th day of 
April, A. D., One 
Thousand Nine Hundred 
and Forty-four. 

Governor of California 


Secretar^^oT State 


■cyp^«ar>' of .M»/ 

fxcfutujc department 

^rjtr of (Ijlifornia 


California has dofceruiin^d Wiafc th* oontM i«». 7?-' ?\. 

CaUror»i« onl/r,;;.f. l"^, r^i:Jii;^^^';' '" '^'* ^"^'^ 
aho»ln,; th.t th, anl««a» hnT. an ofriBlal «!.!?? 

.isjr'' '"" '"^"'"* '^^^^^ '"^^"y ;;^/« or i:io ;r"'' , 
r<c;irr;Tt;;!r2ir:v' ;-'"" th./ r.ot «po..d 

doupino .iU not be Booapt^d on .* animls if L. 

yi^, /^,l",^'*o«l«>»61o«i ahail ba .ff^ctivo oa and aftar 
Kaxch „1, Iviis, o:i vJtia aaiea Kubjoot. 



haraunco laC ny han4 

M^ oauaad tha Graai 
faal of cha r t»ta of 
Califomia to U* af- 
fixad thi« lat daj of 
Maj, A.r., ona 
tIiou5»u;t3 nine Jmiidpad 


lovamop of Cnllfornla 



pi Bcpartnicnt 

or dalirornij 




tl>ah H„l«Hi/ recopiiso more and more during recent years 

that durable peace as *ell as victory in the great babtle for \ 

freedom in which we are now engaged. Involves an understanding and 
tne contimious exercise of those Influences which enable peoole 
to llvfi and work together. 

Freo tj.ovornmont has always been measured in strength by Ita 
recogriitlon of the horae, the church, the school and the community 
level of enternrlse and it will always be so measured. 

Since guvern-nent, as we know It, got its start in the home, if 
to the homo that we look now as our greatest source of strenctll 
meetLnr the tests w!r! ch lie ahend. It wJll be in the home thatt 
religious and civic forces .mite their efforts to Insure the full^ 
est assu.nntlon of Individual responsibility, it will be in the 
hoMie that the same Torces ire blended to train an insoired citi- 
zenry of the future. 

To add emphasis to the Inoortance of the home in our national 
ende.-.vors, len iers of tho Protestant, Catholic and Jewish faiths 
are soonsorlng National i-amily Week, May 7 to 14. The climax of 
the weoK will apnropriatoly be Mother's Day, a day for special 
honor tor the central figure of our home life. 

These are times tn which Ainer.' can raot'ners and mothers the 
world over are being called to give demonstration of their solen- 
did courafe. These are tl .es when wholesome environment in the 
home is the thougtits of .r,en on the field of battle linked 
closely with the ideals .or which they fig^t. These are times 
waen we look with assurance to the home for the insnl ration and 
t::e Influence wliich will build for betterment in the days of 
peace to come. 

With these thoughts in mind, i. Earl Viarren, Governor of Calli 
lornia, do hereby nroclalm May 7 to 14 as National Family V.eek in 
California and urge that the weok of observance be climaxed with 
special orayers on itother's Day, May 14, xor all mothers to whom 
tins war Is bringing loss mid tlie need for the comfort of Him to 
whom all turn in their hour of greatest trial, 

hereunto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
California to be af- 
fixed this Fifth Day 
of May, A. D., One 
Tiiousand Nine Hvindred 
and Forty- four. 

Governor of California 


oi it«ti 



^xccutiuc department 

^tatf of ealjforiiia 

P H C L A .Vi A 'f I N 

Ul-X'.K('L;\ii, An e it nu ordinary occasion has arisen 
•jiuiaow exists re>iuiriay Lnat the Legislature of the 
aoS t°^.- ^^'^.^°^'^^" ^'' convoned in extraordinary session; 

-, . , .^' '■■''^'-^ .V/JuJiLj, Govuruor of the Gt;ito of 
..^: i^orniti by virtue of the oowcr r.nd authority in me 
/octed by -ootion 9 of Article V of the Constitution of 
:f^f '12 ?^ Ctiliioj-niH, do hereby convene the Legislature 
oi _^>iie btate of Laiif orniti to meet and assemble in extra- 
r'.'i'''r%l,^T'''^'''} "i^ Cacr^iu.^nbo, Culifornia, on itoicay, 

iav --ii ?h^? ?f •^r^'' ^^^^' ''"■ ^^ o'°lo«- A. M. of said 
uay .oi the lollowinc pui-.juses and to Legislate upon tne 
follovviap subj.jctc, to wit: 


school ay 


con.':iao:r and act upon ic^.-,lr,i.ution 
to the retirement of teaciiers of the public 
r'^^fl 'Jiiti ntikiu- ufi appropi-iation to carry out 
uch -lo,";ii:'. lution. 

i tinf 

2. To consider i.nd act upon legislation 

oo bho financial support of the public schools. 

, , , • ?• .'^'" coiiKider and act upon legislation 
J '.-^atuii;, to tno times at which meetings of State 

co'^'^?t^p°^^'/^''^^-''''^'*^"^ co:;.uitteus. and County central 

oo.iJitteos of i..oli.t '..>;: ,M>t,ios are heid 

4. To Gonaiuuj- ;.ua act upon legislation to 

a appropi-xfaion to the Poatwar Eaploy-uint 


5. To consider 

an I. 

„v, . "^'' ^±'oa lcf-;it;^ution u^ 

to the"lM v?^?f"'''f.^r f^?^" ''■''''^ Postwar Kaployaent lie. 
to the Division of J^.rchitocture, Department of Public 
rtor^^s, for .survey;^, preparation of 
and other :a'eli.Tdaary work 

by Chapter 572, Statutes 



plans and specifications 

. . . , - - preparatory to the State 

Dui Lainf; prograia contemplated " 


■nnv^ ^n . To coiiiiider and act upon legislation to 
'7 th o^^''^"'^'i*^°'' ^^°™ *^° Postwar Employment Ro^^erve 
to tho Rogmxts of the University of California for survlvs 
preparation of plans and ...ocifications and othu? preliminary 
work preparatory to the construction of aaditional buildinrs 
for the University of California. ouiiaint^s 

^xccutioc Bcpartmcnt 

^Mtc of California 

7. To consiui;;' ail... aot upon lotai-iii.tion to 
provide for tht; acquisition of reul property as sites for 
buliaings and grounds for State purposes, to prescribe the 
^'•.arLior of tiiolr acquisition nnd to appropriate money 

S. To consider and act upon legislation to 
appropriate ;;;-l,000,000 for repairs , improvemeiits and 
:fiinor conutruction upon St^tR owned public buildings and 

9. To consider ana act upon legislation to 
appropriate luoney for allocation to cities, counties, and 
cities and counties on a matciiinc; basis to develop a 

Postwar i-jublic worKs pro.;;x'aja. 

10. To consider anu act upon legislation to 
appropriate money to effectuate the purposes of the 
California Toou and Fiber Production Act. 

11. To consider anu act upon locislation to make 

an appropriation for the support of tlio Colorado Hiver Board. 

12. To consitie- uiul act upon legislation to make 
■in appropriation to carry out the purposes of the State 

mc I?ee.uploy:rient Act. 

.'■!c const ract ion 

1;. To conLider (in^ act upon lefiislation to 
provide for the acquisition of additional real property 

industrial workshops for Lho blind at l,os /^geles 
San IJicgo. 



14. To consider 
an appropriation for the 
of orient?,! fruit moth. 

ana act upon legislation to make 
discovery, control, and eradication 

15. To consiaer imd act upon lee;islatlon to 
reappropriate the uno::ponded b). lance of the money appropriated 
to the Department of l.-ijloy.iient by Item 81 of the Budp-et 
Act of 1941. 

lb. To consider and act upon lOfcislation to 
reappropriate Liie moneys appropriated to tne Hocents of 
tiio University of Ca i iro,-u-.;, , by Chapter 939, Statutes of 
-"-^'f 1 . 

^Kfutiur Bcpartinent 

^rjtc of California 


•U by Chaptor 96?, pf ^Gtea i?/ ?'^ ^^"^^ ^''"^"^ '■ 

utea 19^3. 


ro-iaoiu, io*t,ho Sod''o/Seto^^ ^^'°" legislation 

^>^l. I or I..U) invost^oent thereof. 

it a o^-i-e'^o^SurSr'Sl'pati^n.:^^"" -e^isiation naming 
fAving or rocoivinr a-a inn o+ ""'''^ coi-iuodities without 
othor ration doci fn s 'an/;';?!^ ?°"1^0as. tokens.or 
couuterfeit, or un!-nvrui l *"«^^f'if it a crime to forre 
tOKcns^ or othor'roS iLS^^' ^"'^°° «^n3. 
otherwise trmsfer or accuiiT-if ' ^^ ^° ^""^ ' ^^il. or 

--0. 3..,., ...„„„.,, l"^':.----,,°:/-';j„^„"-j-.^__^^ 

"LiLLo musL b« ronovved. 


ta.'tL^??i.^^gi-f-tion to 

•^3. To conEluDi- 
isw ruiatinr lo^'tne^tn.''^?" Ic^gisiution to 

--orces or ouxiliaries thereof r^^ otctcs in uhe ar:aed 
to comply with tho Drovisions o? "" ^'^^^'^ities for failure 
-.--a aaa to -t..d^;-°?Lf f^^^.^^- -;; Ji-^ 

provide r^'J:i --j^- -;; ^LT^^T^^"^-" ^° 

^"^ °^ e^^in without change 

SirioJ'jf ^^^^^^^^1f L^'iav^'tr?!:; ^^"' ^^ concurrent 
r^ ■ ^^'^^*' on or^^anization puIp^^ " '^'^'^ ^^^'iy of. 
^CtXb-xature and to estahif.',, ^ ''"'' Procedure of the 

purpoae. «sLablx^n an xnterim corndtteo for that 

-. --.*^w xu^ Lin 
01 -possession. 

^xccutiDc Bcpartmcnt 

:c>tatc of California 


26. To consider unci act upon locislation 
rolLitiu;; to tho ajiiount of the tax that may be levied 
anacr the Lo:; Angeles County Flood Control Act. 

27« To connider rmu act upon legislation 
proviaing lor oiiployjujnt by or on bohalf of the United 
Statoc; of persons coiiiultted to tho Youth Authority. 

23. To consider anu act upon a Constitutional 
Aiiiendiaent to authorize the Legislature to suspend, auring 
tho war oifi-fiency , the provisions of Section 5 of Artie j.e 
XI of the State Constitution v/hlch prohibits the increase 
of tho coiapensatlon or ■; county, township, or munici^)&l 
officer aftv)r his election or during his term of office. 

29. To consider and act upon leyislation to 
establish and provide for tho govei-naent and operation of 
a flood control district in Ventura Cou:ity to control, 
consoi'vo, anu proviae for the utilization of water. 

30. To consider and act upon legislation relating 
to drainage in Sanitary Districts :'nc. tho issuance of 
bonds by such Districts. 

31. To consider and act ui^on le^^isiation relating 
to tht) forfeiture of vehicles used in the transportation 
of narcotics. 

32. To apia-ove or reject charters and charter 
r.iienui.ients of cities, counties, or cities and counties, 
ratified by the elctors jjursuant to tht: Constitution of 
the State of California, 

IN WITKis; .. ... iOi, 1 have hereunto sot r.y hfind 
and caused tiie Ore;.! Seal of the fitste of California to be 
affi:;ed this Twenty-third day of May, l')^^/^. 

Governor of California 

^xcnititjc department 

^ratf ofCfllifornia i^wju?; 5 /: 



' °"'« of the S«^ 

_ -i. '■■' i'i 

-f Article V. iocL.oa • of rf "n''" ''^^"^^^ "^^^^r autJoiuy'^^ 
01- California to ett ^d a^'c\?°"L*^^^^i'^" °f the l^lt^ 
o^> Monday, tJ,o rirth a.^ o?7ine i5^^'*°r[f"^°' Caiirornia, 
'J- ^:>.ici day; now. tbovlvoro ' ^^^'] ^* ^^ O'clock A. :,:. ' 

.^7^virt.ue'of' the';;;;we;'veried''?J ^f i^^%State of California. 

.-^.'r to !,Mo tiffin ..„.i ^, "' '"® ^^ l«w, hereby, and * 

' ; . • fi asceiuble on June 5. lol, ""l^T'^^t^e ^^^^ Le^lslatule 
'-_^t.ioui,l purposeo t>'eroto ,.0./+, ' ?^ Qt^t^mg the follovd.njr 

Ion to 
to viii : 

i:ho rollov^inc subjects: in 

icu in tne original ^roclt..,.u- 

; ;<■ .enufa;ture und^'sale or"cheese''?n iS^^^^^*^°° regulating 
- ■ --•ion Of di.e.:.. , . iS;?""Lw °!f^5 *° P^'^^^^t the 


properly m^to-cturodcSecse! 

■■ Uuon le^ : J- • 

-'f property, a£>sets unc 
^' ■"'l-r'-ot rjiilwnv co,- ■,- . 

■(■^ .. I--. 

. :Si^i-;:rs:?;', t^ir^'^'^^- SS,.?f^?:;-/^/fL 

■ ' agreements. 

^^'-', 1 iiavu hereunto : , 
T the, state of Cr, 'U'oi- 

Of^ arrixed 

'• '- jj. lydxii on 


Sec ■, 


\ '': 

I ti.uncmi. iTAif 

A-:;-:^-: \- 

I : >..- ,> ,3 

. i« office of the 5«r«!iwy of &«!» 
of the Slate of C«lifomi« 

-- -S 



^tatc or California 

, JORDAN, Sccrcfary of '•». 

1944 JUN 5 AM iO 48 



■ I ,. .' ; ' ' .iesaion of the 

• ^.uthorUy o' Article V"'''■r•^^^'"^ ^^^° °^ll«<i 

J -i^o, C... fo:n.., on ..onday, the fifth day of June. 

'' • • >'. said dtiy; now, ferf-fore, 

u ; .■ ao' >i- ■ '■ ' ' ■^^■^"^■Qor "f the State , ^ -.,-■3 

■ ^^ ^ - 5. lyll; do L2e ;S«/^''^^«"i«ig of the Legislature 

L,Lure tn "i«i «!:^ •*^.;-' ^''M-' convening the 1^ 

: .• _ am-,0 '--iation, ^y auaxn^ the followinc^' 

rro..'riations avaiiabie'"t,i u,.oa , .:..,. oc rations of funds 
-■UKo thoi-eol to ejiBliL inf«^? *^® ^-eeisiature or either 

•■ion uf the\°i?ty!i4?th'L'sj^ra?s^^\':rtrr"''^^ "^ ^^y 


ll- J'.l.i'.WJ J j_ 


Covornoi> of Cnilfornia 

-'■ state 



^xccunuc Bcpartnicnt 

£'tatf of California 

■'• office of o^o.^ 


In theaa days of wnr tension, the tnportance of 
eaulr>pliu; our jouth with spiritual conviction and noolal 
vision 18 beln,^ , Iven naw omphasls In all part* of th« world. 

Kxpanalon of this lnfluono» In th« face of tragic war- 
far© constitutes th9 roal trluraph of our day. The will te 
serve humanity is Rotually tolnfi laultiplleci by the stress 
of our times. It Is evident that tho faiUi of all »lio ^ 
believe cnrlstlan character to be the force which will Im- 
prove the "«orll has not Denn shaken. 

Among tho great agenoleis which are re-dedicating thecj- 
selvos to tho Indlspensaulo task of foaterint procrams for 
youn£ people la one '^rlcn Is this year observing Its one 
hundrerttn anniversary of activity. 1 ounded in London, 
June 6, lo44. It has worked continuously for the advancement 
of the spirit of tol«ranoe and understanding, so essential 
for world ir^provemont. its vast ranfca of activities and Ita 
Ion*: rwaor^l oi suooeasful achievement well Illustrate the 
foundation of our belief In the attalnnent of a better futup«. 

.1th these thoutJats In mind, I, ?arl Warren, Governor j 
of California, hereby omIx .mbllo attention to the centennial ): 
annlvorsars of the loxxng Man's Christian Association, this j 
sixth day of J'-me, 1M4 and urge thi-t the occasion d« nia<l» 1 

to a1] to thfl general a. proclatlon of the great oontrloutlon 
which this association has nxa le to the physical, lntellectual,i 
ani sjlrltuRl well-being of young people throu^^hout the world 
and of thP Importancft of ali such otmractor building program* 
for youth ir. all of our ooraiitunltles. 

I!l wrrSESS WHF.HF.OF, I have 
hereunto set ray hand 
an i caused the CJreat 
3eal of the State of 
Calif or:-! la to be af- 
fixed this Sixth day 
of Jime, A. o., one 
thoustmd nine hundred 
and forty-four. 

Oovemor of California 

ATTi!-.>T t 




^xccutloc Bcpartmcnt 

5tatc of California 

,« of(lc» el »Se S«a«bnf of Sh" 
ot the St«lt of C«liloni;« 

ill'l f; . "" •. 

ANK MJOROAN, Secretary otSta 


i_'^ lubi-io i,i.iv, Ko. 277 

.,,_ , -.. ox' the 7cth CongresE, 

-ititled "An Act to fHcilitate voting, in tL^ie of war, by 
Lie.abers of tiie lunu una naval forcfes, iuembers of the 
jmn-cbant uerine, anu others, absent froin the place of their 
reriarmco, anU to fiiiiend the Act of Eepteinber 16, I942, tuid 
lor other^oc," boc!u,ie efj-fctlve es It'A on April 1. 
l'M4-; .MJe ' 

iiEkEAS Sect ion 3U2 

jfild Act provides as 

"t-KC. 302. (n) Subject to the provisions 
. i:-:iclion (b), , 111' tjroviaiona of this title shall 
apply with rest-ect 1,0 the following: 

"(1) MtuiuerE of the urjueG forces and 
the merchsnt marine of the United States, outside 
the United States, 

"(1) Persons serving with :, .._;icrican 
Rod Crosc, the Gociety of Friends, the Woiaen's 
Auj.iUary Service Pilots, and the United Service ligations, outside the United States who are 
ott(_;cbed to and sv.rvini will, ('•' • -.-cd forces of 
the United States. 

"(3) Members of i.i\.ivu forces, inside 
' . V i.'.'. i ted States. 

"(b) The proviEions of this title shall apply to, 
tlie br-llot :vovIi:pu for by this title may be used 

"I ■) ' ■ i.'uividual referred to in para- 
'•■";■- ^-)> i ■). ^'' i ^') of subsection (a), if he is 
u citizen of h rtate whose Govei-nor has certified, 
prior to July 15 of the year in v;hich the election 
IB to bo held, (A) that such State has aade no 
proyifions for .iroceaure which will enable the 
citizens thereof to whom subsection (a) applies to 
voce by State absentee ballot, and (B) that the use 
■~j^ ccllots providea for by this title ir ruth-vized 
by the laws of such State; or 

"(;:) an inuividual referred to in pura- 
- . -^)» or (:) of :JUbsection (a), if he is a 
ei„_L,tn of u State whose Governor has certified, 
yrior to July I5 of the year in which the election 
IS to be held, tliat the use of ballots provided for 



by tli-f: title is authorized hy the laws of such 

, even thourlj the Govei*nor thereof does not 
. .. •„ n:e certirication referrec to in clause (A) 
of paragraph (1), but only if such inaiviaual 
r.L.;.1.t.<t in his oath that, prior to Septoii.bcr 1, he 
:■■ ' ^-- .'ipi'lictio): for fj State absentee ballot, but, 
■ tji' c. , ; ; not received it. 

3£xccutiDc Btpartmcnt 

;5tatc of dalifomia 


"Ho liiolviuuul who iG not included unaer 
(I) or (;■•) of this subsection i5bali be 
■lit! lied to use, or be l*urnisbcd, a ballot under 
„hl;i title. CortiflcHtions referred toxn tbis 
aib.'njction chall be ...adc to the Co. .Jiitiuion." 

ft(i>'- TKiKJiKiLLi '•• ' andet-sipned, beinei the duly 
. uu'TITilif iea Goveraor o' . ^ '' • .. bove -mentioned, 
■ ! •' : ritif^ ;,r follov/s: 

Thti ;».i.u i]t;i„L: 1i;.l: a-ouc i-rovinions for 
procedure which will enable the citizens 
tleieof to whon subjection (a) of section 
302 of stiid Act apylies to vote by State 

' . . : . . bullot. 

(B) 'I'.e une of ballot G proA/ided .'or by Title 
ill of .•^■il'.i A':t i!i uuthorii'-ed by the xaws 

of i-^Ul'ii .''Ui-ltt,'. 

Ti)I V,lTiJl,l...^ \u.i!:.>i^:Ol!' the urideriiigne. , (:Ovu.rnor 

TThbu liereunto his hand on ti:is _^.~,. day 

Governor of California 


Georetorii 01 aftate 





Inter-Departmental Communication 


Secretary of State's Office 
Attn: Mr. Labowitoh 


File No. 


rniin: Governor's Office 

(quarantine Proclamation #9 

On JJay 31 our office fil.d with your office « 
copy of "Amendment No. 1 (nrat Revision) to 
>.iuarantine Proclajnation No. 9 (Revised)". 
V.6 find that there were two typographical errors 
in that material and would appreciate your making 
the chant;ec in your copy. 

On Paf-e 1 of the ajnendment, in the sixth 
line of the paragraph labeled "Texas", delete the conna 
at the end of the line. 

On Page 1 of the anendment, at the end of the 
thirteenth line of that same paragraph, insert a coimaa. 

Thanks for your cooperation. 

^ '--^ 


Helen R. KacGrei^or 
Private Secretary 


3:XCCUtiV)C PcpartlllCnt a: ...ment no. l (mrst pkvi:ion) to 
-.tatcofCaliforma ui'ARArfrii^K PRonr^^dATioN kg. 9 (r vifed) 


Portal nli«£i 
j.f recti ve 

: to [iweet Potato 
on and aft«r i««y 

26. 1944 

Th« "infected Araa" a» described in ^^^jf ^.^;^i5:°^i^;. 
tlon No. 9 (Povi8«d) S-rtalnin,. to^ ^°*f ^..^JJ^.^^,/''" 
tive June 1, 1943, as amended August 26, 1945, l» neieojr 
further a.7iended to read aa follovus: 

INF-TTirP ARi;.A ! 

Counties of L>alQ*ia, Butler. Mobile, and rashlng- 




Entire state. 

counties of brook.. Camden, Chatham (Wilmington 
Island only), ';iynn, and momas. 

Counties of eallard. Carli.le, Hickman. ?-ulton. 
and Gravee. 

-^/e-t of ylBBlaalppljUver! All parishes south of 
^ • Aci i nciua i^bhrparitJ io. of Vernon. Rapides, and 


r.-.nt. nf ,>'1«»lssiuni l-ivor ; All parishea south of 
"Elia :l.;bl3si.)pi-Tx>ulBlana Ctate Line. ^ 

: fi Pi: counties ol lianeock. Harrison. Jackson. Pearl Ri^er^ 
Stone, and Walthall. 

T-ntA- Bntire state exoept tna counties of Andrarrs. Arm- 

^^' * s?ron. , Aroi^emSderson. brewster ^^^^'y' .^rl*°' 

url^coo. baylor. Brown, bowle Culbertsoa, Castro. 
Cochran Carson. Crosby. Col Unysworth. Childress. 
Cottle, cuke, Callahan, C^^^*""*"' ^•"""^^^t?^^" J' f C^ 
Cooke, Gollln. Cherokee, C^sa. Cainp. ^'^^^f^' '^"'•f^ 
kith Dawson. Donley, Dickens. Denton. Dalla.. ; 

n«ltfi il Paso, I:;otor, ijastland, Erath, hliii, 
Siyd', lisher,'Foard/Fannin. Franklin. Freestone | 
rtiinn r,arza Glaaoock, Gray, Grayson, Gregg. Iludsf 
°:SriW;Sy; Motley N^ansfordHutohlsonH^^^^ 
Hni« Hemnhill. Hall, ilardanian. Haskell. Rooa. 
Sor3:nfH^t. Hopkins. Hou.ton Harrison Jack , 
Johnuon, Jones, Kaufman, i.ent. Kinfe. >^ox, Loving, , 
T..^v, T>>hiir.fU rvnn. f IpscoraD, Lamar, i eon, .» * , 
lC'Mmsr''oorr''«rtfn, midland, Motley, Mitchell. 

SonU^ue, Marion, Morris, ^o:'^^' ^l^'-^'^ilf^^.ir.^ 
Hf-hlltree. Potter, pirraer, alo Pinto, ["arKer, i»" 
Ola! ^eit:., "obe^tB, Randall. Robertson. B^^tii ' 

°ock.all. r.^ins. Rusk. '-^,/-^- ^f ^'.^..^f.^^Ji. 
rwi.har. . t.rlla^ Stonewall. iJV^ry^.chacK^^^ 

■^teuhano. - oiiiervilio. CBiith, i'erry. ^''-*-"*' 
Norton, f arrant, ritus. Ton Green, upar.ur. Van 

^xccutitic department 

3tatc of California 

Amend . 1 

.4. P. Ko. 9 

?*6« 8 

Zandt. v;ooa. ' *rd, vinklor. Vh^elor, Wllbargar, 
Vachltfl, ■iao, Yoakum, azia Young. 

Bupersades iUaendi-ient i«o. 1 lsBU»a ao^^uj.*. t-^, 
take affect incnodiai^ly. 

Uf '.viTflEtr ra:lit.OF, I have 
),or9unto set my hand end 
caused the Great Seal of 
the rtate of Califoniia to 
bo affized this twenty- 8 ixtli 
dnj of »ay nineteen hundred 
and forty- four 


Aotinc Govariior of California 

'. ecrotary ot-'f^tate 



^xmm Brpartiiicnt 

» » 

^tJtc Of (rjliforiiia 


reflect ou?''.nl"r°t^.;i,';;/''J'';e« fr"? .i'"'- 'I'" »-• e^ort .in 

futar.. No ,ou„J„. Inv.,,t«„t a^iti"'"'''""''! """l national 
need ror hf,S S:;;t :°?^^;;\ru*n!;-;' ^f-i-^-P'^a^U upon t,„ 

hereunto set my hand 
and cauaed the Great 
Seal of tho state of 
California to be , 
an- 1x0 J thl3/^Xday 
05 June, A.D., One 

Governor of California 

3eci-etary ornate **!"" 

^XCCUtiDC BCpartniCnt QUAPANTINE proclamation no. 8 (REVISED 


Pertalnlrg to Cherry Fruit Files 
Ef recti ve on and after July 7, 1944 

WHVRKAS The fact nas been determined by the Director of ;; 
A^rlc^Jture that eitbor or both of two spec Lea of Trypetldae and 

cherries are a host fruit hiuI possible carrier of .heae Insects. . 

'jnw THEKi-FOHf it is declared necessary In order to prevent' 
or., li^rodictlon of'tie aaid cherry fruit flies (Rlia^olatij 
cinKu^ara^K. Hha>.oleti. fausta) Into the State of California 
-h a t a q u arantlnu be and the san.e is hereby eatabliahea at the 

buunaurL. of the State of Caiifornla iV/"°''r"drofihe State 
provision.s of Section 106 of the Agricultural Code of t-he State 
of California against all oherry fruits gro*n in, imported, 
°hipped, or brought from the States of Oregon Washington, and 
Idaho ^d no cherry fruits as quarantined against in this 
proc?Urtion shall be permitted to pass over the said quarantine 
llnesT hereby established and proclaimea except under and auo- 
ject to the following provisions: 

Provision 1 • Noninfested Area 

Oreron: Counties of Baker, Coos, Curry, Douglas , Hood 
RiverTT^son. Josephine, Lake. Malheur. Umatilla, Wallowa, and 

WashinKton: Counties of Adams, Asotin, Benton, Chelan, 
ColumStrnfeTas. Ferry. Franklin Garfield Grant KUtitas 
Lincoln, Okanogan, Pend Oreille, Stevens. Walia Walla and Yakima. 

luaho: Kntlre state except Benewah, Kootenai, and Latah 

counties . 

Provision •^. Cherry fruits that have been grown in or 
• ^frioalho ^e areas In Ore^-on, Washington, or Idaho outside 
of^lhe n^n^>fested area as describ;d in Provision 1 hereof are 
heX prohibited entry into California for any purpose whatso- 

Provision 3. Cherry fruits widch have been grown, va^ckeo. 

s.ttlne forth th. •"'='^ l-f'^.tJ "5° the °.™" Ld addr.s. of the 
and packed, .here """J. If 'ftho'ahVpp"™ .hd the na»e «,J 


UCkAUtNTO. 1941 fitiom.r H. MOOlf, (TATV PIIMTU 


£xccutiDc department 


Q. p. No. H (Hevir.ed) 

Page '^ 

"rovL^U.i. ^. Ar.v ",„; ,: I I Lo'..s or t.hlpmentfi of cnerry fruits 

nrrivt?7n^"-nTrur.;ia Ir, violation of the P':°yi^^^V", or ^e- 

proclamatior rhal 1 be lum.edlatelj «ent out ol' the 3ta e or de 
stroyed at the option and expense of tho owner or ..ailee. 

^ .... ._ state of Cailiornla of any 

.nerri'rrui.. c.verco .j ■ - r>--o. agnation shali be further auh- 
iect'o the nrovl.ions of nny other quarantine proclamation or 
inline no* in force or . • rray nureafter be promu.r.tec. 

• . nf the Director of Agriculture and aU SJ-"*;* 

;, wiMrnrs are herebv empowered to carry out axi 

Piaul .^uaroiii. Lilt; oi i icoro aio noiow^ t 

i.he provisions of this proclamQt.lon. 

Tal. ^uar.ntine Proclamation No. 8 jf vised) supersede, 
quarantine Proclamation Nc. m i.s.u.d April .K.. 19^"?. an. 
...J,, .>;■,>,.(, lir.niediutely . 

.ITHESS WHEREOF, I nave hereunto 
set my hand and caused the 
Great Seal of the State of 
''uilfornla t« be ^f fixed this 

/r£C day of yt~-^ A.D., 
oi^thousand u^o u/ndred an.i 

Governcr of California 



Secre.t^rV of State 


"/ o. but* 

(.K>Bi.» It. IWOlial, IT^TK PKINTF* 



^xerttitic Bcpartmcnt 

^1 5>tiitc of California 


We have rrown accustoniGd during this period of world- 
wide conflict to sayiae ve are fightlric to preserve f^reedom. 
LtuallY ie are doing much more for freedom is never an end to 
itself, it is more in the nature of an opportunity which must be 
recocnized, nurtured and understood. 

History teaches, and the present war well illustrates, 
that freedom cannot long exist unless there ^^ f^^f^^^]^ ""^^J" est 
standlnjr of both Its meaning and Its opportunities. The greatest 
conizations have alwa;, s been those with the best popular under- 
s^lnllnl ofthe broad scope of application needed for human 

WiUi millions of men and women away from home and 
country and^thS millions concentrating all their Inte^f^^J^^f ^ 
the war effort, we must take particular precaution that no void 
is nowed to develoo in the educational programs upon which we 
rely for advancement. We fight now to preserve our freedom. 
V aust also educate now that better use can be made of the op- 
jrtunlties which we will, have preserved. 

With the thought in mind that in the years just ahead 
we will need more than ever before the humanizing Influences 
which are the natural outgrowth of liberal education, I urge all 
oui ciutenry to Interest^itself in our public schools system. 
?otSe end that additional encouragement may be given all groups 
^^.-^inr to encourage parents and adults to better acquaint 
themselves wlU educational services and facilities being offered 
JSoinla.s youth, I, L'^arl Warren Governor of California do 
hereby jroclaim Uie oeriod of April 2k to ,.prll 29 as Fubilc 
Schools Week in California and urge that in every community 
soectal effort be made during that period to increase understand- 
ing of the importance of public education. 

herexmto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
California to be af- 
I fixed this l8th day 
of April, A. D., One 
Thousand Nine Hundred 
and Forty-fov 

Governor of California 
ATT33T : 

Secret^ar^if St&te 



^xccutiuc Bcpartinciit 

.^ratf of (Tjlifornu 

LiVrnla, exist; in L 

!■' finurti ; 

. ur>r-j.^,« .^pn. fchal.-' ■ 

•a) (J 

CllrcMKlr: vniy. t -: 

'•■ ;■'- il'>! 

fV,T.t' ~~ . -: ■ 



' """"■'"»•. ITMll P.1HTM1 

i!xtcodDt ©cpartmtnt 


Page 2 

'.'IT* ' 1 «-• M L R . { 




■ '1 n b 111 I (; ».m 3 r» ! o •» p ' 

^. f'/ 

r.-ANTf. ADh' FTTBD 


;' q.-o placed o|i any of the restricted 
'le^ftln qufirantlned a-zalnst whlal; r-^i 
■"<ted condition and which r. 

In sur.h ro (I'll a t.^ 1 ». .1^ f^ 1 ] .^ ; „^j 


.■ "t 

npl.etely defoliated, or 1 

-'-''" -^-^ '' n.s outlined In Irwl- 
■ints or papta thereof 
■'•otin in ana sMpped from points 
will be admitted If cert Tied b^' an 
uate of origin that {f -estrlct- 

r.talned iri the shlpmc; r.,r.« field 
■- ■ to shipment and have not 
' hotiSB or othar heated 
t or In which rontrlct- 
jwn; or (b) that 

■ -i in the ^:'lt :,•„,., 

-aep haajted structu- 

'if es teci >i r...H .) ,.^. .,, , 
•J exip ' ; 

r.^of actually in- 
"ite Provision i: 

'^•-Toquent shl; - 
ich shipper 

4* V* f 

I'iy slial : 
'"■per, Mv 


£xccutiV)c Bcpartnicnt 

^tatc of California 


D ■"■'•■4" -•-' '" 

Tiii" I'l'+wn vpov /VT.1, P'" IMTL' 

Ipment an 



1 Tt «r» 

vnts aunicl part; 
tipmen . 

.„a unri 

-n djote- ■ ■:© pest 

^atiisTa;; jri J ;■ i-:-t;»ted by 
I n >n9V |pB'»e certificates al- 

V'l', .V I ,■ I ■ 


fcherei.' , 


■t.s thereof witt 

■ila, ili 1111.11.011 
ai'onfl'*y messures 

■ted ar 

vared '- 
ij the Dlrectc^r 
1 duly Butborized 

frtnttd in c«iiFn*NiA iiaii fKiNTiNn orpii f 

■ACIAUBNTO, 194' (•■M(-E H- UOOIC. IT%Tf FrlNTia 

i^xtcotivic department 


;elifornla In 

• -5 -^ 4 

jviolation of or i*ot in 

jf this bro<-l.-! r, t'on, shall be 
detrimafil. \ised to agri- 

- ipmexit o^- ■ •''^ ''ut af the 

se of t.ho ' • 


,' 1 ■ . t.B te C'.' 
th« I'oitjegolng provii;lons siii.i. 
lori.s of Hnv ot' .ii-arhn ' Ino 

:l'('fiGIis3 ?cy/HR^^ 

DlrHoLcrof Agriculture and all 

n-e hcy-p\-y anino*ered to carr;. 


. \ ' sed ) r;up=;r- 

• procl8ii:Hi.ion Nv... 10 dated AUi.:usi 8, v: ■' ' . Hr;r; 
thereto dated F.eptembef '.'2, 194' . 

set wy hsnd atid caused tho Great 
Seal of; tha Stat^ o- California 
to be ah'lxed ti: day of 

Au.'unt a.D., on« LiH.utP-"' '>'-,e 
hutirtred? ap<l forty-foiir. 


Secretary (jr S/tete 




6- '" 

^xcfutiDc Brpartnicnt 

^tarc ofealifornia 

ofMM 1 4 ♦.,■"""'" ^""^ ^'^■'J^.< .wciican, regardless of pollticaV ^ 
alliliatlon or conviction, haa the duty as well as tie rlfilit to 

Incr-e::;e\"ln\.a'tl"e''f ''°\'° ^--ticlpaie in public^^ctsion: 
incieajes In wartime, I aereby ur^e Iho citizenry of every Cali- 

mc^a own convlctiui.a is 

e principle of 

democracy for wnlch men are now of ferine their lives. Wa hnvA 

t^nt^r -r^^ adjustea our State laws to increase their oppor- 
nr iw^'v "^ 'ji^st now add to tholr confidence in our ^uana-enent 
-n .^1^'°"'^ ^"'"''^ ^' ^«^^ri"G them of our full particl?lt!on in 
..iO cieclaionr. vmich lie ui.ead. This is a trust which thev have 

••'e^rwMoh'r ■"'"''' '"'' '''V' ^^^ fiehtin,:; for an ?deal if^-ovlrn- 
.).ent Which Impones responsibility upor ail and .-emits the ex- 

pressed win of the majority to become the 

program ^f all. 

September 28 bein^; the 
November 7 General Election 
qualified to re^^lster in Ca 
ly. For thia reason, I, Ea 
hereby proclaim September 1 
of Sunday, September 17, as 
do hereby ur^e all citizens 
nla»s reeistratlon totaln a 
wartime responsibilities. 

1 inal day jor registering for the 
. It is important that every oarson 
lifornla be urged to do so immedlate- 
r] ¥i?arren. Governor of California, do 
^r,i,2 ^^ inclusive, with the exceotion 
REnpTRATION DAYS in Calif ornia" and 
to join in a drive to maKe Callfor- 
■ Ued proof of our full assiunption of 

hereiinto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
California to be af- 
fixed this Sixth Day 
of September, A. D.' 
One Thousand Nine 
Hundred and Porty- 

Governor of California 



Secretary^f /state 

r»Tr f.iNTiNo orFlcs 

' It U>»WR,«TAt» rRtNTft 


f xcfutiDc iF)cpartnicnt 


P R '"i C L A M A T I 

-..lEREAS, the armeJ forces or the United States, in coSrfei. 
'i-'ti with our Allies oJ the United Matlons, have by their power 
and coura,,e rapidly advanced our cause, particularly against our 

• !n the r«:uj'0p9an theater, and 


■ HShEAr,, corainunltles throughout California are now making 
t.o celebrnt-^^ tlie lay ^f the iefent nr. 1 surrender of aermanyj 

1 I Co 

! hnvo been aChlovpJ only after great 
nioasuroble human suffering, 

NJVV, THKHEl- IRK, I, Earl Warren, Governor of California, do 
noreby call upon the people of our State, upon our oublic 
officials In counties and cities, upon our civic and church 
leaders, to plan their programs for celebrating this day of 
victory so that the joy of our people will find ©xoresalon in 
ways befitting the event; to plan celebrations of a oatriotlc 
and spiritual kind; to arrange such programs for the' great day 
tliat there shall be no desire or need for celebration out of 
keeplni^ with the thought that our men and women of the eraied 
forces will be still on the battlefields, still unable to loin 
In norre c--1 nrn-.M on , nn.i ..M U f ac- i r'-h -— -ask Of completing 

1 HJRTHER RmUESa • V/ar Council to coooerate with 

our cities, our countiea, our civic and religious organizations. 
In the worK of planning the kind of celebration herein sug^Tested. 
which, I flmly believe, will be in accordance with the irood of 
the £reot majority of o\ir cltlzenn. 

.'' •. i iri;-;.,,; AtiKiif, 'i , I iiave 
hereunto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Seai of the State of 
California to be af- 
fixed this Soventn 
Day of September, A.D. , 
One, Thousand Nine Hun- 
dred and Forty-four. 


governor of California* 

Secretary of St 

/ u -/ 

35xtnitioc ©tpartmtnt 

^tatc of California 


p •} c I, A ;.: A T 1 :i 

,,: :..i:^w, iho Director of jV.ri culture of the State of 
Cali-.ornia lias determined that tlio contagious disease of htjrses, aulos 
and asses known as douHne exists in certain areas in the Stat'; of 
Ari.".on[i, and 

'lunMLii;, under and by virtuo o;' t.Iio autliority conferred on me 
by Section 211 of the i^triciltural Code, on and after Septe-nbor 1, IC""-:, 
movo'.annts of liorsos, mules and aones from or ori -inatinr in the Pap&^o 
Indian ilescrvation of the State of Arizona sliall be lade into California 
only under tho followin;- conditions! 

Horses, mul'ss ajid assns over six yionths of a;j;e siioll not be 
sliippcd, driven, trunsportod, trailed, or othemrtse moved 
unless accompanied by an ofi'icial health certificate sho'.ring 
that tho animals havo passed an olfioial ne^ativo blood tost 
for dourino within thirty days of date of shipment or moveaent, 
and tiiat vhey have not beon exposed to dourine wiUiin tliirty 
days of date of sliipaent or laover.ient, provided, hov.ever, that 
negative tests for dourino -«ill not be accepted on exposed 
tuiiaals if the blood saniplos have been dra-.ra within thirty days 
of date c^V exposure. 

This proclrjnation shall be effective on and after September 1, 
1j44, supcrsedin,; tho California proclaination of i ay 1, 1944, on the 
sane si>bjeot. 

Ii; 'snTlJESS Vra^KECF, I hereunto 
set my hand anu cause tbe 
Oroat Seal of the State of 
California to be affixed 
h'^rci-o t .is 13th day of 
Soptenber, la44 

loveiuor of California 

Attest: t>.:,*^^u/, 

Secretary of S-Uate 

^xtcDtiDt Department 

^tm of CaKfornla 

■till JUS tl'it/0 

sored by the 

- 1 jn 
for i 

© will 

X t V- i ^ i '■ j : : „ 
loyalty and 

of SeiJsteiiibe. 



'/ ■> 2. 1944 

^tatt of California W'^^ 


aiid i'orty-f : 



T • • - /fOfa 


^xtnititit ©tpartmtnt 

;5tatt of California 

' 3 •» — — f» T»/a r' 

cltlsenrr "f or' 

11, frott Octobr 

uijiai'ivfiblc Wi^i'tiiuo x'ecord of tUe 
service; to coimrAunity, to the nation^i 
;'c ""dom-— It; is fitting Inat the entire 
nilJ loin Ih the observance. 

s jlrin 

our jji- 
is <-.n 

Or; • '- 

■V, O iiCVO ...u ■ 

•ut iii" 
; to br 

uiocodcjii Uiids oi' oui' day in in- 

iclton roc i our fighting record 

ins of pp^uiar under s tend In^j of v/hy 
+ and wn'/ victory must be coniiuete. 

t ttilment, 
oij^ats u). aarvice. in a v.'oi'ld that 
■;:; n1ei't,<-il to trends nnd realiar.s. 
"■.■■' ^i.o tr-eiaendous deter- 

, on those seu-^e pages 

. o:j is 1 -- ". : ''- 

onslblllt: . 

.u.e t:ils .ccaaicn to coiuniena ;:.a cally a:ic. v;ee.i:ly 
GpI ifr^rnlf t'o- the many and s lendld public ser- 
-ntha Q-ujr notion has been at war r.^^ 
'nolle pp cor nit ion b« '-Ivph !-he 



IN WlT:?t.S3 Wlii.RKOl'', I have 
; herevinto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
Cal if ornla to be af- 
fixed this 27 .h Pay 
of September, A.D., One 
Thousand Nino Hvmdred 
and lorty-four. 


AT']T>fl'i ; 

SecretXi:;^ oi ott te 



a cJ c) 

O <i> 

*-i n "H 

aj o >,. 

o -H x: 

+3 -H W 


O n 

a> «« r 

^ w j3 o 

•P (1> t" ^-i 

J o o « ■ < 

a > fl I I 

D 0) -H ' . 

s -H c - - 

— < *» Q ^ 'H 

o n "J -H .- 
u u > '-. • 

:; X5 CO >. >> 
^ H -P f 

3) CU 

O O 

o a 

O U3 

;-i -p 

o o 

a> o 


O ^iJ 

O —s 


I I jS 

H 4-a 


© «=> 

fH i> u. 

XJ +J ^, -H 

O ^M 

■i-» 2 

S 'ft 

-p o +» I t x; 

a o 



S2 *M 

03 I 

0) -H O 
W O 

O .-I 

3 -' -O 

! -a a-+»- 

- m a,.H 

o o s 

d a) 

o -P 
■H an 

a -T 

c3 V, O 


:i <B 

V- tH '^- 

O O -H ,C « 
> -P 

13 fl-H i. 

f-i o a '-1 =; 



^xcfutinc Btpartmcnt 

^tJtc of ealjforiiij 

PROCLA^AT - -^-^ ■ 

VWienever the *elfHre of or.r nation has called 
supreme efiort .o.uon 1 ,.v. ai«a,3 borne an. nlLys , n 
a lull share or the burden. "^ 

V,- V. .. Pr*«-^o-t' '^i' Uiia Is Hbui.duntly i, uj.u In the manner in 
which the women cl our nation have resnonded to the Tultituciln- 
ous requirements or the nresant national e .er Acy! Nevl^ be^^re! 
in history have ,.oinen been called unon to serve th^ir co^try in ^ 

hav«%VPvT7 *T* "^""^'''^ '■*^''°^^' ^" ^"^-^h a short soan S yLrs 
have they entered eo succossfully unon so many new undertakings!' 

offi.« l^^'^^^'^l ^" l^'l ^^ always ti-e work or many oeonle. In 
office, chlnyard, and factory, in uniform and out the" women of 
A.erica have quietly added not only to our national s?renrth h,^i- 
to the unity wHl. which the natlon^as faceSftrwar pSems! ' 

Mi^ .,1 .?««^«7'11 al^^^ be the work of many neonle. Peace and 
.he solution vi our many orotdtms of reconstruction y ill r!li 

For these re 

observance of bUSiNh;-. 
and urge that tribute 
business and Professi 
tions wliich have heln for war efrort. 
tlcn te .nadb In every 
wc.ien in tlie many dos 
in keeping with our 
advancement. . 

;^^n^',J °°™iend to nubile attention the 
ViO;.ii;J'b A'L:iK in Calirornla October 8-14 
be paid to the California Federation of 
onal V.omen'3 Clubs and all other organlza- 
od to brjn£: about the release of woman- 
During this week I urge that new preoara. 
comi,:unjly to enlist the full sunxrt of 

in^'"r.Vr,°,^ff'^ ^^'^'^^ ^""^ "°* ^®-^"f formulatecl 
optK^rtunitles for social aiid economic 


A'-'TiiST : 

hereunto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
Caiiforriia to be af- 
fixed this 7th Day 
of October, One Thou- 
sand Nine Hunared and 

Governor of California 
Secretary of St 


ii>, i«/i i.tiiiti r H viooH*,' 

tht j!«i* ft. r.,.i. 

iJxecutiot Bcpartment 


CCT 7- fQt t 

To help stimulate the public purpose to reduce and 
eliminate losses by preventabxw .ire, October 8 to 14 has been 
proclaimed nationally as National Fire Prevention »'eek. 

During this weolc every citizen Is being urg-ad to 
devote special thoujjht and efl'ort to the detection and elimina- 
tion of fire hazards. ;iuch activity on the part oi all citizens 
is made doubly Important by Imperative wartime requirements. 
There must be no Interruption In the fie* of feoods and materials 
to every bat'lofront. .Vti.-i*-e occasioned by preventable fires 
can necome a serious handicap to speedy victory. 

It Is important that our citizenry be apprised of all 
Ifnown precautions which cam be made to lesson the stajj^erln^; 
annual lossoa brought abo\jt by the ravagos of fire. Responsi- 
bility for fire prevention rests upon the shoulders of all. It 
calls for Individual inspection and individual housecleanlng to 
make every 3tn^c.^^J^'> fire safe. It calls for the fullest 
de elopment oi educational programs which will maintain a general 
alertness to the dangers of fire. 

In recognition of California's extra wartime burden of 
responsibility as a production, concentration and transportation 
center for the groat Pacific battl'^s to come, it is important 
that popular understanding of fire prevention methods be in- 
creased within our state, bor this reason, 1, Earl Warren, 
Governor of California, do hereay proclaim October 8-14 to be 
National tire Prevention v.eek in California, and do hereby urge 
that full support and assistance be e-iven to every effort to 
inform and Instruct our people with respect to the importance 
of yeor aiound fire pi-e vent ion programs. 

.mWESS A'HEflEOF, I have 
hereunto set my hand 
aji 1 caused tlie Jreat 
Seal of the State of 
Gailiomla to be affixed 
this 7th. day of October, 
A.U., one thousand nine 
hundred and forty -four. 


Governor of California 


Secretary of Sftate 

frtmftl tm t*iircBNiA «iAti rtiNTiNe prMfr 
1*ai*MI.HTO. tH3 CtOPce H. MOO», |t»TB niNTtR 



^xmtm department 

^Mtc Of ealiroriiia 


P L u 

'■''^'»* «'*,!.;"% 




...nnJ!:'''-^'''""'^^''.""'' ^^''^^' ^^ ^'^^^ b«en the annual 

.. ;.-.,;, . ■ .J when the fleet 

:.uval hlstc '/;' ""^, "f the greatest battles In 

c.rryliir M o M ,1" ■ • -,,^ ^ % ® *"®'^ ^^^^ forces are daily 

"' ,i , ,^ --^ '•(:">' "i treouuni closer t^ h^.* ^no^ v,« , , •' 

otron;*olds -r tyrannr n-,i onnr- s-.-L, tV .^ rf •'awning 

■ ,v ■ 1 . inn, ss .^n. Tt comes at a time v.han 

the highest In years. 

- : -'nf^^l ^lor?ou^'^^^2nrrS°?hemvv\r^H^'-nlans to Join 
- ■ u«int- Ralo the hemic .n^n ,?- M^%f ? ^'^^ "'^'^ special tri- 
ed out across the b5o;dLcm^'<,X??he '„«'?'' '°^"-" ^'^^ l*^"^' 

■ creaaJng cuafidence— confidences fr.^,,^? "^f^^ ^®^^ *'i th ever 
t-o naval achieveaients wL?JS ha?e nuah«^ fi^ ^ ^'''^^^ ^neasure 

iarther from our shores it il\«^f?^l "'"' ''"^'"y farther and 
t:!e strength was Ssombled Uch hH il''"'' ^!**^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^f 
l:.iana adiance toward the PMiS.,\^%^'*^"^^«'^ ^" <=l-^« island to 
are now among thoae narLl clnat " .^1^5°^^^'^^ '^^ Callfornians 

liberation t5 the Phiiln ?ni '^ combat which is bringing 

that All 
produ c I 
purnc : 


s ?? hL . s°fv-c^ ^f^d In the unity of effort 
% Into beKr«^ thlsisolrlt that td ALericT 
all history. : • . ^f hm^ "f.?,^? manned the rreatest fleet in 
fleet -ave^loined wli?.,n - ? vilh 'he l^.f '^,^'^ °-' ''''' C^««t 
the Coaijt Guard T f>,e v-ctcilou. oL"^?^ ^''■\^^^r^-^^ Corns, and 
reeordecl. ex;., nous oner,', t Ions w?,ich have been 

-rva;: ' ^A^^S^^^iri7tFF^ ^^r^^ to ^j^ln^?f throb- ^ 

be the occaslon'for the exnte"'s?o? °f °°^??^^' ^944. Ma^ the day 
where of tho s^^rvJce ner?. ried bv o!;^ ^t^^'= admiration every- ^ 
Jay :.:rve to Increase olr SorS. ^m.^fe^?"? P'^^t and .u.y^the 

of effort not 

:.] (- V, I 

■n* r 

ri;;' fv,o , "'- ^"<^ ■"^'? the 

e <^i the importance of the 

war but in the 

^^ ''^- ^ . - . 1 have 

nci'tjuiiiu set my hand and 
caused the Great Seal of 
the State of California 
to i?e affixed thls^^ Day 
October, Nineteen Hun- 
-i-ed and Forty-four. 

Governor of California 

Sftbretary q 


^xtmm department ^"'"'l^ ^^^-^'j^^^^^^ 

^tatf of Coliforiiij By^"^^- < ^ 

its strain 
an^ clarlllcctL 

^n.M-, ., ^,, , ..,, tL&ukrulaesq 
' ^^^ Heavenly Father. Along 
■ ' t- nas been a year of liberation r 
^o n>an^ u;lUion.. of people had " ? 
«caeijm expij-eaalon ...As for 

■ J 1 vj L I. ric ^u^ V. .J. eii have 

-3uuctive aoility v-rid, 

c-.uit:e ■)i the %var, atu • 

Inspired our i:.en in n. 

- -■ fjattlelront;-;. 

. .1^ -L'-^j.:.^b oio- tii3 unitv finri I 

kept our nation strong and vi,-^rous I 

oidin^i ralith 

to help shape the 
in rr^edoE: v>'nich hao 
venienta on far- 

-'-■ J^ -i- li.u.;.C3 that 

oi'i^jhtfir prosr:r>.~t. 
ii&3 be. 

cal :ii 




'riff -■■ *.:'*'' • lctori<33 or our 
i*ii ,r'rf °^°'''^ of uncertainty 
. I'lL \^"' ■''*« "®«" lifted. .0 
military Achievements rjave cor.o 

\ie rejoice tiaat "this 
oprrsssed by t^-ranni- 
everywhere have 

— ■ ■ ..curing pea^e^ 
'ration for ir,Hiion 


■■ '■ for ; 
our til 

' h5 oh (■ 

thers and 

'■' throu; 
ial pi. 
reservi n. 

' i*'x, a DAY In Culifomja. as 
; ""iise for thanking Aljri:-htv -od 
.^x'inclples v,...lch filled the heLtf .f ■ 

^or .he multitude Of pri^te'S^i^f 3 ' 
ri-'^ts as Ai,,erican citizens. AM ^ 
■■'■■■ church and hoii.e lor ell 'n 
- fleldjof battle our ri<^ht to 

iii.ij.^4 -'i^^^jLOh, I have here- 
unto^snt my hand and caused 
the 5reat seal of the state 

? i^*w¥.''''2^'* ^° -^ affixed 
Liiis ^(,7*1 day of November, 

• r;., One Tliousand ;;ine 

'mdpedjind K^rty^four. 





'XXi. jr.': 4 t 


<D -P U 

Si ^ ox 

o ss 

* c 

, o 



® L, (D 

rj (p f^ 9) 

q O J O 

rH ;S C O C 

<H » © 

© +-> C m (p 

£ O O -P 

■3 .^ O C t^. • 

<n I?. 


o >..^ ^; « o 

Q -p .-^ » I 
•^ .^ C Ci o 

F-p S 


« .-i-p o c 

o ^i-H o -d ^ 

p o c 

^ -P o: cc cc o 

•,-,■" (i; i: 

•p „ f< -p <» -p 

« *J C-P 

;< r-( a q C 

O J-' ^ ^ iu 

^,? --It-I 

•p a 

.-( ® Q 

(B Ti Ph H .H 

oj (J o 1-, x: o 

;_ O -P W r-H O 

T- U 3S U 

OX C'P 3 

i5aJ 05 05 i. C 

u p 3 

4) W ® Ih 

«^ fn >>4J o 

OB CO r-l O M 

= -P P^r-i d C 

^ rH «-< f-1 T O 

P rH ^ -P O J -H 

) .H uj trj o > 4-3 

;3 H ■a B ;< . 

O rH O J C 

C tl r-l P 03 -H 

ID (» O v4 

ID o ^ ;-■ : 

■ - o 

0) o 

• p -P 
® ^ 


.; o o 

t) q 

01 tl o 

M a J< 3 (h p>i 

o -H ro o o a> - 

O ,:; <D O Hh 

© » 71 4) — I .H O 

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tM +J '-J 4) *-< — W 

c -I © ^ c 

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ay -.- o ^ J 

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J: .» in P, t- 
D -d -J 3 >._; 

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'jj ai -p _c -2/ .-■ '-' 

* -p x: » -p r 

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n ca !L( c ID <i} 

c: -p ^ rt • 

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CO .-I 0) ^ ca ^ ^ 

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O 03 G K 4> 43 

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M 1 

03 v-1 oj x; c 

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■P >H t, 

J, 43 

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rH «- t. -H ® 

a M r-l -d -P ;« .C 
!^ iH 03 C W 

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O 4) U t, OB CO C3 

O J3 Jh Q C O ,- 

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43 © X:- O c 

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-P tT o -i > ^ 

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C «H tS 

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43 ® bk. > 2 ~ Sh 

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■P 3 t. 

CO -d 

I, a C C :Z 

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■-J 5> r w 

D -ui e .-H 43 

i. , . O rH O 

o m -P t. M -P 


^xccutiDE Bcpartiiicnt 

;otatc of djliforiiia 






'#»-— ^It^ 


, Of! 
''' ' » 

;ntal fiv.; '. 


■ aspc-i-rc'clg } ^^og* 

f Ik,*" 

^xccutitic Bepartnicnt 

.^tatc of enlifornij 


Tret-'. . 



on 11. ( 

QHtlj- ay:>rov 


^^Kcutivic Bcpartmcnt 

.State of CL.ilifoniia 




1 ;'. . .' • , Ol' 

■ ■ - ■ ' • • ■ • ! 


*-» *- • , 


;. ■. • ■■. ' --1. 

- - 

Mty b; ■ ■ 

■• ■ .. .■......!.. 

' V.r'--. '. ■ . :. 

• J - 


. .J." i*o> lofi., i.Ia.. ... 


.. > 

' •■ low::-* T.urE'j. ^ ;;>... ,, ■• ;,- 
oqucjitl;- plttctn'; in ctorar-e 

, ' ■• IjJl'osto.I 

; ... 

;'.'.■■;. . . r.: 



^KcutiDc ©epartmciit 

^tatc of California 

.. :Vti 


-11 oat: 


laration o:. 

■„ ■..• 1^,-1^ -> 

tit:- ah"- pi-otactI.on fron 

j; tl.:' 

^KfutiDc Bepartmcnt 

3tatc of CLaliforiiia 





'.i\ rorc 

allloz-nir. Oj an; 
provielonp riuiLl 

... r-. r.rantlno 

onc' all 
to .-n for CO 



Ittin-unid an 1 



iJxtcotitic department 

^tatc of California n,>Ar..v., 


prfi^f?^"^ ^"^ ^**^^ "T^*® Diseases 
Effective on and after January 13, 1945 

AgrlcS?^^^jrj-;,^-3 ll^n'.et e by the Director of 

peach yellows. P«ach rosette, and llttlfn"^ fruits, known as i 
occur In California, exist in fh^ u } P®^=h, not known to 
that an the hore{n-d"crlbe? rJ^tJf^f^r'^n^f ^^''^^ «^«» ^d 
possible carriers of sajrdrseasesr «^"<=1«^ are hoats or 

be ^^""l^^'^lT'lf^d^^^^^^^ a quarantine l 

State of California in accordance wifhtv,! »>°^<iaries of the ;i 
106 of th« Agricultural code of thI^?o^ Provisions of Sectioa! 
said diseases, their hosts and do^«i hi ^ of California against 
described, aiid no <.uch thin^« «^ ^® carriers, as heroin 
procla,aation sh^U be peri?fteS\ *'''*'*"'' ^"^^ *e*^"«^ ^^ thl» 
lines hereby establlLSr^irp'oclalJ^S "Zxcent' '^/^ 'l-arantln. 
ject to the conditions herein pJSv^deS!' ^ ^'^ ^"'^ ^"*'- 

rosetHfrAd lutle^e'ach!''''' """"^ " P***^^ ^^^^°^'' P«ach 

ConneFnllf%|?ii,e''''Ki:Mlr r'^^'^f °^ ^laba^a. Arkansas, 
K.ntac.y. M'Ir.ylandr'^M^%L\\', se'ttsr^chiKl^''^"?!:; ^ 'f"^' 
Jarsey, New York. North Carolina nht^o^V*'^*^^'^PP^' New 
Rhode island, Sout" JanoUnr t«A„2 ' «,^}a^o«'a. Pennsylvania, 
and the District of ColSmMa! ^*'^'*««««' Virginia. West Virginia. 

forms of peach, nectarine In^i^^ Including the flowering 

Provision 1 

s^lgg Tiigr g gi- ""''' ^"^ """"" 

in..s: r"r--p%-»--;,5- ?r?-f:f„rrL-?."" 

Provlaton 2 

COKDITIOlgs OOVEmmr. I^ of i;F.BT7..Tr.T^, 

adequate annual survev^ .hi^h ^ ^ ! " ^^^ infected state, 
such infe^d state Sich are ^rle ?f ^^'"^"^^ counties within 
and little peach, anfthe Dl^ecto: or^?r:ultJ:e':rthr^%''f ' 
has been so advised and is satlsfinH ^r fv ^ °^ *^^^ state 

surveys, then the rosJricJed aiui?! '^ adequacy of such 

"■ """"HI. tlAIW PhlKTI'R 


^xmtm Brpartinciit 

^tJtf ofenlirornia 

^^ ^. No. 11 (Revised) 

Page 2 

also fj^d'^to beTntf'r''''*'^ stocks, and environs whl^h . 

sxfcnee, the auiaber and kin.i ^f^ f "^ *^'^^ shipper and con 

staTrr' ''"' *^^*^ -- wWe°Jro:„^'''^r'' ""'-''«' " ^^« 

-St b,^^.eTi^^'\"o2:^e'a^^"^rXt^^^^ 

cuasignee or agent until in.ported «L * "^'^ 'iellvered to 

-L^^^'^^'"■"'^' *^'^ ^l^i>'^ty or deputtea ''''''f^ ""^ '^« Director 
-tate riant Quarantine off loer?' °'' ^^ * '^"^y authorized 


arrlv^,^ iT^L^^sJ^t^^ o^^^ ^^^^^l restricted articles 
shall be irmnodlately sent out o^^^ ^''^^ Proclaioation. 

■'- - - nd expen^e^?^ Ste^ o^wne'r^rj^ri^e^'^^^^^^^^ ^' 

anticIe^Jv^r^f by\'S rJi! '?« ^^^^« °^ California of any 
-bject to Che X\^l^:r^ o'thli'""^"^ ^^'^^^ be furt'Lr 
o.^.e.ulation3 no. in iorce o?-;^h^c^;^^L^h^^r^e\^^^e^^J:^--.^^°- 


"J^^i^^'^-'-'tinro^Jicera arrS^ ^oo^'^rf ""^ «^^ S*«^- 
of the provisions of this proclLation! ° enforce all 


^xtcutivif Bcpartmcnt 

-State of California 

'^. V. No. 11 (Havisad) 

Page 3 

SUi'h:RSEDi:s prkviou^ prooiamation 

This Quarantine IroclSMatlon No. 11 (Revised) supersedes 
Quarantine rroclamatlon No. 11 dated August 26, 1933, and 
shall take offoct Immodiatoly. 

IN WITNESS VniEREOF, I have hereunto 
sat my hand and caused the 
Great i'.eal of the State of 
California to be affixed this 
13th day of January, A.D. , 
one thousand nine hundred and 

Governor of California 


Secretary of State 



bi 8i« olflre of iKe SscrHsry lF SUt« 
of the i;i«l« of C«lifom« 

JAN 1 6 1945 

FRANK M. JORDAN, Secretary of state 

f<„tlti in cAiirnxNiA iijiti pkimtiha officb 


S-i <B 

K ® r-( 

o a t. *^ j3 c o 

»-J O ti 

t3 c CC K q 

C S- r-l rM 

t< "^ 3 1J O O r-< 

<r £ o o 

O i. c^ -- 


JO O « tn C 

C»-l(rcC-HC»5+JCi5 jj 

■ ^ p a cc <r. c 

O iC O E <C •" a 

-I S 

E C 

® Xi 

4> s6 05 i" 43 C3 03 .c :; T 
u © -p X -^^ ■-: t- -tJ -^ 

O O > C m 

C C 

« c cc -H -« x: t- 


x: o TJ c o K 

— 33 K c o X 
1^ C8 O *i 

^ fc. E 

t, r-l "3 

-o c 

> a! 

xi 1. 1-' • © ^ o ' 

3 ■-" ® CC 

a -^ e6 I M 
00 X i- ca 
r-' © n cc I c 



ti a «-' t; -c 0) 

cc f- 

K ._- _- o .^ 

-;j a; iJ -c cB 

S < 3 t- 0) 

^ 4> 

,- 5 C cr. O B 

t O J-: "^ ^ £ 

^X>E'S® — — 

jr {- v-( D r-( "ti 

■- t« s 
n f.- z- 

o « 

0) Ch 


C-, ^ 



c 4; »] o 0) 

^: +5 1-1 X r-i !/: 

o c -p ^ .a f- ja 

a: 4J e 


*■( © 

C C tn ^ 

4J C .H S O t. r— 



£■ G 

.1 £• 

-o o 

ec. X. 

« .- 



O G. 

C a: 
O > 

^_ c « 

X t 

E= S 

■P ® 

c > 

C oj 

•H -P 

^ C 





- ^3 ID 

cC C 


• • 




=• X 


; ,1 



£ C 

^' o 

i- ;-> e >H 


c &, »> -a 

a) rf a! c8 

■■ S .r-l cC « 

c ^: M TJ 

« a! ?: 

t q t^ A, » 

£ C 

3 t. 

o c C tr: « 

* o 

S- I- eO 

I -H 09 

» -C TS 

X c • 

»fl, c 


► tx. 03 «^^ C 

a) «J5 ri 3 x; 

£ O O 33 03 

C t. 2 

r* o 


■P OD 

to C 

c o 
as u 

z c 

c a 

c o c. 

^xtcotivie Btpartmcnt 

^tate of California 


j nl'm' to 

Mn(i she 
• b opt 

rji'i "•'■■!*■'■' -''':.. 

. . „,f ^„:::;i;ntlne omcers ar« hereto, e.,ro.«,... - >- ''. 

. „ not apply t.o axperlmeuts of the 
4.-.lmnt.ure '.n the Stste of C8l5- 


ihls Quarantit 

•'.ntlne Proclamation 'rk'. 14 

1 t: 

14 (Revised) super- 


' .-et !!iv band and caused the 
. j.'.,,^' - '• " e State of 
;■■..,':,'■ mtI affixed this 

«9t> day of January A.D., one 
t.hoiiSRnti nine hundred and 
ror1.y-f lv«. 

Secreta.f.\ oi'-fetate 





i;iu^=.-jiTnE FROci^.-::ior nc. i4 (hevissd) 

The* revision cf Quarantine Pro- 
cla!r.ation IIo. 14 ndds to. the infected ai-ca 
the county of Son Juar ir. ..^ lUexxoo , ^r^ 
alfalfa and Woods Counties, OKlahor.a, xx. 
-.Thich, according to a report received, troc 
the Federaa Bureau, peach cosrac hrvs oeei. 


of acnuol Itderol- State 

negative surveys for a reripd of 3 years, 
the counties of Ellis, Erath, and i^i^son. 
in Toms end the couaiieE ol Salt lA:e nr^ 
Utcih in Utah ore removed fro* the infoctcd 


;^u.;e^.^ine mxvi-'^cm: re. w (hevised) 

Pertinlng tc Peach Ifcsr-ic Disease 

Effective on and cdter Jaruary 29, 1945 

T-ZHLAS, The fact has been det.rr.ined ty 
th2 Direclor cf Agriculture that ir.;.'Jricus 
plcx.t diseases not goncrUly.distriouted 
ir. Caliior;-da and known as virus dis-c^s^s 

tr^sc of Tx;QCh no& ic, ezist in.cci. ->■" 
cjocs of the Urdtod Str.les horoirJiiter de- 
scribed 'TaI known as infected arc&, and 
th^* tho prohititod products herein ae- , 
scritod ore hcstG or possible coi-ricrr oi 

KOW '^KERHJOSE, It is declnred nocessf-j;:.- 
ir. crSer tc prevor.t the further introduo- 
-.ion cml spread -.vithin the State ol 
C,->'iforr-ia rS s'.iJ virus Jisc-ises, that n. 
^uarc-.tir.o tc r-^A the secc is^nerotv 09- 
tciblishod r.t tho bourjiarit^s ol the State oi 
California i:-. ciccorda:xc v.ith the J^rc"'^- 
sior.E of Section 106 of the Agric-oiturcl 
Code of the StT-tc of Coliforraa a^ainrt 
;c:id viru? diEcasos, their hosts or po^ 
:.iblo carriers, growr. in or importecj, 
.-nippod. or brought tvoa the hereinafter 
iescribrd infected area -ujl no ,duc:-. vii-U2 
ii<:oa$es or rcssiblo carriers tn^reox 

=--ril V. rcr-.ittld to pc^. -'"^''V'^vl '>'i ''? , i 
"-:•"■ j.tiKO Uuoo ;-,o horcbj' oiilubli:;hod -..lA 

. roclninod. 

caf#nf 01 c;.u:;ir^T Vj-uytoiv.: idcntic-d wiln 
" ro-icli r.o:-''if:. 

Counties oi' Ai):icho, Cochiso, 
CoconiAO, r,r- I-^-l-, Maricopa, . 
Pima> Siintr. Cruz, imd Ytivapoi. 

COLOF^iSQ-' Couj^tios o£ l.:.^:-r. ai.! Moutc?:una. 

^^CC: Coui-.ticr. -i' P.nYdUlo, Dqrxi 
" ■ Aiia, Liiicolu, Ot.cro, Eio -«> 


OKUtKq'JV l 

ri'DTi, S:4xlov;d, Si:ui 

Trujs, nm '....lo.-£iiu. 

Countie;-, of .U.i/.a.f;v, Bry.-Ji, 
JuluiL-t.ou, : .lil xoodr.. 

Com-.lio:? ui" r-rov.-ii, CrJlajiaji, 
Chorokoo, Cgtii'-icho , DrJ.l.-is, 
Sarhi^aidl PA P--r.o, F.-oviin, 
Fishur, rlc^-d, C'Trca, lUdo, 
Hudi-.poUi, X;..u-.o-., JoiiOB, 
Uill!., Pido ruilu, P'^-"'i-. 

aiith, T:ur-a.l, liii'loi', Ur^- 
diur, VJilbcrcor, wood, iuid 



Gr u«l !u-.d "iiul>- 

^^.".imrZD PRODUCTS.; 

.dl pe;xh, nectiU-i.x, .-pricot. cdr.oiid, 
IrjCK for or cnm.blc < f , r.-jx-.^itior. except 

iU'.y ^a^i ;dl of ti.c .-.b^-v.^prolubl bod pro- 
ducts .'iu qu-u-iuitinod i.'. t. i:; Pl-oclr.:..aUui>, 
■■•-•rivi'y.- in C.--'.Ufor-..i!:. froi.i tuo r.aid i:/- 
ioctod torrit..ry chf.ll oy r.aur.ud iidi-it- 
t r/:c i:ito :;ta1...^ ;;:d :;...• dl bo i:.u.^di- 
rtoiy sent out of tluj siixlc ur de r. u-oy "^a 

at tho optio;; t'-id orpcuGO of tho ovc.or 
or o\.-ricrs, his or their rcnponsiblo 

uUl domticE of tho Director of ;«ric-aL- 
turo rad^dl St' H^ait Qupx.:t.Ui;.o Oi- 
fio-rn arc horoby onw.icrod to carry out 
rdl tho ut tide ProclaL-.alioii. 

Th.o forc-oii£ doou not apply to "xpori- 
,,, of tnc "i^itod Sl"ic.; Wrtnc.i oi 
Agriculture in th^ State of Califor..ia. 

gjEEggl F'''' PKE7I0US FRCjCU'^-'^TIQI 

IH v;iTlSSS -TIEHEOF I^hnvc 
hereunto not ny luind om 
caurod tho Groat Sc.-.d.ol 
the Stuto of California to 
be nffixcd t!ds ?3ih doy of 
.Trmu .■ a-y A. D. , or.c th.ousnnd 
rdac hundred ;a-.d fortj-iive 

Govomor of California 

ATlSSTj Secretary of State 

Doputy Socr.tary of State 



$j:cfutii)c Bepartnifiir 

^ratCOfdallforillJ viUAJUNTUNE PROCTJVhiATIOW NO. 14 (r.iiVlSKD) 

fertainlnii to Peatsh Mosaic LUaoase 
Lffective on and aftar January .'P, 1945, 





the . 



VlHb.RbJVo The fact haw boon determined by the Lirector of 
alture UiaL injurious plant dieeaaos not {generally dia- 
tad in (.alirornia and known as virue diaeases of certain 

fr-uits capable of causing peach mosaic or eymptous iden- 

with thooe, of peach ..oaaic, exist in certain areas of 
nited ..tatoB Imroinalter doscribod and known as infected 

anu that tho prohibited products horein dascribed are 

or potMlblo cai-riurfi of thio disease: 

vent thi 

, rmmw-'lr , rt it iloclaraJ noceuaaa-y in order to pre- 
furbnor introduction into and spread within the Ftate 

of ■allfornia o'' tii'.o om'.vi vlrua dif-e.-iHeo, 


uxxiornxa or -a.o ohUi v.rua dif-eaaeD, U,at a quarantine be 
the saino Is hereby astabliahod at the boundaries of the 
'tfoi^inr '"^^f '"'"'■" i" aocoruanco v.ith the provialone of Sec- 
tion 106 ol tha Af.ricultural Code of the ?tato of California 
a,,alnBt said vLruB dipufitiof., chelr l»oats or po«r,iblo carrlora. 
fcrown in or imported, ahlppyd, or brou<,ht from the hereinafter 
described infoctod ar«a and no such virus disoaaoa or posaible 
carriera thorocf as quarantined against in thif. Proclai.iation 
Shall bu por..utuod uo pat.;-; over Uie aaid nuarantlno linos so 
hereby estaolltihon and n^oc UlMed. 

P£;£TE: :>oach mowaic QiHoaao imd viriiP capablo of oauainir 
ayraptowa idontical with thotiu of poach iuouuic. 

INFECT El- ., . . 




TnXAT : 

Gounti&c of Ap.icJie, ( ochiHe, ; oconlno, Graham, 
aricopn, '"iiiifi, ,' mita (.ruvj, ami >avapai.. 

Countioti oi 

.'ind hiOntoEunui. 

•oiuitioa of ieruftlillo, Pona Ana, Lincoln, Otero, 
lio *irriba, : andoval, ^ an Junn, r«nta To, rierra, 
;ocorro, Tnoa, and ^Rlonciu. 

■ jCiii, Jolinnton, and Voods. 

Orjuu '. 

• 'Jliah«n, : - '/ttea, Comanche, 
-btlln;., utoIiUKi, ::l -aro, •nmun, J laher, I loyd, 
'-"T'ei^ij, ;:ale, Huds-oth, Johnson, Jones, ^'ills, 
^alo Pinto, "arker, P.unriels , Rusk, .san Paba, Fmith. 
Tarrant, Taylor, "rnhur, v.libarger. v,ood, and Young. 


'"ou»tio» of Gruuu aiiU Vashincton. 

All (.each, nectarine, apricot, almojK', nliun, and 
pruno troea or parts of thoae trees for or capable of pror,a- 
■;atlon, except Iruit pita. 

^icrutiDc Bepartmcnt 

3tatc of (Taliforiiia 

Q. p. No. 14 ( Revised ) 

"•g* 2 


tln^d In ^S"^ ^"** ?^^ °f '^^ •''°''' prohibited products as quaran- 
tined in this Proalaraatlon, arriving In Callfornl. r-nnm fv,- „-«^ 
inrected territory .hall b^ rnfus^S^aJJIl^tiicn'to tM^^sJat"" 
th on'^J "* liTunerilately sent out of the state or de^-troyed a? 


st«t- ^i.r,^^ deputies of the nirector of Agriculture and all 
!ut !n ^ v^a.-antxne orfl^ers are hereby empowered to carry 
out all the provisions of this Proclamation. 


Hnir-ri c^ I^® foretiolnj, -lose not apyly to£ of the 
foTO?a. -^r^'rtr^jnt of Agriculture In th^ rtate of Call- 

SU?EHSEL:iC rniVL:jL .-»r^:?p:.A..;A'nTnM. 

--^ n if -'""'^»"'^l-n« -Proclamation So. 14 (Revised) auDer- 

sedes Quarantine Proclamation No. 14 (havlsod) ia«ued ApJll S 
1943, and shall take effect liaraedlately. ^ * 

IK WirRaaS ■JirPm^, r have hereunto 
aet ray hand and caused the 
Great i eal of the : tate of 
Calirornia x.o be affixed this 
: .th day of January A.D., one 
thouaaiid nine hundred and 


Governor or California 


Secretai'y of .State 

3!:xEcutitie Btpartmcnt 

^ * V w ^-'j^im of California 



'^UA:(Ai'ir Jvl; PHOriLAKlATlOH NO. lb (REVISED) 

Pertalnlnji to European Corn Por-or 
Irfe.-.tlvo on and ?ifr,er J«nuBry i^9, 194h. 


t ' 

'V}i"'P.'<'A^' -me raf>t hHP bt^en determlied by the Director 
af A^r-Jfiiaturrthat a dantjerous Insect nest known as the European;; 
c.orn"borer fpyrn-.i<,t« nnbllaH s Hubn . ) heretofore not knovm to i. 

exist in the'^I.l^T'o'r' Cfl 1 L f -'o rn 1 a , oxi.sts in the hereinafter ,; 

described infested areas, and that the restricted products herein, 
..,,„f^g,i 3^,. t.o-t- or- nn«<;tbl(> r-fiprle"? of sald pest; !| 


-, ■:^ „,,-.., ,, l^, ,irti-,larti>; necessfi'-y in order to Ij 

: ,„rintroriuction'or saJd pest Into the State of Callfor- ; 
nia, that a quarantine be and the Bame Is hereby established at 
uhe oT i.bu State of Caltfo-nla In accordance with 
•P.tlnn 106 of the A^^^rl cultural node of the State of California 
a<mlnst said pest. Its hosts or pcr.ilble carriers, and no such 
^Bst??cted prSdncts as quarantined apalnst In th s ^^^^-^'^"'^tion 
.nail be oermitted to pass over the said quarantine lines hereby 
estabHs>>ed and proclaimed except under and subject to the con- 
ditlnn.: herr ' > •■••Milod: ij 


FilST: ©Aropean corn boror (P yrausta nijbaalls Hubn.) 

TNPiit-'T^JD AR-;AS: Entire states of, Delaware, 
Illin otsriow aT-D^^ana. Kentucky. Maine. Maryland. Massachxisetts, 
Michigan I.:issourl, New Hampshire, New Jersey. New York. North 
Ca;olina, Ohio. PeAnsylvanla , Rhode Island. Vermont, Virginia. 
•Vrtst '''irrinia, and Wisconsin. 

it" Wvandotte 




oiul. i-O ; 

■rt ind Houston 

Counties o!- Sumner, Hobertson , and Montsomory 

1.1 « ; ■■ ' 
nod ( 

2 of corn, 

.„ ^, fu.alk?., ears, cobs or other parts or 

2 oi corn, broom'^corn, sorghums, and Sudan grass (except 
and she! Led grain iree from fragments of cob and other 

debris); Uma beans In the pod, green shell beans 1n the 
nr the variety known at. cranberry or horticultural); beets 
. . ■ .' iiiHrb (cnt nr nlnnts wi1>' "ootw). 

TIF re AT ti' |l 

Stalks, ears, cobs, or other parts or debris of corn, 
br-n,,, corn, sur-hums . and Sudan c^ass grown In or shipped from 
the s«ld Infested areas Imported as such or as packing or as 
..onta-inatlon In seed or shelled groin, or otherwise, will be 

fmslrJ in cAiiPiiKNiA itATc rntNTiNC orririt 



^xecutiDe Btpartmcnt 


so<i ) 

Pag a 2 

' ''"^ .j<.i-,l' " , i I i 1 1 I'll i f Linlv jiT'o V i'.i«'i CH'"''! phlr>mf»nt 

•ompanled i . , irt ifloate oitber («) signed by an 
iri.iner-tor nf the Bureau o]' Knfcomology anr" flqnt Qii«rant.lne of the '■, 
United States nepnr-tment of Aj-rlcul ture cert Ifytrit; that nuch 
material contained In the shipment or lot hap heftn disinfected 
or tT.p,qt(3,i nn(l«r t>ie supervision of such inspector In such a man- ,, 
'mlnate all risk of transmitting the European corn ' 

■ 1 •..►.,! hy the proper o^'ficlaT of the state of orlglijf 
aterlal has been treated under official jj 

[(•Miiiit-ir and by a methoii approved by the Director 
Such certificate shn n set> forth the materials 


pinervlslon i u 
oT Agriculture. 
uaed, the dosat^e schedni. 
place o^ ti^en tmon t . 

;ixpoauro, and date and 


nWV.'.A.!-' AOivlLT'l't:;!' UNDiiR OK'^T TVICAT-j 

■'■ : '• ■ ' "1 ^ . ■ -i (of '• 

the varlet.y Known a3 crariDtirry or horticultural}; ueetii ^it)! tops; 
and rhubarb (cut or plani.s and roots) ;j;rown 1n or shipped from the 
said infested «r>eas will bo admitted into the State t^'f California 
rily provld-»-* ea^-h slilnment or lot is accompanied by a certificate 
pector of the bureau of Enl^oraology and Plant 
.. ,n'h,"> ^n-ites Department jOf Agriculture or by 

ate of original certifying that such 
3<i in I no FUipment or lot Has been Inspected and 
'nfwstation by the Kxirooean corn borer, except 
- •■ wn rhubarb (cat only) will be admitted if so 
nnte c fe-^r-r'^^ o ff! .-? al > . 

Quarant Ir- 
the proper 

r-^R r,.j-p! al 

' ' " ; ? i ■ ! " r 6 
■ ■• at greQ^/■ 

• •-jr-r i f le'i 

•it \ i J>_- I 


' '"'■ '" ' ' ''^1 ' hy thl's Proclamation upon 

from restricted plants which 
ii; ' rarj from ir^ij.munti; of cob and other platil- debris nf corn, 
broom cot«r(, sorghums, or f^udnr j-rass. 




'■■'■ r'> ;i.rl<-t l<n • ■.;■ -M 17 !!i;.; proclamation upon tha 

-cyK'ntirit of the restrlcteo proauccs herein uefined which are 
recessed or man ifar-tured In su^h a manner as to eliminate all 

'" . ■-■■••!•! '\nnrnn\.ina'A aj^alnst, 


Glgnee i nsriected and pa 

iVi^f i cul tune, fiii; i-ipaiy or de;iutlea, 
£t«te plant Quarantine Officer, 

!' iir I. tie foregolnc p^'ovisions 
out and not delivered to con- 
ssed b\ 

the Director of 
"i ithorized 

I^Kcutiut ©cpartmcnt 

3tate or California 

Page 3 

! I [.'.'■ 


■iAC<jj)t as provided in t-ho I'oii^. w , i.;^ j'rovic; !.■.,,-,, Hiiy itit 
'^>- ahlprnent of commodities or articles arriving In California In ' 
\ 'olat.lon of the provisions of this Proclamation, shall be imme- 
■■itely sBot, nut of t>ie ptatu or destroyed nt the option and 

■' 'sjierir-- ■ ■ ■vne;!'' o •■ ' . 

•-.->'!■ hi CTtei' PROPnOTa aUtJJKCT TO OTiaKH R 'LSS AKT> HSOULAT luKS 

: i lu 'id;i, •:;■;' r i 1 i : • ' . (' qny 

product or coimno'' ' ' > -.iVf^fMa i^-j i.i-o ^ o'-e^^nr-.jj, pi-ovj ; Lori;; fliall 
be further s'lhj, ' 'he provtslonK nt nny other Quarantine 

PriTolamation or Ko,:-';.i lo t ' '^'r >>• i • . ■ >• . : ireafter 

Vie rt^c'^TT I J 1 '^?i h^d * 

AM drtjuttle;; • . .' i.i.ri l)lrectt^ f , ^if Agr Icni Ui i-c arui all 
;>uarantlne Officers are hereby emiiowered to carry 

■ ■ ' 'ii. ■ ' ' ''" -laniatlcn. 


oiiUI-io I'iuiVIOUa Pi\uv.'iiAiv.ATION 

This Quarantine rroclarnation No. lo (R-jvlsed) auper- 
. ;'.T,> ■-•■; '"amatlon No. 15 Issued February 15, 1944, 
Imjred Intel . 

IN WITNESSiWHERt,' : , have hereunl. 
.sot rijy hand and caused the 
'IrHati Seal of the State of 
■Hlll[ornla to be affix« 

t'>»tt4 i» f 

ll>» !l, M<ionr, STATr MINIft 

35xccutitic ©epartmcnt 

;?tatr of Califoriiij 



Pertaining to European Corn Borer 
Effective on and after 'anua^'ji x^, l-i4fi. 

VmEREA?, The fact has been determined by the Director 
of Agrlculturn that a dangerous insect pest known aa the European 
corn borer (Pjrraueta nubllalls Hubn.) heretofore not known to 
exist In the £tRte of California, exists in the hereinafter 
described Infestoil areas, nnd that the restricted products herein 
described are hosti< or poepibla carriers j£ said pest; 

prevent the in 
nla, that a qii 
the boundaries 
Section 106 of 
against said p 
restricted pro 
shall be peiTnl 
established an 
ditlons herein 

troriuctlon o 
rrantlne be 
of the r.tfct 
the Agrlcul 

ft, its )j(. f 

ilucta a.M '{\in 
tted to pass 
il proclalmoil 

It l3 declared necessary in order to 
f said pcBt into tho SI te of Callfor- 
and the same is hereby established at 
a of r^alifornia in accordance with 
tural Code of the State of California 
tf or poEslblo ourrierp, and no such 
rautinsd against In thin Proolamatlon 
over the said quarantine lines hereby 
iiAcopt under aud subjoot to the oon- 


PEST ; European corn borer (j'yrausta luibilajLia. Hubn.) 

INFESTEP AR^JA^ ; . iitiro staten of Connecticut, Delaware, 
Illlnoia , iowu, lucimia, ii:ituck>, italna, .Varyland, MaBsaehusetta, 
Michigan, Uissouri, New hais^jshlrci, 2ie» Jersey, Mew Xork, North 
Carolina, Ohio, pannaylvanin, Rhode Island, Vorraont, Virginia, 
West Virginia, ■ma ,>i.joouaxa. 

Kansas: County oT Ayundutte 

Minnesota: Countlop of i iliMJP>* and hoaaton 

Tennessee: Counties of Sumner, Robertson, and v/ontgonery 

RESTR [CTED PRODUCTS- : Stalks, ears, cobs or other parts or 
debris of corn, broom corn, sorghoiLO, anu uaaa t^r^Laa (except 
seed and shelled grain free fi'om fi*8,',nidnt8 oi" cot and other 
plant debria); lima beans in t-he puii, green shell baans In the 
pod (of the varlrtDy known as cranberry or horticultural); beets 
with tops; and rhubarb (cut or plants witl\ roota). 




Stalks, ears, cobs, or other parts or debris of corn, 
broom corn, sorghums, and Sudan grass grown in or shipped from 
the said infested areas Imported as such or as packing or aa 
contamination in seed or shelled grain, or otherwise, will be 

^xcfutiuc Bepartnicnt 

3tatc of daliforiiia 

Q. ?. No. 15 (Revised) 

Page 2 

admitted into the State of California only provided each shipment 
or lot i« accompanied by a certificate either (a) signed by an 
Inspector of the Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine of the 
United States Department of Agriculture certifying that such 
material contained in the shipment or lot has been disinfected 
or treated under the supervision of such Inspector in such a man- 
ner as to eliminate all risk of transmitting the European corn 
borer, or (b) signed by the proper official of the state of origin 
certifying that such material has been treated under official 
supervision in a manner and by a method approved by the Director 
of Agriculture. Such certificate shall set forth the materials 
used, the dosage schedule and period of exposure, and date and 
place of treatment. 

Provision 2. 


Lima beans in the pod; green shell beans in the pod (of 
the variety known as cranberry or horticultural); beets with topsi 
and rhubarb (cut or plants and roots) grown in or shipped from th» 
said Infested areas will be admitted into the State of California 
only provided each shipment or lot Is accompanied by a certificate 
signed by an inspector of the bureau of Entomology and Plant 
Quarantine of the United States Department of Agriculture or by 
the proper official of the state of origin, certifying that such 
material contained in the shipment or lot has been inspected and 
found free from infestation by the European corn borer, except 
that greenhouse-grown rhubarb (cut only) will be admitted if so 
certified by such state or federal official). 


No restrictions are placed by this Proclamation upon 
the movement of seed or shelled grain from restricted plants which 
is free from fragments of cob and other plant debris of com, 
broom com, sorghums, or Sudan grass. 

Provision 4. 



No restrictions are placed by this Proclamation upon the 
movement of the restricted products herein defined which are 
processed or manufactured in such a manner as to eliminate all 
danger of carrying the pest herein quarantined against. 


All products admissible under the foregoing provisions 
must be held by common carrier agent and not delivered to con- 
signee or agent until Inspected and passed by the Director of 
Agriculture, hie deputy or deputies, or by a duly authorised 
State Plant Quarantine Officer. 


£xccutiV)c Bcpartmcnt 

;s»tatt of California 

15 (Uevlaod) 

page 5 



or shlpi-ont or "°-""" "»•",'" "if Procliiatlon, .h.ll b. i™..- 

■i°i:ir".- »" !;r:ifrut:'or"i..t..o,o. .t th. o.tio„ .^ 

axcensa of the oMier or bailea. 

, . - -.,s SUBJECT TO o^n^^^mn^E-MH^^^^^^^^.^^ 

" , ^ ^v.«. --tAte of California of any 

be promulgator. 




■ '~' ' X- . i« m ^Pevised) super- 

l,aa ^ua-ntino proclamation .o.^I5^(Be^^^ ^)^ ^^^^^ 

^d ahall take effect lm.o.l 

:,. ,. T..a.> ■.U..,U..O^ . .- have hereunto 
'■ BOD ray hand and caused the 

Great .S«al of tiie Stf « °^. ., 
California to bo affixed this 

one tboubai.c nxna hundred and 





r or California 

ATTEST! / , 

Secretary of State 







Srpartmciit of iVgriculture 


QXLiiJiSrim RKOOlATIt.N NO. « 
rertBlnin^. to " mok i^eoUn." of Cltru. 
ffoctlre on and after ^^^-^-v..-.*^^ , ^ /p^^- 

Ifornia. exlate in cerJuK hiriJLrl^r h^^^ distributed In Cal- 
m thU .t.,t.e. «„., the re^trJoJi; .^jr:?!rh*'*"f regulated ar«». 
poBBlble carriers of saia dleeajj; ^rmin deeoribod are 

prevent the ftL-t^Br^Pn^^d^of ^^fri^**'*^ neee.Br.ry la order to 
cora«nce with the ^c^Moni .? "ojl!:";? ^° *"" ?*«^'« 1» «<»- 
-tirj culturt 1 vpue of th« t«tl^,i.^ 7?f? ^^ ""'* ;^ctl»n 16 of the 
be «na the aeu^* L'heret ^.at:bSsSd'fr?i^',i'"J '^ Qu..r.„tlJi* 
herelB-degorlbed reeulated rr*«- - ? ! *^ bounderie* of the 
possible cBrrlersrfSd ioie orjhi'tMr "^l" ?^"^" ^"'i i*- 
a„^lnst be,.o??ed or\^!^ ?*^' ^*"*" <iUart.ntiued 



ulok decline" of oltrue. 

Los ..ngeles 








sumr* u«g. Ho, 6 

Pag* 2 

^'Ino "iiwiij 

Cowaenolng et the j.olnt of Intersection of tti« o«nt«r 
lino of ortaaun ' 111 i<o« 1 anrt the oenter linm of >>«1- 
llBtiler jtoad, tbenoe running In h eaterly dlreetion 
ttlootj the o«nt«r line of islllseler V.oe.<i to the eenter 
lln« of .>urf«« Uotiiif thenoe rimailng in a southwesterlf 
alreotlon ttlonK the oenter line of 'urfee r.oetu to th« 
point of lt8 Int^rsootlon -Ith the center line of 
ri:>bon "oea, thenoe runi;ii<^ in a westerly direotlon 
nlont- ttie OMit«;r line of : iphon ho&u, ext«ua«d to tb« 
point of ita intersect ion with tJcte center line of uio 
Hondo, titenoe runniu«s '^lon^ the center line of Hio 
honao in t\ soutnvnptflriy ulrbotion to the point of its 
intf.rsection .-Ith thb center line of ^^aahelM-Tel•g^l;ph 
autxC, thenoe runiiin^: Hlong the OHnter line of Anaheine 
Telee^npii KOttU in f. (;outh«ustr-i-l]r uir«otion to the point 
of its inters f-ct ion with the o&iiter line of Norwalk 
ikmievard, thtsnoe running la a northerly ttnd nortiiesst- 
erly dimctlon blon^ the eunt«r line of i^orwelk Boule- 
vt.rd and its oontinu«tim into (v'orkaKm ^^11 Hoed to 
the point of ooiantenoeinent* 

^Tlan '■'■ ■j'l 

Coauenoine at the i^oint uf i&terseotlon of the east 
boundary line of Loe ngeles County i*ith the north line 
of TuH-nfehip 1 N.irth, thenoe running west »long s«iA 
north lino ■)f Townahip 1 Worth, to the point of its in- 
tersection w^.th the west line of :.>eotlon 2, Township 1 
North, .Uin^e 11 est, thenoe running south alone, the 
'ifBst line of • Fotiun 2 »nd its continuation throu^ the 
City of onroTiu to the point of its intersection with 
the oenter lli.e f Joothlli lioulevnrd, thence east (aon« 
the oenter line of foothill }>ouleTRrd to the oenter lin* 
of "(lyf lower -venue, ^nd thenoe running south blong the 
oonter line of .uyflowf.r .. venue to the point of its 
Inters^fOtlon v<lth the oenter lliifi of iAuirte I>riTO, 
thenoe running, in an easterly dlrootlon nlong the oen- 
ter line of iAiarte uriT« to the point of its interseo- 
tion with the oentnr line of Peok JriTe, thenoe running 
in a southerly 4ir«otion e.lon«; the oenter line of Peek 
.jrly^G to the point of its intt:;rHectlon with the oenter 
line of rozoonr* QouJeTnrii, thenoe runnings alon^ the oen- 
ter line of J-omone iiuuleTard in u aoutnenstf<riy, east- 
erly, <-Jid northoaaterly direction {luooessiToly to th« 
i>oint of its intersection with the north line of Toim- 
f>hip 2 outh, thunoe runnin^^ Hlon^ said line in ujx east- 
erly direction to the east bounUury line of Los ngeles 
County, thenoe runuing in a northerly dlreotlon t>loa< 
the eust boundtiry line of Los . ngeles County to ths 
point cf eonuaenceraent* 

.u»r. !.ey, ;,o, g 

Saa i*mt.rdluo County 

»•«• 3 

o* citrus. 

:itru. budwood .ad aolon. of ai «p..i., ^^ TarUtU, 

iToTialon 1 - 

f—^ — /^' ^"■^' myU'J;:-. Bi;i>i OOi; . j^d : GXqhS ;^R0. 

trees t^^^Tj^lV^"^ "'"'' '^ *»"* ^' **'^»« '«« 
poee K'hatHVer. '* refculat.d r,r»a8 for any pur- 


'^1* ■ t-Vt 


OF ::iTKi?f: .■gtr???i^^ 

ttx. director orCoBt'lB^^Joner I^s .«^L^**T° ^'^t^ ^**" '''•''•'- «' 
tiona pp.acrlbf'rt therein ^ «^coar„anca with tha oondi- 



m Violation o? or «:t fuliy%^'';wi°f ;JiJ ;1^^" ''(^latad araa. 

ur Uastroyad «t tha aption nJ axn^^ !? ti ***• "^^""^ ^' "^^^ 

,-«»wu .^ uu vjipenua 01 tLa v».ner ur ixtllaa. 

: t«te lant^M'^nUni 'TfliLB'r^Z^r "J ■^^l^^itur. a«* all 

Till a 

.u<.r,^tlna nm^ulHtUm ahnll t«ka affaot limaadlBtaly. 

culture, at«te of California 


A. A. roocK, DTU:CTa'; 


■ V .-■. .1 ^''i" ';^"^^^"?«'^^ r.orulation Mo. n relating; to "quick decline" of cjtrur ->rr. 
^'vrt-^n T^r^ ^^^ 'nthm or movinf; of citrus budwood cut within three rcfulatod 
:''!';.J'\^; ■■'"^'^'" ^'^'"'*-' ""-^ °"^' '•c.'.^'latrd ar.a in fJan bcrmrdino County, v.-Sch 

^:, K ^ ^^ V r *' ^^'''^^■•^"^' '^^1 pcrr.onr: -/ho cont.inpL-itc cuttinr or tal-inr cit- 
Stc^S^^'lt any' ti^e."" """" '""' ^^"-" '^^^^ ^" ^^"'^^ ^^ ^^^"^ «- -H:- 

QU/u:A-'Ti;rr; rj;c-iiiATio?i mo. 8 
Pcrtnininr to "Quick p. clint-" cf Citrus 
Fffi ctivc on urKl f.^tt r Fchru'.ry 1/., 194.5 

n H4o n. ??'^-:"' ''"" ^•■'°^' li-'i'" ^'^f'^ cU, U r!,.in( d by the Director of Arricvlturc that 
^?,^;':, •' ' i;>17fV''' ^^ ^itrun trr , ,", knov-n ar. "^uick dcclin.." of citrur, net rcn J- 
";^:--^V^'^"l r^ ^-'YT'"' ^"'^'-'^ ''^ °"'*''^" h,rcimftrr.d.<:.crlbrd 'reflated 
ri r- of *,'l; l.f'. '""" ^"^tr^.tcl aj-tlclcn herein dccribccl arc pos^ibl. car- 

.P"c." c^ ^^id dW^^'^^A ^iV" ff^:^^' necc..ary in cr^.r to prevent th., furhhcr 
;I^^ c • t;.:^ li "^-^^-^^^/n.^-'i" "t.;te in aceonlancc -./ith ttic provisions cf S, ction 30 
ane rcction 16 of the A.ricvltvr.a Code c^ the ,=:tatr of CUfernia, that ., qmr ntinc 

^^^■^^"T.^'^'''^::'^'^^^'''''' "* *"^ bcu^idurics or th, her'in-dc-scribcdSJ;! 
ttrt'^r ';t^^f":f^ ^'T^^ ?'^J^'' f'^^^^^'l^ carnern, .nd none of the things' 
1- r 1,. ni,. Ktincd .■ -^^mrt r-hall 1..^ trinrrortod or, moved fro., or v.-ithin s^i.' rcfa- 
- ■ ■■ ""' "+' ^"^'^•'■'' ■■■> ''•■■bj.ct to the follo'-inr provisions: 

DIP- :. 

"'■!uick r'i clhv 

o'" citms 

Lor An;; . le s Coiuity 

?'^^r:/irV'^. ^i*; ^^'f ^^^^'-^ "f th. intcrscctio" of the center line of Hunt- 
1 ,_ ten Dr. v. itp th, center line of Bald-..ln Av.nuo, thence runninf in a v^cGterlv 
direction aonr th<. center line of Ihmtiv-ton Drive 'to the point of ?s interne ci^ 
*irrctien 'o "f '";' ^'/''"" ''"'^"'"^- ^'--^-^--^ th,nce running in a southerly 
I'Z^^ ,:! '11' r"^;f ^^"^ "^ ■'^'■"■^ ^'■^^^^■^'■^ lU-ulevr.rd to the point of its intf-- 

...cticn ..1th tlK center line of Lonrdcn Avenue, thenoe runiiiiic easterly aloiiR the' 
^7t^ •'''/'^ K^ngden Avenue to the point of its int. rscction -ith^ thf cen'L Unc 

f^l'^; in Avenue, tnencc runnlnr alonr' t}ie center line of Baldvin Avenue in a 
northerly riir. ction bo th. point of coiimnceraent. 

CcTV'aencins at th. point of iiitersecticn of the center lint of Workmn Jill Road and 
tlK center lin. oi rellir.sUr I>o.'.d, th. nee runninf in -. ■.•, st.rly d-roction nlo!«. 
Y center lin. c< Paiis.-.ieriaad to th. center line of Durfco Rc^ , , thence run- 
ning m a ronth.-vst rly rlirection alonr the center linr o^ Durfee Kcvad 'to the 

itr int.rr.cction!. tit ccntrr line of rfn ■ ? ^•'^' cxtmcicc' to the point of 
v.'ith the center line of A-.nL ™ t i ^^^'-ct-o" to the: point of its^ intern ction 

intersection vdth the cent r 11 nr ''/^''^^^^f'l^^y 'direction to tlic noint of it. 
crly and northc..t!Sy""5cctiS".lon^ tV^ofr^'T-""' ^'^"°^ ^^^^^ ^^^ ^ ^°^^^- 
it. continuation into^.o^le^rHill^;^,*;^ thrSi^ror^co^^^^e^t'^^^^ ^"'^ 

crtrs?hih?noS"L:f of ToSiri^^oSs ^?r ^^°^^^^ ''- - ^^ --^- 

nort!, line or To-.mnliin 1 Hortli to S? .a^nf .'- thence rt^ v;e,-:t :.lon, 
lin. of Section 2, To.^.h p l \'orth P .'"c n V «t ,"-^"'^^-*^°" ^^i^^ t'^c n,,st 
•■e-t line of Geotion 2 ane it- rnn+/J;-.+ - .u / ^""'='- ^™^i'V, south iUcnf tlio 
point of it. intoroectioS'v^lth thf cSr'v eT^'Fo^'f.??^ '' "-"^^via to the 
alone tho center line of Foothll r. L T 1 .: Foothill rcv.Vvr.r'', t.'.cnce ear:t 
.nC thence r^mnin, .oX Son^ So '^e ^^li^: oM^f ' 'T °' ^^^'^^^"'^^ '^^ ' 
Its intorr.ection uith tl,o cenLor ll'e of D, "L n '/f,! 7"' ^'^'^''"^ *° *^« ^^^"^^ "^^ 
ly direction alonr the center lino o? Dv.rtf^i^.T.^l'""". T""'^"^ '" ^^'"' ^^•^*«^- 
•.■ii!i the center line of Pecv Dr^ve 1',^,^^! . .° ^'^'^ ''°^"^ °^ i^"' intersection 
the center line of Peck Drive to the oint ^^-f"^/" ^ c-o-.thcrly direction alon;. 
of Ponom Borlevar.1, thenccTvnnin .loi the L't i -''"'r^^ ''"' ^'"^ ""^^^ ^^'^^ 
southeasterly, easterly, and northen -orU : • ^^'^ ^^"'^ ""^ ^''"^"^ Ic-levard. in a 

it. intersection vifch l\o nor^lin ' orS^-hl^^'So^S'th'"^-' '' ''" ^^"^ °^ 
lane in an cf.ntorly direction to t'lo „i„+ i i " :;^ *"' ^'I'^nce ruaiin- alonr- a'.id 
t:.-ncc rvn..inr in I nonh< rly cUrectlon ]or"f'"' ''f , """ ^= ^^'"^^^^^ C°^^^3' 
County to tI,o point of conr.u ncc'rnt. " ' *" ''''* ^^"™^-^^:' ^^^^^ ^^ Lc.-'t.elc3 

>in Dcrnai-dino Coi.'nt->.' 

t ■ >LiJi'!J"i). Aj jr re ITS 

Citrv.". bii'V/ood lviv" 

rcion;- o" all ^;^fccies mr" varieties of 


Prov^nion 1 - fio^-EK:QF cig-jT, r gr-wi,.:^ _^3;p;:.jTa:iniTO 

rc:ulated ^r£TZ^'":^U:^r ^'"'J "^ "'^ °^ '^-'^^ "r^ ^cs .^thln the 
ulated are., ^o^ a:;^ [i:;;"^ iSer!' " " ' "'' '^ =^°"^' '^°^' "'^ ^^^^'-^ «S rc£- 

Provu-ion 2 - I'lq rn^TCKVm^y^jejiovrnTT OF Cl^-rr -nrrS- 5'^ 

m^-r.- nto°.^?;^r:r:Shirt£'^retS^St::;-^"-^'^'^^^ °^ ^^tn. 

•hen mcior hold order of tie D rector ^^Con^?'"' ^ '""'^^ •'^'"■' "^*^'^ ''^^^'•^^^^' ^to<=l^ 
the ...,ricx..ltvral Ccx^e of CaUfornJa ,nd S V'eS ""'"' ^' T'""''''"' ^=^ '"'^^^^o" ^^^ of 
r-hall be nowd only in accor,VnKc i- th . • ""' '"'^ "*"'^" "^^^^^ ^^<^''- 

in tM. .^J :;lSe or:h:^:;';;SMrri;'^^^-^-^- «-ivin, at anv .oint 
■ith the ^rovirion. of thl. re'uinion ^^ i/v ^'"l'-'!^^" of or not f,aiy cor.nJMng 
or or dctro.. at tho^op;i:;°:;^-;::;^nS oJ^^tSl^L^S^^S^r ''' ''^^"^ 

Plant Cllur^ino-V-^c;. arc wS^^'p'overerT'"'' »' '^''•'^•^^^^ ^"d all State 
i-rr.vlation. ■ '• ■ ^^^^oi'orcr to enforce all the nrovlr.ionr, of ti,is 

Thin ,l^^v.ntin. I e,..lation nh,-.n t.-e effect in x:diaoel.. 

- -5 Dxrector, of A^ricvltvro, State, of California 


A. A. Li.ocK, Dnj:c'ra; 


QU^u AiiTiiffi };r:GniATioii no. 8 

I'.ra-onucraiy note 

Thi:; Qiirirantiiir i.i'f illation !!o. T rclal-inf; to "luick decline" of citnxr -prn- 
hibit.'j tilt ci'ttinp --'ithin orj;iovinf; of citmc burlvjoocl cut within tlircc rrfiilatod 
ai'C.i;-; in Lot: anfolcs County and one rcfjiilatod area in San Bernardino County, v.-hich 
ccnr,t;'tutc; the pr<r.r,nt kno Ti area;: •./here thin diccacc occurs. Citruc bud-ood is a 
prcbfiblt: carri>.r of thr dincaric. All ]xrnonr. -./ho contcmpLitt cuttinp or taking cit- 
ru' bud'rood for futiu'c urc arc arivi.iic d to obtain it an fir ripovcd as pccnib^-c fron 
thi- rcfulatcd arcr. ?''or tht. re arson that ciurvcys nov; in profrcrr; may oxtrnd the rcpu- 
latcd arcau at any time. 

QiliirA-'TIME Iili/UIATI0:J liO. 8 

Pcrtaininr to ".)uick Dccllnr" cf Citrurj 

l''rf(ctivf. on and ;. "tcr Fcbruiry 1/^, 1945 

'T.ErrA'^., T'k fact har been dttiriiintd by the Director of Af,rlcuHurc that 
-i dim anc Iniuxionr. to citmjr. trfcr., kno'..Ti a;: "rjuicl: dtrlinc" of citrur, net fcncr- 
ally dlr;tribut(.d in CJiCornia, cxictr in certain htrcimftcr-rtcscribrd rofrlatcd 
artar- in t'lir; aUitc, and Wk; rt ntrict/d articles herein dcacribc:d arc possible car- 
ri'.r-. ff r Li(' diniacc; 

X'0>;, T:n-3:EF01-(i:, it Is^ d( clnrcd ntcccisary in cr.'ir to prc-,-r,nt thr further 
fiprcad of ? id dint vst. in t'.>in nt,t'; in acrrrdancc \;ith tlic provisionp of St. ction 30 
and Si qtJ.on 16 of t\u Ai'ricvltvr.-l Cede r-f tlic State of C.iTifrrnia, tlirt x quL.r ntinc 
t: ^.n'i the r.!m<. ir li. rrby (.r.tablii-hcri at th.c boundaries of the hcrein-dc neribc.d rc[,u- 
iTitcd arc.'ir crainnt n. id dinranc aiii' po:;f-iblc carric.r;3,' ind nom. of the thingo 
h. Tf in qua'- .ntincd a' r.inr-t rh.iU }n. trAnrportcd or Moved fro-n or rrithin said rej;:ii.- 
'''*'"■ ■:■■•■:• • rr-i r,t trndcr and nv-bji ct to th( folloi'lnf provisions: 

l.i.-:__ ;.: " '-uch decline'" of citrur. 

irPMl^Tip /rrAS; 

Lo£: Anr v L. r County 

Com! .! acing at tin r.outh-i.nt corner of thi inti rnc etion of the center line of Hunt- 
ington Drivt. ■ith tli; center lini of Avenue, thence running in a westerly 
direction alonf: the. cr^nter line O'" nunti-v;ton Drive to the point of its intersec- 
tion v'ith the center line of Can (iabrie;! Forlevard, thi nee rvmninp in a r-outherly 
direction alonf the cenitcr line of Ca.n Gabrle-l Boulfvu-el to the point of itn intcr- 
r.coticn '..•ith the center line of Lonpden Avenue, th'nce. runjii'ig easterly along the 
center liiu". of I/3n£;dc.n Avenue to the point of itr; int- racction -'ith tin cen'-er lino 
of P'lld'dn Avenue, thence runninf; alonf; the center line- of Bal'l-.'in Av<.nt)e in a 
northe.rly direction to the point of cormenccment, 

Com'in ncing at the point of inters.ection of the center line of WorkiTian lill Road and 
til. center line c ' Pe llinnier Koad, thence runninr in a -.'i stcrly direction along 
t!K center lint of Pellisr.ier T'oad to the center line cf Durfec Road, thence run- 
■-.Inf^ in a r.cntlr-: r.t' rly direction alonp the center lin< c" Durfce I\oad to the 

^ir.t of it. lnt.r:.rt.lunniih tlu c nt . lim «' ^i^J^on Tcx.^ thence i^'iu^nr in a 
•^.tcrly direction alone the ccnt.r lin. of Smhon 1 mr^ c,xtr,vic<^ to the Pf i^t of 
its intersection v.dth the center line of Tio :em\o, thence nmninr alonf. ^m"'^''^ 
line of Rio Hondo in a .ovthv,c.terly eir<,ction to the polntef it. inJf^---^^^°" ' 
vdth the center line of Anaheim-Telerraph Pa-.e, tliencc runninc alonf tne center 
line of Anahf im-Telerraph Roae in a (southeasterly direction to th.c ^?^^rit o. ±t^ 
intcrnection vath the cc:nte.r linr, of ner.'c.l!c-3ovlc:vard., thence runniii^^ in a nortn- 
c-ly ■anc-'. northe.ctr rly direction along the center line of rior.rar: Bovlevard anc. 
xtr. continuition into v.'orlcnan Hill Road to the point of eon ^ncenent. 

Commcncinp, at the point of intnrr^ection of the car.t hoiire'.-.ry line ci Los An-clcs 
Coimtv •vith the north line of To-.-nship 1 Ilorth, thence n'nninc nent -^lon, S'-ic. 
norti;iine of To->mr,hip 1 North, to the ooint o" itn inttrscctlon >dth the m st 
line of Section 2, Tovni^hip 1 North, Ran.-e 11 "est, thence n'Jininf, sor.uh alcnf the 
•"•e-t l^ne of fection 2 anc^ its continvation throvrh the City of Monrovia to Ue 
-^oi-t cr itr, intersection '.;ith the center line o.r Foothill Tor^cvar' , t.^cnceeart 
alone the center line of Foothill BcrTevard. to the center line of '^yflo-er ^-vpm'.e, 
an'' thenco rtmiiinp r-orth alonf the center line rf tlayfloner /.venue to the loini cf 
itr. intersection idth the center line of Drrrte Drive, thence nmnint in an easter- 
Iv direction alonf- the center lino ef Di'arte D-ive to the -^^oint o:^ it- intersection 
•ith tiic center line of Peck Drive, thence ruiiiiine in a southerly direction^along 
the center line of Peck Drive to the ^loint of its intersection irith t,ie cenocr line 
of Pomona Bovlevard, thence' rvmninr alon[ the center lino of Pomona Do-levarc^^in^a 
Gcuthea-.terly, easterly, and northeai^terly direction nv.ccespively to tae poino oi 
it-, intersection v,ll->. the north line oT To-mnhrp 2 Sorth, thence ninnin' alonf said 
line in an easterly direction to the oant boundary line ei Lon ..npcles County, 
thence runiiinr in a northerly direction alonr; the east boundary line of Lcr. ..i-clea 
County to t'ne point of conmencevu nt, 

San 3<.rnar-dlno Coimty 
;-.ll of Tovnishin 1 South, Kanfc 8 'lost, and -"'o-mnhip 1 :'orth, Panrc 2 t^cst, S.r..D. 
B. ".:;., lyin,- in S^u Reriirr'ir.o Ceunty. 

pi.TiTicTrp Ai-Jjcirr^ 

Citrv;-. bivh;oo<i n\v scio.i.- o^ .ill s;x!ciGr. anf' varieties 07" citn-n. 

Provision 1 - im.'SU.S^PJ^l^.^TC'^^^-^-^^^^'^^'^^^^^- 

Fo citrus budjocd or scions shall be ci'.t or V.?-.en "rom trees -ithin tie 
rerulatcd arean, and no such budnood or scieis s'.p.n be noved frrai or vrithin the ref 
ulatcd areas for any purpose wlmtcvcr. 

Prevision 2 - mm'^Jsm^'F,sir.i^^Tyi 91 cT<^c^.msR:'~3:iQCY^ 

i'o rrstrictienr. arc placed by re-vlation upon the novcv.ent of citiys 

■cr- stod; from or "dthin the rcculf-.tcd areas, e "cc'^t such citrus nursery stock 
[1 under hold order of the Director or Coiinissiencr, as provided in Section 128 of 
/•Tirultvral Cede of California, and in such case, such citnrs nursery stoc: 

■ hen 

shall be r;cvcd only in accordance Ith the con^'itions prescribed therein. 
piSPCCJTIpi'l. OF VIOL - 7.0 'S 

Any and all lots or shipnents of restricted articles arriving; at any point 
in this state oi'tsi'^e of the rcfulatod. areas in violation of or not fully co.roljdng 
■•ith' tile rirovisions of this re.'ulation, s''c.ll be inncdiatcly returned to the ncint 
cf orifin or dertrojad at the option and e-pense of the o'tot or br.ilcc. 

.JJ?''CP\CIJ'f.PO'. 7:1:5 All deputies of the Director of Afric-lturc an-:' all State 
Plant Qua'- ^'ntinc Of'\tccrs are hcrcb- ervowvered tc enforce all the provisions of this 


Th-is '>Ui.i'. -ntine T enaition slv 11 t-'x effect iri_jdiatcly, 

;■- , A, Bl-OCK 
If/MED 2-lA-/^5 Director, Desoartient of Africi'lturc, State of California 


sac:rami;nT() 14 

Inter-Departmental Communication 


:,,rr-t-.rv 0*' iitrtp 

To: ?f it" ?"■ u^i 

From: Department of Agriculture 

File No. 

Date: '-vvch f. 


•;re thr«& copies of (^'arantine Rpf^jlatlon 

No. ?; (Rpvlf.i.d). P-rtfi<n1n/^ to "'^lok Dpci1n(»" 

of Cltnia, Effective on an(i aft»r T-^-Krr-v 


^-^tA^-fi^- v-*;: /" 


Wm. H Crrnv»<= 


"I slijiiHtl CO y 

Acconn*- 'np- Cf' 


' nilmpo CO'^loP 






Office of the Director 




Separtmintt uf JVgrrruItnrc 

<iUAJU]JTI!;K liVMULkTlvll WO. 8 (H«vlao<l) 
Pertfainliv. to "^ulck 'J©oli:i«« of Citing 
Effeotiv* on arid ul'tor February 27, 1945 

-iS, '13 » fact J5U0 been 

or Aurlcuituro « a disoaso 


d«to:';an6a by Uie Direotor 
tu olLrua trmma, known 

^.oatlolo cur.'jLv.ra ..i atiiu cia«aaftj 


anting be a;>a ?: u auf» i/'^r.^^ei '° tablLw"'?*'?- "^'^^ * **'"'- 
a4ul its ...B.ible ca;^!l^3^a.^^;^,^!^^t!^ tv^^f •"■^'' ''v""» 

^roSi^ii^it''^'' '^''""'' '''''^' ^'^•''^ *^^'^' -^'•^? tr-^.ri:iiSi?,^ 


Los ,v.)./iic£, ^;a_. ;-0:-iarui,,o auo .;)ratc;o Co<wUga. 

alo, ..tluiitlc .-■OTa^vurfl to lig li.toracct .en 
.•.-U4.ovtti'=.; t},e..oa ii» a :icutliaaatt,z-i' 
^:m.:.Vttrd to Its Intoraecllcn %viu 


in raii<3e 

point wjiope its 

. uiractlon ulong 

t2.ejice uaet uIom^. ux Palija Avanuo to «ia 
oxtcncl'^n .litornootc tl* Ott! ta .Va ;lvorj 


tlience in a nortloaetorl., Uli-ectlun alone tlie Sai.t* An* nivmr 
to tl;* i'uL.t wiioru. It l;itcroocta tiie Saii -l*!'. .arCiiW) County 11j>«; 
t:i€j:ico ulofiij sol'.. iJu:. e.' uro.lao Cuunt^f bouiidai':/ In a north- 
metorl-j ujK nv.rthoi'1:' Olroctl^n to tho int^rBeotlcn of th« 
San ;ier;;ardino C^uiit„ 11; .« vXfu tiio jaalii lli-^e ol' the Southern 
Paciric .allwuj-; thoiiCw iu urn euotoi'ly Ulrootlon alone Ui« 
Suut .em 5'ttclilo iuttilway .:aln iliio In San 15ori*rdi.'»o Couiity 
to Its iiitoroeoti-Jii wltli itllllcoii Avonuej t}*i;ce :i.,rth along 
l'.llik«n Aveiawi u—u Its «xto:.jlv-n to tx* .iv^rthci'ji boundar;. of 
Ivwiiolilp i, l(0'.-t: ; U.enc© west ala..; tho u<>i'tho:'a boiJUioary of 
Township 1, iUa'tii, to ti.B ,>olat oi" b«iiirinlj\, at tlie eaat«m 
'..i-ixixlarj .:' Los /u^i^oluo County • 





Cora^vci.cliic ttt tiio .'.nfcoi'accclon oi' UestKla Itoiilevaini ar^ti Vanowon 
fitroot; t)i«i.'ico s."atL alo:i ..eo©<lz». ;«julevartl tuKi lea extotisiun 
tc •uUi./llorid i;:'lv« ; t.cice l.i u xrcateriy dirtiOtlon oloijfi 
•ftili.oXloiid J>x*lva tc ropu;<:a Ctui;- :i A-ulovai-;} ti«no« noptJi along 
•l'oi>ai\;.a Caayoi; .<.ul«vara tv, Vuziowan 3tr«et; ca«t en 
Vui.owoii atraot to its :.;itaro6ctloi with ; oaada -v^ulavapo., tho 
i>ol:.t ,f bo,':li>.-.lri. • 

Cor.iu3r.ciHt:; at t!.© li;t«rBect.: tr. ci ^eccda .<k.ulovard and Davoushlx^ 
Sfcract; t,ho;.c« &uulh ;n i.feaadu .x;ulovurd to .;« r^oulavards 
t..o.!c© wcot .n .suuoco rk,ulevard to Deaoto Avot'**«; thence north 
on l«EOtc 
.ytreet- ... 

.'er.'Oie tc Dovuusiilrc .'trastj ti.otioo oast uii I.ovor.olvlro 


il vara, tiite volnt of bOijinnli^. 

(4). I ff n;\ ^t'loa C.-iu^t: . 

Cc-.jfionol:x; at tl« iiitoraectlcn >.»f ■:*Oi>ulvoda ->.ulovar<'. osA Davoivohlro 
Street} ti^noe woet alo:;, .ov.mal.lra Straat t Z.ol«Ah Avonu«) 
tl.otice rjurth ju ^.^laali A.^cnuo arwl its ©xtonsion tc tl;o north 
b^u;.auT',. ■>f 'ol^f. .iuiuihc . >. I'.'.arl.jn u« Sim /.•'o:iia:i'''.oj t);orico north- 
«aot ulOM calU li.rth Iroundai'; of lajicho l.jt .'laslon tlo 3ttr. Fonia^.do 
to Ita '.;;tara«0l-lc.r. wit. oai. ;e:.iia:.'io oaJ; l-Lcrco Bout: eaataraj 
aloiv.: Ha;* lor.xujuo ,i.jac; tc ita lu.orfloctl>u \ilth Sopulvada :<oulavard| 

tl-oDce OwUtJiouota:'!^ uitd avutl. ulon^^ SOi'UlvoCla vlV.1 i^vonshliHS "treet, tt\» point 

oultivard to Ita 
of boj,liu»lno"» 


'■:iv. i'i;.'.(i6 C uiity. 

All of 3cOtls,;>a J, 10, IS, 10, IJl arid 22 In TownaJilp 3, South, 


ilveralde Cuuntv. 

All of Gectlo a 7, 0, 3, 16, 17, 10, 19, 20 and 21 in Towiahlp 2, 
5 uth, UUiiijo 4, <?8t, r.«,.t»3. f. !a« 

" • """" •■ '■ " ■ - — — — ~. jt. 

All of S«c^loii3 i^, 5. 4 1 n TJ i>t 1 

■ • I II '"I \m II wi^h 

areas, exoopt LSh oiL;;ruf«.iex.^;t,f-:^. °^' *^?»i" «« pS^ulated 


\l .UT"..;.-i 

ftll d« u'leB f il'e Director of Aj.i'lCttltUP* R'-^d oil 

all tl.ev i.rc.vl8io!iB cT tl.lfc ro/,ulfitloii. 

liilo .,^rax»t;.U»« ^o :ulatl.>n No. a (revised) euporstde* 
ta-Q orfuet 1 . ctiluielS'* 

or i^i'loult.«j?«, pt.«t« -r callftiiTSla 


TPebrunry 27. 194 5 

uKPi.xiT:'.Li;T OF ^LG:aCIJLTUi;E 
H. iv. hliOa:, DIHl.CTOR 

^:i,UA:i)'UiT i r: B :'<ec .u] .ation i ic . 8 ( revisld) 


INTRCjITeTrRY IJOTE ■."jiurant.lne :<cr;uiat.icii K'o, B (Ri^viced), relating to 
"quick ipc'iir.o" nf t:3t.rur. , prohibits thr outtin;': within or r.ovin;? of 
c'itrua budvjoofl cut v;ithin the rRCuioted ureas- in Lor Auceles, Orange, 
r.lvpr?ide, and Can Bernardino count ier?, excei-^t under pcr^iit of ttie 
l.:r<:'?tijr of Af-riculturo. All persons v/ho c'ontemplute nutting or tak- 

a re n ; 

ini? citrus bud\;ood in any of the four countien; icentionod are advised 
to contact th«ir Ccunty A,n:r 1 r-uiturol CormiKsioner as to the rpg:ulnted 
r;d to df'tprr.lne -..hP'thi-r a pprnit ip nec^rsary for the cuttin.-j 
bu'1-vood . 

QUiwHillTINi;, R'.dUjA'nON NO. ^ ( REVIt;' .D ) 

I'crtainin;' to "Quick Jk-cline" .f Citrur. 

iifffctive on ana aftt-r j-obruary •"'?, 1''>U'> 

'lilXiUud. , Thf^- I'aot has bfon deterninod by the :Jirector of 
^t'fi'^'-iiture tliat a in.iurioij:;. to citrus tr*;t'r>, knowri as "quick 
do-^lin";" of TJtru;.-., not renerully uistributeci in California, exists in 
certain hereinafter-deicri bed rcGulated areaslin this state, and the 
rertricted articlf^i.; nercin dercrib<:'d are possible carriers cf said 
li cease; 

lit'./, 'nii,i<Li''ciiil., It 1.'! dfr;]ared necefi.sary in order to prevent 
the further spread of ;;uid disease in this state in accordance with 
":.- rr'jvisicns of Section 'tO and bectir.n l6 cf the Agricultural Code 
■;f the btute of California, that a quarantine be and tlie sarie is here- 
by established at ttie boundaries of the horein-iescribed ret^ulated 
areas areinst said disease and its possible carriers, and none of the 
things hert:in quarantined a,'-'ainst stiall be transported (.r m.^ved frcrc 
or Vi^Jthln said ref'ulated areas oxcoTit und^-r and subject to the.follow- 
: rr -^r" vi sioiis: 

uick df-<;liiif 

if citrus. 

:i}'j)v:jjiU: ,.:u.j 




.San Jernardino and Grange Counties 

Con.:'- ncin,- .it tj^.: irit^Tsect i; n of the rastern bo'ii. iary of L:'S ^Vn^eles 
Cf unty an 1 th'> north boundary oV Tu'.vnship 1, ^Ipr'^, San Dcriiardino 
Pastline; th.-'nce west alon^r said north boundary of Tovmrhip 1, Morth, 
to the point where a north e.\tcnslcn of . Los. Hyblus Avt^nue itittrsHcts 
-ai-i r.ortn boundary of Townrhir 1, North; thence south, alon^:^ the exr 
t-'..F\-:. --f Los Uobles ^.v; nut; and a]o!..- Los Roblos Avenue to «.tlantic 
i:c ; thence pouth^riy a] oar, i^tlantic Boulevard to its intor- 
Sfecticn ..ith Firestone Boulevard; thence in a isoutheasterly direction 


?■.-'- ? 




■11 j 

•r-fc- County; th^lnl^tllol^l^W''' '''''^' ^■'-' ^^''^^"'^ ^^""'^^ 
tension thf ^.C^J^^a^ K^.'T;^'"" '" "^"^^ P°^^'^ ^*'^^- 
^■ ..i,c .A.UU. ..i.t. :<,v.r to the point whfrc it inter- 


• .Mil 

• '"' '"bounty lin 

Ui. nco txlonff. f^aid Gar. Etrrua-aino 
na nortiierly air' ction tc thv in- 


ly [.''Ujulur/ iii 

>-iorn Preirie Hbilw.-.y t^enco in n 1" f ^'•.*^'- ""in line cf , 

i--rn Paoirie i^a.llvvav -lainStn in c '^r^''^-^ ciirection along the; 
■rs^. ction with Kiliken J n... t , ''^ ^-riv.rdiuo Ccunty to its 
itr. .n,nsion t. tL nort n ^ ""i" "'''^^" '.long I.Iiiiken ,iv.nue 
-long the nc^t;ur^bou^aar^o^Town'Jlf/T"?J^^^ "^^^^' ^^^^^^ 

: '" ) . i,o 

o^ i^^K* l»'!i Cjjunty. 

ing at tho int. 



- JiUfV 


•tion or R, 


; I'u 


--ua b.n.l..vnrd unci itn .xt. nsion to ulhSurid^^^ 

thoncc nort! 
St on 
!>-^in;, , r b. rinnin,". 


int> rr;'>:cticn with 



■ in.' at the int( re.-otion 
trK.iicH nouth on .( 
.<:.scoh Hou](-;vara 

• -.vonphiru, , t; 

^ pi dor.edn Bt^ulc.^r.rd and Devor^Mr 
f.raa .■x)ul..vard to Ro^coc. B-ul,vard- th no - 
t.o Lesoto ..vr-nue; th; rijct north ' " 

ti.. lie.) caEt 
•"i nnirij.]. 

on Uesotc 

on Devonahiro Strret to" Reseda 

'/e - 





Ltr .-. 

r.: rtl 

■ ■: : -c r. 

bo 'J a d; 

San 1-. 

i ' f , .. 

^.ry of i^H;o;:c" x'-i . :\;S' ;^° = .,^^.:^j;; "°f i^--t ^long .aid nLth^ 

< rri'.ndc ;«l.; :1 • ti , ri-o s^ t h , t ^/i'^indo to it.-, iiit^rst ction wHh 

^^ nion With':, pu VM^ab'ai:;':. dM""?^ ^^n F.rnando Road to'its 

-.^'.pulv.da b.ui.vajM to i ';:;..;•': '^?"^h.;ast. ny and south 

'int of bcr^innint'. ^'^^' ^ - ct ion . ith i.r T^onr^hiro street, 


• i-_County. 

3, .--oath, R'.nt 


Pare 3 
( '^ ) . stiver i:Sjli^c_ount y. 

^outh, uunro u, .iorx[ l.'b.B.' ^ /'. ' ^^' ^° '^"^ ^1 in Township 2, 
( 7 ) . Hive£Ei_d e_Co Uii t y . 

^outh, ,iun,:r^;3, .'i-.^.t,' s! b/d/,?'!:^^ ' ^'" ^- °"^' "^^ i" Township 3, 

'vi 1 of £P0t. iotic; ">! Or 1 -1/- 

^^n orcectionc ll,' 2cr2l,'3o "bM^^S^ ^'.f^^^^ ij-^^e 4. West, .nd 

orth Sangr 3, '.V:.!., and nil nv ^-LJ^' ^^.' ^^' ^"'l 35 In Townshir 1 
iov-nciap 1. south, :^an,eS: ies[;t:3!B?\'M.'' "' '' '' ^^'^ ^^ ^^ 

Citru:-. budv;ood and poinr.o „f. ,,,, 

na ...101... of nil .species nnd varieties of 


v.-lthin the^^Jul'^/r'^r^"' "^,^«i"''=^^ ^-^'.''H be cut or U^en fr.n. . 
moved fro. or'wUh n ^h^'rerluat^S ""' '^"'"°°^^ ^^ scions "hfrrbe"''' 
^^Pt under p.rnit of to Srctor Hn^r^^T/^"^- ^"^'^^^^ whatjier' ex- 
T .n the county in .hich the'bui l^arcedocnl'l '° ''" ^omrP.1.4i^;;. 

-ovi3ion . - I^-^ICno^^,,,,^^ 

-"^■■'••^ oniy in v.-l tl u'/ !^^n nt f nurrery stock shall be 

i^J. tht. .onditions nr«scribed tierdn 

DI^rOLinoi^ jiKjg_oi^Q^^ 

in^ at any1:iinfin'ijr^,:[/;^;[':^;r;;^^ or restricted articles arriv- 
;;"f'.°^^^ not fully comr-lyin^ iltn th l^' r.^alat.a areas in vio- 
f^-11 ce iimediately returned to tt ^hc provisions of this rf-irulation 
th. option and .xpcL./o?"?he o^i^er^rJailee/''^"' "" destroJ^d'^J'^'^' 

-^co^t ^-..-^ntin/cf-I^.^s are h;ir^h?°'' ^'^ -^riculture and all stato 
visicna Of tnis rw^ulaUonr "^'"^ ^^^powered to .nforc. an the pro- 


o. .'! l!iuvi«ta) 

Page 4 



i\r"t'u.lution No 
'\ry difitcl V. 

lur.ntuit, K.f'ulution lio. f? (Hevist-d) Eup.,r.s..d 

les Quar- 

., ir,r,UKd February I4 , 19^^ 5, eind Phall takt-, ef 

A . Drc 


Cic, ■Jirf:ctcr, Dtj-oart- 

n( nt of Agriculturf;, Stat-^ ff 
■ Culii'orn-ia 

i'Vbruary ,'7, l^u-'j 

:jEr..HTr.huT Or ..GklCuLTUKE 



This .Quarantine ;<prulaticn Ho. « ( Revi ced ),_ relating to 
"quick decline" of citrus, prohibits the outtinp within or 'f^in^ of 
^Hru.- ^ud-.jocd cut v/ithin thn regulated nrc^uf^ m Lor Anf.eles _Oran^e, 
Rivpr-lde, and San Bernardino oountieG, except under permit ut the . 
Director of upriculturo. All perronr, v;ho contemplate cutting or tak- 
inp^itrur budwood in nny of the four counties mentioned are advised 
to contact their County A.'^ri cultural Comissioner afi to the retmlnted 
areas tmd to detrrr.ine Mipth.r u pornlt !r neoersary for thp cuttln.^ 
-f FU^fi Viurvonii. 

':u..:uJ:T:iii: Ri.auiAnoM i;o. ^ .(REv:h:'.i;) 

Pertaining to "Quick Decline" i;.f Citrur. 
jifff.ctive on and Rftf'r Kobruiiry -7, l'^U5> 

■;/i a: it! ...-., Tl.'^ fMct han bee 
j^.--ri'"ui ture that h ilii'eatic injuriou 
iecline" of citruL;, not generally a 
"ertain hereinafter-dctcr't bed regul 
restricted articl'-r i.f-rc in derfril)*' 

n determined by the Oirector of 
:: to citru;; tree;-, knuwn as "quick 
istri bated in California, exists in 
ated areas in this state, and 'the 
a are possible carriers of said 

new, 'HiiKLFOiiL , It i:.- dec 
tr.f^ further spread of ;^aid disear.r 
• .. : revisions of opction ui and u-. 

: • :.e State of California, that a 
Ly established at the boundaries of 
areas arainst said disease and its 
things !iert-:in qaar»..nti ned .against s 
•r ./Ithin said rr-culat^.d arf-as exce 
L.'ig provisions: 

::Ic:.v..::K: "tiuick d.-cll!.t" 'if citru; 

lared necessary in order to prevent 
in this Stat': in accordance with 
ctiori 16 of tlip Af-^ricultural Code 
quarantine be and the sane is here- 

the herein-detcribed regulated 
possible -carriers, and none of- the 
l.all be trans-iort'^d cr moved from 
rjt under and subject to the follov;- 






iH'mardlno and Or;in,'>- Counties 

'-^r,^^^ I'cinj- .it t.h'- irt-rst'^tion of the nasterni bo'ii.'iary of Los ..n^eles 

■•unty ani' th-: north, boundary of Tcvmship 1, MorM, , ;Jan , ptrnardino 

• --eline- th'-nc; w(-st alonp, said north toandaj-y o.f I'Qvmrhip i, ilofth, 

-'tt»'p^tnt where a north extonsicn of Los I?[jblos Avenue int^rs^cts 

-H north boundary of Township 1, North; tht lice south tilone the ex- 


-.^ -•<> 1 

Los Kobles x.venue and alont.: Los Robles ..venue 'to Atlantic! 

-ulftvard; thency^soatherly alonr> i.tlantio Boulevard to its ihter_ 
■ rf}.'.r. ..ith Fir- stone Loultvard; thenre in ai southeasterly direction 

■ ir, lit 

:u vis. d 

Pfif-re 2 

It. . tension int, rn<ctK the- 'f^n?-?^-,, f?^'''" -venue, to the point wh^re 

*- rstctioii cf tiic- 

■ '--It 'K rn I : 

• "f" rn i\:,,'ii-i,. u;,ilvv,-u'''r,in"iT, '"'."",; "^i-eriy direction alonr th« 

^nt.r..ctiun with H 1 ken :iVi ti" ''''" ^-^"'^rdlno Cc.nty to^t 


fh »ni ^ ^"'^"''^ ""^^^^ it"inter- 
northv;,-; t^rly , nj or? ''^""^',^^«id San Bernardino 

-'•-• '-ilwny ...,.in lin. in GaM!"^^'^ direction 

nortji Llon^' riliken 7iV5nu, 


ij:ty. ncin.- ut the int 
■ '' ■ ■outh hionc ii'. 

'I's. Ttion of H(..; 

.uu ,B'Ju,l •..varti 

'da iM^iU'VPrd ■^nruT/vr'''''-""'^ Vanow^n Stre..t; 


■ •'otilevat 

♦■rpfit; tl 

Topnn^a Canyon Ik^l^-v^ to'^Van- 

—-2:. Hi^^iiJLi' ' 


n/" r.t. 
tht ric 


JM ■ r. 

'«>vurci to U'noto 
•vonshir^ iitr, ct; th- i 
''■i, th.; roint n 

iJtulcvard to R.uscof. 

C'- ..-aet 

and Dev^.i..:.'.ij.,. 
B"ul,.-vard: thonf<i 
..y.nue^ thfnc north on l^Unto 
on Devonshire. 3tr-et t 

o HuEeda 

(■ /. ) 



^tr-..trt;";:-. "^^;:;;^^:;,;r,i:'-J-da ...... vara and D-vonahir. 

• ": '^^--'-ic .-tc- j; t,i.,,nco sout»u'„.f ,/i 1 ^^ ■^^••^ iJ't«:rs«-ction w'th 

mt. r.-ction mth\. j.ulv^jrb'ui ;;':.' ^;;^^::;^« U-nJ-ernando Load to itS 

. • .•-.iv.da,v..rd to Ita In^r^'c^^'^ ^'•^'f^'^^"'^' ^^^ '^"^* ^o^th 

: -:-• -f b.rinnln/:-. ^'it. rsf.ction sMth iif^onshirt btreet, 


: n i ^ 

-•■ 3, .--ojth, Hange 

Luer. '.icti. Nc. .'? (.ievit-cd! 

Page 3 

(''.). .-tiversi_de__County. 

^11 of L:cetionR -7, H, 9, 16, 17, 18, I9, 20 and 21 in Township 2, 
Louth, diinre U, ■..•er.t, £.b.B. & I.l. 

(7). i'-iversid e County. 

^.11 or Sections 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, lA, 15 und 16 in Tovmshlp 3, 
Louth, Uiinb'e 3, vJest, S.b.B. &, li. 

! 3 ) . oan Bernarainn Cwunt y . 

^ai of Sections 2U, 25 and 36 in Tovmship 1, North, Range 4, West, and 
^11 of Sections 19, 20, 29, 10, 31, 32, 33, 34, and 3"^ in Township 1, 
I.orth, Rnnsf 3, '.'esl,, and all of Lections :: , 3, 4, =5, 10 and 11 in 
TovnGhip 1, Louth, .iunre 3, '.Jest, S.B.B. & M. 


Citrus bud\;ood and scions of all species and varieties of 

ProviRion 1 - !-(^V1J:lI!T OF CTViTTL Bm.lO ao - UID CCIOrL PRCHIBITED 

No citrur. budiTOod or Rcioiir, shall be cut or taken from trees 
within the regulated nre^.s, and no Kuoh bud\.'ood or scions shall be 
r.cved from or within the rctnilatod areas for any purpose whatr-ver ex- 
cept under pcrnit of tbc iHrector after application to the Commission- 
er m the county in which the bud source is locatfd. 

Prevision 2 - no :LT:5;Ti,'TCT I0KL CTJ T'OVEliaJT OF GITIJL'G iniRLaRY STOCK 

_Kc restrictions are placed by this regulation ur>on the move- 
-■-r.- :f -itrus nurs'.ry stock from or vnthin the regulateu areas, ex- 
cept such citrus nursery stock when under hold order f)f the Director 
or Corrjiissioncr, as provided in Lection 128 of the .^cri cultural C^de 
cf California, and in such case, such citrus nurserv^stock shall be 
mcv./.d only in accordance with the conditions prescribed tl;er(;in. 

:u.,"OLii 'ioN OF V I 01 .: riL'i;s 

lu^y f.nd L'll lots or ;. hiprn.^nts of restricted articles arriv- 
ing at any point in this state outside, of the rt t<ulatt d areas in vio- 
lation of or not fully comi'lyln^ with the provisions cf this regulation 
shall be imiuediately returned to the point of origin or destroyed ut 
the option and i.xp* ns^ of th..: ov\;nur or bailee. 

^-^-. ^'-P'-^ti^-^ '-^f ^-hft uirector of ..uricuiture anJ all Statu 
r^unt ^-i.'.i';ritine Officers are hereby omnowered to mforco all the pro- 
visicns of this re^;;u]ation. 


o. h' ( 1 ) 

Pagti 4 

i' ct mm. dintely, rt.oruary 14, _lQi,5, rmd shall take, e 



'U'iU: February 

•''^- ■>*•• Br o c k- , I) i T'; cToFTTF 
n. nt of Agriculture, Stat 



' '/. ') 

Q,-^ 3 


In Ih* offict of tht S<cr«tary sf S«i>t* 
of the Stilt of Gillfornw 

aj . _ FEB 1 - 1945 

^tm of ealifornia -k. • / 





y^C^^ ^t^^^^^^— 't-A-*,^^^ 

t H ^u...^f,M^ 

l>«puty St ocUry of Slrit 

^xecutiuc Bcpartnicfft 

;Statc of e.iliforiiia 

J- I L L U 

In Iht offire of th^ Secrrlsry <»f SUie 
of the Stdt« of Catifomja 

MAH ',1 -m' 

FRANK M. JORDAJif, secretary olStats 

PRO d'E'^A M A~T I N 


Tho Inci'easod tempo of the war, both In tho European 
and Pacific theatara, has resulted In battle casualties being 
returned from overseas to the Army General Hospitals at a rate 
which is Imposing tho heavloat load In history upon the 
facilities of the Medical Department of the Amy of the United 
States. Thousands of these wounded men are being returned to 
hospitals in our state. 

The Army Recruiting Service has announced an enlist- 
ment prograin under which American women between the. ages of 
20 and 49, inclusive, may enlist for specialized training as 
medical or surgical technicians in the Medical Department of 
the Airmy, for service in the Women's Army Corps and for as- 
signment to any of the nine Army General Hospitals in the 
Ninth Service Coirunand. 

Recognizing the urgency of this enlistment activity, 
I take this means of joining with Army officials in calling 
this special opportunity for service to the attention of all 
California women. It is my hope that civic leaders in every 
community will lend their assistance to the Women's Army Corps 
recruiting organization, to the end that every available wanan 
within the state may become quickly acquainted with the urgent 
need for new recruits and the splendid opportunity open for 
them to periorm valued service for their country. 

For these reasons I, Earl Warren, Governor of 
California, do hereby proclaim the month of March to be 
confident that during this period hundreds of California 
women will respond to the urgent call now being made to jtaff 
with Californians the many hospitals to which thousands of 
American men are now being returned from the battle fields. 

IN WITNESS WHI-IREOF, I have hereunto 
set my hand and caused the 
Great Seal of the State of 
California to be affixed this 
Second day of March, A. D., 
One Thousand Nine Hundred 

and ForJ^-five. / 

5 ^^ 


Secretary-'^fi State 

Dtpirt/:" ..T'jryolSUk 

^xcfutiDc Bepartinciit 

3tatc of CtJliforiiij 


Abundant nltl^irVetourlet^^Tt Er^^^'^^ ^^"^ °^ ^ts 
soils Its extenaive foreoU rich o rL'? T'^ '^« ^«^"1« 
and abundara water aa a means of -h^J ^^ mineral deposits 

the conveniences or an%r-Lcr'e'a^?;^„L°b:?orp^oU\"^ 

way Of ureT'th'e 'Le''resou?c\s°'are'b:T?^'* '? P^"— °- 
increasing amounts as weaoonS nf J^f ^^® "^^'^ ^" ®v«r- 
demands of war have made ma?erlL Jrop^* "^"""^ ^^^'^^ °f the 
resources. There ha.s bec^e InnL«nf - "^?" *^®^^ natural 
husbanding our sunollerof L«^'^ " * greater need for 
the renewfl of tZil'l^t^ ^Te-ltT.lllllT'^'^'' ^^ ^•- 

furtherance'of \lrp^o'^i,.^^,Ji:^ ^J?^ °"^ efforts to the 
citizens the full ran^e ^ -. ^ ^^^ inajntain for our 
resources afford. To^^do thlT°w^""i\^ '^^^°^ °"^ "«tural 
to prevent the n;ediess destmotf^r^r ^^^® ei'fective steps 
watersheds and fanns and «I ^°" °^ forests, ranges, 
ciitical materia?™ ' "^ *^ ""^* e"^^'^ against waste of 

rosponsibinty'^Jin'b^'^.^e're^sef i''?" f''^'^ J^*"^ P^^lic 
California, do hereby desj^ate th^ n« . J^^'®"' G°^«™°r of 
March 14 as "CONSEKvItiSn S« in P«l f J°^ f''°°' ^'^^^''^ "^ *<> 
educational Institutions duSi. o California, and urge all 
in general, to Klve stud^ ?n «i ? T"°^^^' ^^ ^^« citizenry 
Ing this peiiodt to ?he end thii ^^^^^^ °^ conservation dur- 
progra.,3 Ly be'fSther aSvanced.'^'' cooperative conservation 

hereunto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the state of 
California to be af- 
fixed this 6th day 
of March, A.D., One 
Thousand Nine Hundred i 

and P'orty-five. 


Governor of Callfomll 


j- jl L _ u 

In Ihc office of 0<i> SwMary '.f Sis 't 
of Uk. £uu of Cali'o<ni< 

WAR 7-19.'':- 

FRANK M,JOR DAN.,taryol State 

^xccutitjc department 

5tatc of Ciliforiiia 


Issued Pursuant to Chapter 585, Statutes 1943. 

WHEREAS, There was submitted to the People of 
^*^^?r?^**'® *^ ^^'^ general election held November 
7, 1944, that certain law providing for a bond 
issue of thirty milUon dollars to be used by 
the Veterans' Welfare Board in assisting Calif- 
ornia war veterans to acquire farms or homes, 
being Chapter 585 of the Statutes of 1943; and 

WHEREAS, it appears from the official declara- 
tion and statement of the vote of the Secretary 
of State of California, issued December 16, 1944, 
that said act received a majority of all votes 
cast for and against it at said election: 

the State of California, do hereby proclaim that 
said act received a majority of all votes cast 
for and against it at said election, that said 
act is fully effective and shall have effect as 
therein provided, and that sal^^ act shall be ir- 
repealable until the principal and interest of 
the liabilities therein created shall be paid and 

Done under my hand and the Great Seal of the 
State of California at the State Capitol, Sacra- 
mento, California, this 7^ day of March, 1945. 

Governor of California 


Secretary of Sta 


In 0M efflr« of Ihf S»cre<»rv o( 
o( Ihc Slat? of Calilnmij 

MAR S-19C' 

FRANK |VI,.JORDAN, Swn(t.ry.olStat« 

^xcfutiDc Bcpartniciit 

^tatc of California 

p R c L A 

A T I N 

P'riday of Holy Week, observed &s the anniversary of 
the crucifixion of Christ, comes once again when the ani- 
noaltlaa and iiarJshiiia of a world-wide conflict surround ua. 

It comes as a reminder of sublime grace, priceless 
privilege and sacriiioe walch have outlived all wars and 
all destruction and devastation. Surrouiuied though we may 
be by sad facts and dangerous tendencies, each loses its 
discouraging aspect under the clear and consoling light of 
the etoi'nal teachings of Him In whose name we this day pray. 

MankJnd has always made its greatest progress when 
in stap with His teachings and we know, even in these hours 
of sorrow and strain, that through these teachinj.,3 will 
again come lays of neace, of spiritual benefit and niatarial 
restoration. The spirit which comes from Him has lost 
nothing of its force or of its power to heal. 

lor these reasons 1, Earl Warren, Governor of 
California, urge all our citizens to observe Friday of Holy 
Week, March 30, and to pause for devout reflection at some 
moment during the hours of 12 noon and 3 p. m. on that day, 
to the end that the supreme purpose for which Christ on this 
day suffered may be reimpressed upon us all. 

hereunto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
California to be af- 
fixed this 27 th day 
of March, A. D., one 
Thousand Nine Hundred 
and Forty-flv«. 


Governor of California 


Secretary ofi^St/ate 

In «!l0 office of iSe P«rc";ry cf '- • 
of llts Sttsti oi C«liioml« 

APfv' n-r 

^xccutiuc Bepartinciit 

;ic<tatc of California 



Pertaiiiirig to Colorado Potato Beetle 
Ff ft^r-ti v'- on nnrl aft^r April P, 1 "^'l '» 

bUKKMAS, The fact has been determired by the Director 
of Agriculture that a serious insect pest of potatoes, tomatoes, 
and eggplant, known as the Colorado potato beetle, not knovm to 
occur in the State of California, exists in the herein-described 
infested area, and that plants and cuttings of potato, tomato, 
and eggplant, and soil associated with or attached to such 
plants, cuttings, or potato tubers, are hosts or possible car- 
riers o\' sajd pest; 

NOV.' , 
prt-vent the in 
this state tha 
at the boundar 
the provisions 
State of Calif 
carriers, as h 
sll;le carriers 
tion shall be 
hereby establi 
the conditions 

THEHKFORK, It is declared necessary in order to 
troduction of the said Colorado potato beetle into 
t a quarantine be and the same is hereby established 
ies of the State of California in accordance with 

of Section 106 of the Agricultural Code of the 
ornia against said pest, its hosts or possible 
orein described, and no such pest, hosts, or pos- 

thereof as quarantined against in this proclama- 
permitted to pass over the said quarantine lines 
shed and proclaimed except under and subject to ' 

herein provided. 


PEST: Colorado potato beetle ( Leptinotarsa docemllneata ) 

INFESTED Al-iEA ; All states, districts, and territories of 
the United States except the State of Nevada and the Territory 
of Hawaii . 

RESTRICTED AKTICLl'lS ; Plants and cuttings of tomato ( Lycop - 
er slcum esculontu-m ) ; eggplant ( Solanum melongena ) ; Irish potato 
(. oolanum tuberonum ); and soli in association with or attached to 
all such tubprr:, plants, or cuttings. 


Except as provided in i'rovisions 2 a 
restricted articles herein quarantined against 
entry into the State of CaliTornla from said i 
each shipment or lot is accompanied by a certi 

the duly-authorized inspection official of the state, district, 
or territory in which same originates, establi 
that all restricted articles contained in the 
were grown in and shipped from a locality free 
potato beetle. 

nd 3 hereof, no 

will be permitted 
nfested area unless 
ficate signed by 

.shing the fact 
lot or shipment 
from Colorado 

t revision 


No restrictions are placed by this {proclamation on the 
entry Itito Calirornla of Irlsli potato tubers from any point in 

$mum Brpartmrnt 

^totc of (I-iliforiiia 

Pagf .J 

, ... , ' i, ' ' .' '' ' I'l'i^"^-' ti, cj.try i.av-' been 

.- =u.t-r/n;:re„fa„1'';:'is=?„;;!:;:?'' ?«■ ?""• -" >>-' plants 

sr.ea, acrt. 


lan container:-. 

•irr In new oi- recleaned 



option and expose Jr?" ° , , °' „."'S,4 ? ' ^I/"'??^'?'* " ^''^ 


e or agent until inspected and Das.c:pd hv i-v,« n-i«^^4.„„ _i 

n,neror;,oj ^"u^^^^'ST;^^^^ ^'^^^ s 

:-;...:n<j JT 


articiP coverei'^bi''tL^^r"^ '"^'^ *''^ "^^^^ "^ California of any 
^t}^r.i\- ?°^^^^'^ ^y the foregoing provisions shall be further 

■' -rcrnul .--i 1.0.1 . 

regulations now in force or wlrich may here-V?t-^ 

state PXa„t-i„Sfj^e0^ri:;^r^'SfK^,°^*---S\:"^„SJ 


3 >, 

O 0) 

■rH \D +J 

•n C 

P C Cm -1-1 

O 0) 0/ • o 
.C -O +J x; Q T3 

S, C/J 4-» V, < 3 

> 3 tja <w ^ ^ 


n3 - 

O tJ 

O -J 

C -a: 

<M C 

;2 C M .-) O CO C' 

d c3 •^ 

M > 


W CO M i3 o 
?2 >> n n-i r- 

E -P V-, 
CO aj v-i 

W +J 0) r-l 

o -o x: I 




ca- <s 

m '3 

1-3 , 


vT o a- 

•-1 Z E 

C C T-l 

•-' tS c; 
= E!m 

f^ t- .Jii 

a. p 

C i. CO 

<_>■ O 


to rH 

■xcfutmc Dfpartmcnr 

^t.irc of (I.ilit"orma 


-. , ^ Durlr.g those tryln(i montiis, whor. the Army of the 

.nited States is encircling the globe in line of duty, we 

Vv r^i'^^!' L^'''"* *^''^ ^^"^ oldeat and strongest tradition la 
that it fights as a defender of men's rights and not for love 
of a^. r-r-icn or conquest. 

It l3 flttini.; tliat the Ariierlcnn people aliould set 
asl'le n Jay oech yeei- to commemorate this tradition of their 
Cleat Amy r.nd of the Nation which it defends. In sacrifice 
and In deoda of vulor, the Army of the United ->tate3 has al- 
ways uiitrored the determination of the American people and 
U.ft vnluGs of the American hon.e. It la ti-ue to thic tradition 
today, as ever, and through new achievements and ne* sacrifices 
has spread recognition of Its tnie purpose throughout the 
ivori;.. It Is beln^ heralded today in all parts of the vorld 
as an ai-my of 11;. orati on. vorxa 

,r,n- , „,r v^'i'P ' ^^*^' having boon officially designated as 
AFJ,^ lAY by the Congress of the United States and by the 
iresldent, I, Earl Warren, Governor of California, do herebv 
join In urt,ini5 public observance of the day by proclalmlnw ' 
April 6, iy45 to be ARM DAY in California*. On this day It 
is my hope that the people of Cclifonila will give special 
honor to our courajieoiia soldiers now undei'goim: some of the 
crneleat teats of this ml,.hty war, end ttot on thl.s day all 
cj.vJllans will re-conaecrate themselves to the task of pro- 
duc^Ufc In the fullest measure the material needs of our 

hereunto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
California to be af- 
fixed thir fourth day 
of April, A. D., On© 
Thousand Nine Hundred 
and Forty-five. 

Governor of California 


r,! r- 

Secretary of 



^JCfutiDc Brpartmcnt 

-^tatc of CialiforiiM 


is conduotS?f ^^^l:^: -f J,°^^AprU the A^ericn Cncer Society 
P-.:-.. .Mch ,.3 ..eon ^^^^^'^l^i:^^:^^:^^^^ 

can women S%'e"^Lcond'^'!)inal-«^^^J^^F°''^^°* ^^^l®^' of Amerl- 
AuthoMUe. tell ua ui"? every hour .^'^ of American men. 

, .. r?J'?Vr ct.nccr Is killing: 18 

i^ leans. Yet,, the 

same authorities tell 

be conquered, aAd Iha.rtL-.uc.'inds'oJ'f , '"'' "^ "^^^ ^'^"'^-r can 
year cy teaching men and v™? to r,i f °''" ^® ^^^^^ «ach 
cancer syE.ptonis. ""'^^ ''° recognize early possible 

t.ken whlch'vllffrf^iSJX'^re J'"Vf^^^'^ ^^«P P^^^'^^e 
..^^.anpo^er and our w^a^^ow^^r^^^ -/j;^;ho health o 

ective tl;a1 evervonp «,h,->,.i - , ^ ^u-lly In accor 

I urt;e all California citizens to 
iO- now belnt conducted by the 

v.ith Uie obj 

or cancer on 

physician Is Imperative" 

^Ive support to the camna 

AHieilcun Cancer Socle tvi 


nf ro-nr "f^^' ^^'®"® thought^^ Ij. miiid 

be C^C- r^^^.-?' '^-^^^^y Proclaln ' 
oe Ox..^Ci-.n CO.ffhOi. LONTli In the 


, I, Earl Warren, Governor 
the monti; of April 1946 to 

ur^e our cUizena'to "unlfrin tL^rJ^f.Tr^'^' ^^ ^°' 
's awful toll. ^'^ ^^^'= fight to lessen 

IN WITNESS miEmot, I have 
hereunto set my hand 
and caused the nj-eat 
Seal of the State of 
Calliomia to be af- 
n^ed this fourth day 
of April, A. D., one 
Thousand Nine Hundred 
and Forty-five. 

'Vi--w:5 <^^>^_-t_^ 

Governor of California 


Secretary c>/4ate 


r U 

!,- 1' > cttir* o?tHt : 

FRANK Wr HtBOAi'l,Se<«.tan(; 

^xccutivic department 

^tatc of (California 

C L A !.'. A -' 1 1» 


-■i-j found aorrcv. been 

. Frasiuent i'ranklin 


hereby ur^jlng that Satiirday, Anrll 14, the 
;/lces at Vsfnahlnpton, D.;C., and Sunday, Apr! 


on a, I am 
iav • i Tunernl serv . . 

if;' tije day oi' iiite-i.! en 1. t ily !e Park, he conal'lored and ob- 
servad as days of ouuilc sorrow and nrayer. On both of theso 
days I urre tho neo'-ile of our State, in accorlauce wl'h the 
dlctatos Nr ti.-:" faith, to attend their -> of worship and 
pray that the nation sneedlly be granted the full measure of 
victory over the Nazi and the Jaoanese militarists and be 
blessed with tho lasfn, -.■•»■■•• ^ ■: -.Ic-^ :'v,^-^' U,u:, •:ooaev3lt 
so tirelessly worked. 

..^ or f' ressior^ of our respect for 

the moincr^/ ^j. uue i^roaiaoiit, x n.^i'eby direct that flags be 
placed at'half-raast uooii all public buildings and urge that on 
Satxiriay, Anril li, all c-overnmental activities which need not 
I'j cnr""''u • :i '- n accuraan y v i th statute or in furtlieraiice of 
.;■ ^ : cancel". ' ' .a day. 

AFk 1 

.4 w,i rwiu^i 


i have 

hereunto set ray hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal Of the State of 
California to be af- 
fixed this 13th Day 
of April, One Thou- 
sand iiine Huniif'^ ' -<■": 






Secretary oi'/^tate 

|«rB«MINTO. I«|l CtOHt.l II Montt, 1T«r* fltNTVll 

€jtcutit)c department 

^tatc of CilifornLi 

Ivi-t; iiiiii^.; to oweiit Potato 
-rrective on and tarter ^:aJ 


'l..ix'c;. ttu 


June 1, 10^3, us'^ar.ondcd iu u.t If S^f ^'Tr^^'-J'^^'^^^'^ 
hereby further amended to re"d\ s follm-^ ''^ '^^' ^^^^' ^ 

-1-.1.J..: Counties, of iuldwin, : obile, 

and ./ashing ton. 

■, '.■u.uii,., ..uiton, una ..ushintton. ' 

Counties or _ r- 
i-iclntuti, . 

, ^.uMden, CJii.thtuu, G-lynn, und 

Do c-oto und oabine Barlshes f nri .m ^, • ,„ 
of >:na incJudin; Vernun n P^^nnhes south 

Coupee, .Just xVeliciinn '• T^r f" "^"/'^ll^^. I'ointe 
.■u.shin, ton. "''■^"^""'^' -t- i>elena, Tangipahoa, and 

■ ^ ^1^1: Counties 


'"r3v;;j,"S"!M^i;"?r- '"■"^-". ^-^-. 


Oottlf. i-ov '•,, P^^' ^olli"fiE>ft-orth, Children' 

Hood, Krnd^.r'on i u,,t '.Tu^' i-araei/um, haskell, 
Jack uohn'on JO P ' "°!*^^'S ». "Ounton, ln.rrison, 

LoviA.,Tx,:^'.i2iLti^ ""iJir",'.-^'""'' ^'^"^"^'' ^'^"°^. 

Moore,'l.:artiri Mdlrni ^-^o?? ^^P^^'^'f'^. ^-^^r, Leon,' 
Ochiltree, .o^^,' i^':i^r :t^'^^^}:^^^^> 

Panola, Ueeve- ■' ,. , Vi '. /-^^ ^^'^^'^' ^'f^rice. 


^iOCk\!iill , 

'ted kiver, Lheri.i 



-(.in^, .<uik, 

^tephen^.^oSiviilc''°''^-ti^'.^^"^^^^' -i^^clcleforu, 

.MiKSu.,,-.-ci,.om.. '..lohit.,, ,, Yoaicum, and youug. ' •'^^^^■^««'^'. 

It, ED 

MAY 1 OIC-^' 
FRANK M,JdR[;Ai.',: 

3PxccutiV)t Bcpartmcnt 

^tatc of (laliforma 

.jtienu. 1 (2a .u^v.) 
14. -» - "• '^ 

The "-a-ea Under ,uoi-M>o-iiiw" ^.^ -■ - 
^incie. to .-. :. ruUowB: 

.n st.te.. district.. - r-'"'"^^"^ " ''^ "'"' 

I ( ,,H,M <evision) to Cnlifornia .ut.r- 


■ I. .. ill ,U'.]- ntine I ro- 
i, 1"43, ie hereby 

Tlij i- ,aneadriei.t 
ntine I'ro 

stj-11 talce^ effect iirm.ecli&tf ]y 

.unendrier.t . I I ^. ' ^^^ued June 1, l^i^3, suiter- 

l; .....i... ^^ - *»^^« 

hereunto set uy nana tmd 
CQUBod the: are at beal ot 
the State of Galif^^-' to 
be ai'fi/ed this S'^^ 

u«y of /gMy — ^^ ^^'^ 
thnust.nd %rWe imnar^a ,na 


Govi rnor of '-^^ 


oecrtitnry^SiT Ltf^t'^ 

^icrutiuc Bcpartinciit 

^tatc of (Taliforiiia 



Pertaining to Oriental Fruit Moth 
■trfeotive on and after 

Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky To.Ho?' ^T.^^^' -^mnois, Indiana. 
Michigan, Milsissippif 'm tsourl iJ^h^^i^'^'^, Massachusetts 
Jersey New York, Srth clroui^ Smo 0^/^ Hampshire, New 
Rhode Island, aouth Carolina Ten nas^« I Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, 
West Virginia, and the District Sco?!^J^^^f' Virginia, and 
Denver, Jefferson. Mesa ot^T^^ of Columbia; the counties of 
Colorado; the count ies^^f°J:;;'/^„^/j°:-« f" '^« ""^^'^ °^ 
Idaho; the County of Weber in ^h^q^ Owyhee in the State of 
the Province of Ontario. ^^^ ^^"^^ °^ ^tah; and in Canada, 

tion S'^X"vS,^°;3ieri>e'o%^^LTl? ^,1^^'^ --«^-- 
feet immediately. December 28, 19U, shall take ef- 

hereunto set my hand and 
caused the Great Seal of the 
State of California to 
be affixed this /r^ 
day of /^/-^^A.D., one 
^housand nlrfe hundred and 

• i 

InCieoffkc 0/ ''i 

MAY 2 .? 


Governor of Californ 
Secretary of Sl^Jte 


^ '■• 

i'xi'futiur i?)cpcirtiiiciit 

^rarr of (r.iiifori!i.i 




-i the: treniendous resoonslbn' 
,'ower ^hat it, ro. resents! 
^ carried the ei.;Dlaia Into 
<-'oflJ?i?r5°'?-^--J^^ peoples""^ 


1^ our riaj^i by 

' 'nLinentsl 
-■'-r. won. ijo day 
•"is-jlvos to the 

'i^ M-i ;!us De.n 

iToclaLiie-iii us i^lag Da-,- 

I'Oaiaent or the 'unite-:^"'iMu^"' ...rV^'r ;-,^-"a 
■■-■"^-^- •■'- -,, . "'^^"--- ^••It-'. rnn confide. c« that 

, ■ ' J-.ver which we 

- w..a i-j] , ., ita equal ©ffec- 

•^GiTnan^nt peace for which 
• ' ■ • • i^f i'^allfornla, nereby 

.•lasg Day. jujie 14. 1.-^4^ 
in Qallfornln. ' ?' 



, I have 
y hsr ! 
■•(11 cuaao: tiie Greet 
J<3al of tne Stat© of 
Caliiornia to be &f- 
i'ixeu lal3 l."fh T^ay 
of June, A. . , ,e 
ThLousana ^Jiiie 'nnvjre 
aftd Forty-five. 

'■-jV3i-n ; i oi' ^: i_.or' : ; 

y»i.' *) 





^Kfunnc Brpartincnt 

^tatr of (r.iliforiiij 


Mfectlve on and after 


a bet m,t =„a „„s.,ib{j''=,';?;nr''oi Se°"Lt=f '"'-•-''' "^ 

tl.e i'nt°';'o.:^'?l^fg.\^f/^,^^«lj"^ n.=e.3.,y 1. '„„„ ^o prevent 

ance v.itii L,ection 106 of th.^ ,„•!,: °^ *"^s state In spcnrri- 
"alifurnla .»»lnst .aid peS?,'*^ ,:'i'""'\l ^od, cf tl,„ sL?e S 



of Oregon, Wa.shin<,ton. and Idrho. 
OREGON: Gouiitifi<5 nr k - 

oSSfL„SaLri4°; is,tr'^"v^"°"' "'-'-. 

•datman, «na Yoklom. ' ^ "reUlo, btsvons, Walla Walla, 
^^cf:''" """•' --»' ^—0. ».oot.„al. Lata., ..„. 

Jill other area"? of +i-,«. „* j. 

Ciierry fruits are hereby d^r^ared to i« h . 

-rr.ers of the pests i4ein'r,;a1ant°in:d\°gl?ns?! -^°"''^« 

^xccutiuc department 

3tatc of (Lalifoniia 

-^ui'.r. Proc. No, 8 (Revised) 

Page 2 


i'rovi;;ion J - GtiEm<i.l^:j PHQtllBITLD i^^ROM INFESTED ARaA. ; 

Cherry fruits crovm, ^Toclced, or stored in or shipped froiu 
tha infested area are prohibited entry into this state. 

Pr^vi ' 


?Roi.: Noia:;i''>;jTi;D 

Cherry fruit 8 which have 
;;n(3 shij)i)«'l ^roin the noninfest 
ornia provided each lot or shi 
origin by a duly authorized re 
^i.::ri cult are, setting forth the 
where stored (if stored), the 
chipper, and consignee, A cop 
•nailed in advance of the -ihipin 
Sacramento, California, 

been grown, peeked, and stored in 
ed area are admissible into Gslif- 
pment is offioitlly certified from 
presentative of the Department of 
locality where grown and packed, 
names and addresses of the grower, 
y of such certificate shall be 
ent to the Director of iVgriculture , 


ii.ll lota or shipments of cherries from the area under quar- 
antine must be held by common carrier agents and not delivered to 
corij;lt;ne'; ■ r nf.ent until inspected nri pa.ssed by the Director, 
hi.-- d<!puty, or ty a IjL; ' • .'Vint iiuarwnttne Officer. 

DIsrOSlTIOi; OF Vl>JLr..IxU^j;j ; 

ijriy and all lots or shipments of clierrles arriving in this 
state in violation of or not fully complying with the restric- 
tions of this proclamation, shall be immediately sent out of the 
st-itp c~ i '".royed at the option ;ind expense of the owner or 

CGI.aiODI'naS SUMECT to OTIIKR rules .U'^D REGULiVflOilS; 

The admissibility into this state of cherries shell be fur- 
ther subject to the provisions of any other quarantine, rule, or 
ret;ulation now in force or which may hereafter be promulgated. 

All deputies of the Director of /i^riculture and all State 
Plant .quarantine Officers are hereby empowered to enforce all of 
the provisions of tlii s proclamation. 

^jcfutioc department 

-^tatr of CLnliforiiia 

^uar. Proc. No. 8 (Revised) 

Page 3 

19A4. and shall take'e^fL^t Liedlatel '■''''^^' ""^^ - 

horeunto set my hand and 
caused the Great Seal of 
the StHte of California to 
be affixed this y^« 
day ofjL^ A.D.,%;e 
thousand nine hundred and 


Governor of Gal if omit 


Secretary of 3t 



FRANK KUJO«"'^^^'r'^-/ 

mmm Bepartmrnt /^i^ji^DhENT no. 2 to 

^tatc of CLaliforiiia ':U-'^i<-^TiNE proguuiation no. 3 {heyiskd) 

Pertaining to Oriental Fruit Moth 
i^riective on and after 

The "NONPROTJilCTSD AR3L1" as deserih^^ i„ 
Quarantine Proclamation No t r?«v^L^? * . J° 

antine Pro 

Thin /miendraent No. 2 to CaHfornla uuar 
clemation No. 3 (Revised) issued DeC! 

bei 28, 1944, shall take effect iBuoediately. 



VrtffilffiCF, I have 
hereunto set ray hana and 
caused the Great oeal of the 
State of California to 
be affixed this 9^»K 
day otlu^ A.D.foae 
thousflOid nine hundred and 

Governor of California 

Secretary of St 


In i!ic oHlce oJ 1S« ?v»cfH3r>' 

ju!. :-nv' 

FRANK M^ROANSecwtaryol State 

Fit - '- 

^xcfutitic department u./vu^.ai 

;^t.itc of e.iliforiiij 


(quarantine Pro6T.r.r'l ' X,' -3-) _- 



iirfect iv 

^AllUfa-^, It. has been cletemin©4 by recent Intensive" 
.-■lid by surveys condurted .lurlnr tFio rest thre^ vear-' th-^l- 

.:^rea<i Within the cfitp or Colifurnla as to sutiect the mlor 
Pr:"i oV 1 <i«^l'iaous-fruit acreage to lafestMtlon through nat- 
ure! sprearl axid spread through the noiinal and uncontrollable 
u^If 'or' '' -^^^^""^^Z'-' V.M.1.S. of host fruits, nur.e?y stock, 
'■ . . ther poissible carriers; and 

yniiSRKAij, The quarantine meanurf^. , ' -.^ed to orevent 
->!• ic-luy the further .-preaa c.f thn nest ^ the Stete of Jal- 
i ornia appeared no longer practicable aj.d were rescinded hv the 
director of .^riculture effective July 17. 1^45, IJ^tinrall r^- 
strlctions on the int restate movement of host fruits, nursery 
s.ouk, and other possiblR carriers insofar as said insect is 


liU.., T;!h.i:U'''i-.j:,, xn cunfomnty wJtK tlie pcticn within 
state regarding this insfct, I hereby revoke California 

s,uurantine Proclamation No. 3 (Revised) aated December ?8. IQLL 
as amen a ed on Hay 18, iqi,5, end July ?, 1945 (Sectiori 3252 
^.i..c-.;, una this revocation being an emergency shal] become e*"- 

lect ive I'll ■1^1] '•_( f 1 V. 

, n^ 'V'^ ^>-voo>ii;i,ii 1j, „o way affects the nrovisjons of the 
.^rlcultoral Code with re.-ard to Inspection and disi^osition of 

nlentfj and n]fnt nrodu 

' f^ ^ 

lU wITilESS v.TEREOF, I have 
hereunto set luy hand and 
caused the Great Seal of 
the Gtatf- of Cd~ if ornia to 
be affixed this JL o^ 
duy «f A-;;£y .\.u., one 
thousi:#i r5il?, hundred and 

' ihm,^(.ytJt*\ 

Clovernor of Ca"'i fornia 


«t>uv k*«i«fcuv ^ ^-<t*^ 

r-Mifr.l 44 . Aiii.'nM . 

(iBxccutiuc ilc^iavtmcnt 

V'trttc ot (Citlifovnirt 

!i:^ii i:£]ll]iRS PKOCLAMATION NO. 7 

WhHBAo, the Lerislatar^ of the State of California, pursuant 
to ro.juost of tho Conmnndinp General of the Western Defense Coanand. 

^!?*f'« P**"" "^■'' ''^^^t^t"" o^ 1943, effective April 27. 1943. 
entitled an act to provide for precautions against enmy attack, in- 
cluding- blaok-out and diwout reculationn", etc.; and 

vrriSRBAS, pursuant to the provisions of said act. War Powers 
i^ocl^mtions No. 4. 5 „nd 6 were promulgated by the riov^rnor oHh: 
..t^to of (.alilorma, establlshinr zones of li<^htlnp and restrictions 
and rerulations /rovornJ nr. illumination theroin» end 

as ^.UoJs^'"^''' ''*'"'°" ^' "' ''^^*'"" ^^^' ^^'^^^tes of 1943. provides 

"Joo. 19, Tills act shall remain in effect only until the 
cessation of hosLilities in the present war in which the Pnited States 
is enpared, as declared by tho President or the Congress of the United 
Stat.s, or until such time as the Covernor after rocomendation nTde 
hy (ho ..e8t«rn Defense Command or such other n,lHt«ry agency as may 

a^t :re;"i' '" ''* '"'''■'""'•^ °' ■'"'' p-'"'^^-^ '"^^ pro^^iL: orLs 

act are no longer necessary as a matter of mllihary necessity, or to 
•ijs.rvo ],'-> and proporty"; and ^ 

nf .h« , ■■'"'"■^'J'y l^t'-""- '^«ted 14 July 1945. the Comanding General 
of the .astern Tefanse Co™,and did recc^nend to the Governor of the 
^tRte of lali'-onuH tlint tl>o military situation which required restric- 
tions on li.htinf, had improved to tl.e extent that it i, now oonsiSered 
appropriate from the military standpoint to remove all military require- 
ments for l.phtinr restrictions, and on July 16, 1945 did issue Public 
Proolaru^tion no 23, effective 1 August 1945. resci^inga 1^11^^^ 
In^ Sir^o^aS '"''''"'' '"''"' ^'^ ''"'"^ ^' califomil. «ashinJton^ 

of th. V'J!^^''^' r^^ ^'**''"* '^"^"^ ■'^* ^""^y ^^*^' ^^'> C<mnanding General 
of the ^.osUrn nefense "ommand did further advise the -Governor of the 
State Of California that it has been considered appropria^r "ro^ the 
mlltary standpoint to eli.-^nate on 1 August 1945 all special milltarv 
oo^unicat on facilities which have been installed for the ope^a o^^ 
?Lf ° r \ ""^ ^arninr .ystem; and that on and after 1 Aurust 

1945 infornation of enemy action will be transmitted through nor^l 
comnunlcation raoiUties; >."foupn normal 

NOT, THEKKFORE. I. Earl Warren. Governor of the State of Tali 

^xccutioc Bcpartmcnt 

:5t.uc of California 

visions of said Chaptar 229. St«t„t*s of 1943. "^^^/^y^ ""^'"'"^ 
I; a matter of military necessity, or to preserve if e and property, 
and said act is therefore terminated as of Aufmst 1. 1945. 

This proclamation Is hereby designated ">^ar Powers Procla- 
mation No. 7" and shall take effect Aurust 1, 1945. 

IN ftlTNSSS TOffiVEOF, I hare 
hereunto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
California to be, af- 
fixed this /-^^ day 

Thous^d Nine Hundred 
and Forty-five. 

Governor of California 


Secretary of S^^f 


£xcrutit)c department 

State of California 


Au£:U3t 1, 1945 has been designated as Air Force Day 
throughout the United states. The day will be the Sath anni- 
versary of the Army Signal Coips order creating a Division of 
Aeronautics to study the flying machine and the posaibillty of 
adapting it to lailitary purposes. 

It is with pleasuio that I give ofllcial recognition 
to this day, on behalf cf tho state of California, and in so 
doing express my hope that on this day all of our citizens will 
join in making known their admiration of the heroic performances 
of our air forces. Not only have our air forces demonstrated 
their collective power but they have also demonstrated the in- 
dividual courage, the braveiy, and the efficiency of the 
American flyer. These flyers today are pai't of the greatest 
and most devastating flying force the world has ever known — - 
the spearhead of attacks vjhlch are rapidly winning us final 

Calif oiriia is proud of the part it has had in assisting 
in the expansion of this great air force. Its workers have 
gloried in thoir ability to achieve a brilliant record of plane 
production and the State has beon proud to serve as a training 
center for so many flyers. On this day -..e pay special tribute 
to the thousands of sons of California who have flown and 
fought with the air forces in the cause of freedom, and par- 
ticularly do we honor the memory of those who gave their lives 
that their comrades might be able to carry on to victory. 

With these thoughts in mind I, Earl V/arren, Governor 
of California, do hereby oroclaim August 1, 1945, to be 
AIR FORGE DAY in California, 


hereunto set my hand 
and caiised the Great 
Seal of the State of 
California to be af- 
fixed this S^~^ day 
of t/i-^-^ , A. D., One 
Tlwiusand Nine Hundred 
and Forty -five. 


^J / 6 

Governor of California 





3:xcfutiuc department 

^ratc of (T.ilirornij^^'^'^T^ 


•' ^nn ■^r^n'^^^'^^1 *^'® ^^'^ "'"=^^ inmediately trar- snort 
rax?°oa^s TfMf ^'^^'^^^ tons of e.^ulpmLt ov«r?he 
r^r ! t ^^^ coiir.try In order to prosecute txie war 

aplnst Japan to complete victory in the shorte-^^oItThi- 
time and with the least expondltLe orLerlcan riSe^faiS 

^t,i<-A r.r l^T^lf^^',"'*^ ^™y ^^^ advised the citizens of the 
State of California and all of the VJestern states that the 
for th^ railroads mur,t recruit 65,000 worke" i^eSately 
for the accomplishment of this task; and Binyaiaceiy 

mmviEAS, the critical need for these 65 oon T-mi 

citizens S?'"al?"fhP'^f'; ''°^''^"^ *^*'' ^^'^ governors and 
citizens ol all the states west of the Wlsaiailnni ri„^T. 

and the States of Indiana and Illinois be 1? i?oclaf^^d' 
tnat the month of August is hereby officiaUy desi«nitld 
as RAILROAD MNPOV-ER DRIVE MONTH. ^'^^'^--^y designated 

p«nr ,D^"^i»i; this month all citizens of the state of 
Galliornla are ur^jently requested to join with the^rSv 
as well as with management, labor, government agencl™^and 
civic committees, in patriotic action to help rfcmlt the 
vitally needed 65,000 railroad workers. recruit the 

IN WITIJE33 tt-HEP^OF, I have 
hereunto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
Califor-nia to be af- 
fixed this 30th day 
of July, A. D., One 
Thousand Nine Hundred 
and Forty-five. 

Governor of California 


P«(Mtr V^xwry a Sltlt 

^xcrutioc ^cpjrtii.... 



If Wr>, 

as hard for permanent peace as we hIJn for eicJory and'thr"' 
task Involves us all in our hones and dally contacts! 

We greet this day m California with the .mowlPd;'e 
Pen ce' brink's wUh U -erro^ Jr^A,"^ '? ^^^^ ^^^ ^^^^ benefit. 


hereunto set my hand and 
caused the Great Seal of 
the State of Calirornia 
to be affixed this Uth 
day of August, A.D., One 
Thousand Nine Hundred and 

Acting Governor of Cailfcanla 


Secretary ^/state 

/I I 

l.tOMf.tM U<Ml«P.t1AIII ffKIVIIa 

i'KfurlDc department 

^tjrr of (r.iliforiii.i 


■u.- uai;!- I has call©, 
zhui-i- of 
' ; ona 

^ti-- fu" 

now, through; 


jvarnor ox 

■re i\ol 

■jtr ba 








r^.--. ,• 

5-^'^A^ ^i^;j. 


^xccutiDc department 

:r'ntc of (Lnlifoniia 

P R d) C T. A M A T I N 

i-o ol>J3erv<3J ttirou^^hout the 

; !i3 firi 1 I M, "A Free Press 

'voii now 
itiily to 




Oi'if ■ 

endedlj in rallitary victory, 
proofi' of the fundamontal con- 
ths ijj-fe and vitality of the 
alQrted to the rieeds and ti^en^c of the 
^ L'al.ondlnt', of ^\.\e ourposea of the natlcnaL 
lal responslblHitias in relation to the 

postwar period wi{th visions of )err.ianent 
we look back uoonj the wpr record of the 
fldence that thoaje who hnve been recently 
•-' worl'l con leaim and profit by our 
: maible presa,; built upon the structure 
". IcL. iiyipes iO iriapire oui' ioeoplo to history's 
I'lltary biii for permanent peaC|e. Its publishers, editors 
;elpod to ma'ntBln a hliih l^evel of enlightenment in 
ty rn-^ nnrt'-roi the I'ligh i!l'">ral e necttaaary for mill- 
3a. T: iiuerstt. . t the need for 

'- r ••-1 ■ the .; ^ through which our 

. • ■ t'lbutloris. 

•. . ■ • , I, Biarl v;arren. Governor of 

■ ■ , r-robi pioclai.'U tiie vvookjof October 1 to October 8 

..KiT in Ciilll'ornia. In | so 'jo^ng it Is luy hope 
n 'orctan-iint of tae protection of i| liberty which la afforded 
••-.- ii-e'ia v.-!ll bo riivmce^ rn-'' ^bat f'lroujh this uniorstand- 
■ _," . * world-wide ;eace 

hereunto set my hand 

andii cav.sed the Great 
Seal of the State of 
Call-fornia to be af- 
fixed this l3t Day 
of j October, A- Tj- , 
Onej Thousand Nine Hun- 
dred and iorty-five. 

Governor of C;liforn:u 


Secretsiry pf/ji ate 


\m - •'• lo! 


i'xcfutlDc I^cpartinciit 

^rarr of (Tjiiforiiij 

K Oi C 


e onset of host Hit its 
the Change being ' 

ni^ by proclaination of th 

'^t to 



-, cn=cte- 
-^^■^ the 
^3 1 effec- li 


the interests 

. ^ "1 I do hsreby 

• -aiJ recent act 

,3^,,,,,, "nday Gepteirber 

>llf.^rr":r:^-"^^,^=J^'^ly end prl- 

, . , . ,t.,. h. ^^^ Standard I! 

Es approved 

, I hnva 

aaiejto set u^y hand 

fUe:],thl, l3t D 
^^f Oci'i' .-. 
One Tii 




J ■ 


2:xcfutiV)c Pcp.irtniciit 

:r't.itr of CiliforiiM 

- 2. k iL ^ ^ 1 




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>''.;. . i. \ 


•J :. i 

L S I i I 

jrj Ml 

1 : 1 1 t. 

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ns « 

1 -M 

."!' ti.e vubllc )Ui^po&o oi raducirit, and 
■res. tliG Visok o£\ Octobar 7 to lo, 1^45, 
.:. lI, . ationajl ; ire Prevention Vie :. 

■roes haVQ l^een victorious overseas 
. D" jroj'.i'ess in lithe re-establisliir.ent 
I.I tsie is anotiiar ieneiiiy a(_,alnst viihich 
l;ix---th:' liome-fiiont enemy or fire. oni' cltlaoriry be ever alert to 
1 Icn actlvitler-. - In t'urtheiance of 
ulariy at a time wVian a li->usia>; sh irta^je 

tn t all poi'scna apprise theaselves of 
hlcti CM! 00 tatcon to iesaeri ooth the 

lit;, '.osponsibillty lor ^Ire prevention 
J ■ 11 in our hor.ioa, in oar' ylt.ces oi 

ese thoUii' I :) i -i 
,:;;.liior i-', ., . 

lope till t i iro 

IV ;■' ! 




come . 

'. , , ,arl iVarron, fiovernor 

. oij.,, u ^jcluiiu October 7 to 15, 
J I in Galllornla. In so 

,'rovoi.t ion 'educational programs 
! ^n by sll o± our cl ti"eri4 anJ that iurini_, tuis 
T ^xro aazards will be instigated w.iich will 
uble reUoctloii in our iife loaaes in the 

liiJi'eunto set niy lian 
and cause A the Great 
o3iil of the St- to of 
Calllornia to oe af- 
fix ;-d this uth jay 
o.i' October, A. l«, 
"♦no Thousand Nine 
.-lundred and i orty- 

,^^/*^ ^^A«„<,-cJl-u. 

Govornor of Caliiorni^ 

oscretari^ ot' State 



By L^/M'3-i^<iP 

^ ( ( 

3£xccutivic Bcpartmcnt 

^tatc of dalifornia 


(Quarantine Proclamation 20) 

Notice of Quarantine: It having been determined by the Director i 
of Agriculture that dangerous pests known as plum ourculio and 
apple maggot new to or not heretofore generally distributed in 
this state exist as hereinafter described, I hereby establish a 
quarantine at the boundaries of the State of California in ac- 
cordance with Section 106 of the ikgriculturul Code of the State I 
of California hereinafter setting forth the names of the pests II 
against which the quarantine is established, the area under quar- I 
antine, the commodities covered, and the restrictions governing I; 
the entry of such commodities into this state. 

(Reference: Title 3, California Administrative Code, Subchapter 
4, Group 3, Plant (Quarantines) 

Section 3266 is hereby added to read as follows: 

3266. Plum Curoulto and Apple Maggot Exterior C^uarantine 

rQ,uarantine Proclamation 20; 

A quarantine is established effective 
against the following pests, their hosts, and possible carriers: 

(a) Pe^ts . Plum curoulio ( Conotrachelua nenuphar ) and apple 
maggot ( Rliagoletia pomonella ) • i 

(b) Area Under Quarantlna . All States east of and including : 
the States of Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico, 

(c) Commoditiea Covered . All fresh fruits of apple, apricot 1 
cherry, hawthorn (haw), nectarine, peach, pear, plum, prune, and f 
quince are hereby declared to be hosts of the pests herein quaran- ; 

tined against. 


(d) Restrictions * (1) Commodities Covered Prohibited from 1, 
Area Under t}.uarantlne^ All commodities covered which 
have been grown in the area under quarantine are pro- 
hibited entry into California for any purpose whatsoever ; 
and except as provided in paragraphs (2) and (3) below, 
all such commodities regardless of origin shipped or 
otherwise transported or moved from any point within the ; 
area under quarantine are likewise prohibited entry into ; 
this State. • 

(2) Reshlpments in Original Containers from Q,uaran- ! 
tined Area of Commodities rirown Outside Thereof : Pro- ' 
vided commodities are in original unopened containers, 
each bearing labels or other identifying marks evidenc- 
ing origin outside of the area under quarantine, same 
may be reshipped to this state from any point within the 
quarantined area. 

^wcutiot Bepartmcnt 

l^tm of ealifornij 

Section 3266, C.A.C. (Contd.) 

Page 2 

. . p) Re pa c trod Conir.odlties AdmLcriMa ■fr.^n. Cuaran- 
tined area jf_CerUfle_d Grown Out.~J e I'hereof . ^ Prn- 
ylded each lot or shipment is olTicially certified to 
itlt ^^^"eI•o^^'n outside the area under quarantine and 
that continued identity has been maintained while within 
the quarantined area, all such comisodities may be re- , 
packed and shipped by comwon carrier from any point 
within the quarantined area to any point in this State. '■: 

Certificates Must Establish O rigin, etc . All such ' 
certiiicaT^es shaii set forth the ^tate in which com- ' 

«m^.^nJ^^ Til f''°!:f"' P°^''* °^ repacking and reshipment, 
amount and kind of commodities comprising the lot or 

cSnfTeSee/'"'^ *^'^ "^^' ^""^ addresses of the shipper and 
(See also Sections 3152 to 3156 inclusive) 

all ll^tl r,f'"n? ^' ^gV^^"^' ^^ deputies of the Director and 
all ^tcte pion^ quarantine officers are empowered to curry out 
all the provisions of quarantine Regulations. 

„H^ ^^'l' ^eJe.rE.1 Shi meats Exemi^ted. Federc 1 experimental 
UnJn^^t f^r^^^P^^^^^^^^ at the request of the 
United^tates Department of Agriculture, are exempt from all the 
provlsiciii, of any Exterior ouarantlne Regulations! 

lations^* ^^""^^"-^^^^^f Covered jJub.l Pct to Obher Rules and Regu- 
lations. _ ihe aaiaisHibility and movement within the atat- of 
CaTTTbrnia of any commodity covered by a i.uari,ntine Regulation^ ?? f^^rther subject to the provisions of any other rule or 
regulation now in force or which may hereafter be established? 

,, ^^p' Disposition of ViolBtiona. (a) Exterior ; Any and 
all lots or shipments or commodities covered by any Exterior 
Wuaryntine Regulation arriving in the State of Californil in vi- 
olation of or not in compliance with the restrictions thereof 
shall be imed lately destroyed unless no detriment can be caused 

out Of t',"i ^t%^" ^.^;? ^I"'^^ ^^ ''''^ shipment of .uch commodities 
out of the st«te within the specified time limits at the ontion 
and expense of the owner or bailee. option 

^Kcutioc Bepartmcnt 

i?tatc of California 

Section 3266, C.A.C. (Cont«i.) 

Page 3 

3156. C oimaon Carrier Agents Must Hold S hipments , Any and 
all lots or shipments of ooraraodities covered by any Q,uarantine 
Regulation must be held and not delivered to consignee or agent 
until inspected and passed by the Director, his deputy, or by a 
State plant quarantine officer* 

This Proclamation being an emergency regulation shall take ! 

effect immediately. 


IN V«TIJESS WHSREOF, I have hereunto i 
set my hand and caused the 
Great Seal of the State of 
Califtorniu to be affixed this 
^irday of ^g.^t-C:?<t^ 
one thousand nine himdred and 

Governor of California 
Secretary" of Jgfate 

fRA;< ^^ 




ixcfutittc department 

^r.ur of (laliforiiKi 


Navy Day, an important occasion in California ever sinci 
Its first observance in 1922, holds xmprecedented and glorious 
slt;nlficance this year. It comes at a time when our ports are 
crowded with the happy, victorious personnel of our great fleet- 
--the greatest history has ever seen. It comes at a tlrae when 
our people are rejoicing over the end of the war and the pros- 
pect of lasting peace. 

On this day, dedicated as always to the advancement of 
understanding of the colorful and inspiring record of our Navy 
throughout history, our eyes are being gladdened and our hearts 
are being warmed by the return of our loved ones. In all our 
ports there is, this week, opportunity to shake the hands of men 
to whom the nation itself Is saying thank you and well done. 

Never before has there been better reason for expressing 
our admiration of tlie contribution which our Navy has made to 
our national welfare. Cd ifoniia, on this occasion, feels Itself 
especially close to all the officers and men of the Navy. Many 
of its ships were built by California workers. Thousands of lt» 
personnel were trained in Navy installations within our state 
and our own sons were with its ships in all their victorious 

It is with these thouj^hts in mind that I, Earl Warren, 
Governor of California, do hereby proclaim October 27, 1945, to 
be NAVY DAY in California, and on this day I call upon all of 
the people of the state to join in paying tribute to the men 
and officers of the United States Navy and the United States 
Merchant Marine, to give them the welcome of heroes and to con- 
tinue ever mindful of the part which our Navy has played in 
preserving our right to pursue our way of life. 

hereunto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
California to be af- 
fixed this 13th Day 
of October, A. D., 
One Thousand Nine 
Hundred and Forty- 

Governor of California 


Secretary of State 



la flit o) 

^xccutiuc department 

^tJtr of CLalifonii.T 

p r; c L A 

FRANK M.jO»n*«,S<*.4ofS!. 

aavG CO; 
■..'leas' n 

prtflO', . 

1' "•' ■ . - ' --'Ide at: ij endeavor, there 

\a as Idual3 k\v\ H3 a Nation mfiiiy 

"■■^t om'H hcai-ta In Liiankai^ivlis— 
• '•) t!.o; anavrer to our prayer for 

ih'> n.^ 

■ •OL'ie to the ©iid of our Uair-veat soaaon with a 
enef Ita for -^hlch we sho^iW ^.ive thanks to our 
'„ iuLjiCr. W© can offer thanks for the unity of spirit 
■ jpt r-ur TJation aLron^i ciurlng this dai'kest montha of 
3-wl:lrt conflct. 'We can rejoice tfaat It has been a year 
'; o:.'it.l ill fui- ;iw' uanj inllllons of oppreaaocl peoples.' Tie 
our abiding faith | in freedom, for the 
7 of life and for thn renewal of oppor- 
;-lfare of all m^n. And to each of ua 
'i^-J^i luaiiy personal ibles35n(i8 kno-*n only 
'jr v'liJch 1^; R nv"; 'Inopl; grctoTul. 

for ; 


j '~i -' ■ ' 
^ '"» ,- .1 

T-i .-,'m ::.' :...'„ :...,;.. ...:..: j^ special opportujilty 
■nr5 to bear if'ltnsss t^ their j^ratltule to 
the ble.-j3lngs received, I, Earl Warren, 
' 'rnla, -lo >iereby procifl.ln and designate the 
..ove.abflr, 1946, to be THATTKSaiVIlTa DAY In Cali- 
, e^jHl holiday. On tlils day let every man of every 

i^ak In his VHrglon <-.f t?ie acrlpturoa a 3tron{jthenlng; 
' •'•Uh th'? otornal tnitaa throut,h which our blessings 
\ -nl let us pray on this Thanksgiving Day that 
■ i'l'inclplss will come tojllciht the world and 
•; of all along tha path c|f pernanont peace. 

hereunto set my hand 
and caused the Gieut 
Seal of the State of 
Callfomlc to,be af- 
fixed thlsif^day of 
November, A. D., One 
Thoasimd lUno Hundred 
and Forty-five. 

Govomor of G'llfornia 


Secretary oS/'atate 

^xcfutiDc Bcpartnicnt 

^-'tntc of CCalifornij 


The people of the State of California are being 
asked to demonstrate their patriotism and their determination 
to finish the tasks of war in a manner worthy of our heroic 
, fighting forces. The:/ have been asked to participate in the 

l^ln s^;les Victory Loan Drive, the California quota for which has been 
to 3®* ^s 1^282,000,000/ Progress reports of the campaign to date 
in : ivliuela?-"*^^^^*^® o^r state is in serious danger of falling short of 
its quota and failing in the assumption of its share of our 
national responsibility. 

To further public recognition of the need for greater 
participation in the Victory Loan Drive within our state, and 
in memory of those who died in the attack on Pearl Harbor 
which drew our Nation Into the mighty struggle from which we 
are now but beginning to recover, I, Earl Warren, Governor of 
California, do hereby proclaim the period from December 3 to 
7, 1945 to be VICTORY WEBK in California, and during this 
week urge all Califomians to band together in the purchase 
of Victory Bonds in an amount sufficient to reach the quota 
assigned us by the Treasury Department. 

hereunto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
California to be affixed 
thisX.y'th day of November, 
A. D., One Thousand Nine 
Hvmdred and Forty-five. 

Governor of California 



Secretary of 


In th« oHic. o( ttw S«j,urv af c ■ 

NOV ?s 1945 

fhANKIV|JDROAN,Secr„.ry of state 



^xccutiuc i?>cpciitmcnt 

i^tatc of (£.ilifoniiJ 


Five years ago Slater Elizabeth Kenny brought to America 
from her native Australia a great gift of healing and presented 
it freely to the American people, to the end that the dreadful* 
scourj-e of infantile paralysis might be lifted from America's 
children. Her knowledge has proved a boon to all victims of 
infantile paralysis. It came as a i-eal hope against an illness 
which leaves more cripples in its wake than all other acute 
diseases combined. 

The Sister Kenny method Is now being used with success in 
practically all of the hospitals in California. The State De- 
partment of Public Health is among the many agencies encouraging 
the immediate training of inore technicians and nurses to the end 
that we may have a larger trained personnel available at all times 

The second annual appeal for funds with which to carry on 
the v;ork of the Sister Elizabeth Kenny Foundation for infantile 
paralysis is now urulerway In California. Funds I'ecelved from 
this appeal will be usea for the training of additional 
technicians and In the development of additional facilities for 
the treatment of infantile paralysis victims. 

In recognition of a special opportunity opened for all to 
have a part in the campaign a^ialnst infantile paralysis, I, 
Earl vVarren, Governor of California, do hereby proclaim 
December G, 1945, to bo 3ISTEK KEK try DAY in California and urge 
that upon this day special honor be paid this outstanding woman 
who has I'enderad such great public service to our country. 

IN ViflTNBSS y/ HEREOF, I have here- 
unto set my hand and caused 
the Great Seal of the State 
of Calirornla to b& affixed 
this^^'th day of ^ 
A. D., One Thousand Nine 
Hundred and J'orty-flve. 

Governor of California 




f„ rt,e „((;c. ol th» S«»«t»fV 0* 

o( lh« SUU of aiifomH 

NOV 2 8 1945 
FhANK M. JORDAN, SecretMyo«9t«^ 

^xccutivic department 

;S<tatc of ealifornin 


On the Ibth day of Docerabor, 1791, the Bill of Rights be- 
came - r"alUy upon Its approval by the last of the number of 
States necessary to its adoption. 

On the 15th day of December, 19^5 -- ^h«/^;;;!"'^L?L 
that historic event -- we should pause to consider the vitality 
of this document, which has served for l^*^ years as a symbol of 
human freedom. 

So vital and so fundamental were the safeguards of In- 
dividual liberty enunciated by the BUI of Rights that they have 
come drrnn to us with all their validity and force. Neither a w%.r 
rf world-wide oroportlons nor the problems of restoring world- 
wide peace have served to dim these vital principles. 

An Instrument which was intended to protect the rights of 
the citizens .f thirteen small States strung along the Atlantic 
CoLt has prnwn to be revered by the citizens of a great nation 
of forty-olght States. And now it emerges as a guiding star for 
a world re'iching for freedom for all peoples. 

To provide the leadership which the v'^i'l^,"^^*^^' "J * -^ . 
nation which has enjoyed the protection of our Bill "^,,^^8j^^,^^' 
"o manv years, it is Incumbent upon us to re-examine our charter 
ff freedom, and to assure ourselves that it is being put to 
everyday use In all our affairs. Unless we, as Americans, are 
true to the spirit of the Bill of Rights we cannot expect to 
stand before the world as a people who serve as an example of 
Its hope and inspiration to all peoples. 

For these reasons. I, Earl Warren, Governor cf California, 
do herebT designate the week of December 9 to December 15, IQ^^S, 
fl^ BIIJ. OF RIGHTS WEEK In California, and do hereby urge ail 
citizen- to give careful thought to the basic guarantees of in- 
dlvwSal rights and freedoms, adherence to which has given us our 
heritage of Individual freedom before the world. 

herounto set my hand 
and caused the Ifreat 
Seel of the State of 
California to be af- 
fixed this ^- day 
of December, A.D.. One 
Thousand Nine Hundred 
and Forty -five. 


Governor of California 

Secretary oC'^tate 












^xcfutiuc Bcpartmciit 

;c>tatt of (I-iliforiiij 

tn fV.n r.'.y.fsotlit* StnetT' ol S'ti* 
el the Sun oljOliloini* 

DEC 1 y 1945 
Bv-i ^ 

Li ' 

Pertaining to Cattle Scabies 

r.^^f ^"™^S, The Director of Agriculture of the State of 
Sf of?f^*i^" ^""^ ^l^ determined that the contagloue Slaeaae 
o? rlie «.S^?r %^^^^^^^^ «^l»t8 in certain areaa In the CouS?y , 
of Lake, state of Oregon, described as North and South Warner ■ 
valleys and Bl^ Valley and that the Importation of cattle from 

caitir^??v,J"'p ?f^^^°r'' "'^^*' "P^^*^ «^«^^ disease amine 
cattle within California, and i"w"e, 

of th«^]P^f^^'/" accordance with the provisions of Section 211 i 
of the Agricultural Code the Director of Agriculture has notified 
the undersigned as Governor of California thereofr ""^-^fi^^ 

NOW, THEREFORE, In accordance with said Section 211 of the 

ffrirJ*'"^^ '^'^^' ^ '^^ ^^^^^y proclaim that c;:??le ?rom safd \ 
areas in Oregon may not be Imported into California exceot in ' 
accordance with the provisions of Section 761 of the California 

t?;e'iorti^:.^d°f • ^"^''^ *^"«^ ^° ^^^^« ^ ^' -^^ SJS:?i:. 

761. Pursuant to the provisions of Section 
211 of the Agricultural Code, cattle from or 
originating in North and South Warner Valleys and 
Big Valley, Lake County, Oregon, shall not be 
shipped, driven, transported, trailed, or other- ' 

wise moved or imported into California unless: 

*. Accompanied by a permit issued by an officer i 
of the Division of Animal Industry, California State 
Department of Agriculture, and 

Accompanied by an official health certificate 
showing that the animals have been inspected by a 
State or Federal veterinarian within ten days prior 
to the time of importation and that they are free 
from evidence of scabies and exposure thereto; and 
in the case of cattle that have been exposed to 
scabies or have been Infested with scabies, that 
^V^. fnlnals have been properly treated under 
official supervision in a manner satisfactory to 
the Director of Agriculture of the State of Cali- 
fornia. A copy of said health certificate shall 
be forwarded to the Division of Animal Industry. 
California State Department of Agriculture 
Sacramento, California, at the time of importation. 

^xecutioc ©cpartmcnt 

^tatc of CDtifoniia 

Proc. pertaining to Cattle Scabies 

Page 2 

At the time of Importation, cattle covered by 
said health certificate shall not be Infested with 
scabies or exposed thereto. 

This Proclamation, being an emergency regulation, shall 
take effect immediately. 

hereunto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
California to be 
affixed this // day 
of December, A.D.» one 
thousand nine hundred 
and forty-fiv«. 

Governor of California 


azxfrutiur Pcpjitiiicni 

^tJitf of (Tciliromin 


ror the be?t:?ir Tl^t'lTt fr .^^;;.CS'/-^"°" '^ ^° -^ 

courap to^renect uJox^i%he'?W«! °r ^"^Pi'^^tion and new 
6one before us. ^ " ^^® ^^^«« o^ men and women who have 

hUDiole clrcumatances, and faced w?fh 3 -^^^^icana. Born In 
have held back a leas Indomitable I /^^''^^^^^ *hlch would 
great talents in science and r«i!.^°^'"i'^' ^'^ devoted his 
of every race and creeS? ^^^earch for the benefit o? men 

recosnlzed'i; ^Ttl^'nTr' t^l 1^^"^^^^.'^'^ ^-« ^«- 
designating January 5 as Carver nL ^^^ ""^'^^^ States in 
bration. J ^ as carver Day, a national day of cele- 

commend to''thrpe%'ie'of^?hl3"'stl?e'an°or"*'^ °^ California, 
Day," and do hereby designate JaSia%J"5°^^^JJ*"°« of^;Carver 

J- o, xa46, for this purpose 


hereunto set my hand and 
caused the Great Seal of 
the state of California 
to be affixed this 29th 
aay of Deoember, a D 

Governor of Callfomla 

Secretary of state 



47. To consider and act upon legislation to provide for the establishment of 
community service districts to combine within one district the authority granted to 
different types of districts. 

48. To consider and act upon legislation to make an additional appropriation 
to the Division of Forestry in the Department of Natural Resources for use in 

49. I'd consider and act upon legislation to empower the Department of 
hducaiion to act as agent for the schools of the State in acquiring surplus property 
from the I'ederal government. 

50. To consider and act upon legislation extending the effective period of 
Chapter 4 of Division 2 of the Agricultural Code, relating to the prevention of Uve- 
stock diseases through the control of garbage and food stores from vessels and aircraft. 

Jl. To consider and act upon legislation to amend Sections 3700 and 3701 of 
the Labor Code to clarify an .inibiguity regarding the jurisdiction of the Director of 
Industrial Relations over self-insurers under the workmen's compensation law. 

J 2. To consider and «ct upon legiatatibn to validate the organization, bound- 
aries, governing officers or boards, acts, proceedings and bonds of public bodies. 

5 3. To approve or reject charters and charter amendments of cities, counties, 
or cities and counties, ratified by the electors pursuant to the Constitution of the State 
of California. 

In Witnkss Whereoi-', / have hereunto set viy hand and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of California to be affixed this Second day of January, 1946. 





^/^-«-/ ^>*_/t><u*.vv 

i'lnrtuot of Ctiijorifis 


t'Kltfd $1 <AI iruRNU 

PKiNriNc ofrict 


i^xecutioc ©epartmtnt 

^tate or California 

F!i. e 

of Hit SttK o( CilifcmU 

FRANK M,)pil.PA,v,5..u.','ry.r.. „ 



Will Ri AS, .in extraordinary occasion has arisen and now exists requiring that 
the Legislature of the State of California be convened in extraordinary session; now, 

I, UARL WARREN, Governor of the State of California, by virtue of the 
power and authority in me vested by Section 9 of Article V of the Constitution of the 
State of Cilifonii.i, do lu'rcby convene the Legislature of the State of California to 
meet in extraordinar)' session at Sacramento, California, on Monday, the seventh day 
of January, 1946, at II o'clock a.m. of said day for the following purposes and to 
legislate upon the following subjects: 

1. To consider and act upon legislation relating to veterans of wars in which 
the United Stat&s of America is or has been engaged. 

2. To consider and act upon legislation to provide for the development of 
housing facilities and to provide for State assistance to local governmental agencies 
in acquiring, managing and disposing of such f.icilities. 

3. To consider and act upon legislation to make an appropriation to cities, 
counties, and cities and counties to aid in carrying out the provisions of the Com- 
munity Redevelopment Act (Chapter 1326, Statutes of 1945). 

4. To consider and act upon legislation to appropriate money for public works. 

?. To consider and act upon legislation to provide for the creation of a State 
agency to make continuous economic surveys and investigations and to recommend 
measures necessary to provide for continuous employment of persons within the State. 

6. To consider and act upon legislation relating to the personnel and duties of 
the Reconstruction and Reemployment Commission. 

7. To consider and act upon legislation relating to child care centers. 

8. To consider and act upon legislation relating to on-the-job and apprentice- 
ship training and to make an appropriation to the Apprenticeship Coundl. 

9. To consider and act upon legislation to accept upon behalf of the State the 
provisions ol any I'cdcral law providing grants-in-aid for hospitals and to provide 
for a survey of hospital facilities and needs. 

] 0. To consider and act upon legislation to make an appropriation for addi- 
tional support of the State l-ire Marshal for the administration of Chapter 727, Statutes 
of 194$, relating to fireproofing of tents and awnings, and Chapter 728, Statutes of 
1945, relating to inflammable fabrics. 

1 1 . To consider and act upon legislation authorizing the use of pubHc per- 
sonnel, property, and funds tor cities, counties, cities and counties, and public districts 
lo meet emergencies causeil by or incident to the reconversion from a war-time to a 
peace-time economy. 



12. To consider and act upon IcgislatidTt to extend the effective period of 
Chapter 581 ..f the Statutes of 1943, as amended, relating to the determination of the 
population of cities and cities and counties. 

13. To consider and act upon legislation to provide for a medical school and 
center at the University of California at Los Angeles. 

14. To consider and act upon legislation to provide for the prevention and 
elimination ol practices of discrimination in employment and otherwise against persons 
because of race, creed, color, national origin or ancestry. 

1 5. To consider and act upon legislation to make an additional appropriation 
for the support of the Department of Motor Vehicles to provide for increased services 
by the California Highway Patrol and the Division of Registration. 

16. To consider and act upon legislation to make an additional appropriation 
to tJie Department of Public Health for the purpose of mosquito abatement work. 

17. To consider .ind act upon legislation to increase the limitation imposed 
upon assessments of Mosquito Abatement Districts. 

1 8 . To consider and act upon legislation to make the provisions of the District 
Investigation Act of 1933 inapplicable to Mosquito Abatement Districts. 

19. To consider and act upon legislation to provide for sickness and disabUiiy 
payments to unemployed persons. 

20. To consider and act upon legislation to make an appropriation to school 
districts in distress as a result of war-created conditions. 

21. To consider and act upon legislation to make permanent the temporary 
weekly payments provided by Section 4460 of the Labor Code. 

22. To consider and act upon legislation relating to amending Section 1 3204 1 
of the Education Code to provide for the reinstatement of employees of school districts 
after service with the American Red Cross. 

23. To consider and act upon legislation relating to the taking over by the 
State of the functions and services of the United States Employment Service. 

24. To consider and act upon a constitutional amendment, amending Section 
14 of Article I of the State Constitution, broadening the authority of the State and 
other public agencies to obtain immediate possession of property being condemned 
for public use by the State and such agencies. 

25. To consider and act upon legislation authorizing the State Compensation 
Insurance Fund to acquire and own real property for branch offices. 

2G. To consider and act upon legisi.ition to repeal Section 38g of the Alcoholic 
Beverage Control Act, relating to the authority of the State Board of EquaHzation to 
regulate by rule the wholesale marketing and distribution of beer. 

27. To consider and act upon legislation to amend Section 634 of the Welfare 
and Institutions Code, relating to the appointment and tenure of probation officers. 

28. To consider and act upon legislation to amend Section 17704 of the Health 
and Safety Code, relating to paint stores in apartment house or hotel buildings. 

29. To consider .uul ici upon legislation authorizing the State to make pay- 
ments to counties for services rendered in inspecting agencies for the care of the aged 
and for child care and home finding. 

30. To consider and act upon legislation to repeal Chapter 771 of the Statutes 
ol 1943, tlie Minors Emergency War Employment Act. 

31. To consider and act upon legislation to repeal Chapter 14 of the Statutes 
of 1943, the War Production Act. relating to employment and working conditions of 
female employees essential to the war effort. 

32. To consider and act upon legislation to make an additional appropriation 
for support of the State Personnel Hoard to cover the increased cost of administration 
caused by the termination of duration appointments. 

33. To consider and act upon legislation to make an additional appropriation 
for the support of the Department of Justice to be expended in the protection of the 
title of the State of California in tide and submerged lands. 

34. To consider and act upon legislation to make appropriations to the Depart- 
ment of Mental Hygiene to provide for additional out-patient clinics and to provide 
for the establishment and maintenance of a new temporary State hospital. 

3 5. To consider and act upon legislation increasing the amount authorized to 
be paid by the Department of Mental Hygiene for the support of mental patients in 
boarding homes. 

36. To consider and act upon legislation authorizing Municipal Utility Dis- 
tricts to lend funds to other districts. 

37. To consider and act upon legislation amending Section 9102 of the Gov- 
ernment Code to delete provisions which fix the salaries of legislative secretaries in the 
legislative offices in Alameda, Los Angeles, and San Francisco counties. 

38. To consider and act upon legislation to make an additional appropriation 
from the Fish and Game Preservation Fund for the support of the Division of Fish and 
Game for construction, improvements and equipment. 

39. To consider and act upon legislation to repeal Chapter 873 of the Statutes 
of 1929 and to authorize the Governor to contract upon behalf of the State with 
private persons for the prosecution, collection and recovery of claims of the State 
against the United States for disbursements made by the State in aid of the general 
government during the Civil, Spanish, Indian and other wars. 

40. To consider and act upon legislation extending the present temporary 
authority of the Department of Public Works to perform work for or on behalf of 
the United States. 

41. To consider and act upon legislation to esublish an agency for the pro- 
motion, encouragement and regulation of aviation in California. 

42. To consider and act upon legislation to make an additional appropriation 
for the support of the Department of Industrial Relations for the administration of 
mediation services under Section 65 of the Labor Code. 

43. To consider and act upon an amendment to the Constitution to enable 
the State to stimuhue and encourage the reconversion and establishment of small 

44. To consider and act upon legislation to facilitate, insure and integrate 
research relative to the production, sale, and consumption of agricultural products 
of California. L-.^"*''^ 

45. To consider and act upon legislation to extend the time wiUiin which regis- 
tration without examination shall be granted to owners or managers of clothes cleaning 
establishments, cleaning and dyeing shops, or spotting, sponging or pressing estab- 
lishments pursu.u.t to Section 95 5 2 of the Business and Professions Code. 

46. To (onsider and act upon legislation to increase the registration fees of 
osteopathic physicians. 

Jifferen. ,ypc „( di„ric,.. "■hi" one dmrict th. authority gr,nt«l to 

rcforo.,„i„,. "^ Depmmem ol N.,o„| R,^,.„ ,„, ^ ^ 

(r„„, ,W Icdml sovirnn,™,. ' *""' ■" "■'"'™« "'?'"» P'optrty 




Goitrnar of CJi/or^u 



^-~ - > tf - ■n'-^Y-'^M I 

Srr^Jry o/ S/«/r 

/'|./<W /. r»inc,„„ ,,„, 

rtiMiNc oFrici 

^xtcQtiDt Bepartmtnt 

3tatc orcauromia 


"i-^-' -" *' tw«nty-riV() yeur?, thousanils 

' !\j "li ■ i:' jiHvtj j-ecelvei vtiluable trainl.ii£ 

■ileiiohlij throui^h pai'ticl paling in the activities of 
niiui" OhHiiit.'ij'n nT Conraarce in the.!r co:T,:ium 1 ties. 

'7:\r.'} \: . : ■ ' I'liaitei to ;.,aiiy / ji' tii-v.hx 1.^ ^-.. .^.i.t.M 
n I - [HRke l:ife oetter snd happier for 

nod in ntunEjara hy the ratuin of 
the rjtato to civilian life, the 
!»!'« preparing to e^o ahead v. ith 

■ '• projects. 

• r i.: 

\:jtce of liie twonty-'if til an' . lv;-i i,i,i-y of 
; or^anl/. i.tion, i .;: .im-eby deslt-nate the week^ 
ro ,T-,;;-: ";• Plat aa JliiUOH OllLujlOi Of CO:.J.iJlCE 
■ , ; ond to the -people a recojinition 

IN WITN'ES:i '.VHE; EOF, I have 
hor'eijinto set my hand 
- ' caused tlie ^reat 
^w^l of the r.tate of 
:«lifcMnla to Oe affixed 
this ^ th day of January, 
i\. D., One Thouasnd Nine 
Hundred and Forty-six. 

Govei'noi' of California 

necrotaiy awStat« 
Deputy / / 

3!xenitit)t Bcpartmcnt 

3tJtt of (California 


It Um r'<]a! rS fte S-rtrtety ol 
of the !il»tt of Cilitomis 

JAN 2 5 1943 

FRANK f/i. J01iDAN,S*:reUry ofCi. 

■Wl II Rl AS. ilu- I c,:isl.,u,r. .,1 ,l,o S(.,tc of C,,l,f..rnl., convcu-d on j.Mu.ary 7, I94«, in extraordinary 
vs^u.n pu,..,..n. ... „n I'i.k l.>„,,„„.n .l.,ud |.,„„.„, 2. I')46. .ind I, now i„ ^.Jn- .nd 

«H1RI.AS, on .u.ooni of ivnaordin.,,) orc.Mons which have .irlscn and now exist, it is deemed 
cks.,..Wc and n.xcss.„y t.. suhm,, ..dd.i, d suhiect. to the l.e^.sLuore for consider-uion; now, therefore. 

I,w h. '.hv^'^' ""V^'^T^- ]•""■''""• "f, ;'•'■, ■>•■•"■ "' Cd.forni... l-y v.r.uc of the power vested in me bv 
I..W hcreb> ..mend .,nd suppl.nun, „,v Pros l.>m... ion d.,ted January 2, 1946, by adding the /ollowinR 
.uld, ton.,! pfr,v,ses , .ere.o, .,nd therein perm.ttln,; the I e^lsLtture to le^isLtte upon the foltwin. .ubiects 
... Jdd.non to the subiects speeded in the on^ l>rosl..m:.tion. to-wit: 

'4^ To eons.der and act upon dUations of funds from appropriations available to the LeRlslature 
o, e.tlier house thereof to^ In.c.n, Com.nlttees created at any session of the l-iftv-sixth Legislature. 
..nd to appropriate such m..nev as m.,\ In- nes>^sar^ therefor. 

M. To consider and act u,H.n Uk.sL.i.oi. .elai.,,,; to the acquisition of land in this State by the 
I'liiieu States of .\mcnca. ' 

'*■'''; ^"''-"li-'- -'nd act upon le,;,s|jiion ... amend Sections «96J, 6974 and 6994 of the PubUc 
Isesmoces Code relating to .I.e lenessal of leases n, ,de In the State for taking minerals from the waters 
ot streams or lakes or lands within the original meander lines thereof. 

«7. To conside, a.ul ac. upon 1. , to make ( hapter 10, Part I, Olvision 4, of the Labor Code 
applicable to volunteer workers under the California Disaster Act. 

5K. To consider and act upon leKislai...ii to ,xrmlt paumnt of increased disability indemnities in 
ssorknu'iis compeiisauon cases. 

t9. To consider and act U|son legislation to .egulate the speed of motor vehicles. 

«0 To consider and act upon legislation to provide an additional judge of the Superior Court in 
ansl for the County of Ventura. 

61. To consider and act upon legislation to provide that schiK.I districts which through error in 
hxing the tas rate has_e Inconje .nel.gible for the equall/atlon aid provided by Chapter I 3.5, Division ), of 
the Kducation Code, shall Ih^ eligible for such aid and to provide for assistance to such districts. 

*:. To consider and act upon legislation relating to the location of the Medical Facility of the 
Department of Corrections. ' 

«J. To consid.r and .ict up.m legislation relating to the recordation of crop and personal property 
mortg,iges anil the satisfaction or discharge of mortgages. r i~ j 

X , f ?oJ" "l""'''"' '"V'' "^? ''•.«;;•'■>'"•" ■>• ^"""'l Section 44 of the County Employees Retirement 
Act of 193 , relating to the period within which an elective officer must f5le a declaration to become a 
memlxr ol a county retiiement association. 

65 To consider and act upon legislation providing for the reorganization of the State agencii-s 
concerned with vettTans and veterans alTaos md providing for the incorpor.ition of the State Athletic 
( oinmission within the Department of Professional and Vocational Standards. 

66. To conside. and act upon legislanon to provide for participation by the State of C:alifornia 
in the celebration to be held at Sonoma on June 14. 1946, commemorating the centennial of the raising of 
the Hear I lag of the California Republic. ° 

67. To consider and .ict up.m legislation to provide for participation bv the State of California in 
t le ceW>rat.on to be- held ... Monterey on julv 7. 1946. In commemoration of the centennial of the ralsine 
ol ihe All...., Ill I LiK .11 Moiiliiev In C oimi.odoie Sloat. '^ 

C I 1 "" ^h' T'l^'" '*"">'.' u". '""","■" ^' "'' '■■■"'' ""^ ""^^'' "-• ^^"' S<--' "f «•« State of 
C.alilornia to be athxed this t\\enty-r.fth da) ot January, 1946. 


lioi.fnor ol Ibi Mil, of Ctlilornit 



StcrrlJfy ti SMt 



^xcfutiDc I?>cpartnicnt 

^r.itf of (r.iliforiii.i 

P R 


M.aut, Hti ve I'aco our postwar :>rabloi,i!?, that ve 
o ijreat factors which Igd to the recent nillUrrv 
i" /':,' ^fC'-'''^^'^^sh tMn victory pei ):ac in amy land. 

Jff!^!?, ^^^"'^ ''^' '•■''^^y *""'' te^iwork. There vas .... i^^m 

f't.inction rniione reason oi xiace, color or creed dur- 

.cvr. mrr.t v. V; •, : . There Is eiqual need for the some 

ty and teamwork as we confront 

.- 1 ■. 

xj stec! 

• ! >nuy need the aairee kind of teamwork today 
wei-o achievine oujr cutstajidinc war record- 
•oi.xc throuch the furtherance of the rel3 clous 
Mrier:!tfmdine, frlendllneps and cooperation. No- 
^dny Is the need (itpeater, for l;ere in our 
f ](■.!• Inc.' 700, OOQj veterans of the war re- 
ii life. I Added to this, we face 
momy whjlch caji absorb success- 
.';ie to CripLifornla to assist in 


reasons I conuacnd to all; of our citizens the ob- 
i.-.erhood Week and do hereby proclaim February 17 
RKOTHERIIOOD WEEK in California. During this 
that in all the conir.iijnl tl es of the State 
■i will be created to give eciphaalg to the ^reat 

Ties r— V. ;..> BrotherJ.ibod Veek is annually 
' ^'f^ I'once of Christians and Jews. 

^.. ;.u.. racrlf..ce i v-r jnust be made to write these 
-les aiure deei'ly Into the hearts of all if we are to 
a type oi perraan. . n^ce which b:f-lngs freedom of oppor- 

TN VJ'vm-^i, '..,,^j.^.:r, I have 
! ei'eunt(j set ray hand 
and caused t!.e Great 
Seal of the State of 
Cal ifMrnia to be af- 
fixed^th day of 
February, TTD. , One 
Thousand lUne Hundred 
.a<p Porty-slx. 


Qrovernor of California 





^xcrutiDc Bcpartmcnt 

!s>m{ of Cjlirornia 


Wm. RIAS, the Legislature of the State of California convened on January 7, 1946, 
m ivtr^ioriliniry session pursuant to my Proclamation dated January 2, 1946, and is now 
in session; and 

W'HI RI AS, on account of extraordinary occasions which have arisen and now exist, 
It IS deemed desirable .\ni\ necessary (o submit additional subjects to the Legislature for 
consideration; now, ilieiefore. 

I, EARL WARRLN, Governor of the State of California, by virtue of the power 
vested in me by law, hereby amend and supplement my Proclamation dated January 2, 
1946. by adding the following ailditional purposes thereto, and thereby permitting the 
Legislature to legislate upon the following subjects, in addition to the subjects specified 
in the original Proclamation and in the amendatory and supplemental Proclamation dated 
January 2<, 1946: 

68. To consider and act u|wn legislation to make the provisions of law applicable 
to commercial fishing in Fish and CJame District 12B also applicable to such fishing in 
portions of lish and Canu- Oisiriil 12 in San Pablo Ray and Carquinez Straits. 

69. To consider and act upon legislation relative to the options to make contributions 
to the State Lmployees' Retirement System granted to patrol members and warden 
members of the system by Sections 20602, 20602.1 . 20602.5, and 20602.6 of the Govern- 
ment Code, and to extend the period for the exercise of those options. 

70. To consider and act upon legislation relative to retirement allowances payable 
by the State F.mployees' Retirement System in of retirement for disability. 

IN Wrr NLSS W LILREOF, 1 have hereunto set my hand and caused the Great Seal 
of the State of California to be atfi\ed this twelfth day of February, 1946. 


(Mtnnot of ttr %ttle of CJifornit 

At lei I: 



3:xffUtiVic Bcpartincnt 

:^t.itc or £.iliforiiui 


Mllllona of people throughout our land will be called 
upon during the month of March to help Insure the continuance 
of programs vhich contribute to the strength and well-being of 
the men and women who won victory for America in the war. Ttie' 
sliootlng part of the war jn over, but individual responsibility 
on the home front continues. First comes the obligation of 
helping the wounded and the broken back to health and useful 
living. Second comes the need for maintaining the morale of the 
men in our armed forces still on duty in foreign lands. 

In one great humanitarian organization, the American 
Red Cross, opportunity exists for all of us to have a part in 
these progreuna. The American Red Cross daily renders service 
to thousands of our boy? In military hospitals and to hundreds 
of thousands of boys who are still overseas in the armed forces. 
It daily extends assistance to tlie victims of aggression in many 
lands and stands ever ready on our home front to assist in 
emergencies whIcVi arise out of floods, fires or other catas- 

It is with these thoughts in mind that I call the 
attention of all California citizens to the annual Red Cross 
fund raising campaign and do hereby designate the month of 
in California. I do so in the belief that Californians want to 
share responsibility for Red Cross programs and with confidence 
that tliey will be generous in their response. 

hereunto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
California to be af- 
fixed this ^^*^day 
of February, A. D. , 
One Tliousand Nine 
Hundred and Forty-six. 

Gjvernor of California 


Secretary of>Mate 

^KfutiDc department 

^Mtf ofealiforiijj 



due ii ?,.. f ■ r°'P^''^*y °^ ^^« f^«°Pl« °f Callfornlu 

mount inr'' "'"^""'^^ *^^ "^^^ 'natural wealth resident in her ^ 
mountains, valleys, and tho »aters of her rivers and adlln-nh . 
ocean. l^.pacially evident during, this rirft post-war yiar Is J 

a rrcullCr.f ■'''i'?'"''^ ''^'^ '^^'^'^^ ^^^^"^ condition, on our fine I 

off^- ^f ° J-' ''"'^ "^"""^^ ''^"^"'^ ^i*"^^*^ products, our vast i. 

reorrtlonal'rL' 1?;%' '''''' -^'^^^^'^^ *«ter resources ^nd the I' 

recreational Jacilltles on oui- mountain and seaside playgrounds. ! 

'-.' nonfn!t?o^ resource, undur the manifold demands of an Increasi 

tive that we compensate I'or theso ravages of war within n^^^L , 
i-'ortunataly, the ;jeople of the State are awakening, to i-h.4« i 

Callfnin^i'o*^ <" thought in mind I, Karl 'Aarren, Governor of f 


hereunto set my hand and 
caused the Groat Seal of 
the State of California.^ 
to be affixed this ^P^ 
day of^^;^,^:i,^^^_,_^ , A.D.," 
One Thousand N I ftb Hundred 
and Forty-Six, 

Governor of California 

ATTEST* ' -^ 

- ■' > V ^ 

SecretarjC^of State 

ixccutiuc department 

^tJtt of Colifornij 


For the first time in five years Army Day comes at a 
time vhen our Nation Is at peace. Our Army has participated in 
a great victory for freedom and decency. Many of the millions 
who swelled the ranks of the Army for the duration of the war 
have returned to the pursuits of civilian life. Observance of 
Army Day this year will therefore not only honor the peacetime 
Army now being built but the millions of veterans of World War 
I and World War II now living as civilians in our communities. 

The day is one which we should dedicate particularly 
to remembrance of the sacrifices of those who fell on foreign 
soil and those who lie in our hospitals. They have enriched 
the traditions of American patriotism and loyalty. Their ex- 
ample shines as an inspiration to all their countrymen. 

In harmony with action by our national government, 
I, Earl Warren, Governor of California, do hereby proclaim 
Saturday, April 6, 19*^6, to be ARMY DAY in California. In so 
doing I call upon all our people to join in public recognition 
of the accomplishments of our Army; to honor the veterans of 
World War I and World War II; and to pay tribute to those 
young men and women who have chosen peacetime military service 
in our Army as a career. Let there be flags displayed at our 
homes and places of business and a rededlcation to the great 
principles which our Army has so successfully defended. 

herevmto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
California to be af- 
fixed this Jif day 
of 'Hf^f/. A. D.", One 
Thousand Nine Hundred 
and Forty-six. 

xed this ^f 

ousand Nine Huj 
d Forty-six. 

Governor of California 



Secretary of. 



ixcnititic Bcpartment 

5tate of California 


History teaches, and the recent war has doraons trated 
for a new generation, that freedom cannot long exist without 
popular understanding and appreciation of its meaning and of 
its opportunitLes, 

Durliig the years juat aliead we will need more than 
ever before the humanizing influences and understanding wlilch 
aro the natural outgrowth of a liberal education. It will be 
much more tlxan just an ordinary duty for communities to pro- 
vide good 3chools for children. Tlie background of training 
which they receive will be the force which not only safeguards 
democracy but wYiich provides leadership for world advancement. 

California's treiaondous increase in population, the 
educational needs of hundreds of thousands of veterans and our 
changing economy have all contributed to the need for a re- 
evalxiation of public school programs in our State. It is more 
urgent today than ever before that public awareness of the im- 
portance of our public scliool system be raaintalned at a higlier 

Vith this thought in mind, I, Earl Warren, Governor 
of California, do hereby proclaim the period from April 3 to 
April 13, 19^*6 to be PUBLIC SCHOOLS WEEK in California, and I 
urge upon all parents and adults the joining in programs 
through whicl) they may more thoroughly acquaint t}iemselves 
with the educational services, facilities and needs of our 
State. * A A A 

'^*^^^ \".1>- ^M^ IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have 

hereunto set my hand 
and caused the Great 

Seal of the State of 
California to be af- 
fixed this ^V ^day 
of April, A.D., One 
Thousand Nine H\indred 
and Forty-six. 

Governor of California 

Secretary^f State 

t».p*My SaoKtty oy»j|| 

f xccutlDc Bcpartmcnt 

St.itc or (£alirornij 


month or A?^ir,\''^v'^°'^T°^? ^^ presidential proclamation, the I 
month of April has been designated as Cancer Control Month! 

un>n«n «„^ Cancer is rated as the greatest killer of American 
women and the second greatest cause of death among America^ 
Toli .r^^^iit American Cancer Society contends tlilt this Snual ' 
toll of lives can be reduced from 30 to 50 per cent throui^h 
education of the public to recognize concerns d^erslSs 
and to seek Immediate diagnosis and treatment. signals 

i« -h^ During the month of April the American Cancer Society 
is to conduct a nation-wide campaign to increase awareness of 
general precautions which should be followed in the flJSt 
against this greatest destroyer of American lives? 

4.^. ^®lievlng It important that every step possible ba 

JS^L^S""""^^ ^i'^''^ *l'^ ^"^^ *^°11 °f this dreaded dlsiase 
can be decreased, I, Earl Warren, Governor of California do 

MSS^r?he^3?ate'orf?if T^^' l^"^ *° ^« CANCER CONTROL 
MUftiH in the State of California, and do hereby urce all r^t1 

zens of the State to give asslst^ce to the progrll of the 

^'l^'^^^n'^^"^'' ^^'^^^ ^"^ ^"^ ^" t^« eduSatlo^l campaign 
to lessen cancer's annual toll. — ^yaxjin 

hereunto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
California to be af- 
fixed this ^*^ day of 
April, A.D./TJne 
Thousand Nine Hundred 
and Forty-six. 

Governor of California 


^^^-^n %,*.aif /iAy^i 


SecretaryWf State 


^icfutitir department 

^tatc ofeaiiforiijj 

P ft C L 


or Central a„a Sou'th'liLTcr"""-' ^» "- ^vlnt," rJJubSc"" 

thought In »lnd Sri Jf?, ™?"« "'"ons 2d lJ\^'i? .?"•»«'• 

South A,.o;ici! '^°'""*= "' ^"o "l^^'^epuMlS'ofcsntJIl"""- 

do hereby proclaL^April'i w^ barren. Governor of p«i.^ 
international Sffn^w *^^'^ ^^^^ they Jli? h^'^fP^^^^^^d for 

«id caused the Great 
;^eal of the State or 
California to be a? 

Governor of California i 

Secreta^of state 

^xcrutioc Bcpartnitnt 

^Mtr of Californij 


Believing that every American, regardless of 
political affiliation or conviction, has a duty as well as the 
right to vote, I hereby urge immediate participation by Cali- 
fornia citizens In a campaign to increase registration for the 
State primary election to be held June 4th. 

California is now the third state in population in 
the United States, but its registration does not yet properly 
reflect ita recent growth. Thousands of California residents 
have so far failed to place themselves in a position to partici- 
pate in the determination of the postwar policies of our State. 
The right to vote one's own conviction Is a principle of 
democracy for which millions of young Americans recently offered 
their lives. Tlirough military victory they preserved this riglit 
for all and made it more than ever a patriotic duty to be ful- I 
filled by every citizen. ! 

For these reasons I urge the launching of campaigns I 
in every community in California to increase registration for ( 
our coming election. To encourage such activity, I, Earl Warrenj 
Governor of Ciillfornla, do hereby proclaim each day of the week 
beginning Monday, April I5 and ending April 20 to be REGISTRATICN 
DA13 in California, and express the hope that April 25, the last 
aay on which to register for the Jvme state primary election 
will find our total registration reflecting more completely the 
willingness of all our citizens, new and old, to narticipate In 
the determination of our State policies. 

hereunto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
California to be af- 
fixed this /to"^ Day 
of April, A. D. One 
Ttiousand Nine Hundred 
and Forty- six. 

Governor of California 



*«^*-iWt' ^f"^'- , J 


Secretary of State 


^xcfutitjc Bcpartment 

Starr of daliforiiu 


a time wheJ there Is special n.«H ^''''^^^'<'°^^^ this year at 

a Divine Inspiration wMch las outML^^i?^^^ '^^^ *^«^« '^ 
destruction. outlived all wars and man-made 

Holy Week will be observed for fVin ri^o*- *•« 
by a world at neaca Tt «ni vl C . first time In years 

men and women, ??red oJ warWme e^n!!r^^ ""^""^"e ^ P«^i°d when 
only the consSlaUon ?o be deJtveS'^^jJr'!'' T^' "^^'^ "°* 
suffering of the cruclfiPri 0^^;!^ v r^^.^™^'"^^^^® °^ the 
comes from His eternal teaches A^ ^^^ Inspiration which 
moral standards with the Jesu?t?;. ^^^^''^''v ^""^"S letdowns in 
that such departures fr!m hlS^?fnH^^ v^^" '"^^•'^ return., 
and corrected. Thls^ nlZ Is^pres^Sf ln'c«n?oin?«^ recognized 

T/nVn'itl; wKf Jh\^^??sneiri^^^ ¥ -'--" -'^-^s^- 

resfeot the Wsl,,; or 111 .I^^LS '^^"T".""''''''*""" »>"• state I' 
selles fro., thelraull^^foTirjS.SJe'jJ'S^.eV"!??"" ''"°- 

hereunto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
California to be af- 
fixed this //J^dBiY 
of April, aTTT, One 
Thousand Nine Hundred 
and Forty-six. 


^S»v-' -. 

,^'^ Governor of California 
•"■'^ ATTEST: 

Secretarj^oF State 


i:XCfUtl\)C ©CPtirtniCIlt sweet potato VfEEVIL KXTERIOR QUAIiANTINE 
:c»t.ltC Of ejlirorilia (quarantine Proclamation 9) 

Notice of Q,uarnntine: It having been determined by the Director 
of Agriculture that a dangerous pest known as the sweet potato 
weevil new to or not heretofore generally distributed in this 
state exists as hereinafter described, I hereby establish a 
quaj-antine at thf boundaries of the State of California in ac- 
cordance with Section 106 of the Agricultural Code of the State 
of California hereinafter setting forth the name of the pest 
against which the quarantine is established, the area under quar- 
antine, the commodities covered, and the restrictions governing 
the entry of such commodities into this state. > 

(Reference: Title 3, California Administrative Code, Chapter U, 
Subchapter 3, Group U, Plant Quarantine) 

Section 32?? C.A.C. is hereby revised to read as follows: i 

3257, Sweet Potato Weevil Exterior (Quarantine 
(i^uarantine Proclamation 9) 

A quarantine is established effective 
against the following pest, its hosts, and possible carriers: 

(a) Pest , Sweet potato weevil ( Cylas formioerius . Fab.). 

(b) Area Under Quarantine . All states, districts and 

,^ , tenitorles of the U.S. except the State of Arizona. 
(b-1) Infested Area , ' 

ALABAMA: Counties of Baldwin, Mobile, and Washington, 

FLORIDA: Entire State except the counties of Bay, Cal- 
houn, Escambia, Franklin, Gadsden, Gulf, Hamilton, I 
Holmes, Jackson, Jefferson, Leon, Madison, Okaloosa, 
Santa Hosa, Wakulla, Walton, and Washington. 

GEORGIA: Counties of Brooks, Camden, Chatham, Col- 
quitt, Grady, Glynn, Mcintosh, Thomas, Tift, and Worth. 

LOUISIANA: Parishes of Acadia, Allen, Ascension, As- 
sumption, Avoyelles, Beauregard, Calcasieu, Cameron, 
De Soto, East Baton Rouge, East Feliciana, Evangeline,! 
Iberia, Iberville, Jefferson, Jefferson Davis, Lafay- j 
ette, Lafourche, Livingston, Orleans, Plaquemines, 
Point Coupee, Rapides, Sabine, Saint Bernard, Saint 
Charles, Saint Helena, Saint James, Saint John the 
Baptist, Saint Landry, Saint Martin, Saint Mary, Saint 
Tammany, Tangipahoa, Terrebonne, Vermillion, Vernon, 
Washington, West Baton Rouge, and Viest Feliciana. 

MSSISSIPPI: Counties of Greene, Hancock, Harrison, 
Jackson, and Walthall. 

TEXAS: Counties of Angelina, Aremsas, Atascosa, 
Austin, Bandera, Bastrop, Bee, Bell, Bexar, 
Blanco, Bosque, Brazoria, Brazos, Brooks, Burleson, 

^xccutiuc Bfpartincnt 

3tatc of (Loliforiiij 


, Colorado, . , Cone 

lA, Ctilhoun, Cameron, 

■hb, Coryv?r " 


> . . . 

ton, '.( 

■^.Jr^f'-^'^. ^ , Conch^, Cory.-n, Crane,, Diramit, Duval, || Mwards, Fayette. Fort 
a-jlve-BLon, GUlespiel^ Goliad, L^on?.Hles, 
ialupe, Hamilton, Harbin, Harris, H&ys, 
, .nil, IrJon, JaoKEion, Jsisper, Jeff Devie , Jff- 
Jim Ho^V, Jim Jolls, Tarftes, KendHll, ilenedy, 
Mbie, a iiijifjy, ivleborci, Lumpasas, La St.lle, 
,, Liberty, Limeston, live Oak, Llano, Lo- 
u, lacLennan, Kciiullen, liashi, :.iatat;ordn, Imver- 
^'i\iv^, llenurd, I'llum, MilU, Mont.'oiaery, N.icog- 
t.on, IJueces, Orentje, :^eco3, Polk, Preeidio, 
I, .U.', Sabine, San An-.'uatine, San 
!i Patricio, ^an St-ba, ibcWf-ichor, Shelby. 
.tton, Tervh-U, Travis, iTrinity, Tyler, Uoton. 
, j/al Verde, Victorip, V/alfeer, i/aller, Washihg- 
ebb, .. ha rton, Willacy, Viilljiamson, Wilson. Za- 
nd /,.av>i]n. ■ ' 

,_ . \ 

■i -r-.'.;: 

^jj •■jrtMi^- of the Jtntep, Dis- 

nd Territovies of the United Etptes'under 

*. Uescribed in (b-1) above as "Infested 

.- rj<r.-: 

, vjm.o '.M-.r ^in^-J:^ draws, ana sliiins and sweet t)Ot^to 

-Chl^r'O yaiay ( Iroi ioeM batatp:^;, " ••■!• - .-iorv 


- I'OTaoen and Convo] vulu .^ shp. ) . 

''■^ ——' S~^ -.11 ConaaoditlQiB SxceTit Tubers Prc - 

rFoifi Ir' f a K i edTIruaT All conuiioditlss covered i n 


''?"'" Qxcent tui>'rG trmited -ind shic)»ed in accord - 
-i^^}} r;'"-';J:'--P-'' (■^'; Lh:1ow. ere hereby nrohl hn'f..^.^ ! 
'•' ■■ ' ■ ''•■■i-niu if ^rown, moked, or stored .vlth- 
rom the said Infesjted area described in I 

. ' —_:,-'- — "t.-''Lo 'x'..b-:i-- iJrov/n. Peic-:efl. or ;-tcr-3 d ..ith- ■ 
- -.- -.- - JLC-L±llJl£o:'iJ:ii.f::iate d ;.rea >l.(!]ii itt n.- V if 'Jreat'^rTt ': 
'^;-w; , - J.-. '-t potato tubers ^ro\i.%i, i>uu;cea, or Ktored ,', 

•' /u' ^ -^PP^d i'roin the said ijjftsted area described'' 

in (b-l) auov« shall be admitted into California only 
■•-vi.-iFd c;r;fi i-...jv., r,,.,:n fmnigeted:|{ut owner's risk) in i 

ohnmber{*) iby en at)proved method,' 
•d'^nce with paragraphs (4) and {U) ' 
i ffom nost4tre.".tment infesta- 

:lfT sh^-^ 1 bv 

Ji rector. 

3JKCutit)c department 

State of ealifornia 


Page 3 

(3) - 

eible U'l.l 

].1. Coiruiio d i t i > s 
.■ r Certi 'Tcvite 

from I-, oil i ti f e 3 1 e d >^»' '-^ 
aiy C'liil al 

itiee covered in (c) thove, if srown, packed, 
stoi-Bd (if stored) \.ithin und eliiipped from the 
infested are*, as described in (b-2) above, and 
sariie huve not at any time bften within the infe 
as described in (b-l) I'bove, will be admitted 
California; further provided sarrei are official 
tifieS in accordance .v5th pfragraiphs (4) 

out certi 

end ( 
excer)t thct morning -yjories are admissl 

;.dinis - j 
1 conunod- 
and I 

said nonf 
sted area' 
into I 

ly cer- 
A) (B) 
ble with- 

'icute frov! the noninfeste'-i area. 

( L ) Treatment and 


C er tlf iotej^ , 

Each lot 

.i-aent of restricted products must 
ertificate issued by the ai!|thoriz,ed agrioulturel | 
•tion official of the origini State, Territory, or ' 
1,/l; i.iict, setting forth the name ijend address of the ^ 
L^Mpper, number and kind of contaiiners in shipment or 
lot, manner of shipment, and '^t Initials and number if 
shipped by rail; >^iso 


. ] 
ji n 




liinped fro;.i Iiifi stnd 

Packed, or Stored ; 
Tlro^u The certifi-1 


,^..t.:. .-ov.frint; any lot or shiproent uf tubers grown, 

, r stored within or shipped from the in- 
r.iija irea as described in (ti-l) above, shall af- 
firii. that all tubers in said tot or shipment were | 
fumiKated iim^.ediatf ly prior tcj shipment under the ! 
personal sunervision of the certifying? officer for . 
a period of' four hours usin^: ftot less than 3i: poundsj; 
of nethyl bromide per 1,000 c^bic feet of sr>ace at i 
a temperuture of 70° F. or above or such other al- 
ternate treatment as the Dlre(jtor may approve after 
the effective date of this rejj;ulation and setting 
forth the nnne of owner or operator of the fumii^a- 
tion chairiher used and the dat^ of treatment. 

end A'Oreii wi thin 

subp:. : 

,;,"■■ I.', i. i,i V 
• which 
;,,■(.•„ i. in ciiid noni 
3e::uently hendled 
pocked or stored i 
utins wl thin the i 
shall affirm that 
companied thereby 
stored (if stored) 

d Pr(|>dupt3 Urown. Paclrqd , 

TTna s hipped I frog the Iioiilnfested 
"■'te shall be iseued under this 

, and untill the certifying:; officer 
oly determined that the restricted 

certification is r»'iuested were 
nfested area and not been sub- 
within the infested area nor 
n conjunction vdth tubers origin- 
nfested are6». The certificate 
all such rettricted products ac- 
hsve been gj'own and packed (fjid 

) within thi^ noninfested area as 

: ' . -f Calif rr'- . 

3:jcfutit)c Bepartmcnt 

^tatc of Cilifornia 

ntd. ) 

Paeje 4 

(If the or- d subsequent henclllna' of re- 

ftrictpuui- _:.... c;.;-j^,ct be dbtennined, 
must be treated -nd nertlfiedi in accordance 

vitt, o„f,— r. .:■:•• :; (_) above.)! 

-. jy ^-' '^' i-tlflca te to be I.I^iled . a copy of 
I lofite xv-suec i:. accoi'© vat!; tlis orc- 
■-'", di.ull also be mailed to the DiPHCtor of iurl. 
. ■ urc, rcrr:'f::rtr, Co 1 i f ornia ,; at tine of shipi^nt. 
^- ' ^ Tcn; 'J-: to 3156 Inclusive) 


United Stnt 

-■•T, J Oi'. 

^4^VVi' ■'-1^ deputiei^ of the Director and 

■ + ii.. r-t .,.,,p Q^g ero|)owcr'r' *- , rry out 


-■'^'' ''M 'i. eutv jxH,.i^t..d . Ifedeml ©xperimentpl 
*.;.t(> by or iut.tije re-^aept of the 
^' Aijricultiire, aire exempt fror^ vn the 

• u'lor ,unrfintine Hegujiations. 

-'O'iuncu J 

-.OV'-- 1- 

:>: i'urt;. 
■ f. ' on n o\y 

■ub.JHct to Otr,.:r kg.Te.s und I<epu - 
• "'ovecitnt v'iithiii tbe btate of '^ 
.-red by e ^ujtrnntine Regulation 

provisions lof any other rule or 
■■•' in.- y heref^fitf^r be ntublished. 

.__ ^ i^y ^iixterior: .uiy and 

i,';-.'^^ ''" ^^'^'i '^-it.iefa covftrea by any Kxterior 
.c;ul:;tion arriving in the Stetei of California in vl- 
• not in coLiplitince with the rejstrlctious thereof, 
•tely destroyed unless no detriment can be caused 
in th3 P, stnt« by the shipiiient. nf -^uch oorinodities 
'e withiTi the ST^ecifled time Units at the ontion 

-r ;:-ubj»;Ct 
in force 

It. ion 

;.,T)mntK of ootiunoditlr-p 'loverp.'i },^- ■,n:- "'■ .••.-+^v,p 

^xccutivic Bcpartnicnt 

;£»tatc of dalifornin 
Section 3257 C.A.C. (Contd.) 

Page 5 

Regulation must be held and not delivered to consifenee or agent 
until inspected and passed by the Director, his deputy, or by a 
State plant qutirantine officer. 

This proclamation supersedes Quarantine Proclamation No. 9 
(Revised) issued June 1, 1943, and also Amendment No. 1 thereto 
issued May 8, 1945; «nd being an emergency regulation shall taKe 
effect immediately. 

unto set my hand and caused the 
Great Seal of the State of 
California to be affixed this 

yf^ day of '^ji*^*--^ 
one thousand nlfne hundr 

hundred and 

* * ■ C * ~ y 

(Jovernor of California 


^ A 


Secretary of Slreta 




^xcnitivic Btpartnicnr 

5tJtc or California 

Tovin^''iif'''T''' "^y- '"^^^^^e on May 30 its first Memorial Day fol- 
loving the clu3o of another long and terrible war. Tlie people 

-^J 11 I^M 7^ ^^^'i"' *"* ^^° '^"^^ °^ '■'^'"^y ^1^««' Jielped preserve 
'^^.w ^ ^^^l'*'' "^^ opportunities of our .^rierlcLi way of life 
un this day we honor our dead. -lj-xw. 


..r ..,!.ve emerged from tl.Jr. ,.:reat war dedicated not only to 
:.l';;\^"i'^^^ K^ '"Tt\"" f""^ oquallty {guaranteed under our own con- 
otltutlon but with a larger obUgatlon to fulfill. Ve are now 
callea upon to live In accordance with the principles of the 
.nUed r.ations -. principles which call for mutual respect amontf 
rSli"lon ' regardless of the^r race or their ^ 

Vo hero Ir. America, and liere in Cnllfornla In articular 
have had a paji^t in elevating these great prlnclnles to tM s lAter- 
n.-Ltj.o!ial level. Having done so ve, and all who" live In free 
Araevlca must share in a double responsibility. Ve must live our 
uaily lives in a uanner which reflects our sincere belief In t>.ese 
principles al^d we rauat do our part toward having our Nation re- 
elect this boli-f In all its dealings with other nations. 

, No worse calamity could befall our state or Nation durinc 

til:- -■ year of our postwar period than a recurrence of the 
vav- ^ ,;otry tliat followed Vorld War I. Nothing could be more 
: arinlul and rob us more quickly of the fruits of our recent 
Victory than to have a revival, either in faot or in spirit of 
.'-uch organi'^atlons as the Ku Klux Klan. U|jless wo can'live'at 
:-eace and in harmony with our neighbors tl>e sacrifices made bv ' 
:,lllion£. of ioiiericano in this and other wars will have been in i 
vain ano there will be little hope for the estublishnent on a 
firm foundation of the principles of the United Nations upon whlcri 
we now dei>end for lastliig peace. "uxci^ 

. ..J''^*i"' ^'^?^® thoughts In mind, I, Earl l/arren. Governor of 
bal^fornia, do hereby proclaim May 30, 19^6 to be MEIviOKIAL DAY in 
California. On this holiday, dedicated to the memory of all who 
have aied in defense of our way of life, I call upon' all Call- , 
for-nlans to reaedlcate themselves to the great princinles through 
which peace can be maintained. I call upon every public employee '' 
a., well as our citizenry at lar^-e to give careful thought and ! 
attention to the evadlcation of the last vestige of bigotry from 
California to the end that the state In wh.lch the United Nations I 
principles were first written may better serve as a daily InspiraJ 
tion to ireedoEi-loving people throughout the world. 

IN V/ITHESS VliEREOF, I have hereunto 
set my hand and caused the 
Great Seal of the State of 
California to be affixed thl 
23rd day of May, A.D., One 
Thousand Nine }i'undre;j and 

atuiQ iMine jtiunarefl and I 




■Seer eta: 

<i£ California 




^xtrutiuc BEpartmcnt .^iDi^^ir no. i to 

3tatc of ealiforiiia cinnnY ruiiiT fly i?:(T;;!vIok i<:uAR/>?jTit:z 

l^ouarmitlne rrooloniatlon 8) 
Iect"or(b^??^nf'''^ f? "Nonmreated .rea" aE deacrlbed In Sub- 

(b-l) ^^onlI^foijtHa Areh : 

Orer.on; Counties of linker, Coos. Curry DouirlM« 
Jackson. Jo.ophlne. Luke. ::alheir. Umtin«^'and ^i^Jivm. 

effecrirl.,eaiui;;iy!'"" ""'"« ""' «'-^^^««''°/ regulation shall tolce 

I'; ■ ITrn'ES vvTIERKOF, I have here- 
unto set my hand and oaueed the 
Greut Seul of tlie i:tute of 
CnllfornlQ to be affixed this 

,^y day of 
Grid thousand nine filiXdred and 

Governor of California 


JJeorotary of LJti^ta/ 








^xcrutioc l?)epartincnt 

dtatt of CiliforiiKi 

HO. 1 ro 

( ii".rt i:tln« )*rocliusiitlo; ?'^' 

ilie ure»: u...:or iutirHntifio mk lUiBoriUd in ubawotlcn (b) of Sec- 
tion }<M} of tho Ciillfornlft ..auinistrBtlva code entitled "Plua 
wuroullo arA . ir?le i^«<s4^ot :,xtrrior ..utirfiiitlne" 1» hereby aniended 
te> reuu Hft rollo»«»; 


-r*tt_jj_u.i«r .ui,rui.t,;i;e. ^.11 etutes tuid dietrlote of 

t!.e nlted ..tiiteB etibt of tiic ..t<.te« of oiitiiiin, .yotiii,;, Colo- 
rado, uiM , ttw ; exloo ».na tj>.a folUmLu^ deucrlbed portion of fon- 
tuno, y<r.iiii4.', woxorudo, and :.ew I'.exioo. 


^£lor»3i- *■*»« oiitlre . tj.te e^ce;>t tJio rollowln*j 
iiitioa: — — — .— — o 

Cleiir Creek 










1m j'lbta 

Minor ft 1 

» Offtlt 






hlo I'lanoo 

Klo ciruade 



vina JUon 

Vma klKuel 



Montonu : -.tie eutiro . tuto except tho following 

Leer : <KSf-.o 
I Ittthuna 
;r :,lt(: 

Kew 14exloo ; 
Jttn Jucin. 

J of for son 

I Inernl 



Oliver F«ow 

"lie entire :itiit» 9X00]Dt the County of 

^yuniGj,; iam entire wtcte e^i^ctjot the Coiuitlee of 
-inof. ., ,v«»etw*itHr, . uclotte, *eton, mid Uinta. 

(afferftnoe: Title 3, C«tlifornia Adialnlstrative Code, luboimp- 
ter 4, v)r<)up }, la.-it ...uarnntinei 

3!xerutiOc ©tpartincnt 

State of California 

.-,:.:..■.:■.:.:.■.' ,.,:. 1 to 

C«OtiOR 3266 C, .C. 

Pag« 2 

unto 8«t ir.y hHJiU ujid ctiuend tJi« 

Ch-etit heol of tli«i v;tiito of 

Cnlifornlft to b« affixed t,hl« 

^3rd day of May 

one thouBniirt nlno hundred and 


4,TSMii: : 

'^Jli^iL^m^^ ^f^^^^.-*.,*-^..^ 

Uovnrnor of California 

floretiury of (i\^di% 

^unm Bepartment 

»d gave T)Jsi??„!'i*^»'-«.^°d» Into Si ^7' 3?!^ **>*» a 

-»» rirat raised" "^ 

•M ti. mqu«;L*"S'^ °l'»er,<u>J;'<,J9*« '«.f«8mit.d „°I j.- 

i;^earta th?SbS Sith ?h/'%^"^^°««d S ba^if kS^^^°'«1* and 
becajne the emhi«« , *^® splrlt of lustirf o 3^^^ "'•^ whose 
loving peoDl? Jk^ °^ national unlty^d fn f""^ ^-^^^anlty and it 
^"ifurled bv 1-^°!^°'^* *^'« vorld ^^^^^^''^P^^^Won to freedom 
allovirto^aj; p^'r""r** ^^^tth^se great n;.^%' fashionf^I^J" 
Let It be re^e^bered Sft^'l^'^" ^^ vgn^is^JoSlS*? fhould'Sj 
alvays been it has aiJo "^^^S® a^«3 bountiful o^ ^ beloved 3tat 
opportunities fn^ ^^^^^ °''ed its crowth ^ i " °^ State has i 

^^^^^A^ i^««utxnilly symbollzel 

^-■^^^™*^ IN WITNESS WIEREOP, i ^ave 

^reunto set 'ay S 
and caused the Great 

ctfir°^ «e State of 
California to be af- 
fixed this 7th day 
°f June, A.D., One 


Governor of California 




I '"■i'll».tT»It 1 

ft«r.ii»V Wavtary i 


t^ltcBtfoe department 


flag Day Sul'STnrrJ'JenJeSS^l'Jr^Jr^r "°^ "^^^ ^^i- 
historical events vhlch led ?^ fl ^.^l®, dramatic series of 

or .emeries - t.e -SeXr.r^,^t?ri:?^.eSiJii^s*^^ "°^ 

--J11 ^anJ*orLe??crS??ie^%^?od"f° -/-^ \'' ^^^^' *^-* ^ 
Sonoma and gave positive demons tJa??ono? ?hfi^^r?^"« ^°^ °^ 

California.s om°2i2'Lb?L'St^ flrs^^SiJi^^ "''°" ^« ^'^^ 

r•.olutla^^•JJfi;irs:t°Jun'e^^%6°".^^^^?'•^- ^- ^y 

^r special centennial olse^lnle oi^tLtJV^^''^'^ «= ^ ^^7 
•nd has requested that the Oov«^n«^ To ff^sing of the Bear Fla, 
proclal. the day to Se a Lg^^hSlfday. ''^'''°''"'* officially '^' 

owi PersoSl^SSSeJ^SLrtl! ^'^i" "•'^"•"^ «^^ ^^ keeping with mv 
atata'8 ew^y Ss?or^Jn»?H V°l^ °^ *^« ^^^ Flag aSd our ^ 

Igl yarrenroSi:^ S^SiJiJ^rS^do^^i^'^^'^'^^^^^^^ 
1946 to be a full and legal hSJSiJ: ^ Proclaim June 14 , 

Join in oS?eJJiSc«^„JicW?r?aSi *''** r°P^« °^ California to 
historical relational beJiiin^i^S'' "^^f'sta^dlng of the 
our latlonal Flag. One via ?I^»,^ * ^f^ ^^*« °f California and 

h-art. throbbei^ith JSe JJlSf Jriii? '"'"i'' ^^ ">«" ^^°«« 
b«cajM the enblem of national «n?;^''o^^°® ^^ humanity and it 
lovlag people throS^h^St toJ^vSSlJ^ ^ ^Inspiration to freedom 
Mftoled by nen detSalned thit ihi,-^® °V'^'' "^^ fashioned and 

Si^^rr^j^ ^« '°ot^ ?ioS;isrirv?ari,^'''"°'p'^'' shouid^e 

Jf* 1* ^» rwnembered that laree andhnnnM , "°'' °^ beloved Stat 

hereunto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
California to be af- 
fixed this 7th day 
of June, A.D., One 
Thousand Nine Hundred 
and Porty-Sij 

Governor of Californii 
Secretary o^ |tate 


IJiecutiot ©epartment 

^tatt of California 

P R p C L A K A 

T I 





It vaa one 1 „„rt> . State's beginnings. 

and har;JJu|°;''"?^al ot^erv^t^' artt^*^J''i^i''^ as l day 
P~0la.„ tSX"to"t' rLg%'^™?rday^'°aS»^^^ ?I. 

hearts t?^ibed Sith ?;/*"/^«^^°"»d S S^if kS^^^^'^^^ ^d 
became the *mM^ - *^® splrlt of iuati,.« « I^^^ "•^ ^hose 
loving peon?r i!"" °^ national unlty'^^d fn f"** humanity and it 

allowed to take ^nn^'"^?*^ *^«t these great n^,''^^ fashioned and 
Let It be remembIr«H ^'^ ^lovirlsh In vhari«^n^"°^P^*»« should be I 

'-^•■"■•^-^ IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have 

hereunto set'my h!^J 

Si °*il^?^ the GrSt 
?!S^°^ the State of 
California to be af- 
fixed this 7th day 
°f June, A.D., One 


Governor cf California 
Secretary c/^tate 

^iccutiuc Bcpartmcnt 

^ratc of California 

;) c 


■ r ~ *'" eentcmial of our ^tat^l^e^li^iH^'' '" 

'^-llfornla.n .rficial o,,a-,lc./va' lir^fSJ^-Jf ^^'^'^^^ ^^ ^-^^ 

resolution ^■oquectef ?hat"jui;'if ^104?^^^^^^^™!^ ^^^« by 
^ for 3 ocial ceatenalul ub.,er?ence'of Jr^ f ^^^i^u^atod .,s a day 
""^,. f^ requested tl:at the ioSnor of n. Tr''"? °^ "''^ ^°^^ ^^"^^ 
rocla.,. the day to be a lefial 1 o?Lav. ^"^"^^ officially ** 

-n^.or.oi;^l^;;SSer?Lrthe*siLr^r?^^ T ^" ^^^^^^ with .y 
btote's early Mr^torv -I -.nin f , "^ ^ *^^^ ^^'^ ^^^G aiid our 
K.--.rl Warren, Governor of en- ^^ 'T""-^^ '^^^ C«llfornlan? I 
^■•'^'^ ^- bo ' ruirSJd lecaf^SSy! ''^ ''^"'^'^ -oolai,a"jine'l4 , 

Jyiu in obcer^lLes^l^icif iiS'Txirth.f '-'.h'''^'^^"^ ^^ California to 
■ ^storical relationship betvei/tpTv^l'''^?''"^"^^^"^ ^'^ t].e 
our iMti -nal Piar on'^ u^^. \ , ^ I-ear Flag of CiJ.ifornla and 
l^earts tl robbed'Sith''?L"spiSt'-i?^^.i^?j'^^"^« ^^ aenTote^^ 

.n urle. b, .en --"-ed^t. ^.e^g^^^^^^ 

^^^4^ .een'ltlas-i-- ^f^^S^^j"- ^^ ^^ -^^^ 

jr owBQ it^ fcrowt].. Its progress and Its 

l^Tn'^^i f unshakable fStl in I 
two flues j3o beautifully syinbollze 

i;: l-'TTIJgS5 WnSREoP, 1 have ' 

creunto set my Leind ' 

ax>d caused tiie Great 
Seal of tl e State of 
California to be af- 
fixed this 7tl, day 
of June, A.D.. Cno 


Jptunltles to men and 
reat coneei-ts whici' 



I'iiousand Hlne 
nnjd Portv-Slj 



Gujpcrnor cf Califopo 

Secretari' Vjtate 

••«■ alv ScmUry i 

/J" -i / ' 

^xccutiDc Bepartincnt 

Rotate of ejliforiiu 

_ uvjrj y.; 

r'.;v--, fj /•'-;' 

< !« 44444 O ^>^V* 

^xccutitic Bcpartmcnt 

^tarr of ealifornij 


P F C L!/ 


, -uiint; the \mx euei'eeijicy, the California 
- X i-aci- to reerult the nftcessary working 

na, at the saiue tiine^ to protect perEons 

forces or ■• agaged in civilitm v;ar work 
- .ipete for penoanent ^tat^, eaolojnaent , 
' of its riopointiaenfls as duration 
■ ' , ...^'^iS^t'^"'''-' ^'®^° («i»ressly United in 

io.i ^^"00 of t]u^ Govemmeni} Code to the period 
"^Y, \:'lth tliu understoiidine ithat exaainatioaP 
jpointiucnts v/ould ;bo held at a tiiue 
•■■'^ ■ > ■'• Jirracd fdrces or had been 
-- i£, the eiraerrency period 
. T'tc if ■[/[),■; "eEired; and 

jj'ii'.o, ov^r b> _^u.r coiit of the pre-v/ar California 

■ . .-f^ ?nr"- .''' ""'"' ^°^'°^^^\ow returned to 
. xxffc, uid civii r workers are araia free to 

. f^^, «f ^oyraont , .^ny of the betuLtng veterans 

fn°. 7 worr.ers have ex^.r^ssed :, desire for 

«i V ■ , ^-e iStEtoPersonaelj Board, after studying; 
er, has round tl:at the best inteiJ^ts of the State '"' 
■ ■■ -'i by teruiinatiajs tli<= system of duration appoint- 
neen holdinp eTBniin..tion« for rn^lar permanent 
' oral months, 

now, Tlia^l.Oi.r, 1 huroby fina aijid proclaim that 
-t,Hi ^ '" ''' ^^?*i?" ^''"'"' of the Gbvermient Code of 
ac^ n. ' ., r^'-fS^' ' ^ '^^* purpose only) the 

unto Efct 4y hana and caused 
the UreutilSeal of the State 
of Califorinia to be affixed 
this 2nd 4ay of duly, A.D., one 
Thouscnd iMue Hundred and 

GoVf'i-iior of V, 

iSftcrft-j»^/of stnte 


^Xtcutltie Bepartmrnt 

^tatc of California 

/JHEULmim^T: wo. 2 to 
.a. IT FLY iiitTERiok ■.;,u;jl,u*:tii;]£ 

l^iuurantfno Procltiioatioii 8) 

: , eiitlt : 
lei.ded to r- 

"Wonlnf. ;:ti ] .a-ua» ^a described in Sub- 

--■cL^oii 32f,.o cr the Gulif(brnta i^dialiilstrati ve 
' -r'rry i-ruit tly Exterior iiuartuitine". is l^erel 

"llov/;;; ' 

(b-lj I.Tiinf.. 

-to'. Ai-,:;j 

.^lio^: Oouaf ier; of Luker, Coos^ Gurry, Douglas. 
., Jo^.pl.ine, L:.i:. , nai:enr, Urndtma.and Wallowa. 

r-. ,.->.- i'T';''' '!''''' ■• -yi^''i». ^■u-Iun, GoiuiiiLln, Douglas. feTv 
uui. iold,(,n, :,coln. Okanocan. Pond Orelllo, Ltel'ell', 

. "— — *^ "' except the Gbuntles of Benewah. 
' • . -roe. ' 


li. ^. J, I' 

effect ii,:.e:;j: 
May 23, 1946. 



rrit^, ,^u;.:idstrative Code, oubchap- 

"i?'^ "? ",S '""• -'ereency rfeijulutlon shall take 
■ana aha:i supersede Amendment llo. 1, Issued 

IIJ V/I11;fE3o ■.•rtffilUiOi-, I have here- 
unto set my hand and caueed the 
cireat tieal of the State of 


Cclifprnia to be affixed this 

^ '^ day of ■.-s^jC-f 
one thousand ^ine hifadred and 

< ■* 

J A 


ttovernor of Galifornia 

ATTEST : . (liKLt<,.*.c4U hyJ' * * ^ -.*' 

Secretary ^ijztixtB 


2:xccutlt)c Bcpartintnt 

ic»tatc of California 



WHFRFAK, an extraordinary occasion has 
arisen and now exlgtu r-xiulrlnii; that the Leslslntiire of 
the "tnte of Cellfornla be convened In extraordlnQrv session: 
now, therefor, 

I, EARL AH1;FN, r.ovGrnor of the State of 
rnllfornla, by virtue of the power and authority In me 
vontod by Section 9 of Article V of the Constitution of 
the State of Callfornin, do hereby convene the Lejlalature 
of the Ptste of California to meet In extraordinary aeaslon 
at Facrarientc;, California, on Monday, the twenty- second 
day of July, 1946, at 10:30 o'clock A,h'. of said day for the 
followln - purposes and to lo^lalate upon the 



1. To consider and act upon lerilslatlon to declare an 
:cncy in renect to the rontin >; of reoldentlal bousing 

::ccjiimoc^atlona, Includln.'; hotols rnd rooming houaea; to 
provide Sot the rc^ulntlon, control, and stablllzstlon of 
rent.'; In such hounln/^ acconmodatlonsj to re -ulnte the 
r>rocer]uvo 'or removal or ovlrtlon of tenants of riuch housing 
Dccomjnodf.tlon3; to pro vino for the administration and 
enforcement of such regulDtlon, control, and stabilization, 
iu nake funds avalla'-'lG i or nuch purposes. 

2. To approve or reject charters and charter amendments 
of cttiea, counties, or cities and countiea, ratified by the 
electors pursunnt to the Constitution of the 'tate of Calif- 

IN WITNErs V/rnREOF, i have hereunto sot my 
hand and causet^ the ireat Soal of the State of rallfornia to 
be nffi-ci this ri-rhteontli day of July, 1946. 

Governor of California 

-ecretary of State 

.'aM.«TA1N «i\n 

^xtcDtiot ©tpartment 


P p. C L A M A T I 

WHEREAS, the Lef-islature of the State of Calif onaia 
convened on July 22, 1946, in extraordinary session pursuant 
to my Proclamation dated July 18, 1946, and is now in session; 


VWERPIAS, on account of extraordinary occasions v*ich 
have arisen and now exist, it is deemed desirable and necessary 
to submit additional subjects to the Legislature for considera- 
tion; now, therefore, 

I, EARL VJARREN, Governor of the State of California, 
by virtue of the power vested in rac by law, hereby amend and 
supplement my Proclamation dated July 18, 19^6, by adding the 
following adiiitional purpoyes thereto, and thereby permitting 
the Legislature to legislate upon the following subjects, in 
addition to the subjects specified in the original Proclamation: 

3. To consider and act upon legislation to amend 
an act entitled "An act to provide for the acquisition of 
temporary and emergency housing facilities for veterans and 
families of servicemen by joint action of the State and local 
agencies, providing for the operation of such facilities, making 
an appropriation, and declaring the urgency thereof, to take 
effect immediately," approved Fobniary 15, 19A6, to make the 
act applicable to any college or university operated by the 
State or by any state agency, and to make an additional appro- 
priation in augmentation of the appropriation made by that act. 

/,. To consider and act upon legislation relating to 
the salaries of iiiembers of the board of supervisors of counties 
of the third class. 

5. To consider and net upon legislation to validate 
the organization, boundaries, governing officers or boards, acts, 
proceedings and bonds of public bodies. 

IN ViTLTNESS VJKEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and 
caused the Great Seal of the State of California to be affixed 
this twenty-second day of July, 1946. 

■'-vS- •>.--^^. 

Governor of California 

ATTEST: ^ ; , 

Secretary of State 




^xccutitic Bcpartmcnt 

^tJtr of (Tnliforiiia 



bombers ajid f?g) t^rs and to th.^ the men who flew our 
conimaiiders; It is an occasion fo^-f"?" leadership of their 
Divine Frovldenc^ ?Sr??e return of iJ"^ ''*''^';* ^''^"^^ *° * 
ie ^'Bcrifice. «^ernai peace for those who made the 

r.^nrle-r-ftd by our rallitai' lift .^^'''^" ^^'^^■^ces that will he 
•u^ -'cetime coS;i-.e ^ aviation In axtencUng the routes for 



1o?H-HS -"^-'^-' ?-r- 

hereunto set my liand 
mid caused the Great 
SeHl of the State of 
California to be af- 
fixed this j4Tt day 

2^ July, A. -■!)., ~oui 

I'nou&cuid iCii.e huiiured 
and Fort>-aljc. 

Governor of Callfc^nla j| 

i^xcfutitic department 

:^tJtc of Calirornij 


On August 1^, 1346, an event of far-T'i^aching Importanci 
occuried In our State wii«n the first newsriHpei' to be printed In ' 
the li-ncllsh Jani/uut:^ In C"" ifornlp. vas published at Konterey. i 

The "CfWSui'idixn" wa;i meagre in size, but mighty In ' 
. ft- a? .sertion of the democratic prlnclDlea that have made 
vjiiei'ica and California great. Tt stood for libertv under the 
law, freedom of r-neech and of the T.>ros8, religious" tolerance I 

■"'" ' ' ^ ■ ' ' ' ;' ( oublic welfare. 

T>io importance of th.ese nrinolples has not diminished. 
>•' --y are essential to the continuance of free government, and 
"ittl t.. the well-being of people tlirougliout the world. 

They are strengthened and perpetuated when we have a 
free exchange of Information, Huch as is provided bv the news- 
pp-.ers of Cellfornia. The history of journalism in* our State 
'.3 brilliant with examples of devotion to the public welfare. '' 
The example 5;et by Robert Semple ajid 1/alter Colton in the ploneei^ 
newspaper they founded one hundred years ago has been an in- | 
svil ration to the editor;- and publishers of today. I 

The place or the newspapers in a deinocracv Is one of ' 
opportunity for :!ervlce. In tliem is reposed the confidence of i 
the people that they will report the truth^ fearlessly Interpret 
It ftjid fight corriu/.iun h.nn onpression. 

T, EfvI l/arrtMi, Governor of California, therefore 
proclaim August 1k, 19^6, as NEWSPAPER CENTENNIAL DAY In Cali- 
fornia, for the purpose of calling the attention of the people 
of our State to tlie continuing Importance of the freedom of the 
^'res3 . 

hereunto set my hand 
tixid caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
Californlt. to be af- 
fixed this ^"gf day 
of July, A. nr)^ One 
Tliousand Nine Hundred 

Governor of California 

ATTEST: ^^ >. > 

Secretary Viy Stai 


--- -— (r? 

ifxtcutiVJt Bcpartmcnt 

^tatt of California 


WniiRFAS, An extraordinary occasiDn has arisen and now exists requiring that 
the Lcsislature of the State of Cahfornia be convened in extraordinary session; now, 

I, l-ARL \('ARRI:N, Governor of the State of California, by virtue of the 
power and authority in me vested by Section 9 of Article V of the Constitution of the 
State of California, do hereby convene the Legislature of the State of California to 
meet in extraordinary session at Sacramento, California, on Monday, the twenty- 
second day of July. 1946. at 10:30 o'clocli A.M. of s.aid day for the following pui^oses 
and to legislate upon the following subjects: 

1. To consider and act upon legislation to declare an emergency in respect to 
the renting of residential housing .xccommodations, including hotels and rooming 
houses; to provide for the regulation, control, and stabilization of rents in such housing 
accommodations: to regulate the priKcdure for removal or eviction of tenants of such 
housing accommodations; to provide for the administration and enforcement of such 
regulation, control, and stabilization, and to make funds available for such purposes. 

2. To approve or reject charters and charter amendments of cities, counties, 
or cities and counties, ratified by the electors pursuant to the Constitution of the State 
of California. 

In Witness Whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the Great Seal 
of the State of California to be affixed this eighteenth day of July, 1946. 

-^^/>ii.,^t^ f ^^^••J^^t'-t-^-M. 



GoiernoT of Ctlifornit 

/^ / Secreltry of 


^immt ©cpartmcnt 

3tatc of Californij 


W, .PRKAS An extraordinary occasion has arisen and now exists requiring that 
the^Le«.sIaturc of the State of Californ.a be convened in extraordinary s^ssion^no;! 

I. EARL WARRI:n. Governor of the State of California, by v.rtue of the 

sTairoTcin" r r T' '' '-"'''" ' "^ ^"'^'^ ^ ^^ ^•'^ constitution:' th 
State of Cal.,orn.a. do hereby convene the Legislature of the State of Cahfornia to 

meet .n cxtraord.nary session at Sacramento. California, on Monday, the twenty 
second day of July. ,.46. at 10:30 o'clock A.M. of said day for the folding TZs 
and to lc«.sl.,te upon the following subjects: Purposes 

1. To consider and act upon legislation to declare an emergency in respect to 
the rent.„« of„tial housing accommodation.,, including hotels and rim ng 
houses; to prov.dc for the regulat.on. control, and stab.lization of rents in such hZ ^f 
accommodafons; to regulate the procedure for removal or eviction of tenants of such„,v; to provide for .he administration and enforc mcnt of it 
regulat.on. control, and stab.h.ation. and to make funds available for sZ^:!;^. 

2. To approve or reject charters and charter amendments of cities counties 
:; Sw'"""- ''"'-' '' ''' ''-'-' ~ - the Consftution c5 r sl^ 

''^ W. TN. ss \V„,R„o,.. I have hereunto set my hand and caused the Great Seal 
of the State ot Cahfornia to be affixed this eighteenth day of July. 1946 

'^^^i^^.^ 4^<^-«*^^t-t^_^ 

Gnirnior of California 

Secretary of State 

^tm ofdaliforiiu " 


c^a^e vhl?h'ifS:3'li.;"r3:? SJ?lcl°L?/'''?^ °' «'°^th and 
la the decisions which muEtbi ^I ?t*^°'* °^ •^•''7 cltlren 

many nev problems to aolve It n^ T^'J ^ff'''''' ^^ ^^ har' 
ainoag all the states Ir th0 U^o? ^^^"^ ^^^^ ^ Population 
actions vlll have IncreaslL Snu,„"^ doclslons bjxA its 
our entire Ration. «*^''-»-'^ influence upon the well-being of 

first for maJorlty^iSresslnn 2'^^ '^^^ opportunities call, 
individual li a dLSS^rs'SShT ou^^ ^Jorlty rule, si^h 
responsibility of mak-in), o +f ?^^' ^' entrusted vith th« 

L°ntal'' '' r4l3terSlS*t: fail ^^-'eoie^rr^'r'f °" ^--^^'•. 

forr^a, Ao'^here'JrurgrjSJJ'or^i^r'/'^r"' 0^^-^"°^ oi* Cali- 
corxninlty in the stat? to incrfls«''^f f^f'^'"! ^*' '"^^i^ 1" 'vSy ' 
seneral election. To encoi,?age ?hirfi?^f?^°? ^°^ ^^^ November 
the days froti September 10 to pa" , ^'Ctivity I hereby proclalMi 

tot'o?^ ^Kf <^1 citlzenp to^Ske Cal?filV?^^^°^"^'^' ^ I do 
totals reflect the vllitiJnesror -ii fl*.^* "* i-©filrtratlon 
participate in th. deto.Sryon^y^oV^^--.^ ?o7ic^^?'-' *»' 

hereunto set my hand ' 
and cau.ed the Great ( 
Soal of the State of ' 
California to be af- 
fixed this ^7!5< day 
of September; A. D.f 
one Thousand Ifine 
Hundred and Porty-slx. 

Governor of California 

3!xecutit)c Bcpartmcnt 

;c<tatc of California 


■U-HEREAS the United Service Organizations, familiarly 
KHoyn after more than five years of service to the Armed Forces 
as the USO, Is conducting a drive for funds for Its final year 
of operation, and ' 

TrfflERtJ^S the USO Is an agency which provides for the I 
spiritual welfare and recreational needs of our Armed Forces at li 

homo L.IH} overseas, and ' 

ii c:ao -,<)f'^^^? California is called upon for contribution of 
IZ'^^i' . ^^ ^^® ^^'^^^ °^ ^h® national goal of $19,000,000 for 
the final year of USO operations, and ,y^w lor 

VffiREAS these l\inds will be used to meet vital needs of 
the men and women of the »rmed Forces in military and Naval 
establislunents in the United States and overseas, and of veterans 
in Army, Navy and Veterans Administration hospitals, for all of 
whom the war is still not over; 

.r P.-,,.. "^V' ^^^RF°"^' ^' ^^^ WARREN, Governor of the State 
oi California, call upon all persons to support this final USO 
Campaign to the utmost, either through the Community Chest or 
through local USO Campaigns, to the end that USO may complete 
its job for the Armed Forces and that our people may meet the 
challenge: "Don" t Let Them Down." jr ««i.txie 

hereunto set my hemd 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
California to be af- 
fixed this 3to cy day 
of September, A.D., 
one thousand nine 
hundred and forty- six. 

Governor of California 



/,..w •« .,,,....~i« ,1.,,' . 

L A 




2:xcfutiV)c Bcpartnicnt 

State of California _ ,- ! 

^ "I ^ 

Fire during the past year has exacted another heavy i 
! :i in llvorj, proijexMr.y and resourcoa v.lthin our State. This 
daatx-uctlon has taken place at a time when our State Is 
experiencing an unprecedented shortage in housinjj and essential 
building materials. It occurs at a time when throujihout the i 
ration shortR"'-' -".-ir-^ '.v'r'^'i' ad'J to tVie severity of all losses ' 
from fire. 

'.: : . the public purpose of reducin^^ 
and ollmlnutln,; orovtintu'ul'j fife leases, tlie week of October 6 
to IC has beon proclai.iied nationally as National Fire Preven- 

•*■ I on '.^eok. 

n support of this national prof^rain and also for 
the purpose of addlnr; emphasis to the special need for fire 
prevention In California during this period of shortage, I, 
Earl Warren, Governor of California, do hereby proclaim 
Octo'osr G to 12, inclusive, to bo Fire Prevention Vi(©ek in 
California. Oux-lng this week It is my hope that fire preven- 
tion educational prosraina will be jjlven attention by all of 
our citizens and that understandinti will be increased that 
the responsibility for fire prevention rests upon the shoulder 
of all. In our homes, in our places of employment and on our 
highways . 

hereunto set my hand 
and caused the Creat 
Seal of the State of 
California to be af- 
fixed this Ist day 
of October, A.D., 
one thousand nine 
hundred and forty-six. 

■jQvjrnor of California 

Seer arVcpf/state i 

3:xccutiuc department 

iDtatc of California 

I, A 1-1 A T I N 



By Act of Congress tl^e first week In October of 
e-ich year has been deaignatec] as WatlonaX ILmploy the 

nn\l'. canned Veelc. 

.-•1 ■•- 

'n the employm 
oroployers vltl 
Ing the p}iyElc 
of a job. X ur 
Physical h.andi 
lipnd leaps and 
nlace In all h 
sjid the rlglit 

e ournose of this week Is to stimulate Interest 
ent of handlcanped Individuals and to acquaint 

the many opportunities for intelligently watch- 
si canaclty of a man vith tlie physical demands 
formtuice studies have lon^;; since proved that 
caps do not necessarily constitute occunational 
that physically handJcapned nersons have a proper 
iring nrograms wlicl seek to match the right man 

In compliance with the will of Conjures s and a 
proclamation of the President, I, Knrl Wai^ren, Governor of 
California, do hereby proclaim the week of October 6 to 12 
\iEm in California. During this week I urge all the civic 
Industrial, educational and religious leaders of our State' 
to add their sunport to n sustained nrogrsjn for the utilization 
of the abilities and capacities of our physically iiandlcapped. 

IK wiTr/i::;:: v.iiereop, i have 

hereunto set my hand 
and caused tlie Great 
Seal of the State of 
California to be af- 
fixed this 3rd day 
of; October, A. D., 
one thousand nine 
hundred and forty -six. 



Governor of Callfornln 


Secretary /of /state 


^xccutiDc Bcpartincnt 

^tJtr of (California 

P K q C L A M A T I N 

^„ T . CaHfyrnla newspapers will from ©ctobpr. v f,-. lo 
inclusive, partlclo.te In the observance'of'^JaUonlr Neia^a., 



public service beliifi rendered bithi^r .^i'® '"^^^ ^^^^^ °^ 

It vlll be a week Srlnr wM.h „i^ cormriunlty news.-apers. 

to take time to refleo?\pon the i«?«ti '"^f*'"''^ ''^ "^^^ ^^^^^^ 
to our way of life. relationship of a free press 

in CaliforS^?S'^",!?f ,:??^rr'""?rt"''^ 'r^ f^^^^ ^iGmrioanci 

^^eL;f '^^!;'^?r^' -uiioItLi^ln oSr^sta^r^T S/-;--?f^ i 

pr'rha^'-^ivirrn^;:!^^':;;' rr '"^^-^ - '^ Califc.nia!'Vfree 1: 
our covcl.Sn? t ■ i . "', '^^"'^^'^^^^^''''"^ '^"^ leaaershir, to 

tc; the democracy wliicli we enjcj. 

daily makini- 




V;iTNE33 MfEREOF, J have 
hereunto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the otate of 
California to be af - 
I'ixed this 3o"C^day 
of CJepteraber, A.D., 
one thousand nine 
hundred and forty-six, 

oecretun^/f tJtate 

Governor of California 
ATTEST: . f f-) 






^xccutiot ©cpartnitiit 

State of California 


r.r...^l'■ '^^^'''^f'^- «o^«rnor o- the State of CaUfornla. do hereby 

^"sdL So fffirr fT'^l '^^ '" '"^^ throughout this State on 
.a«sday. tho fifth day of Novembor. 1946. at «l.ich the foUomnr 
offices are to be filled: ■i''"i"t. 


LrS!ITEI!A:JT 00V1-:rN0Rj 





eauall^tT'' f I'^' f'^'l ^''''^^ ^"^ EQUALIZATION from each of the four 
equalisation districts of th« State; 


ONE UNim) STATES SENATd? (Short Te™. Ending Januarj' 3. 1947); 

the t^r^'tr''"'"'' ""^ ™^' '"^^'''^'•'' ''^ "^ ™"E0 STATES from each of 
the t.venty-three conp;res3ional districts of the State; 

dlstrl't"^ f ff ''.'f '"" "'^'^ °' *^« follo^HK twenty senatorial 
districts of the State: Second, Fourth. Sixth. Eighth. Tenth T^lfth 

L'^trT"' J'^'TT- ^^'^'^^-^^' -r-ntleth. Tv.nfy.s;condX'nlJ ' 
I It' !:^"*y-«i'^«'' Tv,enty-elchth. Thirtieth, Thirty-second. Thirty- 
fourth. Thirty-sixth, Thlrty-eichth. Fortiettx; ^ 

iEMBras OF Tro ASSEMBLY from each of the eighty aa.embly 
districts or the State; »»'»«uiy 

pr8sorib»)d by law; ^-oitub 

DISriT,'!^ ^S;-;;,";";; :y;;^"^^:i'^- ^TST^rCT CO.VT of appeal. vtrsT APPELLATE 
DISTRI..,r, DIVISTON ONE, for the term prescribed by law; 

A.°PELLATK DISTRICT. DIVISI -N TWO. for thn terms pre7c;ibed I, law; 

AI-ELLATE DISTRICT. DIVISION ONE, for the tenuprefcrtbeSS law; 

APPELLATE DISTRICT. DIVIsroN m). for the tena prefcnbS^ law; 



^xccutioc department 

State of California 

ONK a:;sociate justick. msTHicT COURT or APPEAL, four™ 

JU>PVIIATE DISTRICT, for the tern prescribed by law. 

counties of the State, the number of judges to De 
torn, tuoreof bein,- as follows: 

TIEVAi>A-Ono (Full Term); 

RIVHRSTDE-One (Full Torn); 

SAN RKRUATIDINO-One-Offios No. 7> (Full Term); 

v> „4-h«r -ta+e snd oountv, towiship, district, or other 

rc-r a r»™rd of Ono Hundred Dollars ($100) for 

""I'rtU Ct'o^ »l.t'.-:.«:rnxp.„<i.. ^.. t,.. P.rpo.o r,.oh.. 

tl,e sura of Ten Thousand Dollars. 

in TTTMICSS -TVIiriREOF, I horounto set 
my hand and affix the Grsat 
Seal of the State of 
Califfrnii thlSj O X.Y ^ ^V 


Governor of California 
ATrinT I 

I'Ai— -^'^ 

Secretary of/S«te 

^xcfutiuc Bcpartmcnt 

^tatc of California 


one of the most encouraging developments in toerican 
life during recent years has been the manner In which American 
women have increased their participation In all programs In- 
volving community and national welfare. 

In office, shipyard and factory --in uniform and 
out -- the women of America served as a tremendous force for 
unity and accomplishment throughout all the years of the war. 
Today we find them continuing, as individuals and through their 
organizations and forums, to devote themselves to study and 
action in the many fields of postwar need and endeavor. 

In recognition of the community, state and national 
benefits being derived from this demonstrated willingness of 
American women to share more fully in the determination of our 
programs, I commend to public attention the observance of 
National Business Women's Vt^ek, October 13 to 19. 

As Governor of California, I, Earl Varren, do hereby 
proclaim October 13 to 19, 19^6, to be BUSINESS WOMEN'S WEEK 
in California and I urge that in all of our communities during 
this week added emphasis be given to the value of enlisting 
tV;e aid of women's organizations in every program which calls 
for a broad attack upon our social and economic problems. 

hereunto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
California to b^^ af- 
fixed this 
of October, A. D 

/'o ^ day 


Thousand Nine Hundred 
and Forty- six. 

Governor of California 



Secretary of State 


In e>» ofPc* of «S« StcTVinry ai SWi 
O* fSl> 5t»t« of Oi'iion'W 

OCT i I 19/tF 

FRANK M. J9|P0^,S«cret-o-olStat» 

MtM>>, (^44 «tOKi,k.((.Mi»>iir, nAIk i''>iNii)f 

^xcrutiuc Btpartmcnt 

^tatf of ejlifornia 

L ^ ^ ^ L -t'- K A T 1 


the Kevy of tho i;iilf 

It. men and .hip» Imve l- a fli^d us bv !r^^^' *"-^^'^^'^ly ^chi 
«no elowlncj exainnles of devotion fo I ^^^^^i-''"^'*' ^"^ Perform 
exploits on an tv,« «';."!'"•'"'" to duty. Throurii their 

" large and endur- 

exploits on aif "thrwa^e^rort^'^''"!^^*^:, Throuij>r their ^"'"""'^^ 
vJ^^lon a,KJ L'lven us Tnew r- ice tiSi''^? they have broadened our 

firyt lUw of -'r.f,,,,: .. '^'•'n^-eptJon of t}.e impoi-tance of nur 

^'^ an. Who ha^'u'rart^t vritLn^'Tr," '^T?''^^- ^*^^ °^ *r^^"^^> 
ciiapter of our hist ,r. TMs rVJt m ^'^^i'^"' '^"^ illuminating 

;- « fitting tii:^n^exV.efft¥ X^.^^"^ 1^'^^ ^'^^^ori 


Governor uf cJu foru a K nf ^^J. 7i'^" l^t'^" ^' ^''■^1 '^«^^en. 
national observance i^niv/C'' 7 r^^' ^*^ i-^''°*^^'™^ ^^^^ 
iy^^ to be mVT DAY f, Can fornix jtl^^ P^'oclatm October 27, , 
■ay tie people of Gal IforiJa Lj n \- J f" '"^ ^"^^''^ ^-^^"-^ '^" this ' 
Jonorlng all vJio h.Je 1 el It Ji kei^Lt" "'^^f '?P^i^te cer-emonled 
liptow , nr. '. ■•+;c.ulMrVv i-1^ , the making of Ainerlcan naval 

■ ' Pt >n Lti:T/''^V^*'''^ ''°™*^" °^ "^"^^ home Stat^ 

't lu writing Its rao3t recent r.;,^«p-<-..-„_ 

i-er«unto set j;iy lianu 
tuid cauBed the groat 

oeal of the St.-ite of ■. 

'-rllfoj-nitH to be t-f. ' 

fixed this ^y*^^[^ 
•>f Octobpi- -;,.'(,•-; ' 

ovtii-iior of Crtllfornl' 


« ■ 'ice c;tv 

of t^^ «?(,|., 

35xcfutiDc Bepnrtniriit 

(Srarc of California 


for re 

■;!f if-'^^V'" -'/ ^''^ National Guard 
ot the Guard to iitate control. 


the return of the 

remembranco of ?L'he™l\'n?'!d't,^ '' ^ ^^^ ^°^ remembrance - 
foucht in defense of the IdeaL of T^'^'^^'^t °^ ^^'°^« ''^° have 
of our ceremonies on t is dav 1 1 f , ^'"''"'^ Hepublic. Ar part 
our tribute to all !ho have served ourT^/'^^' ^^ ^"<^^"^^ i" 
special tribute to those vho^^iJI^e^l^JeSlii^J.^^.^JTon- JJ^rd^ 

This Armistice 

hereunto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
California to ba af- 
fixed this >^ day 
of November7Tr7~D. 
One Thousand Nine"' 
Hundred and Forty-six 

Governor of California 


; Secretary a/^tate 

■"M, JlATft t-alMIlM 

^xecutitJt department 

^taic of (California 

P fi C L A hi A T I N 

In furtherance of Its efforts f 
ana c'-rls suffering from the ravages of 
' ' ;juch victims lives of usefulness and h 
^.eimy Foundation for Infantile Paralysis 
third &nnuul appeal. The nmcis received 
to be used In the training of additional 
the development of aaditiunal facilities 
infant Lie j'iiralysla victims. 

o perve American boya 
polio" and restore 
appiness, the Sister 
is now engaged in Its 
from this appeal are 
teclml clans and in 
for the treatment (jf 

4., Q^ 4. "^^"^ Californians share in the deep-seated desire of 
inr«niil^'' ^^"^'^ Foundation to bring an end%o the scourge of 
infantile paralysis. Since Sister Kenny first brought hir 
treat gilt of healing to Ai.erlca, from her native Australia 
thousaaids of Californians have given her heartfelt encourage- 
ment her knowledge has proven a boon to hundreds of vlctii,s 
Within our state and given rise to popular support of the 
aimuaa plea for funds made by the Sister Kenny Foundation 
through which Bhe carrlns on her great work. 

o, ^ .. '•^ ^'^cognition of the services being rendered by 
oister Kenny and as an expression of hope that througli the 
public support of the Sister Kenny Foundation tliere may be a 
::astenlng of the day when infantile paralysis will leave no 
.^-re cripples in its wake, I, Earl Varren, Governor of Cali- 
nAY^ln'r ?i^''!^®^^ proclaim November 23, 19^6 to be SISTER KENNY 
^ii^v ^'t^l^'^l^^^' and urge that on this day all Calif ornians 
give heea to tne appeal now being made by the Sister Kenny 

hereunto set my hand 
ajid caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
California to be af- 
fixed this Jjjo day 
of November, A. D. , 
One Thousand Nine Hundred 
and Forty-six. 

Governor of California 


■ NttNC PFfn 

r H C L A Kx A T I N 

^pKcutiDc Bcpartment 

^tatt of California ^ 

«. 4.».<. c.-,r= .->r another harvest season ana ro 
come to us during the year. 

Heavenly Father. 


T^llffl t.: tSe ireris'iyijestic principlas which have 
^ervef as our guide durlxig all these months. 

n„ +.>.i<, ciav we can all count high among our blessings the 

abllin of the Ai.»i;lcan P'"''!^ *"„fj"' "'^^rie cm give thanks 

f„;";sr„:rner„So^:?r,rjira?ss; 4"^...... ,i. ....n.^- 

ment of the welfare of all mankind. 

To each of us. 

ns Individuals, liave come many personal 

hlessings known only to --f --..^^^^.'^Lnlng ourTon^aSni'th 
ings added reason for 3^^^^"^^ «-n^i ^t^e^ET^^^^ J^ bestowed. 
th'e fernal Truths through whUa. ese >^l«-^-f., ^special oppor- 

To the end that all C«{ 'J,^; ,•?''^ „ j^ratltude, I, Eorl Warren, 
tunity to fve expression ttneirgrajl^^ ^^ designate 

Governor of California g '^^ ^^^0 u^y m California, a legal 

riiSr: ^oA ^ "-y -^^-'<^^-?,rbrei!ing^ of tfe ^ar'anl' 
1:1 ;iS-if^Sfm^e^./S.^^errroS^g:idf\nJ comfLter dur- 
ing our hours of greatest trial. 

unto set mi' hand and caused 
the Great Seal of the State 
of Celifornla fo be affixed 
thl^ /2o day of Noveniber,A.D. , 
One TTTousand Nine Hundred 
and Forty-six. 

^-^Lj >^^--.^L.t^ 

Governor of California 




Secretary ^f/state 


%■ , 

3!Kcutivic Bepartnicnt 

3tatc of California 


1 Hitiy t:s ■ 
:■ IncilvJ 

U-tj X't. 

tU'V. will observi' 
i: ivlll Of Klghts. 

''< that in honor pr this anniversary 
: I- recognition of I'l- <■....,.... -r-. ^^ • -> Tiretnitieti 
'cuiiient contains . 

', .ifluencfc or the till ..; : ':.'rves j 

■!_.rei yart uf our cl«ily life. Ita guarantees ' 

■eenorii af»> t)!e cornerstonfe upon liici all of our 

wurld gi'uwn constantly more ! complex, tlie Bil 
ir n.r^ ba.slo ft.iu. ;,:■ .'.hov-'m. torlstlcally America,. . . 

Cojjistitution in I79I. 

belief in ti e dl^nl . . !.„•.;., 
jvi'X\..n ,ji u.e isill of t^lghts into the Gon- 
atrenpth and inspiration to freedom-loving 

\»-V, UitiwJ'ure, that we ; re -examine tJe Bill of 
.ir , t) reaffirm Its -.r! nc ; -n, ;^ >.nd its arxiH- 

•easoiis i, 'Ativl Varren,j Govern ;r .jT Calif orniali 
; !(_'" *-■"= Liie Week uf JJecember |9 to 1^ atJ tlLL OP 
'a C."lIfornla, axiA do hereby lurge all citizens tr. 
bi'i'Muelves as to the basic guarahtees ol^ individual 
ri^jhts and freedoms which liavp riven up ciur nnt! )nal strpm-tli. 

,'■1. i jt.'^'.f 




tjreunto set my hand 
•■jjiu qaused the Great 
Seal |of the State of 
Caliijornla to be af- 
fixed this 9th day of 
Jjecembor, A. D. , One 
'11 oufiiand Nine Punrired 




^xcrutiDc Bcpartmcnt 

^tatf of California 


'U'-h Insolr^tlon ^^LlM" °^ °°?f^® Washington Carver we find 
---.. xnspiratlon. During mors than forty veam soent In t>-« 
development of Tuakecee Institute, Dr. Carver overcan^^^^^^-,.1,, i 
inaurir^oun table obstacles In order 'to cret te new edSca^ onaT^ ^ '' 
and econ.aic opportunities for a great mass S? our peopJe? f 

„^„„ . , ^'l^ scientific contributions, which v;ere marv |: 

were siven o:^ him fr=ely so that all inifiht bonef ' t TTir*?-P«-ni. v 

co'^.tfbut"-Tf' ^^^Tf''^^- "'Stably wlth^heoeanut'and the sweet '^ 
pcoato but With couiitless other olants a^? vol T v„t ,1^ ^"^ ,^^^ 

lolllT " ^^'^''"'^'-'''^^ '^°nor to his memory anf Jo his 

here-onto set ray hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal .of tlie SUte of 
California to be af- 
fixed this ^o^ day 
of December, A.D.One 
Thousand Nino Hiindred 
"-"i T?orty-Six. 

Governor of California 




oecretary of /Strfte 

iinm.i H.Mooxf.tTftik r\\- 

ixccutivjc Bepartmcnt 

3iatc of (California 

jU!EJIDI.!ENT no. 1 TO 
{(Quarantine Proclaniatlon 10) 

The list of "Coimaodlties Covered" as sot forth in Subsecti 
of Section y^-^H of the California Adraiaistrjitive Code, entx^ 
"Citrua k.'hita Fly Exterior .^uurentine", is hereby amended to 
drop "Canellla spp, (Camelllfi or Tea)" from said list of hosts 
and probrible curriers. Said subtiection as amended shall read 
as follows: 

(c) C ommo d i t i e_3 G qve red (Restricted Products). The fol- 
lowing plants and parts thereof which are knovm hosts and prob- 

abj.e ciirriers of said pests: 

All species and varieties of Citrus (citron, grapefruit, 
leiiion, lime, orani^e, pmnraelo, tangerine, etc.) (*) and the fol- 
lowiag: closely related genera and hybrids: 

j^eKle mara elos (Bael fruit) 

JwIiij^li^M gl"tTaosa (Chaetoapertnuiri) (Tabog) 

Ilurraya spp. (Chalcas; Liurraea) ( Jf sminorange) 

Citropsis spp. (Cherryorant^e or African cherryorange) 

i^ero nla limonia (//oodapple) 

Fortuuella spp. (Kuiuquat) 

Pone ir 113 spp. (Trifoliate-orange) 

Sever inia spp. (Doxorange) 

Tirphasia trifolia (Lime berry) 

And the following other genera and species: 

-lilanthus spp, (Treaof heaven) 

Choi ay a ternata (I.'exicanorange) 

Diospyrus spp. (Persimmon) 

Gardenia spp. (Gardenia or Cupejasmlne) 

riex spu. (Holly) 

Jasmin urn spp. (Jasmine) 

Li^;ust j-uii spp. (Privet) 

I'ielia spo. (Chlnaberry) 

Osmanthu s ?xmericanu£ (Devilwood) {**) 

Prumir- carol J nlan a (Carolina laureloherry) 

Sapindus mukorossT (Chinese soapberry) 

oyrin ga vul^'aris (Comiaon lilac) 

(Reference: Title 3, California Administrative Code, Subchap- 
ter U, Group 3, j^ant quarantine) 

(*) All species and varieties of citrus also covered in 
Section 3250. 

(**) Not tolerant to methyl bromide. 


^xcfutivic Bepartmcnt 

;5<tat[ of California 

Amendment No. 1 to 
oection )'l''iS O.A.C. 

Page 2 

This Proclamation beint£ nn emergency regulation shall take 
effect inanediately. i 

IN V/ITWE-'iS vniERKOF, I have here- 
unto set my hand and cuused the 
Greet Seal of the State of 

7^ day of j^Upi^*^ ' •• * - y 

one thousani^^-irifie hundred ^d 
forty- seven r"^ 




Governor of California 


Secretary of 


^xtcutltie Btpartment 

^tatc of California 


■r 1 N 


, • . , an ejitr-:ordiiiary occasion hus arisen 
r.riu nov; exi^sts reuuirinf that tlie Legislature of the State 
of CuiiroiMiii be cojivt-Utin in <';<traordinary session; now, 
tnerefort" , 

1, i!.Ai;L WA1;REN, • ■ -^'or or , t '.of 
c-iir'.rniLi, oy virtue of (.tie pov/ei- ana authorit-/ in me 
vested by Section y of Articlu V of t lie Constitution of 
t.iie State- of California, do hereby convene the Lep'islHture 
of tlic Stat,(i of California to seet in extraordinary session 
at Sacraiicuto, Culifornii., on Monday, tfae Ijith day of 
Januar:^, 1947, at 1: : 30 o'^-lock P. M. ot said day for the 
following purposes nnu to legislate upon the fol'lov.lng 
subji rtr: 

1. To coasidej- and act upon legislation relating to 

i*on?truetioii and mnint'- nance of State hi^hv/ays, county 

. " oon;.ider rind act uyon le^jslation relsl int to 
i.ianoxii^j and administration of State highvaiy, county 
■lua city rtr^ieL construe L ^ uii ana maintciianci::, iacluuiag 

' i ■:; '.' ' •-.'for. 

j. To coupiuer and net upon le£:ii3lation relating to 
■ . -atiou of liiotor v(].I. Ir, , (um to highway, roud and 
street; traffic regulatii' . , '^ir enforceident, includiiw: 

,^.. To consiatr ix\\yX act upon Itj^islation relating to 
istr.'ition, financial and statintical procedures of 

i-H>' '■''■'!■ ' 'i' Motor V'tilclu.'-. 

ii>i VvlTNKEG MlKi^KOl , I liave hereunto set my hand 
t;.o Creat Seal of the State of Califoi-nia to be 

. . ■ ■ '- lay of Jamu. i-y, 'g^,?. 



(.lov ■ 

'. ' "rni. 


Secreta.y yf -t. tt 

3v $M^^j^*^^4^ 


^xccutioc Bcpartmcnt 

:ir»t.itc of (Ijlifornia 

1' R C L A M A T I N 

The basic philosophy of our democratic vay of life 
vas conceived centuries ago in ancient Greece. More recently, 
during World War II, It vas defended 1 erolcally by the people 
of modern Greece. So overwhelming were the sacrifices of the 
Gree'.c people in the cause of freedom that the Greek nation 
lies in pitiful ruins today. Its people are lacking in the 
elementary tools with whlcl. to help themselves. Because of 
the destruction and devastation which l;as ridden their land, 
the Greek people are desperately in need of financial and 
material assistance from the outside world. 

To aid tliese heroic people whose forebears gave 
to the world the great Drlnclples u})on which modern democracies 
have been built, I, Karl Warren, Governor of the State of 
California, recommend that the people of California support 
the nationwide drive for Greek relief and do hereby proclaim 
the week January 12-18, 19^7, inclusive, as GRKEK WAR RELIEF 

hereunto set my hajid 
aJid caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
California to be af- 
fixed this ^5^ day 
of January, A.D., One 
Thousand Nine Hundred 
and Forty -Seven. 

Governor of Cplifornia 


Secretary as ^y&te 

.1....-.1. .111. r.i»n~ji .■■•!' fiiANK t'l. JU!'i'A,";,Si' 
.ii i..o«.*».>i«ci«."«Wr.i»"i •""•»•» 'L'^ I 


^Kcutjtic department 

^tatc of California 



Because the happiness of our people Is dependrjMj^ 
upon their soundness of mind and body, the maintenance of high 
standards of public health Is one of the major concerns of the 
society in which we live. 

We are fortunate that great progress Is being made 
in the fight against disease; yet In spite of our many advances, 
there are a number of ailments for which neither a preventive 
nor a cure have so far been devised. 

One such disease Is the dread scourge of Irfantlle 
paralysis which, striking mysteriously and without warning, 
takes a tragic toll each year. During 1946 a major epidemic 
swept our nation, and California was among the States hardest 
hit. In Jallfornla alone, during the past twelve months, 
infantile paralysis struck down nearly 2200 persons. 

The National Fovmdatlon for Infantile Paralysis, 
supported financially by public contributions through the i 

annual March of Dimes, has waged a bitter campaign a^ilnst 1 

this disease In the laboratory and in the field. It thrown 
into the battle every resource at its command, making assistance 
available to all who are afflicted and in need of aid. 

To assure the continuation of this worthy work, I 

I, Earl Warren, Governor of California, urge the people of 
California to contribute generously to the nationwide March 
of Dimes, January 13th to January 30th, and do hereby proclaim 
January 15th as the opening day of the March of Dimes in 
this State. ; 

hereunto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
California to ba af- 
fixed this ^*^ day 
of January , A . D . , 
One Thousand Nine 
Hundred and Forty- 




Governor of California 





Secretary of" S/tate 


Citati- of t'rtlitovnla 






lasufJ Pursuant, to Chapter 13, Sttitutes of 19^6, First Eixtrfionfl«iry 
Wherens, there was submitted to the People of this Stat* at the general 

election held November 6, 19^6, that certain law providing for a 
I bond issue of one hundred million dollars to be used by the 

' Deportment of VetT'uis Affnirs in assisting Culifomift war veterans 

to ncquire fnrn'.s or homes, being Che.pter 13, of the Statutes of 
19A6, Kirst Kxtr-iorilnary Session; and 
Wherens, it appears from the official declaration end statement of the vote 
of the .Sec^et;^^y of State of California, issued December 19, 194.6, 
that snld act received a majority of all votes cast for and against 
it at snid election: 

NOV, TtffiREFORE, I, FARL WARREN, Governor of the State of California, 
do hereby proclaim that s.-ild act received a majority of all votes 
cast for and agnlnvSt it at said election, that said act is fully 
effective and shall have effect as therein provided, and that said 
pct shall be Irrepealnble until the principal and interest of the 
liabilities therein created shall be paid end discharged. Done 
under my hand and the Great Seal of the State of California at the 
j State Capitol, Snci'Hmontn, California, this ' day of Janufiry, 



Secretary of Sta' 


■■i- --«*^ 

', , ' 'i ^ 

i^xtcotiDe ©tpartmtnt 



)f C'^llfM. • 

,1 .; ^1 ■ I ■ strict 

■mblymin-eleet John B. 

: t- 



■.r .T- 



of State 

v' -v-/: 


;M.ikN»«. 19 It ntoKfr M.Mocwr.irtTii niNiu 

^xccunuc Bcpartniciit 

^tatc of (Taliforiiia 


Our Wation aiid our State owe mucli of their strength 
to the efforts of men vho, cncouraned by tl e American system 
of free entorpriso and steeped In the American faith In the 
dignity of maji, 1 ave devoted their lives to improving the lot 
of tl elr fellow men in a material as well as a spiritual way. 

Such a man was Thomas Alva Edison. Born 100 years 
ago, Edison contributed many inventions and scientific dis- 
coveries which have brought about our present high standard 
of living. The enterprise and ingenuity which made him great 
were nourished by the fundamental concepts of the American way 
of life, which served and will continue to serve as an inspir- 
ation to all who contribute to the progress which we make.' 

So that our faith In these American precepts may 
be renewed by a review of the long and productive life of this 
great man, I, Karl Warren, Governor of California, do hereby 
proclaim Tuesday, February 11, 19^7 as THOMAS AI-VA EDISON DAY. 


VliEREOF, I have 
hereunto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
California to be af- 
fixed this ^*C day 
Of February, A. D., 
One Thousand IJine 
Hundred and Forty- 

Governor of California 
Secretary ol(_y'tate 

FRANK M. y.'-^A ,^--' : .- ',.^^ 



a:xccunDc l?cpartnicnt 

State of (L jliforiiM 


In i>eace as veil as var, tl o American Reri Cross 
serves an Imnortant need of our people. It Is our reserve 
against an eraerj-ency or disaster which may strike without 
warning anywhere at any time. It wages a continuing fight 
against disease, thereby raising the standard of public health. 
Its ]) of safety education assists in the protection of 
our people in hundreds of communities tljroughout our 5tate. 

';he Red Cross ministers to the needs of our 
soldiers L/Li at hoiiie and overseas, and some of its finest work 
is am^ng the fine young men who are fighting tl elr way to health 

in our Army, Navy aiiu Veterans hospitals. 

Tlie American Red Cross will during tie month of 
Iiarcl ask the people of California to join In a voluntary drive 
to make possible tJie continuation of its good work. In recog- 
nition of its high purpose, I, Earl V/arren, Governor of Cali- 
fornia, do hereby proclaim March 1 as the ojienlng day of the 
19^7 Fund Raising Drive of the American Red Cross In California 
and do fui'ther urge the people of California to support this 
campaign with the same outstanding generosity whicJi has charac- 
terized their contributions In the past. 


hereunto set my 1 and 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
California to be af- 
fixed this ^^ day 
of February, A. D. , 
One Thousajid Nine 
hundred and Forty- 


Governor of California 

ay i. x^ J 

Secretary of/6jmte 

'r I L «- '-■' j' 

nl the "iUtt* o< Cjlilomi. 

FRANK MJORDAN,S«wt«»ro«sw|^ 

3;KfutH3e Bcpartmcnt 

i^t.itc Dl CLaliforiiia 

r R c L A r-'i /i T I n ri 

The hlstorJc develoi.iiR.-iit of California has been due In 
great part to the abundance of vater, minerals, forests, natural 
gas, oil, iydro electric jiower, fertile lend mid otl:cr resources 
with which it ; as been blessed. Similarly, California's future 
progress depends upon the continued abundance of these important 
resources . 


Appreclatlnc tie need for guarding against the dissipa- 
tion of our naturjil wealth, State and local governments have 
worked to encourage tJ;e jirevention of fire and disease in our 
forests, tie preservation of nupplJes of natural gas, the reclama 
tion of agricultural land and the development of new sources of 
water and power. 

Action on the part of government alone, however, is not 
enougii. During V.orld Vnr 71 heavy demands were made on many 
CalifornJa resources, a number of which are subject to exhaustion. 
Also in tlie period since 1^40, tie State has added more than two 
raillion persons to its population, all of vhom olace new and 
greater demands upon the reaources of the State. 

This combination of circumstances makes it important for 
every citi?,en to take a personal part In tlie State's conservation 
program, and to Incorporate sound conservation practices into the 
habits of his daily life. 

To bring more forcefully to tlie attention of all the 
citizens of the State the need for personal participation in con- 
servation activity 1, iiaTl V/arren, Governor of California, do 
hereby proclaim the period of March 7 to 14 to be C0N3KRVAT10N 
MlliUs In California. T urge that ali programs initiated during 
this week be continued throughout the year, to the end that I947 
shall become known as Conservation Year in California and recog- 
nized as a year of new accomiilisliments by oui- people in the pre- 
vention of waste and the conservation of our natural resources. 

hereunto set my liand 
ajid caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
California to be af- 
fixed this ^^ day 
of February, A.D. , 
One Thousand Nine 
Hundred and Forty-seven. 


Governor of CFlifornla 
Secretary ^f^6tate 

{RANK M. JQRt)Ari,$i.r-^'-r>o(st 

^xerutiDt Bcpartniciit 

-S»tatc of €.ilifornKi 


-.4^ 4.4 California has been built by the coooeratlvp ^rfor.i-a 

ori^- n^?nto^'ne'ff'?, ''^"T"' ^^^^'^ -ces^^rnilLnir^'^ 
ux i(.an3 into one of tlio mont populous and active '^tAtpc, «„ i-v,^ 

the'^solu«on'S?'ifn'"" °L'''' prlnclplea ^f brotherhood'?o''' 
n^t-^^.o , ^^-^y Pi'oblcms has contributed nili/htllY to our 

prot-ress ourlnj^ our first century of statehood As we orLn 
ize to prepare our State for its second cen^ur^ of prLJeff" 
It is importaiit that we continue to demonstrate our bef^^f in 
tae fundamental premises of universal brStoerhoodr 

tiese prlnc?pSr'i\^e' Nl^UrrL'SSL^'of'?, 'TilT'"^^^ f. 


AI-IKKICAN BROTIIEHKOOD VKKK In Call^oLla ^d^T n^J^^^' ^^ ^"^ 
in all coiaiuunlties which wJ 11 h^ir, T!^o J ^ ^^e observances 
the principles ortSerLce'LdlSoi'Sn! " -^^<^^-*i°« to 

hereunto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
California to be af- 
fixed this ^^ day 
of February, A.D., 
One Thousand Nine 
Hundred and Forty- 


Governor of California' 


Secretary o/^tate 

\ r. E o 



^Kcutltie department 

;c»tatc of ealiforiiia 

;• '.■ 1- ■[ ~ iie 

'uue, -siititled "ieac:: 

er, i'loyd, 

. ".unr.elr, 

'•^'i'-^ ' , "id and CtiUfaecI 

'-■T'-nit ' ,f-e tjtute of 

■I'cusfjtid nine ' ;r wr^,^ , 
■' .'-novrfi. 

■ L/ <■-'.'■■: 

ixecutiDc Bcpartmcnt 

^tatc of e.ilifori)ui 


of Army 
contributions of 

mtor^o^-h *^ we dir.ect our energies vltl, ever Increastm? 
s f??t?L ?rT '' ^''t'^bUshment of permanent peace, ^t 
ts flttlne that w(- join In the national observance 
Day, and reflect upon the past and present 
our armed forces to the cause of peace. 

Out Army lielped restore peace to the world. Exist- 
ing solely as n defender of human rights and as the guaSlIn 
of a peaceful way of life, it has neither conquest nfr 
aggression .-i!) its aim. 

Army Day 19^*7, should serve to remind us that our 
nation possesses the m1f'),t with which to defend its Ideals 
It should inspire a greater appreciation of our living Army 
Which carries on the tradition of the brave men and wSmen 
who suffered and died to preserve our way of life la add 1 
tlon, it sliould serve af< a reminder of the contribution- 

marie to our nationa] welfare by the men and 
0rt:;«nl2ed Reserve and of the California 
who were called Into early action during 
])art of the nation's first line of defense 

whicl iiave been 
officers of the 
National Guard, 
Vorld Var TI as 

r..r,^ ^ ^. ''''"' ^"?'^^-''"«L'e the citizens of California to take 
part In the national celebration of t>,ls occasion I Earl 
V.arrr,n Governor of C^illfornia, do hereby proclaim Monday 

fto Anrlflf'^T T'.""' r«" "^'^^ durlng\he period oJ'^Aprll 
7 to April IP, Inclusive, the flag of the United States be 
displayed over homes, places of business, schools and other 
pubx c buildings m our State, and that all citizens join in 
civilian and military ceremonies honoring our armed forces. 

hereunto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 

California to be/af- 
(, A.D. , One 

fixed ^t!il I 

of . 

Thousand 'Nine Hundred 

and Forty-seven. 


Governor of California 

Secretary Q,r^tate 

^i»i'»<* ,V^W«'' 



£xecuti\)e department 

5r.irr of dnlifornia 


nie rir-ht aKalnct cancer Is ol' increB,slng importance In 
the h;alti:"soclal and economic v-lannlne t'l^Vlu4eflnTlhLc^ 
State Because of the burden of unprodlctable suxfering whli-n 
c^nce; imposes upon Its victim, in addition to the economJc 
con.cuuencos of unernplo^ent vhlch ^^f "«' f/^Jf.^S ^^Z""' 
be attacked vlth all the medical, social, educational anc 
scientific resources available. 

TO add to the present limited l^"°^l^Jee of cancer will 
require extensive additional research. . ^^ J^^,^"°^^J,f J^ges 
T];:^ ^Ut^^'^t^^^^ ^^rorSilfCrnl^ns die 
of cancer each year. 

The fight against cancer depends upon the 6^"f °^%^^PP°^^ 
of Til agencies working In the cancer program, w^-ny of which 
^!.^iL:fti; financed y contributlons^f^^^^^^^^ 

Therefore in cooperation with tnc "°;^- "^|^ . .„ hereby 
X. ir^iiT T wdto Unrren Governor of Orlixornia, uu ucxtuj 
for l^i^T, I, ^^r An^lliqi? as CANCER COKTROL MONTH In 
r>-^oclalra the month of April iMf r as \^ju'>\^^i\ ^ ncciat 

thr St=te of O.,llfornla and hereby urge our citizens to assist 
generously m the fight against this dread disease. 

hereunto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
California to be Af- 
fixed this ^vT^ay 
of March, A.E. , One 
Thousand Nine Hundred 
and Forty-Seven. 



Governor of California 



Secretary of mute 

^KcutiUf Department 

^tatc of €.iliforiii.i 


for th^ .,inL r Sacrifice upon the • In atonement 

lor the sins of man has served as a constant Inspiration 

to ,„en and .f tho Christian faith thr.uchout tSe v,rlJ? 

The crucifixion of Christ symbolizes the ;;rpat 
love vhl.h He held for us all- a love vhlch each of us, 

iV -tTZ-^?''^ ^f^"" to translate int. terms of brotherhood 
and t,ood v_ai in th^ conduct •f everyday life. 

r ^ V, , , ^^ ^^ traditional during Holy Week to •bserve 
uood i-rlday as r day of meditation and prayer, reaffirming 
our devotion to Him who was crucified for our sake. 

,, ,.„ ^oi' this reason, I, Earl Warren, Governor of 
CaLLfornii, urge upon all of our citizens the proper 
•bservance of this Holy Day, and do furtlier call upon all 
employers tlir»U£:hout thlji State to respect the wishes of 
their emiiloyees who desire to absent themselves during the 
hours between 12 noon and 3 p.m. on Go»d Friday for the 
purpose of w«r;^hip. , 

hereunto set mj' hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State •£ 
Callfornl'3 t« boy af- 
fixed this X/=^day 
of March, A.D., One 
Thousand Nine Hundi'ed 
and Forty-Seven. 


Governor of Crlifornia 
Secretary of/fitAte 



5xtcutiV)t department 

;^tatc of €aliforiii.i 


One of our greatest hopes for restoring balance to an. 
unsettled world lies In the field of public education. It ^ 
through tlie broader education of all peoples that there can bes 
be nurtured the virtues of tolerance and understanding which 
are needed in the world today. 

It is part and parcel of the American tradition that 
every child, no matter where he lives or what may be the economic 
or social situation of his parents, has the birtlvright to a 
sound education. Government's responsibility for making ^hls 
education available to our young people is met through a putilic 
school iiystem which has contributed greatly to the strength of 
our democratic way of life. |i 

Training for good citizenship must continue to be the 
concern of the public schools, not only in providing academic 
and vocational preparation for life but in stimulating character- 
building activities that supplement the moral instruction for 
which parents are responsible in the home. 'I 

Standards of education must be constantly raised and 
adapted to the changing needs of the day, and these standards 
must recognize the ever-increasing importance of the homely 
virtues as a basis for good citizenship in the highly complex 
age in which we live. The public schools are constantly seeking 
new ways and means of expanding and improving educational 
opportunities for our children, and if their continued efforts 
are to meet with success, they must be backed by the conscientious 
interest of all the citizens of the State. 

With this thought in ir.lnd, I, Earl Warren, G?^«'.^norof 
California, do hereby proclaim the week of April 29 to May 4,19'»7, 
as PUBLIC SCHOOLS WEiK, and I urge that all of our citizens set 
aside time during this week to better acquaint themselves with 
ways m which they may take a part in the further development 
of our local public schools. jj 

hereunto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
California to^e af- 
fixed this ■^'•*day of 
April, A. D., One 
Thousand Nine Hundred 
and Forty-Seven. 

Governor of California 

ATTEST: ^^^-^^a^o ^'^U-*^*^'^t^ 

Secretary off ^tate 

«44 UttiKt-l (t klWUKW.STAtl !>•■<' 1' 

;Executiur Bcpaitiiiciit 

^tatc of (i:.ilifonii.i 


The twenty-one nations of the Pan-American Union have 
long demonstrated In their relations with each other that 
differences In language and custom do not constitute a barrier 
to International friendship and understanding. They have proved 
the efficiency of approaching mutual problems in a spirit of 
neighborliness and good will, thereby setting an example of 
cooperation for the world. 

The people of California, because of their close 
historical and geographic associations with the nations to 
the south, are keenly interested In all activities which will 
further tighten tie bonds of friendship among the peoples of 
the Americas. It Is especially fitting, therefore, that we 
join with wholehearted enthusiasm In the international 
observance of Pan American Day. 

For this reason, I, Earl Warren, Governor of t 
California, do Ijereby proclaim Monday, April 14, 19^7, as ' 
PAN AMERICAN DAY in California and urge that appropriate 
recognition of this day be given in the schools, churches, 
business places and social gatherings of our State to the end 
that our International unity may be strengthened still further. 

hereunto set my hajid 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
California to be af- 
fixed this J^ day 
of April, A. D., One 
Thousand Nine Hundred 
and Forty- Seven. 

Governor of California 


Secretary of >^t^te 

to lh« offlw of »• Swttary o< Stat. 

^xecutioe department 

State of ealifomi.i 


The responsibility for maintaliiinG good public 
health is one which all people sliare, for It Is on t}ie 
conuimnity level -- in our homes, sclioola, institutions, farnif 
factoriey and shops -- that the nevar-ending battle a^^alnst ' 
disease 1m belnt:; fought. 

For seventy years the public health nurses have 
asElcted our people in all walks of life in the fight for 
better health. At bedsides, in clinics and classrooms they 
are helping to reduce sickness and suffering, to prevent and 
overcome epidemics, and to give instruction in preventive 
medicine, baby care and improved habits of health. 

In order tJjut the contribution of the public 
health nurse toward the betterment of public health standards 
may be I'c-cognised by our people In a suitable manner I, Earl 
Warren, Governor of California, do hereby proclaim the week 
C /.pril 20 to 26 as PUBLIC HEALTH NURSING VfEEK. 

hereunto set my hand 
and C8.used the' Great 
Seal of t]ie State of 
California to be af- 
fix ,-d this /^^ day 
of April, A. D., One 
Thousand Nine Hundred 
and Forty-Seven. 






Governor of California 



^Kcunuc Bcpartincnt 

^tatf of CL.iliforiii.i 


The peoples of many nations look to the United States 
of America for leadership in this period of world reconstruction, 
placing their faith In the i)rlnclple3 and Ideals which have' 
made America strong. These are principles and Ideals of a 
free and democratic way of life which accords to each citizen 
an equal voice in government but charges him with the 
compensating responsibility of making that voice heard. 

Hundreds of thousands of persons — by means of 
naturalization or coming of age -- attain citizenship in our 
land each year, and It Is appropriate that a day be set aside 
to honor them in public ceremonies which stress the responsi- 
bilities as well as the privileges that citizenship entails. 

This event has been proclaimed by the President of 

the United States as "I AM AN AMl-JRICAN DAY. 

In keeping with 

the action of the President, I, Earl Warren, Governor of 
California, do hereby proclaim Sunday, May l8, as I AM AN 
AMERICAN DAY in this State and urge that on this day public 
ceremonies be held In i;al1fornla cities and towns In order 
to welcome the new citizens of the past year to active 
participation in public life. 

hereunto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
California to he af- 
fixed this ^ ^ day 
of May, A. D. , One 
Thousand Nine Hundred 
and Forty Seven. 


Governor of California 





Secretary o^ Slfate 

-VfA, .^'Vs,^ 





^xccutiDc Bcpaitniciit 

:c>tm of (L,iliforiii.i 


The Anwrlcan Merchant Marine serves our people not '''. 
only as an agency of commerce but as an instrument for conveying 
American good will to tin- peoples of other lands. By facilitat- 
ing global travel and promoting a free exchange of goods and 
Ideas, it helps to bring about greater understanding and 
tolerance among the nations of the world. 

By Joint resolution of Congress, May 22 of each 
year has been set aside Jn honor of the men and women of the 
Merchant Marine. It is especially appropriate that California 
Join with the nat.1on in the observance of this day because ours 
is a maritime state with great shipbuilding industries and 
some of the finest natural and man-made harbors in the world. l' 

With this thought In mind, I, Earl Warren, Governor ' 

of California, do hereby proclaim Thursday, May 22, 1947, as ' 

NATIONAL MARITIME DAY in California and urge that flags be ■' 

displayed and civic programs be held in recognition of the f 

achievements of the American M3rchant Marine. ' 

hereunto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
California to ba af- 
fixed this ^i ^ day 
of May, A. D. , One 
Thousand Nine Hundred 
and Forty-Seven. 

Governor of California 



Secretary of.'State 

cy^ --^ 

i:xtcutluc department 

^tatc of €.iliforiii.i 


»-n«.^^ I. 1*^ ?^°^^ accomplishment 3 of the civilians in our 
Armed Forces during the recent war and their quick re-ad Justment 
to nornal pursuits upon their return to civilian life ^°'^"^''"®"^ 

?n"'m??^fo!'''^ ^"..^^ ""^^^ "'"^^ "^'^ P«°Pl« ^^« capable of uniting 
in military action yet prefer a life of peace. 

nn+„r.m 4.U /" ''^f^ °^ America's desire for peace. It Is 
natural that our Armed Forces look to units of civilian reserves 

? l^fl strength. Accordingly, the United States Na?y his 
established a civilian Naval Reserve to encourage LeIonMnued 
interest and participation of Navy. Marine Corps and Coast 

Mnvo-1 « ^^ recognition of a recruitment campaign for this 
Naval Reserve the President of the United States has proc?aLed 

^■Ll. 'm'^^'oh^''^''^^/^' '''' '^''^^^ Reserve Week and has set aside 
Sunday, May 25, as Naval Reserve Day, 

Concurring in this action by the President, I, 
S^ini^^^M' ^?r™o^ °^ California, do hereby proclaim the 
^ l?Lr^ ^^ ^^' ~ ^5 as NAVAL RESERVE TOEK and Sunday, May 25 
as NAVAL RESERVE DAY, and urge that during this period the 
young people of our State acquaint themselves with the 
opportunities offered by the Naval Reserve. 

hereunto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
California to b^ af- 
fixed this ^Afc- day 
of May, A. D. , One 
Thousand Nine Hundred 
and Forty Seven. 

Governor of California 


Secretary at State 

^xmm department 

^tJtc of enliforiil.1 


bled on the fli'ldforba'ttfr? o? ?h! '""^^^^ grateful to those who 
democratic Ideals Manv nr\v *^^ Preservation of our 
ror life and -rl^e-ZLrU^'ror\rlr''^.'ir' ^^^ <=^iPPl«d 
hospitals of our state. ^^'^ military and veterans 

hospitalized men^'to raakrHudd/p""^^ "^'^°™ ^^^ these 

the sponsorship of the ?eterfns o?'';"' ^'''l' ^^« ^^^^^ '^"cler 

Of rals;ng funds for relil/t2iu amlnl^i^V'''' ^°^ ^^^ Purpose 

the support of the N^itlonal Hom» ^"""S "^^^y veterans and for 

Veterans operated Ly thisCrJanlzatLn '^' ^"^ '"^^^"^ °^ 

encourage our^'dJslMe'ci^^oteranrv'^" """.""^ ^^'^^-"^ to 
effort, I. E.rl WarJln /Govern. r^f\>| ??'"«/" this worthy 
proclaim May -3 and -i* as BUDDY PPPyn^v^"^''' '^'^ ^^''^^y 
^rge our citizens to purchase Inrir-^L^^f.'" California and 
days. PJicnase and wear Buddy Popples on these 

hereunto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
S»nl of the State of 
California to be^af- 
flxed this y-^^aav 
or May. A. D. . One 
Thousand Nine Hundred 
and Forty Seven. 

Governor of California 


ATTEST : tf^.^,, M-^^UU..-.^ 

Secretary ^State 

'-"V of Sun 



^xccutiuc Bcpartincnt 

^tiitc of (liilifoniM 


The obs.Tvance ol' tl.e 170th anniversary of the adoption 
of the Star Spangled Banner as our National Flag is an 
appropj'iate tlino for all of us to re-dedicate ourselves to 
the fundamental iprlnciplos of democracy upon Ml ich our 
government ir, based. 

Our National Flaj-] is a j^lorlous symbol of freedom 
and jirogresp which generations of Americans have been proud to 
defend ui)on the fields of battle, and In tliene unsettled times 
it provides liope and inspli'atlon for millions of liberty-loving 
people who look forward to a peaceful woi'ld in which the riglats 
of men can never again be challenged by force. 

As we pay honor to th.e Flag on its anniversary day. 
It is fitting that we express our gratitude for the blessings 
which our way of life has bestowed upon un and that we be 
reminded of our individual responsibility to preserve and 
strengthen the idealr whicl have made America great. 

Vitl, tills tliouglit in mind, I, Eorl Varren, Governor 
of California, do hereby proclaim Saturday, June 14, 19^7, as 
FLAG DAY and urge that from every liome, institution and place 
of business the Stars and Strlpies be flown in tribute to the 
glory of our Nation and our Flag. 

hereunto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
California to he. af- 
fixed this /^i'^day 
of June, A. D., One 
Thousand Nine Hundred 
and Forty-Seven. 


Governor of California 
Secretary ^JState 

^Kcutiut i3>cpartinciit 

^tatc of (Inlirornin 

P K C L A M A T I N 

During the years of war, our servicemen and TitJmen 
derived comfort from the knowledge that their families and 
dependents were economically protected under the National 
Service Life Insjurance plan made available to them hy the 
(/overnraent oT the UnJ ted St'itos. 

In civilian life this insurance continues to 
give peace of mind to many veterans and their families. Its 
renewal Js one of the wisest investments a veteran can make 
because it i^rovides financial security for his dependents at 
a very low cost. It is in the Interest of every honorably 
discharged California veteran of World War II to call to his 
attention the fact that August first will be the last date on 
which it will be possible to reinstate lapsed policies of 
Jjational Service Life Insuj'ance without physical examination. 

Accordingly, I, Karl Warren, Governor of 
California, join with the United States Veterans Administration 
in urging every California veteran to become fully informed 
of the benefits of National Service Life Insurance and to 
avail himself of this last opportunity to obtain valual le 
jjrotectJon for his family. 

hereunto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
California to be* af- 
fixed this /"^^^day 
of July, A.D. , one 
Tliousand Nine Hundred 
and i^'orty Seven. 


y.-^ ^' 

Governor of California 





-i? J — . 


^tJtC of (I.lllforilKl ('^uiirantine Proclamation 22) 

Lot ice c- ^fcUuranti 
of i'Hjriculture tiia 
wart disease, new 
this sttite, exists 
a qucrantine at tJi 
cordance v.itii Liect 
of California, her 
Hefeinst \.-Jiich ti-ie 
an^ine, the corainou 
trie entry of such 

lie: It hav 
t a d;'.Ui_:ero 
to or not h 
as hereina 
a boundarie 
ion lOo of 
e:nafter se 
ities cover 

ilk: been determined by the Director 
us virus disease pest known as peach 
eretofore tpQnerally distributed in 
fter described, I hereby establish 
s of tlie btate of California in ac- 
the ^^^ricultural Coae of the iitate 
ttinr forth the ncue of the pest 
if; established, the area under auer- 
ea, and the restrictions t^overning 
into this state. 

V^.ef erence: 



3, '-iron 

" 3, California Adiulnistrative Code. Chapter L 
ir; U, Plant .quarantine) 

Section 3260' C;..:.'J. is hereby 

added to reed as follows: 

of Idaho, 

3208. £eaci__^j^ Ui cease Iilxterior ...u arantlne 
(-,,uarantine rroc:u;iiiation 22) 

_ r. cluarantine is established effective 
aeamst the follov.dn^ pest, its hosts, and possible carriers: 

(a) Pest . ieacJi wart disease. 

^^^ '^'^~ TJnder >;.uarantipe. The entire States 
Cregon, and .t'ashinfe^toa. 

^^^ StO'''^o^itj.fcs Ccvei -ed. (uectricted Products.) All varie- 

( except fruits''T;?t^ including floy.-ering forms, ana parts thereof 
.,^f f^'^ fruits, pits, and trees other than peach on ueach root) 

t^J^:^ri^^l^.^;^^r^'^ -^ '^'^'''^ camers^of th^ lilt 

(d) Hestr lctions . (1) Origin Certificate I.:ust ..ccon...any 
tnL"p ^H''-''^°'3^ • Coimaoditles covered are prohibited entry 
?ot or ^; n^'ll'n? P°" "'" area under quarantine unless each 
th!: f^f^'^^'-e-^t is accompanied by a certificate si-ned by 
tae authorized a.jricultural inspection official of the 

fltflL t "ffi™^?- *^'^t ^11 such coranodities contained 

therein meet all rninimurn qualifications of this -erulation 
and settine forth the naues ana addresses of the" cons^Kno? 
ce?ti?icatr^ "''^ quantity of peach trees covered bjthe 

(2) Conditions 
tif icates. 

roverninK The Issuance of Orig in Qpr- 

^ ^'^ certificates as herein required sliall bp" 1 «;- 

sued except under and subject to the follovviS,: conditions: 

vp^. (-^) ^^'-n^atent L.dHvi.-,i.p) .sn,.v.yo Comnetent sur- 

t^vf. i^h '"''"■" ■^?'^" ""^""^ ^y ^^'^ official representa- 
tives of the orii^m state Deof.rtrneiit of A-Ticuiture 
and/or the United States Jepertment of Agriculture at 

^xccutiiic Department 

^Diau o\ (Lalitoniij 

Cecticn 32:v^ G..1..C. (CJont^i.) 

Page 2 

the proper tiiTie in relation to the disease and host 
and nc- peach wart found ut any time during the current 
und iuuiiediutely iireceJinr; growiii/^ season either on the 
grov.'inc {^roundt; or budwood sources or in the environs 
thereof within a distance of one-half (1/2) mile. 

(B) Re^iiipment^ Permitted If Continuea Identity 
I-:&ir.tained . Certificates laay be issued for reship- 
TT.pnts froiii the area under quarantine of coraaodities 
covered which have originated outside thereof only uro- 
vided the orl;j;in of such rooted trees and budwood 
source is established and continued identity raainteined 
to the satisfaction of the certifying inspector as 
moetln,: all requlreiijentL of this refc;ulation. (^ee also 
oections 3152 to 315^ inclusive.) 

31?2. jinforcint: lowers . ,ai deputies of the Director and 
all otate plant 'luarantme officers are empowered to carry out 
all the provisions of '.quarantine tiegulations. 

3153- i-''»3Jer..i Jhipmoiits L.xei,itjtted . i'ederai experimental 
shipments Moved into this iJtate by or at the reiiuest of the 
United states iJenartment of iit-ri culture, are execiTit from all 
the provisions of any ilxterior quarantine Reijulations. 

31 5 'f Cctmnuai ties Covered oubject to Other Rules and ^regu- 
lations . The admissibility and moveiiiont vdtt in the Jtate of 
California of any coTimiodity covered by a '^iuarantine Ret'uletion 
shall be further subject to tJie provisions of any other Rule or 
Rejjulatioji iiov; in ^■(.rce or whicJi may hereafter be established. 

31f'f'. Dlsj)osltion of Violations . (a) jjjxterior : i'uiy and 
all lots or shipments of coimuodities covered by any Exterior 
quarantine i<e--ulation arriving in the State of California in 
violation of or not in coupLiance with the restrictions thereof, 
shall be irunediately destroyed unless no detriment nan be caused 
to agriculture in tJas citate by the shipment of such commodities 
cut of tlie Jtate within the specified time limits at the option 
anJ expense of the o\mer or bailee. 

ti^ents I.ust hold wliiiiiiients . Any and 

31 :' '- • Coi.uaon Carrier 
all lots or Ehipmants of coruaoditieE covered by any .quarantine 
Ret^uiation must be held and not delivered to consij^nee or agent 
until inspected and passed by the director, ; . ; deputy, or by a 
otate uiaut quarantine officer. 

^xcfutiuc Bcpartmciit 

3tatc of e.ilifornij 

Section 3^o3 C.^.J. (JoutU.) 

Pa^e 3 

This i=roclairiation beiat an emergency ret^ulatlon shall take 
eirect j...Jieuij:'teiy. 

li-i .«ITvJi;oo .iHKREOi', I have hex'e- 
unto set :iii- hand ana caused the 
ureat ^eal of the otate of 
California to be affixed this 

/ day of /">., L- . 
one thous.'iiid nliie-handred and 

<, /- ^ 

Governor of California 

.- iliril ,■■• ■-p . 


Filed v/ith the iJecretar/ of 
otete and r.iaae effective: 


Secretary of />tit*e 

^Kfutivie Bcpartnicnt 

;e»tatc of G.ilifornia 


T, EAl^L ViA? ; ii, Oov«rnor of California, do hereby proclaim 
Mid order t)mt a special eiecUon shall be hold on the i4th day 
of October, iv^47, within the Seventh Llenatorial District of the 
State, comprising the counties of Nevada, Sierra and .^lacer, to 
fill the vacancy in the office of St«te Senator from said District 
reBultini: froM the resignation of Senator Jerrold L. Seaweil, 

Aim T DO TTEREBY offer a reward of one hundred doUarb for 
the arrest and conviction of any person wiio violates any of tJie 
provisions of Uivlsion XIV of the Eiectionfi Code; the rewards to 
be paid until the total amount hereafter expended for the purpose 
reaches the suiu of ton thousand dollars. 

I:J ITIIESS .rtlEREOK, I have hereunto set my hand aiid caused 
the Groat Sonl of the State of California to be affixed hereto 

this // - day of July, lt^47. 

^KcutiDc department 

State of dnliforiiKi 

('quarantine Proclamation 21) 

ofi^^rl^Mii'nf ""l^'n'r' }^ ''"''■^"^ ^^'^'^ determined by the Director 
of iL^rl culture that serious disease peats of elm known as Dutch 

l^.lfT' ^^"^ P'^'°"'=^ necrosis of elm. not kn^Sn tHcci. in 
this state, exist and are widely spread in laany eastern and raid- 
die western states, and that the Federal Domestic Du?ch SJm Sigl 
ease Quarantine has been rescinded, lifting all restrictions oS 

hereSrSabuL^"'''''^ .°?^^'^" ^^•°"' ^"°^ infe?te5 areas! T 
cf^frLnf ^ " 'i^^^^'itine at the boundaries of the Stat4 of 
California m accordance with Section 106 of the iw^ricultural 
Coae Of the State of California, hereinafter se^tlnc JortHJe 
names of the pests against which the quarantine is established 
the area under quarantine, the co:mnodities cohered, and the ?«! 
stfte! "^ governing the entry of such commodities 'in?o this 

iS?^^^j?:r3.^iJiL^i.^S^S^;i:r^sS;;^f ^°^«' ^-p-^ ^. 

Section 3267 C.A.C. is hereby added to read as follows: 

3267. glm JTree Diseases Exterior (Qua rantine 
(Quarantine Proclaraation 21) 

A quarantine is established effective 
against the following pests, their hosts, and possible carriers; 

(a) le^. Dutch elm disease ( Cerato stomella ulmi) and 
phloem necrosis of elm, ~~ ' i 

„ ,. !^^ ^^8a Under w. uaranUoe . lai states and districts of the 
united States. ~~ 

(b-l) Infec ted ilrea . The entire States of Arkansu^^ fnn 
necticut, DelawareTTTrnTois. Indiana. lowarKansaJ JSickv 
Maryland, L:«ssachusetts. tiississippi . 'j^ssoiri Neb^askf Nei* 
Jersey. New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania RhoSe Islanl 
Tennessee. Vermont, Virginia, and West Virginia. ^^^^'^^' 

Un^^J^qtL«l^^-H^^^^^^^^^^: ^^^ ^^=^^«^ ^"*i districts Of the 
United States under quarantine, not described in (b-l) above as 
"Infected ;a-ea" shall be known as "Restricted /a>ea". 

^""^ Commodities GovHrPd. Elm plants and parts thereof 
except seed, of all species Jf the genus Ulmus, including 
(1) trees, plants, leaves, twigs, branches, bark, roots, trunks 
cuttings, and scions of elm; (2) logs, or cordwoid of elm ^d 
(3 lumber, crates, boxes, barrels, packing cases and otSer con- 
tainers manufactured in whole or in part from elm wood not free 
from bark, all of which are hereby declared to bo hosts or possi- 
ble carriers of the pests herein quarantined against! ^ 

^xcfutlue Beportmcnt 

^tatc of Ciliforiiia 


Section 326? C.A.C. (Contd.) 

(d) Restrictions. 

Page 2 

-_^ (1) Commodities Covered Prohibited from 

I^f^jLed Area. ;ai commodities crvered originating or grown 
within the infected urea described in {b-l)\bove fre pfo- 

airll^^tr^T/^ ^"^^ ^""^ ^^^'^^ °^ California whether so mo?ed 
?rnr:i^ f^om said area or by diversion or reconsignment 
from any point outside thereof. 

tle""lft.Tr%''^r/'''f '" ^""^^ ^^°^«' ^^« ad^nisslSle into 
the otate of California, provided that each lot or shipment 
oi such comiuodities is accompanied by a certificate siJned 

state'oror?':fr%?^"'°""'^^"^ inspection official'of tSf 
state of origin affirming that neither the Dutch elm disease 
or phloem necrosis of elm are known to occur in said state 
and that such coian,odities contained therei^are a prolScJ of 
said state or have been grown in another state wherein i 
neither disease is knovm to occur, also, setting forth the 
names and adaresses of the consigAee and consignor and the 
kind and amount of couimodities covered by said^ertmcaJe. , 

(3) Dir ector I.lay Kxempt Certain ..'^tlclRfl . The 
Director of .^riculture may exempt certain articles classed 
as restrictea herein when in his'^Judgment such articles 
because of the nature of their growtE or production or' 
their manufactured or processed condition, are considered 
innocuous as carriers of infection. (See'also Sections 
3-L^<i to 3150 inclusive.) 

3152. Enforcing Powers. All deputies of the Director and 

^n ?hf ® ^^^°* quarantine officers are empowered to carry out 
all thfi i,rov^« of .quarantine Regulations. 

all the provisions 

3153. Federal Shiments ExjgmEted . Federal experimental 

nnf^^r^^f ^^'^^p^^^tFThrrTtFti-bT^F-at the request of the 
United btates Department of iigriculture, are exempt from all the 
provisions of any Exterior .quarantine Regulations: 

, . ^■^^^' Commodities Covered Subject to Ot her Rules and Re gu- 
lat^ions. The adraissibliity and movement within the ^Jt-ite ot 
chctf°f"^^ °f ''"^ coimnodity covered by a C^uarantine Regulation 
shall be further subject to the provisions of any othef rule or 
regulation now m force or which may hereafter be established. 

3^55. Dlsnosition of Violations. (a) Exterior : Any and 
all lots or shipments of coimnodities covered by any Exterior 
Quarantine Ret^ulation arriving in the State of California in 

^^kltAUI Mil 

V|4 bluKol M.UU(IU,k|\ 

^xccutitic department 

^tatt of California 

Lection 326? G.A.G. (Goiitd.) 

Page 3 

violation of or not in compliance with the restrictions thereof, 
shell be immediately destroyed unless no detriment can be caused 
to agriculture in tnis state by the shipment of such commodities 
out of the state within the specified time limits at tiie option 
and expense of the ovmer or bailee. 

3156. Gonmon Carrier ii^ents Ivluat Hold Shipments . iUiy and 
all lots or shipments of cTiiirnodities covered by any "Quarantine 
Refc'ulation must be held and not delivered to consignee or agent 
until inspected and passed by the Director, his aeputy, or by a 
State plant quarantine officer. 

This Proclamation beint:. an emergency regulation shall take 
effect inmiediately. 

DI WITt^ESS 'iVHKKEOF, I have here- 
unto set my hand and caused the 
Great Seal of the State of 
California to b« affixed this 

' day of ;- , . 
one thousand nine hjlndred and 

' \ 


Governor of California 

'V oT S 




Filed with tlie Secretary of 
State and made offtiotive 


. ^ ,'^ f) 

i:icf«nuc Department 

^c'tJtc or Cilifoniij 



•-«: j«.«.AVt^ ' 





Oeputy SeoOT!tary/bf^' State 

»<i ft* off!« of «h« S«a«««fy of SW« 
ol *« Statt o« Califomi* 

.: :i -l 1947 

J RANK W, JOmJAN,S«cfeiai> of stale . 

J ■ /\ r^ 

i'xcrutiDc Department 

^t.uc 111 CiliCuriiM 

Deputy S^cretaiY of State 

ia tM offlc* of At Smi««hy o( Sw* 

o( Bw S*>t« o( CalKomU 

AUG 2;:; 1947 

fRANK fi^ J^OAN,S<>cr«tar>nlSUtl< 

J I' 

f xcrutiiic Department 

incite of (I.ilifoniK) 



/■ -: .J /) 

3:xcfunoc Dcpartnunt 

5t.UC Ut" CLJilfOlllLl 




In Am dtn^* of tfir StartfT o* Sl«l« 
o< *« S4i«« o» Olifoml* 

AUG 2 131947 
rRANK |iyoqpAN,8«:«rt.ryotst.rt« 

^xecutiDe Bcpartmcnt 

5tatc of Cilifornia 






.^ ./Vt^. 

. O , 


of tS* 5««u o« Cslifomi* 

AUG 2 2 1947 

fRANKjS^ J^0AN,8ecr«t.r»olSt.t^ 


^xcfutiuc Bcpartniciit iiMENiMiii.T no. i to 

^ or (Lalitoriiia iiin^oi^K/iN coim BOPJin sxTiiRioR '^u.-ul-jjtete 

('.quarantine Proclamation 15) 

The "«j-eti Under .quarantine" as described in Subsection (b) of 
£.ection 3263 of tlie California Administrative Code, entitled 
"European Corn borer iixterior '^iuarLutine" , effective January 2Q 
19i-5, IS hereby araenuea to read as follows: ' 

(b) iiTea Under 

..quarantine (Infested :kreas). Entire States 
Iowa, Indiana, Kansas, Ken- 

of Connecticut, Delaware, Illdnoi 

tucky, Llnine, liuryl-ind, rasEachuEetts, : ichic,an, Linneaota, Llis- 
oouri, A'ebraaka, 1,'ew Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North 
oeroliiia, IJorth Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island. South 
DaKota, lennessee, Vermont, Virginia, .^est Vircinia, and «iscon- 

S XXi • 

(Reference: Title 3, California ..dministrative Code. Chapter L 
oubchapter 3, tirouo 4, Plant (Quarantine) .*-•*, 

This ProclawEtion being an emergency »fc;ui*^ion shall taice effect 
iuiiaed lately. 

IK JITi^uioS w'lii'JKi:;ci'', I have here- 
unto set my hand and caused the 
Great Seal of the State of 
Cali:l_;ornia to be affixed t/iis 

JLjp^ day of ct-^^^ 

one tliousand nine hundred and 

Governor of California 



Filed with tiie i^ecretary of 
State and liiade effective: 

Secretary of State 


N) Sic office oT Am StovWy of 9Wa 
ol (he Stole of Olifomhi a 


fRANK K|^Q0&AN, Secretary o(St| 



^Kcutioc department 

3tatc of djlifornij 


One hundred and sixty years ago the founding fathers 
of our nation translated their burning belief In the dignity 
and the freedom of man Into one of the greatest documents 
of all time -- the Constitution of the United States of America. 
In doing so, they created a system of government which for more 
than a century and a half has commanded the respect of 
liberty-loving people everywhere. 

The concepts of the privileges and responsibilities 
of citizenship upon which this government is based have long 
served ar tfie foundation of our American way of life. Under 
the steadying influence of the Constitution, our country has 
advanced to a foremost position among the nations of the world. 

It Is fitting, therefore, that at this time when 
the fundamental precepts of free government are being 
challenged, we should turn to our Constitution for renewed 
inspiration and strength. 

With this thought In mind, I, Earl Warren, Governor 
cf California, do hereby nroclaim Wednesday, September 17,19^7, 
as CONSTITUTION DAY in California, and urge that on that day 
we reaffirm our undying faith in the historic principles upon 
which our way of life and our form of government are based. 

hereunto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
California to be af- 
fixed this N ^ day 
of September, A. D. 
One Thousand Nine 
Hundred and Forty- 

^KrutiDc Bcpartinciit 

^rarc of Californij 



ways, and ,ov IhtsTeSon'lt'ulT''''' ^"" ''""^^^^ *° ^-^<^-^ 
that our arn,cd i'orJes are made uo,^' ^'' American tradition 
fJrst and soldiers second n, "^' "f »"«" ^ho are citizens 
country's sti-ength ?s ?he"Na?ion«f r^'^ 5^^^^ bulwarks of our 
of Civilians who ?onside? i? an Jono^!^''''', "^^""^ '^ composed 
train during their leisure honr.,?^^ ""^ ^ Privilege to 
defense of our country ^ ^°'" «»'^'^'gency service in the 

National Guard^to'thrve'l^ar^'of'^H '°f,']'i^-^^ons of the 
has proclaimed Tuesday September i6 "^^*^^^States, the President 
It is fitting that the clSjns of C^itr ^^*i°"^l Guard Day. 
observance of this day. California Join in the 

friends and neilhSors^ihom'aJfof ''^'f f^^tlonul Guard are 
among the first to be ca?led"n?o «^^"°^'"''^^• "^^^ ^^^e 
and served bravely and ?ith d^^f?n^^? ^"•'^''''^"e World War II 

Of war. Behind them stIndS a^traSJtlon o? '"^^ '^'°'' theaters 
nearly a hundred years bac^ ^ntn^l u^ ? service traceable 

They are entitled t^our support «^Vii*°''^ °^ °^^ ^^^^e- 

our support as well as our gratitude. 

California National' Gu'arf mav^beT^' °' ^"^""^^^ °^ «- 
people, I. Earl Warren Go vr Lor .r^ ^foognized by all our 
proclaim Tuesday. Sept^mher^A ioL^^^^^°™^^' '^^^ hereby 
in California and urge Sat on'th?!'; ^\NATIONAL GUARD DAY 

States be displayed fS aU puSlic bu??JiS: f'^^ °' '^^ ^"^^^^ 
men and tae .fi-jcers ar tv.^ M„Zi o^Hdings in honor of tJie 
-.cers of the National Guard in our State. 

hereunto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
CfilifornJa to .ha»nf 
fixed this />S''^*^c]ay 
of September, A. D. , 
One Thousand Nine 
Hundred and Forty- 

Governor of California 



<u>»irnii>, i,j, ,;,„„., „ M..i.»,?,','rii n,'i\', ', 



^xecutiuc department 

^ratt of Cilifornw 



Pff^f .^r,, ^!^"' '"^'^rf ^^'^ ^^'^ ^^^^^ "^ the world for an 
fu-LlV organization to promote lasting peace was Lnterl 

beinrdrSn^'^^of'^.''?" '^"^*^^ °^' *^^ ^"^^^^ Nations ' 
ouJ miS^f ;> 3^*^^^?^ this momentous event took place in 
our midst, the people of CclJfornia have alwavs fpit « 

Join _n the countrywide obsei-vance of United Nations Week 

Bailor fniif.^ '? '^^"' ""•""Eh""'-- the vorld look to our 
United Nations so that we may act in a wav which will n^ov^n^ 

Cal.r„,.„-.'''"i'' ,''*','° '■'""^?"- I- Ktii-1 Wari-er., Govcr-noi- of I 

siniisSn,p?.";rouri?::if::Sj.^f L°^&e?do|Lr?;t 

hereunto set my iiand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
CalJfornia to hk af- 
fixed this /J*?^ day 
of September, A. D. , 
One Thousand Nine 
Hundi-ed and Forty- 

Governor of California 

I >'.uoi>u,irniniMtt 

^xccutiDc Bcpartiiiciit 

:^tatc of €jliforiii.i 

i-' ansands of Its cltlzenp who, Ln spite jf physical handicaps, 

J ;;V<» /'■-■•'ic 'T.n'>rt:"n+ r'T-l v'hiil ' ■ .'T' t.-i tliir en: n • ' ;- 1 ; f (' of our 

ni:- .■•.."(■■JinT'II ;'l inrni ." t.hcse vurkerr ver.* vividly 
Crilled to public attention duriini the recent war w/>en they 
proved thempelver nn Important asMet to Cal-^fornla Indurtry 
■ nd 8£5rlfMilture. They tfiuijht uh that iihysl(r.p..3 dlaablllty, 
■•■■.t-er ttian belrii;, -. barrier to efficient production, often 
''iep t.h»- 1 ■!ceri', M<- i' - ■ : ' lii.'iiif; performance. 

'jve been adiic 

^ of the W.-U-, number:- 
'd til tji!s work fame. 

'creaplnply Imnortfuit role In our econothy. 

: as aEEumed 

-' ' '' . ' : ■ ■• \,: ]' " .'■'-: <1 l;:ed 
abilities uf our physically handicapped workers, the President 
and the Congress of the United States have desl^jnated the 
first week In Octobet ua NATIONAL EMPLOY THB PliYSICALLY 

H;..:iFDTC.i?""=;p '.-.'E'^r. 

, ^-■j' < ''"'. G-.jVf- ciiMc ..ii' C ' 1 1 1'oi-n L^j,, tjierrl jrf^ 

,■ : ' « Prei- ■ ind Congress? In urging emnloyers to 

■ -ivy t.ig.-4 Lf^ the adv>i.nta,ges of creating opportunities for 
:.yslcally )iand1 cavped pernonnel, and for t^,lp purpose do 
t.ereby proclaim tVie weeK of October 13 - 11, Inclus'lv<*. 
EI'iPLOY THE PirY3ICALLY K/iKDICArPKH \rsWi in California, ' 

IN VITNE5>. VHEPiEOF, 1 :_^ve 
hereunto n^t my hand 
ani1 caused tlie Great 
SeAl of the State of 
C?llfornla to be af- 
fixed this /J^i^ay 
of September, A. D. , 
One Ti.ou.-.Mnd Nine 
Hundred iiid Porty-Seveni;. 


Govr.i iv of California 




1 fh« offlc« o» «S« SeaitefV «* SWi 

ol the 5ul? o( Oi!ifomi« 


iN, Secretary c 

^Kcutme Bcpartnicnt 

;5i.itc of Cj:.iliforni.i 


Because or Uio gi'oat loss which our Nation suffers 
each year as a result of fire, the President of the United 
St.ates has afaln called public attention to the need for 
increased precautions against this menace, and has proclaimed 
the second \/o':k oV October as Fire Prevention Week. 

It is a tragic fact that mucii loss of life and 
property is caused by carelessness and neglect, and can be 
avoided' If proper oreventlve measures are taken. Tne need lor 
huEbandinf our every resource during this period ol world 
reconstruction Is self-evident. When fire destroys our 
forests, gracing larid, homes, and places of business, xt retards 
not only the development of our own State but ol Uiose other 
states and nations which count upon our productive capacity 
to help thorn meet their needs. 

In C'llifornla this year has been as 
our history. For this reason. It is 
Izen of our State exercise double 

of fire at home, at work and at 

l-'i I'e ha::ard 
great as i n any year of 
essential tliat each cit.' 
precaution against the hazard 

A.cordlnt-ly, I, Earl Warren, Governor of California, 
do hereby proclaim the week of October 5 to 11, 1947, as 
i-IRE Pl^VENTION WEEK in California, and urge that during tn-s 
period our citizens join in a concerted effort to estaollsh , 
f!re prevention habits and policies which will be ol continuing • 
benefit throuGliout the year. 

hereunto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
California to Jjc af- 
fixed this /^ «<- day 
of Soptemuer, A. D. 
One Thousarid Nine 
Hundred and Forty 


Governor of Ccllfornla 

Oil****/ » AA/**^**- 

Secretary q^S^at 



ui ftt oHlr. of Ih. S*3.*»V of SUt. 
o» »h« i««l« ol Califo'"'* 

fRANK M-40flOAN,SecretifyolStite , 

£xcfuti\]c department 

;:c»tatc of (laliforiii.i 


In thp history of this nation, no state has 
Thf achievements of our women culminated in the 

early victory. 

Because of the press inc state and community 
problems whl.h are associated vi th our rap d cr^^^ 
-^pr^tlcicatlon of our women In public life -is more ^sscnt^-ax 
th'an ever Since our most Important problems ^^^^^J^^^.f ^^ 
underStandlne of economic as well as social factors, it is 
oartlcilarly'^flttlnc that bun'ncss "f^SeSp' ' n f ' nSlig 
specialized training should provide leadership .n landing 

their solution. 

Therefore, to stimulate the greater Interest of 
women in ^.he public life of our State I Ear .arren, 

rro^!^r^-1o'li: SSyt'as DUSINE^s'SoMEN-S WEPIK in California, 
^nru;ge;t^:t^^uri / MS wee. spcclal^^ 

^S^i^t^^e^'l Sib^^^ro;M;rcontribution they are 
making to the improvement of our community life. 

hereunto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
California to be af- 
fixed this /7-t/day 
of September, A. D. 
One Thousand Nine 
Hundred and Forty-Seven. 

Governor of California 



■■^ Mit r,f!ht o! the Stcratory oi State 
ot tS< Stele of CA'iicmi* 

Secretary of otate 

D«p«ty Stcniuv a< SH» 

J:xcfUtiDc Bipartiiiciit 

^tntc of <I.iliforiiici 


One of the distingulshint', I'eatures of the American 
vay of life is the guai>antcc of freedom of the press. It is 
one of the most cheriShed (-unrantees In the Bill of Rights. 

This basic rl^'iit tias been exercised by our dally 
and veekly newspapers to better serve our people. The press 
of America has throufc'Jiout our history truthfully disseminated 
the facts whicli the peoi)lG in a democracy must have if tiiey 
are to make sound decisions. For over a century and a half, 


our newspapers 
and corruption 

liave consistently foufiht oppression, 
in every form. 

Ar, an i.nnentlal part of tne life of every community, 
newspapers ai-e making a i'.reater contribution to sound public 
opinion than any other meaium. Further, they are contributing 
to the citizenship traininc o£ Uiousands of growing bo;, s by 
sponsori nc wholesome pro(/rams of recreation and educational 
opportunities for tiieir newspaper boys. 

If all jjaj'ts of th(; world were served by a free press 
such as our own, tJiis, more than any other one thing, would 
dispel bitter emotions and inspire peaceful desires in all 


So that all our citizens may be reminded oT the 
Importance of a free press in our daily life, I, Earl Warren, 
Governor of California, do hereby ijroclalm the week t t" 
October 1 to October 8, 19^7, as NEWSPAPER WEEK in California 
and urge that during that week our citizens familiarize 
themselves witli the many I"ortus of public service being rendered 
by the newspapers of tiils State. 

hereunto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
California to be af- 
fixed this . '/.jc/daj 
of September, A. D. , 
One Thousand Nine 
Hundred and Forty-Seven. 

Governor of California 


i),r of l'« f-f U» Seortwy ol SUte 


AN , S«cn>tarv ot Sta:o« 

y Stcntory oi SM* 

^xcfutiue I?)cpartiiifiit 

;^t.itc of (I.iiiroiiiKi 


Our homes and cur schools exert the greatest 
character-building Influences upon our children. For this 
reason, it is vital that parnnts and teachers work closely 
to^-ether in all programs alTectlng the velfare of youth. 
The need for coordinating their efforts is particularly acute 
-.n this State because tlio extraordinary expansion of our 
populat:!cn In recent years has placed great strains upon 
our educational system and upon the agencies which deal with 
Juvenile problems. If wc nro to have a better future, we 
must give increasing tliour;lit to tlio means by which our boys 
and girls may grow into responsible citizens. Their 
educational opportunities must be equalized throughout the 
State, and wholesome recreational and health facilities must 
be made available for all. 

The California Congress of Parents and Teachers, 
which this year is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary, has 
long worked toward these worthy ends. Not only has this 
organization served as a consistently effective forum for the 
exchange of ideas affecting the welfare of youth, but it has 
provided leadership and helped to initiate many of our most 
forward-looking educational and welfare programs. 

In order to call public attention to the great 
contribution to community life being made by the many 
Parent-Teacher Associations of our State, I, Earl Warren, 
Governor oi' Cfillfornla, do hereby proclaim the week of 
October 6 to 10, 1947, as PAJ^ENT-TEACHER WEEK in California, 
and urge that during this period parents acquaint themselves 
with the work of the Parent-Teacher groups in the local 
schools with a view to taking part in the programs which 
they have undertaken. 

hereunto set ray hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
California to be af- 
fixed this /T'^cifday 
of September, A. D. 
One Tliousand Nine 
Hundred and Forty- 


Governor of California 

0/ lb. Stota of aiKoml. 


f^EP; smj 

ry NL/State 

D(p«ty S<ci«4iry oi 9Mi 


ixccutiuc I?>cpartniciit 

^tatc i)t tL.iliroriiu 


" yk,^ 

.J ^ ^>>«_<L-*..i-^ 


■ Ic 


ifxccutiDc Bcpartinciit 

:r>tJtc of d.iliroriiin 

P^O C L 

M A T I N 

The lecuiit var lian t'-'^ts. slfc,niricancc to our annual 
obsei-vance of Ainuistiet Day, Tor .It has impressed upon us the 
need f>.i- redoubling our efforts in promoting international 
understanding and good will. 

With the memory uf the losses of that war still fresh 
in mind, ve are more than ever determined to make the present 
peace a lasting one. We are fully aware that the responsi- 
bility for preserving the ideals for which our loved ones 
fouglit now reets squarely with us. We can, by our display 
of tolerance and brotherhood, give Inspiration to all others who, 
lilce us, desire harmony in the world. By worlc and sacrifice 
we can help keep our country strong, so that America's call 
for good nelgliborliness among the nations may continue to be 
respected wherevej- :t is hoard. 

With these tliouglits In mind I, Earl Warren, Governor 
of California, do hereby proclaim Tuesday, November 11, 1947, 
as ARMISTICE DAY In California, and urge that all of ns pause 
on this da:, i'^i' a moment of solemn prayer In memory of those 
who laid down their lives in the defense of freedom, and 
further, that we rededicate ourselves on this day to the 
principles for which they died. 

IN WITNESS WlIERl.Ui'-, I have , 
liereunto set my hand I; 
and caused the great I; 
seal of the State of 
f>l tfoTTilfl to b« af- 
fixed this ^Ist day 
of October, 1947- 


^ / 




alif omla 

Seci-etary of State 

Depuly bwitlary ol Stota 

^xtcotioe department 


T T rr 

Although the recent war carae to an end well over two 
years ago, its tragic consequencea still plague millions of 
people In all parts of the world. Many remain cold and hungry, 
facing the prospect of a winter of starvation and disease. 

Out of the native generosity of the American people 
has come the idea for a Friendship Train, carrying not only 
physical but spiritual nourishment for those leus fortunate 
abroad. Our State is privileged to be the starting point for 
this train. 

Such is the American spirit that citizens all over 
the country are joining spontaneously in this gesture of good 
will toward those In need. Prom California this train will 
wind its way eastward, adding carload after carload of non- 
perishable food contributions for shipment overseas. 

To call the attention of the people of this State to 
the Friendship Train, I, Earl Warren, Governor of California, 
hereby proclaim the week commencing Friday, November 7th, as 
FRIENDSHIP WEEK in California, and urge all of our people by 
their individual contributions to assist in fulfilling the 
mission of the Friendship Train. 

hereunto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
California to be af- 
fixed this 1st day of 
November, A. D., One 
Thousand Nine Hundred 
and Forty-seven. 

Governor of California 

Secretary of State 


•J'Wrtlf bcacloty ol '^it 

t'lnUi In oi.i ..,»,,„„ orpin 
•«e..M«»io.mi cin,,,,, „ MM,,... „,„ ,„:.„, 


arxccunoc Bcpartniciit 

3tatc of £jliforiiij 


Since 1775 tlie men and women of the United States 
i.larlne Sorps hnwe sepv«d our nation with valor and 
distinction both In ponco and in war. They ;mve .vritten 
many colorful accounts of heroism into the |)ayes of our 
national liistory, and brou,';ht honor and glory to the 
Arnorican flae; wherevoc* It has flown. 

In view ^ji tht) LonfT-atandlnj.; admiration for the 
marine Corps by the citizens of this State, it is 
appropriatf) that our people should join in national 
obsocvancon commemoratinr, the 172nd anniversary of this 
irri:.ortHnL brancli of thn armnd forces. It is fitting, 
also, taut we should give our full support to a three - 
month recruitinp drive for the Organized Heserva and the 
Volunteijr Reserve of tlie Marine Corps, which will be«-ln 
on that liay. 

So taat due recogniMon may be given this 
significant, anniversary in the history of the Marine Corps, 
I, iiarl Warren, Govornor of California, do hereby proclaim 
...onaay, Wovumuor l:)th, the Birthday of the l/iarine Corps, 
as -aiU^vj jORi-S DAY in Oalifornia, and urpe that on this 
and tn-=) ninety days following, our people give every 
assistance to the Marine Corps recruitlnK drive. 

IN V/ITN^SS ».HKrliiOF, I nave hereunto 
sot my hand and caused the 
Great Seal of the State of 
California to be affixed this 

t-Tr day of November, 
A.D. nineteen Hundred and 
Forty-seven. A 

— ;.p- ■ 

jov'jrnor of California 



Secretary of 

;c. en> ntn-ii. r.' Om Se«««*iV o< SUM 


^xccutioc Bcpartniciit 

:r«tatc of Galifornu 

P R O G L A r." A T I N 

In a worlt^ rtlll iinrol-lled ns nn m' ul" war, 
the American r*>ople have pnrt3c\ilar reason for expressing 
thtinks to Cor! Cor t\\c btneflt! 
the past vear. 

wh lo>i have come to us during 

Our r.f.tioii fortiiri.'ittjly lai^ been spared the celaniities 
w^ ich have occurred in many other parts of the world. 
Sr-lrifcuallT and irateriallT we remuin stronc and we rejoice in 
the TTifiintenance of a free way of life handed down to us by our 

■ - fntherr- . i 

Even more than the Piljrinis who establisr-ed the 
<rlorioi!E tradition of Thank s-iv in;-, we have reason to express 
ouj gratitude for an aburdfmt hHrvert. Our productive 
capacity has become so greMl tViat we are able to fill not only 
our own" needs but the needs of many less fortunate abroad. 
For thir rearon man> of us. In ^1^''"/. tVianlir. , will wlsVi to 
re'-r.enber the millioriE of hun;j;ry neople elEewl)ere in the world 
who do not posses.- the udvanta^'os which we enjoy. We will 
wish to share with them throurii reco.o.nized arencles 
establlrJ'ed for the purpose, or directly. If wc cct more 
pleasure that wav. Above nil it is appropriate that we give 
thanks for our bless In^s by reltf ratint;- our faith in tVie 
spiritual principles upon wl'ich our way of life is based. 
This we can do both through our individual prayers of thanks- 
F-ivin; and throU;V:h p;-rtinlpat Ion in the reli'iiour ceremonies 
of the church . 

With these thourhts in mind 1, 
of Calirornia, do V ereby proclaim Thursdi 
cp T • ^'''Srjvn'il i'AY In California. 

I*,arl Warren, Governor 
V, November ?7, 1947, 

IN WIT^^E;sa W, F.REOF, I have 
hereuntiO set my hand and 
caused the greet seal of 
the State of CaHfornia 
to be affixed this /•/'^ 
day of Moveir.ber, 1947. 

Covernor ci' California 

AT'l V;ST ! 

,M II. U(MlM.^t« 

3!Kcutit)c department 



Thf» Rill ol" Hlp.hts In tlir- very noul oi' uur government 
Its guarantees ol" JndivJdual liberty serve to distinguish o 
system of government Trora many others Jn the vorld today. 
Because these rights have become Ingrained In the American 
jjcople, they aj-e too oJ'ten taken for gi-anted. 

We must all remember tiiat the Bill ol' Rlglits came into 
being only after many ti-iuls and tribulations on the part of 
the T.en and vomen vho conceived and helped to shape our 
democratic processes. The constitutional rights which vere 
thus secured for us are balanced by important responsibilities 
of citlzenslilp, and each of us must be willing to shoulder 
these resiwnslbilltles If the spirit as well as the form oT 
our Institutions Is to be maintained. 

Pai'tlcularly during this period of postwar reconstructlcn, 
it is essential that the true significance oV tlie fundamental 
liberties assured us under the Bill of Kiglits be understood 
both at home and abroad. This is a time in history when the 
eyes of all the world are upon as. Millions of people in other m 
sections of the globe who cherish freedom are looking to us 
now for examples of accompli sliment under our system of free h 

This week we will observe the 136th anniversary of 
the ratification oV the BUI of Klgjits by the thirteen original 
states. It is appropriate, therefore, that we review the 
contribution which this document has already made to our way 
or life and that we determine the methods by which we can better 
put Into action our devotion to its Ideals. r 


Wltli these thoughts in mind, I, Earl Warren, G' vernor 
of California, hereby proclaim Monday, December 15, 19^7, as 
BILL OF RIGHTS DAY in California and call upon all of our 
people to commemorate this anniversary by refreshing their 
minds as to the fundamental importance of the Bill of Rights 
in our da^ly life. 

hereunto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
California to be af- 
fixed this/^? day of 
December, A. D. , One 
Thousand Nine Hundred 
and Forty-Seven. 


Governor of 





Senate BUI No. 641 


, a f^ RnoA nf the Penal Code and to add 

^" "f l" ''nf2!t^imeoZ, and 602S.4 thcreio, 

Secitons 6028, €03il.l,ou^o-^, , Corrections, 

relation thereto. 

The people of the State of California do enact as foUorcs: 

. r. ^- cnoa ff thp Penal Code is repealed. 
IT? t.SSst ~a CO.. » »d, 

b, .„cutl,, erf,, ™. ".rJiX" rS pS "... .,, S«,l,n 
Bo.rf ot Cnmrtiom ra *• '•°'!%?' .JS Vn*! «t not lea 

oftheirduties „t;„,r papV, special commission shall 

The executive order "f *;"^X stmlv to bo made by the 

specify the ^''^-l-^f ,«"^;;°Ce ^Uh n whi.h the eomn,ission 

Tirir itr^nat^t. VaT shall cease to 

when it makes its final report. ^^^ j^ ^^,3 , 

and all matters relating to the speunea 

"""XV^ Section 6028.2 is added to said code, to road : 

fiOO^ o The Director of Corrections may tunnsh fo. the 
„.e o?-«;n-snScln,ission such facilities, supphes, and per- 
sonnel as may W "--'"''^c therefor ^^^^^^ ^^ ^^^^^ ^ 

— 2 — 

Board of Corrections shall consider such reports and recom- 
mendations, and shall transmit them to the Governor and the 
Legislature, together with its own comments and recommenda- 
tions on the subject matter thereof, within the first 30 days of 
the next succeeding general or budget session of the Legisla- 
ture. Tlie Board of Corrections shall also file copies of such 
reports with the Attorney General, the State Library and such 
other state departments as may appear to have an ofBcial interest 
in the subject matter of the report or reports in question. 
Sec. 6. Section 6028.4 is added to said code, to read : 
6028.4. The Governor shall report to each regxilar session 
of the Legislature the names of any persons appointed under 
Section 6028 together with a statement of expenses incurred. 

35xtcutit)t department 


November 1, 19/«7 

(Pursuant to Chapter 1181, Statute Laws of 1947, Section 6028) 

By virtue of the authority vested in me by Chapter 1181 of 
the Statute Laws of 1947, I hereby create a special Coiamission of five 
members, to be known as " The Special Crime Study Commission on Social 
and Economic Causes of Crimu and Delinquency ." to assist the Board of 
Corrections in the study of crime pursuant to Section 6027 of the 
Penal Code. 

This Commission is authorized and instructed to make inquiriea 
into any social or economic condition in the State which appears to be 
or is contributing to crijne and delinquency, either directly or indirect- 
ly. Because of the broad scope of this subject, it is suggested that 
the Comnission: (a) make a general inquiry into social and economic 
causes of crime and delinquency in California, and (b) restrict ito 
intensive studies to the more acute social and economic conditions 
productive of crime and delinquency. It is further suggested, in this 
connection, that particular attention be given to those conditions 
with respect to which there is the greatest promise of effecting 
substantial improvement and amelioration. 

Said ConnTiission is authorized to make partial and interim 
reports on such subjects within the general scope of its study and 
at such times as are deemed appropriate by said Comnission. 

Said Commission shall render its final report and recommen- 
dations to the Director of Corrections not later than July 1, 1949, 
and in the manner provided by Section 6028.3 of the Penal Code. 

IN rt'ITNESS VrHERiCK, 1 have hereunto 
set my hand and caused the 
Great Seal of the State of 
California to be affixed this 
l3t day of November. 

A.D. Nineteen Hundred and 


Governor of California 

Secretary of State 


L>«uiy bccmtory of SMi 

**tk iTAii p.iNTiNo orric. 



^xecutiDc ©tpartment 

^tatc or California 

November 1, 19^7 

(Pursuant to Chapter 1181, Statute Laws of 19U1 , Section 6028) 

♦I. c . By virtue of the authority vested In me by Chapter 1181 of 
the Statute Lawa of 19/.7, I h«reby create a apeclal Commission of five 
members to be kr.own as "The Special Crime Study Conunls^ion on Juvenile 

iustice, tc assist the Board of Corrections in the atudy of criite 

pursuant to Section 6027 of the Penal Code. 

Said Consnission is authorized and instructed to study, 
evaluate, and mike reconmendations respectinR all matters havin,^ a 
direct ^'«»'>••I""• • » i^ - '- • - ■ - '■ 

bearing urx)n the prevention of juvenile delinquency 
-ion of the welfare of rhildrnn t ogether with the ^er 

and the 

protective., w. o.,^ «^xiare oi rniuirRn together with the general problem 
of dealing with juvenile offenders against the law, including their 
apprehension, detention, prosecution, treatment, and rehabilitation. 

The scope of these inquiries shall include, but shall not 
be limited to: (a) A careful examination of the Juvenile Court Law 
ai.d of other laws. State and local, related to the problem of dealing 
with juvenile offenders against the law, together with laws established 
for the protection of juveniles and, in particular, laws dealing with 
adults who contribute to the deUnquency of juveniles, (b) Studies 

r l^"" ;^'"ff""a^'ion, administration, functions, policies, and practices 
of the California Youth Authority; the Juvenile Court, County agencies 
responsible for the idminlstration of Juvenile probation, parole, and 
placement; juvenile detention homes; County probation conmittees; local 
and 5tate public correctional institutions for juveniles, including 
forestry camps, police juvenile bureaus; ar.d the qualifications and 
training of police officers dealing with Juveniles on a full- or part- 
time basis. '^ 

It is further suggested that the Coaunission inquire into the 
general field of the causes of delinquency and of prevention techniques 
and practices includinj: the study of programs for the coordination of 
public and private community forces for the correction and prevent r„ 
of delinquency. ^ 

In making these studies, the Commission is instructed to make 
use of such advice and co.isultation as the Committee of the Judicial 
Council for the Study of the Juvenile Court Uw and the California State 
Bar may elect to make available to it. 

Said Commission is .-uithorized to make partial and interim 
reports on such subjects within the general scope of its study and 

printtJ im cm tix 
•HCltMtNro, IHJ 


i« MiNriNQ orrtcR 


3^Kcutioe ©epartmtnt 

^tate orCalirornia 

- 2 - 

at such times as are deemed appropriate by said Commiasion. 

oaid Com/nisslon shall render its final report and recommen- 
dations to the Director of Corrections not later than July 1, 1949, 
and in the manner provided by Section 6028. 3 of the Penal Code. 

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto 
set my hand and caused the 
Great Seal of the State of 
California to be affixed this 
lat day of November. 
A.U. Nineteen Hundred and 


Go Turner of SalOorrLi 


Secretary of State 


Owtily Stovtary gi SW« 


T«TB PiiNTiMa orPKir 

£xtcutit)c ©rpartmcnt 


November 1, 19A7 

(rursuant to Chapter 1181, Statute Laws of 19U7, Section 6028) 

By virtvie of the authority vested in me by Chapter 1181 of the 
statute Laws of 1947, I hereby create a special Commission of five 
members, to be known as " The Spfcial Crime StutJy Commiasion on Adult 

Corrections and Release rroceduresi 

to assist the Board of Correctiona 

in tlip .study of c, rine pursu^xnt to Section 6027 of the Penal Code, 

Said Commiasion Is authorized and instructed to study, evaluate, 
and make recotnnendations concerning the administration and organization 
of all agencies of r)tate and local government oliarged with the responsi- 
bility of detaining and caring forgdult offenders from tlie time of 
arrest to final disposition. 

The scope of these inquiries shall include, but shall not be 
limited to, studies of the orf',anizal.ion, administration, functions, 
policies, and [iracticea of tho following officers ;uid a/^encies: (a) 
the Director of Corrections (b) the AUult Authority (c) the boai-d of 
Trustees of the California Institution for Women (d) the State Boai*d 
of Prison Directors (e) the Youth Authority ati related to its responsi- 
bilities for the custody, care, and treatment of offenders conmitted 
to it by the Superior Courts; (f) County agencies responsible for the 
administration of -idult probation and parole (g) County sheriffs and 
County Boards of ;"upervisors as related to their responsibilities for 
the organizition, adir.ini strati on, and functions of County jails £uid 
of County farms, industrial work camps, road camps, and forestry camps 
for adult misdemeanants; (h) Chiefs of Police of incorporated munici- 
palities as related to their responsibilities for the organization, 
administration, and functions of the city jails. 

Said Commission is authorized to make partial and interim 
reports on such sul'Jects within the general scope of its btudy and at 
such timer as are deemed appropriate by said Commission. 

Said Commission shall r ender its final report and recoirjnendations 
to the Director of Corrections not later than July 1, 194'', and in the 
manner provided by Section 6028,3 of the Penal Code, 

IN WITNFISS WlliiRBOF, I have hereunto 
set mj' hand and caused the 
Great Seal of the State of 
California to be affixed this 

1st day of November. 

A. D. Nineteen Hundred and 

GoTifimor of C 

• Caiifomii 

Secretary tr^State 

'intti \m cAiirnftNiA «r«ii riiNiiNn orrici 

$xccutiv)c department 


November 1, 1947 

; Pursuant to Chapter 1181, Statute Laws of 1947, Section 6028) 

By virtue of the authority vested in me by Chapter 1181 of 
the Statute Laws of 1947, I hereby create a special Conniisaion of five 
members, to be knovm as " The .Special Crime otudy Conunisaion on Criminal 
Law and Procedure ," to assist, the Board of Corrections in the study of 
crime pursuant to Section 6027 of the Penal Code. 

Said Commission is authorized and instructed to examine, 
evaluate, and make reconmendations respecting the effectiveness of 
all criminal laws and procedures now in force in California for the 
purpose of administering criminal justice and maintaining law and 

The Commission is further authorized to study and make 
recommendations concerning any law or law.T, constitutional or statutory, 
which affect or which may affect deterrence from criminal behavior, the 
apprehension of offenders or fugitives, their prosecution, their trial, 
disposition, sentence, and rehabilitation. 

The scope of these inquiries shall include, but shall not be 
limited to, studies of: (a) the .substantive and adjective law of 
California affectiiij^ the administration of criminal justice and the 
maintenance of law and onier; (b) the laws of California est.iblished 
for the protection of civil rights and the safeguarding of the privi- 
leges of individual citizens as provided for in the Bill of Rights; 

(c) the organization, administration, functions, policies, and 
practices of the office of di.itrict attorney and public defender; 

(d) the apf)o'.ntment of defen^ie attorneys by the Court and the utili- 
zation of legal aid societies; (e) the organization, administration, 
functions, policie.i, an! practices of the courts with respect to 
their jurisdiction in criminal matters; (f) the organization, admini- 
stration, functions, policies, and practices of County grand juries. 

In making these studies, the Commission is instructed to 
in.Hkc uso of such advice and consultation as the .Judicial Council and 
thH Californi ! '' if • Har may elect to make available to it. 

Said Commiasion is .authorized to make j)artial and interim 
r:'i;rt3 on such subjects within the reneral scope of its study and at 

l£xcctttiV)e ©cpartmtnt 

^tatE of California 

such times as are deemed appropriate by said Comraiasion. 

.i,: ■-mission shall render its final report and recomen- 
d.itioi.3 to the Director of Corrections not later than July ■!■, ^'^^'^ » 
and in t,h« provided by r.ection 60,''8.? of tl,e i'cnal (.ode. 

IN WITNESS MIERfiCF, 1 have hereunto 
set my hand and caused the 
Great 3eal of the State of 
California '...; be affixed this 
Ist day of November. 

A. D. Nineteen Humlred and 


Governor of California 
Secretary of State 

[:>rrutv 'itcn^mri of Sbto 

f-tinlf.l /« cAiirolMift iiAil pilNrlNO omct 

\\CHMt1t0.t911 (.KtlX.F II. UOOtt.lTATr PUmTU 

^xtcutitie department 

^tatt of California . 

November 1, 1947 

(Pursuant to Chapter 1181, Statute Laws of 194'', Section 6028) 

By virtue of the authority vested in me by Chapter 1181 of 
the statute Laws of 1947, T hereby create a special Conindspion of 
five members, to be known as " The Special Crime Study Coir jnlssion on 
Organized Crime ." to assist the Board of Corrections in the study of 
crime pursuant to Section 6027 of the Penal Code. The subject of 
study of said Commission is the general subject of organized crime 
in the State of California, including specifically, and without being 
limited thereto, the following: 

(a) The extent to which persons are organized or are other- banded to>;ether, both inside and outside of this State, for objects 
and purposes which violate the laws of the State of California. 

(b) The means and methods used by such {.eraons to further 
and promote their unlawful objects and purposes in California. 

(c) Th'.' conditions which make possible the continued 
existence and activity within the State of California of persons who 
are organized or otherwise banded together, both inside and outside 
of this State, for purposes which violate the laws of the State of 

(d) The measures considered by the Commission to be 
appropriate for recommendation to the Executive, Legislative, and 
Judicial Departments of the State with the object of eradicating 
groups organized for unlawful purposes from this State and providing 
increased protection for the people of the State against the inroads 
of organized crime. 

Said Commission is authorized to seek and receive cooperation 
and assistance in making its investigations, studies, and reports from 
all agencies of the Executive Department of this State. 

Said Commission is authorized to make partial and interim 
reports on such subjects within the general scope of its ^audy and at 
such times as are deemed appropriate by said Commission. 

Said Commission shall render its final report and recommen- 
dations to the Director of Corrections not later than July 1, 1949, 
nnjiiier provided by Section 6028.3 of the Penal Code. 

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto 
set my hand and caused the 
Great Seal of the State of 
California to be affixed this 

Ist day of November. 

A. D. Nineteen Hundred and 


3£xcnitiV)c Bcpartmcnt 

3tJtc of dalifornjj 

(Pursuant to Chapter 1181, Statute Laws of 1947, Section 6028) 

T!y virtue of the authority vested In me hy Chapter llW. of 
the St,atute Laws of ]9/,7, I hereby continue the special conunlpaion known 
as " The Special Crime Study Conuidsslon on Or^^^laed Crime ." (with the 
same personnel) which CoDindssion was created by Executive Order, dated 
November 1st, 1947, for the sarae purposes and objects and under the same 
directives as in said Executive Order provided, and with the direction to 
said Commission to render its final report and recommendationB to the 
Director of Corrections not later than July 1, 1950, and In the manner 
provided by Section 6028.3 of the Penal Code. 

The purijoses and objects specified in the Executive Order of 
November 1, 1947, above referred to, include, in addition to the general 
subject of organized crime in the State of California, the following 
specific areas of study; 

(a) The extent to which persons are organized or are other- 
wise banded tofjetlier, both inside and outside of this State, for objects 
and purposes which violate the laws of the State of California. 

(b) The means and methods used by such persons to further 
and proriote Uieir unlawful objects and purposes in Califoi-nla. 

(c) The conditions wliich make possible the continued 
existence and activity within the State of California of persons wljo 
are organized or otherwise banded together, both inside and outside 
of this State, for purposes wliich violate the laws of the State of 

(d) The measures considered by the Commission to be 
appropriate for recoDnnendation to the Executive, Legislative, and 
Judicial Departments of the State with the object of eradicating 
groups organized for unlawful purposes frori this State and providing 
increased protection for the people of the State against the inroads 
of organized crime. 

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto 
set my hand and caused the 
Great Seal of the State of 
California to be. affixed this 
Jl£da7 of h^*^<^ 
A. D. Ninoteoto'Hundred and 

Governor of California 

Secrelnr:^ of otite 




oj the Stilt oi Oli' ■ • ' »►/• 

JUL 1 1 \9P^ 


^xccutiDc department 

^tatc of California 


(Pursueiit to Chapter 1181, Sectioi. 6028, Statute Lars 

of 19-47) 

or ^v^J^l^^'i^^l^^^''^ ^^t -^tiiority vested In me by Chapter 1181 
of the Etatutc Lav.P of 1947, I hereby crej-te c speciil 
con^.i..3on of five m..nbers, to be known as "The Special 
Bo ?d of ?^^.?T^'''^°!;^ on Org.a.fzed Crime," to essl.t the 

-enffnr^S^ ^'^^f^'^^" ^''^ ^^^'^^' °^ "i"^ pursuant to 
u.ectlon 6027 of the Penftl Code. 

lr,r.,.lrTJ3%^?""^r''^°" ^^ orgenlsed cind Instructed to make 
thS-iatf. n? ro?f e"^«^^l subject of orgj:i:l:;ed crime in 
tne --'tdte of Calif ornlci, the extent to fthioh persons are 

ol this subject it is suggested that the coDuiiission: 


e ^^^ n^^l .Revlt'w the findings and recommendations of thn 

"t'k"'^'^^?'^1'*^r °^.^^^ Seci\^/6oi^gL 

cS^.crcef'^^'' ^° Inve.;tigate Org^nlv.ed Crime in iSLrS.Je 

tho r.icLe"!Ss^of ?^'l1f"^n?''^^"^'^ ^^"^ effectiveness of 
'4" ?^ -^ ^^^'^^^^'^ l^"s as £ means for supnleir. 

of f-tiite 

dV.tIoSi lli'i'f?tJ'"' ""T^ "P"" org..,nLd crlSrS? Juris- 
,-ron,l.. cf er,ecti,B sub.,t.r.tHl lBprovc,»er,t ij klluoratlon. 

1 - 

•i«i» rkiNiiN 

^umm ©cparmirnt 

3tjrc of (lalifornio 


cSJlIS^",: °f„"»,^»".l-^lon; end to , 

ill,; i^ynimispaon 1<^ rHm/>+«j * 

rr.-.ctlciible extent. ... „„ ^..„_ 

hejp, and 

Tr. 4-v ^ -»cnce to the grc-ctc-t 

In the course of Its .tudle. into iL 

and their relationship 

to orgaiiii.ed crime, the coDiml cc-i,,,. ^v, -,-, : *--^°^-^^Jn5X}xp 

^-" -'^ assJ.l.n^e S? tl?e k^nchi'e T vT^ ]^^^ cooperation, 
'f the sf,nt„ o„w ?_^^^'J'CHi£e Tc^y hoard and other tax 

„_ ,^„, j.^r-r.T'Ve ^: , "'' -^^ authorized to 

general scope of its study and '!t^„nJ'^i^ ^"^''^''^^ ^^^^i" «'e 
appropriate by said comMLiSn. """^^ ^^ ^'^^ ^^emed 

195P, Ind S'-^eSef n's fiT?"^'^ ^^''^ ^^"^^-^ °n -^unc 30 
to the Director of CorrerMnn '''*^'°'** '"^ reconmiendations 

pracUc.ble, and in^'Sny evenfno'? i?tov*fr""i^*^^ ^^ ^^ 
jna^ln the nanner provlded^g Se°cMorio2'S!3 ^""^ij^i ^^^^' 

caused ^th^SS' Seai'o^the^ct.!.^''"^'^*?."^^ "'^ ^^«^ «'^ 
this 10th day of July, I.rfjg^^';'^' °^ California to be affiled 

Governor of California. 

Secretary oj stat 

- 2 - 

"Alt miNTIN 


^xeruriuc ©cpartmtnt 

^tatc of daljfornia 


r t^G expansion of correctlc 
ry iievel of government has btcn 
Dopijjlation growth of California J 

ve study by the ■ 

of government 
'Overnor's Sped' 

'one ri;'i(i Rolease 

rocedure; i 

J J -1 112 u 

Mi-uiit,T I- (M.uoj. ijiionaation ana 
rovlde a tinsls for planning cor;' 

'lUthoP-lity veste- 

' TV!?. 'T hc^r-lrr 

.. special 

'-^^■^■-•^i .SKI .jcrvices , " 
the study of crime 

riutnwizea ctnd instructed to 



f 1 

^niriDc Bcpartnicnt 

3tatc of £j|ifornia 



.< t A ■•" 



In lh« (Met •( th< iMrttary tt StM* 

■ ■ I 
• w W 


At o'clock *-.:.- A^. 

RANK % JORDAN, SxratuHUiita 



^xcrutiuc Bcpnrtmcnt 

:S»tatc of California 


FRANK M,. JORDAN, Secretary ttj-tjle 

( Pvir 

••xKcirri'vrE order op the governor 
.pter llBl,, Section 5028, Statute L.awr. ,.r Mir,M 

V;hEREA: , ■ \vc order of July •, i^'j, T 

ere:. Special Commisai. ' rive members to be known as 

"Thr .",(.,vl;. I .•U.M.l;; Ccmm !?..-- ! -. .11 0. .rredtlcnnl Faollit.icG and 
'"'-^'"^ ' • I r Corr. • ■ ,.., Ln the study 

' " ''J'i'ii'', pi!!'.-.;;ii,! ■. ■<;>:! lull hjI.'v ,.i' i.iic i\-na 1 Cede; and 

V/HEitKAo, Lhe Kxfcutlvc Order of July '. i >S5, 
ejtabl lalied a dat • :.,-r I. \-y-,b, (\.r the Commission 

■■ • ■ : I'lnal i-eport ; and 

WHEREAS, temiinatlon date of October 1, I956, 
v^;lil nut a' ■• 'ifiMcient time for study . u' ' the signi- 
'■-■"'■■■^ ' 'orreotlonal aotivitleo v^hicl! warrant full 

If -ri!' 1. 

■ '. '>'!''• 'i.;r i:'l aetlvilif-.; . i" : ^ r ' ' i; 

' ' - ' ' ! Tor intfeiisive utudy 
' -i ""a i ay outlined ii: tije Executive 

ir jer > a' July ■,'.■■''; 

THEREKORE, r.ald Commission is now instructed to 
''■■'''i t'( |).a't .iihi i-ecommendations not later than 

^ImttJ tm f 

UNI. t>*riir 

3:KcutiV)c Bcpartmcnt 

3tatc of Galiforiiia 

June :m). I 

•r luH'vl.ic-d b.\ .....ciion 6028.3 of 



hereiunto set my hand and 
caused the Great Seal of 
the State of California 
to fae affixed this 12th 
day ; of June, A. D., One 
Thousand Nine Hundred and 



Secretary lii/ State 


frtmiti i* tktIVORNi* tT kit rilh'TINt. b>ri<> 


If) Mm off » •' iHt JaLfFtory at StM* 
ol th< IhiM •< Calitwnio 

slp:m lyby 

FRANK M. JORDAN, Secrefary of Slate 

(Pursuant to Chapter II8I, Section b028. Statute Laws of 19^<7) 

^KcutitJc Bcpartmcnt 

^tatt of California 

WHEREAS, the demands for services and facilities 
r^oncerned with minor children has been intensified at every level 
of government by the phenomenal population growth of California; i 
and ! 

WFEREAS, the last comprehensive study by the executive 
branch of this essential area of government responsibility was 
made in l)^")', by Special Study Commissions appointed by the 
Governor; and I 


WHEREAS, in California there is an increasing aware- 
regarding the variations in application of the laws 

relatinj^ to .javenlli 

Jurludict,ional statutes, methods of 

handling youthful offenders, and the use of state and local 
facilities; and 

WHEREAS, there has been no comprehensive revision of 
tr.e Juvenile court act since 1913 there now exists an urgent 1 
necessity to consider changes which will provide Just legal j 
procedures designed to effectively meet the needs of our complex 
modern society, particularly noting that since adoption of the 
basic Juvenile court law, innumerable fundamental changes have 
been made in our educational, welfare, and correctional statutes; 


By virtue of the autliorlty vested In me by Chapter ll8i! 
of the Statute Laws of 19^7, I hereby create a special commissioni 
of five members to be known as " The Special Stuay CoMuiilssion on 
Juvenile JuntJce ," to a;5:;ist the liioard of Corrections in a } 
penological study pursuant to Section 6027 of the Penal Code. ' 

Said Commission is authorized and Instructed to study, 
evaluate, and make recommendations respecting all matters related 
to Juvenile Justice and the protection of minors together with 
general problems Involved and dealing with dependent children, 
minor offenders against the laws including their apprehension, 
detention, prosecution, supervision, treatment, and 

The scope of these inquiries shall Include but shall 
not be limited to: 

A. Juvenile laws regarding: 

1. Dependent and neglected children. 

^ . Revision to make possible for Juvenile court to 
carry on modern concepts of treatment. 

^Kcutiuc Bcpartnicnt 

^ratt of Galiforiiia 

3. rpolectlon of rights of children and parents; 
lor example, legal detention, right to counsel, 
bond, trial, calling of witnesses, access to 

'i . Review oi' statutory provisions related to 
protective services. 

'j. Keview laws permitting Juvenile courts to engage in 
prevention of Juvenile delinquency. 

o. Liw;i relating to children and youth (ages 16-21) 
with particular attention to disposition of cases 
Involving extensive criminal activity or crimes 
of violence. 

B. In addition to review of laws, consideration of methods 
of their administration. 


Labor law- affecting various ages of minors. 

Laws of arrest, detention, and treatment. 

-vnalysis of present and desirable allocation of 
financial responsibility as between ttie county and state 

Said Commission is authorized to make partial and 
interim reports on such subjects within the general scope of its i 
study and at such times as are deemed appropriate by said 
Commission. i 

Said Commission shall render its final report and 
recommendations to the Board of Corrections not later than 
June JO, 19';i9, and in the manner provided by Section 6028.^ of 
the Penal Code. -^ 

IN WITOESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto 
set my hand and caused the 
Great Seal of the State of 
California to be affixed this 
r^3rd day of September, A.D., 
One Thousamd Nine Hundred and 

^' . .( - I // <c y Ay 

Goverii'T of Califoi'nia 

'ATTEST: \^^,^,^^ ^^ 

Secretary Qiy State 
- 2 - 


^mum ©cpartiiicnt 

Sftm of Caiifomia 




^tl«-<_«^^-#< n-*^!^/^,//r f. 

r ' 


f > rri» NI4 IT ATI P»r 

•■ florid 



^xccutiuc Bcpartmcnt 

^tatc or Calirornia 

!-::cECUi'ivE oiidka 

!. \\ i^uij ui' Li»e auouoi'iu^ vci^ocd in ii u? l^. Section oOd't 
' .. •, 1 :'.<;•. M,. create a special commission of 
-■ .., ..icrauers, uo uc Known ;. ' aE SPECIAL COM'ilSSION OU 
"....iGOTIGS" , to ascist tne uourci oi' Cox^rections, as provluea for 
ana purGiiaat to Section oOLiY oi' the Penal Coac. 

S-iiu 'oiamission is autaoi'ized and Instructed to investigate,,! 

evalun I rccommcndationr, concernin,; the adequacy of ij 

.; .iv i.a'.;3 i'._ 1-j.^: a, , uu o.ic iile,;al trai'i'ic in narcotics, i 


, ■., , aui. jujL lii.'iitoti to, consideration of tne adequacies 
oi v.iic pi'et;ent penaltli.';;. u' iH'ouect the people of this State, 
..jpiication of the inaeterniinate-sentence la\; to narcotic 
vioiations, ano tau pi-obation ana pax'ole of persons v.'ao violate 
narcotic:; 1<j.\'V> of this State. 

Saiu Joiiii.ussion is authorized to seek and receive coopera- 
ulon a):ui aciiiiritaiice, ii; :aai:ia,; its investigations, recommenda- 
"i/Loa:; i,. , -■ w,-u;;, i'roiii 1-ii-' .-, ,. i,,.)i'ae j deneral, -au i'i'Oii; all otiier 

, '...,o Oi' oa._ ij,.i-ouLi.v. ./. ■;, I .'bMcat of tills Stabe, ana is 
Li_ viUv,^; b( a Lo coopei'atc v.i La iati;i'iiii cominittcos of tiic LCtjlsla- 
^■...•. coaauctin,j simil... • s tijjations. 

Saia Commission in authoi'ized to make pro^sruss anu interim 
, a. Joel aioiiin tiie ,^eneral scope of its 

assitjnmea. au i^uca oluies a::, ^n^^ are j deemed appropriate by 

_.,.., Joiiimlsslon. 

Sai^ ^:o:.ifiii,;aJ,oa .■.,.:; •■aacx' its fin il .N'poat and recom- 
i.icnuaUionL; bo tiic i,oaaa '.u Joi-roc tionr. , bo bae uovei'nor, ana 

,.' fN 


«] ( P«l» IIKt, OFI l( H 

^xcfUtiDc Bcpjrtiiiciit 

^tntc of cCaliforiiu 

manner spu 

Hi '.ilTNfiSS ViHEliliOj.', 

. .; Juno 3*-^^ J-, 1^, -;i '^-'e 
' . .3^^' tiiu Puiial Jode. 
--.'ounto r.CL !..;. iimu a. id 

. oiiit; ./ ua;v oi' Inarcii, one tnousand 


Uovernoi' o; ' \ '. lovnlix 

u : •. 

oCO I'c o li' , ui ijLakyC 

^xccutiuc Bcpartincnt 

^tJtc of ealifoniia 




- 1 J .-> I. u :.j 

Oui'ii'iiiioxuij 0. 
'i' v:i'- dUtuOi'' 

i .jov-,^ 


.■ ■ . . •' . .,,■ 

■ ■ 1 

"Irst Interim 


1 ..1 , 

issued in 



. ■ , .1 

lb- .ir.ncic.' : 

1 " 


-o:.i;nissloii , 

. • ' ■ oaualasl 

continueql una iiic 

tructed to i 


iLni linMai^c 


iioiNf* iiATi fiiMri«t nrrif I 


^mmu department 

^tatc of California 







< ->- 

^fl•/»J »■ * *t if.n V,* »,«ri fiis nrrir: 





\ ~.~' 





'i .= 









D r| 

1 . [ ~ ' 













. > 

LL' : 








— : 











Ll. _ 


^ 5 







'- J 























' .. 










— 1 











— «^ 

— -G- ■ 



•^' ' 

— *-? 







— 1 







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— < 









o c 

• - 6 



















. — * 

— i 



































. -J 


" 1 




































^jcfutiDc department 

3tatc of (Talifornia 

tae iJi 





■. o 





t'inlil I" t<Mpo>vi, ,,,,, ,,,., ,,^, „„„, 

3!xccutit)c department 

^tJtc of California 


It has become an aruiual custom In this country. In 
accordance wltV. a proclamation of the President and an act 
of the Congress of the United States, to honor the memory of 
George Washington Carver on the anniversary of his death. 

Our observance of this anniversary Is most appropriate 
for Dr. Carver gave unselfishly of his talents for the benefit 
of all people, regardless of race or religion. He rose to 
eminent rank as a scientist and educator, and his research made 
an important contribution to the social and economic proeress 
of this nation. 

Born In slavery, he confirmed anew the American 
tradition that anyone, regardless of his start in life, can rise ' 
to supreme heights of achievement in the service of his 

With the hope that all of our people may share in 
the inspiration wliich can be gained from a review of the life 
and works of George Washington Carver, I, Earl Warren, Governor 
of California, do hereby proclaim Monday, January 5. 1948. as 
GEORGE WASHINGTON CARVER DAY In California, and xirge that on 
this day appropriate ceremonies be held in recognition of the 
contribution which he has made to our way of life. 

hereunto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
California to be. af- 
fixed this y_/ ^ day 
of January, A.D. One 
Thousand Nine Hundred 
and Forty- eight. 

Governor of California 


SecretCLTy of 

[•••mtrJ , 

C "fff 

■?i^Op-liAMATT 0^ 

^xecutiDc ©cpartmciit 

3tatt of California 

eai.ryJn.."SS^'^-'i''' "-"^'^^ ^^^'^" ^«^^"^ Corps has been , 
t-juryanj/, on an intensive recrnl t inc h^iif-^ i„ *.i,t « , '^ 

entern thf LcSnd Shaso ";%i!""«^ ^^^^ M-^-^e Corps Reserve 

second pnase of Its campaign to enroll mnnv 
thousands of men «„d vomcn .„ the ktate of c"urJrS?a! ; 

xnto_the o.,„„t.j ^l^:t^^ ^^s:^z iLiiui -" 
:•? Si?iFr"°r'' "■'="-" - 'KSsJt^r'i^tSfSovSL^? 

."J.^ll"™? Slve"""'-' "-'■■""-o '= "- «-'"» Reserie 

hereunto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Sf.-al or the State of 
California to be af- 
fixed this f^^ day 
of January, A. D. , 
One Thousand Nine 
Hundred and Forty- 

Acting Governor of^ 



Secretary >sa;' State 

IWllMO Olfilfr. 

^xcrutiDc Bcpartincnt 

3tatc of California 


Because uf the eireat shortage of food In Eui-ope, the 
training ship of the CfilJfoi-nla Mfirn.lme Academy this year will 
lorego its annual vinter cruise to South American waters 1n 
order to carr^ milk to the starving children of France, Ital- 
and Greece. 

Durinfc- the next ten days this vessel, tl:ie "Golden Bear," 
v_Lx-. dock at principal ports of the State so that each of us 
nay nave an opportunity to make a personal contribution of 
canned milk to its precious cargo. Collections are already 

rro^resn in .-oiiun-n ities throuehout our State. 


3y tiieir generos i tv . our i)eople are demonstrating their 
IriendsiiU) and comiiassion i'ov the stricken peoples of the 
countries ravat-fd by war. They are translating their concern 
for these unfortunates into positive action by helping to save 
the lives of their und(;rnoui'jslied babies. 

Accurdingly, I. Earl Warren, Governor of California, 
Hereby proclaim the period of January 14 to ?.h . IQ^", inclusive, 
as CALn'ORNTA GOOD WILL MILK SHIP DAYS so that public attention 
may be <;alled l < {.he mercy mi on of the "Golden Bear." In 
issuing this proclamation, T urge that our people take part 
in appropriate cei-emoriits in conjunctioi) with tlie loading of 
thi.s shin jji Vallejo on January Ik, Stockton on January 15, 
Oakland ' n January \C and 17, San Francisco on January l-^. 
Long Beach on January PI and ??, and San Dlogo on 




hereunto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State v.f 
California to be af- 
fixed tills 13th day 
of January, A. D. , 
One Tliousand Nine 
Hundred and Foi-ty- 
e light . 

Giovernor of California 
Secretary ofWate 


^KcutiDc department 

^tatc of California 

1' Jv' C L A M A 'i' I D 


■-J ;:;(;■ r j^: lu support of the annual "March" 
iJ'y.^'--!:" :' ind-raJsJng campaign of the National Fouudat'.on foi- 
I; Tiiiil.He Pcralj/s.ip, the people of California have ejcperJenoed 
'.j-ch year ihe varintli of henrt vhlch uoines from sharing in the 

joy of '."■ '! i-'i.;! I .tLildreii hack to iipaltJi. 

Eacli Csllfora'an wlio lias contributed to the 
':' b'ws" .has had n [>aTt In inakijig av8ll3l)le to infantile 
paralysis victims In this State the expensive treatment which 
othervLse only few could afford. In add U.J on, tliose contrlbutloyi 
arf financing a research pn^gram which It Is hoped will 
evcntuall,^ • .- .' ^ .m !,,• the shadow of Infantile paralysis fi-om 
our home : . 


Alihoii;_;l; ,j .^i-;j:' ii'is been made at^alnat Li..':; 
dread, cr'ppllag disease, it Is r.tlll far from conquered. Tt 
continues to strike suddenly and without warning, claiming 
hundreds of our people — adults as well as childi-on -- as J ts 

v:ot-!:'-; • .- ■' - . ' v. 

Cnlif ornia, 
the 1^-':" "? 
JanuGv. : 
dr-j Vf ■ ii i.; 

r>! that the fjplit against infantile pa^^slysls may 
■olnntlessly on. I, Efirl Warren, Governor of 
urge all CnlJ f j)»n lans to contribute generously to 
nrch Gf DJrces," and do herel^f proclaim Thursday, 
19^1 p., as the opening day ofi the "March of" 
•s St"tr. 

lio-To-unto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal uf the State of 
pal If ornia to be af- 
fixed this Ijth day 
|0f January, A. D. , 
One Tliousand Nine 
Hundi'ed end B'orty- 

Guvornor of California 

Secretary of\S*ate 


3:xcfutit)c Bepartmcnt 
^tatc of Calirornia 



On ontMHi; ;- f ti;.lr went: tJie people of Callforjila wll5 
Drate tl.o LPntennltil urmIvor«ary of the discovery of gold, 

W.en Jui.,efi V. Mn.r;l,/,]1 firr.i foumi yeMow metb.l on a bfmk ->£ 
tie Knerlcan RLver nt Colonu,, on January 2k, lPA3, !e set, off a 
chf.ln oi- evert;' vMch tr^nieuuoiicl^ uccoierated tlie early expan- 
sion of tie wert. An a Pf-snlt of li.1i momentous dlacovery tie 
^■i^•l?■^ely i< .j.uTm t ,-.(1 territory .T d'iv.jloi.ed at auch a 
rapid pace tiat in Iops than tl,irty-tvo m»!>nt.hs !t became a otato, : 


Ve California Cental, ti irilf- Conuilns Toi^ l-'ar epprojirlately 
ate<i tl;e one-hundred ti; 'uni I verrary of tt.e dlrcovery of cold 
as tie openinij ev«nt of a throe-year centennial celebr;'tlon co-ii- 
i.-^n.orKtlnc tliese outr.tandluc ] Ir, topic development--. Between now 
e.nd Gftiiteiriber 9, 19L'<^, viim thU- observante will culminate in 
cerenonl'-t^ laarklny t]ie ono->iujidrftdth Hnnlvev.'i' ry of California's 
adiiiJf.-^lDn to the Union, all <.'£ u.-. will ; .in "r lalllnt' tie ^'lorv 
Of oui' State 'iA romantic past. " ^ o j 

It Ifi fitting that we loTioj- these Important anniversaries In 
California lilr.tiry, and tint In dolnt; so we review with thouHht- i 
fulness our iiroj-venrj of the oast one hujidrpd yearn. Bv beconilr>e ' 
more inthuatr>ly -.cquajnted wit}: the developMonts whicl'''have led 

to o\ir vi->^^">nl i^^rowth, we nliall bettor be able to plan 
secord contuvy of j^roj/ror.a to come. 

'^cr a 

California 'y centennial celebration? will refresh our 
i!.eiri-)r'Ies ar. to the glorl ms traditJona wi-lch have been handed 
down to U3 from earliest daya . They will provide us with new 
oppOT'tunltleP to conHlder the abundance and tliw diversity of our 
natural resources, as well as t)ie beauties of California terrain. 
Ab(?ve all, thoy will jirovide insplrlny occasloiiH for us to re- 
dedicate nn-fielver. to tlie gre.-it principles oF the Amor lean way of I 
life upjij which all of California's progress has been based. i 

In honor of th.e centennial anniversary of tlie discovery of 
gold at Colona, T, l^arl Warren, Governor of Ctaifornla, do >ierpby 
proclaim Satin-day, January ?'l, Im'^S, as GOLD DT3C0VERY DAY In 
California, and do further deflgnate thlti day as the staj-t of a 
tiu»Re-yea.r festival of centennial observances in our state. 

ITJ VTTNKSa VHT5RE0F, I have here- 
unto net luy hand and caused 
the Great Goal of the State 
of Callforjpla to be affixed 

■* • day of January, A.D. , 


One T' 


and ];ine Hundred and 


Governor of California 


rm \ I iNi, tn I 

^^V»*i S*ct<taiy of Sht. 


^xcrutiuc department 

^tatc of California 


annlversSrlS of Ivenf^ti°' v^^^ 7^^^°"^ Centennial 
hi-story. It L proSr ?or i-;'.'^i'-'^"'^o^" California. s .Tlorlotl^ 
steaclv prmT-eLsTSr ?L n-, t '"^^^f'^^ ^'^''^ ^1,1^ State's 
due in lan-e par? To ni V f ?■ °"'^ '^'"^^^^^^ ^''^^^'^ ^as been 
resources. ^ ''"^ 6i'-^aU,css of its store of mua-.uL 

to look'fo;4a?d'i;n.'coi:;!lete cir.^^i^'" T^^^^' ^'^'"'^ ^ 

many wayl in"wh?c'"i ' .^'^ S?niJr^'^-^"^ ourselves with the 
coni-ort Of Ir daily life aM^v^'r^n^^'r^" coi.trirute to the 
guard against tholr wayte' We Sn T^ ''"■"^' constantly on 
programs for the deveiorm^n. r , ^^^''f encouragement to 

ways ir7ihich\hev cJn'contrihite^to^Thi:'" '" '^^ """«^°"^ 
raarnificent herita-e t vn^i i ^^^ preser-vation of our 

week the Imporiince'or'a rr^^^'c.uf eSfn^^W^' .r''^^ '^J^ 
conservation be stressed in n nhiVn mf^f ^'"^.-'^^'^-^'^''^ o^ 
schools throu^rhout our stJte. "'^^^l"'''s, homes and 


-r ,^ 

,:-V ■! 

WITNESS WHEKKOK, I have here- 
unto set my hand and caused 
n!c Great Seal of t.}ip st.-.te 
C3 CaliJornia to be affixed 

A.D. , one Thousanci Nine? — 
Mundred axid Forty -aight. 


^xtcutiut ©cpartmtnt 



« • • K 

^xenitioc ©epartmrnt 

3tatt of California 





P'imlfJ im c* 

"* H M<.OtP,»Tiir« miNTtll 

^xcfutiuc Bcpartnicnt 

^tatc of Cjlifornia 


fl««io<- i?^i? ^ ^ ^^^ ^^^^ °"^ people are called upon to 
assist In the annual fund raising drive of the American Red 
Cross. This organization, created under Congressional charter 

Thr,o„o>, ?+^ facilities extend Into every California community. 

5n»^?."^*^^^*^^^^*^''''^''®' *^« «ed Cross is a potential 
benefactor to each of us regardless of rank or station In life 

?T.^r«?r'"f ^"T *^^^"i"e ^la««es in home nursing, nutrition; 
fJrst aid and water safety, it Is helping to lmprot4 our 

?ieTed^ "S fn""'' ^^^''^- '" Addition It Is ministering to j 
the needs of the many young men and women who remain in our 
armed forces, as well as to the needs of an Increasing number 
of veterans and their families at home. numoer i 

th» A ?"® °£ ^^ ^°^^ Important public welfare services of i 
the American Red Cross will be greatly intensified during the ! 

i?v;o^H^*'r' y^®" ""* ^y^^®"* °^ ^^°°^ ^"''s vhlch saved so many i 

i^rouionJ"?h^%''r^"* ''^'' ^' ^^P^"d«d for peace time use ^ 
wiroughout the state. I 

+« 1 ^ Knowing that the people of California will be anxious ' 
to lend their support to the American Red Cross Jn its appeal 
for funds to finance its operations of the coming year, iT Earl 
S«^rri' °?afr°'' °f California, do hereby proclaim Monday ' 
March 1, 1948, as the opening day of the 1948 Red Cross fund 
raising drive in California, and urge that during the month of 
the can^ People give as generously to this agency of mercy as 

hereunto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
California to be af- 
fixed this >o'^ day 
of February, Nineteen 
Hundred and Forty 


Governor of California 




Ir 1 1- ii P 


^xccutiuc Bcpartnicnt 

^tm of California 


It Is the hope of people the vorld over 
that at last we have entered into an era of permanent 
peace. Whether or not this hope is Justified will 
depend in great part upon the degree to which mankind 
can replace bitterness, prejudice and fear with the 
constructive influences of a spirit of brotherhood 
and good will. 

The achievement of complete harmony among 
the peoples of the world is not at all a hopeless 
dream. We have learned in our own State that when men 
and women of widely differing origin come to know each 
other well, their mutual suspicion and mistrust are 
erased. California's great development of the past 
one hundred years has stemmed from the ability of her 
people to live together In unity and friendship while 
working toward the common goals of progress and a 
better life for all. 

Because it is Important that we give 
thought to the means of developing universal brother- 
hood without regard to race, nationality or creed, 
I, Earl Warren, Governor of California, do hereby 
proclaim the week of February 2?nd to 29th, Inclusive, 
19^8, as BROTHERHOOD WEEK in California and urge that 
during this period our people Join in strengthening 
the bonds of friendship which already exist in the 
hundreds of communities in our State. 

hereunto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of California to 
be affixed this ^ 
day of February, Nine- 
teen Hundred and Forty 

Governor of California 


F ! L. F D 


PlIHltd J 

HiANK M^( 

^xtcutitif ©epartmcnt 




r of the L 
iu.'i cuiitlnued ta "jhip.iicr.t ir.^ 
nv<stoo.k JnchiaitT"/^ In certain 


iiiroi'ul& couutitiS set 

.-■•rviary gio, 1948 i 

s hcv 

' t;'he Xollowl- 

■t !C, 

veatock f I ■ said ;. 

It : Jii'b iitji'eb^- ueslj^nated us ipci-sons bein^- in 
■ I", need of rnllef pursuant to the provisions 

• • Coni:ati ■ ' . 

anil censed Ijthf TrreCt 
Seal of thei Stf ' 

''.':1 3 fcrni e 't'l i . 

■iz. ri bhi;; 

•cii, A. D. , i 

X. < ^W.^ 


itcournta. IM> cpot;, h momi. tiAn piintbi 

3JxccutiVit department 

^tatc of Calirornia 

'.; L 

l>o;.-L II. 

'! . J, ■ ! :' 1 ; ' li ;• :' ' ' - :" ! ■ ' ■ ' 1 ' i ' ■ i' • i ■"! r''(1 

I : ■ : 1 ' i> ' -Ip."'.. )u'o:i '.: /-:0.") o'clock 

■ ■ ; ■ • 1 1 ■ ; . I ■ ' ' r I t n V , ',v 1 1 ! r; h fii 1 1 ■ t ' ■ ■ ■ ■ :■ on 
i.:<-iM, <!;-• ■' 1' 'rl IidI 1 a.-;-,' i'l !li> : :■ : ■ ;' 

. . ' . ■ • '•• • 11 eiripioyea of 

' ' I 1 I'l • pi< i ■' . -"I ■' 1 ■ ( > 1 i :" ■ ■ ■ 1 1 • ; ■■ ' : 

' ■ ' : ' p' !U' ;■ ■ !. 1 > r :'n I'.h 1 ii '1 ' > a 

.Vr;; dur*- 


TN ;VITIJt';Si> WHKHEOF, I have 
hev*eunto set my hand 
nruli caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
Oalilfornla to be af- 
rixpd this 25th day 
of l-iapoli, A.D., One 
Thousand Ijlnc Hundred 
.'!Md Forty-ei'-ht. 

1' ri,dT : 

; \' fuor of California 


\\,-iVf^ St^-t"-' 

pnnlfJ in f *i itrm*j 

^KCUtiDc Bcpartincnt 

State of £alJforiiia 

P R C T-i A M A T I N 

Tlie drend dlneape of onnoor took the 1 1vps of 
nrnrly th:* rtci^n thousand Californlnns last year. Medics] 
experts tell ns th^.t If there hnd been early recognition 
and prompt treatment of these capes many of the victims 
could have been saved. 

Tliore 1? a great need for the expan.iion of 
pppf-q-peh and educational nrograms in the field of cancer 
control and we murt do everything nopslble to encourage 
the fight against this enemy of public health. Me must 
strive to add each year to our icnowiedge of the causes 
and treatment of thin disease, to the end that it can'mateJy be conquered. 

The fight against cancer is being led by the 
American Cancer Society, which depends urjon public 
donations for 1 tr support. This society will conduct 
its anni"^l fund raising drive during the coming month. 
To call the attention of all our citizens to the 
worthiness oi' its program and to encourage full support 
of Its objectives, I. E'lrl Warren, Governor or California 
do hereby proclaim the month of April ly4f^ as CANCKH 
CONTROL koimi in the Ttate of California. 

IN WITNF.rr W}DiHb;01'', I have 
hereunto set my hand 
and causrH '-■i-r Oreat 
Seal of the State of 
California tn be alV 
fixed this J^ 7^ 

day of Marcli, One 
Thousand Nine Hundred 
and S«Ht^iliy-e i giij 

Governor of CUliornia 
"I'K^iT : f ^~1 

Secretary of &T«t6 


1/1 &« olflc* of *« S«:«toiv o» SUU 

^xcrutiDt Bcpartmcnt 

^tatc of California 


In accoi'dancp with resolution of Congress and 
proclaroation of the PresLdrnt. the natlcn observes Ariry Da' 
the 21st Gonseciitlvp year on April 6, IQ^'*^- 

The people of California have every reason to join 
patriotically and enthusiastically In this observance. 

During the recent war we came to Icnow the spirit of the 
American Arni^- as few states had the oi'portunity to know it. j 

Kl? lions of ^oung men and vomen from all parts of the country, 
trained 'n orir state, embarked hf^re i'ov battle service throughout; 
the world, and returned through our ports ^t the conclusion of 
their her'.'lc serv'oe. Some are ntlll returning on silent ships 
that bring them back to the homeland as our honored dead. 

On Arui^ Dny we honor those who gave their lives, those 
who still languish Jn our hospitals, those who are endeavoring 
to re-establish lliemselven 1n civil life after the disruption of 
war, and those who are contlnuiut, to serve as members of the 
regular Army, the National Guard and the Organized Reserve. 

We know the Army for what it has accomplished in the 
of America and to establish a Just and lasting peace, 
to tiv army for our future security In a troubled world, 
faith that it will measure up to every responsibility if 

de It with the means to remain 

We look 

We have _. .— 

the American peoiilc will 

pro v.' 

In California Army D'ly will have added significance 
this year because It will open a week o£ intensive recruitinti 
activity for the Sixth .'Vrmy Area. Thi-oui^ it we will honor 
those young men who will offer their service to our country. 

To call attention to the t;reat contribution made by 
the Army to our national welfare and to lend encouragement to 
tixe Sixth Aruiy Area recruiting drive, I, Earl Warren, Governor 
of California, do hereby proclaim Tuesday, April 6tii, 19^B as 
ARl'IY IJAY In C ilifoi'nia, and urge our people to display the 
Affierican flag In the Army's honor on this day. 

hereunto set n:y hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
California to be af- 
fixed this .<-^ day 
of April , One Thousand 
Nine Hundred and Forty- 

Governor of California 


3?xcrutiDt department 

3tatt of California 


It Is particularly appropriate tJat our poopla 
should Join ti)is yaar In th» annual obaarraaoa of Pan AaMrloaa 
Day. Thare Is perhaps a greater need at this time tiian 
ever before for the tventy-cme nations of th*» Pan American 
Onion to r«d«dicat» l.^eiieelvee to the spirit of frlendahl? 
and nelghb'Ji'llneae which hiis bo long characterised their 
relationships wlt.i eauh ot.iai', 

lu Culli';>rnia we arc especially avare of the close 
klnsi.lp uf tiie nations of the western hemisphere. Hot only 
has our cultLa-<» heor. ^.n^LX'^y Influenced by the oustoms of our 
nelgiibors -^no iriwnUs tu t: « Kyuih, but we aUArt* with them 
■any latUiutt. i.isijricvj 4uiu r.^ui**! t^i>i. tor ti^ase reasons ' 
ve h«ive auau«iiy tiiiceo entnu;.ia»tac pai-t in t; e international i 
celetratlci; ,f y^u . .tciicau Day. i 

li) kfetplng vill. ihia tiadition, 1, Eari Varren, 
Governor of California, do r.erfcby iircolaia Wec:r»e»cay, 
April 14, 194b as I Mi AHihiCM* lAI Ju utliiurnit;. unc urge 
tbat on ti is da> our CiLlawns Join with t. eii' irienas 
throuft.out the .i.aei'lufit ii* liii. ^3s.oasX.iii.X.i^a of iealapherlc 
solidarity ana good will. 


heieunto set my band 
and caused the Oreat 
Seal of the State of 
California to be af- 
flxesl tl i£ /^ day of 
Api-il, One ¥liou8and Mae 
iixintired And Forty-eight. 

Oovernor of California 
ATTEST J «^C.....,^^ •,,.->, 
Secretary of S^Kte 


I'lthJ i 

F t L. t- :J 

to lh« oHice ol Itw S«c.>.U.y ot Sut« 
ol It)!. St>te ol CMomia 

APR!) -1948 

At LL o'clock _i:/ ^m. 

FRANK MjOH0'^N.'^""'»^fV''» 

^xccutiDc Bcpartmcnt 

^ratc of (Tjlifornia 


w^^i, The twenty- ninth annual observance of Public Schools 
Week provides us with an opportunity to familiarize 
ourselves with the accomplishments of our public schools 
and to re-examine their needs. sonooas 

with i-ll ^^ important that we become better acquainted 
with the workings of these schools, because they share 
with home and church In the responsibility for shaping 
tne character of our growing boys and glris .The vast 
majority of us have gained our own undfrstandlng of toe 
?^om ?^.°t '?°'r^^'^ ^"^ ^*^ application in daUy life 
[ni^%h "^"^ ''^ received In the public schools. It 
fllSfn. ^h1' r^]' essential, in this modern era of con 
fl let Ing Ideologies, that we provide proper guidance for 

of tS «f ^"/"'^ P°^* ^^ ^^y *° their f^ll^reSization 
of the advantages of the American way of life. ^^'^^^o" 

^„ K-, ^^^^°^ us can gain a greater insight Into the 
problems of our public schools by visitlS them during 
Public Schools Week. Our visits will equip us to con 

edic^litlorin iCi^'sUS""^ '^ ^"^ advan^e^^nt^^pSSric 

rio y,^J^^''°'"^^'^f^' ^' ^^^^ Warren, Governor of California 
do hereby proclaim the week commencing Mondav Anrn ?fi 
1948, as PUBLIC SCHOOLS WEEK in Cal l?f rn?f tnd uS t^e' 
whole-hearted participation of our people in the mny 
community programs which will be scheduled duSng^Ms 

hereunto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
California to be af- 
fixed this \<]K day 
of April, One Thou- 
sand. Nine Hundred and 

Governor of California 


Secretary o 

"• Oflfet of 4, e. 


'" 194F 

^xcrutiDc department 

;!c»tatc of California 






^»4.^ .?i^^^"^ *^^" month the people of nearly fifty 

nations will Join In a world wide fund raising campaign - 
sponsored by the United Nations for the benefit of unfjr- 
prlvileged children. In many of these countries the 
voluntary contributions to thl? Crusade for Chlldr*>n 
will represent sacrifices by men and women who already 
o? ?he inTn.^"r^ ^?K "^^"'^^l^es. Living in the midst 
fL^ ^"^"L" ""^^ ^^""^^ Pfiople need no reminder of 
the gre.nt effort which must be made to save from starva- 
tion the boys and girls who will be entrusted with 
responsibilities of citizenship in tomorrow's world. 

r.^r. r. 4. "^^ ^^\'-^^ ^® particularly fitting If in our 
of w^r^^hT' "^i'^^hs^ largely been spared the miseries 
of war this appeal for children should meet with 
unusually warniiearted response. We can help those who 
are trying to he] p themselves, bearing in mind t'.at 
i^fc^^^i Z^° ""^^ seriously require aid are th. ae 
least able to cooperate in this humanitarian drive. If 
out of our gratitude for the well being of our own boys 
a?es^? ;h"^ are able to bring succor to the unfortun- 
ates of other lands, we shall be helping materially to 
make the world a better place in which to live 

Por,i u„ ^^ i" "^^' ^^^^^ thoughts In mind that I, 
Earl Warren, Governor of California, call to public atten 
tlon the Crusade for Children which Is being Jointly 
conducted by American Overseas Aid and the Un'ted 
Nations Appeal for Children, and do hereby proclaim 
the month ol May. 1948, as CRUSADE FOR CHILDREN month 
in t,ni9 state. 

hereunto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
California to be affixed 
this ^/--r^ day of May, 
One Thousand Nine Hundred 
and Forty- eight. 




Governor of California 


Secretary of $tate" 



$xcrutjt)c department 

^tatc of (Tjllfornia 




Our nation's technological progress of 
recent years is excmpllfLed by the rapid rise of air raal 
service from experimental status only thirty years ago 
^L 4f,^?r''r-^''"^' position in v;orld coi/mianioation today. 
^^L.^ r^ ■^/\?""^yf'''"'''y °^ ^^® inauguration of United 
States Air Mill will occur on the fifteenth day of this 
montli, and in honor of this event the United States Post 
Off .00 Department has designated the week of May 15th to 
?lst as Air M-iil Anniversary Week. 

^•^ ^ Inasmuch as our state has received particular 
benefit from air m.ail service because of its geographical 
situation,, it is appropriate for the people of California 
to give entiiusiastic support to this observance. Tlie 
speedy ooimuunication made possible by air mail has brought 
us closer to distant regions of this country and facili- 
tated our exchange of trade and ideas with the citizens of 
other parts of the world. In addition to excellent domes- 
tic service we now enjoy the advantages of air mall 
communication witlx seventy-five foreign nations. Our 
interest in this service is heigiitened because much of 
this tmil which is addressed to the Orient passes through 
the airports of our state. *^ 

So that the people of California may be made 
more fully aware of the contributions made by air mall to 
our everyday life, 1, L;nrl Warren. Governor of California 
do hereby proclaim the week of May 15th to 2lEt, inclusive, 
1948, as AIR MAU. ANNIVERSARY W]iEK in this state. 

hereunto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
Cilifornia to be af- 
fixed this (o-<> day 
of May. One Thousand 
Nine Hundred and 
Fi.rty- eight. 


Governor of California 




^jcfutiDc Bcpartiiicut 

^t.i(f of CLjIiroriiij 




r n 

C L A M A T I N 

opportunity fcr free 
nd to enjoy the 
■;o national 

Uion to oxfi'cl-^ thr.iT.\,^t^J ^ i'lovdeu uppor 

brothrrhood oFtl^ r fe:io:./wifr'r'""'' '''" 
origin, race or creed. ' "^^^""^ ^^g«rd t 

our countrrthrior.i'''^; Jl^^^^'^^r^ engendered bar given 
le.der.hip^mongtl^c nation" of th;" ^^^ ' ^^^-^ ^^^ ^ PorUlon of 
this porltl.n is of grent TLoit^n'/f'^^,'^- r^^^ maintenance of 
our fundamental concept^ of T,!' A ^''/'l'^' ^°^ ''* «^-- ^'^^^ 
Challenged „y cynlca/Sop^.S- ^S ^f.^^J^J^v^ IZV.Z'l . 

by our mtelMgenr-nJeJe^t^^n^' ST^"'"^^"' ^° demonstrate 
in.tltutlonP of dL;cJacv oo.'^p'^^^^^f''^^" ^^''t the 
spirit uhlch Juntmei the con^id.nJ^^'''*^ ""'^ progressive 
freedom loving people^ ^IL, A '^''"''f, pl'^ced in them by 
American T^^ ^^^v:^^r'^'^^^^^ 1^ thl. on I Am An 
.. K^y .y the Pre.^dent -d ^J^^cSo^.^^f ^e^^ft^^Se. . 

4, , Although thin occ-arlon hr-; ic i+c .^^^ 

thp honor inc of th-^e vho h-^vr ^t + nf.,^^ Its primary purpose 
P^rt tvclve^onth., it v?n rroJlde o^^ cUlzenrh^p d:irlng the 
American to T^nrrwt, hl^f^iith T. L^^'^r^''^^^^ ^^^ ^^ery 
..h^ch ... th. founJat^i^ ;? our'na??^nar?JfS^^ ^"'^ ^^-^^ 

of CUforn'a^ "^ 'hercS'^^i- '?ain,^^ J^ ^^^' ''^r^^- Governor 
I AM IN AMERICAN DAj^nV^ji^nTa!^^^^' ^"^^ ^-' -"^■^' «^ 

rededloat,.n^;^ ^^^^^^TV^^-^^H -„. 

IN WTTNErp IfflERROF, I have 
hereunto net my hand 
and caused the Groat 
Seal of the State of 
California to be af- 
fixed this /<? dny 

of May, One Thousand 
Nine Hundred and 
Forty- el££it. 

Governor of California 



Secretary «a^ State 


M iM Ofnc* of (hf Srclc4«rY '''' 9laM 

^xtcutitjc Department 

3tate or California 



Oovernoi- of California, c. 

! , ,• t 

fhlii Lctwnd; 

-) : 'M- 

t , 1, 

I ■•! 

■/ i t 111 

i., rii, 


IT '■■ I" '<i '-0' !-■ *■ > St-'iti:. 

I' 11 

t ! . U' 

, 1 r,/ V" \-vvn..- : ■ t ' y '. au 

i ; . t, ..) b e 



y^t^'k-^ >t^-*..-<_-t,fc. 




. /V^OfV' «<^ «* » ■ -' ■■ 

tecretr^:^/ of Gtcte 


nUi H t«llF.lNi. 11, Ti rftlNtlNfl 0»HCF 
ItMl NTH, 1 >4J ,-,».->*- I M MnotI, «T.Ti fminT-pil 



;^ting Governor of the otate of California, find that the revision of the 
Cherry .->-.: - ly vterior quarantine is necessary for the immediate pres- 
ervation of the safety and general welfare of the public, and that compliance 
with the notice and public procedure of the Govermnent Code thereon are 
in-practicable, unnecessary and contrary to the public interest, and there- 
fore adopt the foregoing as an emergency regulation to take effect imrned- 
ifltoly upon the filing of the same with the Secretary of the State. 

The Director of Agriculiure finds that cherry fruit fly is now 
known to occur in Douglas County, Oregon, and that under the provisions 
of the rroclanation last revised June 17, 1945, as an^ended ^ay 23, 1946 
and July 0, 1946, cherry fruits are admissible into California from 
Uouglas County, Oregon, being defined therein as "Noninfested Area". It 
is therefore necessary to revise the procla^tion to prohibit fresh cherry 
fruits from this county now known to be Infested. Also, with this 
revision the , roclanation is pre,^red in accordance with the form pre- 
scribed by the Codification Board, superseding the revision of June 17, 
1945 and amendn.ents l^o. 1 and 2 thereto of lay 23, 1946 and July 6, 1946, 

«s cherry fruits will very shortly be harvested and shipped 
fro;, the ^tate of Oregon, it is necessary to nake this regulation 
ffective at the earliest possible date. 


A^t 0-3 l °i>-^i 

(Approved as to fo 

Ck)od wi n J. Kni;-ht 
Acting Crfjvernor 
^tate of California 

3 to form by deputy Attorney General, ^ay 10, ICAg refe 
frnrr r.,,1 ^. ,r„serh to ^iss Helen H. f-acie, ^rli ' 


"••<-s nZ:" 



^xcfutiuc ©epartnicnt 

^tatf of diilifornla 



CH22tliY FRUIT FLY iiXl'^liibn 

(wuarantlne Proclamation 8) 

Metier of Ueterininat Iv-'n Of Tha Director Of AKriculture 

Citation of Authority : Sections lOo and 107 of the At'ricultural Code of the 
State of California. 

Reference ; .iecLion 3256, Title 3, California Administi-ative Code, Chapter 4, 
i>ubchafiter 3, ir^up U, Plant quarantine. 

It has been determined by the Uirector of Ai^riculture that it is necess- 
ary to further revise tlie Cherry Fruit Fly iixterior vuarantine which was 
last revised June 17, 1V45, as amended i-,ay 23, lV4o aiiu July o, 1V40, in 
order to prohibit the entry into this state of fresh cherry fruits produced 
in Douglas County, Oregon, wherein clierry fruit fly is now Known to occur. 
The exterior quarantine is therefore hereby revised to read as follows: 

?>otice of i.juarantine : Jt havii:;, been detennined by the Uirector of Agri- 
culture tliat pests of cherry fruits known as cherry fruit flies, not hereto- 
fore generally distributed in thiu state, exist as hereinafter described, 1 
hereby establish anu proclaim a quarantine at the boundaries of the State of 
California, hereinafter setting forth the names of the pests against which 
the quarantine is established, the area under quarantine, the commodities 
covered, and the restrictions governing the entry of such conunodities into 
this state. 


i.:iierry Fruit Fly .>xtcrior siUaratitine 
(quarantine Pr'oclamation &) 


A quarantine is establish^"', effective »-! uriv.' 

■/'►'•' against 

the following pests, their hosts and possible carriers: 

(a; Pests : C);erry fruit flies ( Khagoletis cingulata and Uliagoletis 
fausta j . 

(b) Area Under s,uarantine . i:.ntire states of Oregon, .i'ashintton, and 

(b-1) :'L>:.iiir.':3t.jd Area : i 

I'rer.on : Counties of Baker, Coos, Curry, Jackson, Josephine, 
LiKe, Malheur, Unatilla, and .Vallowa. 

■ I'aohiiii.tun : Adams, Chelan, Columbia, DoUt^.las, Ferry, Garfield, 
Orant, Lincoln, Okanogan, Pend Oreille, iitevens, and idihitman. 

Idaho ; tintlre i^tate except the Counties of Benewah, Kootanai, 
latali, and Nei Porc-i'. ' 

(b-::) Infested Area ; All other areas of the States Ore^jon, V.ashington, 

and Idaho not defined as noninfebted area. 

(c) CohuiiL/il J t.ies Covered . Cherry fruits are hereby declared tc be hosts 
and possible carriers of the pest herein quarantined against. 


^xcrutitjc ©tpartmcnt 

^tatc of (Tjliforiita 

r::.:-. -.-;, O.A.C. (Conld.) P^ 2 


) r.ei-^r^jLi^r. 

p '"^^ ^.iierries Prohibited from Infeated Ares 

Cherry fruits ^rown, pacl.ed, or stcred in or shipped from the 
inieiited area arc prohibited onLry into this State. 

, (■"■'' .i^e rtlfied Cherries Admissible From Noninfested Area . 

^''^"'i' ■^';"^''^ '"'^'''' "eve been ^rowr,, mcked, and stcred in and 

shipped lro,u the noninfested area are admissiUe into California 

provided, each lot or shii.nent is officially certified fro,. 

orit;in by a duly authorized representative of the Departnent of 

Agriculture setting, forth the locality where t:ro;vn and packed. , 

where stored (if stored), the names an.) addresses of the grower ' 

snipper, and coiisitinee. (^ee also Sections 3152 to 3156 ir- ' 
elusive.) > ^ , J.I. 

3152. -i;J\.>rcii:.^ j'ov,ers. All deputies of the director and ail ^tate 

""ulrant^,""^!'.' -,'\'' ^^•'''''^''' ^" ^■"f^-«'-«J ^o carry out all the provisions of 
.^uarantitiu ne^xuations. 

^^/^' '•'^-''--^-^^ ohipui„ts .■xe.n,.ted . Federal experimental shipn-.ents 
1 into Lhiu state by or at the request of the United States Departmer 
i-c^ e.vempt iroin al] tiie provisions of any lixterior quar- 

antine Regulations. 

'^^''^' Go'-"""^iities Covered Subject to Other Kules and Ue.ulation.^. 
The adinissibiJILy and n,ove.iiura within the oti,te of California of am- conmiod- 
ity covered by a quarantine l(e,;ulntlon shall be further subject to^he 
provir.juns ol any uUK.r ruiu or regulation now in force or whici. may here- 
after be establ3fhed. ^ 

^^^^* 'disposition of Violations, (a) ^terior ; Any and all lots or 
shipmentsof con.modities covered by any ^terior Quarantine Regulation 
arriving m the .tate of California in violation of or not in compliance 
with tnc- restrictions thereof, stell be ininediately destroyed unless no 
detrinent can oe caused to agriculture in this state by the shipnent of such 
co„..oditi,.s out of the state wl..hin the specified tL.e^inats at^the option 
and expense of tiie owner or bailee. t^-^^'^ 

315"- Conn^on carrier A,>nits ius t Hold Shi ni:onts. Any and all lots or 
snipinents of coi,.„oditics covered by any quarantine uet:ulation must be held 
anu not delivered tu consi;;nee or a^^ont until inspected ard passed by the 
LiirecLor, nis deputy, or by a State plant quarantine officer. , 

i^^''-,rf^^'''"^ ^''^^''^°^ quarantine supersedes the quarantine issued il 

June 1', 1945 ana amendments !^o. 1 and 2 thereto issued Ilay 23, 1946 and 
Jidy o, 1^46, respectively. ;- 

This rroclaiiuiLion bein,, an emart',ency ret:ulation shall t:,ke effect inwiediately. 

© 5 

!-. V 


-P ^ r* 

f> -3 


3!Kfutit)c ©epartiucnt 

^ratf of (laliforiiia t,nau{y kkuit fly iiXToiioR wua,««, 

(wuarantlna Proclamation 8) 

■^txce of DeUnnlnatlon uf TK, n..., tor Of A„H .„u .,.r»^p »^.., _^ ^^ 


U.t r.vl,,J J„„e 17 lo.. " f "" *^ ■■"•■■ior i,i«t.ntln. which », 
order t,. prohibit tt lltl; J rthT^.S/^'. J"",""' -"^^ ". IV^, 1„ 
In DoutUo Counlv, ur.ron ,h„!,„ , ^ ' '""' """> •'■•»"* P>-oduc«( 

fore generally <iistribuLd In [hl^'aErtT r,^^«"^J»^t fUe-. not hereto- 
her*c, establish and proclal^ a mrantlne «^%h*\''^'!'"^'''"'" 'l«'"=-il^«d> I i 
California. Lerein^fter settin fr^h . J ^' boundari.s of the SUte of ' 

the .uarantina ia astabl'Sed "tJo aL f T"' °^ ''" P*'*-^ ^^^^^^^^ -»»i=h 
covered, and the restrictions'i.olernin tTa"" r'-'^''^^'"' ^'^« co,r.,oditle» 
this state. i.overnin^ the entry of such commodities into 



Cherry Fruit Fly .jcterl^r ^uarantl,;^ 
(quarantine IToclamation 6) 

,. /,,^"^fa"«^i"« is established effective -^'ync- 
the following pesta, their l.osts and roasible carriers: 


^a; ^^: Cherry fruit flies (Kha^^oletis cL.ulata and Uha.oletis 

Idaho!'^ -■'^" ""^^^ ^"ar.nt,n.. .:ntire - tate. of Oregon, .ashin^ton. and 
(b-1) i'onliifested Area ; 

u.aSh.„jru-"iL'.i:;fjs.="- ^— • ^-•^•. 

Wftshlnfton ; Adams, Cholan, Columbia, Uou-laa Ferrv 'u■rf^.^^ 
Grant, Lxncoln,, Pend ureille,'.t1vei:;'and St.L ''''* 

lat^HTlnd S'trce!'^ "^^ '^" '''""^^'' °^ ^--»'' ^-^^i. 

and l2;:o^no £-?;rV-" '^'' °'''' '''''" "' ^'^ '''''^^ ^'e-' Washington, 
and Idaho not dellued as n.jninfested area. 

(c) Coa^odlties Cnv^r.H cherry fruits are hereby declared to be hoete 
and possible carriers of the pest herein quarantined against. 

^xtmm ©epartmcnt 

3tatc of djlifornia 

Section 3256, C.a.C. (Contd.) 

Rage 2 

(d; Jie^ou^ns (IJ Cherrl.e3 Prohibited r.„. t......„. ,,,,. 

..ohi jted entry into th'.s Gtate. 
{'J i-ertil'ied GherrJe-^ /'Ir^oo4ii i. 
«aip;«.l iYo., the rmni-ilest,!,! '' P^-^k^-^. ^"1 stored in-«nd 

origin Iv ,, Uulv authorS^^ officially certified from 

pl,nt q.w ranth^TTJii iVVr-T— ' "" ' ""-^-^ "^ ^''^ iJ^ree.or aiiu all Jtate 

31>3. £ederalohi!ffijriti 

^'jcempted . 

moTed into thi~7?:ifT77f7r^=^==' ''^'^'"'''^ experimental shipments 
of A,ric,, .r., e.oipt frl ^j/t'r'i 1" ^^'^ '"^^«^ '^^^^t- Depart^er.t 
anti,K. . e^uLitions. ""^ provisions of any .bcterlor .uar- 

31t>U. Oo: ^loaitie s Covere d ; ub^-rt tr, , tino pi 

ity covered by a ^.iarentine Itetulat." n Lu b ° .^f^^^'^'^'-i" o^ t'V cosiuod- 
provisians of any other r^e or iiiiutl^ b. further ^•ubject to the 
after be established. regulation now m force or which n-ay here- 

-hip^-ni-^^ of c.;Lditx.. covered b^ " . f^S^i^r: Any and all lots or 
arrivin, in th. .t.L "f o'll f^rrd' t^l^vrfT^"^' ^"^''-'^i- i^e.ulation 
with th. realrictiuu. thereof "LnLt-'T '■!' ''" ""' ^'' co«.rli,„ce 
detriment can oe caused to a ^ic, lu^re in S'^'r'i' 'r''"''^'"^ ^""^^^^ "° 
cornnodities out ol the stato.JSi' tn/L^Mr- h .f ''^ '^'^ shipment of such 
and e^oonse of the owner or l^llee? ^P^^^^^^^ ti,,e ll.,.its at the option 

s^.:^o^^§=^^^^=^^:^M±M^^ Any and all lots or 
and not d.liver^lo c'n.x Le ' ^ "1 ^^f-,'^"^ lie.ulation must be held 
--^c..r, .,i. .eputy. orr:y:.:-lr:ia^a^\^L\°\^^^^^^^^^^ ^^ -« 

.;une l7!^o:r::• ::is;t;!"^^!i^- ^^^:s:r2r j^^ t--^^- ^---^ 

'^"ly o, 1946, respectively. thereto issued ;-*y 23, 1946 and 

This FrocWtion bein. an regulation shall t.Ue effect immediately. 

^xccutioc Bcpartincnt 

;^tatc of (Tnlirorma 

Section 3256, C.A.C. (Contd) 

Page 3 

IN ..ITNliSS WHiilUiUF, I havp here- 
unto set m^ hand and caused the 
Jrt!i>t Jeal ol the :iUte of Calif- 
ornia to be affixod this 

• f, , day of J ' - 

one thousand nine hundred aud 

icti.;;; uovernor of tJaliforni 



l-'iled ■vith tha .^ocrjtar^ of 
tata and made effective: 
-^ ij ri C '■ <-/ , //..*, 



t .->>«>• 

^xccutluc ©cpartniciit 

;ic»rjtc of G.iliforni.1 

(i^uarantine Proclanatlon 8) 

Kotice of .n of thu Director of f /..riculoura 
oration of Authorit y; :. actions 106 and 10? of the Agricultural Code of th. 

ii2f£pL£«= ,; •^';ti.,: 3256, atlo 3, Clifornia AcLuiniotr^tlve Code, Chapter 4. 
^ulcfu,pter 3, ;roiip 4, PlaJit .aJarantine. «»P«.»r i*, 

-I been determined by the: Director of Agriculture that it is necessary'' 
;Le7iffLtr . "^ ?'T'^ V'"'"- ''^' ■"'^'•^°'- ^"*rantine which was last r^^ 

Sni-f,i f r r" f"' l^f' '" "•*""'' ^" °""'^'' ^^''" t^« ^'•'^ designated as 
Aoni,ue:,t-,d. the Oov-nt;. of Unatillz, in Oregon, w-herelr, cherrv fruit flv is 
kriow. to occui". ■ ■^ 

C A c'" 2^\n^'^X "'"^'' "'-'^l^"'-^^'^^ ^^ ..ubsectio;, (V^l) of .ection 325o 

?: :^;:k ! , ? ^'■'■^ ''"'^^ -^^ ^terlor wuarsntiae" effective Juno 24. 1V4«. 

is hereby an^iended to read as follows: •" "+. Ay<«», 

('>-l) :-on-LHfejtoJ Area ; ;, 

ilrei:2n: Counties of L«kar, Coos, Curry, Jackson, Josephine. 
l«i;c, i alhe<ir, and ' allowa. » r . 

afhln , ton ; Auavs. Cholnn, GoLwlle, Ferry, Crfjrfield. 
Grant, Lincoln, Ckanotan, Pend ureille, utevens, and ..hitman. 

^i^£i^= , ■"'^-'-^'- "'^- te cxcer.t Lhft Cotr.tiea ol 'onewah, <:oot.;i,il. 
Latah, end i"ez Perco. * 

This ai«^nd,,.ent bein^ an emerfeency regulation shall becone effective irnnied lately. 


I the oH)«- of *^r Socrefary of Stot* 
oi the Slair of ColifnTnttj 

JUL 2- 1948 

At^lLl^^ -o'clock- 1 M. 

FRANK A!,.JO.'iDAN,jerrti«,ris»iii 


ii'. ..iTi'l.vJj WHiiiUi.JF, 1 have hare- set my fitnU end caused the 
(ireat oeal of the ;jtate of 
Oaiifoinla bo be alfijced this 

Beooniiday of July 
one thousand nine hundrea and 

Aitiitjm .-.fcictarv o. 5t4tc 

uovernor of California 



i-iled with the -ecretary of 
ijtate and made effective: 

secretary of .;tate 

/ r 

-•^iS^Z^ <*-» c «.^?i 



I, '.arl 'arren, furauarit to [DOwer vested in nie as Governor 
of !?;■' ,.i ;!•■ r i' , I i I'cri;! I , :'ii;( lii.M Mi,' ]'.'>•< ^ i i ii; amendtrent tc> the 
■lierry /ruit. Fly vxt^^rior .uaraiil-ine l-j nftc;^3sary for tlie immediate 
1 '■' ■•\iii>i. ,r 'n,- , ;■ i ,■ lid K'-"ieiVil w.'H'ar'' 'T M, • luMi,-, ;,p I lh,-,t 
compliance wltti the notice and j'ublic proced'jre of the Govarnment Code 


•' l':il : ', unneceaijary and cont.rar.. '. • /;lic in- 

ivioro adopt the forej/oing aj an emergency rejjulation 
t. iiiiiriodi;.t<'ly upon I h.' filin^ of the same with the ^ec- 

i '■ '■ "f rici:lt.uro findo th:it j t is necessary to 
or'iit iirifltilla 'bounty, ure,.on, from th'j liusitnated "Noninfested Area" 

':■'■' ■"■■ ■o<leri>r iuatw)' ' ■ ■ . :i.-r",- ■ • ■ 1 '■! ; ■.; -ave 
' ■ ■ ■■ ' , i r. the last: revision c' 

' ■■ ''"^y ^. 19^8 

Xi z 


.'it^ii f ■ ' ■ • rnia 

(Ay proved as to forw by Deputy Attorney Genoral, a weruoranduni from TbuI M. 
•'oaoph tr ?isj Helen H. ^acGrei^o^, dated hiay 10, 194f'.) 


•fi lh<? oMkr of fhv Sctrftary of Stola 
of tlte Slotf of California 

JUL 2- 1948 

iriANL)!!. JORDAN, Secre*«|.($lrt. 


^^*T5-t.,^^ >-=^>'^ 

^icfutiDc department 

^rjtf of (I.iliforiiij 

(>wmrantine Proclamation 8) 

3^^rafFS; ^r^i,;";' i:'pL.,',t"i:.^i,j«;i;»'-»" Ad„d„isi„u„ cod,, 0^,1,, 4. 

- .urLt:-r ^;..,.,Ki the Cherr/ KruiL .'u rv "^ "-^^'-^'^Iture that it is necess«rv 
Vised el-foctive Ju,,e 2L iLr ^ interior Quarantine which was if!* ^ 


J ■•>!!, tll'K;^l.:.i 


S^^on: (JounlJo3 of lake 

., ,alh.„r, .„d ..allowa! ' ^°°'' ''"'"'■^'' -^^^^cn, Josephine, 

UtahTTT^' . ■' .' ' ■ ^^^^^^^ ''^'"' -ounties of -enewah, Kootenai, 

' 'iJ :.• all: .■;. 1 . 


'1' Ihc Ship r( ' (,. ,„ 

''l-itiuii jhall 

•>-'C0.. V- ^I'l', 


unto set my hand and caused the 
-reat ceal of the 3tate of 

Oolifornia to be affixed this 

second day of July 

one thousahd niiie iiuxidr- 

L.overnor of California 


■'■.' -•' -t ,r- 

■I'' tary uf 

-^ ^^ C^ ;, 

^xtmm Bcpartmcnt 

^tjtr ofenliforiiij 

c.,..„ A>^m'i:^n; no. 2 

(>.uarantine Proclanation 5) " 

^iUtlon or Aut.h,,r= , 
-tHte or CalifornlST 

■jectionLi 106 and 107 of fh^ * • 

^u/ of the Agricultural Code of the 

-^c^;S; 3"^ ■::::; t:'kJt!lt:Ct:i:''-'^ -umistratlve code, chapter ., 

Count,. in^Aliba^k, itcheirT^^'f '"^^ 2' ^94?, L o^d^r to'd "'"' ""^ ^^^ 
,tn^-ted area, and to o It'f .T h '" '^°'''^ ^^^ "--on'coS?i'"r!l"^""^ 

■^■^- "Infested Aroa" a- i -, " "°" '"""^ '° °='=^- 

::^.:£'t ^-^rr^^^^^'^^^^J^r r^^- 3.57 c...c. 

" •-> J '♦., lo herebv riii-ihu^ ^Jiie eiiective Acril S io/a 

^ ^"'t-l'^r amended to read as follois: ' " 



'■'"•-'■/ Inl'eL^ted 
AlAhAiA: Count ie'5 nf ^ i^ ■ 

Saint Tartin '■• f^ '"'^'^'^' ^^^t JajS! Sint iV'^f'"^' "^^^"^ Bernard, 

_^..ies of Greene, Hancock, Harriaor I..' 
J.Ln: -, ^ . arn^or., JacKson, and ;v-althall, 

>-H l-'harleHton, 

Ees, BelT,"*^e:l^rri-lanco ^■^''t;'=-li'»a, .iranjas, /\tascosa. Austin r . 
Caldwell, Cali>ou,, Can"e?on 'r^ Bra.oria, Brazos, Brook! BuiT"'^',, 
Crockett. DeWltt '., "'^f*^", .harabers, Colorado Coll \ '^■^^^°"' Burnet, 

Gille.pi;, Si"^ '?™^^' ^^1' '^^wards, 4etter^-o;:t Be^f' ,'°^^^^1' Crane, 

- ^ -o.;doches, r.ewton, Nueces. Or:^ ' ,1:^' 'J^^^^ > ^^lam, .ont- 

- > -OS, 1 oik, IVe.iaio, Keagan, 

^xccutiDc Bcpartnicnt 

;:5t.itt of (I.ilifonii.1 

.'•. i>^:.'i.t.i; 

Pa, e 2 

^ci'u^io, vai'iiit;. 

.ciu io,, ..oi, ;a.. u./.i:.c, -an Jacinto, Patricio, ^an Jaba, Schleicher, 
:.tarr, Sutton, Terrell, Travis, Trinity, Tyler, Upton, Uvalde, Val Verde, 
Victoria, Walker, Waller, riashinrtori, '.iebb, V/harton, Willacy, *;illianison, 
V.ilson, Zapata, anU Zavala. 

TnJs j^ii-endn.ent fJo. 2 revises aiiu supersedes Amendnient Mo. 1 issued July 2, 
19/!i7, and beiti; an emergency re(,ulation shall becon.e effective inmiediately. 

IK WITNESS WHatJiOf', I have here- 
unto set ray hand and caused the 
■-reat Seal of the State of 
California to be affixed this 
oecon(. day of July, 
one thousand nine hundred and 




FiJed with the .'.ecretary of 

^tiite ind .-Eaae effective: 

iovernor of Oalifornia 

^^i^c^H««^^ M^jL'^'*^-*'.*' 

jBcretary o^*^.ate 

* I ^ f -M 

oi 'y - 

Jbl - 



\V,..|,.o('«W' '• 

], ^rl V.'arren, fursuant to power ve:>ted in me as Governor 
of the Jtate of California, firui that the foregoing amendment to the 
Sweet Potato V.'eevil :ixterior quarantine is necessary for the immediate 
nreservat L'.:: ^: the safety and general welfare of the public, and th^t 
coni[;l i-'iri'-'- wit.h t,!,.- ii'.tice and public procedure of the Governirent Code 
thereon are impracticable, unnecessary and contrary to the public in- 
terests, and therefore adopt the fore;^oin{i as an emergency regulation 
to take effect imii ediately upor' the filing of the sanie with the Sec- 
retary of tin; .jtate. 

The Director of Agriculture finds that it is necessary to add 
Kenrj' County in Alabama, Iiitchell County in Georgia, and Hsuston County 
in Texas, to the area designated as "Infested Area", having been found 
infested since t!ie date of tiie last ainendmerit of this regulation. The 
i)irector of Agriculture has also determined tliat I'rooks and Camden Counties, 
"Jeorgia, are now free of sweet f»tato weevil and stoilf^tg "^jj^t-ted from the 
area designated as "Infested", 

I |h« oHice ot tht Secr.lofy o» Slot* 
ol lh« Slolt ot Colitoiolo 

Dated : July 2. 19A' 

JUL 2- 1948 

At- o clot* *■- 

FRANK V.JDriOAH.:.:rr.r,ttSWl 

VARL A'AiikaN 


State of California 

(Approved as to form by Depiity ALLiirney General, a meii.orandujri from Paul t . 
Josof)h to i:iss Helen i(. facGregor, dated N:ay lU, 1948.) 

i>futiuc Bcpartiiiciit 



oW.i;r R/fATo v.:.KviL lamauii quarantine 

^Wuaruntine Proclairiation 9) 

ia!te-Of ""■'"""■■'"" ■ ' -- "inn I ,r of .„,,.„...■. 
teiJiS^fjf^^: ..cUo„, 106 »„. 1., „, ,,. »,rt„u„,I CO.. „r t.. 
iiefererice; Jection 3257. Title h 

.....,, co„„u.. ,.0,,.. .,,„.„ ,.::r^.'.t-- !-a--; i',r\ro-oe„. 

Iha "Ini'ested Area'" in Ho-^—iv- j ^ 
...titlod ..,s.,et PoUto .-.^vli ICh -""•""on (b-1) of a.otlon 3257 c A C 

.,n.„d.d .„!, ., „„. i.r.vs:/.-.rr:; st"?,n\'' "''••' 

(^^Ij Jnfejted i-n-a . 

Iberia, Iberville, Jeff«rson, ' Jefferson DaS^Lr.f'^\'^"^' ^^"fi'Une 
ston, .Tie* n3, Plaquemines, Point Cou^. iLmh "''^^^^' La^«"^<=he. Living: 

ta nt Charles, ^ai,it Kelenl -int i^ ' ^'P^'^"^* ^bin«. Saint Herriard 
^.int l.rtin,'5aint ^^S^^int ' lX^=^',,^^it,^«^" '^^'^ ^«Ptiet, ^S^iTUnOry, 
Vernon, .ashin,.ton, We^t'.^ton i^ZZl.n/^t'^'^lUdZ?''''''''^' ""^^^^-^' 

....I.SIPPI: Counties of Creene, ^ncoC, Harril,' JaCaon, and .Valt^u. 

SuUXH CAHuLINA: County of Charleston. 

Tee H^^eSrBw,';s:iu;:',,^ori:' Bi::r"^ 'r'"* ^"'^'™' ^^^^-p*! 

Caldwell, Calhoun, C.meron, rr Co WaH^r'' ^''°°^''' ^'^I'^O"* FAirnet, 
Crockett, DeWitt, DL^uit, ^. T dw^ris K v«t't "'^>\^''""*'°' '^^'-^^^l' ^^an:, i' 
Ullespie, Goliad, .ionzales. rrLer rldJ'^ u' :°''^ ^-^'"^' ^'^i"' ^Iveston, 
Hidalgo, Hill, Houston, Irl^n. Jackson^ '^' ^'^^"°"' '^'^i"' "^^ria, Ilaya, 
Ji-n ••ells, var.nes. Ken^ll. Kenedy ^"^IrKd' If '""^'' ''«"«"°n. ^i- Hog^, 

.«.™n,. ,..^„, .;„,„;, :«t:r',,rr^ir2:.;if K^°;X 

^Kcutitic Bcpartincnt 

;&tatc of (Ijliforma 

Amejidaient 2, ...act.ion 3257, C.A.O. (OontdJ 

Pajje 2 

Kefutio, Ciibine, . u-ustine, 3an Jacinto, tian Batricio, San Saba, Schleichar, 

Ctarr, Sutton, Terrell, Travi;;, Triniti', Tyler, Upton, Uvalda, Val Verde, 
Victoria, 'alk«jr, aller, ..ashini^ton, Webb, V/harton, Willacy, Williaraaon, 
wiliion, Zapata, and Zavala. 

This Amendirient No, 2 revises anu su,Ter»edab Anientimant Mo. 1 issued July 2, 
1947, anJ bein^. an oraeri^ancy rot.ulation shall become el'Xactive immediately. 

I^. V.'lTr.;:;S3 Vfl-lLikKOF, I have here- 
unto set ra^ iiand and caused the 
"<re&t Oeal of the State of 
uciiiiornlii to be affijcod this 

second day of July 
one thousand nine himdred and 
forty-ei, ht. 

.^'^y^L^ /^C-i<^t^e,^^ 


Governor of California 

^ > Q 

Secretary of state 


Filed vd.f!i the .'ecretary of 
State fjT.d aade effective: 


in Ihr ol'i" ■' '"■ S-. ••• > .1 Sl.i't 
•I it.e iiiii» .< C».;i«.".j 

JUL 2- 1948 

Al__l '^ocLtk : M. 

FRANK V.JvH3AH,5..r.^.,oisi,ie 

^PxecutiDc department 

State of California 

frtnlii in CAIIPOHNI* tl*11 PltHTINO OfUlt 
«Ari«MtNTO, 194a r.roK..f 11, mooii, itat* fkimtie 

/* ^ :> 

^iccBtf&e department 

3tote of (Ealifornio 

/ .^::^ 




/- "' 


U'>v '■ : r 


^jccutioc Bcpartincnt 

^tatc of California 


In honor of tho men and women, living and 
dead, who have contributed to the growtli of American 
air power, the President of tiie United States has 
proclaimed September 18 as Air Force Day. This will 
mark the first anniversary of the autonomous Air 
Force and the forty- first birthday of American 
mMitary aviation. 

It Js particularly fitting that in this 
age of supersonic speed full consideration oe given 
to the importance and the potentialities of aviation. 
It Is in the interest of our nation to maintain 
within the Air Force a nucleus of highly trained 
personnel and to keep this branch of the armed 
services abreart of all developments in its 
specialized field. 

In order to call public attention to the 
mfl.gnificent accomplishments of the Air Force in 
peace as well as In war, I, Earl Warren, Governor 
of California do hei-eby proclaim Saturday, September 
IG, 1940 as AIR FORCE DAY in California. 

hereunto set my hand 
and caused tlie Great 
Seal of tlie State of 
Csllfornia to be>/af- 
flxed this Af^ day 
of September, One 
Tliousand Nine Hundred 
and Furty-eight. 

Governor of California 




Secretary of State 


pumtrJ IN c«i ITO 

^:3:cfutiDc Brpartincnt 

3ratr of (Talifornja 


lolrt iiunl 
tii._- Uiii I 

,0n t^e,telnbcT 1?, 19^8, we shall observe the 
miv.r.ary of tlie «do.tion oV the Conkuition 


Wot only i.s 
tet^tuiient or a v^-ay of 
provi<!ed ins;)ir!.tion 
everjn,.here. Our coun 
steadying influence f 
with a major voice in 
TJirou^hout Lhe coiriiui, 
f re ccom anu eijUc lity 
continue to starve aa 

a_ statement of oasic l.,v, but 

life, this jjreat ciocuiiicnt Ua; 
for freeciom lovinf'; j)eo^.lt.& 
try ii-is dcvelo.jea unuer its 
TOIL a rav. frontier lana into t 

the councils of the vorlc. 

y^ars, the funaajnerital yu; rente es of 
contained in thit^ Constitution v.ill 
the founeatlon foi- our further 

as a 



I!-: '. iTi'jj 
caused the Ct 

arfix<u this y^ii'^uf; 
Nine Huriureu 

^.n:<:Ui:OF, I have hereunto set my hand 
.:eal of the State of California to be 
r of Septeuuber, A. D. , One Thousand 
nu l'orty-J.:ight . 

Governor of Calif ornii 

secretary fSfS^trte 

^xeratioc Bepartmcnt 

3tatc of California 

P R G L A M A T I 6 N 

■ :' 1 i i;;; i uuii i, ui' i^nu UniLcij ;;jt.ut.e3 has proolrtilfied 
1'', ly-lS, as National Guard ^ay to honor those 

;nd those who are now sferv'-- their country 
•uard. This r-rtc will mi.rk the elrhth 
amiversur.v oi the call oi' • ' ' unal Guard to Federal 

service in '.Vr^rld vVnr TT. 

' " 1- . i'>-'; a J-.', ':.'.iii, tilt) (juupie iJj' i./a lil'ul'Uia 

.1'->i' • juntry- -i de observance of National Guard Day, 
ue;c m^^l: i.ih. nienibers ol' the National Guard in our State 
were amonu- the first to Oe called into action durinr that 
.Vii-. -lioy r,.^rveci with honor on the principal fipntlng 
rroni.s, • •■ i In cnrryin; their colors to tlie first lines of 
tjattl-i pou -ht new /lory to a California tradition of 
^ervlct' i, nnilfin wH'fh 's a? old "p ■>!!>• st-^'te itself 

' t'l-ii' f.'Ojjjli : ;iff ji Dfao"; j u.L Lieii.t v.h:! s nsclon 

Its reliance upon larpe JstandinK; armies, but 

..le'Q upon the willingness oi'i its civilian men i -j 

Ml time of need. The core of| this civilian 

:fc National Guard, made up! of friends and 

In- unr-iirirhlr of t)n-^r leisure tir^p In ,-r - r 

^ncy servirv. 


iiQse meri. 

he patriotism, loyalty and 

-- --- ., ., Wnrroi , Governor of' 
hereby procluini T.rWtiiJ^r September 16, 1948, 
-"/■ 'n C'llifornla and, urge that the flap; 
■ flown on this dky in honor of the' 
' • ! Guard In our itate. 

into set my hand smd caused 
-iio Great Seal of the State 
^f Calil^nla to be affixed 
•cais yC??^ day of September, 

■■. ■>. One fh-isand Hlne 


•rovcrnor or California 



Secretaiy (if ptate 

1?/ ymini:^ 

3?xcfutiDc Btpartnicnt 

^tatc of California 

''J'l.V/f '.. 


During thft period of October 1st to 8th, Inclusive, 
th« editors and publishers of Amsrlca will sponsor the 
observance of n'nth annual National Newspaper Week. 

Their slogan will be: "Your right to Icnow Is the 
key to all your liberties." This precious "right to know" 
hafl been cherished by many generations of Americans. It 
was handed down to us by our founding fathers who wrote 
a guarantee of freedom of the press Into the Constitution 
of the United States. 

Public confidence In an unrestricted press has 
been Justified by the leadership which American editors 
have given to many great movements contributing to this 
nation's progress. While In other parts of the world the cur- 
tailment of editorial freedom has foreshadowed the destruction 
of many of the Institutions of Democracy, the free press of 
America has helped to keep our nation strong and to preserve 
Its liberties. 

So that our people may become more fully cognizant 
of the Importance of preserving their vital "right to know", 
1, Earl Warren, Governor of California, Join In calling 
attention to the many public services rendered by the 
newspapers of America and do hereby proclaim the period of 
October 1st to 8th, inclusive, 19^8, as NEWSPAPER WEEK In 

hereunto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
California to beAf- 
fixed this XJ--j>M ay 
of September, One 
Thousand Nine Hundred 
and Forty-eight. 

Governor of California 

Secretary of State 

I'.ntiJ in 1 « I ir (I* NI4 

II p » I N 1 1 .^ c ci I I I 

^xccutiDc Bcpartmtnt 

^tJtc of California 


On October 24th the people of the United States 
will Join in a world wide observance of United Nations 
Day. Cal Ifornlans, appropriately, will take Important 
part In this celebration. It was In our city of San 
Francisco that the charter for the United Nations was 
drawn, and from the start we have been Intensely Interested 
In seeing that the lofty alms of this great international 
body are carried out. 

Multitudes of liberty-loving people everywhere 
look hopefully to the United Nations for leadership In 
the construction of a better postwar world. We in America 
can provide them with inspiration by our devotion to the 
principles of universal brotherhood, and by our adherence 
to the ideals upon which the United Nations was founded. 
Each of us can contribute In this way to the development of 
harmony among the citizens of all nations, thus helping to 
put an end to prejudice. Intolerance and misunderstanding 
wherever they are found . 

Accordingly, I, Earl Warren, Governor of California, 
do hereby proclaim Sunday, October 24, 194S, as UNITED NATIONS 
DAY in California and urge that on this day the citizens of 
our state Join In programs dedicated to the furtherance of 
global good will. 

hereunto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
California to be^f- 
flxed this /j^ day 
of September, One 
Thousand Nine Hundred 
and Forty-eight. 

.-^^J^^^^ >^^^.^.t-t-C-L^ 

Governor of California 


Secretary of State 

f\rinltJ in e* 


^Kcutioc Brpartincut 

^tm of (Tjiifornij 



Join In thJ"'s'pi,yj!f^^'^i'^y appropriate for c«1ir , 

BancJJcapped'^iefk^U ilt^'?'^"^-^ ^^ E'"Ploy tJio av.^ ^. 
employees alike to tT,-' ''^ Possible for ernri ^^^''^^^^y 
ties whicij pvi,/^ beeoirie better InformT.' ^ "^''^■■'' and 

capped worJrs n ;r "^^ ^^'^^-^^ Part^cSt?"^ "^^ opportune - 
I. Goodwin J Kn"^hr Ueyeloi.r.e„t Ir thfi If'^,''^ ^^'"^^- 
hereby pr-ool^ i^"t£''/f ^ing Governor of CaifJn' , ""^^^'^for-e, 
ly^fi, as EMPr,oy Ht "^Zt °^ October 3rd tr rf> °''"'^' ^o 
California "^ ^^^' ^YSTCALl.y HAW).TcIpr£ WL^ ^^^^^^^^^^ 

hereunto sef m-r u 
caused the^GreJt S«7'*"^ 
tl^e State Of ^cJli?:^;,f 
to be affixed this liiC 
day Of f^eptember, On^ 

and Forty-elgiit. 

Acting Governor of 

Cal if ornia 

Secretary of State 

^xcfutiDt Bcpartincnt 

^tarc of £j|iforiiia 


CaHfornJa's tremendous population Increase of 
recent yeai-s has made unprecedented demands upon the 
reso >rces of our state. It has Imposed upon every citizen 
an important share of the responsibility of conserving 
these resources for future as well as current use. 

For this reason all of us should become familiar 
with tlie precautions which can be taken against fire. Our 
state anminll y suffers a tragic loss of life and valuable 
property due tc fire, much of which can Le avoided If the 
proper preventive practices are faltlifully cai-rled out. 

During the observance of FlT'e Prevention Week, 
which traditionally occurs during the first week In October, 
we are provided with opportunity to become acquainted with 
the means of averting fire In our timber and watershed 
areas, grazing lands, hoiTies, places of business and 
Institutions. To lend encouragement to thJs worthy pro- 
gram, I, Goodwin J. Knight, Acting Governor of California, 
do thoi-efore proclaim the period of October 3rd to 9th, 
Inclusive, l';,-48, ar FIRE PREVENTION WEEK In CallfcrnJa, 
and urge that during this period our i^eople give particular 
attention to the elimination of fire hazards in their 
local communities. 


hereunto set my hand and 
caused the Great Seal of 
tJie State of California 
to be affixed this V\^^ 
day cf September, One 
Thousand, Nine Hundred 
and Forty-eight. 

/ix r-C v*<^ 
Acting Govef^or of Call^<Jrnla 


Secretary isf State 

,..,.i,j . 

^xccutiot department 

3tatf ofCalifornia 


I, GOODWIN J. KNIGHT, Acting Governor of the State 
of Caliiornia, do hereby proclaim th&t a General Election will ' 
be held throughout this State on Tuesday, the second day of 
November, L9AS, at which the following offices are to be filled:! 
Twenty-five elector:j of President and Vice President of the 

United States; | 


Representatives to the Congress of the United States from 
each of the twenty-three congressional districts of the State; I 

State Seniitors from each of the following twenty senatorial 
districts of the State: First, Third, Fifth, Seventh, Ninth, r 
Eleventh, Thirteenth, Fifteenth, Seventeenth, Nineteenth, Twenty- 
first, Twenty- third. Twenty-fifth, Twenty-seventh, Twenty-ninth, 
Thirty-first, Thirty-third, Thirty-fifth, Thirty-seventh, Thirty- 


Member of the Asse.iibly from each of the eighty assembly ' 
districts of the State; 

One Associate Justice, District Court of Appeal, First 
Appellate District, Division One, for the term prescribed by law; 

One Associate Justice, District Court of Appeal, First Ij 
Appellate District, Division Two, for the full term prescribed by 
law. ': 

One Associate Justice, District Court of Appeal, Second 
Appellate District, Division Two, for the full term prescribed by 

One Presiding Justice, District Court of Appeal, Second 
Appellate District, Division Three, for the terra prescribed by 


^rtmliJ in CAi If okN 

lA !;aii I'KtMiNc oriicr. 

^jccutiDc Bcpartincnt 

^tJtc of California 


I, GOODWI. J. i^iaHT, Acting Goverr.r of the State 
oi C.U,or.Ia, do hereby proolai™ th.t a Oener.i Election wiU 
be hel. tnrou.hout this state on Tuesday, the second day of 
Nov,.nhe.. i^.B, at which the, otTices a.e to he fiXied: 

Twenty-five electorii of Pr^-^-iHo,,,. - ,,. 

oi ir^.ident ana Vice President of the 
United States; 

Hep.e..„t„tlv.., to the Co„„.=s of the UnU.d state, fro,. ^ Of the t.e„t,-three co,„..o.lo„.l .l.trlcts of the state- 

Stat,,.,, f.o„, e.oh of the foUo.lne twenty senatorial 
"-.let. Of the state: Pl„t. Thl... nftn, seventh, Ninth, 
Eleve„th, Thl.teeath, fifteenth. Seventeenth, Nineteenth, T»ent.- 
flrst, T.ent,-thl.,, T»,.„t,-flfth, T»e„t,-seventh. T.ent.-nlnth, 

Thirty-first, Thirty-third, Thirty-fifth Thi.. 

Lrty iiith. Thirty-seventh, Thirty- 

Member nf thp a<;c;(i.„ki,, «.^. 

Assenbly irom each of the eighty assembly 

districts of the State; 

One A::soclat. Justice, ^strict Court of Appeal, First 

Appellate District, Division O-ie f-^r hho f 

i.on, lor the term prescribed by law- 
One Associate Justice, District Court of Appeal, First 

Appellate District, Divi,,ion Two, for the fuM f . 

w, lor tne lull terra prescribed by 

one A..„cl..te o„,-tlee. District Court of Appeal, Second 
Appellate Dlstrlet, Division Two, fo. the full t„„ p.ese.lhea h. 

One, Justice, District Court of Appeal, Second ' 
Appellate District, Division Three, for the ter. prescribed by 
law; , ^ 

^xnmt Brpartinriit 

<&tatc of California 

One Associate Justice niet^.^^ ^ 

' District Court of ADoeal q^« ^ 
Appellate Die tr Let IH„.- • appeal. Second 

-i-iLct, Division Tliren, for thP t^„ 
law; ^^^^ prescribed by 

..eui:::::::: t":;' ---- -- °'- --. ... 

^^^tr..t, for the term prescribed by low. 
Also, such other ^^-^+^ 

'^ '°^^*y' toTOshiu, district 
other of^icpq • c, .,„ ' '^-^^^^ict, or 

^ " - -re provided by law to be flLled at . v, 
election. iii-icd at such 

I further proclaim that at such election th 
-so be subnitted to the vote of the elector. "" 

-— nal a.end.ents. question., p.,,. ^^ ^^^^°^^^ "^ 

' F' oposit ions and lni+i^*^ 
measures r«^ n,-, „ . initiative 

^^^ <^s are rei'ulrpr^ f-^ i,„ 

/ lur „ije arrest and conviction r.r 

the purpose roaches th. thereafter expended for 

roaches the sum of Ten Th usand Dollars. 

IN iVlTNfir;^ WHEREOF t >,. 

and affix the ^re-tsp."^!'^"/^^ "^^ hand 
5f California f^l^K^^f'^ .""^ ^he state 


of Californ a thi.^r S'^^ ^^^ 
September, 1948. ^ 7 ^^^^ ^^ 

Acting Governor of^allforni. 

- -'"-^ 

^xecutiDc ©cpartincnt 

3tate ofCaliromia 


The Increasing interest of American women in 
public life has been an encouraging development of 
recent years, because it Is helping to bring about the 
full participation of our people m planning for future 

The strear. which Is being placed upon good 
citizenship by many fine women's organizations in our 
state is exemplified by the slogan which has been 
adopted by the California Federation of Business and 
Professional Women's Clubs for this year's observance 
cf Business Women 'r. Week:. This slogan-- "Use Your Vote 
in '4o --calls attention to one of the major responsi- 
bilities which accompanies the privileges of citizenship 
In a free nation. If ours is to remain a government of 
tlie people, oach citizen must make his wishes known by 
going to the polls and casting his vote. 

Accordingly, I, Goodwin J. Knight, Acting 
Governor of California, do Join with the members of 
the California Federation of Business and Professional 
Women's Clubs in urging every citizen to vote, and, to 
assist In stimulating tlils exercise of good citizenship, 
hereby proclaim the week of October 10th to l6th, 
inclusive, 1948, as BUSINESf) WOMEN'S WEEK In California. 

hereunto set my hand 
and caused tlie Great 
Seal of the State of 
California to be af- 
fixed this b'^day 
of October, One Thousand 
Nine Hundred and Forty- 


Acting Governor of California 




\ <! <■■» 


Secretary of State 

tya I, c«lir„.N,« „„. „,„„„„ „,„^, 

^xcniriuc Bcpartmcnt 

3tatc of California 




WliEREAS, Public L&w 759 of the 80th Congress, also 
toiown as the Selective flervice Act of 1948, proviues, in bee. 
6 (c) (2) A, tliat in any case in which the Governor of any 
State determines and issues a proclcmation to the effect that 
the authorized strength of any organized unit of the National 
Guard cannot be maintained by enlistment or appointment of 
per.sons who are not liable for training and service under such 
Act, or any persons who served honorably on active duty between 
Septe-iber lo, 1^40, an.i June 2^, I94S, for .-. period of ninety 
days or more but less than twelve months in the Army, the Air 
Force, the Navy, the Marine Corps, the Coast Guard, the Public 
Health Service, or the armed Forces of any country allied with 
the United States in World War II prior to September 2, I945, 
any person, who, prior to attaining the age of 18 years and six 
months, enlists or accepts appointment in any such organized 
unit shall be deferred from training and service under that Act 
so long as he continues to serve satisfactorily as a member of 
such organir.ed unit; and 

VmEHKAS, I have determined thi t the authorized 
strength of organized units of the California National Guard 
hereinafter described cannot be maintained by the enlistment or 
appointment of t;ersons in the categories referred to above. 

IJO'.v, THLHFFOR!', I, GOODWIIJ J. KWIGHT, in accordance 
with Public Law 759, 80th Congress, and by virtue of the 
authority vested in me a;: Acting Governor of the State of 



^xccutioc Bcpartnicnt 

3catc of Caliroriiia 

California, in order that the California National Guard may 
discharge its responsibility to the security of the Nation, do 
her^ty :;r':,.iTr, that tVie authorized strength of organized units 
of ".'r.e California National Guard hereinafter designated cannot 
be maintained through the enlistrient or appointment of persons 
referred to in £oc. 6 (c)(2) A. baid organized units of the 
Caiiiornio National Guard are der.cribed as follows, to-v/it: 



Headaua. '^rs 
Hq Sp T. . 

Ho Co 

^Oth MF Co 

740th Ord Co. 

40th QM Co 

40th Sig Co 

40th Cav R Tp 

40th Div Band 
578th Engr Bn 

Med Det 

Co A 

Co B 

Co C 
l]t)th Med Pn 

Co A 

Co B 

Co C 

Co D 
40th Div Arty 

Med Det 
143(1 FA Bn 

Sv Btry 

'Jled Det 

Btry A 

Btry B 

Btry C 
625th FA Bn 

SV Btry 

Med Det 

Btry A 

Btry B 

Btry C 
980th FA Bn 

Sv Btry 

IJIec Det 

Btry A 

Btry B 

Btrj' C 

Ha 2d Bn 160th 

Co E 

Co F 

Co G 

Co H 
Hq 3d Bn 160th 

Co I 

Co K 

Co L 

Co M 
223d Inf Regt 

Sv Co 

Cn Co 

AT Co 

Med Det 
Hq Ist Bn 223d 

Co A 

Co B 

Co C 

Co r 
Hq 2d Bn 223d 

Co E 

Co F 

Co G 

Co H 
He 3rt Bn 2^. 3d 

Co I 

Co K 

Co L 

Co M 
224th Inf Regt 

Sv Co 

Cn Co 

AT Co 

Med Det 
Hq 1st Bn 224th 

Co A 

Co B 

Co C 

Hq Sp Tps 

Ha Co 

49th MP Co 

749th Ord Co 

49th QM Co 

249th v'^lg Co 

49th Cav R Tp 

49th Ulv Band 
579th Engr Bn 

Med Det 

Co A 

Co B 

Co C 
126th Med Bn 

Co A 

Co B 

Co C 

Co D 
49th Div Arty 

Med Det 
164th FA Bn 

Sv Btry 

Med Det 

Btry A 

Btry B 

Btry C 
629th FA Bn 

Sv Btry 

Med Det 

Btry A 

Btry B 

Btry C 
636th FA Bn 

Sv Btry 

Med Det 

Btry A 

Btry B 

Btry C 

Hq 2d Bn 159th 

Co E 

Co F 

Co G ; 

Co H 
He 3d Bn 159th 

Co I 

Co K 

Co L 

Co M 
184th Inf Regt 

Sv Co 

Cn Co 

AT Co 

Med Det 
Hq let Bn ia4th 

Co A 

Co B 

Co C 

Co D 

Med Sec 
Ha 2d Bn 184th 

Co E 

Co F 

Co G 

Co H 

Med Sec 
Hq 3d Bn 184th 

Co I 

Co K 

Co L ' 

Co M 

Med Sec 
185th Inf Regt 

Sv Co 

Cn Co 

AT Co 

Med Det 
Hq 1st Bn I85th 

fpKij/rJ t 

^xcnirioc Bepartmciit 

^tatc of (California 


Co D 
Hq 2d Bn Z2J^th 

Co E 

Co F 

Co G 

Co H 
Hq 3d Bn 224th 

Co I 

Co K 

Co L 

Co M 

9Sl£t FA Bn 

Sv Btry 

?!eG Det 

Btry A 

Btry B 

Btry C 
160th Inf Regt 

Sv Co 

Cn Co 

AT Co 

Med Det 
He 1st Ba 160th 

Co A 

Co B 

Co C 

Co D 

112TH AA/._ Bi\IG APE 

He & Hq Btry [To 250th Gp 
134th Op Det 951st AAA AW Bn 
3632d Ord (AAA) Med Det 

Hq 233d Gp 

27lst AAJ. AV; Bn 

Med Det 

Btry A 

Btry B 

Btry C 

Btry D 
631st AAA AW Bn 

Mec Det 

Btry A 

Btry B 

Btry C 

Btry D 
718th Gun Bn 

Med Det 

Btry A 

Btry B 
Btry C 

Btry A 

Btry B 

Btry C 

Btry D 
719th Gun Bn 

Med Det 

Btry A 

Btt^y B 

Btry C 

Btry D 
728th Giin Bn 

Med Det 

Btry A 

Btry B 

Btry C 

Btry D 
402d Sig Had 
397th Cig Rad 

Btry D 

6th Engineer (C) Gp 
Hq & Hq ^ Sv Co 1402d Engr Bn 
1401 St Engr Bn Med Det 

Med Det Co A 

Co A Co B 

Co B Co C 

Co C 

Separate Companies 
U05th EPB Co 3t>o8th Ord Co. 

1550th ETB Co 
16] Ft Ord Evao 
/;9Bth Ord Evac 
£t Hq & Hq Det 

4.375th QM S&H 
437oth qv S&R 
59th Army Band 
Separate Det 

637th FA Bn 

Sv Btry 

Med Det 

Btry A 

Btry B 

Btry C 
159th Inf Regt 

Sv Co 

Cn Co 

AT Co 

Med Det 
Hq 1st Bn 159th 

Co A 

Co B 

Co C 

Co D 

Co A 

Co B 

Co C 

Co D 

Med Sec 
Hq 2d Bn lB5th 

Co E 

Co F 

Co G 

Co H 

Med Sec 
Hq 3d Bn 185th 

Co I 

Co K 

Co L 

Co M 

Med Sec 


Hq & Hq Btry 

425th Sig Rad 

93d Amy Band 
Hq 234th Gp 

186th Op Det 
682d AA.A AW Bn 

Med Det 

Btry A 

Btry B 

Btry C 

Btry D 
720th Gxm Bn 

Med Det 

Btry A 

Btry B 

Btry C 

Btry D 
Hq 251st Gp 

39th Cav R 
Hq & Ha Tp 
109th Ren Sq 
Med Det 
Tp A 
Tp B 
Tp C 
Tp D 
Tp E 

159th Cml Mort 
Hq k Hq Co 
Med Det 
Co A 
Co B 
Co C 

(OSAI, CNG, September 1948) 

272d AAA AW Bn 

Med Det 

Btry A 

Btry B 

Btry C 

Btry D 
730th Gun Bn 

Med Det 

Btry A 

Btry B 
Btry C 
Btry D 
746th Gun Bn 
Med Det 
Btry A 
Btry B 
Btry C 
Btry D 
cn Gp 
llSth Ren Sq 
Med Det 
Tp A 
Tp B 
Tp C 
Tp D 
Tp E 

Bn 199th Tank Bn 
Hq & Hq Co 

Sv Co 

Med Det 

Co A 

Co B i 

Co C 

Co D 

^xccutiDc department 


^tatc of California 

blf.T WIi\'G 

Hq & He Sctdn blst Wing 

Hq 144th Fiphter Gp 

194th Fighter Sqdn S. E. 

Utility Fit L94th Ftr Sqdn 

Ho Det 244th A. 8. Gp 

A Det 24Ath A.f. Gp 

194th V.e; ther Station 

1811th Engr Avn Co 

Ho 16if-t A. Ir Control .'<c W;;rnlni: Gp 

144th Air C & W Sqdn 

145th A & W Sqdn 

146th A & W Sqdn 

111th AAF Com Sodn 

611th Sig Light Const. Co 

111th Rader Calibration Det 

561st USAF Band 

1905th Engr Avn Bn Hq & Hq & Ser Co 

62ND 'A'ING 


Hq t Hq Sqdn 62nd 

Ho 146th Ftr Gp 

Utility Fit 115th Light Bomb. Sqdn 

115th Weather Station (type A) 

Det D 211th A.S. Gp 

195th Ftr Sqdn h.E. 

Utility Flight, 195th Ftr Soda S 

195th V/eather Station (type A) 

Hq Det 246th A.S. Gp 

A Det 246th A.S. Gp 

196th Ftr Sqdn S.E. 

Utility Fit, 196th Ftr Sqdn S.E 


196th Vjeather Station (type A) 

B Det 246th A.S. Gp 

162nd Air Control & Vfcrning Gp He 

147th A & W Sqdn 

143th A k \'i Sqdn 

149th A & w Sqdn 

112th AAAF Cora Sqdn 

112th Radar Calibration Det 

562nd USAF Band 

615th Light Const. Co (Sig) 

1812th Fngr Avn Co 

IN AITNF^SE WHEREOF, I hereunto set ry 
hand and affix tlie Great Seal of 
the State of California, this 5th 
day of October, 1948. 

Acting Governor 


/^;^.#-o-*(L-**^w-^ /c^^yi^Asf 

&ecretar:f 18S State 



^jccutiDc Bcpartmcnt 

3tatc of California 

P ]< C i. A K A T I N 

Turoutiiioui the yfars, the people of CaJ Ifornla 
havA e-njoyea a imrticularly close association wJth the Stat'^s Navy and !ts men. Because several najor 
mval^ Jnf tail at 'one are based upon our shares, wp have 
had the opportLinlty to hecome Intimately acquainted with 
the Navy's niagn'flcent record of service to the nation, 
and we havf -^xper.; enced the great sense of security which 
■J- rT»r froi.) vi'-'vinti its veBscI f 'n our ports. 

It has been natural, therefore, for us to take 
a loading jwri in tiie ti'ad Itrional observance of Navy Day. 
Up shall do .'•-o again In 19^'^, fully cognizant of the 
nefNj for naintainlng a fjrst class fleet at this time 
wh'='n AiiierJca is peeking universal support for a progran, 
i.r penianent peace. We realize that if our nation's 
voice Is to be respected 1n the councils of the world, 
it must be backed liy physical as well as moral strength. 

Tlierefore, to '^nabl e our citizens to Join once 
aga'n In i-aying well deserved tribute to the Navy and 
Its personnel, both living and dead, 1, Earl Warren, 
Governor of Ca] ifornla, do hereby proclaim Wednesday, 

October 57th, 19^8, as NAVY DAY in this state. In do: 


so, I urge C:ilifornIans who have served in the Navy to 
appear in uniform on that day. I further urge an 
citizen.-^, to display the national colors, and suggest that 
California fjrms fly the Army-Navy "E" penn/ints awarded 
l.hem during: Iho war. 

hereunto s°t iiiy hand 
and caused the Great 
Sal of the State of 
California to be af- 
fixed this I "feilL d ay 
of October, Un^ Th'-U- 
sand , Nln** Hundred and 
Forty- eigiit. 

Governor of California 



- ■ I ,'u , 

Secretary or State 

in v.,- 

j'.ltttd l« (.fttlPU, M« II , ■ I 

^xtcutlDc ©cpartinciit 

^tatt of California 




Once again the p«opl p of California are preparing 
to Join In solemn statewide commemoration of Armistice 
Day. In traditional ceremonies which had their origin 
thirty years ago, we will recall the glorious heroism and the 
noble sacrifices of our sons and daughters who championed 
the cause of liberty during the first world war. We will, 
In addition, memorialize the valor and the magnificent 
accomplishments of those who set back the forces of tyranny 
in World War II. 

With the recollection of anxiety and suffering 
occasioned by these two great conflicts uppermost in our 
minds, we cannot help but be spurred to redouble our 
efforts toward the attainment of lasting peace. It is our 
hope that on this Armistice Day the citizens of all other 
nations which felt thf» impact of those bitter wars will 
Join us in rededlcatlon to the great ideals of universal 
brotherhood upon which the hopes of mankind are based. 

In order to assist the citizens of California in 
planning appropriate ceremonies of remembrance on the 
thirtieth anniversary of the original Armistice Day, I, 
Earl Warren, Governor of California, do accordingly proclaim 
Thursday, November 11th, 19^^, as ARMISTICE DAY in this 
State. In doing so, I urge thkt the national colors be 
displayed In every California community, and that special 
homage be paid the great branches of our national defense, 
including the California National Guard. 

hereunto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
Cflllfornia to^^s af- 

fixed this sS 


of November, One 
Thousand Nine Hundred 
and Forty- eight, 

Governor of California 



Secretary of/S, 



i^xccutivic Bcpartincnt 

3tatc of California 


On November 10th the United States Marine 
Corps will observe the 173rd anniversary of Its 
author] zfitl on by thie Continental Congress. This 
birthday will be celebrated nationally as Marine 
Corps Day. 

The men and women who wear the Marine Corps 
symbol of the Eagle, Globe and Anchor are carrying 
forward n glorious tradition which has been proudly 
handed down from generation to generation since the 
founding of this Important branch of America's national 
defense. Called Inio action almost Immediately after 
their Corps was constituted as an American military 
force, they have since 1775 brought increasing honor 
to our nation through their heroism and devotion to duty 
at home and abroad. It Is appropriate, therefore, that 
our people join in congratulating this outstanding 
organization upon Its long and magnificent record of 
service to the nation. 

Accordingly, I, Earl Varren, Governor of 
California, do hereby proclaim Wednesday, November 10th, 
1948, as MARINE CORPS DAY in California, and urge that 
the American flag be displayed on that day in honor of the 
Marine Corps and its courageous personnel. 

hereunto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
California to b» af- 
fixed this y^p day 
of November, One 
Thousand Nine Hundred 
and Forty-eight. 

Governor of California 



^xccutiDc Bcpartinciit 

Statf of California 



V .w T^^ ^^''^ ^^ Novpmbpr I4th to 20th has been deslcnati'd 
by the American Nurses' Association as Nursing SogJesf ' 

Week m celebration of the Diamond Jubilee of American 
Nursing The Jubilee will comn.emorate the graduation of 
-nH rn^^^^'"'^^. ^'•°"' ^^ ^^^ ^gland Hospital for Women 
Jas thl rn»t"^r^ seventy-five years ago. Miss Richards 
n^^f!. / n American woman specifically trained for a 
professional nursing career. 

or,r.^Ti H* ^^ particularly fitting for California to be 
enrolled among the states observing this significant 
cont^?r^7- ."^.^'^^ 320,000 registered nurfes now 
^?^^,^ l^^ ^^ !° the preservation of our national health, 
sixty thousand are licensed to practice in this state. 

r,.+ V, ^"^^ * comparatively large number of nurses does 
net, however, adequately meet Cpllfornla's Increasing needs 
in this exceedingly Important field. Many fine oppoft^ltles 

n,^h1^''^^^^'' '^^^^ *° ^^ ^°""<^ ^^ steadHy exp^ndfnr 
public health agencies In numerous California communities 
as well as In hospitals. In tJie armed forces, and i^ 
Industrial plants both large and small. 

+>,. m Accordingly, with the hope that the celebration of 
the Diamond Jubilee of American Nursing will help to 
better acquaint our people with the glorious traditions 
of professional nursing, I, Earl Warren, Governor of 
^ Sl^^^f' ?^ hfrPby proclaim the week of November I4th 
to cOth, inclusive. 1948, as NURSING PROGRESS WEEK In this 
state. Further, in honor of the memory of America's first 
professional nurse, I hereby proclaim the Tuesday of that 

hereunto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
California to be/af- 
fixed this //g - day 
of November, one 
Thousand Nine Hundred 
and Forty- eight, 



Governor of California 



-* e •. 

^Kcutioc Bcpartmcnt 

^tatc of California 







C ffice cf the 

nirectcr cf Natural K^n.. urcn:- 

Siacrament' , '';• 1 1 r rnla 

-. i: D 

f'^V 30 1948 


"OClocIc i_ • 

7 ' ' ''U • 

PHCCL/VMATIUN ''■ ^ •• -^^ 

-I'l'i-r ..uLiKi-Uv v./.. U..U ii, hitr oy the pi-..v:^:„nc wf 
o.c.n 4i-o 'I tho Public h'oiiources Code, T hereby declare there 
dees exl.r.t unur.ual fire hazard conditions In the Counties cf San 
Lul:^ (b!.r,-v , Kern, Santa Barbara, Ventura, Los Angeles, San 
Bernardino, Rlvorsldo, . ranrr and San DlegO; and do further 
declare that ;-uch unur.u.-l fire hazard conditions shall extend 
beyond December 1, 1943, and until such time as this Proclamation 
In rescinded. 

Further, under tho r.rcvlslcns of this Proclamation, no 
-.err n rh^ii burn brush, ctum-.s, lo^r,, fallen timber, fallows, 
"Tnri,. r rrr.--, brurh, cr forest covered land, or other Inflammable 
.-laterlal, .,r blast with dynamite, powder, or other exolcslves, 
or off fireworks of any kind In forest, fallows, grass, or 
brush covered land, either on hts own land or the orooerty of 
an^ther unleca ruch burnlnr "r use of exnlcBlves In done In strict 
accordance with th- ternr f a written ^ermlt from the State 
Forester cr his duly authorised a^ent and as Permitted by law. 

Tha^ tho rirecter uf Natural Resources hereby finds and 
declares that t}-,o within Troclamatlon declarlnp unusual fire 
ha.-^ard cond-' r- In necessary for the Immediate oreservatlon of 
tho nubile oc.c, , health and safety and general welfare, and 
that comnl lance with the notice and the public nrocedure set 
r-rt.h In '>.rt,,„ nJ,;o. et r.eq. -f the Government C de is 
Inaonllcable, unnecessary and contrary to the nubile Interest; 
-nd therefore said Proclamatl. n Is adr^ted as an emer-oncy 
reculatl.n t. take effect Immediately unon the filing of the same 


with the Secretary of ntatc. A ctatemont of the facts constituting 
Duch emergency Is as fcllov;3: 

•^hrX thorp c]( on oxlRt In the Counties of San Luis 
Cblspc, Kern, S-nta Pnrbara, Wntura, Los Anpeles, San Bernardino, 
rivorrlde, Oranf.- nnd '"an Diono unusual condltlonE of extreme 
drcurht, I'W htmldlty, lack cf rainfall, and frequent hlsh winds, 
vjhich said ccndlticnc conducive to hl^h fire incidence within 

said areas; 

That under section ^1153 of the Public Resources Cede 
th" requirement for burning nermlts within said areas cf the 
State will oxilre on Dccembor 1, 19^8, unless this Proclamation 
shall become effective at ' r orlor thereto; 

That because ■ f the said hazardous ci'nditlons it is 
nocop.r.ary and denlrnblo In the Interest of public safety, health, 
and welfare that rn burnlnn or ur.o of explosives be done within 
said area on or after Docombor 1, IQlB, and durlnp; the r,«rlcd cf 
time this Proclamation Is In force and effect, excent under a 
wrlf-^en permit from the '"tate 7orestcr or his duly authorized 
ar.ent, and in r.trlct accordance with the law and the terms of 
said lermit. 

Therefore, it is necessary that this Proclamation be 
rnd the same shall become offoctlve upon the flllne of the same 
with the "ecretary of State. 

Dated ' 



ly. v \tt-^/»»t/t4.»»i^ 

Director of Natural Resources 

iibor, 19^8. 


F I L' E D' 

in the t>*Uc9 o' fht Srct^iaty ©* Slot* 
rtf th« Slot* ol Coli*urnia 

DEC 2- 1948 

Al ^_*^ o'clock -J' M. 

rFAr:!(.li;j3P.DAN,S5cr.lirrol Stale 



I, Earl Warren, pursuant to power vested In me 
as Governor of the State of California, find that the fore- 
^oinR revision of the Citrus Fest Exterior Quarantine Is 
nt-cesaary for the immodlate i)reservat Ion of thn safety and 
general welfare of the public, and that compliance with 
the notice and public procedure of the Government Code 
thereon ni-e Irnprac tlcablt^, unnecessary and contrary to tha 
public interest, and therefore adopt the forogoinp, as an 
emergency regulation to take effect immediately upon the 
filing of the same with the Pwcretary <if State. 

The Director of Agriculture has determined that 
compliance witli the pernilt i-equlrement for the entry into 
this state of citrus fruit rusults in unnecessary delays 
and neediest; expense to importers and shippers, and that 
these requirements may be simplified without Increasing the 
hasard of introducing the pests quarantined against. It 
has al:o been determined that citrus fruits which have been 
produced in approved areas and so processed so as to elimi- 
nate pesL hazarda may be coi-rled as stores or provisions 
by ships, airplanes, diners an<l private railway cars If 
marked In a manner satisfactory to the Director, evidencing 
such treatment and continued Identity, 

,. tho citrus fruit shipping season in the Gulf 
,^ V . '^"*y th*^^ ^^""^^ proposed 

.... u» .,uc. „. .h. ...«..-... or Aeruunu.. or pro.pta, 

. loin^js in the normal movement 
to minimize inconvenience and dela:/s in th 

of plants ana plant products. 




State of California 


In th« office ol th» Sfcrvtaty of St«l« 
of th« St«)« of Colifofnid 

2:xccutiuc Bcpartmcnt 

rA- ,r DEC 2- 1948 

t»tatc of O-alifoniui ' 

urriiUi. Ft;:-.Tb iJLT«aoi< QUAiiA?!TD;E FRANK K. JORDAN, s«r,i,r, d siai. 

(vuai«nti(ie ProolamBtloi 1) f^-u^r—^ 

lir / -_r?rr_ ,' 

iotice of .Jeteimliatlon uT ihe director oi Agriculture 

^vitr-tiai. cjf ,.m>hor;Ly ! ^octiois 1U6 ttncl 10? of the At^icultural «-cw« of th« 
.t<ito oi' CalU'oriila. 

jfutei.ce ; ..ectioi. 3^iO, Title 3, C^^llfoniia Aelnlnlstrative Cod«, Chapter 4, 
.juhcPi:ter 3, 'r'-v /*, -l. i I. uara.i.tii.e. 

it iwis b«)oi. (iei.en.,i!.«a -nat with tiie peniilt requireinenta for 
li-.o jritrj- this L-tsto of citrun fruit results Ir. unrecosaary delays and 
i.eedleaB iJxpBi.i.3 to ii.-.(.ortor3 aid :>tu ; - ars and thi.L these reouirai.ontB niny be 
siiiirllfiod wJthout lucrenaii l the hazardo of btroducitit, peat*. Tills i-et,ula- 
tion id therefore reviaed tu f;rovida far the iauuano.o by tlie Ulroci-or, of 
irastar, t.> »>o filed with tli« orij ir, i.U.te uoiartiiiitnt of At^riculture, 
a .rovif t, arms fru.T, which citruo fruita which kwve iieen treated &r.d otherwiaa 
rre iired to ,n«ct tho niiiitjuur;; r«f uirumui.tB of thit- frufcrnntJr'o trid of the I 

roviuior.s of such !r«ster (,er;uit i'*y be admitted ur»aer Califon.ia ahipiin^j 
fsr-ritii, isbuad bi any atont of tiia uritin ^'ttte i)e tirtr.ient of rt, rlculture, 
who -a tiujervlaed the prar^ratlmi of such fruit for Bhlmient. 

:.ectloi: 3250 C. /..(;., o:,Litlad "citrus PestB 'jcterlor quarantine", effectiv* 
Jaiiuaiy 19, 1935>, it' hereby revised to rej-d sa foilowe: 

i otice of .u^rcntine ; It Itivliv, be«ri determined h.v the director of Agriculture 
that dfci.j^eroua h.socti, iUi ) other iiriluml iifu and plant disease peats of citrus 
\n\, to or not heretof.->re t jr^urally distributed in tV.iu estate, exists as herein- j! 
lifter aescriled, i hereby aatiibliah n. ^uarantb-.e at the lioundtrioa of the otat« 
i)i o:.lil'orrio in accorti^u'ce witt. . octiot lu6 of tile .H(_ricuitural oode of the i 
Uate of Oalifomia, hereiiisiftar soLtiii^. forth thu peats ataiiist which the : 

quarafitJi.c« is ostalllahed, the aro» under ciUuriutJne, the cnw.ioditio3 coTsred, !■ 
*nd tho reatrictiois , overnin; tno entry oi" such Consrioditloa into thia cjtate. 

3250. Citrus i'asta ;jiterior Quarantine | 

C^iUariuiti/iO r'roclaiiAtior \) 

k quaraiitii.o iii esUlJiahed effective DEC 2 1948 against th« j 

f<>llov,1t,, th.ilr huat^ ai'd [xjaalido c*rriej-i>J ' 

(^a; :o.,Lt> . ,:. J 6!,..oiu.. of fruit flioB jf the fai;.il.y TrypatiOae Known tc 
Htuick citrus; citrus cai.kor Xniitho'uonaa (rhytomonaa; citri; and &xqi other 

(ij Arna an ter .ui:rHi t^ .e . nil .-tatoo, di&trlcts* «ria territories of the , 
Initad . taTTes, oxouot the ..UiLe of ArLaor.a. 

(c; Co.; oaitian voverod . 'i'hc followii,,, are heroty declared to t>e hosts 
or -ossiblt; c<irri.;ro of thu; haraln HUarant.aied at^lrstt 

(1; Mil apoci a fiid wariotie-j cf citrus fruits and citrus nlants and 
parts oheroof includir.- Vudu, scI'his, and seeds; 

^Kcutioc department 

:?tatc of CJlifoniia 

. ectloti 32f)0, 
F8i.e 2 

t. (couUi; 

(2; ..utornobiUs, aut.o.^obile trailer.;, ^^«='*«'', <^^/"^,-^^J''^ i^f^^. 
v.nicle .cr.or,al omcta, em.1, rant r.ovableB, hou6.r>old efl.cts, house 
hold iiapl9ft.^«a^, fetrnpir.^ efl-ects a. d ci:..pi..t i<nrl9;i.-r.t3} 


rovisions of airplanos, ships nid (ii- 

!:■ cerB, 


;t,ricti ': a. U/ ^^i'-^ruK .rent,. 

'1ft. tr„ .clons. 

. Ud3 ttl 

i.d >;uttiru3 

•, -.^-^tri^l, aiKl var' Jtiaa of cUruB Ureas, or nlnrta, scions, l'Ud« 

cLrriad Ltc tKe .Ute of CuJ.ilon.ia In..., the .reu u,.der '="^""^i '*» 5^, 
'.hL fhlrfid by or at the re«;ue«t of the United .States «r-rtment of ..ricul- 
ture for'^..rL.utal j^poaa. ir, accora.uc. «ith '- ^ JJ^^.i-J.^^.'/^Jt, 
be placed In quarar.ti:.^ *.i,cl ir^.-ediateiy de«V-royed ur shipr^d out 01 uw 
in accordaf CB with .ieotion 3155 (»)» C.A.O. 

z... .,.-^.. ,ruiti ^ i M»,( rr-n. -r«^a Or Lor ^Mtio.. A- crovfed ly ihe 
^,^. ' r^irlc^!:; :f. l.^ua t. th. .rop., ■-^101^1 0. ^^y Ute or 
territor ial L«'*rU..-3nt of .i^rlculture h i.^ster i^""'^'"' .^f''Jv;^i;^"^f^^^* 

reatrlctiot.a v;!lc!. must b« -at at poi"l- '^^ orxfci; . 

Cij .■^. .:,^ -. .. .nv.r,,;,, Mio 1..8U °.-- -f :^ater Pgrcita. aster 

Klo«i-H the ir.try .hi. .-t.te of c.truu iruit. fro, ary ere^ 
locilitv under ^uariintij e, 

-.reir aiv =i-^ci«i. of tho fruit fly f-imily Tryrctldae which 
lUaCrcuUri.lcno. to occur, unless all "-e^ent o o. rus 
fruit, therofro. 13 regulated by a .u..r«r.t.r« '•■''^^'^^";;,/»^"^^!^ 
the united states .)e.«rtmont of Agriculture, a..d ««cn lot or ahip- 
io't tn thi. ^ 1. .uthorixed unoer y.^ issued bv »aid 
(^-) Unless thorough ad competent official aurv.y, >«;;• ^•^^j;!^'^' ^ 

ci^uHi^r Aa..tU...j:.iiiaa (, bytOi oi^as; cjtri; 

(C) h.rei. citrua canker occura or >«s been ki.own to occur within ^ 
tlir-i^ year^ --reviouB to data of shirwie. t; - 

(D) IVh^reir. occur, any oth.r IrOuriou. Ir.uuct o." other *^'-'i-"«l P«f 
o? pUrt liloas. attacidr.. citru. which does not occur or wr.ich i. 
not^uiraliy esUbUahed in th. tate of OaUfon U -J/J^ ^ 
not ^r-ujio* jr ,i_»pt<.r ->i ht be trans!>orted in a living or 
tho ooii.ior o the director, -^•^^"^/'« f^ ^^^^^,,, ahlpcAenta and 
viable conditioi in connectl...-. .<ith sucti citrus ^'"-^ -Miifornia. 
th^s t,e ir,tro<iuoed or becor.e dlsoemir.atad i. the .tat« of ualif.rnia. 

n .wi erdu U3t ccor.,«...v ^r .b :.ot r :.hlTTi:>^nt .f Citrua 

...uiti'!' u^SfnSilf^ a :..tLr lor:,it a. .rovided^i. -ubeect.on 


% r.;-'i»'r^^» 'Ai:^-- - - — ■-— "■ "-^ 

afxccutiVJC department 

£»tJtf of (laliforniJ 

.i.3ction 325'', ■". •■-. ;-. (o >:itci> [ 

Fa^e 3 

otate or territory, shlp[)ijit. jjendt foriiia which said official or author- 
ized raprjsai.tative r.ay, duri'.^ the validitj of said maater ;errit, issue 
at.A shall ^tt^ch to each oojitalner, or wsyblll cover L j, each lot or ahip-i 
,;ient, Lo tliiu ;Jt»te only iro titled aald fruitis wore , Towi". witMn 
tho area or locality approved hy the Jireci.or fci.d the lot or ahiprnerit 
cth-^rwise conforius i evwi-y ros :^ect with the Mrovisiuna ol tho i«3t«r 

(5y ,;ioru;i eeu i.d.iiLted i aci»jr J'ermit . ^itrua seeds will r;ot be 
8d";ll.txi i; to tiiH : tfitfc oi" Calilarnla frors uhj itato or territory of th« 
i.nited ; tateo except the ^U'.to of Arizona, unless a peraiit has fir:.t been 
issued b.v th^ Hreci-or of .ij ricuiture. Pei-aois co:.tenM?lflti.'ii such 
irarortirj} or brintiHi, into the oteto of Ci l-il'ornia of clt.ros aeada sluill 
firat liiakt: af jlLcHtioi. to tiio )iroc-or of /,_ricultur<3 for a > to do 
80, statirii, iji the »p;dicatior the name and address of Lne ex|X>rter, the 
locality where the citru» aeedi; Viore ,rowri, thj ojn'jiirit of thw iBirortation, 
tho tenilial po5f t of delivery, ami the naaie ar.d auaress of the importer 
in th'3 jtate of i;alli'urnia to wh'jir tho pat.Tiit stiouid bo sent. TairdtH 
issuod h;^ tha director of ivrlculturo shall sreclfy the 7« of ohip- 
merit and tne treeti'ient. If any, required as n condition of entry. 

(^6; ujorui' i'ruita ii^ stores, -r J rovisioua of u,hl::;s. r.lrrlanas . 
:.^ii...uj ■'ii.ayu, ai.-i Irivato i-aliwaj oarj , Jurii , tii.i validity jf tno 
a^ster-^er li. - rov'idod In. ubsectio!. (jj (2> above, citrus fruits 
cojiformlj.,. witn the i.rovisii.r.s thtjreof raay ui carried as stores or 
!.Tovlai'ji:a of aaips,;.li:iie8, railway dir.era, cud orivata raUway cars 
over olroct roi.teu to this ;.Uto froM points vithlr iiny aroa or locality 
ar-rovcd by the Director, provided: 

(a> All citruL, frultu ii said atoree or provisions are atamried or 
otherwls'^ iiurked uiiaar the suMjrvision of tiie rroper otate or 
territorial officii.1 at origin, in a r.. ' i sfactor^ t'j the 
director; fci^i 

( ; ,11 jucli fmUa uro retained atoard said ship, airplane, 
rjiil. T' .1 rivatu railway car v*r«il-j within this Jtate. 

( 7 ) Au t.>i',obiloti. . thoj- Vehicl^ju, :a. <-!^^B, Xfectg. tc. .juI .ject To 
InHrKiCtioi. . .vUi.oT.obilua, auto;uobilo t-n-iiera, tnxcKi; .ii.-i other veiiicles, 
\»,^)j^ua, iHTa)>.al effscta, eTi> runt irovables, iiousehold effects, house- 
hold tw. ijri.ent.s, cainpin. effects t;.d camiiini, Lii.jleiiictita, irrivirii in 
Culllonda froii^ nny .>U.te :m territory of the Uilted tates shall be 
placed in quaranti:.e by the Jireotor of Agriculture, his deputy or 
deputies or the .-Ute nla.-.t ..iKinn.tir.e officer of the district or county 
isito v*hich 3uch veh.1 cIh or ;*,j.a. e, personal effects, e;iUtrar.t movables, 
household effects, housohold iiurl^wants, cumrin^ effects or cunipir.g 
ini: le.aet.ta may rrive, ujitil it has been detemdned by ins;>oction that the ia fr«« fr^,. all varieties of citruf. fruits, aiid citrus olai.Ls, .oid 
p(»rti thersof, ii>clu.;ii.( buds, scions and ae'jda, which are hosts of tne 
ueats harel. .itarantinea ai.>ir,8t. (oee also sections 31'^2 to 31!«, ir- 

Cl IJ! l\C. > 

3:xccutioc Bcpartmcnt 

State of dalifonua 

..action 3^50, 
fa, 3 4 

\,.-. ..La/ 

3152, .j-jf^rcii., 1'0.^'ira . i.lx ae:atia& oi" tho ^ireov.&r ai.o bii aU.te 
pliiia <,uaranl.i> i» oflTcart' 'ira •'irail t., carry out all Lf.e provisions of 
s.\JBrBritii'ie .let.ulations. 

3153. -jii«rvJ^_ui;>a;;rLS_ 

^-.i.-.rttid. i-'=)derfel axjjeriuiental sfiinments moved this ^tute i^ ox' ai thu re- ue..l ol" tti« Lviited states ie^-urtnent of /.< ri- 
cultura, fare ax«upt fro.n all the provlsioiiS of any Jctorior i^uarantine 
;.»jf uLstions. 


--> c od '. 1 1 (.1 .. Cc;vui'wl >.ul:..i«»ct ti.i v,.th«<f 

luLou ami h«^ .itions. Ihs 

aci::dt.jibiiity ar.U move.Tiai.t within the .tate of Caiilorida of any eoMioUity 
coverert by a ■„>»ra'.tl'i« K^^ulati-.r, ahull t s furthei autjoct to the rrovislono 
of any oUior j,.ul«ti.>n now lis force or which uay hereafter be eataW 




Li . ^■.. v'i y ■x.^arioi 1 ---., -■ .iJ-l iotb or 
3hin).:?tao ol",'j- o'iltl ia cc vcred Iv an.v .jctarior .uarantina U«i;ul*tiai. 
arrivi!.t ii. the ot&te cf in violation of or not in compliance with 
trie restrict,! oi-.o thereof , shfcll \ic A.iineoij! t j]> liastroyed urdflss no d'^trinat.t 
car ta c&iued to at^rlcultura Ir this iUte by t-lia ahiment of f-uch cojji^itiee 
out of th» ^Ute wiT-hlji th« apocifiod iicits dt the option and expense 
of the owiinr or liailee. I' 

31?t. Co. ^,jr, Carriai ..^..-Jts .uat nol.i ..hipn.wnt.; . m./ aii.i ail lota or 
shlniiifnti:; of cn,;c-ioditie;; covered b. any ^uarai.fcit:o uae.ul&tia!i 1 .u»t be held and 
not' Jfeilvorad t;; cti^.l^-.c« or hs^tuX until inajMCted hdd j*osed by the director, 
f.Ls deputy, or by a w-tate olar.t iiuarantlne officer. 

This Iroolr.r£tior, hoini. an emcrgercy retulatioti atiall Uk« effect Lirn^d lately. 

in .,iTUL.^i; vri;i>...»;F, I have here- 

untt) set my harnl anii cau:)ed the j 

..reat ;^m], of ttw otate of Uali- j 

fomia to ba affined this 

e o- 1 day of 

oil© th'.iusj«i;d r Li.e hiindraa a; d 

. DEC 2 1948 

I'iled with the riecietary of 

L-overtior of Califorr.ia — -^ 

184S.'Ocri.t 1 ..!' .t,.te 

^xtnititif Bcpartmcnt 

^tatt or California 





Cyjtcji — u- , 





ptinffJ Im CAiiroaNiK iiah piiNtiNs omen 
i*ra*utNTo. iv<j t.«ci«>.i it wooii.itati miNTta 

^xtcutiDe ©epartment 



Infantile paralysis constituted the most 
severe individual public health problem in California " 
during the year 1948. Fifty-eight hundred Californians 
most of them little children, were afflicted 
Ours was the hardest hit of all the states 

by it. 
of the union. 

The fact that the state and local chapters 
of the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis 
Inc., were In existence and hied at their disposal ' 
funds previously contributed In th=e annual "March 
of Dimes fund raising campaigns enabled them to 
fight back at this scourge, and to bring merciful 
assistance to the suffering. The absence of this 
help would liavf made Lt impossible for many of the 
victims of Infantile paralysis to have the expensive 
treatment which the disease requires. 

We are again being asked to contribute our 
dimes end dollars to the National Foundation for 
Infantile Paralysis. The Foundation must have funds 
not only to cope with future epidemics, but also for 
t e treatment of the victims of previous epidemics. 
It must have funds to carry on the research that some 
day will discover the means of preventing Infantile 
paralysis, which Jjas been one of the scourges of our 

t. 1 Therefore, I urge the people of California 
t.0 contribute as generously as possible to the 1949 
March of Dimes , and do hereby proclaim Friday 
January 14 I949, as the opening day of the "March 
of Dimes" drive in this state. 

hereunto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
California to be affixed 
this /y?^ day of 
January, One 
Nine Hundred 

and Fort^- 

Governor of California 


Secretary of State 

f'tmftJ in CAiirntNM 



^xcfutiDc department 

^tatf of California 



.. l\)Ci 

■ , -1 ..V iMor oi r,. : ;■ .j!. , do hereby 
• ''I' L .'i . . I'l.L eieuti'iii i,- 1] hi.- he in on 
" ' ''t ciuv Oi" Api-il, i'H9, within the ti: ty-tourth AEsembly 
District of tlu- . t, ■ ?, Loc.-.ted within the Comity or Los Angeles, 
to nil the V. c: 'icy 1 . U': ice of the Stt.te . .>iy-''n 

i'r '■ . , i.;;trict I'l. :. a i.l ! II , J'i'Ori Lhf u .■> l.. <i .., L ._; 1 

John C. [,y vi:-. . 

'-I'h' i I ' ''• I .^\ >\': I- rewM"(i of •' 1 ■• ! ■ -: r • -s 
for tile anv : ' c) ^v L'.-t Ljri oi i.ny perison wrio violates tiny 

of the irovi i ; of Division yiV of the Elections Code; the 
rewards to be n ia until. Llie tot;^i amoujit hereafter exjiended 
fo^ th" MS" M- iu_c'ii-.- !.^ :-u:) of ten thoufMid dollars. 

ii .iTi'j!.; ,.■ .i')i, 1 have hercuiito my iiand and 

C .lU 

''irv--at t^fcf.l of till' str.te of C;^lij"orai:' to be affixed 

■ lere to tliis //^ 

.1 ail. ry, Lj/^-f. 


,,.■ i' ; 

Secretary of iityr/ 

-'■/■ -^ 

*'°»lo£i,t, „r .„ '"■"'"""■.Civ,, 

■ «"„„,„ OMer to re,ui„ th., 

«-.,.« . '"" ^' "■■<' -".CUV. ., ' '""'■■ " '= ..=e,«^ 



in til" jf(„, ^, 

""^ S«rot<„j. of Stol, 

m-i 1949 



^ "'^ Calirornia 

i^Kfunoc Department 

^tatf of djliforiiia 

(quarantine Proclaination 13) 

Notice of Determination of The Director of At:riculture 

Citati>.r. of Authorilj'; oecticns lOo and 10? of the Agricultural Code of the 
LJtale of California. 

ueference: Section 3261, Title 3, California Adniinistrative Code, Chapter /», 
Subcnapter 3, fjroup 4, Plant Quarantine. 

It has been determined tliat it is necessary to further revise the 
Ozor.ium Root Kot Exterior Quarantii,e wliich was last revised October 19, 1939 
and amended September 17, 1940, ii; order to add to the area under quarantine! 
the County of Lafayette in Arkansas and the F^rishes of Bossier and ■■:Mo in 
Louisiana within which infection lias been officially reported by the state 
ei-.toiuolotist, and in order tc re-vaiap the reKitUtion in conformity with the 
iidiTinistrative Procedure Act. 

ijotice of Quarantine; It havint: been determined by the Director of Agriculture 
ttiat a serious disease pest of cotton, fruit trees, omairentals, truck crops, 
tiay crops, etc. kijown as ozoniuui, or cotton, root rot, not heretofore gen- 
erally dist-ributed in this State, exists as hereinafter described, I hereby 
establish a quarantine at the boundaries of the State of California in accord- 
ance with, sections lOo and 108 or the At.rJ cultural Code of the State of 
Califorr.ia, hereinafter setting forth the nest against which the quarantine is 
established, tne area under ciuarantine, the comn.odities covered, and the 
restrictions governlnt- the entry of :iucii coiianodities into tiiis State. 

Section 3261 C.A.C., entitled "Ozonlum Uoot Rot Exterior Quarantine", 
effective October 19, 1939, as amended September 17, 1940 is hereby revised to 
read as follows: 

(Quarantine Proclamation 13) 

A quarantine is es 
following pest, its host 

iUblished effective J*-*^^,.,.^.*^ '2-/', ''fv^against the 
its and possible carriers: 

(a) Pest . Ozonium root rot ( Ph^^iatotrichum (Oaonium) onmivorum j. 

(b) Area Under Quarantine ; 

Arizona ; rintire State. 

Arksj s.7s: t:ntirr Counties of Lafayette, Little River and Mller. 
Louisiana : The entire Rarishes of Bossier and Caddo. 
New Kaxico ; ijitire Coui.ties of Dona Ana, Eddy, Chaves, Lea, 
Luna, Sierra, Grant, and Hidalgo, 
Ok la bona : iMitire State. 
Texas: Entire State. 
Utah ; Entire County of Washington, 

(c) Commodities Covered (Restricted Articles). All soil, nursery stock, 

re here 

Fl L 

or plants with roots except as provided in subsection (d) (3) are hereiiy _ 

In Hw otficf ol the Sctrelo.y o( Slala 
of ll\o Slate of California 

JAN 2 L 1949 






^xccutiuc Brpartniciit 

^r.itr of CiliforiiKi 

Section 3261, Title 3, C.A.C. 

I^t:e 2 

SSsU '° "^ '°^'^ ""' ^'^^^^^ ---'•^ °f the pest herein quarantined 

(d) Heatrictions. (l) UefJuition of the Word "Pr.nn ...... 

The word 

strS't , r ''"f,"r;"r """ '" '""= Provi3l„„„ Stall 6, „„„. 

shipped or moved liave been t.rowin^. 

para Jaoh ft'f 1^5^^^'"' ^'^^":''"'"^^- ^"P* " P^°^"«<i in 
nt.^f w- 1 V, ^ "" restricted articles herein quarantined 

a^ wxll be pernutted e.ary into the State of California fron. 

of Uclt S^, w ^r ^ "" ""'^^ authorized Inspection official 
all the ,t:tL \ / ^^"! ''^i£i"«<'«S' est^blishii^rthe fact tj»at 

prunioes lr>ie froii. aaad Ozoniura or cotton root rot. In addition 
and plant:j contained in the shipment or lot. wliere ^rown r.^mr^nH 

soil ^si If i-'^^^n-^^d f or edible purposes and was hed free from '^ 
sou smooth root vo.^lables such as notaioo., aweei pot^toe^^ i 
carrots. Lurrups, and be.Ls except tl^^t Uus demotion d^es not 

^ i.:^^r ''^'' ''-'" '''' ^'- 3ection:"3Srtr^ ; 

3152. M2££lniU^^3. All deputies of the Director and all State plant* 
quarantine officers are empowered t^ carry out all th^ nr-vi , ^^"'/^^^ P^"*, 
Regulations. ^ *■'■■'• ^^^ provisions of wuarantine 


into this 

Fodcral ..hipi .>^.^e„.pted. federal experLnental shipments moved 

< 11. u»««t»»rAii I 

^xtcutiuc Bcpartincnt 

^t.itc of (I.ilitoriii.i 

. ' » > • ; > • ' • 



;u].ations. The 

315J1. Co.iU.iodlblns Covor. ■ 
adaissibiliiy ajid aovemunt Tj InTrrThiriitatc oi' Caii.oi'ii ta of rui., co..''odit\' 
covorea In ;; i-.^'-. il i ■'' llo:,;uicil.iuu yti;-u.L uo .uu'Unei- uuuj-jci Lo the provi:;\ouE 

:ui ot.n. 

illation now in force or wftloh may lioreafter be estab- 


:.i.-'.tlrms . (a) Exterior: Any and all lots or 

a--'-P-y-.i.^ ^'-' ccuouitica covijfc.i by aiiy Exterior i^uaraiitine ROiTalation aiviv- 
-.._: ^n the State of California lu violation of or aot iii conipliaace vfit'ii the 
r^o^rictiona thereof, shall be iuuiuiuiatcly destroyed milusG no detriiiient can 
be caused to a,;riculture in thir. Statf by tiio Gidpment of such conraoanien 
oal of the iJtaU- v;iUiiii ■ ,■>■,: ,, ; ,.,£,„ at Uu» outi: 
of the ov.ncr or iMilrc. 


Auv anu all lots or 

sliipaents of c;.'^.T.o-; ec/oivd b,, aijy viuaraitina .;c ;ulation must be held 
a;id not delivei-cd to couaiijnee or a^jent untii incp'.cted und passes. 
Director, his deputy, or by n State |)iant r,a:ir.-uii;\ie OL'finer. 

-HI laoelyi 

btat'-' ;j:j .Lid'-: of j'or u.) Vi' ; 

nj'iiji;;jo .....iJiU!'', J. have iic.-c- 
iiuto set \:xj 'hand and caused t!-.e 

'iroab Seal of tue State of 
GaJifornia to ue affixed tViis 

JLo"^ da^. of 

oac ti'.OiiSani.i lib, 


'ed ajT^i^ 

'.ovcrnor of Cafifornia 

tf.!iljx*-t*'l' A'Jpj'^-c 

Secretary s^f JBtate 



ii^JsKstfaiit i5ecr*"t<,r> of btntt 




KjfjiJiKt; oi- ,.>'--;iu- :!.JY 

piir. IV' t ( ' 

I't.w.T V'j.ii. ; ■ "lovernor of the 

amentlment to the "'itrus V-Tiite 

f.r.t, ' I f 


not.ic! ait' 


I t 

t Joiiii lirsrtio: are i:i.r: 

I,! I i c inter' 

therefore adopt t;ie fore- 


Uur.- f-rvls tti;.t at, least three species of 

!\rr] M-;i mi e 

Ltru;; white 

iULnuu a-'r,ericar;u; 

,' J I- ; i ^ ^ 

.;t ■• :•'! V > ' iTior i.iiara 

tit i tie. It is therefore nec- 

ire ail sp«ciss of the ferus i'srr&nthus as i:c:;t3 or 

.nl ill' 

iatior of 
of erti-y 

t h' 

ist of th" rur;-.--'ry stock shipping 
...;.;--..r- ,-. ! ••••••!■,■:•■ regiilatiofi. 



in lh« oHk, <,( Ihc Si.c.»lc.ry o( Slow 
c» Ihc Stoic of Callfotnio 

JAN 21 1949 


,tate of California 

^Kcutiuc Bcpartinciit 

^tarc of Cjliforiiia 

.^I'.jr^i'; 1 I'JU. 


(■quarantine Proclamation 10) 

i.otice of Deteriniration Of The Uirector of A^jiculture 
^rr ^'' •^^' '^'{"'"fit ^- oecticas 106 and 10? of the A^jricultural Code of the 

fief ere. oe ; Jecticn 3^be, Title 3, California AdniLiistrative Code, Chapter k, 
ouboharter 3, ' :ronr ^, Plant wuarantijie. "^pi-ei <♦, 

It 1U.S been deteniiined by the Director of Agriculture that it is necessary 
to further t„e oxtrus White Fly anterior quarantine which was last re- 
vised ivu,_u3t V, 17/44, and aniended January 7, 1947, in order to declare all 
flies °^ ^^■"'"'^ i^H2H!iiliis as hosts or possible carriers of citrus white 

■ ■ . " ^:J"0dities Covered" as set forth in Subsection (c) of Section 

r^ior;"*'" "■'■^^Y^,'^ "oitrua Wlute Fly ixterior quarantine", effective August 
^, 1%4, as a,„fnd-.a Ja.i.jary /, lv47, is hereby further amended to read as 

(cj Co-uuodLtlus Ooverud . (iCeatracted rt-^ductsj. rhs following plants 
ar.d nart.'i thereof which are kno-^, hosts and probable carriers of said pests: 

All species and varieties of Citrus (citron, grapefruit, lemon, lime, 
ar^d^hybrids:' °' ''^"^°^^"^' ^^''^ <*^ ^"'' ^^^ following- closely related genera 

Ae^ie aiariiielos (Baelfruit) 

Swiu;:lea ^Jutinosa (Chaetospermum) (Tabot;) 

l-airraya spp. (Ciia^ca^; ;:urraea; (Jasminorant^e) 

Citrop^is spp. (Cherryorante or African cherryorange) 

Feronia iimonia (rtoodapplej 

Korlunella ^pp. (hunujuat) 

Poncirua spp. (Trifoliate-orange) 

Severinia spp. (boxoraiit^e) 

Tirphasia trifulia (Linieberry) 

And the followint: other genera and species: 

Ailanthus spp. (Treeofheaven) 

Cholaya ternata (i'iexicanorant-e) 

iiiospyros spp. (Persiiiimon) 

liardenia spp. (Gardenia or Capejasmine) 

Ilex spp. (Holly) 

Jasmlnuin spp. (Jasmine) 

Li^'.ustrum spp. (bVivet) 

i^'elia spp. (china terry) 

Osir,anthus spp. (t. siiianthus) (*-«) 

Pr^i'^s caroliniana (Carolina laurelcherry) 

Sar-inuua mi^koroasi (Chinese soapberry) 

Syrii., o viL!.;'.ari 

rCoi'jiiun lilac) 

"' 'Co,,, '^"^'oim 

a:xccun\)c I3>cpartnicnt 

^tatc of C>:.ilifor))i.i 

Section 3258 C.A.C. 
P&ge 2 

This Amendment No. 2 and supersedes Amendinent No. 1 issued 
January 7, 1947, and being an emergency regulation shall become effective 

AT I'iiiil' : 


b'iled with th-- oocretary of 
State and made effective: 

IN WITKliJS VflUiUiOF, I hiave here- 
unto set my hand and caused the 
Great LJeal of the tjtyte of 
Calif oriTia to be affixed this 

^o^^ day of J(*-~— -«-«--j 

one thousand nir>« /hundred and 



Governor of California 


Secretary of State 



AstiistK'nt Soci'etary ol Jtute 









°' "" S'nie Of Colifwnio 

JAN 28 1949 

I, fiarl Warren, f>ursuant to fwwer vested in me 
Governor of the State of California, find that the foregoinVi^^^^^Sw 
ion of the Nut Tree Insects Exterior Quarantine is necessary for the 
immediate preservation of the safety and general welfare of the 
rublic, and that compliance with the notice and public procedure of the 
Government Code thereon are impracticable, unnecessary and contrary to 
the public interest, and therefore adopt the foregoing as an emergency 
regulation to take effect immediately upon the filing of the same 
with the Secretary of the State. 

The Director of Agriculture finds that a virus disease known 
as "brooming disease of walnut" has increased in prevalence in recent 
years, ard has now become widely spread into the native black walnut 
growth in many states east of the Rocky Mountains, and ttiat recognizable 
signs of the disease may not appear for some time after Infection, making 
it necessary to prohibit the movement to California of nursery stock 
or parts of walnut, except nuts, produced in infected areas, or areas to 
which the disease may spread naturally, in order to protect the walnut 
industry of ti»i:t State. It therefore is necessary to imii.ediately 
revise the Nut Tree Insects Rxterior Quarantine to add the brooming 
disease of walnut a;; a pest quarantined against, and to exclude walnut 
trees and parts thereof, except nuts, from all areas east of and includ- 
ing the States of Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico. 



>2^ y^ 




State of California 

i'KcutiDc Bcpartniciit 

Stare of CS:.iliroriii.i 

(Quarantbie Proclamation 12) 

j!iotlge_of Detemilmtlon of t. he Director nf Agriculture 
sSte':? glli^S; ^^ ^^-^^^^"^ ^°^ -^ 107 °^- the Agricultural Code of the 
^SfSg; 3:^^i^S fLS^iLinJSf-^ Aa^nist^tlve Code, Copter ., 

and b;tt^ut^5u2St;!)'Sea: S^'^s^^"^ ^f=-- <^^ -^-^. »^-rt nut, 
increased in pri^Jil^I^e in recent yirr'«nd "^^"^"^"^ disease of wHnut" has 
the native blick walnut rroJ^h n L f f ^^ "°*' ^^'^^^^ ^"^^^ spread into 
Present data indiStes ttoWecoTn.Sir''''.'"=' °' ^^^ ^°<=^ Hou^tains. 
appear for some Liae aftej inJeeUor Th'^f.T °' ^^"^ ^"^^"^^^ "^^ "^^ 
the moven,ent to California of n^serJ stock tl ^'"'T^ necessary to prohibit 
nmy be a meanc of establishJL tTe dLLsf • ^ fL ""^^.^^ infected areas which 
Exterior (Quarantine is therefore betl^v/'nnt f*^'** ^^*^ ""^ ^ree ftsts 
of walnut as a pest quarantxSd aLinst ^.f? ^ ^ n h"'' ,''" '^''°'^^ <^i^«-=« 
thereof, excent nuts, from anaJeas east of I'nH • f!-*^^"' '"•""" *"^ P^^^s 
states and (3) to require certifH^ti^n % ? I'icluding the Kocky Mountain 
affiruunt their productLn west of the rL>.'\"' T-' ^"^ ^^"-^ thereof 
of entry into the ^tate of Sifo^S! ' ^^'" "^^'"' ^" ^ condition 

hickory. pecan and walnut trees^ew to or n tu '^^f°''^ i^^^^^ pests of 
in this State, exist as herlLafter descried 1^1^'^' TT^"-' ^"^ributed 
at the boundaries of the State of Ca] if ornST ? ^^ establish a quarantine 

of the Aisricultural Code of the State Srt-f ^^'=°'-^'^"'=« «ith Section 106 
the pests a^ain.t which the quarar^tine L ^ t Kf^'t'.^"''*^"*^^"'- ^*^""e ^"^th 

(Quarantine Proclamation 12) 

A quarantine is established effective -^*-.-, 
following pests, their hosts and possible carriers: 

'< ^''^'^'agalnst the 

(a) Pests . Nut tree case bearers (Acrohaaiq <=,,,, 1 j v 
disease of-BSOlTut. V ftcro oasis . , spp.j, and brooming 

(b) Area Under Quarantine ; 

(1) On account of Acrobasis •^nn on cj- 4. j «. 

.<»«,«., 4,t.„..,r M. 

wu««r,»t<iit riiit.ii« 

i^jccutiuc ©cpartniciit 

:r»rarc of djiiforiiM 

^ction 3260, Title 3, C.A.C. 
rage 2 

On account of brooming disease of walnut all «,.» • 
walnut trees and t)art.s t.v.o..„«. z^^!"^'. ' ^H species 

(<1) Restrictions . 

Certain Area<? 

^^^^^^^?iinff orVinutTro:i :nrSrf3'iheii::fi "^^f '^ -- 

imported, shinned or in »„„ '^ thereof ( except nuts) 

ornia i'rln. anf point J tL^ ^^"f!! ^^^^^^^ ^^° ^^^^^te of 'calif- 
^tates of hontana, ivomin 't''^^^'^ /^^^^^ «ast of and including the 
shipped by or Tt the'^^Zfst S^hf ,,-*-f f " '''^■^^°' ^^^SSfit whfn 
Agriculture for ex erinenLi "^^^"^ ^^^^^^ Dep^Hi^^t of 

3153 C.A.C, sLll'beX^d ETC .'' accordance v^th oectxon 
or shipped i^ut of th. lulT ^ J^^'T^'^ ^"^ i^m.ediately destroyed 
C.A.C. ^^''^'^ '^' accordance with Section 3155 (a) 

^inut trees a..d budwoo.i or scIoTT: ,t T''-"^^ ^"'^ varieties of 
fron, any state west of the States of ^'f ^"'"""""^ ^^ ^"'^ ^^ipped 
fJew Kexico, will be ad^altted Into th. st t"^'.'?'"^"^' Colorado and 
each lot or ship.,ent thereof Is Lid • ! f California provided 
issued by the authorized acric^t^S'l^f'' '^ "'^- °^^""1 certificate 
state of ori,.in affirmim U«t hr^^ irispection official of the 

contained therein are a^roduSof^Llr^f f"' '"^^ ^"^'^ con^nodities 
the a.o.t and KLnd of cSdlLI crr:dn;'3at^.:?SJiL[:r'' 

PenniPind^SE ^grgS^^ ^"^ ^^^^^""-^ ^^ ' "-'^ ' 

r 4j hereof, bare- 7 ooted trees L w^' ^h^ '"" provided m paragraph" 
pecan ^rown in or shipped fro,; ^h^ ' °^/<'^^^^ of hickory and 
of Acrohasis spp wiil h/.H •.* .*^^ ""^"^^ quarantine on account 
onl3ri;i:3;id;, PP-JiJJ Ls ISt'f "'" "" """'^ °^ California 
and subject to such disi .^!m *'^" ^^'"^^'^ ^'•«'" ^he Director (*) 

portatii, and iLtationf as to s°L '■'^^""'"' ^"^'^ '^^''^^ °^ ^^-n- 
may designate therein. ^^^* ^"^^ quantity as the Director 

restrS"p^oX\Taf Sej;:^^^^^^ ^^^^« o^ -. such 

to the Director for a permit to dlao Tl^ ^'^'' "^"^^ application 
the luune and address o^t e shLSr .', f ^"f '" '^^ application ., 
budwood, or scions we?; , ow^ f^"^' ^'^^^^'^ality where the trees. : 
budwood or scions it L desired Jo ^'"°"!!. ' °^" ^"' '^^'^ ^^ ^^"«- ' 
or the im..rter in th^^ ttZVl.ZT.' ^Zl'lnZ^ rs:nr^^ 

Witho^^^PeSTr^fff ^f^^-f^--- ^^wood .nH ...... ...,,. ,^„ 

i'xcrutitie Department 

^r>itr of CL.iliforiiM 

section 3260, Title 3, C.A.C. 

quarantine on account of Aci-olv.«<<. ., ' 

StHte of California proli&g^JPP'' ^^ J ^« -knitted into the 
tion chamber, the coLiruction «r„H f ^""'^ii"^«J i" a fumi^-a- 

r^s first been approved In wr it infbrrh'.r"' "P^"-^^"" °f whilh 
3hall specify the conditions of ent^ ^ i>irector. :3uch approval 
procedure that must be complied Tit7\T^ uf ""^ treatu-ont 
co.^odities must be acco,^,4led by a'cert • r '\ ^°' °' ^"<^*^ restricted 
authorized i„.pection off ciarof the sLt ^'f ^"""'^ ^^- ^ 'i^y 
that .uch commodities were treated^i^^, ' °^ °'"^^'^"' <=«rtifying 

the Director, (.ee also SecU^.,:i^V^^^t::^^^rie<l by = 
racilltt.t^f::,SJ,f-^-^-te ten„ir.l poir.t of delivery .here treatment 

poun^.^tt T^T'lrt: '"^^^■^♦-l^" -^th methyl bror^dde usin, not le - r.^ . 
r„K,-. c / . above, or three pounds at f,Cfi p ^ "'■^-^ than two 

cubxc feet of chamber space for perio"^ of four J^u^:/' ''°'*' ^' ^"^ 1«>0 


iBmm: .!."..^!-™"" "' - "'"-- -- .u .ut. 

pl...t quara„ti„. offic,,-. k7, ".I'i..»« „I th. Ulr.ctcr and .u 5ui 

,uar™tl„, K.t„l.U,"! - "' •"•"'""■••' "">• <■"' -11 the p„vl=l„„ „, 

into 'SV,=^feS^i^|S^; J'--! e,p,.i„„u, ..,,.„,3 „,., 

^^•="^^^^i^itri^fi;^?SS=^l!Llf^^ The 

covered by a quarantine i^.e.ulatiSn aLll be' f 't'^'^^^^^^^^^^^^T^^^^ity 

^sr- "- - -^-tion ^<»^^r::jT^^:z'i^^/^d:^ 

^■^^^* P^spo^ition of Vio1^|.i..n. 

(a) .^terior; Any and all lots or 

shipments ofTomnodities loverr-H h^~' , . ^terior ; Any and all lots or 

.n the .tate of California^n'MoStZ Tol'^t^'^'' ''''''''' Regulation arriving 

restrictions thereof, shall be iimj^diaterv dL^ ^ '^"'"Pliance with the ^ 

of t^:"t.t° ^^f.i="^^"r- in thislatfby'^the ihS T'^^ "° "^^'"^-^ '^n 

tte^t:^:; siit\^'- ----^ -- iLS a^^T^t^r2d^-sj:^:^ - 

---^of===i=^^ Any and an lots or 

not delivered to consignee or alnt ^1^™"''^ "^^^^ion must be held and 
h.3 deputy, or by a 3tate VlJt'^L^^tT/nX "'^ ^"«<^ ^^ ^^^ ^--^or. 

^jccutiuc department 

^Mtc of G.ilifoniia 

oection 32bO, Title 3, C. A. C. 
Page 4 

This Proclaiiation shall supersede the proclamation issued July 22, 1940 and 
being an emerc«ncj' regulation shall take effect iiraned lately. 


lU WITNESS WHEREOF, I have here- 
unto set my hand and caused the 
Great Seal of the State of 
Califorraa to be affixed tliis 
yZ/'^ Jay of U* .. ..<a...j 
one thousand nia^hundred anS^ 


Governor of California 

Secretary of StaJre / 


Filed with the Secretary of 
State and iiade effective: 

o» Ih. Sto„ o( CoWornia 

JAN U 1949 

^xccutiDt ©cpartmtnt 

3tate of Calirornia 


There Is nolhlng more vital to the 
progress of a community or state than that Its 
citizens should be healthy and strong. To Insure 
this condition. It !a necessary that the health of 
every child should be safeguarded throughout his 
formative years. 

One of the most Imrortant starting points 
In protecting the health of a child Is to give 
attention to the nealth of his mouth. 

Tn order to stimulate a better understanding 
of lhls problem, It Is desirable to promote and 
encourage dental health In every possible manner. 

Therefore, I, Earl Warren, Governor of the 
State of California, do hereby designate the 7th 
day of February 19'*9 as CHILDREN'S DENTAL HEALTH 
DAY 1n our State, and T urge that parents, as well 
as all groups Interested in the better health of 
our people, particularly of children, give their 
active support to the observance of this day. 


hereunto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
California to be^ af- 
fixed this ^yr daY 
of February"^ One Thou- 
sand Nine Hi.ndred and 
Forty Nine. 

Governor of California 

Secretary Or jStsfie 


In fl>t omr* ol <fc« Stcnbiv ol SUM 



^smm Bcpartmcnt 

^tatf of (Toliroriiia 



citizen ^°"''=^^^^tion i. the proper concern of every 
of th! eart'. n'f ^""f ^^^ dependent unon the predicts 
been bl^'se; t^iou■h r'"'"^ .^^"^ "^^^^^'^ Calif ^JnirL's 
now beLr; celebraSS T t f"' ^"^''f"'^ ^^^^^ °^ prorress, 
been .ue^i^Sfrtfoi' ^i^^^^afr^rr^isf^^'^^' ^^^ 

o.,„i«f/'''^'®-' ""^ reflect that much of the world- s 
• Is. use, proUcUor ind iT"°" f "'-'"'"ent. m the 

approprlato ceroi^^Lf ?n .h'c\"the i^no'f ""^ 
conservation pro,ra„. wilVbe'streL^ed' Jhro^l^hoSt o-^ 
cll^r'n. ? r«°°""'«"<3 that particular honor Ee .aid ?o 
California's cr^atest horticultural scient^^^ t,,m 

ralir ^n ''Z.?^r^^^^^^ annive.L^f :?'i?.53e^^;:tJ 

on .,„,rch ,, 1O..0. which is AR&OH DAY in California. 

IIv WITKS££ WI^RSOF, I have 
hereunto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
-"^■a of the State of 
Calif oraia, be affixed 
^'^^ — ^£____day of 
February, One Thousand 
Kine Hundred and i'^ort 
nine . 

Governor of Call fond a 


Secr.Hary of State 

^KcutiDc Bcpartinrnt 

^tatc of California 

x_ n G C L A M /i T i G 1.' 

1. 1 Volu ,1'. 

lo iiici'e e:ii cnllLl than 
atiij.wOiiS 01" every year by 

i^ e i . i.^^>_ ci i^Ulu.iIi.'. t-Li'lfeLii ooivice 
i-I.cit vhich is carrlea uii :n all 


-sn Heci Ci'joS, 

vaund^ r ill !"!f^' ''^' ^ i''^"'^"', the Ked Cross binds up the 
1 omSe^s T ''-''' f-^'"' ^''^'^^ ^^-e -unary and chelterc the 
hohioleos. I. c.ontiuuou.-.i^ InEtructs our people In first 
a.o. .n occ.cent prevention, .n .ome nur Jn^j ax^u ?n 

l.aj_t ^,ea.x■ the h'ed Cross, gave Indivi ".uai tervlce 
'fi. Including/ servico^.en. 

nuti'ltjon. _ __ . 

l<' ^ ri'< , COO people" J n Ct 1 Iforn ' 
Vfterc.n;- end li.eJr dependents, 

but ion 

iiiaiiifolc acllvltlot uf this t-reat 
......i..a are n^ade pci,£:ble Uaoutj.. v^luStary c 

" to .i.c ijinacx hed Cros:^s Fund Csjupalgn. Tl 

^c.11 .^rren Governor or Call fornla, du x ercby 

i.r.c.^.ui harci. iLt as the opening da^ if t.;e IQ^Q Kec 

ceo'L'of .T^"''^'-'' r^^'^ ' curneftly-'cail upof'he ' 

i a'e-c-rt ''"^';^ ^^- ^''"' '-' ^^-^i^' Lenerous and 

w^.oieijcoj Leu r)k;ppoi-t. 


IN >.]Tr]ii£,a W.L.h£Oi-, 1 i.ave 
hereiinto aet my h<uid 
and caused tne Great 
Seal .f the State of 
California to bs af- 
fixed ti.l.'i _J^_^fcH-J 

f February, A. D. , One 
-liioui-anu iixiie iiundi ed and 

Govt,j;ii(.r jf California 


Cecretary of State 

^KcutiDc Bcpartmcnt 

^tatc of California 


^ The privileges and responsibilities of the citizens 
ol tMs Niition Lave never been more apparent than aL t} la 
time when oppression in many parts of the world has denied 
forcerly free peoples the basic concepts of liberty and 

The fundamental rights of the common man to a voice 
in his government, protection against persecution, and free- 
dom from fear have been part of the American way of life 
since the founding of tl^e Republic. There are those, however 
who would undermine the institutions of democracy and supplant 
them with a devious and sinister totalitarianism. It behooves 
all of us who value our liberty to work together in the common 
interest of defending and conrtantly revitalizing the prin- 
ciples and ideals of our national life. 

Perhaps the most appreciative of the heritage of 
American citizenship are those wl,o have attained full par- 
ticipation in the public affairs of our State and Nation dur- 
ing the past year, eltlier through naturalization or by reachinc 
the age of majority. ^ ** 

civic and 

Accordingly, I, Earl Warren, Governor of California 
hereby designate the week of May 9 to I5, I949 as " I AM AN ' 
AMERICAN WEEK" and urge all citizens to take occasion durinc: 
that period to reaffirm their falt]i in the democratic process- 
es which have made possible the freedoms we enjoy. I further 
urge that State, county and city officials, and patriotic, 

educational organizations join in conducting public 
to focus public attention upon the blessings and 
obligations of citizenship. 

hereunto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
California to be af- 
fixed this /^ :J^ 
day of March, X D. , 
One Thousand Nine 
Hundred and Porty-nlne. 


Secretary of ctdte 


^icfuoDc department 

3tatc of dallfornij 




the support, 

ve HO L 
in pence 

pi'o:<er-ve jur 
no lews 

Ideals of freedom, ti 
In wai'. must receive 

rt .r nil ^tf , " ^''^-^ ' '"^'^^ receive 

.tate« Of America over their L.L '^d'J^Lef of^usinlss. 


bereuntj set my hand and 
caused the Great Seal of 
the State of Collfornla^y 
to be affixed this jt^^ 
day of March, A. D.',' One 
Tljousand Nine hundred and 
Forty -nine. 

Governor of California 



re- Av 

Secretary of J^t 

^xcfUtiDe department 

^tate of (TGliroriiia 

F R C L A K A T 1 C N 

Zuncer, probably the most dread disease besetting our 
people, to'ok the lives of more than 1^,000 persons In Cali- 
fornia last year, and the number of fatalities is still on the 
Increase both In the State and Nation. 

Despite this mounting death toll, however, we have 
reason to be optlmi i, tic. During the past four years, funds 
contributeu by the public to the American Cancer Society have 
enabled a large group of scientists to devote their full time 
to the problem of conquering this merciless killer. Many of 
these fine licientists are working in California universities 
on cancer research projects financed by tiie Society. Througli 
energetic effort of tils kind, the flglit is on the way tc 
being von. 

Even now, cancer can be cured if It is recognized 
early and treated promptly. One of the major objectives of 
the Americeji Cancer Society is wide.';preaa education of the 
public to recognize the danger signals of cancer before it is 
too late. 

The nationwide campaign to raise fvinds for the support 
of the American Cancer Society begins April 1, Therefore, I, 
Earl Warien, Governor of California, do hereby proclaim April 
19^9, as CmCER CONTROL MOrJlli, and urge all the people of 
California to lend their full support to this great effort tc 
combat and control cancer. 

hereunto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
California to be af- 
fixed this 25th day of 
March, A. D. , One 
Tliousand Nine Kiondred 
end Forty-nine. 

Governor of California 



Secretary /t Btate 



t,.»lr.l ,.i r»t IM. 

p»i\i iNu on nt 










^KcutiDc department 

StJtc of djlifornin 



c. "•*! 


•"•i,V "7 7- 


It h 

't'"'- i ■•,£.[! Known 

if, the ' ' of Q-rc.^on, 
' 'on on tSic fnt ry in^ 
' • tp of O^^'-'on bec?i 

■^IJ^'- ■■ — tjcn 

+ i r,' 


' reunto set ,-,y hind 
■^i crur-ed the Great 
.• '^'■■■1 of the }'tr f - --^f 
'';- lifornis to ^p 
nffixod thi; 
Qf M-^rch, y.:., on. 
thou-r-nd nlnp hunr!- r' 

J p. 

viTjni?!G J^UlilSIQJIGI 


T, -1 ' - r 

i me 
! the "ore 'oing 

,1.. ■ nt to pov 
,,r ' nll'^o-ni- , -'in" 

.. . pv t '■.nor '-• 

1, ..„.,. It'- +b- not-i ■ -" public 

... '".ov. ru'nont ro;^e thereon 
;ntr-ry I - ' 


1 ■ r 1 1 M o n I" ! • 


M 'i t;v 

1 .■ O 

■1 t^ 

^ •• •in, 

iv f^f .• M 

'QT-nl- ^rom f" 



,, .. T^. ^ -optrlctlon 

cotnmer ■' 



f^t.-t*" of r^^Ti-jrnl^ 

^xcnitiDc Bcpartnicnt 

3tarc of California 


h *t office ol Ih, ^,^,„y ^ s^ 
trf the Suie ^ Cilifofni« 



Fr?day ;: a S4 or ninfr^ "'"^ H'^ ^'°^'<^ ^° "^^^^^e Good 
i^ina or wm ' '''« ^^'^-'-^ Irw.tonement, 

fvi tie 

eecl- of us 
our deter- 



>-,i.^„„ V ?"^' ^^i^,'-^ ^-w designates Good Frldtv as *■ 
hol^Lday tetween the l.oui-a of 1? noon m,/Vp »; ^ 

IN VITNEii,^ WiEKKuF, T }.,-ve 
hereunto set'my },r.nd 
and Caused the Great 
Seal jf the State of 
California to he af- 
fixed this _9'^ day 
or April, ATI)T7~ One 
Thousand Nine hundred 
and Forty -nine. 

Governor of Cellfornla 

sTTEST : ^ 


Secretary of State 

Otmty SwitUr, of SWa 

^xcnitiDc Bcpartmcnt 



tv,»,^,. », Pf^-Amerlcan Day Is observed each year on Aorll lUth 

abU?fv°Sf th« n*?f*'" Hemisphere as a demons traUoSof Jhe 

?o iJve S^d SorS ti^.t).^'' ^''^^' ^^'^^'^^ ^^ south America 
^o xive and work together In peace and good fellowship. 

Of f«,;of L°e<,uall'tr.'"'' ''^''-••'=''"™ •"■ ">• PrlSlpl.. 
<*-, u Therefore, I, Earl Warren, Governor of Call form « 

^n s:s ^r^ie^jeS^roui^;? tr ^^;H^^^ IF-?' 

?hro?^h'trJ«'"°"' J^« '' La?ln'i::rlcan''J:?2b!?c:"'^«' '° 
through their consular representatives m California. 

hereunto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
California to be af- 
fixed this I4th day 
of April, A.D. , One 
Thousand Nine Hundred 
and Porty-nlne. 

^y^t^ (, yC>-m..-^'--t--<-^ 




SecretalC^ of State 

■ff ^ 

<n a« oiTlce cf 4« S«re!;rv -\ Sot, 
o» the Stau o» GWo-. 

lliANKJMORDAN, Secret. ,> of su 

3!xccutiOt Btpartmcnt 

3tatt of California 


Patriot's Dny Is observed each year on April 19th, the 
anniversary of the battles of Lexington and Concord where our 
forefathers fired "the shot heard 'round the world" In 1775. 

Ju8t as those trying days required the full strength and 
devotion of each man, woman and child, the critical state of 
world affairs today makes it essential for all citizens to 
pledge their energies to the support of our nation's power for 

The present-day American can be of great service to his 
country and also safeguard the security of himself and his 
family by the regular purchase of United States Savings Bonds. 
The savings bond program, in peace no less than in war, la 
essential to the economic strength and stability of our nation 
and our people. 

Therefore, I, Earl Warren, Governor of California, do 
hereby proclaim April 19, 19^9. as PATRIOT'S DAY and urge all 
the people of our state to honor the Minute Men of 1775 ana 
also the Minute Men and Women who are working today as volun- 
teers in the savings bond program in California. I further 
urge all citizens on this occasion to recognize the importance 
of thrift in their daily lives through regular purchase of 
United States Savings Bonds on the Payroll Savings Plan where 
they work, the Bond a Month Plan where they bank, or by in- 
dividual purchases at banks and post offices, 

hereunto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
California to be^ af- 
fixed this /Sir <iay 
of April, A. D. , One 
Thousand Nine Hundred 
and Forty -nine. 



Secretary of State 

jv iM^^, 





^jccutiDt Btpartincnt 

^tatf of California 

R u a L 

.10 o i;' civiiizuLlu.i b>jcoiu03 iiioro aiui juore 
oo^iplex it is Inci'easiiitjl^ esseatial ttxat all oi tiie 
^, uuta Oi' ooi* 3outu roce Lva tae boiiei'it uf the beat possible 
" isic education to prepare tiein for I'uil and complete 
purticipa lion in tlic aiiuit life ol' tiie cojiuiiLLiity. 

.^e in Caiiiornia aavo long been proud of our 
a'.<uca o LuiKix systdiu and oar people always nave bean i_:euerou3 
iii tiieif support of tiieir public scoola. It is of tue 
at.u03t inipurtance, tnei-ei'ore , in tjie pPdaeiit ra^Jid e.ipansio.i 
of our edactttloiial facil'.ties luade iiecaasstry b^- tne state's 
tre.ttend.ou3 increase In poputation, that v/e maintain tlie 
lil,:he3t prof esa Lonal 3 fc.uuiarcis . 

The L';iC.._--_~;^ oi' traininj^ our ehildi'en receive 
aarin t-.e i'ive aaya eao;'. v/ee.c tiiey are in school is a 
vital iorce in raouldin;:^ Uieir ch£u?acter. To be certain 
t i:it tills trainint; is placed in the xiaxids of capable teac.iers, 
we iiiust interest i'ar more youn,:, people in px-ci^arin^, tiiew- 
selves for tne teachin;, profession than are jiow doiiij^ 30. 
T.iis requires public realization of the lasting benofit to 
■■ .- aor'.v.ta b-j- off orin : Lo.icders coiiipansation and opportunity 
J i- ,. . I L ■ . obtain in other einploj-Taont. 

it ii; not sulTicient for one Iwerely to pa^ ..L.j 
sc^ioei L.i.vej :-iid cunuider .lo .ius done .lis part. it is 
the responsibility of each citizen to iiiaiutaln a continuiui^ 
ci ni active inter-..3t in our public sceoi:- .1 l. . of 
euucatiou they jjrovide. 

of Calif 
as i\i~:ul 
to ^a'ie 

..ith the 

^i 1 tj. L 


z i,j;.v 



ilo t.iwa, .it l.i ..ilu'..., i, _.,a.rl iiarre.i, Uoveriior 
o hereby pi'oclaija the week of /ipril 2>, lyif9 

the people of our state 
to f aiiiiliarize t.^eiasely^es 
our public scnools. 

Ou.. \i u\uL and urtje all 
on durin;;; this periou 
activities of 

iii .d'XIijioO bi-iiii^cUl-', i have 
hereunto set my hand 
uii- caus-d t'ae Great 
^eal of the State of 
' QJil' vrnia to 'oa^af - 
lixed tills Xjv^ day 
of April, one Thou- 
sand i^ine hundred and 

Govjriior o^' Calii'ornia 
i.Tf...oT: ^ \ 

iiecretary <df /state 

^v. a 



3Pxccutitic Bcpartmcnt 

^tatt of California 




The proservafcion of our mental health, no ^f ^l^';,'^" ?^j/>^ 
and ;' dejendoncy. malajastmont. delinquency and 

blder'sd incurable. 

■vric, is a state rosoonsibility, and there mat be an in- 


-a.owln about the prlncl.>l8B of mental health and ho. to 
build it-"h:ips uTto P-vent .ental inness '^o.lnc h t 
,ff»otiv. trootment '' /''=»l''l\»"™"'^'"-'.f, "^tf^^i and money thus 
advanced -*f ^,° J -dT.aif,ft1hf?'.;.enro«f financial coal of 
©xpondaa, when welL'iea '- ,,' f« v,« nn aconomv to the State and 
?:fSo!;i:!"'S'i"nU;;Joirarv.'n°.a;?n-H.rPln.aa and the .eUa.e 
of our people can nevov be measured. 

in the hope that Greater knowledge will le-e-^^^ ^^^^^^^^ 

of .ental illnes^ I, Xl^^::^' 2^^^^. a SeNtIl^ SIlTH° 
hereby proclaim the week °^/P^^\^^'/;o acquaint themselves 

prevention and treatment oi mental lllnass. ^^ 

IN V.'ITMESS WHEI.n^OF, I have hero- 
iinto sel my hand and caused 
the Great Seal of the State 
of Cnlifornla to be affixed 
tlTl;-_^/"*il_ of April, A.D. , 
One 'I'ho'us'and Nine Hundred 
and Forty -nine. 


Governor of Californxa 


y W £ 

SecretaryVft^ State 

^xtcutlvic Bcpartincnt 

^tatt of dalifornia 


Throuf.l afforta of the Ulational Loyalty Day 

':) '1 .; i,to>j and ot'KM- roups ttiroajhout the Nation, May 1st 
Is being observed as an (occasion for Ai^iericans to renew 
hi *iir> •illof'iaiioe to th«; ' - ' ' ■ i.naitltutions which have 

i,i.f'-z „ ar conntry Trctt. 

11 1-- u r. , r-L'ite on this date for all of ^„ •-■- 
)ck of the past accompllsymieats of our liation and 
.. j'. liiao bViat our future progress deipends u^oti the 
vigilance with which we safeguard our .republic Tnd work 

'— ' I ■. ■ it". ;■ t. i>r •) . ■ ■ " • " ". • ; ' ve. 

'J .tirof'oru, i , lia;'! '/,'arren, Govarnor of California, 
. ■■'■'.. 'Pvciaiui l]!\\ 1, 1949 as LOYALTY DAY and urge the 
people of our State to participate in patriotic observances 
.,,1 !."m >'"'Taslon anil -i.-.i-o themselves anew to the proservn- 
.dvancernoni r American ideals, 

hereunto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Sieal of the State of 
Ciallfornia to beyaf- 
fixed this ^^j^'iay 
of Aorll, A. 'lj. , One 
'llhousand Uine ilundrod 
•inii Forty-nine. 

.-^^ yL^^ML^t^ 


!v '"nor of California 




SecretarV^fiSf State 





^Kcutiuc Bepartmcnt 

3tatc of Calirornia 


M ir 4. ^1,'^e, ^»"e Week is being observed nationally from 
my ij to ?1, 1949, as a means of Informing the public of 
the problems and needs of blind persons. 

=-,. . pir-ing this period, the National Federation of the 
Blind Will sell Wlilte Cane Week stamps to raise funds for 
.ts program of improving the economic, social and general 
welfare of the blind and of helping the blind to help 

•4-v ..r. ^'^^' •^"^"Kli of the people of our State are acquainted 
With the fact that a white cane, tipped with red, is the 
sign of a blind person, and that anyone carrying such a cane 
is entitled to the greatest possible protection from hazards 
whlcn he is unable to see. 

hotorists, in particular, must be informed of the 
necessity for giving an absolute right-of-way to the bearer 
of a white cane who is attempting to cross a street or 

h i ghway . 

Therefore, I, Earl Warren, Governor of California, 
do hereby proclaim the week of May 15, 194Q, as WHITE CANE 
WEEK and .^rge the people of our State to' purchase generous 
quantities of WliJ te Cane Week stamps to support the program 
of the National Federation of the Blind, and to become aware 
that the bearer of a white cane is a blind person who does 
not want our pity but only our intelligent assistance and 


^ •-;•.<' 

V A :- 

hereunto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
Cal ifornia to bs af 
fixed this //f^ 
of May, A.D 

//^ day 


Thousand, Nine Hundred 
and Forty-nine. 

/' ■' 

^V'SN.. J.. 

..\V- • 


Governor of California 
Secretary ^ State 

V ▼▼ 

i , -- - 

t..,i,3 i,. t., ,,„.,„ „,„ ,„,,,^.. ■■' m/^j^ 1^ iVj , if B PAN, Setwutv ■> ' St<l j 

^xcrutiDc Bcpartmcnt 

^tatr of California 

P R C L A K A T 


Itey P''nd liHff been des Jfcnated by Congress and is proclaimed 
by the President, each year as National Fiaritlrce Day, coinitienio rat- 
ing the first trans- Atlantic voyage by a s I earn- propel ] ed vessel, 
the AiT.erican flagship Savannali, in 3819. The week containing 
this day Is observed throughout the country as World Trade Week. 

California has n vital interest in these events, because 
of her long established position as the gateway to the Orient 
and other Pacific lands. Withoit world trade our agriculture 
and Industry could not continue to prosper. 

An adequate merchant marine is essential if our country 
is tc naintain a strong position in the markets of the world. 
Kany of our men and women, afloat and ashore, have contributed 
to this Nation's standing as the world's leading iijaritime power. 

If we are to reniain strong in a troubled world we mist 
iLaintaJn on both coasts a nucle\is of the magnificent ship- 
building Industry that produced so irany fine ships for war uses. 
It is uneconomic and dangerous to be in the position of 
frantically building up our sliipbuilding facilities in time of 
energency and allowing them *^o deteriorate in time of peace. 

Therefore . I 
hereby proclaim toy 
May 22 to 2S. iq4>-). 
our State to become 
merchrnt mai-ine. in 
of world commerce in 

Earl Warren, Governor of California, do 
22. 19'*9. as MARITIME DAY and tlie period 
as WOW,D TRADT: WEEK, and urge tlie people of 
acquainted with our dependence upon our 
peace as well as in war, and the importance 

our econoiiiic life. 

hereunto set rny hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
California t,o be af- 
fixed this ^o ^ day 
of May.A.D., One Thou- 
sand Nine Hundred and 
Forty- nine. 


Secretary of State 

•■-•'«;;■;■■■"•■' !■■■■'"" 





^xccutioc Bcpartmciit 

^tatc of (Inliromia 


As the years go by, and oui' nieinorlea of wtj? times 
tecome dlnmer, let us never forget the tremendous cost In 
lives said suffering of our victories on the battlefield. 

Many fine men and vomen who vere disabled in the 
w/-a*n In v>i1ch nui' Ncitlnn has engaged are being cared for in 
oillltary and veterans' hospitals. Some of them will be 
ura ble to leave these hospitals for the remainder of their 

It has become a custom for these disabled veterans 
to matce pcpplea which ere sold to the public under the 
sponsorship of the veterpjis ' organizations as s symbol of 
the sacrifices made by the men and women of our armed 
forces. The funds thus raised are used for the benefit of 
hospitalized veterans and the widows and orphans of 
deceased veterans. 

Therefore, I, Earl Warren, Governor of California, 
do hereby proclaim May 26, 27 and 28, 1949, as POPPY DAYS, 
and urge the citizens of our State to buy and wear veterans' 
popples on these days as an expression of gratitude to those 
who gave so much to make our victories possible. 


hereunto set my hand and 
caused the Great Seal of 

the State of Californ 
to be affixed this 
day of May, A. D. . 

la y 


Tliousend Nine Hundred 
and Forty-nine. 



Governor of California 


III iKj \-*.- 

pTIHlrJ III (.HI 11 

^pjccutiDc Bcpartincnt 

^tatc of <Ialiforiiia 

P I* C -i; A M A T I ,^&, 


ThroMfJioit the United States, Flag Day is observed 
each year on June l4th, the anniversary of the adoption of 
the Stars and Stripes as o ir national emblem by the 
ContinentaH Congress In 1777. 

The B'lag. during the ] 72 years of its history has 
been a gloriois symbol of freedom and progress. It 
provided tremendous Inspiration to the patriots who fought 
against overwhelming odds to establish our Rep\iblic, and 
it has been a constant reminder to succeeding generations 
of the fundamental rights with which our citizenship has 
been so richly endowed. 

The spirit that brought the Flag into being has 
continied down to the present day. and millions of Americans 
have offered their lives whenever they have been called 
upon to do so in its defenr.e. On the anniversary of the 
birth of o jr Flag it is proper for us to give thought to the 
thc'^sands of men who are languishing in military and veterans' 
hospitals as a result of that service, many of them 
permanently incapacitated for normal lives because of injuries 
that they have received. Because of sacrifices by these men 
and those who niade the supreme sacrifice, the Stars and 
Stripes should have added significance to all who live under 
its protection. 

With these thoughts in mind, I, Earl Warren, 
Governor of California, do hereby proclaim June l4, 19^9, as 
FLAG DAY, and urge that the flag be flown on that day from 
every hone, public building and business establishment, as 
a demonstration of appreciation of our American heritage. 

hereunto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
California to be, af- 
fixed this 2<^ ^^'^ 
of June, A. 'U. , One 
Thousand Nine Hundred 
and Forty-nine. 

Governor of 

CaT ifornia 



Secretary of State 

IT V^ 

/..jif<J •<• » «i it<. 

^xccutiuc Bcpartmcnt 

!otm of California 



(.) V. 

oih.e we tuke uCCcUilon to rec^culse tl.e 
.;ji.iti':bution3 luade to oui' civilizatlun 
"Id culture by persons outst;|:ndinK In 

- I 1' ■ . r \,,. , ,,, ,,rts. 

One uf tiiuse most ©u Li tied to 
■ -' .' o.gnitlon is JoI;j.nn Volfgftng von 
Gjetlie, the roet, dramctlat knd pLiloso- 
r'!;fr, whcse birtl. on August $•"., IT^o. !r- 
bclnc cominemoratod In blcentennlia of - 

G^ve.. ' Cllfopnia, dj herefc^.- iro- 

e;!; ii.. ..utjut^t "3, 19^9, a3 VON OCETIiE DAY 
in Ciill£oi-n-.n, i,r,d urge the peoule uf our 
staoe to psi'tlclpate in ceremonies hunor- 
Ine V, If Motor lTlei'<Ty ri(_;upe. 

ii: ;:iTUE£S ;riIEREuF, I liave 
hereunto cet itiy hand 
fuid cau:;ed tl^e Great 
Setl of the Ctate of 
C-.lli*ornii ; ^Q^t.f- 
fixed thl:. >Z/K day 
of July, One tTou send 
nine ri;r ,\"--" ■ -. ^ r.:;'t^ 
nine . 

Govcrn^jr of Ccllforni, 
ATTEST; ^ > y 




ixccutiV)f Bcpartinciit 

:5tatc of G.ilifornia 

r ii c I. A ; 


On Aul;vi 
o.n of California, 
jnl;/ llvinc cx-PrealdGnt of 
celebrates hlc 7''tV. blrthda 
vlilcl. cl^vliri;:- ; ' 

t li'tl., ilrrbci'l ]|iju'ver, acioi.'ted 
i^ireat. Ajnerican, world humanitarian, 
• '- "- " the United Statco, 

j at Stanford University 

:ao3t distinguished graduate. 


'..'•rofore has a gre^iter than 
^.rd liiary olcti ' I'i uancc- to our State because few men 
an^vhcre have lived more useful lives and none with 
greater devotion to the service of mojiklnd, both at 
home and throughout the vorld. Ho has. faced life in 
its moods and havlnc arrived at the thij-ee -quarter 
centxiry mark in rugged mental and physical health, still 
serving his country and mankind, he Isan InsiJiration 
to all who believe in com^age and honor. In character 
and in undo.unted determination to fight for the rights 

w tliercfore, I, Earl Warren, Governor of 
'■•■•■ , in honor of the accacion, send the cordial 
greetings of our State to the Honorable Herbert Hoover 
on hit". 75)th birthday, wishing him many happy returns of 
the day, and I invite all Callfornians whio desire to do 
so to .;.;i, : ■ ■ .■ ,■;•.■ ;ii;il j/roetlngs to him at Stanford 
Universlt . 

herounl;; sot ;uy hanc 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
California to be 
affixed this yth day 
of August, One 
Thousand Nine Hundred 

Govern. .!• 





>kjv raiNYii 


Ihe City Of covin., 1„ th. Cou„ty of Lo. jtaj.i.., 
St.te Of CUforni., on Jun. 6. 1,4,, presented for .pp^oval 
. certified copy „f a decontrol resolution (Resolution ,341) 
P.3_.ed by Its City Cou,>cll o„ m,y 16, 1,49, together .1th 
oertlrie. copies of transcript of proceedings before th. 
C0U..CII snd copy Of petition for decontrol, .nd subsecuently 
forwarded through Us city Attorney certain .upae.«,t.ry 

These docxunents establlshi 

(1) Ih»t . public hearing .., held by th. City Council 
"ay ., 1,4, ana May 16, 1,4,. „„.r ten day. notice thereof 
posted and published; 

(2) That the xaearby cities of We.t Covina, Glendor. 
and Azu«a .ere notified of the meeting and Its purpose, 

(3) n«t the City of Coviaa Is essentially a community 

Of homes occupying an area of approximately 1 .,uare mile In 

the south-eastern portion of Lc Angeles County, approximately 

22 miles from the City of Los Angeles. Many of the wording 

population are employed in citrus packing plants, a steel 

fabricating plant, or in stores and offices In town, and 

many commute dally to the City of Los Angeles and other 
neighboring area»| 

U) That at or about the time of the hearing ther. 
were at least 45 rent.l racancles m structures termed by 
the City Couracll as -standard", of which all but 4 were 
available for rentals ranging between $25 and $60 per month, 
and 10 adcltlonal rent.l vacancies, classed by the City 
Council as -sub-st.ndard., where the rent asiced 1. $25 per 

1 - 

month, or less. It Is estimeted further that 15 additional 
apartments will become available in the 525-60 per Month 
renti-l brocket if rents are decontrolled; 

(5) No opposition to decontrol appeared at the Council 

(6) The City Council, after a full and fair hearing, 
and after legal laid sufficient notice, formally determined 
that there no longer exists in the City of Covina such a 
shortage of rental housing accommodations as to require 
rental control in suoh city. 

Public records disclose that Covina is a city of 
the sixth class with a population of 30it9 (1940 census) and 
a present estimated population of 4000. 

In view of the foregoing considerations, and in 
accordance ^.Ith the provisions of the Housing & Rent Act 
of 1947, as amended by the Housing & Kent Act of 1949, 
particularly Section 204(j), par. .3, the resolution and 
finding of the Covina City Council that there no longer 
exists such a shortage in rental housing acconmocatlons ai 
to rec.uire rent control in the City of Covina is hereby 
approved, _^ 
Da ted I July ^ - 1949. 

^^(■^t-^ Ji/a^r't<^ — 

Governor of California, 



- 2 - 

^^xecutiDt ©cpartniciit 

;S»tatt of Cjlifornia 

1 n C I A K A T I N 


One hundred ycixi^si itgo a ^oup of eai'neci, 
libci'ty-lovlng men assembled In Colton Hall In the 
iiueblo of f4onterry to cre.ite a constitutional govern- 
i.-ient for the Teri'Itory .^f Calif ornin. 

r'lglit the delegates to this convention laid the 

j_r'i)undwork upon vhlcL California has developed from 
' iY;v small isolated conmiunltles to the tliird most 

yoi^ul ■-: ',''.' in the ' ■ ' ' n . 

To conmemorate tl.e Constitutional Conven- 
tion Centennial the people of Monterey Peninsula, in 
(CDperation vith t3ie California Centennials Commission, 
'. -ve planned a celebration dui'lny th<> nl^^iit dayt; of 
/. u£UEt 29 through September 5, 19h3. 

;. '. :. ■ ..iportt'.nt that all of uc be aware of 
the concepti. of those wh.o established the foundations 
of stf.tchood. Uith this thou^jht in mind, I, Earl 
Warren, Governor of California, do hereby urge the 
people of our State to visit Monterey during this 
period and to join in paying tribute to the men wl o 
were instrumental in transplanting on the Pacific 
Coast the seeds of representative government. 

n-I WTriESS WISRSOF, I have 
hereunto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Lieal of the State of 
California to be 
affixed this lytl 



I.'undrcd and Forty- 



Secretary of "•' 





, V 

^xrrutJDf iF)rpartiJirnt 






V \:<,^ 




^xcfuniic Bcparnncnt 

^tarr of e.ilifonii.1 

F f L r n 








fxccutmc Bcpartmcnr 

:r»tatt of ealifoniia 







^xccutiV)c department 

^r.itf of dalirornin 








'*'»'> w 

ii C C L A M A 1' low 



•^i" i.e birth of General Prledrich 

"■ ' ' • ui... ubeii, PruBslft^ milltai'y expert 

Invaluable asalstanfee to our Contlnent- 

i.rlnt; ' ' ' ' ^ ' ^ ■'-.'. i l\ A l 

' o bei;. . 

Ar; the fii-st Inspec'.-- _.:.■,.•,_ 
the Ai'i , . orvea with distinction from the 
dapSc da^, ., ... Valley Forge until after victory 
had been achieved, thereafter regaining as a 
r-eaident of our Nation \u.f- ' • "• ■ th on 
November 28, Ijy'i . 

In accordance withjreE 
>ted by the Senate and tlie Assembly of the 
■: iforuia Leglalcture, I, Earl Vai-ren, Governor 
^ i' California, do liereby proclaim September 17 
l-"'f9, as STEUBEN DAY, and ui-ge the people of 
California to join on that day in coumiemorating 
the memory of thir ^-i^eat soldier who contributed 
so much to the founding of our Republic. 

iiereunto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
Oallfornla to be/ 
affixed thi s ^J-*^ day 
of September, One 
TLousanil Nine hujidred 
.iid Fort;,-n": 

Governor of California 



Secretfjj'j' oiSstate 

iH'cpuly bccicUi V ot \ 

Ni* jtbth raiNTiNc oprici 

r C r^A/ 

^xcnitiDc ©cpartmcnt 

^tatc of California 


c bv 


. -L M 1 < . 

"' ■ ! : 1 ..ol 

' ' \' 

1 ■ !,, 


.1 ' 

■ ■-'■■ ■■ of 
' ' : "-vou the 


J. ; ' 

v- ji^- .: : 

'■i.; tr. 


c: u: cd by t 

1 ■ : 

■3f nichjn'd 

<•'■ uollfi-s 

i'ov ; 

;■ . . 



Div : 


-.IV of t\Al 

■ -A \ : ■ V 1 

J lectioi:.- Cocic; tae 

<— ' 


(^<r-**.*M^O A/<Jl^*^tX.U ^ 

3£Kcunvic Bcpartnicnt 

^tatt of dahfonna 


'l-he Constitution or the United States, in 
the IbP years It hen been in existence, nar, guided 
tne aevelonment of oiu:' nHtlon to a position of 
greotne::-s beyond the dreams of the patriots who 
drafted It. 

Through changing times and the Increasing 
tempo of our existence, this Constitution has pro- 
vided living, flexible framework for tlie continued 
advancement of our ideals of government. Its In- 
fluence lias extended for outside the boundaries of 
our own country. It has provided inspiration for 
freedom-loving peoples throucliout the World during 
some of tl:e luost trying times in liiistory. 

With our I'ree institutions under conatant 
challenge by subversive forces who would tear down 
and destroy them, it is of the utmost Importance 
that each of us do everything possible to safeguard 
the Constitution and the principles It represents. 
This can be done only by our becoming increasingly 
familiar with this great document and the hard-won 
struggles which made possible its creation. 

With this thought in mind, I, Earl Warren, 
Governor of California, do hereby proclaiin September 
17, 1^49, as COnSTI'lUTION DAY, and T urge all the 
people of our State to take occasion on that day to 
reaffjrn tiieir fjiith in the Constitution as a bulwaric 
of freedom and our iiope lor trie lUture. 

iw wiTUKati wj-iKHKUi-', .i have 
hereunto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the Stste of 
California to be 
affixed this l^lth day 
of September, A.D., 
One Thousand Nine 
Hundred and Forty- 

Governor of California 



M Vi« off(e« of tb« S»CT^Urv "< i*»» 
» o» th« Sv!* o( Clii ■••■„ 

'^fP 1 ; 1P4C 

fRANK A!v/)RDAN,Sm;n>Ur.»(Sui4 

t"intfj I 

M« »I«>» f I- IN 1 INl. CI I 

Secret^y^'o^ State/ 


^xccutiDc Bcpartmcnt 

^tatc of California 


I R C L A M A T 1 N 

The iMrst week or October of each year 
has been designnted by Act of Con(3ress as National 
Employ the Physically Handicapped Week for the pur- 
pose of acquainting employers and the general public 
with the accomplishments of those who l:ave become 
productive workers in oplte of disabilities. 

During recent yeai'-s thousands of handi- 
capped persons, a prent proportion cf them disabled 
veterans, liave been trained in specialized skills 
which enable them to produce as well as able-bodied 
employees, and in many cases to siirpass them. 

Their success has proved that a physical 
handicap is not an employment handicap In a properly 
selected occupation. Here in California 25,000 dis- 
abled persons are now receiving Hpeclallzed vocational 
training under state and federal auspices. This train- 
ing will enable them to enter the productive life of 
our state and nation If tliey are afforded job oppor- 

With such activity under way, California 
should participate fully in all programs which help 
to impress upon employers the existence of this pool 
of skilled labor. Tlierofore, I, Earl Warren, Governor 
of California, do liereby proclaim the week of October 
in California, and I urge the people of o\ir State to 
lend tlielr active support to furtherance of the train- 
ing of handicapped persons and the utilization of 
their skills in commerce and industry. 

hereunto set my liand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
C- lifornla to be af- 
fixed this 15th day 
of September, One 
Thousand, Ki*e Hundred 
Bxx^rf or ty -jwTie . 

TTEST: ^^ 


i'»iuiiN« tirr^ 

Secretary^ of^^tate 


^Kcutioc ©cpartmcnt 

3tatc of daliforiiia 

1 H I 

i\ M 

T I N 

The .'-'^r ^re:;i3 --^ our nntlon takes on en In- 
creii3lnc importance to all of us In the light of dally 
events, not onli the instances of oppression vhlch are re- 
ported to us from other ports of the vorld, but also the 
subversive challenges to our way uf life wl^lch we see here 
at h ome . 

lllsiory -- (;urrcnt history, Ju fact -- shows 
uL- tht^t dictatorship and oppression are preceded or accom- 
panied by curtailment of the free press. It is appropriate, 
therefore, that the editors e.nd publishers of America have 
adopted the slogan, "Freedom Goes Wliere the Newspaper Goes," 
as the theme for this yeai-'s tenth annual observance of 

The /imerictin press has en£;aced in a constant 
battle ^i^alnst despotism, Intolertmce and corruption every 
since tl:e founding of our Republic. The futiore of America 
cer-encs upon its continued vigilance, and upon public under- 
standing of the vital importance of the service which news- 
rapers render . 

With these thoughts in mind, I, Earl V^arren, 
Governor nf California, do hereby proclaim the week of 
October 1 to 0, 19^9, as NEWSPAPER \IEEK, and I urge all 
the people of our State to familiarise themselves with the 
newspaper services and facilities of their own conmiunities 
to tlie end that they may better understand the part which 
the prosr, plMy:' in their daily lives. 

hereunto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
California to be 
affixed this M^^day 
of September, A.D., 
One ThouscUid Nine 
Hundred and Foij^y- 

Governor of Califoi-nia 

rpfTT*',^ orp , 


Secretary ^ /state 

("imli.l >>• • Ai 



i!xtcutiDc Bcpartmcnt 

^tatc of California 





National Fire i'z'pventlcn Weei:, dedicated 
' . .llni; Ll;c public to ojjpoi' Lunlticc i'or r.avLng 
livfcD ;aiu avoiding needlerja destruction, will be ob- 
i:erved thlr. yew (lur-jtic ^i^e period October yti. to li;th. 

I L. lUould be u matter of j^rave concern 
to ^11 ^- ,.at in l:j^t2 our ectiiuated national Tire 

loDj; vaL' ■^'U.l^j'jk,OU'.). We are further advised that 
approxiiiuileiy 4o per cent of the factories and in- 
duijtrlal eiitabl IshiuentE vhicii suffered fire loss 
either did not reopen or failed in business siortly 
after reopening-, thus causing much Ineedless uneinploy- 

The fire hazard in California's forests 
•ing lands has been the most critical since 
ly^'^i and will increase In severity until the advent 
of fall rains. Fires in these «ireas, wh.ich in nearly 
■11 cures could be prevented, constitute an economic 
calamity In the loss of priceless natural resources, 
Ij e ci.irtellnjent of badly-needed vatercheds ,nd de- 

In support of the national fire pre- 
■ :.' ■ - . •■^' •-• ^^-d to tie end that the people of our 
'■■::. te may become more avare of fire hazards, I, Earl 
V.'arren, Governor of Cellfornia, do hereby prcclaln-i 
the week of October 9 to 13, 19^9, as FIJ<E* PHEVENTIOT; 
VffiEK. It is my liope that during this period all of 
our citizens will re-examine their Jioines, their 
places of business siid their recreational facilities 
with the view of eliminating fire l-nzards. 

hereunto set my hand 
and caused the Great 
Seal of the State of 
California to ba af- 
fixed this ^ 'Alay 
or September, X.D., 
Ono Tijousand, Kine 
hundred anj^Forty- 



Secretary <5'f /State 


£xenitiDt department