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University of Maryland 


Baltimore and College Park Divisions 





Order of Exercises 

Triumphal March from Aida Verdi 

University Orchestra 

Invocation Rev. William S. Abernethy 

Washington, D. C, 


His Excellency, Albert C. Ritchie, Governor of Maryland 

Our One Hundred and Twenty-fifth Anniversary 

Dr. William H. Welch, Director Emeritus of the School of Hygiene 
and Public Health, Johns Hopkins University 

Minuet in G Beethoven 

University Orchestra 

Address — "Vocations and Avocations" 

Dr. John H. Finley, Associate Editor, New York Times 

Conferring of Degrees and Presentation of Diplomas 

The President of the University 

Presentation of Military Commissions 


Benediction Rev. William S. Abernethy 

War March of the Priests Mendelssohn 

University Orchestra 

The audience will please remain seated until the academic procession leaves the 




Bachelor of Science 

Mary Helen Clagett Maryland 

Manville Edward Coblentz Maryland 

Herbert Lewis Davis, Jr D. C. 

Thomas Cleveland Duley Maryland 

James Walter Eby Maryland 

Ralph Leonard England Maryland 

Ruth Olive Ericson Maryland 

Wolcott Loweree Etienne Maryland 

Raymond Rinker Fishpaw Virginia 

Howard Wilmer Geary Maryland 

Engel Lee Russell Gilbert Maryland 

Irwin Hellings Gilbert , Maryland 

Harry Elwood Gray Maryland 

William Miles Hanna Maryland 

Rhoda Kathryn Hatton D. C. 

Harry Clay Hyson Maryland 

Mary Meigs Ingersoll Maryland 

Elton Leigh Kindleberger Maryland 

William J^athias Kricker Maryland 

William Fuller Lines Maryland 

Frederick Harnden Marshall D. C. 

Daniel S. Moore Maryland 

Norman J. Shriver Maryland 

Max Atlee Smith Maryland 

James William Stevenson Maryland 

Hov/ard Livingston Stier Marj'land 

Russell Umstead Maryland 

Mary Margaret V/alton Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

Gerald Albert Biggs Maryland 

B. Franklin Cox, Jr Maryland 

Carlos de la Torre Centofanti-Maryland 

Delray Bennett McFhatter_-._ Maryland 


First Honors 

Ruth Olive Ericson 

Mary Meigs Ingersoll 
Howard Wilmer Geary 

Second Honors 

Ralph Leonard England 
James William Stevenson 
Howard Livingston Stier 

Bachelor of Science 

John Warren Albrittain Maryland 

Miguel Alonso Cervantes Porto Rico 

Ronald Frederick Brown D. C. 

Harry Kenneth Clayton Maryland 

George Joseph Coplin New Jersey 

William Luther Crentz D. C. 

Thomas Gatehouse Davis Maryland 

Darius McClelland Dixon Maryland 

George Lee Andrew Dressel- Maryland 

Harry Marean Duvall Maryland 

Harry D. Fein New York 

Harry Franklin Ferguson, Jr..-Maryland 

Irving Freeman Maryland 

Arthur Bucher Hersberger Maryland 

Saul Karpel New York 

Frederick Edwin Knowles, Jr. N. Jersey 

Archie Clifton Lewis Maryland 

Karl Frederick Mech Maryland 

Mabel Frances Mudd Pennsylvania 

Edward A. Ronkin New York 

Charles Giles Rosenstock New York 

Victor Rosenthal New York 

George Roth New York 

John" Carroll Russell —.Maryland 

Emanuel Milton Satulsky New Jersey 

Louis Gustav Schneider Maryland 

Joseph Arthur Sedlacek Maryland 

James Thurman Shewbridge Maryland 

Bernard Silber Maryland 

Oscar Lublin Spencer D. C. 

Vernon E. Spitznagle Maryland 

Milton Honore Stapen New York 

Benjamin Maxwell Stein New York 

Louis Teitel New York 

Charles Brown Tompkins, II-_ -D. C. 

John Voris Maryland 

Norman James Wilson Maryland 

William Keech Wilson Maryland 

Joseph George Zimring New York 

Bachelor of Arts 

William Blake Ackerman -D. C. 

John Davenport Allen Massachusetts 

Irving J. Applefeld Maryland 

Louis William Berger Virginia 

David Christian Blenard Maryland 

James Todd Brooks D. C. 

Edmund David Brower Maryland 

Harry Paul Butz D. C. 

Minna Rozetta Cannon Maryland 

Cornelius Wilbur Cissel— D. C. 

Norman Paul Cronin Maryland 

Ruth Eleanor Curtis .....Maryland 

May Dezendorf D. C. 

Herbert Oscar Eby... D. C. 

Roy Duffield Engel D. C. 

Charles Wesley Fouts D. C. 

Albert Goldstein Maryland 

Rosalie Jensine Goodhart D. C. 

James Charles Greely, Jr. Massachusetts 

Don Francis Hammerlund D. C. 

Albert Courtney Hayden, Jr D. C. 

John Albert Hemp Maryland 

John Burgess Henry Maryland 

Margaret Turner Herring Maryland 

John Wayne Hisle D, C. 

Frederick William Invernizzi.Maryland 

Maurice A. Kaplan Maryland 

William Henry Benton Lewis Penna. 

Catherine Elizabeth Luers .-_..-Maryland 

Virginia Luers Maryland 

William McCrea Luney California 

Eleanor Worthington Margerum D. C. 

Lorraine Yvonne Magruder Maryland 

Charles Aloysius May D. C. 

William Richard McCallister„..Maryland 

Warren Clements Mitchell D. C. 

Maurice John Murphy D. C. 

Harry K. Needle ....Maryland 

John Wendel Neidhardt..., Maryland 

Lelia Kathleen Nestor JD. C. 

Laura May Nevius Maryland 

John Clayton Norris Pennsylvania 

Robert Clarkson Oberlin ,.. Ohio 

George Feltham Openshaw D. C. 

Charlotte Elizabeth Pyles Maryland 

Robert Carey Reeder, Jr Maryland 

Margaret Bowen Rose Maryland 

Charles Royal Ross Maryland 

Marjorie Louise Rugge New Jersey 

John Ward Savage Maryland 

Harry Brace Schramm Maryland 

Joseph Albert Settino. Pennsylvania 

Ralph George Shure Maryland 

Claude Harman Smith Virginia 

Kenneth Yutzy Stahl Maryland 

Ralph Sterling Maryland 

Robert Longden Stowell ....D. C. 

Raphael Gerald Urciolo D. C. 

David Jay Ward, Jr Maryland 

Henry Homer Washburn Maryland 

James Edward Welch Maryland 

Robert Darby Wilson D. C. 

Doris M. Zabel D. C. 


Bachelor of Science Bachelor of Arts 

John Paul Allen Maryland William W. Covington 

Stanley H. Berenstein Maryland Bolton Movius House ., 

George Edward Burgtorf, Jr...-.Maryland Irene Curtis Mead 

Josiah Arnold Hunt Maryland Vance Richmond Sullivan- 
Robert Joseph Reedy D. C. Robert Warren Warf el ,. 

Benjamin Israel Siegel Maryland 

Samuel Jacob Sugar Maryland 



First Honors 

Second Honors 

George Feltham Openshaw 
Margaret Turner Herring 
Norman James Wilson 
Ruth Eleanor Curtis 
John Wayne Hisle 
Charlotte Elizabeth Pyles 
Irving J. Applefeld 
Irving Freeman 
Harry Marean Duvall 
Doris M. Zabel 
Ronald Frederick Brown 

Marjorie Louise Rugge 
Claude Harman Smith 
Louis Gustav Schneider 
Thomas Gatehouse Davis 
Miguel Alonso Cervantes 
Margaret Bowen Rose 
Rosalie Jensine Goodhart 
Bernard Silber 
Cornelius Wilbur Cissel 
Raphael Gerald Urciolo 
Laura May Nevius 


Doctor of Dental Surgery 

Isadore Abramson Maryland 

Charles Robert Applegate— New Jersey 

Edward Jenkinson Ball New Jersey 

Carl Lorenz Basch New Jersey 

Charles Samuel Beamer Maryland 

Edgar Leo Bessette Rhode Island 

Joseph Boxer New Jersey 

Charles Easterday Broadrup.Maryland 

Samuel Hollinger Bryant Pennsylvania 

Thomas S. Chandler Virginia 

Leon Austin Cheney..., Maine 

John William Coleman New Jersey 

John Dennis Corrigan, Jr. Massachusetts 

Carroll D. Dern Maryland 

Henry J. Edmonds, Jr Virginia 

Russell J. Emory Maryland 

Jesse J. Englander Connecticut 

Donald Wilson Farrington Massachusetts 

Joseph Feldblum Pennsylvania 

Arthur L. Fern Maryland 

Nathan N. Frankel New Jersey 

D. Raymond Garrett Pennsylvania 

Joseph D. Gitlin Connecticut 

Ben Goodkin New Jersey 

Raymond John Graves Connecticut 

George T. Grosshans Connecticut 

Carl A. Hergert ..Pennsylvania 

Edwin E. Hill .__ New York 

Merrill Clarke Hills Connecticut 

Ernest Miller Jennings Connecticut 

Hammond Lee Johnston Maryland 

Ward Beecher Jones ..Pennsylvania 

Joseph Stanley Kania Connecticut 

Vaiden B. Kendrick North Carolina 

Z. Vance Kendrick, Jr..— North Carolina 
Arthur James Kershaw, Jr. Rhode Island 

Norman Linder New Jersey 

Harry Witherell Lyons Massachusetts 

Hector M. MacKenzie 

Prince Edward Island, Canada 

James E. Madden Virginia 

Miguel Leon Maldonado Porto Rico 

J. Robert Manuel, Jr Maryland 

John Hayward Michael Virginia 

Lyman F. Milliken Maryland 

Tonnie G. Morgan _...West Virginia 

Francis Muir, Jr New Jersey 

Alfredo M. Nadal Porto Rico 

Irving Newman New Jersey 

A. Raymond Oliva New Jersey 

William Edward Parker Virginia 

Richard B. Prather Maryland 

Harry Mitchell Reid Maine 

Benjamin Louis Rosen. Virginia 

Reuben Rosenbloom New Jersey 

Abraham Frank Sidle Maryland 

J. Monroe Steigelman Pennsylvania 

Alfred E. Theodore Maryland 

Joseph Louis Vajcovec Massachusetts 

George Onesime Vezina Rhode Island 

H. Marcus Weitzel Pennsylvania 

Joseph S. Wickes Virginia 

Albert W. Wiggins New York 

Roy McCown Wilson Virginia 

Doctor of Dental Surgery 

Jorge de Aldrey 
James Francis Carbone 
Jacob Rubin Cohen 
Charles Somerville Dillon 
M. B. Friedman 

Arthur Arnold Kohn 
Samuel Findling Leichter 
Herbert Margolies 
Carl R. Pierce 
Joseph S. Santillo 


University Gold Medals for Scholarship 
Vaiden B. Kendrick Z. Vance Kendrick. Jr. 

Honorable Mention 
Merrill Clarke Hills George T. Grosshans Tonnie G. Morgan Jesse J. Englander 


Certificates in Industrial Education 

William George Boylan 
Edgar Milton Bull 

Maryland Everett Stewart McCauley Maryland 

Maryland Harry Lyon Robinson, Jr Maryland 

Teacher's Diploma 

Jo Delia Alband___ Maryland 

Irving J . Applef eld Maryland 

Julia Calvert Arnold. Maryland 

Louise Gonzenbach Babcock D. C. 

Doris Ruth Bishop -D. C. 

Evelyn Truth Bixler D. C. 

Mary Belle Bowling Maryland 

George Victor Chalmers Delaware 

Seymour Morton Chideckel Maryland 

Charlotte Buckey Clemson „ Maryland 

Manville Edward Coblentz Maryland 

Wilmae Hope Colborn Maryland 

Virginia Brown Cooke. D. C. 

Mary R. Crumb D. C. 

Ruth Eleanor Curtis Maryland 

Barbara Virginia Daiker____ D. C. 

Ruth Elizabeth Diggs Maryland 

John David Doerr D. C. 

Theresa Frances Dunne D. C. 

Thomas Cleveland Duley Maryland 

Ralph Leonard England Maryland 

Samuel Parker Faber. D. C. 

Raymond Rinker Fishpaw Virginia 

Ruth Eliza Greenwood D. C. 

William Miles Hanna Maryland 

Walter Gilbert Harris _.. D. C. 

Margaret Tui-ner Hei-ring Maryland 

Alma Hickox— D. C. 

Rachel E. Hoist Maryland 

James Homer House Maryland 

Sara Etta HufRngton Maryland 

Dorothy Lee Lederer Jarrett D. C. 

Hilda Jones Maryland 

Abe S. Karasik Maryland 

Alice Elizabeth Kent Maryland 

Helen Livingston Keown Maryland 

Frances LaRue King Maryland 

Vera Lorraine Klein Maryland 

Miriam Lloyd Maryland 

Eleanor Worthington Margerum.. D. C. 

Frances Rebecca McCubbin Maryland 

Charles Miller Maryland 

V/illiam A. Miller Maryland 

Daniel S. Moore Maryland 

Lelia Kathleen Nestor D. C. 

Laura May Nevius Maryland 

Elizabeth Webster Norton Maryland 

Grace Marie Oldenburg Maryland 

Charlotte Elizabeth Pyles Maryland 

Marjorie Louise Rugge New Jersey 

Maria A. Santinie Maryland 

Eloyse Sargent D. C. 

Cecil Schutt Maryland 

Joseph Albert Settino Pennsylvania 

Norman J. Shriver Maryland 

Max Atlee Smith Maryland 

Elsie Virginia Stanforth Maryland 

Howard Livingston Stier Maryland 

Margaret Graham Stone... ...Maryland 

Charlotte Mason Taylor Maryland 

Sarah Isabelle Toulson Maryland 

William Wayne Travers Maryland 

Georgia Roberta Turner Maryland 

Myra Ferrier Wolf Maryland 

Walter Sherard Wilson Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

Jo Delia Alband Maryland 

Evelyn Truth Bixler D. C. 

Mary Belle Bowling Maryland 

Samuel Parker Faber D. C. 

James Homer House Maryland 

Hilda Jones Maryland 

Vera Lorraine Klein Maryland 

Frances Rebecca McCubbin Maryland 

William A. Miller Maryland 

Maria A. Santinie Maryland 

Sarah Isabelle Toulson Maryland 

Walter Sherard Wilson Maryland 

Bachelor of Arts 

Julia Calvert Arnold ..Maryland 

Louise Gonzenbach Babcock... D. C. 

Doris Ruth Bishop D. C. 

George Victor Chalmers Delaware 

Charlotte Buckey Clemson Maryland 

Wilmae Hope Colborn Maryland 

Virginia Brown Cooke D. C. 

Mary R. Crumb...... D. C. 

Barbara Virginia Daiker D. C. 

Walter P. Dent, Jr Maryland 

Ruth Elizabeth Diggs Maryland 

John David Doerr D. C. 

Theresa Frances Dunne D. C. 

Ruth Eliza Greenwood D. C. 

Alma Hickox... D. C. 

Rachel E. Hoist Maryland 

Doi-othy Lee Lederer Jarrett D. C. 

Abe S. Karasik- Maryland 

Helen Livingston Keown Maryland 

Charles Miller Maryland 

Thomas Lawrence Miller Maryland 

Elizabeth Webster Norton... Maryland 

Grace Marie Oldenburg Maryland 

3ecil Schutt Maryland 

Elsie Virginia Stanforth ...JMaryland 

Edith Bernice Stinnette Maryland 

Margaret Graham Stone Maryland 

Charlotte Mason Taylor Maryland 

William Wayne Travers Maryland 

Georgia Roberta Turner Maryland 

Myra Ferrier Wolf Maryland 



Mary Grace Hanna. 

Bachelor of Arts 


Mary Grace Hanna. 

Teacher's Diploma 

Maryland Delray Bennett McPhatter Maryland 


First Honors 

Barbara Virginia Daiker 
Jo Delia Alband 
Grace Marie Oldenburg 
Dorothy Lee Lederer Jarrett 
Virginia Brown Cooke 

Second Honors 

Louise Gonzenbach Babcock 
Rachel E. Hoist 
William A. Miller 
Cecil Schutt 


Bachelor of Science 

Carl Julius Ackerman D. C. 

Charles R. Albaugh. Maryland 

Robert Hamel Allen Massachusetts 

John Rodgers Beall D. C, 

Theodore Bishoff D. C. 

Charles Warren Bogan D. C. 

Walter Bonnet D. C. 

Frederick Charles Burton Maryland 

Gerald Burke Coe Maryland 

Herbert William Cooper J). C. 

Charles F. Crump, Jr Virginia 

Daniel Roberdeau Dorsey Maryland 

Hazard Stevens Eskridge Marvland 

Paul DeWitt Fellows D. C. 

William A. Fisher, Jr Maryland 

Hatcher Roome Gibson JD. C. 

Joseph Hamilton, Jr Maryland 

Evelyn Harrison Maryland 

H. Lloyd Hoke... Maryland 

Kenneth Sheldon Kesecker D. C. 

James Eugene Loughran....Pennsylvania 

Edward Martin McManus D. C. 

Joseph Miller D. C. 

Robert H. Orwig, Jr Pennsylvania 

Arthur Howard Pittaway Maryland 

George Ross Ruhl D. C. 

Morton Silverberg D. C. 

Jesse Courtney Suter, Jr. D. C. 

Thurl William Tower Maryland 

Arthur Graham Turner, Jr D. C. 

Robert Muller Walker D. C. 

Francis Patrick Walters Maryland 

Samuel Chester Ward Maryland 

Ralph Wardlaw Watt D. C. 

Charles Virgil Whalin, Jr Maryland 

Edmund Godey Whitehead. D. C. 

Daniel Webster Willingmyre, III.....Md. 


First Honors 

John Rodgers Beall 
Theodore Bishoff 
Joseph Miller 
Ralph Wardlaw Watt 

Second Honors 

Herbert William Cooper 

Joseph Hamilton, Jr. 

Gerald Burke Coe 

Daniel Webster Willingmyre, III. 


Master of Science 

Paul Meredith Ambrose Pennsylvania 

William Henry Anderson Maryland 

W. J. Basehore _ Pennsylvania 

Madeline M. Bernard D. C. 

Arthur Donald Bowers Maryland 

Willard C. Boyer Ohio 

Elizabeth Baker Brown Maryland 

Amelia Carmel DeDominicis ...Maryland 

Arthur P. Dunnigan Maryland 

Raymond Anderson Fisher 

British Columbia 

Noel Elmer Foss South Dakota 

James B. Gahan Maryland 

Albert B. Godfrey..._ Maryland 

Edwin M. Gue Maryland 

Marcus Rankin Hatfield..... . D. C. 

Robert Warner Hendricks Maryland 

Edward Melchoir Hoshall Maryland 

Van C. Howell Mississippi 

Casimir Thaddeus Ichniowski. Maryland 

John Richard King .Indiana 

Mary Elizabeth Koons Maryland 

James Norman Leckie D. C. 

Joseph Conrad Long Maryland 

D. Victor Lumsden.. D. C. 

Earle Dwight Matthews Florida 

Gregg Harper McClurg... D. C. 

Harold Sloan McConnell Maryland 

Frank Ford Nickels Virginia 

Hazel Estelle O'Neal Maryland 

John Jenkins Parks Alabama 

Robert Joseph Reedy D. C. 

Henry Charles Reitz Minnesota 

William Gordon Rose Utah 

James P. Sweeney Iowa 

Martha Ross Temple Maryland 

Lionel Lewis Vincent Maryland 

Loris Elwood Williams D. C. 

Max Morton Zervitz Maryland 


Forrest Percival Blunt Maryland 

William Paul Cooper.... ...Maryland 

Anne Vance Coxen Maryland 

Alfred Edgar Culley Maryland 

Ralph Garreth .....Pennsylvania 

Mildred Wright Hare D. C. 

Frederick Zimmerman Hetzel. Maryland 

Virginia Hoelzel Maryland 

Virginia May Kalmbach D. C. 

Truman Stoner Klein Maryland 

of Arts 

Harry Billings Lundquist Maryland 

Ruth Miller Maryland 

Eleanor Leslie Murphy D. C. 

Frances Ellen Pringle Pennsylvania 

Edgar Farr Russell D. C. 

Anna Lea Schaidt Maryland 

Charles Wightman Seabold Maryland 

Evelyn Eckert Shank .....D. C. 

Virginia Smith Maryland 


Bachelor of Science 

Sara Etta Huffington Maryland Elizabeth Jane McVey Pennsylvania 

Alice Elizabeth Kent Maryland Eloyse Sargent.. D. C. 

Frances LaRue King Maryland Kathryn Elizabeth Siehler Maryland 

Ethel-Jean Wallace Lamond D. C. Mary Holmes Wells Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

Sara Carrie Davis 



First Honors Second Honors 

Eloyse Sargent Kathryn Elizabeth Siehler 


Certificates of Proficiency 

Agnes Lee Horton Maryland 

Arthur G. Kahl Maryland 

B achelor of Laws 

Frederick Edwin Beachley Maryland 

George Mauduit Berry Maryland 

H. Ross Black, Jr .Pennsylvania 

S. Vannort Chapman Maryland 

Eugene Creed, Jr Maryland 

Wilmer Henry Driver Maryland 

Thomas Nathaniel Ferciot, Jr.. Maryland 
Charles Howard Gundersdorff, Jr., 


Preston Patterson Heck Maryland 

Charles William Held, Jr Maryland 

Amos Albert Holter Maryland 

Henry Holzapfel, III Maryland 

S. Lloyd Johnson .Maryland 

Emanuel Klawans Maryland 

Bona Rosina Lockwood Maryland 

Walter Worth Martin Maryland 

James Frank Matousek Maryland 

Francis Littleton McDorman....Maryland 

Hugh Allen Meade Maryland 

Paul Herbert Meyer Maryland 

Meyer Mindel Maryland 

George Thomas Ness, Jr. ...Maryland 

Deeley Krager Nice Maryland 

William Holton Parr Maryland 

Kenneth Chauncey Proctor Maryland 

Leonard Harvey Rosenblatt..-Maryland 

J. Harry Schad Maryland 

Frank Joseph Schap Maryland 

Norman Jerome Small Maryland 

Robert Lee Swain Maryland 

John Grason Turnbull Maryland 

Charles Francis Wagaman Maryland 

Seymour Ziegler Maryland 


Prize of $100.00 for the highest average grade for the entire course, 

Day School.. Charles Francis Wagaman 

Prize of $100.00 for the highest average grade for the entire course, 

Evening School Kenneth Chauncey Proctor 

Alumni prize of $50.00 for best argument in Honor Case in the Practice 

Court Wilmer Henry Driver 

George O. Blome prizes to representatives on Honor Case in the Practice Court 

S. Vannort Chapman Wilmer Henry Driver Meyer Mindel Charles Francis Wagaman 


Doctor of Medicine 

Mortimer D. Abrashkin Connecticut 

Carl Richard Ahroon, Jr Maryland 

Leon Ashman Maryland 

Charles Raymond Bell, Jr.-.Pennsylvania 

James Russell Bell Pennsylvania 

Nathan Bercovitz New York 

Herbert Berger New York 

Samuel Daniel Blum New York 

Daniel E. Bogorad Maryland 

William Edward Brown California 

Jacob Byer New York 

Martin L. Cannon Ohio 

Hyman Chimacoff New Jersey 

David Stanford dayman Maryland 

Anthony Daniel Crecca New Jersey 

Dwight Mclver Currie— North Carolina 

Carroll Kalman Davis New York 

Salvatore Demarco, Jr Maryland 

Joseph George Diamond New Jersey 

John Charles Dumler Maryland 

Herbert Eichert Maryland 

William Henry Eisenbrandt Maryland 

Jack Fein New York 

Elliot Fishbein New Jersey 

Chai'les Flom Maryland 

Andrew Menaris France Maryland 

S. Evans Ganz New York 

Samuel Geller New Jersey 

David A. Gershenson Maryland 

Solomon E. Gittleman...-^ New York 

Albert Julius Glass — Maryland 

Albert Gerson Gluckman. Delaware 

Harold Gorenberg New Jersey 

Joseph Walter Grosh Pennsylvania 

Joseph Edwin Hall West Virginia 

David Halperin New Jersey 

Frank Mull Hammell New Jersey 

Irvin Hantman Maryland 

Jacob Harris New York 

Manes Scheuer Hecht Maryland 

Hyman Bernard Hendler Maryland 

Harry Clay Hull _.._ Maryland 

Meyer William Jacobson Maryland 

Abraham N. Kaplan New York 

Arthur Karf gin Maryland 

Abraham Katz New York 

Leonard Katz Maryland 

Lawrence Katzenstein Maryland 

Sylvan Keiser New York 

Henriette R. Klein Maryland 

Bernard Korostoff New York 

Milton Bernard Kress Maryland 

Alexander Allen Krieger.— Pennsylvania 

Sidney Lechner New York 

Jacob Leffert New York 

Samuel Legum Maryland 

George Lerner , New York 

Samuel Lieberman New York 

Reuben Richard Louft Maryland 

Harry David Markman New York 

William J. McGovern Pennsylvania 

William Owen McMillan— West Virginia 
William Carter Mebane, Jr. N. Carolina 

John Hoke Mickley Pennsylvania 

Myron Joseph Miller New York 

John Duer Moores Maryland 

Arthur Nachlas .- Maryland 

Alpheus Carlton Newnam, Jr. Maryland 

Richard R. Panebianco New York 

Henry Robert Peav._ Maryland 

Arthur Jay Philip New York 

Solomon Harris Pink ....New Jersey 

Samuel Prigal New York 

Samuel Edward Proctor Maryland 

M. Murray Reckson New York 

Marion Butler Roberts. ...North Carolina 

Jack Zeth Rohm Pennsylvania 

Stephen Isaiah Rosenthal. ...Pennsylvania 

Robert Rubenstein New Jersey 

Roberto Luis Sanchez Maryland 

Thomas Sewell Saunders, Jr. Maryland 

John Edward Savage D. C. 

David I. Schwartz Maryland 

Max Herman Shack New Jersey 

John Jacob Shaw New Jersey 

Sidney Leon Siegel New Jersey 

George Silverstein Connecticut 

John Frederick Simmons. ..Maryland 

Jerome Snyder Maryland 

Aaron C. Sollod Maryland 

Arthur James Statman New Jersey 

Charles Stein Maryland 

Frank Richard Stephenson Maryland 

Francis Nicholson Taylor Virginia 

Harry Goff Thompson . Illinois 

Thomas Haze Tomlinson, Jr. N. Carolina 

Max Evans Whicker North Carolina 

Frank Wilson, Jr. North Carolina 

Carl Alexander Wirts Pennsylvania 

Howard Lester Zupnik Pennsylvania 

Meyer Harry Zuravin New Jersey 

University Prize Gold Medal Charles Raymond Bell, Jr. 

Certificates of Honor 

David Stanford Clayman 

John Charles Dumler 

John Edward Savage Samuel Legum 

Solomon E. Gittleman 


The Dr. A. Bradley Gaithcr Memorial prize of 
urinary surgery during the senior year 

^25.00 for the best work in genito- 
— John Hoke Mickley 

Graduate in Nursing 

Nellie Virginia Butler West Virginia 

Blanche Virginia Cameron. W. Virginia 

Gladys Leona Durst Maryland 

Maiy E. Emery Ohio 

Irene Douglass Travers Gladden Md. 

Maurice Hardin South Carolina 

Eva Opal Holloway Maryland 

Margaret Louise Huddleston N. Carolina 

Virginia Lee _. .Florida 

Mildred E. Michael Maryland 

Carrie Estelle Miller Pennsylvania 

Ella Irene Miller Pennsylvania 

Ruby Harrold Morris Virginia 

Virginia Murdoch. Maryland 

Janet Beryl Reif snider .- Maryland 

Margaret Richards Maryland 

Luella M. Rodes. Maryland 

Gladys Louise Rudisill North Carolina 

Ruth Madeline Schaffer Maryland 

Josephine Alice Schuh West Virginia 

Arminta Eveline Taylor. Pennsylvania 
Julia Weddington Thompson N. Carolina 

Clara Evelyn Wilburn Maryland 

Mary Elizabeth Worthy S. Carolina 


The University of Maryland Nurses' Alumnae Association scholarship to pursue 
a course in administration, supervisory, or public health w^ork at Teachers 
College, Columbia University, to the student having the highest record in schol- 
arship. Luella Mildred Rodes 

The Elizabeth Collins Lee prize of $50.00 to the student having the second highest 

average in scholarship Virginia Lee 

The Mrs. John L. Whitehurst prize of $25.00 for the highest average in executive 

ability - Luella Mildred Rodes 

The Edwin and Leander M. Zimmerman prize of $50.00 for practical nursing and 
for displaying the greatest interest and sympathy for the patients 

Luella Mildred Rodes 

The University of Maryland Nurses' Alumnae Association pin, and membership 
in the Association, for practical nursing and executive ability 

Mary Elizabeth Emery 

Graduate in Pharmacy 

Daniel J. Abramson... ..Maryland 

Wilbur Gibson Askey Maryland 

Richard Freeman Austraw Maryland 

John Cletus Baier ^Maryland 

Samuel D. Beck Maryland 

Frederic Theodore Berman..—— Maryland 

C. Jelleff Carr ..Maryland 

Leo M. Czekaj Maryland 

Louis D. Davis.-— Maryland 

Joseph Drozd Maryland 

George James Dvorak Maryland 

Martin David Eisen Maryland 

Milton Leonard Elsberg _.. Maryland 

Luis Falagan Porto Rico 

Charles William Feldman Maryland 

Morris Feldman Maryland 

Mildred Carol Fleagle Maryland 

Isaac Frohman Maryland 

Irving Oscar Galperin Maryland 

Harry Joel Goldberg Maryland 

Charles Gordon Maryland 

Samuel Gordon Maryland 

Bernard M. Gorfine Maryland 

John Conrad Heck Maryland 

Henry Heneson Maryland 

Leonard Louis Hens Maryland 

Joseph James Hulla Maryland 

Louis Jacobs Maryland 

Bernard C. Jules Maryland 

Felix H. Kaminski Maryland 


William Stanley Karwacki, Jr. Maryland 

Nathan Allen Kelman Connecticut 

Charles Raymond Kesmodel Maryland 

Walter Kirson Maryland 

Leonard Howard Kramer Maryland 

A. M. Libowitz Maryland 

Edward Bennett Love New Jersey 

Stephen C. Mackowiak Maryland 

Herman Mendelson Maryland 

Julius A. Messina Maryland 

Reuben Miller Maryland 

Marius Anthony Moscati Mai-yland 

Joseph Robert Myerovitz Maryland 

Lyndon Beaver Myers Pennsylvania 

Morton Elliott Naiditch Maryland 

Anthony Victor Ordecki New Jersey 

William Andrew Parr __, Maryland 

Charles Michael Pfeifer Maryland 

Jerome Richmond Maryland 

Demetrio A. Rodriguez Porto Rico 

Morris Sacks __. Maryland 

George Eugene Sandals Connecticut 

Jacob E. Schmidt — Maryland 

Jacob Roth Segall Maryland 

Harry High Sellers Maryland 

Lawrence Joseph Shimanek Maryland 

Albert Robosson Shipley Maryland 

Irving Silberman Maryland 

Joseph Silberman Maryland 

Samuel Sisco Maryland 

Sidney Snyder : Maryland 

Joseph Louis Stecher Maryland 

Albert Steiner Maryland 

Edward C. Vojik Maryland 

Daniel George Wehner Maryland 

Ida Noveck Wolf Maryland 

James John Young Maryland 

Sidney Zerwitz Marvland 

Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy 

William Baker Maryland 

Paul Elliott Carliner Maryland 

Lawi-ence Jack Cohen -__.Maryland 

Justin Deal Maryland 

Samuel Diener Maryland 

William Heller Dyott Maryland 

Leon Henry Feldman Maryland 

Benjamin H. Ginsburg Maryland 

Herbert Goldstone Maryland 

Howard Goodman Maryland 

Joseph Gordon Maryland 

Isaac Gutman Maryland 

Karl H. Holtgreve Maryland 

Richard Ben Jaeggin Maryland 

Bernard Jaffe New York 

Nathan B. Janousky Maryland 

Edward S. Kallins Maryland 

Joseph Katz Maryland 

Sylvia Millett.__. Maryland 

Raymond Milton Morstein Maryland 

Maxwell Herschel Mund Maryland 

Louis Edward Oken Maryland 

William Arthur Purdum Maryland 

Samuel J. Rostov Maryland 

Sylvan I. Rubin Maryland 

Nathan Rudo _ Maryland 

Hyman S. Fcubinstein Maryland 

Milton S. Sacks Maryland 

Dorothy Elizabeth Schmalzer.... Maryland 

Daniel James Schwartz Maryland 

Theodore Allison Schwartz Maryland 

Louis Lazar Sherman Maryland 

Earle Maurice Wilder Maryland 

Nathan Wolf ^ Maryland 

Joseph I. Wollman Maryland 


Karl Harry Holtgreve 

Bernard Lavin 

Graduate in Pharmacy 

Walter Thomas Savage Nathaniel Arnold Miller 

iJachelor of Science in Pharmacy 

Thomas Gorsuch Wright 


Gold Medal for General Excellence Jacob E. Schmidt 

The William Simon Memorial Prize for proficiency in Practical Chemistry, 

Felix H. Kaminski 
The Charles Caspari, Jr., Memorial Prize ($50.00) Ida Noveck Wolf 

Ida Noveck Wolf 

Certificates of Honor 
Julius A. Messina 

Felix H. Kaminski 


Civil Engineer 

Alfred Francis Diener Pennsylvania Horace Richard Hampton. 

Electrical Engineev 

William Andrew Dynes Connecticut 

Mechanical Engineer 
Alan B. Neumann Maryland 

D. C. 

Howard B. Cordner. 


Doctor of Philosophy 

Maryland Herbert Reynolds Hiett. 

Marion Wesley Parker Maryland 

-South Dakota 


The Infantry Reserve Corps 

Louis William Berger 
Cornelius Wilbur Cissel 
John David Doerr 
Samuel Parker Faber 
James Charles Greely, Jr. 
Albert Courtney Hayden, Jr. 
John Wayne Hisle 
Raymond William Koelle 
William Mathias Kricker 
William Fuller Lines 
Charles Edward Miller 

David Scott Miller 
George Feltham Openshaw 
Charles Paul Reichel 
Thomas Oscar Rooney 
Claude Harman Smith 
V/illiam Lorraine Spicknall 
Ralph Thomas Sterling 
Howard Livingston Stier 
Edward Wendell Tippett 
Arthur Graham Turner, Jr. 
Ralph Wradlaw Watt 

The Signal Corps Reserve Corps 

Carl Julius Ackerman 
Theodore Bishoff 

Morton Silverberg 
Edmund Godey Whitehead 

College Park Division 


Jo Delia Alband 
Irving J. Applefeld 
John Rodgers Beall 
Theodore Bishoff 
Ronald Frederick Brown 
Virginia Brown Cooke 
Howard B. Cordner 
Ruth Eleanor Curtis 
Barbara Virginia Daiker 
Harry Marean Duvall 
Joseph Bailey Edmond 
Ruth Olive Ericson 

Howard Wilmer Geary 

Marcus Rankin Hatfield 

Irvin Charles Haut 

Margaret Turner Herring 

Herbert Reynolds Hiett 

John Wayne Hisle 

Herman Aull Hunter 

Mary Meigs IngersoU 

Dorothy Lee Lederer Jarrett ^ ^ ^ Harman Smith 

Earle Dwight Matthews ,,,„... ^r 

Joseph Miller ^^rk Wmton Woods 

Eleanor Leslie Murphy Doris M. Zabel 

Grace Marie Oldenburg 
George Feltham Openshaw 
Charlotte Elizabeth Pyles 
Marjorie Louise Rugge 
Eloyse Sargent 
Louis Gustav Schneider 
Evelyn Eckert Shank 
Ralph Wardlaw Watt 

Citizenship Prize, offered by Mr. H. C. Byrd, Class of 1908, to the member of the senior 
class who, during his collegiate career, has nearest typified the model citizen and 
who has done most for the general advancement of the interests of the University. 

Awarded to _— Louis William Berger 

Citizenship Prize, offered by Mrs. Albert F. Woods, to the woman member of the senior 
class who, during her collegiate career, has nearest typified the model citizen and 
has done most for the general advancement of the interests of the University. 
Awarded to Minna Rozetta Cannon 

Silvester Medal for Excellence in Athletics, offered by the Class of 1908, to the man who 
typifies the best in college athletics. 
Awarded to George Victor Chalmers 

Maryland Ring, offered by Charles L. Linhardt to the Maryland man outstanding for 
the year in athletics. 
Awarded to _ Jesse John Krajcovic 

Woman's Senior Honor Society Cup, offered to the woman member of the senior class 
v/ho has been in attendance at least three full years and who has made the highest 
scholastic average. 
Awarded to Ruth Olive Ericson 

James Douglas Goddard Memorial Medal, offered by his sister, Mrs. Anna K. Goddard 
James, to a student from Prince George's County for excellence in scholarship and 
moral character. 
Awarded to Esdras Stuart Gruyer 

Sigma Phi Sigma Medal, offered by the Delta Chapter to the freshman who makes the 
highest scholastic average during the first semester. 
Awarded to Evelyn Rose Brumbaugh 

Alpha Upsilon Chi Sorority Medal, offered to the sophomore girl who makes the highest 
scholastic average during the first semester. 
Awarded to Helen Mary Bradley 

The Dinah Berman Memorial Medal, offered by her son, Benjamin Herman, to that 
sophomore who has attained the highest scholastic average of his class in the Col- 
lege of Engineering. 
Awarded to Abraham Walter Jacobson 

Pi Delta Epsilon Journalistic Fraternity Medals, for outstanding work in journalism. 
Awarded to J. Marshall Mathias, Ernestine Amanda Hammack, Jane Maynard Hoist 

The Diamondback Medals awarded for efficient and faithful service on the student 
weekly paper 

Awarded to William C. H. Needham, Alfred G. L. Toombs, Eleanor Worthington 

Margerum, Lawrence Joseph Powers, Howard Hume Mathews 

The Reveille Medals awarded for efficient and faithful service on the student year book. 
Av/arded to Harry Ekas Hasslinger, Audrey Eliza- 
beth Jacobs, Albert Jefferson Benjamin 

The Old Line Medals awarded for efficient and faithful service on the student quarterly 

Awarded to William Richard McCallister, James Charles Greely, Jr. 

Rosalie Jensine Goodhart 

"Governor's Cup", offered by His Excellency, Honorable Albert C. Ritchie, Governor 
of Maryland, to the best drilled company. 
Awarded tO— Company A, commanded by Cadet Captain George Feltham Openshaw 

Military Faculty Award, to the student who has done most for the Reserve Officers' 
Training Corps. 
Awarded to Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Wardlaw Watt 

Military Department Medals, to the students contributing most to the success of each 
battalion during the year. 

Awarded to Cadet Major Louis William Berger, First Battalion 

Cadet Major Samuel Parker Faber, Second Battalion 

The University of Maryland Prize (Saber), to the best company commander. 
Awarded to Cadet Captain George Feltham Openshaw 

The Military Medal, offered by the Class of 1899, to the member of the battalion who 
proves himself the best drilled soldier. 
Awarded to Cadet Corporal Harry Trumbull Kelly 

The Alumni Cup, offered to the best drilled platoon. 

Awarded to _ Second Platoon, Company A, commanded by Cadet 

Second Lieutenant Edward Wendell Tippett 

The Scabbard and Blade Saber, to the commander of the winning platoon. 

Awarded to Cadet Second Lieutenant Edward Wendell Tippett 

The Military Department Medals, offered to the freshman in each battalion remaining 
longest in individual competition. 
Awarded to Cadets Joseph Marshall Mathias and Francis Dodge Shoemaker 

Gold Medals, offered by the Military Department, to the two students contributing most 
to the success of the band. 

Awarded to Cadet Sergeant Earl Lester Edwards and 

Cadet Corporal Donald Arthur Murray 

Squad Competition Gold Medals, to the members of the best drilled squad. 

Awarded to Cadet Corporal Harry T. Kelley, Squad Leader, and 

Cadets Charles P. Seay, Julius L. Goldman, Ernest A. 
Michaelson, Franklin L. Walker, Everett C. Weitzell, 
Walter N. Talkes, and William D. Davis 

Third Corps Area Silver Medal, to the student making the highest score in the Third 
Corps Area Rifle Match. 
Awarded to Cadet First Lieutenant William Lorraine Spicknall 

Third Corps Area Bronze Medal, to the student making second highest gallery score in 
the Third Corps Area Match. 
Awarded to Cadet Sergeant Lloyd Forrester Fish