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University of Maryland 

Baltimore and College Park Divisions 





C 35, 003 

Order of Exercises 

Estudiantina Waldteufel 

Selections from "Faust" Gounod 

Country Dance Beethoven 

Polonaise Militaire Chopin 

Hungarian Dance No. 5 Brahms 

University Orchestra 

^ * * 

Fest Marche from Tannhauser Wagner 

University Orchestra 

Invocation Rev. John J. Bunting, Crisfield, Maryland 

II Bacio- Waltz Arditti 

Address — 

His Excellency, Albert C. Ritchie, Governor of Maryland 

Conferring of Degrees and Presentation of Diplomas 

The President of the University 

Presentation of Military Commissions 


Benediction Rev. John J. Bunting, Crisfield, Maryland 

Marche Militaire Schubert 

University Orchestra 

The audience will please remain seated until the academic procession of officials, 
guests, deans, and faculty leaves the Coliseum. 



Willoughby Harland Biggs 

Joseph Tilghman Bishop 

Roger Franklin Burdette 

Marvin Glenn Callis 

John William Clay 

George Lightfoot Cole 

George Edward Connelly 

John Benjamin Cowgill 

John Phillip Dean 

John Murdock Duncan 

Charles Millard Eiler 

John Wheeler Ensor 

John Mitchell Franklin 

Guy Watson Gienger 

Herman Gorman 

William E. Hauver, Jr 

John William Krasausky 

Bachelor of Science 

-Maryland Charles Maurice Lewis Maryland 

-Maryland Robert Anthony Littleford D. C. 

-Maryland R. Arnold Maxwell Maryland 

-Maryland Wilbur Everett McCann Maryland 

-Maryland George Powell, Jr Maryland 

D. C. Norman Evans Prince Maryland 

-Maryland Gordon Scott Pugh Maryland 

-Maryland Charles Paul Reichel D. C. 

-Maryland William Lawrence Rice— .__ ._D. C. 

D. C. Howard Dunreath Richardson-Maryland 

-Maryland William L. Spicknall Maryland 

-Maryland George H. Stratmann Maryland 

-Maryland Selden Lee Tinsley D. C. 

-Maryland Howard John Twilley D. C. 

-Maryland Victor Meade Wingate Maryland 

-Maryland Alec Yedinak Maryland 


Bachelor of Science 

Bowen Sinclair Crandall Maryland Roger Lionel Pierpont Maryland 


First Honors 

Guy Watson Gienger 

George Edward Connelly 
William E. Hauver, Jr. 

Second Honors 
Howard John Twilley 

Robert Anthony Littleford 
Roger Franklin Burdette 
Herman Gorman 


Bachelor of Science 

Albert Jefferson Benjamin Maryland 

Harry C. Bowie Maryland 

Charles Miller Alexander Brewer, 


George Hector Brouillet Massachusetts 

Irving Burka D. C. 

Louis Francis Castaldo Connecticut 

Robert Lee Clopper Maryland 

Walter Anthony Connell Pennsylvania 

Harvey Francis Connick D. C. 

S. Ralph Deehl New Jersey 

Philip Michael Feldman New York 

Sidney Gelman New Jersey 

Charles Gerber New Jersey 

Esdras Stuart Gruver Maryland 

Catharina W. T. Hasenbalg Maryland 

Leo Hochfeld Maryland 

Richard Brashears Irey D. C. 

Bernard Henry Keener Maryland 

Howard Thomas Knobloch-Pennsylvania 

Mitchell Frank Kunkowski Maryland 

James Ewin Lamb, Jr. Maryland 

Leonard Jules Levinson New York 

Arthur Franklin McCauley Maryland 

Edward Joseph Mullen New Jersey 

Ralph E. Mullendore Maryland 

Morris John Nicholson Maryland 

Lawrence Perlman New York 

Ruth Norma Person New York 

Milton C. F. Semoff New York 

Sydney H. Shapiro New Jersey 

Dorothy Elizabeth Simpson Maryland 

Morris H. Stern New Jersey 

Adrian Taterka New Jersey 

John Ashby Yourtee Virginia 

Bachelor of Arts 

Marion Margaret Bates D. C. 

Eva Catherine Bixler Maryland 

Morris Bogdanow New Jersey 

Adam Gordon Brandau Maryland 

Alice May Brennan D. C. 

Winifred Joy Clark D. C. 

Catherine Crawford Maryland 

Virginia Smith Cronin Maryland 

Harold Ellsworth Crowther Maryland 

James Spencer Dyott Maryland 

Helen Farrington Maryland 

Maurice Horton Goubeau D. C. 

Allen E. Gregory Maryland 

Elena Hannigan Maryland 

Sannye Elizabeth Hardiman Maryland 

Russell Eugene Hebbard D. C. 

Richard Williamson Higgins D. C. 

Arthur Browning House Maryland 

Doris Lanahan Maryland 

Julius Levin Maryland 

Theodore Franklin Meyer. D. C. 

John William Miller Maryland 

Sydney Boroh Miller Maryland 

Marjorie Ruth Mowatt Maryland 

James Lawrence Plumley -Maryland 

Raymond James Poppelman.— California 

John N. Randolph D. C. 

Woodrow Wilson Rill Maryland 

Dorothy Sara Rombach Maryland 

Thomas Oscar Rooney D. C. 

Irving Sadowsky Maryland 

Jerome Schloss Maryland 

Donald Allender Shaffer Maryland 

Jeffrey Martin Small Maryland 

Frederick Will Stieber Maryland 

Edward Wendell Tippett D. C. 

Alfred Gerald Lawrence-Toombs„_.D. C. 

Robert Griffith Welch Maryland 

Thomas Hammond Welsh, Jr._.Maryland 

Fenton C. Wilcox Maryland 

Ralph Irwin Williams D. C. 

Irvin Otto Wolf -.-Maryland 

Edmund Farley Yocum Maryland 

Genevieve Kinkead Young D. C. 

Bachelor of Science 

August Ludwig Ewald, Jr Maryland 

John Nathan Frankel New Jersey 

Max Harold Herstein New Jersey 

David Abraham Rosenfeld D. C. 

Bachelor of Arts 

Edwin Lester Beachley Virginia 

Rudolf Ambrose Carrico Maryland 

Morris Milton Cohen Maryland 

Frank Cornelius Ebaugh, Jr D. C. 

Meredith Austin Flook Maryland 

Edwin Harlan Maryland 

Ernest Irvin Harrison Maryland 

Thomas Brue Neff, Jr D. C. 

Carl Pergler D. C. 

James Rittenhouse Ullrich Maryland 

Honorable Mention 

First Honors 

John Ashby Yourtee 
Esdras Stuart Gruver 
Elena Hannigan 
Morris Bogdanow 
Eva Catherine Bixler 
Sidney Gelman 
Edward Joseph Mullen 
Louis Francis Castaldo 

Second Honors 

Dorothy Elizabeth Simpson 
Marjorie Ruth Mowatt 
Helen Farrington 
Allen E. Gregory 
Philip Michael Feldman 
Harvey Francis Connick 
Robert Griffith Welch 
Leonard Jules Levinson 


Doctor of Dental Surgery 

Richard Anson Bailey Connecticut 

Robert Stark Barclay Pennsylvania 

George Michael Barile New Jersey 

Nathan Phillip Berman New Jersey 

Samuel Sidney Bisnovich Connecticut 

Philip Leonard Block Maryland 

Julius Bloomenfeld New York 

Malcolm Baker Bowers Massachusetts 

Herman Brener New Jersey 

Arthur A. Britowich New Jersey 

Abraham Allen Brotman New Jersey 

Morris Edgar Brown West Virginia 

Dudley Curtis Brownell New York 

Wallace Burton Chesterfield ^ New York 

William Gilbert Clark New Jersey 

Paul R. Clayton Pennsylvania 

Albert Cope Cook Maryland 

David Henry Duryea New Jersey 

Jack M. Eskow New Jersey 

Arlington Ditto Flory Maryland 

David Pearson Fruchtbaum New Jersey 

William Louis Gaebl Maryland 

J. Harry Garman New Jersey 

Charles Gillman New Jersey 

Aaron Albert Ginsburg New Jersey 

Morton J. Goldiner Maryland 

Lewis Goldstein New Jersey 

Ralph Jack Gordon Maryland 

John Leonard Gothers Connecticut 

Robert Herbert Gurvitz New Jersey 

Henry Herbert Hall Maryland 

Bruce Hamilton Massachusetts 

Nathaniel L. Helfmann New Jersey 

Emanuel Hoffman ...Maryland 

Paul W. Holter Maryland 

Samuel H. Homel Maryland 

Leon L. Horton Connecticut 

John Alfred Hoy Pennsylvania 

Robert Nathaniel Hunt...-North Carolina 

Jorge Icaza Nicaragua 

Aaron J. Janowitz New Jersey 

Irving Kaplan New Jersey 

William Henry Kirschner, Jr., 

Joseph S. Kocis, Jr New Jersey 

Walter Joseph Kowalski Pennsylvania 

Philip Ralph Kroser........ ...New Jersey 

Amy HokWan Kwan China 

Edgar Thomas Leary Delaware 

Alexander Levine New Jersey 

Martin A. Liddy, Jr. New Jersey 

Edward James Lora New Jersey 

Harland Winfield Lott .Pennsylvania 

Howard C. Mansell New Jersey 

Louis J. Markowitz New York 

Daryl Smythe McClung....West Virginia 
William Joseph McDermott.Rhode Island 

C. E. McGarry Maryland 

Richard Francis McGuire Connecticut 

Warren McKay New Jersey 

Filbert LeRoy Moore Maryland 

Morris Harry Nathan Connecticut 

Leo Nelson New York 

Milton S. Nussbaum New Jersey 

Edward Onienn Delaware 

Jose Aurelio Ortiz Costa Rica 

Normand Jean Paquette ....Rhode Island 

Theodore Lionel Piche.— Vermont 

Joseph Piombino, Jr New Jersey 

Allen John Reed New York 

David Horn Richardson Maryland 

Clarence John Rodgers Maryland 

Joseph Rubin New York 

Samuel Edward Schindler Maryland 

Jerome E. Schreiber New Jersey 

Clifford Schwartz New Jersey 

Anton James Schwarzkopf Florida 

Leon Seligman Maryland 

Joseph Shulman New Jersey 

Irving Steinfeld New Jersey 

Alphonse A. Stramski Massachusetts 

Ralph Botsford Thrall Connecticut 

Robert John Tocher Connecticut 

Merwin Armel Todd, Jr New Jersey 

Joseph William Toubman Connecticut 

Frederick H.. Trax, Jr .Pennsylvania 

Arthur Stanley Wheeler Maryland 

George Edmund Wheeler, Jr.. ...New York 

Mahlon Newton Wick New Jersey 

David Herbert Wilier Delaware 


University Gold Medal for Scholarship William Gilbert Clark 


Certificates of Honor 

Aaron Albert Ginsburg 
Arthur Stanley Wheeler 

Philip Leonard Block 
Malcolm Baker Bowers 

Alphonse A. Stramski 


Certificates in Industrial Education 

Howard Nelson Blight Maryland 

Frank Albert Cesky Maryland 

Paul Overton Horney Maryland 

William Edward Lehr Maryland 

Robert Fremin Loetell Maryland 

Robert Carroll Longford Maryland 

Mayfort Paul Miller Maryland 

Teacher's Diplomas 

Willoughby Harland Biggs Maryland 

Dorothy Jane Blaisdell. D. C. 

Katharine Stickney Bliss Maryland 

Marie Louise Brix .Maryland 

Sarah Kirk Brokaw Maryland 

William Ashwoi-th Burslem Maryland 

James Gilbert Busick Maryland 

Vesta Lee Byrd Maryland 

Marvin Glenn Callis Maryland 

Bertha E. Cannon Delaware 

Bernice Balch Cash Maine 

Robert Lee Clopper Maryland 

Margaret Richesin-Dodder Maryland 

Blanche Siddall Dulin..__ D. C. 

Charles Millard Eiler Maryland 

Francis Ellsworth Furgang_.. Maryland 

Guy Watson Gienger .___ Maryland 

Ruth Louise Gilbert D. C. 

Agnes Lee Gingell Maryland 

Leroy Trice Gravatte, Jr D. C. 

Allen E. Gregory, Maryland 

Helena J. Haines Maryland 

Harry Stanley Hancock Maryland 

Harry Ekas Hasslinger Maryland 

William E. Hauver, Jr. Maryland 

Louise Hersperger Maryland 

Idella Scarborough Horsey Maryland 

Elizabeth Elliott Howard Maryland 

Robert Matthew Francis Hudson, 


Esther Filanie Hughes D. C. 

Marie E. Hull Maryland 

Elinor Ireland Jones Maryland 

Margaret Dorothy Jump Maryland 

Mary Margaret Kaylor Maryland 

Doris Lanahan Maryland 

Dorothy Teressa Lane D. C. 

Lucy Aileen Lynham Maryland 

Anabel deVries Maxwell Maryland 

Mary Katherine Medinger Maryland 

Verna Schuster Metcalfe Maryland 

Evelyn Fayadria Miller Maryland 

Mary Martha Miller Maryland 

Ruth Miller Maryland 

Solomon Bernard Millison Maryland 

Sylvia Millett Maryland 

Marguerite E. Mitchell Maryland 

Preston Littlepage Peach Maryland 

Florence Elizabeth Peter D. C. 

Vera Fern Ream Maryland 

R. Selena Reynolds Maryland 

Mary Virginia Ricketts Maryland 

Dorothy Sara Rombach Maryland 

Edward A. Ronkin New York 

Julia Ann Roop Maryland 

Irving Sadowsky ___.. Maryland 

Ford I. Secrist Maryland 

Dorothy Buckingham Shipley, 

New Jersey 

Ann Elizabeth Smaltz D. C. 

Lou Cooper Snyder D. C. 

Phoebe Steffey Maryland 

Josephine Baddeley Symons. Maryland 

Sarah Florence Sugar D. C. 

Ralph Wardlaw Watt D. C. 

Nan Webster Maryland 

Sarah Frances Welsh Maryland 

Margaret Newman White Maryland 

Marjorie Lee Willoughby Maryland 

William Webb Wood ... D. C. 

Albert Westle Woods Missouri 


Bachelor of Science 

Marie Louise Brix Maryland 

William Ashworth Burslem Maryland 

James Gilbert Busick Maryland 

Bernice Balch Cash Maine 

Margaret Richesin-Dodder Maryland 

Francis Ellsworth Furgang. Maryland 

Ruth Louise Gilbert D. C. 

Agnes Lee Gingell Maryland 

Clifton Greenleaf Hall D. C. 

Harry Stanley Hancock Maryland 

Louise Hersperger Maryland 

Marie E. Hull Maryland 

Elinor Ireland Jones Maryland 

Mary Katherine Medinger Maryland 

Solomon Bernard Millison Maryland 

John Richard Mitchell Maryland 

Ford I. Secrist ...Maryland 

Robert Brookey Stull Maryland 

Josephine Baddeley Symons Maryland 

Carroll Fisher Warner Maryland 

Nan Webster -Maryland 

William Webb Wood D. C. 

Albert Westle Woods Missouri 

Bachelor of Science 

Industrial Education 

Edward James Arnold Maryland 

Claude Albert Burkert Maryland 

William Frederick Haefner Maryland 

Harry William Krausse Maryland 

Joseph H. Letzer... Maryland 

Edward LeRoy Longley Maryland 

Frederick Volland Maryland 

Paul Alexander Willhide Maryland 

Ralph Allen Winter Maryland 

Howard Edward Ziefle Maryland 

Bachelor of Arts 

Sarah Kirk Brokaw . Maryland 

Blanche Siddall Dulin D. C. 

Leroy Trice Gravatte, Jr D. C. 

Harry Ekas Hasslinger Maryland 

Elizabeth Elliott Howard Maryland 

Robert Matthew Francis Hudson, 


Margaret Dorothy Jump..- ...Maryland 

Mary Margaret Kaylor Maryland 

Lucy Aileen Lynham Maryland 

Anabel deVries Maxwell Maryland 

Verna Schuster Metcalfe Maryland 

Marguerite E. Mitchell Maryland 

Florence Elizabeth Peter D. C. 

Vera Fern Ream Maryland 

Ruth Virginia Reed Maryland 

Mary Virginia Rieketts Maryland 

Julia Ann Roop Maryland 

Dorothy Buckingham Shipley, 

New Jersey 

Lou Cooper Snyder D. C. 

Phoebe Steffey Maryland 

Sarah Florence Sugar D. C. 

Marjorie Lee Willoughby Maryland 


Bachelor of Arts 
Marguerita Kenny New York Elizabeth Phillips Myers. 


Marguerita Kenny. 

Teacher's Diploma 

New York Erma Louise Lowe- 
Elizabeth Phillips Myers Maryland 


Honorable Mention 

First Honors 

Phoebe Steffey 
Mary Margaret Kaylor 
Julia Ann Roop 
Marie Louise Brix 
Florence Elizabeth Peter 

Second Honors 

Ruth Louise Gilbert 
Sarah Florence Sugar 
Vera Fern Ream 
Marguerite E. Mitchell 


Bachelor af Science 

John Loren Adams Maryland 

Norman Bond Belt Maryland 

Howard Matthew Biggs D. C. 

Howard Merrill Bixby D. C. 

Edgar Ward Blanch Maryland 

John H. Bowie Maryland 

Walter Franklin Burdick Maryland 

John Thomas Doyle D. C. 

Robert Edward Dunning Maryland 

George Theodore Eppley D. C. 

John Taylor Fisher D. C. 

William Taylor Fulford Maryland 

Owen Atkinson Hall Maryland 

Horace Richard Higgins D. C. 

George Lawrence Hockensmith, 


Charles Gilbert Hoffman Maryland 

Edward Stewart Holland, Jr D. C. 

John Horton D. C. 

John Perry Huebsch D. C. 

Frank Edwin Isemann D. C. 

Lloyd J. Jones Maryland 

Charles Edward Kitchin Maryland 

Fred Sliter Lawless D. C. 

Richard Louis Lloyd Maryland 

Frederick Van Buren Lawrence, 


Howard Hume Mathews Maryland 

Samuel Earl McGlathery, Jr. .Maryland 
Charles Percival Merrick, Jr.___.Maryland 

David Scott Miller D. C. 

Charles Towers Mothersead D. C. 

Richard B. Murdoch Maryland 

Harold Butler Norwood D. C. 

Roger Peed D. C. 

Lewis George Phillips D. C. 

Charles Hoshall Rahe Maryland 

Neil Clinton Read Maryland 

Lawrence Melvin Roberts Maryland 

Robert Edward Scott D. C. 

John Wesley Seager Maryland 

Stanley Dean Shinn Maryland 

Edmund Palmer Shrewsbury... Maryland 

Arnold Wolff Smoot Delaware 

Dale Frederick Snell D, C. 

William Parvin Starr Maryland 

Allen Carrol Stephens D. C. 

John Walter Streett, III Maryland 

George Oswald Weber D. ;C. 


Ercell Larman Maloney D. C. 

Aldrich Francis Medbery D. C. 

Alfred Edward Williamson, Jr., 


First Honors 

Honorable Mention 

Charles Towers Mothersead 
Arnold Wolff Smoot 
Charles Hoshall Rahe 
John Perry Huebsch 

Second Honors 

Edgar Ward Blanch 
Howard Hume Mathews 
Owen Atkinson Hall 
John Taylor Fisher 
Robert Edward Scott 

Master of Science 

Wallace K. Bailey North Carolina 

William B. Baker Maryland 

Dorothy Jane Blaisdell D. C. 

John Oliver Burton Minnesota 

William Parsons Campbell Maryland 

James William Coddington Maryland 

William Luther Crentz D. C. 

Samuel L. Crosthwait Maryland 

Gustav Edward Cwalina Maryland 

Ruth Olive Ericson Maryland 

Frederick Vahlcamp Grau Nebraska 

Donald Cooper Grove Maryland 

Joseph Hamilton, Jr Maryland 

Willard Theodore Raskins New York 

Arthur Bucher Hersberger Maryland 

Mary Meigs Ingersoll Maryland 

Harold Leon Jenkins D. C. 

Mary Tompkins Kanagy D. C. 

Leopoldo Trinos Karganilla, 

Philippine Islands 

Morris Katzman D. C. 

George Francis Madigan D. C. 

Paul Charles Marth Maryland 

Margarethe Oakley Maryland 

Samuel C. Oglesby, Jr Maryland 

Clare William Pierce Pennsylvania 

Bertran S. Roberts Maryland 

Harry Rosen _.D. C. 

Eloyse Sargent D. C. 

Sterl Amos Shrader.... West Virginia 

Frank R. Smith Maryland 

Ben B. Sproat Indiana 

Charles Brown Tompkins, II D. C. 

Fletcher Pearre Veitch, Jr. Maryland 

Frank Neal Wheelan Iowa 

Joseph Clark White Maryland 

Mark Winton Woods Maryland 

Master of Arts 

Irving J. Applefeld Maryland 

Katherine Sophia Arends D. C. 

Evelyn Truth Bixler D. C. 

Roberta E. Bridgeforth Virginia 

Lillian L. Casey Maryland 

Johnnie Baldwin Coe D. C. 

Franklin DeLany Cooley Maryland 

Mary Holder-Dietel Maryland 

Keener Wilson Eutsler West Virginia 

Richard Franklin Farley Maryland 

Willis Thomas Frazier D. C. 

George Edmund Gifford Maryland 

William Miles Hanna Maryland 

Perlie deFlorian Henderson Maryland 

Bolton Movius House Maryland 

Dorothy Lee Lederer Jarrett D. C. 

Austin A. LaMar, Jr. Maryland 

Robert Homer Likely Maryland 

Grace Marie Oldenburg Maryland 

Preston Littlepage Peach Maryland 

Alfred Augustine Pease Pennsylvania 

Charlotte Elizabeth Pyles Maryland 

Helen Reed Maryland 

Wilson O. Rigdon Maryland 

George Robertie Massachusetts 

Gervis Gardner Shugart Maryland 

Max Atlee Smith Maryland 

Charlotte Mason Taylor Maryland 

Leland Griffith Worthington...-Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

Mary Elizabeth Bonthron Maryland 

Vesta Lee Byrd Maryland 

Bertha E. Cannon Delaware 

Dorothy Areme Claflin _.. Maryland 

Wilma Coleman Maryland 

Mary Alice Essich Maryland 

Esther Filanie Hughes D. C. 

Ruth Allen Hunt Maryland 

Dorothy Teressa Lane D. C. 

Helen Wright Lines Maryland 

Evelyn Fayadria Miller Maryland 

Mary Martha Miller Maryland 

Ruth Dandridge Nelson D. C. 

Rosa Lee Reed D. C. 

R. Selena Reynolds Maryland 

Claire Shepherd Maryland 

Ann Elizabeth Smaltz D, C. 

Sarah Frances Welsh Maryland 

Margaret Newman White Maryland 

First Honors 

R. Selena Reynolds 
Esther Filanie Hughes 

Honorable Mention 

Second Honors 

Margaret Newman White 
Ann Elizabeth Smaltz 

Certificate of Proficiency 

George Wentworth Haley Maryland 


Bachelor of Laws 

Robert Louis Abell Maryland 

David Stanley Brown. - Maryland 

Rudolf Ambrose Carrico Maryland 

Ely Albert Castleman Maryland 

Irvine Clayton Clingan Maryland 

Franklin Kent Cooper Maryland 

Charles Crane . Maryland 

Omar Derotheus Crothers, Jr.. .Maryland 

William Taft Feldman. Maryland 

A. David Gomborov Maryland 

Vincent R. Grillo Maryland 

George Gump Maryland 

Charles David Harris Maryland 

Thomas Francis Johnson Maryland 

John Francis Kelly ..Maryland 

Jerome Leonard Klaff Maryland 

Paul Horace Langdon Maryland 

William Alexander Loker.. ...Maryland 

Rose Elizabeth Maggio Mai-yland 

Howard Melvin, Jr. Maryland 

John Hanson Mitchell.. Maryland 

George Veasey Parkhurst Maryland 

John Gilbert Prendergast.... Pennsylvania 

Emil G. Schmidt Maryland 

William Henry Scott Maryland 

William Joseph Sebald Maryland 

Herman Shapiro Maryland 

Morris M. Silverberg Maryland 

Vance Richmond Sullivan Maryland 

May Hatton Truitt. Maryland 

Warren Hyland Van Sant Maryland 

Estelle Porn Williams Maryland 


William Hazelwood Doyle Maryland 



Bachelor of Laws 


Prize of $100.00 for the highest average grade for the entire course, 

Day School George Gump 

Prize of $100.00 for the highest average grade for the entire course, 

School William Taft Feldman 

Alumni prize of $50.00 for best argument in Honor Case in the Practice 

Court George Gump 

George O. Blome prizes to representatives on Honor Case in the Practice Court 
George Gump George Veasey Parkhurst 

George Wentworth Haley John Gilbert Prendergast 


Doctor of Medicine 

Harold H. Aaron New York 

George Stansbury Baker Maryland 

Albert Earl Barnhardt— North Carolina 

Sam Beanstock New York 

Martin Becker New Jersey 

David E. Bellin New York 

Joseph Cecil Bernstein Maryland 

Louis Blitzman New York 

Harry Daniel Bowman — Maryland 

Meyer Marvin Cohen New Jersey 

Richard Williamson Comegys Maryland 

Harold Clayton Diehl Maryland 

Frank Di Stasio Connecticut 

Victor Drucker New York 

Meyer Emanuel New York 

Meyer George Etkind Connecticut 

Jerome Fineman Maryland 

Haskell Wright Fox North Carolina 

Frank A. Franklin New Jersey 

Ralph Bernard Garrison North Carolina 
Alexander Blodnick Goldman „New York 

i Meyer L. Goldman New York 

; James Stanley Gorrell Maryland 

! William Lemuel Griggs, Jr., 

North Carolina 

i Earle Harold Harris New York 

Louten Rhodes Hedgpeth, 

North Carolina 
Earl Wentworth Hemminger, 


Gustav Highstein Maryland 

Albert Joseph Himelfarb Maryland 

William Alonzo Hoover ..North Carolina 

George Hillel Hurwitz Connecticut 

Joseph Hyman _...New York 

Morris Hyman Connecticut 

Myron Lewis Kenler New York 

Ann Patrick Kent D. C. 

Lauriston Livingston Keown — Maryland 

Charles Kimmel New Jersey 

Leon Arthur Kochman Maryland 

Wilfred Kane Konigsberg New York 

George E. Lentz Pennsylvania 

Bernard Daniel Lifland New Jersey 

Milton Edward Lowman Maryland 

Wallace Henry Malinoski Maryland 

George Adolph Matheke New Jersey 

Benjamin Miller New York 

Meyer George Miller New York Irving Moore Maryland 

Sidney Novenstein Connecticut 

Kermit Edward Osserman New York 

George Foster Peer West Virginia 

Jose Teodoro Pico Porto Rico 

Nathan Racusin Maryland 

Daniel Robert Robinson New York 

Manuel Espinosa Robledo ...Porto Rico 

Arthur Rosenberg New York 

David H. Rosenfeld Maryland 

Samuel Rubin Maryland 

Hedley E. Rutland Pennsylvania 

Harold Sager New Jersey 

Asa Mark Scarborough... South Carolina 

Hyman Schiff ...Maryland 

Joseph Schiff Maryland 

Blane Markwood Schindler Maryland 

Maurice H. Schneiman Pennsylvania 

George Schochet Maryland 

Alec Robert Schwartz.. ..Pennsylvania 

Paul M. Schwartz Maryland 

Stephen Sewell New Jersey 

Cornelius Joseph Shea Connecticut 

George Clyde Shinn North Carolina 

Ashby Wade Smith Virginia 

Howard Stackhouse, Jr New Jersey 

Maurice Lee Stern New York 

Clifford Morrison Taylor Maryland 

Mark Thumim New York 

Leonard Francis Turano New York 

John Lee Van Metre West Virginia 

Samuel Eason Way North Carolina 

Samuel Weisman Maryland 

Michael Joseph Wieciech Maryland 

Frank Wolbert Maryland 

Barney Lelon Woodard ...North Carolina 
Thomas Larry Woodford....West Virginia 
Saul Zager ....New Jersey 


Doctor of Medicine 

Louis Frank Klimes Maryland 


University Prize Gold Medal 

-James Irving Moore 


Certificates of Honor 

Manuel Espinosa Robledo Harold H. Aaron 

Meyer L. Goldman Meyer George Etkind 

Kermit Edward Osserman 

The Dr. A. Bradley Gaither Memorial prize of $25.00 for the best work in genito-urinary 
surgery during the senior year Samuel Weisman 


Graduate in Nursing 

Daphne Garnett Barclift, 

North Carolina 

Dorothy Emily Blum —Maryland 

Dorothy Mae Bowman New York 

Arra Marie Burnette West Virginia 

Thelma Jacqueline Caldwell, 

West Virginia 

Dorothy Christopher Maryland 

Marie Helen Clark Maryland 

Bessie Ellen Conner Maryland 

Ruth Emma Dahlmer Maryland 

Gladys Gertrude Hix South Carolina 

Doris Christina Jones Maryland 

Kathryn Parr Mattingly— Maryland 

Mary Virginia McCune-_ West Virginia 

Allie Susan McKeel North Carolina 

Edna Estelle Martin Melson Virginia 

Sally Maria Melson Virginia 

Mildred Evelyn Reese Maryland 

Bertha Elizabeth Scarborough-Maryland 
Margaret Claire Sherman.-Pennsylvania 

Martha Willanna Skinner Maryland 

Virginia Winifred Stack Maryland 

Anna Elizabeth Stein Pennsylvania 

Marguerite Marie Wengerd, 


Dorothy Carolyn Wright Pennsylvania 

Vivian Walker Wynne— North Carolina 


The Janet Hale Memorial Scholarship, given by the University of Maryland Nurses' 
Alumnae Association, to pursue a course in administration, supervisory, or public 
health work at Teachers College, Columbia University, to the student having the 
highest record in scholarship Ruth Emma Dahlmer 

The Elizabeth Collins Lee prize of $50.00 to the student having the second highest 
average in scholarship Thelma Jacqueline Caldwell 

The Mrs. John L. Whitehurst prize of $25.00 for the highest average in executive 
ability - Thelma Jacqueline Caldwell 

The Edwin and Leander M. Zimmerman prize of $50.00 for practical nursing and for 
displaying the greatest interest and sympathy for the patients .Gladys Gertrude Hix 

The University of Maryland Nurses' Alumnae Association pin, and membership in the 
Association, for practical nursing and executive ability—Margaret Claire Sherman 


Graduate in Pharmacy 

Manuel Abramowitz Maryland 

Truman Lee Anderson Maryland 

Louis Leon Balotin Maryland 

Jack Barshack ..Maryland 

Leonard Beitler Maryland 

Lester Leroy Bennett Maryland 

Abraham Blum Maryland 

Solomon Bomstein Maryland 

Robert Wilson Brady Maryland 

Leonard Brill Maryland 

Emanuel Browdy Maryland 

Lester Leon Burtnick Maryland 

Louis Eugene Daily Maryland 

Michael Joseph Dausch Maryland 

Theodore Thomas Dittrich Maryland 

Melvin F, W. Dunker Maryland 

Karl Henry Finkelstein Maryland 

Robert Fribush Maryland 

Albert Friedman Maryland 

Gilbert I. Friedman Maryland 

Louis Calvin Gareis Maryland 

Betty Gitomer Maryland 

Theodore Gleiman Maryland 

Sigmund Goldberg Maryland 

Fred Emanuel Goldsmith Maryland 

Charles Greenfield Maryland 

Isidore J. Hendelberg Maryland 

Nathaniel Potter Henderson Maryland 

Gilbert Hillman Maryland 

Isadore Kaplan Maryland 

Irvin Bernard Kemick . Maryland 

Jerome Kirson Maryland 

Robert Harold Klotzman Maryland 

Lester Norman Kolman Maryland 

Bernard Lapin Maryland 

Bernard Levin Maryland 

Philip Levin Virginia 

Gregory William Augnast Leyko, 


Santi Vincent Lusco Maryland 

Ben Harold Macks Maryland 

Samuel Markin Maryland 

David H. Mermelstein Maryland 

Abraham Miller Maryland 

William Moshenberg Maryland 

Charles Myers Maryland 

David Newman Maryland 

Sam Novey Maryland 

Samviel Nusinow Maryland 

Isidore Pass Maryland 

Howard Paul Maryland 

Jerome Pinerman Maryland 

Morris Pollekoff Maryland 

Oscar Potash Maryland 

Bernard J. Preston, Jr. Maryland 

Elton Resnick Maryland 

William Rotkovitz Maryland 

Melvin H. Rudman Maryland 

Harry Robert Rudy, Jr. Maryland 

Sidney Safran Maryland 

David A. Santoni Maryland 

William- Sapperstein Maryland 

William Joseph Schmalzer, Jr.-Maryland 

Morton J. Schnaper Maryland 

Meyer Robert Shear Maryland 

Leon P. Shuster Maryland 

Maurice R. Smith Maryland 

Frank J. Sperandeo Maryland 

Louis Taich Maryland 

Leon Lee Tattar Maryland 

Franklin Edmondson Thayer— Maryland 

Louis F. Troja, Jr , Maryland 

Sylvia Lois Velinsky Maryland 

Louis Vogel, Jr. Maryland 

Reginald S. Wilderson Maryland 

Louis Henry Witzke Maryland 

Jeannette Estelle Yevzeroff Maryland 

Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy 

C. Jelleff Carr ..Maryland 

Philip Cohen New Jersey 

Edward F. Cotter Maryland 

Earl Henry Diehl Maryland 

Grant Downs Maryland 

George James Dvorak Maryland 

Charles William Feldman Maryland 

Joseph Bernard Gross Maryland 

Aaron Harris Maryland 

Jeannette Rosaline Eisenbrandt 

Heghinian Maryland 

Benjamin Highstein Maryland 

Abraham Ben Hurwitz Maryland 

Leonard Valentine Itzoe ....Pennsylvania 

Milton Levin Maryland 

Stephen Casimir Mackowiak....Maryland 

Charles Bernard Marek Maryland 

Julius A. Messina Maryland 

Harry M. Robinson, Jr Maryland 

George Frederick Schmitt, Jr...Maryland 

Paul Schonfeld Maryland 

Milton Siscovick Maryland 

Milton R. Stein Maryland 

Alvin E. W. Wode Maryland 

James John Young Maryland 

Graduate in Pharmacy 

Milton Herbert Feldman Maryland Marvin J. Foxman 

Alvin A. Greenberg Maryland 


Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy 
William Howard Hunt Maryland 


Gold Medal for General Excellence 

-Melvin F. W. Dunker 

The William Simon Memorial Prize for Proficiency in Practical Chemistry, 

Isadore Kaplan 
The Simon Solomon Prize ($50.00) William Joseph Schmalzer, Jr. 


Sylvia Lois Velinsky 

Walter Scott Atkinson- 
Leo Blankman 

Certificate of Honor 

Theodore Thomas Dittrich 

Bernard Levin 

Civil Engineer 
-Maryland Jay V. Hall- 

Sam Novey 

-D. C. 

James Slater Davidson, Jr.- 

-New York 
D. C. 

John Campbell Slack 

Alfred Franklin Weirich. 

James Hayward Harlow, III, 


Electrical Engineer 

Ralph Charles VanAllen 

D. C. 


Robert Randolph Welsh- 

-D. C. 
D. C. 

Mechanical Engineer 
Raymond Franklin lager D. C. 

Doctor of Philosophy 

John Conrad Bauer Maryland Felix Scott Lagasse Delaware 

Doris Mable Cochran ^^^^l^"^ Edouard Horace Siegler Maryland 

Joseph Bailey Edmond Michigan _, t> a. o -^i. -n i • 

Noel Elmer Foss South Dakota Thomas Benton Smith Pennsylvania 

William Allen Frazier Texas Glenn Statler Weiland Maryland 

Irvin Charles Haut Washington 


The Infantry Reserve Corps 

Howard Matthew Biggs 
Elmer Paul Curtin 
John Thomas Doyle 
Robert Edward Dunning 
Guy Watson Gienger 
Leroy Trice Gravatte, Jr. 
Harry Ekas Hasslinger 
William Eugene Hauver, Jr. 
Horace Richard Higgins 
Arthur Browning House 
John Perry Huebsch 
Ernest Dorrance Kelly 

Fred Sliter Lawless 
Robert Arnold Maxwell 
Samuel Earl McGlathery, Jr. 
John Richard Mitchell 
William Charles Needham 
John Nelson Randolph 
Jack Riley 

Donald Allender Shaffer 
Arnold Wolflf Smoot 
George Oswald Weber 
Ralph Irwin Williams 
William Webb Wood 


The Signal Corps Reserve Corps 

Roland Augustus Linger 

College Park Division 


Eva Catherine Bixler "William E. Hauver, Jr. 

Morris Bogdanow John Perry Huebsch 

Marie Louise Brix Esther Filanie Hughes 

John Oliver Burton Charles Towers Mothersead 

George Edward Connelly Marjorie Ruth Mowatt 

Franklin DeLany Cooley Edward Joseph Mullen 

Richard Franklin Farley Florence Elizabeth Peter 

Helen Farrington Charles Hoshall Rahe 

William Allen Frazier R. Selena Reynolds 

Guy Watson Gienger Arnold Wolff Smoot 

Ruth Louise Gilbert r> u jj. t i. oj. i. 

Frederick Vahlcamp Grau Bernhardt Joseph Statman 

Esdras Stuart Gruver Phoebe Steffey 

Elena Hannigan John Ashby Yourtee 


John Conrad Bauer William Allen Frazier 

Doris Mable Cochran John Koster 

Noel Elmer Foss Edouard Horace Siegler 

Citizenship Prize, offered by Mr. H. C. Byrd, Class of 1908, to the member of the senior 
class who, during his collegiate career, has nearest typified the model citizen and 
who has done most for the general advancement of the interests of the University. 

Awarded to Ralph Irwin Williams 

Citizenship Prize, offered by Mrs. Albert F. Woods, to the woman member of the senior 
class who, during her collegiate career, has nearest typified the model citizen and 
has done most for the general advancement of the interests of the University. 

Awarded to Eva Catherine Bixler 

Silvester Medal for Excellence in Athletics, offered by the Class of 1908, to the man who 
typifies the best in college athletics. 

Awarded to . Albert Westle Woods 

Maryland Ring, offered by Charles L. Linhardt to the Maryland man outstanding for 
the year in athletics. 

Awarded to Gordon Scott Pugh 

Woman's Senior Honor Society Cup, offered to the woman member of the senior class 
who has been in attendance at least three full years and who has made the highest 
scholastic average. 

Awarded to R. Selena Reynolds 

James Douglas Goddard Memorial Medal, offered by his sister, Mrs. Anna K. Goddard 
James, to a student from Prince George's County for excellence in scholarship and 
moral character. 

Awarded to John Thomas Dressel 

Sigma Phi Sigma Medal, offered by the Delta Chapter to the freshman who makes the 
highest scholastic average during the first semester. 

Awarded to Thomas Stout Reid 

Alpha Upsilon Chi Sorority Medal, offered to the sophomore girl who makes the highest 
scholastic average during the first semester. 

Awarded to Elsie Mae Dunn 

The Dinah Berman Memorial Medal, offered by her son, Benjamin Berman, to that 
sophomore who has attained the highest scholastic average of his class in the 
College of Engineering. 

Awarded to Edward Sewell Barber 

Pi Delta Epsilon Journalistic Fraternity Medals, for oustanding work in journalism. 

Awarded to Wilson Francis Dawson, Jean Ferguson, Leonard Jules Levinson 

The Diamondback Medals awarded for efficient and faithful service on the student 
weekly paper. 

Awarded to William Charles H. Needham, Stanley Morton Hollins, Alfred Gerald 

Lawrence-Toombs, Lawrence Joseph Powers, Everett Carl Weitzell 
The Reveille Medals awarded for efficient and faithful service on the student year 

Awarded to Harry Dorsey Gough Carroll, Frederick Howe Cutting, Emily 

Louise Reinohl 

The Old Line Medals awarded for efficient and faithful service on the student quarterly 

Awarded to James Shercliff Decker, Norman Evans Prince, Dorothy Areme 

Claflin, Louise Littman 
"Governor's Cup," offered by His Excellency, Honorable Albert C. Ritchie, Governor of 
Maryland, to the best drilled company. 

Awarded to Company D, commanded by Cadet Captain Arthur Browning House 

Military Faculty Award, to the student who has done most for the Reserve Officers' 
Training Corps. 

Awarded to Cadet Lieutenant Colonel George Oswald Weber 

Military Department Medals, to the students contributing most to the success of each 
battalion during the year. 

Awarded to Cadet Major Ralph Irwin Williams, First Battalion 

Cadet Major John Perry Huebsch, Second Battalion 
The University of Maryland Prize (Saber), to the best company commander. 

Awarded to Cadet Captain Arthur Browning House 

The Military Medal, offered by the Class of 1899, to the member of the battalion who 
proves himself the best drilled soldier. 

Awarded to Cadet Robert Webster Slye, Jr. 

The Alumni Cup, offered to the best drilled platoon. 

Awarded to Second Platoon, Company F, commanded by Cadet Sergeant 

Howard Caho Turner 
The Scabbard and Blade Saber, to the commander of the winning platoon. 

Awarded to Cadet Sergeant Howard Caho Turner 

The Military Department Medals, offered to the freshman in each battalion remaining 
longest in individual competition. 

Awarded to Cadets Robert Webster Slye and Raymond Wellington Alexander 

Gold Medals, offered by the Military Department, to the two students contributing 
most to the success of the band. 

Awarded to Cadet Sergeants Marvin Luther Speck and Sanford Thomas Speer 

Squad Competition Gold Medals, to the members of the best drilled squad. 

Awarded to Cadet Corporal Ralph Windsor Ruffner, Squad Leader and Cadets 

Raymond Scrivener Blackman, John Gordon Byers, James Sweet- 
man Beattie, George Edwin Ijams, Jr., Clifford Baxter Smith, Ralph 
Irving Evans, Richard Walker Worthington, Jr. 
Third Corps Area Silver Medal, to the student making the highest score in the Third 
Corps Area Rifle Match. 

Awarded to Cadet Corporal William Frederick Neale, Jr. 

Third Corps Area Bronze Medal, to the student making second highest gallery score 
in the Third Corps Area Match. 
Awarded to Cadet William Appleton Pates