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University of Maryland 

Baltimore and College Park Divisions 






Order of Exercises 

Overture to Norma Bellini 

Faust Waltz Gounod 

Pilgrims' Chorus Wagner 

Trepak Tschaikowski 

Londonderry Air Old Irish 

University Orchestra 

* * * 

Marche Aux Flambeaux Clark 

University Orchestra 

Invocation President Coleman Nevils, S. J., Georgetown University 

Moment Musical Schubert 

Address His Excellency, Albert C. Ritchie, Governor of Maryland 

Conferring of Degrees, Presentation of Diplomas and Military Commis- 
sions, and Announcements The President of the University 

Benediction Rev. John J. Bunting, D.D., Crisfield. Maryland 

Marche Pontificale Gounod 

University Orchestra 

The audience will please remain seated until the academic procession of officials, 
guests, deans, and faculty leaves the Coliseum. 



Civil Engineer 

William Irvine Russell D. C. James Nicholas Wallace D.C 

John Kay Daly D. C. 

Electrical Engineer 
William Hartge Fifer Maryland Carroll Staley James Maryland 

Mechanical Engineer 
William Craycroft Schofield D. C. 

Doctor of Philosophy 

Russell Guy Brown.... West Virginia 

Robert Flint Chandler, Jr.. Maine 

Frank Henry John Figge. Maryland 

Paul Lewis Fisher D. C. 

Harry Lee Greenberg... Maryland 

Robert Warner Hendricks Maryland 

John William Heuberger Rhode Island 

Gordon Mabey Kline..... D. C. 

John Koster Maryland 

William Gordon Rose.... Utah 

Hyman Solomon Rubinstein Maryland 

Eugene A. Siegler Maryland 

Florence Tucker Simonds Maryland 

Joseph R. Spies Dakota 

Neil Wade Stuart Michigan 


The Infantry Reserve Corps 

Edward Wilson Auld, Jr. 
William Henderson Carpenter 
Harry D. G. Carroll 
Harry Enlow Carter 
Spencer Bliss Chase 
Frederick Howe Cutting 
Earl Lester Edwards 
Benjamin Harrison Evans, Jr. 
Peter Frost Hilder 
Harold Beaupain Houston 

Harry Trumbull Kelly 

Edwin Hubbard Lawton 

Gordon Hall Livingston 

Charles William Ockershausen, Jr. 

Edward Francis Quinn, Jr. 

Robert Wilcox Sonen 

Robert Glenn Snyder 

Howard Caho Turner 

Thomas Holliday Webster, III 

Richard Osmond White 

Bachelor of Science 

Edward Wilson Auld, Jr Maryland 

Erwin Petty Beardsley ___ D. C. 

Frank Edward Blood. D. C. 

Paul Joseph Bush ......D, C. 

Spencer Bliss Chase Maryland 

John Evans Clark Maryland 

John Cotton D.C. 

*Garnet Edward Davis Maryland 

Vernon Thomas Doyle Maryland 

Charlotte Rebecca Ensor Maryland 

Benjamin H. Evans Maryland 

Lloyd Randolph Eyler Maryland 

Bernard Francis Havlick Maryland 

John Kenneth Hutchins Maryland 

Beatrice Yoimg Jarrett— Maryland 

Walter Hill Lappen, Jr. New Jersey 

Arthur Lohrmann Maryland 

Gerald Robert Pielke Maryland 

Ralph Donald Reed.. „_ D. C. 

Ralph Walker Ruble._ Maryland 

Cornelius Barrett Shear._ Virginia 

Josiah Shepard.-.. Maryland 

Robert Glenn Snyder Maryland 

Elmer Eugene Thomas, Jr Maryland 

Rufus Henry Vincent Maryland 

Francis Patterson Wells D. C' 

Richard Osmond White Maryland 

Charles Darby Yauch._ _ D. C 

*Awarded Teacher's Diploma. 

Bachelor of Science 

William Henry Dunbar New York 

First Honors Second Honors 

Garnet Edward Davis Paul Joseph Bush 

Ralph Walker Ruble Robert Glenn Snyder 

Francis Patterson Wells Cornelius Barrett Shear 


Bachelor of Science 

Milton G, Abarbanel New Jersey 

John Robert Adams, Jr.._ Maryland 

Charles Peter Asimakes Maryland 

Hayward Russell Baker Maryland 

Clara Barenburg Maryland 

Alma Blandford Maryland 

Joseph Adrian Butt Maryland 

D. Delmas Caples Maryland 

Donald Whitehead Chappell D. C. 

Stuart Gray Coughlan Maryland 

Richard Henry Dement, Jr Maryland 

Elizabeth Virginia Ehle Maryland 

Emanuel Simon Ellison .....Maryland 

Herbert Goffin._ Nev/ York 

William Appier Home Maryland 

Frank L. Howard Maryland 

Wayne Dale Irwin Maryland 

Edgar Robert Kent Maryland 

Leonard Warren Levine Connecticut 

Charles Edward Lewis Maryland 

Myra Elizabeth Lewis.. D. C. 

Rhoda Lewton Maryland 

Louis Littman Maryland 

William Broughton Long, Jr. .Maryland 

Frank Vincent Manieri ...Maryland 

Otto George Matheke, Jr.._ .New Jersey 

Kathryn Margaret Matzen Maryland 

Milton J. Meyer New York 

Donald Arthur Murray Maryland 

Lav/rence Joseph Powers. .Maryland 

Leo Rosenberg Maryland 

Isabelle S. Seipt Maryland 

Abraham Shapiro Maryland 

Samuel Leonard Silber Maryland 

Stanley Kazimier Skrzypkowski Pennsylvania 

Mannie Stapen. New York 

Bernhardt Joseph Statman New Jersey 

Lois M. Steinwedel Maryland 

Sydney Suwalsky Connecticut 

CHfton Eugene Swift D. C. 

Julius M. Waghelstein Maryland 

Henry Wolf V/eiss New York 

Llewellyn Hopkins Welsh _ D. C. 

Bachelor of Arts 

Rolfe Lyman Allen D. C. 

Raphael Blechman New York 

Helen Mary Bradley Maryland 

Stuart Johnson Burbage._ Maryland 

*Margaret Murray Burdette Maryland 

George Frederick Buzzard New Jersey 

Elizabeth Stroble Cain Maryland 

William Herbert Campbell D. C. 

William Henderson Carpenter D. C. 

Harry D. G. Carroll Maryland 

Harry Enlow Carter D. C. 

Annie Rebecca Coffey...- Maryland 

Stewart Albert Collins Maryland 

Russell Fred Daiker D. C. 

Harry Edgar Dyer, Jr Maryland 

*Mary Tennessee Franklin Maryland 

Loring Earl Gingell Maryland 

*Rosalie Carr Grant _ D. C. 

Dorothy Griffith Maryland 

Herbert David Hamburger Maryland 

Mary Virginia Hoffman Maryland 

Jane Maynard Holst._ Maryland 

Charlotte Warfield Hood Maryland 

Charles Thomas Keenan Pennsylvania 

Emily E. Klingel Maryland 

Douglas Roscoe Knox. Maryland 

John Harold McWilliams._ Maryland 

*Mary Elizabeth Mills Maryland 

Harold Edward Naughton Maryland 

Edgar Bowman Newcomer D. C. 

Frederick Albert Nordenholz.__ Maryland 

*Nathan Pashen Maryland 

Thomas Harry Penn, Jr Maryland 

William Bernard Rafferty Maryland 

*Estelle Wood Remley Maryland 

James Albert Ronej^ Jr Maryland 

Kenneth Fahnestock Rose D. C. 

John Braidwood Savage, Jr. Maryland 

Lewis Allen Schnebly, Jr.._ Maryland 

Jacob Benjamin Sclar Maryland 

Charles Powell Seay D. C. 

Sarah Louise Short ..Maryland 

Mildred Mari Singer New Jersey 

Norwood Spencer Sothoron Maryland 

Bernard Albert Sugrue Maryland 

Horace E. Troth, III Maryland 

Orville Rol Watkins Maryland 

Sidney Weinman Maryland 

Frederick William White _ D. C. 

*Helen Louise Wilson Maryland 

Naomi Sherman Yates Maryland 

"Awarded Teacher's Diploma. 


John Edward Fissel, Jr. 

Bachelor of Science 

Maryland Salvadore Dante Pentecoste New Jersey 

Bachelor of Arts 

Robert Scott Cairns, Jr D. C. Ernest Collins Clark Maryland 

Frank Bro\\Ti Hines, Jr Maryland 


First Honors 

Second Honors 

Helen Mary Bradley 
Rolfe Lyman Allen 
Bernhardt Joseph Statman 
Sydney Suwalsky 
Margaret Murray Burdette 
Charlotte Warfield Hood 
Sarah Louise Short 
Stewart Albert Collins 
Milton J. Meyer 
Mary Elizabeth Mills 

William Bernard Raflferty 
Wayne Dale Irwin 
Mary Tennessee Franklin 
Leonard Warren Levine 
Myra Elizabeth Lewis 
Abraham Shapiro 
William Appier Home 
Harry Edgar Dyer, Jr. 
Otto George Matheke, Jr. 

Doctor of Dental Siirgery 

-- George Harry Aumock.H New Jersey 

,— Myron Spessard Baker..-/. Maryland 

-- Joseph Calton Biddix, Jr..!. Maryland 

.— Lawrence WiUiam Bimestefer.r'. Maryland 

William Francis Blazis.^... ...New Jersey 

-" Theodore Bloom. ..•. New Jersey 

- Hyman Blumenthal... New Jersey 

Douglas Arthur Browning.; Maryland 

Donald Bums... _ Massachusetts 

-^ Charles Elson Burroughs..'. ..New Jersey 

— Kenneth Lee Butt...... .West Virginia 

— Sylvan Caplan _ ...Maryland 

— Alfred Embrey Carhart::., New Jersey 

-^ Lawrence Joseph Devine' Massachusetts 

-^ Leo Lloyd Diamond. ..1 New Jersey 

-— Anthony John Diani..; ..New Jersey 

.^ Joseph Donovan.^ Connecticut 

-- Percy Feinstein....:^ New Jersey 

--Norman Lawrence Fisch New Jersey 

^- Raymond William Gillespie Connecticut 

^ — Philip Gorenberg .■ .....New Jersey 

^ Meyer Gotthelf _ i Maryland 

-—John Pendleton Grove.___ ...Virginia 

Alfred Emest Hamer....- New Jersey 

-' Andrew John Hanlon... Pennsylvania 

Charles Earle Heaton...-. Rhode Island 

«* Earnest Lee Martin, Jr.. , North Carolina 

-^Joseph Martini New Jersey 

—"Herbert Sydney Maytin.: New York 

Peter Anthony McLean (Chai Lu) 

British West Indies 

>»' Robert Rettie McLean...-. New Jersey 

'- Meyer Mimeles .New Jersey 

—•Harold Edward Mullins.L Connecticut 

^^erbert Paul Newman New Jersey 

— 'Lester Bernard Older...... New Jersey 

^- Aaron Pargot New Jersey 

^Joseph Francis Pichacolas.:... Pennsylvania 

—Arthur Raeder.. New York 

—Alexander Liles Richardson.:..North Carolina 

■— Edmund Percy Roberts..-....., New Jersey 

- Frederick Logan Robinson.__ Maryland 

— Samuel Rockoflf ..' Connecticut 

— • Victor Michael Romano..' Connecticut 

-—Jean Davis Ross.... New Jersey 

— 'Oneal Franklin Russell.J Maryland 

"Joseph Aloysius Russo..... Delaware 

■■-Christian Frank Sabatino.: New Jersey 

..^Samuel Samet... New York 

-^ William Schunick..:.._ ......Maryland 

— James Francis Shanahan New Jersey 

-'Max Shenkman....._ New York 

-."Allen Heefner .' Pennsylvania. — -->"Milton Louis Taubkin.: ....New Jersey 

_ Gertrude Chun Yen Huang...-. .....China 

—-William Andrew Imbach, Jr.._ ..Maryland 

James C. Johnson, Jr.._i Maryland 

--Arthur Josephson..... Rhode Island 

-—William Robert Joule...' New Jersey 

^George M. Kurtz New Jersey 

-Walter Hov/ard Kwiecien..-. New Jersey 

— William Milton-Levine...*... Connecticut 

- Bernard Lilien.^...- New Jersey 

-■ Nicholas Liloia...: New Jersey 

- James Maisel ;. Connecticut 

.. Rosario Pompei Marchesani..- New Jersey 

Howard Greenwood Taylor, Jr.. Maryland 

-Preston Reeves Taylor.... North Carolina 

— Marvin Richard Thomas...'. Pennsylvania 

— Lester Wilson Thompson... West Virginia 

— Abraham Harry Timinsky..: New Jersey 

* .Jesse Trager.. ...;..... Maryland 

^ Levon Charles Tumamian..*: New Jersey 

.»»' Frederick Arnold Turner...... Maryland 

--• Samuel John Weisbrod.___„ New York 

^Theodore Lean Wycall... New York 

— Abraham Yablon... •. New Jersey 

.*-' Jack Yerich ' New Jersey 


Charles Bernard Gorsuch.- Maryland 

George Krasnow New Jersey 

Russell Charles Sandford New Jersey 

Harold Francis Waldman __ Connecticut 


University Gold Medal for Scholarship Douglas Arthur Browning V) 

Certificates of Honor 

Myron Spessard Baker 
Jean Davis Ross 

Joseph Martini 

Alfred Embrey Carhart 
James C. Johnson, Jr. 



Certificates in Industrial Education 

George Christian Diehl, Jr Marj'land Ramon D. Gipe Maryland 

Charles Daniel Hild D. C. 

Teacher's Diploma 
Edward Marion Kenley Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

*Mary Emma Archer ...Maryland 

♦Mildred Elsie Bishop. D. C. 

♦Catherine Elizabeth Dennis D. C. 

*David Edward Derr Maryland 

*Guy Ordean Downs. ._ Maryland 

*A. Elizabeth Easter __ Maryland 

♦Angela Mae Feiser.__ ....Maryland 

♦Grace Irene Knox Maryland 

♦Ida Josephine Knox. Maryland 

♦Olga Christina Lofgren Maryland 

♦Mildred Frances Neill D. C. 

♦Gertrude Elizabeth Nicholls Maryland 

Howard Burton Shipley..... Maryland 

♦Margaret Louise Smith Maryland 

♦Ethel Snyder Maryland 

♦Mary T. Solomon Maryland 

♦Robert Lee Vincent Delaware 

♦J. Edward Walter, Jr.- ..Maryland 

♦Everett C. Weitzell Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 
Industrial Education 

Samuel Acree Maryland 

Nicholas DeCesare Maryland 

William Arthur FOler Maryland 

Ramon D. Gipe ..Maryland 

Jeanette Wiley Griffith Maryland 

Emanuel Benjamin Haffner ...Maryland 

G. Vernon Hanna Maryland 

DeWilton Warfield Haslup Maryland 

George Washington Hoff acker Maryland 

John Jacob Horn Maryland 

Samuel Louis Krotee._ Maryland 

William E. Lehr Maryland 

Albert Gibson Packard.- Maryland 

Bachelor of Arts 

♦Beulah Mae Barinott. D. C. 

♦Lois May Belfield D. C. 

♦Elizabeth Linn Bennett Maryland 

Rebecca Mary Boyd Maryland 

Earl F. Brain Maryland 

♦Clara Matilda Dixon Maryland 

♦Haines B. Felter Maryland 

Thomas S. Gwynn, Jr Maryland 

Elmer Gordon Hammond Maryland 

♦Lawrence Ambrose Haslbeck Maryland 

♦Awarded Teacher's Diploma. 

Dorothy Lillian Hopkins Maryland 

♦Blanche Leora Jenkins Maryland 

♦Leah Lenore Leaf Maryland 

♦A. Elizabeth Leffel D. C. 

William Francis Mansfield Maryland 

♦Mora Lillian Plager .D. C. 

♦Louise Talitha Saylor Maryland 

Marinda Robertson Settle Maryland 

♦Harry P. Sigelman South Dakota 

♦William Wolf Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

*Harold Leslie Alderton Maryland 

*Ora Henning King Maryland 

*Henry Franklin Lehr _ Maryland 

Mary Elizabeth Owen Maryland 

Bachelor of Arts 

Elizabeth Virginia Cranford ...D. C. Elmer Paul Curtin Maryland 

Catherine Freimann Maryland 


First Honors 

David Edward Derr 

Gertrude Elizabeth Nicholls 
Leah Lenore Leaf 
Louise Talitha Saylor 

Second Honors 

Ethel Snyder 

Lois May Belfield 
Mildred Elsie Bishop 
Clara Matilda Dixon 

* Awarded Teacher's Diploma . 


Bachelor of Science 

James Emil Aldridge Maryland 

Warren D. Anderson D. C. 

Edward R. Bartoo Maryland 

Charles Hollyday Berry Maryland 

Robert Preston Biglow D. C. 

Joseph Anton Began D. C. 

Wilham Bettis Boger D. C. 

Jay Paul Bowker D. C. 

Perez Hathaway Collins Maryland 

Joseph Thomas Cook D. C. 

Frederick Howe Cutting... ...D. C. 

Douglas P. Devendorf D. C. 

John Thomas Dressel Maryland 

Theodore Carl Edwards.. D. C. 

Donald William Eyler Maryland 

Jacob Friedman .....D. C. 

Arthur Preston Gambrill, Jr. Maryland 

Charles W. Haas, Jr. Maryland 

Robert Taggart Haas D. C. 

Harold Beaupain Houston Maryland 

William Rude Jackson Maryland 

Abraham Walter Jacobson Connecticut 

Everette Rufus Jones Maryland 

Carroll Patuxent Kakel, Jr Maryland 

Bun Po Kang Maryland 

Harry Trumbull Kelly Maryland 

David Kreider.. Maryland 

Everett Stanton Lank D. C. 

Roland Augustus Linger. D. C. 

Gordon Hall Livingston Virginia 

Stanley Clark Lore D. C. 

Luis Carlos Martelo Velez Maryland 

George Melvin Miller... Maryland 

William Frederick Neale, Jr Maryland 

Nicholas George Nides Maryland 

George Wesley Norris, Jr. Maryland 

Charles W. Ockershausen, Jr. D. C. 

Carl Frederick Raab. D. C. 

George Orr Ralston D. C. 

William Horace Ross, Jr. D. C. 

John Reder Shipman Virginia 

Robert Wilcox Sonen D. C. 

Joseph William Steiner D. C. 

John Ray Stottlemyer Maryland 

John Wallace Talcott D. C. 

Albert C. Tayman Maryland 

Howard Caho Turner D. C. 

Arthur van Reuth Maryland 

Thomas Winfield Wilson D. C. 

Charles Monroe Yager Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

William Henry Linkins, Jr D. C. 


First Honors 

Abraham Walter Jacobson 
John Reder Shipman 
John Thomas Dressel 
David Kreider 

Warren D. Anderson 

William Horace Ross, Jr. 

Second Honors 

Bun Po Kang 

Joseph William Steiner 
Jay Paul Bowker 

Charles W. Ockershausen, Jr. 
George Melvin Miller 



Wilmer Varden Bell Maryland 

William A. Boyles Maryland 

Harriet Eleanor Bray Maryland 

Roger Franklin Burdette Maryland 

*John R. M. Burger, Jr Maryland 

C. Jelleff Carr Maryland 

Bernice Balch Cash D. C. 

Victor Dolfman Pennsylvania 

William Heller Dyott Maryland 

Harry F. Ferguson, Jr Maryland 

Donald Miller Goss Pennsylvania 

William Howard Hunt Maryland 

of Science 

John William Krasausky Maryland 

Marian Evelyn Lane D. C. 

Robert Anthony Littleford D. C. 

Wilbur Everette McCann Maryland 

Warren Campbell McVey .Maryland 

Sylvia Millett Maryland 

William Arthur Purdum Maryland 

R. Selena Reynolds Maryland 

Emanuel Sprei New York 

Sarah Jane Thompson Maine 

Thomas Gorsuch Wright Maryland 

Alec Yedinak Maryland 

M aster 

Cecil Ravenscroft Ball Maryland 

Elizabeth Hall Bear Maryland 

Arthur Herbert Bryan Maryland 

Cornelius Wilbur Cissel D. C. 

Luther Allan Cooper._ Maryland 

Sister Theodora Day Maryland 

John Ward Fisher Maryland 

Allen E. Gregory, Jr Maryland 

Helena J. Haines Maryland 

Margaret Turner Herring Maryland 

of Arts 

Idella Scarborough Horsey Maryland 

Alice Watts Hostetler D, C. 

Barnard DeJean Joy New York 

Lois Elinor Lacy.. Maryland 

Mary Catharine Mitchell D. C. 

George Wesley Norris Maryland 

*David George Price D. C. 

Clara Frances Ward Maryland 

Ralph Wardlaw Watt D. C. 

Thelma Marguerite Wellman D. C. 

Bachelor of Science 

Loretta Clara Arrow Maryland 

Erna Mae Behrend D. C. 

Doris Roberta Brigham.. Maryland 

Charlotte Emily Farnham D. C. 

Esther May Fritch Maryland 

Gertrude Elnora Gilbertson Maryland 

Ethel Dashiell HoUiday Maryland 

Elga G. Jarboe Maryland 

*Mildred Evelyn Lutes Maryland 

*Helen Elizabeth McFerran Maryland 

Amy Mister Maryland 

*Elsa Moody D. C. 

*Mary Margaret Nutter Maryland 

*Elise Virginia Oberlin Maryland 

*Eloise Anne Palmer Maryland 

*A. Louise Pusey ..Maryland 

Emily Louise Reinohl Maryland 

*Erna Marta Riedel Maryland 

*Catharine Roe Maryland 

Lelia Ellis Smith Maryland 

*Dorothy Helen Storrs ....Maryland 

*Minna Elaine Strasburger Maryland 

Gretchen Charline Van Slyke D. C. 


Bachelor of Science 

Elsie Pancoast Wasson Maryland 


First Honors 

Emily Louise Reinohl 
Erna Marta Riedel 

*Awarded Teacher's Diploma. 

Second Honors 

Helen Elizabeth McFerran 
Doris Roberta Brigham 
Elise Virginia Oberlin 


Certificates of Proficiency 

Mary Clare Maccubbin Green .'..... Maryland Robert Warren Knadler. 
Austin Emerson Penn Maryland 


Bachelor of Laws 

Charles Favour Abbott.*. Massachusetts 

Lester Allen Ahroon.....' Maryland 

Norbert John Aidt.... Maryland 

Richard Tilghman Brice, IIL'. Maryland 

Catherine Rowe Councill Maryland 

Francis Selden Crane...: Maryland 

Aquin Paul Feeney...^ .Maryland 

Albert Goldstein..' .....Maryland 

Alexander Gordon, III..- Maryland 

John Henry Hampton.! Maryland 

Edwin Harlan Maryland 

Joseph Harlan.. Maryland 

Calvin Harrington, Jr..: Maryland 

Stanford Ivan Hoff...: Maryland 

Thomas Alexander Hughes..! Maryland 

Walter Mitchell Jenifer... Maryland 

Charles Henry Knapp, Jr...'. .....Maryland 

Richard Black Leonard..: Maryland 

Lester Earl Mallonee.....'. Maryland 

Jack Lloyd Medwedeff.! Maryland 

Gerald Monsman ..'. Maryland 

Harry Kelso Needle..' Maryland 

Charles Oliphant.. Maryland 

Joseph Stanislaus Patro.'. Maryland 

Frank Furnival Peard...-. Maryland 

Noah Ames Pennewell Maryland 

Layman J. Redden Maryland 

Williard Isadore Silverberg.: Maryland 

Carroll LeRoy Simmonds.: Maryland 

Robert Frank Skutch, Jr. Maryland 

Philip Boniface Smith...-. Maryland 

Anselm Sodaro Maryland 

Lewis Edward Stengel.: Maryland 

John Nuelsen Thaiss Maryland 

Charles Watkins Williams." Maryland 

Samuel Hood Willis Maryland 

James Alfred Wise...*. .Delaware 

Samuel Hastings Wrightson-. Maryland 


Prize of $100.00 for the highest average grade for the entire course, Day School 

Lester Allen Ahroon 
Prize of $100.00 for the highest average grade for the entire course, Evening School. 

Gerald Monsman 
Alumni prize of $50.00 for best argument in Honor Case in the Practice Court. 

Anselm Sodaro 
George 0. Blome prizes to representatives on Honor Case in the Practice Court. 


Lester Allen Ahroon 
Gerald Monsman 

Anselm Sodaro 

Charles Watkins Williams 


Doctor of Medicine 

Reuben Leass..* New York 

Abraham Charles Leavitt..' Massachusetts 

Manuel Levin../... Maryland 

Milton Levin ..: Maryland 

Helen Irene Maginnis..?. Maryland 

Marshall Paul Mains .> Wisconsin 

Neumann Clyde Marlett." New Jersey 

Hugh Bernard McNally.*. Maryland 

Joseph Millett .:... .....Maryland 

Richard Raymond Mirow...*. New York 

Alfred Charles Moore..: Maryland 

Olin Cates Moulton....: ..Maine 

Maxwell Herschel Mund :.-... Maryland 

Max Needleman...'. New York 

Raymond Francis O'Connor..'.. Pennsylvania 

Alfred Abraham Orans .Nev/ York 

Jacob Herbert Rabinowitz.. New Jersey 

William Turner Ray North Carolina 

William Thomas Reardon.;. Delaware 

Edward Leon Roberson.: North Carolina 

Morris Rosen..: Pennsylvania 

Charles Morton Rosenthal. f New York 

Milton Samuel Sacks...'. Maryland 

James Ghiselin Sasscer...i Maryland 

Emanuel Milton Satulsky..? New Jersey 

Daniel James Schwartz....'. Maryland 

Theodore Allison Schwartz..*. Maryland 

Joseph Arthur Sedlacek....? Maryland. 

Richard John Stephen Sekerak.'.Connecticut 

Benjamin Israel Siegel..' Maryland 

Milton Siegel...'. New York 

William Benjamin Smith..'..... Maryland 

John Newcomer Snyder...'. Pennsylvania 

Bernard Walter Sollod. .*..... Maryland 

William Boyer Soltz..'. New York 

Dorothy Gertrude Sproul... Massachusetts 

""iVIilton Robert Stein. Maryland 

Wilson Paschall Stephens...'..... .....Virginia 

Clyde Malverne Stutzman, Jr.,' Pennsylvania 

Samuel Jacob Sugar...; Maryland 

Harold Lawrence Sutton.: ..New Jersey 

Andrew DuVal Taylor .: North Carolina 

Irving Terman ..' New York 

Landon Timberlake..'. Virginia 

Isadore Tuerk....: Maryland 

Samuel Udkow...". New York 

Richard Wagner..: New Jersey 

Harry Warshawsky... New York 

Earle Maurice Wilder..' Maryland 

William David Wolfe..' Maryland 

Charles Zurawski...: Rhode Island 

Leonard Jerome Abramovitz..: Maryland 

Thurston Ray Adams. ...... .....North Carolina 

Henry Harrison Austraw..'. Maryland 

Ira Eugene Bayer, Jr....: .Maryland 

George Schwing Bayley..'. Pennsylvania 

Stanley Harry Berenstein..: Maryland 

Louis Vardee Blum ....Delaware 

David Franklin Brodey.l New York 

George Edward Burgtorf, Jr..'. Maryland 

Edgar Thrall Campbell..: Maryland 

D. Delmas Caples...' Maryland 

Paul Elliott Carliner..: ...Maryland 

Stephen Paul Coates..:. New York 

Lawrence Jack Cohen.! Maryland 

Jules Cooper .'. New Jersey 

Joseph Robert Deitz.! New Jersey 

Samuel Diener...^. Maryland 

George Edward Dorman.;.. Pennsylvania 

Regis Fallon Downey..! Pennsylvania 

Robert Hering Dreher..: ....Pennsylvania 

John Charles Dunbar Pennsylvania 

John Edward Echols,. West Virginia 

Robert Wilbur Farr...: Maryland 

William Lumsden Fearing.'.... .NorthCarolina 

Leon Henry Feldman Maryland 

Joseph Finegold.... Pennsylvania 

Jason Howard Gaskel... Maryland 

Jerome Gelb New Jersey 

Sidney Gelman..'. _ .New Jersey 

Abram Goldman.: Maryland 

Herbert Goldstone...' Maryland 

Charles Luther Goodhand, Jr..*. Maryland 

Howard Goodman Maryland 

Joseph Gordon...! Maryland 

Isaac Gutman....' Maryland 

Murray Joseph Hanigsberg..: New York 

Robert Fairbank Healy..'. Maryland 

Edward Sayer Hoffman. .-: New York 

William Henry Horan .: Pennsylvania 

William Lawrence Howard...'..... Maryland 

Leonard Malcolm Hummel.: Maryland 

Abraham Ben Hurwitz. Maryland 

Philip Asbury Insley.....'. .Maryland 

Nathan Janney....i Maryland 

Joseph Victor Jerardi.'. Maryland 

Thorwald Johnson....'. .California 

Oscar Adolph Kafer .'. ..North Carolina 

Edward Selig Kallins..-. Maryland 

Simon Katz....: _ New York 

Wesley John Ketz...' Pennsylvania 

William Knoll ! New York 

Thomas Gorman Lawler...'. California 


University Prize Gold Medal Max Needleman 

Certificates of Honor 

Jacob Herbert Rabinowitz 
Paul Elliott Carliner 

Jules Cooper 

Richard Raymond Mirow 
Milton Samuel Sacks 

The Dr. A. Bradley Gaither Memorial prize of $25.00 for the best work in genito-urinary 
surgery during the senior year...._ Charles Zurawski 

Graduate in Nursing 

Alma Mae Carroll North Carolina 

Ada Lythe Conklin... Maryland 

Pauline Jackson Deans.:. North Carolina 

Vera Pearl Dobbins..' West Virginia 

Elizabeth Ann Doll....: West Virginia 

Bernice May Dutterer...*. Maryland 

Margaret Anne Gosnell West Virginia 

Gertrude Xenia Gregorius Maryland 

Louise Amalie Gustafson.. Florida 

Marguerite Moler Hoffmaster, West Virginia 

Hettie Elizabeth Koontz...;. Maryland 

Myra Elizabeth Lewis D. C. 

-Kathryn Margaret Matzen." Maryland 

Elizabeth Male Nixon...: North Carolina 

Catherine Augusta O'Neil Pennsylvania 

Louise Martin Paul .: North Carolina 

Mildred Elizabeth Rice Maryland 

Elizabeth Laura Rohde.J Maryland 

June Keene Roth Maryland 

Isabelle Seipt..' Maryland 

Wilda Louise Snyder...-. Pennsylvania 

Lois Marguerite Steinwedel Maryland 

Gertrude Viola Tanttari...: Maryland 

Esther Eleanor Uber.„ Maryland 

Willie Hollace Warner Maryland 

Ethel Elizabeth Weller Maryland 

Hazel Martha Wright... Pennsylvania 


The Janet Hale Memorial Scholarship, given by the University of Maryland Nurses' Alumnae 
Association, to pursue a course in Administration, supervisory, or public health work at 
Teachers College, Columbia University, to the student having the highest record in 
scholarship - Myra Elizabeth Lewis 

The Elizabeth Collins Lee Prize of $50.00 to the student having the second highest average 
in scholarship - - Lois Marguerite Steinwedel 

The Mrs. John L. Whitehurst prize of $25.00 for the highest average in executive ability 
^ Lois Marguerite Stemwedel 


^^ The Edwin and Leander M. Zimmerman prize of $50.00 for practical nursing and for displaying 
the greatest interest and sympathy for the patients ..Kathryn Margaret Matzen 

The University of Maryland Nurses' Alumnae Association pin, and membership in the Associ- 
ation, for practical nursing and executive ability Catherine Augusta O'Neil 


Graduate in Pharmacy 

Soion Lee Anderson..' Maryland 

Henry John August...! Maryland 

Leon J. Bercovitz....'. ..Maryland 

Abraham Samuel Berman..'. Maryland 

Louis Blitz Maryland 

William Henry Borcherding..-. Maryland 

Milton J. Brownstein... Maryland 

Ralph Stallings Chenowith..'. Maryland 

Lillian Chin.....' Maryland 

Joseph Charles Ciurca.. Maryland 

Andrew Joseph Coakley..'. Maryland 

Martin Smith Cohen..'. Maryland 

Morris Cohen..: Maryland 

Samuel Cohen..'. Maryland 

Abe Danoff..... Maryland 

Arnold Louis Dickman..." Maryland 

William Anthony Dodd...* Maryland 

Max Richard Dubin....'. Maryland 

Arnold Herman Eichert..*. Maryland 

Louis Eisenberg.....: Maryland 

Isadore Feinstein Maryland 

Francis Thomas Fink.! Maryland 

Ellwood Finkelstein...*. Maryland 

Samuel Louis Fox Maryland 

Milton Adolph Friedman...*. Maryland 

Harold Kaufman Goldman..." ...Maryland 

Sylvan Chauncey Goodman.! Maryland 

Hymen Goteiner..... New Jersey 

Frank James Grau Maryland 

Benjamin Bernard Grossman.' Maryland 

Michael Francis Grzeczka.: Maryland 

i^'illiam Guyton..> Maryland 

John Henry Haase..... Maryland 

Bernard Edward Hackett.:..... Maryland 

iDavid Jacob Haransky... Maryland 

Illifford Allen Hare, Jr...._... Maryland 

rving Joseph Harmatz..... Maryland 

yilliam George Healey, Jr..: Maryland 

i^rancis Joseph Januszeski...'. Maryland 

Clizabeth Veronica Jeppi... Maryland 

Cly Sydney Katz Maryland 

Jabriel Elliott Katz Maryland 

saac Katzoff....: Maryland 

'atharine Evans Kirk..; Maryland 

iVank Milton Kolker..: Maryland 

jouis William Lang....' Maryland 

'Yederick William Lasowsky...:..Connecticut 

ilanche Leites.. Maryland 

ulms Victor Levenson....' Maryland 

Morris Lindenbaum..*. Maryland 

Nathan Isaic Liss...-. Maryland 

John Loftus....: '.Maryland 

Joseph Lutzky... Maryland 

Anthony Joseph Maggio..;.._ Maryland 

Mary Anna Mandrow....' Maryland 

Max Marcus. .' Maryland 

Edward Abraham Markin..! Maryland 

Anthony Peter Mentis..'. Maryland v 

Lucas Alphonse Michael..* Maryland j 

Philip Miller." New Jersey-^ >^ 

Harry Charles Millman..' Maryland "^ 

Leonard Car] Molofsky Maryland"^*^ 

Samuel Morris.. Maryland > '- 

Arthur Albert Musher.: Maryland ' / 

Harriett Ruth Noel Maryland ^ 

Alexander John Ogrinz, Jr..l Maryland 

Nathan Louis Plovsky..». Maryland 

Samuel Portney. .: Maryland 

Harry Prostic...... Maryland 

bev/ell Edward Richmond...... Maryland 

Louis Rose. ..: Maryland 

Leon Rosenberg...! Maryland 

Harry Bernard Rosenstein Maryland 

John Ferdinand Schaefer..: Maryland 

Adam John Schammel..; Maryland 

William Hillel Scheinker.. Ohio 

Alvin Schwartz....'. Maryland 

Edward Schwartz..: Maryland 

William Herdman Schwatka, Jr.. .'Maryland 

Charles Vincent Sevcik....! Maryland 

Nathaniel Sharp....'. Maryland 

Robert Clay Sheppard..' Maryland 

Irvin Shure....: Maryland 

Walter John Skruch..'*. Maryland 

Melvin Joseph Sollod..' Maryland 

Sylvan J. Sollod Maryland 

Dorothy Stain..' Maryland 

John Walter Stark..*. Maryland 

Morri.^ William Steinberg.:„ Maryland 

Jerome Abraham Stiffman..: Maryland 

Adam George Swiss...;;. Maryland 

Leon Joseph Taylor..'. Maryland 

John William Tillery...'. Maryland 

Alexander Tucker....'. Maryland 

John Peter Urlock, Jr...' Maryland 

Samuel Ellis Warshaw..: Maryland 

Harry Lee Weisman, Jr..:. Maryland 

Kennard Levinson Yaffe..:. Maryland 

Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy 

Edward James Alessi Maryland 

Michael Joseph Dausch Maryland 

Theodore Thomas Dittrieh.. Maryland 

Joseph Drozd Maryland 

Melvin F. W. Dunker..:.._ Maryland 

Lester Mitchel Fox..... Maryland 

Louis Calvin Gareis..._. Maryland 

Jaye Jacob Grollman..'. Maryland 

J. Walter Landsberg...'. Maryland 

Benjamin Bernard Moses.' Maryland 

Joseph Robert Myerovitz.' Maryland 

Samuel Nusinow Maryland 

William Andrew Parr..: Maryland 

Bernard John Preston, Jr.? Maryland 

-William Rotkovitz Maryland 

Lawrence Joseph Shimanek Maryland 

Joseph Louis Stecher Maryland 

Louis Vogel, Jr Maryland 

Daniel George Wehner Mary' and 

Jacob Joseph Weinstein Maryland 


Graduate in Pharmacy 
Jesse Greenfeld Abrams Maryland Daniel Dolgin — Maryland 


Gold Medal for General Excellence Robert Clay Sheppard 

The William Simon Memorial Prize for Proficiency in Practical Chemistry. 

Leonard Carl Molofsky 

The Simon Solomon Prize ($50.00) William Herdman Schwatka, Jr. 

Certificates of Honor 
William Herdman Schwatka, Jr. Isadore Feinstein Morris Lindenbaum 

College Park Division 


Rolfe Lyman Allen 
Warren D. Anderson 
Cecil Ravenscroft Ball 
Helen Mary Bradley 
Margaret Murray Burdette 
Robert Flint Chandler, Jr. 
Stewart Albert Collins 
Garnet Edward Davis 
David Edward Derr 
John Thomas Dressel 
Helena J. Haines 
Charlotte Warfield Hood 
Abraham Walter Jacobson 
David Kreider 

Leah Lenore Leaf 
Mary Elizabeth Mills 
Gertrude Elizabeth Nicholls 
Emily Louise Reinohl 
Erna Marta Riedel 
William Gordon Rose 
William Horace Ross, Jr. 
Ralph Walker Ruble 
Louise Talitha Saylor 
John Reder Shipman 
Sarah Louise Short 
Ethel Snyder 
Neil Wade Stuart 


Russell Guy Brown 
Robert Flint Chandler, Jr. 
Paul Lewis Fisher 
Harry Lee Greenberg 
Robert Warner Hendricks 
John William Heuberger 
Millard Jacob Horn 
Robert Parker Jacobsen 

Gordon Mabey Kline 
Curtis Lakeman Newcombe 
William Gordon Rose 
Emanuel Veritus Shulman 
Eugene A. Siegler 
Florence Tucker Simonds 
Frank J. Slama 
Neil Wade Stuart 

Citizenship Prize, offered by Mr. H. C. Byrd, Class of 1908, to the member of the senior 
class who, durmg his collegiate career, has nearest typified the model citizen and who has done 
most for the general advancement of the interests of the University. 

Awarded to Norwood Spencer Sothoron 

Citizenship Prize, offered by Mrs. Albert F. Woods, to the woman member of the senior 
class who, during her collegiate career, has nearest typified the model citizen and has done 
most for the general advancement of the interests of the University. 

Awarded to Clara Matilda Dixon 

Silvester Medal for Excellence in Athletics, offered by the Class of 1908, to the man who 
typifies the best in college athletics. 
Awarded to Norwood Spencer Sothoron 

Maryland Ring, offered by Charles L. Linhardt to the Maryland man outstanding for the 
year m athletics. 

Awarded to Earl Glen Widmyer 

Woman's Senior Honor Society Cup, offered to the woman member of the senior class 
who has been m attendance at least three full years and who has made the highest scholastic 

Awarded to Helen Mary Bradley 

James Douglas Goddard Memorial Medal, offered by his sister, Mrs. Anna K Goddard 
James to a student from Prince George's County for excellence in scholarship andmoral character 

Awarded to Richard Osmond White 

Sigma Phi Sigma Medal, offered by the Delta Chapter to the freshman who makes the 
highest scholastic average during the first semester. 

Awarded to Jesse Dale Patterson 

Delta Delta Delta Sorority Medal, offered to the sophomore girl who makes the highest 
scholastic average during the first semester. 

Awarded to Claribel Gertrude Pierson 

The Dinah Berman Memorial Medal, offered by her son, Benjamin Berman, to that sopho- 
more who has attained the highest scholastic average of his clas^ in the College of Engineering 
Awarded to George Willard Bixby 

The Diamondback Medals awarded for efficient and faithful service on the student weeklv 
paper. ^ 

Awarded to William C. H. Needham, Joseph Marshall Mathias, E. 

Dorrance Kelly, Rosalie Carr Grant, Chester Rogers 
Venemann, Ernest Elmer Wooden, Jr. 
The Reveille Medals awarded for efl^cient and faithful service on the student year book 

Awarded to Raymond J. Goodhart, Martha Atkinson Cannon", 

Frederick William White. 

The Old Line Medals awarded for efficient and faithful service on the student auarterlv 
magazine. ^ "^ 

Awarded to Herbert Monroe Allison, Earl Lester Edwards, Lois May 

Belfield, Louis Littman. 

"Governor's Cup," offered by His Excellency, Honorable Albert C. Ritchie. Governor of 
Maryland, to the best drilled company. 
Awarded to ...Company G, commanded by Cadet Captain Edwin Hubbard Lawton 

Military Faculty Award, to the student who has done most for the Reserve Officers' 
Trainng Corps. 

Awarded to Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Howard Caho Turner 

Military Department Medals, to the students contributing most to the success of each 
batta'ion during the year. 

Awarded to Cadet Major Robert Glenn Snyder, First Battalion 

Cadet Major Harry Trumbull Kelly, Second Battalion 

The University of Maryland Prize (Saber), to the best company commander. 
A-warded to Cadet Captain Edwin Hubbard Lawton 

The Military Medal, offered by the Class of 1899, to the member of the battalion who 
proves himself the best drilled soldier. 
kwardedto Cadet Raymond Davis, Jr. 

The Alumni Cup, offered to the best drilled platoon. 

Awarded to First Platoon, Company A, commanded by Cadet First 

Lieutenant Edward Wilson Auld, Jr. 

The Scabbard and Blade Saber, to the commander of the winning platoon. 
Awarded to Cadet First Lieutenant Edward Wilson Auld, Jr. 

The Military Department Medals, offered to the freshman in each battalion remaining 
longest in individual competition. 

Awarded to ...Cadets Francis Joseph Johnson and Raymond Davis, Jr. 

Gold Medals, offered by the Military Department, to the two students contributing most 
to tb? success of the band. 

Awarded to Cadets John Henry Davis and Everett Holhster Northrop 

Rquad Competition Gold Medals, to the members of the best drilled squad. 

Awarded to Cadet Corporal John Semple Shinn, Squad Leader, and 

Cadets Earl Edward Batten, William Montgomery 
Reading, Jr., Warren Rhys Evans, Charles Harvey 
Cooke, Jack Thomas Combs, Jack Wendell Phillips, 
John Samuel Thiemeyer, Jr. 
Third Corps Area Silver Medal, to the student making the highest score in the Third Corps 
Area Rifle Match. , , , . ,, , . 

Awarded to Cadet Corporal Arnon Lewis Mehrmg, Jr. 

Third Corps Area Bronze Medal, to the student making second highest gallery score in 
the Third Corps Area Match. ^^ „ ^ . . 

Awarded to Cadet First Lieutenant Gordon Hall Livingston 

The Military Department Gold Medal to the Student Making the High Average Score 
on the University of Maryland Rifle Team. . ,, , . 

Awarded to - Cadet Corporal Arnon Lewis Mehring, Jr. 

The Military' Department Gold Medal to the Student Making the High Average Score on 
the Universitv of Maryland Freshman Rifle Team. . 

Awarded' to Cadet Raymond Da\is, Jr.