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'Baltimore and College Tark Divisions 


Saturday^ June First 


at Eleven o'clock 

C35,00 3 

Order of Exercises 

March American Eagle 

Overture Mosaic 

Selection Student Prince 

Intermezzo Just a Gem 

Excerpts from Maritana 

University Orchestra 
Otto Siebeneichen, Director 

March — American Youth University Orchestra 

Invocation Rev. F. Berry Plummer, Hagerstown, Maryland 

Address -His Excellency, Harry W. Nice, Governor of Maryland 

Conferring of Degrees, Presentation of Diplomas and Military 

Commissions, and Announcements The President of the University 

Message to the Graduates The President of the University 

Benediction Rev. F. Berry Plummer 

March — Victorious University Orchestra 


The audience will please remain seated until the academic procession of officials, 
guests, deans, and faculty leaves the Coliseum. 



Doctor of Philosophy 

Lyle Thomas Alexander Maryland 

Arthur Donald Bowers. ..Maryland 

Orson Northrop Eaton Maryland 

Raymond Anderson Fisher... .British Col. 

Samuel William Goldstein. ....Maryland 

Frederick Vahlcamp Grau Nebraska 

Elmer William Greve Ohio 

Marcus Rankin Hatfield D. C. 

Robert Jacobsen Maryland 

John Richard King Indiana 

David Victor Lumsden D. C. 

L. Lavan Manchey... Maryland 

Earle Dwight Matthews Maryland 

Emma Janet McDonald D. C. 

J. Harvey Roberts Louisiana 

Sterl Amos Shrader West Virginia 

Emanuel Veritus Shulman Maryland 

Frank J. Slama Maryland 

Fletcher Pearre Veitch, Jr Maryland 

Edgar Perkins Walls Maryland 

Joseph Clark White West Virginia 

Master of Arts 

Rolfe Lyman Allen 

Grace Barnes 

Katharine Stickney Bliss. 

Lila Marie Blitch 

Adroninam Judson Bolin 

D. C. 

D. C. 




Stanley Dowdell Brown Maryland 

William Henderson Carpenter ...D. C. 

Elmer Kirk Chandlee Maryland 

Wilbur Devilbiss Maryland 

Daniel Robert Edwards Tennessee 

Helen Farrington Maryland 

Joseph Glenn Gould Maryland 

Frederic Fern Harver Maryland 

Howard E. Metcalfe Maryland 

Fred Lothar Miller Maryland 

Wilbur Churchill Nichols Maryland 

Harold Zeigler Reber Pennsylvania 

Gerald Emil Richter Maryland 

Louise Talitha Saylor Maryland 

*F. Alfons Schutte D. C. 

Catherine Lee Ter Veer Maryland 

James Rittenhouse Ullrich Maryland 

Agatha McDowell Varela D. C. 

Catherine Theresa Wold_ D. C. 

Naomi Sherman Yates Maryland 

Master of Science 

Keith Gilbert Acker ..Michigan 

John Robert Adams, Jr Maryland 

Ridgely B. Bond Maryland 

Charles Frederick Bruening Maryland 

Donald Whitehead Chappell ...D. C. 

Harold E, Crowther Maryland 

David Edward Derr..... ....Maryland 

William E. Hauver, Jr Maryland 

William Appier Home.. Maryland 

Floyd B. Hornibrook Virginia 

Mary Elizabeth Klinger Maryland 

Herbert Lapinsky New York 

Lewis Paul McCann Ohio 

Russell Kent Mead Michigan 

Clinton Marion Mecham Nebraska 

Paul Andrew Parent D. C. 

William Franklin Reindollar Maryland 

*Ralph Walker Ruble Maryland 

Alma Willis Rutledge Maryland 

Clifford Scharff Schopmeyer D. C. 

Louis Lazar Sherman Maryland 

Minna Elaine Strasburger Maryland 

Albert Holmes Tillson Virginia 

Everett C. Weitzell Maryland 

Llewellyn Hopkins Welsh D. C. 

Sol Wilner New York 


Civil Engineer 

Charles Francis Cashell D. C. John Thomas O'Neill 

John Herbert Mitton D. C. 

Electrical Engineer 
Frank Theodore Chestnut New Jersey 

Mechanical Engineer 
Robert L. Evans D. C. 

*Awarded Teacher's Diploma. 

._...D. C. 


Doctor of Medicine 

Milton Harris Adelman New York 

John Warren Albrittain Maryland 

Edward James Alessi Maryland 

Miguel Alonso Puerto Rico 

George Alpert Massachusetts 

John Bascom Anderson.— North Carolina 

Melvin Ranch Aungst Pennsylvania 

Henry Eugene Barnes, Jr. North Carolina 

Dominic Thomas Battaglia Maryland 

Dan George Bierer Pennsylvania 

Charles Aloysius Bock Pennsylvania 

George Hector Brouillet___.Massachusetts 

James Pettigrew Bunn, Jr.- North Car. 

William Adrian Cassidy Maine 

Ernest Ivon Cornbrooks, Jr...New Jersey 

Edward Francis Cotter Maryland 

Frank Henry Cutler Utah 

Francis George Dickey Maryland 

Earl Henry Diehl Maryland 

Douglas Rude Dodge Michigan 

Alexander Andrew Doerner New York 

Robert Lionel DuBois Connecticut 

William Charles Dunnigan Maryland 

Samuel Edward Einhorn New Jersey 

August Ludwig Ewald, Jr. _..Maryland 

Ferdinand Fader New Jersey 

Irving Freeman Maryland 

Robert Pearson Fruchtbaum N. Jersey 

Philip Jacob Galitz New York 

Walter Henry Gerwig, Jr. . .W. Virginia 

John Randolph Godbey W. Virginia 

William Howard Grenzer Maryland 

Joseph Bernard Gross Maryland 

Gerard Paul Hammill. ...Pennsylvania 

John Carl Hamrick North Carolina 

Aaron Harris Maryland 

Ira Franklin Hartman West Virginia 

Jeannette Rosaline Eisenbrandt 

Heghinian Maryland 

William Goldsborough Helfrich Md. 

James Kennedy Herald Ohio 

Lewis Charles Herrold Pennsylvania 

Arthur Hollander New York 

John Henry Hugg Pennsylvania 

Josiah Arnold Hunt Maryland 

William Pritchard Jordan.....-N. Carolina 

Aaron Louis Kaminsky. ...New Jersey 

Harry Francis Kane Maryland 

Michael Lawrence Keller New Jersey 

Harold Henry Klein Pennsylvania 

Irving Klompus New Jersey 

Frederick Edwin Knowles, Jr.....N. Jersey 
Frank Armento Laino Maryland 

Edwin Charles Lane. New Jersey 

Caleb Rodney Layton ...New York 

Archie Clifton Lewis Maryland 

Walter Lichtenberg New York 

Saul Lieb New Jersey 

Louis Grandin Llewelyn Maryland 

Donald Clay MacLaughlin Maryland 

Charles Bernard Marek Maryland 

Howard Brooks Mays Maryland 

Oscar Tracy McDonough, Jr.— ..Penna. 

Alpine Watson McGregor Utah 

Lorenzo Watson McGregor Utah 

DeArmond John McHenry.... Pennsylvania 

Karl Frederick Mech Maryland 

Lawrence Hoy Mills.. .....West Virginia 

Bruce Montgomery Pennsylvania 

Milton Alexander Noon, Jr. Maryland 

Philip Owen New Jersey 

Anthony James Pepe Connecticut 

William Raff el Maryland 

Charles Henry Reier Maryland 

David P. Roberts Maryland 

Harry Maximilian Robinson, Jr., 


Milton Irving Robinson New York 

Frank Tipton Rogers Tennessee 

Israel Rosen Maryland 

Sol Rosen New Jersey 

Harold William Rosenberg New York 

John Carroll Russell Maryland 

Milton Schlachman Maryland 

Gfeorge Fredrick Schmitt, Jr.— Maryland 

Paul Schonfeld Maryland 

Joseph Shapiro New York 

Sydney Harold Shapiro... ...New York 

John Melvin Shaul New York 

Milton Siscovick Maryland 

Leo Brown Skeen North Carolina 

Vernon Edward Spitznagle Maryland 

Benjamin Maxwell Stein New York 

Louis Teitel New York 

Harry Allen Teitelbaum New York 

Joseph Joel Tuby New York 

Luther Franklin Vozel Maryland 

Julius Meyer Waghelstein Maryland 

John McCulIen Wai-ren North Carolina 

James Block Wheless North Carolina 

Jesse Frank Williams, Jr...West Virginia 

Charles Vernon Williamson Maryland 

Norman James Wilson Maryland 

Alvin Eugene William Wode Maryland 

Everet Hardenbergii Wood-..-New Jersey 
Lewis Klair Woodward, Jr Maryland 

Nathan Rudo Maryland 

University Prize Gold Medal 



.George Fredrick Schmitt, Jr. 

Certificates of Honor 

Walter Lichtenberg Norman James Wilson 

Edward Francis Cotter John Warren Abbrittain 

Douglas Rude Dodge 

The Dr. A. Bradley Gaither Memorial prize of $25.00 for the best work in genito- 
urinary surgery during the senior year Edward Francis Cotter 

Doctor of Dental Surgery 

Philip Warren Anderson Maine 

John Angalone Maryland 

Samuel Beckenstein Connecticut 

William Allen Beetham Maryland 

Joseph Benjamin Berke -Maryland 

Henry Chandler Bernard Pennsylvania 

Pasquel John Bisese Virginia 

Joseph Heatwole Black New Jersey 

Harris Blake New Jersey 

John Clarence Bodnar New Jersey 

William Boyarsky New Jersey 

Donald Frederick Bradshaw-Connecticut 

Stanley J. Bridges Maine 

J. Theodore Caldwell Connecticut 

Richard Ernest Cofrancesco Conn. 

Louis Frank Coroso Conn. 

William Benjamin Costenbader.-Virginia 

Robert James Craig Connecticut 

Gerald Preston Cross New Jersey 

Frederick James Cuddy Rhode Island 

Emil Louis Curcio New York 

Edward Jay deKoning -_ West Virginia 

Anthony Domenic DeNoia New Jersey 

Thomas Van Donohue New Jersey 

Stanley Hyde Dosh Maryland 

William Stephen Eramo..„Massachusetts 

Kenneth David Eye West Virginia 

Harry Wallace Fallowfield, Jr. Maryland 

Milton Louis Feuer New Jersey 

Michael James Flannery New Jersey 

Gerson Armand Freedman Maryland 

Julius William Friedman Connecticut 

Eugene Ashton Goldberg -New Jersey 

Morris Goldstein Pennsylvania 

Casimir Francis Golubiewski_.New Jersey 

John William Gourley Massachusetts 

Nathan Grossman New Jersey 

Aaron Guth New Jersey 

Thomas Grant Hartley Maryland 

Clifford Owen Hills Connecticut 

S. Edmund Hoehn Ohio 

John Joseph Houlihan Connecticut 

Jack Isador Ingber Maryland 

Arthur Jorjorian Rhode Island 

Benjamin Kayne New Jersey 

Taffy Theodore Kobrinsky Canada 

Donald Krulewitz New Jersey 

William Lemer New Jersey 

Adolf Thomas Levickas Maryland 

Isadore Levinson ...Maryland 

John Patrick Mahoney Massachusetts 

Aaron Burton Markowitz.. New Jersey 

Vernon Brensley Marquez, 

British West Indies 

Leo Herbert Minkoff New Jersey 

Samuel Morris New Jersey 

John Benjamin Morrissey New Jersey 

William Woods Noel Maryland 

Frederick Joseph Parmesano..W. Virginia 

Angelo Pasqual Rente Maryland 

Raymond Edward Phillips.- Rhode Island 

Frank Reber Pittman Pennsylvania 

Charles Taylor Pridgeon Maryland 

Elmer Rivkin New York 

Rafael Escalona Robert..... Puerto Rico 

Milton Louis Robinson New Jersey 

Julian Francis Rosiak- Maryland 

Morris Ellis Rubin — —Massachusetts 

Stanley Anthony Rzasa Massachusetts 

Francis Ambrose Sauer Maryland 

Joseph Henry Scanlon, Jr— Rhode Island 

Alfred Hugo Schilling New Jersey 

Gerald Shoben Maryland 

Marcy Lee Shulman New Jersey 

Isadore Lee Singer Maryland 

Maurice Skoblow New Jersey 

Hansel Hedrick Snider West Virginia 

Louis Sober — _— Maryland 

Richard Alphonse Soja ....Massachusetts 

Richard Andrews Stevens Vermont 

Harvey Benjamin Stone .Maryland 

Brainerd Foster Swain New Jersey 

Edward Wallace Wallwork.-.New Jersey 

John Harry Whitaker..... ....Canal Zone 

DeWitt Creech WoodalL...North Carolina 


Ernesto Davila Diaz Puerto Rico 

Abraham Click New Jersey 


University Gold Medal for Scholarship Eugene Ashton Goldberg 

Certificates of Honor 

William Benjamin Costenbader 
Kenneth David Eye 

John William Gourley 

Hansel Hedrick Snider 
S. Edmund Hoehn 


Certificates of Proficiency 

Thomas Hunt Mayfield, Jr Maryland Columbus Knight Oakley Maryland 

Bachelor of Laws 

Charles Bates Barker Maryland 

Richard McCormick Carlin Maryland 

Peter John Carpenti Maryland 

*Thomas West Claggett, Jr Maryland 

Francis Irwin Cockrell Maryland 

*George Howard Dowell Maryland 

Wilbur R. Dulin Maryland 

Benjamin Francis Epstein Maryland 

Joseph Gregory Finnerty Maryland 

John Royden Forsythe Maryland 

*Louis Getz Maryland 

Robert Lee Gill, Jr Maryland 

Winson Gilbert Gott, Jr Maryland 

Walter Reckord Haile Maryland 

^Thomas Hughlett Henry, Jr...Maryland 
Frederick William Invernizzi— Maryland 

Laurance Jones, Jr. ____ Maryland 

Francis L. Kenney, Jr Pennsylvania 

*Thomas James Kenney Maryland 

Thomas Henry Kerlin Maryland 

Louis Behr Kravetz Maryland 

*John Bernard Lotz, Jr Maryland 

Philip Lee Lotz Maryland 

*Edwin William Lowe Maryland 

Francis Xavier McCormick Maryland 

Daniel Miller Connecticut 

Walter Charles Mylander, Jr.... Maryland 

Zadoc Townsend Parks, Jr Maryland 

Robert Carey Reeder, Jr Maryland 

John Henry Ritz Maryland 

George Griffin Rudolph Maryland 

*John Lowry Sanford, Jr Maryland 

Ernest Allen Schilpp Maryland 

Robert Lee Smith Maryland 

Stewart Lee Smith Maryland 

David Samuel Sykes Maryland 

Gerald Edward Topper Maryland 

David Titus Woodward Vauthier 


Frank Charles Wachter Maryland 

*Willian Ernest Wellmann, Jr Maryland 

Thomas Hammond Welsh, Jr..-.-Maryland 

Robert E. Wigginton Maryland 

*Edmund Farley Yocum Maryland 

Joseph Rieman Mcintosh Maryland 


Prize of $100.00 for the highest average grade for the entire course, Day School 

Thomas West Claggett, Jr. 
Prize of $100.00 for the highest average grade for the entire course, Evening School 

Edwin William Lowe. 
Alumni prize of $50.00 for best argument in Honor Case in the Practice Court 

Thomas Hughlett Henry, Jr. 
George 0. Blome prizes to representatives on Honor Case in the Practice Court 
Joseph Gregory Finnerty Francis Xavier McCormick 

Thomas Hughlett Henry, Jr. Stewart Lee Smith 

Graduate in Pharmacy 

James Holly Drennen Maryland 

Hannah Euzent Maryland 

Julius Walter Feret Maryland 

Abraham Leonard Glass - Maryland 

Jerome Honkofsky Maryland 

Benjamin Leibowitz ...Maryland 

Israel Levin Maryland 

*With Honor. 

Sister Mary Adamar Mess Maryland 

Salvatore Molinari Maryland 

Harry Pressman Maryland 

Sister Mary Theodosia Pruner.Maryland 

Harold Steel Maryland 

Morris Walman „ Maryland 

Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy 

Louis Blitz Maryland 

Bernard Carlton Cohen Maryland 

Louis Eugene Daily Maryland 

Isaac Frohman Maryland 

Sigmund Goldberg Maryland 

William George Healey, Jr Maryland 

Isadore Kaplan Maryland 

Irvin Bernard Kemick Maryland 

Catharine Evans Kirk Maryland 

Mary Anna Mandrow Maryland 

Harriett Ruth Noel Maryland 

Samuel Novey Maryland 

Alexander John Ogrinz, Jr Maryland 

Isidore Earl Pass -Maryland 

Harry Prostic Maryland 

Elton Resnick Maryland 

Sidney Safran Maryland 

Jacob Edward Schmidt Maryland 

Meyer Robert Shear Maryland 

Dorothy Stain Maryland 

Albert Steiner ...Maryland 

Graduate in Pharmacy 

Bernard Carlton Cohen 

Isadore Horwitz 

William Randolph Lumpkin 
Michael James Ward 

Leo Michael Czekaj 


Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy 


Certificate of Honor 

Sister Mary Theodosia Pruner 


Bachelor of Science 

Donald F. Ashton Maryland 

Laurence Ray Bower Maryland 

James Wilson Brown D. C. 

Edward Lloyd Bunch D. C. 

Kenneth Lee Caskey Maryland 

William Henry Chilcoat Maryland 

Charles Edwin Clark Maryland 

Charles Hornberger Clark Maryland 

Wilson Francis Dawson D. C. 

Fred Chalis Downey Maryland 

Ralph Conrad Fisher Maryland 

Merrill B. Fullerton Maryland 

Clifford L. Gross Maryland 

Henry George Hams D. C, 

Warren William Hastings Maryland 

Truman A. Hobbs.. Maryland 

John Leister Hull Maryland 

Walter F. Jeffers Maryland 

*Omar James Jones, Jr Maryland 

Arthur Spalding Kidwell Maryland 

Jeanette Baker Kitwell 

Roy W. Lennartson 

Alfred William Lewis 

Paul H. Lung 

Cecil Arthur Marshall 

Nicholas Bosley Merryman 

Wilmer Smith Noble, Jr 

Norman Beall Pfeiffer 

Stephen Heath Physioc 

*Paul Routzahn Poffenberger. 

John Austen Silkman 

Hutton Davison Slade 

Marvin Luther Speck 

Joseph Lewis Staley 

Daniel Boyer Stoner 

Ramsay Berry Thomas 

Warren Edward Tydings 

John Wesley Webster 

Marie Elizabeth Wenzel 

Donald Bryan Williams 

D. C. 

D. C. 



Bachelor of Science 

James Francis Crotty Maryland *Edward William Sebold 

Charles Henry Cunningham Maryland Ernest Elmer Wooden, Jr... 

*Awarded Teacher's Diploma. 




First Honors 

Charles Hornberger Clark 
Henry George Hams 
Truman A. Hobbs 
Donald F. Ashton 

Second Honors 

Marvin Luther Speck 
Fred Chalis Downey 
Warren William Hastings 
Hutton Davison Slade 

Bachelor of Arts 

Robert Harris Archer, Jr Maryland 

Hubert Kennard Arnold D. C. 

John Clayton Ashton D. C. 

William Eugene Bounds Maryland 

John Joseph Bourke, Jr — D. C. 

William Hampton Brady Maryland 

Evelyn Rose Brumbaugh D. C. 

Thomas W. Campbell Maryland 

Martha Atkinson Cannon Maryland 

*Harvey Jackson Cheston, Jr. D. C. 

Edward Louis Chiles ....Maryland 

Peter Nicholas Chumbris D. C. 

Richard Waller Cooper Maryland 

Thomas Parker Corwin... D. C. 

Richard Edmund Cullen Delaware 

Lillian Drake D. C. 

Thaddeus Ronsaville Dulin D. C. 

Lea Kathryn Engel D. C. 

Jean Ferguson Maryland 

Robert J. Graves Maryland 

Kathleen Renton Hannigan Maryland 

Joseph Irving Herman Maryland 

Stanley Morton HoUins Maryland 

Paul Edward Holmes J). C. 

*Gaza K. Horvath Maryland 

Margaret Elizabeth Jones Maryland 

Eugene Leonard Kressin D. C. 

*James Frank Lane, Jr Maryland 

Saul R. Lasky Maryland 

Barbara Martha Lee Maryland 

Gilbert Ralph Lee D. C. 

Alfred Milton Loizeaux Maryland 

Eloise Genevieve Long Maryland 

Ruth Lord D. C. 

Eugene Thomas Lyddane __ Maryland 

Joseph Marshall Mathias D. C. 

Amos L Meyers Maryland 

Richard Davis Mumford Maryland 

Grace Lois Nelson D. C. 

Edward Arthur Newman, Jr..._-Maryland 

Donald Edwin Peck Maryland 

Robert Arthur Peck ...Maryland 

Virginia Lawrence Potts Maryland 

Herbert M. Pratt Maryland 

Charles Kieffer Rittenhouse ......Maryland 

Herbert H. Rosenbaum Maryland 

John Alvin Ruehle Maryland 

Jerome C. Salganik Maryland 

Henry Karl T. Schaaf Maryland 

Frances Anita Schrott D. C. 

John Gilliland Simpson Maryland 

*John Robinson Small Maryland 

Talbert Aloysius Smith D. C. 

Peter Smyrnas _ d, q^ 

*Mary Leslie Stallings ZL^JD. C. 

Marion Pennington Sutton Maryland 

Walter Noble Talkes ......D. C. 

Emery Wells Thompson d! c! 

Charles David Wantz Maryland 

John Warhol, Jr. ....New Jersey 

Wilham Bernard Weirich Maryland 

Bettina Mae Weist D. C. 

Berma J. West .Maryland 

June Eleanor Wilcoxon DC 

*Mary Alice Worthen Maryland 

Verna Margarite Zimmermann .Maryland 
John H. Zirckel Maryland 

♦Awarded Teacher's Diploma. 


Bachelor of Science 

Herbert Monroe Allison D. C. 

Willard Applefield Maryland 

Willis Harford Baldwin Maryland 

Paul L. Beach - D. C. 

*Harold Bernstein New York 

Morris Bloom Maryland 

Gilbert Bernard Blumberg Maryland 

Mayne Reid Coe, Jr D. C. 

Sanford Cohn New York 

Joseph Vincent Crecca Maryland 

Chester Burton Cross D. C. 

Herman Dubnoff New Jersey 

David Edelson New Jersey 

Robert Hall Flanders D. C. 

Martin Abner Friedman New York 

Solomon Herman Garter New York 

Hillman Cornelious Harris D. C. 

Charles Edward Herring, Jr Maryland 

Woodrow White Jones Maryland 

Arthur Edward Kahn New Jersey 

Jerome Harold Kaye New York 

William Bradford Lanham, Jr Md. 

Max Lipsitz Maryland 

Edwin Machkowsky New Jersey 

Jason Ernest Matthews, Jr — _ D. C. 

Mary Louise Miller Maryland 

Richard Wagener Ockershausen D. C. 

James William Pike D. C. 

Arthur Jerome Rich New York 

John Rizzolo New Jersey 

Samuel Rochberg New Jersey 

Henry Rothkopf New York 

Ruth Mildred Roush Maryland 

John A. Ruppert D. C. 

Ralph A. Shulman Connecticut 

George Tartikoff New York 

Bernard 0. Thomas, Jr Maryland 

Winfield Lynn Thompson Maryland 

Peter John Valaer, IH D. C. 

John Vignau D. C. 

Herman Warshafsky . D. C. 

Samuel Cottrell White Maryland 

Ralph Charles Williams Maryland 

Franklin Bratt Wise Delaware 


Bachelor of Arts 

Stanley Dowdell Brown Maryland William C. H. Needham 

John Maxwell Dickey D. C. Robert Raymond Pitts 

Earl Lester Edwards D. C. Ann Baker Shaw 

Thomas Webb Jones, Jr Maryland Homer E. Tabler 

John Edward Monk D. C. 

Bachelor of Science 

Richard Paul Anderson Maryland Joseph Tevya Elvove 

Ada Lythe Conklin Maryland Irene Thelma Marino 

Everett Schnepfe Diggs Maryland Louis Milton Riehl 

D. C. 


D. C. 

.New York 


First Honors 

Evelyn Rose Brumbaugh 
Robert Arthur Peck 
Harvey Jackson Cheston, Jr. 
Grace Lois Nelson 
Hillman Cornelious Harris 
Gaza K. Horvath 
Mary Leslie Stallings 
Samuel Rochberg 
Richard Davis Mumford 
Charles David Wantz 
Peter John Valaer, III 
Bernard 0. Thomas, Jr. 

Second Honors 

Kathleen Renton Hannigan 
Amos I. Meyers 
Lea Kathryn Engel 
Joseph Vincent Crecca 
James Frank Lane, Jr. 
Donald Edwin Peck 
Joseph Marshall Mathias 
Herbert H, Rosenbaum 
Max Lipsitz 
Richard Waller Cooper 
Frances Anita Schrott 

*Awarded Teacher's Diploma. 



Bachelor of Arts 

♦Jean Ruth Ashmun Maryland 

Charles Robert Boucher D. C. 

♦Eleanor Fawcett Cissel Maryland 

*Guy Graham Dennis Maryland 

Maude Russell Duvall Maryland 

♦Louise Katharine Elizabeth Eyler, 


Louise Ella Mae Fenton D. C. 

♦Marybeth M. Garvey — -D. C. 

Margaret Hackett Gibson D. C. 

James Burnside Graham Maryland 

♦Jean Grace Hamilton Maryland 

Clark Heironimus D. C. 

♦Helen Frances Klingsohr New York 

♦Leona Gary Miller _D. C. 

♦Frances Richey Maryland 

♦Ralph Windsor Ruffner D. C. 

Jean Lowe Somerville Maryland 

♦Genevieve Asenath Yonkers.— Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

Conard B. Allison D. C. 

Maurine Allison D. C. 

♦Elinor Myra Boyd Pennsylvania 

Nell Connor Maryland 

♦Laurel Marion DeMeritt D. C. 

Alice Lee Dix D. C. 

Ellen Florence Ensor Maryland 

♦James Glenn Graham -D. C. 

♦Roberta Marjorie Hannum Maryland 

♦Eleanor Violet Hasson Maryland 

Frank Shawn Hoffecker, Jr Maryland 

Elizabeth Virginia Ijams Maryland 

Temple Rolph Jarrell Maryland 

♦Ruth Amanda Jehle Maryland 

♦Mary Lee Lankford Maryland 

♦Willard McKeever Lawall D. C. 

♦Frederick Stewart McCaw New York 

Evelyn Layton Neal Maryland 

William Sherman O'Berry Maryland 

♦Dorothy Louise Ordwein Maryland 

♦Louis Lester Pistel Maryland 

Edward Francis Quinn, Jr D. C. 

♦Marjorie Doran Rosenfield Maryland 

Adolph Schwartz New Jersey 

♦Edna Louise Weigel Maryland 

♦Earl G. Widmyer Maryland 


Bachelor of Science 
Commercial and Industrial Education 

Raymond Nelson Donelson Maryland 

Samuel Goldsmith Maryland 

Edward Herman Goldstein Maryland 

Harvey Chester Jones Maryland 

Samuel Krivitsky Maryland 

Mildred Crowley McCaghey Maryland 

John William Myers _. Maryland 

Aquilla Joseph Pumphrey Maryland 

Teacher's Diploma 

Robert Anthony Littleford D. C. Florence Tucker Simonds Maryland 

Bachelor of Arts 

Robert Wilson Jones Maryland 

Jeannette Elizabeth Lovell Maryland 

John F. Manley Maryland 

Corda Dodson Sasscer 

James Earl Solt 

Mildred Delia Walk _.. 


Bachelor of Science 

Henry Doterer Blair Maryland 

♦Beatrice Woodford Crocker .Maryland 

William Henry Jolly Maryland 

Carl Marshall Mann 

Frances Morell Mitchell 


Teacher's Diploma 

Sara Louise Short 

♦Awarded Teacher's Diploma. 




First Honors 
Jean Grace Hamilton 
Laurel Marion DeMerritt 
Louise Ella Mae Fenton 
Eleanor Fawcett Cissel 

Second Honors 

Maude Russell Duvall 
Jean Ruth Ashmun 
Marybeth Garvey 
Helen Frances Klingsohr 
Margaret Hackett Gibson 

Bachelor of Science 

Karl Ferguson Baldwin, Jr D. C. 

Edward Sewell Barber D. C. 

Alfred Raymond Bolz Maryland 

Paul Samuel Bowers Maryland 

Charles David Briddell, Jr Maryland 

Samuel Howard Brooks D. C. 

Harold Joseph Burns D. C. 

James Alan Campbell Maryland 

Ray Francis Chapman Maryland 

Henry M. Chick D. C. 

Tracy Carlisle Coleman D, C. 

John Harrison Costinett Maryland 

Denzel Everett Davis Maryland 

Edwin Austin Davis D. C. 

Robert Anthony Dunnigan D. C. 

Marland W. Duvall Maryland 

Charles Tage Foltz D. C. 

Daniel M. Foltz Maryland 

John Michael Gangler Maryland 

Julius Louis Goldman D. C. 

Carl Springmann Gregory Maryland 

Charles Gardner Grosh Maryland 

William Alexander Harmon Maryland 

John Alan Herold Maryland 

Harry Hyland Howard, Jr. Maryland 

Edward Kaminski Maryland 

Albert Kanode D. C. 

John M. Kemper, Jr D. C. 

Richard Bennett Knight 

William Martin Koenig 

Richard Francis Lane 

Clinton George Light, Jr 

John Arthur Logan 

Constantine Lozupone , 

Charles Herbert Ludwig 

Fielding Lewis Mitchell 

Julius Edward Morcock, Jr.. 

Charles Herbert Morris 

Milton Christian Peper 

George S. Peratino 

Robert Richardson Poole 

Olaf S. Pruss 

Joseph Henry Pyles 

Edward Preston Rahe 

Albert William Rosenberger. 

Clinton Gay Skidmore 

John Roger Smith 

Allan Morten Thomas, Jr 

Levy Rhame Tindal 

Franklin Leroy Walker 

Julian Fairfax Walters, Jr._ 
Pelham Alden Walton, 
Thomas Holliday Webster, III 

Lee Williams 

Thomas Logan Woolard 

Charles Harding Zimmisch 

Bachelor of Science 

James Carroll Beatty 

John Clinton Dye 

Donald Albert Hay _ 







Edwin Hubbard Lawton 
Harmon Crane Welch 


D. C. 


D. C. 


D. C. 

D. C. 


D. C. 


D. C. 

D. C. 

D. C. 

D. C. 


D. C. 


D. C. 

D. C. 

D. C. 

D. C. 



First Honors 
Edward Sewell Barber 
Richard Francis Lane 
Charles Gardner Grosh 
William Alexander Harmon 
James Alan Campbell 
Henry M. Chick 

Second Honors 

Edward Preston Rahe 
John Michael Gangler 
Constantine Lozupone 
Edward Kaminski 
John M. Kemper, Jr. 



Bachelor of Science 

Mildred Lowndes Berry Maryland 

Elizabeth Binswanger — ...-.Maryland 

Ruth Elizabeth Burslem Maryland 

*Anna Betti Buschman New Jersey 

Bertie Louise Caruthers Maryland 

Mabel Elizabeth Ewald Maryland 

Emma Carroll Gibbs Maryland 

Lenna Louisa Gross Maryland 

♦Margaret Fawcett Hardy Maryland 

Ruth Lee Hill Maryland 

Norma Ruth Hoage D. C. 

♦Sarah Griffith Jack Maryland 

♦Felice Edith Jacob Maryland 

Elizabeth Rozelle Johnson Maryland 

Margaret Estelle Langrall Maryland 

*Ernestine Marie Loeffler — Maryland 

Kathryn Melissa Moore Maryland 

*Julia Ann Norman ...Maryland 

Dorothy 0. Pierce Maryland 

*Agnes Priscilla Soper D. C. 

*Hazel Mae Speicher Maryland 

Estelle Stanley _ Maryland 

Marian Palmer White Maryland 

*Helen Elise Wollman Maryland 

Anita Blanche Wright Maryland 

First Honors 

Hazel Mae Speicher 
Lenna Louise Gross 
Felice Edith Jacob 


Second Honors 

Helen Elise Wollman 
Bertie Louise Caruthers 

Graduate in Nursing 

Thelma Alice Harden North Carolina 

Sara Kathryn Bowman Maryland 

Yolande Wellington Chaney Maryland 

Helen Chelluk Maryland 

Mabel Jackson Coley Virginia 

Alice Vera Elchenko Pennsylvania 

Ethel Irene Evans Maryland 

Thelma Gwaltney Virginia 

Elsie Avlona Hamilton —South Carolina 

Beatrice Edison Hoddinott Delaware 

Ann Frances Hoke Maryland 

Marguerite Louise Kurtz Maryland 

Helen Marie Miller Maryland 

Rita Virginia Miller Maryland 

Elizabeth Lewis Nunnelee N. Carolina 

Mary Potter Maryland 

Ruth R. Price Maryland 

Dorothy Anne Rencher —..Maryland 

Mary Garnet Richards West Virginia 

Mabel Pearl Roth .Maryland 

Ruth Mildred Roush ...Maryland 

June Rullman Maryland 

Marie Hopfield Shimp Maryland 

Emma Virginia Thompson Maryland 

Claudia Maxine Wheeler ....West Virginia 

Doris Virginia Whitehurst Virginia 

Lillian Louise Wilson .Maryland 


The Janet Hale Memorial Scholarship, given by the University of Maryland Nurses' 
Alumnae Association, to pursue a course in administration, supervisory, or public 
health work at Teachers College, Columbia University, to the student having the 
highest record in scholarship ...Alice Vera Elchenko 

The Elizabeth Collins Lee Prize of $50.00 to the student having the second highest aver- 
age in scholarship Rita Virginia Miller 

The Mrs. John L. Whitehurst prize of $25.00 for the highest average in executive 
ability Ann Frances Hoke 

The Edwin and Leander M. Zimmerman prize of $50.00 for practical nursing and for 
displaying the greatest interest and sympathy for the patients... .Ann Frances Hoke 

The University of Maryland Nurses' Alumnae Association pin, and mem.bership in the 
Association, for practical nursing and executive ability Ethel Irene Evans 

♦Awarded Teacher's Diploma. 



The Infantry Reserve Corps 

Charles Robert Boucher 
Harold Joseph Burns 
Ray Francis Chapman 
Tracy Carlisle Coleman 
Thomas Parker Corwin 
Josph Vincent Crecca 
Guy Graham Dennis 
Frank Patrick Duggan 
Thaddeus Ronsaville Dulin 
Robert Anthony Dunnigan 
Raymond Jensen Goodhart 
Charles Gardner Grosh 
William Alexander Harmon 
Charles Herbert Ludwig 
Frederick Stewart McCaw 

Philip Lawrence Mossburg, Jr. 
Richard Hare Nelson 
Joseph Henry Pyles 
Albert William Rosenberger 
John Alvin Ruehle 
Ralph Windsor Ruffner 
Talbert Aloysius Smith 
Walter Noble Talkes 
Peter John Valaer, III 
Julian Fairfax Walters, Jr. 
Pelham Alden Walton 
Charles David Wantz 
John Wesley Webster 
Earl G. Widmyer 

The National Guard of the United States 
Robert Harris Archer, Jr. Ralph Conrad Fisher 


College Park Division 

Elected to Phi Kappa Phi Honorary Society 

Edward Sewell Barber 
Arthur Donald Bowers 
Evelyn Rose Brumbaugh 
James Alan Campbell 
Bertie Louise Caruthers 
Harvey Jackson Cheston, Jr. 
Henry M. Chick 
Eleanor Fawcett Cissel 
Charles Hornberger Clark 
Laurel Marion DeMeritt 
Louise Ella Mae Fenton 
Charles Gardner Grosh 
Leima Louisa Gross 
Jean Grace Hamilton 
William Alexander Harmon 
Henry George Hams 

Hillman Cornelious Harris 
Truman A. Hobbs 
Gaza K. Horvath 
Felice Edith Jacob 
Robert Jacobsen 
John Richard King 
Richard Francis Lane 
L, Lavan Manchey 
Richard Davis Mumford 
Robert Arthur Peck 
Edward Preston Rahe 
Samuel Rochberg 
Hazel Mae Speicher 
Mary Leslie Stallings 
Charles David Wantz 
Edgar Perkins Walls 

Elected to Sigma Xi Honorary Scientific Fraternity 

Lyle Thomas Alexander 
William Henry Anderson 
Myron Herbert Berry 
Arthur Donald Bowers 
Raymond Anderson Fisher 
Samuel William Goldstein 
Frederick Vahlcamp Grau 
Elmer William Greve 
Marcus Rankin Hatfield 
John Richard King 
David Victor Lumsden 

L. Lavan Manchey 
Earle Dwight Matthews 
Emma Janet McDonald 
Ole Anker Nelson 
John Jenkins Parks 
Sterl Amos Shrader 
Fletcher Pearre Veitch, Jr. 
Edgar Perkins Walls 
Joseph Clark White 
Mark Winton Woods 


Citizenship Prize, offered by Mr. H. C. Byrd, Class of 1908, to the member of the 
senior class who, during his collegiate career, has nearest typified the model citizen and 
who has done most for the general advancement of the interests of the University. 

Awarded to Warren Edward Tydings 

Citizenship Prize, offered by Mrs. Albert F. Woods, to the woman member of the 
senior class who, during her collegiate career, has nearest typified the model citizen 
and has done most for the general advancement of the interests of the University. 

Awarded to Elizabeth Virginia Ijams 

Silvester Medal for Excellence in Athletics, offered by the Class of 1908, to the 
man who typifies the best in college athletics. 

Awarded to John William Guckeyson 

Maryland Ring, offered by Charles L. Linhardt to the Maryland man outstanding 
for the year in athletics. 

Awarded to - - Albert Walter Webb 

Mortar Board Cup, offered to the woman member of the senior class who has been 
in attendance at least three full years and who has made the highest scholastic average. 

Awarded to -Jean Grace Hamilton 

James Douglas Goddard Memorial Medal, offered by his sister, Mrs. Anna K. 
Goddard James to a student from Prince George's County for excellence in scholarship 
and moral character. 

Awarded to - — Andrew Bennie Beveridge 

Awards in recognition of the greatest contribution to women's organizations dur- 
ing the past year. 

Awarded to Mary Leslie Stallings and Mary Alice Worthen 

Student Medal and Junior Membership offered by the American Institute of Chem- 
ists to the member of the senior class who has attained the highest average in 

Awarded to Hillman Cornelious Harris 

Sigma Phi Sigma Medal, offered by the Delta Chapter to the freshman who makes 
the highest scholastic average during the first semester. 

Awarded to - — Norbert Frankenberger 

Delta Delta Delta Sorority Medal, offered to the sophomore girl who makes the 
highest scholastic average during the first semester. 

Awarded to Bernice Grodjesk 

The Dinah Berman Memorial Medal, offered by her son, Benjamin Berman, to that 
sophomore who has attained the highest scholastic average of his class in the College 
of Engineering. 

Awarded to ...William Augustus McCooI 

Pi Delta Epsilon Journalistic Fraternity Awards, for outstanding work in jour- 

Awarded to Joseph Marshall Mathias, Walter George Lohr, 

and Herbert Monroe Allison. 
The Diamondback Medals awarded for efiicient and faithful service on the student 
weekly paper. 

Awarded to - ....Marion Elizabeth Parker, George Leslie Crossley, 

V Lea Kathryn Engel, Wilson Francis Dawson, Paul Routzahn Poffenberger, 

■I Walter Noble Talkes. 

H ' The Terrapin Medals awarded for efficient and faithful service on the student year 

Awarded to - Betty Claire Quirk and George David Garber 

The Old Line Medals awarded for efficient and faithful service on the student quar- 
terly magazine. 

Awarded to .....Mary Leslie Stallings, James Gardner Brooks, Robert 

Grant Litschert, and Frank Patrick Duggan. 
Governor's Cup, to the best drilled company. 

Awarded to Company B, commanded by Cadet Captain Talbert Aloysius Smith 

Military Faculty Award, to the student who has done most for the Reserve Officers' 
Training Corps. 

Awarded to ...Cadet Lieut. Colonel Julian Fairfax Walters, Jr. 


Military Department Medals, to the students contributing most to the success of 
each battalion during the year. 

(Cadet Major Thomas Parker Corwin, First Battalion 

Awarded to \ Cadet Major Earl G. Widmyer, Second Battalion 

I Cadet Major Frederick Stewart McCaw, Third Battalion 

The University of Maryland Prize (Saber), to the best company commander. 

Awarded to Cadet Captain Talbert Aloysius Smith 

The Military Medal, offered by the Class of 1899, to the member of the battalion 
who proves himself the best drilled soldier. 

Awarded to.—. — Cadet Welch Smith 

The Alumni Cup, offered to the best drilled platoon. 

Awarded to First Platoon, Company G, commanded by 

Cadet First Lieutenant Pelham Alden Walton. 

The Scabbard and Blade Saber, to the commander of the winning platoon. 

Awarded to Cadet First Lieutenant Pelham Alden Walton 

The Military Department Medals, offered to the freshman in each battalion remain- 
ing longest in individual competition. 

Awarded to Cadets George Alfred Bowman, Nicholas Urban Wagner, 

Welch Smitn. 

Gold Medals, offered by the Military Department, to the three students contribut- 
ing most to the success of the band. 

Awarded to ...Cadets John Gibson Wilson, Jr., Alfred Everett Savage, 

Price Godman Piquett. 

Squad Competition Gold Medals, to the members of the best drilled squad. 

Awarded to .Cadet Corporal Houlder Hudgins, Squad Leader, 

Cadets Robert Otto Hammerlund, Herman William Berger, Jr., Richard Cran- 
dall Breaden, James Albert Chappelear, Jr., Max David Zankel, Philip Brooks 
Franck, Charles Harvey Cooke. 

Third Corps Area Silver Medal, to the student making the highest gallery score 
in the Third Corps Area Rifle Match. 

Awarded to Cadet Robert Lee Mattingly 

Third Corps Area Bronze Medal, to the student making second highest gallery 
score in the Third Corps Area Match. 

Awarded to Cadet Sergeant William Randolph Schneider 

The Military Department Gold Medal to the Student making the High Average 
Score on the University of Maryland Rifle Team. 

Awarded to... Cadet Corporal Raymond Davis, Jr. 

The Military Department Gold Medal to the Student making the High Average 
Score on the University of Maryland Freshman Rifie Team. 

Awarded to Cadet Robert Lee Mattingly