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Baltimore and Collese Park Divisions 

Ritchie Coliseum 

June 6, 1936 
Eleven o'clock 

-. my 

Order of Exercises 

March — U. of M. __.. Conrad Gebelein 

Overture — Poet and Peasant Suppe 

Suite — Atlantis Safranek 

(In Four Parts) 

March — The Stars and Stripes Forever Sousa 

Selection — Echoes from the Metropolitan Tohani 

(Opera House) 

Waltz — The Beautiful Blue Danube Strauss 

The University of Maryland Student Band 
Otto Siebeneichen, Director 

Processional March — Coronation Eilenberg 

The University of Maryland Student Band 

Invocation Rev. Dr. Oliver J. Hart, Washington, D. C. 

Presentation of Guest of Honor, His Excellency, 

Harry W. Nice, Governor of Maryland 

Address — The Institute of Transport .—Charles Henry Davis 

Conferring of Degrees, Presentation of Diplomas 

and Announcements The President of the University 

Benediction Rev. Dr. Oliver J. Hart 

Recessional March — The Prophet Mayerbeer 

The University of Maryland Student Band 

The audience will please remain in place after the exercises until the 
academic procession has left the Coliseum. 



Doctor of Engineering 
Charles Henry Davis New York 

Doctor of Letters 
Fred Pierce Corson Pennsylvania 

Doctor of Philosophy 

William Henry Anderson Maryland 

M. Thomas Bartram Maryland 

William Parsons Campbell Maryland 

Reginald Scott Dean D. C. 

Arthur P. Dunnigan Maryland 

Harry Marean Duvall Maryland 

William Ellsworth Evans, Jr., Maryland 

Einar Philip Flint D. C. 

Willard Theodore Haskins New York 

Arthur Bucher Hersberger. Maryland 

Casimir Thaddeus Ichniowski.-.Maryland 

Joseph Raymond Kanagy D. C. 

Jacob Martin Lutz D. C, 

Ole Anker Nelson .Virginia 

William Ward Pigman Illinois 

Harry Rosen D. c. 

Clarence Emil Steinbauer Maryland 

Harry Allen Teitelbaum New York 

Ross C. Thompson ...Maryland 

Mark Winton Woods Maryland 

Master of Arts 

Evelyn Fuller Ballou D. C. 

Genevieve Spence Blew D. C. 

Edward M. Custis Kentucky 

William Claggett Dorsey Donoho, 


Joseph Tevya Elvove D. C. 

Jean Grace Hamilton Maryland 

Mildred Ives D. C. 

Jane Wright Jack Maryland 

Olga Christina Lofgren Maryland 

Irma McCauley D. C. 

Francis Everett Meredith Maryland 

Herbert Francis Mitchell Maryland 

Cecil Schutt Maryland 

Perry Oliver Wilkinson D. C. 

Charles W. Williams .Kentucky 

Master of Science 

John Bruen Bartlett Maryland 

Frances F. Beck Maryland 

William Everett Bell Pennsylvania 

Melvin F. W. Dunker Maryland 

John Hartshorn Eiseman Maryland 

Guy Watson Gienger Maryland 

Henry George Harns D. C. 

Elizabeth Edge Haviland Maryland 

George Lawrence Kalousek ....D. C. 

Herman Kessler Maryland 

George Peter Lachar Michigan 

Alice Roosevelt Lee D. C. 

Roy William Lennartson D. C. 

George Bergin Reynard Ohio 

Erna Marta Riedel Maryland 

Harold George Shirk Pennsylvania 

Hutton Davison Slade Maryland 

Ralph Charles Williams Maryland 

Paschal Philip Zapponi Ohio 


Civil Engineer 

Raymond Douglas Blakeslee D. C. Theodore John Vandoren, Jr. 

George Edward Taylor, Jr Maryland 

D. C. 


Revon Samuel Dillon Maryland 

Charles Siegwart _.. 

Fred Carroll Jones 


Doctor of Medicine 

Abraham Louis Batalion Maryland 

Raid Lafeal Beers Utah 

Milton Bernstein - Maryland 

Roland Essig Bieren Maryland 

Harold Thomas Booth New York 

Harry Clay Bowie Maryland 

James Harry Bunn, Jr. North Carolina 

Irving Burka D. C. 

Harold Hubert Burns Pennsylvania 

Jerome Kermit Burton Maryland 

Joseph Edgar Bush Maryland 

Andrew Long Chesson ..-.North Carolina 

George Joseph Coplin New Jersey 

Vladimir Frantisek Ctibor —.New Jersey 

Leo Michael Curtis Maryland 

Nachman Davidson Maryland 

George Howey Davis . Maryland 

Seymour Ralph Deehl New Jersey 

Stuart Watt Dittmar Pennsylvania 

Darius McClelland Dixon Maryland 

Joseph Drozd Maryland 

Jerome Feldman Maryland 

John Edward Fissel, Jr Maryland 

Lester Mitchel Fox Maryland 

Philip Lair Franklin Maryland 

Michael Garland Frich.. Pennsylvania 

Marion Howard Gillis, Jr.... Maryland 

Harry Solomon Gimbel -Maryland 

Frank Glassner Maryland 

Jesse Walter Gordner, Jr.....Pennsylvania 

David Bernard Greengold Maryland 

Philip Orson Gregory — Maine 

William Greifinger New Jersey 

Jaye Jacob Grollman Maryland 

Benjamin Herbert Isaacs Maryland 

Ceirianog Henry Jones Pennsylvania 

Emory Ellsworth Jones, Jr., 

West Virginia 

Walter Esselman Karfgin Maryland 

Saul Karpel New York 

Joseph Katz Maryland 

Norman Kleiman Maryland 

Howard Thomas Knobloch-_Pennsylvania 

Louis Joseph Kolodner Maryland 

Louis Joseph Kroll Maryland 

Raymond Joseph Lipin Maryland 

Robert Morris Lowman Maryland 

Grant Lund Utah 

William Kenneth Mansfield, 


Louis Robert Maser ... Maryland 

Arthur Franklin McCauley ..Maryland 

Hector Caldwell McKnew, Jr., Maryland 
Eugene Robinson McNinch, Pennsylvania 

James Blessing Moran Rhode Island 

James Patrick Moran New York 

Benjamin Bernard Moses Maryland 

Joseph Robert Myerovitz Maryland 

William Myers Pennsylvania 

Hansford Dorsey Nester West Virginia 

Thomas Agnew Nestor Rhode Island 

Morris John Nicholson Maryland 

Sigmund Roman Nowak Maryland 

William Aloysius O'Brien, Jr., 

New Jersey 

William Andrew Parr Maryland 

Richard Heber Pembroke, Jr., Maryland 
Salvador Dante Pentecoste....New Jersey 

Carl Pigman Kentucky 

Samuel Marvin Reichel Maryland 

John Henry Reynolds, Jr Pennsylvania 

Gregory Narcisse Rochlin Maryland 

Ralph B. Roseman Pennsylvania 

Victor Rosenthal New York 

J. Dan Royster North Carolina 

George Peter Schmieler Pennsylvania 

George Durward Selby Maryland 

Lawrence Joseph Shimanek Mai'yland 

William Carey Smith North Carolina 

Cyril Solomon Maryland 

Matthew Sorin New Jersey 

David Michael Spain New York 

Millard Fillmore Squires, Jr.-..Maryland 

Milton Stapen New York 

Samuel Steinberg Maryland 

Morris Harold Stern New Jersey 

Stuart Dos Passos Sunday_ Maryland 

Isaac Terr New York 

Anthony Joseph Thomas... .Massachusetts 
Lawrence Matthew Tierney..Connecticut 
Baxter Suttles Troutman .North Carolina 

William Kennedy Waller Maryland 

Daniel George Wehner Maryland 

Jacob Joseph Weinstein Maryland 

Gibson Jackson Wells Maryland 

Daniel Wilfson, Jr Maryland 

Arthur Gilbart Wilkinson Connecticut 

Nathan Wolf Maryland 

Charles Sidney Yavelow New York 

Joseph George Zimring New York 

University Prize Gold Medal 


George Howey Davis 

Certificates of Honor 

Louis Joseph Kroll Harry Clay Bowie Howard Thomas Knobloch 

John Henry Reynolds, Jr. Gibson Jackson Wells 

The Dr. A. Bradley Gaither Memorial prize of $25.00 for the best work in genito- 
urinary surgery during the senior year George Durward Selby 


Doctor of Dental Surgery 

Patrick Louis Andreorio_ ..New Jersey 

Theodore George Arends— : D. C. 

George J. Baylin _-_a Maryland 

Kenneth Earl Blanchard-1 Connecticut 

John Bonante -; Pennsylvania 

■ Leo Brodie New York 

I. Norton Brotman .' Maryland 

Herbert Samuel Brown ..• Connecticut 

Stuart George Buppert -\ Maryland 

' Howard Allen Carrill k Maryland 

H. Milton Cooper _■_ .New Jersey 

Lance Nathaniel Corbin -'„.^y^__.Maryland 

iOJanies Leopold Corthoiits.--._.Connecticut 

John William Cronin ./- Maryland 

William Frank Decesare _:.. Rhode Island 

Michael Joseph DiGristine .- Maryland 

Eugene Joseph Dionne--:-_-Massachusetts 

Terrence David Donohue. ^ Maryland 

Marvin Ratledge Evans-.-North Carolina 

,/ William August Fischer..- Maryland 

Samuel Friedman Connecticut 

/ Isadore Glaser New York 

Solomon Goldberg Connecticut 

-Alvin A. Greenberg i Maryland 

Robert Edward Hampson.: Maryland 

i Samuel Hanik .: ...New Jersey 

Lawrence Harris ..•. New Jersey 

-Carlotta Augusta Hawley D. C. 

Ralph Warren Hodges .: Rhode Island 

Elmer Norman Hoffman Maryland 

Morris Horowitz ..-. New Jersey 

Donald Scott Hunter ...: Maryland 

Michael Impresa ...i Connecticut 

Byron Wallace Inman North Carolina 

Bernard Jerome New Jersey 

Samuel Burke Johnston, III,' New Jersey 

Vernon Delbert Kaufman...^ Maryland 

Otto Guido Klotz /. New Jersey 

■ Louis Kreshtool ^. Delaware 

William Kress .....: Maryland 

Bruno Leon Kuta ... New Jersey 

Henry Arthur Lacher .< Maryland 

—Poland Paul Leahy.. l.....New Hampshire 

Louis Levinson ..•: D. C. 

-Meyer Lewis Levy ! New Jersey 

Henry Berton McCauley, Jr..j..Maryland 

Joseph Francis Metz, Jr..: Maryland 

Everett Nelson Meyer .. Connecticut 

Louis Milobsky ...^ D. C. 

Harry William Mitten, 2nd.-..Canal Zone 

Frank Muller _ <: New Jersey 

James Richard Myers ...l Maryland 

Norman Frederick Myers..: Maryland 

Gerald Maher Niebergall..'......New Jersey 

Herbert Orman i Maryland..^ 

Ray Sidna Paskell :■..- Maryland^ (^^ 

William Charles Christopher Philpot, Jr., / 

New Jersey 
- Ralph Raymond Racicot-.i.Massachusetts 
Merchline Mills Riddlesberger, 


Wesley Edward Rogler...... ..New Jersey 

Harold Rosen .^ New Jersey 

Herbert Sabloff .:. New Jersey 

Alexander Schoenbrun •. New Jersey 

Daniel David Schwartz ..'......New Jersey 

John Hinton Shackelford.:. Virginia 

Abe Alvin Shapiro D. C. 

Lewis Hamilton Shipman.lMassachusetts 

Edward Silverman .. New Jersey . 

V William Francis Sullivan..i-..Connecticut 

John Robert Switzer, Jr..... Virginia 

Leonard Joseph Tarant.... New Jersey 

Garrison Trupp Maryland 

Edward Albert Tully Connecticut 

Francis Casimir Tyburski Connecticut 

James Arthur Walker Vermont 

William Thomas Walsh.... Vermont 

Herbert Milton Weinstein New Jersey 

Robert Wien New Jersey 

Alvaro Zea Hernandez.:..Colombia, S. A. 

■University Gold Medal for Scholarship 



.Ralph Warren Hodges 

H. Milton Cooper 
JtVilliam Frank Decesare 

Certificates of Honor 

Vernon Delbert Kaufman Henry Berton McCauley, Jr. 
Samuel Burke Johnston, III 


Certificates of Proficiency 

Albert Constable Maryland 

George Hyde Engeman Maryland 

Campbell Lloyd Stirling Maryland 

Vincent Alexander Tubman Maryland 

Bachelor of Laws 

William French Blake -' Maryland 

* Edward Shoemaker Boylston, 

South Carolina 
Calvin Linwood Brinsfield : Maryland 

* Elizabeth Maxwell Carroll Chesnut, 


* Ernest Collins Clark _-. Maryland 

Elbert Hubbard Cohen ..: Maryland 

Frank Smith Depro Maryland 

John Maxwell Dickey Maryland 

John Dudley Digges Maryland 

Elizabeth Boys Doub Maryland 

Norman Bentley Gardiner, Jr.; Maryland 
Herbert David Hamburger J.... Maryland 

Edwin Maxwell Horchler Maryland 

Clarence Harlan Hui-lock, Jr. ...Maryland 

^Joseph 0. Kaiser .-. Maryland 

Sharpe D. Karper ...: Maryland 

Clarence Wesley Lung .: Maryland 

Thomas Albert Lurz Maryland 

Samuel James Macaluso Maryland 

Bernard Manekin .. Maryland 

James Gordon McCabe Maryland 

James Joseph McGrath, Jr...-.-.Maryland 

Irvin Israel Miller Maryland 

Sydney Boroh Miller Maryland 

John Joseph Moran, Jr—i. Maryland 

*With Honor. 

Harold Edward Naughton .t Maryland 

John Francis de Valangin Patrick, ^ 

Carl Pergler D. C. 

*William Bernard RafFerty-s Maryland 

John Norris Renneburg - Maryland 

Julius Christian Renninger, Jr., ■ 


James Albert Roney, Jr. .1 Maryland 

Randolph Schamberg Rothschild,* 


Joseph Crandell Russell Maryland 

*Harry Donald Schwaab..... Maryland 

■■■'Frederick J. Singley, Jr...:. Maryland 

Everett Irving Smith..... New Jersey 

William Benton Stansbury, Jr., ■ 


Daniel Stephen Sullivan, Jr..: Maryland 

Henry Joseph Tarantino... Maryland 

'■'James Royall Tippett, Jr..; Maryland 

Bernard Monaham Verlin Maryland 

Robert Allen Waidner Maryland 

*Carl William Watchom.... Maryland 

Horace Pritchard Whitworth, Jr., . 


^Howard Graham Wood Maryland 

Thomas Gorsuch Young, Jr.._:_Maryland 


Joseph Mannion Galvin Maryland ' 


Prize of $100.00 for the highest average grade for the entire course, 

Day School Harry Donald Schwaab 

^Trize of $100.00 for the highest average grade for the entire course, 

Evening School Howard Graham Wood 

t^Alumni prize of $50.00 for best argument in Honor Case in the Practice Court, 

Frederick J. Singley, Jr. 

George 0. Blome prizes to representatives on Honor Case in the Practice Court, 

Elizabeth Maxwell Carroll Chesnut Frederick J. Singley, Jr. 

Joseph 0. Kaiser L James Royall Tippett, Jr. 


Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy 

Daniel Jerome Abramson Maryland 

Frank Albert Bellman Maryland 

Melvin Irvin Berkowich Pennsylvania 

Lester Leon Burtnick Mai'yland 

Bernard Cherry Maryland 

Samuel Herbert Cohen Maryland 

Irvin David Maryland 

Carroll Pross Foster Maryland 

Albert Freedman Maryland 

Sylvan Chauncey Goodman Maryland 

William Lehman Guyton. Maryland 

John Henry Haase Maryland 

Ada Chamberlain Hewing Maryland 

Asher Hoffman Maryland 

Harry Jacobs Maryland 

Frank Joseph Jankiewicz . Maryland 

Bertram Kamber Maryland 

Leonard Elliot Kandel Maryland 

Gabriel Elliott Katz Maryland 

Thomas Carter Kleczynski . Maryland 

Benjamin Levin Maryland 

Nathan Levin Maryland 

Nathan Isaic Liss Maryland 

William Randolph Lumpkin Maryland 

Bernard Patrick McNamara... Maryland 

Leonard Carl Molofsky Maryland 

Thomas Andrew Moskey, Jr D. C. 

Edith Muskatt Maryland 

Alexander Ogurick Maryland 

Frank Ronald Paul Maryland 

William Piatt Maryland 

Lawrence William Rachuba Maryland 

Sidney H. Reamer Maryland 

Harry Bernard Robinson Maryland 

Raymond Clarence Vail Robinson, 


George Rodney Maryland 

Milton Philip Sause Maryland 

John Ferdinand Schaefer Maryland 

Adam John Schammel Maryland 

Charles Vincent Sevcik Maryland 

Robert Clay Sheppard Maryland 

Sidney Shochet Maryland 

Harvey Gerald Silberg Maryland 

Sylvan Leonard Silverman Maryland 

William Harry Smith, Jr Maryland 

Morris William Steinberg Maryland 

Anthony Adolph Survil Maryland 

Adam George Swiss Maryland 

David Paul Tenberg Maryland 

Paul Howard Thompson —.South Dakota 

Arnold Tramer Maryland 

John Wesley Vondracek Maryland 

Arthur Winakur Maryland 

Kennard Levinson Yaffe Maryland 

Morris Robert Yaffe - Maryland 

Charles Anthony Youch Maryland 

Graduate in Pharmacy 


Jesse Solomon Maryland 

Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy 

Lester Norman Kolman Maryland 


Gold Medal for General Excellence - Bertram Kamber 

^^ The William Simon Memorial Prize for Proficiency in Practical Chemistry, 

Carroll Pross Foster 

^The Simon Solomon Prize ($50.00) -Frank Albert Bellman 

V The L. S. Williams Practical Pharmacy Prize Paul Howard Thompson 

The Conrad L. Wich Botany and Pharmacognosy Prize Benjamin Levin 

Nathan Levin 

Certificates of Honor 

Alexander Ogurick 

Frank Albert Bellman 

Bachelor of Science 

Howard Franklin Allard Virginia 

John Walker Bailey Maryland 

Fitz James Bartlett Maryland 

William Francis Boarman Maryland 

Arthur Rodbird Buddington Maryland 

Bernard E. Buscher D. C. 

Harry Clifton Byi'd, Jr Maryland 

Edward Pendelton Carter D. C. 

^Chester Marvin Cissel Maryland 

Harry Webster Clark Maryland 

Charles Clayton Croft D. C. 

Walter Moulden Eiker D. C. 

John House Fales Maryland 

William Northam Garrott Maryland 

Grace-Louise Greenwood Maryland 

Wayne Brooks Hamilton Maryland 

George Elliott Harrington D. C. 

*Winiam Howard Henderson -.Maryland 

Thomas Jacob Hoshall Maryland 

Elizabeth Lauretta Huntington, 


George Bond Hughes, Jr 

Paul H. Imphong 

A. Wilson King 

Harry Pearce Maccubbin 

Elmer Louis Mayer 

Arnon Lewis Mehring, Jr..—. 

Oscar Johnathon Miller 

*Paul Elsv/orth Mullinix 

Michael J. Pelczar, Jr 

Joseph Frank Puncochar 

Garnett Dunlap Radebaugh. 

Herman F. Ramsburg 

Joseph Warren Sisson, Jr... .. 

Elsie May Sockrider 

Clarence Grayson Stevens 

Elizabeth Lane Toole 

James Henry Vawter 

William Campbell Warfield... 

James Logan Weber 

Jack Wolk 





D. C. 







D. C. 

D. C. 



D. C. 

Bachelor of Science 

John Thomas Presley Maryland 


First Honors 

William Campbell Warfield 
Michael J. Pelczar, Jr. 
Arnon Lewis Mehring, Jr. 
Elsie May Sockrider 

Second Honors 

Elizabeth Lane Toole 
Paul Elsworth Mullinix 
Arthur Rodbird Buddington 
Oscar Johnathon Miller 

*Awarded Teacher's Diploma. 

Bachelor of Arts 

Dorothy Vema Allen — D. C. 

Herbert Duvall Ambrose Maryland 

June Barnsley Maryland 

Paul E. Benjamin __. Maryland 

Samuel Emory Bogley Maryland 

William Beall Bowie Maryland 

John Herbert Brill Maryland 

Charles Leland Callahan Maryland 

Edward Francis Cave D. C. 

Mildred Frances Chapin Maryland 

Corbin Carroll Cogswell, Jr., Maryland 

George Bernard Dantzig Maryland 

Mildred Davidson Maryland 

Dorothy Catherine Donovan D. C. 

Frank Patrick Duggan Maryland 

Ernest Risley Eaton, Jr D. C. 

Charles Edward Edmondson Maryland 

Joseph A. Ellis Maryland 

Louis Augustus Ennis, Jr New Jersey 

Theodore Henry Erbe Maryland 

Ralph Irving Evans D. C. 

John Howard Farson Maryland 

Ethel Alice Fisher Maryland 

Charles Raymond Fowler D. C. 

*Harold Bernard Friedman Maryland 

Raymond Jensen Goodhart D. C. 

William John Graham, Jr D. C. 

Marjorie Rae Grinstead D. C. 

Isidor Handler New York 

George Cook Hart Maryland 

James Francis Hart, Jr Maryland 

Frederic Jennings Haskin, Jr., 


Caleb Richard Hathaway Maryland 

Herbert Souder Hyatt Maryland 

William Kenneth Karow Maryland 

Katherine Eleanor Kesler Maryland 

Henry Rudolph Kozloski _ ..Pennsylvania 

Edward John Lipin Maryland 

Robert Grant Litschert Maryland 

Richard H. Love Maryland 

Harry Joseph Lynn D. C. 

Kenneth Ross Mason Maryland 

Richard Howard Maurer D. C. 

Lyman Randolph McAboy D. C. 

Sidney Payne McFerrin Maryland 

*Mary Lynn Mclntire Maryland 

Samuel William Hubbard Meloy. ... D. C. 

Eleanor Lilian Meyer New York 

*Dorothy H. Miles D. C. 

David Miller D. C. 

Jean Miller Maryland 

Rebecca Charlotte Miller Maryland 

Edward Martin Minion, Jr.....New Jersey 

*Miriam Louise Moreland D. C. 

Wilford E. Nevius Maryland 

*Nancy Lee Norment Maryland 

E. Anne Padgett Maryland 

Marion Elizabeth Parker D. C. 

Frances Kathrjrn Powell Maryland 

Anna Marie Laura Quirk D. C. 

Betty Claire Quirk D. C. 

Sol M. Reicher Maryland 

Robert Titus Reid Maryland 

James Lambert Rintoul, Jr Maryland 

John MacDonald Robb Maryland 

Thomas Elbert Robertson D. C. 

Alton Leffingwell Sanford. ...Maryland 

Hugh Harris Saum, Jr Maryland 

George Henry Schaffer, Jr Maryland 

Ruth Simon t). C. 

Elwood Vincent Stark Maryland 

John Edward Starr Maryland 

Robert Walker Thomas Maryland 

L. W. Tucker, Jr Maryland 

William Franklin Waller Maryland 

Cornelius Whalin ..Maryland 

Charles Gordon Whiteford Maryland 

Daniel DeWalt Willard Maryland 

George Lewis Williamson Maryland 

Meredith Richardson Wilson Maryland 

Roy Hamilton Yowell D. C. 

Bachelor of Science 

John James Abrahams, Jr, ...Maryland 

David Henry Baldwin, Jr D. C. 

Edmund George Beacham Maryland 

Lester Brooks New York 

Charles Lamburn Cogswell D. C. 

Sylvan Ellis Forman Maryland 

Nathan Gammon, Jr. D. C. 

George Smith Grier, III Delaware 

Lewis Henry Jannarone New Jersey 

William Reed Jones Maryland 

Samuel Ager Leishear D. C. 

William Harvey Leitch Maryland 

Solomon Love D. C. 

*Homer David Lung Maryland 

Hattie Louise Maddox ...Maryland 

Alvin Francis Meyer New York 

Guy Edward Murray D. C. 

♦Awarded Teacher's Diploma. 

Morris H. Reich New York 

Carl Eliot Rothschild China 

Mortimer Ruben New Yoi'k 

Edwin Russell Ruzicka .Maryland 

Jerome Gerald Sacks Maryland 

Frederick William Sieling, Jr., 


Milton Small ....New York 

James Brady Smith Maryland 

Leonard Smith ..D. C. 

Walter Soltanoff New Jersey 

Harman L, Spencer D, C. 

Herbert X. Spiegel .Pennsylvania 

William Alexander Stanton Maryland 

William Wilson Williams..... ......D. C. 

John Kavanaugh Wolfe D, C. 

Harold Kenneth Young Maryland 


Bachelor of Arts 

George Leslie Crossley D. C. 

Tilghman Sewell Hubbert Maryland 

James Clagett Robertson, Jr., Maryland 
Esther Magruder Whitacre Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

John Roebling Deppish Maryland 

Richard Harris Flowers Maryland 

Luther Chase Goldman Maryland 

Philip Brock Keitlen New Jersey 

Jacob Mandel New Jersey 

Howard Stackhouse New Jersey 


First Honors 

William Wilson Williams 
Leonard Smith 
Sylvan Ellis Forman 
Nancy Lee Norment 
Marjorie Rae Grinstead 
Frederic Jennings Haskin, Jr. 
William Alexander Stanton 
Louis Augustus Ennis, Jr. 
George Bernard Dantzig 
Richard H. Love 
Alvin Francis Meyer 
Cornelius Whalin 

Second Honors 

Samuel Ager Leishear 

Carl Eliot Rothschild 

¥/alter Soltanoff 

Ruth Simon 

Edmund George Beacham 

Theodore Henry Erbe 

Edward Francis Cave 

Mary Lynn Mclntire 

Solomon Love 

Daniel DeWalt Willard 

Sol M. Reicher 

Alton Leffingwell Sanford 

Bachelor of Arts 

*John Joseph Asero D. C. 

Lionel Burgess Maryland 

*Lois Theodora Edmunds D. C. 

*Velma Barr Edwards Maryland 

*Mary Catherine Fisher Maryland 

*Mell Ford Maryland 

*Conrad George Gebelein Maryland 

*Routh Virginia Hickey Maryland 

*Mary Cornelia Keller D. C. 

Catherine Patricia Kenny New York 

Walter George Lohr Maryland 

Mary Evelyn Morrison Maryland 

*Everett HolKster Northrup.—Maryland 

Ruth Elizabeth Parker Maryland 

*Aileen Moore Rohr West Virginia 

*Marion Jean Rowland D. C. 

*Dorothy Mae Smith Maryland 

*Elizabeth Blakistone Thompson, Florida 
Bernard Orr Yonkers Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

*William Robert Beall Maryland 

Mary Elizabeth Beitler Maryland 

*Willis Alton Benner D. C. 

Margaret Doane Blake Maryland 

Edith Long Brechbill Maryland 

*Virginia Conner Maryland 

*Wilbur Irving Duvall Maryland 

*Warren R. Evans Maryland 

Edith D. Forshee D. C. 

*David Friedman Maryland 

*Dorothy Elizabeth Hande Maryland 

*Jack Masters Herbsleb D. C. 

Palmer Frey Hess Maryland 

Mary Kemp Maryland 

*I. William Lustbader Maryland 

*Blanche Lee Lyddane Maryland 

*Polly Hillman Mayhew Maryland 

*Laura Anita McComas Maryland 

*Cathryn Elizabeth McFarland, 


*William Edward Merrill Maryland 

*I. Earl Over Maryland 

* Margaret Adele Posey Maryland 

*Ida Fay Reuling Maryland 

*George Henry Sachs D. C. 

*Leora Laraway Sanford Maryland 

Ruth White Sessions Maryland 

* Raymond Karl Shank Maryland 

Robert Webster Slye D. C. 

Milo Wilcox Sonen D. C. 

*Kathryn Marie Terhune D. C. 

* Evelyn Chatham Turner Maryland 

^Virginia Price Turner Maryland 

Christine Louise Wall Maryland 

*John Rowley Weld Maryland 

* Claire E. Zerman New Jersey 

♦Awarded Teacher's Diploma. 


Bachelor of Science 

Frank Albert Cesky Maryland 

Julius Yale dayman ...Maryland 

Milton Jaye Dickman Maryland 

Bernard Glatt Maryland 

Manuel Quezon Goldstein Maryland 

John Joseph Grimes Maryland 

William John Hucksoll Maryland 

Julia Raspe Jolly Maryland 

Erwin Clark Mahannah Maryland 

Ernest Burley Marx ..Maryland 

Howard Conrad Muller Maryland 

Clarenee Carl Rohde Maryland 

Charles Edward Pohlman Scott, 


Robert L. Smith .....Maryland 

George Lochard Webster Maryland 

Teacher's Diplomas 
Ruth Allen Hunt Maryland 


Bachelor of Arts 

♦Frances Stabler Bartram Maryland *Mary Elizabeth Mulligan Maryland 

John Michael Joseph McKenna, Maryland *Joseph Sheff Maryland 

*Julia Waters Milliken Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

Carl Allen Carlson Maryland Margaret Carolyn Jones Maryland 

Jerome Denaburg Maryland Mary Emily Margaret Smith....Maryland 

Catherine Roe Green Maryland 

Teacher's Diploma 
Stanley Dowdell Brown Maryland John Joseph Cadden Maryland 


First Honors 

Cathryn Elizabeth McFarland 
Velma Barr Edwards 
Virginia Price Turner 
Dorothy Mae Smith 
Evelyn Chatham Turner 
Mary Kemp 

Second Honors 

I. William Lustbader 
Elizabeth Blakistone Thompson 
Aileen Moore Rohr 
Conrad George Gebelein 
David Friedman 

*Awarded Teacher's Diploma. 


Bachelor of Science 

Carroll Shryock Anderson Maryland 

John B. Armentrout ..Maryland 

Raymond Frederick Bartelmes D. C. 

Andrew Bennie Beveridge Maryland 

Roger Thurman Bollman. ...Maryland 

James Gardner Brooks D. C. 

Bennard Foreman Bruns Maryland 

Harry Veigel Bryan, Jr D. C. 

Noel Oker Castle Maryland 

John Fout Christhilf Maryland 

Leon Bixby Davis Maryland 

Brady James Dayton, Jr "Maryland 

John Monroe Firmin D. C. 

Louis Francis Flagg Maryland 

Robert Barnhart Foley :....D. C. 

Selby McKay Frank D, C. 

Joseph H. Galliher, Jr D. C. 

Lewis Thomson Gibbs D. C. 

Austin James Hall, Jr D. C. 

Richard E. Hardie D. C. 

William Audley Hart D. C. 

Robert L. Hensell Maryland 

Peter Frost Hilder D. C. 

William Thomas Johnson Maryland 

Paul Leonard King D. C. 

Henry Gerod Knoche Maryland 

Richard Louis Lutz Maryland 

John Foster Maynard Maryland 

Andrew Galbreath McConnell Maryland 

Fred H. Menke D. C. 

Philip Lawrance Mossburg, Jr., 


Bernard Andrew O'Neill Maryland 

Louis Park Maryland 

Lyle Franklin Parratt D. C. 

Jack Wendell Phillips D. C. 

Charles William Poole Maryland 

William Montgomery Reading, Jr., 


James Stephen Rimmer Maryland 

Gordon Walter Robertson _.. D. C. 

Howard Oglesby Robinson Maryland 

Edwin Leith Ruppert Maryland 

James Wilson Shipley Maryland 

Howard Melvin Steen D. C. 

Henry Christian Strobel D. C. 

Richard Edward Volland D. C. 

Walter Zuk Connecticut 


First Honors 

Andrew Bennie Beveridge 
Jack Wendell Phillips 
Louis Francis Flagg 
John Foster Maynard 

Second Honors 

Paul Leonard King 
Lewis Thomson Gibbs 
James Stephen Rimmer 
John B. Armentrout 
Raymond Frederick Bartelmes 

Bachelor of Science 

Catherine Elizabeth Aitcheson, Maryland 

Frances Benedict Maryland 

Lucile Bowker D. C. 

Mildred Evelyn Carlton Maryland 

Mary Ruth Cross Maryland 

Nellie Rebekah Fonts D. C. 

Betty Jane Goss Maryland 

Jeanette Ruth Merritt Maryland 

Dorothy Hamilton Patterson, Maryland 

*Florence Roberta Rea D. C. 

Mary Virginia Taylor Maryland 

Carolyn Louise Vogt D. C. 

Ruth Eleanor Wellington Maryland 

Virginia Lamond White D. C. 


First Honors 

Florence Roberta Rea 
Lucile Bowker 

Second Honors 

Mary Ruth Cross 

♦Awarded Teacher's Diploma. 



Graduate in Nursing 

Vernice Lee Bowling North Carolina 

Nina Stirling Claiborne West Virginia 

Frances Emily Connelly Maryland 

Margaret Teressa DeLawter... Maryland 

Ruth Elizabeth Dodson Maryland 

Angela Rose Dooley Maryland 

Mary Eleanor Fowble i Maryland 

Marian Elizabeth Heilman, 

West Virginia 

Norma Louise Johannes Illinois 

Mary Catherine Kefauver Maryland 

Mary Olree Knoeller Virginia 

Grace Elizabeth Lindsay. North Carolina 
Doris Glyspy LloydJ Maryland 

Sophie Ann Lubinski Maryland 

Annabelle Louise Magaha Maryland 

Hazel Almeda Miller Pennsylvania 

Marguerite Odom ....North Carolina 

Anne Jessup 0'Sullivan-_..North Carolina 

Delia Pauline Riley _ ....Maryland 

Margaret Bowen Rose Georgia 

Florence Beryl Smith. ..West Virginia 

Frances Tayloe North Carolina 

Lucile Gordon Thomas....South Carolina 

Ruby Jean Thompson West Virgina 

Virginia Dare Courtney Wicker, 



The Janet Hale Memorial Scholarship, given by the University of Maryland 
Nurses' Alumnae Association, to pursue a course in administration, supervisory, or 
public health work at Teachers College, Columbia University, to the student having 
the highest average in scholarship Grace Elizabeth Lindsay 

The Elizabeth Collins Lee Prize to the student having the second highest average 
in scholarship . Angela Rose Dooley 

The Mrs, John L. Whitehurst prize for the highest average in executive ability, 

Grace Elizabeth Lindsay. 

The Edwin and Leander M. Zimmerman prize for practical nursing and for dis- 
playing the greatest interest and sympathy for the patients Angela Rose Dooley 

The University of Maryland Nurses' Alumnae Association pin, and membership 
in the Association, for practical nursing and executive ability, 

Margaret Teressa DeLawter. 



The Infantry Reserve Corps 

Howard Franklin Allard 
Raymond Frederick Bartelmes 
William Robert Beall 
Andrew Bennie Beveridge 
Walter Brooks Bradley 
John Herbert Brill 
Bennard Foreman Bruns 
Arthur Rodbird Buddington 
Harry Clifton Bjrrd, Jr. 
Charles Leland Callahan 
Noel Oker Castle 
John Fout Christhilf 
Corbin Carroll Cogswell, Jr. 
Brady James Dayton, Jr. 
Ernest Risley Eaton, Jr. 
Louis Augustus Ennis 
Theodore Henry Erbe 
Warren Rhys Evans 
John Monroe Firmin 
Louis Francis Flagg 
William Northam Garrott 
Lewis Thomson Gibbs 
Edward Harry Di-ake Gibbs 
George Edel Gilbert 
Austin James Hall, Jr. 
George Elliott Harrington 
George Cook Hart 
James Francis Hart, Jr. 
William Audley Hart 

Paul Leonard King 
Henry Gerod Knoche 
Melvin Courtney Lankford 
Samuel Ager Leishear 
Harry Joseph Lynn 
Kenneth Ross Mason 
Sidney Payne McFerrin 
Clark Richardson Miller 
Edward Martin Minion, Jr. 
Joseph Hope Morgan 
Louis Park 

William Appleton Pates 
Alton Eugene Rabbitt 
Ellis Pollock Root 
George Henry Sachs 
Alton Leffingwell Sanford 
Hugh Harris Saum, Jr. 
William Randolph Schneider 
Francis Dodge Shoemaker 
Erwin Henry Shupp 
Joseph Warren Sisson, Jr. 
Robert Webster Slye 
James Brady Smith 
Leonard Smith 
Harmon Leake Spencer 
Henry Christian Strobel 
Robert Walker Thomas 
Albert Walter Webb 


College Park Division 

Elected to Phi Kappa Phi Honorary Society 

Andrew Bennie Beveridge 

Genevieve Spence Blew 

Lucile Bowker 

William Parsons Campbell 

George Bernard Dantzig 

Melvin F. W. Dunker 

Velma Barr Edwards 

Louis Augustus Ennis, Jr. 

Louis Francis Flagg 

Einar Philip Flint 

Sylvan Ellis Forman 

Lewis Thomson Gibbs 

Marjorie Rae Grinstead 

Frederic Jennings Haskin, Jr. 

Casimer Thaddeus Ichniowski 

Mary Kemp 

Paul Leonard King 

Richard H. Love 

I. William Lustbader 

John Foster Maynard 
Irma McCauley 
Cathryn Elizabeth McFarland 
Arnon Lewis Mehring, Jr. 
Nancy Lee Norment 
Michael J. Pelczar, Jr. 
Jack Wendell Phillips 
Florence Roberta Rea 
Dorothy Mae Smith 
Leonard Smith 
Elsie May Sockrider 
William Alexander Stanton 
Clarence Emil Steinbauer 
Elizabeth Blakistone Thompson 
Evelyn Chatham Turner 
Virginia Price Turner 
William Campbell Warfield 
William Wilson Williams 


Elected to Sigma Xi Honorary Scientific Fraternity 

Marvin J. Andrews Albert Bucher Hersberger 

M. Thomas Bartram Casimier Thaddeus Ichniowski 

John Oliver Burton Joseph Raymond Kanagy 

William Parsons Campbell John C. Krantz, Jr. 

Carl L. Davis Jacob Martin Lutz 

Reginald Scott Dean Harold S. McConnell 

Arthur P. Dunnigan William Ward Pigmam 

Harry Marean Duvall Harry Rosen 

Orson N. Eaton Ross C. Thompson 

Einar Philip Flint H. Boyd Wylie 
Willard Theodore Haskins 

Citizenship Prize, offered by Mr. H. C. Byrd, Class of 1908, to the member of the 
senior class who, during his collegiate career, has nearest typified the model citizen 
and who has done most for the general advancement of the interests of the University. 

Awarded to Louis Augustus Ennis, Jr. 

Citizenship Prize, offered by Mrs. Albert F. Woods, to the woman member of the 
senior class who, during her collegiate career, has nearest typified the model citizen 
and has done most for the general advancement of the interests of the University. 

Awarded to Routh Virginia Hickey 

Silvester Medal for Excellence in Athletics, offered by the Class of 1908, to the 
man who typifies the best in college athletics. 

Awarded to Louis Augustus Ennis, Jr. 

Maryland Ring, offered by Charles L. Linhardt to the Maryland man outstanding 
for the year in athletics. 

Awarded to Warren R. Evans 

Mortar Board Cup, offered to the woman member of the senior class who has been 
in attendance at least three full years and who has made the highest scholastic average. 

Awarded to Florence Roberta Rea 

James Douglas Goddard Memorial Medal, offered by his sister, Mrs. Anna K. 
Goddard James to a student from Prince George's County for excellence in scholarship 
and moral character. 

Awarded to William Campbell Warfield 

Student Medal and Junior Membership offered by the American Institute of 
Chemists to the member of the senior class who has attained the highest average in 

Awarded to Leonard Smith 

Sigma Phi Sigma Medal, offered by the Delta Chapter to the freshman who makes 
the highest scholastic average during the first semester. 

Awarded to Thomas Parker Wharton 

Delta Delta Delta Sorority Medal, offered to the sophomore girl who makes the 
highest scholastic average during the first semester. 

Awarded to Shirley Florence Danforth 

The Dinah Berman Memorial Medal, offered by her son, Benjamin Berman to that 
sophomore who has attained the highest scholastic average of his class in the College of 

Awarded to Robert Lee Mattingly 

The Diamondback Medals awarded for efficient and faithful service on the student 
weekly paper. 

Awarded to Richard Morton Hunt, Ruth Eleanor Wellington, 

Carl Hubbard Humelsine, Wyatt Stanley Kennon, Thomas Elbert Robertson, 
Brady James Dayton, Jr. 

The Terrapin Medals awarded for efficient and faithful service on the student 
year book. 

Awarded to John Stephen Hebb, IH, Walter George Lohr, 

Ruth Kreiter, Bernice Anne Ellis. 

The Old Line Medals awarded for efficient and faithful service on the student 
quarterly magazine. 

Awarded to Pyke Johnson, Theodore Henry Erbe, 

Robert Grant Litschert, Routh Virginia Hickey, Samuel Ager Leishear. 


Special Award for freshman or sophomore excelling in reporting. 

Awarded to Lawrence Grant Hoover, Jr. 

Governor's Cup, to the best drilled company. 

Awarded to Company F, commanded by Cadet Captain Robert 

Webster Slye. 

Military Faculty Award, to the student who has done most for the Reserve Officers' 
Training Corps. 

Awarded to Cadet Colonel Louis Augustus Ennis 

Military Department Medals, to the students contributing most to the success of 
each battalion during the year. 

Awarded to Cadet Major Noel Oker Castle, First Battalion, 

Cadet Major Andrew Bennie Beveridge, Second Battalion, Cadet Major John 
Monroe Firmin, Third Battalion. 

The University of Maryland Prize (Flag), to the best company commander. 

Awarded to Cadet Captain Robert Webster Slye 

The Military Medal, offered by the Class of 1899, to the member of the battalion 
who proves himself the best drilled soldier. 

Awarded to Cadet Welch Smith 

The Alumni Cup, offered to the best drilled platoon. 

Awarded to First Platoon, Company G, commanded by Cadet First 

Lieutenant Lewis Thomas Gibbs. 

The Scabbard and Blade Cup, to the commander of the winning platoon. 

Awarded to Cadet First Lieutenant Lewis Thomson Gibbs 

The Military Department Medals, offered to the freshman in each battalion re- 
maining longest in individual competition. 

Awarded to Cadets Robert Morton Dobres, Elgin Wayne Scott, Jr., 

Antonio Charles Bonanno. 

Gold Medals, offered by the Military Department, to the two students contribut- 
ing most to the success of the band. 

Awarded to Cadets Ralph Leroy Chilcoat, Presley Allen Wedding 

Squad Competition Gold Medals, to the members of the best drilled squad. 

Awarded to Cadet Corporal George Alfred Bowman, Squad Leader, 

Cadets Herbert Scott Young, Richard Shipley Brashears, Donald Tilghman 
Fugitt, John Alexander Krynitsky, Warren Pruden Davis, Robert Halley Boyd, 
Robert Paul Cook. 

The Executive Medal, offered to the student in the second year advanced course 
who, in a capacity other than command, has contributed most to the success of the 
Military Department during the school year. 

Awarded to Lieutenant Colonel Walter Brooks Bradley 

Sons of the American Revolution Medals, offered to the outstanding student in 
each class during the school year. 

Awarded to First Year Basic Course — Cadet Thomas Parker Wharton, 

Second Year Basic Course — Cadet Benjamin Biser Shewbridge, First Year 
Advanced Course — Cadet Sergeant Wayne Philip Ellis, Second Year Advanced 
Course — Cadet Colonel Louis Augustus Ennis. 

Third Corps Area Silver Medal, to the student making the highest gallery score 
in the Third Corps Area Rifle Match. 

Awarded to Cadet Willard Cecillius Jensen 

Third Corps Area Bronze Medal, to the student making second highest gallery 
score in the Third Corps Area Rifle Match. 

Awarded to Cadet Sergeant Raymond Davis, Jr. 

The Military Department Gold Medal to the Student making the High Average 
Score on the University of Maryland Rifle Team. 

Awarded to Cadet Arnon Lewis Mehring 

The Military Department Gold Medal to the Student making the High Average 
Score on the University of Maryland Freshman Rifle Team. 

Awarded to Cadet Willard Cecillius Jensen