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Full text of "Gradus ad Parnassum: with the English meanings"

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GlfT OF 



Digitized by VjOOQIC 







A ? ^^ A s << U M , 

WlT.l T'LE ESni.iaU MKA>'IN<:.^. 

■v Tii!: ' i'ir. \iu 


BBTI8BD, CUKK^CxiiA/, AifL -w . 








rnnten in Ordinary to Uer Majestg^ 




r* -dent a New Edition of tlie OittdiiB, in 
::U: • '».-.od aro so coiiaiderable» a few 
» ■ V • < xj .li.iti'.. f t^e maimnr in which ihe 
t, u:i •' «d 1,. U*^k. T' • ..V asitoriginally 

exi.U ., ' . ... ;f . . it- ^'impilerB, 

can barcily U iu.' rt.:..i,f. f. : . :,... . •.. 't 

appeared to have in vkw. o; tr» '..♦., ^' *■ 'i i» ■ •• . . at 

somewhat qnaint, titla Mero ver.snicr.^ n :t ; > {• oly 
•assdst ; bnt it is not easy to conceivo )ij \ a . ]i>y .'. •• / > d for 
school-boys the workwas intended) could lor:.. a. \ . i.otiona 
of Latin poetiy^ or how he conld deiive anj bnt a u. impnre 
and inelegant style of language^ from habitnally consolting a 
book, in which thc good was indiscriminately mized np with 
the bad ; in which examples of the greatest elegance fi^om tha 
pocts of the Augustan age were phiced side by side with, and 
not by any means distinguiahed from^ others taken at randoniy 
not only from authors who wrote in the times of the kter em- 
perony when the purity of the language was greatly diminished, 
and who eYcii then had but scanty claims to the name of poets, 
but even from some writers of much more recent date, and of 
authority flFir more questionablc. That this was the case must 
Le familiar to all who have been aocustomed to make uae of the 
Qradua in their aystem of inatmction; and it must alao be 
generally known that in numeroua inatancea the nse of the 
work haa been discontinued iu achoola, its defeota not being 
balancpd by i*s advantages 

a % 

Digitized by CjOOQ lC 

Ifc seemed, boweyer^ to tbe present editor, tliat althongli th^ 
oxigiiud oonstractioii of tbe work was iaaltj, its plan was not 
rodically bad, and tb&t tbe book migbt be so altered as to be 
made generallj usefiil in scbools^ and even wortbj of occasional 
consoltation hj more advanced scbolais. 

Tbe Gradus bad in its later editions been in some respecta 
ImproYed ; bnt aknost all tbe improyements seem to baye been 
attempted witb reference to tbe correctness of tbe quantities 
of sjUables, wbicb^ tbougb certainly an impoi-tant object in a 
work of tbis nature, is bj no means tbe onlj oue ivqulring 
oonsideratlon ; tbe cboice of words and ezpressions being far 
more essential to tbe puritj of poetical composition tban tbe 
mere quantities of yowels, a kiiowledge of wbicb is to be 
aoquiied from most grammars and dictionaries. 

It is neoessary , theref ore, to state biiefly wbat the alterations 
are wbich have been made with a view of impn)ving the present 
edition. First, an English translation has been afiSxed to each 
word ; and altbougb tbe original intention of the editor was to 
giye to eacb only its most simple and literal meaning, yet, on 
more mature consideration^ it seemed to him, tbat great addi> 
tionai vaiae migbt be giyen to tbe book, and tbat tbe attention 
of tbe student might be more frequently and beneficially 
drawn to it, by making tbese translations as complete and as 
poetical in tbeir nature as the compass of tbe work would 

Seoondly, tbe yerses quoted in ezemplification of each word, 
and whicb in former editions were taken indiscriminately from 
writers of every description^ bave in tbe present been selected 
entirely from poets of the bigbest order ; uniting, by so doin^ 
tbe advantage of showing the quantities of doubtful syllables 
witb tbe still more important consideration of giving good 
anthority for the use of eveiy word. 

To tbis point also tends tbe tbird great alteration, which 
consists in baving ezpunged finom the pages of the Qradua 
wbethcr as prindpal worda, or as synonyms and epitbets, a 

Digitized by CjOOQ lC 

liumber of words which are not to be fooiid in the prodaetiona 
of anj Roman writer whoae works are now held hy the BchoLir 
as claaaical authority, and which words indeed neyer came into 
wse till the decline of the langaage^ and consequently ought 

'^lly to be ayoided in poetical compoeition, the objcct of 

-^ms to be the combining of elegance of aentiment with 

* tion, and bj that means approaching as nearly an 

^iflhed modelfl loft hj the chissic poets of Rome. 

. ver, it hj no means escaped notice that 

.• • ' *^dant in one dass of words^ were defi- 

"-al hundreds of words, almoet tho 

w* V . Virgil and Ovid, and including 

many ' . i. . • . ; ctical in tho language, have 

now for t^ • {'14 tiiu" r- . u 

Tbe chiei . ..♦^•o.iv» . ri. . . ^e noticed relates to 
the synonyms axi ' t! been diminiahed 

in number bj striking >•.-. . • .•non.. .^ ^m. ^ daasified 

as to render the mistakc^. .%»'.: .v;" ■<.. j- ^curring 

to students under the old . ; 1 '^ ., :reat 

n^ligence^ to occur under the ^ * * '* ^^thets 

which formerly o£fered a mdss of absui «oe of the 

scholar and the critic, and were mere sIl -'isKsks in the 

waj o£ the industrious student, have been w led of all that 
were likelj to lead to erxor, and arranged withreference to their 
meanings and connexion with their principal words ; so that it 
is hoped th&t for the future they wiU be an adyantage to the 
diligeni^ instead of a snare to the incautious. 

The oditor considers that he should Dot be justified in 
neglecting to state, tliat throoghout the work he has coutinually 
coneultedy and made copious use of, the Lexicon of Facciolati^ 
a bojk the utility of which cannot be too highly estimated ; 
and he also feels bimself oalled on to acknowledge with grati- 
tude the kind and valoable hints whioh he has received from 
tho masters of some of the most distinguished schools in the 

Digitized by CjOOQ lC 

Such haTo been tbe chief objects aimed at in tbe prepaiatiOD 
of tbis edition ; experience will decide bow &r tbej bave been 
attained : if tbat deciaion, bowever, be £EiYouiable, it Ib ooa- 
fidentlj boped tbat tbe nnmerons alterations wbicb bave beeo. 
made will be deemed wortby of tbe name of improyements, and 
tbat tbe Grados ad Pamaasmn will occnpjr a ratber bigber 
Btation as a work of utilitj^ if not of el^gance, tban it haa 
bithorto done. B. B. 


SMori md Om^prthtntine LUt qftht varioh» Kindw nf ^eet «tfd in 
Leiin Pottrp. 

There are twentf-eigbt diiTerent feet, lome of wUch are ifmple, the rett 

Of the simple feet, whirh sre twel?e in nQmber, fonr an of two lyllablei 
eacb, and eight of three. 

The componnded feet, which are formed from the iimple onet of two 

*'*bles, are sixteen in nnmber, of fonr lyllables each. 

Simph Feet o/ Two SyUablet eceh. 
-^ sts of two ahort syllables ; aii, DSi». 

n? MilMB. 

^ long DKes. 

' * ' ^ng and a «hort Pinis* 

' SpUdble» each. 

A. I*' • . . ''% D6mtniii« 

1-. ..•!:•.' Doctorei. 

Anaj - . SpScTes. 

Dartylas, ' ''^rmin&. 

Amphimacer, o^ a b. 
Bacchioa, of a ahoi-t anu ' ■ •• • i ! 
Antibacchini^ of two long aou .. • 

Compoundeu f < t. 

Hie ProcdenimaticQa consists of two Pyrrhics ; u • . . 

Dispondens, of two Spondees ''; 

Diiambns, of two lambi 

Ditrochens, of two Trochees W . 


Hie Antispastns consists of an lambus and a Trochee ; as,... RSciisM- 

Choriambas, of a Trochee and an lambns PontlfTccs. 

lonicos a Majore, of a Spondee and a Pyrrhic Fortisslmiis. 

lonicns a Minore, of a Pyrrhic and a Spondec DTSmedei. 

The Pmon eoneiett qf One Long and Three Short Syllablee, 
variouify iituated, 

A Tint Pseon oonsisti of a Trochee and a Pyrrhie; ai, ....... JiistXtlSu 

Second Pseon, of an lambus and a Pyrrhio PStentTlL 

Third Paeon, of a Pyrrhic and a Trodiee AlTeniis. 

Fonrth Pieon, of a Pyrrhic and an lambns C^lSiYtaa, 

J%e ^pUriiu» coneiete qf One Short and Three Lfmg SyUabiie, 
tariouely eiiuated, 

k Fint Epitrite coniiiti of an lambna and a Spondee ; as,... SXoSrddtei. 

fieoond Rpitrite, of a Trochee and a Spondee PSrmiinebini 

Thlrd Epitrite, of a Spondee and an lambns DisoSrdTs. 

Fonrth Lpitrite, ofaSpondeeandaTrocfaee AdTfot&HI. 






A, Fram^ hf.^SiujgfanM, Imi^ irahint a pedori vodm. Virg. Miu 1. S71« 
SYN. Alsibt; e^ ez. 

* ilarSn, A&r5n, or Xron, 5it!i. Th$ hroiher ^ jlfdMff, andjtrti highprit$irf 
ihe Hthrtwu SYN. AmrnmTdetj^ vr AmramBUici, k. PHR. AmnunO 
aStus. AmnunS patrS editias heros. Herot Amramtfii. Swvfirum 
antlst^ prss^s. Virga cUir&s. IsXcfdAm summ&s sScerdos. 

\l>. From^ ^._£<|iMlaiM, prtma ripgtint Sb Srifftng,/imam, Vii|p. 0. 4, 200. 

Ibnctiis. Driven awayt JSnithetL — QuUt mg<tio Jam noeiU ibaetm* Virg. Mti, 
8, 407. SYN. EzpuUas, pQlsQs, HSmotQs, rcjictOs, fiigiitQs, extorcYs < 
actiis, ezactOa. PHR. Patru ffigatus. Patriis ejeaiis &b 5ris. £ regni 
finibiis actiis. VERS. Nec dum omnTs &bactS Pauplries Spiilis rcgum. 

&b2ciis, i. m. il tuUbomd; tablet; dieeboartL-^Nib qtU abaeo numXrot^ 
ei teeto In pnlvgrg miirtt ...Pers. 1, 131. SYN. mfilS. MinsL 
EPITH. Nttens, nltUiis, aur^iis, SbumStis, argeiitSus, cwlattis, miirmt(- 
riiis, SllphantTniis, pictiis, Tiisis SnCratiis, omiitris; Simiiis, ddctts niim2ris 
tnscriptiis. PHR. MenU striict6rT]l; mens& P;thSg{{reL VERS. Fio- 
ttllbus ttbl mensa &b&cu8quS ultcscit &cerniis. Omamentum &bSci, necnon 
et panriilias infra Ganth&riis. 

Ib&ITeno, aa. Toteliaway; etirange from. — ^ Alieno^ Vendo, 

Abas, antts. A eompanion o/ Mneat. — Magvi getiamin JfbanClt. Virg. JEn» 
3, 280. Another Abas wat ihe tonof ijtion, andfirtt ^fthe Centaurt.^ 
£i FhSlitty ii Milaniuty ii Mt^ prSdaiSr dprorvim, Or. M. 12, 300. 
SYN. laidmdes. EPITH. Ssviis, f^roz, semiftr. See Ceniaurut. ' 

^battSs, i. An itland near Memphit^ in Eggpi, to ealied from iit being nearlp 
inaeeettible ; the burial-pleiet qf Osirit. — Hlne, Jfbdion qwim nikird vooTit 
venirandd vitu*tdt..,.Luc 10, 323. EPITH. iEgyptX&, Memphltlcl, 
p2ludos&, Tnaccess&. PH R. OslridTs insiU& clar& sSpiUcro. 

abbas, atis. The ehirfqfa eonveni.^SYN. Antist£i, pnesiil. EPITH. V&. 
nSrandiis, pTiis, sanctiis, gr&ris. PHR. CoenSbTi antist&, pnesiil, pSt&r. 
Mitra IitiidquS d£o5riis. See Epiteoput. 

AbdcrS, SB. A eiig qf Thraee^ afterusfrdt oaUed CloMOmentt; the birth^plaoe of 
Frotagorat and Demoeritut. — Aut ti divSviai fctiRe Abdird diibiit. Ov. 
in Ib. 407. SYN. ClaadmCnn. EPITH. BistdnT&, ThriiGl&, ThreTdS. 
PHR. Abdens m&l& pascri&. Venrecum patri&. Democriti urbs nobills 
drto. C^jtb oSndltSr Alcides. ClaaJSm&nis rSpIraa oSldniai M&Usan£ 
hdrrTdS pastu. , ^ , , 

Abdcritas, ariim. The inhabitanU qf Abdera; ihey were noted for iheir ttu- 
^jtis/^.— EPITII. Vcsaiii, storidi, amentHs. PHR. Abd£ritiin5s pCJpUlii.. 
Qiut Abdcri*Au&. Digi,,^^ ^y Go(j|gle 

2 A B D ABE 

AliaentanSa. OfAbdera.^Jbdcntanmpgei9rSpliSii hShh, Afu-t 10, tt, 4. 
SYN. Ibderiticus. 

ibdlco, as. To ditown; fM^n.— 51 vinSs /3eVy abdteet p8Stam, Mart. 5, 
56, 7« SYN. £xiio, 8bj!i5q, depSno, rejiGio. 

abdioo^ ifl, xi, ctum. To rtfitae^ r^jicL See AdtBex 

&bdTtua. Seereiedy hiddetu^JbdUa frwuBf UM^ demea epgeulabSr ib «M. 
Qv. M. 3, 567. SYN. Conditui, oocultatfis, ibocdndltus; Utena, IS. 
Hiaxai tectfii, Obdfictus, Telitus, Spertfis, IdSpertiU; Spac&i, filtebrofSs, 
dbfcurfis; ibttrus&i, &rGanu8, secretiis. PHR. LStebris cCndltus. T2iie- 
bris defensfia. SoBs Inaooessfis rSdHs. F&giens SdQ]os. Pauds notaa. 
Cunris defensfis tttebris. Cnds oocnltfisumbris. VERS. Longis spelund 
rScessfbfis ingens, Abdltiy tix ipsis inTiniendl fSris. AbditSqne inttSs 
SpiramentX iaiam lethali Yuln&C rnmptt. PSnStralibfis abditfis iniia. 
Abdit&nupSrVidirXt Aglanros flav£ secretS AfTnervK. Indictis mdnstrarC 
rjfcenttbfis abdlti rerum. Terrfi pSnltas scrutantes abditS (erro. 

abdTtum, "Ln. A eeerei plaee. — Supf^UUa eepieai manu^ perque abditd lonffS^ 
Ov.M.4,777* SYN.Secretuin,18Gasabditus:dccultfis secessus: obscuriU 
rScessQs: tect» Utebrae. 

ftbdo^ Tdi, Ttum. To Mde^ eeneeal; alao^ 7*o take awoffy remooe.^Sed paiSr 
omfHpStine epelitneie abdidfi aliU. Virg. ^n. 1, 64. — £i proeul ardent£e 
MneprgeSr abdgfaeie. TibuU. 2, 1, 82. SYN. Condo» ibsoSndo, rikondo; 
5ccfilo^ dcculto; tl^Oy obti^p, contSffo^ obduco, velo, Spaco, mv51v<^ SpSrio^ 
celo; amSvSc^ ibstrudo^ nji^Q, VERS. Condnfio in montes seseavTua 
abdTdTt altoa. AbdTdSrat >«>o, itque iris invlsS sSdeb&t. JimquS ffiga 
tTmTdum dlpfit ibdTdlt ilte. £v51&t, et nitum frondosis mon^us ibdic. 
Seu cSpfit ibdTdSrit cristiti cuspTdS pennis. 

abdoiTiSn, TnTs. n. The beUy; ghilomy^^Adeei dbdomlng tardue. Juv. 4, 107 
PHR.yentlfr,aIvfi8;Sdep8,pingueda EPITII. TfimTdum, pinguS, turgens. 

ftbduco^ xi, ctum. 7*0 carry oji remooe^ wiihdraw, — fOoe dbduegrg Theet^ns 
ordL Virg.EcL 2, 43. SYN. AmSvSo, rSmSvSo, ibstrSbo» iverto; iufSro^ 
abripTo) toUok SbTgo; subduoo^ summ^viSob PHR. Vt ripTo, fiirtd^ vi toUa 
VKRS. Tolftte me, TeuciL quiscumque abducitS terras. AbscesserS rStro» 
I^vTdique in ter^ rSlitos AbduxerS grSdiis. AbdiixerC rCtrS longe cSpTt» 
ardfia Sb ictuu PfigTens sdmnfis ibdujdtt Tmaga OrSmTis ibduoSrS pactiis. 

abductfis, S, linL Carried q^ removed^DiffnSe hgnot^ equaleni abducii% 
arva cHarOe. ^r^ G. 1, 577. See Abduco. 

*Abel, elTs, or Abelfis, x. The eeeond eon rf Adam ; he vat kiUed ly hie 

AbellS, flB. A town qf Campankiy eMraied for Um nutt.^£t guot mdtiferm 
detpeetma meeiOa AbiOa. Virg. ^n. 7, 740. EPITH. MaTifSrS, excelsS. 
PHR. Nficiim n$rax, sulci paiipgr oSrSUs. 

SbSo, is, Sbivi, or SbTi, SbTtum, ibirl. ToffO awaffy depart; also, 7*o be dianged, to 
tum into, — TiretSt Jrgofica hae gaiga ebnientiit abiio. Virg. ^n. 5, 314. 
Sive abgHni titidla tn morcty drthqmg maglttrdt. Ov. £p. 15. 83. SVN. 
Discedo^ excedo, exSo^ migro, egrSdTSr; efflfio, praBtlrSo; miitSr, convertdr 
PHR. PMem eflferrS; patria terti, urb^ tecto, excedSr^, rScedSr^ &c. 
Patriam, pSnites, iirbcm, IlnquSrS, rilEnquSrS, desSrSrS, ffigCrS. S<Sliim vertSre. 
VERS. Ardj^ SbirS fiigS, diilcesqaS rSfinqu2rS tenis. Si pSriturus abis, 
ct nos rSpe Tn omnTS tecum. AbTit oorpiisquS cdldrquS. SI tam sccurihn 
tcmpfis SbibTt Tnera. £xpectem qui me niinquam visurtls Sbisti. SingiiTs 
Sbit; mentemquSdQor oorpiisquS rSEnquTt. Pirma protectfis SbiWft. Noa 
SbTiaslS rSii, et vento pStTissS Mycenas. AbTtumquS pSribSt. PSsTtisque e 
05rp8rS pennis In fSdcm C€f ds SbTt. 

Sberro, as. *To wander awag from; digrett.^J<bngriftu libgr dberrai amor. 
Ov. Rem. Am. 662. SYN. Erro^ vSgfir; deflecto; ri^cedo, digrSdiSr. 
PHR. VTS dc€ecto. DevTfis erro. VT» incertfis, insdfis, nesdfis, Sbemx 
VSg^bundus, /Sgfis, pissim fMr. Nota r^dnS vTarum excedo. £rr6i€ 
Idoorilm, vuiri m imbigjF, decTpi. VERS. Hiic iUiic devTiis errSt. VSrijs 
hinc tnde eirdribfis ictfis. Per nftniSs ignotum n5n certis piaalbfifi 
erriit. Quo te mSlfis ibsttifit crrfir? Incertiis qoS carpSt Tt^r. 8ee Brrv 

"*^* DigitizedbyGoOgle 


IbUiia ^f iene^fifrih ; nene».Sa%sar^ tblOm Am8§ cfui&m pa dMdU^ 
hUgr,...Hor. Ep. 2, 1, 8& J^ iblOno Uprumat, bink, » eomphei 
mt»€Ba. Lacr. 3» 068. SYN. DAuiie. 

ilihdn«o, riS. TodtrinkJrmit,dnttd.^FulffSamMtibhSc.haer.ly9U. 
SYN. HdrrSoy hfirreioo; Ibointii5r, arinSr, ans; fSgfo, rCf&gYo; rcspQa 
£wtid]<s aspemSr* VERS. R2prlimt4piS grSdfia, it fimen ftbhorrSt A 
vind bSne pdtQs IbhArrift 

ibjectfia. Casi nff^ iefiruudy debtuedf also, Laidj plaeed.-^Tvm eupgr aijee' 
tum pSaio pidi^ nldwa it haela. . . . Virg. iEn. 10, 73G. Cri/i# a/^>«tfiM t» 
herbie. Or. Epl 7> 1. 8YN. Projeaus, reject&s; pSatt&s, depdsTt&a, 
jicena; viluy humilia, demiss&s, dcject&S| dcspectus, neglect&s. PUR. 
Pjhilb&apratnt&s. Humi projeot&a, 

ibl^fisyorabjegn&a. Madeqffir.^CmruUiverriniieSXiiegvSe m^uM pSimls» 
CatuU. €2y 7. Indu%i abjignm eomua/aled UMe. Prop. 3, 10, 12. PHR. 
£z «bjetC striict&s, oontextQs, uitextfis. 

ftblea, UXi^ or abjSiiB. Tkefir-iree.—Pdpuliis I» JluvHi^ ddlig In monAAuf 
aiae. Virg. £cL 7» 6G. Jbjiflbut juvinet pairVsj ii montibut enpiee. 
Virg. Mn. 9, G74. ; EPITH. Ombrdsit, djmca, nigril; priSoeri, ilU, iirdQX, 
montaniy aubfimis^ cnodls. PHR, Cresecnsln mdntibQs. S&pSrs^tbSrl 
SHigina» Aptft frikls, iindiSy m&ii. DtlQls arb<5r Iquia. Cosiia IMea Yiatard 
m&nnda. V£RS. Lablt&r ixnca vftdis IbTcs, et miirm5rii siilG&t. Ad 
eoeliim rimdB Ibles extendit, it ingens TdUit&r. AbTcs in montlbus altls 
Creadt, niivTfrilgos pAIgl visurl t&miiltiis. Sectaque intcxiint abjetS oostas. 
Nigra n&nOs abjjSt^ dngiint. Adversi longa triinsverbSrlt abjStl pcct&s. 

II%o^ &begiy Ibacttim. To drive aufajf.^Veniot dbigoque vdeofui. Ov. M. 
7, S02. SYN. ExpcUo, peUo, fugo» ard$o; abduoo. 

alijkafoy abjed^ abjectiim. 7*o ihrote awagf te debate. — Jbjtclio potlut^ quSmy 
quo perjferri jitbirit. . . .Hor. £p. 1, 13, 7* lloo iu qudm lubii abjlce ili» 
vaqiie. CatuU. 24, 9. SYN. ProjTdfo, rejTcCo, pono, dcpono, exfio; aspcr- 
ndr, deapTctoi, reap&o; dejTcTo;, sterno, demitta PHR> Ad terriim mttto, 

ibitfis, ua» A depariuref a-pattaoe.^Jmphiirjlofiladit arminid^ ab^Hmqui 
pardriL Virg. ^n. 8, 214. Omncmque dbiium oiifiOdi cirdnanL Virg. 
Mn. 0, 380. SYN. DisoessQs, excessfis, riScessfis; triinsTt&a. 

ilijungo^ Ts, xi, ctiim. To unyoke; io teparate.-^MeBriniem abjungint frd. 
iernd morli JHvineQm. Virg. O. 3, 618. SYN. Disjungo, sejiiiiga, 
sepiro. PHR. JiimeAtiim- vurrii solvo^ Jfigiim aiif&*a V£RS. Quum 
prTfis abjiinctos sed&ll lavTt ^uos. 

ibjiiro^ ia. 7V> deng faitefy wUh an oath.^JbttrdcttBqui bSvcty dbjurdimqui 
rdfinm. Virg. ^n. 8, 203. PHR. Perjurus n£go. 

ib&t&s, X, um. Bome off, iaken^ away.^J}ue% H in tUvdm pinnlt dlititd 
ff^ptt. Virg. ^n. 3, 258. SVN. Sublnt&s, riiptus, ereptfis. VERS. fi^ 
nitali^ aSliim ventis ablatl riSinquTt Littiisque aliliiUl rffictum KespicTt. 
Metaph. £nohanted. fiane tlhaln, 5 dcmens, Colcliisqiie ablatS vSuciils, 
Die&Ta HypsTpUes proepSs&tssStdro. Ov. £p. G, 131. )See Aufero, 

iblego^ as. 7*o tend away^ bttnith.^Oilldt tiibidni dbligdndm Tibirim uiird. 
JuT. 14, 202. SYN. £jTdo, piUo, expiUa 

ibl^un^ia. Toufasie^ lavu^^Patfia dbHgunrtirdi bond. Ter. £un.2,2,4 
See Ligurrio. 

ibliido^ Ts, s^ siim. 7*o differ in appearance. — Hac d ti non mvltum dUfutU 
Imdgo. Hor. Sat. 2) 3, 320. SVN. DiscrSpo, difflro. PHR. DissTmTlis, 
ibsdn&s siim 

iM&o^ Tsy fii, Citihn. To wathf wath qff^Donio mijliimlni vlvo Jblufira, 
Virg. Mn. 2, 720. SYN. Livo, piirgo^ eluo; abstcr^o, muiulo. PHK. 
Aquiai^o, priU&o^ perfunda- SpargSrS l^mphis. McrgSrjS dirpus fiqufi. 
TbigSril e&TdrS l^mphis. Pird se Tn font2 l&varS. Oudis lubcm elu^rc, 
miindarS, sordes atittrrl. Artus ITqitTdd perfiindSrS rorS. Corpus fluvBfi 
spiigSr& Jymphi. Corpfis dimitt&riS Tn iindas. SupiHuiT» tiiigerl oorpus 
Soiua. VBRS. AblQ&re hio artua laasat&quS mimbrfi p&rabim. Ipsl 
m&nCui hansti victricia abl&Tt andi. Qiud mSrSr intSra criideli& viUu«ri( 
Ifmphia Abl&«ri5* £t Istiim aSdis abluta Cffid& rSmiMt. Ablfi« prartfrTti 
peijuril tcmpMtoliiqiAtt AblW prStiWti pirndl vcrbft flde. 

4 A 1( .'j A fi U 

abnXto^ ia. To hwim «Mt^s^TVcfw enipiM friHi UmgieMieX r{lfijri AMtift 
Sut 1. AcUU. 383. SYN. £n&ta See Naia. 

abn^go, rw. To <feny, r^fuse.^Jbn^pai gjnSaa vltam produefrif TrSJi» Virip. 
Miu 2, 637. SYN. Abn&d, rSnii<^ recuso, n%a V£RS. Rex tibl e5». 
jriginm et quaesitaii languinS dutcs AbnlgSt. Abnj^t; inceptoque ct 
scdibus hicrSt Tn i.sdem. Si Jupitfr abn^t imbrera. 

abnormTs, S. iTregnlar^ out qf rule. — Rusfleifsy almormts eajiiene, erisaagmt 
M^nerva. Hor. S. L. 2. S. 2, 3. SYN. Enormia. 

abniio^ abnuf. To nod in ditseni^ io r^use.-^Jbnuiram bcllo liSriam eonefir-^ 
rgri Teiicrls. Virg. JEn. 10, 8. SVN. Rln&o» abn^ HH»aa VERS. 
Qiiis trin& demcns Abn&ut. Ncc mazumus omSu AbiiQlt ^ncas. 

ibSlSo, evl, illMSIitum. To bloi ouiy disannulf desiroy. — Z>a, patirf hoc ndstriM 
abiieri dcdeeus armls. Virg. ^n. II, 789. SVN. Dclik>; extingito. 
dcstruo» toUo. PHR. TrritiJm, infcctum redda VERS. AlnilcHf ncfondi 
CiinctS vtri mdiiimcutS jtibSt. FerroquS tuds ilbSlcrS nSootes Aiit iindu 
&bdlere pdtest, aiit vincSri fliimma. Ncc pdtSrit (ermm nlc Sdax abulerS 

IbSlesca To be annihitatedf to perish. . . .Famd BfolSj tanRve aboleseet granS 
fiea. Virg. Mn. 7, 232. SVN. AbdlSdr, p^rSo, lutSreo. 

ibdllit, ae. The eloak o/ a soURer or phUonpher. — Padtmts maJirU aboHee^ 
Jiiv. 3, 113. 

UiomTnSr, aris. 7*o depreeate; abhor. — SJ mSa mors rMtmendS iiii (fiAf 
dbomfnor) essgt. Ov. £p. ex P. 1, 104. SVN. Dcpr&Sr, dctestdr, horrte» 

&bdri5r, TrTs, Uiortiim. 7*o be bom prematurelUt to perish ; to faiL^AniS 

dlem fStus abSrln pracodf fato, liucr Infnngi tlnguam vocem^ui 

abSrlrl. I«ucr. 3, I5ik SYN. PSrSu^ moriSr; dGncTo. FHR. Ant2 diem 
niiscor, (SrT5r. 

Iburtivizs. Proeuring abortion ; bom out of due time, — Et quSd aborttvo noti 
ist opfis. Juv. 6, 307. — Pultiis ubordvo nec citm putreselt Y;i ovo, Mart 6,93^ 
PHR. AnU^ dicm iiiiscens, immatiird purta enixus, cmissQs. PrecdcS feta 

ibrndo, sl, sum. 7*o serape off. — TvniMs abrtld^i mcmbrls. Lucr. 4, 109G. See 

'Abraham, Abriim&s, Abram, Abriie. Thefirst of the pairiarche. 

abreptiis. TtMlcen away; torn asunder, — Non poiiii abrcpiiim dlvellere edrpiig 
ii Hndis . . . Vii^. Mn. 4, 000. See Abripio. 

iibrTpTo, piii, rcptiim. To earry off bg farce ; to become predpitous.^Ai^rlpfra 

allrJcum grcmfis. Stat. Theb. 1, 003 Qua sddr abr^ipVftr emeo deieen-' 

mls hXaitt. Propert. 4, 8, 6. SVN. Abstr&ho, dlrTpTo, kiirripTo, tollo^ 
eripTo, auf(:ro; divello^ dtstr&ho. PHR. Vi rSpTo^ triiha. Tn pracccps 
firtiir, p&tJ;t; Tn abriiptum desTiiTt. V£RS. Tres nStiis abreptsism siizX 
I&tentT& torquit. Incubuit BoH^is, abrept&qnS vcl& tStciidTt. 

abrodo, s!, siim. To gnaw off. — Crudim Cheerestrdtiig iinguem Abridcns 
Pers. 5, 102. See Rodo. 

abrdgo, as. To aunul, detraci fron. — Et iiMtfm seripHs at^rogiii VSmevs. 
Dv. Tr. 2, 278. SVN. Kcsciiido, &bdlte, ixpiiiigo; &dTmo, dctraho. 

abrutiSiium ami iibrutdniis. The herb souihemwood.^Abrotunum esgro Non 
audctj nW tpti dldlcU ddri^. Ilor. Ep. 2, l, 114. Pftmoque grutcm scrjtcn» 
tlbus itruni Abrotiinum. Lucan. 0, 920. 

abriimps riipi, riiptiim. To brcak^ break tff, sever; int9rrupt.^Inv7Mim 
qttarcns quiimprmum abritmpcrS liiOcm. Virg. i^En. 4, 031* SVN. Riunuo. 
dlriimpo^ pcrrumpo, frango; abscindn, avelh». PHR. Rumpcndu divido, 
tep&ra V£RS. Niiuc^ 5 niiiic Iiceat crudelem abriimpdrS vitam. Fas 
omne abriimpTt. Ingentes actiis abrijmp£r& £t tSiidros maiiTbiLs ramos 
«iliriimpirS. indS d&os m2dTis abriimpit crinTbiis angucs. 

kbriipt&s. Brokeny hrokenoffj burst asunder; interrupted; steep, predpiiovs, 
— QisaHs ttbi ati Orrns abriipto ndSre mmbiie. Vlrg. Miu 12, 451. AbrupHs 
cbmuiSU ori qugrctis. Stat. Theb. 6, 185. Jamque 'itSr extremvm, e£ttqrii 
ibrfitpa iSnebaU Stat. Theb. 3, 202. SVN. Riiptiis, fiactus, pcrriiptusi 
diraptiis£viilsiis| interriiptiis ; prariiptiis, prasoeps, TnvTiia, arduiia* Tnafr 
eSsatta. VERS. Togemlnant &brapls oab1.;ti* IgnSa. Abrapta irbgr Ir6t 

A H S 5 

14 armS qiilct& £t caligantfet abrapto aoU MfeenM, Fcrtr:r Tn ibnjptun 

magita moni imprSbus oGto. 8orb2t Yn abrupium fluctui. 
* Abnlon, or AbMlo^ onlt. Aaonqf DawL 
«baccdo, cessi. To dejMrty r€tire.^N6n Umifn aUoSdit^ nifpii Mm «nH^ 

cerhiL Or. M. 5, 630. SYN. lUccdo, duccdo» exccdo, cedo; &blo, ezte. 
ibacnsas, Qsi. A deparlure. — Jt^ Rutiilum alaciMsu, Juvgntgy tfim jitsmi $^* 

perba. . . .Virg. iEn. 10> 445. SVN. DiaccMrts, rfceasus, ezcessus; ezTt&s 

abicido, abacidi, abscinim. To eut off, — AhaeiSt jiigtilo pcctutque Aujn^tiai- 

qng elniMtrtim. Ov. 31. 12, 302. See AbtcUuio, 
abtdndo, abscidi, ibscissum. To icar off; ciUoff; part aeunder,,^T!im plfis 
Eneds hnmgrU abselndSrS vettcm, Virg. ]E,n, 5, 685. Ulo plantas tfniro a6- 

se*nftens di corpori matrftm, Virg. O. 2, 23. Ndm emlo terrds ct lerrls 

ihseUtU undds. Ov. M. 1, S2. SVN. Sciudo, rcscindo, l&c2ro, iibrumpo; 

abscido, amputo^ HSs£co, cxs5co ; tlivTda VKRS. Protlnus iibscissa pUinx' 

mH i»cct5r2 restS. Flaventcsque iibsdssa odmiis. Curruotieiibsclsftduurum 

Siispcndit cSpTtiL Veiiit medto vi pontus, H undTs Hcsp£riiim STc&ld 

litus fibsctdit. 
ibsounditus. I/iditeii,^S7lvli discdndttd fldmmiL Lticr. I, 003. See Ah* 

jbaoundo, oondi, or condidt, cdndTtum. Toooikceat; to lote sight of, — Donic 

kumo tig^ey de JooSls dhtcowieri dlseunt, Virg. G. 3, 658. Prdt^niis 

ah^ds Fhadeum dhsedndlmfis drces, Virg. JEn, 3, 291. SVN. AiNl<i, 

condo^ t^o, obt^go, Hfoondo» cclo, as. VKRS. N2c Sgo lianc iibsoi>nddHF 

furto Spenivi, ne fingC, fugam. Ante tTbi £um AtliiittTdgs iibsoundiinttir. 

See Abdoj condo, 
abaens. Gone away^ ahsent^ teanting, — fUvm dbsens dbsentem audltqu^y vXm 

detqug, Virg. iCa. 4, 83. SVN. R^motus iimotus. V£RS. Jum vTi( 

longi plScet, jam sum tTbT carT5r iibscns. Abscntcs mJ^miSri pro se j&b^t 

orJS sAluteitt. F&vSatqiiS pr^dintTbus iibscns. SiiDvTt Tn itbscntcs. Ot st^tft 

et friistra absentem rcspexTt &intcum 
ibsTIio, is, Ti, or tS. To sprihg away, — Aiit procul dbtVMbaty fit dcrem esirit 

dddrem, Liicr. 6, 1215. SVN. fixsTHo, r&THo, dlssTlTd. VKRS. Fiigcr* 

fene nTddsqiif t5ncntes AI>stlTant (m^tus urgctl ftves. 
absinthTum, ii. JVormteood. - Cdnd prlfis gel^dd detlni dbtlnlhld Pontd, 

Ov. Tr. 5, 13, 21. KPITH. Cfmum, trist^, fimariim, tngnttiim, &ccrbum, 

fcbsisto, iibstTti. To tiand aloof /romy depart; torelimpuths to desisL — JVo, 

eustds dhslsGt tim^nS Jdnus, Virg. yEn. 7,610. Nee victi potsunt dbtUttrS 
ferrd, Vtrg. jdi. II, 307. Nee pflns dbtUllt qudm teptem IngcnRd vlctor, 

Virg. iEiu I, 192. SVN. Discedo, absccdo, &b2o; reiinqno, dcsisto, 

abstTnSo; ccsso, dfoTno. V£RS. Totdqtie absutTtS lucu. Ncc pi^us abstT- 

tTmiia fi-rntin exerccrl cr&orS. Nidl» hTc insTdTie tiiles; alisistl mdvcn. 

DShinc alisutSrS bcllu. H tc tTbi ccrt& ddmus ccrtT (ne nbsTstd) Plniiics. 
absol vq, vi, \x tum. To releate, aequiL ^il it ddmndrg rgos, JllU dbsdlvSri cfdpd, 

Ov. AL 15, 42. SVN. Solvc^ liMro, dimitto; £xp«dTo, pcrncTo. PHR. 

CrimTn?, noxTi, solvo. Noxa cxTma Culpfi libdro. Jitsdntem crimTnl 

diioUi Vinclis exsolvo, libj^ro. Abluto crimTnS, rSmitt^rS, dimtttcrC. 

Abliita rSmitt^rS ailpa. Insoiitcm ndri, NTvSis iSpillis iibsdlvSr& 
ibsSnS^ 2, iim. Disoordanty oui qf tune, — .^t dtcentXs irfint fdrtuwt dbtfmd 

diela, Hor. A. P. 112. SVN. Discurs, disi^&ius. PHR. Non cdns?n»a, 

miUe sSiuins. 
alrKirli&), bCT, or psT, ptiim. To trrailowy ingulj^^Absorpat pi;uVfts rupet. 

Luc 4, 100. See Sorbeo, Voro, Haureo,^ 
abflqii& Wiihoui, — Servftm pSeuty dbsquS erudrS, Lucr. 8 VN. Siiie. 
abstemlus. Sohery temperate, — VinS fugity gaddetqui mSrU dbttemMis undit 

Ov. M. 15,323. PHR. Vini libstanens, osdr Bacchl. Vinum exustis, 

p£r5siis. Pdt5r XqusB. CuT poctilil siint fontds llquTdi. QuT BTicchi mu« 

dM ndn liblt. 
abstergo,la» SHS: «f abetSrgJSo, 58, er8: sT, sttm. To wipe q^, deansc^GMi 
ihiiersisti dmmbus drtteuUs. CatuU. 00. 8. 8YN. Deiergc, pCirgo. 


ibtterHSa, IS,Ytuiii. To friglUm mm^g Jrmu^Vt cSiOm a iOrto nom SiHfrr^ 
Mir uneto. Hor. 8at 2, 6, 83. SYN. DeterrSo. VERS. It tln&w 

IbuiiMSs iUieiia dpprobra scepl Absterrent vltBs. 
ibstninenB. Temperaie, sparing. — VindatdvarmJrauJU H abolMtu. Hor. Oi» 
4,9,37. SYN. TempSruu, lobrE&s, mSdSratui, porcus. PHR. Parf^ 
assactiis. Victu fSdHs. DSpIbiis odntentiis Inemptis. TSnui Tictu cfio. 
tentiis. LaetS sfio parrdquS dttmiis. Parvd oont^Jiti pSratu. 
abstinSd^ iS. To refrain Jrom ; todemstf iokeepaloof/rom.^JbeanuUiaetm 
pat^j dversnsqug r^tgiL Yirg. Mn. 7- 618. Non tSmin abefiniitty im 
voci iraquS pepereiL Wirg, IRiu 2, 634. Non tamin idcSrco firrum 7VI& 
peMis llld Abs(%nmL Or. AI. 8, 7M. SYN. Tempjfroy me con^njfo^ me 
c5hib<<a V£RS. £st virtus pliicitis abstiniiissJS b<$nls. Absiinlt et c^lS. 
A fortibus abstmlt ripiis. 
absto, as, stTtt To stand at a dUtanee. ..*Te eSptet m&fSe; et qmedamj «i 

tdn^us absits. Hor. A. P. 382. SYN. Dlsto^ absum, rScedo, absoeda 
abstr^o^ xi, ctum. 7*o droff ainiy, iaiee otmsy hyforoe. — Ereptamqui paitf 
diversa t» paseud natam JbstnUOL Ov. M. 1, 665. SYN. Abripuv avello, 
abduco, amSvSo^ rcmovgo, aiifSro. VKRS. Quam tu dc thSUmis abstriU 
hSrerS meis. Non Ulum CSrSris, non illum curft quielSs AbstrShlre indS 
pStest. AbstractsequS boves abjuratxequl liipinK. 
abstrudo, u, n, sum. To hide.^Aurum vU absirvdai sSn&r. Plaut AuL 4, 

6, 13. See Abth. 
abstrusiis. Hidden. — Ot s^Hets venSs dbsiriisiim exeudMSt tgnem. Virg. O. I, 

135. SYN. Abditus, absoonOit&s, rloondTtfis, accultiis, IXtens. 
absum, Hbls, abftu, Sbessl. 7*o be awojf; to be disiani; io be wantiing.^MnaiM 
ignariis dbest, igndrus it dbsiL Virg. Mn. lO, 85. Nee proeul dl^tfrai 
ieUurls MdrgVa sumnus. Ov. M. 10, 55. iYon Chddriis dltfuti drbSa. 
Ov. M. 10, 90. SYN. Disto; sum r&notiis, disjiinctlis; desum. VERS. 
Niisquaxn ibiro^ ct tiitum piltiTd te fiminS nstam. Sic te iit pSnta crudelTa 
ilbessem. TithiSnl primB qnSt &best &b 5rigTn2 CasSr. Tantum flbsii 
causX tTmendL TTmSr omnTs ibesto. 
ahsiimo, Ts, psl, ptQm. 7*o consumey' destrog.-^Vos driimam hdne piSiVks qA 
eumatie abswriitS leto. Virg. ^n. 3, 654. SYN. Consumo, oonfTcio, ez-> 
haurio; perdo; T^ro. PHR. Fincm impono. VERS. Tempdril cuin 
blandis absiimpsit TiianT& ▼erbis, Absumpt» in Teucrns vires oaliqvif 
mSrisquS. Ambesos siibTgat malis absumSi^ mcnsas. 
absurdiis. Ineonsuienty unapL^Absurdum dtque dlienum d vltd mSd, Ter. Ad. 
^ 6, 8, 21. SYN. AbsSniis, n6n convSnTens; Tneptiis, stiiltiis. 
Alisfrtus, i. A son of MeteSy king of Colchis. Hie sisier Medeaj as ahejted 
teith Jason, tere his bodg to p»eceSy and strewed his limbs in herfather*smii^ 
io stop his pursmL Some islands near Istria a/ui a river faUxng knlo ihe 
Adriaiie were named after h*m.^Consldt db Jbsyrti oidS fiiissS Idcow 
Ov. Tr. 3, 9. -ColcMsy Si Jdrfdcds spumdns Jb^rtus 'in undds. LnG? 
3, 190. SYN. ^^eus, ^ctTSdcs. EPITH. InfeEz, mTsSr. PHR. 
Aledeie fratSr. Filiiis ^etdo. 
Ibundans. Plenieous; eoerfimekng. — N^^siSi qudm iddts Sbundans. Virg. £d. 
2,90. /fie^/i« tS mensibus dmriSs Siunddns. Virg. O. 1, 115. SYN. 
Fbiz, fcrtTIis, pinguTs, ubSr; dlvSs, affliiens, plenlis. PHR. LArgiis 
9paiii, DivSs SquBB. See Abundo. 
kbundantiX. Plenteousness. See Copia. 
Sbiinde. /n abundaneey eneugh. . . . Terronem et fraudU dbunde isL Virg. ^n. 

7, 552. SYN. SitS^ At ; oopTos^ affXtim. 
Sbundo, 7*oa^oumf,« tooveifbw.-^IgnSvdeeieSmperyeatig^nSsempiSrdbundiL- 
Ov. M. 2, 784. FerCms SeTxvd NiWs abundSi dqud. TibuU. 1, 8, 22. 
SYN. AfHiio, cxublro, rSdiindo, cztindo. PHR. DivjSs siim, mihi &buQde 
eet VERS. Cor dSKt atque ira mistiis &bundiit &m5r liUi vTris divrs, 
divSs Kbund&t Squis. Primiis ibundare et spumantT& oogSre pressis Meli& 
fSvia. Riirsiis Hbundabat fliiTdiis Dqiior. £008, fuga m&li5 summis 
AmSscnus &biindans Spumabat ripis. 
KbiisquS. From asfar as. — Sieuloprisp SxV SbusauS P&^jsno, Virg. JEn, 7, 289. 
&biit5r, &&, abfisiis som. 7b abuse, mieuee.^^ki Bnechi nMriine Sbuii. Locr. 


S, 655. PHR. MU£ utSr, tniqne, lAdl^e, penrine fitSr. Ta mUfis fifte 

Teito^ oonverta In prftvdt umi IdhlMa 
Ibydds»!. m. amd i.^A eity on Ae Asiaiic thor§ qfih§ H^aetpmi, onmUt m 

Sealm on <&# Eurapean; Ihe Hrihptaee qf Leander, 8ee Setieef Hera, 

Leander,....S6ivgrii, in tp9euttM omnle IbjdSe Mi. Ov. Ep. 18, IS. 

EPITH. HelletpancTScas, LMndniis, dstrifer. PHR. Orbs Ab^denl» 

liouulri nobtns ortu. VERS. Vel tiU me S^tat, va te roa sum&t Abyddt. 

Pontfit a attrif(Sri fauces tentiiitfir Ab;<fi. Flammam VteCris Liandrii 

•enrit Ab^ddt. 
ibfdentts. O/ ^fytoi— 5&ffa Mgdena egpMi urb9 frmm. Or. Tr. 

^l, n,«8. 

AbjfU, SB. A mountain qf Mauritania in Afriooy oppoiH^ Moani CaJpe in 

Spaim ; one qf the pUlart o/ Hereuiet. . . . Maura JfOyla^ et dorto eoneurffli 

Jberlea Ca^ Amn. EPITH. Heriiiia, LYbjFd. PHR. Ahfht mSns, 

▼crtex, Spex. 
Xbf ss&i^ 1. A ffulphy a bdtomlett pit. See Gurget. 
ic And.^Rumorh^e tgni MfrYot, ae iaiidjatur. Virg. iEn. 12, 228. SVN. 

fit, qu^ atquS, necnon. 
JldMnnBL PtatoU tehool of phUonmhy near Athent.^Tnque Jfeademla tiM- 

hVM, randeoui Ljfojo. Ctc. de Divin. 1, c 13. EPITH. Ddct&, cSlebA^ 

antaq[uX, umbnl^rS, n^mSrosX. PHR. Ddctorum XlumnX vTrurum. Docti» 

nutrix turtMB. Pl&tonts schdl&. AcSdemi sllve. 
Acidemlcfia. Betonging to ihe Aoademia. 
AcSdcmfia. Thefounder qfihe Academia; by tome tuppoted io he Cadmut.^ 

Jtoue fnter Oivae JtoadSndmutrM vertim. Hor. £p. 2, 2, 45. 
Scantkis, idis, or Icfilanthis, Idis. The name qf a emalt bird.^LU6riique hai^^ 

tfnem rgtSnanty it acanOadd^ or aedlanihldd dHna. Virg. O. 3, 333. 
ionthfifl. A piant^ ihe graerfuUy curving teavet qf whieh were repretenied ir 

Ae eapitcit qf Corinthian pUlarty and in inany other workt qf tcutpture ana 

ornament.^Mixidqug ridinR eSSieaAd fundHt aeantho. Virg. Ecl. 4, 20. 

£PlTH.Sidonius, mdlHs; frondens. viridis, vtrens; inflexQs, lentfis, flcxfis, 

tortfis. PHR. Flos icanthlnfifl. Inflcxi vimln icanthu Oiamjfn icanthS. 

V£RS. £t circumtextum crSoSS velamCn icantho. £t molli circum est 

ansaa amplcxfis icantho. BalsimSque, et buccas semper frSndentts ican- 

A<aman, amts. Belonging io Acamania.-^Quorum dtiXr Jtoamidn, Vii*g. IRn. 

Acamanil, m. A part qf Epirut, teparated from AitoBa by the river Aehetoue. 

— PHR. Acamaniim terri, gens. AcarnanSs pSpuB. 
Attstfis, I. A king qf MagneeiOy ton qf PeHat, and huthand qf Hippoiyie. 

Z^eeeived by Aefalie aceutationt qffUt uf^fe, he planned ihe death tifP^eue^ 
mbfU wat himtetftlain by him Ctedi pir jEmiMiat totvV JoattHe dquae» 

Ov. Fast. 2, 40. £PITH. Gredulus; Thcssilfis, iGmfimfifl. See Petem, 

iceonto. To eing io, or at the tide <if. — Sftmo drHmumf ei magni tumutU deeanii 

mdglttrS. SUt. Silv. 4, 55. See Canto. 
acoedo^ Is, iiccessl. To draw near; io be added ; io give way to. — Aceedey o 

eonjftjt^ aceedi mlten^ diM Ov. M. 4, 583. JeecdU iodfm DTgnd 

Diafadiet. Ov. M. 8, 181. VSluU btdndit docediri dieat. Ov. M. 3, 375. 

8YN. AdvinTo, idSo, accurro^ advfilo; adjungSr, addSr, adjt<^5r; assenttfir. 

V£RS. Conciirsu acccdSrS magno. Portui accedSt Avernu In lustrum 

aocedSri deb£t. Ot DSus iiccedat c£lo, tempIisquS cSlatfir. 
ioda^rq, aa. To hatten.^Jceitiremuty dU; vtgVet tTmHi ejHHtdi: Ittl... 

Virg. JEn. 9, 221. SYN. CSlJSro, matiiro; frstlno, pri$p2ro; aocurrcs 

advfilo; primo, iirg&x PHR. AocflSrarS gridum. Mfiras riimp&^ 

tdU£r& PnedpTti gressii, or gridu, (erri. RfiTt ooyus. 
ieoendo, ts, di, sum. To tet fire to; io ejtciie. . . . .Unciat aeoendUi imddt. 

Ov. Fast. 4, 41 1. jEri dieri fftrdt^ Mariemaue accettdiri oantH. Virg. Mn, 

8, 165. SYN. Inocndq, inflammo; uro. Impello» inctto, Insltgot iefio, 

csdto, firg«o, PHR. SubdM fices, ignem InJTcto, siibjtdo, admXvfio. 

Sabjcctlfl ttr€r5 fliarals. VERS. Quse tantum iooendJrit ignem Cafi*& 

8 ACC 

Uteti] Quin {t&m icoendSft f^lSa irriteftqu? rScandai Piuniisqiie *«»*—>aff 
icc$nd!t In hoitem. 

ieeexia&a^ 8, vm. Sei mifirei rmued.^^TattbSs SecetuS /Irmantur, it a^Tmi 
deruo Viig. iEn. 9, 788. See Aeeendtk 

aooeptuiy X, tun. Beoehedy aeeepled; agreeable. — DUet mensisaoocptiitSefmJiM. 
Yirg. G. 2, 101. 8VN. lUcept&s; gnt&s, jucund&s. See Aecipia. 

aocersitut. See Areeteitne. 

accersoL See Areetsa. 

aocessiis, us. \An approathi a pasMy defiie. — PortSs ab Scoessu veniorum 
tmmdtuSf ift Ingens. Virg. jEa. 3, 570. Omnemmti Joocssum lustransj kHc 
ordfirebat it lUuc. Virg. iEn. 8, 228. SVN. Idventus, rditus. 

acctdo^ is, tdL Tofall; to kappen.—Aedidit haoJessU iHam /ortuna Laiinjs, 
Virg. iGo. 12, 593. SYN. CSdt>, oonddo ; o5ntingo, dhtiiigo, evenio. 

Socido^ idi, isiim. Toeutdown; to waste, spoiL — Cvmfiiro aecisam erebrisqmJF 
bipennUiis insiant. Virg. ^n. 2, G27. AceUis eoget dapibus cdnsumcHf 
mensas. Virg. iEn. 7) 721. SVN. Csdo^ drduncido; oonsumo^ &b»umob 

Sodnga» xi, ctiim. To fftrd, gird on ; to equip mth ; iobeonthe aierL — La4^- 
ri^ti aotnnsirdi ensenu Virg. ^n. 11, 489. Atqui bmrus /adibfis pfibce 
loeingliiir atrU, Virg. iEo. 9, 74. iUi se prmJu oetAngunt diip^bvsqmi 
/uiiris. Virg. ^n. I, 214. SVN. Cingo; miinTo, instruo, armo; p&rcs 
pr»|»Sro, oompSra V£RS. H ic ferro iodngor riirsus, dypj^uc snustranK 
insertabam aptans. Loiicam IndiiJtiir, fiddqiie iccmgttilr cnsS. Pinbusqiie 
iodngltiir irmis. Acclngiint 5mncs dpSii. Ardentes aodngur dlcire 
piignas. Mognos icdnctiis in iisiis. 

icGino, Is, fil. To sing to.-^BepdrabVls act^n^it echo. Pers. 1, 102. &ce 

aodo, is, iFi, TtCun, irif. Tosend/oTy summon. — Stfdios sum aeeirS pSratMSm 
Virg. JEn. 12, 38. SYN. Arccsso, advocou 

iodpTo, accepT. To receive; to take^ assume; to ctmprehend, attend to, hear, 
m^IUbs port^idibus rcx aa^piebdt Ta amptis. Virg. iEn. 3, 353. Cfirvifirmnm 
Sedijiit ftlmus arairi. Virg. O. I, 70. Jctsipfcns eStiitum sSjci tle veriid 
pSstor, Virg. ^n. 2, 30& SVN. R2dpTo, siiscTpTo, czdpTo; dlpTo^siimo^ 
BMoimo; intcUigo, audTo, perdpTo, scncTo, cdgn5scOb VKRS. Te grgmio 
mcTpTet. lcdpTunt ventds a tergo mlll^ dli%ioi. QuTetiim AccTpTt in 
Teucros inTmiim mentemqug bSni|^iain. AccTpS nunc D&nSum insTdtaa. 
Qu8B p&tSr, haiid ftliter quam caiites murmuri ponti AcdpTt. AcdpTte hsec 

iodpTt2r, Ttns. A hawk. — QiiSm /adile Sceyplter sojto sadr Sffs ab Siio. 
Virg. ^n. 11, 721. EPITH. RSpox; ac£r, audiix, intrSpTdiis; ferfn, 
criidelis, Tmmltis; dtiis, prvceps, vcldz. PHR. Predatnx aigs. CiflumbTs 
pnedo Tnfcstiis. Ac2r pennTs, St curvTs iinguTbiis alSs. Rdstro TmmanTis. 
S&c2r il£s. Ssvo Armatijs rostro. VERS. AcdpTter nulli sfttis cquiis, Tn 
omncs SsBvTt ft ves. Ct fiigSre acdpTtrem pcnna trjfpTdantS c51iimbie, Ct 
sSiit iccTpTter trgpTdas ftgTtarS cSliimbas. 

iodtiia. SummortetL^Jccitos Slia tnira timtna dog^L Vii^. ^'<n. 1 1, 235. Sipc 

iodiiis, us. A sttmmons,^Re^us^ Secitu earlgitiitof^s, adurbem.Virg. ;E n. I , G8 1 . 

icdamatSo^ 5nTs. A shetti </applattse. See Piattsus. 

icdamo, is. To thout; to appiaud. See ClatnOy Ftaudo. 

iodjnTs^Ts. Leaning against^ supported bg. — JrbSris SeetinU trunco: prtkiii 
gsrifd rSmU. Virg. Mn. 10, 835. SYN. Incliniit&s, prdpensiLs prGclTvis. 

ftocfino, ia. To letm towards, to bend/orward. — CircStnspcjiii Jfynj scfpie Se^ 
^nStfUadtUum. Ov. M. 5, 72. SYN. IncEno, mi flccto; propctideo. 

fiocTivis, or icc&viis. Sleep, slopsng upteards. — Sin tuntfiiU Secttve soiutn. 
Virg. 6. 2, 276. Lenlter Scetivd consntuerg jugo. Ov. ¥arU 5, i:)4. 

accolft. A bortierer, a neighbour, — JceSia Vuliunu, pdrttertfug SdtieSl^ fispifr, 
Vfrg. ^n. 7» 729. SYN. VTdnGs: hftbTtatSr, TncSlft, cdlSniia. 

iocSlo, iil. To dweli near....JecSiity Impmfimqui pdiir ndman&s hdbSOL 
Virg. Mn. 9> 449. PHR. Jiixta cSlo^ hftbTto. 

accdmmSdo^ ia. To adapt, tsdjtut; to ieruij /umish. — tJtM^ Jrgteutn «e- 
dDmarJkHi inseau Virg. Mn. 2, 393. Pftrpurd /filgdrcin ptcCis SecommSdat 


««1«. Ov. M. 4y 398. SVN. Appltcii» ocijungo^ fipto^ rirnfro; irdflga 

V£RS. Igiiotu h&m&n aooommuddt ulais. 
iooumrodd&c SvUaUej ap L ^-£ti eurvo anfraetn vaUety aeeomanSda /rau^. 

Viig. ^n. 1 1, 522. 8VN, C(bnmdd&s, opportunfis, apt&i, Tdoni&i. 
iocrcdo^ Tii. To gUia eredU M. — FSeile hoe aeertdMf potale, Lucr. 3, 870. 

8VN. Credo. PHR. Crediudo aiKuttdr. Soe Croio. 
iocresoo^ is, evi. Toffrow; to be added^^InvJdla aeerevttj jtt^vato gum wHwSr 

haiL Hor. Sat. 1, 6, 28. Gr^mYo naegrot aeerieoM natoe. Stat. Thel>. 4, 

355. SVN. Cresoq, augfiSr; iddSr, adjungdr. 
iocBbo^ is, fii, Itnro. To he nert to; to repoeey reeUne^Saerd nHmut aeeuUt 

wabrn. Viig. G. 3, 334. SVN. .^ccumbo; adjfidfa 
aodhnbo, Ts, ub&i. To recline ai tahlc^—Tu daa ijmtit aeeumlM Dlvum, 

Virg. iEn. 1, 79. SVN. Accfibq, discumbo, rikAunba PHR. Accumb5re 

menAs, SpQfis accumbirS regum. Tdns «fiscumbCrC, strato discumbitur 

iocfimulo, iis. To Utad wUh^ to heap toffeiher^^JUt eaUem aeeiimulem donJa^ 

ei funffor IfiaiiJ. Virg. ^n. 8, 888. SVN. CongCro, aggSro; ootnpduo, 

oolITgo, oogo ; cfimfilo, augSo. VERS. Accfimfiliit curiis rUlfi parv& mfiis. 

Csdem ccdi aocumulautes. 
iccurro^ Ts, accurri, iiocursum. To rtin, run io,—»Ti damer m/o, primfitque 

aeeiirfU Aeulit. Virg. iEn. 6, 451. SVN. Ciirro; ficcvlSro^ advOlo, 

iccursus, iis. A eeneourte ; pumtUt^Erlj/tiaeeurau eSmUum eSpuL Stat. Theb. 

8, 511. Jeeftrau prmdS r^eepla mmh Ov. Fast. 2, 372. SVN. Cui^ 

ciirsus; inciirsTa 
iociisatSr, dris. An aeeuter^ infanner»^AeeutatSr Mij ful verbum dlxMif hSc 

etL Jiiv. 1, 161. SVN. DeJiitSr. 
acctiao, aa. To impeaeh ; to blame. — Aeeutoqui Parlnj prmdamfue HiHnnmoui 

rgpdeeo. Ov. M. 13, 200. QuamMift ueeutetf ei tU Iratd tleebU. Ov. Eik 

20, 7U SVN. Indiso; argfio. PHR. R2iam itgo^ defSro. CrimTiiTs ftrgnu. 

CrumnTbQs SnSriirC. Crim5n dbjTc£r5. CrimTnTbQs terreri^ iiQvis. IiitciitiirS 

rSo crimln. SoSlQs rStSgSrS. V£RS. An fiilBo Pftl&medcii crimTiiJS trir)ie 

Aocu s ass g mThl, vobis damnAssS dSodnlm est. 
aciSr, or aciTs. Keenj britk, bold.^^lHnt oeir Tn annls. Virg. ^n. 12, 93& 

SoivUiir deAa Hiimt. Hor. Od. 1, 4, 1. SVN. Acutus, aspSr; veii2iiiciis 

iortXs; soUcrs, gniivus. V£RS. AcrTSr fid pugnam rSdTt, et vim sQscTt&t 

iriL OcQIis mTcSt acrTb88 TgiiTs. OvSqtiS non acrl ISvTtcr versatii f&villii. 

AoSr Srat, belldqiii^ rSroz, ad vimquS pfirutus. Ot frSmTt iicSr Squus. Accr 

)^uis. AcerrTmus armis. 
Sd^r, Sris. A maple tree. . . .AocrquS eSlMbiit impar. Ov. M. 10, 95. 
icerlK>,a8. To embUier; ejeatperate^ aytjravate, — GaudiS Si htffrStiim riffnl 

mlhi miinut Scerbat. Stat. Theb. 1, 7^^* FdrmJdhtS erimin SdrbSU 

Virg. Mn. 1 1, 407. SVN. AspSro, exTuipSro^ Trrito^ ficuo. 
Iccrbus. Harthy bUter. — Virum Sffiy ^ndSqufdem /aOt ArffiiSr Scerbit, 

Virg. ^n. 11,587. SVN. AsnSr; grilvTs, durus, tristls, sSvSrua; mA- 

lestfis, inoommMQs; crudelTs. VERS. Stiit, quidquTd ftcerbi est. Mortd 

pStT. AnTmTs ciim sBvTt Scerbis. Neptiiiii oSrpQs ftcerbiim. Exlmlans 

sQb Soerbd viilnSrif vTtano. 
ScemQs. Made qf maple-wood, — TrSbVnit eoniixtHt SeimSt. Virg. iEn. 2, 1 .2. 
SoSrosQs. Mixed Ufith chaff.~~J''arre Sdroeo olii dibiimano panS cScfflL liucil. 

ScerrS. A eenter. — CumquS mSrS pSiirSy ihiirlt SdrrS /uiL Ov. Faxt 4, 434. 

EPITH. Odorft, Sdoratft, Slciis, rSdSleiis; fumBiis, accensft. PHR. Custus 

thuris. V£RS. Sup^ros plena vSiigratQr ftcerni. MuiiSrTbusqiiS dfttis, St 

ftcerris thixrTs ftdorant. 
Aoernc, ariim. A town o/ Campania^ near Naplet.^VSeii%t CiSUivt non 

aquiit Aeirrlt. Virg. G. 2, 225. 
ScervatTnu Sy heapt.^Conferlet "Ua Seirvaam mbrt aeeiimulabSL Liicr. (^ 

1281. SVN. CumQtttTm. ^ - „ „ 

SccrvRa. A heap.^Nbn dSmut, itfuiulut^ nSn m^ Seirena it «nff. Hor. Ep. 

li f» 47. SVN. CongSries, cQmulQa» copTft. 

10 A C B A C H 

lccioa r» imm Memr^^^Quodcunfue i^fnttiii, See$dlL Hor» Epw l, S, 54. 

lcettcfl. A kwg (^Skify, who assisied Primm im tkn Tn^an wor, mmi ^fism- 
iMonlg hotjntably reeeioed JEneao duriag kie vojfOffej oatitimg him to tary 
hitfather Anehueo om M, Erfjt. Jnroommemoration efthit ^nBao UnH m 
ct/jr in Sieiiy eaHcd Acetia, See Vir^. ^n. 5, I^^^Trufinoqiue a tangtHtaii 
elarut Aecttet. Virg. iEru 1, 650. EPITU. Trojan&i, Dard5iuuii, Ilect5- 
rSus, sj^iiTdr, b5iius, gr&vls, darus. Pim. DardSnius dlviiuB itirpSi 
Accstes. AcesteshSrridiblji jSdUis. Rez Stculiis. U6sp& i^ncse. 

Icecura. ViHegar.^Pm aeeiftm. Uor. Sat. 2, 3, 117. PUit Vtuum 

Achaem^rics. A king o/ PertLi, ono qf ihe progemiort qf Cgrut. — Nvtn iu, 

rt tgnnli divgt AchmmgnSt. Uor. Od. 2, 12, 21. 
m^nidesy e. A eompamon qf Ulgttet.~^Ndtc'ii Jfchmmhifden: fjHjmo?. 

toqug rifperium. Ov. M. 14, 101. 
lcliaemSnius. Fertianf/rom Achametiety kingo/Perna. — Non iSi JfehmtaiMih 

armatUnr Sfita tSgiiUit. Propert. 2, 131. 
lchsBSs, I. A king if Lgdktf whom hit subjecit httng up hg ihe /eei /or his rx- 

ioriiotL, — Afori vii tntihrgat capCi tutpetufit jfcltml, Ov. in Ibin. 301. 
lchaeiis. Grcciati, — (EbaltdsqttS diiccty H Achma pir dpjHda mairct. Stat. Thabi 

2, 164. SVN. Achiuus, Adiivusy Gfkc&s, Grji&s. 
AdiaiS, «. A dittriei o/ the Pdoponnetm^ whote capiial wat CorinOu-^Ei 

qttoi Troia 0071, vdiiit ci quot jfchSf^ /onnat. Propert. 2, 21, 53^ SVN. 

Achalils, idSs. A Greek woman. — Ititi^ AchSladat longc pfilchcrrlma mtttnn, 

Ov. Ep.3,71. 
J^diaicrts. Grecian. — Ei DSnaiim tSHim navct^ ii Jfchalea casird. Vlfg. ^o. 

2, 402. SVN. AchB&a, Adiiviis, Gneciis. 

Ad^ts, tdds. Greaatu-^Vati pBr JtchSidSt itrbet. Ov. M. 3, 511. 

Xclidtes, SB. The agaie. Jtt name wat iaken/rom the rioer Achateiy m 5ict/y, 

near whidi ii wat /ound. — £i perineentim tplciuietUi gnr^te Jfchaicn^ 

SiL 14, 228. 
Achates. A oompanion (/ JEneat. — Prhnnt ddnelamSt Ackutpt* Viig. Mtu, 

3, 523. EPITH. Fidiis, (urtis, magn&nYmiis, g^nlrdsiis, ltud:ix. 
Achifldiis. A nver qfEjnrut^ having itt rite in M. J^nduty and in iit cpurta 

dioiding Aearttatiia /rom ^tolia. Acheiottt, the god qf the riceri it ticid to 
liave eaniended wiih JJerctiietf who vauquishcd him when in the/orm qf an 
oxy by breakitig off one o/ hit ^ornt; which the nympht fiUitig with/ruits and 
fiowerty atid preteniing U to ihe goddett Copia, became the Cornu Copim.^ 
ClauiM^tcry/ccitqttS mSrat JtchSldut gi'tnil. Ov. M. 8, 54& ^ VN. Acarnan. 
EPITH. Cornigjlr, tiimcns. PHR. Amnls Adirnanum, AcIiSloiQs amuTs, 
AchSloTdSs iinds. ^toliis, Ciilj^ddnTiis, NaupiictaBiis iimuTs, Hb llcrc&ll 
victus. VERS. Victus truncum dip&t abdidTt iindis. 

AdiiOdTiis. O/ iho AchtUmt. — PdeulSqm InvenJit JfchSiSta mltctTii iit^ 
Vlrg O. 1, 9. 

AdiiSldTas, oTXdTs, or AchiOoTs, Tdts. The pairongnth qf iho Strent^ /rom iheir 
/aiher Acheioitt....JthciotSdumquS riflltiquV Sirenum toSpniot, Ov. Al. 
14, 87. Vobtty Jfchi^io^d^ty iittdS PinmS pedctquo Svlumy eiim vlrgltift orS 
qgratit. Ov. M. 5, 552. 

Adiifron, ontTs. One qf the rioert qfheHy in whieh the toult qf ihe dead toer^ 
received.-^Haud HiHat poriabTt Spct JohSroiWU Sd iindiat. Prop. 3, 5, l^ 
EPITH. TartSrSiis, Tsenarnia, infirniis; maestiis, tnfeliz, tristTa : at5r, 
caBCtis, tSiiSbrosiis^ iiTgcr ; SvTdiis, insSttabHTs; ImpYiis, trrSmfiibTITs. PH R. 
AchSrontts ond^i, fliimSn, vortex, pSIiis, IScQs. Inicrnft pftlua. Inlernus 
sronTs. TartSr&e stn^nS piiliidTs. VERS, Livcntes AchSron ejccUit 
2irenas. AdiSroii SilnTe cnisadquS vSneno iEstiiSt, et gSITdam eriictBus cum 
murmiire Sreriiim, Desten^t nigra lelitiis pir sti^rnS piUiidS. Uic lnrcrt^ 
janu2 DltTs DlcTtiir, et tSn{bros& piUiia AchMntd rSftisdw Qut afiliis h^aoi 
AchSrdnti! siib tm5 esi. 

AdiiSi-oniTI, ». A tmaii iown o/ Lueanioy on tke oot^fbMt ^f-Ajf>iXiaf^Qpiu 
eumquS oilm» riSdum AcUSrontlau Hor. Od. 3» 4, 14. ed by V^OOgLe 

Acb)Sri]8Ta,Td5s, or AcbSnisTlL m. A martk in B^pirm», wUh a Mver.i ^iho eomo 


mme; whemse Heremlet U eaU ie haee drapged Cerhenm^TiUtie JtekMt» 
OdSteraa. VmL Flac. 5, 5?. 

IduUcs, Uy ee AcfaUleus, ca. One ^ the me$i noted heroe» qfGreeeet he wie 
eea ^ Pekue^ king qf Theeeatg^ and TheH$^ ihe daughter qf Nereue. lle 
weni wiih ihe oiher prinees qf Greeee io ihe nege qf Treg, where he $lew 
IJeetory and being on ihe poini of nutrriage wiih PoIgxenOy daughier e^ 
Priamy wae htmaelfkiUed bg Paris tfi ihe Tempte qfApoUo^Hte DSIifpum 
mdnue, hie e£vue iendebat jfchtltcM. Virg. JEn, 2, 29. Pergdmdy rHXqMe 
Dandmn aique immUh AehlUei. Virg. /Bn. 3, 87. SVN. Pefides,^Scidei. 
£PITU. Fhtbiua, Larissefia, PeUn&s, ThestUTc&s, DlnEQs, NereT&s; 
■mra^r, ftiumdsus, IndSniitfis; fkrox, crudens, implacabTIis, sBrQs; fortts. 
iiHlgnXxumiis, uniHivld&s, audaz. PHR. ThesaU&s, ^mSnlfis hcrds. IK:x 
PeUaeOs. ChironSs Xlumniis. ThStldts proles, fin&s, natiis. G^ntisAScl 
Dinlnm fortusimGs. PnSnu regnorum etrenSr. ^IcYdes, dpiit ins&« 
pSrabilS beUd. Troj» pdpulatSr. Qui dSdft HectSrl ]et& £idftTtim TrSja. 
VBRS. ScriptSr hSnoratum si fort2 rSponTs AchiUem, ImpTglr, Iracundfis, 
Inexorabilts, acSr, Jurii n^et stbi naU, nlhil ndn arrtfgft armts. Quls 
magno mflius tiicced&t AduUi, Qiiiim per quem magnus DSn&Is succcssTt 

lchBleus. Qf AOUUee.^rirple jfehiUem fatiue. Virg. ^n. 3, 328. 

lchimdes, WB. The pairenymic qf Pgrrhuty toft qf AchUtee.^PyfThiU A^l^ 
lid^ dnlmoe^ hnaging patrit. Ov. Ep. 8, 3. 

lchivi, oruzn. The Greeks fn caiisd proiity Achivl. Ov. M. 13, 29. 

Achivfia. Greeian. . . . THrba com^Uaius AchSva. Ov. Fast. 6, 645. 

AddM», «B. A sumame of Venus, from a founiain qf the same name in noBOtw. 
— MairU JeidancB. Virg. iEn. 1, 720. 

actdus. Sour.^FermenioatqueicfdistmVant^rtaaaserbU. Virg. 0. 3, 380. 
SYN. Ac2r, Scerbfis. , , 

Icics, ei. A sharp edge or poini; miUtarg array; also» egeeighty the ege — 
Ipsa acie nendum falcie tentanda, M «fWlf. Virg. O. 2, 306. Rdmauat 
dcia Vgrum viderg PhWppi. ViiV- O. 1, 490. Hiie gifmfnae niine Jtecte 
Sefes. hane asp^a geniem. Virg. iEn. 6, 789. SVN. AcGmln, cfwpTj. 
Agnin, exerdtas, cJJhers, phflanx, turm». Oculus, lumin. tPlTH. 
Tgnffii, strict», rfngtriins. MartTil, fulgTd», hastatH, djpfiita, beingiJril, 
densX. VER8. PrimSqu8 de sulcis acTes apporfiit hastie. DirectKquJ 
JlcTcs, ac latc fliictfiiit omnTs Mt^ r^nidenti teUiis. Advcrsisqu* pXrant&cTcs 
oondirrilf^ sTgiiis. Onde ScTem in p«UgT vastos protcndgrgt «stus. 

&einXcea, Ts. Ascimiiar. Vino et lucgmSs Mediis dclnaees. Hor. Od. 1, 27, 5. 

Idnus, ar EcTniim, 1. A berryy a grape sione.-^JrUiim et oriffgrens dcinitm, 
Hor. S. 2, e, 85. SYN. Granfim, rficemfis. ^, w^ . ;^, 

Xdpcns2r, «ris, or adpensTs, Ts. A sturgeon.^GaUorii prctcon^ Ihrat adtpcntgrg 
mensS. Hor. S. 2, 2, 47. Jd PaldRnas dcipensem mitda mcnsas. Mart. 

Ada, Ts, or Tdls. i< shepherd qf SuAly, ton of Faunut and Simmthit; he was 
tla^by Potyphemut for rivalting him in hit love fer GakUeay and after. 
warde changed into a fountain in Sieay.^Aclt Mi Fauno nymphaqug 
Stnuethfdg ereiue. Ov. M. 13, 7«). PHR. SlmsBthias heros, pfi«r 

idls, Tdls. A ehori dartorttrrow.^TMlis tiini actidit Ulis. Virg. ^n. 7, 730. 
icSnitum, or «n, i. A poisonout herb grewing among rockt. (Gr. Axo»«f.) 

.... ScytMeit dcSniton db orit. Ov. M. 7, 407. ^eo m^UgrotfaUunt dednltd 

Vfgentet. Virg. G. 2, 152. 
itquieaco, evi. To repote.^Dhid»rat6que aeqiHetdimut teete. CatuU. 31, 10. 

8YN. QuTcsco: acciimbo,innit5r. 
acquiro, slvi, aitiim. To gain, obtain. .... Viretque.acquir-it ifundo.yirg. JEru 

4, 175. SYN. AdlpIsdJr, ass«qu5r, compSro, c6ns5qu8r, inv«mo,_ obfln^o, 
Acriigas, antls. A mountain and iown of SieUy.^Arduut inde Acragae osteniai 

m&Omd lenge. Virg. ^n. 3, 703. ^ 

Acri»Itls,«r«iiA«r ArcSsttis. SonofJupUerandfaiherofLaefiee.'-'mm mihl 

L&trae patfr Isi. AerUX^it l«f. Ov. M. 13, 144. j^r^:^^ 

AerSwf 'dkiei qf Argoty son of Abas, and father qf Danae ^AcrU.ue 


Jt>p^ ^ mmOlH» arcSU MU. Ov. M. 4. fiOR. SYN.KScbides. 

PHR. DSn&es i^tSr. FenSI SirQa. 
Acrislonelay Idu. 7*A« paironjfmie o/ Ihmae as danghter qf ^^ermus^^^mAoH^KS- 

neit D&imeJundSngeSamM. Virg. vEn. 7,410. SYN. mu&e. 
Acnsloneut. Of Acrisim.^jier^Toneds Pr£tus potaidinU arcee* Ov. M. 5^ 


AcriiilnSXdet. TV^ paironymw qf Peneue aa grandam qf Aeritiu$,^Jcrie§o~ 

tOddeM, adiifitqttg %n peetue. Ov. M. 5, 70. 
icrltlr. Keenly. JeriiSr injato aeneuy apuretBquX graoesquif, Lucr. G^ 782. 

8YN. yShement&; (ortiter, &iiimdte. PUR. IntfntS Smmd^ intcntas 

AcrSoSrauniS, firom, or AcrSoSrftunil. Mountaine eeparating Epinu /nu m 

MaeedoniOy whote base projeeting into the sea/ormed the promontory Aero^ 

ceraumumj a dangerous ooast/or ships. — Ha tllfi sJnt SyrteSf hme Jcrocg^ 

rauriid vita, Ov. Rem. Am. 739. tn/cmesseopufos JeroeSrauiiia, ilor Od. 

1, 3, 20. See Cmronto. 
Aci^nnth&s. A mountain on ihe isthmus o/ CoritUhy at the/oot o/whieh tkm 

eitg qf Corinth is buiiL — Qua summas toUii eSput JerocSrinthus tn aHria^ 

Scat. Theb. 7, 106. EPITH. AltS, ceUS, lacri. V£R& Alterua g&iUDum 

m&rJS prot^t umbriu 
AcrSii) ontls. A king ^fthe Caninenses^ slain bg Romulus e/ter the rape iff 

the Sabine women, — ^erof» HereulSHis Csnutid duetSr db dreJL Propert. 4, 

AcrStS. A son qf Tiberinusy ieing qfAlbuy broiher and suceessor o/ Jtomtdua, 

^De quo RgfmUusquS /&r6*qug JeriUd eiini gMR, Ov. M. 14, GIG. 8VN. 

ictS, m, The sea-sherc^Ji pnSeiil in sola seeretm TroadSs actS, Virg. ^n. 

5, 613. SVN. Ldt&B, oriL See Litus. 
act&, driim. Expl€its.^IUi tleet pdtrfis Hng/inM superSldt actis. Ov. Ep. 8, 43b 

SVN. OestS, orum, ret gestic, actidnes, actua. EPITH. Tndy tS, llKistrOL 
ActiDon, Siui. The son o/ ArisUeus and Aulonoe the daughter o/ Cadmues 

having seen Diana baihing, he was bg her ehanged iuto a siag, and destroged 

bg his own hounds. — Eiy viiut absenlim. eertatim Jetaona eliimant, Ov. M. 

3,244. SVN. Cadminepos. Nat&s Anstasi. Fin&s AutdiiS^s. EPITH. 

C^dmel&s, corntgSr, venatdry silvan&s, vSg&s, veluz, dHjfr. VERS. Actcdn 

cEnSbus praedi fit ipsS sfiis. VidSr&t Actaon nudam slnS vext^ Diuiiain. 

Mfildssi D112c2rant falsa dSminum sub imiigTnS cervi. Actaeon 2fgo sum 

ddmlnum cognosdt^ vestrum. 
Actnua. Athenian.^Nie viKii Jetads SiihSn^s undd ratvs. Ov. Kp. 2, 6L 

SVN. Atticus. VERS. SepSriU ASnlos Actasis Phocts &b arvTs. Actsds 

inter ooUvs ct candTd& Thesea. 
ictto, onis. An aeiiony operation, SYS, Fftctum, actus, us. Opua, Sns: 

ausus, us, ausiim, i, l&bdr; actS, orum, gestH, oriiin. 
Actuun, Ti. A promontorg and eitg qf Epirusy at the mouih qf ihe Ambraeian 

Gul/y celebrated /or ihe naval victorg gained bg Augustus over M, Aniong 

/7. C. 31. Ae^m was aiso remarkable /or a tempie qf Apotlo, — JeCki 

lulmm pSlugus mSnXmenta eSrinm, Prop. 4, 6, 17. PHR. Actiudim culmSn, 

Act»dl ntdii, ActOksi drae, Actm litSriL VERS. ArtTSqiie TliIcTs celS. 

bramus Etdrft ludis. JefideS qutS nuTW siib JpdltlnS notd, Ov. AI. 13, 71& 
actJSr, ons. A plager, — Jetoris pdrtcs chSruSy off^diiimqui vWH, llor. A. P« 

193. SVN. PersonS. See Ilistrio. 
Actdrldes, sbl The paironymic o/ Vatroelus /rom his grand/ather Acior,^ 

QuS/a-ii JdSridi eum mdgno sempir JehiUS. Ov, Tr. 1, 9, 29. 
ictiis. Conductedy driven ; sl\aOy doney Jinished ; tXaOy tosiy agiiated. — Errdbant 

dca /tttis maria omri^eireum, Virg. iEn. 1, 36. SVN. Hctus, cfFectua; 

ductus, puls&s, impiilsQs, ciSctus; XgTtat&a, odmmot&s; ezact&s, transntrtua. 

VERS. Vcnto huc, vastis et fluctibus, aai. Acti fttrdrS grSvi. MfliSr 

pars acii diei est. PrSdSgiis icti colestib&s. AcdSlrant p&ntcr acta tea- 

tnSSaSi Volsci. Magxus Ithid dam5iTb&a ict&s. 
iet&s, Vi%, Anactor dim eie t^ q/apSeig; alao, a deedy aetion. — XerS nHnoTy wm 

jt/ qtidntoprWetiSrietu, Hor. A. P. 189. S^ ActvQy Act^y ornm Factwn. 

A C T A D A 13 

ftctatum. Fortfaeith.^THtm omtifra reddft AeHtium |>Xw# /Etmu, Virg. JEn, 
9, 2dS. SVN. Cdiifestim, x^pent^ (Cto, protln&s, eztcmpld^ ountinuu, 

lcul&tus. Hmaing a »ting or vrieklei,<^JfeuBat3 tuni, Mmum fSdlcStiL 

Plaut. Bacch. I» 1, 29. PHIL AculCui, stlm&lis plcnfis, tpiiiit atp£rj 

ScumtnatQs, Scutfii. 
icullRia. A liing or priekle,'~Jamdudiim UBf mifiim pMus piinj^i SeulSus, 

PUut. Trin. 4, 2, ]d& SVN. Stimulut, splul. £PITH. Subtins, tinuls, 

usfir, See SHmtUuMy Spina, 
%eomlJky iiik. A point or tip, — DdtHeum \n obecurum eotiS conduxV SeumZn, 

Lucr. 4, 432. £P1TH. TSnu;, summum. 
XGumSn. Sharpness, shrewdness Quis prlscum Jttiid mlrftiir aeiimHn Britti 

tuum, JuT. 4, 102. SVN. Ing^nTum, sollertiS. £PITH. Argutum, luU 

tne, sSgax, acrf. V£RS. Argutc p^n^tnit qu5 meutls &cum{n. See 

Ingemmm^ Saies. 
Sciio, ts, SciU| Scutum. To whet, sharpen /i» me acnl scHUfrStos certiitls 

intes, Ot. M. 15, 776. SVN. £z«c&a Metaph, To incite^ provoke. 

SVN. £x«*!to, aocendo^ &iiImo, tmpella PHR. SubKgerS Tn a>t£, saxu 

exaspj^raW^ &cTem cM nSvarE. V£RS. ExXciiunt UTi vallus, furvusqu^ 

bToomes. DentcsqiiS SibeUicSs cxicGit sus. Dentes ftcQit tTnieiidOa. 

Cote ScuSt telum. Postquiim visS sStis primos Sc&isii^ furores. QiiAm 

Juno bls Sdut verbis. Discurrunt magnisque ScQunt stridorTbus iriis. 

Curls ScSens mortiinS cordS. VSriisque ScQunt rumoribfis Irns. Acuunt* 

quS mStum mortalTbiis SBgris. Auditisqujf Ifip^ Scuiint bolatTbus ngiii. 
ficfij, dris. CAo^^SVN. PSia, stTpiilS. £PITH. Tifn&^, siccfim, Vivi, 
ftcQs, tis. A needley a bodkin,^Seu pinffebat aeu^ sdres a Pattddi doctam, 

Ov, M. 6, 23. £PITH. SubtUTs, t^nuTs, crinal^ mordax, mulTebri». 

V£RS. nn multTpGces criiiis vSriatur Tn orbes, IdSlta dlvis&s Scu. Pingi^rC 

ScG chlSmydem. SSmirSmTa qusi vSrTiiiit&r Scii. 
Iciitus. Shearp-^dgedj pointed, — FrdnttibHs kirsiiiis et earidS pHstus Scuta, 

Virg. O. 3, 321. Afetaph, Quiekf clever; alio^ intense, piercitig. SVN. 

Sollcrs, sSflax licSr, argCit&s. V£RS. T2r Sciitum siistulit cuseni. Aciita 

cuspTdl oontot. Aldtii 8|»rtanus Sditd MTUS cSvct lapias clrciim cSvS ti-ni. 

pSrS mdrtcs. Ciim s^mSl acccpit solera furTbund&s Scutum. G JfluquS Flii. 

mtnS odnsttt^rint Scuto. 
&d. 7*0, a/, towards, — Httic aliii sHb riiplf canet frofidiitSr Sd auras, Virg. £cl. 

I, C7« SVN. In wOh t/te accusaiivey voryQs. 
SdactSs. Forcedf urged. — 7J/Ta tTicta dabat: sed v7rV*us ensls Sdactiis 

Vii]g. ^n. 9, 41. SVN. Actus, oiiact&s, impiilB&s. 
Sdaestuo^ is. To overflowy io boU ocer,-^Squamlsque itictstis SdastiiSt iimtCih, 

StaL Theb. 5, dl?. See Mstuo, 
SdSgiiim. A trite saying, See Proverbium, 
Adam or Adam&s. Tfiejirst created man; see the begintnng o/ the lipok q/ 

Genesii, £PITH. Infellx, rSus, mTstT, impriidcns, crcdulus, tcrrigeufi, 

Tncafit&s. PHR. Primoiv&s pStSr, Prunus orbTs lucolS, Iirunanil' gcntis 

SdSmaiiteus, or SdSmantTnus. Qf adamani,—£cce SdSmatUcls Vulcatwm 

niflbus ej/lani. Ov. Al. 7, 104. AdSmSnfind sajtS, Liicr. 2, 447. SVN. 

Diit&s, firm&s, sdlTdus, Infracttis, pcrmancns. 
SdSmas, antTs. The diattutrul; atid metaph, JUrmness^ immobUitp, — SoltddnuS 

adamantS eoliimna. Virg. JEn. 6, 5C2. £PITH. Dur&^ infrjctus, splcn- 

dens, c5riisciis, liicTd&s, inodrriipt&s, prStTosus, mTcuiis. Indicus, Indus, 

eous, i^dHns, dives. PHR. Claro iiTtdrS mTcuns. Fulgor adSinriutTnus. 

DiirTtTe ISpTs Invictus. Flammls ferrdquS Invictus. V£RS. Posics SdS- 

mantS mdverS. Non exocatS stant SdSmant^ vTe. Duro ncc Snim cx 

SdSmaiitJS cr&tt. NII SdSo vSndOm est, SdSmas HcSt aUTgCt Ulud, Ot 

mSnBt rSpTdo finnTiis IgnS J5vTs. 
SdSmo, as. To love violentlg.-^Stultus JtehiUBs non SdSmassSt Hquos, Ov. Tr- 

3, 4, 2& See Amo. 
SdSp^rTo^ rit, rfil, ertiim. To throw open, Sce Aperio, . . 

IdSpcrtfit. Throum open,^AdSpertSqu3 jattiiS /f«^miO0\gLfir. 14, 740. 

14 A D A A D H 

8YN. ApcrtiSs, r&^iitiU, reclusfis, pktiSfact&s, i.Iteiia. V£R8. Idlpeiw 

tSqiiS rcUS OWl 15qul crcdiu. 
JUIpertilts. 7Aa/ moy &« opened.^LSira hoc idapgrilii teuri^ O^. Tr. 3, 

11, 4& 
Xdaugesoou To he inereoMed* — Nam ngque adavgiteU qUidquSm, Lncr. 2, 2SI6L 

S\ N. AugSdry SdSlesco, cresoo, impIifioiSr. PHR. AJajdr, impliSr fio. 
Uauaiis. Efaatged,^Nee ereeegre adaueia. Lacr. 3, 664. SVN. AilcCu^ 

adbibo, Ta. To drink niacA.— Quando SdBibgro, SUSdTabo. Plaiit. Sdcli. 9, 2, 58 s 

or metaph. as — Nune SdBiba pvro PectSri verba puSr. Hor. Ep. 1, 8, 67« 

SVN. m\*o, imbibow See Bibo. 
iddcnsSo, es; addenso, as. To thieken, erowd. — Jixireud Sddeneent adHs: siec 

iurba moocrf. Virg. JEn. 10, 432. SYN. Denso, stipo^ eSnstipo. PHR 

Densum HUno^ reddo. 
addiGO^ is, », ctum. Tomake over, eurrender. — QuSdJaeiSi9 erSdeR tfimSddU 

cSrgdmoret. Ov. M. 1, 617. SYN. Dedo^ submttto^ triido; attrEfatta 
addtxco^ addfdict. To learn in adeSiion.^£i tfulddSm vlta eti Sddlttieiue novL 

Ov. Am. 2, 5, 67. See Ditco. 
addo,addld!, additum. To add Addid^7i tSdfSmy non tnfifiori tieStiiem 

Yirg. JEn, 0, 170. SVN. Adjungo, adhibSo^ annecto, juugo^ appono, id* 

idddc^o, cs. To ieach in addition.~^Jdd8cifi Srtet. Ilor. Ep. 1, 5, IS. See 

addltus. j1dded.^CrvrS gSrtt: eaiidaest muialit Sdd^ta membrlt. Ov. BI. 5, 

45G. SYN. AdjunctQs, junctus, innexus, adjectus. Also, Given to, 60- 

ttowed on.^Mox eifrumentU ISbSr add^tut. Yirg. G. 1, 150. 
addiibito, is. To doubi Nicne iSt, Sddubitet Hor. S. 1, 4, 125. Sc« 

adduco^ XI, ctum. 7*0 conduet^ fetch Qnim pottquam SddftctrS jntta etf 

Ov. M. 10, 441. Also^ To draw^ ttreteh Jddiieid eSnttint Srcu, 

Virg. ^n. 5, 607« Also, 7*o eoniraetj thrivei.^-^Onuifbue Scta aiit uiitSroe 

Sdduxirat Srtiie. Virg. O. 1, 483. SYN. Diico, deduco, iffero; Tcndo^ 

Intendo, oontcnda VERS. Dextris adduo5r fitSrS rums. Jam nox id- 

duxSrSt umbras. VidSrilit adducto flectcntem comu& nerTo. CtquS vSl&t 

moles adductS ooncitS ncrvo. AdducitquS cutem mSdes. 
Sd^do, &dcdT, Sdcsum. To eai up, contume.-^NSm tapgfavot IffTwtSt Sdedii • 

Virg. O. 4, 242. SVN. £x2do, p&ifdo, rodo, irrodo^ oonsumo» vSro. See 

Xdco, 18, Xdi 1, Sditiun. To go to," QtHn adSSe vStem, prifdibiitque oraeiHa potcSs, 

Virg. ^n. 3, 456. SYN. Siibfo, viso, inviso, aocedo. 
SdSa Soy to eueh a degree.^NSn obtuta adio gcttSmut pcdora PtML 

Virg. Mn. 1, 6G7. SYN. Tam, TtS. PHR. OsquS So, Tn tantum. 

VERS. Nec sum SdlSo infonnls. Teque Sdeo dt$c&s h^ a^vl te oSnsfii* 

Tnibtt. Hinc SdSo midiS est nobis vTS. 
Tid^ps, Tpts. FaL See Pinguedo. 
Sdesdum. Come hither.^Sotid adetdum. Ter. And. l^ 1, 1. SYN. Adsls. 

SdosQs, B, um. Corroded.^£t potfibut hatVSdisU. Virg. ^n. 9, 537. See Adedik 
idfringo^ cgi. To break or dath againtt, — Du¥it Sdfringunt pottlbut unguee. 

Stat. Theb. 10, 47. 
idgSmo^ iii. To groan aL^AdgimV Jkadit, IlamoriiStqui puir. Ov. Fast» 

6, 400. SYN. OSmo, condSlco. V£RS. Flent moesti retro odmitcs, H 

iiterquS ISquend Adglnut. Adgi^mTt et nostris ipsS dLrinS mSlis. 
adharSo^ SdhKsl. To ttiek dote io, eling to.^Sivi gravU iaiirJ crStirS iiwnU 

SdhSt-iL Hor. Sat. 2, 4, 80. 8YN. HsrSo, adjungSr, Sdhieresoa laTigSr. 

PHR. Aflrixiis mSn&>, Sdharens st5, ircte insTdeo. VERS. Spinif&iiB 

suUer CHudim Fistricb Sdhaxtt. Non irritS ciispis Sdlueslt. 
SdhYbCo, 81, Itiim. To adopt, admit, reeeioe.^HSe eSttrU odKtU tiUtSe^ it 

fitdM jSngg. Virg. Mn. 8, 56. SVN. AdjHo, idjungo, iddo^ SdvSoo, 

idimtto riknpib; idm5v«o^ ippSno. VERS. Te voixA SdMb^ P^%U 

Dun: mcdlras SdhTberS xpSniis id riiliiM p^«r. 


SdlAu&B, n» M. n nelgh after.^Fem1mi eonOpUi elmfir &Mr«iai ifiA. 

Or. Art. Am. 1, 280. 6YN. Hlnnio^ hinmtmn riddii» 
Sd]iort&'. ToedtarL See Hortor. 

kdhue. TkuB /nr, « 9€l; tfiA N^fqtte SJkw eruSinbO$ SeeUSi vmbrts, 

Virg. iSn. 1, 547- Oro <! ^r$ Sdhiie prtfeWus iSeuM. Viig. Mn. 4, 319. 
SVN. Hact^uiis; Stwmnikm, Ccttm nunc.' 
idjftcSo, GL Tolienem /D..SVN. AdhsrjTo, idjungor. PUR. Juxta jXc^^ 
lum TOinua, pr0pinqufis,prdzYmus. See Jaeeo vtdntic 

idjecsfis» us. ^ji approaek. £i noelroe adjeetu Idnggri iSeiue. Lucr. 1« 

IdlgOy egiy actum. Todrive, ihrust; alao^ To/oree, eompel. — Vel palifr omriU 
pSitne «utlffoi me /ulmfni ad iimbras. Vxrg. JRtu 4, 25. BrTffiidm tn 
egrgrem penuria adifHi SdendU Virg. JRn. 7> 114. SVN. CoiijkH un. 
nuttos oogo, campello, impeUo. VERS. Quis Dj^Ss Itftnim qtia vus clc- 
mentia Sdeg^t. Sicplus occurrcns hiec limTnX tendSre kdi-glt. 

idjicus idjeci, adjectum. To add to, appiy to AdJUHam ;fSeMmqve omuee 

thw arif UUinoe. Virg. JRn. 12, 827. SVN. Addo^ adjungo, iippdno. 
SMimo, &denii, Uemptum. To fake away. — Haiid Impime/ira; dtihnam tUH 
mempg /^f^rdm, Ov. BI. 2, 474. SYN. ErTpin^ aitllro^ cMlo, aubtrXho^ 
abHpio. V£RS. ArmX J5v1s f&giens, et regnis ezfil Xdemptls. Cui 
liun^n Xdemptum. 
XdTpotlia. Swollen.^Ltvidd mdtimd /ervini ddlpdta vinino. Juv. G, 630. 
XdTpiaoory SHs, Xdept&s sum. To obtainj aequire. — Hdne dd^piteiinidr eiredm^ 
prmiirquB firdntiir, Lucr. 5, 633. SVN. Ac<^uiro, cOnslqudr, cumpSnk 
V£R8. A d&c{ Tarpcio mons eat cSgnomXn Sdeptus. 
XdTtiia, iis. An approaeh, enlranee, aeces»,^Tnniimirii§que ddltH», it mtlU 
/armn-Sna tielis. Ov. 31. 12, 44. SVN. AccC-ssTo, Tngrcssns. VERS. QuA 
iiSqu^ sTt ventTs XdTtus. S61X vln mollcs XdTtus ct tempdrX norSs. Niinc 
hos, niincTllds XditiiSy omnemquS pSrerrXt Artl ISdim. 
ad jiidTco;, as. To assiffn, awanii — £t ndnOy sl tpHd dbisty ItiUls ddjudicSt drmJs, 

Hor. Ep. 1, 18, 67. SYN. AttrTb&o, addicn. 
idjiimentiim. Assistanee. — Hae quoqui ris ddjuminio, mdiitqui jiiodiiir, 
I^ucr. 6, 1021. 8YN. AOzTItiim, siibsTdTiim, priesTdTuiii. 

adjiingo^ zT, ctixm. ToJoin,annejp,«nite Olmlsqueddfinffirivilfy.Virg.O. 

1, 2. SYN. Addo, oonjiingo; alligo, annccto. V£RS. HXbTIi tauros iid. 
jiingit Xratrd. Tignb&s iidjiinctTs aiirlX lorX dXbXt. 
adjitro, as. To swear soiemnfy ; also^ to conjttre, implore,^Prbmislt patifr hdne ; 
hae dfffitrdvli Smdnii. Ov. Ep. 20, 169. Jdjdro StjgTh edpiit fmpldedlifli 
/dniU. Virg. ^n. 12, 816. SVN. Juro; obtestdr, Tnvdco. PHR 8iip)»lcx 
oro, vShSmintlr rSgo. 

adjiitfir, dns. An ttssisttmiy ts6ettor Mdgntun dt^jutdrim, pdssH tpa /erri 

sicitndds. Hor. S. 1, 9, 46. SVN. AuxTIiatSr, faiitiSr, sSci&s. 
idjuvo, idjiirT, idjGtiim. 7*o ttssisi, sucoour.-^AdJiivit, H prSsins \nffinfih*is 
dnnHdt aQsU. Ov. M. 7> 178. SVN. JQvo^ aiixTITdr, siibvbilo. PHR. 
Opem, aiixTITiim fero, idjutdr sCim, f io. 
Admctus. A king ^/ Thessaly, son o/ Pheres and Clymene. Apollo is said li» 
have tendedhis/toeks/or nineyears, when banished /rom heaven; and to 
have obiained/rom the Fates, that Admetus shottld never die, if tmother person 
laid down his U/e/or him, which his wi/e Alccste eheerftdly did. — Cerriis iit 
iJmiCi edntitur, it Hictdrls ujpor. Ov. Tr. 5, 14, 3?. SYN. PhSrCtTfidcs 
EPITH. TbessXIus, iEm«nTfis. 
RdmirabTITs. Atimirttble; wonder/uL^-^HvJds Ht dsjilc9reni opiis dtimtrSbTli^ 

sapi. Ov. M. 6, 14. SYN. BfirabTlTs, mTrandfis, mTrfis; Btupeiidus. 

idmiratTo, diiTs. Wonder.^BTytor ddmSrdCiS sitmmU. Juv. 6, 645. 
adniirdr. 7*o wonder tti; also, to look tU wit^ admirationy to appreciate.'^ 
Tn/efiusquX sHU /rdtemds dirrirg LiinS Admlratvr fquos. Ov. M. 2, 2U8. 
Jl/i opiJriim' eiist5s ; illum tidmtraninr^ H bmnis. Virg. O. 4,215. 8YN. 
MTrar, demTrBr, stfipco, obstfipgo; siispTda PBR. AdmTrans spicto, 
magm istTmo. VERS. Hbc diim DirdXnlo -*?«» J™»1}**^'*J«;5'« 
Dfim rtlipgt, 6btutfique h«ret deRxtts In ^ Mmittm^k tlbl l^viam 
n 6ciae1i*X rSrHm ,< . . ' 

16 A D M A D O 

idmtMdSa, cSi, stum, mr ztnni. To mur togethtTy to Uend wiOu-^Prodgniit 
/iriwtim galim admSoeeri mjnrinu Virg. G. 4, 267* S VN. Mtsdfo, comima» 
cSo, tinm]M0o. 

idimttp) in, issum. To reeelioe^ mamit; aliiO) lo oend enwtt^ qipe a loooe te — 
BMleaU nibulatj nee tol adnuifiiSr tn/ra, Or. M. 13» AKt. 8VN. £^ 
dpio, luicipTo» indttco; imniltta^ committo. VERS. Confpstim lUcrea 
admittlSr oiant. Per cuUa admissl j&basquS V^vitur. 

idmdnfo, ui, itum. To remindy tcarn, adviae; also^ io inciie, Mtimtdmie^ — 
AdmSnii^ ei magna ieetaiur voog pir umbras. Virjif. ^ii. 1«, 619. Pend3f$te 
In verbird teto Jdmonnlt b^jugde. Virg. JBn. 10, 68(;. SVN. M5ii£o» 
pneapTc^ hortdr; mando, j&bio; tncito. 

admdnTtiis, us. Wamingj adoice.—Mcne /tig1t MmSiM^fTlguMquipSrwmbuiai 
ariHs. Ov. £p. 9, 135. SVN. Aldnitum, hurtatus» pneceptum. 

admdFJk)» ovi, otiim. To bring near io, apjdg — Jdmooi jiigulo teSa paiemi 
iSo. Uv. £p. 14, 48. SVN. AppHco, iippono, SdhTb^». VERS. Oscu. 
lique admSvfiim, si nll conceditiir ultra. Admotu» fiigTt &b ara TaiirQs. 
nil sTbi admotis a yirginS corripTt esciis. 

idmugTo^ is, TL 7*o Imo for.^Mdltibiit i» praCt ddmftgU fMnd iauro. 
Ov. A. Am. 1, 279- SVN. MiigTo^ miigTtiim riddo. 

fdnixQs. Siriving, exerHng; also» Iseaning agmnti, — IntorquettikmmUatlnSxmo 
wrVnlt hSttdm. Virg. Mn. 9, 744. Jdfuxd edKtmnm hdtid. Ib. 12, 92. 
See Innilor. 

idno. To twim io..^Hiio paSa oetitU adrtdvimSt «rfs. Virg. JEn. 1, 542. See 

adniibTlo, as. To obtcwey overeati Invldiij et viPt adnSHfldi aSrd tieSmlUm 

Stet. S. 5, 1, 149. SVN. ObsciirSr. PHR. NubTl>us, niib« t^gSr, 

Id5l2o, evi. 7*0 bum at a taer\fiee.^ Sp imiriij et nuilot dtU ddolerii honorea^ 
Ov. Fast. I, 276. SVN. CrSmo^ iiro, combiiro,inccndo. PHR. Siibjectia 
OrSrS flammls, TiigSWfHf fScts, Tn tgnem mitt2Wf, TgnS oonsiimlrl, sacris dlHF 
fliimmTs. V£RS. Vvrbenasque idole pTngucs, et masculi thuri. Jitnoai 
Argiv» jiissds SdSleniiii hdnorcs. Castis idSIet dum altarTi tsdis. ViscerS 
qui Uiiri fliimtnif Sddlendi djfdisa^t. AdSlentque altiirii d5nTs. 

iddlesccns. A youth patt the agc qf boghood; a yoting woman. — Optima adS^ 
letcenR fddre injurldm. Ter. And. 3, 2, 8. SVN. Piiblr, fphebus ; ju- 
vlnTs; piielli. EPITH. Aiidax, fervcns, fcrvTdus, TmpivTdus; ilicris, 
TngSnTosiis, gJfnSrCsiis ; l^vTs, Tnoonstiins, vigus; effroenatiis, Tnd5cTItiB, im- 
pnidens, Tncafitus, prudTgus. PHR. VTgeiis prtmsvd florS juventa. Primi 
cuT florSt temu5ris etas. Prima sparsus liiiiiigTiiS miilas. Vigens jQvSiu. 
nbiis anniB. InsTgnTs fluri jiivcntai. Prima aivi part5 vTrens. PrimK lanii. 
gTiiTs annis. TSnirts Tu annis. Agens jam trii liistri pu&. Tlnint 
veraans jiiciindo dori jQventas. CuT niilla tinin sordent llLnugTnl vultiis. 
Forma TnsignTs vTridiqu5 jiivcnta. Or& piiUfr prima ugnans intdiisi jiiventiL 
See Juvenity Adoleteo. 

IdSlescentBL Youth. See Juventutj Adoleteo. 

ld5le8CO, id51evT, idiiltam. 7*o grow vp, inereate.^Je dum prlmd novU 3dS» 
letcli frondikS^ wtdt. Virg. 6. 2, 363. SVN. Aug55r, cnfsco. VERS. 
Ter senos id51evSrit annus. Ciim matiira id51ev£rit etiis. At postquiim 
virtiis annis id5levTt, Tn apros Aiid2t. Crescend5 jiingi, pariterque id5- 
Icsc5r5 ceniit. Also, To bum at a taerifiee. — PanehaU ddoleteSnt i,^iil6tts 
^ra. Virg. O. 4, 379. See Adoleo. 

IddiiTs, Tdis. The ton qf Cingraty king qf Cgprut; he wat beloved bg refou 
on aceouni qfhit bemitg, tmd being kiiled bg a boar, whUtt huniing^ wat bg 
her ehanged into thejlower eaUed anemone. — £t formotut ovet dd Jlumhui 
pdvli JddnU. Virg. £cl. 10, 1& £PITH. Formosiis, pidchSr, vinustus, 
eandTdiis; Tenat5r, sigtttTftr, phirecmiis. PHR. Myrrh» filiits, natiis; 
hCros, jiivenTs CTnfreTiis : VfnSris dencue, curi ; Vinln ploratiis. V£RS. 
Curi dto, silvis aptiis AdonTs irit. AbstTnSt ct cael5; coelo praclertQr 

Id5p{ri5, 18, ifi, pertum. 7*e eover,^m.PurpSrild vBari eSewit ddSpiriut 8mX9tik 
Vtrg. ^n. 3, 405. 8VN. OpSrio, tigo, vclo» 5bt^ 


Sdoptiviii. Takai bf aJoptum; etigrafled, — Eifil udopHva noCfHiaii HiiU^ 

Or. Fut. 4, 23. FUsaque adopiivas ae^pfi arbSr opes. Or. de Aled. (*• 
Idopto^ is. To chooeey attumej take, — Beilum irat; HeirvMcae Tumue adopidi 

9peu Ov. Fut. 4, 880. SVN. Opto, eligo; assumo. 
Sddr^ Sris. A jins wri of wheaiy uted in tacr\fice$*^£etSi ador tStiumqui^ 
ddpit menora rilinquent. Hor. Sat. 2, 6^ 69. SVN. Far, tritldim. 
£PITH. Lectum, sclectum, purum. 
alUioH^ e. An allowanee of com ffiven to toUiert ajter a metorffi hettce ii it 
usedfor meiory iitetf — Qui prlmiit dlmd rlttt adorSd, Hor. Od. 4, 4, 39. 

Sdoreus. Made qf wheai. £t addrSd tibd pifr hcrbdm. Virg.iEn. 7* 109. 

ikdurior, jSris, or iris, ortum. To atiempty begin, — Jtl domfndm Ditlt IhJidmd 

dedudre ddorR. Virg. i£n. 6, 397> PH R. Aggrfdidr, &durd'iur, incipia. 
Sdorno, as. To omameni^ embellith ; to prepare, 8ee OmOy Faro, 

&ddrQ, is. To worship, revere; to pray^ pray to,^Juniinit mdgnm primum 
prieS numen dddrd. Virg. iEn. 5, 437* Ndn te per mihritumy quofiidm mdii 
eesfit^ adoro. Ov. Kp. 10, 141. SVN. C«ll<s vSnMr; Oro, rtJgo^ p^to» 
prScor. PIJR. Dlvinus persoIvSrS honurcs. Divind hSnurC dtgiiarL 
Supplex drar& ThuriS crimato, pScSHS votivd c5l2r& Cum ^rlSt pU 
chur& dir& SoUcnni& votl reddSrd. PredbDs, votisqiil v8car& VEKS. 
Hic vot» numCn idorit. £t quuquam numen Juiionis 2dur2t, PrBt^rea, aut 
■upplez iris tmpon&t hSnorem ? Niimen iduhindum pdlligi cst. Corycidiis 
N^mphas et numinS mdntu Sdomnt. Ire, 2t &duriitis vellet disci*d£H$ 
Nfmphifl. IgnotosquS DSds ignoti Cdrmuie Sddrit. Vdlens vfis Tiirnus 
Xddra. Al&neat sic semplr, ftdoro. 

Idorat&s. Worthipped — jirdct ddordtum pSptild eiipuL Juv. 10, 62. See Adoro, 

Sdora^o^ onis. Worthip, reverence. See Culiut, 

adposco, is. To atk eamettly Si piut ddpdtcerg vitvt. Hor. Ep. 2, 2, 100 

adradu, ts, si, sum. To thave, terape. — JdrdtHm quenddm vdeiid tdntdrlt tn 
unUm, Hor. £p. I, 7» 60. 

Adrasti&. Daughier of JupMer and Necettity; aho called Xemetit.^jl 
sdlXre Infdndd qudd nee slnlt AdrdsCia. Virg. Cir. 239. See Nemesis. 

Adrastus, i. Son qf Taiaus and Eurynome, aiui king of Argos ; he teas futherm 
inJaw qf Tydeus and Poiynices, boih cf whom were slain in the urar againsi 
Thebes. Uefirst eonsecraied a temple to Nemesis, urhetwe she was called 
AdnuHa. — PdrthSnoptsHs H AdrdsR pnltetWis fmdgd. Virg. /En. 0, 480. 
Dftetdrem belli, gihnilrumquS pStenPs Jdrdsn. Stat. EPITH. InfidiTQs, 
Achae&s, p«$tcns, |)ullens. PHR. Hcros Inftchtus, T&Iau s&tus. 

AdristJ^ idis. The paironymio of Argia, daughter of Adrastus. — Antlgvtktnj 
vldHdmqug Crgon Adrdstldd litd. Stat. Theb. 12, (»78. 

adrepo, ts, repsL 7*0 steal aqftly to; to insinuaie one^t-self. Adrepe dJTicidsiis, 

vi ei seribarg sMndUs, Hor. Sat. 2, 5, 48. SVN. Rcpo, irrcpo, allTibdr, 

AdriS, m. The Adriatic Sea Tyrrheniim: sonSi lonfd vugiit A ir\d 

pdntd, liiic. G, G14. Ndn Sgd nurw Afdrta vSrSdr murS ndtctrH tcefim, 
Prop. EPITII. Raucus, vSgus, tiimTdus, mlnilz, ventusiis, tiirbTdus, in« 
quietiis. PHR. AdriatTciim, Adriaciim m&r& Ventosi ttiniSr Adria!. 

AdriSciis, or AdriatTcus. Adriatic. — Rtidlt Adrtdci vchor aquorls tidtpSs, 
Prop. 3, 21, 17. Ei hde negdl mfndclt Adrldtlct, Catull. 4, G. 

idscTsco, Ts, ivt, Tttim. To receive, admii Gfnirdmque ddtcivcrV urU» 

Virg. iEn. 11,472. SVN. RScTpto, issiiro 0| adjiingo ; prubo,siinc!OyOun« 
stTttia VERS. Nec p^tit adscTtas luxiiridsS dSpes. 

sdsTbtlo^ is. To hitt ateay. — DomfnSt ddtibMdt drit, Stat. Theb. 5, 578. 

adsttris. Fianted near. — Sed vocdi vtqttg tudm, qud pdpuliit ddttHd cerftt 

Hor. £p. 2, 2, I70. PHR. Juxta sStiis, consTt&s, plantatiis. 

adsiim, Sd^ To be preteni; to astist. — fmprdvisiis dit, Cdrdm quem quarWs, 
ddsdm. Virg. iEn. 1, 690. QtTtsqilts is, dfdvSds, ttdstritquS Idbdribu» ddtls, 
Ov. M. 3, G13. SVN. Intersum, isto; auxTITdr, jiivo. PHR. Prwseris 
sum. Opem, arixTITum fSro. VERS. Hiic SdSs^ AI2ribae& AdsTs, 5, 
plSddiisquS jQves. £rg7 SdSrat promTssS dies. £ssS atiSqtie Tn f iitTs rS- 
mTnTscttiir i£f8rS tempito. PromtssTs tesiTs Sdest^^^Adaimiiif^ et portfa 
delifi intramus SmTofis. y^^^ ^ i 


idr Ao^ Ts, sxl, etQai. Ttf Imr, earry^BiUi, nShs uUiieit MfKU umdi \ 

Or. £p. 5, 90. SYN. VAms uiT&o, f^ 
idTclo, is. To veii, oaoer^lTiridique advtiat tempSri loML Virg. Mtu i^ 9UL 

8VN. Vclo^ dpiSno, tiSgo. 
idrj^nS, s. ^ tiranfferf /oreigner.^hle, aUj et nattrls aJlusMt adotnarfyu^ 

Virg. JEn. 4, 591. 8VN. P^regrmiis, externQs. VERS. Pendia tenvlni 

cum tot» advlnX Thebis. Atque 5p2 nesciS quis serviLltur adr€n^ steri. 

Quii petit equSrfits advinl Ttbris ILquis. 
idT^nMr, iria. To tBorehip^^-JOevHie puir adoingratus iuntik. Silius, 13^ 

idv^niOy advcni, adventum. To comej come to^ arrive, — ConsMtt SdviMemM 

iSred iimenqug f5resqui, Ov. M. 7» 23& Tyrlam qui adoenMs wrbem» 

Virg. ^n. 1, 392. 8VN. V€nio; iccedo, pervenio» devSnXo, idvciiui^ 

WSo, V£RS. Optatas sedes ndvils idvCnlt hospes. TicStis hiic pesnbus 

icti PervSniiint. Dcvenerg ISciim. Quin^iis, Hcctdr, ib oris ezpectiUS 

▼Snis ? Onde bos idvSnias regnd dejecti Ubdres. AdvenissS diimy q[ud 

debitS moenii cGndant. Hos siip^r idvenit V^ca de i^entS CimllUL 
idvento, is. To come on, arrive* — Adoentit ad urbem. Virg. JEn, 11,514. 
idventiis, iis. An approachy arrival — Phjltidis adventu nottns nimirs ommi 

ffirmt. Virg. Ed. 7, 59. SVN. Accessiis. 
idvcrbero> as. To strHce.-^iiraiis adverbirat iinguVfUS armos. Stmt. Theb. !IL 

idverro,is. Todashoffainst — Jdverrensqui nalanffu eSx3. Stat Theb. 4, 712* 
idveraantis. An opponent^^Adversariiis ist fratcr; Idciis, Adrldy donie,,:,, 

Hor. £p. 1, 18, 63. SVN. ^miiliis, advcrsQs, oppSsUus. See Hostis, 
idversJSr, aru. To oppose, resisL — Non adversatd pitinR AnniiV. Virg. iEa. 

4, 127. SVN. R£piigno, obslsto, rgluctSr. 
idversiis, i, iiin. Oppositey adverse.,~^fntir se advirsts lHctantur eort^hiis hmdfm 

Virg. O. 2, 52G. SVN. CdntrartiiM, uppiSsttiis; inmuciis, hostis. VERS. 

Niin ineer, quum (|iii advcrsn vix fliiminS Icmbiim Remijgiissiibtgtt. Splcn* 

didique adversus vcnabiilii condit 111 armus. 
idversus, idversiim. ^Againsi, towards, — Tsque ttlti tindintem adoirsSm pir 

gram^ina vldlt. Virg. ^n. 6, G84. 8VN. Cdntrn; in unth tlie aceusathfe, 
idverto, is, ti, sCmi. 7*o turn to or towards ; (o observe^ aitend, — Mt Ht id 

miirdsy uHnque advirtirit agmin. Virg. ^n. 12, 555.^ Cottfiiri poasU, 

pauelSy advirti, dSccbo. Virg. JEn. 4, 115. SVN. Con^ncrto; iaimndverta^ 

ittendo^ obscrro. 
idvigTlo> as. 7*o keep watch over.^Rigum odoigMdnCid somnls, Stat Thel»» 1, 

IdiiiutTo, oms. Ftattery, See AduloTy Blanditia, 
Sdulatdr, 5c^ AJUUterer. — CeseCts ddiildtor, dirHsque a pontif sdtitHs, Juv. 4, 

116. SVN. AssentitSr. EPITH. Mendax, fallax; blandus, 'klandilS. 

quiis, Ij^vls, mcllSili. PHR. Diilctbiis Tnstriictiis verbTs. ByssTni verbi 

I5qiicns. FallacT orS, siibdola nngfua, blandiens. Blandi ISquens. OmoQl 

dllaiidaiu verbis oompSsTtTs. Dina blandi vcri^ McintTs fallSrS verbu 

doctiis. V£RS. BI«siis idiilitor mcintd mtirm&riit orS. See Juv. Sat. 

SdiilSr, ins. To Jlatter, fawn upon. — Agmin ddiiidntum midid procedit ab 

auid. Ov. Met. 14, 46. S VN. BlaiidTSr, isscntJSr. PHR. Blaudi ISquu 

DTc^rS blindTtTHs. Orif meUTto fill^r^. Dirg blindi verbi. SiibdfiU 

verbi ISqiu, fundj$r& FlectSHT blindTtTTs. 
idultXr, Sri An adulterer, sedmcer, — Obrtitiis hudnJs essit ddditir dquSs, 

Ov. Ep. 1, 6. SVN. Moechlis. EPITH. TtirpTs, noctumiis, secret&a, 

dccultiis, loscTviis, tmpuriis, dSIdsiis. PHR. ThikmT sddlaliS fcedSri riim. 

pens. Aiisus thilimos vTSIaH! jiigBles. ConciibTtii poUiitiis idiiltSr. 

NuptTs, nuptTriim fidcm, 8ollTcTtar£, teiitariS ausiis. VERS. Ot veneWI 

tdriint cunjux tt idiilcdr Tn uuiim. Me dtioS DardinTos Spirtam expugnivit 

Idiilteri, tt. An aduitress. — Seirfect hoe Hniim ristdbdty ddiOtirdy diM Ov. M. 

2471. SVN. MochS. EPITH. TiirpTs, Tmpiiri, tmpTI. PUR. Cdajiix 

Tnf idi roirto. FldiH jiigafis 5bliti. 

ADV MX 19 

Moiarram. AAMery, — Qul^ i!b SdulOMm emO^ atOMig Srmi MA 
Virg. JRiL. G, 612. SVN. Staprimi. EPITU. SeCKtuin, nacturnum. 
iriFfandJnn, Imimriiiii. PHR. Fuitf tSr!. Furtum vSiiCrft. Furttvi 

SdultlFro, as ; or SdulcSr{(r, ar?8. To eommii miidUry; to /alsify, amnter/eit^ 
jfdrtiimtiir ei cKftmbS mnud. Hor. Epod. IG, 32. m artam fSc^Hm trmnu 
fdmOs adnUgrai arO, Ov. FasL 1, 37*1. SVN. MoechSr, stupro; oSrirumpo^ 
rerto, muto. PHR FaU^r^ jurS ton. ThSUmot vTSliire jrigfUcsi. Tf. 
mSrarS cubil& Vi<titum sdllicttiirS tSrum. Cunjugis faltcrjf fidem. Fur- 
tivae V5n^ri indiilger& Thfiliimi aHojm fccdis^ fKmglr^, vidlarg, tcmSrurl, 
fall2r& VERS. Arisut o^ hospltii tSmSrutis, advSnX, aacris, LcKUimam 
nuptae adlliciCarS fidcm? Non mStSis Vj<nSrGm UfmSriirS m&ritam, C;'tstriqul 
legitiml fillSr^ jurl tSri ? TurpTt^r illl vtrum oognovU idulier& vlrgo. 
Arcuno tu oonnubialii jui^ Vertis SdultSrYd. 

^doltiis. Grawn up Spcm gentts^ adnltot, Virg. O. 4, 1G2. See AdoieMeena. 

idumbisfinu FainUy, huiistinctljf. — Scd ^uSsi adumbraRm paulum slmulatd 
vuicntrtr, Liucr. 4, 3(5&. 

isduncus. Hookedf eurved Naso suspendU ddunoo. ilor. Sat 1, G« 5. 

SYN. CiirTuay lucurvjis. 

idvSeo^ ai. To edU^ caU to; to employ. — Clarddlcs; sSclos tn eeetrim ittSre dh 
omni AdoScai jEneS^ Virfr. /Eii. 5, 43. Desupgr Jlcidis tcHs prgtmti, 
omrOaque arma Jdoocat. Virg. Mru 8, 249. SVN. VSco, arccsso, oom- 
pcUo, as| adsdioo^ SdhvhSo. 

advolo^ ig. To ftg to Ado^at; haud aHa cst 7r7m7 v^nlinCfs tma^ 

Virg. ^n. 10, 456. SVN. V8Io; Fcstino, pr9p2ro, accurro. Sce 

advdlvo^ la^ advolvi, advSIutura. To roli totoards — AdvolocrS fucls tUmos, 
^tpiSmiS dgdirg. Virg. O. 3, 378. SVN. Volvo; adduco, trltho, atLrahOb 
PUR. Vdlvendo ducec& AUuib&s subvolv£r& 
^"ISt^ cs, Bi. To pursWy press uwnL^RcmlsMurgcns. Hor. Od. 1, 37, 18* 
SVN. Crg^ prSmo. PHR. PrSmendo, iirgcndo slquSr. 

Uiiro^ li, iissi, ilstiim. To hum^ scorch ; to pareh, dry up. — Sl eeliior, IgtHs 
ddurSL Ov. M. 8, 205. Aui BorSa pSnetram frlgua adural. Virg. O. 1, 
03. SVN. Oni, eziiro; sicco, cxsicco, indiiro. VERS. At blnS siicccssit, 
dip\6 qu5d Sdiirimiir igiu. Flebit 2t ardores viiicSt &diisUl mSos. Sic tlbl 
ncc virniim iiiiscenti& fngiis XdiirSt PomlL 
IdusquS. Even tOj as far as. — MSnglaus ddusquS eSlumnas, Virg. ^il 1 1, 

idytiim. The motl seeret and saeredpari qfa temple (Or. aSvrs»). — TdnhiisiJK 
ddjto dicOs Cummd Slfijlld. Vlrg. /En. G, 0& SVN. Temiiliim, sacriim, 
sSceUiun, plfnetral^ pSnetralil. EPITI). Sacriitum, sanctiim, venjtniiiilli 
lltcns, ocoiltiim; inclytum, aiigustum. VERS. ^tciniimque Sdj^tis cffert 
p2n£tralibij8 ignem. Secretoque &djft6 gaiident et coslibl tcctu. £x SdytS 
sortea atidirS prSfundo. CurtinSquS reddidlt ini5 ^iinc Sdjf (o vC>^em, pavS- 
HictSquS pectdrft movit. 
iEa. A huniress of Colchis, changed into an island to rescue herfrom the purm 
suii qfher lover, the river Phasis — Barbdrus Vn pdtrTts seotatur monCibus 
JEam Phdsis umorifurens. Val. Flacc. 6, 428. 

-Eiciia, L Son c/Jupiier and jEgina: he was king </ (he island of ^nopia, 
and qfsuch retunonfor his integritg, t/uU he was made one of the judges rf 
helif wiih Minas and BhadamarUhus, — Mdeus jEgtnam gihiltrlets wimlni 
di^L Ov. M. 7, 474. SVN. Judex, arbttJfr Ord. Asopiftdcs. EPITH. 
TartSrSiis, Stjrgitis, Averiialis, innfriis. JtistQs, vquus ; vifrcnduf , sSvcrus, 
mjftiiciidfis, vCnSrandus; immitis, diiriis. VERS^ Ornom TiirturSis ?nuv£t 
.£Sctia iimbris. Contmlio ad poinam jiistus vocSt iESciis iimbnim Ncc 
iiostriim seri ciinrarcnt ASSc5n iiiiiii. 

AScides, B. The patrongmie of the descendanUt qfMaeusy as AchiUes^ Pyrrhus^ 
ic^Ssnus iibi AUiMe ield jdcii Hcctor. Virg. ^En. 1, 09. ConJHgk 
MSe^dm Pyrrki, secpiroquS poftiiim. Virg. iEii. 3, 200. 

iVlcidcius. Pertaining to Ataeus. — MScVle\d regna. Ov. A(. y^^^-le 

il5a&, er ^ase. The isiand qf Circe, in the Tyrrhcnian Sea. o 

20 mJEV JF.GX: 

i&B&A. O/JS^tay MppGed to Circe vtd hm children — JEmeNfw tnmOS C^ma. 
VWg, JEu. 3, 38G. 

ifios, antts. A river qf EjArtUy riemg in M, PindtUy and Jioteimg ieUm Ae 
lonian Sea^^Purve 1n occaMumf pan^ tcd ffur^fifit, jEae lonldjUni £ari? 
mari. Luc G, 361. 

cdes, Tum. A house. — ^Edlbiig tn nu^dTis, wudoquS Mtib athiflM axf. Vii^. iCzb 
2,512. SVN. Ddmiis, tcctum; atria, rcgil, hospilium, pJEnit^s, srdt-s, 
Ures. EPITH. Alt^ arduS, exuni2, supcrba, magnindU VERS. Auc 
intus dausis cunctantur in ardibus omncs. Cungressi jungunt dcxtras mc- 
dusquS r^idunt iEdibus. 

ledes, is. A temple, — £mI mlM marmortd MacratiiM^n eede SlchavM. Ov. £p, 7, 
H9. SVN. Tcmplum, dclubrum. EPITH. SacrX, vOtiva. VERS. i>p^c. 
tcmus viciiam Rumanis vatibus KdCm. £t Dj^2, marmurea cujus tn a^ 

8edficul&, e. A cottage ; a Mmall chamber ; a chapeL-SiqutiM In «J7ct#£ d^^a 
vfHeuM: htee iiinim Mvnl. Juv, 8, 111. 

KdifTcatSr. A builder, — ^EdiJlcdttir iriit CcnirotHiiM, Juv. 14, 8€. See 

BBdifTco, as. To build; to conMtruct, — Dlrint, mdlj^oaij muiat quadrata roivniiia. 
Hor. £p. 1, 1, 100. Iftstar mdnfie iquitmy dietna PaUadiM driS ^dl/fcnui 
Virg. iEn. 2, 15. SVN. £zstruo, striio^ oSndo, oonstruo, molTdr, fabricur 
PHR. SIoeuTSy murus, murorum moles, attdll&r{, ertgSrS, ducSrf, moliri 
figcrS, jScSrj^ ccelo edncSrS ; urbem, tcmplum, domum st&tuiSrC, pOa^r^, 
mdlirT, constTtuJ$r& TemplT, dumus, lirbT» tectSy struSrS, ZxBtruirt, Idcarf j 
figCr^. FundaminS ISdtrt^, jacerS, punSr& AlaenBl pnmS fundiirS. Cin^rjF 
rnurs oppTdl. Alunrl agg6rS murus. Crbem mcenibus dng^r^. VERS. 
QuTd prdhTbct miirus jacSre, et dSrS cTvTbQs urbem? IbiquS mdmcnto 
Pnm2 IScare m&nii molirique aggSr^ tectlL Templiim de mikrmSr2 poiiam. 
Cond^rS cceperiint iirbcs, arccmquS locarS. Instant ordentcs Tjfrii, piirs 
aiicSre murus, AldlTrioue aroem, ct manibiis stibvulvjfre saxS. HTc aitii 
th&tris Fiindunenti Idcant &ITi, TmmanesquS cdltimnas RupTbiis cxcxdiint. 
Crbcm praeclaram stStrii, mSS masmS vTdT. Fiitales mCtrorum iittullj^ri^ mdltrs, 
Sax&qu^ siibvcrtiire h&mlfris TroJanS jiivabTt. TcmpU D$i sTxo vendraljar 
structii vdtiista. N6n coeptae asstirgunt tiirrcs. StriictS rTgtnt sSITdo st2- 
bSluriim moenU saxo. Striictis cxsurgiint dppTdil mtiris. Primas cum 
condSrSt iirces. PdsQere Tn niuntibus urbcm. Orbcm cunstTttiT, latcquS 
patentii ftxT MoenTS, fiuTtimTs iuvTdTosa lods. TnijsimquS vTdetTs, Quiim 
vestne fecer^ m&niis. Hdc IlTum, 2t h»c 15dl Trujae £ss2 jtibjlt. Ipee 
hiimTn designiit m€enT& iussa. ParjStTbiisquS prifmtint arctis, ct quiitudr 
addiint, Quatiidr a vcntTs, obliqna liic2 fencstras. ^dTfTciit scmper, mdd5 
ITmTnS pdnit. Nunc furibus davcs aptSt, SmitqtiS sJfnTs : Nunc hsis, ntinc 
TlLis miitiit HffTdtquS fSncstras. Tdt Sdhtic oSmpngTbiis altiim iCdTfTcut 

^dills, is. A magiMtraie qf Jiome, who euperintended puUie buildinffM, «larAw/s, 
^.'•-JSuJf^cWni iHfHceB MumnuM adltfbiiM alba, Juv. 5, 179. 

dedittiQs. A keeper qfa tcmple, — QualeM adltHoM habedt, Hor. Ep. 2, 1, 230. 

^etcs, or iEctS, a*. Son of Soi and PerMeie: he wae king qf Colchis, aud 
/athero/ Medea and AbayrtuM; he vcas poMMeMMor t/ ihe ffiiden feeety the 
object o/the Arffonauiie expediiion, and which the ireachery o/ hie daughicr 
Medea obiained /or Jason, — Dijcirdt JEeieMi mcuti cbnsurgV^s omnct, 
Ov. Ep. 12, 51. Aecipii hdsp^Cid juvHncs JEetd Pclasffos, 0\; Ep 12, 2Ii. 
EPITII. S<->ng5na, 8ol2 sattis. PhiisTacGs. 

Actwtjs. Colchian,^PhdsuidM ddJldciuM, et/ines JEctmoM, Catull. C3, 3. 

iKctTas, udTs, and iEctinc, es. The pairongmieM qf Mcdea, daughier o/ JF^tes, 
^Cdnc^ipfl iniSrid vdHdoM jEetidM iffnee, Ov. M, 7» 0. ^'dn hac ^dtiidcM^ 
eed PhdM-ioM ASiCine, Ov. Kp. G, 103. 

£gaedn, onTs. Son qf Tilan and Terra; a ffiant with a hundred hands, 

Heie eentumffimHu etrieidt JEffmon^M inMCM, Stat. Achill. 1, 200. 

JEffetdnd tiiU immdM terffd IScerGs, Ov. i^I. 2, 10. SVN. BrTireOs. 
EPITH. CeniTmlntls, centiimgimTntis;Tmpnis. PHR. OTgiis ccntTmantis. 
V£R& ^gaon qnalii oiutum cui brich& dictiut, Ccntcnasqu2 miitiis. 

Digitized by CjOOQ lC 


i finbQs igaem PectSribiStqpie ininl^ J5vl8 cfin fulmlnS cflntri 
i*ot p&rOiSs strSp&it dj^s, tot strin^rCt enses. Viig, JEn. 10, 5Gft. 

^gaeum Aiarg. i^ar/ ofihe MedUerranmny dividing Greeoe/rom Atia Mkiot, 
— JVHAT/ obstaL, qmn trabe vaeia JEffmm rSpfag, Pers. 6, 141. 

Kger, ttgAf Kgrtkm. Sick, ill, faini^ weak. — VastOM qttditt ^tffgr inhetUiie 
drtue. Virg. iGo. 6, 432. SVN. MoiUdrts» agrotfis, inv&nd&s, infirmus, 
linguidSs, langucns. PHR. Morbo ofirreptiis, langtiens, affectfis, grlvis» 
decumbens, sqnalens, tentatus, afflictiis, press&s, oppressiiis, langtildus, lan* 
giieacens, friictrts. LanguTd& membrfi triUiens. Morbi criicIatTbQs ustiis. 
Arto» inv^idi. rnvalidum oorpiis. Ossft morbo collapsX. Quem laiigtiSr 
habft. Tr&hens molem »gram. VERS. Jaro prSpS dep<$sTtiui, certe Jam 
fiigldiis seg^r. CdntinQo est legris &nfis c515r, horridi vultum Dci5nnat 
mSries. Victtim s^Ss aegrS nSgabSt. IU8 sTtim mdrbosquS f Crcns mSrta- 
Bbiia spgris. 

.£gSri2, €T raiher £gSrTI, le. /t nymph qf Arieiay in ItaJffy tvho wae euppoted 
to haoe ineirueted andfawmred Numa PompUiue. — Bffiria ett, qum prMt 
aqnasj DgagriUd Cdnunut; lUd Numm oor^fitM ooniUlumquX futL, Ov. Fast. 

^£geu8, S8s, and Si. Son qf Pandion, and king of Athent, When hit ton 
TheeeuM taUed to Crete, and dettroyed the Minotaur, it wat agreed^ thai if 
he were tueeet^ui^ hit thip, on itt retumy thould earry a tehite taiL ASffeut 
waiehed itt return, but the tiffnal being negleeiedy eontidering that hit ton 
had peritkedf he ihrew himtelf from a hxgh rock inio the tea, — jEgvd tle 
Theteuty tie PiHfa vlncV Achlllet. Ov. M. 15, 850.» Llnqttentem gndtum 
vcniie edncedSrii jEgeiit. Catiill. 64, 213. EPITH. MTsCr, TnfeEx. 

figides, ». The pairongmic of Theteut, ton qf JEgeue.^PerfUiut JEgidet 
ducenndfild ttkuiiiu Ov. Ep. 4, 69. 

.Sgiale, es. The wife of Dumedf and daughier <if Adrattut. — Quitta eti 
^EgldJe, qucsia eti MettbcBd rgPnqui, 8ut. Sil. 3, 6, 48. 

/figis, TdTs. The thieid of Jupiter, made of the tkin of ihe goat Amalihtta, 
Jupiier gave ihit thield to Mtnervuj who plaeed upon U Medutd^t head, 
whieh tumed to tione ail who iooked upon it,~^Pro dutHbiit nottrit ttgldd 
tempgr hdbe, Ov. Fant. 3, 848. EPITH. Hdrrida, t^rrTHcft, tfrrTbins ; 
PallSduL VERS. PrimTi cdriiscantT sTgnum dCdTt aigTdJf virgo. P.t scr- 
peiit%Sram qtifitTcns vSuTt aegTd& Pfdlas. ifigTB^no fSri pectdre vTrgo. 

Detcripdon qfihe ASgit, 

^gidaque horriferam, turhatie Pall&dis arma, 

Certatim squamis serpentiim auroqtie ]K>libant, 

Connexosqtie aiiguei, ipsamque in pectore divie 

Oorgona, desecto verteutem Itimina coUo. — Virg, jEn. 8, 436. 

.ACgisthus. Son of Thyetiet and Pelopeia, On the retum ef Agamemnon 
from the tiege of Trog, hit wife Cigtemnettra, with her paramour JSgitihiUy 

murdered hhn, and were afierwardt tlain bg hit ton Oretiet, — QumrllU 

jEgttthut quare tJi JactSt ddiiltgrf In prompta oaiita eti, detTdlottlt irdL 

Ov. Rem. Am. IGl. SYN. ThyestTSdes, Thjfest» proles: Thjreste natfis. 

BPITH. AduItSr, desTdTos&s. VERS. Uanc amln Tmplesti; J&giUdqu« 

^gisthiis Spcrto Tect& crtientavTt, qun piit^r iiiitS tiiiis. 
IRgliy cs. A nymph, daughter ef JnpUer and Nemra, one of the Naiadt. 

Ziddii te vSciamy OnMUqud tiipervin^l /Egle, Mgle NSiddum pfilchcrrlmd» 

Virg. Ed.6, 21. 
^gSceros, ocTs, or iEgScSr&s, T. The tign of. the 2Mliae eaUed Capricorn,^ 

Quo pacio atlivU e parttbSt JEgdccrottt, Lucr. 6, 614. JEgodirony Cdrh' 

ernmquiiSnSL Ltic 10,213. 
sigre. Ilardig, with difficulty. — Caeruld qucm gMirtjg ttgri tdidiu doietitem. 

Ov. Fast. l, 365. SVN. VTz, mdleste, grfivTCer. PHR. iGgro, invit6 

BgrcsoOb To gron tiek, grow worte.^-^Extnj^rdt mdg^t, mgreteltqui midcnd^ 

Virg. i«n. 12, 46. SVN. Tngriivescob PHR. ^g^r Ho. 
BgrTmdn&L Angmth.^FatiSdt6td trUde ogttmbM. llor. Ep. 17. 73. 

22 iE G K ^ K £ 

i^tadcsYnii. Skknutf $adn€a$, — 8)'N. HMda, finfuSr; mSgtmm dbl, 

BgrSr, oris. ZHMOMi — JVcc •nlnTiiniiR 'partem «r o^rff «s^rorlf Yii vrftriH Cmi^ 
Jluxli. Lucr. C, 1257. See Morbm. 

BgrOto. Tohenek, — Qtiam rnitH dM.^grOy daSI$ tggrStSri (hneiUL Mor. ^Bfk 
ly 7» 4. SYN. LanguSo» decuyil^ ;]anguesoo, dSI&k PUIL Alorlri^ 
morbui, UborarS, langueri^, lau^escJSHl, decumb&S, conncii, exer ceriy 
tentari, affid, pr^l, yexHri, torqueri, crfidaii, oonflictui, MpialerS $ axrda 
prcMum decumblrC morbob Gr|(vib&a morbi criiciatibib uii. Tnstcs in- 
cessunt pectSrS mSrbi. MembrS fracti, laaaos artua, inaomm tSro nnariL 
G&ntt morbo m5riturus Tnertl. ImX • iiborant odntinuis crfiiutibSs ofliL 
Tabiflc&s corpSrl languSr hShiL Mgir sum. Iforbo oorripliSr. JEgro 
sum corpdHL ^grum trSbo c^rpQs. VERS. Trisd languebant oSrpdrS 
morbd. Siib^nt morbi, tristisqnS sSnectus. Pillidi viz cfiUtto mcmbri 
UwiH pfitcst. VTs morbi, distractS p& irtus, Turbftt igens Infanam. KU 
lidSque exaangui squaleb&nt corp{$r& morbd. Mdrbtis decerptt oSrpdriF 
vircs. F&rit, fitque &rtu8 dep^scttur aridi febris. 

fgrotiis. Skkj weak. — Mgroio domhil dedvxit eorpSri! Jebree. Hor. Bp. 1, 2, 
48. SVN. ^giSr, tnv&tidfis, mfirmiis, languldiifi, languens, morbsdiix. 
PHR. Morba^ morbis grilvia^ tentat&s, l&bdrans. 

^g^ptiis, or 0S, 1. Egypi ; an extensive countrg of Afriea, waiered £y iha 
NUe; derivmg it$ name fmm JEgyptue^ tke brvther qf Danaue. — Dteliirr 
Mgyptu$ cariiU$i Juvdnabv$ droa Imbfibu$. Or. Art Am. 1, 64?. . EPITH. 
JDivB, fecundX, fertiTis, vasU, SpimX, torrldi, exusti, idustl^ cilidS, ardcns. 
PHR. Tellus NiHftci, NUotici, Mempb!t3(s, McmphiticS. One, pl*g$b 
Ninaae. Nilo fecundi r^KS. VERS. VTctiSr &b aurore pSpuGs ct fitSrC 
rubro iCg^ptum, vires OrientTs St ultimi sccum fiactri vShit. Ddnec fessoe 
iGgyptii tellus CepSrit e.t septcm discretiis In d8ti& NUiis. 

^g^ptiiis, S,um. Egyptian, — SvquVur^ (n^$) JEgjpda eonfix. Viijg. ^n. 

^g^ptii, orunu The inhabitante qf Eggpi,.^YN. NingSnse, PfaSrii, Nilleiaas. 
PHR. Genji Pliirii^NildadL 

lello, iis. Ofitf q^ ^ IJftrj^te^^JixterrttU alc$ Iclk. Ov. M. 13, 710. See 

«fOmdnii, or HsemSnii, ». A neme cf The$mdyy from M. ^muf.— ^£s/ niemue 
IlamSraa, premipia quSd undiqwl ciaftdiL Ov. M. 1, 5C8. S VN. Thcs- 


semuldr, aris» To rMPH^ envy.^-Ip$S mca$ $oiu$y guod nti e$iy etmulSr umbra$, 
Prop. 2, 34, 19. SYN. hividjfo, sectSr. 

fomiiliU. JeahuSf riwdHng. — Mmulu$ cjeeeptum TrJionj $1 crSderS dignum, 

c$i Virg. Mn, 6, 175. InnupttBque $emula Phahee, Ov. M. 1, l7Cb 

MmulS nMum TempStVnie gSminU eanebdi $pdr$a $tfneetu$. Ib. 5, 416. 
SYN. Invidiis, adveruriiis, contrariiis. 

£m&s, or Hsem&f, i. A mouiiiain qf Thraee^ $tdd to be the abode ofMars.m^ 
Emathiam, ei ldto$ jEmi pingueecSrS cdmpoe. Virg. G. 1, 492. EPITH. 
Thraciiis, Threidiis ; g^ib, ntvaKs, ntv^iis ; ardiiiia, nubig&r. VERS. 
Threidam RhSdSpen h&b^t angiiliis Cuiiis, ft Haemj^n. Qui nie gflidis 
in vallibiis Mnn Sistit. 

^iieas, ». Son qfAnehi$e$ and Venue^ and eonAn-laio qf Priam. After the 
deetrudhn </ Trog^ he $aikd io Italyy and eettled there, forming the fir$t 
origin qf Rome, a$ de$crtbed in Virgir$ celebraied poem^^Troive Mniasy 
pVidte tn$lgrii$ St dmu$. Virg. Mn. 6, 403. SYN. Anchisiides, Dardft. 
nldes, La5m&15ntjftdes {/rom Dardanm and Laomedon^ kinge qf Troy), 
EPITH. Dardftniiis, Tiojaniis, Troius, Phijfgiiis, CjfthSreiiis, mftciis; ia. 
djftiis, magnSnlmiis, pilis, glnfrosiis; fortis, aiidaz, impftvidiis; actiis ^tis, 
prdfiigiis. PHR. Diiz, or hcros Phrj?|fiiiL Trojaniis, Trdiils, Dardftniiis ; 
VSneris fiinis, natiis; Inchisse sSbSles, Anchlse giTnitiis, sfttiis. Troi 
Anchisiftdes. Dux Anchiaiftdes. Teucriiin, Teucrorum, or Troiim diii:, 
pfttftr, diict5r, Rez piStatft insigiiis St irmis. Roman» stirpts 5rigo. Vlr 
nigniSs bellA, niim pi2titt2 sScundiis. VERS. Glorift, spesquS Phrygiim, 
q;a9 nec ptf tat<F n2c irmis, Maj5r Tn aM fuit. Rex Crftt ^ueas nSbi^ qno 

ANE MQt\or^, , ^23 

jUBtaitfr»N60]riMaflStBMba]tfiiia^ 'VSm (^riit /Euca 

cerviz lubjecU pXrentl, Didt&r Ipsll wUd ffiuiiin& dSdiitl Idoura. 
MDom SylTilto. A kh»0^Alba, dnoendtdfrom jSneua.^i Cipjs^ ii N^ 

wOior, ei ^ ienmMgriddii SjMSt JBnioM. Virg. iGiL 6, 700. 
MnSLdaej mnu The Tnjan$j «t feilowere qf jBnea$f and ihe Bemam^ «t 

deseended frcm Aim— iQuic giniU JEniidum, quSe Trojm netclai uriiau 

Virg. Mn. 1, 665. 
^neides, or ^nBdea, m, The pairoHjfmie qflulue^ ton ef AneaMi aieo gimm 

ioAvgmsiueCMar, and oiher dUiingmehed Jiamane. — Stiedtie ASnHdi i^lft 

fmpiini Numaniim. Virg. Mn. 0, 653. FiH ttbir MnUdinf iinom iiii 

omnipatibnf Or. Ep. ez P. 1, 1, 35. 
£n«is, IdSs. VirffiTe eeiebraied poem^ reiaHng ihe ejrpioiie and wanderingo ef 

Mneae and hie foiiou>er», — Si ttbnin lHi iumfetiM MneUit aueiSr. Or. Tr. 

S, &33. JBnndoe vSG grandifHleaH imue. Ov. Ep. ex P. 3» 4, 84. 
Anei&s. CfMnaae, — HotpUfa haiid iHi eiabiini A^»»iU parvo, Virg. Mn» 

10,494. r- «» 

smSfis. Made ^fbraee — Aui mneue Hi eiie. Hor. Sat. 2, 3, 183. 8oe Ahemeue. 

sntgmX, Xtls. A riddie. — Qul JurU nodot ei iigum mnigmdid toiviL Jut. 8^ 
50. EPITH. Obsciirum, diibtum, cieouni, abdltum» riMndltum, irosniim. 

pfihe wimd» — jBSnam viriSi: hie oatio rejt ASHut anirS, Virg, iEn. 1, 52. 
EPITH. VentoriiyDimbdKS. PHR. iESnum, HippdOdsB reguiim. Ven. 
toriim dSmtiSy carukr. See Moiut. 

^aHdeSy K. The pairongmie qf ihe detcendanU ofMohie, — ReddU iibi MiBUim 
aaaum gravi Sitjfphon urgeL Or. M. 13, 26. VERS. Miscnum iESKden, 
qnd non pnestantt^r oltlr, Mv% clcrS rirds, Alartemqua aocendM cantiL 

A<SBs,ldd8. Thepairon9mieiifthedaughiertqfMoiut.^..^M8iUiniiriaiamio» 
rum tgnard mSiorum. Ot. M. 11, 573. 

MSlSa. San qfJupiier and Sergetia, the daughier qf Hippoiatg eupvoted bg 
ihe ameiente lo have been ruier qf ihe u^ndt.^Cireiim daiitiri frimiini t 
«eiea egdii MSiue ird. Virg. Mn. 1, 56. SVN. HippdtiUies. EPITH. 
ImpSndsds, mlnu, trSmendSs, fiCmens, Itixtesiis, bdrridiiiu PHR. iEdlifis 
tyiinnlis. Res tempestatiim. Ventoriim ra, pi(Sr> princepa» Ventda 
cirelri^ rin^s, firenins, compescenf» oJRilbens. Nunbdrum pJStens. .Aqu5* 
rSs ▼eatds qui frenXt In antris. Qui Tentis vlm inciililt. Cul ▼enti piirent. 
VERS. Qui mulcerX pdtest iluotiis, et tAlUrX vento. Qtii caroSrtf fortca 
oSnttnSit ventfis, et, dim vXrrt, «quM pladSt. ClaiiserStHlppSlXdcs aetern5 
caroSrX Tentds. Tiim rcntis p&Itiit ciistds, cu! flamlnX cSroSr impiSriu 

. campresstt tSnft. Tlni^t lUa immuia& sasX, VentoriimqnX diSmos. Claiis5 
▼entSriim cardSrl rcgnXt. Ventoo distodSt it arcCt iESliia egrcssiL (For a 
deteripikm ofjEoiut and jEoBo^ eei Virg. iGn. 1, 61.) 

iESBfia. MeHan — ProanmJmtie jffuVonim eiaudtilnanirU. Ov. M. 1, 262. 

»qu»v5a. Of ihe tame age..^i rigem enpunum eruditi vidnirividl 

Virg. ^n. 2, 661. SVN. iSqtians. 

■qualis. Bquaif iike io, eitnUar; even, ievei,~~£i nitno mquati teeftm piibeecirii 
«00. Virg. iEn. 3, 491. Prtnelplo iirram, ni nom mquatU Sb omnl P&rii 
forii. Ov. AI. 1, 34. SVN. iEquiis, par, oompar, stmTIis; planiis. 

«qointSr. Bqmdijff evenig, emooihtg^-^am vinttponeniy tiraiaque mquatttir 
"-"" Ot. Ep. 7,49. SYN. iEque, pSritiJr. 

icmie. Equaiig, oHke.-^^MquipaupirihSe proditiy iSoupietibiit mquc. Hor. £p. 

I, 1, 2o. SYN. P&ritiSr, siraintSr, aeqtiafitSr, non sSctis, liaiid s^cQs, nou 

Sncj^r, haud UitXr. 
iEquInoctialis. Qfthe Equinox.^am eettifurSr mqu%noctiant. Catull. 44, 2. 
AquInSetfilin. The Equinotf; ihe Hme when dag and nighi are qf equed 

duraOon, whieh oeeurt iwiee im the year, the Vernai Equinox in March, ihe 

jhOumnai in Sepiember.^V^RS, Ndz est SBquX dieL iEquS dlcs dim 

noctl riScurrit. Qua mSrS me^tiir liioesy metitfir Xt iimbrBS, £t liis bli 

senis, tStldem noz daudltfir horis. 
tiqulplnx To maife eauai, io efaai.^.yeo oStamU tolum mqdlpSrae^ tH voeS 

migieirum. Virg. EcL 5, 48. 8VK. Mj^h, «ssm|UO^ &d«quo; aequali» 


leqiitiai, i& ImpmrHaniy. Soe JusiUuu 

«quo, is. Toieveif make tmooih; io dioids equailgt io wtake e«fuat^2r9a 
eum prtmSe inginH tBquandd eyimdro, Virg. G. 1, 17& ParnbS* ttquadai 
JueSe^ aui eori^ irdhebaL Yirg, JEn* 1, 608. ImpMiim terrU, aiihmaa 
^quadU Oiympo. Virg. Mru 6, 782. 8VN. CSmplino ; Idequo, exKqcuiL 
PHR. ^quald, par reddo, fXclo, effloa PartTbas justis »quo. Nulld 
ducrimlnS hib&>. VERS. £t pSdlbtu Bummas Kquabu Srenaa. JuatS 
pSrl prSmltur v^uti cum pondSrS EbrS; Proni nSc hiic plus pilrtjf i^ec, 
nec surgit &b lUa. Ibant aequiti numSrOy. regemquS c&nebint. iCqiiisacc 
nocti lixdum, In lucemquS tuJiss^ 

Bqu5r, $rTs. A ievei tur/ace, a piain; ihe aurface o/ the tea; ihe sea Uee(f^-^ 
PretdipiiemquS Daren ardens agU tBquorif ioio. Virg. ^n. 5, 456. Fattim 
marls aquSr arandum. Vii^g. JRxi. 2, 7^0. Trojd per vndosum pmretkr 
classlbus tsquor. Virg. jEn. 4, 313. SVN. PliinTtieSy csimpiis; mare. 
altum, pelagus, fretum. PHR. Ciimpi Ncptiinii ; irvi Neptun^ 
V£RS. SuavS mSri magnd, tilrbaiitibiis «qudri ventis. Afflita est tellua 
litumquS p^rhorrtiTt aequSr. ^qudrii cslirit mj^dias cingcnti2 tcrria. 
See Mare. 

equorgQs. O/ the sea. — Sterriii et esquSriAs, tequSri naid, vlas. Ov. Ep. 16L 

«qu&s. Justy impartuU; equal, similar; eaim, discreei. — VTcior irai quamvU^ 
eiquut 1n hosii /n^L Prop. 3, 19, 28. SeqUUurqug pdtrem non pasiibna 
etquU. Virg. Mn. 2, 724. Tentdntem majord, /ere preBserUVnks etqaxtm, 
Hor. Ep. 1, 17| 24. SVN. Ju»tiis; aequalis, |rar, sTmtlTs; trinqutllQa 
constiins. PHR. ObservantisssTmiis fpquL JustitTae fatit<Sr. Jiiris, «eqni, 
defcnsdr. SeeJusius, Par. 

i£r, aMh. The atr, aimosphere ; the weather. — Corr^piicri oTafn, pedlbftsquif piFr 
aihrd moiis. Ov. M. 2, 158. Jerg non certo eorpord idnguSr hdbcim 
Ov. Ar. Am. 2, 318. SVN. MthZr, aeiHrS, JiipTtSr, iuri, diiun. EPITU. 
LiquTdus, tdniiTs; humidus, roscidus, iidus, limpidus; spirabilis, meabilis, 
circumflutis. PHR. ASrTs orae. A£rTi tractiis. ACni cimpT. AfrTI 
plSgi. ASnaB orae, dSmus, yVkt^y aurae. IninTS coeli. CoeE spirabiM 
liim£n. JiipttSr hiimTdiis Aiistits. Cttli Tn rSgTonC slreni. Ains ii« 
cimpTs lids. VER8. Tn KthSrias vdliicris se siistiilit oris. LSpTs vic&tim 
pSr TniinlS v51iittis. OiirgTtS pres^ grftvT, nSque Tn aSril reddTtS, fato FtinctX 
sfio est. V51&t It&lS comtis ASri per tSnSriim. ASrS pcr vkctiiim fern, 
itque isstirg^re Tn aiiris. In ntibem oogitiir ier. PliivTus terris Trasciti&r 
ier. TrCpTdiim vSliicres ooncentTbQs i2rS pulsant. LTtSril plingunt Iritd 
fliictti pudfiita, et niibTliis ier Intdnit. Tiirget ventTs nJR>iildsiis icr. Niibtli 
si fulgent, Tn temp5ri vertTt&r ier. 

aerarium. The ireasury.^^VS. Opes piiblTcae ; fisciis. 

aeratiis. Piaied or omamenied unih brass, broMen. — ^raissqui mieani pciiic 
Virg. ^n. 7, 743. jEraiam qudiXens Tdrpeld sicurem. Virg. ^n. 11« 
65G. PHR. Mv^ tectiis, dbductiis, miinTtiis, Tnstructiis, irctitiis, gr&vT» 
dmitiis, pulchSr. 

»reiis. Brazen....M^ miSvs ensTs. Virg. ^n. 7, 743. SVN. Ahcniia. 

aerTf(!r. Braxen-armedm^JEr^i/eret cSaiUum conercpueri mdnus. Ov. Fast. 3 

aerTpes, SdTs. j9rajrfn-/oo(^ — FixirV mrlp&tem eervum tieSi. Virg ^u. S. 

aerisdniis. Sounding iike brass.^^^risSnis Curetum ddvecius db anirls. Sil 

tfriiis. Aeriai; iqftjf,~.-Nee gimgre aMd eessdbli turinr db uimd. Virg. Ed 
1, 50. SVN. i^thSrTiis, coelestu, sTdSrSiis ; iltiis, siibnmTs, celsiis. 

AeriSpe, es. The un/e o/ Atreus, and paramour qf /tis brother Thyesies — 51 
non Jirdpen /rdier seSirdtus dmdssii, dversds Sotis non iegiremus equds 
Ov. Tr. 2, 391. 

ftriigo, TiiTs. Rusi e/ brass ; metaph. moneif^-^Sl reddat vtOrem, eiim iota 
tmtffindj/oiiem. Juv. 13, 61. Sce Rubigo. 

aerumnS. Hardship. core, grie/.^^^rumnis idstus diim fioeiu s^riU^ Sd dssem 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

JERV ^ST 25 

Hor. Sjk 2, 9y 27. SVN. LSMr, curS; mcerSr, d(!l($r. See Jlfanir, 

crcxandftiii. Oppressed wiih car€.^MrttmnotiquS Soloncs. Perf. 3, 79. 8m 

M» aeris. BraMMy eopper ; moneff. — Exetident aifi tpSrantfa moinu» mr^ 
Virg. jEn. 6, 843. Non arU Sccrviis H aftrl. II or. Ep. I, 2, 47. SVW. 
MrU roStallum; pMnla, nummus. EPITIJ. Dunim, sdlidum, Sfiloit- 
didumy grav2, Cdnnthium. VERS. Argonti rivus, ffrisquS mftaJlA 
Osivndit venis tellus. TinniilSqne terfL sSnant. Ai^ita dlvis tinnltTlififl 
nsHL Cum bellfcus »HS dlndru Sigiil dSdit tuhlc2n. Nvxas teri triibcs. 
Ndn unqiiam grSvts iprS ddmum mihl dextrS rCdtUlit. Cum veru ilicTem 
dcmpio nudavSr&t er& Aut Sllufl L^sippd dudfHft mA Fortls Alcxindri 
vultum simulantiS. 
^s&cusy u A ton of Priam, who panionately lovinp HesperiOf andgtieemg ai 
her death^ ihrew himMe(finio ihe seoy and was hp TheHs ehanged into a opr- 
moranL — JEsaeSn ftmbroed /nrCm p^pSrlssg sub Ida, Ov. Al. 11, 7(J2. 
£sar, aru. A river 0/ Magna Grmcioy faliing inio ihe sea near Croiona^^f, 

p^iidivers» lapldosas jEutt^s iindSs. Ov. M. 15, 22. 
^sarS&fl. Ofihe ^Esar. — JnvtMl jEsargl Jatalla Jtftmlnls ora. Ov. Af. 15, bA. 
^sdiylus, I. A celelfraied Athenian soidier and tragediaru — Posthftncpcrsdttmj 
paHsequg riperiSr hSnesta, jEschjlus ei mSdicU huirtivli pulpttti rtgnls, Ei 
dSetiti magnftmquc loqtaf nWqttS cothftmd. II or. A. P. 278. 
>EscuIaplus. 6*011 qfApoiio and the ngmph Coronis, and teorshipped as the Cod 
ofMedieine. EPITH. S&lutTfSr, PhisbcTQs, PergSmSns. PHR. Uffis 
F;pTdaurius, CoronTdS nntus, Ph(cbo gSiiTtus, sStus. MSdTcTnw r2^]H;rtur. 
ArtS m^dendi clarus. VERS. Kt D£us cztinctum cressTs £pTdafirTQs lieriiTs 
Restituit piitriTs AndrSgednsi (ocTs. 
a^ulctiini. Aforest ofoaks. — DaftiHa m idtisatfiasciilcCfs. Ilor.Od. 1,22, 14. 
^rsciilSils. Of the bag-oak. — Vlccraiy essculea ctipicliot frond^s hunorem. 
Ov. M. 1, 449. SVN. Qucrniis, quercSiis, TlTcJ^us, iiTgnus, Tngn^us, 
arsciUiis, 1. The bag-oakf or pcrhaps the horse-chestittt. — JEscfiius in prlmlt 
qtitgy qttanifim verffce ad afirds. Virg. G. 2, 29. SVN. Qucrcus, TJcx, 
riiliur. EPITH. GlandTnjrii, frondcns, proccril. 
^son, oiiTs. Son qf CretitetiSy and brother of Pclias, king of Thessalg; he teat 
ihe faiher of Jtuonj ai whose request Medca is said to have rcstored him^ 
ttlien inftrm with agCy io the vigotir of yotUh. — Esonls fjfctftm proferri corpfu 
ddaftrds, Ov. M. 7, 252. PHR. CuT r£piiratil jilvcntus. 
.Csdnides, ap. The ptUronymie of Jason, son of JEson, — PhdilSs ^sSnldcm, 

Clree iSnulssSi Oigssem. Ov. Ar. Am. 2, 103. 
iGsoniiifl. Of jEson.^JEsonVty tnct^rS, cedi domd. Ov. Ep. 12, 134. 
/EscTpus. A Phrygian philosopher, in the Hme of Crcatu, king of Lydia, who, 
thottgh in the eondUion ofa slave, tiellvered moral precepis ofthe highest ejt* 
eelienee in theform qffables. — Qtus grav^s jEsopfts, qua ddctfts IldscWsq/fL 
Hor. Ep. 2, I, 82. 
vstafl, atTs. Stimmer. — QtidHs apes msidtS nSvdy per ftdrSa rftra. Virg. JEn. 
1,434. EPITII. Igncii, dUTdii, fervens, fcrvTdii, sYtTens, sTccil; s£rcnl, 
fldrenii, betii, juciindii, fcrtilTs. PHR. iEstTvT, a>stTn*rT dies. /KstTvum 
tcmpfis. STrius ard5i. Pars ferventTSr nnnT. CiilTdiMsTmft soITIins. Fur- 
mosS messTbiis. SpTcSii sertli gSrens. Finder^s FhoebeTs TgnTbus nrviL 
VestTens, omans culmTs C6rfiilTbus agros. Tempiis quo tdrridiis a^stfmt 
aer, Ciiin tcrrae iirdorS diFhTscunt. Arvii ciilorTbtis hTant. Onintfir gnl- 
miiiS <»mpT8. Densae torrentur &ri8t». VERS. Cum gravTs cxustos ffiatis 
biulciit agrofl. Cum sTtTunt herbs, et pScdri jam gratTor umbro cst. ObT • 
pulsun hjr£mem Sol aurciis eglt Sub terras, ccelfimque «stTva Iuci< ji^cIusTt. 
Cum per stimmii pSIi Phccbum trShTt altT5r sstas. Cum ciiliSt, ct mi^did 
Sol est altissTmiis orb& Aridii cum sTtTens excSqiiTt arvft Llk>. Cum sTccos 
CandTr IdiirTt Xgr5s. Cum Ueta tiirgent in palmTtS gemm». SpTcfii cfimpTs 
cfim messTs InhfirrfiTt. Gleboflqn* jftcintes Pulv«rttlenta cSquit nwiunfl 
«•mms s^stTis. . ^,,^^ «^«_- - 

OsiTfiir. Uringi^ heat, suUry.^Hoo, iibl hluicu ,WJ Itulit t in.^s trsnfifr nrm 

26 «ST JiTH 

Virg. G, 2, 353. Matyferm UbjH vUo lHo eomnaaSt hota. Luc 1, 206 
SYN. Femdfia, «stiTui. 

Mdnuk To appreetate^reekon. — Qtil rtfdit dd Jatios^ it virttilem msftmSi Stotts. 
Uor. Ep. 2, 1, 48. SYN. Judico; cxistimo, cens^; considero. 

festiva To patt the tummer,^-Jiivdt astivarg tub Ilctmo. Sut. Thel>. o, !& 

ttstivua. Oftke tummer, — Patutere ad atltuum tdlem, Virg. O. 4, 28- 

aMtiio. To bum ; to boil ; to be agUated, — Et cum ejruttiit agcr morlcnnbHA 
astudt herbis, Virg. O. 1, 107. ^tuat atque omnem Coejto cruetdi drenn^tu 
Virg. ^n. C, 297. SVN. Ferv^t», flagro, exa?»tuo; fluctuo, igTuV. 
VKRS. QiioquS mSgis t^itur tectus m^gis sstuat ignis. iEstuit ue 
clausis r&pidus (urnacibus ignis. T^pSfuctus m Ossibus humor iEstuit. 
^stuftt infclix angusto nnitt2 mundi. 

fcstuosils. FuUqfheaL — Grigem €tttu6td torrgt JmpotenflS, Hor. Ep. 16, C2. 

ftstijs, us. Heat; the tide; violence, — ^tlbiit at mHdtit vmbrotam exquirrrg 
vdllem, Virg. O. 3, 331. Tyrrhinusqtuf frilis tmmltfitiir tBttiis ^vemJs, 
Virg. O. 2, 1C4. Magnoqueirarumfii~ictiidt<estu, Vii|f. iEn. 4, 532. SVN- 
Cilnr, arddr,fervdr; fluctiis. EPITH. Flammif^r, urens; fcrvcnji, fervidua. 
VERS. £xsiip£rant fliimmaey furit sestiis Sd auras. Propiusi]ue KStus in. 
cendTX volvunt. ^stiis Srat, miignusque libor gi^minavSrat aestum. A sperqiuE 
siti atque exterritiis estii. Prufiiit Inccnsus Bestus avcrtdrS fcbris. Ondu 
sdno motum m&rS fluctii2t sestii. Fiirit a*stiis Srenis. iEquSril vcxrebdnc 
caudis KStumquiS sdcubiint. Ciincti vidcns magno dirarum fliictiiSt sesCiL 

xtas, iitis. An age, period oftime; the time nflife; a teason, — Et monei atdtJi 
tpce^te^ dum Jloridty uth Ov. Fast. 5, 353. SYN. /Eviim, ssectiliini, ipvi 
spStium; viti, vit» tempiis. EPlTll. Fugitiva, irrevScibilts, pr»ct:|is, 
prdp^rS, cttS, inst&bilis, c&duca, fulUix, fugiens, liibrTciL PHR. CTto pcde 
fugiens. SingijU vcrtens. VERS. OmiiT5 fort «'tiis. Ct£ndum est vtutc: 
cTto pi5d8 l&bitiir ntiis. VinTct, -lustris labiintTbus, aeuis. LubTtiir dccultc, 
fallitqujf vtSIatTITs wtas. iEtiis DcstriiTt, et ccrta* submittit ciinctl ruinn*. 
N()8trS brSvis vcloxque a*tas H plenS liitHiriim. Cum matiira addlevi>rit 
Ktis. ObT quarta acci!sserTt wtiis. Annus vixit bls ccntiim, nunc tcrttS 
vivTtiir stiis. See ^irum, Viia, And for a description qf the golden age, 
tee Virg. O. 1, 125; Ov. M. 1, 89; Tibull. 1, 3, 35. 

aetcrnlt&s, atTs. Eternity, — PIIR. Tcmpus finS clrcns. ^i^uin pcrp^tuiim, 
aetcrntim. VitS pSreimTs. Expers princTpTT, ncscTi fiiiTs. Qtiae spitTu noii 
clatidTtiir iilld. 

aeterno, as. To immortalixe, — Pcr ntulos mcmoresquif fdslot ALternct, Ilor. Od. 
4, 14, 4. PHR. iEternum, pcrpetuCtm rcddo. 

vtcrniim. For ever, — Sedct, teternumque tedeblL Virg. JEn. G, G]7> See 

Kterniis. iMsting for ever, — Tum pdler ctlcrnd fdlur devinctus dmort, 
Virg. iEn. 8, 394. SYN. Pcrpetiiiis, pcrcnnTs, contTiiiiiis, sempTternus, 
TmmortiilTs. PHR. Fini< cSrens. STiiS rini^. VERS. liis fgd ncc mctAs 
rerCim, ncc tempdrS pono : ImpSrium sTnS fine dedi. iEterniim noscros 
lucttis extendTt Tn feviim. 

ether, Sris. The eelesiial atmosphere; the sky, air. — fndS mdre. tnde der^ Inde 
mther igri\fer Ips?, Lucr. 5, 499. Scindtt te nubety ct Yn aihird purgdi 
dpertum, Virg. iEn. 1, 695. SYN. Ccelum, pulus, ftlympiis (see Cadum); 
ier, tnanS. See Aiir, £PITH. Sacgr ; igncjiis, ignTfdr, dindens, firdcns; 
rSpTdiis, rSvSIubTITs, ITquTdiis, nttTdiis; CffiruiSiis, stelldtiis, aiireus, lucTdus. 
VERS. Riitt iirduus wther. GSItdiquS sub «tliSris iixi^. Orives Cdo fun. 
duntiir ib wtli5r2 nimbi. LtetTfTctisque dTcs Srat umnTbiis, aethSn^ puro. 

oethSrSiis, or Tiis. Of the air^ tky, — ^EtJicrHdt telum edntdrtU In adrdt, 
Virg. iEn. 3, 620. SYN. Acriiis; coslistts. 

AtliTups, dpTs. An Ethiopian; a negro, — jEthldpiim vertemiu ovettub tldcri 
Cdncrl, Virg. Ed. 10, Cl. EPITH. NTgri, atri ; uudi, horrtdi, defonpe». 

£tIion, Snis. One of the hortet of the tun,~^nicrSd voliicrct, Pyrdlty Ediis^ ct 
jEihon, Sotit iqui^ qudriutqui Phiegdn, hlnvdflbut aurdt FldmmlferU 
ImplenL Ov. M. 2, 153. AUo a harte ef Pallat, ton qf king Evander^ 
whkik wepi ai iit matier^t funeraL — Pdti billdidr iquut^ postfit intigtaimt, 
^ihdnj It IdcrjmdnSy giittitque hdmeoldi grdndUmt drd» Virg. JEn» 11« 89 

iE T JN A F P 27 

Ktlirl, s. Th€ elear tky ; iJW akr. — Nammtif vSlant rubra fuivut JovU aies In 
oiMu ViTg. JEtu 12, 247. SYN. CoeJun], ttther, pgliis; aer,Tiiin{, aur». 

^tniu A eMirat€d voicame motmiain in Sicily. The aneieniM tuppoeed ihai 
tha gianiSy when huried down/rom heaven inf Jupiier^ were bwried beneaih ii, 
and by their sirugglee caused ihe erupiiont ; iheg aiso beiieved thai iKeforge 
of Vuican and the Cyehps was benealh AI. jEtna,-.—Aitd jaeei vasfl siipif 
ora T^phoios jEina. Ov. Fast. 4, 491. £PITH. VulcanH, TriiutcrTi, 
Trinacrii, STcuU; flagrans, ignSS, sulfurS^ tgntfSrS, ardens, TgnTTSml, 
torndil ; fumans, ftimosi ; sdnans, r2«5nans. £nc£]&di tumiilus, s^pulcriim, 
Rupcs Trinacrii, VQlcanl^ Caiites TrinacrTdSs ^tne. SulfiirSas rruct&ns 
tn astr& fSvilJas. SiilfurSis ardens iornadbus. VEKS. Ciirvis immiigTTi 
£tal dlrerms. Vidimus iindantem riiptTs fdruadbiis ^tcam FlamnuU 
r jxnqiij^ glSbos ITqui^fact&quS volvlrC sazS. 

DeseripiUm qf ^ituu 

I Horrificis juzta tonat iEtna niinis t 
Interdumque atram prorumpit ad vtbera imberoy 
Turbine fumantem piceo et caudentefavilJd; 
Attollitque globos flammarum, et sidera lambit ; 
Interdum scopulos, avulsaque viscera montis 
Erigit eructans, liquefactaque saxa sub auras 
Cum gemitu glomerat, fundoque exsestuat imo.— Tir^. i£*ii.3,57I. 

iftutuafus. OfAltna. — JEtnafi Cgclop?Sy ifi nuc advertlie mcntvm. Virg. yi%u. 8, 

sfvrim. Length qftime, elemily; life; an age. — fnnumiTabinbus playU vca-ata 
p^ eevum. liucr. 1, 634. P^rp^tiiiimque avl Jiorem lihadamaiUhue haberHL 
Ov. 3f . f), 433. Tanium avi longlnqud valei miitarS vctuttat, Viqf. ^n. 

3, 4l.~>. SVN. Tn a>terniim; vitS, «tas; a-vi spJitTum. VERS. CorpdrS 
pcrii^tuo vuliiiire invictS p^r eviim. See /i^.tas. 

Af£r, fra, frum. African Armentartiis Aft^r aglt ; tectumquS iarcmqu?, 

Virg. G. 3, 344. VKRS. NotS mTIu frgtft sunt Afi*um frangcntia nttus 
^Cquoraque AfrS I^git. See Africcu 

IfFabTiTs. Courieous. — Nec vltn factils, neo dlctu affaUitlt xtltl, Virg. ^u. 3, 
021. SVN. ComTs, mitis, pIsicTdiis, blfmgnus, iirbunus, Immiiniis. 

aflPTiri, atus sum. To address. — Tum sio affarij ei curat hU demHr^ dlcfit. 
Virg. iEn. 2, 775. SVN. AUSqui, compcllar?. PHR. DTcils Hggredi 
V£RS. LScrymis afllibSr obortTs. Hostem supplcx aifurS supcrbiim. Af 
fatiirqug Deus, et sanctiim sTdiis SdorSt. Sic posTtum iUniti dtsceditS corpiis 
Inde prSdindd Aflfamiir Vcstam. 

aff attm. Abundantly. — SYN. Abiinde, lurgo, sutTs. 

aiEltiis, Gs. A discourse. — Aud^dtaffatUyquaprlma exordla tumui9\irg. JEn, 

4, 284. SVN. AIluquTum, scrmo. 

aflfectTo. An affeciion of the mind; a passion. See Affcctt^, 

aflx'Cto, as, avi, atum. 7*0 seek eagerly; to aim at — Fcr populot ddt jurS^ 
vldmque efffectdl Oiympo. Virg. G. 4, 5C2. SVN. CrpTo, tippcto, exquiro, 
ambio, arccsso. V£RS. Pliis ctTiim, quam quud sup5n3 cuntingSrS fis cst, 
Nesnfis iifl^ctas. Affectiisse feriint regniim coclcstS GTguntus. Venim iibT 
nilU& dStiir dextram iifl^ctarS potestas. 

ifrect&s, iis. Anemotion qf the mind; a passion — ThesiVit haud ulltcr dubui 
affeeiibut errai. Ov. M. 8, 473. SVN. AffectTo, studium. PHR. Wotri 
anTmi, mentTs, pectdris. V£RS. Quod ITcct iiflfcctii rZicTto laetiirTs. S~. rcu 
amplii ddmT, sTmTlisque iiflfectTbiis essSt. 

affero, attilli, allatiim. To bring^ carry. — Failt hue te poscentMus ajjcrs. 
Virg. iBn._ 8, 477. SVN. Fgro, apporto, iiddrico, me confgro. VKRS. 
AttiHit ipse vTris optitura casus hSndrem. ConsTIio hiiuc omiics &uum&qv.S 
vSIentTbus iirbem Afl^crTmijr. 

kfltTcio, eca, ectiitn. To injhtenefy make an imprestion 0», mcve. — Scd puCiut 
idrgls aff^a mxtnmMS. CatuU. 64, 92. JxL^^tir affecta tandcm ftiis£reri 
pSeiies. Prop. 2, 28, 1. SYN, Comm«v«o, mSvgo^ tiirbo^ vexo, perturboj 
aflngo, torqiico. ^ ^^ 

J8 A F V A G A 

•Lfnfd» XI, zuin. Tojur to, aliaeh ta^^ConerHSm pailinr radieem afflffMiirTA 
Virg. O. 2, 318. JffixuM tatSri^ jam qumrit tldfra dpacm. Virg. ^iu 10, 
161. SVN. Figo, annecto, oonnecto, jiingo, adjungo, oonjungo. 

iiffinTi. Related to, airted,~-Jus atiquod Jaclunt afftriia vlneutd nobHM, Or. 
SVN. Cognatiis, odnsangiiiniSSB, agnatiis, prSpTnqims. 

affinno. To assert, deetare. — QuiM idmSn ajprmity nit aeium m montlbtisj a''t 
In, Jmt. 6, 58. SVN. Assj^ro, ounfirmo, juro. 

affliitiis. Blown upon, btasted; inspired. — Fulminls ajlatos fnierdrrm v*vcri 
teUs. Or. £p. ex P. 3, 6, 17. J^ta est numfng qudnda, Viig. ^n. 6, 5a 
PHR. NiimmS impola&s, S^tiitiis. 

afflatiis, iis. J breathing upony breathy Uasi^^-JFulmin ab orif vhutj /rondes 
afflaiVnis ardenL Ov. M. 8, 287. SVN. Flatiis, &nhintiis. 

aflltct&s. Troubted; ^Hstressed. — AJtietut viiam f» iinibrU luetuqui irahelam, 
Virg. Mtu 2, 92. SVN. Infe&Cy mis2r, anxTiia. PHR. Fatis jactatixs 
Tmqiiis. Fitis usiis 2cerbis. Obrl&tiis umilm&is curarum fliictTb&a. See 

a/Higo, XI, ctiim. To dash againsty overthroto ; to harrass,.^Ter quaifr effiigi 
sdeibrfim cbrpSra terrm. Ov. 31. U, 208. SVN. Prostemo^ dejtclo: sdSido; 
depiTmo^ vexo. PHR. Vi impeUo^ stema Dfilonbii% mS£a vexo^ prSmo^ 
oonfTdn^ iirgSo. 

MOf as. To brealhe upon; to btasi; to inspire. — £i eaHdiim membris ajtdri 
vdpbrem. I/ncr. 5, 508. — FulnHfiis affldvlt vetUtSyeiebnflffit ignL yirg./En. 
2, 649. £t quody iibi indSmVis gH^Wis Vfniis affldt dmores. TibulL 2, 4, 
57. SVN. Inspiro. PHR. Flatii, spTriea, halitu oontingo, BiTTcTow VERS. 
Nds tibT primua Squis Onens iifflavTt inhclis. I^nTbiia affliui proxTml qitae- 
qu2 sSlent. Uos nScSt iiffliitos funesti taib2 vSnenu 

afflfio, affliixT. To Jtow to; to Jloek towards. — Atque kio Ingintem eSmiiiim 
dffltunssi ndvbrHm, Virg. JEiu 2, 796. SVN. Acciirro^ oonciirro, oonvenTo. 

affulgSo^ SL 7*0 s^ne. — Xbn Viniit affulsity nbn tild JHpltir hbrd. Ov. Ib. 
213. SVN. lUfulgSo. 

iffusiis. Poured upon; prostrate^-^pdrgitur dffueb cbmudy Bdcehi, «ML 
Ov. F. 1, 360. Jffusmqui jdeetU iumiilo. Ov. M. 8, 539. SVN. Fiisiii; 
Tnfusiis, aspersus ; strattis, prostritiis, dTffusiis. 

AfrTdL One ofthe great divisions qf the feorldj bounded on the east bg Arabia 
and ihe Red Sea ; onthe norih by the MedUerroftean ; on Ihc souih and wesi 
by ihe ocean. li was btti litile knovm to the aneientSj and supposed to be 
ihe abode qf aU sorts of monsters. — SHb qubrdm tUiiPs Jfrlcd tbnsd jdeeL 
Prop.4, 11,38. SVN. LTbj^i. EPITII. ArTdii, exiistS, SrenosX; divea, 
gemmTf^r&; f^rS, TncultS, inhospTtS. PHR. Tclltis plSgS LTbjFcS, Oetiili 
MauriistS, OSrSniintTcS, PiinicS. Or» LTbyc». NSmSdiim telliis. HorrTdX 
SrenTs orS. JEstTfSrn LTbjfcs iirvS. LTbj^» sTtTentTs SrenS, Monstroriim 
f&^x terrS, WSgTo. 

AfrTcanua. Afriean — Mdgiiis eedHri cdgls Afr^cdnts. Mart. 4, 14. 

AfrTc&s. African; ihe souih-wesi wind.^Jfr'icd Ullu. SU. 17, H- Jff^s ; 
et vdstbs vblvuntddsidirdfluctus. Virg. iEn. 1, 00. EPITH. HiimTdiia, 
ttTmbcsus, cSlTdus, pestTf^r, TrobrTfi^r, Tgnavtis, Tncrs, pTgifr, exTt&alTs, ntibTltis, 
fidus, pliivTtis. PH R. NiihTnfr vcntus, crebcrqiiS prdccllts. Frf tS ouncu. 
ticns, turbans. Fliictiis toU^rC pfitens. QuT frftS concTtSt ac2r Africua 
NubTf^r ACistralT prortimpcns AfrTc&s iixS. 

X^amemnon, or AgSmemno^ onTs. Son of Atreus and AcropCj and king qf 
Mycenm and Argos. He commanded the Grecian arthg in the erpedUion 
against Trog, md on hit return home ivas murdered hy his wife Clytem^ 
nestra and her paramour ^gisthus, — Cbftcldmdnt Dundl, stlmiildtqui Agd~ 
fnemnS volentes. Sut. Ach. 1, 553. Qub firiis injitstb ptCftt Jgdmemnama 
fcrrb. Ov. M. 13, 444. SVN. T^ntilTdes, Atridcs EPITH. Gr»ctis, 
Graius, ArgTvtis, ArgdlTciis, gSnSrusQs, p5tens, magnSnimtis; TntrSpTdtiay 
audax, beUatSr; djfpfittis, terrifTciis, MartTiis. PHR. Trojae pdpiiliitSr. 

. DSnSiim ductdi. MTUS d&ciim ductdr. TelltirTs dSctis ArgSlTca. l^hD. 
«largT, or T^ndSri, gSnSr. Jiig^Btus conjSffTs iistti. VTctTmS ooigiigfB. 
VGRS. IpsS Af^censpus magndrum ductiSr Achlvtim. Sed magni ccde( 
t.irilTs AgSincmniSnTs Atreus. 

AGA . AGG 29 

AfrXmemnonides, ae. Th4 painmymie of Oreslety 9om ^ j4ffam€tn7um,^Par 

jfi^Anemnonlda ertmin; $ed causafdcli rem, Juv. 8, 215. 
ill^SmeiDAdmiui. Of Agamemnon.^-AffamemnoriidtquiMycenda, Virg. .^ii. (i, 

il^gaiuppe, eMfOrm,A fawUttm ofBwoHOy ai thefod ef M, Heiicony taeod /c 
tKe ilfviML— ^OTitiT Midfitsto, ii Hjdntea Jgdmppe. Or. M. 6, 312. N^ 
Jotitm Jgdmppm. Virg. £d. 10, 13. 5VN. Hlppocrfne. EFITU. 
BceotSdi, Permis«a, Uflircona, Ujfantel, Adntl, duIcTs, giitS, &m(Bii&. 
PUR. Fons AginippeiU, Pi^^iis. Adnn lAticei. MusU sicSr, dicat&s. 

ilgimppeijs. Qf Agamppe, Par jfgdnSppea iudgri doetd l^rm, Prop. 2, 3, 20. 

AganippiSyidds. Of Agawippe, — Fdniet JfgdmppidSt Hlppoerenet, Or. Fast. 

Sgasov onis. A groom ; a muieieer,--JUi mSdSy t1 pdflnam pidd laptut frdngal 
dgdto, Uor. 8at. 2, 8, 72. 

i^g&thodes, is, or e5s. A iyrani of SicUg, 

Ag&thoUeits. Qf Agaihodet, — Hie Jfgdihoclett tedet 9mdid iripttJt, Sil. 14, 

Agithf rn. A peopU qfSegthia, who painted iheir ftair and bodies, — Cretctqfte 
I>rj5pctquifrhnuntj ptclique Jgaihyrth Virg. iEii. 4, 146. 

Agave, es. Daughier qfCadmut, and wife i\f Echion, She tlcw her ton Pen- 
iheut, wiih ihe attitiance of the Baoehanait, when he aitempied to pui au 
end io ihe riiet rf Baechut. — Jdtpici, mdiir^ dtt: vlslt vliildvfi Jgdve, 
Ov. Al. 3, 725. EPITU. CadnuJl, Thebanit, pcrfTdit, criiciia, fiireDS. 
PUR. FtiaCadniL Pentheiii mat£r. 

Sge, igSdum, and Xg&ls. Come, welly go io, — Dlc dgi, nam euneftt iddem esl 
audird vdidnidt, Ov. M. 12, ]77« £n dgidum donHtuB mcntim cdnverttH 
noeirm, Propert. 1, 1, 21. JVun^ agitlty quotHdm dScul riii potti eridrl, 
Lncr. I, 266. 

Sgell&i. A emalipieee ofground. — Quodnunquam viriii tumutf «/ pdttettSr 
dgeUU Virg. Ed. 0, 8. See Ager, 

Agenor, Sris. Son qf Belut, king qf PfuBniciOj andanuttor qf Dido,^Puriicd 
regnd vUety Tyr^y ei JgenSrrt urbem, Virg. jEn. 1, 33a 

AgenSriiis. Of Agenor,^DSmumqui Inirdi JgenSridm, Ov. M. 3, 307. 

Age iidrTdes, m, The paironymic qf Cadmuty ton qf Agenor, — Vlidt JgenSrldes ; 
PhoBblque drdenld suppiejc, Ov. M. 3, 8. 

Sger, agri. 4/Seidyfarm; iand, — Hue dgir illi miluty dtllccsque d fontWtt 
itndm, Virg. O. 2, 243. SYN. Campus, arvum; jugM, rur& ; telluii, 
terrS; hlunus, sdlum. EPITII. PingnTs, dives, la>tus, fccundiis, fifrax, 
SmopDiis, binignfis, almiis, ciiltiis, ubdr, fertTlTs, luxiirTdsus; vemans, 
florens; C^rSins, frugTfifr, tntTcStis, flavcns, fliivus; herbosiis, herbTf^r, 
vTrcns, graminSiis ; latus, p&tens, ipertiis, apric&s ; Cidfis, limdstis, iqtifisus 
rigijiis, trrigiifis, hiimTdfis ; aridfis, siccfis, stSrilTs, Tngratfis, indilt&s, ISpT- 
dosus. PUR. JiigSrft terrB. Camporum »qudr. Ag2r Sniratfis messTbfis. 
Oriniin hftbens. VcstTtus messTbfis. RSndvatfis ftratrfi. Friiges ciim 
fosnfirS reddens. FertlQTs iib^rS camptis. AmcenT jfigSrft dimpT. CdnsTtus 
arbSribus. Flavens messTbfis. L»td gramTnS vernans. Reddens sfttS 
betS. Ad si^etis TngifnTosOs Sgifr. VERS. Prwbet pdmft b«nTgnGs IgSr. 
Partfirit iilmQ» ilgSr. SternTt ftgros, stcrnit sfttft IntS, bdiimquS Iftborcs. 
Ptidvlrulentft fuga Rfitfili diint tergft pCr iigros. Ncc fdnSviitfis ftgcr gra- 
vTdTs canib&t SristTs. 

agger, 5rTs. A heapy moundy Imlwark, — Jggirfbut teptdm clrcumy et fluv^dlUmt 
undis. Virg. Mn, 9, 70. SVN. Acervus, tumfilus; viillum, muinmCn, 
propugnacfiliim. EPITU. Tcrrenus, firmus, ccrtiis, sccurfis, Ingcns, 
sdlTdus. VERS. Vastd septiis vTd£t BggM terriis. SfibTtus ntpti miinl- 
mTnS caespTtTs aggSr Prasbet scciirds Intra tcntorift sOmnos. 

iggSro, as, iiggSro, Ts. To heap iogethery accumulaie, — Inoendttque drikmim. 
didity dique dggirdi irdt, Virg. iEn. 4, 197* Jggii^ittr inmiito leOues 
tldni ManVmt drte, Virg. ^En. 3, C3. SVN. CongJro, cGmfilo, 5ggl5'n«ro, 
accumulo; aiig{<i. 

aggl5niero, as. To crowd together, unlte,-^Ei IdtiM agqlSmirant ndtirO. 
Virg. iEn. 2, 341. SVN. Appficn, adjungo, conjungo. 

30 A6G A6N 

iggrlvo. 7*0 weigh dawn; agffravaie, — Ttta mi^ catiU aggrSvaif Iflff OUSC Or 

SYN. Deprimo, dnSro, gravo; aug&>. 
aggrSdtSr, ens, aggrcssus. To approachf accost; to attack; to anter vpon. 
hegin,--JIis vatem aggrHdior dictls, ao tatld qumsd, Virg. ^n. 3, CfioS. 
tfltdrquH pdrerUis Aggriditur Prmtxim. Ov. M. 5,237. Aggr^Sdira o magryoa 
{ddffrJtjam tempiis) hSnores, Virg. £c1. 4, 48. SYN. Ad^ acccdo; invado^ 
SdSnor; suscipio, IncTpto, onfior. VER8. Talibus iggi^ditiur V^DJFrem 
SaturniiL dictls. Quin aspicS quantum AggrSdiarS ngfas. Alontam dictis 
aggtessS s^rorenu 

aggrega To assembUt» See Congrego, 

iptia. Act%v€j nimble.-^Ldssdbant dgiles aspifrd bclld vhvs, Ov. Fast. I, Z-1(L 
SYN. C32r, prumptus, vclox, &licSr, peniix, atus. 

SgitabilTs. Lighty easy to be moved, — Vdliicris dgWbfhs der. Ov. M. 1, 75. 

SgitatSr, orfs. A driver. — £t iqttorum dgWtSr Achlltls, Virg. vEn. 2, 4761. 

liglto^ as, avi, attim. To drive, eonduct; to to»s ahotity agitate; to pursue, cftojc 
^Ldnlggros d^tdrS grifges, htrtdsquS cdpetlds, Virg. O. 3, 287- Sccternm 
furXts dgVdtiis Orestes, Virg. JEn. 3, 331. Fudimiis ins^idVs totdque dgltii* 
vimiis Hrbif, Virg. JEn, 2, 421. SYN. Ago, duco, pello; jacto, vcrso. 
vezo, turbo ; persSquor, urgSo. VERS. Cursii tinudds agitobis dnagroak 
Intonsos SgitarSt Apdllfius aurS cSpHlds. Per somnos SgitatusTniagTnS fala^ 
Spumantemque Sgitab&t ifqiium. Cum qulbus \M Chdros lucls Sgitabit Tn 
altis. Incursant ramis SgTtatSquS robSrS pulsant. 

AjrlaiS, or AglSTe. One of&e Graces, — Cynthms ct Musa, Bdcchiis ift AglSV, 
Virg. CataL See Graiim, 

AglaurSs, u Daughter of Cecrops, king of Athens, She was changed into 
stone hy Mercury, for opposing his love for her sister Herse, — VidSrdl 
AglaHros fldvm secretd Mlncrva. Ov. M. 2, 749. 

igmSn, Tnts. An army in array; a multitudey number; motunu speed. — Agmfn 
dgens ClaiisuSy mdgniquetpse dgmitiis tnstdr, Virg. ^n. 7, 707- Grdnfje-, 
rumque agmcn subjectis spdrg^re T» drvls. Ov. M. 7i 638. Agmlnif remortim 
cifliriy vcntisqug vocdtis, Virg. JEn. 5, 211. SYN. CitervS, cxercTtus, 
cohors, phalanz; muItTtudo; Tiiccssus, mdtus, cursQs, m&nus. PIIR. 
Sucdnctum phSretris agmSn. Fulgens insTgnTbiis armis a^en. VER8. 
Campo sUftTt agmSn aperto. AgmTn^ facto Invadunt hostcin. VTdco per 
densS vdlantem AgmTnS ductSrem LTbyae. Sese medTum Tnjccit munturua 
Tn agmSn. Cl}rpeatSquS totis AgmTnS densantur campis. It damor, et, ag~ 
mTnS fact5, Quadr&p^dautS putrim sdnTtu qu&tit unguIS dimpum. Arma- 
tSquS plenlg AgminS se fundunt portis. TurbamquS sonantem AgmTnis 
aligSri. Immensum coelo vSnTt agmi^n Squarum. Terna agmrnS dcntis. 

agnSy e. An ewe lamb, — Ipse alri vellirU dgndnu Virg. ^n. 6, 240. Sea 
Ovisy Agnus, 

agniitus. Relatedy connected, See Cognaius, 

agnTnQs. Of a lamb. — PdCinds cmndbdt Smdsl Fi/T« ift dgnha, Hor. Bp. l, 

agnomSn, inTs. A sumame, — Ghiitiva dgndniind Cotta, Ov. £p. ex P. 3, 

agnosco, agnovT, agmtum. 7*o acknmcledgey own. — JKtieas dgnovit t-n/m^ 
lattlsqud prifcdtiir, Virg. JEn. 10, 874. SVN. Nosco, cognosco, perspTcTo ; 
f St^Sr, confTt53r, JidmTtto. VERS. Ciisiis mThT cogmius urbls. Sedooram 
agnoscSrS viiltus, VelntasquS c5miis praB8ontT5que 6r5, vTdebar. 

ignus. A lamb Sponti siid sdndyx pascentes vestiet dgnos. Virg. £cL 4, 45. 

SYN. Baliins, bTdcns. EPITH. MoUTs, liinTger, tSnSr, tSuelliis, tTmidus» 
mitTs, imbcIITs, blandus. PHR. LascivT sob^es gr^gis. Fetiis «SvTiim. 
V£RS. Biilatiis mntris per jugS longS sSquens. LuxQruns Ia>tTs t^iier 
agniis Tn herbis. PSvTdoquS fugacTdr agno. Siib miitribiis agnT BrUiitum 

^ cxereent. 

Agnus. For Christ. — PHR. Agniis sanctiis, slicSr, uinSoeiis, rnnoxTli& 
Muctandiis &d arikm sacram criicis. HostTS, or vTctTma, d&tS ioS&i 
hSmTnam pTando. QuT tiid criior^ sTgnavTt Tt& Sd astrS. Qii! v9)ciis 
cScTdTt hostTS siip^ro PSren^ Ciijiifl sangu^b delevSt hSmlntim crimTiiS. 

A O O A I O 31 

SgOf ^ icium. To dnoe^ eandueii to chafe, purtue; to g^ndey Ueert ie de, 
make, perform ; io urpej eompel — £i potiim paglae affg, Tttjre^ H ^ntir 
Sffendum. Virg. Ed. 9, 24. Demoleiie ciireu patantes Trode igibSi, 
Virg. jEn. 5, 2Go. Navem agire xgnmntt navU 0miL Hor. £p. 2, 1, 114. 
Jrden» ftniltem S^Jerro, Virg. F£,tu 10, 614. AgU m^eSrandd pdteKttis, 
Stat. Theb. 8, 2G2. SYN. iSgito, duco, pcUo; urgdo, pcrs^quSr; tniito^ 
ciiro ; g^ro, facTo, efTicio ; 2dTgo cogo. 

j^gonal». Pertainitig to ihe AgonaliOy a feoit and gamet^ held in the month qf 
Januarg, in honowr qfJanus, See LudL—Jdwl» jigimdil liiei pldndiie ih^lL 
Ov. Fast. 1,311. 

agrestxs. Jlustie; and metaph. savage, rude, not human, — Collectos drmSi 
Sgrestcs. Virg. JE,n. 8, 11. Agrcstem dctrdxli ab ori ffgurdm Jupiter» 
Prop. 2,' 24, 13. SVN. RurTcola, agrTctJlL Metaph. InurbunQ*, incu!. 
tiu, horridus, tncondTtus; fSriniis. 

iigrio51i, ». A husbandman, farmer, — Mdj^miU Agrldftis pilagoguS pardliltiir 
imber, Virg. G. 1, 429. SVN. Runcola, £ratSr, rillTcuii, rustfcus, agristTs. 
EPITH. RobustQs, impTgcr ; ind5mTt&s, tncultfis, pitTens, gnavQs, sSgilz, 
anxTiis. PHR. Ciiltdr Sgelli. ArvH cOlens. RurTs cSlonus. Curvi m5<> 
dSratdr Sratri. Qui terram Sratro vcrtTt, mdlitiir, sdndTt, czercift. RustTc9 

S~ibe8, turbS. Contentus parvo. Parvo b&tiis. FortTs pitTcnsqiij^ ISbdrum. 
ivTti» cujus sunt messTs H arbSr. Incurvo qui tcrram mdiitur llnitrd, 
bdves &ratro adjiingTt, SnSri supponTt, siib jii^ diicTt. VERS. AIT&Cris 
heu prsescTS longe Horrescunt oorda agricolis. Dicendum et quse sTnt durts 
agrestTlius armSl £t pl^ciis et fines paup^ris iigricdle. RedTt ligrTcdni 
]al>dr actus Tn orbcm. fortunatos nTmTum, sfiS si b5nS ndrint, AgrTcSIah. 

Agri])pS, a^. Son-in-law of Augustus Cssstrr: he distinguished himself at the 

ftalile of AcHum Pdrteatid, ventis et JJJs Jgrlppa sifcdtutis, Virg. /En. 8. 

C82. EPITH. FortTs, Tndytiis, clarns. 

Agylla. A eity of Tuscany : also called Care, 

Agf inniis. 0fAgyUa.^0rb1s Jgylttna sedes, vHi LjdlS qubndam, Virg. ACn. 
8, 479. 

alx ! s4las. — Spem grig^s, dhl sit\ce in nudd connlxa rillqtttt, Virg. 

Shcniim. A catdron. — Lttore Shcna Idednt aUt, Jldmmdsqui nHnUtrdnt, 
Virg. Miu 1, 217. SVN. Lebcs. EMTH. Ondans, pStuIum, t«pTdum, 
calTdum, cSviim, ardens, fcrvcns, spQnmns. FHR. Ignibus subjcctis spii. 
nmns. VERS. OrdTne ShcnS locTint SITT. Pars cSKdds IStTccs, 2t ahena 
ixndantTS flammis, CxpgdTunt. ^lagno vlSliiti cum flammS s5ndrS Virj^S 
siiggSrTtiir costis Cinc^ntTs Shenl. FSITis iindam ti^pTdi dcspiimSt ShcnT. 
ArdcntT decoxTt Sheno. AmjPclaeTs mSdTcltitm velltis Shems. 

ShcnSfis, or ahcniis. BraMen, — Tcrtfapost Jtlas successJt ahcniS protcs, Ov. M, 
1, 125. Indutgeni vJno, ct vertiint crdterSs Shcnos, Virg. jEn. 9, 1C6. 
SYN. i^reiis, ex apr5. 

ShcnTpcs, MTs. Braxen-footed, — NdrrSt Shentpides Mdrfis SrassS bdves, 
Ov. Ep. 6, 32. 

Ajax, acM. (1) Son qf Telamon, and one qf the bravesi qfthe Greek leaders at 
Troy ; efter the death of Achilles, hxs arms were a subject of dispute betwcen 
Ajax arui Ulysses, and being adjudged to the latter, Ajax in his rage slcw 
himse^. — AV qulsquam Jjdcem possit siipirdre, nT« Jjdx, Ov, M. 13, 300. 
S VN. TaSmonTSdes. EPITH. Audax, invictQs, (ortTs, sriperbus ; insAnus, 
fcrox. PHR. TmmdnScrfiitii8,sStfis,genTtiis. TSlSmonTS prolcs. T^IS- 
momus, SSl&mTriTiis heros. ImpStTcns ir»>. Clj^pSi dSmTnfiS septemplTcTs. 
Bello Tnterritiis. iEmiiliis Cl^ssTs. VERS. MartS fgrox ct viribus Ajax. 
Cui cljrpSiis septem terg^ fiier^ bSum. 

X jax. (2) Son of Oileus, king of the Loerians, Minerva, to punUh hU sacri, 
lege in profansng her temple by the rape of Cassandra, visited with a alorm 
the Greeks retumingfrom Troy, in which AJax perUhed. — Oiiiiis ob noxam 
eifiirids JJdcU Ollel, Virg. JEn, 1, 41. SVN. 0Tnd6s. EPITH. Im- 
puriis, Tmprobfis, nSfandiis, audax, sacrilSgiis, TmpTa^. PHR. Ffilmin? 
perciissiis, exiistiis. VERS. lUum ixspiirantcm triinsfTxo pcctSre flarnnuu», 
TCirbTnS oorripiiTt, scSpiiloque infixTt Scuto. ^ . 

STo,5Ts,Sit,oraTa To w.v— Vf/wo, fnt. iitendum: vires effumtUX vestrils. 

32 A L A A L B 

t>v. M. 1, 278, Quem seeiim palrtat arTiHi poriarSf Fhwitt. Wr^. JEa. I, 
4d8. SVN. Diou> affirmo, loquor. 
US. A wing,—XJi rgduca tUl luduni MirSdeniVms o/lt. Virg. JEn. 1, 401. 
SVN. PeniUL EPITH. Ij^vTs, tremiilS; ttrldulS, ttridens; extcnsS, 
SgitatS; pneccps, audax. PHR. Alariim reml^um. VERS. Vdlit ilU' 
p€r &M magnum Remtgio alarum. In <xelum panbus te suttulit alxa. P£. 
dibOt dfl2r, et pernicibui alis. Slinul aeihSri Terbjfriit a£a. Riidtt Ttrr 
Iiqnidum, c2lSres nSqu5 cummdvSt alaa. Screpitantibus advdUlt alia. Tre- 
pidiis in pect<$r& odncriliit alas. Agriis sublimem bustulit alis. lUf, Uhre« 
menscs, allsquS fugucibus aniu. 
iUlRtstrum. A bojc for per/umet. — Quod Coeml redSieni alabastrOf JSn^fmi 

Oeorum. Mart. 11,9. KPITH. Olens, Sdurum. 
Sl5i 5r, or lUilcrTs. Quidir, prompt, aeiive. — Stc riili in dentot ataeer Metten/iiis 
h^tiet. Virg. JEii. 10. 739. ErgoaldcrityCuncidtquipuidnt iMoederipaima., 
Ibid. 5, 380. S VN. Vclox, cSler : pSratos, prOmptus. 
AL~uii. A people o/ Scythia. — Nco ii Sarmdileo iraniii jflaniit fquo, Mart. 

Slapil. A blow on tlie cheek Mamfrcorum alapat. Juv. 8, 192. SVN. CulS. 

Allric, 'V Alaricus, i. A king o/ the Gothty who piundered Rome in the reiffn 
o/ IJonoriut, — Jiiimpe omnety JflaricifymSrat: hoc tmpigih' anno, Cland. B 
Get. 4:U. 
AlastSr, oris. One o/ the hortct o/ Plfiio, — DWtqui noid tignaiiit Jtlatior, 

Claud. Rapt. Pros. 1, 280. EPITIl. StygTiis, PIutnnTus, Mr, 
aliitus. Winged, — Vt primum aidPt tefitjii mdgdfid pldnJit. Vxrg. iCn. 4, 459 

SVN. Al^er. PHR. Alis Tnstruct&s, drnatus, mumtus. 
Uaudfi. A /arit._EPITH. Alntutiuii, levTs, trcmulfi, 15quax, dulcTs, blitndS. 
PHR. Itcraus dulccs qu^rcUs. VarTus quae duiTt Tn adre gyrija. Qua^ 
BidSril dinmuS mulc£t. LTnquens terras, et sTd5ri vdd^ sSqucns. NuntiX 
i«Ul lalxirifcri vcrTs. VERS. Cautilt, It iiscendlty ductoquS per iiSrl gi^ro^ 
Sc levitt Tn nubcs, et ciirmTnS sid£r& miilc5t. Occulit infloxd nidiim sTb? 
griimTRe alaudft. 
AlbK, or Albil IxingS. A ciig buUi in TAUiam by Ateanittty ton o/ Alneaa,^^ 
LHngdtn mulia vl munm Mbdm. Virg. /En. 1, 275. EPITH. ni2c2, A». 
GSuTa, Dardi&nTX. PHR. CUiri cognomTiiTs. Aibae siiis omTiie iiiiti. 
albatiiB. Clothed in white. — Fetlot dlbdtiit dSlebrcL Hor. Sat. 2, 2, 61. 
ilbio, uL To be white. — Sdngulne adhuc ; odmpique tngentet ottibiit dlbenL 

Virg. JRn, 12, 36. 8VN'. CiindSo, caiigo. 
albesoo. To grow white. — FldmmdrHm Idngot d tergo dlbctcvri iraciut. Virg. il. 

\y 367. SVN. AlbTco, caiicsco. 
albTco, aa. To beeome white. — Nec prdta cdnlt alblodni prfilnJt. Hor.Od. 1,4,4 
albTdut. JVhitish.~^pumdqi4i petO/erot circum/tnU dWidd riciut. Ov. M. 3, 

74. SVN. Albus. 
AlbTSn. The itland o/ Great nritain, SVN. BritmiiTS; AnglTiL 
Albulft. The aneieni tuime o/ the Tiber, — Mbiildy quem T^ibcrlm mertSt 7*1. 

bgrinut Tn iindd. Ov. F. 2, 389. See Tiberit. 
AIbiin& A/ouniain and grove on a mourUain near Tibur, to named/rom the 
nymph Albunea. — Lucotqug tiib dlid Contiitii AlbiinSd. Virg. iEn. 7» 8^ 
EPITH. R^sdnans, iilta, SpacS. 
Alburnus, ni. A mountain o/ Lucama. — PIMmvt Albiimum volitdwty etA 
ndmSn atllo. Virg. G. 3, 147- EPITH. Frundusus, Luciinus. 

elbus. JVhiiey pale; propiiiout Sulfurgd Ndr dlbiit aqudy /dntetquH VftinX. 

Virg. i^n. 7» 517> Algesy cum exciitsli membrls Clmdr dlblit arttidt. Pera. 
3, 115. S^ eiirreni dlbutjug dfety hdraquS terenm. Pers. 1, 110. SVN. 
CandTdiis, caniis, iilbcscens, candcsccns, Iiict2us, SbiirnSus, Sbiimus, nTvfiis; 
pdllTdiis: faustOs, lctus, fclix auspTditQs. PHR. CiindTdTdr nivTbiis. Qul 
cGndorS mves, candore anteirSt 51ores. Cui por nTtor IntactTs nivTbiit. 
Non dilcMta ciindTdTdri& nTv& GuididlSr c^cnd. VERS. Signatut tSniu 
mSdta Intcr airnfi& nigro: OnX luit labet; cstSrii lactia ^rant. Piirnii« 
rlasqu? notiis niis TutexQjt albTs. QuT o5I5r albiis Sriit, nunc cst contiinua 
ilb& Strf mSutriinqu^ grfiem» aut ilbum dfjecTt olnrcm. 


A.ltiaefis. ^/ fyrie poet ^ I^HiyUne^ t» Cu uU of i^tfxa. — TemplfrSt Jlcaii» t 

sed rebue ii ardlnS dTepar. Uor. £p. 1, 19, 28. £P1TU. LcsbiiU. 
iJcedo^ nua. A inngfither. See Aleifom, 

AloMik, isy or Alceste, ei. 7^ ufi/ff qfAdmehUy kmg qf Theuaiy, who died 
io preaerve her hualMMnd^ and wat broughi backSrom ihe shadee bff Hereuiee. 
—Jtoeeiimi it slmWe n permutaOS ditur. Jur % 652. EPITU. Thcft- 
sil2, Pii^ftsaeS. VERS. FaU Phgietiid» Gonjux PigSseS rMcmTt Fe. 
min&e virtatlt cSpfug, quod, pectdHS forti, Cistft m&rltafi succeMit ThoeSlA 
fat5 s InqnS suds migrarJS virum non abniiit annos. 
AJcides, ae. The paironymie o/ Hereuiet, from Au (frandfather Alceut ^yie 

vero Aieidea tdnHim teiiurft oblvlL Virg. Mn. 6, IM>]. See Hereuiet. 
AlcunSde. Tlte urife of jEtoUy and moAer qf Jaton,.^V6st Idmen Jlclmidet 

planeino sHpgremlnit omnet. Val. Flacc 1,317* 
■^UnmMon, ontis. A ceiebrated tcuiptor,.^^t nobU tdcm 'Alc\miMon duHpbcuid 

fniiU^ Virg. Ed. 3, 44. 
AlcAnJSJie, <5L Son of Nmmthottty and lang of the Phaaciant, in the itie &f 
Cort^rci. — Pbmaoue it AldinSi tilwB. Virg. G. 2, 87* EPITU. Cdrc^ne&s, 
nobHu.^ PHR. Hortorum cultfir. 
AlcithSc, ce. Daughter of Mxnyat : the wat changed intoa bai by Bacehutfar 
t&tdainmg lUt orgiet, — Ai non Atctthoe Mtnpftdt brgla eentHt. Ov. M. 4, 1 . 
AUanenX, or Alcmene. The wife ef Amphiiryony and mother qf Hercuiet.^ 
Ndm quod tejaetat Atcmena matri crgatum. Ov. M. 9, 23. EPlTll. Ar. 
g6Cs, Ilercul», indyt&, darS, nobills. PHR. Alcida miit&-, g^intrix, 
p&rena. Alat^r HercmSi. 
Alcoueon, 5iiiis. ^Soii qfAmphiaraut and Eriphiie: at the inttigation qf hit 
faiher he tlew hit mother; in punithment for which erime he wat afterwardt 
tormenied by the Furtfj.-lSVN. Amphlldchl friit^r. AmphBlnudes. 
VERS. Alcestamque £nphylen CrudeCs niiti moustr&ntem viilu^ra ccrno. 
Virff. jEn. «, 445. 
AlcouBSniiis. Qf Atcmmon..^ut AlemmSrifafurU, autJeJutOd Phinei. Prop. 

Alcon, onu. A ton qfEreetheut, eelebraied for hit archery: when a terpent 
atiaclced hit tony he thot it without injuring the chiid,^Aut AlcohU hdbet 
laudity ttut jurg^ia CddrJ. Virg. £d. 6, U 
alcyon, 5ni8. A kingfuher. — NHnc igS detertat dlloquor dicSonat. Prop. 1, 
17,2. SVN. Alcedo. EPITH. iequdr£&, desertfi, mceiitS. Vp^lS. TS. 
pidiim iid solem pennas in litorS pandiint DUect» Thttidi olcydncs. Pen* 
dentibus squdrS nldis Inc&bftt hlbemd tempdr& 
AlcjrSne, es. Daughter qf Adut, and wife qf Ceyx ; hearing qf the death ofher 
hutband by thipwrecky the threw hertelf into the teoy where they were both 
changed to kingfithert. — Ntl bpity AlcyonCy nobit tud vota tiilcrvnt, Ov. M. 
n, 661. EPITH. MoestS, vldiiS, trutu, dSlens, mlts^rft. PHR. Ce^cSd 
odnjuz* V£RS. MuSrum ri&pidas gSminat Ce^c& p€r iindas. AlcjfonesquC 
dSb&nt inoestiim per ntdr& carmSn. Ce^cis &ves rSpStunt iid ntdr& qucstus. 
alcydneus. Of the king/!*her.~~^loyoned vocdnt. Ov. M. F. 77« 
alBL A dicy diee; chaneey luck. — Sunt dltit tcrlptay qiHbut alHd lvd%tury drtet, 
Ov. Tr. 2, 471. EPITH. Pertciilo8&, vetTt&, pra^ceps, falBx, ditmnd8&, 
anceps, diibiS, f&giendS. VERS. Liidltiir iUif& pemox. Non me t£n£t 
aia f all&x. 
algat<$r, ons. A diee^playery gametter.^£dilem vocdt udiit alidtSr. Alart 3, 

85, 5. 8YN. AI2a EPITH. TurpTs, fallax. 

Alecto^us. One qfthe Furiety daughter of Acheron and Nox. — Liictlf^eam 

Aleeto dirdnun db tedi tororum. Virg. Mn. 7, 234. EPITH. StjfgT&, 

Cocf til, infera&; fitr&, f)irTbund&, crudelTs, torv&. PHR. Vlrgo 8&t& NdctS. 

Virgo edTt& N6ct«. See Ftirke. 

AleTus. Lydan. — Qtiique ab iquo prwcept Ti» Ateid dididlt arvd, Ov. Ib. 257 

Alhnanni, or Al&manni. The Aimainty a people of Germany, — Haus Ald- 

mdnnorum tpofSiey Auttrdiibut iUd. Claud. See Germani. 
alW, dnts. A dioer.^NUi tmpudicuty ei voraxy H alio. CatuU. SYN. 

ilg«,TtTs. A bird.~-Ndmqui voldnt rhbra fiilvut Juv}t alit -Hi^thra. Virjr. JEn. 

• • • ■ ■ Digitized by VjOOC 5 


12, 247. SYN. AvU. viaiicrts. VERS. Dt serpenSy quim r^ i 

HH, Nunc quSque in alitibus ficandiS prisdl rfananrilt. AlitSs in pim 

stibttam oonlectS figuram. 
at^s, 1CI8. Adj. Winged^ swifL—IruSf rifcerienlit DifuM SMjHe^U ales^ Ver^ 

Ov, M. 2. 714. S YN. A%Sr, ydlans, ▼Slucris; yeloxy dtiis, cflir, pr^ceBa. 

VERS. Passu vmt iKti virgo. Funda belll ger€ns Balfiuis H iGil 

plurobo. ChldridJSs alSs SquQs. 
Aleiandi^r, dri. Son o/ Philipy king of Maeedon, emd eonqueror of Peram ; ht 

was tumamed tke GreaL — ForfU Jlexandri vuUum ttmuSmnaf ftaod A 

Hor. £p. 2y 1, 241. EPITM. Mngniis, audaz, pdtens, bell^Sr, m»gnt% 

intrcpidus, felix, strenuus. PHR. PeUaBiis juvSnis, duz, hcros, /nm 

PeliOy a eitff qf Maeedoma. Pellsa rex natus Tn urb& InsiipinUiOa 

amiis. Cui fortis dextSril belld. ImpStlens ir». VERS. Ontis PelM 

jiivtni non suffTcTt orbTs, ^stuSt infelix angustu limTt? mundi. 
AlcxandriS, or Alexandrefi. A citif qf Egypt^ near ihe mouih ofihe Xiie,imiR 

by Aiexander. — Porius, jfiejtandria tuppiex. Hor. Od. 4, 14, 34. 
AlcxTrhSe, es. A nymphy thedaughier qfthe river Granicus Fcrtur Jfiiefr» 

hoe, Grdnlco natd btcomt. Ov. M. II, 7^ 
AlexTa. A youth on whom VirgU wrote his oecond Eclogue. — Fdrmdsum pasior 

Corifddn ardibat Jfiexfn. Virg. Ecl. 2, 1. 
SlgH, tB. Sea-weed. — Saxdfrcmvnty idtSrique iitisd refundiiur aigu. Vir^. ^Sn. 

7, 590. EPITH. M&riua, ntdrSS; vilTs, putris, prujC-ct^ 
algSo, alsi, alsum. To be coicL — Muitd tfitti fediiqug piicr ; suddvit St alilL 

Hor. A. P. 413. SVN. FrigSo, algesco, frigcsco. See Frigeo, 
ilgTdiis. Coid.~,~£go vXt^dls algXda Ida rifve Smlctd iScd eoidm, Catull. 62, 7a 

SYN. FrigTdiia,gaTdiis. 
Algidum, i. A mountain t» Etruria. — Quaque Jventinum tSnift, AigidumiqKim 

Hor. Carm. Saec. 69. EPITH. FrigTdum, nTval^, frondosum. 
TUSa, Oiherwise. — Jtids jusium siiy neenS poema. Hor. Sat. I, 4, G3. 
SlTbi. Eisewhere.^Nec tdm pnesentcs dilbi cognoscM Dtvos. Virg. £cL 

l, 42. 
SITcitTgSuS, as. A stranger ; foreign. — £i nervos dtietiigHnls cx parfibus cssX.. 

ImcT. I, 861. SYN. Extcrniis, cxt2riis. 
SlTcno. To part unlhy seliy estrange. — SYN. Vcndo; scparo; reinoveo. 
Xlieniis. Strange, foreigji ; belonging to another. — Hlc dilcnus orcs crisic^ lA^ 

miiigct t» hord. Virg. Ecl. 3, 5. 
filTfgr. Winged.^Anftrd toltitur axS Cercs. Ov. Fast. 4, 662, See AH^xr, 
uITgi^r. Winged. — Ergo hls dtlgSriim dictis dffdtur Jfmorcm. Virg. ^.ii. 1, 

663. SYN. Alatiis, alSs, pcnniitiis. PHR. Alas gerens. Pcunis, aBs in- 

UTmentum. Food. — Atque tpsa v^Cfis sitnt drimcnld vfccs. Ov. Fast. 1, 214. 

SYN. Pfibiilum, csci, cibus; nutnmcntum. VERS. Ipse alimcntS sTbi 

maxTmS pnebSt Emur. DesTdTaa mollcs vTtTis alTmcntii mTnistrant. Lactisqu« 

Slimentft dSdcrS. AdspTcSre, et mTsSro prasbere alTmcntfi furon. Ncc 

tiintiim s^Stes, SlTmenUiquS dcbTtS, divSs Poscebatiir hiimiis. 
SITo. To another piace. — AiquS sdids drto vidi trdditcSre messcs. Virg. £d. 

8,99. . . 

XIToqui, or SHdquin. In other respects. — Aitt dndqut Fdmostis. Hor. S. 1,4, 4. 
iilTpcs, 2dTs. Ilaoing unngedfeety swifl, — AfipSdi vfliiiils, taiiriis ilbly silmimi 

Diorunu Ov. M. 4, 756. Atiptdumqui fiigdm eursu tentdvit Squoritm, 

Virg. JEn. 12, 484. SYN. AKggr, alatus, alis ; pcrnix, vclox. 
STiptea, 8B. One who aiunnts tdM oU. — GeometreSy piclor, dilptcs. Juv. 3, 79- 
fllTqurmdo. Sometimes Orbdturd pdtres dHqudndd fiiimlnd pdni7t. Ov. AI. S, 

391. SYN. Nonniinquam, interdiim, quiindoque. 
ISliquantiim. Sometohat —tCtqud mit versiis dHquantum noctls hdb&funL 

Ov. Ib. 61. SYN. FaulOm, ndnnihTI. I^vTtSr, paCilisp^r. 
fllTquTd. Something — Est dttquld nupnss<i Jovlj Jovfs esa^ sororem. Ov. Fiift. 

6, 27. SYN. QuTd, nonnihil. 
SliquTs. SomCi some one Aiit Hliqutd Idiit error: gquo ne cred^tiS^ TeuerU 

Virg. Mn. 2, 48. IndS mdnus dTtquSs dcspectiis dd otthM tdiiins. Ov. M, 

;i, 404. SYN. QnTs, quTdam, nonniiJlris. Dig,,edbyGoOgle 

A L I A L L 35 

SBquSt. S^me^ a few. — Potl Stlquoiy m?S regnS vtdimMf mSrSbLr, hitii§. 

Virg. EcL 1, 70. SYN. Quldam, DoniiCtin, U!quL 
inar. I» ony oAer teap — Sed gula nrn atUer vlree dSm amtObiU 
- Virg. 6. 3, 286. SYN. SSc&s, Uuis. PHR. Att^ Atloni, m 

SIiund& From anoiher phce, — STve^ atiundS Jiiiins, liucr. 5, b2X 

Ififis> S, ud. Gen* 2fiQs. Another, othcr, — Nbn otfos prima crcteintit Srlg^ini 

iHundL Virg O. 2, 336. fptd dlct aTioi alU didli ordiuS Liina, Vinr. O. 

iSibjIr, ^ru. To gHde hy; to arrwe ai; rea^,^-^Sed mXre^inlofftnMum ereeeenH 

ai&UUur tuiu. Virg. Mtu 10, 292 — Jniigws Cureium allablmiir orls, 

Virg. Mn. 3, 131. SYN. Juxta labdr, fluo. Acc^do, advenio. VER8. 

Niknt^ fsanSk rtut miitxisque allabltiir aures. £cc2, viro stridvns afis aUitpsi 

^Dabdro. To labour ais io add wiih eare, — Simpnei mjrio nlhli atUUtores, 

Hor. Od. I, 38, 5. See Laboro. 
iDatro^ as. To barlc aL^AUaire$ ilcSi utquS nos. Alart. 6, 61, 1. Sce iMiro. 
alUtus. Brought io ; offered. S«>e Affero, 
allcgo, as. 7*0 adduee in pTOoJ,^AUegdtitgtti tubt wtrdque a tang*iinS Divoe. 

Stat. ^ch. 2, 225. 
ill^o, Ts. To choote, admii, See Eligo. 
allegdrDL (Gr. AX}^r,y-.fta,) An aliegory, 
ill^ro, as. To astuage, reiieve. — It mSd membra iSnct; nee vlrlbiit ailSvar 

uiiis. Ov. Tr. 3, 8, 31. AUSvai, ei ibngat per hachid porrlgft aiat. Or. Al. 

8, 544. SYN. L^vo, sublSvo, mittgo, mdifio, lcuio; tullo^ crlgo. 
Allik. A river running into the THlterf near Romey cclebrated for a decitive 

victary gained iliere bg Brennut and ilte Gault over ihe Itomant. — Qubtf/ui 

tScant infautium inieriuii Amd nbmSn. Virg. Mn. 7, 717* EPITII. 

FlebiKs, grSvis, infaiistiis. VERS. £t damniitX diu Romnnis AUiI fastts. 

Alajdr ^t horrincis sese extulit AIIBi ripis. 
iUuno, exi, ectfim. To inviie, entice. — AlHe^iiint tomnot temput, moivsquf, 

mcrumquS. Ov. FasL 6, 981. SYN. Invito, trrilto, nttrSho, TtKlfico, illicio. 
allxdo, is, si, sTim. To dash dotvn, — CrclSd pertoua, aliidat piltBvS trabivS, 

Lucr. 4, 297- SYN, Iltido, impingo. 
alligo, aa. To biwi to, holdfatt — tJiicd non alilgat ancord morth, Virg. Mw. 

1,175. SYN. LTgo, oGllTgo, vincTo ; stringo, iistruigo, ob$crtiigo. VEHS. 

Torpur gravts allTgftt urtus. TardTiquJS paltis liiiinmbLJTs uiidii AUTgut, et 

ndvTes St^x intcrfrmfi cScrcSt. 
alfino, ini, or evi, Ttfim. 7*o besmear, bedauh rncdmpllt alilnei airiim» 

Hor. A. P. 446. SYN. LTno, uiigo. 
allTiim. Gariic. — Aliid terpjlinmque, herUit eonttintill Hnilit. Virg. Ecl. 2, 

II. EPITH. Oltiis, rifdolcns, acr?, grSvcolciis. PHR. Gravtin spiraits 

ddorem. GHtvTi^r HfdSlens. 
AllobrSg^s, um, and Allobrox, SgTs. A wariike people of Gallia Narbonentis, 

— Rufilm, qul tSCtcs ClcSronem Aiiobrfkfd dixil, Juv, 7, 114. Novisqui 

rebHs tnfldcils Aildbrox, Hor. Epod. 16, 6. EPITIl. Iitcult', rruICs, barbari, 

montTc5Iap, mdntaiiT. PHR. RliudtTiieia pubes. 
A]l<H]unr, SrTs, ItSditus. 7*o spealc to, atldress, accost. — pMremd murfcns iumSn 

fiiidquor hord, Viiy. Ed. 3,20. SYN. O^^mpelld, fis. PIIR. Aggredior 

dictis. VERS. Talibus alldquTtur rdpftCns siTspiriil dlctis. Taiidem his 

iEneam oGmpelLTt vocTbiis ultrd. Trtin slc rcginam rtlirtqiiTtur, cunctiiiquS 

r^pent^ Improvisus JGt. 
alloquTum. A conference, conversalion. — Ausiis Ss fdidfju^o tutnniilssS tito. 

Ov. Tr. I, 4, 3. SYN. ColISquTum, aflfatus, vcrbS. 
alliTceo, alliixi. To shine. See Luceo. 
ailudOjTs, 81. 7*0 sporl tvith, jest Ncc piura, dUudent: Sd vos aiidiid IdbbrRm, 

Virg. iEn. 7, 117. SYN. Ludo, jdcor. 
alliio, is, uv Tojiow ncar; to wash upon — An mdrS, qubd snprd, tnXmlirem, 

quodque dUiiift tnfrd, Virg. O. 2, 168. SYN. Prwterfluo, iiUabSr, humccto 

inTgo. ^^-"^. 1 — — - 

allttvTe», Tel. A land^Jbod. See Diluvium. /^^Om&'^A , . 

/p V^ «.I Vi I 

S6 A L M A L T 

Almo^onYs. A irUnUarjf siream qflhe Tiber, — i^tirsipte jfnfenls a^iug, t 
brgvMmiU Mmo. Ov. M. 14, 329. 

alnus, 1. The aUer. — MaiafirmU guercus: nSrtUsoJlorifai alniis. Virg. Ed. 
8, 53. EPITH. FloxningX, flQvlalis: vindans, longX. PUR. FlJicfih&s 
aptiSr./ lmid& frStis; aptil miii, undia. VERS. AtquS aSlo proccrat 
en^lt alnos. Qoantum veHS n8v5 viridls se surngit ahius. Procumliitqiii 
teres vu£us nuficib&s alniis. Submisit canas aln&s opact o&nas. 

Uo, Xlui, ilitum, et altmn. To feed, maintainj inereate, — Binoi alU vLfri 
Jetu». Virg. £a 3, 30. SYN. Nutrio, pasco. PHR. AfimenU do, por. 
rigo^ subministro, supp^to. FerrS cibum. VERS. Divi^ Uitor ]ux&> 
riosQs Smdr. MontS decurrens vSlfit amnis, imbrcs Quem sQper noti» 
iluerl ripas. Longaque Sfit assuetiidine flammas. 

S2de, es. The aioe; metaph. bUtemeu.^Plus aloes quam melHs hibiL Juv. !>, 

180. SVN. AmarX, ingratS. 
^loeus, S5s, or Si. A giani, son of Titan and Terra. — Impius hane proiem 

superts fmmtii/ jfloeus, Luc. G, 410. 
Aloidcs, ». The patronymic qf Otus and EphiaUes, sons qf Aloeus. — Illc H 
Aldldas ffimlnos, tmmanfa vldl. Virg. ^n. (i, 582. 

Alpcs, lum. A range oflofty mountmnSy separating Ilalyfrom Franee. — Aiqtaa 
Jlpes immuat apertas. Virg. Mn. 10, 13. EPITH. ASriae, niibif^ni-, 
nimbosae, cels», cxcelsae, canie, &pertSB, alt«, desertas, horridae. PHR. 
Alpiiu montes. AIpin& jQgS, ciciimTnft. Alpinae rupes. ArdiiX mon^ 
Alpihi f^Tes. V£RS. Adriasque Alpes, et nubtf^r Apenniniis. GSata» 
tninsvdl&t Alpes. OSfidas Caesar ciirsu s&pSravSr&t Alpes. Ct primum 
aethSWSos transcendens uttTgit Alpes. The word is sometimes, but rarefy^ 
used in t/te singular number. — Nec quot apes Hyble, nec quot in Alpe feraa. 
Ov. Ar. Atn. 3, 150. 

Alphaas, SdTs Cum caput ElTis JlpheXds extSnt undts. Ov. Al. 5, 48?. Seb 


Alpheus, ci. A river qfElis in thc Peioponnesusy supposed hy the anaewU t» 
be uniled ufith thefountain Arethusa in Sicilyy by a seeret passage under ike 
sea. The Olympic games were celebnUed near iL — Ciincid mihiy J/pheum 
Hngiiensy lucosqug Molorchi. Virg. O. 3, 19. EPITH. Ctier, rapidfia, 
occultus, rSoonditus, fugaz, abditus. PHR. PulvSrS notiis OiympToci. 
VERS. Alphciim (ama est huc, CfidTs amnem, Occultas egissS vias siibter 
mfirS; qui uunc, Ore, Arelhiis5, tiid, STciilis oonfiinditur undis. Alphiua, 
GStTcis aiig^stus Sccrvis, Tardior ad Siculos iStiTunniim pergit Imorcs. 

Alphcus, a, iim. O/ the Alpheus. — Aut Jlphed rotis prmtabl Jlumtnd Pists 
Virg. O. 3, 180. 

Alpin&s. Of ihe Alps..-~'Jddi trtiees Lipiiti mbtusy Jlplndqui bclld. Liic h, 

altar^ Ts. An allar. — Sls senos cul noetrd dtes ditartd fumdtU. Vir);. Ecl. i, 
44. SVN. AriL EPITH. FumTduro, thurguno, sacrum. See Ara. 

altc. Oa high. — Non tdmin hac alie vdiucrts siid corpord ibiilt. Ov. M. 8, 25G. 
SVN. £zcclse, sublimS. 

altSr, alt^rTQs. One qf two ; the secondy ihe nejei. — Slsgtdf dM numerdnt awthS 
pieusy altir Si htedos. Virg. EcL 3, 34. JKSr db undecfmo ium me jam 
cepMi anniis. Virg. £t pbssum dliifius curas sandrg rccentes. Properc 
], 10, 17. SVN. AITus; s^ciindus. 

iiltercatTo, onSs. A leranglingy dispuie. See Jurgiumy Rixa. 

altcrodr, lirTs. To contend, dispute. — JltcrcdntS iSbtdlnlbHs trifmU ossd pdvmi, 
llor. Sat. 2, 7y 57. SVN. Rixdr, jiirgdr, contendo, ccrto. 

altcrnntus. Takenby tums. — Jtque diterndids sScldto consulif fasees. SiL 

altcrno, as. To iake by iums — Hac ditemdnti poitor sentenftd vlsa esL 
Virg. JEn. 4, 287. JUemdri v-fccs. Ov. M. 15, 409. SYN. Alt^rnis igo, 
dlco; %'firTo. 

altemus. By turns; one afler another.^Vlx hbstemy aitcrni si cbngrSdidjrnly 
hdbemiis. Virg. ^n 12, 233. 

altlrut£r, utriiis. One or tht other — Ety quod db aif(riitra dej^rajnijMrt^ rh 

POIII^ Lucr. 5. C84. * bigitizedbyGOOgie 

A L r A M A 37 

i]tli»2, ae. Wife o/ JEnem^ kkng tf jEtoiia^ and mothercf Meieagtr, £e« 

Meieaper^^Cvm vkUfi cjfHneiit frairc» Jithma rtSfcrri. Ov. AI. 8, A\^ 
ilt3!i. Fat^ rieh, — Nee eommim fieiiis iaudo eaiur alitrium ; fje* Uor. En, I, 

iLlSilinwL Iliph^aoHndinp, — AfarottUJii^fsimidulflam/Saennaearmlnapaimam. 

Jur. 11, 178. PHR. Alte 151151», HfwSiiniis. 
ildtutiiins. IlHfl^4hundeHnff,~^iaiSnant VuUftrnue, ifi Aiisigr fvimln^ poitene. 

JUicr. 5, 744. 
ildtudo^ iifTs. HeighL See Caemnen, Fasiigium, 
altiTdlani. Soaring. — JiTtvSidne jtotgrai^ nequH mtignM «tciM miittdl, Lucr. o, 

iltnx, uSi. A nttrse. — £i ierram altrlecm smi ixeeramHr CiSsMts» Virg. Mtu 
3, 273. SYN. Nfitrix. 

altum, T. The deep. — Vur e ednspccin Slculm tciliiris Yn aitfim. Virg. iCiu 1, 
34. See Mare. 

altttf. //i^A; deep; prqfouud; noUe^ iofly. — Majorcsipil caditnt aiiis de mon» 
fihiis undrrm. Virg. £cl. 1, 84. Quod modS pontiis Mi; guosoue aitfm 
lexmi aouor. Ov. 31. 2, 263. Jiltiium pgciidumgUiS gifnus t^^Sr aitiis 
haleitaL Virg. ^n. 8, 27. Ti slni^ nli aUfim mens InchSaL Virg. O. 3, 42. 
SYN. Cclsua, rxcelsQs, pnicelsus, sufnmus, eliitus, sublimls, proccr&s, 
supromus, edttus, irduiia, aSri&s; pri^fuudiis, im&s; mTigiius, excellens, 
nobilis, grandls. PHR. SidSrS tiingeiis, Tn istrS surgens, U slder& crcctus. 
SHdirTk vertlcS pulsons. VERS. StabSt hxtA silcx, altlssTmS visii. Turris 
S^rit vasto suspectu et pontibus iiltTs. ^tneos fritrcs o«ld cXpTu altfi 
flhrentcs. Ipse ard&tis, ilt&qulf pixlsSt SidSriL Diim cfiUt, et mSdlo Sol est 
ildsilmus drb& £xp&ITt hanc sstnguis, seque ejIdUit&a Tn iltiim EmTcXt. 
RegiS Sdlis ^rit siiblimibus alU coliimms. Ntilld qu5 vertTol telltis lltT&s 
uit&muit, prJ$pTiisqiie acccssTt Olympo. SiibnniiquS mTnins issiirj^Tt ftd 
aethCrft tccto^ Ostcntaiis altam, Phfirds ut MemphitTctt, tiirrim. Slc 
tiirrTbQs iltis Ardua, ut aSrias Intrcnt fustigTA niibcs. PcrqiiS lllcui 
iltos, it 51entT& siilf tirS fcrtur Stitgna. Non altd r£p£tit P&ph8ii aequdrl 
dnctiim. Quld me altil sileiiti& cogTs Riimp{r& Al&ntt alta mcntf 

ilvSkrTum, or by Synesresis alveari&m, i. A bee^ioe. — Seu lcnto fiiSrini atve» 
Sfia v»m\ni tcxtd. Virg. O. 4, 34. EPITH. Olens, rSdSlens, plngii£, 
vimTiiStim, mciHfi&um. PHR. Apum scdcs, dom&s, cubllS. CcriUl tcctii, 
GBStriL See Apes. 

ilvS&s, I. The ehannei or hed qf a river^ a trench ; tlte hoid qf a ship, a ship ; 
ahowL — Prmo rapV alviiis umnL Virg. O. 1, 203. Foriabdt stlnciik 
alvSut liiS vTrof. Prop. 3, 5, 32. £rdt divSus itne Fdg^nHvs. Ov. M. 8, 
C52. SVN. Fossa; ftind&s nivTs. V£RS. Plciios dtpTt iilveu» amiies. 
JlssuetiB ripis vulucrcs, et fltimTiiTs iilveo {by Synmresisfor v\\^). Antiqiid 
sQ& fliimTnJl reddidTt iilved. AssTlTiint fliictiis, imoqiie it gtirgTt£ pOntui 
Vertltur, et ciinas ttlv5&s haiirit &quits. 

Sliimnus, i, and iliimnJS, k, f. A nursiingy pupil — RisVj A, IIos iisiis presstH 
tm^ dU% alumnus. Ov. AI. 13, 624. GaudCt mid, diu-it diiimtM. Ov. M. 
10, 442. SVN. DlscTpulus. 

UtitS. Leaiher ; a shoe. — JppSsttam nlgra tundm subtejeli aliiia. Juv. 7, \V,2. 

alvGs, i. The beiiy; the womb. — JrgutumquS odput, brSofs dioiis, SbcsdguS 
tlirgd. Virg. O. 3, 80. Ceh mdtrls Ym divo Crevcrunt. Ov. M. 1, 420. 
SVN. Vent^r; viscer&, ilVL £PITH. Capilx, durS. V£RS. TumTdam 
•ic expITdit nlvtim. CTIkjs uvTdTtm condcliSt Tn alvtlm. 

&mibTlTs. Loveiy, dcsiraide. — HcspotuivrS pdriisy seu cond^s dmdl!\iS cdrmfn. 
Hor. £p. 1, 3, 24. SVN. Amaudus, dCilcTs, grittns, jticiindiis, sitavls. 
PHR. Digiius itmi^rT. Multo digiiiind&s &nior2. FruiitS H mciitd liSingn&s. 
Qui sTbi ooiicTITat mentcs. Qtii pcctorS miilc5t, delciiTc, rfipTt, ullTcit. 
Oculis qtti sptr&t Smorcm. 

imabTntiSr. AmiaUy^ sweeily^Liislt dmdbMMcr. Uor. Kp. 2, 1, 148. 

imalthca. Dautjhier of Mctissus, king qf Crcte ; skefcd tltc infaniJupiter on 
goais' mUIc inthe isie qfCreU.^Ndis JmaUhcd Cretmd nobWs Ida. Ov. Pwt 
5, 115, PHR. JCtIs putrix. 

38 A Al A A M B 

&inritis, aiitTs. A hver.—Jupit€r cx tilio pcrjui^a rld^l amantflm. Or. Ar. Aic 

1, G33. 5*771» decepld iiiJs, Zi dmant, ei faemltuiy verbU. Ov. Ep^ % G5l 
SVN. Xmritdr; prSciis. PHR. SttmuHs rigitatus Smons. Amorif captua 
raptQs, firdctis. Quem moUltcr unt slmSr. Saucius cupidTn& See Amo. 

Xmaracus, or ilmriri&ciuum. The herb siceet-mmrjoram, — tjlti mioltU dmaraefU 
tUum. Virg. iEn. 1, 007« tosics qu^ suj^erbos Ofufft dmdrddlno. Lucr. 4« 
1170. SVN. Sampsuchum. EPITH. SuavTs, dulcis, Slens, Sdoratual 
y £ RS. SpTrSt St e xutTdu gSjualts amarilcus arls. Cumpos prasmdllts Sma- 
rucus ambit. 

Smanint38. The amaranihy an evertasimg JJower — Hds, hjldcinihS, tifna f 
UldSf dmdrdntS, mornfis. Ov. Fast. 4, 4:i9. EPITH. ImmortilTs, astcnicia, 
pSrennT&, perpStuus; Hdrens, purparcus, Kmfcnus, gnltus. PIIR. Marccs- 
ccrc iicscTus. murccsccu?. Cui flos pcrp<^tuus. 

SmrirttTcs, TeT. BiUertiess. — Qua dulcem cnrJs mJscci dmdrlticm. CatulL 
68, 18. 

Smfiror, orTs. Biiiemess Trisfid tciitdnium scnsn torqncLlt dmflrdr. Virg. G- 

2, 247. SVN. AmarTtTc*. 

Sinfirus. Bltter; metaph. satlj unpleasant. — FldreiUcm cyffsnm^ ci sdtta's enr- 
pcCis dmdras. VirJGf. Ecl. 1, 79- Nfino ei dindrd dlcsj ci nocCis dmdr^iSr 
iimbrd. Tib. 2, 4, 11. SVN. Accrbiis. Metaph. Moestus, tristTs, ingrntua, 

AmaryllTs, TdTs. Tfie name of a eonntry gWl. — RHsdndrif ddccs Jfmdr^lttdS 
sVuds. Virg, Ecl. 1, 5. EPITH. Formosa, pulchra, vSnustS, sTmpIox. 

Amascnus. A river of Ituli/y falling inio t/ie Tgrrhenian Sea noi far from 
Tarracina. — Ecdfy fiiga mvdio^ summJs Jtmdscnus dbunddns. Virg. j£n. 

AmTisTs, Ts. A king qf Egypt. — Non niifii pyrdnHdnm iumHlJs cvulsus Ainasis 
Luc 9, 155. 

AmHthus, thitntTs. A ciig of Cyprus^ sacred io Vcnns ; tohence her rjuihets 
Amathuntia, Amathusia — Bsi Amdihus, csi ccisd mlhl Paphds, dtqui 
Cifthcrd. Virg. >En. 10, 61. 

AmSthusTacus. Of Amathus — /fmdthusldLdsqu^ bXdintcs. Ov. H. 10,227. 

t&mator, orTs, A lover, frieiul. — Invcnids : caxum vcrsdt dmdtor 'itHr. Prop. 3^ 
14,32. SYN. Amfms; amicus. 

umatus. Lovcd, dcar. — SnbllmJs cupidusquey ci dmald rtlJiiqture pcrnJjr. 
Ilor. A. P. 105. SVS. DTlcctus, carus, umTcus. 

Amazon, SuTs, or AmazuuTsjTdTs. An Amaxon: these teereanation ofwnrGke 
femalesy who inhabited a part of Scythia near the river Tanais^ and after. 
vards a parl of Cappadocia ncar the Thermodon — PJcri% bcUiintiir yfmd'. 
zdn?s (irmJs. Virg. /Kn. 1 1, GOO. Duclt jfinuzdtiidum lutMlJs dgmtnd pciits» 
Virg. AZn. 1, 490. EPITH. MavortTtB, MftrtTie, ScJthTcae, ThreTcT», 
ThGnnoddniiiicai; audiices,Tmj»avTd8e,TntrepTdae, bclHcds», vTrilts; cristatRf« 
fi?ciirTgi5rw, pcltTgcra*, pcltat», sIlgittTfcrae, scutTfcra», ph.Hretratx; crijdclcs, 
TmmTtcs. PHIl. TiTnna, cohors, cuter\'a Thenmoddntlacu. PeltTgcra, 
pcluit.1 coltdrs. ScytliTcae puellae. PeltTs armatu caten'a. IjunacTs ligmTna 
pcltTs. VERS. Mfisculu peltTuls comTtes cdQxTt Amfizdn. ScythTcae IdngT» 

^ bcIL~tntur Amazoucs hastis. M<5dTtLS Tntcr caedes cxsultat Amazdii. 

AinrizoiiTus. Ofan Amaxoru — Alti:r A^mdzonHdm phdr^trdm plciulmqu^ sdgJins 
Virg. /En. 5, 311. 

.linbogcs, fim. Tumings, teindings ; evasions. — Dteddlus tpsS dolds iccti dmbd-. 
gesque rcsulvJt, Virg. vEn. G, 29. Obscura sdrCJs pdtrcs ambdglbiis trrani. 
Ov. Fast. 4, 2GI. SVN. ALvfuidrT, sTufts, flexus, gyri, spTra;. EPITH. 
Obscitra», dbliqtiae, LubjrrTnthiacae, perplexse, Oexa*, TnvT», ciecae, fullaccs, 
I3ti>brdsae. VERS. Hurrend.Ts c&nTt amliages, antrd<iu? rcinu^Tt. Cdnncxaa 
rerum umlKtgcs uc fata rSsdlvTt. Non hic tc clrmTnS fictd, Atquc pcr am. 
bagos et Idiiga exdrsu, tcnelio. The irord is tiscd occasionally in the ablaihe 
singuiar. DucTtTn crrdrem vHruirum umbfigS vTariun. Oo. M. 8, IGl. 

ambcdo, edi^ esum. To consumc, wasie.^.^-FIdmmJsque Hmbcsd rfylntmi. 
Virg. iEn. 6, 752. SVN. Il'jdo, firrodo, corrddo. 

vubTgOytgTs. Todoubt^hesilate. — AmSigViir qttofict iitOr iiivdsUpripr ; auferi, 
Hor. Ep. 2, 1, 55. Sce DubUo. DigitizedbyLjOOgrc 

A M B A M £ 39 

nUi!%iie. Dottl(fiUfyy oUatrtlp — JrguH ambtgui dlehlmi mHianda nSta&L 
Hor. A, P. 449. SVN. Dubic, v&rie. 

imbi^&a. Dtmhtftii, uneerUrin ; noi lo be roiiedon, — Diim eurm amSlffum, diim 
9pet ineeria fHturL Virg. iGn. 8, 580. QUippi dSmum ffmii amlflguam^ 
T^iooqmg bVingnlfo. Virg. Mn. I, GCI. SVN. DubTus, incertiitf, ancept. 
VERS. £st spCciis in m&d[id; natiira factiis, SnartJ, AmbTgQum. Agnd\'U 
prolem ambiguam, gi^miiidsquS u&rentcs. Ambiguus fulrit, mdd<S vir, 
mddd fcsminS, Sc^thon. Imbigius siispectQs ftquis. SpiirgiFrS voces In 
Tulgum ambigiiia. 

imbio, is, ivi, or ti, itiim. To go round; to mrroundy eneompoMt; to toRcU; lo 
eircumoenl — Jmbibai Slciila eautut /undam^nu terrm» Ov. AI. 6, 3G1. 
Jtqua onu ambXit auro» Virg. JEn, 10, 243. Quo niine rtglttam ambiri 
fitTenlem, Virg. ^n. 4, 284. Neii ednniibJtt amblri Latinum /Lncadto 
potaStU. Virg. Mn, 7, 333. SVN. CirciimSo; drcumdo, cuigo; pSto. rugo, 
qniero, sectdr, dipto. 

ambitio^ onu. AmbUum, detvre, pride — SoUlettaqtii fHgax ambVldfiU iram- 
Ov. Tr. 4, 10, 3a SVN. Vanitaa, fastiis, sSpcrbW, ambltiia. EPITH. 
ImpStiens, ardens, inflatS, elAtS, viinl, tnaani, aiidax. PHR. Hdnortim 
dirS ciipiida Qusrcndi nominTs ardt^r. AmbTtioins ftmdr. DSminandl 
venni sTtTs, Iibido. Inimcnsiis SmSr laiidTs. Laiidum iirrccti ciipido. 
Vano splcndidS fastiL MortaliS cordS cxSgTt&t, torquft, BolITcTtSt, accciidTt, 
fStigSt. 3Iagnos sTbT poscTt hdnorcs. V£KS. Heu ! pcstit damnosa hSmTni 
et fiincstS libido NdminTs. AmbTtTonS miila aiit argcnti paliSt SmdrS* 
AmbTtTo mentes SgTtat veianS siipcrbas. 

imbitTostis. Eagerfor dittinction; qf mueh pretence. — Nota qtHdemj tid nSn 
amblt-iota ddmHt. Ov. Tr. I, 9, 18. SVN. Vaims, superbiis, tiiroTdiis. 
PHR. AmbTtTonS ISbonins, ftirens, tiimens. Vaiiis hunonbiis TnbTans. 
Captiitdr pSpiiliins aiirs. liniidtim magno perctilsus Smorif, laiidTs SniorS. 
Qaem ambitTo torquSt, sdllTdtSt. Quem tangTt qufBrendi nomTnTs arddr. 
Qui vinos hSnores iimbTt, captSt, scctiitiir. laznam diptans ct iiomTnTs 
auram. Quem laudTs SmSr TuccndTt, SgTtSt, cxcTtSt, impcUTt. Qucm 
fams laiidumvS cupido cxSgTtSt. ^tcrnaD quKrcns pnecoinS fumae. Qiicm 
prSimt laiidTs SnhelS sTtTs. V£RS. ScilTdft idcireo pro nato csrulu miit^r. 
AmbTtTosS siio fuTt. Pro nostris ut sis limbTtToaS mSIis. TtirbSquS ca lCittcs 
ambTtTosS stimiis. 

SmbTtus, iis. A circuit, courte.-^£t propcranCtt aqtta per amamot ambltiit 
agrot. Hor. A. P. 17- SVN. CirciiTtDs. 

ambo, ambae, limbo. Both ; ihe tfco. — Jmbo ftorcntet atafibiitf Jrcadit ambb. 
Virg. EcL 7, 4. Jn partetque cmlnct ambat. Ov. M, 5, 139. SVN. Diio, 

AmbrScTS, m. A dty of Epiruty fram which the Sinut Amlracius took ittname. 

AmbrScTus. OfAmbracia, — Crerlx, Ambrada ett tcrrd pitcndd mVii, Ov. Kp. 
15, 1C4. 

ambrdsTS, ae. Thefood and perfume of the godt, — Llqtiidtim amlfrosla difftntii 
Sdbrcm. Virg. Q. 4, 415. EPITII. CaacstTs, dulcTtt, Sdora, j^dorutu, 
aethSrSS, fftcrnS, ddorifSrS, sacrS. PHU. Dcjrum cibus, cibi. Ca?l(stiS 
pab&IS. Divtim cTbi. SaliibrTs ambrusTiB succi. NcctSr it iimbrusitiin, 
iStTces SpiilasquS Dc^orum. 

ambr&Tiis. Ambrotialy fragraniy divine. — 'Imlrotlaqui coma divlniim verilce 
Sdbrem. Virg. Mn. 1, 403. SVN. DulcTs, fragrans; diyinfis. 

ambtilatdr, oris. A vagrant, rambler, — Trdnstlbertniis ambiilnlor, Mart. 1, 42. 

ombiilo, as. 7*0 walk. — JmbSldt ; et tiibVo mlrdntfir ftmiit dmlct. Prop. 2, 4, 
13. SVN. Incedo, ingr£dTdr, grSdTdr, pmgredTSr. 

ambtiro, tissi, iistum. 7*o burn, tcorch. — Jmbuttiiqui niibtld fiimdni. Ov. M. 
2, 200. SVN. Oro, Sduro, exuro. 

Smellus, i. The name of a thrub or Jlower.^£tt itlamjlbt in prdtity eul nomCn 
dmeOo. Virg. O. 4,271. 

imens. Outofone^t mindy distractedyfoolish — Coingft dmcnteSy itadhitc ttrrbri 
pavintct. Ov. M. 2, 398. SVN. Demens, iiisanus, InsTpTcns; stiatus, 
st3ndii8,fStiiiis;vcc6rs,exc5rs. PHR. MintS captiis. Imp8s siii^ R&lTonS 
cSrens. McniTsTnnps. VERS. Uigubris, tt amcns, EtlSnuitS siuustotam 

^O A .M E A M 1 

perccusiiYt urbcm. Anna imens cSp!5 nee mt ridSnifl In &nuifl. AqieoKc 
obmutuit amcna. 

imcntia. JhatraciUm^ madneta. — Puha pravl grthfis Ui amhUUL Or. M. 
5,511. SVN. Deracntik, vecurdH. 

imento, as. To huri hy meaiuo/a thong. — Cvm jSevlum pdrva Lihf» mmrm 
iavV habena, Luc. 6, 221. PUR. Ameuto j&ciU5r, torquSa 

ameutun:, i. A thiong by means of vohkch javeUns were hvrled ; a javelm, dart,^ 
IntMl dminio dlffVSe, nio plmri ndfraiuSy Tn Jiivinem idrsU jaeuldm. Ot. M. ^ 
12, 321. Jntendunt dcris dretis^ dmentaqug torquenL Virg. vEn. 9, GGdw 
SVN. Lorum; jaciilun^ telum. 

8m&, itTfl. A /owler^s staff.^A^t dniUi Levl rdra tendit reOd, Hor. Ep. 2, 33. 

JKmSth^stOs, 1. The amethjfsL — HfC PdphJds myrtds^ hie purpSrcds dmi^ 
thystds. Ov. Ar. Am. 3, 181. See Gemma. 

&mj$th^stinus. O/ ihe eohur o/ thc amelhysL — CauiMlteufii, venduni amifihyC' 
ttnds cdnv&m tltls, Juv. 7, 135. 8VN. PurpurCus. 

ftmicS. A mistrcss, — Te tinSt tn tepidd mdilU dmied iinu, Ov. £p. 3, 114 
KPITU. F6rmo«&, moUTs, fallax, tJfnlri, d!16ca, blandi, llvis. PilR. 
L2vidr f SITis, aurat^uS inccrti5r. Biandis verbis &mmo8 mulcenfl. Quae 
incautos didSdt fallSHS ^lmantes. Verbis blandilSquis docti m^ver& 

Sroido, is, ul, or ixl, ictiun. To eover, clothcy terap. — Ei pipiry et qfudqtidd 
thdrfis dm^icUur htepits, Hor. Ep. 2, 1, 270. SVN. Vestioy t£gOy $p&io, 
involvo, velo. VERS. Amlcitur vitnfus arbiSs. AmtctsB vitibus ulmi. 
Nub5 oandentes humSros &mictu8. Ibttt dvis lana corpiis Xmlctl sna. 

&mictiis, iifl. A garmentj robe; dothing, — Pvrpiirids morliitrd fndnH deceen-. 
dMdndcius. Virg. Mn. 12, 602. SVN. Vestis, chl&mjfs, velamSn, tegmJSn, 
tiinTcS, vestimentilm, tdgi, piillTiim ; palli, pepliim. EPITU. Piirpiir^iis, 
nTvSus, cr5c£iis, aiiratiis, punioS&s, iiTtTdus, pictiis. 

Smicitii, a. Friendship. — Cdichls dmiicUia mendddla ^mdgtni eeplt. Ov. M. 
7, 301. SVN. CdncordTS, ffBdiis, im5r. EPITH. Sdcialis, sancti, sinc^ri, 
verfi, fTdelTs, hSnesti, oonstans, intcmSrati, perpStiii, tinax, firmi, miitiil, 
optatX, fidil. PHR. Fcediis imoiU. Vincitli imdiTs. Foediis, ncxiis 
imicTtTs. Ijongi fTdes. VERS. Dic, Tn iniicatttm o8&nt et fcedj^ri 
jungant. Niilliis imor tali oonjiinxit fcBdSre imaiites, QubITs idest Thdttdt, 
qualis concordTa Peleo. Osiis imicTtTB vincEs et fcedSrS certo Uic tj!n5r, 
hnc vTridl conoordii ccepti jiiveiita, VenTt id albentes illib^facti oomaa. 
Te movTt imidtTs constant^ longK, Ante tuos ortiis quas mThi ccepti f uTt. 
Foediis imlcTtTaB non vis, canssTmS, ndstr», Nec, si {orti v^Iis, dissTmuIaWF 
pdtes. Pleni f uit vobis omni conodrdTi vita : £t stltT*: ad fincm longi 
tiniixquS fidcs. Uiac omnls rSgio, et celsi pligi pinSi m5n£s Cedit imi. 
cTtTa Teiicrorum : et foedSris asquas Dtcamus leges, s^ddsque tn rcgni vS. 

imlciiliis, i. A dear/riend — Doeendus ddhucy fum eensii dndctdus, Hor. Ep. 

1, 17, a 

imlciis, i. A/riend. — Oeedrr^i; vilirem Anehisen dgndscU dnueum,Virg. JEn» 
3, 82. EPITU. Fidtis, mSm5r, piirtis, certus, iininTmTs, odnstans, tSiiax, 
fTdelTs, plrennTs, conoors, sinceriis, caHifl. PHR. Jiinctiis imicTtia. De- 
viiictiis imorS. Longd oonjiinctiis imdr& Qiid non est caridr iiltj^r. Longo 
cognTtiifl iisti. Primis jiinctiis ib annis. C&ros non ultTroiis inUfr imioos. 
AnTmsB dimTdTiim mi:». Pars inTmi. AnTm» pors mSIT5r. Rebiis Tn iid* 
▼ersis constans. VERS. NU 2g5 oontiilSrim jiiciindd nniis imioo. H ts 
im5r iiniifl Srit. pSnTtiis toto cordS rScepti mlhi. Tii qu5qu£ nostriinun 
quondam fidticii rcriim ; Qui mihT oonf iigiiim, qui mihT portiis 5ras. Tu 
timSn, 6 nobTs iisu jiinctissTmS longo, Pars desidgrTi maxTmi paeiiS m5i. 
NonmlhT, quamfratri frat£r, imatSmTntifl. mihT carS quTdem semper 
sed temp5r{ dttro CognTt^ res postquiiro procubiier5 mSsB. Ntillus dtsjiin^^ 
imores: IbTmus iina ambo fliintes, et piisslbiis iisd5m, Ibimus atertio cuiwiexi 
fcedSrS. Tii c5mls antiquiis, tu primis jiinctus ib annis. mihi pust 
iiilos ntinquiim m£m5randl s5diiles ; 0, cui prscipiie sors mi£S visi &ua esu 
Quid nlsT tot liisiis, et tot mH scrii nosscs ? Quosque Sg5 dllexi friitemo 
mcHt sSdales. mihl Thcsca pcct5ri juncti fTde. Qui dti5 odrp5ribaa, 
mentlbiis tiniis Srant. CarS mdiT ante ilios. Ttinc qti5qui, si forsan no&. 

A VH A M O 41 

tiuni deierlt Imorem Tempus, Sxiun nimio juncc&s ImdrS tibi. Dniu Irii 
PjflSdes, unas qui mall£t Orestes Ipsl m5ri. ^qusvumque Sb h&mo mia<- 
m:is attnlEt Imicum. 

Imicusy I, um. Friendigy aeoepiable — J ThiHfdo taditm pSr anM sVenni 
Luiug. Virg. iEn. 2, 255. Ontiis, jucund&s, dilectfis, cartis. 

amttS. An aunL—Jam rHHqua im anHiiSf pairuilts nuUdy prSneplU. Pers. 
6, 53. 

unittd, imisi, umssum. To dumiuy loee, let »Hp,^Tum quoe amUlt UuiHU 
amores. Virg. O. 3, 227. SYN. DimittOj, abjlcYo; pcrdo. 

Ammon, onTs. Tho name under wkich Jnjiier ufos toorshipped in the sandy 
destrts of Liifyoj /rom «/< u«c, sand. The /ai4e is, that Baechus^ ieading kis 
frietorious army through Lii^, and s^jferifkg /rom thirsty prayed to JupUer 
/or heip. A ram appeared, and guided him to a tpring^ on tvAicA he est^ 
bGshed the worship o/ JupUer under the/orm qf a ranu^I/lo Ammoni satus^ 
rapia Gdrdmanikig nym^ Virg. Mn. 4, 193. SVN. JupTt^r. EPITH. 
Comi^r, Sf rtlciis, Lib^cus. VERS. Andr5m5dam poenas injiistus jiisslrit 
Ammon. Unde rScunris Niinc qu9quS iormatiis LTbj^s €st cum cdrnTb&s 

imnTcdlX, ». Dweiiing or growing near rivers. — Anuifciflaqui sfmiii sdtlees, 9t 
aquatJca iotSs. Ov. M. 10, 9G. SYN. FliimTnTs incdll. 

imnTs, Ts. A rtwr, stream, — Doni^ drenosH pideVum Ladmits ad amnem, 
Ov, AI. 1/702. ^ SYN. Fliimj«n, fluvTus, rivus, iindS. EPITH. Amaniis, 
fimpTdtis, pcUiicidiis, vigfis. VERS. Diversis lapsi de fontTb&s amncs. 
SScundo defluTt amhL R&iint de mdntTb&s amnes. Diint sSmtCun spiimdsi 
amnes St Tn squdrS dirrunt. 

Kmo, as. To iooe. — NemjH tinens fuSd dmo, grim%oque 1n TasSnls hmrens. 
Ov, M. 7, 06. SYN. in%o; ird«o. PHR. Amorl flagro, ur5r,incend«Jr, 
t^n^r, c&pTSr, corripTdr, inflimmdr. Carum hiblo. ComplectSr imdrS. 
Dlum titrb&t, urgSt imdr. SiiocCimbSre imdri. Tdt5 pect5r^ fliimmis o5n- 
cTpcri. Pcoc5rl spirit Smorem. DiHgo liioS mSgis. In pcct5rl regiiit 
imdr. Hiinc im5r exercet noctesouS diesquS. MolITtSr tirit im5r. M:ig- 
niim huic vcrsitTn dssTbus ignem ihfclix im5r. Amdri indtilgcrS. Flammis 
tacTtis, ardentTb&s, iiri. Totis ossTb&s ignes percTpSriS, sentir& OCrerJF 
saucTi cordi telis CQpidinTs. SentirS C&piidTuTs arctis. N5viis isstimSHf 
flammis. Ripi, oorripi, TmaginS fomue. Succendi c&pTdTnS. C5ITt migis 
omuTb&s iintim. V£RS. Plus qu5quJF, quTim reddi quod mThT possTt, imd. 
Dcbit&s ttt oonjiix, non ut idiiltlr imo. QuSr5r infidtim, questiquj^ pej&s 
imo. Haeseriint tSn&es in cordS sigitta. TicTttim nutrit sub pcct5r2 
viilnus. IrdSt Smans Dido, traxitquS p£r ossS furorcm. TScitSB scrpunt 
per visclrii flammas. Ignes in pcct5rS crescunt, Ot s51St accenso cresdSrS 
flammS r5g5. Quid crimen dicis, prsBtSr SmassS mSitm. Dic mTliT quid 
fici, nTsT non sSpTenter Smavi. 

Smcenus. Pleasant, delight/uL — DevenerS loeoe imlosy it amama vJretd 
Virg. ^n. 6, 038. SYN. Jixcund&s, grat&s, ridens. PHR. DelfcTis 

amoIT^r, iri»..,To remoee with effort. — Humgrls Jdm pondiri /essts AmoiUur 
Snus. Luc 5, 354. SYN. Am5vSo, rem5v&). PHR. Conatii dim^vCo. 

Smomum. A /ragrant shrub growing m AssyriOy by some supposed to be cin- 
namon. — SjMsaqui ds nttWs terglt dmomd odmls. Ov. Ep. 21, lOG. 
EPITH. Sj^rTiini, ArmSnTum, Sib»iim, coum; r2d5IcuB, 51en8, 5d6rum. 
V£RS. AssjrrTt~ra viilgo nascetur Smdmiim. Ind&s 5ddrif2rd crincin mSde- 
fartus Smomo. Vtcus 5doratd late spirabTt Smomd. 

Sm5r, orts. LovCy affeclion. — Semper dmet, /ructu sempSr amorls igcfu. Prop. 
3,23,30. KPITH. DtilcTs, blfindus, jticund&s, suavTs, gratus ; ilHgnuis, 
ac2r, fervTd&s, vShSmens, ind5mTt&s, fervens, urens; anxTus, vTgtliinB, 
Spert&s, impTggr, miit&us. PHR. iGst&s, ard5r, flammS, fax, incendTS, 
SmdiTs. Pcctoris est&s. Vis Smorls. Pect&s SdiircnR. Pr«»curdTS in. 
flammans. Crcns mSdullas. VERS. OmmS vincTt Sm5i. Occulto pectds 
oombiirit&r ign& IllS m2os, primtts qtii me sTbT jiinxTt, Smorcs Abst&Ht. 

fljnor (in « 'goad sense) — SVN. Strultum, cTiritm, v^eu.j F.PITH. Sanctl*- 

42 A M O A M P 

purua, B^lcer, constins, pSrcnnu, conoors, fidas, sinccriu, fidelu, KtemSi, 
verus, mutufis, sdcialls. PHIL Castiis, purus ig^is. Sinceri Sm5rus ard&-. 
VlncrU& &mdris. Legitimo fcedSrS junctiis bnor. VERS. His amSr unus 
Sr&t. Par fiiit hls ntas H Ibn5r. Casto mentem devinctus Smor& FiEcea 
Xir 2t amplius, Quos irrupt& ti^net oopulS. See AmicUia. 

amor (m a bad sense) — S VN. CupTdo, Hbldo, ard&-, V^nus. EPITH. Mg^, 
ameiis, demens, mal&tanLis, insanus, resantis, turpis, Tmi»atTens, TrrSqmecib, 
efTrenus, Tnfelix, fuilax, v^gus, inddmitus, stultus, doloRtis, Tmprobus, fer- 
▼Idus, tiimidus, culTdtis. PHR. Caeciis Tgnis. Liisdviis fiiror. Amoris 
stTmiili. CaecT CiipTdTnis Tgnes. PectSrTs aestiis. Tcl& CiipTdTnTs. VERS. 
Flammi^iis accensTs TguTl>tis ard^t SmSr. At regin&, gr^vi. jamdudum saucT2 
cura, Vulniis &nt vcnTs, et caeoo carpTtiir TgnT. NulLi scdS minens, mnbtlTa 
errat Smor. DTvTtTTs filTtur lCixurTosiis &mor. Tum Vfntis et csiTldi 
sdntTUilt fcrvSr &mdrTs. NostrS CiipidTneua pectdra torquet Imnr 
Non sJSciis exarsTt onnspecta vlrginS Tereus, quam si quTs cania Tgnera 

' supponSt &nstTs. OrTttir infenx DTdo, totuquS vSgatiir Orb^ fiirens. 
Ct solSt a vcntTs &nment& rSsiimSri^, quaequg Piirvft siib Inducta latiitt 
scin^TlI& f&vTlIa, Crcscere, H in vetSres &gTtat& rCsurgj^rS rirea; STc 
Jim lenTs &indr) jiun quem langueHS piitares, Dt vidit jiivSnem, spSdie prv- 
sentTs TnarsTt. PtidSr cst quT suadS&t iHinc ; Hlnc dissuadSt &mdr ; victits 
ptidSr essct &mdrS. H»c mTltT ferHf p&mm est ; pSrSgnnos addTs &mdre«. 
See LibidOy Amo, 

Amor (personi/ied as thegod qflove). See Cupido. 

Amori resisto. — PHR. £xciitSrSTgncs,flammas,amorem. Extlngu^rj^ flammia. 
Frenar2 cupTdTnTs aestus. AmorTs fliimmas comp6sc2riS. VERS. Ot excii- 
tetct diros, sl possjft, &mdres. iEsttis cdmpressTt &mons. VTctmiia, H 
domTttun pSdTbiis calc&miis &morem. CtTlS propSsTtum est saavas extingu2r€ 
flammas. Diim novos est, ccepto potTtis piignemiis &mdri. ClamavTt, eSiir 
hiiic ftigus, scSUratiS CtipTdo. £t tantos rumpl non sper£t ftmores. Pi&cT- 
tone gttam ptignabTs &mdri ? 

sm3v£o, amovT, ottim. To take away^ tpilhdraw, — Praiifr^ (pueeumqui veiustite 
amoogt atds, Lucr. 1, 226. SVN. Aiifero^ rem6v«o. 

AmphT&raiis. Son o/ (Ecletts : he teas famous for his knoicledye offuturitif^ 
and foreseeing his own fate^ was unwUHng to join the expedition againsi 
Thebes ; but his concealment being betrayed by his wife Eriphyley he toae 
forced to go^ and perished there^ the earth opening and swaUowing him and 
his chariol. — Notus hiimS mersU AmpKiaravs iquls. Ov. Ep. ex P. 3, 1, 52. 
SYN. (Eclides. EPITH. Lauriggr, irgSnciis, augtir, sac?r. PHR. Quem 
ImpTft prodldTt Cixdr. HaiisTt hiimtiB mTsSrum. 

AmphT&ruides, as. Thepatronymio of Alcmaon^ son qfAmphiaram, — JmphJa^ 
raldes Naupactoo Achildd, Solvg n^fas, dljtit, Ov. Fast. 2, 43. 

AmphTSraeiis. Of Amphiaraus — Amphfaraem rtSl prosuni fatd quadrigm. 
*rop. 2, 34, 39. 

Amphion, SnTs. Stm ofJupiier and Antiope: his skill in music was so great, 
thai ihe very siones were said io have been wroughi upon by his lyre, and q/ 
themselves to have built the walls of Thebcs. — Dlctiis et Amphldny Thibanm 
dmdltSr arcle. Hor. A. P. 394. EPITH. CTth&nsdiis, mrtstciis, facundiis, 
diilcIsSnus. PHR. Vates Thcbuniis, DTrcaeiis. Natiis Jove._ Ducens 
diiras testudinS cautes. Thcban» conditSr tirbTs. Qul I&pTdes flexlssj^ 
c&nendo Dicitiir. VERS. Saxft mSvens sdno testtidTnTs, et prSc^ bianda 
Diicens quo velleL ASitfiis vatcs, ftnTmans testiidTnS saxft. 

AmphTonTus. Of Amphion. — Ani Amphlon^im mmiid fierS lyrm, Prop 
I, 9, 10. 

amphTsbaen&, ae. An African serpent, suppoked from the pecfdiar formahon q^ 
ihe tail to have two headsm^Bi grdiiU In gSnCinum siirgens cdpuiampkisbemd. 
Luc. 9, 710. EPITII. BTceps, tortTIis. See Serpens. 

imphTthfiitriim. A cireular or ovai building for puhlio ejthUAtions and speeiadet» 
-.Omnlf Cmsdrgo eedai Idbdr amphWiSairo. Mart. SpecU 7. PHR. Thatri 

&mphTthfiitrans. Ofihe amphiiheaire, — Amphiihiairales iniirnuMti mdgiUmm 
Mart. 11,70.1. edby ^^OO^ 

A M P A M 8 43 

amphicriM, ci. Ths dMtgJUer </ Oceamu and DorU^ ffpddeu qfihe aa; tnui 
Jrequeniiy used/or the tea iUelf. — Marghii terrdrum jtioTritirai JmphUrlte. 
Ot. M. 1, 14. EPITH. Neptun^ Nereil; ccpruleS, «qudra, roSrina. 
PIIR. D^ m£ns. Neptuui& cunjuz, uxdr. Neptuni cunjuz. DivH 
&qius. Cceruleo pollens oonjux Neptimik regno. 

Amphiufoy ar Amphitryon, onu. A Thehan prmce, aon o/ AlcmUi and 
huaband qf Alcmeruu See Aicmena, — AmpHUryon /uirii, efim te, Tiryp thVi^ 
eeplL Ot. lkl^6, 112. 

Amphitrydnudes, e. The paironymie o/ Hereuietf /rom Amphiiryon^ his re- 
puied/ather.~.-idmpniiryoTiiadca armcnta abfiumquipdrabdLVirg. iK n. 8, 2 1 4 , 
imphdrS, a». AJlagon, bottie, — Amphord non mirittt tam prifioad morl. Marr. 
1, 19, & EPITH. CS^nz, clva, condiv^ vinaH& 

Amphrysiis, i. A amali river in Theaaaiy, on ihe hank» o/ vhich ApoiiOy 
during his exUe upon earth, tended the herda o/ King Admetua.'—^ 
Apidanttaqui ainer, ieniaque Jmphryaita H ASaa. Ov, M. 1, 580. 
EPITH. Lenis, gratus, irrTgiius. VKRS. Irri^t Amphrfsiis f&nulantis 
pasciiS PhcebT. 

Amphrysius and AmphrysiSciis. O/ the Amphryaua; o/ Apotto.^Qum contra 
bremier /dtd eat Amphrysfd vdtea. Virg. Mn. Q, 394. AiU Amphryaldco 
pdstor di graniing cdrpal. Stat. Silv. 1,4, 105. 

implector, Sris, exiim. To embraee, eneirele, encioae. — Nojc ruMy ei/uaeU tei* 
iurem dmpiicfitSr dtta. Virg. iEn. 8, 3C^. SYN. AmplexSr, ans : c6m- 
plectSr. PHR. Complexu tinSo, HSvSo, dngo, ambio, cxctpto. Amplcxiis 
pStou Dd amplexiis. Dd drciira bradiTi coUo. FSvSo Tn iilms. CoUo 
luer^ £o Tn iunplexiis. CoU& invado, pCto, t2^nSo. HiimSrls, coWo, 
brjchTS pono, impono, fSro, InjTcTo, impITco. CdU& l&certis ciiptOy cum- 
plector, impIiGO, necto, innicto, prSmo. V£RS. Optatot dSdTt amplexiis. 
Ter oonattis ibi odllo dSrS brachTS circiim. SemiSmmemquS sTnii germunam 
amplcxll t^nebat. lUe iib\ oomplexu iEneae colIoquS pSpcndit. Cdmplexi 
Inter sc noctcmquS dTcmquJ^ morantiir. Tc tSnft, iimplezii perfriiTtiir<|^u< 
ttio. ViiltquS siib amplexiis iri^ piiella tiios. Sic mSmSrans, hiimSros dex- 
trosquS tSncbSt Amboriim. TrSpTdn n^tres prcssere ad pecturft natos. Hie 
iUlccr ooUa amplexiis matem& p5tcbat. iLxcTpTt amplexu, felicTIque osciUS 
jiingTt. Hentem flentes ampIectTmiir iUum, HsremiisquS diicTs ooUd. In- 
yeuTt EurydTcen, ciipTdTsque ampIectTtiir iihils. 

implexur, arTs. To embrace. See Amplector. 

implexib^ iis. An embrace. — Ciim ddl/it dmplejnta, atque oaeiild dxiicia/igHi 
Virg. vEn. 1, 687- SYN. Complcxus. EPITH. MolITs, tgnax, curus, ' 
plScTdiis, miitiiiis, eiistiis, fclTx, suuctus, coucors, gratiis, strTctiis, optutiit 
VERS. QuTs te nostris iimpIexTbiis arcct? Non Sg5 niinc diilci omplcxii 
JTveUSrer iinquam, NatS, tiiu. £xcutTt ampAexiis, addiict&quiS bnichT& sulvTt. 
Te tSnSt, amplcxii perfruTtiirquS tiio. 

ampirfTco. To eniarge, increaae. Sec Augeo. 

amplto. To iTterease, aggrandize, — Siimmd dcperdat nt^tuetu, aut dmpi^ift vi 
rem. Hor. Sat. 1, 4, 23. See Augeo. 

ampITiis. More, /urther. — Jmpitus objectdm pdaaua trdnalri puiudem, Virg. 0. 
4, 503. SYN. M&gTs, plus ; Tnsupgr. 

uopliis. Extenaive, iarge — Egreglam vero laudem, ei apotia dmpld Vi^/ertu. 
Virg. /En. 4, 93. SYN. Latus; Tngens, miignus ; spStTosus, pStcns. 

impiillS, s. A ieathem bottle ; a thing injiated. — Projlclt dmpvllda, et acsqtii' 
pgddlM verbd. Hor. A. P. 97. EPITH. Cfiv», tumida, tiirgTdi. 

ampiUIdr, aris. To aieeli, rant. — Jn trdglcd desavlt St dmpulldtur tii drti f 
Ilor. Ep. 1, 2, 14. SYN, Tumcsco, turgcsco, Infldr. 

ampiito, iis. To cut off; to prune — Frdctosque dspcr r1gor dmputdt drtiia 
Sil. 3, 653. SYN. S«^co. rj^s^co, scTndo, rcscTndo, abscTndo, exsSco. 

Amsanctiis, i. A marshy and wooded district in the country o/ the Herpini, iht 

waters o/which were strongiy impregnated with suiphur Jmadncfi vdHea ; 

densis hxine Jrotutibus dtrum. Virg. ?E,iu 7, 565. EPITH. Ombrosas, 
siilfiirliis. VBRS. HTc spScus horrcndum et sasvT spiraciUi Ditli Mop 
ttriuitiir; riiptdque Tngens AchSronUS T5rago Pesti»i»s &p2rit fsiices- 
riry. JBfL 1, 568. 

^4 A M U A N C 

linuliug, L Son o/ Proauj and king qf Jll*i, tMcinif disptmejttd hia broAer 

Numitory who tvat entiUed to the throne. Nundtor waa reetared b/g bis 

grandtona Rcmutua and Remuty who put Amuiiua to death^^Romiileo^mg 

cddii trajectua JfmuPiua ensS. Ov, Faiit. 3) 67* 
Sjuurcl. The leea qf oiL — Et nitrd pfiua et iHgrd perJundXriS dmurea, Virg. G. 

], 194. PHR. Faex dleu EPITIl. Act&, splwi, iiigri, putns. 
Am^cl», ariim. A city qf Laconia, the birthplace of Caatorand PoUux, Also 

a eity of Campama^ mentioned by VirgiL — TdciRa regnavft jfmyetta^ 

Virfc. JEn. 10, 564. EPITH. AutiqiUB, Oraue, ApoUiniFK, PhmbcB, 

Am^cbeus. O/Amyela.-.^JimjcIenimptioanimfCriaaamguephdretram.Virg. G. 

Amjfcus. Son qfNeptune, and king qfthe BehrgciL — Bcbrjeid vfnlena JTmya 

degentg/hybdt. Virg. Mn. 5, 373. 
Sm^gdiltim, i. An aimond. — Nec glandea^ jfmaryin, tum, nee dmjgddlm 

deaunL Ot. Ar. Am. 3, 183. 
Am^ntor, 5m. King qf the Dotopea^ andfather of Phfznix. — Vineruni ad tf 

Tildmoney it Jm^nOri noR Ov. Ep. ^ 27- 
Am^ntSrides, a. The patronymk qf Phaefdx, aon qf Amynlor.—FlioH Jfwt§m - 

torfdiapirUdntdiumlnd Phmux. Ov. Ar. Am. 1, 337. 
Smystis, idTs. A Thradan method qf drinkingy wUhout drawing the brtath, ■ 

Bdaaum ThrflM vlnodt dmjtndi. Hor. Od. 1, 3G, 15. 
&u, ann& Whether^ or. — Quta tcM dn d^jicldnt hodtiimct erdtHnd aiimmeaf 

Hor. Od. 4, 7> 17* SYN. Utrum, ann2, numquid. 
AnacrSon, ontts. A celebrated iyrie poet of Teoa. — Nie^ al quld btim iuali 

Anaerion. Hor. Od. 4, 9, 0. EPITH. TeTus, Ijfricus, vindsus, CupidinSiis. 

V£RS. Vindsi TeiS AlusS sSnis. Quld nisi cum mult5 Vcn£rem cdnfun- 

dSrS vin5, Praecepit lynd TeZS MusS sems ? 
SuSdimS, &tis. A gariand^ JUieL^Et bini pdrtd pdtrum ftunt dnademtUd^ 

mitra. Lucr. 4, 1123. SVN. TaeniS, oSronX, fascSS. 
inagl^pti, orum. Vetteit ehated or entbotted. — Nec mintlt dndgiyptd de pa^ 

ternit. Mart. 4, 39. 
inilecti, orum. Crumbt.--JSe(i priniim tcfipa niine dndleetd ddbunL 3lar£. 

SniUcctTs, TdTs. A pad. — Tinuit tcupuiit dnalectXdct ditit. Ov. Ar. Am. 

3, 27.3. 
&nil8, &tis. A duck. — Totd qu^idim pondtur dndt, tcd picidri tdntum. Marc 

13, 52. EPITH. FliivTalts, Squo8&, liitTpes» piUustns, iindTvigS, SqtiatTdL 
Anaidligdras, e. A phiiotopher of Ciaxomen^ who ditregarded weaith and 

honourt~Nunc it Andxdgorm tcrutemur hdatBimiridn. Lucr. EPITli. 

MagnSnTmus, Claz5mSnT&s. 
anceps, ancTpTtis. Doubtfuiy uncertain; having two headt; two-edged. — TSim 

viro dniipiri miniimfdrmidini prettut. Vii^. ^n. 3, 47* Tum tddr dn^ 

c1p\a nurdndut tmdgTni Jdniit. Ov. Fast. 1, 95. Andf^Uimqui mdnii 

idiient itrdqui t&nirlm. Ov. M. 8, 397. SVN. DubTiis, ambTguiis, iinxTua; 

Anchises, s. Son qf Capyty ajkd faiher qf Mneat by Ventia. At the aaektng 

qf Troy, /Eneaa aaved hiafather by carrying him outof the burnvng city on 

hit thouidert. He accompanied hit ton atfar at Drepanum in Sieiiy^ whera 

he died. — Oceurrit ; vitirem Jnchlten dgnbtcit dmicum. Virg. iCn. 3, 82. 

EPITH. DardSnTus, TroTiis, Phrfx, Phrygiits; pTiis, magu&nTmijs, grSvTs, 

sSnex, iinnusus. PHR. JEne» p&tlr, gSnitur. 8£nex Phr^x, sarcTxti natL 

VERS. Cui miitSr imoriim Oaudet Ta Id»is conctibitifsS jiigis. ConjtigTu 

Anchisa VSnSris dignatJS siiperbd. 
AuchtsetiS. Of Anchitet.—~Et iucut idti tdeir ddditur JnehSteb Virg. iEn. 

6, 762. 
AnchisTidcs, m. The patronymio qf JEneaa^ aon qf Anehiaet, — jEnedt Jnehi' 

Additt itfidut Achdtet. Virg. ^n. 8, 621. 
indlS, Ts. A tmaU ovai thieid — Lmvdtfue dneiii girebdL Virflf. iGn. 7, 188. 

8YN. ClfpSils, sciitiim. EPITH. Sacriim, Rdmikntim, cadeste, divTaiiiii. 
ancilli. m. A maid-tervanL — Snbtiiptwr dneiiidm fftrthn, fnmuiiimnijrigurrint. 

A N C A N G 46 

Or. Ep. 20, 131. SVN. Fim&lX, mitustrS. EFITU. FidelK vYgTI. 
PHR. Opf rum hafid ignlriL MTnerve. DfoilnfB roandatl observans. 

iacori. JmeSrdjam miUram non tgnii vttS rutem. Or. Tr. 5, 2, 42. EPITF, 
Alordix, cunrS, ricurY&, fiduncS, nautid, mXrini, »qu5rB ; (trrlBL, f?r2vts, 
pondJfrosS. FHR. Dens ferriSus. Fcrrdus unc&s. Ancdradens. Aduncus 
ancone mors&s. Nexu anodrS curvo. VERS. Hic fessus non vln(!ril& 
uiives 0I1& tSnent. Tum dSntS t^naci anoSxii fundabat naves. Kavif 
unoo alRgit inoSiii morsu. Tdnaz uneo dassem pHfmlt anoSrS nnitm. 
Hic t^nS&t nSstras ancdrft jactS riltcs. Ancorfi de prora j&citur, stant Tit6ri 

Ancus Martius. Thefourlh king of Rome, — Quim juxtd sPguVur jaeiannSr 
JneuSj Nune quSqui jdm n^imfum gaudena pdpularllntt aurii, Virg. JEtu 
6, 816. 

Attdrd^ins, 6, cr AndrSgSus, t. Son of Minoty king qf CreUy and Panphaei 
be woM tlain by the Athemant and Megarentianty in jeaUmty ofhit tkiU in 
wrettiing ; and in revengefor hit deaih Minot intitted on the annuai trilmie 
iff tecen gcutht for the Minotaur. — VivMt Jndrdgidt iiflndmj nee factd 
liilttea. Ov. Ep. 10, 99. /n fSrfbrit letiim Andrvgiiy tum pendJM pmnds. 
Virg. Mn. ft, 20. PHR. AllnoTI prules, sSMl^ 

AndriSmSche, es. Daughter qf jEetiony king qf Thebety and wife qf Ileetor.^ 
lAbabdtdingH Andromdehiy mdnetqoX vocabaU Virg. iEn. 3, 903. 

AndrSm^e, ca, or AiidrSmSdS, ». Daughter qf Cepheuty king qf Mthiopiia^ 
and Cattiope, She wat ordered by the oraele to be duiined to a rocky and 
expeaed to a tea montter, in expiation qf her mother*t crimej in boatting thai 
her oum beauty turpatted that of the Nereidt : Perteut, howevery tlew the 
wtontter, delivered^ and marriedher. — Proffniit AndrSmiddny et tantJ pramld 
JSetL Ov. M. 4, 767« JndrSmiddm paenat injuttut juttirdt Jmmon. 
Ov. M. 4, 671. SVN. Cepheis. EPITH. FormdsK, venustS, pulchrft ; 
mcercni, infeCx. PHR. PerscfS oonjuz. Monstris ObjcctS m&riius. 
Pcenia miitema pendSre fingi:» jussS. VERS. Candidft si non sum, 
plicSit CephetS Pcrsed Andrdm2de, pStxisB fuscil oSldWf sfia. Lib^rk jitm 
diuns cailtTb&s AndrSmSdc. 

AndrSa, cr Andrus, l One cfthe Cgdadet,^^ tSttdem ndHt Jndrbt fratemd 
pgnta itt. Ov. M. 13, 661. 

JLnSmdne, ea. Thefhwer into whieh Adomt wat ehanged, See Adonit, 

kncthtim,is. Anite. — Ndrclssum etJldremJQngltbgTteSlent^t dnithh Virg. Ecl. 
2. 48. EPITH. Olcns, ddorifariim, ridJHcns, virld^ 5dorum. PHR. 
Xnethi flos, griimSn. 

infrictQs, Ca. A winding or tuming, — Eti dirvo dnfrdctu vallit dccdmmodd 
fraiidu Virg. JRn. 11, 622. SVN. Ambig^ fl»&s. EPITH. Obscur&s, 
caecfis, inflr^xfis, dbfiqu&s, diflTicins, tortus, irr2m£ibins, ambTguGs. 

iagSIfia, L A celettial mettenger. — EPITH. iGthSrifQs, sidSreus, pviiitltgi^r, 
cS]5r, alHy afigSr. PHR. Coelcstia niinttus aiilie. Pennatfis j&vfms, ca>n 
demiss&s Sb arc& Aul» coelcstts &lumn&s. Afitib&s de frutrlbus tiiius. 
Sid^r^ missus nuntlus arojf. Qui Ju8s& DCi ritS mlnistSr SgTt AUs jTu 
vtnla coelo demtssQs &b altd. VdlucSr dSmlastts &b ssthSrfi pneca Dil 
portans nundita p^r auras. 

angeiut (for a guardian angei). — PHR. Fidiis nobia oSm^s, tutSr. Cul cus. 
todlS creditS iiostri. Qui ndstrae s&luti vtgil exc&b&t. Cui TartftrSos 
prScfil a nobis avcrtSrS iniines Cur& est. 

tme/eii (for the heavenlg hott). — PHR. Coelestes OSnTi. AitgJflicus ccetLis. 
Volucres slnj< oorpdrS mentes. Altgeri chfiri, altpSdes cmfi juvSnes. TurbS 
mmistrS D€T. SidSrfoe mentcs, turmse, phSliiiiges. CoeltvSgi j&vSnes. 
AltgCrum pennatS m&n&s. Cdhorsfcficts Ol^mpt. AligSri juvgnes. Oena 
inc51& coelL Alttuiim, caelcstitm, ftcies. Oens sethSrS natS. VERS. Vid6& 
medtum discedSrC coelum, Pcnnatiis<^ue Scies, pSpulds feficTs Ol^mpT, £xiil<. 
urS pAo, SQplriimque applaiidSrS Regi. Coelttuum gldmSrat£ phftlanx c&vS 
nubTI& pcnius Plaudit. 

ingiport&s, us. A lane^ aUey. — FliVU In tblo tSvit anjflportu. Hor. OO. 1, 
25, 10. 

Anidtt&. 9. tyaunhler qf Mrtet^ awl tUtcr to Mcdea, biU auppoted by tome to 

46 A N 6 A N 1 

bg Medea hen^. She was worahipped at a goddeu by the Mani, kaem§ 
shewH ihem the virtues of herbs and remedies against poison, — Te nihtkus 
JrufUiOy vltrid te Fvelniis undd. Virg. JEn, 7, 7^9. VERS. /Eeue prolem 
Angttmm m&li graminS primam MonstnivIssS fSrunt, tactuquS domarC 

^ Tinenfi- Virg. jEti. 7, 7S0. 

AnglTi, ae. England. See Britannia. 

knzXiy orum. The English. See Britanni. 

ango, Ts, anxi. To sti/ley choke, torment. — Tiissfs Sfihela sitesy aefweibus angt* 
oiesls. Virg. G. 3, 497- SYN. SufFoco, cunstringo; torqu^ vcxo, crudfaL. 
VKRS. CorrTpit m nodiim cumplcxus, ^t angit mhaerens Etiiius SciUds eC 
sTccum sanguTnJ^ guttur. 

■ngor, orTs. Grief angttish. — Dissblvdnt ariimt mdgno se angorify metufni 
Lucr. SYN. D615r, moerSr, tristTtTlL 

inguillH, se. An eel. — Vbs dnguiUd manet, longa cognatd eSliibnB. Juv. 5, 103 
EPITH. LubncS, vSlubTlTs. V£RS. FlexTbus InntimfrTs anguilJae ir 
nt($r2 repunt. 

im^iTs. A snake. — Ffig^idus (o pueri! fugite htnc) Idtet awmfs fn hirUi 
Virg. Ecl. 3, 93. SYN. Serpens, drXco, c61ub«r. EPITH. Frigidui, 
tortTITs, squamSus, reflcxiis, liibncus, torttts, intortufly sTn&dsiis. VERSu 
FrigTdiis in pratTs) cantando riimpTtiir anguis. Maxunfia luc flezii sTnooso 
eliibTtiir anguTs. 

anguToomus. With snakg Jutir. — GorgSnfs dnguldSmm Perseus sup?rdtSry ft 
dils, Ov. M. 4, 699. PHR. AnguTnSIs cSmTs horrens. AngaTuSTs ikdU 
mitijs c&pTlIis. Ciil cSpiit anguTbils hoiTens. 

anguTfiSr. Snake-bearing. — GdrgSnis dngtHfSrm peetHs Spertd cSmU. Pit^ 
2, 2, 8. 

anguTggn^ ae. Snake^engendered. — Qws fnrSry dngtHgStmy proles MdvornSy 
vesjrds. Ov. M. 3, 631. 

anguTmSniia, i. An epithet of the elephanty from the ftexilUUy qf its proboseism 
The ujord is aiso usedfor the elephant itself. — In genere dngulmdnds eliF~ 
phdntbs, Indla guorum, Lucr. 2, 636. Jnguimdnos belli dScuerunt vutncrd 
PoenL liucr. 5, 1303. See Elephas. 

anguTnSiis. Snaky.~^GbrgSn'is dngulneis ctnctn fvilssS cSmis. Ov. Tr. 4, 7» 12. 

anguTpes, idis. Snake-footed, an epithet of the giants. — InJ^tctre angulpSdum 
cdptivb brdchM ceelb. Ov. M. 1, 184. 

iingiiliis, i. An angle, comery nook. — Qui supSrest sblus Cinjrdn habtt dnguius 
drbttm. Ov. M. 6, 98. 

angiistTse, ariim. A narrow pass; teant, grief. — SYN. AngustT Sdttus, faucSs; 
moerdr, angdr, teriimni. EPITH. Arcta», dlffTcTles ; grives, sollTcTt«. 

ingiisto, as. To straiicn, — Qud mar^s dngustdt fauces sdxbsd Cdrystbs. Luc. 
6, 232. 

ingiisttis. Narrow, confined, scanty. — Inqentes arifmbs dngusto tn peetSrSversdni, 
Virg. O. 4, 83. SYN. Arctiis, c6ntn\»^tus, sirictiis. VERS. Angiiatiequg 
fSriint faiices, adTtiisquS m?ingui. Obsedcre ftlTT telis angiisti vuiriim. Quod 
c0Tt angiistis Inclusiim cdrnibiis lequdr. Rcs angusti ddnii. 

SnhelTtiis, iis. A panting, gasping. — Fessbs qttdtlt dcSr anhetStus driitM, 
Virg. yEn. 9, 814. S YN. HuITtus, flatiis. EPITH. LanguTdiis, dlffTcTITs, 
lentiis ; fervcns, fervTdQs. PHR. iEthgris haiistiis. VERS. Tiim creWr 
SnhelTttis artiis, Arid&que or& quitTt. 

Snhclo, as, avT, atiim. 7*0 pant, gasp. — Nutius dnheiabdi sub adOncb vbmSrg 
taiirtis. Ov. Fast. 2, 295. SYN. Respiro, spiro. PHR. SpirTtum, aurnm, 
trahSrS, diicSHL Aiiras dlpSr^ captarS, haiirirS. VERS. Pectdrft railcS 
gfmunt, qu» crebSr ftnhelTtiis iirgSt. PrincTpTd clivi vestSr ftnhelat Squu&. 
FornacTb&i ignTs ftnhelttt. 

ftnhelus. Otit of breath, panting — Nbsque uSi jtrtmus Sqtiis SrMns djfftdtflt 
anhetis. Virg. O. 1, 250. 8YN. Anhelans. 

AnTen, enis, or AnTo, onTs, or AuTeniis, t. A Sttbine river, running inio the 
Tibcr, about thtee miiesfrom Rome. — Qudsgue .friieriis dques, cursiiqttie brS-- 
vlsiimus Aimo. Ov. M. 14, 329. Qudm preteeps jfnio, do Jlbitrm ideuSi 
St udd. Hor. Od. 1, 7> 13. Aoeessit r^pa iaus, jfntenc, iua, Pop. 4, 7, ft 

Aiilenas. OftheAnio Onde jfriienafluentd. V!rg. O. 4, 3GD. 

Anignis, or 6^1. A rio€f o/ Thessaly^ m which the CenUmrt^ wAm wmquer^d 

by IlereuleM, wathed thcir weunde. — Fund\t Amyrtk aqwis. Ov. Al. 

liulis. Ofan oid wcman, aged, weak. — Ad tUtut pastii proceesit ahiti, Or. M. 

13, 533. Sed movet obrepens sotnnus auile edpiiU Ov. 
SiiTJTtas, atis. Age, dotoffe. — Cand tempiis anVltas. Cattil]. 60, 161. 
InimH, ap. The air, a breesse ; breath; life; thesoul. — lurarumque leves an^nus, 

eStidiqui vaporcs. Lucr. 5, 237. Vlpih^iam tnsplrans driknam Virg. JEn. 

79 351. AccedifU an^ima tempSra pdrvd mi^te. Ov. Tr. 3, 3, 42. SVN« 

Ammiia, viti; spiritus, haiTtus; aer, vent&s. EPITH. Vivaz, immdrtalTs, 

dtvini, aeternl, pSrennis, ccclestTs, KthSrSi, si^lx, soUers, mSmSr. Pll R. 

SpTradila vTt». SpTramentS &nimap. Qns, £frusi pj^r artus, curpor&Tir. 

miolem r^t, Sgitat. ToCo se corp6rS mTscJfc. VTtae fons, origo. SpintOa 

intiis alens corpdrS. VTs artus Snihians, vfgStans. Sce ArumuSy Vita, 

Venius, Sphitus, 
ibiimadverto, ti, sum. To notice, consider. — Hls dnfmddoersls, terriim multo 

dntS mcmcnto, Virg. G. 2, 259. SVN. Adverto, obscrvo, perspTcTo, cog. 

nosco, Tntell^o, sentTo, vTdSo. 
auimal,alts. A living creahire. — ProndquSciim spectent dtitmfitld emtird terrdm, 

Ov. M. I, 84. SVN. AuTnuins. 
inTmalTs. llaving tife, — Vnde drHmdlS ghkiis gcnjSrdtim in liirMna viUe. Lucr. 

1, 227- 
aiiTmans. Having life. — Diss^pdt in corpiis scse cibiis omne dn^mdntum, Lucr. 

1,350. CriscerS non possHni friiges^ drbHstay drHmantcf» Lucr. 
&nimfi, as. To give life to. — Quds hiimiis exceptds varlos drdmavit T>» dnguis, 

Or. 31. 4, G19. 
SnTmusus. Blowing strong; animate, alive; bold, spirited. — Quas diiimosi Eftri 

dsslditi frdnguntquS, feritntqui'. Virg. G. 2, 441. Glorla Lyvppo ist a«t- 

Mosa iffingcre signd. Prop. 3, 7, 9. Atfratris, diiifnosd phdldnjt. Virg. yTSn. 

)2, 277* SVN. FortTs. aiidax, mrign&mmus, generusu8,intrSpTdi!8,tnipuvTdiift. 

PHR. Pnpstans inTmT. 
luimijs, T. The mind, reason ; couragCy vigour, — Magndm cui mcniem un% 

mdmquS Ditiiis inspirdt vdtis. Virg. JEn, 6, 1 1. Citro aiHmos ti)Ult dlcllSy 

dttpse incripdt uUrO. Virg. ^n. 9, 127. SVN. Alcns, raiTo; furtTtudo, 

vTrtus; oonstantTi, vTgSr, vTs, ard5r. EPITH. Immortalis, dTviniis, acer, 

siibtiELs, sollers, m^mdr ; ardcns, TmpavTdiis, fortTs, vTrTlTs, masculiis. PII H. 

Animi vTs, vTg5r. FatT nescTiis. DTvTno sctmnS crctiis. Piirs mcITSr nostri. 

Pars TgniS nostri. Mens cognatS pdlo, MMr<^ natS, MortS cHrcns, Post 

tatS siiperstSs, DTvTnTtiis orti, Ccelo debitS. V£RS. Nunc sT ciu vTrtils, 

&ntmijsque Tn pectSrS praesens. Ingentes ilnTmos iingusto Tn pectSrS vcrsant. 

NiJnc SnTmTs opus, iEnea, nunc pcct5r? firrr.o. C^cTdere illis ftmmTqnS, 

manixsquS. MdnTtTs SnTmos iidvcrtTt^ nostris. Nunc iiiiTmTs audT verbS 

minora mSTs. 
Aniiis, ti. King ofDelos, andpriest of ApoUo. — Rije AnWs, rix idem hJHniinum^ 

Phcebiqui sddrdos. Virg. iEn. 3, 80. EPITH. DelTus, clarus. 
AnnS, ae. Daughter of Belus, and sister of Dido, queen qf Carthage — Jnnd, 

(fatibdr chim) miseri post faid Sichtei, Virg. JEn, 4, 20. PHR. InrclTic 

£nsae soror. 
inualcs,Tum. Chronicles, — Siicrd rccHgnfiscis dnndHbiis iriiid priscis. Ov. Fast- 

1,7- SVN. HTstoriae, scrTpUL EPITH. Vcri, iintiquT, mJJmores. pnscT, 

Tmmortiiles, veriiccs. V£RS. Si volvSrS priscds iinnalcs lubeSt. £t /21cct 

annales nostrdnim aiidTrS laborum. 
innecto, Ts, xiiT, or xT, xum. To connecl, attach, fasten. — Ndm ncquS tuniSpSie 

dnnicli potuissS pHtdTUium. Lucr. 3, 688. SVN. Nccto, ITgo, allTgo, oon- 

annelliis, or anelliis, T. A smail ring, — Est Httam qudsi iit dnnillis, hdmisqui 

piicdtd. Lucr. 6, 1085. SYN. Annuliis. 
AnnTbSl, ffis. A celebrated Carthaginian generai, son of Amiicar ; he led .tn 

army over the Aips into Italy, and was victorious over ihe Romans atCann^y 

but was afterwards defeated by Scipio — AnrHbdTis spoVia,it vicJtfnoriimeniJ 

SSphddis. Prop. 3, 11, 61. BPITH. AfJJr, Poeniis, PunTciis, Libvcus; tni«r 

^18 A N N 

beUigSr, infestus. PUJL RertSr Ubfm. Duji, tfuctSr, Poen&i^ PuniciSay L&- 
bjrcib,Sidonl&it,Tj^r{us. SpSIiisin^gnltSpTmis. |Hr&s Af2r. SSguntidoiiiiiSr, 
vastatdr. SSguntin» vnstat((r barbirus urbvi. VERS. Anntbil Ausdnli 
gJSnltus 81 scdS fuiss^C. llespSrTie dumi^jf, qui, Oiiinci ruril peragrans, 
FregTt TnuGcessiis Alpcs, cillemqiiS my^m. Olim Rumul€im bcllu «|iiT 
terriut urbcm. ^,^*^ 

annitdr, SrTs, xum, or sum. Ta €trfoe; lean agaimsL — Qucm pi-fti ei «fhnjiiir 
annijrii» viribus urgtL Virg. ^n. 5, 22<>. SVN. Conor, nitor, admdndr, 

annoni. Pramnoiu,^IIU opibvs nunqutim eara est annona vvnetiu Jnr.9, KW. 

innosus. AgedyfuU qf years. — PanPflcum ilbrosy annosd voiuuiittd vaiiim» 
Hor. Ep. 2, 1, 26L SYN. Antiquus, vj^tustus, pnsciis, longKvus, grandaeTus. 
PHR. iEvo^ «nnis grrSvts, confcctus, fnictus. vGvi maturus. VERS. £c 
timt^n annos» pcllem pdsuerS sencct«. TempSrit annosiim MartTS l^ph2 

anniilus, ar anQIus, T. A ring. — Jnniiliis ?n <ng^i3 BubterU-nuatur kabemdo. 
Lucr. 1, 313. SVN. Anncllus. 

annQmSro, as. To number, count. — Se quSqne 1n exempits OMmimSrari soBL 
Ov. Tr. 5, 4, 20. SYN. Ascribo^ iicccns^o. PUR. In niim^nim riferq, 
tn niimfro pono. 

annilo^Ts, anniu. To nod in assent; io eonsenL, agree. — JnnSlt, atquedSfls 
rlsU Cythirea r^periie. V^irg. JEn, 4, 128. SYN. AssentTSr, concedo, cOn- 

anniis, L A year. — Atqua In se sna per vesfi^/ia voidilur Snnvs, Virg. O. 2. 
402. EPITH. Labcns, lubHcut, vertcns, fugnx, volucSr, velox, prrcrp^ 
prSpSnins, prSfugiiSf t&cTtiis, fiigTcus ; rcvcrtcns, rSdiens, rMrrcns. PH R. 
Anhi vTces, anni spitTum, mdra, airsus, tcmporiL Annui mSrft, anntju» 
orbTs. Cursus rSvdlubTITs. Anni iuinu& spitti. VERS. Anniis SgTt ccrta 
lucTdi sTgnli vTce. IntSrSi magniim Sol drcumvGlvTtiir iinnura. Tcmpurii 
Inbuntiir, tScTtisquS •enescTmiis iinnTs. PrincTpium cSpTunt Phcebusct aiinui 

Poetieai methods qfenumeratingyears. — 1. Anniius, exactis bis scnis mcnsTI>uji, 
orbTs. Sol diiddcni pSrcgTt Sigiii. Aniiuii nos Ulic t^nuTt mdra. £m£ntls 
Tliat ciirsTb5s iiiiniis. 

2. Bis frugibiis iir^ trita cst; DissTIuTt niido pressS bis uvS p^& UTc 
mThT bisque sestiis, bisquS cucurrTt IiTcms. Bis Siil duudcnS pSregit STgnS.. 
Bis me Sol Sdiit gSIida» post frigSral brCim», BisquS siium, tacto Piso^ 
pJFrcgTt Tt2r. 

3. Ot sumiis Tn Ponto, tcr frigSrS constitTt htir, TertTKs exnctis completur 
mcnsTbus annus. TcrtTil jTim falc2 dcciibiiTt Cercs. Briima tcr p&uic 

4. QuartS riFdTt duris haec jiim messorTbiis lestas, ct tdtTcs dino bruml gelti 
riguTt. Ct mS Pontus hibct, quiitSr arvS coloniis Tiristis NudiivTt, quiitSr 
cst falcS r&ccta C^rcs. 

5. In ScytbTii nobis, quTnqucnnts ^l^mpTiU acta est. Jum tempus liistri 
transTt Tn altSrii-a. QuTnquS p?r nutunuMS rSpSiitls duxSrSt aniiis Signil 

6. Alc jam, CiirS, nTv-jIi Scxta HHcgatQm brumS siib axS vTdSt. Bis tertTS 
ducttQr wstiis. 

7- Ja-n septTmft vertitiir »stas. Per mXr?, per tcrriis, septTmS jaclat hTcms. 
8 in sese octaviis rSvoIvTtQr annus. Jam mihT post lustriim tcrtTS mcssTs 

?rfit. Jamqiie octavS mThi rSvoIiitTs mcnstbiis «stus IbSt, H octnris arrum 

flurcbat SristTs. 

9. Anniifis et nonum jam Sol oonfeciSriit 5rbem. Jam nSvTcs cmcnsiia Iter 
ocBlestTX Pboebiis TransTSriit sTgna, et cursii liistrarat &nhcI«T. 

10. D&Tmiim m5dd ooDpSriit annum Czcc8sT.ssS piiSr. JamquS fere tractC 
d25 pr" quTnquennTS bcllo, Jactatus diibTu pcr diiS liistril miirT. 

11. Jamque Ciniis ItistrTs gSmTnTs acccssCrat anniis. Alter post dSinmum .|am 
ruipiSrat TrS annQs. OndScTmus postqojm Sul clrcumvuIvTtijr urbrm. 'Cii. 
dSdmum ag^lSmSrat ri^vSliitTs menslbi&s nnnum Phflebiis. CndScTriiT metam 
Sfil drcumflcxSrSt anni. 

A N N A N T 4U 

12. JUt2r ib undXamd tum me jiun cepMt anniu. Bif icnu annit pCnctlft. 

13. Tertliis intfrfii ctiS^Emo luoceti&iit ann&s. Terti&s i dScTmu ^amlriitw 
arbSbfis inniis Libftfir. 

14. Btt septem fl5rifit annos. Jam Ins septend pubes incepiSrfit innS. Jam 
post Instrl duo qoartus miht labttur annfii. 

l& Ter quilnqnS f%rens natalibfis annos. 

lCi. Jatnqn< t&r ad quinos unum Cephulfis annum Addldlrftt. Bls idhuc 

dctoius inU^r anius. 
17, 18, 19. S&undi, tertti, quartS, trlbus lustiis iddlti messls Mt. Tcr 

senijs SdJQerSrit annos. 
20. JamqnS dSoem vit» fnter gSnunavSrit annos. M uSro stSUSrat vlgeslmfis 

30. Tecum ter dcnas nfimSti?!, Postfim^ brumis. Triginta magnos Tdlrendis 

mennbfis drbes. 
40. Jam quitSr tn sese dScuni rSdlerS libores SoRs. Jam quItSr in dldfmfira 

Sol se cunyoWirSt orbem. 
50. Jimqu£ mOu lustns bis qulnqulf plfrictis. Jim lustri dScem Sol oSiifecSrit. 
100. Titan centum rSndvavlriU annos. Si nfimSro non falldrj Kit, centesiml 

currit brumi. 
800, 300. Vixi iimos bis centum. Jam tcrtiS Tivlt&r «tas. Uic jim t9r- 

centum tdtos rqpivSrfit inn6s. 
1000. Dina emensfis &^t Sol seculi cursu. 

innufia. Vearfy, — ArmuiiB isdeGs cdmpleiurmerMiis drlfls. Virg. Mn, 6, 46. 
ansa, c A hamUey hook, — £i ffravU aUrlta pendebat eanthartis uned, Virg. EcU 

G, 17. VERS. TortTIis e dlgStis exdtdtt ina mSis. Crustntum striiigit 

tortiOis iiu& l&tfifl. Curvi davO stiispensfis Ib inii. 
aiis&', Crii. A gooee^ ga7uier,^Vraeue dtuifr Mt^ nHiHma eustotTld vUtm. 

Ov. M. 8, 684. Jnsgrts et tutum vdci fuUsi Jovem. Prop. 3, 3, 12. 

£PITII. Baucui, itridiilfis, cfinorfii, irgutui, p&luitrii, flfivuUTi, iquosui, 

inglfividsfii, legnis, tardus, iners, latipes, imuiodlX. PHR. Aqiiis gaudcni 

TarpeiiB quondim custodiai rupii. C&nihus sSgadSr iniJSr. Rdmilii» ser- 

vatSr candidiii ircaEi. Quib lervavtt ivis Turpiii templi Tfinantii. VERiS. 

Str^t hic St &quatlcui ani2r. Slndncs dum girrfilus ansSr Nuntlit. 
Antiefis, i. A giantf son qf Neptune and Terra: Heroules wrestled vnih hm, 

and as hs reeeived new strength every time he touehed the eartth^ the hero 

Ufted him up in the air^ and strangled hkn, See Lueany 4, 041. — Antal 

quS rigna vocdt nSn vdna vitftstds. Luc. 4, 590. V£RS. Hercul&is pres- 

sum, sic fama, laccrtls, Terrigeiiam ludusiS Libjfn. Qualii in occidfia 

pugnax Antsus areiia. 

tL Be/ore. — Anti Jovem nuirt suUigelmU drvd coldnS. Virg. O. 1, 125. 

SVN. prap, Pra»; adu. AntSa, prius. 
aiitea. Biforeyformerlg.^Fettt,n^hllme,s1eutdnted,juvdt. Hor. £p. 11, I. 
aiitSUrtfis, or anteactus. Gone Ifff, spent. — £t vSliit dntedctd nll tempori sin» 

eimue agrl. Lucr. 3, 844. SVN. PrastSritfii, elap^us, exactus, trnnaactui. 
intecdpio, cepi, Gaptum. To pre-occupy. — AntS Ideum cdpMs ooiilis. Virg. G. 2, 

230. SYN. Occupo, prasoccupo, anticipo, pridr occupo. 
intScedo, cmo. To go before, get the start of, — Bdro dntiddentim sdlistum 

Diairilit pidi pemd claiidd, Hor. Od. 3, 2, 31. SYN. Pneccdo, prmjkj^ 

intlf&ji, antegrddidr. 
ant^o» 2ii. Toprecedcj surpass. — Qu* odnddri tHvis dntelriniy edrs^biis aurds. 

Virg. ^ii. 12, 84. SVN. AnUScedo, praeSo; sup^ro, czccllo. 
int^nFro^ tuli. To set liefore, give the preference to. — Qua qulbiis dnteferdmf 

jdmjdm nee mdximd Jutid. Virg. .i^n. 4, 371. SV!.^. AntSpono, prvfcro. 
antennX. The saU^ard. — PrdvWts dntinnm suffisU llntid summa. Luc. 

9, 528. EPITH. Vcliferi. V£RS. Cornfii velatarum Sbvcrtiniris ikn. 

Antendr, dris. A king of Thrace, who came with his sons to the assistance cff 

Trog; he was suspected of treaeherg aud seeret eorreapondence wiih the 

Gresks. On ihe capture of Trog he escaped to Italg, and foumUd FaiUuu 

.^niindr pSimi midUs ildpsus Aehlvls. Virg. yEii. 1, 240. Jdj%ci Tro- 

jdnawasdrSnAntindrd pddls. Ov. Fast. 4, 75. KPITH. Phrygiius TfC- 

60 ANT 


jintis, MivdrtSfii; pritfHgib. P0B. Trojaua jMSiSr inb. PXtfvi qol 

oondi€llt arce^ 
int8p6no, pifcfii, pifcitiim. 7*0 jp«?/»r.— SYN. AntSfSn^ prefercs pnpoao. 
intSquam. Be/ore ihai, — Anig, jnuOry quam te vldVo, aut iud jm rT ig fa uL 

Virg. iEn. 4, 27. SYN. Prffiaquinu VKRS. lnt« n«m rubSnt quiB 

pratS oSldnbus. 
intes, t&m. FrwU roiot.— Join oasXI ixiremot iffeiu* vinliSr aniit. Yiig. O. 


intcstOyOrintitto^iB. To exeeU^iroUU anS^aro aiUim ti JSeta puiaifiM 
Lucr. 5, 22. See Excelio, 

intSvfiaSo^ cni. Toffeibejore^ ffei the siari ^f-^nafogm; it eSbolem armi»^ 
Mdrarg quSianmt. Virg. G. 3, 71. SYN. Prsevgnio, ant&cdo. 

intihrtflo, aa. To ruth forward. — TumiiSy ut antivSiana iardum premietShxu 
agmlfn Virg. jEn. 9, 47. SYN. PrwirertOi prKCurro, pnpTSnio. 

inthr^l^igSa, i. (Gr. Av^pMrof oyof.) A man-^aiery cannibaL 

iniicYpo. 7*0 antieipate, forestaU.^-^ni^iApaaa viams nienon H ThetaSlitM 
hirot. Stat. Theb. C, 442. 8YN. Prajoocapo^ antgverto. PHR. PriSr 
(ksc&po^ cipto. 

IntTcj^rS, x. An itkind m ihe JEgean Sea, producing ihe beti heUehora. — 
NitdU) an Jnilojram nWio Ulit d^i\nit bmninu Hor. Sat. 2, 3^ 83. 
V£RS. I, bibS, dmssem, purgintea pect^rft aiiooos, Qmdquid U in toca 
nascitiir Antk^ra. 

Intlgjtne, es. Daughier qf(Ediput: sheperformedfunerai riietfor her brother 
Poljfnicet contrarp te the ordera qf Creon, who commanded heriebe buried 
alive; bui the dettroifed herteif before the ordert were e9eeuied.^^niijfSni 
divoiamd.U tiitpiciaquir^u Stat. Theb. 12,350. EPITH. PiX, ThdniUL 

AntTdpi, ». Daughier €f Nietmuty and wife of LycuMyldng qf Thebet; ahewae 
ihe mother qfAmphion and Zeihut bg Jujdter.^^nfi!^ mrwtmie eir iue- 
r\ficmigfuUeL Pers. 1, 77. 

AntTphStes, se. A king qf the Lettrggonet, who were eanmbait, — FmlaNZa, 
Jnt-iphdiit iirra regnabdt U Ula. Ov. M. 14, 233. EPITH. Cri&cntila, 
truz, horrendOs, ftrus. PHR. Limldes. L&mo gSiiXtorS crat&s. 

intipSdes, um. The inhahiianit qfihaipari qfthe earth whieh it SreeUg 9ppa^ 
tite to ut. — PHR. Qui nostns idrersi pr&niint vest^TS plantis. 

intlquaiTiis. Studiout qf aniiquUg.^Tinii aniiquoHd virtHt. Juf. % 454. 

intiquTtas. Ancieninett. See Vetuttat. 

intiquTtiis. Qfoid. — FHndaminid Cdpyn pStiUtte an^Vut urbU SiL 8YN 
Antique, quondam, o&m. 

intiquiis. Old, ancieni.~~Jikpitir aniiqu* contraxii timpM virit. Or. M. 1, 1 1& 
SYN. Piisciis, vStiistiis, vStiis; longKviis. 

intistls, TtTs. A chiefy head; high-priett.—CiiliSr ft anHttit doetoriim eameii 
vlrorum. Ov. Tr. ^ 14, 1. SYN. Pnesiil; sicerdos; ISptaoSpiis. EPITU. 
CdnspTciiiis, vSn&indiis, pTiis. PHR. SacrQriim infistts. SacrnriiiB 
mdriimquS migist&'. See Saeerdoty Epitoopue. 

antistTtS, ae. A priettett, — Traetdtd eSmU anGttUd Phmbu Ov. M. 13, 410. 

AntTiim, TL A iown cf LeUium, aboui ihirtg mUetflrom Rome, eeiebraied Jbr m 
tempie qfFortune. — O Divd gratikm qum rigU Jnfium. Hor. Od. 1, Sj&^ 1 

intlia. A pump^CHrvd Idboratat anitid toint dqude. Jllart. 9, 19. 

ftotnxm, 1. A cavoy grotio. — TQm prfmHm tiilfiirg dSmots dSmite antrdfHiirSnL. 
Ov. AI. 1) 121. 8YN. SpSdis, divemi, spclunci; Utebril, crfptfi. 
EPITH. Opaciim, caeoiim, dbsGiiriim; arciniim, occiiltiim, abditihn, secre. 
tiim, litebrosiim ; dedivi^ dirviini, cSviim, ^uosiim, pritfundiim ; frondwwm, 
nSmdrSsiim, vTridi^ vTrens; umbrosiini, fusdim, nigriim, nigrins, iiwenat 
g^Iidiim ; rdrans, iidiim, mfiHCoanm. PHR. IMmtis atra fSilriim. Antrft 
vTrentlX musciS. Antri qnTbiis neo Sol mSdlo sentitiir Tn estiL LooS 
c&rens. Solis Tnaocessiim riUEGs. RiipTis exesiB oiviim. L5n^ spelixnci 
rtecssiL Civiim sasdim. RdrantTi fouti(biis intri. Civl riipes. Civatl 
sUesc PendentTi siico intri. VERS. In oonvexo n^Smftriim, siib rupS 
civata. MoHS fSrts sQvis degcbit 2t antiis. Proqu^ dSmo longis spcKindl 
rSoesaibiis ingens, Abdlti, viz ipds invSnleadi f {tis. Spelunca altl f iSi^ 
va8t6anaimmiiiIihfita,8crup«iytiitiUU:11nlgrGntai8n^^ S^ 

A N U A P £ 61 

fpSdb m mXdS^ riwgia ie tmilai deiufis, EffUeni h&mneni llptdam i 
j^gib&i iTC&n, Gujtts tn cztremo eti intnjm nSmSnlS rCccttfi, Art^ libS- 
ritum nulli ; aaEmiUaT{ri(t irtcm IngSnlo nituri s&5 2 nam pumTol r\v^ £t 
Knbus t5^ts nitiTum duzSrit ircum. Stibit Xcut& sDex prKdsls QndTqul 
aisQs, Speluacm diSno insurgens, iltisrilmi tisu. Sunt mthT pirs montit 
vivd penientil nxd IntrX; qvShna ncc SoL mMid sentitur In Kstti, nec 
sentjtfir hjrems. In q[utbiSs intrS vldet qnsB multi nubHi silTi, £t Kilbus 

inal^ Idu. An Effifp^an deiiif, toorthipped under theform q^ a dtf.^^OmtA» 
ghiAmqitg dfSm moiisfm et UUraOr jfnuble. Viig. ^n. 8, 698. Pir Hii 
MeirSprgear^ pgr JnHBbtU ord vgreniL Ov. Am. 2^ 13, 11. PHR. Lftttins 
nnm2n. EPITH. lAtxitJ^r, Utrins. 

1d&s»us. An old woman^^^oinci quas irhmilS eontdlS aeeii dmis. Or. Ep. 
19,26. SYN.VSt&U. £PITH.Ti«mcns,rug08l,curyk,segnTs,]anguUi, 
9MSM1 mfiltilBqni, scduU. PHR. OrilvlB inms. InnSsi plrens. 
OrindlSr »Td. Cai frons rugis oontricti. InTindis enenritl ttcertis. 

imcBSlia, ida. Care, perpUai^^Jveiiiatg earene iriimus fSoli, Jur. Seo 

Amr&r, tti^ A eiijf m Campama^ now TerraehuL — ImpifAiiim tSaie iaii ean- 

denObue Antsur. Hor. Sat. 1, 6, 26. 
A jSnis, om. MounUunt m BtBoUa, one of tehieh wat M, HeUoon, eaered io the 

Mueee.^^SnSe %n moniet m dOjtirV iirui tSrorum, Virg. EcL 6, 64. 
A&iTdca, vaa. A name ef ihe Mutet, from their retidenoe in M, HeUeon.^ 

Poeetmur ASiOdeti tedfortVdn oila nan tuni. Ov. M. 6, 833. 
MiSSa, S, om. BmHan; eaered io the Mueet,-^Profiniit JSriiTt Jmiriliaiiir 
iUM ThebU. Or. M. 7, 763. Ciim VMe JMae unp&ld fodU dguae. 
Or. Fast. S, 456. 8YN. BcBdOdis. BmStfis; HOIoonTfis, PIIiTiis, GistinCs, 
.ApcQcs^Ta. A famout paituer ot the Ome qf Aleeander the Greai; hi na^ a 
ftaihe efiheide^ Coe. — Edieto «Aui/ ne qtHt te mwtifr jfpillem. Uor. Ep. 
2, 1, 230. EPITH. InAgnTs, dirfis, ralrind&s, illustiTs, plritfis, niirihTns. 
I^HR. Plctdrum liim^n, dScfis, gloitt. IngSnTd tib&lis^uS s&is insignTd. 
VERS. 81 nitnquim VCnCrcm C§Sm pinxissSt Apcllt-s, Mersi s&b Bqudrcis 
ipdlcfia. Of ApeUee^QuStU Jpmu aieHHfrfn tabviat. Prop. 1, 2, 22. 
ApcnnirloifiUi, ». An inhaiiiani qf the ApenTtinet.^JpinninfooUt biUato* 

fitlut Aurih Virg. ^n. 11, 70a 
AppenninTgini, ». Bem^in Ute Apenninet.^Jpimaritffina gua proximd 

Tlbr\dit untRt. Ov. M. 15, 432. 
ippenmnfis, L A ranffe <ifmouniaine ru$mmg throuffh the eenire qf Italff from 
imrth to eouih.~^irimque Jipety H nHbVifr Jpinriiniit. Ov. M. 2, 226. 
£PITH. Celsfis, nubif&, iSfTfis, nTvifis, ispSr. 
>^P&i 9»n.A boar.^TruM dpir huiqUfiiir; tbOtqugti/b ingulni diniit. Ov. M. 
10, 7I& 8YN. 8iis. EPITH. FSrfis, tSrvfi^^ fiirens, vTfilcnt&s, f^niz, 
frcmcna, riUnd&s, viatalSr, tribc, trficQlcntfis ; lurtfis, sctTggr, sctos&s, liir. 
sutfia, dentitfis, hSrndfis; spiixnins, sptimoafis, spumCfis. PIIR. Dcnr 
TmminTii apii. ObRqnd dentl tibnendus. DcntS^mTnix. VulnTfioos Scucii* 
dentes. ViaCins rfirX o5l5nis. Immensi mcmbrorum m5lS cruentus. 
VER8. Sievfisfiper^longenlvisfionden^&sictfis, FuhnTnSo dfUrfs dis- 
itgiU firfi cbM FuJmfo hibent icres Tn XdCtnds dentlb&s apri. Aut spu- 
■iin6s fipii cnrsiim cUunorS prfimentem. Optit 9prum, aut ftilvum dcsceiu 
d&fC m5ntiS Ifionem. 


%fi gtitnji et igne mioant oculi : riget ardua oervlx ; 

Et sets, denna similes hastilibns, horrent. 

Fenrida cnm rauoo latoa stridore per armos 

I fluit : dentea ■quantur dentibns Indift. GoOqIc 
n ab ora TMiiti frondcs afflatibus a»Mi; d 


52 APE APl 

ipirlo^ iSy iS, crtam. TV» opM. rf it aowg r. — Tirrdm mihrftictui mpfrii ; ySui/ 
iBtiiis driniM. Virg. iEn. 1, 107. SYN. Pindo, ixpOao, t^iro, redfido. 

&pertc. Operdtf^ dearlff^^NSo quVruM Id fSeiant ptagU appartt Spgrte. Lucr. 

^ 2, 140. SYN. PXlam, mXnifeflte. 

apertus. OprJi, «e/ open; evktent, manifesL — Campo eteCit Offmten ipir^L 
Virg. O. 2, 280. Quuf mlTwffdt foirfn 1a apnYa pgrleuia areu Vi^. iEn 
11, 3(M). SYN. Redusiis, p&tefactus, r&Snktus, patena; mimlestitt 

ipes, or Spts. PL Apes, iim, or liun. ^ 6ee. — Ceerojifas tnnatue apSe mmor 
urpit habendi, Virg. G. 4, 177. EPITH. Meinntne, sediil», IngftiiSs», 
niellifliiae, vigiles, Bullicitae, mellite, pervlgiles, gricHcs; Atliuae, Cecropue 
(/rofn Cecroptj king qf AtHcOj in tehich wae M, Hffmetttu, famaue fer its 
bees)y U^bira (from Af. Hybla. in Sicily). PUR. Vdhicr^s HfUn», 
Cecr^piiK, meinficie. Apiim ii^Sii, examen, ezercltiis. Thymo pafftas. 
MelU grivTdae. Floriim studiusi cuhurs. VERS. Carplt ipis stiidiou 
tblmCun. Djnsi pj^r herbosus v5ITtant exiimTni cimpos. Fldnbus tnsidiuit 
varTis, rorcmquS midtnten) Or2 li^gunt. 3IeIIis ipes ivTda vuJxtant pj^r 
im<Bi)& virdCH RurTs JfdorTf^rL Sicinias dctTnSt hortiis ipcs. Civiatjai 
ITqodiites CuufTcTiint, diilccsqul larcs in pumTcS figiiiit. AinissudiibTae rrg^ 
v^ifjntrtr apCs OmnTbus iini quTcs u()2riim, libdr unmTbus Tdcm. 

Descriptions of Bees from VirgiL 

Qnalls aites Bstate novi per florea rura 

Exercet sub sole labor, cum gentis adultos 

Kducunt fetus, aut cum liquentia mella 

Sti]>ant, et duici distendunt nectare cellas, 

Aut onera acciphint venientum, aut, agmine facto, 

Jgaavum, fucos, pecus a pnesepibus arcent. 

Fervet opus, redoleatque thymo fragrantia mella. ^^tu 1, AZ\, 

Ac veluti in pratis ubi apes sstate serena 

FIoHImis tnsidunt variis, et caiidida circum 

Lilia funduntur : strepit omnis murmure campus. ^n. C, 707> 

Ventnneqiip hiemis memores, aestate laborem 

Experiuiitur, et in medium qtuesita reponunt. 

Namqite ali» victii tnvigilant, et foedere pacto 

Ezeroentur agris ; pars, intra septa domonim, 

Narcissi lacrymam, et lentum de cortice gluten, 

Prima favis ponunt fundamina ; deinde te.iaces 

Suspendunt oeras : aliv, spem gentis, adultoe 

Educunt fetus : ali» purissima mella 

Stipaut, et liquido distendunt necUre oellas. Georg. 4, IftO. 

Orand»vis oppida cur«, 

Et munire favos, et da^dala fingere tecta. 

At fess« mulci referunt se nocte minoreSy 

Crura thymo plenae : pascuntur et arbuta passim, 

£t glaucas salioes, casiamque, crocumque rubentem, 

Et pinguem tiliam, et femigineos hyacinthos. Ceor. 4, 17& 

ipez, Tds. A peakj smmmt,~^3mqni vStans Spicem et latSra drdSa eemtu 

Virg. Mn. 4, 240. SYN. YistTgTiim, vertex, cicumtn, dilmSn. EPITU. 

Altiis, ezcelsiis, ardiiiis, siimmfis, celsiis, subfimTs. 
AphrSditi, se. A name qf Venus^from apMe^foam. See Fenus. 
ApTdiis. A weatthg Rtmanin the Sime of Tiberius, remarkable for htsgiuiUm^ 

— QMa fioi» FabrXelusy sed vettit Jpictris vH. Mart. 10, 70. EPITH. 

DiWSa, helliiOk gfildaiis. 
7pT», Ta. The aoerod or, worshipped b$/ the BgypHans.-^Bt elSmh in pompa 

A P i A P P 5b 

eSnHpfr JjX* Mi. Or. Am. 2, 13, 14. EPITH. SSdfr. PHR. Dte 
.^gyptuis, AlemphitTcus. 
«pisour, Sris. To ^^/. — Ariimii» prmffegffi apUei. CatiiU. C3, UA. 8ee 4dU 

S^um, TL Parsley. — Et vMdee Sjflo rfpmy tortiitquS pir kerbdm» Vir^. O. 
4^ 121. EPITH. Amaniiiiy vlridS, Tircns, vivTix, udum, vTriduniu 

aplustriE, pL apliistrS, or aplustria. Thejhgetaffqfa ehip. — CraSfnnque autlajt 
apiuftri HfteniaL Luc. 3, 585. 

ipOlHni^ and A poiltiuirTii. Of ApoUo, — Afieiis JfpoltinSoi prm se contcmniri 
eatUne. Ov. AI. 11, 155. Lauria donandfit jfpdltinart. Hor. Od. 4, 2, 0. 
SVN. PhffibeSs. 

^pGUoyTnTs. Son o/Jupiier and Latona; hie birth^place vas Delos: he tras 
one o/ the most eeletnaled o/ the heathen deities, and presidett over song^ 
mune, and medieine: the sun teas supposed to be untier his guidance: hi 
was ihe god o/ propheey, and his most celebrated oracte teas at Delptti, — 
TaHrfim NeptftrJi, tafirvm tfb^ pfilch^ jfpdllo. Virjf. yKn. 3, 119. SYN 
Phffibus, CyrithTQs, DclTus, P^thius, Soi. KPITII. I/itoiiTfis; ClIrTfis, 
Cyrrhcus, OriphTcus, Patareus, LycTus, ThymbrsBus, Smintheus, Chrf sastir, 
ThSrapna^us, Crryna*iis (Jrom the places tehere he teas chiejly teorshipped), 
ParriasxTizs H^conTus; AmphrfsTScus; formdsris, pulchSr, lutoiisui', 
crinTtiis, piilehrTcomris ; arcTtlncns, laurigj^r; fucundus, doctus, sdllrm ; 
«u^ir, fatidiciis, iatTcTnus; cithar»dus, muMciiR; m5<ITcuH, i^pTf^r. PIIU. 
MitKinim pnrsSs. CarmTiiTs auctor. liitonTlt prolci}. Criiulius Trisi^iiTiu 
CTth&r» pulsator. Incljrtus arcu. M^dTcin» iuvi>nti5r. Piistdr ftli Ain- 
phrfso. VERS. QnT cTthEnim iutvi^ qiii ncrvis temi>?rat arcunu Cii 
DelphTcS t^llOs, et ClHros, ct TcnedoH, PStarcaqtiS rr^Tll scrvTc. AITIiT lUivris 
.^pollo PoculS Cast2I& plcnS mTiiTstrSt ficiufi. Fatfi vTam inv;i;Tciit, fld5- 
ritquS vocnttls Apullo. Dextru faciacTs ApoIITnS cTirmSn. Alrtgnam «*uT 
mcntem £nTmumqiiS DelTus iiiHpTrat vatcs, llpfritqnS futuriL 

SpGstatS, te. A deserter, an apostate. 

.^postolus, T. An apost/e. - Tteehe teere chosen by Chrisi to preach his Gospel. 
— PHR. Bis scni comTtcs ChristT. BIs sciii ]irdd^rc8. Ccctus A |H5Kt($nciiik 
Turba dQSdenfi. BTs sena vTriim vTs, Christi curoTtcBqiiS vT», tcstc!M|uX 

ApoRtoITciis. O/ the Aposties. 

SpothccS, a*. A repository. — Afit t7pothcca proeJs Intacla ist. Ilor. SaU 
2»*» 7. 

ippSratus, us. Etptipage, — Pcrslcos 5f/7, puer appitratfis, Hor. Od. I, 38, 1. 

appar&), fii. To appcar, be in sight. — Jpparent rtlri niintcs In gfirgVS vtisio, 
Virg. M\\. I, 1 18. SVN. VTdgSr, comixtrgo. 

ipporitor, orTK. A beatlle, ptirsttivaul. See Lictor, Stttelles. 

appSro. To malce ready, prepare. — DesVfnt Tfimfis byiigJs; pvdt^s apparat #rft 
Virg. jEn. 10,45.^ SYN. Paro^ comparo. 

appcllo^ iis. To call by name; ierm ; to aecost.^Et prlmvm antc ullos vlctorem 
appellut Aecsicn. Virg. iEii. 5, 040. N^e afidct AppclUlrS vlrfim vlrgo, 
Oy. AI. 4, Ci'8I. SVN. Voco, nomTno; oimpcllo, iis, rdI<5qiiSr. PHk. 
N'3mTng dic». NomTnc ctimo. U2f?ro ndmSn. 

appelio, Ts, apptin, appulsum. To drive to or towards. — Afit qttls te tgnfirfim 
nosirts DSfis apputft or7s. Virg. JEw. 3, 338. SVN. Admtlv^), npplTco. 

nppSto, tivT, or tTT, tTtiim. To aim at,attack; to covet — Posslm cgo, rpiin oculoi 
appftat tlla mcos. Tih. 1, 6, ^O. Appctcrcs tdlcm vcl non jfirtitii miirltftm, 
Ov. Ep. 20, 227. SVN. Iiivado, exopto, 5xpcto, i)?n)i>to. VEUS. Cuiii 
ferro cffilcstTii corpSra demciui App2ftTi ct VCn^ris vTulrivi vr»lnerd dixtrfim. 

applatidf), is, si, siim. To clap, strike gentltj, — Ille cilvls vclojc apphtusd cfirjHtri 
patmls. Ov. AI. 4, 352. To applatttl. Sce Plattdo, 

sppITco, as, iST, Ttum. To bring in cotitact teith, join ; to dircct, stccr, drivc^ 
Appticat hlnc hvmcros dd mdgna sdxa columnm, Ov. AI. 5, UX). Qnts vU 
hnmanVrSs dppllctit orls. Virg. JEn. 1, C16. SYN. Adm»v5o, jrtngo, iid. 
jungo, addo; iippCllo, Ts. VERS. Impressoquc gcnvt nltcit» tcrrw iippncftt 
Mmu Applicor Tn terriis, CEbSlS nympha, turifc Dtas tclluri» iid oms Ap* 
^BA, et deztriB adducor litSra rcmTs. 


ippldro^ii. T^hmetU^QtOribSrapplSraiuMXHat.Ep. U, 13. Smria^ 

appSno, pSs&iy pSsltum. Topheenearf add; setdoam, — PBhnBqve ia/8rWif 
pHnS» dpponS eShisirTs. Virg. O. 4, 280. SYN. AdmSvSo^ juxta paaoi 
adjungo^ oacribob 

appdrreotiia. Exiended fiear.-^ pp o r redt u mquf draeimtm* Ov, M. S^ 661 

appJSiUtilii. Fi/, tmlaJUe. See ^p/M. 

apprifoSr, ana. To praff to, — Rite deos prVtt apprfcaiL Hor. Od. 4, 1 A^ 28. 

ipprimey ipprimXy or aid primS. Firsl qfalL~~Fidi apprmd tenax: atiimaa, dl 
dlentVL Mcdi. Virg. O. 2, 134. 

ipprdbo, ia. To eommendy praise. See Probo, Laudo. 

ippHSpifro, na. To hasieny hurry. — Portutque intrdHf paiintet J[ppr^ffrdL 
Ov. M. \5y 603. SYN. PrdpSro, festiiio^ idrdlo» ciirro; icoSUEro. n». 

appriSpinqno^ is. To draw near. See PropinquOy Adoento. 

aprioSr, ins. To hatk tn the tun. — PHR. In aprioo tpitiSr, tiMSbOy ti^uheom 

apricfiii. Sunny. — 7V«i» pdntikmfugdty et terrlt immrltV aprlelt. Virg. JEn. 6» 
312. Dudfrft aprlelt f» coltflnit iiva colorem. Virg. £€L 9, 49. PHR. 
SdH czp9fft&iy or expostiia, pfttcna, obnoxiiia. 

Aprilia. The monih t^ AprH^-Ljprllem mhnSrdnt db aperid timpSri dlctum, 
Ov. Fast. 4y 89. Findit jfprilem. Uor. Od. 4, 11, 16. PUJL Blenau 
CythSrcTiis.^ Mensu quo ver cuncti ipSrit. VERS. Apnlcm VenSri 
sacrum feceriS Quuites. Cum l«>tls dJkrdruntur flonbiis horli. Cum jam 
girrirS v51ucres iucipTunt. Qud mense irbor hibet frondo, et pibiili 

ipte. FUlff. — SempSSr^n hSt dpti fhdrrdneid verbd rhtittunL Ov. Ep^ 13, 121. 

ipto^ is. To fity adaptj adjust, — Mil^t it drm^firdt dptat dd drmd maniit. 
Ov. Am. 1, 13, 14. SYN. AcoOmmJMloi, compouo, idapto; mstriio^ omo^ 
piro. VERS. Ncnroque iptarS sSgittns. Haec rilpit itque hiimSris ne- 
quTdqiiim foriibiiB iptit. Classcm velis iptariS jiibcliit. DHxhz 2t iptaCo 
pectuB mucronS siib imiim Inciibirit fcrro. 

aptiia. f*tV, eonvenient; adhering etotelff. — Vetitiit irdt futuGt dpiuty ftdndpiitt 
amdnfi. Ov. Ep. 13, 11. Crcteebdnt iitiri terrm rddietbiis dpii. JLucr. 6i, 

^ 808. SYN. CdnunSdiis, TdonSiiSy ippSsitiis, odnvSniens, oongriiiis; o3n- 
iicxiis, cShierens. VERS. Formas d£iis iptiis in omnes. luvcrtxt ceeluin 
stcllis fulgen^uB iptiiin. 

Xpiid. Aty near.^Vietir dpud rSpidnm Slmoentd. Virg. ^n. 6, 261. SYN. 
Juxtiy Tn. 

ApiinS, or ApptiliX, a. A distriet ofltalp, near Ihe Adria^ m the kiitffdom qf 
Naplet.^ltTidft extrd timin J^piiHa. Hor. Od. 3, 4, 10. /iicf^T/ £r iUd 
mdnlet JppdHdndtdt. Hor. Sat 1, b^ll* 

Xqui, a. Waier. — Cdncipit Irftdquuty atlmenidmie nublbiit dgcrU Ov. M. 1, 
271. 8YN. Lymphi, undi, litcx, humSr, ITqiiiir. EPITH. FlQvBIia. 
pliivTalis, fontinS, BquSrini; diilcis, imttnS, vivi, piirS, fimpTdi, dirX, 
bfimdi. PHR. LTquores gSIidL FliimTnH litjces. Aqui de fliinujUf 
siimpti ; fontTbiis haCiati. Molfi lapeii pSr saxi( sdnins. Riviiliis scrpen^ts 
lenTtSr iqusk Fons pttriis iquis lentc sSnintTbiis. PlScTdiisquS sduor» 
Kpsiis Xquse. VERS. TcHuriS rSfflasi, Oceiilt<Ss litTces, ibstriisiquS fluimnl 
qnBrfint. MlnTbiis ITquTdds dint ordinS fontcs. TempSrTe blindiriim 
cipttts Squirum. 

Xquariiis. Ons ef the tignt cf Ihe Zo< Ra e.- J dm livU dbiiqud tdbtidU JamMa 
umd. Ov. Fast. 2, 467. SYN. Oinjhncdes, CmTg«r. EPITH. H jmiails, 
Bquens, irngii&s, iidiis, tristTs, imbrif^r, nimbinSr, nimbdsiis, pliiviioBns, 
hiimens; frigens, frigidiis, gifndiis. PUR. OndiEcTmiim ngnCon. Fiis8r 
Squ» piiifr I&des. Sidiis AqviriL JiivSnTsgestitiSr iquss. JiivSnSs signi 
ri^genus iquis. VERS. Inflcxam difTiindTt Aquiriiis iimain. Phrfx pii& 
Inflexi Ifmphis effitndit ftb Cimi. O^Iidus portendTt Aquariiis irobres. 

XquitSciis. Waieryy rmny ; growing or limng in the teater.~.^J^ee tdlvit aptd* 
nevtt AutOr. Qv. M. 1, 863. Fldrebdi dquaOcd Idtot. Ov. M. 9, 841. 
SYN. Aquosiis, hiimTdus. 

IquTlfty SB. Aneagle — ChdSMt diciiniy dgulld vidienliy columbdt. Virg. Er^. 
9, 13. EPITH. Rcgift, r^;ans; pr»p&, prsGcps, cTtS, veldx; iltTviSEins, 


tubfimliy nfibtvSgS, a^na ; firGx, SduncS, pnMiatra, bcUatriz | g0o)fr8ii, 
magnXnTini, impiTTdi; fulTi. PUR. J5vii armlgVr alii. JMm alff 
IdBndSa. JSvu al^ni pennitX iKteU&. Cuf tte lulmliaa, al(fi »»71 Jtfii. 
FidS nunutrft JSvia. Tdnantls ann!g&. lEftfium re^nX. R%nat8r 
vfllficran. PnedatSr JSvIa alCB. YERS. Vtqni v6&d» ilte raptum cum 
fiM drXoonem Fcrt Xqiula, impIic&!t<{nX pMciy atque ungutbus hmU. 
Solem aspectu non cifigantg ttietfir. Jtfvia qu» f&imTn& corvls FerrX aSlet 
pEdib38. Venatrix pnedam roftro limatfir IUliinc& Acrem intendena 
XcSim, rXfiantif lnn]ln& f5Bf Sufpldt, obtntuque Scfilaf flxa bsHft lciito. 
XqoiQL The standardqfm Roman l^fion, ntnnounted wUh ihe eagie^^irteinch 
SMoi anum laturue Tn orbem. Luc. 6, 23& EPITH. Romanl» bellatrtJE, 

JlquSkSI, «. A aiff on the northem coaet qf the AdriaHe^-^Neenen eum 
jnMSBe AqtiUaa eiiperJISU arvue. 8iL 8» e06b 

Iqmlo, ontt. The North WkuL—^ut aetum oedo mSgtOe jf^tdriihue Imbrem, 
VlTg. 6. 2, 234. SYN. B&fif. EPITH. OCIidQf, ^ttcmns, nlvillt, 
mhroffify r^dfif, ilgenf; raucus, fdnorfif, miniZy prdcelloffif, prscepf, 
•KTfif, terribtBf, Tniqnfif ; GCtiCefif, Threldtfif, Rliipvfif, Scf thlcfif, BSrana. 
PHR. Vify zfiblef, ImpCtfif, AqnXlfinlf. Ab az8 bibemd ffirena. Nlvef 
apnr g en f. CHSida bio^itfis fib irct& Armatfif turbln& C5ncretfif gran« 
dmS pennif. VERS. Qui gSndam Scythlco fparfflt XbixS nlvem. Fri. 
gidfia et ailvif AquUo deouffit hdnSrem. QuiHf Hj^perbSHnf AquUd cum 
densfia fib Siif Incfibfitt, ScjfthlBque hi&ncf, itque irldX diifert NubUS. 
ACrlua zXptdo penrertens turblnX cimpdf. Cum deformlf hlemf rfipldii 
Aqmldnibfif horriSt. Cum (j^XcSafif hiemf AquIIonibfif ifperfit undif. Tilil 
^49linti ftridenf AquSdnS prficellX Velum idvcrfX f^rit niictusque id f!d2rX 
toDIt. Prolinfif ^Miif AqnOdnem daudit In intiif. DedXfint imbrif, 
vict5qn« AquHSnibfif Austro^ FoacX rSpiirgitS ffiglebint niibllX ccbI& Ciim 
grXvb armattir BdrXis glXdeqiiX nlviri Hispldfis. Cilm Bdi«if Sc^thiod 
atiidfilfis azX Ib/iL BMm xnccndiX mifclt, Flammiriimque eftiis tdllit 
v^Baentfis Xd anras. RMnint B5HS insCiltantl rfidcntes. 

Aqulldniuf. O/ the north wmd — JqmVmOa prolH. Prop. 1, 20, 26. 

XquiSr, irif. To drmw or feteh water^^^ed dSreum tutm eub memfbue iirbU 
Muaniur. Vifg. O. 4, 193. PHR. Aquim haiizio^ trXha Potiim diioo. 
Aquaa mlnif tro, prsbSa 

Xqndffis. iTalfnr, ndnf. — Dum pStilgd dgttnfit Htime^ 9t Squoeue Ori on. 
ViiK. ^n. 4, 52. SYN. Hiimidfis, plfivlfis, Xqui^fis. 

arX. An eilar^~^nU fSree horum ttabatJSvle heejfiOe ard. Ov. M. 10, 223. 
8YN. AltirX. EPITH. SdUennla, pinguu, flagrina, fumafX, iulgenfl, 
rSnXribUifl, invISlibllif, finotX, faeiX, pIX, MorX, fragrina, fumans, ^iiri 
erteX, thuiIf&X, saeitflcX, ardens, ctfrSnitX. PHR. Flammis lucens. 
Imbiia crfidrX. Miilto qu» fumXt fidorX. Frtndlbfis dmfttX. FrSndS 
ofironitX. Sertas rldSIentibfif hilinf. Tl^pldd taiirSriim imbutX crfidrX. 
Famanafacriflgnibfif. VBRS. Siirglt Mdrilif fiiblimif fumuf Xb irif. 
ArX v£tiif ftibit, trXmfifif drcumdXtX caunif. 

Ane, iium. Mtoda in the iea between Sardinia and A/rica.^^Sdjttly voeant 
ItSt^ mgdtie qum tnJKuMue Jrae. Virg. ^n. 1, 118. 

Ari&bf, bla. AnArahian. — Paiml{fifrotJrabaSfPanchaaquifrurar^nqUlt. Ov. M. 
10,478. 8YN. SXbttfif. EPITH. MoUIb, dddrituf, inlQuf&-, gemmlfcr, 
bizbXrfif, eofif, dpfilentfi% feliz, r&ndtfif, mitritfif. PHR. InnfimSri dives 
ddoiif Aribf. VBRS. Odoref, Quof t^n^r e terri dlvItX mittlt AtuhB. 

ArXbBL andbgpoetie lieenae AriiblX, ae. A region qf Aeioy bounded on the 
north bf Sfria and the Buphrateej en the eatt by the Pertian Gulph, on ihe 
eouth andweet bg the Indian Ocean. There are ihree divieiont qfAraliay 
FeSxy Petrmay and Deterta.^^JSt domfit tntaetm te trifniit Jrdbim. Prop. 2, 
10, 18. SYN. PSnchalX. EPITH. 0iv«f, thiirin^ pilmlfXrX. PHR. 
FindueX, PinchaiX, PinchiicX telluf, Arftbiim rSglo, plXgX, terrX, tcllus. 
«U>«idiv&5doiif. ArvXflXb«X,NXbXth«XregnX. PindbSa rQrX, irvX. 
OdSrnmterzXaraz. lUgio thiirlf Xbundinf. 
IriOiiefif, ArXynSf, and bg poetie Hcente ArXMfia and A^tt«.y4«^— ^^J 
a quPjr&HolSett bombfi puelkt Prop. 2, 2, 25. Non Jrabo notter n»rM 

50 A R A A R B 

oapia«$ SHL Ot. Ep. 15, 70- SVN. PSinch»Qa, SSbeSs, Mn>StliapS&. 

Funchai&8, PanchiScuB. 

Xrachne, ca. A girl (^ Lydia, ehanged itUo a wpider 6y Minerva for dmrimg fo 
coniend with her in 9jiinmng. — Nce tamfn admSniia esi ptata pSpmUaA 
JracJinet. Ov. AI. 6, 150. EFITH. OpSrosS, soUera, pSiitS. audauc, Sni. 
mosS, 8upirb&; M»6ntX, LydS, L^diSL PHR. Virgo MnSnlX, IdmSaiL 
PallSdis (emulk. Invisi Minervae. KSdu> percussa Mineme. VERS. 
Cujus ut Bspic^rcnt dpua admlrabilS, saepS DesSruer< suas Nymphie P!acttf. 
ITdis undas. Ter, qnStSr IdmSnT» frontem percussTt Arachnes. 

XrangS, sp, and SranSiis, i. A spider, — Tn fSrlbus laxog siispeiuni araniea ersaaim 
Virg. O. 4, 24a EPITH. VSgX, pendQla, ingSuTosS, artifCx^^auUial*, 
aSrii, suspSnsa, pendens, studTusS, tunudS, SpTfex. VERS. Tenui stamexi 
de pectdrS dudft. Plde qnie grScOi deducTt SraneS filtkm, £t lc^vS deaerta 
sub trSbS figlt dpus. Summo pendj^t SraniSI tlgnd. Incautas figtt irmnea 
muscaa. Antiquas exercJ^ SranSS telas. 

SranSdlus, i. A emaU spider. — Atque^ Oi SrSnBli iHnuem JormavlmSs ormm. 
Virg. in Gul. 2. 

ArSr, or ArSns. A river of Gaulj now ihe Saone. — AHt jfrartm Parlhis ifibei, 
aiit GermanXa Tigrhn. Virg. EcL 1, 63. EPITH. SegnTs, lenTs, tacitils, 
pTg^r, tardus, lentus, Gnllicus. VERS. Ccer&I^ plSddis per vSdS 8er|>it 

Srat5r, ons. A ploughman, farmer, — Tempora, qum meuor, qtus eiirvus araiSs 
hdbergL Virg. Ecl. 3, 42. SVN. Cdlonus, agncdlS, runcdlS, riis^«us, 
agrestls, viIITciis. VERS. Robiistiis quSquS jitm taitiis jiigS sdlvit Shltor. 
Arator is also appiied to the animal draxeing the plough.-.^edebai iaiirue 
dratorgquo. Ov. Fast. I, G98. 

Sratriim. A phugh. — Jsplce; aratrdjugo r^feriini suspensd JnveneL Virg. Ed- 
2,66. SVN. V6m?r. EPITH. Flexiim, incurviim, dcpressiim, obB- 
qniim, iincum, vSlTdum, mdrdax, ferHHim, Sdiinciim. PHR. Ciirvi pondixc 
Sratri. InilexT grSvS robiir Sratri. Dens vomSrTs. Ternim rSuovans, 
sdndens. Oleh^ vertens. Siilcd attritiis vomSr. VERS. Primiis Sratri 
mSnii soUertT fecTt Otaris, £t tSniram ferro sdllTcTtavTt hiimiim. 

Anltiis, i. A Greek poei of Cilicia in the time qf Antigonus Gonaiusy king af 
Maeedonia, — Ciim sole et luna sempgr jfratiis ML Ov. Am. 1, 15, 26. 

Araxes, is. A rioer dwiding Armenia from Media. — IndomWquS Ddhtej & 
poniem tndfgndtSs Anuces. Virg. Mn. 8, 278. EPITH. BorbSriis, Arme- 
niiis, Scj^thTciis, Mediis. 

ftrbitSr, itrL A judge, ummre.^ArbVihr cs forma : ceridnHnd slstif Didrvnu 
Ov. Ep. 16, 69. 8YN. Jiidcx. PIIR. Quem pSnSs iirbitrium cst. 
VERS. Res est arbttrio non dirimendS mSo. 

arbitriiim. A decisiony delerminaiion; the wilL — Quem p^nSs arblirtiim ht, H 
jus ei nbrmd Idquindi. Hor. A; P. 72. SVN. Vdliintas, jiidTcTiim, sen- 

irbitrdr, aris. To judge, think. — Tesies fSctbriim siare drbttrabiri DJvos. SiL 
SVN. Piito, jiidTco, cens£o, scntTo, credo, exTstYmo. 

arbtSr, or arbds, Sris. A tree. — Ot niinc higrdfgrai coniaciu sanguWts arbdr. 

' Ov. M. 4, 62. SVN. Arbiittiim, vlrgiiltum, ranu, frondes. EPITH. Sil- 
vestris, iimbrosS, SpocS, pStiilS, vTridTs, frondens, vTrens, fSITatS ; altS, pro- 
cerS, ramosS, ardiiS, celsS ; friictiiosS, SmcenS, liixiiridsS.' PHR. Pindens, 
eztenden«, late siiS brachu. RilmTs diffu^ Siibnini vertTcS niitans. 
Infixii alte radtdbtis haerens. PStiifis liixiirTdsS cdmis. Ingentem qiue 
stutinJSt iimbram. LargTs friictibiis SnSratS, dntistS. OberrimS pdxma. 
Prondlbiii arbos LiixitriSt feeundS ndvTs. AvTb&s frondosS pnebens hds- 
pil^ FriictTbiis di^rS. £xcelsds tendens, Sd sTd^rS ramds. TdUens se 
vertTcS Sd aiiras. Ndvis cdUiicens, or dScdratS, fldribiis arbds. 

arborSiis. Of irees.^^rb8rgi fetus Stibiy dlque In^ussd v^reseunL Virg. O. 

irbdretiim. A oopscy grove. See Arbustumy NemtiSm 

irbiistiim. A shrttb ; a shrttbberg. — Non bmnes drbusta juodniy huniUisqtti 
m^rlem. Virg. BcL 4, 2. SYN Frtitcx, vtrgultiim. EPITH. LietiiiD, 
nmbnna, vlrens, frdnddsum, vlrTdS diusum, Gpiciira. Ctmbrifcritm, frdndens, 


&moeiiiiin, tinlMin, ▼ernum, frSttoiiiuiiiy nmbrSsuni. VERS. Vis uiiicni 

tfnSes ittSSlM nmos. POllul&t arbtutum riunu feliclbus. fpsi te foncrK, 

ipaa haec arbuatl Tocabont. 
irhutum. The JruU of ihe arbuhu; ihe wUd Btrawherry. — Glandfttiei ImH 

rgdtfini; dant arbutd sUm, Virg. G. 2, 620. 
irbutj^us. O/the arbutuM.^~^rbntirn tejrvni tUrfffset vlmJniquemo, Vinr. JEn. 

arbiitu9y i. The strawherry-^ree, — JrhStvs, et lentm, vletorU prmniid palmtr, 

Ov. 31. 10, 102. SYN. Vindls, vtriidans, vTresceiMy frondens; cSpucS, 

umbrosa, umbnfHrit, pdmlftr&, fccTmdi ; horridii. 
ardL A ehetty oojfer ; a i^iffin. — S^miil dc nitmmos oontempiSr \n area, Hor. Sat. 

1, 1, 6, 7. I>a vllem Magno plebeii fujigris aream. Luc. 0, 736. SYN^ 

CSpal, cipsSlS, arcijli, scrintum ; IdculuB. 
IrGSsySdu. An Areadkuu — Ambdflorentes tstdttbus^ AredJifs Smbo, Virg. EcL 

7» 4, See Areadius, 
ArdLdvL A distriet in the eentre of the Peiaponnesus : the Areadians were a 

pastoral peopte, and proud of iheir antiguity, — ProPnus Aroidla gitidok 

Inelsifri fines, Virg. JEn, 8, 159. PHR. Teilus Rrymanthidos ursar. 

Tellua MsnilHi, NdnacriS. Maenilis oriL ParrhXsis orft. 
Arcidiciis. Areadian, — Xil m/T/ Arcddlco Jntfini, cujus mW sextd, Juv, 

IncidTua. Areadian, — Arcddlo tnfrtix telo dai pecius "inermim, Virg. -^n. 10, 

425. SYN. MasnSliiis, Lj^cnOs, Noiiacrintis, Nonacrius, C^UenaeQs, Piir. 

rhisBis, TSgSasus, firjhnantheiis. 
ircaniis. Seerei, hidden, private, — Per iripticcs vtdiiis aronndquX sderd Dtdnm, 

Ov. £p. 12, 79. SYN. Sccretiis, docultns, abditus, abscondittis ; litrns, 

abstrustis, dperttis, r£c6ndit&s, Utitnns. VERS. Te oSllre, arcanos Stiaro 

tibT crcdSriS sensiis. Anchises fatOrum arcani rSliquTt. Ominique arcana 

ndctj^ p^titS mdvent. 
iroiSo^ arciii. 7*0 keep off, drlve away, — Areebdt Bnge LdliZ; miiltosqtig pgr 

annds, Virg. ^En. 1, 31. SYN. AinrcSo, amSvSo, ivCrto^ prShlbiSo; ez- 

iroteo^ Ts, ivi, itum. Tocail, invite, sftmmon — Quemquisibl igniies nSseentem 

arehefre vlids, Virg. O. 4, 214. SYN. Vdco, advdoo, accTo. VERS. Ar. 

cessitiis Srit iomniis in ossi m^ ItS bdnls ivTbtis, prolemqiie iirccssTtX 

ircfa^tjrpiis. An original eopy.^ArMtppds pititSum servdrg Cldanthds, Juv. 

ArcliTUchua. A satirieal poei of Greeee, — ArehlldchHm prHprio rdBics armdvU 

Umbo. Hor. A. F. 79. 
irdiimigiriis. A chiefcook, — Finxerunt pdrMer librdrlus^ drcKlmdglrl. Juv. 

9, 109. 
ArdiTmedes, Xs. A eelehrated geometrieian qf Syraeuse: at ihe iaking the eity 

he was slain wfulst iniently emphyed drawing ftguTCS on the grottnd. 

EPITU. Sj^racdsT&s, doctiis, cSiab^r, tngSniostis, sigox, sollcrs, mTrabiJTs, 

irchi tectiis, T. A builder, — Praconem fdcias, vi! archllccifim, Mart. 
Archytas, se. An astronomer and geometrician of Tarentum^Te mdrfs, A 

terrm, numirooug edrenfls drenes Mensdrem cdhibent Archjtd, Hor. Od. I 

28, 1. EPITH. Tirentiniis, doctiis, sdllSnu 
ircTpdtena. SkiUed tn archery, {An epiihet qf Apollo,).~^riipdtens, ddverte, 

prgodr, nune derilque, ApoOo, Val. Flacc. 5, 17* 
arrit^nens. The Baw-bearer, (An epUhei qfApoUo,) — Qudm p^iis Areitgncns, 

drds ei liiord eireum. Virg. ^n. 3, 7& 
Arc^s. Norihem, See Areious, 
Ireto, is. To eonfine, strain, erowd,-^nexhaSstis Srctdntur teld phdrctrU, 

Stat. Theb. 4, 156. SYN. Stiingo, oonstrtngo, cSorcto, oomprTino. 
ArctJSphjHax, icis. A oonsteOation near the Great Bear — AretSph^ldx fbrmdm 

iergd sgquenfU hdbdL Ov. Fast. 2, 190. See Booies, Aretunu, 
intSs. Tho Bear: there were two eonsiellaHons so caUed, ihe GreaierBear,also 

cattml Planttmm, mnd ihe Lesser Bear, also oalled Cynosura.— fiwi' dHo» 

LJ o 


AniMt amrum CjfnAiml pgmr SfdSfitU, mneh^ GfM eSMn^m. 
Or. Fart. 3, 107. SYN. CrsX Parrhlsli, BSUx^ plmu»trum; CjNi«tfiriL 
£PITH. MsnXlO, Manina, LjFcaSnlX, frigins, gSidS, gOc&Bi, IrCmen^ 
▼ent5sX, SithSnKlL S<^tlikX, priBndiS, «tli&a, alg^ns, hibcrnL PHB. 
OSndd prdzSniX ngn& p^ PirrfaXndet ftell». MignX MinorqttS ttcm, 
V£RS. ManU&m tactli ne IXvXt Arctdn Xquifl. Arctos OcOm mltilenteB 
aequSriS dngi PleOdas, Hjrldafl, daramquS LjFdUSnis ArctSn. 

Arctous. Nortkem^^JSSd ngqueUJreioo tedSm m lipgrU orbL Luc l, 53L 

SYN. Arctlcfis, Septentri5naITs, AquHdniiis, BSHSUis. 
ArcturiSs. A Mar in ihe amtleUaiian Bootet, — PrmtMa tSm tmvU JretuH 
sUM iM$. Viig. O. 1, 204. See Booiet. 

irctiis, S, um. Tiffhi, narrowy dote, — Ipeg vhro pnmut manleSt aigmg areta 
tSvdrL Vtr|r. ^n. 2, 146. SYN. Angustfis, contractiis, strictiis, constric- 
t&s, oompressiis, arctat&s. . V£llS. Dira ferro et oompogibiis arctis Cbu- 
dentiir belli purte» F!t liimfnls arct&Sr Srbls. An^Iiis atque h£dJFni pWi. 
cerm adstringitilr ilis. Qui rCbiis tn arcfis Ferri( mtbi nullim tiirpS putasda 

arciis, us. A bow, — ComiSut htde areiity si nSnfuit aSrSut Uti. Or. Bl. 1, G07. 
SYN. Cdmii, nerviis. EPITH. Lctitf&r, certus, oomiiis, ^iiatiis, Xdunciis, 
tteidbilis, tensiis, hoirisdniis, lentiis, fleinSs, oiirviis, sSnoriis, sXgittifcr, 
aiiriitiis, ApdUinXiis, HerciiUiis, ri^iis. PHR. ArmX Dlanas. FIexil£ 
odmiL VERS. NitSda spectabEls areu. HiimSris de m5re hJUnlem sus- 
pendXritt arciim. AtirSiis ez hiimSris sSnXt arciis. ConstitTt luc, arciimqnjF 
mXnii o&SresquiS sSgittas Corripiiit. S51vi ciirvatofl unpiSrXt arciis. AddiiGtd 
curvans o5miUi nervo. 

ircum tendere. To drmm the bow, — PHR. Arcum oontendXrC, intend&rS, ad- 
ducCHS, siniiaril, otirvarf, flectiSHf, InciirviiHf. Arciim addiicto fiectirS nerva 
Vmidis Inflect&rS vuibfis ardim. V£RS. Tiim vSHdts flez5s indirvinc 
viribiis inxu. Mnestheiis addiicto oonstitit irdi. Arcii contentX pXritS 
TclX tXnet. Intendiint icrcs arciis, et spiciilX vibrint. P{on tiiHt AsdUuiia^ 
ucrvoque dbvcrsiis Xquino Contcndit telum, diversXquX brachiX diioensy 
Cdnstitit intS JSvem. DixerXt; ins5niSit contento ncrvib Xb irdi. LuuU 
vitquX gjSnu stnitosum forttti^ irciim. Impdsito cXlXmo pXtiilos uniiavSrXt 
ardis. vid&it addiict5 torquentem oomiUi ncrvo. Stricto stit proxlmiis 
anxilgSr irco. 

arcu sagittam emittere. To thoot with the bow. — SYN. Arcii, nervo^ oomii, 
spiciiU, sXgittis, cXlXmSs, tclX, initt&^, t5rquerS, dirigXr^ impcIISHS, oSn- 
torquerX. V£RS. CQrvo dlrexit spiciUX corniL SpiciilX torqiiebit LjrcSS 
Gort^niX oSmiL SpicfilX oonvcrso fiigientiX dirigit ircCu Nervo per 
niibeiin impCilsX sXgiCtX. jGthSrias teliim contSrsit in aiiris, Ostentins 
irtem pXritcr, irdimqui^ sSnantem. Ciim tento ooncitii comu, Sicilt Sraat 
fiiiustl, trijecit ntriimquX sXgittX. 

aious cGBlestis. The mMour.— SYN. Iris. £PITH. Plctlis, plii^ nitbiI3s, 
imbrifSr, purpiirXus, miilttc515r. PHR. VXriata liidS riibens, mtoaita. 
V£RS. Niibibiis arciis MilU tilhit vXriSs, idvcrso soIS, dflores. Siios irciis 
per nitbtlX drchtXt Iris. PiirpiiHSiis pliivlas dim bibtt arciis Xqitis. Plilviiis 
coelo describtti&r irciis* See irit. 

irdXX, K. A heron.^rliit; Si tptdtuU dSplandUur ardSS pSnhSt. Ov. BL 14, 
580. £PITH. TiSnula, alriS, alttvSlans.^ V£RS. NotiisquX pXIudes D^ 
sXrtt, itque iltim supra v5lXt iirdSX niibeiit. AiisX v51arS ArdXX siibninis, 
penna oonfisX nXtintL 

irdiSio, onts. A buty^bodif.^VU dioam, quSd tltf Magnut St ardSHo. Mart. 

ardifo, si, sum. To bum, be onfire; iobetn loee. — mSn ardebai; nSlque adhve 
eontedSrai %griis, Ov. il. 13, 408. Formoeum pattor CSrjfden ardSbdt 
Jies^in, Virg. £cL 2, 1. SYN. Cr&nSr, inceitdSr, iccendSr, inflimmdr, 
flagroy odnflagro) ardesca, txirdcsoo^ i^tfr; fcrvXo^ SBStiio^ incindesco: 
o&plo^ desidSro, opto. ex5pto^ «pplto; deperXo^ Xma PHR. Flimmtt, ig. 
ntbiis oorriptSr, iiHSr, oonsiim^r, ibiusaor, pirXo^ ignem iocSpto^ concf^So 
C&UBd£rXtn ignes. InciodcsoiHS flammis. C5ndpSrX flammis. Ffiamnb 
crSpitarS VERS. RiSgiimqu? pXrari Penstt )Ft arsariSs tflprSmis IgDtbtta 

A R D A R G 5B 

Ne ffirtf iSecr tiSt Sb IgnlbSs vther Cdnclp&et fliiiiiii2t, len^fiMae 

ardetoEHft izis. OriSr, fit, inddmTtis ignem czercentlbfii Euria, Fertuli^ 

aeccmis messlbus, ard^ IgCr. Implcri mcntcm nSguXty irdescitqnl tfiendo. 

ArdSt imins Tfido, triudtquS pSr ossX furorem. £z «pi(S csptts ardcbont 

mentibfis Amba Ardemus sdtari, et quaerSri causss. 
Irdens. Burmngyfiery, — SoB M arderU^ rhSiomi arhutti ^UadlM, Wr^. Ed. 

2, 13. 8VN. Fla^rans, ignitfis, flammans ; fenrcns, ferrUas, ardescens, 

Inilimmatus, inccnsfis. PHR. Tgnlbus, flamniis, aocensus, iistfis. Flammis 

odQuoens. DlrS f^rens incendBL 
irdesoo, \^ To ba cn fire,—^rdi9eilqag iuinda. Virg. ^n. 1, 717- i!^ 

ird5r, oxv. Heai ; ardomr^ paeekn. — Tdem ornnH Hmul ardSr habel : rapitintqtti^ 

ruunique. Virg. ^n. 4, 581. SYN. ^stus, cSIdr, ferySr; XmSr, desid& 

i%xm, cupido.^ EPITU. Flamml^fis, turbUus, Snhel&s, rSdlans, Kstivfis, 

ferrld&s, torren^ fervescens, urens, vflilmens. FHR. TgnSfis arddr Tnest. 

TerraequS irdorS dShiscunt. Cum letifSrus iccendens Sirifis ignes, Tdrrft 

Snhelantem s«vis arddribfis orbem. 
irdfifia. Lqfiy, iatt; difflcuU, herd, — Htne belldtSr gquue eampo eeee arduiit 

fmferL Virg. O. 2, 14A. JEquam mimtnio rgbiis Yn arduft Servarif mehtim. 

Hor. Od. 2, 3, 1. SYN. CeUfis, cxcels&s, subflmls, iltfis; diflrTcms. mft. 

iriS. A bam fioor; a eourt^ ffard. — Nequidquam pHnguet pSlSa tifrit arifd 

euimde. Virg. 6. 1, 192. SYN. PlSta. EPITH. LitS, j^tens, cSpix, 

impIS; triticaL PHR. ^quato planS arSS tergS. VEkS. Striaque 

SrenoBis indudltfir irSS septis. ArifS cum primls ingcnd KquandS 

ireflcSo^ cd. To drg, pareh. See Sieco. 
SrenS, se. Sand; the thore; a plaee o/publie exhibition. — Cotltetum hiimdrem 

Sibaia dedHat arena. Virg. O. 1, 114. £i tandem Imti notm advertuntur 

Srenm. Virg. ^n. 6, 34. Figebdt Nuniidat Albdna nudttt irena. Juv. 4, 

100. SYN. Lltus; cimpfis. EPITH. StSrlHs, fiilvS, flavens; grScYlTs, 

CtSrfi^ flumtnSC, «quSrfi^ mSrinS, attritS, fimosS, moUTs, pulvSrSS; irdcns, 

nccS, iridS, tSstS, irens, torridS. PHR. AggSr Srcna. NfimSr6 cSrcns. 

VERS. SpisBi cimpos perfundiit Sreni. AltS pfieiiares tirdSt SrenS p^des. 

In nostriis quSniam nfivS puppTs Srenas VenSrSt. Migno tellurls SmorS 

£gressi optiti pSliiintur Ti^ Srena. HuspTtid prdhfbemfir Sren*. 
SrenlvSgfis. Wandering on the thore. — Vtdlt arefiUsdgum aurgens fiig^ientqui 

CSXanemu Lue. 9, 044. 
Srenosfis. Sandg. — Lita» SrinoeHm Libjmf ventotquiy tioaboL Yirg. Mn. 4, 

267. PHR. Irenis tectfis, dbdiictfis, crcbSr. • 
ar&^ es, ir&L To be dry, ihirttg. — GdrriHiit tn midld Tdntaliit drHt Squd, 

Or. Art. 2, 006. S YN. Aresco, irefio, siccj^r, cxsiccdr, mircesco. 
AreSpSgiSs, 1. The Hill qf Mart at Athens, on whieh the celebrated cmtneil qf 

judges was held. (Gr. Apiiwra^o^) 
ireseow To grow drg..~~£xtgiitt dreteunt ttilftlra fumlt. Ov. M. 15, 351. See 

SriStilSg&s,! A babbler.^Mot)irat, ut menddx irMlogiit. Juv. 12, 10. 
IrSthibS. A faunUnn of Sicilg. See Alpheut. — Orcy jfrifthutSy tiio Sleiilit 

cdnfiindUiir undis. Virg. EPITH. SlcaiS, frigTdS, ffigax. PHR. Ar- 

cScDS virgo. Fons ArSUiusT&s, IrSthusTd^s undn. ArSchusftT ISttccs. 
irgentat&s. Plaied with sUt>er. — Argentdti tiios iddm sdnddHd tdlSs. Albinov. 

2, 65. PHR. Argent5 tect&s, induct&s, fulgens, mTcins. 
irgentJRiB. OfsUver, — Atque hieaurdfis vSntdns drgentitls dnsir. Virg. JEn, 

&665. SYN. Aivento factfis, grSvTs, s^ITd&s, mTcins; albfis, cindld&s, 

nitcns. VERS. ^tTdis argentSfis undTs. 
Scgentiim, i. Silver, — Argentitmy PSrMisvi ISpiSy cireiimdStur adro, Virg. JEn, 

1,597, EPITH. Clirlim, " ^" 

ilbum. PHR. ArgentT H 

snlcnd5r. VERS. Argesfi vascfilS puri. Irgen 

UaUiue irgentS pirfeota, atque ispM sTgriis. Argeiiilbl«r|arWlibant 

IfStmtvilym, DigitizedbyL^OOgle 


Argiletum, 1. A ttreei in Romej whieh toat oHffiiuttty a grwae. — S& 
siicri montirat niemu» ArgXUfL Virg. ^n. 8> 345. 

irgill^ B. CUxfiy poiier*s earth. — SiMatitr arjfiUa eraier, JSMealSfug fSgL 
Or. M. 8, 089. EPITH. AldUiis udlL 

Argiv&s. Greeiam. — Eijam Arglvi phalanx imiriieiSs navibiis IbaL Vii^. JRa 
2, 254. 8YN. ArgSnciis, AchTvua, Achaeua, Achatciit, GrKCUS, PSlsy^n. 

Argo, us. The $hip in whieh Jaum and the Argonaui» eaiUd to Coiekie le 
feieh the gotdenjteeee* See Argonautt» — Nikne Medet Ortygle: Chaiili ctm^ 
eurgUae Argo. Ov. M. 15, 337- EPITH. IrduS, vEMx; nobUTs, flucti. 
▼SgS, bilHg^rX, ThessUici, PSgSsaX. PHR. Thessala puppu, rSus, 
iiavis, plniis, dliinS. Rltls ArgSHci, TasSmi, PSg&ueS, AigM, P^ci 
Rktis Mlnerrae. Navis qu» Tezit herols, H Tasonem. Audax heroum 
navb. VERS. Argo 8ax& p&vcns postquam Sc^UeiX l^t. 

A rgi$Iic&s. Grecian. — SpartMU AryStioae nomen vagafamd jir wrheo^ Or. M. 
^ 267- See Argjivu»* 

Argdns^Tdis. The name qf a dietriei of the Pehponnesn» ; a Greeian moman 
— ArgSn» Atcmene^ quetiua «61 ponai anSlS». Ov. M. 9, 276. SVN. Pt; 
lasgTs, PdasgTSs, ArgivX. 

ArgSnaut», arum. The 54 Greeian heroe» teho »mled to Colchi» in ihe ek^ 
Argo tofeteh the goldenjleeee, The ehief» were Ja»on, Hercule», Theeeme, 
Ca»tory and PoUue, — Ndn nauta» piito oos, »ed ArgSnauta». Mart. 3, G?. 
EPITH. SemTdSi, TasSiui, Paasgi, ThessSfi, ThcssXnd, Grai^ a Overwie 
Grteeimy gfoSrosi, ImpXvTdi, magnlnlml, audaoes, dari, Immortales, cSlebrca. 
PHR. Heroes, jilvSnes, natitae, iEmSnTL Heroes, naut», Argoi, ArgoHici, 
Pflasgi, Tasdiui. Primi nautss. Argivs rdbSrft pubis. VERS. AurioS- 
mam heroes oonati avellSH^ pellem, Insuetom pSr Tter non nota id litorl 
tendunt. At tHmlSi in nostriis qudniam nSvX puppTs Xrenas VenSrit, nfidacea 
Bttul^Atquif vTros. 

ArgSs, andpL Argi, orum. A dUttriei and ciig ef the Peloponnesu», — Seeum 
rumqui gule» aitd pSr ArgS» StoL Ov. Ep. 14, 34. Eeee aulem InaehSie 
»e»e r^fSrebdi ab Ar^fi». Virg. Mtu 7, 288. EPITH. Nohilg, sfipirbiim, 
InSchTiim, dariim, pjitens, indSmTtiim, antiquiim. oSlebrS. VERS. Aptum 
dicTt Sqms Argos ditesqne MjFcenas. Niip^r Abanteis templo Jiinonts Tn 

Argous. Of ihe Argo. — iVoii kue Argoo ooniendii remigS jnniu». Hor. Epod. 
IC, 67. 

irgiimentiim. A proof »ign^ reaeon; a deoice, eubJeeL — Sertaqui eingebami 
voti argHmentd pStenil», Ov. M. 8, 745. M§lSu», et tongb caldvSrdi argm» 
menib. Ov. M. 13, 684. SVN. Signiim, indTdiim, mSnTmcntiim, n5tX; 
fabiilX. VERS. t.X vStiis in tela dediicTtur argiimentum. At lcvem djF* 
pSiim siibUltis ournTbus lo Aiiro Insignlbat, jam setis obsTtX, jam boss 
Argiiroentiim Ingens. Virg. jEn. 7» 791. 

Xrgiio, iil, Citiim. 7*0 blame, aceuse; lo prove, shew^^Arguliur lamhiy diqme 
injutld vSeatiir. Ov. M. 1 1, 1 73. Me nuUd dU» Idm firmS» au»U DU^ 
mllemargHStU, Virg. JEn. 9, 281. SVN. InsTmiilo^ inciiso, reprChendo^ 
incrSpo^ aociiso ; ostendo^ rSdjrgiio^ oonvinco. 

Argiis, u Son ef Arieton he had a hundred eye»i he wa» sei by Jttno 9e 
wiUch lo, whom Jupiier had changed inio a heifer, bui tpas slain by Merewry 
al Ihe commandqfJupiler. — Centnm luniMibvs eineium cdpvl ArgHs hdbebdL 
Ov. Al. 1, 625. SVN. AnstiirTdes. EPITH. VTgTl, vTgTIiins, p^r^-^ 
TnsumnTs, fidiis, fTdens. PHR. Past<$r cciitdciiliis. Past5r iEmdnius, 
Tht*«sXliis, Junoruiis. Ciistus JiinonTtis. Ciistos vTrgTnTs Argiis. Centeno 
lumTnS cTnctiis. 

argutiis. Shrewd^ acuie; shrill, neisy.-^Hdicis argutum qum non fdrmlddi 
dcumSn. Hor. A. P. 364. CogSr Sd argvtas dicSrS »ol\i» dvi». Prop. 1, 18, 
30. SVN. SiibtTITs, sallers, ingCnTosiis, Xciitiis; strTdulus, cauoriis, garriiliis. 

AruidnX, «, and Ar&dne, es. Daughler of Mino», king qf Crele: »he 
gave The»eu» ihe elue lo ihe eelebraied labyrinlh, and jied wilh him, bui 
ira» deeerted by him^ and leflonthe uland nf Chios. — Quanium In tl> 
Theseu, vSHier^ Jriadnd mdrinas. Ov. Ar. Am. 3, 35. SVN. OnossTXs^ 
GnossTs {from €hu>»sus, a eiiy qf Crete)^ MTnofs. KPITH. OndssTX. Cre 

A U I 61 

tenui, CmsL PUR. Virg<s p»c]l& CrcMl Gii^iS vUvo VKtUft. 
SiocaiiS mc pitiTiai ibductam, perf id«, &b urii, Perfid^, descnd «l^ultti la 
XriclS. vl eiijf o/ Lmtiumj near whieh was the grove qf thg ngmf»h Efferim,^ 

DUiat ab exeilm nimarvlU jfrlcUi RomeL Luc. 0, 7^* 
XHanib. O/ Arida^Vains Jrleina deneU laUt ahdlUi elhU. Ov. M. 

indulua. DryUh, — LdnHaque Mduils harehdni morei tabcUii. Catull. G3, 316 
aridua. Drjfy parehed, — Ciad eiib fncftrvU exsiabanl ar^Uld lumbU. Ov. M. tt, 
804. SYN. Marcidiisy suxiis, Brcua, areicciu, ticcat&s. PUH. Ilumuris 
egensy Sginus, expers. 
irica, ari^tls, er^ bjf poetie lieenee, arjetis. A ram,^H^ taerU aedei fpfiUsf 
kte drjfig etno, Virg, Miu 7> l?^. EPITH. Curiiigcr, piigiuix, tarv&», 
]anig€r, pi^ttilaxis, prasccps. PHR. Dux Svluuu Iniiucui p£curTs tutcli. 
lAnlgSri gri^is dcfciisSr. Anes vUldsus, 2t hirtis curuibus. Ucliatdr, 
comuquS ^roz. 
2 nca. One o/ the aiffne qf the Zodiae. — Ver hiSmim ; Plselque Jf¥ict tiiceedU 
aqmoao. Ov. AI. ]0, 103. EPITH. C<clcstis, subllmis ; ethCreas. PHR. 
t^^ndrum pxinceps. Corntg^r astrdrum ductdr. Tcr seiiis varmtus corpiSri 
stcifis. VKRS. Aurato piinceps Arics !n vellSre fuIgSt. Tempdri nuc> 
tumis cequ& dturnft fftcTt. Prim&s ad Aururum, clrcum cftvft tcmpdrft, 
ficx2 Cornuii contorqucns Aries, coelcstift pundit Limiiift stgnurum, duo 
torque et jamtSr aniiu 
&rica. A baiterinff ram. — Marifa, qulque tmot puitdbani drjSti murde, 
Virg. jEii. 12, 70C. EPITH. Fcrrdus, dur&s, mtnax, stQpend&s, Miivdr. 
tius, r&lTdus, fErratus. PHR. Maclnu& bcllldi. Vix muris tdlcraiidft 
liiea. V£RS. ktvM crcbro Pulsantur muri. Lftliftt ariSti crcbro Jiiiiiia, 
ct cmott procumbiint <ardTiiS postcs. AriSt2 dlssTnunt niuri, disjcctiqu^ 
siixTs Sdxft labdiit. ArTcs cdniix muruin pusiibut ftliciid. TiirrTfrftgis ftries 
extcmplo coroTbtis altft Soxft qufttit. 
ftri^to, OTj bffpoetie iicence, arjSto. To buii at a ram ; to batter, — Jrjvlat tn pdrtHty 
ct dnrdt objicS pdttet, Virg. iEn. 11,82)0. SVN. QtiitTo, cuncutiu; cor 
iiTbiis Tmpdto, verblSro, f^rio. 
Ariinaspus. Aninhalntani o/ a pari o/ Scythia on the bankt qf the Arimatpiaty 
eelebrated /or i/s ffolden tandt.-^Qudd lcffU dtvet tummU Arlmdtpiit draHt, 
Luc 7, 75«. 
Ariou, diiTs. A ceiebrated mtitician o/ Letbot, To eteape the treachery o/ itit 
thipmatety who pianned hit death, he threw himtel/ inlo the tea with hU 
Iffrey andwat carried athore hy a dolphin. — Qudd mdrS non ndvlt, aum netdii 
IrUfnd ieiiuaf Ov. Fast. 2, 83. EPITH. Vdcalls, ApuinnSiis, Phoeb^us, 
cithftristi, dulcisuniis, cftnoriis. PHR. LesbTus, Mcth^mnwus vatcs. 
Gintix insigiiTs. VERS. CTthini tumTdis dcIphTiifts Tn iindis Alulccbat. 
Qucm. dthir» taiigentcm fila canor», ImpdsTtiim durso vcxit pcr coeriilft 
delplim. Dclpbini tiuTdcns v&di coeruii sulcat Arion. See Ov. Fatt, 
AriSnTus. O/ Arion. — Qii7, piito, Arioiiidm vcxvrdi dnii ij/rdm. Prop. 2, 

ftristft, K. The beard (if eorn, an ear o/ com, com, — Moiil pavldtim /tdvetcei 
cdmpfia drUtd, V*rg. EcL 4, 28. SVN. SpTcv, culmi ; st^gcs, mcssTs, friigcs. 
EPITH. PTnguTs, wstTvft; grftcffis, fragilTs; divSs, frugTfdri, fCcunda, luti, 
5pimi, C£r£iITs; fliivcns, fluvi, aiiratu, aurSi. VERS. GrivTdls pro- 
cumbTt oilmus irTstis. CaiiTs flavcscit ciilmus iristls. CurtTc2 sub niuin 
tiinucs gluinSnintur iristte. ChiiSnmm pTiigut glandcm miitiivTt iristai. 
MaturTs albcscTt mcssTs iristis. 
Aristttfis. A shepherd o/ Arcudia, ton qfApoih: fiefirtt directed hU aitention 
lo the tendinff qf beet, — Fdtior ArUtmut, /iiffient Feneld Tcmpc. Virg. O. 
4,317. EPITH. ArcidTus, ApuinnSus. PHR. C^rcnTiis heroo. CultSr 
nCmdrum. Rindviitdr ftpum. ArcidT&s migtstSr. See Virff, Geor, 4, 

317, &C. 
IiTiMlMnihu».AeMtratedfframmariananderUico/Samot — Mdffniia ArUidrM 
mdjr.r nSmeriis Mi. Ov. Ep. «x P. 3, 9, «4. EPITU. D6ctfi». sgverfis. 

02 A R I A R M 

Iristides, If. A cMnUed A&animn, Mon af LfftmmAmt k» rwcrfigrf Am 
honmtraUe appellaiion^f Ihe Jm$iy /rom his eirici bUeariiif g tmi rfJMJ— iiij 
the popmlaeet he wae bamahed hff eetrmeism, — Puleus ArUGdet pairiL XdcJ^ 
dmmSad/^ Or. £p. «x P. 1, 3» 71. £PITIL Jiitifia, Miutta. 
Iristippfii. A phikeopher rf Cpremoy pmpil ef Seeniee^^^unc 1» wfrbffM 

SwOmprmiptiifmJiar. Hor. £p. l, 1, 18. 
liistdphJbieiy u. A eeledraled eonue poet i/ Aihene,.-^up8lU, aiomg CfwMoL 
JrUt»phmiiSepa pHiim. Hor. 8at. 1, 4, 1. EPITH. Mdrdis, «!■&■» 
Irist5ride% ■• The paironpmie o/ ArgmMy eem ^Antier, .J>onlfe jlrUiSiUtn 

eervanJam irddidU Argo. Ov. M. 1, C24. 
IristStaes, Is. ^ eelehraled Greeion philoeopher, bom ai Siagira^^^ q^ 
JtUai«emamVem,velPiUdcdn,em'U.Juy.2,7. SYN. ^tig^itet. PHR. 
StilginBfis sdphfia. Si^pkdrum prinoeps, diu^ £PITH. pivinfii^ doctitSy 
u^CnXdsfiSy subtiEsy tfiguci soUers, p^ritfif ; cSl«i^ris, immQrtaiis. 

imiX, drum. Arme, weapona; inetrumeniey iaekle^^Jrmdy tflrmnjmf etma, 
Treim qmi pifmue db orte. Vvg* iGn. J, 1. Dieendmm H amm Oni durU 
agreeCibue armd. Virg. O. 1, 160. SVN. Ferrum, enstty gUklifis, telniii, 
hastX, fraxXnfis, jficfilnm. £PITH. Fulgenttt, VuldmXS, rfidfimtiks grMk, 
iortft; pictX, aursti, MiTortSX, beU£s, MarllX, mtnacO, stri!pentQl, 
sdnantli, fihenX, (errSL PHIL Armorum vires. TnvisX mitribfis armi. 
C«d« cUentlX. AorS cieUltX. 8anguin« foedX. InfectX tab«. TutX mo. 
mmena oorpdriab V£RS. ArmX rSpercuaao lulgent rfitSintilX PhcBbdL 
Armorum crispo iXd&tur lumlnS cimpfis. Clirescunt s5nTtus, irmorumque 
ingruilt hdrrSr. Territfis hostS nSvd Cidmua cXpSre irmX pXribXt. At 
T^yifqin aScSi exXnimem sfip^r irmX fif rebint. SS^Soe iSmfil instrifit imiis. 
In flMnmaa 2t Iq irmX f%r6r. FfiriSr irmX miliiistrXt. Hdrrifioum oontia 
Bdr&n 87ls irmX mXnistrXt. C£rS&IiXque irmX ExpJkCunt. CdOig«i« 
irmX jfibct, HHdisque incumblrX reoiis. 

irmamentXy orum. Taekley rigginff,^^ptdrtqmi euU pinitmjubii armameniie, 
Qy, M. n, 456. 

irmaraentarifim, iL An arsemd. — Telorum drmdmenldrTd emti* Juv. 13, 83. 

irmarliun. A ehesty sa/e. — StdxUVjusy mnSphSrumy trSpSdet, drmdHdy cisids. 
Juv. SVN. Capsa,irdL 

innaturX»fB. The mode rf armng^Spdrsd pfr extrmoe VHTm drmatird md^ 
niplds. Luc. 

ArmXnlX, a. A eountrp qf Asia between M, Taurus and M, Caueamt, , 
Armiriidy Ponfiqui/irds perlltSrd gentes. Luc. 2, 639. 

ArmlnlQs. Cf Armenia.~^J>dphnU et Amdfriids edrrii subJungM Ugris. 
Virg. £a 5, 2». 

irmentalis. O/ a henL^JrmentdlU Ifqmm mdmnusy et Idetif/^frino, Virg. i^n. 

Irmentirifis. A herdsman—Jrmentdrtus JpSr dgii teetumqmd laremqtdf. 

Virg. O. 3, 344. SYN. Bfibulcfis, pistdr. 
irmentum. A herd rf eattle CdnO, qum sSlltus, si qudndo drmentd «£. 

<»6a^Virg.£cL3,23. SYN. Orex, p«cfis. £PITH. LMtum, ptn^X, 

errins, nfimCrosum, fSrtiS, cdmlgSrum, tardum, pigrum, Sdix, dbesum. 

V££S. VXIida in alris rSb&nt irmentX. Pascuntur vlrides irmenU p£r 

immSr. In arms.-^^rm^f/ir dmi{flfrm eorreptus dmdri M\nerem, Or, Fast 

ariDlgSr. An armomrMarer,,.^nritggr dnti /ulty /idOsque dd RmJnd eiistds, 

VWi -^ 0> ^^ JnriSgirm Dtc^nnd tum^ cui smpd dSdU^ Or. M. 

im^pStens. Pewer/mil in arms..^pedmque JBSctdeny ginus drm^ipSienik 

Jehillei. yirg. ^n. 6, 839. ' 

irmlatefis. Besomnding im arms. — PdltadU SrmUonmy qam prtmd exeq^ 

ovHntes. Virg. y£n. 3, M4. PH&. Armis s^nins, irmX ofiruscina. 
irmo^ aa. To army eqnvj^ «.L m td /acU: spdHts si quXsqui rieenHbiU drmii» 

Virg. ^n. 2, 396. PIUL Amus induo» cingo^ instrfio^ munXo. 
iimSr, axla. To be mmwd. cqidpped.^^ello drmaniHr iqidt belhm hme dr. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Vixg. Mn. 8, MO. PHIL Inrit Indlfifr, iMtrMr, 
mnnfiSry angfr, ioongtfr. Ann& cftpcMO, cftplo, Indlto» waiob Cfns<^ 
ln]gcnffl»3n anmi. ArmX hfimtng apto» «aroiimda Anuari In pau* 
Pii^na k pSnr& AnnSrum luoS oBribouM. Tnttroct&t fi rrS. CwKicittfl 
^nngnlbBs armik Tli5nc& Indutfta. IiMfanio giOa «t ffilgiiMlbfia inom 
iBri dpiit fiiigens. Cnids riMflfis. VBIUL Hie lcrro aodng^r ranfiii 
dfpSoqnC iSnistnm Inairt&bfim iptana. Lfitiriqoo ieefimmMftt cnaenu 
Loncam mdfiStur, fiddquo acdig^itfir cnafi. £nacm o6il5 ofiapendft Cbur- 
itum. Oafinimia tn prarilfi featrea Armintfir. Indfif rt iiml nraa^ ^en- 
tiqfnl aiim&i tcii, Bicx JfibCt. Ardfifia armitfia mMTia In moenibfia idattna 
Fundh fiquSa. Ipai intiia deztri ac lcYi pro tiirribfia iatint, Annid Rn(\ 
et criida cfiplta iltl f iSrentea. Clj^pfiiimque «uhSqufi triliccm Lfirioam la- 
diStfir, Tfillddque icdngYtfir cnae. Pira p«d«a M pfiiit dmpiai pira 
irdfifia il& PiilTfirfilentfia fiqtiia ffiriti fimnee inafi rCqairiint. Arma 
finSana^ irma orfi prCmiint. Spfiina ae quiiqul rScenttbfia irmlti Nee 
gfilfi tX^bttar nSc iofito dn|lm&> ena& Minfiaqtto imbia jfiofilla finfiriTTt 
icutia. Terribifi fulmlnit cnafi minfia. 

armfia, i. The thouldery amu-~Jn latHs a dixtro paxiUUim d^Sfi armo. Ot. Af . 
6» 229. Luduntqui Jubm per eotti, pir armSt, Virg. ^n. ll| 497« Seo 

firo, ai^ Topkti^ ; lotUl, eultivate.^LXtS§ Srant, RvtiHoeqtte iaeroent vomiri 
edUee, Virg. iGn. 7> 79& PHR. Terrim, tellurem, hfimum, irrfi, fiiitrS 
oSloL TerrXm firatro, vom&fi, ferro, riatria, I%onfi oSlo. Terrim fiiitnS 
afibigo^ idndoy vcrto, mvcrto^ veno, exereSo^ rumpo, ffidlo, rCnfivd» £z« 
ercerfi •^tim lub vomJ^rS. Vomfiria ictu agroa aiilco. Jfivenda ifilum 
exerofiob Indimbirfi iratrfi. Olcbia ligSnfi, raatrO^ dirumplrfi, cSnvclllrfi. 
Rastrii tcrram limirL Telifiri infiiidlrfi lulooa. VERS. Priml Clret 
iknco ^ebom dimdvlt firatrfi. Antfi Jfivem nulH afibl^ebint irvfi dfldm. 
Pingiil afilum primia eztemplo a menstbfia annl Fdrtet invcrtint taiiii. 
Diidt iraturoa liib jfig^ dirvft bfivet. TQft dim mulfi venirent riirfi ofil^i. 
RuriU}ufi centcno tdndftt fipimft l>fivl. Tcrram centiim vertebftt ftratrit. 
Suppfidtoaquft jfig6 pondfit grfivfi cogft ftritri Dudre, fit Intuetiim ferrd 
procdnd&rl campum. Dcpretto indfpQt jim tiim mBiT tafirfit ftritro Ingfi- 
mlre, et tuleo ittritut tplendetcfirfi vomir. C^ft Jfibe dfimYtSt finlrt tup- 
pdnlrl taur5a, Saucilt tit durim vomlr ftdunofit hfimfim. Obrfil vermti 
ClrSilift temYnft terra, Qne tibY cum miiltd foenfirl reddftt ftglr. RittrSqtie 
Intictft, nle filEt Saudft Tdmlribfia per te dftbftt fimalft tellfit. Non ergd 
pretto tellfit conturgYt ftritrS : Rurii cfilit nem^ moUetcfint oSlIft Jfivencis i 
Non glcbim prond oSnvelEt vomlrl tafirfit t SqtiiHdft detertit riilNgo ia- 
lertfir ftratrit. Vat^um mftrit equfir ftrindfim. 

Arpi, driim. A eity ^'Apmlia, fntnded bjf Diemed.^^oi1qu4 tlfraM tn Te^er&i 
JBtoiie eurffft ib JrpSe. Virg. Mn. 10, 88. 

irquatfit. Arehedy eurved^^rie it arquato emtum emvam^ riffnan», Ov. 1^1. 

arrectfia. Ereet, etraiffht; roueed, e^eeited, — Cortttiflt tn dlffltoi extimplo ar» 
rwetue uterqui. Virg. ^n. 5, 246b SYN. £reotfi% rectfitf exdtitfit, in* 
tentfit. PHR. Arrectit aiiribfia at Ant. Arrectsquo Kdrrfirl ofime. Ar- 
reclit tpectint ftnlmii. 

arridlq, isl. To emite at, appreiee,^JOt ndintibue arridintyMaJlinttbueedJletit, 
Hor. A. P. 101. SYN. Subridlo. VRR& liMtfit It afigfitto feTtz iriidlftt 
oil. Sdl pfilr irritit, tivl pfiellft tYln. £t quindoqol mtni fortuna irrislrit 

irrigo^ is, ezT, ectlhn. To eet up, raeee^~~JGaiudit h^ame Immani, eSmSeque 
arri^ et hofrit. Virg. ^n. 10, 720. SYN. £rigo, attoUo, aflbrigo. 

irriplo^ Tpifi, eptfim. To take bp feree^ enalch, eeiae.^Arr^tpuftqui tSeum, H 
eUeie \neidit Ynl^a. Virg. Mtl 11, 631. SYN. Subriplo, rftpTo, cftpio, 
prlheiidof invado^ oocupo. VERS. Simfil arripTt ipiiim Pendentan et 
migni muri cfim partl rlvcUlt. Rumpl nifiris fimncs, et tfirbita arrip{ 
cottrfi. £ccl tTbi AnslnTB tellfis f haiic irripl velts. 

iffrfigftot. Hamffhtff.^TanffiS ChlSen aMV arr9ffanien^T^f^^^. 3, 20, 12 
Ae Superbue ^ 

04 ARR A RU 

&rr5go, as. To daxm, aitnbmie,^ura nfySt HR nSiiy tOkU nSm iirrJ^ t 
Uor. A. P. 122. SVN. Assiuno, sumo, udno» Tindioo^ tribuo. 

irs. Arty ikili; crafl, triies. — Jrii nSva vodt^ dfum dvkSdUiX 

Ov. M. 1, 709. m dotts ItuirueiSs ii arti PiiaMga. V'\i%, JRvu % 152. 
SVN. Ficultu, identtt, doctrinX, stfidlum; Iraui, djflut. £PITn. Miri, 
ftpa; 8p<rdi|i, d&rX, ndvi, ing&ildsl, •olficta; dJfldBl, vcnutl. PHR. In- 
vcntriz SpSrum. IngSnii fetOB. NitursB emiUX, imTtatrix. VERS. Noa 
h«c humanii 5pibua, noa irtiS mSgiftra, ProvSnmnt. Qnis Detb hinc, 
Musn, quis nohis ext&dit artem. ArtS dt» Teloqui riUes remoqui m5- 
ventur. ArtS l&bdrat« vestes. At Cf thSreX ndvas artes, nSvS pect&« 
vcrsit ConsiliL 

arteo Iiberaies,—EF1TH, IngSnli», egri^, pnBdirB, doctas. PHB. Mu. 
sarum H Ipdllinls artea. VERS. IpsS siias artca, s&I mun&i laetiis Ipolio, 
Augurium cith&ramque, dab&t. AddS, quSd ingenuas diduusS fidSiter 
artes, £molIit mores, nec unit essS fSros. Disoi bSnas artes, m&iSo^ RooianS 
juventus. ScificSt iiigeiuum pUcida mollitur &b artj. Tu reg€re imp£ri5 
pSpuIus, RomanC, m^mcnto : Hb tlbi Srunt artcs. Ot vXriSi usiis mjkli. 
tando eztundSrSt artes. 

Artgml8i&, a. Wife qf MamoiuSj kmg qf Caria ; she was eeiebraied /or her 
strong affbction to her husband, ai whose deaih she ereeied a splendid iombjor 
his renuuns, eailed Mattsoleumy and drank )us ashes mixed wiih upine. 
RPITH. Cast&, nobilis, iurtu, pQdica, mosUL PHR. Mausofi coujux. 
uxdr. Caril rcgtiil. VERS. Alausoli cTnSres uxor carissTmA vino Com- 
mixtus bTbit, ct tum&Io m€fidrJS ri^condTt, Ot, pdst fata, imo o5njiix in pcc- 
tdrS viv&t. 

arccrT&, », or oriim. The ffulleL^^spMora, /Sras gradiens^ ariet^ damSr, 
liucr. 4, 530. 

artTc&Iatim. Pieee-meal. — Plane cjraudirJ, diseernique artteuianm, Imcr. 
4, 55«. 

nrlTcuIo. Topronounee. — Mdbiils artleulai verborum dadaid Ungua. liuor. 

articuliis. A smaUjoini, afinger, — Nee preiriU arttculos iu^ida gemma mcda^ 
Ov. SVN. DTgitus. EPITU. MoIlTs, teu&Ts, mtTdus. 

artTfex, Tcis. An ariist, ari{fieer; cunning, artfuL-^EjaSUat arr/teem shaiiia^ 
ioremqui figures, Ov. M. 11, G34. Jrafieem mifdlis tmmiiiam Terga 
Jlammis. Oy. M. 6, GIS. SVN. OpTfex; v&fSr, GallTdus,astutus. EPITH. 
P2rit&8, ingemdsiis, s&gax, sdllers, sdllTcitiis, mirabTIis. PHR. £x})&icntia 
ddcti ortTficTs. £g^Tiis I&bdr artTfTcTs. 

artocriSSs, XtTs. A meai-pie. — OVfumy drtdcrgasqrui popeikK Pers. 6, 50. 

arttis, iiiim, iibiis. The jcinis, iimbs. — CdniJeiierif; sdporfessoe cdmpieetUnT 
drius, Virg. ^n. 2, 253. Ariubus infirmSs teneras Kiseivd pir herbas^ 
Lucr. 1, 261. SVN. MembriL EPITH. Rdbiisti, fortes, piilchii, viHdiy 
fdrmdsT. PHR. Cdrpdris artiis. Magni mcmbrdriim iirtiis. 

arvini, a. Suei. — ArxHna pingvS, sHbV/itnique In eoti sicures, Viig. Mtu 

&riindTf£r. Bearing reeds. — Tibi^ arundtfirum mid%o oapui ejeiutU aheo^ 
Ov. Fast. 5, 637. PHR. AriindinTbus fr^uens, tectiis, dpertiis. 

trundTnSiis. Made of reeds. — PdstSr arund\nid carmlni muieii oves. Or. Tr. 
4, I, 12. 

&ritndTndsiis. Abounding in reeds. — Qttesque Aneona, Crildiimque anindtnoeamu 
CatuU. 36, 13. PHR Aliilta irundinS crebSr, frSquena, vTrcns, vTridans, 
tectiis, dpertus. Crebi^r SriindTnTbiis. 

iriindo, TnTs. A reed^ cane. — Copl/, 'inomaibs ridimiius arundini crMi. 
Ov. M. 9, 3. SVN. AvenX, dU&m£u, cannS. EPITH. FluvTafis,p21ii8tria, 
prdcer&, frSgOls, llvTs, &quatTc&, fliimTn22, incdnstans, 8gTtat&, glaiicX. 
VERS. OtquS l&vi Zephj^rd gr&dOis vibratur &riindo. HTc vTrTdes tSn&ra 
prstexXt &riindTnS ripas. CrcblSr &riindTiiTbiis trSmiilis TbT siirgSHF liiciU 

irfkndo. {Forapipe.) — Mid^iabSr arundinlimutam. Virg. EcL C, 8. 8ee Fisiula. 

&r&ndo. (For <m arrow.)^Haret iSiiri ietatU Srundo. Virg. Ma, 4. 73. See 

ARU A81 65 

&rusp€K, Ids. A MOihmkftr: 9m» who /oretcld fuiure etsnrjts hy intpecHntf the 

esurmUM pf me&mM. — Hie dmSry koe ttiidlum ; diim eaera ageundii» Hrveper. 

Yirg. jKii. II, 739. SYN. Aug&r, Tates.^ EPITH. Sldr, ■anctui, di. 

▼iniia, Tertis, htSdiGus, BSgaz, sedulus, prorid&t, pSrit&s, anceps, dbscuruis 

mcertus, dubulB. See Augur, 
irvam. A ftUL-^Ana Jovem nHm eublffebani oroS edGiO. Virg. G. 1, 125. 

Sse AffeTm 
arz, ards. A heighty eumndt of a hiU; a forbteee^ eUadeL — Miindiie vt od 

SegiMam Riphi^sque ardSiie areee. Virg. O. 1, 240. Avd^Mif Tyrlae 

eiim qua oerttrgi arcee. Virg. JEn. 1, 20. 8YN. MuniniJFn, ▼alluni, 

larrTs, castrum, distcllum, propugnaculum. EPITH. SummS, sfiperbl, 

ieriS, cJatl, sublimts, ardui, alti, celsS, ezcel8&, turrita, turriggrS, v&IidS, 

fwrtis, munitS, TiillatS. PHR. Ad auras siirffens. £duct& s&b aiims. 

Orbis tiitamin. Tn astrii surgens. VERS. ImpTgSr umbrosa Pamassi 

oonstTtit aro& Abnipta qiia pliirimGs arcS CTtbardn Occiirrit cceld. Nov 

tiii prpgenTes coell quTbus annuTs arcem. See T^rrit. 
as, assTs. A pound veight ; a Jioman eoin. — In tftvVe funm eHm ee demtttft 86 

aeeem, Hor. Ep. 1, 16, 64. 
Ascillphus. Son of Aeheron and Orphne: he teas ehanged inio an ewlfor be^ 

trajfing Proeerpine. — Viderat Atoalaphves quem qu&nddm didiivr Orphne, 

Or. M. 6, 539. 
AsdinT&& Son ef JEneae emd Creuea, — Aeeaiifo fifrat heee, Jpevmqus ad meenli 

dieaL Virg. iEn. I, 645. SYN. Ilfis, Tiiltis, iEneides. EPITH. Diirdl. 

nTTis, Troi&s, piiichSr, Albanfis. PHR. DardinTus p&^r. CondTtffr Alb». 

Magn» spes iiltlrn Roma!. DardftnTas nSpds VenSris. VERS. At p&«r 

AscSnliis, cul niinc cognomSn Tiild AddTtur, Il&s Srat diim res stJtTt IIT& 

regno. Virg. JEn, l, 271. 
aseendo, di, sum. To mounty climb up to. — Et eelaam BHthroti ascemtlmiit 

vrbem. \"irg. JEn. 3, 293. SYN. Sdindo, oonscendo. PHR. Ascensu 

siipero, eza&pSroi. Montcm ascensii vincSrS. Cursu Y^tXri ardul mdntis. 

£vader2 Id siimmT fastlg^ montTs. AIontTs Tn ardfil niti. Pjfdibus sup^. 

rarS cIciimTnS montTs. Tn coeliim tdlE, ferri. 8e toll&iS sursiim. Scsc 

attoUi^r^ Tn aurSs. SupSras evad^re Tn aiiras. VERS. Sepe illuc solTta tst 

aacend&S fHiI Nisu MognlnTmi J5vTs ingratum ascenderiS c&biU. Inqn£ 

ddmos sfip^ras scandgriS ciiri fuTt. £t se ProtTn&s aBthCra toint Tn astrl 

iscensfis, us. An atceni. — TVno/iis tn aeoensVy eUvoque ixtentiie iitroquM, 

Ov. M. 11, '.50. 
isctsco, ivi,itiim. To admity receive. — Glfnfrumque atelvMt iirbJ. Virg. JEn. 

U, 472. SYN. Vdco, advoco, arcesso, accTo; ascribo, udjiingo. 
Aserl, m. A viUage in Bmotia, near M. Ilelicon ; the birth-plaee qf Iletlod. — 

£Mset perpetuo siia quiim vltabiris Asera. Ov. £p. ex P. 4, 14, 31. FPITH. 

VSt&Sy ParnassTs, HSIioonTI. 
Ascnafis. Of Asera ; an epithet of Hesiod. — Jserad quos antlfsgni ; qulbiis llU 

sSlebai. Virg. Ed. 6, 70. 
ascribo^ Ts. To annex; to atlributey impute. — Rtstaty tr/ ascrtbat litvrd nostrd 

Vale. Ov. Ep. 21,244. SVN. Subscribo, assigno; trTbQo, iittribfio, Tm. 

Asdrubll, Ilis. A Carthaginian ehief — £t e^dit tBlis Atdrubal iptH tiits, 

Ov. Fast. 6, 770. 
IseUfis. A lilile att. — Ji/ftdtvr aaellt. Virg. G. 1, 273. See Atinut. 
A^ One of the great dioitiont of the world. — Addam vrbet Aiict doniiidiy 

pitlsrtmqug Nlphaten. Virg. O. 3, 31». EPITH. Div«s, liitl, f^riix, nfcuiida, 

dpfilenti, ferims. PHR. Terrl AsT», AsuitTcI telliis, ori^ rSgTo, pllgft. 
AsTL A marsh in Mgsia; henee AsTfis, I, um.— Jam vdrlat pHldgJ volficrety it 

quct Asfdclnyum Ditldibiit xn ttdgnlt rlmdniur prdtd CdyttrL Virg. O. 1, 

383. VERS. S8nlt amnT» «t AsTI liinge Pulul pllus. Virg, jEn. 7, 701. 
Asttnfis and AsTatTcfis. Asiatic^Hige Jrt^dndritm vitSra dmdmerud mdrum. 

Juv. «>^« - - -~ 

Idlas,!. m^oaM^.— SYN. CEstrum. VERS. Est, lucos STlIri circa, iH- 

cibasqne rirentcm PUirimfis Alburnum vCntans, cui nOm€n atllo Romaiuini 


ctC, «BitrSiiOriyi xixtM WMurtet» Jbp&v ioarU •8aiiii| quo t i r»ritii r 1d l 

nlvi» Dlff&giuiit irmeaa. Fiiyu G. 3» U7> 

lUfn&i»i. An 0$$.^pia HMiJlammU larfWrertflf rfiiiw»; 34iL 
SYN. AseUib. £PITH. TardOi, TiHs» t^riil^ IgiiiFili, p%«r^ }mm, 
aurit&i. PHR. ArdUllum pfo&s. Anldiio TerUrS ddmitus. SlciiiTcctar 

aspirSgiSsy i. Aapamgu^^-^^apSragi^ pSHSo fuSa lejfUvtineSfuto*, Jut. II,€9l 
EPITH. MoUis, t«ii2r, Busvi% Tirlfis. 

ispecto^ as. To hok ai; to ooerlook. > AdwSraa^qm atpoBiSi donipgiF Atm. 
Viig. ^11.1,245. SYN. Spectg^isplda 

ispectSsy iis. A bekoldmgt ^ig^i oo maten aao e^ a p poar am e o, Cb olSipS u j 
atpeetu SkloM Dklo. Virg. iBn. l^ 617- MortSUe mma aepiotae a 
HUiqWiL Yirg. Mn. 0, 667. Peegrit horrmdae aepeetu, eealpgri 
Hor. Sat. 1, 8, 28. SYN. Cdnspectiis, obtiitfisi TisiU; fXcKs, Tultils, oa, 
frfins. VERS. Sic istk T^nusto Splendiiit ispictii. Bom TlgSr ispectxiy 
visiimqn^ pSr omnlS duco. Sisti gridGmy teque ispectn ne siibtriQijF mSatraw 
Lamen In ispectu tii mSdS semp&r hibe. £t tXm)fn ispectus susdhSt iXU 

isp&r, Srit, Srum* Rough, rugged; ettictj hanhj eruel—Jhl fUfi ne tgmgraa 
glaefee eSoit iepM plaiUae. Virg. £cL 10, 49. SYN. Scibir; icerbiis, 
diiriis, grivlf, injucimdQs, ingratus; horridiis, infest&s, criide&s. VE&S. 
C^mbaqne &gentd pcrfecta, atqne ispSri ngnis PddUi. RebusquJF TSni 
non ispCr i^nis. XspSri tum pSsitn mitescent saciUi belfis. 6ti&diis 
ispenYmi belG CadS IQpus perstat diUcedinS sanguXnls ispSr. 

ispSrltis, itis. Boughneee^ harehneee. — AepMtae ogrietTe, it IneimSKnSy grii- 
vUqui. Hor. Ep. 1, 18, 8. 

ispSro, is. To roughen; to irrUate. — £t gladSalte hteme SqtiUoriSbSe SoplFrmi 
undae. Virg. ^n. 3, 285. AepMi fndSm^ prmoepe dieeordid fratrea, 
Stat. Theb. 1, 137. 

^P^IS^ ^ *h *u™- ^^ eprinklef eeaiter^Hue tu jueeSe aepergg oSporee., 
Virg. O. 4, 82. SYN. Sporgo^ rlgo^ perfundo. VERS. Sinleqae aspf raS 
nitirent LimZnS. 

ispergo^ tnis. A eprinkRngy the eprag,^ObfSotm ealea epSmSntSepergtnMeaStee. 
Virg. ^n. 3, 534. 

aspemSr, iris. To siiin, ni}ect.^Nie PeHitHaom cvnml SepernahSri tenfU, 
Virg. G. 1, 228. SYN. Spemo, temno^ oontemno^ fastidio; respiioi, nc||f. 
rbo, ibjTcflo^ despSdfa PHR. Pirv^ nlhin duoo^ mel&mx^ pendo, fSduj 
Ndn diro. Aluwne ciiro. 

Asphaat^ », or Asphiltites ttoiis. The Dead Sea, 

as}^o, exi, ectiim. 7*o b^oUy eee^ loek upon.^£xtremo vlMeneSoiSejitdlebSi 
Olfmpo. Virg.^n* 7> 2ta SYN. Video; til28r, intiiSSr; cemo, con- 
spidb; speeto^ ispecta PHR. OciUos, liumni Terto, 8detO, toIto^ foUo^ 
ittoUo^ tendo^ id, in ; SciUos, TiUtus adTerto; 5ciUas flgo^ def^; Seiilla 
liistro, perifistro. OciiEs li^o, IleTl^gd^ SbSo, me^r; teiifiii i{qa5r, prS. 
sSquSr. Ociilds hiic iUiic Tolvd, per singiUi volvo ; onmii careCun rarri 
8cfi]5s. CoeHim suspYcIo. OciUos id sidirii toUa AttoUo liimlni cqIo. 
FerriS id «ChSri viiltiis. OciUos terras defiga Lumini fxzi ftSneti sSloL 
Fi^riS lCmoSni terr». OdUos in hiimiim deflectir& VERS. Aspesdt; jiS- 
riterqne iliYmo est SoiUisqnlf sSditiis. ^ Ociifis pitir asfildft SBqttii. Htie gC- 
minas, hiic flectS icles, hanc isplbS gentem. JiipYtSr omnYpStens pridbiia 
si flect&Ys ulfis Aspioi nds. Miritiir fidQes qoe tfeiilos fert otanii circinu 
Terri tiOn, nobis ispu^untir aqu». MSdSun captiTi pSr iirbem InTitia 
Sciilis ispiclendi TinXt. Qnaseiimqae itptcies, lierjFin» feceri^ Rtiiraa. 
OciUdram drbei id memli torilt. C5nTen5 iuter le SdiUSs itque 5ri tSne. 
bwit. In qoimciinqai dSmiis idTerto liiinlni partem, ImroenisB ipectant&r 
5pei. ASneiiqiie 5c&Iii semper vigi&n^iii iMBrit. 

isptro, is. To breaihe upen ; tofavourf be propitioue lo; to lfU|»ire_ros, a 
CainSpgy vrfySr, aepiraa eSneniL Virg. SYN. Afflo^ spiro; fiv«orin. 
spira VERS. ObT mdUls inuiriic5s iUum Floribris ct diUci aspitins 
e5Di4ceat5t iimbri. Aspbit priai5 f5rtuS)S Iib5H. IKclisdivliinmaa^riU 
Ti^oBem. Digitized by Google 

A S P A S S 67 

Mpw Ufau Jn atp^JjfidatemriVham ItMMi «Arldr ITmvU. I<ue. 9» 701. 

EPITH. .£gfp^; ledf&rX, sTcci, v^aeii&I, lubrici, turfidJfy tumctocM. 

PHR. FordSdabtBt ictii. T&niidi eervioS inlnaz. Ste Serpem». 
iiporto^ is. 7*0 oarry or eonduei m w y .- ■ SvfiHunit nSe U kine olMlem uapor* 

Hri CHfueSm. Yirg. JRn. 2. 71S. 8YN. AuAlro, irlbQ; ibduco; 
AMilrXcS% 1 Tlke fa&er rf Cap^ end grandjfiaher </ AnMeee^^tuefne^ 

AeeSaramemtey ii Trvjm Darddnus oueidr, Vir^. .£11. 6, 660. 
iHectfir, ira. To /oikw, wmi vpom — Cum aeeScidretur, NumquJd vUf 

deeHpos ai UB. Hor. S«u I, 9, C SVN. S2quSr; o&nltSr. 
inSeiUi, ct iswdly a. A menialy elave. — Kof humVi aeeieiiia, vof IndulgibKU 

mmgmam. Juv. 9, 48. 
Jsseni ui, us. Aseeniy approbaiwn.^~Si vom aeeeneu nMkfem htggm^lniii rj^ 

mKSgli. YiTg. a. 3, 45. 8VN. Cdnsensus. 
iHeBtitiqy onts. Flaiiery, See Adfdaiio. 
inentitSr, dns. AjlaUerfry paraeUe.^Js$iniaioreeJum ad iSerwn MfSeiS. 

Hor. A. P. 400. 
isicn^ ts, 81, and i8r, irts» s&s. To aeeeni^ approve.^^YS* Cdnscnt|ri^ 

annfio. j< 

issSqnSr, ^na. To eome up wiih, reaehy aiiain. — SVN. Cona<qu8ry idTpiiodr, 

•eqiuiro^ yiro, o5mpira 
iasSr, ^Sna. A pole, jJan!t~Perqui /oriim jnvfnis longo prihnM dss8r9 Midde. 

Jny. 7, 132. 
ias&o, iOy ertiun. 7*o oss^ assigtiy Mm.^£dg nlUdm idnii pinirJe^ mique 

detShi esdo. Or. M. 1, 7G1. 8VN. Affirmo; iddtco» adjungo^ ti9i&o, 

iasertSry ona. An asserier of one^e Uberty; a supporiery advoeaie.^ 

Jesirior vieioridiSs ui Cmsar?, cini. hnc. 4, 214. SVN. Vlndcx, de£cnsdr. 
iaacrro^ as. 7o iake eare qf — Pradam dssirvdbdni, hiie undlqui Triid pdsKL 

Virg. ^n. 2, 763. SVN. S^rvo; conservo, tQ^dr, custodlo. 
aaddScs ^s» edt To sit bg, sii near.^ss1dii tUi gufdimj qmniiim pirmiitUur 

titi. Ov. £p. 21, 191. SYN. Consldlo, assido, oSnnda PH&. Jfixta, 

pr5p)f sldfo. 
iaatdiie. Constanilg. — Hl beUum dssldui dueuni cHm iftnii Uiini, Virg. ^n. 

8, 55. SVN. Osqu^, oontinuo^ sempjfr. 
iaaidfius. Continual, uneeasing.^Ipsa quSque dsHdud Idbuniur iimpSrd mUu* 

Ov. Al. 15, 179. SVN. Ptfp^tfius» oSntlnfifis, fVlquent. V£RS. IjesMXm 

ripitur vertiglnS ooelum. Haud s^fis is^dfils hiac itqiio liuic vodbiia 

heroa Tiuid!tfir. Non fSrift assYdfiia pStYdri te dlrl ndctcs. 
issigno^ is. To ailoi, distribuie.^^ompdnuni, dgrde dssiSgndsUf dpfidi oondunL 

Hor. Ep. 2, 1, & SYN. Asoribo^ attHbfio. 
iaaOus &>> ultum. 7o leap upon. — Cum ewpe dmVuU diifinem mmnbS» ufble. 

Ov. M. 11, 526L SYN. AssiUto. 
isalmnis. Like.^ssWlimqui eHl idnga dseuitud^M fecU Or. Tr. 1, 5, 27. 
isslmHo, is. To Wcen, eompare. — JsshnUdri fritd pdssU; qudd ssva qdikum. 

Ov. M. 5, 5. SYN. Cdnslmno^ oompfiro^ oonfihro» oompono. 
iaalmfilo^ is. Tofeignj take ihe appearanee if.^JsHmvldvU dnumy euHdeque 

InlrdvUi ln Aorlds. Ov. M. 14, 656.. SYN. Fingo, slmfilo. VERS. Cl^ 

pfiimqii2 jfibasqul Divini asslmfilat ofipTttti 
isststo, as^6. To stand near.^TrddU iqudm eonHiSf pSrMsque asMM \n 

drmle. Virg. ^n. 11, 610. SYN. Adsiim, iato. 
isao,a>- ToroasL ^e» Torreo. 
iasScfo, aa. To aeeompang, — Jesdeldi pdsede^ dHblum otii dijptir JfpdUo. 

Stiit. Theb. 3» 454. PHR. S5c3um idjiingo, idio. 
iasdno^ is, Gi. To respond.^Pldnxire ii Dr^UHs t pi&nginiVnie dasSnSt Behd. 

Ov. M. 3, 507* PHR. Sfino sTmfil. Sdnanfi respond^ Soo Echo. 
isniesco, evi, etiim. 7*o ao0i*jAm one^s^self.^ngridirii ii' vdHe Jdm nfine 

deeueeei vdedrL Vm. O. 1, 42. SYN. CdDsuesoo» s5Ua PHR. MTbi 

mos est. VERS. Idte a t&ilris issuesdSrfi miiltiim est. 1)1« minjim 

pfttiens, menstequo aasuctfis hSriB. PitTens fipSriim, pirvSque issuetX 

jfiventiis. VtrgiWbiia Tj^riIani0a eat geatiri phfiwtri». PSrOt*! 941ao6 

triaiapoHSpftii. NfipfifirinfitantafirilnuaiaBaeaoltibclUL 

68 A 8 8 A S T 

M9iietu<]0) Lils. Uteyhahit. — /itir eSmct; BngH^m StU anuiifidniejfimmas 
Ov, M. 10, 173. S VN. Mr«, U8U8, cunsnf tudow EPITH.IionirSU fKcTns, Uiuk 

assulCus, us. An assauliy allaek, — Arti iociim, ii vaf^its asavinbus trritus nrygL 
Virg. ^n. 6, 442. 

tssumo, gumpsi, ptum. To take^ eusume, adopi, — CeniSmuSy aique tUas omh- 
mHrS TobSrd ginies» Ov. M. 15,421. SYN. Capio, aocipio. 

issuo, iii, utum. To sew to. — AssiiUur pannus; cum iueus H aru Dtanmm 
Hor. A. P. 15. SYN. ConsQo. 

isi^urgo, assurrcxi. To rise, grow, increase.^Nm cteptm assiirgunl Oirres, nhm. 
armd jSveniiis. Virfi:. Mn. 4, 86. SVN. Surgo, oonsurgo; cresco, ex« 
cresco, augSSr. PHR. Se toIIi^rS sursum. V£RS. SepCemque aasurgit 111 
ulnas. ASr& per vicuum ferri, atque assurgSre Tn auras. 

•ssus. Noasled. — jii ihniil assis MlscittTJs clJxdf sfmHi conchytfd turdis^ 
Hor. Sat. 2, 2, 73. SVN. AsKitus. 

^ssyriS, ae. A district o/Asia, separated from Mesopotamia by the Tigr is . . 
EdJque Irahes, divvs etJssjfrfd. Tib. 3, 2, 24. 

Ashyrlris. Assgrian — Jlhd n/c Jssyrfo JTicatur laTtd vineuA. Virg. O. 2, 465. 

ast. But.—.Jsi am blandliTis agllur nWl, horrldiis ira. Ov. 31. 6, 685. SYN. 

isto, Tti. To stand. — Tiim mlhi coertiUHis siipra cdpiit dsi^tti tmbir. Virg. Miu 
8, 194. SVN. Sto, adsum, intcrsiim, assisto. 

astrfi, orum. The slars, conslellations — JtquS Deos atqiteasira vocat criidrita 
mdtir. Virg. Ecl. 5, 23. S VN. Stcllsp, sidSriL EPITH. C<cl5stiS, Ignai, 
jildiantilt, lucTdS, ardcntiS, iiitTdS, purS, daril, aurSS, luccntill; aethSrea, 
pSreiinTS, insignT&, cunspicuft, splcndid&, suhnmTS; noctivSgS, errantiS, 
coelivSgS, vSgS. PHR. iEth^fSae fSces, tedtt. Sid^rS» flammae. Aslro- 
riim igncs. ^terni igncs. Signorum flammSus ordo. Ignes aetheHFu 
sidSrSL Stelbe ITqiiTdum pSr TnanC mTcantcs. iEthSris igncs. IgiiSua 
iistrdriim chSrus. CoelivSg» fliimmae. ^ NdctTvSgwqiiS fSccs coeli, flfim- 
mequS vdlAntes. SpIcndentTS coelt SidSrS. Ntillis dhscuratS tenchna. 
Crelo iuIgentiS. Nocte mTcantTS. KoctisquS dncntiS signS. VERS. TGU 
Icbant rutilaa :tstrS d^curS fSccs. LucentcmquS gluhum lunap, TitaniHque 
astrS. Vos ciarlssimS mundi LiimTnS labcntcm ooelo quae dfidtTs aiutum. 
Per duSdenS rSgit miindi sol aiirliis astrS. Alons TbT vcrtTcibus petU 
ardu&s astrS dudbiig. Tcr spiimam efisam, et roriintTS vidTmus astrS. 
DaphnTn Sd astrS fSreniQs. Arerso cedens CSnTs occTdit astro. Natalf 
cdmes qiii temp^rSt astriim. 

AstrasS, as. Daughier qfjupiter and Themus: she was the Goddess ofJustioe^ 
and was supposed to have resided on the earth dttring the golden age, — 
Olffmd ceelestiim terras Jstrad rcPqiifL Ov. M. 1, 149. SVN. JustTtTS. 
EPITH. iGquS, sanctS, incljFtS, divinS, ccelcstTs. 

astrifSr, or astriger. Star-bearing. — Jsirffiros Inciinai Jupiter ajtes. Stat. 
Theb. 8, 83. Commfniis astirigiros CdpdneUs tdllendiis In axes. Stat. Theb. 
10, 828. SYN. StcIITf^r, stellatua. 

iistringo,inxi,ictum. To straiien, tighien.~.^Seii dnrat mdgis, ci venas SstnnffU 
hfdntes. Virg. Q. I, 91. SVN. Stringo, constringo, Ugo, cuarcto; ooga 
PHR. Arcto ncxii, firmis vinclis, H^tTiieo. LSquSo vinddquS t5naci 
nect^rg. VERS. £t cSTt aatrictia UkrbSras IstSr Squis. Astrictiim gSITdd 
frigSrS pect&s SrSt. 

utroldgiis, i. An astroioger. — DiJter^S astrologus, credent a fonti rciatum, 
Juv. 6, 552. KPITH. V igTl, pnesagiis, fatidTcus, praescius, sSgix, pSritiis ; 
anceps, dtihTiis, incertQs. PHR. CasU aitroriimque p&ntus. Coeli obser. 
vat5r. StellaniDi aspTcTens cursiim, cceliquf mSitiis. Obscrvans ciirsiim 
astrdriiin. Ccefi mcuses et sidSrii signSL 

istriim, i. A star, ronsteliaiion, — £cci D^onai prvcessit Cmsdrls asirum^ 
Virg. EcL 9, 47* See Aslra. 

RStr&o, uxi, iictum, or reUher idstruo. To build near ; to anncje, adjoin,-^ 
Jam motire diHmum qui diirit, ii adstriii formm. Ov. Ar. Am. 2, 1 19. 
SYN. Constriio, asdifico» o5mp6na 

Mtap£o, oradstiip£o. To be amamtd'€U. Adsiiipit brann : TMusque aceit^ 

dUur ijiU. 8ta(. Thek 3, 406 .^g,,,, by Googlc 

A S T A T L 69 

astfii, fis, and istutil, k. Cn^ eunnin^, — CcnMo vinati dSUt ingritgu$ A 
astiu Virg. Mtu 11, 704. SVN. Fraiu, dSlQs, raJlicii, dLindltat. EPITIL 
Venuti, filfix, caindl, djasdj litcns, arcau& ; tidta, •ubdfill, insIdTuift, 
ficti; adUen, sXgaz. 

latutus. Cunminff, tOjfaekmM. — Ae non Ineauto, /FoAmm, asiuHiatgftg vSeSmus. 
Hor. Sau l, 3, 62. S YN. Venutus, vftf^r, caindus, cautQs, ddlosas. 

Astyiniz, ictis. Son ^f Heetor and Andromache.^0 mlAI iold mii eupfr 
AtiydnaetU Imago. Virg. ^n. 3, 489. SYN. Sdiiiinder. 

asflum. A sanetuaiiy^ place ^f refuge.^~£i jam portW&ue vdeuJe Jiinonlt dtjla. 
Virg. ^n. 2, 7^ EPITII. Sacrum, tutum, securum. VERS. Qud 
▼flut ad tutiim confuglrSt h6stls is^lum. Hinc lucum ingentem, quem 
Romul&s ioir is^lum RetiiliL Vidni lucus oSlibratur isyli. 

at. Buim At regind gravi jamdudum tauiHd eura, Virg. ^n. 4, 1. SYN. 
Ast, sid, Terum, attim2n« 

Itilanti. Daughter qf Sehemeut, er, at toms tag, qf latiut : the deelared that 
ehe would marrp no ens who eould not vanquith her in the race, which teat 
ej/eeted bg Hippomenet^ ton qf Macareut, who threw in her path three goUen 
appiet. She wat alto pretent at the hunting of the eelebrated Calgdonian 
boar..~J5t tigltur fetta vletrJx Jtdlantd eorona. Ot. M. 10, 698. SYN. 
Schcenels. EPITH. Arcidia, Nonacrii, dti, vcloz. PHR. Schoenfla 
▼ii^ pQelli. Veuatnx Ircidlci. V£RS. Ct tuHt HippSmSncs Schoeneidi, 
praemii cunms. 

itiTiis, u A fourth gratyifather.^Tumut avU utdvltqui potent, Virg. ^ii. 

atfr. Uladc, dark, — CalculSe inunitem demlUltSr atfr Yn umam. Ov. M. 15, 
44. S VN. NtgSr, fuscfis, nigrans, nigrescens. See Niger. 

Athftmas, antls. Son qf JEolut, andking of Thebet: he marriedfirtt Nephele^ 
and bff her had Phrpxut and Helie; and afterwarde Ino, by whom he had 
Learchut and Melicerte, Having incurred the anger qf Juno, he wat by 
her drieen mad. — Iluno avHt, hQno Afthamae, hune eatird turbd tvdrum. 
Ov. M. 3, 564. EPITH. Infellz, mtsSr; inuniis, fQrens. V£RS. Hiiic 
ifcitur furTis Athimas, St ImaglnS falsa. 

Athamanteus. Of Athamat.^Indbtgui tlnutf jfthdmanteotqui pirerrant. 
Ov. M. 4, 49G. 

Athenae, arum. The mott eelebrated citg qf Greeeey tituated in AtOca, between 
ihe rivere Cepfdtut and Ilittut, Athettt wat under the etpecial protection ef 
Minerva. who gave her name Ah^n to iL — Quhl Pandlbnfm rettant, nW 
nbmin, Athenaf Ov. M. 16, 430. EPITH. PuilidTie, Cecru|»T», flrvch. 
the» ; doct», sublimes, illiistres, vStires, dar», c£le!»res, nntlquaB. PHR. 
Muaariim iirbs nutnz. Miisanim ddm&s. Orbs studTia dariasTmi. PallidTs, 
Tritdnld&i arces. Arces Cecrdpin. CecrSpTl porttis. ArtTb&s illitstres. 
Orbs iiddicti MTnerva. DictsB ii Pallid^ terrae. Oloni Oraecoriim. Arces 
queis Pallis praasTdSt. 

Ithenaeiis. Athenian, — Ett H J^thenmie m menObut. arett tn ipto, Lucr. 6, 
749. SYN. CecrdpTfis, PandidnTus, PallidTus. 

Athenienses, liim. The Atheniant.^SYif. CecrdpTdasy Theaeida, SrechthsBi, 
CeorSpTI, AttTci. 

athleti, as. A wrettler; one who exhibiied in the pubUe gamee^^NHine athlc' 
tanim etiidTit, niine arilt iqubrum. Hor. £p. 2, 1, 96. SYN. PfigTl, 
liictatSr, glidTatSr. EPITH. O^mnSciis, intr^pTdus, licertosiis, nervosiis, 
linctQs, aiidaz, robustiis. PHR. Pdtens athleti licertTs. Ac2r Tn 

Athds, or Athd. A Iqflgmountain qf Maeedonia, forming a tort qfpeniniula 
fumting imto the JEgean Sea, — Quantut Jthot, aut quantHe Mryxy quantuequif 
Orue^ Viig. ASn. 12, 701. Aut Jtho, aQt Bhddipen^ aut altd Ciraiiriid 
«0S. Yirg, 0. 1, 332. EPITH. Vssciis, ^mdnliis, praeriiptiis, velTncatiis, 
ezceki&s, subfimls. VERS. CredTtiir dlim VeHflcattis Athds. Juv, 

jLtfinteiis. OfAlhe. — Gurgite Jtlanteo pildgtj tHb valli eSnSra, Stat. AchUL 
1, 223. Quis iiine aiii Hgddat^ aitt PUladde Atlanteat. Ov. Fa.;v 

^Sntlicaa and AtlantlciSs. AOanAe^QudtU Jtlant^Soo mimiraiiir nOri 


80. 13» SOOL A 9iUiU JSlUm JMMmk aeem 

10, lfl«. 

AdaatOdei. TAe palwtnpnie ^Mmmnh fi^ ^ gnm^kHher AHm^Vhui 
JtlanCUUfSi pSatiis eadueiphr aUs. Or. M. 8, 027. See Meretmm. 

At2ai»£dlap am. The demgkier» e/ AUae^ the Piemdee — JfUiWEmJOm. 
Vtdie aheeemduniue. Vixo. O, 1» 22X, £PITH. £ob, unbnfSne. Sm 

AtUb, intis. Sen ^ JapHue and Cigmeaey and Idng qfMamriiamas em hie 
f^fwemgheepUaUiifie Per$euey he utae e h a ag ed inie a meuntainf ee fafig ihmi 
^aneienit imegkned ihai the heaieene reeied upon iiy and ihai Aiiae eu^ 
ported ihe feoHd en hie shauidenh-^Qndniiis iiiu mene /detus .JiiioM ; Jim 
barbd cSmjtquB. Or. M. 4, 067. Cdntimi HapMd i^me JtianfUln dr6& 
Ov. M. 4, 020. £PITH. Mauruattts, Msurus, UbfcHe, AfiidU; o«efif2r, 
ittriftr, nubi{&; ardiittsy nibllmis; TUidus, fortlii PHR. HilmSHs coeluiD 
qt|i suttinSt. Qui ecelum rertibS fuldt. Tangens yertSoS ooelum. Q^t 
mtSr nublUl eondens. A£nls qui f&it istril jSgis. HSm&is qiil fustancc 
astrS. Hfimeros5n<ntiisOl^np& Astrorum pond&« presaila. VEKS. 
£t fcssos ejuSpYt izis Adis, siibductd tricturtts Tcr^ ooelum. Obl omBPSr 
Atlas Asem.httmlro tdrquet stelEs ardeatibQs aptum. 

Deteripiien q/ Af . Aiiat. 

Jamqiie, volans, apicem et latera ardoa cernit 

Atlantis auri, ccelum qui vertioe fuldt ; 

Atlantis» dnctum asaidue cui nubibus atris 

Piniferum caput et vento pulsatur et imbri. 

Nix hnmeros infusa tegit: tum flumina mento 

PrBdpitant senis ; et glade riget horrida barba. Ftr^. JBn, 4, 244» 

iumL And^^iqyX Dioty aique dHra eiSeai erudeiH maigr, Virg. EcL 6, 2X 

SYN. Ac, Sty quS ; neenon. 
Stqui. Buiy buiyet, — InverGteg gravetf atpfi non MaeHea BaeekL Vii^g. O. 

3, 528. SYN. Sld, St, It ISnlm, M folm, ist, Teriim. 
itrimentum, 1. Inle*^~-Jirameni3j fere ecnpiaree cdmiinB fwdo, Hor.OSp. 2. 

1, 230. SYN. SepO, sficc&s it&-. EPITH. Nigriim. 
itritiis. Blaeltened, doihed in hladt.~~SolU ii dirdat iiiaMi orbU HquJt. Tto». 

3, 3, 00. PHR. • Atra vestS indutlia. 
AljEeus, triS, or triSSs. Son qf Pelopt and Hippodaaday and lang ^ Mgeenm • 

he teat huAand qfAerope, broiher tf Thif^lee, and feiher qf Agamemnm, 

and Menilaut.^Qu!id quod avdt ndbU Idem Piiope^t Jtreut $ (>v..£a. 0. 

27. SYN. nntiiIidesiThjFe8t«friitSr:Pa<$pei8shero8. BPITH. FlSrib, 

diriis, fMz, immanli, nnguXnSfis, criient&s, crudelfk 
Atreiis. Of Aireut. — T prhsSr, Jirei tl qtHd iVii tdnguhilt unquaiu Stat 

itrioiflSr, 5rls. Ofa biaek or dark eoiour.^Piumide, difieSldrj jAUd veldaani 

tSeiSe. Or. M. 11,4911. 
Atrides, e. The pairongmie ef Agamemnon mid Meneiauef eene qf-Aireue. 

^irSefihSeutimiy^ mSgn» mitegni&r Jirtdet. Vtj^. Miu 2, 104. 

Jiriddt, Pt>lamumqae, ii tmmm datbdhit JtiaUem. Vtfg* ^n. 1, 458. 

Si llbi Sb Jirldd prifHd rmnindS fOittim. Or. Ep. S, 99. BPITa. 

Fortts, magnSAlmiis, g&iSrosiis, dariis. PHIL AxgtWbn Uim&i. Trdj» 

pSp&litdr. Onecorum gldril qudndam. See Agamemnenf Menelame. 
ItHOm. A eeuei^ emt rig aid; heti^.^eH^idWm Idn^ f^ifit^ H eae&a ««Htt 

iueirSL Vifg. Mn. 2, 52& 8YN. Pdradls, ▼estSbUiim. £PITH JBriU 

tuin, teikiMi^Cbtt, tQbliin^ nMi^ 
AtrdpSs One of the Faiee, daughter ef Snhut and Ko»..^ir9piey diqiet 

Mm7«a0KMiribev«»IM. Mart.10,44. See P«rM. 
atfOx, Ocis» Pieroet oe m g e . — £w Inteiioiia dirda mdgni eitVdri pir aSrStk 

Virg. O. 1, 407. SYN. DMs, criUeKs, muliStls, ferifac 
Itticliis, iia. A toueh — rohUiir dtideiu nuiid,fdJRtqui fHriniim. ViiM. ASa 

7, 100.'* BYN. Titttts, edntiotils. DigitizedbyV^OOgle*^ 


, Oi Anmhmnnln 9Mi fift «M» JUinOa §9 MHhm vnS. Hor. ^p. 
1,11,». SVN. FergMffii. 

Xttilfis. A king ^ Perganuu in AnOy eMnUtd fir ki» weaUh.^AlfqHg 
AUati Igmitiit hirea rtgUtm deeupihu Hor. Od. Sy 18, b, 

Htim&i. BtOj hawever.^J^ifKmfi9efm9 aUSmfni IpaML Or. Ep. I, 2. 
8YN. lt.i»t,Md. 

•tt^ii, aw wf Jf ooruA Mtf(yev--.Zybti/ Jf ^^ 
^T. 14, I96w 

ittcndo^ diy tum. To olfciM^ lulm Ib^ ebterv e, S m ei Ui HomSnie nynqmm 
6ttn r i Uaaree AUendHnL Lnc. 8, G28. 8YN. Jntendo^ «idlo, idrertCH 
«oMDlto. PHR. IKctii idrert£HS mentem. Vodbii» «kret aooSmmSdarC, 
fc«ber& Mentcm idjlcM. Dktft Snlnui figJSHS. VERS. Qndd n qa» 
nfiDSti» titfdas idrertirit ttorct. Aodplte crgo ibilmu, it<^ hate mSk 
f%iti «fieti. NMnm nnnc iocipi mentem. K nditm pr gb e r i ricit tlbl 
cindbfis aurei. Conifc&ere 5mnei, intentique ori tiSnebint. Ninmnllis 
eonjix pcndSt ib M riA - Tn to-ittentum £o6s pnebcri mCminto 

ittento^ is. To aUempiy hpf io Imnf, jmverk^^tHnlare itlgnem l&erywSe H 
«Appnc^dftvfrn. VsJ.Flacc4, U. Sl Omin aUiniae etSeum fiOinia jufi. 
fi«r. Ep. 8, 2, S3» 8YN. Tento, pertcnto^ ezpir0r. 

itita&tis. Attenitee^ Ueiemng, — Verlipiraiteniem nin mM Cmeirle aureau 
r. Sst. 2, I, 19. PHR. Attenti mcnti ifflcns. Attcntis baerens 

itt&ifto. Toieeeen,reduoe.^U9n&anifn^edrpiunilifnUiai€urm.Oy.U. 

3, 89«. SYN. Tinio, extinio^ dunlnuo. 
ittin^ ittnv^ itnm. Te rub agaSnety bruieey erueh S»eiit%it rorem^ H «ur- 

gentieaUiriihefhae. Virg. O. 4, 12. SYN. Tiro^ prMro, o5ntiro; vilco^ 

ooncnloo^ prOculoou 
Attlils, U!l An Athenian wmum; Oe fiighiingaie^iilklee poieiini JiAUIe 

aeieiSnu Mart. 11, 64. JUhtdiki tn iddie uni rimameH ivle. Mart. 

6, «7. 
Atficfis. Aihenian.^tflea pHptHe idesi^ ei portue Inirii indeoe. Or. M. 7t 

492. SYN. Atheniensis, Actais. 
itdnio, 9L {Ueedimpere.) To perlain, eignify.~-Jtflnil9 inginlie pariiiti 

ira nOnae. Ot. Bp. 12, 208. SYN. PertWt, speoat. PHiU Ad mc 

ittingo^ dgi, ictum. To louehf rea€h...-JJbavU quSdripie^ nee gfemMfe aifltlU 

herbam. Vlrg. £a 5, 28. SYN. Tingo^ pertingo; T^q, aoccdow 
attdllo, sustili, sublitum. Tof^upy raiee. — JtlollUqui glSbSe Jlammdrum, h 

Odifi lamOL Virg. ^n. 3, 674. SVjN. £r%o^ evSho, effiro, toUo. \^S. 

Puniri 8c quantls ittoUet gloitt rebis. Attdltit se diWi Lidnli oontri. 

Sust&Iit omnlfMB oolld tSnis irldi Tiiltiis. Adjcoi sublitd pondM 

attinYtis. AmoMedy alarmed.^Umaa fMtaii pivetU, miMHegui eipifne. 

Ot. AI. 8, 881. SYN. Territis, peroulsis ; st&peiactfis, stfip^ns. 
ittino, is, ifi. 7*0 otloinid: — NunOni eoniaelae aianueri tub. Or. £p. 4, 60. 
attriho^ ittraxi, ctum. To draeo; lo attraet. — Jttrihit ilU pi8er eontenloe 

Jortlue areue. Or. Rem. Am. 436. Dledipuloe aitr&Mt illi rtivde. Or. Fast. 

3, 830. SYN. Triho, idduco, illicio. 
ittrecto^ as. To toueh, httttdleJ^ttreelari nijie^ donie mi Jluniini fflvb. 

Viig. Mu. 2, 719. SYN. Tnicto^ tango. 
ittr&no^ is, S. 7*0 tremble uL — JttrihriU drantii eiiique et quet dieipir urgiL 

Stat. Theb. 9, 81. 
attribfio^ fii, iitum. 7*o ojs^^ ateribe. — Jtque ifla aUr^lrtii, mutaf^que brdtni 

quadim. Iiucr. 1, 682. SYN. Tribfio^ issigno, iddioo, ieoribo, dd. 
ittritfis. Rubbed^ wom^^t grav^ie aitrita pendebat eanthiriie atwa. Virg. EcL 

8, 17. SYN. Tritfis, protritfisr attinfiitfis, o5nsumpttts. 
Atfs, or Attjfs, fbe. A bog qf Phrggia^ behved bff CybOei he wat ehnnged 

inte aJlr4ree.^^Graa DiHmmaiHf ^tqtOdem Cjfbiiiiut Jtgt. Or. M. 10, 

104. PHR. Pfiir Cjfbilcifis» Biricf ndfis, Singirifis. 
MaaiL c, or iviritles, ii. ^oories, oMMlOMMMSt. — Fervit ivarW^ mWrSqCg 

odpitfM^vs. Hor.£p.l, 1,83. DefHque ivafWee, ii hindriim caei 


ciipjdik Lucr. 3, 59. EPITH. Ci&(Ui, trisOis •oUIdtX, tuxpi^ €etteL, 
ardeni, xnidixmSs, rigfly per\-%a, rftpaz, pircS, J^pniX. PHR. Nammdram, 
or auzi, ilttls, c&pido^ f tmes. Opiim f QndiS ciipido. ImJSr imrofSd^ratus, 
▼eunuBy hlbencfi. Turpts %ia&r nunum. Furi(r exi^GUis hSbendl Auxr 
imp&^neS HUnes. Auri caecus im5r. Tristis &viiritiuB r&blo. AurivesaBl 
cupido. Opum djrS fimes. Nummorum fcedi libldo. InexpletsB piUDr 
ftvariti». VERS. Quid non mortaliX pecCSrii <^s> Auri sacr& nbn«s' 
Crescit amor numroi, quantum ip8& plcuni& crescxt. InsitiabilS monstriias. 
Orcus Svaritiam Stygiis emxsit U> antris. 
avariis. Cooetout, ^rwcfy, wtrduL—^dJeMtlgt Spe$y anlmif itfilSmgh Seqti. 
Ov. M. 13, 434. SYN. Avidfis, c&pidus ; parcus, t£naz, sordXd&s. PHIL 
P^cuoi», nummi, dppStcn^ Svidus. Auri quem durft c&pido SolEdtkt. Cui 
pectus fervSt Svaridi. Quem noctes atquS dies fervens S]n8i* urg€t hXbendi. 
Auri inflammatiis &mor^. Lucri cupidinS fervens. CiimwBndi iinldri 
4»stu&t, tabescit. VBRS. Nixmmos Niiminis instSr hWSt. Iut& Spea 
mendiciis 5piiin. Tiirpis Svariis Qusrit, St inventis nusSr itbs&aet, ac iSmit 
iiti. Congesto paiip^r in aiird, ScmpSr inops, St &mdr cui semper criacat 
h&bendL Condtt &variis 5pes, deiossoque inciib&t aiiro. Non TartessQkas 
illiim 8&tiar£t &renls Tempestas prStids& TSgi, non stiign& riibentSs AiirS 
Pactdli: totumque exhaiisSrit Uermiim, Ardehit majdr€ sitl QuaesiUqui 
tenaz, et quod qu»nt& rSservSt. Addant ivaro divitias m&ri. Stripitumqiie 
AchSrontas ivari. 
aixceps, aiiciipis. AfowUr, — Non avfs aueupfbug monttrat, qua patiipglatnr. 
Ov. Ar. Am. 3, 669. PHR. Aiiciipii doctiis, pSritiis. Failaces tendens 
ISquSos. Vdlucrum, Sviiim, venaiur. V^ucres fallens UU^uSis, viso5quS 
t^nacL Qui cantii deiiidit Sves. Qui fictsi vdlucres delixdit iniagin? 
aiictSr, oris. A maker, erealor; a fmmdgr, head, — Auctorem /rvffum, tempes' 
tdtumqtUf poteniem. Virg. O. 1, 27* Nec tVii Divd pdrene, generU nee 
Ddrddniu auctor, Vii^. yEn. 4, 375. SVN. Princeps, dux, c&p&t; Srigo, 
£5ns; suasdr, impulsor, hortator. 
aiictoritas, atis. Autlwrity^ poteer, Jwitdiciion. See PotettaSy Impertwtu 
aiictoni, as. To hire,-^iictdrdtut eat, dn turpi dautut hi dred, Hor. Sat. 

2, 7, 6a. 
aiictus, iis. Increate, growth. — ^Vc^ idrlcd tenet tHttetUi cdrporit auctum, Luc:. 

9, 797. 
aiictiia. Enlarged, promoted, — Pa vlxlsse probds, dmplts et hondribus auctds, 

Hor. SaC 1, G, U. SVN. Adauctus, amplidr, major, ampCficatiis. 
aiicupium. Fowlhtg, — Faiinus plumdsd sum Deus aucupio. Propw 4, 2, 34 

PHR. Aviiim venatio. 
aiiciip<5r, aris. To gofowling; to hunt after. — AHotipor tnfitlxincertte miirmurd 
fdmes, Ov. £p. 9, 41. PUR. jves capta Yenatii &ves sSqudr, Sgito. 
Insidus &vibQs pono, molidr. Avcs iSqui^, pMicTs, dUamo, kmit^ viscp, 
fiuo, c&pio. Avcs decipio, (allo. Avibils rli&(, l&quJFos, tendj!r& 
aiidiicit^r, and hy syncope, aiidocter. Daringly, bdtdty, — Et minus auddctet 
IddndUvr, et dsculd rdrd, Ov. £p. 21, 195 SYN. Aixdentlr; fortitZr, 
Ludax, acls. Boldy resotute; daring, desperate, — Inqtiit; \n auddces ndn esi 
anddcidtutd, Ov. M. 10, 544. lUd mdto est auddx: stdbdnt edm vcsfibvs 
dtrls. Ov. AI. G, 286. SVN. Aiidens, xnterritiis, imperterritiis, iutrSpidiis, 
Impuvidus, (ortis ; t^mSraritis, xnconiiiiltiis. PHR. Terroris ezpcrs. Ter- 
ror^ c&rens. TlmerS nesciiis. Fidens &niim. Aninxo fortis. Quem 
niilliis iirg^t mStiis. Qui m^tiim pectSrS ezciissit, ejecit. Audiiz cunct& 
p&ti. Animi praeceps. V£RS. Piignantes &nimis aiidiicibiis impleut. Da 
f&cilem ciirsum, atque aiidacibiis annixJS coeptis. Dilri piiSr oris H aiidaz 
Constitit antS DfiUn. Aixdaz cantata leges impon&rS lixnse. Audaz omnil 
perpSti Gcns huniao& riilt per vStxtixm n&fas. 
a&dlcQi, iB. Botdness, daring. — Adt mlAI cdnGftget /etix auddeid sdhfd, Ov. Ep. 
18, 19o. PHR. Imp&tien% ind&SEs &nimiis. Ingentes &ntmi. Arddi 
&iiinu. Vlrtiis accenB3. Aiidaces &nunL EPITH. Prmens, v&Ild&; 
pugnaz, MartiSy bai1c&; ndena, fSrtlss t2m2rari&, intrSpid& ; ardeni» h 

AUD AV£ 78 

cemaL VERS, NiillX mlSSa trazit pi^tulaiM audAcm •cncLit. Nec caeH 
xnSs aitdadQI virts Falllt. Praceps audaclX crerft. Cdrd]U|ui laiigticntem 
dc£dleerS mJFtum. 

aad&^ ausSs sum. To dqre^^leeCllHT ?n gyrtim ; nee iSmjftSg mtitffi ^bhri, 
Or. M. 2, 71& Audiix sum. Non timSow Sum nitr^Ydfis. N5n d&bttf^ 
VEJIS. Audendnm eat: fortes adjQvSt ipsJS DSuii. AudenteiifortunX Jfivlt 
Pro te vd rSptdas ausim mlris ir< p{r undus, Pro tc vel solus densis 5lisis« 
t2rC tunnuL 

&£klTai, iviy or H, itimu 7*0 Aear; Rsien to; lo heed, — Audlat hme Gfnlior, ^til 
/wderdfUnara annelL Virg. J^n, 12, 200. Fertur /quie aHrlffd^ nife audU 
currSs KSlcnae, Virg. Q. 1, 614. SVN. Ausculto; cxaudTo, SbcdTo. PIIR 
AurS sSnos, adnitum, haurio^ perctpio, iiccTpTo, capTo. Sdiifis ftd aitret 
irrtilr, vSnit, pcrvi^nTt. Sdnus, vux, aures pcllit, pSnetriit, occfipSt, vcr. 
bSr&t. Voz aiiiibfis iiwtrSpTt. Vux fertfir ftd aures. VocTb&s aurem 
praebib^ acoommSdo. VERS. Fando sl fortS tiias pervciiTt &d aiires. Vo- 
oemque his aiixibiis haiisi. SfibTto ciim creb£r Sd aCircs Visus HdcuHi pSdiim 
sonit&s. GSmTtiis IScrf mabTlTs imo Auditiar tumfilo, et vox reddTtS fertfir 
Sd Riires. Pendet narrantTs ib or& ContTgSriit nostras infamTI tcmpSHfs 
aiires. ConstTtit ^nois, strSpTciimqiie cxterrTtfis haiisTt. AiirTbus iiitcrdum 
voces captamfis, H omnem Advcntiis strSpTtiim credTmus essS tuT. AiidTTt 
et TrivT» long^ Ulcfis, aiidTTt amnTs Sulphur& Nar albfis ftqufi. 

AuditSr, oris. A hearer.~~£t, ^uoenmqng voienlf an^hnum afidilorls OffuniOk 
Hor. A. P. 100. SVN. AiidTens; discTpulus. 

Sve. ffail. — Ei mSiuRnum pdrtai Incptiii doe, Alart. 1, 50. SVN. Siilve. 
PHR. JfibSo KilverS. S&liitem dico^ niititTo, fcro, uflTii^ro. Te sliliita 

wthoy avexi, avectiim* To earry off..^Sveneum durat Hvexti pastSr ud arth. 
Scau TheU 6, 18& SYN. VSho^ devSha 

ivello, Telfi, viilsiam. To iear or drag away. — Falale aggresti tacrnto aoclUhri 
iimpSo, Virg. Rxu 2, 105. SVN. Vello, convcllo ; ubstrftho, aufdro. 

SvenS, ae. Oata; oaten ttraw; a reed; a thepherdU pipe. — Cr1t inlm eampum 
iinS a?g^ ufft dvenm, Virg. O. 1, 77* Silvcttrcm tcnut Miitdm mid^tSrtt 
dvend. Virg. Ecl. I, 2. SVN. CaiSmfii, ftruiido, cTciitS, culmus. EPITH. 
£xiIT8, gtieSRs^ CidS, bTbuIS; firgut&, rSsSnans; PhoebeS, ruitTdL, sll- 
\'estriB. VERS. Infelix ISITiim et Bt£rTles dSmTiiiintfirKvcii». ExpcctuUt 
sSgcs viims eliisTt Svenit. FistiilS dtspSrTbus septcm oonsiirgTt ftveiiis. See 

Arentln&s, L Ons qf the teven hillt on which Jlome wat buili. — Colht Jfvh^ 
finS siiva quem Rhed tdcerdot. V\rg. iEn. 7> f>50. Someiimet uted at an 
odJeeihM. — Caeut Avenfindm tangu^inX (injt^t hiimum. Ov. Fast. 0, 82. 

IvSo, es. To longfor'f detire £ gulOiit vniit dvei qudvit atpergcrS ciinctos, 

Hor. Sat. 1, 4, 87. SYN. CfipTo, opto, exopto. 

Avemfis, i. A iake in Campanioj tuppoted by the ancienlt to be the etitranee 
qf the in/emairegiont: U it freqfuentlg uted for heil itself — Tros Jnchi» 
tlddey fddifit detccntiit jfvertio. Virg. JEn. G. 120. S VN. Orcus, inferiifiii, 
Tart&riis. EPITH. TiirtSreufl, Stj^gTfis, Acheroiitcus; tristTsi, iiTgSr, in. 
visus; cxcus, obsciirfis, umbrdsus, luridus; pigi^r, sTlciis, tacitus; tct^r, 
fstidus, olens. PHR. Tart&r^a» scdcs. RcgitS PlutonTo, StjrgTS, Tiirtiira, 
LethaeS. Orci EdTtus. Faiices grSveSlcntTs Avcrni. l>ee Jnfemut, 
Sometimet utedatan atijeetive. — Fuigcniem ramfim tiivd Jh lo/ift Avcma. 
Or. M. 14, 114. 
Avernalts. Of Avemut. — fnt?r Jvemaiet ftaiid ignbfisslmd Njmpluis. Ov. M. 
6, 540. SYN. AvemTcfis. Tartar2u8, infernus, StygTuii, TasnarTus, Phl«. 
g<th6nt»fis, AchSrdntTcfis. 

aversSr, aris. To shuny abhor. — Kem fudis, ajfTictiim non avcrsatiis dmicunu 
Ov. £p. ex P. 2, 3, 5. SVN. FugTo, r^fugTo, odi, dctcsCiSr, fibomTndr, 
execr5r. FHR. OdTo prosSqudr, Sdro hSb^o. 

aversfis. Tumed awag; rendered hostiie. — Divd solo fijtos Sciiios avcrtd 

tcnebdi. Virg. JEn. l, 482. Estg bdni ; quSriUim SiipSris aversd vvlutUds, 

Viig. ^n. 12. 647. SYN. ARcnus, Tmmicfis, iiifcnsfis. 

averto, tL sSan. To tum awag, tcUhdraw. — Quo regnum ftdfia fM^eSsavgr^ 

iMidrdt. Vlig. -«n. 4, lOO SYN. Abduco av5co aiu5v«o. VERS. 

74 A U F A V I 

Vii, talem avirtttS disum. Ncc p5ne ItilE Te&mnntm ireitM le- 

aufrro, nbstuli, abUtum. To carry off^ take awnf. — Obiftnt trifpottM ne te dliSi 
aufirat ds1$. Ov. M. 2, 75. Jnnfftt drana Neptunris, H ibtt&tli UlU. 
Ov. M. 4, 539. Solvifr€y fiaUaiiim terrU tmpvncri cedo. Ov. M. 14, 811 
SYN. Tollo, enpTo, £dTmo^ rSpto^ abrlpio. 

AufugTo, auftigi. Tojlyfrom, shun. — Qutsi]uk is, ast^Uiiias aft/itffg blandWas. 
Prop. 1, 9, 30. SVN. FugTo, diffupo; vito. 

augi^o, XI, ctum. To inerease, enJarffe, — Aiigifi iilirquif siias exiemo rdbor^wrSs. 
Ov. M. 14, 454. £i (ptodchmqug sOd Jftpiicr aiiggi Spg, Ov. 6VN. 
AdaugSo, exaug^o, ampIiOMfco; cxtcndo; c&miilo, accumula 

augesco^ Is. To growy increase. — Augeseuni aTim genicSj alim nanuuniiir 
Lncr. 2, 70. SYN. Cresco, &ugeor. 

augmSn, Tnls. Jncrease. — Cttm noetes attgmin& siimunL liucr. 5^ 680. 

augur, iins. A sootksayer. — Vdna diti tiisa esi vox aitgHrfs: c^ius tilavu 
Ov. M. 3, 349. SYN. Aruspex, irates, auspex. EPITH. P£ritus, provT- 
d&s, atidTciis, PhcebeTiis, praescfus. PHR. Os fa^dTcam. PmcT& fin|rriA. 
Interpr^ Divum. F^tS c&nens. £venturii vTdens. Plcn&s PhcBbdu Veri 
provTdSs augiir. VERS. Qui vSlucrum trictus soUerti indagTnd agnilt. 
Ctii p^ctidum fibr», cceli cuT sidSrS porent, £t linguie viSl&cnim, ct pnenagi 
fuImfnTs ignes. NovTt, qu» mox venturE trShaiit&r. Ciu fatorum Icgcs, 
KviquS ffituri ^venturS pJter possS vTderg dSdTt 

aiigurTum. Divinaiiony augury. — Ntfrnstra augnrmm vShJ dSciieri ^renies. 
Virg. JEru 1, 392.^ 8YN. VatTcinTum, aiispTcTiSm. EPITH. KtTdTdim, 
caecum, fatal^ anccps, diibTum, praeaagum. PHR. Vatiim pneagtX, pne- 
dTctS, oraciilS. Bivtni mdmtiia. 

atigQrdr, aris, or aiigttro, as. To preAei, presage.^JamqtsiH€S aderlty jdmq m 
haud priciU augiiror essi. Ov. M. 3, 519. £i riSry ei, sS qutd verJ mens 
aftgurai, opto. Virg. /En. 7, 274. SYN. VatTcTndr, pnedico, \su PHR. 
Futuril SpSrTo, dlno. Ciisiis futiirds pando, SpSrTo^ nuntTo, ex])SdTa VERS. 
PiindSrS fatTdTds vi^nientB saeculS vcrbi?. Tiilik divino faderiiut carmTnS 

AugiistQs, T. Augustus Octamanus Cmsar, nephsvo ofJuHtu Cmsar, and second 
emperor qf Rome. — Htne Aftgfistiis agens Ilaios tn proBtid Casar. Yirg, JSn. 
8, G78. SYN. CesSr. EPITH. VictSr, fclix, indSmTtiis, gi^aiSruafis, 
invTctiis, pTiis. VERS. Augustus Csesar, Diviim gSniis; smxH o5nd5t 
Sseciila qu! rursiis LStTo, reguiitS pSr iirv& Saturno quondam, stipSr ec 
OSrSmuntSs St Indos Prof^rSt imi»^riiim. Virg. ^En. 8, 793. 

Augiist&s,T. The sixth monih qf the Roman yeatj so caUed fram AugusHa 
Casar. — tfrhiSy U Affgftsto rifditdnits mensipoctds. Juv. 3, 9. SYN.' Sex- 
tilTs. EPITH. SpToSiis, fr{igTfl<r, tritTcJfus; cSlTdiis, torridSs, aridiis, iistus, 
fcrvens; sTtTbiindiis, piilvi^riilcntus. PIIR. McnsTs nomTnS CBesarSo 
gaiidens. CnsSre Sb Aiigusto diiccns siiS nomTnS mensu. Aridil quo 
sTtTens exoSquTt arvS LSo. Quo Phoebiis sTcd tergS LSonTs SdTt; 
aiigiistiis. Venerable, sacredf grand. — Tcctum aftgHstumy Ingensy (vtUuMsub^, 
iJmi diftmnts. Virg. JEn. 7, 170. SVN. VenSrandiis, vSnSrabTH^ culcndiis/' 
sanctus, sScSr, sa^ratiis ; grandTs, vitstiis. PHR. Majes&tS plcniis. VERS. 
MajorquS vTdcri CcepTt St aiigtistii fTSri grSvTtatS vSrendus. 
ivtS, 8B. A grandmother. — Dtlm viHris dv^ids fibi de pfttmoni rivclio. Pera. 

IvTarTum. A bird*s roosL — SdngtCinelsqus Incuiia ruhini aviMa bdccis. Virg. G. 

SvTdTtas, atTs. Bagemessy ardeni desire. See Cujndo, Ardor. 

SvTdus. Eager^ greedy. — Cdniempirijg supiriimy smwsque avtdisHmd etedU, 
Ov. M. 1, IGl. SYN. CfipTdiis, sttidlMiis, Smans, app^tens. 

SvTs, Tr. A bird. — Serpentis av^bHs gimtnenitiry ^gt^biis agnl. Hor. A. P. 13. 
Metaph. An omen~Esti bSms dvfbfts vUU naioqui pdtrJqtii. Ov. Fast. L 
613. EPITH. Oarr&lS,aigiitS; vSgS, nubTvSgS, aSriS, pnepSa, ang^ra, 
rSpTdS, Ui^ dtS, pennatS, pennTgSrS. PHR. Antiiiim gSnJis. Viaucnim, 
iutfiiim, pennatS oShors. PennWSri gr&es. Aves soliitTS riirTs. Asauetiim 
nlvTs TnnScQitmqnS gi^ntts. VERHi PaasTmquS vS^teiiy DtilcS sSnant 


tEaSi guiturJF carmen 2re«. RSsSnant Sribuji TirgultX cSii5ris. £t c^cTnlt 

Wffttnm d^rOk carmCn &fu. InnQmSne ct$mttant&r ftres, Btspat^ue vd* 

Hntum ABtuum suspcnsS cShdrs. Quam multa ui nilTii (Tium se nuini 

oondunt. Quam mult» glSmSiantur Sves, H In ethSrif purS £ffingunt 

▼inoB lusua. See Ales^ Volticris ; Omen, 
iTitiis. 0/ on mneestor, aneient — Tmp^ai, el sSnS m&tius comedU itnid* 

Virg. JEn, 7, 169. SYN. Patnus, patemiis; antiqu&s. 
ivius. Traddessy lonefy. — Avia iian rfydnanl avibilt virgulta canorlt. Virg. Q. 

2, 328. SYN. InvTfiis, impervius, dcvTus. PIIR. Plenfis ambSgibto. 

Dedptens errorS Idoorum. 
au]a,ie. A haU, eourt. — Profinvt ^Hdet mHttia furihundut\n aula. Ov. M* 

4, 512. SYN. Atrliim. EPITH. Sublimis, p&teus, augiistS, sp&tlod^ 

tupcrba, dara. 
anlaeS, orom. Arratf tapettry; thecurtain ofa theaire. — Cumvdriit aiitantJSm 

te regina tuperlnt. Virg. .En. 1, 697* Slc iibl tdUuntiir fetOt aulaa thiatrSt, 

Or. M. 3, 111. SVN. TSpes. EPITH. SuspensJ^ sQperbS, vSmtX, 

pendenttS, pictS, InsigniS, splendentiS; B&bjrlunlcii, TjrrlQl, AttalTclL 

PUR. Aiiro gHvVL. SpTrantui signTs. 
AiilTB, IdTs. A cUp of Eubasa, tehere the Greekt attembled before the Trojan 

wir.~^iirUU ti^hna itt ventB riffinentS mordrt. Ov. £p. 13, 3. EPITH. 

Eubindi, Boeoti, BasotTcS. 
«5c« To caU off. — SVK Avertq, abduco» abstr&ho, r^vdoob 
avolo^ as. To ffy aways to hatten. — AtjuvHmt vicltti ddlo ratut, aoolSt tptf» 

Virg. Mn, II, 712. SVN. £v61o, aufiigTc^ auftrfir. 
^rS. The mry a breexe. — Omnit ventotl cictdJrHnt murmMt aurct. Virg. £cl. 

9,53. SVN. Aer, ether; ventQs, flatus, flumSn. EPITII. T^penp, 

diffosS, BthgrSS, spirans, fliiens, liquTdS, tSniiTs, l^vTs, v&g&, mobTIis, tSni^rS, 

imtTi, lenTs. 
Auritiis. Gildedy deeked teith gold. — Aurdii blt tcx radli fulfintlS clngitnt» 

Viig. ^n. 12, 163. PHR. Aiird lUTtus, dSodriis, pcrfusus, ardens, speo* 

tabSKs^insignTs, fiilgens, fiUviis, flartis, rutiliins, r&tTIus, tectus, 8pertus,ctr* 

ciimditiis. Auro divCs. VERS. Occuriit tdliimqiie auriita ad tempSrft 

torqult. Vestib&s tntcxto PhrjFgTTs spcctabTITs aura 

■urcSlus, i. A gold coin AQrHflot ultro qudttiior tptd pidt. Mart 5, 20. 

*uHRis.'Go/df7&. — Auriiit djeft erdty iemo aHriiity aurid tftmmtt. Ov. M. 2, 

197. PHR. Auro factils, efrectus, sJflTdus, grftvTs. 
•uiTcSmlis. Golden'haired.--Jdm piiir aitrfcomo performtddti JBatdvo, Sil. 

luiictiliL The ear, — Demilto adriciildty Ht XmqtuB mcnilt ateiliit. Hor. Sat 

niiTf^r. Bearing gold. — Fulvot aurifira tsrvdntet drbori rdmdt, Sil. 4, 639. 

urigl, s. A charioteer. — Hic iitut ctt Phdiihon curriit aitrlgd patcml, 
Ov. M. 2, 327. EPITH. DScTIis, pgrttus, prQdens, soUTcTtiSs, rubustus, 
ImpTgSr. PHR. £quorum ductSr, rectdr, mSdSratfir, SgTtiitfir. MiuiTbiis 
<, qui Aectit h&bcnas. 

aiirigfnX, ae. Sprung fiom gold.~^dcteniit aurfgina com^item TrUdtiid frdirl, 
Ov. M. 6, 250. 

Mii%2r. Bearing gold. — Aur^igirit Divdm pidcdniet numfna taiirit. Cioero. 
SYN. AiirTRr, aiiratus. PHR. FertTIis aiirT. 

aiiiTi, Ts. The ear. — Cdntpejeiriy tVinty drrecCitque adribut ddttdnt. Virg. ^n. 
l, 152. SYN. AiirTciih^ EPITH. Acuti, att^ntfi, vTgTl. VERS. Cyn- 
thTtts atirem VellTt St admSnuTt. 

ftiiritiis. Ilatfing long or quick eart. — Aurllotqui tequt liporit; ii figirS ddmdt. 
Virg. O. 1, 308. PHR. Aurtbus ac5r, Scutas atires habeits. 

AiirorS, e. Daughier qf Hyperlon and Thia, or^ at tome tay, of Tilan and 
Terra ; the teat the goddett af moming, and toat tuppoted to open ihe gatet 
ofhemfen, and to prepare the chariot of ihe tun — TUhdni erScHim Unquent 
Adrdra eiiblli. Virg. Mn. 4, 595. SYN. Eos, PaliantTil», PullantTs. 
EPITH. TilhoitTS, humTdS, idma, riitTlaiis, fulgTdS, r»»?», clara, lucTfgrS, 
crucO, stellTfiiga. PHR, Tlthont conjux. Auror» lumTua, Pallanttdos 
Brtufc LrticTsnuuaa,pr«niintTa. Cr5c€6 v£lamTn« ftilgens. AstrS fugaiis. 

76 A U 11 A IJ 8 

R8i» spectabtlU oHS. VEM. KnUstiM mviea r^ AMA riibeblt 

. ildscld& puntdSd PallftntiSi ez!t Sxnictu. £cd{ Vigil rum pStSfedt Sb Srta 

^ rurpiirfis Aurorii fSres. PulchrX s&os Aurori c81ores Ezpndlt. RM. 
ditque AurorS Uborem. Dlemque Aurorii rfdwat. JimquS rubescelMt 
steliis Auroril fQgatU. Humentemque Aurori p81d dtmorirSt nmbrnii. 
OcS&num int£rSt surgens Aurori rUiqutt. £t jim primft n5vo spirgdiitS 
lununS terras. Aurora in crJScSis fulgebat lutfiL bigi& Auront mt£rS 
mlsSris mortafibus ilmam £xtulSrit lucem, rifirita 5p&a atquS laboreib 
AuHfX fulgebat riSsifis Aurorii c&pUGs. PrsvlS flammifSri cursiis Auroril 
rubeb&t. Nondum man£ rubens pulchros Aurorii c51dres Indu&rKt. Inde 
ubi flavl riibit tSnSbris Auroril fugatis. Jam riibicundi vigos eoo UtSr4 
currus Aptabat venturi dies, Auroriqul noctis Candidi peUebat t&aBtri^ 
Proximi victricem cum Romam inspexint £ds, £t d2d&it Phabo stelU 
fugati IScum. 

aurum. Gcid^—.TkStaun^^ iffnoium argena pondus H auri. Virg. JBn. 1, 350. 
EPITH. RegalC, oSruscans, fulgens, mTcins, darum, S(3idtmiy divSs; 
r&tBum, r&tlEns; nobilS, pStens; pridosum; fiavum, fiUvum. PHR. 
Auri mStallum. Auri pondus. Aiiri Kmlni. Fulviin. mStallnm. Aiin 
tilenti. Flavi viscSri teme. Magm pondiris auium. VERS. C&rft 
mlcante auro, flimmasque ImTtintt p^ropd. Bis conat&s Srit cisus eflTing&ne 
Tn aiiro. Sunt aiiri pondSri facd Infectiqui^ nuhl. Qiiid non mArtiIi& 
]>ectdrii oogTs Aiiri sacri fimes. 

ausciilto, is. To luten.^amdudum auscuUOf ei cupient CtSi dietfrif^ i 
Hor. Sat. 2, 7) !• SVN. AudTo, adverto. PHR. Arrcctis aiirib&si 
Dictis mentem, aiires, inlmiim, cordi, idvcrto. Dictis, vodbOs, 
oommddo^ prBbSoi Dictas adjTcIo mentem. VERS. Sed cip< dicti mBwSr» 
Intentique ori tlnebant. PaiidB, advertl, dScebo. 

Atisdnli. A name of Itaiy, — Arva nSfque AutSvHm Mimper eedentia reiro, 
Vir|f. Mn. 3, 490. SYN. Itilii, LitTilm. PHR. AiisSnu Hnes. ItilS 
tellus. Sitiinui regni. See Itaiia, 

Ausdnld», iriim. The peopU of Italy^^AuMoiiidm Phryglbut; Ra 
PergSmdeurgenL Luc. 9, 999. SYN. AiisdnTi, liitini, liitTi, ItiE. 

Aiisonl&s. Of Itaig, — Neo nin Auton% Trcya gent nutta, eolonJ. Virg. U. 

aiispez, Ids. A toothtager; a guide, — Dlt fqu^tdem autplcfbuty HfSr, ei Junont 
tgeunda. Virg. JEn. 4, 45. SYN. Aiigilr; auctdr, dOx. VERS. NU 
despcrindiim Teticro duce, it aiispTcS Teiicro. See Augttr, 

atispilcTiim. Augury; potoer, toilL — Communem hune ergo populum^ paribuegui 
regamut AutpicVt. Virg. Mn* 4, 102. See Augurium^ Poietiatj Arbi- 

auspTcSr, ariis. To iake the auepket, See Auguror, 

attKpTcatfis. Ausjndout, — Non autjHoaiot eontHdU impetut. Hor. Od. 3, 6, 10 
SVN. Faiistus, prosplFr, felix, fivens. 

AustCr, stri The South Wind — TnierelitiU hJemty ei ierruU Auttifr SiaU^ 
Virg. Mn. 2, 111. SYN. Ndttis. EPITH. Hunudtis, nubQtis, pltivTiis, 
httmens, midTdQs, TmbrifSr, midSns; nSzItis, n^ns, nSciius; tiirbldDa, 
viHdQs, insantis, praeccps. PHR, VI81entT5r Austri vis. NlgSr imbrilitis 
AiistCr. Nimbis, imbrib&s grivls. VERS. PKxrimus Aiistir InglSmSrat 
iidctem. T2n)H>r68i vSlumTni torquCt, Difliinditque imbrcs. Barbi grivis 
nimbis ; cinis fliiTt iindi cipillis ; Frontt s2dent n^biil» ; rorant pcnn»qn2 
sTntisquS : OtquS minii lati pendentTi ntibTli presslt, Fit frigSr, et densT 
fundiinttir ib ethirS nimbi. Pfligoqui itrox dessvTt St Atistir. FrigTdiia 
iit qtiondim silvis intmiirmiirit Aiistir. 

austcriis. Harthy teoere^ tiriei.^Quetrtbii aHtierat de mef^i uma idbeUas. 
Prop. 4, 1 1, 49. S YN. SSveriis, griivTs, diirus, ispSr, immitls. 

Aiistran^. Southem. — Aiieiraltbut hitniidd nlmblt, Ov. Ep. ex P. 4, 4, 1. 

Austrinus. Souihem. — AutMnot tiiSfrlij qum tcrga obvertSrU asL Virg. O. 

aiit&s, us, and aiisiim, L An auempij enierpnte.-.-Jamquif mSrm impaiiensj 
ounotanOt inorfyii atm». VaL Flacc. 3, 613. Ji nbi pro totlSre eacGmat, 


prSiSiih^ mitis. Virgf. ^n. 2, 635. VERS. Ajdaoet odmpcscttYt a&s&a. 
Af aminTmdt kutm umtatS p&rentuni. £n, Sgj^ n quid Tnest iUumd por 
fornbus auns. 
nAU £Uher, cr — Aut afit strvirg tSerit, aiil teSndifrif Urrmn. Virg. G. 3, 16(K 

SVN. Vel, w»u, sivJS, v8. 
AutdljFcua, u Son of Mereury^ and nuUemal grand/a^ter qf Ulffuu, — NascliXr 

Avi8igeu$jfurtutningSTHbsii$ud6mni. Oy. M. II^SIS. 
Butumnalis. Of auHann. — Condltaque in riqulda coma avtumnatia fcecK 

Ov. 31. 8, 66S. 

A Jtuznnus. Autumn, — S&lut ^t aiiiumnut caloadt tordldvt uvlt, Ov. M. 

2, 29. EPITH. PaxnplnSus, rScenufSr, pomifer, gr&vTd&s, fcnz, frugT- 

f^r, fertilis, f&az, fecundiis, divSs; nlmbosiis, udiis, m&dcns, plfivTus. 

PHR.. £xJ(nSrans vTndes uvTs pendentTbds ulmos. ^quans cum ruclbus 

umbras. TinSro dans ^mTt£ fnictum. PurpijrSo coloHS rSccmds distm- 

^ens. £ztrem]is nuttens Tn horrjfS frugcs. VERS. Vit^ C($r6natas Au- 

tumnus degrilv&t ulmos. Dat musto gr&vTdas Autumnus pomTfCr uvas. 

FigSr Autumnus secfis suocedTt &risl9S. 

Auiumni tempore. — Cum jam turgf scunt matune vitTbSs uvae. £bitt calcutls 

spumant cum pnel& rilcemis. Cum fecundissTm&s annSs. PleniquS piir* 

piiriSo subrubet iiv& mSrS. Ciim matiiiiim riistTcus iivam CoIITgTt, et niido 

■ub pMS mtist& fliiunt. P&mpTnSo grSvTdiis Autumno Florift Sger, spuniiit 

pleniis vindemT& labris. Ciim v&iTds ponit fetiis Aiitiimniis, St Mte MitTs Tn 

apricas cSquTtCir vTndemT& lazis. Ctim f&cTt htiincntes PleT&s ort& dTes. 

Cum liicem vincCrS noctes TncTpTunt 

Subjinem otttunmL — AiitiimnT frigSri^ primS. Prima Aiitiimhi sub frigdr&« 

Ciim rSpTdiis Sol Nondum hT^mcm odntingTt SquTs, jiim praetifrTt KSCas 

Seras pSsiiit ciim vTnSS frondcs. FrigTdtis et nlvis AqtiTlo deciissTt hdnortm. 

aiitumo, as. To think, tuppcte. — Aiitumat! fuec populoty fuee magnotfntnfi/n 

reges* Hor. Sat. 2, 3, 45. SYN. Piito, exTstTmo, SpTnSr, jiidTco, cens^o. 
«(viiiiciiltis. A maternal uncle. — Et pdtSr Mneat 8t atmneulut excitat Hcclor, 

Virg. ^n. 3, 343. 

Xviis, i. A grundfaiher.^Cvii Piliimnut dvuty cti» dtvd VifnSnd mater. 

Vii^. ^n. 10, 7C EPITH. Longaeviis, v^ttisttis, grS^ns, sJfnTSr, vcnS. 

randiis. VERS. Tumiis &vTs &t&visquS pdtens. Diim prS&vos &t&vosqtii^ 

rHers, et ndmTnS mTlI& MaxTmiis Atlas £st &viis sethSrium qul fcrt ctr\i« 

ctbiis azem JiipTtSr altSr &vus, sJ$cSrd qudqu2 glorTdr illo. 

aaztnarTs. Aiding. — Ctgniliut fraterjitvat aiixtlidfibiit undJt. Ov. M. 1, 275. 

aiiziluitdr, oris. An attitiant. — Auxit&tSr adett, etfetCindnHid tltient, Stat. Silv. 

3, 4, 24. SYN. AdjutSr, faiit^r. 
»iiztIS$r, aris. Toattisty help. — Nee fbrrniddCis auxHidtur dqult. Ov. Ep, ez P. 
1, 3, 23. SV^N. Jtivo, ndsum, siiccurro, siibvSnTo, siiblSvo, iidjiivo^ f&vifo. 
Pl/R. AiizTlTiim, stippStuis, 8pcm, subsTdTum, f^ro, affSro, do. Aiix^lio 
siTu^o^ vSnTo. £s8£ subsTdTo. Rebiis siicctirrJ^riS lapsis. VERS. Aiixilid 
tiitos dlmTttitm, dpTbiisqtiS jiivaba RegTfi, credS mihl, rcs est suicciirri^rS 
lapsis. Quiim pStJfs, iiifj^r 5pem. SemTnScem Stygui rifvScastT s5lus &b 
iinda. RcspTcTs abscntem lapsis Tn rebiis &micitm; FdmentlsquS jiivas 
viilnSi:^ nostrii tuis. Parcl pTo gSnSri, et prSpTiis res aspTcS nostriis. Qtild 
diibttas iinam ferrS dtiobiis 5pem ? 
Aujriliari in heUo, — PHR. S^T& arm& sSqtiT. JungSrS vlres. Turmiis adjtli.. 
gM. AddSrS se sdcaiim. Antt^rS Spes. DSrg tiirmas. VERS. Adero, 
et s5cTa ann& jiivabo. Hulc et p&trTa de sedS vdlentes AdvenerS vTrl. 
Boeoti dHerif diices. Qul bello exdtl reges, qusB quemquS sSciitie Com* 
plerint campos &cTes. • IpsS p&rcns &nTmds D&nals vlresquiS sSciindas Siif. 

aiixTniim. Helpy tuceour. — Aiij^Uo iviot dimtiiam, oplbiitquifjuvabo, Virg. JEn. 
I, 571. SVN. SiibsTdTum, sCippJStTae, adjumentum, sdlamSn, prsesTdTuin, 
jiivamSn, ISvaml^n, solatTiim. £PITH. Prsescns, p^tltiim, f&vens, Smicum, 
speratiim, promptiim. PHR. Rcbiis solamSn Tn arctis. Reriim tutela 
m&ariim. V£R8. Ndstrts portiis St ar& m&ris. Tu quSquS nostrariim 
quondam fi iixcT& reriim. Soia s&lutTs Spes, cWtimen, vit» pnesTdiiimqu* 
mte. Tu djfpiSua, tatel& nuhi, tu cert& sfiliuis AncSrS, tti sUtTd tfiti pl&ci' 


dis»mS poctua Prxstdium, iipefly ct rebus a^am^n Tn &n;tis. Qul lOiliT 
perfugTum, qui mtlii portus Sras. 

AftxUium imphrarr, — PHR. Opcm, auzTnum, posdfriS, rSjgarS, pStSre. 
Auxilid vikkrlS, VERS. f ILvfia, nostrisquS labdnbiu adua. 0, dubus 
ne defToS rebus. In te jam spes iinS nulu; suocurrS ruend. Adaa, o, 
plScTdusquS jiives. Frj^us sl flect&Ts ulfis, AspTcS nos. Tu pneaens 
nostro succdrrS ISbdri. AuxHuimquS rdgat mTs£ris. Quo f^r? und^ 
pdtnn lapaos solatSS rebiis ? Colloque iniusS m&riti Mlttat fit auxTfium suie 
se verbisquS prScatur £t IScrynua. AITsSrere diiarum AuzTfioquC jiivi. 

axTsjTs. An axletree; a ehariot; ihe pole; ihe heavent, — AiireHs aA frai^ 
timo aurifuSf aurSa eutnnue, Ov. M. 2, 107- Piirpnreo lepfdum qtu mSo^ 
axe d^iem, Ov. £p. 4, 160. Axem hiimlfro lorquet ttellis drdenffbiis aptiiim. 
Virg. JEn. 4, 482. EPITH. Rectiis, sdnoriis, firvTdiis, cTtils, cttatiia. Sec 
Currus, Cedum, 

Azan. A mouniam qf Arcadia, sacred to Cybele. — VenV it IdmU vinlSilhSs 
mulHs Azdn. Stat. Theb. 4, 292. 


B&bj^lon, onTB. The prineipal dty of Chalde<iy m Assyria^ situated on the i 
Euphrates. it was built hy Belusy and restored and eniarged by ^m ir a m ie, 
^Qum rSdio cingltBabpidn. SU. 14, 658. EPITH. SiipirbS, altX, anfi. 
quS, SpiilentS, pdtens, cSlebrTs, magmfTcS, tiirriti; CmildBl, AssynZy 
Pcrseft. PHR. Ardii& muns. DivSs Spum. B&bjrlduT2 mcenTK. Urbs 
BabylonTS, SSmir&mi&. B&bylonTs arcea. SSmlr&mTdTs arces. OpTbua aii- 
perbS. Assyni paUatT& cels& tj^rannu Orbs c&piit Assyne gentu. Alta 
turri famosii urbs. VERS. Cujds frfigTH dngiintiir moenTI testa. CoudTdit 
has ofim glfni^ros& SSmlr&mTs arces, Prlm&que coctTITbiis pflsiiit fCndaminA 

BlibylonTiis and B&byldiucus. 0/ Babyhn.^^mriSd mlrentiir rifjvjfi Bah^.' 
Idriid Pdrthl. Luc. 6, 50. Non iffd pratiilerim Babyloriicd pSctd eitperig. 
Alart. 8, 28. EPITH. Assyriiis, Chaldasiis. 

baccS, s. A berry. — VerHt hfems; tSr^ititr Slcjdriid baccd trapetis. Virg. 6. 
2, 519. BPITH. SilvestrTs, vTrens, arWJr». 

baoc&, SB. A pearl. — Aitr^biis in ghiiims eircum eavd tempon bdcae. Ov. M. 
10, 117. SVN. UnTo. EPITH. FulgT<S(, candTdS, InsIgnTs, Nere», UevTs, 
r5tijnd&. PHR. NTtTdo fulgorS cSriiscans. Albentes, oonchariim germTnS, 
baccae. ConchiSl bacc& m&rTs. VERS. Liidebant mtids per eoUa argcntfil 
biccae. Baccls 5n&at candcntTbiis aiires. 

bacc&r, &ris, n. or bacc&rTs^Ts, f. — Errdntes hSdSrds pdsslmy eiim bdeeSrHy teUue 
Virg. £cL 4, 10. EPITH. Frondins, vTriifis, ddorat&, suavTs, i;2Llii6f;riL 
VERS. Bacc&rS fruntem CingTt&, ne vatl nddSt m&I& fingu& fiitiira 

baccatiis. Set with pearls.-^HiCy Phrygldm vestem, et bdccdtum Indiitd moriiBf. 
SiL 8, 134. PHR. Biccis omatiia, d&oriis, divSs, mtcns. 

Bacch&, SB, or Bacche es.'^ Bacehanai: the Baechanals were theintpired 
priestesses qfBacchusy tvho celebrated his trienmai orgies on ihe mouniaimsy 
«fwhich the prindpai were M. Citharon near Thebes, Ismenus in Bceofysy 
lemarusandothers in Thraee. — Dum sSqu^iiir Bdeehdsy Bdah<B fHgiuntqui 
pgtitnima. Ov. Ar. Am. 1, 545. SVN. Bacchantes, BI»n&d&, ThjFfidfa, 
M7maildnTdes, TrTSteridgs. EPITH. Theban», OgygT», ThreTcT», r8m&. 
rias, f^rentes, l^mphate, fiiridssB, ThyrsTgSrae, AITmallSnSae. PHR. Bacdr 
cSmTtes. Matres Thebanae, Cadmeae, ThreTde, cSlebrantes orgT& Bacchi 
Baccho &gTtatae, afOatas. Bicchi odrnibiis Ictas. Bacchl fiirTis actae. T(irb& 
AdnTi odmTbiis Ica DSL VERS. Og^gTae cSlebrant r€p«tit& triennTI 
Baochae. Niinc f&rSr, ut Bacchi fiiriis fJiSleId& actae. Alacres If mphiita 
menU^ f&rcb&nt Miilt&qu& raiiasSnda effiabant comii& bombos ; Burb&rSque 
horribTfi stridebat tibT& oantiu 

Bannhinaff&i tum, er lomm. The rites or fes^oais qf Bacchus. — QUi Cih%k 

B A C B A L 79 

&milani, ei Bacehanand vivvni. Juv. ^ 3. 8YN. Or^M:. EPlTli 
SoneniiSi, fiiriosS, ixuanl. PHR. Baochi lacrS. Tempjra li&ccho lacrft. 
OrgtH BacchL Baocho fcstX dlcs, sacrft lux. Feat& tempdrS Bacchu 

Biechantes, um. Baechanals, — Cdnt^ibuSy et dara BacehdrUitm vod idnaifai 
Or. M. 3« 703. See Baecha. 

bacdiatiis. Inspired Kke a Baeehanai, raginffy runmng tmid, — Sperehiiiequi^ ei 
w^inVnie bdcchald LaetBme, Virg. O. 2, 48?. SYN. Fiirens, furios&s. 
lymphatiis, inaanus. PHR. Baccho plenus. Lenaeo mentem oorreptiU ib 
(eatro. B^iii f uroHS oorreptiis. 

Bacdieu, idis, cr idds. O/BaaAut, fccm. — Qudilty H tiibiat Ephjret BaeeheL 
dot aitum. Sut. S. 2, 2, 34. 

I^cfaeiiis, Baccheiis, Bacchiiis, and BacchTciis. Of Bacchut^ Bacehic — Quid 
wkgmSrdndutn ttque Bdccheid ddnd tuierdni $ Virg. O. 2, 454» Detir^U ei 
fingvet Bdechid sdngu^nM odUet. Stat. Theb. 1, 329. OrbHt, diiy fiSrety ni 
Bdeehid tderd vlderet. Oy. M. 3, 613. Demg miit hidirde, Bdechlcd tertd 
eSmtt. Ov. Tr. 1, 6, 2. 

baochSr, anis. To be intpired lilee « Bacciianai; to rage, run rioi, — Bdochdtur 
vdiisy mdgnum ti pectori possli. Virg. Mn. 6, 78. SYN. Fiiro^ insanio. 
PU R. FtirorS oornpiSr. Bacchi fiixTis Sgit5r. VERS. Snvit Tnops inTnu, 
totimqae Incensi pj^r iirbem Bacchatiir. MentS fertiir Insina. Mdllcs 
siimSrl thf rsot IndpTunL 

Bacchiis, L San qfJupHer andSemete, ihe daughier qf Cadmut; he was nur- 
tured by the nympfit o/ Nyta.: on arriving at maiurity, he conquered 
JndiOy and mott o/ the countriet o/ the east: he wat the god ^f wine amongtt 
ihe andentty and wat represented as drawn in his ehariot by iions and tigertf 
croumed wiih mne and ivy leaves, and attended by Baochanals and satyrs, — 
Adsit iettWa BdechHs ddiSr, ei bond Juno. Virfir. JEn. 1, 734. SYN. 
ldb€r, Bassireuis, Lj^niis, £van, BrSmTiis, lacchiis, Lenaeiifl. EPITH. 
Mitis, dmdTdiis^ nTtidiii, mollis, bl^nigniis, blandiis, latTfTcfis; inidnsiis, 
imberbTs, jiivinlb ; noctumiis, riUsemTf^r, spiimans, ebrtiis, tTtiibans, cornTgSr, 
riibTcundtis, cilens; gtoSrosiis, audax; Dircs&s; BToornTgj^r, bTmater, 
.gnlgSni. PHR. SiSmSleTi proles. Pit^r Len»iis. Diils AdnTiis, Og;giii& 
&^rsig&>. Thebans SSmSles piiSr. SftnSleTiis £van. Bassiridiim rotatJlr 
£vin. LaetTtTB Bacchiis ditj(r. I^enl ilumniis. Dirces iJiimniis. GSnTaJis 
oonsTtor iivae. JSvTs progSnTes. Cingens vTridi tempSri pampTno. PampTneis 
ornatiis tempSri sertis. PampTnB redTmitus frondS ciplUos. RicemTf^ris 
frontem carciimditiis iivis. Crinali florcns hSdSriL Viiu rSpertor. VERS. 
LTbSr igens celsd N^s» de vertTcS tigres. Bacchtimqui vjlcant, Br5mTiimqu2t, 
Lfaeiimqae, IgnTgSnamqnS, sitiimque Ttcriim, sdlumquS bTmiitrcm. Odit 
Lenasiis txis^ verbi pit^r. Ttitiqu2 bis gemti siint incumtbiili BacchT. 
Cui tii lacte fivos, et mitl dxliiS Baocho (tcrin^). See Vinvm. Bacchiis {the 
f^ne) imat oolles, AqnTlonem et frigdri taxi. See VUis, 

baccifa'. Bearing berries; /ruit/ui in oiives. — Belidtrue gens Idcc^/iro nvitrlid 
Sdbtnd. Sil. 3, 596. 

UUalltim. A sticic. — PortomiiSy wUlodextrdm siibiunti bdclUo, Juv. 3^ 2A. 

Bactri, oriim. A ciiy and countri ofr. ihe borderso/Assyria. — Laddlbiis ItdFlat 
eerteni; nbn Bdcirdy nique Indi. Virg. O. 2, 138. 

biciiliia, or biciiliim, i. A staffy stidc. — Ttim Dius Ineumbem Idciiloy quem 
dextrd girebdi. Ov. Fast. 1, 177* Bdcuiumqui Hnens dgristi sfntstrn. 
Ov. M. 15, 655. SYN. FustTs, stTp«s, biciUiim, irundo. EPITH. Nd. 
dosiis, dOriis, rectiis, agrestTs, icemiis, qucrniis, firmiis. V£RS. Lente 
griditur biciilo-que inmxiis icemo. Lossi miniis tSrSti mil2 silBtentaUf 
bicTlio. Trtinci miniim piiius rlgTt, et vestigTi firmit. 

BaetTs, Ts. A celebraied river qf Spain, now cailed the Guadaiquiver. — BaiU 
diivVird/rdntemridlmlticihwM. Mart. 12, 100. EPITH. Iberiis, dfivTf ^r, 

Bidae, ariim. A eiiy on the eoast qf CampaniOy in Jtaiyy eeiebrated /or iis warte 
baths. — Hdmidd Bdtdrtim stdgnd tipentU dqum, Prop. 3, 18, 2. EPITH. 
LiouTd», imoBnte, tipentes, cilentes, feCces, mSIIes, siliibres. V£RB. 
Ntilliis Tn drbi sTniia Baiis praeliicSt imcenis. 

balaeni, ae. A tpeeies o/ whaie.^Qudnto deiphlnit baland Brttdnrilcd nuijifr 

80 B A ii B A P 

Jav. 10, 14. EPITH. StfiplndS, uiuErvSgi, mXiinX» NeptanSL PHJL 
Immani ourpdrS cet&s. Magna le molS mSrens. Immanit beDui ponlL 
Ondas uig^enti pectSrS sulcans. VERS. Bal»narumqu{ prifmentem JEgmoBA 
ujSm immaniS ter^ IXcertis. 

bolans, antla. A sfuipy to cattedfrom Us bleaimg, — BalanlumiiuiS grifgem Jinvii 
menarg talubrh Virg. Q. 1, 4^7- See Ouu, 

bU&nus, 1. A speeiea of nut or maety from whieh a perfume vas SMtraeUd, — 
Preua tuU baldnua eaplUis. Hor. Od. 3, 29, 4. 

bU&tro, onis. A teorthtess person. — Mendlciy numay balatroneSi koe gbsus 
omni. Hor. Sat. l, 2, 2. 

bolatus, us. The bleating of sheep — B.ilatu piGorumy et erebrls mugitWU 
timnes, Virg. G. 3, 554. 

balbus. Siammeringy lisping. — Os tinirQm puerty baibumqne pSeta figurat, 
Hor. Ep. 2, I, 12a 

bdlbutia To siammer. — Baibudt Seaurum, pramsfuUnm male taiis. Hor. SaL 
1, 3, 48. SVN. Lingirj, hs^sTto, hsreo. PHR. Balbas dit org ISqueL^s. 
Bfilbas r^fSrebat peetdH^ voces. Miie voces cxprunit dr& Difficilet dddit 
orJS s5ads. 

Biilfikriciis and BilSlrts. Of the Balearic islands {Majorea and Minorca) — 
Non s&siis exdrslty quam cum Baliaricd ptumbum. Ov. M. 2, 727- Stupid 
torquentem Baiidrts verbira funda. Virg. O. 1, 309. 

bAliist&, ». A mUitary engine for Ihrowing darts and stones.-^.-Quam grdcl 
baUlstm mariidpulsdt onus. Ov. Tr. 1, 2, 50. SVN. Cit&piilti. EPITH. 
Tort&, belllcft, AfartiS, MavortiS, immitTs, validi, tiirrifragS. trux, exitidsl, 
exitialTs. VERS. Strlilentes torquct balfist& mdlares. kffundit vistds 
balfisfcS mSlares, Atque l^5dem, ingentis miitato pdndtSre tefi, Ferratam ex- 
ciitlens omum, m^ia SgmmS rumpTt. N2c {nim sdfis cxcuss& lioerils 
I^nclS, sed denso balfistn ttirbTnS rapt& 

balnariiis. Ofabath — fiirum opt^ime ijalnSarfbrum CatuII. 34, I. 

U&lu2dlum. A tmali bath.^,~mBdlneoinm GdbVs, Romm cdndudSri furmds, 
Jiiv. 7, 4. 

baliiSiun. A bath. — Nfine Hrbem et tudds et bdlnid vilticus dptds. Hor. Ep. 1, 
14, 15. SVN. Therma. EPITH. DiilcS, mulcens, c&ITdum, teptduni, 
humTdum, fcrvidum, silQtTf^rum, &m<Bnum, optatum, sSl(ibr& PHR. Ca- 
ITdis sudantU thermis Balna. VERS. Qun de dUTdo suinir^ fum&t iquS. 
NTtTdas vftrio de marmdrS thermas £xtnixTt. Nitidis immcrintur Cindta 
MembrS ISvatiiras raanS p2teb&t Iquls. 

IjoIo, iis. To bieat.~~Tdctdqug fumdnii sulfurS bdigt ovfs. Or. Fast. 4, 740 
PHR. Balatum do, edo, f^do. BalatTbiis agros impleo. BaBtQ caiilaft 

baliiSmum. Baim ; both the plant and thejtuce orgum, — Bdlsdmdque, ct bdeeds 
simper frbndentts dcdnthu Virg. O. 2, 119. EPITH. Odoriim, r&15ienA, 
gratiim, ddorTf^riim, pTnguS, Sromi&tTcum, Sdorattim, fragrans, gSnlal^, sa- 
lutarS, dulc& PHR. Lxtos splrans ddores. Odorato stillanti& bals&mS 
fignd. Bjls&m& Nili&cd, siidantT& cdrtTc& BalsSmSiis dd5r. 

biltS&s, 1. A belt, girdie. — Bditeiis, et tiriR subnectlt fibuld gemmd. Virg. ^iu 
5, 513. SVN. Cingtilum. PHR. Latd baltSils aiira NobTITbtis gemmis 
ct miilto lucTdiis aiiro Baltlus. PretTosS dngiilS gemmls. BaltSo lumlioa 
cTngSrJf, iIT& r£lTgiir?. VERS. HiimSro cum apparuTt alto BaltSu^ et notis 
fiUsertint dng&U buifis. Alfigftt a Iseva fulgentem baltSiis ensem. 

Bapts, arum. The priests of Coiglto, the goddess qflewdness. — Cccroptdm sdtUi 
Bdptm tdssdri Cotyttd. Juv. 2, 92. 

BaptismK, StXs, or Biiptismtis, i. The rite qf baptism. jfbolens bdptlsmdti 

idbem. Pmd. Psych. 103. EPITH. Sanatim, sacriim. PHR. Sacrum 
Uvacriim. OndS s&ltitil^ri fliimTnls. Lustraris iind&, &qu.^., If mphi. Ond2 
tdUens crTmTnS. Ond& I&viins primn vestigT& ctilpsB. Sa<»>& baptismatis 
iindi. Sacr» If mphss aspergo, Tnis. FltimTnft baptlsmi. Ccefi primTtue 
f&cHes, coslestS l&vacriim. 

bSptizow To bapOse. — PHR. Mergo, immergo» tingo^ abliio^ ULvo, ispergo^ 
sacra Laptism&tTs tindo. Abluo sacro fonti, sacro fltimlnS, sancto l&vacro, 
lastranbQa undis, sacris IfmphM» smti lontiH Iftvicri. PiitfantTb&s Ifmphis 

BAR BAS i<i 

mblQ^rS. TiiigSd^ sacris undiA. Sacro pcrfundSrlf fluroTnS curpr.s. Sacrc 
piugaH^ rCnSvari^ livacro. Sacris upcrgSrS l^mphTiL 
bSraUiriim. A giuljphy abjfn, — ObHdH; atque tmo taraihri ter gur^itif vtUtot, 
Virg. ^n. 8, 421. Pall^kla, DU InvUd: svperqua Inmtani baraihrnm, 
Virg Mn. 8, 245. SYN. V8rag<H vortex, gurg&. EPITH. TartXr?um, 
oaecuni, abriiptum, pnecep«, nigrum, latum, uii?rnfun, feral& Stj^gTumi 
Cetriim, pr5fundum, 6pacum, caltguia,horrendum, obscurum. PHK. Fel" 
lurU hHtua. Terrft dfiblacens. Vista v5ra^Tng gurg&. Vasta fauces. 
V£RS. Se postquam ^tnce mcrsit candent^ b&iathro. 

barba. The beanL — Candidhr po$tqudm iSmlena barbd oSdebai, Virg. EcJ. 
I, 29. EPITH. Cult& sSiiilTs, canS, candTdtt, n/vO, hirtl, aspSrii, longS, 
oomans, vinjfrand&. PHR. OSnas, malas, dmans, ezomttns, tlgens, 
pingens. Malls, gSnliinserpens. ArgumcntS vTri. VERS. Nosco criitcN, 
incan&iuS menUL In pectus sordTdi barbS cftdTt. Cui plurTm& mt^-ntu 
CaiiitTes mcalt& j&cSt. Sucuno c&dTt hT8pTd& mento Barbft. Passus Mi 
moestam malis increscSrS barbam. Ille m&nu mulcct propezam ad pect5r& 
barbam. £t p&riter mollem mafis demitt^rS barbam. Jam GbSt hirsutam 
tiibi falcS rScad&riS barbam. PectSris IndTcTum Hc^t horridK barbl severi 

barb&riS, ae, and barbSries, SL A eotiniry of barbarian» ; samgeneUy erueliy. — 
Qmd itb^i barbarlem ffiniet ab viroquS jaccnteg, Ov. AI. 15, 829. Ini^r Yr». 
humana nmriind bdrbarla. Ov. Tr. 3, 9, 2. SVN. CriidelTtas, SKvTtTfi, 
fSritas, saevTtTes. EPITII. Tnhuman&, KnnH, horridS, fSrl, TmroanT», 
crtient&, atroz, cruduiis, horrcnda, fSrox, effSrft, cffrenTs, impStTens, tSroif- 
rarTS, impTS, Scerb&, nsp^ril, criidS. PHR. I>t8s5n& ritu BarbSries. F2;ritas 
Tn&mabTIis. HorridS rusticTtas. 

barfo&rTciis. Barbaric; tazagc, — Barbdt^co pbstet afiro tpoTUsqui tupcrhl. 
Virg. Mn. 2, 504. SVN. BarbfirtSs. VERS. Vix b«ng barb&rTca Ora;cB 
nStata m&nii. HTnc opjS barb&ridi, vuriisque AntonTiis arrols. 

iKirb&riis. Barbarian; teild, savage.^BdrbdruthieigStum, qu^d ndn tnieingor 
aili. Ov. Tr. 6, 10, 37. SVN. ImmanTs, iispgr, atrox, fgroz, immiCi». 
PHlt. Gens dur& atque aspSr& cultii. VERS. Oen8qu& vTrum truncis et 
diird rol>5ri$ nat&, Queis uSquS mos n^quS cultus Sr&t. Is gSn&s indScTle nc 
dispcnsum montTbtis altis CompSsiiTt. 

barbatus. Bearded. — Rem poputi irdctdtf bdrbdtum luBe eredi mdgitirum. 
Pers. 4, 1. SVN. BarbTgSr. PHR. Cui plurTm& mentiim Barb& tifgTt. 

' Miilta tectus lanugTnS nuiliui. 

ImrbtgiSr. Hamng a beard. — Bdrllgtrdt pt^ciidet. Lucr. 5, 898. 

barbltSs, and barbiton, i. A igre, lute. — Ndn fdcli dd Idcrgmdt bdr&tSt tilla 
midt. Ov. Ep. 15, 8. 8VN. Testudo, Ijfri, cTth&rU, chgljs. EPITH. 
F&ciKs, quJruia, c&norB, iE81T&, A5nT&, dulcTs, sdn6r&, argut&, See 

Barcaei, oriim. A people qf Afriea, to caliedfrom ihe iown qf Baree.~^IIlnd 
detertd tia ri^fid, Idtequi fureniet Bdretn. Virg. ^n. 4, 42. 

bardus. DuU, tiujid. — Adfir dbhlne Idctjmdt, bdrde, et cdmpetci qufrcldt. 
Iiucr. 3, 908. SVN. StupTdiis, stSlTdus, h^bls, tardus. 

biisTatTo, onTs. A kitt. — QuarU quoi mVii bdtidtldnet. Catull. 7> 1* Sce 

b&sTHsciis, u The batilUk; a tpeciet oftcrpeni qf a very poUoncut deteriplion 
tnhabiting ihe detertt of Africa — Quld prodetl nXiirl bdiititcut cfntpldi 
Miirrt. Imc 9, 838. EPITH. Alurtif^r, v^nendsUs, vSnenTf^r, viilnTf iciis, 
letalTs, pestTHfr ; lubrTcus ; crisCatiis ; LTbjrcus. VERS. VtilnSr&t iispcctu, 
liimTnTbusqu& nScSt. SibTl& coll& Ardiiiis attollTt Attollentem iras {basilit' 
etim) etccer&l& colI& tumentcm AspezTt. FiinSrSits LTbjfca vSliiti b&siHsci^is 
&rcna SlbTI&t horrendiim. SlbTI&que effundens cunctas terrentT& pcstetc,^ 
Ant& v&nen&, nSrins, late sTbT submSvlt omn& Vulg5s; H in TSciia rcgiiiit 
b&sTnscfis &rena. 

b&s1s,Ts. Apedettal.~~Quoqulfmrniitdul!Uet, ttdi bdtU drbd DI&. Ov. £p.ex P. 
3, % 62. SVN. Fiindamemum, fundamSn, fiilcimcnt&m. EPITH. 8ond&, 
«BtemS, pSrennii. tOOqIc 

basTo, at, To kitt.^Tdm te Wd mdUd bdt^^ri. CatnU. 7, 0- Z. 

h 5 


besium. A kiu,~~Muitaqt$g dnexmjaeiaret haOdfhedm. Juv. 4, 414. SVN. 
Osculum, suavTum : amplexus. See OicuhtmL 

BaasSreus, i. Bacchus, — CandtdB Bastareu. Hor. Od. 1, 16, \\. See 

Bass&ncus. O/ Bacehus. — CtngH BaetafictU LydVi mUru cSmas, Pro|«. X 
17, 30. 

Bass&ns, idts. A Baechanal, — Bassar^iSy et lyneem Mmmte Jlejntra cSrymAiM^ 
Pers. 1, 100. See Bacehtu 

BStavt, orum. The HoUmndere^-^Vangionis^ BataolquS trucisy guos mreri^ 
eurvo, Luc. 1, 431. HtopitV Euphraien jiivhus, dSniiliquS Bdiavu Jur. 
8, 61. EPITH. FSroces, inddmiti, bcUigSri, Martii, audacea, impSvidL 

Battus. A shepherd, changed into a stone ^ Meremryfor hu tremGherjf^^^i 
Imsus tingua Bdttus ab ipsS sua. Ov. in Ib. 586. 

BauGis, tdis. A poor old womanf toho, with her husband PhUeman^ hoepUoBfy 
entcrtained Jupiier and Mercwry.~-^ed jHd Baucis a»Mj^ pdAlique mlaig 
Philemon. Ov. M. 8, C31. EPITH. Paupgr, v2t51l. 

b&tulus. A little happy. — Hinc tubdj candelm : tandemquS biatulus alto. Pers. 
3, 103. 

bJSitus. Happy; blessed; rwh. — PriodtusquB mdgis viodm te regd bcatnon 
Hor. Sat. 1, 3, 142. SVN. Feiuc, iortunatiis. ^Fdix, Dives. 

BebiycaS, ae. A distrietof Asia Minor, afterwards caJUd Bithynia. — Aui arva 
fnrentls Bebrpcla spernendue adi. Val. Flacc 5, 602. 

BebrycTus. Bebrgdan. — Bebrgcia viriiena jfmyci de gentefh-ebdL Virg. jEiu 
6, 373. 

Bebrf z, ycTs. A Bebrydan. — Bebrge^ ei SeytMd prooul tndemcniia MoerL 
Vak, Flacc. Possessus Bdocho smvd Bebrycis\n adld. SiL 3, 423. 

Bel^ ae. A Belgian,—^t docitis reeior rdstrdii Belgdcovini. Luc. 1, 42Gb 

BeJgTcQs. OfBelgium, — Belgiod vel moUi minus firgi essedd eoUd. Virg^. G. 
3, 204. 

Belidcs, ae. The patronymic of Palamedes and other descendants qf Belu s . 

Bciidm nomen PdtdmedU, it inclytdfanuL Virg. ^n. 2, 81. 

BclTdSs, um. The patnmymic of the fifiy daughters qf Danausy from ikeir 
grandfaiher Belus : they married ihefifty sons of their unde JEgypluSy and 
by command qf their father each dew her husband on the wedtBng nighi, 
sxeepi Hypermnestra^ who spared Lynceus: for ihis crime their ^mnisA. 
mem in the infernal regioiu toas, to be conAnuaUy fiUing a vesseiy ihrouffk 
ihe holes in whieh the water ran oui asfast as they poured U in. — Assnium 
rgj^tuni, quds perddnL Betidis Hndds. Ov. M. 4, 462. SYN. DXnSTdesy 
BellSldgs. EPITH. ImpTie, sdnesta:, criientn, fSr«, crudeles, scSeiutae, 
immites, infelices. PHR. D&n&l pQellie. DSnSI proles. S&is moliri 
letiim pStrfienbiis aiiss. ScSlestie sdrores. Qus frustra tentant l|mphas 
rStinei^ fugaces. TiirbS mSritali peniTcTosS nhyL Aiisn letCim in&rrjF 

bellanS, oriim. SweetmeatSy cates.^-^dm belldrid ddorcd pluebdni. Stat. S. 
1, 6, 10. EPITH. Milllta, laiiUI, moIM, qaientl. 

beUatdr, orTs. A warrior, — TntSria ejctremo beUdtdr 1n mquori Tumus, 
Virg; iGn. 12, 614. SYN. BeinK&, bcUtcosus, bellTciis, banpSteus. 
PHR. Bein pSritiis. CtTITs armia. Lxpers terrdrTs. Bello magniia, clariia, 
pneclariis, egri^gTiis, terrTbTITs, fortis. Bello magniis St armis. Armia 
egrSgitis, inclyttis, inslgms, praestans, asp^r, iicSr. Promptiis Sd ormS. 
Ssevis Sgitiitiis Tn armls. FortTS beUo pectdrS. VivTdi bcllo dcxtSHL 
luvictSquS belld deztSrS. DextSrS bello iitTITs. Ciput insiiperabTle 
belld. OSniis intractabTIg bello. Acerrimiis armis. MartS fSrox. Vinci 
nesciiis armis. AlavortTiis hcrus. AcSr Srat, belloquS fSrox, ad vTmque 
p&riitiis. Niiin cessiiriisTn arnus. Armoriim praestfuis, &nTmiqu2. InsignTs 
f ania et feCcniiis anhis. Robuatiis acri mllTtia piiSr. FiilmSn belJi. £xperti 
belld jiivSnas. Cui bcIlatSr SnTmoe Deus incTdTt. VERS. PrimiisTnlre 
mSnii, postremus ponSrS Alartcm. ProdlgS geus &zJmae, stiidTlsque asper- 
rTmS belJL Non ilH quTsquam belld sc coiinFrSt hero». Tulis Spiid Trojam^ 
DftnSis pr5 navTbiis, Ajax DlcTtiir HectSrSas suKtTnuissif fSces. G&nin«f 
dtiS fuimToS belfi ScipTSdas dadem LTbyae. N€qu2 ter{^S irS dSre aiit virtus 

B£L 83 

pl^tiir. Qni te In beitt sfquantSr, Pnbstantet mtiia Jlig^ Sed o&i 1a 
CflesM tantum NomSn Mt neo faml dfids ; sed nesctt virtus 8tarS IBou^ 
BoluaqaS pudor non vinoSr? bellck ^ llius sit i^rtls tn armis, Stem&t St id- 
Tersos MkrtS ftventl duces. Deletxs undtquS turmiSy Gesdrum unplebit 
solus ]6dL Nec te missX silper jftculdrum turbK m9rat&r ; Nec qun vipSrtt 
tett crfidrS mXdent. Ot prj$ptus vcntum est, ftdmotSquS dcxt^rii deztrey 
Res^uS f^ro pdtuit oomnilnus ensS gSn, DicCr^ difflTclIe esc, quld Mars tii&s 
eg&it ilficy QuotquS nSd dSdSris, quosquS, <^uibusqu2 m5diji. KnsJS tiid 
&tds laJcabis victSr InervGs, Imp5sitoqu£ OStes siib pMS miiltus SrSt. Sunt 
iiobis fdrtlQ& bello PcctdrS, siint inlmi, et rfbiJs spectat)! juvcntiis. Ilinc 
beUatdr equiis campo sese ardiifis infcrt. Nec beUatdris tifrgS prj^miintfir 

bcllitnx, icu. A /emale warrior, — BcllaiTlx^ aiidetquM vYrtj coneurrifri vlrgo 
Virg. JEn. 1, 493. 

bcilax, acis. Warlike Tlllo beUael conflaui getUX Ciiretum, Luc. 4, 406. 

SYN. Bellat8r, bcUTggr. 

BeU2rSphdn, ontis, or BcllSrSphontes, k. Son o/ GlaueiUf king o/ Ephyres 
Sihenobaiay vfi/e qf Prahu, king o/ Argoi, /alselg aecused him o/ attempis 
upan her virtue, on which Pnettu sent him to lobates, king qfLgcia, with a 
letier requuting lobaiet to put him io deaih: lobatee teni him ogmnMt ihe 
Chhmeroy bui, bg the assitlance o/ MinervUy and theaidqf PegasuSy he var^- 
quished the monster, Oiher aitempis o/ I^baUs againsi his l\fe aiso /aiied.^ 
Hippoijlo gravi propos^iium$ quid Beliirophdna. Juv. 10, 325. EPITH. 
C^tus, pudicus, vicc5r, aCidax, gSnJfrosus, magn&nimfiS) constans. PHR. 
Chimara ddmltdr. Olaiici casdsstml prolcs. Cui pr»dii Chtmaerft fuit. 
VERS. Vict5r ftb oppres^ rediit ciim laiidS Chimasra. BellSrdphdn iit 
iortu Sques sfipSrvS ChtmsBram, et Lj^cii p5tiiit sternSrS mdnstrl sdli. 

BeU&rdphontefis. O/ BeilerojAon^^Bellerdphdntel qua Jtult humor iquh 
Frop, 3, 3, 2. 

beUIoosus. WarHke^QuJd bemcdsus CanlabSry et Scj/thet. Hor. 2, II, 1. 

bellicus. 0/war,^Ensibus exserOs beincd laid Dia est. Ov. Fast. 3, 8U. 
SVN. MartTus, Mavortifis. 

bcUigcr. Waging war, tearlike. — Slc cgo belHgifrls a gendbus undiquS septUM, 
Ov. Tr. 3, 11, 13. £i mdgicm /raudcsf ut quos non bclHgcr ens1s, Ov. M. 

bclllgSro, as. To wage war, See Bellum gercre, 

bellipj^tens. Power/td t» war, — Belilpdtens : aptat roranics sangulnS crlstas, 
Virg. Mn. U, 8. See Bellalor, 

beUo), as. To Ufar, ftght. — Beliaiorqui, sud prcnsiis stnS eompari, beildi, 
Ov. Ar. Am. 3, 369. SVN. BaKg«ro, piigna 

BcUdnlL Sisier o/Mars, and goddess o/war, — Qudm cvm shnQulTu^o s^qiHiur 
BeOond Jtagelio, Virg. ^n. 8, 703. SYN. finjPo. EPITH. Furens, 
ardens, ^roz, atrox, saevS, mStfiendS, horrendfi ; vindcx, implidibilLS, dis- 
cors, minax; histatX, torvS, atr21. PHR. BcUoriim DSi. Armoriim 
prss^. Mivortift DSS. Martls s5rdr. Bcllon» implacabpS niimSn. 
VERS. Sanguin2^a exciirrit Bellona iitrumquS p2r agmSn. Vcl H^rfi vus 
kgitet diro BeUonS fligelld. Hiinc circOmtSnfiit gaiidens BellonS cruentis. 

beUuk, e. A Utrge beasi. — Bridreusj ac beiiud Lema, Virg. JEn. 6, 287. See 

bellum. War, baitie,^Attueii longo murbs drfauIgrS belio, Virg. JEn. 9, 611. 
SYN. Prcehiim, certimSn, cdnflictus, piign&, Mars, armS, militiS. EPITII. 
TristS, funestiim, letalS, dirum, exitialc, disoors, imman2^, infuustum, cru- 
entiim, ferrSum, fortS, itriim, ^nguin^um, Scerbiim, aiidaz, armisiSnum, 
terribia& PHR. Ri^dl certiminS Martis. Oriv^, diirum Murtis 0pus. 
Belfi rSblSs, ffirfir, tiirbo, niibcs, ferr^ tempestas. BeUoriim fliictiis, iinda. 
prScellae. Belli p^RCulS, djscrimTnS. InvisS matrtbfis armS. Flendi 
c^ohis armS. Diin certamfnft bellL VERS. Ssvtt Smdr ferri, et sdaSriu 
uisint& bcUL S«vit tSto Mars imptus orb?. Atnim bcUis arcessgrg mor- 
tcm. BeUa, horrid& bcUS, £t T^brim miiltS spumantem wugutnl cerno. 
- Lassabint Sgtlcs isp&« bcUS vtros. FrJJmuit ciim ThractS biUi TempcAta.. 
BcU» t»nant, totumqu» quStit discordiS mundum. Infcsto nos Ma- 

84 fi £ L B £ N 

vit£U Tnccndamque Snimot insanl Martis XmoriL Qutd Tn irmS furcntin. 
ImptUSrit pSpulum, quid paoem excusa&it orbL SlnS miRt3i nsu Bf ollu 
secune pSx^gebaut 5ttX g^entet. £mersurS brtvi fligTantiX belJI pSr orbcm. 
Quae nSquSunt secum ferre aut abducSrS perdunt; £t crSmlt insontri 
h68tirG& flammX cXaaa. Squalent abducfas arvS cSldnis. Heu qnantiim inter 
se bcUum, si lumTni Vita IttTgSrint, quantas Ides itrageroquS debnnC. 

Belium p»r«v.— SYN. Bello^ pugno^ certo, dimico, oonfl^o, o5ngre«B5r. 
PHR. DecemerS ferro. JUkxssJSrS hm, Tn arml, Tn ferriim rtUFre. 
fielld oontendSrS, ooncurrj^rS. GliSmSrirS mlnum bello. Praefik oona&Sre, 
committi^ri^, misccH^. Belll cTerC, mdver& Mlnum oonferrS, oommjtt£rr« 
Anrns concurH^rS campo. V£RS. CndTquS oollecti cSSunt, Martcmqu^ 
fStig^t. Ca!sar dum magnSs ftd altum FulmTnkt Euphiiten be]I& Audet 
pnmK m&nu tentarS pSricul& belli. Sdcixs tunc, armi dipetnnt, £dioOy et 
dira bellum cum gentS gSrendum. Cura primS movent in proefil Mirtem. 
FerrSI saxiguTn& bell& mdverS mlnu. CljFp&t&quS totis AgrmTnl densantur 
campTs. Ardent ftnTmi, pulchrumquS mSri succurrEt Tn armxs. Tumus Tn 
arml vTroSy arxxiis drcumdltiis ipsS, Susdtlt, Kratasque icTes in proeliX 
oSgit. HT beilum assTdue ducunt cum gentS LStina. MnlBkdm In ferrum 
pro ITbertatl inicbant Bellum ingens gSrSt Ttlfia, pSpuIosquS fSroct-s 
ContundSt. TUi intcr sese duri certamTni belli ContuISrant. Quas cauaS 
fuit oonsurgSre Tn arxnl Europomque AsiamqnS ? Hinc mHvH Euphx9te% 
lUinc Oermiinll beUiim : Vidns riiptis Tnter se legTbiis, urbes Armif^riint : 
snvit totis Mars impTtis arvis. Ne, pnSri, ne taiita inTinis assuesdtS belli, 
Neu pitria vilidas in visdfri vcrtTtS vircs. SlgniquS fcrrS juvat, s<SnT- 
tusque aiidirS tiibariim. Optatas audirS tiibasy campiquS cr&enta TempcstatS 
friii. MartTiis iUe nris raiici d&ni$r incrSpit, et voz Aiidltiir, fractos sonTtixs 
Tmitati tiibariim. Tu pdtSs unimmds armare in pmelii fratres. DisjTce 
o5mp$sTciim pacem ; s&rS crimTni belli. N5n not ddiiim rcgniquS ciipidA 
TmpiilTt ad belltim : pr5 conjiigS mSvTmiis armi. Aliscentiir, magniaqiiS 
v56lnt clamoribiis h5stem. Sed victas fSri beUi dS» vexerS plr aequ5r. 

BeUofinem imponere. — PHR. Desistlri bello, absTstSrS. SecedSrS ib armis. 
Armi ponSrS, dep5nSrS, r2p5nSrif. DlsoedlfrS plriclis inccrti MartTs. 
Claudcr^bcUi portas. Sc^lgriiti devSv^tarmi. VERS. Nunc impriSbi, 
foedSrS pacto, Armi rifponcndi. Defxgont telKire hastas, et sciiti rifponiint. 
OSn iis humaniim pSsTtis sTbi consulit anxiis. See Pax. 

beUtiosils. Abounding in monster», — Ti bettitotua qtu remoils, Hor. Od. 4« 
14, 47. [fslfdma TrUonl. Hor. Sat 1, 4, 1 »4. 

heUufi. Fine, eieganL^SYS, Pulcher, vSniistiis.— IVprAuf non UliA 

Bcliis, i. Son of NinuSy thefirsi king of Assyria. — .iuxUlo Beti; gSnttor tf,m 
Beiiis opimanu Virg. iEn. I, 621. 

Bcniiciis, i. A iake near Verona, from tpliich Ihe river Mineius iakes its riseL 
—Qtidt, pSirg BenacOf veintiis ariin<nni giaiiciL Virg. Mn. 10, 20Sw 
EPITH. V5rtTcosus, pisGosiis, sSniins, fluctiiosiis. VERS. Fliictibus it 
frSmTtu assiirjrens, BenadL nr.irin5. 

bSng. WeiL^ft memSrem famam, guod bgnicess% hdbiL Ov. Fast 2, 38a 
SVN. Recte, prSbe. 

bSnldico, Ts. To speak leeii of; commend. — Nec tWi cissaret doctiis heni 
didri iectiyr. Ov. Tr. 5, 9, 9. SYN. B«n« vdlo, b«n2 cupro, bcnc prgdSr, 
fatisti prScor. 

bSnSfido, feci. To confer a favour ; do tceU. — Sl charta slOaniy quod Uhti 
fedr^s. Hor. Od. 4, 8, 21. PHR. l^IiinSri d5no, c5nfero, do, tribiia 

bSn^facttim, i. A benefiL — ClmbrdriimquiwHndsetbin^ctaAfiiri,Frop.2^ 1,24^ 

bSnlfTcTiim. A kindnessjfavour, — Qudsi ejcprobratlo est ImmimSrls binefStiu 
Ter. And. 1, 1, 17- SYN. Dontim, muntiay bSnJ^factum. EPITH. GriU 
tum, prStT5sum, ampliim. 

bSnefTcfis. Bountifui, /i^tfroil— SYN. MtinTfTcils, EMSrafis, larg&s, M^mguiis, 

bjSnifvSlentTi, Good-wiU. — SYN. StiidTtim, im5r, imici vSluntas. 

bSnSvSliii, cmd b<n2fv5Iens. Kindj benevolenL — SYN. Amlciis, stiidi5siis. 

binignTtas, atis. Kindness, bountg, eourtesy.^^ans tUperqui me binSgtiUa» 
iud. Hor. Kp. 1, 31. SYN. BdnTtas, lenTtiip, mantaitudo, demendi« 
EPITH. Clemcns, griti, m!tT% 


Wfugnfit. Kindy KberaL — Jtihniimyminien»^ hMgmim, Virg. .€n. I, MS 

SYN. Caims. urhnnun, fXcins, bJknJ&i, humanua, roansi.Ctus, lenTs, initis, 

pUUndus, boiius. 
be<», as. To make happy, Uets, — Fe$to» r^^natum bSarfs, Ilor. Od. 2, 3, G. 
B£Wk;fntiiis. O/ M. Berecynttu : U it generaUjf apptied to Cybele and her 

riies, to whom ihe moutUain teaa tacr&L^ClamSr H l^fiato Birieyntld libaa 

eomu, Ov. M. 1 1, IG. See Cybele. 
bcrf llus, I. The beryl, a precUme stone. — Et tSTltum d^gMo berjUon adcdiriU 

Igwa. Prop. 4, 7, 9. EPITH. Vindls, glaucus; Indus, IndtcGs. 
besti2, ae. A beasty wild animoL — Simld quam slmVis, turpUiUna bcat^a, nobJt ! 

£nnius, ap Cic N. D. 1, 35. SVN. Aniniftl, bcllit&, (M, qnadrfipes : in 

phir, pScitdis, brutS. PHR. Mutum, 8t(j]:dum pCcOs. Ritionis Igcns 

beta, ae. The herb beet. — Vt tdplani Jatuet^ Jabrbrttm pratvnd, betm, Mart. 

BetbJehcm, Betlilcm, Bethl^^mS, BethlJ^mS, or Bethlc, cs. The eity qf 

Jttdah, in tehich our Sauiotir Jcttu Chritt tras bor:i. — EPITH. Sacri, 

foiictS, c]ar&, fcHx, vSnerrmdi, cdlcnd&. PHR. Crbs Betblemlc&, Bethle. 

mitlcS terril, sedes. VirgTn^d incljftX partu. Sacra moBn!& Bethlcm. 

Parv2 Bethlc« tcctS. 
Inbo, bibi, btbltum. To drink. — Lde/dcitotg bMat: mittraqug tvb arbSrg luddL 

Ov. M. 0, 377 Claud^tg jam rloOt piiM: tat pratd htberunt. Virg. £cL 

3, 111. SVN. Poto, haurio. PIIR. Amnem, Sqiutm, fontem, flunilnl 

ITbc^ Lteurio. STtim rcstingiio, cxtinguo, czpl5o, sedo, oompcsco, Mwo, 

r95va Lymphis sttTm recr£ir& 0ndis8TtTmsediir& Siccam fontd iJS^^irC 

sTtini. VKRS. Ilaud &ITter titubut, quam sT m2SrS vTn& bTbTss^t. NoctS 

nik-cnt put» ; sTiiS iioxa lucS bTbCintur. At postquam cxhausto jiim fliimTnC 

vidFrat sestiim. Ardcutcm nun I£v&t und& sTtim. Niill& sTtTm fTnirct odpT& 

If mphae. See Poto. 
bibTiopola, o*. A booktelUr. — Sed^ qul mi tetutlt, blbHiipold pittaL Mart. 

14, 194. 
bTbndthcc&, k. A library. — Quem mSa non totum bibrSotheed capiL Alart. 

14, 190. 
bTbliia, T. An Egypiiatt plani, ealled alao papyrtu, qf the bark qf which paper 

watjirtt made. — Xdndumjluminiat Memphlt eontejcirS biblbt. Luc. 3, 222. 

See Papyrus. 
bTbiiliis. Soakirtg, thirsty. — Collcctum hiimorcm blbiild dcdueltdrena SVirf^, G. 

1, 114. 
biceps, bTcTpttts. Having two heaas..~~Jdng bfceps, dnnl tdclte ISbetUU ortgo, 

Ov. Fast. 1, 65. SVN. BTvcrtcx, bifrons. VERS. JiinS bTccps, soliisquT 

tul terg& vTdes. 
bTo815r, orTs. Party-coloured.^ MyrtSd sllvd subest ttcdiprlbiis bbsVa bdccts. 

Ov. M. 12, 234. PHR. G^mTno cdlur2 distinctiis, cluriis, TnsignTs. V£RS. 

Fonttiir hTc bioSIor sinccrae bacc& AITncrvaB. Qncm ThracTiis iilbis PorC&t 

Squtis bTdfldr m&ciilTs. 
BToomTgSr. Hatfing two homs, an epitfiet o/ Bacchtu, See Baeehiu, — C7/, 

911« pamjHniSd igt^glsaif B^U^m^pir hdstd, Ov, £p. 13, 33. 
bToomTs. Having ttro horru or iteo prongs. — Exaoiiunt dtii vdllds, /urcdsqtii 

bV»mes. Virg. O. 2, 264. PHR. GSmtnd oornii horribTlTs. V£R8. 

Derept& bioorni Tcrga c&pro. SemTd^ae Drjf&dcs, FaiinTquJ^ bTconics. LuiiS 

bTdens. Hamng tteo teeth. The word is applied to a sort o/hoe or prong to 

break dods vnth, and alao to a sheep 0/ two years old. — Vcrsdrcm vdlXdd 

pHngttd bideniS solum, Tib. 2, 3, 6. Mdctdni lectds de morS bfdenlea. 
Virg. JEn, 4, 57- See Ovtf. 
bident&l. A plaoe blasied by lightmng; to oalled becatue theep, bidentes, were 

taerifieed there m ejfpiation. — Trtttd jdcet lucit, evitdndumquS bldentdL 

Pers. 2, 27. £PITH. Sacriim, horrendCim. 
bTd&iim. For tteo daya.^^In hdo bidHttm Thdla vdle* Ter. £un. 1, 2, 1 10. 
bTiariiin. Inio iwo partH^^JOt dijperiitem dbebtCium hoe b}fMdw^ Plaut. Aul* 

R6 B I F B I R 

biftr. Produeing iwo eropt. — Bffcriqti^ntSjV PagfL Virg. O. 4, 119. 
bifidus. SplU itUo two partt. — Efigimur; tetrqui oaditnt SifkKt^ H^nqttU 

Ov. M. 14, 303. SYN. Fim&a, Bdssfis. 
b^ifSns. Ilaving iwo doort, openinfft, or hotet; ^toordanL — Nojt Mt, ei bfJSrA 

tntrdbdi luna fthtettrdt. Ov. £p. ex P. 3, 3^ 5. Dlndjfma, vU dtntttSs 

btjorem ddi Hbld cdntum. Virg. ^n. 9, 61S. SYN. Blp&tens. 
biformis. Double-thaped. — Pdiiphae, rnixiumquS gfnut, prolitqui byormUm 

Virg. Mn. 6, 26. SYN. Bunembris. 
bifroiXB. Wiih iwo facet. — SdturnutquS tSnix^ Jdmque bffroTUU "imago. 

Virg. ^n. 7, 180. SYN. BTwps. 
bifurcus. Having iwo prongty forkaiL — £ntS jacent nntiro; rnmum prlor JIB 

b^ifurcum. Ov. M. 12, 442. SYN. Bisulcus, bifTdiis. 
bigsu ahim. A charioi drawn by two hortet ; a pair ofhortet. — £i ndx aira 

polum blgtt tuboeetd tihiebdt, Virg. ^n. 4, 721. SYN. Bxjuges, bTjitgi 

curriis. EPITH. CTt», concTtK, rSpTd», spumantes, alTpSdes, y^oces. See 

bijijgis, or bTjugiis. Drawn by iwo hortet ; yoked at a pair. — Mdritt iqtu 

b^ijiiget, ei mdgnS currijit JfcMltlt. Virg. O. 3, 91. Pari coniiium bfjn^ 

currH, pdrt catird dorto. Sii. 2, 82. 
bTHbrTs. Weighing two poundt. — Rhdmbiimy muUumvif bWbrem. 3Iart. 3,. 3, b. 
bilinguTs. Double^iongued. — Q^Xippi domum ihnnHi dmbigHdmy TMdtquiS bltif^ 

guet. Virg. Mn. 1, 665. SYN. GemTna horrenB cuspTdS nngu»; men- 

bilifl, Ts. Biley choler. — Naiit^t^ dtque ocutit bllem tubttrlngii opcrfit. Jur. 6, 

432. SYN. IrS, iracunda. EPITH. DlffTcTn», amari, ardescena, horndi, 

TnfquS, pj^riirens, firvTdS, ScerbS, ScutS, iraciind2. See /ro. 
bTEx, Idfs. Woven with a double ihread; made double. — LdnciSd doni^!qtiitury 

rdmpttque infixd bitioenu Virg. ^n. 12, 375. 
bTlnstrTs. Of ten yeart. — Pergdma cum cadSrent beUo tuplfrdtd bildttri. Ov. Aiu. 

2, 12, 9. SYN. DSccnnTs. PHR. Per du5 lustr& manens. 
bTm%rTs. Lying beiween two teat — Qtu vlrtuti tOd blmarem pdcdvMi Itihmon. 

Ov. M. 7i 105. PHR. IntSr bin& Idcatiis squSrlL OemTno m&ri dnctiis. 
bTmatSr. Having iwo moihert, an epiihet qf Bacchut. — Sdtumque "itSrvm, to^ 

lumquif blmdtrem. Ov. M. 4, 12. 
bTmcmbns. Double4imbed. — £t doniitm beltd Thebm^fiitiquSbtmembret. Ov. Ep. 

2, 7 . SYN. BTrormTs. 
bTmcstrTs. Of two montht, — ExtaquS de pdrod criida blmetiri tML Ov. Fast. 

buniis. Tujo yeart old. .Tiim vT/tT/ti j, bJmd eiirvdnt jdm cdmiidfrdnt?. Virg. O 

4, 299. PHR. Duds annos natiis. 
bTndmTnTs. Havitig two natnet. — Stdi vi^iUt Hrbty fipa viclnd Ufndmlriit Istrl. 

Ov. Pont 1, 8, 11. PHR. OSmTno ndmTnS dict&s, &pp€ll'itQs. 
biniis. l^wo, double. — Pociila bind novd tpumdnCta tdctS quoitinjiit. Virg. Ccl. 

6,07. SYN. G^mTnas, duplex, diio.^ 
bipiUrtltus. Divided into two partt. — Sectd btpdrdid cHm metit dftcurrti Htrdquf. 

Ov, Rem. Am. 443. PHR. Tn diias paries divisiis. 
bTpStens. Open both wayt ; having i^co entranoet. — Pdr^t dlSi Uipdtenfibitt 

ddtdnt. Virg. Mn. 2, 330. SYN. BTfSrTs. 
bTp^dalTs. Ttco feet long or wide. — Ad tur/Hniim, tdiiit moduti btpgddllt ; ift 

idctn. Hor. Sat. 2, 3, 308. 
bTpe.inTs. Doubte^dged; a doubie-edged weapon^^Tdne validdm dejetrd rdpit 

tndepAta blpennem. Virg. Ma. 11, 651. SYN. S«ciirTs. EPITH. V5Kda, 

«rati, ferrO, n^dlL VERS. Ferro s$ni(t ictS bTpenm FraxTniis. Dle 

inter primcs cdrrepta diirS bTpenni LimTnS perrumpit, po«tesqne a cardTnX 

bTpeniiTfSr. Bearing a baitle-axe. — CotUrd tuafdtct bipettn}fSr Jrcat. Ov. M. 

8, 391. PHR. Sifcuri armatiis, instructi&s, miimtiis. 
bTpes, SdTs. Two-fooied*~^i junctd bipSdum eiirrH meiitiir ifquoritM. Vtrg. G 

4; 389. PHR. O^mTno pSdif mxiis, tnnixus. 
blremTs. A thip teith two rouu of oart.^Sie mhnSrdty ghMdtmUt t^at di 

olSeti btremes. Virg. JEu. 8, 79. See iSTm, ^ ' 


bu. Twneg, — Titm IfU ad Oooatumy in$ m eoiwertU ad Ortunu Ov, M« 

BisaltSy arum. A peopU ^ Maeedoniay near the bordert o/ Thrace, on thi 

river Strymon^ — Blnlim quio more ioUrUy aeerqui Giioniit, Virg. O 3 401. 

EPITH. F«ri, »aevi, crudcles. 
Juun, ^tis. A wUd ar, buffiUo, — lUl eeM atro* bubiUut atquS btson, Alart. 

Spect. 23, 4. £PITH. FSriis, villdsQ^ hirsutus. 
bissenus. T\eeive, — Btssenos cv^ nosira dies altaria fumant, Virg* £cl 

1, 44. Blsi^no pr^lt ora die, Stat. Theb. 3, 574. 8YN. D8i$dcnas, bis 

Bist5a£s, uixi. The Thracians. — Lunofis BlstonA armls, Sil. 2, 76. 
Bistdiils, idu, fean, and BTstdntiis. Thracian, — £t tuta a bello BlstStHs ord 

/uiL Oy. Ep. IG, 344. BlstonVs hdbltatd vVtf? PolSmnestdf^sUae, Ov.M. 

bisulciis. Clooeny forked. — Pulvir^mqui sSlum pikl^ pulsaverif btsiilcd, Ov, M, 

1, 113. SYN. Bifurcfis, bindfis. 

BithfmS, m, A eountry of Asia MinoTy on the shore qf hie Euxine: ii was 

originaUy eaUed Bebryeia, — ThyTiS Thrdcis hunt qum nune BlthjrHd fertur 

Claud. Eut. 2, 247. 
BtthfnlB, \dSzyfasnu Bithyniis, and Bith^mcus. BUhynian,^Jndchus \n MHie 

BithynmpaWidus Usi. Ov. Am. 3, 6, 25. Donec Btthyno ItbgSt viff^lari 

iyrannSk Juv. 10, 162. Qtits neselty Voiusi BlthyriMf, qualid dlmens, 

Juv. 15, 1. 
bttum^n, ims. Bitumen, — IneendUntqui cdvas fumajiti bitHm^ing venas, Or.M, 

14, 7SK2. EPITH. Atrum, pin^ijf, Icntum, fumans, nigrum. 
bttununSijs. BUuminous, — Sivi bVumfnia rdjHunt incendid vires. Ov, BI. 
^ 13, 350^ ^ 
bivertiz, Tcas. Haoing two heads or summits.^~~Detius tnsiirglU, summaq*ii 

btverFieU umbra, Stat. Theb. 1,628. SYN. Biceps. 
btvius. Jlaxmg two roads; €Unibtfid,-^Ct VMds armdto obsidam nutiii faiieis, 

Virg.iEn. 11,516. EPITH. Ancep^, dublum; sectum, scissCim. PHR. 

Tt2r ambigiiuin, anceps. Ambiguos pandcns semTt& ctilles. Quii sc partcs 

vT& ilndit Tn ambas. 
blaesQa. Stammeringy lisping. — Reddebas blaso tam bHni verbd siSnJo, Ov. Am. 

2, 6, 24. SYN. Balb&s. 

blandunentum. An aUuremeni; fawmng,~^Cur bldndimenia, prifcesquS, Ov. M. 

3,815. ^eeBlandi^ 
blan^r, leU. Toflatter, fawn upon Mcnfirls, vanoquM tibi bldndirU honori. 

Mart. 11, 32. PHR. BlandTs dictis miilceo^ delenTo, capto, fnllo. See 

blandTtTte, ariim. Flaitery, earesses, — MixtaquH bldndStVs piiirltibus osciHd 

jiknxU. Ov, M. 6, 626. SYN. ni^cebne, blandlmentS. EPITH. Molles, 

blandtt, diiloes, mellits, tSnSrs. PHR. BfssTn& verbl. DiUciS verbS. 

Aiires miilcentik verblL Blandas vfices. MitissTmS verbK. BlandS dictiL 

Mellitae voces. 
bllndiis. Kind^ genUe^ flattering, — Hino mdpls dtqtiS magts bldndis gaHderS 

mdfftsiri. Vixg. 6. 3, 185. SYN. JiiciindQs, suavTs, leuTs, pl&cens, ffratus. 

VERS. At mihT I^gksTdes blandissTmS carmTnS dictant. TcmpgrTe blan. 

dariim captus Squahim. Irent bliinds» sub vinciilft tigres. Tiim blandl 

sdles, TgnotSquS prodTt hTnindo. 
blasphemTum and blasphemOL Bktsphemy, — Ndn tiilii uUMOs cdpti bldspfte- 

mtdmdnstrJ, Prud. Psych. 715. 
blasphemo, as. To blaspheme, — Bldsphemds domfnum, gens Jngrdttssimdf 

ChrUiiim. Prud. Apoth. 347* 
blasphemiis. Biasphemous ; a blasphemer. — Chdrtulds bldsphemiU oHm ftam 

sdiiaisdbeiiUlt. Prud. Peri St. 1, 75. 
blStSro^ iis. To babble, — Ct/m mdgno bldthds cldmdrif, furUquif. Hor. Sat. 2, 

7, 35. 
bliittS, m, A blackJ>celle.-^BIidttdrumy et tinZdrum fyiilay pifiretoai \n aroa. 

Hor. Sat.2,3, 118. -«.«,« 

b^rTiis. Qf oxen.--Xrviiqu6 miigiti* s&ncHtif bddrtd Ibngo, Prop. 4, 9, 19. 


BoBbe, ea. A eiiy (/ Thescaiy^ tiear the nunh Bteheis.^uneSetigui ^i9ra 

Bmbes, Ov. M. 7, 231. 
Brelieia, uUs. A manih er lakeqf Theetafyf at ihe/oot qf M. Oesa^^M pi^r 

Ossmdm raptdus Bcel/elda sdufftils, Luc. 7» 176. 
Boebelua. O/Bmbe; Tkessalian, — Praripium ouanto proles Bmbeia amesA 

Val. Flacc. 3, 543. SYN. ThessSlus. 
BcBOtiS, e. A disirici o/ Greeee, lying betteeen Atiica and PkeoMy odebraied 

/or ii9 capitaJ eiip Thebes^ M. Helieon, M, Ciihmrony and the/omntenn* oj 

Dirce, Hippocrenej and Aganippe. — DeJISvcrS comls: gtdfrtt&r BcBOild 

Dlroen. Oy. AI. 2, 239. SYN. Adnia, UyanOs, OgjFgtS. PUR. TeUiu 

BoeotBL Uj^tBi terrS. 
BoeotTiis, or Boeotus. Baotian. — Quidf non Anngones tumiilo Bwoitus 

Htemdn, Prop. 2, 8, 81. Tnvta /eclsscni venii f BtBOtuqui ttlius, O^. 31. 

12, 9. SYN. Aomaa, H^anti&s, Ogyglus. 
bdletiis, L A mvshroom. — Boietus dSmlnd, sed qudlem Ctaudius ed%L Juv. 

5, 147. 
*lK>mbardSL A cannony mortar. (^A word o/ modern inveniion). — EPITH. Bcl- 

ITcS, Martili, VulcaniS, aenSS, ferrfiL PHR. M% cavum, ignTvSmum. 

MachinS fulminis nmdlS. F^tifSram glandcm orS vSmens. In|^ntem 

lato vdmtt orS f ivHlam, Vix muris t51SraT»dX l&cs. Quae rauds jScit aeneS 

fulnunS bombis. Letiferam eructat non casso vulnSre sphKram. Fulmm^ 

v&ITdos quas dejicit Imp^tS muroa. Ingcnti fulminiT muroa Concii^t ignX» 

v6mo pulaiia &b nrS glSbiia. 
bdmbito^ ia. To busjt, hum like a bec^Botnbliai orH legens munSrameitU afiu 

Auct. Philonu 36. [alte uriUeti bombllob] 
bombiia, L A humming, bttMxing; the sound o/a trumpeL — Ei riboatu raucum 

reiroclta bdrbdra bbmbutn. Lucr. 4, 550. EPITH. Orivia, rauds«SniiS| 

rifsdnans^ tiimidus, horrTsdniia. V£RS. Multi raucisonis efflabant comuA 

bdmbycTniia. Silken, — DeHctds ei pdnrCicTtlus bombycinus tft^ Juv. 6, 259. 
oombyzy ^cTs. The silk-teortn. — Xec si qua Jrdblo iucei bombydf ptielia, 

Prop. 2, 3, 15. EPITH. LanTfex, IndTcus, LinTvdmiia. PUR. V^rmla 

lanifes^ lad(v5miia. Effundena qujestUi plr svum StamlnS, ditta 5pcs litJFrL 

Ducena, cdens, nTtidum dc pectiSrS filum. Fil2 t^nacrOi Serum drS vSmena. 
bdnft. Goodsy weaJih, — Tn c^iogre dtqui /dbd bdna #u perddsqttg lupSrusf 

Hor. Sat. 2, 3, 182. See Dioitics. 
Conii D€L A goddess teorshipped ai Rome, at tehose rites fume btd /enuUes 

tcere aUowed to be preseni, — Sdcrd Bona, mdrtbQs ndn adSunda, Dem, Tib. 

1, 7, 22. 
boiiTtas, atTs. Goodness; kindttess. — CecroptHm sSpifrds qul bonftdii senem, 

.Mart. 10^33, 2. SYN. Prabitas. EPITH. PTS, mitTs, clemens, SmabTns, 

bCSniis. Good, Nic bontis Eurjjtlon preddto Invldit honbri. Virg. ^n. 5, 541. 

SYN. Castiis, prSbiis, rectiis, int^Sr. PHR. Fall2r2 ncsdiis. Anians 

aeqai. ^qui cQltdr. VTtTo cSrcna. Recti cuatoa. ImTtatSr hdncsti. In- 

tSgcr vitae scdSnaquS piiriia. £xpera dSIL 
buo, as. To Toar, beihw. — BecUff tnidtny totd vdd bodnii/oro, Ov. de A. Ani. 

3, 449. SYN. lUbte, xnugTo. 
BtJotcs, 8B. A constcUation near ihe Creai Bear, eaUed aiso Areiophgfajr. — 

Haiid dbscurd cddens mlttei tUX slgnd Bootes. Virg. O. 1, 229. Frlgfda 

eircilmdgilni pigri sarrdcd Boota. JvLV. 5y 23. PUR. Arctiiriis, ArcUSphj^. 

lax. BPITU. Arctoiis, UjFperbSrSQs, Scj^thTciis, CospTiis, g^Tdiis, rTgidiis, 

giXdalTs, frigidiis, algens, nTvosiis, algTdiis, frigens. PHR. Cuatoa £rf. 

mantliTdSs iirsB. Sidixa Hjrpcrb<5reum. VERS. FlezSrSt obEquo plauatrum 

temonS Boutea. A&f^rit ex 8ciiEa vSnTena AiirorS Bdoten. 
Bfirfia, iB. The North iVuuL-^ut Bdrga pHngtrdbVg /rigus odurdL Virg. G 

1, 93. SYN. AquTlo. EPITH. Fngldfia, gOTdiia, hibimiia, mvosiii; 

prScellfisIia, nimb6s(ia. vl9Ientii3y immitla, praeoepfl, rilpTdiia, aSnoriia ; Arc- 

tOiis, (^pT&s, ScythTiia. PHR. VT, trtatiOL nubTli pellcna, fr^tS oonciitTiiia 

nod&S vertena rob^rl, NTvea Indiiraiia. Terriis grftndlnS pulaans. See 



B&eus. 0/thetwihwmd;norihern^VllS jMrSeiHpiUf^pMff^^ 

RSreo Ov. Tr. 4, 8, 41. SYN. IquHdiu&a, B^ri&ns; Septentrldnifii. 
BSrfwthine», u. ^ ior^ riofr qf Scjfikia, now eaUed the Dnuper» 
BorftthivSdMf arum. The inhabiiatUe ef Seiftiway on ihe bankeqfihe Borye' 

theneM, — GiorU ad hybemoe Idia Borgeihinildae. Prop. 2, 6» 18. 
BdrfstfaSnlus. O/ the Borpeihenee — Ciim^ BdryeihgfOo llquldMHwe amni 

Djraepee, Ov. Ep. ex P. 4, 10, 63. 
bds, bdns. An ox or eow, — Qum boe ia honOne eety ex UM/aetd Did, Ov. £p. 
14, 8& Fdrda/9rene boe eet /aeundaqmgy dictajvrendo. Ov. Fasu 4, 631. 
SVN. Taflrus, juvcncfis; vaccfi, jfivendU EPITH. C6mlg«r, tardfts, 
pigir, liirsutiis, ftratSry ruricdla; minax, nriis, torviis, truz, dur&s. PHR. 
Comu, frontJS nunax. Terriflcis muritib&s aSrii complens. Ddcilts 
cerriun prosdnd^rS Kratro. Gultdr agri. VERS. Fortts ftrat v&lido rustlciu 
arvi bSv& Bdum gSmitii n&niis omni rSmiigTt. SivS bdiim, sive est aii 
KratiSr iiafia Squoriim. Nec qulo-quam jiinctis debentlft bobiis. Vigantlir 
Incostdditae laet& p2r arv& bdves. See Vaooa, 
fiospdrixs, 1. There were two narrow etraite eo caUedy one the Cimmerianf whieh 
joined the Palue Meeotie to the Euxine ,* the other, the Thradany now eaUed 
the Straite qf Conetantinopley uniled the Euxine and the Propontie*^^le $tdi 
^ners SeyihHeae aeirlnffene Bdeportie Hndae, Luc. 5, 436. EPITH. Thrax, 
ThracRis, ThreTciiis ; Cimmlriiis ; angusttis, rCfluus. 
BospSriciia, Bospdriiis, and Bospdrantis. O/ the Boeporue—^ffirV ISriH 

Botpofioqui marh Ov. Tr, 2, 289. 
brica, »r bracca, ae. A jcooerinff /or the thighey hreechee^^Pro pStfto eultu, 
PertUsa braea iffg^tU Ov. Tr. 5, 10, 34. Peilfbue ei laxU areent mdld/rJffM 
braele, Ov. Tr. 6, 7, 40. 
bracatixs, or braccatus. Wearinff breeeltee^^Teli /iiffSdle iquiy ei braehan 

vatine areue. Prop. 3, 4, 17- 
bnchB^ oriiin. The arme. — IUi inter eeee moffnd vi braehld toUvinL Virg. O. 
^ 174. SVN. Lic^rti, iUn«. EPITH. FortB^ rCniistS, finnS, vlUldL 
VERS. Intcnd^riS bracht& remis. BrachT& cOllu injlcit. Contendit teliini, 
divers&qu€ brachli ducTt. Ostendit latos hiim^rds, iUternAqul jactiit Briichlil 
protendens, ct verblrSt ictTbiis aiinis. 
brachTSliim. A Hitle amu^Mua braehiolum tgrie. CatulL 59, 181. 
brjct^ A ihin lea/or plate o/metal. — //To^, elc lent cripitabdi brdctia venid. 

Virg. JEtu 6, 209. EPITH. AiirS&; argeutSii; splendcns, mTcans. 
bractSSUL A emaU plate o/ metoL^Neptiini ; qui brdcteoldm di CdetSri diieat, 

Juv. 13, 152. 
OrasricS, se. A cabbaffe. — Me nStai, et jttnco brdeetcd vJncta livl. Prop. 4, 2, 

44. SYN. Caiilis. 
Brenn^ i. A leader e/ the Gaule, who conquered the Romane at Allia.-» 
Terrldd tdcrWffdm tetidntdr limlnd BrennHm. Prop. 3, 13, 51. EPITH. 
MagnSnimii^ gSnSrosiis, fortTs, potcns, aiidiix. 
01*2 vTa. Short. — T^ligri, dum ridio, brivU eet vld, pdeei capellde. Virg. Eel. 
9, 23. SVN. Parviis, exTgiiiis, iingustus, contrnctiis, concTsiis. VERS. 
Non te longo sermonS mSriibdr. Paiic^ miilt& rSfert. Miiltift pl&ccnt br^- 
vTtatl IdquendL 
brSvT&y iim. Shoale. — In briv^a it eyrtee Hrffet, mfeirdbW vUd. Virg. JEn. 

I, 115. 
brivTtas, atts. Shortnees. — Non Hcit kio vtta de brivVdti quirl. Mart. 1 1, 92. 
brevTt&r. ShorUy. — Tdm brivVer Dtdd, vQUiim demieedj pro/dtHr. Virg. iEn. 

1, 561. SYN. ConcTse. 
Bii&reiis, iR, or S5s. A ffiant teith an hundred hatuU, caUed aleo JEgeson ; he 
wae ttruck wUh liffhtninff by Jupiler, aTui buried under M. jEtna — £t 
eentumffimfmie BrldreHs, dc beUdd Lema. Virg. iEtu 6, 287* SVN. 
iEgason. EPITH. Vastus, immanTs. PHR. OTgla ccntTm&niis. iEtnn 
siipp&Ttiis. SCib iEtna glmens. See Giffae, JEgeton. 
BriseTs, TdTs. A ffirl qf Lffmeseus, so oaUed/rom her/aiher Brieee, her name 
beinff Hippodamiat at the iakinff o/ Lymeeeue by the Greeks, she wat 
aUotled to AchiUee, btU wae taken /fom him hy Affamemrum. — Ueiionen 
rHamon, BrUeUa cepU JohlUee. Ov. Bp. 20, 60. BPITH. TroT^ Lfr- 

90 v.^ BRl BUC 

ucttts, TrojaaS, FhrfgXHi piUehi^ SanodOLyhima. PUK. BriK sSU 

VERS. Troiiique m Gastru segncm Briseu AduUem Dctinult. 
Britaum, orum. Tht Briiant, — £i periUvs idHo divisos drbf BrUajtmd^ 

Virg. £cL 1, 67. SYN. IngEL EPITH. Flav^ nfri, pngDaces, audacea, 

duri, fSroces ; r&noti, sepSsitip extremu 
BritinnBi, e. Great BrUain. — Dicliur ii nosiroi caniari Br^niiia versis, 

Mart. 11, 4, 5. SYN. AngliS. V£RS. Nostro diducUl Britanml 

Britanntciis, or Britannus. BriHsk. — Quantd delphavSs balmna BrHttwHea 

mdjor, Juv. 10, 14. EssHdd ectlatls ststi BrVannd jiiffls, Prop. 2, 1, 'JG^ 

SYN. AngHcua. 
BritonSs, um. A people o/ GauL — Qui nee ierrXbtles Clmbri^ nee BniSnik 

unqnam, Jur. 15, 12. Qudm veHfres brachm BrlionSs pavpiHrfSy ei qttdwu 

Mart 11, 22, 9. SYN. ArmSrici. 
BrSmiiis. A name qf Baeehus. — ThurdquiH daniy Bdcefwmqud tScdniy BrSfsH- 

HmqtUf, Lymum, Or, M. 4, 11. See Bacehus» 
Brontes, n. One ofihe C ye lopes,^ Brdniesqudy Stifrdpisquey ei nudus fnemUrd 

Pgrdcmon, Virg. Mn, 8, 425. See Cydopes, 
brumS. The winier sotsOee ; winier, — Brumd nikn prima esiy vii^lsqud isobZs- 

ikttdSdtU. Ov.F. 1, 16& SYN. Hiems. EPITH. Intractabilu, £r^^ 

gSIidS, canS, nimbosS, rigidS, algidii, rigeiis. VERS. Brumi diem sj^Uiis 

brifvioiibiis arctSt. Sub J5v2 nudiis Sgo glScialis frig5r£ brumae. Ipae 

DSccmbrales brumas et frigSrS Jaiii Pertiilit. Brumam C&pribornixs 

inertem Per mtnSmis oogit loces, ct maxim& noctis TempdriL See Hiema, 
brtimaEs. Wlnirif.^Qudid solei alois brUmdti friffori vUeiim, Virg. ^n. 6, 

205. SYN. Hibemijs, hiemaGs. 
Brundiislum, or Briindisium, i. A town and pori of CalahriOy on ihe shore qf 

tke Adriatie, — BrundisXi tdtds edncedit Mdgniis \n drees, Luc. 2, 600. 
brutiis. BruOshy insensibie, stupid. — Ndm oddire ant brdld dibereni pdnderg 

pressa, Luc 6, 105. PHR. Sensu Immotiis. V£RS. Qud bruta teUiis, 

et v8gi flumtnL 
biibSliis, L A buffhIo,-^m eiasH dirda bubdluSy diqud Sisdn, MarC Spect. 23. 
biibo, onis. The homed owl, — Igndviis bttbdy diriim mdrtdHbiis dmdn, Ov. M. 

5, 550. Illd didit turpes radels bdbdn^biis dmbrds, Ov, Am. 1, 12, I9l 
£PITH. Siiiist&r, prdfaniis, fiineriSiis, Stygiiis, raiicijs, infcstiis, «&rus» 
liicttfSr, mcestiis, tiis^ ; foediis, ignaviis, noctiimiia» PHR. Noctis Svla. 
Tristlf c&nens. Venturi imntift liictiis. PalUidls aliEi. Liictiis prsniindiPA 
alSs. Qui dira mortis nuntiiis essS sdlSt. Hiimand gSnSri tristii fitS 
cSnens. V£RS. Visiis ferali carminS biibo SaepS quJSri, et longas in fletiira 
ducir^ voces. Tristii millS Idcis Sti^giiis dSdit dmin& bubo. Sedit in ad- 
verso noctiimiis ciilminS biibo, Fiin2rS5quS g~avcs cdidlt oriS sdnos. Ciim 
biibdnS grSvi niinc Phi]<$meli sJSnXt. See Noetuoy Stnx, 

biibiilciis,L A herdsman. — ViriU ii HpVidy tdrdi vinirif bHbdl^. Virr. £cL 
10, 19. SYN. Armentariiis. £^ITH. Duriis, vigiiy rusticSc, inctiltusy 
hirsiitiis, sordidiis. PHR. B^Kim, armenti ciistos, n^iaUfr, past^r. 

buccS, se. The inner pari qf ihe eheek. — Irdtds biioods Infidiy niquS si/orif 
posthdc Hor. Sat. 1, I, 21. £PITH. Tiimens, tiimidi, turgens, tiimS. 
iactlL PHR. ToUSrS tiirgcntes biiccas^ et grandBL verbft. BiiocisquJS tti-' 
meiitibiis haurit. 

biiccinS, ae. A trumpeiyhom. — TSim veroddvddm dUfreSy qud bdcdind slgnum, 
Virg. iEn. 7, 519. SYN. TiibX, cornu, Htiiiis. £PITH. Raiid|, inflatS, 
c&nora, sSnans, rSsSnans, rifs<$nS, clangcns ; bellidL, MarttS, StniirAnf • tor- 
tilis. VERS. Bello dat signiim niudL crucntiim Biicdnl. Excitit tnlfestdc 
tiirmalis biiccinli somno». Civ& bucrtna siiniitiir illi Tortifis, in latum quse 
tiirblnS crescit &b imo : BiiccSnii qun m^did concepTt iit aSrii ponto, Litdri 
voc£ riSpIet siib iitroqiiS j&centi& Phoeb^ Ov, M. \y 335. 

biiciSrliis, or buc£riis. Of ore», ctUlie. — Budriaqui grigiSy sOb iddim tegnHni 
oodi. Lucr. 2, 662. Ldriigirdsgui grigisy drminidgui bdcird pdvU, Ov. M. 

6, 393. 

biioSHciis. Pastoral.-~^BiiedCicis jUviriis luserdt dnii modis:* Qv.^ri:, 2. 538 
SYN. PastoriiHs, agrestls, lusilctis. ^GOgte 

B U C C A C 91 

btVull. ac. A hci/cr, — Pcr n^mSra Stqus akc§ quarcndo bueuiS luco§, V if g. Ed. 

bufa, oma. A toad. — TncenlutquH eavU bu/o, it qum plurfmd terrm. Virg. O. 1, 

184. EPITH. Tumldas, fcedus, foetid&s, v^nenocut, ttirgiduti, turpls. 
bullius. A bulbaus root; a leek^ onioru — BvlbuMy ft ex horto qum vetHt herbi 

jOiax. Oy. A. Am.3, 422. SYN. AinCun. 
buUa. A bubblei u etud, bost. The Uulla leae wom by Roman chUdren tUI 

they atUdned the age o/teventcen — Ol pHivid perlucldd eedo Surggri buttd 

soiel, Ov. AI. 10, 733. BuHa tiiper/rontem pdrvm argentHu lortt. Ov. M. 

10,114. EPITH. Tumcns, tumTdfi. 
bullaKus. Wearing the bidla; ihiUUth, — Non ifquldem hoc tludSo, buMatit ut 

mihi nvs^, Pere. 5, VJ. 
bullio, is, tvi, itum. To bubble, boii, — Demertuty tummd non rurtiit buli^t \n 

wmC. Penc 3, 34. SVN. Ebuino^fcrvga 
bunu, is, or bura, c The plough-iail,--^n burimy et eurvl/ormam aedtpitutmut 

dratri, Virg. O. 1, 170. See Arairum. 
BuslrCs, tdis. A king o/ Eggpty leho put allttrangert to dealh: he watMn bg 

Herculet, — Stievior ct trita Butiridiy tmvVir ilib. Ov. Tr. 3, 11, 39. 

EPITH. CriientSs, n^nis, dirus, crudeffi, trux, pErHd&s; NiITftcus, MiW$. 

oclcus, AfSr. VER6. Quts aiit Eur^sth^ duriun, Aiit TllaudAti nesctt Bu. 

siridXs aras ? £rgo SgS foedantem pi^rj^rind templ& criidrS BiisTrln ddmiiT ? 
biJstiim. A iomb; a /unerai pilc^Reglt Dereenni terreno ex dggZrli bftttum. 

Virg. JEn, 11, 850. SVN. SCpiilcniro, tiimiilus; pjrrS, rSgiis. See Se- 

puichrumy Rogut. 
Biithrotiim, or Buthrotiis, L A town on the coatt q/ Epiruty a Roman eolong. 

— Ceitdm Buthrbli dtedndlmiit \trbem. Virg. Mn, 3, 203. 
buxctitm. A plantaiion qf boa^wood, — Tiplda buxctd r^currlt. Mart. 2, 14. 
biixSiis. O/bor-wood, — Scd pidnepldtqug, buxiflqug. Mart. 3, 41. 
biixifer. Produdng boxUreet^-^Amdtirl Pontlea et Cj/torH bux^/ir. Catu. 

4^ 13. 
bujciis, L The box-tree. — PerpHtuoqug vtrent bdxut, tgnuctqui myrSca. Ov. M. 

10, 07. EPITH. Vircns, paUens, tonsilis, psiindS, crlspS, vlridts, frOndens, 

frondosS, SpadL VERS. Fliivftque pcrp^tiio biixiis hSndrS viret. 
Bf rsS. A name o/ Carthage, which wat to caHed /rom $vcffety a bulTt hide, 

becaute larbat granted Dido at much landy on which to budd het eitg, at the 

eould turround toith a bulTt hide. — Mcrediiqug toiumy /ddi de ndmtnif Bj/r» 

tdm, Tadnno qudntum pottent cireumddri tirgo, Virg. JEiu 1, 872. See 

bf ssinus. Made qf/lax, Rnen, 
bysstis, 1. A tort o/ jine Jlax..Syfi. Llnum. EPITH. 'Jgnliis, ciinciim 

olbS, candidl, niten^ tcxtilYs, t^rjfs. 
B^zantiSciis and B^zantius. Bgxaniiqin. — Aiit Byzdntfdoot eHliint laoertot, 

Stat. S. 4, lO^ 13. Qiidqug Oncni ponfi Byxdnfid titSrd /aueet. Ov. Tr. 

Byzani^iim. A citg on the Thradan Botphorut, to whieh Conttantine moved tht 

teat o/ the Roman empire, and gave the name o/ Conttantifwpie. — S VN. 

CdnstantTn^pulis. EPITH. Siipcrbiim, nobHS, TnsIgnS, miignTfTcum, pdtenS) 

alttim. PHR. B^zantTa litSrl, masnTJi. Byzunt^ arccs. NSvii ROmS. 

VERS. 0]nbu8 rcgitm exomatii; pdtcnti ImpSrTo, fanuiqnelngens, magnu 

flemClX RomsB. Hic ISciis cst gifmTnT jrinriS vastS mSiis. See Conttantino» 


CabalHniis. O/ a horte.-~Nec /ontg Idbru proliii cdbdliino, Pers. Prol. 1. 
saballiis. A horee, pack-horte. — Optdt ardri cdbdliiit. Hor. Ep. 1, 14, 43. 
sacfibiis, T. A boiler. — Jlborvm carieum^ dtqui cdedbbrum. Stat. S^ 4, 0, 46. 
c&dunn5r, or cSchinno, as. To laugh aioud. — Fiit u« ri*fi trimiilo edncuttH 

edchSnnift, Lucr. 1, 017- SVN. ObgannTo, rTdgo. PHR. AttoIl2r8 riatim. 

InggmTnai* dkhTnna*. EflFuso cSchinnS cxcip«r2. See Rideo, Derideo, 

92 C A C C A D 

cSchinnuii, i. A Umd cr §con^fui laugJL- ^mgMm tnt himHiSt mfrso cf^sphtM 
mchlnnM, Pen. 6, 8?. SVN. Rufii, rScQs, ganmtiis. EPITH. Arguttta. 
pSttUani, mordiix, ngld&iL 
eScfiethSa, Ya. A bad habU; an evU detire.—Ser&endi eSeSethJ^ A «7?« •«• 
cordS tgneeciL Juv. 7, 62. PHR. Prayuimn. 

dicumSn, Inis. A Aij]^ «ummt/, peak, — Niine hertm, riipia teUfirZ, eae*iwihm^ 
loUftni, Ov. Fast. 4, 127. SYN. CulmSn, vertez, Ipez, fBstlgium 
EPITH. Celsum, montanum, sublim?, altum, arduum, aCrlam, nitliiifSrumy 
czcelsum, Tnaoccsium, avium ; frondosum, frondif Srum, virens, vlridans z 
bazosum, scdpuldsum, stJ5riI2. PHR. Summi fastigi& mdntifs, cnhninip. 
PrKrup6 nlmbosS cSdJminil nzi. Summiis Ipez. Vertlol celso caniis ipejc 
V£RS. PuIsabantquS ndvi montanl cacum'!n& fluctus. Nec jicli in ramis 
altoqtiS dlcumtnS nidos. AnnuTt; utquS cSput visa cst IgftassS dcum&i. 

c&cumtna To make poiniedj sharpen, — Dai epdt^um eoOJ&i MemaMqai e&v- 
nHnal auree. Ov. M. 3,195. SYN. Acuo, icummo. 

CiicQs. Son of Vulcan: he dwelt on M. Avenimue, and wae noiedfor hie de» 
predaiion*; thai hia reireai mighi noi be diMewsered, hedragged ihe eaiiie 
whieh he eioie bg the iaii baektDarde to hie eave; bmi Hereuiee deieded iha 
irieky and tlew hwk. See Virg. ^n. fi, 193, 252; Ov. Fast. 1, 551. — 
Caciit jfveniina tjmor atqus InfinriUi eilvm. Ov. Fast. 1, 551. EPITH. 
Immanis, vTgTl, pervTgQ, rapt«Sr, cautSs, cnllTd&s. PHR. Vulono gSmtiis, 
sltuB. VulcanTi proles. Raptor Aventintia. VERS. Vasto nunmuta 
rScessu ScmihdmTnis CacT spelfmcii. SilvarumquS tTmor, tlcTta qui fraudiF 
sdlebit Dud^rS nec rcctas CTiciis Tn antrl bttves. ClciquS rapacis TempSrS 
noflosn ooncCissit rol»drS dava?. FiFrus Tp^ suo piSriit mactatils Tn antrC 
FrGditus incIusaB Caciis &b orS btSvTs. 

cldavj^r, Sris. A careae*y dead body. — /n etabiilfe tiirpi diiapea cadavfra tuho. 
Virg. O. 4, 557. EPITH. Informif, tetrum, turp2, deformS, czsangnS, 
fcedum, gSlTdum, friffens, fngidum, piiindum, pallens; moestism, flcbHS, 
mTsi$riibTl& PHR. Xrtus Tnanes, ezaangues, czSnTmes. SpSIiatiim vita 
corpfts. 3Iutum, et sTnS sangiitnS oorpiis. Triinciis vTtaquS InTmaquC 
sdliiluB. DefunctSquS cdrpSrl vTuL £zintmum oorpiis. Sp5Iuitum lihnTnS 
oorpiis. Corpiis TniinS. VERS. JicSt Tngens litSrS triinciis, Aviilsihnque 
hiimSrTs cipiit, et stn2 nomtnS oorpiis. 

CJiidmcis, tdt^ The pairongmic qf the femaie deecendani* of Cadmue; T^cbasu 
^Tanbiie Ignaram Jiino Cadme^dd dieiie. Ov. M. 3, 287. Mairea Cad» 
meldSe adtHnt. Ov. M. 9, 304. 

Cadmeiiis arui Cadmeiis. Of Cadmue ; Theban.^Tane, opaca Ufgene n!fmoriim, 
Cadme^iie heroe. Stct. Theb. 3, 3(>C. Fatldfca CephissOe aquoj Cadmciiqui 
Dlree. Imc 3, 175. 

Ciidmiis, i Son of Agenor, lcing of Tyres being eeni by ihe fa^er to seareh 
for his eister Europ€L whom Jupiterliad carried off, and ordered noi lo reiurn 
uniess he found her, he sellled in Ba^ia, andfounded Thebes. — Cadniie t/gJt 
gratee^ pcrfgrlnaque oseuld tcme. Ov. M. 3, 24. SVN. Agcndridis. 
EPITH. Thcbaniis, MurtTiis, impilvTdiis, audaz, g^nSrosiis, bcllfiz, dariis, 
TnsTgnTs, pdtens. PHR. AgenSr^ natiis. SidonTiis eziil. TjFrta de gcnU 
profiotQs. Primiis Thcbiin» oondttiSr urbTs. V£RS. Ciim pitSr Tgnarii» 
Cadmo pcrquTrSrS raptiim ImpSrit. PrOf ugiis pitmmque TramquS pSrGntts 
VTtit AgenSrTdes. M5t» jiissiis supponSrS tcrra VTpSr£5s dcntcs, pSpiin 
Incrcmenti fiitiiii. 

eido, cCcTdT, cisum. To faU, sink, perish — liffilta r^nasceniury quesjam errt- 
diri; cddintquZ. Hor. A. P. 70. SVN. DccTdo, oonctdo, ezcTdo, prudtdo 
?sb5r, deliil)5r, prdlabdr, riio, corriio, prociimbo. PHR. Ad tcrnim, Tn 
prifeccps Iali<$r, f5r5r, volvdr. Grivi cisu, ruTniiy magno TmpStS, dvvczo 
pondSrS proIiibSr. Pneccps ig3r, f2r5r, Tmpcllur. Praeccps cido. Tutui 
tn tcrriim riiTt. Riiit de vertTci pneccps. VolvTtiir Tn dipiit. Pr6ciimbTt 
hiimT. V£RS. Ruinam PrSni triUnt, pCnttusque Tlltsi rCciimbTt. ScdpQh 
Tngentem trazerS riQniim. DSmiis lapsi rSpentS riSTniim Ciim s^iiTtii trdihTt. 
C&oiiBsa» niitant turrcs, lapsumqui mTnantiir. Ab anctptti delapsus dilmtnl 
tcfiDds. C«t2ri ne stmtli cidlrent lib^facti riSina. Cels» griv!5re cisu 
Ptddiint turres. Pondiri tiirris ProcCbiSt siibtt& ipsC grivTs, grift. 


Cerque id tenim pond)^rS riuto CSndfdTt In mlrtf laaaftt» vffldcris TSgl 
decSdft ifii. I|hS ■iid (^iondam pondM tnctX riiunt.^ lc Tliati afixum 
mont» de ▼crtTce pneceps Cum ruTt aTulaum yencoy aeu turbTdQa im\iir 
ProliSt, ant annia aSrit aublapsl vltuataa. Cum d5mQa ingenti aubTto m£X 
lapsX riiina ConddTt, In dSmTni procub&itquS cip&t. 8urdTdr TllX friFt^ 
surp^nt^ cXden^Qa Hcedia. At ai fcemTnSd fulrat tTbT BlartS cXdendum, 
ThcrmodontTXca millea dfndMS bTpennL 
CiduciFua, or CaducSum, ?i. The rod qf Mercury, rmtnd tthich heo terpentt 
%99r9 MiMd.-^PITH. PacTncua, felix, fauat&d, pTicTf^r. 

The Cadueems. 

Tiim virgam capit : hac animaa ille erocat Orcc» 
Pallentea; aliaa aub Tartara triatia mittit; 
Dat aomnoa, adimitqiie, et lumina morte rcsignat. 
Illa fretui, agit ventos, et turbida tranat 
Nubila. Virff. Mn. 4, 242. 

iSducfifSr. The hearer ofihe Cadueeusy a name qf Mereury. — Hlne $i tutiiim 
Brutpar^but CadvcT/ir aPe. Or. M. 2, 708. See Mereuriue. 

dblncua. Jieady tofalij toeak,fraU, — Si mSraprMende leCi tempfitguif eadHoo, 
Virg. JEn. 10, 622. 8YN. FrXgTnsy mnrmua, IXbans, p^riturua, dcbTlIs; 
dKdens, libens, fluxris. 

tiUiSay I. A eatk. — Vinn, bontit qum delndi eSdie fMfrarai jtetttct. Virg. /En. 
I, 19& 8YN. D5num. EPITH. PTcSitfis, v«t&IQs; nTg9r, lumakus 
apumana. PHR. Ljreo plenus. Spiimilns Daccho. VERS. In Viitican:i 
oonifitX mJistX cXdis. FlavXquS de rubro prom^rX mcUX cXdo. MdlRXqiie 
TEgnTs vinX r^postX didls. 

csedtgSiiiia. Bom Uind, — Nam^ eum cmdigi^nly totit qui ,{imfnd nunguiim^ 
Lucr. 2, 741. See Cacut. 

raeoo. To make biind. — Soi iffam ettcaif contrd tt tendifri pergat. liucr. 4, 
35^ SYN. £zaeco, obcaeco. PHR. LumTnX, dciilos, eff5d{riS, eriiifrX, 
cnpcH^. MXnii liimTnX haiirirS. Ociiloa, lumTnX, gXnis expelli^rt, scdTbiit 
siiia eriiSrS. liumSn XdTmSrS, eripSrS. LiicS priviir?, drborS. V£R£. 
Radioe Xb ima fundTtiis vulsos sTmiil £vdlvTt 5rbes. Liimen triinsvcrblrXi 
ena5. £t pXtiar fossTs lumSn XbirS g5niB. 

Ceciibiim. A dittrict of Campanioy eelebraied for itt teinet. 

Caeciibiis. Of Cmcubum. — Caciibd vlnafifrcnt. Hor. Sat. 2, 8, 15. 

caecua. Blind; dark^ obtcure. — Trit adio Ineertot cmcd oaltgini tdlet. Virg. Mn.» 
3, 203. SYN. Obcttcatus, ezcaecatua; obsdirfis, tSndbrosfis. PHR. Lu. 
miinTs ezpcrs, orbfis. liiimTnS cassua. Pcrpltfia damnitfis noct5. MiQrnk 
nocti^ setcmis tSnebris, letcriia caligTnS, dcGIos tcctfis. LumTnTbfis, visu, 
orbus^ vTdfiatus. Luc5 privatu8| RaptTs, cffossis liimTnTbfis, ^cfilis ca>cus. 
OciiGa privatiis, orbiitus, captiis. Cui liimi^n Xdcmptiim. Vitam prrp^ti^ii 
siib noct5 trXhen*. Cujiis luiiunX lucTs foent. Luce cXrciit 5cGlT. Inunef 
lumTiiTs orbes. VERS. Si tii qudquS liimTnTs hiijfis Orbfis, XTt, fT5rei». 
Tristemqul trXhit sinS liimTnS vTtam. Trl$pTdiisqu5 mTnistro Prstentat 
bXcfilo, lumTnTa Srbfis, Tt5r. CeooaquX vdliitXt £ventiis XnTmo scdim. 
Murmfir5 ckoo Intiis sazX s5niint. Jiicta aeciim dXrX ciispTdl viilnfis. 

ciedes, Ts. Slaughtery murder. — Tune oadit homtniim ginirly tuncmd^ ndta. 
TibulL 1, 10, 3. SYN. Clides, strigca, funXrX. EPITH. ImpTX, diril, 
aanguTn5X, fXrX, XcrrbX, feralTs, infaustX, crfientX, fiinestX, atroz, criidelTa, 
mTs5rX, TnfandX, n5fandX, tristTs. V£RS. CXdTt Infeliz vT5I£nti caedX p5. 
remptfis. LstX cruentibat tiirpT oonvlvTX csdX. CriidX vTriim caedcs flii- 
mlnTs TnstXr 5rXt. PlenX fSne caedia, plenX crfidris Irilt. TcrribTIia saevam 
niillo £scrin&5 ctedem SuacTtXt* StemerX csdX vTroa, et mcenTX cinglrS 
flammis. 8T mXnfis haec XITquam poaset committSriS cedem. CedS iSanX 
b5iim spumantes oblTta rictiie. 

:»do, cSddi, OKsum. To cui^feii; to titike^ kiU—Ciim eubit iUd nlmiicy quod 
nuila cieUirai mtat. Ov. M. 2, 418. CetduntunHgMitj pbrOsaui patimmi 
dmna Virg. ^n. 2, 266. SYN. SXco abscTndo: pcrcutTo, ftrio, verWJro; 

04 CJEh CAl 

nScc, feadoy inUnmo, peHmo. PHR. TeKg configo, tnn«f3«Saw M In^ 
percutiirg. VERS. CcduntquS sScuHb&s humldX viniL VYridem c»d&S 
faloS cSmam. AdvSn& virginSd caesuB ut enaS cSdXt. Caedit qiunii de more 

eslamSn, inia. Carved toork. — Nhpte IfnSm difp!fl eadanCtna nortt. Or. )f. 

cdatiJr, oxia. An engraver, sculpiar, — Stt nilhi praiMa eiirvus ceB&iSr, H aUtf 
Juv. 9» 145. 

Cfflebs. See CjdeU. 

caelestis, Cselum, &.& See Cidestit, Cadumy ^-c 

caelo, as. To earve, engravey embots. — Qu« l^iit EiiryVion miilto cmRvfrit 
aiiro. Vii]g. ^n. 10, 499. SVN. Sculpo, inddo. PHR. Mri fingits 
elflngo, cxpnma Auro, ISpTdS, ITgno effingo. VERS. CcIitSque in 
auro Fortia factX virum. Num Alulcibcr i&c iCquora caeJaiit miFdBj 
cingcnti& terras. 

cmltun,' 1. A ffraver, chiseL — Quit te PhlitiScd fnrmhtam^ JuHoy omld 

Alart. C, 13. SVN, Scalpriim. EPITH. Liborifgriim, mordax, duriun, 
Scutum. V£RS. LSborifSri vlvant quae marmorX caelo PraxitSlYs. 

raepX, e, or cspi^ {indecL) An onion Putrl cetpat alcce natantet. Mart. 3, 77- 

SeHpdrrum et capi triiaddt. Hor. £p. 1, 12, 21. 

Cnres, ritts, or retfi. A town qf Tutcany^ near TarquiniL^Ett tngent gtlt, 
dum lHcut prSpg CarWs amnSm. Virg. Mu. 8, 597. Qui Cterete dtjmdj 
qui tiint Mltifmift^n arvlt. Virg. JEn. 10, 183. 

caerimoniX, ae. Saered ritety totemn xeorthip. — SVN. Ritiis. PHR. CultHs 
sSc^r, rcligios&a, pliis. 

caerulciis, or cierulus. AxurCy tkgJfluey tea-green. — Vniit erlt quem /u toUet iu 
cariild ceeti. Ov. M. 14, 814. CariilSot hdict iindd Debty Tritona canorum. 
Ov. M. 2, 8. 

Cii^s&r, Xris. A tumame given lo the JuUan family in RomCy lut duefig appRed 
to Juliut CmtaTy the firtt emperor, and after him adopted by hit immediaie 
tuccettort, whowere CiUiedthe Twelve Catart. — Ille HCiam exGnetd mfserutSis 
Catdri Romdm. Virg. O. 1, 466. EPITH. Rdmaniis, ac2r, inddmitu», 
egrSglus, invictiis. magniis, magnanunus. PIIR. Diix LatTus. Ductor 
ACisi^nl&s. De sanguTnlS natiis liin. JuITiis, a magno dcmissiim ndmcii 
liild. niustri stirp^ crSitus. 

CsesarSus. Of Cmtar. — SdngiiinX Casdri^ Romauum cxtinguMf nometu 
Ov. M. 1, 201. 

Caesftmniis. Cmtarian, — Sed domini mbret Cataridnut hdUt Mart. 9, 81. 

ctesXrics, Tei. Hair. — Aured casdriet ollit, atque aUri^d vett^t. Virg. Mn. 8, 
659. SVN. C&pilli, crin5s, d$miL EPITH. NTtTdS, rXdTans, fluTtans, 
piilchriiy flava, dJfcorX, fulvS. V£RS. CesSricm rutTIam pcr candidX coU3L 
rSfundTt. DubTam liiniigTnTs umbriim CaesXries intonsX t5gTt. See 

saesTfia. Gray, tavmey.^CeUib venfam o(i;Tt7« Igbtu. CatuIL 45, 7« 

caestiis, iis. The loaded gauntlet, uted in boxing, — Avd?t ddirS tyTruni, matiU 
bHtque indUcifre cattut. Virg. Mn. 5, 379. £PITH. VXlTdiis, gr&vTs, Im- 
minTs, aeris<$niis, criidiis, pliimbSiis, criientatiis, cHlcntus. V£RS. Crudu 
decertet OraecTS csstti. Hic jiivSnes diixis armati caestlbiis Tbant. StabXc 
£r^x griivTdo perfractiis temp5rS caestii. Si criidd fidit piignam c5mmitt2rc 
csstiu OISmTnds immiuiT pondSrS caestiis Attollit. 

caeU^rX, cactentm. The rett. — Catird turbd pdldm ntulot bttendSt apertbt. 
Ov. Tr. 1, 109. SVN. AlTiis, reflTqiiua. 

caet^nun, caetSro, or caBt^riL In other retpectt ; however. — CbtisertHm tegmeu 
tpirOt, dt aetHrd GrtaHt. Virg. Mn. 3, 594. SVN. DenTquS, tXm?n, att&. 
men, dJHnceps. 

CaietX. The nurte of JBtieat, who on her death founded a cily in Italy, to whick 
he gave her name. — Mtemam mofient famdm, CaSetd, dZditCi. \vtft. Mn. 

CSin, OT CSiniis. The eldett ton cf Adam ; he murdered hit brother AbeL-^ 
EPITH. SaBvus,impTas,criidGns,invisas,diriSs. PHR. ImpT&i f nitrTddS. 
Ccd15 Tnrutif. Notus f&Ttatl CSintis. Fr&terna eetdl crQentQs. 

C A L 05 

CAiIUr. 0/CalaMa, — CSiabri9 m mdnffMM oiiSi, Or. Ar. Am. 3, 409. 
CilBbrSL A eoimUrff of tcuthem Iialy.^y'on agtHoaa ffrati CaluMm, Hor. Od. 

cyigmftiit, atu. A m^fortuney ditasler. — Kunquam agSrS Mtum esti tia tam 

ifprimt oalamlias, Ter. Uec. ProL 22. SYN. JEnanniy mitSrTS, m«er5r, 

^Sor, infBrtanium, damnum, detrimentum, inoommSdum. PHR. Adreni 

CMua. Fdrtuni adrersS. See Malunu 
cZIIimtdsiis. DiseutrouSy unfortunaie, See DamnonUf MUer. 
cilimiii^ L A reedy atalk; apipe; an arrou). — LudSri qum veUem calamo per^ 

mSataffreta. Virg. £cL 1, 10. SVN. Culmiis, stipulS, Snindo, &venft{ 

fistiill, tibiX (see Fistula); sXgitUi, spiculum (see Sagitta). EPITH. Gr&- 

cilis, IMmj moins, frSgilis, tSniits. 
cilSUiisciis, L A Rttle basket. — Virgaa custodllMnt ealathJscl. Catull. 62, 319. 
ctiithila, 1. A baskeL — Hae implet lento caldthos a vinCini textos. Ov. Fast. 

4, 435. SVN. Cinistrum, dstS, cUtiilS, nscinS, nscclIS. £PITH. Vi- 

minSiis, nexua, tcxtilTs, virgatiis; pStens, cSpiix. PHR. Vas lcnto viminS 

textiim. VERS. Nunc vimlnS textos frridcns cSISthos foIHs agrcstTblia 

ImplSt. TextTIts a dextro cSISthus dependSt. Tibt liliS pIcnTs ficcS f^runt 

Nymph» cSlSthTs. 
calciiiSiim, T. The heel. — Conttnuis rimJs catcania scJssa riffehant. Virg. 

Monst. 36. SVN. Calx. 
eolcSr, ans. A spur. — Crescity ^t Jmmensum fflorla catcar habHt. Ov. £p. ex P. 

4, 2, 36. Seu spumanfit iqu^fwigret ealedribns drmos. Virg. ^n. 0, 882. 

8YN. Stlmiiliis, SciilStis. £PITH. Acutum, leratiim, diinlm, piingens. 

PHR. Galz ferreS, fcrratS, vrJS^ aeratS. V£RS. CdrnTp2dcmqu2 cTtiini 

ferrati calcS fSti^t. Scvw calcaribua iirgent. 
caldStiia. Shod, tcearinff shoes. — Qui dixJl cdpiit essS cdld&lum. Mart. 12, 45. 

PHR. CaloSoa gb^ns, calc£u Tndutiis. 
caloSixa, T. A shoe, sandal. — Cui noti eonvSriiet sud resy ul caloSus oiJm. 

Hor. £p. 1, 10, 42. £PITH. Apt&s, litmR, hSbilTs, ISvTs. PHR. VincIS 

p&lihn. Plant» vTncuIS. CirciimdStS vTnciilS plantis. Nex» tegmTnS 

plftntse. V£RS. TfrrhenS p£diim cTrciimdat vTnciilS plantTs. Taiiri<a 

niidalu drdimdat tegmikiS plantis. VTndSquS de mvSo dctrShSt ipse 

CSJchaa, antls. Son qf Thestor^ a Gredan soothsaffer durinff the Trojan tror. 

-^Hanc tdmSn immensum Cdlchds dttoUiri moHm, yirg. Mn. 2, 185. 

SYN. Thcat^rTdes. £PITH. ACtgiir, vates^ veriis, vcrax, provTdtis. See 

calditro^ as. To kick. — CalcVraty et posttds dsperffJt tdnffutttS mensds. Ov. AI. 

cnlco, as. To trcad, trample upon. — VJctmHs, et domftum pSdtbus ealcdmiit 

dmdrem. Ov. Am. 6, 9, 5. SVN. C6nt£ro, dbt£ro, proculco. PHR. CalcS 

tero, premo, protSro, obtSro. Siib pMTbiis ti^ro, cdmprimo, attSro, prSmo. 

y£RS. AlixtaqnS criSdr calditiir Srena. Ma^KtS tSraen scSpiilos friitTco- 

•SquS Et5ra calco. Diirum caldivTmiia squSr. Caicatis sordTdiis iivTs. 
calctiliis, T. A pebble ; ffraveL — Tinuit iibi drffilla, et dumdtJt edlculut drvJt. 

\iTg. Q. 2, 180. SVN. LSpTIliis, SrenS. V£RS. PerspTciiua Tmo, per 

quiis niimMbTIis alto Calciiliis omnTa Crat. Calctiliis Tmmitem demittitur 

at^r Tn timam. 
CSled5nTS,e. Scotland. 
CSledoniiis. Of CaledorUa.^Nuda Cdledonlo tJo pectord prabiiV urtd. Mart. 

Spect. 7- 

l^fSdo^ colfScTo^ Ts, and cSU^cto^ iis. To heat, warm. — HJo iibt percdluity 

edKfeeJique dmntd eJreiim. Lucr. 6, 687. AHt hHniUem ffrdto edlfdott Jffni 

foeum. Ov. Fast. 4> 698. LiffnU edlefaetdt dhenHm. Uor £p. 2, 2, 169. 

PHR. CSlor^ Tncendo, torrSo. Calidam fScTo. V£RS. TiirbatT ciinin, 

cSlgfactSqng cordS tiimiiltii. 
oSiendc, ariim. Thefirtt day qf the month.^Nee tSndem vitiretj quot ntinc, 

hdbueri edlendds. Ov. Faat. 3, 99. 
cSlSo, ui. To be warm or hot, to ffkw. — Dvm cdlit, it midto tol itt alfJsstmiis 

Mi. Ov. M. 1, 692. 8YN. iEsttto^ ardSo^ ferv2o. PHR. Ferventl 

iW C AL 

tdrriSSr sstu. 7ERS. Destd&loauS dSlMt Conjugii iorepe. Qul cUit 

in cQpido pectSri^ prestSt Hmdr. lmp6BuTt proMCtX cSlentlbQs am. 
dUesco, 18. To grcw tvarm or hoL — Qiio prdptus mine ety Jlamma prSfiSr^ 

eSteteo. Ov. Ep. 18, 177. Vnda dfe gknda etty oriuque dbViique eSleadStm 

Ov. M. 15, 310. 
cKKd&s. Warm, hoi. — //£? rtlpHi eal^idum fruttra de vubigri teluwL, Virg. JRn. 

10, 486. SVN. ^stuosus, fcnridus, fervens, fervescens; ardens. -~- 

oSngS, n. A eoldier t thoe. 
oSngatus. fVearinff the caRga. — Jdjuior gindJoe v9iiiam oStfgaiue tm ' 

Juv. 3, 332. 
cafiginosus. DorAr, ffloomy^Catiginoed noctif prgmSi Diue, Hor. Od. 3» 29, 

30. SYN. TSnebrosus, Sbscurfis, nigSr, 9padis. PHR. C&GginS tec^ 
eUigo, InTs. Darkneet^ gioom, — PandSre ree alia ierrd ei eatig\ni merwdg 

Virg. iEn. 6, 267. SYN. T2nebr«, nox. EPITH. PTgO, obscuri, atrit, 

nubtUl, dpacS, fumosS, noctumS, tristis, lurfdS. S«e Tenebrm^ NiAm, 

G>n«:o, BA. To he darky gioomg. — Ei cntiganiem nigra formldtng lueSm. 

Virg. G. 4, 468. SYN. Obscurdr. PHR. Obscurus siim. TSnebris in. 

vdlr5r. CaCginS tSgSr. VERS. CalTgant; iStent astrS sixb aethSr& Trcs 

&d&> mcertos c«ca caCginS soles £rramus peUgo, tdfldem unl uAM 

C&ng&l&. The tumame of C. Cmtary ihe fourth emperor qfRomey frho wae «o 

eaOedfromhitwearingtheceiigh. — EPITH. Duriis, perfidtis, sca&itus 

nj^faiid&s, crudelia. PHR. Olgnomen dUig» ciii castrft d^erunt. 
c&Hz, Tcts. A cupy goldei, — Plebetos catScety ei pauclt aetlbut empioe, Jut. 1 1, 

145. SYN. Crater, pStSrS. See Poeulum. 
callSo, fii. To know by experienee; io he eki^uj, Le^fhnumgul tSnum digfGe 

eaUemut ii aurS. Hor. A. P. 274. SYN. Sob. PHR. DoctQs, pSritiis 

callTdTtas, atTs. Arifulnett, crafL-^TegfuS mia idtdi cairsdliaiS puio. Ov. Ep. 

20, 126w SYN. AstutTS, fraus, versutTS. EPITH. VersutS, istuti, 

caUTd&s. SkHfuIy ariful, eraftg. — Non fyS naiuroy nec tiim iam oalildue «Ifb. 

Ov. Ep. 20, 25. SYN. Cautus, astut&s, subdSlus, vGrsutfia. 
CallimXchQs, A Greek poei of Cyreney ton qf Baiiut. — Eiy eum CHrimSeha, 

th quoquSy Coi, nSeet. Ov. Rem. Am. 772. SYN. BattTSdes. EPITH. 

Clarus, ddctus, pSritfis, soUers, cult&s, facundus. 
CalinSpe, es, or CallTSpSl, m. The Muee who pretided over heroie poeiry.-^ 

Quem m^ CainSpe latSr^iy unut igo. Ov. Tr. 2, 568. Orphel CamSpeSy " 

Lino formotut JpoUo. Virg. Ecl. 4, 57. See Muue. 
CallTrhde, es. A foujUain in Aiiica. — Ei quot CdtllrhSe nootet errannbua 

undie. Stat. Theb. 12, 629. 
callTs. A fooipaihy track. — Secritl celant catlety ei myriia circum. Virg. ^n. 

6, 443. SYN. SemitX, tram&. EPITH. Angustits» occultils, arctiia. 

See Vioy lier. 
Callisto. us. Daughter of Lycaony kinf of Areadia ; the uxu belooed by Jupiter ; 

andJuno, in herjealouty, chtmged her inio a bear, on lehieh Jupiier made 

her a conttcHotion caUed Urta Major. — Caltitio tacri partfuU una choru 

Ov. Fast. 2, 156. SYN. Parrhisls. EPITH. PiilchrS, vSniistl, formosa, 

T^&bL PHR. TSgSad pfiemL Lyca5nTX virgo. See Areio^ 
eaUosiis. Catlout, hard, — MSrem coMbent ealtota •ditettum, Hor. Sat. 2, 4, 14. 
calo, onTs. A eoldier*tdrudge. — SamhQeSm elilut oatoni apiaoirTe aUb. PerL 

c&15r, oris. Warmthy heeU^—Magnaqui eum magno viriSei irliura eatori. 

Virg. O. 1, 190. SYN. ArdSr, estfis, fervdr. EPITH. ^Estiviis, fer. 

vTd&s,firvens, aridiis, Phcebeiis, solaris, ignSiis, ViUGanTiis,Tgngus, flammSiis, 

urins, sltlbundiis. VER8. Sdlari tellus semper sCibject& dUori. OmnTs St 

iiiia Dnipsiis cSlSr JiivSnisquS dU6rem EzcTtSt Tn nTmTos belli ctviEu> 

Calpe. A mMmlain on ihe eoaei qf Speduy oppoeiie io M, Abyla, in Africa; 

A L C A M ' D? 

£Mr 10«;« edUed the PiUort qf ITerculet, Caipe U now GibraUmr^ 
JtUniSrd irmMUi : md longe Caipg rmcttL Juv. 14, 279. £PITH. Ilcr- 
ciiVRi, Tirtca^ TberS, exceliS, urdu&. V£RS. Qua subtt ezceUani Tetli^s 
tnurflSX C&lpin. Angustasque frCtl fauces prSmTt ird&& Calpe. i4ee 

cUthl, ae. The maHgoUL^Mdma iuigola pSnc^t vacelnla ealtha. Virg. £cl. S> 

50. EPITU. LitUFS, flamin«)l&, flav&, rtibens, florens. 
eSumnil, s. Skmdery detraeti4m.^YN, InjunS, oonvicium. £PITU 

TnlquS, ndxlS, turpis, fcedl. 
caiumnBtur, oiis. A sianderer, — £t deiatSr Hs, ei oaiumnyUSr. Mart. 1 ], 77. 
caUumn¥5r, ans. To eiandery eaviL — Cdlumntdri a quls aiiiem vSSiihrU» Phasd. 

Pml. 1, 5. 8VN. CotiviciSr, detriUio. 
olx, cilcia. The heeL — Eecg voldty etUecmougtgritjam eaic9 Dlwes. Virg. ^n. 
5, 325. EPITH. DurS, firratS. VERS. CdrmpSdemque dtum ferriUi 
calc2 fitig&t. 
dlx, dtlcia. ChaOc, Rme — SaxS vldet prhnum toia oSaiemM ealcg Lucr. 6, 

lOCG. EPITH. Urens, candtdS, fen'cns, crima, ardcns. 
Calfdon, onts. A dty of JEiohay the neighbourhood qf which wat ravaged hff an 
enormout boar, which uhu tlain by Meleager. See Ov. Af . 8, 279, 4r<^.^^ 
nondum iorvm Cdivdon inoJta Dlana. Ov. M. 6, 41A. EPITH. ^tol2. 
C&lyddms, TdTs,/«m. and CUj^donius. Of Calydon, — Tradldli JSnlut pdvldam 
CaiSdorilda Neeto. Ov. M. 9, 1 12. Hanc pdi^ vid7ty par-iter Cdljdonlut 
hcrbt. Ov. M. R. 324. 
Calypso, us. Dawfhter of Adat and Tethyt; tke retided in the idand of 
f^yyffia, where the hotjniably entertained Ulyttet, when wrecked on hie 
reiumfrom Troy. — Credftur ct nymphiy mortailt amori, Cdlypto, Ov. Ain. 
3>.l7, IS. SYN. Atlantis, AtlantiiU. £PITH. Ogjfglft, Kqu5r«i, fn. 
CaraarinS, sb. A eiiy on the touihern coatt of Siciiyy near which wat an tt/t* 
^hoietome marth, aU aitempte at draming which prwedfutile, the oracle dC" 
^taring that ii thould never be aceompiithed..-^Appdret Camurind prCcviy 
««»npifug Giloi, Virg. Mn. 3, 701. 
Cambf scs, n. Son qf Cyruty and king qf Pertia, — Cdmbytet longt pSpnlot 
' pervem ad ttvu Luc 10, 280. 
c&meiii^ ae. A eupfor miik — Tum tteSty appStttd veiutl crdterS camiUd, Ldo 

^^um potety purpuridmquS tapdm. Ov. Kaai. 4, 779» 
**"»5Qs, u A cameL — Dlvertum cdnfHta gSnui pdntherd camclo, Hor. Ep. 2, 
1) 195. £PITH. HuttU, deformls, ingens, dn^raniis, hlrsiitus; cUus, 
^ • cfter, veloz. 
dnifri^ m, A vauU, arched eeiHng, — Xec ednJhra aitrdidt intSr ibumd trubet. 
P/op. 2^ 2, 12. SVN. Fornix. EPITH. Pendens, r«pauda, curv», tou, 
jexi, curvati, sinuatS. 
C^imlli, ». A warlike princett qf the Voitciy who came to the attistance o/ 
Turnut againtt jEneat, — £t oum frdtrS Cordty et vtrglnlt did CdmUlte. 
Virg. JEn. II, C04. EPITH. Prlverni£, VulscS; beUatrlx, Amazun, p}&. 
»^riita; ciUl, velox, SgiEs. PHK. Privtirnia vlrgo. Virgc dil«cla 

DeteriptUm of CamiUa. 

11 ossuper advenit Volsca de gente Camilla, 
At^men agens equilum et florentes aere catervasy 
Bellatrix. Non illa colo calathisve Minervn 
Fosmineas assueta manus ; sed pnslia virgo 
I Dura puti, cursuque pedum prsvertere ventos i 

IIU vel intactA segetis per summa volaret 
Gramiim, nec teneras cursu Uesisset aristas i 
Vfll mare per medium, fluctu suspensa tumentl, 
Verrct iter, celeres nec tingeret oequore plaiita» i 


98 C A M C A N 

Ciininiis. The gumame qfteverai dhHngmiMhed Romttni, eepidaUjf M, F^mrha 

CamtUtUy who wat ealled the teeond RomvJu9,~~^ephi To r^p mtmoj & rrj^» 

rentem ttgna CamiUum, Virg. Mn, 6, 825. EPITH. Fdrtb, tnrictus. 

VERS. ScipiSdas, OuinaquS g€nus Hltall, CXmiUSs. 
c&mmiis, i. A fumace,forge. — ImpStVam, rupat Jlammam ixpirare eamJnJe, 

Virg, JEn. 3, 580. SVN. Fornix. EPITH. FlamonSn^r, ruiilua, ignicus, 

ardens, ignivSm&s, tnhelans, fumSns. 
zammSrus, i. A kind tferah^fUh. — Sed CWi dimldfo eontirieivt caeemariM ovo. 

Juv. 5, 84. 
CSmoene. The Mutet, — Jfmant aUema Camcaue, Virg. EcL 3, 59. See 

Campanil. One qf the prittcipal and m&ti fertiie ditirieit of liahfy ejcienSmg 

from Laiium io the Lueam ,* iit iMef cHy wat Capua. — Non CU^ «t pretlvm 

CampanVi terra daretur. TibulL 1, 9, 33. EPITH. DItSs, imoeni, fer- 

icSUy feGund&« 
CamjunQs. Campanietn. — FT/ti, cum patfra giitime^ Campana tSpeUar» 

Hor. Sat. 1, 6, 118. 
oBmp&s, L A piain, fiM, — ObtH^ Ignoto oamporum in puiohi tinqttunL 

Virg. iEn. 11, 866. SVN. Anrum, XgSr, tcUus, ruri^ JugSriL KPITH. 

FErtUTs, pinguis, vMdTs, gramlnS&s, letiis, virens, faneenQs, vemans; 

SiTdiis, pulvSrStts, &rendsiis; hiimidSs, pUustSr, iidiis, Squosiis; pSttcnsy 

jiicens, Spcrtiis, pfinils, latfis, pltiiliis. VERS. Pars mlLrb, et latus siibu 

tariim campiis ^iiariim. CamposquS Hquentcs. Jiisstt St extendi dcmpoi 

tubsidSrS v^es. AnniiX venali HSfSrens certiinliiil campo. Gunpoa sSlis 

sHf sScabant. 
eSmiiriis. Crumpied. — Camurit hirim tuh oorMue aSrit, Vln. 0. 3, 55. 
cftnalTs. A pipe, ehannei. — Ciirreniem ilignSt poiarieananiwtundam, Virg. O. 

3, 330. SVN. Tiibiis. EPITH. Longiis, angustiis, fleziidsBs, in%iius, 

c&viis, rigiiiis, ciirviis, curvatiis, fleziis, Tnflexiis. VERS. MiiltTfidis divis5 

dlnalTbiis iindX. VTxTdes r^Br^ dbiilTbiia hortfis. 
cancelli, driim. RaUt. — Caneeliit primot tneiruietg pidet. Ov. Am. 3, 2, 64. 
CancSr, cri, or oSxTs. The Craby one qfihe tignt qf the Zodiae, wMcft ihe eun 

entert m ihe monih of JunOj making tl»e emnmer toletiee» JEtkiSf&m crr. 

temut Hoet tuh udgri Cdncru Virg. £cL 10, 68. Cancgrit ui veriai metat 

ad tolttVfalet. Lucr. 5, 616. EPITH. Torrens, dOTdiis, ardens, igiutiis, 

flagriiiis, Sdiistiis, andiis, vT81entii% sTt^toa, utibiindiis, sTocSi, urens. PHR. 

SitTcntTs sid£ra Cancn. Cancri torrfd&s TgnSs. Ativi tergM Gmcri. 

CanoSr SolC pirastiis. BrachiX ciirv&ns. Adiireni sTtTentes agros. OcdpMa 

serpenttSi brachtli Cancri. VERS. FervTd&s eztendit eiim tdrrid& brachTI 

Canci^r. Sol IbTt e 02nunis, et Cancri signS riibesciint. Ciim pr&nlt 

spqiidrSi Sol hiimTdS brachTft C&ncri. 
^c£r. A crab-fith. — Concdva Ittorio «i demSt braehfa eanero. Or. M. Idi, 

369. EPITH. Litdrliis, testiidineiis, tardigridiis, pTg^r, tardiis, ignaviis, 

amnicdUL PHR. PiscasoctTpes. OrXdTensndnrcctdtTamTt& 
cSndSr, ifuuc. and neut. An uhBroue diteate. — Vtquimaiiim iatetH^Ui ImmMU 

cabVe cancgr SerpgrCy et Ht^eeat tyiliaitt addM partet. Ov. AI. 2, 825. 

EPITH. ImmSdicabTlxs, Scerbiis, languens, moriif Sr, lctalis ; rodens, vSraz, 

candclS, e. A candle. — Candilety eujut ditpento ei tempjfro ftOim. Juv. 3, 287. 

SVN. CerSus, t«d&, fax. EPITH. Ciari, trSmiilS, luccns, cer», pinguis, 

niTcins, rSdians, conspTcuI. PHR. Trteiila liicSoSruscans. Liicensipad 

depasdtiir lisiL Siid iibsiimTtiir igni^. 
candciabrum. A candlettiek. — De eandelabro mSgna iucemd tVn. Mart 14, 44. 
candeoy uu To be white; to gtow uhih heai,~^Tinctd euper leeidt eanderet 

vestu efjumot. Hor. Sat. 2, 6, 103. SVN. Alb^o, canSo; flagro, fervSo. 
candcsco. To grote white; to grow hoty bum. — Ori irahlt; currutqug tiice 

eandeac^rS tcntlL Ov. M. 2» 230. SVN. Incandesoo, albesco; tncenddr 

candTdatiis. Cluthed in white; a candidate, — SVN. AspTrans, albatiia. 
candTdiiliis. JFhitith — Ejfta, et edndidiUi dtvlnd tdmdoiUa pdrtt* Juv, 

lO^ 35& 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

C AN 90 

eiadUSi. Whiig; tmMreg pimr€,^Fvnd1t hutuSsjMg; Mc eSmdUipSpSHk 

«MlroL Virg. £cL 9, 41. Jam JetiM HflniM, ^^iSm pectM cindtdSs i$tem, 

Ov.Eli.ez P. 4, 14, 43. SVN. AlbtSa. aYFlua, ibLrnfi^ «buniias, BcUOa. 

ciafis, ciiiisoeiis; nncer&s, liig{n&&s, snlj^r, InnSfens, iiindzY&fty inudcubSi 

poiils. PHR. Albcdln^ linct&a. NYt» cuiddr« dScdrfis. 
cinddr, drEs. WhUetuts ; piiridf.-.^ oliidMflloor onleirM; ctirrtMU ctirae. 

Viig.iEn. 12, 14. SYN. Albcdow EPITH. NlTalls, nYTWs, purus, ar. 

gentffis, lacUus, YirgYn^&s, ibumSfis, IntSmCr&tfis. VERS. SfipCransou? 

mres e( IUSI canddr. CiuidSr irit, qualem profert LntonU luni. 
canins, entis. Hoarp, — Canemiim mdlti piumd dujUeg ifnictdm Vinr. Mn» 

caaeo^ es, fiL To 5# whte — JVm rMcalSe Sger grSMle eanebSi SrUGM, 

Ot. 1L 1, 110. SYN. Cuidto^ ilbio; ilbesoo, cinesco. PHR. C&nls 

cipOEs ilbcsoa Caius dkpOXm dlpfit ispcrsum est. VERS. Tempdribus 

ciacbai qiarsl slnectus. See SeneaoK 
Ohucuii, e. The dog-etar. — Nie gravi te temputf tt/Y nst^uS CSniettlS tardct, 

Ot. Ar. Am. 2, 231. See SiriMu, 
dbunus. O/ a dog. — LairSi ftlntoto vSrhS eSnSnS/oro, Ot. in Ib. 234. 
dbils, m. andf. A dog^ hound — Hfne eSfObus blandit rSblit vSritt, it qnStli 

— " Viig. O. 3, 496. EPITH. lcSr, sSgaz; seduIQs, ittentfis, soIIL 

atfis, TSgQ, pcrr^il, istutfis ; cust<5e, oSmSs, fid&s, fidclls ; cYtus, tcIox, 
rtpid&s, perniz, oilSr; intripYdfis, tmpivYdfis, fortls, audaz ; latritdr, m6r. 
daz, aaiitfis, fidfiiYsiqufis. PHR. Cursu fortts. NaiYbfis ncir. Furibfis 
inTisiis. Oressum cSin!tatfis hirilem. VlgOvs, sedfili turbi, cincs. Cines 
quibfis est audadi prseceps. PSdibfis oSlSr. Nari Ij^gcns fi^rK vcstlffYi. 
IgYtans in suminis saltYbiis apros. Frodens damori f£rim. LatratYbfis 
Instans, sethiri oomplens. V£RS. NixntYit hostem Ciiri cinum, furesquC 
priScul Etratibfis aroSt. Cines Testi^ ndstri s^qniint&r Soindtl. SaeTitqui 
cinora latratfis Yn aiiris. StjFgYiis snTis terret latritYbfis aiirSs JanYtSr. 
£rrorcsqui flSrm per dcTYi, mersa Nari, ligit, ticYioqui primit vcstigtt 
rostra. Liistrit Ynaeoessds Tcnantum ludigYni ^tus. Ut dliiYs in Ticfio 
]2p5rem dim Oallicfis arvo Vidit, it hio pnedam pidYbiis pCtYt, illl siliitcm s 
Aitj^r Ynhssiiro ^bnHis, jam jamgui tlneri Sperilt, it eztentd stringit tps« 
tigYi rostrd t Altir Yn ambtgfio est, an sit odmprcnsfis, it ipsis AlorsYlihs 
cripYtiir, tangentiXque ori riCn^uYt. Nec credYt&r iilli SilTi cini, nisY qiii 
presso TcstY^ rostrS CoUigYt, ct pneda nesdt latrari rlpcrti, Contentus 
tHhnulo mdnstrissi c&bilii loro. In nim&s iri lYbet, pressisque Yn reiU 
crrris, Hortari cSISres per jfigi sfimmi cines. Sapi oines friistra uim«5- 
rusis roontYbfis errant Latrantes. See Venor, Molottut» 

dnSa. The Dog^tiar.^Jidey m htuleS Mfindtt CSriit mtdfir arvS. Virg. O. 
8,353. See^irjiit. 

cinistruni. A batkeU — Pabutaque in/otWit plinSt apponS eariitirit. Virg. 0. 
4, 290. SYN. Cilithfis, cisti, cist&Ii. EPITll. Pitfilum, TimYnium. 
VERS. Ciriremqni dlnlstris Szpidiiint. Stat pQir, et minibiis lati dU 

canYtYes, Yei. Hoarmetti tehUe hair. — CariUict ineultS Jaeit; ttSni FmXnS 
jHmma. Virg. ^n. 6, 330. EPITH. Prisci, Tinirandi, aanclS, annosi, 
slnilis, longKTi, sipiens, prudens, hSndrati; frigidi, morosi, sordidi. 
PUR. Guii dipiin. Canum cip&t. AlbentYi tempSri, Cani tcmpiSri. 
VERS. Bfagni ffiit quondam cipYtis riTirentli cani. Jam mYhY canYtics, 
pulsis millorib&s anms, Venirit, anllquas inisc&Sratqui cSmas. CaiiYtiemqui 
A»i, et 15ngos prdmisSrit annSs. 

dinni, e. A reedy eane.-^rS eStiit ttabatf irgmuUt elreumdata canriit. Ot. M. 
6, 326. .«YN. Cittm&s, iriindo. EPITH. Piliistris, Tiridls, crussS, 
irguti, livYs, piludYgini, strid&Ii, ti«m&li. 

dmnibYs, Ys. Hemp.^Tum^ mSri iramtUlaa$ 7161 torta eannabi /ullo. Pers 

Cbiiue, ariim. A Mage tfApuKay mear ihe A^fidut, whcre Hanmbai routei 
ike Remant wUhgreat tlaughter. — ^EPITH. Cilebrcs, griTes, craeututir, 
fcriles. PHR. fnsignes, spiimantcs, Rdmanfi suignYne Cannas. 

ttao, eiUbSf cantiim. Te eing.~^me eHpir arvorum eiiUu pidfriimqui eSnf 

100 C A N C A P 

b&m. \ ii^. O. 4, 559. Tiijrg ti patukt e&Uu tHh iegmifkS Jltgi, \}S%. 6. 
4, 560. SVN. CundLuq, canto, modQldr. PUR. Cantiu dd, ex<:m£o. 
£th2r& cantu muloSo. Ludo veratL Munm m£dit5r. Catrmin» rOfoS 
mSduldr. FSno a2rS cantu. Arguta mSduIiri carmini vuc& LiPtds oc-£ 
«iierS mSdos. Voces inflect^ri cantu. I^iquidum fundlriS Sb ore ma«W, 
FlectSHS vucem in dulces mSdulus. Cuntu lallgr^ solari curas, liUiorrzny 
dtta. InflarS dU&mos. V£RS. Iiigi^minant. nquiciiu arguto guttur€ rwcC^kw 
Spirure uicipiunt dulces cit& pectcSra cantus. Tu, Tityrc, lenttis In umb» 
Formoaam r2sonar2 dSces Amaryllida siivas. Arguto mulcens mudulamii&f 
curas. Siivas et 8ax& mSverS, £t muicerS fiias, tt flumin& Idngfi naiSrvi 
Ore suo, vSlucresquS vSg&s rSttncrS c&nendo. IntSr^ durum cantit aoiicS 
i&liorem. Doct&quS meiiifluis fundSrS vert>& sonis. iix vftfrem in fimd 
ranae cSdnerS quirelam* Ijst& figre lastus cSoIni, c&uS tzisti& trisus. 

C&uopeus and C&nopicils, Qf Canojmt^—JGraid Canopilt Jnooia tltoribumm 
CatuU. GO, 63. 

C&UopQs. An island and cUy in ihe Mediierranean, near AleMndria. — AViaa 
aud Peilm gena Joriunatd C(hwp7. Virg. O. 4, 28?. EPITH. PeiJseris 
Pausi&ciis, Pii&ri&s, Isi&c&s, famdsus. PUK. Ora CinopicS. See 

caujfr, oris. The eoutid qfeong, meiody, — Mcenld Thehcte sirucid edmorf tjr^ 
Ov. Ep. 15, 180. SYN. Sonur, sonus, cantus. 

c&nor&s. Mueiealy meiodUnui loud, shrili. — Jvid ium r&tSitdrU de^hue vlrguUd 
e&norU, Virg. O. 2, 323. SVN. Suaoriis, sdnans, strdpens, stridulus. 

Cantabrta, as. A couniry qf Spain, now Biseaya. 

Cant&ber. A Caniabrian — Ciintdbgry anie omnesj Memlsque^ asiusquej JS^ 
wusquiy Inmcius. Sii. 3, 326. 

Cantabricus. O/ Cantabria.-^fJllitam piicr ei Cdniabrfed belld iulisiu 
Hor. Ep. 1, 18, 55. 

cantamSn, inis. An ineaniaiiom.^0 ufindm mdyicm nossem cdnidmlnd Muom! 
Prop. 4, 4, 51. SVN. Cuntris, incantamciitiiifi. 

canuitor, oris. A singer — Cdnidiorcycnus/TtfuTUJpsisut. Mart. 13,77. 

cfintatrix, icTs. A female singer. — Impiorei cithdrdsy edntdirtcesque chdrede. 
Claud. B. Oiid. 44& 

cinthSrifl, idis. A kind qf beetie. — Cdnihdrtdum suocos, ddnid pdrenie, blLds. 
Ov. in Ib. 30& 

canth&rus, i. A cup — Et grdois dtirlid pendebdi odnffkdrus dnsd, Virg. £cL 
6, 17. SVN. Pocaium. 

canticum. A song, baiiad. — CdnCiod ^Z Nitiy ^tti GddJidnd susHrrdL Mark 
3, 63, 5. SVN. CarmSn, cantiis, mSids. 

cantilen&, n. Anotdsong. — Cdnillenam gdndem ednls. Ter. Phor. 3, 2, 10. 

cantito, iis. To sing repeaiedlg. See Cano. 

canto, as. To sing. — Cdnidy qurn sdiliits sJqudndo drmenid oSedbdL Virg. ^il 
2, 68. See Cano. 

canU$r, oris. A nnger; a poel.^Omtiibiis hoe viitum esi odntdtUiiSj fntS^ 
dmlcds. Hor. Sat. I, 3, 1. See Foeta. 

cautiis, iis. Song, meiody; an incaniatUmj charm. — Pdnditi niine HitlednH 
DSmy odntusqui mSveti. Virg. /Ex\. 7, 641. Cdntus Si e currd Ldndm dedtu 
cirS iinidi. TibulL 1, 8, 21. SVN. Concentus, carmeii, mSdulamSn, 
Miis&, C&moenS, mSdi, mel5s: cantamSn. EPITH. Orpheus, ApoiiinSus, 
(Vist&Iiiis, arguths, rSsdnus, istih, dulcis, meilifl&iis, sSnoriis : diiidsdni&s, 
doctiis, &maenii8, sdnans, biandiis, gratus; m&giciis. PHR. Aures mulcens. 
LSlKirem, cQris, otiS fallens. Vocis mddiiiamSn. Latiim murmru:. Cii* 
ruriim d&ioS iSvSmSn. VERS. Matutini vdlQcriim sub culminS dintus. 
iEth£r& miiicebant cantii, liicdqu& vdlabant. NSque Kim jiivere in viilii^r& 
cantiis SomnifSri. Ciistddes somnSs h&beb&t, Qucm dSd&rant cantiis, irJU 
gicBquS pdtentiS EngUB. 

caii&s. Hoary, whiie.^-~FtigM nie tdtUdm ednd concreid pruJnd* Virg. G. 2, 
376. SVN. Candid&s, caniscens, candens, aibus. 

C ipilncria, Si, &8s, or eSs. One of ihe seven.chiefs who besieged Thebes : he <ra« 
siruok with iightmng by Jupiter. — Ctlm eSdidJi Cdpdneds siibJtd iimirdnis 

, 9etiL Ov, Tr. 4, 3, 53. EPITH. Arg^ncus; inipTus, aiidax. 

C A P ^^<L^ArM_^^,^ 101 

diyixy ids. CapacitmSj ample.^^onnbfis^ H jHfvtSs^ pntifJs^ eXpSfilfifi 
. hmnt, Ov. M, 7} 308. SVN. Ampl&f, spitVwrifl, Uitus, Btt pStvns. 
HpilVL A kvi^ Bhe-goai~ia dSmftm mtiirm {vhHi Ifnpirvt) le, eSpeOa. 
Virg. Ed. 10, 77. SYN. CaprS, caprSS. KPITH. OrikinTs, hiniut&, 
hirtiL PHR. Amantes suz& cfipeUip. DistentA lact^. V£RS. T^n^rm 
fcttoudent stm» Tirgult& c&pclla*. Florcntem cj^tlsum sSquliur lasctvA 
apeHi. See Capra. 

«ipifr, capri. j4 ke-gooL^Non ariam ob eiilpam Hriccho vapifr omrHbvt arlt, 
ViiK- O. 2, 380. SVN. Hardus, hircus, caprcOh^s. EPITH. Rirbigifr, 
barbitus, intonsus, setigiSr, hirsutus, hirtus, h^Kpidus; comTgj^r, bicoriiTs; 
•ordTdib, gra^-is, fcetidus, f(edus, Tmmundusy «nens ; lancivQs, p2tu]ilnK, pf. 
tulciis. PHR. T>ux gr^gis, pJ^ctSrTs. Corntlfux, frnnt^ mTnax. ViiuuS 
^erqi^S gH^piEs. VERS. 8e dlpSr acSr Tn hostcm CornTbttt TntenttsTnfcrt. 
Ut saturas gesttt dux grSgis Tnt^r dves. 

cSp^sMi, Ts, TvT. To take, catch at ; to detpatch^ per/brm.-^SScVs tiin^j amm 
eapessSrUj Edico, Vii^. /En. 3, 234. ExplSraaii l&bdr s mlM jussa ct/pest^f 
/St esL Virg. ^n. I, 77- SVN. CapTo, aaipTo, tgnJfo, 6btin«o; exs5. 

Cipharetis, St oTui ^os. .4 promontory qf Evbeeay on tehieh the Greeks returnin^ 
from Troy were terecked, bevng deceived by the faise signais of \aupiius, 
Aing of the isiand. — SJdiis, it Efibolcts cafites^ filtorqui Cuphareits. 
Virg. iEn. 11, 200. EPITH. Importunus, Eul^dTcils, fallax, dirus, scdpQ. 
Insus, trtstTs. y£RS. £uh5TcoTn poiito, tristtsque ad saxX CiphureT. Stixi 
triumphales iregerS CftphiirSS puppes, NaufriEgft cum vasto Ora*clQl tractX 
sftlo est. Prop. 3, 7, 40. £t fM saeva In tuft mox Dftn&os iicturus silxa 
Cftphiireu, NaupITQs. VaL Fmoc. 1,371. 

cSpTllatfis.' Hamng iong hair.^lpsg eaplHatd diffftsum eonsiili potai, Juv. 5, 
30. PHR. CuT cftpTJIT, or crities, eifusT, longT, densT. 

cSpTll&s, T, or more usuaiig dkpiiR, drunu Hair.^Non Jtrabo noster rorS cil* 
piiiiis oi^t. Ov. £p. 15, JQ. Mfind\tVs capUnur : non slnt slng iegi eapllih 
Ov. Ar. Am. 3, 133. SVN. Crines, cspsfircs, cSmft. EPITH. FormosT, 
oomptT, liTtTdT, mollcs, tSnties, vSnustT, ftdontati, t2n£rT, orncitT, effusT, am> 
brusn, crii>pchitcs, crTspT, cultt ; rArantes, mftdTdi, udi, dulces, rdddlcntcs, 
crdc^i, rdsST : squklTdT, sqttiilcntcs, sordTdT, ttirpis, TmpexT, horridi, rT^TdT| 
TntortT, contortT. PHR. SpiinT ^itS legS dEptlfi. £ffusT per collft itTtentift 
crines. Compti de morS dipTlIT. Per lavTft collft fluentcs. Compt» iirt^ 
mftnuquS comae. DdcTlcs ct ccntum flexTbus apti. DcductT pcctTnS crines. 
PulcliriSr auro CM&ries. VERS. VTttft cScrcebiit p&ttos sTnC legS cftpTIIos. 
RSfdgosquS ggrit ii frontS cftpTUds. AurSSIT Itidunt per candTdft collft cftpllli. 
Purft flftgell^nt fomrtosT collft cftpTlIT. Ibftt Sddriitls hfimSros perlusft cft* 
pillis. . Formft plftcet, nTvSusqnft oSIor, flavTqtiS cfiptUi. AsstSldt Tntonsos 
sertTs omir^ cfipillds. Asptce demTssfis lugtfntTs Tn orS ofipTlIos. Ausus H 
hTrsutos mTtra r^dimTrS cftpTIias. Torsfrit TgnS c^mTim ; tort^ cftpTIie plftce. 
IsmenTs Crdcftle sparsos pcr cuUft cfipTIlos CollTgTt Tn nodum. IncomptTs 
Cnrium cftpOIis. 

capTo, ccpT, captum. To take, reeeive.~^Ios capH fatorfm cSmWss hls ma:n^a 
qtuere. Virg. jEn. 2, 294. Ah i Corydon, Corjdon ! gua te deminild ccplt. 
Virg. Ecl. 2, 09. SVN. AocTpTo, sunio^ asstimo, pr£hendo,prendo. VERS. 
Ca]^ siixft mftnii, cfipC rdbdrfi, pastdr. RlolITs £t hTrstitum cepTt mTliT fascTfi 

- pcctiis. Non cfiptt Trft mdrnm. IIuiic cftptt argcntT spIciidSr. 31 c tufi 
{ormk dipTt, captft pftrcnt£ sdriJr. C&rmTn2 fdrmosa?, pretTo cftpTtJiitur fivrine. 
CredTtft res, ciptTqitfi ddlis, IftcrymTsqufi cooctTs. 

dipistrat&s. Tied with a haiiery muMaied. — Impte cuplstraRs (igrlbiis uita suUs. 
Ov. £p. 2, 80. 

cftpistrum. A haiter, muzzie. — Aildldt ; InquS vlccm det molHbtis ora cSplttrls. 
Virg. O. 3, 18& SVN. Frenfiin, hfibcnft. £P1TH. Nodosum, dCuuin, 
lerratum, moUI, purpurSum, strictCim, Tinportiinum. 

cftpTtalTB. Oftiie head^ capitai; deadiy.J-Irafuit capftails^ ijt ulttma dlvi>/crc/ 
mors. Hor. Sat. 1, 7» 13. SVN. Siimmtis. 

CftpTtonnus. Oftht Capitol..^Ad pSnSlralg NHmte, Cdp^toiinfimipa Tomlniew. 
Ov. Fast. 2, 60. 

102 C A P 

CXpTtdlium. One of the teven MBm on whi^ Rom§ wat bmUi; «a it wn gikm 

eitadei ani ihe ceiebrated temple qf JujAter^ ihenee eoBed CapUoluuu 

Stabai pro tempio, ei CapVita ceiea thigbaL Viir. ^n. fi, 633. EPITII . 
Altum, celsuxny Rfimanuin, BSperbuniy antiqQum, mtum, magiilfionm. PHR* 
Arzy or rupes, TirpelX, RomiUfiL Tirpeu templl TSnantin. iGdet aaca-:2 

J5vL V£RS. Diun dte&s ^nea ClpttfiU inmvOnll nxum kccSUS^ 
Hine ad Tarpeam icdem, et CXpitoia dudt. Aaplbl ^pm nAnc lunt CftpS- 
tons, qu«quj fuerunt. See ProperL 4, 4. 

capo, oiiTs. A eapan, — J[tiut coadoi non amarif eSponet* Mart. 3, 60. 

Cappldox, Scia. Jn inhabiiani qf Cappadoeia.—Manefjfi!§ ISeuplee tfgii mr€s 
CappSdScHm res, Hor. Ep. 1, G, 39. 

^pp&iia. The caper. — Capparfny H puiri eepae aiee¥ natnnia. Blart. S, 77« 

caprS, ae. A shs-ffoaL-.JEccify ferm eaxi dtjeetm werilcf eaprm, Vir^. Miu «4^ 
152. SYN. CaprB, dlpelUL £PITH. VilliJaS, borbatS, barb%Cri,uitdiia3, 
nlTestris, p2tuldL PHR. CaprtgSnum pScfis. 

capHS, ae. A teiid ehe-goaL — fmb&iet oSprffm^ eoUlc^Hneqmf Bpiie, Or. Fast^ 
6, 372. PHR. F6r& caprX. See Capra. 

caprMliiSy i. A young roebtielc^-^CapriSSit, epartle Alam niine peHibne «flcL 
Vii^. £cL 2, 41. 

Capnoomiis, 1 A sign qf the Zodiae, u^kh the iun eniert on the winter 
eoltHoe, Some <{f Vie anc^eni faUet atteri ihai Pan wat changed inte ihm 
eontieilaiian Capricomuti othert thai the goai Amailhea wat to changedm 
^Tgrannut Hitpgrfm CSpnfcomvt undm, Hor. Od. 2, 17, 20. SVN. 
^g&^ros. £PITH. RT^ens, g«nd3s, frigYdus, atroz, corn%i^r, imbrif^ 
brumans, hlSmans, horrend&s, nimb&Qs. PHR. Capri^cdml sidus. Cor- 
nlf^r hircfis. Cornul capri. ^thSris hircfis. Coraibus armatus. Ciiuda 
oorauqu? mlnaz. RXduintil comtiX toUens. V£RS. GCHdiim rilidd de 
ourp{{rf frigiis Xnhelans, CorpdrS semlfero magRO Ciprioora&sln orb& 

caprif icus, L A wiid fig,—Jiibci tipnlehrit caprfftebt erutat. Hor. Ep. 5, 1? 

caprigSnus. O/ the goat kind, — Capriginiim^ pleut^ nuiib euti&di^ p^ 
herbat. Virg. ^n. 3, 221. 

caprimulgfis. A mUker of goait; a goai^herd, — Sujfenut^ unut eapt^ulpiit, 
autfottSr. CatulL 22, 10. 

caprin&s. Ofagoai. — Alter rlxatur de Idna tmpX capHna, Hor. Ep. 1, 18, la. 

capripes, ifdifs. Goai-footed ; an epithei of Pan and ihe talgrt^-lCtiprlpgdet 
catSmb Panit JHanticSnmU, Prop. 3, 17> 34. AuretCapripgdum Saijrarum 
Scntat, Hor. Od. 2, 19, 4. 

rapsS, 0. A coffer, cheti. — Ciim terlptori mioy eSpaa porreeiiit Sperta, Hor. Ep» 
2, 1, 26& SYN. CapsulX, dsti, ardL £PITH. Okrl, oondirS, pStulX. 

cipsiilX. A litile box, — Hue una exmiiWt eaptula me tiquMur, CatulL G8, 36. 

captatdr, drts. A legaeyJhunter.-^CapiatcrquS dSbli rltiit NatleS Cdrani, 
Hor. Sat. 2, 5, 57. 

cnptatus. Caughi aty tought after, — Tnqui tHeemfuhai cSpiatnt anheruSt orts. 
Ov. M. 4, 72. ^gfto temput^ capiaium tmpS^ rogandi, Or. Ep. cx F. 9, 
1, 129. SYN. Adsectat&s, p£titiis, XdXmatiis. 

cTiptivTtas, atts. Lott ^Hbertg, bondage. 

eaptiviis. CapHeey taken pritoner, — CapGiaum pmiaiTtr ibur^ eapHvS CSrhUkut, 
Hor. £p. 2, 1, 103. 8YN. Siib jiigX mlsstis. (Sptfis Xb hostX. VindX 
gSrens ccrvio& Vlnctiis collX oXtenis. CompSdX neziis. V£RS. Capti- 
roquS r0gi perlundxt sanguInS flammas. Ciptivls addttX oolfis VmciilX. 
Septem cap6vis debins ibXt Xquis. CaptiviisquS gXmit victoris jussX silpcrbu 
Lib^rX Romana siibjedt c5UX cXtcn». VictX pStest flezo siiociibiSsaS gSnii. 
Alissiis H in rigldi tlnSbrotiim carcSris antriim IngCmit. Squalidiis tlliim 
CarcCr hXblt. Ch&iisX dSmS t£nS5r, grilvibiisquX cSerdtX vincfis. OtquS 
rScenserem captivos 5nfin2 pisoes. 

oRpus as. 7*0 eaiBh ai, cateh, tiriee to oUom. — TantSlSt a iabrtt Mentfug% 
entfScaptSt FliinHna, Hor. Sat. 1, 1, G8. Tum laquKtt capiarS fhrat, et 
faWfrtvUeo, Virg. O. 1, 130. SYN. ConsictSr, pHo^ quaroi cXplo. 

CXpiiX. The ehi^eUg <^ CampanMy tiiuated on the river Vuiiumm,~~2Emuli 
nie vlrtut CSpum, nee SpartSeSt ad^, llor. £p. l& ft. EPITU. Siihlimis. 
SpimX, noblHs. PHR, OrbsCXpiSinX. «««iwa. 

CAP CAR 103 

entemu Wrf;, JEix, 2, 552. 

dpSt, Tda. The head CerUiim */Sm1W»v< OneHim eSpSi Jrg^ hShML 

Or. M. I, 625. Magnafmt quondam eajHiU rfeSfrennS eSaa, Or. VuU B, 
57. SYN. TempSrk, rcrtex. EPITH. Celsum, nlddum, wtdntuii^ 
nnuoi, humanam, &cutum, venJtrBbHS, erectum. PHR. Clpitti Tertez. 
Ccslne densam c&put. RMtmitl tempdri laurS. Prdmitflot effundcns 
▼erdcS crines. VERS. IrTSdEt dlpQt BurTcSmum, rSsMuqu^ pSr auriis It 
d^r. At procerS c&put cervix fuknblt hSnestum. Summa flairum cfiput 
eztuCt iinda. Fdrm& bdvis cui turpS clput, cui plux%mX cenriz. Cfip&t 
objectarS periclU. S&pgiant dpTce et cerricTbiis aliis. 
ospfli^ omjMtfoL—PHR. Cerricem glldl5 dem^to, trunco^ 5btrunc<^ dctfQnco, 
■&0, r«seco, abscmda Clpiit a cerricK rlrcUo. Abstfint ex hfimSris 
dput. AbrumpSHS dp&t, ferro, glUBd, cns«. C&pfit colld, ccrvidbus, 
auferre, absemdSriS, erip&S, aTeUSr«. Clpfit ex hfimlris tdU&C. VER8. 
Ab»tulit inaS c&put, truncumqul rHiquTt Irena. Tum dpfit Ipsl aufert 
domlnd^ truncumquS reiiquTt. Ferroqul sScat cutdentTI cSUl. Tum 
dput orantia neqmdquam, et multl plrantTs DidrC, deturbat tcrrie, 
truncum^iuS tSpenUSm ProvolTTt. Absdssl dfidrum Suspcndit dpTtl. Nii. 
tintem TulnSriLt cnsS, Qua coUo conftnl dput; saz5qu2 crfientum DejTdt. 
Hulc uno dejectum commTnits ictu Cum gUfii Idnge jlcfiit dpfit. 
^Pjay jFSa, €icc. Clipj^n. A eompanicn qf ^neae: ine faiher qf Anehitet teat 
alto ftamed Capsft, — At Capgsy ii quorum miHor tenienfld menii, Virg. Mn, 
_^J^* Aui Cdpyn, aui e&sU tn pupjHbut armd Calei. Virg. iEn. 1, 183. 
carblsua, i, f. pher, carblsl, orum. n. Linen^ ihe tail qf a thip; a Rnen gar» 
^enL-^Vela vSoSni; tumfdoque in/latur earbStiit Auttro, Virg. Mn. 3, 357. 
QarbSad dedueliy ne qud UWt iffiuai aurS. Or. M. 0, 223. Eum tinuU 
piauen vetabSi Snuciu CarbStHt, Virg. iEn. 8, 34. SYN. Vell, ItntlfS. 
£PITH. Fltixl, dvl, olbl, inflatl, curvl, latl, turgidl, sTnuosI, flexl, tu- 
mentiS. V£RS. Cum dlbTt attrl vlam pr«rbebis carbld ventts. ^stivoa 
pSn&rent SnSraril carbld fluctiia. 
carl^fiA. O/ linen.^hlSmltd9mma Anueqta cHfpaniit CarhSOot fulvo Jn 
^Mum eoUegSrSi aurb, Virg. IRn. 11, 778. 

drbo, onia. CoaL — lUS prlut erita^ max hao edrjoniy nStasii. Pers. 5^ 107. 

carbuiu^ulua. T1»e oarbuncle, a preeiotu tiune, See Pjftoptu. 

lardr, SrTs. A priton, confinemeni; the tiarting^plaee or barrier qf a race,-^ 

Sqtidruiut brbSfidi pietifrd cdrdr hdbii. Ov. Am. 2, 2, 42. Claiitirat 

inppoiddet aiimo edrdrg ventbt. Ov. M. 4, 662. Ruuntqtie iffuti ciircerg 

currHt. Virg. iEn. 5, 145. SYN. CQstwffiL EPITH. At«r, sSincTtBs, 

iquaindfis, mcBstus, tJ^nebrosus, obscuriis, Spocfis, ceciis, dtirtts, anguAtus, 

prdfundils, ingratiis, tnfattstfis, Tnvisiis, tristTs, diriifi, crudelTs, mSlvstus, 

ntgtiiundtis. PHR. Sqttalens sTtu. Fostorl plen&s. S^|uaIdrS repletiis. 

Spisin cafigTnS septfis. STnl lucS dSmiis. STnS lumTnS tcctCim. C&rc5rts 

umbrosi nTgSr fornix. Fauces alt» caroSrTs abstritsL RTgTdi t^nebrosum 

carcSris antriim. V£RS. Nec aitras RcspTcTunt clatisT ClnSbris et citrofrl 

cxco. Ot ciiim carcSiTbiis sese effudcrS qtt&drig». Ot d&Jir £le5 cardrl 

nussus Iquiis. 

iureere multare.-^FHll. Vinclis It cardrl prlmlrl, frenarl, c5hTbcr5, 

daudlrS, damnarl. In rigidt tlnebr58iim dtrdris antriim, or sfib dpaci car- 

dris iimbram mittSrS. SoITdis tncludlrl tectis. CompldTbus vinctrl. C*ir« 

ctimdlrl coUl dtenlsy vtnclis. V£RS. Captosqul diices obscilrG carc^rl 


oTirchesTum. A kind qf enp, — Hie duS /itS mHro tibdnt edrcheAS Bdeeho 

Virg. «u. 6, 77. See Poculum. 
OLrdOjTnTs. A hinge.^P6stctque d cardinZ vimi. Virg. JRn. 2, 480. EPITH. 
Ferratus, fcrrlus, durfis, aergus, reratus, ftridens, sdlTdfis. VERS. Vide. 
riint daiisos ferrato cardTnl postes. Stant duru cardinl postes.^ Eriimpit 
versis stridcnti cardTnl portis. Emoti prociimbiint cardTnl postes. Portam 
oonverso cardial torquSt. SSmtiim nam fedrlt Tin Marm5rgo aeratiis 
stridens in ISmTnl oardo. 
dirdiifi», i. A thitik^-^ardiivt, il tfUat rinfii p&ltMit SciUrt. Vlrg. Ed. 

104 C A R 

5, 89. EPITH. Agrestii, 5«p2r, Bcgnla, ScutOsy puingeiis, horrTdus. 
VERS. Vastu horresdt tn tigru Carduua. 
capH?tum, I. A pla4se where tedgla grme^Tltyri^ oogi pgaag : iu pott cJrrud 

Idtibast. Virg. EcL 5, 39. 
drgo, ^ Tobe wUhoul; to be in wami ef; to he free fr9m.~^JEgrvm, tJMTv-. 
nantemy tan quod sola carerit Muniri. Virg. JEn. 5, Gol. Cirnlt ti4 
mmstot, itmortU hSnori edrentea. Virg. Mn, 6, 333. Aut iiUa piitails HoMa 
eSriridStit Ddnaum. Virg. JEn, 2, 43. SVN. PrirSr, 2g£o, indi^co. lum 
liabSo^ Sgens sCim, mihi dpu« est. 
CarSs, um. The Carian», — Hinc Liligaty Carasquiy tagUtlfirotqui Gilomua, 

Virg. JSn. 8, 725 LaudUus imwtSdicit Carct ln atird fMnL Mart. 

Spect. 1. 
carcz, im. Sedge, — Fromnhiit hdrsuRt H earfci pdstit dcutd, Virg. Q. 

3, 231. 
CfirTdl, m. A dried fig,~^Hle nuxy kie nuxta ctt rugont edried pdlmis. Or. 31. 

dirics, lei. Rottennett, deoag. — VerfUtir xn tinirdm odrHmy timStqui dikisciL 

Ov. Tr. 5, 12, 27. EPITH. SgnUis, vaiis, rodeiM, 5dax. 
c&rinH. The keel qf a thip ; a thip. — Tune igi te veUem ciliri oenissi carlmfL 
. Ov. Ep. 17) 103. EPITH. CurvS, pandO, inflexS, incurvi; aiidaz, «rat^, 

hcllatrix ; citS, iSvis, frSgilis, unctS, cSvS, picti. See Navis. 
dlnosils. Decayedj rotten. — QuSd pridr, IratuSf ntff vot cdrtosa tHncciva», 

Ov. Amu 1, 12, 29. PHR. CiU-ie vituitiis, oorruptiis, Sdcsiis, exesiia. 
cuntas, atis. Lore, charity; deamess, scareity.—^Yfi. Xmdr, stikdlum, di- 
lcctTo; pcniiriS, ^gcstas. EPITH. AnimosS, pStiens, sSrenS, bSnigiLS, 
ti5n&. PHR. Divls proximsl virtiia. InvYdT» TnTxmcS. Siyiri^ prOdtgft 
CarmelQs, u A mountain qfPhemieim near PtolemSiSf the ehode of the prophet 
i&/ia«.— EPITH. Arduiis, sacratus, vSrendus. PHR. Ardua nipcs Cv. 
mcfi. £nsdiim vSnSrandS dumus. Carmcli gloriS montuL 
einngii, TnTs. A verte ; poetry ; a poem, song ; a charmy incantaHon.~~'OmnifiiU 
Musa cdrmin fnermimia. Ov. in Ilx 2. Non mi cdrmiriibits vincit, nee Thri- 
cius Orpheiis. Virg. Ecl. 4, 55. Cdrmlnd vel calo pdssitnt dedddri Lundwi. 
Virg. iEn. 8, 69. SVN. Versus, numSri, m3di, MusX. EPITH. Phcr. 
heum, ApdilinSum, PiMiim, CastSITiim; nobTI£, siibnm^ doctCim, sSnohba, 
divlniim, aetemiim ; duJcS, mdlljf, blandiim, tSnSrum, v^niistiim, I2pTdiim ; 
(omptiim, faciindiim, cultiim, cump<$sTtiim, n&mSrosiim, odndnnitm, lngg.iT- 
osum; vdcalS, cSnoram, laettim, IvtTfTciim. PHR. VerbS numSris ncxl, 
irgatS, vincU^ adstrictS. AletrTda verbft cSacU: mddia. Tn pides vrrbS 
cilactS. ImpSrTbiis carmTnS factft mSdis. VERS. Flet noctcm, ramo<}ii^ 
s^dena mTsCriibTlS carmln Tnt^gr&t. ArmS griivi nfimSro vTSIentSqug bcIlS 
pSrabam £dSrS, matSrm convSnTentS mddis. Clj^Siim PdstTbiis adversis 
figo, et rem carmTnS signd. T&miild sup^r addTtl carmSn. CarmTnTlrus 
Circe sSdos m&tavTt Ol^ssTs. TrSbali VectS ISborantes in GannTn& oancTt2t 
rarmtna seribere. — PHR. DioSrS, fundSrS, texJfHE, oontexJfrS, oond&^dbiSri^ 
ludSrif, cd^ng^ri versiis, dirmTnS. FScTIi dcdiic£rl carmTiUl plectro. Tj^niiT 
mSd&Iiiri carm^n Svena, SriindTnS. ASnTos seno pSdS dticSr^ cantiis. 
Dediictiim dioSrS carmSn. ScriberS versTctilds. Niimeris ncct£rS vcrbS. 
. DedtiGSril vcrstis. Fiindgrg Pieriiim mddulam^n. VERS. CarmTnTs herui 
tangjSrS jtissTt dpiis. CarmTnS qtii quondam studTo florcntJS pj^rcgi, FlebUTs, 
hefi ! moestos odg5r TnirS mddos. Hic cSnStilltistri primtis bclla ItSlS vcrsfu 
Noii m&i tot latides decurrSrS carmTnS posstint, Sta oondTs SmabTI^ 
cirmSn. TSmSn ipsJS trSment^ CiirmTnS dticcbaiQ quaEScCimquS mSniL 
£n oonor dignos In canninS dupSrS canttis. Quid mc scribendi tam 
viiitiim mittTs Tn »qu8r ? Ndu siint aptS mSn grandiS velS rSti. I ntinc, 
et vcrsiis tedim m£dTtarS cSnoros. MollTbiis aptabis ntimSris prsBclari 
vTrSrum FactS. 
GarmentTs. A sttmame of Nieostratey the mother qf Evander, king qf Areadia^ 
given in oontequenee of her prophetic talenL — Carmcntis nymphm fndriitay ri 
Vm aiietSr jfpoUo. Vir^. ifJn, % 336. SVN, Ni^straUU EPITU. 

C A R C A S 105 

ArddQL ParrhXtia, Tl^M, MvnUts, dfictX, fittl^il, Mdivi, ▼eridTdl 
PHR. firandni mitSr. T6^vl pireni. ArddTa DO. 

C^armentaJii. Qf CanHenHs, — Jd CarmetUalem Bnmano nSmfnf pnHom, 
Virg. iCn. 8, 388. VERS. Cannentia porta deztrd eat Vft pnSximl Jindr 
Tri pfr hanc noli, qnTsquia H ; omSn hib^t ; Tlla famX Hffert FShToa ezTtcC 
CTfeentos : Porti vicat cu]pa ; ted tXmln omSn hftb^t. 

CBrmino, as. To card wooL See Peeto, 

VSirnL A Roman goddeuy who preeided ooer doon and hingee. — PrlmS iHes 

iWly CamSydatyr; DSS oardlrat hae etL Ov. Fast. 8, 101. 
cartttrium. A meaiJiiOok, — Vt lucraretiir Itirdum et oamarfd furffm. Lucil. 
cmnufexj lcb. An executioner. — Carriljtcesvf mdnvs, phHtvtoe JnJvstH midvttfs, 
SiL 1, 173. 8YN. T6rt«r, lictdr. EPITH. Criiintas, mTs«r, TmmitTs, 
diriist «uigoInSiis, YuhiimanlSs, atrfix, Berfis, triuL, triScfilentils, hSrrendiis, 
fSrox, terrrnciis, atSr, TmpT&s, mStiiendiis, mtniz, duHis, InezdrabTITs, ftr- 
rSiii, tet^r, sanguTnSlentiis, TnfamTs, feralls, Tmmanls. PHR. Legum vTn. 
dez. CdrpSri dTscH&dans. V£RS. HiinG scilMtfinxm mftliTt mili turbi 
nCpotum. HujiU id aspectiim ficTes funesU litronTs PSJiet. Dat mu!:^ 
glidlS mgris XchSrontTs id umbras. CrudcIT jiigiiluro tradSrC camTfTcT. 

camindni. A plaee where maie/aetors are punished. 

cunirSriis. Feedmff onJlesK^TUR, CarnTs ivTdns, vSrftz, Miix. 

tAxn, camTs. Flesh. — Sed mali vlva eSro est: lambendd malfr In artfis. Ov. BI. 

carpo, carpsT, carptum. To pather, erop ; to ohtain, enjog ; to earnl at; to waste. 
eonsume. — Carpent tfid pomS ntpotes. Virg. Ecl. 9, 50. Jam mhtiam 
ntffrd carpebat necti qiHetem, Vir^. JRn. f, 414. 8VN. Deccrpo^ ligo, 
ooUigo; cipTo, accTpTo, suma VERS. £t v6i^ 5 lauri, carpam, ct tc, 
prozTmi myrt*. Carpiint gnimln JkjuT. £t stiSndum pleno velJJr? canrf 
ySdS». MTlesii vellSri n^mph» Carpcbant. STc tCi non paticaB carpJFri 
f iicti vdlcnt. Carplt Smm vires paulatim, urTtquS vTdendo. £t csoo dir 
pTtur igni. GirpsTt dpcs Tlli riiTni mSas. Carpi^ dTem, quam mTnTmun 
crcdtili postSrS. CarpSr? vitalcs atiras. 

carpentum. A kind of carrioffe or eharioL — NSm pr"ivs AvsiMas matres car* 
perUSvihebant Ov. Fast. 1, 619. Sec Carrta. 

Carthngo, TnTs. A celebrated city of Africa, built by DidOy the daughter q/" 

Belus, kinff of Phctnicia. ManlS, stirgentemqui noWB CdrthSfflnls areem, 

Virg. JEn. 1, 370. SVxN. Byrsi. EPITH. LTbj^d^ Barbirici, PunTci, 
Tj^rTi, SidonTi, iigendrSi, ElTssei, alti, magni, fSroz, icerbi, tQmTdi, an. 
nqui, siipcrbS, spIendTdi, magnifTci, belllgSri, pjttens, dTv^ PHR. Orbs 
Tl^rii, PiinTci. SidonTi; urbs igendris; Dldus, £11«« mcenTi. Cirtha. 
irTnTs arces. Urbs TjFriTs hibitati cdlonTs. Orbs magns semiili Rdm». 
* V£RS. Orbs antTqui fiiit (Tj^i^ tSniieriS odloiu), Carthigo, laiTam ooiitra 
TTb^riniqujf longe OstTi, dlvi^s Spiim, stfidTTsque asperrTmi belli ; Quam 
JCuid fertiir terris migTs omnTbfis unam Pdsthibita cdliiTss^ Simo. Virff. jEn, 
I, 12. Ciijiis portem vilTdTssTmi cingunt MoenlHl, ptirsqui mirTs ripTdo 
defendftfir Bstii. 

Carthaginienses, Tum. The Carthoffinians — SVN. PcenT, PiinYd. EPITH. 
AntiquT, sfiperbT, aiidaces, perfTdi, magninTmT, belliiccs, pStentes, feri, Tm* 
mites, fj^roces, crudeles, bnrbiri, bellTgSri, crfientT, MaviJrtTT, diri, ssvT, fu- 
riosT. PHR. Tj^rTTcuIonL CarthaginS natT. 

cirfis. Dear; beloved. — £rffO Sffg, carS pSter, oervlei Impon^rS nostrm, 
Virg. Mn, 2, 707. SVN. PrCtTosus; dTIcctfis; imatfis, jucuudfis, griitas, 
acceptui, suavTs. 

casi, se. A cottaffCy hut. — Jtgue hiimlles hSbltarg cSsas, A fiffM cervos, 
Virg. Ed 2, 29. SVN. Mag&ni, mipalli, tSgfirTum. EPITH. Parvi, 
ezTgui, angiisti, sdrdidi, agrestis, campestris, lutO, vTITs, rfidis, ruralis, 
turpTs, paiip^r, madTci, Tndtgi. PHR. Riisttci tecti. liircs angiisti, 
parvi, tj^nucs, ezTgilT. DSmiia humilTs, agrestTs. ParvsB fSrcs. HumTITs 
tTIii tecti cisap. Juucis cannique Tntezti pilustri. StramTnS tezti 
ddmus. StramTnfis hibTtari cisas, et frond^i ticti. Raris hibTtati mi- 
p^ tectTs. Congcsto non cOlti mipilTi culmo. PaupirTs et tfigfiri con^ 
gestum «espTti culmeiu Dflmus hfimTK culmTn?. stramTnTbfis contcxtl. 

F 6 



l>e cannlt gtriizffnYlMuqni^ ddmSs. VERS. StTp!Ua tunc tectl vlrcliiut « £t 
pSncfl lcnt5 viu^nS text&s 2rit. Cum frigid& panrM PnBberet fpelDncS 
ddmos; igncmquS, liremqu^ £t pSc&s ct dSminoSy oommuni cUndgrgt 
umbra. PanrS sSd cxilis tecU colendi GSsae* Secuns quicumqai dUas et 
ruris iroo&ni Vemantes contemnit Xgros. tantiim Jib&t mecum tibi aor- 
didi nu*I Atque hiimilcs h&bjitarS cSsas» 

cas^olus, 1. A iUUeeh^eie. — Suni ei edeiSiif fiiloejune^fU^fuineeiL Vir^ 

cosSus. Cheeee, — Pinffu^e U fngmim prhmgreiur eaaSlue nrbu Vmm Ed. I, 35b 
£PITH. Pinguis, SfiEs, mdlfis, dulcSs, press&s. PHR. Uctis mass2 
cfiacti. Pressi ooplQi lactTs. VERS. Per totum iuv2us pr6nttur biUJ 
cas^us annum. Pressiis St angusto cas£us orbi fluft. 

G&siL An aromaiie herb, — Tum oatiOy aigue atlie iniijfens suavl&us keriie, 
ViTg, Eci 2, 49. EPITH. MitTs, h&mTIis, vTridTs, Slens, rubens, florcns, 
rubfii, ddorS, frSgr&ns. 

^SspTus. CatpiajK^^^fu* Xn adveniumjam nunc ei Catpia regniL Virg'. JRxl 

CussandriL Dauffhier qf Priam and Ileeuba, and eelebrated fer her p re p he t ie 
paieere; the wat earried offby Agamemnon ai ihe iaking qf Trog, mnd sfaijs 
by Cfyiemnesira,~.^Becif trahebatur paeeie Pr\dmeid vlrgo CrifAbue a iemplm 
Caetandrd. Vxrg. 2, 403. EPITH. PrTJSLmiTS, II»cS, PhrygtS, InS, P^r. 
gSmfil, praenuntTS, praescTS, fatTdidS, prKxigft, vcrax. PHlC Vates Ifiici, 
TrojanS, Phrj^gTa. PergSmSS vatcs. Mjfccnso PhcebSs SmatS ducu 
VERS. Fatis ftpJSrit Ciissandr& futuris OrS, DSI jiissu nun unquam crSditi 
Teucris. Virg. jEn. 2, 24& 

cassTdS, 0. A heimeL — Aiirifa etd potiquam nudavU eatildafrdnlem, Prop. 3^ 
11,13. SeeCoMU. 

CassTdpe, es, Casst5peS, or CSssTSpe^ b. Wife q^ Cepheuty and moiher qf 
Andromeda ; the teat ehanged inio a eontieUaiion. — Nie inlftl CasiiSpe tSnti 
ffitura edrindm, Pron. 1, 17» 3. EPITH. InfortunaO, infefix ; Astrig&iy 
fulgens, rSdiusS. PHR. Cephei uxSr. CephcTS oonjux. 

ciissTs, TdU. A helmeL — SeH eaput abdidorai erltiaid edttfdif pennlt, Ov. ]II. 
3, 25. SYN. OSJSS, cassTdS. EPITH. FulvS, sriS, aiirTcihnS, aiintS, 
minaxy nTtidS, torvS, MartiS, hlrsiitS, cSvS, ferrBi, ShenS, «ratS, celatS. 
VERS. ^ratii defendit cassTdS crines. £xTt Tn atiras GissTdTs altiis 

cassu, Ts A hunterU nei, loU. (The word it moti eommonig uted in iheplurai 
number,) — Deeidit F» cdttet pradd pifiitd medt, Ov. Ar. Am. 2, 2. S VN. 
LSqOei, retl», plSg». EPITH. D5ldu, IStentcs, fallaces, oociiltT, abditl, 
duposTti; tlSnaccfl^arctT. VERS. Nccme studTosTQs altSrS saltiis Lcgit, 
ncc p5s&it st&dTosiSs altSrS casscs. Non b&i5 de liixis casvbiis exTt Sper. 
Laxos in fSrTbiis siispendTt SnnSS tasses. 

eoss&s. Emptg, worthlett; devoid, wanting,~.^ijt% opemquS dil ndnedstain 
vdtd voedvlU Virg. ^n. 12, 780. Cdttaqui, tiditetd eHjUti!, fldmmd pMt, 
Ov. Rem. Am. 446, SVN. InanTs, vScuus, fxigTns; privatiis, orbat&s. 

CiiftSnS, B. A fwntain in BstoHoy ai ihe foot q/* M, Pamtusus, saered fe 
Apollo and ihe Muses,—,Cdstdndm molii divertliur drbVd ettvd, Virg. 0. 
3,293. PHR. CastSfisiindS. CaatSfii iStTccs. Aqun C&stSIue. Fontis 
doctS lymphS CastSlTi. Fons ASnliis, HjfantTfis. 

CastSITdiSii, um. The Mutet, — Pir gifLtum Fdm^ Cdsidtidumqia gr^gem, 
Mart. 7> 12. See 3/usis. 

CastSITiis. Castaiian — Vij bM Cdstdrto Cddmue dieeendirdt antrd, Or, Jl. 

GutSnSS, s. 4 ehesnui iree ; a ehetnui^^^dsidnKuque ntieesy mHd qude Jmd- 
ryltU dmdbdi, Virg. £c!. 2, 52. 

taste. Chastelg, purelg, devoutIg,.—Jiisf(ndmquif sui edste pldcdssif pdrentts. 
Ov. £p ex P. 2, 1, 33. SYN. Piidice, ptire, lancte, hSncste. PHR. Sin« 

eastigatio, SnTs. Chastisemeni,^^Yff, ObjCiri^tTo, poenS, mJilctS. 8eo 

ea^ttigo^ as. To ehastise^ reproveg to mendy correcL.^Cdsllgdijue, aHdUsui 

C A S 107 

dUS$, tuBiffSkpa JSierh Virg. .Co. 6, bd. CaUlgmUqmi mMs, fyhi 
&mms temJtd Jcrv^L Vlrg, JEu, 4, 407- Prmtieium dicUt mn easnffavUad 
vmffuem. fior. A. P. 2&4. 8VN. PunT<s mulctoi objurgo^ Incrdpc; 
cmendo^ corngo. 
at^ta»y atis. ChaUU^, jmni^; inUffrUg^Certo/mdgrieatrUas. Hor. Od. 3, 
34, 23. SVN. PuritBff, Integritaa, p&didtiQL EPITU. Puril, cuid1d|f, 
nnctX, T^SnSrandX, Intaol, p&dkft, innScena, hSueiti, mcSrruptl, TCrr- 
cnndS, int^no&atS, divini, ing&ifil, miriL PUR. CHitk viti. Casti morci 
Nolfi riFpirabilis artiF. ThXUm&s nn< crimlnl vits. Ing^n&i» signX p&. 
didfd». IntictiU Il6f pudid^ VER8. Sirvavi, fttttJr. mort< pfidicitlTim. 
Vcl PStSr dnmTp5teni Kdigat me fulmXna 1n umbriMi, Ant2, pudor, quiim 
te vQOem aiit tuft jurll ribSlTcm. 8ee Cmtus. 
Cist<Sr, Sxia. Caeior etnd PoUux were twin broihersj sons </ LedOj ihe v:\fe ej 
TVndanu, toAo «oatMtd <0 haoe produeed iwoeggsy from one qfwhAchsjnun§ 
Casiar and Cfyiemnesira ; from ihe oiher PoUus and Heien. The formerpair 
were suppoaed io be ihe ehUdren ef TgndaruSf and morial; ihe laiiertobe 
ihe ehUdren ^ Jupdery and immoriaL See Leda, JupUer, in eonseguence 
of iheir fraierrud ajfeetwny permiiied Casior to share ihe immoriaiiig ef his 
hroihery on eondiiion ihai boih should noi be alive ai ihe same /imm, and 
afierwxrde ehanged them inio ihe consteUaiion GeminL^rrfanOs IliUhui 
CasUSr ojfeneus vleem. Hor. Epod. 17» 42. Pro PoUueif, mSnes Cdstdrdf 
neridgai. Mart. 9, 52. 8YN. T^nd&ridca. EPITH. LedKQa, Amyclsuii, 
CEbttnfis, ThSrftpnaeui, glnSroa&s, ArgSnautX, immortalis. PHR. Fnitrcf 
i;€millL C^cn^^ni fratres. TfndAridae J&vifncs. T^nd&rSi fratrci. 
ThCriipnfti, Ledsi, fratrei. CycnigSni Dii. V£RS. Fiatrem PaUux 
altema mortS riSdemtt ; ItquS rtditquS vmm tcttiei. See PoUux, 
a»tSr,»rf8. Thebeaver. 8oe FOer. 

CP9t<Sr€u8. Of ihe beaver. CastSrga^ Eiladym pdlmas Eptrus iquariim, 

Virg. G. 1, 69. 8YN. Fibrinui. 

a»tT&, orum. A camp, enoampment. — Qu! quonddmy cdstra iit DSnium spihti» 

laidrSd-ircL Virg. Mn, 12, 349. SYN. Turm», cfitcrv», iigmlnS. EPlTi:. 

Horridi^ hos^S&y ScerbX, AIortTli, NevL PHR. Strictii fulgld& teKi. 

Blulto rSferti waRtiL Tn tuto ISditJl loco. Alj^diis impdsiti campii. 

V£RS. Strictiiquem iulgTd& tclii Inter laiirig£rdi Uucriint caitrft triiimphdi. 

FSces in ciistrS t&Essem implessemquS fiSrSs iUmmis. AlintStdmntslmans 

^t h&betr 8&2 dtstrii CQpido. Primiisque in Iit5riS sedes Castroriim in morcm 

plnms atque iggSrS dngit. IU» intiis trSplda» reriim per oerB castrK Dts- 


eot/ro fii«lor.-^HR. FigSrS castril CastrX IScariS. Tuto f igSrif, or pdnCriT, 

castri ISco. Consid^riS castris. TentorBi ng«rS, eri^SrS. VERS. Cum 

long& oShortei expncuit ISgio. Ciimpd stSttt agmSn &pertd. Agmtnft den« 

aantiir campia. . Liite ldc& nuliti complcnt. Milci campo leie anlQQiinfert. 

Uuc icita diicit, Roman&quS Ttrciim' CaitrS Idcat, parvtiroqul llvi itrutt 

iigggrif valliim. 

eistua, 8, iim. Chaste, purey hoiy. — Qutqui saeerdotes oastty dvm vit& mSnebai. 

Virg. JBn. 6, 661. 8YN. Piir&i, p&dioQi, intlmlriitui, mundili ; intlglr. 

Kinct&i, Inndceni. PHR. Qud non eit castt5r altlr. Cui niilU vSliiptaa 

ndcQtt. CCtj&a morea null& nbldo oorruptt. Non vtct&a m5lli ItbidXnl. 

LaCidl p&dici^SB cHebria. Inlmdqul It o5rp8rl diat&a. Ciiitiim serviini 

cubHl. Turpi& liiicivi f&gtcni coniont& catui. Vlnlrta qui prsemtK neactt. 

VERS. Hi nec oouc&bltu indiilgint, nec oorpdril segnes In Vlnlrcm 

iolviint. Mi naturX p&dic&m FcdrSt; ct casto pcctSrl diir&s Iram. Niili& 

t&os Cinqttam oorriipit fcmtnl mdres. Niilli iaa caato solllratum insistlrl 

fimln. CutisSdiflentakiri&tsdis. 

% ettsttt. — PHR. Virgtnlo niinquam oorpSrl pass& vtriim. £xpers q\i» th&Umi 

vltiim stnl criminl deglt. Ciii peocarl nlfas. Qun inoorrupt& sui oonscrviit 

foedlril lcc6. Piictamqul plr aras Haiid fSctlis tlmlrarl ftdem. V£RS. 

Ad molIi& vcrbd Inoorrupt& silet, pudtbiindftqul cclftt &mict\i Orft. Eg5 

perpltodm famam stnl Ebl tlnebo. RtistldL sim sane, dum ndn ohht& 

pQddris, Ddmqul tlndr vitflB sit stiil labl mla». Fam& qntdem cUra Istt 

It Idhue atzil crimtul vixi t £t laudcm da m9 naUui &dii1tlr h&blt. 

108 C A S C A T 

cSsi&l&> e. A lUtle eoSiiiffe.-^VXfAig oonUnR eSiHltSy ci eotlU^ tsHs. Jirr 1 4. 
I7C See Caea. \ 

casiis, us. A/all^/alSnff; mU/oriunSj dutrete; meeideni^ ehanee; Janyier.^^Ki 
(jm slt/oriund Ideiiy qia eatue agat ra, Vii^j^. ^n. 9, 723. SVN. Ljap«uft, 
proliipsio, rifinft ; intmtfii, exitiiimy pernldlet ; infSrtnnififn, dininuTn^ alei, 
p^ridUiim. EPITH. Siibitiify ripentiniii, tnSpiiiiia, prvcepe, dtfisy ad- 
virsiify dttriii, iniSntiii, AiVta, liictiioiiit, Kictinciii, Innuidiia, lnMiiiu% 
itcerb&a, infjNistiii. £xtrenuB luib cisiim hlSniia, jim TerS i&reiid. Casua 
iibles irkiiril m&rinda. JamqnS p&lem rSfSrena casiis eviaSrit omncs. 

cStSphractiia. Cemplei^y armetL-^erriue mraio nmi ealaphraetSs &§m£ 
Prop 3, 12, 12. See Armatut, 

c&tSpiiJtiL A warUke engine^ ueed io hurl tiense or JaneKns.^^yS, Hcilfi«f1, 

dit&rictX, c f., or dit&ractes, m, m. A %oaief/aiL-^Bxeeperi /mm^ H pns e y Oin 
eaiaraeim, Luc. 10, 31& EPITH. Alti, pnurupti. 

flStiatS, a. A plaee where slanes teere espnmd /or sale—.Barbaru ffypsaine 
/errg eaiasia pides. Tib. 2, 3, 64. EPITH. BarbiricS, iviriL V£RS. 
Non te birbSricaB ▼ersabit tiirbS citist». Qiiem s«p2 o5cgit BarbSrS 

g^psitoa ferrS c&taati pMea. 
&teil2,«. ' 

e&teiJii, a. A young biich. A neeklacej braeeleL^^Momf olri evplani atHmdm 
servarg eaielia. Juv. G, G53. Smpi eaieliamy Smpg pgnseHkl^ rapidm sVfi 
JlinflSy uamox. Hor. £p. 1, 17, 55. SYN. Citiili, pirvi cima. 

Ciitelliis, 1. A lUite dog, whelp — PeeiSra piiltorum rtmatiir, it ejtia eaieUL 
Juv. Sy 650. SYN. C&tuliis, parviis, cxlgiiiis c&nis. See Catuhts. 

dUeni. A ehain; honds. — Verbira; tHm stridar /err% tractmqni eatena. 
Virg, Mn. C, 55& 8YN. Vlnciill, nextis, comptdes, miiuae, iSquius, 
fun^b, nodtis, figamSn. EPITH. Grivfs, sasvi, ncxX, diiri, irctl, frrri-S, 
ferrati, aerSi, aratS, SBnSi, ihenl, stridens, nddosS, viUtdi, iSnSrdai, pu»d<> 
rosi, r^di, t2iukx, fgrii, ftcerbi. VERS. Pond^r^ lassa citenae £st miiius. 

• Centum ▼inctiis ihems Post tergiim nodia. Inradit, vincitquS minrn 
post tergi citenis. Ot scse inciiiflit riipbsqiie ImminS cateiiis Dcjecit 

ditenitiis. Chained; eontinuaty unremitHng. — Expeetant eurmqtiCj eatcnnUqui 

tibores. Mart. 1, IG, 7- SYN. Vlnctiis; odntiniitis. PUR. C&tciiii, 

vinclis, m&nicis, oompifdi vinctiis, strictiis, Iigatiis, cdnstrictiis, idstrictiia. 

C&tenia ri^vinctiis. Vtncns t^nadfbtis idstrictus. Cdmpi^S vinctiis. Viiiclis 

piMes mSnusquS ngTitiis. 
c&terva. A troopy band; a erowa,Jlock. — Tnccssii^ mSgnii Jirvinum snpanti ov. 

terva. Virg. iEn. 1, 497. SnbvgKiiur magnd mdtrum regtna odtirta. 

Virg. ^n. 11, 478. &»YN. Tunn8, ph&linx, igmSn, cdhdra, m&nus, 

lifglo, m&nipliis, exercttiis; multitiido, tiirb&. EPITH. Florens, frdgena, 

Aiidax, aBrit&, irmif€r&, annat&. PHR. Fiilgentes aer£ c&tcrv». SpCiuiantcs 

caedS c&tervae. VERS. AgmSn Sgens i^u:tum, et florentcs aeriS c&tcrvu. 

Totn fliiTtintes orbS c&tervas. Haud aSciis atque alto in liioo ciim fortl 

cStervn Conscdcre &vltim. 
;:utcrvatim. /n iroopSy in orowds.~-Jamqug eatervaCm ddt siragemy «tqm 

aggirdi tptls. Virg. G. 4, 55G. SYN. Turmatim. 
Ciithedrit, ae. A seatj ehair.~^i sterUet edthidras basld sotd erfyanL Mart I, 

74, 14. Hine atque indi pdiensy ei niida prnng edihedra. Juv. 1, G5. 
c&thedriilTcTua. 0/teaU, ehairs. — CHm edihHral^dios poriai tm rhedd m^iiyt. 

irot. Mart. 10, 13. 
C&tinn&. A eiiigen qf Romey who headed a eonspiraegy which wat d^tedsj 

andde/eated bg Cieero, — Hoe ddmSsissei nee CdilHnd ni/at. Mart. 6, I7. 

EPITH. ImpT&a, n^rus. niinax, perfidiia. VERS. Padlicis aaiviis tre. 

miiit_C&tTnn& s&ctircs. Et sdagrum pcenis, et te, C&tTIin&, nilnaci Pciu 

dentem «odpiild FQrTarCtmque dr& tr&nentcm. Virg. jEn. 8, G68. 
dltilliis, i. A liUie dishy perrtnger. — Tnoriiiimy puris ^reiimpSsiilssi cdftUit. 

Hor. Sat. 2, 4, 73. 
catiniis. A dith or ptatter, — AngHstoqui vdgot pitcet Hrgeri ednno. Hor. SaL 
^2,4,77. SYN. C»tiniim,linx,dtsciis. ^^ITH. F^tS^mZi;^ 
C&to^ onls. There were two ceiebrated Romant qfthis namey ihe gowiger qf 

CAT CAV 109 

vkom UmtmtarmMt aton$ qf^ moti virimout an/i pairiotie mm ofw'*om 
hitionf make» meniien — Seereidopa fHdt^ hU dantem firH GUdnem. 
Vfrg. iEn. 8, 670. EPITH. InvktSi, durus, intoneus, nnctui. YRH^. 
Triga tCperciIiuin, durique i^veri Citums Frdns. Victrix omaft DTia pUl. 
cuit wd firt& C&tonL 

Charaeier qf Caie, 

Hi moret, hxc duri tmmota Catoi.'s 

Secta fuit, aervare modum, finemque tenere, 
Natununque sequi, patrisque impendere vitam : 
Non sibi, sed toti genitum le cxedero mundo. 
Uuic epuls vidsse famem, magnique penates 
8ubmovisae hiemem tecto, pretiosaque vestis 
Ilirtam membra super, Romani more Quiritis, 
Induxisae togam : Venerisque huic maximua uaus, 
Progenies : urbi pater est, urbique maritus ; 
Justitis ailtor, rigidi aervator honesti ; 
In cnmmune bonus; uullosqne Catonis in actus 
Subrepsit, partemque tulit, sibi nata vohiptas. 

Lucauy 2, 380. 

Atm^ m. A lehelpy Riile bUch,^Glaue1dSi et eSiula vojt esi mW pratu gui 

renile. Prop. 4, 3, 66. 
CltullQs. A Jioman jwet ofpreai eleganee in ihe time o/Juiiut Catar ; he was 

bom nt Verona. — Mantua VlrgVw gaudet, Verond Cdtuild, Ov. EPITH. 

I>dctus, USnSr, facundus, argutua, siiavia, nitid&a, moUla, doctilSquua, t£n&is. 

PHR. Lasdvi Miia CStm 
citulus. A iiitie dog^ whelp; the cub of oiher ammatt,^At consueld df>mn 

eaiiiloHim bland^' propdgo, Lucr. 4, 096. SVN. Citelliia : parv&a, exT. 

giiiis, tenSr, tSaelliis c&nis. EPITH. Lactens, mGms, timTdus, tSnfr, 

blandus, pavldus, fiigTtivQs, f&gax, mordax, pSvcns, ttncUus, ducTITa. 

VKRS. Gaetiihp c&tuios l^aenflB. Aut c&trilos UcCBf aut ov& ralinqurna. 

Seu visa iat cStuIia cerv& fldelTbiis. 
dt^a. AeuiCy threwd, wite. — Pott hae iHifcdtutf guaniiimvlt rvtf\cut, Hor. Ep. 

2, 2, 39. SYN. Cautiia, astutiis, callTdua, vcrautua, aSpTena. 
c&tua, x. AeaL Bee Felit, 
OaiidUg&s. O/ Cmteatut. — Ipta CaucatSo ttifrllet in verOeg tUvet, Virg. O. 

^dUQs. A tqftg mountain in AtiOy to whkh the andentt /abled that Prome» 

iheue wae ehained, — CaHcdtiit; Hyrodnmque ddmorunt vberd tigrci, 

Virg. vEn. 4, 367- EPITH. Horrena, ingens, nTvalTa, frigTdua, iiaper, 

glScialTay ScjrthTctis, inhoapTtua, cclaiia, al|^Tdiis. PHR. Cauc2jrin fustigTil 

montis. CaiiciaSB riipca. Alona PrSmethei aanguTnJ^ tincttia. Duria 

caiitTbua horrena. V£RS. Sivjf facturua pSr TnhdapTtTdem CaucSUum. RT« 

^diquS cSciiramS mnntia (CaucSadn appellant) aerpentiim ooUft iSviivlt. 

Amaasdnns iiliilatiim CaiidUdn amus. See Mont, 
catJdS, K. A taii, — jEqnSrd verrebani caudltf ttttumquS tifcabant, Vlrg. ^n. 8, 

G74. EPITH. STnOosS. VERS. Longo caud» s^rm&tS vcrrTt hQmum. 
catidex, or codex, icTs. The ttem or trunk o/ a tree. — Qvin ei caudlcUut 

sccGt, mirairilg vltu, Virg. G. 2, 30. SYN. Triincus, lTb«r. 
dkvcL A hollow, a eaverny a den ; a theatre, — Advertot edvSct vdlult ti /rdngifri 

cUithrds Hor. A. P. 473. SYN. Fdvg», fossi, caverni, apScfis, antrum. 

EPITH. ObscurS, prufund&, im&. V£RS. Hlc ilbT jam emiMum cilv^is iid 

sid5rii coin NiirS p^r sestatem ITquldam au^pexSria agmSn. Virg, G, 4, 6i{. 

Hinc totiim cfivg» conseaatim ingentu!, H orfi Primft p&triim magnTs SSITua 

.iliimoribus implSt. Virg, .^n, 6. 340. Raptas sTn« morS SUnni&s Conacssu 

fsivim magnls Circcnstbits actis. Virg. JEn, 8, 636. 
cXvfe, cavi, cautiim. To beware, take heed o/; to otwiA—Qtrt ij&«1l, kle »Ypfr 

ta : kune «u, Romdni, edveto, Hor. Sat. l, 4, 85. S\ N. VTdJto, provTdiOk 

110 CAV CAU 

prdtptclo, idvcrU), prKdirSts Mtrro, eSositlo ; vita dri uc pdrtSs 6».- 

cnpSt «Itlr. Vad£, Tile ; cftvjf ne tltubct manditSqnS fnngis. 

e&vemX, c*. A eavej firolUu^BegUMf ii vmMtm pinlUiis patveri mernm 
Virg. jEn. 8, 242. SVN. Antr&n, ■pfc&a, spclundL EPITU. Tectl, 
capcS, obscurtt, umbiWri^ un2, prSfundl, cxesi^ ISoeA, abrupt2y fur«-3. 
PHR. Fosa atrS, Inunanis. Ibruptis sp£cus atrS clvemis. V£RSb Sc. 
cretisquS diu litueHI cftvernis. Curvisque unmugiit ^tnl cSvemis. 

caulS, K. A eheepfoidj pen, coop-^-X^Hm Jmift ad eaulde, ventoe perptetnU A 
tmlnee. Virg. Mn. 9> 60. S VN. OvilS, st&bulum, sepO, orum. EPITH. 
Claua&, tuti, munltS, plnguis, 8pim&, plenS, cIBdl. 

caunciilus. A little aialk or etem. — Nlgrd eaulUuliu vfrene pai&la. Uart. S^ 

caulis, ts. A eialk or etem; a eahbage, — Cautlbue, aut pomSSy H aperto vivMi 
horto. Juv. 6, 1& EPITH. Tinir, nSviis, frSgOis, tr&n&lus, viridis» 
virens, vcmans, turgens, pXtfiliis. 

d&vc, as. To hoUoWy excavate; to pieree. — Dura tamen molti etuS eSvamlrir 
aqtid. Ov. Ar. Am. 1, 475. SVN. £xdivo, fSSdio, cffSdTo; perfSro, trins- 
fddio. VERS. CSvatqul Tellurem, et sSGdd grSviter sSnftt ungiili oornu. 
Parmam glidio, gil&mqul^ civan Cemit. 

caupo, ouis. A vintner, autler, — Dlffertum naOite, eaupoiifbSM aiquS matiguXa 
Hor. Sat. 1, 5, 4. BPITH. Bibulus, sordidus. 

cauponX, e. A tavem. — Jspersuty volet Tn eaiipona vtvSrf; nee quL Hor. E|w 
1, 11, 12. SYN. P5pini, tSberni. EPITH. ipcrtS, communis, pfttfns. 

Caurus, i. TJte north^west wtnd, — SempSfr HiemSy semper sjffrantes fi^Sti CmHfi. 
Virg. G. 3, 356. EPITH. Repindntis, vi01intiis, furen^ sasvfis, ribulSa, 
insaniis, ripidus, iiimbos&s, aspSr, immitis. PHR. Vcntib Xb Otisisu 
spirans, flans. VERS. Adverso gMmSratas turbinS Cauriis In m^ia ori 
nives fusds &git hdrridOs alis. FHfti fervesdlnt spirantlbiis indti Catiris. 
See Fentus. 

causS. A caute, reason; a hwsuiL — LdngttSr hHm, eausis non Sppdrenfibife, 
harit. Ov. £p. 21, 13. SVN. Princtptum, f5na, Siigo, dlpiit, radix • 
ritio; lis, judiciiiin. EPITH. CertS, siifriciens, hSnesU; dlffidlis, fb- 
scurii, occultX, litens. VERS. Tanti caiisi dipiitquS milL Hinc imh" 
primi mili iTibes. Hdc fCntS derivati dades Tn pStriam p<$piilumqu£ fluxit. 
Hinc mihi principiiim damnL Qu» caiisl siibcgit Ignotis tentarS viBs ? 
Caiisas nequidqiiam nectisinines. Hino iUff Ucrjrm». £rg6 soUicitc tii 
causi, p^nii, vit» Ss ? Neu matri misSrsB tinti sim caiisi dSloris. 

rausTdictis. A pleaderj advoeaie, — £ttepdirdniimy cauHdieumqtii piiids. Alart. 
1, 08, 2. SVN. Patroniis, idvScatlis. EPITH. Doct&s, peri^ facundiis, 
disertiis, ISquax. PHR. liitibiis iptiis. Lites, jiirgiX &inans. Ldtls 
imans. £l$qui5 pnestins. Funindo maximiis dr& FamX d^ciisqui £6A 
Qui cSpTtalS nSfss f ictinda diliiit irt& Qui magnis dimoribiia impljst 
f^nlm. Climdsi glorii drd. Qui &ii|^uim caiius Sciiit Doctils caiisis 
SgSHS, St compon&i leges. VERS. £xercet raiicos tcrtSi (Aora) caustdiods. 
Ndn siim caiisidicus, nSc Imaris HtTbQs iptiis. Tiirba ddem s6pit fSi^ 
ciim tiii, mcestos IHfensurS ri^ vocem f idxndiX mitliit. LaiidibQs ipsi 
tiiis rCsSnint fSrS. Qn» sit Cnim ciilti facundiX sendmaiis oris, CivicS pro 
tHFpidis ciim t&ITt inni rSis. Mdx iindarS fSro victrix 5ptilentlBi GngusD, 
Ta^iriquS rfos: ipsa haBC ampnssTmi scdes Orintem stiiptiit. Sea 

caQsdr, iris. To plead in exeuse ; to aOege as a reason; io expoeiuiaie i 
-j-^aiisdndo nostros in longum dHcls amores. Virg. EcJ. 9, 56. SiiiiiSs 
iiterqui ISeiim immirltiim causdtHr HnJque. Hor. Ep. 1, 14, 12. 

cautes, is. A rock, erag, cHffi — Stdrivil insanSs caiites bbndjnS venas. Tib. 2 
4, 9. SYN. Rupes, scdpJiliim, saxum. EPITH. DiiriL crudS, isp^riL 
r^idH. See Rupes. '^ ^ 

caiitas. Care/ui,wargieun»ing,aHfiiL^Jimblbdt SioHlm eaiUut fHnddm-ina 
iirrm. Ov. M. 5, 361. Otim qudd mUpet mgrbto eaHtS Udnh Hor. En. 1 1, 
73, 8YN. Prudcns, vertutJis ; dUHdfiT, astutiSs, vif^rV^ ^ ' * 

dlvas. IloOouf; decp.-^hfom cSv^j Xgndvi dSmiitiipiniiriiiiiii^^mm. Ov. M. 

CAV CEL 111 

1 1, 593. DetMeri eavo ifntMS/tjiS UmSno. liiic. 1, 396. SYN. CS. 
▼ituj, cSndLruMf eifoM&s; hlaiis, pitini; altui, pr5fund&k VERS. CivS 
buoeini lumYttir llE T&riXJKM, CXvi duxn penSn&t eqnSrX oSndii. CXvis 
undam de fluintnS polniis Sustiint. Vistumqni civa trXbl currim&s equor. 
CkraM Atricis pSmtus nuttetfir Id imdas. N5z atrK cKva drcum^dllt 

Clf cfis, or OHcSs. A rhMr 4tf MftUL^MjilSque, ei gmd& HUua pnfiti 
Cigeo. Luc. 3, 203. 

Ci/strfisy or CifstrSs, 1 A rioer ^l^^tHa, ahomndimfi in ftfxms. — DvkihHt Tn 
tiapma rvmant&r j^roid C^tiri, Virg. O. 1, 384. £PITH. Gmd&s, lenis; 
Lfdus ; Lf dnis, MbSiu&s. PHR. Cfcnis flumin ibundans. Amnla Sldrum 
eoncentu sSnSrfis. 

Cifstruis. O/ ihs CofMirui.^UiquX JSoeno Hpa dfjiiri CSyairlS$ aU!: Oy. Tr. 
5, 1, 11. 

Cei, ae, or CeSs, i. An i$land tfi iho JEgean Sea^ onetifihe Cpcladei.^fn»ula 
CotgcGe quondam cgHberrlmd NymfMe Cinjfliur JSgao^ nonifni Ced^ mdrh 
Ov. Ep. 20, 221. 

CecrSpSdcs, m, A deeeendani qf Ceeroptg an Aihenian.^Cecr9p\dum Ciphdlus 
piiigli mandaidy rdffoiqug. Or. M. 7> 002. 

Ceeropts, uiu. A female deeeendani qf Ceeropa ; Aihenian,^Cier9fia oeenllc 
morditikry A anM noeU. Or. M. 2, 805. In^ funMhue, CMpi ierrd, 
iuis. Or. £p. 10, 100. 

CecrSpilis. Of Ceerope ; Aihenian, — Ceerifplat MnnSiih Sph dntSr itrgifi hum 
bendu Virg. O. 3, 177. SYN. Ithenlensls, Atticfis. 

Cecrops, Spls. Thefounder andfirei king of Aihene^^Nie nAn ei dSerdpiM, 
nee nan JmphS9n1e areh. Ov. M. 15, 427. £PITH. Pdtens, incljFtus. 

oedo^ cesan. 7*0 giee pUtee, wiihdraWy reiire; togranty gieid — Cedd rMgnann: 
eedendo wetSr dbSbXa. Ov. Ar. Am. 2, 197. SVN. Dlscedo» r«ced<^ exfo, 
ibSo^ evado^ excedo; oSncedo, 15cum do. V£RS. Ccsir ib humana oessTt 
xn istrS T&. £xfil ib HamSnia Pircnldi ceasft id undam. JEthXrii doad 
cesserS pirentes Atemum floreri gSnas. Tu ne cedS mills, sed oSntra 
audent% Ito. 

Moj etdv. Cemey gioe mOy ieilme. — FaeH ertndfnhdbei; oMS,al eenaid pfregUt 
Juv. 13, 210. 

cedrus. The eedar, eedar-wood. Poaad tfnendd efdro, ei iav% teroSndd 

eSpretMO. Hor. A. P. 332. Uf^i odoraiam noeiuma §n Inmhid eedrvnu 
Virg. JEn. 7, 13. £PITH. Oddriti, ddori, dlens, LYbinias, immur. 
lalis, fragrins^ umbrosi, frondens, |ditfili, densi, alti, frfindusi, um« 
brtfMy proceri, Sddrtfiriy pulchri, irdui, cxcclsi, sublimlts, innosi, duri, 
Inoorrupti. PHR. LongB slnect». Non mStfiens ciriifm. Ciric im« 
pbiitiibins irbSr. Semp^r hibens frondes. See Arbor. 

Cflaeno^ iis. One qf ihe Harpiea. See Harpgim^^^iid nSvum dfeiuqni tyffaa 
Harpgld Cilmni. Vii^. Mn. 3, 866. 

c2Ub&, er oaebrTs. Renownedffrequenied, qfmueh reaori; erowded, ihronged, 
^-USentia JquUanm egUber Meaedld ifiumpf^ Tib. 2, 1, 33. Eeegvtnli 
eSmVum mSbe eSBbenrimd turba. Ov. M. 0, 185. SYN. Clirfis, nobilis, 
illustris, Insbrnis, fsmfiofis, laudit&s, spectitQs; friquens. PHR. NdhTIia 
etfamimultisoSUbiitfislnorlB. Gaibri cantatus laudi pir drbem. CCl^bri 
fimi laiiditfis Tn firbi. Fac6s quem fama ingentibfis efFert. Qm nomln 
fictls extendSt. diriim nomin idcptus. rami sfip2r KthM, sidSri, 
notfis. Gurnlni miiltd c»ebrit&s. VERS. Inter Stotlidis Cjfine cfl^ber. 
rimi Nfmphis. CiU^rrioius lEoS liicfia. Niino oQibres mei|ps fuIidsquC 

celebro, is. To render famoue, exioi; io frequeni, reaori io.^ReiiiinL ei 
priaeot dSe&li egUbrarS Lditnoe. Virg. ^n. 5, 59a SequS eSiebrafi quoi^fbgh 
org aWi. Ov. Tr. 4, 4, la SYN. Laudo, orno, oflebrem ficTo; fr&. 
quenta VERS. Perqu^ Pilisgas Servitrix urbes matrCim oSlCliritb^rS 
torba. NiillQs £rechth:dit> fertCtc dHSbritTSr illd Illiixissi Aes. 

cHfr, iris. Swifty Mpeedg.^fnagqu-Uur egigrgmqug mgiu eilgr Hrggi SmSrg. 
Ov. M. 11, 774. SYN. VelSx, pemSx, pr5mptfis, expWjta^ cTtfi^ vaac*r 
prfpcnis, prdpiiins, haiid •egnis, inipT|r?r. v81ans. PUR. Ocf& Euk 

il2 CEL CEN 

NduK aiira, ▼entis fulminX, fulimnTs alii. Qui curtibus aurai Prdr^cftL 
( 111 i^nlpcs curtu, cui ceMflrit incitus amnia. See FcrliiM^ VehM* 
oSieritns,atit. Sw^ftnettj jpfed-^VN. Velocltai, I^rltaa. 


niii [CamiBa] Tel intacta segvtiB per inmma Tolaret 
Oramina, nec tenema cursu laeaisset aristas : 
Vel mare per medium, fluctu suspensa tumenti,- 
Ferret iter, celerea nec tingeret aequore plantas. 

Virg. i£iu 7> 908, 

ctUrTtSr. Qwckly, tpeedUg^^YS. Vclddtlr^ prnmpte, prSpSr^ ocfus, otJS, 

oontinuo, extemplo, subito, haud mSri. 
eel(5ro. To Hatteny aecelerate, — Sed jel^rif fugam in tlivae, ei fidM imcA 

Virg. iEn. 9, 371. SVN. Prdp^ro, fesdno, maturo, acofiSro. 
CSuus. A king of Eleutitf and the faiher of Triptolemut, whom Ceret aia- 

ttructed in agrieullure — Vtrgia pnetirifd Celii vWtqug eiipeUex. Vlrg. Cr. 

1, 165. PHR. Rex &rat5r, agncSIS. 

celli, ». A ttorehoute, celi; a chapeiy thrine. — Siipanty H dnk» ditieniutU 
necidrg eeliat. Virg. Mn. 1, 433. 

c.i'llarius. A butier, tievoard, — Hinc eeUariut exfXrliur aHia* Mart. 11, 32. 

Ciio, as. 7*0 hide^ keep tecret — Sed bM eeictur: bfni tS oHaSfiur tndejp» 
Ov. Ar. Am. 1, 397* SVN. Occiilo, occulto, ttgo, condo, r&xmdo, ab*' 
scondo, vclo, abdo, obt%a V£RS. HdcprsBtexit nominS cQlpim. £rror, 
qui ficti crimin 5bumbrSt, Snt. 1112 quidem celariS cupit, turpiqulF pudor^, 
Temp5r& pCirpurl la tentat velarS iulris. Pnecepti cin^m, celabitiir auctor. 
Nec falsa Clj^Sne culpam sub imagSnS cellt. 

ceLi&s. I^y, ereety tiaieiy, — Pietord ceita idnt ; totftt plci nlgr%Sr atra. Ov. M. 
12, 402. SVN. Altuii, (xcclsus, sublimis, erectus, elatus; arduiis. VERS. 
Aut Sgitat diunas, aut cclsiim in comuX cerviun. Celsi5r ipa5 I5oo, scci»- 
troque Innixiis Sburno. 

cenchrts, idis. A tpeciet qfhawk; a keeiriL — Kt tempcr recto iapeurut iimVi 
Cenchr^ty Piurtbiit ilU notit vdrlaiam iingUiir diviim* Luc. 9, 712. 

oensjfo, es, &i. To thinkyjudgcy be ofopinion ; to valtte, number, limiL — Quam 
teit Hterquiy tSbenty eeneeboy ixerddt artem, Hor. Ep. 1, 14, 44. PM inter 
etmOiet Manfld oenad tuat. Ov. Ep. ex P. 1, 2, 139. SVN. Puto, scntlo, 
irbitrSr, existimo, jiidico; rScensio. VERS. At non Alcitlioe Minyelia 
orgik censSt Aoc!pIend& DSL Qui dicCrS legcm Fletlbiis, aut flnes audec 
oenseHf dSIendL 

^ns5r, oris. A Roman (^fficer who regitiered the peopie, and reguiaied Ae 
iaxet; a criiie. — Cum tdbuiity drHmiim eentcrit tumet /ionetiU llor. V^ 3: 

2, 110. EPITH. RTgldiis, s^veriis, h5nntiis. 

Centor Catuiidut. 

Vir bonus et prudens vcrsus reprehendet inertet ; 

Culpabit duros ; incomptis allinet atnim 

Transverso calamo signum : ambitiosa reddet 

Omamisiita : pamm claris lucem dare co^et : 

Arguet ambigue dictum : mutanda no:al»ic : 

Fiet Aristan^us ; nec dioet, Cur ego amicum 

Olfendam in nugis ? 

V^emm, ubi plura nitent in carmine, nou egQ pauds 

Oifendar maculis, quas aut incuria fudit, 

Aut humana parum cavit natura. Hor. A. P. 445 and 351. 

cetisiirS, «. The oJJHce t^ eeneor ; eriHcitmy eensitre. — Sie dj/itm oriwtrra, H 
tic exempid pdrdntur, Ov. Fast. 6, 647. Ddt vifHd:n edrvny vixdi cinaurd 
eoiumbdt. Juv. 2, 03. SVN. Jiid^um. EPITH. RTgidi, a£verii, durL 

censiia, us. The vaiuation made by the centort; an ettate, properig,^Pr6d)gd 
non tenat pirainlem femXnd eetuiim. Jur. 0. 3(il, See fitmoy oruai, 

CEN CEB 113 

«fnUnreiuD. I. T%e herb cenUmry, — Ceeropliitnqtii thjnntm^ H pniveSlMna 

trnia&mL Vlrg. O. 4, 270. EPITH. Theit&likin, ChirSnlum. rillt 

UcrbX CentanreX, CentauricS, ChtronTi. 

Ccnuureus itmd CentauricOs. O/ ihe CenioMn — XSo ClnUtureoe LapVh/U 

eompellU\n eneee, Vfrg. Cul. 28. CentaHiried Ivttri, Suc. AchiU 1, 2ijh 

Ccntaur&a» u A Cenianr, The Ceniaurt were /almiwe moneiert, haff man^ 

hal/ horae: thejf icere tuppoted /o inhabii Thettalpy near M, PeKon and 3f. 

Osao. Thejf aiiempied to earry off the w\/e qf Pirithout on ihe day qf hit 

marriagej bui toere rouied by Theteut and Ae LapHhet,^Ndli\[^t vt grandl 

c£dfni< CeniaurSt dlHmnd, Hor. £pod. 13, 11. Centaikri In /Sttbut ttdbtU 

taniy Seyileequi bf/ormet, Virg. JEti, 6, 286. SYN. NublgSns, IxldiiTd». 

EPITH. BTfdrmea, bimembres, semTvTrT, semTh5mTnei, iemTf2ri ; furcntvs 

minaces, trucei, nevi, superbt ; rXpTd!, c212res, cTti, veloces. 

ccnteniis. A hundred, {Adjeot,)-^t lua centenSe ttat poriUut alta cSiumnie, 

Mart. 12, 50. 
cintKsunu&. The hundredth^-^t edntdngtiinim quonddm centetlmd turba. 

Or. Ep. 14, 121. 
oentTceps, cTpTtts. HundredJteaded, — DemStt^t atrag belittd eenffcept, Uor. Od. 

eentlminus. Hundred-handed,-^Centlmdnumqui Gjgen, teniilSeemqug v1rum 

Ot. Tr. 4, 7, 18. 
stnto, onTs. A patchworle garmenL^Tntrdvlt odtfdum vitSrt eentonH ISpanar 

Juv. 6, 121. • 
eentum. A hundred, — Centum Itim^riibut clnetum odput Jrgiit habebdt, Ov. 31. 

1, 625. 
oentum^&mn&s. A hundred-/oid, — £t eenlumghiiinut Brfdreiie, el beiiud 

Limm, Virg. ^ii. 6, 237. 
Oenturii. A centurg ; a company o/ a hundred,-^Ccntuf^a thHorum dgWni 

expertld/ruyls, Hor. A. P. 341. 
xniurio, onTs. A captain o/ a hundred,^A ¥iy\dd tiritur centur16ne ntfr, 

Mart. 11,4. 
erpj^ \s, An ouion, Soe Cape, 

Ceph&lus. Son o/ Deioneut, king o/ Thettaly: he married Procrity davghter 
o/ Ereehtheutj king o/ Athent^ /fom whom he wat carried off by Diana, who 
lavedhim, Ae aecidentaliy sleie hit wi/e^ whOe huniing, the having eoncealed 

hertei/ behind a thicket, and being mittaken by him /or a wOd beatt K 

quUut jEdltdit Ciphdlut te conjuge /etix, Ov. M. 6, 681. SVN. jf^dltdes. 
EPITH. Cultiis, rormrisiis, vcniitdr. PHR. Prules CyllenlL Actosiis 
C4'pheiis, ft, or 5os; ace, CcpheS. King o/ the jEthiopiant, huthand o/ Cat" 
iiopeia, and/ather o/ Andromeda.^—^lerat Cepheut tettdtu» jutquS /idem* 
qui, Ov. M. 5, 44. SVN. TasTdcs. PHR. Andrdm^dv pftt5r. 
Cephtsiis. A river o/ Bceotia, taking itt rise at the /oot o/ M, Pamattut.^ 
Jam vddd Cephlsl, Pdnopesque evdterdt arvd. Ov. M, 3, 10. V£RS. 
Bceoti cSTiirS diiccs, quus impTgSr ambTt FatTdTcii Cephisiis ftqiia. Lue, 
Cephittiis, and/em, CephTstas, XJis, Cephtsts, TdTs. 0/the Cephisus.—Jdm<iui 
tSr ad quinds vnfim CephlsiSs dnnum, Ov. AI. 3, 351. Vid^t it Immlicm 
CepKiiidt ord Prdcrutten, Ov. M. 7} 43& Jdiunipdr^ter Cephiiiddt unda: 
Ov. M. ],36;i. 
cerS. Wax,~--Qua re/erdt vultut, ett mVii eerd, tiiot, Ov. £p. 13, 152. 
EPITH. PinguTs, flavS, ixidntft, flavens, tlfniiTs, moIITs, tjfnellS, 5dor&, 
tSn^rS, Itquescens, tractabTlTs^ dtictTITs, ddorTf{r%, tSnax, Iftlioratl, im« 
pressL PHR. Art£ l&boratS, WfdJSlens thj^miim, admotd dUoHf liquens 
ign{ ITqtteSGens. V£RS. Hj[mettTS soIS Cerft rJSmdliesdt, tractat&quS pdl« 
iTdf, miiltas Vertitur in ftcTes, ipsdqu2 f Tt utTns iisiL HTnc artC r^cSntcs 
£xcudiint ceraok TabescSrS fliivae IgnS I^vi oer«, matiitTnaequil prQ nse Sol? 
tSpent£ sSlent. 
eSriiste», ». A terpent wOh tmaU homt,.^plnaquif vdgl torquentg eSrnxt.iu 
liuc 0, 716. EPITH. LTbJcQi, v%iis, c6rnTg«r, TOtatiis, letTfgr. See 

114 CER 

Qfr^Lbus, untis. A Unen f^ CappadocWf m ihe 9hor§ of iks Stisim^ mlUiiae 
cherriet werefirtt imported inio Itaiif. (Or. Ktqmnuu) 

ctSrisus, t. A eherrif'4ree.'^Hte duleee cMtdty hJe aiiiimmSriS pruneL Profc 
4, 2, 15. SYN. C^riUum. LPITH. Dulds, luaru, jucuadL 8ee Arbor, 

cerat&B. Cooered or tmetartd triih was^^CttrHla eerSiOM tMjfii undu ratea. 
Ov. Ep. 5, 48. 

CSraumS^ druxn. A hflg raage of mamiaine in Bpinte, — ProeiMmiiir pSago^ 
vlcJnd CgrauriSajiurta, Vir^. Mn. 3^506. SYN. AcrSdTrMi^ KPITU. 
Altl, soSpuIosS, prBruptS, ezcelsS, ^n>^ fulmtnfiC, inf iznBL 1*HR. Fal^ 
minib&8 crebrisicti. Infames scSp&fi. VERS. Attollunt^xcelsi C&rauiiSl 
montes. Cum pdt&im rectd transirS Ciraunil relo ; Ot fSri Titarcm laxi, 
mSnindtis {ram. See Acroeeraunia. 

Cerbtrfis, L A dog wiih ihree headty who watfaUed bp ihe poeit io keep the 
gate qf Ae vnfemalreffiont^^^iimfritdets ifnuliqiue "SnhXant irta CerbiFru* 
ord, Viig. O. 4, 483. EPITH. Iflans, mhBuis, xnmumls, insdmnis, imu&. 
yid&s, pervlgll, infernus, sasviis, atroz, irrSquietOs, Lethviis, Arerttafi^ 
Stygius, PhiegSthontaeiis, ac&', aspSr, fSrmidabHls, terrlbins, dirua, ni^^r, 
at&, teti^r, triplex, horrificQs. PHR. Custos HrtXrS&s. Ord janitor. 
Orc5 terg^nunfis custos. Insomnls janttSr aul» TaenXriBw Qiii Stj^g^ 
excfib&t ant2 fSret. Qui tnbfis infemum custodit finidbQs antrum. TriX 
guttiiri pandens. IlllS qnSque umbrarum custos, illS horrSr Aremi, Cer- 
bl^iis. Cui tres innt Hngu» tergSminihnquS cSpiit. VERS. Cerb^riia 
hao ingens latratii regnS tnfaiici PersSn&t, adrerso rik;iibans immanls m 
autro. Cesslt immanis tlbi blandlenti J&nit8r aiil» CcrbSriis, quamvis fii. 
rul£ centixm Mitniant angues cXptit ejiis, atquS Spintiis teter, s&nifsqn? 
manSt OriS tnEnguL Nexis IdXmantS ditems CerbSrdn anraxit. 

Cercop^ iim. The inhabiianit qf the itland qf Pitheeuta ; they were ekanged 
into apetfor their dithonetSg,-^mPirjuriaquondam Ceredpumexotutgenneyue 
ddmltta dSldtm^ In deformX v1ros dtilmai muiavlL Or. M. 14, 92. 

CSre&Iis. Of Ceret, — Ei Cirialg tStum pomSt agretiVmt augfnL Virg. JEn. 


c5rebrosiis. Patsienatey headtirong ; hmr-brained, — Seniimuty donSo eMbroeut 
prdtiru tZntr«. Hor. Sat 1, 5, 21. 

c^rebriim. The brainSdnguWit 1119 gldbot pai^Uer cXrSbriimqug^ mSrumquK 
Or. M. 12, 238. SdnguTni eerriit adhue tpdrtoque \nfecla ctri^rii. 
Vtrg. JEiL 5, 413. EPITH. MoIIS, doctiim, iitgSniMiiin, t&i^riim. 
VERS. OssSquS dispergit cSrSbro penmxtS eriientd. 

Clres, ClSrins. Daughier qfSaium and Opty and mother ef Proterpine: the 
wat the goddett cf com and agricuIiure---Fldvd Ciret dUd niquidqu-^m 
tpecidi dlympo, Virg. O. 1, 96. CunctatUl Cirifrem pubei dgretfU ddoreL 
Virg. O. 1, 343. SYN. AlatSr £leiulni, £leiisini& (from Eleutit^ a totcn 
ifAUicay where the wat worthipped,) EPITH. FlarS, flarens, aorai, au. 
Hc5mS, nilcif2r&, laeta, fecund&, spidfSrS, dirSs, iilmS, frugifdri^ annosS, 
tritic^ flareniL cuItS, spicatl, gratS, miinlfltil, altrix, sptcfi^ ritrlcSIi; 
ActsS, AttlcS, Eleiisini, Slciili, Slcani, ^tnaO. PHR. Fru|iim gifnitrix, 
matSr, inrentrix, abnl p&rens. Birk pdtens friigiim. D£l friiglf^riL 
Spicis tcmpdrS dnct& C^res. SptdS sert& gSrensw Spids rikilmit& dlpiiUds. 
Qua res^t frijglb&s arr&. Quae friigibiis almis IHt&t agros. VERS. 
Prim& C2res ferro mortales rerti^riS terram Instltilit, ciim jam gliindcs atque 
arbiit& sacne Deflc£rent sHrs. Prim& C^rcs dSciiit tiirgesc^riS semSn in 
agris : FiilcS cSronatas siibsSciiitquS cSmas : Prim& jiigis taiiros siipponcriF 
colI& cSegit, £t rSt&em ciirrd dent2 rSrellit h&miiin. Mactant lecta* «ic 
mdri< bldentcs LegtfiSrB Ci<riSri, PhoebdquS, p&triqnS Ljred. Vos 5 da* 
risstm& miindl LiiimnS, liibentem ccelo quae diidtis anniim, Lib&, St alm& 

C^res. The teord Ceret itfrequently uted in ihe tente qf oom vr harveti 

iltelf See Segety FrumetUum^ Panit. 

eeriS&s,'i. A waxen taper,~mmHie tVii ndeiumot prmtidbli eeriut \gnet, Mart. 
14, 42. SYN. Candel&, lucern&. EPITH. Plnguis, igniflJr, c5ri;acus, 
ardens. PHR. Tramiilii luc2 cdriiscns. Erlptcns noctcm. Vmcens tS- 
oebras. See Candeia, Fas* 


ecfCtti^ Wagens dueHie, pRanU^SU MAf Irl^Mb firum pfr eeM eaeird. 

Virg. Mtu \% 5&a. Cerif^e in «Htflm ^M» mSeiUirUae iejOr. Hor. A. P. 

l€SL 8VN. Cerin&s ezeeri; mdini, trictabins, ducOllg. 
eeruith^ eiy or oerinthiy b. ^ jorl <tf henefeuekle, — Trlti fnHlephjOa^ «f «^ 

einilue igneSUg fframgn. Virg. G. 4, 63. 
Gcmoy U, crev^ cretum. 7*0««, dieeem; to ei/t; to eeniend, fyM^^Cernerl 

teep0e ioej neu qt^e eonHnffM poeegL Virg. JEiu 1, 413. Hae iib^ eou» 

tnine per deneajdramfna eemi. Ov. de Med. Fac 89. Inter $i eSiui vlrdo, 

& eemiri Jerro. Virg. Mn. 1% 709. 8YN. Vldi^o, wpicfo, cdnspicio, 

perspicio; •cp&ro; ccrto^ diraico. PHR, LiimlnX, Sc&iof verto, cuii. 

▼crto^ flectob LumlnS, 6d& loAtro, pcrluatra 
eernii&s. Hanging down Ihe head. — Jmpiieat t ^ieipgne IneumhU eemiiuk 

mrmo. Virg. Mn. 10, 804. 
ceromi, Itls. A mixtttre qfoU anduKUC^ teUh whieh wreetiere leere anoinled.^ 

Seu leniiim eeromd /Mr, lipldiimvi Mgond. Mart. 4, ]0. Vard nte in. 

jicid ceromdli braehla lindU. Mart. 7> 31. 6VN. Ccrotum. £P1TH. 

Fingu^ crUsum, lenS, Cinctum. 
eerdmS^iciis. Anointed wUh oeroma.-^/ eeremaffeoferi nSeetefii eoHo, Juv. 

cerdtiuii, or ceratiuny L Ceraie.^Nie laM pSngl detihuid eeroto. Mart. 11, 

98. SeeCmma. 
cerritfis. Wild vfHh euperititioiie frenxg; a eormption of Gereritus, drieen 

mad bg ihe vmiih qf Ceree^^Cerniite fuiif an eommdtm ertnHni menile AL» 

toivee homf.neoL Hor. 8at. 2, 278« 
certamSn, Tnts. A eonieety diepute ; a confieiJight.~^t eertdmin irat^ CSrjdon 

cum Thyriidi magnum. Virg. EcL 7» 10. Dimene, ct eantu vocdt Jn 

eertamlnd Dlvot. Virg. Mn. G, 172. SVN. PfignS, conflictiia, pnelmn), 

bclium, Mars. EPITH. AcHl, Scerbiim, aspSrixm, Snimosum, duriim; 

anccps, dtibiiim, &nhcliim; Martifiim, v&Iidiim, funestiim. PHR. Rigidi 

oertamini Martis. VERS. CertamSn Htroz multo cum sangnlnl siirgK 

ContSniid pugiias in^iint, et proen& tentant. £t mpbltiins &vida ad cer. 

tamina fert&r. Siiblatamque acri rifpStit certimluJS palmiim. PiSoSrisquC 

m2gi8tris Velocis jScuIi certaminft pontt Tn ulmo. 
crvrtatim. With emulation^ eagerly, — Cirtditm e8cR fir\uni marey H eBguSrd 

verrunl, Virg. Mn. 6, 778. 
Ctf rtc. Surelg, truly. — HU cirte nique amor enuem iet ; vijt deHhue harifiL 

Virg. EcL 3, 102. SVN. CCrto, prdfecto, verc. 
certo, iia. Toconiend, ttrive^ etruggle,Jight.^Vleuri JEnXdddt; pdrt it eerlari 

pdrda. Virg. Mn. 5, 108. SYN. Pugno^ confligo^ dunlco, cdngrcdiSr. 

PHR. DeccrnJ^rSferrd. Pugnam oommttUrS, Ynli^, l&cesslrC. CertamSn 

¥[ur& Certatun Iglit, V£RS. Certet Phosbiim supSriirS c&nendo. 

Altemis contendiint versib&s. Tii dic, meciim quo pigndrS ccrtes. Vls 

ergo inter nos, quid pdsstt &tcrqui$, vTcissim £xp<riam&r. Nec si munirl. 

biis certes cdnced&t Tolas. Non tlbl certaeset j&v2nilii fingiSrS oordft NesttSr. 

Non jam primX pSto Mnestheiis, neo vinoSr^S certo» See Bellum gero^ 

ccrtiis. Delemdnedy retolved; eure; iried, faiihfuU^Cirtd in^i, varVque 

irarum JlHciSdt attu. Virg. ^n. 4, 564. Cirtut \n hdtjHfihue non eei 

dmSr: irrdty ut iptl. Ov. £p. \7, 191. SVN. Non dubi&s, n6n incertui ; 

dar&s, m&nifest&s, indubttat&s ; tutus, fid&s. V£RS. Certis pjSt£ris co^- 

noscSrS signis. Ne d&bita, niim verft vTdes. AusplcTis mftnTfvstl ndes. 

BesponsS d&bant&r Fidft s&tTs. Cert&s Sras nunquam, nisT victdr, DriisiF, 

rSverti. Ciim talcs &nTm6s j&vSnum et tam cert& t&IistTs Pect&rX. 
oervS, ». A hind, doe.^—Non dSdt trrfZtiot eurriri cervd ednct. Ov. Ar. Am 

3, 670. SVN. Dam&. £PITH. C^t&, velox; tTmTdS» imbeUis, fiiirTtiv&. 

See Cervtte* 
eervic&l, alTs. A jnlloee, hebler.^Tinsi edput nardi fSnot eirviodl HHM 

Mart. 14, 146. 
cervtn&s. Ofa eiag or hari.^am torquit Juvinim longa U^ir^nd tindotut, 

JUV. 14, 251. DigitzedbyV^OO 

cirrix, icls. Tltc neck.^£mledty arrceCitqui fritnlt eervUlbSe aki. Yirg. iEn. 

116 CEll CHA 

II, 406. SVN. CdUunu EPITH. LactS, amrnO, SUinil, ciai^dl. 
iiitens, luv^ ambrSsiS, blandi, mdllis, formdsX, SldrinX, ilbi, TCnuss&. 

fcrussl, ». Cerutey whiU UatL — Neo eeruttS ti&i, nee nJiri epmmd Titietu T» 
. Ov. Me<L Fac 79- EPITH. Alb&, candldi, lutens. See F«etw. 

cerusat&s. Painted wiih eemse. — Ei eerutdta eandWora euti. Mart. 7> •-&> ^ 
PHIL Ctirusaa iUit&s, pictus, nitezu, splendena. 

cfirvus, i. A ttoff, hart — Cervut Srat ferma pratiantiy ei eorMut tngeHMm 
Virg. .En. 7, 483. EPITH. LSru, aHpe^ alatns, Teldz, caer, dtus, 
&giniB, pemiz ; f &gaz,. f&gitiTiis, pftvens, pividus, ti^pidiis, tunidiis ; an- 
nosih, vlvax, IdngaeTiif ; cdnugSr. PHR. Penux fiEriL Celsiia in oimuS- 
Ramosft extollens comCii. Cervi ocdo dipit& altX f^rentes oonubiis arbdrElw 
VERS. C^lSresquS per aviS cenri Diffugiiint. Aln de pertS pStcncvs 
Trlnsmittunt ciirsu campus, iitque agmin& cervi Piilvi^riilcntft fiigi gldm^- 
. rant, mdntesqu2 rSfinquiint. Niinc Squft, ntinc ales, m<Sd<5 boi^ indd5 ccnrns 
ftbibiit. Aiit pronos Updrca, aiit celsum In oomiii cerviim Aiit igicac 


cesp^ ttis. A turfy tod. — GraeHhHit madiddm eetplft obumbrai hiimnmu 
Ov. Am. 5, 16, 10. Cetpitlbftt mentamy eetjHCfbutqui torum,^ Tib. 2, o, 
100. EPITH. Gramini^iis, crassiis, herbin^r, hiimens, agrestu^ herbosika, 
pinguis, virens, mdlHs, htimllTs, vlviis. PH R. Gramindiis tSrua. Olebii 
gramuiSS. VERS. Gratiis Sdoratd cesptcS manit MtSr. TSniro ceapit^ 
tcrr& virSt. PatipSris et tiigiiri oongestiim cespttiS culmSn. £t siibitus 
- rapti miinlmTniS cespttis a^gSr Pnebet seciiros intra tenti}ri& sotainds. Gra* 
min£im vtridi f9d2rct de cespttS terranu Festiis promissi diHs &niinan& 
cespSs £xpect&t Aiiiqui^ griimtnSd vtridis de cespttg fiiu 

oessa To ttop, paute, rett; to be tardtf^ io be wanAng, — JEi, tlqUid eettarf pnfctm 
rgqitiletei tub umbnu Virg. Ecl. 7> 10. jlt tud non mtat unqudm cetudrtt 
ambrh Prop. 1, 6, 21. S VN. Deaisto^ absisto^ destnoi, qutesco, vfico, otiur. 
PHR. FinlriJ llibdres. Opiis intcrmltterii, sistSri^ suspend2ri<. L&lMirv 
absttner& Inceptd desIstSr& VERS. Omntbiis uni qutes 5p$rum.£ 
vtri f&ctiint, IntermittuntquS libdrem» Alteruis Idem tonsas cCssnrc novuies. 
PrimJl dtes bcUi c^ssiivit AlartS criientd. VSnlQs hodtc ; ccsaaliimua iina. 
Cessat vdlundis? Non ifia bibam Merced& Fnestat Trinacril mctas 
. ItistritrS Pich^m Cessantcm, longos et drciimflectiri cfirsits. 

cctc, on, plur. Any large teafith; whaiet. — Tum varfm comlium /Sclet, Immdm 

. fHd ccte. Virg. JEn. 5, 822. SYN. Cetiis, i, balaeni. EPITH. Graiidii, 

horrtdi, scdpiilosi, ImmantS. PHR. Immaius belhli pontJ. Mngiuk xe 

muIS mSvcna. Siilcans Ingentl ]«cctorS fliictiis. Monstri ingentii, it iiGr. 

. rtdi visii. Immani corpJSriS cete. Centiim orbcs ccnttiinque tindosi vulu- 

mtni torquens. Ttirbans Impu^sii pectdris iindits. VERS. Abriiptiiii] 

, credits radicibiis IrS Ortj^giam aut Criicttim pSIigo dccurrSr^ mdntcm. Diim 

. cete ponto Innabtiiit, diim sldSri ccelo Liiccbtint. See Balana. 

ceU^rii, cct^riim, &c. See CmHhrd^ emtirnm^ ^ 

oeCu Atj at U were, Hke at. — Prac^pitet dtrd ceu tempetidtS columbds. i"\rg. JEru 
2, 61G. SVN. Dt, qtiist, tiinquam, non ii2ctis ac, haiid siSciis ac, ndn 
ilttlr quazc 

Cef X, ^cts. Kinff of Thettaly and huthand qf Akyone ; beinff drowned al tea 
in a tempetif hit unfe died of fftief and both ttere chanffed into kingfithert,^ 
Anjiid prdd\ffTtt iurbdivt pectSrd Ceyx. Ov. M. 11, 411. Jt Juvt-net^ 
quarenti mSrdt CeycS^ HfdficunL Ibid. 461. EPITH. Liigendiis, niis£r, 
naiijrigiis. See Alcyone. 

Chaloedon, Snis. A town of Atia, tiiuated on ihe eoati of Bithyniay oppotitt 
ByxanHum, — Pdniut, it dtirifhdm dMmdi Chdteedond eiirtu. Luc. II, OoUl 

Chiilds, tdts. The ehiefeiiy qf the itland qf Eubtta. — ArcnSr Eubofcd, qvA 
. ChdJeidd verbMty undd. Lnc. 2, 710 

Chaldieiis. Chaldean; the Chaldeant were the inhabitanit of BabyUmy in Atia. 
— ^rtxr tiipcr Cyrd^ Chdldatlque ultfmd rcffva. Luc. 8, 22G. 

n.ilybcs, um. A people of Spain, or, at tome tay, qf Atia^ ceiebraUdfor their 
tkilt in workinff iron — fntiila tneshautiit ChdlSbum ffSnirdtd mgtdUU, 
Virg. iEn. 10, 174. EPITH. Duri, rSbiisti, (ortes, vilidi, p«riti, nudl. 

chilfbs, ^bts. Steei ; to oaiied from beiny wrouyht by the Chafybet^^Vuiiii- 

CHA 117 

fMmiul MOjhB vatH firnaci tiiimhdiL Virf . Mju 8, UXL ilae m, A 
dMfff eU/jr6if perfeeH miiaUo. SiL SVN. Firrum. EPITH. Dur&f, H- 
ffdfis, stnccfis. PHR. ChiljFbtsmStalluin. ChiljFbls miasL 
chanueidon, 5ntts. An ammai of tKe Uxard kmdy mud to live on air, andio fVfy 
iiM eoiomr. — VERS. Td qu&|u2 quod rentis iiiimal nutritfir, Ct surB, Phm 
tTnSs isslmilat ^ctu qudscumqulF oulores. Oo. M. 16, 411. 
nilciin. A d&Urict qf Palettine, the promiaed iand qfthe Itraeiitea, 
Chinincus. A Canaamte. 
Chaoiiii, K. A disiriet qf Epinu. — ChS9riiamgue omnem Trojano a ChaSni 

dlrJi. Virg. JEiu 3, 334. 
ChaunTus, amd /em. ChaSiiis, TdKs. Of Cliamia^-^QhaSriiam pingtii ginndem 
mMtaoft drUta. Virg. G. 1, & Non ChaSriia abfvV arbdt. Ov. M. 10, 90. 
CLlus. A can/tued wuue ofmaiier, from whieh the worid wat tuppoted by the 
amcienta to ikave been formed; an abytt; the infemai regiant, — In ChdSg 
inaifuiim eonftindlmur ; erfja JlammU.^ Ov. M. 2, 290. EPITH. Vdtus. 
tum, TnanSy CimmiFrrum, tristJ^, horrcndumy prSfundum, dirum, atntm, 
deformi^, iniorm^, olwcunim, horrifTcum, umbrSsum, dmnTg^num, cvcum, 
confusum, tetriim. PHR. Pondfia Tners. RQdls indigcstiqul mAles. 
Confuaft stn^ ordTnS molSs. Csc&s icenrtts. VERS. 8In£ paot r^IabTtHr 
orins In chiiSs antiquum. PossidCt altlr iquas» alt^r Tnani Chifis. £t 
ChiSs innumSrM ivTdum cdnfundM mtindte. 


Ante mareet tellus, et, qnod te^t omnia, ca^ium^ 

Uniis erat toto naturas vultus iti orbe, 

Qiiem dixere Chans ; nidis, indigeataqiie moles ; 

Noc quicquam, nisi pondus inera; congesUqiie eodem 

>kOu bene junctanim discordia semina renim. Ov. M. 1, 5. 

ChSrTti-a, um. (Gr. Xafmf.) The Graeet,^^vertlt Chdritln eanttlt: avcrtSt 
JpoUo. Prop. 4, 1, 76- See Gratim. 

Chinlii, ontTs. Son qf Erebut and Noxt he wat ferryman of the infemai 
regiantf and conveyed in hit boat ihe rnndt q/* the deeeated aerott the Siyjt 
— PartltSr iiS^ Chdron: hi, mtnt vthV vnda, tipfiltl. Virg. JEn. G, 32(;. 
EPITH. StjrgTus, LetljKus, AvcrimlTs; horrciidus, horridus, squululu», 
tristis, atlr, s£nez; dirtit, durus, scvus, immitis, fcrox; TiicxdnibilTs, insi- 
tiabTns; vigTl, pcrvTgTl, irr€quTctus ; ivTdils, avarus. PHR. PortitSr Orci. 
InfcmsB navTti trisiTs iqu«. StjFgTiis s£ncx. IlumTiium qui triijTcTt iim. 
liras. Ta>niri» siilcitifr pulITdus unda*. StjFgTa» rcmTgut5r lindat St,?gTi 
Inridi cf mbi s^iiTk. V£RS. Pnedi Chirontis igdr. Scaiidcuda *st tdnri 
pubGci cf mbi sSnis. 

Detcriptian of Charon, 

Portltor has horrendus aquas ct flumina 8er\'&t 
Terribili sqiialore Charon, cui phirima mento 
Canities inculta jacet ; stant lumina Aanimd : 
Sordidus ex huroeris nodo dependet amictus. 
Ipse ratem conto subigit, velisque roiiiistrat, 
£t fernig^nea siibvectat corpora cymbd 
Jam senior ; sed cruda Deo viridisqiie senectus. 

rtr^. ifin. 0, 29a 

rhnrti, m. Paper.^TrSdltur huie dlffifit eharta nStdia mint. Ov. £p. 1, (72. 
SVN. Pilp^r&s. £PITH. Albi, pdfiti, immiciilati. See Papyrut. 

ChirfbdTs, Ts. A danyerout whiHpooi in ihe tirait between Caiabriaand Sicily, 
oppotite the roclct qf ScyUa: it wat very dangerout to taiiort, and proved 
faiai to part qf the fteet of Ulyuet.^Aitemat rSvSmit viutS, ChdrybdM 
dquaa. Prop. 2, 26, 54. £PITH. AHtiiendi, atri, irrgquTcti, ivTdi, tr,rii, 
UTri, ripux, niTiuix, trux, vTSIcnti, ripTdi, horrcndi, priSccllM, terribtlTsr 
igTiaii, uudTiiuu&, scSpriUiaii, TiuiccCssu, syiimosi, liorrTs5ni, wquuriJi, spu. 

118 OHA CHI 

mjsii, iwGfrl^ tarbldX, fSri, ItSMtSdL PHR. HnthA ▼orig» O^^ 
ZondSf, a toton nenr U), lUtib&s» nar ibiU InlbucS, inlestS. Tumidis torti 
ChXrfbdfls Iquts. AbsSrptas ri^rSmens cSrinas, nsTes. VERS. Dextruin 
Scf lU Istns, lamim unplacatS ChSrf bdis Obsldet, Btqne loio UriUhri t^r 
gurgltJS ▼Bstos SorbSt fn ibruptam fluctus, rursusqnS sfib Auris Sngit 
altemSs, et sldSril \rerb2riU undi. QucqoS y&mt tStldcra ftuctua, VitL 
dem^S rSiSrblt, £t v0mtt epotas s«tI ChXrfbdCts XqnasL Indldit in Scf Dana 
cSpiens ritarS ChSrf bdln. 

ehasml, atls. A gapmg or ywmtSmg ^fihe oarth, See Gmrgety Vaimgo. 

cfael», arum. Tho armM qf a acorpkm ; the ekats qf a eroL — Qva ISeSe Erl- 
gSnetkhUer ehelaupa ^quenies. Virff. O. 1, 33. 

chavdriis. A wort of water^emake, — £i heOari mojMi, & Mydne eaniari 
ffl^Mran. Sa. 8, 499. SqaSmii Cli^rKR iMU memheand ehi^. i>r.^U 
7, 272. EPITU. Nlger, gr^riay slnuosus, mic&losfis. VERS. QaUiiji;. 
dque IgftarS g^res niddrSchfifdros. See SerpenM. 
cheifs, jF ^ ; aecui. chflyn. A hUe^—Jam 3fethymnen eaRe manuMy et ehSF^ 
vna. Stat SUr. 2, 2, 60. Ad ehilgn, H bHndi eeopSils delphin^a SderranL 
Stat. Silr. 2, 2, 121. SYN. Testudo, dfth&riC, IjML EPITH. PhasbiS 
Apoinna, PlSnX; cSnorS, docti, mvuU; blandX, t&i&i, dulos5iuL 
VERS. SirS chSlf n dl^tis, H Sbiimo pectSnS pulsam. Indi^ chetf n Phoebc 
oSnmiiinii miinlrS ponam. See Citharoj Lgra. 
ChTm»ril. A mouniain in Lyda, qfwhich the nsmnni teaa vdkame and a&otmdea 
in Gona, the middle ajfirrded paetnre for goaia, and thefooi waa the eAode qr 
aerpenta, From thia the aneienta invented afable ofa monaier^ whoae head waa 
thai of a Hony ita bodg thai ef a goaty and iia taii thai qfa aerpenL Thie 
monater waa aaid to haneheendeatrogedby BeHerophon. — PtimaleOfpoeirimai 
draoo, medla tpad ChhmerS. Luc 6, 903. EPITH. Trilonnis, igaH, l^. 
ntfSrl, furcns, fSriC, rXbtdS, ardcns, horrendl, trihrnendS, horndS, ternbilis, 
immants, f ^rSz, mltiicndl, LjFdDL PHR. Monstriim flammiTtomiim, triU 
formjf. TrSmendn flammS Chimcr». Flammis armatl ChimvriL Fiazn- 
mas orS rdmens. VERS. Qud^S ChunsrS jQgo mSdlis in partibiis igncin, 
Pcctus St orii ]te, caiidam serpcntis hXbebSt. Orl ISo, tcrgoquS dlper, 
pofltremSquJT serpens BelliiS tergSmin^ mittit &b orS fSces. 
Chimaerciis. Of the ChimtBra.^^im3 Chlmmreo XanthSa perfiiaS rfquSri^. 

Virg. CuL 14. 
CM3s, or Chiiis, i. An isiand in the JRgean SeOy near Ionia.^Ronua laudeiur 

SdmSa, et ChlSa, et RhodSa abaena. Hor. Ep. 1, 11, 21 
dhiragrS, «e. The gout in the hand. — Nodoaa eorpua noiia proh^beri cJiirSgrS, 
fior. Ep. l, 1, 31. Tortorem mStula^ podagra cfiirSgraqaig ai^uatSr. Mart. 
9, 93. EPITH. Nodosi, diiril, lapidosa, frigidl, s«yS, maiesU, ilciitS, 
vlSlentX, diriS, asp&ii, insomnis, KcerbS, immSdicabiKs, importiinS, r^ux, 
rSdivivS, rSnascens, flrl, damasS, imimtis, vigil, pcrv^, tristls. VERS. 
Postquam illi jiistS chirigrii FregSrit artidilds. 
chirogrSphtim. A hand-writing, auiograph, — Vana aSpercSeui dicSni cA/rrw 

graphS llgnl. Juv. 13, 137. 
Chirdii, onis. A Ceniaur, aon of Saium and Philgra ; he waa ctdehraied for 
hia dcili in medieiney and waa the precepior qf Achillea. He diedfrom an 
aeoid e niai wound in thefooi wiih an arrow of Uercuiea, which waa poiaonea 
wiih the venom qfthe Hvdrat after hia death he waa changed inio the con» 
ateliation Sagiitariua, — Ot SaiSmSa Squo genifnSm ChironS creSt^i. Ov. 31. 
6,12a SYN. Philljfrides,Phii;rcii2shcrds. EPITH. Scmivir, biiormu, 
glminiiSy tdnriia, longieviis, docttis, justiis, mSdiciis, herbip^tcns, sl^^x, 
soUers, priidens. PhiUjFriiis, ThessSliis, iGmSniiis, PeliSciis. PHR. 
I>octj{r, prccept5r AchiUis. JEAdLdm doctSr, custds. Qui dUiSri perfedft 
AchiUem. S2nex biformis. Observintissimiis equi Ceutaiiriis. Arti» 
medicaB p&itiis. Ccntaiirdrum jiistissim&s. Armatiis arcii. VERS. Pur 
g^minis Chlron, {tidcm qudd CirdnSs ardens Hiimidiis ^gddSros. 
ehirSntSmiis, i. Oim who geaHauiaiea correetig^ChtrSnomon Ledam «offi 

aaiiaaiS Baihyiio. Juv. C, 63. 
cWriijgtis,!. A aurgwon^ChimrgSa/SSrSi, nuneUt vapiliS, EHttSiua, Mart. 
1,51. BPITH. SoUars, pSritiis. "^l^ze^* '^ ««•^' "^ 

CHI CHR li9 

Cbias. CfCUM. 8ee ChMm.^Sl pStWt TntfiM CAH, v»M$^ fSlemS MTUi 

eadU. Hor. Sat. 2; 3, 115. 
ddSiRJFs, jFdb. A miHiary chak, a tnantie. — PvriteKtm fulvo ehlSmjdfm eim^ 
irieiiis ab auro, Or. M. 14, 345. SYN. Vestls, XnuGtQs, trgrmCn, rclamj^n, 
Testimentunu EPITH. DeplctX, PhoenTciS, ^rranS, Tjfrii, aunitM, 
rubens, coccinSt, pictl, purp&rSI, pulchrS, prsecIarS, iplendidS ; mintarli, 
baiidL VERS. Indutus Tjrriam chlXmj^dem, auam nmb&s 5bihkt AurSni. 
CmSrSus huznlrds ardenti murltdS tezYt CircumfusS chUmys. See Vettie. 
Chlons, TdSd. The ffoddug effiovoeny and vsife of Zejihyrut ; the wat called h^ 
Ae Romans Fkra^ObHUV ArHnSct ChiMdiSt alh ifmtut. CatuU. 60, 64. 
SVN. Florl. EPITH. VernX, nSsO, pulchrS, ildi^dl. V£RS. Chloris 
<Siim qiuB FIotI rSoor ; oorruptX LStino NomTnlf ett nSstri fiUSrS OrsMrX 
85no._ Ov. FatL 5, 195. See Fhra, 
ChSaspes, Ts. A river qf AtiOy tehieh hat Ut rite m Mediaj and runt inio tht 
Tigris, — Nee ipta, vel Nituty vet reffia Ijmpha Choatpet PrytutL TibiilL 
4, 1, 140. 
diUSIgrX. BUey choler; wrath, See Bitity Ira. 
didrigus, 1. Theperton who luid ihe eharffe qffumithinff the theatricat appa^ 

raiut to ihe aetort, 

diordX, se. The tirinff of a mutieat inttrument, — Beddldlt teta ttibt poiriti 

ehbrda sSnoe. Ov. Fast 2, 108. 8YN. Nervfis, ndea, tum. EPITH. 

TtnSis, tinn&li ; sSnorS, rSsSnX, sSnans, rSsSnans ; gratX, jucundX, dulcTs, 

ISquu^ ISvTs. PhoebiX, ApdinnO, AdnlX, PiSrTX. VERS. Vocales impt~I. 

llri p^ITcS chordas. C^UTSpe quSriUas pnetentat pdUicS chordas. Atque 

haee percussls subjungit carmTnX nervis. RTdetur, ch5rda quT sempjfr 

^errSt Sulem. VerbX ISqui sSdXndX chordis. QuSr&Ias XgHi pcrcurrirl 

poIBdf chordas. 

dxSr^ ae. A danee. — Adnumifnim moiis pifdtbtit diijter^ ehSreat. Ov. M. 1-i, 

420. Pars pidibut ptaQdiint Mrgat, et earmlna dlciini. Virg. ^n. 0, 644. 

SYN. ChSrus, soItatTo. EPITH. Ludens, perniz, festX, mollTs, I^pTdX, 

gntX, dulcTs, IstX, I^vTs, fXcTIKs, hTlXris, Xgnis, blandX, saltans, p&ellarTs, Ju. 

cundX, niimSrM, concors. V£RS. JQvXt mdulger« chdrels. C^Sbratl 

dSum plaudent^ chfiro. ProtTnus et nuda chSrSas TmTtabCrC suriL 

C&oreas offere. — PHR. InduIgerX chSreis. ChSros cSebrarS, exercerS, du. 

«^ri^ XgSri^ nectSrS, XgTtar& Chdreas pldibus plaud^rS. MXnum chSreis 

impIicarS. MembrX mdverg Xd n&mMm. VERS. SaltXt, ^t Tmmiscet rX- 

vSlutas artS chdreas. £gTt &t evantes duz ArTadnX chSros. Ad cUhXr» 

ointus XgOcs cSIcbrarS chSrcas. See SaHo. 

chdrus, T. A bajid, choir; a eompany cf tinffert or daneert. — DtquS vfrb 

PhtAJ ehSrut attyrratirlt omrilt. Virg. EcL 6, 66. SYN. Coet&s, diSreX. 

VERS. OmnTb&s in tempHs nuitrum didr&s, omnTb8s aree. N^mphkrumquC 

ISvcs cum SStyrTs chSri. GratTX cum Nf mphTs, g^mTnTsquS sdrorTb&s audSt 

DucSHf niidX chSros. ActorTs pSrtes chSrus, oincTumquS vTrilS DelcndXt. 

CHRISTUS. The Bedeemer qf mankind — SYN. J£SUS, Vcrbum, R^. 

dev.ptSr, ServatSr. £PITH. SXlutTf^r, unTgSnX, iinctiis, sXc£r, pStcns, 

omnTp<$ten8, bdnQs, jQdez, dSmTn&s, KternQs, Tndjft&s, coelTpdtens, bSnlg- 

n&s, Oluitaris, mitTs, pacTfTcus, pXtTens, vTndcz, vTct5r, Xdorand&s, trl. 

iimphans, demins, placabTlTs, miinTfTcus. PHR. TnenarrabTllf Verbunu 

VcrS D^ sdbfilcs. ^tcrni Patris unTcX proles. Magno squsvX pXrentl 

progSnTcs. DavTdTs sSbdles. HSmTntim liimenqul s&lii8qu& ^temT sX- 

pTentTX PatrU. Ver&s hfimo, vcriis pXriter DS&s, iinus &triimquS. DdTtus 

Tn liicem piira de VTrginTs alvo. ProgSnTes vlnXrandX DST. Vcri Tnd&bT- 

tatX prSpago NiimTnTs. VTrgTms Tntact«e proles. TcrraequS sftliis, vTtsequi 

mXglstlr. HiimanT gSnSris ccrdssTma &l)Tqul Spcs, ac vcrX Saliis. 

Christianiy omm. Chrittianty believert in CAru^-lSYN. ChristTXdce, Chris- 

^oSn». £P1TH FTdeles, sancti, s5cTT, CinXnTmes, Tngj^n&T, Tncorriiptl. 

constantes, stXbiles, sTnceri, relTgTdsT, fTrmatT, TntlmSrutT. PHR.Christi 

cfiltores. Oens a Christo qun d&dS nomln hXblt. ChristTXdum pSpulus, 

gins, griz. Griz ChristT TimJJc&us. ChristT ggnus clcctum. Gens 

Christd sacriL Oni gins jiirat& Dlo, Christiqu^ fdeefleerS }fa^. Gens 

dnictft DSoy ChristT qua mTlTtXt annis. 

120 CII R C 1 E 

■chrSnTd, oniiiu AfmaUy registeri. See AnndUt, - - 

Ciirfac^ m. PHui qfApcOo, and faiher of Ckry$eU — AudVSrat, lamr-mmfiL f 
yndnu vlUaetmg fiHrentim Pro natd Chrysen^nonvaimuieua, Ov, Ar, AiOm 

Chr^seiSjidfte. The palronymie qf Astyome, the daughier qf Chryeem. — Qtui 
priita est tffJJIammd Chryeeldoef vtqui, Ot. Tr. ^373. 

chrysStiChuii. The chrysoiite, a kind qfjasper. — Per jiigd ehryeSlVhJy pSetteeg%i4 
ex brdXnS gemmm. Ov. M. 2, 109. EPITU. Flavescens, aurSik, r&ciliii:;, 
rutllus, splcndidus, nucaos, croc^iis. PUR. Flavo luminS duipBoIichua. 
Flaventu gcmmi coldns. AurSm v5mcns lucem. VERS. Quosqu£ dcdlc 
flavo lumTnS chrf si^thos. 

dl)iiriti, orunu Pood, provisione, — AiHnty eiim tfb^ tlni congHid ^ba$lai eScuL 
Uor. Sat. 2, 1, 32. SYN. AltmentS, cabi, esae, vTctua. 

cflMtus, us. Foody euttenance, — Aui dtlot hominiim pdstut, pl^diimqug eUmius, 
Liicr. Cs 112d. SVN. CTbus, escS. 

Cibdrium, i. The pod qf an Egyptian bean; a large drinJnng cup, — ClifMa 
ejcple: fundi odpacUiis, Hor. Od. 2, 7, 22. 

OLbQi, 1. Food, nourithment^Non dSmiit dptd tdPt: non hicctlfSt Mila^grd, 
Ov. Tr. 3, 3, 9. SVN. Ssd^ dSpes, SpulK, SITmentum. EPITU. GnUis. 
IsBt&s, utTIis. PUR. CorpSri sustentans. Instaurans vTrcs, XnTmiquj^ VU 
gorem. Mcestos ezhTl&rans SnTmds. lUfTcTens vTres. VERS. £p&IaeqaJF 
antl drS pSratSB RegifTco luzu. VTzqul cftpTt laittTs mensa 5n&ati cabis. 
I4iutis mensX pSratS cTbis. Junctaqul nectlLr^ vTnl jdoosi cibis. 

dcadi, K. An inted eommon in touthem climatet, thai insummermonihssits an 
treet mainng a thriU noite, — JSi eantii quSriilm rumpent arbHttd dfcadm, 
Virg. O. 3, 328. EPITH. RaucS, argutS, estivS, vdciins, stridena, r&&. 
nans, dulcTs5nX, Idquax, g^jrulft, striduli, IdvTs. PUR. £bra rdrS cTcadl. 
AvTs TTthonTX. Tota aestatl cftnens. VERS. DumquS thymo pSscentur 
&pes, dum rorl cTcadae. VerS pri&s vdliicres tSdSnt aestatl cTcade. StrepTc 

~ Ingrata rauccscens vod dciidS. CemTmiis et griUnles Sdam r€sdnare dfcid^s. 
. Kaucls SoIS sub ardenfi rSsSnant arbiist& dcadis. Cantando mA^ritur, nffc 
sSntit tasdii mortTs. 
clcScriz, icu. A tear. — DenfU, ^i ddmorto tSgndia in sdrpi cfcdinx. Virg. G 
2, 379. PHR. SignatX Tn frontl dcatriz. ViilngrTs Tnflial TestTgBl, sTgiia. 
VScirTs YcstTgTS plagse. InfTzi viiln£rTs impres8& sTgnS. See Vulnus. 

clcSr, eris. A tmali toti qf puite, veiehes. — Nee sf quSdfricG cieerlt prdbdi ci 
niicis emptdr, Uor. A. P. 249 

CTdro, onTs. A celebrated oraior and philotopher qf Rome : he raited htmself 
to the rank qfcontuly and it memorabie in hittoryfor detecting and defeating 
the oonsjnracy ef Ceiiline.^-Jitgdrd fatmndi qui Ciahwiis hdbit. Mart. 11, 
49. SVN. Tuinus. EPITU. Dlsertu^ siibtTIis, fiiciindiis, doaiis, mag. - 
niis, eldquens ; mellTtiis, mellifliiiis ; aiid&z, pdtens, fuImTnS&s, tSnans ; nQ- 
mlrosiis, condnniis, TnglnTosiis ; clariis, TnsTgnTs, Tlliistris, sGllers, sigaz. 
PUR. RdmaiiT TiillTiis aiictSr eldquTL RomansB gldriS ITnguae. Romaiiaa 
ttlgae, RomanT £8ri, gloriS, liiz, dSciis, liimSn, splenddr. ElSquTo poUcns, 
viilens, praesmns. C^Iebris, dOebratiis, faciindae miinSrS ITnguae. LStTie 
fiiciindfS ITnguae. Romam famS dSciisquS f6n, ElSquiT fulmln, tor* 

clconTS, m. A ttork. — Tptd tlbi plaitddi erifpWnid e^kofHd rdttro. Or. M. d, 
07. EPITU. Gi^cTlTs, pTS, albS. PUR. Niin^ veris. Inugxus pTetat& 
Culcriz pT2catTs. VERS. Ciim verS riibenti CandidS vemt SvTs longis 
TnvlsS cdliibrTs. ScrpentS dooxuS piillos NiltrTt, StTnventis per devTS rithi 

clnun. II/fmiock,^£tt mVit drtpdrtbSs sepiem compacid dieuCt. Virg. £cL 8, 
36'. EPITU. FrSgTIts, vTridTs, moescS, gSnda, frigTdS, alg!dS, torpcni, 
g ftelails, lettfSrS, lctalls, vSneno^ venenTfSrS, frTgens, fimestS, mortinfri, 
trl9tl^, czTtTosS, czTtTalis, nozTS, nSciiS, TmmSdicabnis. 
eI6o, civT, dtum, or dtum. To tiir, rouse, ejKiie ; caiiupon, invoi[e.^Condimik ; 
fi magnd sOprcmum vod diemHt. Virg. ^n. 3, 08. SVN. Bldvfo, ezrito, 
coudto^ SnTmo, accendo, stTmiilo, oommSvSo; vdco, accTSo. VERS. T3^ 
lutra onliim omuS cTebo. ^rS deril vTtO^ Martemijuo acceud£re mnto. 

CIL CIR 121 

It tfi bclll de oonceptumqfne czc&t2 fced&i. .^tdX Oi^^ncfiiSrct dcxtrft 
otmfiQiqiiS cSirft. 
COlces, Qin — £i Cincit tOmhU kie mSdneri gm§. Man. 8|eet. 3, A 

£PITIi. FSn, vigi, iminanea, immiten, intonsi, crtSdH, fi^rScei. 
Caiciai, st. A Sstnei qf Asia Aimor, to ihe aouih qf C«|ifMMa.^Tillitt| 

teni CDtaaa. Crdcis &bundani. CrSd Knx, 
Cifiz, ids;' andfeau CTIus2, b. O/ CiHeia^Jrdei Jtho$y Taftriisf^if CWt, 
et Tmolisy ii MtiL Ov. M. 3, 207. Tcnpa Idvet ttoatra» tpicd CWua cdfm'19, 
euimn, L The odge ofOiO eftM, See Superedwm, ^ 

Cnnbri, onun ; eing. CimbSr, bii. A peojde in the norih ef ilftmany, — Om. 
hrvmtpa ruintem Vtdhnve, I/uc 1, 254. EPITH. BelliKvn, bemgi^n, 
forenta, fQjHaMindi, fortei. PHR. ArctoSs g^di mlris mcdi& CimMr. 
1112 Jfighrthind dihis Cimbroqu^ tnumphuw 
aaezy Icis. A bag.~^ee Ogd nee JoeuM etiy nee tfUue ^mlei leetue, Mart. 

11, 33. EPITH. Ffledfis, foetYdfis, rodens, Maz. 
CuDiBSrn, orum. The mhabUanli ofa peaief Ana on the eoati i^fike Cimmrm 
fiam Baephorme. 8ee BoiphormM~E9t prSpi CtmmMoe longd spelunad 
" «i.Or. M. r ^ ' • - - -^ r_ 

U, 692. SYN. SoythaB, Arctoi pdpQli. EPITH. Fri- 
8P^ gjOufi, Hgentes, algidi, HjFperbdrCi, ArctoL 
eSoaedfis and dnaBdlcttS. WanUmy immodetL — Grex tiiut indeo poterai eertari 
" - - 3YN. In — - - 

Mart. 2, 43. 8YN. Impurfis, abscaenfis, pftfilana, prdtervfia, im* 

enefactfis. Redaeed to athet, — Ji not horrHfled e^faetum di pripi l^tia 
Ijucr. 3, 919. 

dnhnrVoB. A hnrdretter, — JVvnc luviii Mirm^ timdii 09. Catull. Gl, 138. 
SYN. Ciniflo. 

dngo^ xi, ctum. Tegird; to eneompatt; to embraee; to throng, JtednVitf 

Homgam miirit eum elngirii Jlbam. Virg. ^n. 5, 697« SYN. AmbTo, cir* 
camdoi, o5r5nO{, drcumcingo^ 5b<o, indudo, aeplo^ amplect^r, oompr£hcnd(i, 
oomprendo ; atipou VER8. Denaaque urbcm dnxerC cdroiis. Infcrt ae 
acptus n3>ula. £t multo nJ^buUe circum Dlft fudit Imictu. Qucm fiil\'fl 
iSonia Pellia 5bit totum. Cingit mSdium Tiquidia amplexibfia orliem. Jui»a:t 
H ambitap drcumdftrS fitSrft teme. Dndique 5nim denaa Teucri ineluaerl 
c5rdaa. I>umqu5 Utua aancti cingit tibi turbfi S^natua. Tcrrii cingdrl 
Sf rtim. De t5n5ro dng5r5 florS c&pfit. Navati cinctfia h5nor5 cftput Ag« 
mlnibua cdmitiim qui m5d5 dnctfia SrSt. 

iingul&, e. A horte-girth.-^Oi nSva veloeem elngula Imddi iqiium. 
Ov. Rem. Am. 236. 

dngfilum. A girdte^ belL Baltiut; ei noHt fulteriint clngiild htiHU, 

Virg. ^n. 12, 242. SYN. Balt^fia, sdnl, dnctfia. EPITH. Pictum, 
liUgena, 15v5, h&bil5. PHR. PrStiosK cingfilft gemmia. V£RS. Auriitia 
lucehant cin|nil& bulfis. IpaS Quirinali trftbfi, dnctuquS Oftbind Inaignia. 

ctniflo, onia. A hair-dretter^-^titiddetj leeitedf dfn]/ldnet, paratlta, Hor. Sat. 

dnis, 5ria. 


vena, ftduatfi^ at5r, tSpidfia, tKnfiia, ISvTa, alpulcrolia, trintlff, aSe^r. VERS. 
Nec dnSrea, ejectatamqu5 fftvillam Ferr5 p5te8t. Cinia dbduct» cclubiit 
luminft priinc Incedit p5r ignes SuppSaitoa cinSri daioad. Isbn afttTua 
cin5ret pfttriae inaediasS afipremoa ? Postquam collilpai cinSrca, ct flumnift 
qui^vit NSc Anchisae dh5res minesvl rlvelfi. V5s dnia exiguua, geii- 
dtt,qn5 jftcebitia umbne. 

dnnftmomum and dnnftmum, or dnnftmSn, i. Ctnnamon. — Quoqui firet 
grettut^ ddoUbuni iHnndmdJldmmm, Ov. Ep. 16, 333. CtnndmSn, istema 
Mb perdldU aird ternu Luc. 10, 167. EPITH. Odorum, r5d5Iena, ftro. 
mfttlciim, ddoiatum, SddrifSrum, ^ratum, fragrans, auavg, diilc5, jucondiim* 
ftmoenuiiu PHR. Oiatum llte qnod jactftt &d5rem. Suavea apirftt 

drca. Arottnd^ nlout ; near — IHco* Sildfi eJrca incUutqui t^rintim 

122 CIB 

Virg. G. 3, 140. aroa Hutra dioem Jfecii^rg mofffbus Hor. (XI. 4« 1, & 

8VN. Circam, caratSr; juzti^ frg^ 
Circe, ca. Ihmghler^i^ Soi and the njfmph Pene : the was eeleiraied far her 

magUalpoumeyW^fhoeUinaMieiamdoff^iheeoattqfltafyeai^ She 

had a eon namid 'Telegqnue hg Uiyuet, whowUh hie eompanione vieiied hcr 

island^C&niatabue ahrceeScOe muAoU Giyeseu Virg. £cL 8, 70- SVN. 

TitanM. EPITH. Titana, Phceba, r^netidi, callidi, vOpdk, diocil, 

pulchrS, Insidi^ PHR. FnOL Persea. SolS s&tiL Ta^m pSRiu, 

mAU^r, gSmtriz. Mit Y^SnifidL JEHk puelU. SdHi nfil. SoSm prage. 

lues, ffCnfii. Apta hirbii vel duita vStiSres mutarS ftguris. VERS. Sdlc 

sita &rGes tibn msgnl pdtentitt fertfir, VerteHt ut multos in n5^ moiutrS 

viros. Quds hSminimi ex flde D2& sstI p5tentib&s herbis InduSiat Circe 

in vultus ac tergl f&wrum. 
Clrcefis. QfCkve. — Proj^tmd Clreem radiintur tUord terrte. Virg. JEn. 7, 10. 
Ciroeii, drum. A town tf Lathtm eituated on a promentorjf of Ste eame teame. 

— Oetrid Cireeite, Mieeno orixintur &Aini. Hor. Sat. 2, 4, 33. 
Circeusis, Is. 0/the Greae. 
Ciroenses Ludi. The gamee heid t» (he Circue ai Rome^^Coneaeu caonr, 

magme CirceneUme aciie, Virg. Mn, 8, 636. 
cirdTnoy is. To deeeribe a ctrcfe. — Inctindt eOreue ; H tSedem tSnSindi aurasm 
^ Ov. 31. 2, 721. 
dnnt^r. AlMOUt ; near. — Cldriie^ db n/ftcEt oetdvam cSrcUer hordm. Hor. £p. 

1, 7» 47. S YN. Cirdi ; Id, aub {with the aeeueativey 
drdiitiis, us. A cireuit, revoiution, — Smvdquig ciratitu curvdntem brdcKid 

iongo, Ov. M. 2, 82. SYN. Ambitus, orbls, cardlliSs, gfrua. 
drculus. A drcie^ ring, hoop. — FtesilU obtorli per c^um cireuiue auru 

Virg. Mi\, by ^9. SYN. Orbis, drbiculus, circuitiis, ambitiis, gf riis. 

EPITh. FlexXIu, tdrtTTia, rdtundSs. VERS. Tdrmis a cdlld rldians it 

drciiliis afird. 
drciim. Arouiui, about^^^nnd videe toto prSpgrdri tltore cireunu Virg. ^iu 

4, 416. SYN. Cirdu 
drcilnilgo, Is, egi} actiim. To drive or tum round ; to eurround. Circiimagl : 

guemddm voio vieere non tVii notum, Hor. Sat. 1, 9, 17. SYN. Circiimf^n]^ 

circumdiioo^ drcumvdlvo. 
nrdimddo, idi, isiim. Topareoff; to take axeayy cutehort; to eircumeise, 

Bt cJrcumcldde deUm, ebldmqud retinqude. Lucr. 3> 412. SYN. Cir- 

ciimsScoy rCsSoo, ampiito^ demo. 
drciimdiido, Is, si, siim. To ehut up on evergeide; to eurround, invesL See 

CiaudOy Cingo, 
eirciimdo, dSdi, dltiim. To eet round; to eneompaeey inveet, eurround. Sep^ 

Ufmque iind etbl mUro elreuvlidSdM dreee, Virg. G. 2, d35. Stdotiidm pieto 

ehldmgdem tdrcumddtd timbo, Virg. ^n. 4, 137- SYN. Ambio, cango, 

oSrdno, sepio, circiimdngo, drciimvillo, dbSo. 
drciimSo, is, ivi, irS. Td go round; to eurround, inveeL — Morg iiipi cJauede 

eiroiinUHinfie 8vee, Ov. £p. ex P. 1, 2, 20. Viifie ndn hHdiSrm cireiim^ifrd 

edpiit, Prop. 2, d, 26. SVN. Ol*2o, dbiimbiilo^ liistro^ perliistro; ambibv 

drciimf^ro, tiili, liitiim. To earry round ; to purify by iueiration, — HHe dtque 

hue ddlee circtim/u/t/ ; ddtpfcU iirbem. Vlrg. Mn, 12, 558. Idem ter eoelot 

piird etreitmtiitit iindd, Virg. ^n. 6, 229. SYN. Circiimduco^drciimvlho; 

drciimfliio, ts, fliixL To fiim round or ahout,^^pumdqui pesC\ferds eireiim^ 
JittU hdrrldd rietus, Ov. AI. 3, 74. Cdndida si crMdos eireiimJiiiU iindd 

vUSioe, Alart. 13, 40. SYN. Cirdimlabdr) drcumfundjSr, drdlmliia^ 

ciirciimfliiiia. Fiowing ro %md , SelndUur tn giffdinde pdrtee eifvuMifutM dmriis, 

Ov. AI. 15, 739. SYN. Circiimfliiens. 
drdimfusiis. Poured arofund. — Vom tSreun^socdnsltnt In difriteiius, TibuJL 

4, 1, 151. SYN. Circumfliiiis, diffiisiis. 
drdiiiiligo» as. To tie round or aboui, Impnedi dtque hdbliem medUt cir- 

eumtigdt hdetm, Virg.^n. 11, 555 SYN. Necto, vincia See Lig^ 

CIR 123 

6ie i&|ihnda^ Ig. /I9 applawt on mry iide. — Qtui^/s l5b^ mSriAw ffreim' 

pkSdertfiHorum. Ov. Tr. 4, 2, 49. See Pfotu/a. 
^MmpfectSr. TV» surroundy encompasij embraee, — Ldto ^mm t^reumpUdhZr 

e^nBaUSuM. Virg. ^n. 6, 312. SYN. Clrcuniy oSmpIectSr; dngo, dr- 

eftumpSsTtSs. Plaeed around. — Sempcr Atim etreumpSiUus rcs vMMt air 
^ UuT. G, 1026. SVN. CircumfUsiu, drcfimicni. 

eivnmrodo, ia. To knaw all round; to slander^^DenU! TMonSno eum direum- 
rBdUur.eeqUUL Hor. £p. 1, 18, 82. 

ordifflscribo, u. To deseribe^ define, Umiiy eomprehend. Quoi BaiUus slSdlos^ 

T^ ^reumserlpeirU Hhrus. Jnv. 10, 222. SVN. Cdududo, cdmprcndo, 
_ definib^ fimito. 

oraaasSaOy as. To resound on every side,^IItne RStiiiiis primtt^ et muHf m 
^ &reHmsSnat armls. Virg. iEn. ^ 474. 
anaimaSnus. Resounding on every sidc^Quem turba camim cfreiimsond terriL 

Chr. M. 4, 722. 

araimspTcTo^ spezT. To look around.-.^I3ftvcrsi elrcumsp^diiint: hoe acrlor 

M^n^ Virg. iGii. *|, 416. PIIR. II uc Hluc dciiloi drcumferrS; m partes 

^ Onsnes versariF. LktmmS vSgo lustraHf. Aspectu vSguii. OmnlS coUustro. 

larcumsto, st^tL To stand around. — Curvdta in montis fSc^tcm elrctimstiftlt 

nndS. Virg. G. 4, 3GI. SVN. Sto drcum, drcumsisto; dngo, amblo. 
orcumtextfis. fVoveth aU round. — £t circiimtextum erScio veiamSn Scantho, 

Viig. -En. I, 663. 
^vcumtSno. To ihundery resound on aUsides. — Niine mtAT, qua totum Nereike 

elreiimiSnai orbem. Ov. M. 1, 187. 
diTumvSgiis. Wandering aboui. — Nds mSnit OdSnus oirciimvSgiis arvS bSStS» 

Hor. Epod. 1«, 41. 
^lrcumvullo, as. To surround wUh a rampart; to besiege. — Quippe Setim denso 
cireumvaUdvirSt brbc. Si!. 7, 853. SVN. Vullo, obvulio. PlIR. VuUo 
. <^igO) ambio, obj^ mcludo, munto. See VaUo. 
circumvccto, as. To carry round about.^.Stngiila dUm capCi elrciimvictamHr 

Smori. Virg. O. 3, 283. 
arcamvSho, Ts, xl, ctum. To carrg round.^~Friistra circumvchor omrdS verlAs* 
. Viig. Cir. 271. 

drdimvjtnToy drcumveni, ventum. To come roufuly surround, — MiillS sinem 
frefimviiaiini inedmmSdSy vcl quod. Hor. A. P. 100* SVN. Circumdo, 
^ ambtb^ dngo^ obsTdSo. 

drcumverso^ as. To tum round.—Quareniesqui oTam circiimvcrtantii^f it 
Jgnfs. Lucr. C, 199. 

c»reumv5!o^ as. To Jlg, hover round. — Sed nar atrS eSpiit trUCi clrdkmvoidi 
^ iimbrd. Virg. JEn. 0, 8O7. 

drcumvSnto, as. ToJHi around. — Aiit drgutS iaeiis circumvSiltdvti Mrundo^ 
. Viig. O. 1, 317. SVN. VSITto^ vdlo, cTrcum. 

iircumvolyo, Ta. To roU round. — Intircd mdgnHm soi olreiimvoivVSr dnniim» 
.Virg.iEn. 3,284. 

drcQo^ Ts. To make the circuU €f.~^EittrSpiius tontor dum cJreiTft brS Liipcrcl. 
^ Alart. 7» 82. See Circumeo. 

drcus, 1. jf eireie: a piace /or the ceiebration qf gamesy of which there teere 
severalai Romcy ihe chiefcfwhieh was the Cireus Maximus. — Cireiis Sdhtio 
eessdif spdrgli tamhidcir Srendm. Ov. Tr. 4, 9, 29. SVN. CTrcQTCus, nm« 
bTtus, circBI&s. EPITH. CSpox, curvus, magnTfTctis, festus, &pcrtiis, 
patcns, sj^tTosas. VERS. AUdTaque in vTdlS thSitrT CTrcfis Srfit. Fc8t& 
th&tr^ cSISbrant solIeniiTS drcT. AmphTthfiitralcm clrcum fficTt orefi. 
Mult& cSpox pSpQli o5mm8dtt drcus hSblt. Exultut rauco victorTfi cTraV. 
Cins, is. A name qf SeyUay the daughter qf Nistu, who was changed inio a 
larkfbr her wcaU cffilial piety, in eutting offa iock cf her faUier*s hair, on 
wfneh thefate qfhimse\fand his kingdomdepended. (Or. x»igt{,from xu^w), 
— £/ Orlsy mimori servdni dd sseeiiia fato. Virg. Cir. 637. SVN. Sc> Ui, 
NTiels. EPITH. ImpTX, pernd», sdJKrata. PHR. ITim NTsT. VKRS. 
Plumis Tn 5Tcm matata vWitrir Ciris, 2t a tonso cst \wc ii6m«n SdcptS cJU 

124 C 1 R C 1 T 

eirntlifl. Hatavng eurUd orjimriitff htdr,^Et wutiiRtii ^rraia caiiniSma^utri. 
Mart. 0, 30. 

oirrut, L A eurly hair in curb, — Caaarlem, il nuutido iorquinJem eomnd eh^ 
Jttv. 13, 1G5. SVN. Css&nci. PHR. CipTllus crlspus oGiitortus. 

t^cTsy idis. The palrenifmie tf Hccubaj daughler of Cisseua — CitaiU prigg^ 
nan$ tgnia imxd jfigalit. Virg; >Eii. 7» 320. 

cUUi. A tcicker baskct, a eticsL — NCimquc vt!tut GrtecHa eirwbat claia nieUna. 
Juv. 3, 20G. SVN. Arca, cipsSy ciscma, caOathiiji, duiwtninu EPITll. 
TozUl, viminSS, (Spdz, putula. 

cTtatus. Rouscdy sioift, aifuUspeed, — Cyproqui e^iaiat Immisiri raiis. L*t>c. 
8, 4oC. SVN. Citus, celer, velox, propenin». 

CTthwron, SnTs. A nunsniain in Bceotia saered to Bacchus. — Tndi Cfth^rnah 
tfm^do pSdi eurrit ?» areis, Prop. 3, 15, 27. Hnmpi mSriis : vScat ingcML 
clamori CVharon, Virg, O. 3, 43. EPITH. Anluus, gclTdus, sacJr, n<lc. 
turnus. VERS. Festus fildcuda ad sacrii CTtlueron. Canilbus et daia 
Baccliantum vdc& stSnuhSt. 

cTthSrH, ». A harp, iuie^ lyre^-^Non siiitTio cT/Aane, nie Miism diftUHS viti, 
Hor. Sat 2, 3, 105. SVN. Chja^s, lyrS, barbitus, testudo; plectruxn, 
ndes, Tum. EPITH. Orphe3, OrpheTS, ThracTS, Thr^ci2, RhodSpeiS, 
AriduTS, AmphldnTIl; ApoUTnSS, DcIiSdi, PhoebeS, Pi£rT2, ASnTa; raRU 
iians, 85ndr2, argutji, c&norS ; bl^ndS, vdc^ITs, duIcTs5nans, qnSruJi, tinnula, 
dulcTsJSnS. PHR. Curarum dulcS I5vam5n. CTthHr» fTdcs, ncrvL Ci- 
thSne cantiis, son&s, mSdiilamSn, nrgutum murm&r. VERS. VodUem 
doctus sdlHcTtarS chSIjfn. Dulces red£t poiltcS tacta sSnos. CTthSra im- 
|>ulsi8 r&5nat RhiSddpel^ nervTs. BTitdniam digTds dfthSram fac pulii^t 
ifbumli. Jam dTgntii cTth&ram, jam ])|ctTn5 pulsSt Sburiid. CTtliSra vocalcs^ 
triugSrS nervoi. Imbclli cTthHi^ carmin& dtvT<fit. Tractat Tnauratc garrula 
fila Ij^ne. ThreTciam dTgTtTa TncrSpuissS lyram. PHtnoquS dindram TncrS- 
piiTt de morS Ij^ram. DuicedTnS mira Orphfil miratur sSciantem carmTua 
iiervTs. Vo<nIes ImpclISrS poUTdS chordas. BellS sStTs cecTni: cTtharam 
jTim poscit ApoIIo. CiiT dirmTnS scmpSr, £t cTtharaB cordi, niimSrusqtie 
TiitcndSrc nervis. Tuac 5gd nec cTthara pdtSram gauderS sonora. _ Cuiicti 
cTthiira rSsonantS s^quuntiir. See LyrOj Chelys, 

cTthSroediis, t, and cTthSrTstS, ip. A harpery minstrel. — Aeci]^s iixorimy di gna 
eliharetdus EchJon. Juv. 6, 70- SVN. FTdTcen. EPITH. Blandiia, duU 
cTs<$niis; Fhcebciis, ApoUTnSiis, AonTiis, PtSriiis. PHR. CTthSrjm pulsaiis. 
CTthslne piilsandaB pSritiii. FTdTbiis plectroquif pdtens. Ductus niimeris 
TntendSrS nervos. DTgTtia nervos pulsarS pSrittis. Qul novTt dlgTtTs Tm- 
pclISrS nervos. PlectHi mSvens. Tmpellens poIITcS chordas. Ijstam pul- 
sTtrg pSritus PdllTce vudiH cTtharam, plcctroqug canoro. ThrcTcia fretiis 
cTthara, f TdTbusqtiS cSnorii. 

cltTjs. More quickly; in a moment. — 57o aT/, ii dlcto diilus tSnClda mquiSrd 
pidcat. Virg. iEii. 1, 146. SVN. Velodfiis. See Cito, 

cltn. QwcMyy swifiiy. — Quo ISois a nobit iam iiiSfugM amSrf Ov. Ep. 3, 42. 
SVN. Confestim, rSpentS, silbTtd, moz, cuntTniid^ cztemplo, protTniis, haud 

clto, as. To rousey tiir up ; to tummon. — Tiine traSy iune armd elidt, Stat. 
Theb. 8, 125. Inligir, amlifgSm sl quandS c^Uabcri tatis. Juv. 8, 80. SVN. 
Cr(?o; v3co; CirgSa 

dtrfi. On ihis side ; hefore. Qtios iiiira ciirS^ mfquli coTulstire reetitm, 

II or. Sat. 1, 1, 107. ForsMSn ii PSnus elira Trojand pihrtssii TimpSrd, 
O f, M. 8, 3(J5. S VN. Hinc ; ante. 

cicrSus. Made qf cilron-.ipood. — SerliiHnr in eftrinsf edndiim tcts poncrSsumin, 
Pers. 1, 53. 

citro. This teay. — Diripla volMant iiliro eiiroqui pir auras, Lucr. 4, 3& 
8VN. Huc. 

citrum. Citron^toood. — InsplcVj aut pSiros, noUirtusvi cVrum. Mart. 10, MJ. 

citrris, T. The eitron-lree.^EP ITH. MaurusTadl, Cythirtia, AdoiiTsL odrmTt'!, 
PHR. RamTsqiiS czultilt Adoniiis arb6r. Maurae AtlantTdl sTlva PrugJFiile* 

cllus. Steift, specxiy^ rapid, — Soltrttii viia elti: DiSs Mhiri ndssiis Sb Siii, 

CIV CLA 125 

XiT^. .Cn. 4, 574. SYN. C21&, velozy utatfit, ^irvSx, prSmpttLi, fcstla&s 
vijicus. CivU — Ciaii^ H mttma civXca beOa $friL Or. Ep. ex P. 1, S, 20& 

▼JeiniL Ofa cUiMen Paeg data titrUy an\mum ad Otind vertlL Or. AI. i;;, 

m SVN. CiT^c&tjurbanus. 
cfnZTtlr. Like a dHMen; courteomijf, kindlff, — Pdw^mus vt emnei elvJfltifr i 
hoe ySer, H isto. Jut. 5, 112. Ae, guSnlam timH est odU ctoWitir titux, 
Ov. Tr. 3, 8, 41. 
dm. A eUixen ; a free man or woman, — EtprociU, mlsirl, qum tanda Jntanla, 
tt-B«i? Virg. ^n. 2, 42. PHR. Orbis, ojipldi inoiila. 

dritaa,atus. A ctly^ state; an astembloffe of eitixcnt, Viliil prqfvpit eti* 

erata elollfis. Ilor. Epod. 16, 18. SYN. Orbt, opptdum. PHR. Civlum 
oetus, turma. S<Sciad dvca, hdmlnet. 
(iadC^ u. Slaughtery destruction — Cladibvs IrruknitSy noeViirtiqvg potAmvt 
ornuL Luc 7, GO. SYN. C^dea, atrige», caaus, funiri. EPITH. Triatia, 
belHcS, mortiffra, ficcrbS, rJxncstX, criient&, aangiiln^ exltuSsS, exitialis, 
feralis, Uri^ «HrS, MavortiS. 
elam. Prioiijf, seeretly, — Clam ferro ineavtiim sifpirat, sieiiriis dmdriim, 
Virg. iEn. 1, 354. SYN. Clanculum, clanculo. PHR. R^motd teiUL 
OcciUta fraud& 
c^ito. 7*0 cry aloudy vociferate. — Ifoe st terqvi gudterqui clam^Uarls, Marf. 

1, 53. SYN. Crvbro, sxpTua clumn. 

damfkf as, avi, atiim. 7*o siumt, esclaim, call lottdly. — Per mikHos rulty ac •n^ 

TKniem noniiiii ciamat. Virg. i£n. 4, C74. SYN. £xcIamo, ooncliimo, vd« 

df^rfir. PIIR. Coeliim, aiiraa, vthSrH, rumiKM, ddmum, ftdes, vlas, urben: 

vocSimpli^o^ replSo, complSo. Coelum, &.v. clitmdrS, tQmiiltii, vodbiis, dii* 

tnonbiia, aSno, Qliilatii repl^ Clamurcm luUo, tdo, do. Orlintdno. 

ClamorS incendo coeliim. Clamorem Sd s:di$r& tollo. Coeliim damoH* 

rumpo, GoncutTo. Clamorem &d a8tr& fcro. VERS. PcrfTd2 Dcm5ph^n 

cun^ damavTt &d iindas. Ternt2 vicTnas TcT& cLlm£t aquSs. 1112 mluo: 

cztremd clamasset piilvSrS nomSn. £t non «peratia Lemnos damatui 

iliimnis. SpumSft saxons damat conviillTbris iindfi. Cliimantl prdcclUi. 

&8pTdt hanc, vuamque vScat ; diimatfi H^fiigTt. £t bTs Iii IsthmTSca victor 

clamatiis &rena. Omnes miignd drcum diimdri frjfmebant. Ibftt, ddcTi 

■D^gno damor6 s^quuntur. Mocstaminccndimt cliimorTbiia iirbcm. AOttiis 

quinJStTam voccs jactariS p2r iimbram, Implevi clamurS vTTis, moestiiBque 

Cr^sam, Nirquidquam ingSmTnikns, Ttlriimque TtSriimquft vdcavi. Hic totiini 

cftvga conscsstim ingentTs i<t orft Primft pfttriim miigiiis SiUTiis cliimdrTbut 

implSt. Itftltsm primiis condamftt Aduitcs : Itftluim Isto sdcii cliimdrS sft- 

liitant. Cliimores sTm&l horrendos ad siderft toUTt. 

<^or, or^s. A shout, kud noise, — QuIsvS rt/i/ tdntiis diversa damor ab urHf 

Yirg. Mn, 12, C21. Mlscentur, maffnUquS vocant clamdribHs /lostem, 

Virg. G. 4, 76. SYN. Vox, sSniis, sdiiTtus, miirinur, fremltus, ttriSpTtfis, 

frftgSr. EPITII. Ingens, r^sdnans, raiiciis, confitsiis, cnussfis, siibTt&s, 

altis5nans, fri^mens, Tterattis. PHR. Siibliitus ftd apthSrft clamSr. VERS. 

Viirit iindTquS clamdr Dissdniis. lUSsdnat magnis cliimonbut sether. Cceliim 

sSnfit omnl fr&gorS. It tristTs ftd nthgrfi clamdr. Ingcnt frftgSr sthftrft 

oompldt. Tum vero immensiis siirgens fSrit aurSft ditmSr SidSrft. TotiimquS 

vTdiircs Alisccri ante dciilos tantis clamoribiit lequdr. Piilsati oollet diimdrS 

ri^iiltant. C/onsdn&t omnl nSmus strSpTtui, coUesquS rlsiiltant. TCim vero 

exSritiir damor, ripmquft IftcusquS Rcsponsant circa, et cceliim tdnftt omul 

tiimiUtuL Cliimdr jiivlnilis, H una FemTnlB voccs, impiilsftquft t^mpftnft 

piilmis, ConcftvSque »rft sfiniint. NaCitTciis exdritiir vftrTo certiimTnS claxndr. 

InalquTtur damdrqud vTriim, clangorqul tiibariim. Ter scdpuli clamSrem 

inter cftvft sikxft dlderl. Clkmorem immensiim toUit quo pontiis It omnes 

Intrlmiiere iinds plnTtiisqtte cxterritft telliis ItftlT», dirvisqua ImmiiglLit 

£tnft divemis. 

damoslis. Xoisi/, clamorous, — Venator, tMt bri Uhns cidmosi MiHdtA. Uia. 

4, 440. SYN. Clamans, exdamans; diimdrft rlsultans, frlmens. 
eHindilarTris. Seeret^ unhnown.^PSeta quidam eianemfiiit tpnr0t. Mirt. 

126 CLA 

danUUaiiL Sfcrgify. See Ckmu 

daiidcstiniis. Secreiy private. — Ceu elSndhrmo irahifriiur fiMrZ beOufiL SU. 

7, 207. SYN. Arcanus, sccretiis, occultus. 
dango, 18. ToMound a» a irumpeL-^-Ei Jam horrida clanffiitU St^^ iSUm» 

Stat. Theb. 4, 342. 
dangSr, oris. The tound ofa irumpei. — Ji iuU Uid>ifkiM puieai eCi^oHUf 

urbem. Stat. Theb. 10, 54?. SVN. Tiibarum sdnQs, strSpttiiS. EPITH. 

RauciiB, Mavortiiis, belllciis, MartiHis, r2s5nans, Bns^niis, hdniaonia, 

minax, stridens, fr&nena. PUR. Rauciis stndenti murmiiri dangtSr. 

£x5r!tur, clamorquS viriim, dangorqui tiibarixm. See Clateieumj Tuha. 
ClSnTs, is. A river of Etruria rtmning inio ihe Tiber, — £i ClaiOs^ ii BulHea, ei 

Sgmonum de nom-ing Sena. SiL 8, 455. 
darlow To be brighiy emdeniy iUuairtom.^~-£rgo poeiquif mSipeaui virj ntinc 

glorta clarii. Enn. Quod in primo quiSqug earmSng clariL Lucr, G, 937- 

SVN. Claresoo^ enttSo ; p&tto, apparSo ; nobTIis siim. See Luceo. 
darescoi, is. To grow brighiy mankfeeiy dieHncL — Clarieeuni ton^Sius, armorumqua 

itigruU horriir, Vii^. ^n. 2, 301. 
darltas, atTs. SplendouTf lighi; finne, honour, See Splendor, Luje; Fama^ 

Cl&rTiis. An epithei of ApoUo, from Ihe iown of Clarotf where he was wvr. 

aMpped.^QtA irlpSdaSy CUh^ lauroj, qui sidira sintts, Virg. iEu. 3, 360. 

daro, as. To make dear; io render iHusirious, — ClarabU pugfUm : non i^gmi* 

imffigir. Hor. Od. 4, 3. SYN. niiistro : nomSn, f iimam do^ oonfSro. 
ClSrdiu A iown qf lonMOj where ApoUo was espeeiaUg worshipped. — £i ClarSa, 

ii Tinidosy Pdidriaqug rigla sirvU. Ov. M. 1, b\6. EPITH. PhoebaL 

dariis. Brighiydear; eonspiewms; iilusirious, noble. — IpsS pSfrigrini ferrii^ 

gSnidarus ii ostro. Virg. jEn. U, 772. SYN. LCiddiis, liicena, splendiaiiay 

splendens, nitTdiis ; oSnspTdifis, m&nlfestiis, notiis ; insTgnTs, Iliiistiis, ^rS- 

giiis, prastans. PHR. Non dbsdiriis, daro oSlorS splendeus. FanuB haud 

tgnotiis. VERS. Clar& nuduite ailrS, flammasque TmTtant2 pjfropo. Clari 

rSperciisso reddebant lumTn& Phoebd. Perctitlt indignos daro plongorS 

l&certos. Tiiiis, o darissTmif, firat&r. 
dassTdim, L The sound qf a irumpai or hom; a trumpeL — ClasiSoa jamqni 

sondnts ii biUo iissird stgnum. Virg jEn. 7, 637. SVN. Ciangdr, tixba. 

rum fWhnTtii^ strSpTtiis^ EPITH. MartTiim, Alavortiiim. VERS. Ab. 

rixmpiint diilcem MavdrtTI dassTci somntim. Necdum 5tTam audilrant in- 

flari dassTdL Jamque aiirem horrlsSnd riimpiint fiA dassTcft ciintiL 

MartTX ferventes iiocendiint dassTdi piigniis. See T\Uta. 
dassTs, Ts. Afleei; an armamenL — Classibiis hSe locHs : kie adSH certari soic' 

banL Virg. ^n. 2, 30. EPITH. iErati, MartTt, belficS, armatS, vefivdli, 

equSrfil, fluctTvSgi. VERS. VSliicri friftX dassS pirerrftt. Fertiir dia 

giirgTtS classTs. See Nams. 
elathri, orum. A balusiradCf railing, — OliyiGios cavia valiili slfrangiri •daihroe. 

Hor. A. P. 473. SYN. Cancelli, claiistrX, septft. 
davS, ». A club. — Ipsa oajiU eldvamqui grSvimy spotliimqui HbriU. Ov. Fast. 

2, 325. SYN. Siipls, fastTs. EPITH. Herciilfil, duril, ImmitTs, pond^ 
rdsS, trTnodis, nododL PHR. Clav» r5biir. VERS. Ferxiita munitus 
robSrS davae. InstrnxitqulS m&niun diiva dSmTtricS fSrarum. Aptabit 
dcztris Irras» robdrS dava. PinSft nodosa quassabat robSrft cUvo. Quis 
facta Herdil&B non aiidit ^rttt davB. 

daudTco, as. To hali, Hmp — Ridint: percusso elaiutSoai iUiginu. Ov. Fast. 

3, 758. PHR. Claiidd pMS griUIidr, niito, vSdlla 

daiido^ si, siim. To shui, elose, enelose. — D^lsosa IHciidomi qum ctaudirH 
agnos. Virg. EcL 7» 15. SYN. Ocdudo^ indudo, interdiido, circiimdudo, 
obstriio^ obslro; cSfaTb^ sisto; finTo, oondiida VERS. Illic cUtia 
tSnent st&biins armentft. CIaiis& dSmo t2n2or grXvTbiisquS cdercTtS vitu^s. 
Long&s Tn iingusttim qua daticEftiir HellespSntiis. Tn stcrniim daiidrtntir 
lununS noctem. Riirft gfilii tiim daudtt hiems. ClauditS jiim rivoe pli2ri { 
sat pratk bTberunl. ITItunft mandji(5 daiidctiir t^xsi^i, parviL 


eMm Jtmmmtu — FSret SbOnr^ lAaan obctr&lr^ pnBcUiiUfrl, PSsilbili 
abim obdSrS. VERS. iErata nmTnX cUuift ■{». Ferro et oSmpigTbai 
inctTs Ciaudeiitur bcUi portc. Portas objToS flnnd Clauslrlt. lllic dauaX 
tSnent stlbiins irmenUL ClausS d8m5 tSnlor, grSvTbusquS dSercitX 
eiandua. iMme, h^UliHg—DisiruU pgdOf Pcenia elmido. Ilor. Od. 3, 2, 32. 
cfiviggr. Carrying a key {fnm daYu).~^CIavigifrum verbU aUoquar tp§i 

Dfiim, Ov. Fast. I, 928. 
dirigfr. Bearing a dub (Jrom dara) — VHltUfrSf elav^igifrt qum fceMt ller^ 

eniU arcHS. Ov. M. 15, 281. PHR. Cla\'a armat&s. 
davTs, Ta. A key. — Nee proMbent ctaves ; et canls tpU taeXt. Tib. 2, 4, 34. 
£PITH. FerHa, aratX, stridcns, Shfna, mvH. PHR. Pdrtiis HfscriuiSy 
pindcna, redudcns. 
daastrum, u A bar, bolt, barrler.^AepieH ; », vt vldtfas, Immtna chui'ri 
riiajra, Ov. Am. 1, G, 17- SYN. Valv», flJres, janii&, porO, cNiix. 
EPITH, Tenax, stricturo, olistans. 

davus, 1. A junl. Mtittd clavorum: quls tam proeul abiit ub dirUff Juv. 

16, 25. EPITII. FcrrSSs, «riSus, Xcutus, rirmus. 
davusy u The heim qfa thip, — Hortatiinjuig v\ro$yeidvumqiue ad Ittcra torqu^t 
Virg. iEn. 5, 177- SYN. Oubcrnaculum, gQbemadunu EPITH. Fidus, 
nautidis. PHR. NavTs mddCramSn, riS^Tmfo, bftbena. Clavum rSgSrif, 
flectSrS, torqucrif, mddSrari. VERS. RectSr jfrit puppls, davoque immo- 
bSTis hsercns. Mutiiblt pflSgo tcrriM. R^men dcxtra roSdSriintS cSrins» 
Flecteb&t. RSsTdens in ptippiS mfigistSr Artl rifgit ventis Impiils» niivTs 
clavQs. The purpie ttripe on the robet qf the patrleiant ai Rome^^CMd 

rettabat; etav» menturd eSacta est, Ov. Tr. 4, 10, 35. EPITH. NobTITs. 
dcmens, entis. Caimy gentle, peaceabley miid, — Nee dubltat; nee^ qud tlt cle* 
menGssfmiis amrils. Ov. M. 9, 116. SYN. MltTs, oomTs, binignus, hu. 
mantts, mansuetiis. Unts, bdnfis, pUUndus, f&cTlTs. PHR. PtgSr id pocnas. 
VSiiTsB pXratus. in mls^ros bSnignus. FiectT Oidns. RespTcTcns placacd 
viiltu. In nilsSros lems. VERS. Qui cum triste Snqiiid sUtuit, Tit tristis 
H ipii2. CuiquS fSre poenam siiml^rS panS sua cst. AddS qu5d est inimus 
scmper tSbi mitTs, }it iltae IndTdiim morcs nobtntatXs h&bent. Detumucre 
SnTmi mXrTs, et demcntT5r AiistSr VeU vScit. 
dcmentiX. Miidness, gentienesSy humttnitg, mereg,^Quantd sV fn in^dYa cie* 
mennd Cttsdrit tra. Ov. Ep. ex P. 3, 6, 7. SYN* BSnTtis, lcnTtis, man. 
iuctudob EPITH. B£nign&, fScTIts, oomTs, hQmini, picTficS, sBquX, mitts. 
PHR. 3ntTs XnTm&s. VERS. Ciim vincamiir Tn omiu Munjfril, s6!ft 
D5d8 aequat dementTX D'^bis. EmdlEt gcntcs dcmcntTX oaeli. Sfe 
Cl^nn, ariim. A town in AehaieL~^issenequXfirdSy Patrteque^ humMetqu3 
Clionm. Ov. M. 6» 417. 

Clionseus. Of Cieonm liid CHdnai» prbjicit tergd UdnXs. Luc. 4, 612. 

Cl55patriL (^ueen of Eggpt, and daughter of Ptoiemy Auietes, eelebratea Jor 
her beauig and ineonstaney. She had a son bg Cmsar, and tnfterteards 
married and supported Antong; and^ on Jus defeat at ihe battie qf Actium^ 
siew kerseif, — JEjtpugndri sinim pdtiiit CHdpdtrd vincnls. Luc 10, 200. 
SYN. PtSMmaTs. EPITH. InccstX, mSrStrix, formosX, pulchrS, audax« 
^g^ptTX, PhXrBI, Pt512inaTs. PHR. Inccstl m&rStrix reptnfi Cftn6pi. 
iEg^ptTS oonjux, regiiUL VERS. Quae t^nuit Phirium mcritrix sc£l2riiti 
C&nopum. ActTSs Aus5nius fugit ClS5patr& c&tcuas. 
depsydrS, ae. A veuel for measuring time bg the running qf water..^iptim 

eiips^drdt mdgnd ffbt vodpitinQ. Mart 6, 35. 
cliens, entis. A elienty dependant.-..-JttIdnif elMnt^ itjdmcirtus cdnvloa, jubitur. 

Hor. £]!. 1, 7, 75. EPITH. SomcTtus, assTduris. 
dicntcli. Clientthipy dependance, JNi/rona^«.— SYN. Tutcl&, patrdcfnTum. 
dino. To bendj ttoop. — Qudreitfam dtque itldm paulum oCindri nicctte esL 

Lucr. 2, 243. SYN. Indino, redino. 
CBo, ii». The mmte of hittory,—Ndn mW sunt vism Clto, Ctivsqui sdrdris. 
Uv. Ar. Am. 1» 27. See Mutm. 

128 CLI CLY 

ditellc, arum. Panmierty a paek-MdtUe. — CliieliSsfirus imjmngfSgj .Al»«^ ^ 

pdtemum, Hor. Ep. 1, 13, 8. 
Cnt45riiiin, I. J fountain in Areadia, tehieh had ihe property efeameiwsft thna^e 
teho drank of it to ehun wine, — Ctltorio quieuinqtiif $Ulm de Jcni^ itroiirlt^ 
Ov. M. 16, 322. 
cnvosQs. Steepj hUltf.-^^^Ecefj eupen^no ettvoei tramitls undam. Virg. G. 1, 

108. SVN. Dcdivb, JuxrlTvis- 
etivus. A tteepf slope, hiil, atcent. — Castatlnm motti deverntur orBUa dle^^i. 
Virg. O. 3, 293. SYN. CoIITs, raons. EPITH. Pnece|M, arduus, p^ndenfs 
radDtanus, soSpuIdsiis. PIIR. Perque aspera duro Nltiturad laiidem %vru« 
interritS clivd. Arduil saxoso perdudt semita divo. See Mons, 
ddacS, s. A eommon sewer, sink, — Vemiild ripariimj pffnffws iHrr^ Uf 
etdaoa. Juv. 5, 105. SVN. Latrin&. EPITH. rmmundil, foidilL, »lr. 
dYdll, tiirpTs. PHR. Orivem qu» spir^t Sdorem. Diram exhalit, cffui»» 
dlt, dpaci rai^phitim. Ingratum diffundit Sdorem. Diriim p5r a2r3 ▼irft« 
CltcITS. A nohle Roman ladtff teho heing gioen at a hostage to Porsena, kiiep q/" 

fhe Hetrusa, made her escape by swimming back to Jtome acrcss the Tiber. 

Pjjlyvtum vlnctts Jnnaret Cladld ruptis. Virg. ifin. 8, G51. EPITii. 
Fortis, aiidax, nOhTHs. 
Clucho, iis. One of the Fatet. — DijeMt: ai Clotho jussii promitsa nalrrgL 

Ov. Ib. 243, See Parae. 
dudo, Ts. To shui, close. — SangtiinS, TisfpikSne fraiefnd etudSri quserli» StaU 

Theb. II, 5& See C/atM/o. 
dunTs, Ts. The hauncti, buitoek. — Quod putchrm ctiinety brSv^ quod capfil, 

arduacervlx. Hor. Sat. 1, 2, 89. SYN. NStes. 
ClusTiim, Ti. A town of Etrttria, — Qui moaiid Cliisi. Virg. ^n. 10, 1G7* 
CliisTus. An epiihei of Janus (from cludo) — £i mSdS sdcry^co Cluslus drf 

vocor. Ov. Fast. I, 129. See Jamu. 
Clj^mSne. Daughier of Oceanus and Tethys, and mother qf Phaethon, — Ei 

iiitli dd Cljfminen Spdphl convicid matrenu Ov. M. 1, 75li. 
v^lymSncTus. OfCtymene. — Qu5 ttmHt acclivo C/vmineld timWprCJct. Ov. M. 

2. 19. 
dj^p^Sltiis. Armed teiih a thietd. — Existuni; eretcittpig tSgct ctjfp^did virorihm. 
Ov. M. 3, 110. SYN. Scutatiis. PHR. Clj^pSa^ scuto, iimbdn^, parma, 
pclta, armatiis, tectiis, mQnitiis, protectiis. 
dypSiis, 1. m. ; or clypSiim, i. n. A thieldj buckler. — Surgli dd hot et^pSTt 
dSmlnHt teptempticlt Ajax. Ov. M. 13, 2. SYN. Sciitiim, parmSy P^t^ 
iiroba EPITH. Fiilgens, durus, oSruscans, spIendTdiis, rutilaiis, mtensy 
cdnisciis,riitTIii8; lerSiiB, aeratiis, &hcniis, ferr^ite, ferratiis ; diviis, dirvatus, 
h&bTFTs. PHR. Mri mitnitus. Saevo fiilgdrS mTcans. Fliimmas &d niibTli 
jactans. Clj^pel textiinL ClypSi orbts. Clypei insignS dScdnim. /ErS 
cSvo dj^ils. VERS. Clj^p^um tiim deindS sTnistra £xttiITt ttrdentcm. 
CljrpSiimque cx aerS sTnistne SublTg&t. Hic firro aodngor riirsru, dj^p&kiud 
sTnistram Insertabam iptans. Hfist& vSlans dfpCi ferro transverb<r&t er&. 
Postquam hSbTIis l&tJSri clj^pSiiii loric&que tergo cst. Simiil apt&t h&bcndd 
£nsemque djrpJSumquS. Nec misSro clj^pSi m5r& profiiTt nreii. Cljf pdoqiij! 
mTcantui fiilgitr& mtttTt. Vastos iimlio vdmtt aiirSiii ignes. Illi t&men 
clj^pj^) objecto oonversiis Tn hdstcm Tb&t. L»v6 dependet parm& Ificerto. 
At pTiis ifeneas hiistam j&dt: ill& plr orbem iErS c&vum tripltci, per nnS& 
terg&, tribiisquSTnnsTTtintextiim taiirisdpiis. Cljfpetim, tot ferri tergS, 
tot aerTs. Ciim pcllis tStTes 5b&t drciimdilt& taurt. Vibriinti cuspts mMTiim 
tranaverbSr&t Tctti. SctitSs protcctT d)rpor& longis. Fcrrc& sciita t^iit 
hiimJSros, ct pectdrS lat&. 
Clj^tflemne8tr&. Daughter tfJupiier and Leda. See Castor, Letta. She teas 
the uf\fe qfAgamemnony tetufm on his reiumfrom the Trojan tcar she tiete 
teiihthe aidof herparamour JEgisthtisi she uvw herself tlain by Orestet in 
revenge for the murder ef hit faiher. — Mani Ct^tmKnittrdm nutiiit nm 
viciit hdbebli. Juv. 6, 666. PHR. lg&memn5nTs tixSr.^ EPITU. SetxU 
€riient&, pernd&, ada«rat&, XdiiltJfr». ed by GoOgle 

ClVtTe. ML A tea^ymjAf aiJSrti tewdy and aflerwardt haleJf by Apoi o, vkott 


dL^Us4 nat being ahle tatndwrej she tkmfgdhersei/UnJemihy and wae ektuified 

imi^atviJhmer^Qimqui tuoe CljiU^ quamvU detpeeid pglehaL Ov, M. 

4, 206L 
Ce^dus, «r CnTd($t, T. A imen of CariOj tehere Vemu wae ftonhipped^Fteoe' 

eamqni Ct^don, graoUamqme Imdihuntd mftaUL Ov. M. 10, 631. 
tSiceTTo, u. 7*0 heap together^ aeeumulate, amau. — Pir eSdeervatoe phHt 

dSmue ImjHd luetite. Or. AI. 8, 485. 6VN. Acerro, cung^ro, lccum&lo, 

aggCro, cuinula^ colltgu. 
eficto, is. To/orce, — Qna graditur^ oonturbdtf H \mmutar9 cdSeiat. Lucr. U^ 

1120. SeeCoffo. 
o&gulBm. Bennei. — Max ifpulae ponunt^ nquf/aetd eSaguld laetif, Of. Fast. 

oeUeaeo, luL Togrow togethery unUe, grwe to,^Dum ndmit in «IrWi eSdHteU 

eorfkd ramue. Ov. Ar. Axn. 2, 649. S YN. Co^ cdnvSnTo, ooncurro^ cd- 

luerSo, ooncresca 
oSrcto^ ia. To tirailen, eomprett, eonttrain, — CedSrH /etCtndnt s noxgui eSaretdt 

tlfr. Or. Fbst. 5, S46. SVN. PrSmo, oompiTmo, stringo^ oonatringo, 

eSarguo, Ts. - To prooe, thowj betray, — Cbrutd verbd r^/ert dSmtniqui eSdrgiilt 

oAret.. Ov. 31. 11, 193. See Arguoj Demonttro. 
ooccinit&s. CUdhed in tcarlet, dyed tearlet. — Qui eocdimliot non pntdt vfrot 

ettd. MarL 1, 97) 6. PHR. Cocoo, muricS tlnctus. Aluric^ imbutus. 
ouoQnfia. O/ a tcarlet er putrple coiour. Jiqui ndfro /ervene, edvit htinct 

quem eoeclnd land. Ju'. 3, 283 
eoecom, T. Scarlei dye. — Fart auro plumaid n^tet, part ignid ooeeo. Luc. 10, 

12o. SYN. Alurex, purpurS, ostrum. EPITH. Rubrum, rubens, purpu- 

rfos, sangutnSfis. See Furpura. 
cochlSS, «. A tnaH, codkle. — Sum eSchlilt hdUitlty ted non m^hiiit viWt ovtt. 

Mart. 14, 121. Curvariim dHmvt udd cdchUdrHm. SirX. Silv. 4, 9, 33. 

EPITH. CurvX, reptTEs, nexTIT». 
Codt-s, TtTs. Blind o/one eye. Coolet leat ihe turname o/ a eelebraied Roman. 

teho tingly de/ended ihe Sublician bridge agaititt the army qf Portena, and 

fthen ihe bridge teat broken down, etcaped to ihe city by twimming Ihrough tkt 

Tiber. — Coetifit abtclttot iettatiir temfld pontet. Prop. 3, 11, rJ3. SVN. 

Ijoscus. PHR. LumTn^ dissus. LuminS, Sc&lo drhriCfis, vTduatus, urbfis. 

Ciiu stXt lumTnlS ripto. V£RS. TUum indignanti sTmTlcm, sTmilemquC 

nunanti AspToSres, pontem auderct quod veU^rl^ Cudcs. Virg. jEnm 

cuctTRs. Baked, bumt; a brick, tile. — CocttHbiit muiJs elnjpitti Simtramft 

iirbem. Ov. M. 4, 68. SYN. Cr^ctQs. 
Coc^tiis, or CScytos, i. A river in the in/emal regiont. — Cocytiitqui tlnii 

Idbent cireiimveriii dtro. Vifg. JEn. 6, 132. Vltendvt dterjlumlni IdngtHdd 

Coeytit errdne. Hor. Od. 2, U, 17. EPITH. Atdr, nTglr, tristTs, caecOs. 

See Acheron, 
COcf tTSs. Qf Coeytut.^HJe ttWidm cdriibue rdb^em Cocyfid vJrgo. Virg. Mn, 

eddex, Tcu. The trunk qf a tree. — Cod^ci quH mitto, quem vijf jvgd blnd mM^ 

rent. Ov. M. 12, 432. See Caudex. 
oodTcUliis, T. A tmall ttem ; a tablet. — CultellSt, Hnuctvi eodJctllS. Stat. Silv. 

4, 9, 41. See LibeHut, Tabula. 
Codriis. The last king c/ Athent ; he tought hit own death %n battte againtt the 

Ptdopannctiant, to enture victory to hit eounirymen, — Codrut, propdtrid non 

ilmWt mSn. Hor. Od. 3, 19, 2. 
ccEleb», TbTs. Unwedded. — Ntl dlt etti pHiit, mHiut vSl cattbi vitd. Hor. Ep. 

1, 1, 88. SYN.^Innubufc, innubS, innuptlU PHR. ConjfigTs ezpers, 

nescTus, ignar&s. Castum servans Intacto c5rpSrS florem. Vlrgo IgnirX 
vTii Teds non n5t& jug^Ii. See Catttu. 
CoeleitTs. Heavenly. — Prot^niit dirti melUs ceelesfid dona. Virg. G. 4, 1. 

8YN. ^thSrS&s, iCrif&s, sidSrSus, supSrus, calTcus. 
C«Hcffl«e, irunn. The inhabitanU qf heaven, ihe deitiet — Omnes Cssndflde, 
mnes wpira dltd tinentft. ^•'irg. jEn. G, 78«. ^'^Ud svper niibes eonvfr 

G 5 

130 C (E L C CE N 

atneSLrum Jw 13, 42. STN. Ccentci, eedefles s&pSn, UiwU fifiO. 
P}1R. Qut Goelestct auras, i&p&u dSmSsy ottli tectl, luoSunt. Coelitiiai 
oSbon, ooet&i. JExhlSiB pr&Sres. Divurum, Dirum sSoatua. Coelo r^ 
ccpt! prj$oSres. Sanota ftnmuB, igmlnl IKrum. Gcns id4itl coeiaL 
SidSrCi MtL Dlustres IninuB. Qofis puriSSr ioclpit Kthcr. JEth&S 
prScSres, lanctusqul slnatfis. Qui pj^dibua nnbcs et sid&ft cnlcinL 

riBncfis. HeoMnfy^Cmned teetS Mii: 161 dimum fMS labariL Stat. Snr. % 

3, 14. -SYN. Ccelntts, sfipSriSs, Bth&rCSs, ndSr«iis. 
cceliftr. Supporfykg the heaoent. — £jftrtt ofiiii Soliequi iraat, « A ent\fer AUSu 

Virg. -fin. 6, 79«. 
Coentes, iim. The deiiUs^H5$ni CeOUVma gmo JMeiUS eSdiL Or. Fast. 
I, 320. See Caiieolm. 

cfBlfim, 1, n.; plur, ooeC, oriim, m. The heaoetu, hemeen; ihe tksh ww l fti r.— 
Frisfida vljf eedo nocTxs deetMaMi umbnL Vlrg. Mn. 6, 14. QuSm parUir 
eealoi omnes convertgref H omnet. Locr. 2, 1096L SYN. ^ther, ndlri, 
astri, «thrS, pSliis, Olfmpiis. EPITH. PrSfumlixm,unmensiim, oonTcxnoiy 
lublimS, oelsum, arduiim; piihim, Equidum, ooeriiliSom; nd&-Suro, atel- 
lans, fi^lgens, ignifSrum, rSfiilgens, stellatiim, istHfSriim. oiSriiirnm. 
PHR. Ccelestts or». SiipSrae dfimtia. Cceli atrii, pXIadi, tectS, indjti 
regiiS. Or» coelcstes, KthSW^ aSn», siipir», sidSrSK. ^thJ^Hi ora^ 
azts, arcei. ^thSriiis rertez. ^thSrfii pligL SidSHfB sedes. Sid2rfi 
axes. Lxmtnft Dtriim. Tectl TSnantu. CoelestS sdliim. Ro^ mi^nl 
JSrls. Coeles^ aulS. JSv^ atrOi siJmmL Stellif&r orbls. Coui oSnrezi 
dfimiis. ArcesOlympt. iltiis Olympi rertez. TempIS stellantib Olyiqin. 
Siip2riim oonveziL Atxi& Diviim. StellantSi coeE tectL Rcgnl bSa 
pdlu StelCs irdens liiccntibiis lether. Stellis irdentibiis aptiim. ^tenui 
regiil sUiitls. Quod t^t omnil. V£RS. Plt&r dmmp5tens ter eoelo 
d^iis &b alto Intdniiit. Tedet ooefi oonvezl t&eii. Qua PIt<r iit siimma 
▼idit Sotiimiiis ardF. VidSo mSdlixm discedSrS ooelimi. Sed v^fdfir coelS 
missiis SdcssS tlbL PrKpiStibus pennls aiisiia le crediSri oael& Vlnum 
coeli praediscSrS morem. Sed falsa id ooeliim mittiint insomnta Manct. 
SiipJSrasquiS D^oriim impIererS ddmos. Sid&M ooeE r&fitiiriis Id azes. 
Fis iUi nn^n& Divixm Tang2r& MactS nSva virtiitS piicr, sic itiir id istri. 
Cbi stellantis reotSr Olympli Inn&^ inunis vliSonxm libS dlrentes CdUS. 
dtt Obl neo IQctus, nee morbi, aiit ansi ciiri SdlCcitant muSria triSpSdi 
formidiuS mcntes : Sed leciiri qutei, et neicli viti iSncctK, £t, ciim Paci, 
Fldes hibltant. 

or/tnn atcendere. — PHR. SiipSris evadSrS id aiiris. ScandSrS id ethiSrCM 
sedes. F]ammigSriim oonscendSrJS Olympixm. Siip&r irdiii aidSri oo^ 
S€andSr£. VERS. ArccmouS pdEp^r InanipSttvit. H»c iibl dicti dMi^ 
ooeli pCtit ardiii pennis. Dint, 2t in coelitm piiibiis se siistiiBt ilii. O 
pit2r ! aime ilTquos ad coelum hinc irJS piitandum est ? Dizit, H aiiratis 
perstringens aSrii peimis, In ooeliim se viigtf riplt. Haeo ilty et Iiquido 
signavit tramStS nubcs. 

eesiodeecendere. — PHR. £ coelo delabdr, deimttSr, labfir, desHio; ib astris dc. 
labSr. VERS. Hiio tuncignipdtens ooeld descendlt ib alto. DSiis ethSrS 
misiiisibiltd. SunlUhBO effatiis,ib ilto '^thirSsemitat Hli iJFves co^G 
dcinissi p2r auras InsSniSt. Ndvi progihuea ocelo demittitiir alto. Visi 
diHunc emld fidies demisii piren^s. 

oSftno» eini, emptCun. To purchase. — OmTifaednduofis dSlfmens opsmHa hJ wh i Tj, 
Hor. Sat 1, 2, 9. SYN. £mo. 

coeni, e. Supper.~^Quem iud Jelieemy ZBlGfy eamaJSclt. Alart. 2, 19. 
£PITH. Lauti, sumptiiosi, dpimi, g^nuifis, liiztiriosi. PHR. MiUt4 
splcndldi lCizii. Rcgafi liizii ooeni pi&ati. GKFnlans ferdili cocna!. Sc« 

ooeuaciiliim. A supper-room.'~-Ai miS Vipsanas epectawt agnaculS lawruSm 
Mart. 1, 109. 

coenatio^ dnis. A supper-room. — MicS vooor ; gutd etm^ cirnUf eesnaitS Tdrcot 
Mart. 2, 59 SVN. Cociiaciilum. 

coi^turlo, i». To have an appetite/or supper....Com^^H§^lfcirrS, non eScS^