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Full text of "Proceedings: Grand Lodge of A.F. & A.M. of Canada, 2003"

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Grand Lodge 

A.F. & A.M. of Canada 
in the Province of Ontario 


Digitized by tine Internet Arclnive 

in 2011 witln funding from 

Heritage Lodge No. 730 G.R.C. & Grand Lodge A.F.& A.IVI. of Canada in tine Province of Ontario 

In ftp ://www.arc In 


in the Province of Ontario 







July 16th, A.D. 2003, A.L. 6003 

The property of and ordered to be read in all 
the Lodges and preserved. 

The Proceedings should always be available for use by 
all members of the lodge. 






M.W. Bro. Donald H. Mumby 
Grand Master 

Donald Mumby was bom in Lethbridge, Alberta, on November 17, 1939. 
He received his primary, elementary and high school education in Cross- 
field, Alberta; later, graduated from Carleton University, in Ottawa, with 
a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science (With Distinction); a graduate of the 
National Defence College in Kingston, and the Canadian Police College 
(Executive Development) in Ottawa. 

On April 28, 1958, he enlisted in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police 
in Calgary, Alberta, and served for thirty-five consecutive years, retiring 
in May, 1993, with the rank of Chief Superintendent. Holds membership 
in the Ottawa Division of the R.C.M.P. Veterans' Association. 

He is the recipient of the R.C.M.P. Long Service and Good Conduct 
Medal with Gold Clasp and Stars, and the Canada 125 Medal which was 
awarded for community service and volunteer activity. 

Our Grand Master was initiated, passed and raised in Dalhousie Lodge 
No. 52, Ottawa, and served as Master of that lodge in 1984/85. A Charter 
Member and Charter Senior Deacon of Luxor Daylight Lodge No.741, 
Ottawa, serving as Master in 1994/95. Charter Member of Millennium 
Lodge No. 743, and an Honorary Life Member of several lodges in Ontario. 

Appointed a Grand Steward in 1987; elected District Deputy Grand 
Master of Ottawa District 2 in 1989; appointed to the Board of General 
Purposes in 1993, and elected to the Board in 1995, 1997 and 1999. Elected 
Deputy Grand Master in July, 2001. Installed as Grand Master July 17, 
2003. He has served on several committees, including Management, 
Masonic Education, Condition of Masonry, Communications, Blood 
Donors, Friend to Friend and Mentors. 

M.W. Bro. Mumby is the Grand Representative to the Grand Lodge of 
the State of Rhodelsland and the Providence Plantations. 

He is a member of the Ottawa Lodge of Perfection, Murray Chapter of 
Rose Croix and Past Commander in Chief of the Ottawa Consistory. 

Honorary Past First Principal, Carleton Chapter No. 16, Royal Arch 
Masons, Ottawa. 

Member of Tunis Shrine, Ottawa, and an Honorary Life Member of 
Rameses Shrine, Toronto. 

Our Grand Master was inducted into the Royal Order of Scotland in 
April, 2003. 

Donald Mumby is a member of Orleans United Church. He has served 
as a volunteer with the United Way of Ottawa-Carleton, the Canadian 
Cancer Society, the Kidney Foundation of Ottawa and the Victims Services 

Unit of the Cumberland Detachment of the O.P.P. 

Married to Marion (Anderson), of Powassan, Ontario, they have two 
children, Ruth Ann Sullivan, a Certified Management Accountant, and 
Dale, a Sargeant with the Peel Regional Police; and four grandchildren, 
Mark and Kathleen Sullivan and Tyanna and Donald Mumby. 

in the Province of Ontario 

At the One Hundred and Forty-eighth Annual Communication of the Grand 
Lodge AF. & AM. of Canada, in the Province of Ontario, held in the City 
of Toronto, commencing Wednesday, July 16, AD. 2003, AL. 6003, 

Present were: 

M.W. Bro. Terence Shand 

R.W. Bro. Donald H. Mumby 

R.W. Bro. Robert C. James Grand Senior Warden 

R.W. Bro. Patrick J. McGrenere Grand Junior Warden 

R.W. Bro. J. Gordon Roberts Grand Chaplain 

R.W. Bro. T. Richard Davies Grand Treasurer 

M.W. Bro. Robert J. McKibbon Grand Secretary 

R.W. Bro. J. David Bel! Grand Registrar 

R.W. Bro. Mark J. Thompson Grand Director of Ceremonies 


M.W. Bros. R. E. Davies, N. R. Richards, R. E. Groshaw, D. C. Bradley, N. E. Byrne, C. E. 
Drew, R. J. McKibbon. 


Algoma Mark D. Stephenson Peterborough Brian W. Gilkinson 

Algoma East William D. Hall Prince Edward Kenneth E. Campbell 

Brant Ralph V. Baldwin St Lawrence Garry O. Mielke 

Bruce Brian D. Dayman St Thomas William H. Douglas 

Chatham John A. Wilcox Samia Ronald B. Glithero 

Eastern Andre A. Cayer South Huron Marvin C. Jones 

Erie Douglas W. Tight Sudbury-Manitoulin .... James M. Thomson 

Frontenac Laurie W. Langille Temiskaming Sidney R. Poole 

Georgian North .... Donald A. McCutcheon Toronto 1 Roland Mandeville 

Georgian South James R. Lee Toronto 2 Gareth R. Taylor 

Grey William M. Watt Toronto 3 Allan C. Dvorak 

Hamilton A John Pollock Toronto 4 Allan J. Bimie 

Hamilton C George Cuthbertson Toronto 5 A. Nezam Soltanzadeh 

London East Robert G. Saunders Toronto 6 Roy A. Smith 

London West , . . . John J. Crinklaw Toronto 7 Godfrey J. Golding 

Muskoka-Parry Sound .... Deane A. Murdy Victoria J. Douglas Anderson 

Niagara A William O. Powell Waterloo Barry C. Snider 

Niagara B James E. Healey Wellington Wilmot J. Rose 

Nipissing East J. Royce Wall Western C. Kenneth McDonald 

North Huron Samuel R. Dougherty Wilson North John S. Ault 

Ontario Herb Visser Wilson South Gene H. Hirt 

Ottawa 1 Douglas Franklin Windsor Dennis M. O'Leary 

Ottawa 2 Donald A. Wallace 


H. N. Britton, R. K. Campbell, J. T. Cassie, F. Halpem, T. V. Homer, P. J. Mullen, R. T. 
Runciman, D. G. Dowling, P. W. Hooper, D. M. Sheen, W. C. Thompson, T. A McLean, J. H. 
Hough, C. M. Miller, G. L. Atkinson, D. A Campbell, A J. Petrisor, T. W. Hogeboom, B. K. 
Schweitzer, S. R. Drummond, D. R. Dainard, B. J. Hutton, T. E. Lewis, W. J. Matyczuk, G. A 
Napper, G. W. Nelson, R. S. Whitmore, B. E. Bond, D. A Conway, G. H. Hazlitt, G. E. Hinds, 
M. L. Shea, P. E. Todd, F. M. Wilson, R. S. J. Daniels. 



J. H. Hough Burkina Faso 

J. Heffel Bahai 

D. W. DLxon Brasilia 

L. Bittle Ceara 

W. S. McNeil Espirito Santo 

D. E. Swann Mato Grosso 

G. H. Hazlitt Mato Grosso do Sul 

R. K. Spence Mina Gerais 

R. D. Summerville Paraiba 

C. J. Woodbum Parana 

L. Martin Rio de Janeiro 

W. C. Thompson Santa Catarina 

D. N. Campbell Sao Paulo 

W. C. Frank China 

A. E. Dyer Bogota 

G. W. Kerr Cartagena 

P. G. Farrell Croatia 

D. J. McFadgen Cuba 

G. Turek Czech Republic 

T. P. Hansen Denmark 

M. J. Duke Ecuador 

R. C. Casselman Finland 

N. Britton France, Nationale 

J. W. Reid Germany, U.G.L. 

G. L. Atkinson Guatemala 

J. A. Hughes Iceland 

W. E. McLeod India 

G. W. Nelson Iran 

S. H. Cohen Israel 

A. J. Petrisor Japan 

D. Langridge Luxembourg 

N. G. Stacey Madagascar 

W. J. Deller Tamaulipas 

R. K. Campbell York 

B. K. Schweitzer Netherlands 

T. R. Davies New South Wales 

A. D. Hogg New Zealand 

L. J. Hostine Panama 

J. I. Carrick Philippines 

P. W. Hooper Puerto Rico 

R. T. Runciman Queensland 

B, E. Bond South Australia 

R. S. Throop Spain 

E. J. Scarborough Sweden 

J. W. Lidstone Switzerland 

J. R. Gilpin Tasmania 

E. J. Brown Uruguay 

L. M. Foumey Venezuela 

A. A. Barker . . Victoria 

M. J. May Western Australia 

R. E. Davies England 

R. E. Groshaw Scotland 

D. A. Campbell Alberta 

R. A. Bamett British Columbia 

A. P. Stephen Manitoba 

F. R. Branscombe New Brunswick 

T. Shand Newfoundland/Labrador 

F. G. Dunn Nova Scotia 

T. E. Lewis » . Prince Edward Island 

N. R. Richards Quebec 

T. D. Pachal Saskatchewan 

Alan Simpson Alabama 

J. Moore Alaska 

A. B. Loopstra Arizona 

R. S. Whitmore California 

C. M. Miller Colorado 

N. E. Byrne Connecticut 

W. E. Rawson Delaware 

E. P. Finkbeiner Florida 

T. A. McLean Georgia 

R. C. Davies Indiana 

J. M. Jolley Kansas 

L. E. Behms Kentucky 

K. L. Whiting Louisiana 

J. D. Angus Maryland 

D. C. Bradley Massachusetts 

T. V. Homer Michigan 

J. T. Cassie Minnesota 

G. T. Rogers Mississippi 

K. L. Schweitzer Montana 

R. G. Wands Nebraska 

E.J.B. Anderson Nevada 

D. G. Dowling New Hampshire 

W. E. Elgie New Jersey 

C. E. Drew New York 

R. J. McKibbon North Dakota 

M. J. Thompson Oklahoma 

P. J. Mullen Oregon 

D. H. Mumby Rhode Island 

K. D. Beggs South Carolina 

G. Morris South Dakota 

D. N. Sheen Tennessee 

G. C. Phair Texas 

W. J. Matyczuk Utah 

W. J. Anderson Vermont 

W. F. Cockbum Virginia 

A. W. Watson Washington 

S. R. Drummond West Virginia 

R. M. Gunsolus Wisconsin 

K. J. Hay Argentina 

J. A. Clayton Belgium (Reg GL) 

The Most Worshipful the Grand Master, Terence Shand, distinguished guests and 
officers of Grand Lodge took their places in the Canadian Room of the Royal York 
Hotel at 8:35 a.m. in the forenoon, and Grand Lx)dge was opened forthwith. 


The Grand Master invited all Masons to enter. 



The brethren joined in singing O Canada followed by the Star Spangled Banner and God 
Save the Queen. 


No. 287 T. Toneguzzi, W. Matyczuk, 

L. Wayrynen, K. Whiting 
No. 415 L. Wayiynen 
No. 499 J. Hampton, D. Bradley, W. Jacobson, 

J. Shannon 
No. 511 A. Shedden,W. Davis 

No. 618 W. Jacobson 
No. 656 M. Stephenson, J. Sperrino 
No. 709 M. Mosley 


No. 442 C.Beilhartz, K. Beggs, N. Ingram 

No. 469 C. Brown, D. Jones, G. MaiT, W. Vair 

G. Masters, W. Weeks 
No. 487 G. Hopcraft 


No. 625 W. Hall, I. Little, C. Meierhoff 
No. 680 L. Staines, J. Vessey, L. Wood 
No. 698 L. Somodi 

No. 35 K. Hannah, W. Topp 
No. 45 A. Barker, J. Creamer, H. McCelland, 

J. Herron, W. Sinclair, W. Wright, R. Clarke 
No. 82 G. Angus, E. Brenneman, T. Forbes, 

R. McKibbon, C. Oliver, D. Sandison 
No. 106 J. Mitchell, A. Barker, R. Fritzley, 

B. Mannen, G. Mudford, W. Stefan 
No. 113 D. Elliott, L. Hallett, R. Anderson, 

R. Charter, T. Drayson, E. Fritscher, 

D. Kaufman, H. Misener, D. Specht 
No. 193 G. Frew, J. Osborne, J. Shaver 

No. 131 F. Eagleson, K. Baldwin, T. Mills, 

E. Richard 

No. 197 D. Wilkie, C. Reidl, D. higlis 
No. 235 J. Irwin, S. Gumming, W. Bryce, 

J. Gumming, B. Gumming, B. Hall, J. Kline, 

K. Mac Lean 
No. 262 A. Jaunzemis, T. Heise, J. Richardson, 

D. Simpson, P. Wallace, 1. Ziegler, P. Ziegler 
No. 315 M. MullhoUand, L. Harkness, 

R. Donaldson, R. Harkness, L. Harkness, 

D. Murray, O. Wright 
No. 362 W. Boose, L. Hammell 

No. 243 E. Sager, J. Hibbert, R. Kinnaird, 

W. Lawrence, M. McEachem 
No. 319 J. Lemaich, L. Shoup, R. Shoup 
No. 329 E. Payne, D. Dawson, K. Post, 

K. Schweitzer, R. Swayze, L. Walker 
No. 505 F. Englebrecht, R. Hunt, D. Knight 
No. 508 R. Andersen, R. Baldwin, E. Cassidy, 

T. Clark, R. Davies, N. Byrne, M. McEachem 
No. 515 A. Cameron, E. Davidson, D. Fletcher, 

R. Kinnaird, D. Sandison, R. Stinson 
No. 519 R. Glass, A. Haggith 

No. 393 S. McFadden, J. Moncrieff, R. Dunn, 

T. Murphy, R. Oswald 
No. 396 D. Duquette, C. Noble 
No. 429 K. Cunningham, F. Richardson, 

R. Devaul, L. Hammell, B. Follett, 

G. Schamott 
No. 431 T. Rock, A. Abell, B. Dayman, 

D. Garland,T. Gregory, E. Hensler,W. Prues 
No. 432 D. McCallum, D. Bentley, H. Fleming, 

D. Garland, J. Harris, G. MacGregor, 

E. Scarborough 

No. 436 W. Abbs, R. Lesperance, R. Pringle 

No. 46 M. Jones, R. Pennington, T. Anderson, 

R. Bye, L. Halstead, W. Lockhart, H. Tiffm 
No. 245 N. Kelley, B. Dawson, T. Maynard, 

T. McBrien, D. McGuire 
No. 267 B. Archer, J. Dinning, A. Huddleston, 

F. Gross, D. Hewitson, K. Loraine, G. Morton, 

R. Pickering, J. Wilcox, R. Wood 
No. 274 D. Jacklin, D. Lindsay, J. Rodger 
No. 282 E. Cartman, B. McLean 
No. 312 G. Phair, P. Polkinghome 


No. 327 D. Laszewski, E. Smart 

No. 336 D. McDonald, A. Fenton, R. Ford, 

D. Gosnell, E. Kerr, R. Walker 
No. 391 D. Clark, R. Spence, C. Gibson, 

R. McKibbon, P. Reynolds, K. Spence 
No. 422 B. Chambers, R. Chambers, A. Cipu, 

R. Johnson, R. Munro, S. Wygiera 
No. 457 D. McGuire, J. Clark, K. Askew, 

B. Broadbent, W. Clayton, D. McAleece, 

R. Smith, C. Stover 



No. 21a K. Breeson, C. Deacon, K. Brewin 

No. 125 E. Wellman 

No. 142 R. Devaul, J. Hough 


No. 186 L. Blaney, J. Cleary, J. Clemens, 

D. Green, H. Reid 
No. 207 L. Foumey, D. Eraser, Z. Loos, 

D. Mumby 
No. 256 J. Duck 
No. 383 H. Sylvester 

No. 34 N. Browning, S. Atkinson, P. Wiebe, 

W. M. Atkinson, W. A. Atkinson, R. Crowder. 

J. Geary, P. Hooper, O. Thrasher, R. Truan 
No. 41 J. Pirie, R. Washburn, R. Golden, 

1. Johnstone, D. McGillivray, D. O'Leary, 

B. Pettapiece, J. Queen, M. Snook, 

W. Tofflemire, T. Warner 
No. 290 R. Adams, M. Fritsch, J. Jackson, 

E. Jones, G. Stevenson, C. Whittle, 

D. Wilkinson 
No. 402 R. Mansell, R. Bonneau, J. Rundle, 

No. 418 M. McConnell, H. Rochfort, 

W. Shields 
No. 450 L. Blaney 
No. 452 R. Humble 

No. 458 R. Waller, A. Cayer, D. HoUingsworth 
No. 491 B. Clifford, R. Grey, R. Maginnis 
No. 669 K. Butters, S. Libbey 
No. 707 K. Proulx 


J. Spence, A. Sykes, G. Teskey, L. Weaver 
No. 413 E. Perry, W. Lumley, D. Pardo, 

B. Perry, J. Schiieikart, D. Tight 
No. 448 R. Jackson, W. Cranston, M. Reid, 

D. Derbyshire, L. Hostine, H. Overholt, 

W. Riddiford 
No. 488 P. Hooper, W. Kotow, C. O'Hara, 

O. Thrasher 
No. 627 W. Riddiford, W. Cranston, D. Pardo, 

D. Derbyshire, I. Hunter, I. Johnstone, 

C. O'Hara, G. Pinnegar, J. Rundle, M. Snook, 
R. Washburn 


No. 3 W. Robertson, K. Corcoran, J. Muir, 

I. McClatchey 
No. 9 R. Cook, H. Hamilton 
No. 92 D. Cowan, D. Beauchamp, A. Carr, 

K. Hay, D. Hay, W. Ovens 
No. 109 J. Wood, R. Galbraith, J. Percy 
No. 119 L. Wilbraham, T. Hogeboom, 

T. Hansen 
No. 146 I. Troyer, M. Switzer, J. Troyer 
No. 157 W. Freeman, G. Baker, J. Seeley, 

R. Throop 
No. 201 S. Emery, C. Gibbins, P. Frazer, 

R. Prosser, R. Winfield 
No. 228 R. Cameron, E. Parrott, G. Sands, 

C. Sararas, G. Snowden, L.Timson 

No. 253 B. Botham, R. Haley 

No. 299 G. Reid, R. Beers, C. Farber, J. Wagar 

No. 404 M. Boomhour, B. Griffin 

No. 460 K. Perry, L. Langille, G. Morris, 

R. Webb 
No. 497 J. Gibbs, T. Hughes, A. Maitland, 

H. O'Brien 
No. 578 P. Aspley, D. Quinn, D. Clarke, 

J. Hofstee, J. McQuaide, B. Shanas 
No. 585 J. A. Schaeffer, J. C. Schaeffer 
No. 621 R. Magie, V. Garrett 
No. 739 J. Schaeffer, T. Hughes, W. Freeman, 

R. Beers, V. Gairett, K. Hay, W. Ovens, 

K. Perry, C. Sararas, L. Timson, J. Troyer, 

J. Wagar. G. Baker 

No. 90 B. Auchterlonie, D. McCutcheon, 

J. McVicar, N. PoIIoid, S. Connors 
No. 192 J. Vessey, R. Casselman, C. Collison 

R. Daniels, I. Donald, P. Hayes, B. Lamont, 

D. MacDonald, J. Seymour, Webb 

No. 249 L. Hanmer, E. Robertson, D. Walker, 

A. Walker 
No. 266 D. McNicoll, J. Standen, R. Marsden 

E. McGauley, J. McVicar, R. Richardson, 
J. Pace, G. Spencer, M. Tosh, W. Trotter, 

W. Bates 
No. 348 S. Maddock 
, No. 466 M. Webb, D. Chabot, G. Hofinann, 
A. Hope, E. Lewis, S. Maddock, C. Norwood, 
D. Snedden 
No. 470 L. Brandridge, W. Bevis, J. Lidstone 
No. 492 R. Beckett 
No. 538 B. Seaboum, D. Walker 
, No. 659 E. Robertson, R. Broom, T. Harland 
No. 718 R. Casselman, D. Hawman, J. Hough, 
A. Hutt 


No. 96 A. Beattie, J. McGowan, R. Purslow 

D. Bradley, G. Rowell, D. Ross, A. Haley, 
R. Greer 

No. 230 C. Neale, J. Anderson, D. Conway, 

E. Finkbeiner, C. Goodman, B. Lamont, 

J. Parkin, H. Ranee, D. Reekie, D. Snedden 
No. 236 M. Fulmer, G. Turner 
No. 285 S. Reed, R. Adams, J. Anderson, 

W. Clayton, W. Hunter, W. Innes, H. Oliver, 

R. MacElwee 


No. 304 L. Allan, W. Browning, D. Campbell, J. Milne, J. Wilson 

C. Courts, L. Jack, K. Linegar, R. McBrine, 

B. Niemeyer, J. Ospreay 
No. 385 R. Steinmar, G. Bonney, M. Fulmer, 

R. Groshaw, L. Street 
No. 444 B. Lawson, J. Sampson, G. Gilpin 
No. 467 K. Pratt, J. Abbott, H. Kenkel, 

No. 673 C. Drew, J. Lee, G. Parker 
No. 737 W. Browning, D. Campbell, M. Tosh, 
R. Casselman, C. Coutts, E. Finkbeiner, 
G. Gilpin, W. Hunter, L. Jack, K. Linegar, 
R. McBrine, B. Niemeyer, G. Turner 

No. 88 B. Crawford, W. Hynd, R. Jolley, 

W. Laycock, R. Manson, R. McKennitt, 

G. Walker, W. Watt 
No. 137 D. Moore, W. Bassingthwaite, 

W. Douglas, J. Jolley, R. Jolley, A. McMahon, 

F. Moore, J. Oliver, G. Parker 
No. 200 E. White, C. Johnston, R. Davies, 

W, Ellison, G. Krueger, R. Leith, R. Lemaich, 

J. Lemaich, J. Watkin, A. Watson, D. Wilde, 

A. Wilson 
No. 216 J. Dean, S. Brass, D. Brown, S. Doney 

J. Lowery, P. Park, T. Rielly, R. Sharpe 
No. 306 K. Soady-Easton, A. Bell, L. Hastie, 

K. Hooper, C. McCracken, R. McCutcheon, 

R. Murdock, J. Parker, D. Wilde, S. Auckland 


No. 322 G. Splan, G. Heathers, R. Alexander, 

J. Gardhouse, E. Robertson, R. McCulloch, 

W. Griffith, J. Parker, R. White, D. Gomez, 

G. Cameron 
No. 333 D. Russell, M. Parks 
No. 334 H. Keough, D. Arnold, T. Brown, 

G. Mumford, K. Rutherford 
No. 377 D. Reekie 
No. 421 R. Flanagan, R. Davies, C. Hillis, 

A. Townsend, L. Wetlaufer 
, No. 449 H. Oldfield, D. Dobson, V. Poelzer, 

J. Priddle, W. Seeley 
No. 490 G. Aitken, L. Whyte, J. Coultes, 

D. Dixon, C. Glasspool, G. Hedges, C. Hedges 

No. 6 J. Reid, B. Alexander, K. Nickerson, 

G. Benton, J. Hough, W. Moir, J. Baker, 

R. McNair 
No. 40 A. Quainton, S. Hodges, T. Binns, 

R. Green, N. Hollingshead, R. Morden, 

T. Shand 
No. 135 G. Morgan, A. Moens, W. Chisholm, 

N. Ellis, R. Featherstone, J. Forrester, D. Gahs, 

J. Hough, J. Ramsbottom, D. Rowbottom 
No. 165 D. Jackson, F. Haighton, J. Haima, 

K. Lay, D. McFadgen, R. Parker, C. Pye 
No. 357 W. Forth, S. Chick, N. Byrne, E. Ellis, 

J. Ferrier, H. Guild, M. Murray, J. Scott, 

R. Waterfield 
No. 400 J. Logan, P. Lesser, R. Dunn, J. Shaw, 

G. Fairbaim, J. Forrester, G. Humes, 

R. Richardson, E. Warren 
No. 475 D. Lyle, J. Mannisto, R. Maxwell, 

No. 7 J. Entwistle, D. Kemp, R. Brooks, 

R. Brooks 
No. 27 A. Naylor, K. Richardson, N. Byrne, 

F. Inch, D. Laliberte, G. Lowry,T. Stenhouse, 

M. May, D. Slater, N. Madill, D. Warrington 
No. 57 P. McQueen, N. Dolson, M. Smith, 

B. Schweitzer 
No. 61 V. Abraham, D. Jagger, H. Standish 
No. 62 W. Lanigan, K. Cosier, I. Dalgleish, 

R. Edwards, A. Murphy, L. Salmon, D. Smith 
No. 166 W. Van Ginkel, D. Gibson, T. Clark, 

W. Cowell, T. Kazias, H. Mitchell, B. Palmer 
No. 185 T. Forbes, M. Smith, D. Wilson 
No. 382 M. Sheridan, R. Wands 


C. McMillan, J. Watson 

No. 551 H. Mitchell, W. Cowell, H. Mitchell 
No. 603 A. Sinanan, L. Andrews, D. Elliot, 

E. Evans, W. Huether, W. Trafford 

No 639 R. Hinkley, N. Byrne, T. Clark, 
W. Cowell, L. Crooks, W. Gilchrist, 

F. Heymans, N. Paterson 

No. 663 G. Wright, C. Webster, J. Bobyk, 
W. Goddard, C. Lawless, G. Parker, J. Pollock, 

D. Smith, T. Warner 

No. 681 S. Cook, B. McBain, B. Gushway, 

L. Campbell, W. Hare, B. Seaton, E. Shannon, 

R. Stewart 
No. 712 C. Jeffery, G. Perry, K. Greig, 

D. Clouse, W. Hare, H. Ogilvie, H. Schroeder, 

W. Trafford, C. Woodbum 
No. 725 J. Baker, R. Bush, H. Hopkins, 

D. McFadgen, J. Muir, E. Patton 

No. 544 W. Frank, M. McGee, F. Jongeling, 

V. Lepp, R. Murphy, W. Pleydon, A. Ward, 

W. Wheeler, T. Young, G. Young 
No. 593 D. Wilkinson, T. Corrin, J. Ferguson, 

B. Alexander, T. Brown, N. Byrne, J. Carrick, 

R. Cummings, J. Johnston 
No. 594 C. Millar, E. Abou-Atme, G. Benton, 

I. Donald, J. Harrop, J. Kinnear, T. Kinnear, 

W. Roberts, B. Schweitzer, K. Schweitzer 
No. 667 T. Clark, R. Waterfield, R. Branch, 

N. Byrne, D. Jack, A. Orr, L.Triggerson 
No. 692 D. Costello, B. Muir, W. Hawkins, 

No. 714 R. Henderson, J. Mc Arthur 



No. 100 J. MacKay, P. Mouriopoulos, 

L. Oakes, R. Parliament, W. Millar 
No. 272 D. Hill, N. Byrne, G. Calder, J. Calder, 

J. Court, B. Howarth, L. Oakes, L. Weaver 
No. 291 K. Kerr, G. Benton, R. Graham, 

C. Nicholson 

No. 324 K. Adamson, D. Beland, A. Loopstra, 
P. Maley, B. Rogers, R. Ross, R. Whitmore 

No. 495 W. Gordon, J. Bennett, N. Byrne, 
J. Hamilton, W. Millar, P. Mouriopoulos, 
B. Palmer, D. Sutton, D. Washer 

No. 513 M. Oddi, B. Adams, R. Stewart, 

D. Gaumond, G. Knox, T. Stewart, R. Stewart 
No. 549 C. Tootell, V. Balta, G. Cuthbertson, 

G. Lynch, D. Stone, B. Walters, W. Stanfield 
No. 550 P. James, M. Kingsley, W. Rutlidge, 


No. 555 I. Craig, A. Aiken, F. Fordham, 

J. Lyness, J. Court 
No. 602 D. Falconer, B. Kieman, C. Foreman, 

J. Harrop, A. McQuilkie, S. Thiede, R. Cooley 
No. 654 G. Gregg, P. Simpson, W. Elgie, 

R. Gilbank, D. Jagger, J. MacLean, D. Roppel, 

W. MacPherson, D. Monteith 
No. 671 P. James, B. Palmer 
No. 679 T. Binns, W. Brooks, R. Parliament, 

T. Clark, W. Cowell, W. Forth, R. Gilbank, 

R. Green, H. Guild, D. Jagger, P. James, 

R. Kerr, R. Morden, A. Murphy, B. Walters, 

W, Stanfield, C. Tootell, E. Warren, J. Carrick 
No. 687 N. Byrne, G. Calder, L. Cooper, 

P. Maley, L. Oakes, R. Parliament 


No. 20 C. Skinner, E. Grant, F. Schimanski, 
W. Anderson, G. Brown, R. McKibbon, 
D. Emerick, F. Hyatt, L. Martin, J. Campbell, 
J. Mellor, R. More, P. Mullen, R. Parker, 
A. Abley 

No. 64 M. Panwar, D. Blakey, R. Milliken, 
R. Charles, R. Cooper, I. Dale, D. Dowling, 
J. Ford, B. Maxwell, R. McKibbon, T. Monk, 

D. Tripp, E. Burt 

No. 190 A. Wright, F. Satterley 

No. 300 J. Ross, J. Clays, W. Deller, L. Elliott, 

R. McKibbon, D. Smith, J. Sutherland 
No. 345 N. Lansdell, D. Fickling, L. Leffler, 

W. McCrady, J. Montgomery 
No. 379 D. Dockstader, R. Heighway, R. Lee, 

J. MacLeod, R. Saunders, D Tripp, G. Ullyatt, 

E. Wolfe 

No. 380 M. Vodon, K. Beresten, J. Carson, 
L. Hartin, C. Hatt, A. Ingrey, G. Jene, 
C. Miller, K. Parker, G. Publicover, B. Welch 

No. 394 H. Sims, C. Roulston, J. Richardson 
No. 399 T. Henderson, J. Campbell, J. Parker, 
J. Ford, L. Leffler, L. Martin, D. Strickland, 
G. Morris, F. Satteriey, R. Walker, W. Walker 
No. 597 J. Roden, N. Walker, M. Graystone, 
A. Ellison, L. Martin, R. Milliken, J. Parker, 
T. Seal, R. Wakefield 
No. 684 M. Andersen, W. Barker, W. Bamett, 
R. Bamett, J. Baskey, N. Byrne, R. McKibbon, 
J. Cassie, R. Davies, C. Drew, W. Sutherland, 
N. Lansdell, R. MacKenzie, J. MacLeod, 
D. MacLeod, L. Phillips, M. Farr, R. Groshaw, 
S. Ricketts,T. Schreiter, T. Shand, D. Slater, 
G. Ken- 
No. 716 M. Belan, P. Scott, G. Ullyatt 
No. 735 W. Walker, W. Bamett, R. Bamett, 
J. Baskey, W. Botham, J. Campbell, J. Carson, 
D. Clark, J. Crinklaw, W. Deller, W. Frank, 
C. Hatt, A. Ingrey, N. Lansdell, S. Lowe, 
R. McKibbon, G. Morris, F. Satterley, 
J. Stevens, D. Watkins 


No. 42 T. McVey, J. Ticknor, M. Beaton, 
R. Fletcher, E. Jones, R. McKibbon, 
A. Messenger, R. Ticknor 

No. 8 1 J. Trott, W. Ross, E. Burt, T. Green, 
E. Livermore, D. McGugan, J. McLean, 
J. Rowe, D. Slater, W. Sutheriand, F. Wickham 

No. 107 C. Hatt, J. McLean 

No. 195 G. Walker, J. Abrams, C. Collison, 
J. Crinklaw, C. Drew, O. Weihmayr 

No209a C. Liddiard, R. Baldwin, S. Budge, 
J. Campbell, C. Crow, D. Davidson, M. May, 
D. Gracey, R. Guindon, J. Martin, D. Slater, 
R. McKibbon 

No. 289 1. Dale, D. Epps, W. Frank, D. May, 
T. Shand, P. Turner, D. Watkins 

No. 330 T. Haight, D. Humphrey, W. Botham, 

E. Schaefer, A. Smuck, W. Walker 
No. 358 G. Morris, K Tilden 

No. 378 J. Brewe, A. Howard, W. Anderson, 

L. Behms, G. Coaker, W. Cumoe, P. Mullen, 

R. McKibbon 
No. 388 J. Stevens, J. Hadley, D. Kennedy, 

J. McNair 
No. 529 J. Neve, B. Peck, J. Stevens, W. Tunks 
No. 580 J. Lloyd, J. Henderson, R. Barber, 

J. Barber, J. Dyer, J. McKaig 
No. 610 R. Masters, R. Brewster, L. Carter, 

F. Cotton, R. Dow, D. Slater, K. Tilden, 
D. Tucker, K. Tumer 

No. 708 R. Day, K. Anderson, R. McKibbon, 
D. Bradley, M. Diamond, D. Mumby J. Angus 

No. 352 D. Hardie, W. Johnson, W. Lysenko, C. Boon, R. Daniels, R. Davies, W. English, 
J. Scarr, D. Shearer, J. Todd E. Goldthorp, J. Lidstone, J. Ault, D. Mahon, 

No. 360 K. Lovelock, T. Taylor, L. Flemming, B. Roberts, M. Shea, C. Waite, I. Wates 


No. 376 R. Stone, E. Helmich, P. McGrenere, 
W. Hawkins, R. Munroe, R. Robertson, 
T. Shand, A. Stephen, R. Summerville, 
H. Waxl, D. Conway 

No. 409 J. Fowler, G. Arnold, C. Boon, 
W. Little, R. Maltby 

No. 423 R. Webster, T. Homibrook, G. Stillar, 
G. Carpenter, G. Dickerson, C. Waters, 

No. 2 K. Baldwin, P. Borland, A. Brown, 
N. Byrne, J. Golob, F. Leaver, W. Mitchell, 

D. Woodhouse 

No. 15 R. Houston, D. Monteith, R. Green, 
W. Birdsall, D. Gillis, A. MacDonald, 
J. Rhijnsburger, A. Robles 

No. 32 J. Hart 

No. 103 R. Cuttriss, F. Hanam, D. Seyfifert, 

E. Woodland 

No. 115 F. Branston, D. Cornelius, N. Dolson, 

E. Lay, B. Roland, H. Turner 
No. 221 D. Patterson, W. Booth, F. Brooks, 

C. Stewart, D. Vernal 
No. 277 J. Zoccoli, W. Klapatiuk, D. Laskey, 

H. Krajewski, M. Scott 
No. 296 B. Rolfe, D. Julian, R. Julian, 

R. Paige, K. Pedwell, D. Woodhouse 
No. 338 J. Morris, D. Toth, F. Toth, J. Hart, 


G. Williams 
No. 434 W. Todd, R. Carr, T. Lee, D. Murdy, 

D. Murdy, O. Strood 
No. 443 D. Tripp, G. Anderson, G. Dickerson, 

J. Froud, D. Mumby, G. Stillar 
No. 454 D. Schmeler, M. Grima, J. Kirk- White, 

R. Maltby, S. Martin, G. Williams 


R. McLennan, D. Seyffert, R. Weidmark 
No. 502 G. McLeod, N. McLean, J. Morris, 

R. Bivens, J. Little, D. McLaren, J. Morris, 

J. Springstead, D. Toth, F. Toth 
No. 614 R. Park, D. Grimshaw, S. Hough, 

G. Hubbard 
No. 616 D. Seyffert, J. Harper, K. Macara, 

R. Macara 
No. 661 E. Levanoni, R. Brown, D. Grimshaw, 

F. Lewis, T. Lewis, W. McLoughlin, G. Scott, 

J. McNeil, W. Powell, D. Wood 
No. 697 A. McLay, R. Freeman, N. Pemberton, 

J. Golob, A. Reynolds, R. Tucker R. Bezo 
No. 745 D. Vernal, H. Turner, N. Pemberton, 

R. Bivens, W. Booth, P. Borland, F. Brooks, 

J. Chapman, D. Cornelius, R. Freeman, 

J. Golob, W. Klapatiuk, R. McLennan, E. Lay, 

D. Patterson, B. Roland, C. Stewart, R. Tucker 


No. 105 S. McKay 

No. 168 R. Shave, R. Muha, H. Mustard 

No. 169 L. Peyton 

No. 254 S. Reid, T. McClellan, P. Reid, 

J. Boutilier, R. Cook, E. Garrow, G. White 
No. 337 L. Eller, A. Gill, K. Halbert 
No. 372 K. Edwards, R. Armstrong, T. Bedell, 

L. Evans, K. Lay, L. Nigh, G. Shular, 

J. Perham 

No. 373 J. Simpson, G. Hayward, W. Adams, 

W. Burnett, B. Douglas 
No. 471 W. Brooks, D. Campbell, J. Healey, 

D. Martin 
No. 535 G. Cook, D. Dixon, D. Patterson, 

D. Smith, G. Wright 
No. 573 T.Tkach, R. Chesher, J. Elliott, 

D. Russell 
No. 615 J. Chapman, J. Fazekas 


No. 405 H. Fleming, A. Harris, J. Wall 
No. 420 J. Bradford, H. Dell, G. Gilchrist, 

B. Graham, H. MacMullin, S. Poole 
No. 447 R. Tailleur, R. Carlson, A. Grant, 

A. Harris, R. Meadows 

No. 462 M. Craig, C. Alexander 
No. 486 L. Barstead, J. Hough 
No. 507 C. Alexander, A. Aggarwal 
No. 617 R. Meadows, A. Grant 


No. 93 R. Duncan, A. Burgess, C. Pollock, 

P. Richards 
No. 162 R. Van Engen, J. Dickson, R. Dickson, 

W. Mulvey, G. Van Engen, S. Van Engen 
No. 225 R. Bingham, J. Blue, J. Gates 
No. 284 W. Clark, D. Davidson, N. Edwards 
No. 286 K. Lockwood, D. Bateman, J. Vessey, 

L. Hammell, J. Henderson, D. Langridge 

No. 303 R. Elliott, B. Allan, J. Coultes, 

J. Elliott 
No. 314 R. Harrison, R. Mcllroy, R. Sockett, 

W. Forbes, R. Holder, G. Metzger 
No. 331 D. Mawhinney, W. Austin, 

R. Donaldson, R. McClement, R. Shelley 
No. 341 W. Arnold, R. Duncan 
No. 568 D. Lee, R. C. Shaddick, R. Shaddick 


No. 17 A. Newton, R. Vanwort, J. Beedham, F. Hueston, S. Hutnyk, L. Lowry 
D. Bradley, W. Broomfield, I. Collier, Np. 30 G. Olley, J. Dewsbury, O. Renz, 

R. Davies, R. Groshaw, T. Shand, J. War W. Stonehouse, H. Visser, G. Zenglein 

No. 26 S. McCarthy, J. Halls, J. Gilmer, No. 3 1 T. Bairie, R. Braun, K. Billett, 



B. Bridges, C. Elliott, M. Griffiths, J. Hartwell, 
R. Jones, W. McCormick, C. Mueller, 

K. Sumersford, C. Trewin 
No. 39 R. Wallace, H. Cowan, N. Grandy, 

G. Gregg, H. Hill, D. Mumby, G. Ramsay 
No. 66 G. Oliver, S. Wood, J. Osborne, 

D. Bower, H. Britton, P. Dowling, 

C. Le Gresley, A. LeGresley, B. Pedwell 
No. 91 C. Amos, J.Beedham, D. Deviney, 

M. Haines 
No. 1 14 J. Steeves, C. Robinson, C. Moyer, 

F. Guy, B. Keighley, G. Lang, R. Ough 
No. 139 B. Varga, K. Zenglein, P. Watling, 

No. 58 B. Griffm, J. Calverley, W. Edwards. 

D. Gossling, E. Hare, R. Hare 

No. 63 B. Mercier, I. Bayley, G. Melling, 

E. Morgan, H. Morris, D. Mumby, P. Pilon, 
R. Rogers, P. Todd 

No. 147 G. Humenuk, T. Levi, B. Burchill, 

S. Hudson, W. Lowe, G. McKay 
No. 148 K. Abou-Kheir, C. Assad, D. Gossling, 

L. Richardson, D. Smith, C. Thomson 
No. 159 K. Tuckwood, W. Cook, G. Fairbaim, 

J. Gilpin 
No. 23 1 R. Taylor, N. Allingham, G. Clauson, 

G. Melling, G. Oldford 

No. 371 N. Allingham, G. Sheppard, L. Jones, 
G. Graves, G. McFarlane, A. Wright, D. Cole 

No. 465 R. Toner, J. Owens, W. Stonehouse, 
G. Boimey, R. Coker, M. Downey, R. Grant, 
G. Kennedy, W. Paul, G. Wilson, J. Vigeant 

No. 479 E. Vanek, G. Bruder, J. Moore, 

J. Cemiuk, T. Hogg, B. McQuillin, G. Smith, 

J. Stewart, G. Zenglein 
No. 270 P. Tink, A. Beattie, G. Day, P. Irwin, 

W. Esplen, G. Robbins 
No. 325 V. Harrison, R. Rosseau, 

K. Schoenmaker 
No. 428 P. Miles, R. Bivens, K. Fralick, 

J. Hall, W. Henshall, N. Penstone 
No. 649 M. Elliott, K. Fudge, G. Gifford, 

G. Martin, R. Throop 
No. 695 D. Fear, C. Miller, I. Oliver 
No. 706 J. Dewsbury, G. Robinson 


K. Sharp 
No. 517 J. Devries, D. Glenney, D. Andrews, 

G. Davies, L. Fitz-Gerald, J. Lofthouse, 

D. Smith, D. Wilson 
No. 558 J. Christie, D. Milks, R. Boone, 

W. Gregory, M. Moor, B. Panke, J. Ruffo, 

D. Toth, D. Wyse 
No. 560 C. Skuce, R. Campbell, J. Coghill, 

R. Cutler, D. Franklin, G. McFarlane, 

M. Moor, G. Simpson 
No. 561 S. Jenkyns, B. Burchill, R. Hobson, 

H. MacMillan, B. Quinney 
No. 665 R. Edwards, H, Sainthill, J. Martin, 

H. Reid, R. Throop, L. Westwell 
No. 736 C. Carroll, E. Williams, G. Humenuk, 

J. Martin, J. Coghill, S. Stadler, J. Heffel, 

A. Quinn, M. Sastre, D. James J. Keith, 

M. Moor 

No. 52 M. St. Amour, G. Bent, H. Brockwell, 

C. Drew, D. Eraser, N. McGill, D. Mumby, 
K. Ohn, B. Picknell, R. Shaddick 

No. 122 G. Roberts, G. Cross, D. Mumby 
No. 128 J. Carter, C. Findlay, D. Wallace, 

D. McEwen, R. Morgan, R. Taylor, E. Curry, 
W. Woods 

No. 177 N. Gondek, J. Roberts 
No. 196 R. Malloch, G. Brown 
No. 264 F. Meacoe, E. Albrecht, D. Mumby, 

R. Phillips 
No. 433 W. Hightower, D. Mumby, R. Taylor 
No. 459 D. Black, H. Ulhich 
No. 516 R. Taylor, G. Wilcox 
No. 526 W. Woods, A. Braslins, J. Chambers, 

D. MacKey, D. McCormick, M. Mohamdee 
No. 564 G. Hutchison, R. Gilchrist, D. Green, 


J. h^ine, D. Lewis, D. Wallace 

No. 590 R. Beaupre, A. Arbuckle, G. Glenn, 
D. Harrison, S. Kalinowsky 

No. 686 S. Kalinowsky, J. Carter, C. Findlay, 
G. Glenn, M. Griffiths, W. Hightower, 
D. Lewis, R. Morgan, D. Wallace 

No. 721 P. Harbert, J. Heffel, D. Mumby 

No. 741 R. Gilchrist, R. Hobson, E. Albrecht, 
H. Brockwell, J. Carter, G. Glenn, D. Mumby, 
R. Campbell, G. Brown, G. Clauson,E. Hare, 
R. Cutler, H. Deutsch, C. Findlay, D. Franklin, 
D. Green, W. Gregory, J. Heffel, J. Coghill, 
W. Hightower, S. Kalinowsky, D. Lewis, 
Z. Loos, H. MacMillan, J. Martin, N. McGill, 
M. Mohamdee, H. Morris. W. Stonehouse, 
R. Phillips, B. Quinney, R. Taylor, P. Todd, 
D. Wallace, E. Williams, D. Wyse, T. Shand 


No 101 N. Devere-Bennett, B. Maddock, 

H. Rose, D. Sherwin 
No. 126 G. Ballard, F. Clarke, S. Drummond, 

P. Wilmink 
No. 145 H. Mitchell, S. James, R. Hall, J. Hay, 

W. Hughes, C. Mayhew 
No. 155 D. Bedford, G. Harris, S. Hedgcock, 

D. Morton, C. Palmer 
No. 161 W. Armstrong, W. Dawson 
No. 223 N. McArthur, E. Blake, R. Begg, 

G. Chamberlain, N. McClure, D. Pearcy 
No. 313 T. King, B. Wilkes 
No. 374 R. McBride, W. Lackey, J. Hughes, 

D. Weir 


No. 435 J. Medcof, E. Martin, L. Gerow, 
A. Gray, S. Henderson, W. Little, R. Pollock, 
F. Randall, G. Smith, J. Wheele 

No. 523 B. Gilkinson, J. Hutchinson, R. Keay, 
D. Schatz 


No. 633 R. Reid, F. Groves, H. Cowan, 
A. Mortlock 

No. 675 J. McQuaide, W. Wilson, J. Blodgen, 
L. Harrison, R. Jones, J. Kerr, T. Mortlock, 
A. Mortlock. D. OTMeil, M. Woodcock 


No. 1 1 R. O'Grady, J. Alexander, G. Brown, 

D. Lawrence, J. Lensen, R. Swan 
No. 18 G. Ackerman, K. Campbell, J. Moore 
No. 29 J. Anderson 
No. 38 J. Brummell, R. Pomeroy, R. Verrall, 

W. Richardson 
No. 48 P. Dafoe, G. Holmes, W. Mitchell, 

F. Randall, E. Sandford, R. Sararas 
No. 50 R. Pomeroy, W. Adams, K. Campbell, 

W. Richardson 
No. 69 A. Foote. R. Mansell, 1. Roblin, 

R. Sararas, R. Sills 
No. 123 K. Collard, D. Greer, W. English, 

F. Furmidge, R. Gunsolus, H. Smith 

No. 56 G. Simmons, J. Bourrie, R. McManus, 

A. O'Neill, W. Roed, J. Watson 
No. 83 J. Holzli, W. Green, R. Denning, 
W. Bossons, R. Braithwaite, K. Featherstone, 
P. Brown, R. Locke, W. Moore, M. Routley, 
L. Smith, A. Vojvodin 
No. 1 16 W. Bannon, H. Jamieson 
No. 153 H. Clements, D. Hart, G. Atkinson, 
L. Barstead, E. Beacock, R. Canton, B. Carter, 
R. Charge, G. Dunsworth, J. Forbes, R. Freer, 
I. Gare, W. Gare, W. Gough, D. Hart, R. Hart, 

D. Hendrick, C. Hewitt, M. Lambie, D. Mason, 
R. McManus, A. Muxlow, J. Potter, B. Roane, 
J. Steadman, L. Thompson, W. Wright 

No. 158 S. Hull, R. Bailey, O. Byers, J. Dunlop, 
S. Dunlop, R. Ferguson, K. Jaques, A. R. Jaques, 

A. S. Jaques, D. McGillivray, W. Melton, 

J. Patterson, R. Patterson, D. Smith, B. Zavitz 
No. 194 G. Ainsworth, M. Boyd, J. Boyd, 

R. Cuthbertson, W. Jolliffe, D. Smith 
No. 238 I. Bryce, G. Atkinson, K. Ferguson, 

B. Graham, T. Keith, F- Leaver, J. Sayers, 

F. Searson, J. Williams, D. Wilson 

No. 260 L. Clifford, D. Johnson, R. MacFarlane, 

G. McGregor, R. Swass, B. Thompson 

No. 294 K. Loraine, K. Boone, R. Chambers, 

E. Clysdale, J. Clysdale, G. Grieve, G. Parker, 
R. Last 

No. 307 N. Rimmer, C. Kristensen, R. Hart, 

W. Hodgins, F. Hof&ier, J. Sercombe, R.Wilson 
No. 328 J. Ireland, J. Elliott, E. Morwood, 

No. 127 J. Rushnell, M. Huddleston, B. Portt, 

G. Sine 
No. 164 J. Doble, C. Drew, T. Lloyd, T. Nash, 

A. Hackett, G. Ballard 
No. 215 J. Alexander 

No. 283 H. Wilson, D. Bradley, H. Britton, 
J. Campbell, A. Foote, W. Hawkins, S. Taylor, 

D. Plumpton, B. Portt 

No. 482 A. Gray, L. Grose, E. Mueller, 

R. O'Grady, T. Shand, B. Thomas, F. Wilson 
No. 666 M. Kerr, R. Winkler, R. Verrall, 

E. Badgley, D. Bain, W. Goodfellow, 

W. S. Goodfellow, R. Grahame, L. Kellett, 
T. Ross, T. Thompson, R. Throop 


R. Denning, R. Glithero, A. McLean, 
J. Patterson, B. Payne, F. Payne, J. Rowe 
No. 392 R. Burnley, K. Adams, L. Armstrong, 

B. Galium, M. Dennis, T. Fisher, J. Fisher, 
P. Hallett, D. Jackson, C. James, F. Le Neve, 
R. MacFarlane, J. Ross, B. Wright 

No. 397 G. Robbins, W. Allingham, C. Bunda, 
W. Anderson, B. Davis, J. Graham, T. Grigg, 
D. Jarvis, B. Jeffrey, J. McBean, R. McBean, 
W. A. Miller, W. J. Miller, J. Morley, 
P. Steadman, D. Thompson, A. Wanner, 

D. White, R. Wilson, D. Young 

No. 419 W. Windjack, P. Pinel, B. Bouck, 

E. Brown, G. Gough, D. Gough, H. MacDougall, 
L. McKay, A. Milner, R. Hall, G. Simmons 

No. 425 G. Jackson, P. Naylar, C. Pratt, 
H. Romphf, W. Smith 

No. 437 A.Vanderveeken, J. Shannon, G. Titus, 
J. Claxton, A. Beasley, W. Bennett, F. Bennett, 
A. George, D. Harris, C. Hewitt, W. Graham, 
R. Last, C. Lyons, C. Mcrae, A. Payne, T. Janes 

No. 503 K. Sitzes, R. Peer, R. Braithwaite, 
A. Campbell, J. Patterson, D. Simpson, 
K. Sitzes, B. Sitzes 

No. 601 M. Tynan, N. Parent, G. Spence, 
G. Atkinson, A. Berry, M. Earl, B. Hicks, 
J. Hyde, R. Jamieson, D. Stewart, A. Stokes, 
S. Thomson, P. Vail, J. Wright 

No. 719 W. Summers, D. Emerick, J. Gurr, 
K. Kreibich, K. Mielke, G. Moorcroft, R. Parker, 
G. Parker, R. Rule, W. Smith, B. Thompson 


No. 33 G. Morgan, W. Rawson 

No. 73 D. Bateman 

No. 84 R. Boussey, M. Diamond, D. Watkins, 

J. Wise 
No. 133 W. Webster, R. Bell, M. Brintnell, 

E. Finkbeiner, E. Hendrick, D. Miners, J. Potter 
No. 141 F. Upshall 
No. 154 K. Whiting, J. Craig, C. Corbett, 

R. Parkinson, L. Pemokis, J. Radcliffe 
No. 170 J. Coultes, B. Whitmore 

D. Dawe, D. Hasten, R. Ferguson, D. Finkbeiner, No. 224 J. Eckel, J. Kirton 




No. 233 W. Mollard, D. Charlton, W. Hodgins, 

M. Smith 
No. 309 G. Hazlitt 
No. 332 B. Williams, K. Nicholson, W. Brown, 

S. Budge, R. James, W. Malmo 

No. 456 R. Golden 

No. 483 R. Wilhelm, R.Andersen, M.Andersen, 

J. Harding, C. Mills 
No. 574 K. Pederson, G. Elliott, M. Jones, 

M. Lee, J.Walsh 


No. 5 N. Reynolds, R. D'Alton, M. Clark, 
R. Darling, N. Lenz, G. Mielke, D. Moore, 

F. Rice, K. Tuckwood, A. Woo 

No. 14 C. Reid, J. Gilpin, N. King, G. Oldford 
No. 24 G. Graves, G.McNaughton,S.Woodley 
No. 28 J. Graham, D. Milks, J. Forbes, 

J. McKenna 
No. 55 R. Miller, B. Clifford 
No. 74 R. Bell, R. Bennett, D. Elliott, J. Gilpin 
No. 85 W. Merpaw, R, Duff, E. Blancher, 

K. Brayton, R. Ferguson, F. Irish, K. Kerr, 

G. Loshaw, G. McNaughton, D. Mumby, 
A. Whitehome, J. Wight 

No. 1 10 K. Milbum,T. Ferguson, J. Hunter, 
M. Jenkins, R. Toshack 

No. 242 G. Mustard, M. Flikweert 
No. 368 R. Byrd, R. Barnard, J. Butt, 

M. Farrelly, A. Ludlow, R. Miller, F. Rice, 

G. Tristram, A. Whitehome 
No. 370 E. Cormell, J. Seeley, R. Throop, 

L. Vincent 
No. 387 A. Nash, R. D'Alton, B. Nash 
No. 416 J. Barrio, G. Phillips, M. Renaud, 

J. Wight 
No. 504 G. McNaughton, S. Woodley 
No. 556 J. Hunter, R. Toshack 
No. 650 K. Baker, R. Hanton, T. McDonnell, 

G. McNaughton 


No. 44 W. Dunn, G. Akers, R. Bamett, 

L. Bisanz, A. Levack, R. Wood 
No. 94 F. Axford, D. Cosens, G. Gale 
No. 120 H. Johnston, P. Matthews, C. Nichols, 

D. Nichols, B. Potter 
No. 140 W. Cresswell, R. Cresswell, M. Down, 
J. Erickson, R. Pickard, T. Segui, G. Sinden, 
G. Timpany 

171 A. Jones, R. A. Keith, S. Durham, 

Akers, G. Hughson, R. J. Keith, T. Keith, 

Levack, C. Webster 

223 R. Barber, J. Barber, W. Douglas, 






No. 302 G. Hughson, A. Cowie, M. Brown, 
A. Carver, D. Cosens, J. Erickson, R. Jackson, 
G. Jackson, H. Johnston, A. Jones, A. Mellor, 
G. Pinnegar, G. Potter 

No. 364 C. James, B. McLean, W. Moore, 
W. Newitt, J. Trott, C. Webster, W. Wolfe 

No. 386 K. Schleihauf, D. McPhail, A. Carver, 
A. Cipu, D. Cosens, J. Erickson, J .Johnston, 
W. Lang, E. Smart, R.Wood 

No. 546 P. Matthews, R. Miknev, M. Brown, 
J. Coombs, K. Featherstone, K. Grantham, 
R. Heil, W. Lang, O. Potter, B. Potter, R. Ross 


No. 427 A. Stonier, P. Liukko, R. Luoma, 

J. limes, R. South, R. Storie 
No. 455 K. Legge, M. Varey, R. Eaton, 

D. Barnes, E. Elchyshyn, B. Gordon, J. Hodder, 

R. McGillis, L. Smith, R. Town 
No. 472 E. Brown, W. Campbell, W. Clark, 

D. Haner, L. McDougall, B. Wilson 
No. 527 A. Bums, P. Kidd, W. Moffatt, 

R. Mulack 
No. 536 C. Jackson, J. Bell, A. Bums, H. Butler, 

P. Gillespie, N. Hore, P. Kidd, M. Lees, 

T. Newbum, E. Patton, M. Pierce, W. Quinn, 

R. Runciman 
No. 588 E. Elchyshyn, H. Fleming, A. Hill, 

K. Jordan, D. McAleece, D. Salter 
No. 658 A. Hill, R. Nichol, G. Cayen, 

E. Elchyshyn, G. Hill, W. McKnight 
No. 691 D. Moxam, L. Bracken, H. Butler, 

W. Chung, R. Lewis, B. Mullen 
No. 699 E. Rennie, L. Meadows, J. Thomson, 

D. O'Shaughnessy, D. Rousell, H. Saville, 

A. Sweetman 


No. 506 C. Ruttan, T. Pachal 

No. 528 K. Lockey, E. Goldthorp 

No. 530 R. Bingham, J. Hough, G. Nelson, 

T. Shand 
No. 534 J. McLaren, J. Armstrong, R. Davies, 

R. Golden, T. Henderson, D. Korman, 

G. Nelson, D. Ramkissoonsingh 

No. 540 T. Firth 
No. 623 H. Pysklywec, T. Shand 
No. 648 M. Flougen 
No. 657 A. Aggarwal 
No. 704 P. McConnell, T. Pachal, T. Firth, 
G. Hopcraft, S. Poole, P. Zudel 

No. 229 W. Adlam, E. Ireland, L. Budd, R. Gow, A. Jackson, S. Maddock, D. Mark, 

T. Armstrong, R. Beaupre, A. Bell, I. Tees, I. Moore, R. Prendergast 



TORONTO DISTRICT 1 (continued) 

No. 356 B. Collins, E. Juman, C. Marblestein, 
W. Chandler, D. Moss, R. Taylor, G. Bailey, 
W. Elliott, J. McClure, A. Bashford, A. Boehnke 

No. 474 C. Johnson, S. Nichols, J. Morris, 

D. Arnold, G. Heath, S. Maddock, R. McTavish, 
R. Moffat, G. Padgett, D. Papavramidis, 

A. Sangwine 
No. 501 N. Seawright, N. Seawright, D. Reedie, 

R. Allworth, W. Doughty, B. Downes, H. Hogle, 

J. Pownall,W. Simmill 
No. 524 D. Jamieson, P. Booker, C. Hammond, 

R. Davies, J. Delmas, A. Jamieson, A. Penaflor, 

E. Recuenco, D. Roberts, B. Rogers, G. Burt, 
W. Schlatter 

No. 548 D. Dias, H. Johnson 

No. 565 J. Munroe, E. Anderson, C. Willmore, 
W. Bain, K. Bice, C. Copeland, D. Cowie, 
J. Freihoff, F. Gegenschatz, K. MacDonald, 
A. Golden, D. Gomme, P. b^vin, J. JoUey, 
H. McKnight, A. McLelland, R. Mowles, 
P. Park, C. Reid, T. Rielly, H. Rothenburger, 
H. Sanders, G. Thelwell, C. Weston, A. Stark 
R. Davies 

No. 566 J. Kikiantonis, E. Wilkings, L. Crocker, 
R. Davies, A. Dyer, W. Hunter, H. McKnight, 
K. Mullings, E. Walsh, C. Wooder, S. Wright, 
C. Drew 

No. 619 B. Hillyer, D. Banks, W. Boston, 
C. Bytheway, C. Copeland, W. Cumoe, 
H. Hogle, M. Martin, J. McVicar, C. Reid, 
G. Turek, C. Willmore 

No. 630 P. Walia, B. McAteer, J. MacDonald, 
J. Delmas, L. Katona, T. Norris, J. Tomlinson, 
J. Peacock, C. Sinclair, C. Willmore, W. Boston 

No. 632 J. MacDonald, R. Tschudi, G. Turek, 
C. Bateman, K. Bice, H. Camley, G. Cooper, 
T. MacDonald, C. Mason, H. McKnight 

No. 640 R. Boyles, D. Banks, C. Chapin, 
R. Swatuk 

No. 645 R. Beer, G. Kinzett,W. Doughty, 

B. Downes, F. Dunn, J. Fenwick, V. Green, 

H. Hogle, W. Holden, T. McMillan, D. Reedie 
No. 674 R. Powers, R. Tahiste, D. Bradley, 

C. Bytheway, A. Jamieson, H. McGregor, 
P. Monkman 

No. 685 J. Sanders, R. Ardalic, A. Boehnke, 
W. Elliott, B. Hillyer, C. Patten, H. Sanders, 

D. Schick, S. Taylor 

No. 689 R. Jackson, B. Williams, B. Kauk, 
G. Gahs, B. Kahler, W. Laycock, L. Marshall, 
R. Phillips 

No. 710 A. Harper, J. Dickins, G. Knowles, 
G. Cooper, B. Dovmes, W. hmes, J. Leitch, 
R. Martin, G. Parmar, J. Peacock, G. Spencer, 
J. Cook 

No. 727 J. Maxwell, O. Adeite, T. Armstrong, 

A. Bell, E. Bessler, W. Boston, R. Davies, 

I. Jess, D. Kline, B. Lamont, R. Mandeville, 
J. Richel 
No. 733 L. Bodrogi, G. Alexitch, E. Anderson, 
R. Beaupre, J. Bird, W. Boston, S. Cohen, 

C. Copeland, R. Davies, S. Hanuman, J. Shaw, 
H. Johnson, J. Jolley, P. McGregor, D. Niven, 
P. Park, S. Paulson, M. Tamowski, M. Yoney 

No. 734 C. Woods, L. Hendricks, L. Jansurik, 

E. Anderson, G. Bailey, A. Boehnke, R. Bryant, 
H. Caminer, W. Elliott, D. Gomme, R. Groshaw, 
J. Hartzema, T. Homer, A. Joseph, E. Morrison, 

D. Shearer, L. Taylor 

No. 738 B. Maxwell, P. Atsidakos, D. Bradley, 
M. Boomhour, W. Boston, C. Copeland, 
R. Davies, D . Dias, B. Edwards, N. Farid, 

B. Hillyer, G. Hofmann, H. Hogle, L. Katona, 
B. Lamont, D. Papavramidis, P. Park, C. Reid 
D. Sheen, C. Willmore 

No. 740 W. Bain, J. Cook, H. McKnight, 
J. Peacock, J.Purvis, G. Cooper 

No. 305 I. Robson, E. Paul, M. Schwantes, 
P. Atsidakos, D. C. Bradley, N. Lenz, J. Scarr, 

C. Tmglin, J. Warren 

No. 346 L. Bittle, P. McGregor, D. Ross, 

S. Singleton 
No. 369 G. Bryan, J. Long, J. Bradley, B. Carr, 

M. Dow, P. Jordan, J. MacDonald, M. Tosh, 

T. MacDonald, N. Parson, S. Purdy, J. Ronstead 
No. 510 D. Blake, L. Arnold, L. Bodrogi, 

V. Codato, W. Goddard, J. Hall, D. Harris, 

D. Hawman, B. Layne, M. MacKay, E. McLean, 
R. Palmer, J. Ratuszny, V. Regis 

No. 522 J. Phillips, L. Alter, G. Lipperman, 

S. Cohen, K. Goldblum, L. Levy, M. Noorden, 

J. Warren, W. Boston 
No. 531 J. McGregor, N. McGregor, A. Kvas, 

M. Minor, L. Phillips, W. Reid, H. Wright, 

H. Wright 
No. 575 W. Sinclair, G. Mondragon, W. Bevis, 

D. Hawman 
No. 582 M. Resposo, D. Niven, S. Cometa, 


R. Collins, B. Davenport, E. Ramsammy 
No. 583 H. Bulguryemez, D. MacMillan, 

W. McLeod, V. Poirier, S. Sheen, D. Sheen, 

J. Sperrino, E. Stewart, C. Woodbum 
No. 587 R. Groshaw, J. Purvis 
No. 599 K. Smith, S. Knapp,W. MacNeill, 

G. Ashton, R. Conorton, G. Harrison, G. Knapp, 

L. Quenet 
No. 600 D. Stevens, D. Bruce,W. Burgoyne, 

P. Bums, K. Butler, R. Cater, A. Devlin, 

C. Latchoo, I McColl, A. McCrindle, D. Street, 
J. Vanden Heuvel, C. Waters, J. Wolecki 

No. 605 E. Kerrigan, H. Emann, R. Holmes, 
R. Adams, J. Carrique, R. Stewart, J. Swann, 

D. Swann, C. Tingas, C. Woodbum 

No. 655 A. Zahreddine, H. Ansara, G. Bannister, 
P. Christie, D. Smith, G. Taylor 

No. 664 J. Swann, C. Winter, P. Atsidakos, 
J. Furlong, H. Jones, T. McLean, R. Quinton, 
D. Sheen, P. Whitaker, W. Williams 

No. 677 D. Knowles, S. Jackson, B. Reynier, 



TORONTO DISTRICT 2 (conrinued) 

J. Craymer, P. Curry, T. McLean, C. Sinclair, 
T. Stadnisky 
No. 682 F. Cammisuli, E. McLean, H. Somir, 
J. Adair, V. Codato, D. Dewar, G. Dowthwaite, 
R. Groshaw, J. Hamilton, W. MacDonald, 

No. 16 R. De Juan, I. Iskin, B. Aubrey, 

R. McKennitt, B. Steen 
No. 25 P. Skazin, D. Lawrence,W. McLeod 
No. 75 K. Gliha, P. Braun, D. Bone, M. Duke, 

D. James, R. Robertson, J. Spears 

No. 136 R. Morreau, H. Wong, P. Burkholder, 

A. Dvorak, T. Lonergan, W. McKee, S. Pickard, 
J. Rennie, W. Sanders, L. Sandiland, T. Shand, 
G. Thomson, J. Wylie 

No. 220 M. Taylor, I. Beare, B. Beveridge, 
J. Davey, E. De Beaupre, E. Evans, S. Giffm, 
L. Grose, M. Ikonomidis, P. Kett, N. Meek, 

E. Testa, T. Warner, M. Woolley 

No. 316 V. Lombardo, P. Vogel, D. Bradley, 
J. Myers 

No. 339 G. Robinson, D. Bruce, G. Hinds, 
N. King, P. Lumsden, A. Smaller 

No. 343 M. Drew, H. Pedwell, T. Edwards, 
O. Adeite, R. Daniels, C. Drew, W. Drew, 
T. Dyer, I. Filshill, R. Gibson, S. Gilmore, 
R. Groshaw, T. Hansen, I. MacKenzie, 
G. MacKenzie, G. McCowan, J. Mellor, 
K. Murtagh, J. Myers, J. Nick, P. Piccione, 
T. Shand, K. Way, M Yoney 

No. 424 P. Neuman, G. Cousins, L. Aquilino, 

D. Bradley, K. Eberhardt, G. Hinds, B. Hutton, 

E. MacKinnon, W. Sanders, T. Shand , E. Thom, 

No. 87 B. Grimbleby, D. Kelly, J. Balmer, 

B. Bond, R. Deline, K. Johnston, E. Milley, 
G. Ramsay, G. Rech, W. Reiach, K. Spencer, 
T. Spencer, E. Sweetland, R. Thompson 

No. 269 M. Parish, B. Bond, W. Evans, 
L. Fisher, G. Fitzpatrick, B. Grimbleby, 
R. Hedges, E. Jones, B. Lehman, L. Lombardi, 
J. Mason, J. Mateer, F. McAvoy, P. Nuttall, 

F. Redshaw, P. Scott, R. Silson, D. Vale 
No. 430 D. Rankin, G. Cooper, G. Ludgate, 

C. Drew, J. Ferrer, W. Joyce, T. Shand, F. Dietz 
No. 494 F. Scali, S. Eraser, G. Boutilier, 

W. Brownhill, D. Campbell, J. Chamberlain, 
K. Crawley, B. Grimbleby, R. Groshaw, 
J. Howard, H. Laht, R. Lippert, J. Morton, 

D. Northcott, M. O'Neill, R. Stephenson 

No. 520 G. Rhodes, J. Meneses, J. Hernandez, 

0. Adeite, B. Bond, T. Carlton, R. Castaneda, 

1. Clunie, C. Foreman, P. McGowan, J. Moore, 
P. Nuttall 

No. 532 P. McMurdo, R. Allgood, R. Beverley, 
J. Blogg, B. Bond, E. Burnett, F. Collins, 
R. Groshaw, A. Holland, J. Mateer, R. Nash, 
T. Norris, J. Page, E. Russell, P. Scott, R. Scott, 
R. Silson, D. Surovy, P.Wilson 

No. 543 R. Scott, F. McKanday, J. Smillie, 

R. Phillips, E. Ramsammy, V. Regis, D. Shearer, 

D. Smith, E. Stewart 

No. 703 D. Spence, M. Weingott, C. Scanlon, 
I. Lazar, L. Levy, J. Warren, S. Cohen, 
N. Nathan 


M. Thompson, R. White 
No. 473 J. Hoyle, G. Arnold, A. Dvorak, 
G. Fisher, D. Langstone, A. McDonald, 

B. McDonald, D. Shipley, H. Turner, G. Webster 
No. 567 T. Singh, D. Tutin, D. Bruce, J. Dean, 

C. Drew, J. Finlay, K. Ramdeo, C. Sturgeon, 
A. Thomson, K. Wager, V. Rudd, 

No. 612 F. Kilian, B. Taylor, G. Dickson, 
J. Blackie, D. Bradley, R. Carveth, W. Dawe, 

E. De Beaupre, T. Doughty, C. Drew, J. Dudley, 
J. Holder, M. Ikonomidis. J. Keith, D. Kline, 
N. Miller, N. Penstone, J. Pownall, G. Roberts, 
G. Wilson 

No. 620 L. Painter, J. Chadwick, R. Chadwick, 
A. Donovan, J. England, D. Bruce, H. Jackson, 
I. Nichols, R. Groshaw, L. Harrison, E. Harrison, 
V. Lombardo, S. Paulson 

No. 637 S. Beasley, F. Malloy, J. Clifford, 

D. Banks, T. Bliss, D. Bradley, R. Doherty, 

C. Drew, J. Hunter, B. Jones, I. Kennedy, 

J. MacLean, M. MacLean, R. McVey, J. Moore, 
A. Pendleton, A. Smaller, D. Tutin, G. Webster, 
A. Wilson, B. Woods, R. Young 
No. 729 G. Webster, D. Bruce, M. Ikonomidis 
S. Brown, W. Clark, C. Drew, K. Fralick, 
J. Henderson, K. Rayner, T. Shand, J. Blackie, 
S. Smith, G. Wilson 


A. Balfour, W. Berry, D. Bradley, D. Dainard, 
J. Boag, A. Frank, E. Gaskin, R. Gatt, C. Preet, 
R. Groshaw, J. Hughes, R. Lundy, S. Robinson, 

D. Surovy, A. Tagallie, S. Vitek 
No. 576 B. Gibbs, A. Sutherland 

No. 647 T. Fulton, L. Armitage, J. Armstrong, 

F. Collins, H. Daines, J. Doble, J. Hallam, 
R. Janes, W. Reiach 

No. 651 O. Kefeli, L. Riel, B. Bond, 
R. Johnston, E. Russell, F. Taylor, I. Walker 

No. 653 G. Ryder, A. Ecklund, W. Knowles, 
W. Bowes, D. Campbell, J. Clayton, 
P. Crawford, W. Curl, E. Deny, D. Ecklund, 
J. Egan, W. Evans, B. Goff W. Howlett, 
S. Jackman, M. MacKenzie, A. McLelland, 
H. Moledina, J. Paterson, J. Rabot, M. Stainsby, 
M. Taunt, H. Terry, S. Thacker, J. Wilson 

No. 670 J. Ouellette, D. Butler, R. Thompson, 

E. Burnett, T. Cook, R. Erwin, A. MacQuarrie, 
J. Galloway, J. Gauthier, A. Gillespie, J. Hallam, 
K. Holmes, R. Johnston, J. Mason, G. Fairbaim, 
R. McDowell, N. McGregor, J. McGregor, 

K. Spencer, R. Uhrig, R. Baron 
No. 683 L. DosSantos, H. Bishop, J. Das, 
S. Forsythe, M. Ganpatsingh, S. Hanuman, 

G. McHallam, L. Muss, J. Seale, T. Shand, 



TORONTO DISTRICT 4 (continued) 
E. Washington, K. Whiting, D. Yano E. Blackburn, C. Bradshaw, A. Gilmour, 

No. 705 D. Stamatakis, D. Yano, A. Bimie, J. Law, P. McGowan, A. Outridge, B. Thomas 


No. 22 E. Holt, J. Aide, J. Alliston, D. Bradley, 
G. Bradshaw, R. Coultart, R. Davies, P. Farrell, 
R. Heyworth, N. Johnstone, F. Lock, D. Mackay, 
J. Parkin, P. Terzakis, D. Valleau, G. Vlastakis, 
R. Zara 

No. 23 R. Trumphour, D. Villaflor, S. Hall, 
R. Judd, D. Livingstone, F. Lock, J. McKinney, 
A. Murphy, B. Stapley, R. Whitmarsh 

No. 65 G. Betowski, \. Cheng, G. Persinov. 
C. Reigate, S. Whiteley, M. Yoney 

No. 79 A. Neilly, P. Mizzoni, J. Morrow, 
S. Soltanzadeh 

No. 86 W. Handforth, R. Carveth, L Davenport, 
C. White, J. Wilhams 

No. 97 G. Leitch, S. Doggart, D. Gropp, 
G. Lawson, R. Leitch, J. Pearson, E. Ramsay, 
A. Walker, R. Janes, J. Bolster 

No. 99 R. Emerson, D. Martin, G. Robinson, 
L. Barclay, V. Catania, B. Dickson, D. Emerson, 
A. Gray, P. Harrison, R. Hutchinson, 
W. Hutchinson, K. Hutton, E. Kerrigan, 


D. Llewellyn, A. Maitland, J. McGill, 
P. Mizzoni, S. Muir, W. Rawlins, J. Slessor, 
D. Stacey, C. Stevenson, L. Street, B. Wood 
No. 247 A. Clayton, W. McLeod, E. Ralph, 

D. Rau 

No. 326 J. Stewart, S. Soltanzadeh, J. Baker, 
G. Morgan, A. Soltanzadeh, S. Whiteley 

No. 438 W. Tooley, J. Pearson, R. Groshaw, 
R. Judd, A. Soltanzadeh, C. Stewart 

No. 481 A. Quinn, L Davenport, R. Groshaw, 
P. Mizzoni, C. White, S. Whiteley, H. Williams 

No. 577 M. Manfredi, J. Abbott,.T. Brodhurst, 

E. Christie, J. Honan 

No. 58 1 W. Goodfellow, J. Holding, J. Mathers, 

J. Mitchell 
No. 629 L. Liu, J. Chua, C. Allan, G. Bradshaw, 

T. Brodhurst, E. Christie, P. Farrell, R. Weston, 

W. Goodfellow 
No. 702 I. Sinclair, D. Park, A. Card, L. Oliver, 

D. Sephton 

No. 129 D. Bradley, H. Butler, R. Foote, 

D. Hotham 
No. 156 W. Minors, L. Edwards, S. Edwards, 

G. Forbes, F. Fordham, V. Phillips, M. Porter, 

R. Stephenson, A. Winger 
No. 265 L. Street, D. Todd, G. Wardlaw, 

R. Groshaw, R. Purslow 
No. 512 W. Foster, M. Klesitz, R. Bivens, 

D. Bradley, H. Helleman, H. Kemohan, 

K. Linegar, E. Moore, F. Tremayne 
No. 542 E. Altayoglu, G. Betowski 
No. 591 R. Moore, C. Allan, D. Cleverdon, 

M. D'Acre, W. Utton 
No. 592 W. McCormack, D. Rothwell, 

A. Swaffield 
No. 606 C. Allan, T. Brodhurst, J. Gardner, 


T. Walsh 
No. 634 L. Zigras, F. Bishop, T. Bliss, 

W. Thompson, I. Zigras 
No. 638 D. Phillips, S. Lipton, R. Zalameda, 

C. Barker, J. Holder, G. Lipperman, M. Soler, 

L. Alter 
No. 646 B. Palmer, E. Kirton, J. Finlay, 

C. Harrison, J. Harrison, J. Hopkins, 

H. Kemohan, W. Leek, K. Linegar, E. Moore, 
S. Pottage, G. Rolling 
No. 676 E. Burrell, G. Alexopoulos, M. Soler, 
J. Cummins, B. Gill, R. Smith, R. Williamson, 

D. Wright 

No. 696 F. Krzikowsky, M. Elliott, T. Davies, 

J. Holder, R. James, M. McKenna, W. Mitchell 
No. 717 A. Beattie, D. Persaud, W. Utton 

No. 54 D. Dockrill, A. Bendle, J. Bird, 

N. Bryant, D. Evelyn, N. Malloy, B. Stapley 
No. 98 J. Holding, G. Gauthier, L. Bittle, 

P. Egan, T. Homer, D. Wylie 
No. 118 V. Poelzer, W. Cober, D. Cowie, 

R. Wood, G. Burt 
No. 292 J. McDougall, J. Schmidt, M. Esson, 

G. Thomson 
No. 311 W. Benstead, N. Funnell, C. Gibson, 

H. Hopkins, W. Jamieson, J. MacKenzie, 

J. McDougall, G. Thomson 
No. 367 S. Hargraves, M. Fleming, A. Sandahl, 

W. Chatwell, D. Cogle, J. Doherty, D. Martyn, 

J. McLean, G. Nel, A. Turner 
No. 384 R. Dickson, D. Gray, G. Gyatt, D. Mead, 


T. Perry, D. Perry, R. Roy, W. Shane 
No. 410 R. Longworth, J. Blackie, T. Brown, 

F. Branscombe, W. Chatwell, W. Clayton, 

T. Douglas, A. Hogg, B. Mapes, G. Morris 
No. 468 J. Appleby, J. Bird, J. Drummond, 

J. Lowery, R. Presant 
No. 496 A. Szyplinski, L. Angiis, S. Bukovac, 

N. Byrne, D. Cameron, I. Eraser, C. Le Gresley, 

J. Logan, A. Maitland, C. Williamson, 

W. McLeod 
No. 533 C. Richards, D. Bradley, G. Donnelly, 

N. Farid, R. Wallace 
No. 537 G. Kerr, J. McGuffm, R. Masters, 

E. Bessler, T. Lloyd, S. Magwood, R. Moore, 

L. Pipher 




No. 541 J. McKinnon, B- Edwards C 

No. 547 M. Yoney, J. Thomson, E. Altayoglu, P. 

E. Bessler, W. Boal, N, Bryant, W. Chatwell, No 

K. Crawley, D. Dockrill, K. Doherty, J. Bird, R 

G. Donnelly, N. Farid, A. Gillespie, V. Green, L. 

E. Harrison, W. Hunter, T. Lloyd, R. McKibbon, No, 
J. McLaughlin, P. Miles, R. Moore, G. Persinov, G 
G. Semple, T. Spencer, A. Turner N 

No. 559 H. Nirenberg, L. Feldt, S. Cohen, K 

R. Davies, M. Donin, R. Groshaw, F. Halpem, No 

G. Kerr, D. Korman, M. Lampert, M. Schecter, B. 

B. Shiner No. 

No. 570 M. Esson, R. Scott, B. Blyden-Taylor, J. 

P. Borland, A. McLelland, F. Branscombe, R. 

N. Bryant, D. Dainard, R. Deline, B. Edwards, J. 

F. Halpem, M. Lampert, J. Lowery, T. Shand, No. 
K. MacDonald, N. Sagadraca, K. Smith, G 

G. Upton, W. Utton, D. Amis, C. Drew, No. 
W. Boston P. 

No. 57 1 J. Marshall, B. Blyden-Taylor, J. Cassie, H 

W. Chisholm, M. Esson, J. Marshall, R. O'Brien, No. 

T. Shand G. 

No. 572 G. Duke, B. Booton, J. Bird, K. Lopez, 

7 (continued) 

. Maiden, W. McLeod, W. Thompson, 

, 586 G. Scott, A. Beattie, D. Amis, R. Scott, 

Deline, W. Graham, E. Harrison, D. Lee, 

Smith, G. Upton 

.589 A. Back, H. Bulguryemez, A. Cobb, 
. Bulgurymez, G. Crutcher, F. Halpem, 
. Joseph, M. Lampert, S. Lipton, E. Solomon, 
. MacDonald, A. Maitland, P. Miles 

611 D. Bradley, B. Edwards, H. Jones, 
, McBain, A. Nichols, D. Todaro, D. Wright 

635 N. Zabaneh, C. Stefanski, S. Beayni, 
Dahdaly, K. Doherty, N. Faza, G. Ghneim, 

Groshaw, H. Hinnawi, J. Khashram, 
Peckford, E. Wilkings 

643 B. Edwards, J. Hart, N. Malloy, 
. Parker, D. Perry, C. Tingas 

644 G. Semple, D. Evelyn, W. Boal, 
McLaughlin, J. McLaughlin, J. Scatcherd, 

, Schulz, S. Smith 

7 1 3 D. Todaro, J. Bird, R. Doherty, I. Elias, 
, Golding, H. Hopkins, K. Mirza, P. Whitaker 

No. 77 N. Cooper, D. Cleverdon, W. Elliott, 

R. Erwin, R. Lindsay, B. Sawyer, C. Sudlow, 

A. Sutherland 
No. 268 J. Anderson, D. Cogle, L. Harrison, 

K. Ingram, K. Ingram, D. Ingram, G. Morgan, 

L. Oliver, A. White 
No. 354 K. Ingram 
No. 375 P. Keamey, D. Blakey, D. Burgomaster, 

R. Hewitt, A. MacFadyen, N. Stacey 
No. 398 W Fairley, W. Grant, A. MacQuarrie, 

J Sperrino, M. Thompson 
No. 406 T. Monroe, D. Thompson, G. Woolfrey, 

P. Burkholder, R. Gibson, F. Raby, R. Webster 
No. 408 K. Morgan, J. Appleby, R. Entwistle, 


E. Martin, R. McMillan, G. Morgan, J. Martin 
No. 440 R. Mann, D. Blakey, W. Mosley, 

D. Slater 
No. 45 1 D. Dettman, B. Dettman, R. Graham, 

R. Hewitt 
No. 463 W. Hobden, J. Lee, G Blair, R. Hillier, 

F. Waller 

No. 464 G. Clark, W. Fairley, H. Helleman, 

M. MacKenzie 
No. 477 W. Andruzko, J. Gorrill 
No. 498 E. Brohm, G. Cooper, W. Fairley 
No. 608 T. Meneely, I. Brown, W. Fiegehen, 

G. Henry, G. Howell, G. Kennedy, R. McMillan, 
W. Mosley, A. Skilling, S. Thacker 


No. 72 S. Cooper, R. Blueman, W. Griffiths, 
I. Hall, C. Hollett 

No. 1 5 1 D. Richardson, J. Harvey, R. Callander, 
R. Adams, C. Atkinson, N. Bobier, D. Bradley, 
L. Brov*Ti, D. Camercn, R. Chadwick, J. Dickie, 

D. Richardson, A. Ritchie, H. Whetham, 

E. Ward 

No. 172 W. Lawrence, D. Lang, J. Groff, 

C. Oliver, B. Romeril, W. Williams 
No. 205 A. Peck, P. Boriand, L. Hand, 

J. Montgomery 
No. 257 L. Haney, J. Saulters, J. Scatcherd, 

W. Shortreed 
No. 279 R. Brubacher, C. Collison, R. Daniels, 

W. Griffiths, R. Knapton, K. Martin, L. Reid 
No. 297 W. Griffiths, R. Small, J. Bowman, 

S. Cooper, R. Davies 
No. 318 J. Mittelholtz, W. Reidl, F. Branston, 

W. Emptage, K. McGeagh, G. Weatherdon, 

D. West, G. Whitelaw 

No. 509 S. Aitken, G. Napper, L. Sherwood 

No. 539 A. Rodgers, G. Andersen, E. Baechler, 
D. Churchill, J. Fisher, G. Fries, W. Fries, 

F. Gregory, B. Snider 

No. 628 M. Bmbacher, W. Clemens, D. Martin, 

L. Hammell 
No. 690 T. Schreiter 
No. 722 J. Anderson, T. Burscough, B. Romeril, 

D. Kaufman 
No. 723 G. Andersen, D. Webster, F. Gregory, 

A. Kennedy, W. Loucks, B. Snider, D. Specht 
No. 728 W. Grant, J. Bird 

No. 731 R. Daniels, A. Taylor 

No. 744 R. Daniels, F. Gregory, P. Borland, 
S. Aitken, G. Andersen, G. Atkinson, T. Shand, 
R. Beckett, F. Branston, L. Brown, D. Cameron, 

B. Snider, D. Churchill, S. Cooper, J. Fisher, 
W. Fries, G. Fries, W. Griffiths, T. Schreiter, 

C. Hollett, D. Kaufman, W. Uwrence, J. Groff 
J. Montgomery, W. Loucks, R. McKibbon, 

G. Morgan, D. West, D. Mumby, G. Napper 



No. 180 G. Kerr, D. McCombe, D. Doughty, 

G. Farb, D. McCombie, L. Millard 
No. 203 W. Steen, N. Barrie, A. Bell, C. Brown, 

G. Moore, R. Roberts, S. Steen 
No. 219 N. Barrie, F. Dunn, J. Games, J. Lilly, 

R. Lovegrove, T. Massena, G. Moore 
No. 258 O. Mardov, A. Pollock, K. Bartlett, 

R. Blair, C. Brown, G. Powell, W. Rose, 

N. Taylor, C. TTiomson, H. Towler, A. Young 
No. 271 P. Gillespie, B. Butcher, J. Butcher, 

P. Curry, P. McGrenere, H. Standish 
No. 295 J. Green, A. Cunningham, D. Fisher, 

R. Fletcher, W. Jack, E. Schneider 
No. 321 R. Henry, R. Knapton 

No. 347 J. Calder, F. Barkhouse, R. Pearse, 
J. Alliston, D. Clyde, T. Genie, D. Roszell 
No. 361 S. Coutts, G. Insley, J. Johnson, 

W. Atkinson, G. Curl, R. Gray, G. Schirk 
No. 688 B. Redpath, C. Christie, D. Dyson 
No. 724 L. Sulzer, R. Amos, D. Hamilton 
No. 732 T. Somerville, J. Butcher, G. Ferguson, 
J. Games, A. Irving, R. Lovegrove, R. Taylor, 
W. Wellstead 
No. 742 D. Hamilton, W. Atkinson, P. Borland, 
J. Butcher, C. Christie, D. Churchill, D. Dyson, 
R. Daniels, D. Doughty, C. Thomson, J. Green, 
R. Gray, J. Johnson, P. McGrenere, L. Millard, 
G. Powell, W. Rose, G. Schirk, R. Blair, G. Curl 

No. 414 M. Devins, S. Meadows 
No. 417 M. Devins 
No. 461 C. McDonald 


No. 484 C. McDonald 

No. 518 C. Ruttan 

No. 631 C. McDonald, W. McQuaker, J. Winik 




No. 37 D. Bender, L. Miles, W. Nadalin, 

J. Piper, C. Thomson 
No. 43 B. Ashman, P. Johnston, S. Bertrand, 

J. Ault, T. Davies, W. Foster, K. Hammerton, 

J. Massaquoi 
No. 68 B. Kempston, J. Piper 
No. 76 J. Walls, J. Sutherland, R. Dobbs, 

L. Goodall, J. Richardson 
No. 108 M. Fan- 
No. 178 R. Blueman, J. Hofstetter, A. Ritchie, 

A. Ross, D. Shearer, J. Swick 
No. 250 K. Ulch, E. Brenneman, N. McLeod, 

J. Smith 

No. 261 E. Brenneman, M. Chesney, J. Devries, 
F. Gordon, R. Hilderley, T. Shand, C. Miller, 
B. Raymer, T. Siemiemik, R. Weidmark, 
R. McKibbon, A. Ross 

No. 569 S. Greason, R. Greason, W. McKay 

No. 609 J. Fisher, A. Ross 

No. 678 J. Masters, M. CouUer, J. Creamer, 
K. Emerson, D. Findlater, W. Foster, A. Gordon, 
J. Hooper, G. Lane, R. Oliphant, L. Pearson, 
F. Pepper, A. Petrisor, C. Roach, D. Thompson 



No. 10 T. Drayson, J. Hiley, D. Pass, T. Todd, 

A. St. Jacques 
No. 78 B. Kempston, J. Stanbridge 
No. 104 R. Am, N. Dolson, J. Hiley, L. Miles, 

J. Roberts 
No. 149 D. Berta, K. Post, T. Pow, K. Simpson, 

A. St. Jacques 
No. 174 P. Meadows, L. Haigh, G. Overbaugh, 

D. Townsend, R. Vankerrebroeck, L. Vames 
No. 181 D. Emerson, K. Emerson 
No. 217 R.Hardy 
No. 237 D. Emerson, K. Emerson 
No. 359 R. Searles, S. Holden 
No. 624 M. Kupczyk, W. Irwin, R. Hugill, 

T. McDonald, L. Miles 
No. 701 T. Davies 


No. 47 C. Kania, G. Brown, W. Grenon, 
D. Beaten, T. Brazeau, E. Carey, W. Chamney, 
A. Khan, G. McQuarrie, K. Mirza, C. Olender, 
A. Radu, J. Revell, G. Thibert, R.Truscott 

No. 403 J. Cherwak, J. Nassar, D. Bradley, 
R. Cross, B. DeLisle, C. Hill, W. Holzel, 
J. Laughton, G. Lotz, R. Maltby, T. Moffat, 
A. Munro, J. Napier, T. Seal, B. Sotto 

No. 500 D. O'Leary, V. Arguelles, G. Feghali, 
J. Falkingham 

No. 521 A. Winterbum, C. Fairthome, G. Perry, 
R. Truan, P. Wiebe 

No. 554 L. Lajoie, B. Chartier, J. Murphy, 
R. Cross, C. Drew, C. Fairthome, P. Hooper, 

I. Hunter, A. Khan, J. Laughton, G. Lotz, 
A. Munro, J. Napier, D. Smith, C. Hill, K. Ross 

No. 579 S. McKay, G. McQuarrie, B. Chartier, 
W. Beaton, M. Brodsky, L. Hostine, D. Kerr, 
D. Smith, D. Stillman, G. Tarcea, K. Vannan, 
D. Wamer, K. Wilson 

No. 598 R. Abray,W. Beaton, L. Halstead, 
O. Hodgkin, P. Hooper, A. Jackson, A. Johnson, 
L. Lajoie, D. Montague, G. Perry, M. Snook, 
D. Winterton 

No. 604 J. Brown, J. Gobet, P. Kotevich, 
R. MacNevin, J. Murphy, W. Rose 

No. 642 A. Bastien, R. Bates, A. Vojvodin 




M.W. Bro. R. E. Davies presented to the Grand Master and introduced to 
Grand Lodge the following distinguished guests: 


R.W. Bro. Rod Ponech 
Deputy Grand Master 


M.W. Bro. C. W. (Bill) Ferguson 

Grand Master 

R.W. Bro. Larrv' Parent 

Grand Secretary 


M.W. Bro. Jules S. Tepper 
Grand Master 


M.W. Bro. Kenneth Thomas 

Grand Master 

M.W. Bro. C. Rae Haldane-Wilsone 

PGM/Grand Secretary 


M.W. Bro. Lary R. Smith 
Grand Master 

NEW Brunswick 

M.W. Bro. Gordon R. Rattray 

Grand Master 

Newfoundland and Labrador 

M.W. Bro. Jim Tulk 

Grand Master 

R.W. Bro. Larry Grandy 

Grand Secretary 

M.W. Bro. Neil M. Chaplin 

Past Grand Master 

NEW York 

M.W. Bro. Carl J. Fitje 

Grand Master 

NORTH Carolina 

M.W. Bro. Charles A. Jewis Jr 

Grand Master 


M.W. Bro. Shane MacFarlane 
Grand Master 


M.W. Bro. John E. Leide 

Grand Master 

R.W. Bro. Paul Mailhot 

Grand Secretary 

Rhode island 

M.W. Bro. Joseph B. Brearley 

Grand Master 


M.W. Bro. Ray Moffatt 

Grand Master 


M.W. Bro. Bruce E. Pomeroy 

Grand Master 

W. Bro. Philip Morton 

Grand Lecturer 

anc & accepted Scottish Rite 

111. Bro. Norman E. Byrne 
Sovereign Grand Commander 


M.Ex. Comp. Sheldon Boomhour 
Grand First Principal 

Masonic Service association 

M.W. Bro. Richard E. Hetcher 

P.G.M. Vermont/Executive Secretary 

Rameses Shrine 

W. Bro. Barry McQuillin 


Hamilton Lodge No. 1440, Jamaica EC 

W. Bro. Keith McFarlane 

Past Master 

Grand Honours were then given, led by the Grand Director of Ceremonies. 


The Grand Master presented our Past Grand Masters who were present, 
namely: M.W. Bros. Robert E. Davies, N. Richard Richards, Ronald E. 
Groshaw, David C. Bradley, Norman E. Byrne, C. Edwin Drew and Robert 
J. McKibbon. Grand Honours were given. 



W. Bro. Lloyd dos Santos, Master of Wexford Lodge No. 683, Toronto 
District 4, delivered the Address of Welcome, which was responded to by 
M.W. Bro. Terence Shand, Grand Master. 


The Grand Secretary proceeded to read the Minutes of the last meeting held 
in Toronto, on July 17, 2002, when it was moved by M.W. Bro. R. E. 
Groshaw, seconded by M.W. Bro. D. C. Bradley, and resolved: That 
inasmuch as the Minutes of the last Annual Communication held in Toronto 
have been printed and distributed to all constituent lodges the same be now 
taken as read and confirmed. 


As the Grand Secretary read the Rules of Order as prescribed by the 
Constitution of Grand Lodge, it was moved by M.W. Bro. C. E. Drew, 
seconded by M.W. Bro. R. E. Davies, and resolved: That the Order of 
Business of this Annual Communication be changed at the discretion of the 
Grand Master. 

M.W. Bro. Terence Shand announced that V.W. Bro. Fred Halpern had 
accepted the request to serve as parliamentarian, and any controversial 
constitutional problems that may arise would be decided by Bro. Halpern. 



To the Officers and Members of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge A.F. & 
A.M. of Canada, in the Province of Ontario. 

My Brethren, 

Good Morning. Thank you and welcome to this the 148'^ Annual Communi- 
cation of Grand Lodge. I trust that our deliberations will be informative, 
interesting, amicable, and conducted in a manner that best sen/e the 
interests of our Grand Jurisdiction and you, the Masons of Ontario. 


It is with great pleasure that I welcome our distinguished guests from sister 
jurisdictions and those representatives from associated bodies. Many have 
travelled great distances from throughout North America and beyond to 
share in our Annual Communication. We sincerely thank you for your 
presence. We trust that your visit will be one of profit and much pleasure. 
It is comforting to know that the Masonic hand of friendship extends well 
beyond the boundaries of our Province and Nation. 

As I conclude my term in office, I do so with many happy memories of 
friendship and kindness, extended to my dear wife Lyn and myself, as we 
travelled extensively throughout this vast and great Province of ours. We 
have been greeted with the utmost of courtesy and respect. You have 
provided us with much joy that will be indelibly etched in our memories for 
many years to come. Thank you. Brethren, for the great honour and 
privilege to serve as your Grand Master. 

This traditional address is intended to provide an overview of the 
happenings this past year. To identify with the present, then look toward 
and prepare for the future, in a manner that best serves the interests of our 


It is with much sadness, sincere regret, together with great adoration, that 
we recognize the passing of some faithful servants of this Grand Lodge. 

R.W. Bro. Ronald Merton Watson 

D.D.G.M. 1990, Wm J. Dunlop Lodge No. 675, Peterborough 

Member of the Board of General Purposes 1989-91 

R.W. Bro. Robert Neil Wilson 
G.S.W. (Hon), King Hiram Lodge No. 566, Toronto 

Served on the Committee on Arrangements 
for many years, during our Annual Communications 


R.W. Bro. Donald W. Lewis 
G.S.W. (Hon), Richardson Lodge No. 136, Stouffville 

V.W. Bro. George C. Gibson 
Grand Steward, Royal Edward Lodge, No. 585, Kingston 

and William Mercer Wilson Medal recipients 

Bro. Nellis Bowerman 

Doric Lodge No. 455, Little Current 

Bro. William (Mac) Henderson 
Corinthian Lodge No. 700, Lakeside 

Bro. George Wakelyn Luesby 
Tuscan Lodge No. 99, Newmarket 

Bro. Charles Edward Thorpe 
Coronati Lodge No. 520, Scarborough 

Bro. James A. Vallance Jr 
St. Johns Lodge No. 75, Scarborough 

Further, since pnnting of this address: 

R.W. Bro. Alan Newton Newell 

Elected G.S.W. 1979, Ozias Lodge No. 508, Brantford 

Elected Member of the Board of General Purposes - 1981 

Served as Director, President and Secretary 

Masonic Foundation (25 years) 

W. Bro. Albert Murray Fallis, 75 year member 
Affiliated member University Lodge No. 496, Toronto 

and further William Mercer Wilson Medal recipient 
Bro. Alexander Reid Rae 
Affiliated member Antiquity Lodge No. 571, Toronto 

We remember all those brethren called from earthly labour this past 
Masonic year. 

Past Rank 

I recommend that the rank of Past Master be conferred posthumously on 
W. Bro. J. Grant Scanlan, Bancroft Lodge No. 482, Bancroft; W. Bro. 
Robertson M. Grade, St John's Lodge No. 63, Carleton Place; and W. Bro. 
Donald T. Graham, Palmer Lodge No. 372, Fort Erie, whose untimely 
passing occurred whilst in office. Also, I recommend that past rank be 
granted to W. Bro. Stephen Dafoe, Moira Lodge No. 1 1 , Belleville; W. Bro. 
F. Lee Kent, Springfield Lodge No. 259, Springfield; and W. Bro. Daniel 
Perkin, Willowdale Lodge No. 717, Richmond Hill, who did not serve some 
full twelve months as Worshipful Master. 


William Mercer Wilson Medal 

A distinct few of our members, who without courting applause, have gone 
beyond the call of duty to serve our Craft and the community with diligence, 
loyalty, much dedication and great honour. Each has been recommended 
to receive what has come to be known as the Victoria Cross of 
Freemasonry. We extend sincere thanks and best wishes to the following 
William Mercer Wilson Medal recipients: 

Bro. Robert M. Hagadorn, Maple Leaf Lodge No. 103, St Catharines 
Bro. Lawrence J. MacLaurin, Cornwall Lodge No. 125, Cornwall 
Bro. Donald C. Metcalfe, St James Lodge No. 74, Brockville 
Bro. Albert Taylor, Wilson Lodge No. 113, Waterford 

I was privileged to attend at St Catharines for presentation of the William 
Mercer Wilson Medal to Bro. Hagadorn, and our Deputy Grand Master 
attended for the presentation to Bro. Metcalfe. 

All are worthy recipients of this prestigious award. 

Special Thanks 

This past year I have been fortunate, indeed, to be blessed with an 
outstanding Director of Ceremonies, in the person of R.W. Bro. Mark 
Thompson. No Grand Master could wish for a more dedicated aide de 
camp. He (with a supportive wife, Bev, at his side) has undertaken the 
responsibilities of his office with great zeal and attachment, in attending to 
the needs of your Grand Master. As in the first year, we too have travelled 
many thousands of kilometres, shared many memorable events that will 
serve to enhance the longstanding friendship we have enjoyed together. 

A letter dated May 15, 2003, indicated the personal circumstances of R.W. 
Bro. Jeffrey A. Noseworthy, D.D.G.M. Ottawa District 2, necessitated that 
he resign his office as D.D.G.M. I extend my sincere thanks to R.W. Bro. 
Donald Wallace, P. D.D.G.M., for his assistance in bridging the gap by 
undertaking those duties for the remainder of R.W. Bro. Noseworthy's term. 
Also, my thanks to the members of Ottawa District Two for their 
forbearance of this matter these past few months. 

Four members of our Board of General Purposes are retiring from office 
after many years of untiring service to our Craft. R.W. Bro. Paul Mullen, 
Chairman of Benevolence and former Director, Masonic Foundation; R.W. 
Bro. H. Neil Britton, Management Committee and former President, 
Masonic Foundation; R.W. Bro. James T. Cassie, Management Com- 
mittee, Audit & Finance Committee and Director, Masonic Foundation; and 
R.W. Bro. Frank Wilson, Appointed Member of the Board of General 
Purposes. Masonry has benefited greatly from their individual stellar 
service and your Grand Master has had the good fortune to have received 
their wise counsel on several occasions. We thank them for their long- 


standing commitment and wisli for each of them continued good health and 
much success in all their future endeavours. 


Pursuant to Section 131 (c) of the Book of Constitution, I am pleased to 
recommend the reappointment of: 

R.W. Bro. Frederick Halpern, and 

R.W. Bro. Terrence V. Horner, 
each to a three-year term of honorary membership on the Board of General 

Further, to equitably realign appointments of the honorary ranks, I recom- 
mend the appointment of: 

R.W. Bro. William E. Shields, Eastern District, for a three-year term, 
R.W. Bro. David Jacklin, Chatham District, for a two-year term, and 
R.W. Bro. H. Edward Standish, Hamilton District B, for a one-year term 
of honorary membership on the Board of General Purposes. 

Special Events 

In a continued spirit of furthering friendly relations and in support of the 
Family of Freemasonry concept, I was privileged to attend several events 
during this past year to bring fraternal greetings from our Craft. 

- Annual Communication, Rainbow for Girls, Ottawa 

- Annual Communication, Order of the Eastern Star, Toronto 

- International Plowing Match, Glencoe 

- Rameses Shrine - Fall Ceremonial, Downsview 

- Job's Daughters - Installation, London 

- DeMolay for Boys - Initiation, Whitby 

- Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons, St Catharines 

- Potentates Ball, Downsview 

- Grand Council of Royal & Select Masters, St Catharines 

- Brotherhood Day, Windsor 

Attendance at these events creates an environment that provides for a 
better understanding of our respective organizations. In every instance, 
Lyn and I were warmly received and graciously hosted with the utmost of 
courtesies. Our respective Orders serve humanity and continue to deserve 
each other's respect and support in being identified as part of the 'Family 
of Freemasonry'. 


In March, 2003, the Ontario Masonic Leaders of Craft, Scottish Rite and 
Royal Arch Masonry, together with Mocha, Rameses, Tunis Shrine and 
Sovereign Great Priory reaffirmed our amity and unity statement. We 
continue to meet on a regular basis to discuss matters of mutual interest 
and benefit to all. This past year, two social events occurred. A 'Family of 
Freemasonry' breakfast in September, 2002, and a 'Western Night' in May, 
2003. The Public Relations Chairman of each body continues to meet and 
provide ideas for future planning and implementation. 

Additionally, I was privileged to attend at many functions throughout our 
jurisdiction and present long service pins, certificates, awards and com- 
mendations to a number of highly respected Masons. Congratulations to 
all recipients; your dedication to our Craft serves as an inspiration to us all. 

Lodge Consecrations and Dedications 

During the past year we joined with the following lodges at their 
consecration or dedication ceremonies. 

September 28, 2002 - Dedication of new premises of Manito Lodge 
No. 90, Collingwood. 

October 29, 2002 - Consecration of New Light (daylight) Lodge 
No. 744, Waterloo. 

March 1 3, 2003 - Dedication of new premises of Elk Lake Lodge 
No. 507, Elk Lake. 

We congratulate the members of these lodges for their zeal in perpetuating 
our fraternity in their respective communities. 


Pursuant to Sections 84 and 85, Constitution of the Grand Lodge A.F. & 
A.M. of Canada In the Province of Ontario, it became necessary for your 
Grand Master to act upon three situations that require a report to this 
Grand Lodge. 

A number of Masonic complaints were received from a lodge member 
towards other members of his lodge and a series of initiatives were under- 
taken to resolve the matter, including meetings with your Grand Master, all 
of which proved to be unsuccessful. Following due process by our 
Discipline Committee and myself, I regretfully suspended two members for 
noncompliance of a directive. Upon appeal, one suspension was abridged, 
and in the other case I now recommend his suspension be terminated. 

A similar Masonic complaint, one brother towards another, was also 
subjected to our revised procedure regarding Masonic Offences. Following 
a report of the Discipline Committee and a meeting of both parties with 
myself, attempts at resolution appear remote but we are hopeful for an 
agreed upon compromise. 


Brethren, I reiterate my comments, made in the last issue of our Ontario 
Mason magazine regarding disappointing experiences. "The way lodge 
members allow personal grievances to fester and become so divisive as 
to jeopardize the very existence of a lodge. I urge you to 'nip those 
personal peeves in the bud' and if at all possible settle your differences 
amicably or retire from the lodge that harmony may prevail." 

In a third incident, Excelsior Lodge No. 142, Morrisburg, finds itself in dire 
straits. Ten of the last eighteen meetings have not happened due to 
insufficient membership attendance. A violation of Section 223, Book of 
Constitution, has occurred with regard to balloting, and the financial 
obligations of the lodge are not being met. The culmination of these events 
caused me, on June 4, 2003, to direct the seizure of their Charter and 
Minute Book pending further investigation by Grand Lodge. 

Masonic Conferences 

The VI World Conference of Masons and Grand Lodges was held in New 
Delhi, India, on November 7, and 8, 2002. 

It's stated Purpose: 

'On a World scale, to provide a better understanding of one another and to 

address our differences.' 

During the sessions, an ambitious fourteen plus Masonic Papers were 
presented by Grand Masters from throughout the World. Also, discussion 
of a number of administrative issues occurred, one being, 'A membership 
dues structure that addresses conference expenses and a mandate with 
budgetary requirements of its Executive Secretary. It was resolved: that the 
Grand Master of India, appoint a committee and chairman based upon one 
member per Continent and to advise selected representatives by mail 
following the conclusion of the session.' 

In a letter from the Grand Lodge of India, dated November 18, 2002, your 
Grand Master was humbled to be the member selected to represent our 
North American Continent and to Chair this committee, comprising one 
member from each of seven continents throughout the World. We, in 
Ontario, can be proud indeed to enjoy worldwide recognition as a well 
organized and highly respected Masonic jurisdiction. Our limited support 
of Eastern European countries that have 'rekindled the lights of Masonry' 
in recent years has met with positive results. 

In February, 2003, the Deputy Grand Master, the Grand Secretary, and I, 
attended the Conference of Grand Masters of North America held in 
Minneapolis, Minnesota, and was privileged to have been elected to serve 
as Conference Planning Chairman. Our Deputy Grand Master gave a well 
received and informative presentation entitled, 'Officers Training'. In all, an 
ambitious twenty break-out sessions were provided with the theme: 'A 


Fraternity for a World in Need'. The conference provides an excellent 
vehicle by which to exchange dialogue and strengthen our Masonic ties 
throughout North America. 

The Conference of Grand and District Grand Lodges of Canada was held 
at Winnipeg, Manitoba, in April, 2003. All provinces are represented and 
numerous discussion papers presented. Our Deputy Grand Master 
presented a paper on 'Officer Progression'. The Grand Secretary updated 
the activities of the Commission on Information and Recognition and I on 
the activities of the World Conference. The minutes of this and past 
conferences are published and available for your perusal at the Grand 
Lodge library, as will the World Conference minutes, when received. 

Annual Communications of Grand Lodges 

It was a distinct pleasure for Lyn and I to represent you at several Grand 
Lodge Communications in many parts of our continent and beyond. In 
every instance we were treated most kindly and with great respect as we 
reaffirmed the cordial relations that exist between our respective Grand 
Lodges. A complete list of visitations is listed in Appendix 'A'. 


I was privileged to attend in celebration of the following: 

25"^ Anniversary: 

Heritage Lodge No. 730, on September 21, 2002. 
125"^ Anniversary: 

Maple Leaf Lodge No. 362, Tara, on May 31 , 2003. 
150'^ Anniversaries: 

Composite Lodge No. 30, Whitby, on September 30, 2002, 

Trent Lodge No. 38, Trenton, on March 8, 2003, 

St Thomas Lodge No. 44, St Thomas, on March 29, 2003, 

St John's Lodge No. 40, Hamilton, on May 15, 2003, 

Brant Lodge No. 45, Brantford, on May 24, 2003, 
and 150 years of continuous visitation of 

Amity Lodge No. 32, Dunnville, with St John's Lodge No. 35, 
Cayuga, on June 27, 2003. 
200'^ Anniversary: 

King Hiram Lodge No. 37, Ingersoll, on June 28, 2003. 

Recognition of 100 Years of Active Service 

In accordance with Section 394 of the Book of Constitution of Grand 
Lodge, I am pleased to grant permission to the following lodges to wear 
gold braided regalia, effective the dates indicated: 

Carleton Lodge No. 465, Carp, as of October 24, 2003 
Coronation Lodge No. 466, Elmvale, as of November 23, 2003 
Victoria Lodge No. 474, Toronto, as of May 1, 2005 


Meritorious Service Award 

This prestigious award is presented to a Mason who has made 
contributions above and beyond that of normal performance. One who has 
given unselfishly of his time, talent and energy for the betterment of his 
community and our Craft. It is my privilege and pleasure to announce the 
following three recipients: 

R.W. Bro. James T. Cassie 

R.W. Bro. H. Neil Britton 

R.W. Bro. Wallace E. McLeod 

Grand Representatives 

I was pleased to accept the recommendations of the respective Grand 
Masters, and to confirm the following brethren as our Grand Represent- 
atives near the Grand Lodges of: 

Manitoba - R.W. Bro. E. H. (Ted) Jones 

Delaware - M.W. Bro. James S. Russell Jr. 

Minnesota - M.W. Bro. Eric J. Neetenbeek 

North Carolina - Bro. Jerry R. Tillett 

Japan - V.W. Bro. Robert D. Targett 

Peru - W. Bro. Asiscio Cabello Rojas 

I was also pleased to recommend to the Grand Masters of the respective 
Grand Lodges, the appointment of the following Grand Representatives of 
their Grand Lodges near our Grand Lodge. 

Scotland - M.W. Bro. Ronald E. Groshaw, Etobicoke 

Saskatchewan - R.W. Bro. Terrance Pachal, Timmins 

Michigan - R.W. Bro. Terrence V. Horner, North York 

Oklahoma - R.W. Bro. Mark J. Thompson, Bolsover 

Tennessee - R.W. Bro. David M. Sheen, Alton 

Utah - R.W. Bro. Walter J. Matyczuk, Thunder Bay 

Croatia - R.W. Bro. Paul Farrell, Ajax 

Iran - R.W. Bro. G. Wayne Nelson, Englehart 

Peru - R.W. Bro. Charles Alexander, Elk Lake 

Past Grand Masters 

The Past Grand Masters, and their wives, continue to support and serve 
our jurisdiction in a variety of ways. I thank each of them for availing 
themselves as the need arises and for their ongoing interest in the affairs 
of Masonry. We are disappointed that the ill health of M.W. Bro. Howard O. 
Polk prevents his attendance at this communication. We have enjoyed his 
presence here over many years and extend our best wishes for his 
improved and restored health. 

Grand Lodge Officers 

The Grand Lodge Officers elected and appointed to serve this past year 
have done so with great zeal and attachment. They have travelled 


throughout our Province, giving unstintingly of their time and talents in the 
service of our Craft. 

An expression of gratitude is extended to the District Deputy Grand 
Masters and District Secretaries, for their tireless service as my 
representative and for the courtesies provided whenever I was received in 
their presence. 

To the members of the Board of General Purposes, the committee 
chairmen and team members alike. You are outstanding Masons worthy 
of our admiration, respect and gratitude, all of which, I extend to each of 

Our Grand Senior Warden, R.W. Bro. Robert James, Grand Junior 
Warden, R.W. Bro. Patrick McGrenere, and Grand Registrar, R.W. Bro. 
David Bell, affectionately referred to as the Three Amigos', have 
undertaken the responsibilities of their respective office with dignity and 
attachment, at the same time enjoying a great deal of fun and camaraderie 
during their travels. 

The Grand Chaplain, R.W. Bro. Gordon Roberts, and Lillian, travelled far 
and wide to attend the numerous Masonic functions that required his 
participation. He did so reverently and respectfully. However, I did notice 
some bias in favour of the Deputy Grand Master when it came to a 
particular sporting event in our nation's capital. 

Our Grand Piper, V.W. Bro. David Todd, has, with tremendous dedication, 
a dignified presence, friendly smile and warm handshake, travelled 
throughout Ontario to pipe at many of the functions. Lyn and I value our 
association and friendship with this fine Mason. The tune that we were 
piped in by, at several events, was composed by him especially for his 
Grand Master and I proudly display the framed musical presentation in my 
office at home. 

The Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies, V.W. Bro. Eric Thom, aided 
by Janet, responded well to the duties pertaining to that office whenever 
called upon to do so. 

To the many appointed officers that travelled extensively to represent our 
Craft at the various lodge and district functions throughout Ontario, 1 hope 
you found this past year to be a rewarding, meaningful and memorable 

Youth Groups 

As mentioned last year, "the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow." 
The future of our gentle Craft is considered, in part, dependent on our 
young people. In keeping with our commitment, I was pleased to attend 
individual functions of the Order of DeMolay , Order of Job's Daughters and 


Order of Rainbow for Girls, to demonstrate first hand Craft Masonry's 
support. Then, on your behalf, I presented each group, a token of our 
financial support. I hope that you, in turn, consider a similar action at the 
lodge and/or district level. It is a course of action that should be endorsed 
and reviewed by us all on an annual basis. 

Ad Hoc Committees 

The ad hoc committee pertaining to amalgamations and the surrender of 
lodge charters has been furthered by a committee chaired by R.W. Bro. 
Terrence Horner. A comprehensive report has been received that includes 
a more comfortable and friendly implementation process. Recommenda- 
tions for constitutional amendment have been forwarded to the appropriate 
committees for their review, comment and action. 

The ad hoc committee, regarding the Office of Grand Secretary, chaired by 
R.W. Bro. Robert T. Runciman, has tendered its report and recommenda- 
tions. I have subsequently referred that report to our Board of General 
Purposes to be considered and dealt with by them. 

Grand Master's Banquet 

I am pleased to report that our keynote speaker for this evening's banquet 
is Bro. Neil Aitchison, popular speaker, actor and radio personality, whose 
topic is. The Power of Laughter'. 


M.W. Bro. C. Edwin Drew, Custodian of the Work, continues to travel 
throughout the province with a knowledgeable team of diligent Masons, 
providing information and instruction. His readiness to respond to 
questions regarding our ritual, via the District Deputy Grand Masters, is 
commendable and we thank him for his tireless attention to the 
responsibilities of his office. 

R.W. Bro. Donald Mumby. I thank you for your cooperation and service to 
our Craft during your term as Deputy Grand Master. I wish for you and 
Marion good health, safe travel and for you personally the wisdom of 
Solomon in your deliberations as our Grand Master. I pledge to you my 
unwavering support in the years to come. 


I trust that the theme of 'Back to Basics' during my tenure is now firmly 
entrenched throughout Ontario. Shortly after my visit to Sault Ste Marie, 
this past March, I received a letter and poem from W. Bro. N. R. Ingram, 
Hilton Beach, that I share with you now. 

He wrote, in part, "As your term as Grand Master comes to an end, and 
your theme of 'Back to Basics' maintains its momentum, I felt I wanted to 
send you a copy of a poem I have written entitled 'The Basics', it was 
partially inspired by your theme." 


"As we Start to discuss any move back to the basics, we first have to agree on 
just what the basics are. In this poem, I reflect on just what I think 'Masonic 
Basics' are and what they might be in the future." 

The Basics 

"Back to the Basics" we often say. 
When getting frustrated with the World today. 

But, what are those basics, that we mean? 
Is the definition, both clear and clean? 

For some, the basics are computers and things, 
With laser printers, scanners, and all that they bring. 

A good car is basic, to take you places. 
With air-conditioning, CD., and all the "graces." 

And of course, you have to be informed ... in the know. 
So satellite dishes, cable. Interactive TV, are how you go. 

Isn't it just, basic, to travel to lands unseen. 
That cruise ships and safaris are not merely dreams? 

'We can make a case for nearly all things, 
But what do the basics really bring? 

It is basic to love, and be loved in return. 
It's basic to accept, in life, what you've earned. 

It's basic to help others when they are in need. 
And it is basic, always, to do the right deed. 

It's basic to support and defend a good friend. 
It's basic to help a dying man meet the end. 

It's basic to put your own pride to the side. 
When that friend who hurt you, really needs you to guide. 

It's basic to run to a friend who is ill. 
To be with him, comfort him, even help with his bill. 

It's basic to really listen to another's views of life. 
It's basic to show love to your family and wife. 

It is basic to put all your faith in God 
And it's basic to ensure an honest path you have trod. 

It's basic to make an effort, to go out of your way, 
To improve the quality of just one person's Day. 

And isn't it just basic to be honest and true. 
In all that you say, and all that you do? 

Yes, "Back to the Basics," is what we all say. 
But how did we ever let the basics get away? 

Could it be with all the complexities life brings, 
'We've confused the "Basics," with what are just "Things?" 


These past two years have, in many respects, been tumultuous. Still, 
several meaningful and ambitious initiatives have occurred. Any recogni- 
tion of those accomplishments or any accolades that might be forthcoming 
are the result of the zealous and indefatigable exertion of a team of highly 
motivated Grand Lodge committee members, led by those you elected, 
together with those that I have appointed, in good faith, to represent your 
best interests. 

To serve in the capacity of Grand Master without the participation of one's 
partner, of forty-two years, would be an insurmountable task. I extend my 
heartfelt thanks to my wife Lyn and to our family for their love, 
understanding and unquestioning support of my activities these past years. 
Lyn has, at every turn, continued to promote the value derived from family 
life influenced by the principles of Freemasonry. 

Your Grand Master has endeavoured to serve our membership to the best 
of his ability in a fair, equitable and just manner. I have thoroughly enjoyed 
the experience, welcomed the challenge and have been most grateful for 
the opportunity. My term in office concludes, content in the knowledge that 
there will be a capable leader at the helm of our Craft, supported by the 
finest team of Grand Lodge officers one might ever hope to have serve - 
US - the Masons of Ontario. 

Sincerely and fraternally yours 

Terence Shand 

Appendix "A" 

■ ■■l>. 

Visitations 2002 - 2003 



Nth American Conference Planning Meet 



D.D.G.M. Regional Meet 



D.D.G.M. Regional Meet 



D.D.G.M. Regional Meet 




D.D.G.M. Regional Meet 



Annual Communication - Rainbow for Girls 



Victoria District- B.B.Q. 



Toronto Districts 3 & 4 - Dinner 



Grand Lodge Chairman's Meet 



Annual Communication - Order of the Eastern Star 




Grand Lodge of Finland - Suomi No. 1 



United Grand Lodge of England - Quarterly Communication 



Canada Lodge No. 532 - Installation 



Ontario Masonic Leaders Meet 



Management Meet 



Doric Lodge No. 424 - Reception 



International Plowing Match 



Heritage Lodge No. 730 - 25'*" Anniversary 



Friendship Lodge No. 729 - Reception 



Grand Lodge of North Carolina - Annual Communication 

















Manito Lodge No. 90 - Dedication 
Family of Freemasonry - Breakfast 
Composite Lodge No. 30 - 150"' Anniversary 

Grand Lodge of Delaware - Annual Communication 

Advisory Group Meet 

Hazeldean Lodge No. 517 - Open House 

Ottawa Districts 1 & 2 - Grand Master's Reception 

Grand Chaplain's Church Service 

Scottish Rite - Lodge of Perfection Dinner Speaker 

Western Canadian G.M.'s Conference 

Keystone Chapter No. 35 

Richardson Lodge No. 136- Reception 

G. L. Newfoundland/Labrador- Annual Communication 

New Light Daylight Lodge No. 744 - Consecration 

Management Committee Meet 

Scottish Rite - Rose Croix 

Wexford Lodge No. 683 - Installation 

World Conference of Grand Masters 

Mount Sinai Lodge No. 522 - Installation 

Rameses Shrine - 25 year Pin 

Masonic Foundation Directors Meeting 

Rameses Shrine - Fall Ceremonial 

Grand Lodge of Maryland - Annual Communication 

Heritage Lodge No. 730 - Installation 

St Francis No. 24 & Osiris No. 489 - Amalgamation 

Audit & Finance Meet, Scotia Cassels 

Georgina Lodge No. 343 - Installation 

2002 D.D. G.M.'s Interim Meet 

Board of General Purposes Meet 

Doric Lodge No. 424 - Ladies' Night 

Tecumseh No. 245 & Sydenham No. 255 - Amalgamation 

Dufferin Daylight Lodge No. 570 - Architects 2003 

Richardson Lodge No. 136- Installation 

Holy Trinity Conclave No. 34 

Grand Lodge Nationale Francaise 

Sharon Lodge No. 97 - Installation 

G. L. District of Columbia - Annual Communication 

Eat & Argue Club - Christmas luncheon 

St Andrew's Lodge No. 16 - Installation 

Zeredatna Lodge No. 220 - Variety Village Toy Drive 

Grand Lodge of Massachusetts - Annual Communication 

Keystone Chapter No. 35 

Doric Lodge No. 424 

Scottish Rite - Lodge of Perfection 4"' Degree 

Job's Daughter's Installation 

Temple Lodge No. 649 - Installation 

Crieff Hills - Strategic Plan 2003 - 2008 Workshop 

Maple Leaf Lodge No. 600 - Robbie Burns Night 

Havelock Lodge No. 435 - Installation 

Cedar Lodge No. 270 - Installation 

Heritage Lodge No. 730 - Annual Dinner Meet 

Royal Lodge No. 270 E.C. - Visit 

South Carolina Lodge No. 390 I.C. - Installation 


North York 


Dewey Beach 




South Gloucester 





St John's 





New Delhi 







Smiths Falls 



























Kingston, Jamaica 
Kingston, Jamaica 


































Hamilton No. 1440 E.G. - Past Masters Night 
Friendly Lodge No. 239 E.G. - Installation 
North American Gonference of Grand Masters 
Masonic Foundation - Director's Meeting 
Audit & Finance Meet - Scotia Gassels 
1001 Glub Dinner & Installation 
Chatham District - Grand Master's Reception 

Spanish Town, Jamaica 

Kingston, Jamaica 






Windsor District - Grand Master's Reception Windsor 

Order of DeMolay Presentation Whitby 

Trent Lodge No. 38 - 150"" Anniversary Trenton 

Friendship Lodge No. 729 - Visit Pickering 

Elk Lake Lodge No. 507 - Dedication Elk Lake 

Nipissing East District - Grand Master's Reception Elk Lake 

Sudbury-Manitoulin District - Grand Master's Reception Sudbury 

National Lodge No. 588 - Breakfast Visit Gapreol 

Espanola Lodge No. 527 - Luncheon Visit Espanola East District - Grand Master's Reception Sault Ste Marie 

Ontario Masonic Leaders Meet Downsview 

Management Committee Meet Downsview 

St Lawrence District - Grand Master's Reception Brockville 

Mizpah Lodge No. 572 - Installation Maple 

McColl No. 386 and Rodney No. 41 1 - Amalgamation Rodney 

St Thomas District - Grand Master's Reception St Thomas 

Seven Toronto Districts - Grand Master's Reception Scarborough 

Victoria Lodge No. 398 - G.D. of C. Reception Kirkfield 

All Canada Conference of Grand Masters Winnipeg 

Mimico No. 369 and Islington No. 715 - Amalgamation Renforth 

Grenville Lodge No. 629 - Installation Richmond Hill 

Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons - Ann. Convocation St Catharines 

Niagara Districts 'A' & 'B' - Grand Master's Reception St Catharines 

Advisory Group Meeting Nilestown 

London East and West District's - Grand Master's Reception London 

Doric No. 424 - V.W. Bro. Douglas Emmanuel Reception Pickering 

Algoma District Visit and Grand Master's Reception Thunder Bay 

Grey District - Grand Master's Reception Arthur 

Audit & Finance Meeting Hamilton 

Springfield No. 259 - Extinguishing Lights Ceremony Springfield 

Past Grand Masters Meeting Hamilton 

Constitution & Jurisprudence Meeting Hamilton 
Maple Leaf Lodge No. 103 - W.M.W. Medal, Bro. R. Hagadorn St Catharines 

Grand Lodge of Maine - Annual Communication South Portland 

Grand Lodge of New Brunswick - Annual Communication St John 

Englehart Lodge No. 534 - Installation Englehart 

Mosaic No. 559 60 yr D.D.G.M. R.W. Bro. Nick Korman Thornhill 

St John's Lodge No. 40 - 150'^ Anniversary Hamilton 

Grand Council, Royal and Select Masters St Catharines 

Grand Lodge of Michigan - Annual Communication Traverse City 

Rose Croix, Toronto Valley - Installation York 

Wellington District - Grand Master's Reception Guelph 

Brant District - Grand Master's Reception Brantford 
Oak Branch Lodge No. 261 - 50 yr Pin Presentation, 

Bro.Tom Currah Innerkip 

Chaudiere No. 264 and Rideau No. 595 - Amalgamation Ottawa 
Frontenac District Meet 

- Presentation R.W. Bro. Virgil N. Garrett Harrowsmith 



























Ontario Masonic Leaders - Western Night 
Maple Leaf Lodge No. 362 - 125" 
& Bruce District - Grand Master's Reception 

Keele St 


Ontario Masonic Leaders Meet Keele St 

Management Committee Meet Keele St 

Confederation No. 720 - Extinguishing Lights Ceremony Scarborough 

Audit & Finance Meet Hamilton 

Teeswater No. 276 and Wingham No. 286 - Amalgamation Wingham 

Lyn Lodge No. 416 - Installation Lyn 

Grand Lodge of Nova Scotia - Annual Communication Truro 

Golden Rule Lodge No. 126 - Installation Campbellford 

Unity Lodge No. 376 - Installation Huntsville 

G. L. Br. Columbia & Yukon Annual Communication Dawson Creek 

Central Masonic Temple - Extinguishing Lights Ceremony Hamilton 

Dufferin Daylight Lodge No. 570 - Installation Thornhill 

Oshawa Scottish Rite - Strawberry Festival Oshawa 

Amity No. 32 and St John's No. 35 - 150'*" Anniversary of visitation Cayuga 

King Hiram Lodge No. 37 - 200th Anniversary Ingersoll 

Cornerstone Laying Kingsville 

Annual Brotherhood Day Windsor 

Annual Steak Fry Hanover 

Grand Lodge of Russia Moscow 

Board of General Purposes Meeting Toronto 

Annual Communication Toronto 


At the conclusion of the Address, it was moved by M.W. Bro. N. E. Byrne, 
seconded by M.W. Bro. R. J. McKibbon, and carried: That a committee composed 
of all the Past Grand Masters present consider and report to Grand Lodge on the 
Grand Master's Address. The motion was put by the Deputy Grand Master. 


During the sessions Wednesday morning, M.W. Bro. Terence Shand called the 
several newly-appointed Grand Representatives to the East, and presented them 
with their respective Commissions. 

-^ orief 1 1 lemorial S>eruice u/ai conducted bu 
K. UU. SSro. ^. L/ordon Kooerti, L/rand L^napiai 


®I]B0^ ©allkt ^^^2B 

Are inscribed and fraternally dedicated 
in memory of 

(Bur ^epnrieb ^Yeil\ren 

District Deputy Grand Master - 1978 
Bom Espanola, Ontario, February 3, 1934 
Died August 5, 2002 

Initiated Algoma Lodge No. 469, Sault Ste Marie, 1963 
Affiliated Penewobikong Lodge No. 487, Blind River, 1964; W.M. 1974 

District Deputy Grand Master — 1977 
Bom Newburgh, Ontario, November 29, 1914 
Died July 27, 2002 
Initiated Prince ofWales Lodge No. 146, Napanee, 1945; W.M. 1952, 1964, 1970 

District Deputy Grand Master - 1968 
Bom Proton, Ontario, 1926 
Died May 31,2003 
Initiated Prince Arthur Lodge No. 333, Flesherton, 1949; W.M. 1958 

District Deputy Grand Master — 1 962 
Bom December 14, 1902 
Died April 27, 2003 
Initiated Corinthian Lodge No. 101, Peterborough, 1939; W.M. 1947 

District Deputy Grand Master - 1992 
Bom North Bay, Ontario, August 30, 1921 
Died June 27, 2003 
Initiated Nipissing Lodge No. 420, North Bay, 1970; W.M. 1977 

District Deputy Grand Master - 1987 
Bom Ton Pentre, Wales, July 27, 1921 
Died December 10,2002 

Initiated Tuscan Lodge No. 551, Hamilton, 1948; W.M. 1980 
Affiliated Centennial Daylight Lodge No. 679, Hamilton, 1993 

Grand Director of Ceremonies - 1961 
Bom July 20, 1908 
Died September 8, 2002 
Initiated Acacia Lodge No. 61, Hamilton, 1933; W.M. 1943 

District Deputy Grand Master - 1975 
Bom Toronto, Ontario, May 4, 1918 
Died January 3, 2003 

Initiated Todmorden Lodge No. 647, Toronto, 1958; W.M. 1970 
Affiliated Ashlar Lodge No. 701, Tillsonburg, 1993 

District Deputy Grand Master — 1975 
Bom July 13, 1932 
Died February 22, 2003 

Initiated Finch Lodge No. 557, Ingleside, 1956; W.M. 1969 
Affiliated Kilwinning Lodge No. 64, London, 1997 


District Deputy Grand Master- 1977 
Bom May 17, 1917 
Died August 17,2002 

Initiated Barton Lodge No. 6, Hamilton, 1949; W.M. 1969 
Affiliated Zetland Lodge No. 326, Toronto, 1975 

District Deputy Grand Master - 1 967 
Bom 1909 

Died September 8, 2002 
Initiated Liberty Lodge No. 419, Saraia, 1947; W.M. 1959 

Distnct Deputy Grand Master - 1957 
Bom 1910 

Died December 16,2002 
Initiated Mimico Lodge No. 369, Etobicoke, 1941; W.M. 1953 

District Deputy Grand Master - 1983 
Bom Burford, Ontario, 1924 
Died April 30, 2003 

Initiated Burford Lodge No. 106, Burford, 1947 
Affiliated Onondaga Lodge No. 519, Onondaga, 1955; W.M. 1967 

District Deputy Grand Master - 1988 
Bom Brockville, Ontario, 1929 
Died November 5, 2002 
Initiated St. James Lodge No. 74, Brockville, 1952; W.M. 1960, 1961, 1962 

District Deputy Grand Master - 1 976 
Bom Huntsville, Ontario, August 13, 1925 
Died September 19,2002 
Initiated Unity Lodge No. 376, Huntsville, 1947 
Affiliated Granite Lodge No. 352, Parry Sound, 1953; W.M. 1961 

District Deputy Grand Master -1 966 
Bom August 12, 1917 
Died January 30, 2003 
Initiated King George V Lodge No. 498, Coboconk, 1944; W.M. 1950 

District Deputy Grand Master - 1988 
Bom Brantford, Ontario, June, 1938 
Died July 22, 2002 
Initiated St. George Lodge No. 243, St. George, 1964; W.M. 1974, 1975 

District Deputy Grand Master - 1 992 
Bom September 19, 1938 
Died March 20, 2003 
Initiated J. B. Hall Lodge No. 145, Millbrook, 1960; W.M. 1972 

District Deputy Grand Master — 1 974 

Bom October 11, 1915 

Died November 20, 2002 

Initiated Wentworth Lodge No. 166, Stoney Creek, 1937 

Affiliated Brant Lodge No. 663, Burlington, 1951; W.M. 1963 

District Deputy Grand Master - 1 970 
Bom 1918 

Died December 7, 2002 
Initiated Elliot Lake Lodge No. 698, Elliot Lake, 1961; W.M. 1967, 1977 


District Deputy Grand Master - 1965 
Bom 1913 
Died April 2, 2003 
Initiated St. Andrew's Lodge No. 593, Hamilton, 1948; W.M. 1955 

District Deputy Grand Master - 1 960 
Bom Fort Frances, Ontario, 1907 

Died January 16,2003 ,n.n m/x,. ro^r^ 

Initiated Granite Lodge No. 446, Fort Frances, 1940; W.M. 1950 

District Deputy Grand Master - 1970 
Bora August 14, 1907 

Died February 18,2003 ,«,o ,i, x,. ,n^< 

Initiated J. B. Hall Lodge No. 145, MiUbrook, 1938; W.M. 1945 

Grand Senior Warden (Hon) - 2002 
Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies - 1989 
Bom November 12, 1934 

Died October 15, 2002 ,nc^ ,i, kx ,q^q 

Initiated Richardson Lodge No. 136, Stouffville, 1956; W.M. 1968 

District Deputy Grand Master - 2000 
Bora Chesley, Ontario, May 17, 1928 
DiedNovember 14, 2002 
InitiatedTrentLodgeNo. 38, Trenton, 1981 
Affiliated Consecon Lodge No. 50, Consecon, 1981; W.M. 1984 

District Deputy Grand Master - 1991 
Bom August 4, 1922 
Died January 1,2003 

InitiatedDalhousieLodgeNo. 52, Ottawa, 1957 
Affiliated Leeds Lodge No. 201, Gananoque, 1974; W.M. 1979 
Affiliated Limestone Daylight Lodge No. 739, Harrowsmith, 1988 

District Deputy Grand Master -1964 
Bom 1915 

Died June 1,2002 . ,^^^ ,,,^^ ,„,^ 

Initiated Porcupine Lodge No. 506, Timmins, 1953; W.M. 1960 
Affiliated Oakville Lodge No. 400, Oakville, 1984 

District Deputy Grand Master - 1 968 
Bora Orford Twp, Kent County, Ontario, May 17, 1910 
Died August 16,2002 ,„.cM,x/,n<ii 

Initiated St. Paul's Lodge No. 107, Lambeth, 1945; W.M. 1953 
Affiliated Oakridge Lodge No. 708, London, 1975 

District Deputy Grand Master - 1968 
Bora October 18, 1909 

Died December 7, 2002 ,„.c „, x^ in<cn 

Initiated Huron-Bruce Lodge No. 61 1, Toronto, 1945; W.M. 1960 
Affiliated Caledonian Lodge No. 249, Midland, 1979 

Grand Senior Warden - 1979 
Bora 1924 

InUiateVoz'ias Lodge No. 508, Brantford, 1958; W.M. 1967 

Affiliated King Solomon Lodge No. 329, Jarvis, 1996 

C.L.M. Hillcrest Lodge No. 594, Hamilton, 1980 

Board of General Purposes 1981-1986 

Grand Representative, Grand Lodge of Tennessee 



District Deputy Grand Master- 1971 
Bom 1901 
Died July 8, 2003 

Initiated Ontario Lodge No. 26, Port Hope, 1 942 
Affiliated Phoenix Lodge No. 535, FonthiU, 1953; W.M. 1967 

District Deputy Grand Master - 1 984 
Bom England, 1923 
Died April 15,2003 

Initiated Lake Shore Lodge No. 645, Etobicoke, 1968 
Affiliated Unity Lodge No. 606, Etobicoke, 1972; W.M. 1978 

District Deputy Grand Master - 1 97 1 
Bom Ryerson Township, March 16, 1915 
Died July 27, 2002 

Initiated Algonquin Lodge No. 434, Emsdale, 1937 
Affiliated St. Andrew's Lodge No. 16, Toronto, 1952; W.M. 1963 

District Deputy Grand Master - 1975 
Bom 1927 

Died December 10,2002 
Initiated Canada Lodge No. 3527, England 
Affiliated St. John's Lodge No. 63, Cadeton Place, 1969; W.M. 1971 

District Deputy Grand Master - 1 960 

Bom 1920 

Died February 3, 2003 

Initiated Williamsburg Lodge No. 480, Williamsburg, 1948; W.M. 1954 

Affiliated Friendly Brothers Lodge No. 143, Iroquois, 1996 

District Deputy Grand Master - 1991 

Bom London, Ontario, March 20, 1934 

Died October 3, 2002 

Initiated Corinthian Lodge No. 330, London, 1961; W.M. 1970 

District Deputy Grand Master- 1986 
Bom Wales, August 23, 1930 
Died July 6, 2003 

Initiated Grantham Lodge No. 697, St. Catharines, 1967; W.M. 1976 
Affiliated Brock Daylight Lodge U.D., St. Catharines, 2002 

District Deputy Grand Master - 1966 
Born 1 920 
Died May 11,2003 

Initiated Prince of Wales Lodge No. 630, Toronto, 1947; W.M. 1961 
Affiliated Temple Lodge No. 690, Waterioo, 1 968; W.M. 1 979 

District Deputy Grand Master — 1 990 
Bom England, 1936 
Died November 27, 2002 
Initiated Electra Lodge No. 5124, England, 1961 
Affiliated St. Alban's Lodge No. 514, Thomhill, 1985; W.M. 1988 
Affiliated Grey Lodge No. 589, Thomhill, 1998 
Affiliated Murray Lodge No. 408, Beaverton, 1999 

District Deputy Grand Master - 1987 
Bom 1926 

Died January 7, 2003 

Initiated W. J. Dunlop Lodge No. 675, Peterborough, 1957; W.M. 1970 
Grand Representative - Grand Lodge of Hawaii 


Grand Senior Warden (Hon) - 1995 
Grand Steward - 1985 
Bom Scotland, January 18, 1926 
Died January 1,2003 

Initiated King Hiram Lodge No. 566, Toronto, 1961; W.M. 1975, 1992 
Grand Representative - Grand Lodge of Utah 

Grand Steward -1968 
Bom England, 1922 
Died December 12,2002 
Initiated Scarboro Lodge No. 653, Scarborough, 1948; W.M. 1962 

Grand Steward -1987 
Bom Hamilton, Ontario, 1930 
Died October 20, 2002 

Initiated Temple Lodge No. 501, Detroit, Michigan 
Affiliated Grantham Lodge No. 697, St. Catharines, 1969; W.M. 1987 

Grand Steward -1994 
Born October 31, 1919 
Died December 4, 2002 

Initiated Doric Lodge No. 121, Brantford, 1971; W.M. 1980 
Affiliated Heritage Lodge No. 730, Cambridge, 1978 
Affiliated Brant Lodge No. 45, Brantford, 2002 

Grand Steward -1993 
Bom Cochrane, Ontario, May 27, 1914 
DiedAugust 16, 2002 
Initiated Corinthian Lodge No. 657, Kirkland Lake, 1972; W.M. 1980 

Grand Steward -2001 
Bora Newmarket, Ontario, September 3, 1935 
Died May 28, 2003 
Initiated Tuscan Lodge No. 99, Newmarket, 1985; W.M. 1995 

Grand Steward -1980 
Bom Toronto, Ontario, 1 920 
Died February 25, 2003 

Initiated Golden Fleece Lodge No. 607, Toronto, 1956; W.M. 1972 
Affiliated Fairbank Lodge No. 592, Toronto, 1992 

Grand Steward -1961 
Bom 1909 

Died January 14,2003 
InitiatedZetaLodgeNo. 410, Toronto, 1943; W.M. 1953 

Grand Steward -1984 
Bom Walsh, Ontario, 1913 
Died October 25, 2002 
Initiated Vittoria Lodge No. 359, Vittoria, 1946; W.M. 1956 


Grand Steward -1948 
Bora Kingston, Ontario, 1908 
Died August 23, 2002 
Initiated Prince Arthur Lodge No. 228, Bath, 1 929; W.M. 1 936, 1 945 


Grand Steward -1997 
Bom Vancouver, B.C., January 15, 1922 
Died July 1,2003 
Initiated St. Paul's Lodge No. 107, Lambeth, 1974; W.M. 1985 

Grand Steward - 2002 
Bom Atwood, Ontario, December 31, 1928 
Died October 22, 2002 

Initiated Milverton Lodge No. 478, Milverton, 1953; W.M. 1964 
Affiliated Elma Lodge No. 456, Monkton, 1992; W.M. 1999, 2000 

Grand Standard Bearer - 1 997 
Bom January 23, 1939 
Died January 15,2003 

Initiated Arcadia Lodge No. 440, Minden, 1983; W.M. 1989 
Affiliated North Entrance Lodge No. 463, Haliburton, 1994 

Grand Steward - 1965 
Bom St. Thomas, Ontario, September 6, 1915 
Died March 7, 2003 
Initiated St. Mark's Lodge No. 94, Port Stanley, 1941; W.M. 1950 

Grand Steward -1988 
Bom 1920 

Died January 14,2003 
Initiated Aldworth Lodge No. 235, Chesley, 1946; W.M. 1959 

Grand Steward- 1971 
Bora Bruce Township, 1924 
Died September 5, 2002 
Initiated Aldworth Lodge No. 235, Chesley, 1949; W.M. 1969, 1970 

Grand Steward - 1991 
Bom Dublin, Ireland, 1991 
Died September 3, 2002 
Initiated Scarboro Lodge No. 653, Scarborough, 1973; W.M. 1983 

Grand Steward - 1988 
Bom Windsor, Ontario, April 12, 1924 
Died June 7, 2003 
Initiated St. Andrew's Lodge No. 642, Windsor, 1958; W.M. 1967 

Grand Steward -1983 
Bom August 4, 1918 
Died December 10,2002 

Initiated Thistle Lodge No. 34, Amherstburg, 1971; W.M. 1977 
Affiliated Dominion Lodge No. 598, Essex, 1986 

Grand Sword Bearer — 1 977 

Bom 1923 

Died November 18,2002 

Initiated Metropolitan Lodge No. 542, Toronto, 1960; W.M, 1972, 1984 

Affiliated Victory Lodge No. 547, Toronto, 1998 

Grand Steward -1981 
Bom London, England, June 28, 1924 
Died May 25, 2003 

Initiated Wyndham Lodge No. 688, Guelph, 1962; W.M. 1973 
Affiliated Trillium Lodge No. 724, Guelph, 1993 


Grand Steward -1944 
Bom 1915 

Died November 24, 2001 
Initiated Blyth Lodge No. 303, Blyth, 1936; W.M. 1942 

Grand Steward -1989 
Bom January 18, 1936 
Died February 20, 2003 
Initiated Irving Lodge No. 154, Lucan, 1974 
Affiliated Bruce Lodge No. 341, Tiverton, 1976; W.M. 1980 

Grand Steward -1993 
Bom Brantford, Ontario, 1 92 1 
Died November 16,2002 

Initiated Victory Lodge No. 563, Chatham, 1958; W.M. 1965 
Affiliated London Daylight Lodge No. 735, London, 1986 
Affiliated Tuscan Lodge No. 195, London, 1988 

Grand Steward - 1 975 
Bora 1914 

Died October 11,2002 

Initiated Clifford Lodge No. 315, Clifford, 1951; W.M. 1963, 1979 
Affiliated Bernard Lodge No. 225, Listowel, 1992 

Grand Steward - 1990 
Bom Woodbridge, Ontario, February 10, 1915 
Died May 8, 2003 
Initiated Blackwood Lodge No. 3 1 1 , Maple, 1 939; W.M. 1 976, 1 987 

Grand Steward - 2002 
Bom Hamilton, Ontario, 1924 
Died April 24, 2003 
Initiated Royal Edward Lodge No. 585, Kingston, 1983; W.M. 1995 

Grand Steward - 1 992 
Born Carling Township, October 9, 1915 
Died October 30, 2002 
Initiated United Lodge No. 29, Brighton, 1948; W.M. 1966 

Grand Steward -1989 
Bom Staples, Ontario, 1918 
DiedFebraary 19,2003 
Initiated Parvaim Lodge No. 395, Leamington, 1949; W.M. 1958, 1972 

Grand Steward -1985 
Bom Hamilton, Ontario, 1923 
Died October 4, 2002 
Initiated Acacia Lodge No. 61, Hamilton, 1957; W.M. 1972 

Grand Steward- 1987 
Bom Ottawa, Ontario, October 19, 1926 
Died December 23, 2002 

Initiated Ionic Lodge No. 526, Ottawa, 1961; W.M. 1969 
Affiliated Edinburgh Lodge No. 736, Ottawa, 1983; W.M. 1983 


Grand Standard Bearer - 1991 
Bom 1925 

Died February 8, 2003 

Initiated Rose Lodge No. 500, Windsor, 1951 
Affiliated Meridian Lodge No. 687, Ancaster, 1984; W.M. 1987 

Grand Steward -1995 
Bom 1933 

Died January 29, 2003 
Initiated Vienna Lodge No. 237, Vienna, 1 96 1 ; W.M. 1 97 1 

Grand Organist -1986 
Bom Toronto, Ontario, October 5, 1919 
Died November 1,2002 
Initiated University Lodge No. 496, Toronto, 1955; W.M. 1970 

Grand Steward - 1981 
Bom 1922 

Died January 4, 2003 

Initiated Harmony Lodge No. 438, Queensville, 1953; W.M. 1964, 1972 
Charter Member New Light Lodge No. 744, Waterloo, 2001 

Grand Steward —1 977 
Bora Toronto, Ontario, 1911 
DiedFebmary 17,2003 

Initiated King Hiram Lodge No. 566, Toronto, 1946; W.M. 1959 
Affiliated Heritage Lodge No. 730, Cambridge, 1979 

Grand Steward -1989 
Born Bobcaygeon, Ontario, 1937 
Died October 6, 2002 
Initiated Vemlam Lodge No. 268, Bobcaygeon, 1966; W.M. 1976 

Grand Steward- 1989 
Bom 1916 

DiedFebmary 12,2003 
Initiated Prince Arthur Lodge No. 333, Flesherton, 1977; W.M. 1987 

Grand Steward -1981 
Bom 1907 
Died July 21, 2002 
Initiated Tuscan Lodge No. 437, Samia, 1948; W.M. 1960 

Grand Sword Bearer - 1 970 
Bom June 13, 1912 
Died February 3, 2003 
Initiated Kilwinning Lodge No. 565, Toronto, 1946; W.M. 1955 

Grand Steward -1960 
Bom December 17, 1906 
Died January 12,2003 
Initiated Caledonia Lodge No. 637, Toronto, 1938; W.M. 1948 

Grand Steward -1978 
Bom 1913 

Died September 13,2002 
Initiated Ionic Lodge No. 229, Brampton, 1 95 1 ; W.M. 1 963 


Grand Steward - 1991 
Bom Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, 1916 
Died May 15,2003 
Initiated Algoma Lodge No. 469, Sault Ste Marie, 1951; W.M. 1964 

Grand Steward -1981 
Bom West Zorra Township, August 1 1, 1908 
Died May 11,2003 
Initiated Thistle Lodge No. 250, Embro, 1929; W.M. 1941 

Grand Organist - 2001 
Bom Toronto, Ontario, June 25, 1927 
Died July 3, 2003 

Initiated Thunder Bay Lodge No. 618, Thunder Bay, 1951 
Affiliated Thistle Lodge No. 34, Amherstburg, 1978; W.M. 1986 

Grand Steward -1972 
Bom Komoka, Ontario, 1928 
Died January 9, 2003 
Initiated Delaware Valley Lodge No. 358, Lambeth, 1955; W.M. 1967 

Grand Steward - 1993 
Bom Adelaide Township, Ontario, 1923 
Died December 8, 2002 
Initiated Ionic Lodge No. 328, Napier, 1944; W.M. 1950 

Grand Steward - 1996 
Bom Zone Township, Ontario 1920 
Died November 17,2002 

Initiated Star of the East Lodge No. 422, Bothwell, 1955; W.M. 1965 
Affiliated Hammond Lodge No. 327, Wardsville, 1988; W.M. 1999 

Grand Steward - 1 974 
Bom Toronto, Ontario, 1916 
Died January 14,2003 
Initiated Belleville Lodge No. 123, Belleville, 1957; W.M. 1967 

Grand Steward -1986 
Bom 1908 

Died January 18,2003 

Initiated Coronati Lodge No. 520, Scarborough, 1954; W.M. 1966 
Affiliated Hugh Murray Lodge No. 602, Hamilton, 1984 

Grand Steward- 1987 
Bom Scotland 
Died July 1,2003 
Initiated Somerville Lodge No. 451, Kinmount, 1976; W.M. 1980 

Grand Steward -1987 
Bom Toronto, Ontario, December 14, 1924 
Died March 5, 2003 

Initiated Mt. Dennis Lodge No. 599, Weston, 1957; W.M. 1970 
Affiliated Lodge of the Pillars No. 703, Thorahill, 1977; W.M. 1996 

Grand Steward - 2002 
Bom April 19, 1928 
Died December 1 1 , 2002 
Initiated Caledonia Lodge No. 637, Toronto, 1973; W.M. 1981, 1985 


Grand Steward -1998 
Bom February 19, 1920 
Died September 3, 2002 

Initiated St. Francis Lodge No. 24, Smiths Falls, 1948; W.M. 1989, 1990 
Affiliated Osiris Lodge No. 489, Smiths Falls, 1999; W.M. 1995, 1996 
Affiliated Merrickville Lodge No. 55, Burritt* s Rapids, 1999 

Grand Superintendent of Works - 1994 

Bom October 30, 1938 

Died June 11,2003 

Initiated Richardson Lodge No. 136, StouffviUe, 1974; W.M. 1984 

Grand Steward -1994 
Bom London, England, March 30, 1946 
Died January 2, 2003 

Initiated Tuscan Lodge No. 99, Newmarket, 1981 
Affiliated Corinthian Lodge No. 481, Newmarket, 1982; W.M. 1986, 1996 

Grand Steward — 1972 
Bom Chatham, Ontario, 1919 
Died May 27, 2003 
Initiated Century Lodge No. 457, Merlin, 1940; W.M. 1947 

Grand Steward - 1984 
Bom West Guilford, Ontario, 1926 
Died September 10,2002 
Initiated North Entrance Lodge No. 463, Haliburton, 1962; W.M. 1968 

Grand Steward -1989 
Bom October 11, 1927 
Died November 24, 2002 
Initiated Rehoboam Lodge No. 65, Etobicoke, 1953; W.M. 1968 

Grand Steward- 1992 
Bom Hubbard, Saskatchewan, 1922 
Died November 25, 2002 
Initiated Valleyfield Lodge No. 85, Quebec 
Affiliated Dominion Lodge No. 598, Essex, 1961; W.M. 1969 

Grand Steward -1993 
Bom 1926 

Died October 29, 2002 
Initiated Howard Lodge No. 391, Ridgetown, 1956; W.M. 1972, 1992 

Grand Steward — 1966 
Bom 1911 
Died May 12,2003 

Initiated Remembrance Lodge No. 586, Thomhill, 1945; W.M. 1952, 1961 
Affiliated H. L. Martyn Lodge No. 696, Toronto, 1958 

Grand Steward -1981 
Bom Toronto, Ontario, June 13, 1913 
Died September 14,2002 

Initiated Memorial Lodge No. 652, Toronto, 1942 
Affiliated Tuscan Lodge No. 99, Newmarket, 1956; W.M. 1973 

Grand Steward - 1 968 
Bom Kent, England 
Died January 23, 2003 
Initiated Defenders Lodge No. 590, Ottawa. 1948; W.M. 1963, 1967 


Grand Steward - 2000 
Bom London, Ontario, 1926 
Died July 12,2003 
Initiated Corinthian Lodge No. 700, Lakeside, 1964; W.M. 1996, 2001 

Grand Steward -1982 
Born Hamilton, Ontario, November 22, 1924 
Died February 13,2003 
Initiated Temple Lodge No. 324, Hamilton, 1949; W.M. 1959 

Grand Sword Bearer -1990 
Bom Peterborough, Ontario, 1919 
Died March 31, 2003 
Initiated Peterborough Lodge No. 155, Peterborough, 1953; W.M. 1964 

Grand Steward- 1986 
Bom 1936 
Died July 31, 2002 
Initiated Elk Lake Lodge No. 507, Elk Lake, 1976; W.M. 1979 

Grand Steward -1995 
Bom 1890 
Died April 9, 2003 

Initiated Waterloo Lodge No. 539, Waterloo, 1944 
Affiliated Glenrose Lodge No. 628, Elmira, 1973; W.M. 1979 
Affiliated Heritage Lodge No. 730, Cambridge, 1979 

Grand Steward -1996 
Bom Harriston, Ontario, January 16, 1923 
Died March 19,2003 
Initiated Harriston Lodge No. 262, Harriston, 1946; W.M. 1958 

Grand Steward - 1 985 Grand Historian - 1 986 

Bom Mahone Bay, N.S., July 15, 1922 
Died October 5, 2002 

Initiated Corinthian Lodge No. 101, Peterborough, 1969; W.M. 1979 
Affiliated Heritage Lodge No. 730, Cambridge, 1977; W.M. 1982 


Bom 1917 
Died March 6, 2003 

Initiated Doric Lodge No. 455, Little Current, 1962 
Received medal in 1 992 

Bom Kintore, Ontario, June 26, 1921 
Died August 17,2002 

Initiated Corinthian Lodge No. 700, Lakeside, 1959 
Received medal in 1991 

Bom 1915 

Died January 5, 2003 

Initiated Tuscan Lodge No. 99, Newmarket, 1952 
Received medal in 1991 


Bom in Scotland, December 27, 1900 
Died July 2, 2003 
Initiated 1922 (Scotland) 

Affiliated Antiquity Lodge No. 571, Toronto, 1981 
Received medal in 1994 

Bom September 12, 1906 
Died January 22, 2003 

Initiated Coronati Lodge No. 520, Scarborough, 1946 
Received medal in 1993 

Bom 1914 

Died October 31, 2002 

Initiated St. John's Lodge No. 75, Scarborough, 1946 
Received medal in 1996 


As the Grand Secretary called the roll of Grand Representatives of their 
Grand Lodges, those who were present stood and were welcomed by the 
Grand Master. Grand Honours were given under the direction of the Grand 
Director of Ceremonies. 


R.W. Bro. James T. Cassie, R.W. Bro. H. Neil Britton and R.W. Bro. 
Wallace E. McLeod were presented in the East by the Grand Director of 
Ceremonies to receive at the hand of M.W. Bro. Terence Shand the 
Meritorious Service Award as a tribute to their exceptional devotion, 
loyalty and zeal in both Masonic and community circles. 


Auditors' Report 

To the Most Worshipful Grand Master, 

Officers and Members of Grand Lodge A.F. & A.M. of 

Canada in the Province of Ontario 

Most Worshipful Sir and Brethren: 

We have audited the statements of financial position of Grand Lodge A.F. & A.M. of Canada 
in the Province of Ontario as at April 30, 2003, and the statements of operations and fund 
balances for the general and segregated funds for the year then ended. These financial 
statements are the responsibility of the organization's management. Our responsibility is to 
express an opinion on these financial statements based on our audit. 

We conducted our audit in accordance with Canadian generally accepted auditing 
standards. Those standards require that we plan and perform an audit to obtain reasonable 
assurance whether the financial statements are free of material misstatement. An audit 
includes examining, on a test basis, evidence supporting the amounts and disclosures in the 
financial statement. An audit also includes assessing the accounting principles used and 
significant estimates made by management, as well as evaluating the overall financial 
statement presentation. 

In our opinion, these financial statements present fairly, in all material respects, the financial 
position of the organization as at April 30, 2003 and the results of its operations for the year 
then ended in accordance with Canadian generally accepted accounting principles. 



Hamilton, Ontario Grant Thornton LLP 

May 27, 2003 Chartered Accountants 

On motion of the Deputy Grand Master, seconded by R.W. Bro. T. R. 
Davies, the Auditor's Report was adopted. 



Grand Lodge A.F. & A.M. of Canada 

In the Province of Ontario 

Consolidated Statement of Financial Position 

Year Ended April 30 2003 2002 









Cash and temporary investments $ 




$ 281,841 : 

E 180,942 

Accmed .nterest receivable 





Accrued dues 





Receivables - dues and books 





Receivable from Special 

Programme Fund 













Investments (market value 

$4,148,362; 2002 - $4,528,265) 

Notes receivable (Note 3) 

1,763,711 2,474,265 4,237,976 

60.000 : 60.000 



$ 2,057,985 $ 2,692,757 $ 4,750,742 $ 4,808,074 



Payables and accruals 

Fund Balance 

Special Programme Fund 
Segregated Fund Balances 
General Fund 

$ 38.680 


$ 2,057,985 

$ 39.021 


$ 77.701 


$ 4,750,742 

$ 61.185 


$ 2,692,757 

$ 4,808,074 


"T. Richard Davies" Grand Treasurer 

"R. J. McKibbon" Grand Secretary 

See accompanying notes to the financial statements. 

Grant Thornton SS 



Grand Lodge A.F. & A.M. of Canada 

In the Province of Ontario 

Consolidated Statements of Operations and 

Fund Balance 

Year Ended April 30 2003 2002 


Fees and dues 

Commutation fees allocated from 

Commutation Fund 
Investment income 
Gain (loss) on sale of investments 
Bequests and donations 
Sale of 

Address labels and calendars 

Books and buttons 

Video sales 
Miscellaneous income 
Advertising - Ontario Mason 
Management fees from 

Memorial Fund 

Masonic Holdings 

Special Programme Fund 

Less: interfund fees 


Administrative - General Fund (Page 5) 
Commutation fees allocated from 

Commutation Fund 
Programme expenses 
Address labels and calendars 
Investment management fee 
Benevolent grants 

Promotion expense 
Retiring allow^ance 
Management fee to General Fund 

Less: interfund fees 

(Deficiency) excess of revenue over expenses 

$ 321,414 

$ 329,418 



























































$ (73,848) 

$ (254,602) 

$ 4,746,889 

$ 5,001,491 



$ 4,673,041 

$ 4,746,889 

Fund balance, beginning of year 
(Deficiency) excess of revenue over expenses 
Fund balance, end of year 

See accompanying notes to the financial statements. 

Grant Thornton S 



Grand Lodge A.F. & A.M. of Canada 

In the Province of Ontario 

Statements of Operations and Fund Balance - 

General Fund 

Year Ended April 30 2003 2002 

Fees for 







Commutation fees allocated from 

Commutation Fund 
Sale of 

Investment income 

Gain (loss) on sale of investments 
Management fees from 
Memorial Fund 
Masonic Holdings 
Special Programme Fund 

Expenses (Page 5) 

(Deficiency) excess of revenue over expenses 



































$ (44,156) 

$ (130.955) 

$ 2,063,461 

$ 2.194,416 



$ 2,019,305 

$ 2,063.461 

Fund balance, beginning of year 
(Deficiency) excess of revenue over expenses 
Fund balance, end of year 

See accompanying notes to the financial statements. 

Grant Thorntons 



Grand Lodge A.F. & A.M. of Canada 

In the Province of Ontario 

Schedule of Expenses - General Fund 

Year Ended April 30 



Salaries and benefits 


Office and postage 

Furniture and equipment 

Grand Secretary's expenses 


Professional fees 

Grand Master 

Deputy Grand Master 

Grand Chaplain 

Representative to other Grand Lodges 

Representative to World Conference 

Custodian of the work 

Conference of Grand Masters of North America 

Conference of Grand Secretaries of North America 

Conference of Canadian Grand Lodges 

Committee expenses (Note 4) 

Buttons and medals for resale 

Honorary presentations 

Preliminary proceedings 

Proceedings of Grand Lodge 

Miscellaneous board 

Grand Lodge meeting 

Printing for resale 

Investment management fee 



Transfer to. 150th Anniversary Reserve Fund 

$ 278,836 























































$ 659,100 


$ 667,688 

See accompanying notes to the financial statements. 

Grant Thornton S 



Grand Lodge A.F. & A.M. of Canada 
In the Province of Ontario 
Statements of Operations and Special 
Programme Fund Balance 

Year Ended April 30 



Programme Fund 

Address labels and calendars 

Address labels and calendars 
Management fee to General Fund 

Net Programme revenue 

Programme expense 
Ontario Mason 
Ontario Mason postage 
Special printing 
Plowing match 

Instructional courses 
Planning conference 
Masonic information centre 
Public relations 
Membership audio tape 
Workshop equipment 
Blood donors 
Computer resources 
Long range planning 
Ontario Masonic Family Brochures 
Investment management fee 

Other income (Note 5) 

Deficiency of revenue over expenses 

$ 109.532 




$ 114.016 











































$ (62,110) 

$ (49,950) 

Fund balance, beginning of year 
Deficiency of revenue over expenses 
Fund balance, end of year 

$ 263,796 



See accompanying notes to the financial statements. 

$ 313,746 


$ 263,796 

Grant Thornton S 







< ^ 

od O 

■ »^ 




















< a> ^ 
o '^ 

O) •- 
6 £ 























H cnjI 

2 SI 

o o 

o I? 
E ^ 


ro c 
X E 

o ro c 5 
>« 2? Si if 

'- ni !!? 




2 ?S^ 

(o ^ in 


l~-_ CO cvi 

h<-" O ^-' 

O CM ^ 




05 o o 



o o o 



ai o' 00 

























o r>~ T- ^ to o o 

lo CM o CO r^ o o 

«0 to CM_ CM t-;^ O O 

1-^ lO cm' lO CO 

^ T- CO. 

CO in o 

■* 1^ o 

en •■- o 

r-' co" o" ■^ 




















C -D 

' o 

O C 


■= 3 


ro u. 



















CO ' 










y- O h- 

in CM 


1-' in 



















■^ ^ OJ OJ 









^ 5 
2 "§ 
















































0) QJ 

E i5 















0) 3 

en p 




O O 

















ro o 












2 O 

























































































<» E 

2> :: <D 


Grand Lodge A.F. & A.M. of Canada 

In the Province of Ontario 

Notes to the Financial Statements 

April 30, 2003 

1 . Purpose of the organization 

The Grand Lodge A.F. & A.M. of Canada in the Province of Ontario is a not for profit 
organization which serves as the central administrative body for Masonic Lodges in the 
Provinces of Ontario. 

2. Summary of significant accounting policies 

Fund accounting 

The Grand Lodge A.F. and A.M. of Canada in the Province of Ontario follows the restricted fund 
method of accounting for contributions. 

The General Fund reports the organization's administrative activities. 

Revenues and expenses related to programme activities are reported only in The Programme 

Revenues and expenses related to the 150"^ Anniversary Fund, Special Retirement Fund, 
Commutation Fund and Memorial Fund are consolidated and reported in the Segregated Fund. 


Investments are recorded at cost. Discounts and premiums on the acquisition of bonds are not 
amortized, but are maintained at cost with the final gain or loss recorded on disposition. 

Capital assets 

Equipment purchases are recorded as current expenses in the appropriate fund. 

Revenue recognition 

Restricted contributions related to general operations are recognized as revenue of the General 
Fund in the year in which the related expenses are incurred. All other restricted contributions 
are recognized as revenue of the appropriate restricted fund. 

Unrestricted contributions are recognized as revenue of the General Fund in the year received 
or receivable if the amount to be received can be reasonably estimated and collection is 
reasonably assured. 

Grant Thornton S 


Grand Lodge A.F. & A.M. of Canada 

In the Province of Ontario 

Notes to the Financial Statements 

April 30, 2003 

3. Notes receivable - Masonic Holdings 2003 2002 

6% debentures - Series A $ 60,000 $ 60,000 

The debentures are receivable on demand. 

4. Committee expenses - General Fund 2003 2002 

Condition of Masonry 
Seminars at Grand Lodge 
Masonic education 
Blood donors 
Brother to Brother 
Computer resources 
Lodge finances 
Management committee 
Long range planning 
Public relations 
Fraternal reviews 
Miscellaneous committee 


$ 8 































$ 9,811 $ 14,603 

5. Other income - Special Programme Fund 2003 2002 

Investment income 
Gain on sale of investments 
Advertising - Ontario Mason 
Video sales 
Miscellaneous income 

6. Related party transaction 

During the year the Grand Lodge paid total rent to Masonic Holdings in the amount of $88,000 
(2002 - $88,000). Masonic Holdings is a not for profit organization whose board of directors are 
members of the Board of General Purposes of Grand Lodge. 

$ 8,193 

$ 5,760 









$ 15,058 

$ 34,074 

Grant Thorntons 


Grand Lodge A.F. & A.M. of Canada 

In the Province of Ontario 

Notes to the Financial Statements 

April 30, 2003 

7. Related entities 

The Board of Directors of both The Masonic Foundation of Ontario and Masonic Holdings 
consists of members of the Board of General Purposes of The Grand Lodge A.F. and A.M. of 
Canada in the Province of Ontario. 

The object of The Masonic Foundation of Ontario is to receive, maintain, manage, control and 
use donations exclusively for charitable purposes within Ontario. The Foundation is permitted to 
use its donations for the relief of poverty, the advancement of education and the advancement 
of other purposes beneficial to the community. The Foundation is committed to funding 
bursaries, hearing research, drug and substance abuse education in the school systems and 
other specific and community projects which fall within its guidelines. 

Title to the land and building, situated at 363 King Street West, Hamilton, Ontario was taken in 
the name of Masonic Holdings Inc., an entity incorporated as a not for profit corporation within 
the meaning of the Income Tax Act (Canada) and without share capital. Masonic Holdings Inc. 
was incorporated in 1957 to acquire and operate adequate premises for the administration, 
personnel and staff of the Grand Lodge A.F. & A.M. of Canada in the Province of Ontario. As an 
incorporated entity it requires a separate auditors report and financial statements. 

Grant Thornton S 



To the Most Worshipful the Grand Master, Officers and Members of the 
Grand Lodge A.F. & A.M. of Canada in the Province of Ontario. 

Most Worshipful Sir and Brethren: 

Everybody knows that financial markets have had a tempestuous ride during 
the past couple of years. Many investors have suffered losses. We have not 
been immune from losses, but our financial position remains secure. Our 
investments are entirely in high quality bonds and blue chip equities with 
bonds and cash representing about 70% of the total. The income from our 
investments represents an important part of our total revenues. 

The report of the Audit and Finance Committee provides considerable 
detail of the various components of revenue and expense. We are not happy 
at seeing another deficit projected for the year ahead, but given the healthy 
surplus we have built up in prior years, plus the potential for a market 
recovery sufficient to correct (or eliminate) the budgeted deficit, we have 
resisted the pressure to deal with any increase in our Lodge annual 
assessments. This assessment has been at $6.00 per member for many years, 
is perhaps the lowest anywhere, and has been maintained because of our 
investment gains of the past and the support of our Special Programmes. 

However, if financial markets do not recover during the year, it will be 
necessary to adjust the per capita as we must not permit ongoing planned 
budgetary deficits. 

Before closing, I wish to record my appreciation to the staff at Grand 
Lodge for the dependable effort they provide in every way and, to the Grand 
Master, the Deputy, the Grand Secretary and the Management Committee. 
A special acknowledgement to R.W. Bro. Tom Lewis, with whom I enjoy 
regular contact in the course of our respective responsibilities with Grand 
Lodge affairs. 

Respectfully and fraternally submitted. 

Grand Treasurer 

On motion of the Deputy Grand Master, seconded by the Grand Treasurer, 
the Report was adopted. 



The Grand Master appointed the auditing firm, Grant Thornton, to serve as 
scrutineers this year. 


To the Most Worshipful the Grand Master, Officers, and Members of the 
Grand Lodge A. F. & A.M. of Canada in the Province of Ontario. 

Most Worshipful Sir and Brethren: 

It is my pleasure to present herewith the annual report for the year ended 
December 31, 2002, containing a recapitulation and a summary of all the 
long service lapel buttons awarded during the year. 


Membership December 31, 2001 61,308 

Initiated 1,133 + 

Passed 882 

Raised 807 

Affiliated 579 + 

Reinstated 134 + 

Sub Total 63,154 

Deaths 1,049 - 

Resignations 1,860 - 

Suspensions 827 - 

Adjustments re membership checks 20 - 

NET changes in membership in year 1,910 - 

TOTAL MEMBERSHIP as of December 31, 2002 59,398 

Total number of warranted lodges 618 


2002 2003 

Number of active memberships 61,978 . . . 59,398 

Number of active members 57,021 . . . 55,186 

Number of multiple membership holders 3,805 .... 3,772 

Number of commuted life memberships 10,981 . . . 10,609 





668 50's Past Master 34 

124 60's Past Master 5 

10 50's P.D.D.G.M 


70 Years a Mason 

Norman G. Gray, St. Andrew's 

Lodge No. 560, Ottawa 
Harvey C. Jay, St. David's Lodge 

No. 302, St. Thomas 
Nelson James Johnson, Ionic 

Lodge No. 328, Napier 
Carl V. Kellough, St. George's 

Lodge No. 88, Owen Sound 
John Christopher Miles, Ionic 

Lodge No. 549, Hamilton 

John Douglas Parker, Simcoe 

Lodge No. 644, Toronto 
Kenneth M. Robinson, Temple 

Lodge No. 324, Hamilton 
Henry Thomas Walker, Granite 

Lodge No. 352, Owen Sound 
Harold Stanley White, Leeds 

Lodge No. 201, Gananoque 

75 Years a Mason 
Jack Paul Band, St. Andrew's Albert E. A. Menzies, St. David's 

Lodge No. 642, Windsor Lodge No. 302, St. Thomas 

Norman Ernest Kirk, St. John's Charles A Sankey, University 

Lodge No. 209a, London Lodge No. 496, Toronto 

60 Years a Past Master 

Percy Ivan Elgie, Mount Olivet 
Lodge No. 300, Thorndale 

James Eldon Johnston, Burns 
Lodge No. 153, Wyoming 

Daniel Korman, Englehart Lodge 
No. 534, Englehart 

James John McKay, Thistle Lodge 

No. 250, Embro 
Arthur C. Wright, Hanover Lodge 

No. 432, Hanover 

Printing and Publications 

In the spring of 2003, the Ontario Directory was printed based upon the 
data received up to January 31, 2003. Once again we must point out that the 
contents only reflect the most recent information available in our files. 

The pamphlet "Guideline on Discussing Membership in Freemasonry" 
was updated and reprinted. M.W. Bro. David C. Bradley's book, "Penetra- 
ting the Veil" was reprinted. Several chapters of the Masonic Manual were 
revised and it is our intention to have same printed this summer. 

We continue to stock a limited number of Masonic publications at the 
Grand Lodge office for the benefit of the District Librarians as well as 
individual Masons who wish to maintain their daily advancement in Masonic 



We are indebted to the number of brethren who lend their expertise to our 
Grand Lodge office in maintaining and improving our computer system. This 
past year brethren have upgraded the central server as well as rewired the 
network. We also have now available the report of the Return of the 
Officers in the electronic form which may be forwarded by e-mail directly to 
the Secretaries for updating. 

A special thanks to those brethren who so generously give of their time 
for the benefit of all brethren in Ontario. 


At the end of April, 2003, Springfield Lodge No. 259 had ceased operation 
and surrendered its warrant. 

A number of amalgamations have also occurred - Osiris Lodge No. 489 
with St. Francis Lodge No. 24; Sydenham Lodge No. 255 with Tecumseh 
Lodge No. 245; Islington Lodge No. 715 with Mimico Lodge No. 369; 
McColl Lodge No. 386 and Rodney Lodge No. 411 became West Elgin 
Lodge No. 386. 

Brock Daylight Lodge U.D. was instituted at St. Catharines, in Niagara 
District A, in May, 2002. The petition, books, records and the 
recommendation of the District Deputy Grand Master have been reviewed 
and I am pleased to recommend as per Section 113(m) of the Constitution 
of Grand Lodge that a warrant be granted to Brock Daylight Lodge U.D. 


It was a privilege to be introduced at the Conference of Grand Secretaries 
of North America by our Grand Secretary Emeritus, M.W. Bro. Robert E. 
Davies, held in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It was a proud moment when M.W. 
Bro. Davies presented the Canadian flag once again, with grace and dignity, 
to the Conference of Grand Secretaries. The sessions held at this conference 
are of a very practical nature and the information gleaned will undoubtedly 
be useful to our Grand Lodge. It was also my privilege to be elected by the 
Grand Masters of North America, Chairman of the Commission on 
Information for Recognition of the Conference of Grand Masters of Masons 
in North America for my final year of a six-year term with that commission. 
This year, the Annual Conference of Canadian Grand and District Grand 
Lodges of Canada was held in Winnipeg, on April 4, 2003. Unfortunately, 
an ice storm in Ontario prevented the Conference Treasurer, M.W. Bro. 
Robert E. Davies from attending the conference, which would have been his 
last year of 26 consecutive years. For the first time in the history of the 
conference, the Conference Treasurer was selected from outside the province 
of Ontario, and we congratulate R.W. Bro. Paul Mailhot, Grand Secretary 
of the Grand Lodge of Quebec, as the new Conference Treasurer. Many fine 
papers were presented, including one on "Lodge Meeting Attendance" by 


our Deputy Grand Master, R.W. Bro. Donald H. Mumby, that created lively 
discussion and dialogue among those privileged to attend. 

Semi Annual Returns 

Semi Annual Returns have been received from 618 lodges and the 
information contained therein has been entered in the books of Grand 
Lodge. It is with regret that we note several lodges have been extremely 
tardy in the completion and return of this documentation. This lack of 
information makes it impossible for us to present a complete picture to our 
auditors and likewise to our membership. I would ask the cooperation of all 
Worshipful Masters in addressing this problem in the future. 

Lodge Secretaries 

The lodge Secretary is the vital link between the Craft membership and 
Grand Lodge. His maintaining of accurate minutes, reports, and records is 
no small feat and we at Grand Lodge appreciate the time and effort and 
labour of love that the lodge secretary continues to provide day after day. 
Congratulations to those who so capably fill this vital position; your efforts 
are deeply appreciated and please accept our thanks. 


My brethren, your Grand Lodge office duties are very much like an iceberg 
- we only see the tip of a vast operation of service. The learning curve for 
this Grand Secretaiy has been, and continues to be, expediential. I am 
indebted to the congenial staff who ensure the business and the 
communication of our Grand Lodge proceed in a cheerful and efficient 
manner. My heartfelt thanks to Dorothy Chalmers, Gail Nickerson, Cindy 
Arnold, and Rose Blandin, and our smiling volunteer. Ken Schweitzer, for 
your devoted service. To M.W. Bro. Bob Davies and Ilene Elder, who have 
retired, but are only a call away to assist, my special thanks. 

Finally, this year has been difficult due to a malignant tumor that was 
discovered after I agreed to stand for the office. To all brethren, their 
families, staff and friends that provided support with prayers, 
thoughtfulness, and action, I thank each of you. We humbly pray that the 
Great Architect bless you and shine upon you as He has through your 
kindness to Marjorie and I. 

Respectfully and fraternally submitted. 

R. J. McKIBBON, Grand Secretary 

On motion of the Deputy Grand Master, seconded by the Grand Secretary, 
the Report was adopted by Grand Lodge. 



The forty-six reports of the District Deputy Grand Masters were presented 
by the Grand Secretary, and, on motion of the Deputy Grand Master, 
seconded by the Grand Secretary, they were referred to the Board of 
General Purposes. 


This Report was presented by R. W. Bro. D. H. Mumby, Chairman, and on 
motion of R. W. Bro, Mumby, seconded by R. W. Bro. J. T. Cassie, it was 

To the Most Worshipful the Grand Master, Officers and Members of the Grand 
Lodge A.F. & A.M. of Canada in the Province of Ontario. 

Most Worshipful Sir and Brethren: 

Once again it is my pleasure to present this report on behalf of the Management 

Committee and its dedicated members. 

This has been a year when committee members have had to consider and debate 
several delicate and weighty matters that will have a long-term impact upon the 
operations of our Grand Lodge. In every case, all members rose to the task, 
considering and debating the issues without rancor or bias until resolution was affected. 
Many hours were expended and considerable research went into the examination of 
each issue, but I am proud to say that the end result are recommendations deemed to 
be in the best interest of our Grand Lodge. I am grateful for having had the 
opportunity of being able to work with such dedicated, loyal, forthright, and upstanding 

What follows is a summary of issues placed before the committee and the 
recommendations that were forthcoming. 

As mentioned last year, the Grand Master formed an ad hoc committee, chaired 
by R.W. Bro. R. T. Runciman, with R.W. Bros. T. R. Davies and H. N. Britton as 
members, to "review the duties and responsibilities of the Grand Secretary; to review 
and make recommendations regarding the relationship between the office of Grand 
Secretary and the remunerated position of Office Manager; and propose guidelines for 
the succession planning for the office of Grand Secretary." A series of 
recommendations were forthcoming and were considered by the Management 
Committee. The following recommendations were approved for placement before the 
Board of General Purposes: 

• That as there must be considerable continuity in the Office of Grand Secretary 
and as the incumbent be of substantial status as a Mason and be very 
knowledgeable in Masonic matters, that it would be a positive attribute, but, not 
a mandatory requirement, that he be a Past Grand Master. 

• The incumbent must have strong financial management skills, management and 
leadership skills and strong interpersonal skills. 

• The Grand Secretary should not be ex-officio a member of the Management 
Committee. He should be present at the meetings to attend to secretarial 
functions and provide such information and counsel as may be sought by the 

• The committee's inquiries indicate that, in the past, there has not been a 


demarcation between the office of Grand Secretary and the function of "office 
manager" and remunerated and non-remunerated positions. At this time the 
committee is not persuaded that there should be such a demarcation or that the 
functions should be divided. The duties and responsibilities of the Grand 
Secretary as set out in Section 113 of the Constitution appear to be 
administrative and there are none that could be considered "ceremonial." 
Section 1 13 of the Constitution would seem to encompass the duties of "office 
manager." As Grand Secretary, it would be considered part of his duties to 
manage and administer the office staff. 

• The duties and responsibilities of the Grand Secretary as set out in Section 113 
of the Book of Constitution should be reviewed. Section 113 should be 
amended and simplified in words similar to those for the office of Grand 
Treasurer. In particular, the phrase as directed by the Board of General 
Purposes should be included so that as circumstances changed the Grand 
Secretary may be given directives by the Board of General Purposes. 

• If the Grand Secretary wishes to resign or not seek re-election, he shall give 
notice in writing, six months in advance, to the Management Committee. 

• There shall be an annual performance review of the Office of Grand Secretary 
conducted by the Grand Master and the Chairman of Audit and Finance and 
an annual salary review conducted by the Deputy Grand Master and the Grand 
Treasurer. The Management Committee will be advised when both reviews are 

Other issues considered and decisions reached were: 

• Recommended that the funding for the Grand Master's trip to the World 
Conference in India be increased by $2,000.00 to take into account increased 
airfares and related travel costs due to world economic conditions. 

• The request to have a Correspondence Course Recognition Pin struck and 
presented to all who have completed the four-part course was sent back to the 
committee. There was general consensus we did not require such a pin at this 

• Recommended that the Ontario Mason Committee provide advertisers with a 
copy of their proposed ad and an invoice that is to be paid to the Grand Lodge 
Office. The invoice will be sent from the Grand Lodge Office so both parties 
will have proof of the advertising. 

• Recommended that the 50 Year Veteran Jubilee Medal be reinstated. Grand 
Lodge will underwrite the cost of redoing the medal and if members or the 
lodges wish to purchase them, they may do so. They may be ordered from the 
Grand Lodge Office at a price determined to affect cost recovery and handling 

• A request emanating from Public Relations (External Relations) to prepare and 
deliver a Media Relations Guide for all districts was returned to the committee. 
This had not been included in current year budget allocations and could not be 
funded by other means at this time. Public Relations have been encouraged to 
include it in their forthcoming budget submission. 

• Recommended that the Clipping Service be discontinued. 

• Recommended that the Book of the Work be placed on CD-ROM for use of 
the visually impaired. 

• Recommended that The Ontario Mason be continued on the Web Site. The 


same format is to be utilized. 

• Recommended that e-mail addresses be included on the Information Cards 
filled out for all new D.D.G.M.s. 

• Recommended that the Deputy Grand Master be responsible for approving all 
expenditures for the 150* Anniversary Committee until such time as a budget 
can be struck and approved. 

• Recommended that the hard drives on the servers used at the Grand Lodge 
Offices be replaced and that the main server be upgraded and replaced. 

• Recommended that the D.D.G.M. reporting forms, together with the forms 
filled in by the District Secretary, be amended to better reflect the information 
required to lead to informed judgments being made with respect of the 
Condition of Masonry within this jurisdiction. 

• Recommended that the paper "Roles and Responsibilities of Trustees" as 
prepared by the Advisory Committee on Lodge Finances be approved and 

• Recommended that the proposals centering upon the holding of Especial 
Communications of our Grand Lodge during the 2004/2005 year be approved. 
These especial communications will be held in Kingston, Simcoe and Thunder 

• Recommended that the mandate of the Blood Donors Special Committee be 
amended to show our passive support for the Bone Marrow Programme. 

• A request by the Blood Donors Committee to have special commemorative 
plaques struck for presentation to Canadian Blood Services was returned to the 
committee. This was not included in budgetary requests and other, less costly 
methods, principally Grand Master's Letters of Appreciation and Grand Lodge 
certificates, are available. 

• Recommended that the Library, Museums and Archives Committee prepare, 
print and disseminate a pamphlet on Historical Masonic sites, as well as a Flyer 
concerning the forthcoming 2004 historical display at Dundurn Castle, in 

• The request to purchase a "brick" at a cost of $2,500.00 for placement at the 
Juno Beach Memorial was denied. Not only was this not included in budgetary 
submissions, but discussions held with representatives of the Juno Beach 
Memorial Commission indicated that it was unnecessary. 

The Management Committee was pleased to welcome R.W. Bro. D. A. Campbell 
as an elected member of the committee. 

At the same time, I regret to report that R.W. Bros. Jim Cassie and Neil Britton 
will be leaving the committee at the close of this annual communication. These two 
members have proven to be the personification of sound judgment, common sense, 
diligent effort and devotion to duty for a number of years. From a personal 
perspective, I will miss their wise counsel, sage advice and cheery countenances at the 
Board Room table. Both have left their mark upon our Grand Lodge and upon this 
committee. I wish them well in all future endeavors. 

All of which is respectfully submitted on behalf of the following committee 
members: M.W. Bro. Terence Shand, Grand Master; M.W. Bro. Robert J. McKibbon, 
Grand Secretary; R.W. Bros. J. Cassie (vice-chairman), H. N. Britton, G. L. Atkinson, 
D. A. Campbell, R. T. Runciman and T. E. Lewis. 




This Report was presented by R.W. Bro. G. H. Hazlitt, Chairman, and on 
motion of the Deputy Grand Master, seconded by R.W. Bro. Hazlitt, it was 

To the Most Worshipful the Grand Master, Officers and Members of the Grand 
Lodge A.F. & A.M. of Canada in the Province of Ontario. 

Most Worshipful Sir and Brethren: 

It is a privilege to present this report on behalf of the following committee members: 

R.W. Bros. Raymond Borland (Secretary), Melvin Duke, Donald Jagger, Paul Kett, 

Robert Wands, Bruce N. Whitmore; V.W. Bro. Desmond Washer; W. Bros. Gene 

Lotz (Sub-Chairman, Museum and Archives) and Ben Palmer (Sub-Chairman, 


"We cannot lead someone else to the light while we are standing in the dark." 
The Library Past 

The Grand Lodge Library has a unique and interesting history. A thirst for knowledge 
and the foresight of a brother Mason were the root and catalyst of the present day 
collection. Should you not as yet have availed yourself the opportunity to use the 
library, perhaps a first visit may be to learn of its origins and subsequent growth by 
means of a leisurely read. A printed history of the library can be found in The Ontario 
Mason. (2001 Ed., Vol. 7, Issue 1). More recently, the same article was reprinted in 
The Newsletter of the Committee on Masonic Education (Vol. 17, No. 4). This article 
was prepared by V.W. Bro. Desmond Washer. 

The Library Present 

Even though the Library has been in existence for sometime and has received on-going 
publicity, a relatively small number of Masons make use of the facility. Clearly, the 
library is disadvantaged geographically as it is not centrally located within the 
jurisdiction. Also, use of the library is reduced due to the small segment of the general 
population that may be drawn to the resources therein contained. The fact remains, 
however, that it is absolutely necessary to maintain and continue to build the collection 
so that the "brethren of the fiitiire may know and appreciate the past. " 

In this regard, perhaps your second visit to the library may be to log on to the 
Grand Lodge Web Site (http:/ There you will find five (5) lists 
of recommended Masonic books compiled by Masonic scholars from which samples 
appear below: 

The Curtis List: Richard Curtis is the Editor of The Northern Lights, the SMJ 

1. "The Craft and Its Symbols," Allen E. Roberts, 1974. 

2. "Freemasonry: A Celebration of the Craft," John Hamill and R.A. Gilbert 
(ed.), 1992. 

3. "A Pilgrim's Path," John J. Robinson, 1993. 

Herbold's List: Ralph A. Herbold is the editor of the Southern California Research 
Lodge publications. 

1. "A Comprehensive View of Freemasonry," Henry Wilson Coil, 1973. 

2. "Born In Blood," John J. Robinson, 1989. 

3. "Workmen Unashamed," Christopher Haffner, 1989. 


Jackson's List: Thomas W. Jackson is the Grand Secretary Emeritus of the Grand 
Lodge of Pennsylvania and book reviewer for The Northern Light. 
L "House Undivided," Allen E. Roberts, 1961. 

2. "The Builders," Joseph Fort Newton, 1914. 

3. "The Clergy and The Craft," Forrest D. Haggard, 1970. 

McLeod's List: Wallace McLeod is Professor of Classics at Victoria College, 
University of Toronto, and Past President of the Philalethes Society. 

1. "Coil's Masonic Encyclopedia," Henry Wilson Coil, 1961. 

2. "Whither Are We Traveling?," Dwight L. Smith, 1962. 

3. "Key To Freemasonry's Growth," Allen E. Roberts, 1969. 

Normand's List: Pete Normand is a Past Master of the Texas Lodge of Research and 
was editor of the former American Masonic Review. 

1. "Freemasonry Through Six Centuries," Henry Wilson Coil, 1966. 

2. "Masonic World Guide," Kent W. Henderson, 1984. 

3. "World Freemasonry: An Illustrated History," John Hamill and R. A. Gilbert, 

To request resources (books, videotapes, audio cassette) please write, fax, or e-mail 
the Grand Lodge Office ( Materials are shipped free of 
charge and all that is asked is that they be returned in good faith and that postage 
be paid by the borrower. 

Should your third visit to the library find you entering the physical building during 
regular business hours, you will be greeted by the friendly staff who will attend to your 
needs. However, volunteer librarians will be happy to assist you on Wednesday 
afternoons from 2:00 - 4:00 p.m. and from 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon Saturdays. 

A substantial collection of resources pertaining to Royal Arch Masonry and Scottish 
Rite Masonry are also to be found within the collection. These may be used on site or 
borrowed using the aforementioned procedure. 

It is through purchase and personal donations of resources by the brethren that our 
collection continues to grow. A brother may donate one or two books or he may 
bequeath his personal collection to the library upon his demise. All are gratefully 
received, catalogued, entered into the computerized inventory, and shelved accordingly. 
The committee extends an appreciation to R.W. Bro. Robert Wands for diligently 
attending to these details on our behalf. The committee is always willing to assist lodges 
and districts with related projects. Indeed, surplus books may become available in the 
near future, should a lodge or district desire to establish a library or add to their 
collection. We are pleased to have available a videotaped interview with R.W. Bro. 
Charles Sankey, as well as the message presented by M.W. Bro. Robert E. Davies, 
P.G.M. and Grand Secretary Emeritus, on the occasion of the 25* Anniversary of 
Heritage Lodge No. 730. We extend an appreciation to R.W. Bro. Wayne Elgie for his 
continuing interest and offering his expertise in preparing and conducting these 

The Library Future 

There is no question as to the value of the commodity that exists within the Grand 
Lodge Library, i.e.: the sources of information and knowledge of Freemasonry in 
general and in this jurisdiction in particular. However, we are experiencing some 
'growing pains' and indeed, perhaps it is not an understatement to say that the library 
has become somewhat stagnated. It is not the intention of this report to paint a bleak 


picture, but if we are going to move forward and be progressive, then we must present 
our commodity in an attractive manner. Presently, the collection is housed in two, 
rather cramped, windowless rooms that on first glance may even appear to be untidy 
and unorganized. Granted, resources may be removed from the shelves and used in 
adjacent areas of more light, but the atmosphere remains sterile and uninviting. A 
vision of the future of the physical library would see expanded space, improved lighting, 
both natural and artificial, as well as, inviting areas for the comfort of the serious 
researcher and the leisurely reader alike. We, also, envision the need for a closer 
working relationship with the Education Committee. 

Certainly, these are ideas for future consideration. But, there is no time like the 
present to really showcase what has been accomplished by previous library committees. 
Let us display to our guests and visitors true Masonic pride in our heritage. 

Museum and Archives 

The Museum and Archives 'branch' of this committee has embarked upon a project 
to designate sites which have Masonic Heritage value. The following five areas have 
been selected as having distinct Masonic Heritage value: 

1. Cornerstones which were laid with Masonic Honours. 

2. Sites where events have taken place that are significant to the development of 
Masonry, or that demonstrate or inspire Masonic principles. 

3. Individuals: Charter Grand Lodge Officers. 

4. Individuals: A Brother Mason who has made a significant contribution. 

5. Grand Masters. 

Resource and some financial assistance is available to any group of Masons, lodge, 
or district that would like to become involved with the project. In The Ontario Mason, 
(Spring 2001, Vol. 7, Issue 1) you can read about an ambitious project by the Windsor 
and Erie Districts to honour the valour and heroism of Masonic War Dead. More 
recently, M.W. Bro. Shand unveiled a granite marker in Dieppe Park, in Windsor, to 
commemorate the planting of an oak tree fifty years ago to honour those 'unsung 
heroes.' On June 29, 2003, the Grand Master also unveiled a marker recognizing the 
laying of the cornerstone of the Epiphany Anglican Church in Kingsville on June 24, 
1891, by R.W. Bro. James Birch, D.D.G.M. 

To help celebrate the 150* Anniversary of this Grand Lodge, the Museum and 
Archives Committee will showcase Masonry in early Upper Canada with a display at 
Dundurn Castle in Hamilton, during the spring and early summer of 2005. The 
committee will be seeking significant artifacts for use on that occasion. Pertinent 
information will be forthcoming to the lodges. 

W. Bro. Gene Lotz, Sub-Chairman, Museum and Archives, is to be applauded for 
the countless hours spent in research and planning to bring our Masonic pride of the 
past into the present. It is in the now that the glory of the past is manifested as we 
commemorate people and events that have shaped our values and beliefs. The past will 
not be forgotten by those who will continue the journey. 

A visit to the Grand Lodge Memorial Building will allow you to view many artifacts 
on display. These are the result of generous donations by brethren and their families 
who wanted Masonic memorabilia to be safely housed in order that it might become 
a part of our rich and glorious past. 



The committee wishes to extend an appreciation to the brethren of Nilestown Lodge 
No. 345 for allowing us to meet in their facility. In addition, those brethren who have 
served as volunteer librarians and are presently working in that capacity deserve 
applause, and indeed 'standing ovations' for their diligence and perseverence. We also 
appreciate the services and support offered by the Grand Secretary and his staff. And, 
finally, as chairman of this committee and on behalf of its members, I thank the Grand 
Master for the opportunity of being able to assist in some way in advancing the 
Masonic life of the brethren of this Grand Jurisdiction. 
Respectfully submitted on behalf of the committee. 

GREG. H. HAZLITT, Chairman 


R.W. Bro. G. Wayne Nelson presented this Report and read the Foreword to the 
Reviews. The Deputy Grand Master then moved, seconded by R.W. Bro. Nelson, that 
the Report be received. (See page 207) 


This Report was presented by R.W. Bro. M. L. Shea, Chairman, and on motion 
of the Deputy Grand Master, seconded by R. W. Bro. Shea, it was received. 

To the Most Worshipful the Grand Master, Officers and Members of the Grand 
Lodge A.F. & A.M. of Canada in the Province of Ontario. 

Most Worshipful Sir and Brethren: 

I am privileged to present the report of the Seminars and Workshops Committee on 
behalf of its members: R.W. Bros. Lloyd Hammell, Peter Irwin, David Bell, Pat 
McGrenere, John Appleby, James M. Oliver, and V.W. Bros. Dale Hunter and David 
McCallum. Their contribution has been invaluable and I extend my sincere appreci- 
ation to each of them. 

The committee met on seven occasions between August, 2002, and May, 2003, in 
the Wellington Lodge Building, in Erin. Our appreciation is extended to Wellington 
Lodge No. 271 for permitting us to hold our meetings there. 

Our primary focus, this year, has been to generate topics and find presenters for 
the seminars to be held during the afternoon of Tuesday, July L5, 2003, prior to the 
Annual Communication of Grand lodge. The following is a list of the seminars that will 
be offered, along with brief descriptions and their respective presenters: 

Office of District Secretary: (R.W. Bro. Tom Siemiernik and V.W. Bro. Robert 
Hilderley) to familiarize oneself with the greater responsibility one will be assuming in 
his district. 

Tlie Strategic Plan: (R.W. Bro. Terry McLean) to show you how to get started on a 
plan, for your district or lodge, on how to work together to face the challenges and 
opportunities for the improvement of the Craft. 


Fund Raising: (R.W. Bro. Bruce Whitmore) a practical presentation of tiie principles 
relating to people, projects and participation, and on how to generate satisfaction and 
high profile and effective fund raising. 

Public Relations and Media Preparation: (W. Bro. Stephen Magwood, Bro. Walter 
Robinson, and V.W. Bro. Ted Morris) a six-page media guide will be introduced for 
use to assist lodges and districts in obtaining favourable media coverage of local events. 

Grand Lodge: Its Structure and Responsibilities: (R.W. Bro. Neil Britton) a review 
of Grand Lodge, with emphasis on the Board of General Purposes and its committees. 
This will include: Committees, their work and procedures; Election and appointment 
of members of the Board; and the qualifications of members of Grand Lodge. 

Continuous Computer Presentation: (R.W. Bro. Brian Bond) a hands-on opportunity 
to see what current Grand Lodge programmes are available and be able to ask 
questions. This presentation only - nms continuously from 9:30 a,m. till 4:30 p.m. 

Seminars are scheduled to begin at 1:30 p.m., 2:30 p.m., and 3:30 p.m. sharp and will 
be 50 minutes in duration, with the exception of the Continuous Computer Present- 
ation. Each seminar will be offered twice. This should allow most brethren the 
opportunity of attending any three of the seminars. 

The committee extends sincere appreciation to the Grand Secretary, M.W. Bro. 
Robert J. McKibbon, and members of his staff for arranging accommodation at the 
Royal York Hotel for these seminars. Also, it is great to see that so many knowledge- 
able Masons are willing to take time from their busy schedules to prepare and present 
these seminars for other members of our fraternity. A heartfelt thanks is extended to 
each and every one of them. 

Respectfully and fraternally submitted on behalf of the committee. 

M. LEE SHEA, Chairman 


This Report was presented by R. W. Bro. W. C. Thompson, Chairman, and on 
motion of the Deputy Grand Master, seconded by R.W. Bro. Thompson, it was 

To the Most Worshipful the Grand Master, Officers and Members of the Grand 
Lodge A.F. & A.M. of Canada in the Province of Ontario. 

Most Worshipful Sir and Brethren: 

On behalf of the Advisory Committee on Lodge Buildings, I am pleased to present this 

report on the events of the past year. 

Manito Lodge No. 90 completed rebuilding their lodge premises in Collingwood. 
The impressive Ceremony of Dedication was held on Saturday, September 28, 2002. 

Elk Lake Lodge No. 507 has entered into an agreement with the town of Elk Lake 
in regard to having a new lodge room in the town library. The new building was 
completed in the fall of 2002 with the Ceremony of Dedication being held on March 
13, 2003. 

The Masonic Family of Kingston is still meeting as a group of twelve interested 
parties in the formation of a joint site. R.W. Bro. Tom Hogeboom has been asked to 
chair this preliminary investigating committee to measure the interest in such a venture. 


The Kingston Temple Corporation has agreed to suspend ail their relocation efforts 
in order to investigate a united option. This united group is expected to make a 
decision on the building location by this summer. 

Lome Lodge No. 377 has sold their building in Shelburne and are currently 
negotiating with the Shelburne Fairgrounds to have a building built there while they 
continue to meet in Dundalk. 

Rameses Shrine Building, Toronto, has asked the committee about using one of 
their meeting rooms for Craft purposes. We have met with the Divan and have given 
them the current guidelines as to what the requirements of the room are. We are 
expecting to be in receipt of the floor plans by the summer for approval. 

St. Clair Lodge No. 425, in Sombra, has sold their building and they have 
purchased another building in the same town. They are currently adding an addition 
to the new building, which they hope to complete by this fall. 

Colborne Lodge No. 91 had expressed a desire to move back to Colborne, as they 
felt the lack of presence in the community was hurting the growth of the lodge. The 
committee met with several of the members at a proposed site in January. After 
determining the costs involved, the lodge has decided to continue to meet in Cobourg. 

Union Lodge No. 118, Schomberg, and Algonquin Lodge No. 434, in Emsdale, are 
both looking into incorporating their respective lodge buildings. The committee is 
making a presentation at Emsdale on May 20, 2003, regarding the pros and cons of 
incorporating and which type of incorporation they should pursue. 

Robertson Lodge No. 292 has sold their building in King City and have started 
meeting in Schomberg. They will be holding a meeting on a Saturday in May, in 
Aurora, to pursue the possibility of becoming a daylight lodge. 

The committee has recognized that over the last two years several of the 
D.D.G.M.s were concerned that some buildings may not meet the requirements of the 
current Ontario Fire Code. The committee has prepared a set of guidelines that will 
assist in determining what they may be required to do in order to comply. 

Fraternally submitted, on behalf of the committee. 



This Report was presented by R.W. Bro. B. K Schweitzer, Chairman, and on 
morion of the Deputy Grand Master, seconded by R. W. Bro. Schweitzer, it was 

To the Most Worshipful the Grand Master, Officers and Members of the Grand 
Lodge A.F. & AM. of Canada in the Province of Ontario. 

Most Worshipful Sir and Brethren: 

Your Committee on Fraternal Relations met in the Board Room of the Nilestown 
Masonic Temple on Saturday, April 12, 2003. Four pending requests for recognition 
were considered from Grand Lodges in Europe, South America and Mexico. 
In considering these requests your committee looks at three important criteria: 

1. Legitimacy of Origin. 

2. Exclusive territorial Jurisdiction, or territory shared by treaty. 

3. Adherence to the Ancient landmarks. 

Using these standards, information received from the Grand Lodges and repxsrts 
from the Commission on Information for Recognition of the Conference of the Grand 


Masters of Masons in North America, we are pleased to recommend recognition be 
extended to The Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Estonia. Restoration 
of the independence of the Republic of Estonia in 1991 opened up the opportunity to 
once again develop Freemasonry. The Grand Lodge of Finland began to initiate 
Estonians into their lodges in 1991, after which progress was rapid. Four lodges were 
constituted and consecrated in Estonia under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of 
Finland. The Grand Lodge of Finland then established the District of Estonia with its 
own District Deputy. 

On September 26, 1998, representatives of these four lodges met in Tallinn, 
Estonia, in an attempt to establish their own Grand Lodge. They asked the Grand 
Lodge of Finland to be their Mother Grand Lodge and carry out the consecration and 
installation ceremony. The Grand Lodge of Estonia was Consecrated on Tuesday, May 
18, 1999. There are now more than one hundred and fifty brethren who belong to the 
six Estonian lodges. 

The Grande Orient of Brazil for many years has sought recognition from our 
Grand Lodge; however, due to territorial jurisdiction recognition has not been afforded 
them. In December, 1999, the Grande Orient of Brazil began to sign treaties of Peace, 
Amity and Mutual Recognition within Brazil and other countries in the world. Today, 
they continue to cement these relations and formally share those jurisdictions. The 
Grand Orient of Brazil is the largest obedience in Latin America, and is composed of 
more than 100,000 members in 2,000 lodges throughout the country. The Grand 
Orient of Brazil is recognized by more than 45 Grand Lodges throughout the world. 
Your committee is pleased to recommend recognition be extended to The Grand 
Orient of Brazil. 

The Grand Lodge of Sinaloa, Mexico, has also asked for recognition; however at 
this time, the committee suggests a further waiting period is in order. 

The Grand Lodge of Armenia Free and Accepted Masons has also requested 
recognition. The Commission on Recognition is of the opinion that they are regular; 
however, your Committee on Fraternal Relations would like more time to monitor 
their operations, primarily due to the world situation and the political climate in the 

Two important pieces of information have come to the committee's attention this 
year, from outside our jurisdiction. 

The United Grand Lodge of England, after suspending relations with the Grand 
Lodge of India, have, on December 11, 2002, restored Fraternal Relations with the 
Grand Lodge of India. 

The Commission on Recognition have, for the first time in history, recognized a 
Grand Lodge in Exile. The Grand Lodge of Massachusetts had granted approval for 
the Grand Lodge of Iran (in exile), "to re-establish and continue," for the time being, 
to receive, pass and raise Master Masons of Iranian descent, and elect officers 
according to their Constitution and bylaws. The Commission is of the opinion that the 
Grand Lodge of Iran (in exile), practices regular Masonry, and meets the standards for 

Respectfully and fraternally submitted. 




This Report was presented by R. W. Bro. R. S. J. Daniels, Chairman, and on 
motion of the Deputy Grand Master, seconded by R. W. Bro. Daniels, it was 

To the Most Worshipful the Grand Master, Officers and Members of the Grand 
Lodge A.F. & A.M. of Canada in the Province of Ontario. 

Most Worshipful Sir and Brethren: 

Masonry is Membership! The membership Resources Committee, as a special com- 
mittee of Grand Lodge, is responsible for administering five essential programmes that 
directly affect every Freemason in Ontario. 

Friend to Friend: to bring new members into the lodge - to attract good men to 
become Masons. 

Mentor: to nurture the neophyte Mason, and guide his progress through the degrees 
- to assist in making a daily advancement in Masonic knowledge - to stimulate curiosity 
conducive to learning - to enhance his Masonic experience. 

The programmes were presented in nine regional seminars that included twenty-six 
districts, and some 404 lodges were supplied with hard copies of the two programmes. 


While the brethren attending these seminars are enthused about the potential benefits 
of the programmes, attendance is poor considering the number of lodges in the region. 
This will always be Svork in progress' and if the programme is to succeed, close 
cooperation between District Chairmen to promote and Lodge Chairmen to implement 
is imperative. 

To better serve the districts in northern Ontario, hard copies and three disks of Power 
Point presentations were mailed to the District Deputy Grand Masters for use at 
District Meetings. Perhaps consideration could be given to a special seminar during the 
Annual Communication at Grand Lodge for the attendees from northern and north- 
western districts. 

R.W. Bros. John C. Green (Team Leader), David R. Dainard, Jeffrey R. Dickson, 
Ronald R. Faulkner (Secretary), Jeffrey L. Froud, David G. Inglis, R. Andrew Truan, 
Ronald K Wallace. 

Brother to Brotlier: Retain - Revitalize - Renew - to bring present members out and 
keep them coming back to the lodge - to transform passive 'card carrying' members 
into active, practicing Masons. The Brother to Brother Toolkit - in reality, a complete 
'Membership Resources Toolkit' - is a mine of practical ideas and a hoard of field- 
tested blueprints for success - Yours to discover! It contains the keys to making every 
meeting more enjoyable and attractive. 

In common with all other Grand Lodge programmes. Brother to Brother must be 
lodge driven - adapted and adopted to address the unique conditions existing in each 
individual lodge. The efforts of the committee are focused on 'Training the Trainer' 
in regional workshops and a network of Regional Coordinators, District Chairmen, and 
Lodge Facilitators is put in place each year. 


The Regional Coordinators provide training and assistance to the Lodge Facilitators. 


There is an ongoing need for the Masters of the lodges to ensure continuity of 
Facilitator appointments. The Facilitator should report at every regular meeting of the 
lodge to heighten the profile of the programme and inform the brethren of the 
resources available. The Facilitator makes things happen! When the District Deputy 
Grand Master appoints a District Chairman for this programme, he should select a 
qualified, enthusiastic Mason, a trained and experienced Facilitator that will work in 
harmony with the Regional Coordinator. Continuity and consistency in this important 
appointment are essential. 

'Facilifacts' depends on the feedback sessions for reports of successes to be shared as 
models that may assist and inspire other lodges. Two issues were published this year. 
However, the overall attendance at regional meetings, the lack of feedback sessions in 
many districts, and the inactivity of some Regional Coordinators have been disap- 
pointing. Communication is a two-way process. The committee needs to know what 
works, as well as what does not! 

The marketing of the Brother to Brother programme, now in its fifth year, should be 
reviewed and intensified if a more effective strategy can be devised. It is not 
yesteryear's programme! It is suggested that the Tool Kit be included as a checkpoint 
on the lodge inventory sheet prepared for the D.D.G.M. on his official visit. (The 
better questions to ask, What did you use from the programme in your lodge during the 
last twelve months? How effective was it? What results did it produce?) Revision 4 of the 
Tool Kit will be ready for publication and distribution in the Fall of 2003, pending 
budget approval. 

R.W. Bro. Norman E. (Bud) Funnell, (Team Leader), R.W. Bros. Joseph Dove, Paul 
Farrell, Douglas Madill, M. Lee Shea, Robert South; V.W. Bros. Tom Lloyd 
(Secretary), Donald Banks (Facilfacts Editor); W. Bro. John McKaig. 

Officer Progression Programme: To prepare for positions of added responsibility on 
the 'Road to the East' - to develop management skills (competence) and hone 
leadership ability (confidence). 

This programme is aimed at the Deacons and Wardens. Three topics comprise the 
presentation: Leadership, The Master's Chair, and Protocol. A comprehensive 
seminar was presented during the Annual Communication in 2002: "Accept your 
responsibility - be firm where principles are concerned - have fun. " Two seminars were 
given during the year, and assistance was provided to several districts in organizing and 
presenting their own workshops. 


While a need for this programme is clearly demonstrated, it is difficult to schedule yet 
another Grand Lodge seminar in many districts. It is imperative that a more efficient 
and effective schedule be devised to present this essential training to those who need 
it most - the junior in-line officers. A carefully selected District Chairman could 
assume responsibility for officer training. The benign influence and guidance of the 
Past Masters acting as a mentor assigned to each officer in the lodge would also assist. 

R.W. Bros. Barry J. Hutton (Team Leader), Donald A. Campbell, Robert E. Collins, 
Raymond Dobbs, Allan Dunsmore, Leonard Harrison, Peter Irwin, Bruce McLennan. 

D.D.G.M. Orientation: to equip aspirants to accept responsibility as the Grand 
Master's personal representative in the district - to ensure that they are familiar with 


the expectations of the office - to provide sources of information pertaining to the 
duties of the office. 

Seven Orientation Sessions were held during October and November, 2002, at 
Hamilton, Mount Forest, Newmarket, Oshawa, Ridgetown, Toledo and Sturgeon Falls. 
Fifty-four aspirants attended by invitation with the present D.D.G.M. Resource 
materials were available at each session. Revisions to the "Information Booklet for the 
Prospective D.D.G.M." have been submitted to the Committee on Masonic Education 
in anticipation of reprinting in 2003. 

Recommendations : 

The Orientation Sessions should be continued in the present format, (action plan, time 
line, and objectives), but with more time allotted to group study exercises, panel 
discussion, and questions and answers. The D.D.G.M. Correspondence Course, admin- 
istered by the Masonic Education Committee, will continue to be vigorously promoted. 

R.W. Bros. Scott R. Drummond (Team Leader), John Harrison (Secretary), Thomas 
Hogeboom, Alfred Messenger, Rick Roberts. 

Back to Basics: The basic unit in Masonry is the Mason, and a lodge is built one 
Mason at a time. The challenge is two-fold: to bring new members into the lodge, and 
to bring present members out to the lodge. Our objective: to encourage and enable 
every member to realize his potential in Freemasonry. It is stated that "five hold a 
lodge." These five programmes are keys to success. Together they provide a road map 
for a complete journey through all phases of a Masonic career: Applicant, Candidate, 
Member, Lodge officer, and Grand Lodge officer. 

Veteran Jubilee Medal: This medal, first introduced in 1935 and withdrawn in 1963, 
has been reinstated for presentation to a Master Mason upon completion of a full half 
century of membership in the Craft, calculated from the date of his Initiation. Cast 
from the original dies, the medal is available at cost on application through the Office 
of the Grand Secretary, upon verification of eligibility. ITie lapel button, in recognition 
of Fifty Years of service, will continue to be presented by Grand Lodge. 

A Guideline on Discussing Membership in Freemasonry: What may I say? \^Tiat 
should I say? This pamphlet clarifies our position on 'solicitation' - What is considered 
proper and what is improper? First published in 1988, it has now been revised and 
reprinted. Every member should be familiar with the qualifications and commitment 
required for membership, and be ready and able to answer questions from family, 
friends, neighbours, colleagues, associates, and workmates who express a genuine 
interest in our Order. The pamphlet is available in quantity from the Office of the 
Grand Secretary. 

Lodges meeting in Daylight: Daylight Lodges serve the special needs of those 
brethren, who for a variety of reasons are unable, or find it inconvenient, to attend a 
lodge meeting in the evening. There are at present thirteen lodges working in eleven 
districts 'when the sun is at its meridian.' M.R.C. has been invited to provide counsel 
to three districts considering the formation of a Daylight Lodge. 


The programmes that Grand Lodge has entrusted to our oversight are products of the 
highest quality. A programme, however great, is never an end in itself - its only value 
lies in its application. Although these programmes have been 'in the field' for some 


years, we have not yet begun to realize the potential benefits to be derived from them, 
or to capitalize on the valuable resources they freely provide. We are told that they are 
much admired by other Grand Jurisdictions. Yet, some lodges suffer from a paucity 
of applicants when a well-organized Friend to Friend Night is guaranteed to generate 
interest and produce positive results. The steady increase in 'drop outs' between 
degrees could be reduced or eliminated by a consistent application of the Mentor 
Programme. It would be easier 'to fill the chairs' with competence and confidence if 
the Deacons and Wardens were better prepared for leadership roles equipped with the 
organizational skills the Officer Progression Programme addresses. The Brother to 
Brother Tool Kit is full to overflowing with practical suggestions - tried and proven 
ideas - ways and means to improve the fraternal environment and enrich the Masonic 
experience - to ensure that every meeting of the lodge is one not to be missed. {Do 
you know where your Tool Kit is?) Unfortunately, in too many lodges, the Tool Kit lies 
abandoned and forgotten on the shelf in the locker collecting dust. (A book that 
remains shut is but a block!) Simply stated: "What isn't tried, won't work." 

"From a little spark may burst a mighty flame." (Dante Alighieri) 

To be effective, the Friend to Friend, Mentor, and Brother to Brother programmes 
must be lodge driven - adopted, adapted, implemented and exercised by enthusiastic 
brethren on the floor of the lodge. District Chairmen and Regional Coordinators are 
essential communication links between the Grand Lodge Team Leaders and the Lodge 
Committee Chairmen. 

"Arriving at one goal is the starting point of another." (John Dewey) 

A strategic plan has been proposed to ensure that all districts are serviced by a more 
equitable and regular series of workshops and seminars to acquaint more of our lodge 
members and district chairmen with the programmes available to them. If adopted and 
implemented, every district would receive a presentation every year, and all Grand 
Lodge programmes would be covered in four years. 

"We're still not where we're going 
but we're not where we were. " 

The committee has functioned as a dynamic sales force of enthusiastic traveling 
salesmen promoting and marketing the programmes. I must pay tribute to the 
dedication of R.W. Bro. George E. Hinds, Vice Chairman; V.W. Bro. William J. 
Moore, Secretary; the tireless Team Leaders, and all their talented Team Members. 
They have carried the message abroad, traveled the length and breadth of the province 
to share their expertise with any who would listen and learn. These brethren have 
exemplified the principle - Masonry is the science of service. Gratitude must also be 
extended to their families for the understanding support that allowed these faithful 
servants of the Craft to absent themselves so often from home and go on the road. 

All of which is respectfully and fi-aternally submitted on behalf of the Team 
Leaders and Committee Members. 




This Report was presented by R. W. Bro. T. W. Hogeboom, Chairman, and on 
motion of the Deputy Grand Master, seconded by R. W. Bro. Hogeboom, it was 

To the Most Worshipful the Grand Master, Officers and Members of the Grand 
Lodge A.F. & A.M. of Canada in the Province of Ontario. 

Most Worshipful Sir and Brethren: 

On behalf of the Advisory Committee on Lodge Finances, it is my pleasure to submit 

the following report. 

While many of the lodges in our jurisdiction continue to be well managed financially 
and have the luxury of being in a good financial position, we do have a number of 
lodges that are in financial difficulty. Your Advisory Committee on Lodge Finances 
attributes this to those lodges not operating under sound financial management 

Over the years, this committee has developed a simple method of recording the 
finances of the lodge, entitled "Lodge Finances," which is available from our Grand 
Lodge Office. Some of the principles which have been developed are as follows: 

\. The operation of the lodge and building should be independent of each other; 

2. Operate your lodge / building on a long range budget plan; 

3. The use of proper accounting techniques; 

4. Operating the Lodge from the Operating Fund; 

5. Properly funded Life Membership Programmes; and 

6. One dues rate structure. 

In addition to this publication, your Grand Lodge Advisory Committee on Lodge 
Finances has recently published the following publications to encourage the financial 
well being of the lodge, which are also available from the Grand Lodge Office: 

• 'A Simplified Accounting System for Masonic Bodies' - a computerized, automated 
user-friendly financial management package for Secretaries and Treasurers to track 
the financial operation of the lodge. 

• "Guidelines for a Lodge Financial Audit" - to assist the Lodge Auditor with a set 
of guidelines detailing their responsibilities and duties. Three templates are 
provided to assist the Auditor in assuring a thorough audit and concise report to 
the lodge. 

• 'Life Membership Review Programme' - the importance of a properly funded Life 
Membership Fund is stressed and it encourages each lodge with such a program 
to review their fund with respect to the guidelines in our Constitution. A template 
is provided to complete the calculations required. 

• 'Roles and Responsibilities of a Lodge/Temple Corporation Director/Trustee' - a 

set of guidelines to assist such brethren in the fulfillment of their duties. The 
publication consists of five articles on (1) Officers and Directors Responsibilities; 
(2) Laws and Responsibilities for Trustees; (3) Insurance and the Lodge; (4) 
Alcohol Usage and the Law, and (5) Raffies and the Law. 

The ongoing business of assisting lodges and corporations seeking financial advice 


continues. Since the last Annual Communication, the committee has responded by 
providing advice on Life Membership Programmes/By-laws; a financial planning 
seminar; accounting principles; amalgamation finances; investment strategies; dues 
structuring; non-profit organization status; insurance and financial planning. The 
committee continues to address any inquiries through either the Office of the Grand 
Secretary, the Committee on the Condition of Masonry, a District Deputy Grand 
Master or the lodge itself. The members of this committee continue to make 
themselves available to provide advice for the management of lodge finances and to 
assist lodges in financial difficulties. We trust that the advice we offered this year has 
been of assistance. 

Generally speaking, notice that a lodge may be experiencing financial difficulties 
with their operating plan comes from the District Deputy Grand Master's report to 
the Grand Master. However, by the time the Committee on the Condition of Masonry 
has compiled their report in this regard and forwarded their comments to the Advisory 
Committee on Lodge Finances, too much valuable time is lost. 


To speed the process of identifying those lodges in need of such help and to assure 
consistency in reporting the essential financial items, this committee is recommending 
a pro forma "Financial Statement for the District Deputy Grand Master's Official 
Visit" be added to said package. After the official visit, a copy of the statement would 
be sent directly to this committee so that the offer of assistance can be made in a more 
timely fashion to the lodges in need. 

All of which is respectfully submitted on behalf of committee members, R.W. Bros. 
R. E. Collins, C. P. Farber, T. G. Janes, T. E. Lewis, H. E. Standish; and W. Bro. H. 
Jones. The chairman thanks them for their support of sound financial Masonry in 

Respectfully and fraternally submitted. 

T. W. HOGEBOOM, Chairman 


This Report was presented by R. W. Bro. A. Petrisor, Chairman, and on motion 
of the Deputy Grand Master, seconded by R. W. Bro. Petrisor, it was received. 

To the Most Worshipful the Grand Master, Officers and Members of the Grand 

Lodge A.F. & A.M. of Canada in the Province of Ontario. 
Most Worshipful Sir and Brethren: 

During the year 2002-2003 the Committee on Public Relations worked under the 
following mandate: 

"7b seek out all media and public relations opportunities and activities at Grand 
Lodge and District levels with a view to creating a better informed public on the aims 
and activities of the Masonic Order within our Jurisdiction. 

To co-ordinate all internal and external communications of a public relations nature. 

To co-ordinate and promote the use of Masonic information booths and displays 
throughout Ontario. To develop and provide Masonic publications and paraphernalia 
for use and purchase by the membership." 


External Communications 

The goal of this subcommittee is "To make Masonry more visible, to seek out media 
opportunities for Masonic events and to create a better informed public." Under the 
direction of Team Leader R.W. Bro. Douglas Conway, the committee encouraged 
lodges and districts to play a more active communication role. 

Display Incentive Programme 

This programme, first introduced in 2001, has been offered to all districts. It was 
designed to promote and make Masonry more visible within our communities by 
providing a one-time cash incentive of up to S 1,000 to match any purchases by a 
district for Masonic Information Booths or other display equipment. This year an 
aggressive communication plan was put in place to be sure all districts were aware of 
this offer and how to take advantage of it. All D.D.G.M.s were supplied with copies 
of the programme for presentation to their districts. Presentations were made to those 
districts who requested this support. Eight districts have applied and had their rebates 

Media Guide 

A six-page Media Guide, with a two-page appendix, has been produced by the 
committee as support material to lodges or districts to help promote recognition of 
media worthy activities of the brethren in their communities. This guide forms the basis 
and is supplied as a handout at a seminar at Grand Lodge. 

Media Releases 

Media campaigns were conducted to publicize the rededication after 100 years of the 
Cornerstone at St. Alban's Church in Glen Williams, and the reopening of the 
Collingwood Temple that had been rebuilt after a disastrous fire. Media reports 
resulted in local newspapers, television and radio. Support is available at all times, upon 
request, from our committee members, many of whom have professional expertise in 
this area. As well, it was particularly encouraging to see that some districts were able 
to produce their own media campaigns for a local event, with positive results. This kind 
of endeavour can only but help to get "the good word out," and to keep Masonry 
visible in the community. 

Recommendation: D.D.G.M.s should consider appointing a District Public Relations co- 
ordinator as an invaluable resource in future media efforts in their districts. 

Open Houses 

Support for an Information Booth at either a university or community college has been 
promoted with the D.D.G.M.s. Dispensations were copied to your chairman, indicating 
that many lodges held Open Houses and Friend to Friend Nights, breakfasts or 
lunches. It is the policy of the committee to offer support if requested. 

150"" Anniversary Postage Stamp 

Follow up with Canada Post has taken place with regard to producing a stamp to 
commemorate the upcoming sesquicentennial. An approval decision will not be made 
until one year prior to the event. 

Masonic Logo on License Plate 

The Ministry of Transportation has written to confirm that our application has been 
denied due to a membership eligibility definition. An appeal process is in place and it 
is still hopeful that such a programme will win ultimate support from the government. 



The Grand Lodge scrapbooks have been revised and the 2002-2003 scrapbook has 
been updated as clippings were received. Many thanks go to R.W. Bro. T. Roy Davies 
(P.D.D.G.M. Wilson South District) and his wife Kathy for their extensive time and 
effort on this project. 

Web Site Update 

An update was completed for the Public Relations Committee link on the Grand 
Lodge Web Site and has been uploaded for the Brethren to peruse. 

Internal Communications 

Under the direction of Team Leader R.W. Bro. Lome Weaver, the focus was "To 
review and improve the quality of communication instruments within the Craft as 
determined by Grand Lodge." 

Special Events Calendar 

The Grand Lodge Web Site was used to post district special events. Approximately 
four to five events were entered from each District's Trestleboard. Entries appeared 
under the "What's Happening" subsection on the Grand Lodge Web Site home 
page. Many thanks go to V.W. Bro. George Napper and to W. Bro. Donald Reekie, 
both members of the Computer Resources Committee, for their diligence in recording 
all entries and forwarding to the Webmaster. 

Recommendation: D.D.G.M.s should continue to use this avenue to publicize: Official 
visits to their home lodge, G.M. receptions, Divine Services, District Ladies' Nights, 
district events such as Golf or Curling events, Barbecues, Fish and Steak Fries, 
Walkathons, Sunrise Services, etc. It is suggested to use the form "Application for 
inclusion on the Web Site" to request a posting. 


A questionnaire was provided to all D.D.G.M.s attending the annual Grand Lodge 
Communication asking for their comments on: 

• The usefulness of the Events Calendar. 

• Their use of the D.D.G.M.s Communique. 

• The role of the Immediate Past D.D.G.M. in the district. 

• Their involvement in the decision on the three best lodge summonses in their 

• Their comments or ideas that might help lodges in their district to improve their 

The idea behind the questionnaire was to gain important feedback to assist in the 
future direction of the committee. 

Personal Touch Vehicles of Communication 

This newly developed document outlines a number of ways that Masons can make 
communications within the lodge more personal in approach and thus more effective 
and fruitful. It has suggestions on how to handle indisposed Masons either on a short 
term or long term basis (shut-ins). It has suggestions on communications with non- 
attending members, "Letters alone won't cut it," communications with members de- 
serving recognition or members being demitted, suspended, or renewed. It has sug- 
gestions for the telephoning committees, corresponding committees, visiting committees 
and mentor committees. With the advent of computers, internet and e-mail into our 
busy lives many of the friendly and personal touches are being neglected. Masonry has 


always stressed a hand to hand approach and now it is time to extend this to the letters 
and the communique issued by the lodge. 

This document will appear in the next printing of the Membership Resources 'Tool 

Summons and Newsletter Competition 

The committee is available to any lodge to discuss their summons and assist in 
improving the content and presentation of the material in creating a lively and 
interesting summons. All lodges have members who are unable to attend due to health, 
distance, hearing, etc., and the summons may provide the only means by which they 
can keep in touch and know what is happening in their lodge. 

The competition has proved to be worthwhile, as many summonses are improved 
and, in some, colour is being used effectively. Content is important. The summonses 
are varied in their presentation, some read horizontally and others read in the normal 
vertical pamphlet style. Some summonses pack too much in or use a background 
watermark which makes for a cluttered appearance. All in all, the committee is pleased 
with the general upgrading of lodge summonses, but as only 35 out of 46 districts 
participated by the deadline, some fine lodge summonses may have missed out on the 
chance to be a winner. 

Previously, members of the committee presented awards in the winning lodges and 
winning districts. The overall experience was very positive and well received by the 
brethren. On this basis, awards will again be presented in the winning lodges and 
districts rather than at Grand Lodge. 

Congratulations go to the following winners of the competition for the 2002-2003 
Masonic year: 

Best Lodge Summons 

St. John's Lodge No. 104 

Wilson South District 

W.M. - R.W. Bro. John Hiley 

Secy - W. Bro. Scott Taylor Asst Secy - R.W. Bro. Norman C. Ryder 

Merit Award Merit Award 

King Hiram Lodge No. 37 Bancroft Lodge No. 482 

Wilson North District Prince Edward District 

W.M. - W. Bro. Kenneth Riley W.M. - W. Bro. D. E. Mayhew 

Secy - W. Bro. Thomas Bertrand Secy - W. Bro. D. M. Davis 

Best Lodge Newsletter 

"The Newsletter" - Corinthian Lodge No. 657 

Temiskaming District 

Editor - R.W. Bro. Robert McLeod 

Merit Award Merit Award 

"Highlights" True Britons Lodge No. 14 "Connections" Wilmot Lodge No. 318 

St. Lawrence District Waterloo District 

Editor - W. Bro. Stuart Howard Editor - W. Bro. Peter Christian 

W.M. - W. Bro. Daniel Lepage w.M. - W. Bro. Peter Christian 

Best District Newsletter 

"Peterborough District News" - Peterborough District 

Editor -W. Bro. Robert C. McBride 

Merit Award Merit Award 

Sarnia District South Huron District 

Editor - Bro. Carl Kristenson Editor - R.W. Bro. Bruce Whitmore 


"Guidelines for Lodge Summonses" are readily available from the Team Leader of 
Internal Communications. 

District Web Site Contest 

With the growing popularity of use of the internet, the committee, this year, in 
collaboration with the Computer Resources Committee, chose to look at the 
recognized district Web Sites linked to our Grand Lodge Web Site and select the best 
all around Web Site. The selection was done without notice to the districts involved to 
avoid any prior embellishment. The following criteria were used in the selection 
process: Quick loading and ease of navigation, interesting content, updated frequently, 
current information, appearance and quality of links to other sites. Many district Web 
Sites also include the District Newsletter and links to many of the lodge Web Sites in 
their district as well. 

The District Web Site winner was Muskoka-Parry Sound District (Webmaster - W. 
Bro. Jim Kirk- White, D.D.G.M. - R.W. Bro. Deane Murdy). Honorable mention goes 
to Brant District (Webmaster - Bro. Stephen Clarke, D.D.G.M. - R.W. Bro. Ralph 
Baldwin) and Wilson Districts (Webmaster - R.W. Bro. Robert Oliphant, D.D.G.M.s 
- R.W. Bro. John Ault and R.W. Bro. Gene Hirt). 

Other Content 

Items being worked on include: A one-page information sheet called "The Masonic 
Record," a district boundary map to show where cities and towns with lodges are 
located in each district, and a lodge Secretary's desk index for insertion of recent 
Grand Lodge materials. 

Accomplishments include: E-mail address on D.D.G.M.s white card, D.D.G.M.s labels 
available electronically from Grand Lodge, and the D.D.G.M. Communiqu6 sent 
electronically - all in an effort to improve internal communications. 

Special Events, Information and Publications 

Ongoing activities, under the direction of Team Leader, R.W. Bro. Carl Miller, con- 
tinue to be "Co-ordinating the use of Masonic booths and distribution of publications 
and materials." 

Plowing Match and Fairs 

The International Plowing Match held at Glencoe, near London, provided a good 
forum for a Masonic presence with the use of the large Marquee (30' by 50' tent) 
which housed displays from the Family of Freemasonry. A 'Meet and Greet' reception 
with the Grand Master ^vas held at Highgate Fairgrounds on Friday, September 20, 
2002, under very rainy conditions. 

Carleton Place, near Ottawa, is the site of the 2003 International Plowing Match, 
on September 17-21, 2003. 

Again, this committee was involved in several fall fairs in the following locations: 
Beeton, Bobcaygeon, Markham and Sutton. Masons had a presence in several Santa 
Claus parades, such as in Beeton, Sutton and Mount Albert. 

The booklet "Masonic Information Booth Staffing Guidelines" is provided with 
every request from Grand Lodge for a display booth. This booklet includes extensive 
information on organization of the booth, conduct, dress code and a series of typical 
questions that might be asked by a non-Mason along with proposed answers. 

Lodges of Instruction 

The committee was asked to participate at all Lodges of Instruction by making 
available for sale all Grand Lodge publications, books, and other miscellaneous items 


such as the audio tape, "What is Freemasonry?" and the Friend to Friend video, 
"Freemasonry in Ontario." 

Family of Freemasonry 

Your chairman served as Chairman of the Family of Freemasonry Public Relations 
representatives from the several concordant bodies. The pamphlet "Family of 
Freemasonry in Ontario," developed last year, was distributed through the D.D.G.M.s 
to all Lodge Secretaries in Ontario for insertion in their lodge summons. Tliis pamphlet 
is also available for viewing on the Grand Lodge Web Site under the title Freemasonry 

Craft Lodge Summons 

It was suggested that we make known that 20% of the changeable part of a Craft 
Lodge summons can be used for Concordant Body information. Craft Lodge 
Secretaries are aware of this opportunity, but if they do not receive the information 
from the concordant body then they cannot enter it unless they, themselves, are 
members of the body concerned and are aware of the activity. 


What is our 'Hook' when discussing Craft Masonry? It was suggested that we come up 
with a 30 second sound bite for Craft Masons when they are asked by non-Masons 
"What do Masons do," or "What is (are) Masons?" By contrast, if someone makes 
the same inquiry about the Shrine, in 30 seconds Children's Orthopedic and Burns 
Hospitals are mentioned along with the fact that S2 million a day is spent across North 
America by the Shriners (all of whom are Masons). 

In Conclusion 

The U.G.L.E. recently celebrated Freemasonry in the community in a "Week of 
Action," planning and running more than 1,500 events across England. Michael 
Baigent, Editor of the "Freemasonry Today" magazine, in commending the many 
Masons for changing for the better the public's perception of Freemasonry, is quoted 
as saying "The pro-active stance of Freemasonry has finally allowed the message to 
be received: that Freemasonry is a positive force for good in this unstable and often 
selfish world all too frequently driven by sectarian violence." 

It has been my privilege to serve as chairman of the Committee on Public 
Relations. There has been a lot of activity within the three sub-committees. The Long 
Range Prospectus developed last year serves as a guide for the external promotion of 
Freemasonry for years to come. 

On behalf of the three team leaders, R.W. Bros. Douglas Conway, Lome Weaver 
and Carl Miller, I offer our sincere thanks to all members of the Public Relations 
Committee for their dedication and assistance throughout the year: R.W. Bros. 
Douglas Angus, Dave Bell, Doug Clouse, Brian DeLisle, Dennis Hawman, Gordon 
King, Lanny Salmon, Jim Sercombe, Reade Spence, Harvey Street, Hermann Waxl, 
Michael Wellwood, Bruce Whitmore; V.W. Bros. Tom King, John McLaughlin, Ted 
Morris, George Napper, Malcolm Woodcock; W. Bros. Don Green, Kelly Holden, 
Stephen Magwood and Bro. Walter Robinson. 

All of which is respectfully submitted. 





This Report was presented by R. W. Bro. P. W. Hooper, Chairman, and on 
motion of the Deputy Grand Master, seconded by R. W. Bro. Hooper, it was 

To the Most Worshipful the Grand Master, Officers and Members of the Grand 
Lodge A.F. & A.M. of Canada in the Province of Ontario. 

Most Worshipful Sir and Brethren: 

I am pleased to present this report on behalf of the members of the Masonic 
Education Committee. This committee is comprised of the following members: M.W. 
Bro. David Bradley; R.W. Bros. J. Norman Blodgett, Victor Cormack, Michael 
Diamond (Secretary), Brian Duncan, Ray Grant, Gord Grieve, John Hiley, Paul Todd 
(Sub-Chair - Newsletter), Andrew Truan, Derwyn Woodhouse; V.W. Bro. Syd Lowe 
(Sub-Chair - Correspondence Courses); W. Bro. Iain Mackenzie (Sub-Chair - 
Publications) and W. Bro. Gord Walker. 

The committee worked very well together and consisted of a good mixture of 
returning members, combined with new members who had served other committees 
of this Grand Lodge. 


The Publications Sub-Committee was chaired, this year, by W. Bro. Iain Mackenzie. 
He has selected a number of books to be available for sale at the Grand Lodge Com- 
munication in July. The committee would like to thank the Grand Secretary and the 
staff at Grand Lodge for their assistance in compiling the list and preparing the books. 
We would also like to express our gratitude to our retired Sub-Chair - V.W. Bro. Don 
Pick. He chaired this sub-committee for a number of years and was very dedicated to 
it. He has also been very kind in giving assistance to the committee this year. 

College of Freemasonry Correspondence Course 

For the period April, 2002, to April, 2003, sixty-four new students enrolled in the four- 
part course, plus sixteen continuing students. Sixty-two certificates were issued for 
various sections and sent to the respective D.D.G.M.s for presentation. In addition, 
heartiest congratulations are extended to the following sixteen participants who have 
completed the entire course and attained the designation "Fellow of the College of 

Brockwell, Howard T. 
Broom, Bob 
Carr, A. Burton 
Gray, Douglas 
Kahler, Brett 
Lampert, Murray 
Lemon, John 
Levere, A. Wayner 
Lupu, Tom 
Morgan, Gerald E. 
Pinel, Paul 

Spalding-Martin, Terry 
Turk, Andrew 

Dalhousie Lodge No. 52 
Equity Lodge No. 659 
Cataraqui Lodge No. 92 
Alpha Lodge No. 384 
Flower City Lodge No. 689 
Mosaic Lodge No. 559 
North Star Lodge No. 322 
St. Andrew's Lodge No. 560 
Fidelity Lodge No. 428 
Stirling Lodge No. 69 
Liberty Lodge No. 419 
Doric Lodge No. 424 
Humber Lodge No. 305 

Ottawa 2 District 
Georgian North District 
Frontenac District 
Toronto 7 District 
Toronto 1 District 
Toronto 7 District 
Grey District 
Ottawa 1 District 
Ontario District 
Prince Edward District 
Sarnia District 
Toronto 3 District 
Toronto 2 District 


Wilson, Jack Alexander Tottenham Lodge No. 467 Georgian South District 

Wright, Richard Dalhousie Lodge No. 52 Ottawa 2 District 

The course continues to attract those Masons with a keen interest in expanding 
their Masonic knowledge and there can be no doubt that this objective will have been 
achieved by all of the participants. Every effort is made to keep the course material 
current whenever changes occur in the Constitution. 

District Deputy Grand Master's Course 

During the same period, April, 2002, to April, 2003, fifty-one new students were 
enrolled in the three-part course plus three continuing students. Many of our incoming 
District Deputies will have a much deeper appreciation and understanding of the 
position as many sections of the course already have been completed, and twenty-seven 
achievement certificates were issued during this twelve month time frame. 

Letters continue to be received from participants in both courses, attesting to the 
value of the material content and expressing appreciation and gratitude to the 

Both of these courses would not be successful without the assistance of the 
mentors. They are the ones who are responsible for the quick turn-around time in 
marking the assignments and getting the results back to the students. They will attest 
that it has been a rewarding experience. This committee is always looking for new 
mentors. If anyone who has completed these courses wishes to be a mentor, they 
should contact V.W. Bro. Syd Lowe and he will see that they are put to work. 

There was much talk this year about the Correspondence Courses, particularly as 
it concerns the District Deputy Grand Master Course. This committee is well aware 
of the value of this course to incoming D.D.G.M.s. It is a great assistance to them to 
get their year started quickly and efficiently. There has been much discussion during 
the past few years about whether or not to make this course mandatory for incoming 
D.D.G.M.s. The committee recommended to the Management Committee that this 
should be done. There. are many areas of Masonry where knowledge of certain areas 
is mandatory before a member may proceed (e.g. proving each degree, examination of 
Master-Elect). It was felt that if we are requiring our newest members to have 
knowledge of what they are doing, why are we not requiring that of our leaders 

After discussions at the Crieff Centre Think Tank it was decided that this 
committee would propose a change in the Constitution of Grand Lodge. That change 
would make it mandatory for any D.D.G.M. to have successfully completed the 
D.D.G.M. Correspondence Course as developed and administered by the Masonic 
Education Committee. 

For such a change to be made, there has to be a lead-in period. Therefore, the 
proposal for the amendment to the Constitution will be presented to the Constitution 
and Jurisprudence Committee before the end of 2003. If the proposal is deemed to be 
regular, it will be voted on at the Grand Lodge Communication in July, 2004, and, if 
passed, would take effect in July, 2005. 

Masonic Education Newsletter 

In 1979, the Masonic Education Committee began preparing an in-house Newsletter 
for the Masons of Ontario. It was self-funded by subscribers who paid four dollars a 
year for the small publication. 

The Newsletter has now become a staple of the Grand Lodge Masonic Education 

TORONTO, O^^^ARIO, 2003 87 

Committee, and is published four times a year for the price of eighteen dollars a year, 
which in this day is still a bargain. Subscription forms are readily available on the 
Grand Lodge Web Site under Grand Lodge Masonic Education. 

In the last two years the subscription base has risen 25%, from 520 subscribers to 
approximately 700 for Volume 18, Issue L The content has increased by 31%, from 
43 pages to 63 pages. 

This year's Newsletter has been following a theme of doing a series of articles on 
our Grand Masters and then an article on their home lodge. A typical Newsletter 
contains nine to ten articles contributed in most part by the Masons of Ontario. 

"Questions of the Fraternity" by W. Bro. Iain Mackenzie, "The Custodian 
Comer" by M.W. Bro. C. Edwin Drew, "Book Nook" by R.W. Bro. Wallace 
McLeod, along with "From The Editor" are the regular columns found in each issue 
of the Newsletter. 

The Editor, W. Bro Michael Jenkyns, prepares the Newsletter after the Editorial 
Board, consisting of R.W. Bro. Michael Woolley, W. Bro. Iain Mackenzie, W. Bro. 
John Reynolds, Bro. David Cook and Bro. Michael Schwantes have reviewed the 
articles for publication. 

R.W. Bro. Garry Dowling handles the subscriptions and printing and the Team 
Leader/Publisher is R.W. Bro. Paul E. Todd. 

Again, this year, the Masonic Education Newsletter continues to be an All 
Canadian - mostly Ontario - educational Newsletter, prepared for the daily advance- 
ment of Masonic knowledge by the Masons of Ontario for the Masons of Ontario. 

Information Booklet for the Prospective D.D.G.M. 

This Grand Lodge originally published the information booklet for the Prospective 
District Deputy Grand Master in 1990. It was the result of a tremendous amount of 
work by the Masonic Education Committee, under the chairmanship of R.W. Bro. 
Murray Wagg. This booklet has been very useful to many D.D.G.M.s and prospective 
D.D.G.M.s, since it was written. 

During the past thirteen years, there have been many changes in Grand Lodge and 
in some of the rituals. This year, the Management Committee tasked the Masonic 
Education Committee with rewriting the booklet in order to update it. The rewriting 
has been completed and the booklet is now in the hands of the Management 
Committee for their approval. Some sections have remained as they were and others 
were completely rewritten. It is hoped that this booklet will be of use for many years 
to come. 

We would like to express our gratitude to M.W. Bro. C. Edwin Drew (Custodian 
of the Work) for writing a new foreword and for proofreading the entire booklet to 
ensure its accuracy. We would also like to thank R.W. Bro. Scott Drummond (Sub- 
Chair in charge of the D.D.G.M. Orientation Course) for also proofreading the book 
and offering his suggestions. 


The job of the Grand Lodge Masonic Education Committee is, of course, to educate. 
How that can be done has been the subject of a lot of debate over the years and of 
much discussion this past year. There are a lot of great programmes at the Grand 
Lodge level that are of tremendous assistance to our members if they know about 
them. However, they do not always reach the grass roots level. As chairman, I would 
like to thank the members of this committee for pointing out this fact to us and for 
attempting to do something about it. This Grand Jurisdiction is a very large one and 


reaching each and every one of the over 60,000 members is a daunting task. However, 
it is a task that must be attempted by this committee. Our programmes are of very 
little use if they are known to only a few. 

To get the desired results will require continued dedication on the part of the 
members of this committee, together with the resources to be able to accomplish it. 
This committee is a strong proponent of retaining our members, and we firmly believe 
that by educating them (especially when they are just beginning) is the surest way of 
accomplishing that goal. 

Respectfully submitted on behalf of the committee. 

PAUL W. HOOPER, Chairman 


This Report was presented by V. W. Bro. F. Halpem, Chairman, and on motion 
of the Deputy Grand Master, seconded by V.W. Bro. Halpem, it was adopted. 

To the Most Worshipful the Grand Master, Officers and Members of the Grand 
Lodge A.F. & A.M. of Canada in the Province of Ontario. 

Most Worshipful Sir and Brethren: 

Your committee has received the following twelve (12) Notices of Motion for consid- 

L The first is that FORM 7 (Section 358) application for affiliation be 
amended to allow a space for the placement of the Grand Lodge certificate 
number of the brother wishing to affiliate with a lodge. (Please note below 
proposal 3 [2] [A] ) 

2. The second proposal is an attempt to clarify when a Master would become a Past 
Master and be entitled to a "Past Master's Jewel." In order to prevent any 
future confusion, it is proposed that Section 229 be amended to read as follows: 

The current Section 229 shall become Section 229(a), and a new Section 229(b) 
shall be added, to read: 

A Master of a lodge attains the rank of Past Master ONLY after he has served 
as Master for a minimum of 12 months [subject to Section 229(a)], AND a 
successor has been elected and installed in his stead. 

3. The third proposal deals with amendments that are necessary to allow for a 
central registry of applications to our Craft. It reads as follows: 

[1] THAT: FORM 6 (Section 307) APPLICATION FOR iNniATlON be amended 
in the following manner: 

[A] That the disclaimer, paragraph two, line two, be amended by inserting 
after the word Lodge the following of A.F. & A.M. and in line two 
thereafter the word Ontario insert the words and each of its members. 

[B] That there be added to the disclaimer the following two paragraphs: 

I further agree and consent to the transmission of my name, address, date 
of birth, occupation and other personal infonnation set out on this fonn 
by e-maU or any other electronic means. 

I further acknowledge and agree that this application and notice of 
rejection thereof if such should occur, may be retained by the Grand 
Lodge ofA.F. & A.M. of Canada in the Province of Ontario in a central 
data base. 


[2] AND FURTHER THAT: Form 7 (Section 358) application for 
AFFILIATION be amended in the following manner: 

[A] That there be added between the line commencing / am, or was last and 
the line commencing / have resided the following words My Grand 
Lodge Certificate number is: 

[B] That the disclaimer, paragraph two, line one, be amended by inserting 
after the word Lodge the following of A.F. & A.M. and in line two 
thereafter the word Ontario insert the words and each of its members. 

[C] That there be added to the disclaimer the following two paragraphs: 

I further agree and consent to the transmission of my name, address, date 
of birth, occupation and other personal information set out on this form 
by e-mail or any other electronic means. 

I further acknowledge and agree that this application and notice of 
rejection thereof if such should occur, may be retained by the Grand 
Lodge of A.F. & A.M. of Canada in the Province of Ontario in a central 
data base. 

[3] AND FURTHER THAT: Section 316 be amended by adding in the first 
sentence thereof and after the word submitted the words in duplicate. 

[4] AND FURTHER THAT: Section 316 be renumbered 316(a). 

[5] AND FURTHER THAT: There be a new Section 316(b) in the following 

Upon receipt of the application for initiation the Secretary of the lodge shall 
send or cause to be sent to the Grand Secretary a duplicate copy of the 
application. Tlie Grand Secretary shall immediately inform the Secretary of the 
lodge if the applicant is clear on the Grand Lodge records or has been rejected 
by a lodge within the last twelve months. 

[6] AND FURTHER THAT: Section 317 be amended by adding thereto after 
the word lodge in the second line thereof the following words and Grand 

[7] AND FURTHER THAT: Section 321 be amended by adding thereto in line 
four after the words immediate notice the following words to the Grand 

[8] AND FURTHER THAT: Section 323(a) be amended by adding after the 
word summons in line six the following words: and if the Grand Secretary has 
provided a report that the applicant is clear on the Grand Lodge records. 

[9] AND FURTHER THAT: Section 331 be amended by adding thereto a new 
Section 331(c) in the following words: 

In addition to the requirements of Sections 331 (a) and 331 (b) the Secretary 
of each lodge shall immediately report to the Grand Secretary that an 
application for membership has been rejected either by ballot or by an 
unfavourable report. 

[10] AND FURTHER THAT: Section 334 be renumbered 334(a) and that there 
be added a new Section 334(b) in the following words: 
In addition to the requirements of Section 334 (a) the Secretary of each lodge 
shall report forthwith to the Grand Secretary the names of applicants who have 
been rejected either by ballot or by an unfavourable report. 


4. The fourth recommendation pertains to Section 298(a) Form 4 (Lodge Records, 
Accounts and Moneys) 

Reports of Committees on Applications (Page 184) 

change "a candidate" to "an applicant" 

add "(affiliation)" after "initiation" 
Ballot (Page 185) 

change "a candidate" to "an applicant" 

change "candidate" to "applicant" 
By way of explanation the proposer pointed out that a person applying for 
initiation is not "a candidate" until a favourable ballot has been taken. Until that 
time, he is an applicant. The same rules apply to an applicant for affiliation, except 
that he becomes a "member" after a favourable ballot is taken. 

5. The fifth recommendation is that the Book of Constitution of Grand Lodge, 
Section 46, which reads: The Grand Master and Deputy Grand Master shall be 
elected by ballot without nomination - be amended to read: 

46. The Grand Master, Deputy Grand Master and Grand Secretary shall be 
elected by ballot without nomination. 

AND Section 48 be amended by deleting "the Grand Secretary" in line two, to 

48. The Grand Senior Warden, the Grand Junior Warden, the Grand Treasurer, 
the Grand Registrar and the members of the Board of General Purposes elected 
as such by Grand Lodge shall be elected by ballot after nomination. All other 
officers shall be appointed by the Grand Master. 

In addition. Section 53(b) shall be amended by removing "and" after Grand 
Master in line three and adding a comma, and adding "and Grand Secretary" 
after Deputy Grand Master in line three, and deleting "brothers" after the word 
or in line five and adding "brethren" in its stead. 

Section 53(b) shall now read: 

53.(b) properly defined spaces into which may be written the names of the 
brethren to be voted for as Grand Master, Deputy Grand Master and Grand 
Secretary and spaces into which may be marked "X" opposite the names of the 
brother or brethren to be voted upon. 

Furthermore, Section 58 shall be amended by removing the word "and" after 
Grand Master on line two and placing a comma after Grand Master and adding 
after Deputy Grand Master in line two "and Grand Secretary," 

The first sentence of Section 58 would now read: 

58. With the exception of voting for the Grand Master, Deputy Grand Master 
and Grand Secretary, each brother voting shall mark an "X" upon one of the 
ballot papers in the space provided therefor opposite the name or names of the 
duly nominated brother or brethren for whom he desires to vote, such names 
having been printed on the ballot papers. 

6. The sixth proposal is, that Section 134(k), dealing with the composition of the 
Management Committee of the Board of General Purposes, be amended by 
deleting "(iii) the Grand Secretary (ex officio);" 

7. The seventh proposal is, that Section 113, dealing with the powers and duties of 


the Grand Secretary, be amended by adding the words "and as directed by the 
Board of General Purposes" after the word "office" at the end of subsection 

8. The eighth proposal is, that Section 136(a), paragraph 7, line 2, be amended by 
deleting the word "numbers" and adding the word "members" in its stead. 

9. The ninth proposal is, that Section 44(b), dealing with Elections and Appoint- 
ments, be changed to read: 

44. (b) The Grand Master and Deputy Grand Master shall be elected on an 
alternate year from that of the election of the Grand Treasurer and Grand 

The existing Section 44(b) would become Section 44(c), and the existing Section 
44(c) would become Section 44(d). 

That Section 49, also dealing with Elections and Appointments, be amended by 
adding the offices of Grand Treasurer and Grand Secretary. The section would 
now read: 

49. Should any officer of Grand Lodge, other than the Grand Master, the Deputy 
Grand Master, the Grand Treasurer or the Grand Secretary, die or cease to 
reside in the jurisdiction, or become incapable for any reason of performing the 
duties of his office, the Grand Master shall appoint a qualified brother to fill the 
position until the next annual meeting, or during such incapacity. 

10. The tenth proposal is that Section 92, dealing with the Powers and Duties of the 
Grand Master, be amended by adding a new subsection (d) and (e) which would 

92. (d) Should the incumbent of the office of Grand Treasurer die or cease to 
reside in the jurisdiction or become incapable for any reason of performing the 
duties of his office, a committee comprised of the Grand Master, Deputy Grand 
Master and Past Grand Masters shall name and appoint a qualified replacement 
to fulfill the duties of the office during such incapacity or until the next Annual 
Communication of Grand Lodge, at which time the "vacancy" shall be filled by 
an election in accordance with Sections 47 and 48 for the unexpired portion of the 
term. If the office of Grand Treasurer is made vacant after March 15th, such 
replacement shall be approved and confirmed by Grand Lodge at the ensuing 
Annual Communication and shall serve in the office until the following Annual 
Communication at which time the "vacancy" shall be filled by an election in 
accordance with Sections 47 and 48 for the unexpired portion of the term. 

The new subsection (e) would read: 

92. (e) Should the incumbent of the office of Grand Secretary die or cease to 
reside in the jurisdiction or become incapable for any reason of performing the 
duties of his office, a committee comprised of the Grand Master, Deputy Grand 
Master and Past Grand Masters shall name and appoint a qualified replacement 
to fulfill the duties of the office during such incapacity or until the next Annual 
Communication of Grand Lodge, at which time the "vacancy" shall be filled by 
an election in accordance with Section 46 for the unexpired portion of the term. 

The existing subsection 92(d) would become subsection 92(f). 


11. The eleventh proposal is, that the first sentence of Section 270, dealing with 
Lodge Meetings, be changed to read: A summons shall be sent in a sealed 
envelope or by secure electronic transmission via e-mail. The balance of the section 
shall remain as it now is. 

12. The twelfth proposal is, that Section 276, also dealing with Lodge Meetings, be 
amended to read: 

276. No degree shall be conferred or exemplified elsewhere than in the lodge 
room, except by dispensation from the Grand Master. 

All of which is respectfully submitted on behalf of the committee. 



This Report was presented by R.W. Bro. D. M. Sheen, Chairman, and on 
motion of the Deputy Grand Master, seconded by R. W. Bro. Sheen, it was 

To the Most Worshipful the Grand Master, Officers and Members of the Grand 
Lodge A.F. & A.M. of Canada in the Province of Ontario. 

Most Worshipful Sir and Brethren: 

It is my privilege and pleasure to present this report on behalf of a very special hard 
working Blood Donors Team: R.W. Bros. William Henshall (Vice-chairman), Errol 
Stewart (Secretary), Gary Bloomfield, Jeff Dickson, John Hiley, E. Roy Harrison, 
Patrick McGrenere and James Parker; V.W. Bro. Jim Abrams and W. Bros. Terry 
Henderson and Richard Hewitt. 

On behalf of all of these members I would express our most sincere thanks to all 
the various District and Lodge Chairmen who expend a great deal of time and energy 
in promoting to our brethren, families and friends "The Gift of Life." 

We v/ould especially wish to pay tribute to those individuals who donate blood on 
behalf of various Masonic Lodges. People such as: Mrs. Catherine Dippel, Mrs. Edith 
Coxen (50 on behalf of Doric No. 289, London West), Mrs. Karen Parliament (50 on 
behalf of Corinthian No. 330, London West), Mrs. Elaine Clays (75 on behalf of Mt. 
Olivet No. 300, London East), Mr. Raymond Days (75 on behalf of Mt. Olivet No. 
300, London East), Mr. James Hunter (100 on behalf of London Daylight No. 735, 
London East), Mrs. Anne Walker (400 on behalf of Delaware Valley No. 358, London 
West), and Mr. R. Bowers (500 on behalf of Union No. 380, London East). 

The team met and established objectives for the year as follows: 

Certificates - Produce certificates for each level of "milestone" donations. The team 
has developed a computer-generated certificate that appropriately recognizes milestone 
donations. The committee felt it prudent to recognize milestones starting at the 25 
mark and at 25 unit intervals up to 100, and at 50 unit intervals thereafter. 
Appropriate certificates have been produced for milestone donations as reported for 
this Masonic year and are currently being distributed. 

Recognition - The team felt strongly that the current practice of recognizing the district 
with the greatest number of donations should be continued, but that we also should 
recognize the district with the greatest per capita donations (members versus 


donations) and the most improved district. Accordingly, I am happy to report the 
following recognitions: 

• Most Donations - Algoma 

• Highest Per Capita Donations - Algoma 

• Most Improved District - Georgian North 

International Plowing Match - The team participated in the International Plowing 
Match with an excellent display. Many thanks to all those involved from the Canadian 
Blood Services, especially Susan Harris, Janine Smith and Tim Hamilton who set up 
and took down the display and ensured our stock of handouts. The display has been 
booked again for the International Plowing Match in Carleton Place. 

Recognition of CBS - The Canadian Blood Services (C.B.S.) has been a tremendous 
aid to us. Whether it has been attending our meetings, making presentations to keep 
us informed, or producing the new supply of Masonic Blood Donor pamphlets. For 
these reasons the team felt it would be appropriate to give them some form of tangible 
recognition of our gratitude. A presentation was made to the Management Committee 
and it was felt that this might have already been done. After appropriate research, we 
found that the C.B.S. has not been formally recognized, and we therefore, recommend 
that this be pursued. 

Masonic Blood Donor Pins - As the supply of pins has been depleted, a new supply has 
been ordered. 

Ontario Mason Magazine - The magazine published a great article on the C.B.S. Open 
House, and followed a first time donor through the process. They also have, and 
continue to publish the 1-888-2 DONATE number, as well as the C.B.S. Web Site 
address . For this we offer our thanks to the Ontario Mason 

Blood Donation Registers - The team started the year out with the consensus that these 
are very seldom utilized, and therefore, redirected the budgeted funds to produce a 
new supply to the purchase of pins. The course of the year proved that there was a 
very small demand for some new registers and the demand is being met by 
redistributing unused registers. We recommend that a small amount be budgeted on 
an ongoing basis to produce a few books yearly to meet demand. 

Standardize Committee Communications - The members of the team each undertook 
to be the regional chairman. Each was assigned a group of districts (4 - 5), they then 
became the channel of communications from this committee to the various district 
chairmen. In turn, they facilitated communication and input from the various district 
chairmen to this committee. 

Blood Donor Card with the Masonic Logo on Them - After extensive discussion with the 
C.B.S. it was determined that this would be too cost prohibitive, and access to their 
database in order to achieve this was impossible due to the sensitivity of the database. 
C.B.S. has undertaken that they will stock all of their clinic kits, and instruct their 
volunteers to affix them to Masonic Donors cards, if we have the stickers produced. 
We recommend a supply of stickers be purchased for this reason. 

Unrelated Bone Marrow Registry - A presentation was made to management regarding 
our desire to have the promotion of this, programme included as a part of this 
mandate. It is recognized that participation in this programme is of a very personal 



nature and therefore we will only be raising awareness of it. Management approved 
and a revision of our mandate has been submitted to management for consideration. 

Web Site - It was the team's desire to get information regarding Masonry's history 
with blood donations, as well as a link to the C.B.S. Web Site up and running on our 
Grand Lodge Web Page. At the time of this writing, this has not been proceeded with. 
We recommend that this be undertaken as soon as possible. 

The team recommends that all of these current practices be continued. 
Listed below are the numbers of plasma, platelet and whole blood donations by 
district to March 31, 2003, our year-end. 








Ottawa 2 



Algoma East 









Prince Edward 






St Lawrence 






St Thomas 












South Huron 







I 108 


Georgian North 






Georgian South 



Toronto 1 






Toronto 2 



Hamilton A 



Toronto 3 



Hamilton B 



Toronto 4 



Hamilton C 



Toronto 5 



London East 



Toronto 6 



London West 



Toronto 7 



Muskoka-P Sound 






Niagara A 






Niagara B 






Nipissing East 






North Huron 



Wilson North 






Wilson South 



Ottawa 1 






Total Donations 

1996 14,096 



2000 22,026 



1997 14,684 



2001 24,205 



In excess of TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND donations in the last ten years. WOW! 
The C.B.S. informs us that the demand for blood and blood products increases by 
eight percent per year, yet donation counts drop by two percent. Over the last ten 
years we have increased our donations by almost ONE HUNDRED PERCENT or an 
average of ten percent per year. This year we have increased our donations by over 25 
per cent. 

This year, the following received certificates recognizing milestone donations, and we 
applaud their efforts. 



W. Bro. Peter Japp 
W. Bro. Robert Siddall 

W. Bro. R. C. Jolley 

London East 
W. Bro. Cecil Clark 
W. Bro. Jeff Clays 
Bro. Carl Sloman 

London West 
W. Bro. Wayne Ross 
Bro. Carl Nabien 
W. Bro. Jim Reeves 

W. Bro. Tom McNaughton 

W. Bro. Alex Wilson 
London East 
Bro. Richard Hamilton 

Bro. Alexander Cook 

Bro. David Cottrell 
Bro. Gary Hall 
W. Bro. Jim Paget 
Bro. Bill Granger 

Georgian North 
W. Bro. Wayne Noble 

Georgian South 
V.W. Bro. William Haza 

W. Bro. Warren Douglas 

London East 
Bro. Jack Collins 
Bro. Wayne Ford 

Musk-Parry Sound 
V.W. Bro. Harvey Rickward 

W. Bro. George Day 
Bro. David Town • 

Ottawa 2 
R.W. Bro. David Eraser 
Bro. Donald Eraser 
St. Thomas 
R.W. Bro. Hugh Lyle 
V.W. Bro. M. McArthur 
W. Bro. Lawrence Silcox 
W. Bro. H. W. Worthington 

London West 
Bro. William Coxen 

St. Thomas 
W. Bro. Dean Paddon 

Hamilton B 
W. Bro. William Roberts 

Hamilton C 
Bro. Steven Thiede 

London West 
Bro. Don Gale 
Bro. Paul Gomes 
W. Bro. John Slade 

Musk-Parry Sound 
R.W. Bro. Eric Sisel 
Nl\gara B 
R.W. Bro. Harry Boutilier 

London West 
W. Bro. Tom Weihmayer 
W. Bro. Steve Pocock 
W. Bro. Dave Roelans 

Bro. James Rees 

Bro. Bob Burnley 

Bro. Peter Ramsey 
Bro. Robert Donaldson 

Toronto 4 
W. Bro. Ed Russell 
W. Bro. Gordon Ough 

V.W. Bro. Arthur Stokes 
W. Bro. Carl Hall 
W. Bro. Rod Cummings 

Bro. Alton Hill 

St. Thomas 
W. Bro. John Agar 
W. Bro. Ray Jobson 

W. Bro. Lome Ellis 

South Huron 
R.W. Bro. Ross Ferguson 
Bro. Robert Paxton 
Toronto 4 
W. Bro. J. D. Alymar 
Bro. John Bromell 

Bro. Richard Tincombe 
Bro. Tom Christiansen 

Bro. Douglas Baker 

W. Bro. Donald Murray 

Bro. Charles Harry 

London East 
W. Bro. Bert Jester 
Ottawa 1 
Bro. John Thomas 

Bro. Robert Fleming 

Hamilton B 
W. Bro. Tim Corran 

London East 
R.W. Bro. Bill Walker 
London West 
M.W. Bro. Robert McKibbon 

Bro. Dieter Grzella 

R.W. Bro. Gary Bloomfield 
W. Bro. Ronald Rost 
London West 
W. Bro. Ken Glendinning 
W. Bro. Ron Brewe 



Algoma London West London East 

W. Bro. Albert Harding W. Bro. Shuards Sutherland R.W. Bro. Clare Hatt 

London West 
V.W. Bro. Jim Abrams 
W. Bro. Richard Walker 


The new appointment system adopted by the C.B.S. seems to have created a little bit 
of confusion with regard to donating. In clarification, they still leave blocks of openings 
for walk-in donations, but are encouraging people to take advantage of the 
appointment system in order that they do not have a wait when they show up to give. 
If you have an appointment you will be immediately processed and donate in that time 
period, so that you can plan your time more carefully. 

As the scope regarding the ability to donate blood narrows due to so many medical 
restrictions, the brethren, their ladies and friends continue to step up to the plate and 
help ensure the supply of the "Gift of Life." Every Mason has been asked, "Would 
you give if it were in your power?" - the answer in all cases has been in the 
affirmative. What better and more precious gift can be given, and yet cost one nothing 
but a little of their time - charity exemplified. Support of the C.B.S. and Blood Donor 
clinics is our most publicly visible outreach in Craft Masonry and the Masons should 
be justifiably proud of their record in unselfishly giving the "Gift of Life." The 
concept of hosting and volunteering at clinics has really gathered steam, and this is an 
excellent way to get those who are unable to give, the opportunity to participate in this 
worthwhile endeavor. 

Once again, we offer our special thanks to all those who touch on the Masonic 
Blood Donor programme - individual donors, clinic volunteers, lodge chairmen, district 
chairmen, the District Deputy Grand Masters for their promotion of the programme, 
and the staff of the C.B.S. for their unwavering support - the need will always be there, 
and so will we. 

Respectfully submitted on behalf of the Blood Donors' Committee. 

DAVID M. SHEEN, Chairman 


To the Most Worshipful the Grand Master, Officers and Members of the Grand 

Lodge, A.F. & A.M. of Canada in the Province of Ontario. 
Most Worshipful Sir and Brethren: 

It was my privilege yesterday morning, July 15, 2003, to report on behalf of the Board 
of Directors to the Fortieth Annual Meeting of the Masonic Foundation of Ontario, 
held at the Royal York Hotel, Toronto, Ontario. 

Your Foundation has accomplished much during the past year. Highlights of 
activities in the various programs form a part of the Foundation's Annual Report. I 
encourage you to read each section to gain a full appreciation of the charitable work 
undertaken by the Foundation in our communities. 

Your Foundation has once again benefited from the devotion and dedication of the 
members of the Board of Directors and Committee Chairmen. Their involvement goes 
far beyond attending several meetings during the year; each program requires a 
continual overview and a guiding hand - a time commitment the remuneration for 
which is solely the satisfaction of assisting a particular segment of our society in need. 


The close working relationship between Grand Lodge and your Foundation is the 
catalyst for much of that support. In particular, the on-going interest of M.W. Bro. 
Terence Shand, Grand Master, is greatly appreciated. His attendance at meetings of 
the Board of Directors, his promotion of the Foundation's programs in his travels and 
his dedication of several of his messages in the D.D.G.M. Communiqu6 to the 
Foundation's work personify his long-standing involvement with the Foundation. 

The Masonic Foundation owes its success primarily to the financial support of the 
Masons of this province. That support comes from all across Ontario - given in the 
true spirit of Masonic Charity to assist those less fortunate. Some might question what 
payback is enjoyed in the numerous small localities where Masonic lodges, and 
Foundation supporters, reside. Certainly, hearing research is concentrated in London, 
Toronto and Ottawa, and bursaries go to students attending universities and colleges 
in larger population centres. 

Such support, however, does not limit its benefits to the larger centres - students 
in need come from every corner of Ontario, hearing impaired children, regardless of 
the size of their community, benefit from the voice itinerant auditory-verbal therapy 
program and will continue to benefit from the advancements that will come from 
research funded by the Foundation. The Peer Education Drug Awareness Programs 
are available to any school board in the province that requests it. The new com- 
munication technology at Kerry's Place, supported by the Foundation, provides 
guidance and hope for families struggling to cope with the demands of an autistic 
member. Support of and by the Masonic Foundation truly does flow both ways - funds 
into the Foundation permit programs that support those in need all across the 

Of major interest to many friends of the Foundation will be the tangible results 
being achieved through the three research projects funded by the Millennium HELP-2- 
HEAR Program. Dr. Robert Harrison at the Hospital for Sick Children is directing 
neuro-imaging studies in children with hearing loss. The researchers are studying activity 
patterns in the brain to determine which parts are used in understanding verbal, spoken 
language and which are used in deaf children when they are using sign language to 
determine whether there is a connection. Dr. Richard Seewald at the University of 
Western Ontario (London) is directing studies to improve the fitting of modem digital 
hearing aids in infants and young children. The goal is to develop state-of-the-art 
methods for assessing hearing loss and methods and protocols for the prescription, 
fitting and verification of the hearing aids connected to tiny ears. Dr. Andr6e Durieux- 
Smith is directing a study at the University of Ottawa to determine the impact of 
screening and case finding on the functional status of children with a hearing loss. The 
long-term objective is to investigate the impact of the age of diagnosis of hearing loss 
on child development in the domains of speech and language communication, and 
social functioning. 

Last year, the Directors introduced a Strategic Framework to serve as the blueprint 
for future operations of the Foundation, focusing on three key areas: Charitable 
Programs; Supplier Satisfaction; and Operating Efficiency. We can be pleased with the 
progress made this past year in achieving the goals set out in the Strategic Framework, 
including: implementing three research projects funded through help-2-hear; distri- 
buting a new "Planned Giving" brochure; updating of the Foundation section of the 
Grand Lodge Web page; conducting Seminars for those persons interested in the work 
of the Foundation; publishing articles on the Foundation in "the Ontario Mason"; 
upgrading the Foundation display booth; and opening a Directors Meeting to interested 



Unrestricted net assets as at March 31, 2003, amounted to $7,404,500, an increase 
of $186,400, or 2.6%, over the previous year-end. Through the imaginative asset 
management program of our investment firm, BMO Nesbitt Burns, income earned on 
the capital amounted to $441,000 this past year. Yellow Envelopes brought in $42,600, 
other member and lodge contributions amounted to $13,300, memorial donations 
totaled $21,400 and a further $133,500 was received through bequests from eleven 

Program payments totaled $387,000, the major contributions being: bursaries, 
$96,000; the three projects under HELP-2-HEAR, $105,000; research under Project 
H.E.L.P., $50,000; Nip Drugs Peer Education through coda and pad, $85,000; and 
VOICE for Hearing Impaired Children and Kerry's Place (Autism), $15,000 each. 
Of course, it is not just the programs emanating from the management core that 
makes the Foundation a major player in Masonic charity in our communities. Projects 
originating in the Districts and undertaken in conjunction with your Foundation 
continue to play an important role. Nine such projects this past year distributed 
$83,600 to address locally-identified needs, including cancer research, wheelchair 
accessibility, assisting an Autistic child, food banks, an arthritis self-help program and 
furnishing a multi-faith centre. 

To thank Masons for making the Foundation their charity of choice and to help 
them celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Grand Lodge, as well as to make local 
support by the Foundation more visible, your Foundation wants to take Masonic 
charity to the grassroots of Ontario - to the local communities where Masons live and 
work and from which support of the Foundation has been generated over the years. 
To achieve this goal, your Foundation has initiated the Sesquicentennial Program to 
promote a charitable project in every District during 2004-05 to financially support a 
local need. 

The Foundation will commit $150,000. Of this total, each District will be provided 
$1,500 outright. Should the District choose not to undertake a fund-raising project to 
supplement the amount from the Foundation, the $1,500 would still be available for 
donation to a local charitable cause. The main goal of this Sesquicentennial Program, 
however, will be to promote the presence of Masonry in the community through a 
District-wide fund-raising project. To help achieve this goal, each District would receive 
an added amount of 25% of the funds raised, up to a further $2,000 per project. While 
it is envisaged implementation and fund-raising would occur during the 150th 
Anniversary Celebration of Grand Lodge from July 2004 to July 2005, selecting the 
appropriate local cause, obtaining the Foundation's agreement, organizing the 
campaign team and establishing the fund-raising phase will require much planning 
during the 2003-04 Masonic year. 

The next two years promise to be exciting; however, the Directors must also look 
beyond this major initiative. The Strategic Framework will continue to be implemented; 
planned giving will be promoted; and "personal giving" through the Yellow Envelope 
campaign, memorial donations and other contributions must be encouraged to boost 
contributions to levels equal to and beyond that achieved prior to the HELP-2-HEAR 
Campaign to meet the community's ever-increasing need for assistance. 

While we reflect on past achievements of the Foundation with pride, let us also 
look to its future goals with purpose, and remember that our efforts are done, often 
without fanfare or public recognition, to assist those less fortunate than ourselves -for 
the cause of good. 


It has been a privilege to preside over the Foundation as custodian on your behalf, 
as it is: 

Your Masonic Foundation of Ontario . . . 
Your legacy for the betterment of future generations. 

Respectfully submitted on behalf of the Board of Directors and Officers of the 
Masonic Foundation of Ontario. 

Ronald K. Campbell, President 


This Report was presented by R. W. Bro. R. S. Whitmore, Chairman, and on 
motion of the Deputy Grand Master, seconded by R. W. Bro. Whitmore, it was 

To the Most Worshipful the Grand Master, Officers and Members of the Grand 
Lodge, A.F. & A.M. of Canada, in the Province of Ontario. 

Most Worshipful Sir and Brethren: 

The function of the Discipline Committee is to advise the Grand Master and to 
perform such duties as, pursuant to our Constitution, are required in matters of 
Masonic discipline. As such, we have a role in ensuring that both the intent and the 
specifics of the discipline provisions in our Constitution are fulfilled. Masonic discipline 
is a very difficult and complex area and it often is confused with or seen as a remedy 
to resolve matters of personal difference and dispute among brethren. 

Recognition of this common tendency and the frequent attempts to resort to 
Masonic charges and Masonic trials in an attempt to deal with such matters were 
important reasons leading to the amendments made by this Grand Lodge in 2001, 
which included specific provisions enabling the Grand Master to direct attempts to 
mediate, reconcile and adjust disputes to assist the brethren in reaching mutually 
acceptable resolutions and also to codify the Grand Master's jurisdiction, after seeking 
appropriate advice, to direct that proceedings be dismissed if he feels it appropriate to 
do so. 

This year, as seems to have been the case for the past several years, several 
disputes have developed among brethren, some of which have become very destructive 
to the particular lodges, and many of which have become very time consuming and 
counterproductive to the positive aims and ideals of Freemasonry. As I stated in my 
report last year, it is not the role of your committee or of the Grand Master to enter 
into each and every personal disagreement among brethren nor are such problems the 
proper subject matter for our Constitutional discipline process. All brethren are urged, 
when faced with such a problem, to use common sense, brotherly love, and mutual 
understanding to overcome such controversies. I can assure all of the brethren that, 
when such matters are brought before your committee, we attempt to consider them 
fully and impartially. 

Our Grand Master has been called upon to act in such situations this year and he 
has done so thoughtfully and decisively. We support him in his actions. It is 
unfortunate that in such cases there can be no answer, other than a voluntary and 
mutual reconciliation, that is satisfactory to both sides. We recognize that fact and 
appreciate that such matters are of tremendous significance to the particular brethren 
involved, but we must be steadfast in holding to the principle that the Masonic 


discipline procedure with its trial and appeal process is to be resorted to only in 
appropriate, serious cases. 

During the past year, we have not had any Masonic trials nor have we been 
requested to issue any Certificates of Severance. It is our belief that, in appropriate 
circumstances, Certificates of Severance serve a very worthwhile purpose and provide 
advantages to both our fraternity and to the specific brother involved, which advantages 
cannot be overstated. We continue to encourage the brethren to familiarize themselves 
with these provisions in our Constitution. 

In closing, I wish to express my personal thanks for the guidance, wisdom and 
generous assistance provided to my by our Grand Master, M.W. Bro. Terence Shand, 
the Grand Lodge staff and our Grand Secretary, M.W. Bro. Robert J. McKibbon, and 
all other members of the committee, namely: M.W. Bros. R. E. Davies, D. C. Bradley, 
N. E. Byrne; R.W. Bros. R. T. Runciman, J. W. Lidstone, M. J. Thompson, and V.W. 
Bro. F. Halpern. Their contribution has been invaluable and I extend my sincere 
personal thanks to each of them. 

All of which is respectfully submitted. 



Grand Lodge adjourned at 11:56 a.m. 


Grand Lodge resumed labour at 1:30 p.m. 


This Report was presented by R. W. Bro. T. A. McLean, Chairman, and on 
motion of the Deputy Grand Master, seconded by R. W. Bro. McLean, it was 

To the Most Worshipful the Grand Master, Officers and Members of the Grand 

Lodge A.F. & A.M. of Canada in the Province of Ontario. 
Most Worshipful Sir and Brethren: 

It is my privilege to present the report of the Long Range Planning Committee on 
behalf of its members: R.W. Bros. Jack Leitch, Rudolph Mulack, Frank Wilson, James 
Oliver, William Lidstone, John Hough, David Salter; V.W. Bro. Gary Fitzpatrick; W. 
Bro. Ben Palmer, and R.W. Bro. Norman "Bud" Funnell, Secretary. 

■Reflecting Back, Looking Forward" 

The Grand Lodge Five-Year Continuing Strategic Plan has been revised. The various 
committees of Grand Lodge have refocused and have aligned their major initiatives 
and resources to the plan. Now we move forward together executing the plan initiatives 
to focus modern Freemasonry and to keep it a viable, vibrant fraternity. 

In 2002-2003 our major accomplishments (WINS) are in the areas of: (1) 
Fraternal Environment, (2) Leadership Development, (3) Communications, and are 
now listed on the back of the Strategic Plan document. The plan execution has been 
encouraging; however, the plan impact requires constant evaluation. 


Grand Lodge is there to help, to consult and to assist districts and lodges interested 
in developing a long range plan and to assist the members of the lodge to provide a 
road map for their lodge. Remember, as Masons, we are on this journey together. 
Currently eighteen (18) districts and some individual lodges have "pulled in" the long 
range planning process to suit their needs and are showing positive signs towards 
improvement. They will be examples for others to emulate. Common themes for 
planning are: Membership Retention, Financials, Lodge Buildings, Masonic Learning 
and Development, Social Intercourse, Community Involvement, Lodge Anniversary 
Milestones, Interesting Meetings, and, more recently, the L^C^ Anniversary of Grand 
Lodge, to mention a few. Congratulations on your journey. 

R.W. Bro. Frank Wilson, committee member, has created a handy tool entitled, 
"An ABC Desk Reference," which is a valuable catalyst for documenting and 
measuring progress of your plans. It can also be used as a companion booklet of 
suggestions for many Grand Lodge programmes. This tool will be incorporated into the 
Brother to Brother Resource Kit for distribution to your lodge. 

We are aligned, focused, and working together to face the challenges and 
opportunities head on for the betterment of the Craft. Question: How will we ensure 
the use of the long range planning process? Get it out to the membership; better yet, 
be on demand to demonstrate the process to lodges. Prompt by coaching and watch 
the lodge implement the design and then follow up on the progress. The resources and 
wisdom rest within the lodge membership for the success of any planning. 

For 2003-2008 the Grand Lodge Strategic Plan opportunities have been identified. 
They include: a review of the Board of General Purposes structure; a recommendation 
to revise our current amalgamation process; the condition of our Masonic Homes; 
maintaining the high standards in lodge; evaluating current Grand Lodge programmes; 
the Grand Lodge perceived image; the current leadership selection process; getting 
back to basics and the membership's diversity, needs and wants. 

These are the recommendations proposed by the committee to address those 
matters, which will affect the future, and to perpetuate the strategic plan. Masonry is 
about people and, as leaders, we have to satisfy their needs. 

"Great Leaders are like the Best Conductors, they search beyond the Notes 
to reach the Magic in the Players" - Blaine Lee 

Long Range planning at all levels: The Grand Lodge, The District, The Individual 
Lodge, and The Individual Member, supports moving forward together. 

All of which is respectfully and fraternally submitted by the committee for the 
betterment of the Craft. 

TERRY A. McLEAN, Chairman 


This Report was presented by R.W. Bro. P. J. Mullen, Chairman, and on motion 
of the Deputy Grand Master, seconded by R. W. Bro, Mullen, it was adopted. 

To the Most Worshipful the Grand Master, Officers and Members of the Grand 
Lodge A.F. & A.M. of Canada in the Province of Ontario. 

Most Worshipful Sir and Brethren: 

The Benevolence Committee is pleased to report that during the year ending April 30, 
2003, there was disbursed, in the interest of benevolence, 19 grants and Christmas 


gratuities from the Memorial Fund, totaling $33,175. In addition, S 10,000 was paid for 
services provided by our Grand Lodge staff and $7,943 was paid to the investment firm 
of Scotia Cassels Investment Counsel Limited for investment management fees. Total 
expenditures were $51,118. Income on investments was $74,111, and bequests and 
donations of $17,235 were received. Hence, a net profit resulted of $40,228. 

On April 12, 2003, the annual meeting of this committee was held in the Upper 
Board Room at the Grand Lodge Memorial Building, Hamilton, ON and 10 
applications were reviewed. At this meeting the committee learned that R.W. Bro. T. 
R. (Dick) Davies has served this committee for 25 years. The chairman, on behalf of 
the committee, expressed sincere thanks and deep appreciation to Brother Davies for 
his commitment and dedication to the work of benevolence. His wise counsel and 
guiding hand have been greatly appreciated by this chairman, and by those brethren 
who previously served as chairmen. 

Once again, I have to advise the brethren that the committee receives applications 
with information lacking; hence, the application must be returned for more informa- 
tion. This, of course, causes a further delay in processing the application and an 
unnecessary hardship to the applicant. We emphasize the need for full and complete 
information on the application, in order that the committee can act as quickly as 

The committee endorses the policy of the appointment of District and Lodge 
Chairmen of Benevolence and recommends that this practice be continued. We wish 
to acknowledge the assistance of the District Deputy Grand Masters, and the District 
and Lodge Chairmen of Benevolence and express to them our deep appreciation for 
their help. 

When District and Lodge Chairmen of Benevolence are reappointed the committee 
is most pleased. The continuity provides the experience and knowledge of the 
benevolent process and programme that is essential to fulfill their duties and 

I suggest to all brethren, that a concerted effort be made to see that all cases of 
benevolence are acted upon, in order that those brethren and their families who 
require assistance from our Benevolence programme receive it. 

Over this past year, two Grand Lodge office staff retired, in the persons of M.W. 
Bro. R. E. Davies and Mrs. Ilene Elder. They were very involved in the administration 
of our Benevolent portfolio. Therefore, on behalf of the committee, I express to them 
both, our sincere thanks and deep appreciation for their assistance, direction and 

In conclusion, I, as chairman, commend very highly the kindness and guidance of 
M.W. Bro. R. J. McKibbon, Grand Secretary and acting Supervisor of Benevolence, 
the continued support of our Grand Lodge staff and the dedication and commitment 
of each committee member to the benevolent work of Masonry. Each of you exhibit 
a genuine interest in the welfare of each of our applicants. 

Respectfully submitted on behalf of the committee: R.W. Bros. T. R. Davies, R. 
C. James, W. J. Matyczuk, G. W. Nelson; G. W. Brown, E. P. Finkbeiner, L. W. 
Hammell, R. E. Kerr, J. W. Murphy, J. W. Trousdale, K L. Whiting; W. Bros. D. K 
Bromley and B. J. Penney. 

PAUL J. MULLEN, Chairman 



This Report was presented by R. W. Bro. T. E. Lewis, Chairman, and on motion 
of the Deputy Grand Master, seconded by R.W. Bro. Lewis, it was adopted. 

To the Most Worshipful the Grand Master, Officers and Members of the Grand 
Lodge A.F. & A.M. of Canada in the Province of Ontario. 

Most Worshipful Sir and Brethren: 

The duties and responsibilities of the Committee on Audit and Finance of Grand 

Lodge are set forth in the Book of Constitution in subsection 136(a) and the 

committee now reports to Grand Lodge on the discharge of these several duties and 



Again, the Committee on Audit and Finance continues to review the monthly financial 
statements as prepared by the Grand Lodge office and compares the results of 
operations and financial position of Grand Lodge to budget. The results of operations 
and financial position compared favorably to the budget adopted last year for fiscal 
2003 for the General Fund. However, the investment income was budgeted to receive 
$L50,000 in the General fund and in fact, we earned $138,785 net, i.e. investment 
income earned, gain on sale of investments net of losses on the sale of investments. As 
indicated in the audited financial statements, the statement of operations for the 
General Fund resulted in a deficiency of $44,156 as compared to a budgeted deficit of 

The committee has once again reviewed and considered the Annual Reports of the 
Grand Secretary, Grand Treasurer and the Auditors' as referred to in these annual 
proceedings. These reports were found to be most informative and complete in all 
material respects. Accordingly, the committee recommends the adoption of these 

The Audit and Finance Committee undertook a review of the Investment Plan as 
adopted by Grand Lodge some time ago together with the investment strategy. It was 
unanimously agreed that we continue with the existing strategy with respect to asset 
mix and income requirements. 

The Committee on Audit and Finance reviewed the insurance coverage maintained 
by our Grand Lodge and we believe that it is adequate in the circumstances. The 
committee would like to thank R.W. Bro. Cassie for his efforts in this regard. 

Your chairman in concert with the Grand Secretary, Mrs. Nickerson of the Grand 
Lodge office and Ms. Rasa Lannoo, a representative of Gem Financial Group Inc., the 
group coverage consultants for Grand Lodge, met to review the Grand Lodge group 
policy as it relates to our employees at the Grand Lodge office. I am pleased to report 
that it would appear that Grand Lodge is in compliance in all material respects and 
that the coverage meets the requirements of our employees. 

Your chairman and Grand Treasurer requested that a review of the Commutation 
Fund be undertaken to determine that the Life Membership Fund was adequately 
funded to provide annually for the brethren, who were on the rolls of Grand Lodge 
as life members. Accordingly, R.W. Bro. R. G. Wands undertook this project and 
reported back that based on the current facts, the Commutation Fund is not only 
adequately funded, but was apparently over funded based on actuarial calculations. 
This matter will be addressed at a future meeting of the Audit and Finance 
Committee. On behalf of the committee, I would like to thank R.W. Bro. Wands for 


his work in this regard. 

Your committee chairman, at the request of the Grand Master, M.W. Bro. Terence 
Shand, reviewed the Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on Amalgamations and 
Closings and reported back to him with a number of suggestions and recommen- 


In the Annual Report of the Grand Treasurer, he has discussed the status of the 
Grand Lodge Investment Portfolio. Throughout the year, the committee continues to 
meet on a regular basis with our investment portfolio managers Scotia Cassels 
Investment Counsel Limited to not only monitor the activities of the portfolio, but to 
review the overall investment strategy as required, given the ongoing changes in the 
business and investment climate. 

As indicated above, the committee reviewed our investment strategy in conjunction 
with the Grand Lodge Investment Plan. Despite continued difficulties in the investment 
markets, the Grand Lodge Investment Portfolio totaled approximately $4,L')0,000 at 
market value at April 30, 2003. 

Accordingly, we would recommend that Scotia Cassels Investment Counsel continue 
to be engaged as the Grand Lodge portfolio managers. 


The audited financial statements for Grand Lodge for the year ended April 30, 2003, 
were reviewed and discussed in detail with our auditors, Grant Thornton, Chartered 
Accountants. These audited financial statements can be found elsewhere in the Annual 
Proceedings. For the year ended April 30, 2003, your Grand Lodge experienced a 
consolidated net loss of $73,848, which is a significant improvement from the last fiscal 
year, which indicated a consolidated loss of $254,602. The audited financial statements 
indicate a much-improved return on investments. 

Nevertheless, your Grand Lodge remains in a strong financial position. 

We again congratulate the Grand Treasurer, the Grand Secretary, the Grand 
Master, the Chairman of the Management Committee and the members of the various 
Grand Lodge committees for the efficient manner in which they managed the financial 
resources of our Grand Lodge. 

Accordingly, the committee recommends that the audited financial statements for 
the year ended April 30, 2003, be adopted as submitted. 

A special thanks to our auditors. Grant Thornton, Chartered Accountants and in 
particular, Mr. George Benton, C.A., for their overall assistance and interest during the 

BUDGET 2003-2004 

The Audit and Finance Committee received from the Management Committee the 
budgetary requirements of all the Grand Lodge committees for the ensuing year, which 
were carefully considered in preparing the annual budget for our Grand Lodge for the 
year ended April 30, 2004. These amounts aggregated $14,500 together with allocations 
made from the Programme Fund. 

The budget for the General Fund for the ensuing year is set out in the appendix 
to this report, which reflects anticipated revenue of $598,000 and expenses of $675,300 
resulting in a budget deficit of $77,300. 

As in prior years, a budget for the Special Programme Fund has been prepared, 
which is set out in the appendix attached to this report and reflects budgeted expenses 
of $150,000. 


In addition to tlie foregoing, set out in the appendix to tiiis report is a budget for 
the 150* Anniversary Committee for the fiscal year ended April 30, 2004, of $7,800. 
Funds for this anniversary event have been set aside from the General Fund for a 
number of years and we would refer you to the year end audited fmancial statements. 

The operational and Special Programme budgets were prepared on a line by line 
examination based on the actual results of the previous year and giving consideration 
to the needs of Grand Lodge to facilitate desirable and meaningful programmes. The 
150* Anniversary Fund budget was the actual budgetary request from the 150* 
Anniversary Committee. 

In accordance with subsection 134(c) of the Book of Constitution, your committee 
submits for consideration and approval, as set out below, an estimate of the revenues 
and expenses as they relate to the General Fund for the year ended April 30, 2004. 
Your committee believes that the budget set out in this report is realistic and provides 
for items which can be reasonably foreseen to meet the obligations, financial 
responsibilities and commitments of the General Fund of Grand Lodge for the current 
fiscal year. 

Note: We would reiterate the comments of the Grand Treasurer in his report to say 
that if the financial markets do not improve significantly in the ensuing year to provide 
increased investment income, it may be necessary to adjust the per capita assessment. 


The Committee on Audit And Finance has also reviewed the charitable donations 
made by the Grand Master on behalf of Grand Lodge. The donations aggregated 
$3,000 and v/ere made to the Order of DeMolay, Job's Daughters and the Rainbow 
Girls for $1,000 each. As such, we recommend the approval of the same. 


In order to continue to fund meaningful programmes from Grand Lodge, the 
Committee on Audit and Finance would recommend that Grand Lodge through its 
committees, officers and members strongly promote the "Special Programme Fund" 
and urge the membership to support this worthy endeavour. 

We would also recommend that the Audit and Finance Committee, in concert with 
the Committee on Lodge Finances, review Section 127 of the Book of Constitution 
together with the related Regulations Governing Life Membership Trust Funds and 
if deemed necessary prepare appropriate amendments. 

It was recommended that the Audit and Finance Committee form an ad hoc 
committee to establish a set of guidelines with respect to committee expenses so that 
all committees follow the guidelines as set out. This matter is to be addressed in late 
July or August to communicate to the new committee chairmen. 


In conclusion, as Chairman of the Audit and Finance Committee, I particularly want 
to express my personal thanks and best wishes to our former Grand Secretary, M.W. 
Bro. R. E. Davies, Grand Secretary Emeritus, for all his assistance and counsel 
rendered to the writer over these many years. It was most appreciated and often 

To our new Grand Secretary, M.W. Bro. R. J. McKibbon, I pledge my support and 
assistance and likewise congratulate him on the transition. 

I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge with thanks and appreciation the work 
of our Grand Treasurer, R.W. Bro. T. R. Davies. It is a pleasure to work with such 
a brother and gentleman and to congratulate him on behalf of the Audit and Finance 


Committee for having completed twenty-five years of continuous service to Grand 
Lodge and this committee, as well as the Benevolent Committee. 

Likewise, I would like to congratulate R.W. Bro. J. T. Cassie for his many years of 
service to our Grand Lodge and in particular to the Committee on Audit and Finance. 
His wise counsel with respect to business matters and the insurance industry has been 
most appreciated by not only this chairman, but by former chairmen. Jim has indicated 
that he wishes to step down from active committee work, but I am certain that we can 
call on him in the years ahead for assistance. Congratulations on your "Retirement." 

I also wish to express my appreciation to the members of the committee for their 
interest and involvement in the management of the financial affairs of this Grand 
Lodge, in the persons of M.W. Bro. T. Shand, R.W. Bros. D. H. Mumby, T. R. 
Davies, J. T. Cassie, R. J. Wands, E. Standish, T. Horner and R. Stinson. And a very 
special thanks to the Grand Lodge staff for their guidance and assistance to the 
committee during and throughout the year. 

Respectfully and fraternally submitted on behalf of the committee. 

THOMAS E. LEWIS, Chairman 















Audit and Finance 






Condition of Masonry 




Library/Museum Exp. 





Long Range Planning 




Masonic Education 










Advisory Lodge Bldgs. 



Advisory Lodge Finance 





Annual Seminars 





Blood Donors 







Computer Resources 





Public Relations 










Fraternal Correspondence 





Misc Comm. 





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Museum/Archives and 









Membership Resources 



Int'l Plow Match, fairs & displays 2,291 







Public Relations 





Planning Conference 





Masonic Info Center 





Membership (Brother to Brother) 3,922 



Instructional Courses 


Special Printing 




Workshop Eqmt. Overhds/Screens 2,414 



Blood Donors Committee 





Annual Seminars 



Computer Resources 




Long Range Planning 




Ontario Masonic Family Brochures 


Management Fee - Broker 














Operational Budget 


150* Anniversary Expenses 









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This Report was presented by M.W. Bro. R. E. Davies on behalf of M.W. Bro. 
H. O. Polk, Chairman, seconded by the Deputy Grand Master, and received. 

To the Most Worshipful the Grand Master, Officers and Members of the Grand 
Lodge A.F. & A.M. of Canada in the Province of Ontario. 

Most Worshipful Sir and Brethren: 

During the year, now in review, your William Mercer Wilson Awards were issued to 

four worthy recipients whose names are officially recorded in the Grand Master's 


In congratulating each brother for a well-deserved recognition, may we remind 
them that is the most distinctive honour Grand Lodge is empowered to confer. The 
William Mercer Wilson Medal is recognition of merit, not an award for the elite limited 
as it is by regulation granted to members who have not, or likely to serve as 
Worshipful Master. It neither provides special privileges nor monetary award, but 
rather recognition for outstanding contributions beyond the call of duty at the lodge, 
district(s). Grand Lodge and community level, embracing a wide spectrum of 

The first of the claim for recognition on behalf of the nominees is praiseworthy 
service encompassing a varied range of devoted efforts, constant outreach, expressions 
of inward grace, adding an ornament to their identity of being truly servants of 
mankind in their respective communities and to their Creator. How fortunate for 
Freemasonry to have such distinguished members of the Craft providing their 
admirable qualities of generous giving even until advanced years of their lives. The 
committee extends sincere appreciation and thanks to the Grand Secretary and his staff 
for their efficient services so freely extended throughout the year. 

Respectively submitted. 

D. I. Greenwood 

N. R. Richards 

H. O. POLK, Chairman 


On motion of the Deputy Grand Master, this Report was presented by M. W. 
Bro. C. E. Drew, seconded by M. W. Bro. R. E. Groshaw, and adopted. 

To the Officers and Members of the Grand Lodge, A-F. & AM. of Canada in the 

Province of Ontario. 
My Brethren: 

It is my pleasure and honour, on behalf of the committee, which is composed of all of 
the Past Grand Masters, to present the report on the Grand Master's Address. 

At the beginning of his term of office, the Grand Master introduced the theme 
"Back to Basics," and this concept is ingrained in all of his activities. 

The gracious welcome to our guests and the extension of the hand of friendship is 
heartily endorsed by the committee. 

Tribute is paid to those of our dear brethren who have laid down their Working 
Tools; and the committee endorses the recommendation of Past Rank for the six 


brethren so named. 

With great pleasure, the committee recognizes the four deserving recipients of the 
William Mercer Wilson Medal, and joins with the Grand Master in extending sincere 
thanks and best wishes to each of them. 

The committee concurs with the recommendation of the reappointment of R.W. 
Bros. Frederick Halpern and Terrence V. Horner, and the appointment of R.W. Bros. 
William E. Shields, David Jacklin and H. Edward Standish to honorary membership on 
the Board of General Purposes; and also with the three recipients of the Meritorious 
Service Award. 

Our Grand Master, together with his wife Lyn, has represented us with distinction 
beyond the borders of our jurisdiction, and we commend him on the exemplary 
manner in which he has performed as our Ambassador and strengthened our Masonic 

We join with our Grand Master in congratulating those lodges that have celebrated 
an anniversary, and those that have been authorized to "take on the gold." The Grand 
Representatives confirmed by the Grand Master and those who are recommended for 

The Past Grand Masters are grateful for the acknowledgement of their services and 
join with the regret of the Grand Master at the unavoidable absence of some of their 
number at this 148th Annual Communication. 

The Grand Lodge Officers are fully deserving of the tribute from the Grand Master 
to their dedicated and devoted service throughout the year. 

The close cooperation and support of the Deputy Grand Master is noted, together 
with a pledge of unwavering support in the years to come. 

The Family of Freemasonry concept and the continuation of cooperation by the 
Ontario Masonic Leaders, strongly supported by our Grand Master, will provide 
greater understanding and benefits to all of the Masonic Family. 

Our Grand Master never hesitated to go the extra mile in making presentations, 
awards, certificates, commendations, attending special events and paying respect to 
departed brethren, some in a lodge setting, and, when this was not possible, some with 
a personal home visit. The Dedication, Consecration, Amalgamation and Installation 
Ceremonies all served to strengthen the tie which binds. 

The "Back to Basics" theme, if followed, could eliminate many of the disciplinary 
problems, which, if not addressed in a Masonic manner, can disturb the harmony which 
is so essential to our Order. The Grand Master includes a poem "The Basics" which 
was partially inspired by this theme. 

M.W. Bro. Terence Shand concludes with a fitting tribute and special thanks to his 
wife Lyn, whose constant support and encouragement aided our Grand Master to 
complete his term of service for the benefit of the brethren. 

Your committee heartily endorses the sentiments contained in the Address, and 
tender a special thanks to a distinguished Mason who never shirked his duty and never 
failed to take that extra step for the benefit of the brethren. 

Respectfully and fraternally submitted on behalf of the committee. 

C. EDWIN DREW, Chairman 



This Report was presented by R. W. Bro. Wallace McLeod, Grand Historian, 
and on motion of the Deputy Grand Master, seconded by R. W. Bro. McLeod, 
it was received. 

To the Most Worshipful the Grand Master, Officers and Members of the Grand 
Lodge A.F. & A.M. of Canada in the Province of Ontario. 

Most Worshipful Sir and Brethren: 

Once again, it is appropriate that the Grand Historian should express his gratitude to 
the Grand Master, for honouring him with this title. According to the book of 
Constitution, one of the duties assigned to this office is to record matters that are 
connected with the history of Freemasonry in Ontario. 

But we shall start South of the Border. Harriet Beecher Stowe was a writer who 
lived from 1811 to 1896, and was born and died in Connecticut. In 1852 she published 
"the best-seller of the nineteenth century" in the New World, Uncle Tom's Cabin. 
(Actually it had appeared in serial form in an abolitionist weekly newspaper, the 
Washington National Era, beginning in June, 1851). It has been called "the first novel 
to criticize the institution of American slavery." 

It tells the story of a household of black slaves that started out in Kentucky. The 
hero was Uncle Tom, a wise, mature, deeply religious man, "steady, honest, capable," 
who managed his master's "whole farm like a clock." Eventually, he was sold to a 
new owner in New Orleans, and subsequently was beaten to death by his next master, 
Simon Legree. But another, younger pair of slaves in the same household eventually 
escaped, and secretly made their way, assisted by kindly white men, up to Sandusky, 
Ohio, and sailed across Lake Erie to Amherstburg, Canada, where they could be free. 

In a subsequent publication, Harriet Beecher Stowe tells us that all the characters 
in the book are modeled on various people whom she had interviewed. One of her 

sources for Uncle Tom was "the venerable Josiah Henson, now a clergyman in 

Canada" (Harriet Beecher Stowe, The Key to Uncle Tom's Cabin, Boston, 1853, page 
42.) And Henson wrote his own memoirs, which appeared in a number of editions. 
One of the later versions (London, 1876) is entitled Uncle Tom's Story of His Life: An 
Autobiography of the Rev. Josiah Henson (Mrs. Harriet Beecher Stowe 's "Uncle Tom"), 
and includes a Preface by Mrs Harriet Beecher Stowe. So let us look briefly at the life 
of this man. 

But first, there are some important dates of which we should be reminded. At the 
Second Session of Parliament in Upper Canada, held on the 9th of July, 1793, in 
Newark (Niagara), the Legislature passed - "An Act to prevent the further 
introduction of slaves and to limit the term of contract for servitude within this 
Province." It provided that no person who came or was brought into the Province 
after the passing of the Act would be subject to the condition of a slave. It also 
provided that any child who was born to one of the remaining slaves should become 
free at the age of twenty-five. 

This meant of course, that any slave who escaped firom his master in the United 
States and got across the border into Canada was automatically liberated. The point 
was emphasized when, on the 7* of August, 1833, the British Parliament passed a bill 
that abolished slavery altogether in the British Empire. By 1820 the "Underground 
Railway" was well established, to help escaped slaves come from the United States to 
our country; the numbers are disputed, but perhaps as many as 30,000 of them came 
up to Canada before the American Emancipation Proclamation allegedly freed all 


slaves, on the T' of January, 1863. ITiere was a popular song, "The Free Slave," by 
a man named George W. Clark, of which one verse went like this - 

I'm on my way to Canada, 

That cold and distant land. 

The dire effects of slavery 

I can no longer stand. 

Farewell, old master, 

Don 't come after me. 

I'm on my way to Canada, 

Where coloured men are free. 

The escape of so many slaves no doubt had a negative effect on certain aspects of 
the economy of the Southern States. And so, on the 18* of September, 1850, the 
American Congress passed The Fugitive Slave Act. It stated that "it was illegal for any 
citizen to assist an escaped slave" and "if an escaped slave was sighted, he or she 
should be apprehended and turned in to the authorities for deportation back to the 
'rightful' owner down south." This legislation made it even more difficult for escaped 
fugitives to move north to Canada. 

Now let us return to Josiah Henson. He was born, as a slave, in Maryland, on the 
15th of June, 1789. Over the course of time, he had a sequence of owners, and worked 
in different locations. He came to be recognized as competent, and filled various 
administrative functions. He felt the call of religion, and in 1828, while still a slave, he 
was "admitted as a preacher by a Quarterly Conference of the Methodist Episcopal 

He was cheated of a chance to purchase his freedom, and he found moreover that 
his master had plans to sell him. So he decided to take his wife and family and escape 
from slavery. He had heard that Canada was "the only sure refuge from pursuit." So 
they made their way into Indiana, and Ohio, and then sailed east along the shore of 
Lake Erie to Buffalo. They were taken across the Niagara River, and he tells us what 
happened then. "It was the 28th of October, 1830, in the morning, when my feet first 
touched the Canada shore. I threw myself on the ground, rolled in the sand, seized 
handfuls of it and kissed them, and danced round till, in the eyes of several who were 
present, I passed for a madman." 

He soon obtained a position as hired workman, and lived near Fort Erie for three 
years. His employer sent Josiah's oldest son, Tom, to school, and there he learned to 
read. And he taught his father the same skill. 

In 1834, Josiah travelled over much of Western Ontario, and decided that the 
territory east of Lake St. Clair and the Detroit River was the ideal place to make his 
home. With a dozen or so of his companions, he settled there. He met James 
Lightfoot, another escaped slave, who had come to Canada five years earlier, leaving 
his family behind. So Josiah went back to Kentucky, and rescued the Lightfoot family. 
(One of their descendants was Dr. Charles Lightfoot Roman, who lived 1889-1961, 
and was elected Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Quebec for a two-year term in 
1952). Altogether, Henson made several trips down south, and he later said that he 
had freed 118 slaves and brought them north. 

In 1838, he decided that it was necessary to form a manual-labor school, "where 
our children could be taught those elements of knowledge which are usually the 
occupations of a grammar-school and where the boys could be taught, in addition, the 
practice of some mechanic art, and the girls could be instructed in those domestic arts 


which are the proper occupation and ornament of their sex." With the collaboration 
of his friends, he was able to purchase some property, and in 1842, he moved his 
family to the new settlement of Dawn, twenty kilometres north of what is now 
Chatham. He became a lumberman, built a sawmill, and was quite successful. And he 
and his colleagues "established an excellent manual-labor school, where many children 
and youth of both sexes have t>een educated. The school was well attended by both 
colored children, whites, and some Indians." 

He exported timber, especially highly polished walnut wood, particularly to Boston. 
His first shipment was "eighty thousand feet of good prime black walnut lumber, 
sawed in our mill," and he was able to sell it in Boston "for forty-five dollars per 
thousand feet." In 1851, he took some more lumber over to London, England, where 
it was shown at the "World's Industrial Exhibition." Queen Victoria came to visit the 
display, and there Henson met her. He was also interviewed by the Archbishop of 
Canterbury, in his palace. The Archbishop asked him, "At what university, sir, did you 
graduate?" And Henson replied, "I graduated, your grace, at the university of 
adversity." And in June, 1852, he had dinner with Lord John Russell, the Prime 
Minister of England. 

Why should we deal with him? Well, clearly he is regarded as a significant figure 
in Canadian history. In 1983, a century after his death, a Canadian postage stamp was 
issued in his honour - the first such stamp to commemorate an African American. (It 
was designed by Tony Kew, a South African then residing in Toronto.) It includes an 
authentic portrait of Henson, and in the background is a symbolic representation of the 
"Underground Railroad," a parade of people, men, women and children, silhouetted 
against the cloudy horizon, moving north on foot towards freedom. 

There are at least three historical plaques that celebrate Henson's memory. One, 
entitled "The Founding of Dresden," is located at the Town Hall in Dresden, and was 
erected by the Archaeological and Historic Sites Board, Department of Public Records 
and Archives of Ontario. 

In 1846, Daniel van Allen, a Chatham merchant, laid out a town plot on land 
purchased from Jared Lindsley, the first settler (1825) on the site of Dresden. By 
1849, the erection of a steam sawmill, and the operation of a grist-mill in the 
neighbouring Dawn Institute Settlement founded by Josiah Henson, provided the 
basis for a thriving community in this area. A post office named "Dresden" was 
opened in 1854. The region's timber resources and the navigation facilities afforded 
by the Sydenham River fostered industrial growth. A county bylaw of 1871 
incorporated Dresden as a village with a population of about 750. Ten years later 
it became a town. 

Another historical plaque, entitled "The Dawn Settlement," was erected by the 
Ontario Heritage Foundation, an Agency of the Government of Ontario. It is located 
at the end of Park Road in Dresden, and runs as follows: 

In the 1830's, the Reverend Josiah Henson and other abolitionists sought ways to 
provide refugees firom slavery with the education and skills they needed to become 
self-sufficient in Upper Canada. They purchased 200 acres of land here in 1841, 
and established the British American Institute, one of the first schools in Canada 
to emphasize vocational training. The community of Dawn developed around the 
institute. Its residents farmed, attended the institute, and worked at sawmills, grist 
mills, and other local industries. Some returned to the United States after 


emancipation was proclaimed in 1863. Otliers remained, contributing to the 
establishment of a significant black community in this part of the province. 

And the third historical plaque, entitled "Josiah Henson (1789-1883),'" was put 
up by the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada. It is located at the Henson 
Family Cemetery, in Dresden, and reads like this: 

After escaping to Upper Canada from slavery in Kentucky, the Reverend Josiah 
Henson became a conductor of the Underground Railway and a force in the 
abolition movement. The founder of the Black settlement of Dawn, he was also an 
entrepreneur and established a school, the British-American Institute. His fame 
grew after Harriet Beecher Stowe stated that his memoirs published in 1849 had 
provided "conceptions and incidents" for her extraordinarily popular novel Uncle 
Tom's Cabin. Henson's celebrity raised international awareness of Canada as a 
haven for refugees from slavery. 

Clearly, a significant figure in the history of our province. But, why mention him 
in a Masonic context? Apparently Josiah Henson was made a Mason in Boston, during 
one of his visits there. On his return to Canada he joined Mount Moriah Lodge No. 
11, Dresden (Prince Hall Affiliation), and is listed as its Secretary in 1866. He died on 
the 5* of May, 1883, at the age of ninety-three. It seems that he had an impressive 
funeral. One account tells us that because he had been "long a member of Mount 
Moriah Lodge of Dresden, the brothers of that lodge were joined by the brothers of 
Chatham and Buxton Lodges (respectively St. John's No. 9, and Mount Carmel No. 
10) as well as other Masonic brothers and friends from distant areas. Led by a brass 
band, they formed a funeral cortege, the size of which had not been seen before." He 
is buried in Dresden, Ontario, and his gravestone bears a clear representation of the 
square and compasses, arranged as in the Fellowcraft Degree, with "one leg over." 
Clearly a distinguished and active Freemason. 

All of which is respectfully and fraternally submitted. 

WALLACE McLEOD, Grand Historian 

Selected References 

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There are many other sources on the Worldwide Web. The Internet addresses are not 
included here, because the Grand Historian finds it hard to copy them correctly, but they 
can easily be found by entering the author or source and title in a search engine. 

Josiah Henson, "The Life of Josiah Henson, Formerly a Slave, Now an Inhabitant 
of Canada, as Narrated by Himself (Boston, 1849). 

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Scott Williams, "The Fugitive Slave Act and the Underground Railroad." 


This Report was presented by R. W. Bro. D. G. Dowling, Chairman, and on 
motion of the Deputy Grand Master, seconded by R. W. Bro. Dowling, it was 

To the Most Worshipful the Grand Master, Officers and Members of the Grand 
Lodge A.F. & A.M. of Canada in the Province of Ontario. 

Most Worshipful Sir and Brethren: 

The committee has reviewed the reports of all District Deputy Grand Masters for 2001 

- 2002 and presents the following observations and recommendations: 


Membership seems to be stabilizing with more lodges now reporting 'steady' rather 
than 'declining' membership. The number of Past Masters in the chairs has remained 
about the same. There appears to be an influx of new, younger members. Sadly, 
however, there are D.D.G.M.s who report that in many cases these new members are 
unwilling to take officer positions. 


1) Assistance and training for succession planning must be provided to, and by, the 
lodges to their officers and members. 

2) Lodges, in turn, must recognize the need for, and implement, succession planning. 

Visitation and Special Events 

Once again, the committee observes that healthy lodges are the ones who visit! 
Visitation must be encouraged. Lodges that indicate no participation in visitations, are 
also the ones suffering in other areas. Visitation appears to be very much a part of the 
district 'culture.' From report comments, the committee senses that lodges participating 
in out-of-province visitations continue to do so to uphold a 'tradition' begun many 
years ago. 


Not surprisingly, lodges that indicate involvement in numerous special events, appear 
to be the ones that are thriving. The committee infers that lodges active in visiting and 
the holding of special events are the ones whose members exhibit that old fashioned 
fellowship and benefit from the true "sense of fraternity." The committee is limited 
in its conclusions because the 'check list' format of the questions does not enable it to 
determine the number or percentage of the lodge membership who are involved in 
these activities. The most common events reported were the noting of birthdays and 
anniversaries. Masonic Education and Ladies' Nights. 

Requests for Assistance 

Very few lodges indicated that they requested assistance, yet there remain a large 
number of situations where the committee believes that Grand Lodge and district 
resources are available that could provide needed support. It is still imperative that 
Grand Lodge and district committees continue the search for effective means to 
communicate their service capabilities. Those reports in which assistance was requested 
rarely indicate what actions were taken, or satisfaction gained from those requests. This 
committee again wishes to stress the importance of providing assistance in a timely 
manner, at the right level, in the right form and without infringing on lodge autonomy. 


There needs to be a formal process, made known to all lodges, by which they are 
encouraged to request assistance; as well as, a tracking procedure to ensure that all 
requests are addressed. 

Lodge and Banquet Room Facilities 

Lodge rooms and banquet facilities reflect the pride that the brethren take in their 
meeting places. Lodge and banquet facilities appear to be satisfactorily maintained, 
although it is interesting to note situations where lodges that meet in the same facilities 
receive different ratings on their reports. Lodges with no other source of revenue from 
their physical facilities continue to find the upkeep a serious issue. 


There is no noteworthy change in the number of lodges who are not in complete 
conformity with the technical requirements of the summons. The committee noted that 
only a very small number of responses indicate that the summons is "not 

Grand Lodge Programmes 

The committee reports very similar results as last year. The reports 'say' the 
programmes are in use, but there is no indication of how they are being used and no 
way to tell. We still need to press for a time frame for reference, and data on the 
actual application of the programmes. The most valuable data to gather might in fact 
be the reason that lodges choose 'not' to use the programmes. Effective 
communication of these programmes by the various Grand Lodge committees must 

Two observations are noted: First, it remains true that the ultimate benefits of these 
programmes can only be obtained by conscious and concerted efforts on the part of 
individual lodge leaders to implement them appropriately in their lodges. Second, it is 
incumbent on the lodge membership to make it known if the programmes offered are 
meeting the need. Programmes must, to a certain degree, be designed for 'perceived' 
need. When they do not address 'real' need, everyone suffers. 



A questionnaire be developed for distribution with the Grand Lodge Certificate in 
order to soticit feedback on specific programmes that have the new Mason as a target 

Maintenance of Lodge Records 

More and more lodges are computerizing their records and this trend has increased the 
confusion regarding what constitutes 'official' lodge records and what processes and 
procedures need to be put in place to guarantee the safety of those records. Due to 
lack of direction, 'assumptions' are made related to the need for producing and 
'binding' hard-copies of minutes. The "S-ring" binder is the most common record 
maintenance method and the committee is concerned about the compatibility of this 
method with the concept of a "bound" record book with all pages under the 
signature of the Worshipful Master. Responses indicate that computerized records are 
not being satisfactorily archived, or even archived at all. The committee shudders to 
think that "as goes the floppy disk ... so goes the lodge history!" 

As stated last year, the critical and irreplaceable nature of computerized lodge 
records must be reflected in processes and procedures for the proper maintenance, 
archiving, backup and recovery of those records. The message from the Computer 
Resources Committee must be specific, precise and easy to follow. The message must 
be heard and the message must be heeded! 


1) The Constitution of Grand Lodge must clarify what constitutes 'official' lodge 
records, particularly with respect to the Lodge Minute Book. 

2) A set of "Guidelines" must exist for the maintenance of the 'official' lodge records. 
In addition, if lodge records are computerized, a set of "Archival Guidelines" must 
exist that addresses such issues as ownership of computers housing Lodge records, 
backup and recovery, off-site storage, security, upward compatibility of software 
(ability to access 'old' records), durability of the ink and paper used for hard copy 
versions, etc. 

Finances and Long Range Planning 

Finances continue to be an issue in many lodges. The committee found huge 
discrepancies in the nature of financial statements reviewed. There are many poorly 
prepared financial reports. Many statements do not contain a breakdown between 
General, Benevolent and Life Membership funds. Such discrepancy in financial reports 
indicates that financial advice is still needed in the maintenance of lodge ledgers and 
the preparation of income and expense and investment statements. The guidelines and 
templates provided by the Advisory Committee on Lodge Finances are not being 
utilized in many lodges. The fact that lodge auditors appear to need more assistance 
in the effective performance of their duties is another indication that the guidelines 
provided by the committee are not having an impact. 

Too many lodges are still operating without annual budgets and it is interesting to 
note the number of lodges that have a Finance Committee, but report operating 
without an annual budget. Long range planning is still the exception. 

As the members of this committee reviewed each set of financial statements, they 
prepared an independent, subjective assessment of the financial stability of the lodges. 
Interestingly, there were a substantial number of situations in which the committee's 
(subjective) assessment could not verify or substantiate the lodge assessment. 


As investment rates continue to decline and investments are 'rolled over,' the 
number of lodges that reach a state of marginally overspending (e.g. cashing G.I.C.s 
into the general fund) is on the rise. The committee is still unable to determine the 
effectiveness of using a variety of dues 'discounting' (early payment, over 55, over 65, 
etc.) structures. Lodges continue to report carrying members in arrears, some with 
large dollar amounts. 

Sound fiscal management is increasingly important as financial times continue to 
toughen. The members of the Advisory Committee on Lodge Finances continue to 
offer assistance, when called on, and lodges are again encouraged to make use of these 
skilled resources. Based on the above, the recommendations regarding finances remain 


1) Continuing emphasis must be placed on sound fiscal management. 

2) The material made available by the Advisory Committee on Lodge Finances should 
be referenced by all lodges as an aid in financial reporting. 

3) Budgeting must be strongly encouraged and budget information must be made 
available to all members of the lodge. 

4) Lodge officers must be encouraged to take a more active interest in lodge finances 
and training in lodge finances should be an essential part of their leadership 

5) The non-financial aspects of long range planning must be emphasized, even to the 
extent that long range planning is 'decoupled' completely from finances. Direction 
setting with appropriate goals, objectives and plans is important to the future of a 
lodge and reference to the 'Brother-to-Brother' Tool Kit, for suggestions in this area, 
should be encouraged. 


The number of amalgamations in the jurisdiction and the number of lodges considering 
amalgamation continues to rise. 


Lodges considering or undertaking amalgamation flounder from the lack of an effective, 
well documented, readily available process. Such a process is urgently needed! 

Quality of Work and Protocol 

The quality of The Work remains much the same, ranging from needing improvement 
to excellent. 

Lack of proper training of Lodge Officers is a common theme. Officers must 
continue to be encouraged to participate in workshops and Lodges of Instruction. Past 
Masters must be diligent in encouraging new members and Master Masons to 
participate in The Work. The performance of The Work at the highest level of quality 
must continue to be our goal. 

Banquet hour protocol remains a major issue. The committee is concerned that the 
responses to the protocol questions are based on observations made on the evening of 
the official visit and that they may not accurately reflect the situation throughout the 
year. Observance of protocol is one of the 'differentiators' of our fraternity. "Meeting 
the Challenge" identifies proper protocol and etiquette for both formal and informal 
banquet hours. We are reminded in that publication that there are "three items (that) 
should always be included on the agenda, without exception, no matter how small or 
informal the gathering." 


It should also be pointed out that where physical surroundings or the nature of the 
evening dictate, the use of a 'tribute' in place of an actual toast (as described in "The 
Masonic Manual") may be considered. 


1) Continue to enforce the pride that comes with striving for quality in all aspects of 
our Work and proceedings and reinforce this as a 'differentiating factor' of the 

2) "Meeting The Challenge" and "The Masonic Manual" must be promoted as 
references for protocol at both formal and informal occasions (including toasts and 

3) "The Masonic Manual" must be promoted as a reference for the use of 'tributes ' 
in place of 'toasts' at informal banquet hours. 

Grand Lodge Review Sessions 2002 

The committee sponsored two sessions at the Grand Lodge Communication in July 
2002. The first session was a review of the summary reports and feedback session with 
the District Deputy Grand Masters as an adjunct to the meetings of the Board of 
General Purposes. The second session was a review of the District Deputy Grand 
Masters' reporting forms with interested Lodge Secretaries. The objective was to 
provide an improved evaluation of the state of the Craft through the use of face-to- 
face discussions that allow this committee to augment the written reports with timelier 
and more in depth information. Although changes in format are needed, it was 
recommended that both sessions be repeated in the future. 

Reporting Forms 2003 

The committee has undertaken an extensive review of the current reporting forms to 
determine if changes should be made that would facilitate a better understanding of 
the condition of Masonry at the lodge level. As a result of past recommendations being 
implemented, changes to existing programmes and priorities and the need to remain 
in sync with our five-year strategic plan, a number of changes will be implemented as 
of July 2003. 


The Condition of Masonry Committee will hold a face-to-face review session with all 
District Deputy Grand Masters at the Annual Communication in July, 2003, for the 
purpose of enhancing the evaluation of the condition of Masonry by 'validating' and 
augmenting the summary reports with timelier and more in-depth information. 

The committee wishes to acknowledge the efforts of our Lodge Secretaries, District 
Secretaries and D.D.G.M.s in the completion of their reports. Information gathered in 
these reports impacts the future direction of many Grand Lodge programmes. The 
committee is also grateful to the Grand Secretary, M.W. Bro. R. J. McKibbon, and his 
staff for their assistance during the year. 

This report is respectfully submitted on behalf of the committee members: R.W. Bros. 
Jeffrey R. Dickson, D. E. F. (Gus) Gracey, Paul A. James, George McCowan, Robert 
McKee, Edward (Ted) Rutter, R. M. (Bob) Taylor, Frankland M. Wilson and V.W. 
Bro. Ian B. Dale. 




This Report was presented by R.W. Bro. B. E. Bond, Chairman, and on motion 
of the Deputy Grand Master, seconded by R. W. Bro. Bond, it was received. 

To the Most Worshipful the Grand Master, Officers and Members of the Grand 
Lodge AF. &. A.M. of Canada in the Province of Ontario. 

Most Worshipful Sir and Brethren: 


The committee held a full organizational meeting in Gravenhurst on November 2, 
2002, and subsequent meetings were held via phone and e-mail when needed. 


As in the past, the details of meetings were distributed to the District Representatives 
and the respective D.D.G.M.s. This has proven to be a valuable medium to ensure that 
the actions of the committee are known and to invite correspondence on items of 
importance that we overlook. 

The D.D.G.M. Communique, a very important communication tool from Grand 
Lodge, has, in the past, been distributed exclusively via surface mail. This committee 
has recommended that the D.D.G.M. Communique be distributed in digital form to 
all D.D.G.M.s who are Internet connected, so that they can easily forward the file 
directly to responsible parties within their district lodges. This will reduce the postage 
costs at Grand Lodge and create an easier flow of information to the membership. 

The Book of the Work and the Constitution are now available to any sight-impaired 
brother. These are contained on a CD, properly protected with passwords. The Master 
of a lodge must apply on behalf of his brother in writing, on lodge letterhead, signed 
and sealed. The request letter is then forwarded through the District Deputy Grand 
Master, who will send the letter on to Grand Lodge with his recommendations. On 
approval, the CD, along with all necessary information, will be sent directly to the 
brother for his exclusive use. 

Summons via E-mail 

In November, 2002, this committee delivered a report to the Grand Master, M.W. Bro. 
Terence Shand, outlining the findings of the test of delivery of e-mail summonses in 
the three test districts (Prince Edward, Toronto 4 and Waterloo) and recommending 
the opening of this system to the whole of our jurisdiction. If granted, the permission 
for any lodge to distribute the lodge summons via e-mail would be subject to the 
responsible member of the lodge attending a seminar conducted by this committee, 
outlining the importance of security, the methods of ensuring this and receiving 
appropriate software to create same. Consent was received from M.W. Bro. Shand in 
December, 2002, and work was started on establishing a seminar schedule. The Seven 
Toronto Districts seminar was set for April 12, 2003, and the Western District seminar 
in June, 2003. Seminars or information meetings will be arranged soon and each 
district will be advised of the time and place. 

Grand Lodge Activities 

In September and October of 2002, an audit was conducted by this committee of the 
critical electronic equipment used by the staff at Grand Lodge. It was determined that 
the main server, which stores the databases and correspondence files, the life's blood 
of the office, was nearing the end of its service life. As well, the database and network 
programming no longer met with the requirements of modern technology. It was 


recommended and approved that this equipment and programming be replaced as soon 
as possible to preserve the integrity of our data. This was commenced on Friday, 
January 17, 2003, and completed on the following Tuesday. Our thanks are sincerely 
extended to R.W. Bro. Kenneth Schweitzer, W. Bro. Don Reekie and W. Bro. Kris 
Nickerson for their input and effort during this time. This would have been much more 
difficult without them. 

Lodge Programming 

This year, again, the committee is distributing the lodge related programming on CD. 
There is a new section marked "SUMMONS" which contains all the necessary 
information to create the summons in the proper format, security explanations and all 
necessary programming, except that which is protected by commercial copyright. These 
are available from any computer retailer. 

The disk will be distributed to each District Representative, once they have been 
identified for 2003 - 2004. 

Contained on the CD are: 

Acrobat Reader 5.0 - Full installation program 

Lodge Finance Programs - Microsoft Excel and Quicken files 

Helpful Utilities - Some DOS graphic conversion programs 

Masonic Graphics - Square and Compass files etc. 

Microsoft Applications - Templates for dues card creation, summons, etc 

Microsoft Works - Some templates for database, summons, etc 

Zip Programs - WINZIP 

Spygraphic A - Website recorder for the concerned parent 

Pretty Good Privacy - Alternate security program 

Web Browsers - NETSCAPE 4.7, Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 and IE 6.2 

PC-FILE - Older DOS database application 

Summons - An overview of the rules, programming needed and method of 

preparation and reception of summonses sent by the medium of e-mail. Plus some 

other useful programming. 

Included in the disk, which will be distributed this year, will be a collection of the 
pictures of all the Past Grand Masters, from 1855 to present, along with any available 
official Masonic biographies. Some of the biographies are missing or incomplete and 
I would like to receive any information on any of the P.G.M.s from any lodge or 
member who has something of interest. 

Web Site 

In response to a presentation made by this committee to the Management Committee, 
the Ontario Mason will be a continuing item on our Grand Lodge Web Site. This has 
proven to be a popular must-read site for many. 

This year, in response to a request from this committee, based on input from 
members, the Public Relations Committee, chaired by R.W. Bro. Petrisor, has been 
asked to include in the awards presented each year for best Newsletter and Summons, 
a category for Best Web Site, District and Lodge. The Public Relations Committee will 
announce a winner in this category at Grand Lodge in July, 2003. W. Bro. Don Reekie 
has been instrumental in keeping the Events Calendar up-to-date and the search for 
winning sites on track for the past year. 

As chairman of this committee, I have often said that I will not take credit for the 
work done by others on the committee, but I will take credit for having gotten them 


to do it. However, I cannot take any credit for the outstanding work of W. Bro. Jim 
Kirk-White, our Webmaster. He attends to his work as a labour of love, with attention 
far exceeding anything I have experienced previously. His creation has grown into one 
of the premier Web sites in North America. Thank you, Jim. 


The registration of eligible voting members at the Annual Communication of Grand 
Lodge starts with the staff at the Grand Lodge office in Hamilton, analyzing the Semi- 
annual Returns and updating the database. This information is assembled into a file 
and used by the computers at time of registration. The volunteers at the registration 
booths are using software and systems developed by W. Bro. Kris Nickerson and both 
have proven to be effective tools over the past few years. Kris's dedication to the 
Craft and his extensive knowledge have made him an invaluable member of this 

The willing assistance of the Grand Secretary and his office staff have made this an 
enjoyable year. The committee members have performed their duties with professional- 
ism and vigour. I thank them all. 

Respectfully submitted on behalf of the committee. 

BRL\N BOND, Chairman 


This Report was presented by R. W. Bro. J. Gordon Roberts, Grand Chaplain, 

To the Most Worshipful the Grand Master, Officers and Members of the Grand 
Lodge A.F. & A.M. of Canada in the Province of Ontario. 

Most Worshipful Sir and Brethren: 

At the beginning of this extraordinary year, I wrote to the District Deputy Grand 
Masters to wish them the very best in their year. In that letter I quoted the Christian 
mystic, Meister Eckhart, who said, among other things: "If thank you is the only 
prayer you have, it is sufficient. Pray it often." Taking my lead from Meister Eckhart, 
I would also wish to report on my year using that prayer as my guide. 

First and foremost, I would wish to thank the Most Worshipful the Grand Master 
for the extraordinary gift of being your Grand Chaplain. It was, and is, a true gift of 
grace for which I will always be most grateful. 

I would also wish to express my deepest thanks to the Masters, Officers, and 
members of The Builders Lodge No. 177, in Ottawa, and Murray Lodge No. 408, in 
Beaverton, for their help, encouragement and support during this year and always. 

I would like to express my thanks to my Grand Lodge travelling companions, who 
have always welcomed me as a brother in the most serious of ceremonies, and the 
most jovial of fellowships, which lies at the heart of our Craft. 

I would thank the Masters, Officers, and members of the lodges with whom I was 
able to visit during my year; you always received me as a most honoured guest. That 
experience has enriched me more than I can say. Others will speak of membership 
numbers, and bank accounts. I have deliberately kept an eye out for the spirit of 
Masonry in our midst. Yes, we have much work to do, and to that point, there is no 
debate. Having said that though, I believe that we have a very solid foundation from 
which to build. 

For example, I witnessed a deep commitment to the Craft in the person of a junior 
officer at Transportation Lodge, in Toronto District 2. He was working very hard to 


figure out if the V.S.L. could be referred to as the Bible, or if the reverse was true as 
well. We talked for sometime, and I concluded by telling him that "the Grand 
Chaplain would not challenge him either way." He asked me how I could do that? I 
responded that "I'm the Grand Chaplain." 

At the other end of the deeply committed spectrum, I would name V.W. Bro. 
Albert Simpkins, from Maple Leaf Lodge in Bath. I was honoured to invest him as the 
Chaplain of his lodge this year, for what he estimates to be the 50th year of his holding 
this office. V.W. Bro. Simpkins is 94 years young, and still very deeply committed to 
our Craft. 

I could continue with other examples, but I hope you see my point: in the midst of 
our current stewardship of the Craft in this jurisdiction, let's celebrate what we have 
going for us, and commit ourselves to sharing the light and spirit of Masonry in all that 
we do. 

Finally, to the Great Architect of the Universe whose creative design touches all that 
we say and do, both in lodge and beyond, our deepest gratitude for the blessing of our 
Craft at every point on our journey. 

Respectfully and fraternally submitted. 

J. GORDON ROBERTS, Grand Chaplain 


Grand Lodge adjourned at 2:40 p.m. 


Grand Lodge resumed labour at 8:45 a.m. 
on Thursday, July 17, 2003. 


This Report was presented by R.W. Bro. Kenneth Schweitzer, Chairman, and on 

motion of the Deputy Grand Master, seconded by R.W. Bro. Schweitzer, it was 


To the Most Worshipful the Grand Master, Officers and Members of the Grand 

Lodge A.F. & A.M. of Canada in the Province of Ontario. 
Most Worshipful Sir and Brethren: 

Your Committee on Credentials begs to report: There are on the Register of Grand 
Lodge Warranted Lodges represented at this Communication: 

By Regular Officers 433 

By Proxies 110 

By Past Masters 41 




All of which is fraternally submitted. 




This Report, presented by W. Bro. George Benton on behalf of the auditing firm 
of Grant Thornton, was received and approved on motion of the Deputy Grand 
Master, seconded by W. Bro. Benton. 

To the Most Worshipful the Grand Master, Officers and Members of the Grand 
Lodge A.F. & A.M. of Canada in the Province of Ontario. 

Most Worshipful Sir and Brethren: 

We have counted the ballots deposited in the ballot boxes under our control in accor- 
dance with the instructions given to us by the Grand Lodge A.F. & A.M. of Canada 
in the Province of Ontario. The ballots therein show the results of the election as 

Grand Master Donald H. MUMBY 

Deputy Grand Master Gary Laverne ATKINSON 

Grand Senior Warden Douglas Allan WEST 

Grand Junior Warden Frederick John COLLINS 

Grand Registrar M. N. Hassan MOHAMDEE 

Board of General Purposes: Raymond Sidney James DANIELS 

Allan John PETRISOR 
Thomas Wallace HOGEBOOM 
Scott Rodney DRUMMOND 
M. Lee SHEA 
Gregory Hill HAZLITT 
Brian Kenneth SCHWEITZER 

G. F. Benton, C.A., Partner 

The Grand Master declared the above brethren duly elected. 


The Grand Master extended his sincere thanks to R.W. Bro. Kenneth L. 
Schweitzer, Chairman of the Committee on Credentials, their committee 
personnel, and to our Auditors, Grant Thornton. 


This Report was presented by R. W. Bro. Terry A. McLean, Chairman, and on 
motion of the Deputy Grand Master, seconded by R. W. Bro. McLean, it was 

To the Most Worshipful the Grand Master, Officers and Members of the Grand 
Lodge AF. & A.M of Canada in the Province of Ontario. 

Most Worshipful Sir and Brethren: 

I am delighted to present the report of the steering team on the 150* Anniversary of 
Grand Lodge Committee on behalf of its members: M.W. Bros. Robert Davies, 
Robert McKibbon, Terence Shand (Grand Master); R.W. Bros. Donald Mumby 


(DGM), Robert Beckett, Donald Campbell, Thomas Lewis, Paul Mullen, Charles Reid, 
Wallace McLeod (Grand Historian), Ronald Wallace, Alex Watson, David Sheen, 
Lome Weaver; W. Bro. Ben Palmer and Bro. Sheldon Kofsky. 

The Theme - 'I'm a part of it - Then & Now' 

When the Grand Lodge A.F. & A.M. of Canada in the province of Ontario meets at 
the Fairmont Royal York in July, 2005, it will be experiencing the 150* year of its 
existence. A wonderful time to reflect, celebrate and be proud of our rich Masonic 
history in the province of Ontario. 

On behalf of the committee, I am pleased to report that the planning is well 
underway for this GALA celebration. We hope all Districts/Lodges will take an active 
role. We wish all Masons to be a part - not apart - of this exciting Sesquicentennial. 

The committee has five (5) objectives as we plan for this exciting event. If we are 
successful in achieving and indeed exceeding with these goals, with continuous member- 
ship feedback, then it will be a first class event that everyone will take pride in: 

L Create an environment in which all Ontario Masons can be profoundly involved 
and proud. 

2. Engage all districts/individual lodges in the Celebrations. 

3. Be sensitive to costs. 

4. Delight our special Guests. 

5. Give Masons and Families of Ontario something to remember. 

To this end, in July, 2004, the districts/lodges activities will commence and conclude 
with the GRAND HNALE July, 2005, at the Annual Communications. The L50* 
Annual Communications will be held on July 22"^ through July 23"*, 2005. That is on 
a Friday and Saturday subject to a dispensation g ranted by the Grand Master . The 
Board Meeting will start on the Wednesday, July 20*, and we will conclude with a 
Divine Service on the Saturday afternoon, and a spectacular special event on the 
Saturday evening, July 23'''^. 

150"" Anniversary Committee — Events/Projects Planned to Date 

\. Grand Lodge will hold three "Especial Meetings" of Grand Lodge between October 
2004 - April 2005. They will be held in Kingston (October 2004), Simcoe (January 
2005) and Thunder Bay (April 2005). Each especial meeting would consist of a 
one-day celebration. The celebration would open with a Play (entitled Then & 
Now) with cast members wearing period costumes, an afternoon session of Grand 
Lodge and a District's Grand Master's Reception in the evening. The same play 
will be delivered on the Thursday afternoon for the Brethren attending the Annual 
Communications session July, 2005. 

2. The Grand Lodge 150* Booth - Fairmont Royal York, July 2003 - drop by and 
pick up some news breaking information on what's happening with planning. 

3. A Lodge of Instruction 2003 Brochure promotional piece - "We Were There." 

4. A Commemorative Pin and Coin. 

5. Communications package to liaison with incoming D.D.G.M.S and current Lodge 
2003 Junior Wardens. 

6. An Historical 150* Grand Lodge Anniversary Booklet. 

7. The Masonic Foundation of Ontario Sesquicentennial Initiative to support 
charitable endeavours of Districts and their Communities. 

Districts/Lodges 150"" Grand Lodge Anniversary - Projects to date 

• Algoma District - Undertaking a project to obtain a history of all member groups 


of our vast Masonic Family. A chronicle of the birth, growth and current status of 
each fraternal organization in our area. (District Craft Lodges, York Rite, Scottish 
Rite Councils, Chapter of Eastern Star, White Shrine, Job's Daughters and Shrine 

• A Masonic Exhibition - Dundurn Castle. 

• All seven Toronto Districts Masonic Family Picnic Celebration, June, 2005. 

To plan a District/Lodge celebration event or take on a project, here are some getting 
started tips as a guide: Start planning early. Create a District 150"' Anniversary 

1. Idea Generation (Brainstorm) 

2. Develop Budget 

3. Identify Resources Required 

4. What - Where - When - Why - How Will it Look 

5. Present Plan for Approval 

6. Develop Contingency Plan 

7. Deliver on Schedule 

8. Celebrate 

Join in - Celebrate - Be a part of this great milestone in our Masonic 
Heritage in the Province of Ontario. 

Respectfully submitted on behalf of the entire 150* Anniversary Conunittee. 

TERRY McLEAN, Chairman 


This Report was presented by R. W. Bro. David Dainard, Chairman, and on 
motion of the Deputy Grand Master, seconded by R. W. Bro. Daimard, it was 

To the Most Worshipful the Grand Master, Officers and Members of the Grand 
Lodge A.F. & A.M of Canada in the Province of Ontario. 

Most Worshipful Sir and Brethren: 

Your committee has met nine (9) times since the last Annual Communication of Grand 
Lodge, and I am pleased to present the following report, which highlights the activities 
of the Ontario Mason magazine for 2002 - 2003 . 

A review of the mandate of the committee was completed at the first meeting of the 
committee in July of 2002 and is included as follows. 


"To edit, proofread and publish 'The Ontario Mason' Magazine and to make the 
Magazine a professional Publication as far as our resources permit." 

The Magazine Objectives 

• To include a Grand Master's message 

• To limit the page allocations of all departments, to facilitate a broadening of the 
magazine's scope 

• To include Masonry in the community 

• To include articles of general interest, from and for the benefit of our membership, 
in order to publish material about, "Masonry in Ontario for Ontario Masons" by 


including the following departments: 1. To Talk of Many Things; 2. Points to 
Ponder; and 3. Discovery 

• To include Book Reviews 

• To provide an open-minded voice in Masonry 

• To receive on a regular basis (tri-yearly) quotes from the marketplace for publica- 
tion/printing costs of the magazine: to include delivery to the door for the 
membership of the jurisdiction 

• To remain non-political 

• To ensure advertising is non-offensive 

In order that the magazine content reflect each of the districts of the Grand Jurisdiction, 
an appeal was presented to each of the forty-six (46) District Deputy Grand Masters — 
in a hand delivered letter format — at the Annual Conraiunication of Grand Lodge in 
July, 2002, requesting the appointment of a Field Representative. In addition, that each 
of the districts would include the name and contact information of the Field Representa- 
tives to the Ontario Mason on their District Trestle Boards. 

Your committee felt that the request for the districts to appoint a Field Representative 
for each or their respective districts would afford the members therein the best possible 
opportunity to submit, through the appointed representatives, articles, photographs and 
information which best reflected the essence and flavor of Masonry in the communities 
in which the constituent lodges of each district reside. 

It is noted that the membership are still welcome, and encouraged, to submit any of 
the above for publication consideration, and that the request for a Field Correspondent 
is not intended to circumvent the submission process, but rather to reinforce and 
encourage the members of each district to recognize and utilize it. 

A 'Duties and Responsibilities Guideline,' was also included, in order to provide the 
D.D.G.M.s widi a 'point of reference document,' which would aid in the assessment and 
commitment of a member of each district in determining his willingness to serve his 
district in this important duty, and it is included in this report as follows. 

Requirements for Field Correspondents 

Computer Skills 

• Be familiar with Microsoft Word or WordPerfect data processing software. 

• Have access to the Internet — i.e., e-mail accoimt. 


• Ability to meet publication deadlines as outlined by committee. 

• Forward pictures, articles and summonses to the editor in a timely manner for publi- 
cation consideration. 

• Obtain comments from members of their likes and dislikes about the magazine and 
notify the editor in a timely manner. (The magazine committee needs to know 
whether the content and format meets their approval. This is their magazine.) 

Guidelines for Field Correspondences 

• Masons with youth groups, e.g. DeMolay, Boy Scouts, Girl Guides 

• Masons with other organizations, e.g. Eastern Star 

• Casual social affairs that include wives and families 

• Local Christmas parade 

• Masons in a November 1 1th parade 

• A town's anniversary showing Masons' contribution 


• A lodge building, particularly if historic; important lodge events 

• Whenever possible photos should have a general appeal 

• Within reason the editor will try to include one photo per lodge in any one edition 
of the magazine from any geographic area. 

• Photos should be 4" x 6", glossy, color. Identification of the individuals should begin 
on the left, and include their rank. 

District Newsletters — Local Newspapers 

Obtain Newsletters and Articles from local newspapers, concerning Masonic activities 
in the district, as possible, and forward to the Editor, R.W. Bro. D. R. Dainard. 

Speeches, Talks 

Obtain copies of speeches or educational talks in your area if they are of general 
interest. Forward to the editor with name and address of the speaker. Do not give a 
guarantee that any item will automatically be printed. 


Locate a member who would be willing to research and write an article for the 
magazine. Forward names and addresses to the editor. 


Articles should deal with such subjects as symbolism, philosophy of Masonry, history 
of a lodge, of a lodge building, of a district, history of Masonry itself. An article 
about a gravestone, a monument, a stained glass window, a comer stone laying 
ceremony of many years ago, a particular church building that has some connection 
with Masonry. 


Suggest to members that they write to the editor about the magazine articles and 
contents, for possible publication consideration. 

The request to identify the Field Correspondents by the D.D.G.M.s of the jurisdiction 
is, I feel, an outstanding success. I express the appreciation of the committee to all of the 
D.D.G.M.s for their cooperation and assistance. However, of the Trestle Boards received 
only one half reflect that the districts have identified their Field Correspondent; this is 
due, in part, to those districts who published their Trestle Boards early in July. I will be 
following this request up with a letter to the districts early in June, with a ftirther follow 
up in July at the Annual Communication of Grand Lodge. 

In addition, it was brought to the attention of the committee that all brethren of the 
jurisdiction may not be receiving the magazine. In order to provide delivery of die 
Ontario Mason to every Mason in the jurisdiction, a letter and 'poster,' was sent to each 
of the D.D.G.M.s of the jurisdiction with the request to have a copy posted in each of 
the Temple locations, with a copy to each Secretary of the lodge in their respective 
districts. This process has proven to be beneficial — fifty (50) brethren have been added 
to our mailing list and are now receiving the magazine. 

The layout and element design enhancements have been refined and improved with 
the addition of PhotoShop 7.0 and PageMaker 7.0, which has allowed the committee to 
produce the magazine, in house, in camera ready format. The committee, with the 
additions of these software programmes, has been able to establish finer production 
control values of the layout and design segments of all the departments of the magazine, 
by supplying each issue to the plant in Owen Soimd in CD format. 

In August of 2002, I had a meeting with the Production and Technical Support 


Liaison Officer at the RBW Graphics Production Plant, in Owen Sound, in order to 
better identify the formatting and layout requirements of the elements of the magazine. 
It was established at that meeting that in order for the best possible reproductive values 
of the elements for the magazine, in particular the 'Around the Jurisdiction Segment,' 
that digital photographs received by the committee be in 300 dpi. tiff format, or hard 
copy photographs. 

The committee has a new Customer Service Representative, in the person of Mr. Ron 
Joyce; the former Representative, Mr. Jeff Weis, has been promoted and given added 
responsibilities at RBW Graphics in Owen Sound, and I conveyed the best wishes of the 
committee to Jeff, as he has provided excellent service to this committee over the last 
three years and has made himself available to us twenty hours a day, seven days a week. 

Several of the committees of Grand Lodge have been highlighted, including their 
committee photograph and mandate in the Spring Issue, and I will be contacting those 
chairmen whose committees have not been previously identified for inclusion in the Fall 
2003 issue, once space allocation is determined. This process will assist the membership 
in a better understanding of the workings of their Grand Lodge committees. 

The committee continues to be cognizant of the importance of being cost effective 
and that objective has; and this in part is due to, the addition of both the software and 
hardware components necessary to produce all the elements of the magazine in "camera 
ready format." 

The committee members have and continue to produce the elements of the magazine 
on their personal computers; with much of the information being e-mailed to Bill 
Thompson for the layout process; however, with the advent and ever continuing use of 
viruses by hackers, this has become increasingly more difficult, as the integrity of this 
information becomes contaminated and corrupts the computer utilized tc assemble those 
elements. The danger of information corruption is a possible slow down in meeting the 
production schedule, which would increase the production costing of the magazine. In 
order to continue to provide the cost savings, the committee has explored the possibility 
of procuring a stand alone computer which would prove to be an invaluable aid in the 
compilation and layout of the elements necessary to produce the magazine, by a review 
of those elements prior to assembly and layout on the stand alone computer. The 
computer would, as all previously purchased hardware and software, become the 
property of Grand Lodge. 

I would be remiss if I did not recognize the tremendous contributions of time by the 
forty-six (46) District Field Representatives of the Ontario Mason and the timely way in 
which they submitted the material for publication consideration in the magazine. 

It has been an honour and my great pleasure to serve as Chairman and Editor of the 
Ontario Mason magazine this year, and I am truly thankful for having such a dedicated 
and devoted team in the persons of: M.W. Bro. David C. Bradley, P.G.M.; R.W. Bros. 
William Thompson, Vice-Chairman; William Reiach, Joseph Chamberlain, Robert 
Beckett, Bruce Edwards, Paul Farrell. Ian Sinclair and W. Bros. Dushan Surovy and 
Will Holden. 

All of which is respectftiUy submitted on behalf of the Ontario Mason Committee. 



The proposed Notices of Motion were overlooked and therefore not presented on 
the floor of Grand Lodge. 



M.W. Bro. Terence Shand conducts the installation. 


M.W. Bro. C. E. Drew presented R.W. Bro. Donald H. Mumby, Grand 
Master-elect at the Altar, following which he was obligated by M.W. Bro. C. 
E. Drew and invested by M.W. Bro. R. J. McKibbon. 


The Deputy Grand Master-elect, R.W. Bro. Gary L. Atkinson, was 
presented at the Altar by R.W. Bro. Mark J. Thompson, Grand Director of 
Ceremonies, and following obligation and investiture by M.W. Bro. Terence 
Shand, he was placed in the chair on the right of the Grand Master. 


The Grand Secretary read the names of the following brethren who had 
been selected in the various districts to serve as District Deputy Grand 

Algoma Waino M. Jacobson Thunder Bay 

Algoma East William J. Vair Sault Ste Marie 

Brant Dan C. Dawson Hagersville 

Bruce Kenneth G. Baldwin Paisley 

Chatham Darrell A. McAleece Merlin 

Eastern S. Weston Libbey Cornwall 

Erie Alfred R. Sykes Cottam 

Frontenac George E. Snowden Kingston 

Georgian North Glen S. Webb London 

Georgian South John A. Milne Tottenham 

Grey Ronald M. Murdock Durham 

Hamilton A Malcolm Murray Hamilton 

Hamilton B James Kinnear Burlington 

Hamilton C William R. Millar Stoney Creek 

London East Laverne R. Leffler London 

London West Donald W. Slater London 

Musk-Parry Sound . . . James F. Kirk- White Burks Falls 

Niagara A Allister S. MacDonald St. Catharines 

Niagara B E. Norton Garrow Niagara Falls 

Nipissing East Andrew G. Grant North Bay 

North Huron Richard B. Holder Palmerston 

Ontario Barry M. Pedwell Orono 

Ottawa 1 Robert D. Bouchard Fitzroy Harbour 

Ottawa 2 Derek McEwen Pembroke 

Peterborough Russell G. Pollock Havelock 

Prince Edward Thomas J. Ross Belleville 

St Lawrence Giles O. Loshaw Athens 

St Thomas Robert J. Cresswell St. Thomas 

Sarnia James D. McBean Mooretown 

South Huron Douglas B. Miners Exeter 


Sudbury-Manitoulin . . . John W. Hodder Little Current 

Temiskaming Thomas J. Henderson Englehart 

Toronto 1 Kenneth B. Bice Uxbridge 

Toronto 2 Ian McColl Toronto 

Toronto 3 Desmond M. Tutin Scarborough 

Toronto 4 Louie J. Lombardi Claremont 

Toronto 5 Bruce W. Dickson Newmarket 

Toronto 6 Gordon J. Forbes Bradford 

Toronto 7 Murray D. Lampert Richmond Hill 

Victoria William A. Elliott Lindsay 

Waterloo Roy Chadwick Kitchener 

Wellington Donald R. Clyde Ariss 

Western M. Jack Devins Kenora 

Wilson North Murray L. Coulter Woodstock 

Wilson South Alain St. Jacques Port Dover 

Windsor Douglas J. Smith Windsor 

Following the presentation of the D.D.G.M.s at the Altar and their confirm- 
ation by the Grand Master, they were then obligated and invested by M.W. 
Bro. C. Edwin Drew. The D.D.G.M.s were then introduced and presented 
individually to the Grand Master and Deputy Grand Master. 


The Grand Master announced the appointment of W. Bro. M. John Moor 
as the Right Worshipful Grand Chaplain. 


The other Grand Lodge Officers were then invested under the direction of 
M.W. Bro. T. Shand: the Grand Senior Warden by M.W. Bro. R. E. Davies; 
the Grand Junior Warden by M.W. Bro. R. E. Davies; the Grand Chaplain 
by M.W. Bro. R. E. Groshaw; the Grand Registrar by M.W. Bro. R. J. 
McKibbon; and the Grand Director of Ceremonies by M.W. Bro. D. C. 


R.W. Bro. Brian E. Bond Campbellcroft 

R.W. Bro. Donald A. Campbell Markham 

R.W. Bro. Douglas A Conway Barrie 

R.W. Bro. John C. Green Drayton 

R.W. Bro. George E. Hinds Downsview 

R.W. Bro. Charles Reid Etobicoke 

R.W. Bro. Paul E. Todd Carleton Place 


Grand Senior Deacon V.W. Bro. William J. C. Newson Burlington 

Grand Junior Deacon V.W. Bro. Gordon J. Carr Mississauga 

Grand Supt of Works V.W. Bro. Gordon S. Walker London 

Assistant Grand Secretary . . . V.W. Bro. Joseph Janacek Ajax 



Assistant Grand Dir of Cers . V.W. Bro. 

Assistant Grand Chaplain 
Grand Sword Bearer .... 

Grand Organist 

Assistant Grand Organist . 
Grand Pursuivant 

V.W. Bro 
V.W. Bro 
V.W. Bro 
V.W. Bro 
V.W. Bro 

Very Worshipful 

Ackerman, Garnet D Picton 

Alexopoulos, George Markham 

Anderson, Gordon E Powassan 

Arbuckle, Alan D Manotick 

Bird, John CD Branchton 

Birthelmer, Martin Hamilton 

Boal, William R Toronto 

Bobyk, John Burlington 

Bunke, William E Pembroke 

Clark, Gordon F Ottawa 

Clark, M. E. (Sonny) Brockville 

Dewsbury, John W Whitby 

Domjan, Louis M Caledonia 

Elliott, H. Grant Strathroy 

Empey, Arnott V Berwick 

Fisher, Keith T Camlachie 

Galbraith, Carl J Prescott 

Garland, Cyril J Scarborough 

Gilbert, Philip J. F Beardmore 

Gregory, Frederick C Kitchener 

Haggith, Robert A Leamington 

Harris, Alonzo J North Bay 

Heighway, R. Bruce London 

Hollingsworth, D. Richard . Long Sault 

Ingram, Kevin N Dunsford 

Irvine, J. Brian Ottawa 

Jolley, R. C. "Bud" Owen Sound 

Keay, Robert A. Peterborough 

Karamalis, Socrates . . ^ Toronto 

Lee, David Blyth 

Little, Iain Sault Ste Marie 

MacMillan, Keir C North York 

Massaquoi, Johannes .... Woodstock 
McDonald, Alan W. . . . Scarborough 
McEachern, Michael C. . . . Brantford 

Keith S. Anderson London 

Peter Christie Toronto 

J. Lome MacRae Metcalfe 

George K. Knapp Weston 

Harry Ansara Mississauga 

Gerald E. Money Brantford 

Grand Stewards 

McGregor, Herbert D Mississauga 

McLoughlin, William J. . . St. Catharines 

McMillan, Thomas W Toronto 

McNutt, Stanley Elmvale 

Morris, Glenn Kingston 

Parker, Robert A. Burlington 

Payne, Brian Strathroy 

Pollard, Norman J Wasaga Beach 

Prues, William L Cargill 

Read, Stephen R Oro Station 

Reynolds, David W Mitchell 

Richard, Emile J Southampton 

Richel, John W Brampton 

Robson, Arthur D Denfield 

Schneikart, Joseph Chatham 

Shoup, Lawrence E Hagersville 

Simpson, Glen A. Gloucester 

Smith, Darwin C Havelock 

Soltanzadeh, Shahab Stouffville 

Stacey, Stuart J Dutton 

Stanbridge, John Tillsonburg 

Staples, David L Hamilton 

Stewart, Larry Niagara Falls 

Stone, David Stoney Creek 

Storey, Richard A. London 

Sweetman, Allan P Sudbury 

Tarcea, George R Windsor 

Thomas, Brian W Coe Hill 

Thompson, Murray Ottawa 

Todd, Wayne H Huntsville 

Ulrich, H. O. (Howie) Cobden 

Winik, John E Emo 

Wood, Robert G Chatham 

Young, Allen L Guelph 

Zudel, Paul M Timmins 

Grand Standard Bearer .... V.W. Bro. Donald G. Cameron .... Scarborough 

Grand Standard Bearer V.W. Bro. Edwin T. Kelly L'Original 

Grand Tyler V.W. Bro. Kenneth J. Macara St. Catharines 

Grand Historian R.W. Bro. Wallace E. McLeod Toronto 

Grand Piper V.W. Bro. David Gomme Toronto 




The Grand Master expressed his appreciation to the Committee on 
Arrangements for their dedicated service rendered once again this year. 

Recognition of the role of this committee met with the approbation of 
all in attendance, 

A special thanks was also extended to V.W. Bro. Don Schatz who, once 
again, shared his special talents by providing appropriate music throughout 
the sessions. 


During the session the following distinguished guests, at the request of the 
Grand Master, addressed the brethren assembled: 

R.W. Bro. Rod Ponech, Deputy Grand Master 
Grand Lodge of Alberta 

M.W. Bro. Jules S. Tepper, Grand Master 
Grand Lodge of District of Columbia 

M.W. Bro. Kenneth Thomas, Grand Master 
Grand Lodge of Manitoba 

M.W. Bro. Lary R. Smith, Grand Master 
Grand Lodge of Michigan 

M.W. Bro. Gordon R. Rattray, Grand Master 
Grand Lodge of New Brunswick 

M.W. Bro. Jim Talk, Grand Master 
Grand Lodge of Newfoundland/Lab 

M.W. Bro. Carl J. Fitje, Grand Master 
Grand Lodge of New York 

M.W. Bro. Charles A. Lewis Jr, Grand Master 
Grand Lodge of North Carolina 

M.W. Bro. John E. Leide, Grand Master 
Grand Lodge of Quebec 

M.W. Bro. Joseph B. Brearley, Grand Master 
Grand Lodge of Rhode Island 

M.W. Bro. Bruce E. Pomeroy, Grand Master 
Grand Lodge of Vermont 

M.Ex. Comp. Sheldon Boomhour 
Grand First Principal 
Royal Arch Masons 

111. Bro. Norman E. Byrne 

Sovereign Grand Commander 

A. & A. S. R. 

W. Bro. Barry McQuillin, Potentate 
Rameses Shrine 


Grand Lx)dge closed at 11:30 a.m. on Thursday, July 17, 2003. 


Grand Secretary 


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oi-^otT.-.iA. 0^000^^^1vDO(N^r<-l0^r-l00^OO■q•00vo 


pauSiss^i — W-) o <N — — Tf 

pajojsa'y — — ooooooooooooooo — — . 

paUIOf r^joOOtNO — — >no — 

paSlE^ — __00 — r^ — mr^rj 

pSSS^J OfNOrsioOmO — — rn 

pajBIJIUJ _rn — ror-to<N — — mTTmT — — mr<io\Tr 

— rN-^>oo — — vOrso 

O O — — <N — 

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oooojoooo — mvno — — o — — rsO — oooo 

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OmO'<y>0<Nrv|(NfN — fNCN 

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to ■£ to 

— •5- — 

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(N ■^ o "O <M ^ Ov 

OOOOOtNOOO — OO — Or-imO — — I' 

OOO-^ — m — — OO — ■* — 00(NfNO(N 


oooo — oooooo — ooooooole 

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(-s)0 — •^ — — — OO — O — Or^OOO — O 

— OO — OO — (NO — m^- 

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o — B, 
u "^^ & 
E o . 


^ 5> a 

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„ T3 _ „ 

to C to M 

03 H H 

•C tS rS 
u. — -q- 

„ ^ TS 

to to C 

— — rM 

S « = 





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c^ wi in vo (N >/^ "^ 

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— r^l O ro o — O 

— c> oo r^ w-1 o ^ 

O T — r^ o — o 

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ooooooooo — ooooooo 

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nOOOOO<N — — — OCnI — O 

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tN O O r-1 — — 


r^ vO — — O r^ O 

m (N O — — 


— vo O — • — m O 

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oo r^ o\ in 

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tN rr r^ fN tri 00 ^^ 

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rNjvnooOOmOOrsO^-OOOOO — O 

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O <N <N o rsi — o 

mr^OO — O(N^^^-O-^--O04 — m(NO 

•s « 















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rN ^o oo v^ -^ fs 

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*o — — o >o 

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CM TT — O f^ CM 

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— rsCOOOOOOO — oocooooo — ooo — 
OOOOOOO — OTfOmO — Of*^00^-0^-000 
or>( — O — rsi — OOCNfSOmrN)^-00 — -^-^(NO^- — 

O^-— 'OOrsi — — O 

O r^ CN (N rs O — 

O rj — 

O O — O O — (N 

^-mfs — mrN)*^f*^^-Om— "^-o — — 













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Cl. U 


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= •-■•^ S «3 o 

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f i ^ t.' I 

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y Cl, flj 

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C3 s: CO U 03 O < 


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— J2 C 

H ^ ^ 

■a — _ 

C «i w 

CNl — — 

c ■;= -i: 

r; — "P r; 

m — — 

— <N 

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1003 33a l£ 










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O O rsi oo 

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o> — r^^Ow^vor^-^r". oo«r^oo>/^^rs)or^tnoN 
csi — — r^i — 

— O^^OOOOfMOmOO^-OO — w^mO 

— (NOO — — r*^vO — — 

O O rvi — -^ fN 

O — OOOO — O — OOOOO — OOOoll 


— — cooooo — oo 

— _o — — OOO — O — <N 

O — — O <Vi 

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<N O O <N O O CM 

O O <N — — — 

O O Tf — — — . 


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f- U ^ 

C E r^ 

O « O 

■^ .S — 

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2^ <^ -^ 

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3 K C 

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E?So I 

2 ^ ' 


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r^ M Z 
i^ vO -a 

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"J K.1 — IVS f^ 

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I O r2 to (9 

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d cd 

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t^ S i^ 


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eft" "2 , 
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c/3 CD O 

•5. 1 
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a; b: <-? 
as CD ^ 

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— ■CN^' — OOOooo— -Omr^rnrsj^-OO — ^OO^-^^ 

\0 r^ v~i r^ 

<N r-q tN 

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ro ^ tN t-~ O (N CM 

<N — moo — O — O — OOmOOOOrM — fNO — — O 


COOOOO — OOO — O — — OOtNO — OOOO — 

rn — — — OO — OO — rn — O — ^-00r*^00 — CkI — — 

— , O — 

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(vjo — — O — — — OOroro — OOfNOO — OOCMO^ 

' S § ~ -^ 

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•?. i< Z - O 


■S ^ -e 

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■« 'C = 

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■r: M '- -a 

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- c -g c 

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-; w 

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>. m o 

M ^ N 
5 J < 

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si E 

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Z i2 

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g s:r 

>^ C — rt 

JS ■£ 


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Z X _ 

t. o - 

s? - 


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X Z 

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m _i "* 


d J 

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S J 

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CT> rs ■^ 

— — CT- r~i T 

w-i o — w-i »/% 

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lUvC "kJiCi/-i sc sO m 00 oo o^ rsi vO — vr, 

sjaquiajAj — — _ ^ 

SUOISUadsng OOOOO — rrirMTr>/-iOOrMOO — csi — o 

0(N 'Cw^Tt'r*-ivnf*-i 

O «J JO 

P3q3iS3M O — 'T — — OtNrs — mOO'^rMCM^rsioo 

P0JO1S3M oooo^-ooooooooo — ooo — 

psuiof m — — 

pasiB^ r^ _ _ 

paSSBJ — n — r^OrNirgo — TO — — OOvnpNio — 

pSlBUIUJ f-^-q-fNTfo — mo — — — m — rsiOtNf^ — — 

— o — o o 

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OOOOfNOOO — COrrrlO — 

■£ Z-^ 

M -^ 

o o. 

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— fN 

— j: (N 

V rsi O <N 

_i ~ a 
00 r >< o 

^2 1. 

■■5 _i "H Qi >■ 

C _4 

3 O 

X z. 


CN _ 42 


c c E H 

o o o o 

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Tt 1/1 

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c o 

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•- 3 

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C Qv 

a- -J 
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=S £ 

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■q- — 

•^ z 


c CO 

< u 

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o »o 
V2 — 

3 E « 
k- o — = rs 

o _ !•- - 

C 00 ^ , ~ 

1 s"s I 'I 

to O 'J K « 

^:; ?, 

= s o':^ 

vO — 

Z ~ 

r £ 

^ 5 
Z -; 



— C S 













Z i^ 












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1» — WJ _w 

« ^ = ™ 

o 9 c -2 

ty) ~i (j lyi 

oi id c/j I 

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f2 S 


r-1 ^- 

r^ — 

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O rs — 

OO — OCv) — ooooooow^m 

o o o o o 

— O V^ — -^ 


rs(-*^-m^- — — O"^ 

rsi Csi O 

rv) CN CsJ — 

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— orsrM^OOrsO 


O— « — OOOOOOrsiO — — OOOO — O — OO — (N 

OO^r — O — O — OV^O — — rrOOrslOOO(N^(N — 

r*^OTf — r^, — O^-O 

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suoisuadsns oooo — o^oo 

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.. = ..- a. c 


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f~ <^ J 


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suoisuadsns >norM — o — omo^ooo — ooo 


p3U3lS3'y — 0000-<J-<Nr-1000 — 000000(N 

pajoisa'y ooo — oooo — oooooooo — o 

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paSSBJ r^ — — rg 

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TMS. CQ j3 

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— — Tj-Orvl — TTOr^^-fSOro — 

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rsOOr-^Om — mo 

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n in 

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in i^ soq 

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-- ^:g > 60 

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m -^ O ^ 

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3-270 Moha 


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■§ i2 ^ 5 

■n -^ 0^ r. c = 

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suoisuadsng o m 

p3uSlS3>I — fN 

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pasiB^a o o 

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OO — Om — O — ro — OOO — OOO 

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rMOrsOfMOOO — i/^- — 

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sCmo^O — w^OTTr^^tnOw-i 

vO Ov OO 

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0(NrM<oor-i — •'J- 

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— — ooo — oo 

O'^-r-iu-v — — rji/iro — (N|<N| — — 'rj^ — — — O — TOO 
(VI — w-ir^roOtN^OTO — rMm<NIOT — CnI — OOr<^vOO 

2 IS 

1/-, O 05 

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.Buryta, RR ■/ 
Brantford N 

.Nuttall, 29 G 
Toronto Ml 

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i<i ^ ;3 « 

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■atjoo M '^ 

3 <N BO r^ 

O ,' 3 <^ 

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u o '^ 2 

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„ < 


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Z X a. 

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-^ a< eu 

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100^330 I£ 


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t^ 00 

(N m 

P3J0)S3>I O — 000(V4000 

pSUlOf O r^ — o o o O 

pasiE'y — o — CM (VI — — 

pSSSEJ r-1 o — O — — O 

paiEUiuj o o - 

rsi ^- 

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m (N — 

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O — — rsi 

(M — • — <N 

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a. ^ 

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C Qi 

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p 2 3 

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a r- 
I ^^ 

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X J ^ >>D 

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fN — — 

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w-i sO o^ "/^ rs ^o 

CM — — 

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r^jr^rN'3-Or^ — OOOOTJ- — 000-* 

O 1- n Ov TT 

OCMTj- — (^r*^ — — fNfNi/-irgu-> 

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o — — oooooooo — ooo — o 

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rNirvjmrsOO — OOOOfNtNO — 

<N — — O 00 — O 

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ro (N — vo w^ o '-" 

--Tf — O — — — "Or^-- — <Nr^ — (N — 

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r-1 O S 
"* ^ S 

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a: ^ Q 

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O £ _ 

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(N g C CO 

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ca U 

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— ^ 1/3 


"". 5 .« ^ J^ -n 


o X c 

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1/5 o *- 

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t2 S^'^ ^ 

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S 5 

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u < 

■c — "^ t^- 

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C in 

J' CM 
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Z 2 

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\0 o oo 

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(2 fe't:'^.«:^ 

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c -J c 

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< a; 

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U = o 

_ ^ N 3 

Z D.— /^ 

3 m "^ — 

S . o c 

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Ci Q 

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X s c 

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s " 

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■* rr ■5- — — 

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O r^ TT — 

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«Ov-ir^CT^-^sO — TTocu^O^o 

m sD TT oc ^- O 

fNin — oo\or-om 

1003 -'3Q \Z — °° ^ ""^ C3 a- — </-! rs -- _ _ 

SUOISUduSn^ OTrOf«-irMOO(NO<NOOu^Tj-oooo>no 

p3u3tS3'^ u-iO — -"TfNrMC^ — Ott — or^oooo — r<-i — 

§ rn p3J0JS3'y oooooo — — — oooooooooc 

pSUIOf r^lOOOOOOf^ — — oooooooo — 

pasiE'y — — rrcMrsiTroo — — — — — oooo — — 

paSSBJ ("■; — >/-i — (Nr^O — CnI-^OO — rJO — OO — 

paiBIllUJ (VI — Tj-OfNvOO<NrMf<-iCrMrMr«iO — (NO — 

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5; < «= 

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■5, 'a- o ^ 
o 'C c Z 
" -b ^ =: 

"S - o 

Is I 

-< -^ oo r- 

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U. J 

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r~ o cni 

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■^ ^1 fTl -^ tg 3 ^ 

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■- -I P 2 

Q d 

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„ fN W 

c c o o 
o ••£ :i« -a 
c « = S 

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o c o 

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i: -s -s « 

S E E I 

o ra ra — 

H = I O 

S ^ 

2 H U. 

•S "E ■£ 

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"S -5 

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•5 E 

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O — fNtNimO^r^Tt — Orvl — r^r^O — CJOrsOOOfNOO 

sCrsoco^^v^fNmrsr^m— ■rsrs)f*^»/*i'»3- 

O — tt o r^ 

OOr^OOOOOO — OOOO — 000000<N00 

OrM(N--OTroooOTj-f*-iOO>rirs)Ors — oo — O — 

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fNO'^rsiO — — r«^^ — 

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»nO(N — OfNmor*4mmfM-^mfnw^^(N*no--rso-^ 








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S P 

1 00 1 330 1€ 








ooot^^cc^O'/". vOf^ — 

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fN — 

r4 — 

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O (N -^ O ^ -^ 

l/^ <N O O ■^ 

ooooooo — ooooooo 

— O — OOOO — rJO — oooo 

O r^ f^ 

— — mO'/^O^O — (NO 

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e 2 

— — o 


O — rsl — 00*^mw~i — — oooo 

r^ r*^ <5 m 

1^ vO 1^ C> 

Tj- — u-i o- 

c^ vc r^ ON 

o o — — 

O (N rs m 

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u w 









_ o 13 "^ 

■^ — [— oo 
,^ O S 

u o S « 

§ = g> 8 


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o >■ Is 
oj — ■^ rj 

- "V S 'C 
o -s E ij 

"" I H -J 

•e ^ ^ i 

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« -^ Q ^ 

§ 1=53 
j::; < £ fS 

(N _ « r^ 

r^ O S — 

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-; O 

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'^ ^ E^ ^ 
Ci oi 

r ^ 'c 

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>»/ CM 

"^ -^ m •?; 

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W -H ^ £ 
.Z ^ d^h- 
■■>: c -7= 

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r-i 1^ 5 
J ■q- ^ 
_ ■• « 

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■(5 o 

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a = 

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r- fi — 

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— — 1/-1 

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<N — — 

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— r^ 

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i S r--, ± n 


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I Q- _^ "7 O 

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1 5 0- a. o 

I 3 " ■« -n' 

i e 5 S O 

-e 5 = -^ 

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o i2 o 

■- c H 

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CD - 

1^ « z 
- ^ c^ 

■^ P « c 

u. -> 

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o u 
a. CQ ■■ 

1) «-> 

C in 

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m ;, *S B. tU -^ 

« E2 4J 

<■ ■^ rn 

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" r«1 ^ 

ON O- r^ 

t^ ^ (N 
"~~ ^ C 


•- ,2 « 

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C •= u o o 

Of ai s u. 


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. -J rr M ' 

i i" § « ~ 

CQ 5 

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•T3 M a 

;5 ^ p'^ — CO fN 

, eu ^ ii Jki — 

b ™ w .2; >^ 

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— <N 

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— tN — 

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■^ u 

3006 33a I £ 

I 002 33a I£ 







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O O in — — fvl t^ 

sO [^ — ' o^ 

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vo vn r- >c r-~ 

un \o Tj- 

r^ \D oo 


o — ooooooo — o — o 

O — — O r-4 

— — rsicvi — m — o 

f*^Tj-rvlr^ — O — — 

— O fN O <N — m 


f*^ O — 

— — oo — oorMO — — — — oo 

■V O «-i 

<N fN — r^ O — ^- 

«0 ir> Tf O O TT TT 

■O u 

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<u — > _ 

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m u ^ 

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V3 O 00 

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5 = j«i Si 

o c 

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f- J f^ 

2 o z 

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z (2 m 

C -73 

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3 Z £ 

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a 5 E 

!S I 

a: « 

C </> tn 

(N) — — 


o aa 

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,5 H 

J3 T3 ■ -^ 
= 2 C/) T3 
■— — -^S- *- 


*J w-^ J^ 

c -2 

S C M 

!^ .9- ° 

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eu (J S? u 
CQ o — c 


o ^ 

2 ^ o &•£ S 

■| I 

; J J ; ;2 

I ^ I I s 

- s ^ S -2 

C ^ 

u v = 

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,- ra -J .S 00 

J^ n — U 

1 « S S I 

O X! '^ 'C O 

< ~i 

CM — — 

„ _ T3 

s r' -S - 

f^ -^ t; — — 

od X cd 

t/2 U1 

j: -J 

e s 

c^ ^ ^. s " 

-; -; U -; as 

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— r~i 

O — •^ — — ■^OOOOO — — fNr~IOOOvOO 

— — rs 

tto-^'* — — r4 — O — r<^ — — fNcgoo 

r^ O — > — 

O— "(Nf*^ — — r^I — rslOr^rnOmOO 

O -"T l-~ 

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cmO — — ro — (NfNO — <Ni-iO — OCM 

C') <N <N <N 

CM — 000400 — O — 04r~IO — — — — CMr-lO 

— — <N 

— (NO(N(N^ — — O^ — W^fNtNO — ^-'— mo 


> = 

S < - 03 

1 3)S2 

a. 13 r> . . i: 


CO "O — 

4> CM 

•£ — 

J2 U 

vD o -a- ^ 


=? C^ rr. 

c -t; vO ^ 

a o 

2 5 

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z (j; c/2 s u 

2 2 

o u £ -s 

T3 ■- 

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2 I 

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, o U ai vc -g 

I Q/ _ K ^ ts 

= s-::c>S2:s^ 

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e 3 — _] "■ 

_' E 


p1 B-|£ 


o O 3 > O 

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O m c 

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aoO o -J 

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D. ? D. 

j: ^ t: 

O ^ 55 

•S t: c 

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.- ■§) 


List of Lodges — By Districts 

Lodges - 11 ALGOMA DISTRICT Membership Nov ZOOS - 1,105 

D.D.G.M. - R.W. Bro. Waino M. Jacobson, Thunder Bay 

No. 287-Shuniah Thunder Bay No. 636— Hornepayne Hornepayne 

No. 415— Fort William Thunder Bay No. 656-Kenogamisis Geraldton 

No. 499-Port Arthur Thunder Bay No. 662-Terrace Bay Terrace Bay 

No. 511-Connaught Thunder Bay No. 672-Superior Red Rock 

No. 584— Kaministiquia Thunder Bay No. 709— Lakehead Thunder Bay 

No. 618— Thunder Bay Thunder Bay 

Lodges - 8 ALGOMA EAST DISTRICT Membership Nov 2003 - 838 

D.D.G.M. - RW. Bro. William J. Vair, Sault Ste Marie 

No. 412-Keystone Sault Ste. Marie No. 622-Lome Chapleau 

No. 442— Dyment Thessalon No. 625— Hatherly Sault Ste. Marie 

No. 469-Algoma Sault Ste. Marie No. 680- Woodland Wawa 

No. 487-Penewobikong Blind River No. 698-Elliot Lake Elliot Lake 

Lodges - 13 BRANT DISTRICT Membership Nov 2003 - 1,167 

D.D.G.M. - RW. Bro. Dan C. Dawson, Hagersville 

No. 35-SL John's Cayuga No. 319-Hiram Hagersville 

No. 45-Brant Brantford No. 329-King Solomon Jarvis 

No. 82-St John's Sl George No. 505-Lynden L>nden 

No. 106-Burford Burford No, 508-O2ias B«r£or4 

No. 113-Wilson Waterford No. 515-Reba Brantford 

No. 193-Scotland Oakland No. 519-Onondaga Onondaga 

No. 243— St George SL George 

Lodges - 12 BRUCE DISTRICT Membership Nov 2003 - 870 

D.D.G.M. - RW. Bro. Kenneth G. Baldwin, Paisley 

No. 131-St Lawrence Southampton No. 393-Forest Chesley 

No. 197-Saugeen Walkerton No. 396-Cedar Wiarton 

No. 235-Aldworth Chesley No. 429-Port Elgin Port Elgin 

No. 262-Harriston Harriston No. 431-Moravian Cargill 

No. 315-Clifford Clifford No. 432-Hanover Hanover 

No. 362-Maple Leaf Tara No. 436-Bums Hepworth 

Lodges - 1 1 CHATHAM DISTRICT Membership Nov 2003 - 884 

D.D.G.M. - RW. Bro. Darrell A McAleece, Merlin 

No. 46- Wellington -Victory Chatham No. 327-Hammond Wardsville 

No. 245— Tecumseh Sydenham Thamesville No. 336— Highgate Highgate 

No. 267-Parthenon Chatham No. 391-Howard Ridgetown 

No. 274-Kent Blenheim No. 422-Star of the East Bothwell 

No. 282-Lome Glencoe No. 457-Century Merlin 

No. 312— Pnyx Baldoon Wallaceburg 

Lodges - 19 EASTERN DISTRICT Membership Nov 2003 - 955 

D.D.G.M. - RW. Bro. S. Weston Libbey, Cornwall 

No. 21a-St John's Vankleek Hill No. 439-Alexandria Alexandria 

No. 125-Comwall Cornwall No. 450-Hawkesbury Vankleek Hill 

No. 142— Excelsior Morrisburg No. 452— Avonmore Monkland 

No. 143-Friendly Brothers' Iroquois No. 458- Wales Ingleside 

No. 186-Plantagenet Riceville No. 491-Cardinal Iroquois 

No. 207-Lancaster Lancaster No. 557— Finch Ingleside 

No. 256— Farran-Ault Ingleside No. 596— Martintown Martintown 

No. 320-Chesterville Winchester No. 669-Corinthian Cornwall 

No. 383-Henderson Winchester No. 707-Eastem Cornwall 

No. 418-Maxville Maxville 

Lodges - 9 ERIE DISTRICT Membership Nov 2003 - 659 

D.D.G.M. - RW. Bro. Alfred R Sykes, Cottam 

No. 34— Thistle Amherstburg No. 413-Naphtali Tilbuiy 

No. 41— St George's Kingsville No. 448-Xenophon Wheatley 

No. 290-Leamington Leamington No. 488-King Edward Harrow 

No. 395-Parvaim Leamington No. 627-Pelee Pelee Island 

No. 402-Central Essex 


Lodges - 18 FRONTENAC DISTRICT Membership Nov 2003 - 1,346 

D.D.G.M. - R.W. Bro. George E. Snowden, Kingston 

No. 3— Ancient Sl John's Kingston No. 253-Minden Harrowsmith 

No. 9— Union Napanee No. 299— Victoria Centreville 

No. 92— Cataraqui Kingston No. 404— Lome Tamworth 

No. 109-Albion Harrowsmith No. 460-Rideau Seeleys Bay 

No. 119— Maple Leaf Bath No. 497— St Andrew's Tamworth 

No. 146— Prince of Wales Napanee No. 578-Queen's Kingston 

No. 157— Simpson Newboro No. 585— Royal Edward Kingston 

No. 201— Leeds Gananoque No. 621— Frontenac Sharbot Lake 

No. 228-Prince Arthur Bath jlfo, 739-Ltraestone Dayligkt Harrovwattil 

Lodges - 12 GEORGIAN NORTH DISTRICT Membership Nov 2003 - 1,270 

D.D.G.M. - R.W. Bro. Glen S. Webb, London 

No. 90— Manito Collingwood No. 466— Coronation Elmvale 

No. 192-Oriilia Orillia No. 470- Victoria Victoria Harbour 

No. 234-Beaver Thombury No. 492-Kamak Orillia 

No. 249-Caledonian Midland No. 538-Eari Kitchener Midland 

No. 266-Northem Light Stayner No. 659-Equity Orillia 

No. 348-Georgian Midland No. 718-Twin Lakes Orillia 

Lodges - 10 GEORGIAN SOUTH DISTRICT Membership Nov 2003 - 1,178 

D.D.G.M. - R.W. Bro. John A Milne, Tottenham 

No. 96— Corinthian Barrie No. 385-Spry Beeton 

No. 230-Kerr Barrie No. 444-Nitetis Creemore 

No. 236— Manitoba Cookstown No. 467— Tottenham Tottenham 

No. 285-Seven Star Alliston No. 673-Kempenfeldt Barrie 

No. 304-Minerva Stroud No. 737-Innisfil Stroud 

Lodges - 12 Grey DISTRICT Membership Nov 2003 - 1,097 

D.D.G.M. - R.W. Bro. Ronald M. Murdock, Durham 

No. 88-St George's Owen Sound No. 333-Prince Arthur Flesherton 

No. 137-P^thagoras Meaford No. 334-Prince Arthur Arthur 

No. 200-St Alban's Mount Forest No. 377-Lome Dundalk 

No. 216-Harris Orangeville No. 421-Scott Grand Valley 

No. 306-Durham Durham No. 449-Dundalk Dundalk 

No. 322-North Star Owen Sound No. 490-Hiram Markdale 

Lodges - 14 HAMILTON DISTRICT A Membership Nov 2003 - 1,662 

D.D.G.M. - RW. Bro. Malcolm Murray, Hamilton 

No. 6-Barton Hamilton No. 551-Tuscan Hamilton 

No. 4a-St John's Hamilton No. 603-Campbell Campbellville 

No. 135-St Clair Milton No. 639-Beach Stoney Creek 

No. 165-Buriington Burlington No. 663-Brant Buriington 

No. 357-Waterdown Millgrove No. 681-Claude M. Kent Oakville 

No. 400-Oakville Oakville No. 712-Trafalgar Oakville 

No. 475-Dundum Hamilton No. 725-WeIlington Square Burlington 

Lodges - 14 Hamilton District B Membership Nov 2003 - 1,396 

-D.D.G.M. - R.W. Bro. James Kinnear, Buriington 

No. 7-Union Grimsby No. 382-Doric Hamilton 

No. 27-Strict Observance Stoney Creek No. 544-Lincoln Abingdon 

No. 57-Harmony Binbrook No. 593-St Andrew's Hamilton 

No. 61-Acacia Hamilton No. 594-Hillcrest Hamilton 

No. 62-St Andrew's Caledonia No. 667-Composite Hamilton 

No. 166-Wentworth Stoney Creek No. 692-Thos Hamilton Simpson . . . Stoney Creek 

No. 185-Enniskillen York No. 714-Battlefield Stoney Creek 

Lodges - 14 Hamilton district C Membership Nov 2003 - 1,331 

D.D.G.M. - RW. Bro. William R Millar, Stoney Creek 

No. 100-Valley Dundas No. 550-Buchanan Hamilton 

No. 272-Seymour Ancaster No. 555-Wardrope Hamilton 

No. 291-Dufferin W. Flamboro No. 602-Hugh Murray Hamilton 

No. 324-Temple Hamilton No. 654-Ancient Landmarks Hamilton 

No. 495-Electric Hamilton No. 671-Westmount Hamilton 

No. 513-Corinthian Hamilton ^ eTMSefittenaial ©i^^ > .. .mm^ 

No. 549-Ionic Hamilton Na 6^1'^endian "?^^^ 


Lodges - 14 LONDON EAST DISTRICT Membership Nov 2003 - 1,938 

D.D.G.M. - R.W. Bro. Laverne R. Leffler. London 

No. 20— St John's London No. 380— Union London 

No. 64— Kilwinning London No. 394— King Solomon Thamesford 

No. 190-Belmont Belmont No. 399-Moffat London 

No. 300— Mount Olivet Thorndale No. 597— Temple London 

No. 344— Merrill Nilestown No. 684— Centennial London 

No. 345— Nilestown Nilestown No. 716— Ionic London 

No. 379-Middlesex Thorndale No. 73$rrLoi(toA^ 

Lodges - 14 LONDON WEST DISTRICT Membership Nov 2003 - 1,400 

D.D.G.M. - RW. Bro. Donald W. Slater, London 

No. 42— Sl George's London No. 358— Delaware Valley Lambeth 

No. 81— Sl John's Mount Biydges No. 378— King Solomon's London 

No. 107-St Paul's Lambeth No. 388-Henderson Lobo 

No. 195— Tuscan London No. 529— Myra Komoka 

No. 209a-St John's London No. 580— Acacia London 

No. 289-Doric Lobo No. 6ia-AshIar London 

No. 330— Corinthian London No. 708-Oakridge London 

Lodges - 8 MUSKOKA-PARRY SOUND DISTRICT" Membership Nov 2003 - 1,000 

D.D.G.M. - RW. Bro. James F. Kirk-White, Burks Falls 

No. 352-Granite Parry Sound No. 423— Strong Sundridge 

No. 360— Muskoka Bracebridge No. 434— Algonquin Emsdale 

No. 376— Unity Huntsville No. 443-Powassan Powassan 

No. 409— Golden Rule Gravenhurst No. 454— Corona Burks Falls 

Lodges - 15 NIAGARA DISTRICT A Membership Nov 2003 - 1,562 

D.D.G.M. - RW. Bro. Allister S. MacDonald, St Catharines 

No. 2— Niagara Niagara-on-the-Lake No. 338— Dufferin Wellandport 

No. 15— Sl George's St Catharines No. 502— Coronation Smithville 

No. 32— Amity Dunnville No. 614— Adanac St Catharines 

No. 103— Maple Leaf St Catharines No. 616— Perfection St Catharines 

No. 115— Ivy Beamsville No. 661-St Andrew's St Catharines 

No. 221— Mountain St Catharines No. 697— Grantham St Catharines 

No. 277-Seymour St Catharines 745s8jfi>^|£.5iDa.yUght .,,.,,...,,, St Catlariiiii^ 

No. 296— Temple St Catharines 

Lodges - 11 NIAGARA DISTRICT" B Membership Nov 2003 - 1,041 

D.D.G.M. — RW. Bro. E. Norton Garrow, Niagara Falls 

No. 105-St Mark's Niagara Falls No. 373-Cope-Stone Welland 

No. 168-Merritt Welland No. 471-King Edward VII Niagara Falls 

No. 169-Macnab Port Colbome No. 535-Phoenix Fonthill 

No. 254— Clifton Niagara Falls No. 573— Adoniram Niagara Falls 

No. 337— Myrtle Port Robinson No. 615— Dominion Fort Erie 

No. 372— Palmer Fort Erie 

Lodges - 7 NIPISSING EAST DlSTRICT^ Membership Nov 2003 - 720 

D.D.G.M. - RW. Bro. Andrew G. Grant, North Bay 

No. 405— Mattawa Mattawa No. 486— Silver Haileybury 

No. 420-Nipissing North Bay No. 507-Elk Lake Elk Lake 

No. 447— Sturgeon Falls Sturgeon Falls No. 617— North Bay North Bay 

No. 462— Temiskaming Haileybury 

Lodges - 1 1 North Huron district- Membership Nov 2003 - 789 

D.D.G.M. - R.W. Bro. Richard B. Holder, Palmerston 

No. 93-Northem Light Kincardine No. 303-Blyth Blyth 

No. 162-Forest Wroxeter No. 314-Blair Palmerston 

No. 184-Old Light Lucknow No. 331-Fordwich Fordwich 

No. 225— Bernard Listowel No. 341— Bruce Tiverton 

No. 284-St John's Brussels No. 568-Hullett Londesboro 

No. 286— Wingham Wingham 

Lodges - 15 ONTARIO DISTRICT Membership Nov 2003 - 1,894 

D.D.G.M. - RW. Bro. Bany M. Pedwell, Orono 

No. 17-St John's Cobourg No. 39-Mount Zion Brooklin 

No. 26-Ontario Port Hope No. 66-Durham Newcastle 

No. 30-Composite Whitby No. 91-Colbome Cclbome 

No. 31-Jenisalem Bowmanville No. 114— Hope Port Hope 




No. 139-Lebanon Oshawa No. 649-Temple Oshawa 

No. 270-Cedar Oshawa No. 695-Parkwood Oshawa 

No. 325-Orono Orono No. 706-David T. Campbell Whitby 

No. 428-Fidelity Port Peny 

Lodges — 15 

OTTAWA DISTRICT 1 Membership Nov 2003 

D.D.G.M. - R.W. Bro. Robert D. Bouchard, Fitzroy Harbour 


No. 58-Doric Ottawa 

No. 63— St John's Carle ton Place 

No. 147— Mississippi Almonte 

No. 148-Civil Service Ottawa 

No. 159— Goodwood Richmond 

No. 231— Lodge of Fidelity Ottawa 

No. 371— Prince of Wales Ottawa 

No. 465-Carleton Carp 

No. 479-Russell Russell 

No. 517— Hazeldean Kanata 

No. 558-Sidney Albert Luke Ottawa 

No. 560-Sl Andrew's Ottawa 

No. 561— Acacia Ottawa 

No. 665— Temple Ottawa 

No. 736— Edinburgh Ottawa 

Lodges — 16 

OTTAWA DISTRICT 2 Membership Nov 2003 - 1,425 

D.D.G.M. - R.W. Bro. Derek McEwen, Pembroke 

No. 52— Dalhousie Ottawa 

No. 122— Renfrew Renfrew 

No. 12S— Pembroke Pembroke 

No. 177-The Builders Ottawa 

No. 196— Madawaska Amprior 

No. 264— Chaudiere Ottawa 

No. 433— Bonnechere Eganville 

No. 459-Cobden Cobden 

No. 516— Enterprise Beachburg 

No. 526-Ionic Ottawa 

No. 564-Ashlar Ottawa 

No. 590-Defenders Ottawa 

No '^95-Rideau Ottawa 

Ko, <>S6~Atomic Dayljghf , , , , . , P<?mbroke 

No 72I-B\lo\\n Ottawa 

No. 741 -Luxor Davtighi . , ... Ottawa 

Lodges — 12 


PETERBOROUGH DISTRICT Membership Nov 2003 - 1,290 

R.W. Bro. Russell G. Pollock, Havelock 

No. 101— Corinthian Peterborough 

No. 126— Golden Rule Campbellford 

No. 145-J. B. Hall Millbrook 

No. 155— Peterborough Peterborough 

No. 161— Percy Warkworth 

No. 223— Norwood Norwood 

No. 313— Clementi Peterborough 

No. 374— Keene Keene 

No. 435— Havelock Havelock 

No. 523— Royal Arthur Peterborough 

No. 633— Hastings Norwood 

No. 675— William James Dunlop .... Peterborough 

Lodges — 14 

PRINCE EDWARD DISTRICT Membership Nov 2003 - 1,783 

D.D.G.M. - RW. Bro. Thomas J. Ross, Belleville 

No. 11— Moira Belleville 

No. 18— Prince Edward Picton 

No. 29-United Brighton 

No. 38— Trent Trenton 

No. 48— Madoc/Marmora/Tweed Madoc 

No. 50— Consecon Consecon 

No. 69-Stirling Stirling 

No. 123-Belleville Belleville 

No. 127— Franck Frankford 

No. 164— Star-in-the-East Wellington 

No. 215— Lake Ameliasburg 

No. 283-Eureka Belleville 

No. 482-Bancroft Bancroft 

No. 666— Temple Belleville 

Lodges — 17 

ST. Lawrence District Membership Nov 2003 

D.D.G.M. - RW. Bro. Giles O. Loshaw, Athens 


No. 5— Sussex Brockville 

No. 14— True Britons' Perth 

No. 24— Sl Francis Smiths Falls 

No. 28— Mount Zion Kemptville 

No. 55— Merrickville Burritt's Rapids 

No. 74— St James Brockville 

No. 85— Rising Sun Athens 

No. llO-Central Prescott 

No. 209— Evergreen Lanark 

No. 242— Macoy Lyn 

No. 368— Salem Brockville 

No. 370— Harmony Philipsville 

No. 387— Lansdowne Lansdowne 

No. 416-Lyn Lyn 

No. 504-Otter Lombardy 

No. 556-Nation Spencerville 

No. 650-Fidelity Toledo 

Lodges - 10 

ST. THOMAS DISTRICT Membership Nov 2003 - 1,161 

D.D.G.M. - KW. Bro. Robert J. Cresswell, St Thomas 

No. 44— St Thomas St Thomas 

No. 94-St Mark's Port Stanley 

No. 120-Warren Fingal 

No. 140-Malahide Aylmer 

No. 171— Prince of Wales lona Station 

No. 232-Cameron Dutton 

No. 302-St David's St Thomas 

No. 364-Dufferin Melbourne 

No. 386- West Elgin West Lome 

No. 546-Talbot St Thomas 



Lodges — 19 


SaRNIA District Membership Nov 2003 - 1,636 

R.W. Bro. James D. McBean, Mooretown 

No. 56— Victoria Samia 

No. 83— Beaver Strathroy 

No. 116— Cassia Thedford 

No. 153— Burns' Wyoming 

No. 158-Alexandra Oil Springs 

No. 194-Petrolia Petrolia 

No. 238-Havelock Watford 

No. 260- Washington Petrolia 

No. 294— Moore Corunna 

No 307— Arkona Arkona 

No. 328— Ionic Napier 

No. 392— Huron Camlachie 

No. 397-Leopold Brigden 

No. 419— Liberty Samia 

No. 425— St. Clair Sombra 

No. 437— Tuscan Samia 

No. 503— Inwood Oil Springs 

No. 601— St. Paul Samia 

No. 719— Otisippi Samia 

Lodges — 15 


SOUTH HURON DISTRICT Membership Nov 2003 

- R.W. Bro. Douglas B. Miners, Exeter 


No. 33-Maitland Goderich 

No. 73-Sl James St Marys 

No. 84-Clinton Clinton 

No. 133- Lebanon Forest Exeter 

No. 141-Tudor Mitchell 

No. 144-Tecumseh Stratford 

No. 154-Irving Lucan 

No. 170-Britannia Seaforth 

No. 224-Huron Hensall 

No. 233— Doric Ailsa Craig 

No. 309-Moming Star Carlow 

No. 332-Stratford Stratford 

No. 456-Elma Monkton 

No. 483— Granton Granton 

No. 574— Craig Ailsa Craig 

Lodges — 9 

SUDBURY-MANITOULIN DIST Membership Nov 2003 - 994 

D.D.G.M. - R.W. Bro. John W. Hodder, Little Current 

No. 427-Nickel Sudbuiy 

No. 455-Doric Little Current 

No. 472— Gore Bay Gore Bay 

No. 527— Espanola Espanola 

No. 536-Algonquin Sudbuiy 

No. 588-National Capreol 

No. 658-Sudbury Sudbury 

No. 691— Friendship Sudbuiy 

No. 699-Bethel Sudbury 

Lodges — 9 


TEMISKAMING DISTRICT Membership Nov 2003 - 684 

R.W. Bro. Thomas J. Henderson, Englehart 

No. 506— Porcupine Timmins 

No. 528— Golden Beaver Timmins 

No. 530— Cochrane Cochrane 

No. 534-Englehart Englehart 

No. 540— Abitibi Iroquois Falls 

No. 623-Doric Kirkland Lake 

No. 648-Spmce Falls Kapuskasing 

No. 657-Corinthian Kirkland Lake 

No. 704-Aurum Timmins 

Lodges - 22 

TORONTO DISTRICT 1 Membership Nov 2003 

D.D.G.M. - RW. Bro. Kenneth B. Bice, Uxbridge 


No. 229— Ionic Brampton 

No. 356-River Park Streetsville 

No. 474— Victoria Toronto 

No. 501— Connaught Etobicoke 

No. 524— Mississauga Mississauga 

No. 548— General Mercer Toronto 

No. 565— Kilwinning Toronto 

No. 566— King Hiram Toronto 

No. 619-Runnymede Toronto 

No. 630— Prince of Wales Toronto 

No. 632- Long Branch Etobicoke 

No. 640— Anthony Sayer Etobicoke 

No. 645— Lake Shore Etobicoke 

No. 674— South Gate Mississauga 

No. 685— Joseph A Heara Mississauga 

No. 689— Flower City Brampton 

No. 710— Unity Brampton 

No. 727-Mount Moriah Brampton 

^ft TSS-Auntversaty ...........,,, EtoWdclci^ 

No. 734— West Gate Streetsville 

No. 738— Chinguacousy Brampton 

No. 740— Ibrox Brampton 

Lodges — 17 


Membership Nov 2003 - 1,696 

D.D.G.M. - R.W. Bro. Ian McColl, Toronto 

No. 305-Humber Weston 

No. 346— Occident Toronto 

No. 369— Mimico Etobicoke 

No. 510-Parkdale Etobicoke 

No. 522— Mount Sinai Thomhill 

No. 531-High Park Thomhill 

No. 575-Fidelity Toronto 

No. 582-Sunnyside Weston 

No. 583— Transportation Toronto 

No. 599-Mount Dennis Weston 

No. 600-Maple Leaf Etobicoke 

No. 605-Melita Thomhill 

No. 655-Kingsway Etobicoke 

No. 664— Sunnylea Etobicoke 

No. 677-Coronation Weston 

No. 682-Astra Weston 

No. 703-Lodge of the Pillars Thomhill 



Lodges — 15 


No. 16— Sl Andrew's Toronto 

No. 25-Ionic Toronto 

No. 75— St Johns Scarborough 

No. 136— Richardson Stouffville 

No. 220-Zeredatlia Uxbridge 

No. 316-Doric Thomhill 

No. 339— Orient Toronto 

No. 343-Georgina Toronto 

TORONTO District 3 Membership Nov 2003 

R.W. Bro. Desmond M. Tutin, Scarborough 


No. 424— Doric Ajax 

No. 473— Beaches Scarborough 

No. 567— St Aidan's Scarborough 

No. 612-Birch Cliff Scarborough 

No. 62(>-Quinte St Alban's Thomhill 

No. 637— Caledonia Toronto 

No. 729— Friendship Ajax 

Lodges — 14 


TORONTO DISTRICT 4 Membership Nov 2003 

R.W. Bro. Louie J. Lombardi, Claremont 


No. 87— Markham Union Markham 

No. 269— Brougham Union Claremont 

No. 430— Acacia Toronto 

No. 494— Riverdale Toronto 

No. 52(>-Coronati Scarborough 

No. 532— Canada Ajax 

No. 543— Imperial-East Gate Scarborough 

No. 576— Mimosa Toronto 

No. 647-Todmorden Toronto 

No. 651— Dentonia Toronto 

No. 653— Scarboro Scarborough 

No. 670- West Hill Scarborough 

No. 683— Wexford Scarborough 

No. 705— Universe Scarborough 

Lodges — 15 


TORONTO DISTRICT 5 Membership Nov 2003 

RW. Bro. Bruce W. Dickson, Newmarket 


No. 22— King Solomon's Richmond Hill 

No. 23— Richmond Richmond Hill 

No. 65— Rehoboam Etobicoke 

No. 79— Simcoe Bradford 

No. 86— Wilson Toronto 

No. 97— Sharon Queensville 

No. 99— Tuscan Newmarket 

No. 247— Ashlar Toronto 

No. 326— Zetland Toronto 

No. 438— Harmony Queensville 

No. 481— Corinthian Newmarket 

No. 577-St Clair Thomhill 

No. 581— Harcourt Toronto 

No. 629-Grenville Richmond Hill 

No. 702— Lodge of Fellowship .... Richmond Hill 

Lodges - 14 


Toronto District 6 Membership Nov 2003 

RW. Bro. Gordon J. Forbes, Bradford 


No. 129— Rising Sun Aurora 

No. 156- York Toronto 

No. 265-Patterson Thomhill 

No. 512— Malone Sutton 

No. 542— Metropolitan Toronto 

No. 591-North Gate Ajax 

No. 592-Fairbank Toronto 

No. 606-Unity Etobicoke 

No. 634— Delta Aurora 

No. 638-Bedford Thomhill 

No. 646-Rowland Mount Albert 

No. 676-Kroy Thomhill 

No. 696— Hany L. Martyn Toronto 

No. 717-Willowdale Thomhill 

Lodges — 25 

TORONTO DISTRICT 7 Membership Nov 2003 - 2,078 

D.D.G.M. - RW. Bro. Murray D. Lampert, Richmond Hill 

No. 54— Vaughan Maple 

No. 98-True Blue Bolton 

No. 118— Union Schomberg 

No. 292— Robertson Schomberg 

No. 311— Blackwood Maple 

No. 367— St George . . . . ^ Toronto 

No. 384— Alpha Toronto 

No. 410— Zeta Toronto 

No. 468-Peel Caledon East 

No. 496— University Toronto 

No. 533— Shamrock Toronto 

No. 537-Ulster Toronto 

No. 541— Tuscan Toronto 

No, 547-V«r{oiy . Toronto 

No 559-Mosaic rhornhill 

No, 5-?0-DtttTefin Tll0«ihi!|| 

No. 571-Antiquity Toronto 

No. 572-Mizpah Maple 

No. 586— Remembrance Thomhill 

No. 589-Grey Thomhill 

No. 611— Huron-Bmce Toronto 

No. 635- Wellington Maple 

No. 643— Cathedral Toronto 

No. 644— Simcoe Toronto 

No. 713— Bridgewood Etobicoke 

Lodges — 14 


No. 77— Faithful Brethren Lindsay 

No. 268— Vemlam Bobcaygeon 

No. 354— Brock Cannington 

No. 375— Lome Omemee 

No. 398- Victoria Kirkfield 

No. 406-Spiy Fenelon Falls 

No. 408— Murray Beaverton 

■VICTORIA DISTRICT Membership Nov 2003 - 1,080 

RW. Bro. William A. Elliott, Lindsay 

No. 440-Arcadia Minden 

No. 451-Somerville Kinmount 

No. 463-North Entrance Haliburton 

No. 464-King Edward Sunderland 

No. 477-Harding Woodville 

No. 498-King George V Coboconk 

No. 608-Gothic Lindsay 



Lodges — 16 

No. 72— Alma Cambridge 

No. 151-Grand River Waterloo 

No. 172-Ayr Ayr 

No. 205— New Dominion Baden 

No. 257-Galt Cambridge 

No. 279-Mystic Tie Cambridge 

No. 297-Preston Cambridge 

No. 318-Wilmot Baden 

Waterloo District Membership Nov 2003 - 1,180 

D.D.G.M. - R.W. Bro. Roy Chadwick, Kitchener 

No. 509-Twin City Waterloo 

No. 539-Waterloo Waterloo 

No. 628— Glenrose Elmira 

No. 690— Temple Waterloo 

No. 722— Concord Cambridge 

No. 72S-Brotherhood Waterloo 

No. 728-Cambridge Cambridge 

Na 744-New Light ■■"'^T'jrrr'r'rrv-'-^r?;' 

Lodges — 13 

No. 180-Speed Guelph 

No. 203-Irvine Fergus 

No. 219— Credit Georgetown 

No. 258-Guelph Guelph 

No. 271-Wellington Erin 

No. 295-Conestogo Drayton 

No. 321— Walker Georgetown 

WELLINGTO.N District Membership Nov 2003 - 1,133 

D.D.G.M. - R.W. Bro. Donald R. Clyde, Ariss 

No. 347— Mercer Fergus 

No. 361— Waverley Guelph 

No. 688-Wyndham Guelph 

No. 724-Trillium Guelph 

No. 732-Friendship Georgetown 

Lodges — 10 


D.D.G.M. - KW. Bro. M. Jack Devins, Kenora 

Membership Nov 2003 - 767 

No. 414-Pequonga Kenora 

No. 417-Keewatin Keewatin 

No. 445-Lake of the Woods Kenora 

No. 446-Granite Fort Francis 

No. 461-Ionic Rainy River 

No. 484-Golden Star Diyden 

No. 518— Sioux Lookout Sioux Lookout 

No. 631— Manitou Emo 

No. 660-Chukuni Red Lake 

No. 668— Atikokan Atikokan 

Lodges — 12 


No. 37-King Hiram IngersoU 

No. 43-King Solomon's Woodstock 

No. 68-St John's Ingersoll 

No. 76-Oxford Woodstock 

No. 108-Blenheim Innerkip 

No. 178-Plattsville Washington 

WILSON NORTH DISTRICT Membership Nov 2003 - 982 

KW. Bro. Murray L. Coulter, Woodstock 

No. 250-Thistle Embro 

No. 261-Oak Branch Innerkip 

No. 569— Doric Lakeside 

No. 609— Tavistock Tavistock 

No. 678— Mercer Wilson Woodstock 

No. 700-Corinthian Lakeside 

Lodges — 11 

No. 10-Norfolk Simcoe 

No. 78-King Hiram Tillsonburg 

No. 104— Sl John's Norwich 

No. 149-Erie Port Dover 

No. 174— Walsingham Port Rowan 

No. 181— Oriental Vienna 

WILSON SOUTH DISTRICT Membership Nov 2003 

D.D.G.M. - R.W. Bro. Alain St Jacques, Port Dover 


No. 217-Frederick Delhi 

No. 237- Vienna Vienna 

No. 359-Vinoria Vittoria 

No. 624-Dereham Mount Elgin 

No. 701— Ashlar Tillsonburg 

Lodges — 9 

WINDSOR DISTRICT Membership Nov 2003 - 920 

D.D.G.M. - RW. Bro. Douglas J. Smith, Windsor 

No. 47— Great Western Windsor 

No. 403- Windsor Windsor 

No. 500-Rose Windsor 

No. 521-Ontario Windsor 

Siiii 554-Bofder Cilies Windsor 

RESEARCH LODGE - No. 730-Heritage . . . Cambridge Membership Nov 2003 - 718 

No. 579— Harmony Windsor 

No. 598-Dominion Essex 

No. 604-Palace Essex 

No. 642-St Andrew's Windsor 



Algoma East . . 






Frontenac . . . . 
Georgian North 
Georgian South 


Hamilton A . . . 

. 8 
. 9 

Hamilton B 14 

Hamilton C 14 

London East 14 

London West 14 

Musk-Parry Sound . . 8 

Niagara A 15 

Niagara B 11 

Nipissing East 7 

North Huron 11 

Ontario 15 

Ottawa 1 15 

Ottawa 2 16 

Peterborough .... 12 
Prince Edward ... 14 

St Lawrence 17 

St Thomas 10 

Samia 19 

South Huron .... 15 
Sud-Manitoulin ... 9 

Temiskaming 9 

Toronto 1 22 

Toronto 2 17 

Toronto 3 15 

Toronto 4 14 

Toronto 5 15 

Toronto 6 14 

Toronto 7 25 

Victoria 14 

Waterloo 16 

Wellington 13 

Western 10 

Wilson North 12 

Wilson South 11 

Windsor 9 

Research Lodge .... 1 



No and Name 


District and Location No and Name 























Abitibi . . . Temiskaming, Iroquois Falls 

Acacia Hamilton B, Hamilton 

Acacia Toronto 4, Toronto 

Acacia Ottawa 1, Ottawa 

Acacia London West, London 

Adanac Niagara A, St Catharines 

Adoniram .... Niagara B, Niagara Falls 

Albion Frontenac, Harrowsmith 

Aldworth Bruce, Chesley 

Alexandra Samia, Oil Springs 

Alexandria Eastern, Alexandria 

Algoma Algoma East, S S Marie 

Algonquin .... Musk-Parry So, Emsdale 
Algonquin .... Sud-Manitoulin, Sudbury 

Alma Waterloo, Cambridge 

Alpha Toronto 7, Toronto 

Amity Niagara A. Dunnville 

Anc Landmarks Ham C, Hamilton 

Anc St John's .... Frontenac, Kingston 

Aaniversaw Toroalo I, Etobioofce 

Anthony Sayer . . . Toronto 1, Etobicoke 

Antiquity Toronto 7, Toronto 

Arcadia Victoria, Minden 

Arkona Samia, Arkona 

Ashlar Toronto 5, Toronto 

Ashlar Ottawa 2, Ottawa 

Ashlar London West, London 

Ashlar Wilson South, Tillsonburg 

Astra Toronto 2, Weston 

Atikokan Western, Atikokan 


Aiimin . iV. 1.7 Temiskaming, Timmins 

Avonmore Eastern, Monkland 

Ayr Waterloo, Ayr 

Bancroft Prince Edward, Bancroft 

Barton Hamilton A, Hamilton 

Battlefield Hamilton B, Stoney Cr 

Beach Hamilton A, Stoney Creek 

Beaches Toronto, 3, Scarborough 

Beaver Samia, Strathroy 

Beaver .... Georgian North, Thombuiy 

Bedford Toronto 6, Thomhill 

Belleville .... Prince Edward, Belleville 

Belmont London East, Belmont 

Bemard North Huron, Listowel 

Bethel Sud-Manitoulin, Sudbury 

Birch Cliff .... Toronto 3, Scarborough 

Blackwood Toronto 7, Maple 

Blair North Huron, Palmerston 

Blenheim Wilson North, Innerkip 

Blyth North Huron, Blyth 

Bonnechere Ottawa 2, Eganville 

^^ Border Cities ..,,,. Windsor, WindseS 
45 Brant . . . . . . . . . . Brant, Brantford 

663 Brant Hamilton A, Burlington 

713 Bridgewood Toronto 7, Etobicoke 

District and Location 

170 Britannia South Huron, Seaforth 

354 Brock Victoria, Cannington 

745; Brock Dayligjit Niagara A, St. Catharit^^ 

723 Brotherhood Waterloo, Waterloo 

269 Brougham Union . Toronto 4, Claremont 

341 Bruce North Huron, Tiverton 

550 Buchanan Hamilton C, Hamilton 

177 Builders (The) Ottawa 2, Ottawa 

106 Burford Brant, Burford 

165 Burlington Hamilton A, Burlington 

436 Bums Bruce, Hepworth 

153 Bums' Samia, Wyoming 

721 Bytown Ottawa 2, Ottawa 

637 Caledonia Toronto 3, Toronto 

249 Caledonian . . . Georgian North, Midland 

728 Cambridge Waterloo, Cambridge 

232 Cameron St Thomas, Dutton 

603 Campbell . . . Hamilton A, Campbellville 

532 Canada Toronto 4, Ajax 

491 Cardinal Eastern, Iroquois 

465 Carleton Ottawa 1, Carp 

116 Cassia Samia, Thedford 

92 Cataraqui Frontenac, Kingston 

643 Catherdral Toronto 7, Toronto 

270 Cedar Ontario, Oshawa 

396 Cedar . Bmce, Wiarton 

684 Centennial London East, London 

110 Central St Lawrence, Prescott 

402 Central Erie, Essex 

457 Century Chatham, Merlin 

264 Chaudiere Ottawa 2, Ottawa 

320 Chesterville Eastern, Winchester 

738 Chinguacousy .... Toronto 1, Brampton 

660 Chukuni Western, Red Lake 

148 Civil Service Ottawa 1, Ottawa 

681 Claude M Kent . . Hamilton A, Oakville 

313 Clementi Peterborough, Peterb 

315 Clifford Bruce, Clifford 

254 Clifton Niagara B, Niagara Falls 

84 Clinton South Huron, Clinton 

459 Cobden Ottawa 2, Cobden 

530 Cochrane Temiskaming, Cochrane 

91 Colbome Ontario, Colbome 

30 Composite Ontario, Whitby 

667 Composite Hamilton B, Hamilton 

722 Concord Waterloo, Cambridge 

295 Conestogo Wellington, Drayton 

501 Connaught Toronto 1, Etobicoke 

511 Connaught Algoma, Thunder Bay 

50 Consecon . . . Prince Edward, Consecon 

373 Cope-Stone Niagara B, Welland 

96 Corinthian Georgian South, Barrie 

101 Corinthian Peterborough, Peterb 

330 Corinthian London West, London 

481 Corinthian Toronto 5, Newmarket 



No and Name 

District and Location No and Name 

District and Location 

Corinthian Hamilton C, Hamilton 

Corinthian Temisk, Kirkland Lake 

Corinthian Eastern, Cornwall 

Corinthian Wilson North, Lakeside 

Cornwall Eastern, Cornwall 

Corona .... Musk-Parry So, Burks Falls 

Coronati Toronto 4, Scarborough 

Coronation . . . Georgian North, Elmvale 

Coronation Niagara A, Smithville 

Coronation Toronto 2, Weston 

Craig South Huron, Ailsa Craig 

Credit Wellington, Georgetown 

Dalhousie Ottawa 2, Ottawa 

David T. Campbell . . . Ontario, Whitby 

Defenders Ottawa 2, Ottawa 

Delaware Valley . . London W, Lambeth 

Delta Toronto 6, Aurora 

Dentonia Toronto 4, Toronto 

Dereham Wilson S, Mount Elgin 

Dominion Windsor, Essex 

Dominion Niagara B, Fort Erie 

Doric Ottawa 1, Ottawa 

Doric South Huron, Ailsa Craig 

Doric London West, Lobo 

Doric Toronto 3, Thomhill 

Doric Hamilton B, Hamilton 

Doric Toronto 3, Ajax 

Doric Sud-Man, Little Current 

Doric Wilson North, Lakeside 

Doric .... Temiskaming, Kirkland Lake 
Dufferin .... Hamilton C, W. Flamboro 

Dufferin Niagara A, Wellandport 

Dufferin St Thomas, Melbourne 






475 Dundum Hamilton A, Hamilton 

66 Durham Ontario, Newcastle 

306 Durham Grey, Durham 

442 Dyment Algoma East, Thessalon 

538 Earl Kitchener . . . Georgian N. Midland 

707 Eastern Eastern, Cornwall 

736 Exlinburgh Ottawa 1, Ottawa 

495 Electric Hamilton C, Hamilton 

507 Elk Lake Nipissing East, Elk Lake 

698 Elliot Lake . . Algoma East, Elliot Lake 

456 Elma South Huron, Monkton 

534 Englehart .... Temiskaming, Englehart 

185 Enniskillen Hamilton B, York 

516 Enterprise Ottawa 2, Beachburg 

659 Equity Georgian North, Orillia 

149 Erie Wilson South, Port Dover 

527 Espanola .... Sud-Manitoulin, Espanola 

283 Eureka Prince Edward, Belleville 

209 Evergreen St Lawrence, Lanark 

142 Excelsior Eastern, Morrisburg 

592 Fairbank Toronto 6, Toronto 

77 Faithful Brethren .... Victoria, Lindsay 

256 Farran-Ault Eastern, Ingleside 

428 Fidelity Ontario, Port Peny 


Toronto 7. Tbomhitl 

Dundalk Grey, Dundalk 

575 Fidelity Toronto 2, Toronto 

650 Fidelity St Lawrence, Toledo 

557 Finch Eastern, Ingleside 

689 Flower City Toronto 1, Brampton 

331 Fordwich North Huron, Fordwich 

162 Forest North Huron, Wroxeter 

393 Forest Bruce, Chesley 

415 Fort William .... Algoma, Thunder Bay 

127 Franck Prince Edward, Frankford 

217 Frederick Wilson South, Delhi 

143 Friendly Brothers' .... Eastern, Iroquois 

691 Friendship . . . Sud-Manitoulin, Sudbury 

729 Friendship Toronto 3, Ajax 

732 Friendship . . . Wellington, Georgetown 

621 Frontenac .... Frontenac, Sharbot Lake 

257 Gait Waterioo, Cambridge 

548 General Mercer .... Toronto 1, Toronto 

348 Georgian Georgian North, Midland 

343 Georgina Toronto 3, Toronto 

628 Glenrose Waterloo, Elmira 

528 Golden Beaver . Temiskaming, Timmins 

126 Golden Rule .... Peterb, Campbellford 

409 Golden Rule . . Musk-P So, Gravenhurst 

484 Golden Star Western, Dryden 

159 Goodwood Ottawa 1, Richmond 

472 Gore Bay . . . Sud-Manitoulin, Gore Bay 

608 Gothic Victoria, Lindsay 

151 Grand River Waterloo, Waterloo 

352 Granite Musk-Parry So, P. Sound 

446 Granite Western, Fort Frances 

697 Grantham .... Niagara A, St Catharines 

483 Granton South Huron, Granton 

47 Great Western Windsor, Windsor 

629 Grenville .... Toronto 5, Richmond Hill 
589 Grey Toronto 7, Thomhill 

258 Guelph Wellington, Guelph 

327 Hammond Chatham, Wardsville 

432 Hanover Bruce, Hanover 

581 Harcourt Toronto 5, Toronto 

477 Harding Victoria, Woodville 

57 Harmony Hamilton B, Binbrook 

370 Harmony St Lawrence, Philipsville 

438 Harmony Toronto 5, Queensville 

579 Harmony Windsor, Windsor 

216 Harris Grey, Orangeville 

262 Harriston Bruce, Harriston 

696 H. L. Martyn Toronto 6, Toronto 

633 Hastings Peterborough, Norwood 

625 Hatherly Algoma East, S S Marie 

238 Havelock Samia, Watford 

435 Havelock ..... Peterborough, Havelock 

450 Hawkesbuiy . . . Eastern, Vankleek Hill 

517 Hazeldean Ottawa 1, Kanata 

383 Henderson Eastern, Winchester 

388 Henderson London West, Lobo 

730 Heritage . . . Research Lodge, Cambridge 

336 Highgate Chatham, Highgate 

531 High Park Toronto 2, Thomhill 

594 Hillcrest Hamilton B, Hamilton 



No and Name 

District and Location No and Name 

District and Location 

319 Hiram Brant, Hagersville 

490 Hiram Grey, Markdale 

114 Hope Ontario, Port Hope 

636 Homepayne . . Algoma, Homepayne 

391 Howard Chatham, Ridgetown 

602 Hugh Murray Hamilton C, Hamilton 

568 HuUett . . . North Huron, Londesboro 

305 Humber Toronto 2, Weston 

224 Huron South Huron, Hensall 

392 Huron Samia, Camlachie 

611 Huron-Bruce .... Toronto 7, Toronto 

740 Ibrox Toronto 1, Brampton 

543 Imperial East Gate Tor 4, Scarborough 

737 Innisfil Georgian South, Stroud 

503 Inwood Samia, Oil Springs 

25 Ionic Toronto 3, Toronto 

229 Ionic Toronto 1, Brampton 

328 Ionic Samia, Napier 

461 Ionic Western, Rainy River 

526 Ionic Ottawa 2, Ottawa 

549 Ionic Hamilton C, Hamilton 

716 Ionic London East, London 

203 Irvine Wellington, Fergus 

154 Irving South Huron, Lucan 

115 Ivy Niagara A, Beamsville 

31 Jerusalem .... Ontario, Bowmanville 

685 Joseph A. Heam . Tor 1, Mississauga 

145 J B Hall . . . Peterborough, Millbrook 

584 Kaministiquia . Algoma, Thunder Bay 

492 Kamak Georgian North, Orillia 

374 Keene Peterborough, Keene 

417 Keewatin Western, Keewatin 

673 Kempenfeldt . Georgian South, Barrie 

656 Kenogamisis .... Algoma, Geraldton 

274 Kent Chatham, Blenheim 

230 Kerr Georgian South, Barrie 

412 Keystone . . . Algoma East, S S Marie 

64 Kilwinning .... London East, London 

565 Kilwinning Toronto 1, Toronto 

464 King Edward . . . Victoria, Sunderland 

488 King Edward Erie, Harrow 

471 King Edward VII . Niag B. Niag Falls 

498 King George V . . Victoria, Coboconk 

37 King Hiram Wilson N, Ingersoll 

78 King Hiram . . . Wilson S, Tillsonburg 

566 King Hiram Toronto 1, Toronto 

329 King Solomon Brant, Jarvis 

394 King Solomon London E, Thamesford 

22 King Solomon's Tor 5, Richmond Hill 

43 King Solomon's Wilson N, Woodstock 

378 King Solomon's . London W, London 

655 Kingsway Toronto 2, Etobicoke 

676 Kroy Toronto 6, Thorahill 

215 Lake . . . Prince Edward, Ameliasburg 

709 Lakehead .... Algoma, Thunder Bay 

445 Lake of the Woods . Western, Kenora 

645 Lake Shore . . . Toronto 1, Etobicoke 

207 Lancaster Eastern, Lancaster 

387 Lansdowne . St Lawrence, Lansdowne 

290 Leamington Erie, Leamington 

139 Lebanon Ontario, Oshawa 

133 Lebanon Forest . . . South Huron, Exeter 

201 Leeds Frontenac, Gananoque 

397 Leopold Samia, Brigden 

419 Liberty Samia, Samia 

739 Limestone Daylight , Front, Ha^rrowsniitfi 

544 Lincoln Hamilton B, Abingdon 

702 Lodge of Fellowship . . Tor 5, Rich Hill 
231 Lodge of Fidelity .... Ottawa 1, Ottawa 

703 Lodge of the Pillars ... Tor 2, Thomhill 
735 Londoa Daylight . , . Loadcm E, London 

632 Long Branch Toronto 1, Etobicoke 

282 Lome Chatham, Glencoe 

375 Lome Victoria, Omemee 

377 Lome Grey, Dundalk 

404 Lome Frontenac, Tamworth 

622 Lome Algoma East, Chapleau 

741 LuxorDayllgiit . . : V / Ottawa 2; CJttas^i 

4l6 Lyn St Lawrence, Lyn 

505 Lynden Brant, Lynden 

169 Macnab Niagara B, Pt Colbome 

242 Macoy St Lawrence, Mallorytown 

196 Madawaska Ottawa 2, Araprior 

48 Madoc/Marmora/Tweed . . Pr Ed, Madoc 

33 Maitland South Huron, Goderich 

140 Malahide St Thomas, Aylmer 

512 Malone Toronto 6, Sutton 

90 Manito Georgian N, CoUingwood 

236 Manitoba Georgian S, Cookstown 

631 Manitou Westem, Emo 

103 Maple Leaf Niag A, St Catharines 

119 Maple Leaf Frontenac, Bath 

362 Maple Leaf Bmce, Tara 

600 Maple Leaf Toronto 2, Etobicoke 

87 Markham Union . . Toronto 4, Markham 

596 Martintown Eastem, Martintown 

405 Mattawa Nipissing East, Mattawa 

418 Maxville Eastem, Maxville 

605 Melita Toronto 2, Thomhill 

347 Mercer Wellington, Fergus 

678 Mercer Wilson . . Wilson N, Woodstock 

687 Meridian Hamilton C, Ancaster 

55 Merrickville .... St Law, Burritt's Rapids 

344 Merrill London East, Nilestown 

168 Merritt Niagara B, Welland 

542 Metrof>olitan Toronto 6, Toronto 

379 Middlesex .... London East, Thomdale 

369 Mimico Toronto 2, Etobicoke 

576 Mimosa Toronto 4, Toronto 

253 Minden Frontenac, Harrowsmith 

304 Minerva Georgian South, Stroud 

524 Mississauga .... Toronto 1, Mississauga 

147 Mississippi Ottawa 1, Almonte 

572 Mizpah Toronto 7, Maple 

399 Moffat London East, London 

11 Moira Prince Edward, Belleville 

294 Moore Samia, Corunna 

431 Moravian Bruce, Cargill 



No and Name District and Location 

309 Morning Star .... South Huron, Carlow 

559 Mosaic Toronto 7, Thornhill 

221 Mountain .... Niagara A, St Catharines 

599 Mt Dennis Toronto 2, Weston 

727 Mt Moriah (The) . Toronto 1, Brampton 

300 Mt Olivet .... London East, Thomdale 

522 Mt Sinai Toronto 2, Thornhill 

28 Mt Zion St Lawrence, Kemptville 

39 Mt Zion Ontario, Brooklin 

408 Murray Victoria, Beaverton 

360 Muskoka Musk-P So, Bracebridge 

529 Myra London West, Komoka 

337 Myrtle Niagara B, Port Robinson 

279 Mystic Tie Waterloo, Cambridge 

413 Naphtali Erie, Tilburj' 

556 Nation St Lawrence, Spencerville 

588 National Sud-Manitoulin, Capreol 

205 New Dominion Waterloo, Baden 

344 New Light Waterloo, Waterloo 

2 Niagara Niag A, Niag-on-Lake 

427 Nickel Sud-Manitoulin, Sudbury 

345 Nilestown .... London East, Nilestown 
420 Nipissing .... Nipissing East, North Bay 
444 Nitetis .... Georgian South, Creemore 

10 Norfolk Wilson South, Simcoe 

617 North Bay . . . Nipissing East, North Bay 

463 North Entrance . . . Victoria, Haliburton 

591 North Gate Toronto 6, Ajax 

322 North Star Grey, Owen Sound 

93 Northern Light . . N Huron, Kincardine 

266 Northern Light . . . Georgian N, Stayner 

223 Norwood Peterborough, Norwood 

261 Oak Branch Wilson N, Innerkip 

708 Oakridge London West, London 

400 Oak-ville Hamilton A, Oakville 

346 Occident Toronto 2, Toronto 

184 Old Light North Huron, Lucknow 

519 Onondaga Brant, Onondaga 

26 Ontario Ontario, Port Hope 

521 Ontario Windsor, Windsor 

339 Orient Toronto 3, Toronto 

181 Oriental Wilson South, Vienna 

192 Orillia Georgian North, Orillia 

325 Orono Ontario, Orono 

719 Otisippi Samia, Samia 

504 Otter St Lawrence, Lombardy 

76 Oxford Wilson North, Woodstock 

SM Qziss , . . , . . , Brant, Burford 

604 Palace Windsor, Essex 

372 Palmer Niagara B, Fort Erie 

510 Parkdale Toronto 2, Etobicoke 

695 Parkwood Ontario, Oshawa 

267 Parthenon Chatham, Chatham 

395 Parvaim Erie, Leamington 

265 Patterson Toronto 6, Thornhill 

468 Peel Toronto 7, Caledon East 

627 Pelee Erie, Pelee Island 

128 Pembroke Ottawa 2, Pembroke 

487 Penewobikong . . Algoma E, Blind River 

No and Name District and Location 

414 Pequonga Western, Kenora 

161 Percy Peterborough, Warkworth 

616 Perfection Niag A, St Catharines 

155 Peterborough Peterborough, Peterb 

194 Petrolia Samia, Petrolia 

535 Phoenix Niagara B, Fonthill 

186 Plantagenet Eastern, Riceville 

178 Plattsville Wilson N, Washington 

312 Pnyx Baldoon . . . Chatham, Wallaceburg 

506 Porcupine Temiskaming, Timmins 

499 Port Arthur Algoma, Thunder Bay 

429 Port Elgin Bruce, Port Elgin 

443 Powassan .... Musk-Parry So, Powassan 

297 Preston Waterloo, Cambridge 

228 Prince Arthur Frontenac, Bath 

333 Prince Arthur Grey, Flesherton 

334 Prince Arthur Grey, Arthur 

18 Prince Edward Prince Ed, Picton 

146 Prince of Wales .... Frontenac, Napanee 

171 Prince of Wales ... St Thomas, lona Sta 

371 Prince of Wales Ottawa 1, Ottawa 

630 Prince of Wales .... Toronto 1, Toronto 

137 Pythagoras Grey, Meaford 

578 Queen's Frontenac, Kingston 

620 Quinte St Alban's . Toronto 3, Thornhill 

515 Reba Brant, Brantford 

65 Rehoboam Toronto 5, Etobicoke 

586 Remembrance .... Toronto 7, Thornhill 

122 Renfrew Ottawa 2, Renfrew 

136 Richardson Toronto 3, Stouffville 

23 Richmond . . . Toronto 5, Richmond Hill 

460 Rideau Frontenac, Seeleys Bay 

595 Rideau Ottawa 2, Ottawa 

85 Rising Sun St Lawrence, Athens 

129 Rising Sun Toronto 6, Aurora 

356 River Park Toronto 1, Streetsville 

494 Riverdale Toronto 4, Toronto 

292 Robertson Toronto 7, Schomberg 

500 Rose Windsor, Windsor 

646 Rowland Toronto 6, Mt Albert 

523 Royal Arthur Peterborough, Peterb 

7p; lioyal Qty Dayiighl . \VetlingtGin+ ;Gue}|i|ii 

585 P.oyal Edward. . . . Frontenac, Kingston 

619 Runnymede Toronto 1, Toronto 

479 Russell Ottawa 1, Russell 

567 St Aidan's Toronto 3, Scarborough 

200 St Alban's Grey, Mount Forest 

16 St Andrew's Toronto 3, Toronto 

62 St Andrew's . . . Hamilton B, Caledonia 

497 St Andrew's Frontenac, Tamworth 

560 St Andrew's Ottawa 1, Ottawa 

593 St Andrew's .... Hamilton B, Hamilton 

642 St Andrew's Windsor, Windsor 

661 St Andrew's .... Niag A, St Catharines 

135 St Clair Hamilton A, Milton 

425 St Clair Samia, Sombra 

577 St Clair Toronto 5, Thomhill 

302 St David's St Thomas, St Thomas 

24 St Francis ... St Lawrence, Smiths Falls 



No and Name District and Location 

243 St George Brant, St George 

367 St George Toronto 7, Toronto 

15 St George's . . . Niag A, St Catharines 

41 St George's Erie, Kingsville 

42 St George's . . London West, London 
88 St George's Grey, Owen Sound 

73 St James .... South Huron, St Maiys 

74 St James .... St Lawrence, Brockville 

17 St John's Ontario, Cobourg 

20 St John's London East, London 

21a St John's .... Eastern, Vankleek Hill 

35 St John's Brant, Cayuga 

40 St John's .... Hamilton A, Hamilton 

63 St John's . . . Ottawa 1, Carieton Place 

68 St John's .... Wilson North, Ingersoll 

75 St Johns .... Toronto 3, Scarborough 

81 St John's . . London West, Mt Biydges 

82 St John's Brant, St George 

104 St John's .... Wilson South, Norwich 
209a St John's .... London West, London 

284 St John's .... North Huron, Brussels 
131 St Lawrence . . . Bruce, Southampton 

94 St Mark's . . St Thomas, Port Stanley 

105 St Mark's .... Niag B, Niagara Falls 

601 St Paul Samia, Samia 

107 St Paul's .... London West, Lambeth 

44 St Thomas .... St Thomas, St Thomas 

368 Salem St Lawrence, Brockville 

197 Saugeen Bruce, Walkerton 

653 Scarboro .... Toronto 4, Scarborough 

193 Scotland Brant, Oakland 

421 Scott Grey, Grand Valley 

285 Seven Star . . Georgian South, Alliston 

272 Seymour Hamilton C, Ancaster 

277 Seymour . . . Niagara A, St Catharines 

533 Shamrock Toronto 7, Toronto 

97 Sharon Toronto 5, Queensville 

287 Shuniah Algoma, Thunder Bay 

558 S A Luke Ottawa 1, Ottawa 

486 Silver .... Nipissing East, Haileybury 

79 Simcoe Toronto 5, Bradford 

644 Simcoe Toronto 7, Toronto 

157 Simpson Frontenac, Newboro 

518 Sioux Lookout Western, Sioux Lookout 

451 Somerville Victoria, Kinmount 

674 South Gate . . Toronto 1, Mississauga 

180 Speed Wellington, Guelph 

648 Spruce Falls . . . Temisk, Kapuskasing 

385 Spry Georgian South, Beeton 

406 Spry Victoria, Fenelon Falls 

164 Star-in-the-East Pr Edward, Wellington 

422 Star of the East . . Chatham, Bothwell 

69 Stirling Prince Edward, Stirling 

332 Stratford .... South Huron, Stratford 

27 Strict Observance . Ham B, Stoney Cr 

423 Strong .... Musk-Parry So, Sundridge 
447 Sturgeon Falls . Nip E, Sturgeon Falls 
658 Sudbury . . . Sud-Manitoulin, Sudbury 

664 Sunnylea Toronto 2, Etobicoke 

582 Sunnyside Toronto 2, Weston 

672 Superior Algoma, Red Rock 

5 Sussex St Lawrence, Brockville 

No and Name District and Location 

546 Talbot St Thomas, St Thomas 

609 Tavistock .... Wilson North, Tavistock 

144 Tecumseh South Huron, Stratford 

245 Tecumseh Sydenham . Chat, Thamesville 

462 Temiskaming Nip E, Haileybury 

296 Temple Niagara A, St Catharines 

324 Temple Hamilton C, Hamilton 

597 Temple London East, London 

649 Temple Ontario, Oshawa 

665 Temple Ottawa 1, Ottawa 

666 Temple Prince Edward, Belleville 

690 Temple Waterloo, Waterloo 

662 Terrace Bay Algoma, Terrace Bay 

34 Thistle Erie, Amherstburg 

250 Thistle Wilson North, Embro 

692 T H Simpson . . . Hamilton B, Stoney Cr 

618 Thunder Bay .... Algoma, Thunder Bay 

647 Todmorden Toronto 4, Toronto 

467 Tottenham .... Georgian S, Tottenham 

712 Trafalgar Hamilton A, Oakville 

583 Transportation Toronto 2, Toronto 

38 Trent Prince Edward, Trenton 

724 Trillium Wellington, Guelph 

98 True Blue Toronto 7, Bolton 

14 True Britons' St Lawrence, Perth 

141 Tudor South Huron, Mitchell 

99 Tuscan Toronto 5, Newmarket 

195 Tuscan London West, London 

437 Tuscan Samia, Samia 

541 Tuscan Toronto 7, Toronto 

551 Tuscan Hamilton A, Hamilton 

509 Twin City Waterioo, Waterioo 

718 Twin Lakes .... Georgian North, Orillia 

537 Ulster Toronto 7, Toronto 

7 Union Hamilton B, Grimsby 

9 Union Frontenac, Napanee 

118 Union Toronto 7, Schomberg 

380 Union London East, London 

29 United Prince Edward, Brighton 

376 Unity Musk-Parry So, Huntsville 

606 Unity Toronto 6, Etobicoke 

710 Unity Toronto 1, Brampton 

705 Universe Toronto 4, Scarborough 

496 University Toronto 7, Toronto 

100 Valley Hamilton C, Dundas 

54 Vaughan Toronto 7, Maple 

268 Vemlam Victoria, Bobcaygeon 

56 Victoria Samia, Samia 

299 Victoria Frontenac, Centreville 

398 Victoria Victoria, Kirkfield 

470 Victoria .... Georgian N, Vict Harbour 

474 Victoria Toronto 1, Toronto 

547 Victory . Toronto 7, ToroAtQ 

237 Vienna Wilson Souih, Vienna 

359 Vittoria Wilson South, Vittoria 

458 Wales Eastern, Ingleside 

321 Walker Wellington, Georgetown 

174 Walsingham .... Wilson S, Port Rowan 

555 Wardrope Hamilton C, Hamilton 

120 Warren St Thomas, Fingal 

260 Washington Samia, Petrolia 

357 Waterdown Hamilton A, Millgrove 



No and Name District and Location 

539 Waterloo Waterloo, Waterloo 

361 Waverley Wellington, Guelph 

46 Wellington-Victory Chatham, Chatham 

271 Wellington Wellington, Erin 

635 Wellington Toronto 7, Maple 

725 Wellington Square Ham A, Burlington 

166 Wentworth . . Hamilton B, Stoney Cr 

386 West Elgin . . St Thomas, West Lome 

734 West Gate .... Toronto 1, Streetsville 

670 West Hill . . . Toronto 4, Scarborough 

671 Westmount . . Hamilton C, Hamilton 
683 Wexford .... Toronto 4, Scarborough 
675 Wm Jas Dunlop Peterborough, Peterb 

No and Name District and Location 

717 Willowdale Toronto 6, Thomhill 

318 Wilmot Waterloo, Baden 

86 Wilson Toronto 5, Toronto 

113 Wilson Brant, Waterford 

403 Windsor Windsor, Windsor 

286 Wingham North Huron, Wingham 

680 Woodland Algoma East, Wawa 

688 Wyndham Wellington, Guelph 

448 Xenophon Erie, Wheatley 

156 York Toronto 6, Toronto 

220 Zeredatha Toronto 3, Uxbridge 

410 Zeta Toronto 7, Toronto 

326 Zetland Toronto 5, Toronto 


Abingdon Lincoln 544 

Ailsa Craig Craig 574 

Ailsa Craig Doric 233 

Ajax Canada 532 

Ajax Doric 424 

Ajax Friendship 729 

Ajax North Gate 591 

Alexandria Alexandria 439 

Alliston Seven Star 285 

Almonte Mississippi 147 

Ameliasburg Lake 215 

Amherstburg Thistle 34 

Ancaster Meridian 687 

Ancaster Seymour 272 

Arkona Arkona 307 

Amprior Madawaska 196 

Arthur Prince Arthur 334 

Athens Rising Sun 85 

Atikokan Atikokan 668 

Aurora Delta 634 

Aurora Rising Sun 129 

Aylmer Malahide 140 

Ayr Ayr 172 

Baden New Dominion 205 

Baden Wilmot 318 

Bancroft Bancroft 482 

Barrie Corinthian 96 

Barrie Kempenfeldt 673 

Barrie Kerr 230 

Bath Maple Leaf 119 

Bath Prince Arthur 228 

Beachburg Enterprise 516 

Beamsville Ivy 115 

Beaverton Murray 408 

Beeton Spry 385 

Belleville Belleville 123 

Belleville Eureka 283 

Belleville Moira 11 

Belleville Temple 666 


Denotes Daylight X<x{g^ 
Name and No Location 

Name and No 

Belmont Belmont 190 

Binbrook Harmony 57 

Blenheim Kent 274 

Blind River Penewobikong 487 

Blyth Blyth 303 

Bobcaygeon Verulam 268 

Bolton True Blue 98 

Bothwell Star of the East 422 

Bowmanville Jerusalem 31 

Bracebridge Muskoka 360 

Bradford Simcoe 79 

Brampton Chinguacousy 738 

Brampton Flower City 689 

Brampton Ibrox 740 

Brampton Ionic 229 

Brampton (The) Mount Moriah 727 

Brampton Unity 710 

Brantford Brant 45 

Brantford Reba 515 

Brigden Leopold 397 

Brighton United 29 

Brockville St. James 74 

Brockville Salem 368 

Brockville Sussex 5 

Brooklin Mount Zion 39 

Brussels St John's 284 

Burford Burford 106 

Biii-ks ¥2M'T'^T^7T^77i77?^T^'ri^i6aa 454 

Burlington Brant 663 

Burlington Burlington 165 

Burlington Wellington Square 725 

Burritt's Rapids Merrickville 55 

Caledon East Peel 468 

Caledonia St Andrew's 62 

Cambridge Alma 72 

Cambridge Cambridge 728 

Cambridge Concord 722 

Cambridge Gait 257 




Name, and No Location 

Name and No 

Cambridge (The) Heritage 730 

Cambridge Mystic Tie 279 

Cambridge Preston 297 

Campbellford Golden Rule 126 

Campbellville Campbell 603 

Camlachie Huron 392 

Cannington Brock 354 

Capreol National 588 

Cargill Moravian 431 

Carleton Place St John's 63 

Carlow Morning Star 309 

Carp Carleton 465 

Cayuga St John's 35 

Centreville Victoria 299 

Chapleau Lome 622 

Chatham Parthenon 267 

Chatham Wellington-Victory 46 

Chesley Aldworth 235 

Chesley Forest 393 

Claremont Brougham Union 269 

Clifford Clifford 315 

Clinton Clinton 84 

Cobden Cobden 459 

Coboconk King George V 498 

Cobourg St John's 17 

Cochrane Cochrane 530 

Colbome Colbome 91 

CoUingwood Manito 90 

Consecon Consecon 50 

Cookstown Manitoba 236 

Cornwall Corinthian 669 

Cornwall Cornwall 125 

Cornwall Eastern 707 

Corunna Moore 294 

Creemore Nitetis 444 

Delhi Frederick 217 

Drayton Conestogo 295 

Diyden Golden Star 484 

Dundalk Dundalk 449 

Dundalk Lome 377 

Dundas Valley 100 

Dunnville Amity 32 

Durham Durham 306 

Dutton Cameron 232 

Eganville Bonnechere 433 

Elk Lake Elk Lake 507 

Elliot Lake Elliot Lake 698 

Elmira Glenrose 628 

Elmvale Coronation 466 

Embro Thistle 250 

Emo Manitou 631 

Emsdale Algonquin 434 

Englehart Englehart 534 

Erin Wellington 271 

Espanola Espanola 527 

Essex Central 402 

Essex Dominion 598 

Essex Palace 604 

EuAicoke , , . + + , AjMUvetsaiy 733 

Etobicoke Anthony Sayer 640 

Etobicoke Bridgewood 713 

Etobicoke Connaught 501 

Etobicoke Islington 715 

Etobicoke Kingsway 655 

Etobicoke Lake Shore 645 

Etobicoke Long Branch 632 

Etobicoke Maple Leaf 600 

Etobicoke Mimico 369 

Etobicoke Parkdale 510 

Etobicoke Rehcboam 65 

Etobicoke Sunnylea 664 

Etobicoke Unity 606 

Exeter Lebanon Forest 133 

Fenelon Falls Spry 406 

Fergus Irvine 203 

Fergus Mercer 347 

Fingal Warren 120 

Flesherton Prince Arthur 333 

Fonthill Phoenix 535 

Fordwich Fordwich 331 

Fort Erie Dominion 615 

Fort Erie Palmer 372 

Fort Frances Granite 446 

Frankford Franck 127 

Gananoque Leeds 201 

Georgetown Credit 219 

Georgetown Friendship 732 

Georgetown Walker 321 

Geraldton Kenogamisis 656 

Glencoe Lome 282 

Goderich Maitland 33 

Gore Bay Gore Bay 472 

Grand Valley Scott 421 

Granton Granton 483 

Gravenhurst Golden Rule 409 

Grimsby Union 7 

Guelph Guelph 258 

GuetpJi ^ V ; : . : 7^-:m^iim^f0^^ w 

Guelph . V ;" V ;7?. Speed l^t) 

Guelph Trillium 724 

Guelph Waverley 361 

Guelph Wyndham 688 

Hagersville Hiram 319 

Haileybury Silver 486 

Haileybuiy Temiskaming 462 

Haliburton North Entrance 463 

Hamilton Acacia 61 

Hamilton Ancient Landmarks 654 

Hamilton Barton 6 

Hamilton Buchanan 550 

ffamiiloit Centennial Dayiigjit ^M 

Hamilton Composite 667 

Hamilton Corinthian 513 

Hamilton Doric 382 

Hamilton Dundura 475 

Hamilton Electric 495 

Hamilton Hillcrest 594 

Hamilton Hugh Murray 602 



Location Name and No 

Hamilton Ionic 549 

Hamilton St Andrew's 593 

Hamilton St John's 40 

Hamilton Temple 324 

Hamilton Tuscan 551 

Hamilton Wardrope 555 

Hamilton Westmount 671 

Hanover Hanover 432 

Harriston Harriston 262 

Harrow King Edward 488 

Harrowsmith Albion 109 

Harrowsmith ,..,.. Limestone Dayligbt 739 

Harrowsmith Minden 253 

Havelock Havelock 435 

Hensall Huron 224 

Hepworth Bums 436 

Highgate Highgate 336 

Homepayne Homepayne 636 

Huntsville Unity 376 

Ingersoll King Hiram 37 

Ingersoll St John's 68 

Ingleside Farran-Ault 256 

Ingleside Finch 557 

Ingleside Wales 458 

Innerkip Blenheim 108 

Innerkip Oak Branch 261 

lona Station Prince of Wales 171 

Iroquois Cardinal 491 

Iroquois Friendly Brothers' 143 

Iroquois Falls Abitibi 540 

Jarvis King Solomon 329 

Kanata Hazeldean 517 

Kapuskasing Spruce Falls 648 

Keene Keene 374 

Keewatin Keewatin 417 

Kemptville Mount Zion 28 

Kenora Lake of the Woods 445 

Kenora Pequonga 414 

Kincardine Northern Light 93 

Kingston Ancient St John's 3 

Kingston Cataraqui 92 

Kingston Queen's 578 

Kingston Royal Edward 585 

Kingsville St George's 41 

Kinmount Somerville 451 

Kirkfield Victoria 398 

Kirkland Lake Corinthian 657 

Kirkland Lake Doric 623 

Komoka Myra 529 

Lakeside Corinthian 700 

Lakeside Doric 569 

Lambeth Delaware Valley 358 

Lambeth St Paul's 107 

Lanark Evergreen 209 

Lancaster Lancaster 207 

Lansdowne Lansdowne 387 

Leamington Leamington 290 

Leamington Parvaim 395 

Lindsay Faithful Brethren 77 


Name and No 

Lindsay Gothic 608 

Listowel Bernard 225 

Little Current Doric 455 

Lobo Doric 289 

Lobo Henderson 388 

Lombardy Otter 504 

Londesboro HuUett 568 

London Acacia 580 

London Ashlar 610 

London Centennial 684 

London Corinthian 330 

London Ionic 716 

London Kilwinning 64 

London King Solomon's 378 

JiiClfldon London Daylj^t;; 735 

London . . . Moffat 399 

London Oakridge 708 

London St George's 42 

London St John's 20 

London St John's209a 

London Temple 597 

London Tuscan 195 

London Union 380 

Lucan Irving 154 

Lucknow Old Light 184 

Lyn Lyn 416 

Lyn Macoy 242 

Lynden Lynden 505 

Madoc Madoc/Marmora/Tweed 48 

Maple Blackwood 311 

Maple Mizpah 572 

Maple Vaughan 54 

Maple Wellington 635 

Markdale Hiram 490 

Markham Markham Union 87 

Martintown Martintown 596 

Mattawa Mattawa 405 

Maxville Maxville 418 

Meaford Pythagoras 137 

Melbourne Dufferin 364 

Merlin Century 457 

Midland Caledonian 249 

Midland Earl Kitchener 538 

Midland Georgian 348 

Millbrook J B Hall 145 

Millgrove Waterdown 357 

Milton St Clair 135 

Minden Arcadia 440 

Mississauga Joseph A Heam 685 

Mississauga Mississauga 524 

Mississauga South Gate 674 

Mitchell Tudor 141 

Monkland Avonmore 452 

Monkton Elma 456 

Morrisburg Excelsior 142 

Mount Albert Rowland 646 

Mount Brydges St John's 81 

Mount Elgin Dereham 624 

Mount Forest St Alban's 200 




Name and No 

Napanee Prince of Wales 146 

Napanee Union 9 

Napier Ionic 328 

Newboro Simpson 157 

Newcastle Durham 66 

Newmarket Corinthian 481 

Newmarket Tuscan 99 

Niagara-on-the-Lake Niagara 2 

Niagara Falls Adoniram 573 

Niagara Falls Clifton 254 

Niagara Falls King Edward VII 471 

Niagara Falls St Mark's 105 

Nilestown Merrill 344 

Nilestown Nilestown 345 

North Bay Nipissing 420 

North Bay North Bay 617 

Norwich St John's 104 

Norwood Hastings 633 

Norwood Norwood 223 

Oakland Scotland 193 

Oakville Claude M Kent 681 

Oakville Oakville 400 

Oakville Trafalgar 712 

Oil Springs Alexandra 158 

Oil Springs Inwood 503 

Omemee Lome 375 

Onondaga Onondaga 519 

Orangeville Harris 216 

Orillia Equity 659 

Orillia Kamak 492 

Orillia Orillia 192 

Orillia Twin Lakes 718 

Orono Orono 325 

Oshawa Cedar 270 

Oshawa Lebanon 139 

Oshawa Parkwood 695 

Oshawa Temple 649 

Ottawa Acacia 561 

Ottawa Ashlar 564 

Ottawa (The) Builders 177 

Ottawa Bytown 721 

Ottawa Chaudiere 264 

Ottawa Civil Service 148 

Ottawa 7 . . . Dalhousie 52 

Ottawa Defenders 590 

Ottawa Doric 58 

Ottawa Edinburgh 736 

Ottawa Ionic 526 

Ottawa Lodge of Fidelity 231 

.(|>ttawa -.,-.., t-uxpr D^Hgbt 74-;l 

Ottawa Prince of Wales 37! 

Ottawa Rideau 595 

Ottawa St Andrew's 560 

Ottawa Sidney Albert Luke 558 

Ottawa Temple 665 

Owen Sound North Star 322 

Owen Sound St George's 88 

Palmerston Blair 314 

Parry Sound Granite 352 

Location Name and No 

Pelee Island Pelee 627 

Penibrbke '^ . ^ ; v : . ^ v . ; Atomic E)ayt)ght 68d 

Pembroke Pembroke 126 

Perth True Britons' 14 

Peterborough Clementi 313 

Peterborough Corinthian 101 

Peterborough Peterborough 155 

Peterborough Royal Arthur 523 

Peterborough . . . William James Dunlop 675 

Petrolia Petrolia 194 

Petrolia Washington 260 

Philipsville Flarmony 370 

Picton Prince Edward 18 

Port Colbome Macnab 169 

Port Dover Erie 149 

Port Elgin Port Elgin 429 

Port Hope Hope 114 

Port Hope Ontario 26 

Port Perry Fidelity 428 

Port Robinson Myrtle 337 

Port Rowan Walsingham 174 

Port Stanley St Mark's 94 

Powassan Powassan 443 

Prescott Central 110 

Queensville Harmony 438 

Queensville Sharon 97 

Rainy River Ionic 461 

Red Lake Chukuni 660 

Red Rock Superior 672 

Renfrew Renfrew 122 

Riceville Plantagenet 186 

Richmond Goodwood 159 

Richmond Hill Grenville 629 

Richmond Hill King Solomon's 22 

Richmond Hill .... Lodge of Fellowship 702 

Richmond Hill Richmond 23 

Ridgetown Howard 391 

Russell Russell 479 

St Catharines Adanac 614 

St Catharines Brock Daylight UD 

St Catharines Grantham 697 

St Catharines Maple Leaf 103 

St Catharines Mountain 221 

St Catharines Perfection 616 

St Catharines St Andrew's 661 

St Catharines St George's 15 

St Catharines Seymour 277 

St Catharines Temple 296 

St George St George 243 

St George St John's 82 

St Marys St James 73 

St Thomas St David's 302 

St Thomas St Thomas 44 

St Thomas Talbot 546 

Samia Liberty 419 

Samia Otisippi 719 

Samia St Paul 601 

Samia Tuscan 437 

Samia Victoria 56 




Name and No Location 

Name and No 

Sault Ste Marie Algoma 469 

Sault Ste Marie Hatheriy 625 

Sault Ste Marie Keystone 412 

Scarborough Beaches 473 

Scarborough Birch Cliff 612 

Scarborough Coronati 520 

Scarborough Imperial East Gate 543 

Scarborough St Aldan's 567 

Scarborough St Johns 75 

Scarborough Scarboro 653 

Scarborough Universe 705 

Scarborough West Hill 670 

Scarborough Wexford 683 

Schomberg Robertson 292 

Schomberg Union 118 

Seaforth Britannia 170 

Seeleys Bay Rideau 460 

Sharbot Lake Frontenac 621 

Simcoe Norfolk 10 

Sioux Lookout Sioux Lookout 518 

Smiths Falls St Francis 24 

Smithville Coronation 502 

Sombra St Clair 425 

Southampton St Lawrence 131 

Spencerville Nation 556 

Stayner Northern Light 266 

Stirling Stirling 69 

Stoney Creek Battlefield 714 

Stoney Creek Beach 639 

Stoney Creek Strict Observance 27 

Stoney Creek Thomas Hamilton Simpson 692 

Stoney Creek Wentworth 166 

Stouffville Richardson 136 

Stratford Stratford 332 

Stratford Tecumseh 144 

Strathroy Beaver 83 

Streetsville River Park 356 

Streetsville West Gate 734 

Stroud Innisfil 737 

Stroud Minerva 304 

Sturgeon Falls Sturgeon Falls 447 

Sudbury Algonquin 536 

Sudbury Bethel 699 

Sudbury Friendship 691 

Sudbury Nickel 427 

Sudbury Sudbury 658 

Sunderland King Edward 464 

Sundridge Strong 423 

Sutton Malone 512 

Tamworth Lome 404 

Tamworth St Andrew's 497 

Tara Maple Leaf 362 

Tavistock Tavistock 609 

Terrace Bay Terrace Bay 662 

Thamesford King Solomon 394 

Thamesville Tecumseh Sydenham 245 

Thedford Cassia 116 

Thessalon Dyment 442 

Thombury Beaver 234 

Thomdale Middlesex 379 

Thomdale Mount Olivet 300 

Thomhill Bedford 638 

Thomhill Doric 316 




Thbrhhiir . 1 '. . . .7. '. !'. . . . v. . i . Grey 

Thomhill High Park 531 

Thomhill Kroy 676 

Thomhill Lodge of the Pillars 703 

Thomhill Melita 605 

Thomhill Mosaic 559 

Thomhill Mount Sinai 522 

Thomhill Patricia 587 

Thomhill Patterson 265 

Thomhill Quinte St Alban's 620 

Thomhill Remembrance 586 

Thomhill St Clair 577 

Thomhill WiUowdale 717 

Thunder Bay Connaught 511 

Thunder Bay Fort William 415 

Thunder Bay Kaministiquia 584 

Thunder Bay Lakehead 709 

Thunder Bay Port Arthur 499 

Thunder Bay Shuniah 287 

Thunder Bay Thunder Bay 618 

Tilbury Naphtali 413 

Tillsonburg Ashlar 701 

Tillsonburg King Hiram 78 

Timmins Aurum 704 

Timmins Golden Beaver 528 

Timmins Porcupine 506 

Tiverton Bmce 341 

Toledo Fidelity 650 

Toronto Acacia 430 

Toronto Alpha 384 

Toronto Antiquity 571 

Toronto Ashlar 247 

Toronto Caledonia 637 

Toronto Cathedral 643 

Toronto Dentonia 651 

Toronto Fairbank 592 

Toronto Fidelity 575 

Toronto General Mercer 548 

Toronto Georgina 343 

Toronto . Harcourt 581 

Toronto Harry L Martyn 696 

Toronto Huron-Bruce 611 

Toronto Ionic 25 

Toronto Kilwinning 565 

Toronto King Hiram 566 

Toronto Metropolitan 542 

Toronto Mimosa 576 

Toronto Occident 346 

Toronto Orient 339 

Toronto Prince of Wales 630 

Toronto Riverdale 494 

Toronto Runnymede 619 

Toronto St Andrew's 16 

Toronto St George 367 




Name and No 

Toronto Shamrock 533 

Toronto Simcoe 644 

Toronto Todmorden 647 

Toronto Transportation 583 

Toronto Tuscan 541 

Toronto Ulster 537 

Toronto University 496 

Toronto Victoria 474 

T£>rQnlo - . Victory 54^7 

Toronto Wilson 86 

Toronto York 156 

Toronto Zeta 410 

Toronto Zetland 326 

Tottenham Tottenham 467 

Trenton Trent 38 

Uxbridge Zeredatha 220 

Vankleek Hill Hawkesbury 450 

Vankleek Hill St John's 21a 

Victoria Harbour Victoria 470 

Vienna Oriental 181 

Vienna Vienna 237 

Vittoria Vittoria 359 

Walkerton Saugeen 197 

Wallaceburg Pnyx Baldoon 312 

Wardsville Hammond 327 

Warkworth Percy 161 

Washington Plattsville 178 

Waterford Wilson 113 

Waterloo Brotherhood 723 

Waterloo Grand River 151 

i5$i!Ste:rloo . ; . . , . . v.. : . , . 1*|J«SV Xj:ght 7W 

Waterloo Temple 690 

Waterloo Twin City 509 

Waterloo Waterloo 539 

Location Name and No 

Watford Havelock 238 

Wawa Woodland 680 

Welland Cope-Stone 373 

Welland Merritt 168 

Wellandport Dufferin 338 

Wellington Star-in-the-East 164 

West Flamboro Dufferin 291 

West Lome West Elgin 386 

Weston Astra 682 

Weston Coronation 677 

Weston Humber 305 

Weston Mount Dennis 599 

Weston Sunnyside 582 

Wheatley Xenophon 448 

Whitby Composite 30 

Whitby David T. Campbell 706 

Wiarton Cedar 396 

Winchester Chesterville 320 

Winchester Henderson 383 

WwdsCu- ...... .^ Border dues 554 

Windsor Great Western 47 

Windsor Harmony 579 

Windsor Ontario 521 

Windsor Rose 500 

Windsor St Andrew's 642 

Windsor Windsor 403 

Wingham Wingham 286 

Woodstock King Solomon's 43 

Woodstock Mercer Wilson 678 

Woodstock Oxford 76 

Woodville Harding 477 

Wroxeter Forest 162 

Wyoming Bums' 153 

York Enniskillen 185 



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A. E. Newman 



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W. T. Anderson 

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D. J. McCoy 
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W. Dean, G, J. Robertson, R. 
C. Parsons 

639 B.D.Knox 

641 J. A. James, T. Frei, J. R. King. 
R. F. LegebokofT, C. A. Lewis, 

B. C. Bartlett, H. Elmosleh, M. 

644 R. L. Durfy 

645 R. A. Mcnay 
650 D. K. Kulp 
653 D. A. Baxter 

655 D. A. Walker, J. Aldred, R. P. 
Fumess, C. Finkle, J. Andrade, 
T. Bathish, B. Yacoubi 

656 J. G. Serre, E. Czerwinski 

658 S. J. Legault 

659 R. R. Bowland. B. W. T. Smith 

661 B. Boese, M. Diffin 

662 J. R. Bryson, C. D. Carroll, S. 
G. Linton 

663 L H. Millar, A. B. Renner, M. 
Bruton. J. R. Stone, R, N. 
Berezowsky, W. R. Tomkins, 

C. M. Leigh 

664 J. Hampson, J. R. Fox, M. San 
Pedro, A. A. Silverberg 

665 J. Smith 

666 M. Thiffault, L. Stackhouse 

668 S. L. Bates, P. Gronski 

669 G. P. Lalonde 

670 G. A. Dick, J. Ingram, C. E. 
Rivers, A. T. Babcock, E. A. 
Campbell, K Bumham 

671 K. Boyle 

672 L. S. Boyle, D. S. Smith, R. J. 
Cross, G. G. Spoljarich, P. E. 

673 C. S. Ferguson 

674 O. D. L. Quartermain 

675 D, A. Nobes, J. W. Donnelly, 
L. E. Frampton 

677 A. J. Debattista 
679 H.V.Roman 
685 B. Grcic, J. Orescanin 
687 W. D. Geddes 
689 K. W. F. Adams, G. A. Walker, 
J. Szucs, A. S. Young 

691 J. Suwala 

692 J. Z. Buchko, D. S. Thackeray, 
R. M. Koval, R. R. Campli 

695 K. J. Wood 

696 L. J. Bennet 

697 D. Mullett, S. W. Spera, N. S. 
Ward, A. Pretty 

703 V. L. Millward 

704 J. D. Gowers 

705 D. McLaughlin, A. P. C. Birch 

706 H. Saroyan, S. Porter 

710 D. M. Morrison, J. K. Wood, L. 
A. G. Denny, M. W. Gillies, B. 
Hughes, J. C. Mena 

712 R. J. Howitt 

713 J. B. Bahous 

714 V. Feher 

715 D. T. Forbes, G. E. Eady, J. 
Pulay, C. L. Campbell, R. Hall, 
I. Erten, D. Bell 

716 D.J. Jester 

717 A. Di Nardo, J. L. Galeppi 

719 C. Cotter 

720 T. A. Vasko, D. I. MacKenzie, 
J. Ma 

722 R. Dale 

724 D. T. Maltby, C. Radley, J. W. 



725 H. V. Roman 

727 D. A. Watkinson, K. Ghartey 

728 A. S. Robertson 



W. R. Tomkins, D. A. Baxter, 

D. C. Bouridis 

J. R. Postma 

R. J. Hammett, T. Kalaba 

736 D. Young, D C. Graves, D. 

McFall, D. G. Brown 
740 J. Morrison, M. Currie 

2 R. G.Hill 

3 G. Peterson 

24 W. J. K. Garrett 

25 T. P. Gregor 
27 T J. Morrison 

29 R. M. McLeod 

30 R. B. West 

31 G. T. E)udlev 
39 G. E. El-khouri 


40 L. H. Reid, J. C. Fotheringham 319 

43 K. E. Drummond 321 

46 D. B. McKay, J. 1. J. McLagan 344 

52 D. A. Ctump 359 

54 M. Kusic 364 

58 D. H. Jones-Delcorde 369 

62 D. E. Robertson 375 

64 G. V. R. Lundy, A. S. 392 
Ditchbum 393 

65 T. H. Atkinson 400 
69 R. E. Hough 408 

72 K.Gray 414 

73 J. H. Reid 419 
78 K. M. Robinson, J. A. Berta 428 
84 B.E.Williams 430 
87 G. Paterson 443 
90 J. B. Cowan 448 
94 R. E. Hainsworth, G. A. Bishop 458 

118 L.N.Sloan 461 

120 G. C. Leverton 467 

135 J. R. Forrester 469 

140 D. L. Drummond 474 

144 W. R. Young, T. Scepboer 481 

166 G. E. Watt 488 

205 K. Pratt 492 

219 M. A. Proulx 495 

237 D.V. Chute 509 

I. R. MacLeod 
L. W. Havens, P. A. Havens 
I. Robertson 
J. M. Snedden 

F. H. Kyselka 
H. F. Love 

J. W. Rogers 

R. I. L. Groh 

K. G. Duncan, J. E. Brunk 

R. M. Gilbertson 

R. L. Becker 

D. J. Dorey 

J. S. Stackhouse 

R. B. McLean 

J. M. McCready 

H. A. D. Boswell, R. F. Hewitt 

D. M. Bucke 

T. L. LeQuyere 

T. Shields, J. Featherstone 

D. N. Walton 

K. D. Robertson 

D. B. Buinard 

G. Pursey 

E. Trias 

K. B. Rutledge 

K. H. Snider 

R. Eamon 

R. McAllister 

B. J. Patterson 

J. Felton 

M. S. Fleury 

N. S. Crone 

R. L. McLachlan 

P. Kirkup, L. D. Sallows 

I. Jordan 

B. Morris 

513 W.T. Herod 

526 R. A. Epton, M. Fisher 

530 W, N. Knapp 

535 A. C. Brown 

539 G N. Baker, P. Nijp 

543 L. W. Prout, E. Balfour 

549 J. Coiutney 

555 D.E.Bullock 

565 J. A. J. Muir 

566 J. S. Pryne 
575 J. M. Griffin 
579 S. Abouzeeni 

587 B. M. Hergert 

588 G.H.May 

589 L. Berdugo 

602 K. F. Shrives, D. McKerracher 

610 J. F. Landers 

616 N.G.Harding 

623 K. W. W. Jodko-Narkiewick, S. 

A. Todd 

634 S. H. Scroggs 

660 S. D. Cameron 

661 J. A. Divers 
663 G. M. Perrie 
665 G. Faour 
667 T. B. Claric 
670 R.W. Jukes 

692 S. J. Hawthorne, L. R. Black 

703 D. Bennett 

706 D. J. Courtney 

711 G. Parikh, N. Zabaneh 

724 G. Dykstra 

729 A.J.Clark 

731 A. K. Stark 

736 M. J. D. Sutton 

741 J. T. Martin, J. J. McDougall 



The Grand Master 
M.W. Bro. Donald H. Mumby Orleans 

The Deputy Grand Master 
R.W. Bro. Gary L. Atkinson Wyoming 

The District Deputy Grand Masters 

Algoma Waino M. Jacobson Thunder Bay 

Algoma East William J. Vair Sault Ste Marie 

Brant Dan C. Dawson Hagersville 

Bruce Kenneth G. Baldwin Paisley 

Chatham Darrell A. McAleece Merlin 

Eastern S. Weston Libbey Cornwall 

Erie Alfred R Sykes Cottam 

Frontenac George E. Snowden Kingston 

Georgian North Glen S. Webb London 

Georgian South John A Milne Tottenham 

Grey Ronald M. Murdock Durham 

Hamilton A Malcolm Murray Hamilton 

Hamilton B James Kinnear Burlington 

Hamilton C William R. Millar Stoney Creek 

London East Laveme K. Leffler London 

London West Donald W. Slater London 

Musk-Pany Sound James F. Kirk- White Burks Falls 

Niagara A Allister S. MacDonald St Catharines 

Niagara B E. Norton Garrow Niagara Falls 

Nipissing East Andrew G. Grant North Bay 

North Huron Richard B. Holder Palmerston 

Ontario Barry M. Pedwell Orono 

Ottawa 1 Robert D. Bouchard Fitzroy Harbour 

Ottawa 2 Derek McEwen Pembroke 

Peterborough Russell G. Pollock Havelock 

Prince Edward Thomas J. Ross Belleville 

St Lawrence Giles O. Loshaw Athens 

St Thomas Robert J. Cresswell Sl Thomas 

Samia James D. McBean Mooretown 

South Huron Douglas B. Miners Exeter 

Sudbuiy-Manitoulin John W. Hodder Little Current 

Temiskaming Thomas J. Henderson Englehart 

Toronto 1 Kenneth B. Bice Uxbridge 

Toronto 2 Ian McColl Toronto 

Toronto 3 Desmond M. Tutin Scarborough 

Toronto 4 Louie J. Lombardi Claremont 

Toronto 5 Bruce W. Dickson Newmarket 

Toronto 6 Gordon J. Forbes Bradford 

Toronto 7 Murray D. Lampert Richmond Hill 

Victoria William A. Elliott Lindsay 

Waterloo Roy Chadwick Kitchener 

Wellington Donald R. Clyde Ariss 

Western M. Jack Devins Kenora 

Wilson North Murray L. Coulter Woodstock 

Wilson South Alain SL Jacques Port Dover 

Windsor Douglas J. Smith Windsor 

The Grand Senior Warden 
RW. Bro. Douglas A. West Kitchener 

The Grand Junior Warden 
RW. Bro. Frederick J. Collins Scarborough 

The Grand Chaplain 
RW. Bro. M. John Moor Orleans 

The Grand Treasurer 
RW. Bro. T Richard Davies Willowdale 



The Grand Secretary Emeritus 
M.W. Bro. Robert E. Davies Mount Forest 

The Grand Secretary 

M.W, Bro. Robert J. McKibbon (Deceased September 4, 2003) Hamilton 

(October 1, 2003, Grand Master appointed Interim Grand Secretary — M.W. Bro. Terence Shand 

The Grand Registrar 
R.W. Bro. Hassan Mohamdee Nepean 

The Grand Director of Ceremonies 

RW. Bro. Dale Olm Ottawa 

The Custodian of the Work 
M.W. Bro. C. Edwin Drew Agincourt 

Appointed Officers 

Grand Senior Deacon V.W. Bro. William J. C. Newson Burlington 

Grand Junior Deacon V.W. Bro. Gordon J. Carr Mississauga 

Grand Supt of Works V.W. Bro. Gordon S. Walker London 

Assistant Grand Secretary V.W. Bro. Joseph Janacek Ajax 

Assistant Grand Dir of Cers V.W. Bro. Keith S. Anderson London 

Assistant Grand Chaplain V.W. Bro. Peter Christie Toronto 

Grand Sword Bearer V.W. Bro. J. Lome MacRae Metcalfe 

Grand Organist V.W. Bro. George K. Knapp Weston 

Assistant Grand Organist V.W. Bro. Harry Ansara Mississauga 

Grand Pursuivant V.W. Bro. Gerald E. Money Brantford 

Very Worshipful 

Ackerman, Garnet D Picton 

Alexopoulos, George Markham 

Anderson, Gordon E Powassan 

Arbuckle, Alan D Manotick 

Bird, John CD Branchton 

Birthelmer, Martin Hamilton 

Boal, William R. Toronto 

Bobyk, John Burlington 

Bunke, William E Pembroke 

Clark, Gordon F Ottawa 

Clark, M. E. (Sonny) Brockville 

Dewsbury, John W Whitby 

Domjan, Louis M Caledonia 

Elliott, H. Grant Strathroy 

Empey, Aruott V Berwick 

Fisher, Keith T Camlachie 

Galbraith, Carl J Prescott 

Garland, Cyril J Scarborough 

Gilbert, Philip J. F Beardmore 

Gregory, Frederick C Kitchener 

Haggith, Robert A Leamington 

Harris, Alonzo J North Bay 

Heighway, R Bruce London 

Hollingsworth, D. Richard Long Sault 

Ingram, Kevin N Dunsford 

Irvine, J. Brian Ottawa 

Jolley, R C. "Bud" Owen Sound 

Keay, Robert A Peterborough 

Karamalis, Socrates Toronto 

Lee, David Blyth 

Little, Iain Sault Ste Marie 

MacMillan, Keir C North York 

Massaquoi, Johannes Woodstock 

McDonald, Alan W Scarborough 

McEachem, Michael C Brantford 

Grand Stewards 

McGregor, Herbert D Mississauga 

McLoughlin, William J Sl Catharines 

McMillan, Thomas W Toronto 

McNutt, Stanley Elmvale 

Morris, Glenn Kingston 

Parker, Robert A Burlington 

Payne, Brian Strathroy 

Pollard, Norman J Wasaga Beach 

Prues, William L Cargill 

Read, Stephen R Oro Station 

Reynolds, David W Mitchell 

Richard, Emile J Southampton 

Richel, John W Brampton 

Robson, Arthur D Denfield 

Schneikart, Joseph Chatham 

Shoup, Lawrence E Hagersville 

Simpson, Glen A Gloucester 

Smith, Darwin C Havelock 

Soltanzadeh, Shahab Stouffville 

Stacey, Stuart J Dutton 

Stanbridge, John Tillsonburg 

Staples, David L Hamilton 

Stewart, Larry Niagara Falls 

Stone, David Stoney Creek 

Storey, Richard A London 

Sweetman, Allan P Sudbuiy 

Tarcea, George R Windsor 

Thomas, Brian W Coe Hill 

Thompson, Murray Ottawa 

Todd, Wayne H Huntsville 

Ulrich, H. O. (Howie) Cobden 

Winik, John E Emo 

Wood, Robert G Chatham 

Young, Allen L Guelph 

Zudel, Paul M Timmins 


Grand Standard Bearer V.W. Bro. Donald G. Cameron Scarborough 

Grand Standard Bearer V.W. Bro. Edwin T. Kelly L'Original 

Grand Tyler V.W. Bro. Kenneth J. Macara St. Catharines 

Grand Historian R.W. Bro. Wallace E. McLeod Toronto 

Grand Piper V.W. Bro. David Gomme Toronto 


R.W. Bro. Gary L. Atkinson, 579 Main Street Wyoming NON ITO 

R.W. Bro. T. Richard Davies, 50 Hi-Mount Drive Willowdale M2K 1X5 

By Virtue of Office 

M.W. Bro. Donald H. Mumby, GM, 1525 Prestwick Drive Orieans KIE 1S4 

M.W. Bro. Robert E. Davies, PGM, Box 370 Mount Forest NOG 2L0 

M.W. Bro. N. Richard Richards, PGM, Oxford Manor, 135 Oxford Street Guelph NIH 2M8 

*M.W. Bro. Howard O. Polk, PGM, 2064 Draper Avenue, Apt 502 Ottawa K2H 9B1 

M.W. Bro. Ronald E. Groshaw, PGM, 2000 Islington Avenue, Apt 2607 Etobicoke M9P 3S7 

M.W. Bro. William R. Pellow, PGM, 232 Whamcliffe Road North, Upper Apt London N6H 2B7 

M.W. Bro. David C. Bradley, PGM, 81 Hillsdale Avenue West Toronto M5P 1G2 

M.W. Bro. Norman E. Byrne, PGM, 1-109 Wilson Street West Ancaster L9G 1N4 

M.W. Bro. C. Edwin Drew, PGM, 5 Scotland Road Agincourt MIS 1L5 

M.W. Bro. Durward I. Greenwood, PGM, Box 10 Grand Valley LON IGO 

*M.W. Bro. Robert J. McKibbon, PGM, 1200 Kaladar Drive London N5V 2R5 

M.W. Bro. Terence Shand, PGM, PH 19 - 1880 Valley Farm Road Pickering LIV 6B3 

RW. Bro. Douglas A. West, GSW, 17 Cherokee Court Kitchener N2A 3H2 

RW. Bro. Frederick J. Collins, GJW, 1 Ravine Park Crescent Scarborough MIC 2M1 

RW. Bro. M. John Moor, G Chap, 280 Turnstone Court Orieans KIE 2V2 

RW. Bro. T Richard Davies, G Treas, 50 Hi-Mount Drive Willowdale M2K 1X5 

*M.W. Bro. Robert J. McKibbon, G Secy, 363 King Street West [905-528-8644] Hamilton L8P 1B4 

(October 1, 2003, Grand Master appointed Interim Grand Secretary - M.W. Bro. Terence Shand) 

RW. Bro. Hassan Mohamdee, G Reg, 7 Edgemont Avenue Nepean K2J 3S9 

RW. Bro. Dale Olm, GD of Cers, 7 Claudet Crescent Ottawa KIG 4R3 

* Deceased 

The District Deputy Grand Masters 

Algoma Waino M. Jacobson, 224 Glengary Drive Thunder Bay P7A 7Y6 

Algoma East William J. Vair, 44 Barber Blvd Sault Ste Marie P6A 5T4 

Brant Dan C. Dawson, RR 1 (573 Concession 14) Hagersville NOA IHO 

Bruce Kenneth G. Baldwin, RR 5 Paisley NOG 2N0 

Chatham Darrell A. McAleece, PO Box 253, RR 5 Merlin NOP IWO 

Eastern S. Weston Libbey, 1714 Jane Street Cornwall K6J 1X9 

Erie Alfred R Sykes, PO Box 54 (359 Concession 10) Cottam NOR IBO 

Fronterac George E. Snowden, 1197 Westbrook Road Kingston K7P 2V3 

Georgian North Glen S. Webb, 19 Woodrow Crescent London N6E 1E7 

Georgian South John A. Milne, PO Box 55 (61 Park Cr) Tottenham LOG IWO 

Grey Ronald M. Murdock, PO Box 677 (395 George Street E) . . Durham NOG IRQ 

Hamilton A Malcolm Murray, 161 Herkimer Street Hamilton L8P 2H5 

Hamilton B James Kinnear, 5370 Lakeshore Road — Unit 14 Burlington L7L 1C2 

Hamilton C William R Millar, 40 Chilton Drive Stoney Creek L3J 1M2 

London East Laverne R Leffler, 8 Haymarket Place London N6C 4Y2 

London West Donald W. Slater, 87 Compton Crescent London N6C 4E9 

Musk-Parry Sound . . . James F. Kirk- White, Box 343 (71 Chetwynd Road) Burks Falls POA ICO 

Niagara A Allister S. MacDonald, 619 Cariton Street St Catharines L2M 4Y3 

Niagara B E. Norton Garrow, 5996 St. Anthony Crescent Niagara Falls L2J 3X5 

Nipissing East Andrew G. Grant, 36 Oakdale Road North Bay PIB 8Y8 

North Huron Richard B. Holder, 225 Heniy Lane Palmerston NOG 2P0 

Ontario Barry M. Pedwell, 47 Tamblyn Road Orono LOB IMG 

Ottawa 1 Robert D. Bouchard, 114 McHugo Street Fitzroy Harbour KOA 1X0 

Ottawa 2 Derek McEwen, 577 Cecelia Street Pembroke KSA 1T2 

Peterborough Russell G. Pollock, RR 4 (L2 C7 Belmont Twp) Havelock KOL IZO 


Prince Edward Thomas J. Ross, 65 Dunnett Blvd Belleville K8P 4M9 

St Lawrence Giles O. Loshaw, PO Box 129 Athens KOE IBO 

St Thomas Robert J. Cresswell, RR 4 (46343 Talbot Line) St Thomas N5P 3S7 

Samia James D. McBean, RR. 1 (2162 Mooreline) Mooretown NGN IMO 

South Huron Douglas B. Miners, RR 3 Exeter NOM 1S5 

Sudbury-Manitoulin . . . John W. Hodder, 1 Turner Lane Little Current POP IKO 

Temiskaming Thomas J. Henderson, Box 464 Englehart POJ IHO 

Toronto 1 Kenneth B. Bice, 13 Nelkydd Lane Ujd)ridge L9P lYl 

Toronto 2 Ian McColl, 67 38th Street Toronto M8W 3M2 

Toronto 3 Desmond M. Tutin, 15 Manorwood Road Scarborough MIP 4G6 

Toronto 4 Louie J. Lombardi, RR 5 (2600 Concession #8) Claremont LIY 1A2 

Toronto 5 Bruce W. Dickson, 315 Towercrest Drive Newmarket L3Y 1C3 

Toronto 6 Gordon J. Forbes, 79 Compton Crescent Bradford L3Z 2X6 

Toronto 7 Murray D. Lampert, 442 Mill Street Richmond Hill L4C 7X5 

Victoria William A. Elliott, 121 Maiy Street West Lindsay K9V 2N7 

Waterioo Roy Chadwick, 572 Strasburg Road Kitchener N2E 1T8 

Wellington Donald R. Clyde, RR. 2 Ariss NOB IBO 

Western M. Jack Devins, 1312 Valley Drive Kenora P9N 2X2 

Wilson North Murray L. Coulter, 503 Nova Scotia Court Woodstock N4S 8Z3 

Wilson South Alain Sl Jacques, 56 Richardson Drive Port Dover NOA 1N4 

Windsor Douglas J. Smith, 944 Watson Avenue Windsor N8S 3T2 

Honoraiy Members of the Board 

RW. Bro. Ronald K Campbell, 28 Parkglen Drive Nepean K2G 3G9 

V.W. Bro. Frederick Halpem, 108 Venice Crescent Thomhill L4J 7T1 

RW. Bro. Terrence V. Homer, 215 Lord Seaton Road North York M2P 1L2 

RW. Bro. David E. Jacklin, PO Box 1421 Blenheim NOP lAO 

RW. Bro. Robert T. Runciman, 37 Gloucester Court Sudbuiy P3E 5M2 

RW. Bro. William E. Shields, RK 1 Monkland KOC IVO 

RW. Bro. H. Edward Standish, 1616 Spruce Drive Caledon Village LON ICO 

Elected Members of the Board 

RW. Bro. Raymond S. J. Daniels, 30 Hudson Crescent Kitchener N2B 2V8 

RW. Bro. Allan J. Petrisor, RR 3 Woodstock N4S 7V7 

RW. Bro. Thomas W. Hogeboom, 192 Dundas Street West Napanee K7R 2A6 

RW. Bro. Scott R Drummond, 92 Doxsee Avenue Campbellford KOL ILO 

RW. Bro. M. Lee Shea, 120 Front Street Bracebridge PIL 1J7 

R.W. Bro. Gregory H. Hazlitt, PO Box 503 Goderich N7A 4C7 

RW. Bro. Brian K. Schweitzer, 25 Ferrara Street Hamilton L8T 4C1 

RW. Bro. D. Garry Dowling, 81 Naomee Crescent London N6H 3T3 

RW. Bro. Paul W. Hooper, 3960 3rd Concession, RR 4 Amherstburg N9V 2Y9 

RW. Bro. David M. Sheen, 19897 Main Street Alton LON lAO 

RW. Bro. William C. Thompson, 75 Marsh Creek Road, RR 1 Little Britain KOM 2C0 

RW. Bro. Terry A. McLean, 110 - 6540 Falconer Drive Mississauga L5N IMl 

RW. Bro. John H. Hough, 835 Cedarbrae Avenue Milton L9T 3W9 

RW. Bro. Cad M. Miller, 797 Westdale Street Oshawa LIJ 5C1 

Appointed by the Grand Master 

RW. Bro. Brian E. Bond, RR 1, 8740 Dean's Hill Road Campbellcroft LOA IBO 

RW. Bro. Donald A. Campbell, 14 Standish Crescent Markham L3P 4A3 

RW. Bro. Douglas A Conway, 37 Melrose Avenue Barrie L4M 2A8 

RW. Bro. John C. Green, Box 8 (79 Wood Street) Drayton NOG IPO 

KW. Bro. George E. Hinds, 8 Artech Court Downsview M3N 1R4 

RW. Bro. Charies Reid, 3 Water Beach Crescent Etobicoke M9W 3L8 

RW. Bro. Paul E. Todd, 211 Munro Street Carleton Place K7C 1G7 

RW. Bro. David R Dainard, 222 Jeffery Street Whitby LIN 7H5 

RW. Bro. Barry J. Hutton, 837 Primrose Court Pickering LIX 2S7 

RW. Bro. Thomas E. Lewis, 10 Cameron Drive St Catharines L2P 3E2 

RW. Bro. Walter J. Matyczuk, 1304 S. Edward Street Thunder Bay P7E 2J3 

V.W. Bro. George A Napper, 370 Culpepper Place Waterloo N2L 5L3 

R.W. Bro. G. Wayne Nelson, PO Box 382 Englehart POJ IHO 

RW. Bro. Robert S. Whitmore, 50 Thomwood Drive Ancaster L9G 1A4 



Audit and Finance — R.W. Bro. T. E. Lewis (Chairman); R.W. Bros. T. R. Davies, W. E. Shields; S. 
H. Cohen, P. J. McGrenere, J. C. Sutherland, R. G. Wands. 

Benevolence - R.W. Bro. W. J. Matyczuk (Chairman); R.W. Bros. T. R. Davies, G. W. Nelson, D. A. 
West; E. P. Finkbeiner. L. W. Hammell, R. C. James, R. E. Kerr, P. J. Mullen, J. W. Murphy, J. 
W. Trousdale, K. L. Whiting; W. Bros. D. K. Bromley, J. A. R. Keith. 

Condition of Masonry — R.W. Bro. Barry J. Hutlon (Chairman); R.W. Bros. P. A. James, G. McCowan, 

C. R. McKee, E. S. Rutter, R. M. Taylor; V.W. Bros. K. S. Anderson, I. B. Dale. 

Constitution and Jurisprudence — V.W. Bro. F. Halpem (Chairman); all Past Grand Masters. 

Discipline - R.W. Bro. R. S. Whitmore (Chairman); all Past Grand Masters; R.W. Bros. R. T. 
Runciman, D. Olm, J. W. Lidstone; V.W. Bro. F. Halpem. 

Fraternal Correspondence — R.W. Bro. G. W. Nelson (Chairman); R.W. Bros. F. R. Branscombe, P. 

Fraternal Relations — R.W. Bro. P. W. Hooper (Chairman), all Past Grand Masters. 

Library, Museum and Archives — R.W. Bro. B. K. Schweitzer (Chairman); R.W. Bro. P. D. Kett (sub 
chair Library); W. Bro. G. Lotz (sub chair Museum/Archivist); R.W. Bros. P. R. Borland, M. J. 
Duke, D. L. Jagger, V. Lepp, R. G. Wands. 

Long Range Planning - R.W. Bro. P. E. Todd (Chairman); R.W. Bros. J. H. Hough; J. S. Ault, R. P. 
Mulack, J. M. Oliver, D. A. Salter, F. M. Wilson; V.W. Bro. G. Fitzpatrick; W. Bro. B. N. Palmer. 

Management Committee — R.W. Bro. G. L. Atkinson (Chairman); R.W. Bros. D. A. Campbell, D. G. 
Dowling, T. Homer, A. J. Petrisor, R. T. Runciman; and e.x-officio M.W. Bros. D. H. Mumby, R. 
J. McKibbon and R.W. Bro. T. E. Lewis. 

Masonic Education - R.W. Bro. R. S. J. Daniels (Chairman); EXECLmVE: R.W. Bros. J. D. Bell (vice- 
chairman), J. A. Fisher (secy), D. Franklin (team leader Newsletter); V.W. Bros. S. R. Lowe (team 
leader College of Freemasonry), G. S. Walker (administrator College of Freemasonry. CURRICULUM 
COMMirrEE: M.W. Bro. D. C. Bradley; R.W. Bros. M. J. Diamond. W. E. Elgie, B. N. Whitmore; 
V.W. Bros. G. A. Simpson, W. White; W. Bro. I. B. Mackenzie (sub chair Publications). REGIONAL 
RESOURCE OFFICERS: R.W. Bros. J. G. Appleby, J. D. Bell, G. R. Clauson, K. Cosier, G. T. Grieve, 

D. Hawman, J. D. Kingston, P. Mitchell, G. R. Taylor, A. Tibbetts. 


Blood Donors - R.W. Bro. M. L. Shea (Chairman); R.W. Bros. F. J. Collins; G. R. Bloomfield, E. R. 
Harrison, W. H. Henshail, J. Hunter, T. D. F. Pachal; V.W. Bros. J. Abrahms, D. R. McCallum; W. 
Bros. T. W. Henderson, R. F. Hewitt, L. Rudd, A. W. Stokes. 

Computer Resources - R.W. Bro. B. E. Bond (Chairman); R.W. Bros. J. F. Kirk- White (Web Master); 
P. Irwin, R. F. Manz; V.W. Bro. P. Scott; W. Bros. K. D. Nickerson, D. G. Reekie (vice chairman). 

Lodge Buildings (Advisory) — V.W. Bro. G. A. Napper (Chairman); R.W. Bros. N. Farid, W. C. Smith; 
V.W. Bros. R. C. Blair, W. E. MacLeod; W. Bro. S. Cooper. 

Lodge Finances (Advisory) — R.W. Bro. G. E. Hinds (Chairman); R.W. Bros. T. E. Lewis; R. E. 
Collins, C. R. Latchoo, H. E. Standish; W. Bros. H. M. Jones, P J. Piccione. 

Membership Resources — R.W. Bro. T. W. Hogeboom (Chairman); R.W. Bros. D. A. Conway, S. R. 
Dmmmond, J. C. Green, W. J. Moore (secy), C. H. M. Reid. F.E/MENTOR: R.W. Bros. J. C. Green 
(team leader), J. R. Dickson (secy), D. G. Inglis, D. Roberts, T. A. Siemiemik, R. A. Truan, H. 
Visser, R. K. Wallace. B2B: R.W. Bro. D. A. Conway (team leader); V.W. Bros. T. B. Lloyd (secy), 
D. J. Banks (facilifacU); R.W. Bros. J. C. Dove, P. G. Farrell, B. Koivu, M. D. Stephenson, W. M. 
Watt; V.W. Bro. R. B. Dow. OFFICER PROGRESSION: R.W. Bros. C. H. M. Reid (team leader), G. 
H. Hazlitt (secy), J. E. Anderson, K. E. Campbell, A. A. Cayer, R. L. Dobbs, L. Harrison; W. Bro. 
T. Warner; Bro. B. D. McLennan. DDGM ORIENTATION: R.W. Bros. S. R. Dmmmond (team leader), 
J. E. Harrison (secy), A. Ellison, C. P. Farber, J. Pollock, R.J.R. Roberts. 


Ontario Mason - R.W. Bro. D. R. Dainard (Chairman); M.W. Bro. D. C. Bradley; R.W. Bros. W. C. 
Thompson; R. R. Beckett, J. C. Chamberlain, P. G. Farrell, W. M. Reiach, H. G. Stanley; W. Bros. 
D. Gray, W. Holden, R. McBride, D. Surovy. 

Public Relations - R.W. Bro. D. M. Sheen (Chairman). INTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS: R.W. Bros. J. 
Sercombe (team leader), A. Bimie, A. Dvorak, N. Ingram, B. Snider, R. X. Spence, L. Weaver, M. 
Wellwood; V.W. Bro. M. Woodcock; W. Bro. G. L. Gilchrist, D. Reekie; Bro. P. Pinel. EXTERNAL 
COMMUNICATIONS: R.W. Bros. J. D. Angus (team leader), B. J. DeLisle, J. Hiley, R. F. McLeod, 
H. Mohamdee, C. Pollock, L. Salmon, W. Watt, C. J. Woodbum; V.W. Bros. A. Arbuckle, L. 
Carter; W. Bro. S. Magwood; Bro. W. Robinson. SPECIAL EVENTS: R.W. Bros. C. M. Miller (team 
leader), D. H. Clouse, G. King, L. H. Street; V.W. Bros. T. J. King, J. McLaughlin; W. Bros. D. 
Green, K. Holden. 

Seminars and Workshops - R.W. Bro. W. C. Thompson (Chairman); R.W. Bros. R. Baldwin, R. 
Beckett, W. Rose; W. Bro. S. Pottage. 

Awards - M.W. Bro. H. O. Polk (Chairman); M.W. Bros. N. R. Richards, D. I. Greenwood. 

Masonic Foundation of Ontario — R. K. Campbell (President); A. J. Hope, T. A. McLean, A. D. 
Nichols, S. Kalinowsky (Vice-Presidents); M. J. Duke (Secretary); D. A. Conway, J. C. Sutherland 
(Treasurer); J. T. Cassie, T. W. Hogeboom, D. L. Jagger, G. R. Taylor, H. Wa.xl, and ex-officio C. 
E. Drew, G. L. Atkinson, W. J. Matyczuk (Directors). 

Masonic Holdings — N. E. Byrne (President); R. T. Runciman (Vice-President); R. J. McKibbon (Secy- 
Treas); D. A. Conway, D. I. Greenwood, T. E. Lewis, G. W. Nelson, A. J. Petrisor, B. K. Schweitzer; 
and ex-officio D. H. Mumby and G. L. Atkinson. 

150th Anniversary Committee - R.W. Bro. T. A. McLean (Chairman). M.W. Bro. R. E. Davies; R.W. 
Bros. R. R. Beckett, D. A. Campbell, R. Collins, J. L. Jackson, T. E. Lewis, P. J. Mullen, P. E. 
Todd, C. H. M. Reid, D. M. Sheen, R. K. Wallace, A. W. Watson; W. Bro. B. N. Palmer; Bro. S. 
M. Kofsky; and M.W. Bros. D. H. Mumby, R. J. McKibbon; R.W. Bro. G. L. Atkinson. 



A rTi'^ 00QO0O0000000O00<»00OO(»0OG0(»0OCOQO00a:>0O000O00CO0O000O00W 


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dmw>"Qh;^<;(jj^xo5^f2^d^^^.'^'^'2'^a:^2j2^'QJ^J<;mcdw^<;<|d-^o,^t^<; uiSfc^jdo 
<<;dQi--;X<a:-^^DdHQiH^Q^^d^2?^f-;^"z:--;<!i/5t/5U^Xc/:DacQdcAi--;--;cdd<iQuj _5<;du;ca-^ 


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cQQi-;dxd5-i-;^t-:-^^H-^d-^HcJdQib<da;c/:2-^d-^SQizdcQuiuj^^'uJu;<! cdddhKi 

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I-" '-I ^-' rJ r^ <si rj 




Michigan 1857 

Vermont 1857 

Ireland 1857 

Hamilton 1858 

Kentucky 1858 

Montreal 1858 

Toronto 1859 

Montreal 1860 

Kingston 1862 

Richmond 1864 

Ireland 1867 

*Brackstone Baker England 1868 

*Sir John A. Macdonald Kingston 1868 

*John V. Ellis New Brunswick 1869 

*Rev. C. P. Bliss New Brunswick 1871 

*Wm. H. Frazer Wisconsin 1873 

*H. A. MacKay Hamilton 1873 

•Thos. White Jr Montreal 1874 

*J. A. Lockwood New York 1882 

*Henry T. Backus . . 
♦Philip C.Tucker . . . 
*Michael Fumell . . . 
*W. C. Stephens . . . 
* Robert Morris .... 
*T. D. Harington . . 
*Thos. G. Ridout . . 
*Aldis Bernard .... 
*Thomas Drummond 
*John H. Graham . . 
*Jas. V. MacKey . . . 

Preston 1885 

Toronto 1897 

Toronto 1897 

Toronto 1897 

Toronto 1897 

New York 1900 

Hamilton 1900 

Ireland 1900 

Toronto 1900 

Toronto 1901 

England 1902 

England 1919 

Ireland 1920 

England 1920 

England 1920 

Ireland 1920 

England 1920 

England 1920 

Strathroy 1920 

England 1921 

England 1923 

England 1923 

'Arthur E. Carlyle England 1923 

*Dudley H. Ferrell Massachusetts 1923 

*Chas. H. Ramsay Massachusetts 1923 

*Frank H. Hilton Massachusetts 1923 

*A. Beitler Pennsylvania 1923 

*S. W. Goodyear Pennsylvania 1923 

♦Otto Klotz 

*Geo. C. Patterson 

*T. R. Barton 

*J. J. Ramsay 

*Kivas Tully 

*W. A. Sutherland 

*J. J. Mason 

♦Chief Justice Gerald Fitz -Gibbon . . . 

♦N. L. Steiner 

♦Alex Patterson 

♦H.R.H. Duke of Connaught 

♦Lord Ampthill 

♦Gerald Fitzgibbon, K.C 

♦Rt. Hon. Lord Desborough, K.C.V.O. 

♦Stanley Machin, J.P 

♦Jas. H. Stirling 

♦A. Cecil Powell 

♦John Dickens 

♦R. F. Richardson 

♦Sir George McLaren Brown 

♦Sir John Ferguson 

♦H. Hamilton-Wedderbum 

♦George Ross 

♦Chas. B. Murray 

♦Sir Alfred Robbins . . . 

♦Earl of Stair 

♦Lord Donoughmore . . . 

♦Viscount Galway 

♦Canon F. J. G. Gillmor 
♦J. Bridges Eustace . . . . 

Toronto 1925 

Toronto 1925 

England 1927 

Scotland 1931 

Ireland 1931 

England 1931 

England 1931 

England 1931 


























































*Robt. J. Soddy England . . . . 

*Gen. Sir Francis Davies England . . . . 

*Canon Thomas T. Blockley England . . . . 

*Rt. Hon. Viscount de Vesci England . . . . 

*Major R. L. Loyd England . . . . 

•Raymond F. Brooke Ireland 

*Rt. Hon. Lord Famham Ireland 

*Dr. W. E. Thrift Ireland 

*Gen Sir. Norman A. Orr-Ewing Scotland . . . . 

*T. G. Winning Scotland . . . . 

*Joseph E. Perry Massachusetts 

•Reginald Harris Nova Scotia . . 

*Norman T. Avard Nova Scotia . . 

*Sir E. H. Cooper England . . . . 

*Field Marshal Viscount Alexander . 

. . . 1933 

. . . 1938 

. . . 1938 

. . . 1938 

. . . 1938 

. . . 1938 

. . . 1938 

. . . 1938 

. . . 1938 

. . . 1938 

. . . 1938 

. . . 1938 

. . . 1938 

. . . 1940 

England 1947 

*Emest B. Thompson Hamilton 1959 

♦James W. Hamilton Hamilton 1959 

*E. G. DLxon Hamilton 1963 

•Robert Strachan Hamilton 1963 

Sir Edwin Leather England 1966 

•A. C. Ashforth Toronto 1971 

*M. C. Hooper Toronto 1973 

•Eric C. Horwood Toronto 1974 

•J. Lawrence Runnalls St. Catharines 1975 

•James C. Guy Ancaster . . 

•John W. Millar Toronto . . 

•R. Wilson McConnell Toronto . . 

Hunter Reid Riceville . . 

John I. Carrick Hamilton 

T. Richard Davies Toronto . . 

George W. Kerr Weston . . . 

*T. John Arthur Willowdale 

•W. Norman Buckingham Burlington . 

Samuel H. Cohen Toronto . . 

Raymond Hutson London . . . 












J. M. Marcus Humphrey of Dinnet .... Scotland 1990 

•Douglas H. Bliss Stoney Creek 1990 

Kenneth L. Schweitzer Hamilton 1990 

James T. Cassie Willowdale 1993 

J. Lloyd Mellor Toronto 1995 

• Robert N. Wilson Toronto 1995 

Nathaniel Granstein . =- Paris 1996 

Alex Watson Mount Forest 1996 

Melvyn J. Duke Toronto 1997 

G. Wayne Nelson Englehart 1999 

James W. Daniel England 2001 

Thomas W. Jackson Pennsylvania 2001 

John K. Baskey London 2002 

* Donald W. Lewis Stouffville 2002 





















































With names of Grand Secretaries and Grand Representatives 


Grand Lodge 

Grand Secretary 

Near other G.L. 

Near G.L. 

The United Kingdom 


K A. H. Morrow 

Sir I. Percival 

R. E. Davies 


M. W. Walker 

C. Taylor 


C. M. McGibbon 

C. M. McGibbon 

R. E. Groshaw 


of Canada 


J. W. Kopp 

J. R Cra';vford 

D. A. Campbell 

British CoIumbia/'Yukon 

R. L. M. Parent 

C. G. Wardlaw 

R. A. Bamett 


C. Rae Haldane-Wilsone 

E. H. Jones 

A. P. Stephen 

New Brunswick 

J. R Andrews 

I. D. Steeves 

F. R Branscombe 


L. B. Grandy 

N. M. Chaplin 

T. Shand 

Nova Scotia 

R. H. Northup 

F. E. Milne 

F. G. Dunn 

Pr Ed Island 

R Caseley 

K A. Ellis 

T. E. Lewis 


P. Mailhot 

M. A. Kershaw 

N. R Richards 


J. E. Carey 

J. Calvert 

T. Pachal 

United States of America 


J. M. Underwood 

M. L. Jones 

A. Simpson 


L. R. Little 

M. M. Routzahn 

J. Moore 


G. H. Stablein Sr 

J. L. Alexakis 

A. B. Loopstra 


J. L. Weatherall 

W. R Baugus 

H. P. Wilson 


J. L. Cooper III 

C. R MacPhee 

R. S. Whitmore 


G. A. Ford 

C. M. Baum 

C. M. Miller 


R. W. McClelland 

A. R. Van Gasbeck 

N. E. Byrne 


J. E. Waecker Sr 

J. S. Russell 

W. E. Rawson 

Dist of Columbia 

S. W. Miner 

L. L. Merryman 

J. M. Wagg 


R C. Sheppard 

R J. Manning 

E. P. Finkbeiner 


D. I. DeKalb 

T. M. Taylor Sr 

T. A. McLean 


R Chang 


V. E. Patrick 

G. L. Riggs 

F. J. Bruce 


B. L. Grisham 

A. L. Lester 

W. R. Pellow 


M. L. Carpenter 

J. W. McNaughton 

R. C. Davies 


W. R Crawford 


R. B. Pfuetze 

R D. Overton 

J. M. Jolley 


J. R. Conway 

D. R Stump 

L. E. Behms 


T. J. Pitman 

W. F. Fink 

K L. Whiting 


H. G. Dixon 

K L. Richardson 

L. W. Westwell 


J. R Frazier 

R. B. Ross 

J. D. Angus 


A. T. Ames 

J. A. Vytal 

D. C. Bradley 


R W. Stevens 

J. B. Losee 

T. V. Homer 


D. J. Campbell 

E. J. Neetenbeek 

J. T. Cassie 


F. F. Bean 

P. R Smith 

G. T. Rogers 


R. D. Miller 

J. A. Noland Jr 

J. V. Lawer 


R L. Gardiner 

M. A. Bates 

K L. Schweitzer 


R S. Kuhn 

P. R. Eveland 

R G. Wands 


A. K Cronin 

F. E. Crowdis 

E. J. B. Anderson 

New Hampshire 

J. C. Marden 

M. H. Morse 

D. G. Dowling 

New Jersey 

R P. Bellini 

S. M. Tischler 

W. E. Elgie 

New Mexico 

R D. Carpenter 

New York 

G. A. Henningsen 

B. Widger 

C. E. Drew 

North Carolina 

T. W. Clapp III 

J. R TiUett 

D. F. Clark 

North Dakota 

C. Mundahl 

J. S. Ruliffson 


G. O. Braatz 

D. L. Dresser 

D. I. Greenwood 


G. D. Odom 

C. J. Reamy Jr 

M. J. Thompson 


A. W. Harvey 

P. J. Stidd 

P. J. Mullen 


D. L. Albert 

Rhode Island 

J. M. Faulhaber 

P. A. Burkhardt 

D. H. Mumby 



Grand Lodge 

South Carolina 

South Dakota 







West Virginia 





Burkina Faso 



Ivory Coast 

Malian (National) 


South Africa 

Togolaise (Nat'l) 

New South Wales 


South Australia 



Western Australia 

Belgium (Reg GL) 







Espirito Santo 


Grand Orient 


Mato Grosso 

Mato Grosso do Sul 

Mina Gerais 





Rio de Janeiro 

Rio Grande do Norte 

Rio Grande do Sul 


Santa Catarina 

Sao Paulo 



Grand Secretary 

G. R. Marsh 
L. M. Spies 
L. A Hill Sr 
J. D. Ward 

B. H. Simons 

C. L. Smith 
A W. Adkins 

D. P. Owen 
R. G. Slater 
B. S. Sim 

E. E. Davis 

Near other G.L. 

C. H. Frampton 
J. W. Schwietert 
M. A Stinnett 
M. M. Skipper 
W. A Marriott Sr 
C. L. Marshall 
C. B. Taylor 
M. W. Rose 
E. M. Casdorph 
R W. Ward 

Other Countries 

M. Galiba 

J. C. Nabyoure 

B. M. Avom 

P. Nziengui-Mabila 

A Pitte 

B. Keita 

A Ndiaye 

B. C. Johnson 

A K. Ahiakpor 

A Picart 

A J. Clavero 

B. A Nation 
G. R. White 
M. A Atkinson 
A J. Sangwell 
B. Reaper 
V. Schilo 
H. Gehl 
J. Van Runckelen 

M. Pereira Marques 
M. C. deS Mescouto 

F. H. de Vasconcellos 
A S. Damasio 

J. Narvaez da Silva 
V. DePaula Pereira 

G. D. Mura D. Carmo 
A K Valadares 

F. M. Marques 
J. C. De Mello 
M. Chinzarian 
J. R Ruopp 

S. H. Benchaya 
M. J. Pereira 
I. DaSilva Borges 
R Dantas DaR 
A. Dionisio dos Reis 
H. De Souza 
R G. Sampaio 
I. V. Silva 
W. A Sommer 

G. C. Cortese 

J. Gomes DeAmorim 
F. H. de Melo 

S. Topan 
A. Boumah 

C. C. R Heckmann 

H. Santangelo 

R J. Barrington 
K G. Wells 
N. Lynagh 
M. J. Keen 
G. J. Sebo 
T. Twaddle 

P. Geairain 

A Porta 

J. L. De Vasconcelos F. 
M. J. De Menezes 
R B. Cruz 

F. M. Marques 

P. Cury 

A. DeSouza Garcia 

O. L. Hiltner 

A Elisiario de Souza 

L. G. De Paiua M 

L. A De Assis 

C. D. Ferreira 

J. W. K. Neto 

G. Lo Duca 
M. L L. Gomes 

Near G.L. 

K. D. Beggs 
G. Morris 
D. M. Sheen 
G. C. Phair 
W. J. Matyczuk 
W. J. Anderson 
W. F. Cockbum 
A W. Watson 
S. R Drummond 
R M. Gunsolus 

J. H. Hough 

G. F. W. Inrig 

K J. Hay 

T. R Davies 
R T. Runciman 
B. E. Bond 
J. R Gilpin 
A. A. Barker 
M. J. May 
W. D. Stevens 
J. A Cla>ton 

J. Heffel 

D. W. DLxon 

L. Bittle 

W. S. McNeil 

A G. Broomhead 

D. Swann 
G. H. Hazlitt 
R K. Spence 
G. A Monk 
R D. Summerville 
C. J. Woodbum 

L Martin 

W. C. Thompson 
D. N. Campbell 



Grand Lodge 


China (Taiwan) 





Occidental, Cali 
Costa Rica 

Czech Republic 

Dominican Republic 
France (Nat'l) 
Germany U.G.L. 

Italy (Gr Orient) 


Nuevo Leon 


New Zealand 

Paraguay (Symbolic) 


Puerto Rico 


Grand Secretary 

J. J. Oyarzun 
R. M. Chang 

V. C. Angulo 
G. Medina Diaz 

E. Martelo Porras 
H. B. Pulido 

M. E. Monge-Meza 
M. Gelb 

F. J. E. Fernandez 
M. Herman 

J. E. Lassen 

R. A Perez Y. Perez 

C. B. Grazzo 

R Rydman 

J. P. Pilorge 

H. J. Werth 

A Tzifakis 

C. Guzman de los S. 

M. H. Trejo 

J. Botkos 

T. Oskarsson 

H. Gupta 

G. Ladjevardi 
V. Serezo 

G. Abramo 

F. R. Collins 
P. Geisen 

G. DeS. Hirst 

A N. Askar 

Q. E. Munoz 

A L. de Guevara S 

S. Ouaknine 

F. Andrioli 

S. J. Cooper 

B. E. Krogh-Jacobsen 

R. De J. Moreno Jaen 

E. V. Garay 

A Valqui Malpica 

R. S. Fajardo 

V. A. Duarte 

V. O. Yera 

A Kondyakov 

J. Rodriguez 

A Grafstrom 

J. P. Dousett 

A Ors 

V. M. Valverde 

R. V. Marcano 

Near other G.L. 

E. B. Hamel 
S. Hsin 

A. S. Hamilton 
H. V. Ceron 
N. O Rico 

M. Yamuni 

Z. Zepic 

O. L. Martinez 

J. Vecer 

K. A Kirchhoff 

0. J. Soto 

B. Plaza N 

H. Taponen 
J. Berrier 
A Boyd 

1. A Souvaliotis 
J. H. Ayestas S 
H. Soriano A 

O. Ingibjomsson 
V. Rajendran 
A Soltanzadeh 
M. Campeas 
G. Tavano 
R. D. Targett 
J. Nilles 

H. G. Cantu 
J. H. Berge 

B. Sarphati 
L J. Webb 
F. Hauan 

C. Quistgard 

A Cabello R. 

B. K. Tan 

P. R Marcelino de S 
J. R Lopez R 

J. A Rivas Lopez 
A. Fahlman 
J. Krahenbuhl 
S. Aksoy 

C. C. Bratt Castillo 

Near G.L. 

H. J. Johnson 
W. C. Frank 

A E. Dyer 
G. W. Kerr 

W. L. Pacey 
P. Farrell 
D. J. McFadgen 
G. Turek 
T. P. Hansen 
R D. Hanton 
M. J. Duke 

R C. Casselman 
H. N. Britton 
J. W. Reid 
P. Atsidakos 
G. L. Atkinson 
R E. Jewell 
J. S. Vag 
J. A. J. Hughes 
W. E. McLeod 
G. W. Nelson 
S. H. Cohen 
H. G. Stanley 
A J. Petrisor 

D. Langridge 
N. G. Stacey 

G. E. MacDonald 
W. J. Deller 
R K Campbell 

B. K. Schweitzer 
A. D. Hogg 

J. D. Jackson 
L. J. Hostine 

C. R Alexander 
J. I. Carrick 

M. D. Stienburg 
P. W. Hooper 

R S. Throop 

E. J. Scarborough 
J. W. Lidstone 

C. A Houghton 
E. J. Brown 
L. M. Foumey 



To the Most Worshipful the Grand Master, Officers and Members of the Grand 
Lodge A.F. & A.M. of Canada in the Province of Ontario. 

Most Worshipful Sir and Brethren: 

It is again my privilege, on behalf of this committee, to present the report or foreword to the 
thirty-five Reviews of the Annual Proceedings of our sister Grand Lodges received during 
the past year. Once again, sincere thanks and gratitude must be extended to R.W. Bro. 
Frederic R. Branscombe for his careful selection of items and countless hours of preparation 
of these Reviews for the interest of the brethren. Special thanks are directed to Mrs. Agnes 
Arts, Englehart, Ontario, for her kind assistance in translating the Proceedings of the Grand 
Lodge of the Netherlands. Several Proceedings were received on computer disk necessitating 
down-loading of certain information of which thanks are directed to R.W. Bro. Peter 
Matijek, Kirkland Lake, Ontario, and Bro. David Allin, Englehart, Ontario, for arranging 
this. The intention of these Reviews is to inform the membership of the activities and 
conditions throughout the Masonic world. 

The brethren proposing or responding to Masonic toasts, active in Masonic education, 
welcoming visitors, and delivering Masonic Addresses, will find these Reviews a useful 
source for topics, quotations, and information. 

Many jurisdictions have seen the need to increase the use of COMPUTERS and the 
INTERNET to expand public relations and expedite information to the public at large and 
to the members about our philosophies and workings. Warnings have been issued in order 
to protect information from lodges and Masonry that travels through the electronic media. 
Inappropriate or misuse of information can be damaging to lodges, members, and the 
fraternity, as when it travels on Web pages or e-mail, it is open to public scrutiny and may 
be the first impression a candidate sees of the fraternity. Several Web Site addresses are 
listed in the Reviews. 

COMMUNITY VISIBILITY and PUBLIC RELATIONS have been adopted by many 
Grand Lodges as a direct method of improving the image of Freemasonry in the public eye. 
Visitations to orphanages, child identification programmes, advertising our philosophies on 
billboards, laying of cornerstones on public buildings, and active in community projects, 
sports, parades, are just a few undertaken. The Committee on Community Relations of 
British Columbia stated, "Every lodge should have at least one outside function that portrays 
the Fraternity in a positive light within their own community." 

FRATERNAL RELATIONS between many jurisdictions and Prince Hall Grand 
Lodges seem to be increasing with ftill recognition in some and visitations with others. 

Many Grand Lodges reported having stimulated an increase in lodge activity related to 
MASONIC RENEWAL programmes. New systems for Grand Lodge committees. 
Wardens' Leadership Retreats, mandatory Basic Education programmes, Long Range 
Planning, and others indicate a commitment to improving the health of the Fraternity. M.W. 
Bro. Wayne Hitchcock, Grand Master, New Brunswick, stated, "Masonic Renewal is a 
programme that must be implemented by the constituent lodges to be effective. Grand Lodge 
Officers can talk about it, teach it, preach it, and extol its virtues, but nothing happens until 
the lodge adopts it and works it." 

YOUTH ORIENTED PROGRAMMES are supported by many jurisdictions with 
financial assistance and volunteers to Masonic Youth Groups such as the DeMolay, Job's 
Daughters, and Rainbow Girls. The Youth Programmes Committee of Saskatchewan 
reported on the four principal categories of its work: 


a) Supervision of the awarding of scholarships and other prizes provided by the Grand 
Lodge of Saskatchewan; 

b) Encouragement and assistance to the Order of the DeMolay and to the International 
Order of Job's Daughters in Saskatchewan; 

c) Development of programmes which are designed to develop student leadership skills; 

d) Assistance to lodges in the development of Community Youth Programmes and 

Fundamental CHANGES in society has required the need for fundamental changes in 
Freemasonry. Membership in lodges, as well as lodge attendance, has lower priorities for 
many men. This change has prompted some Grand Lodges to alter jurisdictional lines to 
accommodate applicants, to allow conferral of more candidates at one time, lowering of the 
age limit for applicants, and the consolidation of many lodges. These changes have met with 
some concern, however, not withholding the future of the Craft. M.W. Bro. Robert Shipe, 
Grand Master, Oklahoma, stated, "I am more convinced than ever that we must become 
more community minded in attracting successful men into our Fraternity by making it more 
amenable to their acceptance." 

Several Grand Lodges make reference to the APPENDANT and CONCORDANT 
BODIES as one family of Freemasonry and that the one-step opportunity for Master Masons 
to enter the Shrine is not a deterrent for those attracted by the specific characteristics of other 
Masonic Bodies. 

The return to the FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES of Freemasonry has been 
encouraged by some jurisdictions as a manner in which to stimulate interest and attract new 
members through the actions of the brethren. Mottos such as "Let's Get Back to The 
Future," "Do Good Unto All," and "Building Together," have been adopted by some Grand 
Masters. M.W. Bro. John Rogers, Grand Master, Prince Edward Island, stated, "Let us get 
back to the ritual and the lessons that lie therein and let us practice those lessons in our 
everyday lives through our own deeds." 

The Grand Lodge of Newfoundland and Labrador has honored our own Grand Master, 
M.W. Bro. Terence Shand, and Past Grand Master and Grand Secretary Emeritus, M.W. 
Bro. Robert E. Davies, and the Grand Lodge of Scotland has honored M.W. Bro. Ronald E. 
Groshaw, Past Grand Master. Congratulations are extended to these brethren. 

These are brief observations and this foreword is your invitation to read ALL the 
Reviews, as you will fmd them educational and thought-provoking. This committee strongly 
recommends that the lodges and all brethren ensure the information contained in these 
Reviews are relayed to their membership through SUMMONSES, NEWSLETTERS, and 
MASONIC EDUCATION. The Reviews are time consuming to produce, but time saving 
for resource. 

Sincere thanks are also extended to the Office of the Grand Secretary and others who 
have made this report possible. 

Respectfully and fraternally submitted. 

G. WAYNE NELSON, Chairman 

Reviews written by 
R.W. Bro. Frederic R. Branscombe 



97th Annual Communication 
Calgary, Alberta, June, 2002 

M. W. Bro. Douglas N. Troock expressed his happiness with the enthusiastic response by his 
Brethren to the theme which he had chosen for his year, THE KEY TO SUCCESS IS WITHIN 
OURSELVES. It was his hope that it had been of assistance in developing the many positive 
programmes which he had witnessed throughout the jurisdiction. 

In reporting that the Craft is gaining in health and strength in Alberta, he made this 
statement: "Together we have achieved much, but the challenge of change goes on in our 
changing world, and there is much to be accomplished if we are to go forward. Membership 
is still the number one concern. We must be very positive in our approach to this problem 
and ensure that we educate our membership to be true Masons, to understand what 
Freemasonry requires of them and the standards that they are expected to meet. With good 
leadership and a positive attitude our membership concerns will gradually be overcome." 

The Fraternal Relations Committee stated in its report that relations between 
jurisdictions are particularly important "as we witness unsettled times and conditions around 
the world. The results of the tragedy of September 1 1"' in the United States are illustrative 
of the support and caring that we, as a Craft, have for our fallen Brethren." The appeal for 
funds for their assistance met with a response by Alberta Masons that the committee 
considered as overwhelming. 

In giving its report the Committee on the Condition of Masonry observed that "it is once 
again evident that there are those Lodges both rural and urban which are thriving. They have 
plans in process for the succession of officers and planned activities for the Lodge. Then 
there are those Lodges which are simply maintaining the status quo. These Lodges are kept 
alive by a dedicated core of members. They suffer fi"om lack of attendance, lack of 
candidates and those that they initiate, they lose." 

The Grand Secretary commented on the growing use of electronic communications 
within the jurisdiction. He indicated that the agendas for various Grand Lodge committees 
are being distributed via e-mail and he expected that the same will soon be done with the 
minutes of committee meetings. He reported that the e-mail address of the Grand Secretary 
is grandsecretary(a), 


159th Annual Communication 
Little Rock, Arkansas, February, 2002 

In his Grand Master's Report, M.W. Bro. Dick E. Browning, spoke of a new award that had 
been established to recognize members who had given exceptional service to Freemasonry 
in Arkansas. This award, known as The Pillars of Solomon Award, is given by the Grand 
Lodge on the recommendation of the member's own lodge, which then makes the formal 
presentation. The Grand Master felt that, with 1 27 presentations of the award in its first year 
of operation, the programme could be considered to be highly successful. The significance 
of that success, he said, "is that we have so many deserving Brothers and our Lodges are 
excited about being able to recognize them." Also, he reported on a second programme, in 
which twenty-eight lodges participated. Its official designation was Extending Our Hand 
and it was "designed to invite those Master Masons who had been suspended for non- 
payment of dues to reinstate back in their Lodge." 

M.W. Bro. Browning informed Grand Lodge that he had written to the Imperial 
Potentate of the Shrine of North America, to inform him that "the Grand Lodge of Arkansas 


had approved the Shrine of North America as an appendant body." He stated also that it was 
because of the requests from several D.D.G.M.s and concerned Masons that there should be 
a response to the tragedy of September 1 1*, that he had called for a "Grand Master's Relief 
Fund to be established." As lodges were instructed "to forward any money to be used for the 
relief of Master Masons in New York and Virginia," donations amounting to $4,793.00 were 
received at Grand Lodge. These funds were forwarded to the Grand Lodges of New York 
and Virginia "for the care of our brothers who suffered from these acts of violence." 

One of the Grand Master's recommendations was that the Knight Masons organization 
be allowed to work and be extended Fraternal Relations by the Grand Lodge of Arkansas. 
Another recommendation was that "the Grand Honours of the fraternity within Arkansas, 
both public and private, be given by striking the palm of the left hand with the palm of the 
right, three distinct times." 

A report was received concerning the official charity programme for Grand Lodge 
during the year 2001, which was the Association of Sheltered Workshops of Arkansas. 
These workshops provide training and employment for those who are mentally or physically 
handicapped. All of the twenty-seven workshops in the state received grants to assist them 
to improve their programmes. 


131st Annual Communication 
Victoria, British Columbia, June, 2002 

In giving a report on his attendance at a meeting held by a local lodge in remembrance of 
the Battle of Vimy Ridge, M.W. Bro. James C. Gordon recognized that this battle is 
considered by many as the event which marked the coming of age of Canada. He reminded 
his hearers that "it is important that these remembrances are looked upon, not to glorify war, 
but to answer those in this shallow world who jest at scars, yet never felt themselves a 
wound. " Turning to a more recent event, the Grand Master spoke of the terrorist attack on 
the World Trade Towers. "When tragedy strikes," he said, "our brotherly love goes out to 
all who grieve and suffer." He praised his brethren for giving generously to the New York 
9/1 1 Fund simply to help those in distress and not for a tax deductible receipt or for a chance 
to win a car, a house or other lottery prize. It was his view that contemporary society has 
been "desensitized to the true meaning of charity. Fortunately, Freemasonry still retains a 
great set of values." 

In its report the Committee on Community Relations recommended that because there 
are sections of the public which believe that Masonry is a cult or worse "we must convince 
them that we are a valued benefit to society. Now is the time for us to come out of the dark 
and let our light shine." As a means of demonstrating the value of Freemasonry, the 
committee stated that "every Lodge should have at least one outside function that portrays 
the Fraternity in a positive light within their own community." 

As the Grand Master had requested the Committee on Fraternal Relations to review the 
role of Grand Representatives, it reported that it had found that there is a lack of direction 
for these brethren. The committee recommended that a Grand Representative have a 
statement of the duties expected of him, as well as papers of accreditation to be presented 
for identification when visiting. "This would make the role more meaningful," the 
committee stated. 

The Committee on Fraternal Relations also reported on the relationship between 
Concordant Bodies and Grand Lodge. As the term RECOGNITION traditionally has been 
applied to the relationship between Grand Lodges, the committee considered that it cannot 
be used concerning the relationship between Grand Lodge and the various Concordant 
Bodies. It was the committee's recommendation that "the Grand Lodge of British Columbia 


and Yukon acknowledge the Concordant Bodies as regular members of the Masonic Family 
and have friendly and concordant relations with them, providing that they recognize Grand 
Lodge as the cornerstone of Freemasonry and show loyalty to the same . . . understanding 
that Grand Lodge has no jurisdiction in the operation or management of said Concordant 


1 52nd Annual Communication 
San Francisco, California, October, 200 J 

M.W. Bro. David C. Decker reminded his brethren in his Annual Message of the following 

PRIORITIES which he had set for the year and for each he reported the action taken for its 


No. 1 To be well governed, organized and managed. 

A new system of oversight for Grand Lodge committees was instituted and the 

Deputy Grand Master and the Grand Wardens were assigned specific committees to 

No. 2 To be well led, with many opportunities to learn and become a leader. 

The Wardens' Leadership Retreats worked to improve leadership training and six 

Officers' Management Workshops and also six Secretaries' Administrative 

Workshops were successfully conducted. 
No. 3 To attract, satisfy, develop and retain our members. 

The website received 228 inquiries about Masonry and there were fewer suspensions 

for non-payment of dues than previously. 
No. 4 To make a fraternity that makes good men better, with members who understand and 

practice the tenets of Freemasonry. 

A mandatory Basic Education Programme was instituted, which requires candidates 

to complete an open-book test on Freemasonry before they can take the next degree. 

Also, the Mentoring Programme was introduced to encourage retention and 

No. 5 To be a relevant, preeminent, member-oriented organization. 

Lodges were encouraged to measure the satisfaction of their members, to determine 

whether this priority is being achieved. 
No. 6 To be an organization with a clear identity in the community. 

Freemasonry contributed materially to the improvement of communities through the 

Masonic Student Assistance Programme, in which 567 teachers, counsellors and 

administrators vvere trained in a programme which assisted 7,116 students in 

situations of crisis. 
No. 7 To support the future of the country by supporting its Youth and in particular those 

Masonic Youth Organizations which make the values of Freemasonry relevant to the 

next generation. 

Scholarships were given to graduating high school seniors and financial support was 

given to Masonic Youth Organizations for leadership training. 
The Grand Master recommended that "the CALIFORNIA MASONIC CODE be amended to 
state that an applicant for the degrees of Masonry must be a man who has attained the age 
of 1 8 years of age, rather than the present age of 2 1 ." In reporting to G. L. on the Grand 
Master's recommendation, the Committee on Policy and General Purposes, summarized the 
various arguments for and against the proposal. Its report contained the recommendation that 
the proposal be CARRIED OVER to another Communication of Grand Lodge. 

The Grand Secretary stated that he had extensively revised the public website, 

212 GRAND LODGE OF CANADA, which is now the chief means of communicating information about 
Freemasonry to the public. 


1 9 1st Annual Communication 
Washington, District of Columbia, December 200 J 

W. Bro. Grant E. Beming introduced his report by describing a pattern, which he entitled 
TAKE FIVE FOR MASONRY, "by which the future leaders of this Grand Lodge may evaluate 
their actions, measure their programmes and goals, and move their Lodges and this Grand 
Lodge forward." He reminded his brethren that on various occasions he had directed their 
attention to this pattern. It is based on five categories or key areas in which to measure 
performance and it provides guide posts in establishing goals for the future. "The categories 
in TAKE FIVE,'" he said, "are: History (remember and add to our history); Knowledg e (add 
to and seek knowledge and always revere truth); Persistence (overcome and persevere); 
Responsibility (charity to our fellow man and acceptance of our duty to family and society) 
and lastly Brotherly Love (Love your family and remember the first principal tenet of our 
Order)." M.W. Bro. Beming expressed pleasure that "several of our Lodges sent their 
reports geared to the TAKE FIVE FOR MASONRY^ 

A report was given of a programme entitled Mr. Dreyfuss Goes to Washington, starring 
Academy Award Winner Richard Dreyfuss. The full two-hour version was presented on the 
television History Channel, which produced a 36-minute educational tape of the programme. 
The Grand Master indicated that an "educational version accompanied by a specially 
designed teaching aid package will be sent by the History Channel to 80,000 schools 
nationwide in 2002. The documentary, which was developed and co-produced by R. W. Bro. 
Akram R. Elias, Junior Grand Steward, describes Washington, D. C, as the first capital to 
symbolically reflect and foster guiding principles, many of which were a contribution of 
Masonry." With a grant ft-om Grand Lodge, the History Channel is sending these materials 
to the schools fi^ee of charge. 

As a formal recommendation to G.L., the Grand Master stated, "I propose the expansion 
of programmes that effect, affect and educate the youth of America about Masonry." 

The Deputy Grand Master, R.W. Bro. Robert Starr, proposed that Grand Lodge 
reimburse lodges for expenditures for programmes in support of enhancement or retention 
of membership, in support of widows or in support of Masonic youth, as well as matching 
funds for charitable grants in the community. 

R.W. Bro. Starr told of the dedication of a memorial window at the George Washington 
Masonic National Memorial, when a speaker used the analogy of a window that allows light 
to travel in both directions. "Many of us," he said, "know something of what is on our side 
of the window of history (the past and present). Now is the time to look through the glass, 
with an eye to thefutureT 


Quarterly Communications and Annual Investiture 
London, England, March, April, June, September and December, 2002 

The member of Grand Lodge who proposed at the March Quarterly Communication the re- 
election of M.W. Bro. His Royal Highness The Duke of Kent as Grand Master spoke of the 
contribution which the Grand Master had made to the evolution of the Craft, bringing it 
more closely into harmony with modem English society. He did not dwell on the recent 
trials and difficulties of Masonry, but pointed to the future "which has been heralded by the 
spirit of openness and the current drive to reinforce the role of Freemasonry in the 


community. In his spearheading of this initiative our Grand Master has demonstrated his 
great vision and understanding, and whilst maintaining our customs and traditions, he has 
encouraged Freemasonry to naturally evolve and progress in such a way that it will 
undoubtedly enhance our Masonic fraternity and render it more relevant and accessible to 
future candidates." 

At the June Quarterly Communication, the Board of General Purposes informed Grand 
Lodge that several Grand Lodges in the United States had withdrawn their recognition of 
the Grand Lodge of Minnesota, because of the recognition of the Grand Lodge of France by 
the Grand Lodge of Minnesota, notwithstanding that there is another Grand Lodge in France 
(namely, the Grande Loge Nationale Francaise) which it had already recognized. Thus, it 
violated the universally recognized principle of not recognizing two Grand Ledges in the 
same territory, without the consent of both. The United Grand Lodge of England, therefore, 
withdrew its recognition of the Grand Lodge of Minnesota. 

In its report to the September Quarterly Communication, the Board of General Purposes 
noted with approval the continuing growth of overseas travel and the consequent increase 
of Masonic visitation involving members from different Grand Lodges. It gave warning, 
however, that there is a potential problem of a twofold nature: Masons from England may 
visit lodges overseas that are not recognized by the Grand Lodge of England and, secondly, 
English lodges may receive visitors from unrecognized lodges abroad. A Mason planning 
to go to England and visit a lodge there should know that the Master of every lodge under 
the English Constitution is required to make certain that every visit takes place in 
accordance with the following rules: "only Brethren who are members of Lodges under 
recognized jurisdictions may visit English Lodges. They must produce a certificate (i.e., a 
Grand Lodge certificate or other documentary proof of Masonic identity provided by their 
Grand Lodge), should be prepared to acknowledge that a personal belief in T.G.A.O.T.U. 
is an essential Landmark in Freemasonry, and should be able to produce evidence of their 
good standing in their Lodges. It is the Master's responsibility to ensure that the 
requirements of Rule 125 (b) are met." 


J 35th Annual Communication 
Lewiston. Idaho, September, 2002 

M.W. Bro. Bradley A. Cannon began his Grand Master's Report with this wake-up call: 
"Our Fraternity has some challenges before us and it takes dedicated brethren to come to this 
Communication to make those necessary changes to move our Lodges forward." 

In speaking of the State of the Craft, the Grand Master pointed out the importance of 
promoting Masonry in the community and congratulated those lodges that "felt the need to 
let the world know who we are and why we are here." In his view, the root cause of the 
Fraternity's problems is not that Masons do not understand Masonry, but that they do not 
know how to explain Masonry, either to an initiate, or to a non-Mason. M.W. Bro. Cannon 
reported that the loss in membership was less than it had been for years and that he was 
encouraged by the renewed spirit in the Grand Jurisdiction. "We have a bright future in 
Idaho," he said, "if we continue to change and have the vision it takes to bring our fraternity 
to new levels." 

The Grand Master showed an interest in young people by his recommendations that 
Grand Lodge continue to contribute $300.00 to help defi^ay expenses of the youth leaders 
of each of DeMolay, Job's Daughters and Rainbow for Girls. Another recommendation that 
was related to young people was that Grand Lodge continue to contribute $1,000.00 for 
prevention of alcohol and drug abuse to the Parents and Youth Against Drug Abuse 


The Youth Committee reported that the focus of its programme continued to be 
scholarships of $1,000.00 and $500.00, which are given to the winners of an essay contest 
open to students in their final year of high school. With the events of September 1 1, 2001, 
in mind, the topic chosen for this year's contest was, "Describe the programmes that can or 
have been implemented in your school and community to stop and/or prevent ethnic or 
religious intolerance." The committee pointed out that the practice of Grand Lodge is "to 
hold these awards in trust for the winners until such time as they select the college to which 
the funds are to be distributed on their behalf" 

Reports were given by the Committee on Public Relations of Masonic participation in 
laying the cornerstones of a court house and two public museums. "As we have said in the 
past, "the committee commented, "public building Dedication and Cornerstone ceremonies 
are a wonderful opportunity for our communities to be exposed to some of the principles and 
ideals of Freemasonry." The committee announced that it had produced a PR Kit for use by 
the lodges. It includes guidelines for public relations activities, as well as, sample text for 
press releases for various activities. 


] 62nd Annual Communication 
Springfield, Illinois, October, 2001 

In his Report, M. W. Bro. James E. Durbin made a plea for greater support for the Masonic 
Youth Groups: "I have requested each District Deputy Grand Master to appoint a committee 
in his District to look into the feasibility of starting a DeMolay Chapter, Job's Daughters 
Bethel and Rainbow Assembly." He put the responsibility for the continued success of 
programmes for young people where he thought it belonged. "The only thing that could 
deter this project," he challenged his brethren, "is a shortage of adult ADVISORS. I think that 
the young men and women are available, but I am appealing to you, you the leaders of your 
lodges, to find the adult leaders for our Youth Organizations." The Grand Master stated that 
it was his earnest recommendation that a special effort be made by every member to become 
familiar with the programmes for Masonic youth, so that the young people "may know that 
we stand behind them and will support them, not only monetarily, but also personally. 
Remember, they are the future of Masonry." 

The Report of the Youth Activities Committee echoed the Grand Master's sentiments 
regarding the importance of the youth programmes and the need for support by subordinate 
lodges and individual members. The committee reported that DeMolay, Job's Daughters and 
Rainbow for Girls are "providing positive youth programmes to thousands of young adults 
in Illinois. They are doing their best, and we owe it to them to provide support in the areas 
of financial, moral and adult advisors." 

The Leadership Development Committee reported that it had conducted three teaching 
retreats for Senior and Junior Wardens. It stated that "both the brethren and their wives who 
were in attendance gave the retreats an overwhelming positive response to the programme." 
As an interesting example of increased family involvement in Masonry, the committee 
observed that "attendance at each refreat has been steadily increasing, especially with 

In its report to Grand Lodge, the Internet Committee stated that it had supported and 
encouraged the development of Home Pages by individual lodges. As a result, nearly one 
hundred lodges had created their own websites. The committee observed that the 
establishment by Grand Lodge of a Home Page had received "a very favourable response, 
not only by Masons in Illinois and other Masonic jurisdictions, but also with many non- 
Masons who have inquired about membership and our Masonic activities." Consequently, 


the Internet Committee was proud to report that "the Grand Lodge of Illinois- with its Home 
Page has established a significant presence on the Internet and the World 
Wide Web." 


185th Annual Communication 
Indianapolis, Indiana, May, 2002 

In his assessment of the Condition of the Craft in the State of Indiana M.W. Bro. Richard 
W. Wierza made these comments: "This year we have closed some Lodges and consolidated 
a few. Thank the Lord that we kept the members. At the beginning of my year I mentioned 
change. Brethren, we are changing a little each year. Remember 'Change is the Essence of 
Life; be willing to surrender what you are for what you could become'." 

The Grand Master concluded his Address by informing his brethren that during the 
course of his visits to individual lodges he had learned one very important lesson. It was that 
the Masons of Indiana in taking their three degrees "did not look upon the doors of their 
Lodge as an exit. If they did, all the wisdom and knowledge they have learned within those 
four walls would have stayed within their Lodge Room. However, I know that they all 
looked upon the doors of their Lodge as an entrance - an entrance to a new life." It is, he 
said, a new life in Masonry. It is one where Masons "can take the good morals of life that 
they have learned, the character that they've built within themselves, the wisdom and 
knowledge they've gained, out of those doors to that new life of Masonry where they may 
share their Masonic wealth with their families, friends, neighbours and their communities. 

Grand Lodge adopted the following Resolution, which changed the rules governing 
Masonic funerals in Indiana: 

"WHEREAS, as currently stated in Approved Decision 23.020-2, "Pallbearers. Active 

pallbearers at Masonic Funeral should not wear any part of a uniform representing any 

other organization or society." 


"Pallbearers. Active pallbearers at Masonic Funeral may wear the uniform of a branch 

of the Armed Forces if performing funeral for an active or retired member of the Armed 

Forces who is also a Mason. Uniforms of other organizations or societies shall not be 

worn by pallbearers." 


1 57th Annual Communication 
Dubuque, Iowa, September, 2001 

In his Report to Grand Lodge, which he entitled IOWA MASONRY: LIGHTING THE PATHWAY 
TO TOMORROW, M.W. Bro. Richard L. Campbell saw evidence that Iowa Masonry was 
indeed on the pathway to a better tomorrow. He found that evidence in the 203 Initiations 
into the Craft during the past year, which had resulted from the response of Iowa Masons 
to the call for DEDICATION, DEVOTION and DILIGENCE. "This leads me to believe," he 
said, "that the Craft are aware of the membership problem and are making all out efforts to 
stem the tide of membership loss and reverse the downward membership trend we have 
experienced since the late 1 950's." He added that he was encouraged by the amount of work 
in lodges in all parts of the State. Although optimistic about the fiiture of Masonry in Iowa, 
the Grand Master was disturbed by the number of consolidations of lodges. He understood 
the reasons for this trend, but he cautioned that "once a lodge is removed from a community, 
it is very difficult to obtain members from that area." 


The Committee on Grand Lodge Recognition reported that with the recognition in 2000 
of the Prince Hall Grand Lodge "our Grand Lodge entered into a new and exciting era of 
Masonic enlightenment. Our acceptance of our Prince Hall brethren and their acceptance of 
us has been most gratifying and enjoyable." 

The Report of the Public School Support Committee indicated that the committee's main 
thrust for the year "has been to select an Iowa Teacher of the Year." Lodges are invited to 
nominate a local teacher and to arrange a public occasion to honour that teacher. The 
committee stressed that such an occasion is most important because it emphasizes the local 
lodge's support of the community's schools and its appreciation of a job well done. The 
committee later selects the winner at the State level, who is presented with a plaque with 
suitable publicity at Grand Lodge. In thanking the lodges for their participation in the 
programme, the committee reported that "the Iowa Masonic Teacher of the Year Award has 
been a very positive step in improving communication and public relations with our local 
school districts." 

The Public Relations Committee reported that it had prepared a Public Relations 
Handbook, which was ready for distribution to the lodges. The committee praised those 
lodges which "submit information of their events to the local press. The lodges then share 
their press clippings with us." It was pointed out that an aid in public relations is the Grand 
Lodge website, which is WWW.GL-I0WA.ORG . 


Quarterly Communications and St. John's Day Communication 

Newtonwards, Northern Ireland and Dublin, Republic of Ireland 

June, October, November and December, 200 1 

M.W. Bro. Eric N. Waller reported in his Grand Master's Speech at the St. John's Day 
Communication that it had been necessary to cancel the March Stated Quarterly 
Communication. He explained that after the celebration in the year 2000 of the 275th 
Anniversary of the founding of the Grand Lodge of Ireland, "we made a difficult start to 
2001, the first year of the new Millennium. He had barely commenced our activities when 
the outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease necessitated the introduction of travel restrictions. 
We had no option but to cancel all Masonic Meetings and social events for several months. 
The total cessation of activities caused a loss of momentum throughout Irish Freemasonry. 
Contributions to our Charities dwindled to almost zero with serious consequences, 
particularly for our Victoria Jubilee Masonic Benevolent Fund." 

A motion was passed at the October Quarterly Communication to create a new category 
of Emeritus Member: "Where a Brother may have rendered signal service to his Lodge, or 
there are special personal circumstances to justify it, a Lodge may elect a Brother, being a 
subscribing member of the Lodge, to the dignity of Emeritus Member. Such Emeritus 
Member shall not be eligible to pay annual dues." He shall retain the right, however, "to 
hold office, to propose motions and vote on any question before the Lodge." 

The Web Master stated that the Grand Lodge of Ireland Website, which had been 
completely refurbished and now had a What's New page, had been very successful. The 
committee noted that "Since St. John's Day, December, 1 998, the number of 'hits' (or visits) 
to the site has exceeded 60,000. Of these 'hits' over 40,000 (65%) are unique or first time 
visits." Members of Grand Lodge were told that the Web Site's address is HTTP://IRISH 

The report from the Provincial Grand Master of Zimbabwe related an incident 
illustrating that the spirit of Masonry is still strong, even in that troubled country. Because 
of economic and political pressures some older brethren "are finding it difficult to cope and 



are resigning from membership in the Craft. I am pleased to report that in several of the Irish 
Lodges such mature Brethren are being subsidised by younger Brethren and those in gainful 
employment." He told of another incident relating to a rural lodge which has so few active 
members that it cannot even open without the assistance of visiting brethren from 
neighbouring communities. Some of these brethren, including members of lodges in the 
English and Scottish Constitutions, have affiliated to assist in keeping the lodge alive. As 
the Provincial Grand Master observed, "This all underlines the truly close Masonic spirit and 
togetherness which abounds between our members." 


I45th Annual Communication 
Salina, Kansas, March, 2001 

By opening his Grand Master's Address with the statement that Masonry in Kansas is ALIVE 
AND ILL, M.W. Bro. Mark E. Nelson had the undivided attention of his brethren. "1 never 
stood before a group of Masons," he said, "and made the proclamation that Masonry was 
alive and well in the State of Kansas because it was not, and is not. I will only proclaim that 
Masonry is alive and ill in the State of Kansas. However, the illness is not terminal and we 
can head it off." The Grand Master reminded them that each had been told as an Entered 
Apprentice that although Mother Earth produces a poison, she also supplies the antidote. 
"Our Fraternity," he continued, "has been poisoned not only by those outside our Fraternity, 
but also by us as well. However, we have two choices, as I see it. First, we can supply the 
antidote. We have it and you know as well as I, what that is. Our best medicine is to concede 
to ourselves the fact that we must work furiously, boldly and meticulously to maintain the 
state of prestige and quality that this Fraternity is accustomed to, or secondly, we as a whole 
Fraternity can be party to an assisted suicide. If we expect to be admired publicly as a vital 
organization we should most certainly start with a little more admiration for ourselves. My 
motto this year was LEV'S GET BACK TO THE FUTURE. In lay terms I'm saying let's strive 
to have the same attitude, feelings, regard and vision for the ftiture of our Fraternity as our 
brothers before us did." 

Although the Committee on Church-Lodge Relations reported no particular incidents 
of hostility during the previous year, it did warn that there are those in the community who 
"because of ignorance and misunderstanding believe that Masonry is a Satanic organ- 
ization." Masons can best defend themselves against such attacks, the committee maintained, 
by the example of their everyday lives: "Masonry is a way of life - let's live it!" 

The Kansas Masonic University reported a very successful year, with more courses 
taken and certificates issued to brethren in the 2001-2002 session than in the two previous 
years. The committee observed that attendance at the Masons's Lady courses had more than 
doubled, as the "ladies have shown a great interest and eagerness to receive information 
about our Fraternity." 


202nd Annual Communication 
Jefferson County, Kentucky, October 2001 

"M.W. Bro. Harold E. Armstrong reminded his Brethren in his Annual Address of the 
principles which should guide them when voting in either their lodges or in Grand Lodge. 
"I charge you," he said, "to do it with an open mind, with a view to the future and what it 
holds as you view the trends and obstacles that lay before us. Always remember your 
instructions when balloting on a petition, not for the good of your lodge, or for the good of 


an individual, or a selfish reason, but for the good of Freemasonry." 

In his report on the state of the Craft M.W. Bro. Armstrong declared that the tide had 
turned and that Masonry was growing stronger in Kentucky. "You can see that the tide has 
turned," he stated, "as more and more lodges are striving for better ritual. The enthusiasm 
among the Craft has been great to see at first hand. This year, as we held well attended 
district meetings, I found a different feeling among the Craft. Yes, Brothers, there are a 
small number of lodges that still talk doom and gloom about the future. But that number is 
getting smaller each year. With the Internet in more than fifty-seven percent of our homes, 
we have great opportunities to educate the public on what we are and what we stand for." 
The Committee on the Internet reported that the Grand Lodge website had, since its 
inauguration, received 32,799 visits, which was an average of 114 per day. This 
demonstrated, in the opinion of the Grand Lodge Web Master, that the website is a good 
point of contact not only for Masons but also for other interested parties as well. 

The Committee on Youth Activities was happy to report that DeMolay, Rainbow for 
Girls and Job's Daughters all had enjoyed successful programmes during the past year. In 
stressing the need for more volunteers to support the young people, the chairman stated, 
"We as Masons have one of the greatest opportunities of any group of people on the face of 
the world. We can pass along the many great teachings of Masonry to the Youth of today. 
There is no greater legacy outside of the Church that man possesses." He closed the report 
of his committee with this challenge: "just think how big your chest would swell if one day 
an outstanding young man or woman were giving an acceptance speech for some award that 
he or she had earned and you as a youth sponsor were given credit for making a difference 
in that young life." 


135th Annual Communication 
Lewistown, Montana, June, 2001 

In explaining why he had issued dispensations to lodges allowing them to conduct as many 
as three candidates of one degree at a time, M.W. Bro. Kenneth J. Bruchez observed in his 
Report that changes in the length and style of lodge meetings are being made necessary by 
changes in the nature of society. With both partners in a marriage being employed, a young 
husband has increased family responsibilities and has less time to devote to lodge. On the 
other hand, the rapidly increasing number of men over 65 years of age who are retiring 
sooner than was the custom formerly creates, as the Grand Master noted, "a particularly 
attractive pool of candidates for Masonry." M.W. Bro. Bruchez urged, therefore, that lodge 
meetings be kept short and that they include more opportunities for the members to increase 
comradeship by socializing with each other. 

The question of individual lodge areas of jurisdiction was the subject of a Motion 
brought before Grand Lodge. It was argued in favour of the Motion that a potential applicant 
for admission to the Craft who wishes to join a particular lodge because of personal reasons 
lost interest when he was informed that his wish could not be honoured because his 
residence was within the jurisdiction of another lodge. Not only did the system of individual 
lodge jurisdictions occasionally cause actual harm in this way to Masonry but it was no 
longer needed for the purpose for which it had been instituted originally. As the preamble 
of the motion stated, "originally Lodge Jurisdictional lines were set up to make investigation 
easier and more accurate using a small confined area" but now an investigating committee 
can get the required information accurately and easily from longer distances using 
communications systems of today. The Motion was approved by Grand Lodge that "Any 
Lodge in this Jurisdiction can receive and act on an application for any degrees of Masonry 
from a qualified resident of this Jurisdiction." 



Annual Communication 
Utrecht. Kingdom of the Netherlands, June 15, 2002 

In his Annual Message, M.W. Bro. P. G. Roodhuyzen, declared that "Masonry is still a great 
source of inspiration for those who practice it. Work is being done in the Lodges in a way 
that inspiration is gained. It is still the way that one who is searching, and knocks at the door 
of the Lodge, is amazed at the wealth that is being offered." The Grand Master said, 
however, that the inspiring idea given to an initiate is "adopted from something beyond the 
Lodge, but also beyond the Order. The longing for a world where harmony exists is not only 
a wish that Freemasons have, but also a wish that many people share." He reminded Grand 
Lodge that since its last meeting the prejudices that people have for those who differ from 
them have greatly increased. As the world's need increases for the golden treasure within the 
house of Masonr>', its principles and the lessons it has to teach, so does Masonry's obligation 
to lead men to search for that which unites people and to reduce that which separates them. 

In reporting on the State of the Craft in the Netherlands, the Grand Master stated that 
although the membership in the Order was still falling, the decline was smaller than 
previous. He gave credit for the improvement to the great effort of many Brethren, 
especially the members of the Long Range Planning Committee. 

M.W. Bro. Roodhuyzen spoke of Masonry's need to improve its image. He reported the 
formation of a Committee on Image Improvement. In order to change what it called "the 
stereo-type reflection of the public" concerning the Order, the committee developed the 
following preliminary ideas: "The Order should show systematically a form of open and 
flexible organization, friendly to the inside and the outside. It should be an Organization that 
is open to all and that is new, progressive, with a fresh liveliness and one that is loyal or 
faithful to the ideals, thinking in the tradition of tolerance." 

The following organizations have Masonic ties, but work in the community independent 
of supervision by a lodge or Grand Lodge: 

The Louisa Foundation: Its purpose is to care for and educate the children of 

Freemasons who are in need of such assistance; 

The Dutch Organization of Wives of Freemasons: It unites local Organizations of 

Masonic wives (Circles) with national, area and local meetings and also by publishing 

a magazine, called CONTACT. 

The Organization ofStudents and Children of Freemasons: It promotes the spiritual 

life of members and fosters togetherness by holding meetings and publishing papers that 

exchange ideas while respecting each other's opinions and honouring their personalities. 

The Grand Lodge E-mail address is orde(a) . 


137th Annual Communication 
Henderson, Nevada, November, 2001 

In his Grand Master's Message, M.W. Bro. Gordon F. Wessell drew particular attention to 
two programmes which he considered especially praiseworthy. One of these was the Grand 
Lodge Web Page. The Grand Master complimented the Grand Web Mason on his 
achievement in establishing and operating on the World Wide Web a Nevada Masonic 
presence of which Grand Lodge could be proud. The other success story about which M.W. 
Bro. Wessell spoke with pride was the Children's Masonic ID Programme. He reported that 
this programme, although not yet a year old, had achieved "great success in Masonic 
involvement in the community. This free service to parents and guardians has had a great 


Start through the efforts of a few dedicated Brothers, but now needs help from every Nevada 
Mason to be a greater success." One of the Grand Master's formal Recommendations was 
the continuance of the Children's Masonic ID Programme, as it is "the best method of 
Masonic recognition with a free and necessary service to families and the community and 
proves that Masons CARE." 

The Masonic Youth Groups Committee applauded the work of the adult leaders who 
work with DeMolay, Job's Daughters and Rainbow and give the young people needed 
support. Although the financial support to the youth groups is much appreciated, even more 
important to those who work with these groups is seeing Masons come out and assist. 

Exchanges of fraternal visits with lodges of the M.W. Prince Hall Grand Lodge F. & 
A.M. of Nevada are proceeding in a satisfactory manner, the Joint Masonic Fraternal 
Relations Committee indicated in its Report. The committee stated, however, that it hoped 
that it would soon be possible "for our Grand Lodge to expand its recognition procedures 
to allow Prince Hall Brethren from other Grand Jurisdictions outside of Nevada to visit our 

A warning was given by the Committee on the Legitimacy of Grand Lodges concerning 
the dangers in communicating about Masonic matters on the Internet with an individual who 
claims to be a Mason, but may be a member of a lodge under a Grand Lodge that is not 
recognized as Regular by the Grand Lodge of Nevada. Currently many calls are being 
received on the Internet from a country where at least four Irregular Grand Lodges exist, 
"including one comprised exclusively of women, one that admits both men and women and 
one that admits atheists." 

The Internet Committee reported that the technical and financial problems which the 
Website had encountered were now solved and that the new Website address is 
http./wvyw.nvm . 


1 35th Annual Communication 
Saint John, New Brunswick. May, 2002 

M.W. Bro. R. Wayne Hitchcock sounded a note of optimism in his Address to Grand Lodge. 
"I am seeing a new interest," he stated, "and a new curiosity among the Brethren. Lodges 
are requesting that I come and explain some of the programmes we are developing." He felt 
that this indicates a com.mitment at the lodge level to improving the health of the Fraternity. 
The need for such a commitment was emphasized in his remarks concerning the work being 
done by the Masonic Renewal Committee. "I must once again make a statement," he said, 
"that I have repeated many times. Masonic Renewal is a programme that must be 
implemented by the constituent lodges to be effective. Grand Lodge officers can talk about 
it, teach it, preach it and extol its virtues, but nothing happens until the Lodge adopts it and 
works it." 

The New Brunswick Masonic Charities and Housing Company gave a report on the 
continued success of an eight-unit seniors' housing project which it operates and also on the 
success of two projects for children with special needs with which it is involved. One of 
these is the New Brunswick Masons Camp Goodtime. Working with the New Brunswick 
Division of the Canadian Cancer Society, the Masonic Charities and Housing Company 
provides a week's camping experience for children 7 to 1 3 years of age. A somewhat similar 
project for disabled children is the Deaf, Blind Rubella Summer Camp, on which the 
Masonic Charities and Housing Company gave this report: "Our registered charity continues 
to support this camp, by funding four children and their intervenors to attend this one-week 
camp held in the Richibucto area in September each year. Children and adults who attend 


this camp have been afflicted with deafness and/or blindness since birth." 

The Grand Historian expressed his amazement that there were so many lodges without 
a comprehensive history. He urged these lodges to have a history written "for their 
enjoyment and for the education of future generations of Masons, so that they might know 
what has gone before and see the challenge there is to continue in the Masonic traditions." 
In its Regulations for Masonic websites, the Jurisprudence Committee stated that the 
electronic media are to be considered in the same category as printed communications and 
are governed by the same restrictions. It gave this advice to users of websites: "Keep in mind 
that your website is a reflection of the entire Fraternity of Freemasonry and act accordingly. 
Internet communications, by their very nature, take on a life of their own. Words once 
written are impossible to take back and may reappear in the most inappropriate time and 
place." The website of the Grand Lodge of New Brunswick is 


5th Annual Communication 
St. John 's, Newfoundland, October, 2002 

M.W. Bro. George Cull announced that a dispensation had been granted for the formation 
of a province-wide research lodge. The Grand Master stated that "with the consent of Lady 
Famham, this lodge will honour the memory of our Consecrating Officer, the late Lord 
Famham, Past Pro Grand Master, United Grand Lodge of England. It will be known as the 
Famham Lodge of Research." 

In reporting on his attendance at the Communications of other Grand Lodges, M.W. 
Bro. Cull stated, "During my visit to the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario, 
I had much pleasure in bestowing the rank of Honorary Past Grand Master on M.W. Bro. 
Robert E. Davies. Bro. Davies played a key role in our founding and has never hesitated to 
provide assistance." 

The Grand Master reported that a Strategic Plan for Grand Lodge is being prepared by 
the Board of General Purposes. It was his experience in business, he said, that the best of 
plans often fail and when that happens there are usually two reasons: lack of support at the 
grassroots and inadequate financial resources. He expressed his confidence in the plan and 
he urged his brethren to ensure its success by supporting it with their talents and financial 

Because his theme as Grand Master had been BUILDING TOGETHER, he proclaimed 
again a basic principle by which Freemasons must at all times govern themselves: "If we all 
seriously observe the teachings of Freemasonry and avoid pettiness that sometimes arises 
among brethren. Freemasonry will play a major role in making society a better place for our 
children and grandchildren." He reminded them that he had frequently told them during 
visits to their lodges and on other occasions that "Freemasonry is something that must be 
practised 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Freemasonry is in a man's heart not in the regalia 
and jewelry that adorn his body." 

The Board of General Purposes stated in its report that the Nickel-A-Day for 
Benevolence Programme had raised approximately $25,000 for assistance in cases of 
special need. The Board reported, also, that several lodges had participated in the Food for 
the Needy project and, in partnership with community groups, not only helped those in need 
in the community, but also made a valuable contribution to the Fraternity's efforts to be 
better understood by the public. 

One of the presentations made by the Grand Master to brethren who had been appointed 
or elected to positions of responsibility was the Commission of Office as the Grand 
Representative of the Grand Lodge of Newfoundland and Labrador near the Grand Lodge 
of Canada in the Province of Ontario to M.W. Bro. Terence Shand. 


Semiannual Communication and 213th Annual Communication 
Manchester, New Hampshire, November, 200 J and May, 2002 

At the Semiannual Communication the section of the Grand Constitution limiting to five the 
number of candidates in a degree at the same time was amended to read, "No Lodge shall 
confer any of the degrees of Ancient Craft Masonry upon more than FIVE candidates at the 
same communication and by the same ceremony, unless granted a dispensation to do so by 
the Grand Master." 

Also at the Semiannual Communication approval was given to a proposal to amend the 
section of the Grand Constitution which governs the conduct of a ballot on an application 
for admission to a lodge, so that the Section will read, "The general rule which governs 
Freemasonry in the admission of members and candidates is that such admission is to be 
sanctioned by entire unanimity and so sacred and fundamental does Grand Lodge conceive 
this rule to be that no candidate shall be initiated in any lodge without a clear and unanimous 
private ballot in his favour. However, to reinstate a member who was suspended for non- 
payment of dues only a majority vote is required. Every member present shall ballot on the 
application unless excused by the Worshipful Master." 

M.W. Bro. Jeremy J. Sawyer, in his Address to the Annual Communication, spoke of 
aspects of Masonry which attract men to it and also of the conditions which foster 
continuing participation by members. "Members will attend lodge," the Grand Master 
maintained, "if given true value for their time there. Communities will recognize and respect 
us if we contribute in a positive way to their betterment. There are so many things that we 
can do to revitalize our existing membership and increase our numbers if we just apply 
ourselves to the tasks that lie before us." 

The Committee on Information Technology stated in its report to Grand Lodge, as it had 
done in previous years, that "with the expansion in the use of e-mail and Web pages at the 
lodge level, this committee would like to remind the principal officers of each lodge that 
they are responsible to protect the information of your lodge and Masonry that travels 
through the electronic media. The use of names and lodge business should be avoided at all 
cost. Do not provide any information to the outside world - once information is on the 
Internet it is open to the public and it is no longer ours. As fast and as convenient as this 
medium is to communicate with the members of your lodge, it can be more damaging to 
your lodge, lodge mem.bers and the fraternity when used inappropriately. Also, remember 
what information is on Web pages and travels through e-mail is open to public scrutiny and 
may be the first impression a candidate sees of the fraternity. BE CAREFUL that it is a good 
impression that is received." 


125th Annual Communication 
Ruidoso, New Mexico, March, 2002 

In his assessment of the state of the Craft in New Mexico, M.W. Bro. Shem T. Peachy 
referred in his Annual Address to a statement made in 1987 by a former Grand Master that 
statistics at that time showed that Masonry in New Mexico would be dead by the year 20 1 0. 
"I stand here before you today," said M.W. Bro. Peachy, "to announce that his prediction 
was wrong. His statistics could not take into account the spirit, dedication and sheer tenacity 
of you, our New Mexico Masons, where our fraternity is concerned." He agreed that the 
decrease in initiations and the increase in suspensions for non payment of dues were of 
concern, but he said that the enthusiasm and dedication that he witnessed in the lodges 
reassured him that the Craft was alive and well in New Mexico. 



With respect to Ritual, the Grand Master reported that he had seen some outstanding 
performances during his visits to lodges. "I have been impressed," he said, "by a number of 
new Masons who are fast becoming not only skilled, but also knowledgeable, purveyors of 
our ceremonies." 

There was, however, one aspect of Ritual in the lodges about which the Grand Master 
was deeply concerned. It was the improper use of the Ritual Cipher in too many lodges. 
Because of the very great number of complaints which he had received about this problem 
and after careful review, he issued the following Grand Master's Edict: "Code 43 clearly 
outlines limitations placed on the use of the Ritual Cipher produced by the Grand Lodge. 
Unfortunately, these Ciphers are being used in some lodges contrary to the aforementioned 
Code. No lodge shall sell or distribute a 'Ritual Cipher' without placing a label inside the 
clear plastic cover under the revision date stating, 'This Cipher shall not be used in open 
lodge or during instruction or examination of candidates.' The label shall be clearly visible 
on the outside of the book." 

Two of the Grand Master's formal recommendations involved changes in the Grand 
Lodge Code relating to the requirements for admission to the Craft. The first of these 
recommendations (which was adopted) was the removal of the requirement that the applicant 
not have an incurable disease. The reason given for this change was that "A man with cancer 
or diabetes, who is otherwise qualified, should not be disqualified from receiving the 
degrees of Freemasonry." The other recommended change in the Code (which was adopted 
also) was that the minimum age of an applicant be reduced from 1 9 to 18 years. The 
rationale for this recommendation was that at 1 8 years of age a "citizen of the United States 
can lawfully enter into contracts, register and vote in local and national elections and serve 
in the Armed Forces - all without the consent of a parent or legal guardian." 


137th Annual Communication 
Truro, Nova Scotia, June, 2002 

In his Address M.W. Bro. Tabor J. Caulier reminded Grand Lodge that he had "produced 
a paper on Masonic Retention to inform the Craft how important it is to support our new 
members and to give them proper instruction in Masonic Training and Education. If we train 
our members properly, we will retain them as part of this honourable organization and they 
will receive credit and recognition from the Craft and the community." He gave this advice 
on the retention of members: "We should focus on them, mentor them, accept them, use 
them and love them." 

The Committee on the Condition of the Order observed that in the Reports of the District 
Deputy Grand Masters five challenges frequently surfaced: Declining membership; Aging 
membership; Ritual work; Masonic education and Member retention. It was the view of the 
committee that membership loss can be reversed only when every member realizes that 
membership is every member's duty and he must, therefore, strive to replace himself every 
year. As it had done before, the committee urged all members to continue asking and 
answering these questions: 

What Do We Do in the Way of Masonic Education? 

• How Many Social Activities involve Family, Friends and Widows? 

While recognizing the importance of bringing in new members and of reducing the number 
of demits and suspensions, more effort should be made, according to the committee, to keep 
and hold the present members. The committee stated that this can be done by: 
(a) More interesting meetings 


(b) More Masonic education 

(c) Better mentoring programme 

(d) More family/social activities outside the lodge 

(e) More leadership inside the lodge 

(f) Getting back to basics 

(g) Remembering that our fraternity is as great today as it was decades ago; we seem 
to have forgotten the real purpose 

The Grand Historian remarked on recent events of interest in two lodges in Halifax. The 
first was in St. Andrews Lodge, No. 1, when it marked 25 1 years of continuous meetings. 
He observed that "St. Andrews is proud to carry the distinction of being the oldest lodge in 
the British Commonwealth overseas." The second of these events was in connection with 
the 2002 Installation and Investiture of the officers of Royal Sussex Lodge, No. 6. The 
Grand Historian commented that, "It is believed that this installation will mark for the first 
time a brother of the Sikh religion being installed Worshipfial Master of a lodge in this 


93rd Annual Communication 
Guthrie, Oklahoma, November, 2001 

Regarding the State of the Craft, M.W. Bro. Robert T. Shipe pointed out that fundamental 
changes in society require equally ftindamental changes in Freemasonry. The typical family 
no longer has one bread winner who, after the evening meal, is free to leave the house and 
engage in social activities. There are now two bread winners in the typical family and, after 
the evening meal, both are engaged in many family activities, with the result that 
membership in lodge, as well as lodge attendance, have lower priorities for many men. The 
Grand Master spoke of another fundamental change which is having a profound, though less 
recognized, impact on lodges. To an increasing extent, students in elementary and secondary 
schools are not being required to memorize and recite long poems or familiar passages from 
Shakespeare. Also, teaching methods and examinations are less focussed now than formerly 
on memorization and repetition by students. Many young members, therefore, who are 
offered opportunities to take office and advance feel quite unable to cope with the amount 
of memorization required by the ritual. Because of these considerations, M.W. Bro. Shipe 
stated, "I am more convinced than ever that we must become more community minded in 
attracting successful men into our fraternity by making it more amenable to their 

The Masonic Education Conunittee reported that the Masonic Education Week had been 
well received and could be considered a success. Another report which the committee made 
with pride was the Masonic Education Correspondence Programme, which had enjoyed an 
additional year of success. 

The value of its partnership with the Oklahoma Educational Television Association was 
emphasized by the Publicity and Public Relations Committee. Five different programmes 
are sponsored which have a weekly audience of more than two million Oklahomans. The 
Committees felt that "such programming does much to give a positive impression about 
Freemasonry and contributes substantially to neutralizing anti-Masonic efforts within our 
State." Similar partnerships with public radio were suggested by the committee, both for 
Grand Lodge and for the Oklahoma Masonic Charity Foundation. In these partnerships an 
annual contribution is made to programming and, in return, public service announcements 
are made on the radio on a regular basis. 

The Publicity and Public Relations Committee proposed, also, having "billboards 


situated on Oklahoma's Interstates and turnpikes that advertise the philosophy of 
Freemasonry. These would be no more than one sentence in length, with a square and 
compasses and a 1-800 number." 


152nd Annual Communication 
Eugene, Oregon, June, 2002 

M.W. Bro, David R. Anderson spoke frankly about the Condition of the Craft: "Our 
membership today is almost exactly the same as it was in 1 9 1 5 and, surprisingly, the number 
of lodges is about the same." With reference to poor lodge attendance, he suggested that one 
solution is to raise the quality of the ritual work. "The Ritual," he said, "is the principal tool, 
in teaching the lessons of Masonry-it is what makes Masonry work. A lodge whose officers 
have learned their individual parts and take pride in their ritual presentation is usually found 
to be active and successful." 

In his Message, M.W. Bro. Anderson gave his reasons for an unpleasant action which 
he had taken: arresting the Charter of a lodge. He reported in detail the infractions against 
the Sections of the Grand Lodge Code which stipulated the grounds for the Arrest of a 
Charter. In essence, there were two charges against the lodge in question: (i) that it was 
controlled by a group whose attitude was "one of arrogance, defiance and insubordination" 
and (ii) that not only had it failed to correct the situation but, on the contrary, had defeated 
every attempt by the Grand Master to restore normal relations with Grand Lodge. He 
concluded by stating, "Had I felt that a positive change could have been brought about 
through another method, I would have chosen that option." As there was no alternative, he 
was obliged to arrest the Charter. 

The Report of the Educational Assistance Committee indicated a successful year 
"financially assisting the children and grandchildren of Oregon Master Masons in the pursuit 
of their education." After every eligible applicant for assistance had been given a grant, a 
balance of $4,085 remained from the $123,609 with which it started the year. In thanking 
his brethren for their support, the chairman of the committee commented, "Throughout 
history. Freemasonry has demonstrated a commitment to public education. Through the 
Educational Assistance programme every Mason in Oregon can take pride in this continuing 

The Youth Support Committee reported on the Grand Lodge Youth Support Awards for 
Masons who have given "exemplary service to the youth, not only by furnishing 
transportation, but by being a friend to a youth in many, many other ways." The committee 
made a point of stating that this award cannot be bought, "it must be earned and it is an 
honour to receive." 

The Grand Secretary pointed out that there is a great deal of information on the website, 
which is updated frequently, not only about Grand Lodge, but also about the individual 
lodges. He issued an invitation to all to visit the website and send an e-mail, with comments 
or suggestions. Its address is . 


Quarterly Communications and Annual Communication 

State College, Bloomsburg, Elizabethtown and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

June, October and December, 2001 

The Right Worshipful Grand Master, R.W. Bro. Robert L. Dluge, announced at the June 
Quarterly Communication that two highly recommended citizens of the Comm.onwealth of 


Pennsylvania would be made Masons At Sight. He announced, also, that there would be no 
September Quarterly Communication in 200 1 . 

Grand Lodge adopted the Report of the Committee on Fraternal Recognition and 
approved its recommendation that recognition be granted to the Prince Hall Grand Lodge 
of Connecticut. The Committee on Internet Services reported that the Grand Lodge Web 
Page was proving to be a success as an aid to communications within the fraternity, as well 
as with the community at large. 

There was a most happy event at the December Quarterly Communication when a letter 
from the Governor of Pennsylvania was presented to R.W. Bro. Dluge in which he was 
thanked "for the active role he played in assisting communities throughout the 
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania both directly and indirectly as Right Worshipful Grand 

R.W. Bro. Marvin H. Cunningham, following his Installation at the Annual Grand 
Communication in December as Grand Master, stated that in his judgement the main goal 
for the subordinate lodges must be to recognize that "we need to get rid of the idea that we 
don't have time to help. We need commitments from our lodge members to take on 
responsibility and to help when called on by the Worshipful Master." 

The Pennsylvania Masonic Foundation for Children reported on its mission "helping 
children to become vice free, well-adjusted, upstanding adults." Its original programme 
(drug abuse) has been expanded to include tobacco, inhalants, gambling, violence, conflict 
resolution and emotional problems. The Foundation is a partner of the Student Assistance 
Programme of the Commonwealth Department of Education. There are student assistance 
teams in all secondary schools in Pennsylvania. 

The Committee on Internet Services reported on the continued success of the Grand 
Lodge Web Page. It has proved to be more useful as a research tool for Masons and non- 
Masons alike than had appeared to be the case at the time of the June Quarterly 
Communication. The committee stated that in 2001 there had been 518,557 visits. It is 
estimated that during the year 1.7 million pages of data, photos and information had been 
provided to Masons and to the general public. 

The Web Page address is WWW.PAGRANDL0DGE.ORG . 


85th Annual Communication 
Legaspi City, Philippines, April, 2001 

In his Annual Report M.W. Bro. Oscar V. Bunyi remarked on a net gain of seventy-seven 
members during the year. "This increase, although small, is quite significant," he said, 
"because this is the first time in several years there has been an increase in our membership." 
He attributed the increase to steps which he had taken to help former members to resume 
active membership. 

The Grand Master expressed his thanks for the support given to him in his efforts to 
increase participation by districts and lodges in community programmes and thus enhance 
the fraternity's public image. He was especially appreciative of those who visited 
orphanages. They "gave happiness and a morale boost to our unfortunate children. Through 
their actions, our orphans realized that they are not alone in this world and that there are 
those who do care about them. It is heartwarming to know that some of those who showed 
their affection are Masons." 

M.W. Bro. Bunyi reported that Grand Lodge had established a partnership with the 
Philippines National Red Cross Society to establish and operate a nationwide Masonic 
Blood Bank. A special card containing the Square and Compasses logo was used where a 
Masonic District worked in coordination with a local Red Cross Chapter. 


M.W. Bro. Napoleon A. Soriano, in his Inaugural Address after his installation as Grand 
Master, sounded this clarion call to the Members of Grand Lodge: "LET US GET RID OF 

The Grand Master announced that in order to inform the public of the relationship 
between a lodge and Freemasonry he required that the initials F. & A. M. in all public 
references to a lodge be written in full, as Free and Accepted Masons. 

M.W. Bro. Soriano spoke of the creation of the Grand Lodge position of GRAND WEB 
MASTER, with the title of Very Worshipful. He announced, also, that "the new Grand 
Lodge official e-mail address is GLPHILS@SURFSHOP.NET.PH . All communications of 
general concern to Grand Lodge may be directed to the above e-mail address." 


]27th Annual Communication 
O 'Leary, Prince Edward Island, June, 2002 

The challenge for the future, M.W. Bro. John G. H. Rogers stated in his Address, is for 
Masonry to return to the basics: BROTHERLY LOVE. RELIEF and TRUTH. He pointed out, 
however, that though these are the basics, "You know that we can talk the talk all we want 
and if we are not prepared to walk the walk or put these words into practice in our everyday 
family, community and Masonic lives, then the talk is worthless and our efforts futile. Let 
us get back to the Ritual and the lessons that lie therein and let us practice those lessons in 
our everyday lives through our own deeds." 

The Grand Master reported that during the year he had paid particular attention to the 
importance of fi'atemal relations between jurisdictions. He said that Grand Representatives 
had been recognized at every District Meeting and each had been invited to share any 
information that he had concerning the jurisdiction which he represented. "This brought 
attention to the importance of the role of Grand Representatives," M.W. Bro. Rogers 
observed, "and in the future these positions will not be taken for granted." 

The Committee on Strategic Direction noted in its report that the decline in membership 
is of general concern in all Masonic organizations. Although there are many ideas about how 
to increase membership, the committee found that "the one point that was agreed upon is 
that Masons as individuals and more importantly as a lodge must become more active in 
their community (i.e., in community projects, parades, sports, etc.) not necessarily as 
sponsors, but by participating in and supporting a variety of community activities in 
general." Another urgent need, in the committee's opinion, is "to educate all Masons on the 
need to be willing to discuss Masonry with potential applicants, as well as our neighbours, 
friends, etc. and NEVER, NEVER reply to enquiries with "Oh that's SECRET, I can't talk or 
tell you about that." 

One impact of the Shrine decision to accept applicants from Craft Lodges directly, as 
reported by the Committee on the Condition of the Order, is "a new and positive awareness 
of the equally simple one-step opportunities for Master Masons to obtain more light in 
Masonry in a Royal Arch Chapter or a Scottish Rite Lodge of Perfection. It is being argued 
effectively that there is no need any more for anyone to view advancement as a commitment 
to enter three or four additional bodies. Yet, this promotion of 'one step' opportunities is not 
deterring those attracted by the specific characteristics of the other Masonic bodies." 

The Committee on the Web Site reported that material from all the Concordant and 
Related Bodies is being included in the Masonic Family Web Site. Its address is 



132nd Annual Communication 
Montreal, Quebec, June 6, 2002 

In his Annual Address, M.W. Bro. Emanuel U. Liechti expressed his pleasure on the success 
of his programme using the word ART as an acronym for his theme for the year. He 
explained that ART stands for: A = Attitude; R = Responsibility and T = Teamwork. "It 
is intended," he reminded Grand Lodge, "to encourage a knowledge and understanding of 
Masonry by providing human and material resources, leading to a greater appreciation of 
the principles of the fraternity, recognizing individual and collective 'visions' so that 
Masonry in Quebec will continue to promote the well being of all mankind." 

Speaking of relationships with the concordant bodies, the Grand Master reported that 
all are co-operating in the preparation of an information package for presentation to Master 
Masons so that they will be well informed concerning the concordant bodies and the 
activities of each. The package will include reasons for joining Royal Arch Masonry, 
Scottish Rite Masonry and the Shrine. He added that as "every Masonic branch contributes 
knowledge to our world wide Brotherhood, as your Grand Master I am immensely in favour 
of this combined information package project." 

It is inevitable in difficult times, M.W. Bro. Liechti agreed, that some individual Masons 
may feel that standards have been lowered to the point where they begin to lose interest. In 
such cases, he advised the following approach to the problem: "If we treat brethren as if they 
were what they ought to be, we will help them to become what they are capable of being." 

Under the heading GOOD NEWS FOR OUR JURISDICTION, the Grand Master announced 
that the Masonic Temple in Montreal had been designated a National Historic site. He 
reported that this had been announced officially by the Member of Parliament for 
Westmount-Ville Marie. 

Regarding the State of the Craft in the jurisdiction. Grand Lodge was advised that there 
had been some successes and some failures, but that the successes far outweighed the 
failures. In closing, M.W. Bro. Liechti gave his formula for achieving success: "Have a clear 
vision of what you want to do; formulate a strategy to achieve it; identify the tactics 
necessary to implement the strategy. Work hard. Get help. Fight fear and care for our 
beloved fraternity." 

The Grand Secretary reported that Grand Lodge had received a letter of appreciation 
from the Grand Lodge of New York for the generous response from Masons in all parts of 
the Province of Quebec to the appeal for financial assistance for the victims of the tragic 
events of September 11, 2001, in the City of New York. 


Semiannual Communication and 211''' Annual Communication 
East Providence. Rhode Island, November, 2001, and May, 2002 

At the Semiannual Communication, M.W. Bro. Dennis W. Pothier reported on conversa- 
tions in which he had explored with leaders of the Boy Scout movement the possibility of 
initiating a relationship between Scouting and the Masonic Fraternity. "Many of you," he 
said "have and still are involved with scouting and realize how similar both organizations 
are. The principles within each organization help build character, honesty, truth and moral 
individuals. We as Masons can assist them in the community by opening the lodges as a 
meeting place to advance new potential membership for scouting." He reminded Grand 
Lodge that in the past Masonry had received benefits through serving the community and 
suggested that Masonic affiliation with the community could again be beneficial. 

Also at the Semiannual Communication, M.W. Bro. Pothier gave a report on the Child 


Identification Programme (commonly referred to as CHIP). He stated that since 1998 over 
8,000 children had been video taped and he attributed the success of the programme to the 
enthusiastic support of all the Freemasons of Rhode Island. In his view, "the Craft has 
ownership and responsibility for its success. Our entire Masonic family has, at some point, 
contributed to the real value of this community-based service that is much needed and well 
accepted. Many new doors of opportunity are opening daily. He assured his brethren that 
the programme "gives our Blue Lodges an identity with children and brings the Masonic 
Fraternity fiill circle to our belief that all children need to have help and protection." 

In his Grand Master's Address at the Annual Communication, M.W. Bro. Pothier gave 
a further report on the Child Identification Programme. He indicated that the support by 
individual Masons has generated active interest in the programme in several other social 
services, resulting in more volunteers and additional venues. Before any new organization 
is enlisted to support the programme, he stated. Masons meet with its leaders and "explain 
who we are and what Masons do. Masonry in actionT The Grand Master emphasized the 
importance of Masonic activity in the community, stressing particularly that the Child 
Identification Programme is an example of the type of activity that gives opportunities for 
Masons and their families to be seen working for the betterment of the community. In his 
judgement, the Child Identification Programme is by far the best public relations activity in 
which Rhode Island Freemasonry has been engaged. 


96th Annual Communication 
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, June 2002 

M.W. Bro. Ross C. Castle concluded his Address with a reminder that his theme had been, 
"Don't whine but shine for Masonry." He conceded that this is easier said than done when 
one sees lodge procedures and ritual work that are upsetting. He urged his brethren, 
however, that because "this is the best damn fi-atemity in the world, be as proud of it as I am 
of all of you." 

The Grand Secretary reported that during the year there had been four amalgamations. 
With regard to the increase in the number of amalgamations, he made this comment: "With 
the change to larger farms, better roads, larger and fewer trading centres and the population 
shift to urban centres, this trend is likely to continue for some time. It is the evolving 
demographics of the rural areas that is the driving force behind all the amalgamations." 

Attendance at lodge varies from very good to poor, as reported by the Committee on 
the Condition of Masonry. In the committee's opinion attendance depends to a large extent 
on the activities of the lodge, but other contributing factors have to be considered as well. 
These include employment (and unemployment), seasonal and community activities, as well 
as lack of interest when a lodge does not have a programme of activities. The committee 
stressed the importance of planned activities as "they stimulate members' interest and 
encourage lodge attendance." 

The Youth Programmes Committee reported on the four principal categories of its work: 

(a) Supervision of the awarding of scholarships and other prizes provided by the Grand 
Lodge of Saskatchewan; 

(b) Encouragement and assistance to the Order of DeMolay and to the International Order 
of Job's Daughters in Saskatchewan; 

(c) Development of programmes which are designed to develop student leadership skills; 

(d) Assistance to lodges in the development of community youth programmes and projects. 
The committee encouraged all Masons "to support our youth organizations financially 


as well as personally by their attendance. Your attendance will show your support and 
encouragement for them to continue their good work." 


Quarterly Communications and Annual Communication 
Edinburgh, Scotland, May, August and November, 2002 

Two decisions were made by the Grand Committee at the May Quarterly Communication 
with a view to maintaining a very high degree of administrative efficiency in the Grand 
Lodge Office. The first was to install a state-of-the-art Business Communication Manager 
Telephone System to supersede the existing system. The second was for the committee, in 
consultation with the Grand Secretary, to conduct a review of the administrative operations 
performed and the services provided by the Grand Lodge Office. 

The Board of Benevolence reported at the November Quarterly Communication that it 
had supported financially "medical research which will lead to better treatment for, and the 
prevention of, common conditions in older people." It reported, also, that it had made a grant 
to the Royal National Institute for the Blind "towards the cost of building a new 
Employment and Learning Centre for the benefit of the blind and partially sighted people." 

The Grand Committee informed Grand Lodge that an enquiry had been received fi-om 
the Grand Council of the Order of the Allied Masonic Degrees of England and Wales and 
its Territories Overseas whether permission would be granted for the re-introduction of the 
Allied Masonic Degrees into Scotland. As the committee felt that there are already sufficient 
Masonic Orders working in Scotland, it proposed that "permission be not given for the re- 
introduction of the Allied Masonic Degrees into Scotland, but that the Grand Council of the 
Order of Allied Masonic Degrees of England and Wales and its Territories Overseas be 
added to the list of Grand Bodies published in the Year Book in terms of Law 214 (page 
152)." The recommendation of the Grand Committee was approved. 

The Grand Master Mason reminded his brethren of the new Grand Lodge of Scotland 
Tie, which had been authorized previously by Grand Lodge. He drew attention to his 
wearing one and expressed the hope that many would do likewise. The tie is available for 
purchase at the Grand Secretary's Office. The official design of the tie makes use of the 
recently authorized Grand Lodge Tartan, "which had been professionally designed with the 
assistance of the Lord Lyon's Office." 

On the recommendation of the Grand Committee, at the November Quarterly Com- 
munication, M.W. Bro. Ronald E. Groshaw was appointed the Grand Representative of the 
Grand Lodge of Scotland near the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario. At 
the Annual Communication, later in the month of November, the Most Worshipful Grand 
Master Mason conferred Honorary Rank as Junior Grand Warden of the Grand Lodge of 
Scotland on M.W. Bro. Groshaw. 


265th Annual Communication 
Greenville, South Carolina, April, 2002 

While indicating that he had encountered some problems during the year, the Grand Master 
stated in his Annual Address, "I am pleased to report that the State of the Craft in this Grand 
Jurisdiction is extremely good." M.W. Bro. G. Kent Elkins stated that the resolution of the 
few problems that had arisen "proved that the Masonic system works." One of the problems 
that he referred to was a case involving complaints against the activities of a Brother where 
the Grand Master decided he had to take charge personally, because the lodge appeared to 
be unable or unwilling to take appropriate disciplinary action. M.W. Bro. Eikins stressed the 


difference between Masonic Law and Civil Law: "Sometimes we must take steps to 
demonstrate the integrity of our fraternity, even when Civil Law seems to be intact. Our 
Craft has a process in place to protect the rights of all brethren but, at the same time, it 
insures the honour of this Society of Good Men." 

M.W. Bro. Elkins commented on the fact that several Grand Jurisdictions had lowered 
the requirement for admission to eighteen years of age. He commented, also, that "several 
jurisdictions were emphasizing the YOUTH FACTOR and adopting programmes that have an 
appeal to younger masons. These programmes include more activity in regard to community 
involvement and providing avenues for participation in service projects. This lends itself 
very nicely to the Community Service Awards that have now been instituted by this Grand 
Lodge. According to recent surveys, community service by the lodges is a very positive way 
to get, and keep, new and younger members involved in the lodge. Brothers, let's get 
involved! Let's help our communities and we will attract, and keep, new members." 

Grand Lodge adopted the following Resolution, which amended that portion of the 
South Carolina Masonic Code that specified the physical qualifications for admission: 
"Except for sight, speech and hearing the foregoing listed physical qualifications may be 
waived on a specific case basis by the Grand Master upon written request of a lodge. Such 
requests must describe the physical disabilities of the applicant." 


127th Annual Communication 
Rapid City, South Dakota, June, 2001 

M.W. Bro. Donald R. Salmon made reference in his Annual Report to three programmes 
which impact on youth. Two of these helped young people generally: The Masonic Model 
Student Assistant Training Programme and the Grand Lodge Scholarship Programme. The 
Grand Master reported that they were most successful and had resulted in much favourable 
public recognition of Freemasonry. He congratulated his brethren on their success. He felt 
differently, however, concerning the third Masonic enterprise related to young people. "I 
think that it is now time," he said, "that all of us devote more of our time and talent to the 
youth of Masonry, if their programmes are to survive. Job's Daughters and DeMolay are our 
responsibility. We have not been doing nearly enough." 

The Committee for the Masonic Model Student Training Programme reported that since 
its last report it had conducted two training seminars, in which one hundred and thirty-one 
educators from thirteen schools were instructed on how to recognize students with 
behavioral problems that could result in serious situations. In each school participating in 
the programme, local members of the Craft form a group who act as consultants to whom 
a teacher can refer students who may be in need of help. One of the committee members, 
who is a teacher in a school where the programme has been in operation for ten years, 
indicated that in his school some one hundred students had been helped in this way. He said 
that not all of them are involved in "drug and alcohol abuse, sometimes it is their grades are 
slipping, they are missing too much school or they are tardy for too many classes and our 
team takes a look at them." "I have told you in your lodges, "the committee chairman said, 
"that we have saved at least one life, prevented a suicide and who knows what else we have 
done. It is because of the work we have done in training teachers." While the benefit to 
students is obvious, there is benefit also for the Craft. The chairman of the committee, M.W. 
Bro. Dalbert Ripley, told Grand Lodge, "At each of the training sessions many good 
comments were heard and many compliments were made about the involvement of Grand 
Lodge and the Masonic Fraternity, which gave the committee chairman an opportunity to 


promote the Craft and encourage some of the attendees to consider membership in such a 
fine organization." 

An amendment was made to the stipulation in Grand Lodge Bylaws that all business of 
a lodge "shall be transacted in a lodge of Master Masons." The requirement, as amended, 
is that all business of a lodge "shall be transacted in a lodge of Master Masons, Fellowcrafts 
or Entered Apprentices at the discretion of the Worshipful Master" provided that, among 
other restrictions, "only Master Masons in good standing are permitted to conduct, 
participate or vote on any lodge business." 


166th Annual Communication 
Waco, Texas, December, 2001 

M.W. Bro. David R. Dibrell began his Annual Report by referring to accomplishments in 
the year just ended. He made particular mention of the new Young Masons Committee, 
which had sponsored "several open forums around the state and created interest in involving 
younger Masons in Grand Lodge programmes" and he referred to the Internet Committee 
which had been "magnificent in creating an outstanding website for Grand Lodge and then 
built a website for EVERY lodge in Texas." Also, he complimented the History Committee 
on "an outstanding job of promoting our legacy activities and improving our Masonic image 
at historical events." 

In recognition of Masonic Youth Groups as "the foundation of Masonic growth in the 
future," M.W. Bro. Dibrell issued a Proclamation in which he directed that every lodge give 
due consideration to becoming involved in or sponsoring either an Assembly of Rainbow 
for Girls, a DeMolay Chapter or a Job's Daughters Bethel or, as an alternative if a lodge is 
unable to meet one of these requirements, it "give due consideration to becoming involved 
in or sponsoring some organization for the youth of the community where the lodge is 
located and that the lodge also support the statewide activities of the International Order of 
the Rainbow for Girls, the Order of DeMolay and the International Order of Job's 

In its report the Fraternal Relations Committee observed that communication between 
Grand Lodges has been fundamentally changed by the computer and the Internet. With these 
communications tools "many Masons, not just Grand Lodge officers, have found that they 
can communicate with other Masons around the world and learn about the Craft and how 
it operates in far flung comers of the globe." 

The Committee on Membership Maintenance stated that the BETWEEN FRIENDS 
programme is still being used successfully. A new programme (entitled BETWEEN 
BROTHERS) was announced: similar to the BETWEEN FRIENDS programmQ but "targeted at 
our current members that have already or are about to be suspended for nonpayment of 

The Special Committee on Young Masons requested all lodges to: 

- Focus on Fun. "What activity does your lodge have that you really want to attend?" 
The focus should be on having fun. 

- Focus on Visibility. "What activities that expose Masonry and Masons to the public does 
your lodge have?" The committee stressed events that take Masons out of the lodge and 
into the public, for the key to the ft-atemity's future is visibility. 

- Focus on Youth. "At every forum ever held throughout the State, the same question was 
mentioned, discussed and ranked at the top of our list of priorities: DeMolay." The 
committee asked: "What is being done by you, your lodge or Grand Lodge to support 



223rd Annual Communication 
Richmond, Virginia, November, 200 J 

M. W. Bro. James D. Cole introduced his Grand Master's Address by reminding his brethren 
that he had chosen as the theme for his year - DO GOOD UNTO ALL. He stated plainly, "To 
me, this is the basic action plan for a Mason. If I did not truly feel that Freemasonry could 
make a difference in the world, I would never have joined, nor would I have stayed a 

The Grand Master reported that he had recognized the importance of the three youth 
organizations supported by Grand Lodge by visiting the Annual Meetings of the 
International Order of Rainbow for Girls, the International Order of Job's Daughters and 
DeMolay International. He tried to relate to these young people because, he said, they "need 
more of our money, certainly, but what they want and need even more is our time and 
commitment . . . We must all remember the many ways that they need us, and we must all 
try to recall how we felt at their age. Simply smiling and recognizing them and 
acknowledging their worth is a great reward to them. We must always try to stretch forth and 
assist these young people and to support the men and women who work so hard on their 

On commenting on the significant effect on society of the Internet, M.W. Bro, Cole 
observed that it not only enables rapid communication, but it presents a serious challenge 
as well. "The unfortunate consequence of speed," he warned, "is that far too often words fly 
out across the Internet before thoughtful deliberation is made about their impact. This is 
unfortunate. For it leads to the potential of un-Masonic communication." Another danger 
which he pointed out is "creating opportunities for our publications to be misunderstood by 
the public." To address these issues, the Grand Master appointed a Web Page and Internet 
Committee, with the task of "establishing appropriate policies for the establishment and use 
of web pages and other Internet activities for both the Grand Lodge and for subordinate 

Regarding the state of the Craft, the Grand Master stated that although the total number 
of Masons is declining, the most important number "is not our total membership, but it is 
instead the number of active Masons." He was, therefore, "greatly heartened" by seeing 
record turnouts at so many Grand Lodge functions. 

The Committee on Foreign Correspondence proposed a resolution that Grand Lodge 
extend limited fraternal recognition to and recognize as regular the Most Worshipful Prince 
Hall Grand Lodge of Virginia, Free and Accepted Masons; that no visitation be permitted 
unless and until a compact is signed by the Grand Lodge, A.F. & A.M. of Virginia and 
approved by the delegates thereof: that nothing construed in this resolution shall in any way 
affect or diminish the sovereign authority of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Virginia. 


158th Annual Communication 
Oshkosh, Wisconsin, June, 2002 

In his Annual Report, M.W. Bro. John W. Hein gave an account on a day-to-day basis of 
his activities during the year. The Grand Master reported, also, on his decision instructing 
all lodges that before any lodge furniture or paraphernalia may be sold or otherwise disposed 
of the Grand Lodge Committee on Artifacts and Antiquities must be informed and its 
permission received. He was concerned that in a lodge closing or merger historical articles 
important to the Craft might be lost. 

The Committee on Fraternal Relations with Prince Hall stated that it was continuing to 


have regular meetings with a corresponding Prince Hall group. "It was agreed," the 
committee reported, "that our discussions are becoming more and more open and that we 
should attempt to be viewed as a unified body rather than as two separate organizations 
because our practices and beliefs are in agreement. Full co-operation and frank open 
discussions have characterized our meetings." 

The Grand Secretary indicated that he would continue using e-mail as much as possible 
so as "to make correspondence between the lodges and the Grand Lodge easier and more 
convenient." He stated that the e-mail address of G. L. is .glo(awisc-freemasonr\'.org . 

In his Address following his Installation as Grand Master, M.W. Bro. James H. Olson 
examined the use of electronic communication in Freemasonr>'. It was his view that "some 
sort of protocol needs to be established with regard to the use of the Internet. In the past, the 
Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge is the central focal point for communications between 
Grand Lodges and is the person who is designated to act as our official spokesperson." The 
Grand Master recognized the convenience and speed of using the new electronic methods 
of communicating with others, but he stressed the need to develop some Masonic protocol 
that would be "satisfactory to protect both the interests of the protocol and the Grand Lodge, 
as well as, to allow adequate and free expression of whatever ideas anyone has. I am going 
to appoint a committee to do that." 

Appendix B 

(jriuiest Speaker 

at me 

Grano. Master s JBanqMet 

My 16, 2003 

Bro. Neil Aitchison, a long time member of Harriston Lodge No. 262, 
popular speaker, M.C., actor, former broadcast executive and radio 
personality, was the guest speaker at the Grand Master's Banquet. His 
topic: "The Power of Laughter." 

A career in broadcasting taught our speaker that laughter is not only fun, 
but necessary for surviving and thriving in today's changing times. He 
shared with us many laughs, some honest reflections on life and clearly 
demonstrated how one can cope with life's constant changes and stresses 
by exercising one's humour option. 

A humorous and coincidental anecdote was that during the entertainment 
by Sweet Harmony (twin sisters) that preceded his talk, Bro. Aitchison 
learned that he too had become a first time grandfather of twins (a boy and 

appendix c 235 

Summary Reports of the 
District Deputy Grand Masters 2002 - 2003 

Algoma District [11 Lodges] KW. Bro. Mark D. Stephenson 

I am both pleased and proud to report that Masonry in the Algoma District is vibrant 
and strong. This has been proven time and time again, as I visited individual lodges, 
and v.'henever I requested help of any icind. I witnessed full to overflowing lodge rooms 
at almost every official visit. Each time I requested help for a lodge, be it a piece of 
The Work or support of another kind, many Masons volunteered. 

In saying that, I do admit however, there are still weak areas at both the district 
and individual lodge levels. But we are working on them and progress is being made. 
At the district level, many committees are weak, namely Education, Long Range 
Planning, Community Involvement, and Friend to Friend. I believe all that is needed 
to remedy this problem is to get the right chairman appointed to each committee. I will 
be discussing this matter with my successor. The weaknesses at the lodge level are 
pointed out in the individual reports, so I see no need of repeating them here. 

One of the greatest successes I experienced this year was the vitalization of the 
Algoma District Masonic Association. At present its main functions are being a support 
vehicle to the D.D.G.M. and other Grand Lodge Officers, and a major promoter of 
Masonry throughout the district. Every district Master Mason is eligible to belong and 
each lodge has one Director. 

A second great success was our Blood Donors Committee. I have heard a rumour 
that we will likely be number one district this year. 

We hosted, what in my opinion, was a very successful Grand Master's Reception, 
which evolved over a three-day period. This truly was the highlight of this year. 

Algoma East District [8 Lodges] R W. Bro. William D. Hall 

Masonry is alive and well in the district. From Wawa in the west through Sault Ste 
Marie, Thessalon, Blind River to Elliot Lake in the east (445km), from Sault Ste Marie 
in the centre to Chapleau in the north (324km). 

Even with the declining economic base (lumber, mining and steel) and the 
movement of younger people to the South in search of jobs, the membership decline 
was held to a minimum this year. All lodges had to ballot on new prospective members 
to the Craft. For some of the lodges this was almost a lost art. 

The ritual work and protocol are done well in all lodges thanks to the mentoring 
of the Past Masters and Past Grand Lodge Officers present in each lodge. New 
members are involved in the mentoring programme from the beginning of their 
Masonic journey and as a result have become excellent Junior Officers and a credit to 

Many thanks for the improvement of the ritual work would have to go to M.W. 
Edwin Drew, and his team of Grand Lodge Officers, who put on an excellent "Lodge 
of Instruction" in early October. Their assistance in demonstrating the proper floor 
work was invaluable to the Deacons of the district. 

My predecessors stressed visitation and I was the beneficiary of their hard work, 
as attendance at the official visits from all lodges of the district increased. The Brother- 
to-Brother programme in conjunction with the Sudbury-Manitoulin District has given 
the brethren of both districts the opportunity to hold positive, supportive workshops 
twice a year in Blind River. This allows for the renewal of old friendships and the 


making of new ones. 

The brethren are very involved in their respective communities, with sponsoring 
student Bursaries, Masonic Golf Tournaments, Ladies' Tea and many Breakfasts and 
Dinners that are open to the public. These events have helped to attract new members 
into Masonry throughout the district. 

The main areas of concern is the Long Range Planning Committee, which operates 
at the district level, but is finding it difficult to make inroads at the lodge level and 
Lome Lodge No. 622 in Chapleau. With the disappearance of the economic base in 
Chapleau the W. M. and his Officers are finding it onerous both to hold regular 
meetings, become involved in the community and also meet the financial obligations 
of the lodge. Amalgamation with Woodland Lodge No. 680, in Wawa, is not a viable 
solution with the distance between the two communities being considerable (138 km). 

In Algoma East District, there is a genuine bond between all of the brethren of the 
district to look out for each other's lodge, which has been my privilege to see grow 
and prosper during this year. 

Brant District [13 Lodges] R.W. Bro. Ralph V. Baldwin 

Brant Masonic District, like most others, is blessed with dedicated brethren who carry 
the load of the district. Without these numerous individuals who work constantly within 
their lodges and within the district we would be in a disaster situation. 

The quality of the work as a whole needs to be improved. Letters from the 
D.D.G.M. to some lodges recommending the observance of the Book of the Ritual go 
unheeded. It is almost like "we will do it our way." The majority of the lodges try to 
conform to doing the Work properly but do not have sufficient practices to attain a 
higher level. 

Protocol is observed at official functions with the exception of the banquet hour 
where the majority fail, some lodges not even attempting to recognize the importance 
and place of protocol. 

The financial situation of the lodges is impressive. I would not have believed the 
level of financial success if I had not seen it with my own eyes. One lodge is the 
exception as they appear to be in a hand-to-mouth situation, but surviving. 

Grand Lodge programmes have been proven to work. One lodge held a Friend to 
Friend night and attained two new members. The programmes, although having proven 
themselves, are very much on the shelf for Brant District. I am puzzled ! 

Community involvement is limited. Only four of the thirteen lodges have a regular 
commitment to holding barbecues, dances, sales that make the public aware of our 
being. St. John's Lodge No. 82, Paris, has been a regular host and supporter of blood 
donor clinics and this year Ozias Lodge No. 508, Burford, has taken on the task of 
hosting blood donor clinics in Brantford. 

I believe there is a true need to make ourselves more noticed and more available 
to the general population. I have, this past year, talked to so many people who know 
me and see a significant change in my schedule. They are truly lacking of any 
knowledge of Masonry and one man, or a few, cannot carry the day. 

Bruce District [12 Lodges] RW. Bro. Brian D. Dayman 

Bruce District has approximately 900 members with half of the lodges situated in small 
country villages and the remainder in the rural area towns. 

Membership is mostly senior Masons, with some very talented young Masons within 


our ranks. Membership has been on the decline. In today's fast society, many young 
men leave for further education and never return. This is partly due to the lack of 
employment in this area. Recently we have seen some of the lodges receive new 
candidates. Some smaller lodges are still experiencing difficulty in attracting new 
members. The Grand Lodge Membership Resource Committee was contacted at the 
request of one lodge for assistance, which led the lodge into hosting an Open House 
with the Membership Resource Committee assisting. 

Some of these smaller lodges are also the one's who are just keeping their books 
in the black with hardly any funds on hand, should repairs etc. arise. We note that 
most of these lodges do not have a Long Range Planning Committee. I see the 
possibility in the near future of either amalgamation or lodges going into darkness. 

Bruce District has had and still has some very active and dedicated Masons, which 
has been of great benefit to the district. Bruce has a very fine group of active Past and 
Present Grand Lodge Officers and Grand Lodge Board Members, who guide the 
district well. 

Bruce has a strong bond between the lodges and their members in regard to 
visiting and fellowship. At any official visitation you will find from 60 to 80 members 
present from the lodges of the district, along with a turnout of 9 or 10 of the twelve 

The lodges in the district are quite active in family orientated functions. They host 
Golf and Horseshoe Tournaments, Steak and Chicken BBQs, Fish Fries, Picnics, 
Dinner Theatres, Chili Nights, Ladies' Nights and Garden Tours, to mention a few. 
Several lodges also take an active role in their communities, supporting school project 
sports, bursaries and community projects. 

Bruce District has a very active Past Masters', Masters' and Wardens' Association. 
The association's objectives are to provide leadership, promote Masonic Education and 
encourage fraternal relations and fellowship. This is accomplished by having guest 
speakers at meetings, hosting a District Curling Bonspiel, providing a district hospitality 
suite at Grand Lodge in July and encouraging visitation through the Travelling Gavel. 

Bruce District is certainly alive and well, although not without it's problems. 

Chatham District [11 Lodges] R.W. Bro. John A. Wilcox 

The quality of work in Chatham District ranges from good to satisfactory. Lodges that 
are active in degree work and travel about the district have a better outlook. The 
lodges that have community involvement and have good Masonic Education seem to 
have a better understanding. Some lodges have a poor attendance at official visits, 
Grand Lodge instructions, and information programmes. This makes it very hard to 
implement any long rang planning. The Masons who need this are never there. This 
district needs to have a Works Committee to promote education on ritual and 

This district has many active programmes such as the Blood Donors and 
Benevolence Trust Funds that supply equipment not only to Masons but to the needy 
in the community. The Mason of the Year award was presented to V.W. Bro. Charles 
McRitchie this year. He was very active in two lodges, as well as in the community; 
however, we are saddened to report that he could not enjoy this honour very long. 

The Bruce B. Foster Foundation is doing well and gives out four bursaries each 
year and is getting harder to keep up with the increasing demand. 

The C-K Bear programme is serving a very important need in our community. This 


is a programme of compassion which provides Teddy Bears to young children who 
have been in traumatic situations and the feed back from this service is encouraging. 
Other functions are Telethons, Ladies' Nights, Senior's Dinners, Remembrance Day 
Services, and many others. 

This year, one amalgamation took place, which is going very well and has made a 
stronger lodge. Two other lodges should take a look at this before they go into 

We were honoured to have our Grand Master in attendance at the International 
Plowing Match this year, which was well attended by the public and Masons from all 
over the region. We had the pleasure to host the Grand Master's Reception this year, 
which was attended by M.W. Bro. Shand and a large supportive following of Grand 
Lodge Officers. The planning and organizing committee did an exceptionally good job 
to make this a successful event. 

It has been a year with strong committee participation and we hope that this 
continues in the future. 

Eastern District [19 Lodges] R.W. Bro. Andre A. Cayer 

Eastern District is tucked away in the farthest reaches of Eastern Ontario and has 951 
members. The lodges vary in size from 27 to the largest at 90 members. Most of the 
lodges seem to be functioning well except one, which is and has been having problems 
over the years. Overall, membership in the district decreased 3.5% since last year. It 
should be noted that two milestones occurred in the district. Wales Lodge No. 458 
celebrated their 100* Anniversary and Corinthian No. 669 celebrated their 50* year. 
I observed that the lodges which are most active, have a strong social network, practice 
visitation and attend district events, seem to have the most participation at meetings. 
The enthusiasm created in this atmosphere seems to foster a desire to improve and 
excel in the ritual and floor work. 

The hosting of a Lodge of Instruction and Officer Progression Workshop was well 
received by the district lodges. It was evident at the Official Visits, that some lodges 
were practicing their new found knowledge. Most of the lodges completed "The 
Work" ver>' well. Protocol and etiquette in the lodge and at the banquet was, for the 
most part, ver)' good. A number of lodges organized special events that were open to 
the public. These included, in part, "A Robbie Burns Night," a Car Rally, a Family 
and Friend Fun Day at the Sugar Bush. 

Most of the lodges are financially sound; however, increased operational costs for 
insurance and building maintenance are becoming a growing concern. These expenses, 
plus declining memberships, are issues which each lodge is dealing with. In some lodges 
dues have increased dramatically to cover increased expenses instead of putting this 
money back into the community and thereby promoting Masonry. 

The district has a strong Masonic Association. It organized several district events 
such as a Golf Tournament and Curling Bonspiel. The Association awarded a total of 
45 bursaries last year, totaling $9,000. In addition, donations were given to charitable 

The district, in conjunction with the CBS, hosted a Blood Donor Clinic. A total of 
142 blood donations were made and the Masonic name was well publicized. A District 
Divine Church Service was held, with R.W. Bro. Gordon Roberts, the Grand Chaplain, 
in attendance. This event was viewed as a tremendous success with 18 of 19 district 
lodges in attendance. A total of 96 Masons and their friends participated. 


Erie District [9 Lodges] R.W. Bro. Douglas W. Tight 

Masonry is alive and well in Erie District. The quality of the work (always delivered 
from memory with minimal prompting required) and the use of proper protocol have 
been, at a minimum, very good. The lodges have been operated well and their finances 
have been at least adequate. Intervisitation by the presiding Masters has been 
commendable and a core of brethren could always be counted on to attend official 

Having no major functions or fund-raising projects in Erie District this year has 
provided the opportunity to emphasize two themes which are consistent with a focus 
on "Back To Basics." The brethren have been encouraged to seek repetitive exposure 
to, and understanding of, the lessons of the degrees to assist them to develop into 
better men. As well, newer brethren have been encouraged to tap the wisdom of those 
who are more senior, and more senior brethren have been encouraged to make use 
of the energy and enthusiasm of those who are newer. 

The Grand Lodge Mentor Programme has been used effectively in most lodges this 
year with a total of 24 candidates taking part in the process since last September. 
All of the lodges, except one (which no longer meets in its 'home' community), have 
had some community involvement this year. In several cases, the degree and/or nature 
of the involvement has been highly visible and extremely positive. 

Long range planning at the district level is back on track and the committee has 
begun the process of attacking the major problem - complacency. It is recommended 
that this process go forward and that the initiative taken this year to revitalize the 
District Committees be continued. 

Frontenac District [18 Lodges] R. W. Bro. Laurie W. Langille 

Over the past year I have stressed the theme "LETS GET BACK TO BASICS" and 
the importance of demonstrating our pride in the fraternity. Both messages were well 
received and hopefully will be acted upon. 

The health of Masonry in the district is very good overall. There are three lodges 
with declining membership and unfortunately are not attracting any new candidates. 
Unless there is a dramatic turnaround these lodges will soon have to make major 
decisions as to how long they can continue to operate. 

When the Kingston Temple was sold, the five (5) city lodges relocated to temporary 
locations until a permanent location could be found. To date, they are still in 
temporary locations. A Kingston Masonic Centre Planning Group was formed and they 
have regular monthly meetings. Progress is being made, but slow. City lodges need a 
permanent location to be more stabilized and to get attendance back to where it 
should be. 

It was a pleasure to present $19,000 in bursaries to students at Queen's University 
and St. Lawrence College on behalf of The Masonic Foundation of Ontario. 

The official visits were very well attended and the inter-lodge visitations were again 
a success. We conducted a year long challenge in the hope of increasing lodge 
attendance, lodge visitations and blood donor donations. 

Georgian North District [12 Lodges] R.W. Bro. Donald A. McCutcheon 

The membership has declined from 1,552 in 1997 to 1,340 in 2002. The membership 
has grown in the last year. The quality of work and protocol continues to improve. I 


repeated two Official Visits as I was not satisfied with the quality of work. 

All lodges are financially sound. There are no amalgamations of lodges planned. 
The lodges in Midland and Elmvale have been renovated. Manito Lodge, in 
Collingwood, has been rebuilt. New, younger candidates continue to be initiated. 

More work is required to acquaint the various lodge brethren with Grand Lodge 
programmes. The lack of district objectives being achieved has now been overcome 
with the creation of a D.D.G.M. District Committee. The positive impact of this re- 
organization will be noticeable in 2004. 

Community profile and involvement varies greatly between lodges, ranging from 
minimum involvement through younger brethren wanting to shine the spotlight on 
Masonry. Funds for my District Project were raised internally with little community 
involvement. Grand Lodge needs to make a statement with respect to how Masonry 
in the community should be promoted. Brethren are confused at what position they 
should take with respect to potential new members and promotion of the Craft at all 
public events. 

Georgian South District [10 Lodges] RW. Bro. James R. Lee 

The condition of Masonry in the district is "good" overall. Some small-town lodges 
seem to just carry on, although, there seems to have been some small improvement 
over the last year or two. The lodges continue to show a good, high quality standard 
of work. There are small details that require attention and we continue to encourage 
attending the "Lodge of Instruction." The protocol and etiquette at all of the banquets 
and in lodge was excellent. Membership is improving in all lodges, one in particular, 
almost has the problem of having too many. Financially, all of the lodges, big and small, 
seem to be surviving; several better than others, but stable. 

One Open House this year, the first involving all of the Masonic bodies (Eastern 
Star, York Rite, Scottish Rite etc), was carried out in a "fine manner," resulting in 
several enquiries into the Eastern Star and the local lodges. 

Cloverleaf Visits continue and are well received. Most lodges use the Brother-to- 
Brother programme and use candidate collars. We must keep encouraging more 
sponsor involvement. Encouraging the lodges to establish mentors for each of the 
officer's chairs continues to be an important goal. 

A district marquee tent is still made available to all of the lodges and individual 
members. The district project this year, for one of our own brothers, generated 
approximately $13,000. Our brother has an Autistic child and the family is in dire need 
of financial help. Ladies' and Widows' Nights, Parade Floats, Open Houses, Divine 
Services, BBQs, Garage Sales, continue throughout the district and help in bringing all 
of the brethren and their families closer together. 

Since the split-up of the district, we continue to develop strong fraternal ties with 
Georgian North, through combined efforts such as the District Golf Tournament. Both 
D.D.G.M.s make an effort to attend all combined Official Visits, Installations as well 
as visiting together outside the districts. 

Long range planning by some lodges is nonexistent. Some don't see it as a concern, 
don't want to take the time or just cannot be bothered. It is a concern of the district 
and we continue to look at future plans. We are also considering a Daylight Lodge in 
the area. 

For over 50 years we have had three lodges in Barrie and just in the last 20 years 
we have seen a growth in population of over 100,000 and it is still growing steadily. It 


may be time we considered a fourth lodge in the area. One lodge in particular has 
close to 300 members and sees as many as 5 - 8 new candidates a year - far too many 
to keep busy or involved. It would be unfortunate if we lost these new brethren 
because we could not keep them interested or involved. 

Grey District [12 Lodges] R.W. Bro. William M. Watt 

The overall condition of Masonry in Grey District is quite satisfactory. Attendance at 
district functions and official visits has been remarkable. The Masters have been very 
supportive, along with a high number of Past Grand Lodge officers. The ritual work 
in the several lodges is, and has been, of a consistently good quality. 

As with most districts, some attention has been given to achieve conformity in the 
area of general protocol and etiquette. The Order of Introduction sheet provided by 
Grand Lodge to each lodge has greatly simplified the process of introductions and has 
proved to be a real boon to all Directors of Ceremonies. 

Some lodges lack candidates and membership numbers have been affected 
negatively, while others have been fortunate to have had numerous candidates. The 
majority of lodges are in sound financial condition. Many are in the position of owning 
the building with some having regular tenants, offsetting the yearly expenses. Thus, 
yearly dues in lodges are affordable. 

There have been no amalgamations, but with the current membership trends, this 
may become a reality sometime in the next few years. 

The proper presentation/implementation of the various Grand Lodge programmes 
is a concern in that they are not generally being applied in the most effective manner. 
Some lodges have made some very positive changes as a result of applying these 
valuable programmes. 

Many of the lodges in this district are in smaller communities and there is a definite 
awareness of the 'connectedness' of those lodges to their respective towns. This is 
evident in the number of events that they participate in. Donations to community 
projects, assistance at blood donor clinics, open houses and various other types of 
exposure are indeed very pleasing to see. The District Divine Service was well attended 
with much positive feedback, and our Grand Master's Reception was felt to be a 
success and a pleasure indeed. 

During the year the first of a series of District Long Range Planning meetings was 
held. The participation, input and discussion were very positive. There is a definite need 
for steering and planning and there could be no better way to embark on this journey 
as a district than to support this initiative. 

The recommendations proposed would be that more emphasis be placed on the 
involvement of junior members in the chairs of each lodge. There are indeed several 
lodges that are to all external appearance in very good shape. This may well be, but the 
various Grand Lodge programmes should be implemented in these cases as a sort of 
membership insurance. The support of the members of this district to the District 
Deputy Grand Master and the District Secretary has been very encouraging and 
appreciated, and it is hoped that this pleasant trend continues in the years to come. 

Hamilton District A [14 Lodges] KW. Bro. John Pollock 

The highlights of the district this year were the presentation of 25 and 50 year pins, 
jewels and 2 bursaries. Many Grand Master's Receptions and District Ladies' Nights 
were attended. The Grand Master's theme, "Back to Basics," was followed and 


presented. Masonry in Hamilton District "A" is doing very well. Ritual work is 
performed well. Lodges with social events seem to bring in more candidates. Lodge 
attendance is averaging 35 per meeting. Some lodge Masters still referring to ritual 
books, which may be due to busy life style. 

Recommendations: District project to introduce Masonry to a larger audience. Classes 
for Worshipful Masters similar to D.D.G.M.s would benefit lodges. Public speaking 
classes would instil greater confidence in lodge members, not only in lodge, but also in 
introductions and ceremonies. 

Hamilton District B [14 Lodges] R.W. Bro. Mannn C. Smith 

During the Masonic year all 14 lodges were visited officially once and on many 
occasions fraternally. On the occasion of the Official Visit it was asked that the 
programme consist of Masonic Education and a presentation of the lodge's history 
- 13 of the 14 lodges obliged, and the remaining lodge conferred a degree. 

The quality of work was excellent in 12 of the 14 lodges. One lodge was good and 
the other poor. With very few exceptions, the protocol was excellent in the lodge and 
banquet rooms. Membership has decreased to 1,386 members and there were 17 
initiations during the past year. All lodges are in a sound financial condition. At present 
there are 2 lodges considering amalgamation. There perhaps should be another 2 
consider amalgamation as well. 

Ten lodges are using the Mentor's Programme, while 9 use the Brother-to- 
Brother Programme, and 7 use the Friend-to-Friend Programme. The lodges have 
mixed feelings about the effectiveness of these programmes. 

All 14 lodges sponsored at least one Blood Donors' Clinic, with 3,098 units 
donated. Two Divine Church Services were held, as well as a Masonic Beef and Corn 
Roast. The 25* Anniversary Sunrise Service and Breakfast is scheduled for Sunday, 
June 8* 2003. All 14 lodges support community projects outside their lodges and 12 
lodges have special events within their lodges. 

Lodges within the district should keep in constant contact with brethren who 
cannot, or are not, making it out to lodge. It is very important that all brethren know 
they are missed when not attending lodge. Actively promoting lodge activities and 
regular attendance through ongoing contact cannot be underestimated. 

The two lodges currently considering amalgamation should be encouraged to do 
so. This process should then be shared with lodges within the district as an option for 
others that may be considering the same or when faced with a similar situation in the 

Hamilton District C [14 Lodges] R W. Bro. George Cuthbertson 

It is with mixed feelings that I submit this report for your consideration, as it relates 
to the condition of Masonry in Hamilton District "C." During the course of my term 
of office so far I have gone through 360 degrees of highs and lows. 

I obviously don't relish the impending sale of the Central Masonic Temple facility 
in Hamilton; however, the projected move by the various member bodies who use the 
Temple at present may improve the situation for those who are experiencing difficulties 
(mainly financial). There is, at present, a wide range between the "haves" and "have 
nots." There seems to be a reluctance on the part of some lodges to take advantage 
of the assistance and guidance that is available to them through the many Grand 
Lodge programmes. I, and my various chairmen, have been plugging these programmes 


during our travels throughout the district. However, there doesn't appear to have been 
much in the way of a positive response. 

On a brighter note, I have thoroughly enjoyed my year so far as it relates to the 
many events I have attended in my official capacity as District Deputy Grand Master. 
These range from Divine Services (2), official visits, installations and fundraising events, 
to a visit to the Hamilton Assembly No. 1 of The Order of Rainbow for Girls, where 
I had the pleasure of presenting The Assembly with a new mascot, a large teddy bear, 
which they promptly named "Georgina." I also had the privilege of presenting five 
bursary cheques on behalf of The Masonic Foundation to students at McMaster 
University and Mohawk College. These were greatly appreciated by the recipients. 

The quality of the ritual work presented by the lodges during my official visits 
ranged from good to excellent. 

The districts on-going efforts to raise funds to finance our project of upgrading the 
access to "Jason's House," situated on the west mountain in Hamilton, seems to be 
progressing quite well and we have high hopes of meeting the target of approximately 

London East District [14 Lodges] R.W. Bro. Robert G. Saunders 

Masonry in London East is on the upswing. Most lodges are bringing in a good crop 
of quality, younger men and promptly installing them in Chairs. Attendance at meetings 
is slowly improving. Visitation, especially by the 2003 Masters, is very high and the Past 
Grand Lodge officers are visible at all events in great numbers. 

There is a great co-operation and friendly spirit between London East and West 
and all joint functions are extremely well attended. Ladies' Nights, although fewer, are 
much better attended and more successful. The 3 Veteran Jubilee 50 year medals were 
presented in full lodge rooms. This medal is a great award both for the recipient and 
the Craft in general. 

The district hosted two major events this year, the Grand Master's Reception and 
the Listallation of the London Job's Daughters. Both events had the Grand Master and 
his Lady in attendance and both had huge turnouts. 

The quality of work has improved in most lodges, some as a result of the great 
Lodge of Instruction held last fall in St. Thomas. This is a must to repeat . . . The old 
books are slowly being replaced with current issues in a few of the older lodges. 
Brother-to-Brother and Friend-to-Friend were not as well used as the Mentor 
programme, and more reminders are required to get them in use. 

Mount Moriah Display Lodge is open and will be used extensively this year. A 
Masonic Roat has been obtained by Mount Olivet 300 in Thorndale. It was in two 
parades last year and is being refurbished for use by the districts. Masonic booths are 
set up in 2 or 3 fall fairs each year and are well received. Blood Donor Clinics are held 
in three rural locations and are well supported. At least two lodges do 'Road Side' 
clean ups for their communities. 

Nilestown and Merrill Lodges refinished the outside of their building in Nilestown, 
presenting a brand new appearance for Masonry. Belmont 190 has done extensive 
repairs and improvements to their building. Middlesex 379 sold their building and 
moved in with Mount Olivet 300 in Thorndale, while deciding where to relocate. This 
move has helped both lodges financially. 

No amalgamations or close downs are contemplated for this year at least. Long 
range planning is weak in the district and some kind of a programme is needed. 


London West District [14 Lodges] R. W. Bro. John J. Crinklaw 

I am happy to report that the London West District is in sound condition, the sole 
concern being the common problem of today, declining membership. A trend that is 
not common, however, is the resurgence of membership in the rural lodges in the 
district, which have enjoyed a moderate increase, some with new members for the first 
time in years. 

The EAM (Entered Apprentice Mason) welcoming team has become a normal part 
of initiations and various brethren from our 14 lodges will have welcomed 18 new 
members in the district before summer break. The Medical Outreach Programme has 
also incurred a busier time, as the knowledge of this programme spreads, and London, 
with its abundance of hospitals and a commitment to the programme, serves those 
brethren who enjoy a visit. 

On a lodge-to-lodge basis, there is no lodge in the district that is in financial straits 
at this time, but with demographics and increased maintenance required on older 
buildings, this could be a problem in the future. While there is concern with the 
increasing number of Past Masters in the line chairs, I am also able to report that 
other than installations, which could use rehearsals, the work and ritual ranges from 
very good to superb. 

The development of Long Range Planning committees for each lodge is slowly but 
steadily becoming a fact, and I hope that by 2004 each lodge will have embarked on 
a plan based on recommendations of these committees, using the framework suggested 
by Grand Lodge. 

London West is also taking advantage of the Grand Lodge programme to pay one 
half of the cost of a portable education booth to explain Freemasonry, to those 
interested, at fairs and malls, where such public relations can enlighten the curious, 
improve the Craft's image and, just maybe, produce a brother or two. 

Muskoka-Pany Sound District [8 Lodges] R. W. Bro. Deane A. Murdy 

Masonry in the district is healthy. There have been 21 initiations this year. Overall, the 
district has held its own or increased slightly in membership. 

The work is generally well done. Current versions are in use and no lodge allows 
an open book in lodge. Degrees are well performed by brethren who enjoy the work 
and take pride in what they do. 

Fraternal feelings are strong and the level of visitations is high. All but one of the 
lodges visit frequently. Lodges have shared candidates and officers for degrees. 

Lodge buildings are in good repair and if not owned free and clear by the lodges, 
the mortgages are well in hand. Most have tenants that help keep the lodge solvent. 
Financially, the lodges do not appear to be stressed. Fundraising for lodge activities is 
spotty. Several lodges work hard at outside fundraising while others do virtually none. 

If the number of initiations remains consistent and fraternal visitations remain at 
a high level, the spirit of the Craft will remain healthy in the district. ,To ensure 
continued success, lodges must maintain a high profile in the community and represent 
the Craft well. 

The numbers of brethren in arrears is a concern, with several lodges having double 
digit numbers and thousands of dollars outstanding. 

Two lodges held Masonic Blood Donor Clinics and raised the number of donations 
in the district. The district project, prostate cancer, has been well supported by several 


Grand Lodge programmes are under utilized. The only one widely used is the 
Mentors programme. Both the Friend-to-Friend and Brother-to-Brother programmmes 
should be utilized more. 

Community involvement is hit and miss, with several lodges doing a great deal 
within the community and others doing little or nothing. Strong Lodge has multiple 
fund raising campaigns with Fish Fries and Golf Tournaments, and donate equipment 
to the ambulance and fire stations in the area. A great deal could be done to increase 
community awareness and raise the profile of Masonry. 

Only one lodge has a Long Range Planning Committee. This is a major concern 
for the future. 

Recommendations: Stress the need for every lodge to create a long term planning 
committee even if it has to be mandated in the Constitution of Grand Lodge. 

Emphasis must be placed on the lodges to use the Brother-to-Brother and Friend- 
to-Friend programmes. There has been a concerted effort by Grand Lodge in the past 
to increase utilization and still they are not used. 

The brethren in arrears must be addressed. If a brother is financially capable and 
is just not remitting his dues I would recommend suspension with dues owing. If there 
is a financial hardship maybe an honourary membership would be feasible. 

Niagara District A [L5 Lodges] R.W. Bro. William O. Powell 

The work in the district is as per the Book of Work and protocol in general is good. 
Membership in some lodges is dropping slightly as deaths and suspensions take their 
toll. The increase in applications seems to be offsetting the losses somewhat and with 
the proper instruction and encouragement the new members will become the 
ambassadors we need to attract others. Finances in most lodges are excellent although 
some lodges who are on their own in older buildings are finding costs for repairs high. 
Amalgamations are not being considered at this time. 

A number of the lodges are keenly active with the Friend-to-Friend, Brother-to- 
Brother and the Mentors programmes and having some success with them. The 
evidence of this can be seen in the number of young men who are making application. 
Unfortunately some lodges are still being run by a select few who are content with 
things as they are. 

Mostly, community involvement is with the Blood Donors Clinics. Some lodges are 
involved with Out of the Cold Programmes in their Church and others collect food 
items for the local charities. 

The lodges are slowly coming around to realizing they must plan further ahead and 
not just be thinking about the next meeting. 

An overall look at District Programmes Chairmen and their duties is strongly 
recommended. There should also be a continuance from year to year in district as well 
as lodge Long Range Planning. 

The sending of forms and newsletters to the district office by e-mail attachment 
would be helpful so far as copying and distributing the same to the lodges. 

Niagara District B (11 Lodges) R.W. Bro. James E. Healey 

Lodge buildings are of vintage nature but all have been kept in excellent condition. A 
number of lodges have undergone extensive renovations within the past five years and 
reflect the pride the brethren are giving to their property. 

During my year, in addition to Official Visits, the District Secretary and I visited 


all lodges to witness degree work and installations. Degree work within the district was 
conducted with dedication to ritual and it should be noted that a consistent high calibre 
of candidate is being initiated. As such, competent leaders of the future in Masonry 
seems assured. Installations were completed with competence and accuracy and a fine 
group of Masters and Officers were installed and invested. 

All lodge secretaries are maintaining excellent records, well written and factual. 
Lodges in the district seem to be in satisfactory condition financially. Some lodges are 
in better shape than others, but all are maintaining their position and proper financial 
records are being kept. 

Unfortunately, a number of Memorial Services for departed brethren were 
attended to convey condolences on behalf of Grand Lodge and the Grand Master. This 
show of respect was well received by the families of the deceased brethren, especially 
their widows. 

A considerable number of brethren continue to be active in community affairs. This 
projects a positive image of our Craft and its members. This will continue well into the 

Past Grand Lodge Officers and Past Masters continue to be extremely active in 
lodge work, degree work and visitations. They set an excellent example for the brethren 
to follow. It was most satisfying to see so many at my Official Visits and Installations. 

A number of lodges have, again. Masters serving second terms in the East. 
However this should change in the near future as a number of officers are on the 

Masonry in Niagara B continues to be firmly committed to the principles of 
Freemasonry and appears to be slowly growing; but growing. 

Nipissing East District [7 Lodges] R. W. Bro. J. Royce Wall 

The seven lodges of Nipissing East District are united and supportive of one another 
and look forward to the future. Ranging from small country lodges to larger urban 
lodges, each has a separate and distinct personality or atmosphere, yet it is those things 
that we share which unite us, a sense of tradition and being a part of Nipissing East 
District. The Travelling Gavel dedicated to the memory of R.W. Bro. Jack Williams, 
to promote unity and fellowship among the lodges, has done much to strengthen the 

Assistance to the members of Mattawa Lodge No. 405, as they were forced to sell 
their failing building, was greatly appreciated. Meeting in North Bay for the next while, 
will hopefully put them on a more secure financial footing and allow them to regroup. 

On a happier note, the new lodge building in Elk Lake (following the destruction 
of the old one by fire in 2000) was opened for their Installation in December, under 
special dispensation from R.W. Bro. Donald Mumby, in the Grand Master's absence. 
M.W. Bro. Terence Shand conducted the dedication and consecration in March. The 
lodge building is a wonderful example of Masonry working within the community, as 
the insurance money was used to build the structure, which also houses the municipal 
library. The property was turned over to the township, and the Elk Lake No. 507 has 
the lodge room virtually free in perpetuity. Washroom and kitchen facilities are shared. 
A special thank you to Englehart Lodge No. 534 of Temiskaming District, for taking 
such good care of our homeless the last two years. 


North Huron District [12 Lodges] R.W. Bro. Samuel R. Dougherty 

The quality of the work in North Huron, this year, has improved. Books are rarely in 
view in the lodge rooms now. The degree work has improved and is well done. There 
are a lot more candidates in the district this year and I believe we will have an increase 
in membership, the first since the early 80's. I believe this is partly due to Open 
Houses and Friend-to-Friend Nights. I have had a strong chairman for this and for 
Blood Donors. The Blood Donor programme is in good condition and the numbers 
are up quite a lot. The Open House programme was developed in Blair Lodge, in 
Palmerston, from the Friend-to-Friend and the Hanover Open House programme last 

Our benevolence has only been used in one lodge and we have had no requests 
through the benevolence chair. HuUett, Bruce and Wroxeter have all done major 
projects on their buildings this year and all buildings are in good condition. All lodges 
are involved in their communities and have a good profile. We need to keep the Open 
House programme going strong and the drive for good new members. 

Most lodges in the district have Masonic Education or history on a regular basis 
now, which makes the meetings more interesting. There is visitation now but it could 
stand to be more in some lodges as visitation and fellowship are the cornerstones of 
Masonry. We have quite a few lodges this year with first time members in the 
Warden's and Master's chairs and this should continue with the new members we have 
got this year. The retention rate is excellent in this district. Teeswater Lodge is 
amalgamating with Wingham Lodge and is the first amalgamation in this district. It is 
sad to see it happen but for every ending there is a beginning. I have done a lot of 
travelling in and out of the district and have had a good year. Personal problems 
marred my year, but I have persevered and overcame them. I appreciate all the 
support I have had from fellow Masons. I probably could have accomplished more but 
am satisfied with my year and the progress in the district. Hindsight is better than 
foresight and more accurate. 

Ontario District [15 Lodges] R W. Bro. Herb Visser 

All lodges support each other with the loaning of candidates for degree work. This year 
there has been evidence of an increase of new members, mainly due to Open Houses 
and social events. The District Church Service even created an interest in Masonry in 
the community. 

All the lodges are financially stable. The quality of the work is by far very well 
done. The district has been receptive to Grand Lodge programmes, and most of the 
lodges take advantage of the information received by them. Lodges are trying to 
become more involved in community projects. 

Meetings of the Past Masters', Masters' and Wardens' Association and those held 
by the D.D.G.M. allow the attending brethren to voice there thoughts and/or 
objections which can be brought to a solution we hope suitable to all. 

Many of the lodges have taken advantage of the Grand Lodge programmes. The 
most significant seems to be the holding of Open Houses. We need to convince more 
lodges to hold these. Attendance by Grand Lodge Officers at these events creates an 
interest in our Craft and should be encouraged by Grand Lodge. Long Range Planning 
is evident in every lodge. 

The District Project called the "Heros of Hope" campaign, to build a Cancer 
Centre attached to the Hospital in Oshawa, that was started last year is continuing. 


Over 525,000 was donated by the lodges last year. 

I was pleased to present many 50 year pins, some 60 year pins and Widows pins. 
Unfortunately, there is poor attendance at our Official Visits and Installations. I have 
tried to stimulate visitations at these functions as well as interlodge visits. 

The district celebrated the 150th Anniversary of Composite Lodge No. 30. Grand 
Lodge instruction took place at the Masonic Temple in Oshawa, with M.W. Bro. David 
Bradley as guest speaker. For the first time in Ontario, a Grand Master, M.W. Bro. 
T. Shand, visited a DeMolay Chapter in Whitby. He gave an interesting talk to the 
young members, and was warmly received by them. 

Recommendations: The District Secretary feels that there is not enough instruction 
available for his position, especially prior to Grand Lodge. The new D.D.G.M. should 
hold a meeting at the beginning of the year with the Masters of his district to discuss 
the upcoming year and possible problems that could occur. Sponsors of new candidates 
should be required to take a more positive involvement in their progression. 

Ottawa District 1 [16 Lodges] R.W. Bro. Douglas Franklin 

The condition of Masonry in Ottawa District 1 is strong. Degree work is uniformly of 
high quality, and all of the lodges conduct themselves with proper protocol and due 
decorum. While membership is only in a steady state, the Craft appears to be attracting 
candidates who are both keen and motivated to participate. As well, visitation by 
brethren among all lodges is increasing. 

Finances do not appear to be a problem in the lodges of this district. All lodges 
seem to be able to carry out their annual programmes and meet expenditures 
mandated by Grand Lodge. 

No lodges have initiated discussion on amalgamation. 

Most lodges are taking advantage of Grand Lodge programmes, with only a few 
exceptions. Only two lodges have asked for, and obtained, assistance on specific matters 
during the year. 

The Lodge of Instruction sponsored by Grand Lodge, in Ingleside, was well 
attended by the brethren of Ottawa District 1, and had an immediate influence on 
lodge work in the district. District sales of Grand Lodge publications continued to be 
very good. 

The Grand Lodge Blood Donors programme is active in all district lodges. The 
strong support of Masons was recognized by a plaque from the CBS. 

Ottawa 1 District lodges are very active in raising funds for charities in the 
community. These include: Relay for Life (Canadian Cancer Society), Juvenile 
Diabetes, Live-Work-Play (for disabled adults), purchase of dialysis equipment, and the 
Perley-Rideau Veterans' Health Centre. The Masters of 2002-03 raised funds for the 
Epilepsy Foundation. 

The annual Remembrance Day Service held at the Perley-Rideau Veterans' 
Centre once again had strong participation by Masons in regalia. For the first time, and 
with the dispensation of Grand Lodge, Ottawa District 1 Masons in regalia, either in 
active military service or retired, participated in the Remembrance Day Service at the 
National War Memorial in Ottawa. 

During the year, Ottawa 1 District began to promote the new Grand Lodge 
Strategic Plan among all lodges. The district itself has had discussions, at the level of 
the D.D.G.M.'s Advisory Committee, about ways to approach implementing this plan 
at a district as well as lodge level. 


Ottawa District 2 [16 Lodges] R.W. Bro. J. A. Noseworthy (R.W. Bro. D. Wallace) 

Ottawa District 2 had an active year in 2002-03. The highlight was the amalgamation 
of Rideau Lodge No. 595, which had been struggling with falling membership for some 
time, with Chaudiere Lodge No. 264. Chaudiere is the continuing lodge. The 
amalgamation ceremony, on May 27, 2003, attracted visitors from across the district. 

The district recorded a number of other achievements during the year, including: 
increasing blood donations to more than 1,400 from less than 300 in the previous year; 
an annual 286 km motorcycle ride, sponsored by Enterprise Lodge No. 5 16, hat raises 
money for the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario; an active social programme, 
including a reception in September 2002 for the Grand Master, co-hosted with Ottawa 
District 1, and Ladies' Nights held by several lodges; more than a dozen Masonic 
Foundation bursaries awarded to students at Algonquin College. 

Lodges in the district might best be described as "holding their own." While a few 
had healthy assets of around $100,000, most of the 16 lodges reported an asset base 
of around $10,000. Membership ranges from about 50 to about 135. Some lodges 
continue to function only because of the dedication of a core of Past Masters and 
veteran members. Luxor Daylight Lodge No. 741 continues to thrive with an active 
speaker's programme and a strong support from its membership, 75 per cent of whom 
attend each meeting. 

Peterborough District [12 Lodges] RW. Bro. Brian W. Gilkinson 

The ritual work was performed well by all lodges. Protocol was observed and the 
candidates were made to feel welcome. Presentations to a deserving Mason in each 
lodge on the occasion of an Official Visit added to the enjoyment of these meetings. 

The lack of new members in two lodges is a concern but both are utilizing Grand 
Lodge programmes designed to address the issue and have a core of excellent Past 
Masters and officers who have maintained standards of work and protocol by 
conferring degrees on members of other lodges as the opportunity presented. 

All lodges are financially solvent. A few lodges could benefit from budgetary and 
planning initiatives, including some long range planning and examination of the current 
dues structure and revenue streams with which to meet future expenses and capital 

The District Committee Chairmen performed their duties in exemplary fashion with 
the result that: Long Range Planning and the Brother-to-Brother programmes have 
been active initiatives in most lodges. Educational nights have added to their 

The District now has a web site as do a number of the lodges, all of which facilitate 
the ready exchange of information within and outside the district. 

An award for the best Newsletter in the jurisdiction was presented to W. Bro. 
McBride, the Newsletter Chairman, at the district's semiannual meeting in October. 

Masonic Education and Information Nights have added much to lodge meetings, 
and the presenting team took care to vary the content to maintain interest of those 
following the presentations. 

The lodges have been working to furnish the Multi-faith Centre in the new 
Peterborough Regional Health Centre as the District Project, embarked on in the fall 
of 2002. Numerous fund raisers have brought Masons from across the district closer 
together and sparked a collegiality that is heart -warming for both new and experienced 
Masons. They include breakfasts, bus trips, a calendar project and the generosity of 


lodges and members in donating the proceeds from various draws. Individual donations 
are ongoing. 

There is a district sponsored Fish Fry for all Masons, their friends and families. 
Other initiatives have been directed to the needs of particular communities and the 
lodges have been active in holding social functions to recognize the contributions of our 
ladies to our ability to continue to support Masonic activities. Bursaries have been 
presented to worthy students at Sir Sanford Reming College and Trent University. 

The level of support received from the brethren and lodges for initiatives related 
to the performance of the work and for the fund raising project has been appreciated. 
There is a good spirit within the lodge rooms and I believe the brethren have enjoyed 
themselves as we followed the theme of "Coming Together, Working Together and 
Celebrating Together." We have been blessed in the district by the visitation of a 
number of Grand Lodge brethren throughout the year, including M.W. Bro. Terence 
Shand, accompanied by a number of Grand Lodge officers and Members of the Board 
at the Installation held at Havelock Lodge in January. It was a tangible reminder that 
the interest of Grand Lodge in the activities within various lodges in this jurisdiction 
and in the progress of their members is very sincere. 

Prince Edward District [1 7 Lodges] K W. Bro. Kenneth E. Campbell 

The ritual and general business of all the lodges is satisfactory. Of course, the quality 
of that work increases greatly when there are candidates to confer degree work with. 
Lodges who have a number of candidates have become more proficient and the ritual 
is excellent. These are also the lodges where the protocol and etiquette of the banquets 
are well above the standard. Membership remained steady or even increased slightly 
with these lodges. 

Finances are reasonable. While some lodges are in sound financial shape, some 
lodges realize through long range planning the need for further activities to meet 
financial obligations. 

There have been no amalgamations this year. However two lodges are correspond- 
ing, exploring the possibility. 

This year, a Membership Resources Committee was formed. This committee used 
those guidelines of Grand Lodge. The Membership Resources Committee has been 
very successful. Very experienced Masons were assigned to the different levels of the 
committee. Each of these members had been part of a P.D.D.G.M. team. A special 
effort on behalf of these chairmen contributed to the success of the committee. 

A number of the lodges have taken the time and effort to be involved in and be 
a partner with the community; (i.e. sponsor of Children's Soccer Team, Barbecues, 
Pancake Breakfasts, Curling Bonspiel and Ladies' Nights, open to the public); coffee 
clubs and the use of the temple halls to public groups such as bridge clubs and 
scouting, all create a better profile for us in the community. 

A Long Range Planning seminar was successfully conducted. At least one lodge has 
put to use Long Range Planning. They are now planning for the future. I am 
concerned that all of the lodges are aware of Long Range Planning but failing to use 
it for the success of the lodge in the future. 

Recommendations: The Membership Resources Committee has been so successful 
that I strongly encourage Grand Lodge to develop and implement in other districts. 
Masons must be part of the community. More public relations and publicity should be 
encouraged in all districts. It is evident in this District, where the families are involved 
with Masonry the stronger the Masonic Family becomes. 


St. Lawrence District [1 7 Lodges] R. W. Bro. Garry O. Mielke 

Freemasonry in this district is in fair condition. Most lodges are maintained by tlie 
senior members, as shown by the recycling of Masters in the various offices. We had 
2 lodges amalgamate into 1, after two years of negotiations. This looks like a successful 
venture. I foresee more amalgamations during the next 5 years, as the small rural lodge 
struggles to survive. 

Financially, the lodges are meeting their expenses. The lodge buildings are being 
kept clean and neat. Every lodge appears to be involved in the community, through 
support of different charitable events. 

Membership is still declining. Initiations have not covered the deaths, let alone 
demits and suspensions. One lodge had a very successful Brother-to-Brother night, (5 
applications) which is being copied by other lodges. 

We are continuing to encourage lodges to use the Mentors programme on the new 
candidates. All lodges have the most recent copy of the Mentors programme. 

This district has started planning for the Grand Lodge Sesquicentennial 

A large turn out of members and family was seen at our District Divine Service, 
conducted by our District Chaplain. 

The number of brethren attending the District Deputy nights increased dramatically 
as we progressed through our term. This was probably due to having our Banquets 
(with speeches) before the lodge meeting and keeping the meeting short. 

This was a rewarding year. The genuine affection shown by the officers and 
members of each lodge we visited shows that Masonry is alive and well in St. Lawrence. 

St. Thomas District [10 Lodges] KW. Bro. William H. Douglas 

St. Thomas District was reduced to ten (10) lodges during the year. A new lodge. West 
Elgin Lodge No. 386 was formed as the result of an amalgamation. The future of this 
lodge appears very bright. Each lodge was attended by the D.D.G.M. at least thrice in 
the year. 

A few lodges in the district have had such a tremendous surge of applications, they 
are able to afford other lodges without candidates a chance to practice Degree Work. 
This district prides itself on the level of the Work done, and with good reason. 

The lodges of the district continue to hold their annual gatherings, designed to 
honour their ladies. Where they find interest and attendance failing in any event, they 
are quite willing and able to adapt to trying new things to give new life to their 
endeavours in this area. 

This District had the first actual election for the office of D.D.G.M. in the district 
in nearly thirty years. The general membership accepted the results. The subsequent 
support given to the office the District Deputy Grand Master was nothing short of 

Masonry's condition in this district is doing well, with room for improvement, in 
some lodges to educate newer members in the various offices; particularly the three 
ruling officers. The experience, knowledge and expertise is very much present to 
educate in the rules, regulations, constitution and Parliamentary Rules governing the 
presiding over a meeting. However, too often those responsible for the guidance are 
directing by what was done to 'get through' before, rather than actually using the 
written reference materials to guide and direct in accordance with the actual proper 
procedures. Often, time delays, "the Masonic way" and temper is affected when the 


out-of-the-ordinary or rarely occurring situation comes before a lodge. While there are 
books covering direction and guidance for the Masters and Wardens for many areas, 
too often not enough emphasis is impressed upon the new Master to obtain and study 
the material - usually because their predecessors did not, and 'got by without it.' A 
comprehensive, written guide is needed on the governing of the business part of a 
meeting, for the Master's and Secretary's study and easy referencing. 

Samia District [21 Lodges] KW. Bro. Ronald B. Glithero 

Masonry is doing quite well, with most lodges enjoying a reasonable attendance from 
their brethren. 

The focus, this year, was in keeping with the Grand Master's theme of "Back to 
Basics." Lodges preformed their work without books and relied on a prompter when 
completing the Ritual and work. The quality of work ranged from satisfactory to 
excellent, as did the protocol for the Official Visits. Lodges that were active in degree 
work and were strong in lodge visitations had a very enjoyable and rewarding year. 

Finances in a couple of lodges are borderline. These lodges are going to have to 
make some hard decisions or face the prospect of amalgamation. 

Grand Lodge programmes have been reintroduced and re -emphasized. Results 
were becoming apparent, with nineteen newly initiated candidates and several 
Fellowcraft degrees happening. Open House programmes resulted in candidates in two 
of the lodges. 

Most lodges support some form of community programmes; however, the level of 
involvement varies. The Blood Donor programme is active in most lodges, but further 
encouragement is needed to have more brethren participate. 

The District Divine Service, held at the Kerwood United Church, was a great 
evening for Masonry, family members, and the community. 

Long range Planning is not present in many of the lodges. This programme is going 
to require a Grand Lodge and a District proactive approach to promote the benefits 
that it will provide to the lodge. 

The Mentor programme is being utilized in most lodges, the Brother-to-Brother 
tool kit is getting the dust removed, and Friend-to-Friend programmes are picking up 
speed. The strength of our Fraternity is going to rely on programmes like these, and 
it is important that they receive good support and dedicated chairmen to direct them. 

Many brethren in the district received 25, 50, and a 70-year service pin. The district 
also was pleased to honor and issue two 60 year Past Masters pins. These presentations 
certainly were some of the highlights of the tenure. 

Some of the more general recommendations that were made to the lodges: Be 
visible in your community, participate in quality and tasteful events; appoint dedicated 
chairmen to head up the Grand Lodge programmes and make their names visible on 
the summons; chairmen should give progressive reports at lodge meetings. 

In order for Masonry to survive, community involvement is a must to promote our 
Fraternity. Communication and visitation are good methods of improving Masonry, of 
raising awareness of district activities, increasing attendance, and improving fellowship. 

South Huron District [15 Lodges] K W. Bro. Marvin C. Jones 

The broad picture is encouraging. Although there are a few weak lodges, the strength 
of the others offset this. In all but one of the lodges the work was well done. South 
Huron has had an increase in membership this year, and are attracting some younger 


men to the Craft who have taken to the work. Finances are holding their own. In terms 
of amalgamations, there are none at the present; however, there may well be in the 

It is my view that the programmes from Grand Lodge are often cumbersome. In 
the area of recruitment, for example, the various programmes often seem more work 
than necessary. In my own opinion, I think if you go out and talk to the younger 
generation you might find some that will be interested in joining a lodge; but you don't 
want to pressure them, that tends to scare them off; tell them of all the good points 
there are in being a Mason. 

I also feel that we need to review our protocol from Grand Lodge as it pertains to 
administration. For many in the various lodges, it seems to be cumbersome and 

The district conducted an excellent "Coats for Kids" programme this year and 
provided hundreds off new and reused coats for less fortunate children in the 
community and London Boys and Girls Club. Many lodges have programmes for their 
own community. Some lodges are tied well to the community, especially through the 
use of their banquet hall. 

Elma Lodge No. 456 is in an area which suffers from a declining population . . . 
The LRP committee, in conjunction with Elma Lodge, need to look at the options for 
their future. 

Sudbury-Manitoulin District [9 Lodges] KW. Bro. James M. Thomson 

The district is 'Masonry in Motion;' lodge beautification and repairs continue apace, 
ritual mechanics and protocols are observed at every lodge and the Work is well 
presented. Maintaining and increasing. 

Membership is still an issue, but efforts in Friend-to-Friend nights, inter-Lodge 
Visitations; Masonic Information Displays in Espanola and Sudbury; newspaper reports 
of presenting Student Bursaries; yard sales; new district project to support and organize 
a Walk to D'feet A.L.S. and involvement in the Cancer Society's Relay for Life are 
all serving to bring the district further into the public eye. The 'Java Guild,' held every 
Tuesday, at the Sudbury Lodge Building, is in its second year, and regularly attracts 60- 
70 Masons. 

District efforts in the Brother-to-Brother, Mentoring and Computer Resources 
Seminars have involved a fair number of Masons, as has the preparation of an 
apartment for out-of-town Masons and their families to use when visiting health 
services in Sudbury. 

Further development of Long Range plans have been accomplished in at least two 
lodges by having carefially prepared breakfast meetings with project type presentations 
to be discussed and agreed upon. 

This has been a very active year in Sudbury-Manitoulin, which hopefully bodes well 
for the future of Masonry in the North. 

Temiskaming District [9 Lodges] R.W. Bro. Sidney R Poole 

Masonry within the Temiskaming District is holding its own, with the exception of 
Spruce Falls Lodge in Kapuskasing. Membership is down slightly in each lodge. Spruce 
Falls Lodge has struck a committee to investigate surrendering its charter. Assistance 
has been offered, but not accepted. Economic downturns in the logging and mining 
industries are eroding the population base and each town has a net loss over the last 


5-10 years. Deaths and demits outnumber new applications and out-of-district 
affiliations. Receptions, either for the Deputy Grand Master or the District Deputy 
Grand Master, were performed with dignity, both within the defined protocol, 
established guidelines and customs. 

The ritual in each lodge is performed with accuracy and with little prompting. 
Officers require little or no prompting throughout the openings and closings and 
through the various degrees. 

Grand Lodge programmes are used in every lodge. Some though, not to their full 
extent, are being further implemented. The majority of lodges have some form of Long 
Range planning. They are now extended to a three and five year financial plan. 

Two Divine Services were held in the district, at South Porcupine and Kirkland 
Lake. Both were well attended. Successful Blood Donor clinics were held in Timmins 
and Kirkland Lake. 

Despite distance being great between the lodges of the district, visitation between 
the lodges is strong. With the low attendance at Spruce Falls Lodge, the brethren of 
Englehart, Cochrane and Timmins have been attending their regular meetings. This is 
a 4 hour, 1 hour and 2 hour drive each way. Brethren throughout the district travel not 
only for official visits and installations, but also to assist in degrees and for social 

Within the next sixteen years, five of the nine lodges will be hosting their centennial 

Toronto District 1 [22 Lodges] R.W. Bro. Roland Mandeville 

After completing 22 official visits and many installations in Toronto District 1, I am 
happy to report that the work has been generally good, with ten excellent degrees 

Five points were raised by the brethren this Masonic year: 1) Routine of lodge 
business and constant degree work; 2) Chair progression too fast for some brethren; 
3) Lack of attendance; 4) New members not active; 5) Age of members. 

Generally, attendance at the Wardens' Association continues to improve the 
sharpness of the ritual work. There is some concern that a few officers are placed into 
the Wardens' chairs before they are ready to assume these posts. 

Lodge finances are stable; however, low interest rates continue to affect the income 
from fixed deposits. Some lodges rely on social functions and the generosity of the 
brethren to support daily activities and management of the lodge. Therefore, rather 
than Long Range Planning, many lodges are budgeting only from year to year. 

A few lodges are experiencing difficulty in attracting quality candidates. There are 
a few weak lodges in the district with Past Masters in the progressive chairs. 

District chairmen were forceful in encouraging lodges to use Grand Lodge 
programmes. A few additional workshops will benefit the district. Brethren must devise 
a plan to attract the community to lodge social events and display booths. 

Toronto District 2 [19 Lodges] R.W. Bro. Gareth R. Taylor 

This has been an exceptional year in Toronto District 2, with over 60 new Masons 
welcomed into the Craft. Sixteen of the eighteen lodges in the district have had new 
candidates this year. The quality of the work in the district is very good. Protocol in the 
lodge is generally handled very well by most lodges in the district. However, there 
seems to be a decline in the level of protocol observed in the banquet room. 


On April 8, 2003, Islington Lodge No. 715 amalgamated with Mimico Lodge No. 
369, with the Grand Master in attendance. One other lodge in the district is in serious 
trouble and several other lodges are struggling with declining membership and few new 

Overall, Grand Lodge programmes are in place in the majority of lodges within the 
district. Long Range Planning has been a priority at both the district level and within 
the lodges, and seems to be providing positive results. 

The majority of lodges in the district do not have ongoing involvement or profile 
in their respective communities. A couple of notable exceptions are Humber Lodge 
No. 305, which holds an annual Christmas Party for single mothers and children at the 
Weston Masonic Temple. Also, Mount Dennis Lodge No. 599 continues to be involved 
with the Community Association for Riding for the Disabled (CARD) as they are in 
the process of raising funds to purchase a horse for CARD. The district's involvement 
with the Canadian Blood Services clinic held at the Thistletown Community Centre at 
925 Albion Road, Etobicoke has been a true success story. Donations at this clinic 
have more than doubled in the last year due to the dedicated efforts of a number of 
members of the district who have provided the volunteer support required to make 
these clinics a success. 

The District hosted a successful Ladies' evening, Golf Tournament and the District 
Project was in support of the Arthritis Self Management Programme of the Arthritis 
Society, Ontario Division. 

Overall, the condition of Masonry in the district is very good. 

Toronto District 3 [17 Lodges] R W. Bro. Allan C. Dvorak 

The attendance at Official Visits and Installations has continued to show an increase 
and strong support throughout the district. The number of applicants in the district has 
shown a dramatic increase over the past year. This will greatly benefit this district in 
the future. 

A review of the strengths of each lodge (attendance, growth in membership, quality 
of work) can be tied directly to the participation of the lodges participating in Grand 
Lodge programmes. Most lodges participate in Lodges of Instruction and it has shown 
in the quality of protocol, mechanics and work. Every Master of the district worked 
without reading their work and so did their officers. 

In Toronto District 3 we have been promoting "Building a strong foundation, by 
reaching out, while taking care of our own." This policy has improved applications, 
community involvement and consideration of our new and old membership. 

The district attendance at our Annual Divine Service was high and was held in a 
very large community-based congregation church. This district, unfortunately, held 
fifteen Masonic Memorial Services, with large participation from the community. 

On the negative side. Confederation Lodge No. 720 is having a Ceremony of 
Darkness in June; however, most of it's membership affiliated with other lodges within 
the district. Doric Lodge No. 316 continues to struggle and the Worshipful Master 
continues to make a valiant effort to instil enthusiasm. 

The level of proficiency in the district is, on the whole, excellent. The lodges in 
District 3 have been encouraged to attend Lodges of Instruction, participate in 
computer websites, community affairs and visitations. The number of new candidates, 
degree work, indicates a strong growth in membership over the next two years. 


Toronto District 4 [17 Lodges] KW. Bro. Allan J. Bimie 

It has been a year of achievement for Toronto District 4. District 4 committee 
chairmen, along with the individual lodge chairmen, have been very proactive in their 
roles and we have seen excellent seminars on Long Range Planning and Officer 
Progression etc, with the respective Grand Lodge chairmen also in attendance. 

The district saw numerous and well-planned Masonic sponsored Blood Donor 
Clinics, with 409 units of blood being donated. These clinics also helped to raise the 
awareness level to the public of Masons active in the community. 

District 4 participation in the Remembrance Day parades and wreath laying 
ceremonies at both the Scarborough and Markham cenotaphs were again successful, 
providing strong visibility of Masons active in the community. 

Most lodges in the district are stable and enjoy the benefits of increasing 
membership because of applying a proactive approach to their operations. However, 
some lodges continue to struggle and membership is a major concern. The district has 
a strong base of active Past Masters and Past Grand Lodge officers. The inter-visitation 
by lodges and the support of each other at installations, official visits and district 
functions contributes greatly to the overall vitality and cohesiveness of the district. 

A year of achievement for Toronto District 4! 

Toronto District 5 [15 Lodges] R W. Bro. A. Nezam Soltanzadeh 

It has been a bittersweet year. It has been an exciting year. Humbly representing the 
Grand Master has been an honour and a pleasure. 

Observing the operation of some lodges is truly amazing. If they were part of a 
corporation, they would have been closed a long time ago. Sometimes we have to learn 
to separate our emotions from the objectivity that we are after and analyse the 
direction we are taking; to see if we are even moving, let alone being on the right path. 

I am surprised by the number of Worshipful Masters who whisper in my ear as to 
the fact that they are having problem with the membership, yet do not have any plans 
in place to combat the problem. They have no representative at the Grand Lodge 
provided seminars, which can help them with some of the problems encountered and 
then they are curious as to how come things are not improving. Somehow, admitting 
that the ways of the past is not working is beyond their scope and vision. However, 
they still feel that Freemasonry is an important thing in their life, and is worth being 
part of. 

We have many people of rank and affluence in our midst and many with very good 
business and managerial skills. But, as soon as they pass the tiled recesses of the lodge, 
they seem to forget all their talents and business skills. 

My concern is when a lodge is having 6, 7, or 8 or even more, applicants in one 
year and they are all accepted. There cannot possibly be a 100% acceptance. Are the 
investigating committees doing their job properly? Are we discriminating enough for 
the good of the institution? The answer will be known in two to three year's time. 
Retention of members is what is important, not how many people are initiated in one 
year (quality before quantity). 

The membership affiliation within the district, purely for the purpose of being an 
officer in a lodge to help out a lodge in need, appears to me as a destructive function, 
and does not always have a productive effect. The resources of our Craft are coming 
from a small pool of interested men. All the lodges are competing for access to that 
pool. Once a member is initiated, does a lodge of 10 to 12 attendees, whose ritual 


work is, at best, mediocre, make enough of an impression for the newly initiated to 
speak well of the institution. 

Encouragement and enforcement of lodges to amalgamate to build good quality 
officers is a direction to be considered. Freemasonry should not only be based on 
Initiation, Passing, Raising and Installation of new officers. It is a school of thought and 
philosophy and it is a society of men who are interested in learning through allegory 
and symbolism, build the Temple within, improving their own Faculties; and that 
opportunity should be developed and encouraged within the Craft. 

New members should prove that they are worthy of the position to move into an 
office. It is then that we can hold and maintain standards. Letting members who just 
want to enjoy themselves through fellowship to do just that, and officers do their 
respective work accordingly. 

Freemasonry, in today's society, can be better off being smaller in numbers, and 
fewer lodges. It must be considered a privilege to be a Mason. We must get to know 
the applicants long before the application form is filled. We have to sail this ship very 
carefully and I have no doubt we will be out of the storm, but the responsibility is not 
only with he who holds the helm but with all those who sail with him. 

We all have to fulfil our responsibilities to the fullest. Freemasonry has lived a long 
life through many changes in history. History should become a lesson for our future. 
We cannot allow another "888 Yonge Street" happen to us again, as the damage may 
well be much deeper in the roots, if it does. We have to stop accepting that the way 
it was done as being good enough, because if that was the case, we would not be 
having this dialogue now. 

Toronto District 6 [14 Lodges J RW. Bro. Roy A. Smith 

To summarize my report, the goals of Toronto District Six need to focus on 
revitalization of the fraternity within our communities. More emphasis on activities 
outside the normal parameters of Masonry, including a strong social element, is what 
keeps it enjoyable. 

It cannot be denied that Masonry, both here in Toronto Six and without, are in a 
period of contraction. We must focus on the wants and social activities of the present 
membership while trying to find something to interest new membership. My feelings 
are that while the ritual and protocols of Freemasonry are to be held sacred and 
inviolable, we must bring into our lodges a social aspect that seems to have been lost. 

Demographics show that we are an aging fraternity. To assist in attracting new 
membership we must: embrace new ideas and a willingness to accept change; bring 
ourselves back to our communities; work within our neighbourhoods, whether it be in 
the area of sport sponsorship, blood drives, or social events which include our 
neighbours. Renewal begins in our own backyard. Raise public awareness in your own 
area and interest in our fraternity on the local level, will rise also. 

In this district we must also begin to delegate authority to our junior members. 
This, I feel, will allow their interest in their lodges and our district to grow. Too many 
of our lodge hierarchy are fellows that have been holding their respective positions for 
far too long. 

Toronto District Six must also take control of its future. A greater emphasis on 
long range planning, a creation of a five-year plan, continuance of the revitalization of 
the Masters' and Wardens' Associations are some avenues worth pursuing. Visitation, 
both within the district and the whole of the G.T.A., must be emphasized. The creation 


of an Entered Apprentice Visitation Committee to establish fraternal visitation early 
would be most helpful. 

Toronto District 7 [26 Lodges] R.W. Bro. Godfrey J. Golding 

On the whole, Masonry in Toronto District Seven is in pretty good shape. My great 
concern is, and it is noticeable mainly in the city lodges, (it is different with the urban 
lodges) is the poor attendance at lodge meetings when there is no Degree Work, 
Installation or Special Event. 

There are two lodges whose immediate future are in limbo at present, but I am 
sure their future will be determined before long. 

Membership is levelling off; there are only a few lodges whose membership is 
declining. The lodges are slow to try out the Mall Displays, but the ones that have 
done so, have found out that there is general interest out there and claim the 
possibilities of future members. At this time I see no need for alarm. 

The lodges, except one, are in sound financial condition. 

The Work in the lodges is being done at a very high level and recent changes have 
been implemented. The Rituals are being well delivered in all the lodges. 

Grand Lodge programmes such as Brother to Brother, Mentor and Friend to 
Friend have been well received and adopted by most of the lodges. Some have 
established one or two of these programmes but very few have adopted all three. More 
will have to be done to see that the lodges get these Tool Kits, and promptly. Once 
these Tool Kits are in their possession, the maximum desired result from these 
programmes should be obtained. 

The District Project, which is The Foundation for the Visually Impaired Children, 
is being well supported by the brethren of the district. 

Victoria District [14 Lodges] R.W. Bro. J. Douglas Anderson 

Masonry in Victoria District, for the most part, is positive. The number of members 
is staying about the same. Some lodges have young active officers while others have 
recycled Past Masters. The atmosphere in the lodges is friendly with a caring attitude, 
and a good outlook towards Masonry. The work and the protocol is well done. 

A Tri-District Masonic Education Night, hosted by the Peterborough District, in 
Peterborough, was well attended. A Mentors, Friend-to-Friend, Brother-to-Brother 
seminar hosted by Victoria District had a good attendance despite the weather. The 
Tri-Districts included Peterborough, Ontario and Victoria. A District Divine Service 
was held in Knox Presbyterian Church, Bobcaygeon, with over 160 attending. 

In September, 2002, the district initiated a Charitable Fund Project towards 
Parkinson's Disease. We are confident our goal of $7,500 will be reached or exceeded 
by June 15, 2003. 

The Entered Apprentice Mason Welcome Team has been implemented and 
working well. 

In conclusion, I believe that Masonry in general is alive and well in Victoria 
District, and that quality not quantity well help keep Masonry as it was intended. 

Waterloo District [16 Lodges] R.W. Bro. Barry C. Snider 

Waterloo District is an outstanding group of lodges, some with growing active 
memberships. Others, however, seem mired in mediocrity and unwilling to look to new 


alternative ways for their lodge and the Craft to prosper. 

Ritual work is, almost without exception, done with dignity and precision and the 
lodges and members should be justifiably proud of their work. Many brethren attended 
the Lodge of Instruction and the results are clearly evident. Still, there are areas of 
concern with regard to the running of the business portion of the meeting, leadership 
skills and in some areas of protocol and etiquette. Toasts and a more formal banquet 
portion of the meetings are nearly entirely absent and we must vigorously try to revive 
this most important part of the meeting. 

The district charity. Out of the Cold, a programme run by churches in the 
Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge areas, has been very enthusiastically supported by 
the brethren. This programme helps with feeding and overnight accommodation to 
some of the less fortunate members of our community. As well as monetarily, I was 
pleased the brethren also did some "hands on" work at a local church. 

The Masters', Past Masters' and Wardens' Association is a strong presence in the 
district and is instrumental in district events such as the Fish Fry, Curling Bonspiel, 
Dinner Theatre Night, and bus to Grand Lodge. There are also district events, such 
as Golf and Dart Tournaments, which are popular. 

Financially, most lodges are stable. However, lodges should have a yearly review of 
their dues structure and ensure their obligations can be meet. It is the mysteries and 
privileges of Masonry and we should not be afraid to have our dues reflect that image. 

Membership in most district lodges is on the upswing, but there are also lodges 
with severe problems with membership. We must look to the overall good of the Craft 
in general and put provincial pettiness behind us, which will allow our Craft and lodges 
to prosper. 

Overall, Waterloo District is an outstanding group of lodges, which, with some 
better use of Grand lodge programmes, attention to improved protocol and etiquette 
and increased visitation, can be among the forefront in our jurisdiction. 

Wellington District [12 Lodges] KW. Bra. Wilmot J. Rose 

Freemasonry in Wellington District remains viable. Membership has declined slightly 
but a turn around appears evident, with 15 new members joining in the past 12 
months, and through the initiative of a few of the lodges holding Friend to Friend 
Nights, there is a possibility of a further influx of new members in the coming months. 

With the exception of five lodges, we have a group of young, eager officers who are 
committed to see Freemasonry grow in the area. One lodge has recently placed a small 
information type advertisement, with the approval of Grand Lodge, in a local weekly 
newspaper in an effort to stimulate interest in the Craft. 

The lodges in the district are financially viable. Lodges meeting in the Guelph 
Masonic Centre are faced with some short term per capita assessment increases due 
to the extensive renovations being undertaken and an effort by the Building 
Corporation to pay down the debt load in a short period of time. 

Instruction and Masonic Education sessions have been well attended and as a 
result, work and protocol have improved. Visitation and support of the brethren has, 
for the most part, been good. 

Wellington District ranks high on the list of Grand Lodge Blood Donors through 
actual donations and by providing financial support for clinics. 

Through various fund raising activities the lodges in the district contribute to a 
number of local charities and continue to provide bursaries to graduating secondary 


school students wishing to further their education. 

The Long Range Planning Committee is active and addressing those issues outlined 
in the strategy material from Grand Lodge. 

This has been a good year for Masonry in Wellington District due to the 
commitment of the Masters, brethren and project chairmen. 

Western District [10 Lodges] R.W. Bro. C. Kenneth McDonald 

Most lodges range from doing satisfactorily to doing very well, with the majority 
somewhere in the middle. Three are experiencing some difficulties. The lodge facing 
the greatest challenge is the smallest and one of the more remote, in what has to be, 
territorially at least, the largest district in the Province. Constantly escalating costs for 
the building which the lodge owns, and which houses the lodge and the community 
Library as a tenant, have reached a critical stage. Members are presently looking at a 
dues increase, as well as the elimination of their non-resident member discount, and 
further trimming expenses. Even more drastic measures may be required soon, if the 
lodge is to continue in its present location. 

The second lodge having some trouble is one of the larger ones. The problem is 
one of omission, mainly, in that things rolled on past the time when a dues increase 
should have been instituted, and now, its a matter of management, so that the income, 
after the increase, can catch up with expenses. 

The third Lodge, while not having financial difficulties, is finding it increasingly 
harder to get brethren out to the meetings, being faced with a small membership, and 
a transient population from which to draw new members. These problems are further 
magnified by the remoteness of the community, so that amalgamation is not a viable 

The remaining seven seem to be doing well, although each of them would say that 
an increase in membership is of paramount concern. There is a very dedicated group 
of brethren without whom each lodge could not function. These men are the reason 
why new applications are being received, and why it seems as though the slide in 
membership is being slowed, if not reversed. 

Contributing as well, is the way that many lodges are becoming more visible in the 
community, through a variety of initiatives, such as fund raising for a CT Scanner for 
a District Hospital, Ladies' Nights, Bursary gifts. Fish Fries and Barbecues, Curling 
Bonspiels and Golf Tournaments, parade floats, highway cleanup, and the District 
Masonic Information Tent at trade shows. 

There is more that can be done. Our district should work further toward the 
implementation of those Grand Lodge programmes directed to getting new members, 
and keeping those we already have. A few lodges are using some of them, but over all, 
only about forty percent are doing so. Additional emphasis should also be placed on 
the importance of planning for the future. Overall, we are doing well, but a whole lot 
yet remains to be accomplished. 

Wilson North District [12 Lodges] KW. Bro. John S. Ault 

The district has two significant events during this Masonic year. In November, 2002, 
King Solomon's Lodge celebrated it LSOth Anniversary, with the Deputy Grand 
Master, R.W. Bro Donald H. Mumby, in attendance. In June, King Hiram Lodge 
celebrated it's 200th Anniversary of its founding, with the Grand Master, M.W. Bro. 
Terence Shand in attendance. These two events have had a positive effect on the 


working of the lodges, as all the members have contributed time and effort to each 

Most of the smaller lodges have had Ladies' Nights, some after many years 
absence, all of which were very well attended. All the lodges have at least one other 
event outside of the regular meeting night: Barbecues, Curling or Golf Tournaments. 

There has been an increase in applications for initiation, but this has not been wide 
spread across the district. In some cases, this increase can be traced to a new facility, 
in others to use of the Friend-to-Friend programme. Because of the lack of candidates 
over the past several years most of the lodges are finding more difficult to put on a 
degree using their own members exclusively. 

Three of the lodges have experienced some difficulties with senior officers finding 
very difficult to juggle family time, work commitments and lodge obligations. With 
some of the changing values in society there are problems with what might term 
management type issues in lodges in general. The Grand Master's theme of 'Back to 
Basics' describes this difficulty very well and perhaps some focus on one's own lodge. 

Wilson South District [12 Lodges] R.W. Bro. Gene H. Hirt 

The quality of the work in the majority of the lodges is not up to past standards. 
It seems that the officers do not practice as much as necessary, and when practices are 
called attendance is poor in general, with some officers not showing up. 

There seems to be a trend lately of Masters using open books in the lodge more 
often and not memorizing the Work as they should. Also, the officers do not seem to 
be memorizing the traditional Charges, especially the Junior Warden's Charge. Only 
a couple of the lodges in the district adhere to the proper protocol of the Work. 

Protocol for visiting Grand Lodge Officers was adhered to correctly throughout the 

Membership is down this year to 955 from 982 last year. There is no lodge 
suffering any large decreases, rather each lodge has a 2-3 member loss average. 

Finances are not a concern, as all lodges are in good shape financially. The district 
now has 1 1 lodges, as Springfield Lodge No. 259 was darkened this year. Frederick 
Lodge No. 217 may be darkened in the coming year due to lack of attendance. There 
is also a possibility of one or two being darkened in the near future. 

I have tried to promote Grand Lodge programmes throughout the district on my 
visits. I have noted that the lodges that do use Grand Lodge programmes are more 
successful lodges. The majority of lodges that do not promote Grand Lodge 
programmes are missing valuable aids for their members. 

St. John's Lodge No. 104, in Norwich, has an annual Harvest Brunch that is well 
attended by the community. Walsingham Lodge No. 174, in Port Rowan, has several 
community breakfasts throughout the year, including a large one on Labour Day at 
Harbourfest. Vienna Lodge No. 237 has a community breakfast on the 3rd Sunday of 
every month. Erie Lodge No. 149, in Port Dover, has a food booth at each Friday the 
13th Bikers' Celebration. Frederick Lodge No. 217 has an annual luncheon, open to 
the public. Norfolk Lodge No. 10, Simcoe, and Vittoria Lodge No. 359, Vittoria, held 
a St. Patrick's Night of entertainment that was well attended. King Hiram Lodge No. 
78, Tillsonburg, holds an annual Fish Fry each summer and a Christmas Dinner for 
spouses and guests. Dereham Lodge No. 624, Mount Elgin, holds an annual Ladies' 
Night Dinner, with entertainment. 

The district publicity chairman has tried to help all lodges by advising them to 
promote their events and advertise in the local media. 


I am not aware of any long range planning in any of the lodges in the district. It 
does not seem to be a concern of any of the lodges. 

I recommend the continuation of the promotion of Grand Lodge programmes such 
as Mentor, Brother-to-Brother and Friend-to-Friend. I feel these programmes are 
valuable when used, and continued promotion of them will have them in the mind of 
the brethren. 

Since, in the near future, the district will be down to 8 or 9 lodges, I recommend 
that consideration be given to reamalgamating Wilson South District with Wilson North 
District. Since I understand Wilson District North will be losing several lodges, I feel 
an amalgamation would benefit everyone. Inter-district visitations have been on the 
decrease since the district was split a few years ago. 

The District Deputy Grand Master of Wilson North, R.W. Bro. John Ault, has 
been of great assistance to me since my illness. I would like to take this opportunity to 
make Grand Lodge aware of his much appreciated help and thank him. 

I am quite concerned about the decline in membership and lack of attendance in 
lodge. I hope that Grand Lodge will be able to help to turn this around in the near 
future. Getting our older members out to lodge is another concern. Phone calls and 
someone offering to pick them up would bring more of our older members out to 
lodge. Perhaps Grand Lodge could begin a programme to promote this service. 

Another concern is that we are so engrossed with the idea of recruiting new 
members that we do not look at the applicant thoroughly before accepting them for 
membership. I cannot recall in recent memory of an Investigating Committee declining 
any applicants. Many of these new members only come out for a short while and do 
not continue in the lodge . . . nor do they have the commitment or dedication to the 
lodge. Our district has many dedicated brethren who are the backbone that keeps our 
lodges alive. These members are the platform to build our Order on and deserve our 

Windsor District [10 Lodges now 9 J R.W. Bro. Dennis M. O'Leary 

Freemasonry is still alive and reasonably well within the Windsor District. 

Our two smallest lodges, Rose No. 500 and St. Andrew's No. 642 have suffered 
with the loss of key members but both have managed to find a couple of candidates 
and keep their heads above water, and improve the quality of work in their lodges, in 
particular, St. Andrew's Lodge. St. Andrew's Lodge also shows how important a 
good secretary is to the running and well being of a lodge. 

The smaller size of lodges within the district also brings out the best in Masonry 
as brethren continue to assist other lodges in portraying degrees when officer lineups 
are too lean for that lodge to do the work themselves. 

A possible blueprint for other lodges to follow is the way in which Windsor Lodge 
No. 403 makes new members feel that they are a vital part of that lodge through being 
invited to weekly instructional meetings followed by sociability, monthly dinners and 
breakfasts and, in general just being made to feel as a part of the lodge not just 
another member to sit on the sidelines. 

A major concern is the shrinking of membership in the lodges in this district and 
lament the fact that a number of years ago Windsor District was split into Windsor and 
Erie Districts. As our membership declines and lodges find it necessary to amalgamate 
or hand in their Charters, the number of lodges in the two districts may once more 
cause a look at the makeup of these districts to be revisited in the future. 


The daylight lodge continues to be active and a place for retirees to attend lodge 
during the day when health prevents them driving at night. Changing their format to 
a daylight lodge helped prevent Border Cities Lodge from possibly handing in their 

The Windsor District has continued social activities with a most successful Grand 
Master's reception, Ladies' Nights, Christmas Party for members' children and grand- 
children, Canada Day parade participation, and this June will be once more host a 
Brotherhood of Man picnic. 

We have been fortunate to have had our Grand Master attend within the district 
on numerous occasions - Grand Master's Banquet, laying a cornerstone in Dieppe 
Park, and we look forward to his attendance at the picnic in June. 

The success of the Windsor District, as I suspect many other districts, is due to the 
untiring dedication of the core membership who faithfully attend lodges day in and day 


Addresses of Board Members 194 

Addresses of Lodge Secretaries 136—165 

Address of M.W. the Grand Master 22 

Address of Welcome to Grand Lodge 21 

Aitchison, Neil, Guest Speaker (Appendix B) 234 

Anniversary — 150th, Report of Committee on 125 

Annual Communication of G.L., when and where held 5 

Annual Communication of G.L., Lodges represented 7 

Appointment of Committee on Grand Master's Address 36 

Appointment of Grand Lodge Officers 132 

Appointment of Members of Board of General Purposes 132 

Appointment of Scrutineers 60 

Audit and Finance, Report of Board on 103 

Auditor, Report of 49 

Awards (William Mercer Wilson Medal), Report of Committee 110 

Benevolence, Report of Board on 101 

Biography of Grand Master 3 

Blood Donors', Report of Committee on 92 

Board of General Purposes — 

Appointment of Members 132 

Committees of 196 

Election of Members 125 

List of Members 194 

Post Office Address of Members 194 

Buttons Awarded 61 

Centennial Celebrations 28 

Committees 196 

Computer Resources, Report of Committee on 121 

Condition of Masonry, Report of Board on 116 

Constitution and Jurisprudence, Report of Board on 88 

Credentials, Report of Committee on 124 

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Estimates of Receipts and Expenditures for the year ending April 30, 2004 108, 109 

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Fraternal Correspondence 70, 207 

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INDEX 265 

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266 INDEX 

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Visitations 33-36 

Vote of Thanks 134 

William Mercer Wilson Medals Awarded 24 


3 9157 00868070 7 


SfcL Hs s^q 06 P7 ao-o^ 





in the Province of Ontario 

OFFICERS 2003 - 2004 

M.W. Bro. Donald H. Mumby, G.M., 1525 Presnvick Drive Orleans KIE 1S4 

R.W. Bro. Gary L. Atkinson, D.G.M., 579 Main Street Wyoming NON ITO 

R.W. Bro. Douglas A. West, GSW, 17 Cherokee Court Kitchener N2A 3H2 

R.W. Bro. Frederick J. Collins, GJW, 1 Ravine Park Crescent Scarborough MIC 2M1 

R.W. Bro. M. John Moor, G Chap, 280 Turnstone Court Orleans KIE 2V2 

R.W. Bro. T. Richard Davies, G. Treas, 50 Hi-Mount Drive WiUowdale M2K 1X5 

M.W. Bro. Terence Shand, Interim G. Secy, 363 King Street West Hamilton LSP 1B4 

R.W. Bro. Hassan Mohamdee, G Reg, 7 Edgemont Avenue Nepean K2J 3S9 

R.W. Bro. Dale Olm, GD of Cers, 7 Claudet Crescent Ottawa KIG 4R3 

The District Deputy Grand Masters 

Algoma Waino M. Jacobson, 224 Glengary Drive Thunder Bay P7A 7Y6 

Algoma East William J. Vair, 44 Barber Blvd Sault Ste Marie P6A 5T4 

Brant Dan C. Dawson, R.R. 1 (573 Concession 14) Hagersville NOA IHO 

Bruce Kenneth G. Baldwin, R.R. 5 Paisley NOG 2N0 

Chatham Darrell A. McAleece, PO Box 253, R.R. 5 Medin NOP IWO 

Eastern S. Weston Libbey, 1714 Jane Street Cornwall K6J 1X9 

Erie Alfred R. Sykes, PO Box 54 (359 Concession 10) Cottam NOR IBO 

Frontenac George E. Snowden, 1197 Westbrook Road Kingston K7P 2V3 

Georgian North Glen S. Webb, 19 Woodrow Crescent London N6E 1E7 

Georgian South John A. Milne, PO Box 55 (61 Park Cr) Tottenham LOG IWO 

Grey Ronald M. Murdock, PO Box 677 (395 George Street E) . . Durham NOG IRO 

Hamilton A Malcolm Murray, 161 Herkimer Street Hamilton LSP 2H5 

Hamilton B James Kinnear, 5370 Lakeshore Road — Unit 14 Burlington L7L 1C2 

Hamilton C William R. Millar, 40 Chilton Drive Stoney Creek L8J 1M2 

London East Laveme R. Leffler, 8 Haymarket Place London N6C 4Y2 

London West Donald W. Slater, 87 Compton Crescent London N6C 4E9 

Musk-Parry Sound . . . James F. Kirk-White, Box 343 (71 Chetwynd Road) Burks Falls POA ICO 

Niagara A Allister S. MacDonald, 619.Cariton Street St Catharines L2M 4Y3 

Niagara B E. Norton Garrow, 5996 St. Anthony Crescent Niagara Falls L2J 3X5 

Nipissing East Andrew G. Grant, 36 Oakdale Road North Bay PIB 8Y8 

North Huron Richard B. Holder, 225 Henry Lane Palmerston NOG 2P0 

Ontario Barry M. Pedwell, 47 Tamblyn Road Orono LOB IMO 

Ottawa 1 Robert D. Bouchard, 114 McHugo Street Fitzroy Harbour KOA 1X0 

Ottawa 2 Derek McEwen, 577 Cecelia Street Pembroke K8A 1T2 

Peterborough Russell G. Pollock, R.R. 4 (L2 C7 Belmont Twp) Havelock KOL IZO 

Prince Edward Thomas J. Ross, 65 Dunnett Blvd Belleville K8P 4M9 

St Lawrence Giles O. Loshaw, PO Box 129 Athens KOE IBO 

St Thomas Robert J. Cresswell, R.R. 4 (46343 Talbot Line) St Thomas N5P 3S7 

Samia James D. McBean, RR. 1 (2162 Mooreline) Mooretown NON IMO 

South Huron Douglas B. Miners, R.R. 3 Exeter NOM 1S5 

Sudbury-Manitoulin . . . John W. Hodder, 1 Turner Lane Little Current POP IKO 

Temiskaming Thomas J. Henderson, Box 464 Englehart POJ IHO 

Toronto 1 Kenneth B. Bice, 13 Nelkydd Lane Uxbridge L9P lYl 

Toronto 2 Ian McColl, 67 38th Street Toronto M8W 3M2 

Toronto 3 Desmond M. Tutin, 15 Manorwood Road Scarborough MIP 4G6 

Toronto 4 Louie J. Lombardi, R.R. 5 (2600 Concession #8) Claremont LIY 1A2 

Toronto 5 Bruce W. Dickson, 315 Towercrest Drive Newmarket L3Y 1C3 

Toronto 6 Gordon J. Forbes, 79 Compton Crescent Bradford L3Z 2X6 

Toronto 7 Murray D. Lampert, 442 Mill Street Richmond Hill L4C 7X5 

Victoria William A. Elliott, 121 Mary Street West Lindsay K9V 2N7 

Waterioo Roy Chadwick, 572 Strasburg Road Kitchener N2E 1T8 

Wellington Donald R. Clyde, R.R. 2 Ariss NOB IBO 

Western M. Jack Devins, 1312 Valley Drive Kenora P9N 2X2 

Wilson North Murray L. Coulter, 503 Nova Scotia Court Woodstock N4S 8Z3 

Wilson South Alain St. Jacques, 56 Richardson Drive Port Dover NOA 1N4 

Windsor Douglas J. Smith, 944 Watson Avenue Windsor N8S 3T2 

The One Hundred and Forty-ninth Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge A.F. & A.M. of 
Canada, in the Province of Ontario, will be held in the City of Toronto, on Wednesday and Thursday, 
July 21 and 22, 2004. 

Grand Lodge Office: 363 King Street West, Hamilton, Ontario LSP 1B4 
Telephone 905-528-8644 FAX 905-528-6979 E-mail