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Full text of "Graves genealogy traced from Thomas Graves, of Hartford, Connecticut and Hatfield, Massachusetts, one of the family founders in America, ... 1645; down to George Graves ... Rutland, Vermont, 1879 ... with some English ancestors; also Collins genealogy as connected with the Graves family per Joseph Collins of Ira, Vermont ... from ancestors of about the year 1600"

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Traced down from Thomas Graves of Hatfield, 
Mass., A. D., 1645, with some English Ancestors 



As connected with the Graves Family, and traced 
down from about the year 1600 

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Traced from Thomas Graves, of Hartford, Ct., and Hatfield, 
Mass., one of the Family Founders in America, before 
and after the year 1645, down to George Graves and 
Family of Rutland, Vt., in 1879 and later, to- 
gether with some English Ancestors. 



As connected with the Graves Family per Joseph Collins of 

Ira, Vt., and North Granville, N. Y., since the year 

1826, and as traced down from Ancestors of about 

the year 1600. 

burlington, vt. : 

Free Press Printing Company, 


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Much of the following statistics of the Graves Family has 
been taken from Boltwood's ""Genealogy of Hadley (Mass.) 
Families," 1862; from John C. Graves' "Genealogy of the Graves 
Family in America," vol. I, 1896; and from the Records of the 
Family of George Graves, of Rutland, V^t. Besides other con- 
tributions of the Family, the following relatives have given valu- 
able aid, viz. : Mrs. E. L. Bomeisler, of Brooklyn, N. Y. ; Mrs. 
Percival Wood Rice, of Cleveland, Ohio. See also an Illustrated 
Work, in two volumes, by the Misses Graves, of Morristown, 
N. J., a copy of which is held by the Rev. James Taylor Graves, 
of Chicago, Ills. ; compiled in 1905-6. Another member of the 
Graves Family, James M. Crafts, deceased, of Orange. Mass., 
gave much invaluable information and aid for the volume by 
John C. Graves. This present genealogy (including that of the 
Collins connection) is as accurate and complete as the spare time 
of the compiler for several years would permit. He would be 
grateful for the notice of any mistakes or omissions when found, 
which may be sent to him at Burlington, or Grand Isle, Vt. 

Gemont Graves, 

of Generation VIII. 

Nov. 8, 191 1. 

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These small tributes of love and respect to the Families Con- 
cerned are humbly dedicated to the memory of our beloved and 
highly esteemed Parents, George Graves and Lucretia Adaline 
Collins, his wife, of Generation VII, who, I trust look down 
with favor, from their home in Paradise, upon this sincere attempt 
of one of their children to perpetuate their honored Names, also 
in connection with those of their Ancestors and Descendants. 
"May they all rest in Peace, and Perpetual Light shine upon 
them."— G. G. 



"The family of Graves is one of the most ancient in England. 
It went in with the Norman army, and its members have been 
named De Grezns, De Greves, Greve, Grave, Grcares, Greevcs, 
and Graves." It was of French extraction, and its name came 
probably from the fact that the founders were engravers of 
progfress, and marked as pioneers of civilization. "The family 
lived in early days in that part of England now known as 
Counties Lincoln, Nottingham, Derby and York, occupying the 
northern part of the three first named, and the southern part of 
York. The first recorded family seat was known as Greves or 
Greaves, in the parish of Beeley, near Chetsworth, in the north- 
ern part of Derbyshire, and a few miles from the southern 
boundary of York, where the family resided as early as the reign 
of Henry III (1216-1272). John Greaves, a descendant, in the 
reign of Elizabeth (1558-1602), became a purchaser of 'Beeley,' 
a quaint old house with an enclosed court, on the hill above Beeley. 
and now known as 'Hill top' ; and it was occupied as a family 
seat until about 1664. when it was sold to John, Earl of Rutland. 

"In the little church at 'Beeley,' within the altar rails, is a 
fine flat stone, on which are cut the coat of arms of the Family, 
the motto 'Supcrna Oiiaero,' and the following inscription: 

'This marble stone doth presse, but not oppresse the body of 
John Greaves, of Greaves, Esq., who was always the true son of 
the Church of England, merciful and charitable to the poor, pa- 
tient and courageous in tedious sickness, and at length, being 
full of faith and hope, did exchange this troublesome world for 
a better, upon the 13th day of October, in the year of our Lord. 
1694. Ann, his wife. b. of Geo. Bird, of Stenly Hall, Gent., ob. 
May 25, 1700.' 

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Gflwes Genealogy 5 

"From the visitations of Derbyshire, in the College of Arms, 
and from jVISS. in the British Museum, the descent of the early 
founders of the family" may be had. "The family had early 
scattered over the surrounding country." 

"At Kings Norton, in Worcester County, in the Chapel, is 
found a large monument to Sir Richard Greves, Kt., with crest, 
who" died in 1631. From John Grave, of Cleckheaton, Birstall, 
West Riding of Yorkshire, as early as Edward IV (1461-83^ 
descended several of the most prominent families in Great 
Britain." One list of early founders contains 14 names (A. D.. 
1200-1694). x\nother list has 13 names of the family of Graves, 
of Mickleton ^Manor (1461-1855). 

"The Graves Family in Ireland was founded by Colonel 
William Graves, son of Richard Graves (No.) 4. in Mickleton 
family pedigree," in 1649-50. Of this family was the Very Rev. 
Richard Graves, b. in 1763. author of a work on the "Pentateuch," 
and his son, Dr. Robert James Graves, "the famous Dublin phy- 
sician" ; the Rt. Rev. Charles Graves, Bishop of Limerick, b. in 
1812; Alfred Percival Graves, the poet, b. in 1846; and others, 
making nine in the list. Another branch of descendants from 
Col. Wm. Graves, has seven names, including in one family one 
son and four grandsons, all admirals : also two other admirals, one 
of whom was Lord Thomas Graves. Baron of Gravesend, Co. 
Londonderr}-, who died in 1802 ; and three other Lords, his suc- 
cessors. A third branch in Ireland was founded by Rich.ard 
Graves, descendant of Col. William Graves, having a list of 
four names. 

The above sketch concludes with these words : "The Family 
in Great Britain has produced men distinguished as Scholars. 
Divines, Military and Naval Commanders, Barristers, and Busi- 
ness Men, a vigorous and loyal race, but not a self-seeking one; 
and the same can be said of the American branches." 


:"ij. ■ ,■' "• / ■ '•' :. I! jiiK'. .r: - : -:J 



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■i'"' r-n i.\ %'. I •«•;> 

ri.j «1 iiTifij' /',, >\C!lfiiitiO 

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Graves Genealogy 

In the preface of the volume containing the above extract, 
which vohime the author says, is the resuh of "twenty years' 
labor," he adds, "The genealogy of but one of the six g'reat 
families descended from those who settled in this country at a 
very early day, has been completed, and has been presented in this 
volume. The other five volumes are nearing completion. (This 
was in 1896). ["Genealogy of the Graves Family in America, 
i896,"by J. C.Graves]. 



"The distinctive Arms of the Graves Family are : 'Gu. an 
eagle displayed or, ducally crowned arg/ " 


"A demi-eagle, displayed and erased or, enfiled round the 
body and below the wings by a ducal coronet arg." 

Variations may be found ; but they almost always retain as 
quarterings, the distinctive Arms of the Family, the eagle dis- 
played or. 

Various mottoes have been adopted ; some used exclusively, 
and others not. 


1. "Aquila XON" captat muscas." 
"aouila xox capit muscas." 

2. "Graves disce mores." 

3. "Gravis dum suavis. 

4. "Spes mea in Deo." 

5. "Dum spiro, spero." 

6. "Deo, nox fortuna.' 

The eagle catches not 

Learn grave manners. 

Graves, mind (your) 

Grave while suave (or 

My hope is in God. 
While I breathe. I 

Through God, not by 



ac Ui'*' jit. : 

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!>.• ■ •■ .-i, .)<:'S r-:i I .■.:. 

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'/.-i. i^'!.: <'•■•.:>■■ .1 

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l<i .-> 

8 Graves Geneau)gy 

7. ''Esse quam videri." To be, rather than to 


8. "Huic HABEO, NON TiBi." . I hold to this one, not 

to thee. 

9. "Per sinum Codanum." Through the Gulf of 


10. "Spero ixfestis, metuo secundis." I hope in adversity, in 

prosperity I fear. 

11. "Superxa quaerite." Seek things above. 

12. "SuPERNA ouaero." I seek Heavenly things. 

13. "Suprema ouaero." I seek the highest 

[The above from the same volume]. 

=/-..;^ s^*!- .e 


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;ir/.-' ' )'.y!yi':r." .n 


Traced from Thomas Graves, I, of Hatfield, Mass., A. D. 
1645- ^' :*^c -., . ^'' ' '■ ■■ ' 


Thomas Graves. Founder of this branch of the familv in 
the United States. He came from England before the year 1645, 
with his wife, Sarah, four sons, and one daughter; all the chil- 
dren having been born in England. ,\Settled in Hartford. Conn., 
afterward in Hatfield, ^Nlass., and died there in November, 1662. 
aged over 76 years. He was a farmer. Highly esteemed, as 
a noble man, and a very worthy citizen of modest claims and de- 
portment. His children's names were Isaac, John, Samuel, 
Nathaniel, and Elizabeth. His second son was 


John Graves, ist, of Wethersfield, Conn., and Hatfield, Mass. 
Married, ist, Mary, daughter of Lieut. Samuel Smith; 2d, !Mary, " 
widow of John Wyatt, of Haddam, Conn. He had ten diildren 
mostly by his first wife. He was a civil engineer as well as . 
farmer, a man "of probity and education." He and his brother 
Isaac, were killed by Indians, Sept. 19,' 1677, in King Philip's 
War. His first child was 


John Graves, 2d, of Wethersfield, Conn., and Hatfield, Mass. 
By his wife, Sarah, daughter of John White, Jr., he had ten 
children. He died in 1730, or later. Their second child and first 
son was — ■■ — 

)l - 

' ' ,v t<_. 

\f-l J 

\\-J /^.i. 

— - — rj^ ft 

10 Graves Genealogy 


John Graves, 3d, of Hatfield. Mass. Born in 1681-82. 
Married Jemima Graves. Their one child, a son. was 

GEN. V. 

Nathan Graves, of Whately. Ms. Lived on "Chestnut 
Mountain." ^Married Leonard, daughter of Joseph and Lydia 
(Leonard) Scott. Had twelve children. He and his six sons 
were famous hunters and marksmen. A soldier in the French 
and Indian War in 1757 ; also, with his son Nathan, in the War 
of the Revolution. Was a Church deacon. His youngest son 


Daniel Gr.-wes, of Whately, Ms., and Ira, Vt. In 1792, 
married Lois, daughter of Adam and Lois Rice, of Ira, also of 
Sheldon, Vt. She died January 15, 1849, at her son Harvey's in 
Louisville, N. Y., aged 81 years ; a person of much mental 
activity and of a very charitable disposition. He died suddenly 
in Ira, October 11, 1833, aged 64 years. Was captain of 
militia ( ?) ; member of the Vermont Legislature; postmaster; 
hotel keeper ; and carried on several other kinds of business. A 
prominent and highly respected citizen. They had ten children ; 
four died early (one by drowning) ; those living to adult age 
were: Daniel, Jr., Loretta (a much loved daughter), Harz'ey. 
George, Edivard (who died, a life-long cripple, at his brother 
George's), Louisa, who married Abner Fenn. All deceased. 
His fifth son was 


George Graves, of Ira, and Rutland, Vt. Born in Ira, Vt., 
September 26th. 1803 (his father's birth-day). Married Decem- 
ber 17, 1826, in Ira, Lucretia Adaline, daughter of Dea. Joseph 

i ;;■ i ^>- :■';•':: i'J'~6n'-'*J ; 

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J.^ ;> j:i;/;An 

;^vivy/. .{Li-^ !■■ 

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■y> -.h-AjOKi 


'1., . ;:..! .'■:il .r.i' 

(...;■. '.r'.i. 

' I r- 

lii: . !..'•■ ' ) . ; 1 ! p' 

Graves Genealogy 11 

and Arabilla (Bromley) Collins. She was born in Ira, Septem- 
ber 7th, 1806; died in Rutland. June 2, 1879, aged. nearly -]7^ years. 
At their Golden Wedding in Rutland, in 1876. all their children, 
with grandchildren, were present, beginning with the Holy Com- 
munion. She was a gentlewoman of recognized worth and refine- 
ment, of practical piety and having quiet yet effective influence. 
a lover of her family and her Church and of the good and beau- 
tiful. George, her husband, moved to Rutland, with his family in 
March, 1832. He was very active and successful in several 
departments of business ; as a manufacturer of leather, he re- 
ceived a diploma from the State Fair for twenty of its best 
varieties; captain of militia; a strong anti-slavery man, and 
friend of the poor and of education ; senior warden and vestry- 
man of Trinity Church, Rutland. He died in Rutland, April 4, 
1879 (the 6th Friday in Lent), aged nearly 76 years, and was 
buried in Evergreen Cemetery in the family lot chosen and pre- 
pared by him. They both deserv^e to be numbered among the 
Founders of the Graves Family, of which he was a most loyal and 
ardent member. They had eight children, three dying earlv in 
life — Litcretia, Arrabelle, Daniel Heber. These lived to adult 
years: Gemont, Charles Enimit (now deceased), George Edgar, 
Emily (now deceased), Lucy. Their names here follow in the 
order of their births, being of 


I. Gemont Graves, of Rutland, and Burlington, Vt., (and 
many other places where he served as clergyman). Born in Ira. 
Vt., Nov. 8, 1827 ; (and named in part for his father George, and 
in part from his native state, Vermont). Fitted for college chiefly 
by the Rev. Dr. John A. Hicks, of Rutland ; entered Aliddlebury 
College in 1843, spending some two years there ; graduating at 
Trinity College, Hartford, Ct., in 1849, ^"d receiving afterward 
the degree of M. A., from both colleges, and that of S. T. D.. 
from Trinity. Graduating from the General Theological Sem- 

-> Uvi 

1i/)l ■'■: 

'■':?: ^t };-'.i^>TfS 

■■jii'wc ■;i\»ii; '0 '^'i- JO 

>! I.o1;f'H 

'- 1. 

12 Graves Genealogy 

inary of New York City, lie was ordained deacon and priest by 
Bishop Hopkins, of Vermont, in 1853 and '54. He retired from 
the active ministry of the Church, in 1901, at the age of 74, and 
since then has served in Mission or Hospital work, according- to 
needs and opportunities. He has labored chiefly in Vermont, 
spending his last years mostly in Burlington, Vt. On (St. Simon 
and St. Jude's day) October 2S. 1858, he married Maria, daughter 
of the Hon. Phinehas and Maria (Cotton") Moulton, of West 
Randolph, \'t. She was born there, May 27, 1832, and died in 
Burlington. October 21, 1910, aged nearly 79 years. She was a 
most faithful wife and mother, of large heart and brilliant mind, 
devoted to the Church and to the sick and needy. "She hath 
done what she could." "It shall be spoken of for a memorial of 
her," (St. Mark 14: 8. 9). They celebrated their Golden Wedding. 
Oct. 28, 1908, in Burlington, Vt., every child and grandchild 
being present, and all adults receiving the Holy Communion. 
Their seven children were as follows : Mane Moulton, Ernest 
Collins, Lilian Carol, George, Hannon Sheldon, Charlotte Wil- 
liams, Dudley Chase. AW lived to adult years, except Ernest 
Collins who died an infant. 

2. Arrabelle Graves (named for her grandmother Col- 
lins). Born in Ira. May 28, 1829. Died in Rutland, July 17, 
1836, aged over 7 years. For a child, she was mature in thoughts, 
and words, of God and Heaven. 

3. Charles Emmit Graves, of Rutland, Vt., and New 
Haven, Conn. Born in Ira, Dec. 10. 1830. Fitted for college 
mainly under the Rev. Dr. Hicks, oi Rutland. Entered Middle- 
bury College in 1846, staying over Iwo years, and graduated at 
Trinity College, Hartford, in 1850. Having received the degree 
of M. A. from both colleges. Trinity gave him LL. D., in 1905. 
He married June 23, 1858, Sarah Laurence, daughter of Ephraim 
and Mary (King) Buttrick, of Cambridge, Mass. He was 
treasurer and trustee of Trinity Cofllege for many years ; senior 

'lu. -'u'y,nj'.'i 

■ '■... 'J..I 

nij:',') .HI . 
.,c. ^ i.- 


y_.'- r ->'"■' 


1 ■•. ^ ,vii:ik>\) 

•■'■:>. . .:;ru 


I to 

Graves Genealogy 13 

warden of Trinity Church, New Haven, Conn. ; member of the 
General Convention of the Church. A lawyer by profession, he 
was a wise counsellor and a just; and his clear head and sound 
judgment, with his patriotic heart, enabled him to be of much 
service to his College, to his Church, and to the State. After a 
very useful and honorable life, he died (on Maundy Thursday), 
April 12, 1906. The funeral was at his New Haven home; his 
burial in Evergreen Cemetery, Rutland, Vt. They had six chil- 
dren, all, except one, living to adult years, viz. : Edzcard Buttrick, 
George Heher, Walter Greenivood, Charles Herbert {deceased), 
Arthur Collins, Richard Stayner. 

4. LucRETiA Graves (named for her mother, and in 
memory of her great-aunt Bromley). Born in Rutland, August 
25, 1832; where she died, May 14. 1833, aged over 8 months. 

5. George Edgar Graves, of Rutland, and Washington, 
D. C. Born in Rutland, April 6th, 1834. Educated mostly in 
Rutland at the select schools of Miss Charlotte E. Williams, and 
the Rev. Dr. Hicks. In Rutland he was a partner in his father's 
business, also a pharmacist. In the Civil War he was appointed 
by President Lincoln. Commissary of Subsistence, with the rank 
of captain. He married, ist, Mar\- Louise, daughter of Ben- 
jamin Franklin and Clara Virginia (Hagar) Niles of Wilming- 
ton, Del., on September 7th, 1859 (his mother's birth-day). Their 
four children were : Clara Hagar, Robert Collins, Emily Adaline 
{deceased), Charles Emmit. She died January 4, 1871, beloved 
by all. He married, 2d, Mary Elizabeth, daughter of Harmon A. 
and- Mary (Bass) Sheldon, of Middlebury. Vt., June 25, 1873. 
They had one child, Sheldon Heber. Of late years Capt. Graves 
has been in Government employ at Washington, D. C. 

6. Emily Graves. Born in Rutland, January 7th. 1837. 
Educated at Rutland Academy, and at St. ;Mary's Hall, Burling- 
ton, N. J. Married November 2, 1870, the Rev. William Henry 
Collins, of Warren, R. I. They had two chidren: William 

-•:v.: a t 
i ■ ■/ ':■-■ ■:-.■ .V Jin 

I ; : . ■ M •. ■ ■ . : ■ 
. >• ^. ■/ ;"■.',• ■; I. ' ' 
>': ' ■' . ' .' . -/.iV.'.''. - : ■■ 

■ f ,- '.;ff- 

: ': rahi!^ n''. 

I T^'- •-/■■ ).. V'.!; .■, ..;., 

14 Graves Genealogy 

French; Emily (who died very early). They lived in Vergennes. 
and Brattleboro. \'t. She died at her son's in East Orange, N. J., 
on February 6th, 1902. aged 65 years. He died in Brattleboro, 
September, 1900. They both were well known for their sterling 
virtues and literary tastes and acquirements : he excelling as a 
pastor and preacher. By his first wife, Annie Reed, of Rehoboth, 
Mass., deceased, the Rev. W. H. Collins had one child, who died 
very early. 

7. Daniel Heber Graves (named for his grandfather 
Graves, and for Archbishop Heber, of Calcutta). Born in Rut- 

'land, January 3, 1842. where he died June 28, 1842, aged nearly 
6 months. 

8. Lucy Gr.wes. Bom in Rutland, May 12, 1843. Edu- 
cated in Rutland, at Miss C. E. Williams' School, and at the 
High School. She married, on September 29th (All Angels' 
day), 1869, Edward Lowe Temple, of Rutland, author, Supt. of 
Public Schools, and treasurer of the Marble Savings Bank, and 
of the Diocese of Vermont. She became very useful in Church 
and literary circles. Lived in Rutland, and Washington, D. C. 
Their children were four: Grenvillc, Arthur IVinthrop (both early 
deceased), Edith Graves, Edzi'ard Clarence. 


I. Children of Gemont Gr.wes and Maria (Moulton) 
HIS wife. 


I. Marie Moulton Gr.wes. Born in Hamilton, N. Y., 
November 21. 1861. Graduated at the High School, Burlington, 
in 1880; studied also in New Haven, Conn. Teacher in Public 
Schools. r^Iarried, June 10, 1890, the Rev. John Henry Hopkins 
(afterward D, D.), of Burlington. Became President of the 


ft') .'.i'H!-'!*-':! C''.i-"- 'oorii^ri ^'f^''- 

inuiiny / 10 

I .. ; w*. I .. ■( ;/. «; -^ J 

'•'Ji* -J. 

•;i"/.;^:/:Hi^ '^r 

. i.- 11' 


/ 'j: 

Graves Genealogy 15 

Chicago Branch of the Woman's Auxiliary, and filled other 
important offices in Church and society. Present residence, 
Chicago, 111. Author of a Sketch of her Mother's life. 

2. Ernest Collins Graves. Born in Middlebury. Vt., 
May 13, 1865, where he died. November 8th, 1865 (his father's 
birth-day), aged nearly 6 months. 

3. LiLLAN Carol Graves. Born in Middlebury, Vt. 
("Passion Sunday"), April 7, 1867. Educated at the BurUngton 
Grammar and High Schools, and at St. Agnes' School, Bellows 
Falls, Vt. A teacher in Public Schools. Married, ist, Charles 
Pierpont Phelps, of Burlington. February 25, 1893. Married. 2d, 
John William Carroll, of New York City, March 20, 1907. By 
her second marriage, they had a child. Allace Chase (named for 
her great-great-grandmother Cotton ) . who was bom in New York 
City, Easter (Sunday) night, April 12, 1909. 

4. George Graves (named for his grandfather Graves). 
Born in Middlebury, Vt., November 15, 1868. Graduated at 
the Burlington High School, and was over a year in the Univer- 
sity of Vermont. Married Vance P. Kelley, of Burlington, on 
Easter Monday, April 16, 1900. She was daughter of George W. 
and Sarah Elizabeth (Beers) Kelley. For some years, and is 
now, an officer in the Savings Bank of Hartford, Conn. Chil- 
dren : George, Jr., born in Hartford, September 22, 1903 ; Gar- 
ritt Van Antwerp (named for his great-great-grandfather Beers), 
born in Hartford. Februan,' 23, 1906. 

5. H.\rmon Sheldon Gr.wes (named for a dear Middle- 
bury friend). Born in Cambridge. N. Y., October 4, 1870. 
Graduated at the Burlington High School : at Trinity College, 
Hartford, in 1892; and at the Yale Law School, in 1894, receiv- 
ing the Townshend Prize. In college was captain of baseball 
and football teams. Married Elizabeth Katharine, daughter of 
Artemas Elijah and Katharine Agnes Olivia (Lichfield) Hart, 
of Hartford, June 7, 1898. He is a New York lawyer, living in 

J/ .-lu'-l 

'■ -V 

"■ .'; !'v; -r 

'vi .<:.. 

>.:V. \,i':''. 

:. .-:«.:' 

■:p, tJil 



,.:,'■ 1 ■ 

n "■ •"'hi 

a .n> 

'■- ;'r-.> 


- ■ 1 ' 

'ill i . ■ 

'• -'■■ ■\,-\ 


W nv ,. 


16 Graves Genealogy 

Rye, N. Y. Children: Harmon Sheldon, Jr., born March 25, 
1899, (Annun. B. V. M.), in Hartford; John Hart, born January 
9, 1905, in New Rochelle, N. Y. 

6. Charlotte Williams Graves (named for a dear Rut- 
land friend). Born in Arlington, Vt. (Rogation Monday), May 
19, 1873. Graduated at the Burlington High School, and became 
a teacher in the city schools. ^^larried Lieut, (afterward Captain) 
Lincoln Clarke Andrews, U. S. A., of Fort Ethan Allen, \'t. 
One child: John Graves, born July 22, 1904, at West Point, 
N. Y. Is now resident in N. Y. City. 

7. Dudley Chase Graves (named for his mother's great- 
uncle). Born in Arlington, Vt., September 26th, 1875 fthe 
birth-day of his grandfather, and great-grandfather, Graves). 
Graduated at the Burlington High School, and in 1898, at Trinity 
College, Hartford. He is now in a Hartford banking house. 

n. Children of Charles Em mitt Graves and Sarah 
Lawrence (Buttrick), his wife. 


1. Edward Buttrick Graves. Born in Rutland, Vt., June 
22, 1859. Fitted for college at the Hopkins Grammar School, 
New Haven. Conn. Graduated at Yale University in 1881. and 
at its Law School in 1884. Is now a lawyer in St. Paul, Minn. 

2. George Heber Graves (named in part for Archbishop 
Heber, of Calcutta). Born in Rutland, March 25, (Annun. 
B. V, M.), 1861. Fitted for college at the Hopkins Grammar 
School, New Haven, Conn. Graduated at Yale University in 
1882, and was a student, two years, in the Sheffield Scientific 
School. Married January 17, 1901, Mary Caroline, daughter of 
Zalmon and Caroline Emma (Fay) Goodsell, of Bridgeport, 
Conn., where he is now a manufacturing chemist. They have 
one child: Caroline, born October 11, 1901. 

'/. \ . V3\X. "^4 o 

>:,'•. -1 ■ 

I-' '■. ■iTi.tri'; ri) "; .''f.iv oaO :r':;'i;;^ r.^i--.. 



/ .c- 

;i^ .\M.\-\'-- r\ i-i v.^ tl ' r^jJN'jij;' 

II T.K-f ' ( n..; 

j^. s:'.' 

Graves Genealogy IT 

3. Walter Greenwood Graves. Born in Rutland, Vt., 
May 19, 1865. Fitted for college at jthe Hopkins Grammar 
School, Xew Haven, Conn. Graduated at Yale University in 
1886. Studied chemistry at the Sheffield Scientific School, New 
Haven. Manufacturing chemist at Cleveland, Ohio. 

4. Charles Herbert Graves. Born in New Haven, Conn., 
on June 21, 1867. Died there May 25, 1868, aged 11 months. 

5. Arthur Collins Graves. Born in New Haven, Conn., 
August 2, 1869. Fitted for colleg'e at the New Haven High 
School. Graduated at Trinity College, Hartford, in 1891, and 
at the Yale Law School in 1893, being one of the Townshend 
orators. Is a lawyer in New Haven. 

6. Richard Staynek Gr.wes. Born in New Haven, Conn., 
on March 18, 1872. Fitted for college at the New Haven High 
School. Graduated at Trinity College, Hartford, in 1894; also 
M. D. at the Yale Medical School in 1897. Practised medicine 
with much success. Is now a manufacturing chemist at Ham- 
mond, Ind. 

III. Children of George Edgar Graves and Mary Louise 

(NiLEs), his wife. 

OF GEN. IX. • 

I. Clara Hagar Graves (named for her aunt Hagar). 
Born in Rutland, Vt., July 26, i860. Educated at the Rutland 
Schools. Married July 28, 1886, George Burt Spencer, of Rut- 
land. They had seven children, viz. : A babe, born in Rutland, 
April 20, 1887, (died very soon) ; Harold Niles, born in Minne- 
apolis, Minn., February 10, 1889: Judith, born in Minneapolis, 
February 12, 1890; Mary Louise, born in Minneapolis, Septem- 
ber 9, 1892; Margaret, born in Minneapolis. May 17, 1894; 
Philip Graves, born in Minneapolis, August 16, 1895; George 
Burt, born in St. Paul, Minn., May 16, 1899. 

']•'>:. uru" 


:>!>! -o 

.'■Hi ,1*.)' 

I?. I T.>.i V"«Ai/- u/:'. '.: -f.^O .«/-.<]"] 


/i ./::^ 

"/: -{111 

r> -!♦><) 

18 Gravies Genealogy 

2. Robert Collins Graves (his Collins name being for hi? 
paternal grandmother's family). Born in Rutland, Vt., Januar\' 
i8, 1865. Educated in the Rutland Public Schools. Was a clerk 
in the Rutland Post Office. Is now a member of the Banking 
House of Marshall and Mclllsley, Milwaukee, Wis. Married 
September 28, 1898, Ella M. Holmes, of Milwaukee. Their 
children, three : Robert Niles (his Niles name being for his 
maternal grandfather's family), born in Milwaukee, November 
28, 1900; Alice Holmes, born in Milwaukee. September 8. 1902, 
(Nativity of B. V. M.) ; Louise Niles (named for her grand- 
mother), born in Milwaukee, April 13, 1906 (Good Friday). 

3. Emily Ad.\line Graves (named Adaline for her pa- 
ternal grandmother). Born in Rutland, Vt., October 19. 1866. 
and died there November 19, 1866, aged one month. 

4. Charles Emmit Graves (named for his uncle Charles). 
Bom in Rutland. November 16, 1868. Died in Butte, Montana. 
February 15. 1905, aged 2i7 years. Unmarried. Burial in Ever- 
green Cemetery, Rutland, Vt. 

HI. Children of George Edgar Graves and Mary Eliza- 
beth (Sheldon), his (second) wife. 


A son, Sheldon Heber Graves (named for his mother's 
family, and for Archbishop Heber. of Calcutta). Born in Rut- 
land, Vt., September 14, 1883. Prepared for college at the Cor- 
coran Scientific School, Washington, D. C, and graduated at the 
George Washington College. D. C, in 1904. Is now Assistant 
Examiner in the U. S. Patent Office, Washington. 

IV. Children of Emily (Graves) and the Rev. William 
Henry Collins, her husb.and. 

.1 . 

fii ■;;'■', 

'!.;:, -m Ik 

lr>'-;;.;rr,. ,» 

/ ■,;■ 

.y':'fV.' ('tt^i'-^U'^o; ' 

fT >.;u 'iOl ;i^r-!.(^-( 

M'l! 1 .•■>>C-}-i":^ -i no.' / 

w,'// .<">] 

J :.nAiH 

Graves Genealogy 19 


1. William Frexch Collins. Born in Rutland, Vt., 
March 26, 1872. Fitted for college at the High School of Brat- 
tleboro, V't. Graduated at Trinity College, Hartford, in 1893. 
Was a journalist in Springfield, Mass., Hartford, Conn.. Worces- 
ter, Mass.. and is now on the editorial stall of the "Bz'ening 
Nezvs," Newark, N. J., residing in East Orange. He married, 
May 22, 1900, x\lice Derfla. daughter of Alfred P. and Alice H. 
Howes of Utica, N. Y. They have one child: William Howes 
Collins, born x\pril 2-/, 1908, in East Orange. N. J. 

2. Emily Margaret Collins. Born October 9, 1877; died 
October 11, 1877, aged 2 days. Buried in Evergreen Cemetery, 

V. Children of Lucy (Graves) and Edward Lowe Tem- 
ple, HER husband. 


1. Grenville Temple (a family name). Born. in Rutland, 
Vt, December 9, 1871. Died there June 22, 1873. aged i>4 years. 

2. Arthur Winthrop Temple. Born in Rutland, March 
31, 1875. Died there July 23, 1877, aged nearly 2M years. 

3. Edith Graves Temple. Born in Rutland, August 2, 
1879. Educated at the Rutland Public Schools and Bishop Hop- 
kins Hall, Burlington, Vt. 

4. Edward Clarence Temple. Born in Rutland, April 28. 
1886. Educated chiefly in the Rutland Public Schools. Is now 
a U. S. Deputy Marshal in the- Supreme Court of the District of 

.■/J>u\^^ ) 

.1 I'.U/ .'JO.'] 

i I /..{-ivMi;, .; . / 

li: ' /; I "-U'l ":; I j.ijc'v' jjuJ .! 

J":-;/' ■ .iOl' i .'.\6' ,v' 

'.iioDeJvf . .«V 


'"< llur'- , 

■ i.i.' -'J 

i;t-.'-ii^t; -jfi; T 

20 Graves Genealogy 


(A few of these names occur in the foregoing lists). 

In Family Groups. 



Daniel Graves, Jr., and Almira L. (Rogers), his wife, of 
Ira and Wells, Vt., and ^larengo, Illinois. Both deceased. Their 
eight children, viz. : Henry Clay (bom on the same day as his 
cousin Gemont, Nov. 8, 1827) ; a child, deceased; Orson Rogers, 
deceased; Maria Ja)ie (Hale) ; Mary Adclia (McSears) ; Elisha 
Rogers, deceased; Anson Rogers, Bishop of Kearney, Neb.; 
Daniel, ^d. Daniel, Jr., the father, was a man of rare mental 
ability and invention. 


Bishop x\nson Rogers Graves and Mary Totten 
(Watrous), his wife, of Kearney, Neb. Their children, six: 
Frederick Daniel, a priest in the Episcopal Church, married 

Denslov/, of New York City ; Margaret, married Rev. 

G. G. Bennett; Eliot Varnnm; Gertrude; David Watrous; Paul. 



H.xRVEY Graves and Celinda (Russell), his wife, of Chase's 
Mills, St. Lawrence Co., N. Y. Both deceased. Their six chil- 
dren : Louise Celinda, deceased; George Merritt; Martha Maria 
(Tuttle) ; Mary Armenia (Polly) ; Horace Everett, deceased; 
Ellen Eli::a (Gary), deceased. 

;/ . i^iui' . ai!! V i'-J 

'^ .'"^ 

.8 '* J oh;:; 

■■?.v.-,-r » 

Graves Genealogy 21 


George Merritt Graves and Sarah (Wood), his wife, of 
Chase's Mills, St. Lawrence Co., N. Y. Six children : Francis 
Edgar; Elmer Russell; Grace Delia (Mrs. Lieut. R. E. Herring-, 
U. S. A.). 



Louisa Abigail (Graves) and Abner Fexn, her husband, of 
West Rutland, Vt. They had four children : Francis, married 

Eva Spalding- of Rutland, deceased; Edivard, married 

and had children, deceased : De IVitt, died young; Adaline, named 
for her aunt Graves, married Ladd. 

Note. — Other Relatives or Connections are to be noted in an 
Appendix which it is hoped may follow this Genealogy. 

rib ' -.:i /.;. 




Traced down from about A. D. 1600, and as con- 
nected with the GRAVES Family since the 
year 1826, with ancestry from Scit- 
uate, or Warwick, R. I. 



.1 .>i ,v-ljjv/;i,!,''/»' ;«^ ,: 



The following statistics of the Collins Family [including- 
some of the Bromley Family], were mostly given to the Compiler 
by his venerable Grandfather, Dea. Joseph Collins, in the summer 
of 1847, at Rutland. Vt. (and afterward by members of his fam- 
ily) ; and the record then made has been preserved. Important 
information of the early Collins settlers has been give by Mr. 
Otis Ashmore, Supt. of Public Instruction. Savannah, Georgia. 
Other help has also been obtained from Family sources. Accuracy 
has been sought, also fullness of detail as far as time and space 
would allow. Of any mistakes or omissions that may be found, 
notice would be thankfully received by the Compiler at Burlington, 
or Grand Isle, Vt. 

Gemont Graves. 

of Generation VIII. 

Nov. 8, 191 1. 

:H vcj 


;v<, .;;',.>•;;:>;. -si) 

-jri 'I v]i!j:»T, -.' Mi ..;,iov/ •^:?jt'm 
1/ 3kT './iJiiOio 

i iv»i .8 . 40/: 


Traced down from about the year 1600 : also more especially, 
from the year 1S26, through the Line of Dea. Joseph Collins, of 
Ira, Vt., and North Granville, N. Y. 

Some Traditions of the Collins Family 

The Collins Family came over from the Port of London, 
England, in the ship "Abigail," in the year 1635. It is said to 
have originated in the north of Ireland. It settled first in the 
town of Scituate, near Providence, R. I. This family, with the 
Mason Family who came over in the same ship, and the Sherman 
Family who came over the year after; moved to Nova Scotia. 
after the war with Canada, where they had lands given them by 
the Government, and "lived on grindstones and codfish."' The 
Shermans "came back"' to Ira, Vt.. in 1770; Benoni Collins came 
to Ira in 1786, and his father, Thomas Collins, 3d, came earlier. 
Christopher Foster and family came over in the same ship with 
the Collins and Masons. The Collins in that ship were listed as 
follows: "Henry Collins, (age) 29 yrs., starch maker; Uxor,"' 
(wife), "Anne Collins, 30 yrs. ; 3 children : Henry Collins. 5 yrs., 
Joe Collins, 3 yrs., Margery Collins, 2 yrs. ; June 30. in Ship 
Abigail, and five servants." This family may have been the first 
of the Collins to arrive and settle in this country. [From Mr. 
Otis Ashmore's Notes of Information given by his father-in-law, 
Mr. Wm. H. Collins, formerly of Ira, Vt., and great-grandson of 
Thomas Collins, 3d]. See "Vital Records of Rhode Island," 
Warwick, 1636-1850; also "Lineage of Hoyt Post." of Detroit, 
Mich, (whose mother was a Collins), 1908. 

' >:r."' i 

\":-:\j Jit.' 

1 ■ ■',' •_•. ri;i .";iw y'f, 

I . r .rtUiL. 

'uy i ijji.'o 

-. -rr 

_. •'-n'rA 


-!.'■ .^'.^'I-- 


From about 1600 to the present time. 

Note. — The first three Generations here following are re- 
ported as (probably) authentic. The Henry Collins who came 
from London in 1635, had a wife ''Anne," and children. What 
relation he was to the "Ann" here next following seems uncertain. 


Colli xs . 

Ann Collins, his wife. She married, 2d, John Smith, of 
Warwick, R. L, who was President of that Colony in 1649. She 
died in Warwick, November 2, 1678. A son by her first marriage 


Lieut. Elizur Collins. Born in 1622, died in 1683. Mar- 
ried Sarah Wright. Five children : Thomas (ist), Elizur, William, 
Ann, Elizabeth. She married, 2d, John Potter, of Warwick, in 
1685. Their first son was 

Thomas Collins, ist. Born in 1664, died in 1726. His 
first wife was Abigail House. Children: Blizur, William, 
Thomas i^d), Sarah, Thankful. His second wife was Anna 

. Children: Anna, Samuel, Abigail. His third wife was 

Mary . No children. Eight children in all. The third 

son was 

rv •••(T 

''^. ' \' ''■■... ;; M^'r\-i 




30 CoLUNS Genealogy 


Thomas Collins, 2d. Born in 1697, in Warwick, R. I. ; 
died in Lanesboro, ]Mass., where he had moved from Rhode 
Island. Married Elizabeth Yates in 1719. Five children: 
Jeremiah, Joseph, Sarah, Diadama. B}- his second wife (name 
unknown) : Thomas. The fifth child was 

GEN. V. 

Lieut. Tho^4.\s Collins, 3d. Born in 1725, in Rhode Island : 
died in Ira, Vt., March 25th (Annun. B. V. M.), 1793. Married 
Lydia Haskins or Hopkins (imperfect spelling). Thirteen chil- 
dren: Benoni, John, Phebe, Elizabeth. Hannah, Amy, Sarah, 
Nathan, Lydia, Thomas (4th), Rosamond, Rhoda, Joseph. He 
was Lieutenant in the French and Indian War : fought in the 
battle of Bennington. Lived in Lanesboro, Mass. Was about 
six years in Nova Scotia, where he went with family and relatives, 
settling perhaps in or near Sackville (now in New Brunswick), 
where some of the Shermans resided. The voyagers are said to 
have had a hard and disastrous journey to Nova Scotia, being 
ship-wrecked, and losing their live stock and household goods. 
Moved to Ira, Vt., in 1779, where he was a "selectman." His 
wife, born in 1732, died in Ira in 1816. Their youngest child 


Joseph Collins. Born in Lanesboro. Mass, Oct. 19, 1775. 
Lived in Ira, Vt., and North Granville. N. Y. Married, ist, 
Arabilla, daughter of Bethuel and Susannah Bromley, of Danby, 
Vt., on or about 1794. She died February- 6, 1809. Their five 
children were: Joseph, Jr., Barton, //iVam (drowned in Lake 
Champlain), Cyril, Lucretia Adaline. Married, 2d, Lois Baker, 
daughter of Joseph and Mehitabel Baker, of Ira, Vt., November 
8, 1810. Their two children were: Cyrus Baker, Clarissa Lydia. 
He died at his daughter's, Mrs. Clarissa Lydia Waldo, in Fort 

/ "i. 

■: f-;- ir y 1.-! ':! 

5fiJ nr tih;;: 

.■^"fi .:, > ^., /-■ 

•7K ii7i.:>'i'.: ';'r::; ji. .(juu ■ ::■ r tfr 

.;« 1 

Hi::--! j ir;^' i: ?\:'u ^«o ^:--^:.«;; 

lyy '\'-;-\i ■ • ' i--^ i n' .'." 

,i b:>,"^J/ 

.17 -X/iO 

Collins Genealogy 31 

Ann, N. Y., Sept. 30, 1849, aged 74 years. Buried in North 
Granville, N. Y. His widow, Lois, married, 2d, Dea. Samuel (?) 
Cotting, of Rutland, Vt. ; both deceased. Joseph Collins was a 
farmer, deacon in the Baptist Church, a highly respected Chris- 
tian, a humble minded, dignified gentleman of the old school. 
His fifth child was 

GEN. vn. 

LucRETiA Adaline Cdllixs. Born in Ira, Vt.. Sept. 7, 1806. 
Married, Dec. 17, 1826, George Graves, of Ira. Their eight chil- 
dren were: Gemont, Arrabelle {deceased), Charles Emmit (de- 
ceased) y Lucretia (deceased), George Edgar, Emily (deceased), 
Daniel Hehcr (deceased), Lucy. Died in Rutland, Vt., June 2, 
1879 (Monday in Whitsun Week). A refined Christian lady, of 
much influence. [See further appreciation of her in Genealogy 
of George Graves, her husband]. 

Children and Grandchildren of Joseph Collins and 
Arabilla (Bromley), his wife. Married about the year 1794. 


1. Joseph Collins, Jr. Born in Ira, Vt., January 4, 1796. 
Married Lucy Russell in Hoosick, N. Y. Died in Castleton, Vt.. 
July 12, 1818. Two children: Julia Arrabelle, who married 
Ebenezer Pierce, of Noble Co., Indiana; and he died in 1864; she 

died in 189 — , at her daughter's, Mrs. , at Saratoga 

Springs, N. Y. Ansel Byron, who married twice, and had one 
son, Bertie; lived in Windham Co., Vt. All now deceased, Mrs. 

Lucy Russell Collins married, 2d, Voluntine, and died 

in western New York. 

2. Barton Collins. Born in Ira, V^t, April 30. . 

Married Artemicia Cook in Essex, N. Y. Lived in Ohio. Died 
May, 1842, in Bufifalo on his way to Vermont. The entire family 
lived afterward in Middlebury, Vt. Their children six. viz. : 

:)[V. />[;•) 

. 'J.'i W.' ^r. : J i 

.•117 .v:ao . . 



.0 io 

? .■ ,::t1 

T .,• 

1 s. 

.X!-: iJj;!-[-jj. iiijf;] i / 

32 Collins Genealogy 

Martha, born Feb. 9. 1827, married John Selleck, of Middlebur)^ 

deceased. She died on , in Jericho, Vt., at her daug-h- 

ter's, Mrs. E. W. Curtis. She left five children: Henrietta (Mrs. 
G. Allbee), Ida (Mrs. E. W. Curtis), Hattie (Mrs. F. D. 
Powers), Ruth, Marietta, deceased, and a granddaughter, Ada 
Lavey, born in 1870. Barton Collins' other children were: Mary 

Ann, born Oct. 11, 1828, married Warren, and had two 

adopted children; Harriet Jane, born June 14, 1831, married 
E. Plaisted ; George Samuel Fake, born May 31, 1832 ; Isaac Nezv- 
ton Norton, deceased in 186 — ; Charles Augustus, born Sept. 22, 

1837. ' 

3. Hiram Collins. Born in Ira, January 12, . 

Drowned in Lake Champlain, December, 18 — . 

4. Cyril Collins. Born January 15, 1804. Married 
Lydia Chase, of Peru, N. Y., May 22, 1836. She died in Peru, 
Nov. 27, 1844, aged nearly 36 years. Their daughter, Mary Eliza- 
beth, was born February 20, 1837, and lived some years with her 
aunt, Mrs. George Graves, in Rutland, Vt. 

5. LucRETiA Adaline Collins. Born Sunday morning,. 
September 7, 1806, in Ira, Vt. Married George Graves, Sunday, 
Dec. 17, 1826, in Ira. Died in Rutland, Vt., June 2. 1879. Had 
eight children. [See Records of Joseph Collins and George 

Children and Grandchildren of Joseph Collins and 
Lois (Baker), his second wife. Married Xov. 8, 1810. 


I. Cyrus Baker Collins. Born in Ira, (Friday), Nov. 8, 
181 1. Married March 4, 1841, Phylesta Wyman, of Fort x\nn. 
N. Y. Died in 1856, of rheumatism, in Rutland, Vt., where he was 
buried in the old village cemetery. Their two children : Rollin 
Joseph, born Xov. 21, 184 1 ; went South to Jackson. Miss., and died 
in 1863, during the Civil War : place of burial unknown. Mary 

n.-. -r.| 

'K. -Tf'!^ 

.' -f 

J : / 

I'!; ■■;; I v.; -1,11.; 

'.' Iv • :il 

Collins Genealogy 33 

Emma, born Dec. 7, 1842 ; married Xov. 23, 1870, Jacob O. Wells, 
of West Granville, N. Y. They had one child, RoUin Clinton, 
who married Maud B. Merrill, and had one child, Merrill Collins 
{IV ells). The Wells family now live in Glens Falls, X. Y. Mrs. 
PhyJesta Wyman Collins, married, 2d, Dea. John C. Eddy, of 
Mount Holly, and died in 1895, at her daughter Emma's (Mrs. 
J. O. WY'lls), in Glens Falls, N. Y., aged 77 years. 

2. Cl.\rissa Lydia Collins. Born in Ira, Vt., Oct. 15, 1816. 
Married Feb. 3, 1839, John Cleveland Waldo, son of Dea. Waldo, 

of North Granville, X. Y. Died at Fort Ann, X'. Y., on ; 

a teacher ; a true lady, n^uch beloved. Their three children were : 
Clarissa Edith, born June 9, 1842 ; married Sept. 12. 1867, P. 
Jakway, a lawyer, of Fort Ann, deceased in 1900 ; she died Oct. 
17, 1909. Laura Arrabclle, born June 25, 1844; married Apr. 7, 
1864, Charles Hall, of Sandy Hill, X. Y'., afterward of the N Y. 
City Post Office, and had a son, Herbert C, who married a wife 
now deceased, and had a son, Edgar. Charles Collins {Waldo), 
born Jan. 6, 1847 (Feast of the Epiphany), and is now in Lin- 
coln, Xeb. 

Mrs. Lois (Baker) Collins married, 2d. Dea. Samuel (?) 
Cotting, of Rutland, Vt. 

XoTE. — Some further notices of the Collins relatives and con- 
nections may appear later in an appendix should one be found 

Five ships, bringing the Collins ancestors, or some of them, 
from England, viz. : 

"The Mary and John," in 1630. 

"The Lion," in 1632. 

"The Mar>' and Francis," in 1632. 

"The Elizabeth." in 1634. 

"The Abigail," in 1635. 

' ■■: 3f!:>''*!70 ,<'h ■_ ;•. i;, 

■■ '.'Ml'- , V 

'J ,' 

.("In,, iil.'-,. 

f ? \-:Ain'.^ r.. 

15.1' i.'?r! 

-' ' i_ orr, 

34 Collins GENEAuxiY 

Their residences after arrival in this country, seem to have 
been as follows, with their probable order, and dates (as well as 
may be computed) : 

Scituate, near Providence, R. I., in 1635. 

Warwick, near Providence, R. I., in 1649-83, 1696-7. 

Cheshire, Mass, in 1754, 1777. 

Lanesboro, Mass., in 1719, 1772-3, 1780. 

Nova Scotia, Canada, in 1780 (six years). 

Ira, Vt., in 1779-80, 1786. 1800, and so on. 

Geo. Sherman "enlisted'' at Adams, Mass., in 1777. 

[See foregoing 'iTraditions of the Collins Family," also the 
compilation by the ^Misses Nettie A. Graves and Ella ^I. Graves, 
of the Graves Family from "Genealogies. Old Town Histories, 
and Town Clerks of New England"]. 


Some Records of the BROMLEY Family 


Bethuel Beomlkv, of Danby, Vt. Had three wives. By 
his first wife he had four children, viz. : Bethuel, Jr., Joshua, Wil- 
liam, Barton, and perhaps one daug-hter, Abigail. His second 

wife was Susannah , who died in Ira, Vt., in June, 1807, 

at her son-in-la^v's, Joseph ColHns. Two of their children were : 
Lucretia, who died, unmarried, in Danby; and Arabilla. 


Arabill.\ Bromley. Daughter of Bethuel and Susannah 

Bromley. Born in Danby, on xA.pril about 1778. Married 

Joseph Collins, in Ira, Vt., about 1794. Died in Ira, February 
6, 1809. 


LucRETL\ Ad.\line (Collins). The fifth child and 
only daughter of Joseph and Arabilla (Bromley) Collins. Born 
in Ira, September 7. 1806. ^Married George Gr.wes, in Ira, 
December 17, 1826. Had eight children. Died in Rutland, Vt.. 
April 4, 1879, aged nearly j;^ years. One of her daughters was 
named Arrabelle. for her grandmother. [See Records of Geo. 
Graves and Family; also of Dea. Joseph Collins, her father]. 


'il / 'TU ^A'. 

J U 

bm. ji^tj;. !.'<L'i: sn" 

.<-">•. 1 ,;i 

i- .• !flO 

! 1 

J .:;ir,>/ ,r- v.-i;?ri b»-^c v'"!^-^ .*- F'nq/.