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Full text of "Gravestone inscriptions, Lee, Mass. : including all extant of the quarter century, 1801-1825, carefully reproduced"

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Carefully Repr-oduceJ. 


Press of The Vali.ey Gleaner, 


3 9 '? / 
-0 3 


The followiug priuted iuscriptions represent the lettering aud its arraugemeut 
ou the gravestones as well as possible with ordinary type. The exact orthography, 
including carets and letters interlined, and also the raised letters of abbreviations 
with the marks under them, so much used at that period, are preserved. As the in- 
scriptions were carefully copied, and after being put in type, were compared with 
the originals and corrected, their accuracy is assured. Several inscriptions on the 
plates are not very distinct, owing to the difficulty of obtaining good photographs 
from the stones. The lower lines on a few of the stones which have been broken and 
reset are hidden below the surface so that a spade is required to bring them to view. 

The town records inform us that the north graveyard was fenced aud cared for 
as early as 1803, and that considerable attention has been paid to it ever since, 
also that the south graveyard was likewise fenced and cared for at an early date; 
so it is probable that few, perhaps none of the early gravestones have been lost, 
although from disintegration by water and frost, especially at their junction with 
the ground, some may have fallen and become covered with earth or broken to 
pieces and removed — something most likely to happen to the small and thin stones 
at childrens' graves. 

In the center cemetery there are 186 stones, and in that at South Lee 20 , bearing 
the memorials of 219 persons who died during the first quarter of the last century. 

The following, buried here among kindred or friends, were not residents of the 
town: Mrs. Adah Eells, Mrs Abigail Hamblin, Nathaniel Hauiblin, Jr., Mrs. Betsey 
Thatcher, Mrs, Luciuda Bill, William Ulark Davis, Eliza Judd, Mrs. Anna Prich- 
ard, and probably. Margaret Van Deussu. Jonathan Tuttle, whose memorial appears, 
was doubtless buried at Redfield, N. Y. , where he died. 

The death records of the town were not systematically kept by its clerks until 
1804, but a very accurate record was kept by Dr. Hyde, pastor of the Congrega- 
tional Church, during his entire pastorate from June 6, 1792 to the time of his 
death in 1833. His record gives 413 deaths in town during 1801—1835, of whom 9 
were non-residents. To these should be added that of David Blossom, of Lenox, 
found dead by the roadside in Lee, and of three infants shown by the gravestones. 
but not recorded, which make a total of 417. The records give also, the names of 
7 residents who died out of town; only one of whom— Jonathan Thacher— seems to 
have been buried here. Dr. Hyde also records the deaths of 4 members of his 
church who were residents of Lenox, and of a child of a Mr. Hale of Tyringham. 

The population of the town was 1267 in 1800; 1395 in 1810, and 1384 in 1820. The 
average annual mortality of the town during the 25 years under consideration was 
something less than 12 in the 1000. At that period a large majority of the people 
living here was of the farmer class. 

Strangely enough dates on gravestones are often wro'ig: as witness those below 
from thefoUowng iuscriptions. In each case the records of the town clerk and Dr. 
Hyde agree, and are undoubtedly correct. 

Date in rt^cords. 

Date on stone. 

Lanson Crocker died 

Nov. 3, 1808 

Nov. 4, 1807 

Philander Crocker 

Nov. 12. 1818 

July 22, 1818 

Son of Sylvanus Foot " 

Feb. 25. 1817 

Feb. 11. 1817 

Relief Hall 

Aug. 28, 1804 

Aug. 28. 1805 

Horace H. Lewis " 

Dec. 27, 1824 

Dec. 27, 1825 

Milton B. Nye 

Apl. 21, 1815 

March 20, 1815 

Sarah Smith 

March 20.1815 

March 19, 1814 

Harriet Spencer 

Aug. 9. 1816 

July 1817 


^^^6 v 



Including all Extant of the Quarter Century J 80 1 — J 825. 


John O. Backus 
sou of Thomas 
& Rebecca Backus 
Died March 19 
18] 6 aged 7 Mou^ 

Dauf of 
Joseph & Es- 
ther Ball died 
Aupr 29. 1821 
aged 11 Mou'' 

Harriet B. 
daut"" of Isaac & 
Lydia Ball, died 
July 14. 1824 
aged 1 1 weeks & 
4 days 

lu memory of 

Rhoda Ball 

Daut"" of Cap* Nathan 

& Mrs Fear Ball 
who Died July 23, 1809 
in the 3rcl Year of her age 

Slt>ep on sweet babe & take 

thy reft 
Go I eall'd th'^e home he saw 

it beft 

Memory of 

Lemuel Barlow, 

/'•/lo d'u'd 

March to. t8/j, in 

the ^^ year of his 


Now rlos'd ill. death beneath the 

dust he lies, 
Silent hix voice, forever clou' d 

his eyes, 
The immortal part has on sw- 
ift pinions floivn 
To titJci' Its sentence in the wor- 
ld nnknoivn. 

In memory of 
Mrs. lydia BARLOW. 

who died March 1st 
aged 25. 1822 

There is a caJin for those tluit weep, 

A rest for wcari/ jiih/i'lms found, 

And luhile the mouldering ashes sleep, 

Loiv in the (/round; 

The soul of origin divine, 

Gods glorious image freed froin clog, 

In Heavens eternal sphere sliall slilne, 

A xt<,r >,fdn,j. 

Center Cemetery 


daughter of 

Dr H & Mrs K. 


died March 20. 1818 

aged 1 year 17 days 


sou of Doct. H. 

& Mrs K. Eartlett 

^ied May ^, 

1824. aged 
1 year. 


memory of Mrs 

Abigail Bassett; 

wife of Mr 

Cornelius Bassett j^ 

who died Dec. 8*1^ 1812, 

in the 54^i^. Year 

of her Age. 

My days are paft, my glass is run. 

My friends I've left my death to mourn 

In memory of 

Mr Cornelius Bassett, 

who died 

Nov. 21, 1821, in 

the 69 year 

of his Hge. 

Look down upon this sacred spot and see 

What death can do to you as well as me 

Sweet bosom friend your falling sand is nig 

Children prepare 't is God that calls on high 


/fi memory of 

El[sha Bassett, 

who died Dec-; 22*!^ 


/;/ the 7 /•''■' year of his 

jhIs ct- J'ln/slri,ijis cunUI not .syn 
iJivrtiil hinh/ fniiii tlw (irarc, 
ran flic grarr cuiijiiu' it hen', 
II JcxiiK callx It iiiii><t itppcar. 

HANNAH bassett 

, died Ocf 29tji 1812 in 

the 24th year of her 

Age— Erected by 

Elii'ha Foot with whom 

she lived from a Child 

until her Death 

N o plants in natures garden 

Could heal or swage deaths fa- 
tal Iting 

In memory of 
an Infant son of 
Mr Nathan & Mrs 
Martha Baisett • 
who died March 
31V? 1811 Aged 5 


memory of 

Nath'l Bassett jr 

who died May 18. 

1822 in the 28 

year of his age. 

Roxany. H. 

Dautr of Gershom 

it Abigail Bassett, 

Died Feby 12, 1817 

aged 2 Years & 8 Mou 

Sleep on dear babe & take 

thy rest 
(•vod call'd thee home he saw 

it best 

Centkr Cemetery. 

Thankful Bassett, 

ivife of Dca. 

Nathan Bassett 

of Barnstable, 

tvas born Sep. zp, 
iyi8. and died 
March i8, l8og 
aged gi years. 

Ill memory of 
Thomas Bassett 
who died Oct'l 
20 1807 ill the 
23 year 
of his age 

In memory of 
Mrs Wealthean; 

Consort of Mr Elijah 
Benton, who died 

March 19, 1814, aged 
36 Years. 

Here let me reft my weary head 
Till Christ my Lord shall raise the 

In memory of 
an Infant son of 
M'" Amos & M^? 
Lydia Birchard 

who died May 
19*4* 1809 

In Memory of 

Edwin son to 

Mr Amos & Mrs 

Lydia Birchard 

who died July 7 

1812 aged 17 



son of 

Henri) & Lydia 

Bowen, Died 

Feb, 21, 1818 

aged 23 D's. 

Joseph J. son 
0/J0EL& Harri- 
ot Bradley, di 
ed April 3. 1821 
.E. 1 Y. 24 7)s 

Ah! wither'djoysf how 
quick, how soon, 

The fondest hopes of 
'Parent gone! 


wife of 

Mr Jesse Bradley *^® ^nd. 

died July 25th 1824. 

in the 57th year 

of her age. 

Rhoda Jane 

Dunghter of 
Elisha & Soph 
rouia Bradley 


Sep. 14, 1823 

'JE. 2 Ys 

9 Ms 

An Infant, son 
of Joshua & 

Abigail Brigg, 

died April 

20, 1820. 

Center Cemetery. 


Erected by the Widow of the deceased 

i Sou of Mr He- 

In memory 
of WiHiam 

man & Mrs Eunic 

Chanter who died 

Chadwick died 

Jan-^ 2m 1811 

Deer 6, 1812 aged 

in the 23^ Year 

4 Months 

of his age 

Friends nor Physicians could not save 

My mortal Body from the grave 

Nor can this clay confine me here 

When Uhrift fhall call me to appear 

In memory of 

M' Heman Chadwick 

An Infant 
Child of 

who Died 

Benjamin and 
Harriet Childs 

who died , 

AiigubtlO, 1815 

January -4 

Aged 35 years. 

GOD is juft supreme his power 


Mortals be silent and adore 

memory of Mrs 

Hxperiance Childs 

wife of Mr 

In memory of 

James Childs who 

Friend William 

Died March 22. 1813 

Chanter, who de- 

aged 61 }-ears. 

parted this life 

Throiiqh life in rirtiicii pnfji 

Sep. 10 1806 in 

III di'dtli 111 r hope iras placed 

ill (tOiI. 

the 83d year of his 

In memory of M""-^ 

Rhoda Childs 

Consort of M^' Job 

In memory of 

Childs who departed 

Eleanor Chanter, 

this life June the 30 
1803 aged 31 

wife of Friend VVillia'" 

Chanter, who died 

June 9^^1808 in the 

In memory of 

79th ^pjjj. Qf Yiev age. 

Mes Sarah ('hilds, 

wife of 
Mr Job Childs, 

In memory of 

who died 

March 28, 1822, 

Martha Chanter 

aged 49 years. 

wife to George 

Far I kiKiie tliat my Redeemer 

Chanter who died 

Jireth and fliiif he shall stand 

June 12, 1808 in the 

(It the hitter din; upon the earth 
And thonijli after mil xkin irnrnis 

59 year of her age 

destroi/ tliis hodi/ i/e't in nil/ flexh 
shall I see (iOl). ' 

Center Cemetery. 

In memory of 
M'"^ Anna Church 

consort of M*" 

Daniel Church J^^"^" 

who died April 25 

i8or in the 59 5'ear 

of her age 

The flefh ref ts here till Jesus 

com e 
And claims the treasure from 

the tomb 

Here lie buried 
the mortal remains of 

the wife of Mr. Charles Church, 

and the oldest daughter of 
the Rev. Alvan and Mrs. Lucy 
Hyde, who died at her father's 
house, in full hope of a blessed 

immortality, Oct. 14th 1824, 

aged 26. 

The path of death vnist once be 
trod by all. 

Charles W. 

,S'o;( q/'LuMAN 

& Sophia Chu 
RCH , died Feb. 
23. 1821, ^. 
5 Months. 

Sleep on i<u'eet Ixihe 
And tale fhi/ rest 
GOD raU'd the hum 

He saw itl>rst. 

An Infant 

Son of 

Jeremiah and 

Betsey (Jlark, 

who died 

June, 11, 1823, 

aged 7 days. 

sou of Henry, 
R. & Ehza. B. 
Conch , died 

Octr 2, 1821 
aged 10 days. 

In memory of Lanson 
sou of Jedediah Crocker 
Esqr & Mrs Sarah his 
wife who kov 4, 1807 
departed this life in the 
5 year of his age 

In memory of 

M'" Noah Crocker 

who died April 10 

1807 in the 84*11 

year of his age 

son of. Mr Eleazer 

& Mrs Patience 
Crocker Died July 

22, 1818 aged 3 
Months & 12 days 

Erected by his hrotlier 
Thomas Crosby. 


Meniory of 


IV ho died 

Sep* 2, 1822, 
M. 55 Y'fc*. 

Also his daughter 


who died 
March, 21, 1821, 
M. 17 Y's. 

A son of 
Thomas & Susan- 
na Crosby died 
Feb aut 1805 
aged 9 days 

George Woodwai'd, 

son of Samuel 

& Lucy Cumings, 

died Octr 20, 1817. 

aged 14 Months 

and 2 days. 

Center Cemetery. 

In memory 
of Mr Calvin Davis 
vy^ho died Dec. 16th 
1803 in tlie 25th 
year of his age 

In youthful bloom death 

laid me down 
Here to await the trumpets 


When GOD doth call I muf t 


Aud meet my Saviour in 
the fkies 

Bourn Green, 
Son of 
Nathan & Rebecca 


Died March 14. 1808 


9 Months 

& 13 Days. 



Mr Elifha Dodge 

who Died 

March 13, 1807 

in the 32"^ Year 

of his age 

George Buckley, 

sou of Samuel 

& Abigail Dorr, 

Died Sept i8th 

1813 aged 5 Years 

In silence here I lie 
On Earth I niit,'lit not stay 
When lite began 
Deaths summons came 
And hasted me away 


memory of 

Mrs Nancy Dunn, 

Wife of Mr John Dunn, 

who died July 23, 1817 

aged 38 years. 

Farewell my weeping husband dear 
Farewell my friends & daughter near 
Be ready then to meet the Lamb 
Of God the Judge the great I AM 

Thomas Alonzo 

son of Mr Thomas 

& Mrs Sibyl 

Durant died 

Dec 3 1818 aged 

6 Months 

In Memory of Mrs 


Consort of Mr 


aud daughter to Dea. 

Rowland Thatcher, 

who died March S3d 183 2 

in the 39th year of her age. 

In faith fhe died in dnft fhe lies. 
But faith foresees, that duft muft rise; 
When Jesus conies, while hope assumes, 
And boafts her joy among the tomljs. 


departed this life June 23, 1813. 

aged 34^ years; The Wife of 

Cornelius. T. Fessenden 

She's gone nor angels could prevent her flight 
I of eternal light 

[ Her lovely soul has winged its way to regions 

There gentle spirit may you find. 

That happiness denied you here. 

There peace and harmony are joined. 

Nor can destraction enter there, 

There no aspersing tongue can send, 

It's venom to thy feeling heart, 

Jesus is thy immortal friend, 

Nor will he er'e depart. 

But where, O where.shall her poor husband find 
One beam of light to cheer his drooping mind 
All sad he wanders round the earth & skyes, 
But nu soft solace meets his failing eyes. 

To the memory of 

Mrs Anna Foot, 

Consort of 

Mr AsAUEL Foot, 
who died Jan. 21. 

1820, Aged 49 Years. 

WhnI r,i„ ami the )<ting of death, 
And jn-ci-jKiir, r tlie grave, 
TliiitA cinixt r>-sixtlesii heavenly faith 
Iiinntnitil tJimi caiixf i<ave. 

Center Cemetery. 


Dautr of Mr Thomas 

& Mrs Dame Foot, 

Died Octr 28, 1813, 

aged, 13 Months. 

An evening bud a morning flowe 
Cut down & witherd in an hour 



Feb. 2(3, 1819, 

M. 47 Y's. 

The Grave 

of A Sou 

of Sylvauus, & 

Abigail Foot 

who died 
Feby 11, 1817 
aged 15 days 

In vieviory of 


Daut^' of Capt Silas & 

Mrs. Sophia Garfield 

In memory of Mifs 
Mary Freese, Dauf to 
M'-John & M'--^ Desire 
Freese, who died Nov 13 
1804 aged 31 years i Mo 
& 2 days. 
Here beueath this gloomy ftone 
I fleep iu quiet aud aloue 
All you that read will lho);ly see 
That you muf t die & fleep with 

who died 
Feb ist. 1824 
ae;ed 15 years. 

Here lies the Body of 
Daniel Garfield fon to 
Capt Enoch & M^s Abi- 
gail Garfield who died 
March iit'^ i8or in the 
14*^ year of his age. 

In memory of Mifs 

Sally Freese, Daufto 

Mr John & M^-^ Desire 

Freese, vi^ho died 

March 25th 1807, aged 

23 years & 24 days. 

In death I had no auxous 

A worning to my brothers 
and fifters. 

As you are now fo once was 
As I am now you f oon muf t be 
Do not nglect to hear me call 
Tor I aiu the youngef t of 
you all 

Here I fhall reft till Chrilt 

appears, h 

His voic will sound throug 

earth & fkies, 
Aud bid the fleeping saints 



Dautr of Luke & 

Rebeckah Gates, 

died May 19, 

1809. aged 4 

years & 5 Mouths 

jmas Fuller 
d Sept^ 24, 1808 
in the 91ft 
ir of his age 
virs Lucy Fuller his 
wife died Sept 26 
1824: aged 89 

[ stone mutilated.] 

In memory 

of Mr Sylvanus Gif- 

ford who died Feb. 

8th 1804 in the 84 

year of his age 


Center Cemetery. 


son of LiPut Abraham 

& Mrs Rachel Hall 

died Feby 16th i809 

Aged 1(5 days 

Mrs Rachel Hall, 

Consort of Lit-u* Abraham 

Hall, Died March T-^ 

1809, in the 29^? 

year of her Age. 

Pehold we see, whilo here we look; 
The rleareft ties, of Friendfhip liroke: 
Tho grief & sorrow, pierce the lieavt. 
The deureft Friends, we see miift part. 

Memory of 
Daiif of M"- Collins & 
M""^ Rebecca Hall,who 
died March 8, 1825 
aged 21 years. 

Farewell my weeping Parents dear, 
Farewell my friends & sisters near ; 
I wish you all to live in hve. 
And make your peace with G-od above. 

In memory of 
M?? Relief Hall, 

wife of 

Cap,* Moses Hall, 

who Died August 28^^ 

1805. in the 37** 

year of her Age 

God is juft, supreme his power, 
Mortals be silent, and adore. 

Abigail Hamblin 


August, 15, 1825; 

Aged 75 Years. 


jVIemory of Miss 

Hannah Hamblin, 

Daut."" of Coinelius 

& Mercy Ilamblin 

who died August 9 

1822. M 16. 

In memory of Job 
fon to Mr Cornelius 
& Mrs Marcy Hamblin 
who was killed bv the 
fall of a mantle stone 
at school May 20th 1808 
in the 9th year of his 

All the days of my ap- 
pointed' time did I wait 
till my change come 


Mcvwfy of 



Jan 13 , 1824 

aged 40 years. 


May, 10, 1810; 

J^. Me ^6 W^<^^ 

Of His A ge. 

In memory of 
Betsey Dautr to Mr 
Zina & M's Betsey 
Hinkley who died 
Octr 17 1806 in the 
5 year of her age 


memory of 

Mr Edmund Hinckley, 

who died Sep^-20 1824, 

aged 25 years, 

In consequence of the 

explosion of a 

Powder Mill. 

Hov quick how sudden iras his flight 
To yonder irorld iiiikiiuvii! blaze, 

How small the sjxirk that raus'd the 
That sevt hiiii to his tovift. 

Center Cemetery. 

In memory 

of Mr I(?aac Howk, 

who died 

Jan. 29th 1805, 

In the 4:8th 
yeai" of his age. 

In memory 
of Miss Katharine dauf 
to Mr Isaac & Mrs Fiche 
Howk who died March 

25 1806 
aged 17 years & 6 months 

Sacred to the memory of the 

the oldest son of the Rev. 

Alvan and Mrs. Lucy Hyde, 
and Pastor of the church of 

Christ in Madison, Geauga 
County, Ohio, who was ordain- 
ed to that sacred work, Sep. ist 
1819, and finding his health im- 
paired by excessive labor, returned 
to his father's house, July 6th 1822, 
where after languishing two 
years, he died Aug! 12th 1824, 
aged 30. 

Alcviento Mori. 


Memory of 


Son of the Rev. 

Alvan and M'i-fLucy 


Who died March 20".^ 

1813, Aged 17 years. 

Tho. dead, he still forcibly, 
Yet silently speaks, and 
Calls upon the living 
To prepare foi- death. 

In memory of Mrs 
Abigail wife to Mr 
John Ingersoll who 
died June ii*A^ 1806 
in the 26!^ year of 
her age 

Behold we see while here we 

The deareft ties of friendfhip 

Tho grrief & sorrow pierce the 

The deareft friends we see muft 


JUNE I, 1825, 
>E. 68 YRS. 



DIED MAR. 25, 1824, 

PL. 60 YRS. 

In memory of Miss 


Daut»- of 

Jared & Elizabeth 

Ingersol, who died 

March 8, 1816. 

aged 18 years. 

In Memory 
of M'^^ Mary In- 
gersoll, wife to M? 
Elijah Ingersol], who 
died Dec's 16% 1807, 
in the 44*^ year 
of her age. 


Center Cemetery. 

Beneath this stone 
are interred the mortal reiiiains of 


who died, September the 9th, 1813, 
aged 65 years. 

lieJi/Ing on the truths of God's word 

and eunscious of being united to 

Christ, fie calmly resigned his breath 

In full hope of a glorious immortality 

Blessed are the dead, who die in 

the Lord. 


memory of 


who died 

Sep. 17, 1824, 

n the 24 year 

[Stone troken.] 

In memory of 
Haeriet Maria 

Daughter of 

Mr. Winthrop.aud 

Mrs. Fanny Laflin; 

Who died Oct 13th 


aged 7 weeks. 

Happy infant early bless'd 
Rest in peaceful slumber , rest 

Memory of 
Mr Henry Leonard 

Son of 

Mr Elijah & Mrs 

Hannah Leonard 

who Died Dec'" 16 

1815, ^.18. 


Prepare to meet your C-rod 

In memory of 


who was blown up in 

a Powder-Mill Dec 14 

1825 & died the 27, 

in the 29 year of his 


Farewell my friends cfc Children 

Prepare for death while I sleep 


In memory of Mr 

Joseph Nichols who 

died April 2nd 1805 

in the 71ft year of his 


Ye living mortals f top and read 
A solemn warning from the dead 
Your life is frail your death is sure 
Believe on Christ and Heav.n secur 


memory of 

wife of fohn Not cot, 
ivho died Nov 27, 
1825, a^-^^/ 36 

Memory of 


Who died 

Oct. x8. 1830, 

B. 21 Ys. 

CHARLES, son oj 
fohn & Me tin da 

died May, 15, 1825, 
M. 6 Ys. 


memory of 

Mrs Anna, widow 

of Mr Abraham 

NoRTHRUP, died 

Sep* 29, 1815, 

aged 84. 

In memory of 

Miss Abigail Nye; 

Dauf of John Nye Esq>" 

& Mrs Lois his wife, 

who died 

Sept 15,1820, 

aged 18 Years. 

Mortals be still, twas Gods decree; 
Go youth prepare to follow me. 

Center Cemetery. 


In memory of Harvey 

Nye foil to Mr Levi 

& Mrs polly Nye who 

departed this life 

March the 8 1805 

aged one year and 

12 days. 

Sacred to the Memory of 

>U John Nye, 

who died May 15*r^ 1810, 

aged 87 years; 

and of M?-? 

Annis Nye, 

his second wife, who died June 

6*^ 1811, aged 85 years. 

The memory of the Just is blessed. 

Miltou Brewster, 

.so// uf 
Ira & Almira Nye, 

died March '20, 
1815 aged 6 Montli 

d- 6 Days. 


Sou of Bradford & 

Mrs Deborah 
Packard, who died 

Sepf. 14, 1824, 
aged 8 Mo, & 17 D? 

Like rt« o hud, nipt from 
the 'tree, 
Death liatf parted you 
and me. 

In memory of Remem- 
ber Parker daufto M*" 
Jorge Parker who died 
June 26 1803 in the 
19 year of her age 

God is juf t supreme his 
Mortals be silent & adore 

In memory of 

Mrs Sally, 

wife of 

Mr Elisha Percival *^'" 

who died 

June 28, 1815.^. 

30 Years. 

Farewell nuj friends ct children 

Prepare fur deatJi while I sleep 

Could you hut know as much 
as I, 

How soon you would prepare 
to die. 

In memory of 

M""^ Catharine Perry 

wife of 

M"" Arthur Perry 

who died 
Feb^ 5, 1817 in the 
86 year of her age 

Through life in virtues path she trod 
In death her hope was plac'd in God 

Beujamiu Frank - 
liu ion to Mr 

Anfelm & Mrs 

Polly Phinney 
died Septr 2d 

1802 aged 1 year 

& 3 Months 

John. Y. Porter 
son of Ebenezer 

& Eunice Porter 
died March llt^ 
1808 aged 4 

months & 2 days 


memory of 

Mrs Prudence Porter, 

wife of 

Mr Samuel Porter, 

who Died Mayl6, 1813 

in the G2d Year 

of her age. 

Death is my doom my glass is run ,, 
My friends Iv'e left my death to mour 
But f top tis right dont shed a tear 
For God commands the whole affair 


Center Cemetery. 

W William Front 

<^/*<2 c/c«CC ^^U^t/. iS/A 


memory of 

Mr. Amos Roberts 

who died 

March s, ^823 

^. 66. 

Laviented 7nost, by 

those who knew him 


In memory of 

M""^ Susanna Roberts 

wife oj 

W Amos Roberts 

who died f^ine 20^^^ 

18 1 J aged ^6 years 

In memory of 

Mrs. Elizabeth, 

wife of 

Mr. Levi Robinson, 

who died Oct. 19. 1820, 

]^. 59 Years. 

Uer languishing head is at rest, 
Its thinkings & achings are oe'r, 
Her quiet ik immoveable breast; 
Is heard by affliction no more, 
The lids she so seldom could close, 
By sorrow forbidden to sleep, 
Seal'd up in eternal repose, 
Have strangely forgotten to weep. 



April 16, 1843, 
JE. 82 Y's. 

DIED Aug. I, 1825, 

JE. 39 Y's. 


died Dec. 12, 1839, 
JE. 45 Y's. 

Both daughters of 

Levi & Elizabeth 


In memory of 

George. G. Sanford 

son of Mr Elihu 

& Mrs Penelope 

Sanford, who Died 

August 31. 1815 in 

in the 2'id Year of his 


Here lie interred 
the Children of 
Doctr Eraftus and 
Margaret Sergeant 
Nancy died Feby 17th 
1805 .^tat 1 year 8 
months & '22 days. 

Deaths cliilling froft 
soon nipt the opening 
Her body duf t, the 
soul returned to god 

A Son ftill-born March 
11 1806. 

Oliver P Skrgent, 
died Am/ust 17,1814 
^,15 Ms c(-25Da 

also Martha O 

Sergent, died 

Aprils, 1831,^ 

3 Ms 20 Ds 


son of 

Aaron and Lucinda 


who died 
Sept 16, 1822, 
aged 2 years. 

Center Cemetery. 


memory of Mr 
Benjamin Smith 

who died 

April 4*i^, 1813 

Aged 62 Years 

9 Months & 

18 Days 

Down to the dead 

All muft decend 

The Saints of God muft die 

While Angels gard 

Their souls to reft 

In duf t their Bodies lie 

In memory of 

who was 

instantly killed in 

a Powder-Mill, Sep. i8, 

182^, aged ig Years. 

Lemuel Sparks, 

died July 18. 1822 

aged 52 Years. 

Depart my friends dry 
up your tears 
I must lie here till Christ 

Mrs Sarah Smith 

died March 

19. 1814 

aged G6 years 

& 5 months. 

Memory of 
Mrs Mary Sparks 

wife of 

Mr Lemuel Sparks 

who Died March 6 

1818 M 45 

Benjamin Smith 2nd 

died June 

22. 1822 

as:ed 40 years 
& 7 months. 

In memory of 
M'' James Stevens 

T/ie Grave of 
Miss Jane Smith 
who Died 
July 31" 1811 

who died Oct! 

22^ 1809 in the 43 

year of his age 

Aged 44 Years 

Here beneath this gloomy 
I sleep in quiet and alone 

Henry F. 

sou of Moses 
and Sarah 

In memory of 
Mr Samuel Smith 

Strong, died 

Dec. 14. 1822 

aged 15 Months 

who Died 

March 29 1819 

aged 95 years 

Formerly from Conaettieut 

Lying at his right hand Harriot 

Dautr of Jonathan and Sally 

Spencer who died July 

1817 aged 1 year 

ELIZA Sturges. 
Dautr of Wm.& 
Sally Sturges. 
Died April 28, 1816 
aged 1 Year «fe 9 Men 

those little rites, a tear 

a atone receive; 
tis all a father, all a friend 

can give. 


Center Cemetery 

In memory of 
Mrs Elizabeth Sturges, 

wife of 
Mr Jonathan l?turges, 

who Died 
March 17, 1813 aged 58, 

Forgive blest shade the tributary tear 
That mourns thy exit from a world like this 
Forgive the wish that would have kept thee her 
And stay'd thy progress to the seats of bliss 


datigh\ of 

Nehemiah ct Hannah 



April 21, 1820, 
M. 8 M's. 

There is rest in heavn. 
In memory of 

Lydia Stukges, 

wife of 

Nehemiah Sturges, 

who died 

March 29. 1816, 

aged 29 years. 

Through life in virtueous path she trod 
In death her hope was placd in God. 


Memory of 



March 9, 1821, 

M. 34 Y's. 





SEP 14, 1825 


Thou ulecjH'st but ivf mil] remcmher thee 

This ftone erected by Row- 
land THATCHER jun'- to 
perpetuate the memory of 
Mrs Betsey THATCHER his 
wife who died JanY i6 1804 
aged 24 years 9 months & 20 days 

My friends behold as you paf s by 
As you are now so once was I 
As I am now so you mutt be 
Prepare for Death aud follow me 

In memory of 

Mt Rowland Thatcher*^*' 

who departed this 

life May 5*^ 1809 

in the 31^* year 

of his Age. 

Behold we see, while here we look; 
The dearef t ties, of Friendfhip broke ; 
Tho srief & sorrow, pinrce the hearr. 
The deareft Friends, we see muft part. 

'-^n memory of 
Betsey F. Thatcher, 
DauP. of Timothy & 
Dorothy Thatcher, 

wJio died 
March 28, 7820, ^. 
16 Years. 

Fareicell my weeping Parents dear 
Farewell my Brothers <& Sisters near 
I u'ish you all to live in love, 
And make your peace with GOD a- 

Ill memory of 

Content Thatcher, 

who died 

March 1st 1825, in 

the 84 year 

of her age. 

Center Cemetery. 

In memory of 

Mt Jonathan Thach- 

er, son of M^" Jethro & 

W.^. Hannah Thacher, 

who died at Alford, DecL 

14*^ 1807, of the kick of an 

horse, in the 28 year of his age. 

Friends nor Physicians could not 
My mortal body from the 

Nor can this clay confine me 
When Ohrif t fhall call me 
to appear 


memory of 

Mr Rowland Thatcher, 

Son of 

Mr Jethro, & Mrs Hannah 


who died October 4th 

1813, aged 25 


Farewell my v^eeping Parents dear, 
Farewell my friends & Sisters near, 
I wish you all to live in love, 
' And make your peace with God above. 


Last member of the 

Family of Mr 

Nathan & M'"^ Lucy 


died of a wound 

Rec'^ by a rakes-tail 

on sliding from 

a hay-mow, Dec"! 29 

1809 JB 16 years. 

ANNA wife of 

died March 8, 1841, 

JE. 61 Y's. 



/71 Redfield 

Jefferson Co. N. Y. 

June 19, 1814, 

R. 41 Y's. 

In memory of 

Mf Matthew Yandusen, 

who Departed 

this Life, 

March 7*^ 1807, 

in the 68 "k 
year of his age. 

In memory of 
Lowrence son to 
Mr Matthew Yan- 
dusen junr who died 
Jan. 30th 1805 
aged 4 mouths & 
27 days 

In memory of 
William fon to 

Mr Matthew 
Yandusen junr 
who died Nov. 

19th 1803 
aged 3 Mo & 7 da 

In Memory of 

Mils Margaret Vandeu- 

sen, Daut: to M tjohn, 

& Mrs Katharine 

Vandeusen, of Gt. 

Barrington, who 

died April 25,1807 

in the 24 year of 

her age. 

Marshal Van Dusen, 

son of 

Mathew & Betsey 

Van Dusen, died May 

21. 1820. aged 14 

years, & 6 months. 


Memory of 

George Warren 

Son of 

John dc Phila Warren 

who died 

June 30. 1821. 

M 1 year 


Center Cemetery. 

lu memory of 

Amasa Weft 

son of Mr Joshua 

& Mrs Mary Weft 

who died Sep 3, 1813 

Ae;ed 4 Years 

An Infant 

son of Joshua 

Weft Died 

Deem 1813 

In Memory of 

Caleb West 

son of 

Joshua & Mary 

West who Died 

August 3, 1817 

aged 6 years 

In memory 
of Mrs Lois Weft 

wife to Mr 

Ephraim Weft 

who died May 

3d i8o6 aged 

19 years 

In memory 

Mehetabel r 

Dautr of Mr Ebeneze 

& Mrs Mehetabel 

Weft who Died 

March 17*^ 1810 

Aged 1 1 Years and 

10 Months 

In memory of 

James Westcoat 

son of Mf Ambrose 

& Mrs Polly Westcoat 

who died June 12th 

1809 in the 8% year 

of his Age 


son of James Whiton 

Esq. & Mi-^ Deborah 

his wife. Died Ocf 

14,1818 aged 16 


Suffer littlr chUdren t<> come 
unto me, aii<l furhiil tlwin not, 
for of such is the kiiuidum of 

Sherman, Son 
of Manly & Sally 
Whiton, died Ma 
rch 22.1819, JE. 
11 Dans. 
Rest little saint till Jesus 

To skake the earth & rend 

Ike tombs. 
Then rise to heaven in 
glorious dress, 
, Clothed with thy Save- 

iours rightiousnes 

Here lies the body 
of Hudfon Wilcox 
fon to Capt Daniel 
& Mrs Lydia Wil- 
cox, who died May 
28 1802 aged 6 
years 7 Mo. & 16 da 

Think motals what 
it is to die! 

In memory of 
Mime Williams 

wife to 

Ephraim Williams, 

who died March 18. 

1824. aged 48 years. 

To ■perpetuate the many vir- 
tues, of the wife, & the mother, 
this stone is erected by her be- 
reaved Husband. 
Tn the righteous the grave is the 
passjiort to glory. Reader! will 
it be so to thee* 

Center Cemetery, 

St 19 

Two infants of Jaco 
& Anna Winegars 
One died March 
8 1797 The oth- 
er died June 16 

In memory of M'"^ Anna 
Winegar confort of Mr 
Jacob Winegar who 
departed this Life July 
5th i8o2 aged 28 years 
& 9 Months 

Now in the bloom of life 
I bid you all adieu 
Huf bau children & friends 
Prepare for yoar exit too 

Erected ^J' Jac 
Winegar, to the 
memory ^ Sarah 
his 2 wife, zvho 
departed this life 
fune 3, 18 1 8, in the 
46 year of her age. 

Refrniu fin/ tfars 
for Christ slmll come 
And chtlin f/(/.s bodi/ 
from the tomb 

April 19, 1818, 

was taken from 

health, life, & 

friends, in the 

12, Yi' of her a^e 

Thankfui., dautr 

of J AC, & Sarah 


Beneath this i'tone are 
interred the mortal Re- 
mains of Mrs Grace 
Wormer wife to M'' Jer- 
miah Wormer who died 
July 17th 1803 in the 50th 
year of her age. 

Ye living mortals stop and rad 
A folemn warning from the' dead 
Your life is frail your death is f ure 
Belie (re on Ohrift and Heav.n secure 

Sacred to the memory 
of Miss Hannah Wormer, 

dauf of M^ Jeremiah 
Wormer, who died July 
5% 1809. in the 30*^ 
year of her age. 

Surviving friends, although you 

Let this console, I fhall return; 
The righteous Judge can, by his 

Bring me triumphing with the 


Gilbert. L, Wormer 
son of Mr Richard & 
Mrs Dimerus Wormer 
died March 22, 1818 
aged 2 Years 2 MontlT 
& 18 Days. 

Here lies our little son within 
Free from sorrow & from sin 
Lent to us for years & hours 
And then cut down like other 


memory of John 

Yale.fon to Josiah Yale 

Esqr & Ruth his wife, 

who departed this life, 

Jany i6th,i8o7. in the 19th 

year of his age. 

In youthful bloom, death laid 

me down ; 

Here to await, the trumpet 

sound ; e 

Repent repent, now you hav 

time ; 

For I was taken, in my 


The lower hues on Capt. Bradley's 
gravestoue are: 

He was the Sou of Daniel Bradley; 
who was the Sou of Daniel Bradley; 
who was the Sou of Abraham Brad- 
ley, who was the Son of William 
Bradley, who was one of the firft 
Setlers of Newhaveu in 1G37. 

The.lower lines on Miu-tha Crosby's 
gravestone are: 

Farewell all sublunary things 
I go to see the King of Kiugs 

The last line on Levi and Sarah Nye's 
gravestone is: 

Time lunr abort! EtiruUij hov lung! 

Center Cemetery. 

M- ! Iv; 72„<i vfi:" ''!■' Jier Age. 

;.s^:^rn r.A« R£f.s%. 



.-i:.'72V-. : 


>iifv«j' -' 

Sf /A Mocf{if.s. 

dt€f/ '.> 

-iro>jjs2<^, ^ 




Cknter Ckmetery. 


1 in, 111,..: ot 

■^n \ Fi'>i:i:.MAN, 

Ins ,ons...t,>lrs 
r.ETM F^lEEMA^, 

d 7.3V..11V 

(l« church 


'• ' " 

. .; !! 


• •<a'.ti lour 


riff and ujirin 
r tn (hi tloi Irmes 

:'■<( .S>/)-i6 


«///» * n/. Iti/iiff /lope 
oj'd fthsscd titt mortal- 

/.I, ^.,.f ,M-| l/i< < 


ditff Juii^ 5^ - 

T/. ,.,r.. 

,or^c/U,.^„,/, ;.',!,.,(({. 






Center Cemetery. 




The names of two children were ornitted from the proper place, uot having been 
found antil the precediugj piges were prince 1. They are on the pedestal of tho 
Taylor monument, which stands on a part of the cemetery not used for burials 
until many years later than 18v;5. 

The inscription containing them is: 


BORN September 1'), 1809. 

OIED OuroaKK G, 1809. 


BORN OcroBEit 9, 1807, 
DIED OcroBSR 30, 1810. 

Children of 
Abne;r & M.\RY Taylor. 

Other inscriptions on tlip monument are: 


March 15, 1784, 

Feb. 11, 1853. 

His record is on high . 



Jan. 8, 1786, 
April 7, 1865. 


[west faceI 



June 6, 1811, 


Aug. 8. 1878. 




Jan. 19, 1821. 


Feb 3R, 1885. 

[north face] 



May 11. 1886, 

vE 71 Y's. 

ISOUTH face! 


South Lee Cemetery 

Plate No. 4 





Dec. 29, 1813. 

^. 32 Y's. 

Mrs Meribah Brown, 

wife of Mr Horatio Brown 

died July i8. 1822. in 

the 42 year of her age. 

Jesus said unto Iht, I aniJJtc 
resurcrt'inn and llw life: he 
fhiit hrJirrrlh In inr, ilmnqli 
he irn-r <lrn,l, i/rt .shn/l hr llrr 
AihI ,rhn.'<nrrrr /if, ill, niiil 
JwJivrrll, in lur, sIhiII iH-rrr 
die. JSelirrrst than tlii.'< f she 
saith aiitd him, i/en. Lord: I 
believe. And whe)i t^he Jiad 
so said: she wevt her leati. 

William Clark Davis 

Son of 

Mr Samuel cC* Mrs Marcy 

tvas Born May 25 1809 

and Died Oct 20*^ 

ORIN son of 
Thomas &.Cyu- 
tha Hatch died 
Jauy.,29. 1816 
: agetTs Months 

Memory of Mr 

who Died 

March 5th 1813. 

in the 52"^^ Year 

of his -Age. 

Friends nor Physicians could not save, 
My mortal body from the grave, 
Nor can this clay confine me here, 
When Christ Ihall call me to appear. 

Memory of Mrs 


wife of 

M"" Samuel Hulet, 

who Died Feb^ 27, 1813. 

in the 48*^ Year of 

her Age. 

How sudden was the fatal ftroke, 
When the Almighty summons spoke; 
My friends an I children now draw near, 
And see that you tor death prepare. 


South Lee Cemetery. 

In memory of 
Mrs. Amney Hurlbert. 

wife of 

Mr Christopher Hurlbert 

who died May 8, [823 

in the 58 year of her age 



May 20, 1825; 

jE. 5 yrs 
& 2 m\'i. 

In memory of 

Mr. Joseph Hurlburt JunT 

who departed this life 

February 23rd. ^D.i8o6 

in the 24th. Year of his age. 



April 3, 1822; 

.E. 4 Hr'x. 

He is call'd away from all his friends 
And here to lie till all thinjis end 
He lies moldring all away 
Into duft and filent clay. 


Dauqhter of 

Bela & ' 

Patty Judd, 

died Oct. StJ} 1824 

M. 2 year s. 


Soil of 

Bela & 

Patty Judd 

died A ugust Sti^iSjj , 

M. 4 years. 

In memory of 

Cap* Abijah Merrell 

who died 

Feb. 20. 1823 in the 

88 year ot' his a^e. 

Abijah 3rd died Feb 

16. 1817 aged 5 Mous 
Harriet A died Eec 

17. 1818 aged 13 Mons 
Children of Abijah 
«& Auua Merrell 

Orson Merrell 

son of William & 

Asenath H. Merrell 

Died March 5. 1816 

aged' 9 Mouths 

Oh Esrthly hopes thy 
fairest prospects vamsh 

In Memory of 

AVAN, Son 

of Samuel & 

Polly Keep, 

who died Feb. 

5. 1816, jE. 4 


Also an Infant Son 

to the above named 

Parents, died Dec. 

23. I8I4. 



Feb. 17, 1823; 

viB. 2 yr's, 
& 3 m's. 


daughter of 

Henry & Betsey 


died April 12, 

aged 11 years. 


Wife of 
Benjamiri Frichard 

Oct, 2, 1809; m the 
41 year of her age. 

And I heard a voice from heaven saying 
unto me, Write, Blessed are the dead 
which die in the Lord from hence- 
forth: Yea saith the Spirit, that they 
may rest from their labours, and their 
wo7'ks do follow them. 

South Lse Cemetery. 


In memory of 

Cap* Daniel Squire ; 

who died 

Feb. 13.1817. 

aged 32 years. 

Ye living mortals stop and read 
A solemn warning from the dead 
Your life is frail your death is sure 
Believe on Chrift & Heaven secure 


Sally Whiton: 

late Consort of Mr 

Mandley Whiton 

died May 5, 1814 

aged 29 Years. 

Her mind was tranquil and serene 
No terrors in her looks were seen 
Her Saviours smile dispel'd the gloom 
And sraooth'd her passage to the tomb 

Inscription on a Roadside Monument, Summer Street: 

On this spot was found 
the lifeless corpse of 
MT David Blossom, of Lenox 
Son ofCapt Ezra, & Afrs Mehita- 
bel Blossom, on the 8th day of 
May ,1814.; in the 22 year of his 
age. Walking here alone he was 
suddenly calV d into Eternity, with- 
out any earthly fiettd to console 
hint in his last moments, or to close 
his dying eyes. 
Reader! Pause, and consider the vast impor- 
tance of being always prepared to meet 
thy God! For thou hnowest not the time, the 
place, nor the manner of thy Death! 


Backus, Tohn 0. 3 

Mary 21 

Seth 21 
Ball, Catharine 3 

Hii.iift B. 3 

Rbo la 3 
Barlow, Elizabeth 21 

Lemuel 3 

LytUa 3 

Seth 21 
Bartlett. Julia 4 

William 4 
Bas3ett, Abigail 4 

CorneliuH 4 

Elisha 4 

Hannah 4 

Nathaniel, Jr. 1 

Roxany H. 4 

Thank 5 

Thomas 5 

Son of Nathan 4 
Ban ton, Daniel 30 

Wealth ;an 5 
Hill. Lucin(la2, 31 
Birchard. E hvin 5 

Son of Atuoh 5 
B'owom. D.ivil 2, 34 
B nven, H '.nvv 5 
Bradley, Jaroil 21 

Jesse 20, 21 

Joseph J. 5 

Lucy 5 

Slamry 21 

Rhoda Jane 5 
Brig9:s. son of Jo4haa 5 
Brown. Jleribah 31 
Chad wick. Abiather 21 

Bartlet 6 

Bathsheba 21 

Henian 6 

Samuel 21 

Chanter, Eleanor 6 

Martha 6 
Wi aiM 6 

William 6 
Child-i, child of Bjiijamin 6 

Expsriance 6 

Rhoda 6 

Sarah 6 
Church. Anna 7 

Charles W. 7 

Harriot 7 
Clark, son of Jeremiah 7 
( (-uch. William 7 
Crocker. Lansou 2, 7 

Noah 7 

Phi'ander 7 
Ciosby, Anna 7 

John 7 

John 21 

Martha 20, 21 

Son of Thomas 7 
Cnmings, G 'orge Woodward 7 
Davis, Calvin 8 

Willian Clark 31 
Dillinghan. B )urn Green 3 
Dodge. Elisha 8 
Dorr. G3orge Baikley 8 
Dunn, Nancy 8 
L'urant. Thomas Alonzo 8 
Eells.Ad;ih2. 8 
Fessenden, Nancy 8 
Foot, Anna 8 

Jonathan 23 

Samantha 9 

Son of Svlvanus 2, 9 
Freeman. Elisha 23 

Elizabeth 2} 
Freese, De-iire 23 

John 23 

Mary 9 

Sallv 9 

Fuller, Lucy 9 

Thomas 9 
Gardner, Varnuni 9 
Garfidd, Abigail 23 
Abigail 9 
Daniel 9 
Enoch 23 
Gates, Lucinda 9 
Giflford, S\ Ivanus 9 
Hall, Albert 10 
Eliza 10 
Rachel 2. 10 
Relief 10 
Hamblin. Abigail 2, 10 
Hannah 10 
James 10 
Job 10 

Nathaniel. Jr. 2,10 
Hinckley, Bitsey 1) 
Content 23 
Edmund 23 
Ed nund 10 
How'.;. Isaac U 

Kitharine 11 
Hulett, Sa nu d 31 

Susannah 31 
Hirlb^rt. Ani-y 32 
Hurlbut. Joseph, Jr. 32 
Hyde, Alvan, Jr 11 

Charles Backus 11 
Tng3rsoll. Abigail 11 
Eliazb^th 11 
Jarel 11 
Ly.lia 23 
Mary 11 
JFoses 12 
R'loli It 
William 23 
Judd, B la. Jr. 32 
Eliza 2. 32 
Kellogg, Lois 12 


Keep, Alvaii ^'^ 

Kobinson. Elizab3th 11 

Ihatc'ier. Cont-int 13 

JaHies 32 

E izabeth 1 1 

Elizabsth 25 

Lester 32 

Fuinv 14 

IJowlaud, Dea. 25 

Lois. 32 

Levi U 

Rowla 1 1, Jr. 16 

Con of iSamnel 32 

Sanford. George 0. 14 

Uowlanl 17 

Laflin, Harriet Alaria 12 

Sergeant, IMartha 14 

Tobey, E\ii\ 17 

Leonard, Henry 12 

Nancy U 

Tattle, Vnna 17 

LewiH. Horace H. 2, 12 

Oliver P. 14 

Jonarhin 2. 17 

Merrell, Abijah. Capt. 32 

Son of Erastu3 14 

Van Deusen. Lowrence 17 

Abijab 3r<l 32 

Shepardson, Aaron 14 

Margaret 17 

Harriet A. 32 

Smith, Bsnj.imin 15 

MarK.hal 17 

Orson 32 

Biiijamin 2nd 15 


Miller, Sut^an 32 

Jane 15 


NicholH, JoHepb 12 

Samuel 15 

Warren, George 17 

Nolcot, Belinda 12 * 

Sarah 2, 15 

We:)t, Ama*a IS 

Norcut. Charles 12 

Sparks, Jesse 15 

Caleb 18 

Simeon 12 

Lemuel 15 

Lois 18 

Northrup, Anna 12 

Mary 15 

Muh3tabel 18 

Nye, Abigail 12 

Spencer. Harriet 2, 15 

Oliver 25 

Annis 13 

Squire, Daniel. 33 

Thankful 25 

Harvey 13 

Stevens. James 15 

Son of Joshua 18 

John 13 

Strong, Henry F. 15 

Westcoat, James 18 

Levi 25 

Starges, Eliza 15 

Whiton, H-nry li 

Milton Brewster 2, 

13 E. izabeth 16 

Sally 33 

Sarah 20. 25 

Harriet 16 

Sherman 18 

Packard, Bradford U 

Lydia 16 

Wilcox, Hudson 18 

Parker. Remember 13 

Neh'3aiiah 13 

Williams, Minis 18 

Tercival, Sally 13 

William 16 

Winegar. Anna 19 

Perry, Catharine 13 

Taylor, Abner 27 

Sarah 19 

Phinney, Benjamin Franklin 13 ( hiiuncey F, 27 

Thankful ID 

Porter, David, 25 

Elijah J. 27 

Children of Jacob 19 

Dorothy Booth 25 

Horace 27 

Wormsr, Graca 19 

John Y. 13 

Mary 27 

Hui*ah 19 

Prndence 13 

Rebecca H. 27 

GIlb3rt 19 

Prichard. Anna 2. 32 

William 27 

Yale, Jo'm 19 

Pront, William 14 

Thacher, J(mathan 17 

Josiah 25 

Robertp, Amos 14 

Thatcher, Betsey 16 

Suisanna 14 

Betsey F. 2, 16 

Meliuda Norcut.