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Full text of "A Greek and English dictionary, comprising all the words in the writings of the most popular Greek authors; with the difficult inflections in them and in the Septuagint and New Testament .."

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Xari^ei. PiND. 






District ClerJt's Office. 
Be it REHEMnERED, That on the twentieth day of June, A. D. 1828, in the fifty-second year of the Indepen- 
dence of the United States of America, Milliard, Gray, Little, and Wilkins, of the said district, have deposited 

in this office the title of a book, the right whereof they claim as proprietors, in the words following, to wit: 

" A Greek and English Dictionary, comprising all the Words in the Writings of the most popular Greek 
Authors; with the difficult Inflections in them and in the Septuagint and New Tefitament : designed for the 
Use of Schools and the Undergruduute Course of a t'ollegiate Education. By the Rev. John Groves. With 
Corrections and Additional Alatter, by the American Editor. 


Af ri nail ipixrivioiv 
XaH^u. PiND." 

In conformity to the act of the Congress of the United States, entitled, "An Act for the encouragement of 
learning, by securing the copies of maps, charts, and hooks, to the authors and proprietors of such copies 
during tlie times therein mentioned ;" and also to an act, entitled, " An Act supplementary to an act, entitled. 
An Act fur the encouragement of learning, by securing the copies of maps, charts, and books, to the authors and 
proprietors of such copies during the times therein mentioned ; and extending the benefits thereof to the arts 
of designing, engraving, and etching historical and other prints." 

" ^ " ^' JNO. W. DAVIS, 

Clerk of the Distiict fif MaesachuselU. 



The object of the compiler of this work was to offer to the public 
a Dictionary, which young Greek scholars could use with ease and 
advantage to themselves ; but sufficiently full to be equally serviceable as 
they advanced ; a Book that would answer for School, for College, and more 
particularly, for reading the New Testament and the Septuagint. It was 
not without a conviction of its necessity, founded on experience, that this 
work was undertaken. How far it will answer the proposed end will be best 
known to those who make a trial of its merits. To explain how that has 
been attempted is the purpose of these pages. 

To give English significations for Greek words is the original principle 
on which this Dictionary was compiled. The surprising ease with which 
very young boys understood the Gospels, with the assistance of Parkhurst's 
Dictionary, — suggested the commencement of this work. They translated 
the Go.spels with much more facility, than the Latin elementary books they 
were reading at the same time ; although this Dictionary, then the only one 
which gave English explanations for the Greek words, afforded by no means 
sufficient assistance for beginners. The superior ease with which Greek 
could be thus learned, even under this disadvantage, suggested the thought 
of removing this difficulty by the publication of a Dictionary, which to 
English significations, — would add the several assistances that this now 

In the arrangement of the words, the alphabetical method has been adopt- 
ed as best suited to the capacity and diligence of the young learner. In this 
respect, and in some others, this Dictionary resembles the Greek and Latin 
Lexicon of Schrevelius, for a long time used in schools. The outline of the 
plan of each is very similar; but this differs from Schrevelius in many parti- 
culars, some of which it is hoped will appear to be improvements. 

Immediately after each word is placed its form of declension or conjuga- 
tion, together with any peculiarity attending it; such as the Attic genitive ' 
of contracted nouns, the future or perfect of any dialect peculiar to certain 
verbs, &,c. 

N -xt is placed the derivation or com])osition of the word. Particular 
attention has been paid to this part of the work. In most I..exicon3 the 
bare theme is usually set at the end of the word, without anv attonij)t to 
show how it forms a part of the word to which it is thus attached ; and 

r - r- » 

00'> 'J 



often without any signification in Latin or Eiiglisli. The incapacity or in- 
dolence of the great majority of school-boys, is tluis left without any thing to 
excite the one or assist the other ; while industry and attention are damped 
and discouraged. Here, the composition or derivation, generally followed 
by the original theme, is set before the English signification, so as to catch 
the eye. The English of these words is always given, so that the connexion 
between them and the present word may be perceived, and a judgment formed 
how the one is deduced from the other. Where a word is compounded 
with an adverb, preposition, or other particle, an attempt has always been 
made to give the meaning of that part, or to show the effect it has in alter- 
ing the signification of the word to which it is prefixed. This has often 
been difficult, and sometimes has remained unsatisfactory ; because the 
word often takes several significations, from the different shades of expression 
given by the various powers of the particle. In a few obvious instances this 
effect has been noticed ; but generally all farther explanations bave been 
avoided, experience having convinced the compiler that young learners do 
not attend to them : and scholars will require much more than can be given 
in a work that beginners can use with ease and advantage. 

The English significations of the Greek word follow next. These have | 
been selected from a careful comparison of the Latin of Stephens' Thesau- 
rus, Scapula, Damm, Schleusner, and in many instances, other Lexicons 
have been consulted with advantage. Some few very unusual significations, 
occurring only in authors likely to be read by very advanced scholars, have 
been omitted. In this part two or three synonyms have been given for each 
signification ; and the most usual or vernacular expressions have been intro- 
duced, that thus the Greek sentence may fall into familiar English. Several 
also of the Indexes or Vocabularies annexed to new editions of school books, 
have been looked into; so that, it is hoped, that the significations thus 
selected, will be found correct; and that the latter, having been chosen for 
these particular authors, will catch the attention of the young scholar, while 
engaged in translating their writings, as being well adapted to his imme- 
diate reading. 

After the significations are subjoined, any irregularities or varieties arising 
from dialect, &c. and some of the more difficult inflections of each word are 

Such is a sketch of the mode of arrangement pursued. It may be proper 
to mention, by what additions this Dictionary hopes to claim the student's 
' attention. 

A considerable number of new words have been introduced. These 
consist of words occurring in the authors usually read, and in the Septua- 
gint, which are not to be found in Schrevelius. They are also taken from 
the Cjreek tragedies now generally read at schools, from elementary books 
latterly introducoid, and from Mr. "Walker's new selection of Lucian's Dia- 
'ogues. So that this Dictionary will be found to answer for the study 


of those introductory works alluded to ; for the New Testament, and the 
Greek translation of the Old ; for Homer ; for most of Lucian's Dialogues 
and his luyy^a^sTv for the works of Xenophon ; for some of the orators 
and Greek tragedians ; comprising a copious school course, and a large 
portion of the Greek authors read in our Universities. A book of this 
kind, applicable to so many authors, must be generally useful, though it 
cannot aspire to the name of a universal Greek Dictionary. An attempt 
to do so would extend it far beyond the limits of a companion for the school 
boy, or the College student ; especially when the following addition is taken 
into consideration. 

All the inflected parts of words which are in Schrevelius are to be found 
in this Dictionary, with many others. These consist of oblique cases of 
nouns, pronouns, and participles; of persons, tenses, moods, &-c. of verbs, 
and comprise all the difficult variations occurring in Homer, and those 
other Greek books just mentioned. When it is considered that there are 
instances of oblique cases, which retain but small resemblance to their nomi- 
natives, and that in verbs, even those perfectly regular, there are parts unlike 
their themes, both at the beginning, and in the middle, as well as in theie 
terminations, this must be acknowledged to be not only a useful, but even a 
necessary part of a Greek Dictionary. And when the numerous varieties 
and irregularities of words in most common use are taken into account, this 
part of the work will appear almost indispensable. There is no English 
attached to these parts and inflections, but a reference is given to the theme, 
where all the significations will be found. This part of the work has been 
particularly attended to, where it respects the New Testament ; for every 
variation of case, gender, and number, and of mood, tense, person, &c. 
occurring in that book, is inserted in this Dictionary; except the forms of 
the simple parisyllabic declensions. These were considered too obvious to 
any one that had read the Greek Grammar, to require a place here; but there 
is a notification of this omission placed at the head of the list of abbreviations, 
with a rule of direction when any of these inflections occur. So consider- 
able an addition of words without any signification, was made from a con- 
sideration, that, as the Gospels are very frequently used as an elementary 
book in Greek, beginners would require more of that kind of assistance than 
others. There was also another motive. Tliere are many persons, wlio, 
long after they have ceased to study languages, and have embarked in the 
active pursuits of life, feel, at their leisure hours, an inclination to renew the 
Indies of their youth ; and a more intimate acquaintance with the Biblr; 
IS a favourite object with persons of this turn. A mind of this cast, that 
retains any recollection of the Greek Grammar, will, with the assistance of 
this Dictionary, bo able to recall all it has learned, with considerable addi- 
tions. Ry the use of it, every difliculty that occurs in the New 'I'estamciit, 
md in those books already mentioned, will be smoothed ; the student hp.'ing 
made acquainted with the nature of any inflected word, which long disuso 


may h;ivo rendered liini unable to analyse; while suflicicnt exercise remainn 
for the uuderslanding, in being left to select an ai)i)ropriate signification 
from among the English given for the theme referred to. Thus, this Book 
will be particularly useful to those who may wish to revive their knowledge 
of Greek ; and especially of the New Testament. Should leisure enable or 
inclination dispose them to extend their reading to the Greek of the Sep- 
tuagint translation of the Old Testament, they will fin-ther find in this 
Dictionary all the words occurring in thai book. None of the infiections of 
these words are directly inserted, except a few peculiar terminations, which 
seem to be provincialisms, used by the Alexandrian Greeks, who are .sup- 
posed to have made parts of that translation ; but many of these inflections 
may be found the same as in other books. These were omitted, because to 
insert all that may be met with were an endless task ; it was unnecessary 
to do so, because the books of the Septuagint are not used as an elementary 
study; and because the previous reading of the New Testament will give 
sutficient practice of grammatical analysis to enable the student to trace the 
inflections in the Septuagint. Thus this Dictionary will answer for thp 
study of the entire Bible, of the New Testament in its original language, and 
of the Old in a language into which it was translated by persons who cannot 
be suspected of having been biassed by any of the schisms that have divided 
the Church of Christ. 

These additions have extended this work a little beyond the size of Schre- 
velius, while nothing useful or material has been omitted. There are indeed 
no references given or authorities cited, experience having shown the com- 
piler that young students pay no attention to many of those assistances 
which more advanced scholars look for in Dictionaries; while these receive 
very little benefit from that scanty portion of references or quotations wliich 
can be given in a book adapted to the use of schools. Accordingly, after 
very mature consideration, every thing has been retrenched that did not co- 
incide with the young scholar's capacity ; and the room thus made has been 
filled up with what more usually catches his attention. He has here given 
to him what he will notice at present, instead of what he may look for at 
a more advanced period of his studies. He has laid before him what will 
be immediately useful, for what might be serviceable hereafter. Very k\v 
phrases are given, and that only when an indeclinable part of speech, joined 
with another word, may be construed briefly by an adverbial expression. 
All this plan could not be put in practice at first, for the propriety of some 
parts of it occurred only during the progress of the work; but it has been 
very strictly adhered to in the course of two rigid revisals that the work 
received before it went to the press. 

Satisfaction respecting the execution of this work will be best had by in- 
specting a few pages, opened indifferently in several parts of the book. ' There 
it will be observed that the accents have been retained. The use of them, 
whether as a means of acquiring the ancient pronunciation, or of establishing 


a fixed one, is very questionable ; because the tone, emphasis, or other in- 
flection of voice implied by any mark, can hardly be conveyed by words. 
Such modulations of the voice must be lost with the persons who used them. 
The best method perhaps of fixing the pronunciation of the ancient Greek 
would be to adopt that of their modern descendants. These still understand 
the oldest books in that language more readily than Englishmen can read 
Chaucer's works, or Wickliffe's translation of the Bible. Whatever marks 
they use might be adopted, because the intonations of the voice implied by 
them can be learned by oral instruction from this people. To say that the 
ancient accents may serve a secondary purpose, and be useful as distinctive 
marks of words otherwise similar, is but to make a stupid apology for the 
indolence that will not endeavour to discover the signification of a word from 
the tenor of the sentence, and the spirit of the context. However, that the 
^absence of such assistance may not be alleged as a defect in this work, they 
are inserted according to the rules for their use generally followed. 

The spiritus lenis, which only serves to mark the absence of the asper, has 
been omitted, because it expresses nothing ; and creates confusion to be- 

The Apostrophe, Dialysis, and / subscribed have been particularly attend 
ed to; and the quantity of the doubtful vowels has been marked. 

The type is clear and distinct, having been cast for the work ; and the 
paper is better than what is generally used for such books. 

Under all these circumstances, the utility of this Greek and English Dic- 
tionary is anxiously anticipated, as likely to be serviceable to the young 
scholar and college student, in the acquisition of a language remarkable for 
the extent of its use in ancient times, and for the extraordinary length of time, 
that beyond all other languages it has existed, with some alterations, as a 
vernacular tongue ; to the retired gentleman, who can find pleasure in recur- 
ring to those early studies which are now considered as an indispensable 
part of liberal education, and an ornament to the higher ranks of society ; 
and to the thoughtful Christian, who may wish to imbibe the precepts of the 
Gospel from their purest source. 



EvF.Kv inflection of case, iiender, or nuniborof nouns, pronouns, or jiarticiplcs occurring 
in the New TcstniuL'iit, lias been inserted in this Dictionary ; except tiu; forms of tlic 
einiplc pariiJylliibic declensions. Tiierefore, it'nu}' sucii word is not to bo found, its nomi- 
nativo case ends in -«, -»;, -aj, -»/j, -oj, or -or, and must be loolied for accordingly. 

Also every variation of mood, tense, person, &c. of verbs in tlio New Testament, may 
be found licre. 

Alonir witli these may be found many otiier inflections from classical authors. 

These inflections are not always ]uil directly in column ; but several cases are sometimea 
inserted under one, a;? may be observed in Viva, Oiotaa, Mvpidic;. 

In like maimer, tenses, &c. of verbs that resemble each other, are frequently put to- 
gether. Such words are always separated by a — , and each begins with a capital letter, 
as may be seen in Tcyn-jfiuivoi, EaKdnxa, MiVj/fji. 

act. active 

ind. indicative 
impr. imperativo 

pres. present 
impf. imperfect 
1 f. or f. tirsi future 

1 sin. first person singular 



mid. middle 

opt. opative 
sub. subjunctive 

2 f. second future 

1 a. first aorisl 

2 a. second aorist 

1 du. first person dual 

pass, passive 

inf. infinitive 
par. participle 

per. or p. perfect 
pper. pluperfect 
ppfut. paulo post future 

1 pi. first person plural 


mas. masculine 

sin. singular 

n. nominative 
a. accusative 

fern, feminine 

du. dual 

g. genitive 

sup. superlative 
coinp. comparative 

neul. neuter 

pi. plural 

d. dative 
V. vocative 

JEol. ^.olic 

Ati. .\ttic 

BcDOt. Bccotic 

Dor. Doric 

Heb. indecl. Hebrew 

Ion. Ionic 

Lat. Latin 

LXX. the Septuagint 

Poet. Poetic 

Svrac. Syracusan 

asp. aspirate 
fr. from 
til. theme 
wh. which 

Anadipl. Anadipiosis 
Apoc. Apocope 
Apos. Apostrophe 
Aphx-r. Apha;resis 
indeclinable Cras. Crasis 
Dial. Dialysis 
Ectas. Ectasis 
Epen. Epenthesis 
Metapl. Alctaplasmus 
Parag. Para;;oge 
Pleon. Pioonasmus 
Prosth. Prosthesis 
Syn. Synx'resis 
Sync. Syncope 
Sys. Systole 

compos, composition 
redujil. reduplication 

col. ccUcctivo 
cont. contracted 
cop. copulative 
dim. diminutive 
enclit. enclitic 
impers. impersonal 
irrcg. irregular 
intcns. intensive 
nog. negative 
obs. obsolete 
priv. privative 
redund. redundant 

Adj. adjective 
Adv. adverb 
Prep, preposition 
Subs, substantive 







A, the first of the Greek letters, 
called alpha. As a numeral 
mark it signifies one, or with a 
dot underneath, a, one thou- 
sand. In composition it is 1st, 
privative, or negative, as, bpa- 
rii, visible, adparoi, invisible ; 
2d, intensive, as, arnt^ia, to 
stare, from rdvu, to strain ; 3d, 
collective, as, jraf, all, a-rras, all 
together ; 4th, redundant, or 
superfluous, as, dara^vi, or ard- 
j^f, an ear of com ; afi^rt^pi^, 
or jiXr)^oi(, weak. In cormwsi- 
tion it takes v after it before a 
vowel, as, avafidprnrof, sinless, 
from a neg. and afiaprdvwj to 

A, Dor. for t, as, aire for tiVt. 

'a, Dor. for )/, the article. Also 
a Dor. for ^, adv. whither. 

A, Dor. for w, in g. pi. of 
simple nouns, sometimes with- 
out an accent, and som<:- 
tJmes circumflcxcd. Also in 
other cases as, Vloaciiav for Flo- i 
cciiiJv. In verbs, as, (ioaai for 

'a, ncut. pi. of 5f, 5, 3, or o(| 5f, 

'A, adv. of admiring, complain- 
ing, wishing pitying ; oh I alt ! 
altM '. , "a, "i, of laughing; ha, 

A da rot, for /larof, hrring repeated 
by a poetic pleonasm. 

Ai'iyftf, -lo( -oTif, 0, fi, (fr. a nog. 
and rfyu), to break) not to be bro- 
ken, ^rm, Hrong. 

'Aair, for flit, 3 sin. 2 a. md. act. 
of an^liti, or ahiu* 

Xafiiii, Dor. for ariifif. 

Ad?u, r -Tdi, p. -Ka (a word 
formed from the sound of 
breathing) lo brtaihe, pant, 

dravi the breath ; to exhale, steam, 
rise in vapours. 

AdBijv, for Tjdrjv, 1 a. pass, of aau. 

AdBiKTOi, same as ddiKTo;. 

Adfivif, -lo{, fi, an instrument used 
in bird-catching, 

'Aarrroj, -ov, b, f/, (fr. a neg. and 
ajTTCi), to touch, or larrrw, to 
hurt) thai may not be touched, 
consecrated, dedicated ; strong, 
invincible, invulnerable ; that can 
attack, or subdue others, victori- 

Aapuiv, Heb. indecl. The brotlier 
of Moses, the first high priest of 
the Jews. 

'Aaaa, -as, -c, 1 a. ind. act. Poet. 

for Tiaa ; and 

Aaad/jitjv, 1 a. ind. mid. Poet, for 
TiadfiTiv' and 

AdadTjv, Poet, for ijaOtiv, 1 a. ind. 
pass, of 

AdoKit), or Ad^o), to hurt, th. ardot, 
which see. 

Ao<7(, 3 pi. pres. md. act. fr. dtiftt. 

Aaa/jbf, -ov, i,(fr. ad?o>, to breathe) 
the warmth of the Irrcath, breath- 
ing ; exhalation, vapour, steam. 

Ad(r)^CTO!, and Avda^crof, -ov, 4, i;, 
(Ir. II nog. and /;^w for Kari^xm, 
lo restrain) not lo be endured, 
intolerable ; grievous, vexatious. 

' Aarai, 3 sin. o{ da fiat, pros. mid. 
or pass, of (i/it;i. Hut, 

Aiirat, 3 sin. prtw. ind. mid. of auu 

'Aarof, -01). h, f], (fr. dui or ardu), to 
hurt, witn u inlcns.) drslnirtive, 
injurious, ruiutmi, prmidous ; 
greedy, insatiatitr ; (with a nog. ) 
innocent, hamilrss ; that neither 
receives, nor in/tirts hurt. 

Adw, f. adatt), to delude, deceive, 
mislead, tnfutunle, bniiilder. I a. 
ind. pass. adOnv, and adaOtiv. J 

Alia^iuv, Heb. indecl. an epithet ofl 

Antichrist, Abaddon, destruc' 

tion, perdition. 
Afid^o), f. -at,), (fr. a intens. and 

Pd^d), to talk) to extol, praise; 

to become famous. 
AfiaOiji, -loi, -ovi, b, fi, (of a nee, 

and Pddos, depth) without depm, 

"Afiai, (Dor. for Ti^at, nom. pi. of 

iijiri^ used adjectively it signifies 

tender, delicate. 
'A/?aiof, fr. a intens. and fialof, 

which see. 
AJiaKfuii, (fr. next) quietly, calmly, 

AfiuKii;, -fos -oiJi, b, >), (fr. a nee. 

and 0d^iji, to speak) mute, dumb; 

still, quiet, calm. 
A/idKrjaav, Ion. for vPaKTicav, 3 pi. 

1 a. ind. act. of 
Aflaiiiu) -(3, f. -r/cro), p. >;/?««ri7ifa,and 
AfiaKl^tt), f. -law, (fr.(i/3aK^{,silent) 

to be silent, dumb ; to be ignorant 

of, not lo know. 
AfidKtov, -ov, ri, (dim. of dSa(, a 

table) a smalt table, properly one 

divided into lines or sqttares for 

the ptirjiosc if cnlitilation ; a 

draft, or cheejuer-board. 
AftaKlaKoi, -ov, b, (fr. last)rt,wia// 

square, or other shaped piece, of 

v<hirh the pavements culled te.i- 

selated, or mosaic, were composed; 

It die. 
'AfliiXr, adv. of wishing : Oh that ! 

umutd it were ! 
A/J<i/ii(, Afifia/iii, and Afluvi), Ilcb. 
the high place ; where the hea- 
thens anil idolatrous Jeu>s used 
to sacrifice. 
'Afiiii'Ta, a. sin. of 'A/3af, the name 

of a man. 
' Kfta^, -koi, h, a bench, table, hoard, 
or side-humd ; a luJile, or board 
used for calculation, chtis, &c. 


X^Jmerof, -jv, 6, fi, (fr. a noe. 
and p(iTr(yi), to ilip) not to he 
sunk, tlrowneil, or ovrrwhdm- 
eil ;j!oiUin^f buoyant; unbcijiliz- 

'XfiarTTOi, -ov, 0, i), fr. a neo. and 
(itizTu), todi|), or dye) not <li/c(l, 
colourless, untainted; unteinper- 
i-J, blunt. 

'A/iap, -')j>-, tJ, a kind of cake. 

Ajjapq, a. sill. mas. cunt. of. 

A/Jupiis, -/«j, -oBj, 6, 1^, (fr. a nog. 
and /ju'jjoi, weight) /ii;/i<, 7iot 
heavy; trifling, volutile; easy to 
be endured; not 6urr/c»i»ome, not 

' A jias, -II vToi, Abas, a man's name. 

A/ias, Dor. for T/iii;?, g. sin, of 

A/idVai, 1 a. inf. act. of a/?a^u. 
Aiiaadtiaros, -ov, b, I'l, (fr. a neg. 
and jidaavoi, a touchstone) un- 
tried, not proved, or explored; 
not examined by torture. 
APaaavl(iTu)s,{fr. last) ivithout trial, 

or examination, unadvisedly. 
ApairDiCVToi, -ov, b, i), (fr. a neg. 
and /JaffiXtus, a king) without a 
king, ruler, or chief; indepen 
dent, free; unlike a king. 
A/3a(jiXciirwf, (fr. last) without a 

king ; unlike a king. 
'.Kfiaroi, -ov, b, i;, (fr. a neg. and 
iiaivu), to go) pathless,untroddcn, 
■unfrc([ucntcd ; impassible, inac- 
cessible, lofty, sleep; not to be 
trodden, or entered, holy; lone- 
ly, solitary ; deserted, desolate ; 
AjSurdu), f. -ilidb), (fr. last) ?o ma/ce 

desolate, lay waste. 
'A/? (3a, Syriac, indecl./a</jer. 
'Aj3/ia/ia, see ajSaud. 
'.\fii3a\e, for oTrfpaXt or avi^aXe, 
3 sin. 2 a. ind. act, of aro/3dXXu), 
or avujJa'XXw. 
Kiiifiaioi, -ov b, i), (fr. a neg. and 
/Jt'/iuiof, firm) unstable, weak; 
inconstant, fickle, wavering, ca- 
A,t!c;3«i<5r;;f, -tiro;, >/, (fr. last) 
weakness ; fickleness, inconstancy, 
'A/JcX, 0, Heb. indecl. Abel, a 

man's name. 
A.Sf'Xrtpof, -a, -ov, (fr. a neg. and 
foolish ; a blockhead. 
A/itXrcjj^i, -as, 1), (fr. last) stupi- 
dily, dulness, want of sense, or 
talent ; folly, infatuation. 
Ajita, Heb. indecl. Abia, a man's 

A/3iuOap, Heb. indecl. Abiathar, a 

man's name. 
'A/3i/3Xo{, -ou, 6, (fr. a neg. and 
iiiiiXoi, a book) wilJiout books, 
Alit)^riv!t, -rji, ;„ ^Mtene, the name 

of a country. 
'A0/o<, -ou, b. It. (fr. a neg. and 
0ioi, a livelihood; or jiia, 
Rtren^lh) poor, intligent ne.ceji- 
kUous, needy; simple, innocent, 
harmless; weak, feeble: or (fr. 
a intcns. and same) rirJi, weal- 
thy ; strong, hardy, vifjlent; long- 


lived : or (fr. a neg. and /3<if, a 
how) unarmed. 
A/Jiui'(\ Heb. indecl. Abiud, a 

man's name. 
Aj3/u)ro£, -ov, b, I'l, (fr. a neg. and 
iJidu), to live, Ih. /?/of, life) 
without life, lifeless, inanimate; 
short-lived ; grievous, sorrowful. 
Ap'Xa/3*'u?, A|3Xrt'(Ja)f, and AliXdit- 
Tiai, (fr. next) harmlessly, inno- 
ccnlly ; safely, securely. 
A/3Xu/Ji)f, -tof, -ovi, b, //, (fr. a 
neg. and /iXa/?i;, hnrt, Ih. jiXdn- 
To), to hurt) harmless, iuqffcnsive, 
innocent; safe, unhurt, unin- 
A/tiXa'jrrof, -ov, b, i), (fr. ancg. and 
li\dnTio, to hurt) unhurt, not to 
be hurt, secure; harmless, inno- 
AftMs, -ijrof, b, !], (fr. a neg. and 
/SaXXo), to throw) not yet throwm, 
or shot; new, fresh, unused; 
pointed, sharp. 
'AflXtiTo;, -ov, b. If, (fr. same) not 

hit, or struck; unhurt, safe. 
AP^vXP'lif -f'oj-oK;, b, lj,a.nil K(i\n- 
XP^f) -") -ov, (fr. a redun. and 
flXri'x^pos, weak) weak, feeble, in- 
firm. It is used by Pindar to 
signify strong, where the a must 
be considered as neg. 
A(i\ou, pres. impr. act. cont. of 
AXotw -io, to sacrifce, offer. 
A/iouTi, Poet, and Dor. for a^ortrl, 
(which fr. a neg. and (io}), din) 
vnthout war; quietly, tranquil- 
AlioriOrjota, -a;, >';, (fr. a neg. and 
(ioijOiiD, to assist) want of' aid, 
Afioi'iOrjTOi, -ov, b, !}, (fr. same)rfes- 
litute, helpless; deadly, incurable, 
A(i6i}0oi, -ov, b, fi, (fr. same) past 

help, irremediable, incurable. 
AlioXiui, -d, to meet, encounter. 
A/-)i3X?;(rai',Ion. hri)jii\rjaav, 3 pi. 1 

a. ind. act. of last. 
'A/^oXof, -ov, &,(fr. a neg. and/3«iX- 
Xu, to cast) that has not cast his 
first teeth, not lost the mark of 
mouth; young, 
APov\t.vTiOi, (fr. aneg. and (iov\i), 
counsel) unadvisedly, rashly, 
hastily, imprudeiUly, inconside- 
Al'iovXia, -aj, //, (fr. same) rask 

ness, folly, imprudence. 
'A/3ouXo;, -ou, b, »;,(fr. same)unod- 
vised, tlmughlless, inconsidcrale, 
imprudent, hasty, rash; unfore- 
seen, unexpected. 
Ai3owX(5rara, sup. of 
Al^oiiXwf, see ajiovXevna;. 
Afiovriu), Ion. for aj3ovTov, g. of 
A/3oi'Tj;?, -ou, b, (fr. a neg.and jiovs, 

an ox) having no cattle, poor. 
"A0pa, or 'Afipn, -as, I'l, (fern, of 
a|3oJf, tender) llabra, or Abra, 
a woman's name ; a maid of 
lutnour^ handmaid, servant, 
A/3p«ufi, Heb. indecl. Abraham, a 

man's name. 
Xflpaidrns, -ov, b, Abrculates, a 

man's name. 
A(ipaK(iji -u), and AjSpaVw, fr. a 
rcdund. and /Jprfvoj, which see. 


APpdKr/aav, Ion. for itfipttKyiaav, 3 

pi. 1 a. ind. act. of last. 
A/JpHYf, Ion.for^j3pa;^£,3sin.imp. 

act. of ajipaX'^- 
AfipiKTos, -ov, b, !i, same as <f j3po 


'Ajjpt^ofiai, (fr. u(3pds, delicate) to 
indulge in ilclicacies, to pamper 
one's self, to live delicately. 

Afipl^u), f. -(f(j, (fr. a intcns. and 
/jp/ija), to nap) to sleep from ex- 
cess of food, to nap, or slumber 
after meals ; or (fr. a neg. and 
same) to tvake, be watchful, vigi- 
lant, or active, 

AfipWfis, -tos, -out, i, >% (fr. a neg. 
a.nd lipWui, to weigh heavy) /ig-/i<, 
not heavy. 

Afipl^ai, 1 a. inf. act. of nj3pf^u. 

'A/3po/?(ir(;s, -ou, b, {], (fr.(i/3p3{ ten- 
der, and lialvij to walk) one who 
walks softly, stepping lightly, 
moving stately. 

'Aj3p<!/3(0{, -ou, b, t'l, (fr. u/?p6s deli- 
cate, and Pids, life) and 

' AflpoUaiTos, -ov, b, ^,(fr.same and 
itaira, diet) delicate inmannirs, 
Itixurious, voluptuous; affluent, 

'Appofios, -ov, h, f), (fr. a intcns. 
and lipdfios, noise, th. (ipijiui, to 
roar) making a loud noise, loud, 
noisy, roaring, clamorous. 

'A/3pij, -a, -bv, soft, delicate,tender; 
dainty, choice; mild, gentle, ti- 
morous, effeminate; afflttent, rich; 
fair, splendid, beautiful. 

A;3pOTa^ui,f. -o'io,(fr. a/3p(ir»;, night) 
to go astray in the dark; to wan- 
der, rove, to ramble; to err, mis- 
take, sin. 

AfipoTiio -w, f. -i/o-oi, (fr. same) to 
meet by night. 1 a. ind. act. 
rifip6rriaa' inf. a(ipoT)iaai. 

Afipdrii, -rjs, ';, fr. a neg. and |3po- 
ris, niortal) an epithet of night, 
in whicii mortals do not appear, 

'A(ip6rris, -iros, ht andDor.'A^pd- 
ras, -aros, a, (fr. aSpds delicate) 
softness, tenderness, delicacy ; 
luxury, indulgence, 

A&pfiTovov, -ov, ri), the herb south- 
'AfipoTos, -ov, b, 1], (fr. a neg. and 
(Spords, mortal) immortal, that 
never dies, perpetual, never end- 
ing ; divine, ambrosial, balmy. 
'AfipoX"^ras, -a, b. Dor. and .-Eol. 
for appo^airtis, -ov, b, (fr. ufipis 
delicate, and X''^'''ly ""^ hair) 
toho is exact about his hair; or 
who has fine hair; delicate, ef- 
Alipo^'ia, -as, hi (*''■• next) drouglit, 

'Appoxos -uv, b, i) (fr. a neg. and 
lioi^ii), to moisten) dry, not wet, 
vuthout rain; thirsty. 
'Afipvva,or alipvva,-wv, rii, delay, 
procrastinalion ; stop, hindrance, 
'Afipvvio, f. -vw, 'fr. d^paf,delicate) 
In n/torn. dress, deck out, decorate. 
Mid. a(ipvvofiat, '" indulge on«'« 
self, display, boast, vaunt, exult, 
'AfipuTos, -ov, and A/?pws, -dros, b, 
i), (fr. aneg. and /3pii(7(cw, toeat) 


unealcn, not devourea, or cor- 
roded, sound, that has not eaten, 
hungry ; also, unJU to be eaten, 
not eatable. 

A^vSrivos, -ov, b, (fr. next) one of 
Abydos ; treacherous, perjidious, 
like them. 

'A/}0i5of, -ou, 5, Abydos, the name 
of a city. 

' Xiivaaoi, -ov, »/, (fr. a intens. and 
^vuubi, Ion. for ^vOh^ depth) an 
abyss, a deep; tlie receptacle of 
the dead ; the boUumless pit, hell ; 
an abyss of waters. Adj. bot- 
tomless, unmeasurable, vasL 

'Ay', for dye, pres. impr. act. of 
ayui, come, lead on. 

AydaaOai, Poet. Pleonasm, for 
aya'ffflai, pres. inf. mid. — Ayd- 
aijde, same for aydcOt, 2 pi. 
pres. ind. or impr. ofaya^ai. 

'Ayafios, -ov, 5, a man's name, Lat. 

Aydyai, Ion. for ayayuiv, Att. for 
avhiv, part. 2 a. act. — Ayayev, 
Dor. for ayaytiv, Att. for ayuv, 
2 a. inf. act. — Ayayiardat, Att. 
for ayiaOai, 2 a. inf. mid. — 
Aydyotfit, -0(5, -01, Att. for dyoi- 
fti, 2 a. opt. act. and 

Aydyoi; -tf, -«, Atu and Ion. for 
tjyov, 2 a. ind. act. — AyrfyovO', 


to do good, serve, to be of use to, 
to assist ; to act rightly, 

AyadoTToita, -ns, i';, (fr. same) well- 
doing, doing good, acting nghlly; 
a benefit, service. 

AyadoTToioi, -ov, b, t'l, (fr. same) a 
well-doer, one who acts rightly ; 
a benefactor. 

Ayadonoieire, 2 pi. pres. ind. or 
impr. act. — --oiTjaai, 1 a. inf. 

act. rroiriTC, 2 pi. cont. pres. 

sub. act. — -TTOiovaat, n. pi. 

fern. Trotoi'iTEf, n. pi. mas. 

TToiouvTa^, a. pi. mas. cont. 

par. pres. act. of ayadoiroiiw. 

Ayadiv, -ov, ri, (neut. of next) a 
good, perfection; bounty, bless- 
ing ; wealth, property, goods. 
Ayadoi, -h, -iv> (fr- a intens. and 

yrjdiui, to rejoice ; or fr. ayaoi 
to admire) admirable, for what- 
ever may be the present subject, 
excellent, surpassing ; good, pure, 
correct in conduct ; bountiful, 
kind, benevolent, merciful; pro- 
fitable, iiseful; fertile, product- 
ive; brave, courageous ; skilful; 
ingenious, clever, active. Ot aya- 
6ot, the good, the virtuous. 
AyaddTrii, -rjTOi, n, (fr. last) good- 
ness, good condttct; bounty, be- 
nevolence ; courage ; skill. 
by Apos. before an aspirate, for] Aya0oDpyi»;, -»;?, )';, Ion. for aya- 

aydyovTc, Alt. for ay6vTC, n. 
a. V. du. par. 2 a. act. — 
Aya'yu, -pf, -p, Att. for dyia, 2 
a. sub. act. and 
Aydyiav, -ovca, -ov. Sec. Att. for 
dyuiv, &c. par. 2 a. act. ofdyoi. 
Ayd^Ofiai, f. -oo^at, (fr. aydd), or 
aydojiai to wonder) to he angry, 
break out, exceed ; to envy, 
grudge ; to admire, wonder, 
gaze ; to venerate, look up to. 
AyaOoo^i'd, -a{, ri, (fr.ayaBii good, 
and aox^i rule) the rule, or do- 
minion of goodness, good govern^ 
AyaOap^iKdi, -n, -bv, (fr. last) rul- 
ing well, governing justly, wise. 
AydOcoi, and Ion. pydOcof, -ou, b, i), 
(fr. dyav, very, and Gtif God) 
divine; excellent, superior; no- 
hU, iUustrinus. 
Kya9\i, -lio(, li, (fr. ayaOHi, good) 
a ball, or clew of yarn, or 
Ayadoioyib) -d, f. -fjaoi, p. -pKn, 
(fr. ayaOi( good, and ipyov work ) 
lo do good, bmifil, serve ; to 
do u»ll, act ri(;ldli/ ; lo ilo works 
of charity, arvl mercy, pres. iiif 
act. cont. ayaOoioyilv. 
AyaOocpyla, -,i(, and Ion. AyaOntn- 
yll, -pf, h< (ff- fame) benrficAmce, 
hoiinly, nrtivc kindness; an ex-, t',''tf. 
Ayi'),inyd<;, and Cont, AyaOovoybi, 
•ov, i, /;, (fr. same) beneficent, 
heneioli-nl, a brnrfacjor ; a sena- 
tor nf Sprirta. 
AyoOo«>/7s, -/t/){, h, and AynOoK- 
Xfl<i, -ln<i, -oi.j, 0, (fr. liyitv Miiirh, 
and K\i„i fiine) Agathoctrs, a 
man's name. 
A yaOovoitio -ii, f. -ijod), p. -pna, ( fr. 
ayrOif, good, and rotlm lo do) 

Bovpyia, by Cras. for ayaflocpyi'a 
AyaOovpyii, -ov, b, >;, by Cras. for 

AyaOoo) -w, f. -liaw, and 
Aya6vvij),f. -vvw, (fr. ayaSJf, good) 
to do good to others ; to act well 
myself; to be glad, to rejoice. 
AyadwOeli, -uaa, -iv, (par. 1 a. 

pass, of last) glad, rejoiced. 
AyaOuj;, (fr. same) well, rightly. 
AyaOwavvp, -pi, i), (fr. same) good- 
AyaOwraro;, -p,-ov, Slip..ofoya9d{. 
'Ayai, -0)1', -a'l, (fr. (fyo), to break) 
breaches; a shore, or strand; and 
Ayaierai, 3 sin. prcs. ind. act. of 
Ayaloftat, (fr. aydu), to admire) to 
be angry ; lo entertain a gruage, 
or spile, lo envy ; to admire, won- 
AyoToj, -a, -ov, (fr. same) elegant, 
7ieat,Jine, gay; enviows, enviable. 
AyuxXtiTit, -ov, h, I'l, (fr. dyav very, 
and xXcirdj celebrated, th. kXc/u, 
to celebrate) and, 
Ayn»fX/)5, -/of, -oDj, b, >;, (fr. same, 
and icXtoi fame, ih. xXdui, to ce- 
lebrate) and, 
AyaK^vrdi, -oTi, b, /,, (fr. (same, and 
xXvrbf famed, tli. kXx'io), lolicar) 
celebrated, crieil up, rxtoltcd, fa- 
mous, renmimed, eminent, 
AyaKriiitvuv, /K.o\. fitrayaKTijifvpv, 
fern. a. sin. ofayaKrifilvos, Poet, 
for uyav KtKTiOjihoi (th. ktI^w, 
to build) well built. 
AynWlniia, -rlrof, rh, and, 
AyaXX/arrif, -lof, .\W. -twf, //, (fr. 
aydWut, to r.xull) transport, ex- 
ultation, leaping fitr joy, ecstasy, 
AyuXAino-0(, 2 pi. cont. prcs. impr. 
mid. Xi(/i//tO(i, 1 pi. cont. prcs. 


sub. mid. — -Xtiificvoi, n. pi. 
mas. cont. par. pres. mid. of 
AyiiXXiacj •&, f. -duoi, p.>)yaXXiat;a, 
(th. aydXXu), to adorn) 1 a. ind. 
mid. pyaWtaadfipv, -u>, -aro' 
pass. pyaWtdcOpv and, 
.iydXXo/iai, (fr. dyav very much, 
and HWonai to leap) to leap for 
joy, slww delight by gestures, ex- 
ult, rejoice, triumph ; to adorn, 
AydWo'xov, -ov, to, an odorous In- 
dian wood. 
Ayd'XXu), f. -XiD, p. »;y(£XKa, toadorn, 
decorate, embellish ; to sacrifice, 
consecrate, dedicate; AydXXofiai, 
to glory, exult, triumph. 
'AyaX/m, -aros, to, (fr. last) an 
ornament, a decoration, Jinery ; 
a delight, gratification ; an offer- 
ing, statue, image; a form, sha- 
AyaXuarioi', -01), TO, (dim. of last) 
a little image, statue, or figure. 
AyaX^dTOTToiOf, -ov, b, (fr. dya)iiJLa 
an image, and roiioj to make) a, 
statuary, carver. 
'Ayafiai, f. -dcoiiai, (th. aydu), to 
wonder) to admire, wonder, 
praise, respect; to prize, esteem; 
to envy ; 1 a. ind. mid. riyaad- 
fipv, pass. pydirQpv. 
Ayaftoi, -ov, h, p, (fr. a ncg. and 
yiilios, wedlock) unmarried, sin- 
Ayav, much, very, too much, ex- 
AyavaKTtu) -S>, f. -fiaw, p. pyavdn- 
rpKa, (fr. dyav very much, and 
dxQofiai to be oppressed) to 
grieve, or fret through anger ; to 
be moved, or filled with indigna- 
tion, or resentment, resent, be in- 
dignant, to stomach, take ill. pres. 
inf. act. cont. aynvaxTcXv. 
AyavdKTp<Tis, -loj, Att. -tojf, }j, (fr. 

last) resentment, indignation. 
AyavaKTiKbi, -ov, b, p, (fr. same) 

indignant, itieaiscd, angry. 

AyavaKTciov -wr, -iovaa -ovca, -iov 

-ovv, in n. pi. mas. cont. — 

-ovvTCi, par. prcs. act. of same. 

Ayavpi, -loi -ovi, b, p, same as 

ayav6i' d. pi. Ion. ayavpat. 
Ayavpai, Ion. for aydvcai, d. pi. 

of last. 
Ayaii ir,')oj,-oi),i,i', (fr. dyai'much, 
and viipai, snow, th. vf^w, to 
snow) snowy, covered with 
Ayovoj, ->), -bv, (fr. a intens. and 
ydvof, joy) mild, gentle, rntm, 
soothing ; affable, ngreeablr ; 
pleasing, desirable, dat. pi. aya- 
vo'iai . 
'Ayarof, -»;, -or, fr. dyav very, and 
aivif scvcr(!) cruel, severe, aus- 
tere, morose, inexorable, hard 
hrartid ; or (fr. dyu) or dyvv- 
fii, to break) broken, snapped ; 
Ayavd'tipiDV, -oro?, '», /;, (fr. nyavbf 
nnid, ami <hpi)v 'lie mind) mild, 
gentle, tender, humane. 
AyavoAniitai'vp, -pi, /J, (fr. same) 
miUtness, gentleness, clemeruy, 

Ayavi>0, Hcb. iiidccl. cups. 
Ayaviop, Dor. tor ayi'ivwp. 
Aydoftaif sco o^u'tti. 
Ayar^ — A yarr^f, 3 and 2 sin. cont. 
ind. act. — Ayazarc, i pi. cont. 
ind. or impr. act. — Aya:TaTii>, 3 
sin. cont. impr. act. — Ayairnv, 
prcs. inf. act. cont. of Ayoiru'w. 
Ayajrd^t, prcs. impr. act. — Ayavii- 
(ovTt, Dor. for iiyaKiii^ovai, 3 pi. 
pres. iiul. act. of 
Ayand^io, Poet, for ayandw. 
AyaTTdrd, Dor. for ayuirifrd, n. pi. 

ot aj'urr>;ri5j. 
Ayaruui, -w, f. -i/dw, p. »;)'a:T>;va, 
^0 6e strictli/ united in affection, 
to love, cherish, prefer, delight in, 
covet ; to cnicrtain, welcome, treat 
kirully; to be content, to agree, ac- 
quiesce, pres. impr. act. ayaitdc 
-a' inf. aya-Kiiv par.l a. act. ayn- 
r^caj. par.pcr.pass. JiyaTrrifiivoi:. 
Ayairrt, -ijs", i), (fr. last) love,Jriend- 
ship, affection, charity. — plu. 
love-feasts, feasts of charity. 
AyaTrr]Oi)aojxai, -t], -irai, 1 f. ind. 

pass, of same. 
Ayd-rrifia, -aro;, ri, (fr. samej o 
thing loved, a delight, favourite, 
AyaT;;»u)p, -opoi, h, rj, (fr. aya-rdut 
to love, and avr\p a man) fond of 
men : also, manly, high spirited, 
brave. Also, Agapenor, a man's 
Ayairfiaai, n. ayaTzrjaavroi, g. -aav- 
Tt, d. sin. par. 1 a. act. — Aya- 
vijcare, 2 pi. 1 a. impr. act. — 
Ayavi'iarjTC, 2 pi. 1 a. sub. act. — 
Ayairi'jcw, -cis, -et, 1 f. ind. act. 
of ayando). 
Aydtrricni, -los, Att, -cuj, i;, same 

as aydTTr;. 
Aya-rrrjTOi, -r/, -ov, (fr. nya~d(j>, to 
love) beloved, well beloved, dear. 
AyaTTrjTu);, (fr. last) icillmgly, with 

good will, readily. 
AyavZ, 1 sin. cont. pres. ind. or 
sub. act. — Ayavtbv, nom. — Aya- 
Tuiras, a. pi. nya-rroiVTiiii; g. pi. 
cont. par. prcs. act. — Aya-nibjuii, 
pres. ind. or sub. cont. pass. — 
AyaTrojftcv, 1 pi. -wcti, 3 pi. cont. 
pres. or sub. act. of same. 
AyaTTiij?!', -qi, -ri, Att. for ayaTrwf/i, 

pres. opt. act. cont. of ayuTruo). 
AyavwfiiiT), fern. par. pres. pass, 
of ayuxdo}, yvvti understood, o 
miitress, a sweetheart. 


much or violently; loud roar- 
Aydtrrdj-, -r>, -ii; (fr. aydio, to ad- 
mire) that may, or ought to lie 
admired, wonderful; desirable, 
.\ydaTijip, -opoi, b, (fr. a coll. and 
yacTiip, the womb) an uterine 
brother, a brother by tlie same 
which yields the j^um ammonia. 

Ayav)), -!ji, ,'i, and Dor. Ayuvu, 
(fern, of next) Agave, a woman's 

Ayavdi,-a, -bv, (fr.oyrttj,toadmirc) 
admirable, Jine, splendid; fa- 
mous, renowned, celebrated, 
proud, haughty. 

Ayavpos, -a, -uv, (fr. a intens, and 
yatfog, \\a.uahly yiaughty, proud, 
arrogant; daring, presumptuous; 
vehement, outrageous, furious, 
.fierce; luxuriant, blooming. 

Aya<pdiyKTOi, -ov, u, >), (Poet. fr. 
dyav, very much, and ^Qiyyojuai, 
to resound) loud, noisy. 

Aydia, -<5, f. -ijaoj, p. rjytiKa, to ad- 
mire, wonder ; to be lost in 

amazement; to gape with asto- 


' kyan, Heb. indecl. Agar, a wo- 
man's name. 

AyapiKhv, -ov, rh, agaric ; a fungus 
growing on trees, and used in 
medicine and dying. 

Aydpijooi -ovi, -ov, b, i), (fr. dyav 
very, and piio to flow) swift- 
_flowing, rapid; boisterous, tumul- 
tuous, agitated. 

AydaavTO, Ion. for nydaavro, 3 pi. 
ofnyaaduiv, J a. ind. m. — Aya- 
aaaOat, 1 a. inf. m. of aydCpjxai. 

'AyacOat, pres. inf of dyufiai. 

AyaaOe'ii, 1 a. par. pass. — Ayac- 
adfitvoi. Poet, for ayarrdficvos, 1 
a. par. o( ayd^ofiai. 

AydaToyof,-ov, b, Ij, (fr. rfyarmuch, 
and cTivu) to groan) groaning 

nishment ; to envy, resent; 
stand aghast. 

'Ayyapa, -ojv, rd, (fr. dyyapo;, a 
Persian post boy) stations, re- 
lays, or stages of the post in an- 
cient Persia. 

AyyapcHov, and lan.Ayyapt]tov,-ov, 
TO, (fr. same) the Persian post; 
any post, despatch, or mail. 

Ayyapevovai, 3 pi. pres. ind. act. — 
Ayyapcvcii), -ets, -t(,lf ind.act.of 

Ayyapcvoi, f. -evao), (fr. next) to 
press for public service ; to com- 
pel another to go somewhere, or 
to carry some burden ; to engage 
as a courier, act as a carrier. 

'Ayyupos, -ov, h, the bearer of the 
royal despatches among the an- 
cient Persians ; a post boy, mes- 
seiiger, courier. 

Ayyapoipopio) -d, f. ->;crai, (fr. last, 
and fopiw, to carry) to carry des- 
patches, or messages. 

'Ayyc,fora'yyc«,n.a. v. pi. of u'yyoj 

Ayycdiov, -ov, to, (dim.ofnexl)aHy 
lesser kind of vessel, a cup, gill. 

AyyiTov, -ov, to, (fr. dyynf, a ves- 
sel) any small vessel, a ewer, ba- 
sin ; a tub, cask, cistern. 

Ayytiijiirii, -cm -ovi, b, i;, (fr. same, 
and ciSoi, likeness) formed, or 
used as a vessel ; sloped, like an 
urn, or pitcher. 

Ayyt^iovai, for ayyiXovm, 3 pi. 1. 
f. of ayyf'XXii). 

AyycXeia, and AyytX/u, -n$, i), Ion. 
AyycMtj, -li, hi (fr. nyyf'AXio, to 
tell) tlie power or right of deliver- 
ing oracidur responses, the de- 
claration of an oracle; a denun- 
ciation, publication, or decla- 
ration ; a message, embassy, 
mandate, comm/mdmeiU ; news ; 


AyyiXiiiijidpoi, -ov, b, (fr. last, and 
ipopiii) to carry) the deliverer of 
an oracular answer; a nuTicio, 
or envoy. 

AyytXiKof, -)), -iv, (fr. dyyiXos a 
messenger) ofii message ur 7nes- 
sciigir ; angelical. 

Ayyt\iuiT)ii, -ov,b,a'ndAyytXt<i>TUt 
-uhs, )'i, (fr. same) a messenger. 

AyycX\6vTo>v, g. pi. par. pres, 
act. Alt. for uyyeXXirucav, pres. 
impr. act. of 

Ayyi\Xti>, f. -cXO, p. /lyytXxa, to 
deliver a vieasage, threat, or 
warning; to denounce, tell, de- 
clare ; to publish, reveal ; to bring 
news. I a. act. rjyyetXa. p. pass. 
I'lyyeXnai. 1 a. pass. rjyyiXOriv. 
part. ayycXdds. P- "lid. t'lyycXa, 

'AyytXfia, -aroi, to, (fr. last) a 
?nessage, nevis ; a command. 

'AyytXof, -ov, b, (fr. same) a mes- 
senger ; envoy, legate, ambassa- 
dor; agent; a messenger from 
heaven, an angel. 

Ayyto-i, d. pi. of o'yyof. 

Ayyiii'ov, -ov, rb. Ion. for ayynov. 

'Ayyoj, -cos -out, rb, a vessel, tub, 
cask, pitcher, a basket, &c. 


.Kyypl^w, (fr. next) to irritate, pro- 
voke ; to grieve, or pain. 

'Ayypts, i;, grief, pain, irritation. 

Ayypiarris, -ov, b, (fr. last) one that 
provokes, or irritates. 

'Aye, 2 sin. and 'Ay£9', by Apos. 
before an aspirate, for dycrc, 2 
pi. impr. act. of ayw. lead, con- 
duct, bring, take. Or, used ad- 
verbially, come, come on ; come 
now, let us see. 

~Ayc, Dor. for Tiye, 3 sin. 2 a. act. 

of dyo). 

'Ay£(, 3 sin. — 'Ayovai, 3 pi. pres. 
ind. act. — 'Ayciv, pres. inf. act. 
— 'AyzoOai, pres. inf. pass. — 
'AytaOt, 2 pi. pres. ind. or impr. 
mid. of same. 

Aycip6vTiji>v, g. pi. par. pres. Att. 
for ayctpiTiixrav, 3 fil. pres. impr. 
act. of 

Ayclpo), f. -cpa, p. t'/yepxa, Att. ayi'r 
ycpKa, to collect, gather up, beg, 
borrow ; to summon, raise, levy ; 
to assemble, come together, meet. 
1 a. nyapa, 3 pi. Ion. dycipavibt 
f/ycipav inf. nyapaf par.ayeipas. 
per. pass, t'lycpiini. 1 a. riyip6r}v. 
1 f. aycpOrjaopdt, per. mid. //yopa. 

AyciTtii, -ov, b, a wrong-doer; 
wrongful, injurious. 

'AytiTo, Dor. for I'/yaro, 3 sin. imp. 
of fiyiojiai. 

AycXd^ui, f. -dc(j), p« rjyeXaKa, (fr. 
ayiXv, a herd) to. flock together, 
associate; to assemble. 

AycXaTos, -ov, b, I'l, (fr. snme) herd- 
ing, or associating together, gre- 
garious ; one of the .flock, or 
licrd ; common, ordinary, vulgar; 
a herdsman, shepherd. 

AycXniibv, -wi'o;, b, (fr. same) the 
fold, the stalls or retreat for the 

AyytX/oj, Poet, and Ion. AyytXfijf, Ay£^«pYf'oj -17), f. -I'/croi, (fr. aytXr; 
-ov, b, (fr. same) n messenger,\ a. hen], nnd ap^ti ru\c) to lead the 
legale, ambassador, ] Jlock or herd; to rule, govern, 



herdsman, shepherd; the lead- 
er of the flock ; a leader, rukr, 

AycXapX""""} ^^'"' P^""' P"^^^" '^°"'' 

of ayeXap)(^ioj. 
Ay/XaoTOf, -ov, 6, ^, (fr. a neg. and 
ytXa'u) to laugh) that will not 
laugh, rough, rude, sullen, surly, 
morose, serious, sober, grave, 
harsh. - 

A'ye\a<rria, -a;, fi, (fr. same) gra- 
vity, solemnity, moroseness. 

AycXiia^ and Ion. Avc\chi (fr. dyo) 
to drive, and Xti'a booty) she 
that plunders. An epithet of 

Ayf'Xi?, -ris, ,',, a herd, properly of 
kine ; a drove, flock ; a troop, 
crowd, assemblage ; society. 

AyeXviiv, (fr. last) by droves, flock 
by flock. 

Ayeh'fiev, (fr. same) from the flock, 
or herd. 

Ay/Xi)^t or ayiXfi^iv, Poet, for 
ayiXp, d. sin. of ayAi;. 

AyfXijTTjt, -ov, b, gregarious; one 
of the flock. 

Ay ill a', Ion. for dyeiv, pres. inf. of 

' Aytjiovcitiv, Dor. for {lytfiovtvuv, 
pres. inf. of ^yt^ovtvo;. 

' Aycjiitv, Dor. for {/yeiiiiv. 

'Aycv, Ion. for ^Jytv, imp. and 
Dor. for dyctv, pres. inf. of 
dyw. Also, 

'Aytv, BoBot. for ^yrjcav, 3 pi. 2 a. 
pass. o[ dywiii, or oyo). 

Aycvca\6yr!ros, -ov, h, !i, (fr. a nee. 
yivos a family, and Xt'y*^ 'o 'eU) 
idthout genealogy, or pedigree; 

Ayivtios, -ov, b, (fr. a neg. and y/- 
vttov a beard) beardless, young. 

Aycvli, neut. pi. cont. of 

'Aycvm, -coi -ovi, b. i), (fr. a neg. 
and yiVof a family) o/ no de- 
'Cf-tU, v:huse family is obscure, 
;f mean birth, ignoble, obfifiire, 
hose ; childless. Comp. aytviart- 
po?, sup. -laraTOi. 

Ay-^nroi, or Ayiwijros, -o", 6, ri, 
(fr. a neg. and ylvonai to be) 
haling no origin, not made, or 
doTte, unborn ; unfinished, imper- 
fect, defective; mean, ignoble. 

'Ayco, Dor. and iiyco, Ion. for 
hyov, pres. impr. of I'lyiofiat. 

' Ayiofiai, Dor. for i';y/o^a( . 

Ayi6fiivo(, Poet, for ayificvof, pres. 
par. pass, of a'yw. 

KylpaoTof, -ov, h, !], (fr. a neg. 
and y/pa{ reward) unrcvjardcd, 
not rrmuntrnted, or recompensed. 

AyuiiOu), Poet, for ayclpu. 

AyhtcOai, Att. for ayitpcaOai, 
pres. inf. pass, of aydnm. 

' KyinOtv, Ion. and Sync, for 
iiyi'nOnaav, 3 pi. 1 a. (lass. and 

Ayi'nilnv, -ri(, -n, Ion. for riyfpOriv, 
I a. ind. pa«s. of ayilpw. 

Aycpijif, -oTi, b, (fr. ayclodi to col- 
lect) a collection, gathering, as- 

AyfpovTo, Poet, or Ion. for 
'lyfpovro, 2 a. ind. mid. of 



AycpSo/iai -ov/iat, (fr. a neg. and 
yf'paj reward) to neglect, slight. 

Ayipfiio, JEo\. and Ayipui, Poet, 
for aycipw. 

'Ayepati, -los, Att. -ccjj, i/, (fr. 
aycip'i) to collect) a collection, 
crowd, assemblage. 

Ayepiicaro, Ion. for rjycpiicaTo, 1 
a. ind. of aytpdo/im. 

AycpilxTCui, to watch, lie awake ; to 
lie in wait, hunt. 

Ay£p(ux,la, -as, t), (fr. next) 
haughtiness, pride, disdain. 

Ayipoi^ns, -ov, b, i), (perhaps fr. 
a intens. yfpaj a reward, and 
()(^(i> to have), trium- 
phant; proud, haughty, arro- 
gant; daring, fierce; vain, 
fickle ; boastijig, vain-glorious ; 
provident, careful. 

Aytpiixi^i, (fr. last) proudly, &c 
according to the adj. 

'Aycf, Poet, for dye, pres. or 
2 a. impr. or Dor. for fjyn, 
2 sin. imp. act. 'AytaKtv, Ion. 
for I'lytv, 3 sin. imp. act. of 

Ay«o-fXaof, -ov, b, (fr. dyta to 
drive, and Xads people) Age- 
silaus ; an epithet of Pluto, and 
the name of several men. 

'AyccTa, (fr. Lat. aggesta) a mill 
tary engine. 

.^.yicTparos, -ov, b, !], (fr. dyii> to 
lead, and orpardj army) a cap- 
tain, leader, general ; an epithet 
of Minerva. 

'Ay£T£, and by Apos. dyer, pres. 
impr. of dy(i>, used adverbially, 
come, come on. 

Ayirris, -ov, b, (fr. dyu) to lead) a 
conductor, leader, guide. 

Aycvaros, -ov, b, I'l, (fr. a neg. and 
ycvo) to taste) that has not tasted, 
fasting, hungry ; who has not 
tried, inexperienced ; untasted ; 
tasteless, insipid. 

AyewiitTptiTos, -ov, b, >'j, (fr. a 
neg. and yciojitrpia geometry) 
ungeometrical, ignorant of ge- 

Ayedpynrof, -ov, b, f), (fr. a neg. 
and ytuyp/u) to cultivate) uncul- 
tivated, neglected, barren, waste. 

'Ayn, -Vi, fi, (fr- aydu) to wonder) 
ndmirntion, wonder, astonish- 
ment; or (fr. dywiii to break) 
a fracture, rupture, breach ; a 
rock, precipice, strand, beach ; 
a wound. 

'Kyn, Ion. for cAyri, 3 sin. 2 a. 
pass, of ayo) or dyvvjii. 

Aynyi'^arai, Alt. and Ion. for 
tjyipfiivoi ti(r(, 3 pi. per. pass. 
Ay^yfpta, Alt. for iiycpxa, per. 
ind. act. Ayiytp/im, Att. for 
fiytpfini, per. pass, of nyt/poi. 

Ayi}Xa(, inf. — Ayi'/Xnj par. ofi/yr;- 
X«, 1 a. act. o( uyd}t\t,). 

Ayn^arltit -<o, (fr. dyav much, and 
fXa'i.) to drive) to chnsr, drive 
auiay ; to fly or flee, escape. 

'Ayri>aTiii> -oi, (fr. /lyf/f accursed, 
and »;imc) to rrjirl or banish any 
poUutrd person, or thing ; to pu- 
rify, expiate. 

'Ayiiia, -arof, rfi, (fr. rfyw to load) 


an assemblage, crowd, troop , 

'AyrijjLi, -»;;, -rici, obs. hence mid. 
'Ayufiai, which see. 

Ayrivopia, -aj, i;, and Ion. Ayt\voplr), 
•li, >'l, (fr. ay^vwp manful) man- 
liness, spirit, courage, bravery, 

Ayv'op'ji'n, Ion. for ayijvopiaij, d. 
pi. of last. 

Ayi'/vwp, -epos, b, >/, (fr. dyav very 
much, and aiijp a man) manly, 
■manful, spirited, brave, courage- 
ous ; also Agcnor, a man's 

Ayfjoyia, by pleonasm for dyrjxa, 
Att. for ti^a, per. of dyuj. 

Ayi'ipaos, -ov, b, i), (fr. a neg. and 
yfipai old age) exempt from old- 
age, undecaying, unimpaired by 
age, ever young. 

Aynpdrov, -ov, rd, (fr. same) the 
herb everlasting. 

Ayt'iparoi, -ov, and Ayi^pois, -u, b, 
17, same as ayi'jpaog. 

'Aym, -ioi -ous, b, r), wicked, ac- 
cursed, polluted, abominable, pro- 

' AyvaaaQai, Dor. for. yy^craadai, 
1 a. inf. of ijyfo^ai. 

'Ayrjdi, 3 sin. pres. ind. ofdyvni. 

Ayiyff^Xaof, -ov, b, Agesilaus, a. 
Spartan king. 

'Ayv'X"?"^-) Poet, and Dor. for 
t'jynolxopos, (fr. !)yiojiai to lead, 
and X''(>"i ^'^e chorus) the leader 
of the dancers, or singers ; or 
of any other theatrical perform- 

'Ayrjrfip, -rjpos, b. Dor. for ^vijr^p, 
(fr. f/yioiJiai to lead) a leader, 
conductor, manager; guide. 

Ayirii, -ri, -iv, (fr. aydct) to won- 
der) admirable, enviable; won- 
derful, splendid. 

' Ayr}Xa, see ay))oxa. 

'Ayia'^Ei, 3 sin. pros. ind. act. — 
' Ayia^Sucvos, -v, -ov, par. pres. 
pass. — 'Ayirf^wv, -ovaa, -ov, 
par. pres. act. of 

'Ayid^u, f -o-w, p. f/yiaKa, (fr. 
ciyioi holy) to consecrate, sanc- 
tify, separate, or set apart; to 
esteem, or ret:ere as holy, or 
snnctifled ; to purify, cleanse 
from pollution ; to rxpiiUe, atone, 
appease ; to hallow, sanctify, 
make holy: per. puss. I'lytda/iat, 
1 a. !iytdaO>ii', 1 f ayiaaOijaopai. 

'Aytdixai, 1 a. impr. 111. — 'Aym'- 

aare., 2 pi. I a. impr. act 

'Ayinnii, 3 sin. la. sub. act. — 
'AyiaaOtjTu, 3 sin. 1 a. impr. 
pass. — ' Ayidcount, -p, -irai, 
1 f. ind. mid. — ' Aylatrov, I a. 
impr. act. of last. 

' AylntTjia, -aroi, t!), and ' Aytaniifif, 
-oil, b (fr. same) sanctification, 
sanctity, holiness, purity. 

' Ayinnrt'ipinv, -on, rd, (fr. same) a 
sanctuary, a holy place. 

'Ayiaorla, -as, i^, (fr. same) holi- 
ness, purity; ceremony, wor- 

AytynpTOf, -ov, b, i'/, (fr. a neg. 
anri ylyaoTov a kemcl) witn 
fiArpvi iiMilrrHlood, grapes with- 
out stones. 




'Aj'^n), sumo ns <i)'iri{<u. 

AyiVro-kii, l>»r. uiul Ion. for r/yi- 
tiof -»ri, iini). net. of 

Ayii'/u) -li, una also Aylvio, Poet, 
for n'yu. 

"Ayiuc, -ov, ri, (fr. next) « holi/ 
place, or thin,?-, « mnrtuari/ ; 
nyia, -air, rii, ittul ayiai, -u)i', cii, 
/Ae Aa/v of holus ; l/te upper re- 
gion of the heavms. 

"Ayiof, -<i, -<"■, holi/, aaard, snnc- 
tificd ; hallotved, set uparl from 
ain, consecriiiett to God; chaste, 
pure; pious, devoid. 

'Aytdrvs, -'iros, t'l, (fr. last) holi- 

'AytCTtviO, and (iyitrrtw, (fr. ayos 
atonement) to i^eiurale, revere, 
rexpeet ; toptirifi/, sanctify; to 
celebrate, solemnise. 

'Ayifrria, or aytcrrda, -as, fi, (fr- 
same) a rite, ceremony. 

'Ayiu>avvri, ->!(, >'h (fr; ayto; holy) 
sancfification, sanctity, holiness. 

AyKd^Oftat, (fr. ayK>i, an arm) to 
hold m the arms, to embrace; to 
cherish, foster, nurse. 

AyKaXio) -H, Poet, for avaKa\io>, 3 
sin. pres. ind. act. ayxaXiu. 
2 a. act. ind. ai'tKaXov impr. 

Ayica\>i, -'IS, >l, (fr- "y'l ^" ^"Ti) 

en arm. It is generally used 

plural : the arms ; the clasping, 

or folding of the arms, in order 

to hold, or carry any thing. 
AyKa\i!^ofiai, (fr. last) same as 

AyicaXij, -ihos, h, (fr- same) an 

armful, a bundle, parcel, packet. 
AyKa'\tiayo)ybs, -ov, b, (fr. last, 

and dyu) to take) and 
AyKa\iSo<p6Qos, -ov, b, (ft. same, 

and <j>ip<o' to carry) a porter. 
Ayxas, (fr- ayKri an arm) in the 

'AyKca, pi. of nyco;. 
'AyKciitai, Poet, for avaKii/iai. 
Aytctodrtaai, Poet, for ava Kcpd- 

Tta<Ti, A. pi. of Kf'paf. 
AyKi?, -';?, /;, "le arm ; pi. Ay»ca2, 

t\e arms; an embrace, clasp, 

AyKtov -ov, ri, (dim. of dyKos a 

valley) « vale, glen. 
'AyxtcTpov, -ov, rd, a hnoh, ajish- 

ing hook ; a bait ; enticement. 
AyKiarda, -as, >;, (fr- last)^«/«n5', 

vnth the hook, anelinq. 
AvKiaTotvii), (fr. same) to fish with 

a hook, t'j angle. 
AyKiurni'i), (fr. same) to catch with 

a hook, tojish. 
AyKicrgiilriS, -cot -ovs, b, f/, (fr. 

same) shapsd like a hook, hooked, 

'AyK^uros, for aii(f<cXcirof (ih. 

(cXci'u) to celebrate) boKisting, os- 

AyxYivasj for avaK\ivas, 1 a. par. 

act. of avaKkivij). 
AyKoivrj, -ns, h. Poet, the arm; 

the arms, the Iiitwi. 
AyKoivi'^w, (fr. last) to carry in the 

arms ; to embrace. 
AyKOul?^ni, for avaKOfti\^(i>. Inf. ayKo- 
lil^eiv, par. ayKOi'l^mv, 1 a. mid. 

>;yico/iiod/(i;i', 3 sin. opi. ayxo- 

filaiiiO' for -(Tfitru 
Ayxovita -C), (fr. av!} and Koviiii to 
hiislt-n) to inirk diligcnlly, to la- 
bour, to toil, to exert; to drive, 
urge, ha.stcn. 
'AyKos, -cos, -ovs, tA, a valley, 

glen, dole; o precipice, crag. 
AyKu^aai, Macedonic, for cvijvd- 

X"<r', 3 pi. per. mid. of(pipu). 
AyKpivio, tor a>'aK()liij>. 
.\yKnuvoiint, for ai'aKpuvo/xii. 
AyKT>)p, -fipos, b, (fr. dy)(to to 
choke) o sirup, lie, buckle, clasji, 
button; rape, lialltr. 
AyKv\ri, -71S, >'i, a thimg, loop, or 
strap, used for throwing the dart ; 
a kind of dart ; a hook, handle ; 
the bend of the elbow, or knee ; 
a sort of cup ; a defect in tlie 
tong-iic ; the ynrd-artns, or ends 
of the sail-yard, 
Ay<riiX(^of(a(, (fr. last) to dart, 

thrmi) a dart. 
Ay».-iX((rrj)j, ov, b, (fr. same) a 
darter, one who fights with a 
AyKv\6y\iofTC!ov, -ov, rb, (fr. ayKv 
Xos crooked, and yXwo-ao the 
tons^ue) a defect in. the tongue, 
an impediment iyi speech. 
AyKv\oii>'ircij}, f;. Ion. of 
AyKDAo/<i/Ti75, -ov, b, and AyxuXo- 
/j;;ris, -Woj, /;, (fr. same, and 
;/?'/ri; skill) nf decj) design, in- 
scrutable ; f-agacious, wise, intel- 
ligent, skilful, knowing ; artful, 
crafty, politic, insidious. 
AyxvXos, -ov, b, f;, crooked, not 
straight, aivry ; hooked; curved, 
bent, round; perverse, wily, 
artful, crapy. 
Ay/cyX(iro//oi', -ov, ri, (fr. ayKdXt] 
the tongue-tie, and rf'^vw to 
divide) a surgical instrument to 
remove that defect, 
AyKv\6ro^oi -ov, b, (fr. ayKvXos, 
crooked, and rd^ov, a bow) 
erpiippcd with a bote, an archer. 
AyicuXdw -&, f. w(ro), and AyiciiXw, 
(fr. ayKi'Xo; crooked) to crook, 
bend; to twist, distort; tojling, 
hurl a dart. 
AyK6\u)s, (fr. same) crookedly ; 

indirectly, perversely. 
AyKwXdxrij, -lof, Att. -cuf, f/, (fr. 
same) a bending, twisting, crook- 
etlness, distortion, perversion ; 
the shot of an arrow, or dart. 
AyicuXo;)^;£fX);s, -ov, and AyKDX(5y£i- 
Xos, -ov, 0, (fr. same and ;;^£TXoj 
the lip) having broad lips, or a 
wide mouth, or a crooked beak. 
Ay/ct'Xo;^i?X>;s, -nv, and -tos -ovs, b, 
r/, (fr. sanie and x'i^^^ "■ claw) 
vnlh broad or bending hoofs; 
with crooked claws, or talons. 
'AyKvpa -as, I'l, ai nnrhor, grapnel, 
hook ; a stay, support, protection ; 
sten/lfast hope. a. sin. liyKvpav 
a. pi. ayKvpas. 
Aynipinv, -ov, rb, (dim. of last) a 

small anchor, &c. 
Ayicupi'^w, (fr. same) to knock 
doum ; to trip up ; to supplant, 
remove l»i intrigue. 
.\yKvo6u} -w, (fr. same) to anchor, 

to come to an anchor; to Jii:, 
conjirni, establish. 
AyKcir, -oriof, b, the elbow, any 
bending if the body or limbs ; the 
forr-urm, tlu arm, a eubil ; the 
horns, or handle of the lyre ; an 
angle, corner . 

AyKwvii^oftai (fr. last) to elbinu, 
thrust with the elbow, to hint, or 
signify by tourhing with tlie el- 
bow; to hold in the arms, em- 
brace, clasp ; to encircle, html 
round; to crook, make an angle. 

AyKU)vtaKOs, -ov, b, (dim. of same) 
a small elbow, a knuckle, joint. 

Ay\niOapos, -ov, b, >k (fr. ayXabs 
bright, and iOiipa llie hair) hav- 
ing beautiful hair. 

AyXairt, -as, /;, (Ir. same) bright- 
ness, splendor ; beauty ; orna- 
ment; joy, delight; excellence; 
Jlglaia, one of the Graces. 

Ay\a'(ii<tiv, JEol. for ayXaiur, g. 
pi. of last. 

AyXuicioOai, Att. for ayXaiaetrBat, 
1 f. inf. mid. of 

AyXai^o), or ayXoTfouai, (fr. same) 
to shine, glitter, glisten; to beau- 
tify, adorn. 

AyXai'j), Ion., and ayXairjipi, Ion. 
and Poet, for ny\ai(f, d. sin., 

Ay\a'ijjaiv, Ion. for ayXatais, d. 
pi. of ayXata. 

AyXd'iona, -aros, rb, and AyXaiff- 
pos, -ov, b, (fr. same) splendor, 
ornament, decoration. 

AyXadyuiof, -ov, b, fi, (fr. same, 
and yvtov a limb) well made, 
well shaped; who forma fine 

AyXaiitvipos, -ov, b, fi, (fr. same, 
and iivipov a tree) bearing fine 
trees, shady. 

Ay\a66povos, -ov, b, I), (fr. same, 
and ip6vos a throne) and 

AyXrtrffluKoj, -ov, b, i), (fr. same, 
■SwKoj a seat) having splendid 
sehts, or abodes; spoken of the 


AyXadKupTTos, -ov, b, Ij, (fr. same, 
and Kapvbs the wrist, or fruit) 
with fine wrists, beautiful; or 
hearing fine fruit. 

Ay\a6Kovpos, -ov, b, tj, (Ir. same, 
and Kovpos, Ion. for Kdpos young) 
having Jinc, or fa/nous children. 

AyXa6Kii)fios, -ov, b, ij, (fr. same, 
and Kuifios festivity) who lays 
out or a/lorns a banquet ; festive, 
jovial; splendid. ^ 

AyXad;, -ov, b, fi, bright, shining, 
sparkling, radiant, glittering ; 
beautiful, admirable ; joyous, dr.. 
lightful ; ornamental ; splendid, 
illustrious, noble, majestic, grand. 

AyXaorplatvas, -ov, b, (fr. last, 
and Tpiaiva a trident) he vnth 
the bright trident ; an epithet of 

AyXawi//, -oiros, b, fi, (fr. same, 
and (In^ the eye) having spark- 
ling eyes ; animated, lively ; 
blazing, shining. 

AyXcvKris, -foj -ous, b, /;, (fr. n 
neg. and yXcvxbs new wine, or 
yXvKvs sweet) not suiect, bitter, 


tnw; taaUless, insipid; stink-] 
ing, fold ; harsh, disagreeable, \ 
viorose ; sad, grievous. j 

AyAu), -ijc, //, a kind of sore on the 

'AyXidci, -uv, <ii, heads, or cloves 
of garlic. 

'AyXwacos, -ov, 6, fj, (fr. o neg. and 
Y^dcaa the tongue) without a 
' tongue, speechless, slow of speech, 
r ineioquent, dull. 

'Ay/ia, -aroi, ri, (fr. dyvvfit to 
break) a fragment, shard, splin- 
ter ; piece, part. 

Ayitis, -ov, 0, (fr. same) a steep 
place, a precipice ; shore. 

'Ayvafiirros, -ov, 6, fi, (fr. a neg. 
and yvditirru) to bend) not pliant, 
'^iff'; not to be hent, rigid, in- 
Jiexibk ; inexorable ; stubborn, 

Wyvaifio;, and 'AKva^oq, -ov, h, fi, 
(fr. a neg. and yvucpiii, yvdirru) 
or itvrfTTw, to full) unfulled, 
undressed, uncombed ; new, 

'Ayvala, -ai, tj, (fr. ilyvd; chaste) 
chastity, continence ; purity. 

'Avyiiia, f. -£<;<ru, (fr. same) to 
live chastely, be continent; to pu- 
rijy, rUnnsi:. 

AyirJKafiti, .iSCol. for ityvoi'iKajtcv, 1 
pi. per. act. of ayvoiot. 

' Ayvhf, -ioi -ovi, 0, {/, see ayvd^, 

'Ayvfifw, f. -Icru), (fr. iyvdf pure) 
' I cleanse, purify, san-lify ; to 
insecrate, set apart, 3 sin. pres. 
ind. act. Ayvl^ci. 

'Ayvlaarc, 2 pi. I a. impr. act 

Aynerfliif, -ii'aa, -iv, par. — 
'AyvitTdriTi, 1 a. impr. pass. — 
'Ayylauai, 3 pL 1 a. sub. act. of 

'Aynffyjo. -aroi, rJ.and'AyviiT^iif, 
-oD, h, (fr. iiyfif pure) cUaminq, 
purification, expiation. 

Ayvolu) -Si, f. -//ffh), p. yjyvdrjKa (fr. 
a ms. and vofn to think, th. 
vioi the mind ; or fr. a neg. 
and yv6<i> to know) not to know, 
to be ignorant of, not to uniUr- 
■ 'and ; h err, or sin through 
: •naranre. Imp. riyvdiav -ovv, 1 
a. par. ayi-t/Ja-af. 

Ayyirifta, -arof, ri, (fr. last) mis- 
take, error ; a sin or fault through 
ignrircmee. g. pi. ayyorjfirfrwi'. 

'Ay»"'i'i, -a{, Q, (fr. BamH) igno- 
Timrr, leant of knowUdi>e ; un- 
tkilfulness ; imprudence, error, 

Ayvailiji, VneA, fjr nyvnlta. 

Ayyil'iciv, Jon. for ayvjlfi, 3 iiin. 

prcs. Bub. i>( ayvoilui. I 

'Ayv*?, -r,v, !), It willow, al«o a/isk, \ 

•h, -if,, pure i un-\ 

unjioUutrd^ umlrjilnl ; 

• nin, or guilt ; sepa. 

'iniWTf ; innricrnt, 

•, ODfrnicm from 
II. cl. SHI. ii)i,;ri;Ti. 

' ^ loovy, nciil. fun. cont. Ay- 

_ j-ooBvTtf, noni. pi. COTif. par. 
" pros. act. ofaytvtu. 

' "t; 1 pi. cont Ayvoouai, 

• rci. ind. !>f;t. — AyvooC^ir- 


vot) -»i> -«v, par. pres. pass. cont. 
— Ayvoir, par. pres. act. cont. 
of same. 

'Aywdes, -ii)v, ai, pebbles used as 
weights to part of' the machinery 
in weaving. 

'Ayvvfti, Ayvi'u, or 'Ayu, f. a^o), 
p. >iX"i '" break, bruise; dash 
forcibly ; to wreck, shatter ; vio- 
late, infringe. 1 f. Alt. ta'fu), and 
per. Att. cdxa. 1 a. act. ^^a, 
Att. td^a. 2 a. ind. act. dyvvv, 
-vs, -V, pass. )'i^driv, Att. td')^driv. 
2 a. pass, riyriv, Att. iayrjv. per. 
mid. T)ya, par. yyus, Att. taya, 
and tayuij. 

'Ayvvvr', Ion. and-Apos. fori/ywv- 
ro, imp. pass, of last. 

Ayi'u, and Ayi'viD, contracted from 

Ayvuiioviu), (fr. ayvtifiiav foolish) to 
act foolishly, do silly things. 

Ayvufidiruii, (fr. same) foolishly, 
stupidly ; unreasonably, ungrate- 
fully ; rashly, unadvisedly. 

Ayvuiiiocvvti, -tji, ?/, (fr. next) ful- 
ly, silliness ; awktvardncss, igno- 
rance ; rashness, temerity ; rude- 
ness,roughness, perverseiiess, ob- 
stinacy ; ingratitude ; uncouth 

Ayiuiuiav, -orog, ti, fi, (fr. a neg. 
and ypiiuT) judgment, th. yviui to 
know) fooli<!h, silly ; imprudent, 
iiuliscreel ; ignorant ; unreason- 
alAe, unjust ; unrntrriful ; sin- 
ful, wicked; ungrateful, unfeel- 
ing, inhuman. 

'Ayvdi, (fr. I'jyiD? chaste) chastely, 
innocently, purely. 

Ayi'wf, (fr. a neg. and yv6io to 
know) ignorantly, unskilfully. 

.K.yvuii, -wros, i, »), (fr. same) igno- 
rant, awkward, uninformed ; also 
unknown, uncertain, obscure. 

AyvuiaacKc, Ion. (or tjyvinac, 3 sin. 
1 a. ind. act. of ayiotw. 

Ayi'uaia, -as, !], (fr. a nog. and 
yiviioKw to know) ignorance, un- 

AyviicKu), f. -<i(Tw, Ayviiaaii), and 
Ion. AyvijxradaKU), (fr. same) to 
he ignorant, not to knou<, 7iot to 
achiuiwle'lge, or recognise. 

'Ayniiaroi, -ov, b, f/, (fr. same) 

Ayoi'iTcvTOi, -nv, i, li, (fr. a neg. 
and yiiiji a wizard) unaffcrted by 
charms, over xoliom eiwhantments 
have Jw rffec.t. 

AyoriTcvTiof, (fr. last) in security 
from cluirms. 

AyotuTo, Ion. for a'yoivro, 3 pi. 
pre*, opt. pass, of ciyw. 

Ayiijitvof, -TI, -ov, par. preB. pass, 
of same. 

Ay</«iixTof, -01', fi, q, (fr. a neg. 
anil yi'iiKfiof a nail) louse, incom- 
pact, ill unite!, f roil. 

'"Ayoi; Ion. or Di)r. for P/yoK. 2 a. 
mil. art. of iiyiu, 

Ayovif, -()?>, It, !i, (fr. a neg. and 
yifof otftpring, th. yivii^ai, to 
IK') ]iast brririns;, ineapalilc of 
prorrr.ation ; barren, cniltltesa ; 
unlyirn, n^orr Inrn. 

Ayonii, -<i», 1), a Jilarr, square, mar- 


kel-place, or forum ; where, ac 
cording to the Greek and Ro- 
man customs, the markets, 
courts of justice, and public 
assemblies, were held, and all 
kinds of public business trans- 
acted ; an assembly held there ; 
a speech or oration delivered 

Ayopdaadai, Poet, for ayopdtadat., 
cont. ayopacdai, pres. inf. mid. 
of ayopdu). 

Ayopd^oi, f. -170), p. vyopaKa, (fr. 
same) to buy and sell, traffic, 
trade ; to purchase, procure ; to 
redeem, perf. pass, riyopdojiai, I 
a. ind. pass, riyopdaOriv. 

Ayapatog, -ov, b, r;, (fr. same) re- 
lating to the market, vulgar, 
mean, commn?i; loose, disorder- 
ly ; judicial, belonging to the 
courts ; viz. I'lfiipa, those days 
w'hen the courts sit, court days, 
also epith. of Jupiter and ot 
]Mercury whose statues were 
placed in the market place. 

Ayopavuuog, -ov, 6, (fr. same, and 
vifiog law) one who regulates the 
market, the clerk of the mar- 

Ayopavofiliit -d, (fr. last) to regu- 
late the market, act as clerk. 

Ayopiiiofiia, -ag, 1), (fr. same) the 
duly of the clerk of the market. 

Ayopdaiuv, Dor. for ayopd^civ, 
pres. inf. of ayop/i^u). 

Ayopaaia -ag, {/, and Ay6pacrig,-iog, 
Att. -E<i)f, i;, (fr. ayopd the mar- 
ket) buying and selling, traffic, 
trade, dealing. 

Ayopdafia, -arog, rb, and -fidf, -ov, 
h, (fr. same) merchandise. 

AyopacTf\g, -ov, b, (fr. same) a 

Ayipaaov, in 2 pi. -aare, 1 a. impr. 
act. — Ayopdaw, 1 pi. -<ro/icv, 1 f. 
ind. act. ot ayoodl^u). 

Ayopdu) -w, (fr. ayopd the market) 
same as ayopcvw. 

Ay6pcv\ Apos. for aydpcvc, pres. 
impr. or Ion. and Apos. for 
tiydpcve imp. ind. — Ayopcvt- 
^uv. Ion. lor ayontvctv, pres. 
inf. of 

Ayoo£t'(j, f. -n'ffij (fr. ayopd the 
market) to address a public as- 
sembly, harangue ; to relate, de- 
clare, tell, show, erplnin ; an- 
nounce, publish, proclaim. 

Ayopiio -d, f. -»;(7(j. the same, 
generally used in comp. 

Ayom'uiv, Ion. for ayopiiv, g. pi. of 

.Kyopii, -Tig, I'l, Ion. for aynpd. 

Ayopt'ivlic., (it. aynp^ the market) 
to', or towanU the miirkrt. 

Ayopli'/'i (fr. same) at, or in the 

AyoiiriOiif, 1 a. par. pass. — Ayo- 
pi'iaaro. Ion. for tiynoiianro, 3 
mn. I u. ind, mid. of nyooifiii. 

Ayooi;ri')c, -oTi, li, (fr. ayofi the 
market) n speaker, 

Ayopi;T(l<, -ou, h, came. 

Ayopifri'i, -vog, >/, (fr. iianic)./7u(n- 
ey of language, tloqucnce. 

"Ayoc, -i.og -ors, rj, imrrati'm, re. 


»pert ; a »i ej-piatioriy utonenicnt, 
sutis/actiou ; crimt, ^ilt, sin ; 
Aydi, -ov, i, (fr. tiyu) to Icail) a 
tender, /iciirf, cliirf ; a captain, 
Ayoaris, -ov, h, the palm of the 
hand; the back of the hand ; the 
Jist, a grasp; the forearm; the 
Aypa, -a{, (/, a dravghl nf ^fishes ; 
game, prey, a capture ; a trap ; 
the chase, hiniting, fotdirtg, &c. 
AypdfifiaTOi, -on, h, {;, (fr. a licg. 
and ypdfifia a lettfcr) iUuerate, 
AyoavXim -d, f. -i/ffu, p. i)ypa<'\TtKa 
(fr. dypoi the country, ami auA/) 
a residence) to live in the coun- 
try ; to abide in the Jields, pro- 
pcrly by night. 
'AypavXoi, -ov, b, fj, (fr. same) 

abiding in the Jields. 
Aypa<pis, -ov, b, I'l, (fr. a nog. and 

ypd^io to write) unwritten. 
'Aypa, and dypu /lai', same as 
dye, and dyt iii, and aypuO' for 
aypziTc, prcs. impr. of aypeui to 
liunt (th. dypa a capture) come, 
come on; up, hasten, rouse. 
Aypevfia, -aros, tu, (fr. aypevta to 
hunt, th. aypa a prey) game, 
prey, booty, spoil. 
Aypcvs, -lo;, Att. -twf, Aypcvriip, 
-rjpos, and Aypcvrfis, -on, 6, (fr. 
saine) a hunter, a huntsman, a 
Ayptvoi, f. cvaui, (th. dypa a prey) 
to hunt, chase; to take, catch; 
to ensnare, inveigle. 
'Ayprjv, Ion. for dypar, a. sin. of 

'Aypia, and Ayptw; (fr. dypioi 

wild) wildly, fiercely, savagely. 
Aypiaivw (fr. dypios wild, th. aypbs, 
a field) to irritate, provoke, tcaze, 
exasperate ; to fret, agitate ; to 
heighten, aggraroie, embitter. 
Aypiai, -doos, n, (fr. same) rustic, 

Aypte\atof, -ov, i), (fr. same, and 
e\ala the olive-tree) the wild 
olive-tree ; a barren tree. 
Aypi^ii), (fr. same) to exasperate. 

see ayptaivai. 
AyptoPd\avos, -ov, o, (fr. same, 
and (idXavoi an acorn) the holme- 
Aypwiivolnri, -J/?, )'/, (fr. same, and 
livpiKrj the tamarisk) the wild 
'Ayptof, -a, -ov, (th. aypu( a field) 
rustic; viild, fierce, turlntlent, 
boitlernus ; rude, untaught, unci- 
vilized, savage ; untractahle, hurt- 
ful, noxious ; marl, ravine:, fran. 
tic ; also, Agrios, a man's name. 
AYpi6rrii, -tiroi, {), (fr. last) rus- 
ticity ; wildness, fierceness, &c. 
AyoiSii) -ID, {fr. same) to grow wild, 

to let grow wild ; tu exasperate. 
Ayphrai, -ov, and -a, o, Agrippa, 

a man's name. 
Ayptiicvij -co; -oHf, o, i/, (fr. dypiof 

wild) vriltl, fierce, savage. 
Ayp/uif, (fr. same) uncouthly, sa- 
vagely, fiercely. 


AypdOtv Aypddt, (fr. aypuf a field) 

from the field ; in the field. 
.KypoiKtut -a, (fr. dypoiKoi rustic) 

/(/ rusticate, live in the r.nuntry. 
AypoiKla, -u{, i), (fr. same) rusti- 
city, vulgarity, roughness ; a 
country house, a farm house, a 
villa, a country seat. 
'Ay^poi^oi, -ov, b, I'l, (fr. ayp!)i a 
fitld, and oTkos a habitation) rus- 
tic, wild ; clownish, uncouth, 
awkward ; rude, surly. 
Aypoiiirrii, -ov, b, (fr. same) see 

AypoKviotuos, -ov, b, fj, (fr. same, 
and KvioiiJidi tumult) rioting, or 
causing confusion through the 
Aypofievriatv, d. pi. with v added 
— Aypo^ivoto, g. sin. — Aypo- 
fi/cuiv, g. pi. Ion. for ayttpo^i- 
vaii, -ov, -ij>v, oi aytlpw. 
Ayp6vie, (fr. aypdi a field) to the 

field, to the country. 
Aypovofila, -af, ri, (fr. same, and 
v6)ioi a law) regulation, or divi- 
sion of land. 
Aypovdfiot, -o)v, o!, (fr. same) offi- 
cers to regulate, or divide land ; 
Aypis, -ov, b, land, a field, farm, 

country seat ; the country. 
.\.ypoTipo;, -a, -ov, (fr. last) wild ; 
rural, rustic ; a tenant of the 
wilderness, inhabitant of the 
country; a hunter, or huntress. 
AypoTi'ii, -ov, and Ayportip -ijpoi, b, 
(Ir. same) a rustic, clown; wild, 
fierce, savage. 
AypviTvc7Te, 2 pi. cont. pres. impr. 

act. of 
AypvTTvio) -a, (fr. aypiirvoi sleep- 
less) to lie awake ; to watch, 
rvake ; to be watchful, or guard- 
ed against sin. 
Aypv!7i'ia,-ai, fi, andlon.aypuirv/i?, 
-rii, fi, (fr. same) waking, watch- 
ing ; watchfulness, vigilance, cir- 
cumspection, d. ])1. aypvTTvlatg. 
' AypvTTi'Oi, -ov, 0, i'l, (fr. a neg. ypii 
an atom, and vvvoi sleep) sleep- 
less ; umtchful, vigilant ; diligent, 
assiduous, incessant. 
AypvTTi'iwvTe;, n. pi. cont. ])ar. 
pres. act. — Aypv-rrvovai, 3 pi. 
cont. pres. ind. act. oCaypv-rrviw. 
AypwTo-u, (fr. aypii land) to hunt, 

pursue, prey. 
Kypwaca, -ag, fj. Poet, a huntress. 
AypMCTTji, -ov, b, and aypioaruip, 
-upoi, b, (fr. same) a hunter ; a 
rustic, peasant, cloum. 
' Aypi^crii, -toi, t'l, (fr. same) lier- 
bagc, grass, pasture ; dogsgrass. 
Aypiirm, Poet, for ayp6rr)s. 
Ay<i(«, -as, /;, a road, highway, 

street; village. 
AyuiuTis, -tioi, b, I'l, (fr. last) liv- 
ing in the same street, or village, 
a neighbour. 
Ayvixvacla, -as, i'/, (fr. a neg. and 
yvfivd^o) to exercise) disorder, 
negligence, indolence; want oj 
discipline, or cultivation. 
Ayiifivacros, -ov, b, fi, (fr. same) 
710/ taking exercise ; unpractised, 
undisciplined, inexperienced. 


AyvvatKOs, ov, AyVvrK, -tof -oB», 
and Ayvvos, -ov, i, }), (fr. a neg. 
and yvvi] a woman) single, un- 
manted, a bachelor^ or maid. 
'AyUpij, -toi, Att. -£u)f, fj, a compa- 
ny, assembly, assemblage, crowd, 
gathering of people ; the vulgar ; 
a rendezvous ; a lieap, collec- 
Ayvplu -u and Ayvpl^u (fr. last) 

to assemble, collect, meet. 
Ayvprtis, -ov, b, (fr. same) a 
(juack-doctor, a mountebank, jug- 
gler, fortune-teller ; impostor. 
AyvprdCiA), (fr. last) to collect a 
crowd, or money, like a moun 
Ay;^rf^w, Poet, for avaxd^io. 
'Ayx' for dyxi. 
AyxaXdiDfFoet. for ava;^aA(£ui, (fr. 

avU, and ;;^aXrf(D, which see. ) 
'Ayxaclc, Dor. for dy^a^t pres, 

impr. ol ayyd^u). 
'Ayxavpov, -ov, ri, (fr. dyyi near, 

and avpa air) twilight, aavm. 
'Ay XI, near, nigh, close, at hand. 
AyxlaXos, -ov, b, (fr. last, and uXf 
the sea) maritime, bordering on 
tlie sea, on the shore. Also, .4 n- 
chialus, the name of a man, and 
a city. 
AyX'l^aOi);, -ios -oBf, h, ij, (fr. 
same, and fidOos depth) deep, 
nether, near the earth, here below ; 
steep, precipitous. 
AyxiJ^alvoi, f. -jiijaoftai, (fr. same, 
and /Ja/vw to go) to come near, 
to approach. 
Ayx'jiarfis, -ov, h, (fr. last) a com- 
panion, an attendant, a fellow 
Ayx'Parib) -w, (fr. last) same as 

AyviPiiiaKa, Dor. for -PtjKa, per. 

of ayxi(ialvu). 
Ayxtdavl)s, -ios -ovs, 0, {/, {fr. dyxi 
near, and Svtjcko), or Sdvu obs. 
to die)_;u.s< dead, almost dead, 
AyX'6io(, -ov, b, h, (fr- same, and 
Bibs God) near to, or /»>« a god, 
AyX'Svpos, -ov, b, ^, {fr- same, and 
Siipa the door) neighbour, neigh- 
bouring, adjoining, near. 
Ay;^i/iaX''"'f' AyxlfiaKos, and Ay- 
XijiaKos, -ov, b, (fr. same, and 
^laxo/iai to fi^i) fighting near, 
at close quarters, 
Ay;^/uoAov, (fr. next) near, nigh, 

at hand. 
Ayx'Vo^of, -ov,b,h, (fr. dyxt near, 
and ^o\eiJi to come) from the 
same country, neighbourhood. &c. 
also coming near, approaching. 
AyXivota, -as, h, (fr- "ext) wit, 
eiruteness; ingenuity; sv-htiUy, 

near, and v6os the mind) witty, 
acute ; ingenious, sagacious, cle- 
ver ; artful, crafty, cunning. 

Ayxipoos -ovs, -oov -ov, b, >i, (fr. 
same, and jtcu) to flow) fiowing 
togetfur, vihose streams are near. 

A.yX((^ao, JE6\. for Ayx'toov, g. of 

Ayy?<n;t, -ov, b, Anchises, a m4n's 


very near, next ; extremely, very 
much, must, mostly. 

Ay,\;iOTt(a, -as, >), anil Ayx^^'MV, 
-ou, ri, (fr. dy)(^i near) nearness; 
relationship ; prupinquity, con- 

iLy)(iartvs, -lo;, Att. -/u)f, 0, (fr. 
same) a near relation, a kins- 
man ; a protector, avenger. 

Ay;^i<7'TCTJij, f. -evao}, (fr. same) to 
6e nearly related, next of kin ; to 
succeed to the rights of inherit- 
ance ; to act as a kinsman. Ay- 
Xiarciofiai, to have a claim of 
propinquity set aside. 

AyX'<''"'>'0^» or ayxi'riivo;, -rj, -ov, 
(fr. ayx' *^'ose, and larrfni to 
set) standing close, pressed to- 
gether, crowded, thick. 

'Ayx"^"*") -<">> *i '/> (fr- "yX' "^^'■) 
the nearest, next. 

AyxlcTpoipa, (fr. next) quickly, 

AYxi<^Tpo(pos, -ov, i, ';, (fr. dyx' 
near, and aTpiipij) to turn) liable 
to sudden alterations, changeable, 
ficUe ; quick, active; sudtlen. 

Ayx^'^"', (fr- same) hither, hither- 
ward, near, hard oy. 

Ay;^iJ0<, same asny;^!, and ay;^oD. 

Ayx<'>''7, -1i, >'lj (fr- dyX'^ '" stran- 
gle) strangulation, choking; a 
noose, hatter, 

'AyXO<, (fr. dyxi^ 'o choke) suf- 
focation, choking, strangulation. 

Ayx^rarai, -n, -of, (sup. of liy^i 
near) nearest, next, close. 

Ayxordroi, (fr. last) most nearly, 
very closely. 

Ayx^rtooi, -a, -ov, (comp. of <£y;^i 
near) nearer, closer. 

Kyx"^, Pf»ct. for dyx'- 

Ayx°"i pfcs. impr. pass. of. 

AyY"-, f- -(^w, p. f/yxajto strangle, 
choke, suffocate ; bind tightly, 
compress ; restrain, manage, or 
curb ; to liUnce. 

Ay;^w/i3Aoj, -ov, h, !), (fr. dyxi 
near, and a/iaXd; even) equal, 
even ; nearly of the same age, 
stature, or rank. 

'Ayii), f. ri^u), p. tixa, to bring, lead, 
corulurt, escort; corn/, hear; to 
introduce, bring in ; to move, 
drive, impel ; to draw, drag, rob, 
ravage, pluruler ; to v:pigh, con- 
tider, explain, interpret ; to 
}f. esteem, vrtluc ; to utter, pro- 

• wnmce; to marry; j»a.s». to 
tpervt, r^lehrnte ; to irutwe, prr- 
Vail on, move, 'ifferl; to govern, 
tule, train, educate ; to rjtnvn/ 
oneself away, go, depart, p. Att. 
Ay^x't, and nyfinx'i. 2 a. iiul. 
ftyov, Alt. f,yaytiv, unpr. dyayf 
■ub. aydyia. inf. nyiytiv. p»;r. 
pass, riy/iai, 1 a. fix'ini', 1 f. 

'Ayo, to break, soc dyvvfji, 
Ay-iytiif, -hf, Alt. -/w;, h, (fr. 
ilyta to lead) a leader, guide, 
r^ndurinr ; a batter, bridle. 
Ay'ay!l, -jjc, /;, {fr. same) a driv. 
tTJf, or lea/ling niray, rtirryin^ 
', carriage, ronvn/anrr ; a roail, 
■ !,'hway ; a coumr, or manner 



of life; education, training, rear- 
ing, discipline ; comfort, conso- 
lation ; amusement, inducement, 
a lawsuit, appeal; conduct, be- 

Aywyifiof, -ov, b, i), (fr. same) easy 
to be led, docile, tradable ; port- 
able, to be carried. 

Ayiiytov, -ov, rd, (fr. same) a bur- 
den, a cart-load. 

Ayuyo;, -or, h, (fr. same) a guide. 

Aycji', -iHvoq, b, a contest, spectacle, 
games ; the scene, course, circus, 
amphitheatre, where such are 
perfonned ; the assemblage ol 
spectators there ; a temple ; the 
concourse attending ajiy cele- 
bration there ; a concourse, or 
assemblage of any sort, as of 
ships ; a circle, circuit ; strife, 
contention, contest, competition, 
rivalry; a lawsuit; peril, danger. 

Ayui'i'a, -as, i), (fr. aydiv a contest) 
strife, struggle, contest, conten- 
tion ; anxiety, agony, anguish. 

Ayoiiiao) -w, (fr. same) see ayiji- 

.\.yu>viiaTai, and Ayiavlcaro, Ion. 
for rjyujvia^ivoi etc}, and tjaav, 3 
pi. per. and pper. of aywii'^o/iai. 

Ayuvtcujiai, Dor. for ayuiiiSuai, 
Att. for ayuvicofiat, 1 f. mid. of 

Aywvi^eaOc, 2 pi. pres. ind. or im- 
pr. mid. — Aywii^oD, 2 sin. pres. 
impr. mid. — Aywvi^dnevos, par. 
pres. pass, of 

.\y<j)»i'fu), but more usually, ayuii- 
^ouai, f. -iaoiiat p. ityiivicftai, 
(fr. ayiiv a contest) to contend, 
struggle, Jiglit ; to strive, endea- 
vour ; to risk, or to be in danger ; 
to agonize; to act, perform. 

Ayiivios, -ov, i, I'l, (fr. same) relat- 
ing to public games; toilsome, 
dangerous, hazardous. 

Aywviojia, -Sros, rb, (fr. same) a 
contest, Jieht ; competition, trial ; 
a race, match ; a dispute, suit; 
an exjAoit ; risk, peril, danger. 

Aydiviirrfis, -ov, b, (fr. same) a 
wrestler, boxer, rhamjiinn, prize- 
fighter ; a competitor, rivrd, actor. 

AyuyrtBrfKbs, -i), -bv, (fr. same) 
coTircrning puJ/tic games ; fitted, 
prepared, or trained, for them ; 

KyijivoOirrjs, -ov, h, (fr. fiyiii-a pub- 
lic game, and rlOni" t" arrange) 
fin umpire, arbitrator, judge, or 
stnvard at the names in Grercc. 

AyuvoOtri'i,) -w, I. -I'/irui, (fr. same) 
to preside 'it the games, adjudge 
prizes ; to urge, instigate, r.rcitr. 

Ayoio, Ifcb, indccl. a crane. 

' \ba, -nf, 1], a womanV nanu; Ada. 

'i^i'ii, Dor. fr)r fii'ii, il. sin. of i/fitis. 

Aiariiiovia, -«», and Ion. n^nnfio- 

*'ln, -IS, hi (fr- 1'''') vnskilful- 

nris, inrx}>rrtnrss, inrxpericnee, 

want of art or ingenuity. 

Kfinfiiiioi', -nvns, b, Ij, (fr. <i ncg. and 
f^afifiuiv, knowin;;, ih. balui to 
Inarn) unskilful, ignorant, rude, 
nimple, unlriirnrd, unrrprrirnred. 

\fafi(, -tos -nrs, b, }'i, (fr. a ni'B. 
and oa/o) to loam) unlearned, 


untaught, ignorant; soothing, 
lulling, rendering insensible. 

AdaicTos, -ov, b, i), (fr. a neg. and 
liiiio to divide) whole, entire, un- 
divided; indivisible. 

'AloKpvs, -vos, and ASaKpCros, -ov, 
b, t'l, (fr. a neg. and Sditpv a tear) 
without a tear, tearless ; unpitied, 
unlamented ; unrelenting,pitiless. 

ApaKOvTi, (fr. last) without tears. 

A^dfi, indecl. Adam, the first man. 

Aiaixarrtvos, ->;, -or, (fr. next) ad- 
amantine ; hant, solid; firm, 
strong; hardy, resolute, invincible. 

A^afias, -avTos, b, (fr. a neg. ajld 
Saftdu) to tame) adamant, dia- 

Aidfiacros, -ov, b, i), (fr. same) 
unsubdued, unconquered ; refrac- 
tory, untameable; implacable, in- 

Aia^ioj -u, same as aJap^td), 1 a., 
inf. act. ala^Tjcai. 

ASd-ai'os, -ov, b, >;, (fr. a neg. and 
Sa-ravdiii to expend) without 
charge, or expense, gratuitous ; 
not chargeable ; thrifty, frugal. 

Aiairdi'dis, (fr. last) without ex- 
pense, gratis, thriftily. 

ASdpKtis, -ov, b, sea water collected 
to evaporate in order to get the salt; 
a matter gathering upon plants 
in salt marshes ; pickle, brine. 

'At^aaav, for a'l'u, which the Laco- 
nians use for df>iv, much, very, 
and dcrav 1 a. ind. act. of dSw. 

Aiacrrbs, -ov, b, //, (fr. a ncg. and 
6alo) to divide) undivided, indi- 
visible ; iL'hole, entire. 

A 6axioy, to excite itching; to scratchy 
scrape ; to tickle. ' 

.\.^&avos, -a -ov, (fr. di, or a'^u, 
Laconic for d^rjv very, and avos 
dry) very dry, arid, parched. 

A'^hhs, Poet, for n&ct'is. 

A^^riK6TC<, Poet, for alitiKdrcS' 

'Ah^rjv, Poet, for a'(5);i'. 

A(5(5;;(/iay('a, -as, i'/, (fr. next) vora- 
ciousness, greediness, gluttony. 

Aiin'idyos, -ov, b, i), (fr. dSfiiv 
much, and ipdytii to eat) greedy, 
gluttonous, ravenous, corrosive. 

Ai^M, indccl. Addi, a man's name. 

Af'fii^, a measure of four of the 
Xolvt^. About a gallon. 

' A!it Ka\ nvrd. Dor. for tfiov it Kal 
nvrl), there she is herself. 

"Aic, Dor. for i/.^t imp. of ue^u, 

^A^e, Dor. for j'('f> here. 

' Ahia, Dor. for hiMa from Ijivs- 

A('f»)», -ios-ov;, b, i;, (fr. a ncg. and 
if OS fear, til. iclid) to fear) fear- 
less, iutrejiid, boUl ; stubborn, 
hrailstrong ; haughty, in.vitrnt ; 
shameless, impudent; safe, secure. 

'Aiti, 3 sin. of dio). 

'Aiit, conl. iiirl, Dot. for i/Sit, fifiT, 

d. sin. of I'/ivs. 
'Airi'i, -as, f/t (fr- next) freedom 
from fear, security, safety ; in- 
Irrpidily, rouragr, bravery. 
Aiuhs, Po'f. fornitfis. WsnAfitl- 

iX Ion. for dictas, g. of. dicta, 
AiclimiTos, and Aifluarof, -ov, b, 
fl, (fr. a nrg. and }it7iin fear, th. 
iiliht to fi!ar) /rar/cM, undaunt- 
ed, inlripid, bold. 




'Xit'*', prcs. inf. cont. of uc'i'u). 
But ii'c'fii' same from <i(^ui. And 
c^cVii' from ifiui, or lu/i^u Poot. 

'Ai'tiTioj, -ov, 4, i';, (fr. u ni-g. and 
fci::iov supper) suppcrlcss. 

Aihictiat/jivwi, (fr. <i nog. cV/i^u to 
fear, and (^ii/iwi' a ^oil) r<\!;iir(l- 
Uss of the i:oils, irreligioiisli/, im- 
piousli/, irrtvircnih/. 

XSiKaaroi, -on, 6, i), (fr. a nog. and 
if«.<i^u) to bribe) unbribed, incor- 
rupt ; honest. 

AitKocTioi (fr. last) incorruptly, 
justly, ho7}estly. 

AicXipat, -(jtas, -<pi)v, -<pr)S, cases of 

ASt\<pctos, and ah\(l>tds, Poet, and 
Ion. for aic'S({i6i. 

ASc\(Pi), -Ti(, fi, (fr. ah\<pbi a bro- 
ther) a sister, according to the 
several senses of aitX(pis, which 

Ah\(pi?ia -?Tj, -tai -?;?, >';, (fr. 
same) the daughter of a brother, 
or sister, a niece. 

A^cX^tShi -out, -ov, b, (fr. same) 
the S071 of a brother, or sister, a 

Aic\ij>ifiov, -ov, rb, (dim. of same) 
a little brother, a dear little bro- 

ASeX<p(^(o, f. -iVu, (fr. same) to 
talse, or adopt for a brother, to 
address, or entreat as a brother. 

AhXcptKos, -'h -01', (fr. same) bro- 
therly, fraternal. 

Ai^EX^iKwf, (fr. last) like brothers, 

AScXifioKTdvog, -ov, b, f/, (fr. same, 
and KTiho) to kill) a murderer of 
a brother, a fratricide. 

ActXcpbp, JEol. for 

AScXipbs, -ov, b, (fr. a together, and 
h\(l>vi the womb) a brother pro- 
irlv ■ ■ 

perly by the same mother ; a bro^ 
ther generally ; n kinsman, cou- 
sin ; one of the same tribe, cast, 
profession, or countri/ ; one of 
the same faith, a christian; adj. 
twi\t, related ; similar, congenial, 

Aoi\<p6T>]i, -vrn;, i', (fr. last) the 
relation of brothers, or sisters; 
a brotherhood, fralernity ; a so- 
ciety of brethren in Christ. 

AiifiaTo;, -ou, b, i';, (fr. a neg. and 
fifias the body) without a body, 
bodiless; incorporeal, spiritual; 
dead. Or, for acdfiavTos, wh. 

Ahifitv, Ion. for nltiv. 

' Afievigos, -ov, b, tj, (fr. a neg. and 
civogov a tree) without trees ; 
bare, barren ; open, clear. 

Aiii, Dor. for iiaij-iXts, ncut. of 

Aih, neut. of afin, for ariSm, wh. 

Ai5tVi70T05, -ov, b, li, (fr. a neg. and 
icar.6Trii a lord) without a mas- 
ter, free; without authority, or 
recommendation ; unauthorized , 
unwarranted ; v:ilhout a lord, or 

Aica-n(jTij)s, (fr. preced. ) /ree/y, a/ 
liberty, at large. 

AitvKiii, -IOC -oPf, 6, }i, (fr. a neg. 

and fcvKOi the sweet juice of 
the grape) bitter; disagreeable, 
unpleasant ; unwelcome. 
A<V4';roj, -ov, b, I'l, (fr. a neg. and 
6(\j.iu) to cook) raw; not well 
cooked, sudden, rare; untanned, 
not dressed. 
' Aiiu} -d, f. -//CO), p. )iSriKa, to 
please, delight, give pleasure ; to 
flatter, sooth ; to prefer, choose ; 
2 f. ui^o), per. mid. 'iaia, and 
tia^a. Poet, for i';Ai(, par. 'taiitii, 
2 a. laiov, for Ji&ov. 
Aiim, (fr. a't^w to satiate) to be tired, 
wearied, fatigued. 1 a. opt. .iEol 
afijacia, and aii>jai.ia, -as, -c, 
for aii'itratfii. 
A(?£uJs, (fr. a6c>ii fearless) /earZes* 

ly, undauntedly. 
"A(hi, 2 a. sub. act. of ac/u. 

"Affi, <i. — "Ail], V "A^ou, g. of 

A<5j;v(5r£f, and AiitiK6TCi, Ion. for 
tiirjK6Tci, n. pi. par. per. act. of 
'AiriKTOi, -ov, b, !], (fr. a neg. and 
SaKvui to bite) not apt to be cor- 
roded, or wasted, nor feeling de- 
ray, lasting, durable ; not bitten, 
or gnawed ; unenvied, unmolest- 
ed; sup. airiKTCTaroi. 
Aii'/\>]roi, -ov, b, {], (fr. a neg. and 
iijMia to hurt) unhurt; sound, 
whole, entire, safe. 
'Ai^j/Xof, -ov, b, )';, (fr. a neg. and 
Si)\os clear) unseen, hidden, la- 
tent, concealed; obscure, mean, 
ignoble; doubtful, dubious, un- 
Ait]\6Trjg, -r]To%, and ASt]\ia, -ag, i';, 
(fr. last) uncertainty, obscurity; 
inconstancy, flcMeness. 
Aii'iXiai, (fr. same) uncertainly, ob- 
scurely, dubiously ; impcrcepti- 
hly. _ 
kirj^iovQyriTOf, -ov, b, '/, (fr. a neg. 
and ^7]fHovpY^<^ 'o constitute) in- 
rfl'ectual, inrjjicadous ; weak, 

Aiiviiovdv, prcs. inf. act. conl 

A(5i;//ova)i', par. prcs. act. cont. 
Aitjfioviw -w, f. ->;<7(<), p. n^rifidvnKa, 
to languish, faint, sink with la- 
bour or fatigue ; to grieve, de- 
spair ; to be overwhelmed with 
sorrow, or anxiety, 1 a. act. ?;6>;- 
'hi'ii', and ah^nv, enough, abun- 
dantly, sufficiently. 
Aiiiv, -hoi, b, a kernel, gland; 
the tonsils, or almonds of the 
Afr;viu)i, (fr. next) artlessly, arvk- 

Afiriviii, -loi -oTi;, b, r]. Poet. (fr. a 
neg. and Ci'ivoi design) unde- 
signing, artless, simple; unskil- 
ful, stupid, dull. 
AinpU, -iroi, and Ai'/jpirof, -ov, b, 
li, (fr. a neg. and ^npi(, a fight) 
vilhout dispute, amicable, peouce- 
able ; irresistible, 7Wi to be op- 
Ait]P'r(j>i, (fr. last) itulisputabty, 
v:ithout dispute, unquestionably 

a neg. and ctSta to see) a dark, 
obscure place; a place unseen, 
or not to be seen by mortals ; 
hades, the receptacle, or region 
of tlie dead, containing all the 
fabulous mansions of the hca- 
tlien ritual. According to the 
christian doctiine, the invisible 
world of spirits, the unsein place 
of souls ; the place of the dead 
generally, but vulgarly a place 
of torment ; the abode of the 
damned, hell; death. 
Airjipuyia, see aiitjipayla. 
AiidyiuiaTOf, -ov, b, li, (fr. a neg. 
and iidyiiuifit to distinguish) 
indisti7iguishab!e, indiscernible, 
AitaipcTos, -ov, b, ii, (fr. a neg. and ■ 
iiaipiu) to separate) inseparable, \ 
closely attached. 
ASioKplros, -ov, b, {], (fr. a neg. 
and Si.aKpivo) to distinguish) not 
to be distinguished, iyidistinct, 
confused ; peaceable, not litigi- 
ous ; undistinguishing, impar- 
ASia\tl-nTOi, -ov, b, i';, (fr. a neg. 
and haXciirui to intermit) uji- 
ceasing, continual, without inter- 
AiiaXdnTbii, (fr. last) continually, 


AiidWaKTOs, -ov, b, >;, (fr. a neg. 

and ^taWdoao) to reconcile) ir- 

reconcileable, adverse, discordant. 

AStdXvTOi, -ov, b, /;, (fr. a neg. and 

5ta\vii) to melt) not to be melted, 

indissoluble ; binding, flrm. 

AiiavTov, -ov, rb, (fr. next) an 

herb, maiden-hair. 
Aoi'ai'Tof, -ov, b, !/, (fr. a neg. and 
liaivu) to sprinkle) not sprinkled, 
or moistened, dry; rigid, mi- 
bending, strict, 
AiiaiTTijiTos, -ov, b, »';, (fr. o neg. 
and iiairi-KTU) to decay) flrm, 
lasting, durable; infallible, cer- 
Aiid(TTpo(poi, -ov, b, li, (fr. a neg. 
and hanTpiij>o) to distort) unper- 
veiled, invariable. 
AiidrpenTOi, -ov, b, >';, (fr. a neg. 
and liarpiTna to pervert) un- 
moved; immoveable, flrm, unal- 
AStarpiTTTO)?, (fr. last) immoveably, 

AiiaipOopia, -ai,h, (fr. next) incor- 
ruptness, integrity, honesty ; pu- 
rity of manners ; sincerity. 
AfidipOopoi, -ov, b, !i, (fr. a neg. and 
itafOopa corruption, th. (iiOdpio 
to corrupt) incorruptible, uncor, 
r.ypt, pure, honest, sincere. 
Aitdtpopos, -ov, b, ,), (fr. a neg. and 
iia(liipo> to difl'cr) indi/ferent, 
middling, neither good nor bad ; 
trifling, insignificant. 
Aiidil'cvoTos, -ov, b, I'l, (fr. a neg, 
and cta^'tv^ojiai to deceive) that 
cannot be deceived, or imposed on. 
Aii^i'KTOf, -ov, 6, f], (fr. n neg. and 
hfidoKij) to teach) untaught, ig- 
norant, illiterate, inerperienced ; 
natural, spontaneous. 

Ai>ii, and Poet. aWi/f, -ov, b, (fr. Acu^haoTOi, -ov, b, fi, (fr. a ncg, 


iia through, and c^crd^oi to exa- 
mine) unsearchable ; viexpressi- 
ble, ineffable. 

Aiinyn-roi, -ov, h, {,, (fr. a neg. 
and cinyionat to relate) not to 
be told, beyond expression, inex- 

AiiKtlre, act. — AiiKuaOe, pass. 

2 pi. cent. ofaliKita. 
AoiKiaaat, Ion. and JEci[. for a6t- 

Kijcrai, 1 a. inf. act. of 

AJiic/u -<2, f. -t';CO), p. ijc'iKriKa, (fr. 
a neg. and iUv justice) to injure, 
wrong ; to annoy, hurl, damage, 
harm. Par. pres. a^ixiiov, -wv, 
a. sin. a^iKovira. 1 a. ind. 1701- 
Ki'iaa' impr. aSiKtjcov. pres. pass. 
aliKiojiai -ovjiat. per. ind. pass. 
TliiKvfai. 1 a. rjiiKt'iOnv. 

AiiK^BeU, -uaa, -iv, g. -trrog, par. 
1 a. pass. — AitKndi^, -fis, -ji, 
1 a. sub. pass, of last. 

AitKJi^a, -aroi, to, (fr. same) an 
act of injustice; injury, hurt, 
tcrong, damase ; crime, offence; 
disgrace, scandal. 

AitK^cai, par. 1 a. act. — AitKrjaat, 
1 a. inf. act. — A^ncjcoru, 3 sin. 
1 a. impr. act. — A^tKnaji;, ~ 
sin. and -cnre, 2 pi. and -aojc-i, 

3 pi. 1 a. sub. act. — Ai'iki/cu, 
-cii, -ct, 1 f. ind. act. of a6i- 

AitKijTtos, -a, -0%; (fr. same) to he 
injured, &c. ; hurl cannot be 
avoided, wron^ must be done. 
kiiKla, -af, >), (fr. same) injustice, 
■ partiality, wrong, injury ; false- 
hootl, deceit ; unriglUeousness, 
iniquity, villany. 
Ai?<<to6o(fO) -5, (fr. dciKo! unjust, 
and ii^a fame) to seek fame by 
bad means ; to tfiirst after glory ; 
to decree iniquitously , determine 
'AilKOi, -ov, f), I'l, (fr. a neg. and 
eUn justice) unjust, iniifuitoiis, 
partial, corrupt ; dtcritful, falla- 
riouK ; injurious, hurtful ; un- 
righleous, sinful, wicked ; inade- 
quate, unjil, improper. 
AJiKu, 1 sin. com. pres. ind. act. 
— KiiKiov, n. mas. cont. par. 
pres. art. of artmr/uj. 
Af'iiflit, ( fr. n'mroj, unjust) unjust- 
ly, wickedly, &c. 
Kliivniiiv, JV.c>\. ior afitviov, g. pi. of 
Kilvb^, -n, -dv, drtisf, thick, cnjnous; 
rrowrlrd, numcrmis ; strong, hnr- 
d<l ; Jicrcr, violent ; ccasiUss, in- 
rrjurtit ; fat ; noin/, clamorous. 
Aciov, Dor. for qiiov, neut. comp. 

of iff'vf. 
\iioo'h!>T(i>(, (fr. a neg. and eiopOcSu 
I.. •^>rrcct) incorritrihly. 

. -01), b, I'l, (fr. a neg. and 
...i ihirRt) not tJiiriti/, vwint, 
crnt ; qurruiung, cooling, allay- 
ing thirnt. 
'Ai)iiiTO(, -01', «, Dor. for ' Kft^tirof, 

Admrtiis, a nian'x name. 
K'jiM, -^ro?, name on ' \f,firiTo%, 
-ov, h, li, (fr. n nr^. and finfiAio 
to •iiibdiie) unlamnl, wild, un- 
broken ; unlrarJnlile, Jlerce, sa- 
Aliitirii, -Hot, ht same as last. 


ACfi^Trj, -';>', >';, Admete, aiwoman's 

kifioXla, or K^jnii\ia, -a?, i'/, (fr. a 
neg. and ibjtCiv intelligent) igiui- 
°A^oi/ii,2 a. opt. act. ofut^/u). 
h.lioKT)rov, AioKi'iTio^, and 'AJoKoiy, 
(fr. next) unexpectedly, sudden- 
ly, unawares. 
AioKnro;, -ov, b, 1;, (fr. a neg. and 
ioKiii) to consider) unexpected, 
unthought of, sudden ; of no 
consideration, mean, wurtldess. 
AioKtiiog, -ov, b, >'], (fr. a neg. and 
idKtftoi ap[>roved, th. cokiu) to 
consider) disapproved, rejected, 
cast off; undiscerning, silly, 
senseless, stupid ; unqualified, 
unfit, barren, worthless. 
AcoXtir^fu) -u, f. -fjaij} (fr. din;, 
abundance, and Xto-;^!? conver- 
sation) to converse freely, to chat, 
^ gossip together. 1 a. inf. act. 
AioXEoy^i];, -ov, b, (fr. same) a 

talker, a gossip. 
Aoo\taT^ia, -ai, i), (fr. same) talka- 
tiveness ; conversation, chat. 
ASo\ca)(ds, -ov, b, »j, (fr. same) 

talkative, loquacious, chatty. 
'AcoXoi, -ov, b, hi (fr- « ffg- 3Jid 
i6\oi deceit) cnridid, ingenuous, 
sincere; pure, innocent; unmix- 
ed, unadulterated, 
Ai6\(o;, (fr. last) sincerely. 
~Alov, Dor. for f/ioi; imp. ind. ant. 
of ifcui ; or neut. of iiiiov, par. 
pres. of same verb ; but 
"Aiov, Dor. for I'liov, 2 a. ind. act. 

of uc/w, or avidi'O), opt. acotfii, 
'ASoyii, Dor. for^^ovi?. 
Ai(h't]Toi, -ov, b, }), fr. a neg. and 
iovlij) to cfisturb) immoveable, 
unshaken, firm ; unmoved, mo- 
tionless, still, calm, quiet. 
A^ovli, -tioi, II, same as arihovii. 
'AiovTCi. n, pi. par. pres. act. 
— 'A^oueri, 3 pi. pres. ind. act. 
of ddia. 
Ain^lui -w, (fr. a neg. and U^a 
fame) to live inglorious, to be of 
nfi account ; to vilify, defame. 
Aio^ia, -uf, )'/, (fr. same) infamy, 

ignominy, disgrace, dishonour, 
'Ai^ofof, -ov, b,!i, (fr. same) inglo- 
rious, mean, infamous, contempti- 
ble, obscure. 
"Aioi, -ov, n, (fr. di5fui to please) 

joy, delight, pleasure, 
'Af.of, -£o{ -oiif, t4, (fr. di<j) to sa- 
tiate) satiety, ilisgust, Ihiithing ; 
lassitude, weariness, fatigue ; 
jilenly, eihundance, 
' Afiov, g. of ifhrji. 
'Ai5()i/iirrrr;id<, -t), -iv, of the city 

of Adrami/llium, 
Aipiytl'if and A?oa\'!a,-n(, I), (fr. n 
neg. anri fip-ilvut for rptoi lo act) 
weakness, feebleness; sloth, inilo- 
lence, languor. 
A^prtriM -i3, (fr. name) to be weak, 

or inrlolent ; to nectrct, fail, 
Afjiiti'if, -iii -o'f, ", hi (fr- sami^) 
weak, feeble, infirm ; barren, im- 
potent ; slothful, bay^ iiulolcnt ; 
AfpdoTCta, Ion. nf^ot)<jTtlri, on cpi- 


tliet of I^emesis ; envy, malice, 
revenge ; fate, destiny, 
Ahpaaroi, -ov, b, 1], (fr. a neg. and 
iodu) to flee) that will not flee, 
or fly ; 'firm, resolute, faith- 
ful. Also Adrastus, a man's 
'Aipc-ri'i^ioXov. -ov, TO, (fr. u^poi 
abundant, and czi'iliuXo; for £771- 
(io'kos sharing) success, prosperi- 
ty ; the full attainment of an ob- 
ject, good fortune; boldness, 
sublimity . 
' Abpiw -w, f. -^(Tu), p. I'lrprjKa (fr- 
same) to abound, he plentiful, be 
large ; to grow, increase. Par. 
per. act. ij^pjjicwj. 
AopT/orii);, -ris, 1), tJie daughter of 

Acpnaros, Ion. for 'ASpacTo;. 
' Aipia, d. of 
'Aipiag, -ov, b, Adria, or Gulf of 


'.i'lpos, -a, -5i', ripe, mature, full 

grown; rich, abundant, plenti- 

ful ; great, powerful, inighty ; 

strong, fat, large. 

' Aipoaviiti ->K, '/, (fr- last) same 

as ne.\t. 
'A^purrii, -ijroi, i/, (fr. same) abun- 
dance, plenty ; wealth ; power, 
strength, vigour, maturity ; great- 
' AipdrriTt, d. of last. 
"Aipvvaii, -los, Att. -fuf, i^, (fr. 
a&pivia to increase) youth, pu- 
berty, manhood, 7naturity, 
'Afpvvw, f. -Biu), p. ijipvyKa (fr. 
a^pdj abundant) to increase, en- 
large, extend, aggrandize ; rear, 
fatten. — ' Aipviopai, to grow, to 
become great, to act proudly; to 
arrive at manhood. 
'Aiv, Dor. for ijiii. 
' ASvY^ioacof, Dor. for jr/^OyXuxrcoj. 
'A^vcvns, Dor. for )/^ii£:t»;j. 
'AivXoyoi, Dor. for i/i^uXoyof. 
'A^i'/jeX/';;, Dor. for lii)vpe\iU. 
Kivvapia, -nf, 1/, and Ion. A&vvaplri, 
-Tj;, t'l, (fr. n neg. and Mvufiat to 
be able) impossihilily, impotence. 
Aovvacla, -nf, 1';, (fr. same) impo- 
tence, weakness, inability, imbc- 
cilily ; simplicity, silliness, 
Aiinariio -d, f. I'loii), (fr. same) to 
be unable, to be impotent; to be 
impossible, 1 f. ind. act. aiivva- 
Ti'iau), -£if, -CI. 
Aivvliroi, -ov, b, i';, (fr. same) un- 
able, incapable; impotent, weak ; 
imptssibte, impracticable. Comp, 
ai^vV'iTiorrpoi, sup. -TioriiTOi. 
A^vvdriof, (fr. last) weakly, feebly ; 

' AivTiioiii, Dor. for ^iV'irroof. 
'Ai^i'f, Dor. for iV!t!c. 
'Ai^iiroi' -nv, rb, (fr. a neg. and 
fivviii or (iiiu) lo enter) a sacred, 
or consecrated pbfc, a purl of 
the Temple inio wliii-ii mine hut 
the priest was allowed to enter, 
a shrine, 
'AfHrof, -nv, b, !,, (fr. name) inac- 
ressible, not tn be apjironclied ; 
consecrated, hotv, hedlowed. 
'Af>it>, f. -T>", '" sntintc, fill, glut, 
gratify; to injure, hurt, harm. 


^^u, Poet, acliuf r. f/iroi, j>. j)Kn, 
sine, tvarbU ; to jiroplus;/, to 
tillir oracles ; to priusc, cclibrate. 
I a. f)(ra, per. |iuss. jiaftai, 1 a. 

'.K.iui, to j>li<i.ic, see i'kVo). 
'A(5ui', -oi'ffu, -01 , ("2 a. par. oflnst) 
pleavii'St agreeable; willingj reu- 
A<'ii< , -6ros, fi, Dor. for ati^tov. 
'A<''u)r(j, -(('oj, 6, Adoiii.i, a man's 
name. n. 'A^wiii'. 

AewpvoSi -on, 4, i';, (fr. a neg. ami 
iwpov a gift) ungiflcd, not re- 

Ai(t>pofiK)iTOi, -oil, b, !}, (fr. n net;. 
fiSsfov a nifl, and ii^ouni to take) 
//lo/ " i// ?io< take a bribe, incor- 
ru]>t, vpri^^lit, hoyiest. 

'A^upof, -ov, b, I'l, (fr. a nog. and 
iiipov a gift) without presents; 
tingijted, withotit reward ; incnr- 
rxipt, upris:ht, honest. Also tohu 
does not give, niggurdli/. 

ASu)Tr}s, -oil, b, (fr. a neg. and tV' 
Sijjfii to give) u'Ao (/oes not give, 
ungenerous, covetous. 

A.e6\cvw, f. -cvcu), p. tO/ia, (fr. aiO- 
Aof contest) to contend at public 
games ; to Jig}U, ; to contest, 
strive, dispute, vie, emulate ; to 
strive, labour, toil. 1 a. opt. _^ol. 
aiOXcuaeia, -af, -c. 

AtBXiw, Ion. for aO'Siu, same as 

Aid^nrfip, -ijpof, 6, (fr. same) one 
who Jights at public games ; a 
champion, prize-Jighter, pugilist, 

AlOXtov, 'At6Xo)', an(l~AOXo>', -ov, 
Td, (fr. same) a prize, premiujn, 
reward of victori/. 

Af'0Xiof, -on, b, (fr. same) a cham- 
pion, prize-Jighter, pugilist. 

AcdSovikia, -as, i;, (fr. same, and 
viKV victory) victory, success, 
or triumph, in public games. 

'AtOAof, -oil, b, a contest, trial of 
skill ; a fight, skirmish, battle ; 
risk, danger, hazard ; a con- 
troversy, dispute; public games, 
tournaments, or martial exer- 
cises ; pains, labour, toil, fatigue, 

Kt0\o<p6oo?, -ov, b, (fr. dtO\ov a 
prize, and (popio) or (pipu to car- 
ry) who carries the prize, a con- 
queror alpuhWc, games • victorious. 

AeJ, alu>ays, ever, aye ; frequently, 
continually, perpetually. 

Aciyct'crduiv, jEol. for aeiycvcTiov, 
g. pi. of. 

Anycvirris, -ov, b, (fr. au always, 
and yivojint to be) everlasting, 
eternal, immortal. 

Atiit>oi. (fr. a neg. and tiiiii to 
see) Poet, same a."? actirji. 

Aeiiev, Dor. for ati'Aciv, pres. inf. 

act Adiio, Ion. for adcov, 

pres. impr. pass, of aciV'u. 

Aceri/f, -/of -ovi, b, >'/, (fr. a neg. 
and ti'r'.io to see) not to be seen, 
invisible ; dark, obscure, gloomy. 
Also (fr. ciiof shape) shapeless, 
deformed, uncouth. 

Ai'dt)ai, Ion. for aiiliri,Z. sin. pres. 
sub. act. — Adcoica, Dor. for 

AEK'ovaa, n. fiin. pur. pres. act. 
— Afii^rf/iti'os, par. pres. mid. or 
pass. — Atibuv, Ion. fur i/ilfioi', 
imp. act. — AfWuiri, (l:il. sin. 
]iar. jires. Dor. fur <i../(^otio-i, 3 
pi. pres. iiiil. — Afi'iVi)!', -oion, 
-oii, par. i)rcs. act. of 
AtlSio, f. allow, ]). i;fi/iv<, and i'/ku. 
Poet, same as ,^(W in prose, to 
sing, warble ; to jiroplusy, ut- 
ter oracles ; to praixe, celebrate. 
1 a. act. iiid. I'/eiaa' opt. y'Kol. 
luicriia, -as, -I' sub. aciuu). 2 f. 
ind. act. ut^to. jier. iiid. pass. 
>}i(<Tftat, and ;;(T^(u(. per. ind. mid. 

Ael^uor, -ov, ri, (fr. nc.\t) the herb 

Aci^wof, -on, 0, )'/, (fr. oit always, 
and ^lot) life) immortal, everlast- 
ing, tternal.. 

AelKCin, -as, I'l, and Ion. aetKilii, 
-IS, )/, (fr. aiiKiis indecent) k»(- 
digni/y, contumely, ujf'ronl, out- 
rage, insult. 

AciKiXios, -ov, b, I'l, (fr. same) im- 
becoming ; woi'thless, despicable, 
cnntcmpliblp ; loathsome, foul, 

.\ttK)is, -(OS -oT's, b, )'i, (fr. a neg. 
and £(Vw to become) unbecom- 
ing, indecent, imseemly ; harsh, 
severe, cruel. 

AciKi^u), Alt. aiKi^o), f. -ao), (fr. 
last) to insult, ojfront, treat 
cruelly ; to act indecently ; to 
befoul, soil, pollute ; to disgrace, 

Ati/iwj, (fr. same) shamefully, in- 
decently, unbecomingly. 

Adjicvai, Poet, for aifitvai. Dor. 
for u'cii', pres. inf of a'w. 

AdjxvrjdTos, -ov, b, Ij, (fr. ad al- 
ways, and iii'do/iat to remem- 
ber) ever to be remembered, not 
to beforgottat, memorable. 

Advaos, -ov, b, !j, and Aeivdoiv, 
-ovca, -ov, (fr. <ui always, and 
%ido> to flow) ever forcing, con- 
tinually running ; pcranual, un- 
ceasing ; ever livirig, everlasting. 

'Atipa, Ion. for f/cipa, 1 a. ind. act. 


Adpti), f. aipw, p. tjtpKa, to lift, 
raise, elevate ; to earn/, convey, 
bring ; to hang, suspend, tie or 
fasten to ; to take upon, to under- 
take. 1 a. act. ind. n'lcipa- im[)r. 
detpov. mid. ijeipdpijv. par. anpd- 
ftcvos. 2 a. i/tpov. par. pres. 
pass. ■actp6fiivos- 1 a. pass. ind. 
titpdriv- sub. atpOa. 

Aiif, -icua, -IV, par. pres. act. — 
Ati'oi, 3 pi. pres. ind. act. of «',;//(. 

AdaaT, Ion. and Apes, for ijdaa- 
To, 3 sin. 1 a. mid. or Apos. for 
atkart, 2 pi. 1 a. impr. act. of 

'Acicua, Poet, for firfia. 

.KCKai/tpivos, -n, ■01', (P'"'- pres. 
pass, of next) compelled, forced, 
constrained ; adj. unv;iUing, 
loaili, not inclined, averse. 

AcKd^oi, (fr. auiov unwilling) to 
force, oblige, cMmpel, constrain. 
AiKo^opat, to be forced, be un- 



AiKi/Ti, (fr, a neg. and eictiTi will- 
ingly) unuillingty. 

Ahioi-, -iivaii, -or. Poet, for ukwi: 

'AiXiiis, Poet, for i;Aioj. 

AiXX,],.Tis, >'h " •ftorw, whirlwind. 

A-lXXiis, -dins, b, fj, (fr. last) swift, 
rapid (is a storm. 

Ac\Xi)s, -ius -ols, b, fi, (fr. same) 
slorniy, tempestuous, boisterous, 
roaring ; vwknt, turbulent, fu- 
rious, rapid. 

A/AXoroj, -(IV, b, I'l, and nt/\Xoroiif, 
-o^os, b, I/, (fr. same, ami -novs a 
font ) swift-footed, feet, rapid. 

.\.cXXi,), (fr. same) Aillo, a woman's 

AcXXwii/s, -cos -ovs, 6, t), (fr. same) 
stormy, &c. see utXXt'is. 

AeXiTijs, -(OS -ovs, b, //, (fr. a neg. 
and tX-nis hope) rinexpecled, un- 
looked for ; sudden, uriproeided 
for ; despaired of, hopeless. 

AiXtovtiSi n. pi. of aiXinav (fr. a 
neg. and Attu to expect) de- 
spairing, desjwruting . 

'A(Xttt\ for dcXnra, ncut. ]il. of 

AeX-TTTia, -as, and Ion. atXnT!i],-r]s, 
^, (fr. same) rcant of hope, de- 
spair, heipelessness. Ef acXnTlns, 
suddenly, unexqiectedly , 

AtXtrriw, (fr. same) Poet, for avtX- 


'AcXttus, -ov, b, >i, (fr. same) un- 
hoped, unexpected, improbable. 

Aluciat, and dpfuiai, Dor. and 
Ion. for adv, pres. inf. of dw. 

Aivvaos, and aiivawv, Poet, for 
advaos and acivdwv. 

Afi'i u'(io-On(, Poet, for atvvacOat, 
pres. inf. pass. cont. of 

Aordo^iai -wpat, (fr. ad always, 
and vdu) to flow) to stream, is- 
sue, flow corrstantly ; to be 
sprinkled, or moistened, be wet. 

'Ae^e, Ion. for i/tfc, 3 sin. imp. — 
A/furo, Ion. for viltro, imp. 
pass, of a(i,oi, for av^dvui. 

Ai^lyvtos, -ov, b, (fr. al(ti) to in- 
crease, and yuioi' a limb) invi- 
gorating, strengthening ; train- 
ing fen' combat. 

Ac^i<pvTo;, -ov, b, I'l, (fr. same, and 
^urdi' a plant) rearing plants, 
fertile, fruitful. 

Ai^oplvoio, Ion. for at^ojxivov, g. 
])ar. pres. pass, of 

A/f(i), f. aifijffd), Poet, for ai^ia, or 

'Amros, -ov, b, I'l, (fr. a neg. and 
(vo) to speak) not to be spoken 
to ; Jrerce, violent, haughty. Or 
(fr. same, and vtJjiii to fly) not 
able tofy, young, uv fledged. 

AcpynXhs, ->),-'>i', Aepyls, -ios -ovs, 
0,1), and Aepybs, -or, b, //, {fr, a 
neg. and ipyov, work) same as 

.h.cpyin, -as, n, and Ion. acpyln, -IS, 
!,, {fr. same) idleness, laziness, 
inactivity, sloth, dulness. 

AcpiOopnt, and riepiOopat, Poet. (fr. 
adpiji, to raise) to raise, lift ; tn 
hang, be suspen'led ; to vibrate, 
flutter ; to fluctuate, be >rreso- 
lute, or uncerteiin. Imp. ijcpiOo- 
fir]v, 3 pi. tjtpiOovTO. 



Aipdcv, Bceot. for rjipdrjaav, 3 pi. 

1 a. pass, of ati'pw. 
Afpdn^; Ion- for vioSn^, 1 a- pass. 

of same, par. ato&iis. 
Af'piof, -ov, 6, >;,' (th. ai)p, air) 

acrioi, aiVj^ ; high, lofty ; /i^'A/, 

ktpoiiaTtu) -u), (fr. same, aud/?afyci; 

to walk) to Tnore through the 

air, be in the clouds. 
Acpucti, -tcaa, -tr, (fr. same) dark, 

misty, dim, obscure; deep, hol- 
low, glnomy. 
'Kcpov, Ion. for ficoov, 2 a. act. — 

Af'pw, -m, -T), i a. sub. act. of 

ati pij), 
'Ktoaa, Dor. for dpcn, Poet, for 

Acpai:rovs, -oSof, b, i, (fr. afip air, 

or aclptj to raise, and ttoC; the 

foot) airy-footed; suriji, fleet, 

tumble. _....^. 

jLcpatrdnii, -ov, and -vtos, b, >), (fr, unsopnisticated, 

same and riroftat to fly) T'ly'"-?! A^o), to make dry, drain ; In dry, 


' drought) dry, parched, briltle, 
cracking, (fr. dinv enough, and 
i^u) to hold) united, connected, 
cohering, continuous ; continual, 
constant, incessant. 

A^ym, -ioi -0?;, 6, i;, 'A^yos, -ov, 
b, f), and 'A^ivf, -vyoi, b, r/, (fr. a 
neg. and ^tiyivfii to yoke) un- 
yoked, loose; single, unmarried. 

'A^ina, -wv, Tu, (neut. pi. of d^u- 
fios)unkavened cakes, brcadutch- 
out leaven, barm, ycst, or fir- 
rtient ; the feast of unleavened 
bread which lasted seven days, 
on the first of which the Pass- 
over was sacrificed. 

A^ij/iiV;;;, -ov, b, I'l, (fr. a neg. and 
^uuj/ leaven) unleavened, see 


'A^vfios, -ov, b, >i, (fr. same) un- 
leavened, unfcrmcnted ; pure, 
simple, unmixed, unadvlterated. 

high, soaring, floating through 
the air ; lofty, towering. 

Aipaij),JEiO\, for aipu, 1 i. of acfpu. 

AtpTd(,<i), i. -dau), (fr. aeip(o to 
raise) to raise, lift, elevate.' 

Ataai, 1 a. inf. act. of a/u, or du). 

Aiot(ppo<rvvri, -T/f, li, (fr. next)/oof- 
isht'iess, folly ; jicklcncss, incon- 
stancy ; rashness. 

Accl(ppwv, -ovoi, b, I/, (fr. an) to 
blow, and <pohi' the mmA) foolish, 
flckte, inconstant; inconsiderate, 

AcTiicif, -toi, b, (fr. next) a young 
eagle, eaglet. 

Atrdf, and Poet, aitrb^, -ov, b, an 
eagle ; the Roman military en- 

'A?a, or d^jt, -ijj, fj, drought, thirst, 
barrenness from want of mois- 
ture ; foulness, flUhiness ; moul- 
diness, rust, canker; soot, reek. 

Acn/i'u, same a.s d^u. 

A^aXi'of, -a, -01-, (fr. d^u to parch) 
dry, tmmt, parched, torrid ; wi- 
thered, hlighteil, decayed, ex- 
hnnstrd. g. Ion. al^aXioio. 

'A(,u, 3 sin. prcs. ind. acL — 
'K^nrat, 3 sin. pres. sub. pass, 

'A (to. Ion. for i?,ov, prca. impr. of 

'AO/Xof, -ov, b, !], (fr. a neg. and 
Cii^of emulation) unrnriahle, un- 
viorthf of imit'tlion, worthless, 
vile, insigntfirnnt, 

K^fifiioi, -ov, b, li, (fr. n neg. and 
^tUtla diimiee) not flntd, un- 

■ punished, unavrnned ; unhurt, 
uninjured, S'lfe, whnlr, sriund, 

A^niit">(, (fr. last) nnfrh/ ; viiOwut 
hurt, dumber, or puni^hmrnt, 

A?^>lv, -lnof, b, the board. 

'A^>;rA(, -(), -iv, (fr. HPia to r'-vfrc) 
nufust, reverend, vrnrra'dt, iiu>- 

A^px^^i (fr. nrjit) with noise, shout- 
ing, &c. ; loudly, clamarouitly ; 

tcni, and fl:^!)? sound) utUring a 
grtal fmnd, loud^ unity, rlamor. 
ou* ; clashing, crathmg. (fr. rf^fj 

parch, scorch. 'Afyfiai, to grow 
dry, exhale; to grieve, fret; to 
pine with sorrow, or vexation. 

"A^ta, and "a(o;/«i, to respect, fear, 
worship, venerate. 

A^iip, Azor, a man's name. 

'A/^ojotos, -ov, b, I'l, (fr. a neg. and 
^uivt] a girdle) ungirt, loose. 

'A^wrof, -oir, ri, Azotus, the name 
of a city. 

'At;, 3 sin. pros. sub. act. of drifii. 

Arjiih) -u, (fr. a neg. and riSif 
sweet) to perceive no siueetness 
or flavour ; to disrelish, dislike; 
to be cloyed ; to be overcome with 
irksomcness, weariness, or la- 
bour; to be fatigued. 

AiiriKiOi, Poet, for rir]l>]Ki>;, par. 
per. act. of last. 

A>7<5^?, -ioi -ovi, b, I'l, (fr. a neg. 
and ^^v( sweet) unpleasant, dis- 
agreeable ; palling, cloying; taste- 
less, insipid, comp. at^iiaripoi, 
sup. -rarof. 

A'l^la, -a{, /;, (fr. same) unplea- 
santness, irfonvcniencc, trouble, 
vexation ; rancour, grudge, vari- 
ance, sjiite. 

Kv^li,'-), (fr. same) to be disagree- 
able, or vexatious, to trouble, vex, 
plairue ; to vienn/, torment, imp. 
act. afiln(,ov, for r;i;(^(^oy, pass. 
ar)^l(^6firiv, for T;r)/if(i/ivv. 

Kn^oviivf, -I'of, and -(jo?, 0, (fr. a>i- 
i^cuv a nightingale) the young of a 

Kri^ovh, -l^oiy fi, (dim. of same) a 
little, prt nightingale. 

\ri?:ij>v, -6i'0(, /), (fr. ntlfto lo sing) 
a songstress ; the nightingale. 

Af)''uic, (fr. same) ilisngrreahly, 
vrx'ilioiisly ; rt lurlnnfly, hardly. 

'AnO', by AjHii. fordiiro, reg. diro, 
imp. pans, of rti7/i(. 

\<iOni, -rt«, n, Ion. AtiOcdi, -ii(, f,, 
(fr. a nc't'. and j/fluj custom) 
disHH ; strnngrnrss, unusual con- 
duct ; jnisrondurt, error. 

AvOiTtTiii, im[). aijOiaaoy for ritjOca- 
irov, name in 

\^Oi(a -(7) (fr, n neg. and i;f7a( riiv 
tom) to disuse, disn-'ruslnm ; to 
change the manners cither in 

one's self, or in another ; be wru 
vsed to, feel strange. 
A>i8r}s, -coi -ovs, b, 1), (fr. same) 
unaccustomed, unacquainted; un- 
tisual, strange ; irregular, vio- 
lent, ill, evil. 
'A>ma, -aros, to, (fr. ditfti or dos, to 
blow) a breath, blast, brecse; 
.^.I'lficvai, Dor. for ai/rai, for aivat, 

pres. inf. of 
'Arjt", see dui. This verb is form- 
ed as from aiu, like rtdiiiit, from 
■&«'w ; but it constantly retams 
the long vowel, and takes no 
A^p, -ipof, b. Hie air; but Aftp, -/pof, 
I/, darkness, obscurity ; an exha- 
IcUion, mist, cloudiness. 
'Arjai, 3. sin. — Aao-i, and attci, 3 

pi. pres. ofdtiixi. 
\;;o-i)Ao?, -;;, -or, see aM\os. 
Atjovpoi, -ov, b, I], (fr. afip air, and 
avpw to draw) panting, blowing ; 
floating in the air, airy, light; 
active, nimble, agile. 
.Ki'/Tni, -ov, b, and At'irri, -vii >h (fr- 
di7/ii to blo^v) a blast, breeze, 
gust, gnle. 
Ai'iTov, du. pres. act. — A//iTni, pi. 
pres. mid. — 'A»?ro, imp. pass. 
oi drifii. 
'Arirof, and AiijTo;, -ov, b, fj, (fr. 
same) exposed to the wind, blown, 
blasted ; stormy, violent ; firm 
to resist the tvind ; icindy, puff- 
ing, panting. Or, (fr. a neg. 
and diia, to satiate) insatiable, 
greedy, voracious. Also Poet, 
for atToi. 
Ai'/miTOS, and At'iocrriro;, -ov, b, f/, 
(fr. a neg. and (/rrdo/iai to sub- 
mit) invincible. 
"AO', Apos. for (ire. 
AQaniid, (fr. next) fearlessly, un- 
dauntedly, intrepidly. 
AOaft(ii)i, -loi -ovs, b, II, (fr. a neg. 
and ^dfifioi amazement) unter- 
riflcd, undaunted, fearless, bold, 
AOdva, AOavda, AOavaia, Dor. for 

AOoi'ij, &c. 
AOiivaala, -a(, fi, (fr. next) im- 
mortality, endless life; the herb 
AOaviiri^ui, f. -laio, (fr. next) to 
deify, immortalize, free from 
AOdvaroi, -ov, b, r;, and -rj, -or, (fr. 
a neg. and ^diarof death) im- 
mortal, ever living, never flying, 
perpetual. aOatilroio, aOnvdrtif, 
aOnrdroiat, Ion. for aOavdrov, 
nOrii'draii, nOiii'iiTotf. AOavdrav, 
Dor. for iiOavdr<]V. 
'\0avTOf, -ov, », /;, (fr. a nrg. and 

^drrui, to bury) unhuried. 
KOdpa, -Of, 1), a puddinf;, or pot: 

tagr ofmral, eggs, and cheese. 
\Onpc(ii, Heb. indrcl. .'iJir*. 
AOinros, -ov, b, i';, (fr. a neg. 
and ?rnninii, to N«'e) unseen, 
nnprrrriird, unnnlired, invisible. 
Aluo who lints not see, or oh- 
sm<e ; without seeing or per- 
AOita, -as, /i, (fr. a neg. and Otit 


God) iiiipicly, irrtligion, lUJte- 

AOcil, (fr. last) impimisli/, irret'c- 
rcntli/ ; unatdetl hi/ lite assist- 
ance, or grncr of jnovidenrf. 

AOiiira, Poet, for uOiara, neut. pi. 
of ttOiaro^. 

AO(ipi)i, A()fpi)s, and AOijpw, -«oj 
-ovf, A, )), (klirnle, choice, w- 
quisile; also trivial, tcortltlcss, 
rile, contcrnptihie. 

AOiXyio, f. -(u), p. I'lOe'Xx" '" """'> 
See nfij'Xyw. 

'AOffiti, -lOTos, -lios', or -iro;, also 
AOtfiiaro';, or AOqucrios, and 
AOifitroi, -ov, (}, i), (fr. n ncg. 
and ^/;<(j law) vnlaiiiful, illegal; 
iniquitous, jcicked, unjust, wrong- 
ful ; (dwminable, impure, unna- 

'AflfOf, -ov, h, >'i, (fr. a ncg. and 
Otoi, God) 7ingudlji/, denying 
God, an lUhcint ; impious, irre- 
verent, without God ; hatxd, or 
forsaken by God. 

AdcpdvevTos, -ov, b, //, (fr. a ncg. 
and ^cpaTTcviD, to serve) incur- 
able ; iinntlcnded, neglected. Also 
■negligent, careless, disresjjcctful. 

AdipTii, see adiiprji. 

AGf'pif, -iKof, same as aOt'/p. 

Adepl^i'), f. -I'o-ii), p. };6(ptKa, (fr. 
o6i>p the beard of grain) to de- 
spise, contemn, disregard, slight ; 
to scl no valxie on. 

ABeaia, -n?, i), (fr. a ncg. and -S/o-ic 
a sett'.;ment) inconstaiicy, fickle- 
ness, "perfidy, breach of faith. 

'AOtcfiOi, -ov, h, )), (fr. a neg. and 
■?£cr^df a law) lawless; vickrd, 
hare, file ; illegal, unluvful. g. 
pi. of aOfffjKUi'. 

A6i<^<paT0i, -ov, 0, t'l, (fr. a inlens. 
and .?*Vi/)nTos oracular) ineffable, 
unutterable, unspeakable ; extra- 
ordinary, excessive, vehemeyit, 
riolent ; oracular, prophetic. 
Very seldom accursed, impi- 

AB:tiui -w, f. -I'/co), p. j]diTi]Ka, (fr. 
aOtTOi unsettled) tn set aside, re- 
ject, despise ; to abolish, annul ; 
to disappoint, fail, frustrate ; to 
imlaie an engagement ; to speak 
or act deceitfully. 

AOhnfta, -uTOi, TV, (fr. last) wick- 
edness, treachery, deceit. 

AOiTtiais, -los, Att. -£W5) '', (fr. 
same) a putting away, aiiolish- 
ing, abrogation. 

'AOtros, -ov, h, Ti, (fr. a ncg. and 
ScTOi settled, th. Siui or riOtifii 
to place) unsettled, unsteatly ; 
mutable, chnnceablejjickic ; vain, 
void, invalid ; disapproved, re- 

A0£T(3, prcs. ind. act. cont. — 
AOctuiv, par. pres. act. cont. of 

ABcupriToi, -ov, 11, i';. (fr. a neg. and 
&t(i>i>iij> to behold) unseen, neg- 
lected, disTegarded ; not to be 
teen, invisible ; unfarcsceen, sud- 
den, unexpected. 
A.Ocis)f, (fr. tlOcoi, impious) impi- 
ously, irrevrrently. 
A.6}jvat, -uiv, a'l, (fr. AO^vri Miner- 


va) Alliens, the name of a city 
of ancient (irorcc. Alh/vaToi, 
-Hi; 01, the Allieniaus. A(^;>'«'^£, 
to, or towards Athens. AOi'irifltv, 
from Athens. AO>]v>](n, at, or in 

Adlji}], -);f, t), AOi'iva, -(!S, as if 
from AO))vda, A0t]vul)i, -in, !/, 
AOijreia, -ag, >), Alhcn/', the 
name of a heathen finude deity, 
railed also Pallas, and by the 
I^atins Minerva. 

AOiip, -I'pog, li, an ear (f com, the 
heard ichirh grou's on it ; chuff' ; 
any thing worlhbss, or trijiiiig. 

AOiipi)^, -to; -off, h, Ij, see aOcipiis. 

AUj}poXoiydf, or AOtpoXoyo;, -ov, b, 
(ir. nO^ip chaff, and X/yw to ga- 
ther) a fan, a ■wimiowing ma- 

A9t'y>)s,-io(-ovi, and 'AOi^tos, -mi, 
b, i';. (fr. (i neg. and S-iyw to 
touch) untouched, unsidlied, 
pure ; unnffecied, not to be touch- 
ed, or moved. 

'A OX', Apos. for o'OXrt, pi. of ,,'OXo)'. 

AOXtt'w, and aOX/w -ti, f ->'/at,), p. 
I'lOXrjKa (fr. diOXog contest) to 
strive, contcrid, as in the public 
games of G recce ; to struggle, 
.fight ; to ivr/rk, labour, toil. 

A0Xi;, 3 sin. cont. pres. sub. act. 
— AOXrjcti, 3 sin. 1 a. sub. act. of 

'AOXtjfta, -txTog, ru, (fr. n'fOXof a 
contest) a combat, fight. 

'ABXijaii;, -lOS, Att. -£(i)?, >!, (fr. 
same) a contest, combat, strife, 
struggle, fight. 

AOXtjTt);, -ov, b, (fr. same) a cliam- 
pion in the Grecian games, a 
urresller, a combatant, a prize- 

AOXidrr/i, -ijros, >i, (fr. next) 
v/retchedness, misery, unhajrpi- 
ncss, misfortune. 

AOX'ios, -a, -ov, (fr. I'lOXo; or dcOXo; 
distress) struggling, striving; 
unhappy, tvrctched, miserable, 
unfortunate, distressed, conij) 
a6Xiu')Tcpos, sup. -lirnTOi. 

AOXodicia, -Of, )/, (fr. h'GXos a con 
test, and riOrifu to order) the 
care, inanagement, or regulation 
of public games.^ 

AOXoOiTi'u) -Co, (fr. same) to exhibit, 
regulate, or conduct public games. 

AOXoOirr,;, -ov, and AOXoOeriip, 
-ipos, b, (fr. same) a president, 
judge, or umpire, at jiublic 
games ; manager, or conductor 
of such games. 

~AOXoi', -ov, to, (fr. next) the prize 
at public combats ; a premium, 
reward, recompense, 

"AOXog, -ov, b, same as riiOXoi. 

A0Xo<p6poi, -ov, b, (fr. last, and 
ipfpu) to carry) who carries the 
prize, a victor, conr/ucror. 

AOoXo;ros, -ov, b, i/, (fr. a ncg. and 
$oXos sediment) limpid, clear, 
purr, transparmit, bright. 

A06pvflo(:, -ov, b, h, (fr. same, and 
^opv(ioi tumult) undisturbed, 
quiet, calm, peaceable. 

AOpayiin, -»7f, h, a tree good for 
making matches. 


'AOpavaroi, -ov, b, »;, (fr. a ncg. 
and Spavto to break) not to be 
broken ; strojtg, solid, firm ; 
whole, entire, perfect, sound, 

AOpt'u) -u, f. -I'/ffo), p. -rjKa, (fr. a 
intens. and 3p{w, Sync, for -Sfu- 
[iltii to b< liold) to look .iteadfust- 
ty, gaze, stare ; to look into, 
examine, scrutinize ; to discern, 

AOpot^oi, f. -BIO, p. I'/OpoiKa, (fr. 
itOpdo; crowded) to collect, clus- 
ter, croicd ; to gather, occujnit- 
tate, 1 a. inf. act. aOpulcai, 

'Adpoicfia, -uTOi, rb, and AOpotcr- 
fids, -ov, b, (fr. same) a gather- 
ing, crowd, assemblage ; a mcclr 
ing, congregation, collection, 

AOpoos, -a, -ov, aowded, collected, 
nsse7nbled ; close, dense, thick ; 
continued, constant ; frequent, 
repealed. Also (fr. a inlens. 
and ^pioi to clamour) co7ifused, 

ABpoorns, -vrog, i), (fr. last) uni- 
versality, the whole ; entirencss, 
completeness, fulness. 

A6()6w;, (fr. same) incroxcds, thick- 
ly, all at once ; continually, re- 

AOpvTTTos, -ov, b, I'l, (fr. a ncg. and 
Spi'TTTO) to enervate) unimpaired 
by excess, or luxury, sound, 
hale, healthy. 

AOv/ifo) -0, f. -);(T(i), p. r;Oii/!<i;)>'o (fr. 
a neg. and -Sii^yf spirit) to de- 
spond, despair, be discouraged, or 

AOvfjireog, -a, -ov, (fr. last) to be 
despaired of, it is all over, it is 
past recovery. 

A6vfiia, -af, i;, and Ion. nOvfd)/, 
-rjq, {), (fr. next) dejection, de- 
spondence, despair ; reluctance. 

'AOOiios, -ov, b, II, (fr. a neg. and 
•Su/zoj spirit) dejected, downcast, 
sad, desponding. i 

AOvfJws, (fr. last) dejectedly, &c. 

AOvowiti, 3 pi. cont. pres. sub. act. 
01 aOvfiiiii. 

'AOvpfia, -ni-oy, rb, (fr. aOvpu) to 
j)lay) cJiikr splay, sport ; a play- 
thing, a toy ; a delight, pleasure. 

AOvpos, and uOvpwroi, -ov, b, //, (fr. 
a neg. and 5vpa a door) without 
a door, open, u7ictosed, free, pass- 
able, pervious. 

AOi'ow, (fr. same) to play as chil- 
dren abroad, to gambol, sport, 
frisk ; to sing, viarble, dOvpt, for 
I'/Ovpc, 3 sin. imp. ind. 

'AOvTos,-ov, b, {], (fr. a neg. and 
$-vuj to sacrifice) unft for sa- 
crifice, profane, polluted, abo- 

AQwof, -ov, 0, n, (fr. a neg. and 
&iiiii a fine) notjined, unpunished, 
free; innoratt, guiltless. 

Ado){io> -01, f. -cudoj, (fr. last) /o 
exempt, clear, absolve, acquit ; 
AOwdojiai -ovjiai, to be innocent. 

'AOoti, -ui, i, Mount Athos. 

AdoMiTii, -loi, Att. -£W5, t'l, (fr. 
nOiTios not fined) exemption ; ab- 
solution , pardon, acquittal. 

A'l, noni. plu. of 6, — Ai, nora. pi. 
fem. of t)j. 


A(, oh ! alas ! ah me ! 

Ai, Dor. for ci, if — A7, Ion. for 
cidt, oh that — uouUl that — 

ATa, for yaZa, ai, !i, Poet, for yij. 

Aid^u, f. -((1), or -au), (lir. ai alas) 
to bewail, lament, mourn, grieve. 

AtaKtSao, Ion. for AiokHov, g. of 
XtaKiSjis, -01), 6, ^acidtSj the 
son or descendant of 

A<a«.i?, -of, 6, .<Eacu4, a man's 

ATav, ace. sin. of a7a. Or voc. of 
Aiaf, -afTos, b, Ajax, a man's 
name. Kiavrc, n. du. 

AiQi OS -ij, -ov, and Aidi'fe, -«05 -off, 
6, >;, (fr. ai alas) mournful, la- 
mentable; heaiy, weighty ; grave, 
serious, severe, reprehenxive ; 
direful, portentous, onunous ; 
perpetual, continual, lasting. 

Ailioi, fy ! shame ! ivo ! alas ! It 
expresses anger, and sorrow. 

Ai'ya, a. sin. — Aiyar, Dor. for 
aiywr, gen. pi. of ai'^. 

Atyddcv, Dor. for AiyrjSfi', from 
Aiy^, ns, ri, or Atyai, wv, al, 
■^gte, the name of a town. 

Aiyaiov, -ov, rb, rf\ayog under- 
stood, (fr. last) the ^gean sen. 

Aiyaliar, -uvo?, b, JEgeon, the 
name of a sea monster. 

Aiyavta, -Of, /;, and Aydvtov, -ov, 
TO, a dart, javelin. 

Atycrtv, (fr. diaau) to rush) sudden- 
ly, quickly, hastily, unexpectedly ; 
violently, vAth impetuosity, furi- 

kiyiv, -vi, >'i. Ion. (fr. a!f a goat) 
a goaCs skin. 

Aiydirii, -ou, b, (patronjin. fr. Ai- 
ytvi .^geus) jEgides, a man's 

Aiyetoi, and A/ytos, -ov, h, f/, (fr. 
aij a goat) of or belonging to a 
goat, a goat's, goatish. Also 
jEgeus, a man's name. 

Alycipof, -ov, ri, the black poplar, or 
alder tree. 

Ktyta'Xda, -at, f/, .^gialea, a wo- 
man's name. 

Aiy(a>ii'f, -/of, 0, (fr. aiyiaXif the 
shore) a fisherman who live^ on 
the share. 

Aiyia^irr)(, -ov, h, (fr. next) one 
living on the shore, or by titc sea. 

AtytS\6<, -ou, b, (fr. aiyif a storm, 
and uA{ the sea) a staheuUm rnck, 
''HIT, promontory ; the seashore, 
strand, bench, a. Bin. atyta\6v. 

Atylft\ for atylca, a. sin. a^ aiyU. 

Aiyiiiov, -ov, rd, (dim. fr. aif a 
(foat) a kid, a young gorj. 

AiyKw, f. -iTit), p. -Kit, (fr. same) 
to bird, feed, or krrji goals. Also 
(fr. alanu), to rush) to blow vio- 
lently, tear, rend. 
AiyiOaXot, -ou, h, n bird living on 

litv and insects ; a titmouse. 
AiyMf, -tu, h, the name of an un- 
known bird. 
KiytKirjiioi;, -ov, 0, If, (fr. oJf a goat, 
and Kv/ifin a, leg) having legs 
like a goal ; a satyr. 
Aiyl>i<^, -irof, b. fi, (fr. a!f a goal, 
and ^thtii to Ofsprt) inue.cessiblr, 
rvrn to poals ; high, lofty, tourr- 
ing. AtgHips, the name of a town. 


A/viXoj, -ov, b, (fr. all a goaf) an 
herb of which goats are fond. 
Aigilos, an island in the Tuscan 
sea called by the Latins Capra- 
ria, now Caprnra, or Cabrera. 

Aiyi'Xw, Dor. for Aiyi'Xov, g. ofAi- 

Aiyi'Xu)!^', uiTTog, b, — (fr. ai^ a goat, 
and (it^ the eye) a fistula in 
the corner of the eye, called 
jEgilops, from occurring fre- 
quently in goats ; ttiW oats ; a 
mast-bearing tree. 

AiyivTjTat, -wv, o'i, .^ginetans, na- 
tives of jSlgina. 

Aiyid^of, -ov, Ion. -oio, b, (fr. aiyii 
a goat's hide, and t'^u to hold) 
tpgis-bearing ; an epithet of Ju- 
piter, who is represented with a 
shield, covered with the eegis, 
or shin of the gnat Amalthea ; 
on which was mounted tlie Gor- 
gon's head. 

Aiyi'-oi'j, -o^os, 6, );, (fr. a)^ a goat, 
and -off a foot) goat-footed. 

Atyli, -icog, i), (fr. a'l^ a goat) a 
goat's hide; the jEgis or skin 
of the goat Amalthea which 
suckled Jupiter ; a breastplate, 
a shield. Also (fr. aicaw, to 
rush) a storm, tempest. 

Aiy\uvra, aty\utv, Dor. foraiyXi;- 
tira, and aiyX^tv and aiyXijtv 
from aiy\i)eis. 

Alyhj, -7](, I'l, lustre, brightness, 
splendour, brilliancy. 

AiyX»/£ff, -tcca, -cv, (fr. last) 
bright, shining, glittering, splen- 
did, brilliant. 

AtyofiocKOt, -ov, b, and Atyi^drag, 
-a, b, Dor. for aiyoffurrii;, -ov, b, 
(fr. aif a goat, and jiuaKa) to 
feed) a goatherd. 

Aiy(5«rcp(i)s, -{Jirog, b, (fr. same, and 
«'(»o5 a horn) having gnat's 
horns; Capricorn, an imaginary 
animal, uith the head of a goat, 
and tail of a fish. 

Aiyvrwi, -ov, b, same as yiixp, a 
vulture ; an eagle. 

AtyvzTtof, -a, -or, (fr. next) 

AiyvTrroi, -ov, b, Egypt. 

AiywXidf, -ov, b, an owl. 

AiyCiv, -wi'Of, 0, (fr. a'l^ a goat) a 
fold, pen, or stable for goats. 

Aiywi', g. pi. of fi/f. 

Alywv, -oxoi, b, JEgnn, a man's 

Aifao, JEo\. for mVop, g. of aW»K. 

AMt, n. pi. feni. of Jf with the 
enclitic fe. 

Atfiin, Ion. for atiov, g. oi alirif. 

Aii^loftai, -oTjiai, f. -Inniini and 
-iii70fini, p. fii^tOfiat, (fr. aiiu)( 
respect) to rrvirr, reverence, re- 
spect, regard ; to be ashamed ; 
to fear, ofcri/ ; to pardon, forgive, 
remit, prcH. inf. pass. cont. ni- 
itiaOai. prm. iMi[)r. mid. 2 pi. 
cont. ntfiiicOf. 

At^K, mnt. ofdiVt/f. 

AifioOiv, for rjh'aOtinav, 3 pi. 1 a. 
pass. — KifinOnn, I a. impr. 
pass. — klhaniii. Port, for al- 
fiiaai, 1 n. imp. mitl. of mi^/o^ni. 

Aliialuoi, -vv, o, ^, (fr. aiiiouai to 


revere) avful, venerable, re- 
verend, respectable, compassion- 
ate, pitiful. 

AH17X0S, -7;, -or, (fr. aW77f unseen) 
secret, private, concealed ; ob- 
scure, dark ; unexpected, unfore- 
seen. Or (fr. a intcns. and Si'i- 
Xof clear) manifest, apparent, 
bright. Or (fr. ad ever, and 
67}\iti) to hurt) hurtful, consum- 
ing, destructive, devouring. 

Aiir,nwv, -ovog, b, >/, (fr. aiiiofiai to 
revere) reverent, respectful, dif- 
fident, bashfxd, tijiiorous, modest, 

A'tcjii, -co; -ovf, b, ^, (fr. a neg. 
and dfw to see) invisible, un- 
seen, antiquated, past, gmie. 

A'iing, -ov, b, (fr. a neg. and d^u 
to see) Poet, in prose lii^rn which 
see. Pluto, death, hell, the grave, 

Aiii, d. of a??, a'lSog, for atiijs. 

A((5ioj, -ov, b, )/, (fr. ad ever) per- 
petual, continual, everlasting^ 

A'tiiOTr}^, -riTu;, ^, (fr. last) perpe~ 
tuily, eternity. 

Ar^f'w?, (fr. ad ever) continually, 

Aiivoi, -h, -ir, (fr. a neg. and dha 
to see) dark, dusky, shady, 
gloomy, atiifii Ion. for atSvali 
d. pi. fern. 

,4i^o7, d. sin. cont. of aiiJuiy. 

AK^oticraroi, Poet, for aiiotdraTOif 
sup. of aK^oroy. 

Aiiolov, -ov, rd, (ncut. of next) the 
groin, the reins, the privities. 

At^oTog, -a, -ov, (fr. aiiui; respect) 
reverend, i^e^ierable, awful, so- 
lemii, retired, secret, private ; 
chaste, modest. 

Aiiofiai, for aibeofiat, par. pres, 

Aiiovg, g. sin. cont. of ai^iif. 

A'dpda, -ag, and Ion. A'ifprjtv and 
Ailpiij, -rjg, »;, (fr. alipig rude) 
rudeness, ignorance, inexperi- 
ence, uriskilfulness, awkward- 
ness, simplicity, 

Aiiog, g. of aif, for atirjg. 

Ai}pdriai, Ion. for aU^pdatg, d. pi. 

A'ifpig, -log, Att. -f(i)f, 0, ^j (fr. a 
neg. and i^pij prudent) rude, 
simple ; ignorant, uneducated ; 
inexperienced , awkward. 

A'ii^poilK)]g, -ov, b, >'], (fr. n'lf'plg ig- 
norant, and Mfri justice) inequit- 
able, unjust ; partial, unreason- 
able, wrongful, injurious, mali- 

AideS, a. sin. — Aif'u, n. P. v. du. 
of ai^wg. 

AU^uvdg, -tog, or -ijeg. Ait. -tug, b, 

ifr. aifr)g hell) A'idoTfrus, the 
ing of the hratli<n rtalniH of 
the dead; Pluto, death, lull. 
Aii'iif, -dog -ort, fi, modesty, bask- 
fuhiess ; shame, dccinry ; respect, 
reverence, veneration, d, ni^tii' 
-ol, a. niMa -a. 
Aid, and Aiif, Port, and Ai(f 

Cret. for ad, always, 
Attiyiilrrjg. -ov, b, f/. Port, fornri- 
ycfirrtg, aitiyiiirnoiv, A-'.iA. for. 
aitiyiviTuy, aitiy[yiri;ai, Ion. 
for ui(ivcw'rai(. 


Airrd;, Poet, for arriif. 

Ai^i'iios, -01', b, >'/, (fr. ncxl) irarm, 
J'rniut, glowing ; young, youth- 
ful, blooming, 

AiC',J>', a'lil afi;3f, -ov, b, (lieihaps 
IV. (i(i always, niul ^/u) to glow) 
n youth, a young pi r. ion. 

A.lris, g. all) (I. Ion. for 01(1?, ala 
from nil ; for yala Poet, for y/"/. 

A(»/Tu«, /Kol. for Ad'/rou g. ofAoJ- 
Ti)i, ^'Eclex, a man's name. 

Afi)7-os, see ur]Tof. 

AtO, by apes, for ul'rt n. pi. feni. of 


AiOuXij, ->;{, ^, and nfOuXoj, -ou, i, 
(fr. 0/0(0 to burn) smoke, soot; 
cmhcrs, cinders, ashes. 

AiOaXiiov, -oi'Of, 6, »;, (fr. same) 
warm, hot, sunny, basking ; 
JEthalion, a man's name. 

AiOuX(5£if, -caaa, -cv, (fr. same) 
hot, warm, burning ; smoky, 
sooty, burned; glittering, shin- 
ing, bright. 

A.iOa\uii) -d, f. -licru), (fr. aidu) to 
burn) to blacken, cover with soot, 
burn, consume; to inflame, kin- 
dle, set on fire. 

A.iOai; Dor. for atOdv, g. pi. of 

AiOe, Dor. for tide. 

Atdfpiog, -ov, b, )'i, (fr. aiOfip air) 
ethereal, atrial, pure, light; high, 

AiOcpopariu) -d, (fr. same, and 
/jai'vu walk) to move through the 
air ; to walk on air. 

AiOfpocK^i)?, -ics -ot;, b, f/, (fr. 
same, and d^o; likeness) airy ; 
light, unsubstantial, trifling ; 

AiOnp, -ipoi, b, the air, atmosphere ; 
fern, serene weather, a calm. 

Ai9i6Tri(7(Ta, -t]?, /;, (fr. next) a wo- 
man of JEthiopia. 

AiOloip, -OTTOS, b, and AiOto-rcvg, 
-ioi or -iiiii, b, (fr. aiOui to scorch, 
and w'p the countenance) an 

AtOos, -co; -ovi, ri, (fr. same) 
viarmth, heat, burning ; the 
warmth of summer, glow of a 

AtOii, -fi,-ov, and AiO(iv, -livoi, b, 
fl. Poet. (fr. same) burning, 
burned; dusky, brown, dark, 

kiOovua, -»/?, '';, (l"r. same) aporlico, 
porch, piazza, corridore, gallery. 
Also, par. prcs. fern, ot aiOot. 

Ai'Oo'^', -oTTOi, b, t), {Cr. same, and 
d'l' the countenance) hot, u}arm; 
scorched, burned ; brown, dushy, 
dark, sometimes bright, shining. 

Aidna, -a;, and Ion. Aidprj, -rjg, )'/, 
(fr. aiOfip the air) serenity, a 
clear, or bright sky, cabn Vieathcr. 

At9oia, -ai, !/, (fr. last) screneness, 
calmness ; a flame. 

AtOpriycvfig, -eo; -oh;, o, >';, and ai- 
Opnytvirrji, -OM, 0, (fr. aiOpa a 
calm, and yiVo/cu to cause) 
bringing fair weather ; calming, 
cooling, refreshing. 

AtOoioKoirio) -H, (fr. alOpa a calm, 
and Koirri a bed) ty lie, or sleep, 
in Uic open air. 


AiOpVuls", -'"), -hv, (fr. aiOpa a calm) 
in the morning, early. 

AiOphs, -ov, b, t), (fr. same) calm, 
serene, still, fair, in the open air. 

A70pos, -ov, «, (fr. same) white or 
hoarfrost, bright air. 

AiOvia, -as, ^, a cormorant, a sen 

AtOvacfii), (fr. next) to sparkle, 
shine, gloiv ; to warm, heat ; to 
excite, disturb, rouse. 

AiOior, -011(7(1, -or, (par. pres. of 
next) burning, blazing, fltry, 
hot, glowing, shining, bright, 
gleaming; warm eager, vehe- 
ment, violent ; high-spirited, met- 
tlesome, hot, impetuous ; tawny, 

AlOu, f. -erw, p. -Ka, to bttrn, kin- 
dle, inflame; to shine, glitter, 

AIk', apos. for attca, Dor. for cIkc, 
same as ciftiv, (fr. ui Dor. for t 
if, and Kt truly) if tndy, if 
indeed, if only, if by chance; (/) 

AiKuWu, f. -«X(3, to sooth, coax, 
flatter, wheedle, fawn, caress. 

AiK!i\os,-ov, b, (t'r. last) aflatlerer, 
sycophan t, toad-eater. 

A'lK)], -Tis, !}, (fr. ntcaio to rush) an 
assault, attack; violence, force, 
fury, impetuosity ; spring, re- 
houiid, recoil. 

AtKits, -eos -ovs, b, )';, see aiiKi'is. 

AiKui, -ns, »;, and aiKtov, -ov, to, a 
wound, stroke,, stripe. 

AiKt^o), i. -iVu), (fr. atKtjs, forati/ciij 
unmerited) to heat, strike ; 
wound, cid, maim, mutilate; 
break, shatter ; torture, treat 
cruelly, treat shamefully ; to 
waste, desolate, ravage, par. prcs. 
pass. aiKifo/<cvof. 

AiV((T/(a, -aros, rd, (fr. last) a 
wound, cut, blow ; torture. 

AiKiajiuq, -nv, b, (fr. same) abuse, 
a wounding, beating, striking ; 
scourging, torturing. 

A7k\os, -ov, b, !i, evening, late. 
Neut. tlie evening meal, supper. 

AiKws, for aeiKu)s. 

Ai^tva, Poet, for ai\ivij>s, mourn- 
fully, Scully. 

Ai'XoiJpof, -ov, b, (fr. (i(rfXX(0 to 
shake, and ovpii the tail) a cat. 

Alfia, -Uros, TO, blood, gore ; blood- 
shed, murder; blood, consan- 
guinity, descent, relidion ; seed, 
offspring, race. 

A'i)taKopla, -as, n, (fr. last, and 
Kopi(j) to satisfy) ohsr'juirs, fune- 
ral ceremonies. PI. victims sa- 
crificed on sucli occasions, of- 
ferings to the infernal deities, or 
to the dead. 

X'lurl^as, -atra, -av, par. 1 a. act. 
of ai//u'(7(rii). 

A!/i«(ti(J, -r7;, !i, (fr. aijia blood) a 
thorn hedge, a fence made of, or 
set v;ith sharp stakes. 

AlllUCCd), Alt. -TTUl, f. -f(/J, p. "X"! 

(fr. same) to sprinkle, besmear, 
or stain with blood. 
A'tiiaTtK^veiu, -as, i/, (fr. same, 
and cK^vu) to pour out) a jiour- 
ing out, or shedding of blood. 


A\fii!Tij, -tii, )), (fr. same) a sword, 
or rather an epilhel of it. 

Al/itiTi — Aiiiaros — A!/J(iru)v, cases 
of same. 

A'tfiaTi^u, (fr, same) to let bloody 
bleed; to stain, or cover with 

Ai/ioTotK^iif, and A\piaT(i>Si)(, -ios 
-oils, b, I), (fr. same, and tiSos 
likeness) like blood ; bloody. 

\\l'aT6tis, -eaaa, -tv, (fr. same) 
blood-stained, bloody, gory, 

AtftaToaTHyfis, -ios -ovSt b, i;, (fr. 
same, and (rr(i(^<j to trickle) 
dripjiing with blood, gory. 

A'ti-tarow -to, (fr. aJiia blood) same 
as u'ifidaiTu}. 

AlfiaTw-rros, -ov, b, (fr. same, and 
oi\p the face) gory-visaged, 
bloody-faced ; with bloody looks. 

A!/io/j(i/)of, -ov, b, I'l, (fr. same, and 
fiopi'i food) living on blood, blood- 
sucking; sanguinary, cruel. 

Aliioi'lii, -ris, fl, Hwmonia, a coun- 
try of Greece. 

A'ijiopj)aylui -w, f. ->'iaii>, (fr. af/za 
blood, and jii'iyvvfit to burst) to 
be ajlictcd with a discharge, or 
flux of blood. 

Alixop^ayia, -as, 17, (fr. last) a dis- 
charge of blood, bloody flux. 

Al/iop^of'(o -S, (fr. next) to have a 
discharge of blood, either habit- 
ual, or temporary, atjiopjioovaa 
par. prcs. fem. 

Aift/ipfioos -ovs, -oov -ov, I'l, (fr. 
aJiia blood, and pdos a flux, th. 
peij} to flow) a 7nenstrual vioman, 

Alfiof/jioovaa, n. fem. cont. par. 
pres. act. ofahioplioiui. 

AT/uoj, -ov, b, (fr. aj/ja blood) a 
viood, thicket, grove. 

AtfioipdpvKTos, -ov, b, fl, (fr. same, 
and (bopivh) to smear) stained 
with blood, mixed with blood, 

A'ty-vXla, -as, >'i, (fr. aJ/uuXof kind) 
mirth, cheerfulness, festivity ; 
flattery, caressing. 

A'titvWw, (fr. same) to cajole, 
wheedle, banter, flatter, deceive. 

A'iiivXofi)';T)js, -OV, 0, (fr. same, and 
firiTLs design) fair-spoken, cour- 
teous ; imposing, persuasive, flat- 
tering ; artful, deceitful. 

AljivXos, -ov, b, !), (fr. a^^ta blood, 
and jivWu) to agitate) thrilling, 
cheering, animating ; kind, cour- 
teous; soothing, flattering, coax- 
ing ; cheerful, merry, jovial, 
hearty, jolly ; delusive, deceitful, 

AtiioiiSio), and A'tfioiSidot -Ci, (fr. 
ni/i(i blood, and onoiis a toolh) to 
have the teeth set on edge ; to be 
amazed, aUoyiished, stunned. 

A'ijiMv, -ovo;, b, !/, (fr. same) 
bloody, gory ; murderous. 

AliiuH', -ovos, b, t'l, knowing, intelli- 
gent, skilful, clever, ingenious, 

Atvn, Poet, ior aivijis. ' 

AiVopiTrjS, -ov, b, {^r, an'bs pel 
verse, and aptrh virtue) who 
abuses his talents, perverse, re 

Aiiias, and Aivdais, -ov, b, JEneas, 




a man's name. g. ^ol. Afveiao,! ed, heinous, comp. aii>6Ttpo(,]Aizciv!),(km.o{ 
Ion. Aircf£u,a. Au/av, V. Aivfa.l sup. -rarof. AiTrciiOf, -^, -ii', (fr. auruy high) 

Ai»t?v, pres. inf. act. cont. — .*.a'fr-|AivoTOK£ia, -aj, ^, Poet, and Aiyo-j high, lofty, elevated; towering, 

Tc, 2 pi. cent. pres. ind. or impr 
act. of aireii). 
Aivffff'iiif, Att. g. of 
AiVto-if, -<o?, Att. -tuf, (fr. aiviu) to 

praise) praise, commendation. 
Aivcrdi, -ov, b,ri, {fr. last) praise- 
worthy, commendable, laudable. 
Aivf'b) -5, f. -ijffw, and-/cu, p. ^it- 
Ka, (fr. a?vof praise) <o praise, 
commend, glonfy in worship ; to 
celebrate, applaud ; to approve, 
consent, agree, per. pass. i)vc)iai. 
1 a. act. ind. ij»t<ra, Ion. ahrjaa. 
impr. alvcco*' opt. atvi'iaaifii, 
iEol. and Poet, aivi'ico-cia, -a;, 
-f inf. aiyijcaf par. atvricdi. 
Aif^, -ilf, ^1 (fr. last) praise, com- 
mendation; honour, celebrity; a 
story, fable, proverb. 
Atvrj^', .'Vpos. for ahijf", same as 

Aiyfjai, Ion. for aivaifi d. pi. fern. 

of aivic or of aivij. 
Ahtyiia, -aros, ri, and AiViy/iof, 
-ov, 6, (fr. aiviccoftai to hint) an 
enigma, a riddle, an obscure 
question ; an allegory, metaphor, 
Atviyfiariaf, -ov, and AiviyfiaTia- 
rijf, -ou, b, (fr. last) eniemnticai, 
obscure, speaking in ri'ldles or 
AiiiyfariiifCis, (fr. same^ obscure- 
ly, darkly, enigmatically. 
AivO^ofiat, same asatviui, to praise, 

wonder, admire. 
AiKitrif , -i), -iv, (fr. next) enigma- 
tical, obscure ; hinted, alluded 
AivWo/iat, Att. -(TTOitai, f. -ifo/iai, 
p. ^vtyfiat, {fr. aTi'Of a fable) to 
hint, intimate, allude, refer in- 
directly ; to couch a meaning, 
to convey more than is express- 
Aiv66iv, (fr. ai^iy severe) grievous- 
ly, teverety ; very, exceedingly. 
Atvo6i» atvuii, grieV'Ously severe, 
from bad to worse. 
Atva\(uii, -ovrof, h, {ft. aivi{ terri- 
ble, and X/uf a lion) a terrible 
furious savage lion. 
Ai>6fiooof, -ov,l>. If, (fr. name, and 
li6ooi lot) hard-fated, unfortu- 
nate, wretcheil, misrralile. 
AivorSOrif, -iof -oijf, i, I'l, (fr. some, 
and Ttia-^ut to .HiiffiT) <^ff''r- 
ing misrry, enduring hardship, 
wretrhrd, njHirJed. 
KirovXfi^, -Ttyof, k, r, (fr. aivdf He- 
vere, and nX/iaeru) to mrike) lash- 
ing, cutting ; austere, morose, in- 
Atfi^ntlui-lu, (fr. aivof praine, and 
voilft to render) tn give praise, 
to sing praises, to celebrate, to 
Aivof, -0X1, f>, a fahle, an apologue, 
a moral, allegory, proverb; an 
argument, discourse ; praise, ce- 
An^<,->), -iv, sei-rre, harsh, austere; 
grievous, painful ; cruel, unre- 
lenting ; dreadful, trmhle ; wick- 


t6ko(, -oh, 0, (fr. aivos severe, 

and TiKTO) to travail) who has 

severe labour. 
Aiyvjiat, to take, carry off, seize, 

deprive, ahvro. Ion. for pwro, 

3 sin. imp. ind. 
AiJ-uii') par. pres. act. cont, of ai- 

Atvwv, Heb. indecl. .iSnon, the 

name of a plare. 
Atiwy,)), .^non,the nameofa city. 
Auwf, (fr. aiiof drcadHi]) wretch- 
edly, grievously ; dreadfully, hor- 
"Wy > fi^f'^''i'i 'nightily. 
Ai^j atyd;, b, and >'i,agoat. 
A if, -a'tKOi, fi, (fr. ataau) to rush) 
swiftnei'f, speed, celerity; impe- 
tuosity, inolence, force; an as- 
sault, attack ; a wave, surge. 
Aifir, d. pi. of a/f. 
Atoiaa, Dor. for atovcra, par. pres. 

of aiu. 
Aio\ifrii, -ov, b, .ZEolides, a man's 

A(oX(f, and Poet. AioXrjif, -lioi,!i, 
.^olia, the name of a country. 
AtoWlit), Poet, for AiCWii), f. -o)iio, 
p. -Ka (fr. ai(5Xo{ varied) to vary, 
diversify, variegate ; to change, 
alter ; to vibrate, quiver ; waver, 
Ato\ofip6vTi]^, -01), and Dor. AioXo- 
jSpdi'To;, -a, b, (fr. aiijXof swift, 
and jipovr!) thunder) the quirk 
thunderer, an epithet of Jupiter. 
AioXoflaip;;^, -TiKog,b, >i, (fr. ai6\oi 
varied, and &uipa^ a breastplate) 
armed with a coloured breast- 
Aio\diii}Ti(, -t^oi, and AioXo/f^njf, 
-ov, and Dor. Aio^oju'iTOy, -a, b, 
(fr. same, and ^lijTij counsel) o/" 
extensive thought, "f deep de- 
signs ; sapient, tcise, sagacious, 
AtoXo/xlrpiis, -jv, b, (fr. same, and 
Ijhpa a girdle) wearing a co- 
loured girdle or bell. 
A(oX/>rwX(j{, -ov, b, >';, (fr. same, 
and rwXof a young horse) driv- 
ing pied, or afferent coloured, or 
sijnft horses ; also active, expert 
in horsemanship. 
At6\oi, -tj, -oy, varied, diversified, 
variegated, party coloured; agile, 
nimble, active, suiift ; waving, 
floating, quivering ; chargeable, 
fickle, flexible ; subtle, artful, sly ; 
complicated, involved; wreathed, 
torttums, twisted. 
Aii\o(, -ov, b, jEoIus, the king of 

rhe winds. 
Aio^oy^alrrif, -ov, n, (fr. niAXof va- 
ried, and ^ahri llio mnne) vilhn 
wni-ing mane, or adorned with a 
ciAourrd crest of hair. 
'Alnv, Ion. for ^lor, imp. of aiia. 
Aiat'iitii -<i, f. -//iTio, to sprinkle, wet, 

moisten, bedew, dash. 
AiiyriBif -I0(, Att.-rii>(, I}, a Kprink- 

linn, moistrvini:. 
AinpTiira, a Srylhian word nigni- 

fying mrrnslayrrs. 
AiTuav, a. sin. f<m. ofairi'j. 

arduous; heavy, overwhelming; 
grievous, oppressive; terrible. 
aJvco, n. pi. fem. of barep. Also 

Dor. for f]Kcp, where. 
AiTnXfu -S, (fr. ai^ a goat, and 
I roX/w to be engaged about) to 

keep, herd, or tend, goats. 
.KiTToXiKOi, -i), -01', (fr. same) about, 

concerning, or like a goatherd. 
Ai-6\tov, -ov, rb, (fr. same) a 

flock of gnats. 
AtiT6^oi,-ov,b,(fr. san\c)a goatherd. 
A?rof, -eoi -oPj, rb, (fr. andi high) 
height, altitude, elevation; an 
eminence, a mountain. 
AiJTOf, •)), -ov, same as 
AiTrif, -fm, -ti, high, lofty ; ardu- 
ous, hard, severe, difficult; rough, 
rugged; great, large, mighty, 
AiTTunofiSame as aiiris' or relating 

AiTvTog, -ov, b, .^pytus, a maji's 

A7j9a, -as, >;, the herb darnel or 

tares ; a mallei, hammer, axe. 
Aipag, Sync, for acipas, 1 a. par. 

act. of atipci}. 
A7pc, pres. impr. act. — Ai'ptif, 2 
sin. and — Aipei, 3 sin. and — 
AiptTc, 2pl. pres. ind. act. —Aipt- 
rat, 3 sin. pres. ind. mid. ofaipoi. 
A'ipee, Ion. for i/pce, 3 sin. imp. of 

Aipedf^ci, Ion. fora\p[6uiiri, sub. of 

'ipfdvv, 1 a. pass, of a!p/w. 
liipidn. Ion. for ijpedri, 3 sin. 1 a. 
pass.— A iptflf;? part. — A'lptQf,- 
oofiai, 1 f. of aipfu), 
Alpco, Ion. for atpov, pres. impr. 

mid. of alpu). 
Aip/ffcif, n. a. V. pi. cont. — AJpt- 
ams, g. Atf. — A"p£(7(v, a. sin. of 
Aipf(T('^of,-oi',i,);, (fr.aip/o) to take) 

easy to be taken, or captured. 
A'ipccif, -(Of, Att. -£(of, i;,(fr. same) 
election, choice, preference ; adop- 
tion, opinion, tenet; heresy; a 
sect, schisma. 
AipcTf'os, -a, -ov, (fr. same) to be 

chosen, preferred, &c. 
AtpfT/^<.),(fr.same) to select, choose, 

prefer ; to inhaJiit. 
A(pfri»-df, -or,b, (fr. same) one who 
chooses or adopts sonic particu- 
lar course or opinion ; a sectary ; 
a heretic. 
Aipirif, -Ifioi, f), (fr. pntr.c) she who 
chooses, prefers, loves ; a mistretf, 
a svettheart. 
Aiprrbf, -i), -ov, (fr. some) to be 
chosen, preferred ; desirable, pre- 
frrahle,rlif:ibte, select. 
Aip/bi -<ji,f. -i/iTO), p. iiprjKa, to lake, 
bear, curry ; receive ; scixr, grnsp, 
catch, take as a prry in hunting, 
or war ; o\:rrlnkc ; overpower, 
exhaust, wear out, subdue, drive, 
ruin ; to gain a Inwsuit ; to 
rnnvinre, mviirl, condemn; to 
take iff, or kill ; to choose, select, 
prefer ; to adopt, assume ; to 
elect; 2a. from ihc obs. l\u>, 

ind. ilXov' impr, iXc, &c. mid. 
ind. iWd/oiv' impr. iXov- opt 


f. -(io 

lOcar iiway ; io consume, 
iXolnny ' sub. tX(o;«ii • inf. iXiaOiu ■ expend, lay nul, < 
par. tKi/icvoi, - I. ind. act. f'AiZi* ' A/crios, -ov, h, ij, (fr. ai<T« fato) pro- 

mid. tXov^ 
A\pi}Ktc, -£(, Ion. for ('/pi;k£', 3 sin. 

pper. act. of last. 
Aip^tro^iiii, -V} -crat, 1 f. ind. mid. 

of same. 
AipiK^i, and A/pii'Of, -ov, o, >/, (fr. 

aipci lares) qt'tares, or darnel. 
Ai^oi, -ov, b, I'l, (fr. a intons. and 
Ipot a beggar'.s name) beg^arli/, 
UTctcIicd, mhrrnbtc. 
Ai'poj, f. apa, p. j;/)va, '" raise, lift, 
deoalc ; to excite, impel ; to sus- 
pend, luinf; up ; to hold in sus- 
jKnse, keep in doubt ; to Iteight- 
en, e^u:;gcrate, aggrnvcUc ; to 
take, bear, curri/ ; to conceive, 
perciivc ; to take off", cut off, de- 
stroy ; to weigh anchor, strike 
tatts, start, set qff. Aipd/mi, to 
■undertake, commence ; to bear, 
sujf'er, endure; to bear off", car- 
ry away. 1 a. act, ind. j/pa 
impr. upov opt, apo'ijii' sub. upu 
inf. dpai- par. upas' pcr. pass 
jipjuar 1 a. ind, ypdnv impr, up- 
OtiTf 1 f. pass, apOi'iionat. 
Atpuiv, -ovaa, -or, par. pros. act. 
— A.ipn)iTi, 3 pi. pres. sub, act. 
of last, ' 
A IS) aiioi, )'i, same as aici;;. 
Ai'ji d. pi. fern, of cs. 
Aiffij, ->;s, i;, fate, destiny, supreme 
decree ; fortune, allotment, lot, 
portion, share ; place, room, 
stead ; duty, office, engagement ; 
reason, equity. 
Ji.iadKij)v, -ovoi, b, a kind of hawk. 
Kicaoos, -ov, 6, the name of a river. 
Ai<r£B/ioi, Dor. for qaov^ai, which 

iot <'iao)tai, 1 f. mid. ofi/ow. 
AiVj/tto?, -ov, 0, ^sepus, a river, 
AicOdi'Ofiai, or aicrOioiiat, f. atadi']- 
cofiat, 1>. (icOniiai, to be ajjlicled, 
feel, perceive; to remark, dis- 
cern, comprehend, think ; Io 
learn, understand ; 2 a, mid, 
ind. TjaOdiiriV opt. aicOoi'/jijVSub. 
ata6(j>itnf inf. atatiiaOaf par. 
Ai(70»)<n{,-(os, Att, -£us, >'i, and-0;;- 
;ia, -Sroi, to, (fr, last) a sense; 
perception, sensation ; IhouglU, 
knowledge, judgment. 
AiadntrrfjOtov, -ov, ro, (fr. same)a?i 
organ, instrmncnl, or means of 
sensation, as the eye of seeing, 
&c. ; or of perception, as the 
mind ; sense, faculty, talent. 
AioOijrikof, -tij-bv, (fr. same)/ecZ- 
ing, sensible, sensitive ; intelli- 
gent, shrewd, sagacious. 
AtadnTtKCis, (fr. last) shrewdly, 

sensibly, &c, 
Aiadr)Tii, -i), -Jv,(fr. to 
feel) palpable, sensible, that may 
be seen, heard, &c. perceptible. 
AtaBii), for atu), to feel, hear, per- 
ceive ; also, to expire, die. 
AiaQidvrat, 3 pi. 2 a. sub. mid. of 

Alaljioif-ov, 0, l), (fr. a7aa fate) fa- 
tal, fated, decreed ; just, vpright, 
e<)uitable, pints. 

pitious, favourable, lucky, for' 
tunatc, prosperous, 
Ai<roi'Wt)s-, -01', 6, JEsonides, the 

son of u'Eson. 
AiaaovTo, imp, pass, of 
Aiffffo), f, -fw, p. -KU, to move until 
violence, to rush, dart, charge, 
spring ; to assault, attack, invmle, 
(issiil; to break out, burst forth ; 
to, fly,, flutter, vibrate, (/«(wr, 
'Ai'oTos, -ov, 0, //, (fr, a ncg, and 
iVij/u to kiiow) not to be known, 
or recognised; vanished, gone; 
jndistinc:, obscure, faint, imper- 
A'i(TT6w -C, (fr. last) ii desolate, 
waste, ravage, so as not to be 
known; to obliterate. A'tardonai, 
-orjuii, to vanish, to disappear. 
AicOtiTfjp, -r/poj, !i,(['r. a inlcns. and 
ciu to rush) an able-bodied, vi- 
gorous youth, (fr. alaa duty) 
orderly, regular, well-liehavcd. 
(fr, al'iaato to hasten) a shepherd 
who follows his flock from place 
to place ; a chief, leader, prince 
AiavXo%,-ov, b, >i, unjust, wrongful; 
wicked, impious, ungodly ; hurt- 
ful, mischievous, noxious ; slight- 
ing, conlemptupus. 
Aicvuvdw -w, f, -);o-w, to govern, 

rule, reign, preside. 
AtavixviiTiji, -Oil, and aiffu/ii'^rj/p, 
-Tipo;, b, (fr, last) a ruler presi- 
dent, umpire, conductor of public 
sports ; an ancient epithet of 
Aitrj^vri;, -ov, b, JEschines, a 

mun's name. 
Ai.a)(ib>v,-ovoi, b, )'/, comp, — AiV- 
y^iaroq, -?;, -01', sup. from ne.\t, 
see uiff^pu';, 
A'tay^os, -to; -ot>c, ro, vilcncss, base- 
ness, meanness ; reproach, shame, 
disgrace ; deformily, ugliness. 
Aiax^poKcp&us, -i)j,ca,sC%of ataypo- 

Aiaxpo'^cpitia, -a;, i), (fr.adi^^puj 
vile, and KepSo; profit) projitby 
vile means; wages of vice; ava- 
rice, meanness. 
AKJ^pOKcpiiiii-Ci, f. -;7(ra),(fr, same) 
to gain by vile means ; to prosti- 
tute, to pander. 
At(T)(^poK[p^r]g, -lOi -OVS, b, i;, (fr, 
same) making vile gains, pursu- 
ing scandalous traffic, trading in 
vice; covetous. 
Aiaj(^poKtphSji, (fr, last) for or by 

scaiulalous profits. 
Aici')(^poXoyia, -oj, i;, (fr, atcrxpo; 
vile, and \6yoi talk) vile, indecent 
talk, obscenity. 
Aia'X^poroiiia -di, f. -t'laui, (fr. same, 
anil voiiu) to do) to act meanly or 
indecently ; to demean, or debase 
Aiaxn6-owi, -ov, h, t), (fr. same) 
who' does mean tilings ; vile, piti- 
ful, base, scandalous, indecent. 

AtaxpopiiniJoavi'tn-Vi, I'h (f""- aicX"^ 
vile, and /j/oj to speak) index:ent 
conversation, obscenitij. 


p. -toKa, to Aidxpbs, -«, -0)1, (fr, <ua^o{ vile- 
ness) ugly,' hideous ; base, vile, 
mean, shameful, disgraceful ; in- 
decent ; scandalous, opprobrious 
contemptuous, comp, aiaxpiTi.- 
poj, sup, -r.iTOf also «i<r;^(uji' 
uiaxicroi, as if from alaxoi- 

Aiaxp6Ti!i,-'lT0i, :,, (fr, last) ugli- 
ness, deformity ; ignominy, dis- 
grace ; inlcness,Jilthiness, obscc- 
tiity, iiulecency. 

Aitrxp<ii, (fr. saLmc)meanlyf vilely, 
basely, indecently. 


-ou, b, j^sop, a man'l 
-ov, in the style of ^ 

A((r;^;ti'fo, Ion, for atx^vov pros, 
impr, pass, AiaxwiBOui, 3 sin. 
pres, impr, pass, oi aiaxvvta. 
Atcxurri, -vf, /;, (fr. aio-p^of dis- 
tity ; any q(f'e,ncc against these ; 
ahamc,disgrace, scandal, infamy, 

A(o-;^t)i'Omi);r, Ion. — Aiax'"'Oi'i- 
fuvai. Dor. far ai(rxwOijvai, 1 », 
mf. pass, ofaicxvfo). 

Aicxi»'Ti]\u;, -}), -uv, and Ai(7;^iii- 
repbs,-u, -iv,{fr. aiaxii'V shame) 
modest, diffident, bashful. 

At(TXvvToi,-)i,-br, (fr.samc).s/iaj/ic- 
,ful, disgraceful ; shamefaced, 

Aio';^i)i-w, f, -vvS), p, paxvyKa, (fr. 
same) to abash, confound, shame, 
dishonour, disgrace ; io deform, 
disfigure ; to despise, contemn,vi~ I 
lify. A(<r;^oi'o/<u(,,<o he ashamed} j 
to feel awe, to revere, respect, 
per, pass, ffax"i'i>-a.i. I a, r^ax^v* 
Or]V. 1 f. ai(T;^i)i'0);(rOf(«(, 

A(cr;;^iJi'0);;n, -dro;, ri, (fr, samej 
a mark, brand, stigma; any caus 
of shame ; the privities. 


.,35 sop. 

AiVaf , -a, b, Dor, for aiDjj. 

Air£, Dor, for tfrc, whetlwr, if, or, 

AtTcaTioi,-a,-ov,(fr.aiTi<i> to ask)<o 
be entreated, askcd,oT demanded. 

AlTtt,-ci, pres. impr, act, — A('rt£iv, 
-tiv, pres, inf, act, — Ait£5, Dor, 
and JEol. for airov, pres. impr. 
mid.cont. — A(T£i'i^£i'o?,for airov- 
fiicvoi,pa.r. pres. mid. cont. of 

Airf'u) -w, -t'laiii, p. -fiTijKa, to ask, 
request, beg, entreat, solicit ; to 
require, demand. I a. act. firrjaa' 
im-ir, airriaov imp, pass, rirci- 
pn'^, -ovjirfV perf. fiTijpuf I a, 
firndtji'' 1 f, aiTtjOfiaopai. 

Ahrjijiu, -uTOi. TO, andai'r»;<r(f,-(0{, 
Att. -£u)f, 1^, (fr, la.ft) a petition, 
request, entreaty; a demand, 

AiDK, -00, b, (fr, au) to breathe) 
a companion, acquaintance, in- 
timale ; a gallant, favourite ; or, 
(fr, air/o) to beg) a beggar, pe- 

AiTfjj, 2 sin, sub, act. cont, — Ai- 
Tij/jai, I a. inf, act, — AtTijaas, 
-aara, -av, par, 1 a, act. — Airii- 
aofiai, -r], -crai, I f. ind. act. — 
of airfu, 

AtTttrbi, -f),-uv, ifr.oir/u) to ask)<o 




be asked, entrecUed, &.c. ; desira,- \ the spear, captured in war, a cap 
Iflg, live, a prisoner, a slave. 

JLtria, -ai, and Ion. Acn'i;, -17s, ij, A(;^/ioraj, -5, b, Dor. for u(;yfijjp',s 

a c'>a»e, reason, moUve, incite 
tnent ; an accusation ; blame, 
fault, crime; a comiition, state, 
situation, case. 

Acr((iu<r9ui, Poet, for atrtaaO^i, 
pres.inf. pass. cent, ofoinn'ofiai. 

AtWu/irt, -aroi, ri, (fr. next) an 
accwiotion; blume ; crime. 

Airido/iai -uj^iai, f. -uVojkk, p. ijr/a- 
pu, (fr. same) tu ascribe, or 
impute blame; to accuse, cri-ni- 
nnte, impeach ; to dude, reprove. 
prcs. inl". pass. airidtaOai -aaQaf 
imp. pass. i)ria'a/ii»v, -(3/i»;v3 pi. 
ijTinjtro, -wiTO. 

AtTiartKis, -ov, b,!i, (fr. same) cj:- 
cttsias", criminatori/. 

AirinXoyia, -as, li, (fr. same, and 
Ao'yof tdik) excuse, plea, extenua- 
tion, apology, dejenne. 

jLiriajia, -aros, tO, (fr. same) 071 

Xlrtov, -ov, ri, (fr. same) reason, 
cause ; fault, hlitme. 

JiMo{, -ov, b, >), (fr.samc) cmising, 
liffictim, operative, efficient ; in 
fault, guilty, culpable, accused; 
sub. a cauxc, source, origin, au- 
thitr, mover, cump, oiniirtpoj, 
sup. -roToj. 

AiT(6u(irn(, Poet, for airiuirni, 3 
pi. cont. pres. ind. piiss. of Ai- 

KiTiMrn, -to{ -ov(, b, !], (fr. aiTiu a 
-- iiise) relating tocauses, motives, 
r origins. 

.i'Tfj, -lit I'h -^tna, a volcano in 

AiroTi;v, -nfi-'/i &c. Alt. for niru?- 
pi, opt. ofaiTj'w. 

Airo(, l)or. for rintvoi;. 

Air<»ia(, -oil, h, !}, Italian. 

A«rof»ri,d.sin. cont. and — AiroD- 
an, n, ftm. bin. cont. of hitju). 

KiTiiftiOa, mill, or and Airoj- 
piv, art. 1 pi. cont. prcs. sub. — 
Ltriv, par. [ires. act. cont. of 

A(<>iV<j(»<, -V, h, li, (ff. last) sud. 
ili-f, unexprr.lrd, unawares, un- 
t' ' fin. Kt<bvl(nov,»nibl)nly. 
Ai,'iiii{, (fr. Iant) suddenlfi, all 

at nnre ; une.rpictedii/, 
Ai^Oifvui, 1 a. inf. pass, of aiojui. 
Ai,Y^'<^<>< ""d Poet, ai^jidnaiii, (i'r. 

>i a upoar) to (innuiuJi, or 

spear ; Injhhl. 
.-; , ... •. MV. ai;^riX(i)- 
• , captivity; 

rejirri.^^ «'< 

,f. -CPCid, p. i;J|f(inXrj- 
'•■•'■) //> leifl, or car. 
, (« enaliuf, 

1'/ inlocap- 
: t't rrslram, 
i'>ii» or pro- 


Aiy^pit, -fii, >), a spear ; the point; 
a weapon ; spirit, courage. 

At^pnr!);, -ou, h, (fr. last) a spear- 
man, a soldier, a warrior. Adj. 
warlike, hontilc. ai;^/ir;T(Ju), g. 
Dor. Boeot. iEol. and ocy/")- 
rauiv, g, pi. jEol. for ai^jirjTor, 
and ai^iiiirdv. voc. aivfii/ru. 

.\.i^fio66pos, -ov, b, (fr. atyixii a 
spear, and ^oofcj to carry) a 
spearman, a soldier, a lifeguard, 

A.7ipa, and by Apos. ar<^', immedi- 
ately, directly, fortliwith, quickly, 

A(i^/;pds, -(I, -Or, (fr. last) quick, 

.\.nl.ttpoKi^cvBoi, -ov, b, 1';, (fr. last, 
and KfXti'Ooj a road) quick on tlic 
road, speedy, ^flect. 

Ai'u, Poet, to hear, lustcn, attend ; 
to learn, know, perceive ; to 
breathe forth, expire, die. par. 
pres. atuiv. 

Aiwy, Dor. for t]7(iv. 

Aidii', -wros, b, (fr. aii ever, and !ov 
beino) eternity; an age, life; 
dur(i'.ion,or continuance of time ; 
a period ; a revolution of ages ; 
n dispenSiUion ofprovirle.nce ; this 
world, or life ; the world, or life 
to come, 

.\.tiiva, -wvag, -dvt, -uivof, -ui'ui', 
-cDo-(, cases of last. 

Xtiovl^u), (fr. last) to ctei-nize, per- 
petuate, immortrdizc. 

Ai'iviof, -ou,6, 1/, (Ir. same) eternal, 
immortal, perpetual ; former, 
past, ancient. 
Aio'ioa, -as, f;, (fr. next) n raising, 
lifting, suspending, or hanging 
up ; u vessel, bucket, or thin^ 
SHspendg/l ; an image hung itp 
among tWfcir vines, according to 
heathen superstition. 
Ai</)pfu -Ci, f. -(/(Til), p. -j^Ka, to lift, 
raise, exalt ; suspend, hang vp. 
Aioploftai -oviiai,to feci rxotled, 
to boast, vaunt; to scorn, dis- 
dain ; to he suspended, hung, 
Kiiooouix', pres. ind. pass. cont. of 

Aku, Poet, for nxTi or ai:rir. 
KKa!tfifittn, anilaK(i(^f;/i(«,-aj, '(, (IK 
noxt) the Aradtmin, a sch'wl of 
philosophy at Athens, flenoc 
th<! Rriijlish, Aradnny. 
AK<ii'niio(y -ov, b, AendrmuK, tlu 
HuppoBod touiidcr if the preced- 
AK(i?ui, f. -ao), and •((!>, (fr. nn/) an 

pit. 1 f. mil. p!\<n. ai)(fiaXi»Tio- 
Or'ffTouat, 3 pi. -trovTiit, 
Ai\ii''\utTo{,-')v,!i, hf'^rx^ai^a\tii 
rUt -toof, if, (fr. af)Qiit a spear, 

odue) to whet, shartnv. In pro- 
voke, irritate ; to fret, distrrss 
per. pans, fir.aapai. 

AKnOiionla, -af, jj, (fr. n UOJ. and 
KnOidpi,) to rleanxc) pollution 
fiulncss, impurity ; unrtcanness, 
,/ltth ; Ir.mdnrss, incnniinimrt. 

A<t«0(/prrK, -tirrx:, >'), (fr. R.irne, nr 
ifby Kynr. iot aKaOap^rrn) nn- 
rtrannrss, imjtvrlty, lewdnr.i.i. 

Ai('(".iprof, -oil, «,/;, (fr. same) im- 
pure, unclran, drjilcd, unfit for 

ond iMcK'j to (ak«) taken by\ receiving the rilrs of rclieion 


AKdOem-oi, -w, b, }), (fr. a neg. and 
Kari'xia to restrain) not to be re- 
strained ; licentious, unruly, tur- 
'AKaiva, and Ion. Ak«i'ii;, -rji, Ij, 
(fr. uKi) a point) a goad ; a staff, 
'AKaipa, and Aicaipio?, (fr. a neg. 
and Kainbi oppoitiinity) unsea- 
sonably, unti,ncly, uiyjiily, awk- 
AKatpioixai -oD/iai, f. -;/(TOfi(ii, p. 
i)Kah7]jiat, (fr. same) to want 
means, or opportunity ; to miss, 
Anntpia, -aj, Ij, (fr. same) unsea- 
so7iablr-ncss, inconvenience, awk- 
war:lncss ; embarrassment. 
AKuiptoi, -ov, b, >!, (fr same) mo- 
mentary, transitory, slight, tri- 
vial, transitnt. 
AKaipbg, -ov, b, (^,(fr. same) unsea- 
sonable, untimely, inconvenie/U, 
awkward ; unjit, unquulijied. 
AraxaXij, -i'5o;, fj, an Egyptian 

AKaK>'iTris, -ov, u, (fr. a neg. and 
KOKus bad) innocent, gniltless, 
harndcss ; benign, benevolent, 
AKOKia, -as, >';, (fr. same) inno- 
cence, simplicity, integrity, 
.KKaKOi, -ov, 5, >i, (fr. same) inno- 
cent, harmless, simple, undesign- 
ing, artless, g. pi. uKacwi', 
AKuXapl>LiTr]i, -ov, b, )'/, (fr. aKa\di 
quiet, .and jjiui to flow) calmly 
flowing, gently swelling, smoothly 
gliding, g. ^>Eol. aKa\apl)ciTao, 
AKay.rj<pti, -?/s, >';, a nettle ; a sort of 

fish, or shell, 
A^"aXXi)s, -(OS -oBs, b, ti, (fr. a neg. 
and Ka\bi fair) vithout beauty, 
plain, ordinary, 
AnaXXifpf'jTos, -01', 5, 1';, (fr. last, 
and ifpis sacred) wipropilious, 
AKaXbi, -!), -01; (fr. yjKii quietly) 

quiet, calm, still, 
Aicd\vrrO';, -ov, h, fj, (fr. a neg. and 
KoXi'rrw to cover) uncovered,ex- 
posed, Intre ; open, unconcealed, 
AKapaiTo\6y^>t^, -ov, b, (fr. axiSpai 
unwearied, and Xiiy;^); a spear) 
umviaritd at the sp-ar, brave, 
rourngrous, aKapavroXoy^Sv, g. 
pi. Dor. 
AKa|lnvroldtl^(rt(, -ov, I'l, (fr. same, 
and (Ki'Yn^ini to tight) unwearied 
in the JiglU, valorous, iniinci- 
\KaftarT6rto«{, -080s, i, (fr. same, 
ond iroff a foot) unwearied of 
.font, active, swift, nimble. 
Aniijiiii, -avTOi, b, <;, (fr. n ncg. 
and Kiluno to lir<;) vnwearicd, 
indrl'iUignt/lr, not faligutd, not 
tired ; inreswnt, constant. ; vio- 
lent. Also Arnmas, a man'w 
AKilpiirDi, -oil, b, >), (fr. Hamo) 
sanio, g, din. Ion. oKapdroio, d. 
pi. fein. Ion. aKiijioTijat, 
KKUfiirflf, -I'n^ -nh<, ami 'Anta/irros, 
-01', A, li, (fr. n ncg. and ndurTui 
lo 1)011(1) untirnding, unyiiiaini; ; 
»t\p', rigid, injle.vimc ; lulling no 



Acafi -ui Of, 4, iiiul 'Ann ()«, -vi, i^, 
(fr. UK/) u point, uiul uitfi'uj lo 
tlourish) a thorn, a brier; the 

A*<ii'0ii'Of, -»), -ov, A»cn)0(iji5j;j, and 
A.Kdydi}i, -cos -ovs, A, i5,('''- "Koi- 
Ou a thon\)lhorny^ma'teii/tfitir7ts, 
or briers, prichli/ ; pungent, irri- 

A.Kav0h, -lioi, fi, (fr. same) a bird 
fond of thistles ; a lirmet, or 

'Anai'Oof, -01), )';, (fr. same) acati- 

lliun, t>car'sfuot. 
Ak(ii'0<Sw -cD, (fr. same) to set with 

thorns, or slakes. 
'AKaiOi, -01', 6, )';, (fr. dkar a thorn) 

(I thorny prickly shrub. 
'AKOTTvoi, -ov, b, !), (fr. a ncg. and 
Kiivvis smoke) free from srnokc ; 
clear, pure; easy, without trou- 

Axdpitos, -ov, b, f), (fr. a neg. and 
Kapila the heart) heartless, u7i- 
feeling, insensible; stupid, dull, 

AKapn^, -ioi -oPs, b, /;, (fr. ne.xt) 
short ; small, little, minute ; tran- 
sient, momentary. AxapU^ to, 
a moment, an iiislant, an atom. 

'AKapi, any thing very minute; a 
mote, mite, atom, 

AKaptaTos, -a,-ov, (fr. last) small; 
trifling, trivial, insignijicant, 
V) ; minute, little, short, 

'AKaova, -lis, I'l, a plant so call- 

AKapTTos, -ov, b, I}, (fr. a neg. and 
KaoTTOs fruit) unfruitful, unpro- 
Jitahle, unproductive ; barren, 

AfcrfoTTOj, (fr. last) unfruitfully, 

Akootos, -ov, b, and AKdurri, -ris, !i, 
Acaxtus, and Acasta, a male and 
female name. 

AKaTHyiuio-TOf, -ov, b, l/, (fr. a neg. 
and KuTuyiiwaKU) to condemn) 
irreprehensihte, blameless. 

AKaraKaXviTToSj -ov, v, r), (fr. a neg. 
and KaTaKoSvisTb) to cover up) 
not veiled, uncovered, exposed, 

AKaTiiKptros, -ov, b, »;, (fr. a neg. 
and Karaifpa'w to condemn) un- 
cnndemncd, absolved, acquitted. 
Also untried, condemned without 

AKardXtiKTos, -ov, b, t', (fr. a intens. 
and Kara\r/yw to define) uellde- 
flned, exact, precise ; to which 
nothing is wanting, perfect, com- 

AKardWaKTos, -ov,b, f), (fr. a neg. 
and KaraAXao-cu to reconcile) ir- 
reconcilcable, implacable, vindic- 

Advira'AuToj, -ov, b, i), (fr. a ncg. 
and KaraXvu to dissolve) indis- 
soluble, flrm, stable, binding. 

AKaTaixd)(^nTOS, -ov, b, tj, {fr. a neg. 
and KnTafjayf^o/iai to subdue) in- 
vincible, impregnable ; uncon- 

AKaravd'SaicTos, -ov, b, /;, (fr. a 
neg. Kara against, and vaXaiu lo 


invincible, matchless; not to be 
thrown by art or feint. 
AKardjTavcTos, -ov^ b. Si, (tr. n neg. 
nnd kiirnn-di'U) lo ihcili) inces- 
sant, ceaseless, restless ; not to be 
AKaraTXt'iKTuii, (fr. a ncg. and Ka- 
TazXi'/airio to terrify) undaunted- 
ly, intrepidly, bravdy. 
AniiTarroTvi, -ov, b, fi, (fr. a ncg. 
and Karanlna to swallow) that 
cannot be swallowed ; unflt Jor 
AKaraariiinvros, -ov, b, i), (fr. a neg. 
and KaTaatjfuilriii to mark) un- 
marked ; uiisrrded ; undistin- 
guished ; indistinct. 
\>;aTaaKCvaaros,-ov, u, fj, (fr.a ncg. 
and KaraaKCvdi^tii to adorn) un- 
furnished, tmadomcd, wiflnish- 
cd ; rude, barren, uncultivat- 
AKaraaTaala, -as, i), (fr. a neg. 
and KaOioTn/ii to arrange) com- 
motion, sedition, tumult, riot ; 
inconstancy, flcklcness. 
AKardararos, -ov, b, >;, (fr. same) 
tumultuous, riotous ; unsettled, 
changeable, flckle ; unstable, in- 
AKardcr^cTOs, -ov, b, I'l, (fr. a neg. 
and Kari^ta to check) not to be 
restrained, turbulent, unruly, 
AKardiPcvaros, -ov, b, t';, (fr. n neg. 
and KaTa\f.'cv6cnai to belie) not 
belied, falsifled, or counterfeited; 
unfeigned, true. 
AKaripyaoTos, -ov, b, rj, (fr. a neg. 
and KarcpydC^oixai to complete) 
unfinished, rude, defective ; im- 
AKarnyoptiTos, -ov,b,ii, (fr. a ncg. 
and KaTrjyopiu) to accuse) not 
accused ; unblnmed, blameless, 
' AkHtos, -ov, b, S], and A»caT>"),-^f, >;, 
(perhaps fr. dyw to drive) a 
kind of light ship, a frigate ; a 
drinking vessel. AKariov, -ov,ro, 
its dim. 
'Akovotos, -ov, b, I'l, (fr. a intens. 
and Kaiia to burn) not to be burn- 
ed, incombustible ; unquaichablc, 
not to be extinguished. 
kKay^inro, Ion. and A /.o^tJaTo Poet, 
for aKdyrivTO, 3 pi. pper. pass, 
of aKa^io), or imp. ind. of oko- 
AKii^eu), by redupl. for a^iu), axd- 
p^/)/ii, and aKni(i^ii>, (fr. d^os 
grief) to sadden, distress, agi- 
tate. In pass, to fret, pine, 
AKaxi'iftvos, part. pres. mid. or 

pass, of aKd')(ri)n. 
AKa')(i^to, Ion. for uKa^i^ov, pros, 
impr. pass, of AA.-a;^(^w, see uko- 

AKii^jiivos, by Sync, for aKn^rj/ic- 
vos, j>ar. pres. mid. of hkox'/ij'- 
Or, for t}Kaafiivos, par. per. pass, 
of aKd^ui. Or, for riKaKriufvos, 
par. per. paSB. ofa/cup(;/i<). 

AKdxoiTo,'i sin. pres. opt. pass, of 
aKaylii> -w. 



AKtiiftcvos, Ion. and Poet. foroKc^ 

fuins, pur. pres. ofofr/o/iai. 
AAfi/)(>.ii/i(ij, -a, b. Dor. for uKcipc- 
KifirSf-uv, b, (Ir. a inten.s. Kclpu) 
to dip, and /c(S//i? the hair) wear- 
ing the hair short, shorn, crop- 
ped, cut .iltort. An epithet of 
AKMauii, indecl. Ilcb. a field of 

AKivrnros, -ov, b, I/, (fr. a ncg. and 
KivTiia to goad) xtntumed, un- 
broken, not used to the spur, or 
AKio/iat -o?/<rti, f. -i)(T0f(nc and-Zco- 
fiat, to nire, heal ; to remedy, 
repair, mend. 1 a. inf. mid. aKt- 
AKipuios, -ov, b, ('/, (fr. a ncg.and 
Ktpdw to mix) pure, unmixed, 
unadulterated ; simple, sincere, 
innocent, harmless. 
AKipiua, -as, >;, (fr. same, and 
KipSos protit) loss, harm, hurt, 
damage ; unprofitableness, insig- 
AKtpacKdjjiris, and Dor.AKtpatKfS/iOf, 

same s.saKttpoK6jiris. 
'AKtais, -los, Att. -Ibis, I'h and Poet. 
' AKtcjia, -aros, rd, and AKtOfibs, 
-ov, b, (fr. aKiofiai to cure) a 
cure, remedy. 
AKtaccrai, Poet, for aKictTat, I f. 

of oKiOfiat.. 
AKcarbs, -fi, -dv, (fr. aKtofiai to 
cure) curable, that may be healed, 
remedied, repaired, or mended. 
AKiorpa, -as, hj " needle, bodkin. 
Akcvjicvos, itol. and Dor. for 
oKovS/xeos, par. pres. pass, of 
AKidiaXos, -ov, b, I/, (fr. a neg. and 
Ki<paXfi a head) headless ; without 
a beginning, leader, or chief; 
mutilated, maimed, defective. 
Aki'wv, -ovca, -ov, {fr.aKiiv silently) 
listening, sitait, jnute ; still, quiet- 
ly ; simply, without parade. 
AKri, -Tis, >i, the edge, the point; a 
spear, dart, javelin, vxapon ; a 
splinter, sharp piece ; the extre- 
mity, utmost degree, height. 
AKi'/feoTos, -ov, b, I'l, (fr. next, per- 
haps its sup.) utiburied, urda- 
mented, unmourned, unhonoured, 
AKrii}i]s, -ios -ovs, b, !], (fr. a ncg. 
and Krjios care) careless, negli- 
gent, unmindfid ; unconcerned, 
heedless, thoughtless ; inattentive, 
indifferent, conicmptuous ; neg- 
lected, slighted, unheeded, un- 
AK)i(]ia, and -ti'a, -as, >'i, (fr. last) 
negligence, neglect ; indolence, 
sloth ; sadness, grief, mmirn- 

A.K!j6id^o), f. -aui, p. -Ka, (fr. same) 

to he indolent, idle, lazy ; lo 

■neglect, slight ; to mourn, pine, 

grieve, fret. 
Aur/Kon, Att. for ^Koa, per. ind. 

mid, of aKovo). 
\Kr]K6c(rav, or aKrjKdciaav, axriKoi 

vol, nK;;KO(!r£S, Att. for rfKdnaav, 

pper. nxotvai, inf. i;K(5orts, par, 

per. mid. of a*toOw. 




A-Kvafi-TOi, -uv,o,)i, (iV. a neg. anij 

A(CJjX>7TOs, -ou, 6, 1'l, (iV. a neg. and A<.if, -iSoi, >i, same as a*./). 

KijA/u to soothe) iinplacabU, in- AKt^iiTOi, -ov, 6,^. (fr. a neg. and 

exorable, vmdictive. I ki;^£(i» toovertake)7Jo^o6eol'ey■- 

A«l;At'ia>Tof , -on, 6, )/, (fr. same, and { taken, unaUainable, out of reach ; 

KTi\i&oa to tarnish) immaculale,. implacable. 

spotless, pure. iAKtj^iiruis, and aKtxi'a, (fr. last) 

'KKr,fia, -aroi, rd, same as aKog. in vai>i,fruitlessti/. 

A</;i', and Poet, axd, or axv, (fr. alAKKt^o/xai, (h. Akkw) to feign a re- 

neg. and ;^;aiVu togape) S)7e/i/(y, i fusal, refuse wfiut is wished, to\ i, (fr. uKovta to hear) hearing', 

stiUi/, mutely; quietly, cal/nty,\ be coy. listening; the ear; rumour, re- 

placidly. I A«:»c((//<df, -oD, 5, (fr. same) co^)i«s,! pm-t^ relation, account, news ; al- 

KvajirtTut or Yvd/iTTU) to bend) 
inflexible, unbending, unyielding 

^ stiJT. 

' KKvaipos, see iiyvatpoi. 

'AKvtjarii, 'lOi, Att. -tuj, ,), the 
spine, the backbone, the back. 

Ako)i, -(■)>-, //, and Dor. A/cod, -«;, 

false shame, oj/'ectaiion, refusing 
wliat us wished for, 
Akkuj, -w, §, Acco^ a M'oman, whose 

Alci'iparo;, and aiajpaaioi, -ov, i, t), 
(Ir. same, and Kcodu to inLv) 
unmixed, pure, unadulterated, 
inviolate, unlouchetl. Or (fr. a 

neg. xrio the heart, and drn ma- 1 former expressions, 
hce) sincere, true, honest. Alsoi .4.».Xa<)UT05, -ou, o, «, Dor. foraxX;/ 
(tr. a neg. and /cijp death) im- 1 pwroj-, -ou, 6, ;5, (fr- a neg. and 

tention, obedience. 
AK6t]v, Ion. for j;fc(5/;i', 2 a. pass. — 
AKotjcoftai, 2 f. pass, of oKoiio). 

murtai, undecaying, perpetual, 

Ax/ipiof, -ov, i, t], (fr. o neg. and 
Kijp the heart) heartless, dispirit- 
ed; lifeless, dead. Also (fr. a 
neg. and xfip fate^ immortal, ever- 
lasting ; enlivening, animating; 
undecaying, safe, unhurt. 

AKTipvKTCt, (fr. next) without a 
herald, unproclaimed, not so- 

AKi'ipoKTOi, -ov, i, q, (fr. a neg. and 
ItTjpvffait) to proclaim) not cried, 
or proclaimed, unpublished by a 
herald ; obscure, not celebrated, 

AKTij^iaro, Ion. for a<;;;:^|i;ii ro, 3 pi. 
pper. pass, by Au. redupl. 
from a vita, 

A/crrxf^arat, or axnx'arai. Ion. for 
axnxi'iVTai, 3 pi. per. pass, of 

AKn)(cnat, or aKfiytniai, same as 

aKa\iu, or axaxni"- 
Aic(^ij7Xo{, -oil, i, ^, (fr. a neg. and 

Ki^itiXoi mixed with dross) un- 

alloi/ed, clear, pure, sincere, fio- 

nest, incorrupt, innocent. 
A'ci/ii'^Xwf, (fr. last) sincerely, ho- 

nrstly, &c. 
ATirtfdt, -h, -iv, (fr. a neg. and 

Ktvitii to move) unable to move, 

vaeak, infirm. Comp. aKiiv6Ti.- 

po<, sup. -rarof. 
A«/i5(j)rof, -ow, i, 4, (fr. axij a point, i AK/id^ct, it is time 

silliness gave rise to the twoJAKo/^iyroj, -ov, 5, ;'/, (fr. a neg. and 

Koijidto to lull) sleepless, waking, 
watchful, inextinguisluible. 

AKOivuvrjTOS, -ov, i, »;, (fr. samo, 
and Koivujviio to impart) incom- 
municable ; not to be shared, im- 
parted, told; unsocial, soli- 

AKolrns, -ov, h, t'l, Dor. aKohas, -a, 
b,a, (fr. a coll. and KotTrj a bed) 
n husband, a married person of 
either sex, a bedfellow, 

'Akoitis, -lof, Att. -£ii)f, I/, (fr. 
same) a wife, a bedfellow, 

.\Ko\aaia, -as, i% (fr. a neg. and 
KoXd^ti) to restrain) irregularity, 
licentiousness, incontinence, in- 
temperance, excess. 

AK6\aiTT0i, -ov, b, f/, (fr. same) un- 
chastised, undisciplined, licen- 
tious, irregular; immodest, in- 

AKoXovBiii) -d, f. -I'lChi, p. >iko\ovOi]- 
Ka, (fr aKv\ov9os a.' follower) to 

<cA/;poy a lot) portionless. 
'AxXavcTos, or 'A*."Aau70f, -on, b, i), 
(fr. a neg. and kAoi'w to bewail) 
unwept, unlamented, unmourn- 
ed, unhonoured by funeral cere- 
AK\irii, and AkXck'/s, -/oj -ooi,h,i'i, 
(fr. same, and kA/oj fame) in- 
glorious, mean, low in rank, or 
AxXtwf, (fr. last) in gloriously. 
'AxAtiffroj, -Ai;oTof, and -Ai/ioroj, 
-ov, b, t'l, (fr. a neg. and icAtiu to 
shut) unbarred, open, 
AicXnpi'^ -u», f. -*;<7a), p. -riKa, (fr. a 
neg. and KXijoo? a portion) <o be 
portionless ; to have no lot, share, 
or inheritance ; to live in poverty, 
or obscurity, 
AkXijtos, -ov, b, I'l, (fr. same, and 
Ka\eu> to call) not called, unin- 
AkXIvik, -to; -ovi, b, q, (fr. same, 
and kXiVu to lean) firm, steady, 
unbending, resolute ; fixed, up- 
'AkXvotos, -ov,b, I), (fr. same, and 
(cXw^u) to wash) unwashed, not 
overflown, or deluged, calm, un- 
A<f/ia'fui, f. -da(o, p. riKfiaKa, (fr. 
aKnn bloom of age) to come to 
maturity, to bloom, flourish, ripen. 

and oijf an ear) pointed, sharp. 
enM ; shaped like the head of a 
kKtviiictif, -ov, 0, a scimitar. 
KKly?uto(, -ov, b, li, (fr. a neg. and 
Klvi\ivoi danger) sife, secure, free 
from harm ; unfit for, or unable 
to hear danger, 
KKiviviias, (fr. loxt) iniafety, safe- 
t'l. Mrrurrh/. 

- >(, -ov, b, !}, and -f;,-ov. Poet, 
m feni. nKinriTS, g. -of, d. 

AKnaloi, -a, -ov, (fr. same) adult, 
blooming, vigorous ; ripe, lujou- 
ri'inl; mature, perfect, 

Axfiaarfif, -oB, b, (fr. same) bloom- 
ing, flourishing, vigorous, 

AKfifi, -ri(, I'l, a point, edge ; point, 
moment, critical time; Jlower, 
bloom, vigour, maturity of age; 
highest ilegree of increase, or im- 

AKfi!)v, Dor. fiKjinv, for /car' axuiiv, 
now, at this mumrnl, yet, still. 

-a, D'tr. (fr. a nes- and Kivhi toi 'AK/i7)i")f, -on, o, i^, (fr. iKr/i/) bjrioin) 

m^ive) imrnoveahU,flrm, stcaily ; 
flrrd, unnunied ; unilisturbed, at 
A«(i"i<, -oil, h, the stones of berries, 
iLr. n plant. 

mature, fulUgrown ; fasting, 
hungry, dry, ihirsti/. 
A*/"")?, -^rof, i, )';, (fr. a neg. and 
Ko'^iwj lo toil) unwearied, frealt, 
vigorous, strong 

Anns, -a, -oi", and dKit, -lov, 4, ,^, AKfinDirov, -ou, ri,(fr, dttfuav on an- 
(fr. (I nog. and kU n maggot)) vil, and WOi/^i Ki »i!t) Ok block 
unrorrupt, sound, wMe, gup. I on which an anvil is Het. 
axt,:,T.iTof. \ '^•'fovlifif, -ov, i. Dm. AKftovldaf, 

Vtipfl<, -<1, -4i', (fr. a inlonj. «)( a -i, 6, the son of Acmotl, 
w<irm, and ^fw t<) flow) loorm-j A«/4«i', -oi/o{, o, (fr. a new. and 
eaten; decayed, frail, wevk. 1 (fa>i« to weary) an ani-i/. ' 


follow, attend, nc^umpany ; to 
imitate, follow after, conform to, 
obey, serve ; to pursue, perform, 
discharge ; to reach to, in a suc- 
cessive train. 
AifoXouflJ/oai, 1 a. inf. act. — Ako- 
XovOi'iaavTCi, n. pi. and -Otjadv- 
Tuiv, g. pi. par. 1 a. act. of last. 
AKoXovOnrtKii, -fi, -h', (fr. same) 
following, succeeding, cojise- 
quent, proceeding from ; obedi- 
ent, attentive. 
AKoXovOia, -as, f), (fr. same) pur- 
suit, chase ; attendance ; a reti- 
nue, company, procession; train, 
series ; consequence. 
AKdXovOoi, -011,6, fi, (fr. a coll. and 
KiXcvOos the road) a companion, 
follower, attendant; an aeoh/lh, 
or young priest. Adj. suitMe, 
congruous, coincident, corres- 
pontlcnt ; consequent. 
AkoXovOovoi, 3 pi. cont. prcs. ind. 
act. or d. pt. cont. par. pres. 
net. of a/coXouO/'u). 
' AkoXovOw( (fr. axrfXoiiOoj attend- 
ant) conse'/uetitli;, suitaMy. 
AitaXviifios, -ov, b, I), (fr. a neg. 
and KoXvfijidia lo swim) that 
cannot swim, that wdt not float, 
Kieoiunrla, -m, i'/, (fr. same, and 
KofiiCut to regard) nrglmrnce, 
carclcssnrns ; 'iiant of equipage, 
provisions, &c. 
AxA/iiraarn.f and 'A«ofi?r«<, leu, b,ii, 
(fr. a neg. ond n/i/inof ostenta- 
tion) willioul boosting or osten- 
I 'A«ro/n//of, -ov, h, ^t (&• a neg. and 


«o/ii/d> osteiitalious) unn.ixiiiii- 
ing, niMlfSt, unqualijied. 
Akoiiuo •a, (fr. OKdyii a whetstone) 
lo tvhet, sharpen, frind ; to 
quicketi, excite. 
AKiii'<^i>Xo;, -ot',i, i), (IV. a iie<;. and 
KivivXof a lliunip) u-ilhoiit blows, 
Axii-if, -';^■^ i^, n grinding-stone, 

AkovIti, (tr. a nop. nnd Kiii'is dust) 
without toil, edsili/, rewlily. 

AkAvXtov, -ov, rd, the herb aconite, 
or nwnkshade ; poison. 

'Akovto, aKovTij oKovTCi, fr. itKuiv, 
-ovaa, -ov. 

AKdvTtai, -oil, b, (fr. liKtov adiirl) a 
serpent, called in Latin Juculus. 

Akovti^u), f. -iVo), p. -iKii, (fr. 
same) to throw the javelin ; to 
hvrl, dart, discharge. 1 a. >ik6v- 
Ticra, Ion. aKdi'Tiaa. 

AkovtIov, -ov, tJ, (dim. of same) 
a smaller kind of javelin, Sec. 

^Kovrhii, -to;, Att. -£u)s, i;, (fr. 
dKu)v a dart) <i throwing of the 
javelin, darling, hurling, shoot- 
ing ; a vollei/. 

Akovti(7Ti,s, -oil, u, Dor. Akovtictus, 
-(J, 0, and Akoi'tiotTjo, -r;,oof, 6, 
(fr. same) a javelin-mnn, a lan- 
cer, who is armed icith missile 

AKovTiaTtKii, -!), -bv, (fr. same) 
clever at the dart ; sup. aKovria- 

AKovriarvi, -voi,{i, (''■• same) dex. 
terity in using the dart, or jave- 
lin ; a trial of slsitl, or a Jight 
with missile weapons. 

AKOTTtaaros, -ov, b, i), (fr. a neg. 
and Kdvog fatigue) unwearied, 
fresh, vigorous, able, active, har- 

AKOTTtdaTus, (fr. last) vigoroitsly, 

'Akoito;, -ov, b, ti, see aKOTrlaoTOi. 

AKoproTof, -ov, b, fj, and Poet. Ak6- 
peros, or 'A/iopof, (fr. a neg. and 
Kopiia to satisfy) insatiable, gree- 
dy, ravenous, voi-acious. 

AKdptjTog, and AKSotirroi, -ov,b, >/, 
(fr. same, and Kooiia to sweep) 
U7>su:ept, unbrushed, unpolished, 
dirty, neglected. 

'AMpov,-ov, -b, the herb sifeeicane, 
or galingule. 

AatSj, -fos -Ov;, ri, (fr. aKcoyiai to 
cure) a cure, inedicine, remedy; 
expiation, atonement. 

AKiaftriTo;, -ov, b, i';, (fr. a neg. and 
Koafitbi to adorn) unadorned, 
plain, not ornamented. 

AKooftla, -«f, ?';, (fr. same, and 
Koaiiif order) want of ornament, 
plainness, simplicity ; irrei>ula- 
rily, confusion, disorder, tumult. 

'AKoafto;, -ov, b, //, (fr. same) plain, 
unadorned ; irregular, disorder- 
ly, undisciplined, tumultuous. 

AKiofiia;, (fr. last) disorderly, dis- 
gracefully, inilccently. 

AKocriui-myiT, -{)CM, (fr. next) lo 
feed on barley ; to pamper, fat 
AtoffTi), -Tis, 'i, barley, food in ge- 
neral, viotu'ds. 


Axui'd'^w, (fr. axovii) lo liear) to 
hear, to listen, to attend on an 
invitation, to be invited. 

Akovc, -ctu), sin. and -crc, 2 pi. 
|>rcs. impr. act. — Anovcti, -et, 
" 3 sin. and -ofitv, -crc, -ovet, 
pi. prcs. ind. act. — AKoviinv, 
Ion. for Ako^civ, prcs. inf. act. 
of axovu), 

'Akovi), -)■){, t'l, same as oKoii. 

'AKOvpof, -ov, b, I), (fr. a neg. and 
Kcipui to shave) unshorn, nntrini- 
nied, rough, unseemly ; beard- 
less. Or (fr. Koufiof, Ion. for 
(fdpoj a youth) childless. 

Akoi'i?, see okiov. 

AKovataaOdi, -elara, -h', 1 a. par. 
pass, of 

AKovaid^ia, (fr. next) to force, com- 
pel. AKOvaui^ouai, lobe forced ; 
to act laiuillingly, be reluctant; 
to .'!hiin, avoid, loathe, decline. 

AKOeato;, -ov, b,!;, and -ia,-(ov, (fr. 
a neg. and Uiav willing) ununll- 
ing, involuntary, loathe, discon- 
tented, reluctant. 

AKovahog (fr. last) unwillingly, re- 

'AKovcfia, -aro;, ri, (fr. ukovw to 
hear) a hearing, the thing heard, 
a sound ; fame, report. 

AkovotIos, -a, -ov, (fr. same) that 
must be heard, attended lo, obey- 

AKOvarij;, -ov, b, f fr. same) an cew- 
ditor, hearer, scholar. 

AKovoTtKOf, -!), -bv, (fr. same) re- 
lating to hearing, or sound ; list- 
ening, attentive, obedient. 

Akovoto;, -uv, b, t), (tV. same) to be 
heard, audible, distinct. 

Ak.ouri'^u, f. -(au), p. iiKovriKa (fr. 
same) to cause to hear, to make 
atJencl. 1 f. Alt. aKovrid, -cis, 

Akovw, f. -ao), p. ijKovKa, to hear ; 
to hearken or listen lo, attend; 
to comprelicnd, learn, under- 
stand. ; lo regard, obey ; to be 
called, or said lo be. imp. act. 
flKovov, 1 a. >]KOvaa,\on. dKovaa' 
opt. aKovaalni, JRo\, aKovada, 
•a;, -£• par. uKovca;, JRol. okov- 
eai;. per. pass, finovajxai. 1 a. 
r,Kov(jOriv. 1 f. aKOvaQf}ao)iai, 2 a. 
act. ind. r}Koov. 2 f. ind. act. 
oKodi. 1 f. ind. mid. aKOvao/iai. 
2 sin. uKovcri. Ion. aKovacui. 
per. mid. fiKoa. Att. aKi'iKoa, 2 
f. mid. uKOTJooftai. 

Xkovuiv, -ovaa, -ov, par. pres. act. 
— AKovwai, 3 pi. pres. sub. act. 
of last. 

'AKpo, -a;, II, (fr. rfxpoj highest^ a 
height, summit, eminence; ajorl, 
citadel, for tr(Lts ; a cape, pro- 
montory; beach, slinre ; extre- 
mity, verge. 

AnpaavTOq, Poet, for dxpavTOg. 

AKPiiii;, -lo; -or;, b, !j, (fr. uKfjo; 
high) high, elevated, nn an emi- 
nence; on the surface, superfi- 

A<tp'i(o;, -ov, 0, »/, (fr. same) high- 
est, loftiest; extreme, last. Or 
(fr. uKOa a fort) of the castle. 

.AKpiiidvr,;, -io; -u?;,'", ht Cr. same, 


and tpaliim to appear) bright, 
eleur, distinct; pure, unmixed; 
lively, active, swiji. 

AKpaiTo;, -ov, b, »;, (fr. a neg. and 
Kpulvo) to complete) imperfect, 
unfinished, defective, frail ; vain, 
fruitless, ineffectual. 

'Axpas, see <i'kpo{. 

Akpaala, -a;, Ij, (fr. a neg. and 
Kpdrof strength) inability lo re- 
strain the iippetites ; intempc- 
rance^ excess ; incoriiinaice, un- 

Ar.paTtiojxai, C-ciaoitai (t'r. uKparii; 
mti-mperutc) to act intemperate- 
ly, to live dissolutely ; to exceed, 
indulge, pamper. 

AKpaTivTiKbs,-uv, b, )'i,(fT. last) dis- 
solute, intemperate. 

AKpar!);, -en; -ov;, b, >/, (fr. a neg. 
and Kpdro; strength) unable to 
curb the ajipetiteii, intemperate, 
dissolute, debauched, unchaste. 

AKpar/jTo;, -ov, b,,'i, (fr. same, and 
Kpario) to restrain) 7iot to be 
checked, restrained, or kept with- 
in bounds; ungovernable, licen- 

AKparii^ia, (fr. axpdrov unmiKcd 
wine) to carouse, indulge; to 

AKodrtUfxa, -uroj, rfi, (fr. same) 
breakfast : an early meal taken 
by tliose who cannot restrain 
their hunger. 

A/cpariorroj, -ov, b, fj, (fr. last) 
who breakfasts, having break- 

AKpaTov, -ov, rb, (neut. of ne.xt) 
pure or unmixed wine. 

'AKpdro;, -ov, b, /;, (fr. a neg. and 
Ktpdvvvjii to mix) unmixed, pure, 
simple ; unsullied, untouched ; 
perfect, complete, just, 

AKpd^o\o;, Dor. for aKpv')^o\os, -ov, 

b, !;, (fr. dKpo; extreme, ami 

Xo^>) anger) irascible, passionate. 

AKpifimv. -ovo;, b, (perhaps fr. 
uKjio; high, and Kpifidui to hang) 
a large branch, or eirm of a tree ; 
a bough ; a shoot, sucker. 

AKpcaiTcpov, (fr. (fffpos extreme, and 
icTTtpo; evening) late in the even- 
ing, dusk, 

'AKpt],-y];, ^, Ion. fornvpa. 

' AKprijio;, -ov, b, )/, (fr. aKpo; ex- 
treme, and i';/3); youth) young, 
boyish, cliildish. 

Ak-piiTonoctrit -'/?> Ion. for aKpriroiro- 
ala,-a;,'i, (fr. rt'vp>/rof unmixed, 
and nici; drink) strong drink; 
drinking plain wine ; a drinking 

.KKpn-omlTrj;, -ov, b, (fr. same) a 
toper, drunkard, 

'AKpiiTo;,-ov, b, fi, (fr. a neg. and 
Kipdvwixt to mix) unmixed, pure, 
plain; sincere, Itonesl, innocent, 

AKOifid^"), f.' -daw, p. -aKa, (fr. 
uKpilifi; exact) to examine, try, 
prove, intjvire, search, scrutinize, 

AKpiilacijb;, -ou, b, (fr. same) exa- 
mination, trial, scrutiny, search; 
a limit, boundary, restriction, 

\Kpiihia, -as, }i, (fr. same) exact- 
ner,s, accuracy, nicety. 



Aicf)i/3''(7rfpo5,comp. -raroi, sup. of jA*.poi3dXo!r, -ov, b,{Sr. same) as/:ir- 
Xxplliiis, -hi -off, 0, »^, ncatrate, I Ltisher, liglu-amied soldier. 

exact, nice, cornet, strict, rigid ; 
perfect, Jinishcd, complete. 
AKpiiioiiKaiof, -on, ri, (fr. last, and 

AKpofivarlhi -u, (fr. ukocj extreme, 
:ind /jiw to cover) to lutve not 
been circumcised. 

iiKti\aw) strictness of Iccw, i-igid,\AKpoliv(TTia, -a;, i), (fr. same) the 

JiKOiPoXoyiofiai -oT'iiai, (fr. same, 

and Xf'yu) to counl) to coriut ac- 
urately ; to e'lumrratc, define, 

■ describe, discuss. 
.\K0ifi6j) -u>, f. -biaia, p. i;<cpf/?ii)*a, 

(fr. oKQijifii exact) to search out, 

to inquire diligently ; to examine. 

explore; to Itrrrn accurately. 

jbreskin, or prepuce ; unciicuiii 

AKpifivaros, -ov, o, (tV. same) uii 

A.Kpoyoitia'ios, -a, -or, (fr. dxpos 
extreme, and yuirla a corner or 
coin) at the corner of ilirfounda- 
tio7i, of the conwr or foundation ; 
the Imcest, fundamental. 

to hiow thoroughly; to finish, AKpornd'n'Xioi', -ov, rb, (fr. nKpo^ 

r/,mpkie, execute in a viasfirly 
^Kpl^df, (fr. same) diligently, ac- 
curately, exactly. 
jiKplioOnpa, -ai, »;, (fr. next, and 
^rjptiui to catch) a trap to catch 
Axpilai, -full', cases of 
Aitpij, -iboi, t'l. Vie locust. 
'AKpts, -105, Alt. -£u)j, 4, (fr. dKPOi 
liigli) n summit, ridge, or tup of 
n rnoimtain ; a cliff', crag. 
AKpiBiu, -a?, ri, (fr. aKp'no; un- 
tried) want of judgment or dis- 
crimination, confusion, uncer- 
KKfitTufiiOat, -01', 0, f), (fr. next, and 
;/; i>r,<; speech) hiisty in language, 
iwiixcreet in speech, rash, imper- 
'hKotroi, -00, i, 1/, (fr. a neg. and 
«oiVui to judge) rash, hasty, in- 
considtrale ; irregular, perplexed, 
confused, indistinct; boundless^ 
ejtreme ; untried, not judged, 
who lias not pleaded, 
AKptroipiWof, -ov, 6, i'/, (fr. last,and 
^I'AXoy a leaf) with lirnnches in- 
lertroven, intertwined, leafy. 
A' ' ,. -o>', 4, fi, (fr, game, 

; to mix) iniliscrtmi- 
' . '.1/ iinied, huddUd togetlter 
I'. rr,fifusion. 
AnpTrw,-, (fr. same) indiscreetly, 
r'iMi/ ; indistinctly rnmfusedly ; 
unjiully^ without trial. 
AKpiufia, -uTOf, rd, (fr. next) a 
MiAind, a voice; that which is 
heard ^ or listerudto ; as a play, 
a musician, &c. 
A'p'idnfiai -Cifiai, f. -avo/iai, p. 
V^piifiai, to Itear, li.tttn ; to at- 
tend, oliey. par. prCB. axpoadjit- 

1 '■{ -UfltVOf. 

A««;./Ti<, -io<, Alt. -toif, 4, (fr. 
last) hearing, listening ; an hear- 
ing, an audirnrc ; attention, oltr- 
dirncf^ respect. 

ArpooTZ-piov, -')u,t4, (fr. same) nn 
nuiluTtrt-chambtr, a public hall, 
(IT court. 

A rn ,;t>i(, -oK, i, (fr. xame) an au- 
.. '-.r, a henrrr, srhnliir 

extreme, and cdicniXoj a finger) 
the thumb. 
Ak-pdcpva, -wv, Tti, (fr. same, and 
rooi an oak) acorns, mast, ituts, 
AKpodhiov, -ov, TO, (fr. same, and 
■?if or ^(i', sand heaped on the 
shore) a heap of corn, the first 
fruits of it ; a heap of spoils, 
that part rf them dediceited or of- 
Anpoddpa^, -aKO(, h, >';, (fr. sainc, 
and -^lipaf the breast) tipsy, 
v:arm-hcttrted, full to tlic throat. 
AKno/cfXciiin'u -w, (fr. same, and 
Kt\aipoi black) to have a hlach 
hue, to be black externally ; to 
look dark, or sternly, to frown 
AKpoKvidtatof, -a, -ov, (fr. same, 
and Kvf^as darkness) evening, 
twilight, dusk. 
AKpdKoiws, -ov, b, (fr. same, and 
KfJ^i; the hair) long-haired; with 
spreading foliage. 
AKOOKoft^iav, see uKpo^opitiv. 
AKpofiavrii, -io( -off, 6, >/, (fr.samc, 
and fialvoiiat to be mad) mad, 
distracted, outrageous. 
AnoopiiaOiot', -ov, rd,(fr, same, and 
fiaaidi for ita^is tlie teat) a 
'Anpov, -ov, TO, (fr. same) the top, 
tip, summit; edge, extremity; 
AKpdvriov, -ov, rd, (fr. same, and 
ii/v; Ion. for vaE; a ship) the 
prow, Itead, or stem of a ship. 
AKpoTnOfii, -foi -ov(, b, li, (fr. 
same, and r/vOof prief) extreme- 
ly salt, mounful, dispirited. 
AKnovoir}Tt (fr. same, and rov{ the 

foot) on tiptoe. 
A<tp<5ToX({, -loj, Alt. -£fc){, /;, (fr. 
same, and riiXi; a city) a castle, 
a citaiM, a city. 
Airp'iroXof , -oil, b, I), (fr. same, and 
rroX/u to !«•) clrvdtrd, lofty, ton- 
er if g, high ; on high, on the 
summit; turning, or rnulving 
tJxnt, renchiug to the pole. 
KKpi-ropai, -ov, b, ti, (fr. name and 
fft/pio lo pierce) piercing, uiarp, 
pom led. 

II, (fr. dKpo( high, nndl A«rp'>To''''''<,-'it, I'l, (fr- "tmc, and 

ihrow) to slioot, throw, 
i.i ..../, in vnUrys, <ir from an 
rmtnrnrr ; lnfit;ht with missiUs ; 
lo skirmislt. 

K>(in i'oXl0^lv(, -lu, «, (fr. loHt) H 

Mhoiirr nf wrapmis, a volley ; a 
skirmiih, skirmishing. 

nuaOi] the foriskiii) the foreskin, 
or prrjmce ; tlir glanil, or nut. 
'.KKorif, -It, -01', /ii('/i, eleia'.td, hfty, 
lopmoU ; rnimtl, or drawn In a 
jiaint, sharp ; rxtremr, outirurd, 
external; jurftct, consummate, 
finislird. fill'. O hriphi, stnnmil, 


clijf. comp. oKpdTtpos, sup. aKp6' 
AKp6ao<poi, -ov, b, (fr. last, and 
(70^05 wise) a complete phihso- 
phtr ; all-wise, sage. 

AypoTi'ipiov, -ov, rb, (fr. same) a 
height, promontory ; an extremi- 
ty, or oiUward part. ^ 

AKpiTijs, -i)TCi,l,, (fr. same)^fi>/ii; 
tJte top, ridge, sumynil ; pcrfec 
tion, complttion. 

AKpnrofios, -ov, v, '), (fr. same, and 
Ttfivio to cut) precipitous, steep ; 
rough, rugged, abrupt, craggy. 

AKp6)^o\os, see oKpay^oXoi. 

AKpo^oplCov, -6voi, /;, (fr. same,and 
X''ph) a sinew) aicart, 

'A/cpii), Dor. for uKpov, g. of oKpof. 

'AKpiav, -loroi, b, (fr. dxpoi ex- 
treme) an end; the exlreniities of 
the limbs. 

'A«.pu;, (fr. oKpos high) on the sur- 
face, szqier/icinlly, slightly, light- 

AKpiaTripid^w, f. -dao), p. -aKa, (fr. 
nKpoiTi'iptov a fragment) to cut off 
the extremities ; to maim, lop, 
.\KpijiTi}piacfioi, -ov, b, (fr. last) avi- 
putation ; maiming, lopping, vm- 
titntion, disfiguration. 
AKpwTt'piov, -ov, TO, (fr. dxpiav the 
extremity) apiece cut off; a lop- 
ping, a fraginent ; a wreck ; the 
cxlranily, e7id ; a pinnacle, bat- 
tlement ; protv, beak, ornameivl 
of ships. 
Aktoiv, -i7f, i';, Acteea, the name of 

a nymph. 
AKTa7oi and 'A/cTicf, -a, -ov, (fr. 
oKTi; the shore) on the shore, 
near the coast, maritime. 
AKrai'ui', -oi'0{,and -u)vo5,o,j'Jc/£E07i, 
Akt>i, -ri(, I'l, (fr. (I'yu) to break) a 
coast, shore, strand, beach ; a 
rock, reef, cliff; grain, com ; the 
elder tree. 
.^KT/jpwv, -ovoi, 0, 1/, (fr. a neg. and 
KTdopai to possess) poor, indi- 
gent, needy. 
Aktiv, and Aktis, -Tvof, >/, a ray, a 
sunbeam; a flash, brightness; 
aKTiviaci, Ion. for okt'ioi, d. pi. 
'Akrioj, -ow, see asTa^cf. 
Akt'Xni, -ov, b, jiquila, a man's 

AKv\tcTo(, -ov, b. Si, (fr. a neg. and 
(cvXi(i> lo roll) that will not roll, 
cannot be rolled; steady, firm. 
AitvXof, -ov, i, the acorn of the Jtrx, 

or scarlet oak. 
Ak'i'/iavTof, -ov, and aKvpuv, -ovof, 
b, !), (fr. « neg. and Kvpa a wave) 
culm, unrujfled. 
Akv/iiiiv, -iivoi, b,li, (fr. same, and 

KUb) tu be»ith cliiid) barren. 
Am'peXoj'/iu -ui, f. -<(TU), |i. -yjKn, (fr. 
ii«iipo{ void, mill X/)'(i) to Kprak) 
to sjiCiik inrarrrrtly, impriiprtly, 
or without aulhonly. 
'Axvpof, -or, b, i), (fr. o neg. and 
r.tpos force) void, invalid, of no 
force or 'flirt ; lain, in^ectuul ; 
olisolelr, uhroeatid, null. 
AKi'iiiiw -ui, f. -b'lffui, \u i7iri'pu»'(i,((r. 
name, mid KvpAio to coiiliriii) to 
ijiroguir, rrvfike, repeal, annul. 


AKuKry, -))i, f), (same as nxi)) Oie' 

rdzf, or point ; a ivcavon. 
AKiiXiarof, -i), -ov, lirprtred of any 

partj or memhtr. And 
'Ak(j\o(, -ov, b, I'l, (fr. a nog. and 
KiiXo^a meniUer) that warUssome 
part, member, or /I'lnfc, especially 
the feet; tnaimed, 7nutilaled, de- 
AurwXiirof, -ou, 6, i), (fr. same, and 
k-wXi'w to hinder) imhindered, 
free, at liberty, unrestrained. 
AkuXfruf, (fr. last) uithmtt stop, 

hindrance, or prohibition. 
Aviir, and AKovi, -dvTof, 6, a dart, 

javelin, weapon. 
'Avwr, and aIkij)v, -ovaa, -ov, (fr. a 
neg. and ckC)v willing) unwilling, 
averse, reluctant; im^otuntary, 
"aXii, a. sin. of «Xf. "AXa(5' for 

a\aie, to sea, seaward. 
'AXu/i.i, -)]i, t'l, inh. 
AXu/iii'(j^^f, -on, 0, (fr. liXapa ink, 
•and dp;^o; chief) a penman, 
writer, scrivener ; a governor. 
AXo'(3a<7Tf)oy, -ov, ri, and a\d(iaa- 
Tooi, -uv, 6, alabaster ; a box made 
of it for, or perfume ; 
such a box made of other ware. 
' A\uSpOfioi, -ov, b, I'l, (fr. (iXf the 
sea, and Ipi/ioi a course) roving 
at sea, cruisiiig ; a corsair, pi- 
A\a^ovcia, -as, /;, (fr. aXd^oiv a 
hraggart) a boast, ostentation, 
pretension ; pride, pomp, arro- 
AXa^ovcvofiat, f. -£i!(7o^ai,(fi'.same) 

to boasl,brag, glory, vaunt. 
AXnfiJitf, -^ovas, cases of 
AXa^iiv, -6ias, h, i), a boaster, pre- 
tender. Adj. self-assuming, inso- 
lent, vain-glorious, arrogant. 
AXaOtia, A\a9cvu>, A\adfis, Dor.for 

a\t)Qda, &c. 
AXaOcij, par. of »;Xa9;?i', 1 a. pass. 

of d\rijxi, a\iit>, or aXdo^ai. 
A\d9tiTOi,-ov, b, )'i, (fr. a neg. and 
Xat/Odvu) to hide) not to be con- 
cealed, notorious, public, conspi- 
AXai^;, -d, -or, for iraXaidj. 
AXaKara, -uj, a. Dor. for );Xa»:a'- 

AXaXay//os, -ov, h, and AXdXaypia, 
-uToi, TO (fr. next) a din, slum t ; 
a cheering used by soldiers in 
battle ; exultation ; sound, me- 
lody, warbling; lowing, bleat- 
AXoA«'|oi', neut. sin. — AXaXd^ov- 

rai, a. pi. par. pres. act. of 
AXuXdi/j, t. -a'ffu, p. -aKa, (fr. 
next) to cry alala, shout, cliccr ; 
to wail, yell, howl; to clatter, 
tinkle, clung, clank. 
AXaXq, -T/i, I'l, and Dor. a\aXa, -c'n, 
a, cUaia, an unmeaning word, 
forming the shout of soldiers 
joining battle. 
AXdXniiai, ind. aXdXiicOat, inf. aXa- 
Xtijiivos, par. per. pass, by re- 
dupl. from aXdofiat. Or by a like 
redupl. pros, from aX^yai, act. 
AXdXr}ro;,-ov, 0, n, (fr. a neg. and 


XaX/u) to speak) inexpressihlej 
unutterable, unspeakable, inej- 
AXaXiiT^i, and Dor. aXnXiinV, -ov, 
6, (fr ciXrtXi;) same as ttXaXay- 

AXaXKOfitvri'ii, -I'^Of, fi, (fr, aXaXATu 
to assist, and ftho^ strength) 
able to relieve, the mighty helper, 
an epith(!t of Minerva. 

'AXuXkoi', Ion. for i/XaXdOM, imp. or 
'2 a. of 

AXhXku), same as aXk-fw, or dX/fw. 

'AXiiXof, -ov, b, i'l, (fr. a neg. and 
XuXiui to speak) dumb, mute, si- 

AXaXvKTrifiat, by Att. redupl. for 
nXvKTi)^iai, which is either a 
Poetic present tense, or per. 
pass. Ion. of aXvKTioftat, Poet. 

AXa^ciitf, -u)v, o\, Alaxones, a peo- 
ple adjoining Scythia. 

AXdofiai, f. -»/<ro/mi, to wander, 
stray, roam, rove ; to err, mis- 
take ; to doubt, hesitate. 

AXabi, -ov, b, i), (fr. a neg. and 
Xdu) to see) blind; purblind, 
short-sighted ; vAth hut one eye. 

AXndo) -w, f. -uJCTio, (fr. lust) to 
blind, deprive of sight; to de- 
ceive, delude. 

AXaooKoitia, -af, >/, Ion. AXaoaKO- 
77('i;, (fr. aXabi purblind, and cko- 
■xii a view) dimness of sight, an 
indistinct view ; a bad lookout, 
neglect of guard. 

AXara^vcis, -i), -Uv, (fr. next) easily 
destroyed, injtired, impaired, or 
pained; soft, tender, delicate; 

AXaTTd^ui, f. -fu, (fr. Xa-nd^w to ex- 
haust) to waste, destroy ; to rob, 
spoil, pillage, plunder ; to empty, 
exhaust, drain. 1 a. tjXd-aa^a, 
Ion. aXdza^a' inf. aXdrra^ai. 

"AXof, -aros, rb, (fr. uX; the sea) 
salt ; brine ; the sea ; hospitality, 

AXaCTCw -u, (fr. uXaorof indelible) 
to feel heavily, resent, be angry, 
not forget ; to fret, grieve. 

' AXaaroi, Dor. for dXriaroi. 

.\.Xd(!T(j>p, -opos, b, (fr. a neg. and 
X»;9o/(a: to forget) a punisher, an 
avenger, who inflicts woes not to 
be forgotten ; an evil genius, a 
demon ; execrable. Also Alastor, 
a man's name. 

AXdras, -a, b, Dor. for AX)/r>;;. 
Also Alatas, or Alctes, a man's 

AXnro, Ion. for i{Xn.To, 3 sin. imp. 
of aXdojjat. But, 

"AXaro, Dor. for J/Xaro, 3 sin. 1 a. 
mid. of fiXXo^ni. 

' A\iiii>rvi, -t'oj, /;, (fr. nXno; pur- 
blind) blindness, dimness nf sight. 

'AXye', for dXyea, pi. of dXyoi, d. 

AXyciiii, ->;, -h; AXyripbi, -a, -bv, 
and AXy'ivieii, -taaa, -ci', (fr. 
next) crievous, mournful, sad; 
painful, aching. Comp. aXyct- 
vdrepoi, sup. -rarof. 

AXy/oj -d, f. -^u(i), p. ^XyijKa, {fr. 
nXyoi pain) to ache, feel pain ; 
rrumrn, fret, pine, grieve. 


AXyiiiitv. -6voi, h, 'AXytJitOf -aroi, 
rb, anil 'AXyi/aii, -luj, Att. -cids, 
)), (fr. same) wo,snrTmo; pain, 
ache; grief, mourning, trouble, 

AXyrjpbi, -t), -iv, (fr. sanre) grieV' 
ous, mournful; painful. 

AXyluiv, conip. dXyiams, sup. (fr. 
same) more and most grievous:, 
mournful, painful, &c, 

'AXyos, -£0{ -ovi, tJ, wo, grief, sor- 
row, sadness ; trouble, har<lship, 
distress ; pain, ache, soreness. 

AX&i'u) -uj, or 'aX(5u), f. -»;<ru), p. 
-i/<fo, also AXfalviii, f. -avw, to 
feed, nourish, maintain ; to invi- 
gorate, strengtheii; to increase, 
enlarge, augment. 

AXM'ioKta, (fr. last) to grow, be- 
come larger, iiicrease. 

AXcu, -lis, and Ion. AXcn, -ijs, fi, 
(fr. aXfti) to shun) escape, fight, 

AX/u, -as, and Ion. aX/;/, -vs, fi, 
heat, warmth. 

AXtaivu, (fr. last) to grow warm. 

AXiaaOat, and AXcvaadat, for aXi- 
oaaOai and aXevoaaOai, 1 a. inf. 
mid. of aXfw and aXti'no, 

AXeycivus, -oij, b, i), (fr. aXiyo) to 
regard) mournful, sorrowful, sad, 
melancholy, grievous ; anxious, 
solicitous, attentive, watchful. 
See also aXyctvds. 

AXeyl^ui, f. -laoi, p. -iKa, same as 

AXcyw, f. -fw, to take care of sec 
to, look to, order, provide ; to 
attend, regard, respect; to value, 

AXmvbs, ->>, -iv, (fr. a\ia heat) 
warm, temperate, tepid. 

AXcth'u), (fr. aXf'u to shun) to fee, 
escape; to shun, avoid. Irnp. 
aXieivov, Ion. for jjX/civov. 

AXti), -rjs, I'l, (fr. same) seeaXto. 

'AXt^a, -as, I], see AXtcta. 

AXdavTos, -ov, b, i), (fr. a neg. and 
Xctahu) to polish) unpolished, 
coarse, unfinished. 

'AXciSp, -dros, rb, (fr. aXio) to 
grind) meed, flour. 

AXciXtipa, Att. for ijXet(})a, per. of 

'AXetjtjia, -uTos,Tb, (fr.same) unc- 
tion, anointing; ointment, be- 
smearing, daubing. 

AXiIos, Dor. for HXtioj, -ov, b, fi, 
Elean, of Elis. 

A'XdTrrns, -ov, 6, (fr, aXcl(bw to 
anoint) an anomtcr, one who oil- 
ed and attended the lurestlers; a 

AXcnrrpiv, -ov, rb, (fr. same) n 
vessel for ointment ; a room for 

AXds, par. pres. of dXtifit, or par. 
2 a. pass, of aXt'w. 

AXdaov, -ov, rb, an embossed cup, 
a drinking vessel, tankard, gob- 

AXdT>is,-ov, b, (fr. next) a sinner. 
See aXtrpds, 

AXelr(a, sec aXirio). 

AXciTOvpyri'ria, -as, >'/, i^"'- a ""^g- 
Xarbs public, and ipyov work) 
an immunity from public duties; 
a privilege, exemption. 

'AXtirfi(i,or '.KXcKpv-m, ^/i^nd AXei- 


0ap, -urof, ri, (fr. next) oint- 
ment, uncttm ; oiling, greasing y 
pitch, calking. 
AX£I(^ J, f. "i-oi, p- fi\ct(pa, to anoint, 
oil, grease ; to daub, smear ; to 
overspread, coat, calk; to con- 
secrate. 1 a. ijXtnl'a' par. d\ci- 
x^ai. 2 a. I'l^Kpov. per. mid. »;Xoi- 
(fia. Att. a\ri\ot(pa. per. acl. Att. 
aXijXiipa' pass. aX^Xifi//a(. pper. 
pass. Alt. a'XrtXififtriii, and Poet. 


AXciiifui, 1 a. inf. act. — \\ti\pa- 
aa, n. fern. sin. and .^Xciifavrtf, 
n. mas. pi. par. 1 a. act. — 
AXti-^-uffi, 3 pi. 1 a. sub. act. of 

AX£«rijp, -}jpo{, b, Sync, for aXe^ij 
Trip, (fr. oXffu) to avert) a de- 
ftiider, protector, guardian. 

A.XtKTopo<piinla,-ai,ri, (fr. next, and 
d)u)vit voice) cock-crowing ; the 
three hours after midnight ; early 

AXticrpSuiv, -6voi, h, i), (fr. next) a 
cock or hen ; a fowl. 

AX/crup, -opof, b, (fr. a neg. and 
XfKTpov bed) a cock. 

XXifiaroi, Dor. for tiXifiaroi. 

'AXtv, Sync, and Ion. for t'lXcaav, 
3 pi. imp. or 2 au ind. of dXriftt, 
the same as aX/u. But 

*AXtv, BcEot. for aXijaav, Ion. for 
fi\i]aav, by Metapl. for the Alt. 
iiiXutaar, 3 pi. 2 a. of aXbi/ii, or 

AXiiavcpila, -as, 4, the city Alexan- 
dria ; and 

kXtiavipvif, -ioi, b, an Alexan- 
ilrian ; and 



^6po( death) averting- death, pro-\\XrjdciiJi, f. -tvatii, p. riX0ivKa, (fr, 
tecting. \ aXjidfji true) to speak, or main. 

K\c^t<pdpiiaKOi, -ov, b, n, (fr. same, 
and ipdpfiaKov poison) averting 
the power, or preventing the ej- 
fects of poison ; an atUidote, 

AXf'fu, and AXc^iu), f. -i;<iu, p. 
•tlKa, to drive, turn away ; to re- 
pel, keep off, avert, set aside ; to 
assist, succour, protect, defend. 
— AXf^oftai, to defend one^s self, 
revenge, retaliate. 1 a. .lEol. 
aXe^iiacia, -aj, -£, &C. for aXtJi)- 

xXt^tilicaBa, Dor. for aXc^iifttBa, 1 
pi. pres. sub. mid. o( aXi(u>. 

A.Xcbi, -ov, b, )'i, (fr. aXia heat) tiot, 
warm; temperate, tepid. Also 
Dor. for 7;X£os, which see. 

AXidTTji, -nros, f'h (fr- aXiu) to ga- 
ther) a collection, gathering ; a 
crowd, an assemblage. 

AXuippuiv, -oiof, 6, /;, (fr. same, 
and (pphv the mind) wandering 
in mind, erroneous ; foolish ; 
mad, distracted. 

A.Xc-iiu)To;, -ov, b, I'l, (fr. a neg. 
and XtniiioTOi scaly, th. Xfrij a 
scale) without scales, smooth. 

AXirrji, -ov, b, (fr. aXfu to grind) 
of a mill ; with 6vos understood, 
a millstone. 

AXerpii, -ifos, ly, (fr. same) a mil- 
lerKi wife. 

AXfTcji', -ibvoi, b, (fr. same) a 
workliouse, where refractory 
slaves were set to grind. 
KXtvaiai, -hiv, o'l, the sons, or de- 
scendants of Aleuas. 
kXi^dvoptvoi, -r],-ov, about Alexan- KXtvara, Ion. for rjXcvaro, 1 a. ind. 

dria, or Alexander, or a kind of 
verse ; all from 
AXifavcpoi, -ov, b, (fr. aX/fui to 
protect, and ailio a man) Alexan- 
der, a man'8 name. 
kXi^dilfiof, ov, b, Ij, (fr. aXi^ui 
to avert, and dvcuof the wind) 
that turns tlir wind, excludes air ; 
shtltering screening. 
AXi^'ijwOai, I a. inf. mid. of aXiyu. 
Or by Sync, for aXt^naaaOui, 1 
a. inf, mid. — AXc^t/i£i'a(, Dor. 
and Ion. for aXi((ii', pres. inf. 
act. — AXc(i7<Teia, -a;, -c, 1 a. 
npu act. iGol. uf aXi'fui, or 
AXi'(i7;in, -Srof, ri, (fr. aXt^ij} to 
avert) defence, protection, assist- 
ance, relief, succour. 
AXtfijn'/piof, -a, -ov, (fr. 8amc)^< 
or capable of defending, protect- 
ing, guarding. 
AXi(iqpi), ->){, li, (fr. same, and 
ap't prayer) a female who averts 
cnrtejt, or turns away prvjrrs. 
KXi(i,)laia(, -ov, b, tile son of 

AX((i«a«o(, -OB, h, //, (fr. aXl(u> to 
avert, and «(i«4{ evil) preserva- 
tive, prrveniitir ; gub. a good 
genius, an nuertrr of evil ; a de. 
frndrr, protector, gunrdinn. 
KXi^ifijipoTof, -ov, i, I), (fr. same, 

and (loarif human) proterting, 
ginrdmg, drfrmiine , averting. 
KXi^ifiopof, -ov, b, ';, (fr. same, anill true, speaking truth. 
D (25) 

mid. — AXcvaoOai, inf. — AXeu 
dutvoi, par. Sync, for tjXcvaaTo, 
aXciaaadat, aXivcdfiCvoi from 
nX£uu». See also aXiaoOai. 

AXcvftat, Dor. for aXovjiai, cont. of 
aXio/iai. See aXiui. 

\Xcvpov, -ov, rd, (fr. aXio) to grind) 
meal, flour. 

AXtvu), to avoid, shun, flee; to 
avert, keep, or turn off". Also 

AX/u -(3, f. -rjau), and -iVw, p. -ko, 
to grind. aX/o/iui, in the sense 
ofaXfUdj, to quit, flee, escape; to 
shun, avoiit, decline ; to writhe, 
twist, strain, bend, in order to 
avoid violence ; to conceal, hide, 
shut up, an in order to avoid or 
escape pursuit ; to collect, as- 
senjile, crowd together as for the 
same purpose. Also to tvawlrr, 
ramble, stray, as if for the same 
reason. Par. 2 a. pass. aXi!;, 
-uaa, -iv. 

\Xtu)nfi, -)"■/{, »'/, (fr. last) escape, 
safely, security, protcrtinn ; a 
refuge, asylum ; a hulwark, 

AXf), -ijs, 4, (fr. aXdofiat to stray) 
a going astray ; error, mistake ; 
roving ; an unsrllled life, 
XXtiOiia, -n<, fi, (fr. aX^Or); true) 
truth, rernrily ; reality, farl ; 
fidelity, faithfulness ; integrity, 
rii^htiousness. a. Ion. aXnOtitiv. 
AXijOtunxit, -i), -iv, (fr. next) 

tain the truth ; to act sincerely ; 
to verify, confirm. 
AXtjOiitri, for aXijdcia. 
AXrjdni, -ioi -oCs, b, i/, (as fr. a 
neg. and X.-jOw to lie hid, or Xivflij 
obhvion) true, real, certain, au- 
thentic, unerring ; V(did, decisive, 
competent; candid,sincere, honest. 
comp. aXijSfVrtpoj, sup. aXriQh- 
AXridi^ojiai, same as nXtjOev^a. 
AXribtibi, -fi, -ov, (fr. aXridni true) 
true, sincere; real, genuine, es- 
AXTidoBvvr), -vi, >;, (fr. same) ue- 

rity, reality, genuineness. 
AXt'idovaai, n. pi. fem. par. pres. 

acl. of next. 
AXiidui, f. -j;<ru, p. >;Xi7».-a, same as 

aXf'ui, to grind. 
AXrjdCJi, and AXr]81vS)i, (fr. aXrjOfi; 

true) truly, sincerely, really. 
AX/im, -ov, b, ,',, (fr. a neg. and 
XnU booty, or Xi'/tov a crop) poor, 
1 indigent. 

AXijktos, -ov, b, '/, (fr. a neg. and 
Xr'iyhi to cease) incessant, un- 
ceasing, continual; restless, not 
to be stopped. 
AXtiKTd, -log, t], Alecto, one of the 

AX)'iXcKa — AXt'iXeafjtai — AXijXeo-- 
lih'Of, Att. for t'lXtKa, per. act. 
I'lXeajiai, per. pass. ijXtanivoi, 
par. of aX/u), to grind. 
AXi'iXiifiat, for dXaitni, JEo\. for 
dXtjiiai, pres. mid. or pass, of 
dXriftt. Or it is put for iiXrifiat, 
per. pass, of same, dXtjfit, or 
AX^X"ipa — AX''jXi ft ftai, -\pai,-T7Tai 
— AXijXi^^tVof, Att. for t'lXcitlia, 
per. act. I'/Xfi/ifiui, -'I'ai, -irrat, 
per. pass. tiXttfifiivos, par. of 
'AXtj/ta, -aroi, rd, (fr. aXao/ini to 
wander) a wandering, rambling, 
straying ; mistake, error. 
AXi'iiicvai, Dor. for aXTivat, pres. 

inf. act. of 
'AXrjfii, (fr. aXitii) with which it is 
the same in all its significations, 
except the first, pres. inf. nXi> 
vat, par. (iXflj, -una, -Iv, imp. 
or 2 a. iiXnv, 3 pi. t'lXtaav, by 
Sync, and Ion. dXav, 2 a. inf. 
AXi7^ui>', -ova;, b, i), (fr. aXdofiai to 
stray) wandering, rambling, 
straying ; a viigalmnd. 
AX),TTof, -oil, b, I'l, (fr. a neg. and 
X(i/i/3(»i(i) to catch) not to he 
caught or held ; imprrgnnhle, in- 
accessiblr ; incomprehcnsililr. 
'AXrlf, -/of -oii{, b, If, (fr. /iXif 
enough) abundant, nnmrrous ; 
rMlrrted, ussrmblitl, crnwded to- 
"AXt/f, -cvTOf, I'l, Hales, a river in 

'AXtinrof, -nil, b, Ij, (fr. a neg. and 
Xi'iOia to forgctl) indelihie, not to 
be forgiitlrn, perpetual. 
"KXnriu, 3 sin. 2 a. suli. mid. of 



AXijrti'u, (fr. next) to iramlrr, 

ji/rnv, "T ) tojtoat. 
AAOrvii 'oi'i i) (Ir. <iA/fo^«i( to stray) 
(I wanderer, vafrraiit, vagabond, 
beggar, nurulii-uiil. 
A\Oaiii, -as, t'l, Atthaa, a woman's 

A\Oalvw, and aXO/w, see (i,\Ou>. 
'AAOtTu, Ion. lor i)\0tTO, imp. mid. 

or pass, of 
'AXOuj, AXdiio, and AAOofim, f. 
-)>u), <o heal, cure; to recover; 
In grow iiurrcise, enlarge. 
'\yi, d. sill, of uAf. 
'AA/c, -af, I/, (fr. ah)i abundant, 
or aXit enoueh) a cowpany, as- 
sejnbly, meeting. 
'A\i(i>ii, -ioi -ols, 6, /;, (fr. (7Xf the 
sea, and a'i;/ii to blow) ilou-ing 
from, or over the ara. 
\\iiiicroi, or 'AAiu'frof, -ou, o, (fr. 
I'iAf the sea, and utruf an eagle) 
the ouprey. 
'AXtiiKftidv, -oi'oj, !>, IlaViacmon, a 

AXmoToj, -ov, 0, t'l, (fr. X(«'iJ(i) to 
move, wilh a nep.) inevitable, 
nnavoidnble ; unable to escape, 
u-itho'/t resource ; (with a in- 
tens. ) vehement, violent, in- 
tense ; inressant. 
AA('/?u7-o{, Dor. for n^iftaroi. 
' K\iii(i6)(og, -ov, b, !], (fr. UAf tlie 
sea, and Ppe^u> to wet) wa-ihed 
by the sea, seabcplen. 
XMyKios, -ov, b, t'l, like, alike, simi- 
lar, resembling. 
'XXtda, and 'AAc/a, -as, fi, (fr. 
wAifi'j a fisherman, th. tiAf the 
sea) a Jishing fishery, supply of 

A\icqk>k, -loi -0S5, b, t'l, (fr. uAf 
tlio sea, and 'epKOi a fence) sea- 
hound, seagirt. 
AAVaj, -f'of, Att. -fwf, b, (fr. uAf 

the sea) ajisherman. 
AXtcvTlxij, -));, )'/, (fr. last) fish- 

AAi£uw, f. -evtroi, p. {jXievKa (fr. 
same) to ./fs''. pres. inf. act. 
'.\Xi^o}, f. -iVu, p. -Ilea, (fr. (iAf 
salt) /o preserve with salt, pickle, 
com, cure. per. pass. i;Xi(T/^a(. 1 
a. iiXiaOriv, 1 f. iXtcBi'iaoitai 


AX</io;, -oil, & and {), also 'AXt/ior, 
-uii, tA, (fr. next) ashriili of a salt 
or billtr taste growing in dcstrts. 
"AXi/io«, and "aXikos, -ov, b, !/, (fr. 
(iA>, b, salt, or liAj, 1% the sea) 
stdl, saltish, brackish, bitter; 
marine, nuvtd ; maritime. 
'AXifioi, -ov, b, t), (fr. (1 intens. and 
Xifidi hunger) dry, thirsty, hun- 
gry, bnrri n. Also, good against 
hunger, satisfying. 
'AXiiivpt'/cis, -taaa, -tv, (fr. ilAf the 
sea, imd (iijpw to pour) Jlouing 
into the sea. 
AXitCito -w, f. -I'laio, (fr. aXlui ihe 
same) to roll, turn, move round; 
to wallow, tumble. AXuSiofiai, 
-ovfuii, to be engaged, concerned, 
or employed about; to converse, 
be intimate, or acqviiintrd with. 
AXntii'iOpa, -as, t'l, (fr. last) a fold, 
paddock, or yard, where beasts 
m.'iy roll and tumble ; a maze, 
"xXiro;, -n, -ov, (fr. uXs salt) salt- 
ed, pickled ; fruitless, vain. 
AXiios, -ov, b, I'l, (fr. a neg. and 
Ai'i'oi' flax) without nets ; unfit 
for nets ; improper fur Ji siting. 
"AXif, Dor. for IjAif. 
'AXif, -tKos, t'l, a kind, of wheat ; 

porridge made of it. 
'AXioto, Ion. for aXtov, g. of uAioj. 
'AAii5i.«iiCTrof, Dor. for »';Ai<5/cau<7TOf . 
"AAiof, Dor. for J'/Aio;. 
"AAiof, -ov, b, I'l, (fr. uA{ sea) of the 
sea, marine. Also vain, fabe, 
empty, u-orthless, unimportant, 
silly, unmeaning, idle, insigjii- 
' AXiOTpc(jii]S, -los -ovs, b, /;, (fr. uXs 
sea, and rpiijxa to rear) sea-bred. 
' AXidiii -u>, f. -liaw, p. -u)Ka, (fr. 
liXios vain) to frustrate, defeat, 
disappoint ; annul. 
'AXi^rXayKTOi, -ov, b, 1), (fr. same, 
and TrXa'^u) to wander) cruising, 
roving at sea... 
'AXiirXoos -ovs, -oov -ov, b, t'l, (fr. 
same, and tXcu) to sail) floating, 
sailing ; ploughing, traversing 
the main ; surrounded by, or 
sunk in the sea, 
'AXIttvoos -ovs, -oov -ov, b, )'/, (fr. 
same, and ttvio) to breathe) 

" A\K 

take ; to seize, catch, capture ; to 
find out, detect, discoi<er; to con- 
vict, condemn. 2 a. ind. i'/Xior, 
Att. idXutv 

'.\.Xi^w, (fr. tiXtf enough) to collect,^ smelling, or breathing of the 
assemble, meet ; to gather, heap, I sea. 

pile, accumulate. 

' AXiiT6p(pvpo(, -ov, b, t'l, (fr. same. 

'AXi^(jiics,-<i)v,o], the Halizonians.\ and Trop^i'pa purpla) bright,, re- 
AXi'iX'iit -ios -ovs, b, ii, (fr. aXs the] sjAendent as the sea; seagreen, 

sea, and Tj^os a sound) sea-re- 
sounding, murmuring, roaring, 
like the sea. 

AXiOio;, and AXidiws, Dor. for >;Xi'- 
Oioi, and )/A(Oi'wj. 

'AXiVof, Dor. for {/XIkos. See also 

'.\Xi'«rriin-o>, -yv, 0, i/, (fr. uAjthe] taint. 

dark, azure. 

"AA(?, sufficiently, enough, plenti- 
fully, abundantly. 

~AXi J, -lioi, t'l. Dor. for 'HXi j, Elis, 

^*^"'^■• - r . 

AA(cr)'fw -to, I. -iicc), p. -tjKa, Co 

pollute, corrupt, contaminate, 

sea, and K-rv-im to resound) sea- 

resounding, .ir.a-bcalcn. 
aXIikvos, -ov, b, li, (fr. a neg. and 

Xifiiiv a. harbour) without o. port, 

haven, or harbour ; inlwspiiahle, 

' KXifificn, -IS, fi, (fr. aXi the sea, 

and fitjoas regard) Halimedi, a 


^Xiayiifjia, -nms, to, (fr. last) pol- 
hdi'in, taint, nontaminaiion ; iin- 
puriti/, uncleanness. 

kXippodos, -ov, b, li, (fr. nXs the 
sea, and jiiOos the noise of the 
waves) tea-flowing, sea-resound- 

' AXiaKii), or "aXw/k, f. ahdiaiii, p, 

nnpr. i'AuOi' sub. 

aXCo. inf. uAuii'ui" par. uXois. 

This tense and the perfect have 

always a passive signification. 

pres. inf. pass. t'tXiisKiaQaf par. 

aXiOKAjuvos. ]•( r. ind. pass. f;Xu)- 

^lai. 2 a. inf. pass. (iAi/vai. 
' AXiCfia, -tiros, rb, Alismu, a plant. 
AXtarpcipfis, -los -oi<s, b, I'l, (fr. 

uA{ liie sea, and ffrjj/^u to turn) 

employed on the sea, srnforing ; 

floating, or tossing on Ihe sra. 
AX?Tfu), or AXcirfii) -d, f. -t'jcto, p. 

t)Ka. to wandir, err, mistake ; la 

sin, Irnnsgress, qffind ; to omit, 

neglect, fail in duty ; to ins7ill, 

af/niit, abuse. 
AXItii, 2 a. sub. of aXir/u), or d. 

sin. ofaXlrris. 
AXiTrifthos, Ion. for liXini^lvos, 

par. per. pass, of nXir/oj. 
AXirij/iwv, -ovos, b, t'l, (fr. nXiTiu 

to sin) n. sinttcr, transgressor ; 

perversely wicked, reprobate. 
AXiTi'ptos, -ov, b, t'l, (fr. same) sin- 
ful, flagitious ; a sinner. 
AXirris, -ov, b, (fr. same) o sinner, 

AXirofitivos, see lyXirrffiijvof. 
AXitovto, Ion. for (/AitiJito, 3 pi. 2 

a. ind. mid. of oXit/o". 
AXir6^[vos,-ov, b, (fr. oXiTfU) to sin, 

and ^hos a guest) vho in»ults or 

abuses his guests ; inhospitable. 
.KXirpahoi, (fr. same) to si7i ; to 

offend, abuse. '^ 

'AAirpiJrof, -oil, b, >;, (fr. uXs SCa, 

and TpiTToi to engage) employed 

071 the sen, seafaiing. 
AXirpis, AXirr/s, and AXtir;;;, -ov, 

b, (fr. aXiTioj to sin) a sinner, 
transgressor, an offender ; a cri- 

' AXItovtos, -ov, b, li, (fr. tiXs sea, 

and rpvij) to wear) wasted, or 

worn out by the toils of the sea, 

seaworn ; urrecked, shattered, 
AA/w, f. -I'ffu, p. I'lXiKa, to roll, turn, 

move, round. 
'AA(uj, (fr. aXios vain) in vain, to 

no purpose, fruitlessly , amiss. 
AXku, and aXkocis, Dor. for aX*.i>, 

and iiXKt'icis. 
aXkuOoos, -ov, b, Alcalhoos, a 

man's name. 
AXKaia, -ns, t'l, ovpa understood, 

(fr. nXKri strength) a lion's (ail. 
AXKatSris, -ov, b, the son ofAlcarus. 
AXKaiK&s, -oti, b, iifAlcfCUS. 
AXkoIos, -a, -Of, (fr. oXki) strength) 

strong, noble, generous. Also 

Alcaus, a man's name. 
AXKo.vf'pos, -ov, b, Alcnnder. 
' AXKap,-iipos, rd,(fr.oA/c^ strength) 

defence, safeguard, protection ; 

assistance, relief; a bulwark, 

'AXkcu, -as, t'l, wild maUmus, marsh 

AXkMuio, JEo\. for aXkiHov, g. 

of AXxciins, -ov, b, Alcides, an 

epithet of Hercules. 
aXkiio -01, f. -ntrto, and 'aXkw, f. 

\(i>K.i, Att. iaXtok-n, to receive,^ -^ta, (Jr. r>i:^:t) to defend, protect ; 




^izve, preserve : assist, relieve ; tu, other) (keickere, in ar^Uhcr\ Q^, reject ; to alie-nate, estrange. 

avert, repel. \ place. AAXa;^rfSci',/r(Mn aJiorter A\Xot6ofiai,-ovfint,tobec}iange(l, 

AAici), -^f, »;, s're7i^t/i,_/«rcf, fi^oMr, ; place. I lorrupted, vitiuteil ; to change in 

poioer; courage, braver;/, forti- ' AXXawv, iEol. for a'X.Xwi', g. pi, of| mind, gu wad.; help, assistanre, relief; dWo;. AAXoiuxris, -ws, Alt. -tioi, )/, (t'r 

AXXryoi', for avd'Atyo), which Ion 
for aviXcyoi', imp. of ai'nXt'yu). 

labour, toil ; victory, triumph 
AX(r^t<{, -£ff(ra, -£v, (fr. last) strong, 
mighti/, courageous, brave ; help- 
ing, assistant. 
.WKijarii, -iloi, !i, AlcestU, a wo- 
man's name. 
AAA(/3(a'<;(of, or AX»tf/?ioj, -01', 0, an 

herb ; anchusa, hugtop. 
AXxt^oi, -ov, b, li, (fr. aXxn 
strength) strong, able, vigorous, 
. powerful, mighty ; brave, gener- 
ous; helping, aiding. 
AXkiiatoiiSat, -wr, oi, the descend. 

aids ofAtcmeeon. 
AXKfti'/vn, -IS, ^, Alcmenc, a wo- 
man's name. 
A>«rr^p, -)ipo?, 0, (fr. n>.K>) strength) 
an avenger, assiTlor ; defender, 
jifitron, protector. 
A^Kvdni, -;/f, 1/, Alcyone, a wo- 
man's name. 
'AXkvwv, -uvos, 'i, (fr. ('iXj the sea, 
and Kvu) to iiatcli) the halcyon, 
or king^fisher. 
'AXko), and AX.-iXdii), f. uX^ui, aX»fi;- 
aii), and /iXuX»:j,'<7<o, (fr. oXkii 
strength) to ketp "Jf, drive away, 
repel enemies ; to protect, guard, 
save, preserve ; tn assiil, help. 2 
a. ij\a\Kov, Ion. liXa^Kov. 
AXX'i, (properly the a. nciit. pi. of 
uWoi with Kar't understood) in 
oOier respects ; Imt, yit, except ; 
unless, tieverthelcss, nutuiilhstnnd- 
ing ; also, rather, yea, moreover, 
truly. aXX' fijr (iXX'i, and «XXo. 
'AXXrjyc, but indeed, yet, at kail. 
'' AXX' )/, Irut only. 
AXXuyi/, -Tii, I'l, (fr. aWtieou) to 
chani^e) a change, alteration, vi- 
cuuitudc ; substitution, barter, ex- 
change ; intercourse, commerce, 
'AXX/iy^a, -ami, rb, same. 
AXXu'Xuiffii', Dor. and i' added for 

aXX>/Xo((, sec nXXr/Xoir. 
AXXdXo'^ow'rt, Dor. for aWnXo- 

'AXX«i', Dor. for aXXqi; a. sin. of 

AXXiiyronoiif, -oil, o, i;, (fr. aWiif 
■1 sausage, and roi/w to make) 
maker of S'tusages, blaiM-pud- 
"">g», iir. 
AXXarrorwXi/(, -ov, b, (fr. xamc, 
and ru)X((i» to sell) a teller of 
snu'ngr^, tic, 

AXXf((.ii, 1 a. inf. art AXXo'Cji, 

tliiin. I f. act. of iiXX>i'o<7(i>. 
A XX«{, -livTof, fi, a sausngr, or such 
kiiul nfpudiUng. i 

AXXfiairm, or -rriD, f. -fw, p. ijX 

same) change, cdicralton. 
'AXXo/vu, Dor. for a'XXurr. 

AXX«j, Poet, for uoWies, n. pi. of AXXoxcro,, -ov, o, i), (fr, liWo; 

aoXXjJy. other, and ruKui birth) nionslrous. 

AXX/^hi, Poet, for aiuXi^ai, 1 a. j iiregular, nnraiturul, .nrange. 

inf. act. of (iiaX/yw. l"AXX«/<ai, f. uXovimt, p. >)X/(ai, I(J 

'.\XX);, (properly the d. of a'XXofl leap, boxmd, spring; to danc, 

with /(tpiAi part, or o(\) wayi to rise, get up; to .'spring, issue, 

understood) otheiwisr, else; i/i| hnlible vp. imp. ijXXifiiii'. 1 a. 

another part ; elsnvhcre ; in anv-'i mid. j;Xri'f(»;i'. iiXro, without the 

ther direction, in another toa^ 

AXXriyopeii) -w, (fr. «'XXoj othe: 
and ayopiin) to speak) to alUgo- 
rize, allude to, hint at, prefigure, 
represent metaphorically. 

XXXriyvfia, -as, I'l, (fr. last) an al- 
legory, allusion, parable, fable. 

AXXijyopiKOf, -i), -bv, (fr. last) alle- 
gorical, allusive. 

AXXriyupovficra, -wv, ra, (n. pi. 
par. pres. pass, of aXXrjyopio)) 
the expressions, or narrative con- 
taining the allegory, or allusion; 
an allegory, metaphor, allusion. 

'AXXtjKToi, A.0I. for (iX»;Kros'. 

AXXriXtjct, Ion. for nXXijXais — AX- 
X))Xoi<"i', Poet, for aXX;;Xoii' fr. 

AXX»;Xoifa, alletujah. 

AXXijXoiliayin, -li, i'l, Ion. for AX 
X'/Xoipuyla, -uf, (';, (fr. uXXijXuv 
each oiher, and ijidyui to eat) 
eating each otiicr ; mutual de- 

AXXr)Xo<povla, -«f, (';, (fr. same, and 
ijii'ivoi slaughter, th. ^Ivu) to kill) 
mutual slaughter, 

AXXi'iXiav, g. pi. d. uXX»jXo(f, -aii, 
-0(5, a.nXXi/Xouf, -n?, -a, it wants 
the other parts, (fr. ilXXoi ano- 
ther) each other, in turn, mutu- 
ally, reciprocally. 

AXXoytvhi, -ioi -oui, b, 1';, (fr. o'X- 
Xo{ other, and yUos race) afo- 
rcigver ; an (dien, stranger, 

AXXdyXuaaof, -uv, b, I/, (fr. same, 
and yXwaaa tongue) of a d[yir- 
enl language, an alien, 

AXX'jyvwTof, -ov, b, '/, (fr. same, 
and yti'woKu) to know) hnovin to 
others, aforcifihir, 

AXXoourdj, -n, -ov, (fr. same, and 
i^i'tTTcfof land) a foreigner, siran 
ger, alien. 
AXXoctfiK, -{o( -uT's, b. If, (fr. same, 
and iii'ov nhape) of a tH^emil 
shaj/r, chani;ed, transformed, 
'AXXuOc, iuiiI 'AXXoOfi', (fr. same) 
from rlsrvhirr, from aiuitlur 
place, or ijuailrr 

\Kiiaiio, or -TTiv, I. -{w, p 

XSx'i,l''chaniir,'dlr,r ; eechnngr,t'A^^'iOi, (fr, sam<-) rlseu-hcr", in n 

liarter, sut>ftilutr ; In surreed,fol- I dilTirrnt pUuf, Ic, 

low in order ; t'l rr'fuitr, 2 a. //A- 'aXMOooik, -ov, h, ./, (fr. same, and 

Xayay, per, Jin**. i/XXxy/on. I 0.] $p6o( siiund) of a s'rnnce voire, 

qXXif^Oi;)'* I •*. iiXX'i)^(fi'ioiiiini, 2] using a dij/ecent cry in liattli, 

f. iiXX/iyi;(7i/iiii, 1 u. ml, »iXXufi<, Pirfign, 

I a. mid, iu'l. tiXXufiiiiiiv o\>l.^ A^XoTuu -fi, -or, nln<> in frni. nX- 

nA>(/(«i^r inf. iiXXa(aoOai. t X'»i'/, (fr. uniiif) other, dffi'Kri nt,\ torn, slnin,;r manner, rite, or rr- 

AXXiitt,!, for riXXn iirm, or nriiu, diverse; nviisr, discordant. I rrmony. 

some, the rest, AXXniii;) -10, f. -luirio, p. r/XXo'wkn AXXo0i")XS>, -nv, b, //, (fr. stinie) a 

AXXrt^'/i'., and aXX((;^Q, (fr. riXXos, {fr, hsl) lvlinngi,nltir ; to cast, slranrrr, foreigner; of another 


asp. JE(A. for l/Xro, pper. pa.s«. 
or for ijXaro, 1 a. mid. or for 
ijXcTo. 2 a. mid. 

AXXo5rfj(5(j«XXos, -01', t, '/, (fr. n'XXcf 
othtr, zp&i towards, and dXXoi 
olhtT)changiable, variable,f!ckle, 

'AXXof, -»;, -0, another, other, the 
other ; the rest, some ; these and 
tkosc; another'' s. 

'AXXoae, (fr. last) elsewhere, to 
another place, r>r pitrposie, 

'AXXotc, (fr. same) otherwise, at 
another time, in anotlicr manner ; 
.■ionietimes, now and then, 

AXXorcplios, JE()\. for aXXdrpiof. 

AXXorpiotrriVvoTO?, -ov, b, )/, (fr. 
uXXoTpi'of another's, and friVvo- 
ros an inspector) a meddler, in- 
lermeddler, busybody. 

AXXorptoi, -a, -ov, (fr. dXXof ano- 
ther) other^s, another''s, not one''s 
own ; ."Strange, foreign ; differ- 
ent, of another sort ; unsuitable; 

AXXoTpiuipOoviij) -la, (fr. same, and 
ifiQnvim to envy) to hate another 
for excellence or success ; to envy, 

AXXorpioqipoiui -Hi, (fr. same, and 
(ppoiito to think) to take a con- 
trary part, be alienated, cs- 
tranged, or averse, 

\XXoTpi6ta -u), f. -uiciii, p. jjXXo- 
TpiuiKa (fr. same) to alienate, 
estrange ; to nilhdraw, emigrate ; 
to claim, iippropriiite, 

KXXinpiiiii, (fr. same) strangely, 

AXXoTpijyrrif, -los, Att. -cws, l/, (fr. 
same) alienation, rslrangemcnt ; 
departure, separation, 
AXXoifidacu:, (fr. o'XXof other, and 
I'ldu lo speak) to talk incoherent- 
ly ; tn be deranged, or disordered 
in mind, 
AXXmlipovii'i -H, f. -I'iTU), (fr. same, 
anil (/ipoi/u) to think, th. i/ipiii' 
the mind) to think on oiher 
things ; to feign, ilissemble, tlis- 
simulide ; to .faint, be distressed, 
distrarted, or imxine, 
AXXnij,pi<vlii)V -dv, -toviTii -nvira, 
-lov -iwr, (pa'. I'res. art. ofla.-st) 
idienidcd, estrnnnril, averse ; agi. 
IrUed, perjdcild, distracted, ir- 
AXXndivXiiTiibi, -nv, b, (fr. faille, 
niKl ilfvXii II trilie) a foreign rns- 


raei, tribe, or nalion, d. sin. 
AXX(i0(i>i'oj, -01), i, i;, (fr. same, 
and i/>w(r| voice) q/" n different 
t'lnguage ; xtran^r, foreign. 
AXXd^if, Poet, for aWa-^ou. 
KWutoKi, Poft. and Ion. for avl- 

Xut, iinii. a(rt. of (umXuui. 
AXXi'roi, Poet, for dXurof. 
AXXi'u), root, for nvaXi'ii). 
'AXXwOti', by Ectas. for dWoOtv. 
'AXXwj, (fr. a'XXof another) other- 
wine ; beside, moreover ; idli/, 
fruillcssli/^ in vain ; rashly, un- 
inlentionaUy ; falsely, incor- 
'AXfia, -oTu?, t3, (fr. aWo^at to 
leap) leaping, dancing ; a leap, 
bound, spring ; an eminence, 
mound, tomb. 
'aX^ci'oj, and JEol. 'AX^cvof,by 
Sync, for aWdncvog, par. pres. 
ot aWoixat, 
AXuij, -ijf, f], and AX/^upif, -I'^oj, i/, 
(fr. (iXj the sea) a liquor that 
remains in saltpils baiealh the 
sail ; brine, pickle. 
'AX^Cpof, -a, -01', (fr. last) salt, 

bri ny. 
AX^, -KOi, !/, same as aXo/. 
AXoaci) -ui, f. -);(T(ij and -dau, p. 
-i/Ka, (fr. aXw{ a threshing floor) 
to tread, or rub corn out of the 
ear, to thresh ; to strike, fell, kill. 
par. 1 a. pass. aXoadd;. 
AXoui'u, Poet, for last. 
AXojt'u) -(3, f. -I'jau), p. ->;Ka, (fr. a 
r>eg. and Xdyof account) to make 
no account of; to neglect, slight ; 
contemn, despise. 
AXoyiri, -r/i, »;, (fr. last) contempt, 
slight, inconsistency, absurdity ; 
rashness, temerity. 
AXdyiof, -a, -ov, (fr. same) insen- 
sible, stupid, unreasonable ; con- 
temptuous, scornful ; negligent 
of accounts. 
AXoyiffWa, -u;, i';, (fr. same) indis- 
cretion, impruitence, rashness. 
AX6yt<TT0i, and '\Xoyoi, -ov, b, »;, 
(fr. same) irrational, brute; un- 
reasonable, absurd, inconsistent. 
AXoyiVriJS, (fr. last) unreasonably, 

AXiiyu)?, (fr. dXoyoi irrational) oA- 

surdly, unreasonably. 
AXdn, -nil hi the aloe. 
AXonroi, and 'AXorird?, -ov, o, (fr. 
aXodu) to thresh) threshing lime ; 
. harvest. 
'AXdOev, (fr. JlXj the sea) from tlie 

sea, from sea. 
AXoia, Ion. for Ti\ola,3 sin. cont. 

imp. act. of 
AXoiuui -li, same as aXodw. 
'AXoinv, 2 a. opt. act. of uXm^i. 
'AXoijiav, Dor. for aXoljtriv, 2 a. 

opt. mid. of aXXo/iOi. 
AXoi^^i -<j<, 4, (fr. tiXti(j>u) to anoint) 
f'tt, grease ; ointment, oil ; an 
anointing, dauljtng ; oblitera- 
AXoki^u, or AvXoKi'^u, f. -tail), (fr. 
oCXaf a furrow) to make furrows, 
'AXof, -oKos, fi, same as av\a^. 
^A\os, Dor. for JXof. 


'AXoaiSvn, -i)j, ft, (fr. uXj the sea, 

and (Tci'iw to shake) an epithet of 

a sea nymph ; murine, satborn, 

daughter of tlie main. 
' XXovpyoi, -ov, and ' AXovf)y!i;, -loi 

-oPj, h, ^, (fr. same, and iftyov 

work) made from the sea, purple, 

'AXor;, -ovaa,-iv, par. 2 a. act. of 

'aXo(/io>, -on, i, »;, (fr. (I neg. and 

Xiii/)Of a crest) uilhoul the crest, 

v;anting the crest, unplumed. 
'AXo'^o;, -ov, /;, (fr. a together, and 

Xf^oi a bed) a wife, consort, 

AX'iu), Poet, for aXa, 2 sin. cont. 

inipr. mid. of aXdofiai -oifxat, 

impr. pres. aXdov -ui. 
aXooii', par. pres. act. cont. of 

aXodui — a. sin. mas. cont. aXo 

AXdojvTat, Poet, for aXcjvrai, 3 pi. 

cont. pres. ind. of aXdojiat. 
'AXttus, -ui', al, the Alps, moun- 
tains so called. 
' AXtti'ioto;, or 'AXrioros, for -Srt'X- 
TTKTTos, sup. of -S-a'Xrof, ■SuXtticoi', 
5aXjricrros, or rather the sup. of 
'AX-rrvoi, -rj, -ov, (fr, a'Xc^i meal) 
feeding, nourishing, cheering ; 
agreeable, pleasant ; comp. aXrr- 
vi'uv, sup. dXitvicTos. 
"aXs, uXoq, (';, the sea, the ocean. 
"AX{, aXbs, b, salt ; wit, fancy, 


'AXaoi, -co; -ovi, to, a wood, grove, 

thicket ; a lawn or open .space in 

a forest. 

AX(7a)(5»/j, -cos -ouf, b, I'l, (fr. last) 

woody, shady, leafy ; branching 

'AXrlKOi, -i), -if, (fr. aXXofxai to 

skip) nimble, active, lively. 
^AXto, Ion. and Sync, for JjXaro, 
3 sin. 1 a. mid. oC ilXXoixai. Or 
for ))Xto pper. of same. 
AXuj7, -17?, »;, the head, or stock of 
the plough, into which the tail or 
handle is fixed. 
' AXvkos, ->i, -ov, (fr. (IX5 salt) italt- 

ish, briny. 
XXvKrd^iii, (fr. aXi'w to rave) to 

fear, dread, apprehend. 
AXvKTCOjJiai, AXiiKTrjimt, and AXo- 
XtiKTiiiiat, Poetic verbs, (fr. aXi'ir- 
ffu to rave) to vxinder in mind, 
doat, rave ; to faint, sink ; to be 
alarmed, shocked, angry, indig- 
,AXvKTOTTcSrj, -rii, '1, (tr. dXvKTos, 
Poet, for dXvroi not to be loosed, 
and TTii]ri kXlers) fetters that bind 
for ever ; an in/lissotuble chain ; 
d. pi. Ion. aXvKTO-KlSrjai. 
AXiif«f,par. 1 a. act. — aXv^ctoi, 

3 sin. 1 a. ind. mid. oCaXvirKta. 
'AXvrroi, -ov, b, 1'/, (fr. a ncg. and 
XvTTr] grief) free from grief; 
cheirful, gay, merry ; not griev- 
ous, agreeable, grturful. 'AXv- 
Ttov, rd, ease, cherrfuhirss, mirlli. 
'AXvi, -vos, b, II, (fr. aA<'(.) lo r.ivc) 
anxiety, di.igust. perturbation, 
distraction of mxrul, perplexity, 
AXvaOiiivu>,OT AXvcOcvu) (fr. same, 
and oO/ i/uj strength) to /am<; to 


sink under weakness or sorrow ; 
to grieve, despond, 
AXvaOftalvui, (Ir. same, and aaO- 
fiiiivu) to pant) lo ache, be oppress- 
ed, to pant. 
'AXOffif, -lof, Att. -{W5, >', (fr. a 
neg. and Xvw to break) a chain, 
bond, feller, 
AXuffi7£Xi)5, -lof -oDf, b, i), (fr. a 
neg. X()u) to pay, and riXoi tax) 
unserviceable, unprofitable, use- 
less ; pernicious, hurtful. 
AXvfTKd^h), (same as next) par. 

pres. d. sin. aXvoKn^ovTi. 
AXvok-w, f. -^o>, (fr. aXiu) to avoid) 
to skulk, shun, avoid, evade ; 
.flee, escape. 1 a. j^Xv^a- par. 
dXv^ai. 1 f. mid. aXv^o/iat -j], 
AXvdfidf, -ov, b, (fr. aXvta to rave) 
anxiety, perturbation, distrac- 
AXvaau, (fr. same) to staffer agi- 
tation, or distress of mind; to 
rave, be mad. 
AXvaralvo), (fr. same) to be weak, 

to faint, be dejected. 
aXi'tijj, -ov, b, (fr. a neg. and Xvio 
to release) a tictor, beadle, con- 
'AXutoj, -ov, b, t'l, (fr. same) not 
loosed; not to be loosed, released, 
remitted, requited ; fast, firm ; 
AXvxJh, -~)i, f)-, (''■• next) a sinking, 
or depression of the spirits, anxi- 
ety, perplexity, or distraction, of 
AXuo), f. -iaia, to afflict or>ie's self, 
fret, grieve ; to despond, despair ; 
to wander in mind, be distract- 
ed, rave ; to wander ; to exult, 
triumph, boast ; to be idle, do 
nothing, live at ease. 
'AX(pa, indecl. alpha, the first let. 
ter of the Greek alphabet. Me- 
taphorically, a beginning, source, 
AX^alos, -ov, b, Alphceus, a man's 

AX(pdv(j), or AXipc(j), f. -)'/(T(j, and 
-iaw, (fr. ciXr/ju) to find, discover, 
invent ; to earn, get, produce, re- 
ceive as wages. 2 a. act. ind. 
tiX(()ov' opt. dXcboifit. 
'AX(pctoi, -ov, b, Alpheios, a river. 
AXipcrriftoini, -ii)v, at, (fr. aX<piii> to 
find, and (iovi an ox) those young 
women, who from their attrac- 
tions, get presents from their 
lovers, when riches chiefly con- 
sisted of cattle; beautiful, en- 
chanting, charming, bewitching ; 
fertilizing, rich, luxuriant. 
AXtjinTrfii, -ou, b, (fr. aX(^/ui to find 
a finder, inventor, discoverer ; 
leader, chief, prince, noble, ria 
man, d. j)l. Ion. aXipcarTiai. 
' kX<1)i, by Apoc. for 
'AXipiTov, -ov, rh, fiour, meal; 

parched corn, victuals, 

AX(p&i, -n, -dv, (fr. a neg. and Xi- 

voi scale) peeled, or white from 

cutaneous eruption, white. 

AX<pi;, -ov, b, (fr. last) a kind of 

'AXu, 2 a. 3ub. of aX(i)/i«. 




AAiod, Dor. for iXu^, -rj;, 4, (fr., rude, coarse, vulgar ; comp. ofia- 
^uf a floor) o plantation of BlaTtpoi, sup. -roToy. n. pi. ajia- 
MnM and trees, a vineyard; deli. 

grove, thicket ; com field ; crop, 

grain ; harvest ; o threshing 

Jloor, bccm, granary ; afield, sur 

face, area ; a festival of Ceres 

and Bacchus. 
'AXuay, -dlo^, fi (fr. last) thrash- 
ing; an epithet of Ceres. 
'AXwtif, -ioi, Att. -f 0)5, 5,(fr. same) 

a thresher. 
'AX(S;;v, -775, -;;, Dor. Or Att. for 

aXoi'ijy, ->7f , -7;, 2 a. opt. — 'aXui- 

01 2 a. impr 'AXwra, Ion. for 

Yi^oiKa, per. ofaXuifii. 
AXu/ifVi;, IT. sin. fern. par. pres. 

cont. of aXtfa/iQi. 
AXu^i, see aXioKu). 
aX<i)v,-ui'o;, i^, (fr. SXto; the same) 

a threshing fioor. 
'aXuvu, a, sin. of last. 
'AXwi'ai, 2 a. inf. act. of aXui^(. 
AXuTTtr^, -^f, ,^, (fr. aXtimjf a fox) 

tAe »A-in of a fox. 
AXwTTCKia, -au fi, (fr. same) a fall- 
ing of the hair. 
AXwTticifu, (fr. same) to p/ay <^f 

fox, to deceive, beguile. 
AXurotndf, -oP, b, (fr. same) cun- 
ning- as a fox, artful, designitig, 

AXwTtKiov, -ov, rd, (fr. same) a 

young fox. 
AXwrf«fi{, -liof, >i, (fr. same) a 

she-fox; a cap of a fox's skin. 
AXonrrjf, ./<cof, i';, a /ox ; a crafty, 

cunning, malicious person. 
AXwf, -u, /,, a threshing fioor, a 

plaice for cleaning grain ; a con- 
stellation ; an area, field, sur- 
AXuMTt/iof, -OV, b, n, (fr. aXu/i( to 

taku) that may he caught, taken, 

or conquered , relating to a cap- 
ture ; intelligible, easy of com- 

'AXwiTif, -io(, Att. -t(iiy, fi, (fr. 

same) <i capture, conquest ; a 

taking, catching, a. sin. oXwctiv. 
'AXiur6$, -ri, -iv, (fr. game) taken, 

caught, captured, suhdued ; easy 

to he Inkrn, &c. accessible. 
'aXwqi, for dXw, 2 a. sub. of 

Afi, fur a/i(^i'. 'Afi' for a/<a. 
*A/"i, (is |iroporly itie ncut. pi. of 

a/)'),-, Dor. one) u-iM^ together, 

nl'mg vilh ; mmrover, alxo, vulh- 

al; at onre, at the same time, 

Apnyyaoi, Kiinrrnfi, or AftarrapH, 

ITid>Tl. HpI). n mark. 
A)infD<'ii^t(, -{j)v, n'l, (fr. I'i'/ia with, 

aP't i^niij an oak) mxid-nymphs. 
A/iii^ijuf, -i^f, „'i^ (fr. „ iii'g. an<l 

;i/»(i{ the brraxt) Ammons. 
AfinOuiyui, (fr. n m-g. ni\i\ iimOiii'io 

lo Icnrn) /o unlmrn, to fored ; 

to he iini'irnni, uninformed, 1 a. 

inil. art. tifiiiDtiva. 
A/inOim, ami AfiaOla, -nf, f,, (fr. 

linine) ii^noranrr. 
AiiaOii, (fr. next) ignortmtly, awk- 

AfiSOfif, -io( -oft, h, !,, (fr. niinOla 

ignorance) ignorant, unlauglu ; 

.Kltadwit (fr. last) ignorantly, stu- 
pidly, foolishly. 

.\fia06cii, Ion. Hfindiitf, for xlafia- 
doui, -ecaa, -tv, (fr. next) dusty, 
sandy, gravelly. 

'Afiadoi, -ov, )), for xpdfiadoSj (fr. 
;^afw to pulverize) dust, sand, 
gravel ; the strand, shore. 

AiiSdvroi, (fr. last) to pulverixe, 
grind to powder ; to ruin, de- 
stroy, reduce to ashes. 

AfiaifiuKcTOi, -01', b, >'i, (fr. a neg. 
and lidxonat to fight) invincible, 
not to be subdued; unconquered, 
untamed. Or (fr. a intens. and 
Ijatftdoi to desire) violent, furi- 
ous, savage, fierce. Or (fr. a 
intens. and ftriKOi. Dor. ^S- 
Kos length) huge, large, great, 

AfiaXoKiaria, -as, fi, (fr. a neg. and 
Ha\aKOi delicate) hardness, firm- 
ness, solidity ; fortitude, resolu- 
tion, magnanimity. 

Afia\lvvio, (fr. afiaXos tender) to 
soften, soak, mactrale ; to de- 
stroy, waste, consume. Or (as 
from bfia\bi plain) to level, over- 
throw, ruin. 

AftaMtla, -as, i), Amallheia, the 
goat that suckled Jupiter. 

'A/ioXXa, -rii. If, a handful, gripe; 
a sheaf. 

A/iaXXti'ci), (fr. last) to gather into 
handfuls, or sheaves; to grasp. 

A/JrtXXo^£ri)p, -^poi, and AfiaXXo^f- 
rns, -ov, 0, (fr. same, and iito to 
bind) v;ho ties the sheaves, u 

A/JuXdf, -i), -iv, JE.o\. for u;raXd{, 
soft, tender ; unfiedged. 

'A/io/zif, -Cxof, II, a kind of grape. 

Aft^v, pres. inf. act. cont. of 

Aitavtrfii, -ou, b, mushroom, or 
fungus of some sort. 

'A/Jofa, -t]S, 1), (fr. (i^a together, 
and dyu) to drive) a chariot, 
carriage, cart, vehicle. 

'Apta^cvio, (fr. last) to travel in, 
or drive carriages ; to cart, draw, 

'A(ia((j, -Ifioi, f/, (fr. same) a small 

cart, carriage, &c. 
K)ia(,trui, -ov, b, q, (fr. same) 
about carriages. 'Afia^irbf, i), 
viz. 6f5df, a carriage road, high- 

'A/jaforijyi'w, (fr. samo, and irf/yvv- 
fit lo frame) to make carl^, cnr- 
riaees, &r. 

^ Kfinp, -urn<, t!>. Dor. for fitinp, 

Afinpii^-a<, li, a trench, ditch, drain, 
sender, canal, rmiduil. 

A/tdpliKOf, -ov, h, sirerl marjoram. 

Aiiiini'rrlimi, ntiil A/iii'f)'Vro<, -oti, 
(/, //, (fr. fi ii''p. anil finpnlvtit In 
fadf) unfiiitirii:, rvrr-fair, and 

Aitnp/iA) -ij, (fr. niiilnn a canni) to 
run thrfnikh n jiijti,flow fdong a 
roniluil ; In o'ui/, fullow, 

'Aii'iprart, prf'R, impr. Oct. — 
' A iinorurirc, 2 pi. prcs. iiid, or 


impr. act. — 'Aitaprdveif 3 sin. 
pres. ind. act. of 

'A(iaprai'u), f. -tjaui, p. {jfidpTrjKa, 
(fr. oftaprfu) obs. ) to miss a 
mark ; to lose, be disappointed ; 
to go astray, deviate, swerve ; to 
7}iistake, err ; to pass by, neglect, 
omit; lo sin, transgress, qfflnd. 
1 a. par. a/zapn/ffaf. 2 a. fcd. 
i'lliapTov, Ion. S-wpToV sub. afidp- 
Tw' par. nftapTiov. 

'Afiaprdf, -dios, rj, (fr. last) fault, 

Afiaprfi, same as 'd^a. 

'A/i(7'p-)7, 3 sin. and — ' AfidprriTt, 2 
pi. 2 a. sub. act. — ' AnaprnGeii, 
-uaa, -{>', par. 1 a. pass. — 
'AfiapTi'icai, -aaa, -av, par. 1 a. 
act. of o^iapTaid). 

'Afidprrifia, -arof, to, (fr. same) 
any deviation from right ; error, 
transgression, sin, fault ; failing, 
fnilure ; defect, blemish ; a siti- 

'Aiiap-ia, -ag, )';, (fr. same) sin, 
guilt, transgression ; falsehood, 
deceit; an offering for sin; pu- 

'A/uipTi'ioos, -60V, h, /';, (fr. same, 
and v6og the mind) guilty, cri- 
minal, depraved, corrupt ; in- 
sane, mad. 

'A^npTonrijs, -ev; -ous, i, i), (from 
same, and jrrof a word) with a 
bad delivery, confused, wander- 
ing. Also deceitful, false, vain. 

AftdpTvpoi, -ov, 0, /;, (fr. a neg. and 
jidprvp a witness) without wit- 
ness, unsupported '^y proof, un- 

'A^uprwXof, -ov, b, !), (fr. anaprdvo) 
to sin) a sitmer, sinful, 

Afiapvyt), -Tis, ri, and Afidpvyita, 
-aros, TO, (fr. next) brightness, 
lustre; a fiash of lightning. 

Afinpvaaio, f. -fu), p. -;^a, to shine, 
glitter, sparkle, fiash. 

'Audi, Dor. for tuidi. a. pi. of 

A/jn'(7u5, Dor. for afitiaai, 1 a. par. 
act. of (jf/ao). 

Afidat}TOi, and 'A/iao-roj, -ou, h, f/, 
(fr. a nt'p. and fiaadofiai to chew) 

AjidoOni, pres. inf. pass, cont. of 

' Aiiarpo^nii) -<a, (fr. o/ia together, 
and Tpi^o) lo run) to drive to- 
gether ; to clash, jostle; to ac- 
company, attend. 

' AttnTpo^Ui, -o«, ;;, (fr. last) run. 
ning or driving together, the rat- 
tling ofu-hrrls ; clothing nf cha- 
riots ; a track, rut. 

A/tavphi, -ov, b, fi, or -pii, -pa, -pdv, 
dark, obscure, dim, indistinct ; 
Irnt:, vienn, if;nohle, 

Ai'nvpAw -ui, (fr. last) to obnrure, 
tarnish, sully, soil ; to viil, cover. 
(i(ioi'p(i»/<(i( -ofy/m, to he extinct, 
to die. 1 a. opt. pass, n/iavpo- 
Oihiv, -iif, -n- 

Aii<ix"ibi, Aii'ix.^yo(, Dor. for ujn)- 
^aWrt, nfi/i^atof. 

A/i(iY«>, Ai'iixiri, and Ajinjfwf, 
(froni ii'Xt) without fiqhting, 

AMD'iXOi, -»<'» Oy >h {^'- " '^^S- *"'' 

/irf^uuiii to ti^;)))) uithout hatlle, 

or .nfliling, tiot (jiKinrl.iomr ; 

ij»u'rir/iA:«, pencfdhlr. Also un 

cnnquerahlfy iittincible ; incon 

leMiMf ; iiiipnicticMe, 
Aitdu -w, 1. -ijiru;, |). /;^r;icii. to rfii/>, 

mote, (•«/ down ; to collerl, ga- 

tlitr ; to heap up, pile. 
Apjialt'tii', Kftjiaii), Pot'l. for ava- 

liiiiicir, pres. inf. and avafiali], 

i a. o|iI, nf Hvajiaimt. 
A/i/JaXtv, Dor. ainl Ai.i.i\. for uva- 

i3dXov, 2 a. impr. mid. of «i'u- 

AflidXXofiai, Poet, for ufa|3(fXXo- 

/((ii, see al^a|id\Xu^. 
Ap'idat, Poet, and Dor. for avt- 

/ji/ar, 1 a. iiid. net. of nvn/id/voi, 

sometimes used for aiapii^d^ui. 
A/ijJa'<ri/, Foot, and Dor. for avn- 

jii'iaii, 2 sin. 1 f. mid of aiu- 


'.Kjiliaaii, — KujidTu^, Dor, for 

avd^aaii, snd ura/?ar<if. 
'Apjit), -ijf, )';, t/ip ftroit) of a rock; 

a beach, shore, bank, precipice ; 

an edge, Irrim, brink ; the brow, 

or forehead. 
'Apiit^, -tKo;, ii, a pot, jar, pitcher ; 

a cup, bowl. 
' .KfiiSXaKeui -d, same as afinXaKtui. 
Aft3\f)i])iv, for avafiXr'ifitjv, (fr. ava- 

jhiXXio to defer) by delays, te- 

di'iusly, lazily. 
AiniXiuKii), (fr. afiPXvi blunt) to 

cause abortion, 
A/i^Xrfu -ui, (fr. same) to grow 

blunt, dull, or dim; to fail, mi's- 

ApiiXvyiiiio;, •oi>, b, 1/, (fr. same, 

and yuii'ia an angle) obtuse- 

A/i/3Xoiu), (fr. next) to hunt, to 

turn the edge; to tarnish, make 

dull, or di7n ; to impair, weaken, 

Ait,3Xvs, .tTn, -u, blunt, obtuse ; dull, 

dim ; luavy, stupid ; inanimate. 
Aii^Xviaynii, -ou, b, (fr. last) duU 

lies:, weakness, or shortnets of 

Afi/?Xu(irr(i), (fr. same) to see badly, 

tuLVe weak, or short sight ; tu mis- 
take, blunrler. 
Aii!iXiji^ui,\ a. sub. pass. ofu;i)3X(Ja). 
Aii(}Xij)')oiiiov, -01', rb, (fr. aitliXdoi 

to miscarry) an abortion. 
'A/tffXuiai!, -los, Alt. -twj, >;, (fr. 

game) a iniscarrying, miscar- 
AflioXdiav, Dor. Ion. and Poet. 

for ava(ioXdfriv, (fr. avnfioXfi de- 
lav) with delay Sy tediously, lazily. 
AyilioXdf, -alio?, li, (fr. <iia;iuXXw 
to throw lip) earth thrown Up, a 
heap, a bank. 
AitfioXfi, Poet. Sync, for ayat%Xii. 
AfiiioXitpyii, -01), 0, (fr. avaiidXXu) 
to defer, and i^yov work) a dc- 
t'lyer^ trifler ; adj. indolent, pro- 
kit(ioo<7ia,-ai, !/, (fr. nnxt) ambro- 
sia, the fo'id with vihich Oie poets 

fed the gods ; fragrance, afiflpo- 
atrt. Ion. • • . 
AfBodrtof, -a, -Of, (frv a neg. and 


/Jpiroj human) divine, immortal; 

ambrosial, calm, stixct, Indiiw. 
Alijiporiu), or Aliporiu) -ui. Poet. 

lor auaprdvot, (fr. o/ipun; niglU) 

/() miss, not to hit, to go xoide of; 

to stray, err. 
'AftjipoTOi, -nv, b, t'l, (fr. a neg. and 

lipiiroi human) imnwrtid, diiine, 

Afi!iu>no7ai, for (U'(i /Jiu/iois, at, or 

on the altars. &c. Seo /icouo's. 
'Afifiiiii', -uvof, b, a l>nss or spike in 

the middle of the shield ; any si- 
milar prntubera^ier ; a knob, stud; 

a hill, hillock, eminence ; the edge, 

or brim. 
A/^/iiiiroc, Poet, and Ion. for ara- 

lioi'itrii, 1 a. par. act. of ava- 


A/ij, Dor. for r^if, from eyut. 
AiiiyapTOi, -uv, b, li, (fr. u neg. and 
layalpti) to grudge) without stint 
or .itop ; unbounded, eilensivr, 
immense, large, great ; icitling, 
ready, prompt ; unenvied. 
.\Hidvaoi, -ov, h, L (fr. same, and 
ficOi'io to intoxicate, tli. fiiOv 
wine) not drunken, solier ; not 
into.Tica/ing, iivcrtini; drunken- 
ness. Also subs, an amethyst, 
a violet coloured precious stone. 
Ajuilhro, Ion. for nudiitro, imp. 

ind. mid. of u^iti.Jw. 
Aftdiiovrii, -oil/, 01, (fr. next) pro- 
perlv the principals in framed 
roofs ; and the rafters in smaller 
roofs, which by mutual resist- 
ance support each other ; any 
beam or timber in budding. 
Xnctjiu), f. -i^'iD, p. I'ljiCKpa, to ex- 
change, barter ; to alternate, in- 
terchange ; act, or talic »i turns ; 
to converse, answer, reply ; to 
pass by, or over; to transport, 
ferry, or carry over ; to requite, re- 
pay, recompense, per. pass, fiji- 
ficifiai. 1 a. r]fiti<fiO)iv. 1 f. aiiCiip- 
Oi'icofiat. per. mid. I'moilia. 1 f. 
mid. ajjiciipotiat. 
A/itioao) -Ci, f. -ijo'u), p. vftlinKa, 
(fr. a neg. and piciidu) to smile) 
7tot to smile, be grave, sad, 
A/JCiifii, -toi -oiJ;, — Aiiditiros, -ov, 
b, fi, (fr. same) dismal, grave, 
sad, solemn ; sullen, sour. 
A/iciXiKTos, and AuiiXt^o;, -ov, b, 
ll, (fr. a nog. and iiiiXi^ui sweet) 
implacable, harsh, severe, cruel, 
A/tcivij), a. sin. or neut. |)1. cont. of 
Afieii'oiv, -oi'of, 0, I'l, (one of the ir- 
regular comparatives attributed 
to ayaOHf) better, superior ; fit- 
. ter, preferable. 

Afiiipui, (fr. a neg. and uc/pa to 
sliare) /'; dejtrive of their share ; 
to defraud, cheat, rob. 
KiirlipOriv, Dor. for tinci^Qriv, 1 a. 

pass. o( afitiiiia. 
AfiiXycf, Dor. for aiifXytis, 2 sin. 

pres. of 
AfJi'Xyo), f. -I'u, p. -I'ifiiXjfa, to 
milk ; to reap, gather^ plurk be- 
frre ripe ; to extract, dntv, drain ; 
AiiiXyojiat, to yield milk, be 
milked, par. pros. pass, or mid. 
AfifXti, (prcs. impr. of u//tXfui) 


ncgUrt, cease; nriir fear, dwit 
mind, dont be uneasy. Also 
ndv. for ; truly, certainly, .lurr- 
ly ; for instance, as for rjample, 
to wit, namely. 

AfitXcIa, -Hi, t), (fr. u^eX/u to neg- 
lect) neglect, negligence, omis- 
sion, oblivion. 

AfieXcTiirif, -i), -if, (fr. a neg. and 
/icXcrrfui to niedilati:) unexer- 
cised, unpractised. 

A/JtXf'w -oi, f. -);(7ui, p. ij^tiXijKa, (fr. 
a neg. and ftlXti he cares) to 
neglect, omit, pass by, overlook ; 
to slight, disregard. 

ApicXili, -toi -ohi, i, ll, (fr. last) 
negligeiil, remiss, careless ; neg- 
lected, slighted. 

.KficXi'/aai'TK, u. pi. par. I a. act. 
— AftcXijao), 1 f. ind. act. oi 


A/(cXi/T(of, -n, -ov, (fr. same) to be 
neglected, disregordr/l, 

AtiiXtir'i, (fr. same) carelessly, neg- 

AfieX^jli, 2 sin. 1 a. sub. act. of 

'ApcX^ts, -loi, Att. -£W5, /;, (fr. 
n/jiXyw to milk) a milking, drain- 
ing, emptying ; a drain, stream, 

AjicXui, (fr. a/icXtii careless) neg- 
ligently, imtijferently, contemptu- 
ously, slightingly. 

'AiJitftTTTOi, -ov, n, )'i, (fr. a neg. and 
fxi)iifiofiai to blame) blameless, 
unblameahle, innocent, faultless. 

A/(//i7:r(jj, (fr. last) blamelessly; 
without complaint. 

Aiicfiipla, -as, I'l, ((r. same) /rec- 
domfromfaidt, blamelessness. 

AfJtcvai, Dor. for Afiivrii, -ou, b, 
Amenas, name of a river. 

A^cvtivii, -I), -hv, and Aficvm, -toi 
-ous, i, II, (fr. a neg. and fiivoi 
strength, or fdviji to stay) weak, 
infirm ; flitting, evanescent, va 
nishing ; restless. 

Ajicv'ivdui -u>, f. -liffw, (fr. last) to 
weaken, debilitate, imjmir ; to de- 
feat, frustnde. 

' Aftipti, Dor. and ' Anipaiat, Dor. 
and Poet, for Sijiipa, and liiiipats, 
d. |)1. 

Afiipyio, to clear or extract the im- 
purities from oil ; to clarify, pu- 
rify ; to strain, squeeze, press ; 
to strip, cull, gather. 

Aitip^w, (fr. a neg. and ftipito to 
lookat)to'/az2/c, Win^; to darken, 
churl, shade, or obscure; to ilej/rive 
of briglUness, Or (fr. a inlcns. 
and fiipiii), Dor. for //cpi'^o) to 
share) to rob rif Ids portion, de- 
prive, cheat, dcfrawl. imp. t'litep- 
cov. Ion. dficpi'ioi', 1 a. pass. ind. 
iljiipOriV .«ul). uiiipdu), -}]i, -jj. 

Ajitpiii, -ioi -ow{, 0, i), (fr. a neg. 
and ufooi part) not to be shared, 
or ilivi'led, indivisible. 

A//;of^a),sanic n^i aficipoi, or antp^oi. 

Aft'oi/jviiaia, and Ajjcoii'ita, -as, //, 
(fr. next) security, confitlcnce, 
carelessness ; quietness, assur- 
ance, safety. 

K/iipifivoi, -ov, b, !i, (fr. a neg. and 
Hipifiva care) careless, confident^ 


secure, quiet ; unheeded, disre- 
Aficpiiivuis, (fr. last) indiJirerUly, 

secitrelt), at ease. 
'Aficpos, Dor. for rjiicpos. 
'Antpca, -as, -e. Ion. for ij/iipaa, 
1 a. ind. act. — Ajicpaio, -^s, -fi, 
1 a. sub. act. — Afiioaai, 1 a. 
inf. act. o{ a/icploi. Or by Sync, 
for jiftipiaa, ajitpiijCi, and a^ttpi- 
cat, ofajitpi^io. Or JEuL for nfii- 
pa, a/icipii)-, and aftcipcii, ofaficlpio. 

Afitpiiaaii, Dor. and ..Eol. for I'lfic- 
pwffof, 1 a. par. oflj/icpdw. 

'Aftti, Dor. for liftcls, >>•?'. oC eyd. 

AiicrddcTOi, -ev, i, I'l, (tr. a neg. 
and ficTaridniii <» transpose) «;i- 
changeable, fixed, determined. 

AiuraKlvTjTos, -ov, b, ri, (fr. <!ame, 
and iicToKtviot to remove) im- 
movable, firm, established, set- 
tled ; unmoved. 

Aftcrafti^TiTO!, -ov, 6, i), (fr. same, 
and fitrafiiXoiiat to repent) not 
to be repented of, or regretted; 
impenitent; irrevocable. 

AficravdtjTO!, -ov, 6, //, (fr. same, 
and ficravoiu to rejient) impeni- 
tent, obdurate, reprobate; unre- 

AfiiraTrtKrros, -ov, b, i';, (fr. same, 
and ficraTTcldia to persuade) not 
tn he persuaded, positive, obstinate. 

' Afilrrpoi;, Dor. for Sffiircpoi. 

AfthpTiTOi, -ov, b, I'l, (fr. a ncg. 
and /icTp/(i) to measure) immea- 
surable, immense, boundless ; 
unmeasured, not stinted, ajiirpt- 
ra, fem. Dor. 

AficTpocrfii, -ios -ot!f, 4, f/, (fr. 
same, fiirpov measure, and /tw 
to speak) talkative, loquacious, 

'A/i£Tpof, -ov, b, fj, (fr. same, and 
fiirpov measure) without mea- 
sure, excessive. 

Aiicvalropoi,-ov,b, q, (fr. a/m'u to 
change, and rrfpof a gaii) chang- 
ing, revolving, returning, flow- 
ing again. 

Afiivu), to proceed, march, move, 
pass over, or through ; to over- 
run, conquer, overthrow ; to 
change, alter. 

'A/iFj, -I7J, /;, (fr. a/idtj to reap) a 
a sickle, reaping-hook ; a spade, 
shovel, hoe. 

Ajifiv, Hcb. amen, truly, rrrily, so 
he it ; 'O A/itiv, the truth, mean- 
ing Christ. 

Aii/jifraf, -ov, b, fj, (fr. a ncg. and 
/ii>i'i( an(;cr) void of anger, mild, 
calm, temperate, meek. 

AffipttTof, -ov, b. It, (fr. game, and 
in/nt'ta to roll up) 7101! spun, or 
reeled; unwound, entangled, per- 
plexed, intricate ; endless, im- 
perfect, unfinished. 

'A find -"v, and -nrof, i, a cake 
made tiiith milk, 

Afiicdvrijy, g. pi. par. I a. n''l. of 

Kjitfttjp, -npof, b, (fr. nfiiut to reap) 
a reaper, motver. 

Afiiiris, -oil, b, !,, (fr. name) har- 
vest-time, the harvest, crop. 

Afir}Tu>n, -/fmc, b, b, (fr. t n<"(;, nnA 


fit'iTvp a mother) vnlhmtl a mo- 
ther, that has no mother; mo- 
therless, orphan ; unlike a mo- 
ther, cruel. 

AfinX""^ ''"' Ofir'i^ava, neut. pi. of 

Afirj^aviu) -w, f. -ijaii), (fr. a ncg. 
and fiij^ai'i) contrivance) to he 
without means nf acting ; to he 
straitened, perplexed, embarrass- 
ed ; to be at a loss, to want, to 

Annxavfiit -ioi-oi'i, h, j), (fr. same) 
without means, or assistance, at 
a loss, perplexed, anxious; art- 
less, unskilful, without ingenuity. 

viri, -rti, )), (ft. same) dijiculty, 
perplexity, want of means, em- 

AfitJXai'oSt-ov, b, fi, (fr. same) un- 
skilful, awkward, artless ; at a 
lost, distressed, perplexed; diffi- 
cult, unattainable, impossible; 
not to he evaded, dangerous, 
7nischievous, artful, insidious, in- 

Afirrxavw;, (fr. last) in perplexity ; 
with difficulty. 

Aftia, -as, I'r, a fish so called. 

Afii'av-oj, -ov, b, I'l, (fr. a ne". and 
fitaivu} to taint) undefilcd, un- 
tainted, unpolluted ; innocent, 
pure, chaste. 

'Afiidcos, Dor. for {jftiOeos. 

AiitOpitv, by Metath. for aoiOfiuv, 
pres. inf. act. cont. of apiOfiiio. 

'A/iiXXa, -ris, !i, a fight; contest; 
trial of skill, contention, emula- 

'A^(XXao;((jt -Zfiai, (fr. last) to 
fight, quarrel, disjyute ; to vie, 
rival, emulate. 

'Afilv, Dor. for i^^jTi', d. pi. of cyd, 

Afiivacali, indecl. Aminudah. 

Afitvalos, -a, -ov, Jtminean, relat- 
ing to Aminca ; a part of Cam- 
pania famous for its wines. 

Afit^ia, -as. Ion. and Afit^in, ->is, 
i), (fr. « neg. and filywiii to mix) 
distinction, separation; property, 
private right ; freedumfrom mix- 
ture, pureness ; simplicity, sin- 
cerity ; sexAusicm, privacy, retire- 

Afiisi -lios, fit "■ vessel for urine; a 
small ship, 

AfHirO}, (fr. a neg. and piaBis hire) 
without fee, or reward, gratis. 

Afilitdiarof, -ov, b. If, (fr. same) un- 
hired, diseni;aged ; unpaid, not 

A/iirpoYfruir, -(JvofiJ, /;, (fr. a neg. 
Iilrnu a girdle, and X'''''''^ * coat) 
without a girdle, ungirded. Or 
(fr. a cop.) wearing a girdln on 
the cont of mail, 

A/iix9^X(5(i«, -tirrn, -cv, (fr. Fame, 
ijlyvvui to mix, niid (iXf the sea) 
forbidding an inlrrroursc, unso- 
ciaL, inhospitable ; dangerous, in- 
accessible ; ns an island without 
a safe port. Or (I'r. a inlcnH. 
nniibulx^il tt mist) cloudyj'oggy, 

'A/iiia, -aro(, tA, (fr. Hvrin lo tie) 
(J knit, tijing, tastrning. 



AfinaOu), Poet, for avaftadu, 2 a* 
sub. act. of avafiaiddvu, 

".Kfiftn;, yEol. for j'jfias, a. pi. of 

"Afifit, Poet, for {^ftas, JE,o\, for 

Vcui', luj. 

Ajif'iya, Poet, for ava fiya, very 

large, great, so large. 
.Kfifiiivas, Poet, for uvaficivas, 1 a, 

I)ar. act. of avnfu'vio. 
'Aufjcvat, Dor. lur aijuvni, which 

IS Ion. for dttv, pres. inf. act. of 

du), for a'(^«. 
Aftfiivofitv, Poet, for arafiivojxtv, 1 

pi. pres. ind. act. of avafttvio. 
"Afificvos, or n/inof, Dor. for 'fific- 

vos, par. pres. of i'lfiai. 
'Afiftes, ^o\. "Afifics, Dor. for 

fifulsi n. pi. of cyii. 
'Ajificaoy, Poet, for ava fticov, in 

the midst, ajnids!, among. 
' Afificmv, JE,o\. for I'liihiv, g. pi. of 

' A^fti, -los, Att. -co)s, rd, amirii, 

bishop's weed, a medicinal herb 

and seed. 
'AjifCtya, Poet, for avduiya, (fr. 

avafiiyvvfiL to intermmgle) to- 
gether, along vith. 
Afifulyhiv, Po«t. for avofilySriv, (fr. 

same) confusedly, indistinctly, 

mixed among each other; pro- 

'Afifiiv, or i^Jt/ji, Dor. and JEo\, 

for !jft7v, d. pi. offj'w. 
.i/i/zi'^af, Poet, for avafti^as, 1 a. 

par. act. of avafilywin. 
'Afifitai', -ov, TO, red lead, vermilion, 
'Afnnopos, ^ol. for dfiopos. 
'Afifios, -oil, ,'j, for i^'dfiftns, (fr. 

(/«/w to pulverize) properly the 

dust of parched land ; powder, 

Afxftuihjs, -tos -ovs, b, >i, (fr. last) 

dusty, sandy, dry. 
'Afiftuv, JEol. for iiftSiv, g. pi, of 

"AfifiwY, -otyos, b, Hccmmon, an 

epithet of .lupiter. 
'Afifiwvios, -ov, bf relating lo Ham- 

'A/jtrrifioSf-ov, b, (fr. nftvbs a lamb) 

a grandchild, n/fspring. Pro- 
perly of the yoUM}^ of sheep. 
Afivafiiiiyv, Dor. for afivt'iftuiv. 
Afivus, -d^os, »'(, same as afivt'i- 
Afivdau, Dor. Sync, for avanvf/mt, 

3 sin. 1 f. ind. act. of avafiiji. 


' AfivnoToi, Dor. for dfiitfrrros. 

Afivciasy -a, -ov, (fr. afivbs a lamb) 
of a lamb. 

\ftvt), -))<, i';, (fr. same) a ewe- 

Afivtifiuvlh) -St, f. -I'ldht, and .Kftvi]- 
fiovcviit, (fr. next) to forget. 

Aiiv/iiiuiv, -ovos, b, 'i, (fr. a nog. 
and ftvdofiiii to remember) for- 
getful, oblivimis; inattentive, neg- 
ligrnt ; ungrateful ; not record- 
ed, forgotten. 

AfiviirriKaKiut -iTi, (fr. same, fUld 
K'litis evil) tn forget injuries; tn 
forgive, pardon. 

A/'VtffiXftKi'K, (fr. laal) forgiv- 

Aiivi'i'TT'i'm, (fr. next) without a 


wnrridgc-contract, without wtd- 
A/iiiJarnirOi-, -ou, b, i), (fr. u ncg. 
ami fii'iiOTivu) to coiiii) not tii- 
g'lgnl, or promixol in marriage ; 
Aftyqarta, -iif, >';, (fr. same, and 
/ii'u'ii/iiii lo r»iiicinl)or) nii aiii- 
nestij ; fnrgrtjulness, oblivion ; 
'AfitiiaTOf, -or, b, i), (fr. same) /or- 
goUen^ unknown, obscure, low, 
Afivlov, -ov, tH, the membrane co- 
vering the ctitbryo in tite womb ; a 
vessel J'or the blood of the sacrifice. 
A/Jiif, -M05, )'/, (dim. of a/i^ a ewc- 

lamb) a Hide lamb. 
A/ii^s'i -ov, b, a lamb, 
Afii'oipdfioi, -ov, {/, (fr. last, and ^f- 
pu to carry) a breeding ewe, or 
tcith young. n^io(f<!puj, Dor. for 
afii'Oipdpovi, a, ))l. 
A/ioyvi, (fr. next) without toil, or 

care, easilt/. 
AfioytiTOi, -ov, b, 1), (fr. a nc£!. and 
fiuyoi toil) unwearied, indefati- 
giMe ; incessant. 
AjiuOcv, (fr. ofibi some one) else- 
where ; from another place, per- 
son, or thing. 
AftoijiaiU, Kuoiiiaiiv, Afiotliaifft', 
and A^oi/jaiwf, (fr. next) in 
turns, aUematdy, viulually. 
Afioiliiuoi, -a, -01', and b, >'i, (fr. 
next) alternate, reciprocal, mu- 
Afiot^fi, -ns, >i, (fr. aiiiljluj to ex- 
change) a change, exchange; 
retribution, recompense. 
Afoi^bi, -ov, b, I'l, (fr. same) mu- 
tual, reciprocal; aiding, assist- 
ant. Subs. pi. auxiliaries, allies. 
A/ioip/ci) -w, f. -»;<ra), (fr. next) to 

be destitute, to want, need. 
' Afioipoi, -ov, b, !), (fr. a neg. and 
fioioa a share) portionless, desti 
lute, needy. 
Aiioy.ya7oi, -a, -ov, (fr. ajii\y(i> to 
milk) giving milk ; milky ; white, 
aiio^yaXr), fem. Ion. 
A/JoXytiif, -/05, b, and auo\yiov, 
-ov, rb, (fr. same) a milking ves- 
sel, milk-pail. 
Afto\yii, -ov, b, (fr. same) milking 

lime; evening, night. 
Aitd^vvTos, -ov, 0, >/, (fr. a neg. and 

fio\vvii) to taint) unpolluted. 
Afiioa, -ai, //, a pudding, or cake 

ofjlnur and honey. 
Aiiopj3u7o(, -a, -ov, and A^dfj/3io?, 
-ov, b, It, (fr. aftoofibi dark) 
dark, dusky, obscure. 
A/Jioplitinj), (fr. same) to follow, at- 
tend, wail upon. 
AfJioplidi, -f), -iv, obscure, dark, 
thaily ; subs, o companion, fol- 
Imver, attendant. 
Afjiopyh, -hi, h, (fr- a/j/pyw'o clari- 
fy) the lees of oil ; an herb used 
in dying purple. The name of 
an island. 
Afiopirris, -ov, 0, f/, same as a)i6pa. 
'A/jopof, -ov, 6, 1';, (fr. a neg. and 
fiupo; a share, th. fiiipij) to di- 
vide) portionless, without a share; 
destitute ; unfortunate, helpless. 


'A/<op^oj, -oil, b, t'l, (fr. same, and 
/irip(/n) shape) simpelisx, di form- 
ed, unsightly, ugly; unimproved, 

A/iof, -oil, b, 1), one, some iinr, some- 
body, any body. Also Dor. for 
ilfiiripoi, or for ifx6i. 

Afidi, for i(/iof. 

'Afiorov (fr. next) insatiably, incis- 

AfioToi, -ov, h, )), (fr. (I ncg. and 
/I'irof lint) nut to be stopped, or 
stanched ; insatiable, eager. 

'Afiovcoi, -iiv, u, I'l, (fr. same, and 
fiovaa the IMnsc;) inhaT7nonious, 
discordant ; illiternle, unlearned; 
unbfcoming, awkirard, inelegant. 
Afio^Ooi, -ov, b, 1), (fr. same, and 
;i(i;^0of labour) iiithout labour, 
toil, or trouble, easy ; at ease, at 
rest ; indolent, lazy. 

\/i7ruia>('£uj. Poet, (or avaraiavl^w 

1 a. int. act. auzatavicai. 
A/JiTfiXof, Poet, ior avdna\ui. 

AfiTii^Lov, Poet, for ava-nSXuii, 2 a 
par. act. of araTraAXu. 

A/ir(ii'£Tni, Pout, for uvairavcrai, 3 
sin. pros. ind. pass. — Ajimtv- 
anaOc, Poet, for avaTTavaaaOc, 

2 pi. 1 a. impr. mid. of ava- 

Ajinavfta, 'Afiiravaii, AfirrauffT);- 

pioi', AfiitavaTi'ifiios, Poet, for avd- 

TTavfjia, &c. 
Aii-c&iov, Poet, for ovu vctiov, 

along the plain, 
AjjTTcipai, Poet, for arairufias, 1 a 

par. of ava-ntipu). 
Afur/Xayof, Poet, for avii TfXayof, 

along the sea, through the .«ea. 
A^rtXtdi', and A^irfXiii))', -(itof, b. 

Poet, for aff7Tc\u>v. 
A/jTTf'Xf'i'Of. -01', b, {], (fr. djjtrrc\oi a 

vine) viny, of the vine. 
KjiTTiXdcti, -caca, -tv, (fr. next) 

planted, or cropped with vines, 

fertile in vines. 
'AfnTt)iOi, -ov, I'l, a vine, vineyard. 

auTf^wi, Dor. for n^Tr/Xouf, a. 

A/iffcXoupyin, -as, »j, (fr. last, and 

fpyov work) vinedressing, work 

in a vineyard ; pruning. 
AixTTcXovpy&s, -ov, b, (fr. same) a 

vinedresser, a labourer in a vine- 
Aii-c\6(l>vToi, -ov, b, h, (fr. same, 

and <pvii) to grow) planted with 

AfiTTtXuv, -uKo?, 6, (fr. same) a 

A/j7rcXui'a, a. sin. of last. 
'Aftircinpni, Poet, for avitrcitrpai, 2 

sin. 1 a. ind. act. of avaitii'-ro). 
Annc-niiXibv, Poet, for avairaXHv, 2 

a. par. of ai/ara'XXu. 
AjXTTiaai, Lacon. and JEo\. for ajx- 

(ptiaat, 1 a. inf. of afKpiivvviii. 
Afiviraaov — Aiirtraadaa, Poct. 
for avaviraaov, 1 a. impr. act. 
and avnreracdaa, 1 a. par. fem. 
act. of avairtrd^ij), -ncrddi, or 
Ain:i-)(ovov, -ov, ri, and A/iirtViSvr/, 
-1)5, if, (fr. next) clothes, clothing, 
Kfi-^ij(u), and Ajfrtia')(iu), 2E.q\. for 




niiiliii-)(tii, (fr. ofulit about, and 
/yw to have) to compass about, 
environ, enclose ; to clothe, dress, 
arm, eijuip. 2 a. ind. mid. ny.- 
TTcix'ifirii'- with two augments, 

AfiTTIItioiiJ, (or Ul'UTTtJ^dw. 

A//TriaY<o, or a^T!ta)(i{o, {JF.0]. for 
u/i0( about, and laxf lo hold) 
same as o;n:('x<i). 2 a. ind. mid. 
afiT:ca)^<ifi7lt', and oftTria^oiniv. 

AfiirXuk('(«i,(th. nXii'^wlo set astray) 
to stray, err, mistake; to fail, 
miss; to transgress, sin. 2 a. 
par. unvXuKuv. 

AfirXuKJifia, -aroi, rb, (fr. last) er- 
ror, transgression, sin, crime. 

A/nrXaKiu, -af, and Ion. a/jTrXn/c/j;, 
-';{) 'Ji (fr. avd about, and ttXuTu) 
to wander) mistake, error ; guilt, 

A/iTrXi'at, -ov, b, Amplias, a man's 

'AiJ-Kvcv/jLa ~- A/jrroi) — Afinviio — 
Aimi'tiui, for avrfirvti'/ia, &C. 

AjjnvvOriv, -t;;, -tj, Ion. for j^^ttvOv- 
Or/i', 1 a. pass, of d^nwiiat. 
Poet, for avd-nvvftat. 

A/croXcTi', Poct. foravairoXflvipres. 
inf. of uiaTToXfii). 

AfijriJXir, for ai'u ttoAiv, through the 
city, about the town. 

AftiTdvov, for ai'u Trivov, through the 
toil, turmoil, or Jight. 

Afiirpbv, -ov, rb, a collar, lialter, 
tether, trace used with oxen, 

Ajiirrd^ttvoi;, Poet, for ovaTrTn/iti'Of, 
par. 2a. mid. of ai/rra/iui. 

AiiTTVKiirii, -ov, b, Ampycidcs, a 
man's name. 

' Aff^vi,, -uKof, 0, or 1% and AfntvK- 
Ti)p, -^pos, 6, the forehand of a 
bridle which confines the fore- 
lock ; a bridle, rein, strap, thong ; 
ajillet, headband. 

'A/inoxTii, or 'AfiruiTij, Sync, for 
avd-Kucti, and ardrrojTtf. 

Afin(i)Ti^(j}, f. -iau), (fr. last) to ab- 
sorb, swallow, or suck vp ; to 
ebb and flow. 

AfivyiiiXia, -as, — AjJivyiaXii, -rjf, 
— AfiiiyiaXoj, -ov, and A/jvyia- 
Xi{, -i&os, 1], the almond tree. 

AfivyddXtvoi, -tj, -ov, (fr. last) of 
the almond tree, or fruit, like an 

AjivySaXov, -ov, rb, (fr. same) an 

'Afivyfia, -Sto;, rb, &nd A ijvyitbf, 
-ov, b, (fr. ajivaaoi to scratch) 
a scratch, rent, tear, pull, pluck ; 
a cut, wound ; a gibe, taunt. 

'A/iCi^i?, Poct. or .^ol. for aiid. 
\fivfpb;, -a, -!>!', dark, dusky, ob- 
scure ; purblind, short-sighted. 
Or (fr. u^uip water) wet, moist, 

AfivriToi, -ov, b, I], (fr. a neg. and 
fjviui to initiate) not entered, in- 
itiated, or instructed; profane, 

AfivOdv, -avos, b. Poet, for Afiv- 
6duv, -wvoi, b, a man's name. 

A/it'0»)TOf, -ov, b, !i, (fr. a neg. and 
;/u(?/o/joi to speak) inexpressible, 
unspeakable, in^ablc, unuttera- 

AiiVKriroi, -ov, b, !/, (fr. same, and 

tivKati) to low) without the low- 
ing, or noise of cattle ; vAtlio^U 
herds; poor. 

AfVKSai, -wv, at, Amydcp, a city 
of Laconia ; also a kind o/shots 
so called tVoni it. 

A/jivKXatcSw, Dor. for afivKXa'i^w 
(fr. last) to speak in the Doric, 
or Laconian dialect. 

XfivXiov, -oil, TO, (fr. next) bread 
made of boiled uheat. 

'jLnv\oi, -on, b, t'l, (fr. a neg. and 
ftvXn a mill) unground, whole 
hut soaked. 

'A.ftv>iov, -ov, ri, (neut. of last) boil- 
ed wheat, starch. 

Aiivfuov, -oyos, b, !), irreprehcnsible, 
blameless ; innocent, upright, 
xmrthy ; opulent,Jine, grand. 

Afiiva, and Afiivr], -175, >';, (fr. a^iv- 
viji to aid) protection, defence, 
help, vindication, revenge. 

AffuvTai, -ov, b, Amyntas, a man's 

A/iuvr^piov, -ov, ri, (fr. next) a 
defence, fortress ; armour. 

AnvvTripios, -ov, b, 71, (fr. afivvii) to 
aid) assistant, helping, relieving ; 

A/ivvTup, -opof, and Afivvrfip, -ijpoj, 
b,ii, (fr. same) a defender, helper, 
protector, avenger. Also Amyn- 

Aftviu), f. -Srw, p. r'/ftvyxa, to help, 
assist, succour, relieve ; to Jii^ht 
for, defend, guard ; to avert, re- 
pel ; to avenge, punisli, requite. 
Afivviuev, Ion. and aftvvintvai. 
Dor. for a^ixivuv, pres. inf. afiv- 
vtvoi. Dor. for a^iuvowi, 3 pi. 
pres. ind. 1 a. act. ind. fifivva' 
sub. aftvvia, -Tji, -17. inf. u^iivai. 
mid. rifivvdixt^v inf. afiivaadai. I 
r. pass. aiivvQi'iaojtat. 1 f. mid. 
a/ivvoii/iai, -;/, -lirat. 

'Afiv^K, -tof, Alt. -t(af,fi, same as 

AfiC'^u), -ct(,-u, 1 f. of 

AftdaiTui, or -ttoi, f. -^w, p. ijfivya, 
to scratch, scrape ; to tear, reiul, 
lacerate ; to pull, pluck, twitch ; 
to taunt, fret, exasperate. 1 a. 
^fiv^a' inf. mid. afii^auQai. 

Afivart, (fr. a neg. and /luu) to close 
the mouth) al a draught, hastily, 
at once, all at a breath, witliout 
drawing breath. 

'AfivoTif, -tiof, /i, (fr. fiame) a 
drinking vessel ; a drinking bout ; 
emptying large glasses al a 

name as dfivyija. 

hjiip' foTaijtpl. 

A/jitiayi'oiw -«, (fr. aiKp'i about, and 
ayvolia not to know) In be slight- 
ly informed, to know partly, imp. 
act. riiKJiayvitov -ouv. 

AiiAu^ii — A|i</.o(^^K — Afi^af'if, 
for ava<piti'fi(i. Sir,. 

AiKpaMi], -ni;, ft, (fr. niH intens. 
anrl ipalvo) to apprar) clearness, 
perspicuity ; oprnnrs^, plainniss, 

AfiipaMiiv (a. sin. of, with Kara 
understood) clearly, jitaitdy. 

AfiiptHios, -ov, b, li, and 'A/i^aSo(, 


-17, -or, (fr. same) clear, mavi- 
Jfst, opm, plain, explicit; rt- 
vealtd, disclosed. 

Afopaiyu), imp. dixtpaivov, -es,-l'2 
a. d)iifavov, -£f, -£• for aratfialvui, 
&c. 'AfjKiava, also Poet, and 
Dor. for aviipnva, 1 a. ind. act. 

A^(^aVj/f, Dor. Ibr aftip>jKT]i. 

A^<pa^oiiu>, (fr. a^Kpl about, and 
u'^wv the axle-Uee) to deviate 
from the track, swerve ; to sway, 
swing, or hang vnsteadily ; said 
of a chariot which hangs, or 
moves ill. 

A/ji^upa/3i^u), or Ajjiipafiapi^u), (fr. 
afKJii about, and lipajios a crash) 
to crasli, rattle, stun. 

AfKpaalt}, -j/f, /;, Ion. for Aftcpacia, 
-us, >'), (fr. a neg. and ibrii^i to 
speak ) mutaiess, silence ; stop- 
page of utterance, hesitation, per- 

'AiJKpav^ti, -£fc)f, )/, a lopped trunk 
of ajir-tree. 

Aji<pa(l>daaOai, for afi(j>a<paaOai, 
pres. inf. mid. cont. of 

A/x0u(/.a'o) -(J, (fr. u/(9l( about, and 
a0au> to touch) to handle, feel. 

Ap<pciniTo, imp. mid. — 'Afjupttrs, 
Ion. for ajxipdrt, imp. act. of 

AjiipeKupri, 3 sin. 2 a. ind. pass, of 
aiii(>iKi.ipu> . 

AiJ^fzoi'>'i6rj,3 sm. I a. pass, ofn^- 


AnfiTtoTciTo, 3 sin. cont. imp. ind. 

act. of a/i0i7roTa'a). 
Aji<pivi,), same as aiKpiino). 
AfKpiptaQat, Poet. Sync. Ibr ava(pi- 

pcaOai, pres. inf. of avacpenw. 
A/Kpiariiv, 2 a. ind. act. oi an<pla- 

Afif[({>6(it}0ev, Boaot. for afi<pitipo- 
jifjO))iTa%', 1 a. ind. pass, oi an<pL- 

Aft(j>i<pvyov, -£f, -t, 2 a. ind. act. of 

Aftipix^'ro, for aiKpiKij^yro, pper. 
ind. pass. ofa//^ii(/u). 

An(pi'Ktji, -eoi -ouj, b, t'l, (fr. ait^i'i 
about, and ani) the edge) two- 

Afi(prioi(ptis,-i'oi-ovi,b, )'/, (fr- same, 
ana ipiipui to cover) covered all 
over, roofed ; enclosed ; unseen, 

A/<0(5pi(TTO5, -ov, b, t'l, (fr. same, 
and /pi{ a dispute) douhtfut, du- 
bious; disputed, //urslinncd. 

Ajiiiii, a prep, governing the g. d. 
and a. cases in all its varieties 
of signification. Abouff round 
about, on bnth sides^ on all sides ; 
alioul, beside, iiear, at, uith ; 
about, for, ciinrrrning ; for the 
sake of, on account of, Oi n»i/if 
liitdvii/v, Jiilin and his di^riplci ; 
sometimcM John only. Ol a/KJii 
Upinijiv, Priam ; liii suite, court, 
or train ; where \i<: might be 
supjioscd to be. 

A//</>iiiC>D, f. -da<o, (fr. ajuptlvvvfit 
to clothe) toput on, drtu, clothe. 
p. paKS. tjfKpliwiiiit. 

A/i0i'iiAoj, -ov, b, fi, (fr. a//'/ii 
around, and 'u\( the sea) sea- 
girt, iea-bcalen. 


AfJ^/acfio, -aTOi,Td, and Af'<pta<ri{, 
-lOi, Att. -luis, t'l, (fr. aj-Kpid^u) to 
clothe) dress, vesture, a garment. 

Afi^tu^v^ar, a. sin. fern, of afi<pia- 
X^^St P-if. P*^""' "'"'• of a^iptdxi^, 
or tt/Kpiax^'^' 

Ajiibiiiaivu, t. mid. -(ii'iao^tai, p. 
-fiiiiriKa, (fr. u^i^i about, and jJh/- 
j'w to go) to go round about ; to 
encompass, surround, environ ; to 
survey; to guard, protect, de- 
fend; to invade. 

AfjupifidWu) (fr. same, and /Ja'AAw 
to cast) to put, or cast round 
about ; to enclose, surround, en- 
viron ; to comprise, C07itain ; to 
revolve, consider ; to douht, hesi- 
tate ; to litigate, dispute ; to clasp, 
embrace. AtKpijidXri, 2 a. sub. 
act. aji(pi!iu\oXi, 2 a. impr. mid. 

ApAiPds, par. 2 a. act. of o^k/k- 

Afi<pi(iamri, -rji, I'l, Ion. for afL(ptaP>'i- 

A^Kpifiuatg, -to;, Att. -cu;, !i, (fr. 
aii<pi(iai)u to surround ) an enclos- 
ing, protection, surrounding ; a 
surprise, ambush ; a controversy, 

Apapilhos, -ov, b, fj, (fr. aiKpl both 
ways, and (Ho; life) anipliibi- 

A/(0i/5Xt;<7rp£i'a), (fr. next) to fish 
with a net, catch fisli. 

A^<l)il3Xij(TTpov, -ov, rd, (fr. a//i^i 
around, and fiaXXw to throw) 
n fishing net, seine, or drag 

Afid>tP6tiTOi,-ov, b, 1), (fr. same, and 
(iodu) to shout) resounding, re- 
echoing ; celebrated. 

A/(0i/3oA£i'f, -fot, Att. -iois, b, {fr. 
a/i(/)(^nXXu to cast) a fisherman. 

Afifbifio\la,-as, fj, (fr. next) doubt, 
doubtftdyiess, uncertainty, per- 

A^fiftu\oi, -ov,b, )/,(fr. (!/<(/)( about, 
and /JaXAo) to cast) doubtful, du- 
bious ; distracted, perplexed ; 
double ; assatdted on all sides. 

An<piPpoTos, -ov, b, t'l, (fr. same, 
and fiporii a mortal ) that guards, 
or protects, covering, saving, pre- 

Afi(ptyiyriOa,-ai, -c, per. ind. mid. 

Afttptyt'iOw, {fr. o/ii/ji about, and yij- 
Ofii) to rejoice) to rejoice puhltcly ; 
to exult, 

A/Jtptyioiu), f. -)/(Tto,p. -I'/Kci, (fr. ajt- 
(fi, doubt, and yvutit to know) to 
understand partly, knovi imper- 
fectly ; to doubt, hesitate. 

AjKJilyovos, -ov, b, t'l, (fr. aji<l>t 
about, and yivoi'in to be born) 61/ 
a former marriage, a stip-son, or 

A/ic/iiyi'iifli, -fVTOS, b, t'l, (fr. r;//i/i( 
on both nIHck, and yvibi lame) 
lame iifboth tegs, limjiing. 

A\i<p(yvos, -ov, 0, !i, (fr. same) that 
lames, or ivottmh uith each edge, 
tu.ii-edged ; pointed at both ends ; 
tottering, quiirrine. 

Aiiipifiultii, (fr. aiKJn around, and 
balm to burn) /" be all inflames, 
kindle about, bla:e around; to 




be agilatnl, in commotion, orrfi»-i 

A/iy'ii'(T/iaf, -avTOi, b, j4mphuln- 
inas, a man's iiaiiic. 

Ai'ipli^itcvf, -eta, -V, (St. au({ii on 
botl> sides, ami t\i(ri<i slinggyj 
hairy, rough najjpy on both 
xidfs ; irry thirk, or rough. 

A/i^i(^f(^i7u,per. mid. — A/i(/iuV(V;C(, 
Ion. for (i^i^iccSfi'i/ti, 3 sin. pper. 
mid. of afiiptfnlii). 

Afi<piitci, -{ii)v, (11, (fr. oftipi about, 
and ('/w to lie) chains, fetters ; 
ornaments for the ankles. 

A^^K^j'fiof, -ov, l>, !], (fr. a/i^i on 
both sides, and ^t^iof right- 
handed) amhideJrtrovs, using 
each hand equally ; double deal- 
ing, ambiguous. 

A^iptiipKoiiat, f. -^oftat, (fr. a/i<^( 
about, and Hoku) to look) to look 
round ; to he cautious, attentive ; 
to watch, observe. A^tptiipx^l^'i 
Ion. for afi<pieifpx^1''j^ "^^ pass. 

AiiiiiivTaToi, -ov, b, >'), (fr. aft<pi 
intens. and ^n'rarot last) the last, 
very last, smallest ; the second, 
of the second course ; and thence 
delicate, sumptuous. 

A/i0i^n'/ii), (fr. afi(j>i about, and 
{tiiD to whirl) to roll, turn, 
u-iiid, whirl about, or flutter 
about ; to surround, environ. 
A)t<piiiiivrifiat, -oai, -rat, per. 
ind. pass. 

AfiipiioKtvij), (fr. same, andioKcvw 
to spy) to spy, lie in wait ; to 
snare, entrap. 

Aiidttio^iu) -u>, f. -t]C(jj, (fr. apKp'i 
aoubt, and 66^a an opinion) to 
doubt, waver, fluctuate. 

A/j(^i'(5ofoj, -ov, b, II, (fr. same) dis- 
puted, uncertain, dubious, am- 
biguous, doubtful, double-mean- 

AfKfiicpvTTOi — Ait<piSpv(po;, -ov, b, 
»/, and Aji<pif-oviitfii, -fof -off, 6, >;, 
(fr. ajKfi on both sides, and (5pii7r- 
Tij> to strip the bark ) torn on both 
cheeks, much abused ; lacerated, 
disflgured, as in mourning. 

A^njith^ii, ot-viji, f. -vc!ii>, (fr. same, 
and Ivii) or Iviit to enter) to put 
on, wrap round, dress, clothe. 

Afuplcvfioi, -ov, 0, >'j, (fr. same, and 
ivftt to enter) open at both sides, 
pervious, passable ; accessible. 

Ajtipilvi, par. 2 a. act. of a/i^f- 

Ati6titfihoi, par. per. pass, of a/i- 

Afi<pti\iBao(;, -i), -or, (fr. afi<j>i both 
ways, and c^iaaui to turn) im- 
pelled, moved, or rowed on both 
fides ; that may be turned either 

AfKfitiivittt, f. an<piiaii), p. t!fi<piet- 
Ka, ana iiftipctna, (fr. a/i^i about, 
and i'viti/a or io> to put on) to 
dress, clothe ; to decorate, a/lom, 
enibellijih. 1 a. act. ind. rift(piiaa- 
sub. ait(ptiiTU), -Tji, -ri' mid. nyi^tt- 
edfiTjv par. mid. ajiipiia(iiii.voi. 
per. pa.«. tjiKpiccfiai, Ion. a/i- 
<pUajiat' Tiii(j>ittfiat' and <;/i^£i^ai • 
par. i)/i0i£<r^ivof, iiiiipittftivoi, 
and Tit><t>ctfjivof. 

A/i7''(i'rii'0'M', 3 sin. pros. ind. act. 
with v added nf last. 

A/iy^Il'-u), (fr. ttftipi about, ami (irm 
to manage) to conduct, order, 
manage, govern ; to treat, enter- 
tain ; to be engaged, or concern- 
ed in ; to take cure of; to prose- 
cute ; to follow, pursue. 

Afupii^oiiai. see a)cnl\<ii. 

A/i0i^«'i'i<), (fr. afitpi about, and i^«'- 
vii) to settle) to adhere, cling, or 
stick to ; to sit <loun about, or 
before ; to besiege. 

Aji'piOa\aaaQi, -ov, b, /;, (fr. same, 
and -JaXao-ffu the sea) surround- 
ed by the sea, sea-girt ; near the 

A/k/iiOoXik, -/of -oEf. b,)), (fr. same, 
and $-d\Xh) to bloom) flourish- 
ing, abundant, prosperous ; hav- 
ing both father and mother alive ; 
blooming, full-grown. 

Aii^iOiaTpov,-ov, rd, (fr. same, and 
v^£o'o//ai to see) a double theatre, 
nn amphitheatre; a circus, 

AftfidtTos, -ov, b,lj, (fr. (i/i^i both, 
and tWjijxi to set) that may be 
placed either way. Spoken of a 
cup, either end of which may 
be used for drinking, and the 
other as a foot. 

AjjKptdtui, f. mid. -Oti'ffo/iai, (fr. a/<- 
01 about, and Seu to run) to run 
round about, or up and down ; to 
frisk, gambol. 

An<pidvpos, -ov, b, »;, (fr. a/(0i on 
both sides, and -^vpa a door) 
having both a font and back 
door ; or a double door. 

AfiipiKaXvTTtj), (fr. ajiipl about, and 
Ka\virTui to cover) to cover over, 
enclose, envelope ; to overshadow, 
leil. Aii<piKa\v\j.'T), 2 sin. 1 a. 
sub. a^(^(»caXiii/.oi, 3 sin. 1 f. opt. 

AiJLiptKupfii, -hi -ovi, b, fi, (fr. af)(p] 
on both sides, and Kapa a head) 
having two heads, tops, or han- 
dles ; double-headed, two-han- 

AfitliiKcdaaai, Ion. for aft^tKcdaai, 
1 a. par. act. of Aficpixtd^b), (fr. 
afj(pi through, and kco^o) to 
split) to split through, cleave, 
ait asunder ; to peel off", strip 

AfiiptKtipo), and A;/0i<cop/u-ui, (fr. 
same, and kciow to clip) to clip 
about, cut, or lop all round ; to 
cho]), or cut clean off", 2 a. ind. 
pass. ofiipiKapiiv. 

Af<plK)ivaTOi, -ov, b, fi, (fr. same, 
and kXi'^w to overflow) waslied 
around ; surrounding, circum- 

AiKplKOfioi, -ov, u, !i, (fr. afupl in- 
tens. and Kdftri foliage) covered 
v;ilh hair ; leafy, branching, hav- 
ing a great foliage. 

AiJ<ptKpifianai, f. -daofiat, (fr. afi<l>\ 
about, and Kptiinn) to hang) to 
hang round ahout ; liang to, or 
upon, suspend. 
AiKpiKpciidii) -Si, (fr. same) to hang 
aboiil ; to beset, surround, be- 
siege, intvM. 


AfKJ'iKvMaaaii, JRo\. and Poet, for 
ii;i(/iixiiX/(r(i(, 1 u. pur. act. of 

Afi^iiKvXIu), f. -to(i>, (fr. a^<j>'i about, 
and Kv\lu) to roll) to roll about, 
throw down, make tumble, or 

Afi<piKv-iWov, -ov, Tt), (fr. a^<f>t 
both ways, ami xuirtXXoi/ a cup) 
a two-handUil ciiji ; or a driiik- 
ing vessel made iftuo cups, with 
the bottoms joined, so that while 
cither serves tor drinking, the 
other answers for a loot. See 

AfiijHXiilitii, or Afi(/)iXu^i)?, -io(, 
-off, 6, j^, (fr. afi(j)'i around, and 
Xafi/ia'io) to take) ample, large, 
extensive, wide spreading ; um- 
brageous, shady ; seiziiig all 

A/i0iXo;;^'afi'u), (fr. a/i^i about, and 
Xa^jj-n/vw to dig) to dig about. 

Ajift^fyw, f. -(w, and A/i^iXoy/w 
-w, f. -//oil) (fr. a/id)! on both sides, 
and Xf'yw to speak) to sjjeak am- 
biguously ; to hesitate ; to dis- 
pute, quarrel. 

AiidilXcKTOi, -ov, b,fi, (fr. same) in 
doubt, doubtful. 

A//^(Xoyfa, -Of, i), (fr. sumc) doubt ; 
a quarrel, dispute, altercation. 

A/JdfXoyof, -ov, b, i';, (fr. same) 
aoublful, qxieslionable ; disputa- 
tious, litigious, quarrelsome. 

Aiii^AXoxos, -ov, b, Amphilochus, a 
man's name. 

A//i^fXii(cos, -ov, b, <;, (fr. aftifii 
about, and Xi'ki; dawn) dawn- 
ing, glimmering, about day- 

A.H<ptndcaoOc, 2 pi. I a. imp. mid. 

Aftipntdaahi, or -Tra>, f. -fw, and 
-dill, (fr. ayi(fi about, and ^dvam 
to wipe) to rub down, wipe all 
over, wash qff', clean away, 1 a. 
ind. mid. aujptyaadjirjv. 

An<{)i)idTptoi, Dor. for fifi0(/()5Tpiof, 
-01), b, II, (fr. same, and \i.nrrip a 
mother) still in the womb, yet 

AiJKptiinxojtat, (fr. same, and ^(fjj^o- 
fiat to tight) to flght all round ; 
to assault, besiege. 

A)i(pi^u\ai, -aiva, -av, (fr. same, 
and ^t'XaiT black) black, dark, 
gloomy, n. pi. fem. a^(ptfit\alvat. 

A/'^i/ifKow -u>, f. -fiaia, (fr. a^i.<^\ 
about, and jivudio to bellow) to 
low, bellow, roar about, or exceed- 
ingly, per. mid. a)><l>ijtinvKu. 

Ajt<l>tvljioiiai, (fr. same, and vZ/iO) 
to pasture) to herd, graze, pas- 
ture, live, or dwell round about. 

A/jdi^/u -(3, f. -tool, (fr. same, and 
(iu to scrape) to scrape, or rub 
all over ; to polish thoroughly. 1 
a. aiKpl^taa. 

'AfjKpioi, -ov, b, A.mphiiis, a man's 

AiKpi'T^aXrof, -ov, b, i'/, (fr. a)i(pi all 
round, and vaXrbv a dart) thick 
with darts, bristling with spears. 

AiiipliTcioi, -ov, 0, II, (fr. same, and 
tHov a plain) plain, or level all 
round, surrounded with plains. 

A/<rt(r/rn;Ki/, (fr. same, and vlvojjai 


lo toil) to work hard, labour, he 
very busy, employed, engaged, or 

Ait^ii:cpiKTiwv,-ovo{, o, ^, (fr. same, 
and TreptKTiujv a neighbour, \\h. 
fr. ::cpi about, and kti^w to build) 
building, living, or du-elling near, 
or round about ; a neighbour. 

Ayipmtpicrpiixtidui -u), (fr. aj-iilil —ipt 
round about, and arpcipu) to turn) 
to turn about quickly, uheel. a/n- 
^txcpiarpiiitpa, 3 sin. cont. imp. 
Ion. for afiijiiTtpiicTpwipa. 

AjiipftTcawv, -ouca, -or, 2 a. par. of 

A/i0(ru'^u), (fr. aii(j)i about, and 
TTti^ia to press) to compress, 
squeeze, constringe, clasp, grasp. 

Aii^izhrio, (fr. same, and nVrw to 

fall) to embrace, ciu.fp. 
■ A/i^/rAi/ikTo;, -ov, and Au(pl-\r)^, 
~yos, l>, !h C"""- same, ana vXt'iacui 
to strike) beaten all round; 
dashing about ; striking, or ha7rt- 
mering upon. 

A/i^iroXti'wif. -£0<7(i;,(fr. same, and 
iroA/a' to be with) to walk about, 
vxdk with, accompany, attend. 

kjKpivo'Sii, -tdif, »'), Amphipdlis, a 

kfi^inoXou -ov, 0, t'l, (fr. ajjipl 
about, and vo'Siu) to be) an at- 
tendant, companion, follower ; a 
minister ; a servant, page. 

At'<ptroiiu) -(3, (fr. same, and voitw 
to toil, th. riiOfiai to work) to 
labour at, toil ahout ; to foint, be 
weary, exiiausled. 1 a. pass. ind. 

KiKpivordii), and -(iojiai (fr. same, 
and TTordofiai lo Hy) to Jly rouT'd 
about, flutter over. ofiilitzoTuTo, 
3 sin. imp. mid. 

A/j^irtipof, -01', b, n, (fr. same, and 
irvp nrc) onflrc, Intniing, flam- 
ing all round. 

Ajxpip^vTOi, -iju, h,ti, (fr. same, and 
pttii to flow) circumfluent, florr- 
ing around; aicompasscd uith 

A^^ip^uyo;, -ri, -ov, and Afitpipjn))^, 
-Coyof, b, fi, (fr. same, and ^dif 
an aperture) lorn, broken, atirupl, 
rugged ; rough, art uAth spikes ; 
open, perforated, railed, latticed, 

Ki><pipi^y -io{, li, Amphiro, a wo- 
man's name. 

AfiipUy Adv. (fr. aii(p\ about) on 
each side, in the. middle, between ; 
williout, separate, apart ; discord- 
antly ; around. 

Afiditaliaiva, -rif, !i, (fr. last, and 
flalviit lo go) Amphishrrria a 
kind of (i(:rp<'nl, feijjned to have 
a h';ad at nai,-h extremity ; and 
ca|)abli! of moving with either 
end foremost. 

Aj'<pta^t)rl(it -a, lo doubt, hesitate, 
pause ; lo dispute, question, con- 
trnvrrt ; to delmte, jilcnd. 

Ai/ipialh'/rr}oi(., -in(, Alt. -t<o(, and 
Aii^tnjfrjnlti, -ri<, //, ((r. laul) 
doubt, hrsitiili'iJi ; siLfpirion ; dis- 
pute, rontriii rrsy, liligrjUion ; 
pUniling, 'lebiitc. 

A^^iffrAAii*! f. -cAu), (fr. afi<jii 


about, andffTf'AA'j) to contract) to 
compress, bind up together; to 
cover, dress. an<ptCTa\ttneios, 
par. 1 a. mid. 

A/i^'iKrrc^rjf, -log -otig, 6, >/, (fr. 
same, and ctt/^oj lo crown) 
crowned, bedecked with garlands ; 
fllled vp, quite fu II. 

kiiipi(rrr]^ii, f. -fiato, (fr. same, and 
'iarii^u to place) to stand aruwiid, 

AfiijiiaTOfio;,-ov,b, i), (fr. same, and 
cTdf'a the mo\i\h)doublc-tovgiicd, 
direitful, insidious ; f((ke ; v:ith 

Af-nfiio-paTuoiiai, (fr. same, and 
crparoi an army) to besiege. 

AfKpiraOcU, -dca, -iv, par. 1 a. 
pass, of flfi^irtiju. 

Afi</)iTa':ri;s", ->lTog — A /ii/) era 7:11,-, 
-iooi, fi, and A iKpiTaTTOf, -ov, b, 
(t'r. same, and Ta-nrj; tapestry) 
topestn/ napped on both sides, 
hangings the same on each side, 
rich, embroidered tapes'ry. 

A^i/iiTiuu), (fr. same, and rtiiio to 
stretch) to extend, stretch out 
the arms, embrace, clasp. a^,pi- 
TuOiU, 1 a. par. pass. 

AffxpiTiOet, pros, inipr. act. of a/o/x- 
TiOiio, same as 

AfipiTidiJiii, f. -di'/cui, p. -TtOciKa (fr. 
a/j(t>i about, and TtOiifu to put) 
to put round abuut, put on, gird, 

Afi<piTpt\s, -nroi, b, t'l, (fr. same, and 
nrpn'wto ]ficrcc) pierced through, 
open at both ends. 

AfiiiiiToiTri, -i7f, ih C""- same, and 
Tt/pw to wear away) the sea- 
coast, beach ; the sea, ocean ; 
Amphitrite, a marine deity, 
Neptune's wife. 

Aii'piTpofifiD -H, (fr. nfKp'i about, and 
rpofiiu) lo tremble) to tremble all 
over, to quake, be in dread. 

AfKpirpvioii, -wvof, i, Amphitryon, 
a man's name. 

AlKptTpviDi'tafrif, by Epcn. for A/<- 
tjiiTpi'Ui litis, -uii, u, 'he son of llie 

Aft(pl(pa\oi, -ov, b, ;;, (fr. afiip) 
about, and ipaXog a crest) ttii(/i a 
double crest, set unlh ilitds, stud- 
ded all over. Or, (fr. tpaXog 
bright) very bright, shining, 
splendid, glittering. 

AiKbKpcvyuj, (fr. same, ar>d <pti'y(o to 
flee) to escape, lo get citar qff. 

AiKpifofiiOfiai -oi"i/<ai,(ir. same, and 
(j)o(iiii) lo frighten) to fly on all 
sides, be totally routed. 1 a. ind. 
pass. aiiipit(polinO>jv, 3 pi. Ba;ot. 


AiKpiipopiiii, -/(j){, Ion. -i)o«, 0, (fr. 
same, and <p/pu) to carry) a pitch- 
er with two ears or handles. 

Aftipiyi'li'i^f (fr. same, and ynlvio to 
yawn) togopcwide; lo swallow 
up, devour. 

AiiiplT^nirof, -01', '/, (fr. name, and 
X'tlrri hair) with long hair, with 
hair loosely flowitnj ; with a flow- 
ing mane. 

Ai'ipixfati 1 a- iff- act. of 

Afxpi^di) -uiif. -ivaiit, (fr. lame, and 
v/w lo pour) lo pour out, shed, 


spill ; to scatter, spread, or sprin- 
kle aho7it, 

Aft<piX^6[k, -tiaa, -iv, 1 a. par. 
pass, of last. 

A/i^(';^'i!rOf, -ov, 0, )';, (fr. afi(pij(^iiD 
to pour about) spread, scattired: 
throivn, or cast up ; encompassed 
with an earthen rampart, fortlflcd. 

Afl(P^^(^v^o, same as afKpi^ioi. 

Aftipixoj^os, -ov, (', I'l, (fr. a/i0i on 
both sides, and ^loXbs lame) 
lame in both legs, crippled, 

'AjKpoi^ov, Afxipdiiov, -ov, to, and 
'Aj-trpoios, -ov, I'l, (fr. same, and 
bcbs a road) a meeting, or cross- 
ing of roads ; a street, thorough- 
fore ; a round about, circuit. 

Ajicpdi-ov, Poet, for ava (pivov, with 
slaugliter, inurderous. 

AfKpopivi, -ios, and -f'ojf, 6, Sync. 
for afi(pitpoptvi. 

A^KpoTepoii^ioi, -a, -ov, same as a/i- 

A^KpoTipoi, -a, -ov, (comp. o{ dfi<po> 
both) both together, d. pi. mas. 
oiiipoTipotaiv, feni. a/joporipris, 
and aj.i(poTip]i(ji, Ion. for afKfio- 
Tipoii, and ajji(poTlpaig. ajKpoTi- 
paii. Dor. for afiiporrpovs, a. pi. 

AiKpuTipwOcv, AjiipoTipuiOi, Ajiipo- 
ripwai, foom both quarlirs, on 
both sides, on each side. 

AfitppdaaatTO, Poet, (or ava(ppdaat- 
To, 1 a. opt. mid. o( ava<ppd?^o^ai. 

AjiiptiTd, for avd ipvrd, through the 
trees, plants, shrubs. 

'Afi(poi, g. and d. ainpoiv, both. 

Aji(pli>Tii,-iioi, »;, (fr. ny<pl on both 
sides, and ov;, wrbg an ear) a 
part of the hchnet which protected 
the ears, an car-piece; an ear^ 
or handle ; a cup, or vessel with 
two ears, or hanelles. 

Ajjipwroi, -ov, b, fj, and AfipdtjSf 
-cos -ovs, V, 1), (fr. same) with 
tv:o ears, or handles. 

AjjMuiiTOs, and A/iw/io;, -ov, b, >;, 
(fr. a neg. and /iw/io? disgrace) 
faultless, without blemish ; blame- 
less, guiltless, innocent, g. Ion. 

Aixoiiti'iTios, (fr. last) blameUsslyy 

'A^iuijiov, -ov, Tb,amomum, an odo- 
riferous shrub and gum ; ginger. 

AfiMv, h. Anion, a man's name. 

'A^aJr, Diir. (ori'iiiwv, g. pi. of tyw. 

A/iuiiTui, 3 pi. cont. prcs. ind. pass. 
— A«wrr£(r<7i, Pool, for n^iuio-i, 
d. pi. cont. par. pres. act. — 
Aftioi, 2 sin. conl. of — Afidotftt 
-ij)//i, -dois ipf, -dot -(p, pres. 
opt. act. of a/tdu). 

A/(iif, (fr. afibi some) sonic way, 
by some means. 

A//a)(, indcd. Amos, a man's name. 

Afiway(7;oi, (ir. ajtii>s siini'^ way, 
yi an enciilic, iind nuis how) how- 
soever, however, in any manner, 
any hou). 

'A/iwm, -lov, ra, chestnuts, chest- 
nut trees. 

^AN. A pani<le whoiie general 
use is to render indelinite the 
word or phrase to which it in 
united. It gives the force of 




the PoteiilinI, and sometimes 
of llie Optutive iiicmhI, lo tlie 
Iiulicntivc. Fro(|u<'iitlv, it can- 
not be translutcil ilisiiiicily ; 
but generally si^nities, if; as 
ij' ; trxili/, ituleii! ; even, per- 
haps ; whether ? It answers lo 
the Encjli^ili termination -efcr, 
or -soever, added lo tillier words ; 
as, Of aVy tvhonuever. 'Eai> at; 
till, until. "Oruv" di; that, lo 
the end that. 'il( at; even ns, sn 
as. df Tc — dv Tt, tvhelher — or. 
Kqv, for Kal at; even, even if. 
though. <i»', or^v for far, if. 
'At; Dor. for i'lv the a. feni. of the 
possessive Ss", !), Si', his, hax, its, 
theirs ; and of the relative, 05, ^, 
8, who, whieh, who!, 
"At; Poet, for aid the Adv. and 
for aia, or dva, the verb. See 
ANA^, prep, with an a. or a g. 
sometimes ; back along, vp 
against, up alone, vp; over, be- 
yond ; up and down, to and 
fro, backivards and forwards ; 
throughout, among ; during, at, 
whilst, above, upon ; apiece, to or 
fjr each, severalli/ ; with ; ahout ; 
in, into ; according to ; with a 
d. Poet, up, upon, in, with. 
Ai«, and Poet. "Av, adv. up ! 
rise, stir. Some consider it a 
verb, put for aidara, and that 
for aida-njOi, 2 a. impr. act. of 
aviarrifif as also 
'Ava, for avdoTa, and that forav/j-ij, 
3 sin. 2 a. ind. act. of atiarriin 
Ava, V. sin. of dva^- or by Apoc 

for dvacaa. 
Kvdiia, for ttvd(iaOi, or avd0rjdi, 2 

a. impr. of avaPaivu). 
AvaliaQnU, -tloi, >'/, and Kvafia6- 
/jo;, -00, i, (fr. ava up, and (iaO- 
/lis a. step) a step, flight of steps, 
staircase, ladder ; -a degree ; a 
coming, or going up. 
AvdIiaOpov, -ov, ri, and Ava^dOpa, 
-a?, /;, (fr. n€Xt) a ladder, 
case, slepping-board, 
Ava!}"''"t', f. •0>'flO]lai, p. -ftOiri^a, 
(fr. ava up, and fiaivui to go) to 
go up, ascend, mount, climb, 
scale ; em!>ark, go, or put on 
board ship; to put to tea; lo 
rise, grow, spring up ; r.ome into 
the mind, ocair. 2 a.^v 
impr. avdjitjOf inf. avaiifjvaf 
par. avafliU, -naa, -dv. 
A.vafid>~\<j), f. -fia\u>, p. -(ifflXtixa, 
(fr. 01(1 back, and /3a>Xu to 
throw) to throw ba:k, reject ; to 
throw up, heap ; to put, or set on, 
mo^inl; to throw bark, fling, 
throw off; It throxo rnrjnd, jrul 
on. clothe, thcss ; AvnliaX^Ofiai. 
put off, defer; to be excited. 
Tousnd, made angry. 2 a. act. 
Ai/;J<i>oV mid. afcf!d\oiiriv per 
mid. ava^i(io\a. 
jLvdpa'us. -lOf, AU. -tuf, .', (fr. aviV 
nj.>, and /?,iiiuj to go) n going up, 
Kucent ; an ittva-^ion, expedition. 
tLtHtHipofiai, Dor. for avaliijtroiiai, 
1 {, fci'L of ava^'ilviA- 
■ Iftf^Ji 'exj ''i (fr- avaPalria to 

mount) one who mounts, a rider, 


Ai'<i|i(irof, -011,6,1% (fr. same) that 

may be 77iountcd, or ascended, 



vowel, per. ind. act. ()f<ii(i,J(i/i'aj. 

AvalifliiuiKioi, •v7u, -df, par. per. 

act. ofavajiiSw. 
At'ailt'iipvKcv, per. act. fr. ava in- 
tent, and /jpiJu), which .sec. 
Avafitlid^u), f. -dVw, p. avaflcfitfia- 
KUf (Ir. atii up, and /Ji/iufu to 
bring) to take, bring, or carry up ; 
to cause tu mount, or ascend, force 
up; to set, or place upon put 
on liorseback, or o» board; to 
icithdraw, remove privily. 1 a. 
Avafiiolijv, Alt. for nra/iior/ii, pros 

opt. ant. cont. of 
.\.val3t6u> -d, or Avafiluiui, (fr. avd 
again, and 3i6m or liiu^n to live) 
to revive, come to life, live oi'cr 
Ava[3i(ii<rii, -to;, Atl. -twf, >;, (fr. 
last) a return to life, revival f-jm 
the dead, resurrection. 
AviifhwcKu), (fr. same) to animate, 
enliven, bring to life ; Avapiiia- 
KOfiai, to revive, return to life. 
\t'a(i\aardvio, and -arfw, f. -rjaui, 
]). -rjKn, (fr. ava again, and;3Aacr- 
rdvoi to bud) to bud, sprout, 
spring, or sliool forth afresh. 
Xvali'Xe-o), (fr. same, and /SAt'rrw to 
look) to look up; to look again, 
or attentively ; to receive sigfu, 
see again, recover the sight. 
A»'a','3A£</'if, -/Of. Alt. -cus, »;, (fr. 

same) recovery of sight. 
Avdji^noii, -to;. Att. -£(J5, 1';, (fr. 
aralidWb) to defer) a delay, put- 
ting tiff", (deferring. 
Av«^Au(^(i), fr. avii afresh, and p\v- 

^w to gusl\, wliich see. 
Kvafiodo) -u), f. -ijau), p. -riKa, (fr. 
same, and Podm to shout) to cry 
aloud, si, out, bawl, exclaim. 1 a. 
avc06i]a 1' par. neut. aval3ori(T(iv. 
AvafiSXat }v, -ov, rb, (fr. nva/iaXAw 
to put <in) a short cloak; an out- 
er gari.ient; a robe. 
Ava8o\t), -lis, !], (fr. same) an emp- 
lifing, a thro'xing out ; the tiling 
thrown up, a viound, rampart ; 
an ascent, going up; procrasti- 
nation, delay ; a prelude, intro- 
duction ; garb, dress, clothing ; 
a garment. 
.\.ra/Jop/Jopi'^(i), f. -|(D, (fr. av(i in- 
tens. and /jop/iopu^u) to grumble )/o 
grind, murmur ; lo bawl, cry out. 
'Avajioi, -w, h, a, Dot. for dvrj(ios. 
Xva[ipd^u), and -(row, (fr. avd m- 
teris. and flpd^u) to boil) to viake 
boil ; to hod up ; to leap, or spring 
out ; I'l shake, or drive out. 
Avaiipd-}(u>, (fr. same, and Ppd^ta 
to resound) to crack, crash, dash, 
roar, bellow, resound. 2 a. ind. 
act. ai'//3p' xov. 
Avafipix"),' fr. same, and /Jp/Yw, 
wlii.;li see. 2 a. ind. act. aviftpa- 

AvalSp'jX'-', (<*'■• same, and Ppdvu) 
obs. to suck up, th. f^pdyyos the 
(36) ■ 

lliroat) to gargle down, rcsorby 
smntlow, or soak up. I a. ind. 
ai7/jp0^u" JEo\. opt. avappi^iia, 
-Of, -r,par. 1'aCpdYOti's- 

Avajipv^do/'ati -tiuui, f. -I'inufini, 
(fr. same, and /ipvY'"' '" g'lH!^'') 
to btwuil, moan, or lament with 
outcry, to Iwud mournfully. 

Avai3ii)\aKla, viz. yij, (fr. same, and 
(iCiXoi clay) llir turning of the 
sod, ploughing ; the earth thrown 
vp by the plough, particularly 
that which slicks to the sorl. 

Avayayilv, inf. — Avayayoiv, -ovaa, 
-i)v, |)ar. 2 a. act. Att. rcdupl. 
— AvdytaOai, pres. inf. pass. — 
Avaydficvo;, ->i, -ov, par. pres. 
pass, ofavuyw. 

Ai'ayoAAij, -lios, 1/, the herb pim- 
pirnel, sea-purslain, brook-lime, 
or calves-snout. 

Avn'yytiAoi', -drui, 1 a. impr. act. of 

Avayy/XXu, f. -cXw, p. avtiyytXKa, 
(fr. avu again, and ayyiWu to 
tell) to tell m return, bring hack 
answer; to tell, teach, explain, de- 
clare openly; to publish, or pro- 
claim with authority. 1 a. ind. 
avi'iyyeiXa' impr. avdyye(\oV inf. 
avayyelXai' 2 a. act. avnyylXov 
pass, avnyytyv", per. pass. 

.\.vaytyevvrtjiivoi, -rj, -ov, par. per. 
jiass. — Avaytvvr'icai, -aca, -av, 
par, 1 a. act. of avaycvvdu. 

Avaye7irBat, Dor. for avnyclaOat, 
pres. i.lf. of avnyiouat. 

Avayc\do),f, -dcia, {n. onl intens. 
and yc\do) to laugh) to laugh 

Avayivvdu) -l5, f. -ijau), p. -rjKa, (fr. 
avd again,and ycvvdio to breed) to 
beget again, regcncicUc, renovate, 
reneiv. per. pass. avaycyivri/jLoi. 

i. avayvwcojiai, p. aviyvwKa, (fr. 
same, and ytvuxruoj to know) to 
recognise, acknowledge ; to know, 
tmderstand ; to learn by study, 
to read; to advise, persuade. 2 a. 
act. aviyvb>v, per. pass, aviyvwc- 
j)ai. 1 a. pass. iiveyvtJiaOnv, sub. 3 

AvayKd?^ii>, f. -nau>, p. tjvdyxaKa (fr. 
ttvdyii); necessity) to force, eon- 
slra'n, oblige, compel, per. pass. 
rjvdyKaci2(ii.\ a..pass.y]vayKd<79r)V. 

Avayxait], -);>,■, i), {fern, of next) see 
avdyKri. — AvnyKahi, d. adver- 
bially necessarily, of necessity. 

AvayKnTo;, -a, -ov, (fr. nvuyKi] ne- 
cessity) necessary, rompuLiory, 
unavoidable ; needful, useful, 
thrifty, pnfltahle ; intimate ; 
near, related, connected. Avay- 
Kalov ^/lop, AvayKfiii] riixii 
.•slavery, bondage — Avaytcrua, 
-dv, rd, necessaries, 

AvayKai7Tb<;, -or, 6, ;/, {fr. same) 
forced, obliged, constrained. 

AvayKcaTWi, (fr. last) by con- 
straint, of necessity. 

AvdyKri, -ra, ij, and Dor. avdyK-r, 
necessity, compulsion, force, obli- 
gation whether actual, moral, 
or religious, rtistress, afflidion, 


Acaj/riiXof, -ou, b, r), (tV. av«intens. 
and ayiciXos bent) ivry, crooked, 

Avay^vKoii'tii, f. -oiw, (fr. same, 
and y\vKaivii> to sweeten) to 
mahe very sweet. AvayXvKaho- 
jiat, to receive pleaszire, be grali- 
Jieil. avay'S.VKaiQiiai, 3 pi. 1 a 
sub. pass. 

kvay\<)(poi,-ov^ b, >/, (fr. same, and 
y\>jiptj to car\e)cnrved,engraved. 

Ai'oyiafiTTO), fr. same, and yt'ii/xr: 
rill for Ka^iirru), which see. 

Ai-ayvd-TO), fr. same, and yvd-zrw, 
which see. 

Avayvtia, -as, )), (fr. a neg. and 
ilj'voj pure) impurity ; sin, gvilt, 

Avayrois, -ovca, -uv, n. pi. -vdvrej, 
par. 2 a. act. of 

Aiajtw/ii, obs. see avayivdaKui. 

Avayvdyai, 1 a. inf. act. — Aiay- 
vucOfj, 3 sin. 1 a. sub. pass. — 
Avoyi'dxrOi/vai, 1 a. inf. pass. — 
Avayvdre, 2 pi. 2 a. sub. act. of 
last, but see avayiViioKia. 

AvayvwplCui, f. -(Vu, p. -tKa, (fr. 
avu again, andyiwpi'^w to know) 
to know again ; to acknoivledge, 
recognise ; to introduce, make 

Avdyiiucts, -io{, Att. -twf, fi, (fr. 
avayiufii to read) a reading. 

Avayvu)aTij{, -ov, 6, (fr. same) a 

Arayov, and Avdyovro, for ai'>/yoi', 
imp. act. and avnyovro, imp. 
pass, or 2 a. mid. oiavdym. 

A vayopuv. Dor. for ava rhv ayogav, 
(U, or before the assembly. 

Avtiydpivaii, -lOi, Att. -tuf, fi, (fr. 
ne.xt) a proclama'ion, public de- 
f.ltration ; report, eii'lcnri-. 

Avnyoncvui, f. -tt'iroj, (fr. avu 
through, and ayopa the public 
place) to proclaim, publish, de- 
clare ; to audiorizc, enact ; to no- 
minate, depute, appoint ; to have 
a surname, or second name. 

Avaypafiit'tri?^!!), (fr. avi\ up and 
down, and ypdjijia a ictlcrj to 
transpose the lellers so as to form 
new word?, to make anagrams. 

Avaypafiiiiiriafitii, -ov, h, (fr. last) 
transposition, the making ana- 

At'iiypaxms, -ov, &,/), (fr. next) in- 
scribed ; u:riltrn, or copied out 
cl/arly ; ricnnled, enrolled. 

Avtiypdiphi, f.-i|iij, (fr. avil intcnfi. 
and ynd'ptii to write) to viritc out 
in fxdl, or at length ; to inscribe ; 
to enrol. 

Av»(ytpi{, -£(iif, /;, and Aniyvoni, 
--'", 0, //, namr; of a shrub. 

Atiiyi), f. a'fw, p. -i/y", (fr- "Vn 
up, and liyia to load) tn take up, 
C'/T", or tonty ; to brine, lead, or 
rnrry up ," ti raise, r Tult, erc-t ; 
to rear, eilucate ; tn it/Trr up, 
sarri/ice. A vdytfiai, to withdraw, 
betake, take one^s nrlf, or be taken 
away ; tn go nff, nrl out ; put In 
sea, sail a'foy, C a. nfTiym; All. 
avfiynyovy loll, iiviiyoy per. pa^ii. 
avnyfiai. 1 a. jiaRs. av/j^flijv' 
I>ar. ai7;;^0t/j. 


Avayu)';), -Tji, i}, (fr. last) educa-'^ 
tion, rearing, bringing up ; rais- 
ing, lifting up ; tveighing anchor, 
embarkation, setting sail; a car- 
rying aivay, captivity. 

Avayij)yia, -of, //, (fr. a nog. and 
ayayfi education) a want of, or 
defect in educution ; extrava- 
gance, excess ; insolence. 

Avdyuiyoi, -ov, b, fj, (fr. same) (7/ 
educated, ill-bred ; saucy, petu- 
lant ; tindisciplined, refractory. 

AvaSd^u, fr. avil a piece, and 6d- 
^w to divide, which see. 

AvaSaiui, (fr. same, and ilai'o) to di- 
vide) to divide aviong, share, dis- 
tribute ; or (fr. caiia to burn) to 
kindle up, light, burn. 

AvaSdKvio, f. mid. -oijfo^ai, (fr. avii 
again, and iuKiw to bite) to 
g7iatv ; to irritate, fret, grieve; 
to cause remorse. 2 a. ind. act. 

AvaSdcaaOat, 1 a. inf. mid. of ava- 

Avaiacfidi, -ou, o, (fr. same) a di- 
viding ; a division, share. 

Avac/opo/<n, per. mid. ofavarpi^iii' 
avalifpaiux; by Sync, for ava- 
icipd^ajicv, 1 pi. 

AvabuKVhfti, f. -\ij>, p. -;^a, (fr. ava 
intcns. and hUvvjii to show) to 
show clearly ; to mark, point 
out ; to designate, appoint. 1 a. 
avioei^a' inf. ava6a^ai. p. pass. 
avadiiciyiiai. 1 a. pass, avc&el^- 
6>iv' ITlia. avtict^dfujv. 

Ai'a'ccifii, -!o;, Att. -im;, >), (fr. 
last) a display ; a showing, ap- 

Avdiei^ov,-dTia, 1 a. impr. act. of 

AvafiKcadai, Ion. for avaSi^eaOai, 
pres. inf. of ava?ixo^^at. 

Avdfs\(pos,-ov, h,!i, (fr. oneg. and 
ahhjtui a brother) brotherless, 
without brothers ; a half brother, 
by llie same father only. 

AvaScv^puS, -dSoi, i/, (fr. ava up, 
and iivSpov a tree) a vine climb- 
ing up, or clinging to a tree, an 
espalier ; a plantation of vines. 

Avai'/^ai, and Ai'nth'^aaOui,\on. for 
avaca^ai, 1 a. inf. act. and ma- 
Itl^aaOai, 1 a. inf. mid. of nio- 

Avai?£^n'//cvo5,-i;, -ov, par. 1 a. mid. 
of nvail^niiat. 

AvafJoKU), (fr. avii intens. and fitp- 
Ko) to sen) to see clearly, behold, 
look up. 2 a. ind. act. aviiinpKov, 
and by Mrtath. nvli^paKov. 

Avahainin), f. -tCmo, (Ir. same, and 
hojitviii to bind) to bind, fitter, 
chain, conjinr. 

\vafirini,-iii,fl, (fr. nrni^/iu to bind 
nroiin(l) a hcut-drcss ; a fdUl, 

Avn^iX'il'ni, f. -("//'<!, (fr- ava 
aaain, and filxoj'a' I" receive) to 
rcreirr, lake ; lo lake up, carry ; 
In rntrrtaiu ; to undertake, take' 
ujinn, prnmis'', engage, hail. 

Ai'n'"/w -'"i, f- -i';"''', (fr. avi) iiitonH. 
and I'll.) lo tie) In bind, bind up, 
lash, or fasten together ; ti en- 
circle, crov:n, nrlnrn ; lo attack, 


win, gain over ; lo subdue, suh- 
jugate. 1 a. inf. act. araSijcai. 

AvahlXdcii, 1 a. par. pass, of aia- 

AvaitcduKU), (fr. avii again, and 
^tSdiTKw to teach) to teach iho- 
roughlyj to impress, inculcate. 
Also, tounteach, unlearn, forget. 

Ava^iSu^t, f. -aSiiaii), (fr. ava back 
again, and iidoifu to give) to pre- 
sent, deliver ; to give back, re- 
turn, restore ; to yield, put forth, 
emit ; to dislrib^ite, divide ; tu 
pro])ose, deliberate; lo give up, 
fail, yield ; to give, hand, trans- 
mit. For its tenses see ^Ww- 

AvaSi-}.uoii, -lOf, Att. -tdJf, {j, (fr. 
avil again, and tii-Xdw to double) 
a doubling, repetition. Anadi- 
plosis, a figure in rhetoric. 

Ava^oOck, 1 a. par. pass. — Ara- 
Sodtjvai, inf. 1 a. pass. — Avarlou, 
-ocro, 2 a. impr. mid. — AvaSou- 
vai, 2 a. inf. act. vf avaoiiioiiit. 

AvdHoxoi, -ov, b, 'i, and Aj'a^o;;^-£ii5, 
-f'of, Att. -iujs, b, (fr. ni'n^f'^'^o/iat 
to receive) an undertaker ; a re- 
ceiver ; n surety, sponsor. 

AvaOvfii, Avaciio], or Ava&vriii, {fr. 
avii up, and fli'iw to enter) /■> 
emerge, rise, spring, or grow up, 
appear, to come forth. AvaSvc. 
fiai, to reject, refuse, shun, avoid ; 
to retire, withdraw. 2 a. ind. act. 

AvdOvai;, -lo;, Alt. -tuj, >), (fr. 
last) a rising, growth, ap],ear- 
ance ; a declining, ^tvoiding. 

Avdcivoi, -ov, b, !;, (fr. a neg. and 
ii)va, or ((ha bridal presents) 
portionless, unenduwcd. 

Avacip', for avacipc, pros. impr. act. 

Avacipu), (fr, avii up, and ati'pui to 
raise) to raise, lift up ; to carry 
riff', bear away. 

Ai'a'tXrrroj, -on, 6, i;, (fr. a ncg. and 
fXrif hope) unhoped, unexpected, 

Ava^do) -d, f. -ijcu), p. -)>va, (fr. 
avil again, and i^du) to live) to 
live again, revive, come to life. 
1 a. avi^naa. 

Ava^iiiyvvjii, or AvaC,tvyvinii, f. 
-(m, (fr. same, and ^ivyu> lo 
yoke) to yoke, or harness again, 
pack up ; to decamp, .ihijl i/uar- 
tirs ; to sil oul, depart, ava^cv- 
(lu, 1 a. inf. mid. 

Ai'(i^/id -iS, f. -t'laKi, or -/(TO), p. -rjxa, 
(Ir. same, and ^(ui lo boiU to be 
not, to lioit up ; lo break out, 
burst forth. nva^caOds, pur, 1 a. 

Aii^i)'"'''' ""'» f -''oiJ, p. -t/Ka, (U\ 
same, and IijtIm to seek) In Innk 
for, lo seiK diliginlly, ini/uire 
after; to trnr.e, investigate, la. 
act. avi^iiTijan. 

Ai'riC>;rr((T(ii, 1 ». inf. ncl, of last. 

Avai^vyi), -in, /;, (fr. nval^a'yu lo 
park up) a parking up ; a de- 
campment, a change of quarters, 
rout, march. 

Ai'i/^i»)'p(jtfi/iD -uij f. -rjffii), (fr. avii. 
inleiig. c^iobi alive, and yndijm to 


dvsciibe) torepretent in colours, 
driiw, paint. 

Xva^uivviii), or Ai'a^<iii'iifii, t. -^w- 
ffo), p. ni'/([ui<cii, (fr. same, luul 
^lovvvfti to f;ircl) /n gird up, tight- 
en ; to prepare for ii journey, or 
work ; as tin' aiiciunts ilid, by 
fastciiiii>» their loose elotlies lii;ht 
nl>out tlum. 

A»(iCu)Ti'p^w -u), f. -i}<rui, p. avt^u)- 
vi'ptiKa, (fr. same, and ^wTrup/u 
to kiiuilc) to rekindle, revive, ex- 
cite, s.iV up. 

Ai'ii^wcTd'/itvof, par. 1 a, mid. of 

Ai'ii^uu), same as ava^dut. 

AiaOaXiut -<3, f. -I'jaw, same as 

AvaOdWw, f. -liXw, p. avaTiOa\Ka, 
and Poet. AvafluXfu -c5, (fr. avd 
a^ain, and •JaAAw, or &a\itD, 
Poet, to bloom) to thrive, Jlou- 
rish, or bloom anew ; to cause to 
flourish. 2 a. act. avtOaKov. 

Ai'ae.iXTra), f. -i^w, (fr. same, and 
•SaXTTd) to warm) to vxirm, chafe, 
refresh, comfort, cherish, relieve; 
to caress, make much of. 

XvaOapl)lu>, and AiaOapaiui -d, f. 
-i5(T(i), (fr. same, and -Sdppof, or 
Sdpcos boldness) to lake courage ; 
to encourage, animate ; embolden. 

Avaddnv, -riij -It 2 a. opt. act. — 
AvaOctvai, inf. — A.va8eis, par. 
of avaridriixt. 

Avddcfia, -aroi, ri, (fr. avariOrifin 
to lay apart) a person or thing de- 
dicated to holy uses, or separat- 
ed on account of some impurity ; 
or devoted to destruction, a vic- 
tim ; an analhema ; the form of 
such dedication ; a curse, or exe- 
cration, d. sin. avaQljxari. 

AiaOcjiaTi^ii), f. -iau), p. avartOcfid- 
TiKa, (fr. last) to hind hy a curse, 
or execration ; to curse, devote. 
1 a. act. avidtjidrica, per. pass. 

Avadtfiuriui, Alt. for. avaOcfiaTlau), 
1 f. of last. 

AvaOlftcv, and kvaOijitvai, Dor. 
jEol. and Ion. for avaOuvat, 2 a. 
inf. act. of avarlOi^fit. 

AvaOciiipiui -oi, f. -ijcru, p. avaTiOah- 
priKa, (fr. ai/d intcns. and -Jtu- 
p/u) to consider) to view, beliold, 
observe, examine attentively ; to 
contemplate, study, meditate. 

Ava0iuior]ai;,-toi, Alt. -twf, >';, (fr. 
last) contemplation, meditation; 
study, examination. 

Av<iOcn)nu)v, n. sin. cont. -lapovvrci, 
n. pi. cont. par. pres. act. of 

Avadri^iui -to. Ion. for AvaOaXita, 
see ava6dX}-<j). 

Avddiijjia, -Sto^, rd, (fr. avariOrifii 
to set apart) a consecrated gift 
hung, or laid up in a temple, 
an nfferine ; an orruimenl. 

AvnQi'iaovai,^ pi. I f. ind. oi avari 

AvaOopio) -a, (fr. avd back, and 5o- 
pio) to sprint;) to leap, springy start 
back ; to rcbmind, recoil ; to leap, 
or dart nut. 2 a. ind. act. avtOopov. 

AvdQpifiita., -!iro(, ri, (fr. avd in- 
tens. and i-piitfia cattle) same 


as ^piuua, also u pupd, a fos- 
ter-child ; a pet, cub. 

Ara&pCtaKii>, (fr. same, and ^puJaKu 
to bound) In Uap into, or upon; 
to bound, or spring upwards ; to 
mount ; to awake. 

AvuOviiiaaii, -loi, Atl. -luii,!), (fr. 
same, and ^vniuui U> perfume) 
scent, perfume, odour, exhala- 
tion, incense ; hrmth, life, soul, 

Avaiitia, -as, Ion. Avaticii}i-Vii>)y 
(fr. avat&!)i shameless) shame- 
lessness, impudence ; indecency ; 
importunity, d. sin. Ion. avai- 

Avatiiii) -w, f. -ijirw, p. tjvai&riKa (fr. 
same) to be without shame, be- 
have indecently ; to importune, 
he troublesome. 

Avait^ijv, and Avaii>]niivwi, (fr. 
next ) impudently, shariK fully. 

AvauMii, -ios -ovs, 6, t), (fr. a neg. 
and atSios modesty) impudent, 
saucy, shameless ; regardless, ir- 
reverent ; urgent, importunate ; 
unfeeling, i-einurseltss ; huge, 
rough, rugged. 

Avaiodi, (fr. last) shamelessly, ir- 
reverently ; intensely, eagerly, 

Avaidu, (fr. avu intens. and aidu> 
to burn) to bum violently ; to 
inflame, kindle, light up. 

AvatftocrapKos, -ov, b, fi, (fr. next, 
and <7dpf flesh) whose flesh seems 
to have lost ils blood, pale, inani- 

Aval^uiv, -ovos, and 'Avaifioi, -ov, 
b, !], (fr. a neg. and alfia blood) 
bloodless, without blood ; immor- 

AvatfxuTci, and Avai^wri, (fr. 
same) without bloodshed. 

Avaivofiai, (fr. a neg. and alvoi as- 
sent) to refuse, deny ; to reject, 
slight, repudiate, disown. 2 sin. 
pres. avaivtai. Ion. for avalrri' 
3 sin. avaivtrai. imp. 3 sin. (ivui- 
vcTo, Ion. for avi^viro. par. pres. 

Avni^as, 1 a. par. act. of ava'iaao). 

AvaiptBrjvai, 1 a. inf. pass. — Avai- 
pcl, 3 sin. cont. pres. ind. act. — 
Avaipilv, pres. inf. act. cont. — 
AvaipeiaOizi, pres. inf. pass. cont. 
— Avatpovntvoi, -rj, -ov, par.prcs. 

pass, cont AraipoBirwi', g. pi. 

par. pres. act. cont. ofai/aiprw. 

Avaiotaii, -105, Atl. -£«j, I), (fr. 
next) a lifting up, taking away; 
burial ; a taking, or cutting (ijf ; 
slaughter, murder. 

Avaipiu) -ui,f. -i)aii>, p. avijpriKa, (fr. 
avd up, and aiptu to take) to 
take up, Dr away ; to bury ; to 
undo, nlinlish, annul ; to over- 
turn, overthrow, subvert ; to kill, 
cut off; to make war ; to answer, 
reply ; to refute, diiprove ; to 
rear, educate. Avatpeofxai -ovjiai, 
to betake, or take onc^s self away, 
to withdraw, pres. impr. act. 
3 sin. avaiocTrta. par. pros. fern, 
pi. nvaipovaai. 2 a. act. (fr. tXuj 
obs.) avelXov impr. aviif sub. 
aviXu), ->;;, -17, 3 pi. avfXutrc inf. 


ui'tAtif. par. avtXiov. nud. ut'CiXd 
fitiv, -ov,-tTo' inf. aviXwOat. 1 u. 
puss. aiijipiOnv inf. avaipeOi)vai. 
1 f. avatpcd/jaoixat. 

Avalpu), (fr. same, and alpio to 
raise) /» take upon, undertake; 
to pursue, prosecute, 

Avaiaddvo^at, (fr. avd intcns. and 
aioOdvoitai to feci) to feel strong- 
ly ; to perceive quickly. Or (fr. 
o neg. and same) to be without 
feeling, or sense ; to be stupid. 

AvataOrjaia, -a{, 1;, (fr. a nog. and 
nlaOtiaii feeling) insensibilily, 

.\.valcOnroi, -ov, b, 1';, (fr. same) 
inj<ensible, senseless, stupid. 

AvaiaOi'iTws, (fr. last) senselessly, 

AvuiaiijSio -u), (fr. nid intens. and 
aiatfjoia to expend) to spend, ex- 
pend ; to tvusle, consume, lavish, 

Avaioijiiiii\ia, -aros, to, (fr. last) ex- 
pense, cost ; labour, pains. 

Avaiaao), (fr. avd up, and a'tcaui to 
rush) lo rise, or spring up; to 
burst, or gush out ; to leap, or 
dart forth. 1 a. ind. act. avi'/t^a. 

Avaia^vvrlui -w, (fr. avala^vvTo; 
immodest) to behave indecently, 
act shamefully, feel no shame. 

Avai(Ty(^vvTia, -as, //, (fr. next) in- 
decency, shamelessness, impu- 

Avala)(^vvTos, -ov, i, ^, (fr, o neg. 
and aic'x^vviji to shame) indecent, 
immodest, shameless, impudent. 

Avairios, -ov, b, I), (fr. a neg. and 
niTia blame) blameless, guiltless, 

Avairibif, (fr. last) innocently; 
without cause, or reason, 

AvaKaOaipu), (fr. avd intens. and 
KaOaipoi to cleanse) to clean, 
purge, purify. 1 f. mid. avnKa- 
Oaipovjiai, 3 pi. avaKaOaipohvTai. 

AvaKaOi^u), f. -laii}, p. avaKCKaOiKa, 
(fr. avd up, and koOI^co to sit) 
to sit up. Or (fr. avd intens. and 
same) to subside, settle, sink 
down ; to cling, adhere to, 

AvaKatvli^o), (fr. avd again, and 
Kaivl^io lo renew, Ih. Kaivos new) 

A vaKaiv6<i> -iD, (fr. same, and xatvoi 
new) to renew, restore, refresh. 

AvuKalvwais, -loj, Atl. -£iti{, /;, (fr. 
last) a renewing, renewal, reno- 

AvaKniii), f. -KavaiD, (fr. avd intens. 
and Kaiu> to burn) to kindle, 
light ; to burn up, flame forth ; 
to inflame, par. pres. pass, ava- 

AvaKiiXeu) -io, (fr. avd again, 'and 
KaXfij) to call) to recall, call back, 
call again ; to call upon, invoke ; to 
rail, accuse ; to name, designate. 

.\.vriKuXvirTt!piov,-ov, rd, (fr. next) 
the day on which the bride ap- 
pears lo company. In pi. pre- 
sents made to her on that occa- 
sion ; bridal gifts. 

AvaK'iXi'TTTOi, f. -ipo>, p. avaKCKuXv- 
(Pa, (fr. nvd back, and KaXdiTTU) 
to cover) to unveil, reveal, dis- 
close, discover ; lo open, per. 
pass. avaKCKaXvfiifiai. 


AvaKanTTTiji, f. -xpw, p. -dia, (Tr. 
same, and KdfnrTu) to oend) to 
turn, bend, or bow back ; to bend 
my course back, to return, go 
back ; to go back and forwards. 
XvaKdfixpai, 1 a. inf. act. — Ava- 
Ka/ixpiit, -CIS, -£i, 1 f. ind. act. of 
AvoKavdos, -ov, b,ii,{(r. a neg. and 
dxavOa a thom) without thorns, 
bristles, or Jins, smooth. 
AvoKaTTo), (fr. avd intens. and 
Karru) to swallow) to swallow 
greedily, to eat voraciously; to 
AvaKcdrai, Ion. for avaKtivrai, 3 

pi. pres. of 
Avaxciftat, (fr. avd intens. and (ctT- 
pai to lie) to lie down ; to re- 
cline, like the ancients, to sit, 
like the modems at meats ; to 
lay up, or by ; to dedicate ; to 
charge, impjtte. 
AvaKcificvof, -ij, -ov, (par. pres. 
pass, of last) seated at tabic, subs. 
a guest. — AvdKcirai, 3 sin. 
pres. ind. pass, of same. 
AvaKCKpayH)!, -v7a, -bs, par. per. 

mid. oiavaKpd^u). 
AvaKcpdi'vvui, AvaKepaivvij),or Ava- 
Kcpdu), (fr. same, and Ktodvvxifii, 
&c. to mix) to mingle, 7nix, 
blend ; to temper, dilute ; to in- 
termingle, confuse. 
AvaKcia, -iiiv, Ta, (fr. dvaKc; the 
kings) the festival of Ca.ilor and 
Avdxctov, -on, rb, (fr. next) their 


'AvoKcf, -u)v, o't, the kings ; and 
Avaxoi, -dv, ot, an epithet of 
Castor and Pollux. 
A vaKC(pa\at6ui -Si, f. -liaia, p. avoKc- 
Kc(piiXalu)Ka, (fr. avd apiece, and 
KopaXli a head) to enumerate ; to 
elasf, arrange, under respective 
heiuls ; to sum up, to reduce to 
onetolal. AvaKC(paXai6oiiai-ouftai, 
to come together, to unite under 
one lieail ; to be summed up, 
AvaxtfaXaimatf, -lof, Att. -cuf, q, 
(fr. same) a recapitulation; a 
turn, total. 
AvaKC)(ii)pijKivai, per. inf. act. of 

AvaKtixlu, (fr. avj up, and iti/kiu 
for kIiji to go) to spring, leap, or 
hound upwards ; to burst forth, 
gush out. 
AvaKJipiaaii), (fr. nvd intfins. and 
Kfipv^ a crier) to publish, declare 
by atUhority, proclaim In/ a 
Kvaictvfivvtvui, (fr. same, and kIv- 
fiiivDf danger) tn venture, endan- 
ger, expose. 
Ai-Kii/w, (fr. game, and Ktviia to 
move) to move, remove; to nf. 
fed, pertuade, impel ; to rrrilc, 
rouse, jtrovoke ; to sifl, einmine. 
AvaKlvtjTi<;, -ma, Att. -oa(, /;, (fr. 
last) a moving, motion ; com- 
motion, disturhimre ; etcilement 
XvaKipvdfilvoi, for av'iKiofn'"fptvn<, 
par. I a. mid. i»f 


AvaKtpvdui -u, -rtiftt, or -vtijiai, (fr. 
avd intens. and Kipva'u) to mbc) 
to blend, mingle, confuse. 

AvaK\d!ji>>, f. -yi'j), (fr. same, and 
».Xa'^(j to clanj;) to clang, re- 
sound ; to shout, call, cry aloud ; 
to bark. 

AvaKXaihi, (fr. same, and icXa/u; to 
weep) to wcepfor^ lament again, 
deplore anew. 

AvaicAoffi;, -loj, Att. -ci);, >;, (fr. 
next) a contortion, strain, bend- 
ing ; a breaking, fracture; re- 
flection, change of direction. 

Avai:\du) -iD, f. -daw, (tr. avd in- 
tens. and xXdii) to break) to bow, 
or bend violently, strain ; to break ; 
to beat, or strike back, reflect. 

AvaK\ijTii)p, -ooo;, 6, (fr. avaKaXco) 
to recall) one who calls back ; a 
complainant, accuser. 

AvaK\iv(i), f. -tvio, p. avaKiKklKa, (fr. 
avd intens. and kXiVo* to lay 
down) to lay, or set down, make 
to recline ; to put back the door 
or cover, open. Ara/oXiVo/tai, 
to be in a recumbent posture, to 
be reclined, or to recline one's 
self, as the ancients did at 
meals ; answering to sit, or be 
seated, as the moderns ; to bring 
back ; to return. 1 a. act. avfVXi- 
va' inf. avaK\7vaf 1 a. pass. 
avcxXldtjV inf. avoKXidnvai' 1 f. 
pass. avaK\td>'i(TOnat. 

Ava<cX(crif, -lof, Att. -twf, fi, (fr. 
last) a reclining, leaning, lying^ 
or sitting at meals ; an opening. 

AvokXitov, -ov, rd, (fr. same) a 

AvaKoJ, see dvaKc;, 

AvaKoivco, Ion. for avaKoivov, pres. 
impr. pass, of 

AvaKolv6(i> -u>, f. -(iffo), p. -UKa, (fr. 
avd apiece, and Kotvb; common) 
to communicate, impart, share; 
to propose, consult, confer. 1 a. 
ml. mid. avoKoivioaaaOat. 

AvaKoipaviia -u>, (fr. avd intens. 
and Kalpavoi a lord) to rule, go- 
vern ; to manage, conduct ; to 
execute, discliarge, perform. 

AvaKoXovOta, -a?, »;, (fr. next) irre- 
gularity, discord, disagreement. 

AvaKdXovOof, -ov, h, ^, (fr. a 'neg. 
and aKdXovOos suitable) incon- 
clusive, incongruous, inconsist- 
ent; unlike, improbable ; unfit, 
improper ; silly, foolish. 

AvaKoiitfiii, -Tii, I'l, (fr. next) a re- 
ceiving, recovery, getting again ; 
carriage, transportation, convey- 
ance ; return ; interment, burial 

AvnKOfil^ii), (fr. avd back, and ko- 
uf^oi to carry) to bring, or carry 
hack ; to carry out to burial; 
AvaKoftl^oiiat, to recover, get 
again, regain ; to betake one's 
self ; to return, go hack. 

AvaKovrl^iii, (fr. avi'i intens. and 
nKovrl^id to dart) to hurl, dart, 
shoof, cast afarq/T; to discharge, 
spout out ; to rehoundffly back. \ 

AvaKoof, Dor. for nvfiKoof. I 

AvaK/inrtit, f. -<i--">, p. -x/jro'^n, (fr. 
nv^ hack, nnd Kijirr.d l.o beat) to| 


heat, or drive back ; to blunt ; to 
jostle, impede hinder, stop, stay, 
prevent; to cut short, interrupt. 
1 a. act. aieKoxLa. 
AvaKovipi^ui, (fr. same, and cou^of 
light) to lighten, ease ; to relieve, 
succour, help, assist. 
AvaKovcbiati, -tog, Att. -ziog, i), (fr. 
last) lightness ; a mafdng light, 
exoneration ; relief, ease, allevia- 
AvaKpd^ui, f. -^ui, (fr. avd intens. 
and Kod^to to cry) to cry out, 
shout, bawl, exclaim, per. ind. 
mid. avaKiKpaya, par. avuKCKpa- 
AvaKpadcig, for avuKcpaaOcU, 1 a. 
par. pass, ofavactpai'vu/ii, which 
AvaKpd^ai, -aaa, -av, par. 1 a. 

act. ot avanrpafoj. 
AvaKoijidaav, Ion. for aviKpijia- 
uav, 3 pi. 1 a. act. — AvaKpt- 
fiacOds, 1 a par. pass, of 
AvoKptjidu) -ui, fr. avd intens. and 

Kptjidw, which see. 
AvaKpiwv, -ovTog, b, Anacreon, a 

AvoKpidC), -fii, -fi, 1 a. sub. pass, of 
AvaKpivia, \. -vd, p. avaKiKp'iKa, (fr. 
avd intens. and Kpivui to judge) 
to discern, judge; to question, 
interrogate, ask ; to examine, in- 
quire, search out ; to decide, de- 
termine. I a. act. aviKplva. per. 
pass. avaKiKpi^i/jiai. 1 a. avCKpf- 
d>jv, 1 f. avaKptdi'/aofiai. 
AvaKolat;, -lo;, Att. -£(i)f, fi, (fr. 
last) a trial, hearing ; examina- 
tion, inquiry ; question. 
AvaKpovojiai, (fr. nvd back, and 
Kpovta to strike) to backwater, 
row backwards, shove off" from 
the shore; to recede, withdraw, 
yield ; to delay, defer ; to hinder, 
check, repulse ; to strike, beat, or 
play upon an instrument ; to 
prelude, flourish, prepare to be- 
gin, preface. 
'AvaKra, a. sin. AvaxTcai, Poet, for 

dva^i, d. pi. of dva^. 
Avaxraofiat, (fr. avd again, and 
KTdofiat to possess) to get again, 
regain, recover ; to be reconciled 
attached, conciliated, pres. inf. 
pass. cont. avaxraaOat. 1 a. inf. 
mid. avuKri'iaaaOat. 
AvuKnidis, -(«>, Att. -twf, i';, (fr. 
last) a recovery, or regaining 
vthat was lost ; refreshment, re- 
lief; reconciliation. 
Avaxropla, -ai, I'l, (fr. rfrn^a king) 

rule, sway, government. 
AvaKT6ptof,-ov, b, »;, (fr. same) rc- 
g'U; a master'' s, relating to a 
master, or lord. 
AvdKTopov, -ov, ri, (fr. name) a 
rourt^ palace ; a temple, particu- 
larly that of {'crcs at Elousis. 
AvaKvxXiaiiii, -ov, h, (ir. avaKvXlw 
to revolve) n rirrumvolution, n 
rrviilnt'on^ turning ; motion in a 
AvaKVKXiooii, -loi, Alt. -f(i)5, //, {fr. 
same) n rirculnlion, n free pas- 
sage, a series ofrreulnr motions, 
a r' rnli/tinn. 


Ai'oiCfXiu, f. -<ru), p. -/fiT, (fr. oj'ii 
back, and ki'X/w to roll) to rutt 
bark anil J'orwnrih. to roll up; 
to u/ii'W, turn round; to creep 
AvaKvftliahii^ut, (I'r. ak'aintpns.nnd 
K-vfi!io\iti?<j lo pl:iy on the cy:n- 
bal) to full with u rruxh, lo br 
oi'erihrown, ruinrcl, dcslrot/cd. 
Ainiiirru), (t"r. ui'ti up, and ».t'rrw 
to bend) to bnut, or turn, vp- 
ivarits ; to liti up the head, to 
look xiptrards ; to rcnovcr health 
or spirits ; to resume liope, take 

Aiiu-ui/ai, 1 a. inf. act. — Aia- 
/tiii^of, -aca, -ay, par. 1 a. act. 
of last. 

Avuvuni'ii), f. -Cab), {avti intcns. and 
KwKvtt) to he\ya\\)to shriek, scream, 
raise an oitlcn/, or lamentation. 

AidKii)\o;, -ov, 0, 'i, (fr. a neg. and 
KuiXov a limb) small, short, mi- 
nute ; defective, dr_/icient, im- 

AraKws, (fr. o'laf a kino) royolly, 
^randlfi, extpiisil'-li/,Jincli/, care 
fully, diligently, xvatchfuily. 

.\.iaKii}^ii5ij}, (fr. next) to anchor, 
come to anchor, to moor; to 
heave, or lie to, u:ait. 

AfaKuix>), -»K, /;, i'or avo^(^^. 

\va\apt7v, 2 a. inf. act Ai'aXa- 

Ihtc, 2 1)1. 2 a. inipr. act. — A va- 
X<ij5wi', -ocaa, -ui',2 a. par. act. of 

Avn\afi[idi(i>, f. -X>'/\pOfiat, J. nvci- 
\>l<f)a, (fr. (ii-il up, and >ia/i/?ai'a) 
to take) to lift, raise ; to lake up- 
on, assume, umlertake ; to take 
up, carry, convey, lake on board 
ship, or on a beast ; to take up 
arms; to in sail, furl ; to 
take a wife, marry; to take up the 
bridle, curb ; to take up a book, 
read; to receive breath, recover, 
revive ; to take to one's self, ap- 
propriate, procure ; to gain, con- 
ciliate ; to refresh, reanimate. 2 
a. act. ind. aviXajiov' par. ava- 
Aa;3iji', 1 a. ind. pass. avOo'iiiOiiv. 

AvaXiijiTtii), (fr. ava intens. and 
Aa'^rw to shine) to shine brightly, 
glitter ; to burn clearly ; to en- 

XvaXyiiit -toi-ous, and AvdXyiiTos, 
-01', b, li, (fr. a neg. and d\yoi 
pain) without pain, unaffectedby 
pain ; insensible, unfeeling ; not 

Ava\yrt<:'ta, -af, >;, (fr. last) absence 
of, or freedom from pnin ; ease ; 
apathy, insaiiibility . 

Aia>,f/(j//tios, par. jire?. pass, of 

AraA/j'u, fr. aiu inlcns. and X/yw, 
which see. 

Avd^jijifi'i, -ilro;, rb, (fr. avaXajifid- 
jw to talcc up) height, eminence ; 
a fortress, castle. 

AiuXi7rr/o.-, -ov, b, »/, (fr. same) to 
be taken, carried ; that must he 
taken, &c. according to the 

AkiXt;-^({, -loj, Att. -cus, {/, (fr. 
same) a recovery, restoration, a 
taking, carrying back, or an-ay ; 
elevation^ or lifting vp, a re- 
moval, retiring, witMrawing. 


Ai'dM-TOi, -011,6,1/, (fr. (J npp. and 

jjXiC a shoe) unshod, hurcfoot. 
'Am\iat:otoii, Dor. i'ot avaXicKovaa, 
j ff in. par. pr< s. act. of 

AVllXlaKk), f. (IcuX(iJ0r(i», p. Ol'ljXuKCO, 

and All. undXiaKa, (fr. c.ii'i 
awa)', and aXlaKui to take) to take 
away, u^astc, consume, expend; 
to corrode, impair, destroy. 1 n. 
act. aj'iJAwcrii. 2 a. ind. act. ar^- 
Ai'aX/iffa, AvaXki'u, -af, nnd Ion. 

Afil\K[>l. -l;f, ;;, (fr. UCXt) WCok- 

Jiess, timidity, delicacy. 

'Ai'iiXxif, -doi, b, );, (fr. (I neg. nnd 
oX/ki) strength) weak, feeble ; 
timid, delicate ; slothful, indo- 

.ViiiAXf'fuf , Poet, for avaXc^ai, 1 a. 
par. act. of aiaX/yw. 

Ai'u'XXo^mi, f. -oZfiui, (fr. avd up, 
and liWo^ai to leap) to leap, 
ju?np, spring up ; to jump upon ; 
to spring back, recoil. 

AvaXoyla, -iig, f/, (fr. atii accord- 
ing to, and \uyos account) analo- 
gy, proportion. 

AvaXoyi^Ofiai, f. -laoftat, (fr. avii. 
apiece, and Xoyi^ojuu to tliink) lo 
consider severtdly ; to deliberate, 
reason, argue; to recount, enu- 
merate; to value, estimate, con- 

.\.vaXoyiaaoOt, 2 pi. 1 a. inipr. mid. 

Ai'aXoyier/coj, -ov, b, (fr. same) 
thought, consideration, argument, 
reasonin!^ ; an account, cnnme- 
rutiun, list, roll ; design, propor- 
tion, harmony. 

AviiXoyo;, -ov, b, 17, (fr. avu ac- 
cording to, and Xdyo; reason) 
anahqous, proportional ; agree- 
able to, consistent with, reason- 
able ; suitable, ^/it. proper. 

Ai'aXdyu;, (fr. last) proportionally, 
consistently, suitably. 

Ai'dXdj, -ov, b, r\, (fr. a nog. and 
(iXs salt) ivilhout salt, insipid, 

AvaXdo), same as avaXlcKu). 

Ai'uXrof, -ov, b, I], (fr. a neg. and 
dXiui to grow) not thriving, or 
prospering, stunted, dwarjish. 
Or, (fr. same, and uXi? enough) 
insatiable, greedy, ravenous. Or, 
(fr. same, and iiXj salt) unsea- 
soned, not salted, insipid. 

AvaXviixtv, Ion. for avaXvtiv pres. 
inf. act. of aiaXiJu. 

AvdXvaii, -toi, Att. -£(i)f, )/, (fr. 
next) a separation, dimsion, ana- 
lysis ; a deliverance, ransom, re- 
lease ; a loosening oi l\\b cables, 
putting In sea, departure ; return, 
coming back. 

.KraXvoi, f. -tcro), p. -xa, (fr. avu 
again, and Xru to loose) to se- 
parate, divide, looren, unravel, 
untie, to hose the cables, unmoor, 
put lo sea ; to set out, depart ; to 
return ; lo die ; to dissolve, dis- 
miss, break up ; to rest, put up, 
slop, halt ; to free, deliver, re- 
trieve from ; to diseliarge, re- 

AvaXa^cti, -uva, -ev, 1 a. par. pass, 


— AvaXuO^rc, 2 pi. 1 n. «ub. — Ai'u'Xuiru, Inn. for awj- 
Xwou, -uj, -c, 1 a. ind. act. — 
Ai'(iXu(rut, I a, inf. act. of avu- 


AviiXuKu — ArdXwaa — A laXurai, 
Ion. (or at't'XwKa, per. act. avt'i- 
Xwoa, 1 a, uit. (iiijXwrui, 3 sin. 
per. pass, of uvuXdu obs. ; sea 

AvuXuifiii, -liros, tH, (fr. avaXlaxu 
to expend) tarpinsivmess, costli- 
ness, extravagance ; pi. expense, 
cost, cliarges. 

Ala'XwO-lf, -lOf, Att. -CUf, ,';, (fr. 

avaXioKio to expend) expense, 
expenditure, consumption, waste; 
ruin, destruction. 

AvuXwroi, -ov, b, li, (fr. same) im- 

Ai'ufiat^dui -d, (fr. ava intons. and 
ixaiftdu) to covet) lo desire pas- 
sionately, lo long eagerly ; to 

Ava/iavOdru), (fr. avd again, and 
fiavOdvui to learn) tu learn over 

AKi/jn'ffvTo?, -ou, 6, 1;, (fr. a neg. 
and lijin^a a cart) impassable by 

Avajjapniroi, -ov, b, 'j, (fr. a neg. 
and ujiaprdvui to sin) without sin, 
innocent, faultless. 

Ava/xdaau), or -mo, (fr. ava intens. 
and ndacii) to wash) to cleanse 
thoroughly, to wash out, wipe 
away, expiate. 

Avapd^ofiat, (fr. ard again, and 
lid^oftai to fight) to fight again, 
to lenew the battle, pres. inf, 

Arajnfiiy(a~ai, Ion. for avaiiCfitypi- 
I'oi cia}, 3 pi. per. pass, of ui'a- 

Avajievii), f. -ficvw, p. -jxtjievijKa, (fr. 
avd intens. and ^tivw to wait) 
to expect, wait for ; lo persevere 
in hope ; lo await the charge, 
stand the brunt, pres. inf. act. 

Avdiiipoi, Dor. forariv^fooj. 

Avdpeaos, -ov, b,!/, (fr. am intens. 
and itiaos middle) in the midst, 
middlemost, intermediate. 

Avaiiiarof, -ov, b, )/, (fr. same, and 
/jtoTO? full) quite full. 

AvaniTpioftai -oh^tat, (fr. same, and 
licrpiia to measure) lo inspect, 
view, survey ; to set, or arrange 
an ambuscade ; to recount, enu- 
meratc, repeat ; to measure back, 
return ; to experience, discover ; 
to estimate, value ; to measure 
out, set, task ; lopour, discharge, 
shed. 1 a. inf. mid. avaficrpt'i- 

Avuiiiyvvjit, and -yetjoj, (fr. same, 
and jiiyvvfji lo mix) to mix to- 
gether ; intermingle ; to con- 
found, confuse. 

AvanijivnaKui, f. avajjivi'iaoi, p. ava- 
iii>3vr)Ka, (fr. avii again, and 
lUfivi'icKia to remind) to call lo 
win'!, recollect ; to remind, ad- 
monish, per. pass. ava) 
1 a. avtjxvfia&riv- 

Avujiinvh', Poet, for di-a/ifVio. 



\pafii^, {ft- ftii^iiyi'Vfit 10 a\\x)fo)i-\AviirTayiiviaroi, -ov, o, ';, (fr. <i 
fustdly, promiicuously. neg. and avTayiiviarui a rival) 

.Kvaalaytrai, 3 sin. pres. pass. fr. '■ thai has no equal, mnlchless, in- 
aid and fticyo), whicli see. ; viricible. 

Aia/i/i/voj, Ion. for aiijfi/i/vos, par. \ Avdvrrii, -tui -oi'f, 6,^, (tr. ava up, 

per. pass, of avd-Tuy. 

Ai'afivao) -€>, (fr. ava intens. and 
fivdio to remind) to hint, inti- 
mate, suggest ; Avafiidoftai 
-Zliat, to be reminded, warned ; 
to remember, recollect. 

Ava/ivicaOaii Ion. same as ova/i- 
vdtdat, pres. inf. mid. or as ava- 
jitfivncKctv, pres. inf. act. — 

and avrdui to meet) up hill, 
steep ; inacctssible ; rugged. 

Avavripftrtros, -ov, h, i), (fr. a neg. 
airi against, and piio to speak) 
indisputable, unquestionable, in- 

AvavrtpfjiiToii, (fr. last) icithont 
contradiction, indisputably, 

AvavrXio) -w, (fr. nvd intens. and 

Avafivrjaddfitv, 1 pi. 1 a. sub. | ai>T\ioi to pmnp) to pump dry, 
pass. — AmitvvcOeii, -claa, -iv, j exhaust, drain ; to endure, suffer. 
par. 1 a. pass. — Avafivfitnii,] Ardwra, Dor. for av>)\vra, (fr. a 
-tii, -£t, 1 f. iiid. act of avnui/do), I neg. ;d avvo) to complete) in 
or avaiufivtiaKui. vain,j'ruillessly, to no purpose. 

Avd/ivtiati, -loi, Att. -tu){, Ti, (fr. 
avanvdh) to remind) remem- 
brance, a commemoration, a me- 

Ava^, -oKTog, b, a fciw^, .wvereign, 

monarch, lord, master. 
'Ava^a, Ion. for i^va^a , 1 a. ind. 

act. — Avd^ai, 1 a. inf. act 

AianopfivptcKt, Ion. for avr/idpfivpc, I .\.vd^aa:Oai, I a. inf. mid. — 'Ava- 

3 sin. imp. of j icn, I f. inf. act. oi' aidacw. 

.Kvafiopiivpu), (fr. ava intens. and | Ava'^ap;^of , -ov, b, Ana.varchvs, a 

liop/ivpu to murmur) to bubble, or man's name. 

foam with loud murmuring, roar,] AvaXripaivui, (fr. nvd intens. and 

bellow. 1 ^ripaiviD to dry) to dry up, parch ; 

Ava/w)(\cvu, f. -<ru), (fr. avd up, to empty, (junff". 

and /»o;fXdj a bar) to lift, raise,] .\va(id\oyos, -nv, o, i), (fr- « neg. 

lemoix with bars, or levers ; <o| (i^iof deserving, and .\6yoi ac- 

unhar, unlock. ' count) jio^ U'or//t remembrance, 

Ai afiipiXcKTOi, -ov, 0, I'l, (fr. a neg. I worthtc.i.^, insigmjicant. 

and a/ji^iX/yu to doubt) and .iinfioirufltw -w, (fr. avd^to<; nn- 

Ava/i0iXoyo,-, -ou, 6, //, and A^^i- i merited, and TrnaX'^' 'o endure) 

Arfyuf, adv. (fr. same) and i to sujer wroiigfutty, elidure un- 

Avaii(piajh'iT)iro;, -ov, li, >i, (fr. a[ desen-edly ; to resent, feel indig- 

neg. and aiKpiafiriTtin to contro-! nanl. 

vert) doubtless, unquestionable,! Avd^ioi, -ov, o, i';, (fr. a neg. and 

certain, satiifactory. j a'fios deserving) jow/csrrwng-jji?!- 

AvanipiaPvn'iTWi, (fr. last) »w//(Oj//| worthy, v>nrthle.''s,/nean,insigni- 

cimtrovtrsy, certainly. I fcant ; unmerited, undeserved. 

Avavcpla, -a(, >'/, (fr. next) «/o</i, I Arn((0i5p/iiy^, -lyyi, b, »/, (fr. 

laziness; rowardice. j nia(r<7u> to couunand, and tbup- 

'Avuvipoi, -ov, b, !), (fr. a neg. and /iiy^ the harp) adapted to the 

(11(0 a man) unlike a man, un 
.iinnly, cmr.nrdly, timorous. 

A 1 dvf'puti, (fr. ia.Bt)fearfnlly, timor- 

Avavti<j> -u, f. -ticbi, p. -vtvioiKn, 
(fr. ava again, and vlog new) <o 
renev;, restore, re-establish ; to 
call to mind. 

AvAvivaii, -toi, Att. -cu)i, fi, (Ir 

hnr]), demanding its .strains 
Arufi'«s, (fr. five's'""; unworthy) 
unworthily, unbecomingly, irre- 
Ava^iinU, -i^oi;, i';, (fr. aivj up, and 
Bvoiii to draw) breeches, trousers, 
legginfrs, stockings. 
AvaoiytoKov, Ion. and Poet. Ibravt- 
biynv, or i)vniynv, imp. ofavoiyta 

next) a raising or droving back >AvaTTnyyiy\iii, (fr. «!'« agam. nrd 
of ino head, cxpresKive of a from, and ayyi^ho to tell) <o 
refusal, a denial, rejfcjion ; n brins back word again ; to bring 
respite, escape ; rest, renovation, an answer. 
revival. lAvaraiavli^io, fr. nvii intens. and 

Avavrv(i), f. -aio, p. -vivi.vKa, (fr. [ Traiav/^hj, whicl> see. 

avd back, and I'tww to nod) lo\ AvanatfcvT6Tponn(, -nv, n, i), (Ir. 
raise up, !iin(\ draw hack the heart ; I «iii inteufi. nrrnlcivTOs untaught, 
In refuse, deny; decline, reject;'^ an<\ Tpdnn u^aMiuir) tntnlly uned- 
In rttptre, lireaihe, revive. I ucated, i/uite uninformed. 

Avaviu)ai<, -iii(, .\tt. -£uj, fi, (fr. I A>a'r«/^t,j, f. -fw, p. -v<i, (fr. same, 
ivaviAu to renew) a renewal, re-\ anil znl^i,) to piny) tn play upon, 
mnalioit, rrstoration. tn mock, delii'te, iti.ciirr. 

Avavi'iipui, f. -i^u, p. -ihnipa, (fr. ! AVHiraX"', (fr- same, and zd\iv 
nv<2 again, ami i;,)^bi tobe folier) ' again) o« the contrary; back 
10 becrnni snlxr ; to come tn a\ again, 
right mind. | Ai'awrfXXu, (fr. an) mtrnn. tind 

Arav/jil'wri, 3 pi. 1 a. sub. BCt, fif niXXi.) to vibrate) to brandish, 

Avavioi, -ov, b, ytnanias, a ttian'l 

■ \iarr(i,for(jvi/»T;),>ifd»T»;c. 

shake, flourish ; to excite, itisti 
gate. ] n. |)fir. act. ai>n:r^;Xa(' 2 
a. par. nrrnr/iXiiv, Ion. and Sync. 
oirrrtXiui . 



AvcJTraXo?, -otr, o, (fr. ai'iJagain, and 
niXXoj to shake)fi new allotment, 
change of lot, alteration. 

Avardaauj, (fr. same, and vdaau 
to sprinkle) to hedeio, bespread ; 
to adorn, celebrate. 

AvuTTava, and AroTratiXa, -ijs, Avd- 
■Javaii, -tog, Att. -tuf, //, Avri- 
-avpa,-aTOi,Tb, (fr. ava-rravw to 
give rest) cessation, interval, in- 
tcrinission ; re-H, repose ; recrea- 
tion ; an abode, residence. 

AvavavTt'ipiov, and ava-navoTfipiov, 
-OV, TV, (fr. same) rest, rejresh- 
ment ; a resting, or stopping 
place, an inn. 

Ai'arauo), f. -ato, p. -<ca, (fr. ava 
intens. and -avw to make to 
cease) to stop, ynake cease ; to 
give rest ; to cpdct, still, calm ; 
tn refresh, recreate. A vanavopat, 
to cease, make an end ; to rest, 
take rest, be quiet, per. pass. 
ava-ivavfiai. 1 a. mid. avevav- 

Ava-ciOci, 3 sin, pres. ind. act. of 

Ava-d6(ij, f. -au), p. -Ka, (fr. ava 
back, and irtido) to persuade) to 
duisuade, persvade from, or 
against ; to induce, prompt. 

Ava'zcipdio -Z, f. -daw, p. -axa, (fr. 
ava intens. Jind rrcipnci) to try) to 
prove ; to attempt, endeavour ; tn 
plan, contrive. 

Avavdpoi, (fr. same, and irt/pw to 
pierce) to pierce, or run through. 

Ai'airf/(7r«^0fja(, (fr. ma up, and 
rrn/i-jd^oiiat to count) to recount, 
revolve, consider ; to enumerate ; 
to retrace, go over again. 

AvoTf/imi), f. -\pu), p. -0n, (fr. avU 
back, and cf'/iTrw to send) to neJid 
forth, up, or hark ; to reynit, re- 

.\.var:iravTai, 3 sin. per. ind. pass, 
of ava:r«u(i>. 

Ava-cirX)jpii>vTai, 3 pi. per. pass, of 

AvairtTTTapivoi, Sync, for (ivaTrtirf- 
TUfiivoi, or nvaTrtTTCTaapfvoi, per. 
par. pass, of ai'uTrcTn'w, -dt^u>, 
-ni'vOdj, or -o'l'i'u/ii. Or, par. ol 
TrlzTOfiai, for ivTapai, per. pass. 
ofiTTTiifii, the same as n-fVo/mi, 
rri-nnai, or :riTdoiiiii. 

AvoTTCTTTioKwi, pcr. par. act. — 
AvairiTtTioiiivoi, per. par. pass. 
— Avdzconi, mid. and AiHrrfffoi', 
act. I a. impr. — AriiTfcnv, inf. 
and Avinrraihv, -ovoa, -dv, par. 
2 a. lie I. ofaiaTrlzTw. 

A idirf rriw, -dCta, -ai'iiiw, or -dvx'V- 
/!(, f. -am, (fr. rim intens. and 
jTrrdio, Sic. to spread) tn open 
wide, unfold, cvjxind, unfurl ; ti< 
stretch out, sprrail abroad. 

Ava-riijitirit, p. mid. rt\' nvn^alvM. 

Ai'ar;;yi '5/11 (fr. «r(i up, and r:iiy 
Mi/ii to iiislcn) to suspend, hang, 
itrjix up. 

Avamiiido) -iii, 1. -<;(7ii), p. -f/m, (fr. 
(ii'i! lip, and ztji'di:) lo leap) to 
start, or spring np ; lo vault 
upon ; tn hound, bounce ; In 
leap back. I a. par. act. avann- 

Ai"iVr)«c)v, -01 , 0, II, (Ir. avU intcnj. 


and ntjpdi maimed) mutilated, 

Ai'aTi/iTAd'i'iii, |)ros. inf. net. fr. 

same, and r/f(irX>//ii, which soo. 
Ariir/rru), f. -Zicov/iat, p. -r/irno- 

Kii, f fr. same, and Tfrrw to fall) 

f()./(iW rfoiOTi ; to lie down, rrcline, 

instead of sitting, as now, nl 
mealu ; to bend, or lean back ; to 
delay, defer. 

Avavirvu/ici', Ion. and Dor. forava- 
irindvin, pres. inf. act. — Aia- 
T7iTidftivoi, pres. par. pass, of 

Avaxlrviifit, (fr. aid intens. and 
T/rvv/ii, TiTiau), or irtrviu) wiiich 
see) used for avairiTrrw to fall, 
lie, or lay down, 

AvartXaKTiTOi, -ov, i, >}, (fr. avi up 
and down, and rrXaiJu to wan- 
der) wanderitig, roving; pursu- 
ing, tracing^ hunting ; devious, 

Ai'airXu'ffairff, 1 a. par. act. of 

AvaTrXduou), or -rru, (fr. ava in- 
tens. and TrXdaato to sha])e) to 
make, form ; to fashion, shape, 
mould ; to imagine, compose. 

AvairXiKovrt, Dor. for amTtXiKovci, 
3 p). pres. fr. ai-a intens. and 
vXeKo), which see. 

Ava'rXeof, -ou, h, i;, (fr. ava intens. 
and rrXfof full) quite full, filled, 
sluj'ed, crowded. 

AvarXfiio-to-Oai, 1 f. mid. of Ava- 
TrXiu) -(3, f. -cxJcu, (fr. avrt back, 
and ttX/u) to sail) /o set sail away, 
or fcart, sail ho7ne. 

AvoTrX/uf, -u), 6, fi, Ion. and Att. 
for ava'ffXtof. 

AvarXijQi/o-ovrai, 3 pi. 1 f. ind. 
pass, of 

AvaT\rj6w, fr. avd up, and irXijOw, 
which see. 1 a. inf. ara-jXijaat. 

AvairXrjpovTat, 3 sin. cont. pres. 
ind. pass, of 

Ava-zXiipdii) -a, f. -iJiTu, p. -uKa (fr. 
same, and rX;7pi5u to fill) to Jilt 
up, supply, complete ; fulfl, ac- 

AvarXiJpwffif, -loj, Att. -cw;, q, (fr. 
same) compklion, fulfilment, ac- 

AviiffXoof cont. nvo'TrXoiif, -oou -ov, 
i, (fr. avu back, and rXcioj a voy- 
age) o voyage, sailvig hack, or 

Avan-XSfw, f. -Svui, (fr. ava again, 
andirXiJva) to wash) to wash out, 
wash clean, or thoroughly. 

AvaitXuictv, pres. inf. fr. ova back, 
and rXuJQ), which see. 

Avdirvevfia, -drof, rb, and A varvw 
<ri5, -tos, Att. -£w{, )';, (fr. ava 
again, and irn'w to breathe) 
breathing, respiration, drawing 
breath, rest, refreshment. 

Ai'rfiTV<u<rTO{,-ou,o,i(,(fr. a nog. and 
same) not breathing, breolhless. 

Avurvfu -ui, f. -cvcii), and Avht- 
vclb), (fr. >iva again, and Kume) 
to breathe, rcsjjire ; to t'ike brcith, 
rest, recover, revive. 

Ava-rrvoii, -hi, I'l, (fr. last) respira- 
tion, breathing, taking l/reath. 

Avanvvu), or-jJfiijSameasavuTTv/ui. 
1 a. pass, avriirvivdriv. Poet, and 
Ion. a)n:ti\ivOr)V. 


AvairiihtKTix;, -ov, 6, i/, (fr. a neg, 
(uri intens. and fitUvvfit to show) 
impiolmUi; unlikely ; not proveil 

Avazufl^u), (fr. ai'iiback, and noil- 
^u) to slvp\ to go biich, ritreat ; 
to walk backwards ; to retrace, re- 
tract ; to examine, inquire into, 

Avaroitcfiiii, -ov, b, (fr. lust) a re- 
turn ; inquiry, examination. 

Ayarroitu) -ut, f. -i/ctu), |). -t/Ka, (fr. 
aid intens. and -oiim to make) 
to make up, form, prepare. 

AidKoivoi, -ov, b, t'l, (fr. o neg. and 
dtrotvov ransom) unransomed, 
without rrmsom,free. 

Ai'UTroXf^o), Poet, for avaTroX/u -w, 
(fr. avd about, and roX/ui to 
turn) to consider, deliberate ; to 
turn up, or break fresh ground ; 
to roll, tumble. 

' Ava-JToXdyiiTOi, -ov, b, »;, (fr. a ncg. 
and u-uXoyt'o/^ai to vindicate) 
not to be defended, without apolo- 
gy, inexaisable. 

AvuTzpi'/Ou, f. -aw, (fr. avd intens. 
and TTpi'iOo) to burn) to set on fire, 
kindle, burn ; to scorch, blast ; 
to shed burning tears, tveep 
violently. Also for avarrXt'iOw, 
to Jill, Jill up, swell, expand. 1 a. 
par. act. ava-apfiaas. 

AvaTTpi^o), or Avairpio), (fr. same, 
and nplo} to saw) to cut asunder, 
to cut off; to gnash, or grind 
the teeth. 

Avd-rrrafiai, and AvdT;TaaOai, see 
in avlirrrini. 

AvairTtpob) -aij (fr. avii up, and 
TTTiphv a wmg) to give wings, 
makefy ; to give spirits, ani- 
mate, exhilarate, encourage ; 
AvatzTCpdopai -oijuat, to liave 
wings, or be winged ; to take wing, 
Jly, flutter ; tojlucluate, doubt. 

Avarrcpvyi^io, (fr. same, and nrj 
pv^ a wing) to wing, rise un 
wings, soar. 

AvanTt]vai,^VL. inf. act. o[ avtTTTr)fit 

Ava-nToionai -ovfiai, (fr. avd intens 
and iTToito to amaze) to be arnaz 
ed, astonished, confounded ; to 
covet, desire earnestly. 

AvaiTTOiionai, Poet, for last, ppcr, 
pass. avci;Totriitr]v, -jjao, -ijto. 

Ava7rTvaatJi,{. -f(<J,p. avirrrvx^n, (fr. 
avd back, and TTTvaaiii to fold) to 
unfold, unrnl, open, spread out. 

Avairrvx'h ""/fi '^i C'''- last) an open- 
ing, unfolding, disclosing ; ava-rr- 
Tii^^ui, the rays of the sun. 
Avdvrw, f. -\pu>, p. dvrjfa, (fr. avd 
intens. and utttw to touch) to 
kindle, light, set on fre ; to fix, 
fasten, hang, or set up ; to con- 
secrate, dedicate. AvdTtTOjxat, to 
catch, cling to ; to be tied idjout, 
girt dressed ; to dress, put on 
clothes ; to cover, lay un. 1 a. 


act. dvrixpa. pres. par. pass. 

avuTTTdncvoi, g. Ion. avaitTa^ii- 
vato. I a. pass. avt'i^Orjv, 
Avdnvarns, -ov, b, li, (fr. same, and 
TvvOdvofiai or vtvOofiai to hear) 
published, proclaimed ; heard, 


Avdiru, Dor. for Avd-irov, g. of 'A»a- 
iro>-, b, Anapus, a river in Sicily. 
Avdnurrii;, or Aciironn, and AvaTru- 
Tti, by Sync. n>7rwrif, -io<r, Att, 
-.'(OS-, i), (fr. avd intens. and irlvia 
to drink) asinking nr absorption 
of walfrs; the rijlux of the sea, 
ebbing of the tide. 
Avapaipi/Kd)!, Alt. and Avapfiaiprj- 
Kuij, Ion. for aviipriK&i, per, par. 
of avatplw, 
'AvapOpoi,-oy, b, t'l, (fr. a neg. and 
dpOpov a joint) disjointed, loose, 
fruil, weak ; disabled, lame. 
AvapiO^iu) -a, (fr. avd again, and 
apiOjiLfii) to count) to reckon over 
again, count up, recount, enume- 
AvapiOjinroi, -ov, b, }), (fr. same) 
innumerable, numberless, count- 
less ; insignificant, trivicd. 
AvdpioTOi, -ov, b, t'l, (fr. a neg. and 
dpiarov dinner) bej'ore dinner, 
without dinner, fasting. 
Avaplrijs, -ov, b, ashell-fisli. 
Aviipjioaroi, -ov, b, t'l, (fr. a ncg. and 
(ip/<(5^w to adapt) urifit, unsuita- 
ble, improper ; untuned, unhar- 
AvapTtdlu), f. -(f(T(i), (fr. avd up, and 
apirdcw to seize) to snatch up, or 
away ; to seize, carry off", rob, 
plunder. 1 a. par. act. avapvu- 
AvapiraoTos, -ov, i, j^, (fr. last) car- 
ried off, hurried off, snatched 
away ; cut off, intercepted ; 
seized, plundered. 
AvapiidrrTiii, f. -\pu>, (fr, avi again, 
and pdiTTia to sew) to sew, or 
stitch up ; to mend, repair, reft. 
par. per. pass, avcpjjafiivos. 
Avapfitipa, -drof, ri, (fr. ava up, 
and p/cj to speak) a proclama- 
tion by a crier, publication, pro- 
AvappTjtioi, or -^riyviipi, f. -fw, (fr. 
aid up out, and /»/yvu/it to break) 
to tear, rip up, open violently, 
hurst asunder ; to break out, tip, 
or forth ; to break iff. 1 f. inl". 
avapjn'i^eiv. 1 a. act. ind. avcp- 
pi'l^a' opt. ^ol. avaphi'i^cta, -nj, 
-r inf. avaplji'i^ai. 2 f. inf. pass. 
Avapiinri^o), (fr. avd intens. and 
piTTi'^w to ventilate) to kindle, to 
blow into aflame; to income, 
excite desire. 
AvapptTiTiu), or avapfihrio, f. -^'ii>, 
p. avipptipa, (fr. avd up, and filrc- 
rui to throw) to throw, cast,fling 
upwards ; to dart. 
Avapjioiji&iii) -ijj, f. -I'laii), (fr. avd 
intens. and ^o/fof a crash) to 
absorb, ingulph, engorge; to 
swalloiv with noise. 
Avapiioiyiti, for avcpfiayCji, paf- P- 

mid. of avaphi'/aau). 
Avjppuvvu/ii, (fr. avd again, and 
jjiivvvfit to strengthen) to recover, 
grow strong ; to become reso- 
lute, determine; to corroborate, 
AvapjiijiaOevrti, n. pi. par, 1 a, 

pass, of last, 
lAvcipjio;, -oVfb, ^, (fr. a neg. and 



nob> to agree) implacable, inexo- 
rable ; contrary, unsuitable, un- 
pleasing, unfit. 

Avaprdo), fr. av.i up, and aprdio, 
which see. 

Avapmroj, -ouj 6,1/, (fr. a neg. and 
apri'ia to pickle) not seasoned, 
unsavoury, tasteless. 

Kvapx^c, -as. Ion. -xh, -IS, >'i, (fr. 
same, and apx'i government) 
ftxtnjt of government, or magis- 
trates ; anarchy, confusion ; tu- 
mult, riot, disturbance. 

'Aiapxos, -ov, b, ri, (fr. same) witli- 
out rule; tumultuous, riotous; 
^ without a beginning, from all 
" eternity. 

Xvaacipd^o), (fr. avii back, and aet- 
pd a chain) to drag icilh a chain. 

Avorciu), f. -au), p. -Ka, (fr. avii Up, 
and celti) to shake) to excite, stir 
up, rouse, promote; to move, 
affed ; tn shake, or wave the 
hand ; to shafce, or titrow off; to 
thake out, try, examine. 

Avaatffx'pfifvos, (par. per. pass, of 
avaffvpo}) draum, or tucked up ; 
indecent, obscene. 

Ava<r»ra'T7Tw, fr. ava up, and OKdiiTui, 
which see. 

AvaoKcvd^o), f. -uau), p. -ana, (fr. 
ni'ii back, and axcvdl^io to pre- 
pare) to repair, renew, restore ; 
to collect, gntlurr, pillage ; to 
overthroiD, subvert, destroy, de- 
molish, ruin ; to break through, 
violate, infringe ; tn abolish, an- 
nul; to take, or put away, re- 
) move; to refute, weaken, dis- 
prove; AvaaKCvd^Ofiai, lopack up, 
hind on, harness, yoke ; to change] 
fjuarters, remove, depart. 

XvaaKnaerlos, -ov, b, {/, (fr. last) to 
he overthrovm^ &c. Sen the verb. 

Kva'!KivaG-rXKhs,-r], -bv, (fr. same) 
ruinous, destructive, pernicious. 

/iiaaxcvr), -ijf, i/, (fr. samo) repair, 
restoration, renewal ; destruction, 
ruin, mirrthrow ; contrarliclion, 
disproof, conviction . 

AtaoKipTdii) -u, f. -fiati), p. nvcaKlp- 
TT/Ka, (fr. avd up, and oKiprau to 
8ki|)) to frisk, gambol; to play 
wantonly ; to kirk, plunge. 

AmirKn^ovlOo, (fr. itiii up, and axd- 
\o\p a xtakc) to empale. 

Avaano-rfio -io, f. -tjoa), (fr. nvd in- 
tens. and nKoniu) to (■oii.sid(tr) to 
think maturely, rlrlihrrnlr ; to 
ineditnir, mum , rrflcrt upon, 

Avaaofllia -w, (fr. uvil hark, and 
iTojUui to ijrive away) In throui 
brick ; to Kcarr, frighten nvmy. 

KtA-macToi, -ov, h, !i, (fr. nc-xl) 
ilnni-n up, hrnugld bark, with- 
droM-n ; lorn, dragged away. 

Atrinxdii) -w, f. -d'eo), p. iivlnndKn, 
(fr. avi\ up, and itt./u to ilraw) 
'o draw up, hark, or out, c.rtrar.l ; 
In root 1//1, ov^Tlhrou; throw 
diinn ; tn tnir, or rip up ; to be 
Irti'/us, prolan f^ J protract. 
'Avanait, -rjf, !j, {"• ''"if a king) n 

queen, mistress, lady. 
Ardonaraf, D'lr. fcpr iiy'inm]Tof, -nv, 
h, 1), (fr. a nog. and I'lijonnjim to 
l»e inferior) invincihlr. 


Aiaffffct, Ssin. pres. ind. o^avdaaw. 
Aidcratlaaaa, Poet, for avacuaaaa, 

1 a. par. fen\. of aiactiu. 
Aiaauijitv, Ion. for avdacav, pres. 

inf. — Avdaac, pres. impr. — 
' Avaaaov, Ion. for fivaaaov, imp. 
ind. of 

Ai'afTffa), f. -fu, (fr. dia^ a king) 
to reign, ntle, govern. 

Avdara, (2 sin. cont. impr. act. of 
avatrrdu), obs. and used for avaa- 
rrjOi, 2 a. impr. act. of avftrrfj^ii) 
up ! rise, get up. 

Ava(rTa6dv, (fr. avicTtiiii to stand 
up) on the feet, upright, standing. 

AvaoraX/uVof, Ion. for avtara^fii- 
ros, par. per. pass, of arnoTtAXo). 

AvoCTTaXi'^a), same as avaartvat^w. 

Avaards, -aaa, -av, par. 2 a. act. 
of ai'(<Tr»;/ii. 

Avdardais, -10;, Att. -£wf, 1;, (fr. 
aviCTij/it to stand up) a standing 
up, rising, resurrection ; an in- 
surrection, commotion, tumult, 
uprising; an expulsion, a driv- 
ing out ; overthrow, devastation. 

AvdcTaros, -ov, h, fi, (fr. same) 
uprooted, expelled, turned out ; 
overturned, ruined, wasted, de- 

Avaarardu) -d, f. -Aaut, p. artard- 
TciiKu, (fr. last) to subvert, over- 
throw, destroy ; to unsettle, dis- 
turb, excite, promote sedition. 

Avaarav pistil, and Avaoranodui -w, 
f. -uxjoi, p. -ii)Ka, (fr. aiii upon, 
and irraiipds a stake) to crucify ; 
to crucify over again. 

AvacravpovvTas, a. pi. cont. par. 
pres. act. of avaaravpuoi. 

'Avacre, by Sync, for nvdararc, 2 
pi. of dvaara, -drio, for avdaTtjOt, 

2 a. impr. act. of aviarrifit. 
AiaardXas, -aaa, -av, 1 a. par. 

act. of 

AvarrrlWij), f. -t\C:, p. avlaraXKa, 
(fr. aid up, and ariWio to send) 
to send (iff, dismiss, discharge ; 
to repulse ; to dress, put, or draw 
on; to restrain, hinder, check; 
to contract, draw in ; AvaariX^o- 
fiat, tn }fithdraw, retire; to dis- 
semble, disguise, feign. 

Avaartvd^o), f. -(^o), p. -ku, and 
Avacrli'iD, (fr. ai« intcris. and 
oTcvd^ut to groan) to groan hea- 
vily, sigh deeply, sob, gasp, pant. 

AvnBTcvdxi^i^, or Avaornvayt^d), 
and AvuuTtvdx'^, Poet, same as 

Avdarniia, -liros, rii, (fr. ni'i'(rri//<( 
tn Mland up) erection, elevation ; 
bright, eminence ; substance ; a 
fort, castle. 

Avdarriv, Ion. for aviarriv, 2 a. ind. 
art. impr. nvaarfiOi, -tw. 2 pi. 
nvnartiTC null. tivaariTi, -fn, -Jj' 
inf. nvaarHvai' of ntlaTt^iii. 

Avnarnml", -as, -t, .^Kol. for ui'ii- 
ttTTjunliHy -an, -at, I a. opt. act. 
of unnic. 

AvanTp'iro^titfHO, f. -cftaia, p. -nKfa, 
(fK avd again, and (rTfiiirSTrt^ov a 
ramp) li remove a camp, change 
rpinrlers, return. 

Ariiarptiijifirc, impr. and -i/,;rTf , mib. 
2 it. pass, and 



AvatrTpitpcadai, pres. ind. pass. — 
Ava(srptip6fitvos, -»;, -ov, par. 
pres. ])ass. of 

AviioTpiipo), f. -\j/(i), p. -<pa, (fr. avd 
back, and arpiipdi to turn) to turn 
back, return; to overturn, sub- 
vert, destroy ; to invert, turn 
upside down. ; to torture, rack. 
Mid. to be with, live with, as- 
sociate with ; to he conversant 
iti ; to spend or pass time ; lo 
turn over, revolve, run over, or 
through. 2 a. act. aviaTpa<j>of' 
pass. avtuTpdip'n', per. ind. mid. 
avioTpoipa' pass. avioTpafifiat. 

AvaoTpnipdia -w, (fr. last) to turn, 
roll, xvind, move round, pres. inf. 
act. ava<iTpo([idtiv -ijiv, 

AvauTpoiiyrj, -i]s, I'l, (fr. same) a 
turning back, return; an over- 
tlu-ow, reverse, alteration, change; 
a course, revolution ; state of be- 
ing ; conduct, behaviour, man- 
ner of life. 

Avaa-aat, 3 pi. 2 a. sub. act. of 

Avaaiipta, (fr. avd up, and ovpu) to 
draw) to raise, draw back, un- 
cover ; to expose indecently. 

Avacvoi, or -o-tOu), (fr. same, and 
acvii) or (Tiifc) to rush) to rush 
forth ; dart, spring upon. 

Avacrda'XXw, f. -uXSi, (fr. avd up, 
and a(pdX\(ji to trip) to recover, 
as from a slip, or from illness, 
ri.5f, become better ; to flourish 
again, be restored to former pros- 

Ai'uffc/i^Xai, inf. of avfafy]\a, 1 a. 
ind. act. of last. 

Avaaxd^u), (fr. same, a.ndaxd(o or 
oXa'^u) to cut) lo beat, drive, or 
thrust back ; to repel, turn away ; 
avaaxd^oijiat, to retire, withdraw, 

AvatjxiOiji, Poet, for avj'p^u), or 

Avdax'-o, Ion. for avdaxov, 2 a. 
impr. mid. — Avaaxoifvv, 2 a. 
opt. mid. — Avaoxofcvos, par. 
2 a. mid. — Avaaxiov, par. 2 a, 
act, of avixu)- 

Avnaxcrbs, ->i, -iv, (fr. same) tole- 
rable, to be borne. 

AvaaxK'-', (fr. nvd intens. and oxl- 
^u) to split) tn cleave, rend, rip 
up, split. 

Avn<jw^u>, (fr. (ii'a intens. and irui^j. 
lo save) lo jireservc, deliver, re- 
store ; to cause, or enable to 
escape ; to realise, establish ; 
IVlid. to recover again, escape, 
sai e one's self. 

Avarn^laOai, 1 f. inf. mid. of ava- 


AvuTapdoau), or -rrw, f. -(u), (fr. 
same, and mpdaau) to disturb) 
to trouble, disorder, distract, em- 
broil ; to confound, confuse; lo 
excite or raise commotion, par. 
per. pa.MK. avaTtrapayuivos- 

AvardaoM, or -ttio, f. -im, p. -X", 
(fr. Hamr, and rdnnut (" range) lo 
arrange, set in order ; In com- 
pose, dispose, adjust, settle, 1 a. 
mid. nviraidpriv. 

AvitrartKbs, -h, -iv, (fr. next) ex- 
tended, stretehtd out; extensive, 




M.i'i . Inurrinf:, shontiiif:, or mti) to iiurxr^ hrinf; U]),iilurtilr, 

puiiUiiifi ufiwarih; etn)ii\tl,<iiger,l rear, i u. ucl. uv/rfw/i/ioi'' puss. 

inotcnl, iiunacing ; haiighti/, ar- nrcrpiliiiiv 1 :i. llcl. uviOfii.\' 

rogitntf vaiiiy hoiisting. mid. «)t(^f)£i^(yi(;i'* per. mill, iiru- 

AniTfOpa/i/iosi -»;, -»i', par. per. i r/rpui/m'^icr. ]iiiss. «r(i7(7()((/i/mi. 

pass, lit aiarpiiJH-i. iAiiiTfii)f^io,i. nvaOpliw, p. iifaita^pii- 

AvarcliiD, f. -fid, (IV. uk'i up, iiml /<i;/>(i, (fV. iiia liiicli, ami tjii'yw '<> 

m'iu» lo rciiili) to t\tlintl, .stnti:/i[ run) /« nai liii<:k, or //;),• /y ns- 

olj/ ,• /o ntnicli rounil iil>i)ul,\ crti<l,iiiiiiiiU ; tu gruii\ xhimt vp ; 

surround; to raise, Iwli/, or lijl\ 1i> jcl, ^uah out ; lo ir.ccilc, witli- 

iip ; lu vtrge upwunh. ! draw; lo renn\ rrlraa; intund, 

Ai'urtAf?, 3 sill. 1 f. act. — .Vi'ut*A- ! - rrj'onil ; to niri ovrr, disroiirsc of, 

Ati, '3 sill. pros. iial. act. — j rminirrale. 2 :\. uui. nvA. uriitfiu- 

Avari'Wovcaii, i\. sin. Icili. par. ' /luv per. ind. liiici. ui'H('/<^p«/<u. 

prcs. act. — AiiiriTuAfcu, -«j, -cj (fr. ifii'imi, ol>s.) 

per. ind. act. of Aivirfw::)), -r/s, i'/, (fr. avarpt-u) lo 

Ai(iT/AAw, I'. -fAhi, p. ui'rtr/rnXcH, ovtrliiin) ovirtlirow, ruin. 

(fr. avii lip, and rAAw lo rise) <« .4i'(iTpo(/)i), -("/j, //, (IV. ovaTpitjita to 
/, ^ju.s7i out, throw up, jiroA te;\r) i(iucatioii, 
trude, or causn to rise ; to pro-lAviirvziko -u>, f. -o'lcoi, p. -(Okh, (fr. 
i/mcc, cause to be; (o spring ; /»! «i7i accordiiif; to, and rvrros a 
grow, Imd, shoot; to arise. I a.; mark) to ii)iugi»i; r.our.cive ; to 
ind. (ii/rfiA«*siib. (ii(iTc/Aw inf. i form un iniogr, or likiness, re- 
lUHTtiAuc per. mid. nvariru^a.', present. 
AiaTi/iito, (IV. iiiii iiilens. an<l|'.Ai'ni;('uf, -uv, and Ai'utiiiii, -toi 
riitiui to cut) lo n<t up. j -oiif, 6, »;, (iV. « ne^'. an<l nvi)>i 

AiaTCTfiriixiioi, par. per. pass, ot'i voi<;e)^ uriitr, ilutith, 

last. j sihnt. 

AruTiOiaai, for urdTiOiict, 3 pi. lAi'(n'fr/r»f, -ou, o, ,'/, (jr. same, and 
prcs. ind. act. — Ai'nri0tT-i,-/TO), uu^tii'W lo j;ro\v) llinl does not 
pres. inipr. act. of i grow, stinilid, <limr/islt, iliniinii- 

\iiiriOi)fii, f. -I'lauj, p. aviiriOtiKa,] five. 

(fr. ai'ii up, and Tiy);/u to scl) to\'Aviivui, -iw, ii, i), (Ir. .same, and 
place, or put above, or upon; to\ itvu) to cry) same as uvitvdoi. 
dedicate, consecrate; lo ascrihe,\' AvuVfjoi, -iiv, u, I'l, (IV. « neg. and 
rf/i-)-, ultriliute ; to erect, liuild ;\ nvpu a brcc/e) xeaiiling air ; 

to replace, renew, restore ; lo take j iriiluml mind, breathless, still, 

up, lift, retnoic ; to propose, coi/i-\ ratm. Also, (fr. a intens. and 

inunicate, imparl ; loej:plain,de-\ xlto to t\o\\) rolling rapidly; ii\Ayad>vf)ii), fr. same, and ^Opw, 

'•taj-fi ; to decree, enact, enjoin ; torrent. \ unicli see 

tinpuli, rejer In ; Ai'<i>/>fpo^ai, In 
uithdraw, betake, retire ; to col' 
lert, recover, rise up ; 1 a. ind. 
(ii'i/rtyxii* inf. avcvlyKat' par. 
itnivryKiii' 2 a. ind. ovi'iityKoi' 
inf. laiviyKciv par. (n'ti'tyKo'ji" 
per. ind. pass, i/ruior/iui, as if fi. 
Ill olio. 

AviiijidtU, par. 1 :i. pass, ofavi'mriu. 

AiaijiXlyw, (IV. dia intens. and diXi- 
yu to Inirn) to bum vp, bhiie, 
kindle, blow up. 

Ai'(iil>\c)(^Ui'iV(ii, 1 a.inl. pass. ol last. 

Ai'(i(/iupii, -Hs, /;, (fr. iiinKjiifiui to 
hear) a burden, load ; an iiff'er- 
ing, sacrijicc ; a tax, tribute, re- 
venue ; II rising up, emersion ; 
exhalation, evaporation ; recover!/, 
restoration, recolteclion ; a iliit- 
churge, issue; a leferimce, rela- 
tion, tendtncy ; narrative; a 
charge or transfer of crime, im- 
putation, appeal; a subterfuge, 
evasion ; refuge, shelter, protec- 
tion ; in astrology, the sigti rising 
after the horoscope, the ascendant. 

Ai'ail>opciii, -ius, Alt. -tu>i, 0, (fr. 
same) a bearer, carrier; a bar, 
crow, staff, lever. 

Ai'(i^f)(i'^u/jiii, (IV. avii intens. and 
Oipa^ofiai to consider) lo obscrvi, 
2'erceive, recognise, acknowledge. 

Ariiippi'iaoti), or -ttw, (fr. same, and 
(liQiicoio lo stO|i nj)) to hinder, ob- 
struct; lo close, stop up, barricade. 

Avaijifwvri^ii), (fr. same, and i/;f/oi- 
n'^w to think) to consider, pon- 
der, revolve, meditate, ilelibcrate. 

AiHTi'Of/iui, to set vp, demand, 
claim ; to adopt, or alter an opi. 
nion. per. ind. pass. 3 pl. aiari- 

DcvTtif 2 a. mid. avcUi/niV par. Ava'voi, f. -aw, (IV. uiii again, and 
iivaOijUi'ui. j avM to cry) to exclaim, shriek, 

Ai'/ri//«'(i) -tu, (IV. ova np, and ti-\ cry out ; to shout, cheer. 

/irtu) to va\uc) to enhance, raisetAiailiaivcadai, |)res. inf. mid. — 
the price, pros. inf. act. «i'ur</ju'- j Aru^uwif, -uca, -iv, n. pi. -iv- 
Liii -Ijiy. j T€i, par. 2 a. |iass. of 

Ai itrivay/iui, -ov,u, {ir. aiauilviis. I Afuipuii'u), I. -ifiavd, \>. -rtipayKa, 
and TiiuVcrw lo qnivcr) «ro;icu.v. I (fr. urii intens. and tUalviu lo 
sion, shock ; a luolinl change, or I show) lo s/ioir, make appear, ij- 

Ai«ii(7((r, Uor. |i)r. (jn'/i (Toi , 3 pl. 1 |Ai«0ii(7((5oJi'rtj, Poet, for uvaifiv- 
a. — AriiO^uj, Dor. lor (H'hBcjs, I niCnrcs, n. (il. cont. jiar. jires. 
par. 1 a. of i IV. ai'/) intens. and (/niriHU), or i/<t- 

cti'iu), whicli see. 
Aiiiipiiio, (IV. iivii again, and ipvu> lo 

Ai'irAuf, par. prcs. act. — .\.i(i7A,;- 

aai, |)ar. 1 a. acl. of 
AidTXiifii, (fr. air't intens. and rXij- 

III to bear) to stij/'er, endure, nn- 

dtrgo ; to sustain, support. 
AiarfjiilOui, par. 1 a. |iass. of uiu- 

Tt/l I (. 

AiiiruMi, -i;f, )■/, (Ir. »ior/AA(D to per.uliui 

/libit, display ; to testify, prove, 
r(mvincr, convict ; to accuse, 
charge. Ax'atj,aivoiiai,tobe shown ; 
to appear, look, seem. per. pass. 
ava-rriijiaiijjLai. ~ a. avupavijv. 

AvaipaipcTiti, -iiv, h, >/, (fr. a ncg. 

j (iro from, and nipio) to take) not 
to be takin away ; own, proper, 

arise) day-spring, dawn; sun- 
rise ; the east ; the eastern parts 
of the u:orld. 

A iaro\tKii, ->/,-ur, (fr. last ) eastern. 

.\iaTofi>i, -Ti<, I/, (IV. ni'iiri'iivw lo 
cut u|)) a culling, dividing, dis- 
sextiou, anatomy. 

AvfiTo/uKdi, -il, -or, (fr. I;is() ana- 
frmiical, an anatnuiisl. 

Ai'o</»(/A(ii'7(a$, -01', 0, (IV. next) a 
bubl man ; somewhat bald. 

Ai'n</i/<A«v7o$, -mi, !/, i), bald, with- 
out hair on the top oj'lhc head. 

Avnij/ii\iiiiTOina, -(iroj, ro, (Ir. last) 

Avaipai'iii, -iuv, and -i>ir, (IV. nva- 
i/iitlio) lo show) iipenly, plainly, 
clearly, evidently 

Aiurp/roici, 3 pl. prcs. ind. act. of' Ai(i'/'/pw, f. uvuiahi, (IV. avu np, 
Avar(j{Tij>, (fr. avn back, and rptrui I and c/j/pu to carry) locarry, bring 

lo tnm) to subvert, overturn; to' up, or back; to offer sacrijicc ; 

trip, Ihroii) down, lay Jlal, pros- \ to take upon, bear, endure ; to 

trate ; to refute, disprove. I take, renuive, discharge, dismiss ; ■^Ava^Ocis, -uaa, -iv, I- ]il. -Od'TCf 

.^larpiipbi, f. uiuOpi\piit, p. avaTi-l to bleak out, burst forth ; to re- ■ Jiar. AvaxSiji'm, inf. 1 .1. pass. 

Toc'pa, (fr. avti tip, and mlipoi lol jiorl,trll ; to concern, relate to; toi of avilyw, 


row) lo spring, shoot, sprout up, 
bud again ; produce, bring forth. 

Avatpuiiiii) -Co, f. ->'/cii), p. avaT!tij)ij)- 
rtiKa, (fr. avii intens. and <pu)v((ii 
to speak) to exclaim, call, cry 
aloud; to sound out. 

Ava')(iilu>, (fr. same, and X"^*^ '" 
yield) to retreat, withdraw, re- 
tire; lo return. 

Avitxaii'i'), or Avuy'ivfw, it. same, 
and ;^«ii'a), whicli sec. 

Ai'n;j^(ji7(^a), f. -iaio, (fr. ava back, 
and X"''^'! ''^*^ mane) to fling 
back the mane ; to rear, unhorse; 
to precipitate, cast headlong, over- 
turn ; lo behave riotously, or 
wantonly, riot. 

Avuxiico'icllat, Poet, for uvaxii- 
aacOiif 1 a. inf. mid of uiu^^u'^oi. 

Aviixi">, f. -ti'ffw, (fr. (ii'u back, 
■ind X''^ '" poor) to pour back; 
to refund; lo pour in, or upon, 
infuse ; to confound, disturb. 
par. ! a. pass. avaxvOth and 

Arn;^»;iwi', par. ])res. otavuxfl^iu'- 

See avnx'dvui. 
'AvaxP\ by Apo?. before an a.spi- 

ratc for dvaKra, a. sin. of nvaf. 



Aiii;^;o»;, -i/j, >t, (If- uiu;^ta» to i)OUl'iAi'(!()tt7rO(!(^w, f. -iVio, p. -/jKJpurrd- 

out) a pouring out, overflowi?ig,l fiKa, {(r. sdmc) to custare, reduce 

inundation ; n passage, course; , to servitude ; treat as a slave. 

the opening, or mouth of a rr'iw. ' Aif5p(i7ro(5i<rn/j, -ou, u, (fr. same) a 
\ya^vdtis, par. 1 a. pass, of uin-; man-stealer, kidnapper, d. pi. 

;)^f(<). «i'(3pa:roi«7ru?i. /'^^ 

Ai'<<;^;i'aiJ>-'of, Att. .£a;i;,(fr. same): Ai'Jpa-o^oi', -ov, "ro^ (fr. ((I'ijp a 

o pouring forth, effusion; ani nian, and mEs the foot) a slave. 

inundation, lake, pool ; a sink,\Avipa-oSioS>ii, -eos -or;, o, fi, (fr. 

vortex; gulf of vice, or </«-! last) slavish, ■icrvile. 

bauchery, profusion, prodigality.] A.i'5pa^0tii, -fos -uvi, 'u, '/, (fr. airip 

a. sin. ai'd^vaiv. a man, and ii)(p<is a burden) too 

Amj^uptw -ii, f. -I'lcii), p. -/;«;«, (fr. much for a man to bear, bnr- 

iiva back, atid y^Mfiko to go) to dcnsome, grievous. 

go back again, return, depart, re- Av£pu)(^vii, ->;s, )';, the herb purslain. 

tire, withdraw; to secede, sepa- Avipia;, -ov, o, Andrev:, a man's 

rale. (fr. Ywpoj room) to con- name. 

tain, hold. \Avcpt\n, and Avvpia, -m, i/, (fr. 

XiavtoptiTioi, -ov, u, I'l, (Ir. last) it' avtip a man) manliness, valour, 

is necessary to be tvithrlrawn, &c. I courage, fortitude. 
Ai'ui//r;j, 2 sin. 1 a. sub. act. o{'-Aivpetos,a.i\dAi'cpiius,-a,-oii,({r. 

aiaTZTii). ' last) manly, brave, courageous; 

.Xi'd^-i'^ii, -(oj, All. -£ws, »;, (fr. masculine, male. 

next) « cooling, refreshing; u\ .AripctfuvTin, -ov, !i, (fr. aviip a 

hreatliing^ rest, respite. I nian, and ^ii'o) to kill) a man- 

Afaxfjv^oi, I. -Vw, (1. avii^-vx^a, (fr. | slayer, mnrderotis, an epithet of 

uy<J again, and '^v^'^ *<^ breathe) i Mars. comp. -urcpos, sup. -6-a- 

lo cool, refresh ; to rub down, j TOg, 

v:ipc dry; to relieve, rest, give 

respite; to repair ; 1 a. ((vt'i|u|a* 

mf. ava^lv^at. 
\['yvoi>i, Dor. Sync, for avayvolii, 3 

sin. 2 a. opi. of avnyiviiiaKU. 
ViraVii), to please, delight, gratify, 

humour ; to satisfy, content, imp. 

iivoavoi: For other tenses see 
\iiciaOai, Poet, for ucuctiiTGai, 

pres. inf. pass. — av^tadyitvoi, 

for avaitjadixcvo;, 1 a. par. mid. 

'Articfia, Poet, lor ai'd(*£(/u, -liroi, 

rd, (fr. last) a diadem, hand, 

filet, turban, garland. 
Ailtieov, -ov, Ti, a summit, top, 

rittge ; a terrace, bank, mound. 
\i"'<iKTr]i, Poet, for nvavUrris, -ov, 

ii, (fr. ni'ii about, and vIku) to 

throw) a noose, gin, halter. 
'.\ v!ii)(a, Poel. for<{i'ai5ir;^«, (fr. avu 

inlciiH. and iA'^^a twice) twofold, 

doubly, HCfjar/Ucly, two ways. 
'Alio', for nvipa, a. of aif/p. 
Wii'pu, 'Av^uui, Avi'^pdai, Ari'ipi, 

Avipii, A roods, Avipdv, cases of 

\ rir'nyaOi'o) -w, (fr. aiiio .1 man, 

and ityiiOif ;i'>od) to firnavc like a 

man, to ad with spirit. 
\iipaydO>niu, -iiriii, rd, (fr. IttJit) 

an ezplntt, uchitvement.fcal. 
AffipaynOla, -«{, i'/, (fr. Hamc) 

hravrry, manliness, spirit. 
\ vinuyntii,-wy', rii, (fr. aviip a man, 

aiid i'lypn n prize) spoils nf the 

ill ad, ftlu/idrr. 

Avipciiog, (fr. avipeTui manful) 
manfully, &c. 

AvSpicat, Poet, for avcpdai, d. pi. 
of av)'ip. 

Ai'(5p£i'/i£i'of, Dor. for av&poijxtvoi, 
par. ])res. of ai'Vp6ui. 

Ai'SpeutOcSicn, Ion. for ardpudCoot, 3 
pi. 1 a. sub. pass, of same. 

AvSpioiv, Ion. for avepZv, g. pi. of 

Avip!:i)v, -wfog, u, (fr. same) tlie 
men\s apartment ; a hall, din- 
ing. room. 

Ai'6p)i\drt]s, -uv, II, (fr. aviip a man 
and fXui'iw to drive) driving men 
into banishment, an oppressor; 
one who expels a just claimant. 

.\vi)pini'Ta, a. sin. of av^pidi. 

AfipiuVTOTTutia, -«f, )';, (fr. avi]piiis 
a statue, and rui/w to make) 
statuary, thr mumifaclure of 

AvvpiavroTTotii, -ov, b, I'l, (fr. same) 
n statuary, carver. 

.\t'fip1iti, -dvTiii, 0, (fr. ai'Sip a man) 
« statue, image, curved Jigure. 

Ai'Cpii^ui, f. -iao), p. I'/vopiKn, (fr. 
same) to make manful encou- 
rage ; Aiopl^oiiai. to behave like 
a man, to act with spirit; per. 
ind. pass. I'lifip'onnt. 

Av'ipticAg, -i), -di/, (fr. same) inan- 
ly, manful, brave. 

AvfiptKiiii, (fr. manfully. 

Avifioi', -on, Ti), (dim. of avi'ip a 
man) a little man, jiigmy. 

Avi^pojipiof, -uiro?, !i, and Avvpofli'i- 
pof, -on, I), (fr. Kunie, and liopu 

Xtrniy^oi, -01', b, (fr.iiii/p a nian,' foorl) a cannibal ; one who kills 

and dyyia to choke) a murdirrcr 
\ i'(*pM<f'it, Po<;t. for »((ir' dv?'pa,sr. 

vcrally, separately, man by man, 
\ if^oa/iffK, -ov, b, AndramiaM, a 

nian'H name. 
A v!<oaTifiinei, for avhpuiri&oii, d, 

pi. of avvpuaoiini'. 
SviipaToiiivvrai, Ion. for. afiViuffu- 

annther tuith his own weajion. 
Avi'ipny6vo{, -nv, i';, (fr. Kain(!, and 
yliojiiu to ))car) a motlwr of 
heroes ; producing malrs. 
Ai'fipuySi'oi, -itv, b, (fr. Haine, and 
yi'ivt) a woman) an hrrinaphro- 
ditc ; a catamite ; t^flcmiimte, ivo- 
niunlsh ; wenk, ferblr^ iltlicale. 
iioT'VTai, Atl. for iiyiontToelaov-,\vftpu!\niiii,'iis,\)i<r.foTavf\pninfiii, 
T.ii, 3 pi. 1 r mid. ol , -i/c, ,',, (fr. same, and ioiuii,! lo 



subdue) who governs, or rule/i 
her husband. 

Av&poidfjLus, -avTos, b, (fr. same, 
and same) loho conquers men, a 

Avvpodcii, the manly or intrepid 
goddess ; an epithet of Mi- 

Avi^puKfiijTOi, -01', b, )'/, ((r. ai'tjp a 
man, and kuhvii) to labour) la- 
boured, wrought, or tilled by 
man. Or, belonging to a dead, 

AvopoKTucia, -rti', !/, (fr. same, and 
KTCtvoi to kill) slaughter, 7nurder, 

Ai'(?poXt'rfipof, -«, -oi; (fr. ui'i/p a 
man, and r5XAv/n to destroy) 

AvipoXoyla, -w;, i'/, (fr. same, and 
Adyos an account) a choice, levy, 
or muster of men. 

Avopoiidxy, -(;5, »'/, Andromache, a 
woman's name. 

Ai'<5pu/x£0i, -a, -ov, (fr. avi]p a man) 
manlike, human ; crowded with 

Av6p6viKos, -uv, b, Andronictis, a 
man's name. 

Av^piJ-uif, -Sos, b, (fr. same, and 
TTuTf a boy) a hoy almost arrived 
at manhood. 

Avi]p6ailiiy^, -lyyog, h,{fr. same, and 
oipiy^ a sphuix) a Jigure com- 
posed of a man and a sphinx. 

ArUpoTiaOai, pres. inf. m. cont. — 
AvfpwOi'/vat, 1 a. inf. pass, of ui- 

Avipotjtaytii) -u), (fr. same, and ipd- 
yn) to eat) to eat human Jlesh. 

Aviipoijiuyos, -ov, b, t), (fr. same) 
that devours human flesh ; a can- 

.Vc(^po0(ii'oio, {J. Ion. of 

Avipoipovoi, -oil, a, (fr. same, and 
<l>{vw to kill) a murderer, man- 
slayer ; a warrior. 

AvSpdu) -&, f. -liau), p. -loKu, (fr. 
same) lo make manly, encourage; 
lo make a man ; change into 
men, humanize ; Avbpdonai -ov- 
fiai, to behave like a inun ; to 
grow tip, to become a man, la 
arrive at man^s estate. 

Avipviiofiai, (fr. same) to growu]!, 
approach lo manhood, 

Av<^pM^i\i,-ii:g -ovi,b,i'i, (fr. same) 
male, masculine, manly, brave, 
courageous, a. sin. at'i\iioctii -n. 

An^pwtof, (fr. last) miinfully, like 
a man. 

Xvi'ipiiiUrii, par. I a. pass. — Ai'- 
ipiiiaaallui, I a. inf. mid. of (ir- 

Avepwv, -wi'os, 0, see uvvptioi'. 

Av(]pCio(, -a, -ov, (fr. iiv!)p a. man) 
like a man, manly. 

AvoVcTiti, for iii'Hi'i'ijrai, pres. nuil. 

of HI'fKJi'dl. 

'Ai/i.i«fo, Dor. and Poi;l. for aii- 

rlwu-n, 3 sin. 1 a. of firiioWw/n. 
Ai7/j'iii'ui', -If, -c, imp. act. ofura- 

AvclitiWcTii, 3 Bin. — AvtfldWovTO, 

3 III. imp. of ni'u/'^iiXAoi. 
Ai'//'i;i', -»/?, -';, 2 a. ind, act. of 





Aniiil3nca*,Sp\. I II. iiid. of avn- 

\viti\tda, -ns, -c or -cv, before n 
vowtl, 1 a. iiul. an. of nva^A/- 

AvcOpcifti/iqi', -10, -mo, 1 a. iiid. 

mid. of uv(irp/0(i). 

Arfu'ctiXoTToi/u) -6, f. -ijiru), (fr. iiviV 

rcduii. c/c'wXoi' an iiii:\j;e, mid 

rw. TToi/ii) to iiiaki') lu form ii simi- 

\\ifiopii6pviai; 3 pi. 1 a. ind. of liludr, apptAfhtice, or rijinsrn- 

avafiopliopf^w. tntion ; to hm-cive, or iniciQint 

Ai(/ipayt, - a. iiid. ofuvu/Jp/yu), or in </!<• mind; to propose an ob- 

imp. act. of avaf}p(<;^a). jVt7 to t/ic atlcnlioii, or coiusidcr- 

Av/^Mcn', Ion. for uif/j<5()«v, 1 a. o/ioji. 

ind. net. ofavajioo'w. Ai'.'iX/u) -iu, f. -(}<r(o, and AvtiAfffffu), 

Ai'tj'f/pw, f. -tpw, (fr. iini up, and f. -fw, (fr. ara back, and nXtw to 

ryrfpdj to roiiso) to arouse, auHike, 

rxcite ; to cheer, evrourugc ; to 

rnixe, erect ; Avcytipofiat, to be 

raised, to rife, start up. 
AvcylvbiaKc, and before a vowel 

-Kcv, 3 sin. imp. of (irayiiwaKW. 
MiyxhtTot, -ov, b, ii,(i'r. a neg. and 

cyKaXio) to acciise)no/ to be blam- 
ed, blamelefis, irreproar.hable. 
Aveyt'dixTTovTo, 3 pi. imp. pass. — 

Avtyi'd^^e^v, I a. ind. of 

Avcyi'(opla6ii, 1 a. ind. i)ass. ofava- 

Ariyvdiaftat, per. pass. — Aveyviia- 

6f)1', 1 a. pass. — A r/j-vurt, 2 pi. 

and — Aviyiwaav, 3 pi. 2 a. ind. 

act. of ni'ayii'(j<TKu). 
AviypCTo, Ion. lor avi'iyptro, imp. 

ind. pass. — Avtyponivoi, par. 

per. pass, of 
Ai'fypofiai, for avcyttpo^ai. See 

Aveiiyiieda, Sync, for articSiyfjc- 

6a. 1 pi. pper. pass. — Avt&i(aTo, 

3 sin. 1 a. ind. mid. of avaSi- 

Avciti^ci; 3 sin. 1 a. act. of ava- 


Aviit]v, (perhaps fr. aviij/xt to al- 
low) freely, without restraint, 
looaeli/, not strictly. 

AveipuKov, Metath. for uriliapKov, 
•2 a. act. o( avaoipKM. 

Ayiciiajiov, 2 a. act. of avaTptp^jui. 

Avii'tt, imp. or 2 a — Aviivrc, imp. 
— Avtcv<TaTo, 1 a. mid. of avaiv- 
fu, -Svrij), or -ii!(i). 

.\rfr(i)V£, 3 sin. 1 a. act. of nvani- 


Avtlpyw, Poet, for nrti'pyw. 
Aii^ev^ti; 1 a. act. of avai^cvyrvpt. 
Ai'f^u, f. -loix), (fr. ava upon, and 

t^o) to place) to set, or lay vpon; 

to prevail on, persuade, induce ; 

to bring back, lead. I a. ind. 

act. livctca. 
Avcl^wnfpriat, 1 a. act. of ava^onru- 


AvitiKcv, Atl. for aiTiKcv, 1 a. ind. 

act. of avlnpt. 
AvtOii>tTC, 2 pi. 2 a. act. of ava- 

AvtOdi, -uaa, -iv, par. of AviQriv, 

1 a. pass, of ai'i'v;/!. 
A i'£OA»;to{, -ov, 0, h, (fr. a nc<r. and 

iODio, to wish) involuntary, vn- 

millinz, l"«th j unwelcome, un- 

Avtdlimv, 2 a. ind. mid. of avari- 

ArtOnKa, 1 a. ind. act. — AvlBnv,- 

a. ind. act. of avariBtifH. 
ATiOrif, 1 a. ind. pass, of avii/itt. 

Also 2 a. ind, oVavarWiipi. 

roll) to vnrnl, unfold ; to re- 
trace, wind back, return ; alsc 
to roll up. 
Avtl\r)-nTai,i sin. per. pass. — Avei- 
X>;i/'wf, per. par. act. of ava\ap 
AvtTXoi', -tj, -t, 2 pi. Ai'tfXeTf, 2 a. 
ind. act. — Ai'C(X(!/(>;i', -ou, -tTO, 
2 a. ind. mid. of avaipiia. 
Avcipivoi, -r), -or, (for ariipiros, 
par. per. pass, of arhjpi) remiss, 
slack, negligent ; given vp to, 
devoted, dchertcd, 
AvuptvUi, (fr. last) remissly, care- 
'Aviipi, f, avdaojxai, p. uvciKa, (Ir. 
avii up, and upi to go) to go up, 
return, come hack. 
'Avniti, (fr. ai'd up, and si/ni to be) 
to be at, up, or upon ; to reach, 
arrive at, come to. 
Aveipwr, -ovos, h, rj, (fr. a neg. and 
tiiin clothes) ill dressed, badly 
clothed ; wit/tout clothis, naked. 
Arctv, Ion. for avi'tiv, prcs. inf. of 

Avtivai, inf. of ni?;)', 2 a. ind. act. 
— A !'£(?, -tiau, -ir, par. 2 a. ind. 
act. — Aviadai, 2 a. inf. mid. — 
AvciaOui, per. inf. pass. ofai'i'/;/i(. 
AvctiriiTTi, Poet, for Avci-at, 3 sin. 1 

or 2 a. of avfTTOi. 
Avdfiyd), f. -^ti), (fr. avdint.ens. and 
cipyw to hinder) to keep off', out, 
or from, to drive, or y/i(i away ; 
to repel, repulse, tlmsl back ; to 
oppose, resist ; to save, protect, 
guard ; to hinder, slop, debnr ; 
to inclose, shut up, confine, im- 
Avdpciv, pres. inf. fr. a\d inlens. 

and dp<i>, which see. 
Avdpvaaii, 3 pi. 1 a. act. ofavcnvio. 
Avdaav, 3 pi. of A)'f7<ru, 1 a. of 

Avii(sOai,\iM. inf. jiass. of arirjl'i. 
Avcip^c, 3 sin. imp. act. — Avd^e<x- 
Oc, and Alt. rivd^taOe, 2 pi. imp. 
mid. of aviyii). 
Avdui, Poet, lor ai'io>, or uv)'iii>, Ion. 
or Alt. for avd, 2 a. sub. of 

AviKiiOtv, and Poet. Avikih, (fr 

ava. intens. and iVuj afar) early, 

in the hcgi7ining, from above, 
from afar, from on high, 
AvcKaOiac, or -atv, 3 sin. 1 a. ind. 

act. of nvaKaOi^ui. 
AvLK^nt'iynro;, -ov, h, li, (tr. a ncg. 

and cKcitiyiojiai lo relate) not to 

be fully expressed, inixpressible. 
AviKctTo, Sb-in. imp. pass, of avd' 

AvUMyov, 2 a. act. of avaK^u^o). 
AvrAXffXiTcc, -01', i, ti, (fr. « nog. 

and (KXaX/(i) to utter) unuttura- 
ble, inrxpresHible, unspeakable. 

Av/kXfuTTos, -ov, and AiivXittijj, 
•(o( -ovf, i. If, (fr. (I neg. and ik- 
Xc/rcj to fail) constant, unfail- 
ing, catain. 

AvcK^ditTioi, {ft. last) without fail. 

AvcKXlOtjy, -i;5, ->;, I a. ind. pass. 
— AvIkXivu, -a;, -c, 3 pi. -vav, 1 
a. ind. act. of ,ii'(iKXf»'«». 

ArtKi'iftt^c, 3 sin. imp. of avaKo- 

AriKd->], 3 sin. 2 a. pass, of ava- 

AvcKTrhiKTOS, -ov, b, )), (fr. n neg. 
and txTrXi/aiTO) to terrify) uuter- 
r[fied undaunted, fearless, in- 
AveicT\i'<Kru>s, (fr. last) boldly, in- 
ArlKpayov, 2 a, ind. act. — Avixpa- 
foi', imp. ind. .act. — Ai'/xpafu, 
-(If, -f, 3 pi. -fai', 2 a. ind. act. 
of avaKpd^ui. 
Ai'iKrds, -!), -if, (fr. ai'tvu) to en- 
dure) tolerable, bearable, to be 
suffered, comp. avtKrdTcpos, sup. 
Av£(cr()rfpoi', (neut. comp. of last) 

more tolerably. 
AvcKTws, (fr. same) bearably, to- 
AvcKvXiaO)]?, 2 sin. 1 a. pass, ol' 

AviXtrijidvws, (fr. next) criiclly, 

without pity, unmercifully. 
AvcXc/ipoiv, -oros, b, »;, (fr. a neg. 
and c\ciipu)v merciful) unmerci- 
ful, merciless, pitiless, a. pi. avi- 
AvtXtTi" AfiXtii' Ai tX(u»'' Ai'tXt'ff- 

Oai' AviXiaai' See Avutpia. 
Ai'cXtiJfltpoj, -ov, b, )'/, (fr. a neg. 
and tXeirOfpos free) illibernt, sor- 
did, base ; niggardly, narrow, 
stingy; homely, clownish, mean. 
AvtXi'iipOnvy -vi, ->i, I a. ind. pass. 

of avaXajifidrt!) . 
AviXkw, or -Kvoi, (fr. aid up, and 
'iXKia lo draw) to draw upwards, 
or towards ; to haul up ; to tear, 
or pluck up, draw out, extract ; 
to raise, lift vp ; to draw back, 
AvcXdvra, a. sin. jiar. 2 a. act. — 
AviXovTo, Ion. for avdXovro, 3 
pi. 2 a. mid. of aiaiptw. 
Ai'tXTTf^w, f. -tail), p. -iKa, (fr. a 
neg. and^u> to hope, th. tXirh 
hope) not to hope, be without 
hope, to despair. 1 a. avijX-ntoa' 
sub. uveX-rlnu, ->]i, -)/. 
AvcXTricrta, -a;, >';, (fr. same) lio] — 

lessncss, despondency, despair. 
AviXmaroi, -ov, b, //, (fr. same) 
without hope, desperate ; unhoped 
for, vnexpected, despaired of; 
surjtrising, .strange, disastrous, 
Ai'fXr/(7TW5, (fr. last) past Iwpc, 

Ai'tXur, ])ar. 2 a. act. — Aif'Xwo-i, 3 

pi. 2 a. .'^iil). act, of avatoiu. 
Av/fi£(i'£,3 .sin. — Avtpdvart, 2 pi. 

1 a. ind. act. ofavripiiw.' 
Avcnicr)TOi,-ov, «,(;, (fr. a neg. and 
vfjiicdo) to envy) not envied, un- 




enviable; giving no cause of 
anger, faultless, worthy, good. 

Avifiiia -d, (fr. ava again, and cuiu 
to vomit) to vomit up again, 

Avt/jcaToj, Avsfititos, Aviftio;, -ov, 
b, i), (fr. dvtiioi wind) windy, 
airy ; light, trifling, vain, silly. 

Avefii^dfttvoi, -V, -ov, par. pres. 
pass, of 

Aveiit^u, f. -too), p. rivifiiKa (fr. dvt- 
jioi wind) to toss, shake, agitate, 
by the wind ; to erpose to the 
weather ; to float in the air. 

Kvifitfivt, 3 sin. imp. of ava^i/iyu). 

KvtfxvriuQri, 3 sin. I a. pass, of 

Avtfidtii, -taaa, -tv, (fr. dveiio; the 
wind) windy, stormy, tempestu- 
ous; airy, exposed to the air, or 
'Avcjios, -ov, ifWind; breath; life; 
mind. g. Ion. avinow d. pi. avi- 
AvcftoaKiTzris, -eo; -ouf, b, fi, (fr. 
dvtfioi wind, and cricfVu) to cover) 
protecting from the storm, shel- 
tering, warm. 
Avciioa(pdpayos, -ov, b, i), (fr. same, 
and (r0rtpayo{ a rumbling noise) 
roaring, rattling, whistling with 
the wind. 
Aftfiorpa^i^f, and Av£/iorp£<^^f, -f'o; 
•ous, b, I'l, (fr. same, and rpiiui to 
rear) reared, strengthened, or 
nursed by the wind, hnrdy. 
Avc/iiTpo-os, -ov, b, t'l, (fr. same, 
and rpiirui to turn) exposed to the 
wind, weatherbeaten ; changing 
with the wind, fickle. 
AvifioipOopin -as, /y, (fr. same, and 
(pOcipu) to spoil) grain, &c. bliglu- 
ed hy the vnnd ; blight, blast, 
Avcn6<li0opoi, -ov, b, I'l, (fr. same) 

blighted, blasted, tainted, 
Ai'iiidia -a, (fr. same) to expose to 
the wind ; to air ventilate ; to 
fan, winnow ; to blow ; to shake, 
or fill with the wind. 
Ai'titiriiicTof, -ov, 6, fi, (fr. a neg. 
and tifrnil^o) to hinder) unhin- 
dered, unrestrained, at liberty, 
AvcuroUariiii (fr. last) without hin- 
drance, freely, 
AvcitMnt, -cu(-ovf,b, fi, (fr. dvciiO( 
wind) windy, airy ; swelling 
U!ith, or waving in the v>ind, 
Avcf)iltKTi(;,-tni -niif, b, 17, (fr. Name, 
and wKV( •will) swift ns the winil, 
wind-ftert, storm-winged. 
AvcfiMiof, -ov, b, /;, (fr. same) 
'"n/i ligld, trifling, silly, viorth- 
Irss; fnlsc, ineffectual, vain, 
Avinuvt], -r({, J7, (fr. aamc) Ane- 
mone, a flower. 
Avivf'thKt-ioi -oii«, 0, /(, (fr. a neg. 
and (I'l^fiiv deficient) deserving, 
worthy ; caprthlr, su,fficimt. 
AvlvfuKTOi, -nv, h, b, (fr. a neg. and 
ivi/^r.Tiit It IB |if>.<sil)li:) impossi- 
ble, not to he nltnirrd, or permitted. 
AvcvlyKaf AvtvlyKif' Avtvcyxctv' 

AvivtyKii'iv' see ara<p(pia, 
AvcvlKnC ArtvilKiiTn' AvtvitKnfit- 
vof Avtvw)(Pili' Ion. and Poet, 
for avcvtyKaf, par. I a. act. avt- 

viyKaro, 3 sin. 1 a. mid. avcvty- 
Kdjitvoi. par. I a. mid. and avt- 
vtxQtKi par. 1 a. pass, of ava- 

Avivtvatv, 1 a. act. pjid. ofavavrio). 

Av£i'i7i'o;^aif, -vXa,(rh^ Att. for uv»;- 
vo)(S)i, par. per. mid. of avacpipo). 

Aievdx^iros, -ov, u, i/, (fr. a neg. 
and tvo)(\iio to disturb) undis- 
turbed ; peaceful, quiet, calm. 

Avivrcs, n. pi. of araj, par. 2 a. of 

AvtfaXfiTrrof, -ov, 0, /;, (fr. a ncg. 
and €^a\dip<i> to wipe out) not to 
be ^aced, or annulled, indelible, 

Avc^eXevKTOi, -ov, b, 1;, (fr. a neg. 
and tlc\iyx(i) to convince) not to 
be convinced, or disproved, indis- 
putable ; untried, not examin- 
ed, unascertained; unconvicted, 

Ave^tpcvvvTos, -ov, b, /;, (fr. a neg. 
and c^cpcvvdu) to search) un- 
searchable, inscrutable, past find- 
ing out. 

AvtliraoTOi, -ov, h, »;, (fr. a neg. 
and cftra'^oj to examine) untried, 
unheard, not examined. 

Avi^CTdaTUi, (fr. last) without tried. 

Avc^tKaKia, -as, i;, (fr. av{;^w to en- 
dure, and (cuKos evil) mildness, 
gentleness ; endurance, forbear- 
ance ; patience, fortitude. 

Avt^ixaKOi, -ov, b, /;, (fr. same) pa- 
tient, forbearing, meek. 

Ai'jftp^viuo-TOf, -ov, b, 1), (fr. a neg. 
and t|'(;^via'^u) to trace, th. Ix^oi 
a track) not to be traced, or dis- 
covered, intricate, inscrutable. 

Avi^oSoi, -ov, b, fj, (fr. a neg. and 
i^oioi a passage) impervious, im- 
passable; irremeable, having no 
return ; confined, not let loose, 
or at liberty. 

Avi^ofiai, ->!, -crai, 3 pi. -ovrai, 1 f. 
ind. mid. of avi;^^. 

Aviovrat, Ion. for avtivrai, 3 pi. 
per. mid. of aj^;/i(. 

Ayc-rralaOijTOi, -ov, 0, f), (fr. a neg. 
and tiraiaOdvouai to feel) unfeel- 
ing, insensible, stupid; unper- 
ceived, unobserved ; not to be ob- 
served, imperceptible. 

Avtvala^vvToi, -uu^o, 1/, (fr. a neg. 
and izuiayvvo^iai to blush) un- 
blushing, shameless ; that has no 
cause to blush, innocent, blame- 

AveTTifX/ztvo?, Poet, for ai'c<pa\\A)it- 
voi, par. pres. pass. — AvinaX- 
To, by Sync, and Dor. for avajii'}- 
Xaro, 3 sin. 1 a. ind. mid. of 
A vti^aXXo/Jn(. 

Avivnv6p0ij)Tni, -nv, b, I), (Ir. <i 
neg. and CTrai'opfl6t>> to correct) 
past mending, incorrigible, de- 
praved ; to v.hirli nothing can be 
aililed, perfect, romjilrle. 

Aviiravaity, 3 pi. I a. ind. act. of 

Avt^a^Oiuf, (fr. <i neg. and tnaj(- 
(Ii'k grievous) f<irih/, agreeably, 
freehj, without grudge, or envy. 
Avfrtiaa, -as, -c, I u. act. of np(i- 

Avlntftxl.a, -af, -c, 1 a. act. of (na- 

I ff/u frill. 


Avlsiaa, -as, -r, 1 a. and Avhtaov, 

-ESi -£» 2 a. ind. act. of avaTriTTTu. 

Avn:fi6rjaa,-ai, -c, 1 a. act. of uru- 

AviTTvpiaaTov (neut. of next) safe- 
ly, securely, without railing, or 

Avc^npiaaros, -ov, b, >/, (fr. a neg. 
and cTTtipcd^iD to injure) irre- 
proachable, harmless ; safe, se- 
cure from nffroni. 

Av£ir(/3ouXcuTos, -ov, 0, n, (fr. same, 
and tm^ovXiviii to plot) not to be 
surprised, secure, safe; candid, 

AveT!iypa<poi, -ov, b, {/, (fr. same, 
and tTTiyparfii; a titlc,th. ypu^u to 
write) untitled, vnthout inscrip- 
tion, nameless, obscure. 

AviiTtKa\vnTii)i, (fr. same, and £771- 
KaXuTTTO) to cover) without con- 
cealment, openly, avowedly, pub- 

Avc7!iKoi\vTU)g, (fr. same, £;ri in- 
tens. and ku)\vu> to hinder) with- 
out hindrance, freely. 

Avctrl'SriTrros, -ov, b, >i, (fr, same, 
and £7r(Xa//j3di'w to check) un- 
blameable, blameless, irreprehetr- 
sible, irreproachable. 

Av£T(f<i(cros, -ov, b, (/, (fr. same, 
iTTi in, and filyi'vin to mix) se- 

' eluded, retired, lonely, solitary; 
unsocial, implacable. 

Ave-v6r]Tos,-ov, b, I/, (fr. same, and 
tnivoio) to consider) inconsider- 
ate, thoughtless, rash, hasty. 

AvcTTt^coTOi, -uv, o, >;, (fr. same, 
£771 on, and ^ioi to polish) tcnpo- 
lished, rough, unfinished . 

AvcvlpficKTos, -ov, b, !], (fr. same, 
£7ri on, and lii^io to do sacrifice) 
unfinished, imperfect; not offer- 
ed, or sacrificed; not duly so- 
lemnized; not purified, or cleans- 

AvciTiaTi'iftu)v, -ui'os, b,fi, (fr. same, 
and cKtari'iftMii knowing) igno- 
ranl, unskilful ; illiterate ; awk- 

AvtTTiarplifita, f. -t^u), p. -^a, (fr. 
same, and tTi(TTpe<p(o to turn to) 
to turn away, m from, avert. 

\vtTTiaTp6(litof (fr. last) aversely, 
heedlessly, without regard, or 
respect, without return. 

AviTTiTi'ificoi, Ion. ibr aviTTiT)iltei(i(, 
-nv, b, }), ( fr. ,( neg. and t n-irj/Jrios 
fit) unfit, improper, unsuitable. 

Ai'tff'iiOoi'of, -oil, b, I'l, (fr. same, 
and izlipOoms cnv'wna) devoid of 
envy, candid, generous ; unen- 

Avt-nliiipaarnf, -nv, 11, /;, (fr. same, 
nnil £ir((/ip(if«/iu( tocmisiilcr) un- 
expectcd, unlhought of, unfore- 
seen . 

AwrX/jpoiirav, 3 pi. 1 a. ind. act. of 

Av^rrfi^iiii', Dor. for avcnrdiiiiv, 2 
a. mid. of Affirnj/iai. 

Ai'frrTii»)/x«i, per. pass, of avanro/o- 

AvenroltiTO, 3 sin. ppcr. pass, of 
avanToilofiai, Poet, (or avatiToio- 

Avltrw, (fr. nvii inlens. and I'rw lo 


say) to }trm-laim, puhtixh, com- 
mttntly either ax an injunction, 
or prohibition ; to prohibit, for- 
biil, 1 i\, airririi. - a. avtiirov, 3 
sin. at>tiKc. Poet, ovelmizt. 

Av/p', for iir(i)>i, by Sync, livi^fia, 
a. sm. ofiin'if). 

AtipacTOi, -ov, b, II, (IV. II np<». 
and epdu) lo love) unamiablr,(li.i- 
ngrcrnhlc, uttplcising, it^ensivc, 
hateful, odious ; unkind, un- 
friendlfi ; not inrlined to love. 

AvcBcOi^io, (fr. ui'(i iritcns. and cpc- 
Oli^ia or rplOu) to provoke ) to pro- 
voke, stir, irritate. 

AvcpdTTiii, and Kvcncivro), (fr, .'iainc, 
!uul tofiTu) to niin) to luy waste, 
ruin, despoil; to steed, gather; 
to tear, rend, pull in pieces; to 

Avtotn^'a/iEvo?, ->), -or, par. 1 a. 
mid. of last. 

A.vipti, Ion. for dvioa, i\. pi. of 

AvcoftdTtitTo<;, -ov, b, i), (fr. a ncg. 
.•iiid ipftarl^ii) to Kteady, th. irpita 
iinl'.ast) unsteady, unjirin, loose, 
limber, pliant. 

Avip-('io, (fr. ava up, and iprvw or 
tpiTv^o) to creep) to creep 7ip, 
crawl back. 

Aveppdyqi; 2 a. pass, of avapi))j- 
yvvfii. ' 

Avcpjiaftivos, par. per. pass, otavap- 

Avip^iitya -ai, -c, Alt. for avipj)riya, 
per. mid. of^avappriyvvfii. 

Avcpvu, f. -vaot, (fr. ai'a'up, and 
jpvu to draw) to haul up, draw 
ashore ; to turk, or tie up ; to 
steal; to witlulraw, remove. 1 a. 
ind. act. avdovca. 

Avip^Ofiat, f avcXcvTOfiai, p. -I'/Xv- 
da, (fr. avd Tip, and ioxofiai to 
go) to go up ; lo return, come 
back ; to enter ^ go in ; lo succeed, 
follow ; lo go over, repent, i a. 
ind. act. avijAOov. 

Ai'touirau, Ion. avcoujTiw -S,fr. ai'ii 
ititens. and tnoiTdo), whicii see 

'Avci, 2 a. impr. act. of nroj/d. 

Aviaaijii, 1 a. opt. of Ai'«'^oj. 

'Aveaav, 3 pi. O^i avtjv, 2 a. act. of 
ai'lri fi I . 

Afiatiaav, 3 pi. 1 a. ind. act. of 

'Avcats, -lof, Alt. -£(■){, );, (fr. avirj- 
fti to remit) retnission, loosening, 
looseness, relaxation ; iiubdgcnce, 
rej:reaiio?i, refreshment, eftse,rest; 
remittness, negligence ; a release^ 

AvccrrdaOrjv, -rn, ->/, 1 a. in'l. act. 
of avaavdii). 

Aviiravro, for avauraiuro, [>[)(ir. pass. 
Cti ai'aiTcvoj, or -ci'u}. 

Ariara, Dor. for aviTrn, 3 sin. 2 
a. act. — Avtarav, ^iO\. Sync. 
for ariartjaav, 3 pi. 2 a. ind. act. 
— AvujtLici, Ion. for avrnrfiKa- 
ci, 3 pi. per. ind. act. — Anc- 
rti>;. Ion. for avLCTriK5>i, par. 
per. act. oi avicrtiiit. 

AvioTi)!/, -tjf, -ri, .3 pi. -ttcav, 2 a. 
ind. act. — AvicrriBa, -as, -t, or 
-fv before a vowel, 1 a. ind. act. 
of same. 

Avicrtoi, •01', 0, !/, (fr. >i nc". and 
iarla a honrlli) without a home, a 
ti-anderer ; one who shuns luime, 

A I'f irrpa'^iji', j|»K, -jj, 2 a. ind. pass, 
of avdirrptf^, 3 sin. ofA wctyo/";!', 2 a. 
mid. of ai'<'Y">- 

Ai'crn'^u), (of uiiJ inlens. andtni'^o) 
to examine) to inquire, search 
out; to qiicstioii, examine, extort 
by torture. 

Ar/rtiXn, -as, -r, 1 a. ind. act. of 

AveTtOifi>)v,-ao, -era, imp. pass, of 

'AvCTOi, -ov, I), i), (fr. aviii/ii to 
loose) loosened; loose, la.r, re- 
miss, negligent. 

Averpd-)iv, ->]s, -i], 2 a. pass. — 
AviTpiipOt/v, -))i, -I), 1 a. ind. 
pass, ot avarpi-U). 

'Avrv, vitkout. ' AvcvOtv,/ar qff'jfar 

Avcvdi^o], (fr. ai'd intens. and evdCui 
toslioiU) lo shout like bacchanals, 
rave, celebrate orgies. 

AvcvOsTOi, -ov, b, {], (fr. a neg. and 
cvderoi well arranged) ill adapt- 
ed, unfit, inconvenient, unsuit- 

Avcvdiivos, -ov, li, i), (fr. same, and 
tvdii straight) Jineven, rmigh, 
not level ; not nccountable, or 

AvcuOivo)!, (fr. last) not subject lo 
rule, or control, unaccmintable, 
with impunity. 

Avcvouv, inf. of avtvpov, 2 a. of 

Ai'tvpcros, -ov, b, ;/, (fr. a ncg. and 
ci/p/u ohs. or cvpliTK^ to find) not 
found, undiscoverable. 

Ai'tiipi'dio), f. -tvptjaui, p. -cvpriKOf 
(fr. a or avii intens. and diptaKoi 
to find) to di.'icover by diligence, 
invent ; to seek, find out ; to find, 
meet with. 

Avtupov, -c;, -e, ind. — Avcvpciv, 
inf. Avcvp6vrci, n. pi. par, 2 a. 
act. of last. 

Avtvfrifxiio, (fr. avil intcns. and cv- 
tprijiiiji to praise) to celebrate, ex- 
tol, praise highly; to lament or 
bewail avoiding unlucky words. 

Aviijiaivov, -ff, -c, imp. act. — Avt- 
(jtaiv6iii]v,-ov,, imp. pass, — 
Ai'iipfiva, 1 a. act. — Avc(p)ivd- 
ti>i'', 1 a. mid. oi avadiuivo). 

Ave<j)dXXoiia(, f. -aXou/mi, (fr. ava 
upwards, cti upon, and aWo/iai 
tolcap) tosprnm bark, to leap up, 
rear.par. prcs. mid. ai'tdoAA(5//£- 
voi. Poet. avciriiXftcvoi. I a. ind. 
mid. avcijivXdpii', by Sync, and 
Dor. nvtrruAui/i', -dXw, -nXro. 

Avc<pcp6fiiir, -ov, -cro, imp. ind. 
pass. o{ avaffiipi'i. 

Ai'c<piivn(Ta, -n<:, -c, 1 a. act. of ava 


ofdiiyd). Or, for nvtvtxOc(i,tr, 

Amy"'/""'» I)*"'- fol" avcxolpi^'t 
pres. i)|)l. mid. — Av/;^;oit', for 
avixoiTo, 3 sin. prcs. opt. mid. 

Ai'/y<^, I', avii^io, p. avlaynxti, (fr. 


avii up, and /y'" '" Md) to hold 
up, lijt, raise, e.ralt ; to esteem ; 
to hold on, persist ; to hinder, 
check, slop ; to cease, rest, re- 
lax; to rise up, emerge; lo up- 
hold, support, maintain ; to prop, 
bear up ; to bear, suffer ; to at- 
tritct, draw lo, induce, par. pres. 
act. uvfxt^v. 2 a. act. avloxov 
par. uvanxuiv. pres, pa«s. md. 
avtxofiai' o]>t. avixo^p^f -oto, 
-oiTo. imp. pass. avtix6pr)v, and 
tivcixi'ii"!!'. f. mid. avi^ofiaf 2 a. 
mid. ((i'jor^(i^>;i'. Att. i)vcaxipi'. 

Avi.x^Pi'"''> ■<'5» -fi Of ""' before u 
vowid, 1 a. act. of avaX'^pi'^- 

Avf'pu'i, -~ii, ('/, (fern, of next) a 
niece, cousin. 

AvciLtdi, -oij, i, properly o nephew. 
Also a cousin in any way. 

Avi\pvxOcv, for ai'atpvx6l<'<tv, 3 pi. 

1 a. pass, of niaij^i'i;^oi>. 
'Ai'tw, (n. pi. of dvciiif) silently, 

mutely, without speech or noise. 

Aw'<j>ya, -as, -£, per. ind. mid. — 
Avtwywsi-uJu, -ds, a. sin, -yoru, 
par. per. mid — Avei^ynhoi, par. 
per. pass. — Ai/f(i)f«, -as, -t, or 
rivot^a, I a. ind. act, of ai'oi'yw. 

AvfiovTai, for avelvrut, 3 pi. per. 
ind. pass, or for avUvrai, 3 pi. 

2 a. sub. mid. ofavirjui. 
'At'tuif -ii>, h, )'i, (Att. for dvavoi or 

dvavHoi, fr. a neg. and aiw to 
cry) silent, mute, dumb. 
Aviii>xat per. act. Att. — Avioty- 
fiai, per. pass. — AwifiyO;?!', -j/s, 
-ri, 3 pi. -ijdav, 1 a. inilTpass. — 
Ai'£(;)_:^Or;i'ai, 1 a. inf. pass. — 
Aviiflxdcv, Sync, for avtwxO'W^v, 

3 pi. 1 a. ind. pass, of avo/yu. 
' Avti, -rjs, >!, (fr. dvui or avvu to 

finish) perfection, perfectness, 
completeness ; lite perfecting, 
completion, ^nishing, conclusion . 

.\vti(ido) -d, f. ->;(r«, (fr. ava again, 
and i'lPti youth) to grow young 
again ; to grow up, arrive af 
puberty, pres. inf. act. avtifiav. 

' Avrifioi, -ov, li, I'l, (fr. avi intens. 
and i'lfin youth) very young; a 
boy, stripling, lad. 

Avi'iyayov, 2 a. ind. impr. avdyayi' 
inf. avayayctv. Att. for avijyuv 
avayC &.C. ofai'dym. 

Avi'iyyttXa, -ai, -c, 1 a. act. 3 pi. 
avi'iyyciXav. — AvijyycXov, 2 a. 
act. — Avi/yyiXtiv, -175, -»?, pass. 
of avayyiXXo), 

Avriyiofiai, (fr. avu intens. and 
liyionai to lead) to tell, relate, re- 
count, recite, prcs. inf. mid. avi/- 

.\vtxa^intiv, -ov, -cro, imp. mid. of Avij^ws, (fr. a neg. and I'/ws sweet) 

disagreeably, harshly. 

Ai"',YfffO£, 2 pi. pres. ind. or impr. jAvj/cirai', Att. for avficwav, 3 pi. 

mid. — Avtxil'eOa, 1 pi. pres. pper. mid. of a'vt(/'(. 

ind. mid. — Avcx/iijcvoi, -)j, -ov,\Avt'iTj, Poet, forai'^, 2 a. sub. act. 

par. pres. mid. of av/;f(>i. ; of aviripi. Or, Att. for avvci, 3 

Arcyflf/s, -ttaa, -iv, par. 1 a. pass. sin. ppcr. of arfifii, to return. 



'AvijSov, -ov, ri, the herb aniie, OT\Avf,vcyKa, -as, -f, or -tv before a 

vowel, and Ion. aiivciKa, 1 a. 
act. — AirireiydiT""', Ion. for 
avriviyxSriJ^av, 3 pi. of Ai'Tji/y;^- 
Otii', 1 a. ind. pass, of aia<pepui. 
A.yfif7iftat, -aat, -Tat, per. pass, of 

A.v>ji(a, 1 a. ind. act. of avato-ffu. 
Aviriov, Ion. Ibraviov, 2 a. ofavti/ji. 

3 sin. 1 a. act. of avlrifit. 

AvTiKti, (impers. fr. avfiKiji to be- 
fit) it appertains, it is ^t, it be- 
comes, it is convenient, right, just. 

AvrjKcv, 3 sin. before a vowel, imp. 
of last. 

Av^KccTOi, -ov, b, fi, (fr- a neg. 
and axfoitai to cure) incurable, 
past remedy, irremediable ; incon- 

AvriKiarux, (fr. last) incurably. 

AvijKov, neut. sin. — Ai'J/Kovra, 
neut. pi. ofavr/Kiiiv. 

Anj<c(ivn^«, imp. ind. act. oC ava- 

Avi'iKooi, -ov, b, hj (fr. a neg. and 
aKoi<ii to hear) inattentive, negli- 
gent ; disobedient ; silent, speech- 
less ; ignorant, simple, unlearn- 
ed, inexperienced; unheard of, 
unkruAvn, of no celebrity. 

Ari^KovaTiui -d, f. -fiau), (fr. next) 
not to attend ; to neglect, slight, 
disregard, disobey. 

AvrJKOvoTos, -ov, b, i), (fr. a neg. 
a!nd uKov'j) to hear) not heard, 
aittfnded to, or regarded ; slight- 
ed, negkrted, disobeyed ; unheard 
of, strange ; not to be heard, in- 
audible, indistinct. 

Avt'iKio, f. -fw, p. -iX'^i (fr* '"'" "Pi 
and tjKu) to come) to come to, 
mount, arrive at ; to advance, 
proceed, improve ; to reach, at- 
tain, extend to ; to meet ; to Jit, 
agree, suit; to become, bejit; to 
appertain, belong, relate to, con- 
cern ; to avail, signify. 

Ai'i}«u>i', -ovaa,-ov, (par. pres. act. 
of last) ascentiine, mounting ; 
raised, devcUfd, lofty ; rearhing, 
pertaining, or belonging to ; Jit, 
becoming, right. 

Af ^XSro, 3 sin. 1 a. mid. of avd\- 


Avn^arof, -ov,i, i;, (fr. a neg. and 

iXai'ivu) to drive) unmoved, calm, 

ttill ; stiff", inflexible, unyielding ; 

obstinate, stu>ibom ; unbroken, 

not trained, wild. 
AvijMov, -t(, -t, 2 a. ind. act. of 

Av^'^iof, -ov, b, li, (fr. a neg. and 

SjXio; the sun) sunless, dark, 

Avn^iiOnv, -»7f, ->j, 1 a. paxs. — 

Av^Xuaa, 1 a. act. — Av/jXwKa, 

per. act. of aiaXlaKiii. 
A 1 VfjifXirroc, -oij, ii, ii, {fr. a neg. 

.ind rifilXyut to milk) n/jl milked, 

trhirh yields no milk. 
kvTijitv, for avlfiiv, I pi. 2 a. act. 

or Sync, for aPnKniav, 1 pi. 1 a. 

of avirjin. 
Av))firi', 1 pi. imp. of dvtijii, fr. 

ti/il, to be. 
Av^fitnnf, -ov, n, ty, (fr. a ncg. and 

'iifnp'ii^e:n\\f:)unhl,JirTce, savage; 

cruel, pitiless. 
Avilv, -r;{, -n, 2 n. act. of avli]fii. 
Av/ivacBat, inf. of Aypvd/jnv. I &. 

mid. of ara/fo/iai. 

Avtjvoda, -a;, -t, by Epenth. and 
Att. redupl. for rivda, per. mid. of 
Ai'nvvaroi, or Avijvvroq, -ov, b, fj, 
{fr. a neg. and aivm to finish) 
unfnished, imperfect ; not :o be 
finished ; unceasins, intermina- 
ble ; insurmountable, impracti- 
Avt'n'b>p, -opo^, h, ';, (fr. a ncg. and 
arijp a man) unmanly ; slothful, 
lazy, inactive; dull, heavy, stupid. 
Ai'TiTTTai, 3 sin. per. pass, ofai'o'77- 

.4v^p, av^oif, Sy^c. for dicoos, b, a 

man, hiisband. 
AvijpiBriv, -Ti;,-7i, 1 a. ind. pass, of 

Ai'rjptiipavTo, Spl. 1 a. mid. of ai£- 

AvjjOTjKuf, -v7a, -0;, Att. avapaipri- 
Kibg, Ion. avnpliaioriKioi, par. per. 
act. of avaipiw. 
Avr!pt6piTi(rdiirjv, 1 a. mid. of ava- 

Avi'ipoTo;, -ov, b, f/, {fr. a neg. and 
npdo) to plough) untitled, uncul- 
tivated, neglected ; unmarried. 
Aiiiprrdaa, -ai, -t, 1 a. act. of arao- 

Avtipi^Tevv, Ion. and Dor. for avc- 
pioTovv, 3 pi. cont. imp. of avepoi- 
Avfjs, 2 sin, 2 a. sub. act. — Avrj- 
cw, -as, -CI, 1 f. ind. act. of 
Avf/ipBriv, -rj(, -17, 1 •- a. pass, of 

Avi'/xOrv, •r}s, -r), 1 pi. -flv/itr, 3 
pi. -Btiaav, 1 a. ind. pass, of 
Avi'iu), Alt. for avciui. Poet, for 
avlu). Ion. foravoi, 2 a. sub. act. 
of avint't. 
AvO\ before an aspirate for nvri, 

which see. 
AvOaipiii) -d, (fr. nvTi for, and a'lptio 
to take) to tukr in preference, pre- 
fer, choose, elect ; to gain, get. 
AvOd-^TOfiai, (fr. avrt against, and 
liTTiii lo touch) to touch, altark, 
or lay hands upon in turn, or 
nflrr amither ; to rling, em- 
brace^ or supplir.nte in turn ; tn 
move, affect, ajllici ; to touch, 
reach, come to ; to take in hand, 
' AvOr.a, pi. of dfflni. 
AiOn, 3 sin. ront. prei. of avO/oi. 
'Ai'fliia, -ri( Ii, Anlheia, the name 
of Kfvpral citifK ; an epithet of 
Vfnus and .luno. 
AiOii\niTo, 3 pi. of av0it\6^ir)V, 2 

a. mid. nf nvOmniu, 
Kv^uvif, and Ai'fl/i'l*, ->"), -ii', (fr. 
dvBo(; n floupr) I'l btmi\ bloom, 
ing, flourishing, vigorous; flow- 
ery, adorned vilh flowers. 
AvO/finnf, Port, fjr avnDffitvni, 
par. 2 .T. mid. nfnynrWni'i. 


AvBqaor,-ov,Tb, (fr. ar9o;aflower) 
the herb gith, or nigella; an or- 

Ai'Btfth, -iSof, >;, (fr. same) aflow- 
er ; tlie herb chamomile. 

Avdeix6cti, -caea, -cv, and 'AvBefios, 
-ov, b, Ii, (fr. same) flowery, 
blooming, bright, Ituniriant. 

'Avdcijov, -ov, TO, (fr. same) a 

Ai'de^Oftat, -r), -tTai, 1 f. mid. — 
Ar8e^h)fiai, 1 a. sub. mid. of av- 

Ai'SEOfdii', -uvof, 6, (fr. avBiiii to 
blossom) the chin ; the part be- 
neath the lower jaws in beasts ; 
the throat. 

Ai'BfptKOi, -ov, b, the star-flower, or 

AvBlpi^, -iKos, b, same as aBi'ip, 

'ArBtcav, Poet, for aviBcaav, 3 pi. 

2 a. act. of avariBti fit. 
'ArBcci, d. pi. ofdiBos. 
Ar6f!rTt;Ka, -as, -e, per. ind. act. — 

AvBccrrvKdres, n. pi. of AvBcarv- 

Kibs, -v7a, -ds, par. per. act. of 

'AvBtro, for aviBtTO, 3 sin. 2 a. 

mid. of ai'nriBrifii. 
Avdthenv, Dor. for avBovaav, a. 

sin. fern. cont. par. pros. act. — 

KvBtvai, Dor. for avBovai, cont. 

fr. avBiovat, d. pi. par. pres. or 

3 pi. pres. ind. act. of 
KvBiiii -ui, f. -ijedi, (fr. dvBos a 

flower) to blosso7n, bloom, bear 
flowers ; to flourish, prosper ; to 
shine, dazzle, glitter; to ooze, 
trickle, per. ind. mid. )}vBa- for 
which also tji'oBa, and Att. avrj- 

'AvBrj, or 'Ait;;, -»;f, f), the name 
of a citv. 

AiChffiwv, -Svos, '1, (fr. dvQos a 
flower, and {Vod to eat) a bee ; or 
rather an epithet of the bee, 
from living on floivers. 

AvBnpis, -li, -ii', {fr. same) flotv- 
ery, fresh, blooming ; gny, lively. 

ArOi^>i>, f. -law, (fr. same) to bud, 
blossom, put forth flowers ; to 
slrevi, garnish, adorn with flow- 
ers ; to colour, tinge, dye. 

Ai'B!i,w, or Ai'Oi^o/ini, (fr. avri 
against, and i'^dj to scat) to sit 
down against, encamp opposite, 

AvOifdf, ->>, -)i', (fr. same) floiv- 
ery, adorned withflmvers. 

KiBinriijit)V, -non, or -ii>,-nTn, imp. 
mid. — AvBiardjicyos, par. pres. 
mid. — Ai'OiTrarnii, 3 pi. pres. 
ind. mid. of 

\vBiart}jH, f. uvTiaTt'jruo, p. avBi- 
trriiKa, {fr. nvr} ntainst, and 
"itrriiit lo stand) to stand against, 
resist, oppose. I a. avriarnon' 2 
a. nvriarn*'' imp. pass, avlhard- 
/i>;i', -aao, -am. 

A f Oo<Mko«, -ov, b, (fr. dvOns a flow- 
cr, and elynjint lo roiil.iin) a 
floiver.pol, floii'er-baskel. 

AxCloXnylio -16, f- -I'l'"-', (fr. same, 

and yiyio to galher) to gather 

flnv^ers ; to select benutie* ; to 

cull, choose. 

I AvBofio'^nylii) -w, f. -fiato, (fr. oi'tJ to 




return, and b^o\oylio to confcs!)) 
to conjes.* in tun\, nstrnl or agree 
mutxiallt/y c.ovettaui, or stipulate 
on both sides ; to sing praises, or 
thanksgivings responsicdif. 

Aydopt, Poet, for aridopc, 3 sill. 2 
a. of avaOooiu. 

'Ai'Ooc, -to( -ouf, TO, a_flou'er, bios- 
torn ; fresh groxHli ; the budiling 
or shooting of trees ; luxuriance, 
bloom, flouitr, pride, excellence ; 
a garland ; a spark ; a Jit, pn- 

AvO' urov, for which ? for what ? 
whi^ ! wherefore ? 

\rOpaKcv;, -hi, Att. -itog, b, (fr. 
di'Opa^ a coal) a collier, coal- 

At'OpaKla, -Of, /;, (fr. same) a heap 
of burning coaU, ajire. 

'AvOpa^, -axoi, b, a burning, or live 
coal ; a carbuncle. 

'AiOpnfif, -lof, Att. -coK, h, (•"!■• 
last) a coal ; afire, conjlagralion ; 
a burn. 

AiOpi'/vti, -)]s, !;, a tcasp, hornet. 

'AifJpjjT*, for diOpioiTc, V. of di- 

AvdpiiiTTdpccKOi, -Of, h, fi, (fr. dvOpd)- 
roj a man, and apicKw to please) 
one who courts popularity, a man- 
pleoJitT ; ambitious, intriguing ; 
a flatterer, parasite. 

AvOpuiTiri, cont. avdpojrVi, -tji, tj, 
(Ir. same) the human skin. 

AiOpiTTCioi, and Ion. AvOpwTri/iof, 
-01', 4, I'l, AvBn'orrtvbs, AvOpiDZi- 
tJf, -i), -ov, (fr. same) human, 
belonging to man. 

AiOp-ovtiuii, Av0p(i)rr(i(i)f, and Av- 
Opwrnrijy, (fr. same) Uke a man, 
according to human nature ; man- 
fully ; courteously kindly. 

Ai'dpwirin, -Q?, fi, (fr. same) hu- 
manity, human nature ; benevo- 
Unce, kindness. 

AvOpu)ri^(ii, (fr. same) to behave or 
act like a man, be like a human 
creature; Aiflpwr^^o^ai, to he- 
come man, he ma/le human, par. 
1 a. pa3s. avOpuiirioOds. 

Aidpuriov, -01), rb, (dim. fr. same) 
a little man, dwarf, pigmy; a 
fellow, varlet, knave. 

Av0pii)T6y\ii)TTOi, -ov, b, !], (fr. 
same, and y\!iaca the tongue) 
Mpeaking with, or imitating the 
human voic^. An epithet of a 

AvCo(i)-o(i«(if, -ioi -ovi, b, rj, (fr 
same, and ciioi shape) of hu- 
man form, in the shape of man. 

AvOpiDTTodvaia, -as, !•„ (fr. same, 
and diu> to sacrifice) a human 
KvOpii>TOKT6voi, -ov, b, (fr. same, 
and KTciVttj to kill) a mantlayer, 
AvOpiavoXdyoi, -ov, I, !), (fr. same, 
and Xdyo? a discourse) treating of 
human nature, speaking of mon. 
KvdptDvoi, -ow,6, i, (fr. dviit up, Tpi- 
foi to turn, and un|' the counte- 
nance) man, mankin/i, the hu- 
man species ; human nature ; a 
man,perton, husbarul, master 

and ifidyu) to cat) a man-eater, 

AiOpiarroipSfii, -lo; -oiif, fi, i/, (fr. 
same, and <pi(a to be) of human 
nature, born flfce men. 

Ax'dviravTufo -u>, f. -I'law, (fr. avrl 
against, and vTravrdu) to meet) 
to go to meet ; to encounter, run 

AvOvvaTcla, -ai, »/, (fr. ayOvTraros 
a proconsul) the office of procon- 
sul, a proconsulate, or pror.on- 

AvBvrarcvovTos, g. sin. par. pres. 
act. of 

AvOtTTnTiCii), f. -cvau, p. TivQvTTd- 
TcvKa, (fr. next) to be a procon- 
sul ; to enjoy, or discharge the 
office nf proconsul. 

A>'0iirruroj, -ov, b, (fr. avT) for, and 
iiruTOs a consul) a proconsul ; a 
Roman magistrate 7icxt to the 
coTusuU ; a lieutenant, governor. 

AvOv-rrovpyfui -C, (fr. same, irrd un- 
der, and (pyov work) to work 
under, or along with, assist, co- 
operate ; to give work in return. 

Avdvfpaipcio -Ci, (fr. avr'i in turn, and 
l<paipiio to withdraw) to subtract, 
take aicay, lessen proportionally. 

AvOij)jio\oydro, 3 sin. cont. imp. 
mid. of (uOouoXoy/w. 

Av0' ojv, for which, wherefore. 

Av(a, -Of, and Ion. Avh/, -;;?, i), 
grief, sorroiv, wo, mourning; 
sadness, heaviness, pensiverusa ; 
vexation, trouble. 

Avta, 3 sin. pres. ind. act. of 

Ai'id^oi, f. -daui, (fr. nvia grief) to 
cause sorrov:, grieve, trouble, sad- 
den ; to fret, repine, repent, 

Aviapbs, or Avajpof, -a, -bv, (fr. 
same) mournful, sad, sorrowful, 
melancholy, painful, distressing, 
afflictive ; troublesome, vexatious. 
comp. ai'iapdrcpos, sup. -draroi' 
and uvnipiarcpci, -earaTOs, 

Avirt'ffOi)!', 1 a. sub. pass, oiavid^w 

Avidai, Att. for avUiai, 3 pi. pres 
ind. oiavlrifti, — Ai'fa<T(, forai't?- 
ci, 3 pi. pres. of avtif/i, to go up 

.\vldTOi, -ov, i, n, (fr. a neg. and 
tdoftai to heal) incurable; re^ 
mediless, desperate. 

AvidrpivTOi, -ov, b, i], (fr. a neg. 
and larpcvoi to cure) uncured, 
not healed; incurable 

Xvidrwi, (fr. avtaroi incurable) i'ti- 

Avidyoi, -ov, b, fi, (fr. a intens. 
and idj(^w to resound) noisy ; vo- 
ciferous, loud, clamorous; rat- 
tling, crashing, pealing. 

Avidia -<3, f. -daiii, p. n'^loKa, (fr. 
avla grief) see avt<f^a). pres. 
opt. pass, aviaoifirjv -ijijjirjv, aoio 
-iTii>, aolro -wTO. 
Avi^pwTi, (fr. a neg. and T^puj 
sweat) without labour, toil, or 
trouble, easily, 
Avl^puTOi, -ov, 0, I'l, (fr. same) 
without trouble, easy ; without 
siMot, or exercise 

Aviti, pres. impr. act. cont. or 3 
sin. cont. imp. ind. act. — AvitTi", 
/'• o{, -ov, 6, r/, (fr. last, pres. inf. act. cont. — .\vfc15, 21 nvinToivi 


liin. cont. imp. ind. act. ofavtifn 
n.s if fr. nvifio. 

Avlrii; forai'fiji', imp. act. — Avitif, 
-t7att,-iv, par. pres. act. — Av</- 
/ifi-of, par. pres. mid. — Avic(>iv, 
•m, •>!, pres. opt. act. — Avt(- 
rat, pros, inf act. of Hifij^i. 

Av/fpo{, -ov, b, I], {fr. next) unholy, 

Avtcpiii) -a, f. -tfiBii', p. -o)Ka, (fr. 
avi'i intens. and "upuf holy) to do 
holy ceremonies, sacrifice ; to con- 
secrate, devote. 

AvlcffKOv, -£f, -t, imp. of aviloKw, 
Poet, for avlrjiii. 

AvituvTai, Dor. and Ion. for aviouv- 
Tai, 3 pi. pres. pass, of aviiia, 
for avirjpn. 

Avil,ov, -ov, rb, the herb anise. 

AviijOch, 1 a. par. pass, of avido). 

Ai'tyi/ii, f. ->'iau), p. -iiKa, (fr. ava 
up, and hini to send) to send 
bark ; to cast, fling, throw up- 
wards ; to emit, discharge; to 
loosen, unloose, open, strip; to 
liberate, releojte, let go ; to slack- 
en, relax, intermit, moderate, 
lessen ; toremit, forgive, forbear ; 
to dismiss, leave, let alone; to 
desert, forsake ; to let slip, omit, 
neglect; to urge, incite, impel. 
1 a. act. avTiKa. 2 a. act. ind. 
avrjv sub. avd' par. pres. act. 
ai'tcls' 2 a. avil^' par. pres. 
pass, aviipcvo;' 1 a. ind. pass. 
uv(6r]v, and avilOriv par. andclf. 

Avirjv, a. sin. ofavhi. Ion. fornv/a. 
Also imp. ofavi:i^t. 

Avivpicrrcpoi, -iararoi, and Ai'iijp^- 
Tcpo{, -draroi, comp. and sup. of 
avirjpbi, for nvmpii, 

Avti'iveai, JEo\. for ain'am 2 sin. 
1 f. mid. — Avit'/acia, -a;, -t, 
JEioL for avirjcaim, 1 a. opt. — 
Avii'iaa),'Tii, -!?, 1 a. sub. of ai'itioi. 

Avirjai, 3 sin. of avlniit, 

'AvtKa, Dor. for i;^//ca. * 

AviKijTot;, and Dor. ,\i/(Varof, -ov, 
b, '), (fr. a neg. and vKcau to con- 
quer) invincible ; unconquered. 

A^/Xtojj, -d), fi, fi, (fr. u neg. and 
('Xtii)s merciful) pitiless, merciless, 
inhuman, cruel. 

Avifidu) -ui, (fr. avd up, and !;<«u> 
to draw, th. i'/joj a thong) to haul 
up, weigh ; to draw up, or out 
of; to exhaust, empty. 

'Aviov, Dor. for fiviov. 

AvtSvra, -ovaav, -bv, a. sin. 2 a. 
par. of dvcifii, to go up. 

' Avioy^^oi, Dor. for /jiio^os. 

'AviTTiTOi, -ov, b, >;, (fr. a new. and 
'tnroi a horse) v:ithout a horse ; 
an infantry soldier. 

KvlnTafiai, f. -t'laojiai, (fr. ava up, 
and Inrajiai to fly) to fly vp, off', 
or away ; tn soar. 2 a. ind. mid. 
avcvrdpriv, Dor. avtirrdfiav. 2 a. 
ind. act. avivrrjv' inf. avairrri- 
vai, fr. aviTTTtjpti, 

AvitttSitovs, -oios, fi, {/, (fr. next, 
and rroTii the foot) v>ith unwash- 
ed, dirty, or unclean feet. 

Avhro;, -ov, fi, rj, (fr. a neg. and 
vfrro) to wash) unwashed, foul ; 
unclean, not pur{/lcd. d. pi. Ion. 



Aftariificioi, par. pres. mid. — ; 
AvlaraaOai, pres. inf. mid. —] 
Jiviararat, 3siii. pres. inf. mid. of| 

Avlariijit, f- avaari'icui, p. avicrqKa, \ 
(fr. avCi up, and "ictijiu to place) ■ 
to stand, T he, rise up asain ; tu' 
arise, appear ; to rise up against,] 
oppose, resust ; to set out, depart ; i 
to raise, erect, exalt ; to take up, I 
remove ; to rouse, set in motion, ! 
cause to depart, AaniVi ; to sub-\ 
ver4, overthrow. 1 a. act. avcarti-i 
ca- 2 a. act. ind. ai/orijv* itnpr. i 
avdara, and a\iicTTj9i' sub. ava-\ 
crd' inf. avaarrivai' par. ai'a-| 
era;. 1 f. mid. avanri'iCOftai' I 

AriCTTopfu) -u», (fr. ai'a again, andj 
tcTopiv) to examine) io inquire, | 
a»A\ I 

AnVrui, Att. for avtaraco, pres. 
impr. pass, o^ avtarnin- 

'Avtax^i, -voi, b, !;, (fr. a neg. and 
io';^uf strength) weak, feeble, 

Avicx<^, (fr. arii inlcns. and tc)(^u 
for /yid to lioW) /o uphold, sup- 
port, raise, lift ; to hold up, 
arute ; to contain, restrain, re- 
frain, behave, par. pres. avlax^ov' 
pres. impr. mid. avlcxov, Ion. 

JLtt^ucvu), (fr. avii along, and fyvo; 
a track) to trace, search after, \ 
pursue ; to investigate, examine. I 

Anw/icOa, 1 pi. cont. pres. ind. 
mid. — KvLaoifxijv -Cjjirtr, -noio 
-iio, -doiTo -iiiTo, pres. opt. pxss. 
of aviau. 

Aviuk'i -ouaa, -uv, par 2 a. of uv:i- 
Ht,to go up. 

AnCii; g. pi. of iiiiij. 

'Aiva, ylnna, Eng. .'I/Wf, a wo- 
man's name. 

'Avvai, Annas, a man's name. 

'Avvctv, Poet, for dmv, pres. inf. 
of (£vid, for avuio. 

An'/^uXo,-, Poet, for avi<jic\o;, -ov, 
4, //, (fr. a neg. and vt<p(\ii a 
cloud) cloudiest, brigltl, clear, 

AvvoOffn, -loi, 0, Annubis, an 
Egyptian idol. 

'Afor'oj-, •i>i', 0, I/, (fr. avd up, and 
oii; a road) Aaw'n.? a ro'W, or 
path upvards, "sleep. Or (fr. a 
neg. and same) pathless, with- 
out a roa/1, iinpassabU. 

Ayohu^oftat,^. avU inlcns, andojf- 
po/iai, wliich HCC. 

Avoijfitav, -ovof, i, »', (fr. n ncg. 
and voi'iftijiv Honsitile) of weak in- 
ttlUct.%, tinplr, sill I/, foolish, . 

Atoiiaia, -ni, //, (fr. « neg. and 
I'oi'ui to undorNtand) fnulishnesn. 

Avinroi, -ot, i, /;, (fr. .same) unin- 
IfUiiiihle ; uninlclligml, dull, un- 
npprrhfnsive ; saisilcns ; incon- 
mderalc, thnuglttlcsi, foolish. 

'Avoin, -af, I), (fr. R-iinc) mntlncss ; 
foUi/, want of understanding. 

'Avotyfin, -lirof, rJ, (\'r. next) an 
Oftenine, unrhmng, unlorking ; 
disclosure ; a passigt, entrance, 

Avniyu), Avoiyniu), and Aro/yvu^c, 
(• atoi^ui, p. nvli'i^'i, Att. for 
<"'?'Au°> '^^' ""' "i''^'W> and olyut 


to open) (0 open, throxo open; to 
unclose, unlock, unbar, admit; to 
disclose, unfold. 1 a. aviio^a, and 
>/i'oifa" int. ai'ol^ai. per. pass. 
aviioyiiat, and tiviuiyiiai. 1 a. 
pass, rtvzwx^riv, and (i>£a)-^Ot;v, 

3 pi. ni'ciL'X^'?''''"' •^'- P'ls*' "I'Oi- 
yt'iaoftai. p. mid, avfuya" par. 


Aroitffu, same as otceu), avoiSriaav, 
n. sin. neut. 1 a. par. act. 

Avoi'/jf, g. sin. of avoir,, Ion. for 

AvoiKtir^iir, -oii, 'o, {Jr. ava again, 
and oiKf^o) to inhabit) a return, 
restoration, replacing. 

AvoiKoiojjtiiii -ui, f. -ijirto, p. aiioxc- 
fifxriKa, (fr. avd again, c7koj a 
house, and iinu to build) to re- 
build, repair, build up again ; to 
restore, reinstate, 

AvotKoiofii'iaw, -cis, -ci, 1 f. ind. 
act. of last. 

'AvoiKOi, -ov. A, fi, (fr, a neg. and 
o7ko; a house) houseless, an exile, 

\voiKTui, -i), -01', (fr. nvolyu) to 
open) open, unclosed, vAdc ex- 
panded; that may be opened. 

'.\.vo(Kro£, -ov, b, §, (fr. o ncg. and 
oltiroi pity) pitiless, merciless, 
ruthlisa, unmerciful, cruel. 

AvoIktui:;, (fr. last) unmercifully, 
without pity ; unpilied. 

.^voi/nj^u, f. -fw, fr. avd intens. and 
oi/jwfu, which sec. 

Avol^ai, 1 a. inf. — Avoi'faf, -aca, 
-av, par. 1 a. act. of avofj'w. 

'Avoifif, -105, Att. -to)?, >/, (fr, 
avolyw to open) an ope7dng, uyi- 
closmg, unlocking ; a chasm, 
passage, entrance, door, 

Avoiaii), 1 f. act. of avarpipw. 

'Avoiro, Ssin. pres. opt. ofdvonat, 
pass, of u'lu), or afvio. 

AvoixOi^at, 3 pi. 1 a, sub. pass, of 

Aio\(ila, -as, 11, Ion. aio\^lrj, (fr. 
next ) want, poverty ; urctchcd- 
ness, misery. 

'AvoXpoi, -ov, 6, '/, (fr. a neg. and 
6\lJoi wealth) destitute, needy ; 
forlorn, forsaken ; unhappy, mi- 

Av6\c0ooi, and Av^i>\idpo;, -ov, h, 
//, (ff. a ncg. and 6'XcOpos harm) 
S'ifp, secure, free from danper. 

AvoXoXii^u), fr. av't intens. and o\o- 
Xui^u), which see. 

AvoXo(^()pof/n(, fr. same, and oXo<pi!- 
po(i<ii, which Bcc. 

'Ai'o^ai, pass, or mid. of ifu), for 

Avofifiplui -w, (fr. Bamc, and (5/i- 
Ppni rain) to pour dn\mi rain, or 
like rain, delugr, nvrrftow. 

' Avofi(ipo(,-nv, I), fi, (fr. a n<"g. and 
(5/i/?pof rain) without rain, dry, 
wantirig rnin. 

Avoiilu) -Q, f. -I'liTU), p, -riKc, (fr. 
rf>'o;<of lawless) M act unjustly, 
almsc, injure, drjilr, 

Av6ftri)iii, -jirof, rfi, (fr, last) a 
wrong, injury ; crime, trans- 

Avofila, -t(, li, (fr. name) illegality, 
ini'iuily, trunsurrsston ; ioipirty, 


sin ; violence, rapine ; perver 
sion, or confusion of principles. 

Avi^ixaros, -ov, b, i;, (fr. a neg. and 
(5/jf(a an eye) wanting eyes, in- 
capable of seeing. . 

Avd^toto;, -ov, b, I'l, (fr. a neg, and 
buotos hke) unlike, dissimilar; 

Avo^iowTr]i, -jjrof, ,), (fr. last) un- 
likoness, difference. 

'Avofios, -ov, b, fi, (fr. a neg. and 
vd;/os law) illegal, unlawful; law- 
less, sinful, iniquitous, wicked; 
violent, injurious, not having, 
knowing, oracknoii.ledgingalatv; 
an unbeliever, apostate, injidel. 

Aiofidui -(S, (fr. last) same as avo- 

Avditwf, (fr. same) ivithout law; 
ttnlawfully, wickedly, violently. 

Aiivriros, -ov, b, j% (fr. a neg. and 
(Sy7?^t to delight) useless, unpro- 
fitable, unavailing ; unpleasant, 
disagreeable, offensive, hurtful. 

'Avoos •ov;,-6ov -ov, (fr. a neg. and 
t<5o5 sense) senseless, foolish, stu- 
pid ; perverse ; mad, distracted. 

Av67raia,-ag, fi,a kind of eagle; or 
a swallow. 

Avava7a, or AvoTaluig. insensibly, 
unperceived, invisibly. Or, for 
ov' oTraTa, over, or above the 
chimney, high, lofty. 

'AvoTT\oi, -OV, b, >'i, (fr. a neg. and 
orXov a weapon) unarmed, de- 
fenceless, dismantled. 

Ai(5ffAu)f, (fr. last) without defence, 

Avoph, Dor. for j;iiopt'j. 

Aiopflrfu) -(3, f. -lacii}, p, avwpOioKa, 
(fr, avu up, and upOiJu) to straight- 
en) to raise, lift ttp ; to rear, set 
up, erect ; to rebuild, restore ; to 
correct ; to establish. I a. ind. av- 
iipOuiaa' impr. avipOtoaov 1 a. 
pass. avwpOutOni'. 

'Ai'op/jos, -ov, b, >!, (fr. a neg. and 
Hpfio; a harbour) without a har- 
huur, unsafe for ships. 

Avipovaa, Ion. for aiiipovaa, -os', 
-r., 1 a. act. o*" 

Ai'opoiu), f. -yi'cnu, p. aviipovKa, (fr, 
avn up, and opovto to start) In 
start up, rise hastily; to rush, 

AvopvCn;, -ntra, -av, par, of Aio- 
pi'^to, ->!(, -a, sub. 1 a. act. of 

Avopviraw, or -rroi, (fr. avd up, 
and opvaaio to dig) to dig up, 
rout; to raiv. from the dead. 

Aviniui, -ov, b, li, (fr. a ni!g. and 
baioi holy) unholy, impious, pro- 
fane, wicked ; fiitldess, treachir- 
ous, cruel, comp. uyoaKorcpoi, 
wip. -liraroi. 

'Avoaof, -ov, i, i'/, (fr. saino, and 
vdaoi disease) healthy. 

Aruffrrof, -ov, b, /;, (fr. s;imr, and 
onrlnv a bone) without bones, 

A i'(JiTT//i«f , -«w, h, ft, (fr. same, and 
viartjinf returning, th. voirrAi) to 
return) irithnnt rttiirn, 7irvrr to 
return; hnjielisi. 

'AvnrjTnf, niid \t'6rTrtiT0(, -ov, b, i), 
(fr. same, nml iMrrrof a return, th. 
voariiit to return) not to be trod- 




den back, or rrtraced ; Oiat may 
not return ; an exile. 
Aioiuruj, -ov, A, 1), (IV. iivrO willi- 
oiil, uiui oi"u{, Pout, for oi( an 
ear) tcithoul or wuiiliiig ears, 
AiouWri/roj, -oi', h, i). (I'r. u nc<;. 
and vovlhrfw to advise) iiiatteti- 
live, hcallesn ; perverse, ohsti- 
nute ; that will not be advised. 
'Avon, see avdoi. 

'Avovaoi, for dyoaoi. 

AfoiraToi, -ov, b, i), (fr. o neg. and 
ouriiui to wound) not wounded, 

A>oi;r;7Ti,(fr. last) without a wound. 

Aiu;^'';, -i)i, II, (tV. uv{T(io to willi- 
hold) an itUermi.tsiuii, interviil, 
pause; a truce, ces.iation of arms ; 
Jorhearance, patience, i/ululgtncc. 

Aro)(vaoi, -ov, h, i), (fr. a neg. and 
c^vpif or o^vpii firm) nolforli. 
Jied, unfenced ; insecure. 

'Avara, and'AvffT-uOi, Dor. forairf- 

ertjOt, 2 a. inipr. act Aio-nit, 

for uruo-Tiij, par. ofaviartiv, 2 a. 
ind. act. — ApcTi'ifiivai, Att. and 
Dor. (or avaaTijvui, 2 a. inf. act. 
— Avary'iacadai, for acaar;?''"^- 

y-ii, 1 f. inf. mid 'Ai'dTiiaov, 

for ava'(Tr»;(7oi'i 1 a. iinpr. act. — 
AvaTt'iTi^', f*"" avaarf/Tijv, 3 du. 2 
a. ind. act. of ai'iarrjjzi. 

AicrToiiptrai ior avaarpiiptrai, 3 sin. 
pres. ind. mid. of ai'acrpf^cii. 

Ava'}(^cOho, Poet, for av(';^w. inf. 
avaay^tOiiiv -ur. 

'Aia'x^io, Poet, for ai'rf(r;^£o, Ion. for 
avdaxov, 2 a. impr. mid. — Av- 
a^tjaiaOat, for avda^i'iceadai, 1 f 
inf. mid. — Ai'£r;^//Oi'j;i', -oio, -oiro, 
fur avaa-)(Qij>.')Vi op'- of a»'£o-;;^(i- 
ur;v, 2 a. mid. of avi-^u. 

AvcycTbi, for avaaxi'rhi, -ov, b, fj, 
(fr. avixj^ to bear) tolerable, nup- 
portahle, that may be endured. 

Ait' for avri, before a smooth 

'Avra, (fr- av7i against) opposite, 
contrnri/ to ; directly ; very. 

AfTayopd^ij), f. -aVui, {avri for, and 
(jyop(i(^w to buy) to buy in return 
for, to barter. 

Avrnyurifo/jai, f. -Icoiiai, p. aVT>j-\ 
ythviufiai, (fr. avri against, and 
aymii^ofiai lo contend) to strive 
against, resist, oppose, contend 
with. 1 a. ind. mid. avrnyutvi- 

Av'aywi'KTTjK, and Avrayiivtarog, 
-ov,b, (fr. same) an anlagoniit, 
foe, rival, adversary ; a com- 
batant, champion. 

AvrniiKiiii -u>, f. -nam, (fr. avrX for, 
and aeiKiui to wrong) to injure 
in return, lo ret'diute. 

Avratipu), (fr. avri against, and 
acipui to raise) to raise, lo set, or 
to rise up against ; to oppose, re- 
sist, inf. ai'TuuDtif. 

Avrricti, Dor. for avnUif, -usaa, -tv, 
(fr. dvTtjv opposite) conlrari), np. 
posite, adverse ; inimical, hostile. 

AvTaiof, -a, -av, same as last. 

AvraKalot, -uiv, oi, sea monsters. 

AvraKoi'iu, f. -oiJorui, (fr. avri for, 
and aKoim to hear) to listen, 

hearken, attend ; to hear in turn, 
or reply. 
AvTiiX^ayfia, -Sroi;, rd, (fr. same, 
and uXXiiacii) to rxcliango) a 
chaiisf, (3'rhange, co/iunulnlion ; 
thi' thiiii; pivcn in eHchangf, an 
equivdhiit ; price, ranso7ti, n- 
dtmplion ; cumptnsatiun, rtlii- 
button ; a type, sir/iililuilc ; riia- 
lion, reference, currespimdencr. 
AiraficifieTO, Dor. for avrri^dfitTo, 

imp. of 
AvTOfidjiny, or -ufiai, fr. avri in 

turn, an(l n/it/fJio, wliici) see. 
.\>'r(i'/if(;^i{, -(OS, Alt. -tiof, 1^, (fr. 
same) nconiprnsc, nturn, com- 
pensation, exchange. 
AiruiHipfw -w, (fr. avri for, avii 
up, and u!f>{'w lo take) to take, 
Ift, or carry aiimy in return. 
AvTaraipu), (fr. same, and aipui lo 
cut off) to destroy, waste, ruin, 
in return, or by icay of retaliation. 
Ai'Tdi'u/cArfw-ui, (fr. same, and kXh'w 
to break) to rebound; to reflect, 
or refract. 
Avraj'HTrAtpooi) -oi, f. -iliciti, avrava- 
■tTCTT\ripu)Ka, (fr. saine, and -X>;- 
p6tii to fill ) to Jill up, or complete 
in turn ; to .finish, or perfect the 
correspondence, fuljil ; to coun- 
AiTavnartjaat, 1 a. inf. act. of ai- 

'AvravSpoi, -ov, b, fj, (fr. avri in- 
stead, and aviip a man) a substi- 
tute, a dqiuly. 
AvTariarriiu, f. -ari'/ao], (fr. avTi 
against, and 'iarnjtt to set) to 
raise, or set up against; Airu- 
vldTajxni., to rise up against, re- 
sist, rebel, revolt. 
Avravopioai, Dor. for Avrrjvopiiai, 
-u>v, 01, the sons or descendants of 
AvTavvaai,-aaa, -av, fov avaravv- 
aui, par. 1 a. act. of avaTavvia, 
tlie same as uvardvtii. 
AvTil(io^,-ii, -ov, (fr. avri for, and 
n'^ios deserving) equivalent, equal 
in worth, value, or estimation ; 
as good as ; on a level, or equali- 
ty with ; preferable. 
Avranoiiiwjxi, f. avravoouiaui, p. 
avTaiToii6u)Ka, (fr. avrt for, and 
aTToci('i(i)ftt to return) lo hand over, 
transfer; to recompense, repay, re- 
turn, imp. ind. airancdiouv. 2 a. 
ind. avTuTriiiDV. inf. aiiTaTroioti- 
vnt'pa.r.avru7!0(]ovi. 1'- 
Ta~i.5uO)iv. 1 f. avTuTocoOi'idOjtai. 
AvTa-irdiuifja, -liros, rH, (fr. same) 
recompense, retribution, retalia- 
tion, requital; a turn, winding; 
change, revolution. 
Avruniloxris, -to;, Att. -£w{, ^, (fr. 
same) recompense, remuneraiinn^ 
reward ; wares bartered, cit ex- 
AvraTroc^ojr'iKii, ->i, -bv, (fr. same) 

relributory ; equivalent. 
AvTuTTOKpivoiiai, (fr. air! in return, 
and a-roKplvofiai to answer) lo 
make answer in return, contra- 
dict, reply. 1 a. pass. avrn-riKpl- 
Oriv inf. ai/Tu7ro<tp(6iji'a(. 1 f. av- 

Ayro;r(ii:pJ'<r(f,-(Of, All. -tuf, Sf, (fr. 
Bame) a reply, answir. 

Ai'ruriiA,\ip/(i, (fr. avri for, and 
ci7ruAAii/(i lo dcsiro)') lo ruin, 
vmsir, destroy, in return, or in re- 
venge. ' 

Avrujroffr/AAi.i, (fr. same, and otto-. 
rrAAcu lo send away) to send 
bark again ; send in jilacc of. 

AtTunoTlio, fr. avri in return, and 
ototIw, wliicii see. 

AvTiirTTiatiai, Ion. I'or atOdiTTcaOai, 
pros. inf. of avyrfrru/mi. 

.\)'Tdpai<:,-wi, Att. -fwf, ij, (fr. avrt 
afjainst, and aipui to raise) a 
lifting the hand against, an as- 
sault ; rebellion, insurrection. 

Avrdprra, -uv, 6, (fr. same) a rebel, 

AiraoTTd^o^ai, (fr. avri in return, 
and aattd'^o^ai to embrace) to 
embrace heartily, to return love, 
to show 7nulual affection, salute 
those that salute me. 

Avrnvyda, -of, I'l, {fr. nvri against, 
and avyi) brightness) radiance, 
beaming, or reflecting of light. 

A-vTaiii), f. -iati), p. avrfjVKn, (fr. 
avr'i against, and atui to cry) to 
cry out against; to shout in re- 
turn, or reply. 

Avrdui -d, f. ->jcu>, p. fjVT^Ka, (fr. 
avTi against) to meet ; to face, 
encounter ; to meet with, find, 
get, obtain. 

AvTtjidXriaa, -at, -c, 1 a. ind. act. 

AvriyKKrjfia, -uTOi, t3, (fr. avri 
against, and ko'Siui to call) an 
accusation in reply, recrimina- 
tion, retort. 

AvTcii^iovvro, 3 pi. cont. imp. mid. 

of avTiit^tdofiai. 

'Avrci\as, Poet, for avirti\ai, 2 
sin. or for avareiXai, par. 1 a. 
act. of avariWui. 

AvTiii'd), Poet, for avarehia. So 
'Ai'Tcivov, for avdrcivov, I a. 
impr. and Avruvat,for avaruvat, 
I a. inf. 

AvTct-acti', 2 a. inf. of ovr/ru. 

AvrdpicOai, pres. inf. of 

AvTcipofxat, or -ipo/jiat, (fr. avri in 
turn, and dpu> or ipojjiai to ask) 
to ask in return. 

Ai'Tctcrdyu), fr. same, and nadyw, 
which see. 

AvTiK&pauwv, -ovaa, -iv, par. 2 a. 
act. of nvTCKrpiyio. 

Ai/TCKKinTii), f. -xpdi, (fr. avr'i in 
turn, and ckkSktui lo cut oft) to 
cut off, or destroy in turn. 


AriKT'tati, -IOC, Att. -cuii, rj, (fr. 
next) repayment, reward, recom- 
pense, retrihution ; ajinc. 

AvTCKTiu), and avrtd-riio, (fr. avri 
in turn, tK intens. and rim to pay) 
to repay, recompense, compen- 
sate ; to xuffer punishment ; to i 
expiate, atone, 

AvTCKTpi^u), f. -9pi^(o, (fr. avri 
against, ck from, and rpf^ui to -^ 
run) to run out against, go to 
meet; to outrun, anticipate ; 2 a. 
act. ind. avft^iopaytov' par. av- 


AvTcXaliounv, -ov, -cro, 2 a. ind. 

mid. of avTiXaitlSdviii. 
AvTiXcyoi', -a, -e, imp. act. of oi- 

AvriWoiaa, Syn. and Dor. forava- 

riWovan, feni. par. pres. act. — 

AvTiXXovTi, tor ai'uTf'XXou(7i, 3 

pi. pres. ind. ofaiur/XXcj. 

A»'r£Xo((?(5p£i, 3 sin. cont. imp. act. 

of avriXoiJoofoi. 
XvTCftPoh), -?s, .;, (fr. airi for, and 
CfiPd>\u) to put in) a change, 
removal; pulling one thing in 
the place of another, a substi- 
Av-f/z-Xz/Ow, f. -f/aui, (fr. avri in 
return, tv in, and ffX//0w to fill) to 

Jilt, or satisfy in return, remxi- 

Avrcn-Xijcai, 1 a. inf. act. of last. 
AvTilcijii, (fr. avri against, and 

i^ctfii to go out) to go out to, or 

towards ; to go to meet an enemy. 
Airtltra^ui, f. -dcui, (fr. avri in 

turn, and .tfera'^ui to examine 

to cross-examine, scrutinize; to 

compare, collate ; to match, op- 
AvTt^cTaOTtKii, •ou, 6| fj, (fr. last) 

Avr£T7<iyu>, f. -fa), (fr. avri against, 

and £77«yu) to lead on) to conduct 

to, Itad toviards ; to set, or 

march against. 
Ai-c-ri^tii»i, (fr. avTt against, £r( 

to, t^ from, and cTfti to go) to go 

to mfit, to set out towards. 
Ai'T£T£f;/£(7ay, 3 pi. pper. mid. Att. 

of last. 
Ai'TCTTii^idi -d, (fr. avTi against, 

and i-ii)(^{ui to resound) to make 

a noise in opposition, to drown a 

sound Ijy noise. 
XiTCTrtfiiXionai, fr. air! in turn, 

and cTijit'Slofiai, which see. 
Ai'rj'ffi££v, 3 sin. imp. of afriri/Zo). 
Avr/iru, 1 a. -tirray 2 a. -ilirov, (fr. 

avri .Tgainst, and I'n-oi to speak) 

to contra/lirt ; to refuse, deni/ ; 

to reply, or speak allemai:ly. 2 

a. inf. avTcirrclv. 
A vTipaarhi, -ov, a, (fr. next) a rival. 
Avrcpiiu} -u, (fr. avri towards, and 

ifrlto to love) to Invc viutualli/ ; 

to love the same object, rival. 
Xfripilfiij), f. •ilaui, p. avTriptiKa, 

(fr. avr} against, and iptli^u to 

fix) to fasten to ; to cling, adhere; 

to prop, support; to trcarl ; to 

resist, oppou. 
AvTipita -(2i, (fr. ramc, and tp/u to 

npcak) to rnnlradirl. 
Ai-riptianif, /Eo\. for nvripclaaf, 

par. 1 a. act. of uvrtpclfu. 
Airipl^w, (fr. avri ngaiiiHt, .indrp^ 

(o) Indixpiilc) tor.nntrnd, or strive 

agninAt ; to quarrel, wrangle. 
Avripiimi, (fr. avri in turn, and 

/po/i'ii lo a«k) to nsk in return. 
AiTtpvaiieOai, I a. inf. mid. of 
Avripi'ii), (fr. iivt'i in liirn, and //I'w 

to draw) to draw hrirM, take in 

return ; to recompense, repni/. 

Avrtpvofjai, to cum, get; to be 

repaid, or rewarded. 
AvTcpuifitvof, par. pres. posa. cont. 




'AiTcadat, pres. inf. ofdfroftai. 
AvTEo-TTcJ,- 3 sin. cont. imp. act. of 

Ai'Ticrrii; -ijf, -n, 3 pi. ni r/cTJ/irav, 

2 a. ind. act. of aitiiaTv.iii. 
AiTtarpafijilvoi, (par. per. pass. fr. 

avTi against, and trrof'^w to turn) 

turned, or s(t against, perverted, 

AvTcarpaiii^uvwi, (fr. last) in a con 

Irary way, in a different manner, 

vice versa ; perversely. 
AvTcraTai, Poet, for aiiurlraTai, 3 

sin. per. pass, of (n'nr£i'vu. 
Air/rfnoi', -£f, -£,imp. of(ivrir£i'vii). 
AvTCTiTv^o, 2 sin. pper. pass, of 

Avrtrdpriaa, -ai, -c, 1 a. act. ofav 


AvTZTovi, Lacon. fof- rov avTov 
irovi, of the same year, that yearh. 

Ai'Tcvcpycribi -u>, f. -//(tm, (fr. avrc 
in return, and fD£py£T)(f a bene 
factor) to return a kindness, re- 
quite, repay. 

AvTCvepyertKOs, -i), -ov, (fr. last) 

AvT£y*.-p<jrof, viz. fiivi;, (fr.nvri op- 
posite, and tvKpaTOi temperate) 
the contrary temperate zone ; the 
southernasopposite lo thenortliern. 

.\.vTtipipovTo, 3 pi. imp. pass, of 

AvTC(pi\aac, Dor. for ai>Tt(pl\riac, 3 
sin. 1 a. of airi0iX(M. 

Avrl'x^ecOt, 2 pi. pres. iinpr. mid. — 
Ai'r£^(5^tvof, -?;, -ov, par. pres, 
pass, of avrf';^u. 

AvTi^prjca, -as, -£, 1 a. of avri- 

Avr/i^u>, f. aiOi^u), p. avTtc^rjKa, 
{fr. avri against, and /^w to 
hold) to resist, sustain, hear up 
against ; to detain, keep, restrain; 
to hold against, resist ; to sustain, 
endure, support; lo claim, seek 
after, cultimte, puisue : Auri^o 
fiai, to withhold, abstain from ; to 
cling, cleave, adhere to ; to main- 
tain, support, help, relieve, suc- 
cour ; imp. mid. avr£i;^i5;;i»;v 1 
f. mid. avfU^o/iat. 

Avr/oj, Ion. for avrna), imp. (Jvtdiv. 

Avr;;(!i)v, (fr. nvropni to supplicate) 
supplianlly, humbly. 

Avrrijitliicrn, 3 sin. imp. mid. of 

'AvTi;v, (fr. nrrl against) opposite, 
before, in front, in presence of. 

Avrrivnpli'at, -wv, oi, (fr. next) the 
sons or dtscendanti of Anlenor. 

Avrj/vojp, -opof\ h, Anlenor, Vi man's 

Avrnplriii, -nv, and Avn'p/;?, -ro( 
-ovi, b, (fr. avri, and 
ipfiriTii) (O row) an opjionrni, ene- 
my, antftgonist. .\dj. oppositr,ad- 
verse, hostile ; struggling against 
eqrJi other. 

AvTrtp'if, -linf, II, {fr. nvrtpitfu} lo 
KUpporl) a hiitlre's, prop, sup- 
port ; rihs, or limbers of a ship ; 
the hit of a hridlr, 

Avr/ip'laii, -H(, -f, I n. of nvripll^u), 

'.Kvrijiiif, -in(. All. -liiif, I'l, (fr. liv- 
rofini to <<upplicatc) svjiptication, 
aitreaty, prayer. 


.^iT>ixiuJ, (fr. aiTi against, and 
VXC'^ 'o sound) to re-echo, re- 
sound, reverberate. 
Ai'Tiy^nraiji, g. sin. fern. cont. ot 
(ivr»;;^f'u>v -Cv, par. pres. of last. 
Avri, opposite to, over agaijisl , 
equivalent, equal to ; Jor, on cu:- 
count of; for, in stead, or place 
of, 171 exchange, in return for, 
in requital of : i?j preference lo, 
above, before, beyond. 
Ain'o, (ncut. pi. of avn'o; opposite, 
111. last) opposite, contrary, on, 
the other side. 
AvTid^w, same as avrtdu), 
AiTidveipa,-as, /;, (fr. avri equal to, 
and «v»)p a man) n heroine. Adj. 
furious, fierce. 
Avnosw, -£({, -£i, Dor. for avrid- 

(Toj, 1 f. of aVTtdu). 
Airtdo/iai, see avTidu. 
AvTidaai, 1 a. par. — AvnacEii', 1 

f. inf of avTiu'u. 
Avrin;^£?ffi, Dor. and .^ol. for av- 

TiaxoT'at, 3 pi. pres. ind. of 
Avria;^fw -0, (fr. avri against, and 
iu;^oj to shout) to erclaim, cry 
out against, contradict, deny, re- 
iVvrici(i) -cD, or -d^oi, f. -da'ji, p. i;v- 
rlaKu, (fr. uvT( against) to meet, 
go to meet, come towards ; to 
meet in combat, fight, resist, 
oppose; to share, partake of; 
to attain, reach, kit; t@ entreat, 
Ai'ri/?nt'vci), (fr. auTi against, and 
fjaii'd) to go) to go against, witli- 
slnnd, resist, oppose; to cross, 
Avn/3a'XXu), f. -uXui, p. nvn/Jf'/iXi;- 
Kn, (fr. isanie, and /inXXw tocast) 
lo throw, shoot, or dart against ; 
to throw back weapons; to ban- 
dy, throw to and fro ; to con- 
verse, dispute, argue. 
AvTi^cii6\rjKa, per. ind. act. of av- 

AvTifiTivai, 2 a. inf. act. of avri- 

AvTi0i(i, AvTijilriv, AvrlfSiov, (fr. 
next) opposite, against, before, 
in front. 
Avrljiioi, -n, -ov'and-ot), 6, tj, (fr. 
uvri against, and /?/« vi()lpnco) 
opposite, contrary, against ; ho.<i- 
tile, adverse ; an enemy, an op- 
Avr(/1X/-TU), f. -i|a), (fr. same, and 
pXiTTto to look) to took in the fare, 
behiilil slendfislly ; to dare, brave. 
Avri/joX/d) -ui,f. -I'iOii), I".. nirilitPA- 
X»;»-n, (fr. same, and /?nX/aj for 
^dWui lo ilirow) to meet ; lo meet 
with, hit upon, /ind, git; to fare, 
encounter ; to be present at ; to 
share, partake ; to suppliratr, 
entreat, pres. inf. avri/ioXfrv. I 
a. inf. (ivn/?yXr/(T«i. 
AvTtjiuvXci'oiiai, f. -tiiTnpni, (fr. 
snme, ami ftov\ivti> loconMili) to 
plot against. 
Avrilipiivrdiii -w, (fr. 5ame, and 
ftpiivrdiii to tlinndcr) to thunder 
against, imitate thunder. 
Avriyf)'oii'/o) -u), (fr. same, and 
yiyiaviu) lo spuuk) to cry out, or 


exflaim asainxl ; tu ileut/ u6jo- 
luUti/, contradict pomliveti/. 

AiriYCiiiai, -ou, u, Aiitigcnidax, a. 
iiuurs name. 

AirtyijpoTpoifiJit) -d, (fr. nvTt in 
turn, y!)oiti olil ii»c, and rpltfiu) 
10 nurse) tu repay the rurtx of 
uge ; til cherinh old age in rclurit 
for the nurture of i/imth. 

AiTi) iai;iow'u.' -(i, (fr. iifri against, 
anil ytviooKii) to think) to think 
conlrury, or olhrruixr, dtff'cr in 
opinion, disagree, deny, contra- 

Ai'Wyoioj, -oir, b, AiUigonux, a 
man's name. 

AiTiyp,!^)), -r/f, /;, (fr. aim against, 
and ypniiiui to write) a reply, an- 
■lucr, ihfcnce, plea. 

Avrtypatjiuv, -oi, to, (fr. same) a 
copy, tranarripl, counterpart. 

Ai'Tiypii^iii, f. -i/u, (fr. same) to 
ivnte iiack again, a>tsu!er, reply; 
to retort ; to rejoin ; to copy. 

AiTi(''£irvoj,-uii, 6, (fr. avrl instead, 
and ie7-vov a dinner) a ^uest in 
place of one who disappoint.'; ; an 
tmhiddcn, or nnexp'ccted guest. 

AiTi^tfiiiofifji, -ovixaifi. 'licojxai (fr. 
avri in return, and de^ to 
sliake hands) to return hoxpita- 
iity, or entertainment ; to receive, 
welcome, embrace in return. 

Ai'Ttharidifitvoi, mr. pres. pass, of 

AtTiSiaTlOrj^ii, (ir. uiri against, 
and ihiiTldrifii to dispose) to in- 
cline differently ; to be otiierwise 
disponed, or ajfccted, 

AvTicicoTiii, S sin. pres. pass, of 

A('7i(\io"u/ii (fr. avri in turn, and 
(5i(5u)//i to give) to giiie in return ; 
to repay, recompense ; to requite, 
retaliate ; to substitute. 

AirdiKfu) -or, f. -I'lai-o, p. -VKa, (fr. 
avTi against, and oui; justice) to 
go to law ; to bring an action ; 
to come to a trird ; to contest, try, 

AvrictKog, -ov, h, I'l, (fr. last) on 
adversary, opponent ; titc adver- 
sary, the devil. 

AvTiCoati, -105, Att. -CO};, </, (fr. 
avTiiifiwui to repay) reinuneru- 
tion, reward; requital, retribu- 
tion ; exchange, barter. 

AvrlioTOi, -ov, b, >/, (fr. same) re- 
warded, repaid, requited; pre- 
ventive, preservative ; an anti- 

AvTiipdiii -d, f. -iic(i>, (fr. avTt in 
turn, and lodu) to do) to act for, 
or in reiurn ; to repay, requite, 

AvTi'oujOov, -ou, rb, (fr. same, and 
oUpov a gift) a present, gift ; a 
return, recompense. 
AvTi^iaOai. Ion. for avOl^ccdai, 

pres. inL of arOi'^Ofiai. 
AvTiri, Ion. for avTtu. 
AvriOcof, -ov, b, »'/, (fr. avri ahke, 
and Sibf a g'*'') go/Hike, divine ; 
noble, illustrimis. 
AvTiOiauf, n. a. pi. cont. Att. of 

AvriOcirti, -coj, Att, -£0J{, I'l, (fr. 
avTiriOiini to set against) anti- 
thesis ; opposition, contrariety, 
contrast ; dispute, cavil. 


\, -ov, b, 1% (fr. siamc) set 
up against, opposite, contrary. 

AiriOcvaifiCvoi, par. 1 f. mid. of 

AtriUita, f. -tiiiTu), (fr. niri against, 
and $i'u) to run) to run against, 

AvriO'ifti, Poet, fiir arnriOiij/t. 

AiriOpoo'i, -ov, b, I'l, (fr. atri in turn, 
and $p6os clamour) shmiling, 
sounding in reply, or againU ; 
re-echoing, rcsouniling. 

Airidvpoi, -ov, b, fi, (fr. nrri 
against, and $vpa a door) oppo- 
site, before, or against the door. 

AirindOiji'at, (fr. avri against, and 
KuOi'indi to sit down) to sit down 
against ; to besiege, attack. 

Ai'TdcaOi'inci'Oi, par, pres. mid, of 

AvTiKitGi^d), or -ll^oftnt, (fr. same, 
Kara down, and T^u to scat) 
same as last. 

AvTtnadwTijfxi, (fr. same, and ko- 
Oianifti to sH\\]})toplaceagainst; 
to set in opposition ; to ivithstand, 
stand against, resist, oppose ; to 
suhstititte, appoint instead. 

AvriKaKovpyiu) -u, f. -r'/au, (fr. avr'i 
in return, /cuws ill, and tpY°^ 
work) to hurt in reluryi, revenge, 

AvTtKo'Mcioai, 3 p!. 1 a. sub. act, of 

AjTiKaXf'w -5, f. -fiTw, and-(70-a), p. 
avriKiK\>}Ka, (fr. same, and ku- 
\iu) to call) to call again, invite 
in return, return an invitation. 

Avr(».aTnXX"'cr£ru, or-rruj, (fr. same, 
and KaTa\'Xda(Tui to exchange) to 
get, procure, acquire ; to ex- 
change, barter ; to succeed, come 
i}i place of; to renew by succcs- 
sio7i ; to conciliate, reconcile. 

AvriKaraaKtvu^io, (fr. avrt against, 
and KnTacKtvd^u) to prepare) to 
provide against; to furnish, sup- 

AvriKardc^cin;, -los, Att, -cui, t), 
(fr. same, and «ar/;^a» to re- 
strain) a withholding ; retention, 
confinement, restraint. 

Ai'TiKaTTjaOat, Ion. for arriKaOTia- 
Oai, pres. inf. oC avrtKdOtinai. 

AvTiKari^ccdat, Ion. for avriKuOi- 
^ccOiu, pres. inf. mid. — Avri- 
KoTi^ti'iJXvus, Ion. and Dor. for 
avTiKaOi.?,i''iJtvo;, par. pres. mid. 
of oi'r(/c(iO('Cw. 

AvTiKctfiat, f. -daoiiiii, (Ir. oiti 
against, and KtT/mt to lie) In lie 
or be placed against ; to sit down, 
or encamp against; to oppose, 
be opposite, or adverse to. 

AvTiKci^ivoi, -n, -ov, par, pres. 
mid. — ADriKttTui, 3 pi. pros, 
ind. mid. of last. 

AvTtKnpvcoi'i, (fr. niTi against, and 
KtpvaCM to proclaim) to publish 
contrary orders ; to denounce, 
AvTiKiypuu -w, (fr. aiTi in turn, 
and Kt^odb) to lend) to accommo- 
date ; to assist by a loan, relieve. 
AvrtK'Mvw, (fr. avri towards, and 
kAi'i'u to lean) to nod, or beckon 
to ; to assent by signs, permit. 
AvTtKvi'iiitov, -ou, rb, (fr. ovtI lie- 
fore, and Kvt'mn the leg) the shin. 


AvTtKplvoiiat, (fr. avri against, luid 
Kfiivw to judge) to contest, liti- 
i;ali; go tu law ; to answer, reply. 

Ai'Tik-pitvio, f. -ot'ffw, (fr. same, and 
Kpovoj to strike) to strike against; 
to blunt ; to surprise, happen un- 
eTpeclc'tly, occur ; to disappoi?U, 
Jruslrate, interrupt. 

AvTiKpv, AvTiKpiif, (fr. same, and 
Kdpii the head) opposite, over 
against ; to the other side, through 
and through ; clearly, openly, de- 
cidedly, erpressly, against alt op- 

AvriKT[pl?iD, (fr. avri in turn, and 
KTrpl^w to bury) to inter, to give 
the heathen rites of sepulture. 

AvrUvpn, -«?, )'/, Anticyra. 

AvTtKvpiu) -w, (fr. (ii'ri against, and 
Kvpiui to meet with) to hit upon, 
fall in with ; to get, proeitre ; to 
attain, arrive at ; to fall against, 
encounter, overwhelm. 

AvriKvptKov, -on, rd. Hellebore, so 
called from the island of An- 

AvriKiipiraf, Sync, for avriKvpijaas, 
par. 1 a. act. of nvriKvpid). 

AvTi'Xafi!), -ni, (';, (fr. nvTiXip^dvio 
to lay hold of ) n handle ; a seiz- 
ing, laying, or catching hold of; 
participation, assistance, mutual 

AvTiKA(ioijX{, -01?, -oil 2 a. opt. of 

AvTiSdt^ofiat, anA AvTiKdl^vjiai, (fr." 
avri in turn, and Xdl^ofiai to 
catch) to lay hold on together; 
to take, seize, hold; to bear a 
share, partake. 

AvTtXaftlidvccdai, inf. — AvriAn/i- 
fiavojicvos, -T), -or, par. pres. 
mid. of 

AvTiKafifidviii, f. -X)7t|o/(ai, p. -\i- 
Xrjtpa, (fr. same, and \aji(iuviji to 
tuke) to take hold of together, by 
turns, or on each side ; assist in 
lifting, or carrying ; to take in- 
Steadof; AvTi\an(idvoyiai,to take, 
claim, usurp ; to undertake, take 
tipon; to perceive, observe; to 
hold, curb, restrain ; to support, 
help, relieve ; to share, partake 
of, participate, receive, enjoy. 

AvTiXn'/iiTuj, (fr. OITI against, and 
X«'/i7ro) to shine) to shov) a light, 
light a fire as a signal in answer 
to another ; to rejlect ; to glitter, 

AiTiX/yu, f. -^u), p. -^a, (fr, same, 

and X/yu to speak) to speak 

against ; gainsay, speak in reply, 

contrndict, deny, imp, and 2 a. 

nvr/Xcyoi', per. mid. iij'riXfXoya, 

Ai'r(X»;7rr/ov, (fr. avTt\au(idvu> to 

lay hold on) to be held, seized, 

attempted, undertaken. 

AvTiXi'irmap, -opn;, b, (fr. same) a. 

supporter, upholder, defender, 


Avrt'Xi'ixpcis, n. a. pi. cont. Att. 

AvTi'Stj\p)]m;, -to;, Aft. -cu's, t], (fr. 
same) a hold, handle, thing lull 
by; blame, reproof, censure ; an 
objection, charge, reply ; a hin- 
drance, impe'Ument ; perception, 




apprehension; help, axsis{ance,\A%Tioc, -a, -oy, (fr. air; against)! against, and -ar>ip father) Aa/iTig-, 

" ' "'" """ * "' ' hrjurious,GT (ulvtrse to his father. 

Also, Antipatcr, a man's name. 

Arn-fjuirw, f. -^Wi (fr- airi in 
turn, and rr/fin-u to send) tosena 
back, ninrn, remit. 

AvTirf'paiof, -n, -or, (fr. next) op- 
posite,facing ; on the far side. 

Avri^ipav, and AiTurtpaj, (fr. avrl 
against, and :r/pai' beyond) on the 
further i-idc, over against, on the 

protection; u-ages, rev:ard 

Avr(Xoyia, -aq, fj, (fr. ajri/Xfj'w to 
contradict) contradiction, oppo- 
sition ; an excuse, apology, plea, 
defence, debate, trial. 

AfTiXoiSopeui -u), f. -t'lOh), p. -vfJ 
(fr. avri against, and XotiopiiD 
to renle) to retort, recriminate, 
reproach, revile again, imp. act. 
avrc^oiidptov -ouv. 

AvriUxof, -ov, b, Antilochus, a 
man's name. 

AvriXuviw -w, (fr. ovriin turn, and 
Xvr/u to grieve ) to grieve in turn ; 
molest, annoy in return, tahe re- 

AiriXurrijc-is, -lOf) Att. -Cb>s,fi, (fr. 
last) grief caused, or venation 
returned, rcvaige, vengeance, 

AiWAiTpor, -ov,Tb, (tV. aiT( in turn 
and Xvrpoj' a ransom) </ie price 
nf redem'jition, ransom. 

KvTifiapTvpiiji -u, f. -fjoui, (fr. avrl 
against, and naprupim to testify, 
th. iidprvp a witness) to give 
evidence, or bear witness against. 

KvTiiiaxtrilh -"''> *) i^'^- "^^'^) "" 
antagonist, opponent, adversary. 

Avri/idYOf<a(, (fr. avri against, and 
^idxoiiat to fight) to Jtght, strive, 
or struggle against ; to resist, 

AiTiiicSiaTaTai, 3 sin. pres. pass, of 

AvTiitcOicTniii, (fr. ttvTi instead, 
and utBicrrijii to substitute) to 
put in place of, change places, 

AvTiucii^ui, (fr. avri in turn, and 
ficM^u) to modulate) to play in- 
stead, play music against. 

Airtii(Titfio\fi, -rji, li, (fr. same, and 
/itra/idXXcj to change) an ex- 
change ; an alteralioDi ; change, 

AtTlftlTpllil -W, f. -^<T(<),p. -VKU, (fr. 

same, and atrpiu) to measure) 
to meaxure hack, mete out in re- 
turn, repay ; to proportion, coun- 

AvTlftifioi, -ov, b, !i, (fr. same, and 
\ilfioi a mimic, th. ftiptiofiat to 
imitate) imitative of, like, resem- 
bling, formed after; Sube. a 

AiTtfitadta, -/If, /), (fr. same, and 
inofidf price) hire, reward, recom- 
pense, mmpentalion ; retribution, 

AvTi/ivFjoTtOu, (fr. ai'riapainFt,and 
fivt]aTtviii to court) to woo, or 
rnvrt in rivalri/ 

Airtfinyno{,-nv, h,//, (fr. same, and 
/loXiri) a BOiig) dt/trfnt, sad, 
mournful ; lulling, sonlhing. 

Airi^olia, (fr. same, and (iu) to 
ra*p) to he. rrmlrnry, or against, 
oppose, di/fn, disagree. prc«. inf. 
act. ni'ri(ii/fn' -t'iv. 

Airlioof, -ov, 0, 1), (fr. samn) rrois- 
grained, iliscurdanl, adverse. ; op- 
posite, contrary 

Avrinv, -or, ri, (fr. «vtJ n|^iniit) a 
u>ravrr^s l/eum ; a mast, sprrr. 

opposite, contrary, adverse; a 
gainst, brforc, towards. 

Ai'ri(5of<ai -ovi.iat, (fr. last) to op- 
pose, thwart, cross, traverse. 

AvrtovcOat, pres. inf. cont. of last. 

A»Tto;^fia, -a., Ti, Antioch. 

AvTio;^£i'j, -f'oj, 6, a native of last, 
a. sni. Avrioxia. 

Avriox<>i, -ov, b, Antiochus, a 
man's name. 

Avridwv, avri&waa, Poet, for avri-\ opposite shore, 

wv, aiTtioaa, mas. ami fern, sin.lAvTirtpi/Sn'XXu, f. -uXw, (fr. same, 

par. pres. cont. — \vrt6(f)o, 
-6m7o, Poet. foraiTiwo, avrioyro 2 
and 3 sin. cont. pres. opt. mid. 
of uvTia'i.). 

Avrkats, -aiSoi, b, /;, (tr. arri in- 
stead, and ra7f a child) a young 
man, or wornan, a grown boy, a 
youth ; like a boy, or girl, boyish. 

Avn'rraXof, -ov, b, >';, (fr. avr'i 

and Trpi^dXXto to surround) to 
surround in a hostde manner, 
AvTiTrtpuariipn, (fr. qiti against, 
iTfpi around, and 'icT>]^n to place) 
to place, or set round about ; Av- 
Tfrcpi'tcra^iai, to surround, iyivesi, 
besiege ; to straiten, conjinc ; to 
be besieged, &c. 

against, and raXi) wrestling) aL\.vTn:[picT:acua, -aroi, to, (fr. 
match in the theatrical combats ; next) the drawing, decoying, or 
an antagonist, opponent, fidversa-. snirrcunding of troops in an avi- 
ry ; opposite, adverse; rival,] bush; a stratagem, diversiov, 
emulous. , yemtto draw away the attention. 

.ivriTapn/JaXXo), f. -a\w, (fr. aiTil AvrcrfpioToo) -Ci, f. -daw, (fr. avri 
against, xupa by, and /^dXXw toj against, ai;d Trcpiirrdto todistract) 
\i\iice) to put by the side of, com-t to distract, or draw away to a 

pare, contrast; to contribute, 
subscribe, provide ; to expose, en- 
danger. 2 f. ind. act. avriTropa- 
lia\w, 1 pi. -jSoXoffiti'. 
AiTtTrapa/j'oXi), -rjf, )/, (fr. avri 
against, and 7rupa/3a'XXu to com- 
pare) a comparing, comparison, 
proportion ; contrast, opposition 

loss ; to decoy, ensnare, surround. 
AvTiircipdaOat, per. inf. pass, of av- 

Al'TITTlTTTd!, f. fllTUTTWirO), p. OVTI- 

TTfzrtixa, (fr. arri against, and 
Thru) to fall) to fall upon, rush 
against, assault ; to resist, strug- 
gle with. 

AvTcrrapnyo), f. -^a', (tr. same, and] Avri-Xi/piJa) -C, f. -ucw, (fr. avri in 
sapdyti) to produce) to rendtr\ turn, and TrhjoSto to fill) to ful- 
back, recompense, repay ; to drav)\ Jil, accomplish ; to perfect, com- 
vp, marshal, array, march a-\ plete, finish ; to Jill up, supply, 
gainst, attack. 1 eiptip, man. 

AvTi:rapaKaX('a>, (fr. same, andira-lAvriTif'ii) -w, f. -rvaio, p. -tvKa, 
paKaXiu) to exhort) to persuade (fr. avri asainst, and iri/u) to 

differently, advise othcrwijie, or 
against, dissuade. 

AvrtTTupaaKivd^o/jiai, (fr. same, and 
■rrnpnaKtvd^o} to prepare) to get 
ready, prepare, provide against. 

Avrnrapairxc^*', 2 a. inf. act. of 

Airiropi'r«f({,-io{,Att. -tuj, >'j, (fr. 
next) battle array, line of battle. 

AvmrapaTdaau), or -ttw, (fr. avri 
against, and naoardaotii to array) 
to draw up, or marshed troops, 
prepare for action. 

AvTinaplpxofiai, f. «i'TurapfX£i''<ro- 
jini, (fr. avr) over against, and 
mnipxoitai to pass by) topass by 
on the other side, turji out of the 
way ; to come upon, surprise. 

Avrirnp»'Y<i), (fr. .suinr,nnd wupf^^o) 
tudiwiliiy) to allow, nfford, or 
give in turn, repay, rerjuite. 

AvTirapnMuv, -li, -t, 2 a, act. of 

AvTiwafliiifii, (fr. (M ri instead, ami' 

irnpitjiti to onlrcal) to l>eg an rj:- 

r.hani;r ojj'ir, or 'promise one 

thin p for another. 
AvTlrrtf, -a, b, Antipas, a man's 

Avrirnrp!;, -lioi, f, Antipatris, a 

Ai-rfor, (neut. of next) opposite,! city. n. AvrinaTfilia 

over againtf, an the rrnUrnry. \ AvThiimoi, -ov, b, y, (fr, 


breathe) toblowagaiiist ; to stop, 
stay, detain. 

AvTiTvoia, -Of, )/, (fr. last) an ad- 
verse, or contrary wind. 

AvTi'mooj -ovi, -6ov -ov, b, !j, (fr. 
same) blowing against ; adverse, 
boisterous, of warring winds. 

AvTi-joiiu) -w, f. -t'lOiii, (fr. nvr? 
against, and rrotiui to do) to act 
against, fct vp against, resist; 
to act in turn ; to make, or be- 
come like ; to assimilate, resem- 
ble ; Avmroiio^at -oiuai, to 
claim, challenge, demand ; to as- 
sert, vindicate. 

AiTiTo/i/oif, -tof, Att. -tuf, fj, (fr. 
Inut) irn/, earnestness; a claim, 
demand ; assertion, vindication. 

AvTntoioi''fici'Of, pres. par. mid. 
ronl. o( niTivniiu. 

AiniroXffi/o) -w, f. ->';riii, (fr. niri 
against, and riiXf/io? to 
wage war apoitist ; to Jighl, or 
struggle against, resist. 

Ai'TiTToXiuiof, nn<l Ai'TiTrf(Xf//Os, -ou, 
0, 1^, (fr. same) a for, eiitmy, ad- 

AvrhoXif, -irif, Att. -tUf, fi, (fr. 
avri against, and iriiXif a city) a 
rival city. 

Avrfropoc, -nn, 6, ft, (fr. ni ri over 
orri; nguiiisi, and rrrlnw to pass) op- 


poaiU, on tite other side ; g. Ion. 
Xrrinovi, -oios, i, i;, (fr. sntnc, 
and n^oilfllie foul) uil/i opposite, 
or contrar}/ steps ; feet towards 

feet ; pi. the antipoika, 
Ainrporru), f. -^ui, p. -■^n, (fr. 
iicri agaihst, and rpuffffw to net) 
to do, or act against, resist, op- 
AiTurpi'ccw, Ion. for Inst, inf. nvri- 

vpi'ia(Tfii-, * 
A.VTt:;puitiu, (fr. iii'Ti against, irpu 
towards, and tr/u logo) to go out 

totiards, tnnrclt out against, pres. 

inf. <!irirpof?iai. pper. mid. ui'- 

AvTtrpniit(Tav, Att. for avTirpof/ei 

(Toy. '3 pi. ppcr. mid. of last. 
Ainrptfcrifroj, -on, i,, i/, (fr. same, 

and rpdeuiroi' the face) looking 

O'lrardx, or at each other, face to 

Ai r.'rpwpof, -ov, b, i), (fr. same, 

and:rp:upa the prow) opposite the 

prow ; the proiv towards ; pron- 
to prow. 
Atri-zTu,ftn, -aro(,Tb, (fr. nmriV- 

Tu to fall against) ruin. 
AiHp'^ricif, -toi, Att. -£u»5, {,, (fr. 

ai'Ti against, and p/uj to speak) 

contradiction ; cnndemnation, 

Ainai'iKbxrtif-io;, Att. -twf, >'i, (fr. 

same, and aijKdio to balance) 

counterbalance, compensation, re- 
ward, requital. \ 
AvTicdii'ns, -cos, 6) Antisthenes. 

a man's name. 
Airarrdio -d, (fr. avTi against, and 

CTTtiii) to draw) to dras; against, 

resit; to tear avay ; to divert, 

turn away. 
Avrtaras, par. 2 a. of ai dicTnui. 
Avriaraati, -los, Att. -cwj, i), (fr. 

same) resistance, opposition ; 

faction, parly ; hardshrp, axperi- 

ly ; adversity, misfortune. 
AiricTaciiirrif, -ov, b, (fr. last) one 

of an opposite party, a dema- 
gogue ; factious. 
AvTisTarifi) -Q, (fr. same) to 6e of 

another party ; to resist, oppose ; 

to hinder, emoarrass. 
AvTKTTijvat, inf. — Ai'Wtrrijrr, 2 pi. 

2 a. irapr. act. ofavOi-jTi/fii, 
AvTicTt'ipiyjia, -uTOi, t6, (fr. next) 

a stay, stuff", support, prop. 
Avrtartjoi^ij), (fr. ai'ri against, and 

rrnoi^u) to fasten) to prop, sup- 
port ; AiTtaTtipi^ofiai, to lean 

Ai'TiffToi^iw -Ci, (fr. same, and 

aro7^o( a rank) to be opposite, 

front, face. 
AvTicTotxi", -ai, II, (fr. same) an 

nrranuing, or beini; arranged^ iory, cloning. 

opposite, contrary array; w;o- Avr(ruj';^a'i'a), (fr. same, and ruy- 

tinn in the same direction, paraJ.-\ j^dvo* to be) to happen, come, or 

lei movement. I be in place of, change, alter ; to 

AvTi(rroi^oi, -ott, b, !i, (fr. samo) ' meet with, encounter. 1 f. ind. 

npposue, contrary; on ttie far' mid. aiTirtu^o^ai. per. ind. pass. 

side; fronting, facing. Or, (fr.i ni'TiT-ZTuy/iai. pper. pass. awtre- 

arri equally) equal, even, level,', riyinii, -{o, -kto. 

stmdnr, parallel. I AvTirBs-os, -ov, b, i'/, (fr. game, and 

A VTiffToiyuif, (fr. last) on contrary' tO-tttu) to strike) striking buck, 

side*, face to frire. i repelling ; udvcrae, hostile ; re- 



Ai'Wffro/iOf, -01', b, fi, (fr. avr) 
against, and arupa the mouth) 
opposite, facing. 
ArTiarpiiTrvofiai, f. -tiaofiai, p. ai'- 
Tiarpiirtv^ui, (fr. same, and 
arpureiiD to war) to make war 
AvTtcTpaTcv6ficvoi, -i;, -or, par. 

pros. mid. of last. 
AvriCTrp(iri)irt(1ti'u», (fr. same, and 
cTOuTdiTK^ov a camp) to encamp 
ttgiiinst, sit down before, besiege. 
\tirin)(ch', 2 a. inf. act. — Atric- 
Xi^^dc, 2 pi. 2 a. inipr. mid. of 
Avrlrayfia, -arof, rd, (fr. avr'i 
against, and tuVcu to array) tlie 
line of battle, a body of troops in 
array, an army. 
Ai-iruKrlf/vOf, -i), -iv, (fr. same) in 
array, marshalled ; adverse, re- 
pugnant ; a general /jfficcr, com- 
AinVa^if, -ios, Att. -tuif, i^, (fr 
same) an nrray, order of battle ; 
repugnance, reluctance; contra- 
riety, opposition. 
Ai'TirdaatTtit, 3 sin. pres. ind. 
pass. — AvTiraira6itcvui, -»;, -or, 
par. pres. pass, of 
AvTirdao'inai, f. -^Ofiai, |). avrirt- 
Tayiiai, (fr. same) to set up, or 
take arms against ; to disobey, 
jntitiny, rebel; to resist. 
Avrirdvi/i (fr. nvri against, and 
rt/i'ii) to stretch) to stretch, strive, 
or strain against, resist ; to repay, 
Ai'nr£ii;^w, f. -^o), p. -;^(t, (fr. nrri 
equally, and Ttv^i^ t» make) to 
make equal, even, or like ; to liken, 
assimilntc ; to resemble, be tike ; 
to become, be changed into, 
AvTiTlBriixi, (fr. ai'Ti against, and 
ridnpii 'o set) to place against ; 
to set up instead of, replace ; to 
set before, serve up ; to repay, 
recompense, retribute; to resist, 
oppose ; to set against, compare, 
estimate; to consecrate. 
AiriTifidij) -iS, (tr. airiin turn, and 
ri/(u'(i) to honour) to regani, re 
vere ; to pay due respect ; to 
treat according to rank, or worth. 
AvTirioj, (fr. aiTi in turn, and ri'o) 
to pay) to repay, ti{ffcr retribu- 
tion, pay for it. 
Avrlrojios, -ov, b, if, (from same, 
and riiivui to cut) alleviating, 
AxiTiTopiii) -C), f. -i/ca), (fr. oiri 
through, and tooIui to bore) to 
bore through, pierce, penetrate. 
'AvTiTCi, -ov, b, >i. Sync, tor avri- 
r'lToi, (fr. fJvTtTM to rcjiay) re- 
quited, repaid, punished; txpio- 


fiecting, and tlience crhibiting a 
siinilnnty of form, responsive, 
corrisjioniliiig, like; Jiguratiue, 
tyjiiciil. In ncut. an antitype, 
or fdflmcnt of a type. 
.\vnrr Yui/", -oti, -ui, 2 a. opt. act. 

of ui Tiruv'^n'i'a). 
AvTiifidu), (ir. (iiri instead, and ij>do) 
to kill) to slay in place of ano- 
AvTiipcpl^u), f. -laui, (fr. avTi n- 
gamst, and (ficplu^ for ipipui to 
bear) to go toiuariis, meet, oppose; 
to mulch, compare with ; to set 
out, proceed. 
Avriipepl^at, Dor. and Poet, for 

u)'n0fpi'ff/i(, 1 a. inf. of last. 
AvTiipipofxai, (fr, airi against, and 
^»'pu) to carry) to set out against, 
proceed tn vieet ; to resist, op- 
pose; to attack, fight, pics. inf. 
AvrtipOiyyofiai, f. -^ofiai, (fr. ayrl 
in turn and ^O/yyo/jui to utter) 
to speak in turn, answer, reply ; 
to echo. 
AvrlAOtyna, -aro(, rd, (fr. last) an 

AvrKJit^iu) -u>, f. -I'lCiji, (fr. niT( m 
turn, and <piMia to love) to love 
in return, or mutually. 
Avr(0iXoi'£ni/(a -w, f. -f/cu, (fr. aiTt 
against, and ijii^ovtiKew to quai 
rel) to scolil, wrangle, dispute. 
Arri(pt\os, -ov, b, Antiphilus, a 

man's name. 
AvrnfiOvOi, -ov, b, 7, (fr. 01/ri in 
turn, and <h6voi slaughter, ih. 
d/i'w to kill) shedding blood for 
olood, atoning murder for mur- 
der ; avenging, retributive. 
AvTKpvrevu), f. -cvao), (fr. avrl in 
turn, and <pvrcv(i> to plant) to 
plant in place of, propagate anew, 
sow over again. 
Avru/iui'/ii) -ui, f. -fia(j>, (fr. same, 
and (purio) to speak) to speak in 
turns, reply, answer; to sing 
ivilh ; to echo, 
AvTKjtuivi], -lis, I'l, (fr. same) a reply, 

answer, response, echo. 
AvTi-^pdu) -S>, (fr. uiTi instead, and 
vdd'o) to lend) to suffirx, supply, 
furnish ; to be adequate, or an- 
Ai'rixpno'i, -'"i) -^'t- -iWf, ill (fr. 

same) a loan. 
AvTixoi'rros, -ov, 6, (fr. avri a- 
gainst, and ^p'orbs anointed) an 
opposer of the anointed, adversary 
ff Christ ; Antichrist. 
AvTtwd'ni'aii 1 a. inf. pass, of m- 

Avt\(7v, pres. inf. act. cont. of 
AitXi'oj -w, f. ->;<7ii), p. I'lvrXriKa, (fr. 
dvrXos a sink) to draw, pump; to 
empty, exhaust ; tn spend, waste, 
shed, spill; to linger, drag, 
or draw out. I a. ind. jJi/tA;?- 
'AvrXi;, -i;j, i). Poet, for ni/rXof. 
'AvrXniia, -uTOS, rd, (fr. dvrXos 
a wull) u bucket, pitcher, pail ; 
a pump. 
AvrXTjcai, 1 a. inf. — 'AvrXtjaov, 
-drw, 2 pi. -nrf, 1 a. impr. act. 
of nvrX/o). 


AvtMov, -ov,ri, (fr. next) abuckct. 

'AvrXoi, -ov, b, a well, sink, pimp ; 
the hold of a ship, bilge water; a 
tide, stream, whirlpool. 

AvToiKoSo/iiii) -d, (fr. airi instead, 
and oiKoiofiiii) \.o hxind) to build, 
or fortify against ; to rebuild, 

AvTuXfi, -^f, q, Poet, for avuroX?;. 

'AiTO^ai, (fr. avrdu to meet) to 
meet, face, encounter ; to sup- 
plicate, entreat ; to assist, lielp, 
succour ; to make meet, fold, 
double. avTifitvai, few. pi. par. 
pres. pass. 

ArTopx'"!"", (fr. av ri jfl , turn, and 
opjf^io/iat to dance^^o dance to, 
or in turn ; to set, .figure in. 
par. pres. mid. avrop^tdftivos 


AvToipduXftiii) -d, f. -t'latij, p. at'Tuxp- 
6d\iir)Ka, (fr. avrl against, and 
ofOuXfidi the eye) to eye, face, 
look in the face; to watch, keep 
in mind ; to luff, bear up to the 
wind ; to strive, struggle against, 

Avroiu;, -dfos, b, i), (fr. dvrpov a 
cave) licing in caverns ; a tro- 
glodyte ; of a cave. 

'Avrpodcv (fr. next) out of, or from 
a cave, den. 

'Avrpov, -ov, ri, a cave, den, cavern. 

Avrpwoi/f, -tof -ouf, b, {], (fr. last) 
Jull of caves, dens, or holes, hol- 
low, caverned. 

'Avrpu), Dor. for dvrpov, g. sin, of 


'Avrvif, -Cyof, i/, the front of the an- 
cient chariots ; the uppf'^' edge, 
or rail of the front ; in pi. the 
extremities of the rail whirhfarm- 
etl two hooks for holding the 
reins ; hooks Jixed to the driver^s 
seat for the same purpose ; a 
border, edge, circuit, circumfe- 
rence ; a revolution, period. 

Avrvnovpyiiv, Ion. for nvfluroupyt- 
(i-, pre». inf. act. ofavdvrovpyita. 

AvTuiOiia -<3, (fr. avrl against, and 
uiOf'u to drive) to drive, rush, or 
tlruggte against ; to thrust back, 
repel; to resist, oppose. 

AvTiaaif, -tof, Atl. -iu)(, »;, (fr. 
last) a repulse, resistance, Strug- 


kviliptaroi, -ov, b, i), (fr. a nee and 
il3pi( insolence) civil, obliging, 
qffable ; lafe, or free from in- 

Ai'v^f>o(, -ov, b, ^, (fr. a ncg. and 
(tup water) tuithnut waicr, dry ; 
unwashed, unpurifud. 

Afv/ittt Dor. for (iwfiiv, 1 pi. imp. 
act. of 

'Avvfit, Rafn6 ftfl aviiia. 

Ayvnnp^ht, -at, !/, ((t. a ncg. and 
Inifpxut to be) non-existence; 
dissolution, detlrur.tion, ruin. 

'At'i'oi', -t(, -t, fon. or Dor. for 
^vvov, imp. art. — Avvuv, -ovaa, 
-ov, par. pres. art. of aiiiu. 

AvUrlpfiXrtTni, -01), i, 1), (fr. same, 
{iir»p beyond, anil (}d>\u In 
throw) insuprrahlr, impassable ; 

AvvTtdSjKOf, 'OV, b. If, (fr. a nrj, 


and v-tiOvvoi accountable) not 
amenable, ansuerable, or respon- 
sible ; absolute, independent ; 
that has not accounted. 
AivrrcvOit'dos, (fr. last) freely, with- 
out restraint, indejjcndenlly. 

AvvTTdddTOS, Dor. for 

Ai'VT:iSrjTog,-ov, o, i), (fr. aneg. and 
Iroiiu) to sliof) unsliod, without 
shoes, barefoot, 

Avvroiaroi, -ov, b, t), (fr. a neg. 
and vTTo under, and oi'w for 6ipii) 
to carry) intolerable, unsvff'eT- 

AvvTTdKptTo;, -ov, b, ';, (fr. a neg 
and v~OKuivofiai to pretend) with- 
out dissimulation, unfeigned, 
candid, ingenuous. 

ArvTToijovriros, -ov, b, >/, (fr. same, 
and uTTOfifi'io to endure) intolera- 
ble, un.tvffirablr. 

Ai'DTTOioJjrof, -ov, b, !/, (fr. same, 
and I'n-ui'of w to suspect) unsuspi- 
cious, unguaidcd ; unawares, 

AvivoTiToi, and Ai'tTo-Tturof, -ov, 
b, i], (fr. same, and 'vn6r:T0itat, ov 
viroTTTci'iii to suspect) unsuspect- 
ing ; unexpected, uvforeseat. 

AvwdTTTUi, (fr. last) without suspi- 
cion, frankly. 

AwTTdaraTos, -ov, b, !), (fr. a ncg. 
and v(piaTn^t to withstand) irre- 
sistible, intolerable ; unsubstan- 
tial, unreal. 

AvvrdraKToi, -ov, b, ii, (fr. same, 
and vTTOTticaio to subdue) 7iot 
subject; not submissive, disobe- 
dient, refractory, disorderly. 

Avvadfiav, Dor, for rivvadurjv, 1 a. 
ind. mid. — Aviaas, 1 a. par, 
act. of avvijj. 

Avvaitoyoi, -ov, b, »', (fr. avvm to 
finish, and Ipyov work) studious, 
diligent, laborious, active. 

Aviat^oi, -ov,b, I], AvvnTiKbg, and 
AvvTiKii, -i), -iv, (fr. ai'irw to 
finish) effective, effectual, effica- 
cious; useful, beneficial, advan- 

Avvcifiojf, (fr. last) effectually ; ad- 

Avvffif, -io{, Alt. -ttijf, i';, (fr. aviii) 
to fmish) perfection, ^finishing, 
completion ; progress, improvi- 
vicnl ; advantage, benefit, utility, 

AvCaaiif, Poct, for avvaa^, par. 1 
a. act, of avv(t>. 

Avvarbf, -ov, b, i'/, (fr, aviio to 
tiniph) possible, prarticable, prac- 
tical ; easy, ready ; that must be 

'AvCro, Dor, for lyiuro, imp. pass. 
ofiivvfiror ppcr. pasx, of ni/i'ui. 

Aivip6ii) -w, {fr. iivd up, and liliiuj 
to raise, ih. (\po< height) to lift, 
hold, or rni«c up ; to eUviUc, tJ> 
alt ; to rear, set up. 

Aviiu),' A »'(■*, or 'Avi'in, f. ovvoii), p. 
flvvKO, to arfompimh, tffrtl ; to 
pprfertyfinish, r.ompli tr ; to nvnil, 
sine, assist, profit ; to execute, 
ftdfd, discharge ; to rxjiend, 
consume ; to attain, obtain, grt, 
arrive at ; to hasten, accelrrnte, 

I desnatrli. 



'Avu, (fr. aid up) upwards, above ; 
before, antecedently. With the 
article, what is above ; he, she, 
it, the things above. 

Avu, 2 a. sub. act. of axitifit. 

'Avdiya, Ion. for //luya, per. mid. 
oi ainoyw. 

Aviiyaioi', for aviiycoi'. 

Aviiytov, -ov, TO, and Alt. Aviiyeoi* 
-<j), rd, (fr. u'i'u above, and yf, 
the ground) an upper room, or 

Aiwyiui -(3, see aviiyw. 

AvioytiOi, and by r?ync. AviuyOi, 
pres. impr. of 

.Kviiyti/jit, same as avdyiii. 

'Arti)yfiui,-^ui, -Krai, per, pass. — 
Aifu)j'///i'05, par, ])er. pass, of 

'Aicuj'or, -£f, -£, Ion. for i/rwyov, 
ini]). or 2 a. act. — Aiuyw, -r;5, 
-!], 2 a. sub. of avaiyw. 

Aruyuiiv, Ion. for t;vuiyovv, imp. of 

Anoyui, f. -f(j, p. jJiu^Y"! Aiwyfu), 
and Ai'(iyt}fii, to bid, order, co7n- 
mand, charge, enjoin ; to per- 
suade, prevail on ; to exhort, en- 
courage ; to permit, allow. 1 a, 

Ai'uiSvria, -a?, i), {fr. next) ease, 
freedom Jrom pain ; relief, alle- 

Avoi(!,vi'oi,-ov, b,!i, (fr. a neg. and 
oSvvij pain) free from pain ; al- 
leviating, assuaging, sedative ; 
7nil painful, mild. 

AioioOiwf, (Ir. last) at ease, with- 
out pain. 

'AiuiOci; (fr, nil.) above) from 
above ; from the lieginning, ori- 
gin, or first rise; again, anew, 
OS before. Willi a prep, the top, 
upper part. With the pi. arti- 
cle, ancestors, forefathers ; timCy 
or things past. 

Ai'wfli'w -(2), f. avlJiBf|a^l), and aroiaca, 
(fr. aiii up, and wO/w to push) to 
force or rfrii'e up ; to push or 
thrust forward ; to repulse, re- 
pel. 1 a. act, ind. uvaca- inf, 
avUaai, and uiwOj/irar 1 a, ind. 
mid. iiruiadfiiiv inf. aviiaaoBar 
par. avuiad^uoi. 

\vwOv<!ii, -lof, Alt. -tujj, fi, (fr. 
last) a forcing upwards, rise, ele- 
vation ; a driving away, repul- 
sion, resistance, 

Ai'djiffr!, (fr, next) unaviares, unex- 

Ai'o'iiffTOf, -01', 6, I/, (fr. a nog, and 
oio/iat to think) unthoughl if, 
untxpectcd, unforeseen. 

A»(<)i';^»;>'i for aiu^Onr, 1 a- pa.<is, 
ol avolyit). 

Avi!)\tOpof, -ov, b,!i, (fr. o neg. and 
dXtOpoi ilcslruclion) undiraying, 
unfading, imperitliable, ticrlast- 

AvioiiaXla, -of, •',, {fr. next) «;it'i'«>n- 
ni ss, roughness, inrqunlily ; irre- 
gularity ; aniimnly. 

Ai'i/inXos,-ov, i'), II, (fr. (I ncg. ami 
i/iii>d( BniiK.lh) uneven, rouQh, 
unequal, iirrgutur, anomalous. 

AyujioT), (fr. next) without an oath, 
v.ithotd swearing. 


kytifiorot, -01', h, fi, (fr. a neg. and 
intvfii to sweur) u-itlinut fwt'ir- 
ina ; miDWom, unaiijiired, not 
obliged to swmr. 

'Aruu', -ovaa, -or, (pres. par. of 
o'fu or ayviu) Jinixhin!;, conclu- 
sive ; Jitting, expedient, proper. 

AiiivB^oj, -01', 6,/^, (IV. u nop. and 
6vvjnt, Mo\. for ivofia a luinie) 
anonymous, nameless ; undislin- 
fuwAfrf, insignificant, obscure, 

AiwpOuO/)!', -t]i, ->j, 1 a. ind. pass, 
of niopOiu). 

Ai'uipi'i, -ni, and Ion. avwpin, -»;{, 
1^, (fr. a neg. and ujpa season) un- 
scnsonnbleness, unjilncss, irrcgv- 

Avtiaai, Ion. for rti'oriTdi, the same 
as aiciiyKat, I a. inf. act. ofai'u- 

Avwcrui, I a. inf. act. — XiwanaOai, 
1 a. inf. mid. — AvuxTdficvo^, 
par. 1 a. mid. of aidiOu), or -Oiw. 

Aiurfpuif, -i), -iv, (fr. next) t/p- 
pcT, higher, jfarlhcr. 

AiuJTcpoj, -u, -01', (comp. fr. diw) 
higher, loftier ; nhoie, before. 

Ai'ujiitXti'a, -a{, '/, (fr. next) inuti- 
/(7v, uxelessness, worthlessness. 

Al'^JtpcXf|{, -ios-ovi, b,)'i, (fr. d ncg. 
and d^tXoj use) useless, iinpro- 
Jitable, worthless. In neut. r& 
aiurtcXfs, unprojitahleness. 

Aiu)tpc\u>i, (fr. last) unprojitahly , 
to no purjMse. 

Avo^n, per. act. — AviipfSvyj 1 *• 
pass, of ai'oi'yw. 

'AidixOi, -;:^9w, by Poet. Sync, for 
oKiyijOi, -f/ru, 1 and 2 sin. pres. 
inipr. of aviiyrijii, same as avui- 

'A^atfit, -aij, -ai, 1 a. opt. act of 
nyvvfti, or <jy(j. 

'A^ac, -uco, -or, 1 a. par. act. of 
ay (J). 

'Afc, pres. impr. of ii(u). Poet, for 
ayw or for d^ov, 1 a. impr. act. 
of dy ii). 

'Afti, 3 sin. 1 f. ind. act. of dyui. 

'A^ita, -ai, -t, JEol. for d^aijii, 1 a. 
opt. act. of nyi'iif/i, or n'yu. 

'A^fvof, and Poet. ' A^civoi, -ov, 6, 
i), (fr. a neg. and (f'vo; a stran- 
ger) inhospilnble, savage, v:ild. 

'A^coTof, -ov, b, ri, (fr. same, and 
^f u to scrape) unpolished, rough. 

Afm, -a;, and Ion. A^lrj, -m, /;, 
(fr. n'fioj worthy) ran/c, dignity, 
xmrth, estimation ; vcdue, esteem ; 
merit, desert. 

A^tdyacTo;, -ov, a, /;, (fr. same, 
and aydcnfiai to admire) ailmi- 
ral)le, wonderful. 

A^tuKovcTOi, -ov, b, I'l, (fr. same, 
and aKoiu) to hear) worth hear- 
ing, memorable, remarkable, fa- 
A^taKp6aT0s, -ov, ■>, >i, (fr. iame, 
ana axpodofini to hear) worth at- 
tention; attractive, alluring, en- 
Aita-rfiyr)T0(, Ion. for a^tatpi'/yriroi, 
-ov, b, ';, (fr. same, and a0;;y«'o- 
fiai to relate) worth relation, me- 
mnraljle, farrums, 
A[tfpa<rro(, -ov, h, r,, (fr. same, and 


rpiiu) to love) lovely, amiable; 

A^icvfiai, Dor. lur a(tovfiai, [ires, 
ind. mid. conl. of a^t6u>. 

At/i'Vi -Vi, >'h an axe, hatchet. 

A^iuOavfiaaroi, -ov, b, fi, (fr. dfio? 
worth, and ^nt/iu'^ ui to admire) 
wonderful, admirable. Comp. 

A^ioOiiiTof, Ion. for nfioOfiiTof, -ov, 
b, ('/, (fr. same, and Stdofiat to 
see) vnrth beholding, admirable, 
splendid; worth considering, im- 
portant. Comp. a^todearuTipos, 
by Sync. aitoOewrepoi, sup. 

AfidXoyof, -ov, b, fi, (fr. same, and 
\6yoi speech) praiaevmrthy, me- 
ritorious, splendid, worth men- 
tioning ; estimable, worthy. 

A^tdiiaxos, -on, b, !], (fr. same, and 
Itd^oiini to fi<;hl) warlike, brave, 
intrepid; a match, an equal; 
worth fighting with. 

AfiiSiikof, -ov, b, >i, (fr. same, and 
vIk>] victory) deserving of victory, 

A^ioxiaria, -ai, >'), (fr. next) good 
authority, credihilily ; assurance, 
certainty, faithfulness. 

A^idiTiaroi, -ov, b, t), (fr. next, and 
Triarii faith) trustworthy, deserv- 
ing credit ; credible ; faithful ; 
probable, specious, likely. 

'Afio{, -a, -ov, worth, either much 
or little ; valuable, estimable, 
precious ; worthy, meritorious, 
deserving ; fair, fit, suitable, 
equitable, equivalent, comparable, 
a matchfor. 

A^idrra, -rjroi, i';, (fr. last) worthi- 
ness, worth, value, merit, desert. 

A^tovpiiv, 1 pi. cont. pres. ind. act. 
— AfioCi', pres. inf. act. cont. — 
A^iovaduaav, 3 pi. cont. pres. 
impr. pass, of a^idu. 

AfioYoco)?, -w, b, !], Ion. and Att. 
(fr. o'fiof worth, and ^piut debt) 
able to pay, solvent; creditable, 
useful, fit, competent. 

A^tdui -ijj, f. -wau), p. ri^itoKa (fr. 
same) to rale, esteem, reckon 
worthy ; to think right, fit, or 
proper ; to account, accept as 
deserving. A^ido/iai -ovuai, to 
claim, require, demand ; to 
dare, presume ; to deign, vouch- 
safe, condescend. Imp. ind. 
V^lov -ovv' 1 a. r)^iijiaa' sub. 
a^iuiTW inf. a^iCiaaf pres. impr. 
pass. 3 pi. a^toiaOiiiaav per. 
pass, rtlihifiai' 1 a. j]^iu)Oriv. 1 f. 

A?/(i)/ja, -uTOi, ri, (fr. last) worth, 
value, merit ; dignity, authority, 
weight, conseip-ience ; a, claiyn, 
re<iuest ; a sentence, sentiment ; 
a proposition, axiom. 

A^iuiiiaTlicii, -o5, b, ri, (fr. last) 
placed in authority, authorized, 
empowered, qualified ; dignified, 
grand, venerable, awful ; asking, 
A^iwi, (fr. d'^ioi worthy) worthily, 

suitably, proportionably. 
A^i(iaua,-as, -t, iEol. for a^tiiaai- 
iit, 1 a. opt. of a^i6u. 


A^'iuo'i;, 3 sill. 1 a. sub. act. 

AiiutaOi^acrai, S sin. 1 f. ind. 
pass, of same. 

A^loioii, -tof, Att. -cws, fi, (fr. 
a^tdu) to esteem) dignity, rank, 
infiutnce, authority, greatness; a 
claim, reaucst, demand. 

A^ufiui, I I. mid. nf a'yui. 

'A^ova, a. 'A(oi'I, d. sm. of d^oiv. 

A^iXoi, -ov, b, I'l, (fr. a :ieg. and fi- 
Xov wood) without wood, bare. 
Or, (fr. a intens.) with plenty oj 
wood, abounding in timber. 

'Afu),-ti{, -fi, ind. — 'Afiov, -uvaa, 

-ov, par. 1. f. act 'A^ov,-dTo>, 

I a. impr. act. of liyui, or of 

' A^oiv, -uvoi, b, an axle-tree ; a 
wheel ; a rut, track, path ; a 
board on which the punishment 
of criminals was written, and 
laws published. 

Aotiav, Dor, for aoiiHv, g. pi. of 
aoiSig, or aoi&i'i, 

Xoi^i], -Tii, and Dor. AoiSd, -u{, »';, 
(fr. aii&u) to sing) a song, tune, 
ode. aotifiat, d. [i\. Ion. 

AoiSidu) -u), ((r. last) to sing; to 

Aolhtfioi, -ov, b, 11, (fr. same) sung 
of, celebrated ; famed. 

Aodds, -ov, 6, (fr. same) a singer, 
songster; a bard, poet. Adj. 
tuneful, harmonious, musical. 

AoUtjTOi, -ov, b, II, (fr. a neg. and 
oiKtu) to inhabit) uninhabited, 
deserted, wild. 

' AoiKoi, -ov, b, !], (fr. same, and oP- 
Koi a house) houseless, forlorn, 
destn'He, poor. 

'Aoivoi, -ov, b, }], (fr. same, and o7- 
voi wine) without wine. 

'AoKvo{, -ov, b, 1], (fr. same, and 
6kvo; sloth) diligent, active ; 
quick, ready ; courageous, bold. 

AoXXf'w -a, (fr. aoWiii crowded) 
to gather, assemble, crowd, Jlock 

AoXX»/(5t;v, (fr. same) together, in 

AoXXijj, -fOf -ovi, b, >'j, in close or- 
der, in dense array ; crowded, 
collected, assembled. 

AoXXi'foj, same as noXX/w. 

'AoirXoj, -ov, b, t'l, (fr. a neg. ami 
SirXoi/ arms) without arms, un- 
armed, defenceless ; not equip- 
ped, not harnessed. 

'Aop, -pos, b, a sword. 

AoPairla, -a(, i;, (fr. a neg. and 
bpdo) to see) blindness, darkness. 

Adparoi, -ov, b, fi, (fr. same) invi- 
sible, not to be seen ; blind, not 

Aopdrus, (fr. same) invisibly. 

Aoola,-ai,!i, (fr. same) darkness, 

Aoptaraivd), (fr. aSpiaroc undeter- 
mined) to be undecided ; to hesi- 

AopioTtoiiai -ovfintAfr. same) lobe 
boundless, extend, stretch out. 

Aoptaria, -ai, >i, (fr. same) infini- 
ty, enrllessness, vastness ; gene- 
rality, vagueness. 

AopiorMs, and Aipiaroi, -ov, b, rj, 
(fr. a ncg. and Spof bound*) 




boundless, inJinil€,i>tdejinite,un-\ vex. par. per. pass, ajrj/ypiu/it- 

dejineii, j voj. 

AopiVruf, (fr. last) in/im7e(y, i?lrff- ' Araypiuo-ij, -(o;, Att. -cuf, ^, (fr. 

Jinilely, generallij. j lasl) ru.?t!ci/^,i/;iWn<'Ss; savage- 

'Aopvoi, -ov, b, ti, (fr. a neg. and 60- I nfs*, ra?e, excisperalion. 

rif a bird) unfrequented hy bird.i ; Ih.-dyX'^i '• ""f')'?") P- "'"''X;^'') '■■• 

impassable, or inaccessible, acu inlens. and rfy^ai, which see. 

AooTi), -r;f, »/, </ie /ar^e artery, the pres. pass. aray^YOA""'- ^ *• '"■'J- 

aorta ; a chest, case. ardy^onat. 1 a. mid. mtiiy^d- 

Aoprtip, -ijooi, S, (perhaps fr. aop a 

sword, and rnpiui to keep) any 

suspender, by whicii a sword, 

shield, pouch, or scrip is hung ; 

a string, strap, bell, girdle, brace, 

ring ; a case, sheath, scabbard. 

d. pi. Poet, noprrjpicrai. 
' KopTO, 3 sin. of adpjtrjv, for i/tp- 

firiv, pper. pass, of adpu>. 
K'jaciu) '&, (fr. a neg. and daaa 

voice) to help readily, assist with- 
out hein; called, succour. 
Aoffffijriip, -Tjpos, 6, (fr. last) aready 

assistant, willing helper, protect- 
or^ favourer. 
'\ovTOf, -ov, b, fi, (fr. a neg. and 

ovrdu) to wound) unhurt. Or, 

(fr. oSf an ear) without ears. 
Ao)^Xriaia. -a;, '1, (fr. next) ease, 

tranquillity, retirement. 
A<$;^Ai;ror, -ov, b, ri, (fr. a neg. and 

ox^iia to disturb) undisturbed, 

unmolested, tranquil. 
'Ao\p, •oTTOf, 4, )'/, (ir. same, and 6ip 

the eye, th. Azrouai to see) 

An', for airo, before a smooth 

ATtaydyu), Atf. for arrdyij}. It is 

chiefij used in this form in the 

2 a. md. ani'/yayov impr. Airu- 

yuyt, -iru), 2 pi. -ycrc. 
AirayytXia, -aj, /;, (ir. next) news, 

tidings, a message. 


ATTiiyij), f. -^u), p. aTiJY«) (fr. oto 
from, and dyu) to lead) to lead, 
carry, bring off', or nii'a^ ; to 
take aside; to drive back ; to call 
off", divert, turn away, mislead, 
seduce ; to lead, tend, incline to ; 
to conduct, carry to prison, pu- 
nishment. Sue. ; to pay, render. 
2 a. airi^yov' Att. a-i'iyayov 
impr. a-dyayf par. avaydyijiV 
per. pass. uTrTjyiiai, -^ai, -ktui. 1 
a. pass. aTTi'i^Oiiv' inf. aTra^Oij- 

An-ayujyi), -ns, '1, (ff- ^^t.) a taking, 
carrying, or driving away ; cap- 
tivity ; payment, contribuiion, 

Arat'/u -ui, (fr. o neg. and ahiia to 
please) to displease, dissatisfy, 

AiraitKiij) -ui, (fr. aird from, and 
aSiKfio to injure) to wrong, de- 
fraud, rob, detain unjustly. 

'Arat^iS, -105, //, (fr. a-nb from afar, 
and diii> to see) thought ; think 
ing, consideration, meditation ; 
heart, mind, spirit. 

A-qi^m, (fr. same, and diu} or aziiw 
to sing) to sing false, make dis- 
cord ; to disagree, diffir. 

A-iracipti), (fr. ayrb from, and ati'pw 
to take) to carry off, convey 

away, remove. A-adpojiai,totake 
A7rayytAA(j,f. aTayycAcS, p. air^Jy- one's self off, depart, go away. 
vtAica, (fr. urifrom, and ayy/A-JAraOavdW^u), fr. uird inlciis. and 
Xu) to tell) to bring buck word,\ aOnvari^ui, which see. 
or anstiier, carry news, bring Aru9»){, -f'05 -oCj, 0, 1';, (fr. n neg. 
tidings, report; to Icll, declare,] and rrn'iT;^^ to suffer) unhurt. 

announce, publish, proclaim, la 
ind. ar/jyytiXa' impr. ardyya- 
Xoi', -drui' inf. ar:ayyd\ai' par. 
orayytAas* par. pres. act. aruy- 
y/AAui-" pass. arayyiAA<i//£i'o{. 

A-rrdyc, impr. of ardyio, away with 
you, begone. 

ATayfif, -io( -o«f, 0, i), (fr. a in- 
lens. and wi',yvviti to fix) impe- 
netta)iU; hard, ronipact, firm. 
Or, (fr. a npj. and same) un- 
firm, Uiose, fluid. 

safe, secure, free from harm ; in 
sensible, unftding ; unmoved, 
not nf/'ccted, undisturbed. 

Aral, Poet, forurru. 

.K-rratitvala, -«?, ?';, (fr. next) igno- 
rance, simplicity, want of breed- 
ing, rudeness ; awkwardness, un- 

ATuii5tuToj,-ou, 0, )';, (fr. (J ii(?g. and 
TTiufcvii) to educate) untaught, 
unlettered, unlearned ; rude, illi- 

Aznytvhtv, pros. inf. of airaytviu),]Avnt']oTplfliiTo(, -ov, b, !/, (fr. « nog. 

and vntfioTptjiiu) to educate) un- 
rducaled, tll-brcd ; unpractised, 

Ion. for rt-rdyj. 
Airayf<ii'jir;i/, 1 a. opt. mid. of 

Aray6ittvo(, •>,, -ov, pass. — Ard-l A-alivunt, or Arou/n>/i„(, (fr. orJ 
ywr, -ovrni, -ov, act. [)ar. pres. ofj from, and u^n'//ai to take) to take 
""fy- away, carry (ff; todepriif,plun- 

Arayooci'<ti), f. -luaia, (fr. avi from,! der, rob. 

and ayiptfm to dcclarf;) to hi AitoiolOIi.,, Ion. for aipatptOH, I a. 

tpent, v:orn out, or rxhnustrd ; 
to prohibit, firbirt, hinder, stop, 
slay, dehar ; In rrfwte, renounce, 
deny ; to plead in d^'enct, or 
denial, exriisr. 
A^ayni6u -ia, f. -uiit'o, (fr. a-ru in 

Kub. pass. — ArrnipitaOai, Ion 
for uliiupiiaOin, prrs. inf. pas« 
— Awaipcpnfiliui, Ion. and Att 
for aifiipmiii'of, par. per. pass 
of aipuiolo). 
Airalpii), t. -fipil, p. -ijpKa, (fr. nnb 

tens, and aypAf thn country) to, from, and alpui to lift) to take,\ 
nuticalf, grow wild; to enrage,] lift, or carry iifT; to take one\\ 


self away, depart. 1 a. ind. a-fi- 
pa'impr. a-Kiipov, -a'ru* inf. a?r^i- 
pni. per. pass, n-jjp^ai. 1 a. 
l)ass. tiTTiipOiiv sub. aTTapdw, -fis, 


'A-aif, -aicos,b,!!, (fr. a neg. and 
za7i a child) childless, barren. 

A-zalctoi, -ov, b, i), (fr. same, and 
nlaioi lucky) unfortunutc, un- 
lucky, ill-omened, unpropilious. 

ATTiiiaaiji, f. -^(u, (fr. azi from, 
and aiaau) to rush) to sally forth, 
dart out, rush, or hasten away. 

A-aiTu, 3 sin. coiit. pres. ind. — 
ATraiVfi, 2 sin. pres. impr. cont. 

.VraiTfo) -ui, (fr. ajrd intens. and 
air/u) to ask) to beg of, entreat, 
request ; to claim, demand back, 

ArraiD/trif, -10;, Att. -£u)j, >';, (fr. 
last) a request, entreaty, prayer ; 
a demand, requisition, exac- 

A-raiTi^u), f. -lau), (fr. same) to ex- 
act, require, demand. 

Aruxpi/Jdu) -ui, fr. 0:70 intens. and 
aKpijSuu), which see. 

A-dAataros, Poet, for axaraTraAa- 

AirnAaiffrpo;, -ov, b, ij, (fr. a neg. 
and raXaioTpa a school for arms) 
unpractised in public exercises, 
not trained. 

ATaAaAK{7<£i', Dor. for a^aAaAvta', 
pres. inf. of 

ATraAnAdU), (fr. and from, and 
a\d\Kii) for aA/vf'u) to help) to keep 
(ff, ox from ; to beat, drive back ; 
to repulse, repel, turn away ; to 
guard, save, protect, pres. opt. 
arraAa'AKOifU, -oi{, -01. 

AndXafivoi, for 

AndXdfiOi, -ov, b, 1;, (fr. a neg. and 
7raA(('/j?7 the hand) handless, awk- 
ward, artless ; destitute, poor, 
miserable, iv) etched ; inevitable, 

AiraXdojiaiyfr. a-nb intens. and aAu- 
o/j(ii, which see. 

AffrtAyfu) -ui, f. -jjffu), p. OTTi'/Xyi^Ka, 
(fr. same, and aXyho to pine) to 
grieve, mourn, pine ; to despond, 
despair ; to bcroinc insensible, 
hardened, or abandoned. 

AzaXcliliu), f. -</(!), p. fir)/Af(0(i, (fr. 
OTTO from, and uX(l<j)i.o lo wipe) 
to wipe (iff, blot out, efface, oblite- 

AirdXeidoi; impr. of ut/)Xch|ii, 1 
a. ind. act. of last. 

AriiAffkukof, -01), h, li, (fr. anb 
priv. aXi^u) lo av(;rt, and KitKbf 
evil) incurable, irremediable ; not 
to be saved, past recovery ; doom- 
ed, fated. 

AvaXriOcvui, f. -cvaui, p. -cvko, fr. 
and intens. and uAijOti'w, which 

AnaXiiXti/inlvoi, Atl. for a-!ri]Xttiip(- 
t'Of, par. per. pass, of a-naXil- 


AriXiJiTo/iii, •>;, -tnii, I f. mid. Ir, 
uir4 from, and ({Af;^i, aXiw, or 
(lAao/Kii, which sec. 

ATraXO/n/iat -oiiftai, fr. OJrA intens. 
and aXOfiii, or (fXOw, which sec. 



'AraMai, -ov, b, (ft. i'irj\bi ttii-I ATTo/f/jAiliw, fr. arb intens. and 

der) <i v""".? kitl, 
ArrnAXii; 1)1 -i)j, j^, (fr. araXXdaato 
Jo dismiss ) a tli'intsxnl, (lixchari;i; 
dqxirturc, removal ; reconrilia- 
tion ; a deliitniure, mrape ; an 
cxchangf, alteration, rlumse of 
situation, or rircumslnnces ; r«(/, 
issue, conrlusinn ; ilrnlli. 

AwiiWuKTioi, (fr. same) analtera- 
fton must be mtuir, il ynust he 
chait^^eil, rrniovrt!, taken awat/. 

AroXXa'^i;, 3 sin. i a. sub. act. — 
A-uXAoVofffOai, prcs. inf. pass. 
of rtrr<i-\An(T(Ta). 

Arn'AAnfif, -lof, 1'/, (fr. next) a 
ehange, alteration, removal, dis- 

A-ttWdaoo), or -rrui, f. -d^u>, p. 
ari;\)ni^a, (fr. arro from, nuc 

(i/i/iArui, wliicli see 
AnaHCifiiTO, Ion. for artiydlSiTo, 

imp. mid. of 
Airdfiiilioimt, fr. ani intciis. and 

n/<£/jiw, wliii-li see. 
Airafmhoi, Ion. for nifitiiifilvoc, par. 

per. puss, of a(pdirTw. 
Aira/iiii'ui, f. -vvw, (fr. niro from, 

and i.-^i'i'W to proton) lo rlrivc 

auny, repulse, lepet ; to avert ; 

to guard, pinlvrt, difend. 
"h-anv, ncut. of ar-fij. 
Avavnlvnixat, (fr. iin) from, and 

avttitofiai tn (\cT\y) lo ; tv 

reycrl, east off, loathe ; to excuse, 

ATTinaia'>(yvrlu3 -<3, f. -t'icio, fr. azii 

intciis. and avtua-^vvTiio, which 


oAAu'cririi) to change) to dismiss A A~arn\ia Kb), f. -(iA(i(r(i), (fr. n^o in- 
disrharge, absolve, acquit, let go,\ tens, and ava'XioKot to waste) to 
set free ; to deliver, ej:lricate ; to j eon.s~ume, destroy ; to impair, 
have done icith, be rid of; lo\ luenr, corrode ; to expend, lay out 
depart; to change, put off, de-\ upon, bestow, 
tach, remove, expel. AT«>An'ff<To-l Arrui'iiAwcis, -lOf, Alt. -tuj, >/, (fr. 

fat, to escape, come off", get off, 
withdraw, depart, retire ; to ac- 
quit, or disengage mie\<i self, be 
rid of, have done with. 1 a. ind. 
act. ar^AAa^a* sub. arnAAn'fu, 
7??f» -.>!' per. pass. a-zi'i\\ayi.iar 
inf. aTTr]'S\d)(0(it. 

AraAAoi-pidw -w, f. -wctu), p. cr/jA- 
XorpluKa, (fr. a-u intens. and a\- 
\orpi6u) to alienate) to estrange, 
alienate totally; to emigrate; to 
diiperse, separate. 3 sin. pres. 
ind. or opt. ava\^orpio7- per. 
pass. a-ri?AAorp(w/uaC par. a;r);A- 

AraAAorp/wffif, -toi, Att. -toif, ;;, 
(fr. estrangement, aliena- 
timi, transfer ; removal, depart- 
ure, emigration. 

A-aXouiu) -<j, f. -I'icu), (fr. aird in- 
tens. and aAoido) by pleonas. for 
aXodii) to thrash) to pound, 
bruise, grind ; to rub, wear, 
chafe; to break, shatter. 

'ATrnXota, g. sin. Ion. of uTaAdj. 

Avii\ot<t>>), -Tii, I'l, (fr. arnAti'dnj to 
w'ipe out) a blot, rasure, oblitera- 

'A-aXof, -1), -ii'fSofl, tender, deli- 

' AvaXdcapKog, -ov, h, >';, (fr. last, 
and (Topf flesh) uith tender flesh, 

'ATTaXoTrji -nroi,)), (fr. HTraXJf ten- 
der) softness, plinhility, tender- 
ness, delicacy, nicencss, effeijii- 

'AraXoTOt^)";?, -/05 -ovs, 0, >/, (fr. 
same, and rpiipu) to rear) pam- 
pered, high-fed , fattened ; reared 

'ATaA(5^poo?-oi'f, -60V-OV, h, !], (fr. 
same, and xp'^'^ ''^'^ skin) of a 
tender skin or flish, delicate. 
AmoX^w -w, and ATraXt^rw, f. -i/ioi, 
p. -ly/ca, (fr. same) lo treat ten- 
derly, touch softly ; to sofli n ; 

last) consumption, expenditure, 
expense, iia.'>te, xvcar. 
AirnvdraTo, Poet, and Dor. for 
arnD/iaro, 3 sin. 1 a. mid. of 
ATTai>a\wpiici(, -los, Alt. -twf, ';, (fr. 
and from, ami aia^woiui U' re- 
tire) a departure, uithdrawing. 
A-dvcvOt, (fr. n?rdfronij and dvtvOt 
afar) at a distance, sejiarately, 

AzavfivaaOai, 1 a. inf. mid. of uto- 

A'^avOiw -w, f. -(/o-o), (fr. OTTO from, 
and axQiui lo bloom) to slud, 
loose, or 6c stripped of its flowers, 
or virdurc ; to demy, fade, irith- 
er; to yield, or furnish floucrs. 

AirnrOpaKiw -ui^ f. -oVw, (Ir. a— i in- 
tens. and drOpii^ a cinder) /o 
ftvrn up, parch ; to reduce lo 
ashts, consume totally. 

A-avicTd^cvo(, par. pres. mid. of 

ATrnrhriifu, f. -ori'iCh), (fr. utH from, 
and avlcTijiii to rise up) to rise 
up to go, set out, depart ; to re- 
move, retire. 

"Annvra, -rai, -rti, -ruv, cases of 

A-avT^v, pres. inf. act. — A-irav- 
TitfiTuf, a. pt. mas. cont. par. 
pres. act. of n-rmrdta. 

'AT:nvra')^60tf, (fr. a-ni all) on all 
sides, all around, round about. 

ATTovrdu) -u), (fr. azi intens. and 
arrdui lo meet ) to come before ; to 
face, meet, encounter, go to meet 
to reply, answer, refute; to hap- 
pen, chance. 

'Arrdmi, (fr. ti-n( all) every wJiere. 

A-dvrriiii:, -arof. rii, (fr. arovrtiw 
to mcel ) a merting ; chance, ac- 
cident ; circumstance, occasion, 

A'ravTrjcai, 1 a. inf. act. — A-av- 
ri'jeiD, -C(f, -fi, 1 f. ind. act. of 

to calm, sooth, alleviate; to THakelArdi'Tr/aii, -loj, Att. -tuii, t'l, (fr. 

mdd, tender, delicate. 
'AsaXuf, (fr. fame) tenderly, deli- 
eaiely, softly. 

a-znvrdu) to meet) n meeting, ap- 
pointment, assignation ; a ren- 
counter, charge ; an occurrence, 


accident ; a wailing for, way- 
laying ; opposiitun, ultuck. a. sill, 
airii'i rijcii'. 
Airairloi', AirdvrtKpv, (fr. nirb in- 
lens. and arrl apainsi) opposite, 
right against, on the other side. 
AvavriiiTn, -ru;, -nf, -rot, cont. 
cases of the par. pres. of n^ui- 
'Altai, (ff- <'"■<'$ all) once, at once, 
once for all, entirely, thoroughly, 
altogether. uva( kui iii, once ami 
'A?r(i(iirrAw>-, Or. I'l-ja^ once, and 
(i-AoK simply) wholly, totally, 
enlirdy, (dtogtther. 
Ard^ioi, -ov, b, ;'/, (fr. nvb priv. and 
n'i'ios wcrlliy) unuortliy, unde- 
serving; nnflt, unbecoming, un. 
suUable, unmirited. 
ATTufidcu -w, (fr. same) to disap- 
prove, reject, refuse ; to scorn, 
slight. A-ira^idojxai -oT'uat, tolhw.k 
ojie^s self unworthy, despair of. 
ATTuopof, Poet, for airijopoi, -ov, 0, 
Si, (fr. aTTticipui to remove) remote, 
distant, far off; withdrawn, re- 
ATTiipn'/Jarof, -ov, b, //, (fr. a neg. 
and TTapuiiuh'U) lo pass over) im- 
passable, impervious; not lo be 
transgressed; vihich does not pass, 
flxul, permnnt nl, perpetual. 
A-anai, inf. — Att'iohj, par. — ' Ar.a- 

pof, impr. 1 a. uct. of a-naipm. 
A-apaipiijjh'os, or -tjiivo^. Ion. for 
aifiripniiivoi, or -[ftivoi, par. per. 
pass, of aipatpioi. 
Ariipiilrqroi, -ov, b. Si, (fr. a ne^'. 
and 77(ip«ir/io lo befjoff) nol ta 
be entreated, or deprecated, i/iex- 
nrable ; inevitable, unavoida- 
AmipniTijTW?, (fr. last) inexorably, 

obdurately ; inevitably, 
ATTopjKuAOfTTWf, (fr. a lien;, and 
irapaKaXvTTio to conceal) inlhoui 
disguise, openly, avowedly. 
ATupnAArtdTOf, -ou, 6,1;, (fr. same, 
and TapuXXdanw to alter) unal- 
terable, inimulahle, permanent, 
fixed, stable. 
A-i!pn\6yiaT0'i, -ov, b, >i, {(r. same, 
and TTiipiiXoYi^oftat lo defraud) 
not to he deceived, or imposed 

on ; infallible, certain, sure, un- 

AmpdyivOoi, -ov, b, i), (fr. a neg. 
and KapanvOla consolation, tli. 
fnOug a word) without soothing, 
or tncouragemenl, that cannot be 

Avnpaai'ifiavTOi, -ov, b, 1), (fr. same, 
and TTapnarji"'h'ii> to stamp) wn- 
noliced^ uncelebroled, unfrequent- 
ed; obscure, obsolete. 

K-japaoKZVnnroi, and ATrnpdaKCVOi, 
-ov, h, fi, (fr. same, and vapaa- 
Kcvd^o) to prepare) unprepared, 
nol ready ; unexpected, una- 

ATTapaTiipi'iTw^, (fr. same, and ira- 
pnTtjpiio to walcli) unattentivfly, 
lightly, unguardedly, incautious- 

AT7apa(pv>.dKT(j)?, (fr. same, irapiX 
contrary, and ipvXdoaiii to gaard) 


unguardedly, incautiously, negli- 

Anapyia, -at, ';, an herb. 

'A-apYfia, -aro?, to, (tr. a-rd from, 
and apxfi the beginning) Jirst 
fruits, offcrirtgs. 

Ajrapty;^j£('pi;T05,-ov, b, i), (fr. a neg. 
Trapd intens. andty^^tipfui to han- 
dle) beyond the reach of art ; 
which baffles all attempts ; in- 
violable, inaccessible, unattaina- 
ble ; unparalleled, matchless, in- 
imitable ; complete, perfect. 

Arapty^cipt'iTwi, (fr. last) beyond 
the power of imitation ; complete- 
ly, perfectly. 

A-rapicKw, (fr. aro priv. and npic- 
KQ) to please) to displease, dissa- 
tisfy, disgust ; to disapprove, re- 
ject. ATTapiuKOfiat, to appease, 
soothe, mollify ; to oblige, deserve. 

KTdpQnoi, -ov, 0, fi, (fr. a neg. and 
rapdivof maiden) not maiden, 
without virginity ; tainted, dc- 

A-rapOio, -^j, -f;, 1 a. Sub. pass, of 

KTtaotQjiiw -S>, (fr. avb from, and 
apiOfiiut to count) to reckon up, 
count over, tell off. 

Kitapivt), -t;?, 7, the herb burdock. 

AiT'iDirriiti,or ArapKins, -ov,'o, (fr. 
airb from, and do<rroj the north) 
the north vind. 

AT^"Oiioftat, (fr. same, and npvloixnt 
to deny) to refuse ; to renounce, 
a^'undon ; to resign, abdicate. 

A-rnprtiadaOui, 3 sin. 1 a. impr. 
mid.— Air'ipvT;(T0(;<ro^u(, -r],-CTiit, 
pass. — Avapi't'iaofiui, -jj, -crat, 
mid. 1 f. iiid. of last. 

Amipios, -ov, b, fi, (fr. last) a de- 
nier, one who refuses, declines, or 

A-rrtp6fcvTo;, -ov, b, i), (fr. a nee. 
and niooficito to pas.s through) 
impnssahtc, impervious ; inaeces- 
silile ; forlifiea, imprecnnbte. 

A-xaplidacui, f. -fw, (fr. n-rb intnns. 
and apdaeti) to beat) to dislurh, 
disorder, confound; to overturn, 
throv) ibiwn ; to remove, turn 
out, eject. 

AJTtp'fjriinaaTtKlii, and Avaopialaa- 
Tof, -01', «,• fi, (fr. n neg. and 
napjiv'i'f^oiiiii to speak freely) 
fearing to speak, not using free- 
dom ; servile, mean, cringing. 

'Ath/xtKi -">(, Alt. -twf, )';, tfr. 
ara(pii) to carry off) a packing 
up ; tcttini; out, dtpnrlure. 

A'^iJOTaiji -ij, f. -I'/fjti), (fr, n~d from, 
and npTilu) to hang) to liring up, 
or upon, to make depend on ; 
to fnisjirnd, dnuht ; to defer, de- 
tail^ put off; to interrupt, Irrcak 
rff ; to withdraw, remove, set\ 

Aziiprf, (fr. nr!) from, and aorll 
now) Jrom this time, from henrr-^ 
forth. Or (fr. ripriof whole) 
wholly entirely, totally, altoge- 
ther, clearly. 

A rraortn, -n?,'/, (perhaps fr. nnalpto 
lo rnrry ofl ) fnmit'irr, baggage, 
provisions ; eriuipni;e, mite. Or 
(fr. arri inlcnu. and dnnof whole) 


perfection, completion; the wliole, 

Arapri'^u, f. -icui, p. aTr);pri».a, (fr. 
last) to join, unite, put together, 
model, form ; to finish, perfect, 
complete ; to set, fit, replace : 
to divide, share, apportion ; to 
prepare, make ready. Also, to 
unfit, impair, make unequal, un- 
like, or uneven, per. pass, ar/jp- 
Ttajiaf 1 f. as-apTic6)/(70/iai. 

A-iipTiXoyla, -ai, hi (f'- same, 
and Xdyof account) a round sum, 
total, amount. 

AiTapTiapos, -ov, b, (tr. arapri^u) to 
finish) a completion, finishing 

A-iipvw, (fr. 077(1 from, and npwu) to 
draw) to exhaust, drain, empty ; 
to lake from, lessen, diminish. 

ATiip-^tU -Tii, >), more usually ATrap- 
^a], -ail', at, (fr. azd iiitcns. and 
up;^i) tl.e beginning) first fruits. 

ATdpxofat, (fr. same) to offer first 
fruits; begin with an offering. 

Airdpyoi, (fr. same, and apxn the 
beginning) same as rfp^w, and 
doyoiiat' imt also in mid. to be- 
gin sacrificing, make libations, 
pay, or nfftr the first Jntits. 

"Attos, -aaa, -av, fr. a intens. and 
77iif, which see. 

"A-ncrav, -ai, cases of last. 

'ATTnaf'uji', g. pi. Ion. of same. 

'Att.ktto?, -oil, 6, ;'/, (fr. a neg. and 
rrdio to feed) that has not lasted, 

A-aarpnTTTm, (fr. oto from, and 
ucTodiTTb) to lighten) to dart like 
lightning; to emit, let fiy ; tu 

AiruGTodrrTuv, -ovtra,-ov, par. pres. 
act. of last. 

A irfi(T;^',Xf<i> -ui, fr. a-ri intens. and 
no-Y'^Af'w, which see. 

AnnayuXin, -a{, /% fr. same, and 
ac^o^ia, which see. 

Ar«V(i, Dor. for nrrn'ri;. Also A;rn- 
T^, 3 sin. cont. |)ics. ind. act. — 
ATTdrdru), 3 sin. cont. pres. impr. 
act. — A'JTiiTrjOch, -clau, -tv, par. 
1 a. jiass. — Annrwv, par. pres. 
act. cont. of 

AiraTani -w, f. -I'aoi, p. /jTrnrijcn, to 
deceive, brguHr, clival ; to disup- 
poinl ; to seduce, lead into error. 
pres. inf. act. cont. arrnrifV 1 a. 
art. jj^drnan, anil Ion. mrdrrjna' 
pass. rj:r<iTiiOiiV par. a-JariiOiif, 

ArdrcpOe, (fr. ottA from, and drtp 
or drtpOc without) apart, sejju-,a»under, at a distance, 

ArriiTciov, -Ciyof, b, (fr. amiTdai lo 
deceive) a deceiver, impostor, 

Andrrj, -ijf, fj, (fr. Hame) deceit, 
dtrrption, fraud, imposition ; n 
cliral, trick, artifice ; seduction ; 
an error, illusion, 

A^rnrijOTivai, 1 a. inf. pas*, of aira- 

Arnrti^df, -h, -tv, and Airnn'/Xioj, 
-01', h, 1), (fr. rfwiirdu) lo deceive) 
dertilful, fallariiius, fraudulent, 
cheating ; brpuilmg, seducing ; 
iliusive, delusive, erroneous. 

Andrtjat, Ion. for Tindrrjoi, 3 nin 
1 n. ind, net. — Airdrnou, 3 sin 


1 t'. act. — AvarSirci, n. pi. mas. 
cont. par. pres. act. of aTroraw, 

Ardriop, -opoi, b, i), (tr. a neg, and 
TTarfjo afalher)/it;/ifr/ess, orphan. 

ATaiiyacita, -arof, tu, (fr. a-u from, 
and nvyd^M to .shine) splendour, 
brightness, irradiation, fffiilgcnce. 

Airai'Y'h -^Sj '/> (fr- same, and avyfi 
brightness) splendnur, radiance, 

ATzavido) -w, f. -f/cw, p. OTTrjviijKa, 
(fr. same, and avidw to speak) 
to renounce, disclaim ; to forbid, 
interdict, prohibit; to faint, fail. 
pres. inf. airavSiiv I a. act. 
azi]vi/]ca' par. arai'JiJanj, -aca, 

Airavda^id^ofiai, fr. (iTrd intens. 
and av6ii()uii^ui, which see. 

.KTrat'OdCulcOai, Att. lor aTruuOaci- 
ataOai, 1 f. inf. mid. of 

.\.TavOa(i(ofiai, fr. airo intens. and 
uvOaSi^ufiai, which see. 

AjrauXi'so/^ai, (fr. mro from, and 
av'ki^ofiat lo herd) to herd, fold, 
or lodge apart ; to separate, re- 
tire, withdraw. 

AirauXdffKiof, -ov, y, /;, (fr. same, 
and niiXij a sheepfold) herding, 
or lodging apart ; solitary, lone- 
ly, retired. 

.\Tiiiv^tiai{, -105, Alt. -fuf, )'/, (tr. 
s;:me, and o)''^(;o-if increase) di- 
minution, lessening, weakening, 

A-nvpa, Ion. for am'/vpa, 3 sin. 
imp. of 

ATTuiipau -w, (fr. aiTo from, and 
ttvpa a breeze) to take away, 
carry off" ; to rob, despoil, imp. 
n77i;iipaoi' -wr. 

'Araiiorof, -ov, b, ';, (fr. a neg. and 
ravu) to cease) unceasing, inces- 
sant ; endless, continual, ptr- 
petual ; not lo be ulUviated, or re- 
lit ved, 

A77iaio-Tiijf, and .\-:TavaTi, (tr. last) 
incessantly, ronlinu(dly. 

ATTavTOfioXfto -w, fr. a-zd from, and 
avTOfxoMM, which see. 

.\jrni);^£i'/i'uj,f. -iau), (fr. same, and 
avxh" the neck) to cut the throat, 
or nerk, behead. 

AT:n(^n'(i), AiTdtjua, A7rarj}iaKi)>, and 
ATTdcfiM, (fr. OTrd by, and (iclr; the 
tnncli) ti) soothe, caress, fondle ; 
.fiiitler, deceicc. An ./I'^olic word 
used Poet, for airnrdij), wiiicli 

Aira<ppl ^ij), (fr. (irrd intens. and o^- 
p/^u) to foam) to foam J froth ; 
to work, foment. 

A-ruX^cif) -itfa, -iv, par. — Aira^^ 
Ofivnt, inf. I a. pass, of (irra'j'w. 

A-nxO))(,-/o( -ovi, b, //, (fr. (i7id in- 
tens. and dvOnf a load) heavy, 
wiifihty ; burdensome, oppressive; 
troublesome, uneasy, offen.iive. 

AiT(i)(Oli^io, (fr. same) to oppress, 
burden, overbiiul ; lo annoy, in- 
commode, trouble, distress. 

Avd)(l)ofini, see Arc;^On'io//ai. 

ATTrti/'rtf, Ion. for nij,d^at, I a. 
par. rX nil>dnTu>. 

Azi'ila, Dor. trir m;lflij, 2 Bin. 3 a 
act. <>i nvn(ialvu). 

Ar.i(]a\ov, i n. UCt. of nTro/JrfXXu. 



Air/p';ii ->i<,'il, 2 a. acl. — Airr/Ji/- 

etiuttr, 1 0. mid. of uiro/iuiVu 
Ar'pAfToi', -tj, -t, imp. act. 

ArsyaXaKTiadtjr, 1 a. iild. pass, of 

Atiyyovof, -ov, 6, (if. a-i from, 

and /v)'oio( a grandson) a 4'rea/ 

A-f\\vKiiidi)i', -iii, -i;, 1 a. pass. 

ol (jrflyAiikti^'a). 
A:rtyiu)nlrj){, (fr. nex\) ilespairing- 

It/, hopelfitstif. 
ArtyviidOnv, ->iit -"> 1 a. pass. — 

Arr)i<jK(u?, -vra, -if, par. per. 

act. of aTToyiviiaKU). 
A~ccai'ui, -oP, 5, I], (fr. a nog. and 

vefiarfis firm, ill. ir/^ov the 

ground) lame, hall, weak, infirm, 
frail ; of weak iiUelkcts. 
A'thdaaao, Ion. and Poet, for anc- 

fdau), 2 sin. 1 a. mid. of anobd- 

A-xiiii^a, -Of, -£, 1 a. act A-^reit- 

ixOlv, 1 a. pass, of aTroiiUvvfit. 

A~cltipoT6iniaa, 1 a. act. of a:Toitt- 

Aviit^dfiriV, -u, -aro, and oy Apos. 
-ar, 1 a. ind. mid. — A~t^iYeTo, 
3 sin. imp. or 2 a. ind. mid. — 
ATeSixSna<iv,Sp\- 1 a. ind. pass. 
of a'rroifxoi'ai. 

A-t^i'ifiriaa, -af, -e, or -tv before a 
vowel,! a. act. of a~oSr;fiiu>. 

A-ri^i6o\>,i sin. imp. pass. ofoTro- 

ATtSibovv, -ovs, -ov, imp. cent, of 

aT!oci/i6iii, for aTTcii&uii', -wi, -a), 

imp. of same. 
Ar/(5iXof, and avcfi^wrm, -oi<, 6,;/, 

(fr. a neg.'and ttHuXov a slipper) 

without shoes, unshod, barffuoled. 
A-tioKifiaca, -as, -£, 3 pi. -/lacav, 

1 a. ind. act. of aTo^o/ci/in'^uj. 
AiTciiiiriv, 1 sin. — ATTfiooOe, 

A-ibovTo, 2 and 3 pi. 2 a. ind. 

mid. of QToiMu)//!. 
'A-c?ov, -ov, tJ, (fr. a intens. or 

redund. and -ifov tlie ground) 

Ion. and Poet, for t/iJov, or vi- 

itov, which see. 
Airciof, -ov, b, )';, (fr. last) plain, 

In el, open, champaien. 
A~i^oTO, 3 sin. and AircdocTdc, 

-rovTo, 2 and 3 pi. 2 a. ind. mid. 

of n—oiiiw^i. 

Airiiox't by Apos. before an aspi- 
rate, for airicoKc, 3 sin. 1 a. act. 
of mroMitiifii. 

Aviipa, 1 sin. — krrlrpajitv, 1 pi. 
— ATifpav, 3 pi. for aTrifpnca, 
avcfodcaficv, and a-nilpaaav, 1 a. 
art. of aiTof.tfpdcKiii. 

ATriiviTtifiriii, -m, -aro, 1 a. act. of 

Airi^u), per. arceijo^^a, for uTri^riKa, 
(fr. avi intens. and iew to eat) 
to ronmme, eat up, devour. 1 a. 
pass. a-rrjriaOrti- 

A-ziciiTov, Att. or by Poetic Pros- 
thesis for a-rtirrov, imp. or 2 a. of 

Art^wfffi/voj, par. per. pass, of 

Atririv, Poet, foravijv, imp. of dvci- 

Itt, to be ahserU. 
A'wiBlivov, -tf, -(, (in. -Bdvoftev, 


•bduTt, 1 and 2 pi. 2 a. ind. act. 
of (J7ro0»;/fficw. 

AvcOdpi>noa, -Of, -f, 1 a. net. of 

At:i01iii)v, -too, -f TO, 3 pi. -CVTO, 2 
a. ind. mid. — ArtO/jitrffiTji', -u, 
-uTo, I a. mid. of aTTorWrifii. 

A-nlOriXa, -ai, -r, 1 a. act. of airo- 

AvcOi^w, f. -Itrto, (fr. a^ru from, and 
cBl^ui to accustom) to disuse, 
wean, break off', alter a habit. 

A-riOvijaKov, -tf, -r, or -tv before a 
vowel, imp. act. of a-roOvt'iCKh). 

Azct, or 'AnWi, pres. impr. of 
dTretfii, to go away. Also, Arci, 
2 sin. pres. ind. of a'lrei^i, to go 

A-ilHui, f. -claofiai, (fr. mrd intens. 
and t/iid) to see) to turn the eyes, 
look attentii'cly ; to perceive, sec 
clearly. 2 a. aircliov' sub airiiia, 

-Piy -»;• 

AiTclOctn, -Of, I), (fr. avciOrt; diso- 
bedient ) disobedience ; stubborn- 
ness, obstinacy, resistamc to per- 
suasion ; unbelief, injidelily. 

.\TrciOc7i, n. a. pi. cont. of nrci0)';;. 

ArrciOiii) -w, f. -ijirn), p. i;jr£('0»;»;a, 
(fr. a ncg. and Trddmio persuade) 
to disobey, resist ; to disbelieve. 
1 a. act. );7r£i'0j;CTa. 2 a. I'liriOov. 

AtteWijv, Ion. for a<l)ddriv, 1 a. pass. 
of a<pii]j) I. 

A-anOfii, -(Of -ov;, o, >'i, {fr. a neg. 
and TTciOu) to persuade) disobe- 
dient ; perverse, obstinate, stub- 
born ; unbelieving, friithless. 

ATTeidrjcain, (i.\>\. of AirciOrjtrai,-aaa, 
-av, par. 1 a. act. of (in-£i6f'a>. 

A-iiKa^ui, f. -daui, (fr. aird intens. 
and eiKa^it) to liken) to assimi- 
late, liken, make like ; to com- 
pare, examine together ; to ima- 
gine, rnnjecture ; to resemble. 

AiTCtKucia, -ni, >'/, (fr. last) a like- 
ness, rfsem/ilonce, similitude; a 
picture, portrait. 

.KTreiKaafia, -uru;, rb, (fr. same) 
a resemblance, picture, image, 
.figure, .<!tatue. 

A-iiKaariov, (fr. same) it must be 
likened, compared, &c. 

ATfi'fcfi, f. -^£11 p. oTr/oiifE, (impers. 
of ar£iVu ) it is unfit, unbecom- 
ing, improper ; it is discordant, 
different, inconsistent. 

AneiKoi'i^u), fr. anh intens. and £iko- 
vi(,w, which see. 

.KrtiKdviBfia, -Stos, rb, (fr. last) 
n resemblance, representation ; 
image, picture, statue. 

A~iik6t<i)s, same as a-rrcoiKdru);. 

A-f'fto, f. -(o), p. aTtotKu, (fr. arti 
priv. and tiVw to be like) to 
be unlike, differ, not to resem- 

A-ziiK-iig, same as aTtoiKuj. 

Ar£iX£i'u«', -ovaa, -ov, par. pres. of 
aTfiXfi'w, Poet, for 

ArtiX/w -ui, and .^ol. or/XXw, f. 
-/jffu), p. rjTTciXriKa, to threaten, 
menace ; to glory, boast, vaunt ; 
to promise, vow, imp. t]rti\cov 
-ovv. 1 a. act. ijTrfAijffa' mid. 
rimiXrianfiriv sub. ar£(X(jo(i;/jai. 

AviiXiu) -w, {fr. niri intens. and 


tiX/u) to collect) to roll, or wrap 
up ; to entangle, involve, pres, 
inf. pass. conl. a::ti\i7oOat. per. 
par. pass. o!r£iXr//j^/io[. 

ATTf I, \ )),-'")?, ';, (fr. aw.'iXi'w to threat- 
en) a threat, menace ; a boast, 

A.vci\ti<Tw^icOa, 1 pl> 1 a. sub. mid. 
of same. 

A7r£iX^r;)v, Ion. and Sync, for jjifi- 
\>iadTiiv, 3 do. 1 a. act. of airn- 

AnciXriTcipa, -af, >/, (fern, for next) 
.<!/if that threatens, &c. 

AtruXrirttp, -fjpos, and ATtiXnri];, 
•ov, h, (fr. a7:£iX£'io to threaten) 
a threatener, menacer ; a brag- 
gart, boaster, vaunter. 

A?r£iXi;T)7pio$, -ov, b, t), and Air£iX»;- 
tTk6{, -»), -bv, (fr. last^ threat- 
ening, menacing ; boasting, 
vaunting ; haughty, arrogant, 

ATrcl\>i(l>n, Ai:ei\i')<paai, AvciX>iij>i)S, 
Att. for airoXfX>;0a, per. act. 
a-Ko\c}\^(paai, 3 pi. and airoXcXrj- 
0ojf, par. of (iTroXaf(j3a'i'(i>. 

'Avitfit, f. a-Klaouui, (fr. a-rb from, 
and £1^1 to be) to be absent, 
be wanting, be away. Imp. 
aiTijv' pres, inf. anuvai' par, 

'ATrctfxt, or Atrlnint, f. airclaoixai, p. 
dveiKa, (fr, same, and £?//( to 
go) to go away, depart. 2 a. ind. 
dirtov impr. oTTte' opt. aTtloifti' 
sub. aniiif par. uvuov' 1 a. act, 
avtiaa, Att. untjtaa, in 3 pi, 
avf)toav. per. mid, ainXu' diriia 
and oTTijia. 

Air£ira/iJ)i', -to, -aro, 1 pi. -dfttOa, 
1 a. ind. mid. — ATTEiTrai, 1 a, 
inf, act. — Attuitc, 3 sin. 1 or 2 
a. — AirttiTtiv, pres. inf, act. of 

Aff£i'7ru), Poet, for a-ninii). 

AT!ctpdya6os, -ov, b, Ij, (fr, a neg. 
irttpdtii to try, and ayaOis good) 
experiencing no kindness, unfa- 
voured ; ignorant of what is 
good, knavish, dishonest. 

ATTCipaydOoii, (fr, last) badly, awk- 
wardly, ignorantly ; dishonestly f 
corruptly, knavisMy. 

AiTiiouKti, (fr. oTfipof boundless) 
tnjini/ety, immensely, without li. 
mils, or htnmds. 

AvclpaPTOi, -ov, b„!i, (fr. a neg. 
and veipuh'ji to finish) Poet, for 
n'r£ipof, boundless, 

A~clpacroi, -ov, b,!;, (fr. same, and 
;r£ipa'^w to try) uniricd, not at- 
tempted ; not to he tempted, be- 
yond temptation ; impossible, im- 
prnrticable, unattainable. 

AntipaTo;, -ov, b, >;, (fr. same) 
Poet, for a'rfipo;, ignorant. 

AmipaxSiiy Cr. OTzh intens. and 
TTiipa a trial) infinitely, in many 
ways, vnriouxly. 

AireipyiD, f. -fu), p.a7r£(p;^a, (fr. airb 
from, and £('pyio, to restrain) to 
drive away, hinder, prevent ; to 
shut out, exclude, keep out ; to 
stop, bar, impede, 

Arrlpywv, -ovaa, -ov, par. pres. of 

Arr£ip/oiof, -a, -ov, and -ov, i, fi, 
(fr. a neg. and -rripa; the 
cnA) boundless, immense; great. 




large, extravagant ; innumera- 

A.-uor]Kijti, -uia, -d;, par. per. of 

A-TTcipriroi, -ov, 0, t), see areiparo;. 
Atrsipi'o-uf, )'/, (fr. a'rtipof ignorant) 
ignorance, inexperience; unskil- 
fulness, awkwardness. 
AtiioiTOit-ov, 6, !], (fr. a neg. and 
vipas the end) same as drctpo;, 
A~up^a, -35, -I, in 3 pi. arritp^av, 1 

a. act. of afzcipy 111. 
iLT:up6yanoq, -ov, 6, i/, (fr- avetpoi 
unacquainted, and ya'/iof mar- 
riage) unmarried^ single, maid- 
ATtiooOaXao-ffOf, and -arrof, -ov, b, 
/(, (fr. same, and ^dWaatja the 
sea) nolusedto, or unacquainted 
with the sen, not versed in naval 
avoirs ; a landsman. 
KirtipoKaKiu -it, (fr. next) to he 
free from guile, or deceit, be in- 
nocent, behave sincerely, deal 
K~cio6KaKos, -ov, b, II, (fr. a neg 
and KOKOi evil) ignorant of evil, 
sinless, innocent ; honest, sincere, 
A-cipoKa\la, -a?, n, (fr. next) want 
ofhmiesty, roi^nery ; folly, silli 
ness, impertinence, vulgarity. 
A~iipoKa\oi, -OV, b, )';, (fr. direipoi 
ignorant, and KaXis good) dis- 
honest, fraudulent, deceitful ; 
tasteless, insensible to beauty or 
uxirlh ; worthless, silly, trivial. 
A-rcipu).i^fl!, -tof -0D5, 6, {j, (fr. 
same, and Xfyoj a bed) without 
a beiLfellow, single, maiden, un- 
ATCipofid^ai, -a, b. Dor. foraTrtipo- 
lid)(vit -ov, b, (fr. uame, and 
fiaxh a fight) not used to, or un. 
fit fur war, unwarlike. 
Ariipova, a. sin. of ancipiav. 
'Avetpnf, -ov, fj. Dor. for 'HrrKpoj. 
'Arupoi, -ov, b, f], (fr. a neg. and 
■niipa a trial) inexperienced, ig- 
norant ; awkiimrd, unskilled ; 
untau!;ht, uninstructed ; that 
has not felt, without experiencing ; 
'Avcipof, -ov, b, fi, (fr. saiiin, and 
irtipas the end) cmlless, hound- 
less, injinilc, unlimited. 
AirtipoffiJe/;, -r;?, //, (fr. dvitpof in- 
experienced) ignoranr.r, inexjie- 
rienre, want nf knov>ledge, uc- 
tpiainlanrr, or sktU. 
Awilpm, -lioi. ATripjiti), f. •cow, p. 
aitilpiiKa, (fr. art) priv. and ii'pw 
to any) to forhid, prohibit; re- 
fute, discharge, dismiss. 
Ainipuifiiv, -hof, li, (fr. name, and 
lafi* travail) that has nitl known 
the pains of childbirth, childless, 

Airilpvv, -ovof, 0, fi, (fr. n ne^. and 
irilpitf thf, <'nd) infinite, hmtml 
less, immrnsr, numhaUsr. Also, 

Airtipioi, (fr. liriinoi i|;norant or 
boundless) mrkunrdly, igno- 
ranlly, rudfly ; infinifdy, and- 

A-tvaa, and Att. ar:fitaa, -a;, -£, 1] A-i>.i'Xi<Ta, -as, -f, 1 a. ind. act. 
a. — A-dcojiai, 1 f. of air£i/ii, ol aTroKi'Xfu. 
to go away. A)r£Xii6t(s,-£(o-(i, -iv, in n. pi. a-at- 

'Atrtiarov, -ov, rb, (fr. next) perti- 
nacity, positiveness, stubbornness, 

'A-eiirrog,-ov,b, >';, (fr. a neg. and 
TTciOu) to persuade) not to be per- 
suaded, convinced, or prevailed 
on ; obstinate, stubborn, inflexi- 
ble, perverse. 

ATCt)(^ov, imp. act. — A~eix^ii1>', 
pass, of a-nlxto. 

AiTEKdXti, 3sin. imp. ind. act. cont. 
of aroKaXf'u). 

ATtKdXv^/a, -as, -c, act. and Airt- 
KaXvipdiv, -17?, -1, pass. 1 a. ind. 
of aTTOKnXvTTru. 

A-iKyovos, -OV, b, I'l, (fr. and from, 
and (Kyovos a grandchild) a great 
great grandchild, a grandchild's 

AreKiixoiJai, f. -^Ofiai, p. aTTtn^e- 
Scyfiai, (fr. arrb intens. and cKci- 
yofiai to expect) to expect ear- 
nestly, wait for vrith earnest de- 
sire, hope ardently. 1 a. raid. 

AvcKSvopai, f. -vaouat,p. OTrtKifSv- 
fiai, (fr. arrb oti", and ikSvii) to 
strip) to put off", quit, get rid of ; 
to strip, divest, deprive. 1 a. mid. 
avt^iivaditriv' par. aveK&vadftf 


AviKSvais, -lof, Alt. -twf, fi, (fr. 
same) a putting off, quitting, 
stripping, deprivation ; spoiling, 
plundering, d. sin. aTrcKivcu. 

ATrtKt(pd\iaa, 1 a. ind. &ct. of avo- 


ATTtKXatdjiijv, in 3 pi. AriKXaioiTo, 

imp. pass, of naoicXafw. 
[ A-cK^aiOdvui, of avi intens. and 
tK\avddvti>, which see. 

As-ckX^s") see avoKXtih). 

AniKXaaa, 1 a. ind. act. fr. a-nb in- 
tens. and (cXrfu, which see. 

ATrcKXiyofini, f. -^Ofiai, p. aTcxX/- 
Xty/iui, (tr. nro from, and ikXi- 
yoftai to select) to rtject ; to dis- 
approve ; to vote against. 

AniKXciaa, -aj, -t, 1 a. act. of an'o- 

XaOiiTcs, 1 a. par. pass, of otte- 
ATre\aixv6iiriv, 2 a. mid. — Airf- 

Xajui^'fl) 1 a. act. of arroXafnru). 
A~cXacia, -ag, i}, (fr. aircXaivui to 
drive away) a driving away, 
spoiling, plundering ; baiiish- 
ment, expulsion. 
K-iXaaroi, and ' A'^rXaaroq, -ov, b, 
{), (fr. a neg. and r/Xuf near) 
distant, beyond reach ; inaccessi- 
ble, unattainable, which has not, 
or cannot be reached ; unsafe, or 
dangerous to approach. 
AiriXacroi, -ov, b, l), (fr. last) dri- 
ven, spurred, put to full speed. 
AirtXui'i'U), f. a-ncXdaiti, p. a->'iXaKa, 
(fr. 0770 from, and eXavvu) to 
drive) to drive away, expel, ba- 
?nsh, thrust out ; to hinder, keep 
off, or aujay, avert ; to drive, 
spur, hasten. 1 a. act. anfiXa- 
AniXavaa, and Ion. aT)';Xaii(Ta,-aj, 

-£, 1 a. act. of aroXaiiu). 
AittXa(l>pvvij), f. -Siw, (fr. arb m- 
tens. and iXaippoi light) to light- 
en, ease, relieve. 
ATTcXdio, Poet, for arfXaiivo). 
ArcXcy^bs, -ov, b, (fr. next) confu- 
tation, disproof; disgrace, scan- 
dal, disrepide. 
ArfXfy;^;u), f. -yfu, p. aTtfiXcyxa, 
(fr. a-Ko from, and cXiyxv to 
prove) to disprove, refute, con- 
fute, convince ; to blame, reprove, 
censure. 1 a. act. axnXiy^a' mid. 
a-rriXcy^dfiiiv. per. pass. aTTi'jXcy- 
fiat. 1 a. pass. aTTijXiyxOlv- 
A-iXedpov, (fr. next) far, distant, a 

great way off. 
A-riXiOpoi, -ov, b, >';, (fr. a intens. 
and TtiXtdpov, orrrXiSpovan acre) 
immense, wide, extensive; vast, 
Ai:iXcliSc6\ by Apos. before an as- 
pirate, for aiTcXciiiiro, 3 sin. imp. 
mid. of airoX£(/3u>. 
ArfXtVijT-oj, -uv, b, I'l, (fr. a neg. and 
viXcKVi an axe) not planed, or 

ATtKXtXaOdiitiv, -ov, -cro. Poet, by smoothed, rough. Or, (fr. a 

Ion. rcdupl. for avc^cXaOdfiriv, 2 
a. mid. of ancKXavddvw. 
ATrtKo\pa, -a(, -c, or -cv, before a 
vowel, 3 pi. -\pai'. 1 a. ind. act. 

of aTTOKdTTTU). 

Airlxpiva, -as, -t, act. — AiTeKpt8t]v, 
'Vi, 'V, 3 pi. -Orjaav, pass. — 
Art<fpiva'/ii7»', -ID, -uro, raid. 1 a. 
ind. of anoKpivw. 

intens. and same) well planed, 

smootli, polished. 
AncXtaOai, Ion. for a(piXcaOai, inf. 

— ArrtXrf/itvof, Ion. for u^iXiS/if- 

voi, par. of n(j)ciX6n7iv, 2 a. mid. 

of u(paipiu>. 
AircXtvOrpla, -a<, /;, (fr. next) jna- 

numission, enfranchisement, the 

gift if freedom. 

Arii;pvda,-a(,'i,acl. — AviKpv{pd-\ATriXivOipo(,-ov,b,!), (fr. ani ni- 
firiv, 1 a. raid, of aroKpiiirru. 1 lens, and iXivOipnf free) enfran- 

AittKrdvOtiv, 1 a. ind. pasn — Att/k- j rhisrd, freed, set free ; a freed- 
Tavov, 2 a. inrl. act. — Airlxrit- man, one who hod hem a slave. 

va, I a. ind. arl. — Ari/croia, 
per. ind. mid. of n:TOKTiivia, 

AnftcTanK, -10$, Atl. -tuii, {/, (fr. 
nirA inlens. and riUio to Stretch) 
extension, stretching ; exltnt. 

'ArcnTTo?, and AnlicrnTO(,-ov, b, fj, 
(fr. n ni'g. and irc/«<i) to comb) 
unrnmhrd, undressed, neglected; 

Avi\tv0ip6ut -(i, (fr. last) to free, 

set free. 
ArfXiroo/mi, 1 f. mid. ofair/pvo/iai. 
Ar/X>;yov, -If, -t, imp. act. of ajro- 

Ai:'X')X««n, Alt. for niti'iXaKn, per. 

ind. act. — ArtXiiXaro, Att. for 

arfiXnro, 3 sin. pper. pass, of 


AierKvr)no, I n. ind. act. "f <iro<tt?/ii). I ATtXiiX'flfiTai', S pi. pper. raid. Atl. 



—\Ttt\>'i^i.Oc, S sin. per. ilid.! Arrtiu'(j()i;i', -^j, -17, I a. itul. pass, 
nud. Atl. ol a^ip^o^m, ofaroitiiu. 

Ari\('(\ impr. — .tri-Xytri', inf. — \A7:ci'iyKaaOai, 1 a. inf. mid. — 
,*r/.Xt'u), sul). — ArtXtiiir, -oDffd, K-acvfyKai, 1 a. inf. act. — A?rc- 
-Or, n. pi. -OdiTfj, -Oufiffnijd. sin. t'tyKuv, 2 a. inf. act. — Airtrty- 
-06>Tt, g. pi. -Odirwi', piu-. 2 a. nHii, -oima, -Or, i)ar. 2 a. acl. — 

act. of ur/f)^o/i(ii 
K-rMr.or, -a, -c, 2 a. act. of urro- 


ATf.XXiii, -oil', of, a temple, fayic, 
shrine ; an iisscmbly, meeting, 
ArTfA\i)f, -or, i, AppcUcs, Lat. 

Apella, a man's name. 
Art.Xujrrro, 3 sin. cont. imp. pass. 

.\r£.\oj'i;a(i/iv' ) -i^t -nTO, 1 a. ind. 

mid. of sanip. 
'.\rtXo«,-ou, h, a wound, hurt, cut; 

an ulciT, sore. 
Am^ovaaaOc, 2 pi. 1 a. ind. mid 

of offoXoi'O). 
AriXTTifw, f. -/(Toi, p. aiTi'iXriKn, (fr 

arJ priv. and tXir/^w to hope) ^ 

expert, tuait for, attend ; to sux. 

pert, apprehend ; to detpair, dex- 

pond. ] a. act. aTz/Ario-a* par, 

a!T£Xr/{T(if. par. per. pass. a-rrrjX- 

K~Oi.vOtjv, pars. Arf'Xuo-a, act. 1 a. 

ind. — \-:;t\vovTo, 3 pi. imp. 

])ass. of aroXuu. 
A-i\vfxaiv6p.jjv, imp. pass, of arro- 

ATtXu/jijCiji', 1 a. ind. pass, ofaro- 

ArrifinBov, -if, -c, 2 a. acl. of «;ro- 

Kzcfiapnv6}]v, -rjf, -r], 1 a. pass, of 

A'tficGim, Poet, for avljitua, 1 a 
act. of 

Arf/j/u) -i3, f. -iau), p. -iKa, (fr. qti) 
from, and tfiiui to vomit) <o 
vomit, cast up ; to reject, throw 


AT:t\t\riadjtj]v >•(<>, -oro, ind. — 
A-0ftv<':aaa6ar inf. 1 a. mid. of 

ATCudpyvvv, imp. act. — Aneiwo- 
^dfiTiv, 1 a. mid. of airo/idpyvviJi. 

Ajrc//roX£7rai,3 sin. pres. ind. pass, 

Art^jroX/o), and -(j'(i) -w, f. -r/ffw, (fr. 
ard intens. and e^iroX/u to sell) 
to sell, offer, or expose for sale ; 
to barter, Irnde ; to prostitute. 1 a. 
act. offt^iriiXijira" par. art/iToXr/- 
ca;. 1 a. inf. pass. nrrtjiToX^Dqvm. 

A~tiiv0i6^tjv, -01), -tTo, imp. ind. 
pa-SF. of arrofivOeuj. 

Ax-{/(0af>(i), f. -uiiii, (fr. azo priv. 
and (fiAnlvu to express) ?9 f/wa- 
/free, 'ii^er ; to be unlike, unfit, 
or absurd. 

ATTifKpaais, -lof, Alt. -cuf, 1';, (fr. 
same) in expression, declara- 
tion, affirmation ; an cxplana- 

A-tfc^Oriittt, I a. inll pass, ol 

Anfi'/yKU), (fr. a~i from, and iiiyKoi 
to carry) an obsolete verb, lor 
which aru<j>{p(a. 
A':Ttvst^9cii, Ion. for nrtvc^QcU, 1 
a. par. pass, from Arti'ti^O'?!', 
Ion. I()r airtn'f^Oijf, 1 a. ind. 
pass, of ntroipipui. 
Antii-TM, and Poet. ATrti'rt'rw, (fr. 
(i:ru priv. and cvsttu) to tell) to 
fiirhid, prohibit ; to oppose, pre- 
\:7.'iOuv, Dor. for aircXOcJy, 2 a. 

inf. act. a-io')(^ojtai. 
Airti'O/)?, -/o{ -onf, 6, )'/, and Ariv- 
OijToi, -ov, h, I'l, (fr. a neg. and 
TitBoi grief) ,/>ce /rom tf^rief, 
ivithont wrrou> ; vnlamented, un- 
Atrfriauri'Co), (fr. avb from, and 
iviavrbi; a year) /o desist, cease, 
be absent for a year ; to act year- 
ly ; to alternate by the year. 
A TTtrnfri;!;;!', -w, -aro, 1 a. ind. mid. 

of aTrovi-nToi. 
Azn'ddfjnaa, -nq, -c, 1 a. ind. ai t. 

01 avovoa^iic^ii). 
A-ii'Ttf, Ion. for a<pevrci, n. pi. of 

n<pch, 2 a. p;\r. act. of n(t)iiiiu. 
AiTf^i'ftaordroi, fr. anb intens. and 

ci'iiJii(,Tdvo), which sec. 
ATTt^cftvadjuiv, -w, -aro, I a. mid. 

of arcKMonai. 
A-nt^tXndofjiTjv, -ov, -tro, and Poet, 

liy Ion. rediipl. «:rtKXtX(iO«/i>;>', 

2 a. ind. mid. of «T£/cXui'/9a'i'w. 
A7rfs';P"^fi'''S, Ion. for airc^ripaiiiji- 

voi, par. of o-a^ijpaijfiat, per. 
pass, of airo^>ip'iivn>. 
Ar/o(>,-n, -af, -£, per. act. of«r£/;:a).| al ; infinite. 


'ATTcrXof, -ov, b, )'i, (fr. a neg. and 

Ti'-rXoi a veil) nnveiUd ; unrobed, 

Ar»rrXiiv«i', 3 pi. 1 a. ind. act. of 

Avijtvtov -ovv, -£ff -cif, -£f -fi, imp. 

uid, act. — Attinvtvaa, I a. acL 

— AT£ri'£too'/i>/>', 1 a. mid. of 

Arc^nviyrfv, -i/f, ->), 2 a. ind. pass. 

— ATr/irn^.i, -«>-, -£, 3 pi. -(ay, 
1 a. ind. acl. ofa-rruKfiyu). 

ArcKTdixriv,2 a. ind. nud. — AiroTr- 
TuaOai, inf. — AnoTtTdfiivui, par. 

— Arrfrrr?;!', -;>{, -17, in 3 pi. 
a?r«'7rri;o-m', 2 a. ind. act. ofu0(jr- 

AriTrr/w -iD, (fr. a nep, and itiirrta 
lo cook) /u 6e r«w', rare, or not 
si^/Mcienlly cooked ; to have a 
weak stomach, suffir iiuli^eslion. 

'ATTf-rof, -OP, h,lt, (fr. same) raw, 
rare ; not cooked ; ichich cannot 
be cooked ; indigestal. 

Ait/tu), la. -tt-^a, 2 a. -ttirov, (fr. 
uTtii priv. and imo to speak) to 
renounce, disclaim, disown ; to 
refuse, deny, contradict ; to give 
up, relinquish ; to fad, faint, 
be weary. Or, (fr. «7ro inltns. ) 
to declare, utter, pro7iomu.e. 2 a. 
act. ind. uircirov, -£f, -£• inf. 
aTTci-ruv. I a. ind. mid. arcind- 

"Airep, Dor. for^ircp" also nuiit. pi. 

ol liancp. 
ATTepiivToXoyin, -a;, //, (fr. next) 

talkntirencss, loquar.ili/, verbosity, 

ATTep(ivTij\6yoi, -ov, b, >'i, (fr. ari- 

piivTo; endless, and Xrfyof talk) 

verbose, uordy, prolix; lojua- 

cious^ talkative. 
AiTtpai'Tni, -ov, b,ti, (fr. a neg. and 

r/p If the end) boundless, emllcss, 

without stint ; incessant, continu- 

tion, interpretation ; demonstra- 
tion, proof. 

Azcfitfitpfli, -/of -oS{, b, fi, {fr. and 
priv. 'and cti'ptp!/; relating to) un- 
like, different. 

ArrhavTi, and ATrtvain'oi', (fr. aro 
Irom, and avrt before) over 
against, before, in presence of; 
opposite against. 

A-reoiKC, per. of the impersonal 

AvcoikAtw^, (fr. next) improbably, 
unfitly^ improperly ; foolishly, 
absurdly, unreasonably ; -unde- 

A-foiKiif, -v7ii, -Of, (par. per. act. 
of arf f<v-ii) ) unlike^ dissimilar, dif- 
ferent ; improbable, unreasona- 
ble, absurd ; tmfit, improper, 
unbecoming ; alienated, estrang- 

Ar/oiTof Ar/oi'ra" Ion. for anSv- 
rof, g. and a-rSnTa, a. sin. of 
aT(2)i', par. pros, of dT£i/ji, to be 

Ar/iravrof, -ov, b, 1';, (fr. a neg. and 
rtTrahw to ripen) unripe, imma- 
ture ; unseasonable; incomplete, 

A-rizctpos, -ov, 0, I], {(r. a ncg. and 
rT-»r£(pof ripe, th. -rirrto to :oflcn) 
same as last. 

Air/irXayfa, 1 a. act. — ArrfirXoy- 
^'ilinv, mid. — ArrtrXdy)(^Bijv, 
pass, of arorXrt'^ui. 

ATCrXavi'iOrjaai', 3 pi. 1 a. ind. 
pass, of arorrXai'rfco. 

Ar/TXtuffa, -af, -£, 1 a. ind. act. of 


Airepdi'Twi, (fr. last) endlessly, in- 
cessantly, infinitely. 

Arrtpyd^oitnt, f. -uaofint, p. airtip- 
yiic/iui, fr. mrb intens. and fpya'- 
^o^(ji, which see. 

A7r£pya(Ti'u, -nf, i), (fr. last) a finish- 
ing, completion, perfection, end- 
ins, conclusion; means, cause, 

AircoyaarfKl);, -1), -bv, {fr. same) 
effective, ^ectual, capable, ope- 
rative, active, efficient, effica- 

Airipyciv, pres. inf. act. — '.Kmpy- 
fiat, per. ind. pass. — A-ntpypi- 
vof, par. per. pass, of 

Anipyia, Ion. for u-rdpyo). 

Aztpri^u), t. -au), ]>. airiiptiKa, {fr. 
azb intens. and tpri^w to fix) to 
fasten, stick, fix firmly ; to press 
upon, flrive, push, dash, or strike 
against, remove, displace; Aitt- 
pdiopai, to be set, or placed 
against, lean, incline, rest upon ; 
to jut nut, project ; to gush out, 
discharge, shed ; to extend, 
stretch, strain. 

Arrcpciai', for areptlaia, neut. pi. of 
arrfpt^o-iof, by Metath. for air£i- 


Xitipttms, -lot, Att. -£uif, fi, (fr. 
ancpiii'u to fasten) a Jixing, or 
fastening ; an inr.lination, lean- 
ing, resting against, or depending 
upon ; presiiure,force, vivlence. 

AncpeiM) -w, f. -ria(ii,p. avelptiKa, (fr. 
OTTO priv. and epioi to say) toc/c- 
ny, forbid, refuse ; to decline, 
shun ; to fail, he worn out, ii;eary, 
decayed, impoverished. 

kircpiyivriTOi, -ov, 6, /;, (fr. a lieg. 
and rcpiyiVo/iai to surpass) not 
to be surpassed, or excelled ; in- 

A.i!tpi6ptoT0(, -ov, h, I'l, (fr. same, 
and Ttpiopf^u) to limit) vtdimited, 
unconfmed ; boundless, indefinite, 

Ancpt(TK(iTTo)i, (fr. same, and rtpi- 
aKiirrouat to survey) heedlessly, 
incauliously, unguardedly, in- 

XnepiairaoTOi, -ov, h, >;, (fr. same, 
and TTtptando) to perplex) at ease, 
undisturbed, calm, leisurely, with- 
out hurry. 

Airepiairdarij)(, (fr. last) without 
distraction, or cmifusion ; collect- 
edly, orderly, leisurely. 

AntplaraTOi, -on, 6, rj, (fr. a neg. 
and ntpitoTTiftt to beset) violated, 
detached, not surrounded, or en- 
closed ; deserted, forsaken, des- 
titute; not perplexed, or sur- 
rounded with cares, prosperous. 

KirtpiTjiriroi, -ov, o, h, (fr. same, 
and irtptTffivta to cut off) undr- 

AwipiTToi, -ov, b, Sj, (fr. same, and 
irtpirroj, Att. for Trtpiffwdf super- 
fluous) having no superfluity or 
/uxuri/, moderate, mean, of a 
middle 'ank. 

AT£p/rT-jv, (fr. last) ind\ff'trently, 
neKligently, carelestdy. 

Airtp/rrwrof, -ov, 6, 4, (fr. a neg. 
and npirrijiiia excrement) with- 
out excrements. 

Antpitptpfn, -iof -ovi, l>, li, (fr. 
same, and vcpiipioii) to move cir- 
cularly) not circular, irregular; 
devious, erring. 

Anh(iif, -ana, -av, 1 a. par. act. 
0\ nrunjii'^d). 

'Kntpfit. ( prf^.s. impr. ofne.vt) away, 
hteone^ plague take you, 

Arfojiiti, ^ol. for aviipm. 

AmpiiiDyuf, -v7n, -if, par. per. mid. 
of annpjiriyvvfit. 

Arlpnhj, -ci(, -n, for arntnaio, 1 f. 
inrl. a<^t. of aro/o^oj. 

Airrpiifw, f. -fw, p. -vn, (fr. uvft 
from, and tpiiKui to hinder) to 
rrpri, drive hack or wray ; to 
defend^ repulse ; tn hinder, avert. 
3 prfiR. impr. nvlpvKf.. pres. 
pn««. niripvKAjjt^of. 

Anfn^n, 2 nin. pr»!s. ind. mid. — 
Anr0-x6iiivoi, -i;, -ov, par. (ires, 
art. of 
Arrffiy(i)iini, f. nTrrXtf'ioo/ini, p. nr/- 
XiiO'i, Att. anX^Xi'On, (fr. orrA 
from, nnd inynjint to go) tn gn^ 
go n/f, from, niiriy, or out of; 
to gn forth, drpnri ; to rttum, 
go after, follow ; to Iravr, nltan- 
don, give up ; to pais away, die. 


2 a. ind. airljAOov sub. am\Oi>>' 
inf. aTttX&iiv par. atriXQiiv, n. 
pi. fem. aTTtX&olcai. 

Avtpwtii, -io;, Att. -/ojf, 6, (fr. 
same, and cpwiu to pass) one 
icho hinders, slops, or prevents ; 
a hindrance, obstacle. 

A-Ktp^iii) -iii, (fr. same) to pass, 
steal, glide, or skulk away; to 
desist, cease, stop ; to hinder, 

'Afftf, Ion. for d^cs, 2 a. impr. of 

AiTica^a, 1 a. ind. of avoadrTu). 

Aviaai,-a\'T0i, b, Apesas, a man's 

Airiajiai, Dor. for avlafini, ~ sin. 
>f A-nialiiii; -yji, -rj, in 3 pi. — 
Aviapiiaav, 2 a. ind. act. — 
AnialSrjaa, 1 a. ind. act. — Atrca- 
j3»;/i-(if, par. per. act. of uwoct/Sei'- 
vviii, or -vfit, as if (rom aTTdafitifii. 

Ai:iaKiji(pOi.i, per. inf. pass, of 

AvccKoXvfjftivoi, per. par. pass, of 


A-Tricoiiai, f. of dvctjn, to he absent, 
ATTitmaua, 1 a. ind. act. — Ante- 

rdadriv, -rii, -n, 1 a. ind. pass, of 

Airicravdiv, iEol. or Boeot. and 

Poet, for a-TTcavOrjaav, 3 pi. 1 a. 

pass. — Airiocvfiai, Poet. Me- 

lath. for aiToniav[iat, per. ind. 

pass. — AtriaauTO, Poet, for 

antciavTO, 3 sin. ppcr. pass, of 

A-Jte<rTu'Xt]v,->ii, -r/, ind. ATrto-TaXiij, 

par. 2 a. pass ATTeard\6vv, 

•IS, -rjt 1 a. ind. pass A-ea- 

tuXko, per. ind. act AnVraX- 

(lai, ind. -a^jtivoi, -tj, -ov, par. 

per. pass. — AT/<TraXoi,2a. ind. 

act. of airoorAXta). 
Aniaraauv, Ion. for aTriaT'iaav see 

Aircariyaaav, 3 pi. 1 a. ind. act. of 

.Kviara'Sa, -as, -t, or -tv, before a 

vowel, 2 and 3 pi. -Anrf, -Xar, 

1 a. ind. act. of airoo-r/XXo). 
AntcTiprjaa, I a. ind. act \ A-rna- 

Ttpni't'i'os, par. per. pass, of 

Aw/oTijv, -tji, -tj, and 3 pi. nnirr- 

maav, 2 a. ind. act. — A-iria- 

rrjaa, -as, -i, 1 a. ind. act. of 

AiTi'ortxov, 2 a. ind. act. of ano- 

AiriVroXa, per. mid. of (iTroffWXXo). 

Ar/<rrpa///i/iof, per. par. pass. — 
KTinrpX((inv, 2 a. ind. act. — 
Avrarpii(prif, 3 pi. -<l>r)aav, 2 a. 
ind. pass. — A nfarptxpa, -af, -c, 
I a. md. act. of aviiarpiijiu), 

KniaTpX<liov, 2 a. act. — Arta-rprf- 
<priv, 2 a. pafR. — ATTi'aTpiypa, 1 
a. ind. act. of nroffro/^w. 

ATTiiirii), -Ao( -ovf,l), (fr. a<plaT>jiii 
to be at n diNlancc) absence; 
fmhl, disntiim, 

Air/pri.i, 3 nin. impr, ofiirdfii, to 
he nhsmf. 

A'!ttnil,n\Ttv, -ri(, -i;, 2 a. ind. paNS. 

of O7r0IT(^rfXXw. 

A'xfoynKa, per. — At/Vvov, 2 n. 


act — ATTca')(^6iir,v, 2 a. ind. raid. 
of avi^ui. 
A-niranov, 2 a. ind. act. of airo- 


A-rtTa^dftriV, -w, -oTo, 1 a. ind. 

mid. of airoTdooiD. 
ATTiTiyycTo, 3 sin. imp. mid. ot 

AvtriOtiv, 1 a. ind. pass, of aroTf- 

ATnTivvvov, imp. of anoTivvvii), or 


Avirpayov, 2 a. ind. act. of avo- 

A-JTirpdinUvTo, 3 pi. cont. imp. 
pass, of aTTOTpuvdofiat, same as 

A-evdi]s, -ios -uv;, and 'Aircvdoi, 
-ov, b, )'i, (fr. a neg. and Trui/Oa- 
lo/jai to hear) unheard of, not 
known by fame, obscure ; rude, 
ignorant, untaught. 

AiTtvOvvw, f. -gj'u, p. -vyKa, (fr. 
0770 intens. and cvdvvui to direct) 
to straighten ; to correct, reform, 
amend ; to direct, guide ; to or- 
der, regulate, array. 

AKicjitjiia, 1 a. ind. act. — Avetpr]- 
vdfjiriv, mid. of airo0ai'i'a). 

Avt^Oapijivo;, per. par. pass, of 

AT;i(p6i.yli'ijj.riv, -(1), -aro, 1 a. ind. 
mid. of u-KO(pQiyyoiJiai. 

Avti^Oijiijv, -lau, -iro, pper. pass, 
ol a-rrocpdivo). 

'Avcipdos, -ov, b, fj, (fr. a neg. and 
iipObs boiled) raw, undressed, not 
conked. Or, (fr. a intens.) re- 
fined, purified. 

Avi(pvyoi; 2 a Ar/^tuyov, imp. 

act. of a77O0tijy(i). 

Air/yti, impersonal, (fr. a-niy^ia to 
withhold) it is enough, siifllnent. 

Airix^, 3 sin. — ATrixtra, '2 pi. — 

Avixovai, 3 pi. pros. ind. act 

A'^f'X''5' 2 sin. pres. sub. act. of 

Am\'£o6ni, pres. inf. mid. — Airi- 
ycaOc, 2 pi. impr. mid. ofaTTi'x'^. 

ArrexOalpui, f. -»pu,, (fr. avi inttns. ) 
and ixOdipu) to hate) to detest, 
hntr, abhor, 1 a. act. n-ni'xOiipa. 

Antx&dvo^ai, f. -Oi)nofi(U, (fr. 
•same, and cxOdvoiiai to hate) to 
hrile, grudge, cnry, feel anger, or 
wtitire against. 2 a. a-r>ix06fir,v, 
as if fr. a-nrxOioftni, obs. 

AntyOda. -n?, ;';, (fr. a7r(;^0i')c en- 
vious) haired, abhorrence, detest- 
ation ; grudge, malice, itl-uHl. 

ArnxOffJCfai, Att. and Dor. and 
ATrixOi'/i/v, Ion. for avixOai', 
pr<!s. inf. ofaTTixOu), 

Ar/;^'>i)rti, Ion. for oir/xOr), 2 sin. 
[ires. 6ub. of a7i-/;)(;0o;jui,8anie as 

AiTixOfis, -I'of -oTii, 0, I'l, (fr. mr!\ in- 
tens. and ix^"f hatred) haling, 
grvdiiing, envious, malicious; 
hoslilc, inimirni, adverse. 

AT!, I f. mid. — A-nix^i- 
lirti; 2 ii. ind. mid. — Ath'xOoito, 
3 Kin. 2 a. opt. of attixOdvofiat. 

Ani'xOii), and Arr/;^Oo/i«i, same as 

AncxOiJif, (fr. anfxu to refrain) ah- 
stemiously, temjicrairly, soberly, 




mcxlesllij. Or, (fr. avtyOiif en-| drive away) drivm, or ccirritd 
vioKis) li'ilefutti/, ipittjiijli/, ma-l q/f; depiirted, set out, gonr. 
lieiousli/, enviuustt/. I Ar;;,\uKn, -«(, -c, per. — ATijXnoru, 

ATcxpitTo, 3 sin. iiii|i. as if from «(, -r, 1 a. iiid. act. ordTrcXniii'n). 

nTj^()/i>/iai, same as aTtfxpi> 
imp. orarr<>;^oi;. 
AT£Y''''rf'J -<li t- -wffui, p. -(jurii, (li". 

AffifAduoi', and oT/Xnuoc, imp. — 
Avij\uvaa, for ur/Aji'irn, 1 a. 
ntt. ot a!ro.\m'i(i>. 

(irdmteMs.aiidiYi'piSwiwhiclisec; AiriiXyi;""! -If, -t, per. ind. act. — 
Aff/.xw, f. mfti^u), p. iiTf(TY')''''»> {•'■• A»r);XjvK<j7{f, n. pi. par. per. act 
otJ froiii, and i^u to hold J to ofnrmXj'/uj. 
rccfirr, ollniu, grt, or have 1rnm\ KmiXcyiMi, (Ir. next) fiercely, fii 

another ; to dirivt, or draw from ; 
to rel'ite, refer, or bdong to ; to 
be akiail, distant or awat/ from ; 
to akstiiiii, wuhhold, he far from ; 

rinmty, cruetb/ ; Mdly, intre- 
pidli/ ; openly, undisguiiedly, 
ATi;Xt)'i)f, -fuf -ovi, i, i/, (fr. a-jb 
Aff/j^ofini, to refrain, keep away, \ from, and nMyto to regard) re- 
ar remove from, rexirain one''s gardtens of^ persons or danger • 

self, be clear of, or free from. 2 a, 
act. aTTic^ov, mid. arc(r;^<i/ii)i', 
inf. a'TTsa^taOcit, imp. mid, arret- 
X'^firjv, 1 f. mid. a^ffo/i«(. 

ATf';(^ii)V, -ouffa, -ni, g. sin. -;^oi'TOf, 
a. fem. -^ovcat, par. pres. act. 
of List. 

ATTf^iiipiaOrji; -rjf, -tj, 1 a. ind. 
pass, of aTTOj^aip/ftj. 

AT£i|iu, -ofi i;, (fr. a neg. and 
iTf'iiif boiiins) Me incapahility, 
or ahsence ot' softening, or di*- 
solving ; indigestion. 

ATr£-^i5;^o>/ro, 3 pi. imp. mid. of 

AT£uir, Ion. for mriiv, pres, par. of 

d-tifxt, to be absent. 
AnT,, 3 sin. pres. sub. — 'Airoi, -pf, 

-Ij, pres. sub. — ATriji', -Qf, -^, 

imp. ind. of same. 
Arri'iyfiyov, Alt. for aTTJjyov, 2 a. of 

ATvyyfiAa, -af, -£, 3 pi. -Xav, 1 a. 

ind. act. — ATTtyyiXnv, -'lU -Vi 

pass, and X-zfiyytXov, -£f, -£, 

act. 2 a. imi. of arayy/XXu. 
ArnyitcOat, Ion. for aiptjyitcdai, 

pres. inf. oi atpriyiofiai. 
A-ri'iytiita, -aro;, to, Ion, for a^ijy- 

1 a. inf. mid. of aipriyiojiat. 

Anfiyqijii, Ion. (or aipt'tyvmi- 
Arrnynai, -(ai, -Krai, per. pass, of 

Ar;;yfa>ijv, -u, -uro, 1 a. ind. mid. 

Air;jyoi', see an-^yayoy. 
ATTri^iadnv, -my "7) I ^- ?**'• "f 

Ari;£iv, -i7£i;, -.';£', 3 pi. amjctaav, 

Att. nTr);£(rai', pper. mid. — Am;£- 

ca, Alt. for a-rruaa, 1 a. ind. of 

airfi/ji, to ^0 away. 
ArrTjKo, -H{, -£, Ion. for a(pT]Ka, 1 a. 

act. ot aipit^fii. 
ArrnKtoi, -ou, 6, >'), (fr. ari from, 

and airautj to hear) same as 


fierce, furimis ; bold, daring, in- 
tr/pid, couragtouf. 

Am/Xfyjn, -«?,-£, 1 a. act Ami- 

Xty(tltn]v, mid. of oTrfX/yvu). 
ATTTjXnTiit, Gen. xxvii. 42. suppos- 
ed erroneous for airciXt7ni(, 3 sin. 
pres. pass. cont. of air£iXfw. 
A-rnXlxOiiv, -rji, •»;, 1 a. pass, of 

Ari)XOoi', -£f, -f, Sync, for a-rrijXv 
Oov, (fr. cXnOu) obs.) 2 a. act. of 
AiTrjXiioT}!^, -ov, b, (fr. nrv from, 
and ;;X(Of the sun) depending on, 
or proceeding from the 3un ; the 
east wind ; distant from the sun, 
the north or south. 
ATrijXXny^tai, -fni, -KTftt, per. ind. 
pass. — AT;;XXa;^9rt/, inf. — 
ArrnXXayijih'Oi, par. per. pass. 
A7r>;XXo;;^a, per. act. — Aff/;X- 
Xa(a, 1 a. act. — ATTijXXn'y;;!', 2 
a. ind. pass. — Ari/XXriVafro, 3 
sin. imp. pass, of aTTuXXatrow. 

AirtjXXoTpiuKii, per. net. — ArrrjX- 
Xorpi'oi^ai, per. pass. — A7rr;XXo- 
T-piw/ifVof, -77,-01', par, per. pass. 
of uTTiiXXorpidw. 

AvrjXoirjca, -as, -c, 1 a. ind. act. of 

AirnX-TtKa, per. act. — AiriiX-ziaa, 1 
a. act. of (nr£Xrr/fu). 

A'aniJovTof, -ov, b, i';, (fr. a neg. 
and TTrj^a hurt) see a-rr>'jpi'i)v, 

AiTi'inapTov, -£f, -£, Poet, for aipt'i- 
fiaprov, 2 a. act. of a(paftaprdnj). 

XiriifitXijiiivoi, per. par. pass, of 
avniitXiofiai, fr. a-rri intens. and 
afteXiu) which see. 

ArrnficXriiiixmi, (fr. last) negligent- 
ly, carelessly. 

Arrjijev, Sync, for avfja/itv, 1 pi. 

pper. of dTTctftt, to depart. 
lATTiiJoavvT}, -rji, and X-at^fiovia, -/if, 
1^, (tr. arrfjinav unhurt) safety, 
security ; harmlessness, inno- 

A TT^ftvvcv, imp. or 1 a, of avaiiivo). 

AT/'//iuii.', -ovoi, b, fi, (fr. a neg. and 

AirriKpJliu>iiii/o{, per. par, pass, of] rrii/za damage) unhurt, unin- 

.\T:r}Kpi'0o>fiivtj);, [fr. last) exactly, 

completely, perfectly, accurately, 

in a masterly manner. 
Atjjktoj, -911, 6, i;, (fr. a neg. and 

jured, safe, secure ; innocent, 
harmless ; vihnlcsome, healthy, 
salutary ; favourable, hrdmy. 
AtJiv, imp. of aV£iu(, to he absent. 
Ar/jityKn, -n{, -f, 3 pi. -yicav, I a. 
rijKTai compact, th. itnyxvfti to — ATri'ivtyKov, 2 a. ind. act. of 
fasten) infirm, weak, loose, un~\ aTO(pfpu>. 

connected; not frozen, or har.\An>ivcta, -as, i'/, (fr. a7rv!)i cruel) 
dened, sojt, dissolved, thawed. cruelty, inhumanity ; mldncss, 

AwKrii, -o'j, b, li, (fr. ardyi^ tfi' fierceness. 


Avijviiiofiat, (fr. ani intens. and 
ivcds dumb) to 6f dumb with 
amn^ement, be confounded, asto- 
nishid. 1 a, ind. pass. airrinuiOiiv. 

Air;;i'/of, g. sin. ol iiirtjiin. 

Ani'ifti, -t;f, i;, and Dor. Atz/vu, 
-Of, rl, (poiliaps tr. anuvat to go 
away. Or, fr. airi from, and 
iivia reins) « car, cart, wagon, 
carriage, chariot. 

Avt)ii)jvdityiv, -0), -aro, 1 u. mid. of 

A-rni'fif, -hi -oBf, i, ,';, (perhaps fr, 
avU priv. and tvt^f,s gunlle. Or, 
fr. nvi from, and i]via reins) 
harsh, rough ; cruel, inhuman, 
savage; fierce, wild, ungovern- 
able, intractable; Or, (fr. same, 
and attdu) to praise) uncommend- 
able, unworthy, blameable. 

Aviivdov, Dor. for aiTl)\Oov, 2 0, 
act. ol airipYOfiui. 

ATTt'iVTrjijn, -as, -c, 3 pi. -i/ffav, 1 a, 
act. of anavrdio. 

AiTi'/opos, -ov, b, >i, (fr. airi from, 
and uKop/ii) to suspend) hanging 
from above, depending ; over- 
hang ing, impending, imminent ; 
high, lofty; ele^'uted, 

'Anrjpa, -as, -c, I a. ind. act. — 
Air^p*.'!, per. act. — Arj)p/iai, 
per. pass. — ATrfipOr]v, 1 a. pass, 
o< airalpiii. 

i\.iTripliaduiriv, -a), -aro, 1 a. ind. 
mid. o\ uTTepiilit). 

Art'iOTti^ai, per. ind. pass. — ATriyp- 
Tiiiiiius, per. par. pass, of anap- 

A'ji'pTioitut, per. ind. pass. — 
A-fipTKr/ihos, per. par. pass, of 

ATTiipTiofjitrias, (fr. last) perfectly, 

Atiis, 2 sin. pres. sub. of duttfu, 

to be absent. 
ATrjaujf, -ovaa, -ov. Ion. for a<f>^- 

a(i)v, I f. par. of aipln^t. 
Airrjvpa, 3 sin. cont. of Arryjvpaov 

-Mi; imp. ind. act. it may also 

be Sync, for avnvpioa, 1 a. ind. 

act. of anavpdu). 
ATtTi^a, per. ind. act. of airdyoi. 
AiTtj)(^iu} -d, f. -);(ru, p. -riKa, (Ir. 

and priv. and >ix''^ ^^ sound) to 

jar, discord, disagree; to sound 

loud, or harsh ; par. pres. nirr/- 

Xi^^t -ouaa, -6v. 
A'iTi'ixil'a, -Stos, rd, and ATr>'iX1<r'St 

-(Of, Att. -fojf, )',, (fr. last) jar. 

ring, discord, disagreement. 
A-rnx^S, -f'Ji- -oi'S, b, >), (fr. same) 

discordant, jarring, disagreeing ; 

disagreeable, unsuilafde, offen- 
sive, contrary. 
ArrrjxdcTo, 3 sin. imp. or 2 a. — 

AiT^X^''f""< P^''" '"'^- P^^^* °^ 
arrdxBofiat, (fr. asA intens. and 

dxQojtat to dislike) or of airtjf;- 

Odvofiat, which is more in 


A-ai'iX^riv, -ris, -17, 1 a. ind. pass. 

of atrdyu). 

Ani'ixOripu, -as, -c, 1 a. ind. act. of 


Ari?;^ou/i£i'Of, -i), -ov, par. pres. 

pass. cont. of avrjxiij). 
Air»;(uofwvr', foraTj;(/)pf i/iTO, Dor. for 


aKTIupovvTo, 3 pU imp. ind. mid 
— KTSfiiipiiaa, 1 a. ind. act. — 
Arrijupnttivoi, per. par. pass, of 
anatwpiw, fr. a-xb inleii3. and 
atiopioi, wliich see. 

Arri(i>pos,-ov, b, //, same as airfiopoi 

ATiaffi, Ion. lor dvtci, 3 pi. pres. 
of d-ntijii, to go away. 

ATi'Ja), -Pi, •]], 2 a. sub. act. of 

A-zUiicv, Aziivat, K-riiaaci, A-Uv 
Tat, A-U<Tdai,AT!t(i.icyos, Ion. for 
a<p.incv, I pi. ()rcs. ind. act. aipti- 
vai, pres. mf. act. a<piu>ai, 3 pi. 
pres. sub. act. a^icvrai, 3 pi. 
pre3. ind. pass. aipltoOat, pres. 
inf. pass. a<piinivoi, par. pres. 
pass, of a(j>iviJ't- 

Arinai, pres. inf. of dntipii, to go 
air ay. 

Ariiaav, 3 pi. imp. ind. of a-ltim, 
to go away. 

Anil] yaitj, a distniit lanil, see 
dirto;. Or, the Apian land, Pe- 
loponnesus, from 'Arfj the son 

of ♦opoi'it'f. 

Arirjf, 2 sin. 2 a. sub, of aTci/ii, to 

go uwny, 
AitiOavoi, -ov, b, h, (<"r. a neg. and 

TTuOtit to persuade) improbahlc, 

unlikely, incTtdible; undcstning 

AtiS/u -C, f. -i;c(j), p. -iKa, (fr 

same) to disobey, transgress com- 

mands ; to disclaim, or disown 

Aridnaa, -as, -c, Ion. for Tjrridiiaa, 

1 a. ind. act. of last. 
Axiicarui, AnVuro, Ion. for a^fxa- 

rai, and a<pUaTo, these for a^iy- 
/i/ioi tiffi, 3 pi. per. ind. pass, 
and a<{iyfiiiot ijaai; 3 pi. pper. 
))ass. 01 aiitKiioiiut. 
A'fi"), ATUta6ai,Ai!tK6iiti'Oi,.\irtK- 
vtladat, Ani'rat, Ion. for a(jtiKij, 

2 8in. 2 a. sub. mid. a(j/iKicOin, 
inf. a^iicJ/'trojipar. At^inri'taOnt, 
pre*, mf. pas.s. a<j)UTai, 3 sin. 
per. ind. pas.s. of n^jni/o/mi. 

'Airi<(po(, -01', k, ^, (fr. a neg. and 
irm-pJ; bitter) not bilUr, without 
hnmhntst ; pitUU, mild. 

Ari,\A/u -w, (fr. orri from, and lA- 
>os the eye) an niitiquatcd 
word, pynonymous with a-ro- 
f.\tlu>, to 'hut uul, exclude, ba- 
ni»h. 1 a. ind. [laai". ar.tWiiOiiv. 

Atri'/iiXof, -Of, and A~iiu^iis, -I'of 
-ovi, 0, 11, [(t. a rtf'g. and n- 
(nA^ (at) thin, lean, meager, 

A^tfhs, -lof -otif, h, I'l, (fr. same, 
and irivot dirt) /ric from dirt, 
flenn,nenl, eUfinitt. 

As■l^^ffff(l», (fr. Bftinc, and riciJiririii 
or r»i;ii to lire.ilhf) to dote ; to 
fi'nl; to hreuthe forth, erjnrt. 

Air/ftrai, Tin. for af>f(crai, S bin. 
I f. mill, of a^irrlnfiai, 

'AiTifif, Ion. (or n<;,i^i(. 

'Anov, -If, -f, 2 a. iitd. — 'Ant, 
inii)r. — .\rtniiii, opl, — Ariw, 
»un. — Arii7>, inf. — A^iui', 
par. of (irtifii, to i;n nuutt/. 

'Kntov, -Oh, rA, a pmr, Miii 

'AirToj, -ou, 4, 1 /Jtir 'tC 

'A rt f , -ix, -ov, and Ion. -t), -ov, 


perhaps fr. a-rd from) far, dis- 
tant, remote. 

X-rmrdvai, Anorr/arai, A'tGridro, 
Ion. for a<!)icrdiat, pres. inf. 
act. a^ioTavrai, 3 pi. [)res. ind. 
pass. a6i(!TavTo, 3 pi. imp. ind. 
pass, of aiilartiiit. 

A-iariw -w, f. -jjcru, p. r,-r;laTnKa, 
(fr. a neg. and -i'ans faith) <9 
disbelieve, discredit, doubt, mis- 
trust ; to he faithless, disobey ; 
pres. par. pass, atricrovuivos. 

A-ri<iTt!in,lon. for a<piaTma. 

.\.'riaT)]aai,-aaa,-av, par. 1 a. act. 
— ATTiCTovntv, 1 pi. cent. pres. 
ind. act. — ArioTouiTuv, g. pi. 
ront. par. pres. act. of a-tricriui. 

A-iaria, -af, )';, (fr. next) wnnt of 
faith, unbelief ; mistrust, doubt; 
infidelity, treachery. 

'AnicTOi, -ov, b, >i, (fr. a neg. and 
■nloTii faith) md to be believed, 
incredible ; not to be trusted, 
faithless, perfidious; disbelieving, 
incredulous, dubious; an unbe- 
liever, infdcl. comp, aTt(7T(irtpof, 
sup. -oraro';. 

A-xicTiiii, (fr. last) perfidiously, 
fraudulently, treacherously; ab- 
surdly, incredibly. 

A-rXdKrjTo;, -ov, b, !}, (fr. a neg. and 
::>a|u) to stray) unerring, cer- 
tain, sure, not straying. 

Att^Sviis, -io; -ots, and ATrAav»7roj, 
-ov, b, I'l, (fr. a neg. and ~\dv>i 
error) nut wandering, settled, 
resident ; unnrine, undeviating, 
undeceived, faithful. 

'A^XoffTof, -ov, b, I'l, (fr. a neg. and 
■zXacrii feigned) unfeigned, sin- 
cere, artless, simple ; rude, un- 
firmid, sh.ipelcss, uncouth. 

'A~\n0roi, Sync, for or/Xaarof, 
wl.ich see. 

ArX<iTi;f, -ioi -oP?, b, }), (fr. a neg. 
and T.\arui broad) narrow, con- 
tracted, confined. 

'Ar\dTCi, Dor. for dit^rjroi, which 

ArXa'ruic, (Gcn. xxiv. 22.) per- 
haps iir^iirvvt, 3 sin. imp. or 1 
a. ind. act. of rX( rCiu. 

'An'Stroi, Poet, for dirXn'Oi- 

'AffXfi'pof, -ov, b, I'l, (fr. a iicp. and 
rXtt'pd the side) uncovered on 
the side, unguarded, riposed. 

'A!iXi/)'(0{, -oil, 6, /;, (fr. ne*l) sin- 
gle, pUiin, simple ; artless, harm- 
less, innocrtit. 

'AT>ijy}{, -li'oi, ',, (by Epcn. fr 


voracioairness ; greatness, txten- 
sion, vaslness. 

'A-rhtaros, -ov, b, h, (fr. a neg. and 
7rX»;6u) to fill) not to be gratified, 
insatiable, ravenous, voracious ; 
craving, importunate ; extensive, 
boundless, immense, vast. 

Avh'i(rroii, (fr. last) insatiably, 
greedily, voraciously, vastly, in- 

'AzXtiTos, Dor.'A-r\aro(, andPoet. 
'AttXctos, -ov, b,li, (fr. a neg. and 
rXa'u, fffXu'u, or irX^/it to ap- 
proach, th. Ti'Aac near) inac- 
cessible, unattainable, beyond 
reach, or power ; inextricable, 
irremediable. Or, (fr. same, 
and ::X)j0u) to fill) vast, extensive, 
immense, boundless. 

'AirXdn, ->;;, >'/, (fr. utX<Soj single) 
same as u-Xdr/jf. 

'A-Tr\60pt^, -tx^ij ^1 m Cf. same, 
and &p'i^ hair) straight-haired, 
lank-locks ; bald. 

'Afl-Xoia, -as, /;, (fr. aTrXooj unnavi- 
gable) that part of the year when 
sailing is dangerous, the season 
unfit for sea ; rough wiallier. 

' A~\o\^ojiai, f. -iaofiai, (fr. arXdof 
simple) to behave with simplicity, 
act tcith candour, be ingenuous, 
or ca?idid. 

'ATT\6iKOS, -ov, b, f), (fr. same) sirti- 
ple, single ; plain ; goodnalured. 

'A-xXots, -l^os, >}, (fr. same) alight 
cloak ; thin, single. 

'ArXoifOf, -ov, b, t'l, (fr. a neg. and 
TrXfVo) to fold) unfolded, not 
creased, or crumpled, smooth. 

'AirXoKi'wi', -orof, b, (fr. next, and 
KViov a dog. ) An epithet of 
Antisthenes one of the Cynic 
sect, because these men were 
nicknamed dogs, and wore only 
a single garment. 

'AirX(5o{-oD{, -ot]-!}, -Sov-ovv, (per- 
haps fr. a one, and r/Xu to be. 
Or fr. a neg. and zoXls many) 
simple, single, plain, uncom- 
pounded; cltar, distinct; sound, 
healthy ; artless, unvarnished ; 
candid, honest, sincere, uprinht, 

' \z\uos -ovs, -6ov -ov, I), I), (Ir. a 
nog. and nXdos navigation, ili. 
-X/uitosail) unnavifiable ; unfit, 
or improper for sailing ; boister- 
ous ; diingcrouf. 

'ArUrns, -rros, i';, (Tr. <\z>6os sin- 
glfi) sinnlrness ; simplicity, inno- 
cincc, purity ; sincerity, candour, 

nzXiits, which is fr. Arr\ut) uirXi), i ingenuousness, frankness ; botin- 

fom. of rirXiSof single) u thin 
liglit cloak. 

'A TrXf;<.'ro(, •or, and ArXi/f, -■/«(, 4, 
!), (fr. a neg. and TrXi/orw to 
strike) unt Ktrjck, unbrnlcn, un- 
hurt ; harmless, undarnaned. 

'AtX^c, a.bin. (em. conl. ofiirXiiof. 

A-X^ou)To{, -Of. 4. ';, (fr. a neg. and 
rXtjpiSw to fulfil) difirievl, want- 
ing, imperfect ; mil fulfiUtd, or 
consummated ; msniinhlr, greedy. 

AvXijartiofint, (fr. lirXtjarof in»a- 
liablc ) to he greedy, or iiuatiablt ; 
to crave, irrfporlun'', 

ArXijffrfa, -of, •/, (fr. ncxi) insa 

ty, liberality. 

'ArXiiui -d', f. -loaui, p. •ii)Ka, {fr. 
Fame) to simplify, explain ; to 
unfolil, open, discver, display : 
to erpund, blow ; to extent., 
stretch nut. inij). ind. T/TrXoov 
-ovv, 1 tt. ind.(;?:X<i)(rn* inf. ilirXiii- 
trill, per. pass. i'/nXuafiai, par. 

Ai:>,vnbi,-n<, f), (fr. ncxt)/oi;/nM.i, 
dirt, n'uitinest, vantnf wathtng. 
A:r\vatai, -oir, n'l, spoiigt*. 

'AirXuroti-oii, 4,i;, (fr. a neg. and 
rrXf vo) to wufch) unweishcd, foul, 
dirty, soiled. 

lin',Unrts grredinesf, craving,]' A^\ui, {fr. <SirX(Jof siliclo) angly ; 


aincirtit/, frankfy ; bounti/ull}/, 
tibfralli/, kimlly. 
'AirXuroj. -ov, b, f), (fr. a neg. and 
w.\ij/ii (or irX/u to suil)si-c rfrrXoos . 
Amefji, -tot -oP«i ^, >^, (fr. a inloiis. 
and iri7u lo hroallic) hirulhinei 
dtrply^ paiidrig sishini;. Or 
(fr, II nc|;. mm same) out oj 
brrnlh^ itTratlilfSs, xcnntinf; air ; 
without (lir, or u;i;if/, liglUing, 
ATifi'/inroi, -ov, h, /;, (fr. same, 
uikI TTvcfifia air) J'rtefrom uind, 
shdtt red. 
ATifi'an, (fr. nVi'ti'irrof breathless) 
stillt/, xiithmtt a hrealh ; all in a 
breath, tvithoul draning breath, 
or iritcmtption ; closely, in a 
crow'l, confusedly, 
kitxzvarla, -ai, ^, (fr. same) a re- 
straining, or suppression of 
breath; diffculty of breathing, 
shortness of breath. 
ArcvivaTtd^uj, f. -iiVu', (fr. same) 
to breathe shorty or low ; to pant, 
'ATvivaroi, -ov, 6,;% (fr. o neg. and 
jrvfo) tobrentlie) breathless, spent, 
exhausted; lifiless, dead; with- 
out scent, or nose ; sheltered. 
'Ajtvcko, -as, (fr. same) calmness, 
serenity ; n calm, stillness of air ; 
want of air, sultriness. 
'Anvooi -oDf, -6ov -ov, b, »;, (fr. 
same) calm, still ; breathless, 
lifeless, dead. 
Ard, with the genitive, /rom ; off", 
far ; since, after ; av>ny from, 
wide of; by, for, by reason ; of, 
out of, belonging to ; without ; 
thrwtgh time or space ; at the 
distance of, on ; with, by. In 
compos, it generally implies ne- 
gation, or privation. 
Kt!o, at a distance, away, far, far 
off"; for d-Ktari, he is off, awny ; 
it is past, and gone. For diridi, 
away .' off"! begone ! 
A-rrb avrov, from thence, from that 

Airoait'Vfiat, same as airatwfiai, 
which see. Imp. ind. a-^oaivv- 
fiiiv, Ion. for aiToriviixriv. 
AiToatficladai, Azoaipio, Atroaipio- 
fiai, Ion. and Poet, for a(patpcta- 
6at, pres. inf. pass.a^aipou, pres. 
imur. pass. n(patpioitat, pres. 
ind. pass, or mid. of a^aip/w. 
Asolinfi^u), f. -iaui (fr. arri from, 
and (iulii^ui to go) to walk away, 
go off, depart. 
Aro^ddpa, -af, /;, (fr. next) a lad- 
der, step-ladder, stepping -board, 
AirojJuiVu), f. -^fiaoixm, p. -(iiftriKa, 
(fr. ani from, and flaivu to go) 
to come, or go from, or out of ; 
to disembaik, land ; to depart, 
yield, retire ; to descend, come 
down, dismount ; to succeed, 
follov) after, or from ; to happen, 
come to pass, turn out. per. par. 
arolicfirjKiii. 2 a. (fr. lirj/ti) ind. 
airf)3»)v, 3 pi. nirilirianV sub. niro- 
PS>' inf. aroPrjvaf par. airo^df. 
XnoPdXnri., 2 pi. sub. and Kno(ia- 
Attiv, -ouaa, -dv, par. 2 a. act. of 


AJTo/JrfAAui, f. -3X(3, p. aTToft([i\i)Ka, 
(fr. (iri from, and /(<j'AXu) to 
throw) lo east, Jiing, Ihrnw off; 
or nvay ; to reject, Ut go, rrltn- 
qinsh ; to lo.ic, uuslc, fnfdt. 2 a. 
act. ind. anij]a^vv ^ub. rnro^u- 
Xw, '2 pi. uTTiilJdXriTe' par. avojia- 
Xiir. per. pass. a-iTol.h'li\tiiint. 1 
n. pass. aviliXiiOtif' par. «rro/jXi;- 
OdV. per. mid. oro/Ji>'oXa. 

Avolidtrro, f. -4'<i), p. -<^(i, (fr. same, 
and (JdiTTU) to dip) to dip, dive ; 
lo ilratv, pour ovi, as li(|iiov ; to 
linge. 2 f. and act. a-xolSStiCi. 

Avol'iiif, -aaa, -<ir, n. |il. -0dvTCi, 
2 a. par. act. of nro/^uiVw. 

\ir6l3i1aii, -lOi, Att. -cwf, fj, (fr. 
a-nn<i(dvii> to descend) a descent ; 
landing ; a landing-place, lad- 
der, steps, stairs; exit, end, evint. 

ATofiuTrjOiOi, (fr. same) who de- 
scends. An epithet of Jupiter. 

AiTopdTris, -ov, 0, (fr. same) a hind 
of soldiers, who either had a 
second horse, or fought both 
on foot and horseback. Also, n 
kind of champion in the public 

Airo/JuTiTOf, •!), -iiv, (fr. last) if- 
longing to that kind of soldiers, 
champions, or games. 

.KzofiiliriKa, -af, -£, per. ind. act. 
of a-jTofiaifw. 

A-Ko(ii^\TjKn, -as, -t, per. ind. act. 
— A-r;o(ii0\riKi>s, par. per. act. 
of a7ro/3«'XX(<j. 

AtojS^i'oi, 2 a. inf. act. — Airo^fi- 
cojiai, -7), -trat, 1 f. md. mid. of 

Avo(ifiaai.o, or -rrw, f. -^u, (fr. a-ri 
from, and (itjacui to cough) to 
co7igh vp, expectorate, spit. 

Airo0tdl^o^iai, f. -daofjai, (fr. same, 
and /3ia'fu> to force, ih. jSia force) 
to force away, drive rff, repulse ; 
to enforce, constrain, overpower ; 
to labour, strain ; to travail. 

At:o[ii(idi^ui, f. -daiji, p. -Ka, (fr. 
airD intens. and jiiftd^u to admit) 
to make descend, bring, or take 
down ; to dismount, unlwrrse, 
disembark ; to pass, cross, send 
over. pres. inf. act. aiToPifid2,ctv. 
pass. arro/?(/3a^£(r6a(. 1 a. ind. 
mid. a7rfj3i/3a<7(i^j;i'. 

AiTofiiSui -u>, f. -wcru, p. -ujKa, (fr. 
qtJ priv. and (iidui to live) to de- 
part, die. pres. inf. act. aTrojSiu- 
rai. 2 a. a-r!c(iiu)v,-ws, -U). 

Avujito'ic'ifiOt, -ov, b, )), (fr. last) de- 
parting, dying, death-bed, final, 

An-o/ji'uffii, -to;, Att. -tai?, 6,/;, (fr. 
same) dtparture, death. 

Ai:o^\diTTii>, f. -i^o), p. -(Pa, (fr. otto 
priv. and P'Xdnru) to hurt) to 
injure, hurt, impair, damage; 
to deprive, bereave, par. 1 a. 
pass. aTtoP'SatpOtif. 
Airo/3Xaaru'»'(D (fr. airi intens. and 

li'XnaTdvui which sec.) 
Aro/3Aa'(7Tijpin, -aro;, ri, (fr. last) 
a bud, shoot, germ, sprig ; oj'- 
spring, descendants. 
ATrofiXdarrjais, -to;, Att. -twf, ^, 
(fr. same) a springing, budding, 

\ sprouting, shooting. 


ATrop\a<t>9cU, -tioa, -iv, 1 a par. 

pHSK. of (liro/jXuTTTUI. 

Arrii/iX»7!(i), t. .\^ui, p. aitii(i{p\ri(pa, 
(Ir. QTO intens. and liXfru to 
look) to turn the sight, or alltn- 
tionj'ront about ojic'n selj tuuurds 
onothi r olijicl ; lo look vp to, ad- 
miie; torrgurd, rcspiel ; to con- 
sider ; to hurt an eye to, viind, 
hemt ; to icluiii;, appertain to ; 
lo look from, ii//, or array ; 1 a. 
ind. act. airZ/^Xn^a. inipr. av6- 
^Xi4.oi', 2 pi. anoliXixlaTC. 3 pi. 
1 a. sub. avoliXi\j.iiiai. 1 a. ind. 
niid. a7rf/iXtt|«/i>/>'. 

A7ro/3X>j9r(c, -tloa, -iv, 1 a. par. 
pass, of oTro/inXXiD. 

ATTii/3Xi;^a, -uT-of, t3, (fr. airo/?rfXXii» 
to throw away) rejuse, leavings, 
rtnmant, rilics, cjjnl, 

A'HoliXrtTlKdi, -ov, b, fj, (fr. annfidX- 
Xu) to throw away) negligint, 
xcaslfful, scattering, lavish, pro- 
digal ; a spendthrift ; an out- 

A-6liX>iTov, -ov, ri, (neut. of next) 
same as«;Ty/?X>)//a. 

Ari)/JX»;ro{,-ou, b, 1;, (fr. same) lobe 
refused, rejected, cast off, thronm. 
aside, or away ; irorthliss, vile. 

ArofiXfrru, fr. a-i from, and jiXh- 
Tto, which see. 

ATTojiXi^u), f. -vaw, (fr. same, and 
/JXuftti to gush) to spring, stream, 
gush ; to vomit, spit, or spew 
out ; pres. inf. uTro/^Xtl^tiv. 

AirojiXwoKui, f. -uiau, (fr. same, and 
jiXwcKw to come to) to depart, go 
away, leave, quit ; to return, 

AwofioXfi, -rii, /;, (fr. airojSdXXo) to 
throw away) a casting qff", rejec- 
tion ; a loss. 

ATro(i6ijKw, fr. ani intens. and ()ia- 
Kb), which see. 

AttoISovkoXcu) -a, f. -^(T(d,p. -<ca, (fr. 
oTrd from, and fSovKoXko to pas- 
ture) to separate, seduce, or de- 
coy from the herd, or ^ock ; to 
mislead, deceive, delude, beguile ; 
ATtofiovKoXio^iai -ovjtat, lo stray, 
wander, depart, err. 1 a. ind. act. 

ATo(iovK6Xriiia, -aroi, ri. (fr. last) 
robbing the flock, thejt ; imposi- 
tion, imposture, cheat ; deception, 
delusion ; seduction. 

ATTopovKoXi^u), same as airoffovKo- 

Airolipd^oi, f. -aiTii), (fr. an-J intens. 
and Ppd^ti) to boilj to froth, foam, 
boil over. Or (fr. and priv.) to 
cool, calm, abate. 

Ari.Bpaaija, -arof, to, (fr. last) 
froth, foam, spray ; chaff, bran. 

A-Jo(ipdaaojiai, (fr. same) lo froth, 
foam, fly, or be thrown iff like 

AniPpcyjia, -aros, rb, (fr. next) an 
infusion, or extract ; a mixing 
with water, weakening, dilution ; 
a sj/rinkling, washing ; the wa- 
ter so used ; moisture, juice. 

Airo/3p/;^w, f. -fw, P- -X"t C*"- ""* 
iniens. and iip'X'^ lo sprinkle) 
lo sprinkle, bedew, vtet, moisten ; 
lo dip, sleep ; Arro/3p^;^o/iai, to be 
wet ; to drop, drip. 


Aro/?j)i'^(i)) f. •tato, and -t^u, (fr. 
same, and fipi^ia to nap) to xUep 
souwUy ; to sleep off a surf tit ; 

to iiululge in sleep. 1 a. act 

arri^pi^a. par. aTojSpi^af, n. pL 
mas. anolipi^iivTtq. 
Azol3piB<j}, f. -hii), (fr. same, and 

ISpidm to be heavy) to oppresg, 

overp'iwer ; to weigh (lawn, over- 

AtToi3poxh, -lis, ht [fr. arro^pi)^u> to 

sprinkle) a sprinkling, mouiten- 

ing, wetting. 
Aro^p.)3^9if(j, (fr. ard intens. and 

.JpJyy^f, same as t^pSyX"^ ''^^ 

tliroat) to swallow, devour, eat 

ATTo/Jpix's""' (•""■• same, and fip6xoi 

a lialter) toeninare ; to inveigle, 

implicate, emharrass. 
\T:ofipi''Xj', C^r- same, and [ip6x<^ 

to gnash) to bite, gnaw, consume. 
A-roliputdiU, -cUa, -h, 1 a. par. 

pass, of 
Aro^puxTKU, f. -cSffu), p. 'l3i(ipij)Ka, 

(fr. n-d' intens. and (ipihoKu) to 

feed) to feeil upon, eat up, devour, 

consume, per. pass, a-rotiiiioui- 

fim. 1 a. ()ass. aiTtiipiidnv. 
.liirolit'iD, f. -vau, (fr. same, and 

[ivia to stuff) to stop up, Jill up, 

darn ; to block up, barricaiLe, 

shut up. 
Air(J,'iui/ioy, -ow, 0, li, (fr. aiti from, 

and /?w^fif the altar) profane, 

ungoiltt/, irreligious, wicked, ex- 
kit'ifl'oai, 3 pi. 2 a. sub. act. of 

inri'/fiijiii, OX avofinivbi, 
AiT'Ivdiof, and A»r<}yt(o;, -ou, b, i), 

{fr. same, and ytua the earth) 

hei/onii the earth ; removed from 

the earth ; far from land. 
AttoyiiiSio -io, (fr. avd intens. and 

yurt the land) to make for land, 

to turn to land. 
ATiynXaiCTi^d), C -lota, (fr. ari 

(rom, and y.i'Xa milk) to wean, to 

lake from the milk. 
A'oyti^nKTtafiis, -ov, b, (fr. last) 

Arnytypaiifilvitf, -17, -ov, par. per. 

pass, of iiT'/yp(i^(K. 
Arroyilit, -a<, //, (fr. urj from, and 

ymti the hind) a land-hreeze. 
AT'iytm, -<i)v, T<), (fr. same) a ri- 

A/r, hahrr, a rope holding tlie ship 

to the shore. 
AriSycioi., -ov, ri, (fr. lamc) the 

apogee of it hrnienli] hixly, its 

grntle't elongation from the 

A'^iytiof, -ou, i, /), (fr. same) same 

as iirAynint, 

Arroyiia^u) -iS, f. .uffw, (fr. ari by, 
nnd yfiiT'ic iho raves) to rnnf, 
cover with n nlnpr, to aine a drip 
to, fnrm like a penthouse ; to 
shelter, screen. 

Knnyr.iil^i,,, fr. nri intens, and yt- 
fii^ia, xvhifh 5cr. 

Artyfiiio, f. -/iw, (fr. a-i priv. nntl 
yiwi lo fill) to unload, empty, 

Antyivviho -'3, f. -i'/<Tii), (fr. nri in- 
tent, and ytvvi'no to breed) to 
engendtr, beget, conceive, breed, 


bring forth, produce, create, 7nakc, 

Azoycvuiiei'Oi, -r,, -or, par. 2 a. 
mid. of airoyi'vo^ai. 

Airoyciojiat, f. -cvaonat, (fr. a-ni 
from, and ycvofiai to taste) to 
taste, share, partake of. 

A~oycipvo6u) -d, I. -liaui, fr. arro in- 
tens. and yeipvpijui, which see. 

Aro/»;p'iff«ru), f. aroy;;ou'(Toi),p. aro- 
ycyi'ipaKa, (fr. o:rd Dy, and yn- 
p'iaKO} to grow old) to grow old, 
advance in i/ears ; lo decai/, wear 
out ; to he out of date, become ob- 
solete. 1 a. ind. aTrtyt/paua' sub. 
a—oy7ipda<i). par. pres. arroyrt- 
piinKiOii, II. pi. aiToytipdaKOVTCi. 

ATToyiyvofiai, and Anoyivofxai, f. 
aTtoycu'iaoixat, aTZoyeyhripai, (fr. 
a-rrd from, and yiVofiui to be) <o 
be absent, away from ; to abstain, 
be unconcerned, unconnected, have 
nothing to do with ; to depart ; to 
die ; to descend, proceedfrom ; 1 
a. pass. airiytvt'iOtiv. 2 a. mid. 

.KiroytvuiaKii}, f. a-!Toyvia<TOfxat, p. 
aniyvij)Ka, (fr. oto from, and yi- 
vijiaKui to know) to change the 
mind, alter an intention ; to rejei-t, 
cast off ^ disown, renounce; to dis- 
claim, discharge, dismiss ; to de- 
spair, despond, pper. a-^tyvi^Ktiv. 
2 a. act. ind. a-niyviiiv, (as fr. 
yvUfii) 3 pi. a-ziyvii)aav impr. 
a7r(i)'i'a)9i' sub. aroyi'w' inf. airo- 
yvutviii • par. a-oyvov^, -ovan, -dv. 
per. pass. n-Zyvajtr^acpar. inrsy- 
vuiap(vi);' 1 a. pass. UTrtyvcicO;/!'. 
1 f. pass. aTToyvhiadi'iaofiai. 

ArroyArtuiciiu) -w, f. -daui, (fr. airi 
intens. and yXuvKd; azure) to be 
gray, blue, or azure ; to have 
^'■"V) fierce, or Jiery eyes. 1 a, 
inf. pass. uroyXaufCuiOiVai. par. 

Aroy\nvKitifia, -arof, ri, and Ajto- 
yhu'iKwaif, -lof, Alt. -cuf, ';, (fr, 
last ) a disease of the eye, a pearl 
on the eye ; a viall-eye. 

AriiyXouTo?, -ov, h, t), (fr. airJ priv. 
and y'SdvTui 'lie buttocks) small 
about the hips. 

A-roy^vKiilvu), f. -lifd, fr. azii in- 
tens. and yXiricnii'u), which see. 

A'^jyt'oia, -(i{, and AirdyvoxTti, -io(, 
Alt. -£(!){, //, (fr. nriiytvtoiTKu) or 
azoyviviit to disown) despair, 
despondence ; hopelessness, des- 

Arrf/yiu — Airoyvavf, SCC offoyi- 


Aroyvi'ofiiitv, -nvn^, 11, I/, (fr. aznyt- 
nbuKiij lo disfiwn) whose af cnn- 
nol be known, u:ithout the foal- 
teeth, lost the mark of mouth. 

AT'iyi'i.Wrijf, -ox, b, (fr. same) n 
despairrr ; driprralr, desponding, 

Aroyoi'i'i, -i")(, '), anil Dor. Aroyoi.,;, 
-•7f, 11, (fr. iirrnyli' ■//■ii lo drupcnd 
from) posterity, descendants, off', 

Aniiynmi, -uiv, ril, (fr. same) prn- 
reeds, prntucr, product, griin. 

Kn6ynvrn, -nu, h, )';, (fr. same) a 
arnndson, discenilnnt. 

Affoypui^w, (fr. 'i-^ from, and ypaXa 


an old woman) to restore io 
youth, to make young again. 

Avoypd(pca6at, pres. inf. pass, of 

A-oypd<p!i, -rji, i/, (fr. aTToypd<j>(i> to 
enrol) an enumeration, muster- 
ing, enrolment; a register, re- 
cord ; a survey, description, 

ArrdypSifiov, -nv, tH, (fr. same) a 
copy of writing, or drawing, a 
counterpart ; a draft, extract. 

Airdypdiho:;, -ov, b, 1^, (fr. same) 
copied, transcribed. 

ATToypdipu), f. -\j/w, p. aTToyiypa(pa, 
(fr. a-i from, and ypd(pu) to write) 
to write Old, transcribe, copy ; to 
levy, muster, enrol ; to assess, 
tax ; to register, record ; to enter, 
keep account ; to survey, describe ; 
to accuse, inform against ; Atto- 
ypdipo^ai, !0 enrol one's sdf; to 
declare, profess ; to expunge, obli- 
terate, erase, imp. and 2 a. act. 
a-ziypiKpov. 1 a act. aviypa\j.a' 
sub. u7royp(i<|w. per. pass, airo- 
yiypajifiai. 1 a. pass. aff£yp(i\')- 
drjv. 1 a. ind. mid. uTrtypai^d- 
firjv inf. a-i:oyad-\paaQai. 

A~oyvii{i} -(3, f. -iO(7U), p. aroy£- 
yvlhiKii, (fr.azo intens. andyuiiia- 
to iame) to weaken, enervate, en- 
feeble, debilitate ; to mutilate, 
dismember ; to fracture, dislocate. 
1 a. ind. act. aitcyvluaa' sub. 

Avoyvfti'd^oiiai, (fr. same, andyii;(- 
vu^ui to exercise) to practise for 
improvement; to strip, expose ; to 
speak, or act shamlessty, or bare- 

A-rroyviivdu) -ui, f. -liaui, p. ->i>Ka, 
(fr. same, and yvfiidui to strip, th. 
yufiyig naked) to strip, undress; 
to rliscover, disclose, expose ; to 
exercise, practise, 1 a. par. pass. 

Arroyvfiviaati, -lof, Att. -tu)f, //, (fr. 
last) a stripping ; nakedness ; ex- 
posure, discovery, 

Airoyvi'iiiKioaii, -lof, .\lt. -tuf, i;, 
(fr. inrd from, and yvvi) a woman) 
a making like a wotnan, taming, 

A~oyii)vt6iiiJitii -ovitut, (fr. ord from, 
and yuivlii a corner) to creep into 
a corner ; to hide, .shrink, shun, 
avoid, pres. inf. anoytovtnTiaOm. 

'AruiVt, a. sin. mas. and ncut. pi. 
of (('riMif. 

Avoi\d^niiai, f. -naoijai, an<l Poet. 
-daodiini, (fr. avi inlcns. and 
(Vi'^o/ini lo divide) to ileid out, 
share, distribute ; to imparl, cnm- 
municale. I a. inf. nnii!fdoanaQat. 
1 f. inf. a-rofidanraOai, Poet, lijr 
-^danoOrii, and -tidmaOm. 

krtn!\iiho, (fr. same, anil !\itlio lo 
burn) to burn up, consume; <ij 
parch, scorch, 

Anni^oKvio, f. •fii'i(ii>, p. -iVili;Y<i, (fr. 
iiitI) from, and iSnVi-oj lo bile) to 
bite off", snap. 

A^ofiaKpvTfK't, -wi', r<i, (fr. nc.vt) 
proimrrUives of Irars, 

Xrn^iticpi'tu), f. -iViu, p. -vKo, (fr, 
nirJ iiileim. .ind vnsp<'io to Wfcp) 
to show '{ffecttons by tears, burst 


ill/0 tcar.i ; to lumtnt, bewuil. 

imp. amiiiKovov, Ion. aro^a'/t- 

pvoy. 1 a. ind. act. a^tiaKpvaa. 
ATTolanclv, Dor. for anoiiifith', 

|ircs. inf. ororoor?/i/(i). 
Ait6<^ltoi, -or, 0, i), Dor. for aird- 

Arooiifi(j(?i', 2 a. inf. act. of ano- 

'Jiipdn'i'ui, sec iapddfw. 
ATro(>tien1oi, -ov, b, i/, (fr. next) tri- 
hulari/ ; subject, suhonlinate ; 
sharing, purlaktng ; divided, at- 

A'ooatr/tii, -or, i, (fr. ai:oid(oftai 
to divide) trihule, tax ; udivimon, 
allotment, distribution ; partici- 
pation ; share, portion, lot. 

AnoAdaaaaOai, ;iiid K-ro6dccecQai, 
Poet, see arofd^ofiat. 

Aro^iiu.Xi^a), f. -iVu, (fr. aTu from, 
and (5nD,\of vEol. for 6i\bs a 
torch) to heat, or belabour with 
<i piece of Jirwood^ or a slick off" 
tile hearth ; to strike, bang, 

Anofiifieynai, -^at, -KTat, per. pass. 
of niroSiy^Oftai. 

A~o!ieiuYiJiai, per. pass. — Airoik- 
ftiyfifvoi, -^7, •01', par. per. pass. 

ArooeficiXtaKdra;, (fr. next) fear- 
fully, timidly^ cowardly. 

AiroficictXiaKwi, -via, -oj, [)ar. per. 
act. of aTToitiXidw, 

AroicooKtfujcfih'oi, -i;, -nv, par. 
per. pass, of aToi^ok-i^uj^uj. 

AnoHfi'onat, per. pass, of arrooi- 

A-nofiifipaKa, in 3 pi. — Ar')f;c&pd- 
Knat, per. act. of nrofiiCipdaKU). 

Ano^ffwica, per. ind. act. of a7;o- 

Afoi^fi/f, -/of -oE{, 6, j;, (fr. n7:o?iiw 
to want) inferior, .lubordinate ; 
drjicienl, defective; void, want- 

Ai:oh7, f. ano^tnati, inipcrs. (fr. 
same) there is wanting, it is de- 
^ficienl, it M requisite, or iieces- 

A'Toi'ci^iTTui, or -laaiii, and A-rocti- 
fiTTOjiai, or -iaaoiini, (fr. nro 
from, and fitifiiacoiiai to affright) 
to terrify, scare, fri^liten away ; 
to deter, discourage, dissuade. 
imp. ii-co[i^>iaa6iJt)i'. 

Affoi^tiVi'C/K, f. n-roiUi^u), p. azn?,!- 
iciKu, (fr. n-zb inlcns. and fnixw- 
/ii to siiow) to shoii-, exhibit, ma- 
nifesi, discover, point out ; to dis. 
play, publish, tTjinse ; to demon- 
strate, prove, make good, evince ; 
make appear ; render, make, 
cause to be. prcs. inf. act. a-ao- 
iiitKviviii. par. firoi^fik'ii'f. 1 a. 
ind. act. «r»M[(fi* inf. n-nfiti^nt, 
Ion. aTTnfii^ai. prcs. inf. pass. 
aKo^uKi'vaOiti. per. aTroiUciiy/tat' 
par. anocti^ciypiioi. 

AnonciKfii!, -hca, -vv, a. sin. -vvi- 
ra, par. prcs. act. of last. 

A-oi^cocTiTkAf, -'), 'OV, or -ou, h, i';, 
(fr. same) rlemonslrative, show- 
ing ; proving, convincing. 

ArocciKTtKwf, (fr. last) evidently, 
dearly, explicitly. 

ArootiKTis, -or., 'o, {,, (fr, aroitlx- 
vofii to display) that can be 


jiroitd, or shown ; prorcable ; 
likely, probable. 

AroStiXidaif, -lOf, Att. -to)?, i';, (fr. 
next) laziness; timidity, fear, 

A-roitt\idii> -d, f. -(iffu), p. ai:o!ic- 
ItiXlaKa, (fr. (iro intens. andc^ci- 
XiGu) to fear) to dread, ft ar great- 
ly ; to fly, escape, snun, avoid, 
shrink, fail. 

Aroiil^at, 1 a. inf. net. — A-ro^cl- 
ffd', 1 f. inf. act. of aroittKi'Vfit, 

Avoiel^ci, d. sin. cont. Att. of 

ArrfiJcifif, and Ion. Ardic^i;, -loi, 
Att. -eioi, I'l, (fr. anoi^clKwiii to 
display) proof, demonstration ; 
eviilence, testimony ; a test, trial, 
experiment ; a specimen, sample ; 
pattern, example. 

Ar(5<5ti 77105, -nv, !>, i), (fr. airb from, 
and h7nrov dinner) after dinner, 
having dined, or supped. Or, (fr. 
ai:b priv. and same) without din- 
ner, suppcrlcss, hungry, empty. 

Ar.ohdpttv, Ion. for airo^/pcii', pres. 
inf. act. of anofifpiii. 

Aro^ctpoTOfiiu) -(3, I. -I'/Cw, p. -t/Ka, 
{fr. nrrb intens. and htpaTOfiin) to 
behead) to decollate, cut off the 
head, behead ; to slay, slaughter ; 
to strip, or take rff, or from about 
the neck. 1 a. act. antfictpordfun' 
aa. 1 f. inf. act. avoiiiporoni'i- 

Annf,iiyOui, -t7aa, -h, 1 a. par. 
pass. — ATo^iiyOi'iccaOat, 1 f. 
inf. pass, of azociiiKwui. 

AiTof.tKnToTiv, pres. inf. act. cont. 
— Aroi5£».-(iror)r£, 2pl. cont. pres. 
ind. act. — A roiiKario, jircs. ind. 
act. cont. of 

AnoficKardu) -d, f. -liffu, p. aiTO<^c- 
liKaruiKn, fr. azb intcns. and <!c- 
Kurdui, which sec. 

A7rof^c<fn'ruo-if, -lOf, Att. -£(i)f, hi 
(fr. last) decimation ; n division 
into tens ; a punishment (f every 
tenth ; lithe ; payment, or receiv- 
ing of tithe. 

Avoh'Kiadnt, Ion. for arof'i'x^taOai, 
prcs. inf. |)ass. of a-Kohi^^oiini. 

ATofiKTfos, -a, -01', or -on, h, i';, 
(fr. niToviy^ojtai to receive) to he 
received, atlmittcd, or allowed; 
that must be taken. 

Avu^{kti](;, -nv, and Aroccariip, 
-ncn;, i, (fr. same) a receiver, 
colli clor ; a lax gatherer, farmer 
of the revenue, publican. 

ATociKTuf, -oi; b, II, (fr. same) 
acceptable, pleasing, agreeable, 
grateful, v-clcome ; approved, 

A-oicffnio;iat -oiJ/yni, (Ir. «ro in- 
tens. and fi(vf<pnva tree) lo grov- 
thick, or close ; to be covered, 
overgrown, or overrun with trees; 
to shoot, sprout, become, or be 
changed into a tree. prcs. inf. 
pass. arni^ivfipnTiaOai. I a. pass, 
ind. oTobivopijiOriV par. aroccv- 

ATo('f'fni, Anoh^iintvoi, lon. for 
aT:oh'il,nt, 1 a. inf. act. and «ro- 
cit^dfiivni;, 1 a. par. mid. of a-nn- 
UtKvvin. And other |>arts in like 
manner. J 



Avoit^dntvoi, -1), -ov, par. and . 
ArpH^aaOai, inf. 1 a. mid. — 
ATTotVyfi/itOii, 1 pi. pres. ind. 
mid. of a:Toi/vo^ai. 

Ar:6fic(ii, -los, Alt. -{(■>;, Ion. for 

ATToi/o/ini -oTiiiat, pres. ind. mid. 
or pass, of iiTToWui. 

AirSf'Cpua, -oTOf, t6, (fr. avoifpu) to 
skin) a skin, hide; booty, plun- 
der, spoil. 

Af!o6cpixnri(j) -Cj, f. -waui, (fr. last) 
to strip, peel. Arrohpfinrdnftai 
-oiifint, to have the hide or cover- 
ing stripped off'. 

Avoblpw, and Ion. Anoitlpw, (fr. 
airb from, and fiipw to skin) to 
flay, skin, uncase ; to peel, strip. 

Avdicaii, -io(, Att. -i(i)(, i;, (fr. 
aiTotiiot to bind up) a tying, bind- 
ing, fastening. 

AiToienftfu) -ui, ATOihaitdii) -cD, and 
Aro^tcficvw, (fr. next) to tie up, 
confine, hind, swathe, bandage. 

A-nofitajibi, -ov, 0, (fr. avb intens. 
and ieafibi a band) a packet, 
bundel, parcel ; a wrapper, cloth, 
napkin; a swathe, hand, ban- 
dage ; a fdlet, headband, hair- 
lace ; a stomacher, or such like 
dress for the breast, or bosom. 

Anobc^^Odi, -tlea, -iv, 1 a. par. 
pass, of 

ATTofifj^Ofiai, f. nrofit^niini, p. airoSi- 
ieyiKit, (fr. nnb intens. and h'xn- 
fiat to receive) to receive, take, 
get, bear ; to entertain, treat ; to 
take, accept ; lo admit, allow, 
submit to, approve of, assent to ; 
to comprehend ; to follov' ; to ap- 
praise, estijnalr, rate, value, es- 
teem, pros. impr. mid. niroi^tynv. 
1 a. ind. pass, a-ni^ixdriv, 3 pi. 
amcfyOticav. 1 a. ind. mid. aire- 
?]V inf. avoti^aaBai. 

ATTof.tx^l/wni, -11, -ov, (par. prcs. 
mid. of last) received, acknow- 
ledged ; acceptable, agreeable. 

AiTobiii) -cS, f. -r'lrrto, p. -nxn, (fr, 
iivb intens. and i^i'ia to tie) to 
bind, tie up, or logelher, gird; 
to enclose, pack, wrap up ; tojix, 
fas' en. 

Aroi^/o) -S, (fr. same, and ftta) to 
want) lo he ahsent, or away 
from ; to be vanline, deficient, 
inferior ; to fail, fall short. 

A-of'i/Xdo) -w, f. -liaui, p. -b)Kn, fr, 
same, and (V;X(5u), which see. ■ 

ArrnhlfiHti -d, f. -t'au), p. n-znfic^n- 
ftijKa, (fr. arb from, and ffijioi 
people) to go from home, tra- 
vel, journey ; to sojourn, reside 
abroail. 1 a. ind. act. areii'iftiiaa' 
par. aitociiiji'iciK;. 

Aro! nixnrhu -or, b, (fr. same) a 
traveller ; a sojourner, lodger ; a 
stranger ; engaged, or Irusy 

AJ^octjittiTtKi^, -i), -bv, or -oTi, '(), I], 
(fr. same) journeying, travel- 
ling ; foreign ; living, or trading 

Anofiiidii, -ac, ,'„ (fr. same) ajour- 
nei/, travelling; residence abroad, 
foreign service ; absence from 


A-nifriiioit -»"> *j h, (fr- same) 
going, or tiling abroad, an ab- 
sentee ; a traveller, sojourner, 

Aro'?j;f<i3»', par. pres. act. cont. of 

XitoSia, -ai, f), (ff. dvovi without 
feet) want of feet. 

AT0(5iacrdu -d, t. -rjcu), (fr. a~!i in- 
teiis. and Statrdu) to diet) to ar- 
bitrate, mediate; decide, deter- 
mine. 1 a. ind. act. a~c6i)'iT7]ca. 

A~oitaiiTi\^ii>, f. -£,\ui, p. avr.Sii- 
oTuXicu, (fr. same, and ^laor/ AAui 
to separate) <o divide from, ex- 
clude ; to keep q/f", hinder ; to 
enclose, fence, hedge ; to appro- 
priate, set axide. 

Azoharplfiui, f. -i|(j, (fr. same, and 
itarplfiu) to delay) to abide, rest, 
wait, stay ; to trifle, loiter, linger. 

AroliidaKui, f. -fu), (fr. an-u from, 
and SiSdaiciji to teach) to un- 
tcach ; to unlearn, forget. 

Airoftiietv -uvi; for atroCiidvat, 
pres. inf. of arroSlSujii. 

AToiiioiiat, pres. pass, of same. 

AroMSdvni, f'res. inf. act. — Ato- 
6tS6Tu, 3 sin. pres. inipr. act. — 
AvoitSuuf, neul. sin. and Aro- 
itiovTtf, n. pi. par. pres. act. — 
AnuSi^wat, 3 pi. pres. sub. of 

A'^Toit^pdaKti), f. aroSpdaoi, (fr. azi 
from, and itiodaKui to fly) to 
flee, fly away, run qjf, escape ; 
to hide, skulk, shrink front, see 

Aitofiifnojit, f. airo^iJTa), p. avoilib}- 
Kd, (fr. awo intens. and Siiwfit to 
give) to give up, give back, re- 
store, return; to yielil, produce, 
bring forth ; to repay, requite, 
recompense ; to pay, discharge ; 
to give, grant, bestow ; to permit, 
concede, assign, attribute ; to ren- 
der, construe, interpret, explain. 
Ai!or,liofiat, to give, sell dedi- 
cate, or devote one's self. pres. 
a^t. impr. avoilSodf opt. airoSi- 
iolnv, -t]{, -rf sub. a-irolitlii, -wf, 
-<«• inf. arroiii6vai, and airo^i- 
i6tiv 'Ouv, as if fr. arroiihiu)' 
par. anoiidain, -odaa, -6v' imp. 
antilfiiiv. 2 a. act. ind. aviiivv, 
it)f, -ii)' impr. diro6of, -dTw, 2 
pi. ayr6i<yrt. opt. azoiolriv, -»;{, 
-n, in pi. by Sync. aTroinlntv, 
-oXrt, -oitv, and Att. arroii^v, 
-n<, -v' *ub. affO(5i3, -ipj, -ip* inf. 
aroiovvai, and Att. Dor. JEol. 
arofiliivaf par. awo^ovf, -ovaa, 
•iv, 1 a, ind. act. nrliuKit. prcri. 
paiis. and mid. ind. avoMioitar 
impr. airofii/taij>,-aOiii' opt, airo- 
iifiolfinrf-olo, -o'tTo' sub. anoii- 
r'oiiai, -Ip, -iorai' inf. aTroHioa- 
ttaf par. arofnfi6ittvn(. imp. art- 
iifAfitiv, -ao, -TO. per. pass. ind. 
airoi^ii)fini' npl. anoltioltiriv 
Bub. aTro!nfiifim. ppcr. a7r£(it(ii<- 
(iijv. ppfut. a»ro(li^(iffO(j/ii. 1 H. 
pasw. m'l. airjiliJOi;!'" op', nnfm- 
OclijV inf. aro^oO^fai. 1 f. pass. 
riiriioOi'iaofini. 1 H. ind. mid. o^t- 
Ju)K(i/i>If, 2 a, mid. ind, a?r<>'i)- 
fifty impr. a'x^lnao' opt. aneiai' 

' Aro&oi, A~oS6a0ai, see airoii- 

AffO(5(5i'ru(7if, -10?, Att. -tuf, ^, (fr. 
a-!r!) from, and oioin;, a tooth) 

Ano Ano 

^w' sub. aroJw^ai' inf. arociJff- 

9a(, par. a.Tooouii'Of. 
i Airoi^iVrTjfii, and A7ro^u'(TT<iij -d, 

(fr. aTTo intens. and cu<jtti^u toj 

part) <o sep'ir.te, divide ; to break | cleaning the teeth ; removing the 

off, interrupt; to decide, detcr-\ tartar from then. 

mine, make an end of. |'A;ro()of, Ard&OTt, ATtoSouvat, Awo- 

Avohxa^oi, f. -daiii, (fr. aTTo priv. I Sovi, see aroii'ow^i, 

and liKu^i-j to judge) ?o fzc^i/i^, 'AtocSoj, -ov, !], Ion. for dcioSoi. 

free, clear. .['ArroAoy, g, sin, of dzovj. 

AiroSiKeui -w, f. -i/aw, (IV. s&me,[AT:o^6c1iioi,-iiv,b,j),(ir.tnTo8iSufii 

and Ji*:)) sentence) to plead. | to repay) due, owing, liable. 
.KiTohviu) -w, f. -riau), (fr. same, i AjriJ^fjcrif, -lof, Att. -tuif, ^, (fr. 

and (itvita to roll) <o whirl; to 

tumble, roll over. 
A-^oltoTTuinriu) -Si, and ATToiio-aoii- 

rcojiai -oi'ftni, (fr. arrS from, and 

Jioro^Tf'w to avert ; whicli fr. 

Aidf Jupiter, and -ofin-i) an expi- 
ation) to put out of the way, send 

same) return, restitution, repay- 
vienl ; retribution, recompense. 
ArroSoTfip, -Tjpoi, b, (fr. same) a re- 
storer, recompenscr. 
.\.T!olioTiK!ii, -fi, -bv, (fr. same) that 
ivhich repays, repaying, retribu- 
off, remove ; to avert, dejirccate ; \ A-i'^ovXo^, -ov, o, fj, (fr. aid from, 
I) atone, expiate. | and covXoi a slave) bom of a 

ATTo^iopi'iJovrtf, n. pi, par, pres. slave, servile. 

act. of AtroSouvai, 2 a. inf, act, of arroot 

AiToCiopi^u), f. -lau), p, a~o6i{ipiKa,\ Sutfit. 

(fr. turd from, and Siopii^io to fii-iATtoio)(e7ov, -ov, tD, (fr. airoSi^O' 
vide) to separate, sever ; to with-] ^tat to admit) a rccejitacle, store- 

draw, form a schism, or sect, to 
limit, bound, conflne, determine 

Aro^ioKti'u), fr. nr3 intens, and 
iicKcvui which see. 

ATToii(}'6uYyoii) -C), f, -dxrii), (fr. airi 
from, and ii(pdoyyoi a diph- 
thong) to form a diphtlwng ; to 
unite, or coalesce in sounil. 

Airoi^t(p66yyijiati, -lo?, Att. -twf, i/, 
(fr. last) the union cf vowels into 
a diphthong ; a concord of sounds. 

A?ro(5(u), f. -lau, (fr. ard from, and 
iiu) to drive) to drive out, expel, 
banish, force away, turn out. 

AftoitiiKd), f. -fo), (fr. same, and 
itwKu) to pursue) to chase, or 
drive away ; to banish, turn out. 

Airoit(j)(i!, -toi, Att. -twf, //, (fr. 
last) expulsion, banishment. 

AiToSodclriv, AwofioOiivai, AttoSoG^- 
Gouai, see uTrollSw/jLt. 

AiTocoKfui -d, t. -I'lao), (fr. ari priv. 
and ioKfui to seem) to displease, 
disgust, dissatisfy, offend, shock ; 
to decline, disapprove ; to decide, 
determine, pres. inf. act. a-noio- 
kUiv -tiv. 

ATToiovi^u'fu), and AiroffOKiitdia -w, 
f, -daij), p. anoftioKlfiOKa, (fr. 
same, and ioKifidl^ii) to prove) to 
disapprove, dislike ," to reject, ills, 
allow, reprobate, refuse, cast off; 
to despise, undervalue, make lit- 
tle of. I a. ind, act, airiCoKifiatra. 
prr, pass, airoftioKliiacfiat. I a, 
md. pass. aniioKifidaOiiv. 

ATO(5n*(^affOf)vai, 1 a. inf. pass, of 

Aito^oKi/iaitta, -af, 4, (fr, same) 
disapprohiUinu, dislike; rejection, 
rrprohalion ; ccnaurt. 

ArrofioKinaiTtof, -n, -ov, (fr, same) 
to be rrprnhaled, that must he 
disapproi.rrt, Ihnl ought to b» re- 

AroHKifioi, -ou, n, fi, (fr, same) 
disajiprovcd, disliked, rejerled ; 
cast rff, rrprobnte ; base, false, 

A-o':6iitvnt, Anofiiiitvoi.Arofiovvni, 


house ; a rej'ugc, retreat, shelter, 

AToSo){fi, -r;?, >'i, (fr. same) ac- 
ceptation, acknowledgment, ac- 
ceptance ; reception, admission, 
admittance ; approbation, praise^ 

Anoio^ixdii) -w, f. -uau, (fr, aitj in- 
tens. and ^o^ix6h> to bend) to 
crook, bend ; lo warp, twist, dis- 
tort ; to pervert, corrupt, turn from 
the right way. I a. ind. act, airf 
i6')(lio>an' inf, a;rodo;(;fiu)(rai" par, 

ATT6(]payiia,-dT0f, tH, (fr. airoSpdC' 
au> to gather) a handful. 

Airo^padc7t', metaplas. for airoiap- 
Otiv, which see, 

AirdSpaOi, pres. impr. act, — Avo- 
^p:il>;i', opt, — Airoipupai, inf, — 
Aroc'pi/f, par, of arroipTJut, same 
as (irro()pa'u), 

Arrnipdacia, -of, -c, 1 a, opt. act. 
/Eol, of aiToiodu). 

An6ipaat^, -toi, Att. -t(i»f, )), (fr, 
airofpdu) to run away) flight, 
escape, running away ; a shun- 
ning, avoiding ; a leaving, quil- 
tinq, forsaking. 

Airofpdaaui, or -rrui, and Arnfpda- 
cofiai, or -TTOfiai, (fr. arrd intens. 
and i^pdrrau) to lay hold on) to 
collirl, gather, reap ; to pluck, 
pull, crop, 

ATTofpiiu) -(3, f. -daui, p. airoHSpaxa, 
(fr. nn-i from, and i^pdo) to fly) 
lo fly, otflev, run away, escape; 
lo shun, avoid ; lo retire, decline. 
I a. ind. art. rfjfi^naa'i,hy Sync, 
anifna' par. a:TO''paq* or par, 
pres, of II iroi'pij;! I , SCO in a'^6fpaOi . 

AirHi^cirr, pres, impr, act, of 

Airo/'p/Tii), f. -if'!), p. rfJoM(^pt<pa, 
(fr. /irrA mtens. and I'p/rru to 
reap) lo collect, gather, reap, 
ninin ; lo enjoy, reap the benrflt. 

Aniii'nd^ic, -loi, Alt. -cuf, 'i, (fr. 
lani) the calhriin);, or collection 
of the fruits of the earth ; reap- 
ing, mowing, nulling. 


Avoiptlvai, '~ a. inf. or Ion. for 
aru^piii'di, prcs. inf. of ai:oip})iiif 
SBini' as avoipiiiD, 

A-xdfpriaif^ -io{, Ion. for airSfpttois. 

ArS^pofiOi, -0(1, 0, 1^, (IV. anoTpl\io 
lo run bark) rominii back,nturii- 
inf, arriving, reaching the goal ; 
also in/trinr, beatin in the race. 

X-oipinrrui, f. -i|u), (IV. tx-zd intcns. 
and fpirrw to tear) to lacerate, 
raid, mangle; lo itnp, akin, peel, 

Xirofpo(^ia, (fr. avi intens. and ip{>- 
^u), Ir. - a. of fpvTTTio to tear) 
same as azot^pvnrw. pres. opt. 
avoipvipotfu. 1 a. sub. nzo^pvxpu). 
1 a. niil. pass. arcipiKpOiiv. 

\roip<i, com. for airo^pdio. 


rone, or girdle ; to unhind, vntie ; 
to pxtt out oj'qffice, discharge, din- 
niiM, disbaiid ; to nrparuie, dis- 
tinite, force awai/, 1 ii. inf. pass. 

AttoOoAAu), f. -iiXui, p. aTTorWaXKa, 
(fr.uTTo priv. and^d^Xw lo bloom) 
lo cast, shed, or dr(rp the ^floiier ; 
to wither, decay, fade. 1 ii. ind. 

. act. airiUnXa. jicr. jjass. utuu- 

.KnoOtii'ttni,lon. and AroSuw?, Att. 
ior mroOavti, 2 sin. of anoOavoi- 
l^ai, '2 f. mid. of ,i77u0>');<j*(o. 

XnoOuielv, 2 a. inf. act. — AnoSa- 
ic'taOai, 2 f. inf. mid. — Airoda- 
vtTrui, 3 sin. and AvoOavc'icOe, 2 
pi. 2 f. ind. mid. of same. 

A>ro^O<i?;v,Att. for oTo^pdoi/ii, pres. JATroOaroTffa, Dor. for azoOuvovaa, 
opt. act. o[ arofpdii). j n. sin. fern. par. pres. act. ol 

Airdivut, or A7roi5iitii, f. -vau, p. same 

a-ooifvKa, (fr. ari from, and ifi- 
fii or 6v(ji to enter) to strip, di- 
vest, unrobe, undress ; lo despoil, 
plunder; to loosen, untie. Aro- 
ivofiai, lo put off", cast o/T, lay 
aside; to prepare, make ready, 
undertake, par. pres. act. aro^dj. 
prcs. pass. aToivofiai. imp. a7r£- 
ii'O/ii;)', 3 pi. avcivovro. 
ATToSvpofiai, f. -povfiai, (fr. airi in- 
tens. and olvpofiat to grieve) In 
lament, bewail, deplore 

AnoOiauj, •);;, ->/, 2 a. sub. act. — 
AToOui'cir, -ovaa, -dv, g. sin. 
-oi'TOf, d. sin. -ovTt, a. sin. -ovra, 
par. 2 a act. of same. 

AiToOapj)iii> -w, f. -/joti), (fr. niro in- 
tens. and 5ap(5/u to trust) to con- 
fide, trust ; be bold, confident ; 
to venture, dare. 

AvoOiivfini^iji, f. -rtffw, (fr. same, 
and Sav/iii^ui to wonder) to ad- 
mire, wander at ; to veiicrate, 
look up to, respect, regard. 

Arooi'ji-Sffn, -iii; par. pres, — Aro- AjroOtiVo), (fr. mzd intens. and^c/io) 
Ouaai, 1 a. inf. act. — AvoCvad-l 'o strike) to be cut I'Jf; to die. 
/Jti'os, par. 1 a. mid. of a-rrdivui.lA-nodefiCvoi, ->i, -ov, par. — Atro- 

ArdivBts, -loj, Att. -to)?, )';, (fr. CiVOnf, ii.f. 2 a. mid. — AnJdca- 
aiTofvut to strip) a stripping, wi-\ 6c, 2 pi. impr. 2 a. mid. — Ajto- 

dressing ; a loose7iing, untying. 

AiroivjircTidi -Ci, f. -I'/aoi, (fr. airo 
from, (^u$ ill, and r/ro) or Trinru) 
to fall) to fret, fume, chafe; to 
he impatient, take ill ; to resist, 
oppose, struggle against. 

A-ToCva-irirriat;, -loj, Att. -ttci, i), 
(fr. same) anger, rage; fretful- 
JIMS, impatience, sullenness. 

AroivTiioiOf, -ov, ri, (fr. a-rdSvfii 
to strip) a rooin for undressing. 

Arociw, or AttoHvii), f. -vao), p. 
-vKa, see airoivfti. 

AttocH, -i){, -'o, — A~oiii)Tiv, -(f)»7f, 
-ifV, — Avoidaw, -cii, -£(, see 

ATriiwv, g. pi. of rfrrovf. 

AirofiiLaovTCi, n. pi. par. and Avo- 
iiiaovai, 3 pi. 1 f. ind. act. of 

AirrftiTToi, -f5, -£,2 a. ind Ardctn', 

impr. by Apos. for ardcnTc — 
A-noiiiTuj, -jis, -ri, Fub. Poct. for 
ar£7irov,rtir£77r', <r£Tr(D,fr. aitlvui. 

Anadpht, (fr. ari intens. and tfpw 
same as ipBcipia to destroy) /o 
</ni;e avm/, hinder, repel; to 
separate, divide. 

Airo/oyu), Poet, for a-rioyi^j same 
as mrtioyiM) 

Oii^cOa, 1 pi. 2 a. sub. mid. of 

'AvoBcv, (fr. an-a from) froyn nfar ; 
far, distant. 

Anode6w -u>, f. -o'xrot, (fr. anb in- 
tens. and 5fo? a deity) to deify, 
rank among the .gods. 

Aro6fpi'^w, f. -law, (fr. same, and 
$cpi^w lo reap) <o mou', rf«p, 
gather, collect )iariest ; to fell, 
exit down ; to cut off", extirpate, 
strip, spoil. 

ATrddctrii, -IDS, Att. -£0)s, /;, (fr. 
a-rroTlOrifti lo set down) a putting 
off", or away ; a discharge, dis- 
mission ; a deprivation, degrada- 
tion, removal. 

A-r:60iaTOi,-ov, b,i'i, (fr. a neg. and 
rrodiu) to desire) unregarded, 
neelf<^lfd, slighted. 

AirdOcToi, -ov, b, i';, (fr. aTrnriBnin 
lo lay by) set aside, laid by ; 
hidden, abstruse. Sub. a miisi- 
cal measure. 

AtroQiii) -d, f. -cvaii), (fr. avb in- 
tens. and S/(i> to run) lo run with 
speed, hasten ; to run away, set 
off" running. 1 f. mid. airoOcvco 
fifn' par. airoQcvcrifitiof. 

AiroOci!ionBtS^ -10$, Att. -fax, i';, (fr. 

Aroip^ij), and Aroip^ia, f. avoioaio,' nr.i intens. and ^iwpio) to view) 

(fr. ard from, and /'p^ui to pine) 
to swallow up, ineidph, sweep 
rnuny, overv:helm, dtvrnir,destroy. 
1 a. ind. act. /¥.o\. andipaa, -as, 
-£, without an augment. 
Airo^uviujiij or Aro^iDi'i'iio), f. airo- 
^liau), (fr. arj from, and ^n'lu/v- 
ptt to gird) to ungird, loose the 

a sigltt, view, prospect ; exami- 
nation, inquiry. 

AzoOi'wcris, -'»?, Att. -£w?, -i'/, (fr. 
airoOtiu to deify) placing among 
Die gods; consecration, hallov.ine. 

AToOi'iKn, -T]i> >U (fr- airoTiOrijii to 
lay up) a storehouse, repository, 
warelumse ; n barn, grannry. 


AnoOnpltDtrti, -lof, Alt. -tiDf, i'/, (fr. 
ii-rA intens. and $tjpiov a wild 
beast) wiliincss, fiircencis, sa- 
lUiicnrss, cruelty. 

ArruOiiaavpl^o), f. -laui, p. anoTcSti- 
cuvptKii, (Ir. and intens. iiiid Sij- 
ff(ii'p/iu lo treasure) to lay up, 
hoard, amass ; to store, colicct. 

AjroWi;(Tut)p((T/i()i-, -ov, 4, »5, (fr. last) 
a hoarding, amassing. 

ArroOi'ioonai, 1 f. mid. of aTOTlOrifii. 

AiroOM/Jouoi, 3pl. pres. ind. act. of 

Ato(Ui>'ui, f. -1^0), p. nOTT-f'6X(0a, 
(fr. uird intens. and 5Ai'/3u) to 
press^ ro press upon, squeeze, 
crowd, confine; toexpress,uring, 
strain, squeeze out ; to dart out, 
emit ; to strike, dash ; to oppress. 

AnoOvr'iaKei, 3 sin. and -Kouev, 
-Kovai, 1 and 3 pi. pres. ind. 
act. — AvodiD'iBKciv, pres. inf. 
act. — Anodt'r'iaKot, 3 sin. pres. 
opt. act. — AirnOvi'iaKwi', -ovaa, 
-ov, par. pres. act. of 

ATToOvi^aKti), f. aTtodvi'i^ti), p. avorlQ- 
vvKa, (fr. airi intens. and ^vij- 
OKiD to (lie) to decease, die ; to be 
dead to renounce, forsake ; lobe 
as dead ; to be omitted, not count- 
ed. 2 a. act. ind. anlOavov sub. 
aTToOnvui' inf. airuOave'iv par. 
airodavdv. 2 f. mid. airodavovitat, 

A-roOopihi -u), (fr. anb from, and 5o- 
pf'o) or -Siipo) to leap) to leap down. 

A-TTdOov, -ia6u>, 2 a. impr. mid. of 


A-uOovvrai, 3 pi. pres. ind. mid. of 
avoOiu), to run. 

A rroBpwaKwaiv,^ pi. pros. sub. act. of 

AiTuOpuiaKO), f. -oil), (fr. airu from, 
and SpwaKu) to leap) to leap 
down, or off; to alight, dis- 
mount ; to spring bark, rebound, 
recoil ; to start, rush out. 

AnoOviJini,, -ov, b, }/, (fr. oTti from, 
and Sviid! the mind) unpleasant, 
unacceptable, disagreeable ; hate- 
ful, odious. 

ArroOMt/jtaaaf, for anoBavfinaai, 1 
a. par. act. of airoBuviid^io. 

AnohiTos, -ov, b, if, (fr. a iieg. and 
■notfoi to make) rude, rough, un- 
finished, imperfect. 

ATToiKfu) -w, f. -I'laii), (fr. airi from, 
and oiKiu) to dwell, th. oiKOi a 
house) to come to live, comtfrom 
abroad ; be far from home, be 
absent ; to migrate, emigrate, 
change residence. 

AiroiKtala, and AiroiKla, -us, »/, (fr. 
same) absence from home, resi- 
dence aliroarl ; a colony, planta- 
tion, settlement ; a carrying into 

AtoikUw, f. -law, p. arwKixa, (fr. 
same, and oikI^w to found) lo 
colonize, plant, settle; to remove, 
carry into captivity. I a. ind. act. 
aiTWKtaa' inf. aroiKiVc//. per. pass. 
ajTWKtaiiat' par. aruiKiaftivOi. 1 a. 
ind. pass. a-rifKiadriV par. airw- 

KirotKKi. -if.o;, /;, and 'AnniKOf, -ov, 
b, (fr. same) a colonist, nettler, 
planter. Adj. of a settlement, 

AjToiKtajiii, -ov, b, (fr. same) colo- 


nizatum, emigration ; leading 
into captivity. 
KvotKoiofiiu) -ui, 1. -rjaiji, (fr. a~i 
priv. and oikoSo^cu) to build, th. 
oixos a house) to build up, stop 
up, batricade ; to dismantle, pull 
doum, destroy, overthrow, 
A.jrotfiJ)^ij!, f. -^w, (fr. a-jo intens. 
and otfiui^ut to lament) to bewail, 
benioan, weep for, deplore, 
'jLnotua, -uii', Ta, (fr. utto from, and 
TTotvlj punishment. Or, as if 
dipona fr. same, and ^tivof mur- 
der) ransom, redemption ,• a 
Jine, penalty, forfeiture. 
Airoiidiij -u), f. -rjau), and AiraivtSoi 
-til, f. -uaut, (fr. last) to ransom, 
redeem, quit for a fine ; to fine, 
avenge, pres. inf. aroiiljiv. 
AirilacTov, 2 du. of Airoiau, 1 f. of 

A.iTM^oiiai, f. avoix^iooiiaitp. ajrii- 
\r/nai, (fr. oTo Ironi, and ui)(nftai 
to go) to go away, depart, tit ab- 
sent, par. pres. arotx^ufiivos, g. 
Ion. airii^fojiiioto. 
AroKaOuipj, and ArroicaOaui^oi, (fr. 
arrj intens. and khO lipui, and ku- 
Oupi^w to purify) to cleanse away 
any dcHlement ; expiate, puri- 
fy ; to dean thoroughly. 

KrOKixOupiStf, -tof, Att. -tu)S, ;;, (fr. 

last) purijicalion, cleansing, 

AniKiidofiat, (fr. airi from, and 
KiiOrifiai to Sit) to sit down ; to 
sit ap'irl, separate, retire ,• to 
loiter, he inilolenl, listless ; to be 

KrjKaBrififvri, -rj;, Ij, (fr. last) hav- 
ing the ciitamenia. 

KnjKitdtaTif, 3 sin. cont. pres. ind. 
ant. of airuKaOiarHw. 

AvoKaBiar/li'iK, '2 sin. pres. ind. 
act. of airnKitOtordvu), 

A-TOK lOiarrifii, AiroKuOiardu, and 
ATofnOiardfui, f. -rjcm, p. aruicn- 
BinrnKi, (fr. ari intens. and *,!- 
Oiarrjfit to appoint) to reform, 
res'ore, retrieve, recover. — Airo- 
KuliiaTaunt, to subside, sink 'loiun, 
settle, i a. ind. act. aitOKariart}- 
aa. 1 a. piss. a-rroKaTtCTdOriv 
sub. aTToKaraardOio. 

AroK'iOiarutv, I sin. or 3 pi. conl. 
imp. ind. act. of aroKuOicTdii). 

AroK'itu, f. -af'au), (fr. «t'j intens. 
f and Kaiij) to burn) to burn up, 
mnmrne ; to parch, sciirch. 

A<rs«n<c(u -H, f. -j/erw, (fr. name, 
and «a.fa(ill) tij faint, fail, yield, 
sink undor misfortune. 

ArroK iMia -io, f. -itittti, anri -laio, {(r. 
sainf, and «a>/a> to call) to call 
bark, rrcall, send for, invite ; to 
rail, name, 
r AmutXi'tirTio,f. -|u, p. arroKfKaXv 
<^a, (fr. an) frotn, and KuMirru 
tocovfir) to unvfd, thnui, disptai/ ; 
la uncoiirr, rrjionr ; In rcvcril, dis- 
close. I a. art. ind. niri*n'Ai/i^(i' 
inf. ttttoKa\^i\liai. per. pami. niro- 
KlKitXvfJiiui, I II. pasH, ind. aire- 
KaXiifiOny' '•lib. ni7o*fj>i''(,^0winf. 
anoKtt\\ip$,)vnf par. a^nKaXxitb- 
9tl(. 1 f. pass. niroKaXv(pOi'iaojtai. 

AwataXuiten, 3 sin. and -eHiri, 3 pi, 


1 a. sub. pass. — AiroKaXv^Bn- 
vut, 1 a. inf. pass. — A-onaXvip- 
diiecTai, 3 sin. ] f. ind. pass, of 

ATTOKaXuxpti, -toi, Att. -£wj, /;, (fr. 
same) an uncovering, exposure; 
a revelation, disclosure, n-pusi- 
tion ; a display, appearance, ma- 

Airo«uAyi/.t(, -4'Ctif -^idiv, -xpcws, 
-^i», cases of last. 

A'troKojini), f. -a/iui, (fr. arc) intens. 
and Kdimio to toil) to faint, fad, 
tire, be vorn out, wasted, CJC- 
hausted with fatigue, 

ATrokaTuu), (fr. same, and Arartiu to 
breathe) to breathe forth, pant, 

ArroKapaioKfM -w, (fr. a-rb intens. 
Kapd the head, and ioKiut to 
thmk) to expect, wait for, hope, 

ATTOKapuSoKia, -a;, ij, (fr. same) 
expectation ; a waiting or look- 
ing for ; anxious hope, earnest 

AiroKapriplu) -H, f. -ijua), {fr. a-^ti 
priv. and icapTepiio to be strong) 
to give up, cease exertion, despair, 
commit suicide ; to starve to 
death, die of hunger. 

ATTiKUTaWiicaiu, or -ttu, f. -^w, p. 
aTTOKuT'/WiiX", (fr. KUTiiWdaaui 
to exchange) to reconcile, make 
friewls. 1 a. ind. act, uroKor/jX- 

AiroKaTaaradS), -jjs, -i}, I a. sub. 
pass, ot ai7OKa0iari]iti. 

AroKarduTaaii, -tof, Att. -cwj, i), 
(fr. a-jroKaOiaTijui to restore) rt- 
s'ornlion, restitution, dedication, 
renewal, renovation, new begin- 
ning ; regulation, stttlcment, ar- 

AiroKur/uiTui, Ion. for(iro;frt'0;;i/Ta<, 
3 pi. pres. ind. of aizoKdllriitai. 

AnoKaTcardOnv, -rji, -rj, 1 a. ind. 
pass, of ai: iKuOiarriji, . 

Airo«.vir/;XAa(a 1 a. ind. act. of 

KnoKUnai, t. -Ktiaonai, (fr. ottu 
from, and Kiium to In,) to put 
by, lay^ up, set aside, reserve ; to 


and Kci'do) to empty) to drain, ex- 
haust, evacuate, 

ATTOKtvTiiii -(3, f. -t'laij), (fr. arrj in- 
tens. and Kcvriai to prick) to 
pierce, stab, run through ; to kill. 

ATkOKiurtiati, ■•I'jj, Atl. -ttuf, (/, (fr. 
last) a stabbing, piercing, wound- 
ing ; sUvtglUcr, 

\rt(iKep&aivui, t. -ui'ii, (fr. aro in- 
tens. and Kipiaivui to gain) to 
win, get, earn, make profit, 

AiroKipliu) -Hi, t". -//cw, (fr, same, 
and Kipioi profit) to bring gain, 
yield prnftt, make a return ; io 
benefit, serve, 

A-noKipaw, sec aTTOKtlpdi, 

A-OKtipaXl^u>, f. -iW, p. airoKCKCcpd- 
XiKu, (fr. aro fiom, and KC(pu\ij 
the head) to behead, cut off" the 

ATioKii^apou) -Si, (fr. same, and ki- 
i<ipii a diadem) to strip ojf the 
diadem, tiara, or turban ; to un- 
cover the head. 

AiTOKtriui -Hi, f. -jJitw, (fr. same, and 
Kivfco to move) to remove, with- 
draw ; to drive, convey away. 

AmiKitoq, -ov, 6, (fr. last) a remo- 
val, withdrawing ; departure, re- 
tiring ; retreat, flight. 

ATTOKXaio), f. -avau, (fr. azi intens. 
and kAui'w to weep) to mourn, 
grieve, bewail, lament, liemoan. 

A-oKSii^a;, \-rr6k\ai,ov, .see aiio- 


AiTiiKXdpo;, -or, b, I'l, Poet, and 

Dor. I(>r aTTunXiipis, 
Ar?jK\a'o>i, 3 sin, I a. sub, act. of 

ArruKXciaiia, -aros, Td,(fr. next) con- 
finement, custody, keeping, safe- 
guarii ; an enclosure, prison. 

ArroKXtiui, f. -ciau), p. a-rroKtKXciKa, 
(fr. and intens. and kXcIui to 
shut) /" shut to ; to bolt, bur, hin- 
der either from ingress or egress ; 
to shut up, conjine, enclose ; to 
shut out, exclude ; to cut off", in- 
tercept. 1 a. act. ind. arriKXeiaa' 
sub. aiTOKXtlaw. 1 f. Dor. ujro- 
KXif^u- from which 1 a. ind, 
uir/nXnffi' iinpr. mrdKXq^ov' par. 

appoini, ordain, pros. inf. a-ro-lkiTOKXi-nnii, C -i/w, (fr. same, and 
KLXaOai. imp. airtKtliniv. KXiirTo) to steal) to rob, thieve. 

AiroKilficvoi,-ti,-ov,pn.r. pres, pass. 

— Aff(i<tiiriii, 3 sin. pres. ind. 

pass, of last. 
AitoKclpo), f. -fpw, (fr. uTri from, and 

flch, pilfer, steal privately. 
ATT/KcXfji'^u), and AroicAr/i'w, Ion. and 

Poi-t. for oTuk-Xti'w. 
Ar>M/\t;pu«, -('«, h, ii, (fr. nzi from. 

Kilpio to clip) to share, sliear,' and kX^poi lot) without share, nr 

rut, lop, pare, chop; to shorten, 
curtail ; to raze, demolish ; to 

portion ; hapless, unfortunate, 

plitn/lcr, spoil. I f. JEn\. arax/p- ■ .KrinXij.n, -AVif, rd,(fr. n-roKXlriii Io 

aio. 1 a. inil. act, orAtipu" undi lean) steepness, arclitity, ascent. 

il^ol. arUtnoa. lAirnkXivVuf, -11011, -tv. Poet, fiir 

A»<)<tf«A/ar/), Ion. for a«ir/<fX>;|(ro, artoKXiOlii- \>'M. I H. pass, of 

3 pl. ppcr. panK. of HitaKaXiui. t kitnKXlnti,(. -tiui, (fr. <iiri from, and 
Air(;«£ifXtia/i/vo{,par. per. pans, of 1 Mi/ta to loan) to lean off, turn 

anoicXtlii). I from, bend buck; to decline. 

KvnierMpui'jiivos, -i), -oi', par. per. 

paHS. o\ airnKpinTi.i. 
KnoittKpiiftiifvux, (fr. last) «f<Tc//y, 

privatrly, privily. 
Aroirf<ti'Xi(rrij(,3(iin. and Akokikv 

Xwitivoi, -rj, -Qv, par. per. piu«. 

of aTTOmXlui 

shun, avoid; to recline, lean, 
rest, repute ; to incline, be dis- 
AirdKXioii, -lof, Atl. -fi.H, //, (fr. 
lasl ) a tlojie, slant ; an obliquity, 
leaning ; inclination, biat, par- 

KvoKtfAi<>-S>, f.'-'oiiut, (fr. <iirJfrom, ATro<fXi<Cw, f. -liffu, (fr. ani intens 


and nXit^u) to wash) to uasli out, 

or uiixiv, rJTaix ; to .«i/yij< (luvij/, 

ov<ruMm ; to rinse, rlcanse ; to 

puTtJ]/, irpintr. 
AToniufu), f. -uf<ru), (fr. same, and 

Kiaiu) 10 gnaxv) to tidirijf fiitigur, 

(ii'fT^otirr ; to Jrct, smart ; to 

nffltct, troutile, Rfieve. 
AiroKi'l^w, f. -lau), (Ir. same, and 

Kr/(u( to cut) to ylitrk, liiilcli, 

pinch ; to tenr, rend ; to lop^ cut 

A-OKOfii^u», f. -iVai, (fr. nvb from, 

and Ko^il^o) to carry) to bring, 

take, carri/ aicnv ,' to transport. 
AnoKOfttia, -us, -fi, Att. tor arroKO- 

filcu, 1 f. act. of last. 
ATr(S«.o;i/ia, -aTOf, to, (fr. airoKiitTU) 

lo cut off) a fragment, piece, 

part, shred, morsel. 
AroKorui, -ciaa, -iv, par. 2 a. pass. 

of same, g. sin. fum. ATroKOTrti- 


A-oKo-rl), -tji, >'i, (fr. next) a cut- 
'"'" 'iff'i n drjicicncy, want, 
failing; a fragment, piece ; abo- 
lition of dcbt!> ; a figure when 
something is omitted at the end of 
a word. 

AvoK6vTii),f. -i|u),p. a-joKiKo^a, (fr. 
atto from, and (crfTTw to cut) to 
cut n/JT; to amputate ; to cut off", 
defeat, dislodge ; to put an end 
to ; to exclude, debar. 1 a. act. 
arrho'^a. 2 a. pass, ind, arttKd- 
■xrjv' inf. arfKOTrrji'ac par. avoKo- 

AT!OKODv<povv, pres. inf. act. cont. 
of ' 

AT0K0^vip6iji -iji, f. -lifro), (fr. oTtb 
from, and Kopv(fiuu to erect, th. 
Kopvipi) the top) to sum up, com- 
prise, collect, bring to a point. 

'AiTOKOf, -01', i, fi, (fr. a neg. and 
■adKos a fleece) without wool. 

ATroKd<ltiv, 1 f. inf. act. — Ait6- 
KOipov, 1 a. impr. act. — Atto- 
KdxliovTai, 3 pi. 1 f. ind. mid. of 


AtroKptiidi>witi, or -vvvht, (fr. a^i 
intens. and Kpcudu) to hang) to 
hang up, suspend ; to overluing. 
ATrdKptjfivoi, -ov, h, //, (fr. same, and 
Kprifivtif a precipice) precipitous, 
sleep, abrupt, craggy, overhang- 
AiroKpiBcU, -uca, -iv, n. pi. -Oiv- 
T£5, -QfTcrui, -6ivra, par. 1 a. 
pass, of a-roK^ivojiai. 
AT:oKpiOTivai, 1 a. inf. pass, of 


AtrSKptfia, -aroi, ri, (fr. same) an 

ansu:er, reply ; a decree, act ; a 

sentence, decision. 

Aroicpivai, 1 a. inf. act. or impr. 

mid. — AroKptvacdat, 1 ».. inf. 

mid. — AvoKplvicBai, pres. inf. 

pass. — AvoKpiir],2, and A7ro<>pi'- 

vtTai,3 sin. pres. ind. pass, and 

AnoKpivatrUai, 1 a. inf. mid. — Atto- 

KptiOhri, Poet, for aroKinOlvTi, 

n'. du. par. 1 a. pass, of' 

AitOKftivo)ini,i. -ovfiat, p. uroKfVoi/i- 

fiai, (fr. a-ti intens. and Kpivo) 

to discern) to be sejiarated, set 

apart, selected, cliosen ; to an. 

twcT, reply ; to take occasion to 


sprati, or say ; to take up a sub- 
ject, or discourse ; to observe up- 
on, remark. 1 f. pass. a-rroKpiBi)- 
<7i)/ia(. 1 a. pass. ind. urnKptOiiv 
impr. avOKftWi)Tl, 2 pi. a-nuKpidq- 
Ti' par. iiiTOKpiOf/j, 1 a. ind. mid. 
ArroKptaa, ATTOKolocai, ATdKpiaiv, 
cases of 

Ai7<i«rp(0ij, -105, Att. -fwf, )';, (fr. 
avoKplvo/iat to reply) ati answer, 
reply ; a separation, discharge of 
ATTok-pirhv, (fr. same) to be answer- 
ed, it inust be answered. 
AroKpirlKds, -»(, -dv, (fr. same) j'u- 

dicial ; condemnatory. 
ATTOKpovtaOat, pros. inf. mid. of 
ArroKpoCti), f. -uvam, (fr. anb from, 
and Kpoiii) to strike) to put away, 
thrust back, drive off; to repel, 
repulse, beat off". 
AvoKpvTrruaicc, and AiroK-pv-zTtCK!, 
3 sin. imp. of ai:oKpvzrdaK{i),lon. 
AiTOicpvnTii), f. -vfu), p. anoKfKpvipa, 
(fr. and intens. and upv-irrw to 
hide) to conceal, hide, obscure ; 
to lose sight of, leave behind ; to 
eclipse, excel ; to disguise. 1 a. 
act. ind. uviKovxla. 2 a. ind. airi- 
Kpijlior. per. pass. avoKiKpuftfuit. 
AiTOKpvibt), -iji, )), (fr. last) a hiding, 
concealment ; a covert, shelter, 
recess, retreat. 
An6i;ov<pos, -ov, o, »;, (fr. same) 
hidden, cnnrealed ; disguised; 
secret ; doubtful, apocryphal ; 
treasured, laid up, stored. 
Air6Kpv\].ii, -105, Att. .CW5, ^, (fr. 

same) a concealing, hiding. 

AiroKTantv, Ion. and AnoKTa^itvai, 

Dor. for aroKTitvat, 1 a. inf. 

act. — AnoKrdfiivoi, g. Ion. 

aiTOKTaiiivoio, par. of atrcKTafitiv, 

2 a. ind. mid. of aroKTT]fii for 


AnoKTaiOiis, -itaa, -ev, par. — 

AvoKTavOi/vai, inf. — Awoura^- 

Bd, -iji, -)/, 3 pi. -Odai, sub. 

I a. pass, of 

AiT'iKTilvij), f. -ti'iS, p. nir/(cra(ta,(fr. 

ard intens. and ktcIvoi to kill) to 

kill, slay, slaughter ; to destroy, 

abolish, ruin. 1 a. act. ind. ane- 

KTCiva' sub. a-rroKTcivu)' inf. qtto- 

KTc7i'af par. anoKT[lvai'2 a. act. 

aiTiKTavov. per. mid. aniKTova. 

per. pass. a-7fkraf/a(,-a(ra(, -arai, 

and aTTiKrafi/iai, -avaai, -avrai. 

1 a. pass. ind. avtKTdvBrjv inf. 

a-noKTavBTivai' par. airoKravBil;. 

AvoKTCvcTi, 2 sin. — AvoKrevclre, 2 

pi. — AiroKrcvotai, 3 pi. 1 f, act. 

of last. 

AnOKTivvu), AroKTcrvviD,AiroKTivvv- 

fti, AnoKTiifii, ATTOKrhwiJii, same 

as airoicrtiVai, pres. inf. act. ano- 

KTtvvvvat, par. pres. act. airo- 

KTivvvi, in a. sin. airoKTivvvvra 


AvoKvftevuy, (fr. awi intens. and 

KvPtvo) to game, th. Ki0oi a die) 

to play at dice ; to gamble ; to 

risk, venture. 

AtokCju) -to, f. 'fiau, p. airoKCKvtjKa, 

(fr. same, and itu/u or xiiw tocon- 



ccivc) to engender, beget, breed, 
irini; forth ; to produce, cause, 
occasion. 1 a. «ct. avcKViiaa. 
AvuKvMu), f. -fffw, p. iinoKiKvXiKa, 
(Ir. „T:d from, and kvXIm lo loU) 
to roll down or away ; to remove. 
1 R. act. aneKvhaa. per. puss. 

AtokwXuu), fr. uird intcns. and kw- 

Xijui, which see. 
ATTOKuxjtdofini -ovfiai, (fr. same, and 
KujipOu) to deafen, th. *,a)0i5 deaf) 
/o ,5roui denf, or t/u/zifc. 
ATToXa/ifir, 2 a. inf. act. — AtoXo- 
lidfxcvoi, -n, -ov, par. 2 a. mid. 
— ATto\dfiii, 3 sin. AiroXdl^iiifiiv, 
1 pi. AffoAiijSwffi, 3 pi. 2 a. liub. 
act. of aiTo\aji(idvii>. 

AT!u\ay\Qvij>, fr. a-nb intens. and 
\ayx^dvii> , which see, 

AtoXu*t(^u), fr. same, and Xaxri^w, 
which see. 

AnoXafi^dvtiv, pres. inf. act. — 
AT:o\ajifidvou.iv, 1 pi. pres. ind. 
act. — AxoXaii^dvovTti, n. pi. 
par. pres. act. of 

Aro\afi(idvii), f. aT7o\ti\ponat,p. ano- 
\iXri<pa, (fr. H/rdlroni, andXa/i/3o'- 
vui to take) to take back ogairi, re- 
gain, recover ; to take back, or in 
return, be recompensed ; to se- 
lect, choose, take out of, except ; 
to take aside ; to cut off', inter- 
cept ; to take,eet, obtain ; to re- 
ceive, entertain, par. per. act, 
aTToXfXv^uis. per. act. Att. a-ncl- 
Xi?i^(i" par. a7r£iX»7^u)5, 2 a. ind. 
aviXa^ov sub. airoXdfib). 2 a. 
mid. aneXoPiiittv. 

AnoXa/jinpvvo), fr. same, and Xa/i- 
npvvu), which see. 

AiroXd/irw, f. -i/ui, p. -cba, (fr. 
same, and Xdn-ru to snine) to 
glitter, beam, shine forth, enlight- 
en ; to shoot, dart, gush, or issue 
forth. 1 a. act airfXu^4'a. 

AiroXa^KpBiU, -liaa, -iv. Dor. or 
Ion. for ano\y](f)6eis, par. 1 a. 
pass, of attoXafiPdvii). 

AiT6\avais, -105, Att. -tws, >/, (fr. 
avoXavw to enjoy) profit, advan- 
tage, bcrufit; enjoyment, fruition; 
gratification, luxury, a. sin. aird- 

AitoXavarbi, and AiroXauoT('/fi5,-oii, 
6, '/, (fr. same) luxurious, volup- 
tuous, gratifying. 

AiToXavti), f. -avow, p. aroX/Xau/ta, 
(fr. arrb from, and Xavoi, obs. fr. 
Xao) to enjoy) to cnjoi/ ; to make 
use of, delight in ; to reap the 
fruit or profit of, take the benefit 
of, feel the effect of. pres. impr, 
an6\avt. 1 a. act. md. arriKavaa, 
Ion. affrfXautra" sub. ano\aiaiii' 1 
pi. aToXaiauifiiv. 

A Tro\a(j)Bcis, -ciaa, ~iv. Dor. (or arro- 
\t)tf>8cii, 1 a. par. pass, of arro- 

AnoXa^uv, 2 n, inf. act, of airo- 

An-oXfyoi, f. -^la, p. -X/Xc;^fl, (fr. airS 
from, and Xiyiji to speak) to 
choose, pick,atU, to pluck, gather, 
collect; to reject, slight; to de- 
clare, signify, pronounce; to for- 
bid, prohibit. — AroXlyoftai, to 



ee<ue speaking, sinh, yield, faint ;\ rick hy booty; to spoil, rob. 

to renounce, give up; to refuse,] pres. inf. aTTo\r]i^tcr9ai. 

loath, decline. 1 a. act. arf-| ArdXiirai, 3 sin. AroXuvrai, 3 pi. 


AroAtr, Alt. for azo\ji, 2 sin. of 
uiroXoC/iui, 2 1. mid. ofa^rrfXXu/ii. 

AToXtiiitj, f. -<^u, (fr. otJ from, 
and Xti'iJj to drop) to dislil,pour 
out, shed. 

A-zoXtirrcrat, 3 sin. pres. ind. pass, 

AToXti'ru), f. -i|(i), p. a-ro\i\ti<pa, 
(fr. same, and Xtiru) to leave) tu 
quit, leave, forsake, abandon ; to 
leave behind, outstrip; to fail, 
faint, despond; to cease, leavi 
qff"; to drcny, die; k-o\ii-o^ai, 
to be distant, far, or absent from ; 
to be dtjiaent, fall short, pres. 
impr. arrdXetzt. inf. azoXihtiv. 2 
a. md. oir/XTrov* par. uToXircir. 
per. pass. airoXtXei/j/iai. per. mid. 
avoXiXotza' par. njroXtXoiroiJf. 

AiroAtFf, 2 sin. 2 f. act. — AttoXcIix- 
8at, 2 f. mf. mid. — A-zoXc'tcBc, 
2 pi. and AvoXtirat, 3 sin. of 
avoXovfiai, 2 f. mid. of ardXXt'//i. 

AiroXti;^u, f. -(u, p. arroXiXctxit 
(fr. ut3 from, and Xclx^ 'o lick) 
to lick av;uy, or o^, /icfe up, lap, 
devour, imp. ind. aviXcixov. 1 a. 
act. aT/Xtisii- 

Air^Xti^i?, -io^ji Att. -£U{^ ';, (fr. 

a»oXtitr(i> to tail) a leaving, for- 

tnldng, desertion, quitting ; a 

failure, deficiency, defect; an 

ectipse ; a leaving off, cessation, 

ending; a divorce; or bill of 


AroXiXaiiivo^, Dor. for aroXtX;;///- 

vo{,par. per. pass. ofaiToXap;3a'i'ui. 

AnoXiXavKu, per. act. of aroXaiJu. 

AroXtXoirdrtf, n. pi. mas. of Azo- 

XtXoiir-if, par. per. mid. of oto- 


A'oXtXufjiVo;, -r;, -ov, par. per. 

paas. — AiroX/Xucni, 2 sin. per. 

md. pa.'«». — AiroXiXuaOai, per. 

inf. pass, of airoXiiw. 
ArdXifiof, -ov, 6,/;, (fr. a neg. and 

itdXifioi war) pacific, peaceable, 

AvoXcuiicrnt, Ion. for arroXovfjicvo!, 

par. 2 f. mid. — AiroXiovTii, Ion. 

for (iToXo&i'rtf, n. pi. mas. of 

anoXiiv, par. 2 f. act. of airiX- 


ArnXcnt^u), (fr. oirj from, andXcirf- 
^oj to peel) name as 

Air >X/fu, r. -ilm, and AroX/To^ni, 
f. -^o/Mi, (fr. s:\me, .ind Xiirw 
lo pod) /» /•(«/ off", bark, strip. 

AroXittiu, 1 a. inf. act. — AffoX/- 
«••«, -aoa, -ai', par. 1 a. act. — 
AnoXiom, -(({, -(I, 3 pi. -TOuiTi, 1 
I. irvl, acl. — atoX/iti.), -»)(, -I), I 
k. dub. tct. — AtoX/uO'ii, 2 a. 
inf. mid. — Ar<Xi<r<Tai', Ion. for 
anti)\i<tnv, 3 pi. 1 a. md. act. of 

A^ouX^yotfii, •oi;, -01, pres. opt. act. 

AwtfAr^yti), f. -(Ill, (fr. ari intcnii. 
anfl Xfiyia lo craTCl l" Itnre i/ff, 
»t/ip, tIttiH ; to fade, dinn/, die. 

AroXtiH^ofiai, (fr. samo, and Xtji'^oj 
to plunder) lo gain, or become 

2 a. sub. mid. — ATijXdfiei'o?, -i; 
-01', par. 2 a. mid. of a-6XXvfit 
AiToXtjipOus, -ucra, -ii, 1 a. par. — 
A-oXiryOfni, -r;, -crat, 2 pi. -X^- 


f!i]v -oi'/ii/i', -fou -av,'itTo -tiTo. 
1 a. ind. mid. artXoyjjo'dfoji'* 
sub. (iroXoy/JffUfiat* par. aitoXo- 
ytjadnevoi. 1 a. md. pass. a:rtXo- 
yiiOijv. pres. inf. pass. a-zoXoyiia- 
6at -elcdai' par. a-noXoyciiitvoi 

xieaSc, 1 f. ind. mid. of affoXan- AiroX()yi?,un, -(trof, tO, (fr. last) opo 

(javcj. logy, plea, defence, refutation. 

AroXijSaCw, f. -fu, (fr. aza from, A-oXoy;)CTu;u'i'((), d. sin. par. 1 a. 

and Xi;3u; a drop) to drop off'; mid; of same. 

to fit, escape, make off. AroXoyla, -as, ';, (fr. same) an 

A~oXid6onai -ovjiai, f. -iiao/iat, p. 
aroXcXi'Suifiai, (fr. arro intens. 
and Xidoio lo turn into stone) to 
become, stone, petrify. 
AiToXtn-rnvh), (fr. a-6 intens. and 
XifiTui'u) to leave) same as azo- 
A~oXi-rii:; -ovaa, -ov, n. pi. -irdv- 

Tci, par. 2 a. act. of same. 
'AToX(f, -lioi, h, I'l, (fr. a neg. and 
rruAis a city) without a home; 
an exile ; banished; no longer a 
AvoXiadaiinii, f. -aiw, (fr. avo from, 
and oXiffOafiu) to slip) to slide, or 
fall down, slip offj to fall away, 
decay, die. 
AriXi^/jau) -w, (fr. avij from, and 
Xt;^^<j^u, or Xixiidui to lick) to 
lick vp, devour. 
AiroXXfiyii), f. anoXXij^u, Poet, for 

aroXijyw, f. -sU. 
A'zoXXdciapo;, -ov, o, Apollodorus, 

a man's name. 
AviXXa^t, or AffoXXucj, f. anoXiaiii, 
p. oTiiXticd, (fr. avd intens. and 
(iXXu/ii to lose) to abolish, destroy, 
ruin ; to kill, slay ; to lose ; 
AirdXXvftat, to he mined, lost, un- 
done ; to perish, decay, par. 
pres. act. aTroXXuoji'. 1 a. act. 
oTuiXtCTo. per. act. Att. a-roXw- 
XiKa. inf. atToXuiXcKivat. per. 
mid. ind. airu)Xa, Alt. a-rrdXioXa' 
inf. arroXuiX/i'ac par. aroXwXiif, 
-v7a, -<{?. 2 a. mid. ind. a-rrnyXo- 
firjv' Kub. nirdXw/jdi' inf. nvoXia- 
Oaf par. QToXd^fiof. 2 f. mid. 
iiTToXoCfiat" par. n:roXr)t5f/trof. 
Air^XXtrat, 3 sin. pres. pass, of 

AroXXiiuv, (par. pres. act. ofn-roX- 
Xi'ui lo destroy) Lat. and Eng. 
ApoUyon, the distroycr. 
AiT6X\ii)v, -djvof, 4, Apollo, a Greek 

and Roman idol. 
.\T)XXui'/a, -a{, I}, (perhaps fr. 

lasl) Apollnnin, a cilv. 
AtiXXuiMs', -Xf'oi, I), (fr. same) a 

prieMcss of Apollo, 
AitiXX''m7o{ 'I'oi'ioc, Apnilonius 
Rtvtdiu», a man bo called. 

Aff'iXXii)i'(i/jX»;r'iv-. -oi', t, i'/, (fr. 

AiT'iXXwv and /JXijrtc niriick, ih. 

/?((XXii) lo strike) mad,distrarled, 
AtoXX(u(, -ij. A, Apollos, a man's 

name. n. sin. rii' AtoXX<j. 
AwiXoyn'oO.ii, prM. inf. paw. conL 

— Av')\oytlTai, 3 Bin. cont. pres. 

ind. pnB!i. of 
AToXnyinimt -ovpnt, f. -fitOfiai, p. 

apology, verbal defence, excuse, 
plea, reply. 
ATtdXoyos, -ov, b, (fr. -sairie) an in- 
sipid narration, tedious dis- 
course ; an apologue, moral al- 
lusion ; a fable. 
A-zoXoyovnai, pres. ind. pass. — 
ATToXoyov^icvoi, par. pres. pass, 
cont. of airoXoycofiai.. 
ArdXoiffo;, -ov, b, fj, (fr. avaXclvcj 
to leave) remaining over and 
above; the rest, remainder, residue. 
AtoXoit', Apos. for avdXoiTO, 3 sin. 
opt. mid. — AtToXof'^ui, 1 f. ind. 
mid. of aTrdXXu^i. 
AnoXovaat, 1 a. impr. mid. of next. 
AToXot'o), f. -oiaij), p. aitoXiXovKa, 
(fr. az-j intens. andXoOd) to wash) 
to wash away, cleanse thorough- 
ly ; to purify. 
.\TToXo(pvpoftai, fr. same, and oXo^u- 

pojiai, which see. 
AroXoYfKJo/iat -oD/<ai, f. -dao/tai, 
(fr. same, and Xo^fitj a close 
wood) to grow wild, he over- 
grotim with underwood, be cover- 
ed with shrubs, or brambles. 
A-rroXvO IvTCi, n. pi. par. 1 a. pass. 
— ATToXvdnrc, 2 pi. 1 a. sub 

pass, of OTToXvu). 

ATToXvfiali'nfiai, f. -avoTiuai, (fr. airb 
from, and Xvfia filth) to clean, 
cleanse; lopurify; toerpiate,atone. 

AzoXv^ialviiiyf. -aiw, (fr. aTrd intens. 
andXi)/x»; hurt) Incorrupt, spoil; 
lo abuse, treat ill, hurt, injure ; 
lo ruin, destroy, waste. 

A-zoXiJaat, 1 a. inf. act. — ArroXi'- 
aai, -aan, -nv, par. 1 a. act. — 
AiruXvaov, 1 a. impr. act. — Airo- 
Xvaui, -£({, -fi, 1 f. ind. .act. — 
AtoXwitw, -!)$,-;;, '2nnd 3pl. -anrt, 
-aiitat, 1 a. sub. net. of nr-oXvw. 

ArrtXSiTif, -lof, Alt. -tojf, i'/, (fr. 
nroXi'oj to dismiss) a release, de- 
livernnrc ; a disrhiiree, arquillal ; 
a departure; decease, dfilh. 

Air->XvTp6ii} -5, fr. uni) intens. and 
Xvrntu), which sec. 

A iTuXiirpuffis, -(Of, Alt. -tiD,-, Ij, (fr. 
same) ran.vim, release, ilrlivrr- 
anffefrom raptiviti/ ; redemption 
from the ihriU'lom of sin, a. sin. 

AiroXi'xii, f. -x'trii), p. inroXi'XvKa, (fr. 
same, and Xi^u lo lonsr) to un- 
loose, set free, rnfrnnch'se ; to 
release, discharge, acquit, for- 
give ; to dismiss, hi go, suffer 
to depart ; In liishand, send 
away ; to dhnrrr a wife, put 

nToXtXrfyij^cfi, (fr. ntrA from, and nwny a biiRband ; to gratify. 

Xi'yw lo Bpf:ik) to nprnk ifi de- 
fence, or in fnvotir of; to ptcarl, 
apotoc;i:r, rrplu. imp. airtXoyt^- 

satisfy, indulge ; to despatch, 
make an end of, destroy, kill. 
AiroXiio/oii, to betake one's self. 


lake Ultras ar/t^aini.v > '" S<> ')ff\ ''r- 
jmrt. ini|i. airAuuv. I n. acl. iiiil, 
air/Ai'iffu" iinpr. (iiriiAi'Oui' sub. 
ano\<uoii>'\nf. (iToAi'crnr par. nTa- 
Xi)o-iif. imp. pass. »Ti\i)(i/ii;c, 3 
pi. ani\\o\To. por. pass. nrroAj- 
A8/(iii. 1 a. puss. ii)(l. aitcSi'Otjv, 
3 pl. iiT£.\i'yi;(' sub. oiroAuOuJ, 
2 pl. aToAiiCOrf par. nfroAuOtiV. 
l.ra>(:i, -:!$•, -c?, 2 f. ind. act. of 

AroXw^iiu) -ui, and AvoXiofidonai 
-dltai, fr. same, and Xia^tioftcu, 
which see. 
A!r(iX(<jA(i,-af, -r, AjroAo'iAn/jjii, Ato- 
AuiXn/iai, AroA(i>X/i'(i(, AttuAu- 
Aiif, -ii('i,-(iy. see (ii7(iAAtr/((. 
A~oAu)Aa(f, -v7af -o{, ncut. pl. -A(i)- 
Ad'-ti, par. per. mid. Att. of 
A~uAu)t/^(i), f. -1(701, (fr. (uro from, 
and Au)77('^ai to strip) Oistrip ij/T, 
undress, put q(f clulhcx, 
Ari)A(Dri'^a), f. -ktuj, Att. -i(3, /o 

phir.k, teur, pull. 
ATo\ijiipnu), or -0/«j -u>, f. -)}<r(j, (fr. 
nn-o from, and Aw^rtu to rest) to 
al'ai/, miligate, assuage; to calm, 
quiet, -itill. 
Anrtfiddjiaii, -tog, Att. -fwj, >'j, (fr. 
uiTo^infen'rw to unlearn) forget- 
fulness, ohlinnn, failure of recol- 
lection ; decay of memory. 
AKOjtaivofiai, f. -ot'ixai, (fr. arrd in- 
tens. and ftahouai to ra^e) to he 
viad, beside one s self, distracted. 
Or, (fr. anli priv.) to cease from 
mculness, or raging, recover 
XfTouavciaa, n. fem. par. 2 a. pass. 

of last. 
A-noitiivOiivio, f. n-rojiciOi'icojiai, p. 
a-OfiijjidQnKa, (fr. a?r3 priv. and 
/invOdiu) to learn) io unlearn, 
forget; to disuse, be o'd of prar- 
tire. 2 a. act. aTifiitOov. per. 

ind. pass. mroiUfidOri^iai. 

ATToiiaoaivu), (fr. nro intens. and 
finoiivw to wither) io weaken, 
debilitate, enfcelile. Atrofiripaivn- 
fjtai, to pine, v:nste, dwindle, di- 
minish, grow iveak, die away. 

AvofiaoTvpiu -w, (fr. same, and 
fiapTvpiu) to testify, th. /jtaprvp a 
witness) to witness, prove, give 

ATOjinaaofiai, and A'trojxdaaii), or 
-rru), f. -f(j, a-noni)iif)(n, (fr. 
.same, and fidaaia to press) to 
wipe off'; to ruh down ; to ex- 
press, fashion, shape ; to mould, 

ArofiaTitil^u}, (fr. and from, and 
fiaraiiu) to fool, th. jidriivin vain) 
to belch. 

ATTOiid)^Ofiai, (fr. same, and iid^o- 
^at to fight) to Jig lit for, defend ; 
to persixl in, or supp'irl a fish! ; 
to put tojlight, repel, dHve off. 

AnoiiCiXiaau), or -ttu), f. -i^u>, and 
azronciXiaaoiioi, (fr. same, and 
iici\!aTia to sweeten) to sonih, 
calm, soften, mollify ; to gratify, 

A'zoiiiipcTat, 3 sin. prej. ind. of 

Atrnyiiipoiiat, (fr. ai:b through, and 


apportion, dividt among, per. 
pass, anofn'iiapfiai. See fitlpui. 


.\T.)/(fA(iiia), f. -ui'ii, fr. (iiTi) intens 
and ficXulfui, which sec. 

Avojji/ftii^H, -Ui, -e, ptT. ind. act. 
ot anoiidaatii, 

ATfO/if'/K/iii/iui, f. -x^iiimt, (fr. anb 
intens. and /i//i(/>o/u(ii lo lilame) 
to umise, tax, charge ; lo chide, 
reprehend, reprove ; to deter, dis- 

ATTo^ij'id), f. -ci'iti, (fr. same, and 
fiiiu) to wait) to slay, tarry. 

A:Ti)fiipi^u), f. -/Vu), (fr. same, and 
/ttpii^u) to share) to divide among, 
nliol, portion ; to appoint, com- 
mission, intrust. 

AvofiiToiui -ui, f. -I'laa, ((r. same, 
and fitrptM to measure) to mea- 
sure off, take measure of; to 
measure out, ollut. Atro^trptojiai 
-oii/tni, to mcustirc for myself, 
take my share. 
ATTDfiiiKVfij), f. -lii'u, p. -vyxa, fr. 

same, and fjniKvvj), which see. 
A:ro;(i;i'i<raf, -aca, -av, 1 a. par. 

acl. of 
A-opirlu), f. -inio, p. -i/cn, (fr. 
same, and ^r^viui to be angry) In 
cherish a lasting hatred, bear ma- 
lice, grudge. 
Atro^ifxfn^ini -nv^iai, (fr. same, and 
/itfifo/iat to mimic) to imitate, 
copy, try to resemble, counterfeit. 
pres. inf. uTo^i/ztitrOai ■ par. a-iro- 


ATToiiiftijun, -dros, ri, (fr. last) an 
imitation, resemblance, counlcr- 

Anof)iTp6u) -Co, (fr. niTo from, and 
/i/rpa a mitre) to strip (ff the 
rnitre, lake off the turban, unco- 
ver Ihe head. 

ATrofiinoftat, f. -fivi'icnuni, p. avo- 
Ijfjjiiilliiit, and ATOftifiiii'irrKoitai, 
(fr. same, and iivdui or jjifivrjaKw 
to remind) to remind one\'< self, 
call to mind, reroUccI, remember ; 
to think of. I a. mid. ind. aircji- 
vtjau^iriv inf. aTrOftvi'iaaaOai. 1 a. 
pass. aircfii'tjaOnv. 

ATT0fiyriii6t'Cviia,-aTos, ro, (fr. next) 
an adage, maxim, memorable 
.•laying ; a memoir, history, re- 

A-ojivr}novivui, f. -ci5(Tii), (fr. avb in- 
tens. and fiviifoiciiu to remind) 
lo impress on Ihe memory, re- 
mind ; to remember. 

A-z'ljii'tiaiH, 1 a. inipr. mid. of arro- 

K~'>jivi)aiKnKiii> -w, f. -))aui, (fr. 
same, and inrjaiKaKiiti which fr. 
Hvnaif rcco'leclion, and /ca/kAj- 
cvil) to remember a wrong, or 
affront, keep a grudge, live in 
Attohi/vih, or Arofivi'u), f. animCatD, 
p. arruiftOKa, (Ir. a~!i iuteni). and 
iHivvni to swear) to swear to, 
nlTirm on oath. Or, with /ii/ 
following, to deny on oath, swear 
pres. inf. act. azo-. 

II Ti) inicns. and o^idpywpt to 
wipe) to wipe away, clean tho- 
roughly ; to brush (iff', put away, 
remove. 1 a. mid. antfiop^djiriv. 
Anojidaat, 1 a. inf. act. of,ijr«^i'u/<i. 
AvuiiOlllu) -u), f. -i/oui, (fr. air) from, 
mid ^ivUiojiui to speak) to dis- 
suade, advise against, divert, turn 
from ; lo prohibit, forbid, huuitr, 
imp. pass. uzc/ivOcSfiriv -uvfiriv, 
ATTOfivaau), or -rriii, (. -^la, (fr. ari 
intens. and fiioaw to wipe) lo 
wipe clean ; lo blow the nose ; to 
overreach, trick, 
ATTOvalojiai, same as anovafjai, 
Aitiiravra, 3 pl. imp. of 
ATT'i'dfiat, or Av6v)ifiai, f. -I'laopai, 
(fr. same, and dviijit to help) lo 
receive benefit from, take pro- 
_fil of, enjoy ; to trust lo, rely 
Anovdoawatv, Poet, (or attovdauxii, 

3 pl. I a. sub. of 
Anovdtj)-S),(. -dttij}, (fr. airb from, 
and I'dia lo dwell) lo remove, 
change residence ; to return, 
come back ; to send away, send 
to another abode ; to eject, drive 
away, sejiorate. 
.\.TToi'uaOai -e'laOai, prcs. inf. pass. 

of oTovioLiai. 
Auovtfiui, f. -^w, p. aTTovcvt n^Ka, 
(fr. oTti intens. and rlfno to di- 
vide) to alio'., share, distribute. 
Avovcvorjiiivo;, -rj, -ov, par. per. 

pass, of aTTovo/u). 
ATTovtvorinivCii, (fr. last) yboZis/i/y, 

wildly, distractedly. 
Avoviofnai, (fr. a~u from, and viia 
to go) to go, dejiarl ; lo return, 
come back. 
.\.rTOi'i(rTcpos,'a, -oi; Poet, for otto- 

I'dripo;, comp. ofdnovos. 
AiTovtvu, f. -tuffu), p. a-JovivevKa, 
(fr. arri from, and vcvw to nod) 
to beckon, express by sigAs of the ; to dissent, disagree, de- 
Avdvrjjjn, act. of a-r6vdnai, which 


AffoitjW, sup. arovijrSTara, (fr. a 

neg. and tAvo! labour) easily, 

without difficully, or trouble. 

ATTon(,ia, (fr. anb intens. and ri^u) 

These verbs arc used by the 

dialect of the Tarentines, for 

v'trrrw, and n-ravhru), which see. 

AiToi'i/iau-ui, fr. same, and vikuw, 

which see. 1 a. inf. act. a^noviKTi- 

A-''^ioifm, -a;, >/, (fr. nroiiupojiat 
lo a}\ot) a sliare, portion, part. 
Utiaw to divide) lo allot, share, iA^xo/tioyi'^in, or A-ropopyvviii, (fr. 


ATToi'i'-ru, f. -li-u, (fr. same, and 
viirru) fo wasfi) to wash, proper- 
ly tl'.c hands ; lo wash off, or out ; 
to clean, cleanse; to shake, off', 
free from. 

Attovoio) -ui, f. ->/iTw, (fr. aitb from, 
and I'oiiD to think) lo distract, 
perplex, bewilder, set mad, Atro- 
voioiiai -oTinat, to dole, rave, go 
mad ; to despair. 

ATTOi'oln,-ng, !,, (fr. last)/oWi/, '/«- 
tagc ; madness, distraction, in- 
futualion; profligacy, vicious 

'Ar/>iof, -ou, 0, 5, (fr. a ncg. and 
irivo; labour) at ease, viillumt 
labwir ; cosy, willwut diffcuUy. 



AKonocTacra!, Hot. for a-zovoarrjaas,t last) a distnissal, discharge ; rf 

-aaa, -av, par. 1 a. act. of , jection, refusal. 

Affo'offrf'u-ui, f. -)J(7u), (fr. ai7ofroni, Az'orrtJrXdvij^ai, per. pass, of aro- 

and voariw to return) to come 
back^ return again. 
Ki^oirdaipt, (fr. a~o from, and v6a(pi 
apart) asunder, apart, severally, 
Avovoc<pi^u>, (fr. last) to disjoin, 
port, separate, sever, set apart. 
1 a. act. a~tv6c(pi(;a. 
An-rfiTff, n. pi. par. pres. of dv a jit 
A-diuf, (fr. drrovos easy) easily, 

without toil, or trouble, 
ktriltxoi, -ov, b, {], (fr. a-ro from, 
and (fVof a stranger) inhospila- 
ble, unfrequented, wild, barba- 
rous, uncivilized, rudf, savage. 
.KTTo^tvin) -<5, f. -tio-u, (fr. last) to 

bntiish, exile. 
Azo^iii), f. -tail), and ATrofi'u, f. 
-iiau), (fr. ard intens. and f/w or 
fOu to scrape) to scrape nff, 
shave, polish, smooth ; to sharpen, 
whet ; to wear away by rubbing, 
wnsle, reduce, lessen. 1 a. par. 
act. aro^iiuaf. 
A.-ru^r)paii'ii), f. -aria, p. -payxa, {fr. 
same, and fi/pa/ : oi to dry) to dry 
vp, parch, scorch 
AroToyiffo^aiiS f. pass, of airoTTt'iy- 

AirorirrniVui, f. -aid, {fr. ari from, 
and TTurruiVo) to suH'ey) to turn 
r<iun/l and look at, look bark 
upon ; to avoid, flee from. 

Airnjr.jrrrtv/oi'iri, Ion. for anairav 
ravovci, 3 pi. 1 f. act. of last. 

ATOTdpOfi'iSw -<ii, I. -wau), {fr. ari 
priv. and zai/Oivos a virgin) to 
dtjlfmr, ravish. 

AiroiTaTiiii -H, f. -liffu, (fr. and from, 
and iraTtvi to tread) to eo ot/< o/* 
t/i* roiirl, step aside ; to withdraw, 
retire ; to go to stool. 

Aica'rdrj]fia, -Sroi, rb, (fr. last) eX' 
rrement, ordure. 

ArrdrSmf, -ov, h, {fr. same) excre- 
ment ; a pnvy ; retirement for 
the purpose of stool. 

Aronnvio, Ion. for ai:ozaiuv, pres. 
impr. mid. — A'zozaiaccdai, 1 f. 
inf. mid. of 

Avorn(ii), f. -aiau), (fr. n-ri from, 
and nniia lo stop) to chcr.k, hold, 
stop,' stay, hintler, prevent. Ato- 
nai'ofiat, to ceoMf desist, refrain, 

Aviifiipa, -d{, i', (fr. arri intens. 
andirtfpa an attctn)>t) experience, 
a trial ; risk, venture. 

Ai:omipdia -<j, f. -rfcw, or-yjiri.), (fr. 
name, and rrionio to try) tojirovr, 
make trial of, tryinn by a test, 
flnd by experience ; lo tempt, de- 
ret ve. 

AirnTfiiwTdut -u, f. -iLai,), {fr. am) 
front, and rlfiirrof fifth) to de- 
mand, exnrl a fifth; lo pay, 
shore, divide a fifth. prc«. inf. 
act. cont. nroirt^rroii'. 

AiroffZ/jrui, f. -y'j, (fr. name, anil 
rZ/iro) to send) to ncrirf nwny, 
dismiss ; to send bock, return. 
Anoz/fiirnfini, Inrfjrrl^ disclaim, 
deprecate, disown ; to divorce, 

Airdirifiipts, -lOf, AU. -iw(, /J, (fr. 

A-orrirXevKa, per. act. ofaro-r^iii) 
Axo-rizXvyKa, per.act. ofa~o-z\viiji. 
Ai!OTriz>'ix,a, per. act. — An-o- 
TriTtiyfiai, ■ ^ai,-KTat, per. pass. 
of aTroTTtiyiit. 
Airi>rTf~Tii)Ka, per. act. ofaromrra). 
A~or:rjyi'vin, or A-o-i;)'vi'u), (fr. 
airi intens. and Triiytvui to fix) to 
p«( together, frame ; to thickeii, 
make firm, or consistent. Atto- 
m'iyvviiai,to grow strong, or firm; 
to increase, become larger ; to 
freeze, stiffen, clot. 
AirOTr]Sdiii -(3, f. -I'jCw, (fr. oto 
from, and Tn^dw to spring) to 
recoil, rebound, slail back ; to 
fait, revolt. 
Aroirirf^ui, and ATronii^u, f. -iaw, 
{fr. a-ro intens. and ri/^u to 
pre^s) to press together, sriveeze ; 
to strain, wring out ; to oppress, 
extort, constrain. 
ATToriVro), i. arroTrrwaii) , p. arorfr- 
TioKa, (fr. OTTO from, and iriVru) to 
fall) to fall dnu;n, or from ; to 
fall off, separate, apostatize ; to 
fail, miscarry. 2 a. ind. act. azi- 
ATKjrArj^w, or -dyyii), f. -yi,ii>, p. 
(iroT/rAnyY"! ('''• ""'o inlens. 
and TArt'Cw to confound) to put 
wrong, set astray ; tu deceive, be- 
tray. A-ro-KKd^^ofiai, to err, mis- 
take, wander, go astray ; to miss, 
fiy, or glance off. 1 a. ind. act. 
avfzXay^a, -n;, -f pass, nue- 
z\d)(^f)r)V, -rti, -rf mid. airt-Xay- 
(lifiTjv, -111, -ari). 
Arov'Kavqiv, prcs. inf. act. cont. of 
Arrov'Xdvdio -u), f. -rjoij), p. nirom- 
■r\dvr)Ka, (fr. same, and zXavdia 
to deceive) to lead astray, mis- 
lead, deceive, seduce. AroTtSaidn- 
fiat, to deceive one'.? self, err, mis- 
take ; to go nstrny,full off, apos- 
tatize, per. pass. avuzcTr^ditjiiat. 
1 a. ind. pass. a-rarXavt'iOriv. 
AjrorXnivo'if, -lOj, Alt. -civs, )';, (fr. 

last) deception, mistake, error. 
Aro-\c(civ, Poet, for nroTrX/cir, 
cont. ArotrXiii', pres. inf. act. and 
ArorrAcOffavrtf, n. pi. par. 1 a. act. 

AToffX/u) -w, f. /uroirXtuffo), p. nnorrf- 
T:\ivKn, (fr. nri from, and z-X/oj 
t o rail ) to weigh anchor, sail away, 
set snO ; to sail buck, return. 

AvorXriVi't '"ff >'h (""• '>^^ inlens. 
and rXi'icau) to strike) apnplcxj/, 
stupor, languor, fninlncss, asto- 
nishment, amazement. 

AriTTXr^p-'w -w, f. -uirriii, (fr. same, 
and TrXijo-fii) lo fill) to yf// up, 
make up ; In accomplish, fulfil ; 
to perform, rxvciite ; to grow vp. 

ATtUTT^IipiDOK, -(Of, All. -flilf, hi (If- 

last) a filling vp, satiety ; cam- 
plclinn, fulfilment, accomplish- 
ment, execution ; growth, in- 
crease, enlnrgemrnl. 
Ar'y!:Xi)Oijri'((, -of, o, (fr. same) hr 
wlio fulfils, executes, accomplish- 
«t ; a finisher. 


A-(iTXoo5, -ov, b, Iv^n. for cirdrrXouj , 
(fr. mronXiu to set sail) a weigh- 
ing anchor, setting sail, depart- 
AnSirXB/io, -aroi, rb, {fr. next) foul 
water, in which things had been 
washed, Wftshin^s. 
A-o-rXvvh), f. -Biui, niroir/irXuy;fa, 
fr. a-rd intens. and rXvfu, which 
ArorXttii', Ion. for aJron-XcTi'jpres. 

inf. of ar-orXfu). 
A-zoTTvciovaa, Poet, for aTTOTveovta, 

fern. par. prcs. of a-iromiw. 
Avd-jTi'ivaii, -(OS, Alt. -jtDf, i;, (Fr. 
next) panting, palpitation ; rat, 
drau-ing breath ; loss of breah, 
AToirviui -u), and Poet. ATrovitiu). f. 
-ei'au), p. uTiizrtvi:a, { fr. a ro fori), 
and ri/u to breathe) to breaiie 
deep, or strong ; to pant ; lo 
breathe forth, expire ; to slip, 
rest, draw breath, respire ; to 
exhale, smell of. 1 a. wet. art 
Tvievoa. 1 a. mid. cTrcTivivadpii'. 
per. pass. azoTri^rvafini. 
AzoTTviyw, f. -('((1), p. arrj-zt-i'i^ii, 
(fr. OTTO intens. and -nviyu) to 
choke) to strangle, choke ; to sif- 
fncate, drown ; to choke wlh 
vexation, or anger. 1 a. act. ari- 
Ti(^a" par. unomi^ai. 2 a. aet. 
axivityov. per. pass, arroirinvry- 
fiat. 2 a. pass. nirtTWyijr. 2 f. 
pass. a:ro7rii)'i;iTo/(a(. 
ATTomoi), -});, fi, (fr. a-zoTrvfio to 
pant) breath ; fume, steam, va- 
pour ; shortness of breath. 
AnoTi'oia, -af, i), (fr. same) a 

breath, blast, breeze. 
Azo-oiiofiai -ovftai, f. -I'laofai, (fr. 
azi priv. and -nniiio to niwlie) to 
undo; to withdraw, wiOihold, 
keep from ; to put away, cast 
off, reject, disovm. 
Airo'nofiTtiiios, -ov, v, {fr. ai;i away, 
and Ti'^TTyo lo send ) an averter 
of evils ; a guardian, protector. 
AiroTTo^ri), -r/Sii'/, (fr. same) asend- 
ing away, dismissal, discharge; 
a divorce; an escort, convoj. 
Avnvpnri^Ojiai, (fr. iTpriri)f a Seller) 

to sell. 
An6npo, Av6-npo0ct; or -9i, Aird- 
npotrOcv, {fr. nn) from, anif npu or 
TpiiaOiv before) away, fur iff, at 
a distance ; from afar. 
Ano'nraliiji, same as aejihTrtft. 
ATToirTdfitvn!, -r), -or, par. ol iiirrTT- 

Tdfitiv, 2 a. n)id. of aiplvrnfiai. 
A~'iirrnt iovot. Ion. for imotrTavuvat, 
3 pi. 1 f. of aT.oTTTalvu), same aa 
aififnrriiii. Or of 
Aironrdi'u, (fr. aird back, and ojrro'- 
ym lo look) to hmk back upon, 
turn round to look nt ; to avoid, 
flee from. prcs. ind. 3 pi. niroirro- 
ArtoTTTivai, inf. of nir/rn/i', 2 a. 

BrI. of aiJiliTTriiu- 
ATOTTToXif, -//of, b, !), (fr. nvb from, 
and Tr((X({ Poet, for frijX((acily) 
vithoiit a hiimc ; an exile, wan- 
derer ; biinithrd, 
'Anoirruf, -ou, 6, ^, (fr. oirA froni, 


and dtTOfiai (u see) hrt/ond virw, 
out ot' $iglit ; not to be steii, in- 
AriirruoTOf, -av, 6, i^, (fr. next) 

liiit^ful, ildcslMf, (ilmmtnalile. 
ArqisTvu), f. -lau), (fr. iirJ T'omiancl 
rrrvui lo s|Ht) to spit out ; to re- 
ject, lotUhr ; to hate, abhor, abo- 
minate ; to froth, foam. 
Air(irrru)/iu,-(irof, rD, (fr. airoirtirru) 

to fM) a/iiU ; an overthrow. 
Knorrrioffiii, 1 f. acl. ot anoirlKTtii. 
Xropyl^ouai, f. -laofxai, (tr. aird in- 
teiis. uiul opyi^o/uii to be anj^ry, 
th. opyi) anger) to be enraged, 
XTTopa, 3 sin. pres. ind. of 
lnouiu) -Hi, f. -I'lan}, p. ri;:6pttKa, (fr. 
d::i)poi impassable) lobe at a lo.ts 
how to proceed, speak, or acl ; 
to hesitate, doubt ; V> he in dis- 
tress, want, or poverty ; lo be 

irdpijfia, -aroi, ri, (fr. last) per- 
plexily, dixtress ; want, poverli/ ; 
doubt, hesitation. 
Ji'xdpdiiTo;, -01), 6, )'/, (fr. a neg. and 
vipOu) to destroy) safe, Jinn, un- 
hurt, uninjured ; impregnable. 
/oTopia, -as, and Ion. Airopi'i), -r]s, i), 
(fr. a'TDOof imfiassablc) perplex- 
' ily, doubt ; difficulty, distress ; 
want, penury. 
Affopvu/xci/of, -17, -ov, pres. par. 

pass, of 
AjTipvOfii, or ArrSpvvfJiai, fr. arc! in- 

tens. and dpwftt, which see. 
'Aizopoi, -ov, b, >], (fr. a neg. and 
7:6pos, a passage, th. ztipui to 
pierce) impasxahlc, intricate, per- 
plexing, di/ficult ; dnubtful, du- 
bious, uncertain, undetermined ; 
languid, weak, feeble; poor, des- 
Airjp'Jiiu), f. -oiau), p. a-aiipovKn, (fr. 
orJ inlens. and opiuu) to rush) to 
burst, break, dart forth ; to sally 
out, attack, set upon ; to rebound, 
recoil ; to jump, or leap off ; lo 
JUx, retreat. 
Avop^aytiriv, -rji, -';» - <>■• op'- pass. 
— krTop{)'iYcU,-c7(rii, -ev, ^. -ivTos, 
2 a. par. pass, of aTop^i^yia'fii. 
Aropjiii'(j, (fr. an-dintens. and ^ai- 
vu to sprinkle) to besprinkle, be- 
dej}, wet ; to shower down ; to 
Axopoaiu), f. -aiauj, p. -aiKit, (fr. 
same, and pnlu) to rout) to knock, 
or Jreafc 0^; to hammer, pound, 
grinrl ; to wisle, syuaiaer ; to 
overlhro"-, overturn, destroy. 
Airop/jrfirro), f. -i^w, (fr. azu intens 
and idrrru) to sew) to sew up, 
mend, patch, piece. 1 a. par. act, 
Aitopp/|ii>, (fr. same, and ^I'^o) to 
d.i) to 'lo out, finish, complete. 
par. 1 a. act. avinin<:. 
Xvojilif'j) -u), f. -ci''(Tu), (fr. avi from, 
and jiiu) to (low) lo .flow, glide, 
ebb awn<i ; lo leak, no2<; drop 
out ; to issuf, proceed from ; Ui 
derjiy, perish, fall off; to shrink, 
w'tsle away, 
^fnpliiu) -H, C .fjiTU), p. aTrfpjjrjKa, 
All. aTcipiKii, (fr. ari priv. and 


(j/(j to s|)eal<) to forbid, prohibit ; 
lo refuse, decline, renounce. Or 
(fr. nni intciis. ) lo ti'arn, an- 
nounce, declare. 

ATropl»)yyviii, i'. -,;(,o, p. -);,va, (fr. 
ard Irom, ant.\ j)/iyiv in to break) 
to break iff, wrench, teat, hnral ; 
lo dislocate. 

AiTopl)t]Or.U, -clcii, -ti', par. 1 a. 
pass, of atropplu), lo fhi Ind. 

Ardp^r^/jd, -arof, rd, (ti. oTrop^f'u) to 
enjoin) ajndicial rule, an order ; 
an injunction, or prohibition. 

A~6pl)ii<Tti, -lof, Alt. -fio{, ,',, (fr. 
same) an order, injunction, pro- 
clamation. Or (fr. aropfiiu) to 
flow away) a falling <ff, deficien- 
cy, failure ; defection, revolt ; re- 
jection, abdication. 

A-r6pL)iT0v, -ov, tH, (fr. a-iropfilui to 
fornid) a secret. 

ATrdppiTOi;, -ov, b, »';, (fr. same) se- 
cret, hidden, unseen, dark, ob- 
scure ; forbidden, prohibited, in- 
terdicted ; inexpressible, unutter- 
able ; not to be divulged or 
spoken ; unfit to be expressed. 

AJrop^j/ru);, (fr. last) secretly, ob- 

AvopptTTTui, f. -\pu),p. a-jipliiipa, and 
ATjp^iiTTfw -(S, (fr. uTrd from, and 
pijrru to throw) to throw, cast 
away ; to fiing out of, or from ; 
to fall upon, attack ; to drive, 
or turn out, expel ; to reject, 
spurn. 1 a. act. ind. ampjnxpa' 
par. aTTopjitil/as, 2 a. ind. act. 

Avoppii^avras a. pi. par. 1 a. act. 
of last. 

\TT6piJl\ptg, -iOS, Alt. -£U{, (;, (fr. 

same) a casting away ; turning 
out, expulsion ; rejection, refu- 

ATToppo!), -Tis, Airdppoia, -oj, and 
ATTOphvati, -toi, Att. -til);, >), (fr. 
a-!Toppi(a to flow away) a dis- 
charge, issue, vent ; a spring, 
stream, current ; an eman'ilion ; 
a blight, blast, decay. 

ATtop]io<pdh), or Airop'porji'.io -H, f. 
-fiaia, (fr. oTto inlens. and poipiui 
to suck) to swallow up, engorge ; 
to sip, sup, taste. 

Avnpl)viu) -(3, (fr. same, and ^u/u) 
to flow) to run off, flow away. 

Avopfivrai, -ov, 0, i), (fr. same) 
running down, flowing away ; 
streaming, issuing, gushing out. 

ATTop^jvui, (ir. mro from, andpiiu to 
flow) same as a-rtoppiu). 

AT->pl>u)yui, -m^of, q, (fr. same, and 
fX'iyit, or pwyus a fissure) steep 
ncss, abruptness, ruggedness ; a 
crag, precipice. 

AiTopfiu)^, -ioyo;, b, »;, (fr. ari in 
tens, and ^lif a breach) sJcfpi/J'c- 
oipil'jus, rugged, craggy. Subs. 
a fraament, branch ; a race, 
stock, Uncage; a stream, torrent ; 
the opening or mouth of a river. 

ATtnnrpavl^ii>,f. -taiji, p. a-^u>p(p'iuii!a, 
(fr. anrj intcns. and opr/mi'i'i^oj to 
bereave) to make orphans ; lo 
deprive of any thing dear, but 
properly of parents ; to bereave, 
strip. 1 a. act. uvuin<pdvi<ia. per. 


|iass. airup0(iri(7/iai. 1 a. pass, 
ind, aKopipuvtaUijV par. anop^a- 

Amipi/iiipof, -ou, b, }/, (fr. a neg. and 
ffupc/iupii scarlet) uiilhout scarlet, 
unadorned, plain, untrimmed. 

Airop^foftni, f. -I'lao^tai, ((r. iiiri 
from, and op)^ioft(it to dance) to 
dance <ff, away, or from ; lo re- 
tire, or withdraw daruing. 

ATropwv, par. pres. cont. of aropHo. 

A7r(ipu){, (fr. dnopni difficult) per- 
plexedly, intricately ; poorly, 

Annpiiripos, ATropurarof, conip. 
and sup. of «'iropo{. 

'Anof, -[OS -ovs, rd, (perhaps fr. 
avd from) height, elevation; 
weariness, fatigue. 

AmauTToi, f. -fw, (fr. airb from, 
and auTTia to load) to unload, 
unharness, loose. 

ATro(rlicvvvm,or -vpi, f.-/(ra),p. -CKa. 
or -ijKa, (fr. avi intens. ana 
efitviiviji, or -11/11 to extinguish) 
to extinguish, put out ; to stop 
put an end to ; to suppress ; to 
abolish, destroy ; to go out, perish, 
decay, sink. par. per. act. amc 
flrjtiii. 2 a. md. act. uitla^i^aa, 
2 a. ind. act. ai:ia(iriv, ->ii, -r;, 
per. ind. pass, anirtiicajxat, 1 f. 
md. pass. avoalhaOijaopai. 

Avoaliiaauint, 3 pi. 1 a. sub. act. of 

AffOffcuii/jci'Of, and AiroociovaBai, 
arc found in Herodotus, and 
seem to come from arofftidw, per- 
haps the sameas «7ro(7£(ii). But it 
is conjectured that they are cor- 
rupted from aiToatcvficvoi, and 
airociovadai. Ion. for aipoaiovpt' 
voi, and aipoaiovaOm, the par. 
and inf. pres. pass, of atpoaiiui. 

ATToccicrdpivo;, 1 a. par. mid. of 

\i:oaclu), f. -attain, p. airoaiotiKa, 
(fr. niri from, and aciia 10 shake) 
to shake off ; to throw off, fling ; 
lo reject, refuse ; to drive away, 
repel, beat off ; to spoil, plunder, 

Airaacpvv)'ij),f. -\jvui, (fr. uvb intens. 
and acpvvvw to adorn, th. acuvis 
honourable) to celebrate, soleni' 
nize ; lo grace, honour. A-Koatp- 
vivopat, to behave haughtily ; to 

ATTornatjuciOipivos, (par. per. pass, 
of aiToa>jpci6u)) marked, noted. 
At; tatatijitiuptvn, -u)v, tu, notes, 
comments, annotations. 

ATToacvji, f. -cvaiii, (fr. <xnb from, 
and acvui to rouse) lo rouse up, 
excite, instigate. Atmaivopai, lo 
hurry iff, haste away ; to break, 
or rush out, or forth, per. ind. 
pass, avoaiavpai, by Mclath. 

ATTiictipahu), f. -avS, (fr. rnr!) m- 
tcns. and cripaiun) to sign) to 
shovj clearly, prove, demonslrnie; 
lo seal, seal up, set a seal, or 
mark ; to confiscate, proscribe, 

A-K-)ar)pci6ij} -tj, (fr. same, and ati- 
/ici'Joi to mark) to set a sign ot 
mark upon, seal, brand; to write 
down, note, record ; to notice, 
mark, observe ; la sign/dize. 


AiroFijiru, f. -i^w, (fr. same, and 
(njffui to putrefy) to pine, Ian- 
gvish ; to waste away, dissolve ; 
to putrtfy, rot, 

AiTo<ri6iii -UP, Ion. for a<f o<ri'oui, nres. 
inf. pass. uTToatdocdai -ovaSat, 
par. awoaiodixevoi -ovjitvoi, Ion. 


A~oatriii) -d, f. -y'jciii, (fr. arro priv. 
and aiTiu) to feed) to abstain 
from food, fast, starve to death. 
ATTiJff-irof, -on, b, I'l, (fr. same, and 

ffiVos food) fasting, louthing. 
Anotrtwrrdu) -Cj, f. -»/<7ui, (fr. aird m- 
tens. and ffiusau) to be silent, tli. 
atbirrn silence) lo be silent, mute, 
struck dumb ; to he unnoticed, 
passed by in silence. 
Aroo-iwir/Iffif, -io{, Att. -tus, t), (fr. 
last ) silence, secrecy, reticence ; 
concealment by not speaking ; a 
blank left for conjecture; the 
figure aposiopcsis. 
AxoffKapifu, f. -iVcD, (fr. ari from, 
and cKapl^io to bound) to fling 
the limbs through pain ; to pal- 
pitatt, throb, beat ; to pant, 
breathe hard. 
AToaKtidvrvfit, f. -ocrui, p. -axa, (fr. 
ard intens. and aKcfidn) or gkc- 
idivvfii to scatter) lo dispel, dis- 
perse, dissipate, fling about. 
A.TioaKfKdt^u), f. -dcrw, (fr. ard priv 
and <7(c£rd^w to cover) to uncover, 
open, expose. 
A)ro(7<c/7riti, f. -i|'ui, (fr. avd intent, 
and aKiTTTiji to survey) lo visit, 
go In see ; to watch from a tower, 
or height, observe, spy. 
AirocKCvd^w, f. -daui, p. -axa, (fr. 
same, and oKcvd^u) lo prepare) 
to lay by, lay up, reserve ; to 
prepare, provide. AffoaKtud^ojiai, 
to carry off goods or furniture, 
remove, change residence ; lo 
pack up Intggage, prepare for a 
journey ; or lo unlorul, forsake 
baggage, m order lo travel, or 
march lighter ; to dismantle, 
break up ; to empty, evacuate. 1 
f. mid. asoTKivdaofiai. 1 a. mid. 
airioKLvaadfiriv. per. pass, arca- 
AvasKivi), •!){, f), (fr. avi intens. 
and irKtvh furniture) goods, sub- 
stance ; a pack, parcel ; furni- 
ture, baggage ; train, women atui 
Atoaxrindiji -ij, f. -waia, (fr. arrh 
from, and aKriv6ia to pitch iitcnt) 
to remove the lent, or hrtliiiation ; 
chnnge residence, rdire. lo a dis- 
A-"ff«<irru, f. -iiu(, p. -<pa, (fr. 
•imp, and aKi'icno to lean) to 
ii'oul, shun, get aximy , escape ; 
to slip from UTuUr ; to fail ; lo 
dash, rush upon, hail, shower 
down. I a. art. par. nnoirici'upaf 
^toanid^iii, f. -liiriii, p. avi.or.iuica, 
(fr. airA iiiirnfi. anil oKid^ia lo 
shadow) Ui nvctshniiow, shade, 
KnoaKiiWfia, •drof, rlt, (fr. last) a 

thadnuiing, ni rrshrulmuing ; 
shadow, adnniliriUion, darken- 
ing; a shade, slight npptnrnnce.] piece, part, fragment. 



A-o<TKtfivTonat,(^r. same, andiTKi'^T- 
Tu), which see. per. inf. pass. 

ATocK\rifu, (fr. same, and cKXri/n 
or o-nAfii) to harden with drought) 
to dry, parch ; to withir, decay, 
fade, die ; to harden, sti^en, 2 a. 
ind. act. a-ricKXqv. 

ArrodK^Tivai, 2 a. inf. act. of last. 

Aro<ri.A;;piiiu, f. -viCi, (fr. a-5 in- 
tens. and <7».X)/pi'i UI to harden) 
to stifftn, grow hard ; to be hard- 
hearted, severe ; to treat harshly. 

.4ro(Tn-oAo:7i'^u), (fr. azo from, and 
BKAXoxf. a stake) to break down a 
fence, open a way, make way. 

AT:oaKo\vzTii), (fr. same, and o-iro- 
Xuaru) to rend) topeel, strip, un- 
cover ; to lacerate, scratch, cr- 
coriate ; to maim, mutilate, par. 
per. pass. ortcicoXt)f(/if'i'0{. 

At!o<sko~(u) -w, f. -f]cu>, and Attocko- 
rtOu), f. -tvau), (fr. urdfrom, and 
ffKOTTtu) or cKOTztiti) to mavk) to 
view from a distance, survey ; to 
aim at ; to aim, keep in view, 
attend to, pursue as an object. 

A-ruoKovoi, -ov, h, i), (fr. last) be- 
holding from a distance, view- 
ing ; aiming, pursuing; obser- 
vant, attentive. Or, (fr. atro 
from, and cKoirdi a butt) absurd, 
silly ; inconsistent, preposte- 

AiToaKopaKi^w, f. -lad), p. -i/ca, fr. 
azi away, and ctcopaKl^u, which 

AzoaKopaKicii6;, -ou, b, (fr. last) 
contempt, scorn ; a taunting re- 
fusal, or rebuke. 

AiroaKopni^u), f. -taoj, (fr. a-b in- 
tens. and oKopzi^b) to scatter > lo 
disperse, scatter ; lo dismiss, dis- 

AzocKvXdij), Poet, for aroauAnw. 

A7ro(r<ciu77Tu>, f. -tfu, (fr. a-irb in 
tens, and oKuizria to scoff) lo 
taunt, revile, scoff"; to ridicule, 

Aroff^du" -lii, (fr. same, and cr/iduj 

to wipe) and 
A-i!oaii)'i)^w, f. -t((<D, p. 'VXa, (fr. 
same, and er/i(;;^u) to wipe) lo 
wipe off", or away ; to lick. 
\iTtaiJV)(^u}, f. -fw, p. 'Xa, (fr- same, 
and (7/iUYu) to consume) to bum 
away, waste, wear away ; to de- 
cay, pine. par. 2 a. pass. oTroa- 
Kiroaoiilit) -u>, f. -f/au), (fr, arrJ from, 
and (jo/?/u) to drive) lo brush 
away, frighten ; to drive away, 
expel, turn out ; to repel, keep 

, 'tf. 

'Anoao^,-ll,•ov, (fr. « neg. and iro- 
(70$ some) none, not one ; nega- 
tive, luwing, doing, or express- 
ing, nothing. 

AiroffTrdi'iot, -n, -m, (fr. nvoordii) 
to tear oil) torn f/ff", pulled away, 
drag i;ed from . A To^ffdieof, -ou, 
ri, a piece, fragment. 

Kir»airai>, jires. inf. art. conl. — 
ArioKaaBivrn, n. pi. par. 1 a 
pass, ol tiznavdu, 

ATrfoirnff/ia, -drof, ri, (fr, nrxl) a 


A~J(Trdu) -w, f. -daui, p. avtanaKa, 
(fr. aT,b from, and azdit) to 
draw) to root out, tear away, 
extirpate ; lo draw, draw forth, 
or out of, unsheath ; to draw 
away, reduce; to cleanse, bur- 
nish. — Azoardoitai, to with- 
draw, retire. 1 a, act. ind. 
a-iczaaa' par. azoa-daas. per. 
pass, a7:[ana(Tiidt. I a. pass, 
ind. a-rtcczdaOi}'-'' par. axoazac- 
ATTOtT-zelpu), f. -epui, p. -apKa, (fr. 
nrro inlens. andoSEi'pw to sow) to 
sow ; to disseminate, spread 
abroad, publish. 
AroffTfi'c'u), f. aroc-tfffo), p. -tiKn, 
(fr. same, and arriivd) to pour) 
to sprinkle ; to pour out m sacri- 
fice, make a libation, or offering 
of liquids ; to sacrifice. 
ATTOcnrciiSii), f. -f vffui, (fr. aro from, 
and azivSio to hasten) to dis- 
suade, discourage, advise from, 
or against. 
Aviavopoi, -01', 6, )';, (fr. anoantlpia 
to disseminate) derived, or de- 
scended from ; sown, planted ; 
subs, an offspring. 
Avocnuvid?,u),t -dffu>, (fr. airi from, 
and azov'Sii^u) to hasrcn) to slack- 
en, relax, remit, abate ; to neglect, 
omit, postpone, 
Airiara, pros, inipr. cont. of ano- 
crdui, for aipiaTi}jn. Or, for aff^- 
arriOi, 2 a. impr. of same. 
Arrocrdid, and ATToaTaibt; (fr. 
a^icT-npii to stand off) far off, 
at a distance, afar. 
ArooTQ^uj, f. -fu), (fr. anb from, 
and ffTu^u) to drop) to trickle, 
distil, par. prcs. azoard^iov. 
ArooraXd^u, f. -fu), (fr. same, and 

ora'Xd^u) to drop) same as last. 
ATooraXuoi, 3 pi. 2 a. sub. pass. 

of atroariWu). 
Arroaruf, -daa, -dv, par. 2 a. act. 

of a<plcri]fii. 
Airoaraala, -ai, /;, (fr. a<l>laTrifti to 
desert) a departure, leaving, 
quilting ; desertion, defection ; 
falling off, apostary. 
Arrocrrdaiov, -ou, rb, (fr. same) a 
departure, .reparation ; a divorce, 
a deed of divorce. 
Aizdaraaii, -io{, Atl. -tu?, >';, (fr. 
same) a dcsirlion, forsaking ; 
deferJion, revolt ; drjiarture. 
Aitoarnriuf, -a, -or, (fr. same) lo 
he desisted, it is jtroper to cease, 
ice must slop. 
Anoarariui -d, f. -fiaui, p. -riKn, (fr. 
same) lo apostatize; to desert, 
forsake ; lo rebel, revolt. 
Azoardrnf, -ov. It, (fr. last) an 
npotlale ; a traitor, deserter, re- 
bfl. Adj. faithless, treac/ie- 
AvnaraTtKbf, -r|, -bv, (fr. name) re- 
bellious, revolting, traitorous ; 
eonlumarious, insolent ; head- 
strong, haughty. 
AroffnirTifuif, (fr. last) rrhclliously, 
Irnitiirously ; insolently, haugh- 
Knonrtydiin, f. -doii),p. ajrto-r/ya»ra, 
(fr. (irti from, and irnyd^u to 


rover) ta utiroot', strip off" ihr 



n rommissioner of the nnvt/. n. I tumrd from, avrrsr, strange; 

roof; lo xincotrr. 1 a. acl. a-t- 

ATocr»),i(rjia, -Sroi, rd, (fr. last) n 

lui, rover ; a covtrijig ; a runf. 
ATuoniAdi, I a. iiil". act. — Aro- 

OTci\ai, par. I a. act. — AiroaTtl- 

A;;, 3 sin. 1 a. sub. act. — Arii- 

cTiiXor, 1 a. inipr. act. of arro- 


Aroartt^ui, f. -fui, (fr. nro from, 
and anl^w to inardi) <« ^o 
awnt/, rirpurt ; to rilirc, with- 
draw; to go back again. 2 a. 
md. act. oTTfVn^oi'. 
AToffrAXii), f. -fAw, p. nr/o-TiiXva, 
(Ir. same, and o-rAXui to send) /o 
send au-iii/, dixmiss ; to senil out 
of the way ; to naul, said forth, 
despatch, Send off'; tn equip, pro- 
lit/t, prtpare. 1 a. act. ind. 
nrtVrtiAo* par. ai:ooTti\ai. 2 a. 
act. avfSTiiKov. per. pass, qt/- 
wruX/iui. 2 a. pass. ind. a-card- 
\nv. sub. uT')<rra.\w*par. a-zoara- 
Xfif. per. mid. a-ZtrroXa. 
ATocmo'u -(3, f. -coffu), (fr. otD in- 
tens. and o-rcido) to confine, ih. 
oTfiJf narrovv) /o conatrain, ne- 
cessitate, bring lo loss, or difficul- 
ty, distress: 
Ai:oaTepyui, 1. -foi, (fr. ar3 from, 
and oTf'pyw to clierish) to dislike, 
disregard, not to love; to hale, 
AzBCTcpc7aOc, 2 pi. cont. pres. ind. 
mid. — A-zovrepuTc, 2 pi. cont. 

pres. ind. or inipr. act Ajto- 

cTrp)';aps, 2 sin. 1 a. sub. act. 
A-zoarepiu) -cD, f. -I'laoi, p. aTzcariorj- 
Ka, (fr. ard inlens. and arcpiu) to 
deprive) lo bereave, deprive of ; 
to wrong, injure, defraud. Atto 
arcpiofiai, to be destitute, not to 
have, he without, devoid of. 1 a. 
act. ind. aircariprjaa' sub. otto^ 
cTcof.aia. per. pass. a-ztoTipTjjiar 
par. avcortpriiJiivoi. 
AT;nirripriati, -lof, Att. -£U)f, if, (fr. 
last) n taUnc away, privation; 
fraud, svAndling ; ii<ant, deft- 
ciency ; need, poverty. 
ArocrTfpr,r^f, -ov, b, {fr. same) a 

cheat, impostor, deceiver. 
.\T!oar'n6i, -riTu), 2 pi. -artjTc, impr. 

— AiroaTti, -i){, -T,, sub. 2 a. act. 

— A-roaTfiaoftai, -;/, -irai, 1 f 
mid. of aiplcTJini. 

A-6arriiia, -Srof, tu, (fr. u(j,icTriiii 
to separate) a separation, part- 
ing ; an impotthume, absciss, 

Kironrrivai, 2 a. inf. act. — Aro- 
BTfiuai. 1 a. inf. act. — Avotrrt}- 
adjicOa, 1 pi. 1 f. mid. ol' aipiart]-: 

AroaTfipi^ui. f. -fw, (fr. ardintens. 

and arrjpi^ii) to fix) to strnigthen, 

ronftrm, establish; to fix upon,\\TTocTpi\l.oaKc, Poet, and Ion. for 

fasten in. oa-Zarpii/'t, 3 sin. 1 a. act of last. 

AiTouTtXpu), f. -i|(j, p. arf'<rriX^a|An-oiTTpo(^;;, .^j, /}, (fr. nri from, 

(fr. same, and crCSfita to shine) and crnl^u) to turn) a lurnini: 

to glillir, sparkle, reflect. from, or away; a return, con- „ 

ATdartxh-'^- 'mpr. of a^O(;^f(;^'w. version; a refuge, shelter, c«y-'AJr(5(T;(-T<nf, -lO?, Att. -cwf, //, (Ir. 
ArocToXtis, -ins. An. -ew(, l, {fr.\ lum ; an apostrophe. | last) a rupture, fracture ; a 

a-otrrfWui to equip) an admirol ;' Ardaroodos, -ov,b, fi, (fr, same)' rending, breach ; a slip, branch. 


pi. con'. uTotrToAnj, 
ATuffroXi), -<)$i lit (fr. nroffr/XXw to 
send liirtli) a viissinn, riinimis 
sion ; a message, office, duty ; a 
gift, present ; an aposthship ; 
the means of sending n messen- 
ger ; a judgynmt, visitation, ; a 
pestilence, plague. 
ArooToXM?, -II, -iv, (fr. affiJffroXof 
an apostle) apnstulir, relating to 
an apostle, or the ajioslles. 
AzdcrToXof, -ov, rb, (Ir. affOor/XXdi 
to send away) a lightship, pack- 
et, advice boat. 
AvoaroXoi, -ov, !>, (fr. same) a mes- 
senger, nmhass'tdor, commission- 
er ; an apostle ; a fleet, armada. 
Adj. sent, despatched. 
ATTOcro/inTi'^u), i. -iaui,\i. CTTicTOjiii- 
TiKu, (fr. avb from, and (tto/io 
the mouth) to repeat from me- 
mory, say by heart ; to per- 
suade, prevail on, or force to 
speak; to provoke, or incite to 
speak ; to draw, or force words ; 
to question, interrogate, examine. 
I a. act. artaTO^idnan. 
A-oo-To/iou) -u>, (fr. n-b priv. and 
cTOfiOu) to sharpen, th. ani/za 
the mouth) lo blunt, break thi 
edge, or point ; to check, weaken, 
repress, stop the mouth, par. per. 
pass. uTreaTOfiWjiivoi. 
A-6oTopyos, -ov, b, I'l, (fr. same, and 
eropyli natural atiectioii) iiith- 
out natural ojfiction, iniftcling, 
unnatural; unkind; disliking, 
Ar'jcTT-pfjyyaXi^ii), f. -iVw, (fr. otto 
by, and arpuyyaVti a halter) to 
slrangh;, choke. 
ATToarpnKii^h), f. -iVo), (fr. «::J in- 
tens. and ooTpa*i^w to vote with 
shells, th. darpanuv a shard) to 
condemn by ostracism, to ba- 
ATToarpaificiriV, opt. — AvncrpdibriTi, 
inipr. — Aro<7Tpii(pC),-i}i,-rj,svi\>. 
— AiroarprKpTivni, inf. — Airoa- 
Tpa(peh. par. 2 a. — AvooTpuibij- 
aofiai, 2 f. ind. pass, of a:roarpi- 


Avoarpdpw, f. -'.^'W, p. airiiXTptipa, 
(fr. urro from, and ffrp/i/wloturn) 
to turn from, or away, divirt ; to 
convert, change ; to pervert, cor- 
rupt, incite to rebel ; to return, 
put bark ; to return, bring back ; 
lo reject, refuse ; to hide, con- 
ceal ; lo leave, desert, forsake. 
AirooTpt(poi/ni, tolvrn away from ; 
to disregard, slight; to dislike, 
hate. 1 a. act. ind. aT:!CTp(\j.a 

malign, unj'uvoundile ; an apos- 
trophe, the mark of a letter being 
cut oil' in Greek. 
AjroaTiiy/ci) -ui, f. -fjoii), (fr. nrri) in- 
tens. and crvyiui lo hale) lo ab- 
hor, detest, loathe, abominate ; lo 
shun, avoid. 
AvoarCi, -fn, -/), 2 a. sub. act. of 

AToavXiiaai, Dor. n)r aroffi'X^ofni. 
— Aro(TvXaTai,3sin. cont. pres. 
ind. pass, of 
rl77o(Ti'X«'o) -w, f. -^0(0, (fr. nrru from, 
and cvSdio to rob) tn steal, rob; 
to pMage, plunder, spoil. 
A-ncBvrdyix), f. -^ui, (fr. same, ertiv 
tofjelher, and a'j'u to brinj;) to 
collect fro?n, gather J'rom about ; 
to recover J'rnm ; to drive away, 
turn out, put J'rom among. 
Avoavruywyoif-ov, b, fi, (fr. same, 
and avvitywyii a .synagogue) put 
out of the synagogue, excuimnu- 
Avoavpl^iii, f. -ioiti, (fr. anb inlens. 
and cvpi^u) lo hiss) to hiss at, 
hoot ; to whistle. 
ATTocvaKCvd^u), f. -dau}, {fr. a-nb 
from, and cvaiavd^u) to pack up) 
to pillage, plumlcr, spoil. 
A-Kocibd^u), f. -fu), (fr. arrb intcns. 
and aij)d(,(>' to slay) to cut the 
throat, slaughter ; to saaiflce. 
2 a. par. pass, a-auarpnydi. 
AT7o(TitiaKc\t^w,(. -icui, (Ir. avu from, 
and B<j)dKt\oi .1 ijanarcne) to 
waste, decay ; to dissolve, pu- 
ATToaipuWio, f. -aXw, p. anicijinXKa, 
(fr. ar:b infens. and aipdXXu) to 
trip) to trip vp, overthrow, sup- 
plant; to frustrate, difeat, dis- 
appoint; to deceive, dilude ; to 
mislead, seduce, deprave. Avo- 
OijidXXofiai, to err, stray, mistake. 
2 a. par. pass. a-rroaipaXdi. 
A-o(r(pdTTu>, f. -fo), p. -ya, (fr. 
same, and ctjidrrio to slay) see 
A-oa(pr.v('Ovnij), or-Zoj -w, f. -iau>,\i. 
-i}Ka, and ATna<pti'^oi'i(w, f. -lau, 
see ciptviavdiii, or a<ptv<^ovi^u). 
Avoat^nXda, -oj, -£, 1 a. opt. Mo\. 

of avoc(f>u\Xbi. 
ATrotnppdytajxa, -aroi, rb, (fr. avb 
ditiiin. and ccppnyii a seal) '/ sig- 
vft ; the impression of a seal. 
Awo<r;yrtf(i), f -daii), (fr. otto inters, 
and o-yd^w to lance) to open 
a veirt, bleed; to break in 
.\.t;ob)^uv, 2 a. inf act. — Airo- 
cxiir, par. of airix' 

impr. arooTpidov' sub. ottoo-- Aro'<r;^£ff<f, -toi, Alt. -cui, n, (fr. 
Tp/i/'J* par. axoarpixpai. i a. 
pass. ind. antcTpdipriv, 3 pi. 
aTTcarpdiiiiiTai. ~ a. act. ind. 


ariyiit to withhold) forbearavce, 
moderation ; abstinence, temper- 
ance, sobtrvoss. 

AT!oi!xi<:ovei, 3 pi. 1 f. act. of 

Airo<r;^i'^u, f. -'tm, (fr. anb from, 
and CT^i'^w to split) tn cleave, dt- 
vide, cut, separate ; lo rend, tear 


Aitoaxo^'^^'^t ('"'■• <"^^ intens. and 
(rxoAa'^iD lo have leisure) to em- 
ploy, or apply one's leisure; to 
occupy it in some pursuit or 

XTtoiJ)(^o\ioitai •ovfiai, f. -ijiroyiai, 
(fr. a-rti from, and ax'i^h leisure) 
to be busy ; to employ, npply, or 
engage one's self. pres. par. avo- 

Aird(r;^u//ai, 2 a. sub. mi-l — Arro- 
ff;^d^£i'Of, par. 2 a. mid. of air- 

Airoffoifui, f. -(iffo), p. -(JKa, (fr. aird 
intens. and ew^u to save) to pre- 
serve ; to recover, restore to health ; 
to protect, guard. Airoau^ofiat, 
to save one's self, Jty for re- 
fuge, pres. inf. raid, a-noow^ta- 
dat. I a. inf. pass. airo(Tu0^- 

AtToTayfi, -5f, and Airrfrafif, -lof, 
Att. -tiijf, ;;, (fr. arordaau) to re- 
nounce) o renunciation, giving 
up ; farewell, adieu. 

ktroTairiv, (fr. airoTiivw to stretch) 
<i< full length, at large, largely, 

AvoradcU, 1 a. par. pass, of ajro- 

AiroraKCi;, 2 a. par. pass, of airo- 


Air6raKT0(, -ov, h, >/, (fr. arTordaou) 
to arrange) reserved, laid by, set 
apart, destined, intended, 

AvoTa^dficvos, ->?, -ov, par. — Aro- 
rdi'tadat, inf. 1 a. mid. — Avo- 
rdaoirai, 3 sin. pres. ind. pass, 

A>rorrf(Tffu),or-TTui, f. -a'fu, p. -aya, 
(fr. a-ri from, and rdaoui to or- 
der) to arrange, regulate, set in 
order ; lo separate, distinguish, 
set apart from otiiers, Airorda- 
aojiat, it give commands, serul 
with or tiers ; to take leave, bid 
a/lieu, hid farewell; t renounce, 
give up, forego. 1 f. mid. avo 
rd^ujiai. I a. mid. ind. avira^d- 
lti)V mf. airord(aodnt. p^r. pass 

Avordrw, sup. (fr. oiri from) very 
distant, very far, farthest of all. 

AiroTuvpdu) -<3, f. -wau), (fr. uiro of, 
and raupos a bull) to make a bull. 
Air or avpdi I jj at, to imitate a bull, 
rave like n hull. 

AnirSipOi, -ov. A, ^, (fr. airti priv. 
and rdtpof a tomb) unburicd ; 
not laid with ancestors ; interred 
far atony. 

Airorit<pptiiiii>,f. •tioui, (fr. nrdfrom 
and rriApof a ditch) to ditch 
nboiU, forltfy ; to rut riff" by a 

Airir/yyw^ fr. airi intens. and rfy- 
yu), which nee. 

AinTtO(U>', Sync. foran'or(0(/i)(rav, 
3 |il. I a. opt. pass. nfa-zorlOniii. 

AnoTilvu, import, (fr. next) it 
tends, prrlniiis, or hetongs to ; it 
eonrrrns rrlntrs to. 

A-KuTiUhi, t. -nui, [«. nitarhHitn, (fr. 
oird from, and rilv<j loslrctrh) lo 
extend, Sjirrad ; lo stretch, reach 
out; lo rnlnrgr,Unp.lhm ; loin- 
lend, purjiote, design ; to strain. 


exert. Anordvofiai, to contend, 
debate; lo inveigh, censure; to 
be suspended, hang, depend. 
ATrortiyi'^w, f. -Icu), p. a'zorcrtix'- 
ica, (fr. atrd by, and t£(;^-oj a wall) 
lo wall about, surround with a 
wall, or rampart, fortify ; to in- 
tercept with a wall; to cut qff". 
I a. act. a-rrcTtixKra. 
AvoTtt)(X<ni, -lof, Alt. -cwy, i}, and 
Arorti^io-^iOf, -ou, 0, (fr. last) a 
walling about ; a fortijicntion, 
AroTci)(iana. -aros, rd, (fr. same) 

a wall, bulwark, rampart. 
ArtoTCKi'dta -d, (fr. a-!:i priv. and 
TCKvuiji to bear children) to lose, 
or be deprived of children, be 
childless. 1 a. pass. ind. oTrcTtK- 
i'aj9);v sub. mrnrcKi tjiOa. 
ATT0Tc\ca6cts, -c7aa, -iv, par. 1 a, 

pass, of uTTortX/u). 
ATTOTe\iBfin, -nTOi, to, (fr. anon- 
X/u to finish) a making, doing ; 
a finishing, execution ; an efftct, 
event, production, end, termina- 
tion ; a charm, incnnlulion ; the 
influence of the stars; an image 
suspended lo arrest., or draw down 
their power. 
A^oreXcaixaTtK)!, -rji, fj, viz. ri^in, 
(fr. same) the art of making arid 
using the flgures for charms ; as- 
trology; incantation. 
AKOTc^cafiaTi^i;, -t), -ot; (fr. same) 
effective, effectual, operative, ac- 
tive, ifficient. 
AiTOTcXcoiidi, -ov, 0, (fr. same) a 
making, fltnshing, conclusion ; 
an effect, aid. 
ATTOTiXcBTtKds, -OV, h, ^, (fr. samc) 

effective, effectual, efficacious. 
ATortXtiTao) -w, f. -ijaui, (fr. arrd 
intens. and riXcvrdu} to end) to 
finish, conclude, cease, stop, 
come to an end ; to die. 

ATOT[\cVrtJ<TI(, -lOJ, Alt. -£(Jf, ^, 

(fr. last) decease, death. 

AnortXioi -to, f. -I'law, and -fVoj, p. 
aiTOTCTfXcKa, (fr. r/Aoj an end) 
to form, shape ; to hrin/; lo pass, 
effect, fulfil, accomplish ; to do, 
perform; to perfect, finish, com- 
plete, make an e7id of; to pay a 
tin, yield, contribute. A TroTt X/o- 
ftat, to improve, amend, make 
progress ; to rcc/ivcr health, per. 
pass. aroTCTi'Xiaiint. par. ojrort- 
Ti^itjfii'vof. 1 a. pass. ind. arert- 
XiaOn"' par. mrnrtXiaOiif. 

ATTori^vii), f. airoTtfiia, (fr. ard 
from, and r/urw 1" cut) to cut off', 
lop, sever, oisniemhrr ; lo iuttr- 

cfpt ; lo take a part, appropriate. 
par. I f. act. arroriftuv. per. pass. 
uirorlrfitijiai. pper. anirtrii^ptir, 
-tjtra, •t}ro. 1 a. pass. ind. aittr- 
fiflDriV opt. aiiorfinOiii)v,M\t\ ano- 

Anort(taOat, 1 f. inf. mid. of aito- 

Arijrtfiv, -tof, All. -fwf, v, (fr. 
airoWitrui to rliildriin) rhild- 
liirlh, labour, delivery, accouche- 

AntlTcpof, -a, oy, and -rorof, -i;, 
-oficonip. and sup. (fr.on'Jfroni) 


farther, farthest ; more, or most 
diitant ; remoter, remotest. 
A~oripti), and -rdrw, (fr. lastj^or- 

ther, more distant, remotely. 
AvoTcrafiivos, par. per. pass. — 
A-oTtTanai, -aai, -rat, in 3 pi. 
-airat, per. ind. pass, of arro- 
Ar;oTeTc\tatiivoi,-ri,-(n, (par. per. 
pass, of (iTTorfX/u) pcrjtcl, com- 
plete, finished. 
A-noriTftriTu, Poel. for a5r£T£r|ij;T0, 

3 sill. ppcr. pass, of afforf'//»'u. 
ATTunii, Ion. for a^' ov, or a-rb tov, 
Arr6Tevyiin, -arof, t6, (fr. airorvy- 
Xdvh) to miss) disappointment ; 
Anirtv^i!, -tos, Att. -tujf, >), (fr, 
same) disappointment, misfor- 
tune, ill success, loss, defeat. 
AroTiiyaii^ui, f. -lew, (fr. nrd in- 
tens. and Ttiyaii^o) to fry, th. 
Ti'iyai'ov a frying pan) to fry ; to 
eat fried meat ; to eat out of the 
AiroT>')K(i>, f. -fw, (fr. same, and 
r»7/iu) to melt) to 7nelt, dissolve; 
to steep, soften ; to consume, 
waste, tkcay. 
AiroTtdijftt, f. anoOi'iau), p. avoriBei- 
Ka, (fr. aird from, and TiOrjiit to 
lav) to lay down, or asiile, put 
qff, relinquish, quit, renounce; 
to lay by, store, or treasure up ; 
to put off, defer, delay, procrasti- 
nate ; to expose, put out to perish. 
1 a. act. aTtiOijKa. 1 a. mid. avt- 
OriKjidr^v. 1 a. pass. aireriOtjv. I 
f. pass. aTOTiOr'iaoitat. 1 f. mid. 
arroOi'icofjiai. 2 a. mid. ind. ottc- 
Oi^Tiv inf. anudiadaf par. aToOi- 
fiti'oi. For other tenses see 


AvorUrta, fr. arru intens. and rlKtUf 
which see. ^ 

AroT-iXXo), f. -I'Xui, (fr. same, and 
Ti'XXw to pluck) to pluck up, or 
out; to pull qff', strip; to take 
off" the hair. 

Aro'riX/ja, -Srof, t6, (fr. last) U 
shred, piece, fragment ; hair, or 
v.ool jilucked off] 

ATrnTtiidu) -u), f. -I'/aw, p. ->]Kit, (fr. 
crro inleiis. and rt^idto lo honour) 
to value, appraise, estimate; to 
esteem, regard ; lo fine, amerce; 
to dishonour, slight ; to pledge, 
give hinl. A^oriftdo^tnt -wiiat, to 
take a pledge, accept security. 

A-rorlfini"!, -droi, rd, (I'r. last) a 
pleilic, pawn, drjmsit, penalty ; 
security given by a sutntlian ; a 
compensation for dowry. 

hnor'iniv,-ov, rd, (fr. siimc) aprice, 
value, rale ; a jileilqc, security. 

Andriitof, -ov. A, j;, (fr. samc) 
pawned, rngnged, hound. Or, 
(fr. (iffj priv. and n/ii) honour) 
inglorious; private, mean, ob- 

Airorivnypn, •arn(, rcl, (fr. next) 
>wripinf\s, dust, nff'sriiitring, the 
dirt coming iff any thing when 
Aroriiduao}, C -rffw, p. anorirlva- 
Vd, (fr. oirJ friiiii, and rii'rfircfui lo 
quiver) to shake rff, thakc out. 


1 a. act. ind. aircTlvai^a. impr. 
airorlva^ov par. anortid^ai. 1 .1. 
inf. mid. anoTiniiacOm. 

AroTii'vi'fieioi, par. prt'S. mid. of 

A»or/n'ii^i, or -vut, (fr. avd back, 
and Wvn'/ii, or -I'cj to pay) ulsn, 

ATor/w, or ArronVu), f. -/ffu», p. -iica, 
(fr. saiuo, and Wiui or t/u to 
honour) to honour, compriisdie, 
rewnrJ ; to repay, pay, or s^iffvr 
for, atone for, make compensa- 
tion ; KTZOTtivvfiai, Arzorloftai, 
tic. to exact punishment, punish, 
revenge, avenge. 1 f. act. 3 sin. 
anoTian, 1 pi. airoriaontv. 1 a. 
act. ind. arcno-ri' 'i sin. sub. 
anoTlaji' par. avoriaai. 1 1. niid. 
par. aTOTitru'/itiof. 

AiroTfi^iyu), or airorfifiaaui, f. -fu. 
(fr. avi trom, and Tfii'iadiji or r/idu 
to cut) <o rwi qff', slaughter ; In 
intercept, separate, divide from. 
1 a. par. act. ajror^>/faj, 2 a. 
pass. aTnTfiayrjv. 

'ATTor^a;, -ov, 6, //, (fr. a neg. and 
vdrftoi lo') ill fated, hardfated, 
unfortunate, miserable, wretched, 
unhappy, sup. airoTiidraTos. 

AiroToXna, 3 sin. cont. pres. act. 

AJToroX^dtu -ui, f. -i/acj, p. a770T£- 
ToX^^fca, (fr. ux-Jintens. and roX- 
ndii) to dare) to presume, be very 
bold, dare very much. 

ATroTo/ii), -)ji, Si, (fr. airoTifivu) to 
cut off) a cutting off, cutting 
short, 7>2aki}ig ari end of. 

A'orofiia, -a{, y, (fr. same) o cut- 
ting or paring closely ; lopping, 

AnArofioi, -ov, i, i;, (fr. same) ab- 
rupt, steep, precipitous ; ar- 
duous ; concise, short, brief; ri- 
gid, severe, cutting. 

AtroTiftuif, (fr. last) cuttingly, se- 
verely ; cdncisely, briefly. 

'AroTOf, -ov, b, I'l, (fr. a neg. and 
riJrof drink, th. irlvu) to drink) 
ahslaining from drink, living 
without liquids ; not drinkable. 

A-'OTpt'tYCtv, 2 a. inf. act. of ano- 

AiTOTpaxvvii), f. -vvu), (fr. azi in- 
tens. and rpaxi^i^ 'o make 
rough) to roughen; to ruffle, fret, 

AirorpiTTov, pres. irnpr. mid. of 

A'!roTpcrrTtKi{,-i),-iv, (fr. next) dis- 

AroTpiru), f. -tpu), p. atrOTiTptipa, 
(fr. a-nb from, and tpj'ttw to turn) 
lo turn away from, dissuade ; to 
avert, turn aside, put away; to 
frustrate, disappoint. Avorpivo- 
fini, to turn one s self from, dis- 
like ; lo loathe., reject. 1 a. act 
aitiTpti^a' 2 a. act. airiVpuTov. 2 
a. mid. a^rttTpairoftrfv. per. ind 
pass, aTtOTfrpaiiiiai. 

Airorpf jfw, (fr. ari back, and rp/^^u 
to run) to run bark, run away, 
Jly, escape; to revolt, rebel. 

ArroTnifiiMi, f. -ly/w, (fr. arj from, 
and Toiiioi to rub) tn wear away, 
watte, liruisc, break, consume, 
impair ; to rub down, clean, 



tripe; AroTpZ/Jo/iui, to , file <^, A7rori'(/>X<ij(ri{, -lof, Alt. -tios, ^, 

pare down ; to extenuntt, clear 
up, explain ; to remove, with- 
draw ; to shake qff', reject, put 
away; to impeilc, frustrate. 

AvuTpi^tfia, -urof, ri, (fr. last) a 
chip, shaving, dust,&.c. made by 
cleaning, or polishing. 

AroTDorrtiaffOui, Poet, for airorpo- 
TrdaOiii, pres. inf. cont. of ano- 

ArrOTpinatof, -ov, b, i), (fr. arrorpi- 
TTu to avert) preserving, protect- 
ing; averting, or turning away 
evils ; to he averted, shunned, 
avoided, deprecated. 

AnoTpo-irdofiai, or -Tp(x)T:doiiat -dftai, 
(fr. avb from, and Toorru'w to 
turn) to turn away Jrom, de- 
cline, shun, avoid; to slight, 

KiroTpoTTid^io, f. -dau), (fr. same) 
to pacijy, appease, reconcile ; to 
alone, expiate. 

AvorpoTtiadjiii, -ov, b, (fr. last) 
dislike, aversion; an amulet, 

AndrpOTTOi, -ov, b, r), (fr. offorpfrriD 
to turn away) unpleasant, disa- 
greeable ; hateful, odious, abo- 
minable ; unlucky. 

Ait6Tpo(poi,-ov, b, I'l, (fr. airb from, 
and rpiipui to rear) educated 
abroad, reared among strangers ; 
foreign, strange, 

AvoTovydu) -io, t. -I'/aui, (fr. anum- 
tens. and rpvydw to gather 
grapes) to gather the vintage 

(fr. last) a 6/Jn'/in^; blindness, 
want, or lost of siglU. 
AroTv^la, -as, and -xi'h ■''ti ^y C""' 
avoTvyxdva to miss) failure ; 
disappointment ; refusal. 

ATroTv^uii; see a7roruy;^u';'(iJ. 

An'oupu'/itiof, — Arravpiii, by Sync, 
for airovpiauficvosj par. 1 a. mid. 
and airovplaai, par. 1 a. act. of 
arovpl^u), Ion. for u(/iopi'^u). Or 
by Metapl. and Sync, for anav- 
ptjadiiivof, par. 1 a. mid. and 
uTTavpi'iaai, par. 1 a. act. of arruu- 

'Arroupof, -ov, b, /;, (fr. and from, 
anti 8poj a border) beyond the 
borders, foreign; banished, out- 
lawed; an exile, 

'Avovi, -oioi, b, li, (fr. a neg. and 
jToDs the foot) without feet ; 

Airuvaa, fem. of aniiv, par. pres. of 
a'zci^i, to be absent. 

Airov(jia,-ai, n, (fr. last) absence; 
injury, damage, harm. 

ATro(j>a!v(i}, f. -avd, p. -ayxa, (fr. 
airJ intens. and ipalvw to show) 
to show, point out ; to exhibit, dis- 
play ; to utter, pronounce, de- 
clare ; to render, cause, or make 
to be. Aito(j>nlvoiiai, to appear, 
seem ; to express one's self, de- 
clare his opinion ; to interpret, 
explain, pres. inf. pass. aTro(pal- 
viaQaf par. avotpaii'dncvos. 

Airo(j>avovncv, 1 pi. 1 f. ind. act. of 

to make up harvest; to enjoy,\A.ir6<pai'(rii, -loi, Att. -coif, {/, (fr, 

irululge in. 

An-orpuj^(i), f. -^u, and ATtorpiu), f. 
-iaii), (fr. same, and Tp<))(u> or 
rpih) to wear away) lo waste, or 
rub away, wear out ; -lo con- 
sume ; to break, tame, subdue ; 
to weary, exhaust, 

Afforpwyu, f. -^Oftat, p. aTrorlrpw- 
Xa-i (fr. same, and rpiiyw to 
gnaw) to waste, consume, eat up, 
devour. 2 a. act. ind. antrpayov 
inf. avorpdyctv. 

ATTorvy)(^av6iJitva,-(i}v,Ti, (t"r. ne.xt) 
disappointments, misfortunes. 

AiTorvyxdvii), f. aTroTvyi'iatii, p. -t£- 
Tvx'l'"', (fr. a-jrii priv. and rvy- 
j^n'vu) to get) to miss, mistake; 
to miss of, fail, not -lucceed, be dis- 
appointed. 2 a. act. ind. airirv- 
Xov' par. aTToruj^ur. 1 f. raid. 


Aj7oru7ii5uj -u), f. -liiTU, p. -wK/i, (fr. 
a-u intens. and runiu) to copy) 
to form, fashion, portrary, re- 
present, express ; to imitate, re- 
semble, be like. 

ArroTUTTTO/jai, (fr. airi from, and 
riTTTtii to strike) to cease beating, 
desist from striking ; to beat 
one' s self ; to mourn, bewail. 

AzoTVTTiopa, -aroi, rh, and Avori- 
TTuicii, -105) Att. -cms, I'l, (fr. avo- 
rvTrdtj) to express) a resemblance, 
likeness, porlruil ; an image, sta- 

AroruijXiSd) -w,f. -uioto, p. -wKa, fr. 
a-rri intens. and Tvip^6u>, which 


anotpalvio to declare) a declara- 
tion, assertion, assurance, asse- 
veration; an oracle, response; 
a maxim, axiom ; a proposition ; 
a list, valuation. 

AiToipavT'(Kd(,-l),-iv, (fr. same) rfe- 
claralory, expressive of; express, 
positive, decided. 

ATTdipacOc, 2 pi. 2 a. impr. mid. of 


ATT6(jtSats, -IDS, Att, -tuj, t'l, (fr. 
aTro(paivio to declare) a saying, 
expression ; a sentence, decision, 
determination, resolution ; a pro- 
clamation, declaration; the an- 
swer of an oracle, 

AvoipdaKij), (fr, ani priv. and i^da- 
Kia to say) same as air6<prifn. 

AiToipaaiihu>s, (fr. a-no^alvu to 
show) openly, clearly, evidently. 

AnoipcpaiaTO, Ion. for airo<pipoivro, 
3 pi. pres. opt. mid. of 

Avoditpu), f. aiTolau), 1 a, anf^vtyKa, 
(fr. avi from, and 0f'pu to carry) 
to take, bear, carry iff, or away ; 
tn carry nut, bury ; to make 
aviay with, kill, destroy ; to 
exhibit, show; to pay, contri- 
bute; lo earn, get, gain ; tore- 
port, relate, give an account of; 
to accuse, indict ; to convey, con. 
voy, escort ; to bring in to ; to 
save, preserve ; to hear, erulure, 
suffer. 2 a. act. ind. airnvty- 
Kov inf. a-KtviyKilv. 1 a. pass, 
ind. airrivfyxOlv inf. aircvcyx 

ATTo^ciyw, f. -f(<)ip.-;^;rt,(fr.same. 


and <pci-yii) to flee) to flee, or fly 
away, to escape, gtt clear off; to 
shun, avoid. 2 a. act. ind. airi- 
tpvyoi' opt. avo(f>i'yomi' inf. a~o- 
tiivyuv par. airo^C^uv. 1 f. mid. 

Ar^^i;^!, (fr. same, and <i>r})xX to 
say) to deny, contradict; to re- 
nouncf, disclaim ; to declare, 
publish, announce. 

Ajrd^ij/iOf , -ov, b, i(, (fr. lastj not to 
be mentioned ; unlucky, ill-omen- 
ed, inauspicious, ominous, 

Aj7o<ptjvat, 2 a. inf. act. of a-rr6<pifn 
— Aroif^vai, 1 a. inf. act. of 


A-!T6(l>riati, -lof, Att. -twf, fji (fr. 
aTToipiJin to deny) o contradic- 
tion ; denied, refusal ; sentence, 
judicial decision ; a denunciation, 

KviKpSiyyojiai, f. -yjo/iai, (fr. a-nb 
intens. and (pBiyyojiai to sound) 
to utter, pronounce, declare so- 
lemnly ; to speak proverbs use 
pithy sayings. 1 a. ind. mid. 

A.ir6<pdtYfia, -aro;, to, (fr. last) an 
apophiliegm, sentiment, proverb, 
remarkable saying ; an oracle. 

Xiroipddpti), f. -ffli, fr. a-ro intens. 
and <pO[ipu), which see. 

ATToipdlfievoi, Sync, for aro(p6i6iic- 
vof, par. pres. pass. — .KTro<jjOi- 
fiT)y, or A-noipdi/jivof cltji; Ion. 
for ainip6ifiriv, or airitpdifiivoi 
tlifv, per. opt. pass. — Aro^Oi'- 
atia, -af, -c, ^ol. for aro^SiVoi- 
fii, 1 a. opt. act. — A-oipSla9w, 
Sync, for a-rroipQiiaOn), pres. 
impr. pass, of nzoipdim. 

AvotpBtvvOovat, 3 pi. pres. ind. of 

Airo09ivi'0u>, same as 

Aroipdiij), or Aro<p6hu>, f. -hw, {fr. 
ari intens. and (p6iru to spoil) 
to corrupt, destroy, ruin, over- 
throw ; to kill, slay ; to waste, 
decay, putrify ; to perish, die. 

ATTotpXiivpli^w, f. -hid, {fr. same, 
and (iXavpiiii), Att. for <pav\i(^u> to 
slioht) <o neglfct, disregard, id no 
value on, make little account of. 

Aro^X(/vp('f(j{, -aira, -av. Dor. for 
azo(pXavplaa(, 1 a. par. act. of 

Avo<f)ci(idi^w, f. -rtoui, fr. nrd in- 
lens. and i^oi/?'i(o). which see. 

Aro(iopii, -nf, and Ion. ATo^opi), 
'flf, fh (fr. nrnCipw to carry 
awav) a cnrrytne, taking, or 
driving nwny ; a tribute, mtli- 
'idy ; a lax, toll, impost, assrss- 
virnt ; rent, revenue, income ; an 
fxhfdalinn, vapour. 

Awo^opTi^o/jtcoj, •);, •01', par. pres. 
art. of 

Aroipaprl^u, f. •Ivia, and Aroipop- 
TiiiM) -(3, (fr. oiri priv. and ifiop- 
Wfw or ipnnrrliit to load) to un- 
lade, unloml, dislntrdm. 

AToi}>pi)(, -rfiioj, h, fj, (fr. n neg. 
nnd ippiH^io to ri[K-ak) unhnlloir- 
ed, fTcnnimnnirnt'd ; unlwki/^ 
inmtspyrtou* ; ominous, unfu- 
imurnlitr^ unfiirlunrUr. 

Anotfiodfftjut, or -TTht, f. -fi^iit, (fr. 
ani intens. and^'piicvu tohcdgo) 


to fence, stop, or shut up ; to en- 
close,fortify ; to hinder from, re- 
ject, put away^ repulse; to si- 
lence, stop the mouth. 

Ai:o(pvycii; inf. — Airoipvyovrtc, n. 
pi. -ySiras, a. pi. pur. 2 a. act. 
of airoocvyia. 

Ai!o6vyfi, -Tii, )i, (fr. aTroipiCybi to 
escape) a flight, escape; a re- 
fuge, retreat, asylum. 

Airoi^wXioi', -on, TO, (fr. a~o from 
and ^KiXtoj a den) on untimely 
or monstrous birth ; the litter, or 
cubs of a wild beast. 

ATToi/iuiXiof, -cv, b, {], (fr. same) 
from, or out of a cave ; mon- 
strous, strange ; abortive, un- 
timely ; false, deceitful. 

Aro;^£(p(i/3(05, and Aro;^£ipo/3(<jTOs, 
-ov, b, hi Cf. a-nu from, y^up the 
hand, and jiiof life) gaining a 
living by the work of the hands ; 
handicraft, mechanic; a work- 
man, day labourer. 

ATroj(ttpororiw -w, f. -rjo-d), (fr. a-zo 
from, 'yup the hand, and rclvoy to 
stretch) to vole against, disap 
prove, reject, refuse, disallow ; to 
rescind, annul; to dismiss, re- 
move, discharge. 

AiTOXcipoTovia, -us, I'l, (fr. last) re- 
pulse, refusal, loss of an elec- 
tion ; repeal. 

AiToyCTcCu), -evau, {fr. airi from, 
and o)(tTcvu> to irrigate) to cease 
from irrigation ; to convey, drau 
fff, or turn aside water ; to divert, 
turnfrom. par. 1 a. mid. arro- 

A-TToxio) -tS, f. -ijoo), -cicu), and 
-fiffio, (fr. same, and yiu to 
pour) to pour out, shed; to dis- 

ATro)(rj, -rjf, i'/, (fr. a-!ri)^u> to be dis- 
tant) distance, space, interval, 

Ano-ypn, 3 sin. pros. ind. — Airo- 
;^Oni', pres. mf. — Array puiv, 
ieni. a-oypuiaa, par. pres. of 

Arroypnui -w, f. -I'lOO), (fr. arb in- 
tens. and xpiiij) to lend) to grati-. 
fy, suffice, satisfy^ content. Aro- 
ypdojiai, to use, make use of, em- 
ploy ; to abuse, make an ill use 
of, turn to a utong purpose ; to 
consume, spend, waste. 1 f. mid, 
avoypfioofiai. per. ind. pass, 

Aroyptw/icvof, Ion. for aroypiifif 
vDf, par. prts. mid. conl. — 
A rr(»;;^oi)(70a I , Ion. for oroymid- 
Oiii, pres. inf. mid. cont. otavo- 
ypdii), or -Jo/>ni. 

Airiypri, A\}OC. for a^iypnat, 3 sin, 
pres. ind. art. it is sufficient 
there is tnimgh, that will do. 
Arroypr\Y, Apoc. for mroyp^ivai, 
pros. mf. acl. of aviyptjfn, same 
as aitnypiiiii. 

Avoypfiott, 3 sin. 1 f. art. of ano- 

Arnypfiou, d. din. rOMl. All. of 
Ar6ypr]<n(, -tof. All. -luif, f/, {fr. 
anoypdofini to ronsiiine) con- 
sumption, vrnr nnd tear; use, 
enjoyment, bmrfil, advantage ; 
abuse, ua^lr, drrny. 



Avoypwrrioi, (fr. avoypdv, par. 
pres. ot oTtoypdu to suffice) «</- 
flciently, fully, sathfactority . 
A-oyvdui, 1 a. par. pass, of otio- 

AT;oyvp6u) -u, f. -(iffci), fr. and in- 
tens. and eyvpdu), which see. 

Aroxuipt?, 3 sm. cont. pres. ind. 
act. — AT:oyii>puTt, 2 pi. pres. 
impr. act. — A-noyoipijcas, -aaa, 
-av, par. 1 a. act. ol 

AToywpiu) -a, f. -rjaui, p. a-rTOKtyii- 
pvKa, (fr. ano from, and X(i>piu) to 
go) to go from, depart, retire, 
withdraw, yield, give place; to 
digest, secrete, pass off. 1 a. act. 
md. QTTfj^upTjffa' par. aro;^;wp;5cr;ij. 

A-oywptj(Tis, -105, Alt. -tujc, fi, (fr. 
last) departure, retirement, re- 

Avoywpi^u), f. -I'ffu, p. aTTOKcyii- 
piKa, (fr. aro from, and ywpl^u 
to part ) to sever, rend, separate, 
part, divide. ATOxu)pi^ofiai, to be 
separated, or to separate one'* 
self; to depart from, quit, leave. 
1 a. pass. ind. aircywplaOijv inf. 

AvoyiDpodvra, -wv, tc), (neut. pi. 
par. pres. act. cont. of anoyw- 
piu), to pass off") the excrements. 

Airoifdw -u>, f. -tjnw, and A-roi^do- 
ftat, (fr. ar.b from, and x^a'uj to 
wipe) to wipe nffi, clean ; to clear 
away, scrape off, efface. 

A-o^r\i^lZ<mai, f. -laofiai, p. -tCfini, 
(fr. a-o priv. and 4i/'^''C<^ 'o bal- 
lot) to vote against ; to elismis.t, 
discharge, acquit; to abrogate, 

'Attox^H, -wi, Att. -cws, I'l, (fr. arJ 
from, and iirroftai to sec) aspect, 
look, appearance ; a sight, viau. 

A-rroil-vyiii, f. -fui, p. ar/i/r;^n, (fr. 
same, and \l'vyui to cool) to conl, 
allay ; to quench ; to wipe, rub 
away sweat ; to faint ; to breathe 
forth, exjjire, die. 1 a. acl. crt- 

A-owfivvs, Poet, for ar(i^ I'll f, 2 sin. 
imp. ind. of nriJ/nu/K. 

'Arrtoi, -ov, b, Appius, a man's 

Avpayla, -af, i';, (fr. a neg. and 
irpduaij) to d(i) idleness, leisure ; 
inrffcnry^ inability ; inutility, 

ArpayfirirevTof, -ov, b, i', (fr. same, 
and rnayiinTivi,} to be bnsv) idle; 
at leisure, not busy, unemphycd, 

Arpnyii6iu>(, (fr. aTpdyfuov easy) 
easily, rendily, wilhuut trouble ; 
leisurely, e/uielly. 

ATTpnyfiooviii, ->;(, fi, {fr. same) 
leisure ; rc.«l, quietness ; ease, 
unconcern, security ; idleness. 

Arpdyfuov, -orof, 6, if, (fr. a nog. 
and vpduBiii to do) rufv, not 
troublesome ; Iriinquit, qvirl, un- 
disturbed ; indolent, iiiartivf, 

ArnnKrlii) -ui, f. -fiout, (fr. same) 
to have nolhine to eh, be at In. 
sure ; to idle, li\/!r ; to miss^fail, 
he unsuccessful. 

'AvpiiKTOf, -nv, b, fj, {fr, KBme) not 
elone, undone, upflnishrd, im- 


prrftct ; tndlesfy inlcrminahlr ; 
mij/txluid^ fruUleM ; iiKrunMr ; 
thins nothing, idle, iniloltnt, 
Aiepitarui, (fr. Fame) imperfertfy : 

i'Ufi, inHiArntlf/. 
Avpaiia, -<ij, i), (fr. same) leisure; 

qtiirlnrss, i me ; imiolriire. 
Airp/rriii, -af, ami Arpt-rlri, -ti(, !/, 
(fr. next ) indrlimri/, impnipnelij, 
inficmniin ; uelu'esx, ileforniily. 

Airp<ir(){, -I'of -oils", 6, /), (fr. a neg. 
and TrpjTTw to l)Oconic) iinhecotn- 
ing, ui'Jit, improper, u7isuil(il>le ; 
indelirale, indcrent, indecorous. 

Airpfirwf, (fr. last) unjilli/, i?»pro- 
pirty ; unmeaningly, indecently. 

KvptjKTOi, Ion. for ilirpaKTos. 

Anptiirift {'•■• a "P?- Il''d Tplanni 
10 buy) uitlwut value, price, or 
rannom ; freely, gratis, wilhuul 

Airpl^, and ATplyfia, (perhaps fr. 
ari from, and fii^a the root. Or, 
fr. a neg. and irpiu) to saw) 
by the root, inse])aratly ; Jirmly, 
ttiffiy, tenaciously, tooth and 

AtrponlpcTo;, -ov, b, !j, (fr. a neg. 
and Ttpoaipiia to prefer) against 
the will, utiwiUing. 

ArrpoaiptTWi, (fr. lasl) untvillingly. 

A^rpti^ovXtvroi, and AvpoafioiiXev- 
To(, -ov, h,ti, (fr. same, and rrpo- 
(inv\tvui to consider) unadvised, 
foolish, indiscreet ; rash, head, 
strong ; insignificant ; not enact- 
ed, or decreed. 

Kitpo(io\i\iiTu>i, and AirpoupovXev- 
Toi;, (ir. last) unadvisedly, fool- 
ishly, indiscreetly, rashly. 

AvpoPovXia, -as, i;, (fr. a neg. rpS 
before, and fiov'Sn consideration) 
want of thought, inattention, in- 
advertence; rashness, temerity. 

At()(50C/jo?, -01), b, fi, (fr. same, and 
lazy, unwilling, inactive, reluc- 

ArpoOvituii, (fr. last) slowly, lazily, 
unwillingly, inactively. 

Avpoiitu, -hi -ovi, b, //, (fr. a neg. 
and roocif'ij) to foresee) unpreme- 
ditated; unforeseen, unlooked for, 
unthought of. 

ArpoiKos, -ov. A, fi, (fr. same, and 
rpoif a fortune) portionless; un- 

AiTfMvorjaia, -a;, fi, (fr. same, and 
vpoyoid} to consider) thouglUless- 
ne«s, inadvertence, heedlessness ; 
imprudence, rashness, 

AirpovdtiTOi, -ov, b, I'l, (fr. same) 
unadvised, hasty ; thoughtless, 
inconsiderate, rash; unforeseen, 

AitpoviifiTiDi, (fr. last) hastily, in- 
contiderattly, rashly. 

Arp6nzT0!, -ov, b, //, (fr. n neg. spS 
before, and iiTTOfiai to sec) un- 
foreseen, unthought of, unexpect- 
ed ; rash, hasty. 

Anpodrrruis, (fr. last) suddenly, un- 

Airpo/ip'iroi, -ov, b, f), (fr. a neg. 
and rpoopdu to foresee) unfore- 
seen, unexpected. 


AitpnopaTU>i, (fr. Inst) Mnrrprrlcdty. 

Airpna(V;7j, -tos -oi'f, b, !/, (Ir. a 
neg. iind vpoaiiofiui to want) 
nhundnni, iihounding, tifluent ; 
not wnnlini:, rrijuiring, or de- 
serving ; unworthy, undeserving. 

A irpoo(\i<i)i'(Toj, -ov, i;, 0, (IV. a neg. 
7rp3{ to, and Aiiiiutros Hiicrlius) 
not to the purpose, ahsiird, un- 
meaning, inconsistent. 

Arpo(T('(f(,-t;TOf, -Of, i, i;, (fr. same, 
and TTpiiaf'uKnto to expect) xtn- 
forescai, uncxpcrled. 

Arpoo^oK))To>i, and AnpoaiiKrjTot; 
(Ir. last) untxi)crtedly. 

ATrp6(7iKroi,-ov, b, i;, (fr. a neg. vods 
to, and 'iKrhfjai to arrive) and 

Arpdafroi, -ov, b, I}, (fr. same, and 
Tpiffcii-ti to come at) not to be 
approached, inaccessible ; unat- 
tmnable ; unrivalled, 

AirouoKoTToi, and AirpfaKovros, -ov, 
6, I/, (fr. same, and trpocKdiTTw 
to slriUe against) nut stumbling, 
or falling ; fiifn, steady, upright ; 
not striking, tripping, or throw- 
ing ; harmless, in7iocent ; plain, 
free open, clear ; unforeseen, 
unthought of. 

AtrpooKd-rrioi, (fr. last) without trip, 
fall, or error ; safely ; innocent- 
ly, uprightly. 

AirpdajjiKTOf, -ov, b, )';, (fr. a neg. 
and -Rpoofxlyvvfn to intermingle) 
that -will not mix ; unsociable, 

AvpoodpuToi, -ov, b, >'j, (fr. same, 
vpii at, and bpdui to look) not to 
be looked at, horrid, horrible, 
shocking, hideous ; immense, 
huge, vast, 

AirpoadpfiiaTos, -ov, b, i), (fr. same, 
TTpiig at, and lip/jio; a harbour) 
unsafe for ships ; willwut port, 
or haven. d. 

ATp6ir(popoi, -ov, b, f;, (fr. same, 
and 0/pu to bring) unfit, disad- 
vantageous, dangerous. 

ArTpoaij)T:o\riZTti>s, (fr. same, rpd- 
ouiKov the face, and \ajilidni> to 
take) withmd regarding persons, 
or respecting ranks, impartially, 
erfidtably, equally. 

AirpoffwTii);, (fr. a nog. and vp6- 
cuiT.nv a mask) w.ilhovt a mask ; 
undisguisedly, face to face. 

ATTp6rtijaaT0i, -on, i, i), (fr. same, 
and rpon/irt'cffw, Dor. for npoa- 
fidaau) to touch) untouched, un- 
defied, pure, chaste. 

ATTpoijidatoTo;, -ov, b, I'j, (fr. same, 
and -rrpiiipaaii a pretence) with- 
out pretence, inexcusable; with- 
out hesitation, ready, prompt, 
willing; unftiened, sincere. 

Arpo0n(7iVr(i)f, (fr. last) readily, 
promptly, willingly, sincerely. 

AiTp6(f>aTos, -ov, b, j), (fr. a neg. and 
7:p6<jiT}fit to foretell) unwarned; 
sudden, unexpected, unawares. 

' Avrntcroi, -ov, b, !<, (fr. same, 
and TTTalu) to stumble) safe from 
stumbling, or falling, sure, firm, 
steady, upriglu; blameUss, harm- 
less, innocent. 

'Atttci, 3 sin. pres. ind. act. of 



'Anrtpo!, -nuj b, >;, (fr. a nog. and 
nripiv a wing) and, 

Arr/piiynf, -ov, v, t';, (fr. samr,and 
jTTipvi, a wing) and, 

AitT/pwros", -ov, b, Ij, (fr. same, and 
rtrii>uiTd( winged) unjenlhtrcd, 
without fcalhirs, or wings ; that 
will not, or cannot fly away, 
permancnl, fixed, sttllcd. Or, 
(fr. a iiitens. and same) with 
great wings, uini;ed, rapid. 

"Airrtrai, 3 sin. pros. ind. pass. — 
"AvTiaOov, 2 du. and "AnrcoOc, 

2 pi. pres. impr. mid "Att- 

TiaBai, pros, inf. pass, of livrio. 

AnrTtv, -rjvoi, b, f/, (fr, a neg. and 
zTtivoi winged) callovt, unfitdg- 
rd, unable to fly, dat. pi. unTtjai, 

'ATrrikr), -»/f, i), (fr. dnrofiai to 
touch) the touch, feeling. 

', -ov, rd, (fr. same) feel- 
ing, snisibilily. 

'AttTttcdf, ->>, -it', (fr. same) touch- 
ing, affecting ; reaching, having 
un influence, or power over, 

Airrocirfii, -/of -off, 6, >^, (fr. a neg. 
irro/u to falter, and f>of a wora) 
fearless, bold, or confident in 

' ATTTontfls, -lot -Oof, 6, >;, (fr. Hittio 
to touch, and I'rof a word) keen, 
severe, sarcastic. 

ATrrdnros, and ArrorijTOf, -ov, b, jj, 
(fr. a neg. and tttoiw to terrify) 
fearless, intrepid, undaunted. 

AirrciAt/iof, -ov, b, i;, (fr. same, and 
TTdXciios for TTiJAt^of war) un 
warlike, peaceable ; weak, feeble ; 
timid, cowardly. 

'Atttw, f. axj.'(ij, p. nipa, to totick ; 
to connect, join, bind; to make, 
finish ; to light, kindle. 'Anro/iai, 
to approach, come to, arrive at ; 
to catch, reach, clasp, embrace ; 
to lay hold un, take, use S to be- 
gin, take in hand, enter upon; 
to seize, lay hold of, invade, 
attack ; to bear hard upon, be 
severe, 1 a. act. ind. lupa' par. 
o'l^of. 2 a. act. tjipov. imp. ind. 
pass. i/rrTdiirjv. per. pass, iififiai' 
par. iif/finoi. 1 a. pass. i'ltpOiiv. 
1 f. mid. liipofiai. 1 a. mid. ind. 
I'lipdiirjv' sub. i'nf,wuai. 

Arrraif, -uTOf, b, i'/, (fr, a neg. and 
irrHoii a (M) secure,firm,steady ; 
stable, durable, 

'AirrojTOf, -ov, b, >/, (fr. same) in- 

Art'pcrof, -ov, b, (i, (fr. a neg. and 
miptris a fever) /ree/rom fever, 

'Anvpoi, -ov, b, )';, (fr. same, and 
■xvp fire) without fire, or heni; 
untouched by fire ; unfit for, not 
intended for the fire ; undressed, 
not cooked, raw ; that stands the 

An'purof, -ov, b, r], (fr. same, and 
irtpiiu) to burn) never brought to 
the fire ; new, fresh, unused. 

'Avvaroi, -ov, b, !/, (fr. same, and 
rvvOuio/iai to hear) unheard of, 
unknown, obscure; ignorant, un- 
acquainted with. 

A:7«<i), and ijnutii, f. -iau>, p. ■fiitvKa, 
(perhaps fr. avi intcns. and 6w 


to drop. Or, fr. jto; a word) 
to sound, emit a noise, ring ; to 
shout, cry out, announce, de- 
clare; to address, invoke. 

Air<pia, -as, n, a woman's name. 

A:r^ii5, voi, and ArJiu, indecl. b, 
(perhaps, fr, aird from, and^ijw 
to orow) a father. 

Xrw^ipsro, 3 sin. imp. ind. of aro- 

'Avuidtv, Poet, for d-zodev. 

AiTu)dci<Tde, 2 pi. pres. ind. mid. of 

A.n<i)9iiii -d), f. ariiiru, p. drruico. 
KnuiBenftai -ovfiat, f. -i)cofiat,wd 
Airiid-Jiiai, (fr. oto from, and 
udiui, to drive) to thrust, push 
away, repel, drive off ; to dispel, 
scatter, dissipate ; to tear off, or 
away ; to reject, refuse ; to di- 
vorce. 1 a. ind. mid. a~ii>adjir)v. 
per. pass, rfruxr^ai. 

Airuidu>iitda, cont. fr. aTrmStufitda, 
1 pi. pres. sub. mid. of last. 

AvuiKiff/ihoi, par. per. pass, of 

AiruXc/ii, -af, »/, (fr. air^XXv/ii to 
destroy) destruction, ruin, deso- 
lation, waste. 

AriiXtffo, -ay, -e, or -cv before a 
vowel, 1 a. ind. act. — ArojXrf- 
pii)y, 2 a. ind. mid. — ArriJiXa, 
Alt. anJXuXii, per. mid. — Aru- 
AciXtiv, All. for airuXcii', pper. 
mid. of air^XXv/ii. 

A>ru>>', and Ion. n-riwv, -ovaa, -ov, 
(par. pres. of rfirti^i to be ab- 
sent) absent, distant, remote. 

Ariipuf, -iiyof, 6, (fr. ard from, and 
onOoau to dig) a cutting, slip, 
shoot, branch. 

ArrwoYi'icao, Ion. (oT ami)p)(^rjabi, 2 
sin. 1 a. ind. mid. of azopx^"' 

ArrJaa, -af, -c, ind. — ATwffoj, 
-aaa, -av, par. 1 a. act. — Aru- 
aiurjv , -(J, -aro, ind. — A^rwfffl- 
ficvof, -ri, -ov, par, I a. mid. — 
AT.i<TO(iai, -rj, -crat, 1 f. ind. 
mid. of arruO/u. 

'Arwjif, -(Of, All. -{(i»t, 4, and 
ATuiff^if, -oC, 6, (fr. affwO/w to 
drive away) a repulse, refusal, 
denial, rejection. 

Airu)iTri«:<i{, ->i, -bv, or-o5, i, /;, (fr. 
same) repellent, repuUive. 

AiTuffrdj, -^, -iv, or -ou, A, ^, (fr. 
»amn) linJile to be expelled ; turn- 
ed, or driven nut ; refused^ re- 
jected, disowned. 

Amircpoi, -rarof,iiamc usairdrtpof. 

A*wr/f)it, -raru), (lamo an arroTipw. 

Airutj^ivTo, 3 pi, imp, ind. of aro/- 

'Ao', and 'Pd, Poet, for 

Afli, Ihtrrfnre^ ronsefuenllt/ ; then, 

then indeed, indeed, in truth ; 

ncti, rnnsrjurnlly ; Iruli/, duly, 

accordinfli/ ; perhaps. 
'Ana ; whnhrr 1 in it so 1 whi/ ? 
Ap'l, -Of, I'l, (pcrli«n« fr. nlpui to 

take, or rlpo to l>o Buitaulc) n 

prai/er, supplirntion ; an nalh ; 

a curse, cursing, imprecation ; 

banc, detriment, injury. 
Ap'i/3-}, Heb. a u-iW/mcm. 
Ap^i)}«r/i7ii(, Dor. for apnfinTiaai, n. 

pi. fom. par. pres. act. of 


Apaffioi -&, f. -i/(rci>, p. vpd'i^riKa,] 
(fr. dpajSoi a crash) to crash, 
clash, clang, dash ; to cause a 
a sound by striking or faLing ; to 
rattle, resound, ring. 1 a. ind, 
act, i]pd^t)aa. 

Api/3i)<7u, -ui,-t. Ion, for )ipd^r)aa, 
see last. 

Apafiia, -of, >;, Arabia. 

ApafStKos, -n, -ov, and Apdjitos, -ov, 
0, >i, (fr. last) Arabic, Arabian. 

Apaiioi, -ov, b, (perhaps fr. 'Apr;; 
Mars, and jiofi a shout) a din, 
shout, crash, clang ; noise of 
things striking, or falling ; tlic 
roar of wnliT ; grinding, or 
gmuihing of teeth, 

.Kpayc, (fr. dpa then, and yc an 
emphatic enclitic) then truly, 
therefore indeed; surely, cer- 

Apayfta, -aroi, rb, and Apay/(dt, 
•ov, b, (fr. apdaoui to knock) col- 
lision, knocking, dashing, or 
striking together ; breaking, 
bruising ; rattle, crash, din. 

'Apalos, -ov, i, (fr. same) palpi<.u- 
tation, strong pidsalion, or beat- 
ing of the Iieart after exercise. 

Apai, 1 a. inf. act 'Apof, in n. 

"pi. 'ApavTCi, par. 1 a. act. — 
Ap(iTw,3 sin. — 'Apart, 2 pi. 1 
a. impr. act. of &/pio. 

Apala, -a;, >/, (fr. apatbi delicate) 
the intestines, belly. 

Apdioi, -a, -ov, (fr. npu a curse) 
cursing, imprecating. Also, 
cursed, accursed, devoted to the 
furies, execrable. 

Apatb;, -a, -bv, rare, thin, delicate, 
fine ; small, slender. 

Apatdrri;, -t/roi, ^, (fr. last) fine- 
ness, thitiness, delicacy ; loose- 
ness, softness, sponginess. 

Apaiiui -d, f. -uiao), (fr. last) to 
refine, clear; to rarefy, make 
thin. Apaiioftai -ovjiai, to clear, 
become fine, or lltin. 

Apalprifiat, Ar npi'iftijv, Apatpr)jiivoi, 
by Alt. rcdupl. ami Ion. want of 
augment for, ;)pj;/ju(, per. jlp;;- 
/i»)v, pper. and iiprijilvoq, par, 
per. pass, ofolp/o;. Or by the 
same, and Epen. of ij, for Dp/iai, 
per. fipn')v, pper. and ripfiivoi. 
per. par. pass, ofa^pui. 

Apaluioii, -io{, Alt. -£(uf, li, (fr. 
apatbi fine) a loosening, easing ; 
looseness, eaae ; thinness, rare- 

ApnKbi, -ov, b, a kind of pulse. 

Ap^KTbv, -ov, rb, blacking used by 

Apiii', Ileb. indecl. Aram, a 
man'ft name. 

Apdiicvof, 1 u. par. mid. of alpu. 

Api'iv, Aran, a Hebrew name. 

'Ap'ita, -fif, -t. Ion. for i/pafn, 1 a. 
ind. act. — Apd(u), -lid -ti, 1 f. 
act. nf apdcait), 

'Apao, 2 sm. Ion. and Dor. of i;orf. 
Iiiiv, imp. ind. of Ipa^iaf Imm 
tipdpT]v, I'jpnao, Ion. I'lnao, Dor. 
dpiio. Or (if rtpnaiipnv, 1 a. mid. 
of lame ; ihim rtpaadiitiv, tipdaw, 
.Sync. I'iph), Ion. fipuo, Dor. dpao. 

Apdouai -Ciuai, f. -daopai, (fr. apA 


prayer) to pray in any manner ; 
to supplicate, aitroat, beg bless- 
ings ; to deprecate, beg off^ pray 
deliverance from ; to curse, im- 
precate; to injure, hurl, urong. 

'Apapa, -af, -c, for qpa, per. mid. 
of dp<i)' thus T)pa, by redupl. dprj- 
pa, Poet, dpapa, ihcncc Apipio, 
-Tii, -t), .sub. Ibrr/pui- and Apapijj, 
par, for r/piis. 

ApdpioKov, -ti, -e, imp. ind. of apa- 
pioKui, Ion. and Poet, for dpui. 

Apapoidro, Ion, for a^tipoiyro, 3 pi. 

01 apnpolprjv, by Poet, rcdupl. 
for apolpTjv, 2 a, opt, mid. of 

'Apapov, by Poet, redupl. for npov, 

2 a. ind. act. oftj'pai. In bke 
manner, impr. Mpaps'opt. Apa- 
potflt, &c. 

Apapdru)!, (fr. next) filly, conve- 
nienlly, agreeably ; firmly, stead'* 
ily, compactly. 

Apapuii, -D(u,-Sf, (by Poet, redupl. 
for i]pi)i par. per. mid. of dpiu) 
fit, filling, adapted, convenient, 

Apnj, 1 a. par. act. — 'ApacBai, 
inf. of >;oa';(vv, 1 a. mid. of a/pu. 

ApaVcru, or -rrw, f. -fu, (fr. a in- 
tens, and pdcirut to dash) to cut 
qff', lop, prune ; to saw, break 
tiith a noise, tear asunder; to 
knock, break, dash ; to revile irith 
noisy abuse. 1 a. ind. act. 

Aparat, 3 sin. cont. pres. ind. of 

ApdTu, 3 ain. 1 a. impr. act. of 

ApalpiiO, soaked, or malted corn, 

Apa^liva, -in, I'j, the name of a 

Apavvalof, and Apdyvitos, -a, -oy, 
(fr. next) like a spider, made by, 
or relating to a rpider ; full of 
cobwebs, dirty. 

Apdxviji, -ov, 6, and ApdxiVy -»s, 
I'l, (perhaps Ir. apaibi slender, 
and Ixi'os a track) a spider ; u 
spider\s iveb, cobweb. 

Apuyviov, -ov, Tb, (fr. last) « cob- 
web ; (hum, gossamer; a disease 
incident to olive trees. 

Apapfi'oC^ijj, -hi -ovi, h, >), (fr. 
same, aw\v(ltd<i> to weave) woveu 
by a spider. 

'Aprti/, -/3of, b, an Arab. 

Apflf\\a, -oJi', Ti5, Arhela. 

Apiiv^o{,-ov, k, a shntmakcr'shiife. 

Ap/}iX»;, -i)f, i';, a high shoe to keep 
out the mud, a half boot. 

Anyalvu), f. •uvtti,{fr. dpyif while) 
to be, or grow white ; to whiten, 
bleach, blanch. 

' Apyaioi, -ov, b, Argacus, a man's 

ApyrJXi'of, -(I, -Ol', (on if nX)'iiX/of, 
(r. (iXyo* piiin. Or as if mya- 
X/«(, fr. Ipyov work) painful, 
toilsome, lalinrious, hard, diffi- 
cult ; grievous, troublesome, op- 
prrssiir, crud. 

ApyU, -dvTOf, Anyni, -n, and 'Ap- 

1 ytti, -ov, 0, a kind nf serpent. 

lApycc, d. Kin. cont. of 'Apyaf. 


Ap>'(ii 3 sin. cont. pros. iiid. net. 
of apylu), 

Apyiitiii and Apytyrif, -i),-()i', and 
Apytrdf, -oi, b, i). (I"r. npyo^ 
wliltc) u-hilf, lirii;ni, shining ; 
fwi/t, fiotent, impttuous. d. pi. 
upytivi'jai, for apycifali. 

Apycioi, -II, and Ion. ->;, -o», (fr. 
'Apyo( Aigos) of Argos, one of 
Argos, Argiie, an Argiiv. d. 
pi. Ion. Apydotai. 

Apyci(piiTii(,-ov,b, (fr. 'Apyoj Ar- 
jjus, and <p6irrjf, lor 0oi7?Ti){, a 
slaver, til. (/)f'i(j to kill) Ihekillrr 
nf 'Argus, Lat. Argicida. An 
epithet of Mercury. 

Apyis, -iroi, b, i), cont. by Syst. 
lor apyiis, -f)TOf. 

Apyccriip, -^poi, Apyccrfis, and 
Poet. ApynoTris, -ov, and JEo\. 
-a I, b, i), (fr. upydf white) while, 
liright, shining ; artive, swift, 

Apyiti) -S>, f. -ijtro), p. -j/ko, (fr. 
ap^'oi Wle) /o have leisure, bi 
unemployed, or di. engaged ; to 
linger, loiter ; to cease, stop. 1 a. 
ind, act. fipytjaa. 

A.pY>'icis, see aoyi'js. 

'.Kpym, -ov, 6, the name of a Cy- 
clops, a. sin. 'Apy>n'. 

Ap)'';s, -rjTOS, Apyris, -ios -oPj, u, I}, 
Apyi'/CiS, and Apyivdcis, -cctrn, 
-ti', (fr. apXdswhne) while, bright, 
shining, i>parhling,, flashing ; ac- 
tive, »wift, violent, impetuous. 

Apyrjcrvs, see apytuTiip. 

Apyia, and Apycia, -of, i), (fr. apybf 
idle) a festival, holiday ; leisure, 
rest ; idleness, laziness, sloth, in- 

'ApyiXos, or 'ApyiXXof, -on, 6, 
(perhaps fr. apyoj white) clay, 
potter^t clay. 

Apyivdcts, -tvTOf, b, fj, see apyijf. 

ApyirfioDf, -oi'Tof, 0, i5, (fr. same, 
uud oioi's a tooth) having v)hite 

'Apyioj, -ov, i, fi, (fr. same) luAi/c, 
brigJU; swift. 

'Apyita, Stos, to, more usually, pi. 
'Apyfiara, -ui', tu, (fr. ap-)(^)i the 
beginning) yfr«< fruits, Jirat of- 

Apy/ifvoi, Ion. for tipyfiivof, par. 
per. pass, of o'p^w. 

'Apyoi, -ti>v, 01, (Ir. 'Apvof, Argos 
in Pclo[>onnesus) Argtans, or 
Argives, rudives of Argos. 

ApyoXoy/o) -S), (fr. apyds idle, and 
X/yu to say) M «.?« superfluous 
erprctsions, talk too much ; to 
tptak, or utile from the purpoiie. 

ApyXoyla, -Of, I), (fr. last) idle 
talk, tuperjtuity of language. 

'Ap}Of, -Of, h, Argus, who was 
said to have a hundred eyes. 
Also a dog's name. Swift. 

'Apyof, -coi -ovs, ri, Argot, a city 
of Thessaly. 

'Apyof, -ov, h, .<4r^os, a city of Pe- 
loponnesus, sometimes used for 
Peloponnesus, sometimes for all 
Apyifi -h, -4vi white, bright, resplen- 
dent ; active, nimble, swift. 
Apyis, -ov, 6, ^ same as aipybsf 


(tV. II neg. and /pyor work) idle, 
tnurtive, lazy, indolent ; unpro- 
,fltablc, unuroughl, untdltd, un- 

Apyupri/ioi/Jof, •ou,i, i';, (fr. tipyvpoi 
silver, and <ifii/fiw to exchange) 
a banker, vtonty-hnilir, vsuicr. 

Apyvpclur, -ov, to, (Ir. next) a 
bank, muney-lemUr''s iiflicc. 

Apyi'ptiftj, -«, -or, Apyrptof -ovf, 
-/17 -t), -eov -ovv, and Apyrpuils, 
-')i -^1', (fr- dpyvooi silver) of 
silver, silvery, silver ; bright, 
shining, resplendent, apyvpifn, '^^ 
Jil. Ion. for npyi'p^Kf. 

Apyiipi'iior, -ov, tH, (dim. fr. ifpyv- 
por silver) small silver, small mo- 
ney, eliange. 

Apyvpiov, -oil, TO, (fr. same) apiece 
of silver, coined silver, money. 

Apyiipif, -l^os, II, (fr. same) a silver 
cup, or similar vessel. 

ApyvpdMvrii, -ov, b, !;, (fr. same, 
and bivn an eddy) silver-xrind- 
ing, sdviT-eddied, silver-stream- 
ed ; bright, limpid, clear. 

Apyi'pin'Xoi, -ov, b, Ij, (fr. o'pyi'pos 
silver, and ;;Xof a nail) set with 
silver studs, studded with silver. 

ApyvpoKiirof, -ov, b, (fr. same, and 
KdiTOi work, th. KOTTTio to labour) 
a silversmith, worker 171 silver, 
coiner nf silver. 

ApyvpoXoyeu -S>, (fr. same, and 
Af'yui to collect) to collect money, 
demand a tribute. 

Apyvpdfiotfios, same as apyvpd/ioi- 

Apvvp6-zti^oi,-ov, 6, and -^a, -rji, ,), 
(fr. rfpyi'poj silver, and vi^a the 
ankle ; a fringe) silver-footed, 
having fair, handsome feet, or 
ankles. Or, luearing fringe, or 
lace about the ankles, or on the 
lower edge of the clothes. Or, with 
silver rings round the ankles. 

ApyvpdTTOvs, -ofo;, h, 1'/, (fr. next, 
and TTovi a foot) silver-footed. 

'Apyvpos, -ov, b, (fr. apydf white) 

Apyvpiro^', Apos. for apyvpdTo^t, 
v. sin. of 1 

ApyupiiTo^os, -OV, b, (fr. dpyvpo; 
silver, andT(5<ov a bow) carrying 
a silver bow; an epithet of 
Apollo, silver- archer. 

Apyvpov, Apyvpovv, Apyipovs, &c. 
see npyrpeof. 

Apyvpo^doi, -ov, b, (fr. dpyvpoi 
silver, and ^iw to pour) a silver- 
smith, caster of silver. 

Apyvpdiu -01, f. -dicw, p. -djcrt, (fr. 
same) to work, cast, or form in 
silver; to cover with silver; to 
present ttith money. 

Apyipv, d. sin. otdpyvpos — Apyu- 
pt'i, same cont. of apyvncoi. 

AoyvpiijiuTa, -u)V, Ta, (fr. dpyvpos 
silver) vessels, ornnmenls, or 
furniture of silver ; plate. 

ApyvptivriTOi, -ov, b, fi, (fr- same, 
and uviojAai to buy) purchased 
with silver ; a slave. 

Apyi'^coj, 'Apyu^of, -ov, and Ap- 

yu'/ziK, -f'o? -oPj, 0, 1'/, (fr. npyoi 

white, and iu:(poi texture, th. (• ^dw 

to weave) of a white, or bright 



li:rture, or manufacture ; glossy, 
itpurkting, hriglit, glittering. 

Ap)Co, -Aoi-ovi, fi, (ir. 'Apyof, Ar 
;;<is, II town of Thessaly) the ship 
Argo, a conitetlulion of the same. 

Apywj, (fr. opyos idle) tdty, lazily, 
indolently ; fruitlessly, to no pur- 
pose ; rufhly, hastily, inconsider- 

'Ap(?a, (fr. alpu to take away) ^Ith, 
ordure; dijihmtnt, pollution, 

Api^aXof, -ov, b, I'l, (fr. last) foul, 
Jtlthy, obscene. 

Apia\6{i -G), f. -liaoi, (fr. samc^ to 
befoul, dirty ; to defile, blemish, 
disgrace ; to pollute, contaminate. 

Apiela, -nj, fi, same as apiudf. 

Apfciw, f. -cvaw, p. -tvKa, Ion. and 
Pocl. for a'p(l(i). 

ApitiOfibi. -ov, b, same as ap^/irff. 

'AptV;)', (fr. alpu to lake away) 
aloft, on high, above ; totally, ut- 
terly, entirely, completely. 

' Apf-ii, -co;, };, (perhaps fr. same) 
the point, or head of a weapon; 
spike, barb. 

ApiV^S, -ov, b, (fr. dpiw to water) 
irrigation, watering, giving wa- 
ter, or drink ; drink ; a watering 
place, well, fountain, pool. 

'ApiovTt, Dor. for dpiovai, 3 pi, 
pres. of 

'Ap^ui, f. -aw, to water, wet, moist- 
en ; to give water, or drink, par. 
pres. mid. apii/ntvos. 

Apidoiaa, Dor. for ApiBovaa, -as, 
fi, Arethusa, a fountain in Sicily. 

.^ptiii, -Si, 1';, (fr. apd a curse) a 
threat, minaee ; a curse. 

Apcifidrioi, -ov, and Aptifinr^f, -/oj 
■ov(, b, >'i, (fr. 'Ap>;{ Mars, and 
ixalvoftai to rage) terrible in jight, 
furious in battle, warlike. 

Aptto-iiyiTTji, or Ap£OJrayi'r>;f, -ov, 
b, (fr. next) an Areopagite, a 
judge of the Areopagus. 

Apitdvayoi, or Apilos vdyos, -ov, 
b, the Areopagus, a court of su- 
preme criminal jurisdiction ai 

'Aptiw, and Ap^j'Of, comp. ApfiiJrt- 
i")c and Aptfuii', (fr. 'Api;s Mars) 
of Mars, or Mars' ; relating to 
Mars, or war, warlike, brave, 

Apclrai, 3 sin. ofapovfiai, 2f. mid. 
of ainu). 

' Apeoi, g. o( ' Apris. 

Apiain, 1 a. inf. act. — Aplcas, 
-aun, -av, g. sin. fem. -cdaiji, 
par. 1 a. act. — Apconlfinv, Dor. 
for npeaalfiriv, 1 a. opt. mid. — 
ApiaaiTo, Ion. for riptaavro, 3 pi. 
1 a. ind. mid. — Apiaua, -ai, 
-e, JRo\. for. apicaijii, -ati, -at, 
1 a. opt. act. — Apiaw, -ci{, -tt, 
1 f. ind. act. — Apiow, -ijj, -;;, 1 
a. sub. act. of ap/ffKo). 

ApiirOui, 2 a. inf. mid. ofatpw. 

ApiiTKiia, -ai, fi, (fr. apiaKoi, to 
please) a sentence, determination^ 
degree, resolution ; gracefulness, 
elegance, politeness, wtt, raillery, 

ApccK6vTwi, (fr. same) gratefully, 
agreeably, pleasingly. 

'ApicKOs,-n,-ot't (fr. same) pfco«- 


tng-, kind, courteous ; charming^ 

Ap(V<rii), f. apico), p. »;p£«ra, (fr. 
doia to suit) to please, gain the 
approbation, or affection ; to ap- 
pease, calm, propitiate, couriU. 
ate; to recoricile, compose differ- 
ences, settle amicably ; to ac- 
quiesce, agree in, be pleased with. 
ApiaKOfiai, to please one's self, 
indulge in. 1 a. act. ind. f/ptaa' 
inf. apiaai' par. apiaai. 1 f. mid. 
apiaonat. 1 a. mid. riptan^tnv' 
Ion. apecajir]V par. apcadfitvo!' 
Poet, aptccdfjta'os. 

Aptaad/tiOa, Poet, for aptodjitda, 1 
pi. 1 f. mid. of last. 

ApioTd, -iv, TO, (fr. next) a sen- 
tenet, decree, verdtrt, judgment. 

ApecrAs, -r), -ov, (fr. apeaKui to 
please) pleasing, agreeable ; suit- 
able. Jit, proper; right, just, 

Ap£<n-i{, (fr. last) pleasingly, 
' agreeably ; fitly, properly. 

'AotT, for dptro. Ion. for fiptro, 
imp. or 2 a. mid. of aipu. 

'Aotrai, 3 sin. pres. mid. of a'pu. 

ApiTav, Dor. for aptrdv, g. pi. of 

Ap£Tn{,-o5, i,^r«tos, aman'sname. 

Aptrf), -ry{, J/, (fr. apioKu) to please, 
or rather fr. 'Apijf Mars) valour, 
prowess, courage, fortitude, reso- 
lution ; worth, merit, xnrtue ; ex- 
cellency, perfection ; force, ener- 
gy, power, faculty. 

Aocri^ii), f. -I'ffii), (fr. same) to 
please, appease, conciliate ; to re- 
ceive into favour, 

'.Kpev(, Dor. for 'Apouf, g. cont. of 

Ap/iof, Ion. for apuiv, g. pi. of apd. 

'Apv', for 'Aprja, a. of 'Ap»?{. 

'Aonai, Ion. for a'p;;, 2 sin. o( dp'ii- 
Ijai, 2 a. sub. mid. ofalpu. 

Aprjy/fiti, Ion. for apijytiv, pres. 
inf. act. — 'ApFiytf, lo.n. (br/jpi;- 
yiv, 3 sin. imp. ind. — Api?yoc- 
ca. Dor. for apftyovoa, fern. par. 
pres. act. of 

Ap^y<j, f. -(u), (fr. 'Ap»;f Mars) to 
ud, help, sucrrmr, assist, relieve, 
defend, protect. 

KpTtyiiv, -<vof, b, fi, (fr. last) a de- 
fender, protector, preserver ; an 
assLttnnl, helper supporter. 

Ap4m,neut. pi. of Ap(';io«, sameas 

ApnlOnof, -ov,h,h, (fr. 'Apr;? Mars, 
and 5odf swift) nctiir in war, 
warlike, Irravr, courageous ; Ar. 
r'lthnos, a man's name. 

Aoii'P'iro^, and koit'Piirof,-ov,h,!j, 
(fr. same, and ^aw to kill) sUiin 
in bnllle. 

A flijiV. ?>'><, -ov, h, (i, (fr. samp, and 
^,i\ni dear) drnr In Mnrn, or fond 
of war ; warlike, brave, coura- 

Aori\ihnf, (Ion. (or pptiii/vtf, par. 
per. pas». of itiniio lo Inkf) rut 
ifff", dr^tr'iyrd^ hlighlrd, ht'utr.d. 

'Annv, for'Ao'/", i- "f 'Ap»)f, as if 
-o», h. 

\phy, anrif, 4, fi, (fr. <J/)t a lamb) a 


Api)i', Ion. fornpdv, a. ?in. of apd. 

Ap^fai, la. inf. act. — Ap»;fc(r, 1 
f. inf. act. of upvyu). 

'Apnpa, Ap^peii, Api;puif, by Alt. 
redupl. for fjpa, per. mid. fjptip, 
pper. mid. and vpiis, par. per. 
mid. of apu). But 'Apr/pa, with 
i subscribed, by same for fipn, 
per. mid. of aipw. 

ApnpoTwi, (fr. apj;pwj for 170(1?, per. 
par. mid. of dpu to fit) fitly, apt- 
ly, conveniently; frmly, com- 

'Apr;?, -£0? -ODf, -f(£>{, -»;of, -I7T0{, 
-ov, 0, 3Iars, war, battle ; ihefury 
or r^ige of battle ; a wound, scar ; 
the desire or love of war ; steel. 
'Ap;;f, -oil, Ion. -£ii), 6, most 
usually signifies steel, iron. 

\orii, Ion. for apai, g. sin. of apd. 

'Apr;?, 2 sin. and — 'Ap;;, 3 sin. 1 a. 
sub. act. of a'pu. 

AovoojiiOn, for apaaofiiQa, 1 pi. 1 f. 
mid. of apdofiai. 

'Ap>;ra(,3 sin. 2 a. sub, mid. ofai'pu. 

Api77-£(pa, -05, fi, (fr. next) a priest- 

Apvrfip, 'Tjpos, b, (fr. apa prayer) a 

.Kpnriditji, -ov, b, a patronymic 
name; the son of Aretas. 

Apnrds, -i), -iv, for dpftrirog, (fr. a 
neg. and p/u to speak, or fr. 
apdofiai to curse) inexpressible, 
unutterable; miserable, sad, 
wretched ; cursed, execrable, im- 

Apri(f>atvwv, -ovTo;, b, (fr. 'Api;5 
Mars, and tpatvo} to display) 
bringing battle before him, deal- 
ing slaughter round him ; fierce, 

Apdtii, -tlaa, -li', par. of fipOriv, 1 
a. pass, of aipu). 

'ApOiv, by Sync, and Ion. for ^p- 
8iicav,S pi. 1 a. pass, of dpw. 

'Ap9rjv, -tji, -rj, Ion. for fipOrjv, 1 a. 
pass. ind. — 'ApO;;ri, -i/toj, 
impr. — ApOi/rai, inf. — Ap0f({, 
par. — ApO:'iaiTai, 3 sin. 1 f 
ind, pass, of aiou. 

ApOfiiu) -i3, f. -v(T(j, p. -riKa, (fr. 
apOftii friendship) to love, be fond 
of, attached to, feel affection for ; 
to make up, be reconciled. 

ApOfiia, -a(, fi, (fr. same) love, 
terulcr attachment, friendship. 

'ApOutof, -ov, b, (fr. same) a lover, 
friend, companion. 

\pf>lii(,-ov, b, (fr. dpd) to join, and 
5u/iif the mind) union, agree- 
ment, love, friendship, attach- 
ment, concord. 

ApOpficif, and ApOoirYxi;, -r), -iv, 
(fr. next) arthritic, relating to the 
joints, having pains in the joints ; 

ApOpirif, -Wot,/;, (fr- nc\i)pmn» 
in the joints, gmit. 

'AnOpov, -on, ri, (perhaps fr. daw 
io fit) a joint ; a smnlt memtxr 
or port ; the privities ; the soekri 
iif titr lyr ; a muscle, sinew; an 
article in Rrammnr. 

A oOpiii) -w, f. -i!iiTM, p. -'iH(i, (fr, InsI ) 
to join, joint ; In adapt, fit, rrgtt- 
late ; to articiitnte,itptnk distincth/. 



ApOpdcat, 1 a, inf act. — 'Apflpu- 
cai, 3 sin, 1 a. opt, act, or 1 a. 
impr, mid, of hist, 

Apdd, -fis, -fj, 1 a. sub, pass, of 
a(pw, in 3 pi, Apflutri. 

'Ape, a particle prefi.xed, in com- 
position, to words chiefly by the 
poets, to increase or heighten 
the signification ; much, very, 

Aptaf'iii, -iif, ', Ariadne, the 
daughter of Minos. 

.KpiyvHi;, -ioTOi, and Api'yvurof, 
•ov, b,!j, (fr. dpi intens. and yi- 
)aj<;>:u) to know) well known, cele- 
brated, famous ; very clear, evi- 
dent, dLitinct. 

Api<5dxpi!of, -ov, and Apt&dxpv?, 
-iioj, 6, )'i, (fr,. same, and ^a'lcpu 
a tear) very melancholy, mourn- 
ful, tearful ; weeping niucit, 
much inclined to tears. 

AptieiKeT for apileixzre, v. sin, of 

ApiiiiKCTos, -ov, b,li, (fr. dpi intens. 
and fciKCTos for iciKTus, fr. ^fi'*;- 
iviji to show) sjilendid, brilliant ; 
renowned, famous, celebrated. 

Api^rjXoi, -ov, 0, 1), (fr, same, and 
6^>of clear) viry clear, distinct, 
evident, quite plain, manifest. 

Apl^n^oi, and ApiftXajroj, -ov, b, 
!/, (fr, same, and ^>)\oi emula- 
tion) worthy of imitation, much 
to be emulated or copied ; excel- 
lent, superior, illustrious ; bright, 
clear, distinct. 

Api^>;A(js, (fr. last) emulously, stu- 
diously, anxiously ; clearly, dis- 
tinctly, eiidtntiy, manifestly. 

'Apt^og, and' Apltt^o(,-ov,b,!i, (fr. 
a neg. and pi'i^'a a root) without 

ApidfiCvvTai, Dor. for apidiiovvrat, 
3 pi. cont. pres. pass. — ApiO- 
/i£Ci'Ti, Dor. for apifl^oi/ffi, 3 pi. 
cont. pres. act, of 

ApiOjiiiii -io, f, -I'laiii, p, riplOfiriKa, 
(fr. aptO^&i number) tn number, 
reckon, count, tell over; to class 
among, consider, deem, suppose. 
1 a. act. ind.>;pi()fi»;(ra" inf. apiO- 
liTjaai. per, pass, ;/pi'0/ii;;<"'" par- 
npiOjtnftivoi. 1 a, pass, >;pi6^i;- 
6»;v. 1 f, pass. apidnnOi'icoitat. 

ApiO^nQ^ftvai, Poet, for apiO/ii;- 
Ofivat, I a. inf pass, of last. 

ApiOiiiifia, -droi, n), (fr. aoiOfilh) to 
count) a number, sum total, 
whole, amount. 

AptOfiTiaai, 1 a. inf. act. of same. 

AplOiD/on, -lof, Alt. -f(uf, fi, (fr. 
aoiO/iiui to count) an enumera- 
tion, reckoning, counting over ; 
a muster, survry. 

ApiOiinrtxl), -^f, I'l, viz, Tt'^it], (fern, 
of next) arithmetic. 

AniO/itjTlKdf, -II, -dv, (fr. apiOfit'io 
\o count) anthmiticnl, relating to 
numbers, numeral, skilled in ac- 
counts or numlirrs. 

ApiOjiTiTdi, -r'), -ix; (fr. same) to he 
reckoned, that may be numbered ; 
frin in numbrr. 

AniOiif><:, -of, o, (fr. apOfibf union) 
number; a number, multitude; 
n sum, nmnvnt ; n vvisltr, 


AfifinCiia, -i7f, 1^, Ariihmathtra, a 

city ofllie Holy lund. 
Apifiicrrui, •i3>', ci, Arimaspianx, 
LaX., Arimasjii, a pooplc of 
Scylliiu, who were snid to have 
but one eve. 

Aplfioi, -wi', of, name of a place, 
d. pi. Aoiiiolatr. 

'Apif, see Epjidos. 

Apiofiop^(ii(o>, 'ov, 0, I'/i relntiiig 
to or named nfler Ariobarza7ics. 

Apirp/rdii, -af, ^, (Ir. apirptjri)? 
fit) proprittt/, correciticss, good 
conduct; graccfiilnff.i, eUgancr. 

ApiTpcT/u>f, and Apirpfrdif, (fr. 
next) properly, bcromingly ; 

ApiTTptn);, -hi -oi'f, 6, I/, (fr. o'pi 
intens. and rp/ru to bcconn;) 
vtry proper, f.t, right, becoming ; 
splendid ; consptcuovx. 

'Apif, or 'Apir, and 'Apjni, or 'Ap- 
fiiv, -ii'of, 6, i';, (Ir. a UCg. iilid 
l>ti or })'iv ihe. nose) V)anling llic 
nose ; simple, nninlelligent, dull, 

Apiy, -lio?, )), a Jile, rn-'p, srrapcr. 
Also the name of an unknown 
herb called also aoiaapov. 

Apiaafioi, Dor. for 

Aplatiuoi, -ov, h, »;, (fr. tipi intens. 

■ and ariita a mark) famous, il- 
lustrious ; celebrated in war, 
courageous, brave. 

ApiaBdpjiuToi, -ov, 0, (fr. dpiaroi 
best, ar.d llpua a cliariot) thai 
has pie Jinesl chariot ; the best 

'Apiara, (fr. npttrroj best) very 
well, excellently. 

Apiarayoptu, -ov, 6, Aristaeorat, 
a miui's name. 

ApiiTTaioj, -cv, 0, Arislecus, a 
man's uam«. 

Apiarapy^iiji -S), f. -I'lOui, (fr. o'piff- 
rof be&t, and ap^h rule) to com- 
mand, rule, or govern test; to 
take the lead in the state ; to dis- 
chnrge aiiy office with credit. 

AoiaTap^oi, -ov, b, Arislarchus, a 
man s name. 

Aptardii) -u», f. -liffu, p. r/pijTrjKa, 
(fr. dpiarov dinuer) to dine, eal 
a meal at noon. 1 a. act. rpiVn;- 
ca' impr. apioTtiuov, -droi. 

Aotartirrii, -ov, b, Arislides, a 
man's name. 

Apiaruox', -ov, rb, (fr. rfpiaroj 
best) a r<uarrf properly of valour, 
meed, recompense; a monu- 

AptoTcpu, -Si, ri, viz. x^'Pt ('■'• <'?"'■ 
Tcpbi left) the left hand. 

Aptartpcvw, f. -cvaio, (fr. same) to 
he. Iff I handed, to use the left 

Aptartpb<;,-'i, -bv, (fr. o'piorot best. 
The Greeks ihouaht to amend, 
or at rcconrile awkward 
things, by giving thcrn favoura- 
ble names, and thence they 
thus named the weaker hand, 
foot, side, &r.) Uft, the Ufi 
hand, foot, eye, side, tic. ac- 
cording to the substantive un- 
derstood ; sinislv, unlurhy, 
ominrms ; infrriar, small, insig- 


vijicayit. — .Kptertpi), -wv, ni, the 
tetl side, left parts ; the ucst ; 
inisforttincs, ill luck. 

Apiarti'takt, imp, ind. Ion. of 
ApiffT£v/(7»;'j>, lor npiffrfi'io. 

AptoTti'oiaa, Dor. for uptarcvovaa, 
(cm. par. pres. acl. — Apiariv- 
oana, feni. part. 1 a. act, of opior- 


.\pi(7rfi'f, -/of, Att. -«'w(r, b, (fr. 
n'oioTof best) a chief, head, lend- 
er, general, prince. — Apiaraj, 
the great, the nobility. 

ApioTcuw, f. -iVata, p. riphrrvKa, 
(fr, last) lo ./i,i;ht braiety, be- 
have gallantly, he among the fore- 
most ; to excel, surpass. 

Apiarijei, Apicn'/iirai, Ion. forapiff- 
rhi, n. and apiareivi, d. pi. of 

ApioTi.aaTC, 2 ])l, 1 a. inipr. act. — 
Apifl-ri/cr;;, 3 sin. 1 a. sub. act. of 

ApioTi'yu, f. -iau), (fr. upiarov din- 
ner) to give, or provide dinner ; 
to invite, or entertain at dinner. 

ApicTivlriv, (fr. dpicTui best) each 
best, every bravest; the best, or 
stoutest, as picked out ; for merit, 
as a reword. 

ApiaTijSovXoi, -ov, b, Aristobulus, 
a man's name. 

ApiirToye!Tii)v, -ovoi, b, Aristogilon, 
a man's name. 

ApiCToyii'OS, -ov, b,i/, (fr. nptuTOi 
best, and ydvof otl'spring) the 
chief, father, or parent of a good 
race, or noble progeny ; produc- 
ing the best ; noble, high bred. 

ApiaTdirjuos, -ov, b, Aristodcmus, 
a man s name. 

'ApiOTOl, -0)V, o'l, (pi. of dplCTOi 

best) the chiefs, leaders, nobles, 
those duHinguished by conduct, 
bravery, or spirit. 

.KptaTOKpdrcia, and Aptaroupdna, 
-flfi^i (ff- n'pKTTCn the nobles, and 
Kpariw to govern) an aristocra- 
cy, a government by the rich 
and great ; the greed, the no- 

ApKTTOKpaTio) -w, f. -I'law, (fr. last) 
to rule supreme; to govern best; 
to form, or compoxean aristocra- 
cy. — AptaroKpaTtOjiai -ovjiai, to 
live under, acquiesce in an aris- 

ApiaTCKparSii, -to;, h, Aristocratcs, 
a man's name. 

AptoToKpiiTtKos, -h,-bv, (fr. aptBTO- 
Kodrcia an aristocracy) aristn- 
crediral, inclined to the aristo- 

ApiaronparlKwi, (fr. \a.^t) aristocra- 

Apt(JT6fiaX''it '"^1 '"^'l' C''- "pfro; 
btsi, ari'l jidyri ii Tiiihl) fore most 
in Jighl, bravest in bailie, excel- 
ling in courage, vfdurous. 

'ApioTov, -ov, rb, (fr. aopiaroi un- 
determined. Or fr. rjii early. 
O.- fr. optaroi principal) dinner. I 

AptuTovooi, -ov, h, »;, (fr. dpicroil 
best, and v6oi mind) v:cH-Piind-' 
(d, ucll-inJcnlionrd, benevolent, ^ 
hind, humane ; brave, valiant. 1 

AoioTorOvoi, -ov, b, i'/, (fr. same,! 


and Trdi'Of labour) laborious, dili- 
fiint, assiduous, ■ictiie. 

'Aoiaroc, -tj, -uv, (fr. 'Api;f Mars ; 
but attributed as a superlative to 
ayaOif gooil) beat, biavtst, wor- 
thiest ; excellent ; chief, princi- 
pal, noble. 

ApiaroTiXiif, -coi -ouf, i, Aristotle 
a man's name. 

ApidTOTiKcia, -iif, fi, used a.s the 
fcni. of 

AptoToruKOi, -ov, b, I'j, (fr. uptaroi 
best, and tIktu to breed) thepa- 
rent of a Jine family, of a noble 
race; best bred, best of children ; 
nobly born. 

Apiarorpdievs, Dor. for ApieTo<pd- 
vovs, g. of 

ApioToipdviji, -tof -ov(, and -ov, u, 
Aristophanes, a Greek comic 

.\.piar6)(ttp, -fipof, b, I'y, (fr. dpia- 
Tof best, and ■^eip the hand) very 
brave, gallant ; stre7iuous, active, 
ready, handy, 

ApiaTiiirii, -ov, b, (fr. dpiarov din- 
ner) dinner-time. 

Apta<jia\iis, -ioi -oD{, b, fi, (fr. dpi 
intens. and oi/ia'AXu to trip) 
smooth, slippery, steep, precipi- 
tous ; deceitful, false, erroneous ; 
doubtful, hesitating, dubious ; 
simple, credulous. 

Apiippaiiioi, (fr. next) very clear- 
ly, evidently, jdainly. 

Apt(Ppa6rii, -luf -ov;, b, //, (fr. dpi 
intens. and (Ppadiis caulioiib) dis- 
tinguished, remarkable ; distinct, 
clear, evident ; shining, bright. 

'Ap'fxoi, see dpfuxos- 

Apluiv, -ovos, b, Arion, a man's 

Apx'i^i'u, -as, and Apxailr}, -ns, i;> 
Ari-adia, the name of a country. 

ApKdiios, -ov, b, (fr. last) an Ar- 

Apktr, impers. (fr. ap/t/ai to suffice) 
it sujlces, it is enough, it will 

ApxtiaBe, 2 pi. cont. pres. impr. 
mid. — .ApKiar), 3 sin. 1 a. sub. 
act. of apk/o). 

ApKtuvTusi, Ion. for ApKovirini, (fr, 
same) svJficienHy, enough. 

ApKicii, 3 sin. 1 f. act. — ApuiaOri- 
cofiiOa, 1 pi. o(ApKeaOr,aopai,\ f. 
pass, of same. 

ApiftoiXdof, -ov, b, Arcesilaus, a 
man's name. 

Apv£(7('Xu{, -a, b. Dor. for last. 

'ApKC(Jt{,-ioi, Alt. -iu)s,ri, (fr, ap- 
Kiui to suffice) sujfirienn/, com- 
petency ; capnbdily ; lenijil, use- 
fulness, advantage; help, aid, 
assistance, relief. 

ApKcrbv, viz. ear}, (ncut. of next) 
enough, it is enough, same as 

ApKirbf, -)), -iv, (fr. apKi'w to suf- 
fice) svjp.rient, cnoutlh. 

ApKcruii, (fr. last) sufficiently. 

ApKtCOivoi, -n, -ov, (ir. next) juni- 
per, tf the juniper. 

'ApKivOoi, -ov, I'l, the juniper tree. 

AfiKiui -w, f -iru), p. -fpKtKu, to 
s".fflce, be nijfficicnl, satisfy, con 
tent; to avert, reptl, turn away, 




drive liff; to Ttlieve, aid, rue- 
cour, give asnslcmce, help svffi- 
ciently. ApKtofiai -ovfiai, to be 
satined, or contented ; to acqui- 
esce, agree. 1 a. act. ijpKeaa, 
Ion. dpKCca. per. pass. fipKtBjtat, 
I a. pass. ripKiaOriv. 1 f. pass. 

'A.pKlot^-ov, h, li, Poet, for apKt- 
ris, (fr. last) sufficient, capable, 
able ; assistant, helping, useful, 
beneficial ; averting, repelling ; 
Iveky, see also apun/cdf. 

XpicTtioi, -a, -ov, (fr. dpKT3( a 
bear) like a bear. 

AoKTios, -a, -ov, (fr. dp^oi to be- 
gin) il must, or is to be begun 

'Ap/jordxTBrroj, -ov, 6, 4, (fr. same, 
and TVjTTta) to strike) chariot rat- 

'Ap/iaTorJ?y3f, -ov, 5, (fr. same, and 
):»;yvv/i< to frame) a maker of 
chariots, coachmaher. 

Apficiia, -Of, n, Armenia ; an Ar. 
menian woman. 

Apfihtos, -ov, b, !], (fr. last) Arme- 

'Apftcvov, -ov, TO, (fr. next) a tool, 
inslrument ; funiilurc, tackle, 

'Ap/jtevos, -ri, -ov, (Sync. forafwJ^r- 
los, par. pres. pass, ofa'pu to lit) 
adapted, Jit, proper, ojnvenient. 

Apfiuiios, -a, -ov, (ir. ap/«5^(j to 

disoum, renounce ; to rejuse, 
withhold, 1 a. mid. ind. rpvijad- 
fiTjV sub. apvi'jcuijiai' inf. apv))- 
aacOai' par. apv)]adfitvoi. 

ApvivTrip, -ripos, b, (fr. iip; a lamb, 
because they leap head fore- 
most as lambs butt) adivtr^Jish- 
er for pearls. 

'April, -ris, t], name of a city, also 
ol Neptune's nurse, Ami. 

Apvrjadfitvoi, -7;, -ov, par. — Apji/ 
cacdiu, inf. 1 a. mid. — Apvijotj- 
rai, 3 sin. 1 a. sub. mid. — Ap- 
r)';aoftat, -17, -trat, 1 f ind. mid. 

AptTjuif, -1), -iv,an<i 'ApKios, -ov,\ adapt) ^t, proper, suitable, 

b, i), (fr. dpKTOf the greater bear, 
or the plough) arctic, northern; 
respecting the constellation of the 
ApKTo/ivf, -<io;, &, (fr. a'pKro; a bear, 
and fivi a mouse) some species 
of mouse 
'Apxros, -OV, b, and fi, a bear ; the 
constelialion of the bear ; the 
ApKTovpo{, -ov, b, (fr. dpKTOi the 
bear, and ovpd the tail) Arctu- 
rus ; a star in the constellation 
of the Great Bear. 
Ap«ro^uXaf, -a<toj,6, (fr. same, and 
^vXdaoiit to guard) the guardian 
of the north, the constellation of 
Bootes, or the ploughman. 
ApKrCiof, -a, -ov, (fr. same) arctic, 

Apiciii, -Cof, 1';, a net, toils; a net, 
cap, or covering for the hair ; a 
fiUet, headband, garland. 
ApKhif, same as apKir&i. 
'Apfia, -Sroi, ri, (fr. dpui to join) 

a chariot, cart, carriage, vehicle. 
Apftayciiuv, Heb. mdecl. Arma- 
geddon, the mountain of Me- 
'ApfiaXid, -a(, and Ion. -Xifi, -ij{, 
fi, (fr. a'pw to firm, and fiiXT) the 
limbs) y&ofy, maintenance, allmv- 
anr.e ; a pitlatKe, small quantity. 
a. »m. Ion. ipfta\ttiv. 

agreeable ; familiar, intimate. 
'Apuvlios, -ov, b, a man's name, 

'Apjid^oiaa, Dor. for apiid^ovoa, 

leni. par. pres. act. of 
'Apiii^iD, or -TTb), f. -cw, p. ripfioKa, 
(fr. apitoi a joint) to adjust, 
adapt, apply, accommodate; to 
tune, harmonize; to fit, suit, 
agree; to espouse, betroth, con- 
'Apjto'i, (fr. same)fitly, convenient- 
ly, agreeably, aptly. 
Apfio7, (fr. same) lately, just now. 
' Apjii'via, -o{, and Ion. -Irj, -•;{, ;;, 
(fr. same) a joining, fitting; 
closeness, compactness ; con- 
cord, concert, agreement ; a com- 
pact, covenant, bargain ; har- 
Apiioviirii, -ov, and Ion. -tui, 0, a 

man's name, Harmonides. 
' ApfiaviKii, -rj^ -iv, (fr. apfiovla a 
joining )^Uin^, answering, agree- 
ing to; suitable, adapted; har- 
monical, musical. 
'Aoftivlos, -ov, 0, II, (fr. same) con- 
gruous, fitting ; harmonious. 
' Apfiis, -oil, b, (fr. dpiii to fit) a 
joint; a joining, closure, scam ; 
a limb, member ; a hinge, bolt, 
"Apfjocrai, Ion. for npfioarai, 3 sin. 
per. pass, of lip/jo^u) 

of apviofiai. 
Apvtfoii, -los, Att. -tuf, )';, (fr. ap- 
liofiai to deny) a denial, disavow- 
al ; refusal. 

Apvrjrai, 3 sin. cont. pres. sub. of 

ApiriTtkos, -II, -dv, (fr. same) that 
denies, or refuses, negative. 

ApviiTiKws, (fr. last) nigatively. 

Apviov, -ov, TO, (dim. ofupj a lamb) 
ayoung lamb, lambkin, kid. 

Apioi, g, sin. of opj, also, 

'Apvos, -ov, b, same as dp^. 

Apvovjitda, 1 and Apvotii rai, 3 pi. 
cont. pres. ind. pass. — Apvoii- 
ficvos, -Ti, -ov, par. pres. pass, 
cont. of apviojtai.. 

'Apvv^ai, (perhaps fr. «pj a lamb, 
an origirval means of barter) 
to take, get, receive, have ; to 
procure, acquire, purchase ; to 
change, barter ; to reach, attain 
to, arrive at ; to seek, claim ; to 
assert, vindicate, par. pres. pass, 
apvviicvoi, n. du. aovvjtivo). imp. 


r,pvvuriv, -ao, -to. 

'Apftdi/n(a, -at, fi, (fr. ipfia a car-|'Ap/")<TT^, -^5, i), (fcm. of next) a 

riagp, and ajia^a a wagon) a bride. 

eamage, vehicle, properly for ihe 'Apiioardi, -!i, -iv, (fr. ipfid^u tofit) 

o»e of women ; a covered cur- convenient, suilahlc, agreeable. 

^age. I'ApfiiTToijit, in 3 pi. apiidrruitv, 

'Afiidrtiof, and ' Apiidrtof, -a,-ov,\ prts. opi. acl. of 

.KpvUv, g. pi. of a'p{. 

Ap^dficvos, 1 a. m'. par. — 'Ap^av 

Oat, 1 a. inf. mid. of rlp^u). 
Ap^ivfiat, Dor. for ap^oD/iui, which 

Jf'lo\. (or 'Ap(ofiai, -ji, -iTat, 1 f. 

ind. mid. of same. 
.Kp^wfjai, -p, -riTai, 2 and 3 pi. 

-^nodc, -(uvrai, 1 a. sub. mid. of 


sin. pre?, sub. of 

(fr. Spija a carriiige) belonging 
to a chariot, relating to cnrriagrt, 
like, or in Uie style of a chariot ; 

ApiiartiXavltt, -a(, hi (ff- apfia a 
carriage, and fAatJvw to drive) 
ehariolrering, driving a carriage ; 
a chariot race, 

ApfinTi)>iiTat, -a, 0, Dor, for 'Ap- 
luirriXdrin, -ov, i, {fr. fiami;) a 
charioteer, dnver of a chariot. 
'Ap/jaritri, nnd Dor. -««, ./jf, I,, 

Ap/iiirrui, same as ip/td^iii, 
ApvuTof, -ov, 0, a man's name, 

ApvUnif, -tiof, !i, (fr. ups a lamb) a 

sheip's, or Inmli s skin, 
'Ania(, a. pi. 'if opov, or (fpf. 
Apvtiov, -nv, ri, (fr. next) a place 

uhrrr lamb, or mutton is soUl, 

market, shambles. 
Apvuif, -or, b, {fr. i'ip( a lamb) a 

grown lamb, ram, hnggrrrl. 
Apvtiof, -a, -ov, (fr. name) of a 

(Ir. name, and rttn victf^ry) the\ lamb, like a lamb 

rirjnn/ in a rhariut rare, ApviiaOui, pres. inf mid. Cont 

Apfiririov, -ov, Td, (dim. ofiamc) 
a small chariot or carriage. 

' Apitaroepofiia, -a(, li, ((r. name, 
and ip6fio< a rare) a chariot 



Apviofiai -oC/i<ji, f. -ilno/zfii, p. fipvij- 

fiai, {fr, a neg. oiid tipi a lanili 

ulain when a trfnly in made) to 

quarrel irrcconnlrably ; tn deny, 


Kpdtii, -o(f, 

Apotftav, Dor. for 
Apoifiriv, -010, -oiTO, in 1 pi. apol/tt- 

6a, 2 a. opt. mid. of aipu. 
Ap6fijicvai, Poi-t. for Api^fitvai, 
which Dor. for ApSctv, prus. inf. 
act. ol opdui. 
'Apoi', -oir, ri, the herb ramp, or 

'Apov, I a. impr. net. of aipui. 
'Apoiro, Ion. for /ipovro, 3 pi. 2 n. 

iiid. mid. of sumo. 
Apdrrnt, I a. inf. arl. — ApAaio, -ijf, 

-17, I a. sub. act. of anuui. 
Ap'^elftof, -ov, b, il, {fr. apAui to 
plough) arable, fit for Ixllnge ; 
ploughed, cultivated, tilled. 
'Apoetf, AoiiiiivK, utid AporpttiaK, 
-lof, Att. -fwf, }], (Ir. same) 
ploughing, tilliigr, rultivntion, 
farming ; ngrirullure, land in 
tillage ; a corn field, 
Apiiiraii), game as np4ui, pres. inf. 

act. noianiiv. 
Apirai, n. pi. of 

Ap'/ri;f» -o", !•'"' Ao')Ti)p -ijpuf, 4, 
(fr. apioi to plough) a ploughman 



liH«T, huibandman ; a ailtivatnr, ; iraaa. 2 a. act. iiid. f/pTrnyov' sub. 
pracliUoner, Mudail ; an epitlu'i ipiruyCi. per. pas8. iipvaaiiat, 

ol oxen 

Afiroio, !on. for apdrcf, g. sin. of 
'.Vpurjt, -ou, 6, (fr. «p*u to plough) 

jiloughing ; the season/or plough- 

'"(? J procifation. 
Aporii, -i), -()r, (fr. same) plough' 

«</; aruhU, jut for tillage 

ami Jjinruy^di. 1 a. pass, fiprda- 
0>iv' and ^(>Trrf-^9»;i-. '2 a. pass. 
I'lpiriyriv, and {fiirdiriv. per. ind. 
mid. iiprdya, and ijOTtada. 
XprraKTijp, -iipof, and Poet. 'Ap- 
ruxri),;, -oP, i, (fr. last) n robber, 
pluwUrn, gpoiler, rnti.ilier. 

'XpoTpa, pi. of upKTooi'. rAoruKTAif, -i), -Or, (fr. same) pi7- 

Xforptii, -ioi, Att. -/uf, 4, Poet. I lading, plundiring ; rnpricious, 

for iipi5ri;;. covcluus. 

ApOTpiaaif, -loi, Alt. -tuif, I'j, Sec I'ApTuicTiiciSf, (fr. last) violeiitly ; 

Aporjia'ui -Cj, and Aporpin^u, f. 
-aff(i», p. i/poTpiiiKa, (fr. dporpoi' 
a ploufjli) Ij plougli, till, or pre- 
pare land; to labour, cultivate 
the earth. 
A-poToiHv, n. and Aporoiuvra, a. 
sin. cont. par. pres. act. of last. 
ApoTpi'<i»ffif, -loj, Alt. -£u)f, )';, same 

as dpoaa. 
ApoTpoci6ij(, -hi -oDj, h, i), (fr. 
next, and tiioi figure) like, or re- 
lembling a plough. 
'ApoTpov, -ov, ri, (fr. apdu to 

plough) a plough. 
Aporpdzovs, -o(5of, h, (fr. last, and 
rroCf a foot) the foot, or sock of 
the plough, tlie ploughshare. 
Apouv, cont. for apitiv, pres. inf. 

act. of apiu). 
Apoiipa, -as, and Ion. Aoovpi, -rn, 
Ij, (fr. aooui to plough) arable, 
01 vloughed land, ajield, fa'^m ; 
a square measure of 100 cubits, 
about the third of an Irish acre ; 
ground, land ; the earth. 
Apovpuoi, -a, -ov, (fr. last) arable, 
jUfor, or relating to tillage; ru- 
ral, rustic, wild. 
Apovpti)v,-ov, ri, (dim. of«ame) a 
smalljield, paddock, a little farm. 
Kpouai, 3 pi. 1 f. ind. act, of ai'pu. 
Apiu} -a, f. ap6aui, p. I'ipoKa, to 
plough, till, cultivate ; per. pass. 
rjpoftat, -aai, -rai. 
Kp6u)aii, -loi, Alt. -ciiii, >i, same as 

' ApTTuyiriv, (fr. dpTn'^u to seize) in 
haste, hastily, eagerly, swiftly, 
by snatches; rapaciously, rave- 
nously, forcibly. 
'Apzaycii, -uaa, -iv, a. sin. -yivra, 

par. 2 a. pass, of same. 
'Apruyi?, -i;;, /;, (fr. upro'^w to rob) 
rapine, robbery, pillage, taking 
by force ; a hook, drag, grapple, 
used for fishing up things fallen 
into a well. 
'Ap'^aynadftcda, 1 pK 2 f. ind. nu of 

'ApTrayfia, and " kpTtaa^ia, -aroj, ri, 
(fr. same) spoils, plunder, booty ; 
pillage ; rapidity. 
'Apvayiidi, -ov, h, (Ir. same) rob- 
bery, plunder, pillage. 
'Apir«(£(, 3 sin. 'AoTa^ouirtv, 3 pi. 
pres. ind. act. — 'Aprrufttf, 
pres. inf. act. — ' Ap-d^ovra, n. 
pi. par. pres. act. of 
ApTrn^u), f. -aia, and Dor. -fu. 

rapaciously, eagerly 

'Apirak-Tilf, -i), -dv, (fr. Apvri^U) to 
seize) plundered, robbed ; seized, 
icrested, extorted. 

'ApruXf'oj, -a, -ov (fr. same) rapid, 
violent, ravenous ; swift, eager, 

'ApraA/uj, (fr. last) rapidly, vora- 
ciously, violently ; by snatches. 

'ApTdX/iJu, (fr. same) to seize, 
grasp, lay hold upon ; to catch 
an opportunity. 

"ApTn^, -ayoi, h, {/, (fr. apTrd^ui to 
rob) rapacious, ravening, de- 
vouring ; subs, a ravisher,ptun. 

'Apird^dii, JEol. for 

'Apirufuj, -daa, -av, 1 a. par. of 

'Aprruj, a. pi. of (ipir;;. 

'ApTTu'ffa?, 1 a. par. act. ofupara^oi. 

' Apvdij) -u, f. -daui, (fr. &piTrj a 
sickle) to plunder, rob, steal. 

Apirtiii;, -ioi -ovi, b, >i, (fr. ttcSov 
the ground) on a level xvith the 
ground, on the groundfloor. 

' Apntbdvr), -rjs, Ij, and 'Aprt^uiv, 
-6voi, b, (fr. apTrd^o) to seize) a 
rope, cord ; a halter, noose, snare, 

'Apirela, -as, ri, (fr. ffffa the sole 
of the foot) the bottom, root, or 
foot of a mountain ; a fence, or 
wall of loose stones. 

"Apr.n, -nil 'h ('"''• np-u'^u to seize) 
a sickle, reaping hook ; a crooked 
sword, hanger, scimitar ; a vul- 
ture, oird of prey. 

'Apvvia, -as, (';, (fr. same) a harpy, 
a fabulous winged fiend ; a 
storm, whirlwind. 

Aphajiiov,-ij}voi, 0, earnest, handsel ; 
a pledge, pawn, token, security. 
a. sin. apf)a(iiova. 

Apl)uyhi, -ioi -ovi, i, i';, (fr. a neg. 
and pijaaio to break) unlnoken, 
entire, soun/', whole ; Jimt, 
strong, durable, lasting. 

Apha^cv, Ion. for rjppa^cv, which 
Poet, f ' ' 


Poet, for »;pafi 

ir (jpij, 
cv, 1 

a. act. of 

'Apliii<poi, -ov, b, Ij, (fr. a neg. and 
j>a(j>h a seam) without scam, 
woven througlwul, of one piece- 
'Ap'piva, a. sin. — 'Aphcvci, n. pi. 

— Kpliivijiv, g. pi. oidplt>)v. 
Ap^tviVuf, and ApaivMs, -n, -iv, 
(fr. dpfivvOT ap!Tt;i/male) mascu- 
line, manlike ; robust, strong. 
p. ho-aKa, and Jip^ap^a, to rob, ^ yivouai to be) bearing males, 
plunder, pillage, spoil ; to snatch, j producing a manly offspring. 
fize, lake forcibly, carry qff ; tOiAp'ptiui^CJi, (fr. same) in a manly 
worry, tear, dtvour. 1 a. act. F;p-! manner, stoutli/, bravely. 



Apitvuiitii, and Ap^ii'UirJf, -oii, 4, 
1/, (fr. same, and lixj, the face) oj 
(I manly cvuntenatur, of a noble 
mien, or air. 

Apjiitri'ii, -lot -OMf, and 'An/^cros, 
•ov, A, //, (fr. a neg. and pi-Kui to 
inchiic) not leaning, inclining, or 
bending; upright, trect; straight, 
tlirecl ; imparti(d, uuifussed ; 
insignijirant, of no consequence, 
weak, feeble. 

Ap{>e\j.iu, -av, q, (fr. last) impar- 
tiality, indifference ; e.^mVo6/«- 

Apjji'jKToioi, d. pi. of 

' AppriKToi, -ov, 4, li, not lobe broken. 
►see ap'payt'ii. 

'Appjiv, or 'Apariv, -tvof, b, a male 
of any kind. Adj. masculine, 
manlike, manly ; strong, stout, 
brave, valiant. 

Apl»jviit) -(i, f. -)'iaii>, p. -r]Ka, (fr. 
last) to play the man; to bully, 
rail, scold. 

Ap'prjvrii, -hi -ovi, b, i), {ft. same) 
7nale, masculine, strong ; harsh, 
stern ; severe, rigid, fierce, 

Appjjvdu -Cj, f. -uiaui, ((j. same) to 
lake a husbatid, marry. Aplit]v6o- 
/lut -oiifiui, to act the man, be- 
have masculine ; to desire the 
male. par. per. pass. r!pl>tivu>ite' 


AplirjTonoiia, -as,'!, (fr. dpjjtjroi in- 
expressible, and iroif'w to do) im- 
piety ; wickedness, viUany ; in- 
famy, obscenity. 

Ap'pfjTOTOtii, -ov, b, }), (fr. same) 
abominable, detestable ; obscene, 
infamous ; a villain, profligate. 

'Ap'pnroi, -ov,b, f], (fr. a neg. and 
j)iu to speak) unutterable, inex- 
pressible ; not before spoken, 
mentioned, orlalkedof, unuttered; 
not to be named, or repeated, 
abominable, impious ; obscene, 
enigmatical, mysterious. 

ApPnTwi, (fr. last) secretly, obscure- 
ly, mysteriously. 

'Apjii^os, sec dpi^oi. 

Ap/ii;t«i70a(, to crawl, or scramble 
up on the handa and feel; to 
mount, climb. 

'ApfitX^if 'Ap^X"*' 'Apio-icof, -ov, b, 
and Apjjixn, -m, h, "■ basket, pan- 
nier, or other wicker vessel. 

'Ap'pvdfioi, -ov, h, (fr. a neg. and 
jjvdfibi rhythm) inharmonious, 
unmusical ; irregular, not me- 
thodical, loose, wild ; immode- 

Appvdiiioi, (fr. last) inharmonious- 
ly, irregularly. 

' AppvTToi, -ov,b, I'h (fr. o neg. and 
fiiizoi filth) clean, neat ; pure, 
chaste; upriglu. 

Aphvaovrai, for avaputrovroi, 3pl. I 
t. mid. of avapvd), fr. ava up, 
and anvh>, which see. 

Apoo)C{u), Ap'puhla, lon. {or tpjxa- 
c'lM, and -hla. 

Ap}to)tTTfui -hi, f. -I'lau), p. -riKa, (fr. 

a neg. and piivwiit to be strong) 

to he sick, infirm, labour under 

ill health. 

I AppiiaTtifia, -aroj,T4, (fr. last) sick' 



TieM, weaknetSy infirmiti/, ill, a trencher-friend; one of Ho- 

fualth. I mer's mice. 

ApjiucTla, -as, h, {^^- same) sicfc- ao r/u -oi, and ApT/ofia* -oCfiai, see 

ness, disease, injirmily. \ aordu). 

'Ap^ojOTOf, -o«, 6, »;, (fr. same) ii- 'Apr);/<a, •aroi, rfl, (fr. apra'u to 

Jirm, weak, languid, sick; an hang up) an^/ thing sxtspended, 


"Apj, apiii, 0, fi, (perhaps fr, apa 
a prayer, a lamb beino a fre- 
quent sacrifice) a lamb. d. pi. 

Apadjievoi, JEo\. for apdfitvos, I a. 
per. mid. — 'Apaai, JEo\. for 
dpai, 1 a. par. act. of dpu. 

'Apa'ti', iieut. sin. — 'Apacva, a. sin. 
— '\pcive, n. or a. du. oidpatjv, 
same as dpjjrjv. 

ApfffvTxos. -ri, -dy, (fr. dpanv male) 

ApacvoKoiriii, -ov, b, i/, (fr. same, 
and koIti) a bed) a sodomite. 

'Aprtjv, -cvoi, b, i;, see dppnv. 

'Apirif, -105, Att. -£«){, //, (fr. alpii) 
to raise) exaUation, elevation, 
raising, lifting up; a carrying, or 
taking away, deprivation ; a bur- 
den, load; tax, tribute. 

'Ap<rtKo;,-ov, b, see dplit^o;. 

'Apaov, 1 a. impr. act. — ' Apaiii, 1 
f. ind. act. jtol. of rfou. 

Aprd.'Ju^of, -ou, 6, Arlabazus, a 
man's name. 

Aprdfiavoi, -on, o, Arlahanus, a 
man's name. 

Aordiiri, -175, 1;, a Persian measure 
for grain. 

'ApTa/(if, -tio{, n, Dor. for 'Aprt- 

'Apraiios, -ov, b, (fr. aproj bread, 
and Ttiivulo cut) abutclier,cooh, 
Aprdvtj, -i)f, i, (fr. aprdia to hang 
up) a halter, noose, collar; a 
rope, strap, bell, support. 
Apra^io^Vf, -ov, b, Arlaxerxct, a 

man 8 name. 
JiprdiD -u, and Ion. Aprlui -u, f. 
-^ffui, p. -rjita, to tuing up, sus- 
pend ; to attach, or fasten to; 
lo support by. Aordofiai, and 
Ion. Apr/o/jai, to liang, be sus- 
pended from, or supported by ; 
lo depend upon, rely, trust to; 
to prepare, proiuU, make ready ; 
to concili'itr, ingraliaie. 
Anrc/iif, -a, b, Arlcmo-^, a man's 

ApTiftla, a. sin. and ncut. pi. of 
Apr()<i>(, •/a{,-ou( 6, (/, (perhaps fr. 
dpTiof whole, or Ir. a neg. and 
r/^iia to divide) ivlwtc, entire ; 
Safe, Sound ; even, not odd ; Jit, 
proper, SHilafiU. 
'AoTtfiK, -lof, and -'/r!o(, t), Diana. 
Aprifiiaia, -af, /;, the hijrb mus- 
uuirth or mo'.hcrwiirth ; Artemi- 
sia, a worn xn's name. 
Aprifiiatnv, -ou, ri, (fr. 'Aprcntf 
Diana) >i frstivtl, temple, statue, 
or olhir thtng drdirrilrd to Diana. 
Aprtiii)v, -ifof, b, (fr. apTdu) lo 
hang \ip) the mainsail, foresail, 
topsail ; a sailynrd, yard, OTt/ard' 
arm. a. sin. apTt)t6va. 
Apriituv, -iioi, 0, a man's name. 
AprfTi7?oiAo(, -on. A, (fr. rfproj 
bread, and ivl^ovXos a waylaycr) 

hung up, or attached to, an ap' 
pendage ; a belt ; a pendant, ear- 
Apriip, •npoi, b, (fr. same) o sus- 
pender, or support of a burden, 
any contrivance to bear a load ; 
the shoulders, back ; a strap, 
thong, rope, belt ; a case, sheath, 
scabbard; a kind of shoe. 
Aprrtpia, -ai,)), (perhaps fr. aijp air, 
and mpiia to keep) an artery ; 
the pulse; thetvindpipe, 
AprripiaKOS, -^1 -bv, (fr. last) arte- 

AprtipioTOfda, -as, hi Cr- same, and 
rinviii to cut) a cutting, wound- 
ing, or separation of an artery ; 
or of the throat. 
ApTT^piwiri;, -to; -oiif, b, ri, (fr. 
same, and tlioi a likeness) arte- 
rial ; resembling, or relating to 
an artery. 
'Apri, now, at present, already, 
lately, just now ; arr' ripri, or 
affupTi, henceforth, henceforward, 
from this time ; I'uis «'pri until 
now, till this time. In compos, it 
implies 7iewncM ; or, for dprioj, 
whole, perfection. 
.KpTidKii, (fr. dpno; equal) equal- 
ly, evenly, of equal number. 
Aprtd^u), f. -doji, p. -aKa, (fr. 
same) to play at odd and even ; 
to fit, make even, or equal ; to 
prepare, provide, furnish. 
Aprinafidi, -ov, b, (fr. same) odd 

and even ; playing at it. 
ApriiiXnerfii, -<'o{ -oP{, and Aprt- 
liXaaroi, -ov,b, I'l, (fr. a'pri late- 
ly, and /?Xu(7Tdi'<i) to bud) lately 
budding ; hut now shooting ; 
sprouting, fresh. 
Apriiipeiphi, -«'of -ovi, b, /;, (fr. dnri 
lately, and (ipi<poi an infaiii) 
lately born, infant, young. 
AprlyajiOi, rov, b, 1';, (fr. same, and 

■ydnoi marriage) new married. 
ApTtyivcBXoi, -ov, b, 1';, (fr. same, 
and ycvlOXn a birth-d;iy) same as 
ApTiycvfii, •ioi-ovi,b,!i, root, for 
Apriy(iivtiTo(,-ov, b, I), (fr. same, 
and yiVu/iai lo be born) new 
liorn, lately, or just born ; very 
Apri^dKpni, -uof, b, ti, (fr. same, 
and f.dxpv a tear) lately werji- 
ing, mourning just now ; in- 
clined to weep. 
Kpriiniio{,-a, -or, same Ol 
AoTtinfii, -lu( -oi J, k, li, (fr. dprtot 
perfect, and ('rru lo Ritoak) Vdka- 
tive ; nrliculntr, dxstinrt, clear ; 
specious, insinuating, artful ; 
tnir, speaking truth, genuine. 
Apri'^w, f. -latii, (fr. kamu) (0 fit, 
frame ; to rnmposc, settle ; to 
.finish, complete ; to execute, per- 
KnTiOi\fi(,-h( -o'f, », /,, (fr. same, 
and idXXu lo bloom) fresfi 
blooming, just flourishing, 


AprUoWos, -ov, b, 1;, (fr. dpu late- 
ly, or dpTioi perfect, and /coXAdu 
to glue) sticking. firmly, strong; 
well joined, compact ; lately 
made, new. 
'Apnof, -ov, b, >'}, (fr. dpu to suit) 
even, equal ; xvhole, entire ; per- 
fect, complete, sound ; apt, Jit, 
agreeable, proper. 
'Apnrof, -ou, b, >), Poet, for 
ApTi'roi'j, -oius, b, !j, (fr. dpTios 
sound, and ■^■015 a foot) surefoot- 
ed, sound in the feet, Jirm, steady, 
strong, healthy. 
Apriffi;, -lof, Att. -£u){, >], (fr. ap- 
rifcu to form) .finishing, perfec- 
tion, culture, care; ornament, 
embellishment, decoration. 
ApriroKos, -ov, b, >), (fr. dpn lately, 
and TtKTo} to produce) tiew born, 
very young ; that has lately borne, 
just delivered, 
AprirpoTos, -ov, b, i), (fr. same, and 
Tpiizd) to turn, 01 rpicpu) to rear) 
just reared, or arrived at maturi- 
ty, young. 
AoriipaTo;, -ov, 6, »;, (fr. same, and 
ipdii) to kill) lately dead, just kill- 
ApTi<ppwv, -ovos, b, !i, (fr. dprios 
perfect, and ippoviiii to think, th. 
il}pr}v the niina) sane, sound in 
Apriws, (fr. same) perfectly, whol- 
ly, entirely; soundly, sensibly, 
AprTu?, (fr. dpri lately) just now, 

recently, lately ; evenly, fitly. 
AproKOTTidKOi, -ou, b, rjy Cf- dproy 
bread, and kotiuu to toil) well 
baked ; bread well wrouglu ; a 
crust, or piece of bread. 
Aproadnoi, -ov, b, fi, (fr. same, and 

Kdnrui to knead) a baker. 
Aprof/p^ij5, same as Apru^fp^>j(. 
Aproirotbi, -ou, b, 17, (fr. dproj bread, 

and TToduj lo make) a baker. 
'Aproj, -Of, b, (perhaps fr. alpia to 

raise) bread, a loaf; food. 
Apro0dyo{, -ou, 0, (fr. dproj bread, 
and (fttiyca to cat) loaf-nibbler, 
one of Ilomer's mice. 

ApTii6(iff£roi,3sin. 1 f. pass Ap- 

Tiio-£r£, 2 pi. 1 f. ind. act. of ap- 
' XoTojin, -aroi, rb, (fr. aprt'bi to 
iiickle) sauce, seasoning ; pickle, 
'Aprvati, -lOi, Att. -cwi, Ij, (fr. 

same) seasoning, relUh, sauce. 
Apruu), or Aprui'U, I. npriiau, p. I'/p- 
TVKa, (fr. dpui to fit) to Jit, suit, 
aixommoilate ; to contrive, feign ; 
to provide, furnish, equip ; to 
season, salt, pickle. 1 a. act. ijp- 
Tvaa. par. prcs. pass, aprvdptyof. 
per. pass. I'lOrvpnf par. nprufil- 
voi. 1 a. ind. pass. ttprvOiiv. 1 f. 
pass, aprvOi'iaopai. 
Apvadfnvoi, par. 1 a. mid. of apifu. 
Apvariip, -flpof, b, (fr. apfu) to 
draw) a measure ; n glass-full, 
gill ; a burkit ami wheel, or such 
like machine for a well. 
Aovrfip, -iinoi,i'ii (fr- same) nhuck- 
rt, pum/i, or o<'i(r inttrvment lo 
draw water. 


Apt^u), onH Afiru>, f. iipveu, p. I'/pv- 
«tu, (0 draw, raite/rom bituw ; to 
Ap^niiU, in<icc\. Arphaxad, a 

man's iiaine. 
ApTf^iiyytXoi, -on, h, (fr. up \'i) lioati, 
ami iiyyi\oi .ui an^el) iin arr.h- 
angct, chiff angel, prince oj 
Ap^iiyhiif, -a,i. Dor. for np^^tjyi- 

Tt/f, -ouj 4, ami 

ApydyOs, Dor. for iipj^vyii, -oB, i, 

(fr. same, and liyioftai to lead) 

n head, leader, captain, chief, 


ApxaOcv, Dor. for apx^^t^i ('"'■■ 

stime) from old ; of old, J'ormer- 

ly, ancienlli/, long ago. 

Apxi'i, -iSi', «i, (|il. of s&me) Jirst- 

J'ruilSjJirsl offerings. 
Ap\ail^u), f. -laui, p. -lira, (fr. ap- 
X<"'>i ancient) to iinilnte the an. 
c tents ; to adopt old customs ; to 
restore to its indent st'tte. 
ApxaiKdf, and Apxaiixis, -fl, -ov, 
(ir. same) arUitjuated, old, old 
Ap^nt/fuif, (fr. last) old fashioned - 

lij ; uucienlli). 
Apxa'iot,-u>v, o\, (pi. of ap;^;n7o{ an- 
cient) the ancients; ancestors, 
Apxiilov, -ov, rb, (neut. of same) 
a loan, debt, principal sum ; 
usance, usurious profit ; inter- 
est, return, income. 
ApxaTo!, -a, -ov, and Ion. -rj, -oi>, 
comp. -drepoi, sup. -draro;, (fr. 
apxi) the beginning) ancient, old, 
of former times ; old fashioned, 
antique, out of date. 
Apx'ndrrii, -tjtos, Ij, (fr. last) anti- 
quity, the men, or times of old ; 
ancientness, oldness. 
ApXt<peaia, -ai, li, (fr. apx'i niie, 
and aJpfu) to elect) an election, 
creation of magistrates. 
Ap'^a'pcffi"'^'", i. -d(Tii>, fr. last) to 
assemble fur, or hold an election ; 
to elect, vole, choose ; to canvass, 
solicit votes, or interest. 
Apyaiff/idf, -oD, b, (fr. apxatos an- 
cient) imitation of the ancients; 
affectation of antiquated style ; 
an archaism, or ancient phrase, 
or mode of expression. 
Apxali^!, (fr. same) anciently, for- 
merly, of old. 
'ApxafOf, -ov, b, (fr. apx't govern- 
ment) a prince, chief, ruler. 
Apxi^'ip">ii -ov, li, a man's name. 
Ap;^£i5(«')f, -ov, b, (fr. apx'l rule, 
and iUrj justice) a just ruler, 
equitable magistrate, impartial 
Apx'^'^ot^, -cu)5, II, the white vine. 
'Ap,^£(,3sin. pres. ind 'Aoxeir, 


ginning, and Kaxif evil) tha 
cause, origin, author of evil, or 

Apx'^aoi, -ov, b, (fr. same, and 
Audi llie people) a rulir of the 
P'Ople, prince, chief. Also, u4r- 
chrliius, a man's iiamu, 

Ap\'/iro>(f, -io(, Alt. -£iuf, b, II, (fr. 
<ii>X'^ '" govern, and riiAis a city) 
ruling in the city, pre-rmincni in 
the stale, having influence, or 
power in public nlfnirs. .Subs, a 
sovereign, rtdtr, prince. 

'ApxcaO' for dpxtaOai, pros, inf 
pass. — 'Ap;^fro, Ion. for i/p;^f ro, 
3 sin. imp. ind. pass. — 'Ap^^tw, 
Dor. fordp^oi', pres. impr. pass 




Apxirvnos, -ov, b, !i, (fr. apX'l the 
beginning, and Tinroi a stamp) 
original, elemental, primitive. 
Subs, an original, pattern, arche- 
Ap;^£iia),same as rfp;^w 
ApX'ii -ni, >'i, a beginning, com- 
mencement, origin ; an extremity, 
or outermost point, end ; a first, 
or original stale ; a principle, 
element, cause, head ; aulliority, 
rule, dominion, power, com- 
mand, empire, mipremacy ; of- 
fice, magistracy; a magistrate. 
PI, first-fruits, first o/ferings. 
ott' apxni Of airapxrii-ifioni the be- 
ginntngjfrom eternity, apx'iv, or 
Tijv apx'i^i for Kara rijv apx^rlv, 
in the beginning, at first, former- 
ly ; absolutely, verily. 
Apxvynreiiw, and Apxvyirtot -u>, 
(fr. next) to hold the supreme au- 
thority, rule, govern, command, 
Apx'iyerrii, and Dor. Apxayhai, 
-ov, b, (fr. apx>) fle, and fiyeo- 
fiai to lead) a leader ; a prince, 
ruler; an author, beginner, first 
ApXiyirii, -fooi, ti, Cf- same) 
same as last in the feni. gender ; 
a woman ruler ; a patroness. 
Apxjiybq, -ov, h, (fr. same) a lead- 
er, chief, prince, ruler. 
ApxTiBcv, Ion. for cf ap;^^s, from 
the beginning, anciently ; former- 
ly, long ago. 
Apx'l^, and TiiV apxi^v, for kotH ti)v 
apx'iv, in the beginning, origi 
nally, at first ; principally, chief- 
ly ; totally, entirely ; verily, ab- 
ApxOcvTa, a. sin. par. 1 a. pass. 

Apx'arp'ii, -ov, o, (fr. apx^i chief, 
and larpbs a physician) a chief 
surgeon ; an eminent physician. 
Apxiypanfianvi, -io(, 6, {(r. same, 
and yonfifiarcvf a scribe) a chief 

Apxitpnrtiu, C •tiaui, (fr. apxit- 
ptvi 4 high priest) to be, or act a* 
fiigh priest. 
Apvupi,rtKbf,-!),.bt; (fr. samo)re- 
iiiling to tlie high, or clurf priest, 
or to his office, pontifical. 
^PX"pf"i 'P'h -pc7s,-pci'(ri, -piiitv, 

-piu>i, c.ises of 
Apj^itptiif, ./os, and Alt. -fwi, b, 
(if. "Pxbi rhirf, ami IcptOj a 
priest) ahighpiicsl, chief priest ; 
a chiif head, or fittur of the sa- 
eerdutal families among the Jews; 
a pontiff^ bishop ; a sirred ma- 
gistrate, officer regulating holy 
Apx'epmcvrri, -i^, ,), (fr. last) the 

high priesthood. 
Apx'i-ralpoi, -ov, b, (fr. op;;^4f chief) 
and lrii7pos 'i friend) a dear 
friend, intimate companion, chief 
Apx'cvvovxo(, -ov, b, (fr, same, and 
cvvovxoi a eunuch) a principal 
eunuch, the chief of the cu- 
Apx'xbf, -/), -bv, (fr. apxh 'he be- 
ginning) primary, original ; 
chief, principal, head; ruling, 
royal, imperial ; fit for command, 
able to direct. 
ApYi(a)i3fpr^Ti7f, -ov, b, (fr. opvdc 
cnief, and Kvpepvi'irns a pilot) 
chief pilot, master, commaruler. 
ApxiXoxoi, -ov, b, Archilochus, a 

man's name. 
ApYiftdycipos, -ov, b, (fr. apvb; 
chief, and fidycipoi a cook) a 
chief cook, or butcher ; a butler ; 
a captain of the guard. 
Apxtoivdxpos, -ov, b, (fr. same, 
ohoi wine, and x^''' to pour) a 
chief cupbearer ; a head butler. 
Apxi'i'parl);, -ov, b, (fr. same, and 
iretpariis a pirate) a chief, or cap- 
tain of pirates. 
Apx^r;olpriv, -£vof, h, (fr. same, and 
■rroijihv a shepherd) a chief, or 
head shepherd. 
'Ap;^iJrffOf, -ov, b, (fr. same, and 
iTTTTOf a horse) a master of horse, 
chief groom, equerry. Also a 
man's name. 
Ap;:^irpt(7/?uT/)f, -ou, h, (fr. same, 
and rpt(r/3iiTi)? an ambassador) 
a chief ambassador, the fiead of 
an embassy. 
Ap^'iinrojroidj, -or, b, (fr. same, 
alro; bread, and roifw to make) 
a chief, or master baker. 
Ap;j;i(Trpar;;yif, -ov, b, (fr. samp, 
and trrpartiybs a general)« head 
general, commander in chief. 
Apx'i'vvdymyos, -ov, b, (fr. same, 
and nvvaywyh a synagogue) a 
ruler, governor, or warden of a 

pres. inf. act. — 'Ao;^£cflui,pres. ' scribe, or principal clerk, the\AoYircKTovtvii),f.-tv(ru),<iindApX'' 
mf. [»ass. — ' Ao;^cni(, 3 sin. pres. I head, or ruler of the scribes, chief i TCKTovito -u, f -rjcw, (fr. apx'TtK- 
ind. pass, of a'o;^(i). secretary. rail- an architect) to model, 

Apxc'o'', -oil, rb, (neut. of next) I A p;y;('(;«/jof, -OU', 6, Archidamus, a scheme, design, draw apian ; to 
the palace, court, or residence of \ ni^n'sname. i invent, devise ; to build, 

the prince, or magistrates; oi Aoyii^fT;io0i;>af,-if«Of,6, (fr. apyif' Ao^^irrxrovia, -as, I'l, (fr. same) 
council chamber, courU of justice,', chief, fcafin fetters, and <pv\ii( a| building, architecture, 
public hall. I ga^rd) achieforprincip^l jailer.' ko^iTLKToviKri, -ijf, i^, (fcm. of 

Apvfrof, -a, -or, same as np^aioj. Anyc^ftr/iiir/jj, -ov, o, (fr. 8ame)| ' T\e}i\.) architecture. 

ApY/«a*.3j, -ou, 6, ^, (fr. ao;^') be-j same as last. lAoytriKToviKbi, -^t -bv, (fr- next) 



architectural, relating to building, 
ikilfvl in archilerture. 

ApXtrixTwv, -oi'Oi, 0, (fr. apxoi 
chief, and TKTwy a workman) ■/ 
master buiVler, architect, engi- 
neer ; an inventor, contriver; an 
intnguer, plotter. 

Ap;^irtX<i«'>){, -ov, b, (fr. same, and 
TtAwj'of a revenue officer) a chief 
collector, or head farmer of the 
revinue, principal tax-gnlherer. 

Ap;f(rpiifX(vof,-oi', b, (fr. same, and 
T0( icA(i'(Ov a dining-room) antler, 
prextdent, or alewrtrd of a feast. 

Ap;^i(ii;Xof, -ov, b, (fr. same, and 
0uXi) a tribe) the chief of alnbe, 
or ward ; a headsman, head- 

'Ap;^;it»'jj, Sync, for ap;^(5(ic>'0j, par. 
pres. pass. — or Ion. for tjpy- 
fiho{, par. per. pass, of dp^'^. 

'ApX"!""! s** "PX*^' 

Apx^f^ -oD, i, (fr. npxh chief) a 
prince, ruler, chief, governor ; a 
leader, conductor, gvide. Adj. 
chief, arch, head. 

'ApYouffi, d. pi. of ap;^u>v. 

'Apx<^, f. -fu, p. fipxa, (fr. same) 
to liegin, commence, originate ; 
to rule, govern, command, sway. 
'AoxBl^at, to make a lieginning, 
unilertake, take in hand, attempt ; 
to be ruled, governed, subject to, 
obey, submit. 1 a. act. ind. 
^p^ir par. dpfaf. pres. pass. par. 
upxiftvos, imp. pass, ripxiitriv, 
-ov, [TO. per. md. pass, ripyfiai' 
par. tjoyuivoi. I f. mid. dp^ojiat. 1 
a. mid. md. rfo^dftnv sub. aof(3- 
/i(i( • inf. (fpfaffflac par. ap^djttvoi. 

AoYii/itffSu, Foet. for ao;;^u^c0a, 1 
pi. pres. sub. mid. of last. 

'AOY"*'! 'ovaa, -ov, A. pi. -xovoi, 
par. pres. act. of game. 

'Apx'^i'i •ovTOf, i, (fr. same) a 
pnnrr, ruler, governor, chief 
magistrate, archon. 

'Apui, f. Spw, and ^ol. dpau, p. 
rpxa, to fit, adapt ; to settle, de- 
termine, decide ; to furnish, 
provide, accoutre ; to cover, hide ; 
to shielil, protect ; to bind, fasten, 
fix, build; to refresh, recreate; 
to plot, contrive ; to agree, ac- 
quiesce, accord ; to suit, match, 
agree with, answer to. I a. act. 
ind. tipi, and ilCol. Tipan, and n'p- 
aa, par. dpaaf. per. mid. fioa, by 
redupL dprjoa, and Poet. dpSpa. 

Ap«, I f. ind. act. — Apw, 1 a. 
mib. act. of alpu. 

Apuiyli, -hf, Ih 'fr- apfty to help) 
assiflanre, relief; renic'ly, cure. 

'Ap«>-4«,-of, h, 1), (fr. same) a help- 
er, defmder, guardian, protector ; 
a champion, asiertor, avenger; 
a patron. 

'Apuii'i, -Srof, ri, ^fr. dpi intcnx. 
and (ifu; to imGil) a prrfumr, 
od/nir, scent, in pi. nromntics, 
swed spiers. Also, (fr. „p6ii> to 
plough) />/o!/ 5 /ic'/, or tilled land ; 
gram ; flmir. 

ApiDfiaT'iKif, -i), -iv, and Apuiiano- 
frif, -lof, -ov(, and .Alt. -twv 6, fi, 
(fr. Inst) aromatic, odoriferous, 


.\pit>fiaro(j>6poi, -ov, b,fi, (fr. same, 
and ^/pui to bring) bringing per- 
fume, incense-breathing, sweet 

Apavia, -uj, i;, the medlar tree. 

"Apuif, -iiiof, 6, Dor. for Typuj. 

"Af, until that, tilt then. 

"Af, a. fern. pl. of Hi. 

Acrci, indecl. Asa, a man's name. 

'Ao-n, Dor. for t;<ra, 1 a. act. of 
^iw, or ai't^ui. 

'Ao-ui, 1 a. inf. act. of d6w. But 
~Acin is fr. qiio, or adlui. 

AadXtvTos, -ov, b,)), (fr. a neg. and 
aaXcvii) to agitate) still, calm, 
unagituted, unshaken ; not to be 
shaken, immoveable, ^firm, steady. 

AadX-rriyKTo?, or AcdX-niKTOi, -ov, 
b, I/, (fr. a neg. and o-dAnyf a 
trumpet) unsounrled, nut pro- 
claimed ; silent, still, Jiot disturb- 
ed by the trumpet. 

Aed/ievos, par. 1 a. mid. of qu, or 

Acdfitidoi, -ov, b, (perhaps fr. dcif 
dirt, and iiivvdu) to lessen) a 
basin, or weuhing vessel, tub, 

Affflv, pres. inf. act. cont. of 

Aodi'iSXoi, -011,6, ii, (fr. a neg. and 
aavidhov a slipper) ivithoul 
shoes, unshod, barefoot. 

Aaarrfii, -iof -of j, 6, t'), (fr. a neg 
and c^ru) to rot) not putrid, 
sound, ivhole, healthy ; not liable 
to decay, lasting, imperishable. 

AcapKia, -ai, j'l, (fr. a neg. and 
aiip^ flesh) leanness, lankness, 
thinness; want, or decay of 

'AaapKos, -ov, b, i/, (fr. same) lean, 
meager, thin. 

'Aoiipov, -ov, rd, foalfoot, or wild 

~J^aa(, Ion. for fjaai, 2 sin. 1 a. act. 

of 4^01. 

Affi(ptta, -at, >!, (fr. a neg. and 
aa(pfis clear) indistinctness, ob- 
scurity, confusion, want of per- 
spicuity, uncertainty, 

Aa!S(P')f, -(of -oTff, b, Ij, {fr. same) 
inrtistinct, obscure ; perplexed, 
involved; uncertain, didiious. 

Aadui -d, f. -»5<Tw, (fr. dan loath- 
ing) to disgust, offend, cause, or 
produee aversion, aadofiat, lobe, 
or feci disgusted, loathe, distaste ; 
to abhor, dislike, reject ; to fret, 

' AafiiiiTOf, -ov, b, (), and in fem. 
aajHarri, (fr. a nog. andtr/i/m'/yi 
to cxiinsuish) uru/uencliable, in- 

Aajio^iiu -i, f. -//coi, lame as a«- 

A<r/}<Xi7, -I7V, //, and 'AoffoXof, -ov, 
b, (pcrhnpii fr. daif dirt, and 
lid\\u) to cast) soot, smut, ashes ; 
a spot, speck, stain, taint, 

Ao[in\6ii(, -tiraa, -iv, (fr. last) 
Poet, for aafiohhftif. 

AalioXdii) -li, f. -d'lff'i), (fr. same) to 
smut, mark v illi soot, or other 
Idai-k dirt ; to dirty, stain, taint. 

AalioXia^nft -'"( -ovt, b. If, (fr, 
same) toe^y, smutty, dirty. 


Aaipoi'^aX, indecl. Asdrubal, a 
man's name. 

Aaifitta, -as, »;, (fr. nffepfii impi- 
ous) impiety, profanation, un- 
godliness ; wickedness, sin. 

AcejSiti) -to, f. -fjou, p. rjaij3t]Ka, (fr. 
same) to act irnpiously, be un- 
godly, sin. 1 a. inf. act. nctpr;- 

AacjSri, a. sin. and neut. pl. cont. 
of aaejiiji. 

AoiiSiifta, -aTof, rd, (fr. next) im- 
piety, profanation, uickedntss ; 
a sin, crime ; an expiation, eitonc- 

AoilSfji, -loi -oE;, 6, t), (fr. a neg. 
and (T{/3u to respect) impious, 
ungodly ; ivicked, sinful, pro- 

Afffi'pwToc, -ov, b, )/, (fr. a neg. and 
ccipa a chain) not fastened to, 
unattached, vnhetmessed, ungo- 
vernable, wild. 

AotXyairio, f. -did, (fr. aceXyiis 
wanton) same as aacXyeu). 

AceXyeia, -as, >/, (fr. same) wan- 
tonness, lasciviousness, U-wrlness ; 
immodesty ; impudence, inso- 
lence ; insult. 

AatXyti.0 -C), f. -r'iou}, (fr. same) to 
wanton, play leisciinously, act ob- 
scenely, behave indecently. It is 
construed actively in the passive 
like a deponent. 

.^.aeXyiws, (fr. same) wantonly, 
leivdly ; insolently. 

ActXylts, -eos -ovs, b, fi, (fr. a ncg. 
or intent, and TJXyrj a place, 
according to some, of remarka- 
bly good manners ; according to 
others, of notorious infamy) pe- 
tulant, impudent, insolent; wan- 
ton, debauched, leicd, lascivious ; 
impure, shameless. 

AatXydsi same as aaiXyfus. 

Aa(\)ivos, -ov, b, i), (fr. a neg. and 
aeXrji'ii the moon) dark, without 
light ; dim, gloomy, shady. 

'Afff/jvof, -01', b, ti, (fr. a neg. and 
CTt/ii'dc honourable) dishonoura- 
ble ; dishonest ; irreverend ; base, 
mean, vndignifed. 

'AacTTos, -ov, b, li, (fr. same, and 
atfiw to revere) same as aat(ii)s. 

AacTiis, -ios -ovs, b, li, (Gen. xviii. 
25.) impious, ungodly, wicked. 

'Aaevfiat, Dor. for (faopat, 1 f. mid. 

of if^UI. 

'A<"7, -ns, '1, (fr. dXu to satiate) 
nausea, loallung ; disgitst, dis- 
like, aversion ; trouble, uneasi- 
ness, anxiety. 

^aij, 2 sin. 1 f. mid. — AirOtif, par. 
I a. pK«s. of iffiw. 

Aottdrltjv, o]it. — Ao';"ii), sub. of 
tjai'idyjv, 1 a. pa,-<;<. of aodu). 

Aaii/iavTos, -ov, b, ^, (fr. a neg. and 
onfiatvu) to nuirk) not marked, 
or branded, unmarked ; unob- 
served, unattended, unguarded, 
unprotected, neglected. 

Aaiifiot; -nv, ri, (neul. of next) un. 
stamped, uncoined, or unuiroughl 
silver ; plate. 

Aetjfios, -ov, b, h, {fr. a neg. and 
B^jifi a mark) without any mark, 
or note of distinction ; mean, int 


aif)i\/icaiit ; liumblr, lotvli/, mo- 
</f,i/ ,• obsrurf^ incotitideiuble ; 
indistinct, contiitctl. 

Aa/ifivi, (fr. last) obscurely, mtan- 

'Aoijrroj, -on, b, }), (fr. a neg. ami 
o;)jru to loi) sound, uhoU, heal- 
th)/ ; lasting, durable, iiicorrupli- 

Jicl)p, Hcb. indcct. Ascr, a man's 

Aai'ifftt, -jis, -ji, 1 a. sub. act. of 

Aat^/i ciu, and A.cdn'la,'ai, §, (fr. a 
neg. aiiii cO/jot slicngiii) u'eafc- 
tuss, tn/irmity, bud hc^th ; u-ant, 
poviTty ; cowardice, pusiUani- 

AnOnh, nout. sin. — Aa6ciTi,-vc7i, 
-;oCs"( -I'wi'i cases of ncOtuJf . 

AeOtviu -C), f. -ii(7u), p. tjaSii'iiKa, 
(fr. n neg. and aOcvos strengih) 
to he sick, tteaA-, or iiijirm; to lan- 
guisli, pine, decay ; to be im- 
poverished, reduced, or destitute ; 
to be in doubt, vaver, par. pres. 
act, aaOevftav -dv, -iovca -ovoa, 
iov -ovv. imp. ind. act. rjadeicov 
-ovv. 1 a. act. TiaQivvca- par. 
aaQtvt'icdi, -aaa, -av. 

AaOiirjfta, -aros, rb, (fr. same) 
weakness, ir>Jirmity of body or 
mind ; prejudice; sickness, dis- 
ease, pi. acOtvi'iftaTa. 

Ac6tir]i, -ioi -ovs, i^hj comp. aaOt- 
viarcco;, sup. -raroi, (fr. same) 
infirm, xccak, feeble, impotent ; 
sick, ill; poor, destitute, indi- 
gent ; simple, ignorant, silly. 

Aa9cv'iKbs,-}i,-iv, (fr, ac^tv^f sick) 
weak, sickly, delicate ; poor, in- 

Acdcvoviin; 1 pL cont. pres. ind. 
act. — AaOcvovvra, -ras, -Tui', 
-I'otcav, -vovai, cont. cases par. 
pres. act. of same. 

Aadivios, (fr. acOivin sick) weakly, 
feebly ; poorly. 

'AffOi), Ion. for t'laOri, 1 a. ind. pass, 
of dot, to hurt. 

'AcOjia, -aroi, to, (fr. du to 
breathe) shortness of breath, dif- 
fculty nf breathing ; panting, 
palpitation; asthma. 

AcOfaivoiTa, a. sin. or neut. pi. 
par. pres. of 

Ae&jiai\'{it, f. -aiU) p. t)aQjiayKa,!yr\A 
AodfidCui, (fr. aaQfia panlina) 
to breathe with difficulty ; to gasp, 
pant, paljjit(Uc. 
AcOfiuTiKAi, -i), -5r, (fr. same) 
breathing vit]i diffintlly, asthma- 
tic ; panting, gasping. 
Acta, -aj, rt, Asia, the name of a 

Aaidvii, -f), -if, (fr. last) relating 

to Asia, Asiatic. 
Actdpxvii -owi 0) (fr- same, and 
apxh rule) a prince, ruler, or 


itut a siiord or uvapoit, unanit' 

Avhi, -IK, fi, Ion. for acdi, fern, of 

'Aaifioi, -ov, b, silirr. 
Aclii], -»;f, 1^, the nanie of an herb, 

and of a city. 
Aotifii, -ioi -oli, 0, ft, (fr. a neg. 

and cluii to hurt) unhurt, free 

from harm, Jafe, sound ; harm 

less, innocent, 
Aoloi,'-a, -01', (fr. (i(ri;dirt) muddy, 

mirt/ ; boggy, marshy. 
AotpaKos, -ov, 6, a hind of locust 
'Aoii, -lof, Att. -tuf, and 'Acri, 


ment ; study, pursuit, diligtnct ; 
custom, habit; regimen, diet, 

AoKrtTiof, -a, 'OV, (fr. same) (o I/r 
piuclittd, tried, &c. 

AoKtiTi'ipioi; -ov, t4, (fr. same) a 
school, ludl, or public place for 
study or cxircise ; a motiasltry, 

AaKt]Tfii, -ov, h, (fr. same\ a teach- 
er, master ; uu ascetic, hermit. 

AcKrirbi, -i), -dv, (fr. same) fxcr- 
cised, practiced ; usual, custom- 
ary ; elaborate, complete, perfect ; 
ascetic, austere. 

-tji, I'l, (perhaps fr. d^a to dry) I'AcKtoi, -a, -ov, (fr. a intcns. and 
mud, slime, mire; Jilth, dirt,\ cxla a shade) shady, dusky, 


dark, gloomy. Or, (fr. a neg. j 

AeiTt'w -u, f. -iiaiii, (fr. a neg. and without shade, e.vposed, open. 

c7to{ food) to fast. 

AffiTi, (fr. same) fasting. 

Acirla, and Avirela, -as, i% (fr. 
same) fasting, abstinence from, 
or neglect of Jood; hunger, want 
of food. 

Aairl^o), (. -iaui, (fr. same) to fast, 

'Aa'tros, -ov, b, >;, (fr. same) unfed, 
fa.ilinp, hungry, starving, 

AcKiiXdfiof, and AiTKaXn/jiurjjs, -ow, 
b, an fft, neut, lizard. 

AcKaXS^po;, -ov, 6, a kind of bird; 
also, a man's name. 

'AcTAnXof, -ov, h, >'], (fr. a neg. and 
(T«.'dAXu to dig) undug, uniilled, 
uncultivated ; neglected, vjoste, 

AoKaXdra;, -ov, b, a woodcock. 

AoKavrrii, -ov, 6, (perhaps fr. a 
neg. and cKrivn a curtain) a 
couch or pallet ; a smcdl, or poor 
bed; ajooislool. 

A(rKapidiivKTi, (fr. same, and cKap- 
ia^VBcw to \viiik) wilhoul wink' 
i}:g, steadily, steadfastly. 

AcKopU, -lioi, >'), a kind of worm. 

AcKidfji, AcxiOiis, and AcKrfim, 
-loi -ovi, 0, !], (fr. a neg. and 
oXiO^ '° hinder) unhurt, snfe, 
sound ; unimpeded, %mhindered, 

A.(TKi\fu>i, (fr. r\cxl) harshly, hard- 
ly, severely, heavily ; incessantly, 

Aff/ctXi'jf, -ioi -ovf, h, !], (fr. a in- 
tens. and ctkAAoj to parch, or a 
priv. and ctk/Xoj a leg) soft, ten- 
der, not yrt firm, immature ; 
wanting legs, imperfect, defect- 
ive ; immoveable, fired ; con- 
stant, continual, incessant; hard 

glaring, desolate. 
Aff^XuTTidj, Dor. for 
A(rkX;;rios, -ov, b, jEsculapius, the 

god of medicine. 
A(rKXi;rin'(5t/j, -ov, u, the son of 

'AcKoiTOi, -ov, b, I), same as daittt;- 


AcKiTTiai, same as aaKtnrut. 

Aoaii, -ov, b, (perhaps (r. a re- 
dund. and axtia to contain) a 
leathern bottle, skin sewed up to 
hold liquor ; the human body liv- 
ing, or a coipse. 

AcKovfjiiv, 1 pi. prcB. cont. ind. of 

'AoKpa, -Qf, and Ion. 'Aaicpr], -rii, 
i/, name of a town. 

AckH, 1 sin. cont. pres. ind. act. 
of aOKtu). 

"J^ofta, -Stos, t6, (fr. ^^w to sing) 
a song, poim, verse. 

Aaiidriov, -ov, to, (dim. of last) a 
ballad, ditty. 

AajtAx, or Aff;;^d/<, indecl. a man's 
name, or an eastern title of an 
officer immediately attending 
the king. 

'Aofiivos, -r], -ov, (fr. Sjapfyos par. 
per. pass. ofi;ia) to delight ) ^/orf, 
willing, pleased, delighted, comp. 
-eartpos, sup. -iararos. 

Ao-fcfVwf, (fr. last) gladly, joyfully. 

Kcphi,-ov, b, same as qopa. 

Aao(pia, -of, ri, (fr. a neg. and ro- 
^ia wisdom) folly, indiscretion, 
silliness; ignorance, inexperience. 

'Aco(jiOi, -ov, b, 1], (fr. same, and 
cdfos wise) foolish, silly, indis- 
creet ; ignorant, simple, un- 

ened, dried up, very hard, callous. Ac6<pwi, (fr. \3kI) foolishly, indis- 
AoKiTTTOi, -cv, b, ./, (fr. a neg. and! erectly ; ignorantly. 

iiTTopai to survey) unseen ;\AaT:ii^opai,i. -daopai,n.fiai!aopai, 
sti/, rash, inconsiderate. | (fr. a inlens. and a::do) to 
draw) to cmtrace ; to treat kind- 
ly, ivtcrtain, welcome ; to greet, 
salute ; to send wishes, compli- 



AtTKtuTws, (fr. same) hastily, in 

cnnsidcratdy, rashly. 
b, t'l, {(r. same, and oKtvoi furni- 
ture) Kn/irovit/t'/, unpr^partf/. 
governor of Asia ; an Asinrrh,\.KaKiijj -j3, f. -r.eii), p. rjC>ct]Ka, (fr 

religious officer, presiding over 

the public games in the Asiatic 

Aaiiii, -aios, li, Asia. 
Aai^iu, indecl. tlie stork. 
Aaiinpos, -ov, 0, /;, (fr. a neg. and 

ai6iipos iron) witliout iron, willi- 

aakhi the body) to practise, ext 
crrise ; to toil, work, Inlmur ; to 
teach, instruct ; to provide, fur- 
nish, adinn. 1 a. ind. act. ijcuri- 
aa' par. aOKi'iaai. 
'AoKrjats, -los, Alt, -cittf, )', (fr. 1 . . 

last) practice, exerdse, employ-] agovy of death.. 

mtiits, or respects, imp. ind. rja- 
■na^ifiriv. I a. mid, ind. ijoiraod- 
fjrjv nnn. dairaaat' sub. aandao}- 
pai' inf. aa-daaaOaf p&r. uara- 
Ac-rriiinio, f. -«pw, and Auvatpl^w, 
(fr. a intens. and trrrafpw to gasp) 
to sob, sigh ; to tremble, throb, 
brat, paipitaU ; to gasp, he in 




Ao'xdXSOoi, -ov, i, the white thorn, 
or rose of Jerusalem. 

AcrrdXaf, -axoi, b, (perhaps fr. 
oTTJu) to draw) a viole. 

KoTraXitvi, -(o(, Att. -fuf, 6, (fr. 
nexi, or fr. ezdti) to draw, and 
uAf the sea) ajisherman. 

'Aaira\oi -ov, 6, a ^«A. 

Aerdpayoi, or Att. Aatpdpayof,-nv, 
b, axparngus ; brocoti, cahbagej 
and such esculent vegetables. 

'AvrapTof, -on, 4, fi, (fr. a neg. and 
(rrclpdj to sow) no< Joiwj, un- 
town ; uncuUivitttd. 

Aoxdprwi, (fr. last) without tow- 

'AcTaaai, 2 sin. and -vaaQt, 2 pi. 
impr. — \citdaae6ai, inf. — 
Aa-Kaad/ievo!, -Vy -ov, par. 1 a. 
mid. of amdCoiiai. 

Ac-rdanoOc, 2 pi. 1 a. sub. mid. of 

AffrdffTos, -a, -ov, and -ov, b, fj, (fr. 
acTd^Ofiat to embrace) p/eaiin^, 
acceptable, agreeable, delighlfut ; 

Ac-raaiuii, (fr. same) willingly, 
readily, agreeably. 

Acrraofiif, -oD, b, (fr. same) an em- 
brace, caress ; salutation, greet- 
ing ; welcome ; withes, compli- 
tnenti, respects. 

Aaraarii, -fi,-dv,BAvneiSaeiTdotos- 

AoraarHf, same as aoTraalnis. 

'AoTTcpfiof, -0X1, b, I'l, (fr. a neg. and 
citipfta seed) without teed, or 
offspring ; barren, unfruitful. 

Ac-rtpxhy (fr. a intens. and a-rip- 
Yu to hasten) diligently, care- 
fully, faithfully ; earnestly, vehe- 
mently ; incestcmtly, pertevering- 
ly, continually. 

'Aor£Toj,-OD, i,/), (fr. a neg. and 
icTu) for iru to overtake) unat- 
tainahle ; great, huge, immense ; 

AarUhu -lot -oCf, 4, h, (fr. aarli a 
ehield) round, like a shield. 

AarMoKri, -nf, /;, (dim. of same) 
a small shield ; an escutcheon or 
ornament like a shield ; the bezel, 
or mounting of a ring, &c. 

Afti^iwrat, -a,b. Dor. for 

A<mi!iiiJTr;$, -on, b, (fr. aovlf a 
shield) carrying a shield, a tar- 
geteer ; a warrior, soldier. 

AoTtiiioviof, -ov, b, li, (fr. game, 
and ^oPnoi a sound) sounrling 
like a shield when struck ; ring, 
ing, clanging. 

Aofifottiiif, -ioi -oi!{, 0, fi, (fr. 
lame, and i/<5o{ shape) shielil- 
shnped, like a shield ; carrying a 
shield, or buckler. 

A<r-^ifo'p6po(, -011,0, li, (,and 
.p/rxii to carry) t/«i>i^ a buckler, 
fornjing a shield ; an esquire, 
Aarl^wv, g. pi. of avT/(. 

A<riri('ii, f. -loia, p. -nca, (fr. same) 
to shield, guard, defend ; In use, 
or manage the shield. 
'Ai7:riXo<, -ov, h, ,',, (fr. „ nep. and 
ffiriXov as|M;ck) upotlrts, untaint- 
ed ; immanilair, pure. 
A««i(, -Wo?, fi, a shield, buekler, 
target; an asp, a kind of small 

serpent. VL-' acrrica, to the shield, 
or left side, o! aa:ii6ci, the shields- 

Acvierdiiv, JE-oi. for aomordv, g. 
pi. of 

Affriffrijj, -oXi, b, (fr. last) a soldier 
equipped with a buckler, tar- 
geteer ; a warrior. 

' AcrXayX'K'it -ov, b, t], (fr. a neg. 
and CTrXn'yx''"' 'he bowels) heart- 
less, spintltss ; timid, cowardly ; 
merciless, pitiless, cruel, inhu- 

'AovXrjvov, -ov, TO, (neut. of next) 
an herb, and medicine good for 
diseases of the spleen. 

'A(rrXt;i'oj, -ov, b, >), (fr. a neg. and 
cnXrjv the spleen) wanting the 
spleen ; well-tempered, good-na- 
natured, kind, 

AoTTovSct (fr. <i'ffrov<5oj irreconcile- 
ablc) implacably, irreconr.ileably. 

Aavovci(j>,-ib, (fr. to hate ; 
to have no intercourse ; to decline 
connexio'i'. ; to break an alliance, 
or treaty. 

'Aa-ovioi, -ov, b, >';, (fr. a neg. and 
vroviij a libation, th. oKhiia to 
pour) implacable, irrtconcika- 
ble ; faithless, perfidious, treache- 

'Aavopof, -ov, b, ri, (fr. same, and 
ffrdpoi sowing) not sovm, unsown, 
uncultivated ; without seed ; not 
having offspring. 

AoirovSaarog, -ov, b, >), (fr. same, 
and ffiroucdfo) to hasten) not it'orM 
pursuit, unworthy ; forbidden ; 
neglected, disregarded^ slighted. 

AcirovSe'i, (fr. same, and ottov^^i 
care) carelessly, negligently, in- 
differently ; without trouble, or 

'Aoaa, Att. 'Arra, (fr. a which, 
what, and aa m the Megarean 
dialect equivalent to riva some, 
what) for a-Ktp, and ariva, neut. 
pi. of iairtp, and barii, which 

Aaodpiov, 'OV, ri, (fr. Lat. assari- 
us, same as as, a pound) half an 
as, a Roman coin equal to about 
three farthings ; a penny. 

'Aoaov, (fr. daeinv, irreg. comp. of 
lyyvi near) nearer ; near/, nigh, 
near, clou. 

'Aaoof, -ov, //,the name of a city. 

Aaadrcpof, comp. Aaa6raro(, sup. 
(fr. naaov near) nearer ; next. 

Aaaorlpu, Aaaordrm, (fr. last) 
nearer, next. 

Aaavpla, -a<, f), Atsi/ria, the name 
of a country ; ii was also called 
Babylonia and I'hnltlaa. 

Aaairipov, X,o\. for aeoirtpov, see 

'Aaautv, ri daaov, (an irreg. comp. 
of tyyi'f near) nearer. 

Agraxif, -o6, b, a lobster, crab. 

Anrdyfrtf, -nv, b, Persian, a met. 
tr.ngrr, despatch ; nn erpreit, 

Aordorii, •»;{, t;, Ailnrte. or Ashln- 
rolh ; an idol of ihr Pliili»linr'5, 
RUppo<!P<l to represent Venus or| 
th« moon. I 

Knrarfiii -'3, f. -rtow, p. wrrfrtitrn,' 

(fr. next) to be unsettled, with^ 
out a fixed residence ; to wander ; 
to waver, vary, be fickle, or in- 
constant ; to totter, stagger. 

'Aararoi. -ov, b, i';, (fr. a neg. and 
ardroi firm, ih. 'iarrifii to set) 
unsteady, tottering ; inconstant, 
fickle ; unsettled, wandering ; 
careless, negligent, indifferent. 

Aordrijii, (fr. last) loosely, unstea- 

'Aaraipti, -iciof, r;, tr. a redund. and 
araipii which see. 

'Aora^vs, -vof, b, (fr. a redund. 
and crd^vs an ear of corn) a 
head, or ear of com ; tlie beard 
of grai7i ; the straw ; the whole 

'Aarcyoi, -ov, b, i/, (fr. a neg. and 
oriyu to cover) houseless, with- 
out house, or home, a stranger ; 
an exile, wandirir ; not fit to 
be received, or housed, insuffer- 
able, had, vile ; babbling, open- 
mouthed, not secret. 

Aareioi, -a, -ov, (fr. darv the city) 
an inhabitant of a city, citizen, 
townsman ; wtll-bred, polite ; ci- 
vil, courteous, kind ; agreeable, 
pleasing ; handsome, comely, 
beautiful ; comical, droll. 

' AoTinrroi, -ov, 6, 1), (fr. a neg. and 
OTtijiu to tread upon) untrod- 

Aarcimi, {(r. aarelof polite) polite- 
ly, gracefully ; courteotisly, civil- 
ly, agreeably, pleasantly, cheer- 

AaTtfKpfit, and Affrt/ijSnf, -io( -oEj, 
6. hi ('r. a neg. and arifiiiu to 
snake) fixed, firm, immoveable, 
steady ; brave, resolute. 

Aoripa, -pai, -pes, -po>-, -puv, cases 
of aart'ip. 

AoTtpytji, -f'of -off, h, fi, (fr. a nee. 
and aripyut to love) unamiabu, 
disagreeable, odious, hateful. 

Aortpiri, -r){, i';, a wonian's name. 

Aarcpiaxei, and Acrcpiofidi, -ov, b, 
(dmi. of aoTijp a star) a little 
star; it mark in printing ; a 
constellation ; the name of a 

AoTcpdetf, -taca, -tv, (fr. same) 
starry, studded, or set with stars ; 
starlike ; bright, resplendent. 
AartpociO', a. sin. mas. for aart- 
pdcvra, bcfrrc nn aspiralc. 

Aartponti, •!)(, /;, Pocl. for narpairij. 

AaTtpoTiirt\(, -ov, b, (fr. last) an 
epithet of Jupiter, the lightner, 
the prince of lightning ; an au- 
gur, or fiii'incr of lightning. 

AorA, -})(, Ij, fem. of aarif. 

Aariip, -ipof, 0, (fr. alOui to blaze) 
n star ; a planet ; a bright hea- 
venly body ; a mctrnr ; a comet. 

AaT^piKro<,-ov,b, l/, (fr. a neg. and 
tmipi^io lo fi.v) untrllird, unsta- 
ble, unsteady, fickle, vflnring. 

Aartlihi, -lof -olf, b, II, (fr. same, 
and BT(l()io to tramp) untrod- 
den ; new, fresh ; drstrt, lonely, 

AariKdf, iin<\ AffrVn'of, -}l,-iv, (fr. 
darv tlin town) native in, or 
hflnnging to a luiim ; polite, will- 




brtil, /iicflioux, mil}/; wn.WWf, 1 AoTpi)0/n;/i(i, -ilroj, tJ, (fr. darpov 
ihrewtl, pruilcnt,cUi-er ; (I tou-ris- a slar, niiil ti();;/(( to dispose) a 
mnn, rilistn. amslillalion. 

AarlKoii, (fr. hsl) pnliutt/, xhrnvil- AaTpoXoylii, -n{, i), (Cr. tiarpov a 
(v, cleierli/^ inKentoiisli/. star, ami \iiyo( a iliscoiirsc) as- 

AoToiVi, il. |il. of (iffnif. 
'AcTovof, -01', A, i(, (fr. II intcns. anil 
erfvijt to groan) groauini,', sigh- 
ing. Or, (fr. a ncg. and same) 
i:'ilhoHL groans. 
'Aarooynf, -ov, b, /;, (fr. n nct». and 
OTupyt) aHbction) voir I of nutitral 
qffiftion, unfirtuig, unnnlural. 
Aerif. -oP, 6, and feni. Aan), -i")?, 
>/, (fr. o'oTii llic city) i citizen, 
native of' n cily, particularly of 
Athens ; a helpmate, eomraile, 
AffTo^^iii) -oj, f. -i/(Tu, p. >)eT6^)iKa, 
(fr. a neg. and otu^^'h'^o^kh Io 
aim) to miss,, fly wide, not to hit ; 
to trr, deviate ; to fail, mistake, 
miscarry, 1 a. ind. act. ijaro- 
Aaro^i'iaavTii, n. pi. mas. par. 1 a. 

act. of last. 
'A<rro)(oi,-ov, b, fi, (fr. a nog. and 
aro^^ti^Ofini to aim) that fails, 
errs, or mistakes. 
' Aorpa, n. a. v. pi. of aarpov. 
AcTpdjiij, -rji, Ij a saddle, pair of 
panniers, pillinn ; an ass, beast 
of burden. 
AnrpajSn;, -io; -ov;, h, i), (fr. a neg. 
and crpf<pw to turn) straight, 
even, regular, not crooked, or 
.\aTpayii\ctos, and AffrpaynXto;, 
-ov, b, }), (tr. <i(77-p jvaXo5 a joint) 
like, or relating to dire, diced, or 
chequered ; concerning the an- 
kles, down to the ankles. 
AaTpaya\i^(a, f. -iVw, p. -tKa, (fr. 

next) to play at dice, 
Acrpdya\oi, -ov, b, a joint of the 
back, any joint ; the ankle ; a 

trohgy, ilivinalion liy the slitrs, 
AaTpo\oylKu(,.i),-uv,(fr. same) as- 

AarpnXiiyoi, -ov, b, (fr. same) an- 
ciently one who studied the mo- 
lions of the celrsti(d bodies, an 
astronomer ; liut lattrrlv one 
who ntlempted to conjecture fu- 
turity from their supposed in- 
fluences ; an astrologer. 
Aorponnvrita, -ai, find Aarpoiiavri- 
Ki), -Pjf, I'l, viz. r/^i'i;, (fr. same, 
and fiiivrii a prophet) dwination 
by the stars ; skilled in such di- 
vination ; astrology. 
'Aarpov, -ov, rii, (tr. aariip a star) 
a constellation, celestial sign ; a 
star, heavenly body, tliC sun or 
\<TTpoi'oiiia, -ai, )', (fr. same, and 

ni/joj a law) astronomy. 
AorpovofjiKoi, -Oil, b, ij, and -n, -iv, 
(li-. same) astronomical, relat- 
ing to the celestial bodies ; skdled 
in the knowledge of them ; an 
A(Trpoi'(5/io?, -01), b, (fr. same) an 

'AcTv, -£05, Alt. -£Uf, also -voi, to, 
(perhaps fr. a intens. and trrdui 
for 'IcTTi^n to stand) a city, par- 
ticularly Athens ; a town ; the 
polite part of a city ; the rejine- 
me>it, and shrewdticss of a city, 
politeness, urbanity, 
Aarvava^, -aKTOi, b, Astyanax, the 

son of Hector 
A<irvi3o(J)TnSi -ov, b, (fr. dcrv the 
city, and jhdd) to cry) an epithet 
of a crif r, who proclaims through 
the town, town crier. 

knuckle, finger, claw ; a cufte, Affrwj'EiroviKOf, -i?, -iv, and Aeru 

die. Also, neat, fair, well made. 

A<TTpaya\ii>Tis, -fi, -iiv, (fr. last) 

knotted, plaited tvith knobs, or 


yciTuiv, •ovof,b,'i, (fr. same, and 
yelruv a neighbour) adjoining, 
or about the city, tn the suburbs ; 
neighbnfiring, bordering, close. 

AiTpaioi,-ov, b,Astr<stis, a nian'sj near. 

name. Aariihpnfiiu) -to, (fr. same, and rpi- 

Aarpa-ri, -ij;, »/, (fr. next) light- via to run) to run through the 
ning ; a flash, glare ; bright- city ; to plunder, pillage, 
ness, lustre. \A(XTVK6i, -i), -!)v, (fr. same) /iumg- 

AaTodrrrij), f. •\p<i>, p. fivrparpa, in a city ; a citizen, townsman ; 

(perhaps fr. darpov a star, and 
tdrrru) to fling) to lighten ; to 
fl'ish, shine, gleam. 2 a. act. ija- 
rpavav. per. mid. f.orpara. 

AarotTcia, -a(, I,, (fr. a neg. and 
CToartia war) exemption from 
service., leave of absence ; deser- 
tion, forsaking, or quitting the 
duties of war, 

Aoro-irturof, -ou, o, r/, (fr. a neg. 
and aTotrci'O) to serve in war) 
exempt, or free from war-service ; 
unused to war. 

refined, polite, courteous ; shrewd, 
knowing, cunning. 

Aoruiii^of, -ou, ■'), /5, (fr. same, and 
vftiu) to regulate) refined, polite, 
courteous ; relating to a city, or 
toils affairs; 'inferior magis- 
trates for the police of a city. 

Aarvvooi, -ov, 6, Astyno'us, a man's 

AOTvtpiXoi, -ri, -ov, and -ou, o, !j, (fr. 
(I neg. and arvrptS^bf harsh) soft, 
lender, delicate ; smooth, even. 

hie, excellent, matchless ; unlike, 
d\lftrent ; vnsociul, solitary, re- 
tired, tccludtd. Also a mau'R 
Aav'Su, (fr. same, ond ailA/; plun- 
der) safety, vi security, 
Aav\)iTO{, -ov, b, II, (fr. same, and 
ov\dii> to rob) inviolate, unin- 
jured, safe, srrure ; Jirm, sound, 
strong ; in vwlidde, not to be pro- 
Aav\la,-a<,fi, (fr. same, and vvA;) 
spoil) the right of sanctuary at 
altars, or in temples ; safety, 
protection ; immunity , privilege ; 
sanctity, inviolability, 
ABv\\6yiaro(, -ou, b, //, (fr. same, 
and ouAAoyi^o/(ai to reason) irre- 
gular in argument, reasoning 
falsely ; inconclusive, irrelevant ; 
unreasonable, stupid, silly, igno- 
AcnWoyloTUi, (fr. \!isl) inconclu- 
sively ; ignorantly, 
'.^ffOAov, -oil, ri, (neut. of next) a 
holy, or privileged place, sanc- 
tuary, asylum, refuge. 
'AaiXoi, -ov, b, i), (fr. a neg. and 
cv>.ri spod) inviolable, sacred, 
safe ; unspoiled, not plundered. 
AavfijioXoi, -ov, 6, )5, (fr. same, and 
avi>0o\ov a share) free, exempt, 
scolfree ; who subscriber nothing ; 
not subscribed to, private; use- 
less, worthless, insignificant. 
Aavji0ov'Koi, -ov, b, >/, (fr. same, 
and (Tu/i/FotiAi) counsel) unad- 
vised, rash, foolish, indiscreet ; 
not concurring, disagreeing, 
Aav/xficTpia, -as, f/, (fr. same, and 
avfiftcTpia proportion) dispropor- 
tion, u,ant of symmetry ; un- 
suitahleness ; a chord in geome- 
AavjifitTpoi, -ov, b, f), (fr. same, 
and oi'iijitTpoi proportionable) 
disproportioned, irregular; un- 
suitable, unfit, improper, exces- 
sive, intemperate ; incommensu- 
Aavii-:ra9ns,-ios -ovi, b,ri, (fr. same, 
and avjiiraOitii to sympathize) 
pitiless, unfeeling, cruel ; harsh, 
severe, rigid. 
Aovfi^ddioi, (fr. last) unfeelingly ; 

cruelly, harshly. 
Aavjxrpopoi, -ov, b,i'i, (fr. a neg. and 
avfi<pfp(i> to conduce) inexpedient, 
inconvenient ; useless, unpro- 
ductive, unprofitable ; hurtful, 
Aavfi<ptt)via, -if, ii, (fr. same, and 
aviJKpoivia harmony) discord, op- 
position, contrariety ; variance, 
Aavijnj<ij>vo(, -oir, 0, Ij, (fr. same, and 
aviiipujviii) to harmonize) discord- 
ant, jarring ; disagreeing in 
sound, or speech ; different, con- 
AavvicTov, -ov, ri, (neut. of next) 

'Aaroc'^Tosy-ov, b,ri, (fr. a intens. Ao'cyyoa^of, -i), -ov, (fr. same, and 

and arplifiii) to turn) turning,] ffuyypn^i; a deed) without deed,l a syndcton, a grammatical 

changing, altering f.ither mind^ or security; an epithet of /no- figure. 

or pi^'Uion. Or, (fr. a neg.): ney, which require no farther Aaivhiroi, -ov,b,!), (U. a ne.g. !xnd 

iinmoveri),U:, fixed ; determined,] voucher, 
inflexible; indelible; not looking] AaviKotroi -ov, b, ';, (fr. same,and 
back, ; avyKoiKiii to coin()are)inco7npara- 


avv^fu to conned) unbourul, un- 
tied, loose ; parted, separate, un- 
connected, without order. 


Acvvtffta, -Qf, and Acfictrti, -105, 
Alt. -£(115, 1), (fr.sanie, and cvvin- 
fii to understand) /oW^,y«o/isA- 
ness, siUinei3 ; stupidity ; igno- 
XcvvcTiia -a, f. -ijcw, (fr. same) 

to dote, be iUly, want sense. 
AavvcTos, -ov, b, !i, (fr. same) fool- 
ish, silly ; simple, ignorant ; stu- 
pid, dull. 
X<n;v>idrii, -eo!-ov(, b,i'i, (fr. a neg. 
and avii'jdvi familiar) unaccus- 
tomed, unacquainted ; unusual, 
strange ; irksome, troublesome. 
Atrviridia, -ag, 1;, (fr. last) disuse, 

A<Tii6ic(a, -Of, 1;, (fr. aavi'Oeros 
treacherous) breach of faith, 
treachery, perjidv. 
AeiiOcriiit -u, f. -ijcoi, p. rjcvvdirri- 
Ka, (fr. next) to disagree, reject, 
disapprove ; to transgress, in- 
fringe, break through ; to break 
faith, violate a promise. 
AiTvvdiToi, -ov, h, {), (fr. a ne{j. and 
avvriBr^fii to arrange) uncom- 
pounded, simple, unmixed ; false, 
faithless ; treacherous, perfidious. 
AcivraKToi, -ov, h, r/, (fr. same, and 
cvtirdeau) to array) irregular, 
confused, disorderly ; not en- 
rolUd, or taxed, exempt, free. 
Aavvri^caTof, -ov, b, n, (fr. same, 
and mvTiXiia to finish) unfinish- 
ed, incomplete, imperfect ; unat- 
tainable, out of reach. 
A(TuvT£>;)f, -/05 -0C5, 6, (/, (fr. a neg. 
aiv with, and ri^oi the end) im- 
perfect, defective. 
Awpfif,-ios -ovi,b,!i, (fr. a intens. 
■nd aipw to trail) wicked, rash, 
AciaraTof, a.nd Att. A^ieTaTog,-ov, 
b, ht (fr. a nog. and <tv>i'<tti7^( to 
consist) inruhcrent, unconnected ; 
inco7isi*teTit, absurd, impossiblr, 
that cannot be ; incomparable, 
AtT<''<pri\o(, -ov, b, )'i. (fr. aro) to hurt, 
ami (jifiXof a cneat. Or, fr. a 
neg. and eo<pif vile, worth- 
iest ; mean, foolish, silly, stu- 
'Kevxn, Dor. for i;av;^a, imc aft 

h<rvxh,or ^<7i;;^;wj. 
'A<ri.;((a, ' A<Ti'v//ioj, 'A<ril;^iO(,Dor. 

for (lavyla, &c. 
Ae^d>a(, -liKOf, b, «ame as aaitd- 

Aff^rf>£ia, -at, f,, (fr. ae<(,a'kh( «aff) 
'fcurily, tnhly ifiimntss, slearti- 
nets ; rerliitnti/, truth. 

AaipllXtf, ncut. nin. — A<7<pa)iuf,n. 
or 8. jd. wan. ront.— Aa<pa\tj, 
ncut. (i|. ronl. of i<amc. 

Air<^a>/u(, (fr. nrxl) R('Ca<r^a>U(. | 

AaflS^fii, •/o(-i)if,h,li, romp, -fa-' 
Tipof, »up. -laruTof, (fr, n neg. i 
and aipii^^u toiihp),/frm, «/rrtrfi/, 
prrmnninl; safe, serure ; sure,- 
rtrlriin, unirrinf. I 

K<ripnU(,ia, f. -iou>, p. f)<T^rf>i«a, (fr,| 
lam) to fortify, lenrt, secure ;\ 
to strengthen, rnnfirm, fstabluh. I 
per. pnR.«. i)aipn\iaiiai. I a.paiii.l 
ind. ricipa^hOnf mf. 'iniiaXioOii- 
fat. I B. mid. mo. rioi(,u\iodiirii/ 



! impr. ac<pdXiaai, -daOiji, 2 pi. 
} -acdc. 
AatiaXrlTrii, -ov, and AB(pa\rms, 

•ioi, and -dog, b, fj, (fr. next) 

producing bitumen, bituminous. 
'AapaXros, -ov, b, bitumen. 
\Aaaia\T6ii) -w, f. -wcil; (fr. last) to 

daub, or smear uith bitumen. 
lAff^aXaif, (fr. ae<jiaXtii safe) ■'Safely, 
I securely; certainty, assuredly, 
I firmly. 
Aaipapayiu) -d, (fr. next) to rattle, 

ring, clang ; to mutter, murmur; 

to guggle, make a soin^d in the 


Aatjidpayou -on, i> (fr- a redund. 
and a(pdpayoi the throat) the 
throat, gullet; a gvgglivg, or 
rattling noise in the throat ; as- 

AcdidccXo;, -ov, b, the plant aspho- 
aet, or daffodil; a place set with it. 

Aa<t)oieXu)irig, -eo; -ovi, b, »;, (fr. 
last) like, or full of the asphodel, 
or daffodil. 

Ac^aXda, Poet, for ao^a\$, 3 sin. 
pres. ind. of 

AaxaXdii) -w, f. -i7ffu,p. -r/Ka, same 

AaxdWu, (perhaps fr. (i;yo{ grief, 
oXif plenty, and /;^(i) to have) to 
grieve, fret, repine; to be angry. 
pres. impr. dcxaXXc. 
Aaxeros, -ov, b, 1;, (fr. a neg. and 
cxi<>> for i^w to restrain) intole- 
rable, severe, violent ; incontrol- 
labte, not to be restrained. 

Aa\niioi'fu> -di, f. -);<7U. p. ria^r]ii6- 
it]Ka, (fr. aox't't^v mdecent) to 
misbehave, act indecently, he- 
have unbecomingly. 1 a. act. 
ind. i)(Tj(^»;/iuii)(7a' inf. aaxvi'ovfi- 

Aaxijiivoii, (fr. same) indecently, 
unbecomingly, I 

Aa\nft'>''vvii, -t]!, >), (fr. next) in-\ 
diccnry, obscenity ; nakcdiuss,' 
shame ; the privities. \ 

Ac^fi'/^uv, -ovo(, b,f), (fr. a neg. and! 
axiii'i figure) indecent, obscene ;\ 
utitiecoming, uncomely. j 

A(TYoX/a) -iii, f. -i/ao), p. tjax^XtiKa, 
(fr. same, and ax"^!) leisure) to\ 
exercise, use, practise, employ, j 
AnyoXioftai, In employ one' s self ,\ 
or lie employed, be engaged, or 

AaxoXui, -«{, h, (fr- same) husi- 
niss, occupation, engagement, 

'Ar,x"^oi, -o''i 0, i;, (fr. same) busy, 
employed, occiipud, 

'Aaw, Dor. for (faut, 1 f. of i/ 

'Aotai, conlr. for aadov, pres. impr. 
mid. ol acaii), 

Aa^yftaro<:, -uii, 4, hi (fr- o ni'p- *"'' 
niifia l)ody) inrorjiortal, imma- 
trriiil, iinbodirrl. 

\<ii.)Tla, -at, h, (Ir. liPil) luxury, 
intrmprrnncr ; dcbiiurhery, dis- 

'AnuiTof, -ov, b, Ih {(r, a neg. and 
fli/'ifio In prrnTve) lost, abandon- 
ed, tejjrobnte ; rvinnvs, deadly, 
dfstrurtue ; prnfiigtUr, riotous, 

Aotirwf, (fr. la^t) riotously, pro. 



fiigately, intcmpirately ; irreeo- 
verably, utterly. 
'Araici, Ion. fora'raif, d. pi. of rfr»7. 

AroKTiii) -a, f. -t';aii>, p. rjTdKrrjKa, 
(fr. next) to misbehave, act ir- 
regularly, or disorderly, disobey. 
pres. mf. act. araKTHiv -tTc" par. 
araKT[(jjv -wv, -iovca -ovaa, -iov 
-ovv, 1 a. ind. act. rirdKriiaa. 

'AroKTos, 'OV, b, I'l, (fr. a neg. and 
rdoBii) to order) irregular, disor-' 
derly, riotous, unruly ; vicious, 

Atciktu;, (fr. last) irregularly, dis- 
orderly, riotously. 

AraXttiTTojpos, -ov, b, I'l, (fr. a neg. 
and raXaiTTwpos wretched) ea.iy, 
at ea.'ie, quiet, undisturbed ; in- 
dolent, la:y. Or, (fr. a intens.) 
troublesome, inconvenient. 

AraXdrrtj, -rn, {j, Atalanla, a wo- 
man's name. 

ArdXavTos, -ov,b, i;, (fr. a coll. and 
rdXaiTov a scale) of the same 
weight, equal, even ; a match ; 
like, similar, 

AraXdipptsiv, -oi'oj, h, )';, (fr. araXoi 
tender, and <jip))v the mind) 
young, childish, puerile ; delicate, 

Ara'XXo), or ArrnXXw, f. -uXui, (fr. 
next) to grow, advance in age 
or stature, thrive, improve ; to 
rear, nurse, fatten, take care of, 
cherish ; to .<tport, play, gambol ; 
to exult, rejoice. 

AraXos, ->), -ov, (perhaps from n 
neg. and raXdw to endure) ten- 
der, delicate ; soft; young. 

Arabia, -as, n, (fr. same, and rda- 
au) to order) disorder, confusion, 
irregularity; tumult, riot ; in- 
temperance, dis.sipation. 

Ardp, sometimes AtT«f), Poet, but, 
yet,hov:cver ; Jor ; ttuly, indeed; 

Ardpuxos, -ov, b, 7 (fr. o neg. and 
Tapdaau) to disturb) yfnff/, cltnr- 
ed, selllcd,.<:ub.sided ; quiet, calm, 
undisturbed ; fartiss, .'secure. 

ATapdywi, (fr. last) caindy, quiet- 
ly, securely. 

Ardpparoi, Dor. for 

Ardpjiriroi, -ov, and ArapPfn, -/of 
-oi'i, b, fi, (fi'. a licg. and rup/y/d) 
to fear) Jiorless, intrepid, un- 
daunle.fl, stout, bold. 

ArdpiJi'KToi, -ov, b, fi, (fr. same, 
and Tdp/iiiffffu) to daunt. Or,fr. 
arip willioiit, and uvto to wink) 
uli'i does not wmk, Jenrle.'is,, bold, 

'Arupov, -ov, rd, (fr. same, and rtl- 
f>u to rub) the iron bo.v in the 
nave of a wheel. 

Arapntrif, and Arapirii,scc arpa- 

Arnprnpoi, -ov, b, »;, and -<), -hy, 
for arriplif, by PU'onupm. 

ArdpX''ro<, -nv, !>, I/, (fr. a neg. and 
TupT^ia funeral honours) unburi- 
ell, unhmieiureel. 

AraaOiiXi'i, -nj, /;, (fr. nr((aOaXo( 
wicked) pnsriernnce in uiched- 
ness, inlntuatinn ; tewilniss, li- 
centiousnrss ; folly, madness; in- 
solence, ueinlonncsi, petulance. 


A Til 


Arav^t/XXiaii f. -S\iii, and AraaBa- 
X/w -a, (. -i}ffu), (I'r. K.ime) lo ptr- 
sisl in Jolly or uirkulmsf, If 
.iluhlioni in mine ; lo act impi- 
mtslif ; bfltait with inaotencc or 
ATaadaXos, -ov, h, li, (perhat)S fr. 
dni nuschid', unil $iiX\u) to bud) 
niiscliin'OMi, ptrniciouis, deslrtic- 
tiit ; wicheU, impious ; kwd, 
' u-antou ; the author of evil or 

Ato^oj, -ov, 0, 4, (fr. a neg. and 
rdipos a toi-.\\i) unburied ; tomb- 
less, uillioiit a monument. 
^Xraxoii Dor. for J Td)^oi, very 

Aru'u)-u), and Ar/u) -a), f. -t'lou), p. 
vrnna, lo hurl, harm ; injure, 
wrong ; insult, violate ; annoy, 
incommode, off end, trouble, grieve, 
Are, (neul. pi. of Sare) as, a.i 
being, inasmuch as ; for, because; 
as if, us it were. 
'Arc, Dur. for brc, but ^Are, Dor. 


'At£cj, -ov, b, Atcas, a man's name. 

'ArtyKTOi, -ov, b, !), (fr. a neg. and 

Tfyj'Q) to wet) which cannot he 

wet or moistened, dry, hard ; 

rigiil, unrelenting. 

Athiv, pres. inf. act. of ai-to), same 

as ardw. 
Arciniii, -los -ov{, b, fi, (fr. a neg. 
mid Tcloiii to wear) irresistible, 
invincible, violent, forcible, pene- 
trating ; durable, lasting. 
Arti;^ioTO{, -ov, b, §, (fr. same, and 
Tuyii^ui to fortify) unwalled, un- 
fortified ; open, exposed. 
ATiKfjapTo;, -ov, b, fi, (fr. same, 
and TiK/xaipiii to conjecture)/;^/- 
ing in its purpose, abortive, fruit- 
less ; beyond conjecture, nndis- 
rovernhle, obscure, secret, hidden, 
ArtKiidpTW!, (fr. last) indistinctly, 

obscurely, doubtfully. 
AriKvia, -a?, 4, (fr. next) being 

without eldldren, barrenness. 
'ArcKvos, -ov, b, rj, (fr. a neg. and 
TfVioi'a child) childless; bar- 
ren ; bereaved. 
ArtKviuj -u>, f. -tiau), (fr. last) to 
bereave, deprive of children ; 
ArcKviofiai -ovyiai, to be childless 
in any manner. 
ATiKvuiaii, -(Of, Att. -£o)f, fi, same 

AtAiii, -af, and Ion. ArtMij, -175, 
fj, (fr. a neg. and riXos the end, 
or a tax) incompleteness, imper- 
fection ; deficiency ; immunity, 
privilege, exemption. 
Kri\caTa, (fr. next) in vain, to no 

AriKtaroi, -ov, u, I/, (fr. a neg. and 
TtXf'ii) to finish) incomplete, im- 
perfect, unfnMied ; fruitless, 
rain ; not initialed, entered, or 
kriXti7(^6pt)roi, -ov, h, f/, (fr. a neg. 
t/Xoj the end, and ^/pu to brinp) 
not arrived at full growth or 
perfection; immature, unripe; 

ArrXcvrnrii, -ov, i, 1^, (fr. same, and 
riXtvrdu) to finish) unproductive, 
abortive, inrffeclive, vain, fruit- 
less ; Jailing, duappuinled, de- 
AtcX)]!)!, Ion. for ar/Xtm. 
ATfXi)j, -{Of -oiif, b, 1), (fr. a neg. 
and rf'Xof the end, or a tax) 
imperj'ecl, unproductive, ineflecl- 
utd ; empty, vain, Jrivolous ; 
silly, uniiUilligent ; Jrce, privi- 
leged, exempt. 
Ari/ijSw, f. ->/.(i), p. -(fia, (jicrhaps 
fr. drrj misfbriune, and ififiaUu) 
to foil into) to sadden, giifve, 
ajjiicl ; to deprive, strip, bereave ; 
lo beguile, deceive. 
Arevitf, -ioi -ovs, b, //, (fr. a intens. 
and rdvio to stretch) (Utentivt, 
steady, ; determined, obsti- 
nate, inflexible. 
Artvl^u), f. -taw, p. vreviKa, (fr 
last) to stare, gaze, took earnest- 
ly, regard nilh attention, J!x the 
eyes upon. 1 a. act. inf. arci'ioaf 
par. arevtaa;. 
'A-Tcp, 'AripOc, and 'ArepOcv, with- 
out, not with ; independeyilly of; 
away Jrom, separately, apart, 

ATipaftiOi, -ov, and Arcpdfiuii', 
-ovoi, b, >'], (fr. a neg. and ripafi- 
voi or Ttpdfivjv tender) tough, 
not easily boiled; stiff, hard; dij- 
Jicvlt, laboiious, stubborn. 
ATepafivdrtii, -ijtos, 1/, (fr. last) 
toughness; hardness; difficulty. 
Aripditvii), Dor. for artpdiivov, g. 

sin. of aripixfivos. 
'ATCpOa,JEo\. for drcpBcv, seedrtp. 
'Arrp/jwi', -ovof. b, I'l, (fr. a neg. and 
Tfpfia bound) infinite, endless, 
interminable, boundless; round, 
'Aripof, g. ^artpov, n. pi. I'lrcpoi, 
Alt. for b irtpoi, Tov ertpov, o\ 
cTcpoi, see ifrtpof. 
Arcpirfj, a. sin. and neut. pi. cont. 

ATtpTT^f, -ioi -ovs, and 'Arcpnos, 
-ov, b, I/, (fr. a neg. and rtpmi) to 
delight) cheerless, dreary ; un- 
pleasant, disagreeable, trouble- 
some, grievous, vexatious. 
ATcp\lia, -Qf, and -tpirj, -ris, !j, (fr. 
same) trouble, uneasiness, dis- 
quiet; unpleasantness, njfensive- 
ness ; vexation. 
Arcxyi);, -ios -w(, b, 1';, (fr. a neg. 
and Tiy^u] art) artless, innocent, 
guileless; plain, simple. 
Ariyvia, -Of, /;, (fr. same) simpli- 
city, plainness ; ignorance, un- 
skilfulness ; weakness, silliness. 
'ArcX>'Oii-ov, b,fi, (fr. same) inarti- 
ficial,unworkmanlike ; awkward, 
simple, silly ; artless, guileless. 
ATlxywi, (fr. last) si»w;erc(v, tru- 
ly ; absolutely, really, artlessly, 
roughly, rudely. 
Ariui -u), same as ardio. 
'Arn, •>!(, h, (fr- ardhi to hurt) 
malice, envy, haired ; folly, in- 
fatuation, error, sin, guilt; hurt, 
harm ; death, misfortune, mis- 
chief injury ; damage, loss, detri- 
mrnt ; niglil, darkness, ghom ; tlm 

deity of mitchief and viisfortun 

ArvfitXcia, and AriitiiXln, -as, li, 
(Ir. artifitXtis negligent) negli- 
ginc.e, carelessness, inattention, 

Arv/ifXfa) -d, t. -i;(riii, p. -i)*ii, (fr. 
siinie) to neglect, omit, jiass by, 
leave undone, 

ArijitcXiwi, ATi)//tX<tif, and At(;/i£- 
Xi'iTuii, (fr. sairie) negligently, 
carelessly, imliffi ri ntly. 

ATi)i>eXii(, -hi -ouf, b, I'l, (fr. a neg. 
and ri;/itXi)f careful, th, /</Xf( 
there is care) heedless, negli- 
gent, inattentive, careless ; ne- 
glected, undressed, slovenly. 

Arr)^iXi)Toi, -nv, b, !), (Ir. tiTij/itXi'u) 
to neglect) neglected, not heed- 
ed or attended to ; undressed, 
not set 0//', unadorned. 

ATrini\f,Tu>i, (fr. last) heedlessly, 
carelessly ; slovenly, 

AT»7p()f, -a, -ir, and Arripiif, -io( 
-ovs, b, I'l, (fr. drn iiurt^ injurious, 
treacherous, hurtful, destructive ; 
contemptuous, haughty ; inso- 
lent, contumelious, abusive; un- 
ruly, unmanageable, ungovern- 

Ardh, -Hog, 1), AUhaa, a woman's 

Ami, 3 sin, pres. ind. act. of qt/w. 

AtI^u), same as arlu). 

AnddaatvTos, -ov, b, !;, (fr. a neg. 
and Ttdaaatvij) to tame) untame- 
able, untractatile ; untamed, 
fierce, savage, wild. 

ATiOaaaoi, -uv, b, i), (fr. same, and 
rWaacos tame) untamed, Jiirce, 
wild, savage ; rough, uncrmth. 

ArifiayiXus, -u). Dor. for ariiiayl- 
X)if,-ov, b, (fr. uTtiid^ to slight, 
and a)/X»;a herd) who sqiarutes 
Jrom the herd, a straggler. 

ArifiaycXin) -tu, (fr. last) to sepa- 
rate from the herd, stray, straggle, 
par. pres. act. arifiayiXiiiiv n. 
pi. mas. aTiiiaycXoiivrti, Dor. 

Ari/xdi^ccKe, Ion. and Poet, for i;ri'- 
lia(,c, 3 sin. imp. ind. of 

Arifid^o), f. -dcu), p. nrifiaKa, same 
as uTtfiduj. per. pass, nrlyiaa- 
fiat. 1 a. pass. ind. rjr'fdaOnv. 

Ari^idai'rti, n. pi. par. 1 a. act. 
— ArifiaaOrjiat, 1 a. inf. pass of 

An/ioir/iif, -ov, b, (fr. last) same 
as aTifila. 

Ariuaarios, -a, -ov, (fr. last) to be 
slighted, ought to be disregarded, 
must be despised. 

Ar'ifidii) -u), f. -/joij), p. ->;k'n, {"■ a 
neg. and rifidw to honour) to 
dishonour, disgrace, disparage; 
to affront, offend ; to despise, 
disregard, slight, contemn; to 
blame, rebuke, censure. 

ArlfivTOi, -ov, b, )'i, (fr. last) dis- 
regarded, neglected, slighted ; 
passed over, omitted, overlook- 
ed ; worthless, insignificant. Or, 
(with a intens.) inestimable, 
valuable, precious. 

Ariyia, -af, ;;, (fr. a neg. and Ti/^i) 
honour) dishonour, disgrace, 
shame, ignominy; rxmtempt, 


An/i?j, -iio!, li, same as ar/<(j or 

'ATtfioi, -ov, b, >i, (fr. a ne<». and 
Tifii) honour) diihnn'mrMe, dis- 
grareful ; infamous ; not value'l, 
wortUes.i, ignoblf. comp. -lirtpoj, 

sup. -OTOTOi. 

ATiftdu) -w, f. -uiffu), p. tiriytoiKa, 
same as arijiditi, per. pass. 17x1- 
jxiiifiai' par. r}Tijnojiivoi. 
Ariiiu>priTo<:,-ov, h, 1/, (tr. u neg. and 
riftuipiiji lo avenge) no< avenged, 
atoned, or expinted ; unpunished, 
quit, free. 
KTifiuigi}Tiiii, and Ari;iup>;Ti, (fr. 
last ) u:ithout punishment, ftar, 
or danger; quit, clear, free. 
Armwf, {fr. drifios vile) disgrace- 

JuUif ; vilely. 
'\riv, firnriio, a. sin. and neut. 

pi. of HcTii. 
'Arif, Dor. for qrij, n. fern, of 

AnVaAA', Ton. for rjTiraWc, impf. 
ind. — ArfroAXf'^tvrti, Dor. for 
artTiiWuv, pros. inf. act. of 
AriToXXui, same as aTii.XAoi. 
'Anrof,, i, <;, (fr. next) una- 
venged, unexpiated ; unpunish- 
ed ; disgraced, dishonoured. 
Xriti), and Ati'^ui, f. -iffu, p. I'lriKa, 
(fr. a neg. and ri'u to honour) 
to slight, overlook, disestcem, dis- 
regard ; In rMntemn, despise ; to 
disgrace, punuh. 
\T\aycviu)v, g. pi. of 
ArXayti'iK, -io( -ovi, b, tj, (fr. 'Ar- 
\<if Atlas, and ytvojxai to be) 
60m of, or desrendetl from Alius. 
'AtXavtij, -I'^of, i), a dauglUcr of 

Atlas, Atlantis, 
'ArXaf, -I'Toi, h. Atlas, the name 
of a raan, and of a mountain in 
'ArXaToji-w, 6, /;, Dor. for(frX7T0f. 
'ArXr;ra, ncut. pi. of rfrX/jroj, 
ArXi/r/ij -a, f. -)/i7w, (fr. next) In 
take ill, dislike ; lo refuse to bear. 
'KrXriTOt, and Dor. 'ArXflros, -ou, 
i, //, (fr. a neg. and ruXnoj to en- 
dtirf!) intolerMe, insuperable, 
pait endurrmr.e. 
' ATfitvot, -ov, b, and ATfi})vy •ii>o{, 

a servant, domestic. 
Ar/ji>, -i)(, »/, vapour, fume, 
Krjti^ii),i. -tau), p. •(»,•«, (fr. last) 
to smoke, fume, tteum ; to exhale, 
A Tfilia, a. sin. of 

Ar^)(, -Tiioj, fi, and Ar/idf, -cp3, i, 
(perhaps fr. ifu to brraihr) 
trntiht, vapour ; a eloud, mist ; 
odour, prrfumr. 
KTi^jK'iTns, Dor. for .irrfX/iijroj, -ow, 
<>, //, (fr. a nng. and roXfiriia to 
Hare) no//o A? uttemplal, or rciu 
furr^/ ; dangerous, penlwi.i. 
'Kropnv, -an, ri, (neut. of next) an 
atom, mnlf, llir. s»uUlcst imagtna- 
hU quarUitif ; an indivisible point 
of time, momrnl, I'uitunl. 
'Arofiof, -ov, h, I'l, (fr. a neg. »nd 
tIuvu) to rut) irulivisihle ; ituli- 
viduai, single; unr.ul, utUounh- 
»d, uninjured, uninintcd, 
Arov(ii) •(3, f. -^ffij), p. -riKa, (fr, 
>amc, and rivoi tone) to b* UHok, 


or ill; to faint, fail, decta/ ; to 
sink, be depressed. 

Aron'u, -ay, »;, (fr. same) want of 
tone ; weakness,debility, injirmity. 

Aroiof, -ov, b, f], (fr. same) not 
stretched, relaxed; infirm, weak. 

'Aro^oi, and Arofcuro;, -ov, b, fi, 
(fr. a neg. and rdfov a bow) 
without a huw, unarmed; unskill- 
ed in the bow. 

Arabia, -a;, fi, (fr. next) strange- 
ness, improbability ; absurdity, 
incoherence, silliness ; obscurity, 
confusion ; insolence. 

'Arorof, -ov, b, 1';, (fr. a neg. and 
TOTof place) out of plane, or time; 
inconvenient, unsuitable, impro- 
per, wrong ; prejudicial, injuri- 
ous ; absurd, unreasonable ; un- 
usual, strange, 

Atuttojs, (fr. last) unfitly, impro- 
perly ; al)surdly ; strangely, 

'Atos, -ov, b, t'l, by Cras. for darog. 

Arpaytix^di, -ov, 6, /;, (fr. a neg. and 
rpdyto^os a tragedian) unlike a 
tragedian, unfit for tragedy ; un- 
dignified, without pomp. , 

'.\TpaKTos,-ov, b, t'l, a distnff, rock, 
spindle ; a shaft, arrow, 

ATpiKru\ii, and -ruXXif, -Woj, /;, 
(fr. last) a kind of thorn, 

Arpa:Ti);, or Arapird;, al?o Arpart- 
Tof, and ArnpTTirof, -ov, I'l, (fr. a 
redund. and rpa-^rio} to tread. Or, 
fr. a neg. and TpiTra to turn) a 
road, highway ; a path, track ; 
a train, course, series, 

ATpdipa^ii, -to;, Att. -£(i)f, and 
ATp'i(pu(v(, -voi, )], the herborach 
or ornge. 

Arptdfiat, Dor. for Arpu^at, n. pi. 
— Arptli'i, Aw. — ATpnoiia\ Ion. 
for ATpitia7s, d. pi. of 

ATptlftii, -ov, b, the son of Atreus ; 
Agame'mnon, or Menelaus, 

ATpctu)v, -wi'of, 6, same as last. 

ATp{KCta,-a{, and Ion. Atpki'i;, -Tjf, 
V, (fr. next) clearness, hrighl- 
iiesi ; truth, verity, certainty. 

AtockiIs, -ios -oiif, A, fj, (perhaps 
fr. a neg. and rpiii) to tremble) 
tru', real ; certain, sure, absolute. 
Comp. arpeKioTcpO!, sup. -iora- 

AtoikSi!;, and Ion. ArptA/wf, (fr. 
last ) truly, certainly, 

AToifia, and Aroifiai, (fr. drpoiioi 
fearless) itilly, quietly, gently, 

' ArptfihaOat, pros. inf. pass. — 
Arpciiiuat, .1 pi. pres. sub. art. of 

Arpc/i/'i» -<5, f, -rjaui, p. rtrnifiriKa, 
and ATni.itl(,u>, (fr. a neg. and 
rpliji to tremble) to staml firm, 
rentiiin steaili/, be unmoved; be 
at rase, or in peace ; to secure, 
confirm, establish. 

Arpcfila, -n(, 1], (t'r. Himc) ntill- 
nru, quietness ; ttcatiiness, firrtl- 
nens, resolution. 
'ArptTrof, -ou, b,!/. Iff. n neg. and 
Tp/niv to turn) unrnnnntaiilr, iin- 
muta.bU ; immnveahlr ; uwhang- 
ed; firm, drJcr mined ; upright, 
Arphrux, (fr. lail) unehanKaalAy ; i 
uprightly, jiifll'i. 


'ATpecTOs, -ov, b, I'l, (fr. a neg. and 
Tpioi to tremble) fearless, intre- 
pid, unmoved, undaunted. 

Arptvs, -loi, and -f'lUf, b, Atreus, a 
] man's name. 

ATpi/5i);, -coi -oui, 6,1), (fr. a neg. 
1 and rptfiio to wear) ?iot rubbed, 
or worn ; unused, unfrequented ; 
unpractised, unexercised, unskill- 
ed; awkward, rude. 

'ArpiTTOi, -ov, b, tj, (fr. same) 
same as last, also, unbroken, un- 
tamed ; not worked, or inured to 

'Arpt^oi, -ov, b, >'i, (fr. a neg. and 
•Spif the hair) without hair, bald ; 

Arpofiiit) -u>, (fr. next) to be fear- 
less, firm, or resolute. 

'ATpojioi, -ov, b, ';, (fr. a neg. and 
rpifiu to tremble) intrepid, fear- 
less, undaunted ; not moving, 
still, calm. 

' ArpoTTos, -ov,b, '], (fr. a neg. and 
rpiiTu) to turn) immutable, uti- 
changeable ; irreversible ; inflexi- 
ble, flern, rigid^ severe. One of 
the Parcae, Atropos, 

Arpo(^f'(j -w, t. -ijaui, p. -rjKa, (fr. 
same, and rpoipfi food) not to re- 
ceive the usual benefit from food ; 
to decay, waste, pine, fall away. 

ATpo(pia,-ai, >h (fr. same) wanf, 
or failure of nourisliment ; atro- 
phy ; decay, consumption. 

' ATpn<poi,-ov, b, I}, (fr. same) un~ 
fed, starving ; decaying, wast- 
ing, falling away. 

ArpvycTos, -ov, and Ion. -oto, b, 1', 
(fr. a neg. and rpvyl) a crop) 
fruitless, barren, steril, unpro- 

'Arpvyof, -ov, b, }/, (fr. same, and 
Tpii^ new wine) free from dregs, 
clear; pure, unsullied. 

Arpvf'wv, -oi'Oi, 6, 1), ( fr. same, and 
rpvw to rub away) unliroken, 

' Atovto;, -ov, b, '/, (fr. same, and 
rpvu to waste) inexhaustible ^ in- 
defatigable ; great, huge, im- 

ArovTuivrj, -m, >'/, ('r. last W/ie invin- 
cible. An epithet of Minerva. 

'ArptoTO!, -ov,b, I'l, (Ir. a neg. and 
Tirp'baxio to woinid) without a 
wound, unhurt, uninjured ; safe, 
sound, whole. 

'Arra, All. for aaaa, which sec. 
Or for /in fa, ncut. pi. ofSimj. 

'Ami, a term of respect fioni tho 
younyertothe aged. Sir, fu!icr. 

XttiI, for iroTi. 

A rr,iy()i/, -;)»i(»v, &, and Att. A rraytif , 
a woodciick, snipe, rail or quail. 

ArrdKrif, Or Arru((if, -ov, b, (per- 
haps fr. drru to vtrij)) tiie bald 

ArrdXeiti, -at, li, the name of a 

ArrrfXXw, see nrdWio. 

ATTiivlrtti, and ATuiinrtiu -ov, i, 
and 'Arravov, -<7V, rA, a pudding 
fried in a pan, panriikr. 

Arrnpiiyoi, -aiv, oi, bltstrrs which 
rise on breml while baking, and 
(afterwards chip qff'. 


Arnir.ii, hah ! Iiow now ! utrange ! 

ti/(i.'( .' 
ArriXd/iuj, or Arr<Xf/iof, -ou, 6, ii 

/ci/i'^ u/* loniat. 
ATTiKfi, -})<,}i, VIZ. j'l), land, (It-iii. 
of ArriKii Allii-) ^I/in-d, Ihc 
countrfi iHlongine to Athens. 

Arriari'^ui, 1. -iVw, (Ir. Arrinif 
Alhullliin) to lake jiarl ivith, or 
imil'ilr Ihc Alhcuians, alltcize, 

XTTiKiafiii, -ov, 0, (fr. same) (i»i 
jittiaxiit ; the Athenian manner 
ojujieaking, the Attic ilialect, 

Arrnrij, -i>, -dv,*Attic, Athenian ; 
rc^fined, dr^anl. 

'Attov, Alt. for iiaaov, 

'Attw, ( perhaps fr. uiVcu to rush) 
to liounil^ I'ttp, •V'"S'i ^kip. 

Arr^u),f. -v^iii, p.-)^a, (perhaps fr. 
drii hurl) to su/fucate, citukc ; to 
astonish, stupij'i/ ; to scare, nf- 
J'rif;lu ; to confound, confuse, 
perplex. Art'^o^di, to fear, dread. 
par. pr»^s. pass. nTv^tificvof. 

'Atvkto;, -ov, b, )'/, (fr. u ncg. af l' 
Tev)(^ij} to work) w{finishtd, im- 
perfect, incomplete ; rude, rough. 

'Arvufios, -ov, b, !), (fr. same, and 
TVfifioi a lomh) tomhUss. 

ArvfivinSrii, -ov, b, Alymniades, a 
man's name. 

Arv^tM -a, ( fr. ari'vi); unfortunate) 
to miss, fail, be disappointed. 

ATv)(nna, -uTos, tA, (fr. last) cala- 
mity, miifortune ; ditappoint- 
ment, loss, failure. 

Arv^iji, -ioi -ovi, b, i), comp. -tart- 
pot, sup. -fararoi, (fr. a neg. and 
Ti;;^); fortune) unfortunate, un- 
successful, disappointed. 

Arvxia, -as, li, (Ir. last) adversity, 
affliction, calamity, misfortune. 

ATVTf^ovaa, par. pres. act. feni. cont. 
of arv^io). 

'Aru), f. daui, same as othw. 

Av, Audts, and Avrc, again, a se- 
cond time ; back again ; in turn ; 
but, on the contrary ; then, more- 
over ; especially ; afterwards, 
hereafter, henceforth. 

Av, is used by the Cretans for the 
syllable aX. 

Avaivo), (fr. avu to dry) to dry, 
exhale, lose moisture, be parched, 
wither. Avaivofiat, to pine away, 

AuaX/of, -o, -nv, same as avo;. 

AvdvOnv, Ion. for tivdvOnv, 1 a. ind. 
pass. — Avavdc'ti, par. ofavaivu). 

Aiuv(Tii,-ioi, Alt. -cuii, T], (fr. (luai- 
vu» to dry) dryness, tlrouglU, want 
of sap, decay, or old age in 

Avdra, -a{, i';, Dor. and .^Eol. for 

Auyi^u), f. -liou), p. rjiyoKa, (fr. 
auyi'i splendour) to irrarliale, 
beam, shine forth ; to enlighten, 
iUumin/Ue ; to sec, behold, look 
upon, 1 a. act. tjvyaaa, per. 
pass. )iiyaO)xni. 

Avydaai, 1 a. inf. act. of last. 

Avydahto, Dor. for atya'^to, which 
Ion. for avyd^QV, pres. impr. ' 
mid. — Kvydaiai, Ion. \ur nvyd- 
et), 2 sin. 1 f. mid. of same. 
Aiyaaiia, -aro;, rd, and Avyaanos, 


•OV, h, fr. same) a beam, ray ; 
splendour, brightniss. 
Avyfu) -w, (fr. next) to shine, glit- 
ter, beam. Or, for avj^iui -i), to 
boast, brag, vaunt. 

Avyi), -i")s, I/, (perhaps fr. ai'io to 
burii)/i;i^-/i<iic.M, lif^ht, xplaidvur , 
gloss, brilliancy ; a niy, beam, 
blaie ; the dawn, dai/hreak, day- 
spring ; a mirror. Avyni, tht eyis. 

AvyovaToi, -ov, b, (fr. LiUi.j Au- 
gustus, the siirnume of Cicsar 

Avi^d^M, same as ntnldw. 

AvidiaaOai, Ion. Utr nvh'iaaaOai, 1 
a. inf.- mid. — AvCdaoftai, Dor. 
for nvii'iooitai, I f. mid. — Av- 
6daas, Dor. for avii'iaai, 1 a. 
par. act. of 

Av(5ii(i) -d, i. -I'lcui, p. >lviriKa, (Ir. 
avii) voice) to sjieak, talk, con- 
verse ; to speak to, address; to 
call, cry out. 

Avii), -i)«, 1^, (perhaps fr. ai'w to 
shout) voice, sound ; talk, dis- 
course, speech, language ; a ru- 
mour, report ; a message, news, 

Avii'iaacx', for av&i'/caaKt, which 
Poet, ior ijibriac, 3 sin. 1 a. act. 
of avidoi. 

Avriv, a. sin. fcm. of aSuj. 

AvO', Att. Ai'r', Ion. for avOi, or 
avOii, see nv. 

Avddieia, and AvOaita, -aj, i'/, (fr. 
next) arrogance, haughtiness, 
pride ; presumption, self-conceit, 
self-sujficie7icy ; obstinacy ; mo- 
roseness, peevishness, 

AvOditjs, -£05 -oi'j, 6, II, (fr, avrbs 
self, and aiioi to please) setjish ; 
seljwilled, positive ; haughty, 
prinid, supercilious, obstinate, 
stubborn, surly, cruel, neut. 
pi. cont. avOadT}. n. or, a. pi. 
cont. avOuius. 

AvOa&id^ii), f. -dad), (fr. same) to 
make stubborn or obstinate, 
harden, AvVaSid^oi.iat, to resist, 
oppose obstinately ; to behave 
haughtily, be proud, conceited, 


AvOaipcrui, -ov, 6, (';, (fr. avrdi self, 
and a'wio) to choose) voluntary, 
spontaneous ; witling, complying, 

AvOaiptr'ag, (fr. last) spontaneous- 
ly, of itcttf 

AvOtKa/TToi, -ov, b, II, (fr. avrii self, 
and eKuoTo; each) always the 
same, even, ei/uahtc ; just, up- 
right, honest ; exact, strict. 

AvOtvTiij) -Cj, f. -rjaii), p. tjvOipTriKa, 
(fr. next) to usurp power, exer- 
cise ftutfwrity ; to domineer, ty- 

AvOivrrif, -coi -ovi, b, !j, (fr. avri; 
self, and tTj, a.. cVroj par. of iij^i 
to send) self-commissioned, self- 
autlwrized, acting of, or for him- 
self; a suicide; an author, eau^c, 
or beginner; a mailer, lord, 

AvOcvTiKi',, ->i, -hi/, (fr. last) au- 
thentic, genuine, original ; au- 



A vOevrtKuis, (fr. liisl) with authority, 

AvOiiftipov, (fr. iie.\I; to-day, on tht 
SHint day. 

AvO.'iiipiii, -a, 'OV, (fr. avrii same, 
(uul liiitpit day) 0/ the same day. 

ACOi, by fSyiie. for uvroOt, th,rc, in 
that place; hire, hitlur ;< iiiinie- 
diulely, directly ; then, thence, 

AvOlycyi)!, -Ixi -ovi, b, li, (fr. aiiOt 
here, and y/ro/mi to be born) a 
natitr, original inhabitant; pi.- 

AvOti, Ion. avTif, AvOi, Aurt, sec 

Ai)iu;^ot, -ov, b, I/, (fr. aB a narti- 
ele of sound, and ii(;;^utosi)OUt) 
clamorous, loud, shrill ; shout- 
ing ; harking, 

AtXdi'u, -aj, v, (fr. auXi) a hall) 
hangings, tapestry; a curtain; 
the tabernacle; a porch, vesti- 
tnile, front-hall. 

Ai'X«ruf, -H,-oi', (fr. same) courtly ; 
belonging to a court or hall ; of 
the hall, 

Av^ukI^o), f. -Icui, (fr. atXnf a fur- 
row ) to cut furrows, plough, 

AuXuj', Dor. ibr avXCiv, g. ofavXdf, 
or «iiX(;. 

Av\a^, -uKOi, II, a furrow ; amark, 
scnr,ivound; the womb. av\aK\ 

a. for uiiXuKa. 

AvXdp^Tls, -ov, b, (fr. avXn a hall, 
and apx') rule) a ruler of a 
palace, chamhirlnin, steward. 

Av\tta, -ai, t'l, (fr. avh) a court) 
the gate of a palace, 

AOXtioi', -ov, tH, (fr. same) a holly 
antichamber, vestibule, 

Ai'Xfio5, -ov, 6, fi, (fr, same) q/" o 
hall or chamber; of the porch ot 

AuXfu) -w, f. -)/(j(o, p. tfiXriKa, (fr. 
av\bs a pipe) to play on the pipe, 
.flute, &c. 

AtAi), -^{, ';, an open space sur- 
rounded by buildings, courtyard, 
area ; a halt, court, palace, lem. 
pie ; a sheejfold, pen ; a stable, 
stall; a circus or race course, 

AvXtiacvvTtti, Dor. for avXf;o'oucri, 3 
[il. 1 f. ind. — AiMcov, I a. 
impr. act. of uv\io), 

AvXiiTiii, -ov, and AiiX»;Tr)p, -ijpof, 

b, .\.v\>)rpii, and AvX^rif, -Wo{, 
fl, (fr. (juXof a pipe) a'playrr on 
the pipe, performer on the flute ; 
a musiciaji. 

AuXj/ry*.;), -iii, I'l, viz. Ttx^'Vy (fcm. 
of next) the art of playing on 
wind instruments ; music, 

AvXtiTlKiSf-h, -bv, (fr, auXJs apipc) 
belonging to the pipe or flute; or 
to a performer on them ; musical ; 
a wusieinn. 

AdXi'^w, f, -la'ii, p. rjt'Xika, (fr, av- 
Xi) a sheepfold) to fold, pen, shut 
up cnUle, AvXi^opai, to set up for 
the night, pass the night, lodge, so- 
journ ; to encamp, mount guard. 
imp. pass, r]vXi^6firiv. per, pass. 
iivhafiai. 1 a, pass, rivXiadiiv. 

AvXiKOi, -ov, b, II, or -o{, -ii, -iv, 
(fr, nvXi) a court) belonging or 
attached to the court. Subs, a 
courtier, any officer of state. 
Or, (fr. avXdi a flute) of, or 


<ibout wind inxtrumenLf, Jit for 
the flute ; musical. Subs, a mu- 

AvXiov, -01', TO, (dim. of same) a 
litUe/uld, hut, cot. 

Ai'Aif, -iioi, li, (fr. same) a camp ; 
a tent, pavilion ; a httuiit, rtsi- 
dence. Also, a small country 
in Thrace, Aalis. 

AvXicicos, -611, 6, (dim. of avXij a 
pipe) a small pipe. d. pi. loa. 

AuXs/i'ii/fdi -w, (fi*. next, and fiaviu 
madness) lobe muxir.mad. 

Ai/Xof, -oS, 0, (periiaps fr. avui, or 
d(tf to blow ) a pipe, flute ; any 
lone, strait, and narrow tube ; a 
socket, ferule, ring ; a stream, 
rivulet; a discharge of blood ; a 
kind of shell-fifh. 

AftXof, -01), b, ly, (fr. a neg. and \i\rj 
timber) incorporeal, immaterial ; 
not of the nature of matter, or 

AvXoCiievoi, par. pres. pass. cent. 

of avXio). 
AvXui-, -iiivof, h, a valley. Vile; a 
chanr^el, strait ; a level, plain ; a 
AvSuvottcfis, -fof -oCj, 6, 1/, (fr. 
last, and ctSof likeness) like a val- 
ley, hollow, low. 
AuXuri;, -i^oj, fi, (fr. next) a hel- 
met, headpiece, casque. 
AeXwrof, -oE, i, fi, (fr. avXdf a pipe, 
and cj-^ appearance) like a pipe, 
or flageolet, trumpet shaped; ob- 
long, conical. 
Ai'fdiTi, 3 sin. pres. ind. act. — 
Aw^dvtiv, pres. inf. act. — Aufd- 
rtrc, 2 pi. pres. impr. act. — 
Av^avducvof, par. pres. pass. — 
Atf^dfwv, -ovaa, -ov, a. sin. or 
neut. pi. -novra, par. pres. act. 
Avfdiw, Au^ru, and Ai^u, f. av^fj- 
cu), p. rifi^rjKi. to augment, en- 
large ; to exalt, aggrandize ; ad- 
vance, prefer, promote. Av^o/iat, 
to increase, grow ; multiply, ex- 
lend, flourish, prosper. 3 sin. 
pres. inri. aiifci. pres. impr. ai'fc. 
1 a. act. ind. rji^rjaa' inf. av^H- 
aai. 2 a. act. tji^auov. pres. pass. 
ai^Oftai, 3 sin. av^trai' par. ai;^6- 
ficvoi, per. pass, n^'ini'di. 1 a. 
pass. ind. tiv^fiOijv sub. aufijfld' 
inf. oufr)9^»a<" par. ai/(>)9ti(, a. 
lin. nv^iOlvTti. 
Ai^vrif, 'lof, Alt. -twf, ^, (fr. 
increase, n/lilition ; growth, en- 
largement; promotion, ailianct- 
AefiiTtoc, d. pi. — Ai^iaiv, a sin. 

of lant. 
Ai^nTdi, Ion. for »;uf>;roi, 3 sin. 

p^r. psss. of av^ilria. 
Xv^nrt'bf, -0*, 6,li, (fr. o-'fu to in- 
crease) inrreasinf, enlarginif, 
growing, eralting. Also, in- 
rrra^ett, grmvn, &c. 
At^ii), sec iit^iVu. 
Au^v), -m, ht Cf- '"''<' '" slioul, or 
to dry) a shout, loud railing; 
oxUcry, clamour. Also, drought, 
kief, -a, -ov, (fr. aiu to dry) dry, 



parched ; withered, dusty, comp. ] self-declared ; spontaneous, vo- 

•rcpo;. \ luiilary i freely, umctked ; nn- 

'AvTvos, -oil, b, !,, (fr. a neg. andi provoked, not called for. 

iJTvoj sleep) slcfpless, uxiking,\AvTcvv, Dur. for i/uToti',3 pi. impf. 

watching. j ind. of 

.Kipa, -as, J7, (fr. at'ui to blow) a! AuTf'ui -w, f. ->;(i(i), p. ijOttjito, (fr. 

gait, breath, air, breeze ; pai7i,\ avrq the shout of battle) to 

spasm ; inspiration. 1 shout, cry out, exclaim ; to hoiloo, 

Aopioi, (perhaps fr. avu) to shine) cheer. 

to-morrow, the morrow; soon, Avrtaiv, Ion. for avriav, g. pi. of 

next in lime, I avrdi. 

Avpof, -11, -uv, rich, wealthy, opu-AvTfi,-T7j,-Triv,-TTii,c^seso{sAme: 

lent. I Aiiri;, -rhv, riji, cases of (iutoj. 

'Avcc, and 'Avaai; Ion. and by j ACr^, -r^;,^, (fr. ui)u to shout) ci.i 

Deal, for r/vcz, 3 sin. and rivaav, 
3 pi. 1 a. ind. act. — Aiaai, 1 a. 
iiif. act. of aitii. 
At'ffraXfof, -a, -ov, same as avos 

mouT, shout, confused cry, din 
of battle ; a fight, battle; charge, 
AvTiiye, fem. of avris, which see, 

AutTTT/pia, -af, 1'/, (fr. next) rough-] with ye, the enclitic. 

ness, austerity; moroseness, se-' AvTr'iKoas, -ov, b, 1% (fr. ai'rifSCU, 

verity, strictness; sullenness, re-l and okovu to hear) who hears 

serve. for himself, or tcith his own ears ; 

Atxrrr/pdf , -a, -or, (fr. avu> to dry) 1 an eye-witness ; independent, un- 

Tough, bitterish; austere, harsh,] controlled. 

severe ; reserved, close. . / Ai'i-ilfii-'p, (of same, and ^fiap a 

ACt', for aiTE, sec aP. j d:iy)'to-day, this day, now. 

Aira, Dor. for aCr^. — Auru,Dor. ' Aur^jf, g. fern. sin. — Aun/j, Ion. 

for avrfi fem. of (ivrds. j for uiToif, d. pi. fem. of avr6i. 

Avrti, -raTf, -rdi, cases of same. Avr't, for avrddt. 
AvrdyycXof, -ov, b, (fr. ovrdy .self, AutiV, and .iuTi';)!;', for 

and dyyfXof a messenger) AislAvrfna, (fr. oyTOf the same) jm?/i€- 

own messenger, who brings neivsl diately, quickly, (his moment; 

of himself; a voluntary messen- directly, to the point ; for in- 

ger, harbinger. \ stance, example. 'O avTixa, prc- 

AurdyijTof, -ou, 6, i%(fr. same, andl sent, immediate, instant, sud- 

aydu to admire) a self-admirer ; i dm. To avTiKa,for the present. 

vain, conceited, fond of himself, j 
Avrdypera, -ii)i', TH, (neut. pi. of] 

next ) a freeuill offering, bene- ' 

valence, contribution. ; 

Avrdypcroi, -ov, b, »;, (fr. avToi Self, ' 

AvrUa vrcro;, at nightfall, dusk. 
'Hi avTiKa,as quickly as possible. 
Avrir.a ii), AvTiKa ylroi, in the 
first place, flrst of all. AvrUa 
fid\a, very shortly, by and by. 

and aytlpid to collect) .tf//"-co/-' A(>r<5, Dor. for rtt0;{, see aD. 
lecled, confluent ; contributed,] Avrfii), -Ti(, fi, and AvTfo)v, -/loj, 6, 

given voluntarily. 
aItoi, n. pi. fem. of oJroj. 
AvTiiv, Dor. for avrfjv, a. sin. fem. 

of (lurof. 

(perhaps fr. avu> to burn) a 
breath, an air ; fume, vapour, 
steam ; smell, stench, exhala- 

AvTih'lpos,-ov,b,fi,(fT.avT3(Stime,\AvTd, (neut. of avrit self) self, 
and aiiip a man) his, or their] same, itself. Kii rd avrd, Kanl 
own selves, ivith the same, wi:h '■ rb avrd, togdher, along with, at 

themselves, vith the men 

Avrap, Poet, for ardp. 

.KvrdpKCta, -a(, l), (fr. aurrfpif>;f suf- 
ficient) sufficiency, enough, com- 
petence ; contentment, satisfac- 
tion ; self-stifficieney, independ- 

AiTupv/w -b), (fr. same) to satisfy, 
content, suffice. 

AvTiipKns, -iOi-ov(, b, !j, (fr. avrif 
self, and npulia to suffice) suffi- 
cient, enough ; rjtmplete, ade- 
quate, flt; contrnted, satisfied. 

Aur/?p<t(3j (ft. last) enough, suffi- 

Aurnf, AvtSidv, Dor. for aurrjf, and 
avruf, see uvrtf(. 

Avri, sec av. 

Avrlt), Ion, for atri), n, fem. of 

kvTi^ovaioi, -ov, h, h, (fr- nuTifself, 
and {(ovala powi-r) free, intle- 
pendcnt, his own master. 

AvTt(nvaiiTni, -nrof, h, Cr. last) 
freedom, indrpendenrr. 

AiirfffdyyfXra,-, -ov, b, li, (fr. auri( 
■elf, and (irayyAXuj to announce) 

the same time. Km ri avri, to 
the same thing, place, or pur- 
pose. Avrd ndvor, this only, that 
alone, only. Kai auro ii\ tovto, 
that i$ it, the very thing, it is just 

Avroiiodti) -i, (fr. avrit self, and 
^odu) to exclaim) to praise one's 
self, boast, vaunt, pros. inf. 

AvTti0oii, (fr. same, and /?oiy a 
shout) at the flrst shout, suddenly, 
immediately, at once. 

AvTo0opla{, -ov, b, (fr. avris self, 
and Bnp/iif the north wind) a 
very Boreas, Boreas himself. 

AvT6Jiov\os,-ov,b,li, (fr.same,and 
fiovXfi will) self-uilM. 

A vr6ya, Dor. for avrdyt, (fr. same) 
to the same place, here indeed, 

AuToy/vtOXof, Ai'TOyfi'lt, KjToyi- 
vr)ro{, AvToydvnf, (fr. same, and 
ylvoiim to be Ixirn) 'clf-madr^ 
self -created , srlf-prmluced ; tier 
nal ; innate, nattve,natwai; in 

AvrdypSijiof, -ov, b, i, (fr. Ba^nqj 


aiul ypdi^ut to write) oiiiiinai, 
wriltiii with one'n own hanil, 

AiruyOov, 'Pv, ri, (fr. same, ami 
ji'j or yvU a lield) the heivt, or 
slock of the pl'jugh, wliioli lios in 
the furrow, aiul upon which the 
sock or |iloughsharu is li\cd. 

Aiiri)<5'irnTi){, -01', h, i/, (fr. avrif sell, 
and 6ai^m to wound) aclt'-slain. 

AvTdSti^oi, -ou, 6, >'i, (tr. same, and 
ii)\oi niaiiifust) sel/'-eviileni. 

XvToiitiKoyia, -as, >;, (fr. next) self- 
service, altcndancc on one's xelf. 

AvToitaKovo;, -ov, b, i/, (fr. same, 
and iiaKovoi an atttcndant) sclf- 
aUcndcd, who does all liis own 

Avro^iSaKTOi, -ov^ b, Ij, (ft. same, 
and iiidaKij to teach) self- 

.KuTiScfTriSj -ov, b, (fr. same, and 
tw or itj/it to intlict) a suicide, 
murderer, assassin. 

Jivrocrci, (IV. same, and iroi a 
year) this, or that year, the sami 

AvrdOc, Avt69cv, (fr. same) from 
thul place or lime ; hence, hence- 
forth ; there, in that place ; then, 
ut that time; tlienceforlh, forth- 
with, directly. 

Xvrddt, (fr. same) there, then, 
therein; at that time; in that 

Adtoio, Ion. for auron, g. ofauroj. 

AvTOKaciyfi'irn, -riSi hi (fr- next) n 
full sister, 

AvroKaaiyviiTOi, -ov, b, (fr. avrhg 
self, Kdais kin, and yivouni to be 
born) a full brother ; oj the whole 

AvTOKardKotros, -ov, b, fi, (fr. 
same, and KaraKplvia to con- 
demn) self-condemned, self-con- 

KvTOKtXtvaToq, -ov, b, i/, (fr. same, 
and jctXtuu) to exhort) unhidden, 
ready, willing, voluntary, 

AvroKcXfjs, -to; -out, b. If, (fr. same, 
and KiXui to exhori) same as 

KvToKoaTopiKii, -ii, -bv, (fr. ne\t) 
of free will, mere motion ; sove- 
reign, ahsolutc, 

AvTOKodrutp, -opo{, b, (fr. avri; 
self, and updroi power) one's own 
moAUr, independeTil ; self-de- 
pendent ; self-emanating or pro- 
ceeding ; supreme, sovereign, ab- 
solute ; pUnipotenlinry, 

KvTdKTovoi, -oy,b, I], (fr. same, and 
KTtit'ij) to kill) self-killing, mur 
dcrous ; a suicide. 

A.vTo\c^d, (fr. same, and Xffij a 
word) to a word, verbatim, by 

AvT6\vKoi, -ov, b, Autolycus, a 
man's name. 

Avri^aroi, -ri, -ov, or -ov, h, I), (fr. 
same, ani jia'u to desire) spon- 
taneous, of its own ar.cord, volun- 
tary ; natural, unassisted by art. 
In ncut. an automaton, a self- 
moving machine. 

Aero/iifruf, (fr. last) spontaneoiu- 
ly, naturally, of itself . 


Ai'ru;i»i5ui', -oiTuj, 6, Aulomedun, 

a man'iinaine. 
! Airofiijrcup, -opoi, b, i), (tr. aurif 
same, and fii)n/p mother) like, 
resembling the mother ; of the 
same mother ; the very mother. 

KvTOftoXiu) -u), f. -I'lau), |>. -'iKa, (fr. 
next) to come from, or go to the 
other side, or party, desert, fall 
off" from. 

.\.VT6no\ni, -oil, b, !/, (fr. avrii sell, 
and /loX/w to go) a deserter, trai- 
tor, recreant, apostate. 

Xvrofd'i, -i?«, i), Autonol, a wo- 
man's name. 

AvTOvojih^u-ovjiai, f. -^aoixat, (fr. 
avrdt'Ofjoi self-directed) to direct 
onc\'i self, follow one's own will. 

KvTuv6^r], -/;{, )';, (fem. of next) 
Aulonomi, a woman's name. 

Kvrdvofioi, -ov, b, i), (fr. aurijself, 
and v(5/i(j{ law) sclf-di reeled ; in- 
dependent ; wilful, headstrong. 

XvTovv)^ei, and -xi, (fr. same, and 
viif night) to-night, this night ; 
tliesame night, that night. 

AvTonayfis, -ios -oui, b, i), (fr. same, 
and irt'iyvviJi to compact) self- 
made ; cohering together, bind- 
ing, cohesive, compart, firm, 

Avrdniaroi, -ov, b, t), (fr. same, and 
ziaroi credible) self-evident; 
convincing, persuasive ; appa- 
rent, evident. 

\vTiijT6vriTos, -ov, b, i), (fr. same, 
and -iTovfj) to work) self-wrought, 
self-made, setf-effected. 

AuroToiif, -o5oi, b, i), (fr. same, and 
TToui a foot) on nne^s own feet. 

.\.vroTp'iau>-soi, -ov,b,i'i, (fr. same, 
a.nd' rpuawTTov the face) of the 
natural countenance, in one's own 

AuroTTTTjf, -ov, b, (fr. same, and 
6zTr)fiai to behold) an eye-wit- 
ness ; a spectator, beholder, looker 
on. n. pi. avToiTTnt. 

AvrdplivToi, -ov, b, ';, (fr. same, and 
jjeui to flow) flowing of itself, 
Springing naturally, gushing, 

AuTi);, -h, -i, (perhaps fr. oD again, 
and rdi obs. for b he) he, she, it ; 
himself, herself, itself; mere, 
very ; spontaneous, of himself, 
Uc. ; same, the same, sup. av- 

AiJrof, ->i, -0, used for ovroi, or 
lavTov, which see. 

AvTodTdiia, -a;, t), (fr. last, and 
crdfiof firm, th. "icrrjiJtlo stand) 
a standing, or remaining fixed 
in one place ; a standing fight. 

AirdiTToXof, -ou, 0, //, (fr. same, 
and arlXiij} to equip) who is ship, 
convoy, or guide to himself in 
his own vessel ; escorting per- 
sonrdly; a swimmer. 

Af-rajroi'o?, -ov, b, //, (fr. same, 
and arivo> to groan) groaning 
under his own sorrows, suffering 
under woes of his own making. 

AvTna)(i.f,ia, -ai. Ion. -ij^>7i -'-S, '/> 
(fr. avToayii'itos sudden) a fight 
hanrl to hand, close ambat, close 
quarters ; hurry, precipitation, 
haste, confusion, tumult. 


Avro<j:^f5idf(i), f. -(10(1), (fr. same) 
to hurry, hasten, act with preci- 
piliilion, or rashly ; to disorder, 
embroil, confuse, confound, dis- 

AvToa^tHnaiia, -tiros, rd, (fr. last) 
a thing done in a hurry ; hcute, 
rashness, precipitation. 

AvToa)(^eStaartKds, -fit •'^"i Cf- """ 
Toa)(^i6ios sudden) hurried, tu- 
multuous, raah, hasty ; unpre- 

Avroo^eSln, -»?f, h, (f''- same) hur- 
ry, precipitation, haste ; rash- 
ness ; tumult, confusion. 

AvToc^iSios, -a, -ov, and -on, b, !), 
(fr. avrbs same, and a-)(i!nns 
near) sudden, extemporaneous, 
done at the moment ; hasty, pre- 
cipitate, rash ; unpremeditated, 
not prepared ; rough, clownish, 
uncouth ; tumultuous, confused, 
disorderly ; fighting at close 

AvToa)(^cSiu)s, (fr. last) spontane- 
ously ; suddenly, hastily, precipi- 
tately ; tumultuously ; close, hand 
to hand. 

AvToa)(^c(')dv, -(Vi or -Si)ii>, (fr. same) 
nigh, close, hand to hand, 

Avrdraros, sup. of avTus- 

AvTorc\hii -ios -ovs, b,fi, (fr. avrbs 
self, and riXos the end, or a 
tax) perfecting, ejjfective, perfect, 
finished, complete ; sufficient, ca- 
pable, answerable ; independent, 
living, or acting at his own ex- 

Avrov, viz. xii>pov, (g. sin. of aurif) 
for avrdOt. 

AvTOu, Afry, Avrdv, for tavrov, 
-7(3, -rdv. 

AvTOvpycw -Hi, f. -i)(T<j, (fr. next) 
to act of, from, or by one^s self; 
to labour, work with the hands. 

AvTovpyds, -ov, b, li, (fr. nurdf self, 
and ipyov work) self-acting; 
spontaneous, native, natural ; a 
workman, labourer, mechanic. 

AvTv(p\oios, -ov. b, I'l, (fr. same, 
and (j)\oibv the bark) with the 
bark, covered with the bark ; 
rough, unshapen. 

AvTotpvhSi-ios -ovs, and Aurd^uTOf, 
-ov, b, 1;, (fr. same, and (piw to 
grow) self-born, self-produced; 
native, natural, spontaneous. 

AvT6(pu)pai>, -ov, tH, (fr. same, and 
ijiuip a thief) the very fact, the act 
itself; a foul deed, crime, offence. 
CTavT0(l>ii)0(f> for tTr' avT0<pijip<f, 
in the very fact. 

Avrdxt'p, -p''f, *! ';, Cr- same, and 
yc'tp the hand) with one^s own 
hand, the very person, the imme- 
diate perpetrator ; a suicide, n. 
pi. avrdx^ipci- 

AvTo-xup\, and -pia, (fr. last) with 
tlie lumd, personally. 

Avri^Oi^v, -ovts, b, fi, (fr. avrbs 
same, and xOi^v land) native, in- 
digenous, original. 

Avroxouiuos, and At)rci5(;(iJVOj,-ou,6, 
//, (fr. same, and ;^;cDvo« a smelt- 
ing furnace) shapeless, rough, un- 
finished, aa it came from the 
furnace ; solid, massy ; huge, 

lirge ; bursting or pouring forth 
as from a furnace ; babbli)ig, 
blabbing, that cannot keep secret. 
Avriixpvfa, (fr. same, and xp'i/"' 
a matter) the tiling itsttf, the 
very matter; in realiti/, tnily, 
really ; clearly ^ plainly, evi'lentiy 
AuTciyuToy, -ov, b, 4, (fr. same, and 
;^fw to pour) bursting, shed or 
poured out of itself. 
AvToxl'tt, (fr. next) at the very sight; 

by sigJU. 
AvTo\j,la, -Of, and -■^.tri, -tn, fi, (fr. 
avrb; self, and di/if sight) the 
sight, view, ocular demonstration, 
Atir.]), -Tii, -tUv, cases of avrif. 
Avri, Dor. for auroC, oravrodt. 
Airjj, -rii', cases of aurof. 
AiVuij, or AiTw;, (fr. avToj same) 
so, thus ; likewise, in like manner 
or state ; merely, only ; without 
cause or reason, rasldy, giddily ; 
in vain, idly ; freely, gratis. 
Avfiia, JEol- for au^^/i'u, and 
fiv)(^h', (oTav^iia, a. sin. ofav^^^rjv. 
Av^htoi, -ov, 0, fj, ((r. avxh^i ihe 
neck) of the neck ; about the 
Av^iii} -w, f. -ijau, p. Tiv^TiKa, (per- 
haps fr. sam>) to boast, brag, 
vaunt, glory. 
Ai':^!;, -ijf, and Avx<l<"i, -loi, Att. 
-foif, ', (fr. last) bragging, boast- 
ing, vaunting ; triumph, exulta- 
Avyhv, -fvo(, h, the neck, back of 
the neck, nape, shoulder ; apass, 
deJiU, strait, isthmus. 
Av\iidiM>, and Av)(^filui -d, (fr. av^- 
/lif drought) to be parched with 
drought; to be dusty, dirty, 
squalid, foul ; to be shabby, or 
ragged; to mourn, wear mourn- 
ing, which the ancients express- 
ed by foul and worn clothes. 
Av)(iiriBii, -<i, -ii', (fr. same) dry, 
withered, arid, desert ; foul, JiUhy, 
squalid ; dull, dark, Husky. 
AM)Qi6oftai, (fr. same) see au;^/ia'ui. 
Av^liif, -oTi, h, (|)crhaps fr. uiw to 
dry) drought arising from heat, 
dryness, aridity; foulness, slo- 
Avxf'^^ift -fof -""f. i> n, (fr- I'lsi) 

hot, parrlnng ; dn/, arid ; foul, 
dirty, squalid ; slovenly. 

Au'ii, and sometimes aCu, and by 
Dyal. ntw, {. avail), p. ijiiifa, (fr. 
diM to blow) to dry, parch, 
sr^rh ; to light up, kindle, in- 
Jlame, set on fire ; to shout, cry 
out, esclaim ; to roar ; to resound, 
ring, echo ; to sparkle, shine, 
glitter ; to blow, breathe ; to touch ; 
to steep. 1 a. ind. act. ijO^a, as 
if fr. ai'fw Dor. (or a van). 

Af', for Arh, l>f;foro an aspirate. 

A^nyi'^uj, (fr. nzh intens. and uy- 
vtctii to jiurify) to consecrate, 
htdlow, nemlr, set apart, sanc- 
tify ; to purify, cleanse, expiate, 

A'pnfinvia, nnd A'PafinvStv , Hcb, in- 
decl. a royal tent, pnxilion. 

KifmipiOiUt-iIca, -(!', par. i n. pass. 
— k^itriOfiaoi'ai, -1, -irai, 1 f 

ind. pass. — A^oipr7i', pres. inf 
cont. — Atiaifurai, 3 sin. cont. 
pres. ind. pass. — A^aip^, 3 sin. 
cont. pres. sub. pass. — Atfaipip 
cuj, -£ij» -ti, 1 f. ind. act. of 

A<palptfta, or -tjua, -aros, n), (fr. 
a<paipiu> to take awav) a taking 
away, carrying off" ; a withdraw- 
ing, separation, distinction ; that 
which is withdrawn or separated, 
the part of the victim offered, an 
offering, oblation. 

A<l>nipioii, -19?, Att. -£u){, i';, (fr. 
same) a taking away, depriva- 
tion, separation ; an offering, 
sacrifice ; apheertsis, a gramma- 

A<^nio(u> -a, f. ->i<ru), p. aArjpriKa, 
(fr. (iTrdfrom, and lupiia to take 
to take away, ca^Ty off, spoil, 
plunder, bereave, strip, deprive ; 
to rescue, free, or deliter from ; 
to disting^iish, separate ; to re- 
move, reject, erpel ; to suppress, 
stop, prohibit, discontinue; to 
amputate, prune, pare ; to era- 
dicate, deface, destroy ; to de- 
prive, divest ; to conceal, hide 
A<paipiouat -ovfiat, to be stripped, 
deprived, lose. 1 a. ind. act. 
a<prjptjaa. 2 a. ind. act. afcDiov. 
per. pass, acptjpriiiai, or a(l>fiptfini. 
1 a. pass. a(f,i,pi6!iv. 1 f. pass. 
atpaipcOiiao/iai. 1 f. mid. ind. 
a<pain>i<yOjiai' inf. acpqttpriatadai. 2 
a. mid. ind. a0£iA(i/i7;i/" sub. a^c- 
Xd/tai' inf. a(pcKeadat. 

'Aipiiiaros, -w, or -oio, b, Dor. for 

A(pdK>], -»?f, I'l, a kind of pulse, a 
town in Libya. 

'A(p3\o(, -ov, b, 1), (fr. a neg. and 
ifiaXi'; a crest) wanting the crest, 

A(pd'\\oiiat, (fr. atri from, and a\- 
\ofiai to leap) to leap down or 
off; to bound or spring away; 
to flee, escap". 

A<paiiaPTdiio, f. -^au), p. aifirifinprr)- 
Ka, (fr. same, and a/iaprdiu) to 
err) to miss, fail, mistake, mis- 
carry ; to be disappointed^ be be- 
reft, deprived or destitute of 2 a. 
a^;J^aoror' par. aipa^uoriiv. 

A<l>aiiaproiirtii, -io( -ov(, b, i;, (fr. 
last, anil firof a word) rambling 
in language, verl/ose, tedious ; 
diffuse in style, diffusive, inco- 

Aipdiiaprov,-cf, -t. Ion. for n^i/fiap- 
Tov, 2 a. ind. oi a<t>ai'npTdvw. 

Ai^ffmn, -at, ii, (fr. next) dark- 
ness, obscurity, indistinctness ; 
uncirlainty, doubt. 

A0ai'>>{, -iof -ov<, b. If, (fr. a nrc. 
and i^talvi- to appear) ilark, ob- 
scure, indistinct ; unseen, not 
clear, h'dden; evanescent, vaniili- 
ed ; igniililr, mean, tow. 

Kfnvi^ei, 3 sin. and A i^ai'/{ou<Ti, 3 
pi. pres. ind. art. — AipnvlaOrrrt, 
2 pi. 1 a. inipr. pass. — Afavi^ri- 
/Jiroc, -r;, -oi, per. pass, of 

Aifinii^u, f. -taut, p. t}<f)dviKn, (fr. 
last) to hide, conceal, darken ; 
In drslroy, abolish ; to enrruiil, 


spoil, deform, disfigure; to dis- 
charge, dismiss. Aipaii^ofiai, to 
disappear, vatiisli ; to perish, 
per. pass, j/rfiaiio-^iai. 1 a. pass. 
iltpaviaOrjv. I f. a(jiavta9ii(J0fiai. 

A(pai'iC[ibg, -ov, h, and A(pni'iat;, 
-lof, Att. -£u)f, i), (I'r, last) a dis- 
appearance, r'anishing ; depart- 
ure ; death, ehcease ; ext'nclion, 
ruin, destruction ; an abolition, 
doing away, annulling. 

'AipavTOi, -ov,i), I'l, (fr. same) dis- 
appearing, vanishing, evanes- 
cent ; unseen, invisible, hidden ; 
obscure, humble, loicly. 

A(pdvrw?, and 'Afavrov, (fr. last) 
obscurely, darkly ; secretly, pri- 
vily, privately, unlieeded, unob- 

AttavCii, (fr. a0avj)j obscure) same 
as last. 

A<pdirro}, f. -n'^u, p. avritpa, (fr. 
avb from, and aaria to luing) to 
hang to or jtpon, append, affix, 
fasten to, tie, bind to ; to toucli, 
approach, come near to. per. 
pass. ind. d(l>'jiJfiat' par. aiiju- 
jxivoi, Ion. oTzafi^iai, and airajj.- 

'AaSp, and Ion. nipapd, (perhaps 
fr. (i^i) the touch) immediately, 
quickly, suddenly, conip. a<pdo- 

A<pnpcvi, -io(, -rjof, and -/uf, o, 
Aphareus, a man's name. 

A<pnpr]rloai, Poet, for A((>apeiiat, 
-u)v, oi, the sons of Aphareus. 

AepdpKi], -ni, t'l, an evergreen tree. 

AipdpftnKTog, -ov, b, »';, (fr. a neg. 
and (pdpfiaKov a drug) unadul- 
terated, unmixed. 

A(^np-n'^o), f. -dau), and -d^u), (fr. 
a-D from, and (!p7ra'^u to rob) 
to plunder, carry away, despoil, 
rob ; to steal, snatch, pick up. 

A<pdprcpoi, -a, -or, (oomp. of(i0(;p 
quickly) quicker, speedier, soon- 
er ; more sudden. 

Acacia, -as, Ion. and Poet. n/j0a 
ollt-vii '^1 (fr- a ncji. and ^>if,l 
or (jidiii to speak) silence, dumb- 
ness, inability to speak ; astonish- 
ment, fear. 

'A0riro?, -ou, b, I'l, (fr. same) inex- 
pressible, surprising, unuttera- 
ble ; not to be repeulcel, spoken, 
or mentioned, obscure, of no re- 
port, mean, low. 

A^dTMi, (fr. last) ine.rprrssibly^ 
surprisingly ; without number, 
rnoueb, sufficiently, plentifully, 

Aijinvpii, -('i,-&r, {fr. a intenc. and 
(liniipof. Dor. for (/.urAos worlli- 
M-HS ; or navpof few) weak, faint, 
feeble; lazy, slothful; cowardly; 
vile, worthless ; dull, dim. comp. 
o^nipilrtpoc, sub. -liruToc. 

A^ni'iD, f. -ai''<rw, (fr. nrrd inlons. 
and oi'iw lo dry) to dry up, with- 
er, decay, fade ; to starve, fa^ 
' A<f>dii) -(Ti, f. -diru), {fr. i^tl a 
touch) to touch, handle ; to stroke, 
sooth, caress, af^uivrn, Poet, for 
A<pwyra, a. :im. mat. cont. par. 
pres. act. 

A<f.tyyii:, -io{ -o?>, 4, f), (fr. a nop. 
and iplyyei bnehliiess) uithuiit 
ltf;hl, oKu-iirt, ilark ; blind; tni 
pcrrcpiilile, gentle. 

'A-'jti'poj, -ou, i, (fr. next) the eala 
menia, mrttsrs. 

A(/)rt/)ui, (fr. a()>ifpi)V 0. pri^'v) to 
clioke, stiJTocdtf, slifie, 'Aiptiprj, C 
sin. prcs. sub. pass. 

A^ti'flaii', -iji'of, A, (fr. nffd apart, 
and u^pa a scat) a privy ; a 
aewrr, drain ; perhaps, tfie rec- 
tum, OT lowcrmoxi gut. a. sin. 

Ai|Jfr;T£, Ion. for iKpijTC, 2 pi. 2 a. 
sub. net. of aiiiq/jt. 

A(pcOu(, AifiiOm', ->)Si>', or -clOriv, 
A<pcOii>;v, A^iO^i'ai, AtjicOi'iaofiai, 
see same. 

A<pcih'ii)-ti, f. -t'laio, (fr. o^tiii); un- 
sparing) <o jifc without stint ; to 
lavish, squander ; to dcsptse, ex- 
pose ; to spare one'' a self, deeline, 
shun, aiptiii'icnvra, a. sin. mas. 
of ar/itu^Oc"?) 1 !!• por. act. 

Aipeiciw;, Ion. for A0£i('iiif, (fr. 
same) liberally, ungpariugli/ ; 
uithoul mercy, severely. 

A(fietfris, -to; -orj, 6, i/, (fr. a neg. 
and <pafofiai lo spare) lilieral, 
bountiful, unsparing; profuse, 
prodigal, frequent, often. 

A^cicin, -Of, ^, (fr. lust) profusencss, 
prodigality, no sparing ; severity, 
rrtu:i!y ; austerity, morlifiraiion. 

A0<'&j;(r(ii', 3 pi. ind. — A(p(6u>, -fn, 
-fi, sub. 1 a. pass. — A(pcO>ico- 
fiai, -r], -L-rat, 1 f. ind. act. — 
A<pUi, -tiaa, -fr, n. pi. Aiph'TCi, 
par. " a. act. oi a<pii)iti. 

AipciPrjv, and AtfiiOrjv, A(puiiai, 
Artti/iiVoj, see aifiintii.. 

A(pc7Xov, -f?, -£, 2 a. act. ind.; 
impr. AipiXc opt. A^fXoi^a* sub. 
A^fAt5,-r/j, ->i' inf. A^jfAtTi" par. 
A<pcXu)v. — AAiXtiifiai, -tj, -rjTai, 
2 a. sub. mid. of a<paipfw. 

A(pii\6iJiiii', -on, -f 70, 2 a. mid. ind. ; 
A<pcXii)jjnt,-7j, -r)Tuf inf. AipeXta- 
Oai' par. Ai/.fXo/itJ'Of, of same. 

Adtu/itv, for iLi^iiitv, 1 pi. of a(ptiv, 
2 a. ind. act. Or, by Sync, for 
rxpdriiiev, 1 pi. 2 a. opt. act. Or 
Ion. and Poet, for ai>civai. 2 a. 
inf. act. of a(pltiin. 

A(pr7vai, A^tif, see same. 

A(}itKTioi, -a, -ov, (fr. orri^m to with- 
hold) to he withheld or afistain- 
ed ; to be avoided or shunned. 

AipcXyvyw, (perhaps, fr. a<^A<:/vto 
take away, ydiv the knee) to 
hurt, injure, uhnse. 

AtfifXtia, -aj, !], (fr. a(ptXrii simple) 
siniplirity, sinririly, purity of 
thought, goodness of inluiition. 

AipiXccOc, 2 pi. inijir. Or, Ion. for 
aipiiXicOi. 2 pi. 2 a. ind. m. — 
A(riiXr]!, 2 sin. 2 a. sub. act. of 

Arf-iXhi, -'OS 'OU{,b, 11, timple, sin- 
cfTc, honest, single- hearted ; sin- 
gle, unmixed ; smalt, slender, 
A'prXxwyf. -f(D, (fr. ajri from, and?X • 
iriD to draw ) to drnu- or take away; 
separate, divide, tear asunder. 

] Alt t\t'i II >ir, Ion. for a0£tX(J/<i)V, 2 a. 

j ind. mid. of nipaiplui. 

AijicXdrvs, -ijrosS i/i sumc as aipi- 
Xcta. d. sin. a^tX6r>)Ti. 

AipeXovfiai, -jj, -ctTai, 2 i. mid. — 
A0fXui/i<ii, 2 a. sub. mid. — A^t- 
XCiiv, 2 a. par. act of aij<aipiui. 

AifeXiii, (fr. n^itXi/f simple ) .«i»)f)/v, 
sincerely, without art ; singly, 
barely, merely ; clearly, dis- 

'A^tfia, -aroi, rh, (fr. adlijui to 
send away) a discharge, disnii.i- 
siiin, sending away ; deliverance, 
liberty; remission, forgiveness ; 
tlic person or thing discharged, 

Aipffitvos, 2 a. pur. mid. of aiplrjpn. 

'A^'jfiof, by Sync. 'Artvoj, -ov, o, or 
-toj -ovq, rb, (perhaps fr. a^' 
/i'u<:, viz. fj'ou of one year) in- 
come, revenue, profit ; wealth, 
riches ; plenty, abundance. 

AifiivTt, d. shi. ofaificU, 2 a. par. 
act. of aililnft. 

Aipi^w, I f. act. ofairi)^!!). 

A^f'pro), f. aiiip\j.w, (fr. urd intcns. 
and fpTO) lo creep) to creej), 
CI iivl, move like a serpent or 
worm ; to creep or sneak away. 

'A*«, -iTio, 2 pl.'Af^crt, 2 a. impr. 
act. of 

'A(l>catv, a. sin. — Aijiiatt, d. sin. 
cont. Alt. of 

'Aipcais, -lo;, Att. -lai?, >;, (fr. 
a0i'i;^/i to send away) a dismis- 
sal, discharge ;, deliver- 
ance ; re7nission,forgivcness,par- 
don ; a starling post ; speed, 

Aipcnrairji', -rig, -tj, pres. opt. — 
A0f<rrare, AibcdTain, 2 and 3 pi. 
pres. ind. ot a<piiTr>/i.ii for adila- 
Tn/jit. Or the two latter are by 
Sync, for aiptari'iKarc, and aipcu- 
TfjKaai, 2 and 3 pi. per. act. of 

Aijiiarrifxi, same as aipiarripi. 

Aipirai, -wr, ai, the name of a 
place, some say a cilj- of Mag- 

'A^tTt, 2 pi. 2 a. ind. or impr. of 

AiptTios, -a, -ov, (fr. aipirjiii to dis- 
miss) to be dismissed, &c. posi- 
tively with any of the significa- 
tions of aiphjiu. 
Aipcrris, -oB, 0, (fr.same) a shooter, 
slinger, worker rf warlike inn- 
chines^ engi7iecr ; a freed slave, 
freed man. 
'AipcTOi, -ov, b, I/, (fr. same) dis- 
missed, discharged, loosed, set 
free ; set apart, sqiaraled ; con- 
secrated, holy ; rejected, refused ; 
opposite, arij. 
A.q>ii^(o, and Aijtc\pi'u) -w, f. a<l>c^i^- 
(Tu, (fr. nrd inlcns. and iix^ui lo 
boil) /'; boil 'way, evaporate. 
AipioiKi], Alt. for aipuKa, per. act. 
— AipiiiivTai, Att. for aijiiivTai, 
3 pi. per. pass, of aipiriju. 
A<liiipa, Att. for aipupa, 3 sin. 

impf. ind. of mpnouio. 
' A(;,h. -Hi, >h {fr. arrm to touch) 
n joint ; touching, close meeting ; 
the touch, feeling ; a touch, 
stroke, blow. 



Afiiylofiat^ -ovitai, f. -ijiro/iai, p. 
-ill^ui, (fr. ani intcns. and jjy/o- 
/lai lo lead) to cimduct, guide, 
tend ; to command, rule, govern ; 
to tell, i^eliite, report, recount. 

Aipi'iyrijia, -Stos, tJ, (fr. lust) a re- 
lation, narration, history, story, 

Aipi;yt)cii, -loj, Att. -fwf, }j, (fr. 
same) a nairativr, the recollec- 
tion, memory, or rihearsal of any 
thing ; the tale or story itself. 

Aijiiiyov/uvoi, -ov. h, (par. pres. m. 
of same) o leader, captain, chief, 
general, commander. 

AipijKa, -Kas, -Kr, or -Kfv, before a 
vowel, 1 a. ind. act. — 'A^i;^, 
->)f , -i;, ind. — A(pw,-jji,-fi, sub. 
2 M. act. — Adfjo-oi) -CIS, -£(, 1 f. 
ind. act. of u^lijjji. 

AipriXiijjtjv, -ID, -aro, I a. ind. mid. 
of a6dXXojjiat. 

AipnXii, -Uos, b, I'l, (fr. a neg. or 
(ird from, and ^Xi^ a companion) 
destitute, forlorn, forsaken. 

Aipi'ifiapTov, -£j, -£, 2 a. ind. act. of 

Aibrjiiiiivof, par. of A^?f<fia(, per. 
pass, of a^u'irrfc). 

Aiprji'id^^u, f. -lieii), (fr. airi from, 
and ^vla a bridb) to refuse the 
rein, not to bear the bridle; to be 
stubborn or obstinate ; to dis- 
obey, resist. 

Aipripcoftijv -ovfifiv, -iov -oS, -etro 
•ciTO, impf. jnd. mid. — A<pvp'- 
Oni't -'lit -v, 1 a- ind. pass, of 

A<prjTwp, -opof, b, (fr. aipirjpi to send 
ibrlh) an epithet ol^ Apollo, Me 
utlcrer, pronouncer of oracles ; 
the darter of light ; the archer. 
AipOai, -0)1/, ai, the tbrush, a dis- 
ease in the mouth. 

AipOnpaia, -n(, )';, (fr. a neg. and 
ipOcipw to destroy) incorruplihili- 
ty, incorrvption ; immortality. 

' AiiiOapTOi, -nv, o, >), (fr.same) in- 
corruptible, immorttil, eternal. 

'A60fi{, par. of " AipOqv, ->k, -v, 
Dor. or Ion. for'i}<pOtiv, 1 a. pass, 
of a-ariis, 

'AipOlroi, -nv, 6, t), (fr. a neg. and 
ipOiiii lo corrupt) see dipdaproi. 

iipOdyyoiai, d. pi. Ion. of 

'AcSuyyos, -ov, b, i';, (fr. same, and 
ipOoyyos voice, ih. dOiyyopai to 
speak) speechless, dumb; mute, 

AipOivaros, Dor. for Aip06i'riTOi, -ov, 
b,!}, (fr. same, and </jO(5ios envy) 
exempt from envy, vnenvied. 

AipOoviarcpoi, Poet, for aipdovuTC- 
poi, comp. of dijifioioi. 

AipUoviii, -as, i';, (fr. a neg. and 
i/i0ui'o5 Stint) abundance, plenty, 
110 stint ; exemption from envy, 
malice, or grudge. 

'AipOovoi, -ov, b. )'/, (fr. same) ex- 
empt from envy, unojisailed by 
malice ; plentiful, almndant, co- 
pious, unstinted, givtn without 
grudge, liberal. 
A(pOovu)i, (fr. last) plentifully, c.o- 
piously ; without envy or stint, 
'AipQopoi, -ov, 0, !i, (fr. a neg. and 

ipBt'ifoi to corrupt) uncarrupted, 

untdiitted, unluuched ; young, 

A(p(t, -ai, n, a plant. 
AfiSai, and Ion. a<pteaai ^ora<pu7<ji, 

3 pi. pres. of a^iiTjui. 
A^iyfi'ii, -f'l, -KTui, per. pass. — 

Aipiyimf- -Co, -«''o, pper. pass. 

Aiptfipufia, -uroj, rd, (fr. next) o 
statue, image, idol ; a temple, 

A.<pt^pvu), and A.(pilpivu), f. -liffw, 
(fr. a-zd in' ens. and icpuiti to fix) 
to net, place ; to erect, set up ; to 
nfhr, present, dedicate. 

A(pizdt, Kf^itvai, A<j/uU, see a(pirnj.t. 

A<pici, 3 sin. impf. oi atpiiui. 

Aipitficv, 1 pi. ind. — A^iirt, 2 pi. 
ind. or impr. — A(/)ifVw, 3 sin. 
impr. pres. aci. — AipUvai, pres. 
inn acf. — AOicrai, 3 sin. and 
A<p(fVT<ii, 3 pi. pres. ind. pass. 

of atpirjfii. 

A^i/n), same as next. lTn\)(. a(plcov, 
and Ti<piiov -uvv, -ita -uii, -lu 
-(£<. 2 a. ind. act. ii(ptov, -tj, -£. 
2 f ind. act. A^iw, -tTs, -£?. 

A<pinut, f. a^^tru, p. d(ptiKa, (fr. 
ard fronf>, and (i;;/! to send) /o dis- 
miss, discharge, send, or put 
away ; to divorce ; to part with, 
let go ; to loose ship, weigh an- 
chor, set tail ; to forsake, leave, 
abandon, quit, desert ; to leave 
after ; to leave, let alone ; to 
leave, omit, neglect ; to permit, 
suffer, let, allow; to remit, for- 
give, pardon, absolve, release ; 
to emit, discharge, hurl, shoot, 
send forth ; to vent, wreak ; to 
yield, give up the ghost, die. 2 pi. 
pres. impr. aiftliTf opt. a6iclriv 
sub. a<t>iu)' inf. a<j/icvai' par. 
afftciq. 2 a. act. ind. aipJiv, -Tn, 
-ri' impr. liiptt, -irii), 2 pi. d(ptTC 
opt. aiptiqv sub. a^w, -tii, -^' 
inf. atfiiivai' par. a<piti. I a. act. 
aipijKa. pres. pass. a<pit)iai, -cat, 
-Tui. per. pass. a^c7fjai, 3 pi. 
aipui'Tat' Att. aipiijivTaf par. 
atpit/iivof. I a. pass, ind, aipfj- 
Orji', aipciOrji, and a(j)iOnV impr. 
a<l<lOt\Ti' opt. aAiOclnV sub. a<{ii- 
Ou, -rif, -!)' inf. a(pcOT]vaf par. 
a<P(8c((. 1 f. pass. ntpiOi'iaoitat. 

A<plnat, 3 sin. pres. ind. act. of 

Ai^iKAvnt, fr. ari intcns. Utviittavj 
to mpct, sec next. 

A0fff»Vofja( -oTi^fjt, f. 'i^oti'ii, p. 
-7yii'ii, (fr, nrii from, and iKvin- 
l^ii lo com<;) to come or Kofrnm 
one ptnrr to nnothir, arrive; to 
rerirh, attain to ; to hapjim, lie- 
fnll, rh'inite. pres. inf. a<piKvcin- 
Oitf pnr. nipiKvoiiicvof. 2 a, mid. 
in'l. aipiKifiriv, -ov, -cro' sub. 
aipiKijfiiii' inf. atptxiaOaf par. 

AiplKn/im, {fr. aird intcn«. djv\ ikik 
to romr^) same as 

A<ptK(fiiT)v, 1 sin. ; A<(iIkov, Dor. 
Aiblnrv, 2 sin. ; A'^/»JTQ, 3 sin. ; 
A i^i'irfffflc, 2 pi. 2 a. ind. mid. — 
A'plKty, also Dor. for aiplicnv,2 

a, impr. mid A^ixvci/) Dor. 


and iEol. for aifiiKvov, pres. impr. 
mid. — AipiKyjui, Ion. for a<j>iKJi, 
2 sin. 2 a. sub. mid. of ai^tKvio- 

A(^iAd)'u6o{, -ou, &, J/, (fr. a neg. 
0iAu5 fond, and ayu6df good) no 
lover of good men, no friend to 
goodness ; ill disposed, evil-mind- 

A(pi\av6(>iiiT!ia, -as, !/, (fr. ne.rt) in- 
hum'ttitly, wikindness ; cruelty, 

A<pt\dv9cuifzoi, -ov, b, >'i, (fr. a neg. 
^iXo{ fond, and didpw-oi a man) 
inhuman, cruel, savage, barba- 

AfiXuvBpwTTij);, (fr. last) inhuman- 
ly, cruelly. 

A0iAopyCpof, -ov, b, t'l, (fr. a neg. 
(fiiXoi fond, and a'pyvpo? silver) 
not avaricious ; generous, liberal. 

'A0(Ao;, -ov, b, ij, (fr. a neg. and 
dx'Aoj a friend) unfriendly, un- 
kind ; friendless, destitute ; not 
hatting, or wanting friends. 

A<pi\dT'tiiOi, -ov, b, fi, (fr. same, and 
Tifxri honour) unambitious, wias- 
suming, modest, diffident; mean, 

'.\0iC'j,-ios, Att. -twf, ^, (fr. o0t»c- 
viofiai to arrive) a coming, ar- 
rival ; a departure, setting out ; 
an excursion, journey ; an in- 
cursion, invasion, inroad, a. sin. 

Kipi^'mai, 1 f. mid. of a<ptKviofiat, 
A0i--£i'(j, f. -ti'crw, (fr. mrd from, 
and 'nrzevu} to ride) to ride away, 
go off, depart. 
A(plTTT)titi, f. -I'laoi, and A(j>ivTaftat, 
f. -liffo/iui, (fr. airi from, and 
Ivrrffti to fly) to fly away; lo 
pass away, disappear, vanish ; to 
move swiftly. 2 a. act. ind. ar/r 
T7IV. inf. aiToirrnvaf par. aroir 
Ta(. 2 a. mid. ind. aTi-txra/uji/, 
and -dfiriv inf. aTronrdadaf par 

A(piaTavrai, 3 pi. pres. ind. mid. — 
A(j>laTaro, 3 sin. impf. mid. — 
A^iiaraao, pres. impr. mid. of 

A<plcTniit, f. aToan'ifTui, p. aijtiartiKti, 
(fr. aro from, and 'iarr^ui to set) 
fei separate, sever, disjoin, divide, 
disunite ; to put aviiiy, place at a 
distance ; to turn away, ilraw off, 
detach, seduce ; tn slop, make to 
ccaie ; to cut sliort, break off', in- 
terrupt. A<j>liTTufiai, to withdraw, 
di-jiart, remove, shun, avoid, ab- 
dicate, retire ; to turn from, ab- 
hor, Umthc ; to abstain, refrain, 
withhold from ; lo revolt, rebel, 
fdl off or away, a/mstatizr ; tn 
fait, l>r drftcinit ; lo be altscnt, 
away, or far off'; to gather, draw 
lo a heail, suppurate. 2 a. art. 
ind. aniarriV impr. aniorijOi, 
-I'lTii). 2 pi. air/jirrrirf sub. uiroa- 
Tib, -r)V( ■fl" '"f- airi(iT?ivni' par. 
anoordi. pres. pasn. aiftiariiixai, 
•am, -rat, in 3 pi. aipiirravTat' 
impr. aipittTaao, I f. mid, aitoa- 


KipivOiii, inf. of a^Ty/idi, per. pass. 

'A«/.An<rrot', -un, rH, (fr. n nej;. and 


^An'u), same as ^\du) to break) 
the highest part of a ship, the 
qu'.trtii , poop. 
A(j)\oyiaTia,-ai, i), (fr. next) inca- 

prjiitity of being burnsit. 
A(p\dyicTos, -ov, b, {/, (fr. a neg. 
and (pXoyl^u) to burn) not parch- 
ed, scorc/icd, or blistered ; un- 
burned ; not inflammable or easi- 
ly set onflre, 

AtpXoitTiids, -ov, b, same asaippii. 

A(pvci(h, Dor. for u^i'tioD, g. ofui- 

A^i'tof, and Poet. Atpvciog, -ofj, 
b, 1], (fr. dtptvog wealth) rich, 
wealthy, opulent ; abundant, plen- 
tiful ; muniflcenl, tiherrd. 

Adivd, (by Sync, and Apoc. fr. 
a0ai'Uf invisibly) suddenly, una- 
wares, unexpectedly ; directly, 

A(p6i3riToi, -ov, b, f/, (fr. a neg. and 
(pnjiio) to fear) fearless, undaunt- 

A0oi8i'a, -ai, h, (ff. next) security, 
co'ifldence, boldness, 

'A0o/)o?, -ov, b, >';, (fr. a neg. and 
ipdjioi fe'dr) fearless, intrepid, un- 
daunted ; bold, courageous. 

A0d/3oDf, (fr. last) intrepidly, bold- 
ly, without fear; impudently, 

A(p6&eviia, -r-roj, to, (fr. aipoScvui 
to go to stool) excrement. 

A(poScvT)jpiov, -ov, TO, (fr. same) a 
close-stool, privy. 

Aipoievui, f. -ttiffo), p. aipSitvKa, (fr. 
airo from, and b^cvoi to go) lo go 
aside, ease nature, empty the 
bo'i^els, purge. 

I'itpS^iov, -ov, TO, (fr. ne.\t) excre- 

'AtpoSoi, Ion. diTot^oi, -ov, >;, (fr. 
a-zi from, and biii a road) a de- 
parture, going away ; retirement, 
withdrawing ; return, cmning 
back ; a privy ; dung, excrement. 

AtpOftotSw -(3, f. -loatii, p. (tipuifioiti)- 
Ku, (fr. az-o inlens. and o^ioidu to 
liken) to assimilate, jnuke tike, 
liken, per. pass, a^topoluipaf 
par. a<pij]iioiu>ii[vo;. 

Ai/)orAi(Ju), f. -law, {fr. az!t from, 
and bnXi^to to arm) lo ilisarm, 
strip, despoil of arms or armour, 
Ai/)()77X((oyifi(, lo strip, jnU off ar- 
mour, lay aside arms. 

Aijiopdii) -u), f. -liaio, p. a<p(j>pnKa, 
and Att. aipuapaKa, (fr. imb in- 
tcns. and bpdii} lo look) lo look 
from, turn away the cyrs ; lo look 
steadfnslty, gaze, behold ; lo look 
up lo, rn<ere, respect ; lo view, 
take, a view of. 

Aipip/itov, -on, T&, Pod. for aipiU^inr. 

Aip6pi)T0(, -ov, b, 1), {fr. a neg. and 
ipop/u) lo biMr) intolerable. 

Aipopii, -a<, /;, (fr. .same) unfiuit- 
fulness, sterility. 

A<popl^ti,[ii'in. iriil. act. — Af/opiu), 
-t7f, -ri, Atl. for afpoplau, -{i(, 
-ri, 1 f. ind. net. of 

A(iopl^<i>, f. -tail), [>. -iif'i, (fr. anii 
frttm, and hnlQi) to define) lo 
sever, srpnrair, divide ; to pick 
nut, choose, cult, seUr.l ; to dis- 
tinguish, designate, mark, note; 


to take ot/vjv, earn/ ^, banish, 

fxcommunirate, 1 f. Alt. aipopid. 

1 a. act. ind. nipv'opiaa' iiii|>r. 

n^dpiaor, -rfru. per. pass. oi/)ii- 

pi(r/iii(' par. iKpuipiafiivos, l<>n. 

(i0()»i(r/ifVof. 1 a. pisa. aipwpla- 

Oijv iinpr. n^op/ffd/n • 2 pi. urfio- 

A^<ipi(r/in, -Srof, rj, (fr. same) nni/ 

r'li'ns- separated or ss/ <y>ar/ ; an 

qffcrinz, vow. 
' AfopiB^ii, -ov, b, (fr. same) n dis- 

tinrtmn, diversion, sepnration, 

excommunication ; an aphorism, 
proverb, adnsc, pithy sentence. 
Aijioo^idu) -uiy f. -';(TWi p. nipiopfirjKn, 

(fr. arri from, and ip/iu'w to rush) 
to set out, go off; to arrive at, 
invade, aiVtck. 
A(popfi!), -i)f, 1^, (fr. airb from, and 
bpiir) tendency) an onset, attnck, 
assimU ; a refuse, help ; an oc- 
casion, opportunit't ; pretence, 
motive, cause; vxaterials, mean.t, 
provision, subsistetice ; money, 
camtid, stock. 
A6opiiri9iitr, Sync, for -Qdriaav, 3 

[il. 1 a. o))t. pass, of aificipfidui. 
A'Pop-i'^dynroi, -ov, b, rj, (fr. a nog. 
and (j)ooo\oyiu) to collect a tax) 
exempt, not subject to tribute. 


'A<f>p(iKTo%, -OV, b, fi, f fr. same, and 
ippdaaiji to hedge) uufortijied, 
open, exposed; undecked; un- 
f^uarded, unawares. 

' AitipnoToi;, -ov, b, )), (fr. same, and 
ippd^ii) to say) untold, not related 
or revealed; not to be expressed 
or repeated ; unwarned, unad- 
viscil, unexpected, unawares; un- 
known, hidden, secret. 

Aippiu) -w, (fr. a0p(1{ froth) to foam, 
froth; be covered with sweat, 

A(Pp')tC)P, -6pos, b, {fr. a nog. and 
(potiTu'O a tribesman) not of the 
tribe, not of an)/ tribe ; without 
kindred, regardle.fs of kindred; 
a misanthrope, manhnter. 

\ippiC,w, f. -lau, p. )J0p(Ka, (fr. 
a<pp<ii froth) to froth, foam. 

.\ipptKfi, -Tk, i), Africa. 

A<ppoyii'cia, -a;, i/, and Aippayev!!;, 
-hi -ofif, )'/, (fr. dippdi foam, and 
yho/iai to be) bom of the foam, 
sea-horn ; an epithet of Venus. 

A(j>poi]taiaKos, -;;, -ov, A(f>poita(n(T- 
rfis, and Atppuc^lcrioi, -ov, b, fi, 
(fr. next) of or relating to Venus ; 
amatory; wanton, 

A(f>pofiTi!, -rji, >i, (fr. n<l>pis froth, or 
d6pu)v silly, or a/?pof delicate) 


'A^opof, -01', b, t'l, (fr. same, and A0p<i\o/jo?, -ov, b, >), {fr. same, and 
ipiptii to bear) that does not bear, Kdyrj the hair) with hair of foam; 

barren, unproductive, 

Affi9p3i'T£f, n. pi. cont. par. pres 
act. of niiopd(j>, 

A'poatfu -(3, f. -(3(7(1), p. -uiKa, (fr. 
a-o from, and baog holy) to take 
away, sever, set apart ; to conse- 
crate, dedicate, devote ; to alone 
for, expiate ; to reject, abominate 
put away ; to discharge formal 
ceremonies, act as of course, per- 
form slightly ; to beg against, 
deprecate, refuse, decline. 

A'Pootuyjia, -arof, t3, (fr. last) a sa- 
crifice of atonement, offering of 

A<poain)<ris, -to;, Att. -toj;, i/, (fr. 
same) an atonement, expiation. 

A0' ov Tore, from that time, from 

Aipov, for d<pc(To, impr. of aipifirfv, 2 
a. mid. of a<piriiii, 

A<l>oTi, stand off", away, begone, 

'A(p6ii>vTa, Poet, for a<pwvTa, a. sin. 
mid. cont. par. pres. act. ofa<pdw. 

AippaSiui -d, f, -I'iBU), p. -vta, (fr. 
a(p'paSrii rash) to act sillily, play 
the fool ; to speak rathly, talk in- 
eonsitlerately, bla'>, babble, prate. 

Aipifiuiv -wv, (1. sin. A<ppaSiovTt, 
par. pres. of last. 

Aippai(u){, (fr. nAoii'/'/f foolish) 
rashly, inconsiderately, hastily, 

A^ooorjf, -loi -oZi, h, i'/, (fr. a neg. 
and cfipi^ui to think) tlinuqhtless, 
rash, inconsiderate, inadvertent ; 
foolish, infatuated, 

AioaHa, -aj, and Ion. -i?<>), -17?, /;, 
(fr. last) rashness, hastiness ; 
thoughtlessness, inadvertence ; siU 
linfss, foVy, 

A^DiiVio f. -avJ, (fr. a ncg. and 
(Jp'";i' the mind) to dole ; to rave, 
be distracted ; be out of the wits, 
act wildly. 

the hair covered with foam, 

A0oi5i'n, -»'ff, -vu)v, cases ofa(pp'!>v. 

A(ppoviw -u>, (fr. a neg. and (ppoviw 
to understand) to be foolish, silly, 
dote, par. pres. acppovtwv, a. pi. 

'A^patTif, -iSoi, b, fi, {fr, a neg. 
and (ppoiiTii care) careless, indif- 
ferent ; thoughtless ; fearless, un- 
concerned, without care. 

AtppniiriaTiu) S, f, -I'lau), p. -rjKii, 
(fr. last) to omit, pass by, neg- 
lect ; to slight, disregard. 

A(poovrtiTria, -a;, 7, (fr. same) in- 
dfference, inattention ; negli- 
gence, omission. 

A(ppivTiiTTos, -ov, b, 1), (fr. same) 
see ncppovrt;. 

.i^PpovThTwi, (fr. last) carelessly; 
at ; negligently 

A(j>pii, -ov, b, froth, foam ; spittle, 

'A(ppoat, d. pi. of d<(/piiiv. 

Kfooavvn, -Vii i/i (ff- f'^^i) .folly, 
foolishness, silliness ; levity, heed- 
lessness ; rashTiess, imprudence, 

A(pptov, -6vo;, b, !f, (fr. a neg. and 
^pr]v understanding), sil- 
ly, foolish; rash, inconsiderate, 

Kijivri, -n!y hi t^ anchovy, 

A0i'i)c, -t'o? -ovf, b, fi, {fr, a neg. 
and (pvti disposition) dull, heavy, 
stupid ; silly, simple ; ignorant, 

.>i.<pv1a, -If, i), (fr- same) dullness, 
stupidity, want of talents. 

'A(pvKTOs, Poet, for 'A'/ifuxro;, '■ov, 
b, f), {fr. a neg. and (ptvyo) to 
escape) inevitable, unavoirlahle ; 
unerring ; inextricable. 

AffivKTuii, (fr. last) inevilahly. 

A(jtv\nKTo;, -ov, b, »;, (fr. a neg. and 

less, inattentive ; unobserved, un- 
voticrd, unguarded, neglected, 
A0t!A(i\ru>(, (fr. last) incautiously, 

A0i's")i 1 f. ind. act. of o^h'itctw. 
A(jivnvi^(o, f. -lau>, (fr. aTri from, 
and iiinioi sleep) to atoake, rouse 
from sleep, 
A<pvTrv6u> -(i, f. -uiau), p. a<^l!7r>'ii)Af(i, 
(Ir. a-ni intciis. and vvvo; sleep) 
to fall fast asleep, sleep imundly. 
A^DTri'wo-a, -05, -c, 1 a. ind. act. of 

Aipvaytrds, -ov, b, r'l, {fr. n^uw to 
drain) drawn, drained, pwtred, 
ru.shing. Subs, a muddy torrent, 
swollen stream. 
Aipvaant, Poet, for a(p{iaai, 1 a. inf. 

act. of mpiw. 
A<pvaau>,f, -^u>, {fr, a0iS(t) to drain) 
to draw, take out of, empty; to 
pour upon, water ; to acquire, 
collect, get together. 1 f. inf. act. 
A(f>varcplia -Z, f, -fiattt, (fr. ottJ 
from, and iiarcooi deficient) to 
withdraw, withhold, keep back; 
to cheat, defraud, cozen; to fall 
behind, lag. 
A(pi(j>, f. -iau), (perhaps fr. and 
intens. and Hui to rain) to draw, 
take from, or out of; to empty, 
drain, exhaust. 
A0' (i, and A0' uire. Dor. for a<p' 
ov, viz. ■)(^p6vov,from which time, 
from whence, 
A0(3, -fit, .j), 1 pi. -uyttv, 2 a. sub. 

act. ofacbirjiu, 
A<pix>ixoio)iilvoi, -)7, -ov, par. per. 

pass, of a(j)0^ini6io. 
'A(/iwi'of, and Poet. Aipiivriro;, -ov, 
b, fi, (fr. a neg. and <pt,ivfi 
voice) speechless, dumb, silent, 
mute ; inarticulate ; unuttered, 
not spoken. 
A<pu>pi^ov, -£y, -£, or -ev, before a 
vowel, impf. act. — Atpiioiaa, 
-as, -c, 1 a. ind. act. — A<pii>pta- 
fiivoi, -rj, -ov, par. per. pass, of 
A(piicn, 3 pi. 2 a. sub. act. 01 

Ay'fi b, Achaz, indecl. a man's 

A;^ai'a, -(If, and Axai;, •l^oii hi 
the name of a country com- 
monly called Greece, Lat. 
Axa'iia, a. sin. of last. 
Axd'('>cii, -)), -dv, (fr. Ax'^'i") 
Achaian, Greek, Grecian. Also 
Achaicus, a man's name. 
Axa'iiU, -dho;, a proper name. 
A^nit^ffi n. pi- of 
AxatUi -ifnsi 1/, (fr- A^nm) a wo- 
man of Achaia, or Greece. 
Ax^'oh -wf, "!, (fr- same) Achai- 

ans ; Greeks, Grecians. 
Ax"'^'^'i -wi*, "l, a't, stags, deer ; or 
rather an ejiithct of them from 
the city rf Achainca. 
AX'J^ivoi, -ov, 0, I'l, (fr. a neg. and 
Xa^tvbs a bridle) unbridled, li- 
centious, unrestrained; violent, 
headstrong, rash. 

<pv\dttau) to guard) unwary ,h4:ed-\' AyaXKOf, -ov, b, rj, {fr. same, and 


vaXxig brass) uilhovt brass ; tin- 
armed, unprotected ; without mo- 
ney, pennyless, poor. 
A^avfj -li, hi ^ Persian measure 

ol'grain ; a baker's trough. 
Ax<'>'«i-f''S -st'SjO, i), (*■■• a'ltens. 
and ;;(;<iivttito gape) mde, gaping, 
yawning ; Jixcd or wrapped in 
amazement ; huge, vast ; im- 
mense, boundless i deep, bottom- 
'Axapti, -iro?, b, >i, (fr. a neg. and 
X^P'i thanks) unpleasant, dis- 
agreeable, troublesome, offensive ; 
insipid ; wortldess ; thankless, 
ungrateful, ungracious, 
AxapiOTtijj -a, f. -rjaiji, (fr. a;^api(r- 
roi disagreeable) to offend, dis- 
gust, shock, cause a dislike ; to be 
ungrateful; to experience in- 
AX^^Qiaria, -of, >'/, (fr. same) iin- 

l/iunkfulness, ingratitude. 
A^a'pioTuf, -ov, b, )';, (fr. a neg. and 
yap'i thanks) thankless, ungrate- 
ful i disagreeable, offensive. 
A;^<ipiVruf, (fr. last) ungralefuUy ; 

A-X^rni, -ov, b, Achates, the friend 

of -■Eneas ; an agale. 
'Axc'i Dor. for ij'xi', 3 sin. pres. 

or impf. ind. of i);^<'(i). 
'A;^£i,and'A;(;<,indeci. o/r^'ffn.A''^. 
Ax^f, indecl. a man's name. 
Axt'pni, -ioi -uos, b, h, (fr- a neg. 
and x^ip the hand) without 
Hariris, wanting a hand or hands ; 
Axiipo~oiriToi, -ov, b, rji (ff. same, 
and ■notim to make) not made by 
hauls; nit matle by man; na- 
tural, not artificial. 
AxcXi^io(, and A;^£X(Dof, -ov, b, the 

river ArheU/us. 
A;^f'o((Ta, Dor. for nxi'ovaa, for 
which also Av/'otia', fern. par. 
pres. of av/iD. 
'Ax'p6o(, -ov, 6| the black thorn, or 

sloe tree. 
Ax'P"Ui -liof, fi, (fr. nG^') the 
uihUe poplar which Ilfrcnles 
was laid to have brought from 
Ax'ix^t', -ovr.if, b, (fr. rfvof grief, 
and liiu) lo flow) th'-'rc were 
several rivers of l!)i« name. 
One of ihc rivers of the Hell 
of llie Pocl^, llfll, Acheron. 
A;^^£r/{ri, .■T'.ol. and Dor. fijr nx"''"} 
<i. pi. par pr<rs. or 3 pi. prew. 
in 1. act. of t/yra. 
A^^Cfiiii, name aa 

Ay»w-ai, f. -I'lao), (fr. rf-^"? K"''"'") 
topatn,aelu: ; lo grieic, fret, re- 
}>ir. : ; to be angry, par. pres, 
Kx'"'i Dor. r)r nx'*^' 
Aj^^v, -hof, b, % (fr. a nog. and 
IX'" '" have. Or, fr. a inlcns. 
and ;^afi'u» to (;-ipe) poor, ijuli- 
gent ; beggarly, mean ; gaping 
for food. 
Kxnvia, -ai, fj, (ff- '"0 poftrly, 

inanl, irutt^rnrr. 
A^C^f^i I a. par. (lass. of i/yu. 
A,T^WrT(i, Alt. for axBiori, 2 tin. 1 f. 
mid. ofrixOo/iai- 


A,\;9()vai, 1 a. inf. pass. — Ax9r,acff- 
' f)t, 2 pi. 1 f. ind. pass, of dyu. 

'AxOofiai, f. -»;o-o/(oi, and -ioojtai, 
p. tixdof"^', and nxBtciiai, (fr. 
next) to be oppressed, overburden- 
ed ; to grudge, be loath, or un- 
willing; to refuse, take ill, dislike; 
to moan, bemoan, grieve, fret. 
pres. 1 pt. axBufuOa- 3 pi. a;^- 
doi'Tai. 1 a. ind. pass. vxdfoOi/v. 

'Ax^os, -cog -ovi, TO, a Wiight, load, 
burden; truss, pack, baggage; 
a charge, impost, imposition ; 
jiressure, affiiction ; grief, sor- 
rotv, w), calamity. 

AxOcxpopi ji) -cS, f. -I'lcu), (fr. last, and 
(pipco to carry) to bear burdens, 
carry a load, be a porter. 

Axdo(p6pos, -ov, b, !], (fr. same) that 
carries loads or hears burdens ; 
a porter, beast if burden. 

S-X), easily, freely, readily. 

A;^(Af'uj,Poet. ibr A;^(XXfuj,g. and 

A;^iXr;ij, Poet, for A;^iXXfa, a. of 

A;^(XXrij, -ioi, Att. -r;oj, and -cuis, 
b, Aclutlcs, a man's name. 

.i^Y'XXr/tof, relating to Achilles, like 

AX'rwv -ovoi, b, f), (fr. a neg. and 
XiTwv a coat) without a coat, in a 
waistcoat or jacket ; ill-dressed, 

'A;^Xaaof, -ov, b,fi, (fr. same, and 
vXaiVa a cloak) without a cloak, 
in his tvaistcoat. 

AyXWtif, -caaa, -tv, (fr. next) 
dark, obscure; misty, foggy, 
gloomy, dreary. 

A;tXi'f, -voi, !], darkness, obscurity ; 
a cloud, mist, fog ; weakness or 
dimtuss of sight ; sadness, sor- 
row, grief, wo. 

A;^Xuaj, f. -t)<Td), (fr. last) to darken, 
obscure, sully; to shade, shadow, 
oiershaibiw ; to hile, screen, con- 
ceal ; to grow dark ; to become 

'Axi'a, or 'A;^!'?, -rji, »;, (fr. a ncg. 
and fYu) to cohere) rha//', husks ; 
donm^ motes, straiun^ &c. froth, 
foam ; smoke, soot. 

' AX^Vfiai, f. -vaoftat, p. -);j^iii<t//ui, 
(fr. a';^of grief) to grieve, repine, 
fret, take ill. |)ar, pres. axvif^e- 

A;^or, Dor. for vx'''h ^- ®"1- °^ 


'A;^;oXof, -ov, o, /;, (fr. a ncg. and 
Xi^fl hile) without the gall, free] 
from bile ; mild, gentle ; good 
ai;ainst bite ; allaying anger. 

A;^iioturo{, -oi', b,l) (Cr. same, anil 
Yoo^S a chorus) without a clmrus ; 
v>iihnut dances, devoid of mirth, 

'Ax<>(i "'"f -ovt, ri, pnin, ache ; 
grief, sorrow, wo ; emotion, dii- 
quiel, perturbation ; confusion, 
disorder, calamiti/, misfortune. 

'AXpiyrof, -ov, b, f,, (fr. n neg. and 
ypa/ru to colour) untouched, un- 
tainlcl, inro.ilami'ialrd, pure. 

A^p'H, -"•''>(. '/.''"^ wdd pear-tree. 

kxoiiov, (neut. of next) see a;^- 

AYf>£i'o(, -a, -or, (fr. a neg. and 


XP^^o- use) unprojiiahle, useless, 
worthless ; lazy, cowardly ; silly, 

Axpei6rrii,-r}T0(, //, (fr. last) useless- 
ness, unprojitableness, insignifi- 
cance ; simplicity, awkwardness. 

AvptiiJou -w, f. -wauj, p. rjxptiuiKa, 
(fr. same) to render t(seless, make 
good for nothing ; to debase, vili- 
fy. A;^pfi(io/;a(,<o6fco7neit'ort/i- 
tess or vile ; to disgrace, demean 
one's self. per. pass. r;;^p£i'u)^(!(. 
1 a. pass. rixpeiiSiQ^iv, 3 pi. >iXP~^' 

Axpil'^i, (fr. same) insignificantly ; 
awkwardly ; foolishly ; disgrace- 
fully ; uselessly, to no purpose. 

AXP'i^'^^t Poet, for a;\'p£Tof. 

AxP'T'CTo;, Poet, for a,Yp»7orof. 

AxP''H'"-~°Sj ■o'^i ^) ht (f''. " neg. and 
XP'W" properly) pennyless, poor, 
indigent, destitute ; plain, not ex- 

Axpifi^v, -6vos, b, h, (ff. same) 
poor, indigent, destitute. 

' AxpV^rog, -ov, b, )'i, (fr. o neg. and 
XpncTug useful) useless, unpro- 
fila'ile, worthless ; unused ; had, 
vicious^ base, vile. Or, (fr. same, 
and XP'^IP"' ^^ oracle) who re- 
ceives no ansvier from the oracle, 
unanswered ; who disregards 

'Axp'i and 'Axon, till, until ; still, 
continually ; up to, unto, so far, 
as far as; in, within. 

Ayi'p/^K/, -ai, //, (fr. next) a place 
into which the chnffis blown from 
the grain, the receptacle for the 
chaff, the chaff gathered there, a 
heap of choff. 

A;;^PpJi', -OV, rb, (perhapsfr. o ncg. 
and tx''pii firm) chaff; straw, 
stubble, litter, haum. 

Avypdui -u>, f. -locrui, p. -WKa, (fr. 
!a?t) to spread, scattir, or strew 
with chaff, straw, litter, &c. to 
mix with duff. 

AxviiCii', -wi'os, 0, (fr. same) aheap 
if Straus, the straw thrown from 
thcfiail ; chaff. 

A;^'(i, u;(;wf, a. Dor. for >7J^(i. 

'A Y^i same as a*(i^<u). 

A;^(ip, -ojpof, b, a running sone on 
the head ; fnulness, dandrff. 

"Ai//, '/oc/f, backwards, behind; af- 
ter, snbjequKuJly ; in succcssi'in ; 
again ; on the contrary ; imriu- 
dintely, directly. 

"A'^aio, 2 sin. I a. opt. mid. 
"Av^do, Ion. for A'l/'u), and this 
Dor. for JiJw, 2 sin. 1 a. ind. 
niid. — 'Ai^rf/ifi'of, -i;, -ov, pur. 
— "Ai/aoOai, inf. I a. mid. of 

'Ai/'auoTOf, -on, 0, fi, (fr. a neg, and 
i/zofio) to touch) untouched, un- 
tainted, untainted, undrfiUd,purc. 

'A\pcKT0{, -ov, and Ai/'fViV, -io( 
-otf, b,fi, (fr. same, andt/'/yu to 
blnnie) unrrprovcd ; unhlame- 
able, blameless. 

A^iv^iii, and A^tvnriui -w, (fr. 
next) to speak truly, Ir.U tndh ; 
to shun deceit. 

A\f'tvim, -I'of ->!!(, and '-Avl/cvlnf, 
-ov, b, 4, (fr. a neg. and <|eui^>/( . 


false) ineapahle ot I'nlsrhonilj 
true, failhfut ; rtd/, gotiniii, 
ri a III, just. 
A<|""^>i<»I""- f^*ptvSiii)s, (fr. last) 

Iruli/, vtrili/, rtall}/. 
Ai/n'ffri)i, -01', 6, A, (fr. n neg. and 
v^tii^w to lie) true, Juilhfut, ho- 
«»•«/, Just. 
'A\}.ifcf, n. pi. of (i<//f. 
A\^iKopoi, -oil, i, I), (I'r. (i>^ a^ill, 
und Kdpoi satiety) faslidwus, 
squcaniisli, lUlicale, ?iice. 
"A^u', a. sin. of ui/if. 
A<|/vOyor, -on, rd, and 'Ai|irOos", 
-01), b, (perhaps fr. a nog. and 
ri'iu) to drink) woriincood. 
'Ai/is, and A(/iy, -''Vs, i'/, (fr. (ir- 
T-ui to join) a juinin:;, Jilling, 
knulting ; a Joint, knot; a bond, 
band, tie ; a ^shing net, mcsli ; 
a vault, arch, groin ; a rnililary 
tesludo, or covered approiicli ; 
thefelloe/i, or wooden circumfer- 
ence of a wheel ; a circle, ring. 
*A<|(f, -lof, Att. -twj, i';, (fr. same) 
the touch, feeling ; a touching, 
handling ; intercourse, connex- 
A^opl>oi, and Ai^fipioof, -ov, b, ^, 
(fr. (ixp backward, and pdo; a 
slrea.m) flowing back, ebbing, re- 
turning, retrograde ; reciprocal, 
Aipos. -£of -ou{, rb, (fr. airrta to 
join) a Joint, articulation ; a 
Und), member ; bonds, fetters. 
A\po(priT'i, (fr. a neg. and 4<>0os a 
crash) without 7ioisc, stilly, qui- 
A\pv)(Oi, -ov, b, fi, (fr. a neg. and 
i^u;^^ life) lifeless, dead, inani- 
mate ; spiritless, pusillanimous. 
A<puiiini, -7], -rirai, 3 pi. -xpoivrai, 

1 a. sul). mid. of arru). 
A(i), Adu), Aioi, ' kiijii, f. ar;(7ai, to 
blow ; to breathe, draw breath ; 
to breathe gently ; to sleep, par. 
pres. nets. 1 a. inf act. aiiOai, 
and aiaai. 
Au), or Aa'u, same as ardui, which 
see, par. 1 a. mid. acdfxcvoi, 1 a. 
ind. pass. fia9r)v, Ion. dcQriv, 
'Aw, f hVu, for dS(ji, which see. 
AwOti, Dor. forrjwdev. 
Awi', u6voi, i. Dor. for ijwv, which 

for ii'ihiv. 
Aup/u) -d, f -ncoi, p. t]ii)pj]Ka, (fr. 
duipoi unseasonable) to neglect, 
overlook, pass by, omit. 
Aiiipi, (fr. same) untimely, unsca- 

sonalily, nut of time. 

Awpi'n, -«5, >/, (fr. same) unseason- 

uUeness, uvjitness, immaturity ; 

bad weather, inclemency. 

Au>p6\cioi, -ov, b, II, (fr. same, and 

ArTof smooth) beardless in age, 

long without having a beard. 

'Auipof, -ov, b, /;, (fr. a neg. and 

iip'i time, care. Or, fr. same, 

and otipoj a guard) unseasonable ; 

unfit, improper, unbecoming ; 

immature, untimely ; negligent, 

careless, inniffereni ; requirinn 

much care, hard to be guarded, 

or preserved. 

'AuipTo, by Sync, and Ion. for 

pii'iptro, 3 sin. |)per. pns.s. ofaiu-' 
pil^>. Or I'oit. for fipro, 3 sin. 
pper. pass. o\' nioui. 

Auii, (luos aou(, (1, Dor. for r;u)(, a. 
sill. com. nu. 

Atttrlio -S), t. -I'/ffii), and Awrtiim, 1. 
-ivaw, (tr. next) la mil, gather, 
pluck Jlowcrs ; to enjoy, delight 
tn, take the betujil of, indulge. 

AiUTOi-) -oh, b, and 'Awroi; -on, T&, 
a Jlower ; produce, or pro/it ; 
wool; the Jlower, bloom, pride, 

'Auroj, -ov, b, »'/, (fr. a neg. and 
ovi the car) without ears, want- 
ing eais, Itaving no lugs. 


B, /?, 6, the second of the Greek 
letters, called beta. As a nu- 
meral mark, it signifies iwo ; 
or with a dot underneath, 6, two 

Ba, a particle implying ridicule or 

Ba, by Apoc. for 0d9i, Dor. for 
jifidi, impr. oi i^r}v, 2 a. of (iiijxi, 
or jialvu). 

Ba'iiX, indecl. pi. fidaXifi, Baal, 
Bui, or Bel ; a ruler, lord. 

Baa'pus, a root, to which some 
wonderful properliea were at- 

Bn73«, an unmeaning word used 
by infants. 

Bn/?a'fu), f. -aVhi, and q'^w, (fr. last) 
to speak inurlirulutely, lisp ; to 
cry like an infant. 

Bufial, O strange! wonderful! 
astonishing ! bless me ! 

Bal^dKTns, -ov, b, (fr. jSa/Ja'^u to 
prate) a vain-talker, liarangiier, 
speech-maker. See also (idfia^. 

BufidXiov, -ov, rd, (fr. (id(ia) a 

Bu(ia\iaTi'tpia, -ui', ra, (fr, same) 
a cradle. 

%d(i(i\ov, -ov, rd, an opening, pas- 
sage, aperture ; the female parts. 

Ba'/3uf, -iiKOi, b, I'l, (fr. jvi^w to 
speak) prating, babbling, talka- 
tive ; idle, foolish, silly ; trouble- 
some, impudent. 

Bu/JprfC"! '" cry loudly, or shrilly ; 
to chirp. 

Ba'/?pif, -ik'of, /), the cum, or gums. 

BaPvXiov, -ihvoi, fi, Babylon, a fa- 
mous city. d. ,-wri. 

Bni^i'ii', Hneri clothes. 

Bniriv, (fr. 0aivij> to walk) step by 
step, by degrees, by little and 
little, gradually ; slovAy, s'ftly. 

Btt(5i^a), f. -(<ru, p. pePditKa, (fr. 
same) to walk, go, move, pro- 
ceed ; to go to, frequent. 1 f act. 
Att. (infiiw' mid. (iitfiinvnai. 

Bnfi^j), Dor. for (iaviau), 1 f. act. 
of last. 

Ba'i'T(T(;, -105, Att. -«(■){, ft, (fr. 0n- 
?.i^w to walk) a v:alking, v:alk ; 
an entrance, rnlrring, going in. 


Brf(1ia/ia, -urof, rd, and BaSiafiif, 
•oh, b, (fr. name) a step, pace ; 
gait, uidk, march, 

Bu(^iffr/i)s, -«,-oi>, (fr. same) must 
gu, to be walked, &c. according 
to I lie verb, 

Bai\iaTiis, -uv,b, (fr. same) a wait- 
er, Tumur ; a post, viessciiger, 

Bai)iartKi'ii, -h, 'bi', or-ov,b,l), (fr. 
same) that widks or runs ; am- 
bling, pacing, walking ; expedi- 
tious, active. 

Bii'i^of, -ov, b, (fr. same) a walk, 
Journey ; way, road ; a coming, 
concourse, collection. 

B(i^u), f -CO), and -^'w, p. Pifiaxa, 
Poet, (as \f(iod^(ji fr. /Joo'u to cry 
out) to speak, say, tell; to utter, 
pronounce, propliecy ; to blah, 

huOitiv, Ion. for (iadttav, a. sin. 
fem. haQci, BaQeia, and Ion. 
'RaOelji, d. sin. Badi>, neut. sin. 
of (iaQvi. 

BdOetoi, -ov, b, >/, and -a, -ov, same 
as (iaO('i. 

BaOi'wf, (fr. PaOiii deep) deeply, 
profoundly ; heavily, 

BdOn, pi. cont. o(liiido(. 

BdOtami, BnO/uii', see ISndvs. 

BaOixTj^dv, (fr. /JuOfid? u step) step 
by step ; gradually, orderly. 

BaQfih, -lioi, II, (fr. same) an en- 
trance, threshold; a step ; a base, 
foot, foundation. 

Badjjbi, -ov, b, (fr. [Salvw to go) a 
step, or stair ; rise, gradation, 
order ; degree, rank, preferment, 

Bddoi, -£05 -ovs, TO, depth, deep- 
ness ; a deep ; the deep, ocean ; 
extremity, loxvest degree, distress ; 
greatness, immensity, extent ; 
profoundness, inscrutability, ab- 

BdOpov, -ov, rd, (fr. (ialvw to go) a 
step, stair ; a base, pedestal; a 
fooistool ; a bench ; a row of 
benches, or seats in the theatre ; 
seat, .lite, foundation. 

Bttdii, neut. of fiaOvi. 

Bu6vy\uicco;, -ou, b, »;, (fr. liadv; 
deep, and ■y'^doaa the tongue) 
deep-mmilhed, sonorous ; tlo- 
quait, fluent. 

BuOvMir](, -ov, 6, fi, (fr. same, and 
Mvri an eddy) deep-flowing, mak- 
ing eddies or whirlpools. 

BaOv^o^os, -ov, b, //, (fr. same, and 
(5d(ni fame) glorious, celebrated, 
renowned, far-famed, 

BaBv^oivos, -ov, b, ft, (fr. same, and 
^uii't) a girdle) u>earing the girdle 
low, long waiited ; noble, of high 
rank ; fair, beautiful. 

BaOvKriTtis, -cni -ouj, b, 1/, (fr. (ia- 
Oiifdeep, and kT]to( a whale) of 
immense depth, very deep, fa- 

Bu0iiifXr/pos, -ov, b, fi, {fr. same, and 
k\ ri po i a.n inheritance) of exten- 
sive properly, rich, wealthy, opu- 

B«0r(co>7ros, -ov, b, fi, (fr. same, and 
KoATTOf a gulf) v;ith deep bays, 
seated on a deep bay, or gulf; 
with deep valleys, rich, fertile; 


long-waisted, with a low breasl 
or bosom. 

iuOvxptiitvoi, -ov, b, II, (fr. same, 
and xpv/^vdf a precipice) ivith 
deep precipices or higk ctijfs ; 
steep, craggy. 

BadvKon'U, -tioi, q, (fr. same, and 
Kon~h a foundation) deep seuted ; 
with strong foundatiojis ; Jirm, 

Badr^ei/io;, -ov, and Ba6uX«'^(uv, 
-ovo;, b, 1), (fr. same, and Xetftdv a 
meadow ) with extensive meailows, 
or pnstures ; fertile, luxuriant. 

Baflu/idXXos, -01', 6, I'l, (fr. same, 
and fidWoi a fleece) with long 
wool, thick ,fleeefs, fleecy, woolly. 

BadvfiijTa, JEoL for liadviitJTrjs, -ov, 
0, (fr. same, and unrt; thought) 
of deep counsel, wise, sage, saga- 
cious, intelligent, sen.nhle. 

Bddvvos, -Ov, b, (fr. jSadiii deep) a 
hole, pit, pitfall ; a den, cave. 

hdduvais, -lof, Att. -cu);, q, (fr. 
next) an excavation, hollow, ca- 

Baduvii), f. -vvS, p. -vyKa, (fr. 
liaOui deep) to deepen, excavate, 
hollow, sink. per. pass. (JelidOvn- 
liai, and Att. (icliddv(Tftat. 

'BadvTf'itof, -a, -ov, (fr. same, and 
TTtiiov a plain) with extensive 
plains, level; bw, encompassed 
with hills. 

BaOurAolio'iOf, and EuOuTrXourof, 
•ov, b, I'l, (fr. SJime, and rrXovcrioi 
rich) very wealthy, opulent. 

haOjzo>,cixoi, -ov, b, I'l, (fr. same, 
and -d\ciioi war) deeply engaged 
in war, cau-iing great war, lur- 
'lulent, tumultuous. 

Ba9iirp(i)pr>{, -ov, b, ^,(fr. same, and 
TDuipa the prow) with deep or 
loft'/ prows ; large, stidrly, lofty. 

fiiiOv!!d>Yii)v, -u)i"){, b, (fr. same, 
and Twyui/ a heard) long-beard- 

EaOvplnlrrif, -ov, and .'Eol. -ao, and 
BaOvpjiois, -uv, b, ri, (fr. s.une, 
and jifui to flow) deep flou)ing, 
di-cn rolling, deep heaving. 

BaOvii'iii^li, .!,<;, ff, (fr. same, and 
lii^it a root) depth of root. 

B(iOiin,'i'^o{, -ou, 6, >;, (fr. same) 

UriOuf, -fT(, -V, (fr. 0i9os depth) 
deep ; high, lofty ; early ; hroail, 
extensive; tiuck, clise, dente ; 
violent, overwtielming ; hilden, 
conreidel, my^lrrinis, profmnd, 
penetrniing, sagticious ; comp. 
liuOvTtpn^, (}iiOiu)v, and ffdacuv, 
sup. ffrOvrarof and jldOiarof. 

BuOvuKiof, -ov, b, fi, (fr. last, and 
o-iria n whade) dtep-shaJcd, shel- 
ttrnl; shorty. 

li'iOiaTtpyo(, -oij, 6, )';, (fr. 8ame, 
and artpvov I ho breasl) deirp- 
rhr^lrd, hroad-hrewiUii ; ample, 
wi'te, ertennwr. 

BoOiiffrpurof, -ov, h, fi, (fr. gime, 
and aTptovvviii to itrew) deep- 
strewn, covered or sprea/l ileeply ; 

ZnOrny^oivnf, -ov, b. 'i, (fr. namc, 
and iT)(o'iiiO'i a bulrush) wUh tali 
nuhet; skirled with ruthct. 


BaQvrris, -i;t3{, ,;, (fr. same) depth, 
deepness ; profundity. 

BaOvcbpuv, -oi.'oi, b, i;, (fr. same, 
and (ppfiv the mind) deep-think- 
ing, thoughtful ; circumspect, 
prudent ; inscrutable. 

Badi'(pwi'Oi, -ov, b, ';, (fr. same, and 
<poivfi voice) deep-toned, grave, 
sonoroiui; using an unknown 
language or an obscure style. 

Badvxairiif, -ov, b, >i, (fr. same, 
and ptuiVi/ llie hair) long haired, 
with thick hair. 

BaOv')(^ci\oi, -ov, b, !i, (fr. same, 
and ;^;£rXo; the Up) using wisi 
and profound, or strange and 
obscure language. 

Badv^Ou)!', -ovog, b, i;, (fr. same, 
and X'^'*"' *^^ ground) having a 
deep soil, fertile. 

Ba7ci', Sync, for (iairicav, 3 pi. 2 a. 
opt. of (ifiy^i. 

BiilQ, a bath, a Hebrew measure of 

I Bn'ivz, Ion. for t^aint, 3 sin. impf. 
ind. of /3aiVu). 

Bdivn, -rti, h, (fcm. of next) viz. 
XKulva, a robe embroidered with 
palm leaves ; a .scarlet robe. 

Brtivof, -17, -ov, or -ov, b, I'l, (fr. 
0uU an olive branch) made of 
palm branches ; of or about the 
palm tree. 

Balvui, or Pijiit, f. mid. Pijcroiiat, p. 
BiffrjKn, to go, walk ; to move, 
march ; to step, stride, stalk ; to 
enter upon, begin ; to proceed, 
advance, hold on, continue ; to 
go about, live, move, have being. 
per. mid. fiijSaa, 3 pi. (it[idacf 
par. litliaiis. Or (Uiiaa, &c. is 
by Sync, and Ion. for jlifinKu, 
per. ind. act. 2 a. act. ind. il3rjv 
impr. iSTjdf for which also fiddi, 
and fin' opt. {iair)v par. /Ju'j. 
per. pass. jiil3)inut, jii^aiiai, and 
liiiiuafiat . 

Ba'tov, see paU. 

Batbv, (neut. of next) a little v:hile ; 
for a while ; little, but little. 

BaiJ;, -«, -bv, small, little ; brief, 
concise ; few ; one, butane. 

Buif, i'/, and ftntov, -ov, rb, a branch, 
pro[)erlv of the palm tree. 

BaTrn, or B. !(>»;, -tjq, i';, a Doric 
word, ajarket of leather or skins, 
worn by shepherd'' ; a bag, 
scrip ; skin or parchment. 

BalMpoi, -ov, b, (fr. /)«(■{ a palm 
branch, and 0fpu to carry) Ihc 
ceremony or procession of olive 
or palm branches. 

Buiwi', -livof, b, (perhaps fr. (i,iii( 
Hinnll) a fish like a giiriiicon ; a 
measure usfd at Alexandria. 

BdK'tinv, -ov, ri, rwlish or cnhhuge 

BdKri\o<, iv, h, a lubber, drone, 
stupid fellow; a wettclur ; a 

B(iKKiipt(, or BdK^'ipi^, -io(, Att. 
•[(If, I), a fragrant Iterb, Uvll/'s 
glrive, wilrl spikenard. 

B'lKriipia, -Hi, !i, BriKrf-pt'iv, (ind 
RnKro-if, -1", TO, 1 staff", stick, 
crutch, walking st'^ff", cane ; a 
tcepire, rod, 



BaK^dii) -iji, see BaK^ciui, 
BaKX^'iov, -on, TO, (fr. Bn'K;^04-Bac 

chus) the temple of Bacchus. 
BaK)^c'ios, -a, -ov, (fr. same) ofo, 
like Bacchus, bacchanalian, fran- 
tic. Also subs, -ov, b, a baccliic, 
foot in prosody. 

BaK^ti'iiara, -u)v, ru, (fr. next) 
the feast of Bacchus; orgies, 
drunken, revels. 

B u >.■ Yt i' (ij, f. -tiiffci, and EaK:(fi<),.-o*, 
f. -t;(7w, (fr. BaK^oi Bacchus) to 
celebrate the fe^usl of Bacchus; 
to revel, riot, BaK^cionai, to 
rage, rave, be transported, 

BoK'xiu, -aj, i;, (fr. same) revelling, 
rioting, debauchery, intoxication ; 
rapture, transport, extravagance. 

BdK^o;, -ov, b, Bacchus, the hea- 
then god of wine. 

BdK^o;, •ov, 0, >i, and fern. Ba*:;^);, 
-;;>-, /;, (fr. last) a priest, priestess 
or votary of Bacchus, bacchanal ; 
bacchanalian, frantic, riotous; 
enraptured, transported ; a kiml 
of wreath or garland. 

Ba\daii, indecl. Balaam, a man's 

EaXiU-, indecl. Balak, a man's 

BaXaraypa, -as, and Ion. •ypv, -1i, 
'}, (fr. /JiiXuvoj a bolt, and dypa 
a hold) a key ; also a bar, bolt. 

Ba\avuov, -ov, rb, a bath, bagnio, 

BaXiivtVi, -fos, Att. -f'uf, Ba\avtijr' 
rri;, and BuXui'tiV/i?, -ov, b, (fr. 
last) a keeper or mctster of, or a 
servant attending in a bath; a 
busy-boily ; curious, inquisitive. 

BaXuv»;i^>n'yof, -ov, u, /';, (Ir. jiiiXavos 
an acorn, and (pdyiii, to eat) thai 
eats or lives on acorns or ?nast. 

BuXuM/^iipof, -ov, 0, !/, (fr. same, 
and i/)('pu) to bear) bearing mast 
or acorns, glandiferous, 

BaXai'll^u), f. -leu), p. -iKa, (fr. 
same) to shake or gather acorns. 

BuXui({, -Moj, and BaXaiiaca, -ris, 
!/, (fr. iia\avuov a hath) a wo- 
man that keeps or attends a hath, 

Ba'Xui'Of, -ov, b, acorn or maxt ; a 
bolt, bar, latch ; a peg, pin ; a 
kind if tree and of flsh ; the 
male glans ; a form of medicine, 

BaXdvTiOV, and BeiXXai/riov, -uv, 
rb, (perhaps fr. /JriXXu to 
throw, and tirif within) a purse, 
has;, haversack ; a sack, 

Bn\nvTiorofiiu>, -di, f. -/;(ru), (fr. last, 
and ri'/ii'w to cut) to nit apuise, 
pick tlic pocket ; to filch, steal, 

BuXdiTiorci^of, -ov, b, (fr. same) 
a cutpurse, pickpocket ; a trea- 
surer, bursar, 

Bii\ava)T>i, -nf, fi, (fr. (id\avoi an 
acorn) an oak wood, forest. 

BitKavaTiov, -(Ml, rb, the flower of 
the wild p'imegranal'. 

BrtX/l!{, -I'f'o?, /(, a rail, bar, start- 
ing post ; a goal or post at 
racing ; the beginning, com- 
mencetiwnt, outset. 

Bn'Xc and Bn'Xn', Ion. fir /^«X(, 3 
nin. 2 a. act. also Bn'Xt, -/ru, 2 
pi, -trc, pr< B. impr. act. — B.i- 
Xiciv, Ion. and Pout, for BaXttv, 
2 a. inf. act. — BaMaOai, 2 a, 


uif. mid. — BrfXtr', Ion. for 
t(ldXiro, 3 sin. 2 n. mid. — Ha- 
A/rr;i', Ion. for tfi'iX/rf/r, 2 dll. i. 
ti. ind. act. — D<i.\;r, Dor. for 
fiaXov, i a. impr. mid. — lidXij- 
rai, 3 sin. 2 a. siil>. mid. — Bu- 
Au), 'ji;, 11, 2 and 3 pi. -rjrt, 
-uci, 2 u. svib. act. — BhAu/v, 
-oi'cru, -iv, g. pi. -(JiTuJi', d. pi. 
-of.ii, par. 2 a. act. of ;JdAAu>. 

B<jA(a>, -(I, di, (fr. lidXXu) to 
throw) .s-ui/?, Jlccf, nhnbic ; 
speckleil, dnpplat, pyebaUed ; 
also hliivl, iiutUiiig night. 

Bn'AA', and Bn'AAt, Ion. for IjiaWc, 
3 sin. impf. ind. act. — B'iAAjai, 
for/?o'AA;;, 2 sin. pres. sub. pass. 

— Bt>AAc(, 3 sin. pres. ind. act. 

— BdAAco, Ion. for /?a'AAoi>, pres. 
impr. pjss. — UaXXiaKiTu, Ion. 
and Poet, and BriXAtro, Ion. for 
tiitiWcTo, 3 sin. impf. ind. mid. 

— BaXXcrai, 3 sin. pros. ind. 
pass. — Ba'AXj?, 3 sin. pres. sub. 
act. — Brt'XXwi', -ovca, -ov, par. 
pres. act. of jSa'AXu. 

'BdWrjaa, Ion. for e0d\\n<ra, 1 a. 
ind. act. of jiaWiiii, Poet, for 

BaXXi'^u, f. -hoi, (fr. pdXXw to 
throw) to , fling the legs, dance, 
caper, frisk. 

BaXAi(T^6s, -oC, 11, (fr. last) a 
dunce, dancing; leaping; mov- 
ing to time. 

BdXXoficv, 1 pi. pres. ind. act. — 
SaXXoncvoi, -Tj, -Of, par. pres. 
pass. — BaXXoiTufj-Xocrts, -\dv- 
T(i)v, BdXAoixTtji', cases of par. 
pres. act. — GdWovat, 3 p!. 
))res. ind. act. of 

BdAAw, f. /3aAui, p. Pet^XtiKn, to cnst, 
throw, pelt, Jiing, hurl, aim, 
shoot, dart ; to pass beyond, ex- 
cel, surpass, exceed; to butt, 
push, thrust, dash, strike, hit, 
wound; to cast, drop, shed; to 
reach, arrive at, attain to; to 
throw, or dram over, cover; to 
iruluce, suggest, persuade ; to lay 
by, hoard, treasure up. Bn'AXo;/ai, 
to be cast down, to throw one's 
self down, to lie, lean, recline ; to 
cast in mind, ponder, meditate. 
impf. ijiaXSov. 2 a. act. md. 
ifiaXov impr. ^dXf sub. /JdXw. 
per. pass. fiijiXriiiai. ppcr. pass. 
tlitiiX^fir]v, 1 a. pass. ind. t/JAi'/- 
dnv impr. /3X;50r;ri • .inf. PXvdri- 
vnt. pe/. mid. (itfloXa. 

^aXXiaTri,-iii,i'i, the herh horekouml. 

haXoiftt, -oif, -01, act. — EaXolfiriv, 
-010, -oiTo, mid. 2 a. opt. of 


'BaXoiaai, Dor. for /?aXoi;<ric, n. pi. 

fem. par. 2 a. a. of same. 
'RdXadftoi', -ov, ri, briham, balm. 
"BaXa, 1 f. act. — BdXu^ai, 2 a. 

sub. mid. — E<f>w;(ti, 1 pi. 2 a. 

Gub. act. — BdXiuv, 2 a. par. 

act. of O'iXXoi. 
^'l^ia, Dor. for Pnua. 
hdi)[}i,, Dor. for iSd;ijta. 
Ba(i,?a<vo , to rlnmmcr, hesitate ; to 

lisp; to UrJihle, prate; to chnt- 

Ur with the teeth through fear, 

ifuake, tremble. 


]ia^iiiaKt6u, (fr. Pdufta picitlc) to^ 
sophisliraie, adulterule ; to set 
qff', make look uiill, particularly 
meat, or food. 

RaufiaXl^io, f. -Icii), p. -ixa, to trnn- 
ile, shake, quake; ijvirrr with 
the lips, chatter uilh the leith. 

Bdiicv, Bo^ff, Dor. for jJifitv, 1 pi. 

2 a. sub. act. of /3r;fii for liulvui. 
Bdfifia, -iiTOi, rd, (fr. -jdrru) to dip) 

a dye, slain, colour, hur ; vine- 
gar, brine, pickle ; sailed, or 
pickled meat. 
Bav, by Sync, and Ion. for (^riaav, 

3 pi. 2 a. act. of pii^t for /ju/viu. 
Bavavala, -a;, >'i, (fr. jidvavaOi a 

mechanic) a mechanic art, craft, 
labour, handyuork ; want oj 
Manners, ignorance, awkward- 
ness, rudeness, rulsarity. 

BavavctKi?, ->), -or, (fr. ne\t) me- 
rhanicnl ; mean, low, senile. 

Bdvavaoi, -ov, b, (fr. /Juri'o; a fur- 
nace, and avo) to kindle) one 
who works in a forge, a mechanic, 
artist, workman ; Adj. mean, 
low, servile, vulgar, common. 

BdiTtf, n. pi. mid. of /?hs, -dcra, 
-iiv, par. 2 a. of (STi/ii lor [iaiiu. 

Bd^if, -lOf, Alt. -ctiii, II, (fr. /Ja'Co) 
to talk) faJV-C, repwrt, rumour; 
talk, discourse, conversation ; a 
response, oracle. 

BoTTri^u), (. -law, p. (iePaTTTiKa, (fr. 
(idnTU) to dip) to dip, immerse, 
immerge, plunge; to wash, 
cleanse, purify ; to baptize ; to 
depress, humble, overwhelm. Bar- 
ri'^ofiaf, to wash one's self, to 
bathe ; to sink, faint, be dejected. 
1 a. act. ifiaTTTtaa. impf. pass. 
cpaTTTi^oiJin'. per. pass. /3t,Sa'7r- 
ridfiai. 1 a. pass. cfia-riaOnv. 1 
a. mid. ind. cj3aTriadu)jv. 

BuKTicxfin, -aTOi, to, (fr. last) a 
washing, ablution ; pvri^firalion ; 
baptism ; the christian doctrine ; 
depth of affliction or distress, g. 
sin. (iaVTioyaroi, d. -fiari. 

BavriOfibi, -ov, b, (fr. same) im- 
mersion in v:ater, washing; cere- 
monial purijicaliov . 

Ba-nriorfioiov, -ov, rb, (fr. same) a 
vessel for bathing or for ablu- 
tions ; a baptistery, font. 

BaTTTitfT^f, -ov, i, (fr. same) a bap- 
tizer ; a baptist. 

Bu-rdf, -h, ov, (fr. next) dipped; 
tinged, stained; dcfp. 

BJnroi, f. -i//0), p. pt(i/i(pa, to dip, 
plunge, immerse ; tn wash ; to 
wet, moisten, sprinkle ; to steep, 
imbue ; to dye, stain, colour. 

Bap, indecl. a son, the son if. 

Bapa/3/?rtj, -a, b, Barahbas, a 
man's name. 

BdoaOoov, -ov, ri, Att. BipiOpov, a 
deep hole at Athens into which 
criminals were thrown, a deep 
pit, ditch, trench ; a chasm, 
gulf, cleft ; a shore, drain ; 
extravagance, waste, ruin. 

BapnOpu^ri;, -tOi -ov{, Att. -£Ciif, 
6, !], (fr. last) deep, yawning, 
like a gulf. 

BapdX'aiy -aw, b Barodiias, a 
man's name. 



Eop/3.i(jf^u>, f. -/(TO, p. -ixa, (fr. 
/j'lipp'upof foreign) to live, act or 
speak as afoirigner or stranger ; 
to be any otitir than Greek or Ro- 
man ; to speak corruptly. 

BnpliuptKdf, -»), -iv, (fr. same) bar- 
barian, foreign, 

Bap(iapiicu>s, (fr. last) like a fo- 
reigner, strangely. 

Bapfiafnoudf, -oT; b, (fr. (idpfiapoi 
foreign) a stale of barbarity; 
rudeness, want of manntrs ; a 
foreign air; impropriety of speech, 

Bap/Iapio-r?, (fr. next) bm-baroiisty, 
sav'igcly; rudely, wildly ; like a 

Bdpliapof, -ov, b, fj, barbarous, sa- 
vage ; wild ; rude, unpolished ; 
foreign, outlandish, strange ; 
not Greek or Roman. 

Bapliapd<pu)voi, -ov, b, i), (fr. last, 
and ^(uir; voice) using a foreign 
language or dialect, speaking 
bad language. 

Bap^apdo) -w, f. -waio, p. -ai/ca, (fr. 
same) to make savage or brutal, 
to deprave, corrupt ; to bring un- 
der a foreign yoke. BapPapooj/at 
-of/iui, to grow savage, degene- 
rate ; to become, wild, outrageous, 

BaPdpoi;, (fr. same) barbarously, 
inhumanely, brutally, savagely ; 
without civilization, ignoruntly, 

Bapfiiri^u), f. -tew, p. -(Ka,(fr. next) 
to play on or sing to the harp. 

BapjitToi, -ov, b, and BdpliiTov, 
-ov, rd, a harp, lyre. 

BdpiicTOi, Poet, for Ppditeros, 
see Ppafivs, 

Bctpia, (neut. pi. cf /3api"s heavy) 
heavily, wdghtiiy, sorely, ^riw 
ously. or Ion. for (^apua. 

Bdpci, d. sin. cont. — Bq'p>7, pi. 
cent, of ISnpoi. 

Bapua, n. fem. — Bapclat, n. j)!. 
(em. — Bapnav, a. fem. or Dor. 
for ISnpctwv, g. pi. fem. — EaptTj, 
n. pi. mas. cont. of fSapvs. 

BapdaOui, pros. impr. pass. cont. 

Bapiu) -<3, f. -/iau>,p. fJePdpriKn, (fr. 
0dpoi weight) to burden, load, 
weigh doun; to ojrpress, ovir- 
whelm, overcome ; to lay on, 
impose, charge. Bapiofini -oT'ijat, 
to sink under, be oppressed, over- 
come. 1 a. act. cPdpvcii. per. 
pas.''. Pe(idpriiiGi' par. fitjiaprini- 
I'o?. 1 a. pass.£/?up;50i)i'. 

Bcptuj, (fr. fiapvi heavy) heavily, 
weightily, severely, grievously. 

Baoctuf, Att. for (Saplof, g. cf/Jcpi;f. 

Bap0oXona7o(, -cv, h, Buriholontew, 
a man's nume. 

Bupnioovi, -oh, h, Barjcsus, a 
man's name. 

Biipii, -loi, or-i(!of, lj,aship,yachl; 
a tower, castle, castellated house, 
palace, slnirturc, bvilding, 

Bapiondi, -a, h, Barjonas, a man's 

BaoKVfi'if', aid BnpKOvvtift, Ilcb. 
indecl. a thorn, briar. 

Bapyufiaf, -a, b, Barnabas, a 
man's name. 


Bioof, -£0f -»wf, ri, weiglU, heavi- 
new ; a load, burden ; baggage ; 
a quantiii/, targe portion; la- 
bour, toil ; a charge, task, injunc- 
tion; an encumbrance; in^rmity, 
wf.akness, fault ; disease, pnin. 

Bapovuctoi, par. pres. pass. cont. 
of ^apim. 

Bapffa.'Jaf, -a, b, Barsabas, a 
raan's name. 

'Baiirifiaioi, -ov, o, BarlimrBus, a 
man's name. 

hapv^pofioi, -ov, b, ti, (fr. papvi 
heavy, and jipditoi a crash) re- 
sounciing, re-tchoing, deep-loned, 

EaptycorTTOf, -ov, and Ion. -oio,. 
b, n, (fr. same, and ^oCrrof a 
sound) deep-sounding, hollow, 

EaoiiyAwffffOf, or -oirros, -ov, b, n, 
(fr. same, ajld yXwaaa the 
toncue) of a difficult or un- 
known language ; harsh ; foul- 
mouthed, slanderous, malicious. 

Eapuyoiivarof, and Bapvyovvo!, 
-ov, b, I'l, (fr- same, and yow the 
knee) with heavy or weak knees, 
injirm, feeble, tardy, slow. 

Baoucacouf, -uof, and haovidxpvoi, 
-ov, b, i;, (fr. same, and Sdxpv a 
tear) tearful, lamentable, melon 
choli/, sad, mournful, weeping, 
bathed in tears. 

BapvCdrctpa, -as, n, (fr- same, and 
cifujjfii to give) causing wo, af- 
flictive, distressing. 

^aovT)^>li, -io{, -ovi, and Bapvri' 
yds, -ou, b, fi, (fr. same, and 
>ivoi a sound) deep-sounding, 

Haovdvftiui -Si, f. -i/<rw, p. -riKH (fr. 
same, and S-u/iij anger) to be 
angry or indignant ; to be sad ; 
to fret, pine. 

BaovBviiia, -a(, li, (fr. same) bilter- 
nrss of s'lul, vexation ; sorrow, 
grief, affliction, heaviness of heart 

'BapCdvfiof.-ov, b, q, (fr. same) an., 
ery, indignant ; heavy at heart, 
oppressed, njjlirted. 

haavOi'iiijti, (fr. last) with a heavy 
heart, sorrowfully; in anger, 

haoOOij), f. -iaii), (fr. (iapi'i heavy) 
to feel tieavy, be ilejected, pirte. 
3 sm. pres. ind. act. jiapvOtt. 

hipvKdpitOi, -ov, b, fi, (fr. 0apvi 
heavy, and xdpita the heart) 
heavy or dull hrnrlrd, obstinate, 
stiff'-necked ; foolish, insensible 

Da0u<a;iira(, -ov, b, <;, (fr. same, 
and K^fiirot a crash) sounding 
heavily, <ltep, holloir, 

Bfloutruffoj, -ov, b, !], (fr. same, 
and ktvtIu) to rattle) loud rat- 
tling, pealing, rnririn p, hcllowing. 

BupuA-Jyoi, -ou, A, li, (fr. simc, and 
idyof dixroiiran) ill spoken, ei-il 
spt'iking, malicious. Calumnious. 

hapvitdvtoi, -ID, Dor. for flapviifs- 
vio>, -ov, b, I], (fr. same, and 
jtavla ra^e, anil n^vtf anger) 
angry, violent, bnistmius ; rr 
taming anger, vindtrtivr. 

BrfpuvfJcf, DcEOt. for (.Japiitfli/ciiv, 
3 pi. 1 a. ind. pass. — Dcipcoyro, 


Ion. for c^apvvovro, 3 pi. impf. ] 
ind. pass, of | 

Bupuiu, f. -Bfoi, p. pz'iidpvyKa, 
(fr. iiaovi heavy) to weigh down, 
sink, depress; to overloart, over- 
charge; to distress, op/press, impf. 
(idpvvov, -£?,-£, Ion.lor£,Ju'ouvov, 

1 u. pass. ind. ijiapvi/tiiiv sub. 
ffapvvOa, 3 pi. -Ouai. 

Bapv6-as, -w, b, Dor. for jiapv6->ji, 
-ov, b, (fr. same, and dip the 
voice) an epithet of Jupiter, 
heavy sounding, deep-loned, re- 
sounding, reverberating. 

BapvdrrTOfiai, aid EapuaiTrfu, -ui, 
(fr. same, and dnTOfiai to see) 
to see dimly ; to be almost blind. 

2 a. cjSapvwTTTjv. 
Bapv-niriuv, -ovtra, -ov, (fr. same, 

and TTvdm, Poet, for nviui to 
breathe) blowing strong, violent, 
Bapvi, -£<■«) -") (''■• PofOi weight) 
heavy, weighty, ponderous ; im- 
portant, momentous; authorita- 
tive, severe, rigid ; grievous, af- 
flicting, oppressive, comp. jiapv- 

TCOOS, sup. -VTUTOi. 

last, and cTiid-)(ii> to groan) to 
sigh heavily ; to groan ; to moan, 
bemoan, lament. 

BapvcTOvoi, -ov, b, fj, (fr. same, and 
arivit) to groan) groaning deeply, 
bemoaning, lamenting ; urifor- 
tunate, lamentable. 

Bapvavfiipopos, -ov, b, I'l, (fr. same, 
and o-u/j^opd a misfortune) un- 
successful, unfortunate; rinJiap- 
py, miserable. 

Bapvaipdpayoi, -ov, b, i';, (fr. same, 
and cipdpayoi noise in the throat) 
deep-souniling, hollow; rattling, 
grumbling, murmuring. 

BapiiTcpoi, comp. of jiapvf. 

BapvTTis, -jjTo;, fi,{fr. same) weight, 
heaviness, gravity, ponderosity. 

BapvTt^oi, -ov, b, 1], (fr. same, 
and Tifif) price) uj great price, 
precious, valuable, 

BapvToviui -d, f. -i/uo), p. -vxa, (fr. 
same, and rAvof tone) to utter 
with expression, speak in a deep 
tone, mouth, rant. 

Bapiroiioi, -iv, b. If, (fr. same) 
having a grave accent, barytone; 
erprrssivc, grave, deep. 

BapvT6vu)i, (fr. last) with deep ac- 
centuation ; gravely, solemnly. 

Biipi'ipOoYyof, -ov, b, !/, (fr. 0<ipl'f 
grave, and (pOiyyojiat to speak) 
gravely uttered, solemnly pro- 
nounced; deep-toned, hoUou, re- 

BapiiipooTOf, -ov, b, I'l, (fr. same, 
and ^lipTof a load) heavy, wiigh- 
ty, rui'nbrous; deep laden, over- 

Baouwr/ij-u, same os;)rtpurfrroua(. 

BiU, -dan, -iiv, 2 a. par. of fiffjn 
fir ihtlvui. n. pi. mas. Pdvrcf. 

Bdaav, a. fem. sjn. of la«t. 

Baoanviiiff.-cvaui, p.-tu«ru,»amea« 

Baaaviyi), f. -hu), p. ,']t/Ju(7«'ii«ta, 

(fr. (idrravoi; a touchstone) to 

examine, try, prove; to starch, 

sift, probe, sound ; to rack, tor- 



ture; to vex, torment, excru 
dale; to loss, ngitule, harass. 
1 a. act. ind. ciiuirdvioa. per. 
pass, ficljaadiiauai. 1 a. pass. 

Bacui'iaui, 1 a. inf. act. — Baaavl- 
ffj.'f, 2 sin. 1 a. sub. act. — B'l- 
canadtiacTat, 3 sin. and -Oi'iaov— 
rai, 3 pi. 1 f. ind. pass. — Baaa- 
viaduxji, 3 pi. 1 a. sub. pass, of 

Eaaaviaiibs, -ov, b, (fr. same) ex- 
amination, trial, jiroof; torment, 
torture, rack. 

BaaavioTiji, -uv, b, (fr. same) an 
examiner, inquirer, searcher ; a 
tormaitor, torturer, executioner. 

Ba'o-ai'of, -ou, 6, a touclistone ; a test, 
criterion, proof; a trial, inquiry ; 
examination by torture, the rack ; 
torment, pain, anguish. 

Baeus, n. pi. cont. of jidcti. 

Bjcreijfiat, 3 pi. Baatt^vTiii, Dor. 
and ^■Eol. for f^rjcofiai, jii'iaovTai, 
1 f. mid. <:f jirifii lor (iaiiiit. 

BaaiKia, -\u, -\ui, -Xeu, -\iwv, 
-\iu)i, cases of jiaaiXcvs. 

BaatXda, -of, /;, (fr. /Jun-iXtic a 
king) o kingdom; royalty, dig- 
nity, power, ragn, ride, sove- 
reignty, dominion. 

BaciXciov, -ov, rb, (neut. of next) 
viz. iHfia, a palace, royal resi- 
dence, castle. 

BatrlXcio;, -ov, b, i;, (fr. /JaonXtuj a 
king) royal, kingly, regal, sove- 
reign ; august, grand, magnifl- 

BaaiXcvt, pros. impr. — BaffiXftit- 
pei; Ion. fbr/^ao-iXcuciv, pres. inf. 
act. — EacriXtilti, 3 sin. pres. 
ind. act. of BaatXtvu). 

BatriXciij, -ioi, Att. -f'w?. Poet, and 
Ion. -i)of, 6, (perhaps fr. jSdats 
a support, and Xciij the people) 
a king, monarch, sovercig7i, 
prince, chieftuin. Adj. royal, 
august. comp. /lao-iXtOrtpof, 
sup. -tvTnroi. 

BaaiXtvtii, f. -tiaui, p. -cvKa, (fr. 
last) to be a king, 6Jc. to reign, 
rule, govern ; to prevail, tri- 
umph, conquer. 1 a. act. ind. 
c/3uffl'Xti'(Tu" int. paoiXcvaai. 

BnaiXTja, KaaiXiii, BiiaiXtjof, Ion. 
and Poet, for jiaatXfa, a. /ia- 
ctXii, d. ftaciXioi, g. of /?n(7<X£uf, 

Ba(7iX('/(oi', -oi',Ti,Ion.for/irt(T/X(ioj'. 

BaatX}]io(, -uv, b, i). Ion. for (iaoi- 
Xciof. (I. pi. jiactXijioiai. 

BnniXti'if, -ifiof. It, (fr. (iaaiXivi n 
king) a palace, court, royal resi- 
dence. Adj. royal, regal, su- 
preme, sovereign. 

BaatXll^u), f. -lati), (fr. same) to love 

the king, be of the rm/al party. 

BnatXli^oiiai, f. -iaoji'it, to net 

. like a kins ; to qffccl royalty, aim 

at sMtercignty. 

BaatXlKii, -n, -iv, (fr. some) regal, 
royal, kingly ; aunust, grand ; 
courtly, clcsanl. Subs, n cour- 
tier ; a minister, attendant, or 
servant on a kinn. rotnp. paaiXi- 
Kijrroof, KU]). -wrarof. 

Ba7iXi«:ui(, cum]>. -Kwripov, sup. 
Kurara, (fr. last) royally, like a 




I'lng, with royal state, augustli/, 

BuffiAis, -i(5oj, and n(i<TiXi(T(Ta, -ijc, 
fj, (It. jJuffiXri'i- u kill") n queen; 
(I roijal coruort, princess. 

haaiXicKOf, -ov 6, (dim. uf same) 
a petty king, chief, lord ; a 
srrpnit, basilisk, cockatrice; a 

Bdctftoi, -ov, b, I/, (fr. next) open, 
exjioscit, clear ; pervious, passa- 
ble ; accessible ; approached, ar- 
rived at, attained to ; Stable, 
steady, ^fircd, Jirm. 

BaVt;, -los, Alt. -tui{, (/, (fr. finlvhi 
to go) a guit, vioveinait, walk , 
a step, footstep, track, trace ; 
the sole, the foot ; a foundation, 
ba.iis ; the base, foot, or lowir 
member of a pillar ; a pedesl(d ; 
a prop, shore, buttress, sup- 

'Bdan', for finoKt, pres. impr. of 

iidOKU) for /JUII'UI. 

Bafffcui'i'u), f. -avd, p. -ayxa, and 
Bdffiijw^u), f. -law, Alt. -lui, 
(perhaps fr. (pdaKui to say, and 
uTioj dreadful. Or, fr. (idaif a 
look or an expression, and (cuirui 
to kill) to bewitch, fascinalc, 
charm, enchant ; to envy, grudge; 
to accuse, charge, blame. 1 a. 
ind. cjidaKftva. 2 a, act. tjida- 

BacTKaiia, -as, »;, (fr. last) fasci- 
nation, witchcraft, a charm ; 
enty, grudge; malice, slander, 

BdnKaioi, -ov, b, f], (fr. same) be- 
w-itching, using charms; envious, 
spiteful; malicious, slanderous. 

EacKai'd);, (fr. last) enviously, 
spitefully, maliciously. 

BdcKoi, Poet, for ffaivui, to hasten, 
speed, despatch. 

haaoi'jjiat, in 3 pi. Baavvvrai, iEol. 
for (ii'iuofiat, 1 f. mid. of (irim 
for (iaiiw. 

'Bdcaa, -a;, I'l, Dor. for flrjaca. 

haccdpa, -ay, and Bacadpii, ->K, )'/, 
a kind of shoe ; a harlot ; a vixen, 

Bdcrayfia, -aroi, to, (fr. next) a 
loa/1, burden. 

Bao-rn'^o), f. -ata, and Dor. -(u>, p. 
fic^daraKa, (perhaps from /ia'w 
to go, and craw to be firm) In 
bear a wei{;ht, to carry a bur- 
den ; to balance, poise, sustain, 
support; to weigh, examine, scru- 
tinize ; to suffer, endure ; to take 
up, carry ; to take up, lift, raise ; 
tj> carry clear off', destroy, deface ; 
to bury, inter. 1 a. act. ind. 

Bdijwiicv, Dor. for fit'iaijifir,v, 1 pi. 
1 a. sub. of /3aa) for jiaivoi. 

UaTnXi^ofirjt, (fr. next) to behave 
like Bulalos ; to act indecorously ; 
to he ejfeminate, delicate. 
Bn'raXo;, -ov, b, Batalns, a de- 
bauched musician of Ephesus ; 
womanish, delicate, effeminate ; 
a catamite. 
Bardviov, -ov, rb, (.^ol. for rard- 
viov, dim. of varavt] a plate) a 
deep dish, saucer, plate. 

BiiTf, Dor. for (i^rc, 2 pi. 2 a. 
nnpr. act. of l.iiifn fo' j^iuiiw. 

ySuTivui, f, -ivam to copuluti , eugtn- 
dir. Spoken of llie mule, jia- 
Tcvoftat of the fen)ale. a pi. 
pres. ind. mid. jSoTN'mii, Sync, 
for ^arivoiTat, Also, 

Buri'w, -(i, f. -I'laui, same as last, 
pres. inf. ' act. cont. liaruv, 
pass. jiaruaOat. 

hdriiti. Dor. and Ion. for [13i',ttjv, 
3 du. 'Z a. act. of p'r;^i !br /jJ.iii w, 

BoT/jp, -tipus, b, (fr. tiaivu) to go) 
a goer, walker ; a post or goal al 
races ; the threshold, entrance. 

Bart'ipios, -a, -oi; (tr. same) scale- 
able, accessible. 

Baria, -nf, i), same as Pdrof. 

BaTtaKT], -li, <h "■ ^''"^ of drinking 
vessel, cup, goblet. 

Bdroi, -ov, 1;, (perhaps fr. ^ia vio- 
lence, and druj to hurt) u bush, 
thorn, bramble. 

Brfroj, -ov, b, abulh; a Hebrew 
measure of liquids, the tenth 
of a homer, equal to an ephah, 
about seven gallons and a half. 

Bards, -'I, -oi', (fr. ffaho} to go) 
pervious, passable, accessible. 

BaTpa)(Ofivoiin)f^in, -as, i;, (fr. j8a- 
Tpa)^oi a irog, fiii? a mouse, and 
^in^rJ a battle) the war of tlu 
frogs and the mice ; a mock he- 
roic poem by Homer. 

Ea'Tpa;^'os, -ov, b, (perhaps fr. podw 
to cry, and rpa^x^ijis hoarsely) a 
frog ; a disease in the lower part 
of the tong%:e. 

Barrapi^iji, f. -law, (fr. Bdrro; 
Batlus) to lisp, stammer, hesi- 
tate ; to talk tionsense, babble, 

BarroXoyiij) -Z, f. •ri(TU, p. Pcfiaro- 
X'JyijKii, (fr. same, and \6yoi 
discourse) to stammer, sliittcr ; 
to speak foolishly, prate, babble ; 
to blah ; to repeat idly, use vain 
repetitions. 1 a. act. ind. cfiar- 
ToXoynaa' sub. (iaTToXoyrjCw' 2 
pi. 0aTTo\oyrjariTe. 

BarroXoyia, -aj, i';, (fr. sanie) vain 
repetition, tautology; hesitation, 

Barrof, -ov, b, Batlus, a prince of 
the Cyrenians who stammered ; 
also a silly Poet ; a stammerer, 
stutterer ; an idle talker, chat- 
terer, babbler. 

BarvXn, -li, hy <'■ dwarf, a small 

Bdmi, 3 «n. of ftdOi for firidi, 2 a. 
impr. act. of (ifijii for fiaiiu). 

Bavfidii) -it}, f. -t'lUM, p. -■>}Kii, (fr. 
next) to sleep, doze ; to put to 
sleep, quiet, hush, lull. 

Bavftu), -doi -ouf, )/, Bauho, the 
nurse of Ceres. 

Bad^w, f. -^w, p. -%a. Onomat. 
to bark, bay ; to lament, cry 

I over. 

\ BavKaXdii) -0, (fr. jiavKbi pleasant 
or fidv^dia to doze) to sing to 
sleep, sooth, lull ; to tickle, please 

BavKoMa, -as, >), a drinking vessel, 
cup, goblet. 

BotiKa'Xiuv, -ov, TV, n. narroW' 
movthed vessel, bottle. 

BavKiiMs, and Eiit!«Ac, -fi, -iy, 

jiliusant, ugrteaili ; hunioruus, 

joiose; neat Jim; ilitiiute. 
Buiuos, -ov, b, (pirhaps fr. j3ia 

violence, and avw to Lurii) a 
furnace, forge, a stove, hiurlh, 

Baiafciv, Dor. for jjatl^eti/, prcs. 

inf. of IJni^u. 
BiKpfiis, -iof, Ai\. -('u)f, i, (fr. fidn- 

TO) to dip) a dytr, 
Bu<p!), -ijs, t'l, (Ir. same) diyjiing, 

imnnrsion; timpuing ; dying; 

a colour, tinge, Uue. 
Bii\pns, par. — Bdxpu), -jis, -ji, 1 u. 

sub. ait. of same. 
Bdu), oLs. from whence /3?)f<i for 

Bin'AXu), and Bt^AXu, f. -XG, p. //?- 

iii^Ka, to Til ilk ; to stick, iniiibe. 
BiiXXa, -as, fi, (Ir. last) a kech, 

horseleech ; a bioodsvckcr. 

ftr I3ii> 
of last. 

BitXXcuiv, Ion. for jiiiXXuv, g. pi. 

BiiXXtov, -ov, rd, and B^AXu, -as, 
I'l, Bdilliuv), a tree of Arabia, 
also the gum from it ; according 
to others a piarl. 

B^iXvyiia, -Utos, ri, and B^tXny- 
fibs, -ov, 6, (fr. jjSiXiaauijiui to 
abominate) un abomination, un- 
clean thing ; impurity, dtjitc- 
mcnt ; foulness, Jilth ; stink, 

BiiXvKTos, -r), -bv, (fr. same) abo- 
minable, vile, impure, unclean ; 
foul, defiling. 

BiiXvpbs, -pa, -pbv, (fr. Fame) 
impure, foul, Jiltliy ; wicked, 
vicious, bad ; impudent, shumt- 

B&cXvacoiiai, and -vrTOjiai, f. -fo- 
uat, p. -tfiilXvyiiai, (fr. [iiiu) to 
break wind) to abominate, exe- 
crate ; to hate, deltst, abhor ; to 
loathe, nauseate ; to drjile one's 
self, be impure ; to stink, befoul. 
1 a. mid. ifihXv^d^nv. par. per. 
pass. tfiitXvy^dvos. 

BhiXvaadiicvos, -/;, -ov, par. pres. 
pass, of last. 

Biiui -w, f. -ijffo), and -iau}, to break 

BouXos, -ov, b, (fr. last) a discharge 
of wind from the body ; a crack, 
crash, clap ; stink, smell. 

Be, a particle denoting privation, 
or separation. 

Biflaa, in 3 pi. Bt^daai, per. mid. 
— Be(iuii)s, par.of/3rj/ii, lor fiuivui. 

Bifiaios, -ov, h, t], (perhaps fr. jja'ui 
or liifjii, for (iaivm to go) Jirm, 
steadfast, steady, Jixed; sure, 
trusty, faithful ; constant, last- 
ing, durable ; strong, able ; hard, 
solid, comp. (iijiaidrtpos, s\x\i. 

BciiatortjS, -iros, I'l, (fr. Iast)^r7n- 
ness, steadiness, Hlalility ; sound- 
ness, strength, solidity ; constant 
cy, continuance, durability. 

Beiiaioi'ixiiios, cont. par. — Bt- 
fiaiottaOat, cont. pres. inf. pass. of 

B{/?ni(iw -d, f. -liau, p. jitjiitiwKa, 
(fr. same) to strengthen, fortify, 
secure; tocon_firm, establish, keep, 
maintain; to verify, (\f}irm. 



a. act. e^cPaiiiiua. prcs. inf. pass. 1 Bf/Spty^ai, per. pass. — Btjipeyi't- 
/3£/3ut4£(70ai-iDff6a(. per.pass./jc- los, par. per. pass. o{ (ipiy^ut. 
Bcjiaiiauai. 1 a. pass, tjit jjaiiiSijr. i Bffipf'fijjda, per. act. of iipijioi 

Bt/3aiu5, (fr. sanie)/rm/y, i/ron^ 
ly ; safely, securely ; tvilh due 
search, upon examiriation. 

Bt/Jui'iDO-tj, -<os, Atl. -£u)f, ij, (tr. 
^ifiatoi firm) a strengthening ; 
confirmntion, corroboration ; 
Jirmness, steadiness ; certainty, 

BijiaKa, BcjiaKw;, Dor. for ffi^n- 
Ka, per. act. and /3£,3i;*.uii par. 

— BijSafiti; S)Tic. and Ion. for 
^ififiKajxcv, 1 pi. per. act. or for 
pciiaivitt, per. inf. mid. — Ej- 
fiaaav. Sync, for I3t^dei<rav, Ion. 
for f/3£/3a(t£i(r<iv, 3 pi. p[)er. act. 

— BciiuCii, par. per. mid. or Ion. 
^for /if/}7)<cu)f, par. of iiiprjKa, 

per. act. — 'BcfifiKiiv, -ti%, -u, 
pper. act. of (iTijii for Salvia. 

Bf0a\o(, Dor. for (if^tiXo;. 

he^afiuivoi, -i?, -ov, par. per, pass. 

of pa'TTU. 

Beliapriiii*>os, pax. per. pass. — 
B£papr)<I)5, Ion. for /?£^api;(C(li;, 
par. per. act. of jiapiu). 

Bifiaipa, per. act. of /idrTu). 

B/j^ijXof, -ou,i, /;, (fr. /3f priv. and 
/JfjXJj the threshold) excluded, 
excommunicated ; profane, un- 
hallowed, common, vulgar ; im- 
pious, irreli^ous, wicked, had. 

Bt^ijAdoj -w, f. -(iffu, p. Iii0tji)i- 
XuiKo, (fr. last) to profane, pol- 
lute, contaminate, pervert to bad 
u»e. 1 a. act. t^c(ifi\i,iaa. 

Bi^fi\ii>aii, -105, Att. -£(Df, fj, (fr. 
same) profanation, contamina- 
tion, pollution, abuse of holy 

B£/i(a(7^(>'u;, (fr. 0c(iiaaiih'Of, par. 
per. pass, of (iid^io to force) liy 
force or compuUnon, urivittingty. 

BtftlriKa, per. act. — Ef/Jirj^fVof, 
par. per. pass, of (itdia. 

Bi^iij>IJ'ii, -ff'ii, -Tai, per. — Bt- 
fttwfilvos, par. pa>s. of (iiiw. 

B/'/3Xd/ia, per. mid Bf/3Xo/i^ai, 

per. pa«s. — B//JXa^a, per. act 

of /JXfirTUI. 

BtPXdarriKa, per. ind. act. of /JXaa- 

EtY'Xij'n. Ion. for /?/,3Xr«rn(, 2 sin. 
and B£/?X»;nT«i, Ion. for ii!(i\tjv- 
rai, 3 pi. per. pass. — Bt(i\),aTo, 
Ion. for f/?//JX>)VTo, 3 pi. pper. 
pass. — B//3XH«-n,-fi?,-t, per. act. 

— B//?Xn>t£i, Ion. for t(Hi3\riKci, 
3 «in. pper. art. — Bf/?Xr;(«iTo?, 
p. sin. par. per. act. — BiliXttfiai, 
-am, -rai, per. pa<i!i. — Bt/3X;;/i«'- 
vov, •»?, -ov, per. nar. pass. — Br- 
/IX/fffOai, per. inr. pais.of /IrfXXw. 

Btiloijnrni, Ion. for if[P6nvT,it, 3 

pi. per. pa."*, of (iarlui. 
Bt/?oXrnTni, Ion. for /?t/3'iXi;jrni, 3 

pi. per. pas-t Bt/?oX-ViTo, Ion. 

for tf1t(i^\riiro, 3 pi. pper. pass. 

— P.c/JoXn>j/ioc, par. per. pans, 
of ffnXfui, for /?(.XXw. 

B/^oitXn, per. mid. of /?or.Xi)//ni. 
Bf/?onXfiyo(, ind. — r,tflov\cvaOai, 

inf. per. pass, of /?oi)Xf Aj. 
Bt/?p'i$, and Br/'/?p(5j, All. for f;i/i- 



Bf/ipi;(c£f, -cDi', 01, the parts within 

tliejaws, the i7mde of the mouth. 
Eijiplda, per. mid. Bf^piOuij, -via, 

-OS, par — B£)3pic;^£»'us, par. per. 

pass, of /jp/flw. 
BilSpoxa, Alt. for /Jt'/Jpfp^u, per. 

act. — BijipoKa, per. mid. of 

Bf/ipOyu, per. act. of 0piix<^- 

BtjipiiOois, 2 sin. pres. opt. act. of 

(iijipujQu), Poet, same as /Jpuo-Aco). 

BifipiDKa, per. act. — B£/ipwK£ii', 

Ion. for £/J£/3paJK£ii', pptr. act. 

— BtppiDKiif, uy Sync. Bf/Jpiij, 

par. per. act. of fipuioKui. 

BijiuiKa, per. act. o{ jSdu), same as 

B£/3w/jfVus, Ion. and Dor. for /je- 
iiorifihoi, par. per. pass, of 
Bciiiis, -wTCi, by Cras. for /?£^uws, 
par. of (iijiaa, per. mid. of j3^/ii 
for (JaiVu). Or, Att. for (JfiSi^/cdi-, 
par. per. act. of same. 
Bcf'iK, Heb. indecl. a breach. 
Bicv, a Phrygian word, water. 
B£fX^r/3oiX indecl. Beelzelml, (the 
king of auiig) as the Jews con- 
temptuously changed the termi- 
nation of Beelzebub, (the king 
of flies) the idol of the Phi 
listines. A name of Satan, the 
BccX(l>cywp, Heb. indecl. Beelphc 
gor or Baalpeor, an idol of the 
Bf> Ion. for jS;"), 3 sin. 2 a. sub. of 

(iijfti for (iaivia. 
Btlofiai, pres. ind. mid. — B£io//£v, 
I pi. pres. ind. act. — BfiVo/xai, 
1 f. ind. mid. of 
B£/ui, f. mid. ^Uiaofiai, (Poet, for 
film, which Ion. for fiS> con- 
tracted from /3u'u) obs. from 
whence fin^a for (iahoi) to go 
about, v:alk, move ; to live, have 
bring, he. 
BiKKti, BtKKii, and B/kos, a Phry- 

gian word, bread. 
BcKKiaiXtivoi, -ov, b, i'/, (fr. (Hkkos 
foolish, and atXrivrj the moon) 
moonstruck, lunatic ; doting, 
silly, stvpid, scnselfss. 
BcKK-ii; or E/itof, -ov, b, bread, in 
the lancuagc of the Phrygians ; 
distracted, raving ; doting, silly, 
Bt'Xta, n. a. V. pi.— BiX/cairi, and 
B(X/f<7(7ii, Ion. and Poet, for 
fiiXtaat, d. pi. of /J/Xoj. 
B/Xf(/rov, -ov, ri, same as (ii\o(. 
nfX(<iX, Ileb. indecl. Belial. 
E/XXfpa, -(KV, Tit, apples, fruit, 

BiX\tpoipiiTtj(, -ov, Dor. BfXXrpo- 
<p6vTa(, -a, i, Btllcrophon, a 
man's name 
Bt\6vn, -»?, hi (''""• "^ next) a 
needle, botlkin, hair-jjin; a kind 
of fish. 
B/Xo<, -£0{ -ouj, a/\d Alt. •£((){, tI>, 
(perhaps fr. /Jn'XXw to ihrow) 
a missive wrnprm, dart, javelin, 
arrow; a thvndrrboU; a stroke,^ 


blow, wound ; pain, anguish ; 
pangs of childbirth. 
BiXuaraais, -los, Att. -£<J5, ^, 
(fr. last, and Brdca a station) 
a place of arms, guardhouse ; cti 
armory ; a place far practicing 
arms ; a rampart, breuatwork ; 
a machine for throwing darts, 
BiXrtpui, -pa, -pov, and BeXtiui', 
-oi'05, 6, i';, irreg. comp. — B/X- 
ricrros, irreg. sup. of ayaBos. 
BeXrtov, (neul. of fisXriwv better) 
well enough, pretty well, very 
BeXrido) -w, f. -wco), p. -iiiKa, (fr. 
(icXriijiv better) to make better, 
ameliorate, amend, correct, im- 
prove, reform. 
BiXricrra, (fi-. /SfXritrroj best) very 

well, excellently, extremely well. 
BeXriu, cont. fr. /SeXti'oki -oa -u, 
a. sin. mas. and n. a. v. neut. 
pi. of 
BcXtIoh', -ovo?, u, ij, comp. — 

ficXrioTos, sup. see (HXrcpoi. 
BcXipeyCjp, same as B££X^£ywp. 
BefifiiiKi^u), f. -icio, (fr. next) to 
turn round like a top, revolve, 
Bijjifirji,, -riKos, and Bf///3i?, -iKOs, 

';, " 'op, gig, whirligig. 
BiiOea, n. a. v. pi. of 
B/iQof, -£of -on?, rb, (fr. PaOo; 
depth) depth, deepness, the bot- 
tom ; a recess, retreat, retirement, 
Bcvtafih', Heb. indecl. Baijamin, 

a man' n'lme. 
BivrtoTOi, Dor. for fiiXriaroi. 
Biofiai, same as (ido^iai. 
Bipfiipi, TO, (Indian) the shell in 
which pearls are found, mother 
of pearl. 
Bipcdpov, by Sync. BtpOpov, Att. 

lor (jdpnQpov. 

BcpviKTi, by Sync, for BipovUri, 
-r}s, I'l, Bcmice or Beronice, a 
woman's name. 

B£po/a, -ai, fj, Bercea, the name 
of a city. 

Bfpo(«7"S, -a, -ov, (fr. last) of Be- 
rcea ; a Bcrcenn. 

Btpox'lKa or BcpiviKa, -«f, <i. Dor. 
for BeoovlKi) or Erpnuv), -ij«, ,';, 
and this is INIacedonian for 
<t>cpn'(Kn, (fr. t'./pwto bring, and 
vtKt) victory) Bironire or Bere- 
nice, a woman's name. 

BfpfffkdO'iv or Btpaix^av, Heb. 
corrupted, in a coffer. 

Bi'rioi', -ov, Th, the herb beet or 

Btf'i'oj, -foj -ou{, rb, n kind of 
dress; a scnilet, variecated, or 
tmbrnidercd mantle or cloak. 

Biw, lilrtc. Cur}, Ion. for (Ho, 2 a. 
sub. of /li^fii, for fiahit). 

Bh, baa, the voice of sheep. 

Bf), sec (iitv. 

B/jrio, (fr. flii baa) to cry like 
sherp, bleat ; to whiiir, blubber. 

Br,0,./?np.i, -«t, »'), a Hebrew town, 
Bethaliara, i. e. llie house of the 

BriDnila, -o(, !,, =» Hebrew town. 
Eng. Bethany, i. c. the house (ff 


ivOict^H, {, Hcb. a pool near Jcrii- 
saloni, Bctlitsdaj i. e. the hovsc 
of mrrcy. 
Bi")fli, C a. impr. of/?!)/;!. Dor. jSdOi, 

by Apoc. p(i. 
BiiflAff^i, iniiccl. a Hebrew town, 
Eng. BcthUhcm, i. c. Mr house 
'BtiOaiiUu, and htiOaa'U^ui', indecl. a 
Hebrew city, Eng. Betlisaida, 
i. e. the atxHte ofthrjisheimcn. 
'BrjOipayii, -T/j, i^, a Hebrew town, 
Bethphagt, i. e. the place of the 

BiMd, and Bija/ii, -wv, t«, (fr. /3)/ 
baa) sheep, the bleating jlock. 

'BrjXoi, -Of, 6, name ofa man ; and 
of a river. 

B»;-\df, -oD, 6, (perhaps fr. |(?»;/n lo 
pass, and Xi'ui' very much) the 
threshold, and sometimes the lin- 
tel of a door ; a door, passage, 
entrance; a honse, temple, resi- 
dence ; a palace, court. 

BiJ^ia, -aroi, rd, (fr. pijfii to go) a 
step, stair ; afootsUy, track, ves- 
tige ; footing, room to stand ; a 
tribunal, judgment-scat, bench, 
throne, d. sin. (iiijiaTt. 

Bijiicvai, Dor. and Poet, for P^vat, 
2 a. inf. of 

'Btjui, (fr. /irfu) obs. to go) same as 
jSaiyu), which takes some of its 
parts from it. 

B^i', /3^f, j3»j. Ion. for if^tjv, 2 a. ind. 
— B/ji-ai, 2 a. inf. of last. 

Ei>^, pti^hi, t'l, a cough, coughing. 

B^p, -rjpni, rd. Ion. for tap. 

B>)po;, a mantle ; a soldier's cloak ; 
a priest's robe. 

B/;pi'AAof, -oil, 0, and -XXiov, -ou, 
rd, a beryl, precious stone. 

Bijo-a'^ti'os, par. of cfiriiTdijrjv, I a. 
mid. — BTicra, -a?, -t. Ion. for 
eptjaa, 1 a. act. — Bi'crcaOai, inf. 
of Bi/cofiat, 1 f. mid. — Bi/co), 
-£(f, -E(, 1 pi. (ircrofitv, 1 f. act. 
of pdu) or pfiixt for (iaivui. 

B/i<rai', Ion. for ijirjaav, 3 pi. 2 a. 
ind. act. of (jaiio). 

'B^aoftat, 1 f. mid. of 0!jfti or (}aiv(j). 
It is used Poet, as a present 
tense ; impf. f/ST/cd/jiir, and Ion. 

Bi;(T(5;ii7v, -oii, -fro, see last. 

ETjcrof, -tof, -01)?, rd, (fr. next) a 
valley, glen. 

"Rrioaa, -rn, ,',, (fr. /3aiV(i) to go) a 
fJwllow, glen, valley ; a haunt, 
cover for beasts ; a wilderness, 
woodland, waste ; a plain, lawn, 
sheep walk. d. pi. Iii]ccj}i, Ion. 
for (ificaaif. 

Briao'iitf, -taaa, -tv, (fr. last) 
woody, wild, waste ; holUnti. 

B^ffffu) or -7-rw, f. -^w, (fr. (iij^ a 
cough) to cough. 

Vvrapijii, -ov, h, (fr. fiijftt to go, 
and dp(i> to adapt) dancing; 
dance in regular steps ; the Pyr. 
rhic dance. 

'BriTdpfitiiv, -ovoi, b, (fr. last) a 

'Bfirrjv, Ion. for ePfirtjv, see 0rjv. 

Bi'a, -/!{, I], force. Strength, power ; 
vigour, vehemence ; ^cary, 
energy ; bravery, courage ; vio- 
lence. B/a, d. sin. against 


the will of, in spile of unwilU 

Biri^to, Ion. Bid^cv, Dnr. for fitd- 
(ov, pres. impr. mid. — Biii((rai, 
5 sin. pres. ind. mid. of 
Ei<i(o>, and Bidw, f. -dau>, p. Pt(ila- 
Ka, (fr, fita strength) lo ccn}pel, 
force, urge; lo endeavour, la- 
bour, strive ; to as.inul/, nff'ir vio- 
lence, ravish ; to take forcibly ; to 
fall upon, depress, dispirit; loop- 
press, crush, ovcnvhchn ; to en- 
slave, stibdue. 1 a. mid. tjitaadft-nv. 
Blaiof, -a, -Of, and -ov, b, i;, (fr. 
same) violent, urgent, vehement ; 
injurious, urongj'ul ; forced, 
strained, compelled, comp. jSiai- 
drtpos, sup. -(iraroj. 
Biaiwf, (fr. last) violently; wrong- 
fully ; by force. 
Hidov -w, PtaiaBu) -noOiji, pres. 
impr. mid. — BidtcOai -aaOai, 
pres. inf. mid. or pass, of /Jia'w, 
same as jhdl^iii. 
Biup^og, -ov, h, (fr. pio; life, and 

ap^i); chief) a butler, steward. 
BiacTij;, -o'o, b, (fr. fiia force) a 
violator, abuser, ravisher ; an as- 
sailant, invader ; one who forci- 
bly presses or thrusts. 
Biariis, Dor. for Btarfis, -ov, b, 

same as last. 
Bia'oi, f. -daw, and -ijao), p. 0e- 
piaKa, and -tjKa, same as jiid^oi. 
per. pass. ind. (icjUrmar par. 
B(|3rf^u), f. -aV(i),p. -OKa, (fr. Salvia 
to go) to set on, make to mount; 
to go up, ascend ; to cause to 
come or go, bring, take, intro- 
duce; to admit, let in. 
Bi/?«5, -Saa, -5v, pres. par. of Pl- 

pri^i, in pijidtii. 
BtffdoBii), same as, 
Btpdui -u, and Biprijxi, f. ptPdau, 
and in compos, by Sync, and 
Cras. PiPCi, to go, walk, stride, 
stalk ; to mount, ascend, par. 
pres. act. cont. PtfiHv, and /Ji- 
Pdi. I a. ind. act. tjiiPaca. 1 a. 
ind. pass. tPiPdcdriv. 1. f. ind. 
mid. fhpdaofiat. I a. ind. mid. 
Bi(3Aapi(^(ov, and E(/?Xn'p(ov, -ov, 
rb, (dim. of 0iP\iov a book) a 
trijling worthless book, ballad. 
BtPXta, -uv, rd, (neut. of same) 
the books, Holy Scriptures, Bible. 
Bi)3X(?ioi', -ov,ru, (dim. of same) 

a little book, small volume. 
BiPXrios, -V, -ov, (fr. /3(/5Xo5 the 
papyrus) made of, like, or con- 
cerning the papyrus ; like or 
a}>out a sheet or hook. Also, Bi- 
j3Xii'05, viz. oTi'of, wine made of 
the J hrarian grape called ftiftMa. 
BiP\ioypa(pia, -a;, I'l, (fr. PtPXiov 
a book, and ypdAui to write) the 
writing nf books, composition, 
BiP\ioypd(io^, -ov, b, (fr. same) a 
v.riter of books, author ; a co- 
pier, bookseller, lil/rarian. 
hiP>io6^Kr;, ->;;, h, (fr- same, and 
TiOri/jt to lay upj a library, study. 
BiP>!ov, -ov,r(), (fr. PiPXni paper) 

a hook, roll, volume ; 


scroll, lilt, billet ; deed, writing ; 
account, schedule. 

Bi/JXioiriiXijj, -ov, b, (fr. last, and 
roiX/o) to sell) a bnoksillrr. 

Bi(i\to<pdpos, -ov, 6, (fr. same, and 
(}f{pD to carry) u letter-carrier; 
a hawker of books, bookseller ; a 
messevgir, dele/; ate. 

Bt(i\io<pvXdmoi', -ov, tJ, (fr. same, 
and ^vXiioffu) to keep) a library, 

BIpXos, and Bv/3Xof, -ov, fi, the 
Egyptian reed papyrus, inner 
bark of certain trees ; a volume, 
book ; a catalogue, account, re- 
gister, history. 

BiPpiouKoi, same as ppiiaxw. 

Biivvref, Dor. for pwvvrcf, n. pi. 
m. of. Piditiv-iov, par. pres. act. 
of /3(ow. 

Bin, -vi, >h Ion- for pla. Bljjfpi 
Poet, for pij!, d. sin. 

Birjffo/jvi', -ID, -aro, Ion for tPiritrd- 
priv, 1 a. mid. of pidu). 

BiOvvia, -ai, >), Bithynia, a coun- 
try in Asia Minor. 

B(k/oi', -ov, rd, the herb vetch, 
vetches, tares. 

BikIov, and BttdScov, -ov, ri, (dim. 
of next) a little pitcher, jug. 

BiVos, -ov b, a u:atir-can, pitcher, 
pot with handles, jar. 

Bu'/oj -0), f. -)5<T(o, p. ptPlvrjKa, to 
come or go in, enter ; to come or 
go together, meet ; to couple ; to 
commit for7iication. Bivio/xat -ov- 
pai, to prostitute. 

BioT, 3 sin. cont. pres. ind. or opt. 
of Piiw. 

BioXoy/co -to, f. -ri(Tti), p. -r)Ka, {fr. 
next, and Myos an account) to 
write the life of; to record, cele- 
brate, par. pres. pass. /SioXoyov- 


Bioi, -ov, b, (fr. Pla strength) life, 
existence ; mode of life, con- 
duct in life ; subsistence, liveli- 
hood, food ; property, substance, 
goods ; mankind, the human 
race, the world. 

Bidf, -op, b, (fr. same) a bow, bow- 

Biorcvu, f. -tvaio, (fr. /3(oj life) to 
live, lead life. Biortvaps, 2 sin. 
1 a. sub. act. 

B(OTi), ^5, -i), and Btdrris, -rjros, i), 
same as fiio;. 

BioriKbi, -ti, -iv, same as PtwrtKdS' 

BloTOf, -ov, b. Poet, for /U/of. 

Btiniv, act. — BiovaOai, pass. pres. 
inf. cont. of piow. 

Btoiii, -orirn, -bv, par. of tPluv, 2 
a. act. of Piwjii for Pi oil). 

Bioip06pof, -ov, b, )], {fr. Plo? life, 
and d/Oiiph) to rorriipt) injurious 
to life; baneful, destructive. 

Bi6u} -w, f. -i!)CU), p. PiPiu.ica, (fr. 
Plo^ life) to live, emst, lead a life. 
1 a. act. ind. cPlwoa' inf. PiZ- 
oai. per. pass. PiPlupm. 1 f. 
mid. Ptiiaopat. 1 a. mid. tj3((o- 
anpriv. It forms other tenses 
from Plupi, which sec. 

Bi/rxif, -00, b, JF-o\. for 1(6;. 

Biaow, or Biaruiv, -ovoi, b, the bi- 
son, a kind of wild ox. 

a sheet,\Biriva, -ris, i',, same as pixoi. 



Biiii?*, Att. for jitoinv, 2 a. opt. of I BXarrowa", for iSXdvrovca, fero. 

p(u./(( for iitou). I sin. par. pres. acL of 

B(u)/ii, obs. but many of its tensesj BAa^ru, f. -ipio, p. pf/3Aa^a, to en^ 

are attached to .Jidui. 2 a. act 

ind. e-iiiDv' itnpr. iiiuidi, -wtu>' 

opt. liioiriv, Att. ^iiiiiv inf. pici- 

vai' par. 3tois. 
Biu>v, -uios, 6, .Bion, a man's 

BiuKji, see Piwfx — Biucai, 1 a. 

inf. act. of /iioui. 
BiiiffuTo, 3 sin. 1 a. mid. ofpcdui. 
BujalftiS, -ov, 6, >';, (fr. /?(0S life) 

vital, living, likdi/ to livt, lung. 

Ei'uKTis, -toi, Att. -£(Df,5, (fr. same) 

/i/e, livvtg ; the past time of life ; 

the roiUinuance of life ; manner 

of life. a. sin. (i.uiair. 
Bitonxdf, -r., -iv, (fr. same) living, 

natural; vital, relating to or sus- 
taining life; secular, worldly, 
pertaining to iliis life, temporal ; 

retired, prirate. 
BiiDrdv, (neut. of next) must live. 
Biuirif, -fi, -dv, (fr. /Jidui to live) 

living, natural, alive; vital, ne- 

ctssary to life. 
Biurui, hiuiOt, BtHvai, &c. see 

Biu)C>.\lii, -ti{ -orj, 6, fij (fr. Pios 
lite, asiduj<pc\iii) to assist) ustful 
to life ; whoUsome, healthy. 

BXa/Stij, -uiTa,-lv, 2 a. par. pass, 
of /iAdffTij 

BAa^cfid;, -«, -dK, (fr. (iXdirroi to 
hurt) hurtful, mischievous, inju- 
rious, pernicious. 

BXaiicpZi, (fr. last) injuriously, 
perniciuusly ; corruptly, falsely ; 
rashly, una/lvisedly. 

B\di3r„ -ti, ^1 (fr- /3X<£ffTu to hurt) 
liurt, liarm, injury; loss, damage ; 
hindrance, prejudice, disadvan- 

BXa/J/Jk-ai, 2 a. inf. pass. — ^Xafin- 
aoftit, 1 f. mid. ofsauic. 

B\d'^o<,-cof-ovf,ri, same as lJ\d0tj. 

BAo^u, 2 a. sub. act. of /JAdnru. 
BXd^ii) is also an obsolete verb 
of the same signification, from 
which fiXdrrru) takes the 2 a. 
(H^ liiov 

BAdCui, same as (iXavrdvu. 

BAd^oi (fr. /^Arif worthless) to play 
the fool, be silly. 

hXateuf, and Poet. (iXamaii, •/), 
-bv,l)0W-lei;ged, handy; distorted. 

BAamfa, -nf, //, (fr. /3Au( worth- 
less) in'lolence lazinesn, listless, 
nt's, idleness, eowardict. 

BAaxrvw, f. -fuffo), p. -trica, (fr, 
same) /o be stupid, dull, lazy; 
to faint, fait, languish. 

hXaKlKA{, •}), -iv, (fr. gimc) lazy, 
idle, in iolent ; dull, stupid, 
worlhUtn, i(ood for nothing, 

BXaKiKuif, (fr. last) lazily, slowly, 
dully, stupidly. 

BXdvof, -ov, b, /), hUar.rytd, dim, 
or short-sighted ; wirthtrss, lazy. 

BX<!f, -dKos, 0, (perhaps fr. jidXXia 
to throw awav) a small irnrthless 
fish. Adj wirthtrts, eood for 
nothing, insignificant ; idle, lazy; 
dull, stupid ; impious, wicked. 

BXdnrri, 3 sin. prcs. sub 

tangle; to impede, hinder, ob- 
struct; to hurt, injure ; to grieve, 
offend; to punish ; to defeat, sub- 
due. 1 a. act. ipXa\j.a. 2 a. act. 
ipXapov. 2 f. act. i^Xai^u. per. PijiXapnai. 1 a. pass. 
LiiXdipdiiv. 2 a. pass. ind. tjiXd- 
l3iii'-\nf. /iAa/?i>ui' par. ,3Au;.'£if. 
2 f. pass. pXa'^riCopii. per. mid, 
BXaordvu), and BXaarioi -w, f. -i/aii), 
p. ^iiiXdarriKa, to bud, slwoi, 
sprout, germinaie ; to bloom, blos- 
som ; to rise, spring, be bom ; to 
produce, cause to be. 2 a. i/JXaa- 


BXaare, Ion. for i^Xaart, 3 sin. 2 a. 
a«. — BXacri'iaaaa, n. fem. par. 
i a. act. — BXiarrjaaT^o, 3 sin. 
1 a. impr. act. of /jAaaraju. 

BXaarrjiia, -aros, rd, and ffXaarri- 
ndi,-oii, o,(fr. same) a bud, shoot, 
sprout, bLssom ; bloom, vigour. 

SAooTof, -ov, b, (fr. jiXaardvu) to 
bud) a bud, shoot, branch, blos- 
som. Blastus,!i. man's name. 

BXaaipvjiiij> -<3, f. -^Jffiu, p. -?;<ca, (fr 
pXdainjfioi slanderous) to hurt 
tlie reputation, injure by false re- 
ports, calumniate, impute wrong- 
fully, ar.cuJle falsely ; to slander, 
speak ill of, rail, revile ; to speak 
disrejipectfully of God, blaspheme. 
impf. ind. eiiXaa'^r/ftov -ovv. 
pres. pass. (iXncr(p>!fiionat -ovfiai. 
per. pass. jiei3Xac(jiniJntiai. I I. 
pass. ffXaaiprjIivdncofiat. 

BXaa^Tjfiia, -as, I'l, (fr. next) ca- 
lumny slander, detraction, scan- 
dal; false accusation or imputa- 
tion ; impious language, bias- 

BXda(prii'o;, -ov, b, li, (fr. fiXdvrw 
to hurt, ^)}^ij the reputation. Or 
fr. PXu^ impious, and (pvi^i to 
speak) calumnious, scandalous, 
slanderous ; derogatory, blas- 
phemous ; malicious, malignant, 

BXaai^riftovftat, 1 sin. and .ov/tcOa, 
1 pi. cont. pres. ind. pass. — 
BXaa<priuovfici'OS, par. pres. pass, 
cont. of (iXaaifiiit'l'^- 

BXaa<pi;iJitjii, (fr. liXd(T<piJi'Oi slan- 
deroii.s) slanderously, falsely ; 
blasphemously ; maliciously ; 

ZXuTTiov, -ov, t), the she!' of the 
purple fish; a part of ih'it slull ; 
n bni mnile of it ; Vie onyx, an 
Indian shell, or pebble. 

BXaTirni, •wi', at, a sort of shoes, 

BXa(f,Oiivai, inf. — BXa0Ot!(, par. 
1 a. pass, of (iXdzTu). 

BXatpliPpuiv, -oi'of, b,li, (fr. (IXdrrru) 
to hurl, and <;-prV the mind) hurt 
in minii, insane, mad, infatu- 

\iXitiitiv,.uo,-uro,1a.. opt. mid. — 

BAtiv, 2 a. par. art. of jiXt\)ii. 
Or by Sync, for iiX>!9ili, 1 a. 
par. pass, of .'^I'AXw. 
act, — BXtiita/v>i, f. -fiS, p, -avw, (fr. 


next) to look fiercely, survey 
sternly ; to threaten, menace. 

BXijifia, -dro;, to, (fr. i3Xiirii) to 
look) the eyes, sight, countenance, 
appearance ; a look, glance. 

BXfi'vo, -If, }i, snot, phlegm. 

BXivios, ->i, -bi; (fr. lastj worthless, 
insignificant ; lazy, idle. 

BXtvvuicrji, -co; -ovi, b, !], (fr, 
same) snotly, drivelling. 

BXc-cSalftu)i', -ovoi, b, I'l, (fr. /?AfT(o 
to look,and faifiuva fury) looking 
like a fury, scowling, horrific; 
squinting, goggle-eyed ; amazed, 
confounded, agliast. 

BXiTTOKTa, Dor. for pXivovrra, fem. 
par. pres. of/jAf'-ai. 

BAf'rroj, -ov, b, ij. (fr. next) to be 
seen, that may he looked at, to be 
beheld; see7i, viewed, looked at, 

BAf'jrii), f. -\pw, p. 0iiiXe<pa, also 
BXiTTTtj}, and jEoI. BXiaaui, 
(perhaps fr. i3dX\ui to cast, ibxj/ 
{he eye) to look at, behold, see; 
to perceive, understand ; to look 
up to, esteem, honour, approve, 
mind, regard ; to look to, take 
care of; to tend, incline, lean to- 
wards ; to look like, resemble ; to 
live. 1 a. act. i'/JA£i/.a. per. pass. 

BXiTvyes, and BXiicvyes, .<j)v, a't, 
trifics, toys. 

BXc<papi^ui, f. .laui, (fr. ^Xiipdgov 
the eyelid) to wink, twinkle with 
the eyes. 

BXt<papU, -dos, fi, more usually the 
pi. BXcipapiici, -uv, at, (fr. 
same) the eyelashes, hairs on the 
eyelids ; the eyelids. 

BXiijiSpov, -ov, rd, (perhaps fr. 0Xi- 
roj to see, and ^dpo; a veil) the 

BAfl/.I{, -(Of, Att. -£<!)£, )';, (fr. 

same) a siglU, view, examina- 
tion, inquiry, looking into. 

BXt'ut -u), obs. from which ffdXXoi 
borrows its perfect l3el3Xr]Ka, and 
the tenses derived from tiicnce. 

BA70;7ti, 1 a. impr. pass. — BXfiOw, 
sub. — BA>;0;-)i'ai, inf. — BA»;- 
Octi, -t?ff.i, -iv d. sin. fem. -9ci- 
crj, par. of /JdAAw. 

BXr]iihoi, BXt)aOjt, by Sync, for 
^cjiXTifiiioi, |)ar. and ffipXijaOat, 
inf. |>er. pass, of /3«'AAa). 

Bt^filJt, (fr. /JA/ui) satncas^rfAAoi. 

BXnr/os, -u, -ov, (fr. (3dXXii> to 
throw) lo he cast, or put. Neut. 
it must be cast, must be put. 

EAr,r.j, Poet, and Sync, for i/J/jIJXf;- 
ro, ppor. pass, of same. 

BX/iTpoi<ri, Ion. for /JA/}rpoif, d, pi. 

BXi)rpoi', 'Ov, rb, (fr, (idXXut to 
shoot) nn iron nail, or spike, 
stud ; a holt, bar ; a clasp. 

BXti)^dofint -(3^ui, f. -I'/aoiini, p. 
-r;fi»i, lo htrrit, cry as a child. 

BXfi)(^ialai, Poet, for fiXii^uaOait 
pres. inf. cont. of last. 

B^'?;C'^' •'iif'h ""'' nAi'/Y''/"'( -nTOf, 
Ti. (fr. same) lilnittua ; crying. 

BXijvpij, -fi, -hr, irrnk, faint, fee- 
bu; cowardli/, timorous ; timid, 
gentle ; mild, calm, tranquil. 


BXif, continuaUy, constantly, in- 

BXiVdi', -ju, r4, hlilr, or blitcs ; an 

insipid kinil of greens, 
BXirru), f. tiX'aut, to ynss, txpnss, 

a-jueczr out. 
U^ocvpo'io, Ion. p. of 
SXoavpii, -a, -(*-, (perhaps fr. 

j3X(V/«t the brow, and avpo> to 

contract) Jitrce, .erim, stern; 

cruel, savage, barb(irous. 
BAoirvpuiri;, -ifoi, ht -"id BXofft'po)- 

Jtis, -F),-dr, (tr. lust, and un/' the 

eye) haiini; Jitfce eyes, ttnihU 

of aspect, furious. 
BXiifui, and EXi'U), f. -iau>, to 

trickle, drop ; to stream, gush, 

flow ; to slud, pour ahrouil. 
BXuidpd;, -a, -iv, (fr. j3Xii<r»:u to 

mount) high, lofty, towering; 

fourishing, vigorous, green ; ten- 
der, pli int. 
BX(i)/j();, -ov, b, a morsel, movthful, 

crust; a fragment, piece. 
BXiiffif, -loj, Alt. -tu)f, /;, (fr. next) 

approach, arrival. 
BXuirvb), f. -liffo), to come, approach, 


Bor)'!pouiuiv, -uvot, b, (fr. last) the 
third nionlh uf ihu Athenian 
year, answering nearly to our 

Boi'iOcta, -uj, I'l, (fr. next) help, as- 
sistance, aid, leliif, succour. 

Bor)0/u) -C), f. -(/o-ui, p. l}e0oi',OtiKn, 
(fr. li))) a cry, and ^('ui lo run) to 
run to a cry, or with a shout; 
to help, bring help, assist, suc- 
cour relieve, pres. impr. fiotjOu 
-u. 1 a. act. ind. cjioi'iOiiaa' impr. 

Bofi8>tfia,-uToi, rd, (fr. last) assist- 
ance, relief, aid, succour, sup- 
port ; a prop, buttress; a reme- 
dy, cure. 

^ondnriKOi, -!), -iv, (fr. same) 
auxiliary, assistant, relieving. 

BotiObi, and Poet. jio>iOoo(;, -ov, h, 
i), (fr. same) a helper, usstSlant, 
auxiliary, one who relieves, ^c- 
cours ; ready, active, quick. 

Boi;Xaa/ii, -uj, i% (fr. fiovi an ox, 
and tXaiivu) to drive) a driving 
of cattle ; pillage, spoil, plunder, 

arrive; to mount, ascend, goup ; BotjXiitho -u>, f. -j'/trw, p. ->iKa, (fr. 
to grow, increase. same) to drive, take, or carry (iff 

Bo^, 3. sin. pres. ind. act. cont. — 
Boaa, Poet, for same — Bodatr- 
Kov, impf. ind. Ion. of /Jodui. 
Eodypioi', -ov, rh, (fr. /ioiif an ox, 
and dypioj wild) a shield made 
of the hide of a wild ox or buffa- 
lo ; a leathern target. 
Bodypiof, -ov, b, Boagrius, a river 

of Locris. 
Boadooi, Dor. Boi;0(5of, Poet, for 

'Boavcpyli, Syr. indecl. Boanerges, 

i. e. sons of thunder. 
B(5af, B<ir;f, and B<iJ, -koj, some 

kind of fish. 
B(5as, a. pi. of (iovq. 
Bodaai, Dor. for (iodt}, 2 sin. pres. 
ind. mid. — Eoa'o-a^, Dor. for 
(io''i(Taf, 1 a. par. act. — Borfffi, 
Dor. for (ioZdi, 3 pi. pres. ind. 
act. cont. of /Jorfu). 
Boai'Xiov, -ov, ri, (fr. (ioui an ox, 

and ui'Xi) a stall) an ox-stall, 
hodio -H), f. -fioij), jiclidrjKa, to lovj, 
bellow, roar ; tn ring, re-echo ; to 
cry, call, shout ; to beg, importune, 
clamour; to rrij up, celebrate, 
praise, inipf ind. ciidaof -ur. 1 a. 
act. ind. ciiirjaa' impr. fiofiaov. 
Tioua, -as, I'l, viz. iopii, (fern, of 
next) an ox-hide; a rope maile 
of it; a bowstring; a strap. 
Bdtto!, and B6roi, -a, -ov, (fr. /3oSj 
an ox) of, concerning, or like an 
ox or cow. 
B6e(, n. pi. of (iovf. 
Boh, -rii, Ih (ff. [ioiiu) to shout) a 
en/, shout, outcry, uproar, din of 
battle; a b-Utle, flight; vocifera- 
tion, bawling, cl amour ; the sound 
of an instrument. 
Bon, Dor. for /?o^, 3 sin. pres 

ind. or sub. of (ionio. 
Botjhoofiita -ui, (fr. lion a cry, and 
ip'ifioi a race) lo run to a cry. 
run to help, a-w't, relieve. 
Bon^pifiia, -u>v, TO, (fr. same) a 
festival at Atknt, 

cattle ; to pillage, plunder ; to 

tend, or herd cattle. 
Borj^'dTn?, -ov, b, and Boi;Xani, 

-tioi, II, (fr. same) a coivhcrd, he 

or she who attends cattle ; one who 

drives or carries off cattle; a 

spoiler, pillager, robber. 
Bofiv, Dor. lor PoSv, pres. inf. act. 

cont. — Boni, Dor. for/5o$?, pres. 

sub. act. cont. — Bdncov, 1 a. 

impr. act. of (iod'is. 
Boj/fii/iof, -01', b, (fr. jiovi an ox, 

and vtjiniy to pasture) a cowherd, 

keeper of cattle. 
Bonri:;, -voi, n, same as (ioi'i. 
B69pioi', -ov, ri, (dim. of next) a 

hole, trench, fnrrnu>. 
Bidpoi, -ov, b, (perhaps fr. (idOos 

depth) a ditch, pit, excavation; 

a pitfall; a 


lo cast) a dart, javelin, arrow; a 
plummet, sounding line. d. sin. 
lio>lauvTt(, n. pi. par. 1 a, act. of 

Bo\iif, -ov, b, (fr. /3(iXXu) to cast) 
a cast, throw, shot; a drop or 
dropping ; the place win re any 
thing is dropped as a furrow for 
seed ; a sprouting or shooting, 
teething ; a dart, arrow ; a blow, 
wound ; a sling ; a sweep-net, 
scitie, drag. 
BofifievvTt, Dor. for(3o/i/3oii(r(,d. pi. 
— Bofilhiica, Dor. and /Kol. for 
(ioujiuvaa, fern. par. pres. act. of 
Bo/j/i/ui -ui, f. -nam, p. -n^a, (fr. 
^uji^oi a hum) to buzz, hum, 
murmur; to sound, resound; to 
whisper, mutter ; make any soft 
Xj6iifin<"i, -ioi, Att. -£ii)5, n, (fr. 
same) a hum, buzz ; a hive or 
swarm of bees; a crowd, multi- 
Bo;i/3if , -oir, b, the hum, Intzz, mur- 
mur of bees, or water ; sound, 
noise ; a tune, air. 
BofijSv'Sri, -Vii fl, ( f''. last) a kind 

of bee ; any buzzing insect. 
Bo/i/3i!Xios, -01), b, (fr. same) a bee, 
gnat, fly; a drinking vessel, 
Bdftfiv^, -vKOi, b, (fr. same) the 

silk-worm ; a worm, maggot. 
B6vaaoi, and Bdvacaoi, -ov, b, the 
bonasus, or bison; a wild spe- 
cies of cow. 
Boo^, Heb. indecl. Booz, a man's 

Boofi'yiov, -01), tO, (fr. (iov; an ox, 
and ^vyhi a yoke) a pair, yoke 
or team of oxen. 
Bopii, -Of, T), (perhaps fr. /?o(j for 
liAcKui to feed) food, fodder, pro- 
vender ; voracity, ravenousness. 
BipaOpov, -ov, rb, apit, trench, hol- 
low, excavation. 
BooliopoKotTtji, -ov, b, (fr. next, 
and Kolrn a bed) licr in the mud, 
name of a frog. 
Bdpfiopoi, -ov, b, mud; ordure, 

Bop/3opda» -w, f. -wau), (fr. last) to 
daub, smear, dirty ; to defile, 
Bop/?opii^(i), f. -tio'o), to creak ; to 

grumble as the bowels. 
Bopiao, JEo\. and Boplu, Ion. for 

Bopf'oi), g. sin. of 
Bop/aj or Bop^at, and Ion. V.opi'ns 
or Boplins, -ov, b, (perhaps fr. 
fiodui to roar, and jiiia lo pour) 
Boreas, northwind, north. 
BopfnOcv, and B6p{)adcv, (fr. last) 

from the north. 
Bripcios, and Poet. Boo)';i'of, -ov, h, 

(fr. same) Boreal, norlltern. 
Boohv, Ion. for jiopav, a. sin. of 

Bdofiu^, and Bvpjjia^, JEo\. for ixvp- 

Bopbi, -a, -iv, (fr. Popa food) 

greedy ; a glutton. 
B6aii, -to;, Att. -cwf, I'l, (fr. fldu or 

den, cave; a well, 

BiO'uvoi, -ov, b, (perhaps fr. ffadv- 

vw to deepen) same as last, but 

more elegant 
Botfdpiov, or Boi^iov, (dim. of (iovs 

an ox) a heifer, young cow, 
Boifcdf, -h, -iv, of, concerning, or 

like a heifer. 
BoiwTia, -a;, t), Boeotia, a part uf 

BoiwrJs, -ov, b, (fr. last) Basotian, 

a Boeotian. 
BoX.iuv, .^ol. for /JoXur, g. pi. of 

B6}.(iiTov, and B6\tTov, -ov, rb, (fr 

/JdXXo) to throw) Jilth; dung, 

BoXf'w -d, obs. same as p\fjiit, or 

BoX;>, -r,s, h, (fr- /?«'XXm to throw) 

a cast, tltrow, discharge, shot ; a 

stroke, blow, wound, cut; any 

missile, arrow, dart, &c. a ray, 

beam, ulcnce. 
Bo\it;ui, f. -lata, p. jSt/JAiico, (fr. 

next) to siiund, try the depth, 

heave the lead. I ^iJo-'ko) to feed) pasture, grazing, 

BoXij, -iioi, '„ ( fr. poX/u for |3(fXX(,) | provend€r;food, provisimis, meit. 




Bdwt, impr. — B6(tkuv, inf. pres. 

act. o{ 06a Kill. 
BdoKVfta, -aroi, ri, (fr. 06<jKu to 
feed) a beast, cow, sheep; pi. 
cattle ; pasture, pasturage. 
BocKiiaciadc, Dor. for jSuaKTiaecde, 

2 pi. I f. mid. of /iotrxfui. 
BdcKTiaii, -(05, Att. -tu{, !), (fr 
same) a feeding, pasturing, 
'BotsKuvTt, Dor. for jidaKovat, 3 pi. 

pres. ind. act. of 
hooKta or BocKiui -w, f. -ijffu, p. 
0c06cKTiKa, (fr. i3(Sw,obs. to feed) 
tojteil, pasture, g^aze ; to tend, 
herd. 1 f. ^?()(ru), and ^liaw. 1 a. 
i0oca, and tiiuiaa, per. jSi/ioKu, 
and (3f/3iD«.-a, (fr. /3(iw, obs. ) 1 a. 
act. clidaKiiaa, per. pass, fiifica- 
Krifiiu. 1 f. pass. [ioBKriQicojiin. 

Bia-ropov, -ov, rd, an Indian plant 
and fruit. 

B((oTpii^o5, -01), and Bdarp;)^, -v';tof, 
6, (ptrhaps fr. (idrpvi a cluster) 
a rurt, ringlet, lock of hair ; the 
, hair. 

Boawp, Heb. indecl. Bosor, the 
name of a man who was also 
called Btiif, Beor, Eng. Peor. 

Bora, -uv, rii, (pi. of ^075v a herd) 
cattle, kine. 

BoTavn, -If, fl% (fr. liorif food) 
grast, herbage, pasture, feeding 
for cattle; the study of herbs, ho- 

Boruf iKd;, -r), -iv, (fr. last) relating 
to herbs, botanical ; subs, a bota- 

Bordvtov, -ov, rd, (dim. of same) 
a small herb. 

BoTfjp, -Tjfioi, and Botik, -ov, b, (fr. 
ftiii) to feed) a shepherd, htrds- 

BoTif, -lios, li, (fr. same) a shep- 

Boriv. -uv, ri, ffr. same) aflock, 
lurd ; cattle, sheep, kine. 

Borif, -oS, b, (fr. same) provender, 
fodder ; food, meat ; support, 
nourishmfmt, alimmt. 

Borpvitov, -ov, rii, (dim. of fiirovs 
a cluster) a little hunch. 

BoTovfiv, (fr. same) by clusters, in 
bunches, heaps. 

BoTDvdtii, -caaa, -iv, (fr. same) 
clustering, in bunches, tliat bears 
fruit in clusters. 

BoTpuijjraK, -aiiioc, b, //, (fr. Bame, 
and jroif a child) the parent 
stock, father of clusters ; the vine. I 

Birpu!, -uoj. 0, ([icrhaps fr. ziTos\ 
drink, and p/o* to flow) a lmnrh,\ 
elustiT ; grapes, ivy brrriis. in pi. 
PoTpvif, (iirpvaf arc contracted 
into l}6Tpv(. 

BoC, an intensive particle. 

Bdv, Poet, for ffois, g. sin. of 

Bo60SXo<, -ov, b, nnd Bovl33\i<, 
•if'Of, I,, (fr. ()ov( an nx) a uild 
bull or itiW rmn ; a buffalo. 

Bou/ioToj, -a. Dor. (nx' flnvOAriii, 
•ov, b, (fr. same) a rouhrrd. 

BoiPpuiaif or hoi'ihwirrif, .,of, 
Att. -cut:, fi, (fr. (ioi' intens. .ind 
fipiiaif food) hunger; famine, 

Bov^tiv, -Cvof, 0, <Ae groin ; n tu- 
mour in the groin ; such a one in 
any part. 
Eotydiof, -ov, h, hj (fr. ^ou intens. 
and yala earth, or yaiix> to boast) 
large, gross, unuitldy, sluggish ; 
turgid, suollai ; boastful, vain- 
glorious, ostentatious. 
Bovy\{i)a(!ov, -ov, ri, and BoOyXaJc 
(70S, -ov, b, (fr. jjuvf an ox, and 
yXGiaoa a tongue) an herb, bo- 
rage, hugloss ; the sole fish. 
Bovlopoi, -ov, b, >!, (fr. same, and 
iipu to e.xcoriate) galling to 
oxen, tormentinfr, irritating. 
BcvOvaia, -aj, /;, (fr. same, and^voj 
to sacrifice) an offering of oxen ; 
^%acrijice of black cattle. 
BovKa'io;, Bovko;, and Dor. BuitiOf, 
•ov, b, (fr. same) a herdsman, 
shepherd, reaper, labourer, rus- 
BovKiiTpov, -ov, rb, (fr. same, and 

Ktirpov a point) an ox-goad. 
Boi'Ktpws -01, and -uroi, b, fi, (fr. 
same, and Kipag a horn) icith the 
horns of an ox, horned. 
BovKo^iio -(3, f. ->'icii), (fr. same, 
and k6\ov food) to feed or tend 
cattle; to graze, pasture, rear 
herd; to mill;, make profit of, 
gain a livelihood by cattle; to 
soothe, flatter, decoy ; to like, pur- 
sue, attend to any object, par. 
pres. act. fiavKoXiotv, A. sin. jiov- 
BovKo\ia, -at, fi, (fr. las!) n herd 
of cattle ; care of or attendance 
on cattle. 
BovKo'Kid^ii), and Dor. ButKoXidl^isi, 
or EiiJKoXicio'^(j, f. -daw, or -d^u}, 
(fr. last) to compose, play or sing 
pastorals; to lead a shepherd's 
BovKo^taa/tbi, -ov, b, (fr. same) 
pastoral music or composition ; 
the singing and dancing of shep- 
herds or rustics. 
BovKo\iaar))i, -ov, o, (fr. same) n 
composer of pastorals^ rural poet, 
rustic musician. 
BovKo'^iKis, -ii,-bv, (fr. same) re- 
lating to the care of cattle ; pasto. 
rat, rustic. 
BovKdXiov, -ov, rb, and -o^, -ov, u, 
(fr. same) a herd of rattle, fork. 
BovKO^iafibi, -ov, b, (fr. same) a 
shephird's soilg, pastoral, bucolic, 
BovK6\n(, and Dor. BuiKi^ot, -ov, 
b, (fr. Hutiie) a rouhcrd, shqj- 
hrrd ; a clt/u-n, rustic. 
BovXn(j/6poi, -(1), 0, Dor. for fiovXti- 

Bov^iiio -u, (fr. (iov inlenn. and Aa'w 
to (Icgirc) olm. Kcc lioCXouiii, 
which borrows some parts Irom 
Boi;Xfiii, Ion. fr(im llin ancient ^ol)- 
Xtaiit, and lloi''Xt(, Alt. for /jorXr;, 
2 sin. pres. ind. mid. — Boi^Xfo, 
Ion. for (iovXov, pres. impr. mid. 
— Bot''XtT', Ion. for iliodXtro, 3 
sin. inipf. inil. — DouX(i7(ct'a(, 
Ion. nnd Poet, for /3ovXi5;ici'0(, 
par. prcH. mid. n( Pnif\ojini. 
Boi/Xd'r/cOii, by Parag. forpovXtOnt, 

2 sin. pres. sub. act. of /Joo- 


BoOXtv/io, -arcs, rb, (fr. /JovXttu? 
to consult) deliberation ; counsel, 
advice ; a design, purpose, inten- 

Boi'Xti'trai, 1 a. impr. mid. — Bcv- 
\cvadvTi, d. sin. and Boo)>cvadv- 
T£, n. du. par. 1. a. act. — Bov- 
\evcev. Ion. for ePov\evoe, 3 sin. 
ind. and BniXtvo;;, 3 sin. sub. 
1 a. act. of /SovXti'u). 

BovXivais, -toi, Att. -!(os, t'l, (fr. 
/SotiXfi'u) to consult) consultation, 
deliberation, meditation; a ptrj. 

BoDX£DT(;p(or, -ov, TO, (fr. same) a 
court, hall, senate-house. 

BovXrvTiif, -ov,b, fr. same) a coun- 
sellor, senator, adviser. 

BovXevTiKbs,-fi, -bv, (fr. same) se- 
natoiinl, relating to a senate or 
council; consulted, asked or ap- 
plied to for advice ; prudent, 
loise, sage; subs, a counsellor, 

Boi'XfuToj, -ov, 0, >';, (fr. same) con- 
sulted, deliberated, ivdghed; de- 
creed, enacted. 

BoiiXti'w, f -tijaio, p. /Jrjf?ovAfi7.o, 
(fr. ,8oiX») design) to deliberate, 
cons^ttt ; to meditate, pondir, re- 
volve ; to ask advice; to devise, 
plot, plan; to determine, pur- 
pose, decree. \ a. act. t^uiXtvaa. 

1 a. mid. e(iov\ivodjiriv. 
BovXiuiv, Ion. for (ivvXiov, g. pi. of 
Boi'X)), -/jf, -i'/, the will, detrrmina- 

tion, desiiin, purpose, decree, 
counsel; a council, .senate; a 
counciUchamber^ court. 
Bov\t](\i, lon.for/Joi'Xr; Att. (iovXei, 

2 sin. pres. ind. nnd. — BouXi;- 
Ochji', 1 a. opt. pass. — Boi'Xr;- 
0f!{, par. 1 a. pass. — Boi'X»;0(3, 
-pf, -fi, 1 a. sub. pass. — boi;Xr7- 
rai, 3 sin. pres. sub. pass, of 

BovXrjfta, -arof, rb, (fr. fioiXo^ai to 
will) will, pleasure, choice; de- 
termiu'ition, decree, judgment ; 
purjjose, design, d. sin. [iovXij- 

BovXfiatv, and Eoi'Xi;(r(, Ion. for 

f}ovXiui, cl. pi. of jiovXij. 

BovXiiais, -tof, Att. -((05, //, same 
as ftovXtji'a. 

BoiXr/rnoi, -i),-dr, (fr. /3oiXr) will) 
wilting^ voluntary ; purposely, 
intentional, designed. 

BovXiirbi, •ov,b,!i, (fr. same) will- 
ed, iletrrniinril, decreed ; design- 
ed, jiurjiosed, consulted, adt ised, 

BovXnip^'pos,-nv, b,)i, (fr. same, and 
itipw to bring) arlvising, direct- 
ing ; subs, o counsellor, 

BouXifiinui -w, f. -daw, p. -nKn, (fr. 
(iov intens. and X^//o5 hun>:rr) In 
starve, suffer great hunger, jirrish 
with want. 

Boi'X(//of, -oil, 4, and Bni'X////ii, -oc, 
/;, (fr. same) violent hungir, 
starvation ; famine, dearth. 

Doi'Xoiro, 3 sin. prrH. opt. mid. — 
BouXu/zciof, par. pres. mid. of 

BorXo//n(, (.-)'iB0)i:ti, ]>.ftijiuvXti(fiii, 
(fr. flovX!) counsel) to wish, will, 
please ; to design, dettrviine, dt-. 


erf f ; to tirsirc, prefer ; to fa- 
vour, hffricndf efyniise. 2 sin. 
pros. /JoiiXti, Alt. ^oi'X/;ai, Foci. 

pui'iXt.ii, Ion. for liovXt). tiros. 

opl. mid, liovXolfinv. iiiipf. iiid. 

tpoi'Xo/ii)!', Hllil »;poiiX«/ir;r, Alt. 

1 a. |iuss. ifiav'SiiOiir, and ///jot- 

Aijfliji', All. piT. mid. /jip'ouAu. 
1 f. ind. mid. p'ai'X'irro/iui. per. 

ind. pass. ^c/Joi'A»)/iu(. 
BoCXtfj, -01', 4, gtils, puddingt used 

lo make sa\isagi'S. 
BotXurdf, -ov, b, (fr. /3u5s an ox, 

and Xuu) lo loose) loosing-iime, 

BoT'v, a. sin. of /JoEf. 
Boiht/jpos, -ou, i, and Borrfjjpoi', 

-ou, 7-i, ^fr. iicu inti-ns. and vijipdi 

a lawn) a large faivn or hind. 
Bouv/^ii), f. -iVu), p. /3ej3oiinK(i, (fr. 

/joui'us a hill) lo raise, gatlur, 

hfap up. 
BowroriiVif, •ioi-ov;, b, '/, (fr. lasl, 

and ciioi likeness) hilly, vioun- 

tiiinous, sleep, craggy. 
Bovi'Ofioi, -ov, b, )';, (fr. |3o55 an ox, 

and i/^u) to pasture) paslure.d, 

fed or grazed hy cattle ; pastura- 
ble, rirh, fertile, pasturing, graz- 
ing, browsing. 
Bovi'Oi, -oil, b, a hill, hillock, rising 

ground, high place ; a heap ; 

slope, ascent ; declivity. 
Bovvuifr)^, -cos -ovs, b, >/, (fr. last) 

see liovt'Otti^fii. 
Eotirrais, -iii^of, 5, (fr. 0ov intens. 

and TTiui a bo)') a grown boy, 

stripling ; an overgrown or fat 

young man ; an awkward boy. 
Bovzu\oi, -ov, 5, (fr. same, and 

rdXr; wrestling) a great wrestler ; 

an a.<!S, an epithet of an ass. 

Adj. obstinate, stubborn. 
BourX^f, -nyos, )';, (fr. /?oJf an ox, 

andTrXiJffo-o) to strike) a goad or 

whip to drive cattle. 
Bovir6noi, -ov, b, <';, (fr. same, and 

-rtlpu) to pierce) that would pierce 

an ox ; large, strong. 
Bovoiucoi or Bdpaaaoi, -ov, b, the 

fruit of the palm or date tree, 

Botlf,/?o3s, b, >i, a hull, row, ox, 

bteve ; an ox hide ; a shield 

made of it, a. sin. (iovv. in pi. 

Pici, /S-iaf, are cent, inlo fJovs. d. 

pi. /3oiici, Ion. (iocaai. 
'Bovaipii, -idm 0, Busiris, a man's 

BovaraOfiov, -ov,to, (fr. /?oE(anox, 

and aradfjiis a stall) an ox-stall 
Bovras, -a, b. Dor. for /Jourijf, 

same as (idrrn and (iori'/p. 
Bovrofios, -ov, b, and Eoi'to/jov, -ov, 

rJ, (fr. (iovs an ox, and Tf^tvui to 

cut) the flowering rush or waier 

BovTvpov, -ov, ri, (fr. same, and 

Tvpii cheese) butter. 
Bov(poviii> -u, f. -i'i(rti>, p. -rjKa, (fr. 
same, and <pivti> to kill) lo slaugh- 
ter cattle, sacrifice. 
Bovi^'Ji'o;, -ov, 0, fi, (fr. same) u'w 
stayi rrUlfe, a butcher; a priest 
pdw -i, obs. see Bdaxw, which 
iiorrows its tenses from it. 


Bo(|''Fii', -pj, -p, Alt. for Podot/ii 
-Colli, prcs. opl. act. — Doii^tvos, 
c'oni, of /Jo(i(i/if 105, par. pros. mid. 
— B6u>v, Ion. for ti^iiwi', 3 pi. 
impf. iiid. act. — Bcxiovs, Builii'- 
rii, -ioiTof, -u)iTii>v, t'ont. cases 
of Bort'uii' -wi', i)ar. pros. act. — 
Bo(liiTi,is also Dor. (or 0oi!>at, 3 
pi. or d. pi. ))ar. pres. acl.of /iiodio. 

Bowr, g. pi. of jSof'j. 

EowTTij, -i(^of, »;, (fr. 0ovi an ox, 
and w<p the eye) with ryes like a 
cow, ox-eyed; with full, round, 
dark eyes. 

Bouir/o) -(S, f. -I'laui, p. -ij*"* (fr. 
same, and uifl/w to drive) to drive 
oxen as in a plough, ]ilough, till, 
labour, cultivate, pres. inf, act. 
jSooirt?!', cont. 

BowT/jf, -01', b, (fr. same) a cow- 
heril, lierdsman, ploughman ; the 
constellation called Bootes, Arc- 
lophylax, and the Ploughman. 

Bp(i/3f('(i, -Of, )';, (fr. lipilicvi an um- 
pire) the management, condvt, 
regidation of public games ; the 
decision or awarding of thr 
prizes; an arrangement, reconci- 

Bpnj3((oi', -ov, Tu, (fr. same) a 
prize, honorary reward. 

BpajStis, -hi and -/wc, and Bp<i(iiv- 
rfif, -ov, h, (perhaps fr. jjdficoi a 
wand) the president or steward 
at public games; an arbitrator 
or umpire to determine the 
prizes ; a judge ; commander, 

Bpalicvu), f. -ciaiii, p. [iiPpdlievKa, 
(fr. last) to manage, conduct or 
preside at public games; to de- 
cide, award the prizes ; to regu- 
late, rule, direct, command, pres. 
impr. i3pd(icvc, -iria. 1 a. ind. 
act. cfipaficviTa, 

Bpa/JuXa, -Of, i;, a Damascene 
plum, damson. 

Bpayxidi^M, f. -dao}, (fr, next) to 
grow or he hoarse. 

Bpdy)(iis, -ov, b, and -tof, ri, 
hoarseness, roughness of the voice. 

Bpiiifuf, (fr. (ioaSx)'; slow) slovdy, 
late; slothfully, lazily, comp. 
(ipaivrtpov and fipdfiiov, BUp. 
(ipaSi'irara and lipafitarov. 

Bpaiivbi, -n, -dv, JE.o\, for ^lahvii. 

BoafivyXijiaaoi, -ov, b, i), (fr. PpaCiii 
slow, and yMLaaa the tongue) 
sloiv of speech, not eloquent, 

Bpaivvovaaif, d. pi. fem. par, pres. 
act. of 

Bpa^ri'o), f. -vvw, (fr. [ipacv; slow) 
<o stop, stay, delay, loiter, tarry ; 
to hesitate, demur, scruple. 

BpnivjTaOr)^, -iof -ovs, L, >), (fr. 
Ppaiiii slow, and irclOu) to per- 
suade) hard to be persuaded ; ob- 
stinate ; dull. 

BpaSvirXoiu) -w, f, -(/(TO), p. (itfipa- 
fvr\6v>ca, (fr. same, and irXo/u, 
Ion. for ttX/u) to sail) to sfnl 
slowly, he long at sea, be detain- 
ed hy bafl weather, par. pres. 
n. pi. ftoa?ivr\oovvTCS. 

Bpaeiif, -iTa, -v, (perhaps fr. jiilnoi 
a burden, and f,v(j} to go undrr) 
slov) ; dull, stupid ; lazy, indo- 


lent. n. pi. cont. ^paSili, comp. 
f]paM''Tipos, jipntiwv iT liptioaiDVf 
sup. lipti&VTuroi, lipdi^tarui. 

Bpaivnis, -iiroi, li, (fr. lasl) slotv- 
ni ss, tardiness ; dulnrss, slupvli- 
ty ; indolence, laziness, a. sin. 

Bp'(^b) and Bpdaaoi, f. -daii), to 
Ixiil, buhhlc ; lo work, froth, fir- 
ment ; to be hot ; to rage, fret, 

BpriOv, -vo{, ri, the herb savin. 

bpdkai'ov, -ov, ri, wild kale ot cole- 

BpoKOi, -toi -ov(, ri, and Bpn'/ca, 
-u{, (;, a covering for the naked- 
ness, breeches, trowser^. 

BpaaOui, par. of (jSpdaOriv, 1 a. 
pass, of /iprf^u) or fipdaau). 

Bpddfia, -aros, r<i, and Bpair^d;, 
-oil, b, (fr. jSpd^u) lo boil) a boil- 
ing, bubbling; fermentation; 
heat, warmth ; rage, vehemence. 

Bp«Yf, Ion. for ilipaxc, inipf, act, 
of fipd^u. 

Bpuxi", -iov, Tii, (neut. of /3po;^fij 
short) sh(dlou\i, shoals. 

Bpu)(^tTi, Ion. for /ipa;^£7a, fem, of 

Bpn;^;ti5, -uaa, -ev, par. 2 a. pass, 
of Ppix'^- 

Bpaxf'^S. Ifr. Opaxi'i short) short- 
ly, briiifly, in a feui words. 

Bpo;^i'a)i', -oi'os, 6, (comp. of next) 
t)ie shorter or upper part of the 
arm, arm ; strength, power, 
might, d. sin. ppax'ovt. 

Bp.;:^u?, £7a,-v,.s/i"r/, bnef; smalt, 
little; few. g, pi, (Jpaxi""'. 
comp. ppaxvTipoi, and Bpr(;^iwi', 
sup. /?pa;^;i5rurof and (ipaxiorni. 

Bpaxvai?apog, Dor. for jipaxvci&n- 
poi, -ov, b, ft, (fr. last, and aiSri- 
po? iron) short pointed, 

Bpax^T;;?, -vros, >'i, (fr. same) 
shortness; brevity, conciseness; 
fewness, paucity. 

BpaxvTpdx,n><oi, -ov, b, i'/, (fr. same, 
and Todxi^oi the neck) short- 

Bpdxw, f. -(w, p. -X"' '° ""^l*^ ^^^ 
noise of a wand or rod when 
shaken smartly, to quaver, whirr ; 
rustle. Or of things breaking, 
to crack, crash, clatter ; to sound, 
resound, ring, peal. 

Bp/y/i", -fjrof, t3, and Bptyudfi-oD, 
h, (fr. Ppix'^ to wet) the fore- 
head, the front hcuf of the 

BocKCKf^, a word invented to ex- 
' press the 7ioise of frogs. 

Bpijicadat, pas?, or mid. — Bp/- 
/ifd', act. pres. inf. of 

Bpf>w, f. -fio), to grumble, murmur, 
' make any hnllnw noise ; to roar, 
bellmtj, resound, peal. per. mid. 

Bphfiov, a stag,hy the Messapians. 

BpfvOii, -lioi, and BplvQi^, -'«»£. 
(';, lettuce. 

BphOoi, -ov, b, some bird unknown, 
of a slow gait and muttering 
note ; haughtiness, pride, arro- 
gance, pomposity, conceit ; an 
ointment jor perfume made by the 



BpEvei5o/»ai, (fr. last) to stalk, and 
mutter like a brenthos ; to as- 
sume consequence, take airs, be 
conceited; to growl, grumble, 
mutter, par. pres. mid. jipefdvu- 

'BpcvTiov, -ov, TO, (fr. ppiriov, 
which see) a stag's head, the 

Baikal, 1 a. inf. act. of /3p/;^u. 

Bp/raf, rd, ajigure, likene.*s, image, 
statue, idol; a spectre, appari- 

Bpefos, -£of -ouf, rd, an infant, 
child, babe ; an embryo ; a young- 
ling, pi. ^piipta -I). 

Bpt^tXXiof, -ov, TO, (dim. of last) 
a little child ; a youngster. 

Boj;^a, and Bp£;tfiuj, see (ipiyiia. 

BpiXi^i f- -("^j P- -X"? 'o«'«'i "»""- 
ten, bedew ; to steep, drench ; to 
rain, drop ; to soak, suck, im- 
bibe. 1 a. act. iiipe^a. 2 a. act. 
ifipa^ov. per. pass, ^i^pcyfiat. 1 
f. pass, iipt^di'iaonat. 2 a. pass. 
ind. tjipdyriv' inf. jipa^rjvat. 2 f. 
pass, ^pa'x/iaofiai. per. mid. /?£- 

Bp'iirffw, f. -^<j>, p. -;t°» '" '^"■Sh 
up, expectorate, spit. 

BoT, an intensive particle prefixed 
'to words, implying, very much. 

Bpiici, 3 sin. pres. ind. of /Jpiaw. 

Bpiapco;, -ov, Att. Boidpiu>i, -w, h, 
(fr. i^tpi intens. and 'jLpns Mars) 
B'iireus, the name of a giant. 

Bpi3pi;, -a, -di; (fr. next) strong, 
st'/itt, robust, hardy. 

Bpiau -(S, f. -daii), (perhaps fr. 
/jj( very) to strengthen, make 
strong ; to extol, magnify ; to be 
or grow strong or powerful; U> 
swell, grow large, increase. 

Bp(\'u, f. -7iTw, and -I'fw, tojkel op- 
pressol after meat ; to be drowsy ; 
to nap, doze ; to loiter, be indo- 
lent, neglect. 

Bfitprvof, -ov, b, fi, (fr. ffpi intens. 
and ijffu'd for amJio to shout) 
shjulin^ loudly. An epfthet of 
M irs. 

Bpldof, -tof -ov(, rd, and Bpidoiru- 
vti,-rif, fi, (fr. /Jpi'Ow to press) 
wei'ht, preisure, heaviness ; a 
burden, load. 

BpiOuf, -til, -li, and -/of -ov{, b, fi, 
(fr. same) heavy, weighty, pon- 

BpiOw, to wcifh heavily, be heavy ; 
to Wfi^h down, dej/ress ; to br 
loaded bear a burden ; ti in- 
riinr, bend forward*, Irtn down, 
overhang ; to impress, prevail, 
excel, per. mid. (ilfioiOa. par. 

Bplfin, -It, Ih (fr. Pptdu) to Btrengih- 
cn) strength, pouter, might ; in- 
Jlacnrr, povirr ; magic, 

hfHftdtfirii -oiifiat, and Rntiirto/jai 
-li/i'ii, (pf'rhapn fr. lipifnd to 
growl, or fr. next) to grumble, 
grouit, mullrr ; to roar, bclloiv ; 
to grinil or gnafh the teeth ; to 
rage, bum with answer. 

Bpi/iiii, -(Jo; -or(, I'l, n name of He- 
cate or Proscrpinp ; a fiend. 

BpiadpiiaroK, -ov, h, I), (fr. flpiOu to{ 


weigh down, and apjia a cha- 
riot) too heavy for the chariot, 
weighty on the a.\le-tree ; or, 
who drives over his adversary. 

Bpictvs, -ioi. Ion. -ijos, 5, Briseus, 
a man's name. 

Bpicr]U,-iSoi, i;, Eriseis, a woman's 

Boiacos, -ov, b, a sea-urchin. 

Bp6Y)(^os, and Bpd^Oo?, -ov, b, (per- 
haps fr. iipo^ii) obs. to swallow) 
Me throat, gullet. 

Bpd^oi", -ov, Tu, JEo\. for j)6Sov. 

Bpo/iioj, -a, -ov, (fr. next) sound- 
ing, resounding ; ringing, echo- 
ing ; shouting, roaring, bellow- 
ing ; crashing, creaking, peal- 
ing. Also Bromius, an epithet 
of Bacchus. 

Bp(i/io5, -ov, b, (fr. fSpcfiti) to mur- 
mur) a crack, peat, volley; a 
roar, bellowing ; a reed, pipe. 

Bpovrdti) -(3, f. -rjou, p. -i;xa, (fr. 
next) to thundir ; to peal, 

BpovTt), -rii. If, thunder; a crash, 
peat, roar. 

Bpdrcoi or BpoTfioj, -oii, b, fj, same 
as (JpoTcij. 

BpoTi'iaioi, -ov, b, fi, Poet, same as 

BpoTolinfiiiiv, -ovoj, b, fi, (fr. 0poTh% 
human, and pT^fio. a step) a 
spumer of mankind, Irampler on 
human rights ; a tyrant, despot, 

Bpordcts, -ccaa, -tv, (fr. Pporoi 
gore) bloody, bloodstained, gory 

BpiTo).uiyoi, -ov, b, (fr. fiporoi hu- 
man, and AoiyDf destruction) a 
manslayer, murderer. Adj. mur- 
derous, bloody, cruel. 

BpiT!ti,-ov,b, man, a mortal. Adj. 
human, mortal; frail, fleeting, 
perishable, d. pi. with v added 

Bp'irof, -ov, b, blood, gore. 

BpjTdio -a, f. -uiau, (fr. last) to 
stain v-ilh blood, defile u-ith gore ; 
to indirup, sprinkle v;ith bloo-l. 
(Or fr. iiptrbi human) to make, 
form or Jashion man; Bpordo/j.ii, 
to become man. 1 a. inf. pass. 

BpwKOi or Bpn';^05, -ov, b, a kind 
of locust. 

Bp9;^/ta){, JEn\. for /3p i^^/wf. 

Bpo^f'). -Hf, h, (fr. lipfX'^ to wet) 

a shower ; lieiivi/ ram. 
Bp4;^0.7«, Hamn qh (ipAyxof. 
Bpo^OMrn, -cof -uoi, h, h, (fr. (ipi- 

X'i> to Boak) nri<y, dry, parched, 

witlvnit moisture. 
Bp(5,\;'/{, -ou, b, ucurd, rope; snare, 

Bp'i;^ui, to soak, ohs. but found in 

BpoY'^rr/f, (fr. lioi\o( u rope) 

hound with ropm, linl ; twislnt, 
np6ii), o\n. iUs t(!ii!tcs are iMirrowod 

by llpioiTKio. 
Rpiy/ia, -ilrof, ri, (fr. PpCxui to 

bill!) a bite. 
Bpvynif, -ov, h, (fr. jSpdvbi to 

gnash) gnasliinii or grinding of 

the teeth ; a crash ; noise, shout ; 




BpvKii), f. -^u}, p. -ya, to bite, gnaw; 

to devour, swallow up. 
Bpvi; an infantile expression for 

BpCov, -01', rb, moss, weeds; sea- 
weed ; an herb so called. 
BpSrov, -ou, TO, and Bpuroj, -ov, b, 
(perhaps fr. (ipvui to spring) 

Bp'.'xdia -w, and Bpi^fo, f. -fo), p. 
/3f(3pu%a, to grind the teeth, 
gnash, cranch, champ; to echo, 
ring, sound, resound; to ro'ir, 
low, bellow; to shriek, groan, 
moan. Bpvxofiai, to rage, fret, 
be distracted with anger, grief, 
pain, &c. per. pass. 0i(ipvynat. 

EpiJu.-, f. -I'o-ii), p. l^ilipv^a, to bud, 
shoot, germinate, sprout, blos- 
som ; to grow, increase ; to 
teem, abound, overflow ; to 
spring, gush, burst out, issue 
forth ; to send forth, pour, shed, 
diffuse, spread, scatter. 3 sin. 
pres. p'pi'ti. 

BpioOtif, 1 a. par. pass, of (ipuxTKO). 

Bpaj/io, -aros, rb, (fr. same) food, 
meat, victuals. 

Bpiiiiaai, or -aiv, Bpufiara, -ti, 
-Toi, -T(j)v, cases oi last. 

Bpu>fiiw -c3, t. -);<7u), (fr. next) to 
stink, smell ill. 

Bpu»/(05, -01', b, a stink, rank smell ; 

Bpu/iciir;;, -co; -O";, 0, »/, (fr. last) 
fetid, rank, putrid. 

BpSiaci, -aui)i,-civ, cases of /Jowcrif. 

Bp^liat^ov, -ov, rfi, (neut. of next) 
meal, food, an eatable. 

Bpioatuos, -ov, b, I'l, (fr. ^pwuKoj to 
feed) eatable. 

Bpuio-ff, -loj, and -to(;, Att. -tur, ij, 
(fr. same) meat, food ; eating; a 
canker ; corrosion, virulence. 

Bp!)(TKti}, f. /Jpujffu), p. Pij]pu>Ka, (fr. 
fip6ii> obs. to cat) to cat, feed; 
to pasture, graze ; to gnaw, con- 
sume, corrode, canker, per. pass. 
0iiipu)ftat. 1 a. pass. ind. t(ipii- 
Ot)V par. ppoiOcU 

Bpuirdf, -I), -bv, (fr. last) eatable, 

BpoTi'f, -1)0?, ';, (fr. same) food, 
meat, virtunb, 

Biinf, -ov, b, an owl. 

RiiiiXoi, -ov, I'l, sec /?i/?Xoj. 

Bu^vi', (fr. next) thickly, closely, 

Bi5(u), f -vau), (fr. (iviit to stuflT) to 
fill up, cram, crowd. Also, (fr. 
/?ii«( an owl) to cry like an in- 
fant ; to htxil, croak. 

BuOi^w, f. -/ffu,, p. ftiftvOiKu, (fr. 
[ivObi the bottom) to plunge, 
dip, immerse ; to sink, drown. I 
a. act. iilvOiffa. 

BvOtof, -n, -ov, (fr. next) deep, 
down to the bill turn. 

BuOif, -ov, h, a bottom ; the deep, 
sea, ocean ; drjith, 

BvKdvti, -1/5, {), a horn, trumpet, 

BiKfav/^u), f. -iniii, (fr. \;\s\) to wind, 
a horn, sound n Irunijirl. 

Bii«f(ii'(<7r^f, -oi', b, (fr, same) a 

BvKTtjf, -,)v, (I, Ifr. (iv^it to fill) an 
opilh'.'t of tlio wind ; sound- 


inf, whistling ; breathing, hlou:- 

Jii\iii,-ov, b, li, (fr. (iito to stuflTj 
(Kick, elosc, crowiled, fuU, 

Bill) -f;>, iJ, aoaketl burlry, malt. 

Ki'TTiu) -(3, f. -(Jffu), /Eol. lor (;?a'T- 

Brpun, -iif, 4, a »kin, hide. 

Bipctvf, -foi, Alt. -iios, 6, (tr. last) 
(itoririrr, d. sin. coiil. livpau. 

Bip<To('tYi;j, ""''» ^' C""' same, and 
i'/i^u> to skill) n skiniw, currier, 
tanner, worker in leather. 

BiV.uu, -arof, rd, (Ir. /jiiw to stufT) 
n Moppk or stopper, cork ; a 
dnm, bank ; a sluice. 

Bi'ffcJ'iof, -1), 'Ov, (fr. fiiaaoi flax) 
^fliuat, linen, made ofjinzjlax 
or ciMan ; ^'nc, elegant, orna- 

Bvaao^ofievui, f. -£i'<rw, (fr. (ivaoii 
depth, and iojuioi for ioftim to 
build) <o /a?/ deep foundations ; 
to found, Jijc, establish ; to think 
deeply, iiieditate ; to contrive, 
plot, plan, dex:ise. 

Bvocodiv, (fr. next) from the bot- 
tom, fro/n below, from the deep. 

KvtTcvi, -ov, b, Ion. for iSvdoi. 

BvtTcos, -ov, li, the cotton plant ; 
cotton ; coltoii-cloth, ccdico. Al- 
S0,jinejlax or linen. 

Bi'd), I. /3iJa-u), p. fiijivKa, to stop vp, 
.■>hut up, close ; to cra7n, stuff, 
Jill up; to cover, hide, conceal. 

B(S, i3>!s, (ifi. Ion. /3i'w, and Poet. 
/3iiu), '2 a. sub. of ,j;"j^( for/jui'ru). 

BuiOtii', Ion. 1br (inrjOui', pres. inf. 
cont. of (ioijOiui. 

BtDKoXta^ui, Dor. for (iovKoXidacis, 
2 sin. 1 f. act. — KwKo'XidaSev, 
Dor. 2 sin. pres. imi.r. mid. of 

'BoiKoXtdcCdi, Dor. for /SouKoXid^u. 

B(i)KuX(a(7r(<{, BiiiKoXixdi, Bii>k6^os, 
BwKof, Dor. for /Jou/coAiaor^f, 
(iovKoXiKOi, l3ovKd\oi, and pouxo;, 
same as ^ovKaTog. 

BuXn, Dor. for /?ouA)/. 

BulAaf, -anoj, i'/, Pott, for ^uXof. 

BwXi'r;;;, -on, 6, (fr. next) a mush- 
room, truffle. 

BojXo5, -on, )), ear/A, ground, land, 
soil ; a clod, sod, mass, lump, 
piece ; a mouthful, bit ; a dose. 

BuXul^/js, -toi -ouj, 0, r,, (fr. last) 
full of clods ; cloddy ; tough, 

BtDfiii, -ov, b, a base, foundation ; a 
pedestal, prop ; an altar; a tem- 

Bwv, Dor. and Ion. for fiouv, a. of 

B(if, -oKfif, b, cont. for 36a^ or 

Eo'pif, -ov. b, Bnrus, name of a 
man, and ofa city. 

Bus, Dor. and Ion. "for {Im^ — Eu- 
<ri, d. pi. for Qovat. 

Tiiaarn, Dor. for flofiirm, 1 a. inf. 
act. — Biiffa?, for /3o^<T.jf 1 a. 
par. act. — Biiiro/iac, for jJoiioo- 
fiai, 1 f. ind. — RwacaOizi, for 
liofjtTtaOat, 1 f. inf. mid. oT (icdbi. 

BurrTpioficf, Dor. and Poet, for 
PmcTotofici; 1 pi. pres. .7— Bun- 
rpfiatoitci, for (iwcrpnaoiucv, 1 pi 
1 a. sub. act, of 


Bu>oTp/a) -d, f. -I'lato, a Doric verb, 

siuuu as podui. 
Bu)T))(,-ov, b, Ion. and Du'raj, -n, 

b. Dor. UwTif, -iioi, 1), s.-uiic as 

l3oTl)i, and /Jor/f. 
BwnrfiTifiof , -oil, 6, (^, (fr. /Jwrij or 

/iuirijj a shepherd, and av!)p a 

man) rearing men; populous, 

thickly inhabited. 
Burwp, -upos, i, same as (iort'ip. 

r, y, r, the third letter in Greek, 
called ganmia. As a numeral 
mark it signifies three, and with 
a dot underneath, y, tliree thou- 

r', for yi. 

Fa, Dor. for ye. — Fd, Dor. foryij. 

TajJ^add, Ileb. inducl. Gabbntha. 

rafitv, Hcb. indccl. husbandmen. 

Vajils, Ileb. indccl. a large pearl. 

raj3p(r;X,Heb. indccl. Gabriel. 

raydrn?, -ov, b, (fr. rdyiji a river 
ot Lycia) an agate. 

ruyyuXi'y.;, f. -iVu), p. -iva, (per- 
haps fr. ydu) to cause, andyrXau 
to laugh. Or fr. ydro; joy) to 
tickle, excite agrctubly ; to de- 
light, make glad. 

I'ayydii)!, -rji, i), a ntt, draw-net, 

Tayylra or Vayylrt]^, -ov, h, a pre- 
cious stone, an agate. 

FavyXioi', -oil, T&, a ganglion, tu- 
bercle, hard gathering. 

Vdyyoaiva, -ai, i';, (tr. ypdu) or 
yoitiiid) to corrode) a gangrene, 

rdi, Heb. indccl. Gad, a man's 

rdSapa, a city of Cailo-Syria ; 

raiapevi, -hi, Att. -iu)i, and Ta- 
iapvios, -ov, b, (fr. last) a Ga- 
darene, of Gadnra. 

Ta^drag, -ov, b, Gadatas, a man's 

Vdto^ai, to rejoice, delight, he glad. 

Vdi^n, -rji, I), (Persian) veallh, 
riches ; treasure, public money ; 
a treasury. 

Va^npi'ivoi, (Chaldee) soothsayers, 

ra^nrpvXaKctov, and -Ktov, -ov, to, 
(fr. yd^a wealth) a treasury; re- 
cord office. 

ra^o<}>v\aKfii> -w, (fr. same, and 
duXrfoffu to guard) to treasure, 
hoard ; to keep the public money. 

r^ifoduXaf, -aKoi, b, (fr. same) a 

FrtO' and TdBt, for ayaOe, v. sin. 
of ayaO<5f. 

TaOuv, Dor. for yrjOciv, pres. inf. 
act. — TdOriacv, Dor. and Ion. 
for cyiiOijac, 3 t>ir.. I a. ind. act. 
of yr)0>u). 

ral, Heb. indecl. o valley. 
VaV, for ne.xt. 



Ta'a, -a(, Poet, and Ion. Talv, ->j», 
'';, see yi). 

rai>,Un', (fr. last) from the earth, 
from the ground. 

TuiiYios, I'l/'ifOi, Ti'iof, -nv, and Tai- 
wlf)li,-cos-ovi,b,{i,(\r. sanre)/<T- 
restrial, earthly ; earthy, rluyey. 

Tiii>)o)(^o{, ruido;^oi, and cont. Vm- 
ovx"i, r<tvvxoi, -ov, b, I,, (fr. 
s.-inie, and /;j'u) to confine) carlh- 
girding, rmdrnpassing or sur- 
rounding the land ; an t pilhct of 
Neptune, or the sea. 

ru(>u, Ydfim, rdftu, and T>]^m, all 
obs. see yuitiut. 

Faiabi, -ov, b, a Gaulish dart or 

I'aioj, C yalau), to glory, vaunt ; to 
boast, brag; exult, rejoice, par. 
pres. yaiwv. 

rriXu, -iikToj, rd, milk. 

Va'SdOiii'bs, -»), -ill, (fr. last, and 
&duj to nurse) un weaned any 
creature slill sucking, a suckling. 
Also, yielding milk, tender, deli- 
cate, balmy ; milky, succulent. 

Va\aKTiKdi or -tivoj, -^. -ov, and 
Va'SarMt]';, -tog -ov<, u, 1), (fr. 
same) milky ; delicate, soft, ten- 

Va^uKToirdrns, -ov, b, 1), (fr. same, 
and vivu) to drink) sucking; 
living on milk. 

TaXdva, -ag, a, Dor. for yaX^vij. 

raXa^avpri,-iig, ,;, a woman's name. 

TaXa(ias, -ov, h, (fr. yd)ia milk) 
milky, white; the milky way; a 
kind of stone. 

FuXn'ri/f, -ou,&, VaXartKdg, -1), -ov, 
(fr. next) aGalatian, of Galutta. 

ruXuri'o, -us, -}], Gatatia, called 
alf-o Gallogreecia. 

TaXiaypa, -us, i, (fr. next, and 
ay pa a trap) an iron cage; a 
chain, fellers ; a snare. Imp. 

TaXf'??, and in prose, TuX^, -?;s, .';, a 
weasel ; a cat. 

TaXtSs, -ov, b, (fr. last) a he-wea- 
s(l, also a kind offish. 

I'aXtpJs, and Ti Xrjn&g, -d, -Hv, (fr. 
yaXrjvn a calm) tranquil, quiet, 
calm ; cheerful, joyous, lively. 

faXti/s, -log, b, (fr. yaX^ a weasel) 
a young weasel ; a kitten. 

VaXiuiTiig, -ov, b, (dim. of ya\it) a 
weasel) an eft or newt. 

raXrj,"T]g,ri, see yaXirj, 

TaXj/ii' for yaXrjvd, neut. pi. of ya- 

faXj/i'ai'a, Poet, for 

raXi-i'i;, ->]g, >), (fr. ycXdw to smile) 
serenity ; tranquillity, quietness ; 
a calm. Alsoa woman's name. 

FoXi/Kaw -ui, t. -daw, p. -ku, (fr. 
last) to be calm ; to rest, sulisule. 

FciXiyi'ios, and ra}.rjvbg, -uli, b, fi, 
(fr. same) calm, still, quiel; 
tranquil, serene. 

roX/jviwo-av, a. sin. cont. par. pres. 
of yaXiji'ia'w. 

rnXiXain, -ag, Ij, Galilee, a part of 

r(iX(Xa?fjs, -a, -ov, (fr. last) of Ga- 
lilie, Galilean. 

ruXio<i'is, -10s, Att. -tws, 1), the 
herb water-belony or dead net- 




ra\\iii>Vj -wvos, b, Gallio, a man's riage feaat, nuptials; matrimo-' the belly, and cor\os a slarej a 
name. ni/, iLcUock. | stave to cppttile, epirure, glvtloiit 

Fa'AAof, -ov, 6, 1 eunuch. VayioaruXiui -in, f. -fjatii, (fr. next) ruorfii'^w, t. -iVu), p. -i/vu, (Ir.sume) 

r<iXuu;^f'u) -(», (fr. yd\a milk, and, to prepare for a wcnuing. I to JiiL the iellyySutifsJy, iilut,Jat- 

i^j) 10 h;.ve) to suckle; to im- TaiioaroXoi, -ov, i, »;, (fr. ya'^iof al /en; to strike on the bdly . 
press, inculr ate. raAoi';^fo;iai -oD-l wedding, and otAAw !o fiimish) ratrrpi^/ajjyoc, -ov, o, r;, (li-. same, 
/lat, to suck, take initk ; to im-\ preparatory to or providing Jor ai and fjnipyos foolish) gluttonous, 
Uhe. vjedding ; nuptial, bridal. \ voracious. 

raiiov/itvoi, par. pres. pass. cont. rnVrpij, -los, rdcrpto?, -ov, and 
oi'yufiiw. I rdarpwv, -iDvei, b, (fr. same) a 

Ta/jiif.ii'Xui, -wv, al, (fr. next) thel glutton, (piiure ; Lig-fuliitd. 

cneeks, jaifs, jatu-bones. iTuarpoKt't'ifnov, -ov, rd, (fr. same, 

rnfii|()s, -f), -ov, (same as kra/n^of, I and ki^/jj; the leg) the calf of the 

fr. Ku'/(-roj to "bend) crooked, ' leg. 

rdXiui, -ii>, or -wof, and FaAduiy -dai, 

1/, a husband's sister, brother's 

wife, sUter-in-Liu:. 
rdjiat, Dor. for y^/ioi, see yaitiui. 
ruftaXtnX, Heb. indecl. Gumaliel. 

a man's name. 
ra^/}p£uu), f. -ci'ffd), p. -n.'«ra, (fr. 

next) /o marry, wed; to git 

marriage relations. 
Tu^ppos, -of, -6, (fr. yafitoi towed) 

a relation by marriage ; a father, 

son, or brother, in law, d. pi. 

ya^ijipoXat, Ion. 
Tautrv, 2 a. inf. act. — Ta^ciruicav, 

3 pi. cont. pres. impr. act. — 

Tauiaacrat, Poet, for yajiiaiTai, 

I f. mid. ot yaftiui. 
Tducv, Dor. and Ion. for tyii/ic, 

3 sin. 1 a. ind. act. sec in ya- 

Tu/itr/of, -a, -ov. (fr. same) must 
wed, must be married. 

rafierrl, -ijf, and Fu^trif, -Wof, i), 
(fr. same) a tq/e. 

rSutrvs, -ov, b, (fr. same) a hus- 

Vafif'u), -d, f. -I'/aui and -law, p. 
ycyd/iriKa, and -£(ca, (perhaps 

bowed, bended, curvcl, liooked. 
CanTpuivv^, -v^oc, and rafi\j.iivvKOS, 
-ov, -b, )'i, (fr. last, and dvi/f a 

claw) having hooked claws or 
talons; rapacious, ravenous. 

Tdfiiii, obs. for which see yayiiw. 

I'a'j'Of, -£0f, -oDf, ri, joy, mirth; 
delight, pleasure; splendour, 

Tavdui-a, f. -liau), p.-toKa, (fr. last) 
W delight, rejoice, cause plea- 
sure, exhilarate, enliven; to shine, 
sparkle, glitter. 

ravvfiai, rdivvftai, and ravvvo/iai, 
f. -vco/iai, p. -1^(01, (fr. same) 
to rejoice, be glad, exult. 

rSvvfiijSris, -eoi, b, Ganymede, a 
man's name. 

rdvu)fia, -Stos, ri, and Tavw^t?, 
-luf, Att. -tojf, fi, (fr. yavdio to 
delight) delight, joy ; mirth, en- 
joyment; brightness, lustre 
fr. ydu) to produce, or yai'w to r«/3, ./or, since; wherefore, there- 

rejoice, to take a wife, marry, 
wed. Pass, to be married. 1 a. 
acL eydfiTjca, and (fr. ydftij) obs.) 
iyrfjia' sub. yiifiia' mf. yripai' 
par. yt'tfiai. I a. pass, cyajii^driv. 
I a. mid. cyvfOfV*'- 

Va/jTiOrj, 3 sin. 1 a. sub. pass. — 
ro/j';6^i'a(, 1 a. inf. pass. — Ta- 
/iqffui, 1 a. inf. act. of last. 

ra/i(/>iov, -ou, tO, (neut. of next) 
(1 nuptial present, weti'ting gift. 

fore, then ; truly ; pray ; why ? 

Vapyalpui, and rapydpu), f. -apui, to 
shine, sparkle, glitter, dazzle ; to 
vitrrnte, quiver; to palpitate, beat, 
throb; to repeat often, multiply, 
increase ; to abound, be full. 

Vapya\i!,ij), f. -iVio, same as yayya- 

Vapya'Xiirpbi, and rdpya\of, -ov, b, 
(fr. last) a ticklini;, slight excite- 
ment, gentle irritation. 

ra/i/jXioi, -ov, b, fi, (fr. yafilu) XO.Tdpyapa, -wv, rd, crowds, a multi- 

wed) nuptial, bridal; conjugal, 

Vafjn^iwt', -ii»»o{, 4, (fr. same) one 
of the Athenian months ; accord- 
ing to some October, to others 

Taitrtnciut, (fr. 8<ime) to wish to 
lake a uiife, desire to wetl, be in 
haste to marry. 

Tapi^ui, and Pa/i/triru, f. -I'ffu, p. 
ytydiima, (fr. same) to give in 
inurriafe ; to prominr, engage, 
hftrnOi ; rapiCojini, to be niven in 
mnrriaife ; to be betrothed, 

Vupmii, -/), -Ji', and Vdutof, -a 
•nv, (fr. same) nuptial, liridal. 

rdpoit. Ion. for ydpov, g. sin. of 

tude, cJmndanre. 

Vapydpa, -r/i, >'i, a city of Troas. 

Vapyapcuiv, -uivof, b, tlie throat, 
swallmo, gullet. 

rapyapi^oi, C -hoi, (fr. last) to gar- 
gle, wash the throat ; to guggle 
or warble in the throat 

rdpop, -ov, rd. pinkie or hrinc in 
which Jrsh is preserved; sauce 
maitc of pickled Jish. 

Vapviii, Dor. for yi/piiu', which see 
Hence Tnpvluci', and Tanvtv, (or 
yiipvtiv,\)TCH.\nf.tirX. — Vapiirov, 
(or yripi'trov, du. pres. ind. act. 
— Vapiojint, Yapvoojiai, (or yi)- 
pfofiai, |ires. and ytpvaopai, 1 f. 
mid. — rapvTruvTo, forynpi'vatv- 
ro, I n. opt. mi<l. of yr/oiioi. 

V'tpoiro, prc«. opt. pass. conf. of rno-W/o, yuarpif, !,, the btUy ; the 

yofifui. I stomnrh ; a vrntriclr ; the vyimb ; 

Ta/i qicX oir/u -bi, f. .fiiru, p.. >;ica,(rr. I all the lower part nf the body; 

yniin( a wrddinn, "nd ttX/rroi to: fliitt'my. to marry privately ; to dr- Vdnrnn, -v(, nnd rdarpa, -of, l,, 

haurh or carry qff" another'' i\ (fr. Ia«l) the ImxIu, hrlly or Im!- 

wifr, I torn of a jug or pitrhrr ; the hold 

rnp6p.if, Dor. for ynp'ipo(. i dfn r.hip. 

rn';i')f, -ov, 0, or rnV" -'">', o!, (fr.jrao-ro!, d. n\n. of ynorfip. 

yrpioi to wed) a weddtng, mar-,raariifovyii, -ay, b, //, (fr, vaarfin 
Q (121) 

TavXos, -or, b, (perhaps fr. yaXa 
milk) a rhilkpail, hu kit. 

Val'Ko^, -ov, b, a kind of boat ; a 
Will, drain. 

Tav'Siii, Dor. for yav\ovs, a. pi. of 

Tavpiujia, -aros, rd, (fr. ne.\t) a 
glorying, boasting; exultation; 

Favpidiii -u, f. -dain, p. -aKa, (fr. 
yavpos haughty) to be proud, to 
glory ; to brag, vaunt, boast ; to 
exult, triumph, overbear ; to 

ravpioiiivreg. Poet, for yaup tDirtf, 
n. pi. masc. par. pres. act. «qnt. 
of last. 

Tafipof, -a, -ov, (perhaps fr. yaiui 
to exult) haughty, proud, arro- 
gant ; scornful, disdainful, in- 
solent; violent, impetuous, over- 
bearing, imperious. 

ravpot', 2 sin. cont. pres. impr. 
niid. of 

Vavpdo} -u, f. -wCTU), p. -<s>Ka, same 
as yavpidw, par. pres. mid. yav- 
po6pevoi -ovpcvof. 

Tavads, ->), -iv, curved, crooked, bent; 
xvreathed, winding, tortuous. 

TavoAui, -a, f. -wtrw, p. -ukq, ((r. 
last) to curve, bend, twist. 

Tdu), f. TJah), obs. p. mid. yiyaa, 
is borrowed by yivopai, to be 
born; to generate, beget; to pro- 
duce, procure, provide, get; to 
hold, contain; to rejoice, exult, 
delight in. 

Ve, Dor. ya, a particle which con- 
fines the purport of the sen- 
tence to some partinilar. In- 
deed, truly, surely, at letust ; yet, 
however; as far, inasmuch as, 
so far. 
Via, and cont. FiV ylai yT^i, I'l, sec 

rcdoxof, Vii'ioxof, and Tcov^os, 
-ov, b, sec ynti'ioxoi. 

riyaa, per. mid. or for yiyrjKa, 
per. act. of_2'rt'w for ylvopni. — 
Viydaaoi, Poet, lor yeydnai. 3 
pi. of y/y«rt — Vrydpcv, Poet, for 
Viya/ptv, Dor. for ytya/i'iii, inf. 
mid. — Tfyuax, -via, -bf, g. 
-(2ro4, [lar. per. mid. of same. 

rtyaOiuf, Dor. for ycynOuii, seo 

rtyapriKdai, d. pi. par. per. art. of 

rryavvplvo!, pnr. per. pass, of yn- 


rfytioi, -nv,b, h, (pfriinpn fr. yfa 
the earth, and ydio to be l)orn) (m 
oUl as the hdls, ancient, anti'jue. 


rr)'«»'.i^/»05, Dor. for yryrvij/i/voj, 
par. |>cr. pass, of yiiofim. 

riyhijixni, per. iiul. pass, in 2 pi, 
VtyhiiaOc, — Viytvtjfihof, par. 
per. pass, of same. 

riyiiniKii, per. uul. act. — Vcyfv- 
yilfiiii, -ffui, -Till, in 1 pi. -ftiOa, 
pur. inil. puss. — Vcyevvrinlvos, 
par. pur. p;iss. of yfiid'u). 

Ttycvoiut}!-, -010, -oiro, Foot, and 
Ion. ijr j'ti'oi/iiji', 2 a. opt. mid, 

r/yijUii, rtyi/fris, see yriQiia. 

rtyvp»;icii, or -aA.a, see yri^dii) or 

r/yoi'a, in 3 pi. Tty6vaai, per. mid. 
— Viyivciv, -ci;, -£i, Ion. for cyc- 
yavciv, pper. mid. — Tcyovuis, 
-v7a, -oj, par.per.mid. of yiVo/iai. 

rrypa^/if'i'of, per. par. pass. — Vc- 
y{iiipOat, per. inf. pass. — Tcypa- 
i.Vji, par. per. act, Oiypddu)- 

TcyvfivaiTiap^^uii, -uia, -dj, par,per. 
art. of yufii'a(r(a|)Yf"'. 

Tcyvfivaaiiivoi, par. per. pass, of 

riy^i'a, by INIetath. for yiyviaa, 
per. mid. of yKJw, obs. From 
whence yyuifu, which see. 

r^ytavijici', D jr. for ysyuji'tri', pres. 
inf. act, — Vcyumcvv, Dor. and 
Ion. for tyfyaivoi,'!', impf. ind. 
act, cont. of 

Tcyiiiviu) -a, fi -ijaiii, p. -riKa, to call 
loudly ; to declare, proclaim ; to 
shout, roar, cry out ; to cry up, 

rcyii)i'nrioi, -a, -ov, (fr. last) must 
he extolleil, ought to be praised. 

Ttyuivii, -i), -dv, (fr. same) declar- 
ed ahud, published, proclaimed ; 
auiUble, hud. 

Tiyif, cont. fr. ytyawj, par. per, 
mid. of yaci), for yiVo/(a(. 

Tcoh'tft Heb. indecl. testimonies or 
proifs of vir^nity. 

Tcoiovp, or rciioi'5, Heb. indecl. a 

TiScibv, Heb. indecl. Gideon, a 
min's name. 

r/ti'Vd, -ni, >h (•"■■• Heb. the valley 
of HinnoTi) Hell, hell- fire, tor- 
ments of hell ; Eng. Gehenna. 

VtQarf^avh, or TtQariyiavzi, Heb. in- 
decl. Gsthsemine. 

Tf-vd/iriv, Ion. for tyiivd{irtv, 1 a. 
ind. mid. — Vdvaabai, inf, — Ta- 
vd/itvoi, par, of same. — rtheO', 
and TtivdixeO', Ion. for tycivtro, 
3 sin. and tyavdjitda, 1 pi. impf, 
ind. — rtii'£(i(, Ion. ibr rtivri, 2 
sin. pres. ind. of 

Vuvtuni, Poet, same asyiVo^iai, 1 
a. ind. — tyttvnutjv, frequent in 
prose ; is said of the father, mo- 
ther, or offspring, to beget, bear ; 
to be birn. inf. ycivacOai, par. 

reiaoii, or riii}(T'>v, -ov, and rcTs-o;, 
-toe -ov;, TO, (perhaps fr. y~„ 
and (Tciu), because it throws the 
rain to the ground) the eaves ; a 
she't, pentkoune ; a coping, ridge ; 
chapiter of a pillar ; a battlement, 

rti'jxifia, -aroi, to, (fr. last) build- 
ing with eaves, or loith a dripping 


rottf; a slanting projection, shed. 

riiTtia, -uf, and VciTilaat';, -tof, 
Att. tiiti, li, (fr. yclri^i' a neigh- 
bour) ucigiihourhuol, liriiiity. 

rtiri'ia'u) -ci, and Vttri m'^ui, f.-daut, 
p. -tiKa, (fr, same) to inigltLour, 
adjoin, border upon. 

rtiroi'/u li, f. -^au), same as last, 
par. pres. act. yciToviu)i' -dv. 

rtiTovijiia, -uTui, Tij, Vcirdirjati, 
-loi, Att. -cwf, and Vctrovla, -us, 
i), (tr, same) same as yctrvla. 

Vcirtov, .oioj, 6, i';, (perhaps fr, 
yea the land) luiglibonring, ad- 
joining, bordering upon, contigu- 
ous. Subs, n neighbour. 

rctiioai, and Vtiiapai, -ov, h, a fo- 
reigner, stranger, sojourner. 

rAa, sunshine, brightness, radiance 
of the sun, 

TtX^, 3 sin. pres, ind, — TtXaTv, Fc- 
Xuti, /Eol. for yt\av, pres, inf 
act, and ytXaj, - sin, pros. ind. 

— TeXni', Dor. for yc\wi', par. 
pres. cont. but TtX^v, pres. inf. 
cont, of yjAdu), 

rtXdi'i/i, -{OS, -off, 0, fi. Poet. (fr. 
ytXdu) to laugh) merry, cheeiful, 
gay, lively, pleasant, jovial. 

Vc\d^ii>, Dor. for yeXaVio, 1 f. act. 

— TtXaoiffa, Dor. for ycXdouo-a, 
fern, par, pres, of ytXauj. 

VcXaoid^oi, YcXaotaajidi, VcKaoiaa- 

Tiii, see ytXoidCw, &c. 
rcXdffirE 2 pi. 1 f, ind. act. of ytXn'o), 
rcXdo-Y/io;, -ou, 6, ^, and rcXaarbi, 

-fi,-dv, (fr. same) laughable,ri- 

TtKaarns, -ov, b, (fr.same) alaugh- 

er ; mocker. 
Vc'Sd<j(ijftcv, 1 pi, 1 a. sub, act, of 
TeXdoi -w, f, -dffu), p, ytyt'XaKa, to 

laugh, smile ; to laugh at, ridi- 
cule, mock. 1 a. act. cyi\aca. 

per. pass. ytye'Xao-fiai. 1 a. pass 

iyc\dadt]v. 1, f, mid. ycXdaoitaL. 
TeXyri, -ijf, II, wares, merchandise, 

goods; colour, shade, hue. 
TcXyif, -los, and -iios, !/, a root or 

head of garlic. 
r/Xyu, f. -fu), p. -xa, (fr. yf'Xy;; a 

dye) to dye, shade, colour, tinge. 
ViXcvii, Dor. for ytXoDoc, fern. 

par. pres. of yr X/ui, see ne.\t. 
TtXtu) -o, (perhaps fr. yiXa lustre) 

to shine. A!'?o Ion, for ycXdu. 
VcXije, Dor. for ytX'^is, 2 sin. pres. 

ind. or sub. of ycXdti), 
FfX^idc^u), and rtXoinu -fl, f. -daia, 

(fr. yc\o7oi jesting) to jest, joke ; 

to mock, deride, ridicule. 
TeXoiatTnii, -ov, b, (fr. last) a gibe, 

taunt; derision, contempt. 
TcXoiaarfii, -ov, b, (fr. same) ajest- 

er, laugfier ; a mocker, scorner. 
re\o'toi',-ov,Ti, (neut.of next) ajent. 
rc\o7o;, and Poet. TtXciios, -a, -ov, 

(fr. yf'Xws laughter) merry, gay, 

pleasant; facetious, humorous, 

laughable ; ridiculous. 
VcXoiijivrci, and TcXvtavrci, Poet, 


rrXuii'Tfs, n. pi. cont. par. pres. 

act. ol y(Xd(i). 
Vi\w<, -uirof, and I'/Xajj, -u, o, (fr. 
ytXdu) to laugh) <>ii<i,'/i<(r, mirth, 
gayity ; a jokt, derision; a calm, 
Vilitt, 3 .xin, pros. ind. act, of y/^jui. 
rt/ii^toOiii, pres, in!', pasi. — Vt^ti- 
cat, 1 a, inf, act, — Tt^/cras, par. 
1 a. act. — Vtjdaart, 2 pi. iiiipr. 
1 a, act. — Tc^tioOr], 3 sin. 1 a. 
sub, pass, of 
rtfii'^u), f, loia, p. yiyijUKa, (fr. be full) to Jill, load. 
J a. act, ind, cylfuaa' impr, yi- 
ftiaov. per, pass, ycyifticfiai. 1 a. 
pass. ind. tycfilaOriV sub, yctiia- 
Ow, -^5, -fl. 
Tijtoficv, -ovm, 1 and 3 pi, pros, 
md. act, — Yt^ovaai;, -aaa, -av, 
d, pi, -ouo'a(s, par. 1 a, act, of 
rifiw, to be full, abound, have in 
plenty ; to be tootled or freighted. 
par, pres. yi^utv. per, mid, yiyo- 
Tevcd, -as, and Ion. Tevc)i, -rjs, >), 
(fr. yivoyiai to be) a generation, 
descent, succession; birth, pa- 
rentage ; a race, breed, kind, sort, 
species; an age, meaning the 
time from the birth of a man 
till he has a son, about tliirty 
rcveaXoyiti) -5, f. -lyiro), p. yeyevca- 
XiyrjKa, (fr. last, and X<iyo$ an 
account) to reckon a genealogy, 
count a descent ; to trace a pedi- 
gree ; to include in a family. 
par. pres, pass. yeicaXoyoii/icfos. 
TtvcaXoyia, -a;, I/, (fr. same) a 

genealogy, pedigree. 
TeveaXoyoi, -ov, b, (fr. same) a ge- 
Ttvir)<piv, by Parag. for yevij), d. 

Ion. ot yji'id. 
TcvfOXri, -tji !], (fr. ytvca a genera- 
tion) n family, race^ kindred; 
lineage, descent, pedigree; off- 
spring, breed ; a birth-place, na- 
tive land. 
TtviOXta, -(I))', Tu, (fr. last) birth, 
day, nativity ; a birth-day feast 
or present. 
TtvcOXiuKui, -ii, -iv, (fr. same) na- 
tal, of ncdivilies, foretelling from 
the birth. Subs, one who calcu- 
lates nativities, an astrologer, 
TcvsOXio;, -ov, b, (j, (fr. same) re- 
lating to the birth or nativity, na- 
tal; procreative, prolific. Subs, 
a parent, cause. 
Vcvei, d. sin. — rfV»j, n. a. v. pi, — 

FfVous, g. sin, cont. of yfi'os. 
r«i'£(d^u), f. -daii), and rcitido) -ia, 
f. -n(Tu>, (fr. yit'ctov a beard) to 
begin to have a heard; to be 
bearded, have n heard ; to grow 
up, approach to manhood, par, 1 
a, act, ycvctdaai, and ycrti^iras. 
rcvcti'iv, pres. inf, act, cont, of 


TcXdij)v -dv, d, sin. rtXwvn, par, 
prc!. — TtXoijjii, Poet, for ycXCj- 
ai, 3 pi. pres, ind. of yiXdu). 
rfXoi'ws, (fr. yeXoros merry) laugh- 
ably, ridiculously^ absurdly. 

for ycXuiTCs, n. pi. mas. cont, of Ttwi'ts, -dio;, ti, (fr. y/vus the 

chin) the chin, heard; the cheek, 
down on the cheek, whisker. 

rcvcidT^hiv, Dor. for ycvttd^uiv, 
par. pres. ofytvtid^o). 



ij, bemrded, liaiing a heard ; graum 

Tcvti'jraii-ov, S,Dor. foryrvei^r^f, 
uliich for litsl. 

rivciov, -ov, rd, (fr. yevvi the chin) 
the cfiin ; the beard ; the jaw ; 
any slurp projection, the edge oj 
a toeapon. 

rivco, riviT, Ion. for cyiiov, and 
cyifcro, 2 and 3 sin. 2 a. mij. — 
Vevicif), 3 sin. and VivtaOc, 2 pi. 
in!;jr. — rciiaOai, inf. 2 a. mid. 
oi yivujt -.i, 

Ttviaiat-tiivy ri, (fr. yivojiai to be) 
nutitit-j, birth-day ; J):JLSli, pre- 
snits, or otfier ceremonies on L'lat 

rcvtaidoxiii -O"! *i ('"'■• yf^EC-is 
birth,' and apx't beginning) head 
of a family ; 'in author, origiji^ 

revtatovpyds, -oS, i, (fr. same, and 
fpyov work) a malser, former, in- 

rivtift;, -lof, Att. -t(i)5, fi, (fr. yivo- 
pai to be) ejcirn/'tion, production ; 
generation, birth, witivit^/ ; de- 
scent, pedigree ; family, race, kin- 
dred; being, life. 

Teviretpa, -cf, ';, (fr. yevcrlip a fa- 
ther) a mother, dam, 

Tcvcr!), -rj(, q, (fr. yiyujiai to be 
born) njtivity, birth. 

Ttytrfio, -no:};, revhiiip, -uipoi, and 
rtvinii, -ov, b, a Poetic word, (fr. 
same) a father, parent, sire. 

Tifcv, Poet, and Dor. for cyivov, 2 
sin. 2 a. ind. — Tivov, -ioBw, 

impr rciiijiriv, -oio, -oiro, opt 

— rinj>iJiat, -!], -rjrai, sin. -ricrOt, 
-u)vrai,2and3p!. sub. — Tevia- 
8ai — rcvoficvo;, -ri, -ov, par. 2 a 
mid. o^yinouai. 

TcvTtB-'iTw, 3 sm. ind. — TcvnOnvai, 
inf. — rti';0£i{,-£r<ra,-fr,par. 1 a. 
pass. — rcvi'i(rouat,-rj,-cTat, 2 pi. 
-nataBc, 1 f. ind. mid. of yivouat. 

rtvWf, -'), -uv, (fr. vf'io; a kind) 
generative, producing ; general, 
univerijl, comprehenxive. yeviKfi 
rruirif , Ifte genitive caie. 

rcyvdia;, -ov, b, (fr. ytwiiot to pro- 
duce) bold, darinir, brave; cle- 
ver, active, strenuous. 

rtvfarof.-a, -ov, (fr. same) innate, 
natural, inhrcd ; aUied, related ; 
hereditary ; noble, hii^h-born ; 
generous, high-spirited, li'ierrd, 
ingenuou; flte ; strong, able, in- 

TivvafiTrii,-rfTOi, i), (fr. las!) gene- 
rosity, min/ifirrt, mafnanimili/. 

Vivvaliaf, (fr. fame) nobly, bravely, 
genfrously, liberally. 

rivvarai, 3 Hin. cont. pres. ind. 
psu>S. of ytvvwa. 

r/nvarj, JEo\, for tyiharo, 1 a. 
mid. of yttioftai. Or by Sync, 
for cycrv'taitTOy name of. 

Tciviio -u>, f. -I'laui, p. ytyivvitxa, 
(fr. yiyof a sort, or ylvojjai to be) 
to get, bcitet, fire birthor rise to; 
to generate, prodwe, bring forlli ; 
to fffect, cause. I a. act. lyivvij- 
aa. per. pass, ytyiwijiiai. I a. 
pass, tytk'i'vdf/i'. 

rivvnOtUt-tica, -iv, par. 1 a. pass. 

— renvB?!, 3 sin. 1 a. sub. pass. 

— Tevvrjdrivai, 1 a. inf. pass, of 


VivMtjfia, -aro;, ri, (fr. last) a ge- 
neration, offspring, brood ; pro- 

duce, effect, pi. ytvvinLxira. ■ 

TtwrifiaTt^u), f. -iau), (fr. last) to 
germinate, bud, slioot ; to pro- 
duce, bear fruit. 

rcvv^aat, 1 a. inf. act. — Ttvvijffav- 
ra, a. sin. pur. 1 a. act. — Ttv- 
yvcr£i,3 sin. 1 f. act. — Vevi'i'iaij, 
3 sin. 1 a. sub. act. — Tewn^onc- 
vor, par. 1 f. mid. of vf > vdw. 

rEivj/ffap'T, Heb. indecl. Gennesa- 
rel, a part of Galilee. 

Ffi'i'i/aif, -los, Att. -Euf, /;, (fr. yi- 
vofiaL to be) generation, produc- 
tion ; birth, nativity, d. sin. ytv- 
vr,ctl . 

VtvvfiTeipa, -aj, fi, VtvvrjTnq, -ov, h, 
Vivvt'iTwp, -wpo;, b, (fr. ycvvdu) to 
produce) see yevertipa, yevtrfip, 
and ytviru)p. 

VzvvriToi,-ri,-i)v, (fr. same) sprung, 
born, descended, derived; mor- 
tal, human. 

TtvviKbi, -f), -dv, (fr. same) heredi- 
tary ; noble, generous. 

VcvviKiog, (fr. last) nobly, bravely, 

Tcvmificvos, par. "jJtes. pass. cont. 
— revvdcra, n. fern. cont. par. 
pres. act. — rti'i'uio-i , 3 pi. cont. 
pres. ind. act. of yevvdu). 

Tevoiaro,lon. for yivoivro, 3 pi. and 
rc'ioiG',for)'fvoiro,3sin. 2a. opt. 

mid rcioifiai/. Dor. for yivoi- 

liVt'i-otu,-oiro,2 &. opt. mid. — 
Ftv&yriv, Ion. for lyciojiJjv, ind 
and Vcvontvoi, par. 2 a. mid. of 

rtfof, -foi, -oi'f, rb, (fr. yCvo^ a 1 to 
be) a kind, sort, species; sex; 
offspring, descendants ; family, 
kindred; a race, birth, lineage; 
a nation, country. 

Vcvou, ycvlaOu), 2 a. impr. mid. of 

rivra, -(OV, ra, flesh; the bowels, 

VivTidvri, -175, fj, the herb gentian. 

Vivrt, Ion. and Sync, for tytvvtro, 
3 sin. impf. mid. of yiviofiai, 
which see. Or Dor. for i.iro, 
which for tXiro, Ion. for cWtro, 
3 sin. 2 a. mid. of a!o/u». Or 
Poet, for cyjvtTo, 3 sin. 2 a. ind. 
mid. of ylvofiat. 

Viviofiai, obs. (fr. next) to bile, 
seize with the. jnv)s ; to catch, take 
hobi of, Itold. impf. cyivvd/ini', 3 
Bin. cytvitTo, Ion. and by Sync. 

r/vi/f, -I'Of, (i, the chin; tlie jaw; 
the nipple, teat ; the edge of a 

r/i'w, or rc/vii), obs. ICC ytlvoftat. 

Vlvii)fiai, -n, -crji, »in. -riaOc, -wv 

1 hi 

paiSrepo; and yspaircpoi, sup« 
-aidrarog anJ -airoTOi. 

Ftpaipu, f. -apd, (fr. yepai a re 
ward) to reward, ri.compensei 
to honour, exalt, prefer ; to re- 
spect, esteem, venerate; to cele- 
brate, praise, pres. impr. yt- 
piipt' in.'", yeoaiotiv, Dor. yzpal- 

rtpdviov,-ov,Tu, (dim. of next) a 
crane; the herb cranesbili or 

r/puvof, -ov, b, a crane. 

Ttpapat, 1 a. inf. act. of yepaipoi. 

I'tpapdf, -,i, -uv, (fr. next) lioiwur- 
ai)le, venerable, august ; revered, 
esteemed, valuohle. comp. yrpa- 

puTtpOg, sup. -liruTOf. 

Tipas, -nros -ao; -uf, rd, a prize, 
reward, premium ; an honour; a 
gift, boon, favour ; dignity, rank, 

Ttpdalixoi, -ov, b, I], (fr. last) ho- 
noured, respected, esteemed ; ho- 
?tourahle, veneraole ; creditable, 
to one's honorur ; old, elderly, se- 

Ttpduiv, cont. fr. yepdrmv, g. pi. o. 

rtpyearii!i;,-ov, 6, >), a Gergesene. 

r£p/j)9ts, a Milesian word ; the po- 
pulace, commonally. 

npSnii Tipios, and Tip^ios, -ov, b, 
and fern. rcpSia, -as, l/, a weaver. 

Tlpta, Ion. for yepaa, cont. of yi- 
para, n. a. v. pi. of yrpaj. 

r£p')viof, -01', b, an epithet of Nes- 
tor, honourable; or of Gerina, 
where he was educated. 

Ttpoi', V. sin. Tcpovct, d. pi. of yt- 

repoiTaywyiu) -d, to nurse, take 
care of in old age ; to lecul or teach 
the old, reform, new-model. 

rfpovraTo;, Poet, for rcpivrcios, -a, 
-ov, same as 

TepovriKds, -i), -bv, (fr. yipiav an old 
man) old, elderly, senior; an- 

rtpdvriov, -ov, rb, (dim. of same) 
a little old man, decrepit, worn 
out old person. 

ripovaifd. pi. of same. 

rfpouo-/(i, -n?, ';, (fr. same) an as- 
sembly of elders, council, senate. 

rcpovotof, -a, -ov, or -ov, b, /j, (fr. 
samp) relating In the elders, 
chiefs or senate, senatorial ; grave, 
revircnd, venerable, honourable; 
elderly, old, 

r/pliov, -ov, rb, a Persian target, 
wicker, buckler or shield. 

rcp'io(jj6pof, -ov,b, ( fr. last, and c^/pu 
10 carry) a soldier equipped willi 
a wicker buckler, targeteer, 

Vrpaaiof, sec ;^cpo'a7of. 

r/nvvof, a small kind nffrng. 

r/puii-, -ovroc, b, ( perhaps fr. yt) the 
earth, and iipiiu) to look at, or 

ircpdtaiTi, Ion. and Poet, for ylpa- 

c(, d. [il. of ylotf. 
rtpaii), -3f, II, (fern, of next) a 

matron, ilamr, old woman. 
Vcpaiif, -(), -bv, {fr. ylpiav an old 
man) old; vrnt-rable, comp. yc 

riii,2 and 3 pi. 1 a. sub. mid. of tpdio to like) an old man; an 

elder, senator. 

rcvOfibi, -oM, 6, and Tf r/za, -arot, ri, 
{fr. yivu) to Inslo) the taste, tast- 
ing ; a relish, flavour ; a tas'.e, 

rfi'//tOii, Ion. and Dor. for yiyal- 
liiOa, 1 pi. per. pass, of ycvui. 

Ttveiifitvos, !>ar. 1 a. mid. — FtiVo 
fiiiiy -i;, -trai, 1 ('. i;id. mill. — 
rivaijrai, 3 sin. 1 u. sub. mid. 
of same. 
r«i'iri>, -loj, Alt. -tut, f^, (fr. ycvta 

to tustc) (I Lifting ; lustr. 
TcvffriKif, -i), -if, (I'r. same) tast- 
ing ; subs, a tusli r. 
rni<rrd>, -i), -u>; (tr. same) to 6f 

tastnl, ti'ial mai/ he tasted. 
rtrui, f. yf liffu, p. j'/ytuKa, to give 
a taste, season, give a relish ; to 
taste, tri/ with the mouth ; to cai ; 
to taste, experience, prove, try 
1 a. act. ind. iycvaa' inf. ycvcai 
per. pass, yiytvitat. 1 a. mid, 
ind. cytvadftriv sub. ytiiffw/iai, 
3 pi. yiv<Tu)vTaf inf. ycvcacOaf 
par. ycvaii/tcvos. 

ri(pO(>a, -af, )/, (perhaps fr. yrj the 
land, and ipipm to carry to) a 
bridge ; a bank, mound, dam ; 
a passage, opening, space. 

Tcipvpoii) -ui, f. -(i<rui, p. -u)Ka, (fr. 
last) to join by a bridge, build a 
bridge, make passable ; to block, 
stop up ; to dam, choke, pres. 
inf. cont. yt(pvpouv. 1 a. ind. 
pass. iyc(pvp^d)iv. 

rcuypiKpiu) -«, f. -I'/aui, p. -ijKa, (fr. 
yfd the earth, and ypdipm to de- 
scribe) to describe the earth. 

rcu>Ypapia, -ai, )/, {fr. same) geo- 

rcu>^aiaia,-a;, fi, (fr. yea the land, 
and oui'u) to divide) division, 
distribution of the parts of the 
earth ; measuring of surfaces, 

rciiiiji, -co; -ovi, b, )'], (fr. yia the 
earth) earthy, earthiy, terrestrial. 

Tt'j>\o'iioi, -ov, h, I'l, (fr. same, and 
Xoipoi a ridge) hilly ; su')S. a hil- 
lock, hill, ridge; a doll, block- 

Tcij>ji[Tpiij) -(i, f. -);(Tu), (fr. same, 
an] jiiroov measure) to measure 
the eirth or land, survey. 

Tcwitirpni, -ov, 6, (fr. same) a gco- 
jrulrician, measurer of land, sur- 

TewiicTpia, -ai, I'l, (fr. same) geo- 
metry, the measuring of surfaces, 

rcu>^tr.TotKdi,-r),-bv, (fr. same) geo- 
metrical, skilled in surveying. 

Tiii)ii6oi^,-nv, h (fr. same, and jiti- 
puj to divide) a hisharulman, 
agrirulturUt. Adj. tilling. 

Vtuivtiiriii-i>v,'n,(fr. same, and ttc- 
via want) poor in land, of no 
estate ; poor, iruligenl, hungry, 

Tewravia, -a?, )j, (fr. same, and 
TBiOf labour) agriculture, hus- 
bandry, til'iige. 

Vcu'iirovi, -/x'of, 0, (fr. same, and 
irouf the fool) a husband man, far- 
m'T, labourer. 

Tiu)pyuTai, 3 sin. cont. pres. ind. 

|)a:i«. of 
TltDOyfio -(J, f. -"ffU, p. yv!ipyriKa, 

(fr. same, and foyov work) to till\ 

or ruUlvate the land. 
TiiDpy^aiiioc, -ov, o, //, (fr. same) 

arn'de,Jil for ti'lage. 
rcu)pYia,-as,i'i, (fr. same) agricuU 

1 Mi' 

ture, husbandry, tillige ; cuUi- 
viUed land. 
rtiopyiKist-ih-iit't (Tr. same) rustic, 

rural, ngmulturnl. 
r£uip)'ioi',-oi',7(), (fr. same) afarm; 

phmihcd or titlid land. 
Veuipyui,-ou, b, (fr. sami') a farmer, 
husbandman; a vinc-dresser ; a 
swain, labourer. 
Teu)pv^{w -d, f. -/jcu), (fr. same, 
and vpuaau) to dig) to dig the 

r»), -»;s, i>, (cont. fr. yia ohs.) in 
Poetry yaia. Ion. yal'h land, 
ground, earth, clay, soil; a re- 
gion, tract, district, ?tation ; coun- 
try, native land; the globe of the 

Vnycvfis, -to? -ovi, b, II, and rtjytvi- 
Ti!i,-ov, b, (fr. yii the eartli, and 
yfvoi a race) earth-born, sprung 
from the ground; native, origi- 
nal, indigenous. Subs, a giant. 

T>'ihov,-ov,-o, (dim. ofy(7 land) u 
small tract, field, little farm. 

VnOtv, (fr. from the ground 
or foundation ; utterly, totally. 

TnOiia -5, FrjOciKO, and I'ljOw, f. 
-I'/aiii, p. ycyrjOrjKa, to rejoice, be 
glad. impf. md. cy'iSeov. Ion. yi)- 
Ocov. 1 ar. act. ind. cyi'/OnTa, 3 
sin. Ion. yi'/Orjacv. opt. yEol. yij- 
di'/dcia, -as, -e- pa.ryTiOi'i(Ta;. la. 
pass. ind. tyi'firiv, 3 pi. Ion. yi]- 
9ri(rav. per. mid. ind. yiyrjda' 
par. ycyrjOii;. 

rtidos, -co; -oui, rd, and TnOo(Tvvri, 
-';si >u (fr- last) joy, delight; 
gladness, mirth. 

rtjOoavvoi, -17, -ov, (fr. same) Joy- 
fut, glad, cheerful, merry. 

r/jOvov and Vyrciov, -ov, -a, a kind 
of onion. 

Tnivo; and Ti'/'io;, (fr. yij the earth) 
earthly, terrestrial; earthy; on 
land, by land. 

Vf;\o(poi, same as yeilj\o(jioi. 

Ffji^c, Ion. for iyrtju, 3 sin. ind. — 
ri}iiu),-r};,-7j, sub. — riifiai, inf. 
— Ti'jua;, par. 1 a. act. o^yajiui, 
ohs. see yajifui. 

Vrjfinpoi, -01), b, (fr. yij land, and 
luipu) to divide) a husbandman, 
farmer ; a native. 

Trjoxii^ -12, (fr. yii the land, and 
/yu) to possess) to inhabit, pos- 
S1SI ; or to encompass, surround 
Me /i/K^; said of Neptune. See 
his epithets yanjox^os and ytd' 

rfipi, d. sin. by Sync, and Cras. 

of yqpas. 
r»/p'iid5,and Poet. r'ip^\ioi,-a,-ov, 

\Cr. yTiom old age) old, aged; 

derai/rd, broken down, tvorn out ; 

ancient, old-fa-thioncd, antique. 
rvodt'Ticai, Poet. Ion. and .Sync. 

fory//p(f(Ta<Ti,d. pi. 1 a. par. act. 

rnprii, -tiro'; -ao; -o>c, ri, old age. 
Triodaniy - sin. 1 a. sub. act Vir 

p'iaKov, neut. par. pres. act. of 
TnO'icKiu and ri;o''w -Wi ("• -"Vcrj, p. 

ytyrpaxa, (fr. last) to be old; to 

frroxi) old, decay, wear <ntl,fail. 

1 a. act. ind. ly'naaa- sub. yt]- 

paai>,-rii, -rf inf. ynpnaaC par. 


yripdcasi and by Sync, yipai. a 
pi. pros. act. ynpaaxovTai. 
per. par. act. yi:y/;pu»:wj. 

Tnptifu, same as fast. 

r>ipoiio(TKiia -a, f. -('(TO), (fr. same, 
iuui jiuoKto to foeil) to nurse, take 
care Of or tend in old age. 

rnpol3o<TKlii, -us, I/, (fr. same) the 
care or maintenance in old age. 

r//po/Jo(TK()f, -or, b, (fr. same) the 
guardian, prUictor, assistant oj 
the old, or of thiir parents. 

r>}poK6iiOi,-ov, b, (fr. y!ip(H old ago, 
and Kofiioi to take care of) a 
guardian, protector of old jncn. 
g. Ion. ytipoKuaoio. 

rnporpotpiu) -Co, f. -I'/aoi, (fr. same, 
•and rp/^u to support) to main- 
tain, relieve or assist in old age. 

Vtiporj)6(pos, -ov, 0, //, (fr. same) a 
dcfcndtT, supporter of the old. 

Tvpiier for yrjpiicTat, 3 sin. pres. 

mid. ofyj;puU). 

rtjpvuva and rapvSva, -a;, i, Dor. 
for yiipvdvrj, -i/s, I/, (fr. yT/pvs 
voice) a talker, babbler; warb- 
ling, purling. 

r>jpvdvai,-a, b, Dot. for Viipvdvrii, 
-ov, 6, Gtryones, a man's name. 

Vripvovcvs, -/of, b, Geryon, a fabled 
giant, a. TtjpvjvTia, Poet, for 

rr;p8f , -vo$, )'/, voice, speech^ sound, 

rripvui, f. -vcro), p. ycyrjpvKa, {fr. 
last) to speak, talk; to divulge, 
babble ; to declare ; to make a 
sound, warble, purl, murmur ; to 
complain, bewail. 

Tf/puiS, g. cont. of yr;paj,-uro5-aoj 


Vrjnaaapljx, or rather Tn)(^apaa'iv, 

Heb. artificers. 
Tr'irij;, -ov, b, (fr. y!; the land) 

a husbandman, farmer, rustic, 

Truipai, see ycidpas. 
riyavTa7os and riyavruog, -a, -ov, 

(fr. yi'yaj a giant) gigantic. 
riyavrci,n. ViyavToiv, g. pi. ofyf- 

rtyavrid(o -i3, (fr. ylyai a giant) to 

behave like the giants, be gigantic 

or monstrous. 
TiynvTo\fTij>p, -opof, b, (fr. same, 

and (iXXu^i lodeslroy) a destroyer 

of giants, giant-killer. 
riyavToijtt^la, -as, I'l, (fr. same, 

and iidx'i a figl\ji) the war of the 

Vtyaprov, -ov, rfi- the kernel of the 

grape ; the refuse of grapes after 

ViyanrMr]s, -cos -ovs, Att. -cojf, 0, 

,'1, (fr. last) belonginu to the grape, 

or rather to the kernel, or rcj'use 

after pressing, 
riyas, -«rro;, b, (perhaps fr. yti 

the earth, and ydoi to bo born) 

a son of the earth, earth-horn ; a 

Tiyyi^iov, -ov, rd, the wild carrot. 
riyyXiT/j3«, oil, 0, a tickling, gentle 

rtyy'Xvjibs, -oTi, b, a hinse, joint. 
Viyypai, -ov, b, a small pipe, Jife, 





Tiyrofiai, pres. inipr. yiyvm, see clasel, rasp. T\aolitg, masons' 

yivoiiai' toOUi. 

TiyvwcKu), pres. par. yiyvwcKuivArXavK' and TXaiKas, a. sin. and 

see yiiicCTKii). pi. of j/Aavf. 

rfVccrflm, inf. — r/J'£o-0£, 2 pi. ind. SXavKtj, -ijs, »;, (fem. of yAav^af) a 

or imp r. — Therai, 3 sin. and woman's name ; blui-iyul. 

TivovTai, 3 pi. ind. pres. and irXavKiau -ijj, (fr. y},avKug gray- 

ri'itr', Ion. for cyhcro, impf. ind 

Vivofiat or yiyvoftai, 1 f. mid. yt' 
v^cofjtai, p. puss, ytyiv'ifiai, to 
be, become, be marie, created ; to 
arise, grow, be Lam, produced ; 
to happen, occur, cirme to pass, 
he fulfilled, accomplished ; to be 
celebrated. 1 a. pass. iyni,Or<v. 1 
f. pass. ytvtQicoyiat. 1 a. mid. 
tytvijcdiirjv, and iycivdfirjv, (fr. 
ycivouai, obs.) 2 a. mid. ind. 
tytvojiriv impr. yivov, -iadia • opt. 
ytvolfiriv, -oto, -oiro. sub. yirw- 
fiat, -]}, -jjTaf inf. ycricOai' par, 
ytvoutiioi. per. mid. (fr. yofiui 
obs.) y/yoia' inf. yryovivac par. 
ytyovuj. pper. mid. lyiyovuv. 
Also (fr. yn'u) obs.) per. mid. yj- 
yaa" inf ytyaivai' par. yiyaui;. 
Tivov, -icBui, impr. — rivd^fEvos, 

par. pres. act. cf last. 
Vivwjtat, in 1 pi. -li/itOa, pres. sub. 

of same. 
TivJjcKcv, Dor. for yivuff/ocii', pres. 
iilC TiiucKovrt, Dor. for yiviic- 
Koiai, 3 pi. pres. ind. and 
ViiMCKiTai, 3 sin. ind. — TivoiaKd- 

liciof, par. pres. pass, of 
Vini'icKiu or riyviiakw, Vvow orFtu- 
fii, f. yvuicui, p. iyxojKa, to know, 
pcrcine, feci ; to understand, 
conijjrtheiid ; to be aware of; to 
dixcem, dvningruish, recognise, be 
acquainted with; to know car- 
nally ; to ackowledge, approve ; 
to think, reflect ; to determine, re- 
solve. 1 a. act. iyvuiaa. pper. 
act. cyvbiKiiv. 2 a. act. ind. /v- 
rutl; 3 pi. iyvdiOnV impr. ytCiOi, 
-liria. opt. yvolrjV Sub. yiiD, -.rif 
-'•I, inf. yiuiaf par. yvovf, -ovaa, 
•ii. per. pass, iyiuicfiai. 1 a. 
paag. lyvwadtiv. I f. pass, yvuia- 
Orcofiat. per. mid. ind. of yt- 
yu)ia. par. ytywuij, by Metail). 
for yiyvQia, and ycyxmiii, (fr. 
yi'd'u) obs.) 
rXifyuf, -Mf -ouf, tS, Poet, for yd- 

rXn^i.^, f -ffo), (0 rxpantl, clap the 
uinns ; u, Dj^HBrl one's self ^flnl 
on the crnunrl ; to call, cry o'il. 
2 a. ly^afov. 
rXrrTdi/tfyort -ov, b, fi, by Sync, 
for vaX.iicr'J^oyoc, (fr. ytiXa milk, 
md ijfjyu) loenl) living nn milk. 
I A.^finut and Dmirfu) -w, f. -I'aia, 
(fr. next) <« //atr vriJe or j»orr 
f>/M| /nit rheum in tlte ryes ; to 
rV/ii,, -t,(, I,, and rXrf^j,!, -«c, n, 
D ir. for yX'/n;, rheum or n/7i- 
:'Wg foni Ihr rt/t», wrnkness or 
^'.rmcAS nfllw rym ; fnulnrn.1. 
lAririf, -i''of, /;, tt Ifitid offish. 
r> 't, Cr. yii'Xn milk) an herb gnofl 
■ ) tprrrnsr milk. 
'oif, -I'nc, /), (prrhaps fr, yXrf^w 
;o hoUow) a stonc-cuUcr'i tool, 

eyed) to look ftrcely, lye ter- 
ribly; to pierce or ^ash with the 

rXavKidoji; Poet, for yXavKiwv, par, 
pres. act. cont. of last. 

rXavKovdftr}, -t;;, !j, Glcuconomi, a 
woman's name. 

rXniKof, -rt,-ov, ( perhaps fr.yXaOc- 
cu) to shine) azure, blue, light- 
blue, sky-coloured, gray; gray- 
eyed. Also subs. Glauciis, a 
man's name. 

VXavKonoi, -);rof, >';, (fr. last) hlue- 
ness, grayncss. 

TXavKu^pooi -ouf, -6ov -ov, b, >/, 
(fr. same, and ;^pwf the skin, or 
Xpi^a colour) azure or sea-green 

rXaiKwfta, -arcs, to, (fr. same) a 
disease of the eye, pearl on the 
eye. ^ 

rXav/kw:ri;5, -nv, and T\a\:Kii^, 
-wroy, 0, !i, (fr. same, and lii^ 
the eye) having light-blue or 
,?ra^ eyes. 

rXavkwTTii, -"tco?, fi, (fr. same) iluc- 
cycd, an epithet of Minerva. 

rXai,^, -kof, //, (fr. same) an owl. 

rXavacia, to shine, glilter, glare ; to 
see, look at, gaze upon, stare at 

rXn<j>v, -coi -ovi, Tt, (fr. yXd^io to 
hollow) a grotto, cavern, cave, 
den. f 

rXailvprji and rXa(pvBtjci, Ion. for 
yXaipvpali, d. pi. oi 

rXSipvpu;, -ii,-bv, (fr. yXdipo) fO hol- 
low) holtou; cavernous, spongy ; 
polished, ^finished ; neat, fine, 
elegant, comely, graceful; rich, 
sumptuous, costly ; compact, fit- 
ting ; proper, suitable, convenient. 

rXrf^u), f. 'dm, p. -<i>a, to hollou; 
scoop ; to dig, delve, mine ; to 
engrave, carve ; to polish smooth. 

rXrt'^uii/, -ui/oj, <i, Dor. for yX/J^ui'. 

rXcukAf, -iui -ovi, rb, (fr. yXvKv<. 
swcel) the fresh jicicc of the grape, 
must, new wine ; inedfl. 

rXi<papov, -ov, rd. Dor. for (iXl<jia- 

rXi'//>;, •>!{, fi, same as Xi'iiri. 

rX '■>>(. -n(, h, (perhaps fr. aiyXi'tvn 
liriphlness, or yriA>'it; calmness) 
the bedl, ajipte or pupil of the 
fi/e: the rye; a pet name for a 


rX^voj, -tof -BV(, rb, (fr. last) a 
fliir ; briglilnrsH, ra/linnr^, tight ; 
pi. rarilits, evriosilies, triairJj, 

rX ■'■)(',if. -u)Vo<,'6, ftlsoDor. (iXd')(iiiv 
and yXa;ifwi'. pettm/rnyd. 

VXin, -n(, I,, glue, pasip, 

I') 11/05 *"■ yXih'Of, -ov, h, wild mnpte. 

TXiaynof, -n, -or, nnd -oi', i, li, 
tough, riammii, sli-ling, ghitm- 
ous ; iliniif, slipprry ; viggevrdly, 
sparing, sordit, mi»eralitr, nicnn. 

TXi'T\pnTT](, -i;ro(, hi (fr- .'-I*') 
clamminess, sli'-hinrss, viscidity ; 

toughness, pliability ; stinginess, 
VXic^pui^rig, -toi -ov;, b, /;, (fr. 
same) cta-nmy, sticky, viscous. 
TXia^pu);, (fr. same) toughly, 
cLim7nily ; sparingly, stingily ; 
in f! slippery manner. 
rXl^Offat, f. -I'l^o/iai, p. yiy\iyf:a:, 
to desire earnestly, covet, wish, 
long far; to affect, aim at, pur- 
rXoio;, -ov, b, I], weak ; worthless, 
mean, insignificant; dirty, foul. 
Subs, lees of oil; scourings, re- 
rXotwCrj;, -co; -ov'j, 6, i), (fr. last) 

dreggy, fecuknt ; foul, greasy. 
TXovTos, -ov, b, the buttock, rump, 

haunch, lap. 
TXvKd^u, f. -atrw, (^fr. yXvKUf sweet) 

to grow sweet. 
TXvKaiviii, f. -uvu, (fr. same) to 

make sweet, sweeten. 
VXvKac^a, -tiros, rb, and TXvKac- 
fio?, -ov, b, (fr. same) sueei- 
rXvKtiioi; and yXvcrcwi; comp. of 

rXviccpoi, -", -ov. Poet, for yXvKOS, 

g. Ion. yXvwpt/To. 
TXvKv, -ios -ofij, rii, (neut. of yXii- 
Kvs sweet) the iweci fresh juice of 
the grape, mftTmcntcd wive. 
VXvKVKap~Oi, -ov, 0, f], (fr. yXvKvs 
sweet, and /caprrds fruit) hearing 
sweets, fragrant, winy. An epi- 
thet of the vine. 
T'XvKVTUKpoi, -ov, b, /';, (fr. same, 
and riKpbi bitter) siceetly bitter, 
dearly false, deceiving. 
VXvKuc, -c7a, -V, Rweel ; agreeable, 
grateful or pleasing to any of 
the senses; soft, mild, gentle; 
balmy, soothing, comp. yXvKi're- 
pof, y'XvKtuv, and yXvaaii)v, sup. 
yXvKvraro;, yXx'Kiaro;, and yXi<7- 
rXvKVTtii, -ijrof, fi, (fr. same) sweet- 
ness, lusriousncss ; pleasantness. 
TXvKv^t^via, -ar, ij, (fr. same, and 
^ii)i'ri voice) sweetness or millow- 
ness of voice. 
rXi'^/m, -aroi, rb, (fr. yXi'^w to 
engrave) a hollmring, scooping, 
sinking ; cngraiinv, larving. 
VXvnriii, -ov, b, (fr. same) an en- 
graver, carver, sndptor. 
TXvTsTbi, -ii, -Si', (fr. Bame)y?/ for 
engraving or carving ; engraved, 
graven, cut, carved, embossed, 
rXl»(/iaiof, -ri, -ov, (fr. same) relat- 
ing to sculpture, about ciigrav 
ing. g. Ion. yXu(^«i'o7o. 
rXii^iiui', -ov, Tu, (fr. same) a 

graver, engraving tool. 

rXi/0i), -fii, -I,, (fr. pamr) rrulp- 

turr, statuary, ceirving, rnemv- 

111 b; an engraving ; a seal, signet. 

rXir^,/«, -ii'oi, )'/, (fr. siinu'l a slit, 

cleft, cut, ga.ih ; the n Uh m the 

ends nf the bow for the string or 

in Ihr arrow to rtildt the string ; 

nn arrow, sluift ; o line on the 

hand, &c. 

yXi'ifiio, f. -\lto, to hollow out, scrape; 

to engrave, carve, , 


rXtttvca, and Att. T^utrra, -n(, ^, 

/.'it tongiir i a toniiUi; luiifitiiigt. 

spiirli, rojiiyrae, thi tvii/;u< in tin 

inomli pureofititul itislTuiimit.i. 

rXioaeaXy la, -at, !), (I'r. last, uni 

ii\yoi pain) ilis.nsc or ji<iin n. 

thi toiiuuc; friif ciusctt by tlu 

tongue or It/ ill /nnci/fiXf. 

VXtaaottoiov, -ov, rd, (dim, ofsamc) 

a I itd'- tongue ; tin- lip or jjoiiit. 

(I Icuou ; (I lalrh, Litrhd. 

rXwooT), -ijj, fi, lor yAoiffffa, d. pi. 

y\u>aaT<ai, for yXiicffuij. 
rXwocuKouov, -uv, rd, (f'r. yXuiffoa 
a tongue, and Kvfii'ui to keen) a 
case I'cr tlio longiifs of vi ina m- 
stmnietits ; a box, purup, pourh. 
I'XwccvT/irtTOi, -ov, 0, 1], (fr. same, 
!i!id -j^i'u, to cut) having tin 
tong^uc cut rff, having lost Iht 
rXucr(roTO/if(J -a, f. -f;irm, p. yXwc- 
coTfTiiriKa, (fr, same) to cut out 
the tongue. 
rXtajo-troi^upiToyirtf, -u)i', o!, n. pi 

pros. par. of 
T\itiuao')faftT6ij> -Cj, (fr. same, and 
^(ipirooi to sooth) tojlatlcr, de- 
ceive, delude uith fair •words, 
speak smoo'Jdy. 
r\iiiccii>c)ii,-eoi-ovi,b,fi, (fr. same] 
having Oic tong ue well hung: talk- 
ative, loquacious ; like a tongue. 
rX(orrn.()f, -r>, -iv, (fr. yMorra Alt, 
for same) tongucd, having a 
tongue, like or concerning the 
rXtDvcf, oS, ears or heads of com. 

edge, barb ; a corner, angle. 
Tveido^, -ov, )% and TvaBubi, -ov, b, 
(perhaps fr. yvdfnrruj to bend) 
the jaw, jaw or check bone ; the 
teeth ; the inside of the cheek ; a 
gnawing, bite. 
rva96ij) -a, f. -aiffw, (fr. last) to 

strike on tlie cheek ov jaw. 
Ti'ddiav, -uivo;, b, (fr. same) aparn- 
site, xpunger, smell-feast ; afat- 
terer, led-cnptain. Also a name 
for such characters, Gnat'no. 
Vvaurrrbi, -n, -bv, (fr. next) curv- 
cct, bent, crooked ; flexible, sup- 
ple, pliant. 
Vvdji-Tiii, f. -i^uj, p. -<l>a, to boic, 
bend, crook ; to incline, persuade, 
turn, alter, change, 
Fydrrw, Kvd-rtu or rvd(j>ta, f. -\pia, 
p. iyt'Oipa, to full, cleanse, dress 
or ccmb cloth ; to tear, lacerate ; 
to depress, crush, redwe, su'iduc. 
Vvatitvf, -tof, 6, (fr. last) a fuller, 

Tfijcioi, -d, -Of, (fr. yivoftat to be) 
legitimate, lav fully born ; genu- 
ine, true; nkin, of full blood. 
comp. yvriatuiTtpo;. 
Ti't]clo>s, (fr. last)' legitimately, ge- 
nuinely, truly, sincerely. 
Tioinv, 2 a. opt. act. — Tioiif, n. 
pi. rvSire;, rvivra, par. 2 a. 
act. of yiviioKw. 
Tvoiptpii, -n, -iv, (fr. next) cloudy. 

dark ; stormy, tempestuous. 
TvCiici;, -ov, 0, (perhaps fr. itVof a 
cloud ) a thick dark cloudy dark- 
. 7i<*l, (kmnrss. 

rio(p6ii> •tf, f. -liffu), and I'vo^/u) 
-ij, f. -i/(ru), (fr. last) to cLud, 
ui rrcloud, darken, ov(rc(uit. 

r>'o^u>!irii,-coi -ov;, h fi, (fr. sume) 
cloudy, dark, gloomy , 

Fiouf -(i, and Yvuifu, f. -uru, p. 
iyviiiKa, ohs. sco yiiu'cku. 

rii|, (I'r. y6rv thu hncc) on the 
hmes, hnieltng. 

I'l (i, ion. for {yvu, 3 pin. iiid. or 

I'l Wj-yv'.y, yiY) pi- -wrf, -wen, sub. 
rrd'Oi, -wrw, impr. — I'lwmi, 
inf. 2 a, act. — ri'aao/in., -i;, 
-cnii, ])!. -ctcOc, -aovTat, 1 f. ind. 
mid. of yii wtncu. 

Fiuyii, -(IS, (5, Dor. for yviifiT}. 

ri<iifi(i, -aroi, rb, (fi". yiviicKU) to 
know) knowledge; acmaintaiicc ; 
CTpfricnce, p'oof, trial. 

rvuftcvai, Dor. and Alt. for yvio- 
vai. see yuo'trvw. 

Tviijjrt, -rji, j;, (fr. ytnicKiii lo 
know) an opinion, sentiment, 
sentence, judgment ; purpose, 
will, design, mind; the undtr- 
standing ; a proverb, maxim, 
saying, d. pi. Ion. yvu'itrjat. 

Piui/ji, see yv6w, and yivCiaKw. 

rruijuVkof, -:), -bv, (fr. same) senten- 
tious, pithy, expressive, energetic, 

ri'u)/joXcyix(3f, (tV. yvoi;.'); an Opi- 
nion, and Xf'yoj to speak) ex- 
pressively, pithily, proverbially, 

ri'i5/iui', -oroc, 6, tj, (fr. yti'dcKui 
to know) discerning, judicious ; 
in.^lructive. subs, an examiner, 
inquirer; a discoverer, inform- 
er ; a proof, test ; the style of a 
dial, the index of any instrument. 

Tvwiai, see ytvucKui. 

Tvicpi^w, f. -I'du), p. tyvwpiKa, (fr. 
same) io wake known, explain, 
show, declare, discover, disclose; 
to know, distinguish, recognise, 
acknowledge, have acquaintance 
with ; to become hwxvn, grow 
into acquaintance, become plain, 
appear. 1 a. act. ind. eyvwpica- 
inf. yrtfloiVaC par. yruiplffa;. 
prcs. pass. ind. yj'wpi'^o^ar 
)mpr. yvtool^ov, 3 sin. yvupi- 
^laOii}. per. pass, eyvuptafiai. 
i a. pa!-8. ind. eyru)pla-Oriv sub. 

Tvuip^jioq, -ov, h, t], (fr. last) known, 
familiar, intimate, acquainted. 
corop. yvwpifioirtpoj, sup. -dira- 

Tiu'picrfta, -Sto;, Tb, (fr. same) a 
note, notice ; a mark, sign, to- 
ken ; a discovery, disclosure, in- 
rvtapiCj, -tts, -£*) Alt. for yviijptcroi, 

1 f. act. of same. 
TiuJacat, Ion. for Viuat], 2 sin. of 
Tvtiaojiai, -t], -crat, 1 f. mid. of 
VviiiaOfjaopiat, -Vt -crai, 1 f. ind. 
pass. — TviicOnri, -Oi'rt^, 1 a. 
impr. pass. — rvuiaOch, par. 1 
a. of same. 
Tvuaifia^ld) -w, (fr. yi'CJaif know- 
ledge, and ;/rt'^of/oi to fight) to 

I chariee opinion of one^s powers, 

1 acknowledge veaknets, become 


consrioua of insu_fpcinin/ ; in ac 
<iuiixri, submit; lo vin'ir, doubt. 
J.rcs. inf. com. yvwaipuxih: 
Viuiois, -tos, Att. -twf, i';, (fr. yt- 
lucTKiij to know) kiiov lidge,Uarn- 
ivg, information ; judgment, 

TriaoTioi, -a, -ov, (fr. same) lo he 
km.u-n, must be ucknmdedgrd, & c. 

VvioBTtji, -ov, b, (tr. Slime) kiicu- 
ing, skilful, clever, exjjert, ceim- 
pclent. Subs, o judge, witness; 
a seiT, soothsay rr. 

ri uarbs, -fi, -bv, (fr. same) known, 
acquainted; to be hiovm. 

Vvoirbi, -oil, b, (fr. same) an ac- 
quaintance, friend, companion ; 
a/.jVi, related ; a cousin, brother. 

rvi'iTu), 3 sin. 2 a. imjir. — Tvwukti, 
Poet, (or yiwai, 3 pi. 2 a. tub. 
of yivMUKo), \\hich pre. 

ri'iio), (obs. (rom which ytruerKO) 
borrows some tenses) to knew; 
to call so as to be I'.nown or 
heard : to shout clceirly. 

TodovTt Dor. for yodovai -wai, 3 
pi. prcs. ind. of 

Vodd) -w, f. -Seno, also Toati'u), Poet. 
to gremn, bemoeoi, lament, mourn, 
bewail ; to shriek, ttvittcr. par. 1 
a. pass. yotidtU. 

rSyypoi, -ov, b, a conger, kind of 

Toyyi'^u), f. -Veru), p. ytyuyyVKO, lo 
murmur, buzz, purl; to mutter; 
to grumble, repine. 1 a. act. ty6y- 
yvca. per. pass, yeydyyvciuu. 

Toyyi\ri, -1?, and VoyyvAi;, -l^oi, 
fl, (fr. next) a turnip ; a cake. 

royyvXo?, -»7, -ov, and Toyyi'Xiof, 
-ov, b, !;, rozind, gleibular. 

Foyyi'ir/idf, -ov, b, {fr. yoyyvFu) to 
murmur) a murmuring, huzritig; 
agrumbling,repining; discontent. 

Toyyverrfii, -ov, b, (fr. same) a 
murmurer, grumbler. 

Toepbg, -it, -ov, {fr. yodta to groan) 
grievous, dismal, gloomy; wretch- 
ed, miserable, distressed. 

r6yi, -tji, >), same as yorircta. 

Tuni-K, same as yodia or yoatvo). 
jires. inf. yoTivai, Dor. yofintvai. 

TSv;, -vro;, b, an enchantir, magi- 
cian, sorcerer; a hypocrite, im- 
postor, cheat ; a juggler, conjurer. 

Tonrela, -ac, »/, (fr. last) imposture, 
imposition, hypocrisy ; a charm, 

Toi'iTcvfia, -aroi, 4i, (fr. same) a 
cheat, imposture; a charm, I'ji- 

roijTcvd), f. -cvco>, p. -cvKn, (fr. 
same) to enchant, charm, fasci- 
nate, bewitch ; to juggle, cheat, 

Tonr'tKue:, -'), -01') (<"r. same) decep- 
tive, fraudulent, imposing ; ma- 
giceil, relating to charms. 

ToXyoOn, jndecl. Golgotha. 

Vdnopfia, -ac, n, Syriac, Gomorrha. 

Toito';, -ov, b, {fr. yi'uo) to be full) 
a freight, load, hurelen; mcr- 
chandisr, wares, goods. 

Vop(pin^h), -0(701, (fr. y6u<poi a 
wedge) to hove the teeth set on 
edge, make the teeth tingle. 

Vc^efnaerjibi, -ov, b, (fr. same) a 


cashing, breaking; a tingling 
or edging of ike teeth. 

rofKjioi, -ov, b, (fr. same) a grind- 
er, double or back tooth. 

Tijx^og, -ov, 6, « nail, tpihe ; a 
wedge, peg ; a jaw-tooth ; a boll, 
bar. d. pi. Ion. ydvupoici. 

TniKpiij) -ia, f. -wcii), ((.: last) to 
nail, fasten nilh nails or pegs. 

Y6ii<pij>ati, -lo;, Att. -tuj, >'/, a cer- 
tain kind of articulation of the 
bo7i€S ; a joint. 

Toycis, -ioi, Att. -fuj, o, (fr. yivo- 
fiai to be) a father, sire, parent ; 
a progenitor, ancestor, n. pi. yo- 
vics -tti, g. yovitav, d. yovcvai, a. 
yoieai -eii, and yoviiai. 

Toi-li, -Tis, fi, (fr. same) the privi- 
ties ; generation, conccptio.i, pro- 
pagation ; birth, origin ; seed, 
offspring ; a child. 

Tdyl/fioi, -ov, b, >;, (fr. same) breed- 
ing, prolific ; fruitful, fertile. 
Subs, a fertile spot, productive 

Fovuplioia, or rovopl)va, -as, >), (fr. 
yovi) the privities, and fjiw to 
flow) a running in tlie loins, 

Tovopliviu) -(5, f. -rjau), (fr. same) 
to run at the loins. 

Tovonlivrii, and Tovdoftoioi, -ov, b, ij, 
(fr. same) afflicted with a gonor- 

Tivoi, -ov, b, same as yovi}. 

rovii, and Poet, yovvds, -ou, b, f/, 
same as yivtijLOi. comp. yovdrc- 
poi, sup. -(iraTOf. 

rdn), ydinjoi, ydvarof, yoi'vo;, and 
yovvaroi, ri, the knee; d. pi. 
yovain, yovvaci, and yoivaaai. 

XoxvTtT'na -w, f. -ijffw, p. yiyovv- 
riTi}Ka, (fr. last, and TTfT^ to full) 
to kneel, fall on the knees ; to fall 
prostrate; to supplicate. 1 a. act. 

Tiof, -ou, b, (fr. yoiioa to groan) 
grirf, sorrow, wo ; mmtrning, 
lamentation for the dead, a 

Tdpytiof, and ropy6vio(, -a, -ov, 
(Ir. ropywy Gorgon) like a Gor- 
gon ; hnrrihle, frightful, terrific. 

Topytiui, f. -tunu}, (fr. same) to 
hasten, speed, move swiftly ; to 
vilirnte, ijuivcr, flash ; to scare, 
terrify, frighten. 

Topvijitfj .(jv, at, (pi. oiVopyi)v) 
the Gorgon f ; furies, 

ropyllf, -fi,-ov, sunft, quick; dart- 
ine, flashing ; terrifying, fright- 
ful, terrible, flerrr. 

Popyoit, a. pi. of la-st. Al«o g. 
HIM. of Topyii. 

Tonyi' on, -n(,ti, (fr. y?; llic oarlh, 
and ooiVffu to dig) an under, 
ground prvisaee for vatir, tun- 
nel, seller, drain; a pit, dun- 

Topyu}, -6o( -ni't, /J, Gorgo, a wo- 
man's ntimi;. 

Yopyitv, -/Jioc. h, an imaginnri) 
rnnnnternf Afrira ; nhng,firnd, 
furi). Also, (fr. yooy^i nimble) 
su.iflness, artivily. 

TopyCip, -oiTos, h, !i, (fr. last, and 
uiC/ the face) Gor^on-vicagcd, 


like a Gorgon ; terriblc,frightful. 

Vdpiiai, -ov, h Gordias, a man's 
name. g. Ion. ropifuw. 

Tntv, (fr. yi yet, and ouv however 
truly, indeed, cirtainly, surely; 
then, for, since, therefore, there- 
upon ; hence, accordingly ; how 
ever, at least, even ; for inslance, 
nsfor example. 

Fovvd^oiiai, f. -dco/iai, end Tovvoo- 
l^tai -ovuai, f. -wco(xai, (fr. yivv 
the knee) to kneel, fall on the 
knees: to embrace the knees in 
supplication ; to pray, beg, en- 
treat. 1 a. mid. tyovvaciiiitiv. par 
pres. mid. cont. yoiioii/iEvos. 

rovvad\ for yovvara, or yovara. n 

a. V. pi. — Toviaait d. pi. of 

Tovvo7ai, Ion. for yovvoli, d. pi. of 

yotii'of, for yovos. 
rovvo-S^ilS, -io; -off, 6, i% (fr. 

same, and taxi's thick) thick at 

the knees, having large knees, 
rovvdi, -»;, -bv, Pcet. for yovui. 
roiiiui/ or yovinjiv, g. pi. otyuvv. 
Todca, par. pres. fern. cont. of 

rpu;3toi',-ov, rb, a pointed stake; a 

torch, btand. 
Tpaia, -as, {;, (perhaps fr. ytpaibs 

old) an old woman, vAfe. 
rpuioiov, -ov, rd, (dim. of last) a 

little or decrepit old vvman. 
Vpai'Kdi, ->!, -di', and Vp>':iKOS, -ov, 

b, I'l, (fr. same) eld, elderly. 
rpai/cAs, ->i, -dv, Greek, Grecian. 
rpaivii), SCO yodit}. 

rpuftfta, -uTos, rb, (fr. ypd<p(j) to 
write) a letter of the alphabet ; 
handwriting ; a written work, 
hook; an account, journal; a 
deed, bill, bond; an act, law. 

Tpaf^nara, -wi', -a, (pi. of last) a 
letter, epistle ; writings, n book ; 
litirature, learning ; writings, 
the scriptures. 

rpaftiiarda, -as, I'l,' {(r. game) lite- 
rature, learning, knoxuUdgefro^n 

rpnfjiijiaTevs, -ios, o, (fr. same) a 
scribe, secretary ; an interpreter 
of law ; a town clerk, recorder. 

Tpj^Hariiu), f. -ivaia, (fr. last) to 
art as scrretan/. 

rpa^i/iarcKi), -^9, 1/, (fctiu of next) 
VIZ. Tt)(t'iit grammar. 

Fpi/i fid rurdf, -I), -iiv, (fr. ynn'^w (o 
write) grammatical / litfrary. 
Subs. II t-ncher, /irammarian. 

rpiiii/iuTinrhi, -nf'! b, (fr. same) a 
Irwhrr of grammar, schnohnas- 
ter ; a pedant ; a clerk; a book- 
seller, stationer. 

roitiifiaTiti'ii^'icKa^ni, -OV, 0, (fr 
^nlnp, and fii^ticnu} to teach) a 
srlionlmoHtrr, preceptor , 

TpniiftdTnrinnyuiytvii, -f^)(, b, (fr. 
Hame, and iirrdyni ('> inlroiliire) 
It teacher, instrurter ; a magis- 

rpafiiii), -f7f, //, (fr. name) a line, 
mark, divinion, sqmraiinn ; thr 
stinting pl/irr nt raf'pi, marked 
by a line drawn on ibc prnund ; 
a tine on a chess hof «' } th» last 



rpcr;.'//ix3j, -i), -bv, (fr. last) linear, 
in tines. 

TpdiTis, -tici, >], old age ; the slough 
of a serpent. 

TfarzTfoi, -a, -ov, (fr. ypd<ptij to 
write) rtmst write, ought to be 

FpaTrrof , -i), -bv, (fr. same) written, 
composed ; inscribed, e7igraven. 

FpaVos, -ov, 0, also Tpdarru;, Tpnof, 
and TpSi, the dirt, scourings or 
refuse of wocl ; the smell of the 

rpdcc:);, -ov, !), (perhaps fr. yTipvi a 
voice) the sliovt ifsoidicis charg- 
ing, a war-song, ay of battle. 

Tpicrif, -(oj, Att. -tws,)j, (fr. ypuo) 
to feed) grass, herbage, hay. 

rpnli;, ypdoe, I/, Ion. FpijCj, and by 
Dialys. I'pi'iisi an old woman. 

rpa(puov, -ov, TO, (tr. yndipo) to 
write) an iro7i pointed instrume7it 
with which the ancients wrote on 
their waxed tablets, a stylus, pen- 
cil ; an iron pen, engraving tool. 

rpa0£i:'f,-foj,Att.-f'u)f,5,(fr. same) 
a painter, engraver ; a librarian. 

Tpaipio) -u, Att. for ypd(poi. 

rpaipi), -)];, !;, (fr. same) awriting, 
writings; the scriptures; a pic- 
ture, drauing ; an indictment, 

TpdiiitjOt, 2 sin. — rpa<!»',Tii>iiav, 2 
pi. 1 a. inipv. pass. — Tpa(ptU, 
par. 2 a. pass, of ypa'0u. 

rpa^iKus, -t), -bv, (fr. same) like 
writing, graphical, well drawn 
or described ; quick at writing, 
ready at the pen. 

rpa<piKoii, (fr. last) expressively; 
naturally, to the life. 

Ppa^ioi', -ou, rb, see ypa<pciov, and 
rpn^'is, -Icoi, j% (fr. next) an 
iro7i pen or stylus; the drawing 
of lines. 

Tpuipi!), f. -xpia, p. yiypa<pa, origi- 
nally to grave, engrave or scrape 
lines or figures on some flat 
surface; to write, inserihe ; to 
describe, represent, draw, paint ; 
to compose, write a book ; to en- 
art, decree ; to accuse, indict ; 
to direct, prescribe, instruct, 
teach ; to graze. 1 a. act. ind. 
iypn\^a- sub. ypd\lM, -ps, -n- ]'<"l- 
pafs. ylypn^fun. 1. a. )iass. ind. 
cypdil>U7ii'- impr. ypd^Oiirt' par. 

Tpdu), and rpatx'ti),(. -aoi, to eat, eat 
up, rorriide, C07isiime, devour. 

rpmu(';;<, -toj -ovs, b, I'j, (fr. ypan; 
an old woman) of or like an old 
woman; aged,doti7ig ; silly, fa- 

rp'iyoplu) -oi, by ApliT^r. for fypi;- 
yoplu), f. -yam, p. typi/yifpvK'i, 
(fr. lyilpM to roiiM') til v'litcli, lie 
awake, iie mi'iike, lie vipilmit ; to 
live, he alive. For tenses SCO 

rpnyoptifiu -'"fi -'^'•- -f<J«v'''; ''"''• 
Inst) tying awake; watchfulness, 

rpnynpuis, for typiiyopiof, par. per. 

mid. of ypijyoplu) nr cypnyopiui. 
rpiTiix, -I'o'i, Att. -lui(,b, (fr. yp(- 

roi a. net) nflihcrman. 




Tpirri^uit r. -fffu), (fr. snmo) lo^finh. 

Vfiiniaita, -n'ruy, ri, (Ir. saiiiu) a 

t.tke, CiUfli, capture j prujil, ft'itn. 

roiiruf, -ou, b, uiul rpTyiOv, -■ii'f u, 

atul also -400 -inr$, rd, n nit, xi-in , 

drug; anilille,pHZiling lucstiuii. 

rfii^'ij^ui, (IV. Yi>uipu> 10 write) to 

rpoiiij»i{, -dioi, !<, an old sow. 
I'pj/i^tit, -f'un', oJ, painttrs. 
rpiffi^oj, -01', i, '«J'ii''''"i, rfar/; f/ic 
.■s/^ilre in the f jot of a spear. 

Toil, any tiling vtry simdl, inile, 
' mote, chip, splinter, the black of 
the nail. 

Tpv^io, f. -fu), p. -X", (fr- last) /o 
muttrr, growl, grumble, grunt. 

rpvWl^ta, f. -iVu), /o grunl. 

rpi'\}<<l, -»K, '^, ^n^l rpoWtcr/idi, -ou, 
6, (Ir. last) a grunt, grunting. 

rpvatila, -a;, i), (fr. ypv a mote) a 
ba«. Wallet, pouch; any thing 

Tpvirii, -fi, -ov, (fr. ypi^ a griffin) 
hooked, crookea ; bowed, bindcd ; 
hook-nosed, aquiline ; with a 
hooked beak. 

rpva^bs, -ov, b, (fr. ypi^b} to grunt) 
a grunting, grunt. 

TnvTii, -)]i, '/, and Tpvrdpia, -lav, 
-Ta, (fr. you a mite) poor furni- 
ture, lumber; old clolhcs, frippery . 

VpvTo-^TiiXrji, -ov, b, (fr. last, and 
-u)\iii> to sell) a seller of old 
clothes or lumber; a broker. 

rptrj/', -vTri;, b, a griffin, an ima- 
ginary winged monster ; a kind 
of eagle, the ossifrage. 

rptivrj, -T]s, fi, (perhaps fr. ypdui to 
C(irrode) a hollow rock,' cave, 

TpHvog, -rj, -ov, (fr. last) hollow, 
cavernous ; deep. 

YJa or Tvri, Ion. and Vvia, -a;, i), 
ground, land ; a field, an acre ; 
ploughed or fallow land. 

TudXai, -wv, n'l, (fr. next) a Me- 
garean word, drinking cups. 

rCa^ov, -ov, rd, n cavity, hollow ; 
the pain or hollow of the hand; 
a valley, glen, dale ; a cave, den ; 
a trench, fosse, (fr. last) g. Ion. 

TuaXif, -ri, -bv, (fr. last) handy, of 
a size to be handled. 

TvapKn;, -io; -ov;, b, r/, (fr. yvTov a 
limb, and opic/u to suffice) in- 
vigorating, strengthening ; fresh, 
lively, lusty, vigorous; who be- 
gets lusty limbs. 

TOyri, ->]i, q, a woman's, and Tv- 
yn>, -»", 0, a man's name, Gygi, 
and Gi/ges. 

Tv'n, -ov, b, (fr. yvn ploughed 
land) the pl'iugh-liead on which 
the sock is fixed. 

Tvioidfi'ii;, -a, h. Dor. and Poet, 
(fr. yv'iav a limb, and iandio to 
subdue) who masters Uie limha ; 
able, lusty ; epithet of a v/rostler. 

VvioK'ipos, -ov, n, ';, (fr. same, and 
Kooiu) to satisfy) working or 
wr^arying the lim'is, fatiguing, 
toilsome, laborious. 

Tutov. -ov, ri, alimh, member, par- 
ticularly a han/l or foot; any 
larger p'xrl of the frame. 

Tviii, -H, -hv, (fr. last) wanting a 
limt, maimed, lame, h'dt, criji- 
pkd ; dfjicitiit in any part. 

Tuidb) -w, f. -liffu), (fr. same) to 
break « limb; lo lame, maim, 
cripple ; to render weak, impo- 
tent or defective. 

Piiiorrtij, ->;{, fi, (fr. same, and 
TrlSy a fetter) fetters, chains ; a 

Fvid^iiXKoi, -ov, !>, t'l, (fr. same, 
and ;^(iX(fdj brass) with limbs oJ 
brass, very strong, most robust. 

ri'iuOiif, |>ar. 1 a. pass. ofyviAi). 

VvXidi, -oil, b, (pcrh.ips fr. yvaXbi 
hollow) a soldicr''s canteen. 

rv/ivd^ut, f. -dam, p. ytyvfivaKa, (fr. 
yu/iit); naked) to exercise naked, 
practise fur the public games ; to 
exercise, employ, engage, train. 
pros. impr. act. yvftva^c-. 

rvftvaala, -n;, ^, and rii^vaaig, 
-(Of, Att. -£uif, I/, and ri'Yiiiio-/('j, 
-aroi, ri, (Ir. last) practice, 
training, exercise. 

Vvjivcaiapxl"! -w, f. -/;<rui, (fr. last, 
and ap)(i) the chief) to regulate 
gymnastic exercises, preside over 
a school. 

rv>jva(jt(ipx>]S or -)(o;, -ov, b, (fr 
same) a teacher of gymnastic 
exercises, schoolmaster. 

Vvnva<yiap-y(la, -a;, '], (fr. same) 
the regulation or direction of a 

rvni'datov, -ov, bj (fr. yvfivus 
naked) a place of exercise, school 
for training for public games; 
practice, exercise. 

Vvfivaarioi, -a, -ov, (fr. yu/ii-rf^u 
to train) must exercise, to be 
practised or trained. 

VvftvaoTiii, -ou, b, (fr. same) a 
master or teacher of public exer- 

rvuvaartKoi, ->i,-!iv, (fr. same) be- 
longing to public exercises, con- 
cerning the practice of or train- 
ing for them. 

rvjjvacTtKCii, (fr. last) with exer- 
cise, by practice, in training. 

rvfjivfii, -r;To;, I], or rvjivriTrjf, -ov, h, 
(fr. yvjjvd; naked) a ligld armed 

rvjxvriTCvui, f. -iva(j), p. ytyu^vr?- 
Tcvk-a, (fr. last) to he naked or ill 
clad; to wear light armour, serve 
as a light armed soldier ; to skir- 

rvfiviKii, -!;, -bv, (fr. yvfivd^ij to 
exercise) gymnastic, about pub- 
lic sports or games. 

VvjtvoTTati'ia, -a?, i';, (fr. yvjivb<; 
naked, and ira'n a boy) the exer- 
cise or sports of naked boys; a 
Spartan dance. 

Vvjivui, -i), -bv, (fr. yv7ov n limb, 
and fidvoi only) naked, bare, un- 
covered ; unarmed, light armed ; 
uncased, unsheathed ; bare, mere, 
only; ojien, exposed, manifest; 
devoid, destitute. 

Vvytvoao^iaral, -aii',o!, (fr. last, and 
(rorl)i(jTii( a wise man) the Gym- 
nosoj)hists or naked philosophers 
of Imlia ; a fakir or flervis. 

rvuvSTTji, -nroi, h, (("■• same) na- 

kedness, nudity, d. :in. yvjxv6- 
T>iri. ^ 

Fu/ii'iiu) -Ct, f. -iiaui, p. -utKa, (fr. 
siiiiie) to strip, uncovir ; lo pil- 
lage, rob, ptundtr ; to expose, 
discovir, show. 1 a. ucl. inil 
yvpviiaai' par. yvitvioam. 1 a. 
p.iss. iiid. tyu/iVtiOrjv' inf. yo/i- 
vu)Oi)vai' par. yvftviaOeii, a. sin. 

ri'/ii'u)(7(f, -lOf, Att. -fojf, /j, (fr. 
last) nakedness, bareness, desti- 

ruKi, Dor. for Tuvui, v. sin. of 

TvvatKdptov, -ov, rb, (dim. ofyvvl) 
a woman) a weak, silly, vain 

rvvalkai -Ka, -KCi, -/ci, -Kbi, -KwVf 
cases of yui';;. 

TvvaiKua, -u)V, rii, (lieut. pi. of 
next) circumstances incident to 

rvvntKe7oi, -a, -ov, (fr. yvv!) a wo- 
man) feminine, female ; wo- 
manish, effeminate, ilelicate. Tv- 
vaiKt7ov, viz. iiitua, the wumen^i 

rvvatK>'iios, Ion. for yvvaiKe7os. 

rvvaiKias, •ov, b, (fr. yvvfi a wo- 
man) a womanish or effeminate 

TwaiKtatr^bi, -ov, b, (fr. same)_/e- 
male delights or endearments ; 
courtship, compliments, ^flattery. 

TwaiKOKpario^iai -ovytai, (. -t'lCOjiai, 
p. -rjfiiu, (fr. same, and /cpurfw 
to rule) to submit to or be di- 
rected by women, be governed by 
a wife; to gratify, indulge a 
wife. par. pros. pass. cont. yv- 

VvvaiKOKparla, -of, {], (fr. same) 
subjection to women, female go- 

rvvaiKOfxavfii, -io; -otif, b, §, (fr. 
same, and//ui'i'o/i a to dotc'j fool- 
ishly fond of women ; lascivious. 

rvvatKos, g. VvvatKi, d. sin. ofyuvj;. 

riiva((fo0('A(jf, -a, h. Dor. for 

TvvaiKoipi\rii, -ov, h, (fr. yvvfi a 
woman, and (/k'Aos fond)/onr/ of 
women ; geminate, delicate ; las- 
civious ; libidinous. 

TvvaiKiiit]?, -coi -ouf, o, >;, (fr. 
same) vioman-tike, becoming a 
v,oman ; feminine, tender, deli- 
cate ; womanish, like a woman, 

VuvaiKibv, -(iJi'o;, b, TvvaiKiovirrts, 
-ov, b, and VvvatKu>v'iT(i, -i^o;, 
!j, (fr same) the women'' s npffri- 
ments ; an inner chamber' if> a 
house for vjomcn. AJ" 

rwaijjaviii, same as yvvcuKonaiijjf. 

rivatov, -ou, rb, (dim. of yuil^t 
woman) a little woman, sv(ijf 
woman. . ';- 

r<>vni^iv, for yvvni^i, d. pi. of v 

ru'ii;, -aiKb;, i), (perhaps fr. yoi^ 
birth)' a woman, wife. v. sin. 
yvvai, madam, ma'am, d. yvvat- 
K'r a. yui/orwaMand Dor. yuvt'iv' 
A. pi. yi'ivui^iT? 

rvvvtg,-iSoi, Of^oct. foryui'if, {fr. 
last) womatfUi, effeminate, de- 
licate, taide 



Turivof, -I), -01', (fr. yti^ a vulfure)lAa5f;^u, (fr. «5aj a torch, and 
vuUuri'ie, of or tike a vulture, | i^uj to hold) to hold or carry a 

FuTTuf, ftigh, tall, lofli) ; tmtg. I lurch. 

TupyaSif, -ov, b, a basket ; a coffer ,\ iidh^, -ikos, i), a measure. 

case, &c. made of twigs. ilu^ui', -uv, to, (dun. of iqi a 

Tipa, -toi, Att. -£u)j, §, ./fne ./tour ; 
<Ae dust of a mill. 

Tvpis, -a, -dv, curved, bent, crook- 
id ; round, circular. Sub-, a 
ditch, furrow, hole for a tree ; a 
round cuke. 

ripoi, -ou, 0, a circuit, cornpass, 

torch) a snudl torch, light, car,' 

Aaiioi'^fu) -u, f. -I'lCio, (fr. same, 

and i)^oi to hold) to carry a 

torch, hold a light ; to light, give 

or sfunv light to. 
AaSov^ia, -ai, S], (fr. same) the 

carrying a turcti or iigltt. 

Tupiju) -<3, f. -liau), (fr. la<!t) to ^iij^wv, g. pi. of ^as, cont. fr. ^aif 

curie, bend, make round ; to 
gather into a heap, crowd, clus- 
ter ; to lay up, hitte, bury. 

ripuifia, -arof, ri, and rOpuierif, 
-(0{, Att. -£u(, t), (fr. sumj) a 
whirl or whirling, quick circular 
motion ; a piling, heaping, ga- 
thering intif a heap ; a circle, 
ring, circus. 

Ti;//, yS-ad;, b, (perhaps fr. kvittu) 
to Send) a vulture. 

ru(|of . -ov, ri, (perhaps fr. yrj earth, 
and £;/.w to bake) gypsum, ala- 
baster ; white clay. 

Tvxpuu} -it), f. -<iiT<i), (fr. last) to 
pbister with gypsum, whiten. 

Tui, by Apha:r. for lyii. 

Tu>, cont. of ydu). Also for j(^du. 

T-'p, for iuvtIi, tfiif), and aj>, see 
iavToi', iitos, and aoi, 

THy, Heb. indecl. Gog, the name 
of a kin; and a nation. 

FuXtii, -Uv, tH, the caves, dens, 
and haunts, of heastt, 
1. for vi 

D >T. fo 

pi. of yuvv 

Twvia, -it{, !], an angle, comer ; a 
nook, hiding place ; on extremi- 
ty, t-erge. 

TuKaroj, -a, -ov, and TuviiiSriS, 
-to; -ovi, b, I), (fr. last) angular, 
with corners ; of the comer. 

Tiiivilnov, -ov, ri, (dim. of same) a 
tittle rx>mer, nook, hiding-place, 

Tiaoidijj, -d, a Laconian word, to 
inugh id, taunt, scorn, 

Tuipurdf, -oK, 0, (fr. ;^up/u to con- 
tain, and jivrdi drawn) a quiver. 

Tiav, Ion. for yovv. 

Tiivara. D tr. lot ydvara, n. a. v. 

A, I?, the fourth of the Greek Ict- 

lori, called delta; as a niitiu-. 

ral mark it nignific!! four ; wilh 

a d'.r underneath, f,, four llioii- 

nan I. 
A", for ;/. 

Ad, an inlenwvfi particle. 
Aa, and ^n<, Dor. for yT,, yri(, 
Aaliito, and An/Op, il4'b. indfrl. 

annrar'r; Iht inner or most ho! t/ 

pnrt of the temple, 
e^alii^, Heh. indecl. Da>u), a 

man's name. 
Aayirc, -{.^oi, f,, crystal; ice; a 

necklace or ima^e hung to it. 

Aatif, par. 2 a. act. — Aadtjs, 2 
sm. pres. opt. act. of idtiini, 
for 6ui(jj, 
Aa£('u, for Saiw, 
Sacpdi, -u, -iv, (fr. laiu) to burn) 

black, dark, dusky, swarthy, 
Aa/u -(3, f. -liffu), p. ic^drjKa, (fr. 
Suiui to learn) to learn, receive in- 
struction, acquire information ; 
to kncnv, hiow how, be skilful. 
per. pass. ind. hidt)fiai' inf. 
ii&afiaQai' par. ^tour/jufi'oj. 2 a. 
act. (fr. idnfn) ind. tidrjii' inf. 
oanvai. Dor. iai'ifiivaf \>ViT, Satii. 
1 f. mid. oaijao^iai, 2 sin. Ion. 
iarjccai. for iarjatj. per. mid. ^f- 
^>!a, and cifiaa' par. ScSaiis- 
pper. mid. £^£^»;£(i'. 
Aa^(i), or rather Ad^'ijiat, f. ^aVo- 
^ai, p. iiiarsjiai, -cat, -oral, Ir. 
^ni'u) to share, which sec. 
Aa»), -;;s, /,, (fr. same) a fight, 

battle ; a light, torch, brand. 
Aatjixcvai, Aat'/acai, see ^aiu), 
Adiifii, obs. its tenses are used by 

iaiut, and ialo), 
Aai'iftwv, -oi'Oi, b, fi, (fr. Satu) to 
teach) learned, wise; knoxuing, 
skilled, experienced ; expert, in- 
genious, subtle, comp, laninovia- 
TCpoi, sup. -lararoi. 
Aarip, -ipoi, b, (Ir. fiiho to bum ; 
because they carried the torches 
at their brother's marriage) a 
husbaniPs brother ; a broOur-in- 
law ; a ttridesman. 
Aatipdi, -a. -h', (fr. same) light, 

bright, clear. 
Aai, for Of. An?, by Apoc. for 

iatii, d. sin. of iaif, 
Aoi(5aX/o5, -a. -oi', or -ov, and Ion. 
-010, 6, I), (fr. Ani'i^ttXoj Dn-diu 
lus) artful, ingenious, cxjicrt, 
skilful ; artifiriitl^ curious ; di- 
versified, V'tritgatd, ornamental, 
Aaii'a'XXu), f. -nXoi, and AatfiaXiJw 
-u>, f. -ui/7(i>,(fr. same) to work in 
grniously ; to ornament, tulorn, 
AalfaXfta, -uToj, rh, (fr. last) a 
piece of nice workmanship, ru- 
rinsity, rarity, nniamrnt ; a sta- 
tue, image. 
AalCiiir, jj. pi. of hitt. 
Aatc, and Aaltv, Ion. for ffintc, 3 
sin. impf. ind. art. — Aaltro, 
Ion. for i^atirc, impf md. pass, 
of rulu). 
Anthill, f. -((w, (fr. faliii lo divide, 
for which it IS used Poet.) to 
divide, share, rlialrilivle ; tt tear 
iff", pull, plurh ; to cut, wound ; 
to sin)), kill. 1 a. act. lidi^a. 


pres. pass, ia'i^ofiai' per. pass. 

btbdtyjiai' pur. tifiaiyfiivoi. 
AatKTi'ip, -iipoi, b, (fr. last) divid- 
ing, rtnning, piircing. 
Aai^ova'u) -Ci, f. -i/aw, same as Sat- 

Autjiorcs, — Aalfjioros — Aaifidiwr, 

cases of 6(diiii>v. 
Aai/joji' for iaiiiovu,v. sin. of^ai- 

AaiftoiiaKo;, -i), -ov, (fr. ialniav a 
diity) i)! spired ; pcsstsscd by an 
evil spirit. Subs, a demo^iiac. 
Aatftortdij) -w, f. -tjaoi, p. -;;»;«, (fr. 
same) to be inspired ; to he pos- 
sessed by an evil spirit ; to rage, 
^aifiorii^Oftat, f. -hofiat, p. ieiat- 
Hui'iafjiai, (fr. same) to be pos- . 
sessed by an evil spirit, 3 sin. 
pres. iutfiovi^erat. 
Aatpovt^oiicvo;, -tj, -ov, par. pres. 

pass, of last. 
Aaijjiovlri, Aa^iovirjci, Ion. for iai- 
Hovia, n. sin. and iaifioviaii, d. 
pi. fern, of bainuvios. 
Aaifioviov, -ov,t6, (dim. otiaifiwv a 
deity) a divinity, spirit, gtidus ; 
n spectre, ghost, phantom ; des- 
tiny, fate, fortune, lot, state of 
life ; misfortune, adversity ; a 
demon, evil spirit, fallen angel, 
Aaiitovio;, -ov, 6, ri, (fr. same) in- 
fatuated, possessed ; fatal, un. 
fortunate ; wicked ; mad, fran- 
tic ; divitie ; supernatural ; au- 
grst, grand, admirable ; fortu- 
nate, happy, 
AaifioviaOc'ig, -uaa, -iv, par. 1 a. 

pass, ol iaijiovil^ofiai. 
AaifioriMii<;, -toi -nvi, b, i}, (fr. 
same) like a spirit or demon, 
Aai/ioiKDy, par. pres. act. cont. of 

Aci';iwi/, -oi'Of, b, fi, (fr. lalu) to 
know) a deity, cause, author, 
creator ; a demon, intelligence, 
spirit, genius ; fortune, fate, 
destiny, lot ; an evil spirit, fallen 
angel, devil. 
Aalvv, by Apoc. for i]ah!Oi, pres. 
impr. act. — AidivvO' and Sal- 
loir'. Ion. for linhviTu, 3 pi. 
impf. mid. — AahvaO', for ial- 
vvaOat, pres. inf mid. of 
Aalvvjit, to entertain, treat, receive, 
Aaivvjint, to feast, banquet, eat, 
dine with, 
Aal^ui, 1 a. inf. act. of iaii,ii}. 
Anlujiat, f. -ao^ini. FCC f'lum, 
Adiof, -a, -or, (fr. fatm to divide) 

wise, knowing, sensible, 
Adios, -a, -ov, Cr. faU a fiphl) 
dfstruclive, injurious, hostile. 
Anioi, pi. oiemies. 
AaioippMi; -oi'Ot, o. i';, (fr, iaiu) to 
divide, ori'nlv a fi);;lit) uisr, sin- 
fiHr, ivtrltigetd ; warlike, va- 
liant, courniieous. 
Aatpu), f. -lipi;}, to scourge, fiog, 

Irish, cut. 
Aa'is, -nirlii, i'/, and Poet. Anlrti, 
-<li, li, {fr. ^'dw '" i<li!ire) a feast, 
entertainment ; good cheer, dain- 


Aa't, -tio(, li, (fr. samc^ a light, 

torch, taper ; a ^xht, oa/ttr. 

Aataai, 1 a. inf. act, — ^ai(rii/ici'0>i 

1 a. par. iiiiJ. — ^nlaii, 2 sin. 1 

a. sub. mid. of iaim or Jaiu. 

AuTrii, a. sill. — AaTrdf, a. pi. of 

^airiiOcv, (fr. Salrij Pod. for <Suif a 
foasl) /ri>wi or aflcr the feast, 
out of the mtcrtainmcnt. 
Aatrpciiji, f. svcu), (fr. next) to cut 

up, civve. 
^atrpdr, (a. sin. of next. viz. /tar<i) 
upnTotclij, sevcruUy, by lur/is, in 
sh ires, 
Aairpbs, -ov, b, (fr. Jufw to dinde) 

a took. 
^aiTvfim', -di'Oi, b, (fr. next) a 
steward or president of a feast ; 
a cook; carver ; a ffuest, 
AaiTvs, •Cos, ')) same as onfj. 
^atippiav, -ovos, b, I'l, (fr. oui'j bat- 
tie, and tpp))v unasrstanling) 
wnrij ill Ji^ht, sa!;acious in war, 
w.vlikc, brave, daring. 
^ai'j(9cti, 1 a. par. pass, of (Jai'^o) 
Aaiu), t. ^aiaui, and ia'taiD, p. iedat- 
Ka, lodiin-le, part, rend; to con 
sumc, bum, lay waste, depopu- 
Ude ; to kindle, glow, hurst or 
break out; to carve, distribute, 
entertain, feast; to celebrate, 
solemnize; to share, partake of 
a feast, eat; to impart, teach, 
instruct, inform, acqutint ; tu 
pirticipate, acquire, learn, know. 
per. mid. liSija, ppcr, mid. 
chtfiytiv. See fiaiui. 
Adxap, a kind of cassia. 
AdKt, Ion. for ihaxc, 3 sin. 2 a. 
ind. act. — AaKcet v. Ion. for ia- 
Keii; 2 a. inf. act. of Sijkui, obs. 
for Saxvu). 
AaKidiJiiOs, -ov, b, i), (fr. Sukvui to 
gnaw, and ^vjxd; the mind) 
heart-rending, oppressive, over- 
whelming, distressing, grievous, 
AaKvd^ii), f. -aau), (fr. next) to 

bite, snap, catch with the teeth. 
AdKvia, f. ^»/fu, p. SeSn^a, (fr. 
oi'/Kta obs. to bite, whence its 
tenses are derived) to bile, gnaw, 
champ ; to pinch, sting ; to gall, 
molest, tease, vex; to backbite, 
slanler ; to fight, quarrel, dis- 
puu. 1 a. act. iiv^ii. 2 a. act. 
ind. iiuKov' inf. SaKc7v. 2 f. act. 
3a«(3. per. pass. Siinyitai. la. 
pass. ind. tci'ixdnv par. HnxOcif. 
2 a. pass. eodic>!v. 1 f.' mid. 
iij^ojjai. 1 a. mid, c&rj^dpvv. 2 
a. mid. tiaKOfujv. 
AaK6vTo;, iaKovarjs, g. sin. par, 2 

a. act. of last. 
ASko!, -cos -ov{, ri, Poet, (fr, 
same) a bile, properly of a beast 
on a man ; a sting ; a be'ist or 
venomous creature ; slander, ca- 
AdKpu, -voif Adxpviia, -aros, and 
Adxpiov, -ov, ri, (fr. same) a 
tear. pi. ddxpv', for Idicova. 
AaitpvQcts, -laaa, -tv, {Cr. last) 
weejAng, in tears; tearful, me- 

LoKfiotv, (ft. last) in tecprs, with] name, 


bursting tears; tadti/, mourn- 
AuKpvpo/ui -a, f. -(/<r<ij, (fr. idxpv a 
tear, and ^/ui to How) to weep, 
shed tears. 
A<iKpv(rai, 1 a. par. act. o( SaKpvo). 
Adxpvai, d. — AaKpvmv, g. pi. of 

AaKpv^ii^ -<3, f. -tvau, (fr. (5«Vpu 
a tear, and ;^/u) to pour) to weep, 
pour forth or shed teurs. par. 
pros. iaKpuxi">i'- 
AaKpvui, f. -(icu), p. -vKa, (fr. same) 
to weep, lament with tears, be- 
wail, deplore. AaKpioiiat, to have 
tears shed on one, he wet with 
tears ; to be pitied, comj/assioned. 
Aai:pvi!>&7]s, -to; -ovs, b, f/, (fr. 
same) like tears ; tearful; tear- 
falling, tender, melancholy. 
AaKTi\ioi, -ov, b, (fr. next) aring, 

link, mesh. 
AaKTvXoi, -ov, b, a ^finger, toe ; a 

d'lctyl ; a date. 
AaKu, 2 f act. — AaKuiv, 2 a. par. 

act. of fdKvw. 
AaXuTo, Dor. and Ion. for ct^ri\c7- 
To, 3 sin. impf ind. mid. — 
AaXijaaTo, same for t&riXi'iaaTO, 
3 sin. 1 a. mid. of iriXito. 
Ad\tos, Dor. for AvXioj. 
AaXftai'ovOd, indecl. Dulmanutha, 

a district of Judea. 
AaXiiaria, -aj, ^, Dalmatia, a 

country on the Adriatic sea. 
AuAilf, and JEo\. AauXof, -ov, b, 
(fr. Saiiti to burn) a light, lamp ; 
a firebrand, torch ; a flash, bright- 
AaXof, V. Aa\c, Dor. for AJjXoi 

and AT,\c. 
Aau$, 3 sin. cent. pres. ind. of 

Aa/id^crai, 3 sin. pres. ind. pass. 

Aafid^u), see Sapdu). pres. par. 
pass. Sa/ia^ontvo;. per. pass. 
AafiaTos, -ov, b, fi, Poet, (or Sa/taa- 
tIkos, -)/, -iv, or Saiid^uiv, (fr. 
last) taming, subduing, over- 
powering, overwhelming. Subs. 
a conqueror, master. 
Aa^dXij, Dor. for fidfiaXts. 
Aaita\r'ij3aTos, -ov, b, Ij, (fr. la/idXrj 
a heifer, and ffalvo) to walk) 
frequented or resorted to by cat- 
tle ; grazed, pastured. 
AajiaXi'iiioTOi, -ov, b, I), (fr. same, 
and ftdoKij) to feed) grazed or 
pastured by cattle. 
AojiaXa^ui, Poet, for iajidl^d), (fr. 
next) AifiaXi^ofiai, to gambol, 
frolic like a young heifer. 
AdftaXis, -toi, Att. -tuis, I'l, (fr. 6a- 
jidtji to tame) a Imfer, young 
Ad/jiap, and Adjiaps, -apros, ii, (fr. 
same, or perhaps for ydnao, fr. 
yd/ioi marriage) o wife, lady, 
Aanap-'rtov, -ov, to, a Sicilian coin, 
so called fr. Aandpris, the wife of' 
Gelo, king of Syracuse. 
Adiianii, -i'5oj, I'l, same as cdjiap. 
Also Damaris, a woman's 


Aaudaai, 1 a, inf. act, — A(£^a<rt, 
lun. tor cidftaae, 3 sin. 1 a. ind. 
act. — Adfiaaot; I a. impr. act. 
— Adftitaaa, Aniitiaauro, and 
Aafiiiaadjitvos, Ion. and Pod. 
for eidftaoa, I a. net. t(\i;i«'iriiro, 
3 sin. 1 a. ind. mid. and i) i^iu- 
odncvos, 1 a. pr.r. mid. of <5u- 
Aa)ida!iuv, D.)r. for i^u/jd^fii/, pres. 

inf. act. of (5a/<u'.^ui. 
AupiaaiiipoTos, -ov, b, ii, (fr. {i.Tjidu 
to lame, and liporii niorta!) the 
tamer or subduer of mortals, vic- 
Aafiaaitppuiv, -ovof, 6, i'/, (fr. same, 
and (bpfiv the undorslaiidiiig) the 
tamer of the mind, the subduer of 
the will. 
AafKiak-As, -ov, i;, Damascus, a 

city in Syria, 
Aa/ii(r«r»/iij, -i), -bv, (fr. last) of 
Damascus. Hence come darn- 
son and damask. 
Aaftaaiiviov, -ov, rd, (perhaps fr. 

same) a certain herb. 
Aafiarnp, Djr. for Atjftrjrijp. 
Aofidj), -a, and Aajid^ui, f. -aaoi, 
p. -i:Ka, to break, tame; to van- 
quish, overcome; to afflict, bring 
down, prostrate, overthrow, over- 
whelm ; to kill, slay. Aaiido/iai 
-iaaat, to be conquered ; to sub- 
mit, yield, ohey. 2 a. act. i!ia- 
jxov. 2 f. ind. act. ^d^H. 2 p 
pass. ind. cSd/iTjv, 3 pi. didjitjaav 
Poet and Bceot. Sdftcv' opt. <ia- 
fieiriv' inf. iapTivm, and Djr. 
iafi^Htvai' par. 6apti{, in du. 
Aapvaljiav, Dor. for Sajivatfiiiv, 
pres. opt. pass. — A<</<i'>?u-(, 3 
sin. pres. ind. act. of id^ivtjfAi, 
same as last. 
Aaptvdii), -a, f. ijau), and 
Adiivtjji', for Ad/iv;?^!, (fr. Xaftvuu) 

same as Saiidu. 
AujxoiTas, -a, b, Dor. for Artiiolrijs, 
-ov, b, Damretus, a man's name. 
Aa/jos, -w, b, Dor. for fiftjios. 
Aajidras and Aafidrrjs, Dor. for S>]- 

Aoftiris -iSos, &, Dor. for irj^u- 

Adjiwv, -ovoi, b, Damon, a man's 

AaituxjiificOa, Dor. for dtiixaaiificOa, 
1 pi. 1 a. sub. mid. of itjfiuo- 
Aiiv, same as Zuv or Zt'iv. 
Aivdas, g. Dor. of 
Aavntj, -rji, >'i, « ^"'"'^ of laurel. 

Also Danrie, a woman's name. 
Aavn'ihai, -uiv, a'l, the daughters 

of Advaos. 
Aavnicm, -ov, b, n, a descendant 

of Aavabs, an Argive. 
Aavaxn, -/;?, i/, a barbaric coin; 

Charon's fare. 
Aavnbs, -ov, b, Danaus, a king of 

Aavci^cTc, 2 pi. pres. impr. act. 
— Aavti^tjTC, 2 pi. pres. sub. 
act. — AnvtH^ovci, 3 pi. pres. 
ind. act. — Aavtiaaadai,