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Full text of "Greensboro (Guilford County, N.C.) city directory, 1892-93"

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yoar)(^ f\\eT)'8 Q^ristaip ^55oeiatiop 


Extends to every man who reads this, a cordial invitation to vi- ;' 

The flssociation Building, 

• V 

On ICast Market. -Street, near Post, Office. The Rooms being n 
*|ic first floory t!=iey are easily accessible to all. 
J ii : . m^y be found a lig'ht, pleasant 


\\nu'fi^■dny of the leading daily, weekly and month!)- publicatio;; 


TY MRECi t Ml 


indrcd volumes, many of them the works ol homc 
of the miost eminent writers of the day/- A^so Book's of history, 
biography, reference, and a complet^ Encyclopaedia. 

pleasantly furnished with games of Crokinole, CheX:kers and Che- 
Also a fine Piano. • 

is very well equipp<:5d witli nearly all kinds of apparatus for physic 


in the Sjtate. Two Shower and two Tub P)nti 
itand cold water. 


317. 56C 


[Association will cost only $3,00^ year, 

}n e\/etty Sunday Ritevnoon. 


One Price House, 

The Largest Retail Establishment in the City. 

We carry at all times a full and complete line of 

Clothing, Fine Dress Goods, Slioes, 


JVIail Orders CareJully M Promptly pilled. 

S/inPLE 5. PROWN 6^ C2., 

232 and 234- S. Elm St., 

o-REEisrsBOPto, isr. c. 




Liivery, Feed and Sale Stables, 

IH, 116 and 118 S. Davie St., in rear of Bank and Post Office. 

Fine Teams, Carriages, Phaetons, Surreys, Buggies and 
Carts always on hand for Sale and Hire 

J. M. STEWART, Manager. 


3 0300 00657 0533 


Established in 1837. 
C}7artered as Guilford College in 1888. 

Beautifully located ; three elegant new buildings ; a 
handsome Y. M. C. A. Hall just completed, and other fine 
buildings in prospect. > 

Guilford College is unsurpassed for healthfulness and for 
Christian and home-like influences. The three regular col- 
lege courser, are broad and comprehensive. The Normal 
and Business courses, and also the Shorthand and Type- 
writing, are conducted by thoroughly practical teachers. 
Large and very valuable Libraries accessible to all students. 
Also good Society Libraries. 

A Four Hundred Dollar Scholarship at Bryn Mawr open 
to lady graduates annually. The Cabinet of Natural History 
is the finest College Collection in the State. 

A fine Dairy Farm, owned by the College, supplies the 
students with an abundance of fresh milk and butter. 

Terms very moderate. Write for Catalogue. Fall Term 
opens August 23rd, 1892. 


Treasurer. President. 

Guilford College, Guilford Co., N. C. 



Alderman S L, photographer, 26 

Bain Building Co, contractors, left 

centre lines. 

Beacham W B, contractor 29 

Bennett College, between 4 and 5 
Brown S S & Co, dry goods and 

clothing 2 

Browne Samuel, brick contractor.. 3 

Bvnum W P, Jr, lawyer 32 

C F & Y V Railway.: 4 

Cartland H H, merchant tailor, 

outside cover. 
Carr O W & Co, insurance, right 

centre lines. 

Chaffin A P, painters 110 

Coleman J H, gun and lock smith 35 

Darden & Gay, shoes 38 

Daily Record 96 

Daily Workman, between 4 and 5 

Douglas Ro M, lawyer 40 

Farrar W B & Son," jewelers Ill 

Farriss W A, baker, 42 

Fishblate F, clothing 3 

Fitzsimons Geo, bicycle agent 36 

Greensboro Ice Co, bet 4 and 5 

Greensboro Sash and Blind Co 6 

Greensboro Water Co, 46 

Greensboro Steam Laundry 46 

Greensboro Female College 48-49 

Greensboro Brick and Tiling Co... 93 

Griffith Dr J W, 47 

Guilford Lumber Co, 50 

Hart-is J H, harness, shoes, &c 111 

Holley W E, grocer 53 

Houston & Bro, grocers 54 

Jones J S, mang Provident Life 

Assurance Society of New York 57 
Kandy Kitchen, confectioneries... 37 

Keeley Institute 58 

Lewis J & C, blacksmiths 61 

Lowe Geo W, band instructor 62 

Lowe, Nelson & Co, painters, 65 


Marsh J N, mdse broker 63 

McAdoo House Cigar and News 

Stand 64 

Miller & Lindsay, state agts The 

Mutual Life Ins Co of N Y 67 

Monroe House 68 

Mt. Airy Granite Co 93 

Neese J H, marble vard Ill 

Oak Hill Hosiery Mills 70 

O'Connor Dairy 71 

Odell Hardware Co 110 

Peirce F A, civil engineer, out- 
side cover. 
Phipps J H, gen mdse, bet 4 and 5 
Phoenix John J, produce dealer... 72 

Reece & Elam, job printers 96 

Richardson & Fariss, druggists, 

right centre lines. 
Schenck & Schenck, lawyers, out- 
side cover. 

Scott Levi M, lawyer 77 

Scott J W & Co, grocers, right top 

Singer Mf'g Co 79 

Snell F V, plumber 6 

South Greensboro Pharmacy 82 

Taylor F N, livery stables 84 

Terry Miss Nannie, dress maker... 85 

The National Bank 3 

Thomas & Chrismon, grocers 86 

Turner Dr Chas A, bet 4 and 5 

Van^tory C M & Co, clothing 5 

Vanstory C P, livery stables 2 

Wakefield Dairy Farm 88 

Wharton- Jackson Co, ice mfrs 110 

White Robert G, photographer.... 90 

Woodroffe Thomas, contractor 93 

Woods & Williams, barbers 6 

Worth-Wharton Real Estate Co, 

left top lines. 
Y M C A, front cover. 


Wholesale and Retail 

Cloihier, Haller and Furnisher. 



Bricklayer and Contractor, 

407 Walker Avenue, 

GrEEElSrSBOPiLO, nsT. c. 
Or Box 71, Salem, N. C. 


Organized, 1876. Capital, $100,00'0. 

Surplus, $59,000.00. 

NEIL ELLINGTON, President. A. H. ALDERMAN, Cashier. 



Collections made all over the State. A general banking business trans- 
acted. Careful and prompt attention given to collections. Correspondence 




J^iopfolk and IXXestepn l^ailroad, 
Seaboard Rip liine, 

Atlantic Coast Liine, 


Charleston, Sampter and flofthcrn 1^. 1^. 

Is tie Most Belial M Freii M Fasseegef liie 

Greensboro, N. C, Portsmouth and Norfolk, Va., Baltimore, 
Philadelphia, Boston and all points North and East. 

Short Line to Roanoke, Va., 

And all points on the Norfolk & Western system — 
North, East and West to 

Charleston, Darlington, Sumpter, S. C, and all points on the 
Charleston, Sumpter & Northern Railroad, 
• South and Southeast. 

Facilities for Through Shipment of Freight Unsurpassed. 

For schedules, rates and all other information apply to any 
agent of the Cape Fear and Yadkin Valley Railway or to 


Gen'l Mangr, Agent, (,'. F. & P. A. 


Bennett College, 


Sustained by the Freedmen's Aid Society of the Methodist 

Episcopal Church, and under the patronage of the 

North Carolina Conference of that church. 

Does Academic, Normal and Collegiate Work. 


Special Offer: — Only $50.00 cash in advance, 
pays for a year's board and school expenses. 


F'o-anded. in 1S8S. 

J. L. MIOHAUX, - - Editor. 
J. S. MIOHAUX, - Local Editor. 

4 Pages, 24 Columns. 

published Evei^^ i^ftBrnoon Ej^Gepfs ^unda^. 

PRICE, $3.00 a YEAR; 25c PER MONTH. 

Delivered by cariiers in every part of tiie city. 

Advertising t^ates treasonable. 




Office, S. Elm Street, Over S. S, Brown's Store, 



Gre:ne:ra.l ]X[e:rc:]^ 



Wm. E. WORTH, Proprietor. 

Ice JVIade of Pupe Distilled Water. 

All Orders Shall Have Careful Attention. 

J. p. HARKNESS, Manager. 



For 1892-'93, 


Several Directory of tbe Uiiim, 





STONE & KENDALL, Publishers, 



C. n. Y/INSTORT 6r CO., 

Is HeadquaPteKs fof 

Kine Clotliing, 


We have all our goods manufactured and imported, and buy them in 
larger quantities than any other house in North Carolina, conseauently we 
can underbuy and undersell all other houses that buy in small quantities 
and try to keep a little of everything. 

You can save money by se'eing our stock before buying Clothing and 
Hats. We have suits to tit all sizes of men and boys. 
Very respectfully, 


One Price Clothiers and Hatters, 
216 South Elm Street, GREENSBORO, X. C. 


It is with pleasure we are enabled to place before our readers, 
and the public, our first Directory for the City of Greensboro. 
Our work contains ah alphabetical list of the adult population, a 
classified Business Directory, and a miscellaneous compilation of 
the civil authorites, courts, churches, societies, &c. 

A Directory is a work the most prone of all to errors, from the 
fact that information is received from all sources, and in many 
cases' given in a manner calculated to mislead, but we believe the 
present volume will be found entirely free of errors that will in any way 
detract from the value of this book. 

We have endeavored to make our work thorough in every de- 
partment, and we extend our thanks to our patrons and the citizens 
who so kindly aided us by their courtesies, reception and liberality. 
May Greensboro continue to grow and prosper, and her citizens be 
blessed with happiness and fortune's choicest gifts. 

Greensboro, N. C, June, 1892. Publishers. 



Doors, Sas[), Blipds, Mouldings 



flII K^inds of Pine Liumber, 


Gri^EH::N:sBOi^o, :isr. c. 


For First-Class Shaving and Hair Cutting. 

The Bon Ton is the finest equipped shop in the State, and the Proprie- 
tors will spare no pains to make it pleasant for their patrons. 


flext Doop to Benbocu House Otfiee. 




Prices Moderate and Work Guaranteed. 



C D. BENBOW, Chief. 


1 La France Steam Fire Engine. 

1 Rumse)'^ Hook and Ladder Truck. 

1 Hose \^'agon. 

4 Hose Carts. 

3 Horses. 

3.000 feet of Hose. 




Box 12. — Belle Meade ave., and Clay. Key at Farmers' Ware- 
house, Mrs. Orreil's and Mr. Lamb's residence. 

Box 13.— Corner Lindsay and Church. Key at Dr. Griffith's, J. 
R. Hughes' and J. W. Pugh's. 

Box 14. — Corner West Market and Edgeworth. Key at Haywood 
Alderman's, Neil Ellington's and W. J. Blackburn's. 

Box 15. — Corner Market and Elm. Key at Fitzsimon's drug store, 
Postoffice and Forbis' law office. 

Box 21.— Corner Lyndon and E. Market. Key at C. E. Holton's, 
S. C. Dodson's and Mack Gerran's. 

Box 23. — Corner Eugene and e W^ashington. Kej' at C P. 
Frazier's, Dr. Rowe's and corner house. 

Box 24. — Corner Washington and S. Elm. Key at Scott's store, 
McAdoo House and R. R. Moore's. 

Box 25. — Corner Forbis and Washington. Key at C H. Dor- 
sett's, J. L. Brockmann's and P. D. Price's. 

Box 31.— Ashe and R. & D. R. R. crossing. Key at W. E. Coffin's, 
Shober's factory and Guilford Lumber Company. 

Box 32. — Corner Asheboro, Gorrell and Fayetteville. Key at 
brick house on Gorrell st., A. P. Connelly's and C. F. & 
V. V. depot. 

To turn in an alarm open outside door and pull down the bar 
you will find extending through to the inside door. Hold down 
same for a moment then turn loose. 


The Gate City of the South. 



Greensboro, the capital of Guilford county, founded in 1808, and 
the most important city of the Piedmont section of North Carolina, 
has a population of 9,500. It is most favorably situated, being at 
the junction of the Richmond & Danville, the North Carolina, the 
Cape Fear & Yadkin Valley, and the Northwestern North Carolina 
Railroads, with their branches. It has an elevation of nine hun- 
dred feet above the sea level, and a genial and healthful climate. 
Railroads extend from it in eight difierent directions, and several 
new roads are projected. Numerous feeders are being constructed, 
connecting important points with lines now centering at Greensboro. 
The Cape Fear & Yadkin Valley Railway has been extended to 
Wilmington, and when complete in its Northwestern extension will 
bring the Pocahontas coal fields within a short distance, and place 
the coke and coal of that famous region in the Greensboro market 
at a very low figure, and will give us direct communication with 
Cincinnati, Chicago and the entire Northwest. 

Moreover, Greensboro is the point of intersection of the two great 
trunk lines — the Cape Fear & Yadkin Valley Railway leading from 
Wilmington, on the sea-coast, to the Ohio Valley and the North- 
west, and the Richmond & Danville Railroad, the main line from 
New York to New Orleans. 

Fifty miles south of Greensboro, on the C. F. & Y. V. Railway, 
are the Deep River coal fields ; while about thirty miles north are 
the Dan River coal fields. Coal is now being delivered here for $3 
per ton, and offered for less on large contracts. 

One of the most remarkable ranges of iron ore in the State 
crosses Guilford county in a northeast and southwest direction, 
about ten miles northwest of Greensboro. 


Greensboro is a desirable place of residence. The population is 
orderly, thrifty and energetic, genial and hospitable. It has great 
natural and artificial attractions. Beautiful residences, a profusion 
of shrubbery and flowers, and well shaded streets and avenues 
greet the eye. Greensboro is appropriately called "The City of 

There are fifteen churches, four graded schools (two for each race), 
a large female college, and a seminary for the education of colored 
teachers. It is also the seat of the White Girls' Normal and Indus- 
trial School, and the Colored A. and M. College. The people are 
noted for the interest which they manifest in education and in 
schools. A handsome graded school building has recently been 
erected, being one of the largest in the State. The city is lighted 
with gas and electricity, and has an efficient system of water- works, 
electric fire-alarm, and a finely organized Fire Department. 

An appropriation of $100,000 was made to provide a system of 
sewerage and to pave the streets, which improvements have been 
completed. The United States has erected a handsome postoffice 
and court building, at a cost of $70,000, and the county court house 
is one of the finest public edifices in North Carolina. There are 
here two of the largest and best kept hotels in the State, besides 
two smaller hotels and a large number of excellent boarding-houses. 

There are four banks, all in a prosperous condition, and four 
newspapers — two of them daily. 

There are upwards of one hundred business houses, in addition 
to foundries, machine shops, large tobacco factories, lumber mills, 
sash and blind, spoke and handle, and furniture factories, cotton 
mills, hosiery mills, wagon and carriage manufactories, etc., etc., 
all of which do an annual business of over $14,000,000. 

Immediately north of Greensboro and again to the east is the 
yellow tobacco belt, which grows the finest quality of tobacco in the 
world. The tobacco trade of Greensboro is growing with wonderful 
rapidity. Already its warehouses are selling tobacco from the 
twelve counties of Guilford, Forsyth, Stokes, Surry, Davie, David- 
son, Randolph, Chatham, Orange, Alamance, Caswell and Rocking- 
ham, besides large and frequent shipments to them from Tennessee 
and Virginia. 

The fruit and vegetable shipments, fresh, dried and canned, are 
immense. In the season solid vegetable trains daily run to the 
Northern markets ; while of dried apples alone one firm shipped 
forty car loads in one season. 

Not far South, and within easy reach for commercial use, are the 
cotton fields, which extend to South Carolina. To the southeast 


are the pine forests which furnish turpentine and rosin, and supe- 
rior lumber for building and manufacturing purposes. 

Greensboro is within easy reach of all kinds of forest trees used 
in the different arts, and for all commercial purposes. The spokes, 
hubs, handles and rims manufactured at Greensboro have given a 
reputation to the oak and hickory of this region for such purposes, 
equal, if not surpassing any in the world. The white hickory in 
Guilford and surrounding counties, for weight, strength, tenacity, 
and susceptibility to fine polish, is pronounced by experts to be 
superior to any in the world. 

Guilford county is well adapted to the cereals, grasses, vegetables, 
and fruits ; the latter especially, growing in almost every variety 
and to the greatest perfection. 

Fruits of all kinds — such as apples, peaches, pears, quinces, 
grapes, plums, apricots, nectarines, cherries, strawberries and 
melons grow in richness and perfection, unsurpassed in any latitude 
outside the tropics. Greensboro is the centre of the largest Nursery 
interests in the South, one Nurseryman alone having now on hand 
over 1,000,000 trees. 

North Carolina is the largest gold producing State east of the 
Rocky Mountains. In Guilford and adjacent counties there are 
seventy-five mines. Copper mines have been profitably worked 
in the same territory. The largest bed of Kaolin in the State is a 
few miles south of Greensboro. 

Upwards of thirty large cotton factories are now in operation 
within a radius of forty miles of the city. A granite quarry of fine 
quality has just been opened in the suburbs. 

The North Carolina Steel and Iron Company, managed by the 
most prominent business men of the State, with a r-apital of one 
million dollars, is located in the northern suburbs of the city. One 
blast furnace has been erected, and the plant will be in active ope- 
ration by July, 1892. The amount already expended upon the 
plant exceeds $150,000— with a working capital of $50,000. The 
output will be 100 tons of pig iron per day, worth at present prices 
$1,000. This is now adding largely to the population as well as the 
business activity of our city, and insures the utilization of the in- 
exhaustible supply of ores lying in our vicinity. 

Greensboro must necessarily become a great manufacturing cen- 
tre, as the raw material of all kinds is near at hand, the facilities 
for shipment excellent, and the local demand large and rapidly in- 

Statistics prepared by the North Carolina Steel and Iron Com- 
pany show that there are 275 industries represented here, with an 
aggregate local capital of $7,134,317.30 actually employed. 


The amount of the annual business of the postoffice at Greens- 
boro foots up $10,127.00 and 671,788 pieces of mail matter, weigh- 
ing 44,066 pounds, were handled last year. This makes Greens- 
boro a free deliver^' office, which was established in 1890. 

To show the amount of railroad business done here now, soma 
estimate can be arrived at from the number of arrivals and depar- 
tures of trains daily, on the six railroads centering here. Passen- 
ger trains, daily, 25, pulling 168 cars. Freight trains, daily, 30, 
pulling 703 cars. 

The United States Circuit and District Courts are held in Greens- 
boro, as well as the Superior Courts of the State. It is the residence 
of the U. S. District Judge, Marshal and Master in Chancery, as 
well as the headquarters of the Internal Revenue Agent having 
charge of the States of North and South Carolina and Virginia and 
is the site of the State Keeley Institute. 

Guilford county has no debt, bonded or otherwise, and the taxes 
are very low. The present price of farming land varies from six to 
twenty-five dollars an acre. 

The climate is delightful, being free alike from extremes of heat 
and cold, while its position near the foot of the Blue Ridge, protects 
it from the cyclones so prevalant in the Mississippi valley and the 
northwest. In addition to the other unparalelled advantage it 
offers to the seekers after health or pleasure, there are several fine 
mineral springs within the city limits. 

The colored people, who comprise less than a third of the popu- 
lation of our county, are honest, thrifty and industrious ; and we 
have never had any race conflicts or antagonisms. 

In spite of its rapid growth, real estate in Greensboro is lower 
in price than perhaps any city of its size in the South. This is 
chiefly due to its favorable situation, which admits of almost in- 
definite expansion; but it cannot long remain so, as the rapid influx 
of population and outside capital will soon cause a great increase 
in the value of all kinds of property. 

There is no better opening anywhere for rolling mills, car works, 
wheel and axle works, bridge works, pipe foundries, flour mills, 
wagon, carriage and furniture factories, and other manutacturing 
enterprises. Encouragement will be given to all such enterpries lo- 
cating here. 

One peculiar advantage possessed by the City of Greensboro is 
that its available land is not owned or controlled by any one set of 
men. In addition to private holders, there are eignt distinct cor- 
porations owning valuable lands in different parts of the city, which 
they offer on the most favorable terms. 

Within five miles of the city is the celebrated Guilford Battle- 


Ground, where was the last decisive battle of the revolutionary war, 
fought March 15, 1781. It is now one of the prettiest parks in the 

Any other information desired will be cheerfully given by the 
officers and members of the Chamber of Commerce. 


Thomas M. Holt, Governor, salary $3,000. 

Owing to the death of Gov. Daniel G. Fowle, the office of Lieu- 
tenant-Governor and President of the Senate will remain vacant 
until the election in 1893. 

Octavius Coke, Secretary of State ; salary $2,000 and fees; $1,000 
additional for clerical assistance. 

G. W. Sanderlin, Auditor; salary $1,500; $1,000 additional for 
clerical assistance. 

Donald W. Bain, Treasurer ; salary $3,000. 

S. M. Finger, Superintendent of Public Instruction; salary $1,500; 
additional for travelling expenses. 

Theo. F. Davidson, Attorney- General ; salary $1,000; Eeporterto 
Supreme Court ; salary $1,000. 

J. D. Glenn, Adjutant-General ; salary $600. 

James C. Birdsong, State Librarian ; salary $1,000. 

J. D. Boushall, Chief Clerk to Auditor ; salary $1,000. 

W. S. Stallings, Assistant Clerk to Auditor. 

S. F. Telfair, Private Secretary to Governor ; salary $1,200. 

P. W. Capehart, Executive Clerk ; salary $600. 

W. P. Batchelor, Chief Clerk to Sec. of State ; salary $1,000. 

H. M. Cowen, Chief Clerk to Treasurer ; salary $1,500. 

Ernest B. Bain, Teller ; salary $750. 

E. L Burkhead, Clerk for Charitable and Penal Institutions ; 
salary $800. 

E. J. Forney, Clerk to Sup't Pub. Instruction ; salary $1,000. 

C. M. Roberts, Sup't Pub. Buildings and Grounds ; salary $850. 

The Governor's Council consists of the Sec. of State, Auditor, 
Treasurer and Superintendent of Public Instruction. 

State Board of Education consists of the Governor, Lieutenant- 
Governor, Sec. of State, Treas., Auditor, Sup't of Pub. Instruction, 
and Attorney-General. 


Augustus S. Merrimon, Chief Justice, Ealeigh, $2,500. 
Joseph J. Davis, Associate Justice, Louisburg, $2,500. 



J. E. Shepherd, Associate Justice, Washington, $2,500. 
A. C. Avery, Associate Justice, Morganton, $2,500. 
Walter E. Clark, Associate Justice, Ealeigh, $2,500. 
T. S. Kenan, Clerk, Ealeigh, $300 and fees. 
E. H. Bradley, Marshal, Ealeigh, $800. 

Supreme Court meets in Ealeigh first Monday in February and 
last Monday in September. 


New Hanover County — Oliver P. Meares, Wilmington, Judge; 
Benjamin E. Moore, Wilmington, Solicitor, Court begins January 
4th, March 21st, May 16th, July 18th, September 21st, November 21. 

Mecklenburg County — Oliver P. Meares, Judge ; Geo. E. Wilson, 
Charlotte, Solicitor. Court begins February 8th, April 11th, Au- 
gust 8th, October 3rd, December 5th. 

Buncombe County — H. B. Carter, Asheville, Judge ; E. D. Carter, 
Asheville, Solicitor. Court begins January 25th, May 1st, July 
25th, October 24th, 

Salary fixed by Commissioners and Justices of Peace, and fees as 
other solicitors. 






Ceo, H. Brown, 



Henry E. Bryan, 

New Berne. 


Henry C Connor, 



Spier Whitaker, 



Eobert W, Winston, 



Edward T, Boykin, 



J, D. Mclver, 



E. F. Armfield, 



Jesse F. Graves, 

Mb. Airy. 


John Gray Bynum, 



W. A. Hoke, 



James H. Merrimon, 


Salary of 

Judges, $2,500. 








John H. Blount, 



G. H. White, (col.) 

New Berne. 


J. E. Woodard, 



Edward W. Fou, Jr., 



Edward S. Parker, 

Graham. . 


0. H. Allen, 



Frank McNeill, 



B. F. Long, 



Thomas Settle, 



W. C. Newland, 



Frank I. Osborne, 



Geo. A. Jones, 


Salary, $30 for 

each court held and fees. 



Spring, Judge Merrimon. Fall, Judge Hoke. 

Beaufort, February 22nd, May 30th, November 28th. 

Currituck, March 7th, September 5th. 

Camden, March 14th, September 12th. 

Pasquotank, March 21st, Septemcer 19th. 

Perquimans March 28th, September 26th. 

Chowan, April 4:th, October 3rd. 

Gates, April 11th, October 10th. 

Hertford, April 18th, October 17th. 

Washinfjton, April 25th, October 24th. 

Tyrell, May 2nd, October 31st. 

Dare, May 9th, November 7th. 

Hyde, May 16th, November 14th. 

Pamlico, May 23rd, November 21st. 


Spring, Judge Brown. Fall, Judge Merrimon. 

Halifax, March 7th, May 16th, November 14th. 
Northampton, January 25 th, April 4th, October 3rd. 
Bertie, February 8th, May 2nd, October 31st. 
Craven, February 15th, May 30th, November 28th. 
Warren, March 21st, September 19th. 
Edgecombe, April 18th, October 17th. 



Spring, Judge Bryan. Fall, Judge Brown. 

Pitt, January 11th, March 21st, June 13th, September 19th. 
Franklin, January 25th, April 18th, October 24th. 
Wilson, February 8th, June 6th, October 31st. 
Vance, February 22nd, May 23rd, October 3rd. 
Martin, March 7th, September 5th, December 5th. 
Nash, May 2nd, November 21st. 


Spring Judge (Jonnor. Fall, Judge Bryan. 

"Wake, January 11, February 29th, March 28th, April 25th, Sep- 

f»-^-." tember 26th, October 24th. 

Wayne. January 25th, April 18th, September 12th, October 17th. 

Harnett, February 8th, August 8th, November 28th. 

Johnston, February 15th, August 15th, November 14th. 


Spring, Judge Whitaker. Fall, Judge Connor. 

Durham, January 18th, March 28th, June 6th, October 10th. 

Granville, February 1st, April 25th, July 25th, November 28th. 

Chatham, February 15th, May 9th, September 26th. 

Cruilford, February 22nd, May 30th, August 27th, December 12th. 

Alamance, March 14th, May 23rd, October 24th. 

Orange, March 21st, August 8th, October 31st. 

Caswell, April 11th, August 17th, November 14th. 

Person, April 18th, August 22nd, November 21st. 


Spring, Judge Winston. Fall, Judge Whitaker. 

Pender, March 14th, September 12th. 

Greene, January 18th, April 11th, November 28th. 

New Hanover, January 25th, April 18th, September 26th. 

Lenoir, May 9th, November 14th. 

Duplin, February 15th, August 8th, December 5th. 

Sampson, February 29th, May 2nd, October 10th, December 12th. 

Carteret, March 21st, October 24th. 

Jones, March 28th, October 31st. 

Onslow, April 4th, November 7th. 


Spring, Judge Boykin. Fall, Judge Winston. 

Columbus, January 18th, August 1st. 

Anson, January 11th, May 2nd, September 5th, November 28th. 

Cumberland, January 25th, May 9th, July 25th, November 14th. 


Kobeson, February 1st, May 23rd, October 3rd. 

Eichmond, February 15th, June 6th, September 19th, December 5th. 

Bladen, March 21st, October 24th. 

Brunswick, April 11th, September 12th. 

Moore, March 7th, August 15th, December 12th. 


Spring, Judge Mclver. Fall, Judge Boykin. 

Cabarrus, February 1st, May 2nd, October 31st. 

Iredell, February 8th, May 23rd, August 8th, November 7th. 

Kowan, February 22nd, May 9th, August 22nd, November 21st. 

Davidson, March 7th, September 5th, December 7th. 

Kandolph, March 21st, September 19th. 

Montgomery, April 4th, October 3rd. 

Stanly, April 11th, October 17th. 


Spring, Judge Armfield. Fall, Judge Mclver. 

Kockingham, February 15th, August 15th, November 14th. 

Forsyth, February 29th, May 23rd, November 28th. 

Yadkin, May 9th, October 3rd. 

Wilkes, March 21st, September 5th. 

Alleghany, April 4th, September 19th. 

Davie, April 11th, October 31st. 

Stokes, April 25th, October 17th, November 16th. 

Surry, March 7th, August 22nd, November 23rd. 


Spring, Judge Graves. Fall, Judge Armfield. 

Henderson, May 30th, November 14th. 
Burke, March 21st, September 5th. 
Caldwell, April 4th, September 19 th. 
Ashe, April 18th, September 26th. 
Watauga, May 2nd, October 10th. 
Mitchell, April 13th, October 17th. 
Yancey, May 23rd, October 31st. 
McDowell, March 7th, August 22nd. 


Spring, Judge Bynum. Fall, Judge Graves. 

Catawba, January 18th and July 18th. 

Alexander, February 1st, August 1st. 

Union, February 15th, February 22nd, September 10th; Sept. 26th. 

Mecklenburg, February 29 th, August 20th. 

Gaston, March 21st, October 10th. 

Lincoln, April 4th, October 3rd. 


Cleveland, April 11th, August 8th, October 24th. 
Eutherford, April 25th, October 31st. 
Polk, May 9th, November 14th. 


Spring, Judge Hoke. Fall, Judge By num. 

Madison, February 29th, August 1st, November 21st. 

Buncombe, March 14th, August 15th, December 5th. 

Transylvania, April 4th, September 5th. 

Haywood, April 11th, September r2th. 

Jackson, April 25th, September 26th. 

Macon, May 9th, October 3rd. 

Clay, May 16th, October 10th. 

Cherokee, May 23rd, October 17th. 

Graham, June 6th, October 24th. 

Swain, June 13th, October 31st. 


Senators — M. W. Ransom and Z. B. Vance. 

Representatives — 1st District, W. A. Branch ; 2nd District, W. 
P. Cheatham, col.; 3rd District, B. F. Grady ; 4th District, Benj. H. 
Bunn; 5th District, A. H. A. WilUams; 6th District, S. B. Alexan- 
der ; 7th District, John S. Henderson ; 8th District, W. H. H. 
Cowles ; 9th District, W. T. Crawford. 



Clerk Superior Court — John J. Nelson. 

Sheriff— John W. Cook. 

Register of Deeds — A. G. Kirkman. 

Treasurer — John W. Wharton, Jr. 

Coroner — W. M. Donnell. 

Surveyor — J. G. Gamble. 

Standard- Keeper — George Donnell. 

Chairman Board of Education — Dr. Nereus Mendenhall. 

Superintendent Public Instruction — Jesse R. Wharton. 


Mayor— J. R. Mendenhall ; salary S800. 
Treasurer — Neil Ellington ; salary $240. 
Clerk— Percy Albright; salary $240. 
Tax Collector — R. M. Rees. 


First ward— W. G. Balsley, W. B. Beacham. 
Second ward — J. R. Hughes. J. R. Wharton. 
Third ward— P. D. Price, C. E. Holton. 
Fourth is'ard- Neil EUington, Hugh Scott. 
Fifth ward — James D. Glenn, William Love. 
Sixth ward— G. T. Glascock, J. A. Pritchett. 


Chief— Frank R. Hall ; Assistants— M. A. Whittington, W. J.. 
Weatherly, W. A. Scott, D. Scott. 


Superintendent City Schools — Prof G. A. Grimsley. 
Graded School, No. 1 — Prof S. C. Smith, Principal. Lindsay St. 
Graded School, No. 2— Prof L. T. Blair, Principal. End of Vance. 
Greensboro Female College — Rev. Dr. B. F. Dixon, President. 
White Girls' Normal and Industrial Training School — Prof C D. 
Mclver, President. Spring Garden street, near limit. 

Graded School — R. M. McKensie, Principal. Percy St. 
Graded School (Warnersville) — George McAdoo, Principal. 
Bennett Seminary — Chas. N. Grandison, President. End of Factory .- 
Normal Theological Institute — C L. Davis, Prin. E. Washington. 
Kent Home — MissC. M. Buckbee, Matron. Near Bennett Seminary. 
Colored A. & M. College— To be built during 1892. 



First Ward — All that portion north of w Market and west of n 
Elm street. 

Second Ward — All that portion north of e Market and e of n Elm. 

Third Ward — All that portion south of e Market and east of 8 
Elm street to R. & D. R. R. 

Fourth Ward — All that portion south of w Market and west of 
s Elm street to R. & D. R. R. 

Fifth Ward— All that portion south of R. & D. R. R. and west of 
Arlington street. 

Sixth Ward — All that portion south of R. & D. and east of Ar- 
lington street. 


The North Carolina Steel and Iron Com pan}', $1,000,000 capital. 
Chartered February 22, 1887, Chap. 34, Private Laws of North 
Carolina. Organized November 30th, 1889. Officers: President, 
James A. Odell; Vice-President, D. W. C Beni)Ow; General Mana- 
ger, J. D. Kase ; Attorney, Theo. F. Klutz; Secretary and Treasurer, 
C. D. Benbow. Executive Committee : J. A. Odell. B. J Fisher, 
W. A. Lash and D. W. C. Benbow. Directors; J. A. Odell, presi- 
dent Odell Hardware Co., Greensboro, N. C; W. A. L;>sh, president 
C. F. & Y. V. R. R. Co., Greenshoro, N. C; B. J. Fisher, S. S. 
Brown, D. W. C. Benbow, Greensboro, N. C; S. H. Wiley, Salis- 
bury, N. C; Robert T. Gray, Attorney-at-Law, Raleigh, N. C. 
Banks of Deposit: Davis & Wiley Bank, Salisbury, N. C, and the 
National Bank of Greensboro. Office and Furnace Works at 
•Greensboro, N. C. Iron mines, Chatham and Moore counties, N. C. 
Limestone, Germanton, Stokes county, N. C. Coke and fuel sup- 
ply, Pocahontas, Va., Deep River and Dan River Coalfields, N. C. 


West Market Street M. E. Church— Rev. S. H. Hilliard, pastor. 
Services 11 A. M., and 8 P. M. Sunday-school 9:30 A. M., Prof. 
W. F. Alderman, Superintendent. 

West Washington Street Baptist Church — Rev. W. B. Wingate, 
pastor. Services 11 A. M. and 8 P. M. Sunday-school 9:30 A. 
M., R. W. Brooks, Superintendent. 

St. Barnabas Episcopal Church — Rev. A. H. Stubbs, Rector. 
Services 8 and 11 A. M., and 5 and 7:30 P. M. Sundav-school 9:30 
A. M. 

First Presbyterian Church — Rev. J. Henry Smith, D. D., pastor. 
Services 11 A. M. and 8 P. M. Sunday-school 9:30 A. M., S. A. 
Kerr, Superintendent. 

Baptist Mission Chapel — Preaching every first and third Sunday, 
at 4 P. M. Sunday-school 3 P. M., J. S. Moore, Superintendent. 

Westminstf^r Presbyterian Church — Rev. J. H. Lacy, pastor. 
Services 11 A. M. and 4 P. M. Sunday-school 2:30 P. M., Dr. W. 
P. Beall, Superintendent. 


Centenary M. E. Church— Rev. S. D. Pool, D. D., pastor. Ser- 
vices 11 A. M. and 8 P. M. Sunday-school 3 P. M., J. R. Menden- 
hall, Superintendent. 

Methodist Protestant Church — Rev. W. F. Ohrum, pastor. Ser- 
vices 11 A. M. and 8 P. M. Sunday-school 9:30 A. M., J. Norman 
Wills, Superintendent. 

St. Andrews Mission, Episcopal (Phipps' Hall) — Rev. S. F. 
Stickney, rector. Services every second Sunday at 11 A. M. and & 
P. M. Sunday-school 9:30 A. M., P. C. Petrie, Superintendent. 

St. Agnes Catholic Church — Rev. Father Joseph, 0. S. B., pas- 
tor. Services first Sunday at 8 A. M., third Sunday 11 A. M. and 
7:30 P. M. 

Friends' Church — Services 11 A. M. Sunday-school 9:45 A. M., 
Prof. C. P. Frazier, Superintendent. 

Young Men's Christian Association — F. H. Cota, General Secre- 
tary. Devotional services every Sunday at 4:30 P. M. Rooms, 112 
East Market, open daily, except Sunday, from 9 A. M. till 10 P. M. 
All men welcome. 

Providence Baptist Church — Rev. S. H. Witherspoon, pastor ,- 
Services 11 A. M. and 8 P. M. Baptist street. 

St. James Presbyterian Church — Rev. Albert Tate, pastor. Ser- 
vices every Sunday morning and night. Forbis street. 

St. Matthews M. E. Church— Rev. P. O'Coimell, pastor. Sunday 
School 10:45 A. M. Services at 3 and 8 P. M. Ashe and Bragg. 

A. M. E. Church — Rev. F. W. Sowell, pastor, Sunday-school 9 
A. M., services 11 A. M., 3 and 8 P. M. N Maple street. 

A. M. E. Zion Church — Rev. W. H. Goler, D. D., pastor, services 
at 3 and 8 P. M. E Washington street. 

Y. M. C. A., Oscar Whitfield, President, Cyrus K. Price, Secre- 
tary ; meets at St James Presbyterian church every Sunday evening 
at 4:45, business meeting every 1st Tuesday night. 


Greensboro Lodge, No. 76, A. F. & A. M., meet at Masonic Hall, 
233* South Elm street, 2nd and 4th Friday in each month at 7:30 
P. M., B. F. Dixon, W. M., A. H. Stubbs, secretary. 

Chorazin Chapter, No. 13, Royal Arch Masons, meet at Masonic 
Hall, 233* South Elm street, 3rd Friday in each month at 7:30 P. 
M. George Lampman, H. P. 

Greensboro Council, No. 3, Royal and Select Masters, meet 3rd 
Friday in each month, at Masonic Hall, 233* South Elm street, at 
7:30 P. M. Rev. A. H. Stubbs, T. I. M., J. H. Harris, secretary. 


Ivanhoe Commandery, No. 8, K. T., meet first Friday in each 
month, at Masonic Hall, 233i South Elm streeilj^ 7:30 P. M. S. 
L. Alderman, E. C, Rev. A. H. Stubbs, Rec. 

K. of P., No. 28, meet at Masonic Hall, 233 J South Elm street, 
every Monday at 7:30 P. M. H. L. Scott, C. G., S. S. Mitchell, 
K. ofR. &S. , 

I. 0. of 0. P., Buena Vista Lodge. No. 21, meet, at Odd Fellows 
Hall, every Tuesday at 7:30 P. M. R. W. Muitay, N. G., Rev. A. 
H. Stubbs, secretary. 

Paisley Encampment, No. 10, meet every 1st and 3rd Thursday 
in each month, in Odd Fellows Hall, at 7:30 P. M. C. D. Benbow, 
C. P., Rev. A. H. Stubbs, S. 

Canton No. 1, General Greene, Patriarchs Militant, meet Ist Tues- 
day in each month at Odd Fellows Hall, 7:30 P. M. Henry Wake- 
field, Jr., Captain, J. W. Albright, secretary. 

CaroHna Lodge, No. 5, A. 0. U. W., meet at Odd Fellows Hall 
every 2nd and 4th Thursdav in each month. J. W. Causey, M. W. 
Rev. A. H. Stubbs, Rec. 

Guilford Grays, Co, B., 3rd R. N. C. S. G. (number in company 
52). Armory West Market. Business meeting first Tuesday in 
each month. 0. E. Dudley, Captain; Orlo Epps, 1st Lieut; J. R. 
Donnell, 2nd Lieut ; W. R. Pleasants, 1st Serg't. 

Guilford Battle Ground Continentals: D. Schenck, Captain; J. S. 
Michaux, 1st Lieut; W. E. Schenck, 2nd Lieut. Armory West 
Market, 2nd floor. 

Star Cornet Band, 13 members, meets every Monday at 8 P. M. 
Good Samaritan, meets every first and third Thursday at 8 P M, 
36 E Market street. R. W. Dick, R. S. 

G. U. 0. of F., meets first and second Friday of each month ; 
degree work every 4th Friday ; McAdoo Hall, E Market street. R. 
W. Dick, P. S., W. E. Holley, N. G. 

Masonic Lodge. No. 12, hall Ashe street; R. B. Payne, W. M.; 
I. Jordan, S. W.; Z. T. Williams, J. W.; H. Unthank, Treas.; D. B. 
Yancey, Sec. 

Greensboro Street Directory. 

Arlington, from Fayetteville south beyond limits. 

Ash, from Gaston south beyond limits. 

Asheboro, from Gorrell southeast beyond limits. 

Bain, from s Elm west to C. F. & Y. V. R. R. 

Belle Meade avenue, from Greene west to Edgeworth. 

Bellevue, from w Bragg south to McCuUoch. 

Bennett, from N. C. R. R. south to limits. 

Bilbro alley, from w Lee south to limits. 

Brooks, from w Lee north to Bain. 

Brown, from Walker ave west to R. & D. R. R. 

Buchanan, from s Elm west to Ash. 

Cedar, from Greene south to limits. 

Church from n Elm northeast beyond limits. 

Clay, from Junction of Elm and Church northwest to Greene. 

Chestnut, from Lindsay north to Hendrix. 

Dean's alley, from e Market south to e Washington. 

Delphine, from Edgeworth west to limits. 

Douglas, from Asheboro east to limits. 

East Lee, from s Elm east to limits. 

East Whittington, from s Elm east to Asheboro. 

East, from e Washington south to limits. 

East Market from Elm east beyond limits. 

East Sycamore, from s Elm east to Lyndon. 

East Washington, from s Elm east beyond limits. 

East Bragg, from s Elm east to limits. 

Edgeworth, from Greene south to w Washington. 

Engene, from Gaston south to Walker ave. 

Fulton, from Walker ave south to limits. 

Factory from King east to Macon. 

Fayetteville, from s Elm southeast to Gorrell. 

Gaston, from Cedar east to Forbis, and from Percy east to Maple. 

Gorrell, from Fayetteville east to Bennett. 

Harpersville rd, from North east beyond limits. 

Hendrix, from Church east to limits. 

Houston, from Spring to Jackson. 

Jackson, from Walker ave south to limits. * 

Jones alley, from Ashe west to limits. 

Julian, from Asheboro east to limits. 

Keogh, from Greene north to limits. 

Kerr, from Chestnut east to limits. 

King from Factory south to e Lee 

Lindsay, from Church east beyond limits. 

Lewis, from s Elm southwest to Ashe. 

Macon, from Factory south to limits. 

Martin, from N. C. R. R., south to limits. 

Maple, from e Market north to limits. 

MuCulloch, from Asheboro west to limits. 

McGee, from Spring west to limits. 

Mebane from n Davie east to Forbes. 

Mebane rd, from s Elm westward beyond limits. 

Morehead ave, from Furniture Factory west to limitB. 

North, from Lindsay north to Harpersville rd. 

North Davie, from e Market north to Church. 

North Elm, from Market nroth beyond limits. 

North Forbes, from e Market north to Lindsav. 


North Gilmer, from e Market north to liinits. 

North Greene, from w Market northwest beyond limits. 

North Mendenhall, from w Market north beyond limits. 

Park ave, from n Greene north to limits. 

Percy, from e Market north to Lindsay. 

Peach, from e Market north to limits. 

Pearson, from Gorrell south to Douglas. 

Sevier, from Gorrell south to limits. 

Smith, from n Elm east to limits. 

South Davie, from e Market south to Fayetteville. 

South Elm, from Market south beyond limits, 

South Forbes, from e Market, south to e Washington. 

South Gilmer, from e Market south to e "Washington. 

South Greene, from w Market south to w Washington. 

South Mendenhall, from w Market south beyond limits. 

Spring, from Greene south beyond limits. 

Swannannoa, from Asheboro east to limits. 

Vance, from Bragg south to limits. 

Walker av, from Ashe west beyond limits. 

West Whittington, from s Elm west to limits. 

West Market, from Elm west beyond limits. 

West Svcamore, from s Elm west to Spring. 

West Washington, from s Elm west to Spring. 

West Bragg, from s Elm west to Bilbro alley. 

West Lee, from s Elm west to limits. 



Abbreviations Used in this Directory. 

Ah., above ; adv't, advertisement ; ave, avenue ; bds, boards ; bet, between; 
com, commission ; com mer, commission merchant ; cor, corner ; do, ditto; e 
ea-it ; ft, foot ; h, house ; la, lane ; nifg, manufacturing; mfr, manufacturer! 
mfrs, manufacturers ; n, north; nr, near ; lab, laborer; opp, opposite; pi, 
place ; P. O., postoffice ; r, rooms ; s, south ; st. street ; w, west ; Wash'n, 
Washington : wid, widow ; wks, works ; tob, tobacco ; R & D R R, Richmond 
&DanviH< Rail oj'i ; gca'l mdse, general merchandise; sup't, superintendent; 
C F & Y V R R, Gpe Fear & Yadkin Valley Railroad. A star* before a 
man's name denotes that he has a wife living. 

* Abbott J C, foreman, h 1000 Keogh 

Abbott George, h 1009 Keogh 

Abbott Miss Mollie, h 1009 Keogh 

Abbott Leslie, mnr Steam L'lundrv, h 319 Lindsay 

^Abbott J T, machinist, h 319 Lindsay 

Abbott Miss Ro-a, h 319 Lindsay 

Abbott Miss Minnie, h 319 Lindf«*y 

Abbott Charhe, h 319 Lindsay 

Adams Cordelia, col, h 522 e Gaston 

OW PARR Ml Pfl Insurance, Accident, Fire, Life and Tornado Only 
. ¥f. Unnn IX t»U. 5 Pirst-Class Foreign and American Companies Repre- 
sented. 233X South Elm Street, Greensboro, N. C. 

Adams W M, plumber, bds 318 e Washington. 

A. M. E. Church, col, 130 Maple 

A. M. E. Zion Church, col, cor e Washington and s Gilmer 

Albright Johnson, col, lab, h 519 Lindsay 

Albright Miss Mary C, h 911 Asheboro 

*Albright George B, grocer, 121 e Market, h 301 Church 

*Albright Percy, chief clerk gen mnr C F& Y V, h 116 Church 

*Albright E G, tel operator bds 122 Church 

Albright R M, clerks M T office R &D, h 122 Church 

WnRTU.WU ARTflN Re^l Estate and Investment Co., 


110 South Elm Street. 


Bilbro Mrs Mary, wid, h515 w Lee 

Bilbro Miss Lizzie, h 503 w Lee 

Bingham Walter, col, servt, h 127 Church 

Bingham Annie, col, h 118 n Percy 

Blackbnrn Miss Minnie, h 240 Belie Meade ave 

*Blackburn W J, tobacconist, h 417 w Market 

Blackburn Jane, col, h 617 Lindsay 

Blackburn Maggie, col, cook, h 618 s Spring 

Blackwell George, col, drayman, h 120 s Dodson 

Black Ferd, col, lab, h 216 Mebane 

Black Robert, col, wks 520 w Market 

Blaek Jane, col, h 217 e Sycamore 

Blair A F, merchant, bds 405 Asheboro 

Blair Prof. Lee T, principal graded school, bds 405 Ash 'l»oro 

Blair W J, carpenter, bds 829 e Bragg 

Blair Miss M E, h 401 w Bragg 

*Blalock S G, foreman, h w Lee 

Bland Kate, col, h 853 s Elm 

Blount Matilda, col, h 429 Cole 

Blount Africa, col, lab, h 428 Cole 

Bobo Mrs Sallie E, wid, milliner, 118 s Elm bds w Washington 

*Bogart W B. cashier Bank of Guilford, h 406 Church 


Bain Building Company, 

*Bogart W F, teller Bank of Guilford, h 206 w Market 
Boner Miss Laura, dressmaker, h 220 Eugene 
Boner Miss Maria, h 220 Eugene 
Booker Maggie, col, h 945 McGee 
Booker Nathan, col, plasterer, h 618 s Spring 
Booker Julia, col, h 618 s Spring 
*Boone L, saw miller, h 210 n Davie 
Boone Miss Ella, saleslady, h 210 n Davie 
Boone Banks, h 210 n Davie 
*Boone John, carpenter, h 3013 East 
Boone Rufus, h 3013 East 
=^Boone Dan, lab, h 120 Boone 
Bosher R G, barkeeper, r 3332- s Elm 
Booth Mrs Fannie, h 320 n Greene 
*Boren R B, mfr, h 403 w Market 
*Boulden Manly M, carpenter, h 713 Asheboro 
Bowman Melbourne, col, lab, h e Market 
' Bowman Miss Patria, h 630 s Elm 
Boycott D, Boycott & Brown, bds 407 Walker ave 
Boyst Chas H, candy maker, bds Monroe House 
*Boyd James E, lawyer, 1191 s Elm, h 220 W Washington 
Boyles Frank C. clerk, bds 115 s Ashe 
*Boyles W W, wks furniture factory, h s Spring 
Bracken Mrs J A, wid, h 319 w Market 


Real Estate and Investment Co. 

110 South Elm Street. 


*Alderman W F, jr, salesman, h 302 Ashe 

Alderman A H, cashier Nat Bank, h 506 w Market 

^Alderman S L, photographer, lOGJ s Elm, h 612 w Gaston 

Alderman Prof W F, Prof in G F C, h 700 w Market 

Alderman Miss Manna, h 700 w Market 

Alderman Miss Mamie, h 700 w Market 

^Alderman Prof E A, Prof Girls' Training School, h 328 Church 

*Aldridge Milton, engineer, h 436 n Greene 

*Alexander H E, harness mfr, h 419 e Washington 

*Alford Dr H M, physician, 303 s Elm, h 337 s Davie 

Alford Alex, 317 s Davie 

Alford Miss Bessie, h 337 s Davie 

Alford Mrs E, h keeper, h 356 s Elm 

=i^Allen W W, R Agt So Ex Co, h 115 Smith 


All Kinds of Builders' Supplies 

Bain Building Company. 

Allen Raymond, student, h 115Smiih 

Allen Miss Gertrude, h 115 Smith 

Allen John, sec master, bds 423 w Lee 

Allen W E, book-keeper Nat Bank, bds 218 e Washington 

*Allen Wm A, carpenter, h 700 Douglas 

*Allen Robert, engineer, h 324 e Bragg 

Allen G Will, tinner, bds 310 Asheboro 

Allen Fannie, col, dom, h 113 Church 

Allen Ben, col, wks R R, h 841 s Elm 

Allen Wm, col, h s Gilmer 

Allen Hardy, col, servt, h 223 n Edgeworth 

Allen Ed, col, servt, h 223 n Edgeworth 

Allen John, col, mattress maker, 817 Ashe 

Allen Nannie, col, h 445 e Washington 

5. L. /ILDERn/IN, 


106^ South Elm Street. 

Best Wopk at treasonable Pmees. 


■"^rOTHING "SHODDY" or on the " Cheap John" style will be found in 
1 >| our mammoth double stores in Greensboro. 

J. W. SCOTT & CO. 


Bradshaw Louis, col, wks railroad, h 1039 e Washington 

Brame E P, shoemaker, h 205 e Market 

*Brame F, shoemaker, h 3022 East 

Brame Miss Ida, h 3022 East 

Branning Mary, col, h 343 Maple 

Branning John, col, drayman, h 351 Maple 

Brand Albert, bookkeeper, bds 214 e Market 

Bredaw Mrs R, wid, h 1058 w Market 

Brent Miss Sallie, h 127 Church 

Brewer Jerry, night watch C F & Y V, h 600 Ashe 

Brewer Mrs Agnes, wid, h 600 Ashe 

*Bristow L T, bookkeeper, h w Washington 

Brilton James, col, servt, h 939 w McCulloch 

Brock Mrs Josephine, wid, h 900 Vance 

Brock Miss Effie, cashier, h 900 Vance 

*Bri)ckmann J L, head clerk S S Brown's, h 243 e Washington 

Brockmann Miss Emma, h 410 e Market 

Brockmann Frank, clerk, h 410 e Market 

*Brockmann A J, grocer, 412 e Market, h 410 e Market 

Brockmann Miss Laura L, music teacher, h 410 e Market 

*Brockmann Charles J, musical instructor, h 410 e Market 

Broadnax, J G jr, com trav. h 209 w Market 

THREE REGISTERED DRUGGISTS at our Prescription Desks. Errors prevent- 
ed, Dispatch secured. 
RICHARDSON & EARISS, Wholesale and Retail Druggists. 

^Broadnax Dr J G, office 207, h 209 w Market 

Broadnax W m, col, cook, h 845 McGee 

*Brodrick Geo E, So Life Ins Co, h 222 Spring 

Brooks Richard H, head clerk, bds 302 s Elm 

Brooks R W, lumberman, 123 Lewis, h 625 s Elm 

^Brooks A F. contractor, h 636 s Elm 

Brooks Mrs R C, wid, h 450 e Gorrell 

Brooks Miss Leona, saleslady, h 450 e Gorrell 

Brooks Andrew, col, lab, h 118 East 

Brooks Catherine, col, h 404 e Market 

Brower Reed, col, lab, h 1035 College ave 

Brower Henderson, col, lab, h 826 s Cedar 

Brown Miss Hannah, miliner, bds 127 Church 

*Brown Sam'l, brick contractor, h 407 Walker av 

Brown S S & Co., Dry Goods and Clothing, 232 and 234 s Elm. 

*Brown S S, merchant, h 120 w Washington 

Bi-own Miss Ninna, h 414 n Elm 

Brown Miss Lake, h 414 n Elm 

Brown Mrs M A, widow, boarding house, 414 n Elm 

Brown Miss Julia, h 508 w Washington 

*Brovvn H W, harness maker, h 508 w Washington 

Brown Miss Rodonah, h s Greene 

Brown Wm A, salesman, h s Greene 

Brown James, 973 e Washington 

1871. J. W. SCOTT & CO., 1892. 

Leading Grocers of Greensboro. 

Twenty-one years of successful business enables us to make it to your intrest 

to trade with us. 


Allen W L, col, lab, h 445 e Washington 

♦Alley G W, sr, W U Tel Co, h 501 Cedar 

Alley R R, yard master C F & Y V, 1. 501 Cedar 

Alley G W, jr, agt C F & Y V, bds 356 s Elm 

*Allred Zelle, carpenter, h 532 Douglas 

*Aiken D R, mer, h 2055 e Market 

Aiken & Clapp, groceries 122 e Sycamore and 200 s Davie 

Alt'ton Gaston, col, lab, h 913 e Market 

Alston David, col, lab, h 913 e Market 

Alston Mary, col, dom, h 222 Fayetteville 

Alston Sylva, col, dom, h 518 Asheboro 

Alston Chas, col, lab, h 436 Cole 

Alverson Mary, col, h 1059 College av 

Anderson & Co, hardware, 223 s Elm 

Alverson J D, col, grocer, 1059 College av 

Anthony Nereus, wks Eigle Foundry, h 881 s Cedar 

^Andrews W H, guard jail, h 215 s Davie 

Andrews Miss Fannie, bds 127 Church 

♦Andrews T D, lab, h 436 e Washington 

Andrews Miss Ida, h 436 e Washington 

Andrews Miss Alice, h 436 e Washington 

^Andrews W R, machinist, h 2081 East 

*Andrews L W, furniture mfr, h 312 Ashe 

DIPUADnCnM Q CADICC Wholesale and Retail Druggists. 
nlUnAnUoUn OC rAnl OO, Physicians' Supplies our Specialty. 

Andrews Charlie, tel messenger, h 312 Ash 

Andrews Miss Rosa, h 312 Ash 

Andrews Miss Addie, h 312 Ashe 

Andrews La' y, wks fire dep't, bds 200 n Elm 

^Andrews John, farmer, h 449 e Whittington 

Anderson Lewis, col. lab, h 919 e Market 

Anderson Aaron, col, lab, h 441 Cole 

Anderson James, col, driver, h 806 s Cedar 

Anderson Mrs A A, wid, dressmaker, h 200 s Spring 

Anderson Miss Jennie, h 221 e Sycamore 

Andreson Thomas F, mining engineer, bds s Elm 

Anthony Mrs Jane, wid, h 881 s Cedar 

* Anthony S E, wks Eagle foundry, h 412 w Lee 

*Apple Mebane, janitor graded school, h 621 e Market 

Apple Vanie, h 801 e Market 

Apple Miss Ellen, h 801 e Market 

Apple Miss Maggie, h 801 e Market 

*Apple D A, tobacconist, h 801 e Market 

Apple Wm, lab, h 621 e Market 

*Apple J M, tobacco buyer, h 417 e Market 

*Apple James, h 420 e McCulloch 

Apple Thomas, col. h 811 Hendrix 

WnRTU.WHARTnU Real Estate and Investment Co., 
ffUn I n'ffnHn l Ull real estate dealers. 

110 South Elm Street. 


Brown Edgar, col, lab, h 735 Babtist 

Brown Jennie, col, h 735 Babtist 

Brown G W, col, servt, h 220 w Washington 

*Browning J M, Star Warehouse, h 235 e Washington 

^Broughton Z T, auctioneer, h 433 w Sycamore 

Broughton Philip H, lab, h 433 w Sycamore 

Buchanan Mrs Maria, wid, h 2059 East 

Buchanan Mrs W K, wid, 120 Buchanan 

*Buford A, route ag't R & D R R, h 615 w Market 

Bullock James, col, h 2005 Bennett 

Bullock Carrie, col, h 2005 Bennett 

Bullock Rev M J, col, h 2005 Bennett 

Bullock S B, col, restaurant, h 218 Market square 

Bumpass Mrs F M, wid, h 114 s Mendenhall 

Bumpass Miss Eugenia, h 114 s Mendenhall 

Bumgonner Miss Docia, housekeeper, h 429 e Washington 

*Burch J D, salesman, h 208 w Sycamore 

*Burgess A C, machinist, h 433 Arlington 

*Burgess W R, machinery, h 434 Arlington 

Burgess Walter, h 434 Arlington 

Burton Charlie, bookkeeper, bds 210 n Davie 

Burton Annie, col, dom, h 630 e Market 

Burkes Safro, col, wks 442 w Market 

*Butler Clegg, warper, h 711 e Sj^camore 

*Butler Frank, wks Crown mills, h 711 e Sycamore 

Byrd Mollie, col, h 112 w Gaston 

Byrd Haywood, col, tob worker, h 112 w Gaston 

Byers Richard, col, lab, h 233 e Gaston 

*BynuinW P, Jr, lawyer, 106 Court square, h 218 e Washington 

Caldcleugh E M & Bro, China-ware, 219 s Elm 

Caldcleugh Miss M E, h 219i s Elm 

Caldcleugh R A, merchant, h 219^ s Elm 

Caldcleugh E M, merchant, h 219^ s Elm 

Caldwell Mrs N W, widow, h 337 n Elm 

Caldwell Miss Daisy, h 337 n Elm 

Caldwell Miss Abbie, h 337 n Elm 

W. P. BYNUM, Jr., 

f\ttorr)ey a^d Qoupsellor at l^au;, 


aR.E:EisrsBOE.o, isr. c. 


E STUDY TO PLEASE OUR CUSTOMERS and are always willing 
to correct mistakes. 

J. W. SCOTT & CO. 


Caldwell Miss Nannie, teacher, h n Elm 

Caldwell D F, Pres't Bk of Guilford, h 219 w Market 

Caldwell Miss Pattie H, h 221 w Market 

Caldwell Miss Bettie D, h 221 w Market 

Caldwell Madison, col, servant, G F C 

Caldwell Allie, col, cook, h 202 Mendenhall 

Caldwell Wesley, col, h 202 s Mendenhall 

Caldwell Cornelius, col, lab, h 202 s Mendenhall 

Caldwell' Alonzo, col, lab, h 422 Schenck 

Caldwell Joe, col, plasterer, h 420 Chestnut 

Caldwell Lelia, col, wks 818 w Market 

Caldwell Frank, col, plasterer, h 213 n Forbis 

Ciddwell Prudence, col. wks 114 Clay 

*Callum M K, grocer. 115 e Market, h 116 n Davie 

^Galium J C, druggist, h 417 Church 

*Callum \V L, druggist, h 411 Church 

*Camden Sanil, painter, h 801 e Sycamore 

*Cannaday James, engineer, h 114 e McCulloch 

Cape Fear & Yadkin Valley Railway Co, Dr W A Lash, 

president, offices 337 n Davie 

Cape Fear & Yadkin Valley Railway, depot nr s Davie 
Carr Edson, clerk, bds 218 e Washington 

OXkl PADD Jf, on Insurance. Special attention given to Country Busi- 
. WW. Unnn %3L UU., ness. Dwellings, Barns and Stores of Permanent 
Residents. 233^ South Elm Street, Greensboro, N. C. 

Carr W & Co, insurance, 233? s Elm 

Carr W, W Carr & Co, bds 218 e Washington 

Carr Flora, col, h 206 w Market 

Carr Tom, col, lab, h s Cedar 

*Carr W J, foreman, h 119 n Gilmer 

*Carden J W, carpenter, h 412 w Lee 

*Carson J T, machinist, h 234 e Market 

Carson Miss Mary, h 234 e Market 

Carter Mary, col, cook, h 629 Asheboro 

Carter Fannie, col, h 221 n Gilmer 

Cart<-r Sarah, col, wks 224 e Washington 

Carter John, col, lab, h 1005 e Washington 

*Cartland H H, merchant tailor, 106 s Elm, h 417 Asheboro 

^Carroll J T, wks R & D R R, h 422 w Lee 

*Carroll T B, wks furniture factory, h s Spring 

*Cates John W, carpenter, h 615 e Market 

Cator Mrs Annie, wid, milliner, 104 s Elm, h 127 Church 

Cator George, com trav, h 127 Church 

Cator John, h 127 Church 

Causey Miss Minnie, book-keeper, bds 120 Buchanan 

Causey Miss Nettie, h 327 n Elm 

Causey Miss Hattie, book-keeper, h 327 n Elm 

Causey E R, clerk, RR, h 327 n Elm 

Causey Turner, col, restaurant, 207 s Elm, h 627 s Ashe 


Real Estate and investment Co. 

110 South Elm Street. 


*Cau8ey R E, Sec and Tretis Crown Mills, bds 218 e Washington 

*Causey S, cotton manufacturer, h 238 e Washington 

*Causey R T, carpenter, h 863 Bellevue 

Causey Absalom, 216 s Davie 

Causey J W, carpenter, bds 116 2 w Market 

Causev Robert, carpenter, bds 1013 Spring Garden 

*Causev, Al, col, h 2067 e Market 

*Chaffin A P, sign painting, &c, 109 s Davie, h 230 Smith 

Chamber of Commerce, J. R- Mendenhull, pres, 233^ s Elm 

Chavis Eliza, col, h 622 s Spring 

Chavis Prof J D, treas Bennett College, h do 

*Cheek Thomas, moulder, h 1041 College av 

Cheek Miss Bessie, h East 

*Cheek.John, carpenter, h East 

Cheek Pleasants, salesman, h 412 e Lee 

Cheek Miss Sallie, h 412 e Lee 

Cheek Miss Nellie, h 412 e Lee 

Cheek Tinsley, salesman, h 412 e Lee 

Cheek Miss Julia, h 412 e Lee 

Chinese Laundry, 123 s Elm 

Chrisman Mrs Mary A, widow, h 222 e Market 

Chrisman J. R., Thomas & Chrisman, h 222 e Market 

Bain Building Company, 


Chrisman G R, clerk, h 222 e Market 
Centenary M E Church, 609 Arlington 

City Dray Line, no Depot 

Claiborne James, col, wks 404 w Market 

Claiborne Wm, col, lab, McCulloch 

Claiborne Harriet, col, McCulloch 

Clapp Miss Etta, seamstress, bds 208 e Gaston 

Clapp Mrs Mattie, widow, h 710 Arlington 

*Clapp C Al, merchant, h 3053 e Market 

Clapp Isaac, col, wks Sash and Blind Co, h 1001 Aslie 

Clapp Geo, col, lab, h 225 Sycamore 

Clark Mrs M A, widow, h 415 e Market 

Clark Janie, col, wks 520 w Washington 

*Clarida W F, letter carrier, h 850 s Elm 

^Clary W J, Racket Store, h 323 Lindsay 

Clary Miss Gertrude, h 323 Lindsay 

*Clegg I H, farmer, h 438 King 

Clegg W P, restaurant, 368 s Elm, h 438 King 

Clegg Miss Maggie, h 438 King 

Clemmons Miss Emily, h 200 s Spring 

Clements Bettie, col, servant, McAdoo House 

Clendenin Miss Lou, h 634 Asheboro 

*Clendenin J C, compositor, h 208 s Spring 

Clendenin Miss Mamie, h 208 s Spring 

Clendenin Clarence, tel. mess, h 208 s Spring 

"TTTHEN you visit the •' Gate City " of Nortli Carolina don't fail to drop 
VV in to see us, whether you wish to purchase or not. 

J. W. SCOTT & CO. 


*Clendenin H W, clerk, C F & Y V KR. h 413 Asheboro 

Clifton E A, wks RR, h 217 w Market 

Clifton Miss A R, h 217 w Market 

Clifton J A, Ticket Agt, C F & Y V RR, h 217 w Market 

Clifton J W, carpenter, h 217 w Market. 

Coates William, col, lab, h 240 e Gaston 

*C.)bb H W, leaf tobacco, h 340 n Elm 

*Cobb J S, leaf tobacco, bds 340 n Elm 

Cobb J S & Co., leaf tobacco, 226 and 228 Belle Meade ave 

Coble Miss MoUie, h 444 Church 

Coble Miss Maggie, h 444 Church 

Coble Mrs M B, wid, h 444 Church 

Coble J W, conductor, h 444 Church 

*Coble George H, conductor, h 444 Church 

Coble C B, 335 s Elm 

Coir Major, col, lab, h 116 w Gaston 

rj FECIAL BARGAINS can be had in our Large Stock of Fine Toilet and Medicinal 

^N Soaps, Perfumery, and Tooth Brushes. 

^^ RICHARDSON &FARISS, Wholesale and Retail Druggists. 

Coir Anna, col, h 119 w Gaston 

*Coffin W E, ticket ag't R & D R R, h 364 Ashe 

Cohens Mary, col, h 845 McGhee 

Cohens Henry, col, lab, h 845 McGhee 

Colbert Albert, col, brickmason, h 121 Percy 

^Coleman J H, gun and locksmith, 104 Court sq, h 316 e Market 

Coleman A W, Greensboro Evaporator Co, bds Benbow House 

*Cole J H, transfer clerk R&D R R, h 443 King 

Cole J P, wks railroad, h 443 King 

Cole J E, clerk, h 543 King 

Cole Joe, col, lab, h 109 w Gaston 

*Collins J D, New York Racket store, h 229 n Cedar 

*Collins Charles, clerk So Ex Co, h n Greene nr w Market 

Collins Will M, h 117 e Sycamore 

Collins William, undertaker, 120 s Davie, h 117 e Sycamore 

Colored Graded School, 212 and 214 Percy 


Gun and Lock Smith, 


All Work Done on Short fiotice and Warranted. 

WnRTH.WHARTnM ^^^^ ^istate and rnvesfment Co. 
ffUn I n^fwIiHri l Hn real estate dealers. 

110 South Elm Street. 


Coltrane John, carpenter, h 304 Vance 

Columbia Bicycle Agency, lOO s Elm, Geo Fitzsimons, agent 

Connelly H B, tel op N C R R, r Y M C A bldi? 

^Connelly A P, mas trains N C div R & D R R, h 226 Fayetteville 

*Connoy D M, lab, h 120 s Gilmer 

Cook John W, sheriff Guilford county, bds 107 e G.iston 

Corl Miss Mary, h 2U9 n Cedar 

*Corl Dan W, blacksmith, 215 e Sycamore, h 22(> n Davie 

Corl Miss Sallie, h 220 n Davie 

*Corl Charles, blacksmith, h 229 Mebane 

Cory W H, propr Kandy Kitchen, bds McAdoo House 

Cota F H, Gen Sec Y M C A, r do 

Cotton Caroline, col, cook, h 1045 w Market 

Cotton Charles, col, lab, h 610 e Market 

County Court House, 102 Court square 

Cox E B, wks Bain Building Co, bds 301 s Elm 

*Cox RevJS, h 4ll w Lee 

*Cox E A, lab, h 108 s Davie 

*Cox R H, lab, h 108 s Davie 

Cunningham Mrs B A, wid, h 439 Church 

Cunningham Miss Carrie, h 439 Church 

Cunningham C D, h 439 Church, 

Cunningham Milton, h 439 Church 

Curry Katie, col, h 104 A^he 

Curry Charles, col, brick W3rker, h 307 Percy 

Curtis Berry, h 437 Church 

Curtis Wm H, printer, li 437 Church 

Curtis Henry, pressman, h 437 CImrch 

Curtis Charles, brakeman, h 437 Church 

Curtis William, fireman, h 437 Church 


Bi(:y(:l(^ f\(^<(^t 


Easy Payments \Arhen Desired. 

ALWAYS ON THE LOOKOUT for anything new in the eatable line, 
no matter about the price. Our line of patrons appreciate a good 
artu-le. J. W. SCOTT & CO. 


Curtis J E, printer, bds 108 J e Sycamore 

*Curtis James, cabinet maker, h 401 e Bragg 

Curtis John, carpenter, bds 405 w Bragg 

Craddock Miss Dora, h 324 e Bragg 

Crane Mrs Adeline, wid, h 110 n Greene 

*Crawford J M, clerks Fishblate's, h 220 Eugene 

Crawford Mrs S M, wid, h 217 Clinton 

Crawford Mrs Mamie, wid, bds Benbow House 

Crocker Mrs Mary, music teacher, h 451 Arlington 

Crown Cotton Mills, R E Causey, sec & treas, 705 e Washington 

Crenshaw -Fannie, col, h 311 Percy 

Crump John, col, carpenter, h 144 Beach 

*Crump W B, wks railroad, h 836 s Elm 

PROMPT PAVMrSUQT Made on all insurance losses by O. W. CARR & CO., 
r n U ni r I r H I 111 C 11 1 233^ south Elm street, Greensboro, N. C. 

Crutchfield W G, clerks R & D R R, bds 327 e Market 

*Crutchfield C F, manager North State h 535 s Elm 

Crutchfield Matilda, col, dom, h 861 Asheboro 

Crutchfield Samuel, col, gardener, h 301 s Elm 

Crutchfield Millie, col, h 447 Arlington 

Dalrymple Palmer, teacher graded school, r Y M C A building 

Daily Workman, Rev J L Michaux, prop'r, 127 s Elm 

Daily Record, Reece & Elam, proprietors, 222 s Elm 

Daniel Garland, Anderson & Co, h'dware, bds 225 e Washington 

Darden & Gay, boots & shoes, 113 e Market 

Darden L E, Darden & Gay, boots and shoes, bds 107 e Gaston 

* Davis James, merchant, h 423 w Bragg 

*Davis F A, wks W U Tel Co, h 203 w Market 

CORT'5 ^ K^NDT * Kitchen, 

305 South Elm Street. 

Over 300 Varieties of Candy Manufactured. 


Ice Cream and Sherbets in Season. 

We are not bidding for your trade on the strength of our relatives, 
friends, political faith or social position, but by the SOLID LOGIC of honest 
quantity, good quality and courteous attention to all. 

WnRTH-WH ARTflM R^^l Estate and Investment Co., 
fwUnin finfiniUll real estate dealers. 

110 South Elm Street. 


*Davis J B, tinner, h 618 e Market 
Davis Samuel, lab, h 618 e Market 
Davis Raphael, lab, h 618 e Market 
Davis & Matthews, groceries, 220 Lewis 
Davis Prof C L, col, teacher, bds 323 Percy- 
Davis Madison, col, driver, h 226 e Gaston 
Davis Isham, col, blacksmith, h 426 w Gaston 
Davis Hattie, col, dom, h 351 Asheboro 
Davis Jane, col, h 112 s Davie 
Davis Agues, col, h 406 w Gaston 
Davis William, col. servt, Monroe House 
Davis J R, moulder, h 618 e Market 
*Day W A, col, tobacconist, h 1006 Ashe 
Dean Laura, col, h 1026 e Market 
*Dean James, col, brick mfr, h 1059 e Market 

Bain Building Company. Rou°h'*^nT'D*°'!!;°L'^gw 

Deberry S R, col, wks Benbow House, bds 1026 e Market 

*Denny Emmett, yard mas R & D R R, h 308 e Bragg 

Denny Miss Annie, h 640 Chestnut 

Denny Miss Peggy, h 640 Chestnut 

Denny Washington, clerk, h 640 Chestnut 

Denny Miss Serena M, compositor, bds 213 e Washington 

*Dewitt T J, night watchman, h 423 w Lee 

Dick Lillie, col, dom, h 434 Church 

Dick Miss Annie, h 218 n Elm 

Dick Lacey, clerk, bds Church 

Dick Henry, clerk, bds 210 n Davie 

*Dick George A, h 658 Chestnut 

Dick John M, propr Greensboro Steam Laundry, h Church 

Dick Mrs Lucy M, wid, h Church 

*Dick Judge R P, Dist Judge U S Court, h Church 



Best Goods. Lowest Prices. 

113 East Market Street. 

THE LARGEST STOCK of Fine Groceries and Table Delicacies in the 
City will always be found at 

J. W. SCOTT & CO.'S 


Dick Joe, col, P P car porter, h 834 Austin 

Dick Peter, col, night watchman, h 615 e Gaston * 

Dick Charlotte, col, h 229 n Gilmer 

Dick John, col, lab, h 606 Lindsay 

Dick R W, col, lab, h 914 e Market 

Dickenson Miss Bettie, teacher graded school 

Dike Book Company, 116 s Elm 

*Dillard Judge J H, lawyer, h 320 w Gaston 

Dillard D C, h 320 w Gaston 

Dillard Nan, col, h 239 e Sycamore 

Dillard Thomas, col, tob roller, h 116 s Forbis 

Dilworth A, boarding house, h 213 e Market 

Dil worth Mrs A, dressmaker, h 213 e Market 

*Divinuey W 0, h 628 Arlington 

Dixon Martin L, clerks R & D RE, h 313 Lindsay 

Dixon Miss Mary, teacher, h 313 Lindsay 

Dixon Miss Myrtle, h 313 Lindsay 

Dixon J C, bookkeeper, h 313 Lindsay 

*Dixon Dr B F, Pres Greensboro Female College, h do 

Dixon Mrs B F, Lidy Prin Greensboro Female College, h do 

Dixon Miss Pearl, G F College 

You CAN PROVE IT— The Best Brands Cigars, Tobaccos and Pipes are found at 
our Smokers' Counter. 
RICHARDSON & PARISS, Wholesale and Retail Druggists. 

*Dixon George, miller, h iir e Market 

*Doak J W, clerk, h 203 Cedar 

Doak Miss Mamie, milliner, h 203 Cedar 

Doak Andy, col, driver, h 120 w McCulloch 

Doak Ann, col, h 1033 Ashe 

Doak Elijah, col, lab, h 821 Vance 

*Dodson P S, lab, h 513 e Washington 

*Dodson S C, cashier freight office R & D R R, h 327 e Market 

Dodson Will C, conductor C F & Y V R R, h 327 e Market 

Dodson Miss Mary, h 327 e Market 

Doggett Lindsay, col, grocer, 601 e Gaston, h 210 n Gilmer 

Donnell George, clerk, h 318 e Washington 

*Donnell W C, conductor C F & Y V R R, bds 633 Asheboro 

*Donnell John, carpenter, h 318 e Washington 

Donnell J R, clerk, h 318 e Washington 

Donnell Thomas, moulder, h 318 e Washington 

*Donnell George, standard-keeper, h 406 w Gaston 

Donnell Miss Addie, h 406 w Gaston 

Donnell John, col, shoemaker, h 205 n Gilmer 

Donnell Smith, col, drayman, h 463 Cole 

Donnell Lizzie, col, h 516 Lindsay 

Donnell Nelson, col, lab, h 113 Boon 

Donnell Eliza, col, servt, h 214 w Washington 

*Dorsett C H, Johnson & Dorsett, h 306 e Washington 

WflRTH.WHARTnM R^^' ^s^^^e and investment Co., 

wwUn I nWinfin l %MW% real estate dealers. 

110 South Elm Street. 


Dorsett R G, clerk, bds 306 e Washington 

Doub Mrs W C, wid, h 618 w Gaston %; 

Doub Miss Laura, music teacher, h 618 w Gaston 

Doub Miss .Agnes, stenographer, h 618 w Gaston 

*Douglas Ro M, lawyer, office in Savings Bank, h 519 Asheboro 

Douglas Robert D, student, h 519 Asheboro 

Douglas Miss Madaline, h 529 Asheboro 

Doughty C H, shoemaker, 103 w Market, h 234 Belle Meade ave 

Doughty Charlie, shoemaker, h 234 Belle Meade ave 

Doughty Miss Blanche, h 234 Belle Meade ave 

Dowd Miss Ella, teacher G F College, bds do 

*Dowd C, lumberman, bds 108 n Davie 

Dudley E, groceries, 508 s Elm h 508^ s Elm 

Dudley Mrs M G, wid, h 508^ s Elm 

*Duffy James, keeper Greene Hill cemetery, h 641 n Edgeworth 

Duffy Miss Agnes L, h 641 n Edgeworth 

♦Dunn H M, wks Oak Hill Roller Mills, h 828 s Elm 

*Dunn R R, wks Oak Hill Roller Mills, h 828 s Elm 

Dunn Isabella, col, h 358? s Elm 

*Dunham Geo W, sec and treas Bain Bldg Co, h 209 Eugene 

Duke Tirzah, col, fireman, h 938 s Cedar 

Durham R L, law student, h G F C 

Durham H L, h 120 Ashe 

Durham Oscar L, h 120 Ashe 

Durham S J, h G F C 

*Durham Dr W J, physician at Keeley Institute, h 120 Ashe 

Fades Miss Mary, h" 911 Asheboro 

Eades Jo J, clerk, h 911 Asheboro 

Eagle Foundry, 522 s Elm 

*Easley N P, carpenter, 220 Mebane 

Eason John, col, well digger, h 441 e Washington 

*East W B, billing clerk R & D R R, h 121 Ashe 

Eckel A P, magistrate, 119 e Market, h 337 s Davie 



Attorney for the Following Corporations :— Greensboro Chamber of Com- 
merce, The Piedmont Bank, People's Five Cents Savings Bank, South Greensboro 
Investment Co., The Union Land Co., Oak Hill Roller Mills, Bain Building Co., Life 
Insurance Company of Virginia. 


JE handle '' Patapsco Superlative," "Snowdrift," "Dan Valley," "Shen- 
andoah," " De Soto " and " Pride of Greensboro " Patent Roller Flours. 

J. W. SCOTT & CO. 


Eckel Eugene, clerk XJ S Marshal, bds 337 s Davie 

Edwell Leanua, col, h 339 e Gaston 

Edwell James, col, shoemaker, h 224 Mebane 

Edwards James, col, lab, h 841 s Elm 

*Elam H J, Reece & Elam, h 240 e Market 

Elam P C, harness maker, bds e Market 

Eller Miss Julia, h lOOi s Elm 

*Eller Judge W H, business mgr Keeley Institute 

*Ellington W W, merchandise broker, h 236 n Edgeworth 

*£llingtoil Neil, pres National Bank, h 505 w Market 

Elliott Thomas, machinist, bds 405 w Bragg 

Elliott Orpheus, machinist, bds 405 w Bragg 

*Elliott J G, drummer, h 313 Lindsay 

*Elliott W R, carpenter, h 541 e Bragg 

Elliot Miss Ada, h 616 Arlington 

Elliott Mrs S D, wid, h 616 Arlington 

Elliott Miss Julia, h 616 Arlington 

Elliott Miss Nora, h 616 Arlington 

Elliott Miss Mattie, h 616 Arlington 

Elliott Laura, col, dom, h 636 s Elm 

*Emerson J W, col, barber, 125 s Elm, h 327 e Gaston 

Emerson Jerry, col, servt, h Asheboro 

TTVTQTTT? A TVrr^TT OTNJ Cotton and WooUen Mnis, Tobacco Factories, 
JLJ-N O U X\;.CXXN K^Jli KJ1.\ Wood Workers, Quartz MiUs a Specialty with 
O. W. CARR & CO., 233 >^ South Elm Street, Greensboro, N. C. 

Emerson Andrew, col, lab, h 1 24 Beach 

Emerson George, col, wks railroad, h 336 s Mendenhall 

Emerson Wash, col, barber, h 327 e Gaston 

England Miss Myrtle, h nr Crown mills 

*England Robert, carpenter, h n Elm 

Epps & Hackett, architects, 311 s Elm 

*Epps Orlo, Epps & Hackett, h 808 Walker ave 

Estes Kit, col, carpenter, h 371 w Bragg 

Evans Charles, col, hod carrier, h 812 Ashe 

Evans Josephine, col, nurse, h 213 e Lee 

Earmers' Warehouse, J H Whitt & Co, cor Greene & Belle Meade av 

*Farrar W B, W B Farrar & Son, jewelers, h 424 Church 

Farrar M R, W B Farrar & Son, jewelers, h 424 Church 

Farrar W B &_Son, jewelers, 102 s Elm 

Farlow Miss Annie, bds s Spring 

Farlow Miss Mary, h 386 w Lee 

Fariss Mrs Annie, wid, h 214 w Washington 

Fariss J T, clerk mas trains office N C div, h 214 w Washington 

Fariss J B, Richardson & Fariss, druggists, h 214 w Washington 

Farris Miss Ella, h 340 n Elm 

Farris Sid, col, lab, h 335 Percy 

Farris Wash, col, driver, h 110 Percy 

WnRTII-Wy APTHy ^^^il Estate and Investment Co., 
ffUnin'"fffilHilfiyill real estate dealers. 

110 South Elm Street. 


*Farriss W A, propr K Bakery, h 422 n Greene 

Taulkner G W, carpenter, h 212 Clinton 

Faust Mrs M, h 134 n Mendenhall 

*Felton E 0, mfr of barrel staves, etc, h 214 Buchanan 

Fentress Miss Tishey, h 433 Arlington 

^Ferguson Nathan, h 210 e McCulloch 

Ferrebee Maria, col, cook, h 611 e Gaston 

*Ferree W Appleton, h 314 Asheboro 

*Fetzer J H, printer, h 512 Asheboro 

Fields & Gorrell, 346 s Elm 

Fields Charlie, clerk, h 511 s Elm 

^Fields F M, Fields & Worrell, h 231 Lewis 

*Fields Emsley, carpenter, h 341 n Greene 

*Fields Wm A, h 447 Arlington 


ALii Kinds of Builders' Supplies. 

Bain Building Company, 

*Field J B, coal and wood, city dray line, 110 Depot, h 210 w 

Finlayton William, wks Eagle Foundry, bds 412 w Lee 
Finch Emily, col, h 225 n Percy 

First Presbyterian Church, intersection of Davie and Church 
*Fishblate E R, F Fishblate, clothing, h 203 Eugene 
Fishblate F, clothing, 230 s Elm 
*Fitzmaurice J R, civil engineer, h 421 Arlington 
*Fitzsimons George, druggist, bicycle agt, 100 s Elm, h 122 

n Davie 
Five Cents Savings Bank, Col J M Winstead, pres, 115 s Elm 
*Flanuagan J W, h 202 e Market 
Flannagan Miss Effie, h 202 e Market 


The O. K. Baker 


358 South Elm St., Greensboro, N. C. 

AX ;E are selling agents for Railroad Mills Snuff, LorillanlV Snuff, 
^^ Gail & Ax Snnff and Arbuckle's Coffee all at Manufacturers' Pric-es. 

J. W. SCOTT & CO. 


Floyd Miss Ida M, h 628 Ashe 

Foard Prof E, A, grocer, h 703 Asheboro 

*Foiida J L, com trav, h 1058 w Market 

*Forbis James W, lawyer, 102 n Elm, h 237 n Edgeworth 

*Forbis W R, furniture, 118 e Market, h 330 e Bragg 

Forbis Charles, clerk, h 535 s Elm 

Forchee Lucius, salesman, bds 625 s Elm 

Forley L B, surveyor, bds Monroe House 

Forsyth John, meat market, 418 Asheboro 

Forsyth Miss Maggie, teacher. East 

Foster Giles, col, lab, h 1007 e Market 

Foster Albert, col, brick layer, h 233 n Gilmer 

Foulkes Susan, col, servt, h 205 w Market 

^Fountain Joseph, engineer, h 415 w Bragg 

Foushee Albert, col, lab, h 336 s Mendenhall 

Foust John, col, lab, h 320 Percy 

Fowler J G, tailor, h 115 Ashe 

Fowler Miss Emma, h 115 Ashe 

Fowler Miss Nettie, h 115 Ashe 

Fowler Mrs A F, wid, hll5 Ashe 

Fox J T, clerk, r Y M C A building 

Fox Frank, col, lab, h 109 w Gaston 

all the year around at our elegant Soda Tountain. 

Wholesale and Retail Druggists 

Refreshing Drinks 

Foy Maggie, col, h s Elm 

*Frazier Prof C P, Greensboro Furniture Co, h 313 w Washington 

*Frazier W L, salesman, bds 119 n Davie 

*Franklin G W W, carriage painter, h 908 w Washington 

*Freeman James F, wks Bain Building Co, h 115 Lewis 

Freeman George, lab, h 2059 East 

Freeman Miss Amanda, h 2059 East 

Freeman Berry, wks Crown mills, h 2059 East 

Freeman Edward, wks Crown mills, h 2059 East 

*Fry Capt J W, Gen mgr C F & Y V R R, h 447 w Washington 

*Fry H L, Chief Engineer C F & Y V R R, h 621 Asheboro 

Fuller Shell, col, drayman, h 3007 East 

Fuller Ann, col, h 3007 East 

Fulton Noah, col, dravman, h 133 s Gilmer 

Fuqua Luther, wks B.^& D R R, bds 535 s Elm 

*Fuqua Thomas, lab, h 201 Clinton 

*Gales W R, nsst stMte sec Y M C A, h 209 e Lee 

Galloway A G, bookkeeper, bds 340 n Elm 

Galloway Raleigh, druggist, bds Church 

Galloway Martha, col, h 126 s Dodson 

Galloway Mary J, col, h 515 Lindsay 

Galloway W G, col, grocer, h 921 e Market 

WnSITU-WIIAIITny ^^^1 ^Istate and Investment Co. 


110 South Elm Street. 


Galloway Charlotte, col, h 812 e Mebane 

Galloway Turner, groceries, n w cor Sycamore and Davie, h Dean's 

Gamble Miss Lizzie, h 386 w Lee 
Gamble Miss Nora, h 386 w Lee 
Gamble Mrs Julia, h 386 w Lee 
Gamble R 0, tobacconist, bds 107 e Gaston 
Gamble Chas, clerk, bds 107 e Gaston 
Gannon Miss Maggie, teacher, bds 214 e Market 
Gant Mary, col, h 200 Lyndon 
Gardner Miss Ellen, dom, 810 Pearson 
Garrett Mrs Nannie, wid, bds 340 s Elm 
*Garrett Jno M, clerk, h 912 e Market 
Garrett Yancey, col, carpenter, h 420 Chestnut 
Garrett Geo, col, h 901 Ashe 
Garrett Frank, col, lab, h 901 Ashe 
Garrett Alice, col, servt, h 336 Ashe 
Garrett Albert, col, porter C F & Y V R R 
*Gates W W, wood dealer, R & D R R bey limit 
Gate City Mattress Factory, W P Vanhorn & Co, 225 s Davie 
*Gaulden Geo, harnessmaker, h 221 Lindsay 
George Jane, h 1040 s Ashe 
Gerring Mack, col, carpenter, h 333 e Market 
Gibbs Eliza, col, dom, h 209 e Lee 
Gibbs Louisa, col, h 800 Ashe 
Gibson Miss Annie, h 403 w Market 
Gibson Rev L B, col, h 147 w McCulloch 
Gibson Lizzie, col, h 945 McGee 
Gibson Comelia, col, h 622 s Spring 
Gibson R M, col, plasterer, h 622 s Spring 
Gilcrease Abram, col, h 916 e Market 
Giles Rev W H, col, h 222 n Gilmer 
Gillespie Eugene E, h Asheboro bey limit 
Gillespie Miss Johnsie, h Asheboro bey limit 
^Gillespie D D, farmer, h Asheboro bey limit 
Gillespie Miss Ella, h Asheboro bey limit 
Gillespie Loten, col, blacksmith, h 546 Ashe 
Gilliland J H, condr R&D, bds McAdoo House 
Gilland Thos, lab, h 206 Clinton 
Gilmer John A, student, h 312 n Elm 
*Gilmer E L, tobacconist, h 305 n Elm 
Gilmer Mrs J A, wid, h 312 n Elm 
*Gilmer S L, com trav, bds 414 n Elm 
Gilmer Henrietta, col, h 346 w Whittington 
Gilmer Ferdinan, col, servt, h 336 Ashe 
Gilmer Sarah, col, h 435 e Washington 
Gilmer Ivory, col, h 433 e Washington 
Gilmer Calvin, col, lab, h 108 s Forbis 
Gilmer Lina, col, h 229 e Sycamore 
Gilmer Madison, col, mail transfer, h 123 w McCulloch 

WE call on the " four quarters of the globe " to contribute to the demand 
of our customers. Nothing too fine or too much trouble to supply if 
our trade demands it. J. W. SCOTT & CO. 


Gilmer W M, col, hotel waiter, h 607 e Gaston 

*Glascock G T, foundry, h 634 Asheboro 

Glascock T A, moulder, h 634 Asheboro 

Glascock L L, h 634 Asheboro 

Glass John, wks fire dept, bds 200 n Elm 

*Glenn Gen Jas D, Adj Gen N, C h 500 Arlington 

Glenn R G, insurance, 110 s Elm, h 517 w Market 

Glenn Dr Chas M, office 106^ s Elm 

*Glenn Tyre, U S Marshal, h 520 w Market 

Glenn & O'Connor, bakers, 114 w Market 

Glover Marv, col, servt, h 423 e Washington 

Goddy G W, col, lab, bds 358 J s Elm 

*Goley C M, storekeeper and guager, h 407 e Market 

^Golden A J, painter, h 225 Mebane 

Golden E D, painter, h 225 Mebane 

Golden Walter J, h 225 Mebane 

Golden Miss Annie, h 225 Mebane 

*Golden S J, painter, h 436 n Greene 

Golden Henry, tob worker, h 436 n Greene 

*Goolsbv E M, U S Marshal's office, h 310 s Spring 

*Gorren R P, barkeeper, h 856 s Elm 

Gorrell Miss Charlotte, h 214 w Washington 

Gorrell Albina, h 719 e Washington 

0\hl PARR Ri Pfl Insurance, Accident, Fire, Life and Tornado. Only 
. W¥. Unnn Ub UU., pirst-Class Foreign and American Companies Repre- 
sented. 233)^ South Elm Street, Greensboro, N. C. 

Gorrell C C & Co, mininery, 109 w Market 

Gorrell Mrs C C, wid, (C C Gorrell & Co), h 202 Ashe 

Gorrell Lottie, col, h 719 e Washington 

Gorrell Mrs C S, wid, h 218 Ashe 

Gorrell Albert, col, h 305 n Percy 

Gorrell Abe, col, lab, h 325 Maple 

Gorrell Calvin, col, blacksmith, h 208 Maple 

Gorrell Rachel, col, dom, h 105 n Davie 

*Gould W P, train dispatcher R & D R R 

Graded School, white No 1, 218 Lindsay, No 2, Belle Vue Institute 

Graded School, col, 212 and 214 Percy and 1030 Ashe 

Graham Mrs M A, h 403 w Market 

Graham J B, clerks R&D depot, bds 115 s Ashe 

Granger Miss Capitola, music teacher G F C 

Grandison Mrs S M, teacher Bennett College, h do 

Grandison Rev C N, Pres Bennett College, h do 

Graves Silas, col, blacksmith, 215 e Sycamore 

Graves Anderson, col, lab, h 1057 e Washington 

Graves Leanna, col, h 151 n Dodson 

Graves Mary, col, h 819 Vance 

Graves Mrs C M, wid, h 438 Gorrell 

Graves Linwood, col, tob roller, h 920 e Market 

Graves King, col, lab, h 406 w Gaston 

WflRTU-WMikliTnM ^3^1 Estate and Investment Co., 
f?yn B fl""?! uRn I UW eeal estate dealers. 

110 South Elm Street. 


Graves Sarah, col, h 406 w Gaston 
Graves Tom, C(, 1, h 825 Austin 
Gra,y Mrs J A, wid, h 447 w Washington 
Gray Miss Genie, h 447 w Wiushington 


Bain Building Company, 

Gray R Percy, resident asjt N & \V R R, h 447 w Washington 
Gray Wni, col, waiter, h 1012 e Market 
Gray Chas, col, drayman, h 853 s Elm 
Gray Jessie, col, R & D R R, h 827 Babtist 
*Grayson C W, h 108 1 e Sycamore 

Greensboro Water Co, office llO n Elm 

Qreensboro W/iter Co., 

Office 110 r^Torth. Elra Street. 

D. R. SCHENCK. Prksiuent. 

C. N. VANCE, Secretary. R. R. KING, Treasurer. 

C. W. T.'XTE. W. C. SELDON. 

Greensboro Steam Laundry, 111, 113 and 113* w Market 

Even a Dog would attract at- 
tention with a COLLAR on which 
was laundried at the 



Satisfaction Guaranteed. 

JOHN n. DICK, - - Pkofrietor. 

Ill, 113 AND 113>^ W. MmRKET STREET. 

nnHE (leunind for Canned Goods of all kinds is growing larger each j'ear, 
A and we are selling finer goods and more of them each succeeding j'ear. 

J. W. SCOTT & CO. 


Greensboro Gas and Electi-ic Light Co, 118 and 120 n Forbis 

Greensboro Music School, w Market 

Greensboro Brick and Tiling Co, 905 Spring Garden 

Greensboro Fn'e Dept, 108 w Gaston 

Greensboro North State, 104 n Elm 

Greensboro City Market, 201 s Davie 

Greensboro Library, 127 s Elm 

Greensboro Evaporator and Preserving Co, office 124 s Elm 

Greensltoro Book Store, 124 s Elm 

Greensboro Patriot, Jesse R Wharton prop, 220 s Elm 

(Tvecnsboro Music Store, C J Brockman, propr, 104 s Elm 

Greensboro Ice Co, nr R&D freight depot 

Greensboro Sash and Blind Co, Mendenhall & McNairy, 202 

Green Walter, ( lerk, bds 116? w Market 

is the only Tonic and Scientific Headache Powder on the marliet. 
gic. Price 10 cents 
RICHARDSON & PARISS, Sole Proprietors. 

T /"/^ r^ ri T/" is the only Tonic and Scientific Head 
l\ I 11 I LA 1^ Releaves like magic. Price 10 cents 
I \V-/ L/r 1 I V RICHARDSON & 

Green Sarah, col, h 226 e Sycamore 

Green John, col, h 621 e Gaston 

*Greer John, plumber, 107 vv Market, h 327 s Davie 

Greer Miss Irene, h 327 s Davie 

Greer Miss Lillian, h 327 s Davie 

^Gregory Dr R K, bds Benbow House 

*Gregory Geo H, lawyer, h w Market nr G F C 

Gregory Thomas, clerk, h w Market nr G F C 

Gregory Miss Sue, milliner, h w Market nr G F C 

Gregory Miss Mary, h w Market nr G F C 

Gregory Hardy, mail agent, h w Market nr G F C 

Gregory Wm, col, lab, bds 1026 e Market 

^Griffith Dr J W, dentist 113* s Elm, h 312 Church 

Dentist and Opthalmist, 

Office, \\3y2 South Elm Street. 

I have the best equipped dental office in the State. Have had thirteen years ex- 
perience in regular practice. 

In relation to the treatment of the eyes, I am prepared to remedy all defects of 
vision in Myopia or Near Sight, Hyperopia or Far Sight, Presbyopia or Old Sight, 
Diplopia or Cioss Eyes, Astigmatism or any other defects. 

It is the duty of parents to look closely after the condition of their children's 
teeth and eyes, for eight-tenths of the people of the world are seriously troubled with 
these two organs. Look to your interest and give me a call. 


pemale College, 


This Institution was founded by the North Carolina Conference, char- 
tered in 1838, opened for the reception of students in 1846, and continued in 
successful operation until its destruction by fire in 1863. It was re-opened 
in 1873. The purpose of its founders was to furnish to young ladies the 
necessary advantages and facilities for the acquisition of athorough and ac- 
complished education. For man}' years, it has enjoyed a reputation unsur- 
passed by any Female College in the South, and standing as the mother of 
chartered Female Colleges in North Carolina, it still holds its place in the 
front rank among those institutions which aim at the higher education of 

Six hundred and eighty-five regular graduates and several thousand 
other young ladies, who received their chief training in the College, have 
gone out from its halls, exerting an elevating and refining influence upon 
society, and filling their homes with the light of a beautiful, cultivated, 
Christian womanhood. 

The institution is still endeavoring to accomplish the object of its original 
establisment as a Methodist College, and though denominational in character, 
it is in no offensive sense sectarian. 

Tuition in regular course free to daughters of ministers in regular pastoral 

The advantages offered in this institution are not surpassed by those of 
any Female School in the South. 


Is on the last Thursday in May. 


Is Divided into Two Sessions of Twenty Weeks Each. 


Begins on the Fourth Wednesday in August and continues Twenty Weeks. 


Begins on the Second Tuesday in Jan. and ends on last Thursday in May. 

WnRTH-WHARTflN R^^l ^^^^^^ ^nd investment Co., 

flUni ll'ffWllftni Ul^ REAL ESTATE DEALERS. 

110 South Elm Street. 


Griffin H G, bagg.ige master R&DRR, rYMCA building 

*Grimsley Prof G A, supt city schools, h 217 e Lee 

Grissom Walter, wks furniture factory, h 411 w Lee 

Grundman Miss Beatrice, h e Market 

♦Grundman A, lab, h e Market 

Gretter Mrs Louinia, vvid, h 202 Fayetteville 

Guilford Grays Armory, w Market 

Guilford Lumber Co, office 532 Ashe 

Guilford Club, rooms 112 n Elm 

♦Guthrie C B, conductor N C R R, h 411 e Lee 

Gwynn Andrew, col, sleeping car porter, h 158 w McCuUoch 

rj FECIAL BARGAINS can be had In our Large Stock of Fine Toilet and Medicinal 

^^ Soaps, Perfumery, and Tooth Brushes. 

^ RICHARDSON &FARISS, Wholesale and Retail Dru^ggists. 

*Hackett C M, (Epps & Hackett), h 808 Walker av 

Hackney Joyce, col, h 302 n Percy 

*Hagan D L, drummer, h 335 Church 

*Hagan A, renl estate, h 336 Church 

Hagan Miss Edith, h 336 Church 

*Haithcock S S, prop, S Greensboro PhRrmacy, h 815 Pearson 

Haithcock Miss Carrie, 815 Pearson 

Haig Ella, col, wks 203 Eugene 

*Hall John, carpenter, h 119 s Gilmer 

*Hall F R, Chief Police, h 336 Ashe 

Hall Mrs J K, wid, h 336 Ashe 

Hall Minerva, col, wks 310 e Washington 

The Guilford Lumber Wg Company, 

GrP5.H:H::N:sBOK.o, isr. c. 

Is better prepared than ever before to supply their customers with anything 
in the way of 


In fact any kind of BUILDING MATERIAL that can be called for. 
Please examine our work and get our prices before buying. We keep, at all 
times, a large assortment of GLASS, and can fill orders promptly for all odd 
siz(!S or irregular shapes, and make no extra charge for cutting the same. 

comer" to our city asks their neighbor, and the reply 'of course is, go 
to SCOTT'S. 


*Hamilton Thos, carpenter, '^ds 121 Bain 

Hamilton Miss Maria, bds 121 Bain 

Hamilton S E, eaipentrr, bds 121 Bain 

*Hamlet R W, h 214 Belle Meade 

Hamlet Miss Josie, h 214 Belle Meade 

Hamlet Miss Eunice, h 214 Belle Meade 

Hamlet Miss Minnie, h 214 Belle Meade 

Hamner Miss Rosa, milliner, h 503 n Edgeworth 

Hancock Lena, col, dom, h 328 Church 

*Hanner Matthew, carpenter, h 1013 Spring Garden 

*Hanner R K, mechanic, h 711 Church 

Hanner Claude, lab, h 711 Church 

Hanner Miss Ella, h 711 Church 

Hanner Miss Street, h 711 Church 

Hanner Miss Maggie, h 711 Church 

^Hanner J G, wks Bain Building Co, h 515 w Lee 

Hanner George, engineer, bds 824 Bilbro alley 

*Hanner Nathan, carpenter, h 1013 Spring Garden 

•Hanner T Q. h 1013 Spring Garden 

Hanner Mrs M V, wid, h 351 Asheboro 

Harber Wm, col, lab, h 109 w Gaston 

Harber Silvia, col, h 109 w Gaston 

^Hardin J R, clerk, h 411 e McCulloch 

Hardin Mrs J A, boarding-house 335 s Elm 

I n^^F^ An lll9TFn ?^'?— ?''°™PHI,J!?'?*^J?°^^°^'J^*°S® Placed through 0.,W. 

i>i South Elm St., Greensboro. 

*Hardin W G, lab, h 802 e Market 

Hardie Leah, servt, h 1058 w Market 

Hargraves Robert, col, painter, h 504 Chestnut 

Hargraves Alfred, col, lab, h 605 Lindsay 

Harkness J P, manager Greensboro Ice Co, bds church 

Harrington, Mrs M A, wid, h 858 Vance 

Harrington, H G, compositor, h 858 Vance 

*Harrell, S F, com trav, h 818 Pearson 

*Harrell J W, h 613 Asheboro 

Harris Walter E, clerk, bds Church 

Harris J H, harness, shoes, &c, 217 s Elm, h 210 Fayetteville 

Harris Laura, col, wks 335 Asheboro 

Harris Catherine, col, h 433 Chestnut 

Harris Amanda, col, h 204 n Percy 

Harris Elijah, col, h 110 East 

^Harris Robt, col, restaurant, 211 s Elm 

Harris Annie, col, nurse, h 404 Asheboro 

Harris Ada, cook, h 322 Asheboro 

Harris John, col, wks RR, h 1021 Ashe 

Harrison Irvin, wks 216 s Davie 

*Harti8 D W, shoemaker, h 116^ w Market 

Hartis J M, h 116J w Market 

Hartsell Miss Nora, h 517 w Market 


Real Estate and Investment Co., 

110 South Elm Street. 


Hartsell Flavius, lab, bds 223 w Lee 

Hartsell Filus, carpenter, bds 423 w Lee 

Harvey S S, cigar mfr, h 604 Ashe 

*Harvey Saml, h 604 Ashe 

*Harvey Henry, brick layer, bds 213 e Market 

Harvey Jennie, col, cook, h 107^ w Gaston 

Hawkins Henry, col, wks RR, h 138 s Gilmer 

*Hayes Wm A, propr Citv Oil Deliverv, h 309 Church 

Hayes H R, wks RR, h 251 Belle Meade ave 

*Hayes T S, shoe maker, h 251 Belle Meade ave 

Hay den J S, tel operator, bds 318 e Washington 

*Heath Henry, latheman, h Morehead ave 

Headen Telia, col, h 153 n Gilmer 

Headen M W, col, lab, h 153 n Gilmer 

Headen Bettie, col, cook, h 404 Asheboro 

Headen Andrew, col, lab, h 837 Factory 

Henderson Randolph, col, h 201 n Percy 

Henderson Headen, col, lab, h 551 Macon 

Henderson Fannie, col, h 2005 Bennett 

*Hendley M C, mechanic, h 821 Pearson 

Hendrix J M & Co, drv goods and shoes, 221 s Elm 

*Hendrix Jas M, J M Hendrix & Co, h 721 Church 

*Hendrix E M, h 811 Hendrix 

*Hendrix C A, horse trader, h 925 Hendrix 

Bain Building Company, Boa?iP!?'nd1*ge'd°Ser. 

Hendrix E M & Co, grocers. 111 e Market 
Herald J A, teacher, bds n Elm 
Herring Alice, col, cook, Monroe House 
. Hiatt R G, Vuncanon & Co, 526 s Elm, h 411 w Bragg 
Hiatt Julius, col, h 333 1 s Elm 
Hiatt J R, overseer, h 300 e Bragg 
Hiatt Mrs J R, dress-maker, h 300 e Bragg 
Hiatt Mrs J B, h 223 w Gaston 
Hialt Miss Gracey, h 223 w Gaston 
Hiatt Lydia, col, w Gaston 
Hiatt Fountain, col, lab, h 202 n Greene 
Hiatt Wm, col, brick mason, h 335 n Edgeworth 
Hiatt Walter, col, lab, h 221 e Gaston 
*Hicks W J, engineer, h 320 s Mendenhall 
^Higgins C D, mgr Union News Co, h 331 n Greene 
Higgins E T, Union News Co, bds 331 n Greene 
Higgins C B, lab, h 334 e McCulloch 
Higgins E B, lab, h 334 e McCulloch 
Higgins S S, lab, h 334 e McCulloch 
Higgins Mrs Sallie, wid h 334 e McCulloch 
Higgins C M, druggist, bds 312 e Market 
Hightower G B, col, lab, h n Gilmer 
Hildesheimer Mrs M, wid, music teacher, r 243 e Washington 

T^HE retail trade of our city is far different from what it was ten or fifteen 
'■ years ago. Then people bought necessities, now they buy luxuries, and 
they 'go to SCOTT'S to buy them. 


*Hill W H, com miller, h 224 e Washington 

Hill Will B, book-keeper, h 224 e Washington 

Hill Miss Mabel, h 224 e Washington 

Hill W S, capitalist, h 317 w Market 

*Hill D C, carpenter, h 316 n Greene 

Hill Harvey, col, gardener, h 129 Beach 

Hill Curius", col, h 206 s Mendenhall 

Hill Mary, col, h 845 McGee 

Hill Nelson, col, tob worker, h 845 McGee 

*Hilliard Rev S H, pastor W Market M E church, h 602 w Market 

Hilton Mrs Sarah, wid, h 604 e Market 

Hilton Ben, mail carrier, h 604 e Market 

Hinshaw Miss Alice, compositor, bds 213 e Washington 

Hobson J M, carpenter, h 336 Church 

Hobbs E V, clerk, h 100 n Davie 

Hobbs Miss Jennie, h 233 n Cedar 

Hockett Oscar, wks furniture factory, bds 411 w Lee 

Hodges Miss Lula, h 313 w Washington 

Hodges Miss Liza, h 313 w Washington 

*Hodgin S G, clerk, bds 405 Asheboro 

*Hodgin J A, merchant, h 630 s Elm 

*Hodgin J A, h 405 Asheboro 

*Hodgin W T, carpenter, h 706 Arlington 

Hodgin Robert, P clerk, bds 210 n Davie 

Hodgin S A, teacher, bds 346 Ashe 

Hodgin D A, clerk, r Y M C A building 

Hagan Harris, col, lab, h 846 Austin 

Holden Chas H, wks Gas Works, h 125 w Lee 

Holden Mrs M A, wid, h 125 w Lee 

*Ho]den Henry, farmer, h 327 w Lee 

Holden John, wks R R, h 327 w Lee 

Holden Clifford, lab, h 327 w Lee 

Holden Ed, wks R R, h 327 w Lee 

Holland Sallie, col, h 126 s Dodson 

*Holley W E, col, grocer 360 s Elm, h 3581 s Elm 

Choice Family Grocemes, 

Fruits, Vegetables and Poultry a Specialty. 

seo s. ELixi 

Branch Store in New Brick Building, E. Maricet St. 

WOPTTT-WTTAPTOTJ Real Estate and Investment Co., 


110 South Elm Street. 


Holt Fred, col, h 114 n Percy 

*Holton, C E, drugs 303 s Elm, h 312 e Market 

Home Wm, col, h 138 s Gilmer 

Hoover D S, salesman, r w Washington 

Hope Mangum, col, wks 320 w Gaston 

Horry Mrs G R, wid, h 124 w Lee 

Horry L R, tel operator, h 124 w Lee 

Horry A R, tel operator, h 124 w Lee 

Horry Miss M S, h 124 vv Lee 

Horney, Mrs Jennie, wid, h 313 e Market 

Horton Nelson, col, lab, h 600 e Market 

Hoskins Joe, col, servt, 206 s Mendenhall 

Hoskins Mary, col, h 610 Ashe 

Hoskins Reuben, col, lab, h 438 Gorrell 

PPHM PT P A VM r NQT Made on all insurance losses by O. W. CARR & CO., 
rnUmri rMTmC.raOl 233^ south Elm street, Greensboro, N. C. 

*Hough A G, foreman Hosiery Mills, h 820 e Bragg 

Houston & Bro, grocers, 215 s Elm 

Houston Mrs W M, wid, (Houston & Bro,) h 114 Clay 

Houston Miss Annie, h 327 n Elm 

Houston Ruth, col, h 500 Arlington 

^Howard S A, m'gr W U Tel Co, h 122 Church 

*Howard C C, painter, bds Monroe House 

*Howell David, tailor, h 515 Bragg 

Howell Drury, col, fish and oysters, stall 8 City market, h 21 li s Elm 

Howell Mary, col, h 817 Babtist 

Howell Rev F R, col, bds 819 Babtist 

*Hubbard John, lab, h 619 s Elm 

Hudgins Miss Lena, vocal music teacher, G F C 

Hudson Store Co, gen mdse, 516 and 518 s Elm 

Mrs W. M. HOUSTON. S. A. KERR, Manager. 



215 South Elm Street. 

4 < T F you can't find it at SCOTT'S you need not look any where else " is 
-*■ what our friends say, and they don't miss it very far, as our stock is 
always complete. 


*Huclson W D, grocer 515 s Elm, h 701 s Elm 

*Hudson H S, (Hudson Store Co,) h 715 s Elm 

♦Hudson S L, salesman, h 812 s Elm 

Hudson Miss Daisy, h 913 s Elm 

♦Hudson A L, carpenter, h 913 s Elm 

Huffines Pinkney, col, wks 311 n Edgeworth 

♦Hughes John M, harness-maker, h 118 n Davie 

*Hughes J R, butcher stall No 1 City market, h 225 Church 

Hughes & Son, fish and oysters, stall No 7 City market 

Hughes Geo M, huckster, h 216 s Forhis 

*Huohes J M, tailor 206 s Davie, h 216 s Forbis 

Hughes Mrs Berta, wid, h 818 w Market 

Hughes Mrs Lucv, wid, h 213 (^ Washington 

*Hughes Dr \V H, col, physician 364i s Elm, h 166 w McCulloch 

Plumphreys Frank, col, drayman, h 845 s Elm 

Hundley Mrs E D, wid, teacher, h 120 w Sycamore 

Hunt P C, car inspector, h 842 Vance 

Hunter Miss Charlie, seamstress, bds 405 Asheboro 

Hunter Henry, (Hunter & Co) 511 s Elm, bds 535 s Elm 

Hunter & Co, grocers, 511 s Elm 

*Hunter J S, (J W Scott & Co.) h 803 Pearson 

*Hunter T A, (J W Scott & Co,) h cor Lee and Pearson 

Hunter Lou, col, 109} w Gaston 

Bain Building Company, 


Ivla,aa.tels aaa-d. £ta,ix-^7=rox^. 

Hutton Mrs Kate, wid, h 403 w Market 

Hutton Miss Belle, h 403 w Market 

Hutton W P, book-keeper, h 403 w Market 

*IngleJas, night watchman, h 220 Clinton 

*Ingold J C, wks RR, h 401 w Bragg 

*Ingold Wash, lab. 3018 e College 

*Ireland. Chas H, sec and treas Odell H'dware Co, h 602 w Gaston 

L-eland Sidney, col, brickmason, h 120 s Forbis 

Irvin Mrs C W, h 210 w Ashe 

♦Irwin Wm M, lab, h 120 Boone 

*Isley Craven, carpenter, h 518 Arlington 

Iseley Allen, col, lab, h 946 McGhee 

Ives Lucinda, col, h 335 s Mendenhall 

*Jackson G W, carpenter, h 515 Arlington 

* Jackson W G, h 813 Spring Garden 
Jackson Fossie, wks RR, h 813 Spring Garden 

* Jackson J H, Wharton, Jackson & Co, h 328 e Lee 
Jackson Oscar, C F & Y V RR, h 328 e Lee 
*Jackson Thos, well digger, h 710 e Market 
*Jacobs Henry, tailor, h 245 Belle Meade ave 

*James John, painter and decorator, 111 Depot, h Asheboro 
♦James Hennis, blacksmith, bds 200 n Elm 

* Jeffries Rufus, merchant, h 705 Ashe 

WORTH-WHARTON «-' fliinsfiJr#/J2k«s"* •=•' 

1]0 South Elm Street. 


^Jeffries MS, wood dealer, h 240 w Bragg 

Jeffries Henry, col, h 327 e Market 

Jeffries Wm, col, tob worker, h 338 n Percy 

*Jeffries Wm, carpenter, h 901 Asheboro 

Jeffi-ies WG, wks RR, h 901 Asheboro 

^Jeffries N A, trucker, h cor Mendenhall and Walker ave 

Jeffries Miss Ellen, h cor Mendenhall and Walker ave 

Jeffries Miss Callie, h cor Mendenhall and Walker ave 

Jeffries Miss Claudia, h corner Mendenhall and Walker ave 

Jeffries Rev Levi, col, h 131 n Mebane 

Jenkins Fannie, col, serv't, h 427 Walker ave 

Jenkins Martha, col, h 604 s Spring 

Jenkins Sarah, col, h 604 s Spring 

^Jennings Wm, furniture factory, h 610 s Spring 

Jennings Robert, col, lab, h 147 n Dodson 

*Jessup W S, wheel mfr, bds 336 Ashe 

Jessup Will, So Ex Co, bds 336 Ashe 

*Jobe W A, h Julian 

Jolley Capt, cond, C F & Y V RR, bds 310 Asheboro 

*Johnson A A, dry goods, h 441 Gorrell 

Johnson & Dorsett, dry goods and shoes, 206 and 208 s Elm 

Johnson C C, Johnson & Dorsett, r 207 s Elm 

Johnson C C, trainman R&D RR, r Y M C A building 

is a certain cure for Eczema and Tetter. Try a 
rice 25 cts. 


Johnson Emma, col, h 221 e Gaston 

Johnson J E, col, barber, h 422 Lindsay 

Johnson Rencher, col, lab, h 541 Macon 

Johnson Henrietta, col, serv't, h 206 s Mendenhall 

Johnson David, col, porter, R&D RR offices. 

Johnson J D, col, barber, h 358^ s Elm 

Johnson Annie, col, serv't, h 356 s Elm 

Johnson Douglas, col, wks RR, h 803 Ashe 

Johnson Minnie, col, h 224 e Sycamore 

Johnson Caroline, col, wks 447 w Washington. 

*Jones John, grocer, 108 w Market, h 120 n Greene 

Jones J R, carpenter, bds 310 Asheboro 

Jones Gurney, wks Eagle founday, bds 412 w Lee 

Jones Wesley, machinist, bds 335 s Elm 

*Jones J R, train dispatcher, C F & Y V RR, h 620 Asheboro 

*Jones B E, ag't musical instruments, h 168 Asheboro 

Jones Maggie, h 979 n Greene 

Jones Miss Mamie, h 402 w Washington 

Jones Miss Anna, teacher Kindergarten, h 402 w Washington 

*Jones Rev J R, h 402 w Washington 

Jones Miss Lizzie, h 443 e Whittington 

*Jones Claiborne, machinist, h 405 w Bragg 

Jones Martha, col, wks 612 w Gaston 

Jones James, col, restaurant, h 1016 Ashe 

SCOTT & CO. say tlieir trade on Roasted Coffee is increasing every year 
especially on the finer grades such as "Momaja," "Arabian Blend," 
and "Breakfast Java." 


* Jones J S, insurance, office 127 s Elm, h 337 n Elm 

Jones Rosa, col, h 115 n Forbis 

Jones Sam, col, lab, wks 320 w Market 

Jones Hannah, col, h 722 Ashe 

Jones Jos, col, restaurant, 101 2 w Market 

Jones Martha, col, h 612 w Gaston 

Jones Sandy, col, wks RR, h 200 Maple 

Jones Jacob, col, grocer, 601 e Market, h 434 Chestnut 

Jones Marion, col, dom, h Churcn 

Jones Lilie, col, dom, h 803 Pearson 

Jones Wm, col, fresh meats, stall No. 4 city market 

Jones S R, col, shoemaker, 121 e Sycamore, h 911 e Market 

Jones Pinkne}', col, laborer, h n Boone 

Jones S D, col, boarding house, h 358^ s Elm 

Jones Jesse, col, serv't, h 301 s Elm 

Jones Allen, col, lab, h 918 e Market 

Jones George, col, waiter, RR restaurant, h 338 w Washington 

Jordan Lee, wks hosiery mill, h 860 s Elm 


Life Assurance Society of New M. 

J. S. JONES, Manager, Greensboro, N. C. 

Assets Jan. I, 1892, . _ . $1,084791.27 

Surplus, - - - - - 653,262.60 

$261.77 Net Assets to each $100 of Net Liability. 
Insurance in Force, _ _ _ $69,676,446.00 


Paid to January ist, 1892, for Death Claims to beneficiaries 

under its Renewable Term Policies, the sum of - $3,008,171.00 
At a total cost for premiums of - - - 200,815,50 

The ordinary whole life premiums would have been - 549> 13438 

Percentage of cost in Provident Savings - - 36-57 

Or, in other words, the same premiums, if paid for ordinary life in- 
surance would have secured to the claimants $1,100,088.00, only instead of 
$3,008,171.00 which was paid to them by the Provident Savings, 


WORTH-WHARTON «««" |^?'L?;l'S!Si?»»''* ""■ 

_^^_ no South Elm Street. 


♦Jordan Capt M, h 440 w Gaston 

Jordan W M. mgr McAdoo House, h 440 w Gaston 

Jordan Ike, clerk, h 440 w Gaston 

Jordan J F & Co, leaf dealers, office 344J s Davie 

Jordan Miss Addie, h 860 s Elm 

♦Jordan J F, farmer, h 860 s Elm 

♦Jordan Arthur, marble cutter, h 414 n Greene 

♦Jordan J F, leaf tobacco, h 223 n Edgeworth 

Jordan Jennie, col, h 228 Mebane 

Jordan Ike, col, lab, h 124 Maple 

Jordan Chas, col, lab, h 332 n Percy 

Jordan Catherine, col, dom, h 737 Church 

OUI niDD 9 nn insurance promptly placed and prompt pasrments of 
• lit unnn & llUi guaranteed Over $950,000 losses paid during the last twenty 
yeare, and no policy ever yet contested written at this Agency. 23SH S. Elm Street. 

Joyce C F, Robt. Portner B Co, bds 336 s Ashe 

Joyce Monroe, col, lab,h 120 Beach 

Joyce Fannie, col, h 613 Ashe 

Joyner T M & Co, groceries and produce, 637 Asheboro 

Julian Mrs Mary E, wid, h 835 Vance 

Jumper Pug, col, h East 

Kandy Kitchen, W H Cory, prop, 305 s Elm 

Kase Miss Mabel, h 427 Arlington 

Kase Miss Sarah, h 427 Arlin^n 

*Kase J D, gen mg'r N C Steel and Iron Co, h 427 Arlington 

Kase De Witt, student, h 427 Arlington 

Kase Wm, col, lab, h 634 Lindsay 

Keeley Institute, looi s Elm 




Nervous Diseases and Tobacco Habit, 


Double Chloride of Gold Remedies. 

You are cordially invited to investigate as thoroughly as po^ible our 
Treatment of these diseases. The absolute certainty of a cure of the Liquor 
and Opiuoi habits by Dr, KEKaLEY's Ohloridb of Gold Remedies, has been 
proven by thousands of eases. 


"VrO MATTER what article you piarchase of ns if it is not as repre- 
^^ sented, bring it back, as we guarantee satisfaction on evervthinsr we 
sell. J. W. riCOTt & CO. 


Keck Ellis, wks R R, h 122 Boone 

Keck Susan, col, h 839 Austin 

Keck Jas, col, brick-mason, h 363 w Bragg 

Keith Flavids, plasterer, h 443 e Whittington 

*Keith F M, plasterer, h 443 e Whittington 

Keeling Mrs H E, wid, h 308 w Gaston 

Keeling S P, grocer 201 s Elm, h 308 w Gaston 

Keeling J L, grocer 342 s Elm, h 308 w Gaston 

Kellum Chas, moulder, bds 912 e Market 

Kendall C B, printer, bds 115 s Ashe 

*Kendall J W, engineer, h 350 King 

Kent Home, 902 Macon 

Keogh Thos, wks Revenue Office, h 311 Asheboro 

*Keogh Thos B. World's Fair Com, h 311 Ashebero 

Kerr Miss Alice, h 114 Clay 

Kerr S A, (Houston & Bro,) bds 114 Clay 

Kerr C M, salesman 215 s Elm, bds 114 Clay 

Kerr Flora, col, wks 206 w Market 

Kersey Mrs Elizabeth, wid, h 636 w Bragg 

Kersey M F, wks Guilford Lumber Co, h 636 w Bragg 

Kersey S B, wks Guilford Lumber Co, h 636 w Bragg 

Kersey Miss Alice, h 636 w Bragg 

Bain Building Company, 


3^a,33.telo aaad. eteilx-wexle. 

Kersey Algine, moulder, h 636 w Bragg 

*Kestler Geo W, Oak Hill Hosiery Mills, h 437 Arlington 

Kestler Geo salesman, h 437 Arlington 

King Mrs Mary, wid, h 802 e Market 

♦King R R, lawyer, h 329 King 

King's Daughters' Hospital, 526 n Greene 

*King John L, tob mfr, h 239 n Greene 

King Mrs Matilda, h 867 Bellvue 

King Miss Flora, h 867 Bellvue 

King Miss Bertie, h 211 w Gaston 

King J L & Co, tob mfrs, 221 Buchanan 

King Miss Nina, h 211 w Gaston 

King T W, watchman R R, h 211 w Gaston 

King John W, book-keeper, r Y M C A building 

*Kirkman Alfred, salesman, h 1019 Spring Garden, 

Kirkman Albert, h cor Walker av and Cedar 

♦Kirkman Joseph, h 713 Asheboro 

Kirkman Mrs Bettie, h 508 n Greene 

*Kirkman J C, section master, h cor Walker av and Cedar 

Kirkman Tola, h cor Walker av and Cedar 

Kirkman A h, bookkeeper, h 50Si s Elm 

Kirkman Thos, lab, h 1023 e Washington 

Kirkman Mrs Nancy, h 1023 e Washington 


and Investment Co., 

110 South Elm Street. 


Kirkmaii A A, train dispatcher, bds 414 n Elm 

Kirkman A G, Register of Deeds, bds e G-aston 

Kirkman S A, asst Register of Deeds, bds e Gaston 

Kirkpatrick D N, brick mf r, li 445 Church 

Kirkpatrick E B, h 445 Church 

Kirkpatrick D A, h 445. Church 

Kirkpatrick Miss M H, h 445 Church 

*Kirkpatrick J J, leaf tob, 246 and 248 Belle Meade ave, h 702 

Walker av "* 

Kirkpatrick Brick Yard, cor n Greene and Park ave 
*Kirkpatrick S, revenue service, h 334 Asheboro 
Kivett W S, grocer ad confectioner, 350 s Elm, h 332J s Elm 
Kivett Mrs Elizabeth, wid, h 332* s Elm 
Knight J W, marble and granite works, 108 Court House sq 
Knight Mrs N V, wid, h 443 King 
Knights Pythias Building, 225 s Elm 
Koger Jane, col, h 845 McGhee 
Koger David, col, lab, h 845 McGhee 
*Lacy Rev J H, pastor Westminster Pres Ch, h 221 Lee 
Lane Chas, col, serv't, 329? s Elm 
*Lamb C J, h 415 w Bragg 

UR ELECTRIC CORN SALVE never fails to remove Corns and Bunions. Price 
10 cents. RICHARDSON & FARISS, Sole Proprietors, 

V^^holesale and Retail Druggists. 


Lamb James, clerk, h 122 Clay 

*Lamb Mebane, carpenter, h 122 Clay 

Lamb Miss Selma, 122 Clay 

Lambert J J, moulder, bds 2084 East 

Landreth Miss Minnie, h 2010 e Market 

Landreth Mrs A E, wid, h 2010 e Market 

*Landreth J W, grocer, 806 e Market, h 808 e Market 

Landreth J W, groceries and notions, 823 and 825 Ashe 

Land W R & Co, real estate. 111 s Elm 

Landis Chas 

*Lampman Geo, jeweller, h 641 w Lee 

Lampman Miss Georgia, h 641 w Lee 

*Laskey M, clothing and shoes, h 330 s Elm 

Laskey A, clerk, h 330 a Elm 

Lashley John, R&D RR, bds 328 s Lee 

Lash Mary, col, cook, h 328 Asheboro 

*Lash Dr W A, Pres't C F & Y V RR, h 828 Asheboro 

*Ledford Geo, coach maker, 206 and 208 Market sq, h 203 11 Davie 

*Ledbetter Dr A E, 326J s Elm, h 407 Jackson 

Lee James, col, blacksmith, h 809 Ashe 

Lee Rev J W, r Y M C A building 

Leith Jerry, col, drayman, h 455 Cole 

Lemon Miss Virginia, h 229 n Cedar 

*Leonard J, wks Guilford Lumber Co, h 916 n Elm 

( I A LITTLE high priced but always reliable" is what some people say of 
■^~^ us. Well, we thank yon for that ; we don't want a better recommen- 
dation, as ours is no "Cheap John'" concern. J. W. SCOTT CO. 


Lewis J & G, wagon making and repairing, 109 and 111 Lewis 

Lewis John, h 716 s Elm 

*Lewis John, J & C Lewis, h 716 s Elm 

Lewis Wm. n 716 s Elm 

*Lewis Chas, J & C Lewis, h 716 s Elm 

* Lewis Geo, wks Farmers' w h, h 324 n Greene 
Lewis Miss Luella, h 521 Arlington 

Lewis C F, warehouseman, bds 324 Greene 
Le^'is Chas, clerk, h 2084 East 
*Lewis Chas, machinist, h 2084 East 
Lewis J F, miller, h 521 Arlington 

* Lewis D, farmer, h 521 Arlington 
Lewis Miss Ada, h 521 Arlington 

*Lewis W G, contractor, h 420 e McCnlloch 

Lewis Henry G, apprentice, h 700 s Elm 

Lindsay Lou, col, h 238 e Sycamore 

Lindsay Emerson, col, h 192 s Mendenhall 

Lindsay Wesley, col, h 192 s Mendenhall 

Lindsay Jerry, col, lab, h 300 n Gilmer 

Lindsay Louisa, col, h 235 Maple 

Lindsay Carson, col, lab, h 130 w McCulloch 

Lindsay H J, col, driver, h 205 n Forbis 

Lindsay Henry, col, wks McAdoo House, h 312 Ashe 

Lindsay Wm, col, well digger, h 221 w Market 

Lindsay Bettie, col, h 205 Market Sq 

Lindsay Mrs M W, wid, h 200 s Spring 

Lindsay Mrs R G, wid, h 121 w Sycamore 

Lindsay Miss Lizzie, teacher, h 121 w Sycamore 

*Lindsay J R, Miller & Lindsay, insurance, h 520 w Washington 


J. & C. LEWIS, 



We keep Wagons on hand or make to order any style — linch-pin, iron 
axle or thimble skein, and guarantee them to run as light as any on the road. 
Repairing done at short notice. fi^^Shop one square south of Depot. 

109 and 112 Lewis Street, Greensboro, N. C. 

WflRTU.WH ARTflN Real Estate and Investment Co., 

fWWIl I n"fwnfin l %Mn real estate dealers. 

110 South Elm Street. 


Lindsay Mrs Dr Ed, wid, h 317 s Eugene 

Lindsay Chas, clerk, bds 356 s Elm 

♦Lindley J C, h 314 s Spring 

Lindley Mrs Mary K, wid, h Morehead ave 

♦Litaker John, engineer, h 320 s Mendenhall 

Lloyd Wm, clerk, bds 701 s Elm 

Lockhart Chas, col, carpenter, h 316 n Gilmer 

*Logan Dr J E, h 320 w Market 

Logan Ada, col, wks 506 w Market 

Logan W M, col, grocer, 121 s Davie 

Lohman H, barkeeper, 344 s Elm, bds 333 i s Elm 

Lomax R W, wks R & D R E, bds e Lee 

Long Mrs Martha, wid, h 207 Clinton 

*Long Wm, carpenter, h 706 e Market 

Long Chas, col, barber, h 116 s Forbis 

Long Agnes, col, dom, h 122 n Davie 

0\A/ i^ADD Mr f^C\ Correspondence solicited. Call and see us 
. yy . \^r\nn 00 V^yj. before insuring. Office, 2nd floor of the 
National Bank Building, 233>^ South Elm Street, Greensboro, N. C. 

Long Floyd, col, lab, h 829 Factory 

Love Miss Annie, h 708 Ashe 

*Love Wm, sawmill, 506 Ashe, h 708 Ashe 

Love J M, lumber dealer, h 621 Arlington 

*Love James, lumber mills, h 625 Arlington 

Lovett Jno, col, lab, h 430 Cole 

Lovett David, col, pressman, h 1012 Ashe 

Lowe H F, wks S and B Co., h 850 s Elm 

Lowe G W, col, painter, h 416 n Chestnut 

Lowe S N, col, lab, h 416 n Chestnut 

Lowe, Nelson & Co, house and sign painters 

Loy A M, grocer, h 122 s Davie 

Loy Matilda, h 979 e Washington 

Lumpkins Ceo, tob worker, bds 313 Lindsay 

Lumdie D A, baggage clerk R&D RR, bds Monroe House 

*Lyon W S, drummer, h 203 Cedar 

Bai>d Or^a9iz<?r apd Ii>stm<;tor, 

202 N. Forbis Street, 

c>k.e:h:n:sbop2.o, ist. c 

Double and Triple Tongue Teaching a Specialty. All the Tunes in 
Quardruple Demiseme. Triple and Sextuples Carefully Taught. 

< i T F you can't find it at SCOTT'S you need not look any where else " is 
-*- what our Mends say, and they don't miss it very fiir, as our stock is 
always complete. 


♦Lyon T A, drummer, h 231 Lmdsay 

Lynch Lee, col, lab, h 945 McGee 

Lynch Mrs E J, wid, h 218 E Washington 

*Lyon W G, auctioneer, h 433 w Graston 

*Malcom Geo, lab, b 1015 Spring Garden 

Mangum Hope, col, wks 320 w Gaston 

*Mangum Thos, Standard Oil Co, h 650 Chestnut 

♦Mangura G A, gardener, h 205 Clinton 

Mangum Miss Annie, h 205 Clinton 

Mangum Miss Ida, h 205 Clinton 

Mann J E, baggage agt, C F & Y V RR, bda 327 e Market 

♦Marable J, col, shoemaker, h 603 e Market 

Marks R J, mgr G^s and Electric Light Co, r 108 n Davie 

♦Marley Dr H B, physician, office 5CMS Asheboro, h 508 Asheboro 

Marley Miss Maud, h 508 Asheboro 

Marrow Morris, col, lab, h s Mendenhall 

Marr Rachael, col, h 120 n Davie 

*Martin H C, Pres't Tar Heel Chem Co, h 328 Church 

Bain Building Company. 


Martin Jane, col, h 245 e Gaston 

Martin J M, col, lab, h 525 Schenck 

Martin Turner, col, cook, h 467 Cole 

Martin Cuyler, col, lab, h 462 Cole 

Marsh. Jas N, broker and prop of McAdoo House news and cigar 

stand, bds McAdoo House 
♦Mason J E, merchant, h 233 Lewis 
Mason John, wks RR, h 233 Lewis 
Mason J C, lab, h 233 Lewis 
Mason Maria, col, h 2051 East 
Masonic Hall, 233i s Elm 
Massey Allen, col, lab, h 134 n Mendenhall 
*Matlock W L, carpenter, h 658 Chestnut 
Matlock Miss SaUie, h Keogh 
*Matiock S B, plasterer, h Keogh 
Matthews Calvin, carpenter, h 330i a Elm 

Matthews F A, wood yard, nr C F & Y V depots h 803 Asheboro 
Matthews Miss Annie, h 803 Asheboro 
Matthews Miss Mary^ h 803 Asheboro 


CrFi T^vPnsrs:Bo:Es.o, ist. c 

Corre^xmdence Solicited finom Fiist-Class Houses. 

WnRTU.WHARTnM R^^l Estate and Investment Co., 
WW Un I n WW nfin l Ulw kbal estate dealers. 

110 South Elm Street. 


Matthews W H, m§r hosiery mills, li 803 Asheboro 

Matthews Mrs I J, wid, h 524? s Elm 

Mause Chas, tailor, bds 245 Belle Meade ave 

Maxwell Joe, col, h e Gaston 

Maxwell Hannah, col, h 327 e Market 

May Mrs J H, wid, h 222 s Forbis 

*May John, carpenter, h 300 Chestnut 

Mayo Lizzie, col, h 1026 e Market 

Mayo Dicy, col, h 1026 e Market 

Mayo J E, col, lab, h 243 e Sycamore 

Maynard VVm, plasterer, bds 443 e Whittington 

Mace Pollie, col, dom, h 213 Lyndon 

McAdoo House 307 s Elm 

*McAdoo W D, prop McAdoo House 

*McAdoo A M, farmer, h 221 Belle Meade ave 

McAdoo Thomas, h 229 King 

McAdoo Amy, col, cook, 300 cor Greene and Clay 

DOSES for $1,00, we give, in our Concentrated Extract Sarsaparilla— superior 
to Patent Nostrums. 

RICHARDSON & EARISS, Wholesale and Retail Druggists. 


McAdoo Ellen, col, servant, wks 426 w Market 

McAdoo Geo, col, lab, h Douglas 

McAdoo Sam, col, lab, h e Gaston 

McAdoo Belle, col, wks 221 Belle Meade ave 

McAdoo James, col, farmer, h 1029 Ashe 

McAdoo Geo, col, teacher, h 1011 Ashe 

McAdoo Ellen, col, wks 426 w Market 

McAdoo Geo, col, lab, h 1007 Ashe 

McAlister J W, Worth-Wharton Real Estate and Investment Co, 

bds 351 Asheboro 
*McAden Hill, lab, h 360 w Bragg 
McAndey, col, lab, h 617 e Gaston 
McBride Elizabeth, wid, h 335 w Lee 
McBride Elijah, painter, h 335 w Lee 
McBride Miss Sarah, h 335 w Lee 
*McCauley John, barkeeper, h 725 s Elm 
McCauley S J, barroom, 408 s Elm 
McClannock R S, mason, r Y M C A building 
McClory Lizzie, col, wid, 324 n Gilmer 


Late Daily Papers, Magazines, Bool(s, &c. 


tT. ISr, lxrjPi.:R.SM:, P=xopri«stor. 

]\T0 USE COMPLAINING OF HARD TIMES till you see how much a 
■^^ dollar will purchase at the store of 

J. W. SCOTT & CO. 


McConnell Joe, col, lab, h 410 Chestnut 
*McCormick W H, compositor, h "Everhope," outside limits 
McCormick Mrs C T, wid, boarding house keeper, h 310 Asheboro 
McCoy Wm, col, lab, h 404 e Market 
♦McCuiston J T, lab, h 217 w Market 
McCulloch, Mrs Louisa, wid, h 330 e Bragg 

McCulloch J L, sec and treas Oak Hill Roller Mills, bds 442 Ar- 
McDaniels Mollie, col, h 230 s Davie 
McDonald Miss Alma, h 312 e Market 
McDowell Miss Emmie, h 406 n Greene 
McDowell J E, rnarketman, h 406 n Greene 
*McDowell J W, lab, h 406 n Greene 
McDuffie & Pigford, furniture, 227 s Elm 
McDuffie Bruce, drug clerk, bds 127 Church 
McDuffie N J, McDuffie & Pigford, bds 127 Church 
McElwee, E R, cashier Miller & Lindsay's Insurance office 
*McFarland W H M, asst sec C F & Y V R R, h 222 Fayetteville 
McGee Miss Corina, h 201 Clinton 
McGirt Mack, col, grocery, 1034 Ashe 
Mclntyre Jas, wks Gas Works 

McKinney G H, J L King & Co. tob mfrs, bds 302 s Elm 
McKinney Mrs S, wid, h 203 n Davie 
McKensie Rufus, teacher, h 402 Chestnut 
McLellan Chas, bds 301 s Elm 
*McLean W C, J VV Scott & Co, h 320 n Forbis 
McLean Miss L C, h 303 Lindsay 
♦McLean T G, salesman, h 318 Bragg 
McMaster A W, col, student, bds 338^ s Elm 
*McNairy J W, Greensboro sash and blind co, h 507 Arlington 
McNairy Eugene, h 507 Arlington 
McNairy Miss Julia, h 413 Asheboro 

W. H. NELSON, Pres. G. W. LOWE, Sec. & Treas. H. G. NELSON, Bus. Mangr. 



PpaGtical House ™ Sign Painters 


Sa-tisfactioan. O-VLaraiiteed.. 


WnRTU-WU ARTflN Real Estate and Investment Co., 
ff Un I n"ff nfin l %MW% real estate dealers. 

110 South Elm Street. 


McNairv Herbert, h 507 Arlington 

*McNiell D M, col, h 1045 Greene 

McNiell Wm H, col, undertaker, 200 Market Square, h 525 Macon 

McNeelev Lucendia, col, restaurant, h 212 Market Square 

McNight'Chas E. clerk, r 218 n Elm 

Meade Elijah, li 820 s Elm 

Meade Frank, painter, h 820 s Elm 

Meade Mrs L A, wid, h 820 s Elm 

*Mebane C, book-keeper, h 224 s Ashe 

Mebane Miss Berta, h 224 s Ashe 

Mebane Henry, clerk C F & Y V RR, h 224 s Ashe 

Mebane Claude, book-keeper, h 224 s Ashe 

Mebane Sally, col, servt, h 221 e Lee 

Mebane Jennie, col, servt, h 221 e Lee 

Melkin Miss Flora, wks liosiery mills, bds 701 s Elm 

Melton Miss Ellen, stenographer, bds 127 Church 

Melvin Jim, carpenter, bds 412 w Lee 

*Melvin D F, carpenter, h 314 Walker ave 

'''Mendenhall J R, Mayor, Greensboro sash and blind co, h 629 

Mendenhall Miss Hattie, h 629 Asheboro 
Mendenhall Walter, h 629 Asheboro 

OW PARR Ai Pn Insurance Special attention given to Country Busi- 
. WW. UMnn «x \J\1., ness, Dwellings, Barns and Stores of Permanent 
Residents. 233>^ South Elm Street, Greensboro, N. C. 

^Mendenhall W D, sec and treas Guilford Lumber Co, h 329 e 

Mendenhall Miss Judith, boarding house, 302 s Elm 
Mendenhall R P, h 302 s Elm 
Mendenhall Wm, col, tob worker, h 132 s Gilmer 
Mendenhall Aaron, col, lab, h 525 Macon 
Mendenhall Tone, col, h nr Boone 

*Mendenhall Louis, col, carpenter, h 376 w Lee • 

Meredith Miss Louisa, h 121 Bain 
Merrick Jas, col, street hand, h 611 Lindsay 
^Merrimon B H, mfr spokes and handles, Delphine st, h 2-35 n 

*Merritt John W, com trav, h 810 Pearson 
^Merritt J Harper, salesman, h 427 n Greene 
Merritt Henry, col, wks RR, h 234 n Percy 
Mesley Mrs Eliza, wid, h 213 e Gaston 
*Mesley .James, moulder, h 213 e Gaston 
Metcalf Miss Ella, h 334 Asheboro 

*MichailX Rev J L, editor Daily Workman, h 517 n Greene 
Michaux Miss Annie, h 517 n Greene 
Michaux J S, lawyer, h 517 n Greene 

Michaux Dr E R, physician, office 234? s Elm, h 517 n Greene 
Michaux Miss L C, h 328 e Lee 
Miller Mrs Nellie H, h 224 e Washington 

•yHE "GATE CITY" Grocery Stores have long been noted for their 
^ neatness — not dirty and filthy like such stores are in many places. Our 
store is neat, clean, well lighted and nicely arranged. J. W. SCOTT & CO. 


Miller & Lindsay, Mutual Life Ins Co, 107 e Washington 

Miller S L, Miller & Lindsay, insurance 

Miller Martha, col, h 125 Boone 

Milliken T C, clerk U S Marshal, bds 127 Church 

Milton Sim, col, carpenter, h 301 Maple 

Minor & Mitchell, leaf tob, 229-231 Belle Meade, 

Minor Julia, col, h 117 n Percy 

Mitchell S S, Minor & Mitchell, bds Rankin House 


Bain Building Company, 

*Mitchell Jas, carpenter, h 210 e McCulloch 
Mitchell Jas, col, h 172 w McCulloch 
Mitchell Louisa, col, h 239 Mebane 
Mitchell John, col, lab, h 320 n Percy 
Mitchell Marinda, col, maid, Benbow House 
Mitchell Lum, col, driver, h 1022 Ashe 
Mock Ark, col, lab, h 134 n Mendenhall 
Mock Louisa, col, h 134 n Mendenhall 

The Mutual Life Insurance Company, 


MILLERSLIN DSA Y, State Agents, 


o-ptEEisrsBono, isr. o. 

Office; in IST atioraal Banli B ij.ilcii3rag, 


Correspondence solicited from parties desiring t(3 insure or to 
take agencies. 

WORTTI-WTIAP.TON Real Estate and Investment Co., 


110 South Elm Street. 


*MoflEitt H L, road supervisor, h 221 s Davie 

Mogridge Mrs Lizzie, h 301 s Elm 

*Monroe Oscar, carpenter, h 658 Chestnut 

Monroe House, 124 Buchanan 

*Monroe W M, prop Monroe House, 124 Buchanan 

Monroe Miss Emma, h 124 Buchanan 

Monroe Miss Lizzie, h 124 Buchanan 

Monroe Miss Florence, h 124 Buchanan 

Montgomery Miss Lou, seam^itress, h 215 e Market 

Montgomery Miss Dora, seamstress, h 215 e Market 

^Montgomery John, carpenter h 119 s Gilmer 

^Montgomery J C, h 240 w Bragg 

Moody Miss L, housekeeprr, wks 414 n Elm 

Moody Manna, col, sert, h 517 w Market 

Moore Jos S, book-keeper, bds 625 s Ehii 

YOUR TRAVELING BAG is not more essential to your comfort on a journey than 
KODAK— the Perfect Headache Cure. Price 10 cents. 
RICHARDSON & FARISS, Sole Proprietors. 

*Moore James S, train dispatcher, h 213 e Lee 

*Moore Rev R R, boarding house keeper, 301 s Elm 

Moore A F, shoemaker, 506 s Elm 

Moore's Mineral Springs, Spring Garden st 

Moore Chas E, C M Vanstory & Co, clothiers, h 214 e Market 

*Moore W S, notions, 123 e Market, h 214 e Market 

*Moore J A, wks cotton mills, h 803 e Sycamore 

*Moore Madison, carpenter, h 121 Bain 

Moore Prof. C H, vice-presd't Bennett College, h 232 Mebane 

Moore Elijah, col, cook, h 627 Ashe 

Moore John, col, blacksmith, h 377 w Bragg 

Moore Henry, col, h 829 Vunce 

Moore Charlie, col, lab, 1045 w Market 

Moore Fannie, col, h 870 s Elm 

Moore Lucy, col, h 870 s Elm 

Moore Allen, col, wks R R, h 1007 Ashe 


124 Buchanan Street, 
GrK-EElSrSBOKO, 3sr. C. 


Transient Rates, $1.00 to $1.50 per Day. 
^W". Is^. ]S^01SrR0E, I^'roprietor. 

BEEN LOOKING FOR A LONG TIME for perfection in a Cracker and 
have found it at last in the celebrated "Orange Blossom." A trial is 
all we ask for it ; it will do its own talking. Sold by SCOTT & CO. 


Moiehead Jas T, lawyer, office 104J n Elm, h 205 w Sycamore, bds 

Ben bow House 
*Morehead Jos M, farmer, h 215 Eugene 
Morehead Fannie, col, h 330 w Whittington 
Morehead Judie, col, h 330 w Whittington 
Morehead Susan, col, h 214 e Market 
Morehead Geo, col, wks 215 Eugene 
Morehead Pink, col, lab, h 506 Lindsay 
Morehead Caroline, col, h 632 e Lindsay 
Morehead J J, col, shoemaker, h 308 Maple 
Morehead Julius, col, h 134 s Gilmer 

*Morris Prof J P, col, prof in Bennett College, h Bennett at 
Morris Miss Ella, h 701 s Elm 
Morse Evan, bds 421 Arlington 
*Morse L, h 137 n Mendenhall 
*Movvrey John, h 818 w Market 

Mt Airy Granite Co, office 301 Walker av 

Murchison J A, carpenter, bds 335 s Elm 

*Murchison T J, salesman, h 339 s Ashe 

*MurcMson J C, master tranis C F & Y V R R, bds 212 e Market 

Murphy Miss Mary, h 328 Asheboro 

Murphy S T, machinist, bds 301 s Elm 

Murphy Mrs M A, h 2086 e Market 

Murphy W L, col, lab, h 116 East 

Murphy Thos, col, lab, h 410 Chestnut 

Murray Will, h 323 Asheboro 

Murray Miss Maggie h 323 Asheboro 

Murray R "W, book-keeper Guilford Bank, h 323 Asheboro 

^Murray W R, dry goods, 214 s Elm, h 323 Asheboro 

*Murray Ernest, wks cotton mills, h 213 Clinton 

National Bank, 335 s Elm 

National Hotel, col, 218 Market sqr 

*Neale J H, road contractor, h "Everhope," outside limits, w 

*Neese J H, marble yard 116 e Market, h 613 Arlington 

Nelson Mrs L A, wid, h 202 Eugene 

Nelson J J, C S C, h 202 Eugene 

Nelson Miss Olivia, h 202 Eugene 

Nelson Miss Alice, h 202 Eugene 

Nelson Andrew, col, carpenter, h 1000 Ashe 

Nelson Joseph, col, carpenter, h 820 Austin 

Nelson A G & Sous, groceries, 1000 Ashe 

Nelson Nancy, col, h 14 w McCulloch 

N Y Racket Store, J D Collins prop, 320 and 322 s Elm 

♦Newcomb E G, barroom 329 s Elm, h 216 Fayetteville 

*Newell Wilson, cond R & D, h 324 w Lee 

*Newell M G, dry goods and groceries 420 and 422 Asheboro, h 603 

Nichols Wm, col, mattress maker, h 218 w Bragg 

WnRTH-WHARTON ^^^^ Estate and Investment Co., 


110 South Elm Street. 


ISrichols J J, matress mfr, wks 225 s Davie 
*Nicholson J M, clerk, h 427 Walker ave 
Norwood Atlas, col, h 811 s Cedar 
Nocho J R, mail agent, h 401 e Market 
N C Steel and Iron Co, office 126 s Elm 
Nunnally J W, wks R&D, bds 329 w Lee 
*Oakley J L, carpenter, h 636 Mendenhall 
Oaklev Mrs Lou, tob worker, h 112 w Gaston 

Oak Hill Hosiery Mills, llOi Lewis 

Oak Hill Roller Mills, bet C F & Y V and R & D RR 

K Bakery, W A Earriss, prop, 358 s Elm 
^O'Brien John, lab, h 220 Clinton 

O'Connell Rev P, col. St Matthew M E Ch, h 609 Ashe 
O'Connor John, h s Elm, outside limits 
O'Connor Miss Maggie, h s Elm, outside limits 

1 nCCCC An IIICTCn and Promptly Paid on Insurance Placed through O. W, 
LUOOto AUJUO I lU Carr & Co., 233X South Elm St., Greensboro. 

O'Connor Arthur, h s Elm, outside limits 

O'Connor, Thos, jr, prop O'Connor dairy, h s Elm, outside lim 

=*0'Connor, Thos, sr., farmer, h s Elm, outside limits 

♦O'Connor James, wks RR, h 904 Asheboro 

Odell Albert, lab, h 800 e Market 

Odell Lawson, h 800 e Market 

*OdeU A C, lab, h 800 e Market 

Odell Miss Flora, h 800 e Market 

Odell Miss Lizzie, h 800 e Market 

*Odell J M, Pres't Odell Hardware Co, also N C Steel and Iron 

Co, h 313 e Washington 
Odell Hardware Co, 323 and 325 s Elm 
Oliver Rena, col, 107? w Gaston 
Omhoundro Mrs M, milliner, h 503 n Edgeworth 
Omhoundro & Co, Mrs, millinery, 105 w Market 



flllK^inds Seamless }4osietg, 

110>^ Lewis Street, 

'X'ROPICAL FRUITS, such as Oranges, Bananas, Pine Apples, Cocoanuts, 
-■■ Lemons, &c., always on hand at 

J. W. SCOTT & CO.'S. 


Orrell Mrs Lee, wid. h 300 cor Greene and Clay 

Orrell Miss Lillie, h 300 cor Greene and Clay 

O'Sullivan E C, plummer and tinner, 329 s Elm, h Ashe 

O'Sullivan Mrs J E, wid, h 712 Ashe 

Osborn Chas, p o clerk, bds 213 e Market 

Overbauu;h E W, com trav, bds McAdoo House 

Owen John D, apprentice, h 424 e Washington 

Owen Jas A, moulder, h 424 e Washington 

Owen Chas, h 424 e Washington 

Owen Mrs D A, wid, h 424 e Washington 

Pace Mrs Julia A, wid, h 804 Asheboro 

*Pace T H, New Home S M Co, h 230 Ashe 

Pace Miss Mattie, h 230 Ashe 

Pace Miss Minnie, h 230 Ashe 


Bain Building Company, 

Page P E, clerk C F & Y V R R, bds 327 e Market 

Palmer Simon, col, lab, h 238 n Percy 

Palmer Liza, col, h 127 w McCulloch 

* Parker Rev E P, h 866 Bellvue 

Parker Miss Mary, h 220 n Greene 

Parker Miss D, h 301 s Elm 

Parker Miss A, h 1058 w Market 

Parker W L, wks R R, h 866 Bellvue 

*Parker L D, R R conductor, h 816 Bellvue 

Parker Geo, col, well digger, h 209 Maple 

Parmer Washington, col, lab, 210 s Davie 

Parrish John, carpenter, bds 335 s Elm 

Parrish Miss Sulah, h 312 n Greene 

Parrish J H, blacksmith, h 312 n Greene 


Can always be had from the 

O'Connot^ Daify, 

South Elm Street, 

rnOS. O'CONNOR, jr., Frofk. 

Send in your orders for Milk in any quantity, or hand to 
Wagons, which make double-daily rounds. 


Real Estate and Investment Co., 

110 South Elm Street. 


Patillo Henry, col, h 109 n Percy -5 

♦Patterson A C, Revenue service, bds Asheboro j 

Patterson W R, clerk R & D, bds 115 Ashe ? 

Patterson John, col, brick-layer, h 608 Lindsay i 

Patton Dolpb, col, wks R R, h 828 Factory ^ 

Payne Mrs Jno W, wid, h 127 Church ;! 

Payne & Graham, barbers, 329 s Elm ; 

Payne R B, col, barber, h 151 w McCulloch j 

♦Peacock Dred, Prof. Languages and Nat Sciences, G F C \ 

Pearce Wm H, clerk, bds 230 e Market , | 

Pearce F, grocery 366 s Elm, h 222 e Market j 

Pearce Miss Julia, h 225 e Market | 

*Pearce J R, auctioneer, h 225 e Market I 

^OR A PLEASANT AND EFFECTIVE TONIC for ladies and children, try our '{ 

Beef Wine and Iron. Price 50 cts. Pint Bottle. } 

RICHARDSON & FARISS, "Wholesale and Retail Druggists. ) 


Pearce Shelley, brick mason, h 225 e Market 

Pearce Robert, plasterer, h 225 e Market 

Peck Miss Mary J, pastry cook, Benbow House 

Peeples Miss Susie, h 442 e Washington 

Pegram S J & Co, Tobacco Works, 209 Buchanan 

Peoples Janey, col, h 445 e Washington 

Peoples B A, col, h 445 e Washington 

Perkins A N, clerk McAdoo House 

Perkins Alice, col, dom, h 346 Asheboro 

Perry J L, fruits, &c, 205 s Elm 

Perry W J, car inspector C F & Y V R R, h 828 Vance 

♦Peters H B, coal agent, h 347 Ashe 

Peters George, col, carpenter, h 721 Ashe 

Petty J W, W C Bain Building Co, bds 346 s Ashe 


210, 212, 214, 215 S. Davie St., 

The Largest Produce Dealer 

Spot Cash Paid for Everything in the Produce Line. 

THERE is a big diflference between "cheap goods" and first-class goods 
cheap. Stop a minute and consider this fact and make your purchases 
from first-class houses is the advice of J. W. SCOTT & CO. 


Peirce Frank A, civil engineer, r 218 n Elm 

Petty Miss Mary M, h 346 Ashe 

Petty Miss Annie F, h 346 Ashe 

Petty C W, clerk, h 346 Ashe 

Petty G- E, furniture factory,' h 346 Ashe 

Petty Miss Roe J, h 346 Ashe 

Petty Mrs M V, wid, h 346 Ashe 

Petty Nathaniel, wks Crown Mills, h nr Crown Mills 

Peyton Miss Lula, h 121 w Sycamore 

*Phipps J Henry, dry good and groceries 500 Asheboro, h 518 do 

*Phelps Elija, carpenter, h 1006 s Cedar 

*Phoenix J J, produce, 216 s Davie, h outside limit 

Phoenix Robt, salesman 216 s Davie, h bey limit, e 

Pickard T M & Bro, groceries and produce, 100 n Davie 

*Pickard W R, groceries, h 102 n Davie 

Pickard T M & R 0, groceries, 101 e Market 

*Pickard T M, grocer, h 233 n Cedar 

Pickard Miss Mamie, h 233 n Cedar 

Pickett Drury, col, lab, h 213 n Forbis 

Piedmont Bank, 119 s Elm 

Piedmont Drug Co, 231 s Elm 

*Pigford J E, McDuffie & Pigford, h 309 Lindsay 

Pigford Miss Alice, h 309 Lindsay 

Pigford Miss Maribelle, h 309 Lindsay 

Pitts & Love, clothing and shoes, 364 s Elm 

* Pitts J R, merchant, h 351 w Bragg 

*Pinix W B, lab, h 831 Bellevue 

Pinnix Harriet, col, h 348 w Washington 

Pleasants Reuben, brick mason, bds 335 s Elm 

Pleasants Wm, brick mason, bds 335 s Elm 

Pleasants Thomas, painter, h 2093 East 

*Poezolt Eugene, tailor, h 335 n Greene 

*Poland W E, harness maker, h 125 Bain 

Poland Miss Sadie, wks hosiery mill, h 125 Bain 

Poland Miss Emma, wks hosiery mill, h 125 Bain 

*Pool Rev S, pastor Centenary M E Church, h 703 Asheboro 

Pool Edw. J, lawyer, h 703 Asheboro 

Pool Clarence K, student, h 703 Asheboro 

Pool Warren D, clerk, h 703 Asheboro 

Pool S C, Stenographer, h 703 Asheboro 

Pool Eugene J, h 703 Asheboro 

Pool Theodore A, private sec, h 703 Asheboro 

Pool W L, col, candy maker, wks 358i s Elm 

*Pope R C, h 439 s King 

*Pope P C, drummer, 439 s King 

Porter Miss Lina, teacher, h 430 w Market 

♦Porter W C, druggist, h 442 w Market 

.1 ■^:.. 


>.^\1 .' 

'1, M. 

>.-A-f . 

, 1- H 

. U ) . 

1 1 L 

WnRTU.WUAHTnM Real Estate and Investment Qq., 

if Un I n* If n An l U W real estate DEAXEES, ' 1 

110 South Elm street. ^ i > ■ - - i v ■ J. 


77 '/ /' ■;■■ ': ;■ P : . ..: .'' ■ ':]':./][) 

*Porter J A, furniture repairer, h 411 Delphina 

Porter Miss Elizabeth, art teacher, G F C ; , /^ .|^ ; 

Porter Miss Hattie, music teacher GF C " , -^ ■' 

Porter S W, wks Star warehouse, h 430 w Market 

*Potts R E, So Ex Co, h 104 s Greene 

Powell & Wharton, dry gqqds, &c,;233 s Elm , ^ 

*Powell N, Powell & Wharton, h 402 w Wasliingtqu,^ .: ,..'[ 

Powell Miss Dora, h 402 w Washington ^ ■,: ., / ^ _.^j ^■.^. [ 

Powell Jeff, wks R B, hds 310 ,Asheboro / ' '/ ' ,, ,',i^' ','-* ; , '| 

Powell Miss Maggie, h 828 Vanqe ;',■ ... ; _ ,; ■; 

Powell Ereskin,; col, h 337 s Davie , - - : 

Praer Seymour, col, lab, h 128 Beach , ,,, , r- 

Pretzfelder Dry Goods aud.^hoe Co,^210;s Elm'; / 

Pretzfelder Maurice, dry goods, r 210 s Elm , , ^ , , 

Presbyterian Church, col, 210 n Fbrbis ' ,^ •.£ 

*Price P D, capitalist, h 305 e Washington \ ' ^ ; ;>- 

Price Sam'l S, sec and treas So Ins Co, ;bds McAdoo fiouse 

Price Ira T, col, lab, h w Market .. \'', ^ 

*Prince J H, merchant, 228 s EJm, h 106 w ,Bi:agg ^, ,: , j 

Pritchett Mrs Eliza, h 921 s Elm ' ^ " ■ , ii'i'l.M 

Pritchett Mrs Catharine, wid,h '912 e Market . .; Mi!,,:'! 

Pritchett Miss Sue, h 410 Asheboro , , i ; ! 

0\A/ PARR Jii P(\ Insurance, Accident^ Fire, Life and Tornado' ' J3iily 
. ¥¥. UHnn \3L V»U., Eirst-Class Foreign aad American Companies Kepre}- 
sented. 233>^ South Elm Street, GreensborOiN. O. ' ■ ' ! , 

Pritchett Miss Maggie, h 410 Asheboro ■(, ! ■'' -' ^ 1 

Pritchett J A, janitor U S court house, h 410 Ashebor}:j .^j |_ ^.,5,1 

Pritchett Miss Etta, h 410 Asheboro, ',' '^ '•■■■' ■/'; 

Pritchett J W, carpenter, h 410 Aslieboro. 

Pritchett Geo W, clerk Benbow Hpuse, h 4i0 Aslieboro 

Pritchett Ben, col, h 146 w, McCulloch /<[ 

*Proctor H J, shoemaker, h 330i s Elm 

Pugh R M, h 221 Church 

Pugh Jabez, lab, bds 201 Whittington 

*Pugh Jno W, groceries, 219 Church, h 221 Church , .1 

Pugh Charles, clerk, h 221 Church ' : , | 

Pugh John, lab, bds 201 Whittington , :.= 

Pugh Mrs Kate, wid, h 400 e McCulloch 

Pugh Mrs S C, wid, h Pearson , 

Puryear R 0, engineer, bds Monroe House 

Quate Richard, h 208 Belle Meade ^v 

Quate Miss Cora, dom, h 404 w Market 

Ramsey Miss Alice, h 324 n Greene 

Railroad Eating House, cor s Elm and Bucl 

*Rankin John H, jailer, h 107 e Gaston 

Rankin Charles, student, h 107 e Gaston 

Rankin Arthur, clerk, h 107 e Gaston '' |1 

Rankin Miss Maggie, h 107 e Gaston ' 

"TiTTE doii't claim to seirgoo^s for lesq. yiain ..ef^ryisaa^ -efei^, iber * 

VV claim to sell them a^cos^to .certain •'-'hard customer?," hut we sell at 
at a living profit to all. J. W. SCOTT & CO. 


Rinkin Mrs Jane, wid, h 327 n Greene .i . ; 
Rankin Miss Callie, h 827 n Greene ; , ■ t 

Rankin Col W S, clerk, h 218 n Elm ... <,./..'■> i 

*Rankin \V R, clerk, h 325 W Market . 1 • . •■/ .t 7/ -j-,; 1 - 

Rankin Thos, col, driver, ii 715 n Gilmer r, W ri /; -i '. / i i. 
Rankin Susan, col, dom, h 218 n Elm- 1-.. , yln .*'". •> ; ir;^.r ,'. 7 li I 
Ransom Alice, col, h 811 Ashe ■ ' ; ,. .•-. ^,•,•J:■. u .1 i. il 1; I 
Ramsour J B, book-keeper, Keely Institute , . r. 1 ,.t o . -ii <> I 
Ray Mrs Angeletta, wid, h 215 e Market <•.!.: .:. ■< i/l -J-; •• i 

*Ray Peter L, printer and binder, h 215 e Market . i;<»J •f.\\ . \ 
Rav Major, col, porter, R&D RR, h 811 Ashe , •-, •,! \(. >. -i ; A 
*Rtaves W T, lab, h 429 w Bragg, . t : , >. . ^: . -■ 

Reddin Miss Maggie, wks knitting mills, bds 701 s Elmi. (>>-,■.•) 1. \ 
Reddin Miss Ella, wks knitting mills, bds 701s Elm 1,.. li./- -i-^ .. i 
Redding Cicero, lab, bds 201 Whittington t I 1; .- ;i ;i ) ,1 ^1 •< <- I 
Reed Jannie, col, dom, h 316 Lindsay •; > '■( .1: \ w \ > r,-,. j •» » [ 
Reed Major, col,: lab, b 239 n Gilmer • ; i! .; ii u t.^. i i/l ,,..-: •> 'A 
Reed Julius, tob worker, h 302 s Davie/ ■ .-n ..<.■) ; ■ •,.'^. , u iii- )i 
Reed Ida, col, wks 447 w Washington - --, • . o;: il .1' ;. c >. f ('<.:'•' 
Reed Wm, col, serv% h 1058 w Market , ,i !>r// . i 1^ l( ^iif: ■ :i 
Reed Wyatt, col, lab, h 813 Ashe , : ■,[[!■ .u^M...\ -t. 
Reed Victoria, col, h 604 s Spring ' '. -- 1. * 

*Reece J M, Reece & Elam, h 100 cor, Greene and w Market 


^ . . i , / , , ■ \ ' !i >'^U\ 

Bain Building Company, 

Reece & Elam, Daily Record, 222 s Elm .. ,. \) -.■■x.--. ■) •)- 51 
*Rees W H, ass't p m, h 214 w Gaston -i ' .n ,c l : w 'm 'j*.<i.i 

Rees R M, city tax collector, bds e Gaston : , •!! '••■' . '/ \- >. :.\'-' 

Rees Mrs L A, wid, supt culinary dept G FC. /. i' ii d .1 /. r^.r-..^,* 
Rees John, bds 214 w Gaston ,. ; ,, / f',-:v -A jntiuf -i p-. iR i-^. .Jl 
Reeves John, col, lab, h e Market - i < \ a 1 m r.u ■. ,1 J aaoS''' 
Reinicker Mrs E F, wid, h 506 w Market:; [ .1 ..,! t [r_ y/i\[^ n .^^oH 
*Reynolds Frank, carpenter, h 801 e Bragg >• •];•!/■. ;->.ii/; nd'r: /I 
^Reynolds C H, Pres't Guilford Lumber Poy.h. 3^3%^ 3r4gg> feo.i 
Reynolds Miss Ida, h 323 e Bragg IT d .1 1 .•> \)bA iiojiiv,,.}] 

*Reynolds E A, lab, h 105- e McCullooh : J, ii >l / .X ) >i- o-id^-.;.* 
Rhodes Amanda,' col, .serv't^h 235 n Ed^eworthi ■ .'// '/ 'id wn )?■'■ 
*Rice J F, carpenter, h 325 e Lee '.'.< 'A -. /<■'<'■ hIhI ,i. n .(. (, y//. il 
Rice Ben, col, laborer, h 427 Cole •; b - / n o^^ l 'j d H =v/oiI 

Rice Miss Leta, h, 328'e Lee _ i T .- <> i 7 1 .11 ■ y.) -i^vh Oi<* 

Ricks Miss Mary, dom, h 633 Ashe n > i,/! .<i^. .: .ijli-J -^AU. .1 II 
*Richardson J M, savings bank, h 615 w Gaston .n ,;-. d ) \i-><':ii)l 
Richardson Miss Sallie, h 615: w Gaston • : )ii) 1 >."// /. -/'lUtni'A 
Richardson EE, clerk, h 615 w Gaston ': ;• .biv/ ,M il -. U 1 Inn 
Richardson Dr W J, 109} s Elm, h 615 w-Gagtoii w .// • ul) ;» ;> ii 
*Richardson, J W, h 834 w Market: -/ -fii ! ,iiroL. rioeq n.>.''' 

*Richardson L, Richardson & Farl-i^, h 135 Siiii'tb-i</. in'^',nii;i 
Richardson & Fariss, druggists, 121 s Elm 


Real Estate and Investment Co. 

110 South Elm Street. 


Richardson Lewis, col, brick-mason, h 507 Lindsay 

Richardson Armstead, col, coachman, h 830 Austin 

Ridge & Young, fancy groceries, 362 s Elm 

*Ridge L N, police, h 119 Bain 

*Ridge W J, grocer, h 516 n Greene 

Riley Miss Nary, bds 516 n Greene 

Riley Miss Bettie, wks hosiery mills, r 330j s Elm 

Roach J A, tobacconist, bds 107 e Gaston 

Robert Portner's Brewing Co, 119 Buchanan 

Roberts Miss Minnie, h 908 Asheboro 

Roberts Louisa, col, h 116 w Gaston 

Roberts Mollie, col, h 9(>3 e Market 

*Robertson Dr R F, dentist, h 438 Church 

Robertson J B, shoemaker, bds 200 w Market 

Robertson Mrs Lucy, wid, teacher G F C, h 443 w Sycamore 

Robertson Charles, h 100 cor Greene and w Market 

Robertson Samuel, marble cutter, bds 3302 s Elm 

Robertson Miss Jaunita, h 100 cor Greene and w Market 

Robinson Shefie, col, wks Vanstory's stables 

*Robinson A T, h 300 s Spring 

Rose Mrs Maggie, wid, h 3086 e Market 

Rogers Annie, col, h 211 n Percy 

*Roles M, carpenter, h 116 w Price 

DIPUADnCflM CADICC wholesale and Retail Druggists. 
nlUnAnUoUrl Ot rAnlOO, Physicians' Supplies our Specialty, 

Rosche Miss Florence, h 302 s Elm 

Rosche Miss Gertrude, h 302 s Elm 

Rosemond John, fireman, bds 202 e Market 

*Ross J W, contractor, h 601 Arlington 

*Ros8 A L, h 601 Arlington 

Ross Miss Emma, h 428 Arlington 

*RoSS L F, hosiery mills, h 428 Arlington 

Rosson Miss Mattie, h 113 s Gilmer 

Rosson Miss Mary E, h 113 s Gilmer 

Rosson Mrs Ellen, h 113 s Gilmer 

Rosson Eddie, lab, h 113 s Gilmer 

*Rothrock C N, wks R & D RR, h 524i s Elm 

*Rowe Dr W W, dentist, 101^ e Market, h 220 s Elm 

Rowe J J, ag't, bds 837 s Elm 

Rowe Sallie, h 233 n Cedar 

*Royster Geo H, dry goods, 112 s Elm, h 434 Church 

Rue Miss Lulu, h 818 Pearson 

Russell Chas, col, painter, h 820 Ashe 

Rumley A W, carpenter, bds 301 s Elm 

Rutter Mrs R P, wid, h 328 e McCulloch 

Rutter Geo W, tob worker, h 328 e McCulloch 

*Sampson John, h 612 Asheboro 

Sampson Miss Ada, h 612 Asheboro 

LOOK AROUND all you like and compare prices with other houses, 
but, quality of goods considered, you will do no better any where than 
at the "old reliable" house of J. W. SCOTT & CO. 


Sampson Miss Hattie, artist, h 612 Asheboro 

*Saunders Jas. shoe-maker, h 404 e Market 

Saunders Ellis, col, restaurant, h 230 s Davie 

*Savery A, auctioneer, h 103 e Market 

Sasher Ed, col, lab, h 114 w Gaston 

Scales Mrs Mary, wid, h 200 s Spring 

Scales Miss Irving h 310 e Washington 

Scales Miss Annie, h 310 e Washington 

Scales Mrs E H, wid, h 310 e Washington 

Scales Alfred, teacher, h 310 e Washington 

Scales Miss Kate, h 310 e Washington 

^Scarborough S W, grocer, w Market, h 825 McGhee 

Schenck & Schenck, lawyers, office 115 n Elm 

*Schenck D, attorney R & D RR, h 403 n Edgeworth 

Schenck W E. transfer clerk R & D RR, h 403 n Edgeworth 

Schenck D Jr, lawyer, h 403 n Edgeworth 

Schenck John R, h 403 n Edgeworth 

Schenck Michael, h 403 n Edgeworth 

Schenck J S, h 403 n Edgeworth 

Schenck Miss Rebecca B, h 403 n Edgeworth 

*Schenck Dr D R, Pres't Greensboro Wat, Co, 311 n Edgeworth 

*Schoolfield J W, mail carrier, h 508 n Greene 

*Schultz C A, clerk, h 230 e Market 

Schultz Mrs Minnie, dress-maker, h 230 e Market 

Scott J W & Co, jobbers dry goods and groceries, 240-242 s Elm 

Scott J W & Co's warehouse, 108 and 110 w Washington 

Scott L M, lawyer 111 Court sq, h 124 Fayetteville 

Scott J P, book-keeper, h 320 n Forbis 

Scott Wm, h 320 n Forbis 

Scott J W, (J W Scott & Co) h 303 Lindsay 

^'^Scott W A, police, h 240 Belle Meade av 

*Scott David N, police, h 218 e Gaston 

Scott H L & Co, leaf dealers, 122 n Elm 

*Scott M E, carpenter, h 411 e Market 


Attorney ^ Coansellop at liauu, 

111 Court Square, 

c3-k.e:e:]scsbok.o, n. c 


WORTH-WHARTON «''''fl'?'SJ"l'-f «"!,?* ^<^' 

110 South Elm Street. 

28 GREfiNSfidiio directory! 

*Scott H L, tobacconist', h 325 w Market ' '' 

Scott Martha, col, h 443 Cole ' ' ' ■' 

Scott Eliza, col, h 123 n Gilmer ', ' "' ; 

Scott Oliver, col, night watchman, 214'e Gastoii " ' ,' ' , /' 

Scott Jack, col, laborer, h 447 Cole ' ' / ' ; ':' '' ', . ^ 

*Seabock J W, carpenter, bds 121 Bain ' " ,. " " ' "'. "1 ' ' ' ; 

Selden Mrs Lizzie, wid, h 113 Churcli ' " " ': ' ' '^ ' " - ' ' 

Sellars Patsy, col, h w McOulloch 

Sellars Isaac, col, h 1047 College aVe 

Sellars John, col, brick layer, h w McOnlloch ,. , 

Sellars Anna, col, h 200 Lyndon _ : 

-ergeant Manfg Co, nr e Washington, bet E, & D and NCR R's 

*Sergeant B E, Pres Sergeant Mfg Co, h 219 e Washington 

*Sergeant W T, Supt Sergeant Mfg Co, h 119 Factory 

*Sergeant Geo S, Sec artd Treas Sergeant Mfg Co, h 442 Arlington 

Sergeant Joe, condr C F & Y V, h 219 e Washington ' . ' 

Settle Mrs Mary, widow, h 400 Aslieboro 

Settle Miss Carrie, h 400 Asheborb , ' ' 

*Shaff P S, wks R R, h 837 Bellvne . , : 

*Sharp J M, groceries, 1000 East, h bey lim 

Sharp Mrs J C, bds 306 e Washington : 

Sharp Sallie, dom, h 5l9 Asheboro ■ 

Tivr 0X711? A TVT/^TT* ' /^AT Cotton and Woollen MiUs, Tobacco Factories!, 
J.1N Q U Xv^lN \^J1j V-/1M Wood Workers, Quartz Mills a Specialty with 
O. W. CARR & CO., 233>^ S5uth Eltn Street, Greensboro, N. C. 

*Sharpe B C, lawyer, 100 Court Sqr, h 220 e Lee • 

Sharpe Cora, col, sevt, h 339 n Mendenhall . - 

»harpe Claire, servt, h 328 e Lee ; w ; 

Shaw J Henry, clerk, h 904 Asheboro r ; 

Shaw Miss Emma, bds 233 n Cedar . .'. ' '' '" 

*Shaw Charlie, engineer, h nr Grown mills ' ' ' '> ■ ^'•' 

Shaw Miss Lillie, bds 340 s Elm - '; . i i ''■ ' 

Shaw Charlie, clerk, bds 535 S Elm '^ • ■' 

Shaw M, W Carr & Co, insurance, r 243 eWashington 

Shaw Miss Fannie, h 243 e Washington ^ ^ .^ 

Shaw John, machinist, bds 3018 e College | \ / -i . 

Shaw J, col, f night watchmanj h 211 h Gilmei" ~~^ ' -^ 

Shay Patrick, weaver, bds 900 e Market 

*Shell Azor, foreman Bain Bldg Co, h 4^9 e-Washingtcoi,,, „ .« j ?-s 

pheltou Henry, Gol, kb, h 136'Beach - - .. - :. ^ iUi . i-i 

Sherrill C 0, photographer, h 612 w Gaston 

Sherrill Geo, col, servt,: h 356 ^ Elmj -o I I I 

Sherwood, Mrs M L, wid, h 426 w Gaston 

Sherwood Miss Annie N, h 426 WrGast^n -; -, 5 ^-) 

Sherwood M S, Teller National ^Bank, h 426" w^Gaston 

Sherward,T D, merchant, h 426 w Gaston ;■ -, y ,. e| 

Shields' Mrs Annie, elocution teacher G EC "" ' " ' ^^' ' 

J, W. SCOTT & CO. carry the largest stock of Clover Seed and all other 
• field Seeds of anj' other hoase in the city, and they sell the purest and 
cleanest seeds that m^nev will buv. " 


*Shober Col C E, h 120 w Sycamore 
Shober Miss Mary, h 120 w Sycartiore. 
Shober Miss Ellie H, h 120 w Sycamores 
Shober Miss Annie L, h 120 w Sycamore, 

Bain Building Company, 


Interior HarcLTTTOoia. nn.xsls.- 

Shoffner C C, clerk, r Y M C A building 
Shoffner Mary, col, dom, h 613 Asheboro, 
Shoffner Galloway, col, lab, h 114 East , ' ,, 
Shorkes Oscar, col, drayman, h 109 w tVashington 

The Most Popular Machine ever made by the Company 
that sells 800,000 every year is the , . ;" ' 








^ ' 




V ■ 






Perfect for every Family Purppse. Unequalled for 
Art "Work. Unapproached in Design and Finish. Sales 
doubled every year since itsbirth. 

Repairing done oh all machines. Oil and Needles furn- 
ished for any make machine. ; ' , ' 

116 W. Market St. J . C. , SNODDY, M^na^ep. 

WnRTU.WUARTflM Real Estate and Investment Co., 
fwuri I n^ffwIIHri l %Mn real estate dealers. 

110 South Elm Street. 


Shorkes Angaline, col, h 09 w Gaston 

♦Short John C, wks R R, h 824 Bellvue 

Short Napoleon, col, cook, h 310 n Percy 

Short Eden, col, wks 447 w Washington 

Sides E L, dispatcher N C Div, bds 218 e Washington 

Sikes Miss Rosa, h 900 e Market 

*Sikes J H, groceries, 428 e Washington, h 900 e Market 

Sikes Miss Samantha, h 900 e Market 

Sikes Mrs Eliza, wid, h 320 n Greene 

*Siler N J, jeweller, h 109 e Market 

Siler John, h 109 e Market 

Siler Mrs J W, wid, h Swannannoa 

*Simpson W W, farmer, h Asheboro 

*Simms Squire, col, gardner, h 125 n Dodson 

Simmons Jas, lab, h 344 w Whittington 

Simmons Carrie, col, h 2051 East 

Simmons Millie, col, h 2051 East 

Simpson Joseph, carpenter, bds 301 s Elm 

Simps-n Felix, col, brakeman, h 216 n Forbis 

Simpson Sarah, col, h 949 McGhee 

Simpson Sarah, col, h 516 e Gaston 

Simpson Bell, col, dom, h 417 Asheboro 

Singer Mfg Co, 116 w Market 

all the year around at our elegant Soda Fountain. 

Wholesale and Retail Druggists. 

Refreshing Drinks 

Singleton Jeff, col, painter, h 314 n Gilmer 

Slate H I, carpenter, h 628 Ashe 

Slate Mrs A F, wid, h 628 Ashe 

Sloan R M, So Ex Co, h 320 w Market 

*Sloan T J, h 225 e Washington 

Sloan Miss Bessie, h 225 e Washington 

Sloan Wm, col, bill poster, h 907 e Market 

Sloan Walter, col,' lab, h 1039 e Washington 

Sloan Juli), col, cook, h 220 iV Washington 

Sloan Wilson, col, fireman, h 337 w Whittington 

Sloan Yancy, col, brick mason, h 354 w Whittington 

Small Mrs M E wid, h 502 w Market 

Small Miss Alice, h 502 w Market 

Small Miss Lily, h 502 w Market 

Small Miss M T, h 502 w Market 

*Smith Dr J Henry, pastor 1st Pres Ch, h 347 Church 

Smith Miss Margaret, h 347 Church 

Smith Prof S C, prin graded school, h 401 Church 

Smith W C, merchant, h 401 Church 

*Sinith F F, furniture, h 331 n Greene 

*Smith S N, h 431 n Greene 

*Smith Jno J, h 116 n Gilmer 


POOR MAN'S DOLLAR is worth just as much as a rich man's at our 
store. Our Motto is : "Honest goods and fair dealing with all." 

J. W. SCOTT & CO. 


*Smith Rev E W, bds 327 Church 
Smith Mrs M D, wid, h 202 w Sycamore 
Smith Miss Maggie, h 202 w Sycamore 
*Smith R H, street overseer, h 200 n Forbis 
*Smith Joe, compositor, h 218 e Gaston 
Smith Miss Mary, h 200 n Forbis 
*Smith J Y, contractor, h 510 Arlington 
Smith D B, h 510 Arlington 
Smith Miss Gertie, h 510 Arlington 
*Smith E H, engineer, R &D RR, h 429 King 
Smith Miss Fannie, h 429 King 
Smith A D, engineer, R & D RR, h 429 King 
*Smith Ed, book-keeper, h 624 ArKngton 
*Smith J Willie, toltacconist, h 316 w Gaston 
Smith Miss Minnie L, h 316 w Gaston 
Smith Miss Fannie M, h 316 w Gaston 
Smith M T, tobacconist, h 316 w Gaston 
Smith Miss E S, teacher, bds 302 Arlington 
*Smith L F, lab, h 864 s Elm 
*Smith Geo, lab, h 710 e Market 
Smith Wm, merchant, h 401 Church 
Smith R A, engineer, bds 629 s Elm 
Smith Miss Bettie, saleslady, h 405 Asheboro 
Smith Miss Lula, h 801 e Sycamore 

*Smith Jas, wks Greensboro Sash and Blind Co, h 2065 East 
*Smith Geo, paver, h 611 e Market 
Smith Mrs Pamelia, h 214 e Market 
Smith Miss Ada, h 801 e Sycamore 
Smith Miss Minnie, h 801 e Sycamore 
Smith Richard, col, shoemaker, h 825 McGee 
Smith Cora, col, cook, h 620 Asheboro 
Smith Henry, col, h 209 n Cedar 
Smith Saml, col, barber, h 207 and 208 Market Sqr 
Smith Robt, col, lab, h 312 e Market 
Smith. Lizzie, col, wks 443 w Sycamore 
Smith Henry, col, lab, h 107 e Gaston 
Smith Wesley, col, pressman, h Warnersville 
Smithdeal L A, groceries, confections and stationery, 226 s Elm 
*Smothers Alfred, lab, h 200 n Elm 
Smothers Mrs Bettie, wid, h 209 East 
*Snell F V, plumber, 116* e Market, h 341 n Greene 
Snoddy J C, mgr Singer Machine Co, bds 414 n Elm 
*Sn()W Wm E, com trav, h 425 Church 

South Greensboro Pharmacy, S S Haithcock mgr, 416 Ashe- 
Southern Ex Co, R E Potts, agt, 328 s Elm 
Southern Life Insurance Co, 311 s Elm 

WO'RTTT-WTTAPTQW Real Estate and Investment Co.» 


110 South Elm Street. 


Sowell Rev F W, col, pastor A M E church, h 132 Maple 

Span Lizzie, col, h 159 w McCulloch 

Spencer E N, section master, h 125 w Lee 

*Spencer N L, carpenter, h 719 s Elm 

Spencer Miss Dora, h 719 s Elm 

Spencer Edward, lab, h 416 w Bragg 

Spencer Madison, lab, h 416 w Bragg 

Spencer Miss Rodena, h 416 w Bragg 

Spoon Mrs Elizabeth, wid, h 200 Clinton 

*St Sing Geo, h 401 Asheboro 

St Barnabas Episcopal Church, 201 n Greene 

St Matthews M E Church, col, 601 and 603 Ashe 

St Agnes Catholic church, 329 n Forbis 

*Staples Col J N, lawyer, h 305 w Market 

Insurance promptly placed and prompt payments of losses 
guaranteed Over $250,000 losses paid during the last twenty 
policy ever yet contested written at this Agency. 2dSH S. Elm Street. 

0. W. CARR & CO. 

years, and no policy ever 

Staples Miss E J, h 305 w Market 
Staples Mrs M E, h 305 w Market 
Stanley Mrs Harriet, matron, Benbow House 
Star Warehouse, 210 s Davie 
Steed Miss Ida, saleslady, h 507 Arlington 
Steele Mrs. M B, wid, h 108 n Davie 
Steele Turner, col, wks Vanstory's stables 
Steele Lee, col, wks Vanstory's stables 
Steele Francis, col, h 20 East 
Steele Wm, col, lab, h 112 East 
Stephenson Mrs Alice, h 524 s Elm 
*Stewart John W, lab, h 608 s Spring 
*Stewart M L, livery stables, h 359 Ashe 

South Greensboro Pharmac3^ 

S. S. HAITHCOCK, Manager, 


Pure Drugs, Chemicals, Spices, Patent Medicines, Tobacco, 

Cigars, and Druggists' Sundries. Can sell you the 

Best Goods at the Very Lowest Prices. 


4rl6 .A^slieTDoro Street. 

DON'T expect too much in this world, for if you do you may be disap- 
pointed. But you should expect a dollar's worth of goods for a dollar. 
Tliat is just what we propose to give you. J. W. SCOTT & CO. 


*Stewart J N, liveryman, h 308 e Gaston 

Stiles Miss Mattie, h 801 e Gaston 

*Stone H D, carpenter, h 224 w Market 

Stone Mrs M A, wid, h 224 w Market 

Stone J J, job printer, h 224 w Market 

Stone Miss Mamie, h 224 w Market 

Stone Miss Susie, 224 w Market 

Stone & Kendall, bnblishers Greensboro City Directory 

*Stone W E, tob mfr, h Church 

^Stratford W 0, tinner, h Julian, ur limits 

Streets Fanny, col, h 205 Market sq 

Strong Joseph, painter, bds 801 e Sycamore 

Stroud S B, drummer, Y M C A building 

Stroud Dennis, col, carpenter, h 611 e Gorreli 

Stubbs Rev A H, rector St Barnabas ch, bds 225 e Washington 

*Sullivan Wm, shoemaker, h 225 Lindsay 

Sullivan Miss Annie, h 225 Lindsay 

*Sullivan John, h 861 s Elm 

*Sullivan D M, carpenter, h 201 w Whittington 

Sulkins Louisa, col, dom, wks 320 w Gaston 

Sulkins Laura, col, h 320 w Gaston 

Summers Harry, carpenter, bds 515 w Lee 

DOSES for $1,00, we give, in our Concentrated Extract Sarsaparilla— superior 
to Patent Nostrums. 

KICHARDSON & FARISS, Wholesale and Retail Druggists. 

Suits Mrs M, wid, h 431 n Greene 
Suthers Eobt, painter, bds 801 e Sycamore 
Sutliff Annie, col, h 140 n Mendenhall 
Sutliff John, col, lab, wks Banner warehouse 
*Swaim A J, carpenter, h 702 e Market 
Swaim Miss Flora, h 702 e Market 
Swaim Miss Katie, h 702 e Market 
*Swaim Lyndon, h 213 Lyndon 
Swaim Miss Ada, h 213 Lyndon 
Swaim Miss Jennie, h 213 Lyndon 
Swaim Miss Mary, h 213 Lyndon 
Swaim Logan, h 213 Lyndon 
Swaim Henry, ool, lab, h 502 w Washington 
*Swan W C, engineer, h 202 Fayetteville 
Swan S B, insurance, h 202 Fayetteville 
*Tate Dr R W, physician, h 335 Asheboro 
Tate Mrs H E, wid, h 286 Belle Meade av 
Tate Thos, 286 Belle Meade av 
Tate Bros, drugs, 108 s Elm 
Tate J T, real estate, bds Benbow House 
*Tate F A, druggist, h 503 w Sycamore 
Tate Sam, h 508 w Sycamore 



and Investment Co. 

110 South Elm Street. 


Tate H H jr, h 286 Belle Meade av 

Tate Rev Albert, col, pastor Presbyterian Ch, h 212 n Forbis 

Tatum & Stewart, livery, feed and sale stables, 113-115 Depot 

*Tatura H B, liveryman, h 416 n Greene 

Tatum M J, tobacconist, h 514 w Market 

Tatum David, lab, h 904 Ashe 

Taylor Fred N, livery stables, bds 335 s Elm 

*Taylor R C, bds 323 Asheboro 

Taylor Z V, train dispatcher C F & Y V R R 

Taylor C B, city mgr standard Sewing Machine Co, bds 115 s 

*Taylor J H, car inspector, h 641 Asheboro 
*Taylor G W, brick mason, h 118 e McCulloch 

Bain Building Company, 


All Kinds of Builders' Supplies* 

Taylor Wm, col, lab, h 900 s Cedar 
Taylor Geo, col, hotel waiter, h 230 e Sycamore 
*Tpnnant J D, Piilman Car Co, h 531 s Elm 
Terry Miss Nannie, dressmaker, h 221 Lindsay 
Terry Miss Lou, dressmaker, h 221 Lindsay 
Terrv Cassie, col, h 245 e Sycamore 
. *Thacker J T, tailor, h 309 n Forbis 
Thacker Mrs M E, wid, h 218 Ashe 
Thacker Mrs E J, h 602 w Gaston 
Thacker J L, salesman, h 218 Ashe 
Thacker L R, wks R & D R R, h 218 Ashe 
Thacker Rev J E, h 210 Ashe 





Furnished at Short Notice. 

Fine Carriages and Teams for Parties, Wed- 
dings and Funerals at Short Notice. 

Jl^^The sale of Extra Fine Single Horses and 
Teams a Specialty. Everything First-Class. 

AWAY back in the " forties " people flocked to California for gold ; now 
the fruit industry of the State is attracting the multitudes. We handle 
largely of the products of the "Golden State." J. W. SCOTT & CO. 


Thacker Harry, col, carpenter, h 613 Lindsay 

Thacker Mittie, col, li 817 Babtist 

Thacker Esther, col, h 817 Babtist 

Thacker Caroline, col, h 817 Babtist 

Thaxton Miss Phereba, dress making dept, G F C 

The Original Racket Store, 318 s Elm 

Thom J E, baker, 117 e Market, h 218 s Ashe 

Thorn Lizzie, col, wks 311 n Edgeworth 

Thom Moses, col, h 334 s Meudenhall 

Thomas Bros, Book and Job Printers, 204? s Elm 

Thomas, C F, Thomas Bros, h 509 n Greene 

*Thomas John, Thomas Bros, h 122 Price 

Thomas Miss Mary, h 509 n Greene 

OW PARR Ri Pfl Insurance Special attention given to Country Busi- 
. »». vMlin Ut \j\J.j ness, Dwellings, Barns and Stores of Permanent 

Residents. 2a3K South Elm Street, Greensboro, N. C. 

Thomas Miss Mary F, h 509 n Greene 

Thomas Miss Jane, h 509 n Greene 

Thomas J 0, h 426 w Gaston 

Thomas Rev J C, h 440 w Gaston 

Thomas Miss Ada, 219 e Market 

Thomas Rankin, h 219 e Market 

Thomas Willie, h 219 e Market 

Thomas Miss Sallie, h 219 e Market 

Thomas Capius, salesman, h 219 e Market 

Thomas Robt W, Thomas & Chrismon, h 219 e Market 

*Thomas John W, carpenter, h 219 e Market 

*Thomas Cornelius, carpenter, h 224 e Market 

*Thomas D E, tob buyer, h 105 n Davie 

*Thomas Jas, col, lab, h 359 w Bragg 

ni55 nmmit terry, 

FasMonatle Dress Maimer, 


All Work Done in the liatest Style and Guaranteed 
to Give Satisfaction. 

WORTH-WHARTON «niii«*l.\"4'S5^11*=* '=''■' 

110 South Elm Street. 


Thomas & Chrismon, grocers, 125 s Davie and 201 e Syca- 
Thomas Caroline, 335 n Edgeworth 
Thompson Miss Mattie, h 622 Ashe 
Thompson L, shoemaker, h 622 Ashe 
*Thornton J J, jeweler, 114 s Elm, h 624 Asheboro 
Thornton Frank, jeweler, h 624 Asheboro 
Thornton Chas D, tel operator; h 624 Asheboro 
Thornton Harry, farmer, h 624 Asheboro 
Thornlow S W, billiards and pool, 368 s Elm, r 330^ s Elm 
Tiddy Thos C, clerk, h 438 Gorrell 
*Tie B F, carpenter, h 519 e Bragg 
Tie Samuel, apprentice, h 519 e Bragg 

YOUR TRAVELING BAG is not more essential to your comfort on a iournev than 
KODAK— the Perfect Headache Cure. Price 10 cents. 
RICHARDSON & FARISS, Sole Proprietors. 

Tie Wm, moulder, h 519 e Bragg 

Tie Miss Maggie, h 519 e Bragg 

*Tilden H B, mining engineer, h 308 n Davie 

*Tildeu A F, jr, Sec Columbia Mica Co, bdsn Davie 

Tollock Eobt, painter, bds 802 e Sycamore 

*Tomlinson Edward, clerk, h 825 Bilbro Alley 

*Toinlinson J E, mgr City Dray Line, h 231 e Washingtc 

Tomlinson Mrs Sue, wid, h 314 n Davie 

Townes Jordan, col, lab, h 619 e Caston 

Trice Chas, col, lab, h 905 e Market 

Trice Susan, col, h 2051 East 

Trice Dock, col, lab, h 2051 East 

Trogdon Sam'l L, clerk U S Dist Courts, h 352 Price 


Famili} ^mm$ and (Jounti'j ppodncE, 

No. 123 to 125 South Davie Street, 

All Kinds of Feed Kept in Stock. 

All Goods Fresh and Guaranteed as Represented. 

FROM the north, oast, west and south our goods come rolling in. We 
trv nt'ver to buy too much of any one thing at a time, thereby always 
JiavingYresh stock on hand. J. W. SCOTT & CO.' 


Trogdon Thos, col, servt, h 351 Asheboro 

Trotter Joseph, h 415 w Bragg 

*Trotter W D, public administrator, office Court House sq, h 110 
s Ashe 

Trotter Miss Mary, bill clerk Odell Hdw Co, h 110 s Ashe 

Trotter Will, com traveler, h 110 s Ashe 

Trotter Eufus, col, wks Vanstory's stables 

Trotter Sue, col, h 207 e Sycamore 

Tucker John, clerk, bds 575 e Bragg 

Tucker Miss Emma, bds 300, cor (ireene and Clay 

Tncker Miss Callie, sales-lady, bds 300, cor Greene and Clay 

*Tucker R C, foreman, h 207 e Sycamore 

Tucker Frank, restaurant, col, 213 s Elm 

Tucker Horace, col, drayman, h 401 Asheboro 

*Turner E Frank, tel operator, bds 340 s Elm 

Turner Dr Chas A, dentist, office 234^ s Elm, bds 225 e Wash- 

Turner John, brick mason, bds 200 n Elm 

Turner Miss Martha, h 712 e Market 

Turner Miss Annie, h 712 e Market 

*Turner J A, shoemaker, h 712 e Market 

Bain Building Company, contractors. 

Rough and Dressed Lumber. 

♦Turner W H, plasterer, h 220 w Gaston 

Turner Miss Lizzie, h 220 w Gaston 

Turner Yancey, col, lab, h 140 Beach 

Turner Robt, col, lab, h 210 Mebane 

Tylor Mrs R W, wid, h 520 w Market 

Tyock Miss Sue, house-keeper, h 500 Arlington 

U S Recruiting Office, 115 w Market 

U S Court House and Poat Office, 103 s Elm 

Union News Go's Office, C F & Y V RR office 

*Underwood G M, lab, h s Spring 

IJnthank Harmon, col, carpenter, h 163 w McCulloch 

IJnthank, Wm, col, h 163 w McCulloch 

Unthank Caroline, col, wks W A Day's 

Vanstory C M & Co, clothiers, 216 s Elm 

*Vanstory C M, clothier, h 349 n Elm 

*Vanstory C P, livery stables, 113, 115 and 116 s Davie, h 208 e 

Vanstory J W, lab, h e Washington 
Vanstory Robt, wks RR, h306 n Gilmer 
Vanstory Mrs Mary E, wid, h 213 Clinton 
Vanstory Albert, col, wks Vanstory's stables 
*Vanhorn W P, prop Gate City Mattress Factory, h 502 Arlington 


Real Estate and Investment Co. 

110 South Elm Street. 


^Vaughn J W, agt Singer Co, h 641 Asheboro 

Vaughn R G, cashier Piedmont Bank, bds 305 e Washington 

Vaughn E N", agt, bds 837 s Elm 

*Vernon R L, agt R&D RR, Asheboro 

Vernon G W, chief dispatcher, R&D RR 

*Vernon A T, bagg agt, R&D RR, also real est, h 641 Asheboro 

Ventress Stewart, wks R Portner's brewing co, h 524 i s Elm 

* Vincent Wm, wks RR, h e Gaston 
Vuncannon & Co, grocers, 526 s Elm 
*Vuncannon M, grocer, h 407 W Bragg 
Waddell Sarah, col, h 612 Lindsay 
*Wagouer J W, carpenter, h 109 Ashe 
Wagoner Jane, col, dom, h 202 Fayetteville 

I nCCCC An IIICTCn and Promptly Paid on Insurance Placed through O. W. 
LUouLO AUJUO I LU Carr & Co., 233^ South Elm St., Greensboro. 

Wakefield Hardware Co, 229 s Elm 

Wakefield Dairy Farm, I2 m s of Depot, Geo Wakefield, prop 

*Wakefield Dr W H, optician. 111 w Sycamore 

* Walters J M, carpenter, h 220 Mebane 

* Walters Wm, carpenter, h 204 n Forbis 

*Walsh Capt^ H, master trains R&D RR, 413 s Elm, _ 286 Belle 

Meade av 
*Walker A L, lumber dealer, h 839 Vance 
Walker John, plasterer, bds 443 e Whittington 
Walker Stephen, col, wks RR, h 323 n Percy 
Walker Andrew, col, tob roller, h 132 Beach 
Walker Lillie, col, h 244 w Whittington 

Wakefield Dairy Farm, 

\H Miles bouth of Depot. 



Am giving Perfect Satisfaction wliere others have failed. 

:E= O. Bo3r ©1. OresnsTooro, .IST. O. 

1 l7"E have been told frequently that we handle more Oranges and Lemons 
VV than all the rest of the town. Well, we don't sav that, but we know 
we handle our share of those goods. J. W. SCOTT & CO. 


* Walker S J, fireman, h 103 e McCulloch 
*Walker John, tobacconist, h 200 n Davie 
Warren Silas, col, lab, h 903 Park av 

Ware T D, col, wks R & D RR, h 1043 e Washington 

Ware Samuel, col, lab, h 513 Lindsay 

Ward Bettie, col, wks 215 Eugene 

*Ward J A, dyer, h 709 e Sycamore 

*Ward G W, druggist, h 998 Spring Garden 

Washington Harriet, col, h 301 e Market 

Washington Lizzie, col, h 351 Asheboro 

*Watkins J C W, book keeper Nat Bank, h 605 w Market 

*Watkins Chas, yardmaster R & D RR, h 304 e Bragg 

Watkins Anderson, col, h 231 n Percy 

Watkins Miss Jane, h 443 w Sycamore 

Watson Mary, col, h 200 Lyndon 

*Watson J F, clerk, h 823 Ashe 

* Watson C S, com trav, bds 434 Arlington 
Watson Lizzie, col, h 325 w Market 
Watson Lucy, col, h 200 s Forbis 
Watson Tishey, col, h 228 Mebane 
Wattlington J H, elk, R&D RR,' h 356 s Elm 
Watlington Mrs E 0, boarding house, 356 s Elm 
Wagstaif Peter, col, h e Market 

Wagstaff Geo, col, lab, h 120 s Forbis 

*Weatherspoon W L, chf despatcher, C F & Y V RR, h 502 Asheboro 

Weatherly Clara, col, servt, h 364 Ashe 

Weatherly Andrew, elk, h 202 s Ashe 

Weatherly Mrs N C, h 202 s Ashe 

Weatherly Miss Elsie, h 202 s Ashe 

Weatherly John, h 119 n Davie 

* Weatherly W J, policeman, h 119 n Davie 
Weaver James, cond R&D, bds 328 e Lee 
Weaver Miss Carrie, h 317 n Greene 
Weaver R W, student, h 317 n Greene 
Weaver Mrs E J, wid, h 317 n Greene 
Webster J W, carpenter, h 5242 s Elm 
Webster Jno, col, lab, h 247 e Sycamore 
Webb James, col, lab, h 3001 East 
Welsh Jas, barber, h 327 Maple 

*Welker W B, carpenter, h 406 e McCulloch 

*Welker Robt, painter, h 215 e Gaston 

Westminster Presbyterian Church, 409 Asheboro 

W U Telegraph Co, 114 s Elm 

Westbrook S W, prop R R eating house, cor Buchanan and s Elm 

*West John, dyer, h 108 e McCulloch 

West J J, brick mason, h 108 e McCulloch 

West J T, clerk, h 229 n Cedar 

WORTH-WHARTON ««»' 11*^*1 

and Investment Co. 

no South Elm Street. 


*West Jas H, li 202 n Cedar 

West E G, barkeeper, bds 335 s Elm 

Wharton Minerva, col, wks 335 Asheboro 

Wharton Andy, col, lab, h 136 Beach 

Wharton Samuel, col, lab, h Chestnut 

Wharton Ellen, col, dom, h 741 Pearson 

Wharton, Jackson & Co, ice mfrs, 115 Buchanan 

Wharton Wiley, col, h 301 e Market 

Wharton Henry, col, lab, h 233 e ycamore 

Wharton Jno W, agricultural machinery, 324 s Elm, h 742 Pearson 

* Wharton E P, Worth- Wharton Real Estate and Investment Co, 

h 741 Pearson 

PROMPT PAVMTNTQ Made on aU insurance losses by O. V^r. CARR & CO., 
r n U ni r I r H T m C 1^ 1 O 2.33^ south Elm street, Greensboro, N. C. 

Wharton Miss Lizzie, h 809 Pearson 

Wharton Miss Emma, h 809 Pearson 

Wharton Jno C, book keeper, h 809 Pearson 

Wharton Ernest, h 739 Church 

Wharton Lee, h 739 Church 

Wharton J R, supt public instruction, h 739 Church 

Wharton Henry W, editor Greensboro Patriot, h 739 Church 

* Wharton Wallace, merchant, h 354 Church 
Wheeler Mrs Phcebe, wid, h 840 s Elm 
Wheeler Miss Bertha, h 410 Delphina 
Wheeler J H, clerk, h 410 Delphina 

* Wheeler J K, clerk, h 410 Delphina 

*White R G, photographer, 108J w Market, bds 316 Lindsay 


pine Photographs 


I08i West Market Street. 

ALL through the different seasoiis we try to keep the kind of goods 
suitable for such time of year. We handle about everything to eat 
except vegetables and poultry. J. W. SCOTT & CO. 


White Byron, P clerk, h 316 Lindsay 

White Miss Mary, h 316 Lindsay 

White Miss Annie, teacher, h 316 Lindsay 

* White J D, postmaster, h 316 Lindsay 
White J E, monlder, r 511 i s Elm 
White Miss E F, h 317 e Washington 
White T E, machinist, h 317 e Washington 
*White Wra, carpenter, h 114 w Bragg 

* White A B, h 322 Asheboro 

* White Geo W, com trav, h 305 n Edge worth 
*White J W, clerk, h 323 n Greene 
*White C, tinner, h 909 Asheboro 

White Miss Ellen, h 909 Asheboro 

White Thos, col, lab, h 874 s Cedar 

White Henry, col, carpenter, h 874 s Cedar 

White Skip, col, carpenter, h 200 n Gilmer 

White Jane, col, wks 320 w Market 

Whitt J H, prop Farmers VV^irehouse, bds 107 e Gaston 

Whitehead Harriet, col, wks 520 w Market 

Whitfield Oscar, col, barber, bds 239 Mebane 

Whitfield Lee, col, lab, h 1014 s Cedar 

Whitis Henry, col, wks 602 w Gaston 


Bain Building Company. 

Whitis Moses, col, brick layer, h 236 n Percy 

Whitis Abe, col, brick layer, h 301 n Percy 

AVhitis Dock, col, brick mason, h 505 Lindsay 

*Whitsett Dr G W, dentist, 101^ e Market, bds 127 Chnrch 

Whittington Miss Mary L, h 327 Asheboro 

Whittington M A, police sergt, h 327 Asheboro 

* Whittington Frank, cabinet maker, 211 and 213 e Sycamore, h 

201 i e Sycamore 
Whittington Mrs L G, wid, h Gorrell 
Whittington Chas, plumber, h Gorrell 
Whittington R C, h Gorrell 
*Whitworth A F, groceries, 200 w Market 
Williamson J A, law student, bds 107 e Gaston 
*Williams J R, col, barber, bds 163 w McCulloch 
Williams Zack, col, R&D depot, h 729 Ashe 
Williams Jake, col, tinner, h 626 e Lindsay 
Williams John H, col, lab, h 109 w Gaston 
Williams H C, col, painter, h 330 w Whittington 
Williams Mattie, col, h 286 Belle Meade av 
Williams Walter, clerk, bds 213 e Market 
Williams J H, clerk, h e Market 
*Williams Dr J M, h e Market 
Williams Miss Mattie, h 1000 s Elm 

WnRTU.WU ARTflM Real Estate and Investment Co., 
ffUn I nffiiMIl I Um real estate dealers. 

110 South Elm Street. 


Williams Mrs Sarah, wid, seamstress, h 302 Lindsay 

Wills W B, Pres't So. Life Ins. Co., bds McAdoo House 

Wills Mrs A L, wid, h 621 Keoj<h 

Wills J Norman, book-keeper, h 621 Keogh 

Wills E S, elk C S & Y V RR, h 621 Keogh 

Wills R T, student, h 621 Keogh 

*Willis T J, Oak Hill Roller Mills, h 423 e Washington 

Wilson Mrs M J, wid, h 102 s Mendenhall 

Wilson J A, fireman, h 806 Asheboro 

Wilson Chas, col, lab, h 1003 Ashe 

*Wilson C C, machinist, h 806 Asheboro 

Wilson Cinda, col, h 622 Lindsay 

Wilson Miss M D, sales-lady, h 614 w Market 

Wilson Miss H A, sales-lady, h 614 w Market 

Wilson Miss H M, notions, 110 w Market, h 614 w Market 

Wilson Isabella, col, wks 203 Eugene 

Wilson Mattie, col, cook, Benbow House 

^Wilson Dr A R, 303 s Elm, h 438 Church 

Wilson John N, lawyer, h 102 s Mendenhall 

Wiley Sam, col, barber, h 1011 Ashe 

*Wiley T W, carpenter, h 620 Arlington 

Wimbush John, col, lab, h near water-works 


,0R A PLEASANT AND EFFECTIVE TONIC for ladies and children, try our 
Beef Wine and Iron. Price 50 cts. Pint Bottle. 

RICHARDSON & FARISS, Wholesale and Retail Druggists. 

*Wincroft Luther, wks RR, h 451 Arlington 

Winchester Martha, col, dom, h 308 n Forbis 

Wingate Rev W B, com trav, h w Smith nr n Elm 

*Winningham J L, carpenter, h 617 Asheboro 

Winslow Thos N, insurance. 111 s Elm 

Winslow Ed, col, servt, h IOO2 s Elm 

*Winsteand Col J M, Pres Piedmont Bank, also Savings Bank, h 

404 w Market 
*Wishart J J, barber, 309 s Elm, h 235 Belle Meade 
^Wolfe C D, agt, h 837 s Elm 
Wood Mrs Eliza, wid, h 213 e Washington 
Woodley Wm, h 421 Arlington 
*Wooten M H, truck farmer, h 803 Macon 
Wooten Wm, col, plasterer, h 211 Market sq 
Wooten Mrs Ora, wid, h 600 Asheboro 
Wooten Charlie, wks R R, h 600 Asheboro 
Wooten Lizzie, col, cook, Benbow House 
Woodroffe Frank, book keeper, h 407 Walker av 
Woodroffe Miss Fannie, h 407 Walker av 
Woodroffe Miss Mary, h 407 Walker av 

* Woodroffe Thos, Thos Woodroffe & Sons, h 407 Walker av 
Woodroffe Geo, Thos Woodroffe & Sons, h 407 Walker av 
Woodroffe W A, Thos Woodroffe & Sons, h 407 Walker av 

"Vf OTHING succeeds like success. " some one has said. We strive hard 
-'-^ to make a success of what we undertake in the mercantile Hue. 

J. W. SCOTT & CO. 


Woodroffe Thos, jr, Thos WoodrofFe & Sons, h 407 Walker av 
Woodroffe Thos & Sons, builders, office 301 works 305 Walker 

Woodley Wm, clerk, bds 421 Arlington 
Woodson John, col, laborer, h 132 Beach 
*"Woods L W, col, barber, h 329 Mebane 
Woods & Williams, col, barbers, 120 s Elm 
*Wooters Jno T, carpenter, h 607 Asheboro 
Woodburn John, moulder, h 511] s Elm 
Wood Lee, brick-mason, bds 235 Belle Meade av 
Wood Caroline, col, cook, h 416 n Greene 
Wood INJiss Jennie, bds 979 e Washington 
*Woolford Joe, fireman, h 707 e Sycamore 
*Woodard Robert, brick-mason, h 804 Asheboro 
Wolfe John, carpenter, h 308 n Forbis 
Wolfe IMiss Mary, h 308 n Forl)is 
Wolfe Miss Annie, h 308 n Forbis 
*Wolfe J M, carpenter, h 308 n Forbis 
Worth Miss Rhoda, h 881 s Cedar 
Worth Mrs Phabe, wid, h 881 s Cedar 


Builder and Contractor, 


Qreepsboro Bri(:K ai^d Silip^ C^^. 

a-I5.EEIlStSBOK.O, KC. C, 



G;-K.H:H:]srsBOK.o, n. c, 



Real Estate and Investment Co. 

110 South Elm Street. 


Worth A H, cond C F & Y V RR, bds 328 e Lee 
Worth-Wharton Real Estate Investment Co, HO s Elm 

Worth Mrs A H, wid, h 351 Asheboro 

Womack Pharaoh, col, lab, 2063 e Market 

♦Workman M C, real estate, h 231 e Market 

Wright Clement G, lawyer, h 227 n Elm 

Wright Mrs Annie, wid, h 227 n Elm 

Wright Nat, col, h 915 e Market 

Wright Wm,col, drayman, h 224 e Sycamore 

Wright Louis, col, waiter, h 212 Mebane 

Wyche Miss Martha, teacher penmanship and book-keeping G F C 

Wyrich Edw, jail guard, bds 200 n Elm 

*Wyrick Luther, carpenter, h 210 s Ashe 

*Wyrick Robert, moulder, h 215 e Gaston 

*Yancey D B, col, butcher, stall No 2, h 172 w McCulloch 

0\A/ /^ADD Sir r^r\ Correspondence solicited. Call and see us 
. VV.V-»r\nnCXiV-»V-». before insuring. Office, 2nd floor of the 
National Bank Building, 'iS&K South Elm Street, Greensboro, N. C. 

Yates Mrs M E, wid, h 335 Church 

Yates Jas F, tinner, h 113 Church 

*Yates P P, drummer, h 335 Church 

*Yates Geo, tinner, h 321 Church 

Yates Charity, col, dom, h 335 Church 

Yates Wm, col, tinner, h 415 Lindsay 

*Yates Jethro, h 442 e Washington 

Yates J H, bar-keeper, h 442 e Washington 

Yates & James, blacksmithing, e Sycamore 

Yates Bros, real estate, 127 s Elm 

Y M C A Rooms, F H Cota, sec, h 110 and 112 e Market 

Yore Sally, col, wks 300 s Spring 

York N M, h 702 Arlington 

*York A, carpenter, h 702 Arlington 

York Miss Dona, h 702 Arlington 

York Ed, wks C F & Y V RR, bds 824 Bellevue at 

"N SYRUPS we keep everything from "Open Kettle" New Orleans down 
. to cheap naixtures. Maple svrup is one of our big sellers. 

J. w. scorr & co. 




Adams Wm, col, section hand 
Ballinger J F, ftirmer 
Ballinger M H, farmer 
Bass R, former 
Boren A P, farmer 
Brown J W, farmer 
Cook J W, farmer, sheriff 
Cummins L G, farmer 
Cude H C, college farmer 
Case J A, farmer 
Dean Julius, farmer 
Dennis Peter, col, lab 
Davis Prof J F 
Doak J W, salesman 
Dobson A, farmer 
Dobson N, farmer 
Donnell W H, col, lab 
Dundes John, farmer 
Edgerton J H, saw mill, 
Edwards B Y, buggy shop 

Lloyd B Y, shoemaker 

McCracken Dr J F, physician 

McCracken Alonzo, salesman 

McCracken J T, far and mcht 

Meekin Julius, col, lab 

Mendendall Dr Nereus, farmer 

Miller Wash, col, farmer 

Parker J R, farmer 

Paschal Julius, lab 

Peele Rev A, farmer and minister 

Perisho Prof E C 

Pitts John, col, lab 

Root Prof Robt C, Treas college 

Roberts J M, boarding house 

Russell E H, farmer 

Rayl Henry, farmer 

Rolberson Dr D A, physician 

Smith Lee S, merchant 

Smith J B, farmer 

Staples Green, col, farmer 

Bain Building Company, 


Rough and Dresped Lumber. 

Edwards Charlie, farmer 
Gorrell, R G, farmer 
Hallowell W R, boarding house 
Hall John, col, lab 
Harvey Isaac, farmer 
Hill Philip, col, farmer 
Hobbs L L, Pres't of college 
Hodgin E N, farmer 
Hoge L N, farmer 
Horton Louis, farmer 
Howard Ivison, col, lab 
Hutton James, col, lab 
Hutton Peter, col, farmer 
Jones W F, lab 
Jones Calvin, col, lab 
Jones J W, lab 
Jones R M, farmer 
Knight C S, farmer 
Knight J 0, farmer 
Knight N M, farmer, 
Lindsay, Saml, col, lab 

Smith R S, farmer 

Smith S W H, farmer and mcht 

Smith W E, farmer 

Stanley J H, postmaster 

Stanley Milton, farmer 

Tyrwhitte S, farmer 

Taylor S F, farmer 

Willis H H, carpenter 

Winslow C J, horse dealer 

Wadkins Henry, col, carpenter 

Wadkins, Julius, col, farmer 

Walker Wm, farmer 

Ward G W, farmer 

Wheeler C, farmer and mch 

White Ellis, farmer 

Woody Prof Jno W 

Woodley Dr W T, physician 

Worth Daniel, farmer 

Wren J, carpenter 

Younts Joseph, farmer 


Book ^^"^ Job Printers, 


Prices Low and Satisfactiot] Guaranteed, 

Only Office in Piedmont North Carolina running 
their Presses by Water Power. 

The Daily Record, 

S4^.00 A YEIAR. 

Leading Dail^ in piedmoqli ploiifsj \lm\m. 


And furnished on application. 


0-reen.s"boro, iT. O. 


Commercial Directory. 


BEACHAM W B, 131 w Price 

Epps & Hackett, 311 s Elm 

WOODROFFE, THOMAS & SONS, 301 Walker av 


Sampson Miss Hattie, 612 Asheboro 


Ball W S, 106 Court sq 
Barringer John A, 113 Court so 
Boyd James E, 119i s Elm 
BYNUM W. P, jr, 106 Court sq 

THREE EEGISTERBD DRU&GISTS at our Prescription Desks. Errors prevent- 
ed, Dispatch secured. 
RICHARDSON & FARISS, Wholesale and Retail Druggists. 

Dillard & King, lOOi n Elm 

DOUGLAS RO M, office Five Cents Savings Bank Building 

Forbis Jas W, 102 n Elm 

Keogh Thos B, Court sq 

MICHAUX J S, office 127 s Elm 

Morehead J T, 104J s Elm 

SCOTT L M, 111 Court sq 

Sharpe B C, 110 Court sq 

Wilson John M, 104i s Elm 


FARRISS W A, 358 s Elm 
Glenn & O'Connor, 114 w Market 
Thorn J E, 117 e Market 


Bank of Guilford, 212 s Elm 
Peoples' Five Cents Savings Bank, 115 s Elm 
Piedmont Bank, 119 s Elm 

WflPTTT-WTIAPTON Real Estate and Investment Co., 

110 South Elm Street. 



Emerson J W, col, 125 s Elm 

Johnson J D, col, 358 i s Elm 

Payne & Graham, col, 329 s Elm 

Sniith Saml, col, 207 and 208 Market sq 

Wishart J J, McAdoo House 

WOODS & WILLIAMS, col, Benbow House 


Sloan Wm, col 907 e Market 


Corl Dan W, 215 e Sycamore 
HARRIS J H, s Davie, near Market House 
LEWIS J & C, 109 and 111 Lewis 
Yates & James, e Svcamore, near s Elm 

Boarding Houses. 

Bell & Buchanan, S-tO s Elm 

n \hl PiiRR Ri C'fi Insurance Special attention given to Country Busi- 
er. WW. umiBI Ut UU., ness, Dwellings, Barns and Stores of Permanent 
Residents. 2d3X South Elm Street, Greensboro, N. C. 

Brown Mrs N A, 414 n Elm 
Cat or Mrs Annie, 107 Church 
Dilworth A, 213 e Market 
Fowler Mrs A F, 115 s Ashe 
Hardin Mrs J, 235 s Elm 
Hartis Mrs J M, 1161 w Market 
Jones S D, col, 3582' s Elm 
McCormick Mrs E T, 310 Asheboro 
Mendenhall Miss J, 302 s Elm 
Moore Mrs R R, 301 s Elm 
MONROE HOUSE, 124 Buchanan 
Rankin Mrs J H, 107 e Gaston 
Wattlington Mrs E C, 356 s Elm 

Bonded Auctioneers. 

Pearce Jas R, 120 e Market 

Wishart J J, McAdoo House building 

Books and Stationery. 

Dike Book Co, 116 s Elm 
Greensboro Book Store, 124 s Elm 

Boots and Shoes. 

Armfield G Will, 236 and 238 s Elm 
Boston Racket, 324 s Elm 

Do YOU like Cocoa? If so SCOTT & CO. can supply you with "Van 
Houton's," "Baker's," "Epps' " and "Phillips'. " Also, carry several 
brands of Chololate for drinking and baking purposes. 


BROWN S S & CO, 232 and 234 s Elm 

DARDEN & GAY, 113 e Market 

Douo-hty C H, 103 w Market 

HARRIS, J H, 217 s Elm 

Heijflrix J M & Co, 221 s Elm 

Hudson Store Co, 516 and 518 s Elm 

Jo'in.-on & Dorsett, 206 and 208 s Elm 

Laskev M, 330 s Elm 

Newell M G, 420 and 422 Asheboro 

New York Racket, 320 and 322 s Elm 

PHIPPS J HENRY, 500 Asheboro 

Pitts & Love, 364 s Elm 

Pretzfefder Dry Goods and Shoe Co, 210 s Elm 

Royster Geo H, 112 s Elm 

Vuncannon & Co, 524 and 526 s Elm 

Brewing Company. 

Robert Portner's Brewing Co., 119 Buchanan 

Brick Manufacturers. 

Dean Jas, col, Washington, near RR 


Bain Building Company, Ro^?lT%t?Z^u.n.^er. 

HOLLEY W E, col, near Eastern limits 
Kirkpatrick D N, cor Greene st and Park av 

Builders' Material. 

BAIN BUILDING CO, 209 and 211 Lewi^ 

Cabinet Makers. 

Collins Wm, 120 s Davie 
McNeill, W H, col, 200 Market sq 
Whittington W F, Market sq 

Carpets and Oil Cloth. 

Armfield G Will, 236 and 238 s Elm 
BROWN S S & CO, 232 and 234 s Elm 
Johnson & Dorsett, 206 and 208 s Elm 
Powell & Wharton, 233 s Elm 
Pretzfelder Dry Goods & Shoe Co, 210 s Elm 

Carriage and Wagon Dealers. 

HARRIS J H, 217 s Elm 

Ross L F, 115 Depot 

Wakefield Hardware Co, 229 s Elm 


Real Estate and Investment Co. 

110 South Elm Street. 


Carriage and Wagon Manufacturers. 

HARRIS J H, 217 s Elm 
Led ford George, 206 Market sq 

Cigar Manufacturer. 

Bastine W E, 113 a Elm 

Civil Engineer. 

Pierce Frank A, K of P building 


Armfield G Will, 236 and 238 s Elm 

BROWN S S & CO, 232 and 234 s Elm 

FISHBLATE F, 230 s Elm 

Laskey M, 330 s Elm 

New York Racket Store, 320 and 322 s Elm . 

C M VANSTORY & CO, 216 s Elm 

T y^ /^ T~\ rr T /■ is the only Tonic and Scientific Headache Powder on the markei 

^ I I I I LA ^ Releaves like magic. Price 10 cents. 

l\\J L/rl 1 V RICHARDSON & FARISS, Sole Proprietors. 

Coal and Wood. 

Field JB 110 Depot 

Matthews F A, near C F & Y V RR depot 


Caldcleugh & Bro, 219 s Elm 
FARRISS W A, 358 s Elm 
Hendrix E M & Co, 111 e Market 
Jordan W M & Co, 112 w Market 
Pearce F, 366 s Elm 
SCOTT J W & CO, 240 and 242 s Elm 
Smithdeal L A, 226 s Elm 

Contractors and Builders. 

BAIN BUILDING CO, 209 and 211 Lewis 

BEACHAM W B, 131 Price 

Brooks A F, 636 s Elm 

Oakley J L, 636 Mendenhall 

Smith John Y, 510 Arlington 

Wolf John, 308 n Forbis 

WOODROFFE THOMAS, 301 Walker a v 

Corn and Flour Mills. 

Oak Hill Roller Mills, near R&D freight depot 

A TASTE FOR OLIVES has to be " cultivated," and we think from the 
amount of Olives we are selling now that a great many of our people 
have been practising on that " cultivating" art. J. W. SCOTT & CO. 


Cotton Mills. 

CROWN MILLS, 701 e Washington 
Greensboro Cotton Mills, s Elm 

Crockery and Glassware. 

Caldcleugh & Bro, 219 s Elm 
McDuffie & Pigford, 227 s Elm 


GRIFFITH J W, 113J s Elm 
Rowe Walter W, 101 J e Market 
TURNER CHAS A, 234i s Elm 
WhitsettGW, 101 J e Market 

Dress Makers. 

Boner Miss Laura, 220 Eugene 
Dilworth Mrs S W, 213 e Market 
Graham Mrs Mary, 403 w Market 
Kersey Miss Alice, 336 w Bragg 
Landreth Miss Minnie 2010 e Market 
Led ford Mrs Geo 203 n Davie 
Orrell Mrs Lee, 300, cor Greene and Clay 

PROMPT PAVMPNTQ Made on all insurance losses by O. W. CAER & CO., 
rnUmri rAimC.niO 233^ south Elm street, Greensboro, N, C. 

TERRY MISS NANNIE, 109 J w Market 
Thomas Miss Mary, 509 n Greene 



Holton C E, 303 s Elm 

Piedmont Drug Co, 231 s Elm 

Richardson & Fariss, 121 s Elm 

South Greensboro Pharmacy, 416 Asheboro 

Tate Bros, 108 s Elm 

Dry Goods. 

Armfield G Will, 236-238 s Elm 

Barker John, 109 Court sq 

Boston Racket Store, 224 s Elm 

BROWN S S & CO, 232 and 234 s Elm 

Hendrix J M & Co, 221 s Elm 

Hudson Store Co, 516 and 518 s Elm 

Johnson & Dorsett, 206 and 208 s Elm 

Moore W S, 123 e Market 

Murray W R, 214 s Elm 

Newell M G, 420 and 422 Asheboro 

New York Racket Store, 320 and 322 s Elm 

WnRTU.WU AIITflM ^e^' Elstate and Investment Co., 
ffUnin ffWrinniUl^ real estate dealers. 

110 South Elm Street. 


Original Racket Store, 218 s Elm 

PHIPPS J HENRY, 500 Asheboro 

Powell & Wharton, 283 s Elm 

Pretzfelder Dry Goods and Shoe Co, 210 s Elm 

Racket Store, 228 s Elm 

Rovster G H, 112 s Elm 

SCOTT J W & CO, 240 and 242 s Elm 

Vuncannon & Co, 526 s Elm 

Wilson Miss H M, 110 w Market 

Express Company. 

Southern Express Co, 328 s Elm 

Fancy Goods and Notions. 

Armfield G Will, 236 and 238 s Elm 
BROWN S S & CO, 232 and 234 s Elm 
Gorrell C C & Co, 101 w Market 
Hendrix J M & Co, 221 s Elm 
Johnson & Dorsett, 206 and 208 s Elm 
Moore W S, 123 e Market 
Murray W R, 214 s Elm 


Bain Building Company. 

New York Racket Store, 820 and 322 s Elm 

Omohundro & Co, 105 w Market 

Original Racket Store, 318 s Elm 

Powell & Wharton, 288 s Elm 

Pretzfelder Dry Goods and Shoe Co, 210 s Elm 

Racket Store Co, 228 s Elm 

Royster G H, 112 s Elm 

Wilson Miss H M, 110 w Market 

Fish Dealers. 

Howell D, col, 8 City Market 
Hughes & Son, 7 City Market 


Dodson S C, 327 e Market 

Foundery and Machine Shops, 

Eagle Foundery, 522 s Elm 

Glascock G T, 214 s Lewis 

SERGEANT MFG CO, 328 e Washington 


Forbis W R, 118 e Market 

Greensboro Furniture Factory, Railroad av 

Q/^ TO THIRTY different kinds of Chewing Tobacco always on hand 
^tJ from the common 5c. plug to " Orange Girl," which will please you, 
if you want a natural leaf tobacco. J. W". SCOTT & CO. 


Greensboro Furniture Store, 103 e Market 
McDuffie & Pigford, 227 s Elm 
Smith F F, 332 s Elm 

Gas and Electric Light Co. 

Greensboro Gas and Electric Light Co, 118 and 120 n Forbis 

Gents' Furnishing Goods. 

Arnifield G Will. 236 and 238 s Elm 

Boston Racket Store, 324 s Elm 

P>BO\VN S S & CO, 232 and 234 s Elm • 

FISHBLATE F, 230 s Elm 

Hendrix J M & Co, 221 s Elm 

Johnson & Dorset, 206 and 208 s Elm 

Laskey M, 330 s Elm 

New York Racket Store, 318 s Elm 

Powell & Wharton, 233 s Elm 

VANSTORY C M & CO, 216 s Elm 

0\A/ r^ADD JPr r^r\ correspondence solicited. Call and see us 
. VV . K^I-\nr\ OL K^KJ. before insuring. Office, 2nd floor of the 

National Bank Building, 2333^ South Elm Street, Greensboro, N. C. 

Granite Company. 

MT. AIRY GRANITE CO, 301 Walker av 


Aiken & Ciapp, 122 e Svcamore 
Albright Geo B, 121 e Market 
Barker John 109 Court sq 
Brockman A J, 412 e Market 
Galloway Turner, col, 124 s Davie 
Glenn & O'Connor, 114 w Market 
Hendrix EM & Co, 111 s Elm 
HOUSTON & BRO, 215 s Elm 
Hudson Store Co, 516 and 518 s Elm 
Hudson W D, 515 s Elm 
Jones John, col, 108 Market sq 
Jordan W M & Co, 112 w Market 
Keeling Spencer P, 201 s Elm 
Keeling John L, 342 s Elm 
Kivett W S 350 s Elm 
Landreth W S, 806 e Market 
Logan W M, col, 121 s Davie 
Mason J E, 233 Lewis 
Newell M G, 420 and 422 Asheboro 
Pearce F, 366 s Elm 
PHIPPS J HENRY, 500 Asheboro 
PICKARD T M & BRO, 100 n Davie 

WORTH-WHARTON ■""»' llJ?tL?!;l'"^«'tSf"' co., 

no South Elm Street. 


Pickard T M & R 0, 101 e Market 

Pugh J W, 219 Church 

SCOTT J W & CO, 340 and 242 s Elm 

Scarborough S W, 218 w Market 

Smithdeal L A 226 s Elm 

THOMAS & CHRISMON, 123 and 125 s Davie 

Vuncannon & Co, 526 s Elm 

Gun and Safe Repairing. 

COLEMAN J H, 104 Court sq 


A M E Hall, col. Court sq 
Benbow Hall, 218 s Elm 
Day's Hall, col, s Elm 

Handle Factories. 

Merrimon B H, Delphina st, near C F & Y V RR 
Shober F E & Co, 511 Ashe 

Harness Manufacturers. 

Alexander H E, Depot 
HARRIS J H, 217 s Elm 


Anderson & Co, 223 s Elm 

ODELL HARDWARE CO., 323 and 325 s Elm 

Wakefield Hardware Co, 227 s Elm 

Hats and Gaps. 

Armfield G Will, 236 and 238 s Elm 

Boston Racket Store, 324 s Elm 

BROWN S S & Co, 232 and 234 s Elm 

FISHBLATE F, 230 s Elm 

Hudson Store Co, 516 and 518 s Elm 

Johnson & Dorsett, 206 and 208 s Elm 

Laskey M, 330 s Elm 

Murray W R, 214 s Elm 

New York Racket Store, 320 and 322 s Elm 

Newell M G, 420 and 422 Asheboro 

Original Racket Store, 318 s Elm 

PHIPPS J HENRY, 500 Asheboro 

Pretzfelder Dry Goods and Shoe Co, 210 s Elm 

Royster G H, 112 s Elm 

VANSTORY M & CO, 216 s Elm 

< <T3IN MONEY" PICKLES, put up by a lady in Richmond, Va., are the 
I finest sweet pickles in the market. We keep them on hand the year 
round. J. W. SCOTT & CO. 



Benbow House, 122 s Elm 

McAdoo House, 307 s Elm 

Railroad Eating House, cor s Elm and Buchanan 

MONROE HOUSE, 124 Buchanan. 

Ice Companies. 

WHARTON, JACKSON & CO, 115 Buchanan 


CARR W & CO, 233 J s Elm 

GLENN ROBT G, 110 s Elm 

JONES J S, 127 s Elm 

MILLER & LINDSAY, 107 e Washington 

Southern Life Insurance Co, McAdoo House 

Winslow Thos N, 111 s Elm 

OW PADD 9 Pn Insurance promptly placed and prompt payments of losses 
• III uHnn Oc UUi guaranteed Over $250,000 losses paid during the last twenty 
years, and no policy ever yet contested written at this Agency. 233 >^ S. Elm Street. 

Hosiery Mills. 

Oak Hill Hosiery Mills, 110^ Lewis 

y Laundries. 

Greensboro Steam Laundry, 111 w Market 
Ying Sing (Chinese,) 132 s Elm 

Lime and Cement. 

Beacham W B, 121 Price 
Wharton & Stratford, 324 s Elm 

Liniment Manufactory. 

Tar Heel Chemical Co, 303 s Elm 

Leaf Tobacco Dealers. 

Bevill W E & Co, 122 n Elm 
Cobb H W, cor Greene and Gaston 
Cobb J S & Co, 226-228 Belle Meade av 
Berger H C & Co, 112-114 Eayetteville 
Jordan J F & Co, 344 ? s Davie 
Kirkpatrick J J, 246-248 Belle Meade av 
Minor & Mitchell, 229-231 Belle Meade av 
Thomas D E, 105 n Davie 

WnRTU-WU ARTnM F^eal Estate and Investment Co., 
If Un 9 n~TT linn l UB^ real estate dealers. 

110 South Elm Street. 


Livery Stables. 

TATUM & STEWART, 113 Depot 
TAYLOR F N, 348 s Elm 
YANSTORY C P, 114 and 116 s Davie 

Lumber Dealers. 

BROOKS R W, 123 Lewis 

Dowd C, 108 s Davie 



LOVE WM, 506 Ashe 

WOODROFFE THOS, 301 Walker av 


Burgess W R, 434 Arlington 

Marble Works. 

Knight J W, 108 Court square 
NEESE J H, 116 e Market 


All Kinds op Builders' Supplues. 

Bain Building Company, 

Meat Dealers. 

Forsyth John, 408 Asheboro 
Hughes J R, 1 City Market 
Jones Will J, col, 4 City Market 
YANCEY D B, col, 2 City Market 

Merchant Tailor. 

CARTLAND H H, 106 s Elm 


Bobo, Mrs S E, 118 s Elm 
Cator Mrs Annie, 104 s Elm 
Gorrell C C & Co, 109 w Market 
Omohunnro Mrs & Co, 105 w Market 


DAILY RECORD, 222 s Elm 
The North State, 104 n Elm 

Do YOU SMOKE? If so we have something in the way of 5 and 10 
cent goods that will please you. Can also make prices low if you buy 
l.y the box. J. W. SCOTT & CO. 



CHAFFIN A P, 109 s Davie 
Golden A J, 225 Mebane 
Howard C C, bds Monroe House 
James John, 111 Depot 
Ledford Geo, Market square 


ALDERMAN S L, 106 i s Elm 
WHITE EG, 108J w Market 


Alford H M, 203 s Elm 
Beall W P, 100 Court square 
Broadnax J G, 207 w Market 
Durham W J H, Keeley Institute 

Refreshing Drinks 

all the year around at our elegant Soda Fountain. 

Wholesale and Retail Druggists. 

Glenn C M, 106^ s Elm 
Gregory R K, 108 s Elm 
Ledbetter A E, 326^ s Elm 
Logan J E, 320 w Market 
Marley H B, 506 Asheboro 
Michaux E R, 224^ s Elm 
Renn Geo, Keeley Institute 
SCHENCK D R, 110 n Elm 
Tate R W, 335 Asheboro 
Williams J M, e Market 
Wilson A R, 303 s Elm 

Pianos and Organs. 

Greensboro Music Store, 104 s Elm 
Jones BE, 168 Asheboro 
Moore W S, 123 e Market 


Adams W M, 269 s Elm 
Greer John, 107 w Market 
SNELL F V, 116J e Market 

Printers — Book and Job. 

REECE & ELAM, 222 s Elm 
THOMAS BROS, 204J s Elm 

WnRTU.WUARTflM ^^^l ^^^^^^ ^"d investment Co., 
ffUn I nffflMn l Ul^ real estate dealers. 

110 South Elm Street. 


Eeal Estate. 

Greensboro Security and Investment Co, 100 n Elm 

Hagan A, 118 e Washington 

Land W R & Co, 111 s Elm 

South Greensboro Investment Co, 

Union Land Company, 


COMPANY, 110 s Elm 
Yates Bros. 127 s Elm 


Causey Turner, col, 207 s Elm 
Clegg W F, 368 s Elm 
Harris Robert, col, 211 s Elm 
Jones Joseph, col, lOli Court square 
Rail Road Eating House, s Elm 
Tucker Frank, col, 213 s Elm 

inCCCC An IIICTCn and Promptly Paid on Insurance Placed through O. W. 
LUOOLO AUJUO I lU Carr & Co., 233>^ South Elm St., Greensboro. 

Sash and Blind Manufacturers. 

BAIN BUILDING CO, 209-211 Lewis 

Sewing Machine Cos. 

SINGER MANF'G CO, 106 w Market 

Steel and Iron Company. 

N. C. Steel and Iron Company, 126 s Elm 


Doughty, Chas H, 103 w Market 

Edwell Jas, col, 224 Mebane 

HARRIS J H, 217 s Elm 

Hays T S, 103 w Market 

Marable Isaac, col, 603 e Washington 

Moore A F, 506 s Elm 

Thompson L, 622 Ashe 

Stoves and Ranges. 

ANDERSON & CO, 223 s Elm 

ODELL HARDWARE CO, 323 and 325 s Elm 

Wakefield Hardware Co, 229 s Elm 

OUR GOODS have " got such a move on them" that we rarely ever are 
troubled with stale goods, or hard stock of any kind. 

J. W. SCOTT & CO. 


Stove Manufacturers. 

Eagle Foimdery, 521 s Elm • 

Glasscock G T, 214 s Lewis 

SERGEANT MFG CO, 328 e Washington 


Sampson Miss Hattie, 612 Asheboro 

Telegraph Company. 

Western Union, 114>s Elm 


O'Sullivan E C, 329 s Elm 
Yates James F, 127 s Elm 

Bain Building Company, 


Tobacco Manufacturers. 

King J L i& Co, 221 Buchanan 
Pegram & Stone, 209 Buchanan 

Tobacco Warehouses. 

Banner Warehouse, 210 w Market 
Farmers' Warehouse, 241 n Greene 
New Star Warehouse, 212 s Davie 


Collins William, 120 s Davie 
McNeill W H, col, 204 Market sq 

Watchmakers and Jewellers. 

Farrar W B & Son, 102 s Elm 
Lampman Geo, 326 s Elm 
Siler N J, 109 e Market 
Thornton J J, 114 s Elm 

Water Company. 

Greensboro Water Co, 

J. A. ODELL, President. 

C. H. IRELAND, Sec. and Treas- 

Odell fLELfduXciPe Co., 

Wholesale Dealers in all kinds of 

Forei aDil Domestic Harilwarfi, Pots, Oils, Famlslies, 


Stoves and Tinware, Guns and Sporting Goods, Stationery 
and Weighing Machinery. 

323 and 325 South Elm Street. 


C//// you TlEflDlT.? 

Don't take too many chances but 
jump at the right kind of a chance 
when it comes your way. Whethi-r 
the work we do is done on the steeple 
of a church or on the panel of a door, 
you can be absolutely sure of one 
thing — it will be well done. We not 
only want your custom, but we want 
to deserve it. First-class work with 
the brush ought to command first-class 
figures, but fancy prices are not in our 
line. Give us an order and we will 
give you satisfaction. 


Ornamental Sign Painter and Decurator, 
Shop— 109 S. Davie St. 

What^ton- Jackson 8t Co., 


Wholesilt Sid Retail ICE DEAISHS, 

115 Buchanan St., 




limi\ Saflis, Builes, Garriases, Carts, k. 


Ftj.ll Line: o£ Ti_i.irf Groods ir:L Stocrl^. 


Largest Assortment of Silks in the United States. 


Watchmakers and Jewelers. 



i^r£ict,iosil OpticigLiis. 

We are prepared to fit all defects of vision scientifically, such as Astig- 
'niatism. Hyperopia, Myo])ia, Presbyopia or any compound defects that can 
he benefited. Don't be afraid to have your eyes examined, as the eye i.s 
examined in its normal condition. No medicine is used. 

0pp. Post Office, 102 South Elm Street, GREENSBORO, N. C. 



116 East Market Street, GREENSBORO, N. C. 



li^f^f.'^f^;%MI^^'5^f^^ ,1 

! cart; 


(Derchant Tailor. 

Has on hand at all 
times both FOREIGN 


of every description. 


of all kinds, 


Cuffs, Underwear, 


Urabrellas, Canes, &c. 

Samples and Rules for self measurement sent on application. 





Civil Engineer i Sut^Veyor, 

CrK.H:E:3srsBOK.o, nsr. c. 

Surveys for Waterworks, Sewerage Systems, Ptailroads, Etc. Subdivision 

of Lands and Retracing Old Lines. Plans and Specifications 

furnished. Work Superintended. 

Office in K. of P. Building, witfi Epps & Hackett.