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Butler County Community Junior College 
El Dorado, Kansas 


'Between the Book^ 



Campus Life 




Spring Activities 




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The administration of BCCJC includes 
administrative leaders, faculty, and opera- 
tional staff. Of these people, illustrated on 
the left hand page above are President 
Walbourn and Mrs. Lange, his secretary; 
below, the faculty picnic; and at right 
Mrs. Fritzler explaining parking regula- 
tions to Roy Wilson. 

On this page, below, Mr. Neaville and 
Jan Meeker discuss Jan s future plans; at 
right Mr. Zuercher directs Charles Stowers 
in decorating campus lamp post. At left, 
Pam List checks administrative records. 

Acknowledgements for contributions to 
the yearbook include: end sheets, compli- 
ments of Mike Farrell; art on division 
pages: Grizzly by Dennis Covel, bookshelf 
motif by Mrs. Cunningham. 

Pam List, Editor 

W.jt c 

Edwin J. Walbourn, President 

The busiest person on campus is, no doubt, our 
own President Walbourn. He holds regularly sched- 
uled monthly meetings with the newly appointed 
department chairmen and the administrators, with 
the administrative council, with the presidential 
advisory committee, with the entire faculty, and 
with the board of trustees. Frequently he attends the 
sessions of the North Central steering committee 
and is official host for many of the special groups 

that meet in the campus areas, often extending 
greetings or presenting talks. Representing the 
school at home and away from Butler County, he 
does extensive traveling to state, regional, and na- 
tional committees and organizations. His one off- 
campus responsibility is that of legislative commit- 
tee member of the Kansas Public Community Junior 
College Association. His time is truly not his own 
but belongs to the school he administers. 

6 Administratio 

William C. Cummins 
Academic Dean 

Ronald D. Wilson 
Vocational- Technical Dean 

Marilynn V. Mettler 
Director of Nursing 


The academic year 1968-1969 found 
many innovations instituted in the adminis- 
trative structure of Butler County Com- 
munity Junior College. This year's changes 
included several new assignments. Dean 
William C. Cummins became the academic 
dean of the college. He is the first person to 
hold that title. Assuming the duties of direc- 
tor of admissions and registrar was Mr. 
Leonard J. McKinney. The responsibilities 
of dean of vocational-technical education 
and director of adult education were dele- 
gated to Mr. Ron Wilson. Mrs. Marilynn 
Mettler continues as director of nursing. 
The modifications in the administrative 
staff duties were designed to provide the 
college with the best possible system of 

Leonard J. McKinney 

Administration i 


George Swift, Div. 


Loren Brinkmeyer 
Data Processing 

Mary Jackson 

Business Education 

The business department offers the student a basic 
knowledge in the field of business. Studies include data 
processing, business administration, business educa- 
tion, and secretarial practices. Courses have been 
added to provide additional skills in preparing for two- 
and four-year degree programs in a business career. 
Students study what they need, follow the degree pro- 
gram for our associate degree, or transfer to a four-year 
institution for a Bachelor's Degree. This year the cur- 
riculum has been adjusted to make our degree program 
parallel to those at the universities in order that transfer 
students will have the exact courses they will need. In 
the picture at right, Mr. Russell demonstrates to Les 
Sherlock the correct wiring for a reproducing machine. 

Shirley Longfellow 
Business Education 

Allyn McGinnis 

8 Administration 

Ronald Russell 
Data Processing 

Ronald Seager 

Robert Chism, Div. 


\ i Al 

Marcia Cunningham 

Robert Anderson 

J. Thomas Dixon 

Darryl Patten 
Speech and Drama 

Fine Arts 

Fine Arts courses include music, art and drama. The 
music department offers curricula for music majors and 
those interested in learning more about music. Music 
appreciation, theory courses, and more creative work 
during the second year are available. Private lessons in 
voice and instrumental instruction also give credit in 
applied music. In addition, specified groups like Colle- 
giate Singers, chorus, and stage band receive college 

Introduction to theater, which was offered first se- 
mester, covers all aspects of a dramatic production. 
Students were involved in acting while they learned 
about stage make-up and costuming. Also included in 
this course was the literature and history of the theater 
and techniques of set design and lighting. Each student 
contributed at least twenty hours on a campus produc- 
tion during the semester. 

During second semester a course in voice and diction 
was available and one in interpretation of literature in 
which several drama majors enrolled. 

The art department offers art appreciation for non- 
majors along with numerous lower division courses for 
those planning to major in art. Design I and II, Draw- 
ing, and Composition I was a beginning course in basic 
elements with emphasis on black and white media, and 
during the second semester drawing through the dis- 
covery of elements of form was featured. Courses in 
drawing and ceramics were also available. An uncon- 
ventional course, design in the home, included interior 
decoration, lectures, field trips and house planning. 

In the picture at the upper left, the family in "An 
Inspector Calls, celebrates an engagement party. Mrs. 
Cunningham confers with Judy Andrus on scratch- 
board drawing in the picture at the lower right. 

Administration 9 

'.*•* *»c 

Donald Mangels 
Div. Chairman 

John R. Anderson 
Automotive Technology 

Gary Boat right 

Arden Good 

James Ohl 

Fred Webb 
Machine Technology 

Industrial Arts 

The industrial education department, headed by 
Mr. Mangels, has added two new teachers and four 
new machines and changed the name of one course. 
Engineering Drawing has been changed to Engi- 
neering Graphics to correlate with the engineering 
college courses. The welding department received 
two semi-automatic wire feeds and a metalie inert gas 
machine (M.I.G.). The auto mechanics shop has re- 
ceived a Sun tune-up machine which analyzes and 
diagnoses problems in an automatic engine. Mr. John 
R. Anderson and Mr. Herman Ogg are new teachers 
in the industrial education department. Mr. Anderson 
teaches in auto mechanics and Mr. Ogg replaced Mr. 
Lay and Mr. Bland in technical writing and applied 

Burl Arbogast 
Air Conditioning 

Joseph Johnston 
Air Conditioning 

Richard Lacey 
Technical Courses 

Gene Arnold 
Industrial Arts 

Dennis Martens 
Machine Technology 

Herman Ogg 
Technical Writing 

Mr. Webb directs students in the welding department. 

10 .Administration 

Blenda Kuhlmann 
Div. Chairman 


— \ -w 

Martha P. Doty 

Jane Ann Rhoads 

Lewis Blockcolski 


Judith Fisher 

Don Toburen 

Mr. Cox directs student in reading laboratory. 

Myrtis Collins 


David Longfellow 

Michael Had ley 

Hugh Richardson 

Don R. Cox 


Melvin Ralston 

Theodore Wischropp 
Modern Language 

Marian Roue 

Language and 

Seven new teachers, including six English in- 
structors and one speech instructor, a survey course 
in English literature, and the revised course in 
types of literature were changes in the language 
and literature division this year. 

administration I I 

Science And 

Students in the math department are 
offered choices for modern math to analyt- 
ic geometry and calculus. The science 
department offers both biological and 
physical sciences. Students in these areas 
gain a general knowledge of these fields. 
Both departments feature organizations 
for those students interested in these 

Mr. Carter solves a problem in modern math. 

Gayle Krause, Div. 

Larry Carter 

Charles Fuller 

Richard Gregory 

Clyde Hiebert 



Biological Science 

Mathematics and 

Mathematics and 


Physical Science 

Physical Science 

Charles Little 

Wilfred Pettus 
Physical Science 

Gordon Rhodes 

Phillip Theis 
Biological Science 

12 Administration 

"^Wl & % 

Dale Remsberg, Div. 

Physical Education 

Oliver Isom, Div. 

Social Science 

Roland Ensz 
Social Science 


Herbert Kreller 
Social Science 

Jeanette Malone 
Physical Education 

Wayne Postoak 
Physical Education, 

Physical Education 

The physical education department aims to 
provide the student with the opportunity to 
develop skills and interests in physical activi- 
ties. Students in the physical education classes 
learn how to bowl, play volleyball, badminton, 
and archery. These students maintain a health- 
ful habit of living by participating in physical 

Social Science 

Michael Butler 

The social science department provides the student with the op- 
portunity to understand his past and present society. This depart- 
ment offers courses in history, economics, political science, and 


Everett Kohls 
Social Science 

John K. Lay, Jr. 
Social Science 

Leona Watkins 

Mr. Butler explains an economics chart to Susan Venable. 

Administration 13 


Miss Boland this year joined the staff of counselors who 
aid students in adjusting to college life and the business 
world. New this year to the counseling center is the micro- 
lab, an experience in communication. 


The college offers a nursing program 
designed to prepare qualified men and 
women for beginning positions. The 
nursing program is fully accredited by 
the Kansas State Board of Nursing, is 
college controlled, and includes general 
education and nursing courses. When a 
student has completed this program, he 
is eligible to take the state board exami- 
nations for licensure as a registered 
nurse in the State of Kansas. 

Dale Neaville 
Guidance Director 

Victor Bland 
Guidance Counselor 

Barbara Boland 
Psychology, Counselor 

1 : ^k ^& -mim 

Marilynn Mettler 

Director of Nursing 

Barbara Riddle 

Mary Davis 


Anita Whitson 

Mrs. Davis explains drugs to Betty Poffinbarger. 

14 Administration 

Charles C. Harris 
Business Manager 

Burr Roberts 
Sup't. of Buildings and 

Merle Nay 

Director of Athletics and 
Student Affairs 

Carl Riggs 
Book Store 

Mrs. Martha Duncan 


Some of the most responsible people on campus 
cannot well be described as managers, but they 
hold significant places of leadership as they man- 
age the business of the operational staff. 

Mr. Harris, business manager, was selected last 
summer, as one of twenty in the nation, to partici- 
pate in a three-week workshop to write a uniform 
system of accounting for junior colleges. 

Mr. Roberts, superintendent of buildings and 
grounds, was named vice president of the state as- 
sociation for the coming year. 

Coach Nay serves as director of athletics and 
student activities, thus associating very closely 
with many students. 

Mr. Riggs deals directly or indirectly with every 
student who exchanges his precious coins for the 
tools of learning at the book store. 

And Mrs. Duncan performs the duties of the 
dormitory house mother for the 112 residents, lis- 
tening to all of their complaints and noise, their 
excuses and foolishness, with patience and 

Together these people direct the many activities 
on campus that are essential to an educational in- 
stitution but are not strictly educational in nature. 

Mr. Riggs makes a sale at the book store. 

Operational Staff of Administration 15 

lU^T 4 

Mrs. Ethyl Lange 
( President) 

% ,^x 

Mrs. Virginia Fritzler 
( Receptionist) 


Trained clerical personnel perform es- 
sential services in various areas of the 
administrative offices. New positions on 
the staff this year include the secretary to 
the business manager, the computer tech- 
nologist for the admissions office, and the 
clerical assistant to the librarians. New as- 
signments include the secretary to the 
deans, and the secretaries to the registrar. 
New personnel, in addition to Mrs. De- 
Vore, Mrs. Whiteside, and Mrs. Waltman, 
includes Mrs. Hacket in the nursing de- 

Mrs. Barbara Coonrod 

Mrs. Barbara Estes 

Mrs. Barbara Parsons 
( Registrar) 

■ V 

Mrs. Sondra Hackler 


Mrs. Carolyn Jones 

Mrs. Pat Place 

Mrs. Arlene DeVore 

(Business Manager) 

Mrs. Marie Waltman 
(Clerical Assistant to 

Mrs. Joyce Whiteside 

(Data Processing) 

Mrs. Arlene DeVore receives payment from a student. 

16 Operational Staff of Administration 

John Cleveland 
(Night Watchman) 

Charles Romero 

Gerald Whipple 
(Cabinet Maker) 


* , 

Glenn Leimer 

Roy Seymour 

Dennis Zuercher 

Roy Robinson 

Bert Stovvers 

Custodial Staff 

The custodial staff is one of the most need- 
ed, but perhaps least recognized operational 
staffs on campus. Their visible duties include 
caring for the grounds and cleaning the build- 
ings. Another of their tasks, which manv seem 
to take for granted, is the unseen responsibility 
ot engineering the electrical system on campus 
so that lights can be provided to make learning 
possible in the classrooms. In addition, Mr. 
Bert Stowers collects all out-going mail on a 
daily basis and takes it to the main post office 
for delivery as in lower left picture. 

Operational Staff of Administration 11 


One group important to the 
students at BCCJC, hut not di- 
rectly connected with the college, 
is the cafeteria workers. They are 
employed by Food Management, 
Inc., located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 
The school merely consults with 
Food Management. The college 
gets a certain per cent of food 
sales and also of the vending and 
pool tables. 

Beverly Hess 


Pat Bailey 

Morning cook and snack bar 

Mary Cal 




y ^tsp 

k , 


Beth Filing 

Snack and week-end 

Ethel James 
Salad and pies 

Leona Londeen 

Evening cook 

Bosie Marshall 
Snack and week-end 

Edna Bumsey 

Noon cook 

Lelia Whipple 
Dish washer 

18 Operational Staff of Administration 

G. E. Kassebaum 

E.F. Adams 

Eugene Brooks 


of Trustees 

Campus innovations added In 
the hoard of trustees this year in- 
clude a new camera that takes in- 
stant eolored pictures for ID 
cards, a closed circuit TV, and a 
flight instructors program in 
cooperation with the Red Wing 
Aviation Corporation. Mr. Sim- 
mons was appointed to fill the 
position of Mr. Cray, who re- 
signed, and Mr. Chase serves as 
official representative on the state 
hoard of trustees. 

Richard Ghase 

James B. McKay, Jr. 

Lewis Simmons 

Board of Trustees: James McKay, Lewis Simmons, E.F. Adams, G.E. Kassebaum, Ghairman, Eugene Brooks, Richard Ghase. 

Governing Bod) of Administration 19 


The object of the division of the 1969 
Grizzly devoted to academics is to provide 
a narrative in pictures of the year s 
achievement in the classroom and re- 
search in the library. 

Pictured on the opposite page are Dick 
Price receiving his I.D. from Mrs. Walt- 
man, a walk-around test in biology, and 
Helen Fehrenbach s duties as student li- 
brarian in charge of magazines. 

An investigation by Vicky Vaughn of 
library source materials, the construction 
of a hydraulic jack by Allen Monroe and 
Ken Bowser, and the supervision by Mr. 
Isom of a problem paper discussion in 
American history are recorded on this 

Vicky Vaughn, Editor 

Fine Arts 

The accomplishments achieved by students in the 
fine arts area of the college this year are many. The 
works exhibited in the pictures at right and lower right 
are but a sample of the outstanding works of art created 
in painting and ceramics classes. The stage band of the 
music department too, enjoyed a most successful year. 
All stage productions witnessed this year also helped 
contribute to the high quality of work emerging from 
the fine arts department. 

Artist Judy Andrus finishes an oil painting. 

Mike Hamman and Mike Johnson exhibit their handiwork in the pottery shop. 

22 Academics 

A jam session of the stage band as recorded b\ the camera. 

Delta Psi Omega carefully studies a stage design. 

Academies 23 

And Industry 

In the fields of business and industrial education can be 
found a great variety of enterprises that would suit anyone's 
tastes in learning. Represented on this and the following page 
are refrigeration, machine technology, and drafting classes from 
the industrial arts area. An accounting class and a business 
machines class represent the business department. 

Gordon Chaplan demonstrates the hook up of a 
compressor for refrigeration. 

The class and Mr. Ohl examine a shop drawing. 

The entire accounting class ponders the questions. 

24 Academics 

It all adds up for a class in business machines. 

Charles Garrison starts over on an I.B.M. control panel. 

A C-Clarnp is shaped by Joshua Adkins. 

Academics 25 


Included in a cross-section of the field of humanities 
are the subjects of language, literature, and social sci- 
ences. Innovations in the language and literature divi- 
sion involved the addition of a course designed to im- 
prove reading skills, and tape machines on which the 
student may hear his compositions being evaluated by 
his instructor. 

Steve Mattix, Steve Pontious, and Mr. Ralston consider litera- 
ture as it is read. 

A rouridtable discussion is held in Mr. Isom's history class. 

26 Academics 

As Margaret Calvin listens, a theme is graded on tape. 

Mohammed Hadi builds speed and comprehension on the 
Craig Reader. 

Roy Brown and Mr. Toburen review the fine points of term 
paper writing. 

Academies 27 

Tern Martin helps a friend in need, Keith Calvert. 


Lynda McAllister and Mary Lee tend "Mrs. Chase 

Health And 

In the health and science section, the student is 
offered a chance to develop skills and acquire 
knowledge. The entire nurses training course, 
health, and first aid provide practical and useful 
information concerning the preservation of man- 
kind. The sciences of physics and chemistry ex- 
plore the relation of man to his universe. Recrea- 
tion, as represented by bowling and volleyball on 
the following page, help provide physical stamina. 

The photo picturing the first aid class was con- 
tributed by Terry Rawlings. 

Paul Meals and Mike Nelson collaborate on a physic problem. 

28 Academics 

Dennis Post searches for knowledge. 

Marcia Spires hopes for a strike. 

Volleyball practice attracts spectators as well as participants. 

Academics 29 


The center of academic endeavors is the library, but 
the activities involved in an orderly pursuit of knowl- 
edge are as varied as the number of persons who enter 
the library each day. 

Bryant Stateham, pictured at upper right, this semes- 
ter received news that his poem, "The Fair Quest , had 
been accepted for publication by the National Poetry 
Press. The poem was selected from more than thirty 
thousand manuscripts submitted by college men and 
women from all over the nation. 

Bryant Stateham organizes clippings. 

Some rest and relax. 

Mike Schauf investigates the Reader's Guide. 

30 Academics 

Newspapers help Jim Harrison keep track of world events. 

Hill Toelkes looks at "Life' 

Mary Crisswell, student librarian, places magazines in order. 

Academics 31 

Campus Life 

Throughout this section appear pictures 
denoting the many activities on our cam- 
pus. On the opposite page, at upper left, 
Lance Kincheloe, Don Clough and Diek 
Souders demonstrate their talents in "An 
Inspector Calls; pictured at lower left are 
students during class change; and Gruffy, 
our school mascot, is pictured at lower 
right. Above, Polly Hart views the campus 
life from the library; lower left, the Juco 
Favorites dance at the winter prom; and at 
lower right, Phil Anderson delivers his 
campaign speech to the student body dur- 
ing stuco elections. 

Polly Hart, Editor 


Mr. Russell, Mr. Ralston, Mr. Cox, and Gary Samms stuck 
strategic moves in chess tournament. 

A fall "get-together at the swimming pool was sponsored by the 
El Dorado Chamber of Commerce. 

^' fi ■ | <■■■M^ito■i^M' 

ff|?l I. 

•• » 

Students portray enthusiasm at pep rally. 

Interests Vary 

Throughout the school year, many 
activities are sponsored by local com- 
munity groups as well as those on 
campus. Last fall the Chamber of 
Commerce sponsored a "hot dog 
feed at the swimming pool for all 
juco students. Student organizations 
have presented pep rallies during the 
year, along with skits and some sing- 
ing. Also in the early fall, the junior 
college sponsored a "Band Night in 
which many of the local high schools 

Teresa Doornbos and Joyce Haynes represent the drama department 
in a pep skit. 

34 Campus Life 

The drill team cheers our football team to victory. 

The Collegiate Singers sing "The Grizzly," a school pep song written by Mr. Dixon 

Circle High School marches at halftime for "Band Night. 

Campus Life 35 

The Chorus and Collegiate Singers join together for the finale, "God Bless America.' 

The Stage Band, under the direction of Mr. Anderson, performs a "pop number. 

Mr. Dixon introduces the chorus at the fall concert. 

36 Campus Life 

The Collegiate Singers sing "These are the Times That Try Men's Souls. 

Music on Campus 

During the school year the various musical 
groups on Campus have had the opportunity to 
perform both on campus and for local groups in the 
community. The first concert of the year featured 
the chorus and Collegiate Singers under the direc- 
tion of Mr. Dixon, and the Stage Band directed b\ 
Mr. Anderson. The music groups have also had 
numerous opportunities to perform at the Lions 
Club, the Kiwanis Club, the Ladies Auxiliary, and 
local schools. 

Kevin Graves sings "The Very Thought of Y< 

Students participate in singing carols at the Christmas assembly. 

Dramatic Arts 

During the past year the drama department 
has presented several productions. Last fall, 
under the direction of Mr. Darryl Patten, the 
drama department presented the outstanding 
performance, "An Inspector Calls, by J. B. 
Priestly. The setting offered a suspenseful 
drama about a young girl who commits 

A young girl has committed suicide. Don Clough, Karen 
Riley, Richard Hill, Debbie Poole, and Lance Kincheloe. 

The inspector arrives. Don Clough, Karen Rail, Dick Souders, and 
Richard Hill. 

The Birling Family. Karen Riley, Don Clough, Richard Hill, 
and Debbie Poole. 

"You will be marrying at a good time. 

38 Campus Life 

'You never try to understand! 

Amahl greets the three kings from the Far East. H. D. Moss, Jim Seribner, Dick Souders, Mike Angulo, Kevin Graves, and Mrs. 
Gail Clarkson. 

The music department under the 
direction of Mr. J. Thomas Dixon and 
the drama department under the direc- 
tion of Mr. Darryl Patten combined for 
the second annual production of "A- 
mahl and the Night Visitors, a one-act 
opera by Gian Carlo Menotti. In Sep- 
tember the play 'Hocus Pocus was 
repeated from the original summer 

Dennis Weaver and Joyce Haynes in "Hocus Pocus. 

Campus Life 39 

Becky Brown 

Kathy Hayes 

1968 Homecoming Queen, Deby Mercer, and attendants 

Homecoming Queen 

Deby Mercer 

Deby Mercer, daughter of Lt. Colonel and Mrs. Earl L. Mercer who are sta- 
tioned at Abilene, Texas, was crowned 1968-1969 Homecoming Queen during 
halftime ceremonies at the Coffeyville game. Deby is a member of the Grizzly 
staff and is sports writer for the campus newspaper. She is a freshman majoring 
in journalism, and her interests include sports and interior decorating. 


Queen Deby and attendants watch rainy game. 

Students dance in the student union. 

Homecoming 1968 

During a rainy halftime at the game with Coffey- 
ville, the Homecoming Queen and her attendants were 
presented to the student body. Deby Mercer was 
crowned 1968-69 Homecoming Queen. Following the 
game, a dance honored the royalty in the student 

1967 Queen Tam Fischbeck, makes presentations. 

Six-sided raindrops dampen homecoming atmosphere. 

Tam Fischbeck, 1967 Queen, Phil Anderson, 
Kathv Haves, and Terry Ray. 

Kathv and Terrv Rav 

Deln and Tern Hawks 

Berks and Larr\ Rav 

Tain Fischbeck and Phil Anders* 

Queen Deby 

Queen Deby Mercer, Terry Hawks, Reeky 
Brown, and Larry Ray. 

Happiness is. 

Campus Lite 43 



Phil Anderson 

Phil Anderson, a sophomore from Bnrr- 
ton, is majoring in history. Phil is student 
council president and a member of the 
junior college basketball team. 





Priscilla Applegate 

Priscilla Applegate, a sophomore from 
August, is majoring in elementary educa- 
tion. She is sophomore class secretary- 
treasurer and a member of the drill team 
and the student council. 


Kathy Hayes 


Campus Favorites are sophomores 
nominated by clubs and organizations 
on the campus and later chosen by bal- 
lot in a student election. They represent 
the leadership qualities of the ideal ju- 
nior college student. 

Winners this year were Priscilla Ap- 
plegate and Phil Anderson. Runners-up 
were Kathy Hayes, Sherry Ohmart, 
Don Callaway, and Paul Kukula, pic- 
tured on the opposite page. 

The six were presented and honored 
at the winter prom, which the Student 
Council sponsored early in December. 

Campus Favorites: Kathy Hayes, Don Callaway, Priscilla Applegate, Phil Anderson, 
Paul Kukula, and Sherrv Ohmart. 

Campus Life 47 


Clubs and groups played an important 
part on campus. Not only did they provide 
leadership, but they afforded individuals 
the chance to pledge their membership 
and support to specific organizations. 

Throughout the year, clubs were in- 
volved in various projects both on and off 
campus. Young Democrats served the 
community by hosting Governor Robert 
Docking at a dinner during his campaign 
for re-election. The lower left picture de- 
picts members of Delta Psi Omega as they 
pause after the production of An Inspec- 
tor Calls. 

At athletic gatherings, cheerleaders and 
the band added spirit. Drill team enter- 
tained during halftime at football and 
basketball games. 

Karen Parker, Editor 

Student Council: FRONT ROW: Phil Anderson, pres.; Larry 
Ray, vice-pres.; Carolyn Severs, see.; Sandy Goodwin, treas.; Jim 
Cross. SECOND ROW: Pam List, Patti Moran, Priscilla Apple- 
gate, Sheryl Greiving, Betty Bachtel, Karyl Fillmore, Barbara 
Glennie. THIRD ROW: Tom Barr, John Auer, Ed Myers, John 

Sandwell, Mike Nelson, Jeff Evans, Kim Pennington. BACK 
ROW: Sherry Broadstock, Joyce Haynes, Bill schultz, Dick Price, 
Miss Barbara Boland, sponsor; Mr. Don Toburen, sponsor; Mrs. 
Leona Watkins, sponsor. 


Student Council 

Student Council was made up of three representa- 
tives from each class, sophomore and freshmen class 
presidents and representatives from various clubs on 
campus. The officers were elected in the spring of 
1968; they began making plans in the summer which 
they brought into reality early by sponsoring an eve- 
ning dance (which was rained out) under the library on 
the opening day of school. Also on the first day of class- 
es, the president of Student Council, along with Presi- 
dent Walbourn, addressed the student body at 

After fall elections provided the remaining members 
of the council, it focused its attention on homecoming. 
For the first time in Grizzly history, floats were sched- 
uled for homecoming. Junior Chamber of Commerce 
financed the float-making and Student Council mem- 
bers arranged that clubs make their floats to be dis- 
played in a parade the afternoon of the game. All ef- 
forts were in vain since rain caused cancellation of the 

In addition to the homecoming dance, StuCo spon- 
sored victory dances after football and basketball 
games. In the spring the councils last major project 
was the banquet and prom which was a formal and 
memorable affair. 

50 Organizations 

Grizzly Staff 

The Grizzly staff of six girls devoted regular class 
time and extra hours during the first semester to pro- 
duce the yearbook. This was the first book whose staff 
members received two semesters credit for their work. 
Instead of having an editor-in-chief, each member was 
responsible for a specific section. 

1968 'Grizzly' Staff: 

Sandra Eakles Classes 

Polly Hart Campus Life 

Pam List Administration 

Deby Mercer Athletics 

Karen Parker Organizations 

Vicky Vaughn Academics 

Miss Blenda Kuhlmann — Adviser, . . . Photographer 

UPPER LEFT: The staff stamps and sorts pictures for the classes 
section. MIDDLE LEFT: Sandy Eakles numbers pictures while 
Vicky Vaughn draws up a tentative page. MIDDLE RIGHT: By ar- 
ranging pictures on a double-page spread, Pam List finishes up her 

Miss Blenda Kuhlmann plays the duo role of 
adviser and photographer. 

Karen Parker writes copy for her section while Deby Mercer and Polly Hart draw 
page lay-outs. 

Organizations 5f 

Young Democrats — FRONT ROW: Jan Jacobs, Sec; Jeff Artz, Pres.; Gov. Docking, Vicki Ander- 
son, Vice Pres.; Linda Siegenthaler, Treas.; SECOND ROW: Robbie Pow, Jr. High; Pam List, Stuco 
Rep.; Sheri Ohmart, Joyce Vorderstrasse, Linda Dauber, Annie Wischropp, Beckie Brown; THIRD 
ROW: Larry Ray, Eldon McGinnis, Murray Cox, Jack Kienast, Mike Nelson, Keith O'Donnell; 
FOURTH ROW: Charles Howard, Lester Brungardt, Jr. High, Susan Robinson, Joe Eaton, Mr. 
Chism, and Mr. Seager, co-sponsors. 

Young Democrats 

Young Republicans 

The Young Democrats busied themselves with 
the national and state elections and attended the 
banquet in the cafeteria at which Gov. Robert Dock- 
ing spoke. 

The Young Republicans cooperated with county 
and state groups, spoke to junior and senior high 
school government classes, and distributed elections 
poster materials. 

Young Republicans — FRONT ROW: Karen Rail, Pres.; Joyce Haynes, Sec.-Treas.; Pam Mason, 
Barbara Glennie; SECOND ROW: Karyl Fillmore, Jane Biggs, Jeff Evans, Charles Strobel; THIRD 
ROW: Craig Eustice, Ed Myers, Mr. Ensz, Mr. Ogg, and Mr. Russell, co-sponsors. 

52 Organizations 


U.C.F. Council — FRONT ROW: Karyl Fillmore, Linda Mattix, Pain Lambert, Dee Bar- 
cus, Diann Wiens; BACK ROW: Mareia King, Betty Bachtel, Linda Tredway, Valerie 
Freeman, Peggy Triboulet, Mr. Kreller, sponsor. 

Don Callaway leads a "huddle" discussion for Christian Athletes. 


The United Christian Fellow- 
ship offers an ecumenical fellow- 
ship for college students and fac- 
ulty alike. The year s program is 
planned by a council to recognize 
religious holidays, to give empha- 
sis to moral and religious values in 
daily living and to provide a 
wholesome fellowship. 

The Fellowship of Christian 
Athletes, involving about 20 men, 
has functioned on campus for the 
first time this year. Although 
chartered separately, the college 
and high school units meet to- 
gether in "huddles with college 
men leading discussion groups. 
Coaches Kohls and Isom serve as 

The Newman Club provides 
social, intellectual, and religious 
activities for Catholic youth and 
other interested students on the 
campus. The club held a Hallow- 
een party and several discussion 
groups, and collected food for a 
Christmas gift to the residents at 
St. Joseph s Home. 

Newman Club — FRONT ROW: John Sandwell, Nancy Engels, Sheryl Greiving, Joan 
Weber; SECOND ROW: Edna Fehrenbach, Richard Engels, Ethan Weispfenning, Paul 
Kukula, Candy Malcolm; BACK ROW: Donna Keenan, Helen Fehrenbach, Mr. John- 
ston, sponsor, Fr. Rowan, advisor. 

Organizations 53 

Stage Band — FRONT ROW: Eldon Lawyer, 
Don Cox, Bob Anderson, Clayton Shaw, Con- 
nie Bachelder. SECOND ROW: Tom Benigas, 
Richard Tate, Bill Olson, Jerome Peterie. 
THIRD ROW: Lee Sibley, Wayne Noeller, 
Roger Walls, Jim Voth. BACK ROW: Terry 
Beaver, Steven Nuss, Richard York, Leona 


College Band — FRONT ROW: Steve Mattix, 
Jim Voth, Wayne Noeller, Lee Sibley. 
SECOND ROW:' Gerald Champ, Roger Walls, 
Tom Benigas, Bill Olson, Jerome Peterie. 
THIRD ROW: Connie Clayton, Eldon Law- 
yer, Cheryl Little, Marcia King, Lewis Gray. 
BACK ROW: Richard York, Thane Rogers, 
Steven Nuss, Terry Beaver, Bob Anderson. 

Chorus — FRONT ROW: Susan Venable, Jan 
Peterson, Kathy Perkins, Elaine Copp, Margar- 
et Auilera, Sally Davis, Cheryl Little, Maria 
Arnold, Cynda Coats, Susan Clayton. SEC- 
OND ROW: Becky Schmidt, Bob Simmons, 
Terry Hutter, Kevin Graves, John Graham, 
Harold Muth, Nancy Auger, Brenda Jones, Teri 
Prilliman. BACK ROW: John Pratt, Clark Wal- 
ters, Marvin Whitson, Jim Scribner, Mike An- 
gulo, Dick Souders, Bill Sutter, Bill Olson. 

54 Organizations 


Collegiate Singers: FRONT ROW: Karen Parker, Dee Barcus, 
Cynda Coats, Gayle Hale, Rosie Nicholas. SECOND ROW: 
Margaret Aguilera, Becky Schmidt, Barbara Conrod, Polly Hart, 
Teri Prilliman, Kathy Perkins, Pam Lambert, Cyndy Ellings. 

Music Groups 

Create Harmony 

Campus music groups participated in several 
concerts and programs throughout the year. Stu- 
dents in Collegiate Singers were chosen by audi- 
tion. This group sang for various community gath- 
erings in addition to staging fall and Christmas 
concerts. Another select group was the stage band 
which played popular and jazz numbers on and off 

The chorus performed in the fall concert and 
was also a part of the Christmas opera and Christ- 
mas concert. It also contributed to the program 
which was given during the holiday season at Jef- 
ferson elementary school. 

The college band played at home games and for 
pep rallies. 

Two smaller groups were chosen from members 
of Collegiate Singers: a quartet of male voices and 
a girls' trio. They presented special numbers at 
school concerts. These groups had the advantage 
of being small enough to be invited to represent 
the school at civic gatherings throughout the 

BACK ROW: Kevin Graves, Terry Hutter, John Pratt, Roger 
Walls, Bill Sutter, Bill Olson, Jim Scribncr, Ron Douglas, Bob 

Women's Trio: Teri Prilliman, Kathv Perkins, Karen Parker. 

Men's Quartet: Kevin Graves, Jim Scribner, John Pratt, Bill Sutter. 

Organizations 55 

"Lantern" Staff 

Members of the Lantern staff received two 
hours credit in journalism each semester. Dur- 
ing the first semester, the newspaper produc- 
tion class served as the editing staff. They as- 
signed stories to the introduction to journalism 
class whose responsibility was to provide most 
of the copy for this bi-monthly newspaper. 
The page editors (from the advanced class) 
corrected the copy, measured it by column 
inches and then placed it on the pages. Next, 
they wrote headlines and cutlines and then 
sent all the material to the publisher. 

The editors during the second semester were 
members of the Newspaper Production II and 
editing classes. Again, the introduction class 
contributed stories. 

Debate Squad 

This year's debate squad under the 
direction of the new coach, Michael 
Hadley, had a busy year attending 22 
tournaments, some as far away as 
Connecticut. They competed in near- 
ly three hundred rounds of debate. 
The team of James Wilson and Dick 
Price placed in several tournaments; 
Pam Bertram and Vicki Harvey 
placed in some; and the squad, as a 
whole, placed in eight of the tourna- 
ments entered by the middle of Feb- 
ruary. The total season s record, will, 
of necessity, need to be published in 
the spring supplement. 

First Semester Lantern Editorial Staff — LEFT TO RIGHT: Karen Par- 
ker, third page editor; Mr. Lewis Blockcolski, advisor; Tony Jimenez, 
sports editor; Kevin Cook, editor-in-chief; Sandy Goodwin, feature editor; 
Gary Hoepner, writer; Steve Earll, photographer, Dave Owens, editorial 
editor. (Not pictured, Marc Pinkstaff) 

Debate Squad — FRONT ROW: Dick Price, Benell Bertram, Vicki Harvey; BACK 
ROW: Wesley King, James Wilson, and Mr. Hadley, coach. 

56 Organizations 

Juco Voices — FRONT ROW: \h 
Darryl Patten, sponsor. ( "lic*r\ I Lit- 
tle, Doug Varner. BACK ROW: Jane 
Biggs, Teresa Doornbos, Jan facobs, 
Joyce Vorderstrasse. 

Juco Voices 

The Juco Voices, a group of students selected by 
audition, presented programs of prose and poetry in 
the medium of choric verse and rhythmic speech. In 
addition to local performances the group was com- 
missioned by the United Methodist Church to pre- 
pare recorded curriculum materials of scriptural and 
secular selections for use in teaching the Bible to 
third and fourth grades. They also appeared at the 
Iowa State University Fine Arts Festival and at the 
Metropolitan Area Children's Theatre in Kansas 
City, Kansas. 

Delta Psi Omega 

The Delta Psi Omega is a national honor dramatic 
fraternity designed to give recognition to junior col- 
lege students interested in the theatre arts. Partici- 
pation included acting, stagecraft, interpretation, 
publicity, costuming, and this past year experienc- 
ing the problems of touring. For the first time five 
major productions were staged; and one production, 
representing the main stream of educational theatre 
was presented to approximately 5,000 children in 
Butler County, in Wichita, and in Topeka. 

Delta Psi Omega — FRONT ROW: 

Joyce Havnes, Karen Riley, Debby 
Poole. BACK ROW: Dick Sonders. 
Teresa Doornbos, Karen Rail, Mr. 
Darryl Patten, sponsor. 


SKSTA — FRONT ROW: Karen Miller, pres.; Karen Wagner, vice-pres.; Vicky Vaughn, sec.; Ethan Weispfenning, 
treas.; Kim Pennington. SECOND ROW: Betty Bachtel, Helen Feherenbach, Karyl Fillmore, Priscilla Applegate. 
BACK ROW: Judy Andrus, Donna Keenan, Kathy Bird, Mr. Don Cox, sponsor; Mrs. Marian Rime, sponsor. 

SKSTA and 
Science Club 

Students interested in teaching as a 
profession could join the Student 
Kansas State Teachers Association. 
They learn what it is like "on the oth- 
er side of the desk." 

In October, the officers went to a 
convention in Topeka where they 
learned various teaching methods. 
The club's project of the year oc- 
curred when they sponsored a Christ- 
mas party for retarded children. 

Science Club consisted of those 
involved in some phase of science. 
The purpose was to cover various as- 
pects of science not covered in the 
classroom. Occasionally, guest speak- 
ers were invited to lecture. 

Second semester, the club spon- 
sored a fundamentals of slide rule 
class which was open to anyone. A 
final picnic in the spring climaxed the 

Science Club — FRONT ROW: Bill Smith, pres.; Barbara Glennie, vice-pres.; Kathleen 
Wilson, sec; Pam Mason, treas. SECOND ROW: Mohammed Butt, Charles Strobel, Jer- 
ome Peterie. BACK ROW: George Creegan, James Batliff, Paul Graham, Mr. Clyde Hie- 
bert, sponsor; Mr. Wilfred Pettus, sponsor. 

58 Organizations 

Future Engineers — FRONT ROW: Steve Mattix, pres.; Mike Nelson, sec.-treas.; Kenneth Pharr, 
Charles Strobel, Mike Hall. BACK ROW: Dick Gimple, Paul Meals, Ronald Cofield, Larry Nace, Robert 
Pippin, Mr. Richard Gregory, sponsor. 



The Future Engineers seek to acquaint the mem- 
bers with offerings in various fields of engineering. 
Professors from the state universities are invited to 
speak of the educational programs in their respec- 
tive schools and to explain the different require- 
ments. Members of the club attended open houses 
and various exhibits at K.U., K. State and W.S.U. 

Students enrolled in the course of nursing are ac- 
tive members of the Nursing Students Association. 
First semester students are included as honorary 
members. Upon completion of the course of study 
on campus, they prepare to write the state examina- 
tion, which, when passed, entitles them to become 
registered nurses under the Kansas State Nursing 

Nursing Students Association — FRONT ROW: Mrs. Marilyn Mettler, R.N , Betty Poffinbarger, Barbara Burgoyne, Mary 
Lee, Linda McAllister, Mrs. Mary Davis, R.N. BACK ROW: Miss Anita Whitson, R.N , Kermit Pope, Ann Brown, Linda Win- 
zer, Janice Klassen, Sherry Williams, Mrs. Barbara Jo Riddle, R.N 

Organizations 59 




Campus organizations participated in numerous ac- 
tivities during the school year. The Student Council 
sponsored many events, including dances and a contest 
entitled "Pennies for Julie. This was a contest be- 
tween the freshman and sophomore classes to see who 
could raise the most money for Julie Wilkerson, a hand- 
icapped child. Sophomores collected the greatest 

The Student Union was a popular place of activity. 
Card-playing was a favorite pastime for many while 
others visited, studied or slept in the lounge. In addi- 
tion, clubs held informal meetings from time to time in 
the lounge, and eating at the snack bar or in the cafete- 
ria proved important for many. 

Head cheerleader Kathy Hayes spells "V" for victory at a pep 

miiiiMiih i ii mil 


Jim Wilson and Dick Price, winning debate team, consider their reso- 
lution v\ ith Mr. Mike Hadle) , their sponsor. 

Highlighting the last football game is the traditional bonfire. 

60 Organizations 

After try-outs, the new cheerleaders 
pose for a picture. 

Student Council members Phil Anderson and 
Betty Bachtel greet new students on the first 
day of schools picnic. 

A bit of socializing takes place at the Winter Prom. 

The stage band, chorus and Collegiate Singers acknowledge applause for their finale at the fall concert. 

Organizations 61 

Second Floor Residents — FRONT ROW: Teri Prilliman, Bren- 
cla Jones, Marilyn Tern, Scotty Meeker, Judy Smith. SECOND 
ROW: Carolyn Severs, Helen Powers, Donna Carlson, Susie 
Paph, Sarah Cowles, Glenda Hilton, Dee Barcus. THIRD ROW: 

Pam Reed, Debbie Henline, Shelley Balman, Jan Koester, Candy 
Maleomb, Karan Hartman. BACK ROW: Karen Riley, Sheryl 
Greiving, Pam Perkins, Sandy Goodwin, Tarn Fischbeck, Sherry 
Reid, Nila Mount, Nancy Engels. 

Women's Dormitory 

The dormitory is more than just a plaee to live. The 
girls studied, visited and watched television, to name a 
few pastimes. The telephone was a favorite spot for 
many. They also exchanged confidences, gave each 
other grooming tips and spent much time "being beau- 
tiful. (One way to kill time is to buy a wig — middle 
right picture). 

First Floor Residents — FRONT ROW: Marcia King, Paula 
Beaver, Linda Mattix, Priscilla Applegate, Linda Tredvvay. 
SECOND ROW: Sandra Dudley, Barbara Burgoyne, Donna 
Cleaver, Mary Crisswell, Donna Burns, Vickie Burleigh, Phyllis 
Heckathorn. THIRD ROW: Freida Marsh, Joyce Vorderstrasse, 

Valerie Freeman, Linda Linot, Marcia Spires, Judy Andrus 
FOURTH ROW: Margaret Burress, Connie Robertson, Pam 
Lambert, Peg Triboulet. BACK ROW: Jeanette Hill, Joan We- 
ber, Carla Eggen, Deby Mercer, Carol Gillette, Diann Wiens. 

62 Organizations 

Second Floor Residents — FRONT ROW: James Meyeres, Jack 
Vetter, Terry Laudermilk, Charles Bryan. SECOND ROW: Don 

Johnson, Rod Dutt, Stephen Zoeller, Bob Tate, Terry Martin. 

THIRD ROW: Owen Smith, Jim Tracy, Kevin Craves, Fred 
Wells, Dave Tarman. BACK ROW: Ed Myers, John McGinty, 
Chester Wilson, Richard Powell, [vie Moore. 

xa an an dd 

Men's Dormitory 

Studying was a pastime for many in the men's dorm, 
hut usually not a favorite occupation. Sometimes, dis- 
cussions about school, sports and girls could be heard 
from behind someone's closed door. Viewing television 
and "shooting the breeze were popular activities. 

First Floor Residents — FRONT ROW: Galen MeArthur, Rusty 
Spindel, Ken Damato, Paul Jakubson. SECOND ROW: Herb 
Fisher, Randy Hazen, Wally Saka, Daniel Nixon, T. C. White, 
Bill Kinkade. THIRD ROW: Doug Dennis, Jim Cross, Murray 

Cox, John Purinton, Ethan Weispfenning. FOURTH ROW: 
Steve Mattix, Gary Samms, Don Crupper, Mike Morgenstern. 
BACK ROW: John Jackson, Gary Lukens, Jim Minnerath, Floyd 
Winter, Dale Alexander. 

Organizations 63 

Veterans' Club — FRONT ROW: Paul Kukula, pres.; Roy Wilson, vice-pres.; Dennis Cartright, sec.-treas.; Larry Casady, Roy 
Brown. SECOND ROW: Richard Loveland, Fred Carver, Norman Cullop, Dick Sauders. BACK ROW: Marvin Jones, Rick 
Nelson, Dennis Thomas. 

Veterans' Club 

Technical Club 

Members of Veterans Club are men who at one 
time have actively served in a branch of the Armed 
Forces. They took an active part in campus activi- 
ties. Most notably, they added valuable enthusiasm 
at football games by cheering together as a unit be- 
hind their Veterans Club banner. 

The club also provided unity among the veterans 
as well as involved them with various other campus 

The Technical Club is made up of members of the 
various technical classes. There were representatives 
from auto-body, mechanics, drafting, air condition- 
ing, welding and electronics. Mainly, the members 
had in common the fact that their fields paralleled. 
Each field was represented by a faculty advisor. 

Technical Club — FRONT ROW: Steve McCracken, pres.; Fred Dimick, vice-pres.; Jeff Gerdes, sec.-treas.; Mike Malone, 
Stuco rep. SECOND ROW: Robert Hess, Ace Schroer, Gary Gillet, John Auer, Leonard Foster, Brian Snyder. BACK ROW: 
Sponsors; Mr. Dennis Martens, Mr. Arden Good, Mr. Gary Boatright, Mr. Fred Webb. 

64 Organizations 

Cheerleaders And 
Honey Bears 

New this year were boy yell-leaders who 
added spirit during the football season. 
The cheerleaders traditionally led cheers 
and created enthusiasm at athletic con- 
tests. They provided entertainment at pep 
rallies by having skits and leading the 
crowd in chants and cheers as they are 
doing in the picture below. 

The drill team, known as the Honey 
Bears, is made up of about 20 girls who are 
selected by try-outs (middle left picture). 
This group performed pom-pon routines 
at games at home and at area high schools. 
In addition, they also participated in the 
United Fund Parade and in a parade in 

Cheerleaders and yell-leaders — LEFT TO RIGHT: Randy Slaughter, Karan 
Hartman, Mac Rice, Louisa VanderWeele, Kathy Hayes, head cheerleader; 
Buzz Allen, Dotty Ashlock, Don White, Sharon McNabb. Not pictured, Wayne 

Honey Bears — FRONT ROW: Linda Siegenthaler, Karen Par- 
ker, Karen Rail, Kathy Hayes, captain; Pam Reed, Barbara Poole, 
Cyndy Ellings. BACK ROW: Marcia Hill, Beckie Brown, Teri 

Prilliman, Karen Parsons, Barbara Derstein, Linda Dauber, Mor- 
lene Schwartz, Dotty Ashlock, Priscilla Applegate, Patti Mc- 
Henry. Not pictured. Miss Jeanette Malone, sponsor. 

Organizations 65 


In its second year at BCCJC, a total ath- 
letic program has established communica- 
tions with the NJCAA, giving national 
recognition and national participation in 
all sports. The department has direct 
communication with the commissioner of 
the league and with all athletic directors of 
the conference. 

Future development will provide a 
competitive interscholastic program. Oth- 
er plans for the future include a weekly 
radio program, a wrestling program by 
1970, and a lettermens club. 

The coaches pictured below will be di- 
recting these activities: Coaches Merle 
Nay, Wayne Postoak, Oliver Isom, and 
Dale Remsberg. 

Debv Mercer, Editor 


Ranclle Anderson, Slot 
Richard Cienmy, Kicker 
Ken Damato, Tackle 

Andy Simpson, End 
Jack Vetter, Guard 
Chester Wilson, LB 

Season Ended On 3-7 Mark 

• — 

M Bk 



David Ferren, Guard; Buck Gibson, Tackle 
Bof Johnson, Linebacker; Don Johnson, (,)B 
Terrv Martin, End & Punter; Ivie Moore, Slot 

Mark Hufferd, Center; John Ireland, QB 
Ken Johnson, Tackle; Terry Laudermilk, End 
John Pica, Linebacker; Can Ravvlings, CB 

BOTTOM ROW: Mark Hufferd, Chester Wilson, Ken Johnson, Terry Laudermilk, Randle Anderson, Jack 
Vetter. SECOND ROW: John Jackson, John McGinty, Jim McCune, David Ferren, Bob Johnson, Buck 
Gibson. THIRD ROW: San Cawthorn, Dave Geese, Dennis Burden, Steve Stirnaman, Charlie Bryan, 
Rusty Spindel, Lyle Brandon. FOURTH ROW: Bob Shipman, Paul Jakubson, Frank Jackson, Larry Lee, 
Everett Kohls. 

68 Sports 

BOTTOM ROW — Coaches: Head Coach, Merle 'Bones " Nay; Assistant 
Coaches: Dale Remsberg, Gene Arnold, Everett Kohls; Student Assistants: Paul 
Kukula, Marvin Jones. 


Participation and enthusiasm filled the 
Grizzly 1968 Football season. These boys 
contributed many long hours of practice, 
endured defeat and above all pledged 
dedication to BCCJC. And the loyal Grid- 
men followers kept the enthusiasm hot as 
they cheered on in both victory and 

Captains: Randle Anderson, Jack Yetter, Coach Merle "Bones'' Nay, and 
I vie Moore. 

Trainers: Larry Lee, Head Trainer; Paul Jakubson, and 
Frank Jackson. 

BOTTOM ROW: Ivie Moore, John Pica, Ken Damato, Gary Rawlings, John Ireland, Andy Simpson. 
SECOND ROW: Richard Ciemny, Tern Martin, Don Johnson, Bob Tate, Scott Davis, Tony Anderson. 
THIRD ROW: Rod Dutt, David Casmaer, Dave Tarman, Gary McBeth, Cornelius Doolittle, Kelly Kiser. 
FOURTH ROW: Marvin Jones, Paul Kukula, Dale Remsberg, Merle "Bones'' Nay. 

Sports '69 

Grizzly 1968 






Fort Scott 



Dodge City 






Arkansas City 








Garden City 









Injuries to Rusty Spindel and Randle Anderson 
hampered the Grizzlies. 

Watching and waiting are all a part of the 

Chester Wilson falls victim to side- 
line aid. 

Ciemny's golden toe proved vital to 
the Grizzlies and an important step 
in his own life. 

Clenched fists and worried looks are all 
characteristics of a coach watching his 
players during a game. 

70 Athletics 

Bears 1968 Home Season Falters 2-5 

For the Grizzlies, Dodge City (lower right) and Cof- 
feyville (left) proved a slim second half lead, but 
hopes of victory were downed in late play. These 
losses cost in several ways: They dropped the Bears 
record to 1-4 and saw several key men hurt. The sec- 
ond home victory came with 37-13 defeat of High- 
land (lower left). Eight games behind, the Bears met 
Hutchinson (below) and ended with a score of 13-32 
to finish the home playing season. 

Athletics 71 


The 1968-69 Football season 
saw three gridmen voted first 
string All-Conference. Buck Gib- 
son, Ivie Moore, and John Pica 
were voted by all coaches in con- 
ference play as outstanding play- 
ers. All three have been offered 
scholarships to major colleges. 

Terry Laudermilk, offense, 
Tony Anderson, offense, and John 
Ireland, defense were named 
Honorable Mention. 

BELOW: TOP, Terry Laudermilk; 
MIDDLE, Tony Anderson; BOTTOM, 
John Ireland. 

' - 

ABOVE, Buck Gibson; TOP MIDDLE, 
Ivie Moore; BIGHT, John Pica. 

... .. 

72 Athletics 

Phil Anderson 

Randv Anderson 

Larrv Neal 

Basketball Team Has 
Successful Season 

For the first time since 1953 the basketball team placed first 
in the western division of the Jayhawk Junior College Confer- 
ence. The team drew a bye in the sub-regional tournament at 
Dodge City and defeated Dodge City and Hutchinson to place 
first In the Region 6 tournament at Hutchinson the Grizzlies 
defeated Coffeyville and Cloud County but were defeated by 
Hutchinson to take second in the region. Every player scored in 
the regional tournament. 

A school scoring record was apparently broken during the 
season when the team won over Arkansas City 108-79. The pre- 
vious known high score was made Dec. 16, 1963, when the local 
team defeated Central College 106-79. 

Robert Thurman and Preston Carrington were unanimous 
selections for All-Jayhawk honors, and David DeHoff shared a 

Marvin Lawton 

N W M '^ 

Robert Thurman 

David DeHoff 

Preston Carrington 

Athletics 73 

Grizzlies Tie Conference Lead 

Randle Anderson, Eldon Lawyer, Marvin Lawton, David Callaway, Maurice King, David DeHoff, Robert Thurman, Delvan Leimer, Lar- 
rv Neal, John Nash, Phil Anderson, Preston Carringtoh. Head Coach, Wayne Postoak, Assistant Coach, Gene Arnold, Manager, Steve 

1969 Schedule 



Nov. 21 

Odessa, Texas 




Feb. 4 

Arkansas City 




Nov. 22 

Howard County 

Texas 80 



Feb. 6 





Nov. 23 

Weatherford, Texas 




Feb. 8 

Dodge City 




Nov. 26 





Feb. 1 1 





Dec. 2 





Feb. 15 




' There 

Dec. 9 





Feb. 18 

St. Johns 




Dec. 13 

Ellsworth, Iowa 




Feb. 21 





Dec. 14 

Oklahoma Military 




Feb. 24 

Arkansas City 




Dec. 26 





Mar. 1 

Garden City 




Dec. 27 





Sub-regional Tournamt 


Dec. 28 





Mar. 4 

Dodge City 



Dodge City 

Jan. 1 1 

Dodge City 




Mar. 5 




Jan. 13 

Kansas City 




Region 6 Tournament 

Jan. 18 





Mar. 10 





Jan. 21 





Mar. 11 

Cloud County 



Jan. 25 

Wichita State Frosh. 




Mar. 12 




Jan. 28 





Jan 31 

Garden City 






Feb. 1 

Kansas City 




00 Doub 

e Overtime 

Robert Thurman (LEFT) fights for the 2 points. 
(BELOW) Thurman and John Nash lunge to keep 
control of the KCKJC ball. In a hard fought game 
against Pratt, Grizzlies Dave DeHoff, Preston Car- 
rington, Eldon Lawyer, and John Nash, struggle to 
redeem possession of the ball. (BOTTOM LEFT). 
(BOTTOM RIGHT) Larry Neal displays the extra 
effort by all Grizzlies in the game against the Ravens. 

Prove Skills 

John Nash (right) blocks Raven attempt. 
Guard, Randle Anderson (right center) 
brings the ball down court. Eldon Lawyer 
(bottom) makes a mid-court layup. Dave 
DeHoff (bottom center) aims for the bas- 
ket. Phil Anderson (bottom right) makes a 
side shot. 

Robert Thurman (top right) rebounds Pratt attempt. Preston Car- 
rington (above) dunks the ball. Larry Neal (right) prevents the Rav- 
ens from making a basket. 

68 Lineup on 

Jim Graham, Co-captain, Don Callaway, Captain 
and Coach Isom art- pictured below. BELOW 
RIGHT, Don Callaway receives first place honors 
from headcheerleader, Kathy Hayes, at the BCCJC 
Invitational meet. The running pack competing in 
the meet is pictured below with Don Callaway lead- 
ing the way. 

Cross-Country Team Members, FRONT ROW: Keith Pharr, Tom Barr, Larry 
Nace, Jeff Evans; SECOND ROW: John Gorman, Jim Graham, Clardy Vinson, 
Don Callaway, and Coach Ollie Isom. Not pictured Dick Gertz. 

fr>* ^ 

78 Athletics 

ABOVE: Outrunning his competitor, 
Clardy Vinson places fourth. RIGHT: 
Finishing a good run. Don Callaway 
places first. BELOW: Jim Graham hussies 
in for third. 

Jeff Evans finishes the Invitational with 



%*? *> 


Running hard, Keith Pharr merits a fourth 


Individuals on the Cross- 
Country team have all been rec- 
ognized for their efforts. Coach 
Ollie Isom praised the boys ef- 
forts to win and bring honor to 

This years schedule included 
meets at Haskell, Allen County, 
Iola, Wichita, Manhattan, and El 

Returning from last year were 
Larry Nace, Jeff Evans, Don Cal- 
laway, and Dick Gertz. 

Athletics 79 


A total enrollment of 1335 students, 63 
of whom had special status, set a new 
school record this year. Pictures represent- 
ing class activities which involve many 
people and interests appear throughout 
this section. At left Shirley Tarter leaves 
her ID card with Sandy Eakles for en- 
trance to the library. Below, right, stu- 
dents assemble for orientation convoca- 
tion; left, Austin Lowry demonstrates his 
artistic skill. On opposite page above, 
Robert Evans replaces a muffler; lower 
eft, Airs. Longfellow directs a typing 
class; and lower right, Randle Anderson 
and Jo Lively have fun. 

Sandra Eakles, Editor 


Select officers 

Approximately 425 students enrolling at Butler 
County Community Junior College this year were 
sophomores. According to computerized records, 
106 of the sophomores are women and 319 are 
men. This is the largest sophomore class. The soph- 
omore officers pictured at the right are Jeff Evans, 
president; Paul Kukula, vice president; Priscilla 
Applegate, secretary-treasurer. 

Joshua Adkins, Glasco 

Industrial Arts 
Ronald Adkins. Wichita 

Auto Technolog) 
Jem Anderson, El Dorado 

Phillip Anderson. Burrton 

Raudle Anderson, Wichita 


Priscilla Applegate, Augusta 

Elementary Education 
Dorothy Ashlock, Wichita 

Physical Education 
Jon Auer. Wichita 

Mach Tool Technology 
Nancy Auger, Wichita 

Liberal Arts 
Constance Bachelder. Benton 

Library Science 

Betty Bachtel, Augusta 

David Bagby, Augusta 

Liberal Science 
Richard Baird. Wichita 

Harlan Baker, Goddard 

Social Science 
James Balch, El Dorado 

Liberal Science 

Shelley Balman, Wichita 

Data Processing 
Ethne Barnes. El Dorado 

Gary Barrett, Wichita 

Liberal Arts 
Frederick Beal, El Dorado 

Terry Beaver, Winfield 

Data Processing 

82 Classes 

Floyd Beck, Wichita 

Liberal Arts 
Steven Becker, El Dorado 

Lee Beene, Wichita 

Marilyn Berg, Hope 

Elementary Education 
Benelle Bertram, Salina 


Keith Bestgen, Derby 

Darrel Bish, Wichita 

Liberal Arts 
Charles Black, Augusta 

Liberal Arts 
Michael Blaine, El Dorado 

Medical Technology 
August Blanchat, Wichita 

Liberal Arts 

Michael Bonner, Fredonia 

Kenston Bowser, Augusta 

Machine Processing 
James Branam, Wichita 

Machine Technology 
Larry Branch, Douglass 

Diana Briggs, El Dorado 

Legal Secretary 

Michael Brothers, Wichita 

Liberal Science 
John Brouillette, Wichita 

Physical Education 
Ann Brown, Augusta 

Thomas Brown, Wichita 

Steve Bulleigh, Wichita 


Kenton Bulier, Peabody 

Secondary Education 
Barbara Burgoyne, Valley Center 

Vickie Burleigh, Wichita 

Home Economics 
Donna Burns, Wichita 

Margaret Burress, Augusta 

Elementary Education 

Linda Call, El Dorado 

Physical Education 
Donald Callaway, El Dorado 

Ind. Engineering 
Keith Calvert, Augusta 

Liberal Arts 
James Campbell. Wichita 

Liberal Arts 
Nicky Campbell, Wichita 

Liberal Arts 

Merlene Cantrell, Wichita 

Home Economics 
Janice Carey, El Dorado 

Physical Education 
Steven Carmiehael, El Dorado 

Randy Carr, Andover 

Liberal Science 
Preston Carrington, Topeka 

Physical Ed 

Classes 83 



Students confer about enrollment. 

Cynthia Carter, Wichita 

Home Economics 
Nikki Carter, Wichita 

Data Processing 
Dennis Cartwright, Wichita 


Fred Carver, El Dorado 

Liberal Arts 
Phillip Carver, El Dorado 

Jerry Cathey, Maize 

Welding Technology 
David Chambers, Wichita 

Liberal Arts 
Alan Cheatum, Wichita 

Auto Technology 

Mike Childers, Topeka 

Veterinary Medicine 
John Christian, Bloomfield, Conn. 

Liberal Arts 
Philip Church, El Dorado 

Michael Clarey, Wichita 

Chris Clark, Augusta 



-^& r 


Donna ("leaver, Wichita 

General Secretary 
Richard Coats, Potwin 

Physical Education 
Alex Cody, Wichita 

Liberal Arts 
Ronald Cofield, Leon 

Mike Cohen, Junction City 

Business Adm. 

Judy Colvin, Augusta 

Secretarial Training 
Larry Combs, Wichita 

Secondary Education 
Jerry Compton, El Dorado 

Elementary Education 
Kevin Cook, El Dorado 

Vern Cooper, El Dorado 

Drafting Technology 

84 Ck 

Michael Cowman, Wichita 

James Cox, El Dorado 

Bio Chemistry 
Steven Cox, El Dorado 

Michael Crawford, Wichita 

Business Administration 
Jim Cross, Russell 

Political Science 

John Crouch, Wichita 

Norman Cullop, El Dorado 

Business Administration 
James Cummins, Augusta 

Don Cyphers; Augusta 

Liberal Arts 
James Cyphers, Augusta 


James Daley. Derby 

Liberal Arts 
Kenneth Damato, Hamden. Conn. 

Physical Ed 
David Daniels, Wichita 

Pre- Dental 
Steven Darnell. El Dorado 

Air Con -Ref Tech. 
Darlene Dauber, El Dorado 

Liberal Arts 



'- > 




mk n 

John Davis, Wichita 

Social Science 
Sally Davis, Wichita 

Liberal Arts 
Harold Dawson, Elmdale 

Business Education 
David DeHoff, Tonganoxie 

Physical Education 
Daniel Dennett, Rose Hill 

Business Administration 

Doug Dennis, Wellington 

Liberal Science 
Barbara Derstein, El Dorado 

Data Processing 
Richard Dial, Wichita 

Business Administration 
Kenneth Dickinson, Augusta 

Foreign Language 
Fred Dimick, El Dorado 


Jack Dixon, Wichita 
Ph\ sical Education 

Jonathan Doll. Wichita 

Teresa Doornbos, El Dorado 

David Dowell, El Dorado 

William Dreiling, Junction City 


Sandra Dudley, Wichita 

(K-neral Secretary 
Michael Dunn. ( iarbondale 

Arthur Dunson, El Dorado 

Physical Education 
Sandra Eakles, Wichita 

Library Science 
Paul Eaton. Wichita 

Mach Tool Technology 

Classes 85 


Enter Nursing Career 

Walter Eckhoff, Leawood 

Michael Ellsworth, Wichita 

Liberal Arts 
Thomas England, Wichita 


Craig Eustice, El Dorado 

Liberal Arts 
Jeffrey Evans, Wichita 

Pre- Law 
Carolyn Exley, Wichita 

Liberal Arts 






Kermit Pope prepares for isolation. 

t> ' * 

tmmlM^i im 

Theodore Eager, Leon 

Elementary Education 
Helen Eehrenbach, El Dorado 

Home Economics 
David Ferren, El Dorado 

Karyl Fillmore, El Dorado 

Secondary Education 
Tamara Fischbeck, Council Bluff, Iowa 


Carolyn Flickinger, El Dorado 

Elementary Education 
Randal Foos, Bazine 

James Frager, Wichita 

Business Administration 
Allen Freeman, Rose Hill 

Physical Education 
Gary Frost, Lindsborg 


Jeffrey Gerdes, Wichita 

Drafting Technology 
Richard Gertz, Wichita 

Physical Education 
David Gibson, Marion, Ohio 

Physical Ed 
Chris Gill, Junction City 

Gary Gillett, Wichita 

Machine Tool Tech. 

Janice Gilmer, Douglass 

Secondary Education 
Sandra Goodwin, Derby 

Carolyn Gordy, Columbus, Georgia 

Walter Gorrell, Wichita 

Physical Education 
Darwin Graham, Wichita 



- _ 


86 Classes 

John Graham, Whitewater 

Secondary Education 
Paul Graham, El Dorado 

Medical Technology 
Allan Graves, Wichita 

Charles Greenwell, El Dorado 

Donald Grier, Wichita 


Anthony Gronau, Whitewater 

Carl Guest, Wichita 

Liberal Arts 
Carol Guest, Wichita 

Rebecca Gum, El Dorado 

Rodney Haas, Benton 

Liberal Arts 


Paul Haines, El Dorado 

Gayle Hale, Mulvane 

Elementary Education 
David Hallenbeck, Linwood 

William Hamilton, Wichita 

William Hamm, El Dorado 

Social Science 

Preston Harding, Wichita 

Deborah Hardwick, El Dorado 

Physical Education 
Carol Harris, Wichita 

John Harris, Wichita 

Perry Harris, Wichita 


Roily Harrison, Wichita 

Hazel Hart, El Dorado 

Secondary Education 
Polly Hart, Orem, Utah 

Business Education 
Darold Hau^erman, Wichita 

Business Administration 
Kathy Hayes, El Dorado 

Physical Education 

Joyce Haynes, El Dorado 

Phyllis Heckathorn, Wichita 

James Hein, Wichita 

Liberal Arts 
Steve Heinemann, El Dorado 

Marvin Heinz, Wichita 


Karl Henderson, Mulvane 

Jerry Herbert, Benton 

Dale Herring, Augusta 

Elec. Technology 
Robert Hess, El Dorado 

Jerry Higgins, El Dorado 


1 fa til* J 

Classes 8" 



Colored ID. pictures are taken. 

Diane Higgs, El Dorado 

Libera) Arts 
Jeanette Hill, Wichita 

Elementary Education 
Marcia Hill, El Dorado 

Physical Education 
Daniel Mines, Ellinwood 

Industrial Arts 
Richard Hinnen, Benton 

Architectural Drawing 

Gary Hoepner, Wichita 

Cordelia Holem, El Dorado 

Ruth Mollis, Augusta 

Elementary Education 
Robert Holloway, El Dorado 

Physical Education 
Robert Mouchin, Augusta 




i -«*mr'~ 



Roger Houchin, Wichita 

Auto Technology 
Michael Howard, Wichita 

Liberal Arts 
Dennis Hoy, Oassoday 

Phyllis Huey, Junction City 

Physical Therapy 
Mark Hufferd, El Dorado 


George Hull, Wichita 

Auto-body Tech 
Colette Humig, El Dorado 

Mark Hundemer, Augusta 

Liberal Arts 
Scott Hundemer, Augusta 

Larry Inge, New Haven, Conn. 


88 Classes 

Sharon Ingold, Augusta 

Johnny Ireland, Natoma 

David Jackson, Wichita 

Fred Jackson, El Dorado 

Janice Jacobs, Towanda 

Liberal Arts 

Paul Jakubson, New Haven, Conn. 

Physical Ed 
David James, El Dorado 

Secondary Education 
Gary Janney, El Dorado 

Liberal Arts 
Jerrold Jenson, Wichita 

Sally Jenson, Wichita 

Liberal Arts 

Tony Jimenez, Wichita 

Donald Johnson, Alva, Okla. 

Floyd Johnson, Eureka 

Auto Technology 
Kenneth Johnson, El Dorado 

Data Processing 
Robert Johnson, El Dorado 

Physical Education 

Dee Etta Jones, Wichita 

Liberal Arts 
Jacqnely n Jones, Wichita 

Elementary Education 
Marvin Jones, El Dorado 

Liberal Arts 
Phillip Jones, El Dorado 

Air Conditioning 
Sondra Jones, El Dorado 

Business Education 

Irvin kater, Newton 

Liberal Arts 
Donna Keenan, El Dorado 

Aaron Kelley, Jr., El Dorado 

Secondary Ed. 
David Kennedy, El Dorado 

Saleem Khan. El Dorado 

Business Administration 

Marilyn Kidwcll, Augusta 

Maurice King, Wichita 

Physical Education 
Jill kirkpatnck. El Dorado 

Physical Ed 
Janice Klassen, Whitewater 

David Knierim, Wichita 

Auto Technology 

Stephen Knox, Piedmont 

Teresa Knox, Wichita 

Elementary Education 
Juanita knudsen. Eureka 

Jan Koester, Augusta 

Business Education 
Gregory Krueger, Wichita 


Classes 89 



Doug Mitchell and Steve Darnell measure AC voltage. 

Steven Krueger, Wichita 

Business Administration 
Paul Kukula, El Dorado 

Physical Education 
Rody Kuschnereit, Wichita 

Auto Technology 
Wayne Kyle, Florence 

Business Administration 
Michael Lacer, El Dorado 

Space Aeronautics 

Julie Lamb, Augusta 

Glynn Lamberson, Wichita 

Business Administration 
Pamela Lambert, Newton 

Library Science 
David Larimer, Wichita 

Allen Lathem, Wichita 


Terry Laudermilk, Sterling 

Rudye Lawrence, Wichita 

Larry Lee, El Dorado 

Physical Education 
Mary Lee, Wichita 

Linda Lemon, Wichita 


Rudy Lill, El Dorado 

Liberal Arts 
Jim Linder, Leon 

Eugene Linsea, Cottonwood Falls 

Phys Ed. 
Pamela List, Wichita 

Liberal Arts 
Darrel Lowrance, El Dorado 

Liberal Arts 

Gary Lowrance, El Dorado 

Roger Luce, Derby 

Business Administration 
Lynda McAllister, El Dorado 

Linda McCoy, El Dorado 

Physical Education 
Wendell McCracken, Augusta 


90 Classes 

Gloria McCullough, Augusta 

Data Processing 
Eldon McGinnis, Fall River 

Liberal Arts 
Timothy McGowan, Wichita 

Political Science 
George McHaley, El Dorado 

Music Education 
Michael McHatton, El Dorado 

Physical Education 

Patricia McHenry, El Dorado 

Data Processing 
Louis McNaughten, Wichita 

Linda McNown, El Dorado 

Elementary Education 
Michael Malone, Augusta 

Michael Maloney, El Dorado 

Liberal Arts 

David Mann, Wichita 

Freida Marsh, Wichita 

Elementary Education 
Albert Marten. Clay Center 

Secondary Education 
Terry Martin, Russell 

Louis Mathews, Wichita 

Liberal Arts 

Linda Mattix, Ellinwood 

Secondary Education 
Steven Mattix, Ellinwood 

Kent Matz, Wichita 

Paul Meals, Wichita 

Scotty Meeker, Wichita 


Ken Meister, Wichita 

Drafting Technology 
James Meyeres, Chase 

Secondary Education 
Ray Meyersick, Benton 

Business Administration 
John Mies, Goddard 

Karen Miller, Cassoday 

Secondary Education 

Stephen Miller, Wichita 

Steve Mitchell, Wichita 

Patrick Molz, Wichita 

Liberal Arts 
Ivie Moore, Pine Bluff, Ark. 

Larry Moore, Wichita 

Data Processing 

Robert Moorhouse, Wichita 

Auto Body 
Patricia Moran, Wichita 

Data Processing 
Marjorie Morgan, Burns 

Mike Morgenstern, Denver, Col 

David Munoz, Wichita 

Liberal Arts 


f W ** W w m i « ^* JW^ ^ 

Classes 91 


Create Beauty 

Sharilyn Murphy, Wichita 

Liberal Arts 
Kirk Muth, Wichita 

English Education 

Larry Nace, El Dorado 
Aerospace Engineering 

David Naramore, Wichita 


- " ■■■:■ ■:■ 

Teresa Doornbos completes design. 

John Nash, Jr , Wichita 

Physical Education 
Michael Nelson, El Dorado 

Richard Nelson, El Dorado 

Mechanical Engineer 
Ricky Nelson, Rose Hill 

Robert Nichols, Wichita 


Larry Novak, Augusta 

Martin Ogden, Wichita 

Liberal Arts 
Sherri Ohmart, Towanda 

Legal Secretary 
Preston Orr, Wichita 

Auto Technology 
Floyd Ott, El Dorado 

Air Conditioning 

Roger Ott, Wichita 

Liberal Arts 
Diane Overton, Towanda 

Secretarial Training 
Terryl Page, El Dorado 

Medical Technician 
David Park, Wichita 

Business Adm. 
Karen Parker, Wichita 


Karen Parsons, El Dorado 

Physical Education 
William Parsons, El Dorado 

Data Processing 
Sam Peluso, Wichita 

Physical Education 
Kim Pennington, Augusta 

Secondary Education 
James Pentz, Asbury Park, N.J. 


92 Cl 


...... — . 



- : - 

H 1 , 

Twila Perry, El Dorado 

General Secretary 
Jerome Peterie, Derby 

Lloyd Phelps, Wichita 

Liberal Arts 
Randall Phelps, Wichita 

Business Adm. 
John Pica, El Dorado 

Physical Education 

Sharon Pierce, Augusta 

Data Processing 
Marc Pinkstaff, Wichita 

Liberal Arts 
Robert Pippin. Augusta 

David Plinsky, Wichita 

Political Science 
Michael Poe, El Dorado 

Data Processing 

Steven Poeschel, El Dorado 

Liberal Arts 
Betty Poffinbarger, Potwin 

Steve Pontious, El Dorado 

Nancy Porter. El Dorado 

Secondary Education 
Clell Posey, Wichita 


Richard Powell. Wichita 

Dennis Prewitt, El Dorado 

Auto Technology 
John Prigmore, El Dorado 

Data Processing 
Allan Purkeypile, Eureka 

Business Administration 
Kenneth Pykiet, El Dorado 


Vernon Pykiet, Harper 

Air Conditioning 
James Ratliff, Douglass 

Liberal Arts 
Gary Rawlings, Augusta 

Terry Rawlings, Augusta 

Lawrence Ray Jr., El Doradlo 



WtgVi &V% 






Richard Ray, Augusta 

Data Processing 
Terry Ray, Wichita 

Physical Education 
William Reed, Wichita 

Norbert Reel, El Dorado 

Karen Regier, Whitewater 

Elementary Education 

Matthew Regner, Topeka 

Physical Education 
James Reid, Salina 

Liberal Arts 
Dennis Rice, El Dorado 

Drafting Technology 
Alice Richmond, Marion 

Elementary Education 
Kent Roberts. Leon 






Library study area. 

Marvin Roden, Wichita 

Industrial Engineering 
John Lee Rogers, Wichita 

John Lindsey Rogers, Valley Center 

Air Conditioning 
Carolyn Rolfe, Wichita 

Secondary Education 
John Ross, Wichita 


David Roy, Wichita 

Howard Rufenacht, Wichita 

Wasiu Saka, Algeria, Africa 

Business Administration 
Richard Salts Jr., Wichita 

Electrical Engineering 
William Sandburg, Eureka 

Business Administration 

John Sandwell, Marion 

Business Administration 
Peter Santos, New Haven, Conn. 

Political Science 
Michael Schauf, Augusta 

Kathleen Schilling, Wichita 

Greg Schneider, El Dorado 


Donna Schulte, Wichita 

General Secretary 
Terry Schupbaeh, Goddard 

Political Science 
Alan Scott, Eureka 

Larry Scott, Eureka 

Welding Technology 
Kenneth Seager, Wichita 

Business Administration 

Bruce Sell, Wichita 

Business Administration 
Carolyn Severs, Wichita 

Home Economics 
Paul Seward, Leon 

Liberal Science 
Keith Seymour, Wichita 

Secondary Education 
Edward Shank, Wichita 


94 Classes 

Charles Shields, Wichita 

Liberal Arts 
Stephen Shryock, Augusta 

Edward Sidberry, Junction City 

Com. Art 
Darrel Siebert, Augusta 

Linda Siegenthaler, El Dorado 

Phys. Educ 

Clement Silvers, El Dorado 

Andrew Simpson, Sterling 

Phys Educ 
Jim Simpson, Wichita 

Jane Skinner, Wichita 

Liberal Arts 
Billie Smith, Wichita 


Kathleen Smith, Augusta 

Foreign Languages 
Raymond Smith, Potwin 

Terrence Snellen, Wichita 

Business Administration 
Dale Snyder, Wichita 

Data Processing 
Luis Solorio, El Dorado 


Judith Sparks, Wichita 

Interior Design 
Brian Stanton, Wichita 

Liberal Arts 
Gary Stewart, Wichita 

Larry Strotkamp, Rosalia 

Grace Summers, Augusta 





Joyice Swank, El Dorado 

Elementary Education 
David Tarman, Tribune 

Veterinary Medicine 
Marilyn Terry, Wichita 

Liberal Arts 
Gary Tharp, Wichita 

Industrial Arts 
Richard Tharp, Mulvane 

Auto Technology 

David Thomas, El Dorado 

Dennis Thomas, Wichita 

Liberal Arts 
Donald Thompson, El Dorado 

Robert Thurman, Wichita 

Donna Tilton, Benton 

Secondary Educ. 

Neal Tjaden, Clearwater 

James Tracy, Virgil 

Liberal Arts 
Sylvia Traylor, El Dorado 

Greg Trippel, Wichita 

Ronald Trowbridge, Wichita 

Machine-Tool Technology 

Classes 95 



David Zehr, Howard Rufenacht and Randy Schwartz work on architectural drawing. 

m ■nnnnHi 

Richard Tusler, Wichita 
Vicky Vaughn, E\ Dorado 
Secondary Education 
Jack Vetter, McPherson 
Physical Education 
Dianna Vickery, El Dorado 
Secondary Education 
Richard Voegeli, Wichita 
Business Administration 

Gary Voth, Cheney 


James Voth, Whitewater 


Gilbert Wagner, Leawood 


Marcus Walker, Los Angeles, 

Calif, Physical Ed 

Clark Walters, Wichita 



AA fe 


Richard Waltman, El Dorado 

Data Processing 

Ken Warrick, Hoisington 

Physical Education 

Dana Watkins, El Dorado 


Robert Watson, Lyndon 

Liberal Arts 

Steven Watters, Wichita 

Business Administration 

Robert Weeks, Leawood 


Ethan Weispfenning, Winchester 

Secondary Education 

Terron White, Augusta 


Harold Whitney, Wichita 

Veterinary Medicine 

Marvin Whitson, Whitewater 


96 Classes 

Jerome Williams, Wichita 


Sherry Williams, Derby 


Chester Wilson, Benton, 

Ark., Physical Education 

James Wilson, El Dorado 


Jimmie Wilson, Towanda 
Physical Education 
Roy Wilson, El Dorado 
Physical Education 
Linda Winzer, Augusta 

Carole Wischropp, Bonner 
Springs, Liberal Arts 

Larry Wolf, El Dorado 
Business Administration 
Greg Woydziak, Rose Hill 
Electronics Technology 
Richard York, Wichita 
David Zehr, Wichita 

Thomas Zimmerman, Whitewater 

Business Administration 

David Zlab, Leon 

Business Education 

Micheal Zlab, Leon 


Gerald Zliczewski, Wichita 


"Winterland Fantasia provided set- 
ting for winter prom. 

Classes 97 

Name Leaders 

Approximately 834 out of 1322 students at Butler County 
Community Junior College are freshmen. Our computer- 
ized records show that 243 of the freshmen are women and 
591 are men. These freshmen have accepted their responsi- 
bility and become the leaders of tomorrow. Freshmen offi- 
cers pictured at RIGHT are Dick Price, president; Shari 
Broadstock, sec.-treas.; Bob Shipman, vice president. 

■ ' - • . - ■ • ■* 

Freshmen officers 

f--"^ *^ 1^5 

w ilk*, 


Margie Aguilera, Augusta 
Alton Algrim. Augusta 
Melinda Algrim, Augusta 
Alvin Allen, Wichita 
Steve Allen, Wichita 
Susan Allmond, Towanda 

Kenneth Anderson, Wichita 
Robert Anderson, Towanda 
Thomas Anderson, El Dorado 
Tony Anderson, Wichita 
Vicki Anderson, El Dorado 
Judy Andrus, Wichita 

Michael Angulo, Wichita 
Maria Arnold, Wichita 
Douglas Arrington, Wichita 
Dee Artz, El Dorado 
Jeff Artz, El Dorado 
Randy Atkisson, Wichita 

Jim Auer, Augusta 
Charles Austin, Wichita 
Emery Austin, Wichita 
Gerald Bain, Wichita 
Geraldine Band, El Dorado 
Faye Baker, Leon 

Kerry Baker, Wichita 
Michael Baker, El Dorado 
Wayne Baker, El Dorado 
Michael Ball, Wichita 
Randy Ball, El Dorado 
William Bankey, Jr., El Dorado 

98 Classes 


Dee-Dee Barcus, Wichita 
Kenneth Barr, Eureka 
Tom Barr, El Dorado 
Janet Bartleson, Wichita 
Karen Bauer, El Dorado 
Paula Beavers, Junction City 

Carol Bechtold, Augusta 
Deborah Becker, El Dorado 
Mary Beckner, El Dorado 
Terry Behrens, El Dorado 
Sherry Bell, Wichita 
Tom Benigas, El Dorado 

Dennis Berner, Augusta 
Donna Bertrand, Wichita 
Conn Bickhard, Wichita 
Jane Biggs, Potwin 
Kathy Bird, Augusta 
Charles Bish, Wichita 

Charles Bishop, El Dorado 
Douglas Bishop, Prairie Village 
Bruce Bland, Wichita 
Neal Blosser, Wichita 
Linda Bode, Augusta 
Jim Bogle, Wichita 

Steve Bohannan, Wichita 
Tina Bonham, El Dorado 
Peter Bonnel, Topeka 
Judy Booker, Wichita 
Benjamin Bowman, Wichita 
Karen Bowser, Wichita 

Larry Bowser, Wichita 
Shelley Bracken, El Dorado 
Lyle Brandon, Wichita 
Robert Breecher, Wichita 
David Bridwell, Haysville 
Michael Brittain, Wichita 

Shari Broadstock, El Dorado 
Gerald Brown, Wichita 
Kathleen Brown, Leon 
Rebecca Brown, Wichita 
RonaJd Brown, Ames, Iowa 
Roy Brown, El Dorado 

Robert Brueggemann, Wichita 
Charles Bryan, Lawrence 
Mavis Bryan, El Dorado 
Gordon Buffalow, Howard 
Dennis Burden, Benton 
Gary Burr, Wichita 

Marylee Butcher, El Dorado 
Saleem Butt, Wichita 
Ronald Buxton, El Dorado 
Joseph Callahan, Wichita 
David CaJlaway, El Dorado 

Classes 99 




S+ i^^^ 


Physical education class practice archery in the sun. 

Margaret Calvin, El Dorado 
Sherry Campbell, El Dorado 
Donna Carlson, Wichita 
James Carmichael, El Dorado 
Michael Carnes, Wichita 
Larry Carrell, Haysville 

Douglas Carrington, Topeka 
Robin Carter, Wichita 
Larry Casady, El Dorado 
David Casmaer, Haysville 
SanCawthorn, Potwin 
Rick Chambers, Baldwin 

Gerald Champ II, Wichita 
Horace Champion, Wichita 
Bryan Chapman, Wichita 
James Chester, Wichita 
David Chestnut, Clay Center 
William Choens, Augusta 


\*- #f 

few Vl*1 

Richard Ciemny, Anthony 
Craig Clark, Towanda 
Lloyd Clark, Wichita 
Susan Clayton, El Dorado 
Chris Clements, Wichita 
Cynda Coats, Rose Hill 

Harelda Cochran, Wichita 
Steve Cochran, Valley Center 
Alan Coffman, Wichita 
Robert Collier, El Dorado 
Michael Collins, Wichita 
Marsha Compton, El Dorado 

Michael Cone, Wichita 
Barbara Conrod, El Dorado 
Maria Cool, El Dorado 
Elaine Copp, Augusta 
Ted Corbin, El Dorado 
John Corman, Beloit 

100 Classes 

Dennis Covel, Wichita 
Ronald Cowell, El Dorado 
Victor Cowen, El Dorado 
Robert Cowger, Wichita 
Sarah Cowles, Wichita 
Steve (bowman, Russell 

Murray Cox, Wichita 
Michael T. Crawford, El Dorado 
Kent Crawford, Valley Center 
Mary Crisswell, Fall River 
Ted Crockett, Wichita 
Belle Cronk, El Dorado 

Marcia (Touch, Wichita 
Jack Crowder, Wichita 
Franklin Crowl, Wichita 
Donald Crupper, Howard 
Steven Cullison, Wichita 
Anita Cummins, Wichita 


jfigi j0tk r^ s 

fSTf ^1 L r \ 


James Dallas, Wichita 
Marvin Daniels, El Dorado 
Rebecca Daniels, El Dorado 
Linda Dauber, El Dorado 
Douglas DaVee, Wichita 
Lonnie Davidson, El Doradc 

Charles Davis, Mulvane 
Michael Davis, Mulvane 
Scott Davis, Rose Hill 
W'illaim Davis. El Dorado 
Dena Dawson, El Dorado 
Darrel Decker, Peabody 

Jeanne Dietz, El Dorado 
James Doane, El Dorado 
Duane Dodson, El Dorado 
Dennis Doherty, Wichita 
Stephen Domann. El Dorado 
Cornelius Doolittle. Wichita 

Donald Doty, Florence 
Ronald Douglas, Emporia 
Debbi Douglass, El Dorado 
Patrick Doyle, Shawnee Mission 
Steven Drake, Wichita 
Larry- Dunbar, El Dorado 

Randall Duncan, El Dorado 
Stephen Dunn, Wichita 
Wallace Dunn, El Dorado 
Carol Dunson, El Dorado 
Cathie Durnil, El Dorado 
Rodney Dutt, Lawrence 

Stephen DuVall, Wichita 
Stephen Earll, El Dorado 
Joseph Eaton, El Dorado 
Micheal Eby, Wichita 
Floyd Eckel, Wichita 
Kurt Eckel, Clearwater 

('hisses 101 



Rodney Entz consults the visible record of periodicals. 


Dianne Edris. Whitewater 
Carla Eggen, Wichita 
Lucynda Ellings, El Dorado 
Daryl Emmons, Wichita 
Nancy Engels, Rose Hill 
Richard Engels, Benton 

Rodney Entz, Peabody 
Patricia Escareno, Wichita 
Robert Evans, Wichita 
Logan Evenson, Towanda 
Carla Ewart, Augusta 
Robert Fabian, El Dorado 

Nolan Faidley, El Dorado 
Richard Fawcett, Wichita 
Edna Fehrenbach, El Dorado 
Steve Feller, El Dorado 
Bruce Fields, Wichita 
Gary Fink, Wichita 

Jim Fleetwood, Wichita 
Dave Flory, Elbing 
Roger Foltz, Wichita 
Becky Fooshee, El Dorado 
Leonard Foster, Wichita 
Larry Foulke, Fall River 

Maurice Fox, Benton 
Larry Frankenbery, Wichita 
Carolyn Frazier, Towanda 
Jackie Freeborn, Florence 
Pamela Freeman, Rose Hill 
Valerie Freeman, Eureka 

Michael Friedman, El Dorado 
Deborah Frizzell, Wichita 
Carol Fuller, El Dorado 
DanitaGabbert, El Dorado 
Owen Gabbert, El Dorado 
Charles Garrison, Eureka 

* •- :^£ 

\^J i. ^&M 




102 Classes 



Lueinda Garrison, Eureka 
Dareeca Gee, Eureka 
David Geese, Wichita 
Kelly Gilbert, Wichita 
Carol Gillette, Wichita 
James Gilliland, Leon 

Gregory Gilmer, Wichita 
Richard Gimple, Douglass 
Martha Gish, El Dorado 
Mark Gittrich, Wichita 
Stephen Gladfelter, El Dorado 
Chris Glaves. Wichita 

Barbara Glennie, Haysville 
David Glennie, Haysville 
Fred Glover, Garden Plain 
James Goldston, Wichita 
Carl Goodwin, Wichita 
James Graham, Overland Park 

Randal Graham, El Dorado 
Kevin Graves, Anthony 
Lewis Gray, Peabody 
William Greenlee, Wichita 
Willamine Gregg, Haysville 
Sheryl Greiving, Derby 

Cecil Griekspoor, Wichita 
Wilmatine Griffin, Towanda 
Roy Groat, Wichita 
Mohammed Hadi, New York, N. Y. 
Kenneth Haines II, Wichita 
Allen Hale, Wichita 

Michael Hall, Augusta 
Ronald Hamilton, Elmdale 
Michael Hamman, Yates Center 
Janice Hammer, Leon 
Judy Hammond, Augusta 
Kathy Hanson, El Dorado 

Andrea Hardie, Augusta 
Jean Hare, Conway Springs 
Robert Harmel, Wichita 
Mary Harp, Wichita 
John Harpstrite, Wichita 
Bryan Harrison, Wichita 

James Harrison, Wichita 
Kendall Harrison, Wichita 
Richard Harrison, Wichita 
Ralph Hartford, Wichita 
Karan Hartman, Newton 
Vicki Harvey, Wichita 

Philip Hastings, Wichita 
James Hatfield, Wichita 
Terry Hawks, El Dorado 
Randy Hazen, Wichita 
Kim Heathman, Wichita 
Karen Hedgpeth, Wichita 

Classes 103 

mSBBm X^M 



Students investigate reading laboratory techniques. 

Janice Hein, Douglass 
Leanne Helmer, Augusta 
Gary Helten, El Dorado 
Sheldon Hendricks, Pot win 
Deborah Henline, Wichita 
Jeffrey Henning, Kingman 

Richard Hill, El Dorado 
Scotty Hill, Augusta 
Charles Hilt, Wichita 
Glenda Hilton, Wichita 
Anita Hoffman, Marion 
Carolyn Hofstetter, El Dorado 

Micheal Hogue, Wichita 
Franette Holdeman, Wichita 
Ronald Hull, El Dorado 
Daniel Hollis, Hunter 
Valerie Horsnell, Wichita 
Robert Hoshaw, Wichita 

James Houser, El Dorado 
Charles Howard, El Dorado 
Mary Howard, El Dorado 
Jerrilyn Hower, El Dorado 
Tresa Hoyt, Wichita 
Jeri Hughes, El Dorado 

Robert Hughes, El Dorado 
James Hunt, Wichita 
Richard Hunt, Wichita 
Ronald Hunter, Augusta 
Terry Hutter, Augusta 
Charles Ilsley, Augusta 

(ierald Ingram, Wichita 
Carry Irwin, Havensville 
Linda Irwin, Towanda 
Frank Jackson, El Dorado 
John Jackson, Hill City 
Vicki Jackson, Wichita 


104 Classes 

Howard Jacobson, El Dorado 
Randall Janzen, Newton 
Douglas Johnson, El Dorado 
Jack Johnson, Wichita 
James Johnson, Wichita 
Jerrold Johnson, Valley Center 

Larry Johnson, Douglass 
Michael Johnson, Wichita 
Steve Johnson, Wichita 
Van Johnson, Wichita 
Bobby Jones, El Dorado 
Brenda Jones, Valley Center 

Joan Jones, El Dorado 
Scott Jones, Douglass 
Thomas Jones, Wichita 
Wayne Jones, El Dorado 
Alan Kelley, El Dorado 
jerry Kemnitz, Wichita 

Steven Kemp, Oxford 
J Kendrick, Wichita 
Michael Kidwell, Augusta 
Jack Kienast. Marceline, Mo. 
Lance Kineheloe, Wichita 
Donald Kind, Wichita 

Marcia King, Wichita 
Wesley King, Wichita 
Richard Kin'sland, Wichita 
William Kinkade, Junction City 
Kenneth Kinkaid, Wichita 
Kellv Kiser, Wichita 




• <K -7'*' 


Ng» ^ 

William Kitchen, Wichita 
James knight, Wichita 
Dennis Knisal, Towanda 
Thomas Knott. Augusta 
David Knotts, Eureka 
Richard Krusemark, Wichita 

Douglas Lamb, El Dorado 
Karen Lamb, Nickerson 
Terry Laney, Strong City 
Linda Larcom, El Dorado 
Rosemary Lauer, El Dorado 
Elaine Laughrey, El Dorado 

David Lawrence, El Dorado 
Larry Lawrence, Valley Center 
Bud Lawson, El Dorado 
Sharry Lawson. Wichita 
Eldon Lawyer, Cassoday 
Brenda Leigh, Eureka 

Delvan Leimer, El Dorado 
Donald Lenhart, Goddard 
Connie Leonard, El Dorado 
Larry Leonard, El Dorado 
Larry Light, Howard 
Micheal Linder, Leon 

('lasses 105 

Crown a Queen 

Deby Mercer is accompanied by Terry Hawks. 

Larry Lingafelter, Wichita 
Linda Linot, Wichita 
Jeanne Lipscomb, Augusta 
Cheryl Little, El Dorado 
Jo Lively, Wichita 
Michael Loepp, Wichita 

Wayne Long, El Dorado 
Gregory Lopez, Wichita 
John Lostutter, Emporia 
Richard Loveland, Wichita 
Bradley Lovell, Wichita 
Austin Lowry, El Dorado 

fS n. m fa 

£P*a ^k 4*%, 4§& 

fZZj *s3> rTl ™ 


Steven Lucas, Wichita 
Gerald Ludwick, Eureka 
Gary Lukens, Derby 
Eric Lundgren, Wichita 
Jerry Lynch, Wichita 
Bruce McAllister, El Dorado 

Galen McArthur, Wichita 
Gary McBeth, Augusta 
Jan McClure, El Dorado 
Nancy McCreight, El Dorado 
James McCune, Cunningham 
Louise McDonald, Wichita 

Ava Kay McDowell, Augusta 
Linda McEachern, Wichita 
Barbara McElroy, Rosalia 
John McGinty, Abilene 
Vivian McGowin, El Dorado 
Richard McGrath, Wichita 

106 Classes 

Craig Mcllvain, Wichita 
Michael McKay, Wichita 
('aria McKenzie, Eureka 
Robert McKinney, El Dorado 
Rex Mcknight, Mulvane 
Alex McLaren, Wichita 

Sharon McNabb, Wichita 
Bob McNamee, Wichita 
Larry McNown, El Dorado 
James McNulty^ Wichita 
Connie McVay, Augusta 
Debra McWilliams, Towanda 

Brian Mack, Piedmont 
Judith Maddox, Augusta 
Herbert Madigan, Augusta 
Virginia Madison, El Dorado 
Darrel Mainz, Wichita 
Deborah Mangen, Anthony 

Barbara Mann, Wichita 
Lin Mar, Wichita 
Glenda Marble, Wichita 
Giles Margers, Derby 
Karen Mark, Augusta 
Deon Markley, Augusta 

Kathleen Markley, Augusta 
Larry Markley, Eureka 
Terry Marr, Fredonia 
Nancy Marsh, El Dorado 
Marilyn Marshall, Towanda 
Ronnie Martin, Wichita 

Theresa Martin, Augusta 
William Martindale, El Dorado 
Pamela Mason, Wichita 
Michael Matson, Kechi 
Randy Mattix, El Dorado 
Kirk Matz, Peabody 

William Mauk, Augusta 
Jan Meeker, Wichita 
Connie Mensch, El Dorado 
Deborah Mercer, Augusta 
Glenda Meyer, Augusta 
James Meyer, Wichita 

John Meyersick, Benton 
Vicki Michal, El Dorado 
Kent Michnd, Wichita 
Kathleen Migliaccio, Wichita 
Clinton Milbourn, El Dorado 
Gary Miles, Carbondale 

Carolyn Miller, Douglass 
Daryl Miller, Valley Center 
Joe Miller, Wichita 
Rex Miller, Augusta 
Terrence Miller, Wichita 
James Minnerath, Junction City 

^5r5r v«™ 

.ft A 

\^rr %mm ^j$f 

Z 7 

* » 

Classes 107 


Automobile I 

Wayne Jones replaces a water pump. 

Douglas Mitchell, El Dorado 
Kirk Mitchell, Wichita 
Michael Mobley, Leon 
Steven Mock, Eureka 
Stephen Monson, Wichita 
Garry Moore, Wichita 

Joe Moore, El Dorado 
Christy Morris, Leon 
Frederic Morris, Wichita 
Terry Morrow, El Dorado 
Dennis Mosier, El Dorado 
Veanna Motter, Whitewater 

Nila Mount, Goddard 
Glen Moyer, Haysville 
Debra Munford, Towanda 
Frances Munoz, Wichita 
Sandra Murphy, El Dorado 
Kenneth Muse, Potwin 

Edward Myers, Newton 
Larry Neal, Wichita 
Catherine Nelson, Wichita 
Judith Nelson, El Dorado 
Rodney Nelson, El Dorado 
Franklin Nesmith Jr., Towanda 

Geneva Newcom, Benton 
Rosalee Nicholas, Hamilton 
Curtis Nickel, El Dorado 
Cheryl Nickl, Derby 
Dan Nietfeld, Benton 
Darrel Nixon, Hamilton 

Wayne Noeller, Augusta 
Jack Noll, Florence 
Linda Nonken, El Dorado 
Don Novak, Wichita 
Keith O Donnell, Wichita 
Betsy Oliver, El Dorado 

108 Classes 

Rodney Oliver, New Haven, Conn. 
William Olson, Augusta 
Susan Orr, El Dorado 
Janice Osborne, El Dorado 
David Owens, El Dorado 
Rickie Owens, Council Grove 

Edgar Page, El Dorado 
Susan Pangrac, Leon 
Susan Paph, Wichita 
Linda Park, El Dorado 
Gary L. Parker, Wichita 
Gary R Parker, Wichita 

Colin Parry, El Dorado 
Alma Partridge, Towanda 
FoiTest Patterson, Wichita 
Larry Patterson, Douglass 
Roy Patterson, Wichita 
James Pauls, Wichita 

Darryl Payne, Wichita 
Sandra Peck, Kechi 
Alan Perkins, El Dorado 
Katherine Perkins, El Dorado 
Pamela Perkins, Wichita 
Jan Peterson, Wichita 

Susan Peterson, Rose Hill 
Linda Phares, Benton 
Keith Pharr, Leon 
Roberta Phillips, Burns 
James Pickering, Wichita 
Daniel Pickett, Rose Hill 

Dewey Plain, Wichita 
Barbara Poole, El Dorado 
Deborah Poole, Wichita 
Dennis Post, El Dorado 
Helen Powers, Wichita 
Randy Preuett, Wichita 

Richard Price, El Dorado 
Ronald Price, Atlanta 
Larry Prichard. Benton 
Theresa Prilliman, Derby 
John Purinton, Wichita 
Gerald Purkeypile, Wichita 

Gregory Pursley, Wichita 
Dianne Pybas, Towanda 
Robert Rains, Wichita 
Phillip Raisor, EI Dorado 
Karen Rail, Peabody 
Tommy Randall, Wichita 

Lisa Rathbun, El Dorado 
Robin Ray, Haysville 
David Reed, Baldwin City 
Pamela Reed, Augusta 
Bonnie Reeves, Wichita 
Richard Reichel, Wichita 

Classes 109 


Acquire Knowledge 

Warren Whitham prepares for his next class. 

Sherry Reid, Wichita 
Donald Rice, El Dorado 
Mac Rice, El Dorado 
Sherry Rice, Wichita 
Bill Richards, Wichita 
Louise Rickard, Newton 

Patricia Rigg, Augusta 
Douglas Riley, Lawrence 
Idessa Riley, Lawrence 
Karen Riley, Wichita 
Richard Risley, El Dorado 
Connie Robertson, Marion 

Kenneth Robinson, Wichita 
Susan Robinson, El Dorado 
Elaine Rockey, Derby 
Thane Rogers, Wichita 
James Roglin, Quincy 
Glenn Roller, Wichita 

Eugene Ross, Wichita 
Clyde Roths, Wichita 
Daniel Rouse, Benton 
Patrick Ruggles, Wichita 
Allen Runyan, Moline 
Connie Russell, Wichita 

*: k\ i 

110 Classes 

Charles Sabata, Wichita 
Gary Samms, Junction City 
Michael Satterfield, Burlingame 
Dale Schafer, Wichita 
Rebecca Schmidt, Leon 
Steven Schmitter, Wichita 

Jeff Scholl, Wichita 
Steven Scholl, Wichita 
Ace Schroer, Strong City 
Randall Schuler. El Dorado 
Morlene Schwartz, Augusta 
Randy Schwartz, Wichita 

Richard Schweitzer, Wichita 
Duane Scribner, El Dorado 
James Scribner, El Dorado 
Larry Seivley, El Dorado 
Cheryl Settles, Junction City 
Michael Sexton, Derby 

Linda Shank, Wichita 
Clayton Shaw, El Dorado 
John Sheaks, Wichita 
Lester Sherlock, Wichita 
Robert Shipman, El Dorado 
James Short, Augusta 

Lester Shotwell, Wichita 
Sheila Shuck, Wichita 
Arthur Sibley, El Dorado 
Robert Simmons, El Dorado 
Randy Slaughter, Wichita 
Judy Smith. Valley Center 

(Catherine Smith, El Dorado 
Martha Smith, Wichita 
Owen Smith, Fredonia 
Steven Smith, Burlingame 
Alan Snyder, El Dorado 
Brian Snyder, El Dorado 

Ada Soden, El Dorado 

Scott Sorensen, Wichita 

Kenneth Sparkman, Wichita 

Jacque Sphar, Leon 

Rusty Spindel, New Orleans, La. 

Marcia Spires, Eureka 

Mike Spradlin, El Dorado 
Steven Staats, Wichita 
Jill Stackley, El Dorado 
Ron Starkel, El Dorado 
Steven Starr, Raymond 
Bryant Stateham, El Dorado 

Linda Stateham, El Dorado 
James Stauffer, Valley Center 
Ann Stephens, Burns 
Douglas Stevens, Wichita 
James Stever, Eureka 
David Stewart, Topeka 

Classes 111 



:■'■;:§ ■i;p^s;:;;;:; .:.:: S ::: : .p" - : p; 'M:.. U, :. 


Steven Stirnaman, Russell 
Jo Ellen Stitt, Clearwater 
Beth Storrer, El Dorado 
William Stovall, Goddard 
Charles Stowers, El Dorado 
Jeanine Strand, Wichita 

Donald Strange, Wichita 
Claude Sullard, Wichita 
George Sullard, Wichita 
Stephen Sundgren, El Dorado 
William Sutter, Rosalia 
Alan Swain, El Dorado 

Robert Swisher, Wichita 
Kenneth Talley, Junction City 
Shirley Tarter, El Dorado 
Jane Tate, El Dorado 
Robert Tate, Abilene 
Carol Taylor, El Dorado 

John Tholen, Wichita 
Phyllis Thomas, Eureka 
James Thornton, Wichita 
William Toelkes, Augusta 
Ronald Tonn, Wichita 
Jeannie Totty, Burns 

Jeffery Towner, Wichita 
Timothy Townsend, Wichita 
Linda Tredway, Longton 
Peggy Triboulet, Moline 
Richard Trombla, El Dorado 
Carrie Turner, Wichita 

Gary Turner, Leon 
Jerry Tyler, El Dorado 
Howard Utz, Jr., Wichita 
Louisa VanDerWeele, Potwin 
Lloyd VanDever, Augusta 
Bob VanDusen, Wichita 

Susan Venable, El Dorado 
Clardy Vinson, Topeka 
Vicki Vinson, El Dorado 
Michael Vogt, Whitewater 
David VonFeldt, Wichita 
Joyce Vorderstrasse, Wichita 

Karen Wagner, El Dorado 
Ronald Walford, El Dorado 
Patricia Walker, Eureka 
Roger Walls, Rose Hill 
Charles Walter, El Dorado 
Duane Walters, Wichita 

Danny Ward, Wichita 
Robert Ward, Wichita 
James Ware, Junction City 
Daniel Warren, Wichita 
Joe Warren, Jr., El Dorado 
Ronnie Warren, Wichita 


112 Classes 

™ m 40tfi 

Lft *8 If, jJJJ «J| 


William Warren, Wichita 
Alan Watkins, El Dorado 
David Watkins, Wichita 
Richard Watts, El Dorado 
Karen Weaver, Douglass 
Joan Weber, Burns 

LeAnna Weber, Potwin 
Gregory Weible, Wichita 
Jon Weiss, Augusta 
Betty Welday, El Dorado 
Fred Wells, Wichita 
Bruce Welner, Wichita 

Stan Werth, Wichita 
Marsha West, El Dorado 
Frank Wheeler, Abilene 
Richard Whetstone, Wichita 
Donald White, Wichita 
Terry White, Oxford 

Warren Whitham, Cassoday 
Denise Whitney, Wichita 
Danny Wiens, Wichita 
Diann Wiens, Marion 
Candice Williams, Augusta 
Gary Williams, Wichita 

Thomas Williams, El Dorado 
Kathryn Wilson, Wichita 
Lance Wilson, Wichita 
Maureen Wilson, Wichita 
Suzanne Wilson, El Dorado 
Carol Wimberly, El Dorado 

Travis Winberg III, Topeka 
Floyd Winter, Virgil 
Ronald Wolf, Andover 
Dwain Woods, El Dorado 
Mary Woolsey, Wichita 
James Woydziak, Rose Hill 


„ i 

Wayne Wright, Wichita 
David Wyckoff, Virgil 
Donna Wyland, El Dorado 
Richard Wyss, Jr , Florence 
Sharon Yarbrough, Wichita 

Thomas Yeoman, Wichita 
Thomas Young, Burlingame 
Robert Zeiner, Wichita 
Stephen Zoeller, Topeka 

Classes 113 





Michael Bishop, Topeka 
Ray Bishop. Wichita 
Victor Bruce. Towanda 

Robert Carter, Wichita 
John Cervantes, El Dorado 
Dennis Cooke, El Dorado 

C" 4 J 

George Creegan, Wichita 
Dana Donovan, Lewis 
David Dufek, Wichita 
David Engels, Benton 
Patrick Galbraith, Wichita 
Gearldean Garnett, Wichita 

Michael Goldston. Wichita 
Margaret Gronau, Newton 
Douglas Harmon, Wichita 
Michael Harreld, Wichita 
William Hess, Wichita 
Phillip Kellogg, El Dorado 

Geniece Lavenant, Newton 
Darrel Lavender. Wichita 
Marvin Lawton, Topeka 
Hal Lietz, Alma 
John McPhail, Wichita 
Dannv Massev. Wichita 

Patricia Matthews, El Dorado 
Victor May, Cheney 
Neil Miller, El Dorado 
Stanley Miller, Wichita 
Kenneth Murray, El Dorado 
Mallon Mvers, Wichita 

Daniel Nottingham, Maize 
Steven Nuss, Russell 
Timothy Nye, Wichita 
DeWayne Palmer, El Dorado 
William Peterson, Severy 
Gary Pugh, Eureka 

Jeannette Putney, Omaha, Neb. 
Ross Rountree, Augusta 
Roger Savage, Wichita 
John Schoffstall, El Dorado 
William Schultz, Brookvllle 
Dan Shreve, Wichita 

Karen Shuman, El Dorado 
James Siebert, Wichita 
Stanley Simmons, Lecompton 
Barbara Smith, Augusta 
James Smith, Wichita 
Steven Bruce Smith, Wichita 

114 Classes 

Christopher Travis, Wichita 
Johanna VanderWeele, Potwin 
Douglas Varner, Rosalia 
Richard Wade, Wichita 
Charles White, Wichita 
Randy Whitton. Wichita 


Linda Allen, El Dorado 
Richard Alley, Wichita 
Sandra Austin, Wichita 
Daniel Barnard, Wichita 
Lynn Barnt, El Dorado 
Gregory Baxter, Wichita 

Connie Bohon, Augusta 

Dale Bolton, Leon 

John Brandman, Memphis, Tenn. 

Jerry Brown, Augusta 

Bernard Buckman, Wichita 

Pam Bullock. El Dorado 

Jerry Bupp, Wichita 
Larry Burrows. Wichita 
Renee Carrol, Wichita 
Ara Ann Carter, Wichita 
Douglas Chambers, Wichita 
Larry Coleman, Wichita 

Ruth Copeland, Augusta 
Sheldon Cordry. Wichita 
Bruce Crist, Augusta 
Gaye Crumrine, El Dorado 
James Culp, El Dorado 
Leroy Daniels, Wichita 

Rickey Davis, Wichita 
Duane Desmarteau, Wichita 
Yvonne Fildes, Ellinwood 
Dayid Flesher, Wichita 
Eugene Friesen, Wichita 
Ron Friggeri, Wichita 

Barbara Gaines, Augusta 
Wesley Garnett, Wichita 
William Garrison, El Dorado 
Jay Goeken, Augusta 
Marva Goldston, Wichita 
Ronald Gore, Augusta 

Gladys Graber, Elbing 
Richard Gunn, Newton 
Harold Harman, Wichita 
Ronald Hartenberger, Wichita 
Michael Hays, Wichita 
Clint Henrv, Andover 

Ray Henry, Derby 
Daniel Hickman, Paola 
Randy Hickman, Wichita 
Robert Hirschler, Benton 
Paul Hodson, Wichita 
Dwight Hulse, El Dorado 

if! ' !■¥ Jl 

Classes 115 

■ 1 m 


Luis Ibarra, El Dorado 
Joe Jack, El Dorado 
Jack Jenkins, El Dorado 
Deborah Jones, Wichita 
Rhonda Kellerman, Towanda 
James Kennard, Wichita 

Larry Kitterman, Derby 
Robert Klem, Wichita 
Robert LaForge, El Dorado 
Carla Lee, El Dorado 
Lonnie Lorance, Towanda 
Sherry Lucas, Leon 

Charlene McBride, El Dorado 
Hugh McCoy, Topeka 
Jock McDaniel, Wichita 
Tommy Mcintosh, Eureka 
Sandra McLean, Towanda 
Roy Machesney, Wichita 

Lillian Malcomb, Fort Riley 
Darrell Marlar, Yates Center 
Dennis May, Garden Plain 
Johnny Mays, Wichita 
David Miller, Newton 
Lenton Mizer, El Dorado 

Richard Molzen, South Haven 
Eric Monroe, Wichita 
Malcolm Moore, Topeka 
Wayne Morris, El Dorado 
Richard Najim, Wichita 
Richard Nulik, Wichita 

Graham Parks, El Dorado 
Jeannette Partridge, El Dorado 
Paul Peters, Wichita 
Scott Piatt, Wichita 
Delila Pinkerton, Augusta 
L) man Ray. Derby 

Robert Reed, Wichita 
Walter Riggs, Augusta 
Peter Santillie, Wichita 
Randy Savage, Wichita 
Jon Schlesinger, El Dorado 
Jane Schwemmer, El Dorado 

Roger Scott, Burrton 
Ross Searl, Derby 
Agnes Sherlock, Wichita 
Terry Siegrist, El Dorado 
Gerald Sledge, Wichita 
David Smith, Newton 

Dorothy Smith, Wichita 
Richard Souders, Topeka 
Lewis Staats, Whita 
Ronald Stathis, Wichita 
Leland Stewart, Derby 
Allen Stiger, Wichita 


Z } 

116 Classes 

Terry Teel, Winfield 
Melvin Tennant, Wichita 
Steven Unruh, El Dorado 
Larry Valverde, Wichita 
Mark Ward, Wichita 
Deborah Warren, Wichita 

Jerry Watson, Leon 
Dwan Welty, Wichita 
Marc West. El Dorado 
Patricia White, El Dorado 
George Williams, Wichita 
Mike Williams, Wichita 

^ ft 


vBtfn T"^ m 

Marvin Willis, Wichita 
Dennis Wolff. Wichita 
Ronald Wylie, Wichita 
Randy Ziesenis, Wichita 
Beyed Zokai, Tehran, Iran 

Special Students 

Roger Aitchison, Augusta 
Neil Belden, Augusta 
Rodger Burton, El Dorado 
Ruth Frantz, Wichita 
Mildred Gish, El Dorado 

Dolores Guinup, Wichita 
Roger Healy, El Dorado 
Thelma Lee, El Dorado 
Kenton Oglesdee, Wichita 
Anne Rains, El Dorado 

In Memoriam 

Ray Fisher and Dennis Burden, 
both freshmen, died of fatal traf- 
fic accidents just at the end of the 
first semester. Ray lived in Wichi- 
ta, and Dennis, a member of the 
football team, lived near Benton. 

Clyde Raymond Fisher, Jr 

July 21, 1949 


January 9, 1969 

" Tis better to have loved and lost 
Than never to have loved at all. 
— Tennvson 

Dennis L. Burden 

December 25, 1950 


January 18, 1969 




The new semester brought new 
personnel to the campus. Mr. Lynn 
Havel filled a vacancy in the art de- 
partment. Mrs. Joy Day assumed the 
duties of the secretary in the counsel- 
ing department, and Mrs. Beula Mc- 
Allister became secretary in the ad- 
ministration building. In addition, 
approximately 150 new students en- 
rolled for the second semester. 

Lynn Havel, Art 

Students wait to enroll. 


Joy Day Secretary to Counselors. 

Beula McAllister 

Secretary in administrative offices. 

**^ . ^ '^^fe_j'**i« 

Flag at half-mast commemorates Gen. Dwight 
Eisenhower s death. 

Language students use new closed-circuit TV 


Volunteers donate 241 pints of blood and win "walk-out. 

Cheerleader Clinic, held March 22, 1969, was a first 
experience for BCCJC. 

Spring Activities 

The spring supplement of the yearbook, 
planned by members of the Introduction 
to Yearbook class, was completed by Jan- 
ice Osborne and Betty Welday (at left) 
during the summer. Other class members 
included Dorothy Smith, Charles Davis, 
and Ron Stathis. Pictures, representing 
major campus events, are included here. 
On the opposite page, track stars (above 
left) toe the line as one part of a successful 
season; the drama group (lower left) en- 
tertained almost 7,000 theater goers, and 
the prom (lower right) climaxed the social 
activities. On this page, the debate team 
(lower right) hosted the annual debate 
tournament, and commencement (lower 
left) closed the year's activities. 

Track Squad — FRONT ROW: Pat Doyle, Clardy Vinson, Don 
Callaway, Dick Hinnen, Dale Alexander, Preston Carrington. 
SECOND ROW: Doug Carrington, Larry Nace, John Gorman, 
John Nash, Jack Vetter, Jim Graham, Jeff Evans, Sam Peluso. 
THIRD ROW: Steve Domann, Coach Remsberg, Keith Pharr, 

Tom Barr, Marvin Lavvton, Randle Anderson, Jim Cross, Dick 
Gertz, Coach Isom. Not Pictured: Karl Henderson, Jack Crowder, 
Marcus Walker, Larry Lawrence, Nick Campbell, Darold Hau- 
serman, and Trainer Larry Lee. Picture, courtesy of Augusta 

Track and Field 

LOWER LEFT: Preston Carrington tops high hurdles at BCCJC 
Relays. BELOW: Pat Doyle clears bar at conference. 

The BCCJC track team climaxed the year by 
placing fourth in the National Junior College 
Meet. The Bruin thin-clads captured seven other 
championships: Northern Oklahoma, Kansas State 
Freshmen-Junior College Indoor Meet, Garden 
City Relays, Dodge City Relays, Hutchinson Night 
Relays, Kansas Jayhawk Junior College Confer- 
ence, and the Butler County Relays. The Grizzlies 
won 26 trophies at the Arkansas Relays. Remaining 
undefeated in junior college competition are Don 
Callaway (mile, and two-mile), Clardy Vinson 
(880), and the mile relay team. 

: a* :« I 


I I 





m aimS> 


Clardv Vinson hands off to Didcll 


Dick Hinnen passes4>aton t 

Jack Crovvder passesj^Dalc Alexai 



»- •*-» ~ 

Don Callaway and Jim Graham finish first and second, respectively, at Jayhawk 
Conference meet. 


•* i 



. l5.i 

Dale Alexander finishes mile relay. 

National mile relay winners run conference oval. 

Keith Pharr comes in first in confer- 
ence two-mile. 


Jack Vetter hurls the discus. 

Clardv Vinson crosses fin- 
ish line first in conference 

BCCJC Track Squad (ABOVE): Ted Fager, 
Phil Anderson, Keith Calvert, and Mike Mor- 
ganstern. BELOW: Coach "Bones Nay dem- 
onstrates fine points of teeing off. 

Diners and speakers are shown (ABOVE) at the second annual all-sports banquet 
held May 20. BELOW the Juco Voices, including Mr. Patten, Carl Marsh (guest), 
Doug Varner, Jan Jacobs, Jane Biggs, Cheryl Little, Joyce Vorderstrasse, and Teresa 
Doornbos prepare to leave on their post-commencement tour. 


i' : -J::,. ::, 



*ii2U_ 5 

In Memoriam 

"We understand death for the first time when he puts his hand upon one 

whom we love. 
Mad. De Stael 

Students at Butler County Community Junior 
College remember with sadness two co-eds who 
were so recently among them. Carolyn Frazier 
died of a prolonged illness, and Mary Crisswell of a 
fatal highway accident. 

Mary Crisswell 
March 30, 1950 

June 28, 1969 

Carolyn Frazier 
May 10, 1949 

May 21, 1969 

National Meet Participants — FRONT ROW: Don Callaway, John Corman, Clardy Vinson, Preston Carrington, Jim Graham, Dale Alex- 
ander, Keith Pharr. BACK ROW: Pat Doyle, Dick Hinnen, Doug Carrington, Jack Vetter, Jim Cross. 

National Honors 

Two groups of BCCJC students won fourth place 
positions in national competition during the spring 

Track men won three firsts, two seconds, and one 
fourth place in the National Junior College Track 
and Field Meet in Garden City, May 15-17. Ail- 
Americans who placed in the top three positions are 
Don Callaway, first, two-mile run: Clardy Vinson, 
first, 880-yard dash; Vinson, Dick Hinnen, Jack 

Crowder, and Dale Alexander, first, mile relay; and 
Preston Carrington, second in 100-yard dash and 
second in 120-yard high hurdles. Callaway and Vin- 
son set new national records in their solo events. Pat 
Doyle placed fourth in the pole vault. 

Debaters Dick Price and Jim Wilson placed fourth 
in the National Phi Rho Pi debates in Phoenix. Vicki 
Harvey and Pam Bertram finished with a 3-3 record. 

Debate Teams: Dick Price, Jim Wilson, Vicki Harvey, Coach Mike Hadley, and Pam Bertram. 

l —i iiwi iwwir 



On the evening of May 10, students, faculty mem- 
bers, and their guests were feted at the annual banquet 
and prom. Decorations and backdrop were appropri- 
ately arranged to accent the theme, "Blue Hawaii.' 
Phil Anderson, president of the student council, was 
master of ceremonies, and Edwin J. Walbourn, presi- 
dent of Butler County Community Junior College, was 
the guest speaker. Following the dinner, which was 
served by cooperating costumed waiters, the dining 
room was converted into an area for dancing. Befresh- 
ments were served in the Blue Boom. 

Betty Bachtel, program chairman, and her escort Don Calla- 
way, Phil Anderson, and his guest view the prom. 

"The Apostles provide music to dance by. 







Jan Jacobs receives Juco Voices award from Mr. Patton. 

Joyce Haynes and Kevin Graves star in "The Elegant 

James Wilson, Master Debater, is presented the award by Coach 


■■■■.■■■■ ■■ . Jj 







Ht % ' * , **.<W',& 1 ?»SS8^^H 1 /J- 




1 J 

1 |: 

1 l/StS* 

[ i ,:■■■■ iJPP * 



Joyce Haynes and Teresa Doornbos are named Mastercraftsmen in 

Jan Jacobs is honored with the presentation of the Xron History 
Award by Clifford Stone. 

I . J 

Elaine Rockey, outstanding artist of the year, 
adjusts the knotting on the maerame. 

I :'l 

BCCJC track trophies demonstrate team accomplishments. 

Phil Anderson receives award from the Bluestem Chapter of the Red 
Cross for the BCCJC contribution of 241 pints of blood. 

Priscilla Applegate wins Miss Butler County 

Karen Riley and Richard Hill speculate on their experiences in summer stock 
theater in Iowa. 

Academic Honors 

Four students achieved highest honors for both semesters by main- 
taining a 4.00 average and being named to the President s Honor Roll. 
Those four are pictured at the right. Steven Mattix was graduated Sum- 
ma Cum Laude with a 4.00 average for both years at the college. BE- 
LOW are pictured those students who were named to the President s 
Honor Roll for one semester. 

At the bottom of the page is listed the Deans Honor Roll. Students 
named to this honor maintained an average between 3.5 and 3.9 and 
were enrolled in at least f 2 hours of work during the semester. 

Steven Mattix 
Judith Nelson 

Cynda Coats 
Linda Phares 

tmm § ft m 

Paula Beavers, 2 
Carol Bechtold, 1 
Shari Broadstoek, 2 
Ruth Copeland, 2 
LaVern Cooper, 1 
Carolyn Flickinger, 2 

Jeffrey Gerdes, 1 
Joyce Haynes, 2 
Linda Linot, 2 
Steven Pontious, 1 
Kenneth Pharr, 2 
Alice Richmond, 2 

Connie Robertson, 1 
Helen Rockey, 1 
James Roglin, 2 
Donna Tilton, 1 
Vicky Vaughn, 2 
Diann Wiens, 2 
John Condell, 2 
(Not pictured) 

The Deans' Honor Roll: 

Students named to the Deans honor roll for both 
semesters are Dorothy Ashlock, Mary Lee Butcher, 
Donna Carlson, Barbara Conrod, John Gorman, 
Donald Crupper, Stephen Domann, Ron Douglas, 
Wilmatin Griffin, Hazel Hart, Jill Kirkpatrick, Ger- 
ald Ludwick, Cheryl Nickl, and Sandra Peck. 

Others listed on the first semester roll are Wayne 
Baker, Karen Bauer, Paula Beavers, Shari Broad- 
stock, Peter Cohen, Marsha Compton, Ted Corbin, 
Randall Duncan, Carol Fuller, Anthony Gronau, 
Joyce Haynes, Linda Linot, Ray Meyersick, Loren 
Nesmith, Steven Nuss, Kenneth Pharr, Dennis Post, 
Alice Richmond, Clayton Shaw, Ada Soden, Luis 

Solorio, Richard Tharp, James Tracy, Charles Van- 
dever, Vicky Vaughn, Robert Weeks, Marsha West. 

Others listed on the second semester roll are Mar- 
garet Calvin, Nikki Carter, William Chambers, 
Harelda Cochran, Delma Copp, Dena Dawson, 
Theodore Fager, Barbara Gaines, Gladys Graber, 
Kevin Graves, Lewis Gray, Jerry Herbert, Daniel 
Hines, Michael Hogue, Jeri Hughes, George Hull, 
Irvin Kater, David Knierim, Rody Kuschnereit, Del- 
van Leimer, Nancy Marsh, Albert Marten, Dennis 
May, Larry Nace, Sherri Ohmart, Karen Parker, 
Dewey Plain, Steven Pontious, Richard Price, Con- 
nie Robertson, Helen Rockey, Paul Seward, Agnes 
Sherlock, James Stever, and Jerry Tyler. 

Order of the Purple — FRONT ROW: Steven Mattix, James Tracy, Ray Meyersick, 
Terron White, James Wilson. SECOND ROW: Joyce Haynes, Hazel Hart, Jan Ja- 
cobs, Alice Richmond, Jill Kirkpatrick. THIRD ROW: Manuel Solorio, Sherry Ohm- 
art, Dorothy Ashlock. Diane Higgs, Vicky Vaughn. FOURTH ROW: Jeffrey Gerdes, 
Steven Pontious, Larry Nace, Paul Seward, Lee Beene. 

Order of the Purple 

Twenty-two graduating sophomores were 
named to the Order of the Purple for main- 
taining a 3.25 grade average for three semes- 
ters and being enrolled for at least one year at 
BCCJC, carrying twelve hours per semester. 
The faculty honored these students on May 6 
at a banquet in the Blue Room. Mr. Chism 
presided at the dinner, and Mr. Everett Kohls 
spoke to the students (below). 

To date 295 students have earned member- 
ship in the Order of the Purple. 

Faculty and students share honor banquet. 

Graduate Nurses — FRONT ROW: Betty Poffinbarger, Lynda 
McAllister, Barbara Burgoyne, Rebecca Gum. SECOND ROW: 
Mary Lee, Grace Summers, Linda Winzer, Ann Brown. Janice 

Klassen, Sherry Williams, Mrs. Marilynn Mettler, R.N.. THIRD 
ROW: Miss Anita Whitson, R.N., Mrs. Barbara Jo Riddle, R.N., 
and Mrs. Marv Davis, R.N. 




Graduate Nurses 

Part of commencement activities for the graduating nurses in- 
cluded a breakfast for them and members of their families. Miss 
Whitson presided, and Sam Robertson, president of the endowment 
association, was guest speaker. Mrs. Mettler pinned the schools 
nursing pin on each member, following which Betty Poffinbarger, 
president of the student nurses' association, gave a response. Mary 
Lee, a transfer student from California, will complete her studies 
during summer school. 

Betty Poffinbarger is pictured at left, Mr. Robertson lower left, 
and part of the guests below. 

<?3 — ' 


_ /_.> /* 



A record class of 224 students was graduated 
at the forty-second annual commencement of 
the college. John W. Henderson, president of 
Washburn University of Topeka, addressed 
the graduates and the large crowd of guests. A 
heavy rain just before commencement exercis- 
es resulted in an inside academic procession. 

Class of 1969 


Joshua Elroy Adkins 
Jerry David Anderson 
Phillip Ray Anderson 
Randle Charles Anderson 
Priscilla Joyce Applegate 
Dorothy Irene Ashloek 
Nancy Auger 

Constance Joan Bachelder 
Betty Jane Bachtel 
Shelley Rued Balman 
Frederick Lynn Beal 
Jesse Lee Beene 
George Thomas Benton 
Darrel Ray Bish 
Ann Brown 

Barbara Lynn Burgoyne 
Vickie Dean Burleigh 
Margaret May Burress 
Donald Ray Callaway 
James Howard Campbell 
L. Merlene Cantrell 
Dennis Michael Cartu right 
John Anthony Cervantes 
Richard Warren Coats 
Ronald Dean Cofield 
Larry Robert Combs 
Kevin Lee Cook 
Michael Lloyd Crawford 
Jim Allen Cross 
Roger Lynn Cutsinger 
Sallv Ann Davis 
David William DeHoff 
Kenneth Lewis Dickinson 
Beulah Frances Dillcr 
Teresa Ann Doornbos 
Lura Elaine Dutton 
Sandra Ann Eakles 
Janice Price Egan 
Robert Craig Eustice 
Jeffrey Paul Evans 
Theodore Nathaniel Fager 
Helen Lucille Fehrenbach 

Karyl Elaine Fillmore 
Emerson Allen Freeman 
Cathy Sue Gabel 
David Ronald Gibson 
Sandra Louise Goodwin 
Paul Warren Graham 
James Richard Graves 
Claire Agnes Griffith 
Rebecca Mae Gum 
Gayle G. Hale 
David A. Hallenbeck 
Douglas E. Harmon 
Deborah Ann Hardwick 
Hazel Irene Hart 
Polly Jo Hart 
Joyce Louise Haynes 
Jerry Keith Herbert 
Marcia Lynn Hill 
Phyllis Anne Huey 
Scott Alan Hundemer 
Diane Suellyn Higgs 
Sharon Kay Ingold 
Johnny Lee Ireland 
Janice Allen Jacobs 
David Eugene James 
Gary George Janney 
Jerrold Horton Jenson 
Tony Anthony Jiminez 
Marvin Edward Jones 
Irvin Allen Kater 
Aaron Dorwin Kelley 
Marilyn Jean Kidwell 
Leslie Jill Kirkpatrick 
Janice Irene Klassen 
Jan Renee Koester 
Steven Roger Krueger 
Paul Howard Kukula 
Douglas Glynn Lamberson 
Pamela Kay Lambert 
Larrv Jo Lee 
Delvan Darrell Leimer 
Mary Pamela List 

Richard Clark Locke 
Gary Glenn Lovvrance 
Albert George Marten 
Steven Craig Mattix 
Linda Diane Mattix 
Lynda Lea McAllister 
Kenneth Kay MeCaffree 
Linda Marie McCoy 
Eldon Dee McGinnis 
Larry Alan McNown 
Paul Eugene Meals 
Scotty Marie Meeker 
James Duane Meyeres 
Ray Lee Meyersick 
Karen Jean Miller 
Robert Steven Mitchell 
Sondra Sue Moreland 
Vernon Michael Morgenstern 
Kenneth George Murray 
Larry Joe Nace 
Michael Lee Nelson 
Richard Belton Nelson 
Sydney Jo Nelson 
Terry 1 Anna Page 
Clyde DeWayne Palmer 
Karen Sue Parker 
Nancy Kay Pearce 
Norma Kathryn Pearce 
Kim Dahl Pennington 
Twila Sue Perry 
Jerome Thomas Peterie 
Betty J. Poffinbarger 
Steven Bruce Pontious 
Robert Kent Pippin 
James Rodney Ratliff 
Gary Lynn Rawlings 
Lawrence Ray, Jr. 
Karen Lea Regier 
Alice Faye Richmond 
Bertha U. Richter 
John Kent Roberts 
Wasiu Adewale Saka 

William Eugene Sandburg 
Michael Dean Schauf 
William John Schultz 
Paul Allen Seward 
Carolyn Ilene Severs 
Keith Eugene Seymour 
Stephen Vaughn Shryock 
Karen Crela Shuman 
Andrew Lee Simpson 
James Keith Simpson 
Billie Lee Smith 
Cecil Ross Spencer 
Grace Lorean Summers 
Dennis Craig Thomas 
James Oran Tracy 
Ronald Lynn Tucker 
Vicky Sue Vaughn 
James Joel Voth 
Joyice Etta Walker 
Marcus Tyrone Walker 
Patricia Ann Walker 
Clark Marshall Walters 
Dianna Linn Warrick 
Robert Noble Watson 
Arden Walter Weaver 
Robert Steven Weeks 
Ethan Jerome Weispfenning 
Ronald Allen White 
Terron Craig White 
Marvin Jess Whitson 
Metha Wichaidist 
Sherry Gwynne Williams 
James Loyd Wilson 
Roy Edgar Lee Wilson 
Linda Kathleen Winzer 
Larry Lee Wolf 
Linda Lou Wyckoff 
Richard Bearl Yark 
David Lee Zlab 


Jim Hobart Auer 
Jon Anton Auer 
Terry H. Beaver 
Gordon Rene Buffalow 
Nikki Lee Carter 
Jerry Lee Cathey 
Alan Eugene Cheatum 
Rufus Lavern Cooper 
George Harold Dawson 
Barbara Kay Derstein 
Fred Eugene Dimick 
Ronald Lorenz Douglas 
Danny Lee Gann 
Gary Wayne Gillett 
Jeffrey Alan Gerdes 

Anthony Paul Gronau 
Cecil Eddie Gross 
Robert Keith Hess 
Roger Allen Houchin 
Dennis Jay Hoy 
George Edward Hull 
Kenneth Dwayne Johnson 
Floyd Eugene Johnson 
David Grover Knierim 
Rody Lynn Kuschnereit 
Allen Ray Lathem 
Leonard Paul Lawson 
Michael Brent M alone 
Tommy Gene McBride 
Gloria Lynn McCullough 

Kenneth Paul Meister 
John Frederick Mies, Jr. 
Robert Denton Moorhouse 
Constance Patricia Moran 
James Joe O Donnell 
Sherri Jane Ohmart 
Preston Lee Orr 
Dianne Louise Overton 
William Henry Peterson 
George Michael Poe 
Dennis Eugene Prewitt 
Gary Lee Pugh 
Vernon Bennett Pykiet 
Dennis Rex Rice 
Lloyd David Roy 

Howard Russell Rufenacht 
Kathleen Susan Schilling 
Donna Sue Schulte 
Alan Dale Scott 
Larry Gale Scott 
Lester Thomas Shotwell 
Stanley Ralph Simmons 
Dale Wayne Snyder 
Luis Manuel Solorio 
Richard Alvis Tharp 
Donald Clifton Thompson 
Robert Burns Thurman, Jr. 
Gregory Allen Trippel 
David AlanZehr 

The El Dorado-Butler County Community Junior College has graduated 2344 students in its forty-two years. 


dams, E. F., 19 

dkins, Joshua, 25, 82 
dkins, Ronald, 82 
guilera, Margie, 54, 98 
jtchison, Roger, 118 
lexander, Dale, 63 
lgrim, Alton, 98 
lgrim, Melinda, 98 
.lien, Akin, 65. 98 
illen, Linda, 1 15 
[lien, Steve, 98 
Llley, Riehard, 115 
Lllmond, Susan, 98 
inderson, Anthony, 69, 72, 98 
inderson, Jerry, 82 
inderson, John, 1" 
inderson, Kenneth, 98 
inderson, Phillip, 33, 42, 43. 

44, 45, 47, 50, 61, 74, 76, 82 
inderson, Randle, 68. 69, 70. 

74, 76. 80, 82 
Uulerson, Robert, 98 
Anderson, Robert D., 9, 36, 54 
knderson, Thomas, 98 
knderson, Vicki, 52, 98 
vndrus, fudy, 9, 58, 62, 98 
\ngulo, Michael, 39, 54, 98 
\pplegate, Priscilla, 33. 44, 45, 

47, 50, 58, 62, 65, 82 
\rbogast. Burl, 10 
\rnold. Gene, 10, 69 
\rnold, Maria, 54, 98 
\rrington, Douglas, 98 
\rtz. Dee J, 52, 98 
\rtz, Jeff, 98 
\shlock, Dorothy. 65, 82 
\tkisson, J. Randal, 98 
\uer, Jim, 98 
\uer, Jon, 50, 64, 82 
Auger, Nancy, 54, 82 
Austin, Charles, 98 
Austin, Emery, 98 
Austin, Sandra, 115 

— B — 
Bachelder, Constance, 54, 82 
Bachtel, Betty, 50, 53, 58, 61, 

Bagby, David, 82 
Bailey, Pat, 18 
Bain, Gerald, 98 

Baird, Jerrie, 98 
Baird, Richard, 82 
Baker, Faye, 98 
Baker, Harlan, 82 
Baker, Kerry, 98 
Baker, Michael, 98 
Baker, Wayne, 98 
Balch, James, 82 
Ball, Michael, 98 
Ball, Randy, 98 
Balman, Shelly, 62, 82 
Bankey, William, 98 
Barcus, Dee, 53, 55, 62, 98 
Barnard, Daniel, 1 15 
Barnes, Ethee, 82 
Barnt, Lynn, 1 15 
Barr, Kenneth, 99 
Barr, Tom, 50, 78, 99 
Barrett, Gary, 82 
Bartleson, Janet, 99 
Bauer, Karen, 99 
Baxter, Gregory, 1 15 
Beal, Frederick, 82 
Beaver, Terry, 54, 82 
Beavers, Paula, 62, 99 
Bechtold, Carol, 99 
Beck, Floyd, 83 
Becker, Deborah, 99 
Becker, Steven, 83 
Beckner, Mary, 99 
Beene, Lee, 83 
Behrens, Terry, 99 
Belden, Neil, 117 
Bell, Sherry, 99 
Benigas, Tom, 54, 99 
Berg, Marilyn, 83 
Berner, Dennis, 99 

Bertram, Benelle, 56, 83 

Bertrand, Donna, 99 

Bestgen, Keith, 83 

Bickhard, Conn, 99 

Biggs, Jane, 52, 57, 99 

Bird, Kathy, 58, 99 

Bish, Charles, 99 

Bish, Darrel, 83 

Bishop, Charles, 99 

Bishop, Douglas, 99 

Bishop, Michael, 114 

Bishop, Ray, 114 

Black, Edward, 83 

Blaine, Michael, 83 

Blanchat, August, 83 

Bland, Bruce, 99 

Bland, Victor, 14 

Blockcolski, Lewis, 11,56 

Blosser, Neal, 99 

Boatright, Gary, 10,64 

Bode, Linda, 99 

Bogle, Jim, 99 

Bohon, Connie, 1 15 

Bahamian, Steve, 99 

Boland, Barbara, 14, 50 

Bolton, Dale, 115 

Bonham (Watkins), Tina, 99 

Bonnel, Peter, 99 

Bonner, Michael, 83 

Booker, Judy, 99 

Bow man, Benjamin, 99 

Bowser, Karen, 99 

Bowser, Kenston, 83 

Bowser, Larry, 99 

Bracken, Shelly, 99 

Branam, James, 83 

Brandman, John, 115 

Branch, Larry, 83 
Brandon, Lyle, 68.99 
Breecher, Robert, 99 
Bridwell, David, 99 
Briggs, Diana, 83 
Brinkmeyer, Jay, 8 
Brittain, Michael, 99 
Broadstock, Shari, 50. 98. 99 
Brooks, Eugene, 19 
Brothers, Michael, 83 
Brouillette, John, S3 
Brown, Ann, 59, 83 
Brown, Gerald, 99 
Brown, Jerry, 1 15 
Brown, Kathleen, 99 
Brown, Rebecca, 40, 43, 52, 65, 

Brown, Ronald, 99 
Brown. Roy, 27, 64. 99 
Brow n, Thomas, 83 
Bruce, Victor, 1 14 
Brueggemann, Robert, 99 
Bryan, Charles, 63, 68, 99 
Bryan. Mavis, 99 
Buckman, Bernard, 115 
Buff alow, Gordon, 99 
Bulleigh, Steve, 83 
Buller, Kenton. S3 
Bullock, Pam, 115 
Bupp, Jcrr\ , 1 15 
Burden, Dennis, 68, 99, 117 
Burgoyne, Barbara, 59, 62, 83 
Burleigh, Vickie, 62, 83 
Burns, Donna, 62, 83 
Burr, Gary, 99 
Burress, Margaret, 62, 83 
Burrows, Larry ,115 
Burton, Rodger, 1 17 
Butcher, Marvlee, 99 
Butler, Michael, 13 
Butt. Saleem. 58, 99 
Buxton, Ronald, 99 

— C — 
Call, Mary, IS 
Call, Linda, S3 
Callahan, Joseph. 99 
Callaway, David, 74.99 
Callaway, Donald, 46, 47, 53, 

78, 79, 83 
Calvert, Keith, 28, 83 
Calvin, Margaret, 27, 100 
Campbell, James, 83 
Campbell, Nicky, 83 
Campbell, Sherry, 100 
Cantrell, Merlene, 83 
Carey, Janice, 83 
Carlson, Donna, 62, 100 
Carmichael, James, 100 
Carmichael, Steven, 83 
Carnes, Michael, 100 
Carr, James, 83 
Carrell, Larry, 100 
Carrington, Douglas, 100 
Carrington, Preston, 74, 75, 77, 

Carroll, Renee, 1 15 
Carter, Ara Ann, 1 15 
Carter, Cynthia, 84 
Carter, Larry, 12 
Carter, Nikki, 84 
Carter, Robert, 1 14 
Carter, Robin, 100 
Cartw right, Dennis, 64, 84 

Carver, Fred, 64, 84 
Carver, Phillip, 84 
Casady, Larry, 64, 100 
Casmaer. David, 69, 100 
Cat hey, Jerry, 84 
Cawthorn, San, 68. 100 
Cervantes, John, 1 14 
Chambers, David. 84 
Chambers. Rick, 100 
Chambers, Douglas, 115 
Champ, Gerald, II, 54, 100 
( .'hampion. I Ioracc, 100 
Chaplan, Gordon, 24 
Chapman, Bryan, 100 
Chase, Richard, 19 
Cheatum, Alan, 84 
CHEERLEADERS, 49. 61, 65 
Chester, James, 100 
Chestnut. David, 100 
Childers, Mike, 84 
Chism, Robert, 9, 52 
CHORUS, 36, 54, 61 
Christian, John 84 
Church, Philip, 84 
Ciemny, Richard, 68, 69. 70 
Clarey, Michael. 84 
Clark, Craig. 100 
Clark. Chris, 84 
Clark, Lloyd, 100 
Clayton, Connie, 54 
Clayton, Susan, 54, 100 
Cleaver, Donna, 62, 84 
Clements. Chris, 100 
Cleveland, John, 17 
Clough. Don. 32-, 38 
Coats, Cynda, 54. 55, 100 
Coats, Richard, 84 
Cochran, Harelda, 100 
Cochran, Steve, 100 
Cody, Alex, 84 
Coficld, Ronald, 59, 84 
Co'ff man, Alan, 100 
Cohen, Mike, 84 
Coleman, Larry, 115 

36, 37, 55 
Collier, Robert. 100 
Collins, Michael, 100 
Collins, Myrtis, 11 
Colvin, Judy, 84 
Combs, Larry, 84 
Compton, Jerry, 84 
Compton, Marsha, 100 
Cone, Michael, 100 

Index 135 


Conrod, Barbara, 55, 100 
Cook, Kevin, 56, 84 
Cooke, Dennis, 1 14 
Cool, Maria, 100 
Coonrod, Barbara, 16 
Cooper, Vern, 84 
Copeland, Ruth, 115 
Copp, Elaine, 54, 100 
Corbin, Ted, 100 
Cordry, Sheldon, 115 
Gorman, John, 100 
Couger, Robert D., 101 
Covel, Dennis, 101 
Cowell, Ronald, 101 
Cowen, Victor, 101 
Cowles, Sarah, 10, 62 
Cowman, Michael, 85 
Cowman, Steve M., 101 
Cox, Don, 11,34,54, 58 
Cox, James, 85 
Cox, Murray, 52, 63, 101 
Cox, Steven, 85 
Crawford, Michael L., 85 
Crawford, Michael T., 101 
Crawford, Kent, 101 
Creegan, George, 114 
Crisswell, Mary, 31, 62 10] 
Crist, Bruce, 115 
Crockett, Ted, 101 
Crank, Belle, 101 
Cross, Jim, 50, 63, 85 
Crouch, John, 85 
Crouch, Marcia, 101 
Crowder, Jack, 101 
Crowl, Franklin, 101 

Crumrine, Gave, 115 
Crupper, Donald, 53, 101 
Cullison, Steven, 101 
Cullop, Norman, 64, 85 
Gulp, James, 115 
Cummins, Anita, 101 
Cummins, James, 85 
Cummins, William C, 7 
Cunningham, Marcia, 9 
Cyphers, Don, 85 
Cyphers, James, 85 

— D — 
Daley, James, 85 
Dallas, James, 101 
Damato, Kenneth, 85 
Daniels, David, 85 
Daniels, Leroy, 115 
Daniels, Marvin, 101 
Daniels, Rebecca, 101 
Darnell, Steven, 85, 90 
Dauber, Darlene, 85 
Dauber, Linda, 65, 101 
DaVee, Douglas, 101 
Davidson, Lonnie, 101 
Davis, Charles, 101 
Davis, John, 85 
Davis, Mary, 14, 59 
Davis, Michael, 101 
Davis, Rickey, 115 
Davis, Sally, 54 
Davis, Scott, 69 
Davis, Scott, 69 
Davis, William, 101 
Day, Joy, 118 
Dawson, Dena, 101 
Dawson, Harold, 85 
Decker, Darrel, 101 
DeHoff, David, 74, 75, 76, 85 
Dennett, Daniel, 85 
Dennis, Doug, 63, 85 
Derstein, Barbara, 65, 85 
Desmarteau, Duane, 115 
DeVore, Arlene, 16 
Dial, Richard, 85 
Dickinson, Kenneth, 85 
Dietz, Jeanne, 101 
Dimick, Fred, 64, 85 
Dixon, Jack, 85 
Dixon, J. Thomas, 9, 36 
Doane, James, 101 
Dodson, Duane, 101 
Doherty, Dennis, 101 
Doll, Jonathan, 85 
Domann, Stephen, 101 
Donovan, Dana, 114 
Doolittle, Conelius, 69, 101 
Doornbos, Teresa, 34, 57 
Doty, Donald, 101 
Doty, Martha, 11 
Douglas, Ronald, 55, 101 
Douglass, Debbi, 101 
Dowell, David, 85 
Dogle, Patrick, 101 
Drake, Steven, 101 
Dreiling, William, 85 

BEARS), 35, 49, 65 
Dudley, Sandra, 62, 85 
DuFek, David, 114 
Dunbar, Larry, 101 
Duncan, Martha, 15 

Duncan, Randall, 101 
Dunn, Michael, 85 
Dunn, Stephen, 101 
Dunn, Wallace, 101 
Dunson, Arthur, 85 
Dunson, Carol, 101 
Durnil, Cathie, 101 
Dutt, Rodney, 101 
DuVall, Stephen, 101 

— E — 

Eakles, Sandra, 51, 81, 85 
Earll, Stephen, 56, 101 
Eaton, Joseph, 52, 101 
Eaton, Paul, 85 
Eby, Michael, 101 
Eckel, Floyd, 101 
Eckel, Kurt, 101 
Eckhoff, Walter, 86 
Edris, Dianne, 102 
Eggen, Carla, 62, 102 
Ellings, Beth, 18 
Filings, Lucynda, 55, 65, 102 
Ellsworth, Michael, 86 
Emmons, Daryl, 102 
Engels, David, 114 
Engles, Nancy, 53, 62, 102 
Engels, Richard, 53, 102 
Ensz, Roland, 13 
England, Thomas, 86 
Entz, Rodney, 102 
Escareno, Patricia, 102 
Estes, Barbara, 16 
Eustice, Robert, 52, 86 
Evans, Jeffrev, 50, 52, 78, 79, 

Evans, Robert, 80, 102 
Evenson, Logan, 102 
Ewart, Carla, 102 
Exley, Carolvn, 86 

— F — 
Fabian, Robert, 102 
Fager, Theodore, 86 
Faidley, Nolan, 102 
Faweett, Richard, 102 
Fehrenbach, Edna, 53, 102 
Fehrenbach, Helen, 20, 53, 58, 

Feller, Steve, 102 


Ferren, David, 68, 86 
Fields, Bruce, 102 
Fildes, Yvonne, 115 
Fillmore, Karvl, 50, 52, 53, 58, 

Fink, Gary, 102 
Fischbeck, Tamara, 42, 43, 62, 

Fisher, C. Raymond, Jr., 117 
Fisher, Herbert, 63 
Fisher, Judith, 11 
Fleetwood, Jim, 102 
Flesher, David, 115 
Flickinger, Carolyn, 86 
Flory, Dave, 102 
Foltz, Roger, 102 
Foos, Randall, 86 
Fooshee, Becky, 102 
Foster, Leonard, 64, 102 
Foulke, Larry, 102 
Fox, Maurice, 102 
Frager, James, 86 
Frankenberv, Larrv, 102 

Frantz, Ruth, 102 
Frazier, Carolyn, 102 
Freeborn, Jackie, 102 
Freeman, Allen, 86 
Freeman, Pam, 102 
Freeman, Valerie, 53, 62, 102 
Friedman, Michael, 102 
Friesen, Eugene, 115 
Friggeri, Ron, 115 
Fritzler, Virginia, 4, 16 
Frizzell, Deborah, 102 
Frost, Gary, 86 
Fuller, Carol, 102 
Fuller, Charles, 12 

— G — 
Gabbert, Danita, 102 
Gabbert, Owen, 102 
Gaines, Barbara, 1 15 
Galbraith, Patrick, 114 
Garnett, Gearldean, 114 
Garnett, Wesley, 1 15 
Garrison, Charles, 102 
Garrison, Lucinda, 103 
Garrison, William, 115 
Gee, Dareeca, 103 
Geese, David, 103 
Gerdes, Jeffrey, 64, 86 
Gertz, Richard, 86 
Gibson, David, 86 
Gilbert, Kelly, 103 
Gill, Chris, 86 
Gillett, Gary 64, 86 
Gillette, Carol, 62, 103 
Gilliland, James, 103 
Gilmer, Greg, 103 
Gilmer, Janice, 86 
Gimple, Richard, 59, 103 
Gish, Martha, 103 
Gish, Mildred, 117 
Gittrich, Mark, 103 
Gladfelter, Stephen, 103 
Glaves, Chris, 103 
Glennie, Barbara, 50, 52, 58, 

Glennie, David, 103 
Glover, Fred, 103 
Goeken, Jay, 115 
Goldston, James, 103 
Goldston, Marva, 115 
Goldston, Michael, 114 
Good, Arden, 10, 64 
Goodwin, Carl, 103 
Goodwin, Sandra, 50, 56, 62, 86 

136 Index 

Gordy, Carolyn, 86 
Gore, Ronald, 115 
Gorrell, Walter, 86 
Gorrell, Walter, 86 
Graber, Gladys, 1 15 
Graham, Darwin, 86 
Graham, James, 78, 79, 103 
Graham, John, 54, 87 
Graham, Paul, 58, 87 
Graham, Randal, 103 
Graves, Allan, 87 
Graves, Kevin, 37, 39, 54, 55, 

Gray, Lewis, 54, 103 
Greenlee, William, 103 
Greenwell, Charles, 87 
Gregg, Willamine, 103 
Gregory, Richard, 12, 59 
Greiving, Sheryl, 50, 53, 62, 103 
Griekspoor, Cecil, 103 
Grier, Don, 87 
Griffin, Wilmatine, 103 
Groat, Roy, 103 
Groriau, Anthony, 87 
Gronau, Margaret, 1 14 
Guest, Carl, 87 
Guest, Carol, 87 
Gwinup, Dolores, 1 17 
Gum, Rebecca, 87 
Gunn, Richard, 1 15 

— H — 
Haas, Rodney, 87 
Hackler, Sondra, 16 
Hadi, Mohammed, 27, 103 
Hadley, Michael, 11,56, 60 
Haines, Kenneth, 103 
Haines, Paul, 87 
Hale, Allen, 103 
Hale, Gayle, 55, 87 
Hall, Michael, 59, 103 
Hallenbeck, David, 87 
Hamilton, William, 87 
Hamilton, Ronald, 103 
Hamm, William, 87 
Hamman, Michael, 103 
Hammer, Janice, 103 
Hammond, Judy, 103 
Hanson, Kathy, 103 
Hardie, Andrea, 103 
Harding, Preston, 87 
Hardwick, Deborah, 87 
Hare, Jean, 103 
Harmel, Robert, 103 

Harmon, Douglas, 1 14 
Harmon, Harold, 1 15 
Harp, Mary, 103 
Harpstritc, John, 103 
Harreld, Michael, 114 
Harris, Carol, 87 
Harris, Charles, 15 
Harris, John, 87 
Harris, Perry, 87 
Harrison, Bryan, 103 
Harrison, James, 103 
Harrison. Kendall, 103 
Harrison, Richard, 103 
Harrison, Roily, 87 
Hart, Hazel, 87 
Hart, Polly, 33, 51, 55, 87 
Hartenberger, Ronald, 115 
Hartford, Ralph, 103 
Hartman, Karan, 62, 65, 103 
Harvey, Vicki, 56, 103 
Hastings, Philip, 103 
Hatfield, James, 103 
Hauserman, Darold, 87 
Havel, Lynn, 118 
Hawks, Terry. 43, 103, 106 
Hayes, Kathy, 40, 42, 43, 46, 

47. 60, 65, 78, 87 
Hays, Kenneth, 115 
Haynes, Joyce, 34, 39, 50, 52, 

57, 87 
Hazen, Ranch, 63, 103 
Hcaly, Roger, 117 
Hcathman, Kim, 103 
Heckathorn, Phyllis, 62, 87 
Hedgpeth, Karen, 103 
Hein, James, 87 
Hein, Janice, 104 
Hcinemann, Steve, 87 
Heinz, Marvin, 87 
Helmer, Leanne, 104 
Helten, Gary, 104 
Henderson, Karl, 87 
Hendricks, Sheldon, 104 
Henline, Deborah, 62, 104 
Henning, Jeffrey, 104 
Henry, Clint, 115 
Henry, Ray, 115 
Herbert, Jerry, 87 
Herring, Dale, 87 
Hess, Beverly, 18 
Hess, Robert. 64, 87 
Hess, William, 
Hickman, Daniel, 1 15 
Hickman, Randv, 115 
Higgins, Jerry, 87 
Higgs, Diane, 88 
Hill, Jeanette, 62, 88 
Hill, Marcia, 65, 88 
Hill, Richard. 38, 104 
Hill, Scotty, 104 
Hilt, Charles, 104 
Hilton, Glenda, 62, 104 
Hines, Daniel, 88 
Hinnen, Richard, 88 
Hirschlcr, Robert, 115 
Hodson, Paul, 115 
Hoepner, Gary, 56, 88 
Hoffman, Anita, 104 
Hofstetter, Carolyn, 104 
Hogue, Michael, 104 
Holdeman, Franette, 104 
Hoelm, Cordelia, 88 
Hollis, Daniel, 104 

Hollis, Ruth, 88 
Holloway, Robert, 88 
Horsnell, Valerie, 104 
Hoshaw, Robert, 104 
Houdin, Robert, 88 
Houchin, Roger, 88 
Houser, James, 104 
Howard, Charles, 52, 104 
Howard, Mary, 104 
Howard, Michael, 88 
Hower, Jerrilyn, 104 
Hoy, Dennis, 88 
Hoyt, Tresa, 104 
Huey, Phyllis, 88 
Hufferd, Mark, 68, 88 
Hughes, Jeri, 104 
Hughes, Robert, 104 
Hull, George, 88 
Hull, Ronald, 4. 104 
Hulse, Dwight, 1 15 
Humig, Colette, 88 
Hundemer, Mark, 88 
Hundemer, Seott, 88 
Hunt, James, 104 
Hunt, Richard. 104 
Hunter, Ronald, 104 
Hutter, Terrv, 54, 55, 104 

— 1 — 
Ibarra, Luis, 1 16 
Ilsley, Charlie, 104 
Inge, Larry, 88 
[ngold, Sharon, 89 
Ingram. Gerald. 104 
Irwin, Garry, 104 
Irwin, Linda, 104 
Ireland, Johnny, 68, 69, 72, 89 
Isom, Oliver, 1.3, 21, 66, 67, 78 

Jack, Joe, 116 
Jackson, David, 89 
Jackson, Frank, 68, 69, 104 
Jackson, Fred, 89 
Jackson, John, 63, 68, 104 
Jackson, Mary, 8 
Jackson, Vicki, 104 
Jacobs, Janice, 52, 57 
Jacobson, Howard, 105 
Jakubson, Paul. 63, 68. 69, 89 
James, David, 89 
James, Ethel, 18 
Janney, Gary, 89 
Janzen, Randall, 105 
Jenkins, Jack, 116 
Jenson, Jerrold, 89 
Jenson, Sally, 89 
Jimenez, Tony, 56, 89 
Johnson, Donald, 63, 68. 69, 89 
Johnson, Douglas, 105 
Johnson, Floyd, 89 
Johnson, Jack, 105 
Johnson, James, 105 
Johnson, Jerrold, 105 
Johnson, Kenneth, 68, 89 
Johnson, Larry, 105 
Johnson, Michael, 22, 105 
Johnson, Robert, 68, 89 
Johnson, Steve, 105 
Johnson, Van, 105 
Johnston, Joseph, 10, 53 
Jones, Bobby, 105 
Jones, Brenda, 54, 62, 105 
Jones, Carolyn, 16 
Jones, Deborah, 116 

Jones, Dee Etta, 89 

Jones, Jacquelyn, 89 

Jones, Joan, 105 

Jones, Marvin, 64, 69, 89 

Jones, Phillip, 89 

Jones, John S , 105 

Jones, (Moreland) Sondra, 89 

Jones, Thomas, 105 

Jones, Wayne, 105, 108 


— K — 
Kassebaum, G. E., 19 
Kater, Irvin, 89 
Keenan, Donna, 53, 58, 89 
Kellerman, Rhonda, 116 
Kelley, Aaron, 89 
Kelley, Alan, 105 
Kclloggs, Phillip. 114 
Kemnitz, Jerr\ . 105 
Kemp, Steven, 105 
Kendrick, Gilleran, 105 
Kennard, James, 1 16 
Kennedy, David, 89 
Khan, Saleem, 89 
Kidwell, Marilyn, 89 
Kidwell, Michael. 105 
Kienast, Jack, 52, 105 
Kincheloe, Lance, 32, 38, 105 
kind, Donald, 105 
King, Marcia, 62, 53, 54, 74, 

King, Maurice, 75, 77. 89 
King, Wesley, 56, 105 
Kingsland, Richard, 105 
Kinkade, William, 63, 105 

Index 137 

Kinkaid, Kenneth, 105 
Kirkpatrick, Jill, 89 
Kiser, Kelly, 69, 105 
Kitchen, William, 105 
Kitterman, Larry, 116 
Klassen, Janice, 59, 89 
Klem, Robert, 116 
Knierim, David, 89 
Knight, James, 105 
Knisal, Dennis, 105 
Knott, Thomas, 105 
Knotts, David, 105 
Knox, Stephen, 89 
Knox, Teresa, 89 
Knudsen, Juanita, 89 
Koester, Jan, 62, 89 
Kohls, Everett, 13, 68, 69 
Krause, Gayle, 12 
Kreller, Herbert, 13, 53 
Krueger, Gregory, 89 
Krueger, Steven, 90 
Krusemark, Richard, 105 
Kuhlmann, Blenda, 11,51 
Kukula, Paul, 46, 47, 53, 64, 69, 

82, 90 
Kuschnereit, Rody, 90 
Kyle, Wayne, 90 

— L — 
Lacer, Michael, 90 
Lacey. Richard, 10 
LaForge, Robert, 116 
Lamb, Douglas, 105 
Lamb, Julie! 90 
Lamb, Karen, 105 
Lamberson, Glynn, 90 
Lambert, Pamela, 53, 55, 62, 90 
Laney, Terry, 105 
Larcom, Linda, 105 
Lange, Ethyl, 4, 16 
Larimer, David, 90 
Lathem, Allen, 90 
Laudermilk, Terry, 63, 68, 72, 90 
Lauer, Rosemary, 105 
Laughrey, Elaine, 105 
Lavenant, Geniece, 1 14 
Lavender, Darrel, 114 
Lawrence, David, 105 
Lawrence, Larry, 105 
Lawrence, Rudye, 90 
Lawson, Bud, 105 
Lawson, Sharry, 105 
Lawton, Marvin, 74, 114 
Lawyer, Eldon, 74, 75, 76, 105 
Lay, John, 13 
Lee, Carla, 116 

Lee, Larry, 68, 69, 90 
Lee, Mary, 28, 59, 90 
Lee, Thelma, 117 
Leigh, Brenda, 105 
Leimer, Delvan, 74, 105 
Leimer, Glenn, 17 
Lemon, Linda, 90 
Lenhart, Donald, 105 
Leonard, Connie, 105 
Leonard, Larry, 105 
Lietz, Hal, 114 
Light, Larrv, 105 
Lill, Rudy, 90 
Linder, Jim, 90 
Linder, Michael, 105 
Lingafelter, Larry, 106 
Linot, Linda, 62, 106 
Linsea, Eugene, 90 
Lipscomb, Jeanne, 106 
List, Pamela, 5.50, 51,52, 90 
Little, Charles, 12 
Little, Cheryl, 54, 57, 106 
Lively, Jo, 80, 106 
Loepp, Michael, 106 
Londeen, Leona, 18 
Long, Wayne, 106 
Longfellow, David, 11 
Longfellow, Shirley, 8, SO 
Lopez, Gregory, 106 
Lorance, Lonnie, 116 
Lostutter, John, 106 
Loveland, Richard, 64, 106 
Lovell, Bradley, 106 
Lowrance, Darrel, 90 
Lowrance, Gary, 90 
Lowry, Austin, 81, 106 
Lucas, Sherry, 116 
Lucas, Steven, 106 
Luce, Roger, 90 
Ludwick, Gerald, 106 
Lukens, Gary, 63, 106 
Lundgren, Eric, 106 
Lynch, Jerry, 106 

— M — 
McAllister, Beula, 118 

McAllister, Bruce, 106 
McAllister, Lynda, 28, 59, 90 
McArthur, Galen, 63, 106 
McBeth, Gary, 69, 106 
McBride, Charlene, 116 
McClure, Jan, 106 
McCoy, Hugh, 116 
McCoy, Linda, 90 
McCracken, Wendell, Jr., 64, 

McCreight, Nancy, 106 
McCullough, Gloria, 91 
McCune, James, 68, 106 
McDavid, Jack, 116 
McDonald, Louise, 106 
McDowell, Ava, 106 
McEachern, Linda, 106 
McElroy, Barbara, 106 
McGinnis, Allyn, 8 
McGinnis, Eldon, 52, 91 
McGinty, John, 63, 68, 106 
McGowan, Timothy, 91 
McGowin, Vivian, 106 
McGrath, Richard, 106 
McHaley, George, 91 
McHatton, Michael, 91 
McHenry, Patricia, 65, 91 
Mcllvain, Craig, 107 
Mcintosh, Tommy, 115 

McKay, James B., Jr., 19 

McKay, Michael, 107 
McKenzie, Carla, 107 
McKinney, Leonard J., 7 
McKinney, Robert, 107 
McKnight, Rex, 107 
McLaren, Alex, 107 
McLean, Sandra, 116 
McNabb, Sharon, 65, 107 
McNamee, Bob, 107 
McNaughten, Louis, 91 
McNown, Larry, 107 
McNown, Linda, 91 
McNuelz, James, 107 
McPhail, John, 114 
MeVay, Connie, 107 
McWilliams, Debra, 107 
Machesney, Roy, 116 
Mack, Brian, 107 
Maddox, Judith, 107 
Madigan, Herbert, 107 
Madison, Virginia, 107 
Mainz, Darrel, 107 
Malcomb, Candy, 53, 62, 116 
Malone, Jeanette, 13 
Malone, Michael, 64, 91 
Maloney, Michael, 91 
Mangels, Donald, 10 
Mangen, Deborah, 107 
Mann, Barbara, 107 
Mann, David, 91 
Mar, Lin, 107 
Marble, Glenda, 107 
Margers, Giles, 107 
Mark, Karen, 107 
Markley, Deon, 107 
Markley, Kathleen, 107 
Markley, Larry, 107 
Marlar,' Darrel, 116 
Marr, Terry, 107 
Marsh, Freida, 62, 91 
Marsh, Nancy, 107 
Marshall, Marilyn, 107 
Marshall, Rosie, 18 
Marten, Albert, 91 
Martens, Dennis, 10, 64 
Martin, Ronnie, 107 
Martin, Terry, 28. 63, 68, 69, 91 
Martin, Theresa, 107 
Martindale, William, 107 
Mason, Pamela, 52, 54, 107 
Massey, Danny, 114 
Mathews, Louis, 91 
Matson, Michael, 107 
Matthews, Patricia, 114 
Mattix, Linda, 53, 62, 91 
Mattix, Randy, 107 
Mattix, Steven, 26, 54, 59, 63, 

Matz, Kent, 91 
Matz, Kirk, 107 
Mauk, William, 107 
May, Dennis, 116 
May, Victor, 114 
Mays, Johnny, 116 
Meals, Paul, 28, 59, 91 
Meeker, Jan, 5, 107 
Meeker, Scotty, 62, 91 
Meister, Ken, 91 
Mensch, Connie, 107 
Mercer, Deborah, 40, 41, 42, 

43,51,62,67, 106, 107 
Mettler, Marilynn V., 7, 14, 59 

Meyer, Glenda, 107 
Meyer, James, 107 
Meyeres, James, 63, 91 
Meyersick, John, 107 
Meyersick, Ray. 91 
Michal, Vicki, 107 
Michnd, Kent, 107 
Mies, John,-91 
Migliaccio, Kathleen, 107 
Milbourn, Clinton, 107 
Miles, Gary, 107 
Miller, Carolyn, 107 
Miller, Daryl, 107 
Miller, David, 116 
Miller, Joe, 107 
Miller, Karen, 58, 91 
Miller, Neil, 114 
Miller, Rex, 107 
Miller, Stanley, 91, 114 
Miller, Stephen, 91 
Miller, Terrence, 107 
Minnerath, James, 63, 107 
Mitchell, Kirk, 108 
Mitchell, Douglas, 90, 108 
Mitchell, Steve, 91 
Mizer, Lenton, 116 
Mobley, Michael, 108 
Mock, Steven, 107 
Molz, Patrick, 91 
Molzen, Richard, 116 
Monroe, Allen, 21 
Monroe, Eric, 116 
Monson, Stephen, 108 
Moore, Garry, 108 
Moore, Ivie, 63, 68, 69, 72, 91 

138 Index 

Moore, Joe, 108 
Moore, Larry, 91 
Moore, Malcolm, 1 L6 
Moorhouse, Robert, 91 
Moran, Patti, 50, 91 
Morgan, Marjorie, 91 
Morgenstern, Mike, 63, 91 
Morris, Christy, 108 
Morris, Frederic, 108 
Morris, Wayne, 1 16 
Morrow, Terry, 108 
Mosier, Dennis, 108 
Motter, Veanna, 108 
Mount, Nila, 62, 108 
Moyer, Glen, 108 
Munford, Dehra, 108 
Munoz, David, 91 
Munoz, Frances, 108 
Murphy, Sandra, 108 
Murphy, Sharilyn, 92 
Murray, Kenneth, 1 14 
Muse, Kenneth, 108 
Muth, Kirk, 59, 92 
Myers, Edward, 50, 52, 63, 108 
Myers, Mallon, 1 14 

' — N — 
Nace, Larry, 59, 78, 92 
Najim, Richard, 1 16 
Naramore, David, 92 
Nash, John, 74, 75, 76, 92 
Nay, Merle, 15, 66, 67, 69, 70 
Neal, Larrv. 74, 75, 77, 108 
Neaville, Dale, 5, 14 
Nelson, Catherine, 108 
Nelson, Judith, 108 
Nelson, Michael, 50, 52, 59, 92 
Nelson, Richard (Rick), 64, 92 
Nelson, Ricky, 92 

Nelson, Rodney, 108 

Nesmith, Franklin Jr., 108 

Newcom, Geneva, 108 


Nicholas, Rosalee, 55, 108 

Nichols, Robert, 92 

Nickel, Curtis, 108 

Nickl, Cheryl, 108 

Nietfeld, Dan, 108 

Nixon, Darrel, 63, 108 

Noeller, Wayne, 54, 108 

Noll, Jack, 108 

Nonken, Linda, 108 

Nottingam, Felix, 114 

Novak, Don, 108 

Novak, Larry, 92 

Nulik, Richard, 116 


Nuss, Steven, 1 14 
Nye, Timothv, 1 14 

— O — 
O'Donnell, Keith, 52, 108 
Ogden, Martin, 92 
Ogg, Herman, 10, 92 
Oglesbee, Kenton, 1 17 
Ohl, James, 10,24 
Ohmart, Sherri, 46, 47, 52, 92 
Oliver, Betsy, 108 

Oliver, Rodney, 109 
Olson, William, 54, 55, 109 
Orr, Preston, 92 
Orr, Susan, 109 
Osborne, Janice, 109 
Ott, Floyd, 92 
Ott, Roger, 92 
Overton, Diane, 92 
Owens, David, 56, 109 
Owens, Rickie, 109 

— P — 
Page, Edgar, 109 
Page, Terry 1, 92 
Palmer, DeWayne, 114 
Pangrac, Susan, 109 
Paph, Susan, 62, 109 
Park, David, 92 

Park, Linda, 109 
Parker, Gary L., 109 
Parker, Gary R., 109 
Parker, Karen, 49, 51, 54, 56, 

Parks, Graham, 1 16 
Parry, Colin, 109 
Parsons, Barbara, 16 
Parsons, Karen, 65, 92 
Parson, William, 92 
Partridge, Alma, 109 
Partridge, Jeannette, 116 
Patten, Darryl, 9, 57 
Patterson, Forrest, 109 
Patterson, Larry, 109 
Patterson, Roy, 109 
Pauls, James, 109 
Payne, Darryl, 109 
Peck, Sandra, 109 
Peluso, Sam, 92 
Pennington, Kim, 50, 58, 92 
Pentz, James, 92 
Perkins, Alan, 109 
Perkins, Katherine, 54, 55, 109 
Perkins, Pam, 62, 109 
Perry, Twila, 93 
Peterie, Jerome, (Pete), 54, 58, 

Peters, Paul, 116 
Peterson, Jan, 34, 109 
Peterson, Susan, 109 
Peterson, William, 1 14 
Pettus, Wilfred, 12.58 
Phares, Linda, 109 
Pharr, Keith, 59, 78, 79, 109 
Phelps, Lloyd, 93 
Phelps, Randall, 93 
Phillips, Roberta, 109 
Piatt, Paul (Scott), 116 
Pica, John, 68, 69, 72. 93 
Pickering, James, 109 
Pickett, Daniel, 109 
Pierce, Sharon, 93 
Pinkerton, Delila, 116 
Pinkstaff, Marc. 93 

Pippin, Robert, 59, 93 
Place, Pat. 16 
Plain. Dewey, 109 
Plinskv, David, 93 
Poe, Michael, 93 
Poeschel, Steven, 93 
Poffinbarger, Betty, 14, 59, 93 
Pontious, Steve 26, 93 
Poole, Barbara, 65, 109 
Poole, Deborah, 38, 57, 109 
Pope, Kermit, 59, 86 
Porter, Nancy, 93 
Posey, Clell, 93 
Post, Dennis, 29, 109 
Postoak, Wayne, 13, 66, 67 
Powell. Richard. 63, 93 
Powers, Helen, 62. 109 
Pratt, John, 54, 55 
Preuett, Ranch , 109 
Prewitt, Dennis, 93 
Price, Richard, 20, 50, 56, 60. 

98, 109 
Price. Ronald. 109 
Prichard, Larry, 109 
Prigmore, John, 93 
Prilliman, Theresa, 54, 55, 62, 

65, 109 
Pugh, Gary, 114 
Purinton, John, 63, 109 
Purkeypile, Allan, 93 
Purkeypile, Gerald, 109 
Pursley, Gregory, 109 
Putney, Jeannette, 1 14 
Pybas, Dianne, 109 
Pykiet, Kenneth, 93 
Pykiet, Vernon, 93 

— R- 
Rains, Anne, 1 17 
Rains, Robert, 109 
Raisor, Phillip, 109 
Rail, Karen, 38, 52,57,64, 109 
Ralston, Melvin, 11,26,34 
Randall, Tommy, 109 
Rathbun, Lisa, 109 
Ratliff, James, 58, 93 
Raw lings, Gary, 68, 69 
Rawlings, Terry, 93 
Ray, Lawrence, 43, 50, 52, 93 
Ray, Lyman, 1 16 
Ray, Richard, 93 
Ray, Rubin, 109 
Ray, Terry, 42, 43, 93 
Reed, David, 109 
Reed, Pamela, 62, 65, 109 
Reed, Robert, 116 
Reed, William, 93 
Reel, Norbert, 93 
Reeves, Bonnie, 109 
Renier, Karen, 93 
Regner, Matthew, 93 
Reichel, Richard, 109 
Reip, James, 93 
Reid, Sherry, 62, 110 
Remsberg, Dale, 13, 67, 66, 69 
Rhoads, Jane, 11 
Rhodes, Gordon, 12 
Rice, Dennis, 93 
Rice, Donald, 110 
Rice, Mac, 65, 110 
Rice, Sherry, 110 
Richard, Bill, 110 
Richardson, Hugh. 11 
Richmond, Alice, 93 
Rickard, Louise, 110 

Riddle, Barbara, 14.59 

Rigg, Patricia, 1 10 
Riggs, Carl, 15 
Riggs, Walter, 1 16 
Riley, Douglas, 1 10 
Riley, Idessa, 110 
Riley, Karen, 38, 57, 62. 110 
Risley, Richard. 110 
Roberts, Burr, 15 
Roberts, Kent, 93 
Robertson, ( 'onnie, 62, 1 10 
Robinson, Kenneth 1 10 
Robinson. Roy, 17 
Robinson, Susan, 52. 110 
Rockey, Elaine. 110 
Roden, Marvin, 94 
Rogers, John Lee, 94 
Rogers, John Lindsey, 94 
Rogers, Thane, 54, 1 10 
Roglin, James, I 10 
Rolfe, Carol) n, 94 
Roller, Glenn. I 10 
Romero. Charles, 17 
Ross, Eugene, 110 
Roths. Clyde, 110 
Rountree, Ross. I 14 
Rouse. Daniel, 110 
Rowan, Rev. Gerald, 53 
Rowe, Marian. 11,58 
Roy, David. 94 
Rufenacht, Howard, 94,90 
Ruggles, Patrick, 1 10 
Rumsey, Edna, 18 
Runyan, Allen. 1 10 
Russell, Connie, 110 
Russell, Ronald, 8,52 
Ross, John, 94 

Sabata, Charles, 1 I I 
Saka, Wasiu, 63, 94 
Salts, Richard, 94 
Samms, Gary, 34, 63, I I I 
Sandburg, William, 94 
Sandwell, John, 50, 53, 94 
Santillic, Peter, 1 16 
Santos, Peter, 94 
Satterfield, Michael. 1 1 1 
Savage, Randy, 1 16 
Savage, Roger. 1 1 1 
Schafer, Dale, 1 1 1 
Schauf, Michael. 30, 94 
Sehlesinger, Jon, 1 16 
Schmidt, Rebecca, 54, 55, 1 I 1 
Schmitter, Steven, 1 1 1 
Schneider, Greg, 94 
Schoffstall, John, 40 
Scholl, J eft, 1 1 I 
Scholl, Steven, 1 1 1 
Schroer, Ace, 64. 1 I 1 
Schuler, Randall, I 1 1 
Schulte, Donna, 94 
Schultz, William, 50, 114 
Schupbach, Terry, 94 
Schwartz, Morlene, 65, 1 1 1 
Schwartz, Randy, 96, 1 1 1 
Schweitzer, Richard, 1 1 I 
Schwemmer, Jane, 116 
Scott, Alan, 94 
Scott, Larrv, 94 
Scott, Roger, 1 16 
Scribner, Duane, 39, 111 
Scribner, James, 54. 55, 1 1 1 
Seager, Kenneth, 94 

Index 139 

Seager. Ronald, 8, 52 
Searl, Ross, 116 
Seivley, Larry, 1 1 I 
Sell, Bruce, 94 
Settles, Cheryl, 1 11 
Severs, Carolyn, 50, 62, 94 
Seward, Paul 94 
Sexton, Michael, 1 1 1 
Seymour, Keith, 94 
Seymour, Ray, 17 
Shank, Edward, 94 
Shank, Linda, 1 1 1 
Sham, Clayton, 54, 1 1 1 
Sheaks, John. 1 1 1 
Sherlock, Agnes, 116 
Sherlock, Lester, 8, 111 
Shields, Charles, 95 
Shipman, Robert, 68, 98, 1 I 1 
Short, James, 1 1 1 
Shotwell. Lester, 1 1 1 
Shreve, Dan, 1 14 
Shryock, Stephen, 95 
Shuck, Sheila, 1 1 1 
Shuman, Karen, 1 14 
Sibley, Arthur, 54, 1 1 1 
Sidberry, Edward, 95 
Siebert, Darrel, 95 
Siebert, James, 1 14 
Siegenthaler, Linda, 52, 65, 95 
Siegrist, Terry, 1 16 
Silvers, Clement (Bud), 95 
Simmons, Lewis, 19 
Simmons, Robert, 54, 55, 1 1 1 
Simmons, Stanley, 114 
Simpson, Jim, 95 
Simpson, Andrew, 68, 69. 95 
Skinner, Jane, 95 
Slaughter, Ranch, 65, 1 1 1 
Sledge, Cerald, 116 
Smith, Alvin, 
Smith, Barbara, 1 I 1 
Smith, Billie, 58, 95 
Smith, David, 1 16 
Smith, Dorothy, 1 16 
Smith, James, 114 
Smith, Judy, 62, 111 
Smith, Katherine, 111 
Smith. Kathleen. 95 
Smith, Martha, 1 1 1 
Smith, Owen, 63, 1 1 1 
Smith, Raymond, 95 
Smith, Steven, 1 1 1 
Smith, Steven, Bruce, 114 
Snellen, Terrence, 95 
Snyder, Allan, 1 1 1 
Snyder, Brian, 64, 1 I 1 

Snyder, Dale, 95 

Soden, Ada, 1 1 1 

Solorio, Manuel, 95 

Sorensen, Scott, 1 1 I 

Souders, Richard, 32, 38. 39, 
54,57,94, 116 

Sparkman, Kenneth, 1 1 1 

Sparks, Judith, 95 

Sphar, Jacque, 111 

Spindel, Rusty. 63, 68. 70. 1 1 1 

Spires, Marcia, 29, 62, 111 

Spradlin, Mike, 1 1 1 

Staats, Lewis, 1 16 

Staats, Steven, 1 1 1 

Stackley, Jill, 111 

STAGE BAND, 23, 36, 49, 61, 

Stanton, Brian, 95 

Starkel, Ron, 111 

Starr, Steven, 1 1 1 

Stateham, Bryant, 30, 1 1 1 

Stateham, Linda, 1 1 1 

Stathis, Ronald, 116 

Stauffer, James, 111 

Stephens, Ann, 1 1 1 

Stevens, Douglas, 1 1 1 

Stever, James, 1 1 1 

Stewart, David, 1 I I 

Stewart, Gary, 95 

Stewart, Leland, 116 

Stiger, Allen, 1 16 

Stirnaman, Steven, 112 

Stitt, jo Ellen, 112 

Storrer, Beth, 112 

Stovall, William, 112 

Stowers, Bert, 17 

Stowers, 5, Charles, 1 12 

Strand, Jeaninc, 1 12 

Strange, Donald, 112 

Strobel, Charles, 52, 58, 59 

Strotkamp, Larry, 95 



Sullard, Claude, 112 

Sullard, George, 1 12 

Summers, Lorean, 95 

Sundgren, Stephen, 112 

Sutter, William, 54, 55 

Swain, Alan, 112 

Swank, Joyice, 95 

Swift, George, 8 

Swisher, Robert, 112 

Schilling. Kathleen, 94 
— T — 

Talley, Kenneth, 112 

Tarman, David, 63, 69, 95 

Tarter, Shirley, 81, 112 

Tate, Jane, 112 

Tate, Richard, 54 

Tate, Rober, 63, 69, 112 

Taylor, Carol, 112 


Teel, Terry, 1 17 

Tennant, Melvin, 117 

Terry, Marilyn, 62, 95 

Tharp, Gary, 95 

Tharp, Richard, 95 

Theis, Phillip, 12 

Tholen, John, 112 

Thomas, David, 95 

Thomas, Dennis, 64, 95 

Thomas, Phyllis, 112 

Thompson, Donald, 95 

Thornton, James, 112 

Thurman, Robert, 74, 77, 95 

Tilton, Donna, 95 

Tjaden, Neal, 95 

Toburen, Don, 11,27,50 

Toelkes, William, 31. 112 

Tonn, Ronald, 112 

Totty, Jeannie, 1 12 

Towner, Jeffery, 112 

Townsend, Timothy, 112 

Tracy, James, 63, 95 

Travis, Chris, 115 

Traylor, Sylvia, 95 

Tredway, Linda, 53, 62, 1 12 

Triboulet, Peggy, 53, 62, 112 

Trippel, Greg, 95 

Trombla, Richard, 112 

Trowbridge, Ronald, 95 

Turner, Carrie, 1 12 

Turner, Gary, 112 
Tusler, Richard, 96 
Tyler, Jerry, 112 

— U — 

Unruh, Steven, 117 
Utz, Howard, Jr., 112 

— V — 
Valverde, Larry, 117 
YanderWeele, Johanna, 115 
VanderWeele, Louisa, 65, 112 
VanDever, Lloyd, 112 
VanDusen, Bob, 112 
Varner, Douglas, 57, 115 
Vaughn, Vicky, 21, 51, 58, 96 
Yenable, Susan, 54, 1 12 
Vetter, Jack, 63, 68, 69. 96 
Yiekerv (Warrick), Dianne, 96 
Vinson, Clardy, 78, 79, 112 
Vinson, Vicki, 112 

Voegeli, Richard, 96 
Vogt, Michael, 112 
VonFeldt, David, 112 
Vorderstrasse, Joyce, 52, 57, 62, 

Voth, Gary, 96 
Voth, James, 54, 96 
— W— 

Wade, Richard, 115 

Wagner, Gilbert, 96 

Wagner, Karen, 58, 1 12 

Walbourn, Edwin J., 4, 6, 50 

Walford, Ronald, 112 

Walker, Marcus, 96 

Walker, Patricia, 112 

Walls, Roger, 54, 55, 112 

Walter, Charles, 112 

Walters, Clark, 54, 96 

Walters, Duane, 112 

Waltman, Marie, 16, 20 

Waltman, Richard, 96 

Ward, Dannv, 112 

Ward, Mark, 117 

Ward, Robert, 112 

Ware, James, 112 

Warren, Daniel, 112 

Warren, Deborah, 1 17 

Warren, Joe Jr., 112 

Warren, Ronnie, 112 

Warren, William, 113 

Warrick, Ken, 96 

Watkins, Alan, 113 

Watkins, Dana, 96 

Watkins, David, 113 

Watkins, Leona, 13, 50, 54 

Watson, Jerry, 117 

Watson, Robert, 96 

Watters, Steven, 96 

Watts, Richard, 1 13 

Weaver, Karen, 113 

Webb, Fred, 10, 64 

Weber, Joan, 53, 62, 1 13 

Weber, LeAnna, 113 

Weispfenning, Ethan, 53, 58, 
63, 96 

Weeks, Robert, 96 

Weible, Gregory, 113 

Weiss, Jon, 113 

Weldav, Bettv, 113 

Wells, Fred, 63, 113 

Welner, Bruce, 113 

Welty, Dwan, 3, 117 

Werth, Stan, 113 

West, Marc, 117 
West, Marsha, 113 
Wheeler, Frank, 113 
Whetstone, Richard, 113 
Whipple, Gerald, 17 
Whipple, Lelia, 18 
White, Charles, 115 
White, Donald, 113 
White, Patricia, 117 
White, Terron, 63, 96 
White, Terry, 113 
Whiteside, Joyce, 16 
Whitham, Warren, 113 
Whitney, Denise, 113 
Whitney, Harold, 96 
Whitson, Anita, 14,59 
Whitson, Marvin, 54, 96 
Whitton, Randy, 115 
Wiens, Danny, 113 
Wiens, Diann, 53, 62, 113 
Williams, Candice, 113 
Williams, Gary, 113 
Williams, George. 1 17 
Williams, Jerome, 97 
Williams, Mike, 117 
Williams, Sherry, 59, 97 
Williams, Thomas, 113 
Willis, Marvin, 7, 117 
Wilson, Chester, 63, 68, 70, 97 
Wilson, James, 56, 60, 97 
Wilson, Jimmie, 97 
Wilson, Kathryn, 58, 113 
Wilson, Lance, 113 
Wilson, Maureen, 113 
Wilson, Ronald, 7 
Wilson, Roy, 4, 64, 97 
Wilson, Suzanne, 113 
Wimberly, Carol, 113 
Winberg, Travis III, 113 
Winter, Lloyd, 63, 113 
Winzen, Linda, 59, 97 
Wischropp, Ann, 52, 97 
Wischropp, Theodore, 11 
Wolf, Larry, 97 
Wolf, Ronald, 113 
Wolff, Dennis, 117 
Woods, Dwain, 113 
Woolsey, Mary, 113 
Woydziak, Greg, 97 
Woydziak, James, 1 13 
Wright, Wayne, 113 
Wyckoff, David, 113 
Wyland, Donna, 113 
Wylie, Ronald, 117 
Wyss, Richard Jr., 113 

— Y — 

Yarbrough, Sharon, 113 
Yeoman, Thomas, 113 
York, Richard, 54, 97 
Young, Thomas, 113 

— Z — 
Zehr, David, 96, 97 
Zeiner, Robert, 113 
Ziesenis, Randy, 117 
Zimmerman, Thomas, 97 
Zlab, David, 97 
Zlab, Micheal, 97 
Zliczewski, Gerald, 97 
Zoeller, Stephen, 63, 113 
Zokai, Ali, 117 
Zuercher, Dennis, 5, 17 

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