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The Grizzly Gro 






67 042-3280 


APR 2 - 2001 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2012 with funding from 

LYRASIS Members and Sloan Foundation 


Learning and living — that's what 
the educational experience is all 
about. It's gaining stature academi- 
cally, morally and spiritually. 

That's what we've been helping 
students do for nearly 50 years. 
Butler County Community College 
means experiencing the complete 

i-.W. Nixon Library 

Butler County Community College 

901 South Haverhill Road 

B Dorado, Kansas 67042-3280 


The complete education is com- 
posed of many factors, not the least 
of which is people. Butler County 
Community College has all kinds. 
They exhibit different personalities, 
different lifestyles and pursue differ- 
ent goals. But all of them — stu- 
dents, faculty and administrators — 
have something in common: a pur- 
pose and a will to achieve. 

TH€ Life 


How close are you to the Butler 
County Community College 
experience? Are you so close to a 
part of it that you can't see the Col- 
lege in its entirety? 

Take a look at the student body. 
They know what their obligations 
are to the future and they are striv- 
ing to meet them. 

They come from all over the state 
and from all over the country. What 
are they searching for? Many things. 

Some are looking to build a solid 
foundation for educational endeav- 
ors through our liberal arts program. 

Others are wanting to learn a practi- 
cal skill through vocational-techni- 
cal training which will help lead to a 
rewarding career. 

Are you so far away that you have 
yet to benefit from all the College 
has to offer? Take a second look — a 
closer look. Don't let it slip away. 


What about the faculty? What are 
they looking for? Just like the stu- 
dents, their goals are many and var- 
ied. But one thing is certain. They 
are attracted to Butler County 
Community College's philosophy of 
education. They like the close con- 
tact with their classes. They like the 
fact they don't have to face a 
hundred students in an impersonal 
lecture hall situation. 

It's the one-on-one teaching philos- 
ophy that Butler County Community 
College thrives on. Both students 
and faculty wouldn't have it any 
other way. 



Remember the people, the activi- 
ties, the good times. Despite the 
hardships, it will be the fond memo- 
ries that will accompany you the rest 
of your life. Just wait and see. 


You'll find that the BCCC environ- 
ment provides the best for learning 
and living. In addition to classes, the 
College offers a wide range of cul- 
tural, social and athletic activities. 

Honor societies include Delta Psi 
Omega, national dramatic fraternity, 
and Phi Ro Pi, national debate and 
forensics fraternity. There are also 
campus organizations for students 
interested in politics, 4-H, ecology, 
flying, and drafting, among others. 
The Juco Voices, Clef Dwellers, and 
Collegiate Singers provide ample 
opportunity for the musically in- 
clined to become involved. 

The El Dorado Community Concert 
Association sponsors a series of 
concerts each season, featuring 
famous artists and groups. The cam- 
pus is also the scene of prominent 
speakers and other guest artists. 




^fehj, .. ^2^" 


The College's proximity to the metro- 
politan environment of Wichita also 
provides numerous outlets for culture 
and entertainment. For instance, the 
city is the home of the world famous 
Wichita Symphony Orchestra, two 
museums and three colleges which 
contribute to the area's cultural and 
entertainment potential. 

BCCC is a well-known and successful 
member of the Kansas Jayhawk Junior 
College Conference and the National 
Junior College Athletic Association. 
Football, basketball, track, cross coun- 
try and golf are offered on the intercol- 
legiate level. 

A variety of sports are also sponsored 
on an intramural basis for men and 
women. Women also have the oppor- 
tunity to join the College drill team, 
the cheerleading squad or the pep 

The College operates three publica- 
tions for student involvement: the stu- 
dent newspaper, the Lantern; the year- 
book, the Grizzly; and the creative 
writing publication, the Quill. 


No stuffy, overcrowded classrooms. 
Only the most practical and com- 
fortable surroundings. Who could 
ask for more? 

The ultra-modern Butler County 
Community College campus is a 
milestone in functional academic 

The spacious 80-acre campus fea- 
tures a dozen new air-conditioned 
buildings, including a laboratory sci- 
ence building, academic building, 
lecture hall, three vocational-tech- 
nical buildings, fine arts complex, 
physical education facility, student 
union, comfortable residence hall, 
and a library-student activities 

The beautiful two-story Lester W. 
Nixon Library is centrally located on 
the campus and houses the Counsel- 
ing Center, a reading laboratory and 
a photo production area. 

The library area itself contains media 
and seminar rooms and 23,000 vol- 
umes, with ultimate expansion to 
50,000 possible. Many periodicals 
and microfilm sources are also ready 
for use. 



A modern library, up-to-the minute 
audio-visual facilities, a comfortable 
residence hall. It's learning and liv- 
ing made fun. 



. ■■■ . . ■■ ■■■■:■ ■ : ; .:■ 


• '■'* ■'■ ' •''*'* 'IP, ■„:»•' si* IT 

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... i K p- ^ 

The Programmed Learning Center is 
also located in the library. It contains 
a modern practical language labora- 
tory which is a multi-media facility. It 
allows students to upgrade their 
skills in specific areas, such as read- 
ing, spelling, and vocabulary. The 
center gives students the chance to 
pursue areas of interest beyond or in 
addition to the limits of an organ- 
ized class. 

Few colleges offer such a far-reach- 
ing selection of courses — from the 
liberal arts to vocational-technical to 
adult education. 



BCCC offers more than just excep- 
tional facilities and a dedicated fac- 
ulty. We have the curriculum to 
match. Whether you lean toward a 
complete liberal arts approach or 
vocational-technical training, we 
have the comprehensive courses to 
meet your needs. And we have ex- 
tensive adult education offerings in 
many fields as well. 

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■i^'m-:/ >+-m S ^: . . j ; : 

■:) : ■' '" •■■■ ' ' 

Butler County Community College 
offers the Associate of Arts Degree, 
the Associate of Applied Science 
Degree, the Two-Year Community 
College Certificate, and the Voca- 
tional Certificate. 

The Associate of Arts Degree may be 
earned in all areas and is primarily 
oriented toward the Baccalaureate 
Degree. The Associate of Applied 
Science Degree, the Two-Year 
Community College Certificate, and 
the Vocational Certificate are pri- 
marily designed for immediate 

Degrees may be earned in major 
areas such as: Pre-teaching, Pre-en- 
gineering, Pre-law, Data Processing, 

auto mechanics, welding, 
arts, etc. 


This is just a sampling of the areas 
from which you can choose. Each 
course is geared to the Twentieth 
Century problems and solutions. 
They are meant to provide you with 
the skills you need to advance to fur- 
ther education or start a rewarding 

But no matter which area you 
choose to explore, you'll find it 
aimed at one objective — providing 
you with the training necessary to 
meet your educational and career 
objectives in the shortest practical 
amount of time. 


It's been stimulating, it's been chal- 
lenging, and it's been rewarding. 
We're all better prepared for what 
tomorrow will bring. 


BCCC students have discovered 
many positive aspects- about the 
College's curriculum. One is its flex- 
ibility. You won't be locked in one 
rigid academic framework from start 
to finish. 

Instead, you'll be able to structure 
your own academic program to a 
great extent and delve into inde- 
pendent study and research . 

To insure that your skills are put to 
use, our placement service starts 
working well in advance of your 
graduation to help you find a posi- 
tion best suited to your training and 

It's only been a small time in a small 
place. But it's been an experience 
worth saving forever. Take a second 

*....., . *«*,- 

'm : , 


Butler County Community College is many things to- communities, it is not a static arrangement. It's alwa 
day. It is composed of buildings, classes, activities, and changing. There will always be new people, new ide, 
especially people. They are delicately combined to and new challenges. The constant change is wh 
form a place and a community. makes a college community a vibrant and worthwh 

experience. It's a great place to have fun, to plan, a\'> 
to build for tomorrow. Why not take a closer look 
The Butler County Community College of today will the Butler County Community College life? It may 
not be the same place tomorrow. Like all academic just the answer for you. 

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COLL€G€ 1975 

€L DORdDO , 

-wV y ^yX'X y,:y;-,yy-yyy:y:yy^ ■,:■ ■.:■:.:■■■: :■ ■,::*■:: *-. i:.-,, ' .V?- ■■:.■ . V. :. ' ■ 

■y>-\-:::y^",^Uy:^:^.+-.:'i .:?.:--r,™U: : -:--i. ■.■:■■■■■:■: : :. \ \-S- yX -.■.■■■.■.:■-:■. ■■■■■■v:-.-f-:X ■ , 

■■ : -;:^ : ■■*/:,;:::■:■■■;■■¥■.■;:■ 'I.;---! ^ W-^-:^ : - ,:■::.■■. -i- ,:, :-.:--: : '-.: :■■■■■■■■■ K-f : --:*:-V:--;:;:--:-.--..-:v-,,- : - : . .:. :: -. ::■.-, ■:■■■, "V-;. . i :,-. : ' 


Li * £., 


"A community college means education and 
service to all in the community regardless of age or 

For All: 

President Edwin J. Walbourn 

Edwin J. Walbourn, President of Butler County Community College, has played an integral part in 
the growth of the college since he arrived at El Dorado Junior College in 1952 when the school had an 
enrollment of 265 students. 

President Walbourn taught at El Dorado High School for one year beginning in 1951, and then 
transferred to the junior college as an instructor. He became an administrator when he was named 
Dean of the College, the highest administrative post at that time. 

When the voters of Butler County elected to accept El Dorado Junior College as a county institution 
in 1963 and the Board renamed the school Butler County Junior College, Edwin J. Walbourn was 
named as its first president. 

Enrollment at the school continued to increase, and the electorate voted bonds in the amount of $1, 
998,000 for the construction of a new campus in 1964. In 1966, BCJC moved to its new site. 

During President Walbourn's tenure, he has seen the enrollment grow to its peak of 1500 students in 
the 1970-71 school year. Although the enrollment, following national trends, has now leveled off, the 
President feels that new course offerings to meet the community needs will help maintain enrollments. 

New Vice President 
Named To Campus 

"Education should be a 
life-long experience. " 
Dr. Carl Henrich, Vice- 

Dr. Carl L. Heinrich 

Dr. Carl L. Heinrich was appointed this academic year to the newly created position of Vice Presi- 
dent of Butler County Community College. 

The new vice president came to the campus from Emporia Kansas State College where he was asso- 
ciate professor of education and the director of community college education. 

He was graduated from Kansas State University with a B.S. degree, and he received his M.S. degree 
from Kansas State Teachers College, Emporia. Dr. Heinrich earned his Ed. D. degree from the Uni- 
versity of Kansas. 

The new administrator assumed varied duties at the college with special emphasis on community 

Dr. Heinrich is married and the father of four sons. 


Administrative Staff Members 
Head Various Divisions 


Ron Wilson 

Dean of Instruction 

w 1 




' «, 



1 ■■' ■'■ '* 


Leonard J. McKinney 

Registrar Vice President 



• j 



William C. Cummins 

Dean of Student Services 

Steve Lightle 

Vice President 
Director of Finance 


E. F. Adams, Chairman 

Board Of Trustees 
Decides Policy 

Members of the Board of Trustees are 
duly elected officials of Butler County who 
make the policies for BCCC. 

The year 1975 was marked by budget 
tightening in most departments of the col- 
lege. This economy was brought about by 
a decrease in enrollment of full-time 
equated students which resulted in a de- 
crease of state aid to Butler. 

Two innovations this school term ap- 
proved by the Board were the establish- 
ment of Project Outreach and the estab- 
lishment of a downtown branch for the 
Adult Resource Center. 

Ralph W. Unger 

W. Patrick Russell 


\ r ) 



E. F. Adams 

James D. Hittle 

'•• ^ ■ ' 

' w 



■ '-'"Mi 

-'-■ ■'■■;. 5 "' - ■ 

LI VII MG TH€ Llf€ f 


k v ri i 


Living: In The Dorm 


S?*2 Socially 



Kay Brickley Is 



Kay Brickley, El Dorado sophomore, was elected 
1974 Homecoming Queen by the student body. She 
was crowned at half-time ceremonies during the Octo- 
ber 19 football game with Highland College. 

Miss Brickley's first attendant was Deby Martin, 
Madison sophomore, and Sherri Waltman, El Dora- 
do sophomore, was second attendant. 

A Homecoming Open House was held on the cam- 
pus Saturday afternoon preceding the game. 

Queen Kay Brickley 
and Wayne Taylor 

Sherri Waltman and Tim Engles; Kay Brickley and Wayne Taylor; Deby Martin and Jim Richmond. 


Homecoming festivities opened with a pre-game bonfire at- 
tended by spirit-filled students. Students danced following the 


Different Strokes 
For Different Folks 

AUTUMN ON THE CAMPUS brings on the perennial 
flood of the band room floor and a flood of new faces in the 
classroom. Lonnie Ackley sweeps up the water in the music 
room while Jan Falkner's monkey (who made it through 
enrollment with no problems) provides the new face. 



always brings on creative inspi- 
ration. Jim Wyant shears a 
sheep to illustrate his speech 
for class. An art student seeks 
inspiration in the late summer 









Opens Season 

Opening the dramatic season of the Community 
College Theater was the presentation of ANASTA- 
SIA staged in the Fine Arts Auditorium in October. 

The drama is centered on the possibility that the 
daughter of Czar Nicholas of Russia escaped execu- 
tion and was still alive in the early 1920's. 

Darrel F. Patten directed and staged the play for a 
three night run with a cast of 13 students and faculty. 

Included in the cast were Tim Sidebottom, Debbie 
Staats, Daniel Queen, Steve Dickson, Dan Ross, Ja- 
net Cummins, Sterling Johnson, Mike Dillman, 
Michelle Banks, Douglas Dennis, Patricia Lowrance, 
Debbie Peterson, Gregory Leafty. 

Production crew members were Debbie Peterson, 
Debbie Staats, Sterling Johnson, Dan Ross, Barbara 
Parsons, Susan Biller, Allen Paul, Tim Sidebottom, 
Steve Hyle, Doug Dennis, Glen Lawless, Janet Cum- 
mins, Steve Dickson, Dan Hansen, Greg Leafty, 
Randall Malcom, Dan Queen, Ed Swift. 

PATRICIA LOWRANCE and Greg Leafty portray the Dowager 
Empress and Prince Paul. 

mff * *#"'%■, 


MEMBERS OF THE CAST are shown on full stage. They are (1. to r.) Steve Dickson, Dan Queen, Dan Ross, Janet Cummins, Debbie 
Staats, Mike Dillman, Michelle Banks. 

CHERNOV (Tim Sidebottom), Prince Bounine (Steve Dickson), THE DOWAGER Empress converses with her companion, the Baron- 

Petrovin (Dan Queen), look for a scar on Anastasia (Janet Cum- ess Livenbaum (Debbie Peterson). 


THE THREE CONSPIRATORS show Anastasia a photograph album of ancestors. 


Noel Coward Hit 
Presented By Players 

"Blithe Spirit" by Noel Coward was the second 
theatre presentation of the season staged by 

The ageless sophisticated farce ol' English man- 
ners was presented three nights in December under 
the direction of Darryl Patten. 

Crew members are shown in an informal pose 
during rehearsal. They are ( 1 ) Debbie Staats, Greg 
Leafty, Steve Hyle, Allen Paul, Marjorie Marsh 
(musician), Ed Swift. 

Cast members shown are (2) Debbie Peterson. 
(3) Terri Chamberlain, Sterling Johnson, Gail 
Staotts, Debbie Peterson. (4) Sterling Johnson, 
Gail Stoots. 


Theatre Features 'Elegant Witch' 

l The Elegant Witch," a children's theatre production, was presented to thou- 
sands of children in both El Dorado and Wichita by the BCCC theatre group 
during February. 

For the past 7 years, the Butler theatre group has been involved in a Child- 
ren's Theatre and during that time has performed throughout Kansas and in 
other states. 

Darryl Patten directed the play. 

Cast members shown during rehearsals include (1) (from F.) Kaye Bnckelv. 
Sterling Johnson, Martha Walker, Janet Cummins, Cynda Parsons. Steve 
Simpson, Debbie Staats. (2) Cummins and Dennis. (3) Johnson (King down). 
Dennis, Simpson, Brickley, Walker, Cummins, Parsons, and Staats. 


Campus Crusade 
Group Has 


The honor of having the largest attendance of 
any club on campus goes to Campus Crusade 
(CATGIF) who reached the goal of 100 persons 
attending one meeting in October. 

The organization's aim is to reach out to stu- 
dents on campus bringing them closer to Jesus 
Christ through sharing, praising the Lord, and lov- 
ing one another. 

Each week the group meets during Activity Pe- 
riod to hear speakers or to have special programs 
and to share fellowship. Campus Crusade had a 
Christmas banquet and a spring banquet. 

Herb Kreller is faculty sponsor and John Schaak 
is off-campus leader. Executive staff members in- 
clude Kevin Schlender, Mark Kellison, Marilyn 
McClayland, Jennie Watt, Janet Bacon, Terri 
Chamberlain, Allen Paul. 


CHRISTIAN TOGETHERNESS can include sitting on the floor and eating donuts together. CATGIF members enjoying fellowship are 
(from left) Cindy Powell, Kevin Schlender, Jennie Watt, Gary Wartick, and John Schaak. 

GUITAR MUSIC for Christians is furnished by Bill Dahlenburg at the meetings while the membership joins him in song. Members pictured 
are (from left) Steve Pickerd, David Garrett, Debbie Peterson, Kevin Schlender, Cindy Powell, Connie Hus, Gary Crowl, Joni Blanding, Elsie 
Shook, Debbie Martin, Jim Richmond, Gary Wartick, Debbie Tyson, Randy Blackwell, Cheryl Porter. 


BSU Recruits New Students 

AWAITING ARRIVAL OF GUESTS on Minority Recruitment Day are BSU members (From I.) Robert Williams, Greta Underwood, 
Venessa Ford, Henry Kittle, Felicia Wigley, Glenn Hersey, Larry Martin, Mike Trammel. 

The Black Students' Union enjoyed its most successful year in the club's 
existence at Butler. Although the membership is small, the majority of black 
students on the campus belong. 

Minority senior day on the campus was sponsored and carried out by BSU 
membership and was well attended by students from a number of schools in 
Kansas. BSU members met the high school visitors when they arrived, es- 
corted them over the campus, took them to lunch, gave a banquet in their 
honor, took them to a basketball game, and topped off the evening with a 

Other activities during the year included a skating party and a bake sale. 

Officers include Junetta French, president; Robert Williams, vice presi- 
dent; Jan Wimbley, secretary; Erma Combs, treasurer; Paul Pete, student 
council representative. Mrs. Mary Jo Grant is sponsor of the group. 



BSU MEMBERS pictured include (Front Row, LTo R) Robert Williams, Reggie Anderson, Junetta French, Phil Jackson. (Second Row) 
Martha Walker, Angela Wilson, Valerie Collins (visitor), Greta Underwood, Larry Martin. (Third Row) Gerald Welch, Venessa Ford, Glen 
Hersey, Felicia Wigley, Mike Trammel, Henry Kittle, Jimmy Major. 

PRESIDENT Junetta French and vice- 
president Robert Williams talk with visi- 
tor Valerie Collins. BSU members not pic- 
tured on these pages include: Paul Pete, 
Willy Bell, Stan Carter, Bobby Washing- 
ton, Jan Wimbley, Erma Comb, Allen 
Strong, Steve Sweeney, Michael Johnson, 
Joe Diggs, Ernest Alexander, Alvin Clark, 
Pat Crince, Clarence Knight, Silvia Silver- 



A Student Newspaper Serving Butler County Community College 

Newspaper Creates Reader Reaction 

Eagerly awaited each week by the students and fac- 
ulty is the latest edition of THE LANTERN, the 
award-winning newspaper which is sometimes ma- 
ligned but never ignored. 

The lively news and outspoken editorials of THE 
LANTERN sometimes cause a feeling of discomfort 
or chagrin among the administration; nevertheless, 
the paper is unhampered by censorship or controlled 
editorial policy. 

Policy, content, and style of the paper are deter- 
mined entirely by the student editorial board with the 
guidance of Bill Bidwell, faculty adviser. 

Members of the newswriting, editing, and photo 
journalism classes prepare all the copy and photo- 
graphs, layout the pages, and do the actual paste-up 
for the paper. 

This year's staff includes Mike Parker, editor; Tim 
Pouncey, managing editor; Tim Browning, business 
manager (first semester); Larry Fry, business manag- 
er (second semester); Sharon Mason, news editor; 
Gary Crowl, sports editor; Kim Kimbro, assistant 
sports editor; Greg Coper, graphic arts director; Ber- 
nie Collins, copy editor; Brent Coffman, circulation 
manager; Char Mason, staff artist. 


Band Small In Number, 
Large In Sound 

The band at Butler is small in number and does 
not own any fancy uniforms. But what it lacks in 
number, it makes up for in quality and enthusiasm. 

Band members appear at most of the athletic 
functions in the form of a pep band, adding atmo- 
sphere and excitement to the occasion. 

At more state affairs, the instrumentalists per- 
form in the stage band. 

Under the direction o\' Robert D. Anderson, 
band members also perform in a jazz music group. 

Director Anderson and faculty members Loren 
Brinkmeyer and Bill Bidwell oftentimes take to 

their instruments and join the students in their pub- 
lic performances. 

Band members shown playing at a basketball 
game in the photo below include (Front Row) 
Director Andy Anderson, Loretta Armstrong. 
Second Row, Leslie Henn, Debbie Waller, Don 
Buhler, Teresa Carver. Third Row, Dana Ham- 
mant, Mike Stahl, Jill Gibb. Fourth Row, Eddy 
Swift, Pat O'Brien, Leland Alexander, Mark Gra- 
ham. Back Row, Loren Brinkmeyer, Shavaun 
McChesney, Steve Simpson, Debbie Staats, Mark 

Collegiate Singers 
Popular Vocal Group 

The Collegiate Singers made numerous public ap- 
pearances both on and off campus this year. 

Under the direction of Darryl Patten, the singers 
perform both popular and classical music. 

An informal practice session finds (1) Alan Webs- 
ter, Randy Blackwell, and Greg Leafty grouped 
around the piano. (2) Members of Collegiate Singers 
include Darryl Patten (director), Greg Leafty, Susand 
Billard, Terri Chamberlain, Earnest Alexander, Alan 
Webster, Linda Wilson (pianist), Ld Swift, Kevin 
Schlender, Randy Blackwell, Debbie Staats, Jole 
Hoelgens, Steve Simpson, Jim Richmond, Daytha 
Ball, Kathy Wohlgemuth, Dough Dennis, Donna 

Student Council Sponsors 
Many Events 

The BCCC Student Council is comprised of repre- 
sentatives from the two classes and from campus or- 

The Council is divided up among committees such 
as committees on parking, scholarships, school condi- 
tions, extra curricular activities, and social service. 

The Council sent a representative to Topeka this 
year to represent the school in the Kansas Association 
of Community Colleges. Delegates also attended a 
conference in Wichita. 

Several successful Red Cross blood drives on the 

campus were sponsored by the Council. 

Social life was not overlooked in that the Council 
sponsored several dances following athletic events in- 
cluding the popular '"50's Dance." The big social 
event of the year is the Fiesta Park party held in the 

Elected officers of the group include Greg Cooper, 
president; Eric Stahl, vice president; Debbie Duncan, 
secretary; John Geckles, treasurer. Jeanetta French is 
promotions chairman. Judy Strain is the faculty 


Student Council is involved 
in many things. (1) President 
Greg Cooper addresses the 
Council while Debbie Duncan 
takes notes. (2) Sophomore 
Roger Ruark prepares to do- 
nate his blood to a Council 
sponsored blood drive. 


Cheerleaders Lead On 

As hardworking as any male athlete for whom they cheer are the cheerleaders 
for the Grizzlies. The same cheerleaders generate enthusiasm for both the football 
team and the basketball team beginning in September and ending in March, on 
road trips as well as home games. 

Members of the squad are Debbie Peterson, Debbie Martin, Wendy Skinner, 
Kathy Allison, Vanessa Ford, Rene Holinde, Joan Farr. Miss Jeanette Maline is 

ife* -h* 




CHEERLEADERS ARE (From Left) Debbie Martin, Wendy Skinner, Joan Farr, Vanessa Brown, Renee Holinde, Debbie Peterson, Kathy 



( 1 ) Dale Remsberg, division chairman of athletics, track coach; (2) Jerry Boyce, ath- 
letic director, head football coach; (3) William Trent, guidance counselor; (4) Gene 
Arnold, physical education, assistant basketball coach; (5) Everett Kohls, admissions 
counselor, assistant football coach. 


Counselors And Coaches Keep Active 

Coaches and counselors have something in common 
on a college campus: both have a close personal relation- 
ship with the students. These personnel get involved in 
the students' academic, personal, and emotional adjust- 

(1) Curtis Shipley, head basketball coach, physical 
education; (2) Jeanette Malone, women's coach, physical 
education; (3) Victor Bland, guidance counselor, place- 
ment; (4) Jim D'Alesio, assistant football coach, recruit- 




Posts 6-9 Record 

Butler County women's volleyball team ended 
its season in November with a 6-9 record. 

"All the players on our team are freshmen 
except one, so we ought to have a strong team 
next year," Jeanette Malone, coach, said. 

The final encounter found Butler women 
going 1-1 in a double match against Allen Coun- 
Community college teams encountered by the 
women volleyball players included Allen Coun- 
ty, Cowley County and Dodge City. 


WOMEN'S VOLLEYBALL PRINCIPALS include (Front Fr. L.) Jeanette Malone (coach). Pen- 
ny Heater, Debbie Vogts, Vona Rader, Gloria McLean. Back Row: Kristine Spencer, Donna Wal- 
lace, Elaine Nellans, Kit Isbill. Dee Ann Walker. 

DRILL TEAM MEMBERS pose in their purple and gold uniforms prior to a pep rally for the football team. Partieipants include (From Left) 
Carol Greham, Barbara Lowden, Cindy Manning, Joni Blanding (captain) Patricia Criner, and Debbie Vogts. 

Provide Game 

One of BCCC's most popular entertainment groups is 
the Honeybears, the college drill team. 

The Honeybears performed regularly during half-time 
at BCCC athletic functions. They entertained at El Dor- 
ado's 103rd birthday celebration, plus other local func- 

The women enrolled in drill team receive one semester 
hour credit for the activity but may only participate for 
two semesters. 

Jeanette Malone, physical education instructor, is 
director of the group. 


Cross Country Scores High In 

Keeping up the tradition for BCCC, the Cross 
Country team came through with another winning 
season for Coach Ollie Isom. The team won first 
place in all seven of its meets including Region VI 
National Junior College meet. 

The regional win entitled the runners to compete 
at Eugene, Ore. in the Nationals where the team 
came in tenth. 

Jim Gifford scored individual honors by being 
the Region VI individual champion. He then quali- 
fied as All-American in the Nationals in Oregon by 
placing eighteenth. 


Wichita State Invitational 


BCCC Invitational 


Haskell Invitational 


Hutchinson Invitational 


Regional NJCAA 


Allen County Invitational 


NJCAA Championship 


(Eugene, Ore.) 


a8BB*8&W«MMT'\»;''-' - &*s#*^il 

DISPLAYING TROPHIES won in Cross Country running competition are (Kneeling From Left) Frank Thorne, Rod Brown, Rob Goin, Jim 
Gifford, Mark Newland, Brent Coffman. Standing are Bill Bidwell (number 1 fan and chauffeur), Alan Adams, Mark Kellison, Mike Davin, 
Jerry Peffly, Harley Trogdlen, Lonny Achey, and Coach Ollie Isom. 



m : . 


« -■ 




New Coach, New Ballgame; 
Season Ends With 2-8 

Football '74 found Butler with a new head football coach, Jerry 
Boyce, and a new assistant, Jim D'alesio. both coming in from Kan- 
sas City prep coaching. They were assisted by returning assistant 
coaches Ev Kohls and Dale Remsberg. 

The team was comprised of a young, inexperienced group and 
ended the season 2 and 8, defeating Haskell and Cowley Co. 

Coach Boyce: "My first year at Butler as head football coach and 
athletic director has been a learning experience. I feel that our total 
athletic program has great potential, but that potential has never 
been completely developed. 

I feel that this is a job that requires the combined efforts of all the 
coaches, the administration, the faculty, and the student body. I look 
forward to next year with enthusiasm and optimism ." 



*> *«•• 

88*33$ **%£}&&» - .-.,.*.-, 
«« ^» iL" a\ ?!>53*p35,£ v 

SQUAD HOPEFULS include (Sitting, L. To R.) G. Hersey, J. Houser, Coaches Remsberg, Kohls, Boyce, and D'alesio, L. Hen- 
sley, B. Hansen, P. Shofftall. Second Row, L. Flston, M. Arnett, L. Tippon, P. Jackson. J. Meyers, S. Hall, B. Humphrey, L. Gor- 
ly, D. Reecer, R. Hansen, J. Whitney, P. Stacks, R. Williams. Third Row, M. Miller, L. Martin, A. Clark, R. Higgins, C. Hum- 
mel, T. Foster, M. Trammel, S. Bushorn, C. Turner, A. Flbert, J. Morton, C. Knight, S. Burden. Back Row, k. Kokrda, L. Gage, 
D. Casner, L. Dimick, G. Hiebert, R. Anderson, A. Hoscavich, B. Pennington, D. Lawrence, B. Strunk, G Peterson T Paine T 
D. Lee. 








Fort Scott 



Dodge City 














Garden. City 







GAME SHOTS - - 1. Coach Jerry 
Boyce looks over the team. 2. The 
Grizzly defense stacks up a Pratt 
runner. 3. Clarence Knight gains 
valuable yardage around the blocks 
of Jim Houser and Dave Kastner. 


BEARING DOWN - - 4. QB Pete Stack cuts 
loose a bomb. 5. LB John Morgan wraps up the 
Haskell QB as Mike Trammel prepares the fin- 
ishing touches. 5. RB Jerry Lee shows his open 
field running abilities. 


1974-1975 BASKETBALL TEAM includes (Front Row, From 1.) Ron Parker, Bobby Washington, Mark Diskin, Kent Harms, Steve Gillies, 
Bobby Harsh. Second Row, James Major, Allen Strong, Glen Jones, Paul Burns, Mark Holmes, Joel Rife, Mark Heaton, Dave Hall, Steve 
Kuhn. (Lower Photo) Head coach Curl Shipley watches the action. 

Basketball Deemed 
Building Season 

The 1974-75 season for Butler County was deemed 
to he a rebuilding year for the Grizzlies. With only 
two returning players. Coach Curt Shipley had to go 
with 1 1 freshmen against the always tough JayHawk 
Juco Western Division. 

Past mid-season, the record stood at 5-15 with the 
team beginning to show maturity. 

Box scores and final team standings will appear in 
the summer supplement of the Grizzly. 


Although it couldn't be considered a winning season, 
the team did break 100 points the first time when it de- 
feated Cowley County. (1) Holmes, Diskin, and Kuhn 
battle with St. John's. (2) Major outreaches an oppo- 
nent. (3) Strong struggles to recover the ball. 



As the season moved on, most 
of the players saw a lot of action 
as Coach Shipley worked to find 
the winning combination. (1) 
Holmes and Major rebound as 
Heaton looks on. (2) Diskin and 
Coach Shipley discuss game 
plans. (3) Diskin, Kuhn, and 
Strong fight for the ball. (4) Par- 
ker drives in for two. (5) Harms 
puts up a fall-away jumper. (6) 
Holmes powers in for a layin. (7) 
Major puts up a short jumper 
while Kuhn and Harms view the 
action. (8) Major and Holmes 
start a fast break. 


The Faculty: 

In Classrooms, 

In Offices 

Faculty members of BCCC are career 
teachers who pride themselves on doing a 
professional job of teaching while still 
finding time to know most of their stu- 
dents personally. 

Instructors maintain an open-office pol- 
icy whereby students find that they have 
easy access to their instructors for addi- 
tional help or guidance. 

(1) Patricia Lowrance, speech; (2) Felix 
Adams, English and psychology; (3) Wil- 
liam Bidwell, journalism, adviser to THE 










(1) Theodore Wischro 

pp. foreign languages: (2) 

Don Toburen, English, division chairman, Lan- 
guage and Literature; (3) Jo Ann Hosiers. English, 
adviser to THE GRIZZLY: (4) Charles DeBerrv. 
English, speech, debate coach. 

IHL. I_ 










(1) David Longfellow, Eng- 
lish; (2) Betty Prohodsky, 
English; (3) Hugh Richard- 
son, librarian, audio-visuals; 

(4) Marion Rowe, librarian; 

(5) Mary Jo Grant, director 
of Learning Center; (6) Leo- 
ta Anderson, English, 
Learning Center; (7) Joy 
Choens, director of Adult 
Resource Center. 

The Fine Arts faculty members are: (1) Robert 
Chism, art and division chairman; (2) Lynn Havel, 
art; (3) Darryl Patten, drama and vocal music; (4) 
Robert Anderson, instrumental music. 



— V 


■ m 

The Nursing Instruction Staff includes: (1) Janet 
Bahr; (2) Anita Whitson, acting department head: 
(3) Ethne Barnes; (4) Michael Goodwin. 


* "** *"■ i 

i 1 : it f 


31 ' V y^ 

(1) Leona Haines, social science; (2) Roland Ensz, social science; (3) 
Clyde Hiebert, physical science; (4) John Lay, social science. 




(1) Oliver Isom, social science division chairman, 
cross country coach; (2) Judy Strain, social science, 
guidance counselor; (3) Herbert Kreller, social 






* w 











'4 ; ; \ * * I . 




(1) Pat Couger, mathemat- 
ics; (2) Wilfred Pettus, phys- 
ical science; (3) Richard 
Gregory, mathematics and 
physical science; (4) Gayle 
Krause, division chairman, 
mathematics; (5) Phillip 
Theis, biological science; (6) 
Charles Fuller, biological 
science; (7) Elmo Nash, 

"<5> *'\ 

^■■1 ■-':i^f £B 




(1) Jay Brinkmeyer, computer 
science; (2) Howard Clements, 
division chairman of office educa- 
tion; (3) Darrel Erikson, business; 
(4) Herman Ogg, marketing ca- 
reer development; (5) Victoria 
Daily, business, economics; (6) 
Shirley Longfellow, office educa- 
tion; (7) Ronald Seager, office 

•*..-<<.•« ,, : 







FT* J 





| .]&*, 






have practical experience as well as academic edu- 
cation. Pictured are ( 1 ) Jimmie Mayfield, welding; 
(2) Burl Arbogast, electronics; (3) Arden Good, 
auto body; (4) James Ohl, related technical; (5) 
Gary Boatright, drafting; (6) Donald Mangels, di- 
vision chairman, auto technology; (7) John Ander- 
son, automotive technology; (8) Dennis Martens, 
machine technology. 





Must Decide 

Some sophomores are making a final exit from 
formal education this academic year while others are 
going on to four year institutions and professional or 
trade schools. 

Officers of the sophomore class include Roger 
Ruark, president; Eddie Swift, vice president; Cynda 
Parsons, secretary-treasurer; Donald Doty, parlia- 
mentarian. Representatives include Brenda Bauman, 
Fred Cubbage, Susan Fleming, Shelly Hiebert, Joe 
Pierce, Kristy Williams. 

EDDIE SWIFT and Robert Ruark are vice president and president of 
the sophomore class. 




ft i'?**)i 

Lester Blackburn 

El Dorado 
Joni Blanding 

Robert Biswell 

Robert Bohanan 

Victoria Bollman 


Karen Bonnell 

El Dorado 
Vickie Breen 

El Dorado 
Jerry Brenner 

El Dorado 
Gail Broomfield 

Rodney Brown 

Mitchell, Nebr. 

Leland Alexander 

Stanley Ammann 

Jean Ann Darnell 

El Dorado 
Orella Applegate 

Laura Arnold 


Larry Ayres 

Cottonwood Falls 
Mary Badway 

El Dorado 
Steven Baker 
El Dorado 
Kathleen Beeton 

Daytha Ball 

El Dorado 




Troy Cool 

El Dorado 
Leila Cordeiro 

Harold Corey 

Herchel Crainer 

Gary Crowl 


Fred Cubbage 

Duane Dauber 

El Dorado 
Beverly Davis 

El Dorado 
James Dieckgrafe 

Mark Diskin 


William Brown 

Tim Browning 

El Dorado 
Steve Buehne 

David Carson 

Teresa Carver 

El Dorado 

George Cash 

Jack Chamberlain 

El Dorado 
Patricia Christner 

Sheryl Clements 

EI Dorado 
Alan Cockrill 


Brent Coffman 

George Coleman 

Vickie Collins 

El Dorado 

Tony Cooper 


Patricia Dodson 

Charles Dolezilek 

Stan Domann 

El Dorado 
Donald Doty 

Debbie Duncan 

El Dorado 

Joan Farr 

Mary Favreau 

Mike Fitch 

El Dorado 
Susan Fleming 

Lost Springs 
Helen Forbes 



Gery Fisher 

Francis Ford 

Vanessa Ford 

Debbie Fox 
David Fraser 

E! Dorado 

Junetta French 

Coleen Fry 

Michael Evans 

Charles Ewart 

El Dorado 
Reynold Garcia 

El Dorado 

David Garrett 

John Geckles 

El Dorado 
Jill Gibb 

Craig Gibson 
Valley Center 
James Gifford 


Diane Gillies 

El Dorado 
Eylene Gilliland 

El Dorado 
Larry Gimple 

Steven Glaze 

Mary Glodowski 


Robert Goin 

Charles Green 

El Dorado 
Robyn Gronau 

El Dorado 
Patricia Gill 

El Dorado 
Richard Guy 



Baldwin Haag 

Melvin Hain 

Dennis Hale 

David Hall 

Dana Lee Hamant 


Cynthia Hamilton 

El Dorado 
David Hamilton 

Melvin Hammer 

Valley Center 
Rodney Hampton 

Ray Hansen 




Robert Harber 

Rodney Hatcher 

Daniel Hauserman 

William Heit/enrater 

Marsha Hendrickson 


Leslie Henn 

Don Henry 

El Dorado 
Susan Henschen 

Robert Hentzen 

El Dorado 
Shelley Hiebert 

El Dorado 

Jack Highbarger 

Madelon Hill 

El Dorado 
Robert Hill 

William Hills 

Diana Hoffman 

El Dorado 

Richard Holland 

El Dorado 
Sally Hoper 

Kay Hughes 

Shirley Hughey 

El Dorado 
Patrice Humig 

El Dorado 

per procedure in a chemistry 
experiment is a must for 
sophomores Amir Mortaza- 
vi, Jesse Plummer and Stan 



Kent Hurley 

Ray Ibarra 

Junction City 
Janice Jack 

El Dorado 
Lyle Jack 

El Dorado 
Gary Jacobs 


David Kastner 

William Kelley 

El Dorado 
Terry Ketterman 

Michael Kling 

El Dorado 


Shirley Anne Knoll 
New Cambria 

Rhonda Korte 

Lisa Kunkel 

Debbie Lackey 

Gregory Lacy 
El Dorado 

Debra Lane 

El Dorado 
Glenn Lawless 

Belle Plaine 
Dan Lawrence 

El Dorado 
Margaret Lenker 

Scott Leis 


Jayme Lincicome 

El Dorado 
Bruce Lingenfelter 

Michail Linot 

Rose Hill 
Cynthia Liston 

White City 
Sylvia Liston 

White City 

Marilyn McClaylane 

Fall River 
Sharon McCleve 

El Dorado 
Carolyn McDonald 

Donna McLaughlin 


Gloria McLean 

Fairie Merwin 

David Met/ 

Keith Meyer 


Steve Litchfiel 

El Dorado 
Peggy Little 

Terri Livesay 

Judy Logue 

El Dorado 
Barbara Lowder 


Robert Lowe 

Steve Luper 

Jacqueline Mar 

El Dorado 
Debra Martin 

David Martin 


Lanette Martindale 

George Maskrid 

Sharon Mason 

Audie Matthews 

South Haven 
Tasha McAbee 


* ». 


Doris Miller 

Barry Mohler 

Joseph Moreland 

El Dorado 
Rame/a Mortazavi 

Damghan. Iran 
Mark Nash 

El Dorado 

Donna Neal 

El Dorado 
Mark Newland 

Phillip Nickel 

El Dorado 
Kathleen O'Brien 

Chester, New Jersey 
vathy O'Brien 




Sophomores are involved in both college life and 
community life. The local drive for blood donors 
found sophomore Debbie Duncan, along with numer- 
ous others, responding. Debbie sat in line with ther- 
mometer in mouth and release form in hand waiting 
her turn to donate her blood. 

Joseph OH are 

Karmellia Olson 

David Palmer 

El Dorado 
Debra Pankratz 

Valley Center 
German Paolini 

El Dorado 

Michael Parker 

Ron Parker 

El Dorado 
Cyndia Parsons 

El Dorado 
Lewis Patterson 

Allen Paul 


Thomas Payne 

Tim Payne 

Barbara Peace 

El Dorado 
Brent Pennington 

Paul Pete 


Dennis Peters 

Ramona Peterson 

Steven Pickard 

Franklin Pierce 

Scott Plagmann 


Debbie Duncan 


Jesse Plummer 

EI Dorado 
Cheryl Porter 

Richard Post 

Cindy Powell 

St. George 
Linda Prather 

El Dorado 

Kim Pratt 

El Dorado 
James Rabe 

Valley Center 
Cathy Reed 

John Reed 

Beth Reinhart 


Marvin Repstine 

Erank Richards 

Milwaukee, Wise. 
Elmer Rohr 

El Dorado 
Gail Ross 

Judy Ross 

El Dorado 

Ray Ross 

Sharon Roths 

Phillip Rouse 

Roger Ruark 

El Dorado 
Thomas Rutledge 


Loretta Schiffelbein 


El Dorado 
John Scobee 

El Dorado 
Edward Scott 

Rick Sears 


Elise Shook 

El Dorado 
Tim Sidebottom 

Tom Skinner 

Belle Plaine 
Thomas Simmons 
El Dorado 




Kendall Simonton 

El Dorado 
Steven Simpson 

Rose Hill 
Debra Sinnes 

Alan Smith 

El Dorado 
Betty Smith 

El Dorado 

Jeanne Smith 

St. Mary's 
Jo/ana Smith 

Peggy Smith 

Randy Solis 

El Dorado 
Joyce Sproul 

El Dorado 

Terry Sproul 

El Dorado 
Debra Staats 

Eric Stahl 

El Dorado 
Karen Stahl 

El Dorado 

El Dorado 

Anita Stimson 

Janara Storey 

El Dorado 
Floyd Strobel 

Audie Strotkamp 

El Dorado 
Brian Strunk 


Joseph Sundgren 

Edward Swift 

Gary Tackett 

Billy Taylor 


Cheryl Tepe 

Francis Thorne 


El Dorado 
Timothy Townsend 

Richard Trombla 

El Dorado 

Darrell Troutman 

Bette Turner 

Elida Turner 

El Dorado 
Dennis Van Arsdale 

Ricky Van Buren 

El Dorado 


'" ~ V f. 

' J 


— &k H 





Hagh Yazdanpanah 
Tehran, Iran 

Edwina Ysidro 
El Dorado 

Claire Zlab 

Reza Va/irian 

Shiraz, Iran 
Christa Voth 

El Dorado 
Martha Walker 

El Dorado 
Gregory Walno 

Valley Center 
Sherri Waltman 

El Dorado 

Jack Ward 

El Dorado 
Michael Ward 

El Dorado 
Nikki Watkins 

Jennie Watt 

William Webster 

El Dorado 

Gary Wells 

Rod Westerlund 

Milwaukee, Wise. 
David Wheat 

Diana Whitson 

El Dorado 
Randy Lee Whitson 

El Dorado 

Leon Willey 

El Dorado 
Kristin Williams 

E! Dorado 
Richard Wining 

Steven Unruh 

El Dorado 
Mark Von Horn 

El Dorado 


Second Semester Finds More Sophomores 

David Bennett 

El Dorado 
Larry Bridgforth 

Janice Brown 


Bernie Collins 

El Dorado 
Carol Covert 

El Dorado 
Keith Day 

El Dorado 
Charles Drake 

El Dorado 
Mark Erpelding 

El Dorado 
Larry Gourley 

Randy Hall 


El Dorado 

Gregory Hiebert 

El Dorado 
Curtis Honey 

Jenise Hudson 

Joseph Humig 

El Dorado 
Larry Kennedy 


Randy Kilgore 

El Dorado 
Scott Louis 

Thomas Mann 

El Dorado 
David Marshall 

El Dorado 
Charlotte Mason 


— ■—:. 

I ",*♦••****♦♦'** 

i i*: .. k b 

Kathryn Miller 

El Dorado 
Marcia Murphy 

Rose Hill 
Jacqueline Notz 

Eugene O'Brien 

El Dorado 
Maria Peters 

South Haven 
Marsha Phelps 

Tim Pouncey 

Harold Snavely 

Kathy Talcott 

El Dorado 
Brian Vogt 

William Wilson 

El Dorado 
Mike Zlab 



Total number of students enrolled second semester was 1,509 as compared to 1,301 first semester. 

There are 905 students enrolled from Butler County, 570 are from other counties in Kansas, and there are 34 
foreign and out-of-state students. 

Project Outreach, the process of spreading the college over the county, contributed as many as 150 students. 
Classes offered at McConnell Air Force Base through BCCC have enrolled approximately 101 students. 




The number of freshmen en- 
rolled this year was down com- 
pared to the past few years. This 
drop was attributed to the fact 
that less high school seniors were 
graduated in the spring coupled 
with the fact that jobs are plenti- 
ful and many students opted to 
work rather than go to school. 

Officers of the freshman class 
include Michael Slabaugh, presi- 
dent; Ann Fennell, vice — presi- 
dent; Pam Maline, secretary- 
treasurer. Sheila Alley, Arnold 
Shinner, and Mike Stahl are class 

Ac — Be 

Lonny Achey, Wichita 
Alan Adams, Raytown.Mo. 
James Adkins, Benton 
Sheila Alley, Mulvane 
Kathy Allison, Belle Plaine 
Ronald Alvord, El Dorado 

Kevin Ancell, Mulvane 
Loraine Anderson, El Dorado 
Reginald Anderson, Kansas City, Mo. 
Sheryl Anderson, El Dorado 
Loretta Armstrong, Rose Hill 
Ralph Arnett, El Dorado 

Kirk Asmann, Andover 
Steve Austin, El Dorado 
Harold Babbitt, Wichita 
Janet Bacon, Tecumseh 
Cathy Baer, El Dorado 
Kaylene Baker, El Dorado 

Steven Baker, Towanda 
Janice Baldwin, Douglass 
Rich Baniske, Wichita 
James Barkley, Wichita 
Bill Barnes, El Dorado 
Steven Beals, Wichita 

Steve Beeman, Peabody 
Gary Bell, Benton 
Karl Bell, Topeka 
Willie Bell, Wichita 
Geri Bender, Ellsworth 
Susan Benton, El Dorado 

FRESHMAN FOOTBALLER Rocky Higgins finds that a first year man on the campus takes 
a lot of orders including from the coaches. 


Nancy Berg, Andover 
Linda Beshirs, hi Dorado 
Donald Bilson, HI Dorado 
Linda Bisbee, Wichita 
Connie Bishop, Dwight 
Ronald Blackwell, El Dorado 

Victor Blackwell, El Dorado 
Connie Blaine, El Dorado 
Peggy Blum, El Dorado 

Karla Bohannon, Towanda 
Marilyn Bowen. Augusta 
Valerie Bouley, Ellsworth 

Julie Boyce, Leon 
Patricia Bozone, Augusta 
Susan Briggs, Anthony 
Brad Brown, Augusta 
Glenn Brown, Quenemo 
Kevin Brown, Harper 

Stephen Brown, Eureka 
Bernell Bruce, Wichita 
Brenda Bruington, El Dorado 
Kenna Bruner, El Dorado 
Jerri Bryson, El Dorado" 
Debie Buckle, Eureka 

Donald Buhler, El Dorado 
Deborah Burden, Benton 
Stewart Burhenn, El Dorado 
Daryl Burnham, Eureka 
Dan Burns, El Dorado 
Paul Burns, Topeka 

Bill Burton, Eureka 
Steve Buschhorn, Independence 
David Byers, El Dorado 
Charles Cain, Wichita 
RossCalhoon, El Dorado 
Cathy Carlishle, El Dorado 



Robert Carmichael, El Dorado 
Richard Carr, Rose Hill 
Bruce Carter, Whitewater 
Robert Carter, El Dorado 
Stanley Carter, Valley Center 
Bill Case, Lyons 

Roy Chamberlain, Eureka 
Terri Chamberlain, Oxford 
Kristi Champlin, Wichita 
Mary Chavez, Wichita 
Velma Chavez 
Gregor Chenoweth, Derby 

Marsha Chesney, El Dorado 
Alvin Clark, Kansas City. Mo. 
Robert Clark. Rosalia 
Shirley Clark, Toronto 
Roger Cline. Augusta 
Glenda Collins, El Dorado 


Freshmen Co— Fe 

Erma Combs, Wichita 
Monte Cook, Wichita 
Fred Cooley, El Dorado 
Joseph Corbin, El Dorado 
Terri Corbin, Douglass 
Stephan Cowan, El Dorado 

Don Cowles, El Dorado 
James Cravens, El Dorado 
Susan Craytor, Wichita 
Janet Cummins, El Dorado 
Elizabeth Curtis, El Dorado 
William Dahlenburg, Potwin 





Dixie Daniel, Wichita 
David Daniels, Wichita 
Greg Dater, Wichita 
Michael Davin, Manhattan 
Joyce Davis, Severy 
Daniel Davison, El Dorado 

Kenneth Dawson, Augusta 
Joseph Deggs, Wichita 
Carl Dennett, Augusta 
Tama Denney, Towanda 
Douglas Dennis, El Dorado 
Steven Denny, El Dorado 

Steve Dickson, El Dorado 
Jeremy Dienst, Benton 
Betty Dillon, Anthony 
Joseph Dillon, Derby 
Lee Dimick, El Dorado 
Marilyn Dollman, Wichita 

Catherine Dowling, Derby 
Shelly Duncan, El Dorado 
Russell Eck, Newton 
Brad Edwards, Lyons 
Patricia Edwards, Augusta 
Alvin Elbert, Seneca, Mo. 

Janis Elliott, Leon 
Rodney Elliott, Augusta 
Loren Elston, Mulvane 
Donna Engelbert, Augusta 
Richard English, Eureka 
Quentin Ensz, Potwin 

Mike Esau, Inman 

Beth Eschenbrenner. Belle Plaine 

John Estes, Potwin 

Logan Evanson, Augusta 

Kathy Felts, Wichita 

Ann Fennell, El Dorado 

f^V^ ]P?^| 



Royal Fink, El Dorado 
Lawrence Firebaugh, Augusta 
James Fleming, Herington 
Thomas Foster, Wichita 
Timothy Foster, Burns 
Edward Foth, Peabody 


Carol Fowler, Augusta 
Lowell Fry, Augusta 
Jackie Fulks, El Dorado 
Darlene Fulps, El Dorado 
Lance Gage, Canton 
David Garrison. Eureka 

Richard Genter, Augusta 
Julie Gilbert, Andover 
Steven Gillies, El Dorado 
Mary Gilpin, El Dorado 
Edlyna Gleason, Wicita 
Jonathan Goering, Wichita 

David Goode, Wichita 
Lynette Goodman, Wichita 
Kim Goracke, Hope 
Gail Gordon, Derby 
Larry Gourley, Wichita 
Diane Gower, El Dorado 

Carol Graham , Whitewater 
Randall Grant, El Dorado 
Billie Grosch, El Dorado 
Richard Haines, El Dorado 
Zita Haines, El Dorado 
Melba Hale, Benton 

Steven Hale, Andover 
Steven Hall, Potwin 
Cindy Hannah, Wichita 
Kent Harms, Potwin 
John Harpstrite, Wichita 
Ronald Harrod, Douglass 

Bob Harsh, Cassoday 
Carolyn Haskell, El Dorado 
Bradley Hatcher, Rose Hill 
Peggy Hawthorne, Eureka 
Penny Heater, Belle Plain 
Mark Heaton, Wichita 

Crystal Hein, Marion 
Greg Henderson, El Dorado 
Joe Henderson, Derby 
Carla Henn, El Dorado 
Larry Hensley, Morrilton, AR 
Jonetta Herring, Wichita 


Freshmen He— Jo 

FRESHMEN WOMEN who live in the dorm 
undergo a form of initiation each fall semester. 
Betty Dillon wears her robe to class with her hair 
up in pins and no makeup on her face to comply 
with tradition. 

Teresa Hess, Belle Plaine 
Woody Hess, El Dorado 
Glen Hersey, Morrilton, Ark. 
Garry Heibert, Towanda 

Rodney Higgins, El Dorado 
Jodi Highbarger, Wichita 
Clayton Hill, El Dorado 
Robert Hills, El Dorado 

Jan Hittle, Towanda 
Deborah Hizey, Parsons 
Alan Hoggatt, Virgil 
Renee Holinde, Belle Plaine 

Dawn Holladay, El Dorado 
Lianne Hollingsworth, Wichita 
Mark Holmes, Atchison 
Craig Honer, El Dorado 

Curtis Honey, Satanta 
Nancy Hopkins, Potwin 
Constance Hoskinson, Wichita 
Arnold Hoskovec, Bates City, Mo. 
James Houser, Wichita 
Pamela Hubbard, Wichita 

William Huckaby, Wichita 
David Hulse, El Dorado 
Barbara Hummel, El Dorado 
Clinton Hummel, El Dorado 
William Humphrey, Newton 
Connie Hus, Wichita 

Stephen Hyle, Belle Plaine 
Kitt Isbill, Towanda 
Delia Ivy, Wichita 
Cora Jackson, Eureka 
Casey Jackson, El Dorado 
John Jackson, Towanda 

Jake Jacobs, Valley Center 
Raymond Jant/, Newton 
Victoria Janzen, Wichita 
Lonnie Jesser, El Dorado 
Michael Johnson, Wichita 
Rena Johson, Towanda 

t / 

w d 


Bradley Jordon, Wichita 
Glenn Jones, Hartford, Conn. 
Mary Johnston, Augusta 
Martin Junghams, Augusta 
George Rasper, Potwin 
Kent Kaufman, lnmann 

Tom Keast, Howard 
Anne Keehn, Towanda 
Frederick Keehn, Towanda 
Deborah Keithline, Wichita 
Mark Kellison, Wichita 
Mollie Kenyon, Towanda 

Mary Kerns, El Dorado 
Kurt Kerns, Mulvane 
Debby Kimbley, El Dorado 
Kimmy Kimbro, Towanda 
Cynthia King, Augusta 
John Kittle, Douglass 

Kenna King, Leon 
James Kling, El Dorado 
Barbara Knieling, Topeka 
Harry Knox, El Dorado 
Kevin Kokrda, Kansas City, Ks. 
Keith Kramer, Andover 

Robert Kreller, El Dorado 
Steven Kuhn, Manhattan 
Curtis Runtz, Peck 
Steve Lalonde, Wichita 
Greg Leafty, Wichita 
Jerry Lee, Russellville, Ry. 

Edith Leiker, El Dorado 
Larry Leonard, El Dorado 
Craig Lewellen, El Dorado 
Randy Lewis, El Dorado 
Regenia Lindenbaum, Augusta 
David Liska, Lyons 



/ ^ i! 

N I <k Ail. 

tf 1 j^ 

Reta Logan, Wichita 
Patricia Lowe, Leon 
Ethel Loyd, Andover 
Jack Lyle, El Dorado 
Michael Maggard, Augusta 
James Major, Alexandria. Va. 

Paul Malcom, Augusta 
Randy Malcom, Andover 
Pamela Malone, Wichita 
Cynthia Manning, Whitewater 
Karen Mark, Towanda 
Larry Martin, Wichita 

Marty Martinez, El Dorado 
Charlotte Mason, Peck 
Sharon Matthews, El Dorado 
Shavaun McChesney, McLouth 
Manesa Rae McCoy, Oxford 
Janet McCracken, El Dorado 


Delia McFall, Wichita 

Craig McGraw, El Dorado 
James McLaughlin, Chapman 
Debra Mc'Nabb, Wichita 
Jan Megredy, HI Dorado 
Patricia Mikesell, Wichita 

Jan Miller, El Dorado 
Marshall Miller, Tecumseh, KS 
Scott Miller, Augusta 
Vikki Miller, Eureka 
Carol Milner, Wichita 
Gaynelle Miner, Wichita 

Kelly M.nerd, Wichita 

Henry Minnick, Augusta 

Ina Minnick, Augusta 

Tim Minor, Lyons 

David Monty, Wichita 

John Morgan, Russellville, KY 

Melonie Morrison, Andover 
Rhonda Mosiman, Valley Center 
Marilyn Murphy, Rose Hill 
John Myers, El Dorado 
Edna Naus, El Dorado 
Michael Neises, Belle Plaine 

Elaine Nellans, El Dorado 
Paula Newland, Sedgwick 
Belinda Newman, Wichita 
Richard Noeller, El Dorado 
Janet Norman, Wichita 
Debra O' Bryan, Latham 

Timothy O'Connell, Rosalia 
Roger Palmer, Wichita 
Barbara Parsons, Geucla Springs 
Beverly Pearson, Wichita 
Gerald Peace, El Dorado 
Tobias Pechanec, Timken 

Jerry Peffly, Ottawa 
Larry Penner, Potwin 
Booth Pepper, Wichita 
Maria Petters, South Haven 
Debbie Peterson, Augusta 
Glenn Peterson, Topeka 

Brad Phillips, Terre Haute, IN 
Marilyn Phillips, Augusta 
Bob Phinnet, Wichita 
Stephen Pletcher, Rosalia 
Duane Pouncy, Augusta 
Ronald Powe, Eureka 

Helen Prather, El Dorado 
Toby Pratt, El Dorado 
Teresa Prewitt, Cassoday 
Daniel Queen, Bell Plaine 
Vona Rader, Wichita 
Michael Ray, Augusta 


I ; /f k A $ 

A • 4> 



Suzanne Reeb, El Dorado 
John Reed, Wichita 
Marlen Reed, Derby 
Patrick Regier, Whitewater 
Merrill Reisch, Wichita 
Robin Reiserer, El Dorado 

William Reser, Tecumseh 
Teresa Rice, El Dorado 
Vivian Richards, Wichita 
James Richmond, Marion 
Merle Ridgway, Augusta 
Patsy Rierson, Leon 

Joel Rife, Lawrence 
Pauline Riga, Wichita 
Wesley Roberts. Wichita 
Alan Rochat, Wichita 
Flaxn Rose, El Dorado 
Ray Ross, Augusta 

Kenneth Roths, Benton 
Cary Ruark, El Dorado 
Maria Rutschman, El Dorado 
Roger Salt, Benton 
Linda Salmans, Augusta 
Craig Samp, El Dorado 

Randall Schankie, Madison 
Kevin Schlender, Manhattan 
Elcia Schnake, Augusta 
Jeanette Schnurr, Wichita 
Nancy Schwemmer, Towanda 
Daryl Scott, El Dorado 

Gregory Sellers, Augusta 
Ava Seward, El Dorado 
Susan Seybert, El Dorado 
Farrokhi Shadkam, El Dorado 
Kathy Shaffer, Leon 
Antonio Shephard. Topeka 



Sheila Shipman, Fl Dorado 
Cherilee Shiroky. Luray 
Cheryl Shouse, Wichita 
Clayton Shuler, El Dorado 
Paul Siebenaler, Augusta 
Diane Sinnes, Wichita 
James Sizemore, Wichita 
Wendy Skinner, Belle Plains 
Michael Slabaugh, Eureka 
Robert Slabodnik, El Dorado 
Dennis Smith. Hamilton 
Devonne Smith, PI Dorado 

Janet Smith, Harper 
Debby Sowder, Toronto 
Kristina Spencer, Belle Plains 
Jerry Spencer, Douglass 
Jeanne Squier, Beaumont 
George Stacks, Morrilton, Ark. 

MikeStahl, El Dorado 
Jacqueline Starns, El Dorado 
Billy Stewart, Howard 
Moneisa Storey, El Dorado 
GailStotts, Hillsboro 
Patricia Strotkamp, Burns 

Allen Strong, Hartford, Conn. 
Stephen Sweeney, Wichita 
Janet Taylor, El Dorado 
Frederick Tepe, Wichita 
Jennifer Terrell, Towanda 
Pauline Tettter, Augusta 

Rose Tholen, Rose Hill 
Connie Thomas, Wichita 
Ernest Thompson, Udall 
Caivin Thompson, Madison 
kathy Thompson, Geneseo 
Larry Tipping, Wichita 

Robert Tochatt, Wichita 
Mike Trammell, Texarkana, Ark. 
Cayetano Triana, Wichita 
Roberta Trimmell, Fredonia 
Wayne Trimmell, Wichita 
Harrell Trogdlen, Owensboro, ky. 

Carl Turner, Alexandra, Va. 
Greta Underwood, Wichita 
Richard Llnruh, Cassoday 
Pamela Van Buren, El Dorado 
Fred Varner, El Dorado 
Nasser Vasinan, Shira/, Iran 

i i 



Sherri Vogel, Marion 
Kimberly Vogelman, Potwin 
Brian Vogt, Whitewater 
Debra Vogts, Rosalia 
Wayne Voss, Cheney 
Catherine Wade, Douglass 

Joseph Wakefield, Topeka 
Dee Walker, Eureka 
Sandra Wall, Hillsboro 
Donna Wallace, Towanda 
Deborah Waller, Rosehill 
Bruce Walline, Wichita 

Gordon S. Ward, Lucas 
Sandra Ward, El Dorado 
Wesley Ward, El Dorado 
Craig Warner, El Dorado 
Bobby Washington, Topeka 
Pamela Watson, Wichita 
Judy Wattenbarger, Towanda 

John Weber, Potwin 
David Wedel, Chase 
Bill Wheeler, El Dorado 
William Wheeler, Benton 
Howard White, Coraopolis, Pa. 
Sheril White, Wichita 
Bradley Whiteside, Haysville 

V J* 

■J ' 

Deborah Whiteside, El Dorado 
Jon Whitney, El Dorado 
Anita Whitted, Potwin 
Kelly Wick, El Dorado 
Felica Wigley, Wichita 
Carla Wile, El Dorado 

Carolyn Willey, El Dorado 
Linda Williams, El Dorado 
Robert Williams, Texarkana, Ark. 
Jeff Wimberly, Burns 
Bryan Wilson, Augusta 
Michael Wilson, El Dorado 

Steve Wilson, El Dorado 
William Wilson, El Dorado 
Orlando Winchell, Bernalillo, N.M. 
Sheryl Sinzer, tl Dorado 
Kathleen Wohlgemuth, Whitewater 
Rebbecca Woody, Andover 

Micky Wunderlich, Beaumont 
Jim Wyant, Peck 
Gary Wyatt, Douglass 
Jerald Wytch, Wichita 
Craig Yaryan. El Dorado 
Margo Zacharias. Towanda 


Additional Freshmen Enroll Secon 

Terry Althouse, El Dorado 
Loretta Atkinson, Andover 
Susan Balmay, El Dorado 
La Juana Beasley, Wichita 
Barbara Bell, El Dorado 
Nancy Bennett, Wichita 

Roger Call, El Dorado 
Gene Calvin, Latham 
Mike Campa, Wichita 
Bruce Carselowey, Derby 
Bobby Carter, El Dorado 
Jerry Chambers, Wichita 

Nancy Clark, Eureka 
Janet Conner, Eureka 
Nancv Conner, El Dorado 
Bernard, Carbon, Douglass 
Bill Cornish, El Dorado 
Coetta Cowles, El Dorado 

Mike Cypert, Wellington 
Daniel Ensz, Potwin 
David Evans, Douglass 
Royal Fink, El Dorado 
Debbie Fox, El Dorado 
Stephen French, El Dorado 

Kurt Fritzler, El Dorado 
Micheal Garcia, Augusta 
Sherilyn Gates, El Dorado 
Gary Gaylord, Augusta 
Larry Gaylord, Augusta 
Gwendolyn Genter, Augusta 

Marilyn Gfeller, El Dorado 
Loretta Gottschalk, Wichita 
Mark Graham, Douglass 
Doug, Grier, Wellington 
Monty Griggs, El Dorado 
Michael Hamm, El Dorado 

Rose Hammer, Wichita 
Lawrence Harmon, Howard 
Jay Richard Harris, Wichita 
Lee Heinriek, Augusta 
Cindy Hibberd, Eureka 
Wayne Hickerson, El Dorado 

Terry Jacobs, Wichita 
Salah Jamal-Edine, Wichita 
Doyle Johnson, El Dorado 
John Kussman, Eureka 

/A.4t.i ^ 

.. jf 

4 i 



Danny La Coss, Wichita 
Harold Lindsay, LI Dorado 
Daren Linnell, Leon 
Darrel Lowmaster, El Dorado 
Donald Massey, Andover 
Brenda Mc Allisler, Towanda 

Deborah McClelland, Topeka 
Roger Meade, Lureka 
Marcia Mills, Wichita 
Firooz Monshizadeh 
Kermanshah, Iran 
Larry Moody, Augusta 
Richard Morrison, Cheney 

Janet Morrow, St. Mary's 
Jalayn Nolan, El Dorado 
John Parker, Duxbury. Mass. 
Cherly Patterson, El Dorado 
William Patty, El Dorado 
Dorinda Pennington, Augusta 

Jimmy Poe, El Dorado 

Shannam Radmaran, Tehran, Iran 

Ed Rau, Valley Center 

Arlyn Deen Ray, Haysville 

Glenda Riddle, Benton 

Pamela Sammons, El Dorado 

Marvin Sawyer, Wichita 
Joseph Scaffidi, Andover 
William Schaeffer, Leon 
Jeff Schwab, Hamilton 
Windy Shepard, Topeka 
Michail Shryock, Augusta 

Sylvia Silverson, Wichita 
Donald Snyder, Wichita 
Patsy Sphar, Leon 
Rhobna Stickel, Wichita 
Loretta Strange, Wichita 
Phyllis Tanner, St. Mary's 

Judy Thomas, Wichita 
Marion Travnichek, El Dorado 
Mary Vinson, Virgil 
Christopher Walter, El Dorado 
Rose Warnick, Wichita 
Alan Webster, El Dorado 

Eldo Wiebe, Whitewater 
Edward Williams, Eureka 
Kathleen Williamson, Augusta 
Earl Willis, Wichita 
• 7 reda Wing, El Dorado 
Michael Wing, El Dorado 

Delores Witherspoon, El Dorado 
Mike Work, El Dorado 
Rebecca Young, El Dorado 


\ - " I 

\ r 


Secretaries And Staff 
Make Things Happen 

An old adage is that if you want an answer to a 
question, always ask a secretary. This holds true at 

The seeretaries and the staff members make a valu- 
able contribution to the eollege by keeping the day to 
day operations functioning properly. 

Pictured at right are Carolyn Buckner, clerk, and 
Marcia Uolladay, secretary in the Registrar's office. 

In the lower photo are Pat Place, secretary to the 
Dean of Students, and Ethyl Lange, secretary to the 
President and Vice-President. 

Pat Place 

secretary to 

Dean of 

Rosemary Kelly 

library staff 
Barbara Coonrod 

seeretary to 

Dean of 

Carolyn Buckner 


Nancy Collins 



Dorothy Shaw 

financial secretary 
Marie Waltman 

library staff 
Ethyl Lange 

secretary to the President 
Ann Staats 

nursing staff secretary 




V, ■ 






- , 



taw .»_,..,,,-, -S^..*.,^ 


9l <; 

- ~»*«*^fflBH 

j, %•'■■■' 

. 1 




Buildings And Grounds 
Require 24 HourWork 

On duty 24 hours a day are the people concerned 
with the maintenance of the buildings and grounds. 

Most of the buildings on the campus are now ten 
years old, yet they are still as sparkling clean as the 
day the doors opened. The grounds are landscaped 
and "manicured" which gives an overall pleasing 

An unusual amount of snow during the winter kept 
crews busy clearing parking lots and sidewalks. 

Nelson H. (Nubs) Nelson is the new superintendent 
of buildings and grounds at BCCC this year. He over- 
sees a large staff of men and women whose jobs vary. 

At left, Nelson checks out to see that the sidewalks 
are cleared of snow. Below, Nelson and Dennis 
Zuercher confer about the shingles which predominate 
the architecture of the buildings. 

Dennis Zuercher 
Herman Tisch 
Roy Seymour 
Mark Somerville 


Independent Study 

Center Emerges As 

Separate Entity 

The Center for Independent Study has approxi- 
mately 120 students per semester taking advantage of 
its courses offered in supplementary, supportive, au- 
dio-visual, and programmed materials. 

Formerly, the newly-named center called the Pro- 
grammed Learning Center and was alligned with the 
Adult Basic Education program. When the ABE ex- 
panded and moved downtown, the Center expanded 
and became the Center for Independent Study. 

Mrs. Mary Jo Grant is director of the Center and is 
assisted by a professional, Dody Anderson; and three 
para-professionals, Kaye Krause, Cindy Anderson, 
and Vickie Coffell. 

The Center is also involved with the Vocational- 
Technical division in Project Success, a federally fund- 
ed division. 

Special emphasis is placed on helping the student to 
develop communications skills at the Independent 
Study Center. 


I fl 





FOREIGN STUDENTS enrolled at BCCC find 
the Center for Independent Study especially help- 
ful in overcoming language difficulties. (1) Mo- 
hammed Bigdeli from Iran holds up the globe to 
show that the world is a small place. (2) Mary Jo 
Grant converses with one of her students while an- 
other snaps her picture. (3) Vickie Coffell and Cin- 
dy Anderson, para-professionals, prepare to meet a 
new day of students. (4) Alan Adams stretches to 
relax while Kaye Krause, para-professional, works 
on a project in the background. 


BCCC Reaches 


A new concept for college expansion was devel- 
oped at BCCC this year and was given the appro- 
priate title of "'Project Outreach." 

Under the plan, the faculty and administration 
take educational programs directly to the people in 
various communities of Butler County and to 
McConnell Air Force Base in Wichita. In effect, 
new college campuses are being established. 

By the beginning of second semester, outreach 
classes had a total of 228 students enrolled with an 
additional 101 students enrolled at McConnell. 

Project Outreach is now established at Andover, 
Rose Hill, Augusta, Remington, Flint Hills, and 

Courses range from metrics to "slim nasties.' 1 
Subjects offered include both credit and non credit 

Dr. Carl Heinrich is director of the project. 



Enthusiasm High 
For New Project 


'What You 


Is What You 


Courses of study at the various 
"campuses" of Project Outreach 
depend on what the students in- 
volved want. Academic subjects 
as well as non-credit self-im- 
provement studies are offered. In 
photo right, students of typing at 
Andover under the direction o\' 
Dr. Victoria Daily are shown 
working on their assignments. 
Below, Dean of Instruction Ron 
Wilson, and Ted Wischropp, 
director of night classes, confer 
with two sergeants at McConnell 
A F B concerning student 


Adult Resource Center Moves Uptown 

Another new "campus' 1 was established this year when the Adult 
Resource Center moved uptown to 126 East Second St. The Center 
had been functioning on campus as part time operation since 1967. 

The ARC offers numerous programs in training and education 
ranging from preparation and study for the GED test to learning 

The attractively decorated Center is a scene of much activity as 
adults study for the high school equivalency diploma on pro- 
grammed learning equipment or work on various handicrafts. 

Joy Choens is supervisor of the Center, and Mary Lou Stebbins is 
learning co-ordinator. Other associates include Vince DeCanto. Gay 
Isom, and Beverly Pettus. Mary Seymour and Harriet Dettwiler are 
part time instructors. Dr. Carl Heinrich, vice-president of BCCC, is 
director of ARC. 

Satellite programs of ARC are also offered in the communities of 
Rose Hill, Andover, and Augusta. 

Mary Lou Stebbins welcomes a 
new student. 

Joy Choens, center, directs a programmed listening session. 


'Grizzly' Staff Small But Dedicated 

STAFFERS Steve Kuhn and Mark Holmes study a photo. 
(Lower Photo, Clockwise) Kuhn, Tim Browning. Gwen 
Genter, Cherilee Shiroky, and Holmes surround instructor 
Jo Ann Rogers. 

The fact that "The Grizzly" only had four or five mem- 
bers for most of the year was only one of the difficulties 
besetting the yearbook. 

"The Grizzly" and "The Lantern" staffs share the same 
lab (sometimes simultaneously) and confusion was rampant 
among the debris. 

Nevertheless, good humor prevailed and the book was 
finally "put to bed" with substitution pages for some forev- 
er misplaced page layouts. 

First semester staff members include Tim Browning 
(chief photographer). Mark Holmes, Steve Kuh, Cherilee 
Shiroky, and Jan Wimbley. Tim graduated at the end of 
first semester, but returned second semester to give the staff 
an assist. Jan left the staff second semester and Gwen Gen- 
ter joined. Jo Ann Rogers was instructor and adviser. 

The non-staff photographers who supplied photos for the 
yearbook include students: Brent Coffman, Pat O'Brien, 
Mike Esau. Greg Cooper, Mark Newland, Kent Kaufman, 
Mike Johnston, Gary Crowl, and John Adkins, Hugh Rich- 
ardson, librarian, traveled to the various towns to take pho- 
tographs of Project Outreach for the yearbook. 


A Dedication To 
Tim A. Browning 1953-1975 


■"*-. . 

- "* "> .; 


The news of Tim Browning's death on February 
26, 1975 shocked and saddened the faculty and stu- 
dents of Butler County Community College. 

Tim had been a staff member of the 1974 Grizzly 
as well as the chief photographer for the 1975 

His work on the 1975 yearbook was finished; 
and just a few days before his death, Tim was in 
class making plans for shooting pictures for the 
summer supplement of the book. 

Tim was a quiet person with great determination 
which resulted in splendid success with his 

The staff members and adviser of the yearbook 

respected Tim's creativity and judgment. For that 
reason, they merely made suggestions to him as to 
the nature of needed photographs and then Tim 
developed the suggestions in whatever manner he 
thought best. The results were excellent. 

Tim had set for himself the goal of becoming a 
professional photo-journalist, a goal which he 
would have undoubtedly attained had he lived. 

In his memory, a photo-journalist, scholarship 
has been set up at BCCC by family and friends. 

The staff o\' the 1975 Grizzly would like to dedi- 
cate this book to Tim, without whose supreme ef- 
fort it would not have been much of a book. 




Achey, Lonny 86 
Adams, Alan 86 
Adams, E. F. 22 
Adams, Felix, Jr. 60 
Adkins, John 86 
Adlesperger, Linda 84 
Alexander, Leland 40, 74, 

Alley, Sheila 86 
Allen, Sandra 84 
Allison, Kathryn 86 
Althouse, Terry 86, 96 
Alvord, Ronald 86 
Ammann, George 74 
Ancell, Kevin 86 
Anderson, John 73 
Anderson, Leota 63 
Anderson, Loraine 86 
Anderson, Reginald 86 
Anderson, Robert 64, 40 
Anderson, Sheryl 86 
Applegate, Orella 74 
Arbogast, Burl 73 
Armstron, Loretta 40, 86 
Arnett, Mike 86 
Arnold, Gene 46 
Arnold, Laura 74 
Asmann, Kirk 86 
Ayers, Charles 84 
Ayers, Larry 74 
Alexander, Ernest 41 


Babbitt, Harold 86 
Bacon, Janet 86 
Badway, Mary 74 
Baer, Cathy 74 
Baer, Cathy 86 
Bahr, Janet 65 
Baker, Kaylene86 
Baker, Steven 74 
Baker, Steven 86 
Ball, Daytha74,40 
Ball, Debra84 
Batman, Susan 96 
Banister, Richard 84 
Barkley, James 86 
Basketball 56, 57, 50 
Baumann, Branda 84 
Beals, Steven 86 
Beasley, La Juana96 
Beeman, Steve 86 
Beeton, Kathleen 74 

Bell, Barbara 96 
Bell, Gary 86 
Bell, Karl 86 
Bell, Willie 86 
Bender, Geri 86 
Benton, Susan 86 
Bennett, David 84 
Bennett, Nancy 96 
Berg, Nancy 87 
Beshirs, Linda 87 
Bidwell, William 60 
Biller, Susan 40 
Bilson, Donald 87 
Bisbee, Linda 87 
Bishop, Connie 87 
Biswell, Robert 74 
Blackburn, Lester 84 
Black Student Union 36, 37 
Blackwell, Ronald 87 
Blackwell, Victor 70 
Blaine, Connnie 87 
Bland, Victor 70 
Blanding, Joni 74 
Blum, Peggy 87 
Bohannon, Karla 87 
Bohanan, Robert 84 
Bollman, Victoria 74 
Bonnell, Karen 74 
Bouley, Valerie 87 
Bowen, Marily 87 
Boyce, Jerry 67 
Boyce, Julie 87 
Boxone, Patricia 87 
Breen, Vickie 74 
Brenner, Jerry 74 
Brickley, Kay 26, 74 
Brickley, Ron 84 
Bridgforth, Larry 84 
Briggs, Susan 87 
Brinkmeyer, Loren 40 
Broomfield, Gail 87 
Brown, Glenn 87 
Brown, Janice 84 
Brown, Kevin 87 
Brown, Rodney 74 
Brown, Stephen 87 
Brown, William 75 
Browning, Tim 75, 1 1 1 
Bruce, Bernell 87 
Bruington, Brenda 87 
Bryson, Jerri 87 
Bruner, Kenna 87 
Buckle, Debie87 
Buehne, Steven 84 
Buhler, Donald 40 
Burden, Deborah 87 
Burhenn, Stewart 87 
Burns, Dan 87 
Burns, Paul 87 
Burnham, Daryl 87 

Burton, Bill 87 
Buschhorn, Steve 87 
Buxton, Sam 84 
Byers, David 87 


Cain, Charles 87 
Calhoon, Ross 87 
Call, Roger 96 
Calvin, Ronald 96 
Campa, Michael 96 
Campus Crusade For Christ 

34, 35 
Carbon, Bernard 84 
Carlisle, Cathy 87 
Carmichael, Robert 87 
Carr, Richard 87 
Carselowey, Bruce 96 
Carson, David 75 
Carter, Bruce 87 
Carter, Robert 87, 96 
Carter, Stanley 87 
Carver, Teresa 75, 40 
Case, William 87 
Cash, George 75 
Chamberlain, Jack 75 
Chamberlain, Roy 87 
Chamberlain, Terri 87, 41 
Chambers, Jerry 96 
Champlin, Kristi 87 
Chavez, Mary 87 
Chavez, Velma 84 
Cheerleaders 44 
Cherryholmes, John 84 
Chenoweth, Gegor 87 
Chesney, Marcia 87 
Chism, Robert 64 
Choens, Joy 63 
Christner, Patricia 75 
Clark, Alvin 87 
Clark, Nancy 96 
Clark, Robert 57 
Clark, Shirley 87 
Clements, Howard 66 
Clements, Sheryl 75 
Cline, Rodger 87 
Cockrill, Alan 75 
Cody, Lee 84 
Coffman, Brent 75 
Cogan, Marc 84 
Coleman, George 75 
Collins, Bernie 84 
Collins, Glenda 87 
Collins, Nancy 84 
Collins, Vickie 75 
Combs, Erma 88 
Conner, Janet 96 
Conner, Nancy 96 
Cook, Marte75 

Cook, Monte 88 
Cool, Troy 75 
Cooley, Freddie 88 
Coonrod, Barbara 98 
Cooper, Gregory 39 
Cooper, Tony 75 
Corbin, Joseph 88 
Corbin, Terri 88 
Cordeiro, Lelia 75 
Cornish, Bill 96 
Cougar, Patricia 69 
Covert, Carol 84 
Cowan, Stephen 88 
Cowles, Coetta 96 
Cowles, Don 88 
Crainer, Herchel 75 
Cravens, James 88 
Craytor, Susan 88 
Cross Country 50 
Crowl, Gary 75 
Cubbage, Fred 75 
Cullison, Ester 84 
Cummins, Janet 88 
Cummins, William 21 
Curtis, Elizabeth 88 
Cypert, Mike 96 


Dahlenburg, William 86 
Daily, Victoria 66 
D'Alesio, Jim 47 
Daniels, David 88 
Daniel, Dixie 88 
Dannunzio, Judy 84 
Darnell, Jean 84 
Dater, Greg 88 
Dauber, Duane 75 
Davin, Michael 88 
Davis, Beverly 75 
Davis, Joyce 88 
Davisson, Daniel 88 
Dawson, Kenneth 84 
Day, Keith 84 
Dennett, Carl 88 
Deberry, Charles 61 
Denney, Tama 88 
Dennis, Douglas 88, 41 
Denny, Steven 88 
Dieckgrafe, James 75 
Dienst, Jeremy 88 
Dickson, Steve 88 
Dillon, Betty 88 
Dillon, Joseph 88 
Dimick, Lee 88 
Diskin, Mark 75 
Diver, Debbie 84 
Diver, Marcia 84 
Dodson, Patricia 75 
Dollman, Marilyn 88 


Doman, Stan 75 
Doty, Donald 84 
Dowling, Catherine 88 
Drake, Charles 84 
Dramatics 33 
Duncan, Debbie 75 
Duncan, Shelly 88 


Eby, John 84 
.Eck, Russell 88 
Edwards, Brad 88 
Edwards, Patricia 88 
Elbert, Alvin 88 
Elliott, Janis 88 
Elliott, Rodney 88 
Elston, Loren 88 
Engelbert, Donna 88 
English, Richard 88 
Ensz, Daniel 96 
Ensz, Roland 66 
Ensz, Quentin 88 
Erikson, Darrell 70 
Erpelding, Mark 84 
Essau, Mike 88 
Eschenbrenner, Beth 88 
Evenson, Logan 88 
Estes, John 88 
Evans, David 96 
Evans, Lisa 84 
Evans,. Michael 76 
Ewart, Charles 76 


Farr, Joan 84 
Favreau, Mary 75 
Felts, Kathy88 
Fennell, Ann 88 
Fenton, Patrick 84 
Fink, Royal 89, 96 
Firebaugh, Lawrence 88 
Fisher, Gary 76 
Fitch, Michael 84 
Fleming, James 88 
Fleming, Susan 75 
Football 52-55 
Forbes, Helen 75 
Ford, Francis 76 
Ford, Vanessa 76 
Foster, Thomas 88 
Foster, Timothy 88 
Foth, Edward 88 
Fowler, Carol 88 
Fox, Debbie 96 
Fraser, David 76 
French, Junetta 76 
French, Stephen 96 
Fritzler, Kurt 96 

Fry, Colleen 76 
Fry, Lowell 85 
Fulks, Jackie 84 
Fuller, Charles 69 
Lullinwider, Sharon 84 
Fulps, Darlen 84 


Gage, Lance 89 
Garcia, Michael 96 
Garcia, Reynold 76 
Garrett, David 76 
Garrison, David 88 
Gates, Sherlyn 96 
Gaylord, Gary 96 
Gaylord, Larry 96 
Geckles, John 76 
Genter, Gwendolyn 96 
Center, Richard 89 
Gfeller, Marilyn 96 
Gibb, Jill 76, 40 
Gibson, Craig 76 
Gifford, James 76 
Gilbert, Julie 89 
Gillies, Diane 76 
Gillies, Steven 89 
Gilliland, Eylene 76 
Gilpin, Mary 89 
Gimple, Larry 76 
Glaze, Steven 76 
Gleason, Edlyna 89 
Glenn, Mark 84 
Glodowski, Mary 76 
Goering, Jonathan 89 
Goin, Robert 76 
Good, Arden 73 
Goode, David 89- 
Goodman, Lynette 89 
Goodwin, Michael 65 
Goracke, Kim 89 
Gordon, Gail 89 
Goottschalk, Loretta 96 
Gourley, Larry 89 
Gower, Diane 89 
Graham, Carol 89 
Graham, Mark 96,40 
Grant, Mary Jo 63 
Grant, Randall 89 
Green, Charles 76 
Gregory, Richard 69 
Grier, Douglas 96 
Griggs, Monty 96 
Gronau, Robyn 76 
Grosch, Billie 89 
Groves, Bernadine 84 
Gull, Patricia 76 
Guy, Richard 76 

Hale, Mark 40 

Haag, Baldwin 76 
Hain, Melvin 76 
Haines, Leona 66 
Haines, Richard 89 
Haines, Zita 89 
Hale, Dennis 76 
Hale, Melba89 
Hale, Steven 89 
Hall, David 76 
Hall, Randy 84 
Hall, Steven 89 
Hamant, Dana 76,40 
Hamilton, Cynthia 76, 40 
Hamilton, David 76 
Hamm, Michael 96 
Hammer, Melvin 76 
Hammer, Rose 96 
Hammond, Robert 84 
Hampton, Rodney 76 
Hannah, Cindy 89 
Hansen, Daniel 76 
Hanson, William 84 
Harber, Robert 77 
Harmon, Lawrence 96 
Harms, Kent 89 
Harpstrite, John 84 
Harris, Jay 96 
Harrod, Ronald 89 
Harsh 89 

Harstine, James 84 
Haskell, Carolyn 89 
Hatcher, Bradley 89 
Hatcher, Rodney 77 
Hauserman, Daniel 77 
Havel, Lynn 64 
Hawthorne, Peggy 89 
Heater, Penny 89 
Heaton, Mark 8 
Heinrich, Carol 20 
• Heinrich, Lee 96 
Heitzenrater, William 77 
Henderson, Gregory 89 
Henderson, Joe 89 
Hendrickson, Mark 84 
Hendrickson, Marsha 77 
Henn, Mary 84 
Henn, Leslie 77,40 
Henry, Don 77 
Henschen, Susan 77 
Hensley, Larry 89 
Hentzen, Robert 77 
Hersey, Glenn 90 
Hertel, Gerald 66 
Herring, Jonetta89 
Hess, Teresa 90 
Hodgens, Jole41 
Hess, Woody 90 
Hibbard, Cindy 96 
Hickerson, Wayne 96 

Hiebert, Clyde 70 
Hiebert, Garry 90 
Hiebert, Gregory 77 
Hiebert, Shelly 77 
Higgins, Rodney 90 
Highbarger, Jack 77 
Highbarger, Jodi 90 
Hill, Clayton 90 
Hill, Madelon77 
Hill, Robert 77 
Hills, Robert 90 
Hills, William 77 
Hittle, James 22 
Hizey, Deborah 90 
Hodgens, Jole 84 
Hoffman, Diana 77 
Hoggatt, Alan 9 
Holinde, Renee 90 
Holladay, Dawn 90 
Holladay, Marcia98 
Holland, Richard 77 
Holliday, Janet 84 
Hollingsworth, Lianne90 
Holmes, Mark 90 
Hopper, Sally 77 
Honer, Craig 90 
Honey, Curtis 84 
Hopkins, Nancy 90 
Hoskinson, Constance 90 
Hoskovec, Arnold 90, 96 
Houser, James 90 
Hubbard, Pamela 90 
Huckaby, William 90 
Hudson, Jenise 84 
Hughes, Kay 77 
Hughey, Shirley 77 
Hulse, David 90 
Humig, Joseph 84 
Humig, Patrice 77 
Hummel, Barbara 90 
Hummel, Clinton 90 ■ 
Humphrey, William 90 
Hurley, Kent 78 
Hus, Connie 90 
Hyle, Stephen 90 
Hujsey, Tim 39 


Ibarra, Ray 78 
Isbill, Teddi 90 
Isom, Oliver 66 
Ivy, Delia 84 


Jack, Janice 78 
Jack, Lvle78 


Jackson, Casey 90 
Jackson, Cora 90 
Jackson, David 84 
Jackson, John 90 
Jacobs, Daniel 84 
Jacobs, Gary 78 
Jacobs, Jake 9 
Jacobs, Teresa 84 
Jacobs, Terry 96 
Jamal-Edine, Salah 96 
James, Barbara 78 
Jantz, Raymond 90, 96 
Janzen, Victoria 90 
Jesser, Lonnie90 
Johnson, Doyle 96 
Johnson, Doyle 78 
Johnson, Michael 90 
Johnson, Rena 90 • 
Johnson, Sterling 90 
Johnston, Gary 78 
Johnston, Mary 91 
Johnston, Michael 78 
Jones, Edward 22 
Jones, Glen 78 
Jones, Glenn 78 
Jones, Shirley 78 
Jordan, Bradley 91 
Junghanns, Martin 91 


Kallenberger, Audrey 78 
Kasper, George 84 
Kastner, David 84 
Kaufman, Kent 91 
Keast, Thomas 91 
Keehn, Anne91 
Keehn, Fredrick 91 
Keithline, Deborah 91 
Kellison, Mark 91 
Kelly, Rosemary 98 
Kelly, William 78 
Kennedy, Larry 84 
Keyon, Mollie 91 
Kerns, Kurt 91 
Kerns, Mary 91 
Ketterman, Terry 78 
Kilgore, Randy 81 
Kimbley, Debby 91 
Kimbro, Kimmy 91 
King, Cynthia 91 
King, Kenna91 
Kittle, John 91 
Kling, James 91 
Kling, Michael 78 
Knieling, Barbara 91 
Knoll, Shirley 78 
Knox, Harry 91 
Kohls, Everett 46 
Kokrda, Kevin 91 

Korte, Rhonda 78 
Kramer, Keith 91 
Kreller, Herbert 66 
Kreller, Robert 91 
Krouse, Gayle69 
Kuhn, Steven 91 
Kunkel, Lisa 78 
Kuntz, Curtis 91 
Kussman, John 96 

Lackey, Debbie 78 
LaCoss, Danny 97 
Lacy, Gregory 78 
LaLonde, Steven 84 
Lane, Debra 78 
Lange, Ethyl 98 
Lawless, Dona 84 
Lawless, Glenn 84 
Lawrence, Dan 78 
Lay, John 66 
Leafty, Gregory 30, 41,9 
Lee, Jerry 91 
Leiker, Edith 91 
Lenker, Margaret 78 
Leonard, Larry 91 
Lewellen, Craig 91 
Lewis, Randy 91 
Lightle, Steve 21 
Lincicome, Jayme 78 
Lindenbaum, Regenia91 
Lindsay, Harold 97 
Lingenfelter, Bruce 84 
Linnell, Daren 97 
Linot, Michael 78 
Liska, David 84 
Liston, Cythia 78 
Liston, Sylvia 78 
Litchfield, Steve 79 
Little, Peggy 79 
Longfellow, David 66 
Longfellow, Shirley 70 
Logan, Reta 79 
Louis, Scott 84 
Lovette, Edsel 84 
Lowden, Barbara 79 
Lowe, Patricia 91 
Lowe, Robert 79 
Lowmaster, Darrell 97 
Loyd, Ethel 91 
Luper, Steve 79 


Maggard, Michael 91 
Major, James 91 
Malcom, Paul 91 
Malcom, Randy 
Malone, Juanette47 

Malone, Pamela 91 
Manley, Pat Lowrence 66 
Mangels, Donald 64 
Mann, Thomas 84 
Manning, Cynthia 91 
Mar, Jacqueline /y 
Makr, Karen 91 
Marshall, David 84 
Martens, Dennis 84 
Martin, David 79 
Martindale, Lanette79 
Martinez, Marty 91 
Maskrid, George 79 
Mason, Carlotte91 
Mason, Sharon 79 
Mayfield, Jimmie 69 
McAbee, Tash 79 
McAllister, Brenda97 
McChesney, Shavaun 40, 9 
McClayland, Marilyn 79 
McClelland, Deborah 97 
McCoy, Manesa 91 
McCracken, Janet 91 
McDonald, Carolyn 79 
McFall, Delia 92 
McGraw, Craig 92 
McKinney, Leonard 21 
McLaughlin, James 92 
McLean, Gloris 79 
McNabb, Debra 92 
Meade, Roger 97 
Megredy, Jan 92 
Merwin, Fairie 79 
Metz, David 79 
Meyer, Keith 79 
Mikesell, Patricia 92 
Miller, Doris 79 
Miller, Jan 92 
Miller, Kathryn 84 
Miller, Marshall 92 
Miller, Scott 92 
Miller, Vikki 92 
Miller, Marcia97 
Milner, Carol 92 
Minerd, Kelly 92 
Minnick, Henry 92 
Minnick, Ina92 
Minor, Tim 92 
Mohler, Barry 79 
Monty, David 92 
Monshizadeh, Firooz97 
Moody, Larry 97 
Moreland, Joseph 84 
Morrison, Melonie92 
Morgan, John 92 
Moritarty, Nita 84 
Morrison, Richard 97 
Morrow, Janet 97 
Mortazavi, Rameza 79 
Mosiman, Rhonda 92 

Myers, John 92 
Myers, John D. 92 
Murphy, Marcia 84 
Murphy, Marilyn 92 


Nash, Elmo 67 
Nash, Mark 79 
Naus, Edna 92 
Neal, Donna 79 
Neises, Michael 84 
Nellens, Elaine 92 
Newland, Mark 79 
Newland, Paula 92 
Newman, Belinda 92 
Nickel, Phillip 79 
Noeller, Richard 92 
Nolan, Jalyn 97 
Norman, Janet 92 
Notz, Jacqueline 


O'Brien, Kathleen 79 
O'Brien, Kathryn 79 
O'Brien, Pat 40 
O'Bryan, Debra 92 
O'Connell, Timothy 92 
Ogg, Herman 70 
O'Hare, Joseph 80 
Ohl, James 66 
Olmsted, Robin 84 
Olson, Karmellia 80 
Outreach 104 


Palmer, David 80 
Palmer, Roger 82 
Pankratz, Debra 80 
Paolini, German 80 
Parker, John 97 
Parker, Michael 39, 80 
Parker, Ronald 80 
Parsons, Barbara 92 
Parsons, Cynda 80 
Patten, Darryl 64 
Patterson, Cheryl 97 
Patterson, Lewis 80 
Patty, William 97 
Paul, Allen 80 
Payne, Thomas 80 
Payne, Tim 80 
Peace, Barbara 80 
Peace, Jerrold92 
Pearson, Beverly 92 
Pechanec, Tobias 92 
Peffly, Jerry 92 
Pener, Larry 92 


Pennington, Brent 80 
Pennington, Dorinda 97 
Pepper, Booth 92 
Petem, Paul 80 
Peters, Dennis 80 
Peters, Maria 84 
Peterson, Debbie 92 
Peterson, Glen 92 
Peterson, Ramona 80 
Pettus, Wilfred 69 
Phelps, Marsha 84 
Phillips, Brad 92 
Phillips, Marilyn 92 
Phinnet, Bob 92 
Pickard, Steven 80 
Pierce, Franklin 80 
Pilcher, Lewis 84 
Place, Pat 98 
Plagmann, Scott 80 
Pletcher, Stephen 92 
Plummer, Jesse 84 
Poe, Jim 97 
Porter, Cheryl 81 
Post, Richard 81 
Pouncey, Duane92 
Powe, Ronald 92 
Powell, Cindy 81 
Prather, Helen 92 
Prather, Linda 81 
Pratt, Kim 81 
Pratt, Toby 92 
Prewitt, Teresa 92 
Programmed Learning 

Center 100 
Prohodsky, Betty 63 


Queen, Daniel 92 


Rabe, James 81 
Rader, Vona 92 
Radmaran, Shahnam 97 
Rau, Ed 97 
Ray, Arlyn97 
Reeb, Suzanne 93 
Reed, Cathy 81. 
Reinhart, Beth 81 
Reisch, Merrill 93 
Reiserer, Robin 93 
Remsberg, Dale 66 
Repstine, Marvin 81 
Richards, Frank 81 
Richardson, Hugh 66 
Richmond, James 93, 4 1 
Riddle, Glenda 97 
Rierson, Patsy 93 
Ridgway, Merle 93 

Riga, Pauline 93 
Roberts, Wesley 93 
Roberts, Wesley 93 
Rochat, Alan 93 
Rogers, Jo Ann 64 
Rohr, Elmer 81 
Rose, Flaxn 93 
Ross, Gail 81 
Ross, Ray 93 
Ross, Judy 81 
Roths, Kenneth C J3 
Roths, Sharon SI 
Rouse, Phillip 81 
Ruark, Cary 93 
Ruark, Roger 74, SI 
Russell, Patrick" 22 
Rut ledge, Thomas 81 
Rutschman, Maria 93 

Saft, Roger 93 
Salmans, Linda 93 
Sammons, Pamela 97 
Samp, Craig 93 
Sawyer, Marvin 97 
Scaffidi, Joseph 97 
Schaeffer, William 97 
Schankie, Randall 93 
Schiffelbein, Loretta 81 
Schlender, Kevin 93 
Schnake, Elcia 93 
Schnurr, Jeannette 93 
Schoffstall, Phi 81 
Schwab, Jeffrey 96 
Schweninger, Nancy 93 
Scobee, John 81 
Scott, Daryl 93 
Scott, Edward 80 
Seager, Ronald 70 
Sears, Rick 81 
Seeber, Alfreda 81 
Seeber, Glen 81 
Sellers, Gregory 93 
Seward, Ava93 
Seward, Samuel 81 
Seybert, Suzan 93 
Shadkam, Farrokhi 93 
Shaffer, Kathy 93 
Shaw, Dorthy 98 
Sheldon, Susan 81 
Shepherd, Antonio 93 
Shepard, Windy 97 
Shipley, Curtis 47 
Shipman, Sheila 94 
Shiroky, Cherilee94 
Shook, Elise 81 
Shoup, Stephan 
Shuler, Clayton 94* 
Shouse, Sheryl 94 

Shryock, Michail 97 
Sidebottom, Tim 81 
Siebenaler, Paul 94 
Silverson, Sylvia 97 
Simmons, Thomas 81 
Simonton, Kendall 82 
Simpson, Steven 82, 40, 41 
Sinnes, Debra 82 
Sinnes, Diane 94 
Sizemore, James 94 
Skinner, Wendy 94 
Slabaugh, Michael 94 
Slabodnik, Robert 94 
Smith, Alan 82 
Smith, Betty 82 
Smith, Dennis 94 
Smith, Devonne 94 
Smith, Janet 94 
Smith, Jeanne 82 
Smith, Jozana 82 
Smith, Peggy 82 
Synder, Donald 97 
Solis, Randy 82 
Spencer, Jerry 94 
Spencer, Kristina94 
Sphar, Patsy 97 
Sproul, Joyce 82 
Squier, Jeanne 94 
Staats, Anna 98 
Staats, Deborah 82, 40, 41 
Stacks, George 94 
Stahl, Eric 82 
Stahl, Karen 82 
Stahl, Mike 94, 40 
Starns, Jacqueline 94 
Stees, Janan 82 
Stewart, Billy 94 
Stickel, Rhobna97 
Stimson, Anita 82 
Storey, Janara 82 
Storey, Moneisa 94 
Stotts, Gail 94 
Strange, Loretta 97 
Strain, Judy 67 
Strobel, Floyd 82 
Strong, Allen 94 
Strotkamp, Audie 82 
Strotkamp, Patricia 94 
Strunk, Brian 92 
Sweeney, Stephen 94 
Swift, Edward 74, 82, 40, 41 


Tackett, Gary 82 
Talcott, Jean 85 
Tanner, Phyllis 97 
Taylor, Billy 82 
Taylor, Janet 94 
Taylor, Robert 93 

Tepe, Cheryl 82 
Tepe, Frederick 94 
Terrell, Jennifer 94 
Teter, Pauline 94 
Theis, Phillip 64 
Tholen, Rose 94 
Thomas, Connie 94 
Thomas, Judy 97 
Thomas, Judy 97 
Thompson, Ernest 94 
Thompson, Calvin 94 
Thompson, Kathy 94 
Thorne, Francis 82 
Tipping, Larry 94 
Titterington, Ben 82 
Townsend, Timothy 82 
Trammell, Mike 94 
Travichek, Marion 97 
Triana, Cayetano 94 
Trimmed. Roberta 94 
Trimmed, Wayne 94 
Trogdlen. Horrell94 
Trombla, Richard 82 
Troutman, Darrell 82 
Turner, Bette82 
Turner, Carl 94 
Turner, Elida 82 
Tyson, Deborah 82 


Underwood, Greta 94 
Unruh, Richard 94 
Unruh, Steven S3 


Van Arsdale, Dennis 82 
Van Buren, Pamela 97 
Vanburen, Rickey 82 
Van Horn, Max 83 
Varner, Fred 94 
Vazirian, Nasser 94 
Vazirian, Reza 83 
Vinson, Mary 97 
Vogel, Sherri 95 
Vogelman, Kimberly 95 
Voegeli, Mary 84 
Vogt, Brian 95 
Vogts, Debra 95 
Volleyball 48 
Voss, Wayne 95 
Voth, Christa83 


Wade, Catherine 95 
Wakefield. Joseph 95 
Walbourn, Edwin 19 
Walker. Billv 84 


Walker, Dee 95 
Walker, Martha 83 
Wall, Sandra 95 
Wilson, Linda 41 
Wallace, Donna 95, 41 
Waller, Deborah 95, 40 
Walline, Bruce 95 
Walno, Gregory 83 
Walter, Christopher 97 
Waltman, Sherri 83 
Ward, Gordan 84 
Ward, Jack 83 
Ward, Michael 83 
Ward, Sandra 95 
Ward, Wesley 95 
Warner, Craig 95 
Warnick, Rose 97 
Wartick,Gary 97 
Washington, Bobby 95 
Watkins, Nikke83 
Watson, Pamela 95 

Watt, Jennie 83 
Wattenbarger, Judy 95 
Webb, Russell 97 
Weber, John 95 
Weber, Mac 97 
Webster, Allen 97 
Webster, William 83 
Wedel, David 95 
Wells, Gary 83 
Westerlund, Rod 83 
Wheat, David 83 
Wheeler, William 95 
White, Howard 95 
White, Sheril 95 
Whiteside, Bradley 95 
Whiteside, Deborah 95 
Whitney, Jon 95 
Whitson, Diana 83 
Whitson, Randy 83 
Whitted, Anita 95 
Wick, Kelly 95 
Wiebe, Eldo95 

Wigley, Felica 95 
Wile, Carla95 
Willey, Carolyn 95 
Willey, Leon 83 
Williams, Edward 97 
Williams, Kristin 83 
Williams, Linda 95 
Williams, Robert 95 
Williamson, Kathleen 97 
Willis, Earl 97 
Wilson, Bryan 95 
Wilson, Michael 95 
Wilson, Ron 21 
Wilson, Steve 95 
Wilson, William 95 
Wing, Freda 97 
Wing, Michael 97 
Wining, Richard 83 
Winzer, Sheryl 95 
Wimberly, Jeff 95 
Wischropp, Theodore 66 
Witherspoon, Maxine97 

Wohlgemuth, Kathleen 9.' 
Work, Mike 97 
Wyatt, Gary 95 
Wytch, Jerald 95 
Wunderlich, Micky 95 


Yaryan, Craig 95 
Yazdanpanah, Hagh 83 
Ysidro, Edwina 83 
Young, Rebecca 97 


Zacharias, Margo 95 
Zlab, Claire 83 
Zlab, Michael 95 
Zuercher, Dennis 95 



Track Gets Stymied 
In Second Place 

The BCCC track team finished second in the 
Jayhawk Junior College Conference this year being 
topped only by Hutchinson. Butler grabbed more 
first places by lacked depth in the team to maintain 

It was the same story at the Region VI track 
championships: Butler finished second to Hutchin- 
son although the Grizzlies did not field a full team. 
BCCC had three regional champions: Rod Brown 
in the mile, Mark Newland in the three mile, and 
Willie Bell in the 220. 

Butler won its own annual invitational by sweep- 
ing all but three events. 

Track team members included Alan Adams, 
Lonny Achey, Willie Bell, Rod Brown, Brent Coff- 
man, Mike Davin, Joe Deggs, Kurt Fritzler, David 
Hall, Steve Hall, Mark Kellison, Mark Newland, 
Tim Payne, Tom Payne, Jerry Peffly, Rick Sears, 
Tony Shepherd, Harley Trogdlen, Joe Wakefield, 
Gary Wartick, Rod Westerlund. Head track coach 
is Dale Remsberg, assisted by Ollie Isom. 

Above — Adams; Below — Westerlund. 


Mike Davin and Harley Trogdlen. 


<• - 0% 

Tim Payne 

£>**.-? ~ 

Tom Payne 

Brent Coffman 


Debbie Tyson 
Women's Track On Its Way At BCCC. 

After two years of active competition in wo- 
men's inter-collegiate track, Butler is still small in 
number of women competing but high in enthu- 

The season ended with a number of women still 
in competition, all of whom were doing well in 
their individual specialities. 

Competing for BCCC were Vanessa Ford in the 
100 yard dash; Debbie Tyson, Vona Rader and 
Dee Ann Walker in the 100 meter hurdles; Diane 
Gower, Rader, Ford and Tyson in the 440 yard 
relay; Janet Cummins, Gower, Ford and Tyson in 

the 880 yard relay; Cummins in the 880 yard run. 

In other events Pam Van Buren competed in the 
high jump; Monesia Storey, Kit Isbill and Donna 
Wallace in the discus; Van Buren and Tyson in the 
long jump; and Storey and Isbill in the shot put. 

Individual women placed high in a number of 
the track and field meets although the team did not 
win any firsts. The women as a team placed third 
in the Hesston meet. 

Jeanette Malone is coach for the women track- 

Vona Rader and Janet Cummins 

Donna Wallace 



Debbie Tyson and Vanessa Ford 


THE GRIZZLEY GOLF TEAM for 1975 includes (From Left) Scott Miller, Herschel Crainer, Ron Parker, (Coach Jerry Boyce), Mitch 
Merrill, Jim Richmond and Richard English 

Golf Team Ranks 
Fifth At Regionals 

The Butler County golf squad placed fifth 
in the Region VI tournament held at Wichita 

One of the Grizzly golfers, Mitch Merril, 
qualified for the nationals at the regional by 
defeating two other golfers in a playoff. 

At the Butler County Invitational, BCCC 
placed third in a field of 1 3 teams with Colby 
and Seward County coming in first and 

Merrill was medalist at two tournaments 
attended by the squad. 

As the spring season ended, the Grizzlies 
had improved enough that they had moved 
from last place to fifth place in the Jayhawk 
Juco Conference standings. 

Jerry Boyce coached the golfers. 


Intramurals Attract Participants 

THE WINNING INTRAMURAL VOLLEYBALL team members are (Sitting) Jim Richmond, Mike Esau, Alan Hoggatt. 
Standing are Debi Martin, Joni Blanding and Debbie Vogts. These players won the co-ed tourney. 


champions of intramural 
play include (From L.) 
Roger Ruark, Pat Gull, 
Billie Grosch and Cary 
Ruark. Winners of sin- 
gles tournament include 
women: Nikki Need- 
ham, Carol Milner. 
Men: Don Doty, Mark 


Collegiate 4-H Serves Communities 

The Collegiate 4-H Club is primarily a service 
organization at Butler. 

In the fall, members worked at the 4-H Food- 
stand at the Hutchinson Fair in order to raise 
money for the club. 

The club conducted 4-H officer training for all 
4-H clubs in Cowley county in October. 

Members of the club served as judges for 4-H 
Days in Harvey, Cowley and Butler counties. (Pic- 
tures this page show members engaged in judging 
entries at the Cowley county meet.) 

The Collegiate 4-H Club attended the national 
conference at Manhattan. 

Ted Wischropp is faculty sponsor for the group. 

Bob Harber, President 

Kathy Lucas 

Gloria McLean 

Penny Heater, Kris Spencer 


PROUDLY DISPLAYING TROPHIES won in stiff competition are Deca members (Front Row From Left) Kristi Williams. Gail Stotts, 
Dona Lawless, Sheril White. Back Row, Dr. Herman Ogg, Sheila Alley, Steve French, Tom Skinner, Mac Weber, Wendi Skinner, Mike 

Deca Members Rank High In Contests 

The Deca club at BCCC is designed for students 
enrolled in distributive education and promotes a 
program teaching management and merchandis- 

The Butler chapter of Deca (Distributive Edu- 
cation Clubs of America) is quite active in inter- 
collegiate competition. 

At the State Career Development contest at 
Johnson County Community College, eleven stu- 

dents from BCCC competed and nine students won 

Six students from Butler qualified to attend the 
national contest in Miami, Florida where Mark 
Dillman and Dona Lawless were national finalists. 
Kristie Williams was one of the five at nationals to 
receive a competency award in the new food mar- 
keting series. 

Dr. Herman Ogg is sponsor of the group. 


DEBATERS Steve Dickson and 
Susan Biller playfully display the 
trophy they won. Lower Photo - 
Coach Charles DeBerry ponders 
the news that debate has been 

Debaters Win; 
Debate Loses Out 

Debate became a controversial issue at BCCC this 

A new debate coach, Charles DeBerry, arrived on 
campus in the fall to build up a faltering program. 

Early in the season two freshmen debaters, Steve 
Dickson and Susan Biller, emerged to comprise the 
squad for the remainder of the year. 

The two debaters and the coach travelled thousands 
of miles gaining experience. Two fourth place tourna- 
ment wins were garnered including the regionals at 

The team and the coach went to Sacramento, Cali- 
fornia to the nationals where the debaters did not 
place but received a certificate of excellence. 

Early second semester official word was given that 
the debate program was being dropped after this year 
for budgetary reasons. 

Achievements Are Varied 

AWARDS AT THE ATHLETIC BANQUET sponsored by the Booster Club were received by a number of students. Four of the recipients 
included Al Elber for being the best-conditioned athlete in off-season; Jim Houser for being named the most valuable player on the football 
team; Alvin Clark for being the outstanding defensive player; Steve Hall for being the outstanding offensive player. 

DANIEL R. ENSZ (Above) who maintained a four point average is 
shown receiving his diploma from his father, Roland Ensz, an instruc- 
tor at BCCC. Left — Pat Lowrance, speech instructor, and Phil Theis, 
biology instructor, are honored by members of the Black Student 
Union for being their choice as the two outstanding instructors at 




• i;- ; " 

>►?- n 



1975 Graduates 

The 1975 graduates of Butler County 
Community College heard a commencement 
address by Frank L. Carney, a Wichita 
businessman, on May 16 in the Field House. 

Mr. Carney, along with his brother, was 
co-founder at a young age of an international 
chain of businesses specializing in the fran- 
chising of pizza serving operations. He is 
president of the firm today. 

Mr. Carney stressed the fact that with hard 
work, determination, and a great deal of 
luck, there is still opportunity today for the 
Horatio Alger type "rags to riches" success 

Candidates for the Associate of Arts and 
Associate of Applied Science degrees includ- 
ed 194 students. 


1975 Graduating Class Numbers 233 

Associate of Arts Degree 

Leland Alexander 
Orella Applegate 
Larry Joe Ayers 
Steven Douglas Baker 
DaythaC. BAH 
Sandra K. Barber 
Gary Dean Bates 
Kathleen S. Beeton 
Linda L. Bisbee 
Lester Blackburn 
Joni Marie Blanding 
Victoria Ann Bollman 
Victoria Janece Bonnell 
Kay Lynn Brickley 
Rodney Wayne Brown 
Timothy Alan Browning 
Teresa Carver 
Phillip L. Church 
Sheryl K. Clements 
Brent Acie Coffman 
Vickie Ann Collins 
Marte Dean Cook 
Troy Howard Cool 
Gregory Kent Cooper 
Harold D. Corey 
Michael Corn 
Herchel A. Crainer III 
Gary Michael Crowl 
Dixie Jo Daniel 
Susan Monreen Derr 
Robert Franklin Dice 
Mark Alan Diskin 
Marcia Lynn Diver 
Stan Lee Domann 
Donald Doty 
Melanie J. Drouillard 
Debra Jo Duncan 
John Alan Eby 
Timothy M. Engles 
Daniel Roland Ensz 
Michael K. Evans 
Joan Elizabeth Farr 
Mary Jean Favreau 
Patrick D. Fenton 
Gery Marten Fisher 
Helen Bernice Forbes 
Venessa Denise Ford 
David B. Fraser 
Junetta Marie French 
Colleen Faye Fry 

Marcelo G. Gamez 
Reynold Garcia 
Dawn Denise Gardner 
Larry Max Gates 
John Thomas Geckles 
Alice Jill Gibb 
Craig A. Gibson 
Diane Sue Gillies 
Eylene Kay Gilliland 
Steven Howard Glaze 
Mark Summers Glenn 
Robert Dee Goin 
Patricia A. Gull 
Richard Allen Guy 
Dennis Duane Hale 
David Dean Hall 
Dana Dee Hamant 
Cynthia Lynn Hamilton 
Robert Edward Harber 
Marsha K. Hendrickson 
Mark Hendrickson 
Susan Irene Henschen 
Robert A. Hentzen 
Gregory Lee Hiebert 
Shelley Hiebert 
Jack A. Highbarger 
Madelon Jewell Hill 
William Richard Hills 
James F. Howell 
Shirley Hughey 
Patrice Denise Humig 
Michael R. Johnston 
Shirley Ann Jones 
Carol Ann Klein 
Michael Craig Kling 
Joseph D. Konrade 
Lisa Maureen Kunkel 
Debbie Sue Lackey 
Debra Kay Lane 
Dona Beth Lawless 
Jayme Lincicome 
Bruce J. Lingenfelter 
Michael F. Linot 
William Lockhart 
Barbara Sue Lowden 
Robert Lynn Lowe 
Steve Keith Luper 
William F. Manring 
Debra Jean Martin 
Lanette Martindale 

Sharon Lea Mason 
Talsha Taree McAbee 
Sharon A. McClure 
Carolyn S. McDonald 
LeRoy C. McDonald 
Deborah Kay McKinney 
Fairie R. Merwin 
Keith Darwin Meyer 
John William Meyer 
Clinton Milbourn 
Godfrey C. Miller 
Debra Jean Minnick 
Ramezan Mortazavi 
Ramona Murry 
Donna D. Neal 
Nikke D. Needham 
Rodney A. Nelson 
Vicki Lynn Nelson 
Phillip Lee Nickel 
Terry Lee Oaks 
Kathryn M. O'Brien 
Joseph Francis O'Hare 
Karmellia Jo Ann Olson 
Charles Edward Ousler 
Shirley Ann Paddock 
Michael Alan Parker 
Ronald Eugene Parker 
Allen Robert Paul 
Thomas Michael Payne 
Barbara Sue Pearson 
Marsha Kay Phelps 
Scott Thomas Plagmann 
Jess Shirley Plummer 
Cheryl Ann Porter 
Cindy Louise Powell 
Linda Lee Prather 
Jay Pratt 
Kim Javetta Pratt 
Kathryn E. Preston 
James McLelan Rabe 
Cathy Elaine Reed 
Beth C. Reinhart 
Alan Robert Rochat 
Gail Lynn Ross 
Judy Marilyn Ross 
Philip E. Rouse 
Cathy Jeniece Russell 
Joe Raymond Sanders 
Loretta Ann Schiffelbein 
Phillip Albert Schoffstall 

Rick Lee Sears 
Alfreda Virdine Seeber 
Glen Eldon Seeber 
Samuel Seward 
Elsie Grace Shook 
Debra Sue Sibley 
Timothy Keith Sidebottom 
Kendall Rayburn Simonton 
Steven Ray Simpson 
Debra Kay Sinnes 
Tommy Ray Skinner 
Barbara Louise Smart 
Alan W.Smith 
Bobby A. Smith 
Joyce Lee Sprout 
Deborah Ann Staats 
Eric Austin Stahl 
Karen Ann Stahl 
Janan Stees 
Janara Sue Storey 
Charles Bernard Strobel 
Floyd LeRoy Strobel 
Brian John Strunk 
Dale LaVerne Surber 
Edward William Swift 
Francis X. Thorne III 
Richard Lee Trombla 
Bette Turner 
Elida Elizabeth Turner 
Deborah Jean Tyson 
Howard Alan Uhlhorn 
Dennis Wayne Van Arsdale 
Rickey D. Van Buren 
Reza Mohammad Vazirian 
Mary Jane Voegeli 
Martha Jean Walker 
Gregory Lee Walno 
Charles Leon Walter 
Richard Glenn Waltman 
Sherri Coleen Waltman 
Michael Eugene Ward 
Mack Weber 
Gary Eugene Wells 
Diana Guin Whitson' 
Zarir Yazdanpanah-Haghighi 
Edwina Rose Ysidro 

Associate of Science Degree 

Charles V. Ayers 
Kenneth R. Bowman 
Larry Lee Braden 
Lauren Braden 
Jean Ann Darnell 
Duane W. Dauber 
Mary Lou Glodowski 
James D. Goldsmith 
Baldwin H. Haag 
Daniel E. Hauserman 

William Heitzenrater 
Leslie Ann Henn 
Don Lee Henry 
Eldon Dale Holsey 
James F. Howell 
William D. Kelly 
Terry W. Ketterman 
Milton Marti 
Jonald Mathis 
Barry Ray Mohler 

Mark Nash 
Jacqueline A. Notz 
German Paolini 
Cynda Lynn Parsons 
Franklin J. Pierce 
Peggy Jane Post 
John Wayne Reid 
Elmer Frances Rohr 
Sharon Ann Roths 
Lonnie Schrag 

George R. Small 
Peggy Lynn Stebbins 
Gary Wayne Tackett 
Mike E. Tauber 
Jeffrey M. Waldo 
Jack Terry Ward 
Clarence Murl Weeks 
Russell C. Wooten 


HONORED STUDENTS include: 1st Row; L To R. Leslie 
Henn, Debra Sinnes, Lanette Martindale, Alfreda Seeber, 
Kathy O'Brien, Mary Favreau, Joan Farr. 2nd Row: Donna 
Neal, Deborah Tyson, Ramona Peterson, Nikki Needham, Joni 
Blanding, Jayme Lincicome; 3rd Row: Vicki Nelson, Cheryl 
Porter, Mary Glodowski, Teresa Carver; 4th Row: Cathy Reed, 
Shcrri Waltman, Sharon McClure, Karen Bonnell, Helen 
Forbes, Sheryl Clements Barrier; 5th Row: Mark Diskin, John 
Meyer, Robert Harber, German Paolini, Stan Domann; 6th 
Row: Jess Plummer, David Frazer, John Reid, Glen Seeber; 7th 
Row: Jay Pratt, Daniel Ensz, Dana Hammant, William Man- 
ring, Charles Walters, Ramezan Mortazavi. Not pictured: Deb- 
bie Lackey, Michael Linot, Steve Luper, Barbara Peace, Linda 
Prather, Sharon Roths, Eric Stahl, Sandra Barber, Tony 
Cooper, Bette Jeanne Turner. 

'Order Of The Purple' 
Honors Scholarship 

The Order of the Purple scholastic honors were 
conferred upon seniors who had maintained a 3.25 
grade point average or above for four semesters. 

Candidates for the Order were honored at a ban- 
quet in April given on the campus by the College. 

The society was organized at the college in 1937 in 
order to recognize the scholastic achievement of stu- 


'It's Never Too Late': Elsie Shook 

Elsie Shook 

Elsie Shook, a gentle but determined lady of 
seventy-five years of age, is proof that "learning is 

Mrs. Shook is a 1975 spring graduate of Butler 
County Community College. She proudly walked 
down the aisle at commencement to receive her 
Associate of Arts degree to the sound of a standing 

Butler's oldest graduate received her high school 

diploma at Atchison, Kansas in 1918. She then 
interrupted her formal education to marry, rear 
her children, and help rear her grandchildren. 

Mrs. Shook enrolled at Butler in 1971 to take a 
night class, and she was smitten with education. 
Her emphasis has been on psychology and religion. 

The oldest graduate declares: "When you keep 
thinking, you keep living." 


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