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First Published in igi2 


MY best thanks are accorded to G. F. Adams, 
Esq., Registrar of the Worcester Probate 
Registry, for access to Wills in his keeping ; 
to Tohn H. Hooper, Esq., M.A., Registrar of the 
Diocese of Worcester, for permission to study the 
Transcripts at Edgar Tower ; to the Rector of Hales- 
owen for access to the Registers there, and to others 
who have kindly supplied information asked for. 

In preparing these notes I have relied upon the 
Printed Register of Halesowen (i 559-1643) brought 
out by the Parish Register Society, and desire to express 
my indebtedness to the Society and to the labours or 
the transcriber. 

J. D. 
Harvington Rectory 



Introduction . . . . xi 

Genealogical Table . . • xvii 

Chapter I. Descendants of John Grove (living 


Chapter II. Descendants of the same John 


Thomas, William, Richard, and 
George . . . -48 

Appendix A. Wills, etc., of Unidentified Members 
of the Halesowen Family (1540- 

1784) 7' 

Appendix B. The Pearsall and Peshal Families. 75 
Appendix C. Earliest Wills of Hagley, Rowley, 
Oldswinford, and Kingsnorton 
Branches . . . .78 


THE origin of the Grove family, stationed for many 
centuries in the extreme north of the present 
county of Worcester and still represented there, 
is lost in antiquity. 

The early Court Rolls of Halesowen, now being 
transcribed and edited for the Worcestershire Historical 
Society by Mr. John Amphlett of Clent, mention 
individuals with the appellation '■ de bosco' who doubtless 
were predecessors of the later Groves. 

Nash, under Hagley (i. 488), writes: "Anno 1370, 
44 Edw. iii Botetourt stiling himself dominus de 
Weolegh and Haggeley makes the following grant to 
Philip son of Roger atte Grove de Hagley which as it 
is an evidence of the great antiquity of a family 
which flourished at Wassel in this parish even down 
to my time. . . ." 

Putting aside these early traces, we find in the middle 
of the sixteenth century branches of the family well 
established at Halesowen and Hagley and also at 
Rowley Regis. These doubtless were connected with 
one another, but which branch was the original of the 
family and gave life to the others is not clear. 

At the Worcester Probate Registry, the oldest Grove 


will of Halesowen is that of John proved 1540; the 
oldest of Hagley, that of William proved 1558; the 
oldest of Rowley, that of George proved 1575. The 
Rowley register begins with 1539, and the Halesowen 
with 1559, and in both the Grove entries are many 
and fairly continuous from the beginning onwards. 
From 1540 till 1620 there are at Worcester, eight 
Grove wills or administrations from Halesowen, three 
from Rowley, and five from Hagley. Later on there 
are plenty between 1660 and 1780 from Halesowen, 
Rowley, and Oldswinford ; and other neighbouring 
parishes, e.g., Northfield, Kingsnorton, Kidderminster, 
Hagley, and Stourbridge contribute a few. 

Particulars of the earliest wills of Hagley, Rowley, 
Oldswinford, and Kingsnorton are given in Appendix C 
as clues to investigators of the branches there settled, 
but otherwise these pages are confined to the Halesowen 
branch. No attempt however is made to deal with the whole 
of the Halesowen branch: it would be impossible to do 
so for several reasons, three of which may be given. 
In the first place, the recurrence of the same Christian 
names e.g. John, Daniel, William, Margery, excludes 
that certainty of identification which is the first requisite 
in genealogical efforts. The Groves (unfortunately from 
the writer's point of view) persisted in giving, generation 
after generation, to their children the names borne by 
their relatives of preceding days. Secondly, there is the 
impossibility of relying upon the registers as a complete 
record of family events. It is true that they go on 
with much regularity from 1559 onwards, but (<r;) there 


are gaps which cannot be refilled, and (6) in the earlier 
half of the seventeenth century the Transcripts of the 
registers now at Edgar Tower Worcester are by no 
means in some of the years exact copies of the registers 
themselves. Thus in the earliest book there are gaps 
from March 1593 till March 1597, from November 
1 60 1 till December 1609. Under 1614 there is a 
footnote in the printed copy of the register " There do 
not appear to be any entries for 16 14," and only eight 
entries occur under 161 5: that is to say, from 
24 March ending the year 161 3 till 5 March 161 5, 
a period of nearly two years, there are only eight entries 
whereas the 1614 transcript is a voluminous one with 
over a hundred entries and the 161 5 one is a very 
large and full one too. Then later comes a gap in 
the unsettled period for ten years, 1643-53. 

A third fact contributing to the impossibility of tracing 
the whole family, especially in the earlier times and 
onwards till 1653, is the initial difficulty of identifying 
the individuals who appear on the scene about and 
shortly after 1559 the time when the register begins, 
married Groves whose parentage and relationship to 
other members must remain unsolved. 

The earliest Halesowen Grove met with is John 
living in 1538, and an attempt is made here to deal 
with his family, or rather with some members of it 
because the recurrence (as already stated) of the same 
names over and over again renders identification 
impossible at times, and the scions of his stock were 
innumerable, especially in the eighteenth century when, 


for instance, between 1734 and 1759 no less than seven 
married couples were bringing their children to the 
font. Chapter I deals with the above-mentioned John's 
descendants through his grandson John, and though 
all members are not traced, a clear line of twelve 
generations is deduced. Chapter II contains particulars 
about descendants of John through his other grandsons, 
Thomas, William, Richard, and George : but owing 
to the recurrence of the same names and for other 
reasons these four lines cannot be traced with certainty 
like the line in Chapter I. In the Appendices are (a) par- 
ticulars of other members of the family in early days, 
whose identity and relationship to John cannot be fully 
established and who do not appear in Chapters I and II, 
(^) reference to the Pearsalls and Peshalls and (c) brief 
notes on the earliest members met with by the writer 
of the branches outside but near to Halesowen. 

The family did not record its pedigree at either 
of the Visitations of the County, but the substantial 
character of it is proved by the large number of Wills 
now at Worcester describing its members as yeomen 
or small owners, or as engaged in trade generation after 

Nor is there any trace of the Halesowen branch 
bearing arms, though it would seem from the follow- 
ing entry in Burke's Armoury (1884) that the Rowley 
branch did : 

" Grove (Rowley Regis co. Stafford. Monument at 
Aldridge). Ar. three leaves vert on a canton gu. three 
crescents of the field." 


For the benefit oi readers unacquainted with the 
locality it may be pointed out that the old parish of 
Halesowen, formerly in Shropshire, included Hawn or 
Halloa, Ludley, Hasbury, Cakemore, Romsley and 
Hunnington, as well as Cradley and Oldbury, and 
that thus it is not surprising to find an individual 
resident in different parts of it at different periods of 
his life. 

Where no place is mentioned as the scene of 
marriages, baptisms, and burials, it will be understood 
that Halesowen is denoted. 

The earlier generations dealt with in Chapter I 
are numbered for convenience. 





First Generation 

OHN is the earliest Grove of Halesowen known. 
He was living at Ludley when he made his will 
on 3 August 1538 and died some time between 
then and 25 Feb. 1540 when it was proved. His 
will now at Worcester shows that he was an elderly 
or at any rate middle-aged man because he speaks 
of his grandchildren, and so his birth may be assigned 
to about 1480 at the latest. Apparently he was a 
widower when he made his will as there is no mention 
of his wife, and doubtless he was a smith as he 
bequeaths his " smythy geyre." No particulars of his 
daughters and their marriages are forthcoming, as the 
order of Thomas Cromwell Henry VIIFs minister for 
the keeping of a register in every parish was not 
issued till 1538, the date of his will, and the Halesowen 
register up to 1559 is not forthcoming, but the 
"Johane Smythe " buried 10 July 1569 was probably 


his daughter. His children as gathered from his will 
consisted of — 

William, son and executor. (See below.) 

Tone = Smithl ... , • j • i r -i- 

. T^ . hving, and married with ramilies, 

Annes = Baker [ °' „ 

Aug. ic^8. 
Margerys j s 3d 


In the name of God amen the yer of our Lorde God a 
thousande v huderd & xxxviii and the thryde day of Agust 
I John Grove of ludley & of the pishe of Halysowen make 
my testamet on thys man"' of wise furst I bequeathe my soule 
unto Almyghty God trustyg to be savyd by the meritys of hys 
passion & desiryng our lady and all saynts yn hevyn to p'' for 
me my body to be beryd yn p' churche yerde of Halisowen 
Also I gyffe unto the mot" churche of Wrsset' vi"* It. unto 
y' hye Aul' of Halysowen vi"* It to y' srnes of Jhn in y" same 
churche of Halys vi'' It unto y' srnes of owre lady in the 
same churche of Halys ii' It to the hye lyght before y' r°ode 
in the same churche of Halis iiii"* Also I gyffe unto Jone 
Smythe my dowght'. xl^ It I gyffe unto Annes Baker my 
Dowght' xx' & p' to be made of suche goodes as I have Also 
I gyffe unto Jhon Grove my god sone a materes a peyre of 
shetys two canvassys a coverlette a bolster and all my smythy 
geyre my seconde best potte and my seconde best pane It I 
gyffe unto JVillia Grove my sone isf heyre two sylver sponys the 
best It. I gyffe unto Annes Baker my dowghf my thyrd best 
sylver spone It. I gyf^'e unto Jone Smythe my dowght' a sylver 
spone It I gyffe unto Jone Baker my goddowght' a sylver 
spone It. I gyffe unto two chyldryn of Margery my dovvght' 
& to ed' of them iil' iiii'! Also I gyffe unto Jhon Baker & 
George Baker to ed' of them v^ It I gyffe unto two chyldyn 
of Jone Smythys to ed' of them iii' iiii"' Also all od' goods not 
bequeythyd my will pfermyd I gyffe y""" unto Willia my Sone 
whom I make myne executor and S' Jhon Hutbache myne over 


sear to see thys my Will to be pformyd. Thes beyng wittnes — 
S' Pet' Abram S' Jhon Hutbache Thomas Ad'syche w' od' moo. 
(Proved 25 February 1540.) 

Who John, the godson, was is not certain : but most 
probably he was the John husband of Ann who died 
42 Eliz. (see Appendix A). The phraseology of this 
will with its invocation of the Blessed Virgin and the 
Saints, made before the changes at the Reformation, is 
in marked contrast to that of the later ones of post- 
Reformation days which will be given below. 

Second Generation 

William proved his father's will in 1540, and as no 
other son is mentioned in it it would seem that he 
was the only one. But this was not necessarily the 
case, and possibly as stated in Appendix A Robert of 
Ludley whose will was proved in 1559 was his brother. 
He doubtless inherited from his father the land he 
owned at Ludley when he made his will in 1566, and 
was at the least a middle-aged man for he speaks of his 
five sons, three daughters, and his grandchildren. He 
was buried at Halesowen 15 June 1566, and his widow 
Elizabeth on 4 Jan. following, both being described 
as then of Hawn. His will is unfortunately decayed 
at the sides, but the dotted lines show the missing parts. 


. . the name of god ame the x"' daye of mail and in the yere 
of owre lord . . & lxvi in the eyght yere of y' rayne of o' 
soveragne lady Elizabet . . the grace of god of eyngland 

ffraunce & Ireland quene Defen the ffeythe I IVyllfFi 

grove of the pryshe of haylesowen sek . . bodye but thanks be 


geven to Allmygtye god of a good & perffec . . . ry mayke 
my testamt and last Wyll in maner fFoloynge fFyrst .... ethe my 
soule to Jesus cryst by whose onlye merytes I fFeyth . . . belcve 
to be saved my bodye to be bueryeyd in the chur . . . 
. haylesowen ffyrste I gyve & bequethe to every one of my sons 
.... doughttures that ys to sey Thomas Richard IVylhli George 
J . . margaret & Crystyan to every on of them vi' & viii** 
It I bequeth . . . hn my Sonne all that my psel of grounde 
lyynge & beynge i .... calleyd hunttynge tree fyld contenynge 

xiii lands lyynge togeth lyynge to a Corne mylle I gyve 

to John paston Also my doiigt . . . ne v'v" viii'* I gyve to 
every one of my chylldurnes chylldurns e .... of the xii"* I 
gyve to ye pore mans boxe vi** I gyve & bequethe . Elizabet 
my Wyfe all my lands & tenemts vvyche I have lyynge & 
beyng . . the touneshype of Ludley f^or the terme of seyxe 
yeres to entur . mmedyatly & aft' my departynge if the seyd 
Elizabt chaunce to dye before the seyd vi yeres be ffully eynded 
then my Wyl ys that John my sone shall have the Resydeu of 
the years that shall then Remayne after hyr decesse I gyve allso 
to y" seyd Elizabt my wyfe all that my Indenture of leyse 
wyche I have of one cotayge o'^ tenemt w' certen lands lyynge 
in Rowleye to hyr & hyr assynes duerynge the yeres in y'' same 
specyfeyed the Rest of all my godes & catelles onbequethyde 
my dettes payd & thys my last wyll pffrmyd my bodye honestlye 
brought to the grounde I gyve & bequethe to Elizabet my Wyfe 
whom I mayke £5? ordur to he my exsecutryxe -iv' John my sone 
and I gyve to y' seyd John for hys peyns takynge iii' iiii'' thes 
wetness Adam Jeven vicar of clent Wyllm grove Wyllm hyll 
Thomas persall w' other. (Proved 6 August 1566.) 

Inventory (decayed at the top) 

fFyfe covers for beyds and x cavacys xxvi^ viii'' 

vi peyre of flaxon shets xxiiii" 

vi peyres of hempon x' 

& vi of noggn shets v' 
fFyfe bord clothes fyfFe towelles wyth all 

other lenen clothes vi' viii"* 


bords formes bedstyds one horse carte 

on couborde 

ii cheres w all other Implements of 

xiii' iiii'* 

trene vessell 

on mustarde mylle 


certe old peyntyd clothes 
vi keovchyns • & bancar - 

iii^ iiii"* 

beyffe and bacon in the Roffe w' certen 


vi' viii"^ 

fyfe spones of syllver 

xiii'' iiii"* 

a cote a doblet a peyre of hose & 



w' all other apparell for his bodye 

Sm of these godes 

xliii'- xviii' x' 

John Parks of langley 

outhe of a just accounte 


The mention of the corn mill and the " mustarde 
mylle" is interesting in the light of his son John's 
description of himself as a "grinder." The names of 
Pearsall 3 and Paston will be met with again : the 
families of those names were of good standing in Hales- 
owen. Huntingtree occurs again in the will (1588) 
of his son Richard (pp. 53, 54). 

Third Generation 

William's will shows that he had eight children : 
John, Thomas, William, Richard, George, Margaret, 
Christian and Jone. The last seven of these and 
their descendants appear in Chapter II, and we are 
concerned here only with 

1 Cushions. 

2 Banker, or a covering for a bench or chair. Cf. Old French, banquitr 
derived from banc, a bench. 

3 For the Pearsalls, see Appendix B. 


John who proved his father's will in 1566 and 
was probably the eldest. In his will made 1605 
he describes himselt" as a grinder of Ludley, and 
as he died forty years after his father he must 
have lived to be an elderly man. He speaks of 
James " my yonger sonne " which shows that 
at the time of his will he had only two, William 
being the elder : therefore the Henry bap. in 
1564 as son of John was now dead, and the gaps 
in the register 1593-7 and 160 1-9 are probably 
responsible for there being no record of his burial. 
He also speaks of three daughters, all married 
before 8 Oct. 1605 : — 

(i) Anne, married to Adam Cox who made the 
inventory of his father-in-law's goods and who had 
a daughter Isabella bap. 28 Nov. 1591. 

(2) Mary, married to Clifton. 

(3) Jane, married to Bennett. A Jone, daughter 
of Arthur and Johane Bennett was bap. 9 Feb. 1 576. 

As there is no mention of his wife probably 
John was a widower in 1605. And who she was 
is not absolutely clear, as the following entries 
show : — 

1560. 26 May John Grove = Jone Westwood. 
1564. 5 Feb. Henry, son of John, bap. 
1567. 15 June John Grove = Margarett Harries. 
1567. 16 Feb. James, son of John, bap. 

It would seem that John married twice though 
no record of the first wife's burial is forthcoming, 
and if so William and Henry were by the first 
wife, and James by the second, born eight months 
after the marriage. 


This John must not be confused with John, husband 
of Ann, who died in or before 42 Eliz. (see Appendix 
A) and who was probably the godson mentioned in the 
will of John (1538). 


In the name of God amen Anno dm 1605 the eighth day of 
October In the yeare of the raigne of o' Soveraigne lord James by 
the grace of god King of England ffraunce and Ireland the third 
and of Scotland the xxxix"' defender of the faith I John Grove 
of Ludley in the pishe of Halesowen in the County of Wigorn 
grinder being wealce in body yet in pfect remembraunce thancks 
be given to Almightey god doe make and ordeyne this my last 
will and testamt in manner and frme fllowing that is to 
say ffirst I give and bequeath my sowle to the almightey god my 
heavenly maker stedfastlie trusting to be saved by the precious 
blood sheeding and merits of Jesus Christ my blessed redeemer, 
and my bodye to be buried in the pishe Church o"^ Churchyeard 
of Halesowen at the discretion of my Executo' Item I give and 
bequeath unto IFillfh Grove my sonne my second brasse pann six 
of my sheepe one great chest standing w"'in the soUe' one 
paie' of bed stedds w"'in the sollor upon w"'' James my 
sonne lay of w"" one chaffe bed upon the same two Twillyes one 
blancket a bed heeling and one chaffe boulster and a feather 
boulster Item I give and bequeath unto Anne Cox my daughter 
fower sheepe Item I give and bequeath unto Marye Clifton 
my daughter one black cowe one flaxen sheete w"* an open 
seeme two kerchers one smocke one peticote Item I give 
and bequeth unto Jane Bennet my daughter ii^ in money 
Item I give and bequeath unto Anthony Grove my man 
one good Ewe Item I give and bequeath unto John Grove 
one good Ewe Item I give and bequeath unto Alice Greene one 
Ewe Lambe Item 1 give and bequeath unto Will'" Grove 
my sonne one platter and a pottinger Item I give and bequeath 
unto Isabell Cox my daughter Anne Cox her daughter 
iii' iiii'' in lawful money All the rest of my goods unbequeathed 
I give and bequeath unto James Grove my yonger sonne And 


male the said James my sonne my whole Execute' to see this 
ly last will and testament duely pfrmed and executed. 

The marke x of John Grove Witnesses to this 
testament W" Westwood Anthony Grove W™ Grove 
and John Grove. 

(Proved by son James 12 July 1606.) 


John Grove of Ludlev declassed taken and 


THE Younger Audam Coxe Richard Jackson and 
Antonye Grove. 

Imprims three kyne pric vi^ 

towe calves price xx' 

one mare pric xx"^ 

one hogge pric vi' viij'^ 

vi geese pric iij' iiij"^ 

three henes pric xij'' 

one stalle of bees pric iij'' iiij** 

Rye barley and otes growinge] .^ 

one the grownd pric ) 

fowre beadds and all that) 

11 1 1 • r xlxui^ mi 

belongeth to them pnc) -" -' 

towe board clothes one towell) ...^ ....^ 

& a pillowe beare pric ) •* -' 

vi cheasts and coafferes pric xx^ 

three barrells & fowre pintes pric vj' 

one fatte pric v' 

hemp & flaxe pric ij' 

hempe on the ground pric xij'' 

fowre lea of yourne pric viij'' 

A spininge whwelle a hachell) 

and a peire of cornes pric ) •' 

one skeele ik a churne pric ij^ vj'' 

all maner of brasse & pewter pric xlx* 


onebroachea peine ofcobberts^ 

a geale a fiere shovell a peine 

of tonges ail iorne grate a 


brand iorne and a fryinge 

pane pric 

a table boarde & a fowrme pric 

ij= vj" 

a cubbert pric 


certaine sheeives benches & 
stooles pric 


an axe and a bill pric 


a peire of harrowes pric 


a spade a shovell & a pickeforck pric 


treene vessel] & other trumperie pric 


ane aunvell a peire of bellowes 

toe beckiornes ix hamers tenn 

peire of tonges with the rest of 


all other tolles in the shoppe, 

i P"^ 

[ toe irone spindells for a) 

blade mille pric | 


Sume total xxiij x' viij 

Exhibited xij July i6 


This inventory is signed, James Grove. 

For the Anthony, William and John mentioned as witnesses 
or appraisers, cf. p. 51. 

Fourth Ge 


James (younger brother of William and son of John) 
was bap. 16 Feb. 1567 and was therefore about thirty- 
eight when he proved his father's will in 1606. His 
children were — 

i. " Agnis d. of Jeames " bap. 3 March 1610. 

ii. " Marye grove daughter of Jeames was baptized 
the xv""- of May" 16 14. This is in the Transcript 
though not in the register. 


iii. James, married to Anne Perks in 1637. (See 
under fifth generation.) 

iv. William, bap. 8 April 1621 as son of James. 

V. George, bap. as son of James 3 April 1625 and 
bur. 31 August "infant." 

vi. Elizabeth, bap. 30 Sep. 1627 as dau, of James. 

Of these, William, bap. 1621 requires special notice. 
He married 7 Nov. 1665 Elizabeth Stanly (apparently 
dau. of John Stanley and bap. 25 Sept. 1625) but 
had no family. He was buried 19 May 1692 and 
she 28 Sept., 1696. In his will made 18 Jan. 1691 
(proved 25 May 1692) he describes himself as a nailor 
of Hawne, and speaks of his nephews James, Daniel, 
and Joseph, and of Joseph's son. In her will made 
18 Oct., 1695 (proved 12 Oct. 1696) she speaks of 
the same nephews and mentions Joseph's son as being 

Fifth Generation 

James. The baptism of James, who married Anne 
Perks 6 June 1637 and who was of Hawn, is not in the 
register and does not seem to be in the transcripts, but 
this is not surprising in the face of the facts given in the 
Introduction about the gaps in the register and the 
discrepancies at this time between the register and the 
transcripts. That he was a brother of William 
(bap. 1 621) and therefore son of the preceding James 
is clear from the Wills of William proved 1692 
and of Elizabeth, William's widow, proved 1696, now 
to be given. The former speaks of his nephew Joseph, and 
of Joseph's son, and the latter speaks of Joseph's son by 
name, William. Now Joseph was born Aug. 24 and 
bap. 30 Aug. 1657 as son of James and Anne of 
Hawn, and William was bap. 3 Oct. 1686 as son of 


Joseph and Elizabeth : and thus the two wills and 
the baptismal entries establish the relationship of the 
brothers William and James. Obviously James was the 
elder of the two as he married in 1637 whereas William 
was not born till 1621. Possibly he was born before 
Agnis in 16 10 during the gap (160 1-9) in the register: 
if not, he was accidentally omitted by the illiterate scribe 
of that time who made a point of spelling his father's 
name as Jeames ! 

James was alive in 1657 the year of his youngest 
child's baptism, but doubtless was dead before 1691 
when his brother William's will makes no mention 
of him though it does of his son and grandson. 


In the name of God Amen The eighteenth day of January 
in the year of our Lord God 1691 and in the third year of 
the Reigne of our Sovereigne Lord and Lady William and 
Mary by the grace of God of England Scottland ffrance & 
Ireland King and Queen defenders of the faith &c. I William 
Grove of Hawne ah Hallon within the parish of Halesowen 
in the County of Salop Naylor being at this tyme in good 
health and of sound minde & memory praysed be God therefore 
But being assured of the uncertainty of this Life & of the tyme 
of my death doe make & ordeyn this my last will and Testa- 
ment in manner following, flfirst &; prnciply I comend my 
soul to Almighty God who gave it in hopes of a joyfuU 
resurrection And my body I committ to the earth whence it 
came to be decently buried according to y' discretion of my 
executrix here after named And as for my worldly estate 
wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me I devise and bequeath 
the same as foUoweth. Item I give devise and bequeath unto 
Elizabeth my loveing wife All that my Cottage messuage 
tennement or dwelling house at Hawn wherein I now dwell 
with the barne naileshops gardens & backsyds thereto belonging 


And also all that close • conteinging by estimation one acre 
which adjoyneth to the buildings aforesaid, & also one other 
close > about one acre between the land of Nicholas Paston of 
Hawn & Thomas Pearsall of y'= same all which said bilding 
& lands & p'misses are held by lease as by the indenture it 
doth more largly appear wherefore I do hereby fully freely 
give & grant & assigne over all the rest & residue & remainder 
of the years yet to come & unexpired unto Elizabeth my 
beloved wife as beforemetoned. Item I give to my beloved 
wife Elizabeth Grove one other acre of free Land lying in 
newfield ' between ye land of Jo" Pryn Ironmonger & y' land 
of Jo° Shenstone Drovyer to her & to her heires for ever. 
Item I give & bequeath to Elizabeth my beloved wife all my 
goods within the house whatsoever & also all my corn & catle 
growing & being now or hereafter in my possession to her 
own proper use. Provided always that Elizabeth my wife do 
pay or cause to be payd all my just debts now owing my 
funerall expences being discharged by my executrix hereafter 
mentSned. Item my will is that whatsoevere my beloved wife 
Elizabeth Grove hath not of .? necessity by long life old age 
or long and much sicknesse but remaines unspent & theare 
being no occasion as to her owne proper use or necessity of 
a maintainance any further my will is it be disposed of amongst 
my kindred & relations as are hereinafter mentoned. ffirst 
I give to John Grove son of John Grove late of the burrough 
of Halesowen deceased the sum of one shilling when he in his 
own person shall make a demand. Item I give to William i£ 

' In Birmingham Free Library there is a deed, numbered 220088 
bearing date 18 March 1670, for an exchange of land between Ri. 
Higgins yeoman of Hasbcrry and VV"'. Grove of Hawne, nailer. 
Higgins gives up to Grove a piece of one acre in Newfields between 
the land of John Pearsall deceased on the east and of Henry Haden on 
the north and pays fi^ and Grove gives up a close in Hasbury called 
Bourne Slingett containing i^ acres. 

In another deed of 14 Oct. 1673 (No. 220089) the same VV", 
Grove and Elizabeth his wife, for the sum of £() received, make over 
to Francis Tayler of Halesowen, locksmith, seven parcels of arable land 
containing i acre in High Field. 



James Grove sons of y' deceased Jo" Grove of Hales aforsd 
a parte left to ye disretion of my executrix w' it shall be. 
Item I give to James Grove my nephew a parte. Item I give 
Daniell Grove my nephew a parte. Item to tny nephew Josephs 
son a parte. It™ to John Stanly a parte. Item to mary Asburry 
dawghter to Jon Asberry a parte. Item to Mary Bach } my 
p'sent servant & daughter in law to John Connor a parte. 
Now my will is that my beloved wife dispose to every & 
all of these relations herein named according to her minde & 
will as she shall think most meet & most charitable. Item I 
ordein apoint & do make Elizabeth my beloved wife sole 
executrix of this my last will & testament & do revoke all 
other & former wills w'soever Item I do nominate & apointe 
Thomas Pearsall ' & Nicholas Paston to be my overseers of 
this my last will & testament that all be performed accordingly. 
In wittnesse whereof I have hereunto put my hand & seal 
the day & year first above written. 

William x Grove 

Edward Paston 

Will. Paston 

John Brettell (Proved by widow 25 May 1692.) 

A true inventory of all the goods Cattels & Chatles of 
william Grove late of Hawne deceased is as foUoweth 
This 20"' day of may one thousand six hundred ninty 
and two it was taken. 

Imprls His purse 




apparel at 


Item one lod of wool 



Item 3 stone of tow 


I 5 slippings of yearn 


6 striks of malt 


2 striks of oates at 



Item one Coffer at 


A Thomas Pearsall married 









Item 3 bags q 

wheels & a reel at o 

Item A Brass pot & cetles at o i6 

6 dishes of pewter o lo 

Iron wares & husbandry tools o lo 

Item 2 Tables & form & bread skeal &] 

cupboard payles & tubs & other [ i o 
wooden vessells at j 

Item one flitch of Bacon at o i t 

6 cheeses 

one bible & other books 
Item 2 beds 3 bolsters & blankets 

3 CofFers & one box 
2 paire of flaxon sheets 

5 paire of other sheets 

4 barrells and lumber forgotten o 6 
Without doors 

Impis 3 acres of corn oates and pease at 3 c 

4 Cows 2 calves at 10 ic 

6 sheep at j o 
one miskin of dung at i r 
one store pigg 

Item one acre barly hemp & flax at 
A lease of one house & 2 acres of land 
one stall of Beese at 


Taken & apprized by us 
The day & year as above 

Thomas Pearsall 

Rich Paston 

Mary x Pearsall 

4 o 

3 o 




I o o 
4 o 


12 O 

4 o 

10 o 


stone of Hurds at o i S 

30 18 

Everything was thus left to the widow Elizabeth to 
deal with as she liked, with this one exception that John 


(son of the deceased John who was doubtless his nephew 
bap. in 1642) was to be cut ofF with a shilling ! 

How faithfully the trust reposed in her was met 
appears in the 


In the Name of God Amen I Elizabeth Grove of Hawne in 
the pish of Halesowen & County of Salop Widd being Sick in 
body but of sound and pfect minde and understanding doe make 
& ordaine this my last Will & Testam'- in manner following — 

Imp's I comend my Soule to God who gave it & my body 
to the Earth to be Decently buried according to the Discrecon 
of my Executor herein after named And as for Such Worldly 
Estate as I possesse I give & Devise the same as followeth — 

Item I give and Devise to the Seu'all and respective Legatees 
herein after menc5nd the seu'all and respective legacies herein 
allsoe after mencSnd To be paid and dischardged by my Execut' 
& otherwise — 

It"" I give to my Nephew James Grove of Hawne the Sume 
of ffive pounds to be paid him within two yeares next after my 

It™ I give to Mary daughter of the said James Grove the 
Sume of Two pounds to be paid her when she shall attaine the 
age of one & twenty yeares. — 

It"" I give to IFilliam Son of Joseph Grove late of Halesowen 
aforesaid the Sume ot ffive shillings when he shall attaine the age 
of one & twenty yeares. — 

It™ I give to my Nephew John Stanley ffive shillings to be 
paid within two Yeares next after my Decease. 

It'" I give to Mary Daughter of John Asbury ffive Shillings. 

It™ I give to Elizabeth Daughter of my j'' Executor Daniell 
Grove the Sume of Ten pounds to be paid her when She Shall 
attaine to the age of one & twenty Yeares. 

It™ I give to my Brother William Stanley fforty Shillings to 
be paid him within Two yeares next after my Decease But if the 
S"* William dye before this Legacie become Due I order my 
Executor to pay & Distribute the same Legacy to & amongst 


his wife and three Daughters — pporconably or among'' such of 
them as shall be then liveing. — 

It"' I give to my Sister Anne Asbury ffive Shillings. 

It™ I give to my Sister Mary Bissell ffive Shillings. 

It™ I give to IVilliani son of John Grove late of Halesowen 
aforesaid the Sunie of ffive shillings. 

It™ I give to James son of the s'^ John Grove the Sume of 
ffive Shillings. 

It™ I give to Mary the wife of Jacob Brettle who was lately 
my Serv' Maid One Shilling. 

It™ I give to fFiiliam Grove and Joseph Grove my Executors 
Two Sons the sume of ffive pounds a peece to be paid them 
according to the discrecon of my Executor Daniell Grove. 

It™ I give and devise unto my Executor Daniell Grove 
All that my Messuage Cottage or Tenem' wherein I now dwell 
Together w"" the Barnes Naylshop Gardens and backsides thereto 
belonging And all that One Close Conteyning about one acre 
adjoyning unto Some pte of the aforesaid buildings and p'misses 
and allsoe one other Closse about the quantity of one acre and 
lyeth bounded on all ptes w"' the lands of Thomas Pearsall gen' 
and Nicholas Paston gen' both of Hawne and w"'' said buildings 
lands and p'misses were devised to me by the last Will and 
Testam' [of] William Grove late of Hawne aforesaid my Deced 
husband To have and to hold the said Messuage or Cottage 
and all other the buildings lands and p'misses w"' theire and eu'y 
of theire apptins unto the said Daniell Grove his exec" administ''' 
or assignes for during all Such interest and Terme of years as 
I have therein and are therein allsoe yet to come and unexpired. 
Provided the S'' Daniell after his decease pniitt Elizabeth his 
now wife To hold the Messuage and other the buildings 
Gardens and one Closse adjoyning to the same for the Terme 
of her nrall life. — 

It™ I make the s"* Thomas Pearsall gent and Nicholas 
Paston gent ou'seers of this my Will and give to each of them 
Two Shillings Sixpence a peece. 

All the rest and residue of my Estate goods and Chatties 
whatsoeu' and of what nature soeu' not be me herein disposed 
of I give and devise to the s'' Daniell Grove of Ludley my 


kinsman whom I ordeyne my full and Sole Execut' hereby 
revoakeing all former and other Wills and Doe Declare this to 
be my last Will and Testam'. In Witnesse whereof I have 
hereunto Sett my hand and Seale this Eighteenth Day of Octob' 
Anno Dom. 1695 and in the Seventhe yeare of the Raigne of 
our Sou'aigne Lord King William the Third ou' England, &c. 

Elizabethe X Grove 

Signed sealed published and declared 
as the last Will and Testam' of the s"^ 
Elizabeth Grove in the p'sence of 

Anne Paston Richard Nash Hen : Haden. 

(Proved 12 Oct. 1696.) 

A True and pfect Inventory of all and Singuler the goods Cattle 
and Chatties of EHzabeth Grove late of Hawne in the pish of 
Halesowen and County of Salop and Diocesse of Worcest' taken 
vallued and apprized this twelfth day of Octob' Anno Dom 
1696 by us whose names are hereto Subscribed being the 
Apprizers of the Same : 

Imp" her purse Girdle and Weareing Apparel! 
It" One Lease for Six hundred and od Yeares"\ 

yet to come of a Cottage Tenement Barne I 

Shop Garden and two acres of Arrable land j 

vallued at I 

It" Two Cowes and two Heifers vallued at 
One Pig vallued at 
One Mixen of Muck at 
One parcell of Oates at 
Barley vallued at 
Mixcorne vallued at 
One pcell of Hay at 

Sum tot. 
Aprized by 

Nicholas Paston Henry Haden 





































The Wills given above together with the Halesov^en 
register and transcripts establish the 

Sixth Generation 
viz. the children of James of Hawn by Anne Perks. 
They were : — 

i. Henry ii. John iii. and iv. James and Daniel 
V. Mary vi. Joseph and possibly others born during 
the gap 1643-53. 

i. Henry's' baptism on 17 Feb. 1638 as son of 
James and Anne is in the transcript though not in the 
register. No other trace of him is forthcoming, but 
apparently he was the Henry buried 9 Dec. 1681 and 
if so this accounts for his non-mention in the uncle and 
aunt's wills. 

ii. John bap. 18 Dec. 1642 as son of James and 
Anne. The Wills speaking of John late of Halesowen 
do not actually describe him as nephew of the testators, 
but presumably the deceased John of the wills was 
identical with their nephew and was also the John 
buried 13 May 1688, i.e. to say three years before the 
uncle's will was made. John and Jane had a daughter 
Mary, bap. 19 Nov. 1659 and the wife Jane was 
buried 6 June 1661 as the transcript shows. John and 
Mary had five children : Mary bap. 4 July 1662, 
Daniel bap. 12 Nov. 1673 (transcript), Elizabeth bap. 
16 July 1676, James bap. 3 March 1677 {i.e. 1677"') 
and Mary bap. 12 April 1680 (apparently buried 22 
Sept. 1683). In the Wills three sons of John late of 
Halesowen are mentioned, viz. John, cut off with a 
shiUing, James, and William, but the baptism of James 
only is forthcoming. On the other hand we have 

I The ink is much faded in the Transcript but^ the " Henrie " seems 


the baptisms of two daughters not mentioned in the 
Wills. What became of these three sons is not clear, 
and does not matter from the writer's point of view 
because he is tracing the family of James by Anne 
Perks through a younger son Daniel and not through 
the elder son John the father of the three sons, but the 
particulars as to John given above may be of service 
to any investigator of the elder branch. 

iii. and iv. James and Daniel, nephews of William 
and sons of his only brother James were doubtless born 
during the unsettled times and the gap in the register 
(1643-53) is responsible for there being no trace of 
their baptisms. Daniel married 22 April 1680 Eliza- 
beth Standley, and James married on 21 June of the 
same year Mary Standley. It is not unlikely that the 
brides were sisters : doubtless they were relatives of the 
aunt of their husbands, Elizabeth Stanly, the provision 
in Elizabeth's will for Daniel's wife pointing that way. 
James was settled at Cradley in 1683 at the time of 
the baptism of his daughter Mary, and witnessed his 
brother Daniel's will in 1696: and apparently was the 
James of Hawn buried 4 May 1700. Daniel, having 
been appointed executor of the Will of his aunt Eliza- 
beth, who was buried 28 Sept. 1696, lost no time 
in making his own will on 7 October following. He 
was then " weake in body." He had inherited the 
aunt's property at Hawn with the reversion of it at 
his death to his own wife Elizabeth Standley, and feeling 
that he was not likely to live to carry out the provisions 
of the will and to pay the legacies prescribed in it, he 
left all he had to his wife on condition that she did 
so. His anticipation was realized : he survived his aunt 
only seven weeks and was buried on 15 Nov. 1696. 
Before giving his will we must notice 


V. Mary, born 26 May, bap. 3 June 1655, bur. 
4 June 1655 as dau. of James and Anne of llalne. 

vi. Joseph, born 24 Aug. bap. 30 Aug. 1657 as 
son of James and Anne of flahie, had two sons by his 
wife Elizabeth, (d) William, bap. 3 Oct. 16H6 and 
mentioned in his great-aunt Elizabeth's will, and (6) 
Joseph bap, 21 April 1689 and bur. as "infant" 28 
April 1 69 1 and therefore not mentioned in that will. 
The parents were living at Hunnington in 1686 and 
at Hawn in 1689 : the father seems to have died 
before 18 Jan. 1691, when his uncle's will was made. 


In the name of God Amen I Daniel Grove of Hawn in the 
Pish of Halesowen in the county of Salop Nailor tho weake in 
body yet of pfect minde & memory do make & ordelne this 
my last Will & testament in manner & forme following. 

Imprls I comend my soul to God who gave it & my body 
to the earth to be decently buried according to the discretion 
of my executrix herein after named And as for such Worldly 
estate as God hath Blessed me with I give & devise as follows. 

I give and bequeth to Elizabeth my wife my two houses 
naileshops barnes buildings fouldyeards backsyds gardens orchard 
& all & every thire apptenances with the close of arrable land 
now adjoyning thereunto conteining one acre for all the rest and 
remainders of years yet to come & unexpired. Item I give all 
my psonail estate household goods catle and chatles w"'in doors 
and without to Elizabeth my wife And further my will is that 
Elizabeth my wife out of the house land goods and chatles do 
pay & pform the full contents of the last will & testament of 
Elizabeth Grove late of Hawn deceasd my Aunt & pay every 
pticular legacy to every pticilar pson therein nominated ac- 
cordingly. I make Elizabeth my wife my sole executrixe of this 
my last will and testament. 

Item I make and ordcine Thorn Pearsall and Nich. Paston 
my overseers of this my last will & testament desireing them to 


see this my minde fuUfilled & I do giue them one shilling a 
peece And I do revoke all former wills & declare this to be my 
last will & testament In witnesse whereof I have hereunto set 
my hand & seal this seventh day of October Anno 1696 & in 
the eighth year of the reigne of our sougne Lord William the 
third oii England. 

Daniel x Grove 
Sealed delivered published 
& declared as the last will & 
testament of Daniel Grove in 
the p^sence of 

The marke x of James Grove 
The marke x of Eliza Pearsall 
John BrettcU 

(Proved 4 Sept. 1697 by executrix.) 

A True and pfect Inventory of all and Singuler the 
goods Cattle and Chatties of Daniel Grove late of Hawne 
in the pish of Halesowen and County of Salop and 
Diocesse of Worcester taken vallued and apprized this 
Twelfth day of march Anno Dom 1696 by us whose 
names are hereto Subscribed being Apprizers of the Same. 

L s. d. 
Imp" his purse Girdle and weareing Apparell 00 18 00 

Item One Lease for six hundred and od years\ 

yet to come of A Cottage or Tenement barne | 

Shop Garden and one acre of arrable land I 

vallued at 

Itm Two cows one heifer vallued at 06 00 00 

one mixen of muck at 00 c6 08 

In the dwelling house one table bord and frame' 

two Cettles and three dishes of pewter and two 

old chires 
one old Iron Pott one land ' Iron ffire Shoule and 1 

toungs ] 

' Land is clear, but hand is doubtless meant. 

20 GO 00 

02 06 

GO 04 06 


In the Chamber two halfeheaded beds stidds two 

blanketts four p' of Sheetts 
one Chest and two old Coffers and three little 

Barrells one paile one Brewing Vesall and milk 

panns in the Buttery 
In the Chamber over the house Cheese vallued at 
fflaxen Too " and two Stone of hurds vallued at 
Two Spining wheels vallued at 
ffour strike of oats & two strike of barley vail'* at 
Hay in the borne vallued at 
things out of sight and fforgott at 

Sum tot 

Aprized by 

Nicho" Paston 
Thomas Pearsall 
Anne Paston 

OO 12 08 

00 06 08 

00 03 04 

00 03 08 

00 II 08 

02 00 00 

00 02 06 

5 02 

Seventh Generation 

Of the marriage of Daniel with Elizabeth Standley 
(22 April 1680) there were six children : One, Daniel, 
baptized 29 Oct, 1686 was bur. as "a child" 11 
Dec. 1692. The other five were beneficiaries under 
the Will (1695) of their great-aunt Elizabeth, Joseph 
and William having bequests of £^ each, and Elizabeth 
^10. Two other unnamed daughters are to share with 
Elizabeth in the bequest to William Stanley in the event 
of his death before his legacy becomes due (see pp. 15, 16). 

Elizabeth was baptized 20 April 1684, and William 
24 May 1691. 

Joseph the eldest child was baptized 20 Feb. 
1680. He lived at Hawn, and married on 4 Oct. 
1710 Hannah Butler. He was buried 17 June 1715 
and she as "widow of Hawn" 2 Dec. 1741. There 
were two children of the marriage who comprise the 

' J.e. tow. 


Eighth Generation 

i. Anne, bap. 14 Oct. 171 1, and 

ii. Joseph, bap. 171 3, both named as children of 
Joseph and Hannah of Hawn. Joseph apparently was 
privately baptized and afterwards received into the 
Church because there are two entries of his baptism, 

" 171 3 February 

"•Joseph Grove Son of Joseph & Hanah Grove de 
Hawn Bapt ye 27"'." 

" 171 3 March 

"Joseph Grove son of Joseph & Hanah Grove de 
Hawn Bapt the 14""." 

He married Hannah Stringer of Rowley on i 
Sep. 1734 and had five sons : Joseph, Samuel, 
Thomas, Benjamin, and Matthew. He was buried 22 
March 1784, and she 19 Oct. 1791 aged j-j. Their 
stone near the west wall of Halesowen Church is 
inscribed thus : 


Memory of 

Joseph Grove who 

departed this life 

March the 15 1784 

Aged 771 

Also Hannah wife of 

the abovesaid Joseph 

Grove died October 
the 15 1791 Aged 77 

We live and labour get and save 
Till Death commands us to the grave 
Reader, in all thy gains besure 
Of an Estate that ^^'ill endure. 

I Clearly the stonecutter's error for 71. 



In y'^ name of God Amen. I Joseph Grove of y' Parish of 
Halesowen in ye County of Salop Huzbandman being in 
perfect health (Blessed be God for y" same) but minding 
y" uncertainty of humane life do make & ordain this my last 
Will &• Testament in manner following, that is to say First of all 
I coinit my body to y' earth to be decently buried at y' discretion 
of my Executor hereinaftcrnamed. And as to my Worldly 
Estate I dispose thereof as followeth. First I hereby order that 
all my just debts & Funeral expenses be fully paid off & dis- 
charg'd. After which I give & bequeath & devise unto my 
loving Wife Hannah Grove y*^ use of all my money, household 
goods, stock & Utensils in Huzbandry & als" all that my 
Messuage Lands & Buildings in y' Parish of Frankly in y^ County 
of Worcester now in y" holding of my son Samuel Grove for 
and during y" term of her natural life provided she continueth 
so long in Widowhood but not otherwise. And after her decease 
or second marriage I give & bequeath & devise all my said 
money, household goods, Stock, Utensils in Huzbandry & all 
my Personal effects whatsoever and wheresoever & also all that 
my said Messuage Lands and Building in y'' Parish of Frankly 
in y'^ County of Worcester now in ye holding of my son Samuel 
Grove aforesaid to all my Children to be equally divided among 
them share and sharei alike. But if my son Benjamin Grove 
should not repay me ye sum of twenty pounds which I lately 
lent him in my life time it is my Will that ye said sum of twenty 
pounds shall be deducted out of his Share of my real & personal 
estate hereinbefore mentioned. Lastly I hereby nominate & 
appoint my *a44 son Joseph Grove executor of this my last 
Will & Testament. In Witness whereof I have hereunto set 
my hand & seal this [blank] day of September 1771. 

Ye marke X of Joseph Grove 

Sign'd seal'd publish'd & declar'd © 

by y' within named Testator to be his 
last will & testament in the presence or 
P. Wilmot Anne Stamps 
George Gearey 

(Proved 6 May 1784 by the executor 
Joseph & sworn under ^100.) 


The seal on the Will is striking and seems to repre- 
sent a cherub riding a lion : the motto round it is 
"omnia vincit amor." 

It would seem that P. Wilmot wrote out the will. 
Reference to the bolder hand in which Samuel and 
Benjamin are written occurs later on p. 27. 

Thomas and Matthew would be included in the " all 
my children," 

He was living in different parts of Halesowen at 
different periods of his life. In 1734 when his eldest 
son Joseph was bap. he was of Hawn : in 1744 
when Benjamin was bap. he was of Cakemore : in 1759 
when his youngest Matthew was bap. he was living at 
Hunnington. So far as can be judged from the register 
of Frankley which adjoins Halesowen the holding there 
was occupied by his sons successively. 

The entries at Frankley (1735-91) are important 
as bearing on the history of his family : 

1763 Sep. 25. William, s. of Tho. and Mary, bap. 

1768 June 19. Joseph, s. of Samuel and Susanna, bap. 

1771 Dec. 8. Sarah, d. of Joseph and Mary, bap. 

1771 Dec. 25. Luke, s. of Tho. and Elizabeth bap. 

1774 Sep. II. Thomas, widower "j 

and Mary White, sp. both I married, 
of Frankley j 

1775 Ap. 16. Luke, s. of Tho. and Mary, bap. 

1782 Dec. 2. George, bachelor \ 

Elizabeth Foxell, both of [married. 
Frankley j 

1783 July 6. Mary, d. of George & Elizabeth, bap. 

1784 Oct. 10. Nancy, d. of ditto, bap. 
1786 Oct. I. Robert, s. of ditto, bap. 
1 791 May 15. Joseph, s. of ditto, bap. 



Ninth Generation 
The family of Joseph by Hannah Stringer consisted or 

1. Joseph, bap. 23 March 1734"^ 

2. Samuel, mentioned in father's will. 

3. Thomas, bap. 7 March I74I"^ 

4. Benjamin, bap. 20 May 1744. 
5- Matthew, bap. 6 May 1759. 

I. Joseph 

Joseph, bap. 23 March 1734"^ proved his father's 
will in 1784. He married 18 May 1761 Mary Greaves 
and had a son George bap. at Halesowen 12 April 1762 
and a daughter Sarah, bap. 8 Dec. 1771 at Frankley. He 
was apparently the Joseph bur. at Halesowen 6 April 1 8 1 3, 
aged 75 but if so his age should have been given as 78. 

His son George, bap. 1762 married Elizabeth Foxell 
at Frankley 2 Dec. 1782 and had four children bap. 
there as shown above. George's stone at Halesowen shows 
that he and his wife both passed the fourscore years : 

To the memory of 


wife of 

George Grove 

late of Hasbury 

who died Sept' 2'"* 

1845 Aged 82 


the above 

George Grove 

who died July 27 1849 

aged 87 years 



son of the above 

died June 8"^ 1856 

Aged 65 years. 

To the memory of 


Daughter of 

Joseph & Rose 


of Lutley 

who died July 30"* 

1863 aged I year 

and 6 months 

Also of 


son of the above 

who died Nov' 23''' 1873 

Aged 4 years. 


George's Will now at Worcester was proved 21 Jan. 
1850 by Joseph. 

2. Samuel (son of Joseph) 
Samuel described as a bachelor married 4 Feb. 1760, 
as the following considerations show, Esther Tayler 
who was bap. 29 May 1737 as daughter of Henry and 
Judith Tayler of ye Hill. The case of Samuel presents 
some difficulty, because his baptism is not to be found 
at Halesowen like those of his four brothers, and the 
only proof that he was a son of Joseph and Hannah 
is the reference to him in his father's will as tenant at 
Frankley. Unfortunately that reference is no help as 
to date because the words Samuel and Benjamin in the 
will are in large thick type and have been substituted 
for other names scratched out probably some time after 
the Will was made in 1771 and before it was proved in 
1784. It looks as though some time after 1771 the 
loan of /^20 and also the Frankley tenancy had been 
transferred from one son to another and the father had 
before his death altered the names accordingly. The 
erasure of the word said before Joseph also suggests 
that his name had been mentioned earlier in the Will. 
— At Halesowen the marriage took place 22 April 
1767 of Samuel Grove and Susanna Parks, and they 
had a child baptized at Frankley 19 June 1768. At 
first sight it would seem clear that Samuel, the son or 
Joseph and tenant at Frankley, was identical with the 
Samuel husband of Susanna and father of the child 
baptized at Frankley in 1768 : but there is this insuper- 
able difficulty that the Samuel, husband of Susanna 
Parks, was baptized 9 Jan. 1736"' as the son of William 
and Mary and died in 18 16 aged 79, The entries of 
his baptism, his marriage, date of burial and his age 


at death are all clear beyond question and fit in." Thus 
the identity is disproved, unless either (a) the names 
of the parents were wrongly given in Jan. 1736 as 
William and Mary instead of Joseph and Hannah, or 
(6) there were two Samuels who both married Susannas. 
As to {a) a mistake is not likely, nay more cannot be 
suggested because the register records the marriage 
of William Grove and Mary Stephens on 25 April 1736 
and the child Samuel's baptism follows in due course 
on 9 Jan>'. as son of William and Mary. As to (^) there 
is no evidence of a second couple named Samuel and 
Susanna and therefore every reasonable probability 
against their exibtence. The conclusion therefore is, 
necessarily, that the Samuel son of Joseph and Hannah 
who at one time farmed his father's land at Frankley 
cannot have been the Samuel son of William and Mary 
and husband of Susanna Parks who took their child 
to Frankley for baptism in 1768. That the latter 
should choose that village church not far from Hales- 
owen for the rite need cause no surprise, inasmuch as 
their kinsmen were living there and possibly they had 
other connections with Frankley. 

We can therefore put on one side this Samuel son 
of William and Mary bap. 1736"' who married Susanna 
Parks on 22 April, 1767 The only other Samuels 
baptized 1720-60 are 

(i.) Sam', s. of Thomas and Hannah 29 August 1742. 

(ii.) Sam', s. of Joseph and Mary 13 November 1743. 

The Samuel marriages are, 

Sam'. G. = Rebecca Tayler 4 May 1734. 
Sam'. G. = Esther Tayler 4 Feb. 1760. 
Sam'. G. = Anne Baker 22 Dec. 1766. 
Sam'. G. = Maria Andrews 20 June 1779. 
I Cf. p. 68. 


Now (i) the son of Thomas and Hannah cannot 
well have been the husband of Esther Tayler because 
he was only 17 years and 5 months old from the date 
of his baptism when Esther was married, but he may 
have been the husband of either Anne Baker being 
then 24 or of Maria Andrews being then nearly 37, 
and similarly (2) the son of Joseph and Mary cannot 
have been the husband of Esther because only 16 years 
and 2 months old, but he may have been the husband 
of either Anne Baker being then 23 or of Maria 
Andrews being then nearly 36. 

These two therefore must be eliminated (as Samuel 
s. of William and Mary bap. 1736 has already been) 
and the fact remains that some other Samuel 7iot recorded as 
baptized at Halesowen must have been Esther's husband. 
Clearly the happy bridegroom was Samuel, Joseph's 
son and younger brother of the Joseph bap. 23 March 
I734"5, whose baptism probably did take place at Hales- 
owen but was through inadvertence never recorded. 
This conclusion seems incontestable to the writer after 
a careful and prolonged study of the register and the 
marriage is entered accordingly in the pedigree sheet, 
but it will be remembered that the conclusion is arrived 
at not of course by direct proof but by process of 
elimination of the three and only other Samuels whose 
existence there is trace of 

One point more. As two Samuels married two 
Taylers in 1734 and 1760, the question might be asked, 
May not the bridegroom of 1760 have been the son 
of the bridegroom of 1734 ? The family of Sam' and 
Rebecca of Cradley were : 

John, bap. 12 Ap. 1735, bur. as infant 12 Aug. 

Phebe, bap. 10 Oct. 1736, bur. as infant 12 Dec. 


Ann, bap. 3 May 1740, bur. as infant 29 Sep. 
Phebe, bap. 30 Dec. 1743. 

There is no trace of any son Samuel, and so the 
question is answered in the negative. 

The Family of Samuel and Esther 

1. William bap. 29 Nov. 1761 as s. of Samuel and 

2. Thomas bap. 18 May 1766 do. 

3. Harry bap. 9 Oct. 1768 do. 

4. James bap. 31 May 1773 do. 

5. Edward bap. 20 April 1778. See below. 

6. Joseph bap. 26 Nov. 1780 as son of Esther. 

7. Anne bap. 4 Nov. 178 1 dau. of Samuel and 

8. Josiah bap. 28 Dec. 178 1 s. of ditto. 

9. Thomas bap. 3 Sep. 1783 as son of Esther. 

10. Phcebe bap. 31 Jan. 1790 as dau. of Samuel and 

The father Samuel was apparently the Samuel buried 
3 Jan. 1800. 

The mother, Esther,' was buried 23 April 1815 
aged 78. 

A stone shows that the son Josiah died 26 July 1830 
aged 49 ; and his wafe, Mary, on 13 March 1841 aged 
66 at Wednesbury. 

The Family of Edward, Son of Samuel 

Edward, 5th son, bap. 1778 married i Oct. 1799 
at S. Martin's Birmingham Mary Fiddean (bap. 8 Nov. 

• Admon of the estate of an Esther, widow, was granted 14 July 1817 
to her daughter, Mary wife of Joseph Grovenor of Rowley. 


1778 as daughter of Richard and Sarah). — They had 
nine children as shown by the Will given below : — 

1. William bap. 21 Sep. 1800 at Halesowen, married 
Mary Baker and had four children : viz. Walter, who 
died 20 Oct. 1 87 1 aged 48, Emma d. 9 Sep. 1843 aged 
18, Martha d. 9 Ap. 1889 aged 51, Fanny d. 18 March 
1906, aged -ji^. He died 24 Oct. 1884, aged 84 and 
his wife Mary on 6 March 1875 aged 72. 

2. Edward, bap. 18 July 1802 at Halesowen. 

3. Samuel, married Ruth Stevens of Cradley and 
had a son George, educated at Christ College Cambridge 
and sometime Rector of Govilon, Abergavenny. 

4. Josiah. 

5. Sarah, mar. to William Hollies, had issue. 

6. George, died 1906 aged 97. He married Mary 
Ann Chilton at Aston Old Church. 

7. David, married Rebecca Tayler. 

8. Matilda, baptized at Halesowen 8 Sep. 1825 "said 
to have been born 30 Aug. 1822." She married George 
Fred'' Dakin and had 5 children. 

9. James, bap. at Halesowen 8 Sep. 1825 "said to 
have been born 13 March 1824." 

The father Edward dates his Will at Dudley in 
1837, but as it is endorsed "formerly of Dudley but 
late of Halesowen " he probably returned to his native 
place between 1837, and 1842 when he died, and at 
Halesowen he was buried 13 May 1842 aged 64. His 
wife Mary Fiddean was then living. 



This is the last Will and Testament of me FIdward Grove 
of Pear Tree Lane in the parish of Dudley in the county of 
Worcester Engineer to the Dudley Canal Company made 
and published this ninth day of June One thousand eight 
hundred and thirty seven First I direct all my just debts 
funeral and testamentary expenses to be fully paid and satisfied 
I give devise and bequeath all my messuages lands tenements 
hereditaments and real estate situate at Halesowen or elsewhere 
and also all my household goods and furniture beds bedding 
plate glass linen and effects monies and securities for money 
and all other my personal estate of which I shall die possessed 
unto my Wife Mary Grove To hold to her and her assigns 
during her life and after her decease I appoint give and devise 
my said real and personal estate monies securities and effects 
to my Son in law William Hollies and my Son William Grove 
To hold to them their heirs executors administrators and assigns 
according to the nature thereof respectively Nevertheless 
Upon trust that they my said Trustees and the survivor of 
them his heirs executors and administrators do and shall as 
soon as conveniently may be after my said Wife's decease to 
collect and get in my monies and personal effects and sell and 
dispose of such part of my said personal property as shall 
not consist of money or securities for money and also to 
absolutely sell and dispose of my said real estate and property 
either by public auction or private contract and generally in 
such manner as they or he may deem fit and to convey and 
assure my said real estate and property to the purchaser or 
purchasers thereof his her or their heirs and assigns or to 
such uses as he or they shall direct And as to my said monies 
and the monies to arise by such sale or sales as aforesaid and 
all other my property after deducting and defraying the 
costs and expenses of such sale or sales or incident thereto 
or to the trusts hereby declared Upon trust to pay and 
equally divide the same unto and amongst all and every my 
children namely William, Edward, Samuel and Josiah Grove, 
Sarah the Wife of the said William Hollies, George Grove 


David, Mary Matilda & James Grove to be vested interests 
in such of my said children as are already of age at the time 
of my decease and in such of them as shall be infants at my 
decease on their attaining twenty-one or marriage Provided 
and my Will is that if any or either of my younger children 
shall depart this life before he she or they shall have attained 
the age of twenty-one years or before marriage that the share 
or shares of him her or them so dying shall go to and be 
paid to the survivors or survivor of all my said children 
equally share and share alike and if but one survivor of my 
family then the whole to such one his or her executors 
administrators and assigns to be vested as aforesaid Provided 
and I do hereby declare that it shall be lawful for my said 
Trustees and the survivor of them and his heirs and their 
or his assigns to apply and advance a sufficient part of the 
presumptive share or shares of any or either of my said younger 
children towards their maintenance and advancement in the 
world as they my said Trustees or the survivor of them or 
their or his assigns shall think fit but the sum so advanced 
shall be taken as part of the portion of the child for whose 
benefit the same is raised and be accounted for accordingly 
And I devise all mortgaged and trust estates which may be 
now vested in me unto the said William Hollies and William 
Grove their heirs executors administrators and assigns upon 
the equities and trusts affecting the same Provided also 
and I hereby further declare that the receipts of my said 
Trustees and the survivor of them his heirs and their or his 
assigns shall be good discharges for all monies which in such 
receipts shall be expressed to be received and that all persons 
paying any monies to my said Trustees or the survivor of 
them or their or his assigns for the purposes of this my 
Will and taking a receipt from them or him accordingly 
shall not be obliged to see to the further application of the 
same nor be accountable for the misapplication thereof 
And that it shall be lawful for my said Trustees and each 
of them to reimburse themselves and each other out of the 
said trust premises all costs and expenses to be incurred by 


them in execution of the trusts aforesaid or in relation thereto 
I appoint my said Wife and my said Son in law William 
Hollies flxecutors of this my Will hereby revoking all former 
Wilis by me made I declare this to be my last Will and 
Testament In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand 
and seal (to wit) my hand to the preceding sheet and my 
hand and seal to this last sheet the day and year first above 

written. Ed. Grove (ls^ Signed sealed published 

and declared by the said Testator Edward Grove as and 
for his last Will and Testament in the presence of us who 
in his presence at his request and in the presence of each 

other have subscribed our names as witnesses B" Shaw 

of Dudley The mark x of Jane Hipkiss The mark 

X of Elizabeth MuUett. 

Proved in the Consistory Court of Worcester 
the 13"' day of September 1842 by Mary 
Grove, Widow, the Relict and William 
Hollies the Executors. 

Under £20. 

Died 9"' May 1842. 

The Family of James (son of Edward) 


James, born 1824, youngest son of Edward by Mary 
Fiddean, married 9 Dec. 1845 A"" Elizabeth Rose at 
the Independent Chapel, Halesowen, and had a family 
of eleven : — 

1. Harriet Ann, mar. to Charles Eveson, died 29 
April 1877 aged 29. 

2. Eliza Jane, mar. to George Hill. 

3. George Frederick, married Margaret Ann 

4. William Henry, married Martha Jane Fellowes. 

5. Thomas, died young. 


6. Arthur James, married Eliza Jane Jeffrey, and 
has issue : — 

(i) Arthur James, b. 1879, has issue, Marjorie, 
Reginald James, and Muriel Elizabeth, 
(ii) Florence Ann, b. 1880. 
(iii) Francis Harold, b. 1882, has issue Eric, 
(iv) Edgar Clifford, b. 1885. 
(v) Margaret Jane, b. 1887. 201795B 
(vi) Frederick. Edward, b. 1889. 
(vii) Laura Mabel, b. 1891. 
(viii) Elizabeth Marion, b. 1894. 

7. Rose Elizabeth, died 25 August 1864, 

8. Walter, married Elizabeth Fry Jones. 

9. Juliet Phoebe, mar. to Edward Daniel Weston. 

10. Alfred Edward, married May Hewitt. 

11. Ernest Harry, married Katharine Barnsley. 

The father, James, died 4 Dec. 1886, and the 
mother on Lady Day 1904, aged -]-]. 

3. Thomas (son ol Joseph and Hannah) 

The family of Thomas, bap. 1741, cannot be given 
with any certainty, because a comparison of the 
Frankley and Halesowen registers leads to the con- 
clusion that there must have been two of the 
name who both married a Mary and the entries 
are not free from other difficulties : — 
At Frankley occur : — 

1763 25 Sep. William s. of Thomas and Elifa^/lA^ 

b©^, bap. 
1771. 25 Dec. Luke' s. of Thomas and 
^<y>it\S^ M«:^ bap. J^}fH 

> There was an earlier Luke who died 20 Jan. 1774 in the 20th t 

year of his age, but who he was is not clear. See stone near path on the 
south side of the Church. 


1774 II Sep. Thomas Grove married Mary 

1775 16 April. Luke, s. of Thomas and 
Mary, bap. 

It looks as though Elizabeth in 1763 is an error 
for Mary, whose burial in or before 1774 is not given, 
but whose place was then tilled by a namesake. 

At Halesowen occur : — 

1766 bap. 9 March John s. of Thomas and 

Mary, bur. 26 Oct. 1774. 
1768 bap. 27 March, Mary d. do. 
1772 bap. 17 May, Thomas s. do. 

1775 bap. 26 March, Nancy d. do. 

1775 bap. 2 April, Thomas s. do. 

1780 bap. 8 Oct. Joseph s. do. 

A Thomas "infant" was bur. 22 Feb. 1778, 
who may have been the above Thomas bap. 1775. 

The baptism of Thomas one week after that of 
Nancy points to the probability of Nancy's having 
been delayed. 

The improbability of the two couples being 
identical is shown by the fact that the children 
Thomas and Luke were baptized in different churches 
within a fortnight of each other, April 2 and April 
16 respectively in 1775. 

4. Benjamin (son of Joseph and Hannah) 

Benjamin, bap. 20 May 1744 married Catherine 
Hodgkins 24 Dec. 1768 at Halesowen. Two 
baptisms occur there, Hannah 13 Nov. 1782 and Jiah 
(query Josiah) 14 Nov. 1784, children of Benjamin and 


5. Matthew (son of Joseph and Hannah) 

Matthew bap. 6 May 1759 at Halesowen came 
on the scene long after his brothers and when his 
mother was about 45. He was nearly 25 when 
his father died. He settled at Northfield in or before 
1790 in which year (19 April) he married there Ann 
Greaves of that parish. In 1795 the Rev. William 
Hawes Longford became Curate of Northfield and on 
28 Aug. 18 1 3, being then Rector of Stretton on Fosse, 
married at Northfield Sarah Harrisson Greaves, the 
witnesses being Matthew and Ann Grove. That the 
two brides were sisters is proved by the Will of their 
father George Greaves of Northfield, made 7 June 18 19 
and proved i April 1823 by Matthew Grove and W. 
H. Longford. This Will speaks of the testator's four 
daughters among whom his property at Northfield, 
Halesowen, and Rowley is to be divided : (i) Sarah 
Harrisson wife of M"^- Longford, (ii) Elizabeth wife 
of Joseph Smith of Halesowen, (iii) Anne wife of M"' 
Grove and (iv) Mary. It does not mention any son, 
but from Matthew Grove's description of Austin Greaves 
as his brother-in-law it would seem that he was brother 
of the four sisters. 

There was no family of the marriage of Matthew 
with Ann Greaves who was buried at Northfield before 
14 May 1823 when her husband obtained letters of 
administration of her estate sworn under ;C450- After 
being a widower for a few years he married again on 
18 Feb. 1829 at St. Martin's Birmingham, his 
bride being Sarah Heath of Stoke Prior. He was then 
in his 70"' year. The only child of the marriage was 
Matthew who was baptized at Stoke Prior on 13 
Dec. of the same year. 


A fast decaying stone at Northfield is inscribed : — 


To the Memory of 

Ann Grove 

wife of Matthew Grove of Northfield 

who died Aug. 1 8 

Aged years 

Be ye also ready 

Also Maria Greaves niece to the above 

who died March ii 1828 aged 27 years 

And of Matthew Grove 

who died 20"" April 1836 aged 77 

Also Sarah, widow of the above 

Matthew Grove, who died June 28"" 1862 

aged 64 years. 

Waiting for the coming of Christ .... 

silent hope 


This is the last Will and Testament of me Matthew Grove 
of Northfield in the County of Worcester Gentleman First I 
direct that all my just debts funeral expences and the expences 
of proving this my last Will and Testament be fully paid and 
satisfied I give and devise unto Austin Greaves of the parish of 
Northfield aforesaid Farmer All that my newly erected Messuage 
or Dwellinghouse with the Garden thereunto belonging situate 
and being in the said parish of Northfield and now in the 
occupation of the said Austin Greaves with all rights and 
appurtenances thereunto belonging (except nevertheless and 
without any right of way Road or Passage or any other liberty 
or privilege out of upon or over any other of my property, 
subject nevertheless to and I do hereby charge the same with the 
payment of the sum of Fifty pounds now due from the said 
Austin Greaves to me together with all Interest which at my death 
shall be due or which shall thereafter become due for the same 
the said sum of Fifty pounds and Interest to be paid to my Execu- 


tors and to be and be considered as part of my personal Estate) 
To hold the same (except and subject as aforesaid) unto and To 
the use of the said Austin Greaves his heirs and assigns for ever 
I give devise and bequeath unto Diana (alias Dinah Munday) 
now or late of London (if she shall claim the same or be heard 
of by my Executors within the space of Five years from the day 
of my decease but not otherwise) the sum of Nineteen Guineas 
I give appoint devise and bequeath unto my Dear IVife Sarah 
Grove and my Friends Richard Greenhill of Frankley in the said 
County of Worcester Farmer and Edward Grove of Northfield 
aforesaid Builder All and singular my Messuages or Dwelling- 
houses Lands hereditaments and premises with the appertenances 
situate in the said parish of Northfield (except as in hereinbefore 
devised to the said Austin Greaves) And also all other my 
messuages or Dwellinghouses lands tenements hereditaments and 
Real Estate whatsoever and wheresoever whether Freehold 
Copyhold or Leasehold of which I am seized or to which I am 
entitled or of which I have a power to dispose by this my Will 
(except estates held by me as Trustee or as Mortgagee in fee) 
with all and every the appertenances Also all my household 
goods and furniture plate linen china ready money securities tor 
money and all other my personal Estate and Effects whatsoever 
and wheresoever To hold the same Real and personal Estates 
(except as aforesaid) unto my said Wife Sarah Grove and the said 
Richard Greenhill and Edward Grove their heirs executors 
administrators and assigns according to the respective natures 
and legal qualities of the same Estates respectively upon the 
Trusts nevertheless and for the intents and purposes hereinafter 
declared concerning the same viz. Upon Trust that they my said 
Trustees or the Survivors or Survivor of them their or his heirs 
executors or administrators or the Trustees or Trustee for the 
time being acting under this my Will do and shall either con- 
tinue such part or parts of my said personal Estate as shall at 
the time of my death be secured by Mortgage or other Security 
or any part thereof either on the Security or Securities on which 
the same shall be then placed out or call in the same or any part 
or parts thereof and place out and invest the monies which may 


be so called in and also such part of my said personal Estate 
as at my death shall consist of ready money in their or his 
names or name either upon Government Freehold Copyhold or 
long Leasehold Security or Securities at their his or her discretion 
with power for my Trustees or Trustee for the time being from 
time to time to call in the same monies or any part thereof 
and again to place out or invest the same on such Security or 
Securities as last aforesaid and their his or her receipt or receipts 
to be a sufficient discharge and discharges for the same monies 
and the Interest and Dividends thereof or for so much thereof 
as shall from time to time be paid up And do and shall 
permit and suffer my said Dear Wife Sarah Grove (if she 
shall so long continue my Widow) to have the use and enjoy- 
ment of all and singular my said Household Goods and 
Furniture plate linen and china and all other articles of House- 
hold use and also do and shall (in case she shall so long continue 
my Widow) pay unto my said Wife or permit her to receive 
and take the Rents and profits of all and singular my said 
Real Estate and the Interest Dividends and annual profits of 
my said personal Estate until my dear Infant Son Matthew Grove 
shall attain the age of 21 years to enable her to clothe educate 
maintain and bring up my said Son And on my said Son 
attaining the said age of 21 years then (subject to and charged 
with the annuity or yearly sum of ^30 hereinafter given to 
my said Wife and the powers and remedies for recovering the 
same) Upon trust to convey assign and assure All and singular 
my said Real Estate (except as hereinbefore devised to the 
said Austin Greaves) and also all and singular my said personal 
Estate and the Securities upon which the same shall or may 
be then invested with their and every of their appurtenances 
unto my said Son Matthew Grove his heirs executors 
administrators and assigns according to the respective natures 
and legal qualities thereof respectively to whom I give 
devise and bequeath the same accordingly Provided always 
and it is my Will and I do hereby direct that in case my Son 
Matthew Grove • shall depart this life under the age of 2 1 
years then that my said Trustees or the Survivors or Survivor 


of them their his or her heirs or assigns or the Trustees 
or Trustee for the time being acting under this my Will do 
and shall pay unto my said Wife or permit her to receive 
and take the rents and profits of all my said Real Estate and 
the Dividends interest and annual proceeds ot all my said 
personal Estate during her natural life (if she shall so long 
continue my Widow) and after the decease or second marriage 
of my said Wife which shall first happen and in case of such 
Death of my said Son under the age of 2 1 years it is my Will 
that my said Real and personal Estates shall remain upon 
the trusts and for the intents and purposes hereinafter expressed 
and declared concerning the same Provided always and it is 
my Will and I do hereby declare that if my said Wife shall 
happen to die or marry again before my said Son shall attain 
his said age of 21 years then that it shall be lawful for my 
Trustees or Trustee for the time being to pay apply and dispose 
not only of the rents and profits of my said Real Estate and 
the Interest and Dividends of all my Personal Estate or any part 
thereof respectively (but also if my Trustees or Trustee for 
the time being shall think proper) of all or any part of the 
principal of my said personal estate in and towards the main- 
tenance education and support and bringing up or in the 
placing out of my said Son as an Apprentice or Clerk to any 
trade or profession or otherwise as my said Trustees or Trustee 
for the time being in their his or her discretion shall think 
proper for the benefit and advantage in the world of my said 
Son until he shall attain the age of 2 1 years. And in case my 
said Wife shall be living and continue my Widow my Will 
is that (with her consent and approbation) my Trustees or 
Trustee for the time being shall have full power to pay and 
apply all or any part of the principal of my said Personal 
Estate for all or any of the purposes last hereinbefore men- 
tioned I give and bequeath unto my said Wife one Annuity 
or yearly rent charge of ^30 to be paid and payable to her 
clear of all taxes and deductions whatsoever by four equal 
quarterly payments in the year viz' on the 2 5* day of March 
the 24"" day of June the 29"" day of September and the 25"" day 


of December In each year the first quarterly payment thereof 
to commence and be payable on such of those days as shall 
first happen after my said Son shall attain his age of 2 1 years 
and the same Annuity thenceforth to continue and be payable 
in the proportions aforesaid so long as my said Wife shall 
remain my Widow And I charge all my Messuages or Dwelling- 
houses lands hereditaments and other Real Estate (except as 
hereinbefore given to the said Austin Greaves) and also all 
my Personal Estate with the payment thereof and for securing 
and enforcing payment of such Annuity or yearly rent charge 
and all arrears thereof I give and grant unto my said Wife and 
her assigns the same powers of entry distress and sale upon 
all or any part of the hereditaments charged therewith as Land- 
lords are or may be entitled to by Law for Recovery of Rent 
in Arrear And also (in case the said Annuity of ^^30 or any 
quarterly payment thereof shall be in arrear for the space of 
21 days after any of the said days of payment) I give and grant 
unto my said Wife and her Assigns full power to enter into 
and upon all or any of the hereditaments hereby charged with 
the said Annuity and to hold and enjoy the same and to receive 
the rents and profits thereof to her and their own use until 
she or they shall thereby or otherwise be fully paid and satis- 
fied the said Annuity and all arrears thereof due at the 
time of such entry or afterwards to become due during the 
continuance of such possession together with all costs and 
expences sustained or occasioned by reason of the nonpayment 
or recovery thereof Provided always and (in case of the death 
of my said Son Matthew Grove under the age of 21 years 
but not otherwise) I give and bequeath unto my Brothers in Law 
the said Austin Greaves Joseph Smith of Offmore and the Reverend 
IVilliam Hawes Longford the sum of ^{^400 equally to be divided 
between them as tenants in common and not as joint tenants 
the said sum of ;(^400 (In case the same shall ever become 
vested) to be paid and payable upon but not before the death 
or second marriage of my said Wife Provided further and it 
is my Will that (in case of the death of my said Son Matthew 
Grove under the age of 21 years but not otherwise) it shall 


and may be lawful for my said Wife to cut down sell dispose 
of and carry away all such Timber and Underwood which for 
the time being shall be growing upon all or any part of my 
said Real Estate as she shall think proper and to pay and 
apply the monies arising therefrom to and for her own use 
and benefit; Provided further and it is my Will that (in case 
of the death of my said Son Matthew Grove under the age 
of 21 years but not otherwise) it shall and may be lawful to and 
for my said Wife by any Deed or Deeds Instrument or Instru- 
ments in writing to be by her executed in the presence of 
one two or more Witness or Witnesses to subject and charge 
all or any part of my said Real and personal Estate with the 
payment of any sum or sums of money not exceeding £100 to 
or for the benefit of any person or persons in such manner and 
to be paid at such time or times as she my said Wife shall by 
such Deed or Deeds Instrument or Instruments in writing order 
and direct and if thought necessary or adviseable for the purpose 
of raising the said sum of jTioo by such Deed or Deeds Instru- 
ment or Instruments in writing to limit and appoint all or any 
part of my said Real Estate to any person or persons for any 
term or number of years so that the same term or terms be 
made to cease on payment by the person or persons for time 
being entitled to the Freehold and Inhereitance of the heredita- 
ments charged therewith of the said sum of ;^200 with Interest 
for the same at such rate not exceeding five pounds per centum 
per annum as may be mentioned in any such Deed or Deeds 
Instrument or Instruments Provided always and I do hereby 
declare and direct that if my said Son Matthew Grove shall 
depart this life under the age of 2 1 years (but not otherwise) 
the Trustees or Trustee for the time being acting under this 
my Will do and shall stand and be seized and possessed of all and 
singular my said Real Estate (except as hereinbefore given to the 
said Austin Greaves) and also of all and singular my said personal 
Estate subject to the payment of the said several Legacies to the 
said Austin Greaves Joseph Smith and William Hawes Longford 
and of the said sum of ^^200 to the general appointee or 
appointees of my said Wife under her aforesaid power To the use 


of or in trust for such person or persons of my own Blood for 
such Estate and Estates and in such parts shares and proportions 
if to more than one and charged and chargeable with such sum 
or sums of money either annuall or in gross to or for the benefit 
of any one or more of them or without being so chargeable and 
in such manner and form in all respects to take effect on the 
death of my said Wife in case she shall so long continue my 
Widow or on her second Marriage in case she shall marry a second 
Husband as my said dear Wife shall by any Deed or Deeds 
Instrument or Instruments in writing with or without power of 
revocation to be by her executed in the presence of one two or 
more Witness or Witnesses or by her last Will and Testament in 
writing or any Codicil or Codicils thereto to be by her signed 
and published in the presence of and attested by three or more 
Witnesses shall from time to time or at any time direct limit or 
appoint And in default of such direction Hmitation or appoint- 
ment and so far as the same if ineffectual or incomplete shall not 
extend Then as to all and singular my said Real Estate or so 
much thereof as shall not have been appointed under or by 
virtue of the aforesaid power To the use of my own right heirs 
And as to all and singular my said Personal estate or so much 
thereof as shall not have been appointed or disposed of under 
or by virtue of any of |the powers of this my Will In Trust for 
such person or persons as at the death or second marriage of my 
said Wife which shall first happen would have been entitled to 
my personal Estate under the Statute of distribution in case I 
had died intestate and a Bachelor I devise all the Estates held 
by me as Mortgagee in fee or as Trustee for any other person 
or persons and not beneficially unto my said Wife and the said 
Richard Greenhill and Edward Grove and to their heirs executors 
administrators and assigns according to the respective natures 
and legal qualities of the same Estates respectively upon such and 
the same trusts and for such and the same intents and purposes 
upon and for which I now hold the same respectively and to 
convey assign and assure the same accordingly I appoint my 
said Wife and the said Richard Greenhill and Edward Grove 
Executrix and Executors of this my Will but in case my said 


Wife shall marry again then all her power either as Executrix 
or Trustee under this my Will to cease and determine from the 
day of such her second Marriage and thenceforth my other 
Trustees or Trustee for the time being shall have such and the 
same powers in all respects as if my said Wife had not been 
named a Trustee and Executrix of this my Will And my Will 
farther is and I do hereby declare that the receipts in writing 
of the Trustees or Trustee for the time being of this my Will 
shall be sufficient and effectual discharges for the monies which 
shall come to their hands in execution of this my Will or for 
so much thereof as in such receipts shall be acknowledged to be 
received and that any person or persons paying any money and 
taking such receipt or receipts for the same shall not afterwards 
be answerable or accountable for the loss misapplication or nonap- 
plication or be obliged to see to the application of or to the necessity 
of raising the money in such receipt or receipts acknowledged 
to be received or any part thereof And that my Trustees for the 
time being and Executors and every of them and their respective 
Heirs Executors administrators and assigns shall be severally 
charged and chargeable only for such moneys as they shall 
actually receive respectively by virtue of the trusts hereby in 
them reposed although they or any of them may give or sign or 
join in any receipt or receipts for the sake of conformity And 
that each of them shall be answerable only for himself and herself 
and his and her own acts and that none of them shall be answer- 
able for any Banker Broker or other person with whom or in 
whose hands any part of the trust moneys to arise under this my 
Will shall or may be deposited or happen to come nor for the 
insufficiency or deficiency of any Security or Securities stocks or 
funds in or upon which the said trust moneys or any part 
thereof shall be placed out or invested nor for any defect of Title 
to any hereditaments to be taken in iVIortgage nor for any other 
misfortune loss or damage in the execution of this my Will or 
in relation thereto unless the same shall happen by or through 
their own wilful default respectively And that it shall be lawful 
for my Executors and my Trustees or Trustee for the time 
being and every of them to retain to and reimburse themselves 


and to allow to each other by and out of the trust Estates fun 
and premises comprised in this my Will all costs charges ar 
expences which they or any of them shall or may suffer disbur 
or incur in or about the execution of the aforesaid trusts or 
relation thereto And lastly I hereby revoke all former Will ar 
Wills and Testamentary dispositions by me heretofore made ai 
declare this only to be my true last Will and Testament. 

In Witness whereof I the said Matthew Grove the Testate 
have to this my last Will and Testament written on seven shce 
of Paper set my hand to each of the first six sheets and rr 
hand and seal to this seventh and last sheet thereof and publisht 
the same this 26"" day of October in the year of our Lord or 

thousand eight hundred and thirty-three. 

The mark x of Matthew Grove. 

Signed sealed published and declared by the said Matthew Gro\ 
the testator as and for his last Will and Testament in th 
presence of us who at his request in his presence and in th 
presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names s 
Witnesses (having first observed the several erasures and inter 
lineations opposite to which we have put the initials of ou 

Luke Minshall, Solicitor, Bromsgrove 

Joseph Bollard Maltster, Northfield 

Joseph Joice, Writing Clerk, Northfield. 
(Proved at Worcester 8 Oct. 1836: estate sworn under ^^450.) 

The testator died in 1836 and the two contingencie: 
so elaborately provided for did not arise : the widow 
Sarah remained a widow till her death in 1862 and 
the son did not die under 21. 

The Family of Matthew Son of Matthew 

Matthew the only child of the marriage of Matthew 

Grove with Sarah Heath was bap. at Stoke Prior 13 Dec. 

1829 and was thus nearly four when described as "my 

dear infant son," and seven when his father died. He 


married Elizabeth Griffin of Stoke Prior and there 
his early married life was spent, up till 1862 when 
on his mother's death he moved to Northfield. In 
1896 he settled at Harvington near Evesham, and 
there he was buried 30 July 1906 aged 76. His 
widow survived till 19 10 and was buried 26 Feb., 
aged 79. 

The children of Matthew Grove and Elizabeth 
Griffin consisted of one son who died young, and 
seven daughters now living, viz. : 

1. Caroline Elizabeth, mar. to William Lister of 
Handsworth (d. 191 1) by whom she had 5 children : — 

1. Mary Elizabeth, mar. to Adolf von der Becke 

of Handsworth, by whom she has issue. 

2. Matthew William, b. 1881. 

3. Thomas Wooldridge, b. 1882 died 1897. 

4. Cecil, b. 1884. 

5. William Bernard, b. 1889. 

2. Mary Frances. 

3. Amy Jane 

4. Catharine Ellen 

5. Ada May 

6. Lilian Susan 

7. Florence 

resident at Harvington 



CHAPTER I having dealt with descendants ol 
John, living 1538, through his grandson John 
(the son of William and Elizabeth and probably 
the eldest son) we come now to the particulars forth- 
coming about his other grandchildren, viz. Thomas, 
William, Richard, George, Jone, Margaret, and 

The three sisters may be taken first : — 

Christian mar. to Richard Thomyns 30 June 

Margaret was probably the " Margery " who 

was mar. to John Wall on i May 1573. 

Jone {cf. 7th and nth lines of father's Will on 

p. 4) was married as Johane on 6 Nov. 1569 

to William Engley. 

It will be seen that there is not in case of 

either of the four brothers a clear line similar to 

that in Chapter I. Thomas left one son, one of 

the many Johns who cannot be identified beyond 

doubt. It is impossible to decide with certainty 

which William and which Richard were the sons 

of William and Elizabeth. George's line alone seems 

clear, but that cannot be traced with certainty beyond 


the beginning of the eighteenth century because of 
the frequent recurrence of the same Christian 

A. Thomas 

He married 4 Nov. 1576 Isabell Westley and 
had four children: Anne, bap. 4 Aug. 1577, EHenor, 
bap. and bur. 20 Feb. 1578, John bap. 5 June 1581, 
and Agnes bur. 9 June 1581. An Isabell Grove was 
buried 26 April 1583, and another on 28 May 1590: 
the former of these was presumably another child, 
and the latter, the mother because on 29 April 1592 
Thomas married Margery Novcke. Thomas was 
buried 16 Jan. 1598. 

B. and C. William and Richard 

No precise statements can be made as to these two 
sons of William and Elizabeth, because the register 
and other evidences extant conclusively prove that 
there were more than one of each of the names at 
this period. The writer can but state the facts in 
each case with his reasons for singling out the one 
he believes to have been William's son. 

B. William 

First should appear the Will of a William made 
and proved in 1595 : — 

In the Name of God Amen I Willm Grove of Ludley in the 
pish of Halesowen in the County of Wigorn Husbandma beinge 
of good and pfect memory God be thanked though weake of 
bod ye and deseased doe make my last Will and testament this 
prit^ the xijth daye of August in man and forme followinge First 
I bequeath my soule to Almightye God my maker justefier and 


redeemer trustinge f\iythfully to bee saved by the mits death and 
passion of cure Lord Christ Jess' who hath redeemed me and all 
mankind and I bequeathe my bodye to be buried in the 
Churchyard of Halesowen aforesaid And all my goodes I give 
and bequeath in maii and forme followinge First 1 give ami 
bequeath unto Augnes Grove one cow an ew and a lambe Itm I 
give and bequeath unto Agnes Wall the Daughter of Thorns 
Wall one ewe Itm I give and bequeath to Elizabeth Shenston 
one ewe km I give and bequeath to Thorns Grove my sonne 
fyve acres of land whereof foure he hath in occupacon one acre 
of them lyeth in Hayly fields and ij acres in Allingtree Field & 
one other acre lyeth in Dunstoke Itm iij lands of the other 
acre lyinge in Heminge field and one land lyinge in Longe 
Furlonge together with the now dwelinge howse and the 
appurtance thereunto belonginge that is to saye w"' the barne 
shepehowse garden and one little close adioyninge to the howse to 
have and occupye the said prhiss for the space of vj yeres aft' my 
decesse Itm I give and bequeath to my Sonne Thorns Grove xij"* 
Itm I give and bequeath to my Daughter Margery xij^ Itm I 
give and bequeath to my Daughter Elleoner xij'^ Itm I will and 
my minde is that George Pensame and Margarett his Wife shall 
have and occupye my dwellinge howse with all thappurtance 
thereunto belonginge together w"* all the rest of my custome lands 
for terme and space of vj yeres next followinge after my decesse 
All the rest off my movable and goodes unmovable I give and 
bequeath to Agnes my welbeloved Wife whome I make con- 
stitute my sole and only executrix to this my last Will and 
Testament And meaninge that the said Agnes my wiffe shall dis- 
charge all my detts legacies and funalls by me herein given and 
bequeathed accordinge to true and good meaninge Itm I doe 
constitute and make my welbeloved in Christ Willm Hyll and 
George Grove ov'seers to this my last Will and Testam written 
the xij'" day of August in the xxxvij"" yeere of the raigne of our 
sov'aigne ladye Elizabeth by the grace of God &c. the yere of 
our Lord God 1595. 

Proved at Worcester 31 July 1595. 
Inventory £\i^ 6s. 4d. 


The writer inclines to the opinion that this testator, 
of Ludley, the husband of Agnes, was the son ot WilHam 
(2) and also the William who witnessed William (2)'s 
Will in 1566 and the tenant of Robert of Ludley's land 
in 1558 (see p. 72). If so, the George overseer of his 
Will would be his brother. But no certainty can be 
arrived at in the face of these facts : — 

There occurs a William who had six children : — 
Elizabeth bap. 1559, William 1560, Margaret 1562, 
Anthony 1563, John ' 1565, and Jane 1567, of whom 
Anthony became the bridegroom of Agnes Reide in 
1585 and was the witness to the will of John (3) in 

Then we have the baptisms of a William and 
Margery: an unnamed child in Dec. 1573, John i in 
1576 and George in 1578. Possibly this William was 
the previously mentioned one with a second wife, but 
clearly he was not identical with the William of the 
Will, the husband of Agnes, who was living in 


In 1 58 I occurs the baptism of Anne, dau. of William 

and Elizabeth of Hawn. 

Among the marriages are those of William in 1586 
with Anne Sturdye and of William with Mary Hawkes 
in 1598. The burial register contains a William in 
each of the years 1562, 1592, and 1630, and a Nicholas 
son of a William in 1576. William the elder and 
William the younger appear as appraisers in 1606 of 
the estate of John (3). Richard had a son William by 
Alice Alchurche living in 1588. 

Here is food for conjecture and with conjecture 
we must rest content. 

I See Appendix A. 


C. Richard 

There were two Richards (if not more) at Halesowen 
at this time. The one married Alice Alchurche 23 Nov. 
1561, and the other Margery Aston on 30 Jan. 1563. 
Both couples had families which need careful dissection 
inasmuch as the following entries are carelessly made 
and the wife's name is not always given : — 

1564. William son of Richard, smythe, bap. 17 Sept. 

1564. William son of Richard bap. 19 Feb. [1 fault). 

1564. William son of Richard bap. 5 March. 

1566. Elizabeth, dau. of Richard bap. 13 Oct. (a fault). 

1567. Elizabeth, dau. of Richard bap. 25 March. 
1567. Margery dau. of Richard bap. 18 Oct. 

1575. Agnes, dau. of Richard & Margery bap. 24 May 
1578. Elienor, dau. of Richard & Margery bap. 23 April. 

The will of the Richard who married Alice 
Alchurche is as follows : — - 

In the name of God Amen In the yeare of our Lorde God 
one thousand fyve hundreth foure skore and Eight the x"" dale 
of Octob' in the xxx"" yeare of the Raigne of our Soveraigne 
ladye Elyzabeth By the grace of god of England ffraunce and 
Irelond Quene Defendo' of the fayth I Richard Grove of Hales- 
owen in the Countie Salop Smyth, Beinge Sick in my bodye 
but of good and pfecte Remembrance (thanks be unto god) 
Doe ordeyne and make this my testament conteyninge my last 
will in maner and fourme folowinge ffirst I doe geve and bequeth 
my Sowle unto allmightie God my Creato' Redemer & Saviour 
Trustinge that by the merits of the death passion and 
Resurrection of our Savio' Jesu Christ he will accepte me 
as one of his Electe and those numbf And my bodye to be 
buryed in the Churchard of the paryshe Churche of Hales- 
owen aforesaide accordinge to a Christian Ordre Itm I do geve 


and bequeth unto Alice my wife my bedde wheron and wherin 
She and I do lye with all that to the same bedde belongeth her 
wollen whele and her cardes Itm I do geve and bequeth unto 
the-saide Alice my wife the Some of iiii'' which She now hathe 
in stocke and occupacon Itm I do geve and bequeth unto my 
Sonne VVillm Grove All my tooles and ymplements appteyninge to 
my Shoppe and my greate Coffer and all such writynges and 
other thinges that there in ys at the tyme of my deceasse and death 
Itm I doe geve and bequeth unto Willm my sonne All those my 
two acres of Lande lyinge in hunttinge tree field To have and 
to hold to hym and his heyres and assignes ffrom and after 
the Deceasse of his mother for ever Provided allwayes and 
my will ys that the said Willm my Sonne shall when the same 
landes Doe come to his use and possession geve and paye unto 
eyther of his two Sisters Margarett and Elno' the Some of 
xxvi^ viii'' a peece It" all the Rest and Residue of my moveable 
goodes unbequethed I doe geve and bequeth unto Margarett 
and Elno*^ my daught'^ to be equallye devided betwene them 
And I doe constitute ordeyne and make my Sonne Willm and 
my daughter EIno' my Joynt Execute" of this my last will 
and testament And Adam Melley of Romesley yoman my 
Supvisour Trustinge that he will See the same executed accordinge 
to the trewe meaninge hereof And my will ys that my saide 
Executo'^ shall geve unto the said Adam for his paynes herin 
to be taken ten shillings In Witnes whereof I have hereunto 
putt my Scale These beinge wittnesss Richard Burleton Roger 
Hadley and Edmond Bennett. 

These be the Debts w"*" are These be the debts w"*" I 

owinge unto me do owe 

Willm Grove of Hallon theld[ xP To Richard yate mylner v". 
Willm Jones my brother in lawe xvii^ 

(Proved 29 August 1589.) 

Inventory made iv Nov. 1588 by Adam Melley Richard 
Burleton Roger Hadley & Willm Jones. Sma ^31 10. 11. 


The following from the Visit" of Worcestershire i 569 
shows the other Richard : — 


Richard A. a 3 sonn of. . Aston of Aston = Ellen da. of Will'm Dowler 

in Com. Cester was of NorfFeld in I of StratfFord vppon Avon in 

Com. Worstcr. Cora. Warwick. 


Thomas = 

Richard Aston = Cathcrin 

William = 

of Brome. 

ofNorllcld da. of 


Co. Stafford. 

in Will'm 
Com. Worcester. Colye of 


1 Halesowen. 


EUenor = Tho. Elston Margerett vx. ' Richard Groves 

of Birraicham. of Halesowen. 

The mention of Hunting Tree Field in the above 
Will marks out the testator, the husband of Alice 
Alchurche, as the son of William (2) in whose Will ^ 
that parcel of land is also mentioned : so too the fact 
that as a smith he was in trade like other members of 
his family. 

But who the husband of Margery Aston of Visitation 
standing was is not evident, and apparently there were 
more than two Richards in the field for a Richard Grove 
married Jone Hemynges 19 Oct^ 1578 : unless indeed 
Margery Aston died and her husband married again ? 
This only is clear that as Alice Alchurche was living in 
1588 her husband was not the Richard who married 
Jone Hemynges. 

D. George 

The family of George is quite clear for six genera- 
tions up to 1709 when the difficulty of identification 

I Mar. 30 Jan. 1563. 2 See pp. 4, 5. 


occurs which we have ah-eady met with in the cases 
of WiHiam and Richard, his brothers. 

George had three children : Ahce, bap. 18 May 
1567, George, bap. 5 Oct. 1573, (his mother's name 
being given as Anne), and Henry, mentioned as his 
brother by George in his Will of 1629. 

George, bap. 1573, married Margery Bache 12 Nov. 
1598. He was a yeoman of Ludley, and was buried 
30 July 1629 leaving a Will in which he speaks of 
his brother Henry, his daughter Ann Davis bap. 12 
Aug. 1599, his daughter Elizabeth White, bap. 12 Oct. 
1 60 1 (surname spelt Growe), and Henry "my eldest 
sone," a description which implies he had one or more 
other sons. There is no trace of any such in the register, 
but the Transcript for 1615 contains the baptism on 
14 Jan. of Humphrey son of George, and him the 
father nominated as overseer of his Will. There was 
also another daughter Joyse, bap. 18 April 161 3. 

The eldest son Henry cannot have been born before 
the middle of 1600 and must have married at a very 
early age, as his first child Mary was baptized in April 

WILL OF GEORGE (died 1629) 

In the name of God : Amen the 29"" day of Julie in the 
yeare of our Lord God 1629 And in the 5"" ycare of the Raigne 
of ou' Soveraige Lord Charles by the grace of God Kinge of 
England ffrance and Ireland Defender of the fayth &c I George 
Grove of Ludley in the p'ish of Halesowen and Countie of 
Wo''cestcr Yeoman beinge of a pfect memorie doe give God 
thankes : therfore I doe make ordaine and declare this to be 
my last Will and Testamt as followeth : first I Commend my 
Soule into the hands of Almightie God my maker fully trustinge 
through the merits death and Passion of my Saviour Jesus 
Christ I shall enioy eve'lastinge liefe : and as concerninge my 
worldlie goods : ffirst I give and bequeath unto Henry Grove my 


Eldest Sone my waine and Tumbrill w"" the wheles therunto 
belonging and all my husbandrie Implements w'soever : Item 
I give unto Margery my beloved wiefe all my houshold goods, 
Exeptinge only one Table Board standinge in the Hall w"" 
thapp'tances w"" all the shelves and Benches belongeinge to the s'^ 
hall vv"'' I give to my sone Henry : Item I give unto my daughter 
An Davis x". Itm I give unto my daughter Elizabeth White 
x= : Itm I make and ordaine Margery my Beloved wiefe and 
Henry my sone Joyne Executors of this my last Will and 
Testafht, and of all my Corne Cattells and Chattells unmen- 
tioned in this my last will and my Will is that they be equally 
devided betwixt them through . . they paieinge the full debts 
w"*" I owe w""" amounteth to the value of xv'' or therabouts : 
Alsoe I ordayne and appoint Humfrey Grove and my Brother 
Henry Grove my ou'seers herof. In wittnes whereof I have 
herunto put my hand and seale the Day and Yeare first above 

(Proved i i October 1629 and sworn at £1 13 12. o.) 


A trew and pfect Inventory of all the goods and cattells of 

George Grove late of Ludley in the p'ish of Hales Owen and 

Countie of Worcester yeoman decessed vewed and prised by 

Humfrey Grove Henry Grove and others the 7"' day ot October 
Anno Dom. 1629. 

Im : his wearinge Apparrell 1° 

It. eight steares xiii" 

It. 3 kine vi" 

It. 5 yonge Beasts at v'' 

It. fortie sheepe vi" 

It. 5 weaninge Calves at 1' 

It. one Mare iii" 

It. 3 hogs at xl' 

It. the Corne in the Barne at xl'' 

It. his Mucke at xl* 


It. 4 loads of hay at iiii" 

It. one Table Board in the hall one forme and 2 chairs at v' 
It. one Cubberd v"^ 

It. 3 shelves in the hall xviii'' 

It. 2 Brasse Potts xxx' 

It. 2 Brasse i^anns : 2 kettles xx' 

It. 10 Pewter Dishes x= 

It. one pewter Cup, 2 Candlesticks! .-s 

2 Saltes ) 

It. one Churne : one Closebox ) 

one Brueinge Pinte 3 Barrells) 
It. one skeele : 2 Tubs v^ 

It. 2 pailes and other treene ware xviii'' 

It. I weetinge fatt : i Brewinge Pinte ix* 

It. in the parlor 2 livery tables v^ 

It. I Chest 3 Coffers at x' 

It. one standinge Bed x^ 

It. one fether Bed, Blanket, 2 twillies one) , 

Coverlet ) 

It. 2 Beds in the Chamber w"* the app'tenences 1* 

It. one Bed in the Chamber w"' thapp'tances xx^ 

It. Butter and Cheese xxxx' 

It. hempe and flax xx= 

It. 3 paire of flaxon sheetes xxxx^ 

It. I paire of hempen sheetes and 6 paire of I xviii' 

hurden shetes ) 

It. 4 Table Cloths i Pyllows beare 1 xxxxiii' 

on Towell, 1 dozen and half of Napkins) 
It. one waine, one Tumbrill, one paire of 

wheeles, i plowe, 2 paire of Harrowes I 

and all other husbandry Implements] 
It. one paire of tonges fiershovle and pothangeinges] 

and other thinges forgotten or unprised ) 

Some P xiii'' 
Exhib. 1 1 Oct. 1629. 


Henry, son of George by Margery Bache was a 
yeoman of Ludley and father of the following family : 

1 619. 25 April bap. Mary. 

162 1. 10 Feb. bap. Hc-nry, bur. 23 March 1624. 

1623. 17 Jan. bap. Daniel. 

1626. 14 May bap. Henry. 

1628. 22 June bap. Anne. 

1 63 1. 3 Apr. bap. William. 

1632. 6 Jan. bap. George. 

In these entries the wife's name is not given. Later 
we have the following : 

1637. I Oct. bap. William s. of Henry by Elionor. 
1637. 14 March bap. Humfrey s. of Henry by Margery. 
1 64 1. 12 Jan. bap. Joyce d. of Henry by Elionor. 

Omitting the last three entries which are not clear 
we get the descent shown in the pedigree opposite. 

This last generation will appear lower down, enlarged 
by particulars gathered from the Wills etc. now to be 
given and from the register." 

Daniel, bap. 1623, son of Henry 
Daniel was a yeoman of Romsley and died in or 
before 1675 leaving no male issue. We have his Will 
proved 1675 with Inventory and also an interesting 
Indenture dated 9 June 1674 now in the Birmingham 
Public Library. 

WILL OF DANIEL, bap. 1623 

In the name of God Amen I Danyell Grove of Romsley in 

the parishe of Halesowen & County of Salop yeoman being weake 

in body but whole in minde and of good & perfect memory thanlces 

be to god doe make & ordeine my last will & Teastament in 

I Cf. Table facing p. 66. 






Q i- 

- C - - 



manner & sort foUowinge ffirst I give & bequeathe my soule to 
Allmighty god hoping to be saved by the meritts of Jesus 
Christ & my body to the Earth. Wheras Thomas Blunt and 
George Toky Esquiers by their Indenture of Leasse bearing date 
the ffirst day of May in the fFowrth & ffifte yeares of the Keigne 
of Phillip & Mary then Kinge and Oueene of England &c. did 
demise unto Henry Mel ley then of Romsley in the parish & 
County aforesayd yeoman and his assignes and sithence deceassed 
one ground called the Harriotts nowe into severall partes deuided 
whereon the sayd Danyell Grove hath Erected one Messuage or 
Tenement v/ithe a Barne thereunto belonginge for and during 
the Tearme of One Thousand yeares from thence next ensuing 
& fully to be compleat and ended which before menconed 
premisses by good assurance in the land is come to the handes 
and possession of the sayd Danyell Grove It™ I give & bequeathe 
the aforesayd premisses called the Harriott with thapptnncs unto 
Elizabeth Grove my eldest daughter To have and to hould the 
aforesayd premisss called the Harriotts unto the sayd Elizabeth 
Grove my daughter her heires and assignes for & during all 
the Rest & Resideue of the aforesayd Tearme of One Thousand 
yeares yet to come & unexpired. It™ I give and bequeathe unto 
Sarahe Grove my youngest daughter Tenn poundes to be payd to the 
sayd Sarahe Grove when shee shall accomplishe the Age of one 
& Twenty yeares yf shee shall be then livinge. It™ I give and 
bequeath unto my brother in lawe Walker one longe Coate 
Fawny Coloured and all my Stockings Excepting two payer 
heareafter bequeathed It" I give & bequeath unto Elizabeth 
Walker my sister ffifty shillings to be payd her within sixe 
monethes after my deceasse I give & bequeathe unto the afore- 
sayd Elizabeth Walker all my shirts that I shall leave behynd me 
It™ I give & bequeath unto Jnn Edson my sister Twenty shillings 
to be payd within sixe monthes after my deceasse It™ I give & 
bequeath unto Zachary Grove my Eldest brother my best hatt I 
give & bequeathe unto Henry Grove my brother my second suit 
of Clothes one Dublett one Coate one payer of Breeches And 
allso all the money that he owethe me. It™ I give & bequeath 
unto William Grove my brother my best suite of Cloathcs Coate 


Breeches Dublett and wastecoate & Cloake It'" I give & bequeath 
unto Henry Hanbury one other suit of Cloathes Dublett Coate 
& Breeches I give & bequeath unto Margery Hanbury wife of 
the above named Henry Hanbury ffifty shillinges to be payd her 
within Sixe monthes after my deceasse It'" I give and bequeath 
unto Adam Melley my worst suite one Coate Breeches & Dublett 
It'" I give & bequeath ffifty shillings to be distributed to Twenty 
the poorest families in Romsley quarter at the discretion of my 
Executors & Ouerseers heareafter named It'" I give & bequeath 
unto John Goode the younger one payer of Russett Stockinges 
It'" I give & bequeath unto Moses White one payer of Stockings 
And my will is that my Executors shall bestowe Tenn poundes 
in funerall Expences It*" all all [sic] the Rest of my goods cattell 
& Chattell & money owing me by bond or otherwise my debts 
beinge payd & my funerall rights discharged and my body 
decently brought the ground 1 give and bequeath unto my 
daughter Elizabeth Grove And I doe ordein and appoint William 
Smith & William Grove my brother Executors of this my last will 
and Teastament And my will is that my sayd Executors Willam 
Smith & william Grove shall have Reasonable Charges that they 
shall be put unto by reason of their Executorships And doe 
appoint George Harris thelder of Hunngton & Richard 
brettell of [sic] thelder of Romsley ouerseers to se this my last 
will & testament performed. I [sic] witnes whereof I have 
heareunto put my hand & seale the ffower & Twentyethe day 
of September in the fouer & Twentyethe yeare of the Reigne 
of our Souereigne Lord Charles the Second by the grace of god 
of England, Scotland ffrance & Ireland Kinge Defender of the 
ffaith &c. It'" I give & bequeath unto my Sister Margery 
Twenty Shillings. 

Henry Grove Junior Danyell Grove his 

X his mark mark X 

EUinor Smith X her mark 
Adam Melley 

(Proved, 9 Dec. 1675.) 

Henry Grove jun., witness, was his brother, and the Overseer 
George Harris was doubtless a relative of his first wife. 



In the inventory made i i Oct. 27 Ch. ii. occur the following 
items : — 

It'" one Joined Bedsteed withe one fFeatherbed and) 
furniture to the sayd Bed belonginge j 

It" 69 sheepe 1 5 10 o 

It"" one Messuage or Tenem' withe certen land] 

thereto belonginge called the Harriotts being [ 240 o o 
one leasse of one thousand yeares J 

It" money owing by severall bonds 204 o o 

Debts without security 400 

Tot. ;^495 15 6 
Indenture of 1674 (9 June) 

This is between Francys Hancoxe of Kingswinford and 
James Hancock son of Francys Hancoxe Clarke, and Daniel 
Grove of Romsley yeoman. It sets forth that Grove had 
married Constance Hancoxe daughter of Francis, and had 
received £100 with her as a dowry, himself securing his lands 
in Romsley to Francis and James as a jointure for Constance by 
Indenture of 15 Nov. 1667. If Daniel died first, the trustees 
were to let the widow enjoy it, but if he left issue that issue was 
to have a half when i 8 years of age. 

Constance the wife is now dead, leaving an only daughter 
Sarah, and Daniel the husband is anxious to return the marriage 
portion and set free his estate. 

A comparison of the Will, the Indenture, and the Register 
shows that Daniel married, i**"^ 30 April 1659 Elizabeth Harris 
who was buried 25 August 1661 after giving birth to a daughter 
Elizabeth bap. 8 July 1660, and 2'""^ in 1667 Constance Hancox 
by whom he had one child, Sarah. The second wife died before 
9 June 1674. The indenture of 1674 would of course mention 
only the issue of the second marriage, but the Will made rather 
earlier naturally mentions the daughters of both marriages. It 
also mentions as brothers Zachary, Henry, and William and as 
sisters Elizabeth, Margery and Ann. 


Henry and Zechariah, sons of Henry 
These two brothers of Daniel appear as married men shortly 
after the re-commencement of the Register atter the ten years' 
gap 1643-53 during which period they doubtless were married. 
Henry by his wife Amphela had issue, Henry bap. 28 May 
1656, and Anne bap. 30 Ap. 1659. They lived at Hasbury : 
" Amphelus Grove widow de Hasbury " was buried in 1698. 

Zachary or Zechariah also lived at Hasbury, and had by his 
wife Bridget, Joyce bap. 26 July 1655, and Zecharias bap. 12 
June 1658. 

William, son of Henry 

William apparently married Elianor Higgens 17 
May 1660: apparently because the bridegroom may 
have been the William, son of Henry, by Elienor, 
bap. in 1637. 

George, bap. 1632, son of Henry 
George, gentleman of Ludley, married 15 June 1655 
Margery White, as the entry shows : " George Grove 
son of Henry Grove of Ludley in this parish of 
Halesowen but county of Wigorne yeoman and 
Margary White spinster to whom y said George 
Grove was guardian of same place." Banns proclaimed, 
Ap. 29 May 6 and 1 3. They had a large family. 
He made his Will 2 Feb. 1691 and was buried 26 
Feb. 1692. It was proved 23 Jan. 1693 by his 
widow Margery, who on 23 Feb. made hers and 
who died in 1696. 

WILL OF GEORGE (made 1691) 
In the name of God. Amen. February the second one 
thousand six hundred and ninety one. I George Grove of 
Ludly in the parrish of Halesowen and County of Worcester 
Gentleman beinge weak in body but of perfect memory and 
remembrance praised be Almighty god doe make and ordaine 
this my last will and Testament in maimer and forme foUowe- 


inge vide Imp'mis I Commend my soule into the Hands o: 
Almighty god my maker hopeinge through the meritts Death 
and passion of my saviour Jesus Christ to receive free pardon & 
forgiveness of all my sins and to inherritt everlastinge life : Anc 
my Body I Committ to the earth to be decently Buried att tht 
discretion of my Executrix thereafter nominated And as touch- 
inge the disposition of all such Temporall estate as it hath pleasec 
Almighty god to bestow upon me I give and Dispose thereof a; 

Imp'mis I give to my sonne Henery the sume of one shillinge. 

Item I give to my sonne George my signett ringe. 

Item I give to my sonne Thomas the suine of Twenty pounds 
to be payd within two years after my Decease. Item I give tc 
my sonne Daniell the Mojety of Hauxly meadow beinge a 
ffourth part of it after his Aunt Elizabeth Groves Decease but 
if he should die before he Attaines to the Age of one and 
Twenty then my will and Desire is that my sonne Thomas 
should have it. 

Item I give to my daughter Martha the best featherbed in 
the new chamber with all Appetences thereto belongeinge. Item 
I give to my Daughter Ellinor the Joyne-bed in the same roome. 
Item I give to my daughter Elizabeth the best bed in the Icitchin 
chamber with all thereto belongeinge. 

Item all the rest of my goodsi chatties and cattle whatsoever 
I give unto Margery my loveinge wife and do make her full and 
sole Executrix of this my last will and testament revokinge all 
former wills by me Heretofore made In Witness whereof I have 
Hereunto put my Hand and Scale the day and yeare above 
written. George Grove 

Inventory appr. 13 Dec. 1693 

by " Richard Wight and others." 
Proved 23 Jan. 1693 by wife Margery. Sum £6^ 5 o 

The testator George was buried 26 Feb. 1692. 

WILL OF MARGERY (made 1693) 
I Margery Grove of Ludley in the pishe of Halesowen in 
the County of Worcester widowe being and this time in pfect 


health thanks be to God But being minded to settle that Estate 
the Lord hath lent me I doe make this my last will and testam' 
and dispose thereof as follovveth — 

Item I give and bequeath unto my three daughters Martha 
Grove Elianor Grove and Elizabeth (irove and theire heires 
forever All that my pasture or parcell of ground with 
thapptenncs comonly called or knowne by the name of Whitesich 
lyeing and being at Warley in the parish of Halesowen in the 
County of Worcester nowe in the occupacon of Maurice Smyth 
Upon condicon Nevertheles that my said Daughters doe pay unto 
the Exec"' or Exec" of My late brother Henry Grove the Sume 
of Twenty pounds with the increasing Interest that is or shall 
become due for the same for w'"" twenty pounds Hauxley meadowe 
is engaged : Item I give unto my three sonnes Henry Grove 
George Grove and Thomas Grove Twelve pence a peece. Item 
I give to my youngest Sonne Danyell Grove one feather bedd 
bolster Beddsteed and all that belongs thereunto And all the rest 
and residue of my goods Cattle Chatties and psonal Estate what- 
soever my debts and Legacyes being first paid and my funerall 
expences dischardged I give and bequeath unto my said three 
Daughters Martha Grove Elianor Grove and Elizabeth Grove 
Whom I make and ordayne full and Sole Exec" of this my will 
And I revoak and make void all former wills by me heretofore 
made In Wittnes whereof I have hereunto put hand and scale 
the Twenty third of ffebruary 1693 Annoq. . . 
Sealed and deliued published 
and declared to be the last will of the 
said Margery Grove 

in the p'sence of the mke of 

Jo. Grove Margery X Grove 

the mke of (seal, a horse's head) 

Richard X Wight 

the mke of 
Phelis X Bradley 

Proved 29 July 1697 by Eleanor and Eliza- 
beth, Martha being dead. 
Inventory made 28 Sept. 1696, amounting 
to / 1 34 9 o. 


The testator Margery and her daughter Martha 
were buried on the same day, 17 Sep. 1696. 

The executor Elizabetli, subsequently to the 
making of this Will and before 13 Oct. 1700, 
married Edward Milward as appears from the 
following : 

WILL OF ELEANOR, dau. of George and Margery 

October y' 13"' 1700 

first I give & bequeath my soul to God y' gave it in hopes 
of salvation through y*" merits of my Redeemer Jesus Christ & 
being of sound and perfect Minde but weeke of Body, after my 
funerall Charges are discharged & my debts paid first I give and 
bequeath to my sister Eliz : Milward y" just sume of One 
Hundard Pounds of good & Lawfull mony of England besides 
one bed all my wareing cloaths Pewter and all my Linnen. 

Item I give & Bequeath to my B' Daniel Grove all y' part & 
parcel of Lease Land Lying and being in Oldberry in ye parish 
of Aliceowing in y' County of Salhop. 

Item I give & bequeath to Eliz : Smith One Guinea to be 
paid to her within one year after my Burial. 

Item I give & bequeath to Margaret Lewis ten shills I 
do Make my Loving B' Edward Milward my Whole & Sole 
Executor of this my Last will and testament Revocking all 
former wills by me made Item I give and bequeath to Mary 
ffoones (.'') ten Shillings 

the Marke of 
Witnes p:sant Ellinor Grove 

Geo Middlemore 
Tho Barrett 
W'" Middlemore (Proved 16 Jan. 1700.) 

From these Wills and entries gathered from the 
Registers we can now give the fourth, fifth, and 
sixth generations of the family of the first George. 

The descent of the family is clear onwards from 


1709 when on ig Feb. a Henry Grove married Jane 

bap. nphela. 

af. 1659. 

Anne William Zechariah = Brijgett. George = Margery 

lip. 1628 bdp. 1631. or bap. 1632 White' 

= Edson. Zachary. bur. 1692. bur. 1696. 

bap. 165 

hap. i6;8. 







ft ha 


./. .669. 



bap. 1681. 




his Wife and Several 
inuary the 1741 

.Aged 90 

{CmlmutJ from fnge 59) 

! r ! .65, '"r~^^, \ I " 

Mary Henry Walker = Elizabeth. F.lizabe[h = (i) Daniel (2) = Constancc Margery. Henry 

I ' I 

me William Zcchariah = Bridgett. George 

1628 bap. 1631. or j bap. 1632 

dson. Zachary. , hur. 1692. 

bap. 1655. hap. 1658. 

Eli/ahctl. = Eduard M.Kvard. Mary William Thcop 

Lap. 165R. bap.\(it\ Lip. 1666. br.p. 1669. 

,1 I : I 

George. Th( 

I i 

enry Sarah 

25 Jan. /;ip. 25 Feb. 

' A red sandstone is thus inscribed : 

In Mcmon- of Henry Grove of Ludlcy Also Mary his Wife and Sev 

ot ihcir children Henry Grove departed this life ]anijary the r 

.Aged 85 Mary his wife died the day of 1752 Aged 90 


1709 when on ig Feb. a Henry Grove married Jane 
Reden, but the identity of the Henry cannot be 
estabhshed beyond question. In all probabihty he 
was the Henry bap. 25 Jan. 1687 son of Henry and 
Mary of Ludley, but there were other Henrys, viz. a 
son of Henry and EHzabeth of Romsley, bap. 29 Jan. 
1686, and a son of Henry and Joan bap. 20 July 1671. 
It is not unlikely that the Henry husband of Elizabeth 
was the Henry bap. 1656 son of Henry and Amphela 
of Hasbury, and if so the Henry bap. 1686 would be 
the grandson of iHenry and Amphela, whereas the 
Henry bap. 1687 was the grandson of George and 

Passing on from the identity of Henry, we find that 
his children by Jane Reden were : 

1 7 10. 20 Nov. Sarah, bap. 

17 1 3. 7 July William, bap. 

1 7 14. 30 Jan. Thomas, bap. 

1718. 21 Sep. Henry, bap. and bur. 14 July 1723. 

1719. 6 March Mary, bap. 
1722. 17 March Hannah, bap. 
1724. 21 Feb. Ann, bap. 

To take the younger son Thomas, first. He seems 
to have been the father by his wife Hannah of three 
boys, Samuel bap. 29 Aug. 1742, Joseph bap. 23 Sep. 
1744, and Thomas bap. 12 March 1748, but there is 
no certainty of this as there were others of the name 
just then, viz. Thomas, son of Henry and Mary of 
Ludley, bap. 1698 ; Thomas s. of Thomas of Ludley, 
bap. 1704 ; and Thomas, s. of Thomas and Elizabeth 
of Hasbury, bap. 1720 who however may have been 
the infant bur. 9 Aug. 1722. 

The elder son William's career is clear. Born in 



171 3 he married Mary Stephens on 25 April 1736 and 
had a family of five : 


9 Jan. Samuel, bap. 

10 Dec. John, bap., bur. 6 Feb. 
2 Feb. William, bap. 

1 1 Dec. Mary, bap. 
1 1 Jan. John, bap. 


All three sons, Samuel, William and John left Wills 
now at Worcester, and have stones to mark their resting- 
places near the West end of Halesowen Church. Near 
to them is a fast-decaying dark stone with little left 
but the words William Grove : this probably was their 

I. Samuel, bap. 1736, married Susanna Parks 
22 April 1767 and lived to old age, dying at Hasbury 
in 1816 aged 79. She died aged 85 in 1823. They 
left a son Joseph bap. at Frankley 19 June 1768 and bur. 
at Halesowen in 1844. In his Will made 27 May 
1 8 16 and proved 27 Jan. 18 17 (not 18 16 as given in 
the Kalendar) Samuel describes himself as a farmer 
of Hasbury and leaves his property there to his wife 
and to his son Joseph who acted as sole executor, the 
only persons mentioned in the Will. His stone is 
inscribed : 

Samuel Grove 

late of the Basonage House 

Hasbury in this Parish 

He departed this life 

Sep. 19 1 8 16 

aged 79 years. 

Also Susannah 

his wife died Jan'' 30"" 


aged 85 years. 

Joseph Grove 

late of Basonage House 

Hasbury in this Parish 

who died Feb^ 

19- 1844 

Aged 74 years 

Also Elizabeth his wife 

who died F'ebruary 21" 


Aged 82 years. 


A Joseph Grove married Elizabeth Pryn 29 Sep. 

2. William, bap. 1740 married 29 March 1762 
Hannah Dearn (who was bap. 25 Oct. 1741 the 
daughter of Thomas and Sarah Dearn). 

His Will, made 26 May 1804 and proved 18 June 
1806, describes him as William the elder, farmer, of 
Hawn. It speaks of his wife Hannah, his two sons 
William and James, and his four daughters Jane, wife 
of John Measfield, Elizabeth wife of William Auden, 
Sarah wife of Isaac Smith, and Hannah. It speaks of 
his property in Cradley and names Hannah as trustee 
jointly with Michael Pratt Reading of Cradley. 

To the Memory of 

William Grove of 

Hawn in this Parish 

Who departed this life 

the 14"" of February 

1806 Aged 66 

Also Hannah Grove 

who died Sept. 20"' 1825 

Aged 84 years. 

The widow lived at Cradley at the time of her 

3. John bap. 11 Jan. 1746. His Will, made 13 
Nov. 1 8 19 and proved 8 May 1822, describes him as 
a farmer of the Wildmoor in Bromsgrove, and mentions 
his wife Phebe, his four unmarried daughters Phebe, 
Esther, Mary, and Sarah, his two sons Joseph and John 
and his married daughter Hannah wife of Obadiah 
Johnson of Belbroughton. The executors are his 



two sons jointly with his kinsman Joseph Grove of 


to the Memory of" 

Phoebe wife of John 

Grove late of the Parish 

of Bromsgrove. She departed 

this life September 25"" 

1 82 I Aged 55 years 

Also the aforesaid John 

Grove He departed this 

life April 15 1822 

Aged 74 years. 


Henry Grove = Jane Reden. 




William = Mary 






ia/'. 1713. 


"/■ '714- 

ij/: 1718 
iur. .723. 

1 1767 

\ 1762 


Samuel = Susanna 

William = 

= Hannah 

John, of = 

= Phebe 

ia/>. 1736 


tap. 1740 



d. 1821 

^. 1816 

^. 1823 

J. 1806 

</. 1825 

iaj>. .746 

xt. 55. 

at. 79. 

xt. 85. 

xt. 66. 

xt. 84. 

</. 1S22 
xt. 74. 

Joseph = Eliz 


J. .844 J. 

1 1 



74. xt 


Joseph. John. 


No attempt has been made to trace the last men- 
tioned generation, and so end the particulars begun on 

p. 54 of George, grandson of the John living 1538. 



WILLS Etc. 1540-1784 

IT is believed that every Grove of Halesowen Will or Admin- 
istration now at Worcester for the period 1540- 17 84 has 
now been given, with the exception of the five following 
which have been reserved for separate treatment because the 
persons concerned cannot be identified. 

Robert of Ludley 
First comes the Will, dated 1558 and proved 1559, of a 
Robert of Ludley speaking of a son Robert and a nephew Roger. 
The only reference to either of these three is the marriage or 
Roger with Katherine Burlton on 21 Nov. 1581. It is of course 
possible that these three left no descendants, but more probably 
they settled elsewhere and elsewhere their descendants must be 
looked for. Who the Robert was who made the Will cannot 
be decided : possibly he was a brother or son of William (2) 
who died 1566 : anyhow, his death in 1558 would account for 
his non-mention in the Will of 1566. 


In del nomine ame In the yere of owre lorde god mccccclviij 
the xxij day of Aprell I Roberte Grove of Ludley of the parich 
of Halesowe secke yn body but thanks be to God of pfet myd 
& memory make my laste Will & Testamet on thys maner & 
forme foleyng Fryste I bequeth my soule to Ailniyghte God 


to owre blessyd lady & all the wholy company of hevyn & my 
body to be buryd yn the church yorde of Halesowen & to be 
onestly browth whome a por my one goods & catell It. I bequcth 
to the mother church of Worseter iiij'' & to the lady aulter 
of Halesowen vj"* It. I gave & bequeth to Roberte my Sonne 
all my weryng raymet that ys worth the carege I geve & 
bequeth unto Roger my nevy a yowe & a lame w' a greate plater 
forther more I make Margery my wiffe my sole exsecutryx thes 
beyng ov'secrs Tho Hasolde Willla Hyll and geve & bequeth 
unto hyr ail my lands & tenemets lyyng yn ludley for the 
space of vj yeres after my decese after the cuson & maner 
of the Kyngs Fre Chapell of wolverhaton and also geve & 
graunt unto Edward my wyves sonne the rest of thowes vj yeres 
yf my wyffe donot leve to enjoe the for the w' grat Edwarde hyr 
Sonne shall pay unto Roberte my Sonne xx' more over my deats 
payd & I onestly browth whom I geve & bequeth unto Margery 
my wyffe all my goods and catell that I have & hereafter may 
have not afore bequethed nor hereafter to be bequethed thes 
beryng wytnes Willia Hyll, Nicolas Greves clake, Thomas 
Adersuch w' other the yere and day above specyfyed. Jhon 
Hasolde Willia Grove tenands of the same holde. pme 
Nicolaum Greves. 

(Proved at Worcester 28 i^pril 1559.) 
Inv^ _^9 2. 2. appr'' by William Grove of Ha\ n and others. 

Administrations of two Johns (i6c j & 1618) 

(i) Admon dated 18 July 42 Eliz. of tne Estate of John 
of Halesowen was granted to his son John, who undertook to 
obey the order of the Court with reference to the testator's 
widow Ann, and is described as a yeoman in the bond along with 
Nicholas Paston of Kingswinford. 

The Inventory of goods appraised at £^2 6. i. was made 
15 July 42 Eliz. by William Westwood, William Paston, George 
Grove, John Pkes, John Mucklome and others. 

The parentage of this John cannot be given ; he was appar- 
ently the godson in John's Will made 1538 and if so must 
have been 62 at the time of death. 


(2) Admon dated 15 July 161 8, of the estate ot John 
" late of Halesowen who deceased at Shipston in the County 
of Worcester," was granted to Hugh Reade nayler jun' as 
administrator during the minority of the son John. The 
Inventory made by Henry Melley and Robert Powell is dated 
26 May 1618. 

There is a Bond of 1590 for the marriage of Margery Grove 
of Halesowen and Hugh Reade of Rowley. This took place 
12 Feb. at Halesowen. 

This second John, of 161 8 Admon, was possibly the son 
of the preceding and if so these two admons give three gene- 
rations of Johns. On the other hand he may have been the son 
of Thomas or William (see pp. 49, 51). 

Wills of two Williams of Hasbury (1706 & 1726) 

(1) Will, dated 8 Jan. 1704 and proved 12 Feb. 1706, of 
William "of Hasbury," buried 14 July 1705. The bequests 
include is. to daughter Mary, 40s. to daughter Margery, ^^8 to 
daughter Elinor, ^TS to daughter Joyce, los. to each of four 
grandchildren Joseph Sanders, William Sanders, Samuel Sanders, 
and Mary Sanders. William the son is appointed sole executor 
and residuary legatee. The witnesses to the Will which was 
signed by the testator are Ri Higgins jun', John Parker, and 
Margery Hornblower who made her mark. The seal bears the 
initials R.H. doubtless Richard Higgins'. 

The Inventory shows that the estate valued at ^56 15. o. 
was made up of wearing apparel £2, ready money ^^24, 60 
sheep jTS, and "in desperate debts" ^22 15. o. 

(2) Will made 8 Nov. and proved 24 Nov. 1726 of 
William, yeoman, of Hasbury, who was buried 12 Nov. 1726. 
His loving wife, whose name is not given, is appointed executrix 
and receives the use of everything until her death, after which 
event half of the estate at Hasbury is to go to his daughter 
Mary Fewster and her children, and the other half to his grand- 
children, Thomas, Mary and Elizabeth Bartlett. (In 1733 a 
child of John and Mary Fewster of Hasbury, was baptized 
by the name Susanna.) 


The Inventory is dated 15 Nov. 1726, and the value 
£n° 5. o. 

The Register contains the following marriages : — 

1660. William Grove = Elianor Higgens, 17 May. 
1683. William Grove = Margery Assaby, 6 Nov. 
1692. William Grove = Mary Holmes, 18 May. 
1697. William Grove = Marjory Wood, 6 Sep. 



Speaking of the old family of Peshall of Horseley in Eccleshall, 
CO. Stafford, Grazebrook's "Heraldry of Worcestershire" (p. 438) 
says : " In the year 1612, John Peshall of Horseley was created 
a baronet and was succeeded in that dignity by his grandson, Sir 
John, in 1646, and lie by his son, Sir Thomas Peshall, on whose 
death in 17 12, without surviving male issue, the title is generally 
supposed to have become extinct. But about the year 1771, 
the Rev. John Pearsall, the descendant of a respectable yeoman 
family seated for several generations at Hawne in the parish 
of Halesowen, changed the name he had hitherto borne and 
assumed the style and designation of ' Sir John Peshall, bart.' 
alleging that he was descended from one Humphrey Peshall, 
whom he affirmed to be a second son of the first baronet. To 
support these pretensions, the name of the rev. gentleman's 
grandfather Thomas (who died in 17 14 a;t. 62) which had 
originally been engraved Pearsall was changed upon his tomb- 
stone at Halesowen to Peshall, and a tablet was placed in 
Halesowen church commemorating the births marriages and 
deaths of sundry Peshalls of Hawne including Humphrey, 
' fir D'ni Joh'is de Horseley Hall in agro Staff* B'ti.' It is 
of course possible that these Pearsalls were descended from a 
second son of the Horseley baronet, but it is far more probable 
that they derived their descent from Humphrey Peyrsall, 
husbandman, who in the year 1562 obtained a lease of lands 
in Hawne for 1000 years." 

Nash (i. 534) thus alludes to the tablet and tombstone : 
" Against a pillar in the north side of the middle aile is an 
inscription which the ignorance of the stone-cutter etc. has 
almost rendered unintelligible. 



Humfri Peshall huj. par. fil. Dili Johis de 
Horsly Hall, in Agro Staff. B'ti. uxorem duxit 
Maria fil. R. Blount de Rowley, ex qua suscept 
Joh. Laur. Hum. Maria Eliz. lana. Obt. hil. 
12. 1650 a;t 51 

Joh. fil. & Hasr. de Halle, huj par. ex 
Maria filia R. Dolman de Clent, filia reliq'. 
supstes Eliz. Tho. Maria, Sara, Lydia. Ob' 
Mar. I. 1670 St 50. Thomas praed. de Hallen, 
B'tus (post mortem Tho. Peshall de Staff. B'ti, 
anno 17 12 f. p.) Ob' Mar. 20. 17 14, st 62. 
huic pep' uxor ei Eliz. fil. I Grove de Hasbery 
Thomam B'tum, defunct, Sep.' 14 1759 a2t77. 

" In the body of the church is a flat stone with this inscrip- 
tion : Here lieth the body of Thomas Peshall [formerly en- 
graved Pearsali] late of Hawn, gent, who departed this life the 
20"" day of March a.d. 17 14 and was buried on the 22'' of 
March in the 63'^ year of his age. Memento mori (grandfather 
to Sir John Peshall)." 

If we read the tablet correctly, the Rev. John Pearsali 
claimed the following as his descent : 

Sir John of Horsley = 
cr. bart. in 1612. | 


Sir John, 2nd bart. 
succ. 164.6. 


Sir Thomas, 3rd bart. 

d. 1712 

without male issue. 

Humfrey = Mary Blount of Rowley. 
2nd son. I 

of Hawn, 
d. 1670. 

Mary Dolman of Clent. 

Thomas = Eliz: Grove of Hasbury. 

of Hawn 

d. 1714 a:t. 62 

{de jure baronet 

after 171 2). 

d. 1759 xt. 77 
[de jure bart.) 


Rev. John, of Hawne, 

adopted title of bart. about 1 77 1 


and if the claim is reliable Eliz. Grove, who married Thomas 
Pearsall on 17 August 1676, was a baronet's wife though she 
never passed as such. Her husband was born about 1652 and 
the gap in the register (1643-53) is doubtless responsible for 
the absence of record of his and her baptisms. Probably she 
was a daughter of James by Anne Perks and sister of James 
and Daniel (p. 18). 

The named is spelt Pearsall in the following Halesowen 
entries : — 

1676. 17 Aug. Thomas P. and Elizabeth Grove married. 
1688. 15 July. John s. of Thomas P. de Hawn by Eliza- 
beth, bap. 
- 28 July, ditto buried. 
1694. 27 June. Tho. s. of Thomas P. by Elizabeth bap. 
1705. 31 Jan. Thomas, buried. 
1714. " M'. Thomas P. sen' de Hawn Buryd the 22°'^ 

1759. " rVP Tho^ P. of Hawn Bur"*. Sep' 17." 
Thomas Pearsall by his wife Ann had Elizabeth bap. 16 Feb. 
1 7 14; Thomas, bap. 19 July 1716 ; John, bap. 19 Feb. 17 17. 



William of Hagley 1558 

In the name of god Amen, the 22 Daye of August in the yere of 
o' lorde god 1558. I IVyllm grove of Wassell in the pysshe of haggle 
w"'in the coiitie of Wester Sycke in bodye but of holl and pfect 
memorye Do make my Wyll and testament in maner and forme 
folowynge Fyrst I bequeth my soole to Ahnyghtie god of whome 
I aske mcye for my offencs et c : and my bodye to be buryed in 
the churche of haggle : It'" I wyll that my wyfe shall have all 
my lands tyll my heyre come to his full age. And that she shall 
inhabyte my howse and have the use of all my goods to metayne 
her and my chyldre, so longe as she kepyth her selfe wydowe : 
and yf she marrye I wyll y' she shall have all suche goods as she 
brought w"" her: It™ I wyll that all my goods be devyded equallye 
amonge my vi chyldren when theyr mother Doth marrye, and 
yf any of the vi chyldren dye before that tyme, the that chylds 
pte of goods to be devyded amongest the rest of my chyldern. 
And to my Sone John I gyve no pte of my goods because he 
shall have my lands when he cometh to hys age. It™ I wyll that 
my depts and funerall chargs shalbe payd of my wholle goods. 

It™ I do ordayne and make margerye my wyfe and John my 
Sone my lawful! executours to execute this my last Wyll. 

It™ I do ordayne and make the pson of pedmore my overseor 
& he to have for hys payns iii' iiii'' 

These beyng wytnesses Rychard Harve .'' clarke 
Wyllm Harvey John Collyns w"" other 

Inventory taken 10 Feb. 1558 by John Collynce 
Willm Patchet & Thomas Rosse. 

Proved xx Feb. 1558. 



George of Rowli 

The will is made 24 June 1575 : proved 14 Jan. 1575. 

He describes himself as of Rowley but does not add his 
profession or trade. 

He leaves his estate to his brother "Lawrens" and "Mgerie 
willets my cosin," and appoints them executors, and directs that 
he be buried at Rowley. 

The following entries at Rowley are of interest : — 

1540. Oct. 24. John Willets & Margery Grove weded. 

1553. Dec. 2. Law. Grove = Margery Turnocke. 

1554. Sep. 26. Agnes d. of Law. Grove bap.: bur. i Jan. 


1555. Dec. 12. Richard s. of Law. Grove bap. 

Among other baptisms are those of the children of John viz. 
Jone in 1541 Margery 1543 John 1548 Thomas 1551 Richard 
1 553, and the children of Wiljiam viz. William 1541 Agnes 1544 
Catharine 1547 Henry 1549, Eliz. 1550 Agnes 1552 Robert 
1553 Thomas 1555 Phil. 1557. 

John of Oldswinford 

This was made 22 Feb. 1665 and proved by Joana, exec* 
II Sept. 1669. John, yeoman, of Oldswinford. Mentions a 
dau. Mary, son John, brother-in-law John Smallman, son William, 
dau. Elizabeth. The Will speaks of all tools belonging to the 
trade of weaving : and of his land lying by Katherwell and Yearn- 
barrow Hill. Six sheep and ^^50 are left to Mary "provided 
that if the said Mary shall not Demean and Dispose of her se'fe 
to the good liking of my wife and John Smallman aforesaid 
it shal bee lawfuU for them or the survivor of them to deseyne 
all or any part of the said Sume and Dispose of the same for the 
said Mary as to them shall seem convenient." 

The will is signed by the testator. The inventory was made 
21 Aug. 1669 by Nicholas Addenbrooke, Thomas Bradley, 
Nicholas Whitmore and Richard Hornblower. Total ^44 4. 6. 



Between 1575 and 1626 there are several Wills etc. of the 
family of Greevs, Greves, Greve of Kingsnorton. 

The earliest of the name Grove of Kingsnorton seem to be 
an admon and Inventories of 1621 and 1622 of three sisters 
Anne, Eleanor and Isabel granted to or made by their brother 
Francis. AdmSn of Elnor and Isabel of Kingsnorton was granted 
in 1621 : and the three following seem to refer to the same 
though the place of residence is not given : 

1622. Inventory of Anne Grove spinster taken 2 April 
1622 by Henry Baker and John Littleford. Exh*^ 
9 May by Francis Grove brother & adm'. 
1622. Inventory of Elioner Grove spinster taken 2 April 
1622 by Henry Baker & John Littleford Exh'' 
9 May by Francis Grove brother & adm'. 
1622. "The last will nuncuptaive of Isabell Grove of 
Bromsgrove made and declared by her Imediatly 
before her death. 

Inprimis she the said Isabell Grove did give and 
bequeath unto Anne Grove her sister all her 
money goodes debtes & Chattells, made & 

in the pnce of Henry Cookes, Anne Cookes 
Fraunces Grove." 

Inventory made 2 April by Henry Baker and John 
Littleford : exh"* 9 May by Francis brother & 





= Baker. Margcr 

George. Margaret. Christian. Jone, 

Anne = Adam Cox. 

Elizabeth Sianl 




~§-i; £ g s 

, O 


! »"■-•= s 

- "g S ^" . o. 

zz — :: — ^ 

's "^ t-'S .= I = 


>£^^ sg: s a s 

1 .1. F 

I— rsi it- 

Isl 1: 


Abram, Sr, I'eter, 3 

Adams, G. F., vii 

Addcnbrooke, Nich., 79 

Adeisuch, Tho., 3, 72 

Admiiustrations, 30, 72, 73, 80 

Alchurche, Alici.-, 52-54 

Aldndge monument, xiv 

Aliceowing (or Halesowen), 66 

Amphlelt, John, xi 

Andrews, ^[aria, 28, 29 

Arms, xiv 

Ab^aby (Asburry, Asberry, Asbury), Anne, 

16; John, 13, 15; Marv, 13, 15 i 

Margery, 74 ,, 
Aston Family, 54 ; Margery, 52-54 
Aslou old church, 31 

Bache, Margery, 55, 56 

Baker, Annes, 2 ; Anne, 28, 29 ; Mary, 31 ; 

Jone, 2 ; John, 2 ; Geo., 2 
Barnsley, Kath., 35 
Bartlett family, 73 
Basonage House, 68 
Belbroughton, 69 

Bennett, Jane, 6 ; Jone, 6 ; Arthur, 6 
Birmingham, St. Martin's, 30, 37 
— Free Library, 12, 5S, 62 
Bretlell.John, 13, 21 ; Jacob, 16 ; Mary, 16; 

Ri., 61 
Bronisgrove, 69 
Burke's Armoury, xiv 
Burleton, Kath., 71 ; Ri., S3 
Butler, Hannah, 22, 23 


Cakemore, xv, 25 

Chilton, Mary Ann, 31 

Clent, xi, 4 

Clifton, Mary, 6, 7 

Court Rolls of Halesowen, xi 

Cox, Adam, 6, 8 ; Anne, 6, 7 ; Isabella, 6, 7 

Cradley, xv, 19, 69 

De Bo: 

G. F., 31 ; Matili 
Ann, 55, 56 
Hannah, 69, 70 

Edson, Ann, 60 

Ent;ley, Jone,48;Wm.,48 

Eveson, Chas., 34; Harriet Ann, 34 

Fellowes, Martha Jane, 34 
Fewster family, 73 
Fiddean, Mary, 30-34 
Foxell, Eliz., 26 
Frankley, 24-2S, 35, 36, el at. 

Gaps in register, xiii, 10, 11, 19, 77 
Govilon, 31 

Graiebrook'., Heraldry of Worccitenhire, 75 
Greaves, Anne, 37 ; Austin, 37, 38-46 ; 

Eliz., 37 ; George, 37 ; Mary, 26, 37 ; 

Maria, 38; Sarah H., 37 
Greevs (Greves) family, 80 ; Nich., clerk, 72 
Greenhill, Ri., 3S-46 
Grifiin, Eliz., 47 
Grovenor, Jos., 30 
Grove, Ada May, 47 

— Agnis, (/. of James (4), 9 ; Agnes, w. of 

Wm., 50, 51 ; Agnes (Reade), 51 

— Alice (Alchurche), 52-54 

— Alfred Edward, 35 

— Amphela or Aniphelus, 63, 67 

— Amy Jane, 47 

— Ann (Greaves), 37 ; Ann (Davis), 55, 56 ; 

Ann (Edson), 60 ; Ann, w. of John, 72 

— Anne (Cox), 6; Anne (Baker), 28, 29; 

Anne, d. of Jos. (7), 23 ; Anne, w. of 
Geo., 55 ; Anne of Kingsnorton, 80 

— Annes (Baker), 2 

— Ann Eliz. (Rose), 34 

— Anthony, 7, 8, 51 

— Arthur James, 35 

— Benjamin, 36 

— Bridgett, w. of Zachary, 63 

— Caroline Eliz., w. of Wm. Lister, 47 

— Catharine, or Katharine (Burleton), 71 ; 

Cuth. (Barnesley), 35 ; Cath. (Hodg- 
kins), 36 

— Cath. Ellen, 47 

— Christian, 4, 5. 48 

— Constance (Hancox), 62 
Daniel (6), 13, 15-16, 18-22 ; Danl., s. of 

ditto, 22 ; Danl. of Romsley, will and 
inventory, etc., 5S-63 ; Danl., i. of 
Geo. and Margery White, 64, 65 



Grove, David, 31 

— Ed-ar ClitVurd, 35 

— Edward, s. of Saml,, will, etc., 30-34 ; 

Edwd., s. of Edwd., 31 ; E.lwd. of 
Northfield, 39 

— Eleanor, will of, etc., 64-66 ; Eleanor 

(Iliggens), 63, 74; Eleanor of Kings- 
norlon, So 

— Eli/.abelh, tu. of \Vm. (2), 3, 4 ; Eli?,, cl. 

of James {4), 10; KVu. (Stanlc)!, '.u. of 
\Vm., will of, etc., 10-17 ; t-'i-^- (Stan- 
ley), w. of Danl. (6), ig, 20, 22 ; Eliz., w. 
of Jos., 20; Eli/..,,/, of Danl. 16), 15,22; 
Eliz. Fry (Jones), 35 ; Eliz. (Wliitel, 55, 
56 ; Eliz. (Walker), 60, 61 ; Eliz. 
(Harris), 62 ; Eliz. (Milward), 64, 65, 66 ; 
Eliz., d. of Danl. of Roni.ley, 62 ; Eliz. 
(I'ryn), 69, 70 ; Eliz. (Pearsall), 76, 77 

— Eliz. Jane, w. of Geo. Hill, 34 ; Eliz. 

Jane (Jeftrey), 35 

— Eliz. Marion, 35 

— Eric, 35 

— Ernest Harry, 35 

— Esther (Tayler), 27, 29, 30 

— Florence, 47 

— Florence Ann, 35 

— Francis of Kingsnorton, So ; Francis 

Harold, 35 

— Frederick Edward, 35 

— George, s. of Wm. (2), 4, 5, 54, 55 ; Geo., 

s. of Jos., 26 ; Geo., m. M. A. Chilton, 
31 ; Geo., rector of Govilon, 31 ; Geo., 
m. Margery Bache, 55, will, etc., of, 
55-57. 72 ; Geo., w. Margery White, 
58, 63, will, etc., of, 63, 64 ; Geo., s. 
of ditto, 64, 65 ; George of Rowley, 79 

— George Fredk. , 34 

— Hannah(Dearn), 69, 70; Hannah (Butler), 

22, 23 ; Hannah (Stringer), 23, 26 

— Harriet Ann, w. of C. Eveson, 34 

— Harry, s. of Saml., 30 

— Henry, s. of John I3), 6; Henry, s. of 

James (5), 18 ; Henry, s. of Geo., 55 ; 
Henry, s. of Geo. and Margery, 55 ; 
Henry, i/i. Amphela, 63, 67 ; llenry, s. 
of ditto, 67 ; Henry, s. of George and 
Margery, 67 ; Henry, gs. of Geo. and 
Margery, 67; Henry, m. Jane Keden, 67 

— Humphrey, j-. of Geo. and Margery, 55, 

56, see also 58 

— Isabell (Westley), 49 ; Isabelle, of Kings- 

norton, So 

— James (41,6-11 ; James (5), 10, 1 1 ; James, 

s. of James (5), 13, 15, iS, 19, 21 ; 
James, s. of John, 13, 18; James, s. of 
Saml., 30; James, m. A. E. Rose, 31, 

— Jane (Reden), 67, 70; Jane (Bennett), 6; 

Jane, w. of John, 18 

— John (i), xii-xiv, i, will of, 2, 3; John 

(3), 4-6, will of, 7-9; John (xods.), 2, 
3, 7, 72 ; John, s. of James (5), 12, 16, 
iS, 19 ; John, gs. of James (5), 12, 18 ; 
John of Bromsgrove, 69, 70 ; and John, 
s. of ditto, 69, 70; John of Oldswinford, 
79 ; Johnof Hagley, 78 

Grove, Jone (Smith), 1,2; Jonc, d. of Wm. 
(2), 4, 5, 48 ; Jone (Westwood), 6 5 Jone 
(Heminges), 54 

— Joseph, s. of James (5), 13, 15, 18, 20; 

Jos., J. of Jos. and Eliz., 20 ; Joseph (7), 
16, 22 ; Joseph (Si, 23, will .)f, 24, 27 ; 
Joseph, r. of J OS. (Si, 25-27; Joseph, r. 
of Geo., 25, 26 ; Joseph, s. of Saml., 30 ; 
Joseph, s. of Tho., 36 ; Jos., s. of Saml. 
and Susanna, 6S, 70 ; Jo.-,eph, j. of Juhn 
of Bromsgrove, 69, 70 

— Josiah, s. of Saml., 30; Josiah, s. of 

Edward, 31 ; Josiah, s. of Benj., 36 
-Joyce, 55, sec also 58. Joyce, d. of 
Zachary, 63 

— Juliet Phcebe, w. of E. D. Weston, 35 

— Katharine. See Catharine 

— Laura .Mabel, 35 

— Lilian Susan, 47 

— Luke, 35, 36 

— Margaret, d. of Wm. (2), 4, 5, 4S ; 

Margaret (Harries), 6 

— Margaret Anne (Je(lrey), 34 

— Margaret Jane, 35 

— Margery, d. of John (l), 2 ; Margery 

(Aston), 52, 54; Margery (Wall), 48; 
Margery (Novcke), 49 ; Margery (Bache), 
55; Margery (Whilel, 63-66 ; Margery, 
w. of Robt. of Ludlcy, 72 ; Margery 
(Reide), 73; Margery (.\ssaby), "74 ; 
Marjury (Wood|, 74 ; Marjorie, 35 

— Maria (Andrewes), 28, 29 

— Martha Jane (Fellowes), 34; Martha, d. 

of Geo. and Margery, 64, 65, 66 

— Mary (Clifton), 6, 7 ; Mary, d. of James 

(4), 9 ; Mary, w. of John, l8 ; Mary, d. 
of James, 15, 19; iMary (Stanley), 19; 
Mary (GreavesI, 26; Mary (Fiddean), 
30-34; Mary (Baker), 31; Mary 
(White), 36; Mary, w. of Tho., 35; 
.Mary, w. of Henry (face 66 and 67) ; 
Mary (Stephens), 27, 28, 6S-70 ; Mary 
(Holmes), 74 

— Mary Ann (Chilton), 31 

— Mary Frances, 47 

— Matilda, w. of G. F. Dakin, 31, 33 

— Matthew, s. of Jos., 37, 3S, will of, 38- 

46 ; Matthew, s. of Matthew, 37, 3S-46, 

— Muriel Eliz., 35 

— May (Hewitt), 35 

— Phihp, xi 

— Phiebe, d. of Saml., 30 ; Phcebe, lu. ot 

Juhn, 69, 70 

— Rebecca (Tayler], 28, 29, 31 

— Reginald James, 35 

— Richard, s. of Wm. (2), 4, 5, 52-54 

— Robert of Ludley, 3, 51, will of, 71-72 ; 

Robt., s. of ditto, 72 ; Robt., s. of Geo., 

— Roger, xi ; Roger, n. of Robt., 71, 72 

— Rose (Rosa), 26 ; Rose Eliz., 35 

— Ruth (Stevens), 31 

_ Samuel, s. of Jos. (8), m. Esther Tayler, 
27-30; Saml., m. Susanna Parks. 27-29, 
68, 70; Saml., III. Rebecca Tayler, 28, 
29; Saml., in. Anne Baker, 28, 29; 



Saml., m. Maria Andrewes, 28, 29 ; 

Saml., /«. Ruth Stevens, 31 
■Sarah (Heath), 37; Sarah, w. of W. 

Hollies, 31 ; Sarah of Romsley, 62 
■ Susanna (Parks), 27-29, 68, 70 

- Theophilus (face 66) 

• Thomas, s. of \Vm. (2), 4, 5, 49 ; Tho., s. 
of Jos. (8), 26, 35, 36; Tho., i. of 
Either, 30 ; Tho., s. of Tho., 36; Tho., 
1-. of Wm., 50 ; Tho., j. of Geurge and 
Margery, 64, 65: Tho., s. of Henry 
and Mary (face 66), 67; Tho., s. of 
Henry and Jane, 68 ; Tho , j. uf Tho. 
and Eliz., 67 ; Tho., 1. of Tho., 67 

- Walter, 35 

- William (2), 2, 3, will, etc., 3-5,71; Wm ., 

s. of John (3), 6; Wm., s. of Wm. (2), 
4, 5; Wm., 711. Eliz. Stanley, 10, 11, 
r6, will of, 11-14; Wm., i. of Juha, 
12, 13, 16, iS ; Wm., s. of Jos., 13, 15, 
20; Wm., s. of Danl., 16, 22 ; Wm., 
s. of Saml., 33; Wm., s. of Edw., 
31 ; Wm., VI. Mary Stephens, 27, 28, 
6S-70; Wm., s. of Ri., 51 ; Wm., m. 
Eleanor Higgens, 63, 74 ; Wm., in. 
Hannah Dearn, 69, 70 ; Wm., j. of 
Henry, 58, 60; Wm., s. of Henry and 
Mary (face 66) ; Wm. of Hasbury, will 
of, 73; Wm. of Hasbury, junr. , will 
of 73 ; Wm., m. Margery Assaby), 74 ; 
Wm., m. Mary Holmes, 74; Wm., m. 
Marjory Wood, 74 ; William, of Hagley, 
will of, 78; Wm., s. of Geo. and 
Margery (face 66) 

- William Henry, 34 

- Zechariah (Zachary), senr., 60, 63; 

Zecharias, jun., 63 

Hagley, xi, xii, 78 
Halesowen, wills of, xii ; registers of, vii, 

xii ; Court rolls, xi ; Rector of, vii ; 

Inscriptions, 23, 26, 68, 69, 70, 76 ; 

Tablet, 75, 76 ; Altar 2, 72, a ai. 
Kalis, Halys (Halesowen), 2 
Hancox, Constance, 62 ; Francis, 62 ; 

James, 62 
Handsworth, 47 
Harries, Margaret, 6 
Harriots, the, 60, 62 
Harris, Geo., 61 ; Eliz., 62 
Harvington, 47 

Hasbury, xv, 26, 63, 67, 6S, 70, 73, et al. 
Hasolde, Tho., 72 ; John, 72 
Hawkes, Mary, 51 
Hawn (Hallon), xv, 3, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 

16, 19, 20, 21-23, <^' '"^• 
Heath, Sarah, 37 
Heminges, Jone, 54 
Hewitt, May, 35 

Higgens, Ri., 12, 73 ; Eleanor, 63 
Hill, Eliza Jane, 34 ; Geo., 34 ; Wm., 4, 50, 

Hodgkins, Cath., 36 
Hollies, Sarah, 31, 32 ; Wm., 31-34 
Holmes, Mary, 74 
Hooper, J. H., vii 

Hornblower, Margery, 73 ; Ri., 79 
Horseley, co. Stafford, 75-77 
Hunnington, xv, 20, 25 
Huntinglree, 5, 53, 54 
HCitbache, Sr. John, 2, 3 


Indentures at Birmingham, 12, 58, 62 
Inscriptions on tombs. See under Hales- 

Inscription at North6eld, 38 

Inventories, 4-5, 8-9, 13-14, 17, 21-22, 56- 

Inventories, summaries of, 53, 64, 65, 72, 

73. 74, 7S. 79. 80 

Jeffrey, Eliz. Jane, 35 ; Margaret Ann, 34 
Jeven Adam, Vicar of Clent, 4 
Jones, Eliz. Fry, 35 
Johnson, Obadiah, 69; Hannah, 69 

Kidderminster, wills of, xii 
Kingsnorton, wills of, xii, 
Kingswinford, 62, 72 

Lister, William, 47; Caroline Eliz., 47; 

Mary Eliz., 47 ; Matthew Wm , 47 ; 

Thomas Wooldridge, 47 ; Cecil, 47 ; 

William Bernard, 47 
Longford, Rev. W. H., 37 ; Sarah Harrisson, 

Ludley, XV, I, 2, 3, 4, 6-8, 49, 51, 55, 56 

58,63,64,67, 71 

Marriage bond, 73 
Melley, Adam, 53, 61 ; Henry, 73 
Milward, Edw., 66; Eliz., 66 

Nash's Worcestershire, xi, 75, 76 
Northfield, 37-47 ; inscription, 38 ; wills of. 

Novcke, Margery, 49 

Offmore, 42 
Oldbury, xv, 66 
Oldawinford, wills of, xii, 79 

Parish Register Society, vii 

Parks, Susanna, 27-29. 6S, 70 ; John, 5 

Paston, Anne, 17, 22 ; Edw., 13 ; juhn, 

4 ; Nich., 12, 13, 16, 17, 20, 22, 72 ; Ri., 

14 ; Wm., 13, 72 


Pearsall family, S, 75-77: Eliz., 21 ;, 12; 

Rev. John, 75-77 ; Mary, 14; Thu. , 4, 

12, 13, 14, 16, 20, 22 
Pedmore, parson of, 78 
Perks, Ann, 10, 18 
Peshall family, suggested idenlity with 

Pearsall family, 75-77 
P'kes, John, 72 
Pryn, Eliz., 69, 70 

Reade (Reide), Agnes, 51 ; Hugh, 73 ; 

Margery, 73 
Reden, Jane, 67, 70 
Registers, xii, xiii, et at. 
Rose, Ann Eliz., 34 
Romsley, xv, 53, 58, 60-62, 67 
Rowley Regis, xi, xii, 73, 79 

Sanders, Jos., 73; Mary, 73; Saml., 73 ; 

Wm., 73 
Seals, 24, 25, 65, 73 
Shipston on Stour, 73 
Smith, Eliz., 37 ; Jos., 37, 42 ; Jone, I, 2 
Stanley (Stanly, Standley), Eliz., w. of Wm., 

10-19 ; liliz- "'• of. Uanl. (6), 19, 20, 22 ; 

John, 13, 15; Mary, 2f. of James, 19; 

Wm., 15 
Stephens (Stevens), Mary, 27, 28, 6&-70 ; 

Ruth, 31 
Stoke Prior, 37, 47 
Stourbridge, wills of, xii, 
Stretton-on-fosse, 37 
Stringer, Hannah, 23, 26 
Slurdyc, Anne, 51 

Tayler, Esther, 27-30; Francis, 12; Henry, 
27 ; Judith, 27 ; Rebecca, w. of Sam., 
28, 29 ; Rebecca, w. of David, 31 

Thomyns, Christian, 48 ; Ri., 48 

Tombstones. 5ire inscriptions under Males- 


i, 9. iS. 55 


n of Worcestershire, 

Von de 

Bccke, Adolf, 47 



Walker, Eliz., 60 

Wall, John, 48 ; .Margery, 48 

Wassell, xi, 78 

Westley, Isabell, 49 

Weston, E. U., 35 

Westwood, Jone, 6 ; Wm., 8, 72 

White, Eliz., 55, 56 ; Margery, 63-66 ; Mary, 

Wills, 2-3, 3-4, 7-8, II-13, 15-17, 20-21, 

24, 32-34. 3S-46, 49-50. 52-53. 55-56. 

5S-61, 63-64, 64-65, 66, 71-72, 78 

— summaries of, 27, 73, 79 

— nuncupative, 80 
Wilmot, P., 24, 25 
Wood, Margery, 74 
Worcester, mother-church of, 2, 72 

— Tower, transcripts at. See Tran- 


— Probate Registry, wills, etc. at, vii, xii. 



ical Society, 


MANENT CURE. By Alfred Appelt, Principal of the Institute 
for Stammerers, Bedford. Witli 3 Diagrams. Crown 8tm. 3s. bd. 

Roberts. With 28 Illustrations and 285 Diagrams. Demy Bm. 

MR. FACEY ROMFORDS HOUNDS. By the Author of ■ Mr. 

Sponge's Sporting Tour,' etc., etc. W ith 24 Illustrations in Colour 

from the original engravings by John Leech and Hablot K. 

Browne. Fcap. Hw. 3s. 6d. net. 

Illustrated by over 350 blocks from the least likely source. 

THE ROMANCE OF THE RHINE. Bv Charles Marriott 
With 16 Illustrations by W. H. Y. Titcomb. Demv Svo. los. 6d. net. 

VENICE AND VENETIA. By Edward Hutton, Author of 
■Rome,' etc. With 16 Illustrations in Colour by Ma.xwell 
Ar.mfield, and 12 other Illusirations. Crown 8vo. 6s. 

THE BELGIANS AT HOME. By Clive Holland. With 
16 Illustrations in Colour by Douglas Snowden, and from Photo- 
graphs bv the Author. Demy Svo. los. 6d. net. 

A BOOK OF THE WYE. By Edward Hutton, With 20 
Illustrations in Colour by A. R. QuiSTO.v. Demy Svo. ys. bd. net 


With 1 


Vacghan, F.S.A. With Chapters on the Galleries and Pictures by 
Miss M. Mavsfield. With many Illustrations and 3 Plans. Fcap. 

los. bd. n«. [Animal Lite 

NEIGHBOURHOOD: A Year's Life in and About an 

Engiish Village. By Tickner Edwardes, Author of 'The Lore 

of the Honey-Bee.' With 8 Illustrations. Crown 8t«) 6s 

By C. Tate Regan, M.A., of the British Museum. With many 


Homes and Habits of British Birds. 
F.L.S., M.B.O.U. With one Plat 
Photographs. Crown 8vo. 5s. 

T, Calman 



■ W. Percival Westell. 
Q Colour and 40 from 

METHUEX & CO., LTD., 36 Essex St., Londo.n, W.C. 

A Selection from 


C. D. LococK. With an Introduction by A. Clutton-Brocic. 
3 t'o/s. Demv Svo. 21s. net. 

A VOLUME OF ESSAYS. By C. F. G. Masterman, M.P. 
Fcap. Si-o. Gilt top. 5s. 


A VOLU.ME OF ESSAYS.^ By G, K.Chesterton, Fcap.8vo. 

Gilt lop. js. 
OLD LAMPS FOR NEW. By E. V. Lucas. Fcap. Sm. Gilt 

FIRS'l" AND LAST. By Hilaire Belloc. Fcap.Bvo. Gilt top. 

AFTERGLOW : A Volume of Verse. By Mrs. Alfred 

Baldwin. Author of 'Richard Dare,' 'The Pedlar's Pack,' etc. 

POEMS. By Emery Pottle. Ci-oum 8m. 5s. net. 
THE CUP OF QUIETNESS. By Alfred Hayes. Fcap.Sm. 

3s. bd net. 

AND MARY LAMB. Edited by E. V. Lucas. Six Vdumes. 

Fcap. Sty). Gilt top. 5s. each. 
MR. INGLESIDE. By E. V. Lucas. Fcap.Sm. Gilt top. 3s. 
A WANDERER IN PARIS. By E. V. Lucas. Fcap. ssvo. 

Gill top. js. 
ON DEATH. By Maurice Maeterlinck. Translated by 

Ale.xander Teixeira de Mattos. Fcap. 8vo. 3s. bd. net. An 

exquisite example of poetic prose. 
THE BLUE BIRD: A Fairy Play m Six Acts. By Maurice 

Maeterlinck. Translated by Alexander Teixeira de Mattos. 

With 2j Illustrations in Colour by F. Catley Robinso.v, A.R.W.S. 

New Edition. Crown 410. 15s. net. 
MAURICE MAETERLINCK. By Edward Thomas. With 

8 Illustrations. Crotoii 8ro. 5s. net. 
MACBETH. Edited by H. Cunningham. Demy Svo. 2s. 6d. net. 

and 08 Plates in Photogravure. Imperial Folio. 15 Guineas net 
WOOD SCULPTURE By Alfred Maskell, F.S.A., Author 

of ' Ivories.' With 60 Plates. Widt Rmal Svo. Gilt top 35s. 

„^f [The Connoisseur's Library 


w Plates in Collotvpe and one in Colour. Wide Royal 8mi. Gilt 

top. 25s. net. ■ [The Connoisseurs Library 


Smith. With many Illustrations. Cmi-n ^vo. 6s. 
K1'CHI\(;S. By Kredehick Wedmore. With 44 Illustrations 

in C.illotype. Wide Royal 8fa. Gilt tab. 2js. iicl. 

[The Connoisseurs Library 
RE.\IBR.\NDT'S ETCHINGS. By Arthi:k M. Hind. With 

Caldiogue and ajmplete lllustratiuns. 2 vols. Wide Roval 8vo. 

cat lop. 21s. net. [Classics cj Art 

THE .ART OF THE ROMANS. By H. B. Walters, Author 

(jf • The Art of the Greeks.' With manv Illustrations. Wide Royal 

Suo. Gilt top. ijs. net. [Classics 0/ .Art 


With 52 Plates. Cmvn &vo. ys. bd. net. 

24 Illustrations. Wide Royal ivo. js. bd. net. 

T. D. Atkinson. With 20 Illustrations in Colour bv Walter 

Dexter, R.B.A., and from Photographs. Demy ivo. 

DLXHESSE DE BERRY (1798-1870). Bv H. XoiiL Williams, 

Author of 'The Fascinating Due de Richelieu.' With a Trontis- 

pirce in Photogravure and 16 other Illustrations. Detny Hi-o. 

15s. net. 
THE EMPRESSES OF ROME. Bv Joseph M'Caee. With 

24 Illustrations. Demy Sro. 12s. bd. net. 
CARDINAL DE RICHELIEU. Bv Eleaxor C.Price. Author 

of 'A Princess of the Old World.' With i 

JIM.MY GLOVER— HIS BOOK. By J. M. Glover. With i6 
Illustrations. Demy Hvo. 12s. bd. net. 

RossETTi Angeli. With 8 Illustrations in Colour and 8 in Mono- 
kine by M.wvvELL Armfield. Demy 8™. ids. 6d. net. 

MARIA THERESA. By Mary M. Moffat. Author of ' Queen 
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JOACHIM MURAT, Marshal of France and Kixg of Naples. 
By -A. HiLLiARD .Atteeidge, .\uthor of 'Napoleon's Brothers.' 
■\Vith 7 Illustrations and 3 Maps. Driiiy Sfo. los. bd. net. 

linow.v. With 12 Illustrations. Demv 8tv. los. bd. net. 

[Roman tic History 

NAPOLEON. By Arthur Hassall, M.A. With 28 Illustra- 
tions. Demy Suo. 7s. bd. net. 

.M.A. With i5 Illustrations. Crown 8ro. 5s. net. 

By Edward Gibbon. Edited, with Notes. Appendices and Maps, 
by J. B. Bury, M.A., Litt.D., Regius Professor of Modern History 
at Cambridge. In Seven Volumes. With many Illustrations and 
Maps. Vol. VI. Demv Ktn. Gill t.p. Each los. bd. net. 

THE CHOICE OF THE JEWS. By Leonard S, Allan 

Wells, .M.A. Crown Sm. 2S. bd. net. 1 


With many Illustrations. Ds my 8iij. rs.'bd. net. 

[TheAnli.iuarvs /Joots 

John Ward, F.S.A. With many Illustrations. Demv fvo. 7s. bd. 

net. [The Anli,]uay\s Bol'Us 

OLD ENGLISH LIBRARIES: The M.iKixo, Collection, .vnd 

Use of Books dcring the Middle Aoes. By Ernest A. Savage. 

With a Chapter on the Libraries of 0.-£ford by James Hlit, .M.A., 

and E. A. Sav.age. With j2 Illustrations. Deiiiv 8110. 7s, bd. net. 

[The .Utiquarvs Byjks 

THE RUSSIAN PEOPLE. By the Hon. Maurice Baring. 

With 4 Maps. Demy Svo. 15s. net. 
TURKEY AND ITS PEOPLE. By Sir Edwin Pears. Demv 

s™. I2S. bd. net. 
FRANCE AND THE FRENCH. By Charles D.wbakn. 

Demv 81M. los. 6d. net. 
HOME LIFE IN HOLLAND. By D. S. Meldrum. With 

With 16 Illustrations. Demv Svo. los. bd. net. 

Illustrations. Demv to. % 

THE WOKLD'S PEACE. By Tadasu Saiki, M.Sc, M.D., 

Ph.D. Crottm 8fo. 6s. 
EAST .AND WEST. By David Alec Wilson. Crown Svi. bs. 

Edited by St. John Lucas. Fcap. 8w. 2s. bd. net. 
THINGS THAT MATTER. By L. G. Chiozza Money, M.P., 

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A New Edition. Edited by F. W". Hirst, M.A. Deavivo. iti.ret. 

A. .M. S. Methuen. Crown 8m. 2d. n't. 

Work. By Clement F. Rogers, M.A., Lecturer in Pastoral 

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BOU'Y .AND MIND : A History and Defence of Animism. 
By William McDougall, .M.B., Reader in .Mental Philosopy in 
'.he University of Oxford. «ith 13 Diagrams. Demy 3vo. los. bd. 


Rev. Samuel McComb. Ci-oitm Smj. 5s. net.