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E. B. 







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IN* the large and increasing number of works, good, bad, and indifferent, 
which exist upon every subject, it is often difficult for the ordinary reader 
to choose the book he wants. Catalogues, which are comprehensive and not 
selective, are of little assistance. They seldom afford an indication of the 
nature and scope of the books named in them, nor do they discriminate 
between what has and what has not real merit ; while bibliographies, 
besides being open to the same objections, are too voluminous to be of 
much service except to the student, and, moreover, are not always easily 

The object of this little work is to place at the service of the reader 
the opinions of those who may be trusted to give sound advice as to the 
books which are of value in each department of knowledge. It is not 
always possible, even for specialists, to name the best works, but they can, at 
least, give an assurance that books which they recommend are thoroughly 
good. The list of names printed at the end of this preface will probably 
be a sufficient guarantee that reliance may be placed upon the information 

Many works which are valuable in themselves, or historically in- 
teresting, will not be found in these pages. The idea in which the book has 
originated is precisely opposed to an enumeration of the whole literature 
upon any subject : its aim is to select as carefully as possible what is 
essential, and to omit all the remainder. This work is one of such 
difficulty, even in the hands of the most competent authorities, that the 
first issue is likely to be imperfect both by excess and defect : but the 
Editors hope, by inviting and noting criticisms and suggestions, to improve 
the book, should succeeding editions be called for. 

Magazine articles, when not reprinted in book form, articles in encyclo- 
paedias and dictionaries, and special chapters of books or special papers 

published in volumes of collected essays, &c., have been, as a rule, omitted, 

a 2 


nor has any selection of school text-books been generally attempted. 
The prices quoted are, for English books, the published price ; for works 
published abroad, the nett cash price in London. Although the greatest 
trouble has been taken to ensure accuracy, the Editors cannot guarantee 
the correctness of all the prices given ; and, moreover, from the fact that 
books are continually going out of print and new editions appearing, 
complete exactness in this respect is unattainable. The titles are not 
necessarily given in full, but frequently in an abbreviated form, sufficient 
for identification. 

To the contributors named below the Editors desire to express their 
thanks, not only for the trouble taken in drawing up the lists of books, but 
for much valuable advice and criticism. Thanks are also due to many 
friends, whose names do not appear, for the kindly interest they have 
taken^ in the preparation of the Guide Book, and for many useful sugges- 
tions as to books, subjects and arrangement. 


CAPT. W. DE W. ABNEY, R.E., C.B., D.C.L., F.R.S. 

MR. R. ADAMSON, LL.D., Professor of Moral Philosophy, Owens Coll., Manchester. 


R. N. BAIN, British Museum. 

T. HUDSON BEABE, B. Sc., Professor of Engineering, University Coll., London. 

A. BEAZELEY, M. Inst. C.E. Librarian to the Royal Institute of British Architects. 
ME. A. BEEBY, M.A., Fellow and Lecturer King's Coll., Cambridge. 

W. C. A. BLEW. 


H. COUBTHOPE BOWEN, M.A., Cambridge. University Lecturer on the History and 

Theory of Education. 

PROFESSOE BBIDGE, Mus. Doc., Organist of Westminster Abbey. 


JAMES BBYCE, M.P., D.C.L., Regius Professor of Civil Law, Oxford. 

FBANK CAMPBELL, British Museum. 


MR. P. COWELL, Librarian of the Liverpool Free Library. 
RIGHT REV. M. CBEIGHTON, M.A., Bishop of Peterborough. 


Mi:. L. ( 'i in 111:1:1 < i:uiM'i;i:. Associate of the Institute of Chartered Accountants. 

T. \\'. KIIY.S DAVIDS, LL.D. Professor of Pali and Buddhist Literature, L'ni 

Coll., London. 

HICHT KEV. RANDALL T. DAVIDSON, D.D., Bishop of Rochester. 
Mi:. R. K. DOUGLAS, Professor of Chinese, King's Coll., London. 

A. DBYDEN, Hon. Sec. Wimbledon Skating Club. 

T. H. EAGLES, M.A., Professor of Geometrical Drawing, Royal Indian Engineering 
Coll., Cooper's Hill. 

JOHN EARLE, M.A., Professor of Anglo-Saxon, Oxford. 
MR. L. FLETCHER, M.A., F.R.S., Keeper of Mineralogy, Natural History Museum. 


H. S. FOXWELL, M.A., Professor of Political Economy, Univ. Coll., London. 
Hon. C. W. FREMANTLE, C.B., Master of the Mint. 
MR. ALFRED SCOTT GATTY, F.S.A., York Herald, Herald's College. 

ARCH. GEIKIE, LL.D., F.R.S., Director-General of the Geological Survey. 

LAWRENCE GOMME, F.S.A., Director of the Folk-Lore Society. 

WALTER T. GOOLDEN, M.A., Member of the Institute of Electrical Engineers. 

,, W. GOWLAND, Late Director of the Imperial Mint, Japan. 

JOSEPH GRIFFITHS, M.B., Assistant Professor of Surgery, Cambridge. 
SIR GEORGE GROVE, D.C.D., Director of the Royal College of Music. 
MR. J. W. HALES, M.A., Professor of English, King's Coll., London. 


J. E. HARTING, Librarian to the Linnsean Society. 
Miss L. HIGGIN. 
MR. J. E. HODGSON, R.A., Librarian to the Royal Academy. 

J. R. JACKSON, A.L.S., Curator of the Museums, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. 

HENRY JONES (" Cavendish "). 

J. SCOTT KELTIE, Librarian to the Royal Geographical Society. 


W. P. KER, M.A., Professor of English Literature, University Coll., London. 
MR. T. J. KIERNAN, Assistant Librarian, Harvard University. 

JOSEPH KNIGHT, Secretary to the Vegetarian Society. 


E. RAY LANKESTER, M.A., LL.D., F.R.S., Professor of Zoology, University Coll., 


V. B. LEWES, Professor of Chemistry, Royal Naval Coll., Greenwich. 



SIR JOHN LUBBOCK, Bart., M.P., D.C.L., F.R.S. 



Mn. W. McTuHK, Angclo's Royal School of Arms. 

SIR PHILIP MAGNUS, City and Guilds of London Technical Institute. 

MB. EIBIKR MAGNUSSON, M.A., Sub-Librarian of the University Library, Cambridge. 

D. S. MABGOLIOUTH, M.A., Laud's Professor of Arabic, Oxford. 

J. E. MARB, M.A., Fellow and Lecturer, St. John's Coll., Cambridge. Secretary to 
the Geological Society. 

A. MILNES MARSHALL, M.A., D.Sc., F.R.S., Professor of Zoology, Owens Coll., Man- 

W. R. MOBFILL, M.A., University Reader in Russian and the other Slavonic Lam: 


F. MAX MULLER, M.A., Professor of Comparative Philology, Oxford. 

., G. NICHOLSON, A.L.S., Curator of the Gardens, Kew. 
PROFESSOR D. OLIVER, F.R.S., Keeper of the Herbarium and Library, Royal Botanic 

Gardens, Kew. 
MR. REGINALD F. D. PALGRAVE, C.B., Clerk of the House of Commons. 

., H. F. PELHAM, M.A., Camden Professor of Ancient History, Oxford. 
REV. J. PERCIVAL, LL.D., Head Master of Rugby. 

SIE FREDERICK POLLOCK, Bart., M.A., Corpus Professor of Jurisprudence, Oxford. 
REV. T. G. P. POPE, English Chaplain, Lisbon. 
MR. R. STUART POOLE, LL.D. Keeper of Coins, British Museum ; Correspondent of the 

Institute of France. 
REV. R. H. QUICK, M.A., Trinity Coll., Cambridge, Sometime University Lecturer on the 

History of Education. 
MR. R. RAE, Secretary of the National Temperance League. 

W. RAMSAY, Ph.D., F.R.S., Professor of Chemistry, University Coll., London. 

T. A. REED. 

JOHN RHYS, M.A., Professor of Celtic, Oxford. 

D. A. RITCHIE, M.A., Fellow and Lecturer of Jesus Coll., Oxford. 

R. D. ROBERTS, M.A., D.Sc., Fellow of Clare Coll., Cambridge ; Sec. London Society 
for the Extension of University Teaching. 

W. C. ROBERTS-AUSTEN, F.R.S., Professor of Metallurgy, Royal School of Mines. 
SIR H. E. ROSCOE, M.P., D.C.L., LL.D., F.R.S. 

F. W. RUDLER, Curator of the Museum of Practical Geology, Jermyn Street. 

E. M. SADLER, M.A., Sec. Oxford Society for the Extension of University Teaching. 


REV. W. SANDAY, M.A., Ireland Professor of Exegesis, Oxford. 
MB. J. BURDON SANDERSON, M.A., Waynflete Professor of Physiology, Oxford. 
MB. J. R. SEELEY, M.A., Professor of Modern History, Cambridge. 

W. SENIOR (" Red Spinner "). 

A. SIDGWICK, M.A., Fellow and Tutor of Corpus Christi Coll., Oxford. 

PKI.I \ i . vii 

MR. II. SiiHiwicK, D.Litt,, Professor of Moral Philosophy, Cambridge. 
.Mi:. V. STORR, M.A. 

KK;IIT Kr.v. WILLIAM STUBBS, D.D., Bishop of Oxford. 
Mm.u:. Sorvi:*Ti:i;. 

Mn. A. W. SrNDKKLAND, M.A., Late Scholar of Trin. Coll., Cambridge. Fellow of [the 
Institute of Actuaries. 

J. J. SYLVESTER, M.A., D.C.L., F.R.S. Savilian Professor of Geometry, Oxford. 


,, H. H. TKDDER, Librarian to the Athenaeum Club. 

SIR HENRY THOMPSON, F.R.C.S., M.B., Consulting Surgeon to University'Coll. Hospital. 
MR. J. J. THOMSON, M.A., F.R.S., Professor of Experimental Physics, Cambridge. 
SIR WILLIAM THOMSON, LL.D., F.R.S. , Professor of Natural Philosophy, Glasgow. 

E. B. TYLOE, M.A.. D.C.L., F.R.S., Reader in Anthropology, Oxford. 
Ri-;v. E. VioNABLES, Canon of Lincoln. 
MR. A. W. VERRALL, M.A., D.Litt., Fellow and Lecturer of Trin. Coll., Cambridge, 

A. H. VESEY, A.M.I.C.E. 

,, ROBT. WALLACE, Professor of Agriculture, Edinburgh. 

H. MARSHALL WARD, Professor of Botany, Royal Indian Engineering Coll., Cooper's 

REV. WBNTWORTH WEBSTER, M.A., Oxon., Corresponding Member of the Real Academia 

de la Historia, Madrid. 
MR. C. WELCH, F.S.A., Librarian of the Guildhall Library. 


MR. E. T. WILSON, B.A., M.B. (Oxon.), F.R.C.P. 

W. T. WILSON, F.R.C.V.S., Professor of Veterinary Science, Royal Agricultural Coll., 


MR. JUSTIN WINSOR, Librarian of Harvard University. 


Miss A. ROMLEY WRIGHT, Manchester School of Domestic Economy. 

Contributors of Local Information. 

VERY REV. JAS. ALLEN, M.A., Dean of St. David's. 

MR. THOS. ARCHER, C.M.G., Agent-General for Queensland. 

,, WALTER BARING, H.M. Chargg d'Affaires, Cettinje. 
HON. WILLIAM A. C. BARRINGTON, Secretary of Embassy, Madrid. 
HON. FREDERICK BERNAL, H.M. Consul-General, Havre. 
SIR GEORGE BERTRAM, Bailiff of Jersey. 

G. F. BONHAM, Bart., Secretary of Legation, Lisbon. 



VERY REV. G. D. BOYLE, Dean of Salisbury. 

G. C. BRADLEY, D.D., Dean of Westminster. 
ME. E. N. C. BRADDON, Agent-General for Tasmania. 

MONTAGU YEATS BROWN, H.M. Consul, Gi-imn. 

G. W. BUCHANAN, H.M. Chargfi d' Affaires, Berne. 

S. DEERING, Assistant Agent-General for South Australia. 

D. DONOHOE, H.M. Consul, San Francisco. 

VICTOR DRUMMOND, H.M. Charg6 d'Affaires, Munich. 
VERY REV. GILBERT ELLIOT, D.D., Dean of Bristol. 
MR. H. P. FENTON, Secretary of Legation, The Hague. 

A. DE FONBLANQUE, H.M. Consul, New Orleans. 

W. E. GOSCHEN, Secretary of Legation, Copenhagen. 

H. GRANT, H.M. Consul-General, Warsaw. 
VERY REV. W. G. HENDERSON, D.D., Dean of Carlisle. 
MR. W. R. HOARE, H.M. Consul, New York. 
VERY REV. G. W. KITCHIN, D.D., Dean of Winchester. 
W. C. LAKE, D.D., Dean of Durham. 
H. G. LIDDELL, D.D., Dean of Christ Church. 
REV. G. M. LIVETT, Precentor of Rochester. 
SIR EDGAR MACCULLOCH, Bailiff of Guernsey. 
MR. A. F. HASTINGS MEDHURST, H.M. Vice-Consul, Moscow. 
MR. A. W. MOOEE, J.P., Member of the House of Keys. 
VEN. F. J. MOUNT, Archdeacon of Chichester. 
MR. J. NICHOLSON, Librarian of Lincoln's Inn. 
SIR A. NICOLSON, K.C.I.E., H.M. Consul-General, Buda-Pesth. 
MR. N. R. O'CONOH, C.B., C.M.G., H.M. Agent and Consul-General, Sofia. 

R. OTTLEY, H.M. Consul, Lyons. 
MR. C. G. G. PERCEVAL, H.M. Consul, Marseilles. 
RIGHT REV. J. J. STEWART PEROWNE, D.D., Bishop of Worcester. 
LiEur.-CoL. SIR R. LAMBERT PLAYFAIR, K.C.M.G., H.M. Consul-General, Algiers 
VERY REV. A. P. PUREY-CUST, D.D., Dean of York. 

E. H. PLUMPTRE, D.D., Dean of Wells. 
SIR SAUL SAMUEL, K.C.M.G., Agent-General for New South Wales. 
MR. T. B. SANDWITH, C.B., H.M. Consul-General, Odessa. 
REV. W. SPARROW SIMPSON, D.D., Librarian of St. Paul's. 
VERY REV. R. PAYNE SMITH, D.D., Dean of Canterbury. 

H. D. M. SPENCE, D.D., Dean of Gloucester. 
MR. GEORGE STRACHEY, H.M. Chargg d'Affaires, Dresden. 

J. SPENCER B. TODD, C.M.G., Secretary to the Agency-General for the Cape Colony 
HON. P. LE POER TRENCH, Secretary of Legation, Berlin. 
SIR CHARLES TUPPER, G.C.M.G., High Commissioner for Canada. 
MR. WILLIAM WARD, H.M. Consul, Bordeaux. 




Afghanistan and Baluchistan. 

Afghan language. 


I. General. 

II. Noith. 

III. West. 

IV. Central. 

V. East. 

Agriculture- - 

I. History and theory. 

II. Crops. 

III. Soils. 

IV. Equipment. 

V. Management. 

VI. Reference. 



Algiers, Tunis and Tripoli. 


America, North. 

America, Central. 

America, South 

I. General. 

II. Minor states : Columbia, Costa 
Rica, Ecuador, Venezuela, Bolivia, 

Anatomy, human. 

I. General. 

II. Histological. 

III. Artistic. 


1. Grammars and reading books. 
[. Dictionaries and reference. 

III. History and criticism. 

IV. Texts. 

V. Translations. 


I. General. 

II. Pre-historic races. 

III. Ancient races. 

IV. Modern ethnography. 

V. Physical characteristics. 

VI. Philological classification. 

Antiseptics and bacteriology. 

Arabia, geography. 

Arabia, language and literature 

I. Grammars, dictionaries, etc. 

(a) Classical. 

(5) Modern dialects. 

II. Literature. 

III. Reference. 



I. History and general. 

II. Styles and periods. 

III. Castles and Monuments. 

IV. Miscellaneous and reference. 
Arctic and Antarctic regions. 

Argentine Republic and River Plate 

Armenia, language. 
Arms and armour. 

I. Arms of the service. 

II. Art of war. 

III. Military law and history. 

IV. Biography. 

V. Miscellaneous. 

Art, pictorial and plastic 

I. History and general. 

II. Schools. 

III. Biography. 


Art continued 

IV. Theory, {esthetics, and criticism. 

V. Symbolism. 

VI. Technique. 

VII. Perspective. 

VIII. Decoration. 

Artistic Processes 

I. Etching. 

II. Prints and engravings. 

III. Engraved gems. 

IV. Gold and silversmith's work. 

V. Jewellery. 

VI. Bronzes. 

VII. Enamelling. 

VIII. Wood carving. 

IX. Illuminating. 

X. Tapestry, v-^j 
XL Stained glass. 


I. General. 

II. Central. 



I. Archaeology. 

II. Language. 


I. Text-books and treatises. 

II. Popular works. 

III. Special subjects. 

IV. Biography. 

Atlantic ocean. 


I. General. 

II. Australia, general. 

III. New South Wales. 

IV. Victoria. 

V. Queensland. 

VI. South Australia. 

VII. West Australia. 

VIII. Tasmania. 

IX. New Zealand. 

X. New Guinea. 

Austria-Hungary . 


Basque language. 



I. General. 

II. Old Testament 

(a) Introductory essays, history, 

and commentaries. 
(J) Texts and translations. 
(c) English versions of the Psalms. 

III. Apocrypha. 

IV. New Testament 
(a) Introductions. 

() Texts with commentaries. 

Bible continued 

(c) Biographical and expository. 
(rf) Lexicons and grammars. 
(e ) Texts and versions. 

Bibliophilia and bindings. 


Bohemia, language. 



I. Text-books. 

II. Reference. 

III. Biological treatises. 

IV. Geographical distribution. 

V. Economic botany. 

VI. History and bibliography. 

Boxing and wrestling. 
i Brazil. 

Building construction. 

I. Geography. 

II. History. 

III. Language. 

Burma and Shan states. 



I. Geography. 

II. History, government, etc. 

Cape and South Africa. 



Cathedrals and churches, English. 

Celtic literature 

I. Old Cornish. 

II. Breton. 


Channel Islands. 

I. History. 

II. Text-books. 

III. Physical. 

IV. Analytical. 

V. Reference ard biography. 


Children's books 

I. Fairy tales 

(a) Folklore. 

(b) Original. 

II. Tales from the classics. 

III. Fables and allegories. 

IV. Tales of school and home 
(a) For little children. 

(J>) For older children. 



Children's TZookBc<nt(utnnl 

V. Tales dt' adventure. 
V I. lli-i.-rieal '1'ales. 

VII. Uingraphy and history. 

VIII. Travel, sport, and natural history 
JX. Poetry 

(a) Collections. 

(') Humorous. 

(c) Songs with music. 

X. Illustrated hooks. 

XI. Magazines and serials. 


I. Geography. 

II. Language raid literature. 

Church history 

I. General. 

II. Early Church to 800 A.D. 

III. Medieval period. 

IV. Period of the Reformation. 

V. Modern period 

(a) England. 
(?>) Scotland. 

(c) Ireland. 

(d) Nonconformists. 

(<?) German Protestantism. 
(/) Church of Rome. 
(a) Eastern Church. 

VI. Reference. 


Commercial correspondence. 

C onjuring. 

Cookery and Food 

I. Cookery. 

II. Food. 

Coptic language. 


Costume, historical. 







Denmark, geography and history. 

Denmark, language and literature 

I. Grammars and dictionaries. 

II. History and criticism. 

III. Classics, etc. 

IV. Modern novels, dramas, etc. 

V. Translations. 

VI. Bibliography and biography. 

Domestic Economy. 

Dutch language and literature. 


Economic products (foreign) 

I. Cacao. 

II. Caoutchouc. 

III. Cinchona. 

IV. Coffee. 

V. Cotton. 

VI. Fibrous substances. 

VII. Maize. 

VIII. Silk. 

IX. Sugar. 

X. Tea. 

XI. Tobacco. 

XII. Reference. 


I. History. 

II. Theory. 

III. Theory and practice. 

IV. Practice. 

V. Miscellaneous. 

VI. Reference. 


I. Geography and description. 

II. Archaeology. 

III. Language, ancient 


I. Theory. 

II. Engineering. 


I. General. 

II. Reference and biography. 

England, geography 

I. General geography. 

II. Topography. 

England, history 

I. General. 

II. Special periods. 

III. Constitutional. 

IV. Administration. 

V. Social and economic. 

VI. Reference. 

England, law 

I. General and history. 

II. Early and constitutional. 

III. Criminal. 

IV. Real and personal. 

V. Trusts, settlements, etc. 

VI. Copyrights, patents, etc. 

VII. Contract. 

VIII. Commercial. 

IX. Civil wrongs. 

X. Law of evidence. 

XI. Special jurisdictions. 

XII. Reference. 

England, literature 

I. History and criticism. 

II. Middle ages. 

III. 1580-1630. 

IV. 1630-1660. 

V. 1660-1700. 

VI. 1700-1740. 

VII. 1740-1790. 

VIII. 1790-1830. 



England continued 

IX. Victorian age 

(a) Biography. 

(b) Miscellaneous. 

X. Selections. 

XI. Reference. 

Essays, English. 


I. General and introductory. 

II. Systematic treatises 

(a) Transcendentalist. 
(>) Utilitarian. 

(c) Evolutional. 

III. Miscellaneous. 

Ethiopic language. 


I. Geography. 

II. History. 



Finland, language. 
Fishing and fisheries. 


I. Treatises. 

II. Customs and superstitions. 

III. Collections of tales. 


France, geography 

I. General. 

II. Local. 

France, history. 

France, language and literature 

I. Grammars and dictionaries. 

II. History, criticism, and collections. 

III. Texts. 

IV. Novels. 

V. Books for adult beginner. 

VI. Books for the young. 

VII. Nursery books. 

Frisian language. 


Games and Pastimes 

I. Outdoor. 

II. Indoor. 

III. Miscellaneous. 



I. History. 

II. Voyages and travels. 

III. General. 

IV. Oceanography. 

Geography continued 

V. Special treatises. 

VI. Etymology. 

VII. Reference. 


I. Text -books. 

II. Physical. 

III. Petrography. 

IV. Paleontology. 

V. Stratigraphy. 

VI. Coal and ores. 

VII. Glacial periods". 

VIII. Special regions. 

IX. Biography. 

X. Maps and bibliography. 


Germany, geography 

I. General. 

II. Local. 

Germany, history. 

Germany, language and literature 

I. History of language. 

II. History of literature. 

III. Old and middle high German 
() Grammars and dictionaries. 
(V) Texts. 

IV. Early new high German. 

V. New high German 

(a) Grammars and dictionaries, 
(/y) Texts and translations, 
(c) Modern lyric poetry. 
(A) Modern plays. 
(e) Essays, biographies, etc. 
(/) Reference. 

VI. Novels. 

VII. Books for the young. 


Gothic language. 

Greece, modern 

I. Geography. 

II. Language. 

Greece, archaeology and art. 

Greece, history 

I. General. 

II. Special periods. 

III. Miscellaneous. 

Greece, language and literature 

I. Grammars and dictionaries. 

II. History 

(a) General. 
(&) Special. 

III. General scholarship. 

IV. Collections. 

V. Texts and translations. 



Gypsies and Gypsy language. 


Health resorts. 




I. (ii-;iiMiii:irs and 

I 1. History and criticism. 

III. Reading books and translations. 

IV. Reference. 


I. Heraldry. 

II. Genealogy. 

Historical novels 

I. Great Britain. 

II. India. 

III. I'nitcd States. 

IV. France. 

V. Germany and Austria. 

VI. Greece. 

VII. Italy. 

VIII. Netherlands. 

IX. Russia. 

X. Spain and Portugal. 

XI. Egypt and the East. 

XII. Miscellaneous. 

XIII. Bibliography. 


I. Science of history. 

II. General history. 


I. General. 

II. Riding. 

III. Hunting. 

IV. Racing. 

V. Driving. 

House decoration. 
Hungary, history. 

Hungary, language and literature 

I. Grammars and dictionaries. 

II. History and criticism. 

III. Texts. 

IV. Translations. 

V. Reference. 




I. Geography. 

II. Language and literature 

(a) Grammars and dictionaries. 
() Literature. 

India, geography and general. 
India, history. 

India, languages 

I. Hindi and Hindustani. 

II. Tamil. 

III. Telugu. 
India, law. 

Indian ocean and archipelago 
I. General. 
II Mauritius. 
III. Maldives. 

Indian ocean en nil it u cd 

IV. Sumatra. 

V. Borneo. 

VI. Java. 

A' 1 1. Celebes. 

VIII. Philippii 

IX. La Reunion. 

I. General. 

II. Alkali. 

III. Boots and shoes. 

IV. Bread. 

V. Brewing. 

VI. Clocks and watches. 

VII. Coach building. 

VIII. Coal tar. 

IX. Electro-chemical. 

X. Gas. 

XI. Glass. 

XII. Leather. 

XIII. Oils and varnishes. 

XIV. Paper. 

XV. Plumbing. 

XVI. Saw mills. 

XVII. Soap. 


I. Geography. 

II. History. 

III. Literature ; old and mediaeval. 
Iron and steel 

I. Metallurgy. 

II. Manufacture. 

Italy, geography 

I. General. 

II. Archaeological and local. 
Italy, history. 

Italy, language and literature 

I. Grammars and dictionaries 

II. History. 

III. Collections. 

IV. Poets. 

V. Prose. 

VI. Novels. 



I. Geography and history. 

II. Art. 

III. Language and literature. 
Jews, history. 



I. Grammars and composition. 

II. Dictionaries. 

III. History and criticism. 

IV. Collections. 

V. Texts and translations. 

I. Jurisprudence and history. 

II. Reference. 



Law of nations 

I. International law. 

II. Conflict of laws. 



I. General. 

II. Special. 

Local government. 


I. Deductive 

(a) General. 

(b) Mathematical. 
II Inductive. 


I. General. 

II. City. 

III. Inns of Court. 

IV. National Gallery. 

V. St. Paul's. 

VI. Tower. 

VII. Westminster Abbey. 

VIII. British Museum. 



Mahomet anisrn . 
Malay peninsula. 

Man, Isle of 

I. Geography, etc. 

II. Language. 


I. Pure. 

II. Applied. 


I. History and biography. 

II. Medical jurisprudence. 


Mental physiology and psychology- 

I. Mental physiology. 

II. Psychology 

(a) Elementary. 
(i) Advanced. 





I. General. 

II. Medical. 


Missions, foreign. 


I. History. 

II. Theory and composition. 

Music contlmitd 

III. Instrumental. 

IV. Vocal. 

V. Church music. 

VI. Biography, reference, etc. 


Navy and shipping 

I. Navigation. 

II. Seamanship and tactics. 

III. Naval architecture. 
IV Law. 

V. History and biography. 

VI. Miscellaneous. 

Needlework and Dressmaking. 


I. Geography. 

II. History. 

Norway, geography. 

Norway, language and literature - 

I. Grammars and dictionaries. 

II. History and criticism. 

III. Classics, etc. 

IV. Modern novels. 

V. Translations. 

VI. Bibliography. . 

Novels, English 

I. History, etc. 

II. Pre-Victorian. 

III. Victorian. 



Pacific ocean 

I. General. 

II. North Pacific. 

III. South Pacific. 

Palestine and Syria 

Periodical literature. 


I. Geography. 

II. Archaeology. 

III. History. 

IV. Language and literature. 



Philosophy and metaphysics 

I. General treatises. 

II. General history. 

III. Special authors. 




I. General trra; 

II. Practical, 

III. Mechanics. 

IV. Properties of matter. 

V. Heat. 

VI. Light. 

VII. Sound. 

VIII. Reference. 

I. Books for beginners. 

II. General treatises. 

III. Physiological chemistry. 

IV. Physiological physics. 
Poetry, Victorian 

I. Serious. 

II. Humour, etc. 

Poland, language. 
Political economy 

I. Theory. 

II. History of theory. 

III. Economic history. 

IV. Currency, banking, and trade. 

V. Free trade and protection. 

VI. Industry and wages. 

VII. Land and mines. 

VIII. Taxation and finance. 

IX. Socialism and functions of the state. 

X. Reference. 

Political philosophy 

I. Sociology. 

II. General politics. 

III. Functions of government. 

IV. Political institutions. 

V. Ideal states. 

Portugal, geography and history. 
Portugal, language and literature 

I. Grammars and dictionaries. 

II. History and criticism. 

III. Texts 

(a) Old classics. 
(i) Modern. 

IV. Novels. 

V. Biography and bibliography. 

Precious stones. 

I. Practice. 

II. History. 

III. Reference. 

Provengal literature 

I. Old. 

II. Modern. 

Psychical research. 
Public Meetings. 


Quotations and proverbs. 




Religion, comparative. 

Rome, history. 

Rome, law. 





I. General. 

II. Caucasus. 

III. Siberia and the east. 
Russia, history. 

Russia, language and literature 

I. Grammars and dictionaries. 

II. History and criticism. 

III. Texts and translations. 

IV. Malo-Russian. 


Sanskrit and Brahminical literature- 

I. Grammars and dictionaries. 

II. History. 

III. Texts. 

I. Geography. 

II. History. 

III. Language (Gaelic). 

IV. Law. 



I. Geography. 

II. Language. 


I. Grammars and dictionaries. 

II. Editions. 

III. Criticism. 

IV. Life and times. 

Slavonic languages and literature. 
Spain, geography, etc. 
Spain, history. 

Spain, language and literature 

I. Grammars and dictionaries. 

II. History and criticism. 

III. Collections. 

IV. Texts 

(a) Poetry and drama. 

(J) Prose (including novels). 

V. Spanish America. 

VI. Miscellaneous. 
Sport and travel. 



Steam and other heat engines. 


Sweden, geography and history. 

Sweden, language and literature 

I. Grammars and dictionaries. 

II. History and criticism. 

III. Classics. 

IV. Novels, etc. 

V. Translations. 

VI. Biography and bibliography. 



I. Guide books. 

II. General description. 

III. History. 


Tennis, Backets, and Fives. 
Textile fabrics. 


I. General. 

II. Dogmatic. 

III. Apologetics. 

IV. Devotional works. 

V. Liturgical. 

VI. Hymnology. 


Turkey and Balkan Peninsula- 

I. Geography. 

II. History. 

III. Turkish language. 


United States, geography 

I. General. 

II. Local. 

United States, history 

I. General. 

II. Local. 

III. Colonial period. 

IV. Revolutionary. 

V. 1801-1848. 

United States continued 

VI. Civil War. 

VII. Slavery. 

VIII. Constitution, etc. 

IX. Miscellaneous. 

United States, law. 

Universities and public schools - 

I. Universities. 

II. Public and high schools. 


Veterinary science. 



I. Geography. 

II. History. 

III. Language and literature. 

"West Indies 

I. General. 

II. Local. 




I. Seamanship. 

II. Architecture. 

III. Cruises. 



I. Principles. 

II. History and biographies. 

III. Travels and explorations. 

IV. Geographical distribution. 

V. General treatises. 

VI. Special groups of animals. 

VII. Laboratory text-books. 

VIII. Collectors' manuals. 

IX. Reference. 

Index of Authors 

Booksellers' Advertisements 

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, 341 





Blanford, W. T. Geology and zoology of Abyssinia. 8vo. Macmillan. 21s. 

Observations made during progress of British expedition, 1867-8. 

Parkyns, Mansfield. Three years' residence in Abyssinia, p. 8vo. Murray. Is. Gfl. 
Winstanley, H. Visit to Abyssinia, p. 8vo. 2 vols. Hurst. 21s. 

Markham, C. R. History of the Abyssinian expedition, 1867-8. Macmillan. 

pub. 14s. O.P. 

Rassam, H. British mission to Abyssinia. 8vo. 2 vols. Murray, illus. 28s. 



Raverty, H. G. Afghanistan and part of Baluchistan, fo. 3 vols. Trubner. 10*. 

Sections i., ii., 2x. ; iii., :>. ; iv., St. Notes extracted from writings of Afghan and Tugzik his- 
torians, geographers, etc; 

Bellew, H. W. Afghanistan and the Afghans. 8vo. Lorn. Is. Qd. 

Malleson, G. B. Herat, d. 8vo. Allen. 8*. 

Yate, A. C. Travels with the Afghan Boundary Commission. 8vo. 

Blackwood. illus. 21*. 

1 B 

Afghanistan GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Africa 

Kaye, J. W. History of the war in Afghanistan, c. 8vo. 3 vols. W. H. 

Thornton, T. Gazetteer of Afghanistan, d. 8vo. 2 vols. W. H. Allen. 2">,v. 

Compiled for India Office. 

Macgregor, C. M. Wanderings in Baloochistnn. d. 8vo. TF. H. Allen. 

ill us. 1 3l 

Floyer, E. A. Unexplored Baluchistan, r. 8vo. Griffith, illus. pub. 2>v. O.P. 

A jourucy through Western Baluchistan, Meknin, Bashakird, Persia, Kurdistan, and 


Raverty, H. G. Dictionary of the Pushto, or Afghan language. 4to. 

(London). 70*. 

,, Grammar of Afghan language. 4to. (London). K>* 




Reclus, E. Universal geography, vol. x., xi., xii., xiii. Ed. and tr. Keane. 

i. 8vo. 4 vols., 21s. each. Virtue, illus. and col. maps. * I 

Vol. X. N.E. AFRICA. Nile basin. Great lakes, Abyssinia, Nubia, Egypt, and 
a general sketch of African geography. Vol. XI. N.W. AFRICA. Tripolitania, Fezzan, 
Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, the Sahara. Vol. XII. W. AFRICA. African Islands, Senegal, 
Guinea, Niger basin, Congo basin. Vol. XIII. S. and E. AFRICA. Angola, Cape Colony, 
Natal, Dutch Republic, Mozambique, Zanzibar. 

Stanford's Compendium of geography and travel : Africa. Ed. Johnston 

and Ravenstein. 1. p. 8vo. Stanford, illus. and maps. 21.<. 

Murray, H., and others. Discovery and adventure in Africa from the 

earliest ages. 8vo. 2 vols. 1818. O.P. 

With illustrations of the geology, mineralogy, and zoology. 

D'Anvers, N. Heroes of North African discovery, c. 8vo. Marcus Ward. '6s. &d. 

,, Heroes of South African discovery, c. 8vo. Marcus Ward. 3*. 6rf. 
lies colonies portugaises. Dulau. 

White, A. S. The development of Africa. Philip. 14s. 


Earth, H. Travels in North and Central Africa, 1849-55 (" Minerva library "). 

c. 8vo. Ward, Lock. 2*. 

Nachtigal, G. Sahara und Sudan ; Ergebnisse sechsjahriger Reisen in 

Afrika. 8vo. 3 vols. (Leipzig). 15*. 

Report on the Egyptian provinces of the Sudan, Red Sea, and Equator. 

12mo. Eyre. : '..> . M. 

Compiled by the Intelligence Branch, Quartermaster-General's Department, War Office. 
Revised to July. 1SHJ. 

Beke, C. T. Sources of the Nile. 8vo. Madden, pub. C.,v. O.P. 

General survey and history of discovery. 


Skertchley, J. A. Dahomey. 8vo. Cliajnnan. pub. 21*. o.r 

Eight months' residence. 


Africa GUIDE BOOK TO BOOK- Agriculture 

Forbes, F. K. Dahomey and the Duliomans. Hvo. 2 vols. Longman*. 151. O.P. 

Two Misaiona, 1HIU and 1850. 

Burton, It. F. Mission to Gelcle, King of Dahomey, p. 8vo. 2 vols. 

Tinslry. pub. 25*. O.P. 

Faidherbe, G6u6ral. Lc S6n6gal. 8vo. Hachette. illus. 8*. Gd. 

BUttikofer, J. Rcisebildi-r aus Liberia. 8vo. 2 vols. (Leyderi). 20*. 

Wauvermans, H. Liberia : histoire de la fondation d'un 6tat negre librc. 

Thomson, J. Mungo Park and the Niger (" Great Explorers," ser.). c. 8vo. 

Philip. 4*. 6d. 

Burton, R. F. Abeokuta and the Cameroons mountains. 8vo. 2 vols. 

Tinsley. 25s. 

Monteiro, J. J. Angola and the river Congo. 8vo. 2 vols. Macmillan. 21*. 

Capello and Ivens. Benguella to Yacca ; central and west Africa. 8vo. 

2 vols. Low. 42*. 

Baines, T. Journey and explorations in South West Africa. 8vo. Longmans. 

pub. 21*. O.P. 

Walvisch Bay to Lake 'Nsrami and the Victoria Falls. 

Andersson, C. J. Lake 'Ngami. r. 8vo. Hurst. O.P. 

Explorations and discoveries in S.W. Africa. 

,, Okovango river. 8vo. Hurst, pub. 10*. 6d. O.P. 

Schweinfurth, G. Heart of Africa, c. 8vo. 2 vols. Lore. 15*. 

Three years' travel in unexplored regions ; with introduction by Winwood Beade. 

Dupont, E. Le Congo. 8vo. (Brussels). 12*. 6d. 

Bentley, W. H. Life on the Congo, c. 8vo. R. T. S. illus. 1*. 6d. 

Introduction by Rev. Geo. Grenfell. 

Stanley, H. M. The Congo, and its free state. 8vo. 2 vols. Lori: illus. 42*.. 

Cheaper edition, 2U. 

,, Through the dark continent, c. 8vo. Lon: illus. 12*. 6d. 

, , In darkest Africa. 8vo. 2 vols. Lorn. 42*. 

Ashe, R. P. Life by the shores of the Victoria Nyanza. c. 8vo. Lore, illus. 6*_ 


James, F. L. Unknown horn of Africa (Somali land), m. 8vo. Philip. 

illus. and maps. 5*. 

Drummond, H. Tropical Africa, c. 8vo. Hodder. 3*. 6d. 

Burton, R. F. Zanzibar. 8vo. 2 vols. Tinsley. pub. 30*. O.P. 

Baines, M. J. Victoria Falls of the Zambesi River. Day. pub. 52*. 6d. O.P. 

Wagner, J. Deutsch Ost-Afrika. 8vo. Dulau. 2s. 6d r 




Prothero, R. E. Pioneers of English farming, c. 8vo. Longmans. 5*. 

3 B 2 

Agriculture GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Agriculture 

Stephens, H. Book of the farm. 1. 8vo. 6 vols., 10*. Qd. each. Blackmooa. 

illus. 63*. 

Most valuable book of reference. 

Baldwin, J. Practical farming. Macmillan. l.v. ('><!. 

Specially written for Irish National Schools. 

Wrightson, J. Principles of agricultural practice, c. 8vo. Cliapman. 

, , Agricultural text-book, f . 8vo. Collins. 2s. Gd. 

Clements, H. Fields of Great Britain. 12mo. Lockrcood. 2s. 6d. 

Valuable text-book. 

Lloyd, F. J. Science of agriculture. 8vo. Longmans, 12*. 

See also BOTANY. 
Wilson, J. Our farm crops. 2 vols. Blackie. pub. 11*. O.P. 

Standard work, but wants bringing up to date. 

Johnson, S. W. How crops feed. c. 8vo. Trtibner. pub. 10*. O.P. 

,, How crops grow. c. 8vo. Judd (). 10*. Gd. 

Crops of the farm. c. 8vo. Vinton. 2s. Gd. 

Plant life of the farm. c. 8vo. Vinton. 2s. Gd. 

Fream, W. Rothamsted experiment in growth of wheat and barley. 

f. 8vo. H. Cox. 5*. Gd. 

Buckman, J. Natural history of British meadow and pasture grasses. 8vo. 

Hamilton, Adams. O.P. 

Stebler and Schroter. Agricultural grasses and forage plants. 4to. Nutt. 

illus. 12*. Gd. 

Adapted for England by A. McAlpine. 

Gillitt, J. Gorse, furze, or whin. 16mo. (Dublin"). Is. 

Cultivation and use as food for horses, cattle, and sheep ; useful little manual. 

Lawes and Gilbert. Rothamsted experiments in ensilage. Harrison. 

Pamphlet of special value to dairymen. 

Hew, R. H. Stack ensilage, c. 8vo. Scott. Is. 

Silos for British fodder crops. H. Cox. >.<. 

Standard work. 

Sutton, M. J. Culture of vegetables, etc. 8vo. Hamilton, Adams. 5s. 

Smith, W. G. Diseases of field and garden crops, f. 8vo. JUacmillan. 

illus. 4*. Gd. 

Ward, J. Flax ; its cultivation and preparation. 8vo. Orr. O.P. 

Ormerod, Miss E. A. Manual of injurious insects, c. 8vo. Sinykin. 5*, 

Best British work on the general subject. 

Curtis, J. Farm insects, injurious to field-crops, etc. sup. r. 8vo. ffurney. 

illus. 21*. 

Ormerod, Miss E. A. Guide to methods of insect life (10 lectures). 

c. 8vo. Simplrin. 2s. 

See also Insect Life; monthly bulletin of U.S. Depart, of Agriculture, division of 

See also GEOLOGY. 

Fream, W. Soils and their properties, c. 8vo. Sell, illus. 2*. Gd. 

Soil of the farm. c. 8vo. Vinton. 2n. Gd. 

Agriculture GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Alcoholism 

Crewe, A. W. Manures, c. Svo. //. <"./. 2*. M. 

Chemistry of the farm. c. Svo. Vinton. 2.>. (W. 

Storer, K H. Agriculture; some of its relations to chemistry. Svo. 2 vote. 

Ac/r. 25*. 

Johnston and Cameron. Agricultural chemistry and geology. f. K\O. 

Slack icotxl. illus. Gs. Gd. 


Scott, J. Complete text-book of farm engineering. 12mo. Lochreood. 

illus. 12*. 

Field and barn implements ; Farm buildings ; Draining and embanking ; Irrigation and 
water supply ; Farm roads, fences, and gates ; Agricultural surveying. 

Equipment of the farm. c. Svo. Vinton. 2s. Gd. 

Thomas, J. J. Farm implements and machinery. 12mo. Orange Jitdd. 

(U.S.). illus. Is. Gd. 

Principles of construction and use. 

Denton, J. B. Agricultural drainage, r. Svo. Sjwn. 3s. 

French, H. Farm drainage, c. Svo. Spon. Is. Gd. 

Klippart, J. H. Land drainage. 12mo. (Cincinnati). 9*. 

Ewart, J. Land improver's pocket-book, r. 32mo. Lockivood. is. 

Nesbit, A. Practical land surveying. Ed. W. Burness. Svo. Longmans. 

illus. 12*. 


Curtis, C. E. Estate management, d. Svo. //. Cox. 10s. Gd. 

Labour of the farm. c. Svo. Vinton. 2s. Gd. 

Thomson, A. W. Text-book of book-keeping (Land agents, etc.). c. Svo. 

Sell. 5s. 

Advanced double-entry system. 

Dixon, H. H. Law of the farm. Ed. H. Perkins, d. Svo. Stevens. 26s. 

Bear, W. E. British farmer and his competitors. Cassell. Is. 


Cyclopaedia of agriculture. Ed. J. C. Morton, r. Svo. 2 vols. Slaclde. 
illus. pub. 50s. O.P. 

The best book of the kind ; though in some recent agricultural improvements behind the 
times. In the subject of Agricultural Botany it is yet unsurpassed. 

McConnell, P. Agricultural facts and figures for farmers, r. 32mo. 

Locltrvuod. 4s. 

A most valuable pocket companion. 

Morton, J. C. Farmer's calendar, d. Svo. Warne. illus. 15s. 




Paget, J. The alcohol .question, c. Svo. StraJian. 3s. Gd. 

Magnan, V. Alcoholism : forms and treatment. Tr. W. S. Greenfield. 

d. Svo. Lewis. Is. Gd. 




Algiers, etc. 

12.v. (\d. 

Kerr, Norman. Inebriety, c. 8vo. Len-i*. 

Gustafson, A. The foundation of death. Paul. i>* 

Barrett, E. R. Truth about intoxicating drinks. 8vo. Nat. Temp. Pub. 

Depot. 2.v. M 

Burns, Dawson. Temperance history, d. 8vo. 2 vols., 5*. each. Nat. 

Temp. Pub. Depot. IQs 

Maguire, J. Life of Father Mathevv. c. 8vo. Longmans, pub. 3*. 6d. o.p 



Smith, C. Elementary algebra, g. 8vo. Macmillan. 4*. tW. 

Hall and Knight. Elementary algebra for schools, g. 8vo. Macmillan. -Is. i\d. 

Todhunter, I. Algebra for beginners. 18mo. Macmillan. 2x. M. 

,, Treatise on algebra, c. 8vo. Macmillan. Is. 6d. 

Hall and Knight. Higher algebra, c. 8vo. Macmillan. 7.x. M. 

Solutions of the examples, c. 8vo. 8. 6(1. 

Chrystal, G. Algebra. (Advanced), p. 8vo. 2 vols. Slack. 23s. 


Murray's Handbook to Algeria and Tunis. Ed. R. L. Playfair. p. 8vo. 

Murray. ] 2*. 

Twelve maps and plans ; and short bibliography. 

Harris, G. W. Practical guide to Algiers. 8vo. Philip. :!*. 

Tchihatcheff, P. de. Espagne, Algerie, et Tunis. 8vo. (Paris'). 10*. 

Largely geographical. 

Vignon, L. La France dans 1'Afrique du Nord. 8vo. (Paris'). i;*. 

With preface by E. de Laveleye. 
Seguin, L. G. Walks in Algiers and its surroundings, p. 8vo. Daldy. 

illus. 1 2.s-. 

A very pleasant tourist's companion to Algiers. 

Knox, A. The new playground ; or wanderings in Algeria, c. 8vo. Paul. <>*. 

A cleverly-written book of travels, by the well-known London police magistrate. 

Playfair, R. L. Travels in the footsteps of Bruce in Algeria and Tunis. 

4to. Paul. (!:>,<. 

Illustrated by lac-similes of Bruce's drawing. 

,, The scourge of Christendom, d. 8vo. Smith, Elder, illus. 14*. 

The great interest of the work is the subject of Christian slavery. 

Russell, M. History and present condition of the Barbary states. 12mo. 

(Edinburgh). O.P. 

In " Edinburgh Cabinet Library." 

Poole, S. Lane. The Barbary Corsairs, c. 8vo. Unwin. illus. 5s. 

Playfair, R. L. Bibliography of Algeria, from the Expedition of Charles V. 

in 1541, to 1887. 8vo. Royal Geographical Society. \x. 

Tissot, C. Exploration scientifique de la Tunisie. 4to. 2 vols., 15*. each. 

(Paris). 30*. 

Largely archaeological. 

Graham and Ashbee. Travels in Tunisia. Dulau. illus. 23*. 

With glossary, map, and bibliography, which is also published separately. 


Algiers, etc. HDE BOOK TO BOOKS. America, North 

Broadley, A. M. Tunis, past ;ind present. Nvo. 2 vols. Jiltn-luruod. ilhiH. L'.V. 

\\ ' 1 1 li a narrative of the French conquest. 

Chartnes, G. La Timisic cl la 'l'ri]iolit;iinc. IL'mo. (/'arts'). 

Fournel, M. La Tripolitaine ; les routes du Soudan. 8vo. (Part*). '2*. <;//. 

Smith ;ui(l I'orcher. Recent discoveries at Cyrene. Day. pub. 126*. O.P. 

K \lMvUtion to the Cyrenaica in 1860-61. Superbly illustrated with 12 maps and plates, tinted 
lithographs, and wood-cats. 

Beechy, F., and H. Proceedings of the expedition to the N. Coast of Africa, 

from Tripoli, eastward, in 1821-22. 4to. Murray, illus. pub. 63*. O.P. 

Comprehending an account of the Greater Syrtis and the Cyrenaica. Nine maps. 

Playfair, K. L. Bibliography of Tripoli and the Cyrenaica. Royal <:<'<>- 

graphical Society. ''>*. 



Esmarck, F. First aid to the injured. Tr. by H.R.H. Princess Christian. 

f. 8vo. Smith, Elder. 2s. 

Roberts, R. L. Lectures on ambulance work. c. 8vo. H. K. Lewis. 

illus. 2s. tid. 

Pye, W. Elementary bandaging. 18mo. Houlston. illus. 2s. 

Heath, C. Manual of minor surgery and bandaging, f. 8vo. CJiurchill, 

illus. 6*. 

Caird and Cathcart. Surgical hfindbook. Griffin, illus. 8s. Gd. 

Good, and well illustrated. 



Reclus, E. Universal geography, vol. xv. i. 8vo. Virtue. 21s. 

Contains summary of American geography and exploration. Vol. xvii., to be issued shortly, 
will deal with the United States. 

Stanford's Compendium; North America. Ed. Hayden and Selwyn. 

1. p. 8vo. Stanford, illus. and maps. 21. 

Catlin, G. North American Indians, r. 8vo. 2 vols. Chatto. col. plates. 63*. 

Maclean, J. M. Twenty-five years' service in the Hudson's Bay Territory. 

8vo. 2 vols. BentUy. 1849. pub. 21*. O.P. 

Contains much information on Labrador. 

Hind, H. Y. Explorations in the interior of Labrador. 8vo. 2 vols. 

Longmans, pub. 32*. O.P. 

The publications of the Royal Geographical Society, and the American Geographical Society, 
should be consulted ou Labrador. 

Hatton and Harvey. Newfoundland, d. 8vo. Cliapman. 18*. 

Hall, E. H. The Home Colony: a guide book to Newfoundland. 8vo. 

Stanford. 1*. 

Pedley, C. History of Newfoundland. 8vo. Lowjmans. pub. 10.<f. O.P. 

Campbell, D. History of Prince Edward Island. 12mo. (Cliarlottetonn). 

CONSULT also the Bulletin of the American Geographical Society < N. York). 


America, Central GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. America, South 


See also MEXICO. 

Reclus, E. Universal geography, vol. xvi. i. 8vo. Virtue. 21*. 

Stanford's Compendium : Central America, the W. Indies, and S. America. 

Ed. H. W. Bates. 1. p. 8vo. Stanford, illus. and maps. 21*. 

Caceres, J. M. Geografia de Centre-America. 8vo. (Paris). 2*. 

Brigham, W. T. Guatemala ; the land of the Quetzal, d. 8vo. Unrein. 21s. 

Bristowe and Wright. Handbook of British Honduras for 1889-90. c. 8vo. 

Blackmood. Gs. 

Historical, statistical, and general information concerning the colony. 

Squier, E. G. Honduras, p. 8vo. Triibner. pub. 3*. Gd. O.P. 

Descriptive, historical, and statistical. 

Soltera, M. A lady's ride across Spanish Honduras. 8vo. Blackwood. 

illus. 12*. Gd. 

Squier, E. G. Nicaragua. 8vo. 2 vols. Harper, illus. pub. 20*. O.P. 

People, scenery, monuments, and the proposed inter-oceanic canal. 

Reyes, R. Apuntamientos estadisticos sobre la Reptiblica del Salvador. 
(San Salvador'). 

Published for Paris Exhibition, 1889. 

Guzman, D. Topografia fisica de Salvador. (Sa?i Salvador*). 




D'Orbigny, A. Voyage dans 1'Amerique m6ridionale. 7 vols, (Paris). 

1833-47. illus O.P. 

Humboldt, A. von. Personal narrative of travels in America (1799-1804). 

p. 8vo. 3 vols., 5s. each. Sell (Bohri). 15*. 

Ball, J. Naturalist in South America, c. 8vo. Paul. 8*. Gd. 

Vincent, F. Round and about S. America. 8vo. Appleton. 21;>-. 

Watson, R. G. Spanish and Portuguese South America, p. 8vo. 2 vols. 

Triibner. 21s. 



Pereira, R. S. Itats-Ums de Colombie. 8vo. Marpon. 8*. Gd. 

Calvo. Costa Rica. 12mo. (WasUngtoii). 10*. Gd. 


Hassaurek, P. Four years among Spanish Americans, p. 8vo. Low. 

pub. 7*. Gd. O.P. 

Simson, A. Travels in the wilds of Ecuador, c. 8vo. Low. 8s. Gd. 


Dance, C. D. Four years in Venezuela, p. 8vo. If. S. King. Is. Gd. 

Spence, J. M. Land of Bolivar. 8vo. 2 vols. Lon\ pub. 31*. Gtl. O.P. 

Adventure in Venezuela. 


America, South GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Anatomy, Human. 

Statistical Annuary of Venezuela. Vi'Hf;>tflan Contultit, (/.,w/<///). 
To be hud on application. 


Mathews, E. I). Up the Amazon and Madeira rivers, through Bolivia and 

1'cni. Svu. Lutr. 18*. 

Wiener, C. Perou et Bolivie. Hvo. (Paris). Maps and illii-. 20*. 


Musters, G. C. At home with the Patagonians. p. 8vo. Murray, illus. Is. 6d. 

Dixie, F. Across Pata.uxmia. 8vo. Bentley. illus. 15*. 

Coppinger, H. W. Cruise of the " Alert." 8vo. Sonnenschein. illus. C.v. 

Four years (1878-1882) in Pafciffonian, Meluuesiuu.aud Masearene waters. 

Beerbohm, J. Wanderings in Patagonia, c. 8vo. Cliatto. illus. 3s. Gd. 



Quain's Anatomy. Ed. Thomson, Schafcr, and Thane. 8vo. 2 vols., 18*. 

each. Longmans, illus. 36*. 

Rnox, II. Manual of human anatomy. 12mo. Renshaiv. 1X52. illus. 

pub. 12s. (>d. O.P. 

Gray, H. Anatomy, descriptive and surgical, r. 8vo. Longmans, illus. 36*. 

Macalister, A. Text -book of anatomy. (Advanced), m. 8vo. (ir(ffi/i. 

illus. 36*. 

Humphry, G. Human skeleton, m. 8vo. Macmillan. illus. 14*. 

Advanced and philosophical. 

Braune. Topographical anatomy. Tr. Bellamy, in. 8vo. Churchill. 

illus. 40*. 

Turner, W. Popular atlas of anatomy and physiology, fo. Johnston. 25*. 

Very good. 

Humphry, G. M. The human foot and human hand. f. 8vo. Macmillan. 

illus. 4*. 6<L 

I^lis, T. The human foot. d. 8vo. Cliurcldll. illus. 7*. &d. 

BeU, C. The hand. p. 8vo. Sell. 5*. 

Symington, J. Topographical anatomy of the child, fo. Saillicre. 42*. 

Flower, W. H. Diagrams of the nerves of the human body. r. 4to. 

CJiwrchill. illus. 12*. 

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Schafer, E. A. Essentials of histology, c. 8vo. Longmans, illus. 6*. 

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Medical elements of histology. 

Klein and Smith. Atlas of histology. 4to. Smith, Elder. 84*. 

Strieker, S. Manual of human and comparative histology. Tr. 

H. Power. 8vo. 3 vols. New Sydenham Soc. To subscribers only. 31*. 6^7. 

Gibbs, H. Practical histology and pathology, c. 8vo. II. K. Len-itt. 6*. 


Foster and Langley. Practical physiology and histology, c. 8vo. Macmillan. Is.Gd. 


Anatomy, Human GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Anglo-Saxon 


Marshall, J. Anatomy for artists, c. 8vo. timitlt, Elder, illus. 31.v. irf. 

Duval, M. Artistic anatomy. Tr. Fenton. c. 8vo. Cassell. illns. 

Bell, C 1 . Anatomy and philosophy of expression. 8vo. Sell. 1'i*. 

Also I'Jnii i., .").. 




SUGGESTIONS TO BEOIXXERS : First take Earle's Short Grammar, and after acquiring 
some knowledge of the grammatical forms of words, read the selections from the Gospels, with 
constant reference to the grammar, and parsing every word with the help of the glossary. 
Then take Sweet's Reader and read the pieces in prose. After this, take Plummer's 
Chronicles and read it well through with the help of his excellent glossary. After which, 
return to Sweet's Reader, and study the poetry, beginning with the Battle of Maldon. This 
done, the student will be able to guide himself. 


Marsh, F. A. Comparative grammar of the Anglo-Saxon language. Svo. 

Lmv. 12*. 

On a largo scale. 

Sievers, E. Old English grammar. Tr. A. S. Cook. 12mo. Ginn. '!-. 

Chiefly phonetic. 

Earle, J. Book for beginners in Anglo-Saxon, ex. f. Svo. Clar. Press. 2*. M. 

Short grammar, prose reading, and glossary. 

,, Philology of the English tongue, ex. f. Svo. Clar. Press. 7s. $d. 

Sweet, H. History of English sounds, d. Svo. Clar. Press. 
Skeat, W. W. Principles of English etymology, c. Svo. Clar. Press. 

Ser. I. The native element, 9*. Ser. II. The foreign element, 10*. Bd. 

Sweet, H. Anglo-Saxon reader in prose and verse, ex. f. Svo. 2 vols. 

Clar. Press. J ; '>"' 

Vol. i., 8. 6c7. ; vol. ii. t 4*. 6d. 

Zupitza. Old and middle English reader. Ed. Maclean. Ginn. 


Bosworth, J. Anglo-Saxon dictionary. Ed. and enlarged by T. N. Toller, 
sm. 4to. Clar. Press. 

Parts i. to iii. down to Sar ; 15s. each. 

Leo, H. Angelsachsisches Glossar. r. Svo. (Halle"). 

As yet, this is the only complete dictionary. 

Mayhew and Skeat. Concise dictionary of Middle English, c. Svo. Clar. 

Press. 7 - s> - <>"' 

Grein, C. W. Sprachschatz der angelsachsischen Dichter. Svo. 2 vols. 

(OXM0Q. - P - 

Wulcker, R. P., Grundriss zur Geschischte der angelsachsischen Literatur. 

Svo. (Leipzig). 1 - <t - 

Good for bibliology ; the criticism not always quite judicial. 

Wright, T. Biographia Britannica literaria (Anglo-Saxon period). Svo. 
J. W. Parker. 1842. pub. 12*. 

No later book covers the same ground for biographies. 


Anglo-Saxon GUIDE BOOK TO HOOKS. Anglo-Saxon 


Watson, If. S. Cacdmon, the first English poet. c. 8vo. LmigmaiU. 

|)iil>. li.s-. M. >.!. 

Earle, J. Aii^lo-Saxon literature, f. 8vo. 8. P. C. A. 2s. (\<l. 

Brink, 15. ten, Early English literature. Tr. H. M. Kennedy p. 8vo. 

It.-ll ( Ituhti). 3*. M. 

The Anglo-Saxon period forms the introductory part. 

Freeman, E. A. Old English history for children, ex. f. 8vo. Macmillcm. ii*. 

Bright, W. Chapters of early English church history, d. 8vo. Clar. 

I'ress. 12*. 


Thorpe, B. Anglo-Saxon version of the gospels. Rivinytons. 1848. O.P. 

Caedmon. Angelsachsische biblische Dictungen. Ed. Bouterweck. 8vo. 
2vols. (Elberfeld). 1844-50. 
Since Thorpe's Caedmon was O.P. this has been the only separate edition. 

Schmidt, R. Die Gesetze der Angelsachsen. 8vo. (Leipzig). 20*. 

The only edition of Saxon laws in the market. Thorpe's edition (Ancient laws and 
inttitutet), from which it was made, may be seen in libraries. 

Wulfstan. Homilies : text. Ed. A. Napier. 8vo. (Berlin). Is. 

Be Domes Daege. (Early English Text Soc.). Ed. J. Lawson Lumby. 

d. 8vo. Triibner. -< 

After Beda's De iliejudieii. 

Anglo-Saxon Life of St. Katherine : with Latin original. (Early English 

Text Soc.). Ed. Einenkel. d. 8vo. Triibner. 12s. 

Alfred's version of " Cura pastoralis." (Early English Text Soc.). Ed. 

H. Sweet, d. 8vo. 2 vols., 10s. each. Triibner. 20*. 

Alfred's version of Orosius. (Early English Text Soc.), Ed. H. Sweet, 
d. 8vo. Triibner. Part i., 13s. 

Oldest English texts. (Early English Text Soc.). Ed. H. Sweet, d. 8vo. 

Triibner. 20*. 

Old English vocabularies. Ed. Wright and Wulcker. 8vo. 2 vols. 

Triibner. 28s. 

Aelfric's Gramrnatik and Glossar : text. Ed. Zupitza. 8vo. (Berlin). ~x. 

Lay of St. Andreas. Ed. W. M. Baskerville. 12mo. Ginn. Is. Qd. 

Aelfric's homilies. Ed. B. Thorpe. 2 vols. Aelfric Soc. 1844-6. O.P. 

In libraries ; there is no later edition. 

Beowulf and the Fight at Finnsburg. Ed. Harrison and Sharp. 12mo. Ginn. 
Saxon Chronicles, A.D. 787-1001. Ed. C. Plummer. c. 8vo. Clar. Press. 

A revised text ; with introduction, critical notes, and glossary. 

Saxon Chronicles ; with English translation. Ed. and tr. B. Thorpe. 

r. 8vo. 2 vols., 10s. each. Eyre. 20s. 

Codex Exoniensis. Ed. and tr. B. Thorpe. 8vo. Pickering. 1842. 

pub. 20s. O.P. 

A collection of Anglo-Saxon poetry, from MS. of Dcau and Chapter of Exeter. This text has 
since been embodied in the next book. 

Bibliothek der angelsachsischen Poesie. Ed. C. Grein. 8vo. 2 vols. 
( Cassel). 
Vol. i., 12*. ; vol. ii. (part 1), 8. 


Anglo-Saxon GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Anthropology 

Cartularimn Saxonicum. Ed. W. de Gray Birch, c. 8vo. 2 vols., 
31*. 6d. each. Whiting. 

Vol. iii., in progress, 'Is. Crf. per part. Nog. i. to xrvii., to A.D. T:>. 

Earle, J. Handbook to the land charters, c. 8vo. Clar. Press. 16*. 

Caedmon. Exodiis and Daniel. Ed. Hunt. 12rno. Ginn. 3*. Gd. 

Beowulf; fac-simile. (Early English Text Soc.). Ed. Zupitza. d. 8vo. 

Triibner. 25*. 

Blickling homilies i.-iii. (Early English Text Soc.). Ed. R. Morris, d. 8vo. 

3 vols. Triibner. 20*. 

Vol. i.,8.; vol. ii., 4*. ; vol. iii., 8. 

Aelfric. Metrical lives of saints. (Early English Text Soc.). Ed. W. 
W. Skeat. d. 8vo. 3 vols. Triibner. 

Vol. i., 10*. ; vol. ii., 12. 


Weymouth, R. F. Literal translation of Cynewulf's " Elene." 8vo. Stock. 

Low, W. H. Translation of Saxon Chronicles, from A.D. 787 to 1001. 

c. 8vo. Clive. 3*. 

Garnett, J. M. Translation of the Beowulf. 12mo. Ginn. 5*. 6d. 

Translated line for line. 

, , Translation of the " Elene,'' " Judith," " Athelstan," and li Byrhtnoth." 

c. 8vo. Ginn. 5s. 







See also FOLKLORE. 

Tyler's Anthropology should be read first as an introduction : then Lubbock's Origin 
of Civilisation ; afterwards Im Thorn's Amongst the Indian* of Guiana may be studied for 
the daily life of a savage. The student will then appreciate Tylor's Early History and 
Primitive Culture. For on introduction to archteological anthropology Lubbock's Pre- 
hitoric Times, and for an introduction to philology Fr. Muller's Grundriss is recommended. 
The comparative study of man's physical characteristics is best given by Topinard, and the 
classification of mankind by De Quatrefages. Mr. Galton has made heredity and anthro- 
pometry his especial subjects. Lists of works relating to anthropology (and kindred subjects), 
compiled by Otis Mason, have appeared in the appendices to the Smithsonian Reports 
(WuMnpton), 1879-80. 

Joly, N. Man before metals. (" Inter. Scient." ser.). c. 8vo. Paul. 

A good popular account of early man. 


Anthropology GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Anthropology 

Lubbock, J. Origin of civilisation and ]iriiiiitivo condition of man. 8vo. 

l.oin/iiHtiis. illns. 18*. 


Tylor, E. 15. i:.-sc:in-hcs into the early history of mankind. Hvo. Murray. 12*. 

See introductory remarks. 

,, Anthropology, c. 8vo. Macmillan. illus. It. 6d. 

tM>.lurt..r> i, marks. 

,, Primitive culture. 8vo. 2 vols. .Murray. 24g. 

The standard work on primitive beliefs and customs. 


Lyell, C. Antiquity of man. 8vo. Murray, pub. lls. O.P. 

Lubbock, J. Prehistoric times. 8vo. Williams. 18s. 

Schrader, 0. Prehistoric antiquities of Aryan peoples. Tr. F. B. Jevons. 

(1. Hvo. Griffin. 21*. 

A manual of comparative philology and the earliest culture. 

Dawkins, W. 15. Cave hunting. 8vo. Macmillan. illus. pub. 21s. O.P. 

Researches on the remains of prehistoric man in the bone caves of Europe. 

,, Early man in Britain, m. 8vo. Macmillan. 25s. 

Evans, J. Ancient stone implements of Great Britain, r. 8vo. Longmans. 

illus. pub. 28s. O.P. 

,, Ancient bronze implements of Great Britain and Ireland. 8vo. 

Longmans, illus. pub. 25s. O.P. 

These works by Dawkins and Evans are suited to advanced students. 

Greenwell, W. British barrows, m. 8vo. Clar. Press, illus. 25s. 

Munro, R. Ancient Scottish lake-dwellings, d. 8vo. illus. 21s. 

,, Lake dwellings of Europe. 8vo. Cassell. Sis. <od. 

Keller, F. Lake-dwellings of Switzerland and of Europe. Tr. J. Lee. 8vo. 

2 vols. Longmans, illus. pub. 42s. O.P. 

An important book for advanced students. 

Nilsson, S. Primitive inhabitants of Scandinavia. Ed. J. Lubbock. 8vo. 

Longmans, pub. 18s. O.P. 

Comparative ethnography in the N. of Europe during the Stone Age. 


Letourneau, C. La sociologie d'apres 1'ethnographie. 12mo. Reinmald. is. 6d 

Spencer, H. Studies in sociology. (" Inter. Scient." ser.). c. 8vo. Paul. 5s. 

Maine, H. Early history of institutions. 8vo. Murray. 9s. 

Freeman, E. A. Comparative politics. 8vo. Macmillan. 14*. 

Gomme, G. L. Literature of local institutions, f. 8vo. Stock. 4s. Qd. 

Applies only to English institutions, but it is the only bibliography. 

Maine, H. Ancient law. 8vo. Murray. 9s. 

, , Early law and custom. 8vo. Murray. 9s. 

Gomme, G. L. Primitive folkmoots. 8vo. Lmv. 12s. 

Frazer, J. G. Totemism. c. 8vo. Slack. 3s. 6d. 

McLennan, J. F. Studies in ancient history. 8vo. Macmillan. 16*. 

, , The patriarchal theory. 8vo. Macmillan. 14s. 

Pulszky, A. Theory of law and civil society, d. 8vo. Unrvin. 18*. 

Morgan, L. Ancient society. 8vo. Macmillan. O.P. 


Anthropology GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Anthropology 

Schrader, 0. Prehistoric antiquities of the Aryan peoples. Tr. .svo. 

(f Tiffin. 21*. 

Hearn, W. E. Aryan household. Svo. Longmans. lt!.<. 

Coulanges, F. de. Aryan civilization. Tr. Svo. Parker, pub. 5x. o.i'. 

Maine, H. Village communities in the east and west. Svo. Murray. 

Gomme, G. L. The village community. (" Contemp. science " ser.). 

illus. 3*. Gd. 

Phear, J. B. The Aryan village in India and Ceylon, p. Svo. Macmilhni. 

pub. Is. &d. O.P. 

Laveleye, E. de. Primitive property. Tr. Svo. Macmillan. -pub. 12.*. o.i'. 

Seebohm, F. English village community. Svo. Longmans. !(><. 

Mayne, J. D. Hindu law and usage, r. Svo. Stevens. :>2.<. 
Smith, W. Robertson. Religion of the Semites ; fundamental institutions. 

d. Svo. Black. !">.. 

,, Kinship and marriage in early Arabia, c. Svo. Cambridge Press. ~#.t\<l. 

O'Curry, E. Manners and customs of the ancient Irish. Svo. 3 vols. 

Williams. 30*. 

Fenton, J. Early Hebrew life. Svo. Irtitner. pub. 5.<t. O.P. 

Wilkinson, J. G. Manners and customs of the ancient Egyptians. 

c. Svo. 3 vols. Murray, illus. M.v 

A popular edition at lit. 

Mallet, P. Northern antiquities. Tr. Percy, p. Svo. Sell (Bolni). 

Ancient Scandinavian manners and customs. 


Wood, J. G. Illustrated history of man. r. Svo. 2 vols. Routledge. -- 

A good popular account of savage and barbaric peoples. 

Lane, E. W. Manners and customs of the modern Egyptians. Ed. E. S. 

Poole. c. Svo. 2 vols. Murray. 1 2,v. 

Dalton, E. T. Descriptive ethnology of Bengal. 4to. Iriibner. illus. 12t>.<. 

Elliott, H. M. History, folklore, and distribution of the races of the 

North-West Provinces of India, d. Svo. Ir-iibner. illus. 36*. 

Lewin, T. H. Wild races of south-east India, p. Svo. Allen, pub. 10*. &d. O.P. 

Man, E. H. Aboriginal inhabitants of the Andaman Islands, d. Svo. 

Trubner. illus. 10*. 6rf. 

Nadaillac, Marquis de. Prehistoric America. Tr. N. D'Anvers. Svo. 

Murray, illus. !<><- 

For the general reader. 

Bancroft, H. H. Native races of the Pacific States, r. Svo. 5 vols., 

25s. each. Longmans. 125-<. 

Vast collection of anthropological material as to the tribes and nations of the west side of 
North America. 

Schoolcraft, H. R. Archives of aboriginal knowledge, i. 4to. f vols. 

Lippincott. 15 15*. 

All the original papers laid before the Congress respecting the history, antiquity, ethnology 
of the Indian tribes of the United States. 

Brinton, D. G. Library of American aboriginal literature. Svo. 7 vols. 

Triibner. 82*. 

Vols. i., ii., iv., v., vi., vii., 12*. each ; vol. iii., 10. 

Im Thurn, E. F. Among the Indians of Guiana. Svo. Paid, illus. 18*. 

See introductory remarks. 


Anthropology GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Antiseptic* 

Curr, E. M. Australian race. <1. S\<>. 1 w>K Triilnn-r. ill us. 42* 

VulmiMr trcuMiiry of native philology and cuHtum. Conclusions not to be accepted implicitly. 

Dawson, J. Australian aborigines, -itn. .)/,/<//////////. 14*. 

I).-,,] ii'tiou uf natives of Western Victoria 

Smyth, R. B. Aborigines of Victoria. 4to. Trainer, illus. 

Roth, II. MULT. Aborigines of T;isin:mi:i. Svo. Triilner. illus. |iuli. 21*. O.P. 

With i.ivl'.i.-,. l, v K. B. Tylor. 

Turner, G. Sanioii u hundred years ago. p. Svo. Macmillan. 9*. 

Description of customs of the Navigator Islanders. 
Notes and queries on anthropology for the use of travellers and resident- 

in uncivilised lands, f. Svo. Stanford. 5s. 

Pri'juired by a committee of the British Association. Of great value for travellers in savaj,"' 
and barbaric countries. 


Topinard, P. Elements d' anthropologie generale. Svo. (Paris), illus. 20*. 

An exhaustive comparative study of the physical characters of num. 

Haeckel, E. in story of the evolution of man. Tr. p. Svo. 2 vols. Paul. 

illus. 32*. 

To be read by students acquainted with technical zoology. 

(Juatrefages, A. De. Histoire generale des races humaines. 1. Svo. 2 vols. 

(Paris), illus. 22*. 

Latest contribution to the study of the classification of the races of man. 

Beddoe, J. Races of Britain, r. Svo. ArrorcsmitJi. illus. and maps. 21*. 

Physical anthropology. 

Darwin, C. Descent of man. c. Svo. Murray, illus. 7s. (5rf. 

This classical work should be read by all students who approach anthropology on the zoological 

Roberts, C. Manual of anthropometry, d. Svo. Churchill, illus. Ss. G</. 

Galton, F. Hereditary genius. Svo. Macmillan. pub. 12*-. O.P. 

Ribot, T. Heredity, r. Svo. If. S. King. it.y. 

Weissmann, A. Essays on heredity. (Advanced). Svo. Clar. Press. 1G.. 


Muller, F. Grundriss der Sprachwissenschaft. Svo. 4 vols. ( Vienna). 52*-. 

An important general philological classification of peoples by languages. For advanced 


PERIODICALS : L' Anthropolocrie (Masson), fortnightly : Zeitsehriftfttr Ethnologie (Asher), 

monthly; Journal of the Anthropological Institute, quarterly. 





Trouessart, E. L. Microbes, ferments, and moulds. Svo. Paul, illus. 5*. 

Klein. Micro-organisms in disease, c. Svo. Macmillan. illus. (5*. 

Cheyne, W. Watson. Antiseptic surgery, d. Svo. Smith, Elder, illus. 2U. 

De Bary, A. Lectures on bacteria. Tr. Garnsey and Balfour. c. Svo. 

Clar. Press. 6.. 






Reclus, E. Universal geography, vol. ix. Tr. i. 8vo. Virtue. 21x. 

Palgrave, W. G. A year's journey through Central and Eastern Arabia 

(1862-63). c. 8vo. Macmillan. t>*. 

Blunt, Lady Anne. Pilgrimage to Nejd, the cradle of the Arab race. 

2 vols. Murray, illus. 2 1.<. 

Burton, R. F. Pilgrimage to El-Medina and Meccah. 3 vols. Longmans. 

illus. pub. 43s. O.P. 

Doughty, C. M. Travels in Arabia Deserta. 8vo. 2 vols. Cambridge 

Press, illus. ')3,*. 

Hrugronje, C. S. Mekka. 8vo. 2 vols. (Leydeti). 40s. 

Vol. i., Die Stadt und ihre Herren ; vol. ii., Aus dem heutigen Leben. With atlas, 4to. 

Glaser. Skizze der Geschichte und Geographic Arabiens. r. 8vo. Diilau. 21s. 


The student is recommended to master the selections in either Sociu's or Lansing's 
manual, while making himself familiar with the grammatical paradigms and rules ; to pro- 
ceed thence through the reading-book of Forbes or Kosegarten ; next to work through the 
grammar of Wright, and the reading-book of either Wright or De Sacy. He will then be in 
a position to study the original literature. 


Socin, A. Arabic grammar. 8vo. Williams. 7s. Qd. 

Contains Litteratura Arabica ; a bibliography of the literature. 

Lansing, J. G. The Arabic manual. 8vo. Nutt. 10s. &d. 

Wright, W. Arabic grammar. Tr. from Caspari. 8vo. 2 vols. Williams. 

pub. 23*. O.P. 

Howell, M. S. Arabic grammar. 8vo. 3 vols. (Allahabad). 80s. Gd. 

Vol. i. (1), 28*. ; (2), 21. ; vols. ii., iii., 81*. 6rf. Native system. 

"Wortapet and Porter. Arabic-English dictionary. 12mo. (Cairo). 22s &d. 

Abcarius, J. English-Arabic dictionary. 8vo. (Beyrou). 32s. 

Steingass, F. English-Arabic dictionary, d. 8vo. W. H. Allen. 28s. 

Lane, E. W. Arabic-English dictionary. Ed. Poole. 4to. 7 vols., 25s. 

each. William*. 17 5s. 


Badger, G. P. English-Arabic dictionary. 4to. Paul. 189s. 

Thornton, F. du Pre. Elementary Arabic reading lessons, c. 8vo. W. H. 
Allen. Part, i., 3s. 6d. 

Grammatical analysis of parts of the Koran. 

Forbes, D. Arabic reading lessons, r. 8vo. W. H. Alton. 15s. 

With glossary. 

Kosegarten, J. Chrestomathia Arabica. 8vo. (Leijtziy). 1828. 12s. 

Excellent collection. Glossary in Latin. 

Sacy, S. de. Chrestomathie Arabe. r. 8vo. 3 vols. Imprimerie du Hoi. 

1827. 105s. 

French translations. 


Arabia GUIDE BOOK TO BOO K S. Arboriculture 

Wright, W. Arabir reading bunk. NVI>. \Vi Hiding. "x. (\d. 

Wry ailxano <l. 


Green, A. (). Practical Arabic grammar, c. 8vo. C'lar. Press. 7n. (>tl. 

i :>,'>!*. 
Tien, A. Colloquial Arabic, f. 8vo. 1C. //. Allm. ~g. \;,t. 

Cliiftly .lial.vt ..I Syria. 

Spitta-Bey. (irammatik dcs arahischcn Vulgiir-Dialccte.s von --Egypten. 

s\u. (Itfrliii). '2~>x. 

Newman, F. W. Arabic-English and English-Arabic dictionary. 8vo. 

Triilnu-r. (!.*. 

Difficult system of tnmslitrrution. 

Bird wood, A. Arabic reading book. 8vo. W. H. Allen. ~>s. 

Dialect of Egypt. 

Machuel, L. Manuel do 1'Arabisant. 8vo. (Algiers'). 5*. 

Dialect of Algiers. 

Spitta-Bey. Contes arabee modernes. 8vo. (Leyderi). O.s. (\d. 

Dialect of E^yvt. In European cliaracters ; of the (greatest value. 


The Koran. (Arabic text). Ed. Fliigel. 4to. (Leipzig. 20*. 

,, (" Chandos Classics "). Tr. Sale. c. 8vo. Warne. 2^. 

,, Tr. Palmer, d. 8vo. 2 vols. Clar. Press. 21. 

Selections from the Koran. Tr. E. W. Lane. 8vo. Triibner. 0*. 

Elif Leila wa Leila. (" Arabian Nights "). Arabic text. 4 vols. (.Beyrouf). 24#. 

Minhadj at-Tsllibin. Tr. into French by Van den Berg. r. 8vo. 3 vols. 

(liatavia). 50. 

Shiifeite system. 

Makainas of Hariri. Ed. Serkis. (Bei/rout). 

Assemblies of Hariri. Tr. Chenery. r. 8vo. Williams. 10*. 

Elegant prose. 

Kalila wa Dimna. (Bidpai's Fables). Arabic text. (Bet/rout). 

Diwan el-Mutanabli. Ed. Nasif el-Yazagi. 8vo. (Beyrouf). 10s. i\d. 

Lyall, C. J. Translations from ancient Arabian poetry, f. 4to. Williams. 10. iid. 

Poetical works of Zoheir. Tr. Palmer, c. 4to. 2 vols., 10*. &d. each. 

Cambridge Press. 21*. 

Burckhardt, J. Arabic proverbs. 8vo. QuaritcU. 10*. 


Haji Khalfa's Lexicon bibliographicum et encyclopgedicnm. Ed. and tr. 

into Latin by G. Fliigel. 4to. 7 vols. (Leipzig). 1835-59. 12(>*. 

Mtiller, A. Orientalische Bibliographic. 8vo. 4 vols. (Berlin). 28*. 

Vol. i.,6*. ; vol. ii., 6*. ; vols. iii., iv., St. each. In progress. 

Journal of Royal Asiatic Society. Ed. Rhys Davids. Triibner. 

First series, complete in 20 vols., 10. New series, vol. i. (in two parts i, Ids. ; vol. ii., 16*. ; 
vol. iii., 22. ; vol. iv., l(f. ; vol. v., 18. Oil. ; vol. vi., 1C*. ; vol. vii., 1C*. ; vol. viii., 1B. ; vol. 
ix., IKs. fid. ; vol. x., 22*. ; vol. xi., 20*. (id. ; vol. xii., 2:(.v. ; vol. xiii., 81*. ; vol. xiv., '.Hf. Cxi. ; 
vol. xv., 21. ; vol. xvi., 27. 6V/. ; vol. xvii., 30. ; vol. xviii., :)2. W. ; vol. xix., 40. ; vol. xx., 40*. 

Arbuthnot, F. F. Arabic authors. 8vo. Heinemann. 10*. 


17 c 

Archseology GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Architecture 



Smith, W. Dictionary of Greek and Roman antiquities. 8vo. Murray. 
Daremberg ct Saglio. Dictionnaire des antiquit6s. 4to. (Paris). 

Parts i. to xiii., 4*. 6d. eacli. In progress. 

Rich, A. Dictionary of Greek and Roman antiquities, p. Hvo. Longmans. Is. (></. 
Roscher, "W. H. Lexicon der Mythologie. r. Svo. (Leijtzlg). 

Parts i. to xviii., S., each. In progress. 

Baumeister, A. Denkmaler di-s rlassischen Altertlmms. r. 8vo. 3 vols. 

(Milnich). S7.<. 

Vol. i., -M. ; vol. ii., 28*. ; vol. in., ::**. 

Babelon, E. Manual of Oriental antiquities. Tr. T. A. Evetts. 8vo. 

Orevel. 10*. M. 

Perrot and Chipiez. L'art dans 1'antiquite. 4to. Ilachette. illus. 

Vol. i., L'Egypte ; vol. ii., Chald^e et Assyrie ; vol. iii., Ph^nicie, Cypre ; vol. iv., Jud.'v, 
Sardaigne, Syrie, 24. each. In progress. For English translation, tee ART I. The chief 
treatises referred to by Perrot are the following : Empire of the Hittites, by W. Wright 
(Nisbet); Reisen in Klein-Asien und Nordsyrien, by Hnmann and Puehstein (Berlin i; 
Description de I'Asie-JIineure, by C. Texier ; Exploration archeologitiue, by Perrot, 
Guillanme, and Delbet ; Ramsay's Studies in Asia Minor and Phrygia (in vols. iii. and v. 
of Hellenic Journal, Macmillan), and Relations between Western Phrj/yia and Cappadoci" 
(Trubner) ; Sayce's Karian language and inscriptions (Trubner) ; and Notes from journeys 
in the Troud and Li/dia (in vol. i. of Hellenic Journal). 

Maspero, G. Histoire ancienne des peuples de 1'orient. 12mo. HacJieth'. 5,v. 

GUIDES : Guide-books to British Museum, Louvre, and Berlin Museum. 

JOURNALS : Publications of the German Archaeological Institute; Journal of Hellenic 
Stitdies (Macmillan); Bulletin de correspondence tiel/enirjtie; Gazette arc/ieoloffifiiie : 
Comptes-rendns de VAcademie de St. Petersbourff ; Epfiemeris archaiologike (Greek; ; 
Classical Journal. 


The most important treatises on Archery from an historical point of view are: (1) 
Toxop/ii/ns,})y Roger Ascham; first edition, 1545; modern edition of Ascliam's works in 1 
vols., 12. (Reeves, 196, Strand). (2) The English Bowman, by T. Roberts. Svo. 1801. 

Ford, H. Theory and practice of archery. Svo. Longmans. 1 1*. 

The Archer's Register. Ed. F. T. Follett. H. Cox. 3*. Gd. 

Published annually ; contains records of archery meetings through the year. 


For the professional student the best selection of reading is that contained in the 
Kalendar issued annually by the Royal Institute of British Architects. Those who desire 
to acquire a good general acquaintance with the subject, or to judge of their fitness for 
the profession, may well read the following books: Tarver "(Guide), Mitchell (Mmiini'i. 
Smith and Slater (Classic and enrlii rhrhtinH architecture), Leeds (Orders) ; for Christian 
and Byzantine. Fergussou's History ; for Saracenic, Smith and Slater's Classic; T. R. Smith 
(Gothic), Parker (Introduction to Gothic), Rickman (Gothic in Em/land), Turner and 
Parker (Domestic Architecture), T. R. Smith (Renaissance), and Fergusson (Modern 


Tarver, E. J. Guide to the study of the history of architecture. Pettltt. o.r. 

A handy and useful elementary book containing numerous bibliographical references. 

Mitchell, T. Rudimentary manual of architecture, c. 8vo. Longmans. 

illus. pub. 10*. 6d. () '' 

Fergusson, J. History of architecture. Svo. 2 vols. Murray, illus. 

Ken- edition in preparation. 


Architecture GUIDE I5OOK TO MooKS. Architecture 

Freeman, E. A. History of architecture. d.s\i>. Masters, pub. 49. o.p. 

Viollet-le-Duc, K. Lectures on architecture, Tr. Bucknnll. KVO. 2 vols., 

:;i.v. (>i/. racli. Low. illus. 


These arc treated uf in the foregoing works, hut specifically in the following. 

Wilkinson, G. The aivliiti-rtim: of ancient Egypt. 8vo. (London). 

1>OA). illus. O.P. 

Leeds, W. H. The orders of architecture, p. Hvo. Loclcwood. Is. (id. 

Normand, C. New parallel of the orders of architecture. fo. 

Tr. I'ugin. Taylor, illus. O.P. 

Mauch, J. M. von. Die architektonischen Ordnungcn der Griechen und 

Kilmer, r. Svo. (Merlin), illus. 14s. Grf. 

Penrose, F. C. Principles of Athenian architecture, fo. Macmillan. 

illus. 147s. 

Dilettanti Society's publication. 

Stuart and Kcvett. Antiquities of Athens, fo. 5 vols. Priestley and 

Weaie. 1841. illus. O.P. 

,, The same, abridged ed. p. Svo. Sell, illus. 5*. 

A handy summary of the larger woik. 

Taylor and Cresy. Architectural antiquities of Rome. fo. Crosby, 

Lockmood. illus. 63s. 

Smith and Slater. Classic and early Christian architecture. Svo. Lorn. 5s. 

Texier and Pullan. Byzantine architecture, fo. Day. illus. O.P. 

Dartein, F. de. Etude sur 1'architecture lombarde. 4to. plates fo. 

(Paris). '120s. 

Scott, Gilbert. Lectures on mediaeval architecture. Svo. 2 vols. Murray. 

illus. 42*. 

Parker, J. H. Introduction to Gothic architecture, f. Svo. (Oxford"). 

illus. 5*. 

Bloxam, M. H. Principles of Gothic ecclesiastical architecture. - p. Svo. 

3 vols. Sell, illus. 22s. Gd. 

Moore, C. H. Gothic architecture, m. Svo. Macmillan. 18s. 

Rickman, T. Attempt to discriminate the styles of architecture in 

England, d. Svo. Parker (Oxford), illus. 16s. 

Additions by J. H. Parker ; contains pre-Norman work, omitted from 7th edition with a 
view to publication in separate form, an idea not yet carried out. 

Turner and Parker. Domestic architecture in England. 3 vols. (Oxford), 

illus. 72s. 

Vol. i., 21. ; vol. ii., 21*. ; vol. iii., 80*. 

Moller, G. Memorials of German Gothic architecture. Tr. Leeds, s. Svo. 

Weale. 1S24. O.P. 

Whewell and Lassaulx. Architectural notes on German churches. Svo. 

(Cambridge). 1842. O.P. 

Ruskin, J. Stones of Venice, i. Svo. 3 vols. G. Allen, illus. 89s. 

Street, G. E. Gothic architecture in Spain. Murray, illus. pub. 30s. O.P. 

Smith, T. R. Gothic and renaissance architecture, c. Svo. Lorv. illus. 5s. 

Fergusson, J. Modern styles of architecture. Svo. Murray, illus. 31s. Gd. 

New edition in preparation. 

19 c 2 

Architecture GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Architecture 

Ltibke, W. Ecclesiastical art in Germany. Tr. Wheat eley. r. Svo. 

(IMuiburylt'). illus. 21*. 

Deals with transition from Byzantine to Gothic. 

Berty, A. La renaissance monumcntale en France. 1. 4to. 2 vols. Morel. 

illus. 72*. Cxi. 

Grancljean de Montigny, and Famin. L'architecture toscane. f o. (Paris). 

illus. no*. 


Clark, G. T. Mediaeval military architecture in England. Svo. 2 vols. 

\\'i/man. illus. 31*. <>'/. 

M'Gibbon and Ross. Castellated and domestic architecture of Scotland. 

r. s\o. 4 vols., 42*. each. Douylas. lt> v .v. 

Viollet-le-Duc, E. E. Military architecture of the middle ages. Tr. 

M. Macdermot. m. Svo. Parker, illus. 10*. IK/. 

Britton, J. Architectural antiquities of Great Britain. 4to. 5 vols. 

Longmans. 1807-26. O.P. 

Cutts, E. L. Sepulchral slabs and crosses of the middle ages. Parker. 1849. o.r. 

Rammer, A. Ancient stone crosses of England. Svo. Virtue, illus. '.>*. 


Haines, H. Manual of ornamental brasses. Svo. 2 vols. Parker. 21*. 

Greeny, W. F. Monumental brasses on the Continent, fo. Goose (Norrv'mli). ."><>.>.. 

A fine work; plates executed in facsimile from rubbings. 

Fergusson, J. Rude stone monuments, r. Svo. Murray, illus. pub. 24*. O.P. 

A perfect encyclopaedia of so-called " Druidical remains." 

Abbeys and churches of England and Wales. Ed. T. G. Bonney. Cassell. 

illus. 21 x. 

A popular account, illustrated with good wood-cuts. Ruined abbeys and churches, i.e., such 
as are not now in use as places of worship, are expressly excluded. 


Garbett, E. L. Principles of design in architecture. 12mo. Lockn-ood. 2,v. (\<L 

Ruskin, J. Seven lamps of architecture, i. Svo. G. Allen, illus. . 21*. 

Also p. 8vo., "is. 6d. 

Chambers, W. Decorative part of civil architecture. Ed. W. H. Leeds. 

4to. Locknood. illus. 21.v. 

Blackburne, E. L. Decorative painting applied to English architecture. 

fo. Williams. 1847. illus. O.P. 

Heideloff, C. von. Architectural ornaments of the middle ages in the 

Byzantine and Gothic style. Tr. 4to. (Nuremberg), illus. :>it.v. 

Gwilt, J. Encyclopaedia of architecture. Svo. Longmans, illus. ?>'2x. (\d. 

Contains a bibliography, and a large number of brief biographical notices. 

Parker, J. H. Glossary of terms used in architecture, d. Svo. 3 vols. 

(Ojrford). 1850. illus. O.P. 

,, Concise glossary of terms used in architecture, f. Svo. Jos. Parker. 

illus. 7.<. M. 

An abridgment of the larger work, without the plates. 

Dictionary of architecture. Architectural I'liblh-dtion Soc. (9, Condidt- 
street, H'.). 

Seven' volumes of text out of eiglit are already issued ; and three vols. of illustrations. Price 
of the complete work to subscriber.-, '.-1 

Architecture GUIDP] B0( ) K T< ) I J( )( > K - . Ai-ctic and Antarctic 

Viollet-le-Duc, K. Pictimmaiiv raisonmV <!< raivhitcctmv fran<;ai>c du 

1 1' au If.-sin-lc. l.Sv,,. 10 vols. (I'uri.i). illns. IL' 

Milizia, V. Lives of celebrated architects. Tr. Mrs. ('rosy. Hvo. 2 vols. (i.i 1 . 


JOCRNALH, ETC.: BitiMer <U\, Catherine-street, W.C.': Hnilitin,i ,%'"< :;':-J. Strand, 
W.C.); Procri'<lini/* (Hid TrttiiiHii-tiini* uf tin- Kninil liutittitr tit Urilmh Ai'* 
(U, Conduit-street, W.). 


Richardson, J. The polar regions ; physical geography and ethnology. 

Svo. Lioitjinans. 14*. 

Axotio geography and ethnology. Hvo. Murray, maps. Is. GJ. 

Selection of papers for the Arctic expedition of 1875. 

Rink, H. Danish Greenland. Ed. Brown, p. Svo. King. 10*. (\tl. 

Nansen, F. The first crossing of Greenland. H vols. 2 vols. Longmans. 3f>*. 

Barrow, J. Voyages in the arctic regions. 8vo. Murray. 1818. O.P. 

,, Voyages of discovery and research in the arctic regions from 

1818. 8vo. Murray. 184(i. 8*. 

, , Discovery and adventure in polar seas and regions. Ed. Leslie and 

others. 12mo. Harper. ;"*. 

Nordenskjold, A. E. von. Arctic voyages, 1858-79. Ed. A. Leslie. Svo. 

Macmillan. illus. 16*. 

,, Voyage of the " Vega " round Asia and Europe. Tr. Leslie. 8vo. 

2 vols. Macmillan. illus. 4f>,. 

With review of all previous voyages along the north coast of the Old World. 

Nares, G. S. Voyage to the polar sea in the "Alert" and "Discovery." 

Svo. 2 vols. Lorn. 42.. 

Markham, A. H. The great frozen sea ; voyage of the " Alert." c. Svo. 

Paul. Gs. 

Markham, C. R. The threshold of the unknown region, c. Svo. Lmv. 10*. Cxi. 

Hall, C. F. Life with the Esquimaux, i. Svo. Bickers, pub. Gs. O.P 

Discovery of Frobisher's relics, etc. 

,, Second Arctic expedition of Charles F. Hall. Ed. J. Nourse. 

4to. Trubner. 28s. 

His voyage to Repulse Bay ; sledge journeys to the Straits of Fury and Heck, and to King 
William's Land ; and residence among the Eskimo during the years 1861-9. 

, , Narrative of the expedition in the " Polaris." Ed. Davis. 4to. 

Jrilbner. illus. 2H.. 

Schley and Soley. The rescue of Greeley. Svo. Low. 12*. Qd. 

With photos and maps. 

Greeley, A. W. Three years of Arctic service ; Lady Franklin Bay expedi- 

tion, 1881-4. r. Svo. 2 vols. Bentley. 42*. 

With photographs taken by the party, and official maps and charts. 

Weddell, J. Voyage towards the south Pole, 1822-24. Svo. Lone/mam. 

1825. O.P. 

Ross, J. C. Voyages to Antarctic regions, 1839-43. Svo. 2 vols. Murray. 

1847. O.P. 

McCormick, R. Voyages in the Antarctic Seas, 1839-43. r. Svo. 2 vols. 

Lorn. 52*. Gd. 


Argentine Republic (IV WE BOOK TO BOOKS. Arms and Armour 


Napp and others. Argentine Republic. (liitf/wx Ayres). 

Mulhall, M. G., and E. T. Handbook of the River Plate, c. 8vo. Triibner. 

Comprising: the Argentine Republic, Uruguay, and Paraguay. 

Rumbold, H. Great silver river, c. 8v<>. Murray, illus. }'2.*. 

Uruguayan Republic, territory and conditions, c. 8vo. Stanford. t!.v. 

By authority of Consulate-General of Uruguay. 


Brook-Smith. Arithmetic in theory and practice, c. 8vo. Macmillan. -I*. M. 

Key, with each example completely worked out. c. 8vo. Macmillan. 10. Od. 

Sonnenschein and Nesbitt. A.B.C. of arithmetic. 2 parts, Is. each. 

Sonnenschein. 2a. 

For teachers of very young children. 

,, Science and art of arithmetic, c. 8vo. Sonnenschein. 5s. iW. 

Chiefly for teachers. 

De Morgan, A. Elements of arithmetic. 8vo. (London). 1848. O.P. 

Though modern writers have drawn on De Morgan for their materials, this book is still of the 
greatest value to the student. 



Lauer, M. Grammatik der classischen Armenischen Sprache. (Vienna). 2n.M. 
Calfa, A. Dictionnaire Armenien-Francais. 12mo. (Paris'). 21. 


For general information, Lacombe, Luard, Scott ; for special weapons, Egerton, De Cosson, 
Burton ; for brief and useful reference, Demmin, Meyrick, Grose, Hewitt. 

Lacombe, M. P. Arms and armour. Tr. Boutell. p. 8vo. Reeves and 

Turner, illus. ~>s. 

Useful abstract for general reader ; sketchy information. 

Demmin, A. Arms and armour. Tr. Black, p. 8vo. Sell, illus. Is. tid. 

Valuable to the general collector. Inaccurate in some details, and with rather rough drawings. 

Egerton, W. Handbook of Indian arms. 4to. Triibner. 2s. (id. 

South Kensington Musexim handbook ; a very accurate and well-illustrated catalogue of the 
arms in the Indian Museum. 

Luard, J. History of the dress of the British soldier. (London). 1852. o.P. 

Beautifully illustrated history of the armour of the different races that have inhabited Eng- 
land (and to some extent India) since the Roman times. 

Cosson, De. Ancient helmets, etc. Arclucological Institute. O.P. 

An exhaustive catalogue. 

Meyrick, S. K. Ancient armour in Europe, i. 4to. 2 vols. Bulm. 1830. 

illus. pub. 94*. 6d. O.P. 

Best account of arms and armour ; specially of England to reign of Charles II. 

Grose, F. Ancient arms and armour. (London). 1788. illus. O.P. 

An old but useful book. 

Scott , Sibbald. The British army ; its origin and equipment. 2 vols. Cassell. 

illus. -J2. 

Good general account of weapons and armour used in the English army. 


Arma and Armour (UJIDE BOOK TO IJUOKS. Army 

Burton, U. F. I'.onk of t he sword. -Ito. Clmtto. illns. 

. Il:iil.itivf;li:-Miillt nf this s,|Hviul weapon. 

Hewitt, .1. Ancient armour and \\eapons in Europe. <1. Svo. 3 . 
./. I'lirht-r. illus. 

A v;iln:il'lf l>k ut ivt'rivnce. 


Army regulations, drill hooks, lumclliooks, instruction*, &c., are not noticed in the follow- 
ing list. A list of those pulilwhed "by authority" will be found in the .Monthly Arm/i 

!:>/>;: l. i\il. monthly .1. 


Pratt, S. ('. Field artillery; its equipment, organization, and tactics. 

s. 0. S VD. I'd ill. C>g. 

Kraft, Prince. Letters on artillery. Tr. Walford. c. Svo. Stanford. 7*. (\d. 

Mackinlay, E. 'I'ext-book of gunnery, /tyre. 4s. 

Denison, G. A history of cavalry from the earliest times. Svo. Mac- 

ii i Ulan. 18*. 

Kraft, I'rince. Letters on cavalry. Tr. Walford. Nun ford. (>s. 
Brack, F. do. Light cavalry outposts. Tr. Hale. Mitchell. 

Kraft, Prince. Letters on infantry. Tr. Walford. Stanford. O.v. 

Mayne, 15. Infantry fire tactics. Stanford, illus. (j.v. 

Instructions in military engineering. 5 parts. Eyre. 12. (}d. 

Part i., 'Is. ; ii., 2. M. ; iii., :!. ; iv., In. fid. ; v., 8x. Gil. 

Lewis, J. F. Permanent fortification for English engineers. R. E. Institute, 

Clarke, G. S. Fortification, past and present. Murray. 15x. 

Bucknill. Submarine mines and torpedoes, r. Svo. Office nf "Engineering." 12g. fid. 

Brackenbury, C. E. Field works, s. c. Svo. 2 parts. Paul. 12*. 

Walter. England's volunteer force. 12mo. Clowes. as. 

Cooke, A. C. Aide-memoire for the use of officers of Royal Engineers. 
2 vols., 12s. (\d. each. Eyre. pub. 25s. 

Technical, vol. i. O.P. 

Wolseley, G. Soldier's pocket-book for field service, sq. 16mo. Macmillan. 5s. 



Hamley, E. B. The operations of war explained and illustrated. 4to. 

Ulackmood. 30*. 

Shaw, W. Elements of modern tactics, s. c. Svo. Paul, illus. 9s. 

Clery, C. Minor tactics, c. Svo. Paul, illus. '.i*. 

Verdy du Vernois. Studies in troop-leading (infantry). Tr. H. J. T. 
Hildyard. Svo. Kinij. 

,, Studies in troop-leading (cavalry). Tr. W. H. Harrison. Ed. B. Bell. 
Svo. Eyre. 

Hamley, E. 15. National defence, p. Svo. 13lackiKood. 

Frome, E. Outline of the method of conducting a trigonometrical survey, 

etc. Revised C. Warren. Svo. Lockwood. 1S40. !-'.<- 

Hutchinson, II. D. Military sketching made easy. Svo. Gale and Polden. 4*. 



Schellendorf, 1. Von. Duties of tlic general staff. 'J'r. Hare. Svo. 2 vols. 

A,'// /v. 15s. 

Qrierson, J. M. Staff duties in the field. Harrison. 

In press. 

Furse, G. Military transport. 8vo. Eyre. . r .. 


Buxton, J. W. Elements of military administration and la\v. s. c. Hvo. 

Paid. 7.v. M. 

Thring and others. Manual of military law. Eyre. 1x. M. 

Abbreviated 1888; 1*. 6(1. 

Pratt, S. ('. Military law ; its procedure and practice, s. c. Hvo. Paul. 4s. Grf. 

Clode, C. M. The military forces of the crown. Hvo. 2 vols., 21s. each. 

Murray. 12.< 

Dealing with their relation to the Government. 

Adams, C. Great campaigns. Ed. C. C. King. Hvo. Blaclmood . !<;.<. 

A succinct account of the principal operations which have taken place in Europe from 17UO to 

Napier, W. F. P. History of the war in the Peninsula, c. Hvo. 3 vols. 

Itmitledf/e. 10*. M. 

Vol. i. (1807-10), 3*. 6<l. ; ii. (1810-12), S*. 6(1. ; iii. (1812-11), *t. 6(1. 

Chesney, C. C. Waterloo lectures ; a study of the campaign. Hvo. 

Longmans. 10*. M. 

Kaye, J. W. History of the war in Afghanistan, c. Svo. 3 vols. IF'. //. 

Allen. 2f>,v. 

Hamley, E. B. The Crimean campaign. 

Kaye, J. W. History of the Sepoy war in India, d. Svo. 3 vols. II'. //. 

Allen. ">N,V. 

Battles and leaders of the civil war (American). Svo. 4 vols. Unn-in. 105,v. 

The Franco-German war, 1870-71. Tr. from the German official account by 

F. C. H. Clarke. Hvo. 3 vols. Eyre. 131s. Gf7. 

Also in 25 separate sections, from 2*. 6(1. to Sis. 6rf. each. 

Greene, F. V. The Russian army and its campaigns in Turkey in 1S77-8. 

r. Svo. Allen. 32s. 

Wilson, A. The ever victorious army. Hvo. Blaflnvood. O.r. 

Suppression of the Taeping rebellion, by Colonel (afterwards General) Gordon. 


Series of military biographies. 4s. each vol. Chapman. 

Frederick the Great (Brackenburyl, Washington (Cooper Kiugi, French revolutionary 
generals (Griffiths), Turenne (Hozier), Prince Eugene (Mallegon), Parliamentary generals of 
civil war (Walford). 

Coxe, W. Memoirs of the Duke of Marlborough. Svo. 3 vols., 3s. M. 

each. Hell (Sohn). KV-. M. 

Wrottesley, G. Life and correspondence of F.-M. Sir J. Burgoyne. Hvo. 

2 vols. Jientley. 30.v. 

Bourrienne, L. A. F. de. Memoirs of Napoleon Buonaparte. (Tr. from the 

French). Ed. R. W. Phipps. d. Hvo. 3 vols. Jientley. ILV 

Napier, W. Life and opinions of General Sir C. Napier, p. Svo. 4 vols. 

Murray. 1847. O.r. 

Brialmont. Life of Arthur, first Duke of Wellington. Tr. C. R. Gleig. 

Svo. 4 vols. Longmans. O.P. 


Army (Jl'mK HOOK TO UOOKS. Art 

Ourwoocl, .1. Selections from UK; de>patehe-; of t In- Duke of Wellington. 

r. s\-o. Mu rnii/. is tl. o.i- 

Shadwell. Life of Colin Campbell, Lord Clyde. 8\-o. L' \ois. i tin rh muni. 
Gordon, If. W. Events in the lift- of Charles George Gordon. <1. K\o. 

l'n a I. illus. 7*. (!</. 

Maurice, J. F. Hostilities without declaration of wax. *vo. Kijre. 2. 

Blunt, S. E. Rifle ami carbine firing for the Tinted States army. Lt>n\ K. Cxi. 

Laidley, F. S. A coime of instruction in rifle firing. ItJmo. Li]>j>incott. Is. (id. 

Kitchener, H. E. Revolvers and their use. Itoyal United Service Inxtit. o.P. 

Farrow, E. S. .Military em-yvlopaidia. 4to. 3 vols. (Nen- York). 170*. 

There is no liililioirnijiliy of military books. The nearest approach to a bibliography are the 
,'uesofthe Wur Office and Royal United Srrvict; Institution libnirii->. 



D'Anvers, N. Elementary history of art (architecture, painting, sculpture). 

c. 8vo. Lorn, illus. 10s. M. 

Adopted as text-book at South Kensington. 

Lubke, W. History of art, Tr. F. E. Bunnett. 1. Hvo. 2 vols. SHI if ft, 

Elder, illus. 42.*. 

Architecture, painting, sculpture. 

Winckelman. History of ancient art. Tr. Lodge. 8vo. 2 vols. Chap- 

man. 1851. illus. O.P. 

Perrot and Chipicz. History of art. Tr. W. Armstrong, i. 8vo. Chapman. 

In progress. Judsea, Sardinia, Syria, and Cappadocia, 2 vols., 42*. ; Phoenicia, 2 vols., 12*. ; 
ChaldtL-u and Assyria, 2 vols., Vi*. ; Egypt, 2 vols., 42. A comprehensive and excellent work. 
Rather advanced for the general reader, perhaps, but eminently readable. 

Labarte, J. Handbook of the arts of the middle ages. Tr. 8vo. Murray. 

illus. O.P. 

Bibliotheque de 1'enseignement cles beaux-arts. 8vo. 34 vols., 3*. to 5s. 
each. Quantin. 

Newton, C. T. Essays on art and archasology. 8vo. Macmillan. illus. 12*. Cxi. 
Rayet, O. Monuments de 1'art antique, fo. (Paris'), illus. 120,v. 

Art in chronological order, from earliest period to second century B.C. 

Symonds, J. A. Renaissance in Italy. 8vo. Smith, Elder. 16*. 

Scott, L. Renaissance of art in Italy. 4to. Lon\ illus. 31. tirf. 

Avowedly written for the general reader. 

Mtintz, E. La renaissance en Italic et en France, r. 8vo. (Paris). 30s. 

Pattison, Mrs. Mark. Renaissance of art in France. 8vo. 2 vols. Paul. 

illus. (In progress). 32. 

Laborde, L. de. La renaissance cles arts u la com- de France. (14th 

century). 8vo. (Partis'). O.P. 

Biographical and critical; advanced. 

Eastlake, C. L. Materials for a history of oil painting. Ed. (2nd vol.) 

Lady Eastlake. Longmans. O.P. 

Chiefly history of technique. 

Woltmann and Woermann. History of painting. Ed. S. Colvin. 8vo. 

Vol. i., 28*. ; ii., 42*. Paid, illus. 70s. 



Crowe and Cavalrascllr. Anew history of painting in Italy from 2nd to 

16th century. Hvo. 3 vols. Murray, illus. O.P. 

,, History of painting in north Italy from 14th to 16th century. 8ro. 

2 vols. Murray, illus. 12.. 

Lanzi, L. History of painting in Italy. 8vo. 3 vols., li.v. (\d. each. Hell 

(Bohn). }(\.M. 

Walpole, H. Anecdotes of painting in England. 8vo. Murray. (\s. 

Ottley, W. Y. Origin and early history of engraving on copper and wood. 

4to. 2 vols. (London). 1816. O.P. 

laibke, W. History of sculpture. Tr. Bunnett. i. Hvo. 2 vols. timitfi, 

Elder, illus. \~lx. 

Perkins, C. C. Tuscan sculptors. 8vo. 2 vols. Law/mans, pub. (!:>.. <>.i>. 

,, Italian sculptors. 8vo. Longmans, pub. 42*. O.P. 

See also JAPAN. 

Kugler, F. T. Handbook of painting. Ed. Layard. p. 8vo. 2 vols. 

Murray, illus. . :]0,v. 

Womurn, R. N. Epochs of painting. 8vo. Chapman, illus. 'J>.<. 

Siret, A. Dictionnaire historique des peintres de toutes les Scoles. 8vo. 

(Paris), illus. I'.'x. 

Smith, J. Catalogue raisonnee of Dutch, Flemish, and French painters. 

8vo. 9 parts. Smith. 1829-42. O.P. 

Invaluable to collectors, for identification of pictures. 

Kugler, F. T. Handbook of painting : German, Flemish, and Dutch 

schools. Ed. J. A. Crowe, c. 8vo. 2 vols. Murray. 24*. 

Ruskin, J. Giotto and his works in Padua. 3 parts. Arundel Society, illus. 1 .">*. 

,, Val d'Arno. Svo. G. Allen, illus. 22s. Citl. 

XIII. century art in Pisa and Florence. 


Vasari, G. Le vite de' piu eccellenti pittori, scultori, ed architetti. 

15 vols. 12mo. (Florence). ISv. 

Other editions. Also translated by Mrs. Foster; p. Svo. 6 vols.S*. 6rf. each. Sell (Bohn). 21. 

Charignarie and Aurray. Dictionnaire general des artistes de l'6cole 

francaise. r. 8vo. 2 vols. (Paris'). <>0,v. 

Redgrave, II. and S. A century of painters of the English school. Svo. 

2 vols. Smith, Elder. 32*. 

Redgrave, S. Dictionary of artists of the English school, cl. Svo. Sell. !(>,<. 

Cunningham, A. Lives of British painters, sculptors, and architects. 

p. 8vo. 3 vols., 3*. Gd. each. Bell (Sohii). 10*. (>rf. 

Strutt, J. Biographical dictionary of engravers. (London). 1785-6. O.P. 
Bryan, M. Dictionary of painters and engravers. Ed. Graves. 2 vols., 

31*. 6rf. each. Bell. 63*. 

Ottley, H. Dictionary of painters and engravers, i. Svo. Bell. 12*. 

Supplement to Bryan. 

Wilson, C. Michel Angelo. Svo. Murray, illus. l~>*. 

Crowe and Cavalcaselle. Life and works of Raphael. 8vo. 2 vols. 

Murray. 33*. 

Vol. i., 15.; vol.ii., 18. 


Art <;rn>K P.OOK TO HOOKS. Art 

Miintz, K. Raphael, MI vie, son <eimv, et, sun temps, r. Svo. (I'cirix). 

ill us. 25*. 

,, Raphael ; his life, works and times, 'I'r. i.svo. <'ii<i/niiai>,. iilus. ir,.<. 
Meyer,.!. Corn-i^'m. Tr. Mix. Heaton. i. s\o. Mucmillttii. 31*. ',//. 

OroweandCavalcaselle. Titian, his life and times. svo. Murray, illus. 21*. 

Symonds, J. A. J.emenuto Cellini. s\->. -\immo. illus. 12*. 
Maxwell, W. S. Annals of the artists of Spain. Svo. (i vols. .\ininw. 

illus. 120*. 
Vols. i. to iv. issued ; v. and vi. shortly. 

Curtis, ('. 15. Velasquez and Murillo. r. Svo. Low. 31*. Cxi. 

Few personal details, but valuable as a record of pictures. 

Justi, ('. Velasquez. Tr. A. H. Keane. r. Svo. Grevel. 3(5*. 

Thausing, M. Alb. Diirer. Ed. F. A. Eaton. Svo. 2 vols. Murray. 

illus. 42*. 

Wornum, H. N. Holbein, r. Svo. Chapman. 31*. Gd. 
Curtis, ('. 15. Rembrandt's etchings, with biography and notes, fo. illus. 

Dodd, Mead $ Co., A. Y. 126*. 

Vosmaer. Ivembnmdt. sa vie et scs ceuvres. r. Svo. (The Hague). 24*. 

Sainsbury, W. Noel. Original and unpublished papers of Rubens. Svo. O.P. 


Leslie, C. R. Constable. 4to. Longmans. 1845. pub. 21*. O.P. 

Fulcher, G. W. Gainsboroaigh. c. Svo. Longmans, pub. 6*. O.P. 

Rossi, G. Angelica Kauffman. Svo. (Florence). 1810. O.P. 

Taylor, Tom. Sir Joshua Reynolds. Svo. 2 vols. Murray, pub. 42*. O.P. 

Thornbury, W. Turner. Svo. 2 vols. Hurst. 30*. 

Smith, J. T. Nollekens. Svo. 2 vols. Colburn. 1829. O.P. 

Plon, E. Thorwaldsen ; sa vie et son oeuvre. Svo. (Vienna), illus. 15*. 

Alison, A. Essays on the nature and principles of taste. Svo. (Edin- 

luryh). 1825. O.P. 

Lessing, G. E. Laokoon. Tr. T. Burbidge. Svo. Macmilla-n. 12*. 

Schlegel, F. ^Esthetic and miscellaneous works. Tr. E. J. Millington. 

p. Svo. Bell (Bohri). -3*. 6^. 

Taine, H. De 1'ideal dans 1'art. 12mo. (Paris). 2*. Gd. 

Guizot, F. P. G. The fine arts ; their nature and relations. Tr. G. Grove. 

Svo. Uosivorth (London). O.P. 

Parry, T. G. The ministry of fine art. Svo. Murray. 14*. 

Fromentin, E. Les maitres d'autrefois. 12rao. (Paris'). 4*. 

A model of intelligent criticism. 

Morelli, G. Italian masters in German galleries. Tr. Mrs. L. Richter. 

c. Svo. BelL 8*. Qd. 

Should be studied by collectors. 

Buskin, J. Modern Painters, i. Svo. 5 vols. (T. Allen, illus. 126*. 

,, Aratra Pentelici. Svo. G.Allen. 22*. Gd. 

Elements of sculpture. 

,, Ariadne Florentina. Svo. G. Allen. 22*. 6d. 

Florentine engraving wood and metal. 

,, Elements of drawing. Svo. Smith, Elder. 1857. O.P. 



Jameson, Mrs. Sacred and legendary art. 8vo. 4 vols. Longmans, illus. 

Legends of the Saints and Martyrs, 2 vols, 20*. Legends of the Madonna, 10*. Legends 
of the Monastic Orders, 10*. 

Didron, A. X. Christian iconography. Tr. Millington. c. Svo. 2 vols., 

5s. each. Bell (Bohn). illus. 10s. 

Jameson, Mrs., and Lady Eastlako. History of the Saviour as exemplified 

in works of art. 8vo. 2 vols. Longmans, illus. 20*. 


Church, A. H. Chemistry of paints and painting. 8vo. Seeli-ij. 

Merrineld, Mrs. Original treatises, from the 12th to the 18th century. 

Svo. 2 vols. Murray. IS lit. <>.!>. 

On oil painting, miniature, mosaic, glass, gilding, dyeing, colours, and artificial gems. 

Cennini, C. Treatise on painting. Tr. Mrs. Merrifield. r. 8vo. Lumley. 

1844. O.P. 

Written in 1-187. Practical directions for painting, with the art of illuminating MSS. 

Book of Art. Ed. F. Knight Hunt. 4to. (London). 1846. illus. O.P. 

Practical directions for preparing and painting in fresco. 

Lippman, F. Art of wood engraving in Italy in the 15th century. Tr. 

Quaritch. 25.v. 


Hayter, C. Introduction to perspective, practical geometry, drawing, and 
painting. 8vo. Bagster. illus. 
A good general manual, very suitable for ladies. 

Burchett, R. Linear perspective, p. 8vo. Chapman, illus. 
Malton, T. Compleat treatise on perspective, fo. (London). 1779-83. 

A valuable but very advanced treatise : thorough and comprehensive. 

Ware, W. R. Modern perspective. 12mo. Osgood (Boston), plates 4to. 

The most recent advanced work. High-class. 


Wornum, R. N. Analysis of ornament, r. Svo. Chapman, illus. 

The first book to be read by a student beginning this subject. There is nothing equal to it as 
an explanation of first principles. 

Day, L. F. Anatomy of pattern, c. Svo. Batsford. illus. 
,, Planning of ornament, c. Svo. Batsford. illus. 
,, Application of ornament, c. Svo. Batsford. illus. 3s. 6<l. 

These three are very useful little handbooks. 

Dresser, C. Art of decorative design, c. Svo. Cassell. illus. 
Ruskin, J. The two paths. Svo. G. Allen. 

Principles of decorative art. 

Bacinet, A. Polychromatic ornament. Tr. fo. Sotheran. illus. 

A truly magnificent work, systematically arranged. The text is instructive. 100 plates in 
gold, silver, and colours. 

,, L'ornement polychrome (2me. series). (Paris). 

A worthy continuation of the first series. 

Semper, G. Polychromy. Tr. 8vo. ls.->l. o.r. 

In 3lueum of Classical Antiquities. Classic work and classic revival. 

Hittorf, J. C. L'architecture polychrome chez les Grecs. 4to. Didot. 


Art (il'lDK 1JOOK TO llliOKS. Artistic Pn 

Field's Clinmiatn^rapliy. I'M. Taylor. 0. 8TO, II itinnr <nul \iirtnn. illus. 5*. 

Magne, L. (Euvre des pelntres verriew frangaii. ii\<>i>. .MM. in. ////;/(- 

llnlot. 100*. 

Tlu last two works are artistic and critical. 

Levy :ni(l ('aproimirr. IVinturr sur verre, ]>articuliereiuent en Belgiqnc. 

I! r.'riral anil rriticnl. 

MI Lubartr's lliniiUionk oft/ie urtK ///// ui'nlilli' "//ex, rit.-.l under Sectiuo I. 

Church, A. H. Colour (elem.). Caxsell. 

Chevreul, M. E. La loi du contrast t: sinmltane des couleurs. text 8vo. 

plates -Ito. (/'am). 1839. O.P. 

,, The same. Tr. Martel. 8vo. Jirll (lioli)i). illus. ~,x. 

,, The same. Tr. Spanton. c. 8vo. llvutledge. illus. :;.>. (',//. 

A standard work ; neither of the translations is perfectly satisfactory, Mattel's having no 
coloured plates, and Spantou's being abridged in the text. 

Shaw, H. Decorative arts of the middle arcs. Kvo. .Veil. 21*. 

PEBIODICALS, ETC. : The Year' ' Art; annual; (Virtue); illns. Art Journal (Virtue) ; 
monthly, IK. Cxi. Mauuziue of Art (.Cassell;; monthly, 1. 



Hamerton, P. G. Etching and etchers. 8vo. Macmillan. illus. O.P. 

Critical and historical. 

,, The etcher's handbook (elem.). c. 8vo. Rolerson. 5t. 



Brown, W. N. Practical manual of wood engraving, c. 8vo. Loclimood. 2.v. 

With brief historical introduction ; good on technique. 

Chatto and Jackson. Wood engraving, historical and practical. 1. 4to. 

Chatto. illus. 28s. 

Didot, A. F. Essai sur la gravure sur bois (advanced). 8vo. (Paris'). 4s. (id. 

Historical and critical ; contains list of artists and bibliography. 

Passavant, J. D. Le peintre graveur. 8vo. 6 vols. (Leijtziy"). 54. 

Advanced criticism. 


Billing, A. The science of gems. r. 8vo. Sell and Daldij. 21*. 

Scientific and critical ; contains a little technique. 

King, C. W. Antique gems, and rings, r. 8vo. 2 vols. Bell and Daltlij. 42*. 

Historical ami critical ; contains biographical notices, and a bibliography. 

,, Handbook of engraved gems. i. 8vo. Bell, illus. 1G#. 

Historical and critical ; contains a catalogue of ancient artists. 

See alto Jacquemart's HMory of furniture, cited under BRONZES. 


Pollen, J. H. Gold and silversmiths' work (S. Kensington art handbook). 

1. 8Vo. Chapman. ' 2,v. (*/. 

Historical only. 


Artistic Processes GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Artistic Processes 

Wheatley and Delamotte. Art work in gold and silver. 8vo. 2 vuU, 

2s. 6d. each. Lme. f>x. 

Vol. i., Mcdimval ; vol. ii.. Modern. Historical ami critical. 

Gee, G. E. Goldsmiths' handbook. 12nx>. Locktvwtl. l>*. ('<//. 

,, Silversmiths' handbook. 12mo. Lockicood. !!.. Cnl. 

Both the latter books are technical and practical. 

Cripps, W. J. College and corporation plate (S. Kensington art hand- 
book). 1. c. 8vo. Chapman. '2x. (\<l. 
Historical, descriptive, and critical handbook to copies and reproductions in the 8. Ken- 
sington Museum. 

,, Old English plate, m. Hvo. Murray, illus. 

Historical and descriptive ; contains list of makers' marks, etc. 

,, Old French plate. 8vo. Murray. 

Handbook for collectors; critical and historical; contains list of marks (towns and makers), etc. 


Wallis, G. Jewellery (in " British manufacturing industries '' .ser.). 

p. 8vo. Stanford. :',*. (W. 


Boutell, C. Gold working (in same series), p. 8vo. Stanford. :>.<. M. 


Metal work (technique). Ed. G. W. Yapp. Virtue. o.r. 

Historical and descriptive ; very fine plates ; text rather slight, but edited by Yapp, who is a 
good authority. 

See also Gee's Goldsmiths' handbook, cited in the preceding section; and Jacquemart's 
History of furniture, cited under BRONZES. 


Fortnum, C. D. E. Bronzes (S. Kensington art handbook). 1. c. 8vo. 

Chapman. "2,-. ('>//. 

Historical and technical. 

Jacquemart, A. History of furniture. Tr. Mrs. B. Palliser. i. 8vo. Chapman. 

illus. pub. 31s. ()d. o.p. 

See also Yapp's Metal Work, cited in the preceding section; and J. C. Robinson's Treasury 
of ornamental art. Day. illus. o.p. Description only ; text slight. 

Ferrand, J. P. L'art du feu, ou de peindre en 6mail. (Pm). 1732. O.P. 

Technique in detail ; old-fashioned ; no illustrations ; the most practical work on the subject. 

Goupil and Renauld. Manuel vulgarisateur des connaissances artistiques 

(elem.). 16rno. (Paris'). O.P. 

Technique ; wholly practical ; very brief (1(5 pp.) ; no illustrations. 

See alto J. Labarte's Handbook of the arts of the middle aget (in ART. I.) ; and 

Jacquemart's History offiirniture, cited under BRONZES. 

Miller, F. Wood carving (elem.). c. 8vo. Wyman. 

Technique good. 

Wood carving for amateurs. Upcott Gill. IK. 

Technique good. 

lieland, C. G. Manual of wood carving. 4to. ~\\ldttalter . 


Audsley, W., and G. Guide to the art of illuminating. 8vo. Ronney. I*. 

Historical and technical. 


Artistic Processes (U'lIM: I5UOK T< WOKS. Asia 

Oflbr, K. Ail tit' illuminating without u masti-r. SMI. llttmjnrtl . C*. 

Ti'i l> 

Tymms ami Wyatt. Art of illuminating, r. 8vo. 7A///. pul>. 21. o.r. 

II ' . nut tiTliniciil ; tfxt slight ; !.]ili -in liil illustrations. 

Shaw, It. Handbook of the art of illumination, i. Hvo. Hell and Dalay. 

illus. 21. 

II -MI! i-rit ir;il ; a tiin- work for study. 

Jones and Humphrey.-. Illuminated books of the middle ages. Longmans. 

1 *!'. O.P. 

Hinh-Hiiss illtistratii'ii.s : witli fxiihuiiitni-y text. 


Champeaux, A. de. Tapestry (S. Kensington art handbook), c. 8vo. 

('ha /unit n. 2s. Gd. 

Historical; some technique. 

Miintz, E. Tapestry. Tr. Miss L. J. Davis. Cassell. 5*. 

Historical : Miiutz is considered a good authority. 

Godon, J. Painted tapestry and its applications. Lecliertier (London"). 6s. 

Technique and briefly historical ; technique good. A revived art. 


Miller, F. Glass painting. }\'yman. 5s. 

Good practical technique. 

Gessert and Fromberg. Glass staining, and art of painting on glass. Tr. 

12mo. Locltwood. 2s. Gd. 


Winston, C. Difference of style in ancient glass paintings, especially in 

England, m. 8vo. 2 vols. Parker, illus. 31*. 6d. 





Reclus, E. Universal geography, i. 8vo. Virtue, illus. and maps. 21s. 

Vol. vi., Asiatic Russia (Caucasia, Turkestan, and Siberia) ; vol. vii., East Asia (Chinese 
Empire, Corea, and Japan) ; vol. viii., India and Indo-China ; vol. ix., South-Westeru Asia 
(Afghanistan, Beluchistan, Persia, Asiatic Turkey, Asia Minor, Cyprus, Syria, Palestine, 
and Arabia;. The introductory chapter of vol. vi. gives a general account of the geography of 

Stanford's Compendium. Asia ; with ethnological appendix. Ed. Keane 

and Temple. 1. p. 8vo. Stanford. 21s. 

JOURNALS of the Royal Asiatic Society. ( TrSbner). [For particulars see ARCH/EOLOGY.] 


The student will consult the Gazetteer of Central Asia, published by the India Office ; 
the Annual Report* of the Survey of India ; and the Journal anil Proceedinys of the Royal 
Oeof/raphical Society. 

Stumm, H. Russia in Central Asia. Tr. Ozanne and Sachs. 8vo. Harri- 
son. 15s. 

Historical sketch of Russia's progress in the East up to ISTU. 


Asia GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Assurance 

Lansdell, II. Russian Central Asia. Svo. 2 vols. Low. illus. -1<. 

A popular summary. Including Kuldja, Bokhara, Khiva, Merv. 

Curzon, G. N. Kussia in Central Asia in 188'J. Svo. Longmans. 21*. 

Anglo-Russian question ; deals especially with the Central Asian railway. 

Burnaby, F. Ride to Khiva, c. 8vo. Cassell. ;>,.<. M. 

Vambery, A. History of Bokhara. 8vo. King. pub. 18s. O.P. 

Hue, Abb6. Chinese Empire ; Tartary and Thibet. 8vo. 2 vols. Long- 
mans. 24*. 

Prejevalsky, N. From Kulja, the Thian Shan, to Lob Nor. Tr. Morgan. 

Svo. Low. 15*. 

With notices of the Central Asian lakes by Sir D. Forsyth. For General Prejevalsky's later 
journeys, the proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society should be consulted. 

Kuropatkin, A. N. Kashgaria. Tr. W. E. Gowan. r. Hvo. Thaclier. 10*. (\d. 

Historical and geographical sketch of the country, etc. 

Prejevalsky, N. Mongolia, the Tangut Country, Northern Thibet, etc. 

IV. Morgan and Yule. 8vo. 2 vols. Low. 12.<. 

Gilmour, J. Aniong the Mongols, c. 8vo. It. T. 8. illus. 1*. (\d. 

Howorth, H. H. History of the Mongols, r. 8vo. 4 vols. Longmans. '.JS-. 

Wood, J. Journey to the source of the Oxus, 1840. Ed. Yule. 8vo. 

Murray. ] '2x. 

With essay on the geography of the Oxns Valley, by Col. Yule. 

Narratives of G. Boyle's mission to Thibet, 1774, and T. Manning's journey 

to Lhasa. Ed. Markham. 8vo. Triibner. o.i 1 . 

Contains a very complete sketch of the geography of Central Asia. 

Desgodins, C. H. Le Thibet. 8vo. (Paris). 7*. 



Assurance being a business, there are no text-books in the ordinary sense of the term. 
Life Assurance is the only department which has, to any extent, been made the subject of 
theoretical treatment. 

King, G. Theory of finance, d. Svo. Laijton. -I*. 

Porter, J. B. Laws of insurance. Svo. Stevens and Haynes. 21*. 

Fire, Life, Accident, and Guarantee. 

Sutton, W. Institiite of Actuaries' text-book, part i. in. Svo. Laijton. 10,0*7. 

Interest and annuities certain. 

King, G. Institute of Actuaries' text-book, part ii. m. Hvo. Laijton. .'!lx. M. 

Life contingencies, annuities, and other money benefits dependent on life. 

Institute of Actuaries' life-tables, d. Svo. Lai/ton. 121 .<. 

Mortality experience of life assurance companies, d. Svo. Laijton. :'<>.<. 

Collected by Institute of Actuaries. 

Crawley, C. Law of life insurance, d. Svo. Clowf*. 12,Oir/. 

Accounts of life, assurance companies, fo. Eyre. (For 188'.)). 2*-. ('/. 

Board of Trade annual blue-book. 

Hardy, G. F. Friendly societies, m. Svo. Lajton. 2*. 

McArthur, C. Policy of marine insurance. .Svo. Laijton. :;>. M. 

Popularly explained. 
Lowndes, R. Law of marine insuraiu-e. d. s\o. S!i>rent. 12x. M. 



<;nm; IJOOK TO 


Arnould, .1. Law of marine insiiraiirc. r. SMI. L' \uls. Strren*. 

Lowndes, K. Law of ^rm-nil ;i\cni^c. r. SMI. Sin'i-M. 30*. 

Hare, K. A. ('. IMIV in>ur;inrc m;mu;il. c. Svu. Layton. \~ 

Campbell, I). Fire midrnvritnV i-(nii|i;mi<ni. <1. 8vo. Layton. 10*. Gd. 

Bunyon, c. .1. Law of fire insurance. <I. SMI. Lay tun. ISx. 

Insurance <-\vlo]j;r,<li;i. K<1. ('. Wall'nnl. r. s\n. i; \nls.. 21.v. rarli. Layion. t 12<>x 


Walford, c. [nsnranoe guide aad handbook. <l. 8vo. Layton. lOx.Gd. 

PERIODICALS, ETC. . Pott M<iinizinr .l/nin.i/ic (Buckley). Itandy Assurance Director// 
CB<mrue).Jour>ialoft>ieJiistitiiteofActiiaries(Ijaytou) ; Four purls yearly ; 2*. <W. per part. 



Layard, A. H. Monuments of Nineveh, i. fo. Murray. 1849-53. illus. 

pub. 210*. o.i>. 

Rawlinson, G. Five great monarchies. 8vo. 3 vols. Murray, illus. 42.v. 

Smith, G. Babylonia. Ed. A. H. Sayce. S. P. C. K. 2*. 

,, Assyria. S. P. C. K. 2*. 

Ragozia, /.. A. Chaldea. ("Story of the nations "series). c.Svo. Unrein, illus. fw. 

,, Assyria. (" Story of the nations " series). c.Svo. Unnln. illus. f>x. 

Menant, J. Annales des rois d'Assyrie. 1. 8vo. (Paris'). 12s. (iff. 

Layard, A, H. Nineveh and its remains, c. 8vo. Murray, illus. 7*. GJ. 

With account of a visit to the Chaldean Christians of Kurdistan, etc. 

,, Nineveh and Babylon. c.Svo. Murray, illus. 7s. (id. 

Botta, P. E. Monument de Ninive. fo. 5 vols. (Paris). 1847-50. illus. 72 

Tiele, C. P. Babylonisch-Assyrische Geschichte. 8vo. 2 vols. (Gotha). 13.*. 

Vol. i., 6. ; vol. ii., 7. 
Perrot et Chipiez. Chaldea and Assyria (L'art dans 1'antiquite, vol. ii.). 

Tr. Armstrong. Chapman and Hall. 42*. 

[For full particulars of the work gee ARCHEOLOGY, and ART I.] 

Oppert, J. Expedition en Mesopotamie (1851-4). 4to. 2 vols. (Paris). 

illus. 100,v. 

Records of the Past. Ed. Birch. 12mo. 12 vols., 3*. 6d. each. Sagster. 
O.P., except vol. xii. For fuller particulars, see EGYPT II. 

Records of the Past (Second series). Ed. Sayce. 4 vols., 4. 6d. each. 

Bagster. 18s. 

Smith, G. Chaldean Genesis. Ed. Sayce. 8vo. Low. illus. 18*. 

Schrader, E. Cuneiform inscriptions and the Old Testament. Tr. 

Svo. 2 vols. Williams. 21*. 

Menant, J. Bibliotheque de Ninive. ISmo. (Paris). 2s. Gd. 

PERIODICALS : Transactions and proceedings of the Society of Biblical Archaeoloaii 
(Trubner); Zeitsctiriftfiir Asgyriologie. Ed. Bezold. 


Sayce, A. H. Elementary Assyrian grammar and reading book. c. 4to. 

Sagster. Is. Gd. 

Delitzsch, F. Assyrian grammar. Tr. A. R. Kennedy, c. Svo. Williams. 15*. 

Lyon, D. G. Assyrian manual. Svo. Scribner. 21*. 

Includes a vocabulary. 

33 i> 

Assyria GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Astronomy 

Delitzsch, F. Assyrisclics Worterbiich. 4to. 3- vols. ( Leipzig). 'Mx.M. 

Schrader, E. Keilinschriftliche Bibliothek. 8vo. 2vols. (Berlin). 

Vol. i., 9. ; vol. ii., 12*. In progress. 

Budge, E. A. History of Es;irh:i<l<lon (reading book), p. 8vo. Trubner. lo.v. M. 



Lockyer, J. N. Elementary l.-mis on astronomy, f. 8vo. Macmillan. ~>x. M. 

Young, C. A. Elements of astronomy, c. 8vo. (linn. ~x.M. 

,, General astronomy, r. 8vo. (linn. 12,s\ (\d. 

Herschel, J. F. W. Outlines of astronomy (advanced). sq. c. 8vo. 

Longmans, i 1 1 us. 1 2*. 

Ball, R. S. Elements of astronomy (advanced), c. 8vo. Longmans, illus. Cv. 

Godfray, H. Treatise on astronomy (mathematical, advanced). 8vo. 

Macmillan. 12.<. ></. 

Watson, J. C. Theoretical astronomy (mathematical, advanced), i. 8vo. 

Trubner. 45*. 

Chauvenet, W. Treatise on astronomy (mathematical, advanced). 8vo. 

2 vols. Lippincott. illus. 31*. \'1. 

Loomis, K. Practical astronomy (mathematical, advanced), r. 8vo. Loir. 

illus. *.*. M. 


Ball, R. S. Story of the heavens. 8vo. Cassell. illus. \1s. I'xl. 

Newcomb, S. Popular astronomy. 8vo. Macmillan. illus. 18*. 

Ledger, E. Sun, moon, and planets, c. 8vo. Stanford, illus. 10s. (-xl. 

Guillemin, A. World of comets. Tr. J. Glaisher. c. 8vo. Low. illus. 12. 6d. 


Clerke, Agnes M. History of astronomy during the 19th century. 8vo. 

Blaclt. 12*. G^. 

Wolf, R. Geschichte der Astronomic. 8vo. (Munich). I* 1 *. <!^. 

Grant, R. History of physical astronomy. 8v'o. Baldwin. 1852. pub. KJ.v. O.P. 

Webb, T. W. Celestial objects for common telescopes, c. 8vo. Longmans. 

illus. *. 

Airy, G. B. Gravitation, c. 8vo. Macmillan. 
Young, C. A. The sun. c. 8vo. Paul, illus. 
Secchi, A. Le soleil. 8vo. 2 vols. Gautier-Villars. illus. 'M*. 

Lockyer, J. N. Contributions to solar physics, r. 8vo. Macmillan. illus. 

pub. 31*. 6d. O.P. 

,, Chemistry of the sun. 8vo. Macmillan. illus. 

Schellen, H. Spectrum analysis. Ed. W. de W. Abney. 8vo. Long- 
mans, illus. 31*. (Id. 

Nasmyth and Carpenter. The moon. 8vo. Murray, illus. 21*. 

Godfray, H. Elementary treatise on the lunar theory, c. 8vo. Macmillan. ~>. M. 

Nelson, E. The moon (advanced). 8vo. Longmans. 31*. Gd. 


Astronomy Cl IDK I!(M)K TO BOOKS. Atlantic Ocean 

Tisserand. Train'' <}> imV.-mi.iue eele>te. -ltd. (,',/i/fi,/-- \illart. 

Vol. i.,L'l.. IVrtiirlMti.ins il.'s jilaiii-tvH d'apri'-s la mitthode des constants arbitrairet. 

Proctor, K. A. Sat urn ami its system, c. Svo. ,S7 ni/>ltin. illus. 10. Orf. 

Flight, W. A chapter in the history of meteorite*. 8vo. JJulau. illus. \2x.c,d. 
Proctor, R. A. Si, ;ir at his. MM. I',.. Stanford, illus. 15*. 

Al*0 smaller ..!., .'. 

IV. r.KHllJAl'IIY: 

Morton, E. J. C. Astronomers (in "Heroes of science"), c. Svo. tf.l'.C.K. 4*. 

Brewster, D. Life of Sir Isaac Newton, r. Svo. Teyg. <5*. 

Holden, E. S. Sir William Herschel. c,. Svo. Allen. G*. 

Herschel, Mrs. J. Memoir of Caroline Herschel. c. Svo. Murray. 7g. 6d. 




Shearman, M., and others. Athletics, football, and paper-chasing 

(" Badminton Library "). c. Svo. Lony mails. 10. 6d. 

Griffin, H. H. Athletics. (" All England " series), s. Svo. Hell. Is. 

Westhall, C. The modern method of training. Ed. E. T. Sachs, f. 8vo. 

Ward. Is. 

With hints on exercise, diet, clothing, and advice to trainers. 


tiee also GEOGRAPHY IV. 

Agassiz, A. A contribution to American thalassography. Svo. 2 vols. 

Low. illus. 42. 

Cruises of the U.S.S. " Blake," 1877-1880. 

Ellis, A. B. West African islands, cl. Svo. Chapman. 14$. 

Gill, Mrs. Six month's in Ascension, c. Svo. Murray. 9s. 

Account of a scientific expedition. 

Walker, W. F. Azores. Svo. Triibner. IQg. 6d. 

Lefroy, J. H. Discovery and early settlement of the Bermudas (1511-1687). 

r. Svo. 2 vols. Longmans, pub. 90*. O.P. 

Vol. i. (1515-1652), 80*. ; vol. ii. (16.VM687), 6(>. A political, commercial, and geographical 
account ; compiled from the Colonial Records and other original sources. 

Whitington, G. F. The Falkland islands. Svo. Smith, Elder. 1840. O.P. 

Brown, A. Samler. Madeira and the Canary islands. 12mo. Lorn. 2s. bd. 

Taylor, Ellen M. Madeira: its scenery, and how to see it. Svo. Stanford. 7s. 6d. 

Contains lists of flora, etc. 

Johnson, J. Y. Madeira (handbook). 12mo. Dulau. 7s. T52. 

Melliss, J. C. St. Helena (description), sup. r. Svo. L. Reeve, illus. 42.?. 

Stone, O. M. Teneriffe and the Canaries. Svo. M. Ward. 15. 

Very complete account of the group. 

Taylor, Ellen M. Madeira (with map), c. Svo. Stanford. In. Gd. 

35 D 2 

Atlantic Ocean GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Australasia 

Johnson, J. Y. Madeira, its climate and scenery. 12mo. Dulau. Maps 

and illus. !<)< 

Taylor, W. F. Account of Tristan d'Acunha. o.i- 


A coinpl'-t:' list of the In'tit maps and atlases published will be found in the special cata- 
logue of Stanford. An excellent selected list of the best maps of each country is contained in 
the cof //.A <:i-i>!i,-nii/iiriil Mii : /t izine for June, 1880 (Stanford). For each country the best 
maps are those of the official survey, where there is one; they are gold in sheets at a very cheap 
r:iti-. The sheets of our own survey aredeorer ; but Stiuifonl, Bartholomew, and Philip pnli- 
Hsh reduced and comparatively cheap reproductions. As a rule, the maps in the atlases meu- 
t ii uicd below may be obtained separately. 

Cosmographic atlas, fo. Johnston. 

This is the most comprehensive English atlas at the price. 

Andree, R. von. Hand-atlas, fo. Triibner. 

The largest and best atlas published anywhere at the price. It is German, but there need l>e 
no difficulty in using it. 

Bartholomew, J. Library reference atlas, fo. Macmillan. 52,<. ('>//. 

For quantity and quality this is the cheapest and best atlas published in England. 

Johnston, K. The royal atlas, fo. Johnston. 121!*. 

This still maintains its place as, on the whole, the best English atlas. 

,, Handy royal atlas, fo. Johnston. 
A cheaper form of the royal atlas. 

Taschen Atlas. Perth es ((fotha). 

Best and cheapest pocket atlas. 

Clark and Green. Bible atlas, r. 4to. S. P. ( '. A . 

Johnston, K. Bible atlas. 12mo. Johnston. Is. 

School atlas of classical geography, i. 8vo. Johnston. 12.*. 6rf. 

Smith, W. Atlas of classical geography, fo. Murray. 12(!x. 

Largest and best of its kind. 

Spruner, C. von. Historical atlas, ob. 4to. Trubner. 

There is a large and a small school edition ; each by far the best of its class. 



Stanford's Compendium; Australasia. Ed. A. R. Wallace. 1. p. 8vo. 

Stanford, illus. 21*. 

With ethnological appendix by A. H. Keane. 

Picturesque atlas of Australasia. 3 vols. Woodcock (17, Farringdon- 

streef). 15 l;".v. 

Bonwick, J. British colonies in Australasia, c. 8vo. Lore. 

Wilkins, W. Australasia ; descriptive and pictorial, c. 8vo. Blachii'. 

illus. 2.x-. M. 

Westgarth, W. Half a century of Australasian progress. 8vo. Lmr. Vl*. 

Trollope, A. Australia and New Zealand, c. 8vo. 2 vols. Chapman. IK. M. 

Wallace, R. Rural economy and agriculture of Australia and New 
Zealand. Lon. Maps and illus. (In prep.). 


Australasia (JI'IDK HOOK TO HOOKS. Australasia 

Blair, D. ('y<'l")' ;l '' li;l llf An>tr;ilasi:i. I'rtlu-rii-l;. 40*. 

Dirtioiiiir.v < s, penoni, and placet connect i-<l \\itli tin- .11 ... iy, j.: .,.!; -n, and 

M Hntisli il]iii!iiinis in tli.- South. 

Australian HandlnMik. (Annual). s\ (P . (,'ordon and (iutrli. \^.< 

Ini-hiilinc Ni'vv /I'iihiinl, l-'i.ii, ;m<l NVw (iuiiu-u. A i ..iii|.l.-t.-iindtnintworthy summary of tin- 

trco(rrii|iliy Ml' 1 In- Australian Colonies, with (food map*. 

l'i IMIII.HU. : r,;,i-, Klinfft <il tin- llniml Cinin-iiiiliii-'il Society of Auitralaiia (Sydney). 


Beete- Jukes, .1. Physical structure of Australia. K\<>. lloone. pub. *'>*. o.p. 

Wall-Beresford, H. De la Poer. Physical geography of AuMralia. 

Woods, .1. E. Tcnison. History of the discovery and explorations of Aus- 

t ralia. 8vo. 2 vols. Low. 2Hx. 

Favenc. History of Australian exploration, 1788 to 1888. r. 8vo. 

h'rdtith. 21*. 

Brinss the history down to the present date. 

Rusden, G. W. History of Australia, d. 8vo. 3 vols. Chapman. 50s. 

Curr, E. M. 'J'ho Australian (aboriginal) race. 8vo. 4 vols. Triibner. 

ill us. 42*. 

Inglis, J. Our Australian cousins. 8vo. Macmillan. 14*. 

Chapters on New South Wales and Queensland. 

Hatton, H. Finch. Advance Australia. 8vo. W. H. Allen. 18. 

Ki^'ht years in Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria. 

Froude, J. A. Oceana. c. 8vo. Longmans, illns. 2. 6d. 

Heaton, J. H. Australian dictionary of dates and men of the time. r. 8vo. 

Triibner. 15s. 

Silver. Handbook for Australia and New Zealand, c. 8vo. Silver. 5. 

Year-Book of Australia. Ed. E. Greville. d. 8vo. Paul. 10.<?. Gd. 


Official history of New South Wales. Ed. G. B. Barton, d. 8vo. Paul. 
Vol. i., 15. 

Compiled chiefly from the official and parliamentary records of the colony. 

Coglilan, T. A. (Government Statistician). Wealth and progress of New 

South Wales. 8vo. Robertson (17, Warivicli-sqvare, London). 8s. Gd. 

With maps and tables. 

Griffin, G. W. Commerce and resources of New South Wales. (Si/dnei/'). 

SEE ALSO Publications of the Linnaeau Society of New South Wales, and Royal Society of 
New South Wales. 


Murray, R. A. F. Victoria : geology and physical geography. (Melbourne). 
Hayter, H. H. Notes on the colony of Victoria. 8vo. PetlierlcJt. 3*. 

Labilliere, F. P. Early history of Victoria (to 185(5). 8vo. 2 vols. Low. 21*. 

Illustrated Handbook of Victoria. PetJterick. 5s. 

Victorian year-book (published annually at Melbourne), contains sketch of geography, and 
history and information about the other colonies. 


Russell, H. S. The genesis of Queensland, r. 8vo. Griffith. 21*-. 

Lumholtz, C. Among cannibals. 8vo. Murray. 


Australasia GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Austria-Hungary 


South Australia. Ed. Harcus. 8vo. Lmr. 25*. 

Best and most complete work on South Australia. 

Stow, J. P. South Australia : it history , productions, and natural resources. 

Pfllterick. 5*. (',/!. 

Sowden, W. J. Northern territory. (Adelaide). 

Daly, Mrs. D. Digging, squatting, and pioneering life. 8vo. Loir. 12.<. 


Favenc. Western Australia. 8vo. (Sydney). 21*. 

Nicolay, C. G. Handbook of Western Australia. (Perth, U'.A.). O.r. 


Walsh. Tasmanian guide book. (Hobart). 

Just, T. C. Tasmaniana: a description of the island and its resources. 

8vo. Petherick. 2*. Cxi. 

Johnston, R. M. Geology of Tasmania. Simjtltin. O.r. 

Fenton, J. History of Tasmania (from 1642). 8vo. (Hobart). !(!*. 

West, J. History of Tasmania. 8vo. 2 vols. (Tasmania'). O.P. 

Tasmanian Official Record, sold at Tasmanian Government Agency, 5, Victoria-street, 8.W. 


Hochstetter. New Zealand : its physical geography, geology, natural 

history, &c. Tr. Sauter. r. 8vo. (Stuttgart). 2.V 

Green, W. S. High Alps of New Zealand, p. 8vo. Macmillan. Is. Gd. 

Rusden, G. W. History of New Zealand. 8vo. 3 vols. Chapman. 50*. 

Gisborne, W. Colony of New Zealand, c. 8vo. Petliericli. 7*. ('.//. 

Official Handbook of New Zealand, d. 8vo. 2 parts, Is. each. Stanford. 2* 


Macgillivray, J. Voyage of H.M.S. " Rattlesnake," 1846-50. 8vo. 2vol>. 

Soone. pub. 36s. O.r. 

Moresby, J. Discoveries and surveys in New Guinea. 8vo. Murray. 

pub. 15s. O.r. 

D'Albertis, L. M. New Guinea; what I did, and what I saw. 8vo. 

2 vols. Lore. 42*. 

Chalmers and Gill. Work and adventure in New Guinea, 1875 to 1885. 

p. 8vo. R. T. S. a--. 

Chalmers, J. Pioneering in New Guinea. 8vo. R. T. S. illus. 16* 

Romilly, H. H. From my verandah in New Guinea. 8vo. Nutt. 7*. ('>/'. 

Sketches and traditions. Introduction by Andrew Lang. 

Nachrichten aus Kaiser Wilhelms Land. (Berlin). 

Published at intervals, on German New Guinea. Price varies. 

SEE ALSO Annual Reports of the Administrator of British New Guinea, issued by the 
Colonial Office. 


Murray's Handbook to South Germany, Austria, Hungary, Tyrol, etc. 

p. 8vo. 2 vols. Murray. 1-* 


Austria-Hungary <;l IIU] I5OOK To I5OOKS. Basque Language 

Baedeker's Snuthrni Germany and Austria (including Hungary ami Tran- 
sylvania). 12im>. Ihilnn. 7*. 

Physikalisch - statistischn- ]|;indatl;i> der oesterreich - ungarischcn 

.Monarchic, fo. (I'icnmr). Separate maps, 1*. (irf. 35*. 

Fuhrer duivh I'li^am and seine Nebenliindcr. (Hilda-Perth). '.'". \il . 

Kay, 1). Austria-Hungary. 8vo. L*m. '.'>.i. M 

Rudolf, I'rincc. !)!< iirstcrrrirli-iin^ari.M-lic Monarchic in Wort urwl IJild. 

106 parts, 8J. each. (\"n-ttna). 72x. 

Jackson, T. G. Dahnatia, the Qiiann-n> and I>tria. d. 8vo. 3 vols. 

Clar. Press, ill us. 42#. 

Elaborate and extvuHive work. 

Gilbert and Cli urchill. Tlu; Dolomite mountains. Svo. Lovigmans. illus. 

pub. 21*. O.P. 

White, W. Holidays in the Tyrol, p. Hvo. Chapman. 14*. 

Gerard, E. Transylvania. Hvo. 2 vols. Blaclnvood. illus. 25*. 

Patterson, A. J. The Magyars, their country and institutions, c. 8vo. 

2 vols. Smith, Elder. 18*. 

Magyarland. 2 vols. 38*. 

Travels in the Cariwthiaus, etc. 









Van-Eys, J. W. J. Grainmaire compareo des dialectes basques. (Paris'). 12s. 6d. 
,, Dictionnaire Basque-Fran Qais. (Paris'). 20*. 


Basque Legends GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Bible 



Cook, A. J. Manual of the apiary. 8vo. 'Iriilnni-. <;.. 

Cheshire, F. R. Bee-keeping ; scientific and practical. 1. p. 8vo. 2 vols. 

(llll. illus. ];.v. 

Vol. i., 7. (W. ; vol. ii., 8*. 6d. 





,, GAME, see SPORT. 


See also THEOLOGY. 

Smith, W. Dictionary of the Bible. 8vo. 3 vols. Murray. 105*. 

Now rather out of date ; a new edition is in preparation. 

Polyglottenbibel. Ed. Stier and Theile. 8vo. 6 vols. Nutt. J2.s. 

Hebrew, Greek, Latin, and Luther's German in parallel columns : in the N. T., Greek, 
Latin, and German. Very useful for the student. 

Beuss, E. La Bible, r. 8vo. 19 vols. (Paris). I70x. 

A complete critical commentary on the whole Bible and Apocrypha, with introduction and it 
new translation by a highly competent scholar, and in easy and readable French. 

Cheyne, Driver, and others. Variorum reference Bible. 8vo. Eyre. -s<. 

Very brief notes, and various readings from the best authorities. 

Helps to the study of the Bible. 12mo. Clar. Press. 12*. 

Aids to the student of the Bible. (Various authors). 8. P. C. K. \ > 

The Helps and Aids contain a concise summary of Biblical history, geography, etc. 

"Westcott, B. F. History of the English BibJe. p. 8vo. Macmillan. ]<),<. M. 

Mombert, J. I. Handbook of English Versions of the Bible, p. 8vo. 

By a very competent American scholar. 

Robinson, E. Biblical researches in Palestine. 8vo. 3 vols. Murray. 4:V. 

The first systematic exploration of Palestine : still a standard authority. 

Thomson, W. M. The Land and the Book. c. 8vo. Nelson. la. iir/ 

Specially good for manners and customs. 

"Wilson, C. Picturesque Palestine. 24mo. 5 vols. Virtue, illus. 31*. (5r/. 

For further works on the geography and antiquities of Palestine, see PALESTINE. 

Tristram, H. B. Natural history of the Bible, c. 8vo. S. P. C. K. ~x. '/. 

More elaborate scientific details are contained in the Palestine Exploration Fund Memoirs. 



Ewald, II. Ant iqiiitirs of Israel. Tr. II. S. Solly. 8vo. /,/*/////<. 12. M. 

Etlersheim, A. Tin- Trmplr and its M-rvir.-s. i. IC.inii. It. 'I'. S. 5*. 

Arnold, M. Literature and dogma, c. svo. Smith, i\i<irr. 2*. (>d. 

,, (.oil and the Bible. <\ 8v<>. Smith, Klder. 2*. M. 

,, St. l';iul and Protestantism, c. 8vo. Smith, L'/</t-/-. 2s. Grf. 

Tin 1 virus put t'.ii-wanl in these three books liavi 1 not met with nnirli acceptance, but they 
descry, to l>r i-.'inl for tin' freshness of apiuveiation with wliirh they arc written, and for the 

rlVoi-t to In in- out tin- pel-main 'ill valii-iif liiblicul ideas. 

Lee, W. Inspiration of Holy Scripture. 8vo. (Dull-in'). O.P. 

The standard presentation of the older view. 

Ladd, G. T. Doctrine of sacred Scripture. 8vo. 2 vols. Hamilton. 2*x. 

A very elaborate work, leaving no side of the question unexplained. 

The present is a time of acute transition in regard to the Old Testament, and it ia 
probable that the literature produced upon it in the next few years will he decidedly superior 
to most of that which has preceded. The student who wishes to understand the Old 
Testament in the light of present knowledge is advised first to read Dr. Robertson Smith's 
Old Ti'ufi'iiirnf in tin- J<-i<-i.ih I'hurch, then to go at once to Dr. Driver's loaiah (in Men of 
the Bilile serifs ; and then, if he desires a closer study, to read Dr. Cheyne's Commentary 
and Essays on the same prophet. He will find himself thus at the centre of the Old 
Testament, and from this point he will be able to turn in any direction he pleases. 


(1) Conservative. 
Cave, A. Inspiration of the Old Testament. 8vo. Cong. Union. 10s. &d. 

This book is placed first, not as likely to satisfy the enquirer, but as written with 
knowledge and candour, and containing an attempt to adopt modern results with as little 
change as possible in the traditional views. 

Oehler. Theology of the Old Testament. Tr. 8vo. 2 vols. T. and, T. 

Clark. 21*. 

The best manual for the Old Testament. 

Mozley, J. B. Ruling ideas of the Old Testament. 8vo. Longmans. 10s. 6d. 

Suggestive ; but needs supplementing by literary criticism. 

Green, W. H. Moses and the prophets. 12mo. (New York). Is. 6d. 

Dr. Green was chairman of the American Old Testament Revisers, and has the re- 
putation of being the ablest advocate of the conservative position. 

Curtiss, S. I. The Levitical priests, p. 8vo. Hamilton. 5s. 

Green, W. H. The Hebrew feasts, p. 8vo. Nisbet. 5s. 

The two latter books discuss two of the burning questions of modern Pentateuchal criti- 
cism, with accuracy and knowledge. 

Green and Harper. Discussion on the Pentateuch question (in Hebraica). 
Quarterly. Low. 13s. per annum. 

By far the most exhaustive treatment of the question in English : Dr. Green taking the 
older, and Prof. Harper the newer, view ; still proceeding. 

Delitzsch, F. Messianic prophecy. Tr. 8vo. Sinipltin. 5s. 

Edersheim, A. Prophecy and history in relation to the Messiah. 

(Warburton lectures). 8vo. Longmans. 12s. 

Perovrae, J. J. The Book of Psalms. 8vo. 2 vols. Sell. 34s. 

Vol. i., 18. ; vol. ii., 16s. Abridged edition, c. 8vo., 10. M. 

Alexander, W. The witness of the Psalms to Christ. 8vo. Murray. 14s. 

Ginsburg, C. D. Ecclesiastes (Bampton lectures). 8vo. Longmans. 15s. 

, , Song of Songs. 8vo. Longmans. 10s/ 

Wright, C. H. Ecclesiastes. 8vo. Hodder. 12s. 

,, Zechariah (Bampton lectures). 8vo. Hodder. 14s. 



Pusey, E. B. The minor prophets. 4to. Parker. :',!.<.<;//. 

Exhibits massive learning. 

,, Daniel. 8vo. Parker. 10*. (\<l. 

Men of the Bible ; Series by various authors, c. 8vo. 2*. M. each. Nhlet. 

Inexpensive, but w.-ll HUi>i>lil with illustrative matt.-r; do not deal with critical questions. 
The following may be named in the present connection: Abraham, Rev. \V. J. D.MH.-: 
Motel, and Kinpot Israel and Judah, Canon G. Rawliuson ; Solomon, Archd. F. W. Farrar ; 
Elijah, Dr. W. Milligan. 

Maclear, G. F. Classbook of Old Testament History. 18mo. Mac- 

m Ulan. lx. i >,7. 

A brief manual, which is much used. 

Speaker's Commentary. Ed. Canon Cook. r. 8vo. r. vols. Murray. 1 ::.".;. 

Vol. i., Gen. to Deut., 80. ; vol. ii., iii.. Josh, to Esther, 3<5. ; vol. iv., Job to Song of 
Solomon, 24*. ; vol. v., Isaiah to Lament., 20*. ; vol. vi., Ezekiel to Malachi, 25*. 

Cambridge Bible for Schools. Ed. J. J. S. Perowne. 12mo. Each vol., 
Is. Gd. to 5s. Cambridge Press. 

Of these Commentaries the C'tmliridi/e Bible is perhaps to be preferred, especially for the 
historical books. Job, Micah, and Hosea are fully critical. 

Keil and Delitzsch. Commentaries on the Old Testament. Tr. Hvo. 27 

vols. Clark. 1 IS. 

Dr. Keil's editions cannot be regarded as satisfactory. Those by Delitzsch (Genes!*, .Tali, 
Sonsi of Solomon, I*aia!i) are a mine of learning, and in their latest form make considerable 
advances towards the critical school. 

Wordsworth, C. Commentary on the Old Testament, i. 8vo. 6 vols. 

Rivin-yton. 120s. 

Not at all modern in its treatment, but shows special command of patristic literature. 

(2) Critical. 
Smith, W. Robertson. The Old Testament in the Jewish Church, p. 8vo. 

Longmans. 7,v. (\d, 

The most comprehensive survey of the critical position; suited to the general reader. 

, , Prophets of Israel, c. 8vo. Longmans. 7s. 6rf. 

,, Religion of the Semites. 8vo. Black. 15*. 

An exploration of new ground, likely to develop in the future. 

Cheyne, T. K. The hallowing of criticism, p. 8vo. 'Hoddcr. 5*. 

Dr. Cheyne is an accomplished scholar and writer, who follows the critical instinct wherever 
it seems to lead, but combines advanced views and strong religions sympathies. 

,, Isaiah, c. 8vo. Macmillan. ".<. (^/. 

A commentary, with important essays. 

,, Hosea. Micah. (In " Cambridge Bible "). c. 8vo. Camltritlyi' 

Hosea, S*. ; Micah, 1*. Orf. 

,, Jeremiah. (In " Men of the Bible " series), c. 8vo. Nisbrt. 2s. CM?. 

Driver, S. R. Isaiah. (In ' Men of the Bible " series), c. 8vo. Nubet. 2s. M. 

A model book of its kind. 

,, Sunday school lessons from the Pentateuch. 12mo. Scrllmer. 4x. 

Slight, as the occasion necessitated, but, in the dearth of critical literature on the subject, 
will give some idea of the results arrived at. 

Smith, G. A. Isaiah. (In the " Expositor's Bible "). p. 8vo. 2 vols. 

Hodder. 7.v. ('//. 

A good example of the application of critical interpretation to homiletic purposes. 

Briggs, C. A. Messianic prophecy, c. 8vo. Seribner. iL'.v. (\/J. 

Riehm, E. Messianic prophecy. Tr. J. Jefferson, c. 8vo. Clark. f>,v. 

Kalisch, M. M. Genesis (18s.) ; Exodus (15#.); Leviticus (i., 15s. ; ii., 15s.). 

8vo. 4 vois. Longmans. 63s. 

A series of able commentaries, becoming more pronouncedly rationalistic as they proceed, 
and not quite corresponding with the present state of investigation, but still the best work on 
the Pentateuch in English. 


Bible ptHDB BOOK TO BOOKS, Bible 

Davidson, A. It. Job. (Ill "('ami IL'im.. ('umltrhliir 1'fi'Kx. 

.liriihlr riuiiiiii'iitao . 

Bradley, <;.<;. .luh. o. 8ro, <'l<ir. /'/<-. Ix.Ctd. 

,, KivlrMastcs. c. 8vo. Clm: /V/-.s.<. .J.,-. i;,/. 

1 Milieu. 

Schroder, K. The cuneiform inscriptions and flic Old Testament. Tr. 

(). ('. Whitrhniisr. s\u. Uvuls. Williams. 21x. 

.iinLml uuthnrityim tin' ivintiim ut As.syi-ian dUcoverie tn the ];iM.- 

Sayce, A. II. Krr>h light from the aiicii-nt monumnit>. c. }<vo. 11. T. A. 3*. 

A ] 1. 1) mlii r handbook of the name mibjrrt. 

Stanley, A. 1'. .Jewish Church, p. 8vo. 3 vols., 6*. each. Murray. ISx. 

Renan, K. Histoire da peuple dlsrael. 3 vols. (Par/a). 

i , ii., li. Gil. For further works on Jewish IiiKtory << JKWS. 

Kuenen, A. H. Religion of Israel. Tr. A. II. May. 8vo. 3 vols., 

10#. 6d. each. WUHatitx. 31. G^/. 

Aunt hrr \\-ork from the extreme left, distinintislieri l>v i-lciirucss ( cxpusltinii. 

,, Historico-critical enquiry into the origin and composition of the Old 

Testament. Tr. Wiekstoed. Hvo. Mucmittan. 14*. 

Bleek, F. Introduction to the Old Testament, c. Hvo. 2 vols., 5. each. 

J9Z^ (Bolni). 10... 


Hebrew bibles differ very little from each other ; the most cxurt ;uv those now being issued 1'j- 
8. Biier (Leiiizitr. 

Hebrew text. Ed. Hooght. 4to. Bayste/-. Ox. 

Fiirst, J. Hebrew and Chaldean concordance. Tr. S. Davidson, r. 8vo. 

Williams. 21*. 

Greek (Septuagint). Vol. i. (Genesis to Kings); vol. ii., in preparation. 

Ed. H. B. Swete. c. Hvo. Cambridge Press. Is. G<?. 

Elegantly printed, and marked by great care and accuracy. 

Greek text. Ed. Tischendorf. Hvo. BrocMaus. 18.<. 

Best for use until the Cambridge edition is ready. 

Trommius, A. Greek concordance (Septuagint). fo. 2 vols. (Amster- 
dam). 1718. o.i 1 . 

Handy Concordance (Septuagint). r. 8vo. Baysirr. 15.-.. 

Accurate, but gives references only, not quotations, and does not include the Apocrypha. 

Origen's Hexapla. Ed. Dr. Field. 4to. Macmillan. 

A classical work on the other Greek versions besides the Scptuagiut. 

Latin (Vulgate). Ed. Tischendorf. 8vo. 2 vols. BrocMaus. 

Gives the various readings of one good MS. throughout, and of more in the early books. 
There are many other editions. 

Dutripon, F. P. Latin concordance to the Old and New Testaments. 

i. 4to. (Paris). 32,v. 

Witt, J. de. Praise songs of Israel. 8vo. Funk and War/nails. 7s. 6d. 

A striking modern version which well preserves the grand and solemn rhythm of the original. 

Cheyne, T. K. Book of Psalms, p. 8vo. Paul. C.v. 

The literary skill displayed in much of this version has hardly yet received due recognition. 


Speaker's commentary on the Apocrypha. Ed. Waco. m. 8vo. 2 vols. 

Murray. 50.s. 

Much superior to the Speaker's Commentary on the Old Testament : a satisfactory book. 



Bissell, E. C. Apocrypha of tho Old 'IVst.-nncnt. i. 8vo. Clark. IUA-. 

Based mainly on the Grrman fuiiuiieutary of Fritzgche. 

Deane, W. J. The Book of Wisdom, f. 4to. Clar. Press. 12,v. (\d. 

Schodde, G. II. Tin- Book of Enoch. 12mo. (Andorer, U.S.). 9*. 

A translation from the Ethiopic of this curious ami interesting book, with introduction and 


There is not the same necessity in the case of the New Testament as in that of the Old, 
to distinguish between conservative and rrit ical t ivatment. Most of those who deal with the 
New Testament now write in a more or less critical spirit, but the older verdicts do not seem 
to need so much revision. In England we have a number of good commentaries on single 
books, though first-rate commentaries are still needed on the Gospels of St. Matthew and St . 
Mark, the Acts, Ephesians, Thessalonians, the Pastoral Epistles, and some of the Catholic 
Epistles. We have also nothing which quite corresponds with the best German introductions 
t o the New Testament. 


Westcott, B. F. Canon of the New Testament, c. 8vo. Maemillan. 10*. (W. 

A scholarly sketch of the history of the canon. 

Charteris, A. H. Canonicity. 8vo. Blaclinood. is*. 

A collection of passages bearing on the history of the canon. 

Salmon, G. Introduction to the New Testament, c. 8vo. Murray. '..<. 

An extremely vigorous treatment, especially of the books which have been more called 
in question, with a valuable sketch of the formation of the canon, and of the non-canonical 

Weiss, B. Introduction to the New Testament. Tr. Miss Davidson, c. Svo. 

2 vols., Is. Gd. each. If odder. 1 .".>. 

The most scientific general introduction in English. 

Dods, Marcus. Introduction to the New Testament. 12mo. If odder. 2x. (id. 

Brief and popular, but well up to date in criticism. 

Westcott, B. F. Introduction to the study of the Gospels, c. 8vo. 

Macntillan. 10.<. (id. 

A close and scholarly study, now of some years' standing ; rather difficult to grasp from its 
subtle thought and profuse details. 

Sanday, W. The gospels in the second century, c. 8vo. Macmilla/n. 

pub. 10s. <od. O.P. 

Farrar, F. W. Messages of the books. 8vo. Maciiiillan. 14.<. 

Useful descriptive outlines of the books and their contents. 

Watkins, H. W. Modern criticism and the fourth Gospel. 8vo. Murray. 15.v. 

Gloag, P. J. Introduction to the Pauline epistles, d. 8vo. Clark. 12.'*. 

,, Introduction to the Catholic epistles, d. 8vo. Clark. Wx. (id. 

These two last named works are painstaking summaries of opinions. 


GENERAL NOTE. The student who desires an exact knowledge will do well to use Meyer 
for St. Matthew and St. Mark; Meyer and Godet for St. Luke, Godet and Westcott for St. 
John, Meyer for Acts, the Speaker's Commentary for Romans and i. and ii. Corinthians ; also 
Godet for Romans and i. Corinthians. If a fair scholar, Vaughan for Romans, Edwards for 
i. Corinthians, Lightfoot and Ellicott for the Epistles they have treated; Westcott for 
Revelation. The less advanced student may substitute the Cambridge Greek Testament for 
Gospels and Hebrews. The general reader had better study the Gospels in the lives of Christ 
(Edersheim and Farrar), and the Epistles in Farrar's St. Paul or Early days of 
Chr'atluntty, using the other books for reference. 

Alford, H. Greek Testament. 8vo. 4 vols. Rivington. 102.v. 

Vol. i.. Four Gospels, 28*. ; vol. ii.. Acts to ij. Corinthians, lit. ; vol. iii., Galatiansto 

Philemon, 18*. ; vol. iv., Hebrews to Revelation, 82*. 

Still the best complete Greek Testament by a single hand ; makes much use of German work. 

Wordsworth, C. Greek Testament, i. 8vo. 2 vols. Rivington. (iQx. 

Vol. i., Gospels and Acts, 23*. ; Epistles, Apocalypse, and Index, 37*. 

Not modern in its treatment, though the good Greek scholarship of the author should be 



Bible Cl'lDK IIOOK TO HOOKS. Bible 

Meyer. Coimnriil:iry <>n Hi.- Nc\\ Tr>t;iiiii-nt (cxn |,t Api'r;ily|>-<-;. I'M. 
Dick>oii :iinl ('ri)inliii-. s\c>. Clark. 

Malt .-> V..1-, , 2lx. : Mark ami l.uki-. 2 vi.l-,., 2lx. : .Inlni, 2 s..U. ,_'!. ; AI-IH, 2, 21.. : 
11. .man-, '.! V..IH., '-?] ' -I.-UIH. Hlx. (/. .- I i J'liili-iiiiin. 

liix.ii./.; I'liilippiims and Coln^i .:> , I"- ?<!. ; Tli.-.-.-<.il.iiiiaii*, I On. tii/. ; I'artoral Epittlttt, 

10*. Of. | II. l.r.-v.s, 10*. I',,/. ; .him. :,,,,! .lolill, I >ml ,1 U.I,-, 1 1 1 . 

M. }-.-[ is still a Ktali'lanl MUtliurity iii < l.-i man, l.nt tin- Knu'lisli t ' which was 

r.iivl'iill) itiimi has m>t iln- iiililitiniiM wlii.-h liavi- kept 1 In- C.-i m:i I it inns up ti> ilutr. AM.-, 

lint inc.mvcniciitly print. -cl, ;nu 1 fnivixii ! 

Speaker's ('imimctihiry mi the New Testament. Ivl. F. ( '. ( 'ook. in. Svn. 

Mm- /-in/. '.>\. 

Vol.i., Maltli.-w, Mark, ami I,uk.-, |s*. ; vol. ii., Juhn and Acts, 'Jlix.; v..l. iii., Romana to 
Philemou, 2Sx. ; vnl iv., Hchivwn to RevelatioiiB, 2H*. ; also e<l. in 2 VO!H., 7". '. cuoh. 
Unequal: the best are St. John, Romans, i. and ii. Corinthians, Philippiuus, Jaim-, 

Cambridge Uible for Schools. Ed. J. J. S. 1'erowne. ex. f. 8vo. Cunihriiliii- 

'\'}\<- Iwst are those by Archdeacon Farrar (St. Luke, 4*. 0</., and Hebrews, X. fl. : 
Dr. Plumnu'i- i(i..sp.-l lx. t'<il., ami Eiiintlt-s :!x. (/., of St. John;; Mr.Monlv ( Unmans, ",*. IK'., 
Ephesians, 2. fxl., Pliilippians, 2*. <W.) ; Dean Plumptre (James, Is. (W. ; i. and ii. Peter, 
2. 6(1.). 

,, Greek 'J'estament. Ed. J. J. S. Perowne. Cainbritli/i' J'I-I-M. 

Matthi-w, Ix. '../.; Mark, 4. 6(1. \ Luke, 6*. ; John, G. ; Acts, 6. ; i. Corinthians, 3. : 
Hebrews, 8x. <M. ; Epistles of St. John, 4*. 

Commentary for English renders. Ed. C. J. Ellicott. 3 vols. Cassell. 

Vol. i.. Gospels: ii.. Acts to Galatians ; iii., Ephesians to Revelation, 21. each. Not on 
the whole so good as the other works named ; but Dean Plumptre's commentary on the 
first three Gospels and Acts is well suited to the general reader. 

Popular Commentary on the New Testament. Ed. Schaff. i. 8vo. 4 vols., 

12x. Gd. each. Clarlt. 50* 

Vol. i., Synoptical Gospels; vol. ii., St. John and Acts; vol. iii., Romans to Philemon; 
vol. iv., Hebrews to Revelation. Plain and clear ; justifies its title. 

Bengel, J. A. Gnomon Novi Testament!. 3 vols. Clark. 2-l.v. 

This commentary (originally published in 1712) can never become antiquated. Its terseness, 
point, and depth will be appreciated best in the Latin. 

Maldonatus, J. Commentarii in quatuor Evangelistas. Ed. J. M. Raich. 

r. 8vo. 2 vols. Nutt. 25*. 

Probably the best of the Roman Catholic commentaries, distinguished for clearness and 
exegetical tact. 

McClellan, J. B. The four gospels. 8vo. Macmillan. 30s. 

Introduction, translation, harmony, and notes. Eccentric but accurate, and with much inde- 
pendently collected material ; scholarly translation and notes, but not free from crotchets. 

Morison, J.' St. Matthew, 14s. ; St. Mark, 12.. 8vo. Hodder. 

Good exegesis, but otherwise old-fashioned. 

Qodet, F. St. Luke. Tr. 8vo. 2 vols. Clark. 21*. 

,, St. John. Tr. 8vo. 3 vols. Clark. 31s. M. 

,, Romans. Tr. 8vo. 2 vols., 10*. (id. each. Clarlt. 21*. 

,, i. Corinthians. Tr. 8vo. 2 vols. Clark. 21s. 

These works of Godet's are very thoughtful and thorough, but with peculiar views on textual 

Westcott, B. F. St. John. 8vo. Murray. 10s. (\d. 

,, Hebrews. 8vo. Macmillan. 14s. 

,, Epistles of St. John. 8vo. Macmillan. 12s. (>d. 

Very close and scholarly exegesis, and excellent criticism, but rather difficult. 

Lightfoot, J. B. Galatians. 8vo. Macmillan. 12*. 

,, Philippians. 8vo. Macmillan. 12s. 

,, Colossians and Philemon. 8vo. Mamnillan. 12s. 

Admirably clear and lucid, with elaborate essays. 



Ellicott, C. J. Thessalonians. Svo. Ltmymans. 7.v. iW. 

,, Galatians. Svo. Longman*. s,s. <;,/. 

,, Ephesians. Svo. Longmans. S.<. C,//. 

,, Philippians, Colossians, and Philemon. Svo. Longmans. 10*. (V/. 

,, Pastoral Epistles. Svo. Longmans. l().v. (ir/. 

Confined to close grammatical exegesis of the Greek ; with slight introductions. 

Vaugiian, C. J. Romans, c. Svo. Macmillan. la. Gil. 

,, Philippians. c. Svo. Macmillan. ")>. 

,, Hebrews, c. Svo. Macmillan. T.v. Gd. 

Finished scholarship rather than broad handling of the thought. 

Beet, J. Agar. Romans, c. Svo. Hodder. . 7s. Gd. 

,, i. and ii. Corinthians, c. Svo. Hodder. lo. Gd. 

,, Galatians. c. Svo. Hodder. ."J.v. 

Wesleyan; to be recommended rather for able treatment of particular passages than as a 
general commentary. 

Jowett, B. Romans, Galatians, i. and ii. Thessalonians. Svo. 2 vols. 

Murray, pub. 30. o.p. 

Exegesis open to criticism, but with finely written and suggestive essays. 

Stanley, A. P. Corinthians i. and ii. Svo. Murray. ] s,v. 

Also open to criticism in details, but brightly and picturesquely written ; with a paraphrase 
which helps to bring home the meaning. 

Edwards, T. C. Corinthians i. Svo. Hamilton. l-l,v. 

Welsh Presbyterian ; full and able. 

Dale, R. W. Ephesians (doctrine and ethics), c. Svo. Hodder. 7s. Gd. 

An excellent presentation of the subjects with which it deals. 

Davidson, A. B. Hebrews. 12mo. Clark. 2.v. Gd. 

Able grappling with the thoughts of the epistle ; a book worth far more than its price. 

Kendall, F. Hebrews, c. Svo. Macmillan. 7*. i><7. 


Trench, R. C. Notes on the parables, p. Svo. Paul. 7s. Gd. 

,, Notes on the miracles, p. Svo. Paul. 7*. Gd. 

,, Studies on the Gospels. Svo. Macmillan. 10s. Gd. 

The works of a learned and accomplished theologian. 

Bruce, A. B. The parabolic teaching of Christ. Svo. Hodder. 12.*. 

,, Miraculous element in the Gospels. Svo. Hodder. 12*. 

,, The Galilean Gospel. Svo. Simphin. 3*'. Gd. 

,, The training of the Twelve. Svo. Clark. 10,*. Gd. 

A series of thoughtful works, more modern than those of Archbishop Trench, but with a less 
distinguished stamp of scholarship. 

Fairbairn, A. M. Studies in the life of Christ. Svo. Hodder. !)*. 

Edersheim, A. Life and times of Jesus the Messiah. Svo. 2 vols. 

Longmans. 2-lx. 

Best of all the lives of Christ in its thorough knowledge of the historical background of 
Jewish life and thonght. 

Farrar, F. W. Life of Christ. Svo. Cassell. illus. 21*. 

,, Life of St. Paul. 12mo. Cambridge Prt>**. :iv. Gd. 

,, Early days of Christianity, p. Svo. Cassell. G*. 

Picturesque and rather rhetorical description preponderates, but the work is that of a scholar. 
The later works rise in value. 



Renan, K. Vie de Ji'sus. Hvo. (rri*). ;*. (\tl. 

,, S. Paul. Sv,. (/',///*). ;. W. 

,, apdtres. Svd. (I'arin). (5*. {\d. 

,, 1/Aiiteehrist. Svd. (/VmVr). (',.<. <;,/. 

Brilliant ii* lit. 'net in-. , mini t'l-i.m MUM error* by critical good seme, though exposed to 

i.thrrs l>y :i t.-nil.'ii.-.v to wiitimi'iital niniunee. 

Keim, 'I'. Jesus of Na/.ara. Tr. Svd. C, vols., in*. <;,/. i-.i<-}\. Williams. 63*. 

A work of much learning and ability ; perhaps the bent specimen of rationalistic criticism. 
Weiss,!'.. Life of Christ. Svo. \\ vols. Clark. 31*. ''.'/. 

Critical, but more conservative thun Kfiin. 

Schiirer, K. History of the New Testament times. HVO. 3 vols. Clark. 31*. 6d. 

The standard work on the surroundings of the life of Christ (the life itself is excluded), 
.studied nithi'r mi'iv nli ' .i-trn than in Dr. Edersheim's work ; Iranird, clear in statement, and 


Greek- English lexicon of the New Testament ; enlarged translation of 

Grimm's Cla\ is Novi Testamenti. Tr. J. H. Thayer. cl. 4to. Clark. 3(!. 

The German original (in Latin) is cheapest, but the translation is much enlarged, and very 
i';ir<'fully executed. 

Cremer, II. Hiblico-theological lexicon of Greek New Testament. Tr. 

Simon and Tnvick. d. 4to. Clark. 38. 

Full account of theological terms in New Testament. 

Trench, R. C. Synonyms of the New Testament. Svo. Paul. I2g. 

A standard work. 

Hatch, E. Essays on Biblical Greek. Svo. Clar. Press. 10*. Gd. 

Grinfield lectures, of which nearly half is taken up with a study of language : fresh and 

Winer, G. B. Grammar of New Testament Greek. Tr. Moulton. Svo. 

Clark. 15s. 

Buttmann, A. Grammar of New Testament Greek. Tr. Svo. (New 

York}. 12s. 

Simcox, \V. H. Language of the New Testament. 12mo. Hodder. 2s. Gd. 

McTurpie, D. Old Testament in the New. r. Svo. Williams. 12*. 

Toy, C. H. Quotations in the New Testament. Svo. Scribner. 18s. 

The first of these two books has the more detailed comparison of texts ; the second deals more 
with the higher criticism. 

Bruder, H. C. Concordantiae N. T. Graeci. 4to. (Leipzig). 30*. 

By far the most complete concordance. 


Editions of the text of the Greek Testament are extremely numerous, and many have 
some special feature not found so well in others. Stephen's text of 1550 (the basis of what w 
commonly called the Received Text) is conveniently printed by the Clarendon Pres. The 
most scientific modern text is that of Drs. Westcott and Hort (larger editions with introduc- 
tions and notes, 2 vols.,lfl. (irf. each, also smaller edition, 5. 6<L, \Incmillun) but this has met 
with considerable opposition. A useful compromise between the ordinary and the scientific texts 
is presented by the Greek text used by the revisers (Clar. Press, 10s. 6ri.). A collation of the 
leading critical authorities is given by Scrivener (Deif/hton), or in a less convenient, but 
in some respects more trustworthy form by O. von Gebhart (Tatu'/iiiitz). Concise manuals 
of textual criticism are those by Warfield (Hodder, 2s. 6d.\ and Hammond (Clar. Press, 
3s. 6d.). Scrivener's introduction (Deighton), and Westcott and Hort's (Maemillan) are 
more elaborate. 

Novum Testamentum Graece. Ed. Tischendorf. Svo. (Leipzig'). 45,. 

With prolegomena (still incomplete), by Dr. C. R. Gregory; supersedes all other books as a 
collection and account of the critical materials. Smaller edition, 13*. 

NovTim Testamentum Latine. Ed. Tischendorf. IGmo. (Leipzig). 2f. 

A roughly corrected text of the Vulgate ; handy and inexpensive. 


Bible GLIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Bibliophilia 

Novum Testament ma Lai inc. Ed. Wordsworth and White. 4to. Clar. 

12.v. &d 

An elaborate critical i-dition, of wliiuh tin- first fasciculus only lias appeared (12*. (W.i. 
The authorised Boniau text published l>y coinniaiiil of Clement VIII. in l.V.ti-S may readily be 
had. (Baatter, 5.). 

Parallel Ne\v Testament. Chir. I'n-xx and (\iinl. I'ri'xx. from l.v. (\il. 

Authorised version of 1011, and revised version of 1881 in parallel columns ; the same may be 
had with the Greek text added. (12. <W.). 

Burgon, J. W. The Revision revised. *\<>. Murray. 11*. 

The most elaborate and uncompromising criticism of the Revised Version. th> im-iit- 1 
which are best pointed out in a series of articles by Dr. Westcott in the Expotitor for 1887. 

Lightfoot, J. B. A t'n-sh revision of the English New Testament, p. *u.. 

Macmillan. pub. 6*. o.r 

Perhaps the most important of a number of works advocating revision. 

Schaff, P. Companion to the Greek Text and English 'Version, p. 8vo. 

Harper. 12,-,. M. 

A. popular account of the Revised Version. 


All the books mentioned under this heading are of interest to the general reader, with 
perhaps the exception of the Philoblbton of Richard de Bury, and Dibdin's Bibliomania. 
The works of. A. Lang and J. H. Burton are specially recommended. 

Richard de Bury. Philobiblon. Ed. and Tr. Ernest C. Thomas, c. 8vo. 

Paid. io.v. (/. 

Bishop of Durham, treasurer and chancellor of Edward III. 

Burton, J. H. The book-hunter, c. 8vo. Blacknood. 7.. M. 

Lang, A. The library, c. 8vo. Macmillan. :;.. (\<l. 

With a chapter on modern English illustrated books by A. Dobson. 

Ballads of books. Ed. Lang. f. 8vo. Longmans. (!-. 

A re-cast, with additions, of a volume under the same title, edited by W. B. Matthews, N.Y., 

Ireland, A. The book lover's enchiridion, f. 8vo. Simpldn. 7s. 

Thoughts on the solace and companionship of books from writers of every age. 

Dibdin, T. F. Bibliomania, or book-madness : a bibliographical romance. 

r. 8vo. Chatto. pub. 21s. o.p. 

The source whence nearly all English writers, except Kerney, derive their information on 

Blades, W. Enemies of books. 12mo. Stock. U. C.,7. 

Fitzgerald, P. The book fancier ; or the romance of book collecting. 12mo. 

Lorn. jYv. 

Zaehnsdorf, J. W. The art of bookbinding. Sell, illus. :">... 

Chiefly practical. 

Cundall, J. Bookbindings, ancient and modern, i. 8vo. Sell. '.\\x. M. 

Wheatley, H. B. Remarkable bindings in the British Museum. Low. 

Only 200 copies printed. 25 at 168*. ; 25 at 9U. 6rf. ; 150 at 73*. W. and K5*. 

Historical and artistic bindings. Quaritch. illus. 21<>.v. 

A collection of facsimiles, illustrating the history of binding as a branch of decorative art. 
103 plates, in colours, silver, and gold. 

The short introductory sketch, by M. Kerney, treats for the first time the history of 
bookbinding in a scientific manner. As the examples are very carefully classified, the 
book is undoubtedly the best on the subject in English. This is the only work which can be 
recommended to the student. 

Vallee, L. Bibliographic des bibliographies (with supplement). 8vo. 

(Paris). L'n.v. 

Petzholdt, J. Bibliotheca bibliographica. r. 8vo. (Leipzig}. I2x. 

Sabin, J. A bibliography of bibliography. 8vo. (New York). (!.<. 


Bibliophilia GUIDE BOOK TO MnoKS. Book-keeping 

Book prices current. <1. s\-<>. :! \n]>. (;mnual). 'J7.v. '.</. each. >'/</</-. 
tlii- run-rut v.ihir of rare bookH. Vol. i., o.P. 

l'i: ii n inn A i.*: Tim l.ilirnrii St,.,-k, H./. in, ml lily, tin' orifnn of the Library AmtocUt ion 
,>t' tin- I'nitnl Kiiik'tloin i -in. Hunuver-iK|uare, Limilon, W >, <leTote Hjjecial utti-ntion to uriti- 
n hihliugnphy. See itlso the Librnru Juiii-mil iTriibner.). 1. M. monthly. 

r.u-vcuNo, see CYCLING. 


Bennett, J. Billiards. Ed. Cavendish, c. Hvo. De La Rue. illus. 10#. 6d 

Phelan, M. 15illiards, the game of. 12mo. Ajytleton. Is. Cxi. 


i. \\v OP, see ENGLAND, LAW VIII. 


r-i;;i>s. .xv r ZOOLOGY VI. 



Vymazal, F. Bohmische Grammatik. 8vo. (Brunri). 3. 

Mourek, V. E. Dictionary, English and Bohemian. 8vo. (Prague"). O.P. 

Wratislaw, A. H. The native literature of Bohemia in the 19th century. 

12ino. Bell. 5s. 

Jirecek, C. J. Anthologie z Literatury Cesk (Anthology of Bohemian 

literature). 8vo. 3 vols. (Prague). \\s. 



Hamilton and Ball. Book-keeping, ex. f. 8vo. Clar. Press. 2#. 

Garcke and Falls. Factory accounts, principles, and practice, d. 8vo. 

Loclucood. 10s. Gd. 

Gordon, W. J. Professional book-keeping, p. 8vo. Wyman. 2s. 

Kain, G. J. Solicitors' book-keeping. 12mo. Waterlow. 6#. 

Pixley, F. W. Auditors, d. 8vo. Good. 10. (M. 

49 K 

Bootmaking GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Botany 




Oliver, D. Elementary lessons in botany, f. 8vo. Macmillan. 4*. (></. 

Prantl, K. Elementary text-book of botany. Tr. Vines, d. 8vo. Sonnenscln-i n . !*. 

Sachs, J. Text-book of botany. Ed. Bennett and Dyer. 3 vols. Macmillan. 

pub. 35s. &d. O.P. 

Vol. i., 10. <kZ. ; vol. ii., 12*. Od. ; vol. iii., 12*. 6d. 

Gray, A. Elements of botany. 8vo. Irubne.r. 12*. 

Goebel, K. Classification and special morphology of plants. Tr. H. 

Garnsey. r. 8vo. Clar. Press, illus. 21*- 

Sachs, J. Lectures on the physiology of plants. Tr. Marshall Ward. 

r. 8vo. Clar. Press, illus. 31*. (W. 

Gray, A. Text-book of botany. 8vo. Macmillan. 10*. (if/. 

Advanced. Vol. ii. Physiological botany by G. L. Goodale. 

Bennett and Murray. Handbook of cryptogamic botany, c. 8vo. Long- 
mans, illus. 1 i '>< 

With copious bibliographical references. 

Bary, A. de. . Comparative morphology and biology of fungi, etc. Tr. 

H. Garnsey. i. 8vo. Clar. Press, illus. 22*. (W. 

Bower, F. O. Course of practical botany, c. 8vo. Macmillan. 10*. Gd. 

For laboratory use. 


Lindley and Moore. Treasury of botany, c. 8vo. 2 vols. Longmans. 

illus. 12*. 

Much miscellaneous information brought together. 

Bentham and Hooker. Genera plantarum. r. 8vo. 3 vols. Williams. 1(>2*. 

Latin descriptions of all genera of flowering plants known to date of publication. Only for 
advanced students and specialists. 

lie Maout and Decaisne. General system of botany. Tr. Mrs. Hooker. 

r. 8vo. Longmans, illus. pub. 31*. 6d. O.P. 


Darwin, C. Fertilization of orchids, c. 8vo. Murray, illus. 7*. (ic/. 

,, Forms of flowers, c. 8vo. Murray, illus. 7*. (M. 

,, Movements of plants, p. 8vo. Murray. (!.<. 

,, Climbing plants, c. 8vo. Murray. (i*. 

,, Insectivorous plants, c. 8vo. Murray. !>*. 

,, Effects of cross and self-fertilization, c. 8vo. Murray. !>.. 

Miiller, H. Fertilisation of flowers. Tr. D'Arcy Thompson, m. 8vo. 

Macmillan. ' 21*. 

With bibliography. 

Lubbock, J, British wild flowers in relation to insects, c. 8vo. Macmillan. 

illus. 1>. tic/. 


Botany GUIDE BOOK TO MonKS. Botany 

Ward, II. Marshall. l)i>rasi-s of plants, p. Kvo. S. /'. C, K. 2*. Gd. 

,, Timber and snmc of its <i . Svo. Miu'inllla n. illus. 6*. 

Fur further works on Timber, Kt FOIIKKTHY. 


Baker, J. G. Elementary lessons in botanical geography. L. Reeve. 3*. 

Candolle, A. dc. Origin of cultivated plants. ("Inter. Sciont." SIT.). Tr. 

c. 8vo. Paul. 5x. 

Britten and Holland. Dictionary of English plant-names. (English Dialect 
Soc.). d. 8vo. Triibner. Part i., A-P, 8*. Gd. 

Prior, R. C. Popular names of British plants, c. 8vo. Williams. Is. Gd. 

Hooker, J. D. Student's flora of the British Isles, g. 8vo. Macmillan. 10*. Gd. 
Bentham, G. British flora. 8vo. 2 vols. Biclters. pub. 3*. Gd. O.P. 

To enable one to find the name of any indigenous flowering plant. Very free from technicalit j. 

Watson, H. C. Topographical botany of English plants. 8vo. Quaritch. 16#. 

Detailed treatment of geographical distribution of flowering plants in Great Britain. 

More, A. G. Cybele Hibernica. 8vo. Hodges. 10*. Gd. 

Treats of the distribution of flowering plants in Ireland. 

Moore, T. British ferns and their allies, sq. 12mo. Routledge. illus. 5*. 

Also c. Svo., Si. 6d. 

Hobkirk, C. P. Synopsis of British mosses, c. Svo. L. Reeve. Is. Gd. 

Braithwaite, R. British moss flora, i. 8vo. L. Reeve, illus. 50*. 
Leighton, W. A. Lichen flora of Great Britain, Ireland, and Channel 

Islands. Svo. W. P. Collins (Shrewsbury"), pub. 31*. Gd. O.P. 

Cooke, M. C. Handbook of British fungi. Svo. 2 parts, 4*. each. Williams. 8*. 

Harvey, W. H. Phycologia Britannica. r. Svo. 4 vols. L. Reeve, illus. 150.v. 

, , Manual of British marine algae. Svo. Gurney and Jackson, illus. 21*. 

With coloured illus., 31. 6d. 

Gatty, Mrs. Sea-weeds of Great Britain, sup. r. Svo. 2 vols. Sell. 50*. 

The Phycologia Britannica in a popular form. 

Nyman, C. F. Conspectus florae Europceae ; with supplements. Svo. 

5 vols. (Sweden). 30*. 

An enumeration of flowering plants, with their distribution in Europe. 

Gray, A. Botany of the northern United States. Ed. Watson and Coulter. 

Svo. Ivison (New YorV). illus. 10*. Gd. 

Chapman, A. W. Flora of the southern United States ; with supplement. 

Ivison (Neiv York). 20*. 

Watson, C. Botany of California. 4to. (Cambridge, U.S.). illus. 42*. 

Hooker, J. D. Botany of the Antarctic voyage of the "Erebus" and 

" Terror," 1839-43. 4to. 2 vols. L. Reeve. 1844-7. illus. O.P. 

Pub. 150. ; coloured, 215. 

,, Himalayan journals. Svo. 2 vols. (London). O.P. 


Bentley and Trirnen. Medicinal plants. 1. Svo. 4 vols. Churchill, illus. 231*. 

Official Guides to the Museums of economic botany. 

Sold at the museums. Though specially intended for visitors to the museums, they have much 
independent value in connection with economic uses. 

Hemsley, W. B. Hardy trees and shrubs, r. Svo. Longmans, illus. 

pub. 21*. O.P. 

A handbook based on Decaisne and Naudin. For other works on trees, tee FORESTRY. 

51 E 2 



Sachs, J. History of botany. Tr. H. Garnsey. c. 8vo. Clar. Prat. 10*. 

Pritzel, G. A. Thesaurus literaturae botanicae. 4to. (7^ij>:if/~). !!*. 

Very careful and accurate enumeration of all independently published botanical works up to 

Jackson, B. D. Guide to the literature of botany. (Index society). 

s. 4to. Dulau. 31*. 6d. 

Enumeration of Colonial and Indian Floras. (Kew Bulletin, No. 31, July, 
1889). 8vo. 

Sold at the Museum. Nearly all the important floras are here given that is, books to enable 

one to determine the plants of the respective countries. 


Annals of Botany. Ed. Balfour and others, r. 8vo. Clar. Pres*. illus. . 

Vol. i., part i., 8. M., part ii., 7*. <*'., part iii., and iv., 18*. ; vol. ii., part v., 10*. Rd., part 
vi., 7. 6rf., part vii., Hx.,part viii., 7*. (><l. ; vol. iii., part ix., ll.(k/., part x., i:j. <k/., part, xi., 
18., part xii. in press, part xiii., 12x. (W., part xiv., 13. 6<1. 
Original memoirs, with copious botanical bibliography. 

and Tr 


Donelly, N. Boxing, c. 8vo. Weldon. 2*. M. 


Allanson-Winn, R. G. Boxing. (" All England " series), s. 8vo. Bell. IK. 

Armstrong, W. Wrestling. (" All England " seriaa). s. 8vo. Sell. In. 



Smith, H. H. Brazil, the Amazon and the coast, m. 8vo. Line. 21*. 

Fletcher and Kidder. Brazil and the Brazilians. 8vo. Low. 'js.v. 

Historical and descriptive sketches. 

Wells, J. W. Three thousand miles through Brazil. 8vo. 2 vols. Ltnc. 

illus. 32*. 

Dent, H. C. A year in Brazil, d. 8vo. Paul, illus. 18*. 

With notes on the abolition of slavery. 

Keller, F. The Amazon and Madeira rivers. 8vo. Chapman. !V. 

Mathews, E. D. Up the Amazon and Madeira rivers. 8vo. Lorn. 18*. 

Through Bolivia and Peru. 

Orton, J. Andes and Amazon. 8vo. (Nen York). las. 

Brown and Lidstone. Fifteen thousand miles on the Amazon, d. 8vo. 

Stanford, illus. 21*. 

Henderson, J. History of Brazil. Longmans. 1821. o.p. 

Levasseur, E. Bresil en 1889. 4to. (Paris'), pub. 20*. O.P. 

Maps, statistics, etc., prepared by the Franco-Brazilian Committee for the Paris Exhibition. 

Mulhall, M. G., and E. T. Handbook of Brazil, p. 8vo. Triibner. o.P. 

Buenos Ayres, Rio Grande, etc. 



Breton Language GUIDE IJOOK T< > I>(M)KS. Building Construction 

I..\M;I -M.I:. .</, CI-;I.TIC UTKKATI in; II 
. tee I MM >! i:n:s VI. 


, tee Hi M.DING. 

I'.IMTISH ISLES, see ENGLAND. [For special works on Srotlan.l, Ireland, Wal<-. 
Cliannrl l>l;inds. Isle of Man, ee under 1 Imse heads]. 

1 5 KIT i. -i 1 1 MUSEUM, see LONDON VIII. 

I'.UUN/.I; iMiM.i:.\n:vix, ANVIKNT, see ANTHROPOLOGY II. 


/vr also PALI. 

The first six books in this list deal with the original Buddhism. 

Davids, T. W. Rhys. History of Indian Buddhism. (Hibbert Lectures, 

1881). 8vo. Williams. 10*. Gd. 

Buddhism, f. 8vo. S. P. C. K. 2s. Gd. 

Oldenberg, H. Buddha. Tr. W. Hoey. 8vo. Williams. 18*. 

Manual, in greater detail ; a standard work. 

Davids, T. W. Rhys. Questions of King Milinda. (" Sacred books of the 

East." Vol. xxxv.). d. 8vo. Clar. Press. 10.. Gd. 

Series of discussions on vital points of Buddhism, written about A.D. 100. 

Buddhist Suttas. (" Sacred books of the East." Vol. xi.). Tr. Rhys 

Davids. d. 8vo. Clar. Press. 10s. Gd. 

Dhammapada, and Sutta Nipata. (" Sacred books of the East "). Tr. 

Max. Miiller and Fausboll. d. 8vo. Clar. Press. 10s. Gd. 

The two last are translations from the original sacred books of the Buddhists. 

Rockhill, W. W. Life of Buddha, from Tibetan sources. 8vo. Triibner. 10s. Gd. 
Edkins, J. Chinese Buddhism. 8vo. Triibner. 18.. 

Beal, S. Catena of Buddhist scriptures, from the Chinese. 8vo. Triibner. 15*. 

Nanjio, B. Catalogue of Chinese translations of the Buddhist Tripitaka. 

4to. Clar. Press. 32s. Gd. 



Notes on building construction. 8vo. Svols. Rivingtons. illus. 42*. 

Vol i., Elementary, 10. 6cl. ; vol. ii., Advanced, 10. Gil. ; vol. iii.. Materials, 21s. 

Tarn, E. Science of building, c. 8vo. Locltmood. Is. Gd. 

Good elementary book for architectural students. 

Fairbairn, W. Application of iron to buildings. 8vo. Longman*. 

pub. 16. O.P. 

Matheson, E. Works in iron. (Bridges and roofs), r. 8vo. Spon. 

pub. 15*. O.P. 

Walmisley. Iron roofs, s. fo. Spon. illus. 63*. 

Haupt, H. Bridge construction (American). 8vo. Spon. 16*. 

Baker. Strength of arches, c. 8vo. Spon. pub. 9*. O.P 


Building Construction GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Burma, etc. 

Baker, I. 0. Masonry construction, r. 8vo. Trubner. 21s. 

Very complete and valuable. 

Davis, C. T. Manufacture of bricks. 8vo. Lorn. 25,>. 

Hull, E. Building and ornamental stones. 8vo. Maomillan. 12*. 

Tredgold, T. Principles of carpentry, rev. by J. T. Hurst, c. 8vo. Span. I2x. M. 

Tredgold and Tarn. Elementary carpentry. 4to. Lockwood. illus. 2.. 

Reid, H. Concrete. 8vo. Span. ].w. 

Gilmore, Q. A. Limes and mortars, r. 8vo. Span, illus. 1*. -. 

Reid, H. Portland cement. 8vo. Span. I **. 

Leaning, J. Quantity surveying. 8vo. Span. '.'*. 

Dobson and Tarn. Student's guide to measuring and valuing. " 8 vo. Lock- 
wood. ;t.v. 



Samuelson, J. Bulgaria, past and present. 8vo. Trubner. 10*. Or/. 

Barkley, H. C. Between the Danube and the Black Sea. c. 8vo. Murray. 10s. OrZ. 

Five years in Bulgaria. 

Bleek, C. Commercial report for Bulgaria. 8vo. Eyre. '&\d. 

Foreign Office paper. 

Sinclair and Brophy. Twelve years' study of the Eastern question in 

Bulgaria. 8vo. Chapman, pub. 9s. o.r. 


Jirecek, C. J. Geschichte der Bulgaren. 8vo. (Fragile). 

Kanitz, F. Donau-Bulgarien. r. 8vo. 3 vols. (Leipzig). ;>*. 

Baker, V. Bulgarian war. 8vo. 2 vols. Lorn. 42.". 


Vymazal, F. Die Kunst die bulgarische Sprache leicht und schnell zu 

lernen. 12mo. (Vienna}. 2*. 

Contains some extracts from authors. 

Bogoroff, U. A. Dictionnaire Bulgare-Francais. 8vo. 2 vols. (Vienna). :>0*. 

Dozon, A. Chansons populaires bulgares. 12mo. Maisonneuve. *.v. tir/. 


Yule, H. Mission to the court of Ava, 1855. 8vo. Smith, Elder. 

illus. o*. Or/. 

With notices of the country, government, and people. 

Fytche, A. Burma, past and present. 8vo. 2 vols. Paul. 

Forbes, C. J. British Burma and its people, c. 8vo. Murray. 

pub. 10*. 6d. >>.v. 

Scott, J. G. Burma as it was, is, and will be. c. 8vo. Redrvay. 

Colquhoun, A. R. Amongst the Shans. d. 8vo. Tuer. o.p. 

Hallett, H. S. A thousand miles on an elephant in the Shan States. 8vo. 

BlacTtrvood. illus. 21s. 

Colquhoun, A. R. Across Chryse*. 8vo. 2 vols. Low. 

Explorations in S. China and borderlands Canton to Mandalay. 


Burma, etc. GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Canada 

Gill, \V. River ill' pililm sand. c. SVQ. Murray. In. C,d 

Jniiriiry tliriniKli China and E.Thibet to Burma. 

I '.i TTI;I{-.M AKiNCf, see DAIKY. 






Reclus, E. Universal geography, Vol. xv. i. 8vo. Virtue 21* 

The test and fullest account of Canada in one volume. 

Greswell, W. P. Geography of Canada and Newfoundland. 8vo. Clar. 

Press. <;.v. 

Selwyn and Dawson. Pliysical geography and geology of Canada. 8vo. 

Publication of the Canadian Survey. 

Hurlbert, J. B. Physical atlas of Canada. (Ottawa). 

Walker, H. B. Statistical atlas of the Dominion of Canada, fo. Triibner. 84*. 

Silver's Handbook to Canada, c. 8vo. Silver. 5s. 

Biggar, E. B. Canada ; a memorial volume. 8vo. 10 parts. Stanford. 10s. Qd. 

Much useful information on each of the provinces. 

Rae, W. Fraser. Columbia and Canada. - p. 8vo. Daldy. (5*. 

Cumberland, Stuart C. The Queen's highway. 8vo. Lore, illus. 18*. 

Grant, G. M. Picturesque Canada. 4to. 2 vols., 63*. each. Cassell. illus. 12(5* 

Church, A. J. Making a start in Canada. 8vo. Seeley. 2*. Kd. 
Fream, W. Canadian agriculture. 8vo. 

Official report, to be obtained from the High Commissioner, 17, Victoria-street, S.W. 

Christy, R. M. Manitoba described. 8vo. Wyman. Is. 

Bryce, G. Manitoba, c. 8vo. Lorn. Is. 6d. 

Hardy, C. Forest life in Acadie (Nova Scotia). 8vo. Chapman, illu . 

pub. 18*. O.P 

Grant, G. M. Ocean to ocean. 8vo. Low. o.P. 

Wolley, C. P. A sportsman's Eden. 8vo. Bentley. !). 

Rowan, J. J. Emigrant and sportsman in Canada. 1. p. 8vo. Stanford. 10*. M. 


Canada GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Cape, etc. 

Lovett's Ga/.cttrrr of British North America. Eel. P. A. Crossby. L<nr. o.iv 

Descriptions of over 7,500 cities, towns, &c. 

Englishman's Guide-book to U. S. and Canada. Low. illus. ~x. M. 

Appendix on shooting and fishing. 

PERIODICAUI : The official Handbook of Canada for 1890 can be had post free on applica- 
tion to the Canadian Government Offices, Victoria-street, S.W. The publications of the 
Geological Survey of Canada and the transactions of the Royal Society of Canada are of 


Parkman, F. Canada under French rule. p. 8vo. Macmillan. Ix.CxI. 

MacMullen, J. History of Canada. 8vo. Low. ]>* 

Kingsford, W. History of Canada m. 8vo. Vol. I. Triibn^r. l"w. 

Collins, J. E. Life and times of Sir J. A Macdonald. 8vo. (Toronto). 
Bourinot, J. G. Federal government in Canada. 8vo. (Baltimore). 
,, Local government in Canada. 8vo. (Baltimore). 

John Hopkin's University Studies, 7th and 3th series. 

Todd, A. Parliamentary government in the colonies. 8vo. Little (Boston). 

pub. 30*. o.P. 

Munro, J. E. C. Constitution of Canada, d. 8vo. Cambridge Press. 

Russell, J. Schools of greater Britain, d. 8vo. Collins. :>.<. M. 

PERIODICALS : Trade and Navigation Returns and Statistical Abstract and Record of 
Canada (Queen's Printer, Ottawa). These, together with the statutes, blue-books of tin- 
Dominion and provincial governments, and other works of reference, can be seen in the library 
of the Office of the High Commissioner for Canada, 17, Victoria-street, S.W. 






For detailed geography of special regions, consult recent vols. of the Proceedings of the Royal 
Geographical Society, and blue-books from 1880, dealing with Bechuanalaud, Transvaal, etc. 

Reclus, E. Universal geography, vol. xiii. i. 8vo. Virtue. 21*- 

Latest and fullest. 

Stanford's compendium; South Africa. Ed. Keith Johnston, d. 8vo 

Stanford. 21*. 

Juta. Map of South Africa. Stanford. lO.v. 

Contains many printed notes. 

Wilmot, A. Geography of South Africa. (Cape Torcri). Is. (></. 

For the use of higher classes in schools. 

Trollope, A. South Africa, p. 8vo. 2 vols. Chapman. I !(>.<. 

Cape Colony, Natal, Transvaal, Griqualand West, Orange Free State, Native Territories. 

Greswell, W. Our South African empire, p. 8vo. Chapman. 21*. 

Theal, G. McCall. History of South Africa. (H8G-1872). d. 8vo. 5 vols., 

15s. each. x Sonnenschein. 7">.v. 

Noble, J. South Africa, past and present, c. 8vo. Longmans. ~#. Cut. 

History of the European settlements. More succinct than Theal. 

Brooks, H. Natal : history, description, and resources of the Colony. 

Ed. R. Mann. 8vo. L. Reeve, illus. 21*. 


Cape, etc. CI'IDK IJOOK To HOOKS. Carpentry 

Peace, W. Our culuny i.T Natal. 0. BVO. Sl/infin-d. 2x.M. 

Nonis-Newman, (.'. L. With the Burrs in the Transvaal ami Oran-'- 

I'Vce .State. il. Svn. Allen. 1 Ix. 

Theal, (i. .McCall. History of the Doers in .Smith Africa. <Svu. f*nnn-,i- 

Farrar, K. Zululand and the Zulus. I'.Xvu. A /////. 1*. 

Silver's Handbook to Suit h Africa, c. S\n. Sili'trr. 5*. 

PKIUCMMI u.s : Tin 1 Arun* unnual and Smit li Alii. MM directory : contain!) much infrm:i- 
1 1 ..... -u all tin- South African countries. Tin- llmnlliaok of the hUtory, production*, 
and resource* of the Cape of Good II, 

Cape of Good Hope Sttitintii-af Kf (/inter; sold at the Cape of Good Hope Government 
Aifcncy, Victoriu-.stri'i't, 8.W. 



Chatto, W. A. Origin and history of playing cards. 8vo. (London). 1848. 

pub. 21*. O.P. 

Rather behind time, but contains a bibliography . 

Willshire, W. H. Catalogue of playing cards. 8vo. British Museum. 21*. 

Contains a concise general history of the subject. 

Taylor and others. History of playing cards, f. 8vo. Cliatto. O.P. 

Anecdotes of their use in conjuring, fortune-telling, and card-sharping. 

Jeux de cartes tavots, et de cartes numerates du XIYme au XVIIIme siecle. 
fo. tiocicte dex Bibliophiles Franqais (Paris'). 1844. 

Contains bibliography. 

Hoyle's games. 18mo. Whittdker. 5,. 

"Trumps." American Hoyle. 12mo. (N.York'), illus. 10s. Gd. 

Bohn, H. G. Handbook of games, p. 8vo. 2 vols., 3*. Gd. each. Bell. 

illus. 7.S 1 . 

"Cavendish." Round games at cards. 8vo. De La Hue. \s. &d. 

Contains Loo, Vingt-et-Un, Poker, Napoleon, and minor games. 

,, Bezique. 8vo. De La Rue. illus. Is. Gd. 

,, Cribbage. r. IGmo. De La Hue. illus. Gd. 

,, ficarte. 8vo. De La Rue. illus. 2s. C>d. 

Leeds and Dwight. Euchre. 18mo. Ticknor (Boston). 2s. OflL 

"Cavendish." Euchre, r. IGrno. De La Rue. Gd. 

,, Patience games, d. ob. 4to. De La-Rue, illus. !(>*. 

,, Piquet. 8vo. De La Rue. illus. 5.v. 

Clay and Baldwin. Short whist. 8vo. De La Rue. 3s. Gd. 

"Cavendish." Whist ; laws and principles. 8vo. De La Rue. illus. 5s. 

Contains a historical account, and hands played through. 

Pole, W. Philosophy of whist. 8vo. De La Rue. 3s. Gd. 

Part i., Philosophy of whist playing ; part ii., Philosophy of whist probabilities. 

"Cavendish." Whist developments. 8vo. De La Rue. 5.v. 

American leads, and the unblocking game. 

Bheinhardt, R. H. Whist-scores and card-table-talk. 12mo. (Chicago'). 12.. Gd. 

With a bibliography of whist. 

The Field (846, Strand), contains notes on whist and other games of cards. 



Carriage, etc. GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Cathedrals, etc. 



Mivart, St. G. The cat. 8vo. Murray, illus. ;)().<. 

Scientific work. 

Chamfleury. The cat, past and present. . Tr. Mrs. C. Hoey. c. 8vo. Bell. >.v. 


Murray's Handbooks to the English Cathedrals. Murray. 

Southern Cathedrals, illus. 2 vols. c. 8vo. 86*. (Winchester, Salisbury, Exeter, Well*, 

Rochester, Canterbury, Chichester, St. Alban's). 

Eastern Cathedrals, illus. c. 8vo. 21. (Oxford, Peterborough, Ely, Norwich, Lincoln). 

Western Cathedrals, illus. c. 8vo. 16*. (Bristol, Gloucester, Hereford, Worcester, 


Northern Cathedrals, illus. 2 vols. c. 8vo. 21*. (York, Ripon, Durham, Carlisle, Chester, 


Welsh Cathedrals, illus. c. 8vo. 15*. tLlandaff, St. David's, Bangor, St. Asaph's). 

Britton, J. Cathedrals of England and Wales. 4to. 5 vols. Longmans. 

1836. pub. 12 12*. O.P. 

Abbeys and churches of England and Wales. Ed. T. G. Bonney. Cassell. 

illus. 21.v. 

Billings, R. W. History and description of Carlisle cathedral. 4to. 

Browne. 1840. O.P. 

Architectural illustrations. 

Willis, R. Architectural history of Canterbury cathedral. 8vo. Parker. 

1845. 10s. Grf. 

,, Architectural history of conventual buildings of Christ Church, 

Canterbury. 8vo. (London). O.P. 

Stephens, W. R. Memorials of the see of Chichester. d. 8vo. Bentley. illus. 21s. 

Greenwell, W. Durham cathedral- p. 8vo. Andrews (Durham). 2*. 

Stewart, D. J. Architectural history of Ely cathedral, d. 8vo. Van 

Voorst, illus. 2 1."-. 

Haines and Waller. Guide to the cathedral church of Gloucester, d. 8vo. 

(Gloucester), illus. 1-v. M. 

Admirable and exhaustive guide, but dry, and filled with many uninteresting details. 

Paley, F. A. History and architecture of Peterborough cathedral. 

Livett, G. M. Foundations of the Saxon cathedral church of Rochester. 

d. 8vo. Kent Archteological Society, illus. 2*. 

Murray's Handbook to St. Alban's cathedral, c. 8vo. Murray. i>*. 

Published separately, but occurs in " Southern Cathedrals." 

Jones and Price. History of St. David's. Mason (Tenby). :!O. 

St. Paul's, see LONDON. 

Freeman, E. A. History of the cathedral church of Wells, c. 8vo. 

Macmillan. ''<* <'"/ 

Westminster Abbey, see LONDON. 

Milner, J. History and antiquities of Winchester, r. 8vo. (Winchester). 

1840. O.P. 


Cathedrals, etc. GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Channel Islands 

Loftie, W. J. Winds,,,-. s\o. Seeley. &r. 

Poole and Hugiill. guide to York cathedral, r. Hvo. (York). O.P. 

t ' urcAsus, see RUSSIA IN ASIA II. 
< ' \\ YLRY, see AKMY I. 
<'i:u:m;s, see INDIAN OCEAN. 




Williams, R. Cornish-English dictionary. 4to. Triibner. 42s. 

Jago,.W. P. English-Cornish dictionary, r. 8vo. Simpkin. 21s. 

Norris, E. Ancient Cornish drama. 8vo. 2 vols, Clar. Press. 21.v. 

With texts and translations and a sketch of Cornish Grammar (sold separately, it. fld.J. 
For further account of the Grammar, gee Zeuss' Orammatica Celtlcu. (IRELAND III). 
Nearly all Cornish literature is dramatic and in verse. 

Life of St. Meriasek. Ed. and tr. Whitley Stokes, m. 8vo. Triibner. log. 


Le Gonidec. Dictionnaire Breton-Francais, precede de sa grammaire 

bretonne. 4to. 2 vols. (Saint-Brieuc). 50s. 

Chants populaires de la Bretagne, recueillis et traduits par F. R. Luzel. 

8vo. 2 vols. Lorient. 15s. 

Ernault, E. Le mystere de Sainte Barbe. 4to. (Paris'). 24s. 

Text, translation, and etymological dictionary. Only 120 copies printed. 



Tennant, J. E. Ceylon : physical, historical, topographical, etc. 8vo. 

2 vols. Longmans, pub. 50s. O.P. 

Haeckel, E. Visit to Ceylon. Tr. Clara Bell. p. 8vo. Paul. Is. d. 

Specially important for the student. 

Ferguson, A. M., & J. Ceylon : handbook and directory (Annual), p. 8vo. 

Iriibner. 2.v. 





Ansted and Latham. Channel Islands. 8vo. Allen, illus. 2(5*. 

Le Quesne. Constitutional history of Jersey. Longmans, pub. 18*. O.P 


Channel Islands GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Chemistry 

Dupont, G. Histoire du Cotcutin et de ses lies. 8vo. 4 vols., 6. Gd. each. 

(Caen). 2(i.v. 

Havet, T. Les Cours royales des lies normands. 8vo. Champion. Is. 

Tupper, F. B. History of Guernsey, with notices of Jersey. 8vo. 

Simpkin. pub. 12*. Gd. O.P. 


Loch, C. S. Charities register and digest. Longmans. Annual. 10,v. (\ff. 

,, Charity organisation, c. 8vo. Sonnenscliein. 2/t. M. 

Low, S. Handbook to the London charities. Annual. 18nio. Lon\ 1,. M. 

PERIODICAL: The Charity Organisation Review, quarterly. (Longmans)._ 



For Technical Chemistry, see INDUSTRIES. 

The general reader should begin with such a book as Muir's Heroes of Science, and read 
some short text-book, such as Rerasen's Inori/atiic Chemistry, If he wish to study the subject 
further, it is essential to enter a laboratory, or do practical work under efficient supervision. 


Thomson, T. History of chemistry, p. 8vo. 2 vols. Colburn. 1830-31. O.P. 

Rod-well, G. F. Birth of chemistry, p. 8vo. Macmillan. pub. 3,*. fW. O.P. 

A popular account of alchemy. 

Muir, M. M. Heroes of science : Chemists, c. 8vo. S. P. C. K. -\x. 

Picton, H. Story of chemistry c. 8vo. Isbister. illus. 3*. ?>d. 

The two last are short non-technical accounts of the development of chemical science. 

Schorlemmer, C. Rise and progress of organic chemistry. 8vo. Simpkin. 

pub. 2s. Gd. O.P. 

Kopp, H. Geschichte der Chemie. 8vo. 4 vols. (Brunswick), 1843-7. 

Vol. i., O.P. ; vol. ii., 7. Scl. ; vol. iii., 6s. ; vol. iv., ~s. 6(1. The standard work. 

Meyer, E. V. Geschichte der Chemie. 8vo. (Leipzig). 

An excellent work ; in course of translation. 


Roscoe and Schorlemmer. Inorganic and organic chemistry. 8vo. 3 vols. 

Macmillan. illus. i:;x<. 

Vol. i., ii., Inorganic, 21. ; vol. iii. (five parts), Organic, 81. Large work, well arranged, and 
full in its treatment. 

Miller, W. A. Elements of chemistry. Ed. H. McLeod. 8vo. 3 vols. 

Longmans. 71*. M. 

Vol. i., Physics, 16. ; vol. ii., Inorganic, 2-1*. ; vol. iii., Organic, 31. flrf. 

Fownes. Manual of chemistry. Ed. Tilden. c. 8vo. Churchill, illus. 18*. bd. 

Vol. i., Physical and inorganic, 8. 6d. ; vol. ii., Carbon compounds, 10*. 

Bloxam, C. L. Chemistry : inorganic and organic. Ed. M. Thomson. 

8vo. Churchill. 1 v 

Well illustrated ; adapted for experimental work. 

Lewes, V. B. Service chemistry, d. 8vo. Whittingham. illus. 15*. 

Written specially for those who are interested in the practical applications of chemistry. 


Chemistry GUI I>M I'.OOK TO BOOKS. Chemistry 

Remsen, J. Introduction to tin- Mudy of iiii>rg:inic clu-mi^try. c. 8vo. 

Miifin nian. r.x. <;//. 

On of the belt elementary books. 

Roscoe, H. E. Lessons in chMiiontary chemistry, f. Hvo. Macmllla/n. 

illus. Ix. dd. 

Ramsay, W. Nystenmtic inorganic chemistry, s. c. 8vo. Churoliill. 4*. c,<l. 

Shepard, J. H. EU'incnt.-iry inorganic chemistry, p. 8vo. Putnam. (>s. Gd. 

Tin 1 last two lire arranged according to the periodic system. 

Lewes, V. B. Inorganic chemistry. Wliittin</ham. &r. Gd. 

Groves and Thorp. Chemical technology, r. 8vo. Cliurcldll. 30. 


Meyer, L. Modern theories of chemistry. Tr. Bedson and Williams. 8vo. 

Lomjinam. 18*. 

A good translation of a standard work. 

Muir, M. M. Principles of chemistry, d. 8vo. Cambridge Press. 15. 

A fairly full treatise. 

Ostwald, W. Allgemeine Chernie. 8vo. 2 vols. Engelmann. 20*. 

The standard work. 

, , Grundriss der allgemcinen Chemie. 8vo. Engelmann. Si. 

In course of translation. 

Remsen, J. Principles of theoretical chemistry, p. 8vo. (Philadelphia). 7s. Gd. 
,, Introduction to carbon compounds, c. 8vo. Macmlllan. Qs. Gd. 

The best introductory work. 

Bernthsen,A. Organic chemistry (elem.). Tr. McGowan. c. 8vo. BlacJtie. i). 

Richter, V. von. Organic chemistry. Tr. Smith. 12mo. Blaliiston 

(Philadelphia). 15^. 

Reynolds, J. E. Experimental chemistry, f. 8vo. 4 vols. Longmans 

ill"*- 11*. Gd. 

A set of practical exercises in inorganic and organic chemistry. Part i.. Introductory. 1. Gd. ; 
purt ii., Non-metals, 2. 6<l. ; part iii., Metals, Si. 6rf. ; part iv.. Carbon compounds, 4. 


Fresenius, C. R. Qualitative analysis. Tr. C. Groves. 8vo. Churchill. 

illus. i5 gf 

The standard work. 

Jones, F. Owen's College junior course of practical chemistry (qualitative). 

18mo. Macmillan. 2s. Gd. 

One of the best and cheapest of an enormous number of similar books. 

Fresenius, C. R. Quantitative analysis. Tr. G. Vacher. d. 8vo. Churchill. 

illus. 1^ 

The standard work. 

Thorpe, T. E. Quantitative chemical analysis, c. 8vo. Longmans, illus. 4s. Gd. 
Dittmar, W. Quantitative chemical analysis, r. 8vo. Williams. 10. Gd. 

Hartley, W. N. Quantitative chemical analysis, gl. 8vo. Macmillan. 5s. 

-The last three books give series of selected exercises. 

Blyth, A. W. Foods: their composition and analysis, c. 8vo. Griffin. 

illus. 1(5 ,. 

,, Poisons: their effects and detection, c. 8vo. Griffin. iGs. 

The last two books are for the public analyst and medical practitioner. 

Kbnig-, J. Nahrungsmittel. 8vo. (Berlin). 25*. 


Chemistry GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Children, etc. 

Allen, A. H. Commercial organic analysis, d. 8vo. Churchill. 

Vol. iii. (1), 14*. ; vol. i., ii., reprinting. Deals with adulterations. 

Plattner, C. F. Analysis with the blowpipe. Tr. T. H. Cookesley. Chatto. 

pub. 21s. o.p. 

Sutton, F. Volumetric analysis, d. 8vo. Churchill, illus. l<;.v. 

The standard work. 

Crookes, W. Select methods of chemical analysis. 8vo. Longmans, illus. LM.<. 

Winkler and Lunge. Technical gas analysis, c. 8vo. Ghirney. la. 


Watts, II. Dictionary of chemistry. Ed. Morley and Muir. 8vo. 4 vul>. 

Vol. i., ii., 42*. each ; vol. iii., iv., in preparation. An almost re-written edition, with tech- 
nical articles and physical memoirs cut out ; much abridged ; chiefly useful for reference. 

,, Dictionary of chemistry. Ed. Thorpe, r. 8vo. 3 vols., 42*. each. 

Technical dictionary. In course of publication. Vol. i., applied ; vol. ii., pure. 

Cundill. Dictionary of explosives. Macliay (Chatham*). (\$. 

Eissler, M. Handbook of modern explosives. 8vo. Locltreood. 10*. Grf. 

Wilson, G. Life of the Hon. Henry Cavendish, d. 8vo. Harrison. la. 

Davy, J. Life of Sir Humphrey Davy. 8vo. 2 vols. Smith, Elder. 1839. 

pub. 28*. O.P. 

Hervy, W. C. Life and scientific researches of John Dalton. d. 8vo. 

Harrison. Is. 

Jones, B. Life and letters of Faraday. 8vo. 2 vols. Longmans, pub. 28. o.p. 

Gladstone, J. H. Michael Faraday, c. 8vo. Macmillan. pub. 4*. &d. O.P. 

Tyndall, J. Faraday as a discoverer, f. 8vo. Longmans. 3*. (Jd. 

Hofmann, A. W. Life and work of Liebig. Macmillan. Rx. 

ENGLISH : Transactions and Proceedings of the Chemical Society of London, Ed. C. 
Groves; pub. since 18U ; (Harrison). Journal of Society of Chemical Industry, Ed. Watson 
Smith; pub. since 1882; (Eyre); applied chemistry. Chemical News, Ed. W. Crookes; 
pub. since 1S42; analytical and general chemistry. American Chemical Journal, Ed. J. 
Remsen ; (Baltimore) ; bi-monthly ; 15. per annum ; pure chemistry. 

GERMAN : Annaltn tier Chemie und Pharmacie 'Liebig's) ; conducted by a number of 
chemists ; pub. since 18S2 ; (Leipzig) ; issued in sets of four vols. ; 2t*. the set ; pure 
chemistry. Many of the classical researches have been described in this journal. 
Berichte der deutschen chemischen Geselltrhaft, Ed. F. Tiemann ; (Berlin) ; 40*. pel- 
annum. Journal fiir praktische* Chemie, Ed. E. V. Meyer ; pub. since 1831 ; (Leipzig) ; 
22*. per annum. 

FRENCH: Annalesde chimie et physique; pub. since 1789 ; 30*. per annum. The chief French 
journal. Bulletin de la Societe Chimique de Paris ; pub. since 1868 ; 25*. per annum. 


Staunton, H. Chess-player's handbook. 8vo. Sell. 

Cook, W. Synopsis of chess-openings. 8vo. Simphin. 4*. 

Chess-openings, ancient and modern. Ed. Freeborough and Ranken. 

1. p. 8vo. Trilbner. 
Green, R. F. Chess. 8vo. Sell, illus. 

Contains a bibliography. 

Steinitz, W. Chess : modern instructor. 8vo. Putnam. Part i., 7*. 6rf. 
PERIODICALS : British Chess Magazine. (Triibner). Chess Monthly. (Wade). 



Children's Books GUIDE BOOK TO BOOK-. Children's Books 


very iiii-i,iii|il.-tr, but it inrlude* most of tlie time-honoured nursery 

claasicn. It in difficult to be coiwisti-nt in mutters of taste, but tin- attempt ha* been made to 
include only books of thoroughly wholesome tone. Many which poneai (treat merit cannot 
be put into the hands of every child on account of one or two horrible storied or a fewpMMffW 
unlit for their aye ; these, if otherwise unobjectionable, have been marked with an asterisk a* 
a danger signal, the probable age of the reader being taken as a guide. Thus, in the sect .inn 
" Fairy tales," regard has been had to the nerves of children from s to 10; but the standard 
under" Titles of adventure " haabeen the average boy of 12 or It. "Grown-u|i" |KI|<S, though 
suitable, have not, as a rule, been included in the list. 



Grimm, J., and W. German popular stories. Tr. E. Taylor, sq. 8vo. Chatto. 

illus. by Cruikshank. (5*. 6^7. 

*Wolff. Fairy talcs and stories (German legends), c. 8vo. Routli'ilt/i-. 2s. M. 

*Dasent, G. W. Popular tales from the Norse. Douglas. 10#. (id. 

Includes some rather terrible tales. 

*Croker, T. Crofton. Fairy legends and traditions of Ireland, p. 8vo. 

2s. (id. 
Arabian nights' entertainments, i. 8vo. Ward, Loch. 10*. 6d. 

Also Routledge. c. 8vo. 8*. 6d. 

Frere, Mary. Old Deccan days. p. 8vo. Murray. 5,v. 

Indian fairy stories. 

Steel and Temple. Wideawake stories, c. 8vo. Triibner. 9#. 

ludiau fairy stories charmingly arranged for children. 

*Geldart, E. M. Folklore of modern Greece. Sonnenschein. illus. 2s. 6d. 

Giiffis, W. E. Japanese fairy tales. 11 parts, Is. each. Dean. 11*. 

Parts sold separately. 

Harris, J. C. Uncle Kemus. c. 8vo. Routledge. 3s. 6d. 

Negro stories in dialect. 

Perrault and others. Fairy tales of all nations. Tr. J. R. Planchg. 

p. 8vo. Routledge. 3s. 6d. 

Tegg. Child's own book. c. 8vo. Spencer Blacliett. Qg. 

Fairy tales from all sources. 

Lang, A. The blue fairy book. c. 8vo. Longmans. 6s. 

, , The red fairy book. c. 8vo. Longmans. G,. 


Andersen, Hans. Fairy tales. Tr. Mrs. Paull. d. 8vo. Warne. illus. 7v. (\d. 

Also Bell, Ss. 6d. 

Swift, J. Gulliver's travels, c. 8vo. Blaclde. 6s. 

Also Boutledoe. c. 8vo. Ss. 8rf. 

Baron Munchausen (" Daring deeds library "). c. 8vo. Warne. 2s. 6d 

Kingsley, C. The water babies, c. 8vo. Macmillan. illus. Sambourne. 3s. 6d. 

Buskin , J. The king of the golden river. G. Allen, illus. 2s. (id. 
Thackeray, W. M. The rose and the ring. Smith, Elder. 

In " Christmas books." c. 8vo. 7. Grf. and 5>. ; or in one vol. with " Ballads," 3*. Gil. aud 
10. 6d. Also pocket edition, 1. Gil. 

Holme Lee. Fairy tales. o.p, 

, , Tuflongbo's adventures, f . 8vo. O.P. 

A selection from the " Fairy tales," forming a complete story. 

Carroll, Lewis. Alice's adventures in wonderland, c. 8vo. Macmillan. 

illus. 2s. 6d. and Gs. 


Children's Books GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Children's Books 

Carroll, Lewis. Through the looking-glass, c. 8vo. Macmillan. illus. 2*. Cxi. and C,*. 
Macdonald, G. At the back of the north wind. c. 8vo. Blackic. .".<. 

Ewing, Mrs. Old-fashioned fairy tales. 8. P. C. K. :;*. (\,f. 

Giles, Chauncey. The wonderful pocket. 
, , The magic shoes. 

Bright tales, well written but for a few Americanisms. 


Cox, G. W. Tales of ancient Greece, sm. c. 8vo. Paul. C,x. 

A number of myths briefly and well told. 

Kingsley, C. Heroes, c. 8vo. Macmlllan. 3*. fid. 

A few tales from Greek mythology, told at length. 

Hawthorne, N. Wonder-book for girls and boys. c. 8vo. Routledge. . }.<.(',//. 

Greek myths re-told as modern fairy tales. 

Witt, C. Tales of the Trojan war. Tr. Younghusband. c. 8vo. Longmans. *2*. 

Tales from the Iliml. 

,, Wanderings of Ulysses. Tr. Younghusband. c. 8vo. Longmans. 3s. 6(1. 

Tales from the Ody*>ffi- 

Church, A. J. Stories from the Greek tragedians. Seeleij. illus. 5*. 

, , Stories from Herodotus. Seeley. illus. 5*. 

Keary, A., and E. The heroes of Asgard. gl. 8vo. Macmillan. 2x. Cxi. 

Tales from northern mythology. 

Joyce, P. W. Old Celtic romances, p. 8vo. Paul. pub. Is. fid. O.P. 

Irish legends of Finn Macoul. 

*Malory, T. Morte d' Arthur. (" Globe " ed.). 8vo. Macmillan. :>.<. Cxi. 

The original text, very slightly expurgated. 

King Arthur and his knights of the Round Table. Griffith and Farran. O.P. 

A delightful setting of the principal adventures. 

Cox and Jones. Popular romances of the middle ages. c. 8vo. Paul. fis. 

Brief versions of Round Table and other legends. 

Hope, A. R. Stories of old renown, c. 8vo. Blackie, 3s. fid. 

Old stories told in a modern way. 

; Johnson, R. Seven champions of Christendom, c. 8vo. 2.v. fid. 

Kingston, W. H. G. Seven champions of Christendom, c. 8vo. Griffith 

and Farran. O.P. 

Free and abridged version of Johnson for children. 

Reynard the Fox. c. 8vo. Sonnenschein. 3*. fid. 

Storr and Turner. Canterbury chimes, f. 8vo. Paul, illus. 3.<. fid. 

Stories from Chaucer. 

Lamb, C., and M. Tales from Shakespeare, c. 8vo. Itoutledge. 2*. and 3s. fid. 


.33sop's fables, p. 8vo. Murray, illus. Tenniel. 2*'. fid. 

Also Casselt. 8vo. illus. E. Griset. 5. 

Gatty, Mrs. Parables from nature. 32mo. 5 series ; i., 1*. fid. the rest 

2s. each. 9s. fid. 

Also sq. 16mo. :\n. 

Fowler, W. W. Tales of the birds, c. 8vo. Macmillan. illus. 3,v. fid. 

Delightful stories of bird life. 

Abbott, E. A. Parables for children, c. 8vo. Macmillan. pub. 3s. fid. O.P. 

Wilberforce, S. Agathos. sm. 8vo. Seeley. illus. Is. and 2*. Cxf. 


Children's Books GI'IDK BOOK TO BOOKS. Children's Books 

Bunyan, 1'il^rim'^ pminv^. Syo. Cattell. illtis. It. 

c. Hvo. 2*. 

Carove. Story without ;m end. \in. Lotr. illus. 7t. Gd. 

Laboullaye, E. AMallah, or the fmir-lwived shamrock (" Bayard scries "). 

liliiiu. Lorn. 2s. Gel. 

Craik, Mrs. The little lame prince, c. 8vo. Macmillan. illus. '.',x.c,<l. 

ming allegory. 



Barbauld, Mrs. Lessons for children, sm. 8vo. Jtoutledge. Is. 

Prentiss, Mrs. Little Susy's six birthdays, p. 8vo. Nelson. 2s. 

,, Little Susy's six teachers, p. 8vo. Nelson. Is. 

Al-0 It'ti'tlfilite, It. 

,, Little Susy's servants, p. 8vo. Nelson. \s. 

Also Koiitletli/e, Is. 

Edge worth, Maria. Early lessons, c. 8vo. Itoutledge. 3*. Gd. 

Bond, A. L. Tiny's natural history, f. 4to. Routledge. illus. Is. Gd. 

Trimmer, Mrs. Story of the robins, p. 8vo. Routledge. 1*. 

Gwynfryn. Friends in furs and feathers, p. 8vo. Sell. Is. 

Howitt, Mary. Story of a happy home. p. 8vo. Nelson. 2s. 

First published as "The children's year." 


Edgeworth, Maria. Parent's assistant, c. 8vo. Routledge. 3s. Gd. 

Day, T. Sandford and Merton. c. 8vo. Warne. 2s. 

Martineau, Harriet. The Crofton boys. c. 8vo. Routledge. illus. -_V. 

,, Feats on the fiord, c. 8vo. Routledge. illus. 1*. and 2s. 

*Stowe, Harriet B. Uncle Tom's cabin, c. 8vo. Sell. 3s. Gd. 

Also Warne, 2*. Some scenes too painful for young or nervous children. 

Craik, Mrs. Adventures of a brownie. Macmillan. illus. 4*. Gd. 

Essentially domestic, in spite of the fairy machinery. 

,, A hero. Routledge. illus. 2s. 

Gatty, Mrs. Aunt Judy's tales, f. 8vo. Sell, illus. 3s. Gd. 
Ewin<>, Mrs. Mrs. Overtheway's remembrances, sm. p. 8vo. Sell, illus. 1*. and 3*. 

,, Six to sixteen, sm. p. 8vo. Sell, illus. Is. and 3s. 

,, A great emergency, and other tales, sm. p. 8vo. Sell, illus. Is. and 3s. 

,, Jackanapes. 8vo. Is. 

, , Mary's meadow. 8vo. S. P. C. K. Is. 

Shaw, Flora. Castle Blair, c. 8vo. Paul. 3*. Gd. 
Keary, Annie. A York and Lancaster ro?e. gl. Svo. Macmillan. 2s. and 3s. Gd. 

A modern tale of town life. 

Alcott, Louisa M. Little women. Ward, Lock. Is. Gd. and 2s. Gd. 

, , Good wives. Ward, Lock. Is. Gd. and 2s. Gd. 

,, Little men. IGmo. Low. 2s. Gd. 

New England life. 

Coolidge, s. What Katy did. Ward, Lock. 2s. 

American story for girls. 

65 F 

Children's Books GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Children's Books 

Hughes, T. Tom Brown's schooldays, c. 8vo. Macmlllan. illus. 3s. GfL 

Also at 2. 
Hope, A. R. My schoolboy friends. o.P. 

Yonge, C. M. Countess Kate ; and the Stokesley secret, c. 8vo. Smith 

and Innes. 5s. 

,, Ben Sylvester's word. 18mo. Smith and Innes. In. 

Defoe, D. Robinson Crusoe. 8vo. Cassell. H.v. 

Also Warns, 2*. 

Swiss family Robinson, c. 8vo. Warns. ~>*. 

Also Nelson, 3*. ; and others. 

Marryatt, F. Masterman Ready, p. 8vo. Sell (BoUn). 3s. Gd. 

,, Poor Jack. p. 8vo. Sell. 2s. Gd. 

, , Settlers in Canada, p. 8vo. Sell. 3s. Gd. 

* , , Peter Simple, c. 8vo. Routledge. 2s. and 3s. Gd. 

Broad humour ; sometimes coarse. 

Scott, Michael. Tom Cringle's log. c. 8vo. Slack/mood. 3s. 

Bowman, Annie. Esperanza. c. 8vo. Routledge. 2s. (Jd. 

Old-fashioned, but spirited. 

Cooper, Fenimore. Leather stocking tales (" Deerslayer," " Last of the 
Mohicans," " Pathfinder," " Pioneers," " The Prairie "). c. 8vo. 2s. 
each. Routledge. Or in one vol. ?>,. 

Ballantyne, R. M. Coral island, p. 8vo. Nelson. 3s. Gd. 

,, Ungava (Esquimau land), p. 8vo. Nelson. 3s. Gd. 

,, Young fur traders, p. 8vo. Nelson. 3*. Gd. 

Cottin, Mine. Elizabeth, or the exiles of Siberia, c. Svo. Nlmmo. I*. 

Stevenson, R. L. Treasure island. Cassell. illus. 5.v. 

,, Kidnapped. Cassell. illus. 5*. 

Fenn, G. Manville. The golden magnet, c. Svo. Slackie. illus. G.s. 

Tale of gold diggings. 

,, Dick o' the Fens. c. Svo. SlacMe. illus. Gs. 

Tale of East Anglia in last century. 

,, Devon boys. c. Svo. Blaclrie. illus. G,v. 

Kingsley, C. Hereward the Wake. c. Svo. Macmillan. 3s. Gd. 

A tale of the Conquest. 

, , Westward ho ! c. Svo. Macmillan. 3s. Gd. 

Elizabethan period. 

Marryatt, F. Children of the New Forest, c. Svo. Routledge. 5s. 

A tale of the Great Rebellion. Also at 2s. Gd. 

Porter, Jane. The Scottish chiefs, c. Svo. Routledge. illus. 3s. Gd. 

A tale of Wallace. 
Yonge, C. M. The little duke. gl. Svo. Macmillan. illus. L'.v. C,d. 

Normandy before the Conquest. 

,, The lances of Lynwood. gl. Svo. Macmillan. illus. 2s. Gd. 

French wars of Edward III. 

,, The pigeon pie. d. Svo. Smith and Innes. IK. 

A cavalier story. 


Children's Books C U I>K BOOK T<> III >< K-. Children's Books 

Peard, V. M. Mother Molly, UD. p. 8vp. /Ml. illus. :;*. 

' h in t lii' timr i if Niiimlfi'ii. 

Henty, (J. A. In freedom's caux-. c. KVO. lilacku-. illus. (!x. 

,, I 'irl'T Drake's lla^r. 0. 8vO. liliirkii-. illus. C*. 

,, The lion of t lie north, c. 8vo. JH'ickir. illu-;. 
.if the Thirty Years' War. 

,, Bonnie Prinoe Charlie, r. s\,,. i;i,n-/;if. illus. 

i rising of '15. 

Strickland, Agnes. Lives of the queens of England (abridged), p. 8vo. 

ll'-ll. 6*. Gd. 

, Helena. Boy's book of heroes. c. 8vo. Wame. illus. 2.v. c><l. 

. Ikrtrond <lu Guosclin, and others. 

Yonge, C. M. Cameos from Iviglish history, ex. f. 8vo. 7 vols., C. 

ach. Miifinillan. 35*. 

,, Book of golden deeds, f. 8vo. Macmillan. (" Golden Treasury "). 4. Gd. 

Hoare, G. T. True stories of brave deeds, c. 8vo. Warne. illus. 2s. Gd. 

Frost, T. Half hours with early explorers, c. 8vo. Cassell. 2s. Gd. 

Dickens, ('has. Life of, by his eldest daughter, c. 8vo. Cassell. Is. 

Told for children. 


Cook's voyages. 8vo. dickers. Is. Gd. 

Also Routtedffe, 2*. 

Mungo Park's travels. Phillijis. 4s. Gd. 

Also Cassell (Selections), 1. 

"Waterton, C. Wanderings in South America. Ed. J. G. Wood. c. 8vo. 

Mr/ 1.' /n Ulan, illus. Gs. 
Contains good biography of Waterton. 

Whymper, E. Scrambles among the Alps. 8vo. Murray, pub. 21*. o.r. 

Dana, R. II. Two years before the mast. 12mo. Blackwood. 2s. Gd. 

Greenwood, J. Wild sports of the world, c. 8vo. Ward, Look, illus. 3s. Gd. 

Darwin, C. Naturalist's voyage round the world. Murray. 3*. Gd. 

Walton and Cotton. Complete angler, p. 8vo. Bell (Bolm). illus. 5*. 

White, Gilbert. History of Selborne. Ed. J. G. Wood. c. 8vo. Macmillan. G*. 

The three last books, though not specially designed for boys, are very interesting to those whose 
tastes lie in this direction. 

Wallace, A. R. Malay archipelago, c. 8vo. Macmillan. G,v. 

Wood, J. G. Illustrated natural history, c. 8vo. Routledge. 5\. 

,, Common objects of the country, c. 8vo. Routledge. illus. 3s. Gd. 

,, The brook and its banks. 4to. R. T. S. (!.<. 

,, Common objects of the sea-shore, c. 8vo. Routledge. illus. 3*. Gd. 

Cooke, M. C. Ponds and ditches. 6'. P. C. K. 2s. Gd. 

Jefferies, R. Gamekeeper at home. c. 8vo. Switli, Elder. 5.v. 

,, Amateur poacher, c. 8vo. Smith, Elder. f>.v. 

Sewell, Anna. Black Beauty. 12mo. Jarrold. 2*. 

The story of a horse sympathetically told. 

Brightwen, Mrs. Wild nature won by kindness, c. 8vo. Unrvin. 3*. Gd. 

67 F 2 

Children's Books GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Children's Books 

Ball, R. S. Starland. Caggell. <Jx. 

Lectures on astronomy for children. 



Payne, J. Select poetry for children. 18mo. LocJtrvood. 2x. (>>/. 

Patmore, C. Children's garland. 18mo. Macmillan. \x. ('!. 

Trench, R. C. Household book of poetry, ex. f. 8vo. Paid. 7x. (\<1. 

The three last books contain selections of standard poetry for children. 

Woods, M. A. Poetry books (First, 2s. 6d. ; Second, 2,v. (\<1. ; Third, 

4s. 6^.). f. 8vo. Macmillan. !ix. \\d . 

Small unhackneyed collections. 

Taylor, A. and J. Original poems for infant minds. 18mo. Xr/xii.t. lx. 

Old-fashioned, hut contains many charming pieces. 

Stevenson, R. L. A child's garden of verses, sm. f . 8vo. Longmans. 

*Percy's Reliques of ancient poetry, p. 8vo. 2 vols., 3. Gd. each. Hell 

(Boliri). 7x. 


The boy's " Percy." Ed. S. Lanier. c. 8vo. Lcn. 7x. M. 

Carefully chosen specimens. 

Aytoun, W. E. Lays of the Scottish cavaliers, f. 8vo. Blackivood. '.'x. M. 

Lockhart, J. G. Spanish ballads, c. 8vo. Murray, illus. ."x. 

Scott, W. Lay of the last minstrel. 16mo. Black. I.-.-. 

,, Marmion. 16mo. Black. \x. 

,, Lady of the lake. IGmo. Black. lx. 

Macaulay, T. B. Lays of ancient Rome. c. 8vo. Longmans, illus. '.Is. M. 

Long-fellow, H. W. Hiawatha. Itoutledge. \x. 


Lear, E. Nonsense songs, f. 4to. Warne. illus. .-'.<. M. 

,, Book of nonsense, ob. 4to. Warne. illus. (ix. 

,, More nonsense, ob. 4to. Warne. illus. t!x. 

*Barham, R. H. D. Ingoldsby legends, c. 8vo. Bentley. illus. 2.. <><7. 

Struwelpeter. 4to. Griffith and Farran. illus. 2,. G^7. 

Good English translation. 

Hubbard, C. B. Merry songs and games. 

Rossetti, Christina. Sing-song. 16mo. Itoutledge. pub. 2x. M. o.p. 

Gatty, A. S. Little songs for little voices. Metzler. 2x. M. 

Reinecke, C. Fifty children's songs. 

Baby's opera, sm. 4to. Itoutledge. ."ix. 

Baby's bouquet, sm. 4to. Itoutledge. 5x. 

The time-honoured airs, well set and beautifully illustrated by Walter Crane. 


Caldecott, R. Picture books. Jioutledge. From Is. 10x. iW. 

Greenaway, K. Under the window. Itoutledge. (ix. 

,, Mother Goose. Itoutledge. If. M. ar.d :5x. M. 


Children's Books CTIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. China 

Greenaway, K. 1'inl piper of Hamclin. Jloutleili/f. 

Crane, Walter. IJuby'd own ./Esop. sui. 4to. Jtwitledge. &. 


Infants' magazine (monthly). 1'artridiji'. Annual vol. 2*. 

. ry yomiK' children. 

Child's pictorial (monthly). 8. P. C. K. Annual vol. Is. M. 

Mfiit short storirs. 

Little Folks (monthly). Cassell. Half-yearly vol. 3*. Qd. and 5s. 

Saint Nicholas (monthly). Unnin. Half-yearly vol. 8*. 

The American serial for children. 

Aunt Judy's magtizine. Ed. Mrs. and H. K. F. Gatty. o.r. 

N<> lunger published, but the bound volumes are full of delightful stories, including most of 
Mrs. Ewing's. 

Good Words for the young. O.r. 

The bound volumes contain good tales, some by George Macdonald. 


Boyd, K. N. Sketches of Chili and the Chilians, c. 8vo. Allen. 10s. (id. 

Pissis, A. Geografia fisica de la Republica de Chile. 



For Chinese Umpire, see ASIA, CENTRAL ; for routes to Surmah, see BUEMAH. 
Reclus, E. Universal geography, vol. vii. i. 8vo. Virtue. 21s. 

Hichthofen, F. F. von. China, Ergebnisse eigener Reisen. 4to. 4 vols. 

Vols. i., ii., iv., 108*. ; vol. iii., not issued ; atlas, 60. By far the most complete and scientific 
work on China. 

Williams, S. W. The middle kingdom, d. 8vo. 2 vols. Allen. 42*. 

The most satisfactory work for the general reader. 

Douglas, R. K. China, p. 8vo. 8. P. C. K. 5s. 

A popular account of the country and people. 

Gray, J. H. China ; history, laws, manners, etc. Ed. W. G. Gregor. 8vo. 

2 vols. Nacmillan. illus. 32s. 

Playfair, G. M. H. Cities and towns of China. Geographical dictionary. 

8vo. Triibner. 25s. 

Thomson, J. Illustrations of China and its people. 200 photos with letter- 

press. i. 4to. 4 vols., 63s. each. Lore. 252s. 

Henry, B. C. Ling-Nam, c. 8vo. Partridge, illus. 5s. 

Southern China, including explorations in the hitherto untraversed Island of Hainan. 

Little, A. J. Through the Yang-tse gorges. 8vo. Low. 10s. &d. 

Trade and travel in Westrn China. 

Hosie, A. Three years in Western China, d. 8vo. Philip. 14s. 

Boulger, D. C. History of China, d. 8vo. 3 vols. Allen. 64s. 

Vol. i., ii., 18*. each ; vol. iii., 28*. 

NOTE : For outlying parts of China, and the Island of Formosa, see Journals and Proceedings 

of the Royal Geographical Society. 


Williams, S. W. A syllabic dictionary of the Chinese language (Mandarin 

dialect). 4to. Trubner 105s. 


China <M IDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Church History 

Williams, S. W. Tonic dictionary of the Chinese language (Canton 
dialect). 8vo. (Canton*). 
An excellent work. 

Couvreur, S. Dictionnaire Fransais-Chinois (Langue mandarine). 8vo. 

Maisonneuve. 1 !'.-. 

A't-ry useful. 

Julien, Stanislas. Syntaxe nouvelle do lahugie chinoisc. 8vo. 2 vols. 

(Paris). 80. 

An important work for students of Chinese literature. 

Premare, J. II. Notitia linguae Sinicac. Tr. J. G. Bridgman. 8vo. 

(Canton). 1847. o.P. 

A valuable work. 

Edkins, J. Grammar of the Chinese colloquial language (Mandarin dialect). 
8vo. Triibner. 

Douglas, R. K. Chinese manual. 12mo. W. H. Allen. 10*. Gd. 

Contains a condensed grammar, with idiomatic (phrases and dialogues. A useful book for 
students of the Mandarin colloquial. 

Wade and Hillier. Yu-Yen-Tzu erh chi (colloquial Chinese). 4to. 3 vols. 
W. IT. Allen. 

Invaluable for Pekingese dialects. 

Wen-chien Tzu erh chi. Ed. Sir T. F. Wade. 4to. 3 vols. (Triibner). 

A series of papers selected as specimens of documentary Chinese. 

Hirth, F. Text-book of documentary Chinese. 4to. 2 vols. (SJtangJiai). '2\x. 

With valuable vocabulary. 

,, Notes on the Chinese documentary style. 8vo. Qvaritcli. 3s. Gd. 

Very useful. 

Lacouperie, Terrien de. The languages of China before the Chinese. 8vo- 

Nutt. 10*. Gd. 

Valuable philological work. 

Edkins, J. Introduction to the study of Chinese characters, r. 8vo. 

Trillner. 18s. 

Chalmers, J. Structure of Chinese characters, 8vo. Triibner. 12*. Gd. 

Chinese classics. Ed. and tr.'J. Legge. c. 8vo. 5 vols. Triibner. 

Vol. i., Confucian analects, 42s. ; vol. ii., Mencius, 42. ; vol. iii., Shoo-King, 2 parts, 42. 
each ; vol. iv., She-King, 2 parts, 42s. each ; vol. v., The Dukes, 2 parts, 42s. each. With 
critical and exegetical notes, prolegomena, and copious indexes. 

25ottoli, A. Cursus litteraturae Sinicae. r. 8vo. 52vols.,[50*. each.^(SJiangJiai).' 12 10. 

Very valuable to beginners and advanced students. 

Mayers, W. F. The Chinese reader's'manual. 8vo. Triibner. 

Biographical, historical, and general literary reference. 

Wylie, A. Notes on Chinese literature. 4to. Triibner. '.'(>*. 







Fisher, G. P. History of the Christian Church. 8vo. Hodder. 12*. 

A good text-book, especially for more modern times. 


Church History 

<;rim; HOOK TO HOOK.-. 

Church History 

Allen, A. V. G. dontinnlty of Chriitlan thought. C.HVO. (Huston). fa. 

An muuy on tlui in. ..loj.ment*. 

Kurtz, .1.11. Clniivli history. :! \ nls., 7a. (\tl. carh. llodder. 1'l.V ',</. 

Tli.' !. ( :. .in hwtury in small compMS. 

Mosheim, J. L. Institutes ..f nvlr.siasl ical liistory. 8vo. 3 vols. 

Loin/ ntans. pub. 45s. O.P. 

Neander, A. History of the Christian Church. Tr. p. 8vo. 10 vols., 

:5.--. M. each. AW/ (Jlohn). 35*. 

Schaff, P. History of the Christian Church, ex. 8vo. 6 vols. Clark. 

Vol. i., ii.lto A.D. ](K)), 21*.; vol. iii., iv. (100-325), 21.; vol. v., vi. (825-600), 21. ; vol. 
vii., viii. l j'.Hi- ln7:i>, 21x. A useful handbook with copious bibliography. 

Mahan. Church history of the iirst seven centuries. 8vo. Rivlngton. 
pub. 15s. (elem.). 

Farrar, F. W. Early days of Christianity. 2 vols. Cassell. 

Also 1 vol., t'.x. 

Dollinger, J. First age of Christianity, c. 8vo. 2 vols. Allen. 

Plummer, A. Church of the early Fathers, f. 8vo. Low/mans. 

Simcox, W. H. Beginnings of the Christian Church, c. 8vo. Rivington. 

Bingham, J. Antiquities of the Christian Church, d. 8vo. 10 vols. 
Clar. Press. 

A standard work for Christian institutions. 

Mason, A. J. Persecutions of Diocletian, d. 8vo. Delghton Sell. 
Gwatkin, H. The Arian controversy, (elem.). f. 8vo. Longmans. 

, , Studies of Arianism. 8vo. Deigliton Sell. 
Newman, J. H. Arians of the 4th century, c. 8vo. Longmans. 

To be compared with Gwatkin's work. 

Hefele, C. J. History of the Councils of the Church to 451. Tr. 8vo. 
3 vols., 12s. each. Clark. 

Vol. i., to 825 ; ii., S26-429; iii., 431-451. Forms part of a large work, Conciliengeschichte, 
which carries the history of Councils to 1450. 

Dale, A. W. Synod of Elvira, c. 8vo. Macmillan. 

Eusebius. Ecclesiastical history ; continued by Socrates, Sozomen, 
Theodoret, and Evagrius. p. 8vo. 4 vols., 5s. each. Sell (Solm). 

These volumes contain translations of the earliest historical writings of the Church after the 
Ajwstles, reaching to 544. 

Broglie, Due de. L'dglise et 1'empire remain au iv e siecle. 12mo. 6 vols. 
History of the 4th century. 

The Fathers for English readers, f . 8vo. 12 vols., 2s. each ; 2 vols., 2s. Gd. 
each. S. P. C. K. 

A series containing the Apostolic Fathers, the Apologists, Augustine, Ambrose, Jerome, 
Leo the Great, Gregory the Great, Basil, Synesius, and others. 

f. 8vo. 5 vols., 2s. each. 

Maclear and Merivale. Conversion of the West. 
8. P. C. K. (elem.). 

A series of vols. dealing with the Celts, Norsemen, Slavs, English and continental Teutons. 

Bright, W. Early English Church history, d. 8vo. Clar. Press. 
Bede. Ecclesiastical history of England, p. 8vo. Sell (Bohn). 
Stokes, G. T. Ireland and the Celtic Church, c. 8vo. Hoddtr. 





2s. 6^. 

7s. d. 


10s. 6d. 

2s. Qd. 

10s. Gd. 



10s. Gd. 





Church History GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Church History 

Mullinger, J. Bas:-. Schools of Charles the Great. 8vo. Longmans. 

pub. 7*. Gd. o.r. 

Contains a sketch of Christian education. 


Robertson, J. C'. History of the Christian Church, c. 8vo. 8 vols., 6s. 

rach. Murray. 48.<. 

Reaches to 1517, and gives full details. 

Milman, H. History of Latin Christianity, c. 8vo. 9 vols., 4s. each. 

Murray. ;;i;.s. 

Reaches to 1450 ; well written. 

Greenwood, T. Cathedra Petri. 8vo. 6 vols. Dickinson. o.r. 

The political history of the Papacy to 1410. 

Schmidt, C. Pr6cis de 1'histoire de l'6glise d'occident pendant le moyen 

&ge. 1. 8vo. (Paris). 10s. 

A useful text-book. 

Villemain, A. F., Life of Gregory VII. Tr. J. B. Brockley. 8vo. 2 vols. 

Bentley. o.r. 

Church, R. W. St. Anselm. gl. 8vo. Macmillan. ~>x. 

Montalembert, Comte de. The monks of the west. Tr. 8vo. 7 vols. 

Blackn-ood. pub. 77s. 6d. o.r. 

A history of monasticism, by a fervent believer : reaches to St. Bernard. 

Maclear, G. F. History of Christian missions in the middle ages. Macmillan. o.r. 

Morison, J. C. Life of St. Bernard, c. 8vo. Macmillan. ('>.%-. 

Oliphant, Mrs. St. Francis of Assisi. c. 8vo. Macmillan. <!.<. 

Lacordaire, H. D. Life of St. Dominic. Burns and Gates. 6s. 6d. 

Poole, R. L. Illustrations of the history of mediaeval thought. 8vo. 

Williams. 10s. 6tl. 

Essays chiefly on the 12th century. 

Renan, E. Averroes et 1'Averroisme. 8vo. Levy. 6s. fid. 

On the influence of the thought of the oriental philosophers. 

Lea, H. C. History of sacerdotal celibacy. 8vo. Hougliton Mifftin. l!.v. 

,, History of the mediaeval Inquisition. 8vo. 3 vols. Lorn. Jv. 

Full of information on medieval sects, heresies, and their suppression. 

Butler, Mrs. St. Catherine of Siena, p. 8vo. Macmillan. <>.v. 

Addison, C. G. History of the Knights Templars, c. 8vo. Longmans. 

pub. 10s. 6d. o.r. 

Porter, W. History of the Knights of Malta. 8vo. Longmans. o.r. 

Platina, Bapt, Lives of the Popes. 1. c. 8vo. 2 vols., Is. each. Griffith. L'.v. 

Written by the Papal librarian at end of XV. century. 

Creighton, M. History of the Papacy during the Reformation. 8vo. 
4 vols. Longmans. 

From 1870 to 1517. In progress. Vol. i., ii., 32*. ; vol. iii., iv., 21. 

Hunt, W. The English Church in the middle ages. f. 8vo. Longmans. 

(elem.). 2s. 6<l. 

Extends to Wycliffe. 

Poole, R. L. Wycliffe and the beginning of the Reformation, f. 8vo. 

Longmans, (elem.). 12*. M. 

Hook, W. F. Lives of the Archbishops of Canterbury, d. 8vo. 12 vols. 

Bentley. 180s. 

Vol. i., 15*. ; vol. ii., 15*.; vol. iii., iv., 80*. ; vol. v., 15*. ; vol. vi., vii., 80*. ; vol. viii., ix., x., 
xi., iii., 15*. each. 


Church History GUIDE BOOK TO BOOK Church Hi3tory 

Fosbrooke, 'I'. I). I' moiiarhi-in. r. s\o. J!,'ntl,'ij. o.r. 

Lechler, (i. V John AVirlit and his English precursors. Svo. R. T. 8. 

illus. 8*. 

Loserth, .). Wiclif and Hus. 'J'r. M. J. Evans, p. 8vo. Iloddcr. pub. 

IK. M. O.P. 

Stokes, G. T. Ireland and the Anglo-Norman church, c. 8vo. Hodder. '.). 

!' mm th<- Knxlisli Conquest to the Reformation. 

Muston, A. The Israel of the Alps. Tr. W. Haxlitt. 12mo. (Irijlni. 

pill). fi*. O.P. 

Treats of the Vaudoii. 

Kettlewell, S. Thomas ;\ Kempis, and the Brothers of Common Life. 

d. Svo. i> vols. Paul. 30*. 

Ullmann, C. Reformers before the Reformation. Svo. 2 vols. Clark. 21*. 

aielly with the theologians of N. Germany in the XV. century. 

Schweinitz. History of the Moravians or United Brethren. 8vo. 

(I'fitiixi/lrania'). 1*. i\d. 

Villari, P. Life of Savonarola. Tr. Mine. Villari. d. Svo. 2 vols. Unrein. 32*. 

Hefele, C. J. Life of Cardinal Ximenez. Tr. Dalton. d. Svo. Dolman. 10*. bd. 

Contains much information about the Church in Spain. 

Gams, r. B. Kirchcngeschichte von Spanien. Svo. 3 vols. (Regenslurg). 39*. 

Menendez y Pelayo. Historia de los heterodoxos Espanoles. (Madrid). 
Lea, H. C. Chapters from the religious history of Spain. (Philadelphia). 


Hausser, L. Period of the Reformation. Svo. Gemmell. Is. Gd. 

A useful text-book, reaching to 1648. 

Hardwick, C. History of the Christian Church during the Reformation. 

c. Svo. Macmillan. 10. Gd. 

Seebohm, F. The Oxford Reformers. Svo. Longmans. 1-1*. 

An account of More, Colet, and Erasmus in England. 

Drummond, R. B. Life of Erasmus, p. Svo. 2 vols. Smith, Elder. 

pub. 21*. O.P. 

Strauss, D. F. Ulrich von Hutten. Svo. (Bonn). 7*. 

Sckaff, P. Modern Christianity, ex. d. Svo. 2 vols. Clark. 21*. 

The German Reformation, 1517-30 ; with full bibliography. (Vol. v. of his History of the 
Christian Church). 

Kostlin, J. Life of Luther. Tr. c. Svo. Longmans, pub. 1C*. o.r. 

The standard life in Germany. 

Beard, C. Martin Luther and the Reformation in Germany, d. Svo. Paul. 1C*. 

Only reaches to 1521. Valuable for the beginning of the Reformation movement. 

,, The Reformation of the 16th century. Svo. Williams. 10*. (>:1. 

Also at is. M. A good account of the relations of the Reformation movement to modern 
thought ; from the standpoint of cultivated Unitarianism. 

Aubigne, M. d'. History of the Reformation of the 16th century. Svo. 

-. T. S. 20*. 

Vol. i., ii., iii., Ss. each ; iv., 5. ; v., 6. A popular account with decided partisanship. 

Stebbing. Life and times of Calvin. Whittaker. O.P. 

Willis, R. Servetus and Calvin. Svo. H. S. King. O.P. 

Perry, G. C. The Reformation in England, (elern.). f. Svo. Longmans. 2s. M. 

Gasquet. Henry VIII. and the English monasteries. 2 vols. Hodges. 24*. 

Roman Catholic. 


Church History GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Church History 

Dixon, It. W. History of the Church of England. <1. Svo. 3 vols., 16s. cadi. 
Jinn (ledge. 
From 1529 to 1X53. 

Strype, J. Memorials of Cranmer. d. 8vo. 2 void. Clar. Press. ll.v. 

McCrie, T. History of the Reformation in Italy, c. 8vo. Blacknood. -I.--. 

Benrath, K. Uernardino Ochino of Siena. 8vo. Xislcl. 'A*. 

The life of an Italian reformer. 

Young, M. Life and times of Paleario. 8vo. 2 vols. Bell. D.I'. 

An account of the Catholic reformers in Italy. 

Hose, S. Ignatius Loyola and the early Jesuits. 8vo. Longmans. 

pub. 16s. o.P. 

Cartwright, W. C. The Jesuits. 8vo. Murray. '.i,v. 

Deals with their organisation. 

Coleridge, H. J. Life and letters of St. Francis Xavier. c. 8vo. Sums. 10s. (\<1. 
Dalton, H. John A, Lasco. Ilodder. o.P. 

Sander, N. Rise and growth of the Anglican schism, d. 8vo. Burns. la. 

The view of a Boraan Catholic contemporary. 

Burnet, G. History of the reformation of the Church of England. 

Ed. N. Pocock. d. 8vo. 7 vols. Clar. Press. 30s. 

Foxe, J. Acts and monuments, r. 8vo. 8 vols. R. T. S. 50s. 

Often called the Book of Martyrs. An account by a fervent Protestant of the English 

Knox, J. History of the Reformation in Scotland. 8vo. Blaclde. O.P. 

Strype, J. Annals of the Reformation under Elizabeth. 7 vols. Clar. Press. o.P. 

,, Life of Archbishop Parker. 3 vols. Clar. Press. O.P. 

, , Life of Archbishop Grindal. Clar. Press. O.P. 

,, Life of Archbishop Whitgift. d. 8vo. 3 vols. Clar. Press. 16s. Gd. 

Ward, A. W. The counter Reformation, (elem.). f. 8vo. Longmans. 2x. \\il. 
Philippson. La centre-revolution religieuse. (Brussels). 

Account of the Jesuits, Inquisition, and Council of Trent. 

Simpson, R. Edmund Campion. 8vo. Williams. O.P. 

The coming of the Jesuits to England. 

Jessopp, A. One generation of a Norfolk house, d. Svo. Burns. 10,?. Orf. 

The life of an English Jesuit in the time of Elizabeth. 

Letters of Cardinal Allen. Ed. T. F. Knox. 4to. Nutt. 30s. 

With a valuable introduction on the Papal policy towards England. 

Law, T. G. Jesuits and Seculars in the reign of Elizabeth. Svo. Nutt. 15s. 

Morris, J. Troubles of our Catholic forefathers. 3 vols., 14s. each. Burns. Via. 

Vol. i., O.P., contains full accounts of the position of the Boman Catholics. 

Foley, H. Records of the English Province of the Society of Jesus. 

6 vols. and vol. vii. 2 parts separate. Burns. 216*. 

Vol. i., ii., iv., vi., vii. (1), vii. (2), 26. each ; vol. iii., v., 80. each. 

V. MODERN PERIOD, 1600-1880: 


Fuller, T. Church history of Britain (to 1648). Ed. J. S. Brewer, d. Svo. 

6 vols. Clar. Press. 39*. 

Collier, J. Ecclesiastical history of Great Britain. 8vo. 9 vols. Stralter. 

1840-1. o.P. 


Church History CCIDE BOOK TO BOOKS, Church Hiatory 

Dodd, ('. Clmrrli history of England (i.. !<;**;. K<1. .M. A. 'I i. nicy. 

.1. S\u. Il.ilnnni. 1H'.'. 40. 

i Ctitli'iHc liiHtory. 

Wordsworth, C. Ecclesiastical liii^raphy. 8vo. 4 vols. Jtii-imjltni. 

pill), fil.s 1 . O.P. 

A , , .'' . , i ..a of contemporary lives, bejriimiiitf with Wolspy and ending witli Till'itnon. 

Wakeman, H. (). The Churoh and the Paxilan*. (elcm.). f. 8vo. Longmans. 2x.M. 
Masson, D. Life of John .Miltn. r>, iMs. each. Macmillan. 126*. 

The beat source of information for the religious movements of the Commonwealth. 

Heylyn, 1'. Cyprianus Anglius. fo. 1071. 

Life of Laud, by u contemporary. 

Lathbury. History of Convocation. 8vo. Leslie. 1853. O.P. 

,, History of the Xonjurors. 8vo. Leslie. 1845. O.P. 

Stoughton, J. History of religion in England from 1640. 3 vols., Is. Gel. 

each. //<></(/<;: ' 22s. Gd. 

With special reference to the Nonconformists. 

Perry, A. History of the Church of England from 1603. 8vo. 3 vols. 

Saunders. O.P. 

Abbey and Overton. The English Church in the 18th century, c. 8vo. 

Longmans. Is. Gd. 

Plumptre, E. H. Life of Bishop Ken. d. 8vo. 2 vols. Isbister. 12*. 

Curteis, G. H. Dissent in its relation to the Church of England, c. 8vo. 

Macmillan. Is. Gd. 

Tyerman, L. Life and times of John Wesley. 3 vols., Gs. each. Hodder. 18s. 

Overton, J. H. The evangelical revival of the 18th century, (elem.). 

f. 8vo. Longmans. 2s. Gd. 

Wilberforce, S. Life of William Wilberforce. c. 8vo. Murray. Gs. 

Newman, J. H. Apologia pro vitd suit c. 8vo. Longmans. 3s. Gd. 

Ward, W. William George Ward and the Oxford movement. 8vo. 

Macmillan. 14s. 

Church, II. W. The Oxford movement, 1833-45. 8vo. Macmillan. 12s. Gd. 

Anderson, J. S. N. History of the Church of England in the colonies and 

dependencies, f. 8vo. 3 vols. liivington. pub. 24s. O.P. 

Tucker, H. W. The English Church in other lands, (elem.). f. 8vo. 

Longmans. 2s. Gd. 


Kankin, J. Handbook of the Church of Scotland, c. 8vo. Blaclmood. Is. Gd. 

Spottiswoode, J. History of the Church of Scotland, to 1624. 8vo. 

3 vols. Oliver and Boyd. O.P. 

Written by an Episcopalian of the time. 

Calderwood, D. History of the Church of Scotland to 1624. 8vo. 8 vols. 

Wodroro Society (Edin.). O.P. 

Written by a Presbyterian of the time. 

Wodrow, R. History of the sufferings of the Church of Scotland from 

1660 to 1688. 8vo. 4 vols. (Glasgow}. 1838. O.P. 

Cunningham, J. Church history of Scotland, p. 8vo. TJtin. 16*. 

Lawson, J. P. History of the Scottish Episcopalian Church. 8vo. 

(din.). 1843. O.P. 


Church History GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Church History 


Mant, R. History of the Church of Ireland (to 1800). 8vo. 2 vols. 

J. W. Parker. 1845. 34*. 

Killen, W. D. Ecclesiastical history of Ireland. 8vo. 2 vols. Macmillan. 12.~>*. 

Brennan. Ecclesiastical history of Ireland (to 1829). 8vo. Duffy 

(Dublin). O.P. 

Written by a Roman Catholic. 

Skeats, H. History of the Free Churches of England. 8vo. Miall. o.r'. 

A good general account. 

Vaughan, It. English Nonconformity. 8vo. Ilodder. pub. Is. Gd. o.r. 

A sketch. 

Waddington, J. Congregational history, d. 8vo. 4 vols., vol. i., /. Snore, 

pub. 16*. ; vol. ii., iii., iv., Longmans, pub. 15*. each. O.P. 

Vol. ii. (1700-1800) ; vol. iii. (1800-1850) ; vol. iv. (1850-). Full details. 

Heal, D. History of the Puritans (to 1688). 8vo. 2 vols. Harper. 2o t< . 

Barclay, R. Inner life of the religious societies of the Commonwealth. 

8vo. Hoddcr. O.P. 

Especially useful for the growth of mysticism. 

Autobiography of George Fox. Ed. H. Newman, f. 4to. Partridge. ('..<,-. 

Stoughton, J. William Penn. c. 8vo. Hodder. Is. Gd. 

Dexter, H. M. Congregationalism of the last 300 years, r. 8vo. Harper. 21n. 

Valuable for its survey of literature. 

Crosby, T. History of the English Baptists. 8vo. 4 vols. (London). 1738. <> .!'. 

A mass of material to 1717. 

Bogue and Bennett. History of Dissenters (1688 to 1808). 8vo. 4 vols. 

(London). 1812. O.P. 

Bennett, J. History of Dissenters from 1808 to 1838. 8vo. (London). 1839. O.P. 

Brown, J. John Bunyan. d. 8vo. Isbistcr. ~s. Gd. 

Stevens, A. History of Methodism, c. 8vo. 3 vols. Weslcyan Conference 

Office. O.P. 

Oliphant, Mrs. Life of Edward Irving, p. 8vo. Hurst. ">.<. 

Miller, E. History of Irvingism. 1. p. 8vo. 2 vols. Paul. !.">,<. 

Charming, sa vie et ses oeuvres. Pref. by C. de Remusat. 12mo. (Paris). 

White, W. Life and writings of Swedenborg. 8vo. Sinqrtdn. Is. Gd. 


Dorner, J. A. History of Protestant theology. 8vo. 2 vols. Clark. 21.<. 

Neale, J. M. History of the Jansenist Church of Holland. 8vo. Parker. lO.v. (>//. 

Baur, W. Religious life in Germany during the wars of independence. 

p. 8vo. Stralian. pub. Is. Gd. O.P. 

Germany during the period of the French revolutionary movement. 

Geffcken, H. Church and State. Tr. E. F. Taylor. 8vo. 2 vols. Long- 
mans, pub. 42*. O.P. 

Deals at length with Germany in the present century. 


Ranke, L. von. The Popes of Rome. Tr. 8vo. 3 vols. Murray, pub. 

30*. O.P. 

Also Bohn. 8 vol., 8. 6d. each. The Papacy from 1520 to 1830. 

Jervis, W. H. History of the Church of France. 8vo. 2 vols. Murray. 28*. 


Church History GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Church History 

Jervis, W. IF. The (ialliran Cliurch from 1;"K'> l> tin- Involution. C. 8vo. 

L' \<>\^. Murray. 2Hg. 

Lear, II. I., r.o.-surt :unl his contemporaries, c. 8vo. Ilivinytuii. :;.<. r,,/. 

Schimmelpenninck, Mrs. Memoirs of Port Royal, c, 8vo. 3 voK 

Loixjnnin*. pub. 21. O.P. 

Heard, C. Port Royal. 8vo. 2 vols. MV///W ///.*. TJx. 

Coleridge, H. J Life of St. Teresa. c. 8vo. 3 vols., Is. (>d. each. 

Hunts. 22*. i;,/. 

Weld, A. (S. J.) Suppression of the Jesuits in Portugal, c. 8vo. Jiurns. 7.v. M. 
Wiseman, Cardinal. Recollections of the last four Popes (1818-1837). 

Hi/ml. 5.v. 

" Leto." Home during the Vaticsin Council. 8vo. Murray. 12*. 

By one who was opposed to the action of the Council. 

"Janus." The Pope and the Council. Rivington. O.P. 

An historical survey of the growth of the Papal power by a liberal Roman Catholic. 

Manning, Cardinal. True story of the Vatican Council. Burns. . 5*. 


Stanley, A. P. Lectures on the history of the Eastern Church, c. 8vo. 

Murray. c, s . 

A general sketch. 

Neale, J. M. History of the Holy Eastern Church, d. 8vo. 5 vols. 
Masters. 1850. 

Vol. Hi., iv., 24*. each ; vol. i., ii., T., O.P. 

Tozer, H. F. The Church and the Eastern Empire, (elem.). f. 8vo. 

Longmans. 2s. Gd. 

Butler, A. T. Ancient Coptic Church of Egypt, d. 8vo. Clar. Press. 

illus. 30. 

Le Q,uien. Oriens Christianus. fo. 3 vols. 1740. 

The four Patriarchates. 


Hook, W. F. Church dictionary, m. 8vo. Murray. 21s 

Useful for general purposes. 

Migne. Encyclopedic theologique. r. 8vo. 3 series. (Paris'). 

1st series. 52 vols., 15 12. : 2nd series, 53 vols., 16 ; 3rd series, 66 vols., 20. Separate vols. 
from 7. to 10. each. 

Addis and Arnold. Catholic dictionary, d. 8vo. Paul. 21*. 

For Roman Catholic doctrine and ritual. 

Dictionary of Christian antiquities. Ed. Smith, m. 8vo. 2 vols. 

Murray. 40$. 

Full information and references for the early Church. 

,, of Christian biography. Ed. Smith and Wace. 4 vols. Murray. 136*. Gd. 

Vol. i., ii., iii., 81*. 6(1. ; vol. iv., 42*. Valuable for the first eight centuries. 

Mansi. Concilia, fo. 37 vols. (Lucca'). 1757-98. O.P. 

A collection of all the documents bearing on the councils of the Church. 

Haddan and Stubbs. Councils and ecclesiastical documents relating 

to Great Britain, r. 8vo. 3 vols. Clar. Press. 56s. 

Vol. i., 21 . ; vol. ii. (part 1), 10*. 6d. ; vol. ii. (part 2), So. 6d. ; vol. iii., 21*. Period before 
the reign of Alfred. 

Wilkins, D. Concilia Magnae Britanniae. fo. 4 vols. (London). 1737. O.P. 

A collection of all councils and synods of the English Church. 


Church History GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Colonies, General 

Acta Sanctorum. Ed. Bolland and Henschenius. fo. 5(! vols. (Paris'). 

1734-1883. 100 

A vast collection of the lives of all the saints of the Church, arranged according to the days 
of their festivals. 

Magnum Bullarium Komanum. fo. 32 vols. (Home). 1739-62. 20 

A collection of Papal Bulls. 

,, (Continuation), fo. 19 vols. (Borne). 1835-.". 13 

Baronius. Annales ecclesiastic!, i. 4to. 37 vols. (Paris'). 25 

Annals compiled from authorities on a large scale, begun by Baronius, continued by 
Raynaldus and Laderchius to 1571. 

,, The same ; continued by Thcincr. 3 vols. (Rome). 11.x. 

Gams, P. B. Series omnium episcoporurn ecclesiae Catholicae. 4to. 

(Ratisbon). 34*. (id. 

A list of all the Bishops of the Roman communion. 

Stubbs, W. Regi strum sacrum Anglicanum. s. 4to. C'lar. Press. Ss. Gd. 

A catalogue of English Bishops. 

Dugdale, W. Monasticon Anglicanum (with additions), fo. 8 vols. 

1817-30. o.r. 

Documents relating to the English monasteries. 

Gieseler, J. C. L. Compendium of ecclesiastical history. 8vo. 4 vols. Clark. 42s. 

A useful handbook for reference; with copious quotations from authorities, extending to 
the Reformation. The German edition, Lehrbuch tier Kirchenoefchichte, goes to 1&10. 















Lucas, C. P. Historical geography of the British colonies, p. 8vo. Clar. 
Press. Vol. i., 5*. 

Cotton and Payne. Colonies and dependencies, c. 8vo. Macmillan. 3*. Gd. 

Hlibner, Baron. Through the British Empire, p. 8vo. 2 vols. Murray. 21*. 

S. Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Straits Settlements, India, S. Sea Islands, California, 
Oregon, Canada, etc. 


Colonies, General <M IDK I1DOK TO I'.nul, Contract 

Martin, K. M. lli>ti.ry .if the I'riti>h culunics. Hvo. ( vol.s. Tallit. 

Is.'iO. iniips. puli. S|.v. O.P. 

Payne, K. .1. History of Etitopean coloniMl 12mo. JUacmillan. maps. l.v. <;,/. 

Bourne, K. Story of our colonies, p. HV<>. //////. <;*. 

Creasy, E. Imperial :m<l colonial institutions of tlie British empire. 8vo. 

Isdili/iiHinx. puli. lf>.v. O.P. 

Seeley, J. K. Expansion of England, p. 8vo. Macmillan. 4. Grf. 

An essay on the historical aspect of Kn.-li-h colonisation. 

Dilke, ('. Problems of Greater Britain, c. .Svo. Macmlllan. 12g. 6d. 

A description of the present politics of the colonies. 

Trendell, A. J. K. Colonial year-book, c. 8vo. Low. 6*. 

JOURNAL: Colonlei and India: weekly. (Silver). 





Commercial correspondence in fifteen languages. 8vo. 15 vols., 2s. 6d. 
each. Maier {Stuttgart). 

A series of letters, identical in all the fifteen languages, each language forming a separate 
book : English, French, German, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, 
Polish, Russian, Hungarian, Czech, Servian, and Roumanian. 











Hoffmann, L. Modern magic. 8vo. Routledye. 5s. 

,, More magic. 8vo. Routledye. Is. Gd. 

Practical treatises on conjuring. 

Sachs, E. Sleight of hand. 8vo. Gill, illus. 7s. Gd. 

Minute instructions for tricks of legerdemain. 

Houdin, R. His memoirs as ambassador, author, and conjuror, c. 8vo. 

2 vols. O.P. 



Conveyancing GUIDE BOOK TO ROOKS. Cookery and Food 




No (food comprehensive treatise on the art of cookery, embracing first class cookery, exists 
in this country, nor any good work which also explains scientifically the processes necessary to 
render animal and vegetable products digestible and palatable. 

Cassell's dictionary of cookery. 8vo. Cassell. 7.--. <;/?. 

An excellent epitome of English second class cookery. The principles of cookery are clearly, 
fully, and very correctly explained. 

Cassell's shilling cookery. 8vo. Cassell. . ]*. 

Principles and practice well given in small compass. 

Mrs. Marshall's cookery book. c. 8vo. SimpTtin. ',.-<. 

Higher-class cookery ; contains several modern recipes, particularly for cold entnVs. 

Reeve, Mrs. H. Cookery and housekeeping, c. 8vo. Longmans, illus. ~>x. 

A useful guide written practically, with taste and judgment. 

"Wyvern." Culinary jottings. 8vo. Tliacker. 10s. 

Designed for Anglo-Indians ; full of valuable hints and recipes for cooks and housekeepers in 
any climate. 

Kettner. Book of the table. Tr. Dallas, c. 8vo. Dulau. 10*. M . 

Practical ; but largely literary and historical. 

William, W. M. Chemistry of cookery, c. 8vo. Chatto. (I.v. 

Explains clearly certain scientific principles involved in the processes of cookery, with many 
practical hints. 

Gouffe, J. Royal cookery book. Tr. r. 8vo. Lore. 20*. 

Also household edition, 10. 6d. 

,, Le livre de cuisine, r. 8vo. Hachette. 42;?. 

Part i.. La cuisine des manages ; part ii.. La grande cuisine. 

Dubois and Bernard. La cuisine classique. 4to. 2 vols. Dentil, illus. :;2*. 

The most complete treatise of the French school ; has partially superseded Gouffe's classical 

Dubois, U. La cuisine d'aujourd'hui. 8vo. Dentu. illus. 12,?. (\J. 

An admirable modern epitome. 

Audot, L. E. La cuisiniere de la campagne. 12mo. (Paris'), illus. :;*. 

A good example of the common middle-class French cooking book. 

Brillat-Savarin. Gastronomy as a fine art. Tr. Anderson, p. 8vo. Cltatto. 2*. 

Brotherton, Mrs. Vegetarian cookery. F. Pitman. 3*. (\if. 


Smith, E. Foods. (" Inter. Scient." ser.). c. 8vo. Paul, illus. r>*. 

Thompson, H. Food and feeding, c. 8vo. Warne. 3s. 6(7. 
Yeo, J. B. Food in health and disease. 8vo. Cassell. 

Roberts, W. Dietetics and dyspepsia, c. 8vo. Smith, Elder. :;.%-. 

Church, A. J. Food: its sources, constituents, and uses. 1. c. 8vo. Cliapman. .'!*. 

Manual published for Committee of Council on Education. 

Bell, J. Foods. 1. c. Svo. 2 parts. C/tajtman. 5s. CxL 

Part i., 2s. 6d. ; part ii., .V 

Pavy, F. W. Food and dietetics, d. 8vo. CJmrcliill. l.",v. 

A standard work ; includes dietetics and natural history of foods. 

Blyth, A. W. Foods : their composition and analysis, c. vo. (iritjin. 

illus. lG,f. 


Cookery and Food ( i I 1 1 l 1 I !< >< 'K '!'( I I H M )K g. Costume, Historical 

Kingsford, AHUM. IViTrrt \\;iy of diet. SIM. c. SMI. I'mil. 

Newman, F. W. Essays mi din. >m. c. s\.>. 1'auL two books advocate a vi'jfi'tarian di- 1 . 

( (> -oi-Kit.YTioN, see POLITICAL ECONOMY VI. 



Stern, L. Koptische Orammatik. ^Leijtziy). 18*. 

Peyron, A. Lexicon Copticum. 4to. (Turi)i). 1835. pub. 35*. O.P. 




Boss, J. History of Corea, with descriptions of manners and customs. 

8vo. Houlstm. 12*. 6^7. 

Oppert, E. Voyages to the Corea. 8vo. Low. illus. 21*. 

Iiowell, P. Choson, a sketch of Korea. 1. 8vo. Trttbner. illus. 24.v. 

Carles, W. R. Life in Corea. 8vo. Macmillan. 12. Gd. 

Griffis, W. E. Corea ; the hermit nation, r. 8vo. Allen. 18*. 






Planche, J. R. Cyclopaedia of costume, r. 4to. 2 vols. Chatto. pub. 147.*. O.P. 

For general reference of a superficial kind. Vol. i., dictionary ; vol. ii., general chronological 
history of dress. 

Luard, J. History of the dress of the British soldier. 8vo. Clowes. O.P. 

Hope, T. Costume of the ancients. 8vo. 2 vols. Cliatto. 45*. 

Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, and Asiatic nations. 

Hock, D. Church of our fathers ; fashions and vestments, i. 4to. 3 vols. 

Dolman. 1849. O.P. 


Pugin, W. Glossary of ecclesiastical ornament and costume. 8vo. 

Qwritch. 126*. 

Very complete. 

81 G 

Costume, Historical GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Crystallography 

Shaw, H. Dresses and decorations of the Middle Ages. 4to. 2 vols. 

1843. M.V. 

Fragmentary, but useful, embracing engraved specimens of jewellery, as well as illustrations 
from missals. 

Lacroix, P. Mo3iirs, usages, et costumes au moyen ge, et ;\ l'poque de la 

Renaissance. 4to. Didot. illus. 12 1.<. 

Beck, W. Gloves : their annals and associations, c. 8vo. Jfamiltvn. illus. 7.<. M. 

Greig, T. W. Ladies' old-fashioned shoes, fo. Dowjlas. illus. :;!.<. i;// 

Uzanne, O. The fan. Tr. r..8vo. Nimmo and Bain. illus. I!].*. (W 
Stewart, J. Plocacosmos, or the whole art of hairdressing. 1772. 

In British Museum. 







Eassie, W. Cremation of the dead. d. 8vo. Smith, Elder. s.v. (',</. 

Thompson, H. Modern cremation, c. 8vo. Paul 2*. 6d. 



Lyttelton, E. Cricket. (" All England " ser.). sm. 8vo. Bell. Is. 

Steel and Lyttelton. Cricket. (" Badminton " ser.). c. 8vo. Longmans. IQx.M. 

Lillywhite, J. Cricket scores and biographies. 8vo. 4 vols. Longmans. 

pub. 50*. O.P. 

Contains a good deal of interesting biographical matter, and many records of matches worth 









Miller, W. H. A tract on crystallography. 8vo. Parker, pub. 9s. O.P. 


Crystallography (il IDIl HOOK TO HOOKS. Darwinism 

Gurney, II. 1'. <'ry>t;illo<,'raphy (clem.), f. s\n. ,s'. /'. ('. A. 1*. 

Maskelyne, X. s. Treatise on oxyBtallognpby. c-. s\-<>. Clar. Prett. 

In |in-.-s. 

Oroth, I'. I'hvMk.-ilisrlir Krystalln^r:i]iliir. Svu. (l^ijtziij). 10*. 

Kit Mii-iit iiry mutht'iiwtica. 

Mallard, 10. Traitfi do cristallographie. 8vo. 2 vols. Dwnod. '.',('>*. 

Hik'h mut In-mat ion. Vol. i., Caractret cryttallogrmphiques, 2(J. ; vol. ii., Caracteresoptique*. 

!(>.. ; vul. iii., in 1'i'i'SS. 

Lang, V. von. Lehrbach der Kryitallographie. s\n. (]'ir>ina). 8. 

tODKUUi Mm, ,-nl,, t ,;, Mtifftifinr; jaA Journal of the .Miin-i-nlniiii-iil Society of Great 

liritain. Nvo. S vols. Siiiiiikiii. l.'i.". Iii/. to 'i'm. jn-r vol. 







Bury and Hillier. Cycling. (" Badminton Library"), c. 8vo. Longmans. 10s. Gtl. 

Griffin, H. H. Cycling. ("All England " ser.). sm. 8vo. Sell. l#. 

Spencer, C. Cyclist's road-book. Gfrube, Is. 





Sheldon, J. P. Dairy-farming. 4to. Cassell. illus. 31s. Gd. 

,, The farm and the dairy. Sell, illus. 2s. Gd. 

Long airl Morton. The dairy, c. 8vo. Vinton. 2s. (id. 

Arnold, L. B. American dairying. 12mo. (New York"). (V. 
Harris, J. B. The cheese and butter-maker's handbook. Wright. 

Macgregor, A. Stewart. Milk supply of Copenhagen. Scott, Ferguson 

(Edinburgh), illus. 1#. 



Decoration GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Denmark 



Murray's Handbook for Denmark, p. 8vo. Murray. '.<. 

With Schleswig, Holstein, and Iceland. 

Otte, E. C. Denmark and Iceland, c. 8vo. Lore, :>.<. M. 

Andersen, L. Copenhagen and its environs. Scott. .V M. 

Weitemeyer, H. Danemark ; Geschichte und Beschreibung. 12mo. Host. t'i.v. 

,, Le Danemark, histoire et geographic, langue, litterature et beaux 

arts, situation sociale et conomique. Host. 7*. t'.r/. 

English translation. Heinemann. 

Pontoppidan, H. Landsbybilleder. 12mo. (Copenhagen). -1*. '>'/. 

Dahlmann, F. C. Geschichte von Danemark. 8vo. 3 vols. (Gotha). 

184043. l!.v. M. 


COURSE OF HEADING. The student should begin with Holberg's comedies, which are 
very easy and simple : then take up Oehlenschlager's dramas, Andersen's fairy tales, then 
some of the modern novelists, and so on. 


Otte, E. C. Simplified grammar of the Danish language. Triibner. '2*. i*/. 

,, How to learn Danish (Ollendorffian system). Triibner. 7.-;. <;,-/. 

Key, 3*. 

Rosing, S. Engelsk-Dansk Ordbog. 12mo. (Copenhagen). IK. *'?. 

Larsen, A. Dansk-Norsk-Engelsk Ordbog. 12mo. (Copenhagen). !).. 

Danish-English and English-Danish pocket dictionary. 16mo. Tauchnltz. 5s. (/. 

Petersen, N. M. Bidrag til den danske Literaturs Historic. 6 vols. 

(Copenhagen), pub. 63#. O.P. 

From the earliest period to 1800. 

Hansen, P. Illustreret dansk Literatur historic. 8vo. 2 vols. (Copenhagen). ].">x. 

Including Norway to 181 1. 

Brandes, G. Danske Digtere. 12mo. (Copenhagen). 7.v. 

The greatest of Scandinavian critics. 

,, Kritiker og Portrseter. 12mo. (Copenhagen). 7.<. '/. 

Holberg, L. Comedier. 12mo. (Copenhagen). 

The Moliere of the North. There are numerous cheap editions, and one itlition de luxe, 
4to. 5. 

,, Peder Paars. 12mo. (Copenhagen). _'-.</''. 

Satirical epic poem ; the wittiest of Holberg's works. 

Oehlenschlager. Heltedramaer (Hakon Jarl, 1*. ; Axel og Valborg, 9rf. ; 
etc.). 12mo. (Copenhagen). 

Romantic poet. 

,, Aladdin. 12mo. (Copenhagen). :!.<. C..7. 

A fine dramatic poem. 


Denmark (MUM-; IJnnK To HonKS. D Ocks 

Grundtvig, N. F. S. Optrin af Nordehl KjoBmpellv. 8vo. (Copenhagen). l^V. 

(in,. ,,i pi-immrk's must popular writer* ; theologian, historian, and poet. 

Kierkegaard, S. Entcn-Ellor. 8vo. 2 vols. (Copenhagen). 14*. 

,, (iieblikket. 12rno. (Copenhagen). 1>. 

Tlic profiitmdeHt thinker and philosopher. 

Andersen, Hans. Eventyr og Historier. 4 vols. (Copenhagen). 

Tin' famous fuiry-hili 1 \vritn'. 

Winther, C. Hjortens Flugt. 12rno. (Copenhagen). it. 

Descriptive and lyrical poet. 


Ingemann, B. S. Historiskc Romaner. 12rno. 4 vols. (Copenliageri). 14*. 

The Danish Walter Scott. 

Mullet, K. 1'aludan. Adam Homo. 8vo. (Copenhagen). 10s. 

A satirical poem. 

Jacobsen, J. P. Fru Marie Grubbe. 12mo. (Copenhagen). 6s. 

For style, the best modem Danish novelist. 

Hostrup, C. Komedier. 12mo. 3 vols. (Copenhagen}. 9s. 

Popular dramatist. 

Brandes, E. Et Besog. (CopenJiageii). 

lli'.st modern Danish dramatist. 

Drachmann, H. Doampede Melodier. 12mo. (Copenhagen}. 5. 

Poet and novelist. 

Ewald,H.F. Den skotske Kvinde paa Tjele. 12mo. 2 vols. (Coj>enJiayen). 7s. 6d. 

Popular novelist. 


Brandes, G. Eminent authors of the nineteenth century. 12mo. 

Crowell (If. F.). 10s. 

Oehlenschlager. Aladdin ; a dramatic poem. Tr. T. Martin, f . 8vo. 

Blackrcood. 5s. 

,, Axel and Valborg ; a tragedy. Tr. H. W. Freeland. (London). 

,, Hakon Jarl ; a tragedy. Tr. J. Chapman. (London). O.P. 

, , The gods of the North. Tr. W. E. Foye. (London). 1845. O.P. 

,, Theatre choisi. 8vo. (Paris). 5s. 

Holberg, L. Journey to the world underground. (London). 1828. O.P. 


Erslev, T. H. Almindeligt Forfatter Lexicon. 8vo. 3 vols. and supple- 
ment. (Copenliagert,). 45s. 

Dansk Bogfortegnelse (1841-80). 8vo. (Copenhagen). 90s. 







Dog GUIDE BOOK TO BOOK-. Dutch Language 


Jesse, G. R. Researches into the history of the British dog. 8vo. 2 vols. 

Stables, G. Our friend the dog. 8vo. Dean, illus. r,*. r,,7. 

tf Stonehenge." The dog, in health and disease. 8vo. Longmans, illus. 7x. <'/. 

Steel, J. H. Diseases of the dog. 8vo. Longmans, illus. 1 <>.. d//. 

" H. H." The scientific education of dogs for the gun. c. 8vo. Low. '>.-,. 

Hutchinson, W. Dog breaking. 8vo. Murray, illus. 1*. c>/l. 



See also COOKERY, and HYGIENE. 

Buckton, Mrs. Health in the house, c. 8vo. Longmans, illus. 

Barnett, Mrs. The making of the home. (elem.). Cassell. Is. Gd. 

Lewes, G. H. Physiology of common life. c. 8vo. 2 vols. Blackrcood. O.P. 

Johnston, J. H. Chemistry of common life. c. 8vo. Blackrvood. 7.--. ;*/. 

Barker, J. H. The hygienic management of infants and children. 

Churchill. O.P. 

Household medicine. Ed. J. Gardner, c. 8vo. Smith, Elder. 12s. Gd. 

Family physician, r. Svo. Cassell. 

West, C. Mother's manual of children's diseases, c. 8vo. Longmans. 2s. Gd. 

Wood, Catherine. Handbook for the nursing of sick children. Cassell. 2s. Gd. 

For other books on nursing, see NURSING. 

Starr, L. Hygiene of the nursery, c. Svo. Lewis, illus. 3,. Gd. 

Money, A. Health of children, c. Svo. Lewis. Gd. 

Smith, Louisa E. Home washing. Bemrose. 
Enquire within upon everything, c. Svo. Houlston. 





The books marked $ are recommended for young people. Beginning with the simple 
novels of Conscience, the student should go back to Vondel, after a careful perusal of whom 
he should be able to read anything. 


Dutch Language GU1MK IJOOK TO UooKS. Eastern Question 

Ann, F. ConoiM Dutch grammar, c. 8vo. 'ihimm. i. 

Jaeger, A. Kn^lish-Dulrh and Dutch-English pocket dictionary. 16mo. 

-V". -1*. c.,1. 

Vloten, L. Bekimpte geschiedenis der nederlandsche letteren. 8vo. 77/7. C*. Gd. 
Schneider, L. Qesobichte der nlederlandlaQben Litcratur. svo. (L<-i/>zi//). 12*. 

Vondel, J. van. Meesterstucken nit zijne Wcrken. Ed. P. H. van 

.M..rrkrrkrn. Svo. (AiiixfiTtlinn). Gs. Gd. 

Hooft, 1*. C. Gcdichten. Ed. Leeudertz. Svo. 2 vols. (Amsterdam'). 16*. 

Vondel. Grdirhto. Tr. into German by Griiumelt and Jansen. 12mo. 

(Mii/wtfr). 2s. 

i and Huuft are the great classical poets. 

Cats, J. DC volledige Werken. fo. 2 vols. (ArnJieim'). 28*. 

Popular poet. 

Bilderdijk, W. Bloemlezing uit de Dichtwerken. Svo. (Arnheim). 10*. Gd. 

Conscience, H. llomantische Werken. 12mo. 41 vols., 3*. each. (Leiden). 123*. 

Popular novelist. 

$ ,, The happiness of being rich. f. Svo. Hodges. Is. Gd. 

,, The lion of Flanders. Burns and Oates. 3*. 

Cremer, J. J. Betuwsche novellen. 12mo. {Leiden). 2s. 
,, An everyday heroine. (London). 

Toussaint, Mme. Bosboom. Major Frans (novelle). 12mo. (Tlie Hague). 4*. 

Historical novelist. 

$ ,, Major Frank ; a novel. Tr. Akeroyd. c. Svo. Unrein. 6*. 

Costa, J. de. Komplete Dichterwerken. Svo. (Arnheim). Is. Gd. 

Modem poet. 

Aa, H. J. van der. Biographisch Woordenboek der Nederlanden. Svo. 

21 vols. (Haarlvm). 11 \\ g , 


Ab Koude, J. van. Naamregister van de bekendste Neder'duitsche Boeken. 

(Jtotterdam). O.P. 

Brinkman, C. C. Catalogue van Boeken in Nederland, 1850-1882. 

r. Svo. (Amsterdam). 67*. 










Ecarte GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Economic Products 





Morris, D. Cacao ; how to grow and how to cure it. (Kingston, Jamaica). 

Mann, J. A. Cocoa : its cultivation, manufacture, and uses. {In Journal 
of the Society of Arts, Oct. 5, I860). 


Collins, J. The caoutchouc of commerce. 4to. W. II. Allen, illus. ."* 

India-rubber. Reprinted from " Spon's Encyclopaedia." r. 8vo. Sjxni. 4*. 


King, G. Cinchona cultivation in India. (For planters). Govt. Print. 
Off. (Calcutta). 


Coffee. Reprinted from " Spon's Encyclopaedia." r. 8vo. Span. 4*. 

Sabonadiere, W. The coffee planter of Ceylon, p. 8vo. Spon. pub. Is. Gd. o.iv 

Hull, E. C. P. Coffee planting in Southern India and Ceylon, p. 8vo. 

Sjxm. pub. 9*. O.l'. 


Royle, J. Forbes. Culture and commerce of cotton in India and elsewhere. 

8vo. Smith, Elder, illus. pub. 18s. O.r. 

Cassels, W. R. Cotton ; its culture in the Bombay Presidency. 8vo. 

Smith, Elder, pub. 16s. o.r. 

Printed by order of the Indian Government. 

Gibbs, J. Cotton cultivation, c. 8vo. Spon. pub. 7*. Qd. o.iv 


Fibrous substances. Reprinted from " Spon's Encyclopaedia." r. 8vo. 

Spon. l.v 

Simmonds, P. L. Tropical agriculture. 8vo. Spon. 21*. 

Wardle, J. Silk. J. Hcynood. 

Reed, W. History of sugar and sugar-yielding plants, c. 8vo. Longman,*. 

pub. 5. O.P. 

Gill, C. H. Manufacture and refining of sugar. 8vo. Society of Arts. <'/. 


Economic Products (Jl'lDK I'.UOK TO 1UIOK-. Education 

Lock .-iiid ntlicrs. Etagar growing and <refiaing. NVO. X/>/t. illus. :;c. . 

Both, II. Ling. Gnidr to the literatim' i.!' sugar (liililingraphy.,) /'///. 

x. TI:A : 

Money, K. Cultivation and manufacture of tea. d.8vo. Whittinghum. lo.v.i;,/. 

Tea cyclopedia. svu. Whittlngham, 28*. 

Tea. (Reprinted from " Spon's Encyclopaedia "). r. 8vo. S^</. 2*. 

Tobacco. (Reprinted from " Spon's Encyclopaedia "). r. 8vo. Sj}on. 4. 

Watson, Forbes. Report on the cultivation and preparation of tobacco in 

India. TriibiH-r. 5*. 

Apiivndix deals with tobacco cultivation in Hungary. 


Spon's Encyclopedia of the industrial arts. Ed. C. G. Warnford Lock. 

sup. r. 8vo. Span, illus. 70#. 

Parts sold separately, 'it. each. 




For general reader. Locke's Thoughts and Conduct, Montaigne's Esiays, as in list, 
Thring's Theory and practice, H. Spencer's Education, J. H. Newman's Idea, Painter's 
Jlintori/ of Education, Pestalozzi's Leonard and Gertrude, Guimps" Life of 1'estalozzi, 
Quick's Educational reformers. 

ForTeachers. Fitch's lectures, Payne's lectures, Turing's Theory and practice. Spencer's 
Education, Guimps' Life of Pentalozzi, Leonard and Gertrude, Trumbull's Teaching and 
<aeAerj),Montaigne's Essays, as in list, Locke's Thoughts and Conduct, Page's Theory and 
iinii-tice, Parker's 7*aM', De Garmo's Eftentiuls, Compayr<5's lectures, Sidgwick's lectures, 
Cotterill's School reforms, Sully's Psychology, Marenholz-Biilow's Child and child-nature, 
Quick's Educational reformers, Ascham's Scholemaster. 


Compayre, G. History of pedagogy. Tr. W. H. Payne. 8ro. Sonnenschcln. 6s. 

Covers the whole ground ; too condensed. 

Painter, F. V. N. History of education. Ed. W. T. Harris, c. 8vo. 

Appleton. 7s. 6d. 

A tolerable introduction to the subject. 

Barnard, H. German educators. 8vo. 2 vols. (Hartford, U.S.). O.P. 

Quick, R. H. Educational reformers. 8vo. Longmans. ?>s. &d. 

Guimps, R. de. Life of Pestalozzi. Tr. J. Russell. 8vo. Sonncnscheln. (>.-. 

Stanley, A. P. Life of Dr. Arnold, c. 8vo. 2 vols. Murray. 12.f. 

Laurie, S. S. Life of Comenius. ex. f. 8vo. Pitt Press. 3*. Gd. 

Leitch, J. Practical educationists. Macmillan. pub. G*. O.P. 

Good account of Wilderspin, Stow, etc. 

Autobiography of Froebel. Tr. H. K. Moore. 8vo. Sonnenschein. 3#. 


Locke, J. Thoughts concerning education, ex. f. 8vo. Pitt Press. 3.*. Gd. 


Education GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Education 

Locke, J. Conduct of the understanding. Ed. T. Fowler, ex. f. 8vo. 
Clar. Press. 

Payne, J. Lectures on science and art of education. 8vo. Longmans. 
Spencer, II. Education. 8vo. W"illiamg. 

Also 12mo, 2*. Grf. Makes much of science and nothing of literature. 

Newman, J. H. Idea of a university, c. 8vo. Longmans. 7*. 

Milton, J. Tractate on education, ex. f. 8vo. Pitt Press. 

A poet's scheme. 

Montaigne. Essays (Bk. i., Chaps. XXIV, XXV). IGmo. Itoutkdge. L>*. M. 

Richter, J. P. F. Lcvana. Tr. r. 8vo. Sell (Bohn). 3s. Gd. 

Payne, W. H. Contributions to the science of education, c. 8vo. Black if. ('..<. 

De Garmo, C. Essentials of method (Psychological). Heath (Boston). \\x. 

Pestalozzi. Leonard and Gertrude. Tr. E. Channing. Heath (Boston). 4. Gd. 

Preyer, W. Mind of the child. Tr. H. W. Brown, c. 8vo. 2 vols., Is. Gd. 

each. Appleton. l.'.s. 

Scientific observation of children and other young animals. 

Rosenkranz, J. R. F. Philosophy of education. Tr. A. C. Bracket, c. 8vo. 

Appleton. 7.v. '>'/. 

Latham, H. Action of examinations, p. 8vo. Bell. 10s. M. 

Should be studied by all who wish to understand this subject. 

Laurie, S. S. Occasional addresses on educational subjects, c. 8vo. Cam- 
bridge Press. ,~.v. 

Theory and biography. 

, , The study of language, ex. f . 8vo. Pitt Press. 3s. Gd. 

Rousseau, J. J. Steeg's extracts from " Ernile." Tr. E. Worthington. 

c. 8vo. Isbister. 3*. Gd. 

Froebel, F. Education of man. Tr. W. X. Hailraann. c. 8vo. Applet on. Is. Gd. 
Sully, J. Teacher's handbook of psychology, c. 8vo. Longmans. Gs. Gd. 

Indispensable for every teacher. 

Marenholz-Biilow, B. von. Reminiscences of Froebel. 12mo. (Boston"). Is. Gd. 
Shirrefl, E. Intellectual education, c. 8vo. Smith, Elder. Gs. 


Thring, E. Theory and practice of teaching. Ex. f . 8vo. Cambridge Press. 4x. (i<7. 
Page, D. P. Theory and practice of teaching. 12mo. c. 8vo. Barnes (A' J".), Is. Gd. 

Good book for young teachers. 

Barnard, H. English pedagogy. 8vo. 2 ser., 17*. Gd. each. Bromn and 

Gross (Hartford). 35s. 

,, German pedagogy. 8vo. Brown and Gross (Hartford, U.S.). \ls.Gd. 

Marenholz-Biilow, B. von. The child and child-nature, c. 8vo. Son- 

nenschein. illus. '.\*. 

ShirrefF, E. Kindergarten at home. d. 8vo. W. H. Allen, illus. Gs. 

Manuals of the science of teaching. -Nat. Society. 

Series i., Science of teaching, 5 parts, Grf. and 8rf. each ; series ii.. Art of teaching, parts, 
Od. and 8<7. each ; series Hi., Advanced subjects, 9 parts, 8</. and ]0(i. each ; also in 2 vols., 
5*. Gd. each vol. i. being series i., ii. ; vol. ii. series iii. 

Arnold, M. School reports, c. 8vo. Macmillan. 3s. Gd. 

Fearon, D. R. School inspection, c. 8vo. Macmillan. 2s. Gd. 


Education (il'IDK !:<>(>K TO IJOoKS. Education 

Fitch, . I. (J. LeotorM on teaching. 0.870. ('mni>r'nl<jr I'rett. 5x. 

Parker, 1'. W. Talks on tradi'm-- li'inm. A'/ ////</ ( \, // \nrh). 30. Gf/. 

K\ri-lli-nt j-hort book about elementary trm-lnn/. 

Abbott,.!. Thr trachcr. 12uiu. Allimni. Is: 1 ,:;. O.P. 

Compayre, G. Lertun-s mi tcadiimr. Hfiith (I lost (Hi). 7*. 

Trumbull, II. Clay. Teaching and trarlirrs. p. s\<>. ll,nl,l,r. 5*. 

i lx><ik for .vming teachers. 

Sidgwick, A. Lecture on stimulus, ex. f. Hvo. Pitt J'rr.^. Is. 

,, Lecture on form discipline. <. svn. Hirim/iimx. Is.Cxt. 

Tin' last two books arc excellent lectures based on schoolroom experiences. 

Calderwood, II. On U-achinir. <-x. f KVO. Macmillan. 2n. Cxi. 

hftw and Donnell. School devices. IGmo. KoUoqg (Nem YorK). illus. G#. 

1'ia.M ical suggestions fur i>rimiiry teachers. 

Laurie, S. S. Lan^ua^c and linguistic method in the school, c. 8vo. 

. Cambridge /'//-.. 4*. 

Geikie, A. Teaching of geography. g\. 8vo. Macmillan. 2x. 

Landon, J. School nianap-ment. c. 8vo. J'aiel. tix. 

Ascham, K. The scholcmaster. Ed. J. E. B. Mayor, p. 8vo. Bell (Boliri). Is. 

Craik, H. State and education. (" Eng. Citizen " ser.). c. 8vo. Macmillan. 3f. Cxi. 

Roberts, R. D. Eighteen years of University extension, c. 8vo. Cam- 
bridge Press. lg. 

Mackinder and Sadler. University extension : has it a future ? 8vo. 

Vroivde. Is. 

Report of a conference on University extension teaching held in Oxford, 

April, 1887. London Univ. Extension Soc., Charterhouse, E.C. Gd. 

Vincent, J. H. The Chatauqua movement (home reading), c. 8vo. Home 

Reading Union. 5s. 


Report of the Royal Commission on elementary education (1861). G vols. 

Eyre. 18s. M. 

,, School enquiry Commission, 1868 (Endowed schools). 21 vols. 

Eyre. 68*. 3d. 

,, Royal Commission on technical instruction (1881). 5 vols. Eyre. 20s. lOd. 

,, Royal Commission on elementary education (1886). 10 vols. 

Eyre. 59s. 

All the volumes of these reports are sold separately. 

Owen, H. Manual of the Education Acts. d. 8vo. Knight. 


Sonnenschein, A. Foreign education codes, p. 8vo. Sonnenschein. 3s. Gd. 

Cyclopaedia of education. 8vo. Sonnenschein. 7s. Gd. 

Hall and Mansfield. Bibliography of education, p. 8vo. Heath (Boston). 7s. Gd. 

PERIODICALS: Journal of Education ; monthly ; general. Educational Times; monthly: 
organ of College of Preceptors. Education; monthly. A T eie York School Journal ; weekly 
(Kellogg); 12. 6rf. per annum. School Guardian: weekly; organ of National Soc. School 
Hoard Chronicle ; weekly. Schoolmaster weekly ; organ of elementary teachers. 
University Extension Journal; monthly (Charterhouse Press.). 

See also the annual reports of the Committee of Council on Education (Eyre), and the list of 
pamphlets on education issued by the National Technical Association, 14, Dean's-yard. 


Education GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Egypt 




Murray's Handbook for Egypt, p. 8vo. Murray ] .V. 

Baedeker's Handbook of Egypt. 12mo. Dulau, Itl.v. 

Part i., Lower Egypt, etc. ; part ii., Upper Egypt. 

Reclus, E. Universal geography, vol. x. i. 8vo. Virtue, illire. 

The whole of the Nile basin, the great lake region, Abyssinia, Kordofan, Darfor. 

Edwards, Amelia B. A thousand miles up the Nile. r. 8vo. Routledge. 

Useful as a guide. 

Lane, E. W. Modern Egyptians : their manners and customs. Ed. 

E. S. Poole. c. 8vo. 2 vols. Murray. 12*. 

Written during 1825-28, and 1833-35. 

Villiers-Stuart, H. Egypt after the war (1882). m. 8vo. Murray. 31*. Gd. 

Wallace, D. M. Egypt and the Egyptian question. 8vo. Macmillan. 11*. 

Bonomi and Sharpe. Egypt, Nubia, and Ethiopia. 4to. Smith, Elder. 

illus. pub. 63*. O.P. 

Zincke, F. B. Egypt of the Pharaohs and of the Khedive, d. 8vo. Smith, 

Elder, pub. 16*. O.P. 

Moberly-Bell, C. F. From Pharaoh to Fellah. 4to. Gardner. Hi*. 


Maspero, G. Egyptian archaeology. Tr. A. B. Edwards, p. 8vo. Grevel. 

illus. 10*. (',/!. 

Mariette, A. Monuments of Upper Egypt, p. 8vo. Paul. 7s. Git. 

Wilkinson, J. G. Architecture of ancient Egypt. 8vo. (London"), illus. 

pub. 63*. O.P. 

Poole, R. Stuart. Cities of Egypt, c. 8vo. Smith, Elder. ;1*. 

Perrot and Chipiez. History of art in ancient Egypt. Tr. Armstrong. 

i. 8vo. 2 vols. Chapman, illus. -J12*. 

Renouf, P. Le Page. Religion of ancient Egypt (Hibbert lectures). 8vo. 

Williams. 10*. Gd. 

,, Book of the dead (Papyrus of Ani). fo. British Museum. 31*. Gd., A. Aegypten und aegyptisches Leben. 8vo. 2 vols. (Tubingen'). is*. 

Wilkinson, J. G. Manners and customs of the ancient Egyptians. Ed. 

Birch, c. 8vo. 2 vols. Murray. \ -*. 

Brugsch, H. History of Egypt. Tr. P. Smith. 8vo. 2 vols. Murray. ;;i'*. 

Maspero, G. Histoire ancienne des peuples de 1'orient. 12mo. (Paris'). 
Brugsch and Bouriant. Livre des rois. 8vo. Vol. i., 23*. ( Vienna). 
Records of the past. Ed. Birch, c. 8vo. 12 vols., 3*. Gd. each. Bolster. 

Vols. ii., iv., vi., viii., x., xii., are on Egypt ; the others on Assyria. O.P., except vols. x., xi., xii. 

,, 2nd series. Ed. A. H. Sayce. c. 8vo. 4 vols., 4*. Gd. each. 
Vols. ii., iii., iv., irixed. 


Egypt GUIDE BOOK TO !',<>< >KS. Electricity 

Lepsius, C. R. Denkmiilrr :i n uml A-t liiopun. e. fo. 12 volx 

(11,-rlin). isl'.i f,o. illus. i;:;:; 

Rosellini, 1. Minnnni 'iiti doll' Egitto c drlhi Nuliia, 8vo. 9 vols. (I'iga). 

1 *;;_> |. illus. 40*. 

Champollion, J. V. Monuments de rEgypte i-l dc l;i Nul>ie. fo. 4 vols. 

(1'iirix). 1835-45. illus. 20 


l\>r Moilrni KIJIJ fill tin, SK6 ARABIA, LANGUAGE. 

Renouf, P. Le Page. Elementary grammar, c. 4to. liat/xtrr. T.v. dd. 

Rouge, E. d(\ Chrestomathie 6gyptienne (Grammar and reading book). 

4to. 4 vols. (Paris'). <;:u. 

Pierret, P. Vocabulaire hie'roglyphique. 8vo. l'<V/m/. 50*. 

Budge, E. A. Sarcophagus of Anchnesranefcrab (Reading book). 4to. 

-\utt. 15s. 

PERIODICALS, KTC. : Egypt Exploration fund, Paul; Society of Biblical Archeology, 
Triibnfr ; Revue Egyptologique, 3(1*. per annum ; Becueil de travaux, 30*. per annum 
(Egyptian and Assyrian archieology and philology;; Melanges d'arch^ologie, 10. per vol.; 
Revue de 1'liiatoire des religions, 25. per annum. ; Zeitsckrift fiir aegyptische Sprache, J'w. 
per annum. 




Thompson, S. P. Elementary lessons in electricity and magnetism. 

f. 8vo. Macmillan. illus. 4. f><7. 

Clear, though not masterly. 

Gerard, E. LeQons sur 1'electricite. 8vo. (fauthier- Villars. 

Vol. i., 10. The best work ; not requiring a knowledge of high mathematics. 

Lodge, 0. T. Modern views of electricity, c. 8vo. Macmillan. G*. Gd. 

Maxwell, J. Clerk. Electricity and magnetism, d. 8vo. 2 vols. Clar. 

Press, illus. 31s. M. 

Requires high mathematical knowledge. 

Thomson, W. Papers on electro-statics and magnetism. 8vo. Macmillan. 18j?. 

Wiedemann, G. Die Lehre von der Electricitat. 8vo. 5 vols. Viewcg. 128*. 

Vol. i., 20*. ; vol. ii., 25*. ; vol. iii., 24*. ; vol. iv., 15. ; vol. v., 24. The most complete work of 
reference on the subject. 

Everett, J. D. Units and constants, (elem.). gl. 8vo. Macmillan. 5s. 

Gray, A. Theory and practiceof absolute measurements in electricity 
and magnetism, c. 8vo. Macmillan. illus. Vol. i., 12s. 6d. 

,, Absolute measurements in electricity and magnetism, f. 8vo. 

Macmillan. 5s. (W. 

Mascart and Joubert. Electricity and magnetism (mathematical). Tr. 

G. Atkinson, d. 8vo. 2 vols., 21s. each. De la Rue. illus. 42s. 

Reports of the committee on electrical standards. (British Assoc.~). 

Including report to Royal Society on units of electric resistance. Issued since 1881 ; 2l#. 

Catalogue of books and papers relating to electricity, magnetism, and 

electric telegraph. Ed. A. J. Frost. 8vo. Span. 6#. 


Electricity GUIDE LOOK TO BOOKS. Engineering 


Thompson, S. P. Dynamo electric machinery. 8vo. f{pon. pub. 16*. o.P. 

Kexnpe, II. It. Handbook of electric testing, c. 8vu. <s/w. Ki.v. 

Very technical. 

Hospitalier, E. Formulaire pratique de I'Slectricien. (Annual). 12mo. 

(Paris). -\K. C>,/. 

,, Modern applications of electricity. Tr. J. Maier. 8vo. 2 vols. Paid. LMx. 

Swinburne, J. Practical electrical measurements, d. 8vo. Alabaster. O.P. 

Slingo and Brooker. Electrical engineering, c. 8vo. Longmans, illus. 10s. &d. 

The only book on the subject. 

Fleming-, J. A. The alternate current transformer, d. 8vo. "Electrician" 
Publishing Co. illus. Vol. i., 7*. Gd. 

Preece and Sivewright. Telegraphy, c. 8vo. Longmans, illus. 5*. 

Culley, R. S. Handbook of practical telegraphy. Longmans, illus. !<;.<. 

Preece and Maiers. Telephone, c. 8vo. Sell, illus. 12*. 6d. 




The best and most complete works on applied mechanics, the basis of scientific engineering, 
are by French authors. The works of the late Professor Rankine are admirable. A certain 
amount of mathematical knowledge is indispensable for any profitable reading of engineering 
theory, but elementary text-books on mathematics are not included in this section. 


Rankine, W. J. M. Applied mechanics. Ed. W. J. Millar, c. 8vo. Griffin. 

illus. " 12*. 6d. 

Comprehensive, but highly condensed, and involves mathematical reasoning of advanced 

Cotterill, J. H. Applied mechanics, m. 8vo. Macmillan. 

Alexander, T. Elementary applied mechanics, part i. c. 8vo. Macmillan. 

pub. 4*. Qd. O.P. 

Alexander and Thomson. Elementary applied mechanics, part ii. c. 8vo. 

Macmillan. 10*. Gd. 

Weisbach, J. Manual of mechanics of engineering and construction. Tr. 

E. Coxe. 8vo. 2 vols. Triibner. 81*. Gd. 

Vol. i., Mix. M. ; vol. ii., 50*. Comprehensive, and treated as far as possible without the 

Clebsch, R. A. F. ThSorie de 1'e'lasticite' des corps solides. Tr. from the 

German. 8vo. Dunod. '*>-*. 

Complete exposition of modern theory. 


Engineering M'lDK i:n<K TO linnKS. Engineering 

Navier and St. Vi-n:iiit. I/applicat lull dr l;i iin'-:i!iii|in- :'t lY-tal 

det construction! et dei machine*, svn. iii/nnii. iilus. 

Vul i.,:i<iii. Cmirrii' u'ivriKi! I .'. M .1. . 1 - I 'on tii et Chanudea. Contains an interesting historical\ . 

Bresse, .1. A. ('. ('ours <!< imV;ini'|ur appli'jtnV. *vn. ;; vols. (l<uitlii,-r 
\ illars. 

Vul. i., l:!x. ; vnl. ii., liix. ; vol. iii.,0.1 1 . 

Collignon, K. ('ours <!< nu'caiiiquc applique*'. Kvo. 2 vols., 11*. each. 

I >u nuil, 22g. 

Course at L'i5cole dos Fonts et Chuusslen. Clear and elegant demonstrations. 

Poncelet, .1. \. La imVani<jiio industrielle. 8vo. Gauthier Villart. 10*. 

Classical book on " principle of work." 

Flamaiit, A. Resistance dcs inaluriaux. 8vo. Jiaudry. illus. 20s. 

Graham, H. II. Graphic and analytic; statics. 8vo. Loclcrvood. 16*. 

Clarke, G. S. Graphic, ^latirs. -Ito. S/mn. 12*. Gd. 

Merriman. Graphic statics (roofs and bridges). 8vo. Wiley (New York). 12s. 6d. 

Smith, 11. H. Graphics ; part L, with atlas. Hvo. Longmans, 15*. 

Calculation by diagram applied especially to mechanical engineering. 

Stoney, 13. Theory of stresses on girders, r. 8vo. Lowjmam. illus. 36s. 

Barlow, P. Strength of materials. Ed. Humber. d. 8vo. Locliwood. 18*. 

Unwin, W. C. Testing of materials of construction. 8vo. Longmans. 

illus. 21*. 

Kankine, W. J. M. Useful rules and tables, c. 8vo. Griffin, illus. 10*. Gd. 

With appendix for electrical engineers. 

Clark, D. K. Manual of rules, tables, and data. 8vo. Blackie. 16*. 

Eagles, T. H. Geometry of plane curves, c. 8vo. Macndllan. 12*. 

,, Descriptive geometry, c. 8vo. Scott. 3*. 6d. 

Kankine, W. J. M. Civil engineering. Ed. W. J. Millar, c. 8vo. 

Griffin, illus. 16*. 

Mahan, D. Civil engineering. 8vo. Span. 21*. 

Matheson, E. Aid book to engineering enterprise. 8vo. Spon. 21*. 


Spon's Dictionary of engineering, r. 8vo. 4 vols. Spon. . 145*. 

Wershoven, F. J. Technological dictionary ; English and German. 2 vols. 

Whittalier. 5s. 

"Ore, A. Dictionary of arts, manufactures, and mines. 8vo. 4 vols. Long- 
mans, pub. 147*. O.P. 

Smiles, S. Lives of the engineers, c. 8vo. 5 vols., 7*. Gd. each. Murray. 37*. M. 
Helps, A. Life and labours of T. Brassey. p. 8vo. Sell and Daldy. 10*. Gtf. 

Brunei, I. Life of I. K. Brunei. 8vo. Longmans, pub. 21*. O.P. 

Fairbairn, William, life of ; partly an autobiography. Completed by W. Pole. 

8vo. Longmans, pub. 18*. O.P. 

Smiles, S. Life of James Nasmyth. 8vo. Murray. Is. Gd. 

Pole, W. Life of Sir William Siemens. 8vo. Murray. 16*. 

Smiles, S. Life of George Stephenson, with memoir of Robert Stephenson. 

c. 8vo. Murray, illus. Is. Gd. 

Eaginesring Ci IDE BOOK TO BOOKS. England 

Jeaflreson, J. C. Life of Ilobert Stcphenson. 8vo. 2 vols. Longmans. 

pub. 32*. O.P. 

Smiles, S. Life of Telford. c. 8vo. Murray, ill us. T.V. C,,/. 

Extracted from the Live* of the rni.iinrrrt. 

Muirliead, J. P. Life of James Watt. 8vo. Murray. o.r. 

JOURNALS, ETC. : A mine of information exists in the volumes, now numbering a hundred, 
of the Proceeding* of the Institution of Civil Engineers, in the journals of the Society of 
Mechanical Engineers and of the Iron and Steel Institute, and in Van \ut rand's Magazine. 
Kiiiiineering, published weekly, is perhaps the chief periodical. 



Reclus, E. Universal geography, vol. iv. i. 8vo. Virtue. 21.v. 

Ramsay, A. C. Physical geology and geography of Great Britain, p. 8vo. 

itttaiiford. illus. Is. Gd. 

Contains geological map. 

Our own country, ex. c. 4to. 6 vols., Is. 6d. each. Cassell. illus. l.lx. 

Jukes-Browne, A. J. The building of the British Isles, p. 8vo. Sell. 

illus. Is. Grf. 

Study in geographical evolution. 

Geikie,A. Elementary geography of the British Isles. 18mo. Macmillan. l.v. 

Bartholomew, J. Gazetteer of the British Isles, r. 8vo. Longmans, pub. 36*. o.r. 

Richard, J. R., and A. S. Short geography of the British islands, f. 8vo. 

Macmillan. 3*. Gd. 

On the whole the best text-book. 


Baddeley's Thorough guide series. Ed. Baddeley and Ward. 12mo. Dulau. 

English Lake District, 5*. : North Devon and North Cornwall, 3*. Gd. ; South Devon and 
South Cornwall, 4s. ; Peak District 2*. Gd. ; Eastern Counties, 2s. Gil. 

In course of publication. Specially valuable for their numerous excellent maps, and the clear- 
ness and minuteness of their directions. 

Murray's Handbook for England and Wales, p. 8vo. 12*. 

,, English handbooks, p. 8vo. Murray. 

Eastern Counties, 12*. : Kent, 7*. Gel. ; Sussex, 6*. ; Surrey and Hants, 10*. ; Berks, 
Bucks, and Oxon, 9. ; Wilts, Dorset, and Somerset, 12*. : Devon, 7*. Gel. ; Cornwall, 6. ; 
Gloucester, Hereford, and Worcester, 9*. ; Northampton and Rutland, 7*. 6rf. ; Derby, Notts, 
Leicester, and Stafford, 9. ; Shropshire and Cheshire, 6*. : Lancashire, 7. Gd. ; Yorkshire, 
12*. ; Lincolnshire, Durham, and Northumberland, 9*. : Westmoreland and Cumberland, 
7*. Gel. ; Warwickshire (in preparation) ; Herts, Hunts, and Beds preparation). 

Stanford's Tourist's guides, f. 8vo. Stanford. 

Contain all that the majority of tourists want to know. Beds, Berks, Cambridge, Corn- 
wall and Scilly Islands, Derbyshire, North Devon, South Devon, Dorset, Essex, Gloucester- 
shire, Hants, Kent, Lake District, Norfolk, Somerset, Surrey, Sussex, Warwickshire, Wilts, 
Worcestershire, Yorks, North and East Biding, West Riding, 2*. each. Devonshire, S*. Gd. 

Anderson, J. Book of British topography, i. 8vo. Satcltell. pub. 18*. o.r. 

A bibliography to be consulted whenever the names of books on special localities are needed. 



Green, J. R. Short history of the English people, c. Svo. Macmillan. 

(elem.) 8*. Gd. 

Bright, J. F. History of England, c. Svo. 4 vols. Rlvlngton. (elem.). 

Vol. i. (440-1485), 4*. Gd. ; vol. ii. (1485-168:0, Jf. ; vol. iii. (1089-1837), 7*. 6u. j vol. iv. 

(1837-80), 6. 

More facts than Green. 


En-land (M'IDE HOOK TO IJOOKS. England 

Green, J. K. Ili.-fi.ry of (lie English people. 8vo. 4 vols., 16. cacli. 

Muriiiillitii. 1'ilx. 

Pauli, it. Grecohiohte von England (to 1500), 8vo. 5 vols. (6W/<). 48*. 

The fullest general history of the meduovol period. 

Lingard, J. History of England (to 1689). 10 vols. Aim mo. 

By a fair-minded Roman Catholic. 

Kennett. Complete history of England (to 1701). fo. 3 vols. (London). 

171!. o.l'. 

A valuable collection containing Buck's Richard III., Bacon's Henry VII., Herbert'* 
Henry I' fit., Godwin's Mary, Camdcn's Elizabeth <iml Jame I. ; the third volume of 
Bishop Kennett U valuable for miscellaneous information. 

Carte, T. History of England (to 1(55-1). fo. 4 vols. 1747-55. O.r. 

The best of the older histories. 

Knight, C. Popular history of England. 8vo. 8 vols. Bradbury and Evans. O.P. 


Elton, C. Origins of English history. 8vo. Quaritch. 21*. 

Rhys, J. Celtic Britain, f . 8vo. S. P. C. K. 3* 

Scarth, II. M. Roman Britain, f. 8vo. S. P. C. K. 2*. Gd. 

Wright, T. Celt, Roman, and Teuton, c. 8vo. Trubner. illus. 9*. 

Freeman, E. A. Old English history. ex. f. 8vo. Macmillan. (elem.) G*. 

Green, J. R. Making of England. 8vo. Macmillan. 1G*. 

, , Conquest of England. 8vo. Macmillan. 1 8*. 

Freeman, E. A. History of the Norman conquest, d. 8vo. 6 vols. 

Clar. Press. 109*. Gd. 

Vol. i., ii., S&t. ; iii., 21*. ; iv., 21. ; v., 21. ; vi., 10. 6d. 

,, Reign of William Ruf us. 2 vols. Clar. Press. 36*. 

Norgate, Miss K. England under the Angevin Kings. 8vo. 2 vols. 

Macmillan. illus. 32* 

Stubbs, W. The early Plantagenets. f. 8vo. Longmans, (elem.) 2s. Gd. 

Archer, T. A. Crusade of Richard I. IGmo. Nutt. 2*. 

Hutton, W. H. Misrule of Henry III. IGmo. Nutt. Is 

,, Simon de Montfort and his cause. IGmo. Nutt. 1* 

The three last are selections from the Chronicles. 

Prothero, G. W. The life of Simon de Montfort. c. 8vo. Longmans. 

pub. Gs. o.P. 

Seeley, R. B. Life and reign of Edward I. 8vo. Seeley. G*. 

Longman, W. Life and times of Edward III. 8vo. 2 vols. Longmans. 28*. 

Wallon, H. Richard II. 8vo. 2 vols. Hac/iette. 12*. Gd. 

Wylie, J. H. England under Henry IV. c. 8vo. Longmans. 10*. Gd. 

Vol. i. only, from 1399 to 1404. 

Tyler, J. E. Life of Henry of Monmouth. 8vo. 2 vols. 1838. O.P. 

Gairdner, J. Houses of Lancaster and York. f. 8vo. Longmans, (elem.) 2*. Gd. 

,, Life and reign of Richard III. c. 8vo. Longmans. 10*. Gd. 

,, Henry VII. c. 8vo. Macmillan. (elem.) 2*. Gd. 

Brewer, J. S. Reign of Henry VIII. 8vo. 2 vols. Murray. 30*. 

To 1580. 

Creighton, M. Cardinal Wolsey. (elem.) Macmillan. 2*. Gd. 

97 H 

England GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. England 

Friedmann, P. Anne Boleyn. 8vo. 2 vols. Macndllan. 'I**. 

Gasquet. Henry VIII. and the English Monasteries. 2 vols. Hodges. '2 1.<. 

Creighton, M. Age of Elizabeth, f. 8vo. Longmans, (elem.) 'Is. Cxi. 

Froude, J. A. England from 1530 to 1588. c. 8vo. 12 vols., 3*. Qd. each. 

Longmans. 42*. 

Brosch, M. Geschichte von England. 8vo. (Got Jut). !:!.>-. 

Continuation of Pauli, embracing the Tudor period. 

Devereux, W. B. Lives of the Devereux, Earls of Essex. 8vo. 2 vols. 

Murray. o.P. 

The Earls of Essex were important under Elizabeth, James I., and Charles I. 

Spedding, J. Life of Francis Bacon. 8vo. 2 vols. Triilner. 21*. 

A mass of information about the end of Elizabeth and James I. 

Gardiner, S. R. History of England, 1603-1640. c. 8vo. 10 vols., 6*. each. 

Longmans. 60*. 

,, History of the great civil war. 8vo. Longmans. 

Vol. i. , 21.". ; vol. ii., 24*. Reaching to 1647. 
Carlyle, T. Oliver Cromwell's letters and speeches, d. 8vo. 5 vols., 9*. 

each. Cliapman. 45s. 

Also cheaper editions. 

Harrison, F. Oliver Cromwell, c. 8vo. Macmillan. (elem.) 2s. (>d 

Palgrave, R. F. D. Oliver Cromwell the Protector, c. 8vo. Lorn. 10*. M. 

Latest attack on Cromwell. 

Gardiner, S. R. The first two Stuarts, and the Puritan Revolution (1603- 

1660). (elem.) f. 8vo. Longmans. 2s. Gd. 

Clarendon. History of the Great Rebellion. Ed. Macray. c. 8vo. 

6 vols. Clar. Press. I.'.,. 

Masson, D. Life of Milton. 6 vols. Macmillan. 

Vol. i., vi., 21. each; vol. ii., O.P. ; vol. iii., 18*.; vol. iv., v., . Full of information 
about the intellectual movements of the Great Rebellion. 

Ranke, L. von. History of England, principally in the 17th century. 

d. 8vo. 6 vols. Clar. Press. <;:;.v. 

Especially valuable for foreign relations. 

Burnet, G. History of his own times (1660-1713). 6 vols. Clar. Press. O.P. 

A contemporary narrative of great value. 

Coxe, W. Memoirs of the Duke of Marlborough. p. 8vo. 3 vol>.. 

3*. Qd. each. Sell, illus. 10*. Cxi. 

With a useful atlas of campaigns. 

Diary of Samuel Pepys (1659-1669). Ed. Braybrooke. p. 8vo. 4 vols., 

5*. each. Bell (Bokn). 2<v. 

Fuller edition. Ed. Bright. 

Diary of John Evelyn (1620-1706). Ed. W. Bray. p. 8vo. 4 vols., 

5*. each. Bell (Bohn). illus. L>O,S-. 

Macaulay, T. B. History of England (from James II. to 1701). 8vo. 

5 vols. Longmans. 80*. 

Also cheaper editions. 

Christie, W. D. Life of the first Earl of Shaftesbury. 2 vols. Maemilhui. O.P. 

Harrop, R. Bolingbroke. 8vo. Paul. o.i>. 

Wyon, F. W. Reign of Queen Anne. 8vo. 2 vols. Cliapwian. pub. \\"lg. o.P. 

Coxe, W. Memoirs of Sir R. Walpole. 8vo. (London). 1789. O.P. 

Lecky, W. E. H. England in the 18th century. 8vo. 8 vols., 18*. 

each. Longmans. 111,. 


England Cl'IDM IKKiK TO I5UOKS. England 

Stanhope, Lord. History of Kn-hmd, 1713-17K:!. p. 8vo. !) vols., 5*. 

r;irh. Murray. !.".<. 

Harvey, Lord. Memoirs of the reign of George II. Hi-ntlcy. 1848. o.P. 

Walpole, H. .Memoirs of the reign of George III. 8vo. 4 vols. 

lirntlry. Is I.".. O.P. 

Thackeray, F. Life of Lord Chatham. 4to. 2 vols. 1827. O.P. 

Massey, W. England during the reign of George III. f. 8vo. 4 vols. 

Longmans, pub. 24*. O.P. 

Thackeray, W. M. The four Georges, c. 8vo. Smith, Elder, illus. 10*. Gd. 

A Is. i cheaper editions. 

Russell, Earl. Life of Fox. p. 8vo. 3 vols., 12*. each. Bentley. pub. 36*. O.P. 

Stanhope, Lord. Life of William Pitt. 8vo. 3 vols. Murray. ''>(>*. 

Morley, J. Edmund Burke, g. 8vo. Macmillan. 5*. 

Macknight, T. Life and times of Burke. 8vo. 3 vols. CJiapman. 

pub. 50*. O.P. 

Martineau, Harriet. History of England 1800-1815. p. 8vo. Hell. 3*. Gd. 

,, History of the thirty years' peace 1816-1846. p. 8vo. 4 vols., 

3*. Gd. each. Bell (Bohri). 14*. 

Walpole, S. History, of England 1815-1858. c. 8vo. 6 vols., 6*. each. 

Longmans. 36*. 

Stapleton, A. George Canning and his times. 8vo. J. W. Parker. O.P. 

Cory, W. Guide to modern English history 1815-1835. d. 8vo. 2 vols. 

Paul. 24*. 

Vol. i., 9s. ; vol. ii., 15. Epigrammatic and amusing. 

McCarthy, J. History of our own times, d. 8vo. 4 vols., 12*. each. 

Chatto. 48*. 

Also at 6*. each. 

Greville, C. C. F. Journals of the reigns of George IV., William IV., and 

Victoria, c. 8vo. 8 vols., 6*. each. Longmans. 48*. 

Martin, T. Life of the Prince Consort, d. 8vo. 5 vols., 18*. each. Smith, 

Elder, illus. 90*. 

Also in 1 vol., 4. Gd. 

Ward, T. H. Reign of Queen Victoria, d. 8vo. 2 vols. Smith, Elder. 32*. 

Essays by various writers on the progress shown during the reign. 

Balling and Ashley. Life of Lord Palmerston. d. 8vo. 5 vols. Bentley. 75*. 

Vol. i., ii., S0. ; vol. iii., 15*. ; vol. iv., v., 80. Also in 2 vols., 12. each. 

Walpole, S. Life of Earl Russell, p. 8vo. 2 vols. Longmans. 12*. 

See also ENGLAND, LAW II. 

Bansome, C. Rise of constitutional government, c. 8vo. Mivingtons. 

(elem.) (>*. 

Taswell-Langmead, T. P. English constitutional history. 8vo. Stevens 

and Haynes. 21*. 

A general compilation. 

Stubbs, W. Constitutional history of England to 1485. c. 8vo. 3 vols., 

12*. each. Clar. Press. :'<!. 

Earle, J. Handbook to land charters and other Saxon documents, c. 8vo. 

Clar. Press. H*. 

99 ii 2 




Stubbs, W. Srlcct cliarters. c. 8vo. Clar. Press. 8s. Gd. 

Coutains the chief documents of importance up to 1320. 

Hallam, H. Constitutional history of England. 8vo. 3 vols. Murray. 30*. 

Henry VII. to George II. Also cheaper editions. 

Gardiner, S. R. Constitutional documents of the Commonwealth, c. 8vo. 

Clar. Press. n.<. 

May, T. E. Constitutional history of England, c. 8vo. 3 vols. Longman*. I**. 

From George III. 

Gneist, K. History of the English constitution. Tr. P. A. Ashworth. 

d. 8vo. 2 vols. Clones. :',2.<. 

,, History of the English Parliament. Tr. A. H. Kcano. d. 8vo. 

Clones. T.v. t;//. 

Todd, A. Parliamentary government in England. 8vo. 2 vols. Longman*. 

pub. 54*. O.P. 

An account of the actual doings of Parliament since George III. Vol. i., 24*. ; vol. ii., 80. 

Dicey, A. V. Law of the constitution. 8vo. Macnilllan. 12*. firf. 

Bagehot, W. The English constitution, c. 8vo. Paul. 7.. \'1. 

A survey of the constitution at present. 

Anson, W. R. Law and custom of the constitution, d. 8vo. Part i., 10*. Cxi. 
Clar. Press. 


Dowell, S. History of taxes and taxation in England. 8vo. 4 vols. 

Longmans. t2x. 

Hall, H. History of the Customs revenue of England, d. 8vo. 2 vols. 

Stock. 21*. 

Campbell, Lord. Lives of the Lord Chancellors, c. 8vo. 10 vols.. G*. 

each. Murray. GO*. 

, , Lives of the Chief Justices, c. 8vo. 4 vols., 6*. each. Murray. 21*. 

Foss, E. The Judges of England. 8vo. 9 vols. Murray. O.P. 

Eaton, Dorman B. Civil Service in Great Britain. 8vo. ITarjter. 12*. Gd. 


Hall, H. Court life under the Plantagenets. Sonnenscliein. illus. 10*. Gd. 

Browne, M. Chaucer's England, p. 8vo. 2 vols. Slaclictt. O.P. 

Jusserand, J. J. Wayfaring life in England in the 14th century. Tr. 

L. T. Smith. 8vo. Unrvin. illus. 12*. 

Denton, W. England in the 15th century! d. 8vo. Sell. 12*. 

Thornbury, W. Shakespeare's England, c. 8vo. 2 vols. Longman*. O.P. 

Hall, H. Society in the Elizabethan age. 8vo. Sonnenschein. 10*. Gd. 

Bourne, H. R. Fox. English seamen under the Tudors. 8vo. 2 vols. 

Ventky. O.P. 

Dyer, T. F. British popular customs, p. 8vo. Bell (Bohti). ;V. 

Ashton, J. Social life in the reign of Queen Anne. c. 8vo. CJiatto 

illus. Is. Gd. 

Wright, T. England under the House of Hanover. 8vo. 2 vols. Bentlcy. 

1848. O.P. 


England (.1 IDE BOOK TO BOOKS. England 

Ashton, .1. The dawn <>f the I'.tth century, c. 8vo. Unn-in. 10*. Gd. 

Cunningham. W. (Jrowth of English industry :ind commerce during the 

early and middle a^'es. d. Hvo. ('ambrltlyr 1'rt'sx. K>x. 

Ashley, W. .1. English economic history and theory. Longmans. 

Vol. i. I M i.Mle Agca) iiuucd. :. 

Rogers, J. E. '!'. Six centuries of work and wages, d. 8vo. Sonnensclu-'m. 15*. 

A brief sketch of economic progress. 

,, History of agriculture and prices in England (1259-1793). d. 8vo. 

d vols. Clnr. Press. 142*. 

Yul.H. i. and ii., 42*. ; iii. and iv., .Vix. ; v. and vi., 50*. 

Seebohm, F. The English village community. 8vo. Longmans. 16*. 

Gross, C. The gild merchant. 8vo. 2 vols. Clar. Press. 24*. 

Macpherson, D. Annals of commerce. 4to. 4 vols. (London). 1805. o.r. 

Eden, F. M. State of the poor. 4to. 3 vols. (London). 171)7. o.r. 

Popular county histories. A series now in progress, d. 8vo. Is. Gd. each. 

folk (W. Bye); Derbyshire (J. Pcndletonh Devon (R. N. Worth); Berkshire 
(C. Cooper King) ; Warwickshire (S. Timmins) ; Cumberland 11. S. Ferguson). 

Historic towns. A series now in progress. c. 8vo. 3*. Gd. each. 

I AIII (/mam. 

Exeter (E. A. Freeman); Bristol (W. Hunt); London (W. J. Loftie) ; Oxford 
(C. W. Boase); Colchester IE. L. Cutts) ; Cinque Ports (Montagu Burrows); Carlisle 


Annals of England, d. 8vo. Jas. Parker. 12*. 

An excellent textbook forstudents. (Also in five parts, Is. 6tl. each.) 

Acland and Ransome. Handbook of the political history of England. 

c. 8vo. Rivlngtons. 6*. 

Chronological tables. 

Gardiner and Mullinger. Introduction to the study of English history. 

1. c. 8vo. Paul. 9*. 

General sketch with account of the authorities. 

Dictionary of English history, r. 8vo. Cassell. (elern.) 10*. Gd. 

Gairdner, J. Early chronicles of England, c. 8vo. S. P. C. K. (elem.) 4*. 

Doyle, J. E. Official baronage of England. 8vo. 3 vols. Longmans. 

illus. 105*. 

A valuable record of English noble families and the descent of titles. 

Dictionary of national biography. Ed. Leslie Stephen, d. 8vo. 15*. each. 
Smith, Elder. 

In course of publication ; with full references to all sources of information. 

Parry, C. H. Parliaments of England. 8vo. Murray. 1839. O.P. 

A handbook to Parliaments. 

,, Parliamentary history of England to 1803 r. 8vo. 36 vols. (London). 

1806-20. o.r. 

Chronicles of Great Britain, r. 8vo. 10*. each. Record Office. 

Published under the direction of the Master of the Bolls. 

Calendar of State papers, i. 8vo. 15*. each. Record Office. 

Published under the direction of the Master of the Bolls. 

SEE ALSO Publications of the Camden Society; Beports of the historical MSS. Com- 
mission; Enulish Historical Ret i etc (quarterly, 5*.). 


England G.UIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. England 



Law books are very unlike other books, and the subject matter of legal literature is a 
constantly growing and changing one; hence a select list of books can be taken by the 
professed student of law merely as hints towards the art of using the resources of a law 
library. Laymen in search of information upon a special point will generally do well to 
consult a legal friend. In default of that counsel snch a list as the present may possibly help 
them. Law books are always quoted among lawyers by the shortest form of the title which 
will identify the book. This professional usage has here been followed. 

As a rule books of earlier date than Blaokst one's Commentaries are not included, nor 
books of practice, unless amounting in fact and in use to text-books of substantive law. 


Blackstone, W. Commentaries on the laws of England. 

An old edition, presenting the original text in full, is quite easily procurable for a 
few shillings. Best with Christian's notes. 

Kent, J. Commentaries on American law. 8vo. 4 vols. (Low). 100*. 

With notes by O. W. Holmes, Junr. A classical work, not nearly so much used in England 
as it ought to be. 

Stephen, H. J. New commentaries on the laws of England. 8vo. 4 vols. 

13utterm>rth. 84*. 

Reeves, J. History of the English law. Ed. Finlason. 8vo. 3 vols. 

Jtseres. O.P. 

Old editions are quite as useful, and not scarce. 

Brunner, H. The sources of the law of England (with bibliographical 

appendix by translator). Tr. W. Hastie. c. 8vo. Clark. 2.v. (\/l. 

Holmes, O. W., Jun. The common law. 8vo. Macmillan. ll'.v. 

Broom, H. Commentaries on the common law. Ed. Archibald and Green. 

8vo. Sweet and Maxmell. ".">. 

Maitland, F. W. Justice and police (" English Citizen " ser.). c. 8vo. 

Macmillan. . 3s. Gd. 

Dugdale, W. Origines juridiciales. fo. 3rd ed. 1680. 

The source of almost all the current information on English legal antiquities. 

Essays in Anglo-Saxon law. m. 8vo. Macmillan. 18s. 

Bigelow, M. M. Placita Anglo-Normannica. 8vo. Lon-. \ 8l. 

,, History of procedure in England. 8vo. Macmillan. 1C*. 

The Norman period. 

Pleas of the Crown for the County of Gloucester. Ed. F. W. Maitland. 8vo. 

Macmillan. Is. Gd. 

Select Pleas of the Crown (Selden Society). Ed. Maitland. Quaritch. O.P. 

Select Pleas in Manorial Courts (Selden Society). Ed. Maitland. Quaritcli. O.P. 

Bracton's note book. Ed. Maitland. d. 8vo. 3 vols. Cambridge Press. <;:;.<. 

Forsyth., W. Cases and opinions on constitutional law. r. 8vo. Stevens 

and Haynes. 30s. 

Broom, H. Leading cases on constitutional law. Stveet and Maxwell. -">.<. (\<J. 

Traill, H. D. Central government (" English Citizen " ser.). c. 8vo. 

Macmillan. 3*. Gd. 

Hearn, W. E. The government of England. 8vo. Longmans. Id*. 


England < i UIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. England 

Broom, II. ('nnstitu'ional l:i\v. Kil. (J. 0. Denman. 8vo. Maxwell. 31i. Gd. 

May, T. K. Law, pru ilexes, and proceedings of Parliament. 8vo. 

Ititttt'rirortli. 48. 

Stephen, J. F. Digest of the criminal law. 8vo. Macmillan. 

,, Digest of tta lav of criminal procedure, 8vo. Macmillan, 12s. Gd. 

,, History of the criminal law of England. 8vo. 3 vols. Macmillan. 48*. 

,, General view of the criminal law. 8vo. Macmillan. 14*. 

Russell, W. O. Crimes and misdemeanours. Ed. S. Prentice, r. 8vo. 

;i vols. Sir IT us. 115*. Gd. 

An exhaustive book of reference. 

Archbold. Pleading 1 and evidence in criminal cases. Ed. Bruce, r. 12mo. 

tf/iTrl (i/id Maj'irrll. 31*. Gd. 

Roscoe. Digest of the law of evidence in criminal cases. Ed. Smith. 

r. 12in<>. Sfi'irnx. 31*. Gd. 

" Aivhbold " and " Roscoe," notwithstanding their titles, deal largely with substantive law. 

Wright, R. 8. Law of criminal conspiracies and agreements. 8vo. 

Jiit/frrn-ortlt. O.P. 

Pollock and Wright. Possession in the common law. d. 8vo. Clar. Press. Ss. Gd. 

Contains full discussion of the law of theft. 

Du Cane, E. F. The punishment and prevention of crime (" English 

Citizen " ser.). c. 8vo. Macmillan. 3s. Gd. 

Pike, L. O. History of crime in England. 8vo. 2 vols. Smith, Elder. O.P. 


Coke. Commentary on Littleton. Ed. Hargrave and Butler. 8vo. (London). 

1823. O.P. 

There is a critical edition of Littleton's French text, by Tomlin (1811). 

Raleigh, T. Outline of the law of property, d. 8vo. Clar. Press. 7s. Gd. 

Smith and Trustram. Compendium of the law of real and personal property. 

d. Svo. 2 vols. Stevens. 42*. 

Digby, K. E. History of the law of real property. Svo. Clar. Press. 10s. Gd. 

Pollock, F. Land laws (" English Citizen " ser.). c. Svo. Macmillan. 3*. Gd. 

Challis, II. W. Law of real property. 

Williams, J. Principles of the law of real property. Ed. T. C. Williams. 

Svo. Srccet and Maxwell. 21s. 

,, Principles of the law of personal property. Ed. T. C. Williams. 

d. 8vo. Sweet and Maxwell. 21s. 

,, Rights of common, etc. Svo. Sweet and Maxwell. 14*. 

Scrutton, T. E. Commons and common fields, d. Svo. Cayibridge Press. Ws. Gd. 

Hood and Challis. Conveyancing and settled land acts. r. Svo. Reeves. 15*. 

Edwards, W. D. ffompendium of the law of property in land. Svo. 20*. 

Leake, S. M. Digest of the law of property in land. d. Svo. 2 vols. 

Sir mis and Hayncs. 44*. 

Elton, C. Copyholds and customary tenures. Svo. Wildy. 20*. 

Scriven, J. Copyhold and law of manors. Ed. A. Brown. Svo. Butter- 
worth. 30*. 


England GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. England 

Woodfall, W. Landlord and tenant. Ed. J. M. Lely. r. 8vo. Sweet and 

Maxwell. :$s.<. 

Pollock and Wright. Possession in the common law. d. Hvo. Clar. Press. 

Gale, C. J. Law of easements. Ed. Cave. r. 8vo. Sweet and Maxwell. -<'>*. 

Goddard, J. L. Law of easements, d. Hvo. Stevens. -!<. 
Shelford, L. Real property statutes. Ed. T . Carson. Sweet and Maxwell. 

New edition in press. 

Dart, J. H. Vendors and purchasers of real estate. Ed. Barber, etc. 

r. 8vo. 2 vols. Stevens. I'm. 

Fry, E. Specific performance, r. 8vo. Butterwortlt . :;('.<. 

Tudor, O. D. Leading cases on real property, r. 8vo. ButtermtrtJt. ~>2s. (/. 


Godefroi, H. Digest of the principles of the law of trust and trustees. 

d. 8vo. Stevens. 21, <. 

Lewin, J. Law of trusts. Ed. F. Lewin. r. 8vo. Sweet and Maxnell. 12*. 

Ellis, A. L. Trustees' guide to investments. 12mo. :'..<. (\d. 

Smith, J. W. Manual of equity jurisprudence. Ed. Trustram. 12mo. 

Stevens. 12x. M. 

Vaizey, J. S. Settlements of property, r. 8vo. '*.<. 

, , Investment of trust money, d. 8vo. IV. 

Mainly extracted from the author's larger work on settlements. 

Williams, R. V. Executors and administrators. Ed. Williams, r. 8vo. 
2 vols. Stevens. 

In preparation. 

Croswell, S. Executors and administrators. 8vo. (Boston). 31. M. 

Macqueen, P. J. Husband and wife. Ed. Russell, r. 8vo. Sweet and 

Maxwell. 25*. 

Simpson, A. J. Infants. 8vo. Stevens and Haynes. 22*. 

New ed. in preparation. 

Schouler, J. Law of the domestic relations. 8vo (Boston). 31*. M. 

Eversley, W. P. Law of the domestic relations, r. 8vo. Stevens and 

Haynes. 52s. (>d. 


Copinger, W. A. Law of copyright. 8vo. Stevens and Haynes. 30*. 

Shortt, J. Law of literature and art. d. 8vo. Reeves and Turner. 30*. 

Scrutton, T. E. Law of copyright. 8vo. Clowes. 2.v. 

New and re-cast edition. More concise than the foregoing. 

Aston, T. Patents, designs, and trade marks, r. 8vo. Stevens. G*. 

Daniel, E. M. Patents, designs, and trade marks. 8vo. 8*. Gd. 

Mushet, R. S. Law of trade marks, c. 8vo. Smith, Elder. 5*. 


Anson, W. R. Principles of the English law of contract, d. 8vo. Clar. 

Press. 12*. Ga. 

Addison, C. G. Contracts. Ed. H. Smith, r. 8vo. Stevens. GO*. 

Chitty. Contracts. Ed. Lely and Geary, r. 8vo. 30*. 

Chitty has been more lately re-edited than Addison. 


England (iHIDE BOOK TO IK)KS. England 

Leake, s. M. Elementaiy digMt of the I&w of oontmotc. 1. 8vo. Stevens. ;{K*. 

An excellent book, but hardly elementary in the ordinary tense. 

Hare, . I. Chirk. Law of contracts. xvo. Low. -<'>*. 

Pollock, F. Principles of contract, d. NV<>. Sfrrr/m. 2Kx. 

Langdell. ('.('. Summary of t In- law of contracts. 12mo. (Boston). \'l*. ('<!. 

Finch, (i. I'.. Selection of cases on the English law of contracts, r. 8vo. 

Ci/m/iri ili 1 1 I 'rest. - s x . 

A selection of original authorities (not annotated) to be studied concurrently with a text-book. 


Smith, J. Mercantile law. Ed. J. Macdonell. r. 8vo. 2 vols. Stevens. 42*. 

With new historical introduction. 

Story, J. Agency. 8vo. Lon. :;.">. 

A classical work in England aa well as America. 

Benjamin, J. P. Sale of personal property. Ed. Pearson and Boyd. r. 8vo. 

tfm-ft tntd Maxwell. 38*. 

Blackburn, Lord. Contract of sale (of goods). Ed. J. C. Graham, r. 8vo. 


Hi'iijiiniiu and Blackburn cover the same ground to some extent, but a good lawyer onght to 
be familiar with both. 

Ker, W. C. Digest of the law of sale of goods. 8vo. Reeves and Turner. G*. 

Concise and handy. 

Chalmers, J. Sale of goods, d. 8vo. 10*. 

Codified digest ; somewhat fuller than Ker. 

, , Digest of the law of bills of exchange, d. 8vo. Stevens. 16*. 

Maude and Pollock. Merchant shipping, r. 8vo. 2 vols. Sweet and Maxwell. 70*. 

Maclachlan, D. Merchant shipping, r. 8vo. Sweet and Maxwell. 40*. 

Arnould, J. Marine insurance. Ed. Maclachlan. r. 8vo. 2 vols. Stevens. 60*. 

Tudor, O. D. Leading cases on mercantile and maritime law. r. 8vo. 

2 vols. Stevens. 42s. 

Liindley, Lord. Partnership, r. 8vo. Sweet and Maxwell. 35s. 

The fifth edition of " Lindley on Partnership," re-cast in 2 vols., each complete in itself. 

, , Company law. r. 8vo. . 50*. Qd . 

Pollock, F. Digest of the law of partnership, d. 8vo. Stevens. 7s. 6d. 

Incorporating Partnership Act, 1890. 

Buckley, H. B. Companies Acts. r. 8vo. Stevens and Haynes. 32*. 

Palmer and Macnaghten. Company precedents, r. 8vo. Stevens. 34*. 


Bigelow, M. M. Elements of the law of torts, c. 8vo. Cambridge Press. 10*. 6d. 

Addison, C. G. Wrongs and their remedies. Ed. Smith, r. 8vo. Stevens. 38*. 

Pollock, F. Law of torts. 8vo. Stevens. 21*. 

Cooley, T. M. Law of torts. 8vo. (Chicago). 35*. 

Bigelow, M. M. Leading cases on the law of torts. 8vo. (Boston). 31*. 6d. 

Hoberts and Wallace. Duty and liability of employers. 8vo. Reeves and 

Turner. 15*. 

Beven, T. Negligence, r. 8vo. Stevens and Haynes. 42*. 

Campbell, R. Negligence. 8vo. Stevens and Haynes. 12*. 

Smith, H. Negligence, d. 8vo. Stevens. 12*. Gd. 

Odgers, W. B. Libel and slander, r. 8vo. Stevens. 32*. 


England GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. England 

Taylor, J. Pitt. Law of evidence, r. 8vo. Sweet and Maxwell. 7~>*. 


Stephen, J. F. Digest of the law of evidence, c. 8vo. Macmillan. (>.<. 


Best, W. Principles of evidence. Ed. J. M. Lely. r. 8vo. Srveet and Maxwell, :52.<. 

Bigelow, M. M. Law of estoppel. 8vo. Lorn. 31*. Qd. 

Wharton, F. Evidence in civil cases. 8vo. 2 vols. (Philadelphia). t;:!x. 

,, Evidence in criminal cases. 8vo. (Philadelphia). '>'<. 

Greenleaf, S. Treatise on evidence. 8vo. 3 vols. Lorn. Sis. 


Story, J. Equity jurisprudence. Ed. Bigelow. 8vo. 2 vols. Lore. 73*. 6d. 

Spence, G. Equitable jurisdiction of the Court of Chancery. o.r. 

Easily accessible ; still of great historical value. 

Laugdell. Equity pleading. 8vo. (Cambridge, U.S.). lox. 

Phillimore, R. Ecclesiastical law. Ed. Sir W. Phillimore. 8vo. 2 vols. 

Sweet and Maxwell. 30*. 

Williams and Bruce. Admiralty practice. 8vo. Srveet and Maxwell. 

Thring and others. Manual of military law (official). Eyre. 2s. Gtf. 


Fisher's digest (with consolidated and annual supplements). Ed. Mews 

and others, r. 8vo. 7 vols. Srveet and Maxwell. 12 12*. 

Fisher's Digest and the Equity Index are the working lawyer's guides to the great 
bulk of modern law contained in reported cases. The Digeot to the Law Reports contains 
only cases reported in the Law Reportt from 1865 onwards. 

Chitty's " Equity Index." Ed. Hirst, r. 8vo. 9 vols. Steven. 1212*. 

Vol. i., ii., iii. v., vi., vii., viii., 81. Gd. each ; vol. iv., 42. ; vol. ii., "Names of cases," 21*. 

Digest to the law reports (Annual). Ed. Eniden and Thompson, r. 8vo. 

Clowes. About 6*. 

Dale and Lehmann. Digest of cases over-ruled, r. 8vo. Stevens. 50.*. 

"Williams' notes to Saunders' reports. Ed. E. V. Williams, r. 8vo. 2 vols. 

Reeves and Turner. 50*. 

Smith's leading cases. Ed. Collins and Arbuthnot. r. 8vo. Sweet and 

Maxwell. 7 .'.>-. 

Both Williams', Saunders' and Smith's Leading cases are commentaries which have 
outgrown their text and become repertories of miscellaneous learning ; and both are as nearly 
authoritative as it is possible for modern law books to be. The contents are made available by 
full indexes. 

Leading cases in equity. Ed. White and Tudor, r. 8vo. 2 vols. Sira-t 

and Maxwell. " I*. 

Wallace. The reporters. Ed. Heard. 8vo. (Boston). :><>.<. 

A bibliographical and antiquarian classic. 

Sweet. Catalogue of modern law books. Srveet. o.r. 

Soule. Lawyer's reference manual of law books and citations. 8vo. Soule 

(Boston). 21*. 

Useful as genera guides tolegal bibliography, customary abbreviations in citing text-books 
and reports, etc. Soule is naturally fuller as regards American law reports and literature, and 
is altogether the more elaborate work. An annual continuation of Sweet's catalogue was pro- 
jected, but not carried out. 


England GU1DK BOOK TO BOOKS. England 

Foss, K. Hitigraphia junilica (a biographical dictionary of the judges of 

ml). Svn. Murray. 21*. 

Tabular ciiriah-s. Murray. O.P. 

l iisfful handbook of judicial chronology- 



Craik, G. L. History of English literature, r. 8vo. 2 vols. Grijfin. 25*. 

Taine, II. History of English literature. Tr. c. 8vo. 4 vols. Chatto. 30*. 

Also in two vols., 15*. 

Arnold, T. Manual of English literature, p. 8vo. Longmans. Is. Gd. 

Ward, A. W. History of English dramatic literature. 8vo. 2 vols. 

Saintsbury, G. History of Elizabethan literature, c. 8vo. Macmlllan. Is. Gd. 

Gosse, E. History of the literature of the eighteenth century, p. 8vo. 

Mticmlllan. 7*. Gd. 

II. 1100-1500. THE MIDDLE AGES: 

Brink, B. ten, Early English literature. Tr. H. M. Kennedy. c. 8vo. 

Bell(Bohri). 3*. Gd. 

Morley, H. English writers, p. 8vo. Cassell. 15*. 

Vol. iii., Conquest to Chaucer ; vol. iv., v.. Fourteenth century. 5. each. 

Warton, T. History of English poetry. Ed. Hazlitt. r. 8vo. 4 vols. 

Tegg. pub. 42*. O.P. 

Altenglische Sprachproben. Ed. Matzner. r. Svo. (Berlin}. 24*. 

Morris and Skeat. Specimens of early English, ex. f. Svo. 2 parts. 

Clar. Press. 16*. Gd. 

Part i., 1150-1800, 9. ; part ii., 1298-1893, 7. Gd. 

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. Ed. Thorpe, r. Svo. 2 vols. Rolls Series. 20*. 

Vol. i., Text, 10*. ; vol. ii.. Translation, 10*. 

Two of the Saxon Chronicles ; parallel. Ed. Earle. c. Svo. Clar. Press. 3*. 

Layamon's-Brut. Ed. Madden, r. Svo. 3 vols. Soo. of Antiqiiaries. 

1847. pub. 63*. O.P. 

The Ormulum. Ed. White and Holt. ex. f. Svo. 2 vols. Clar. Press. 21*. 

Genesis and Exodus (Early English Text Society). Ed. Morris, d. Svo. 

Triibner. 8*. 

Old English homilies (E.E.T.S.). Ed. Morris, d. Svo. 2ser.,8*. each. Triibner. 16*. 

An old English miscellany (E.E.T.S.). Ed. Morris, d. Svo. Triibner. 10*. 

Havelok the Dane (E.E.T.S.). Ed. Madden and Skeat, d. Svo. Triibner. 10*. 

Ancren Riwle. Ed. Morton, sm. 4to. Camden Soc. 

Owl and nightingale. Ed. Stratmann. SVQ. Kramer. 

Robert of Gloucester's chronicle. Ed. Wright, r. Svo. Rolls Series. 10*. 

Michel, D. Ayenbite of Inwyt (E.E.T.S.). Ed. Morris, d. Svo. Triibner. 10*. Gd. 

De Hampole, R. R. The prick of conscience. (Philol. Soc.). Ed. E. Morris. 

Triibner. 12*. 


England GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. England 

Cursor mumli (E.E.T.S.). Ed. Morris. Triibner. 

In course of publication. Part i., 10. Crf. ; part ii., 15. ; part iii.. 15. ; part iv., 10. ; part 

Mannyng (of Brunne), R. Handlyng synne. Ed. F. J. Furnivall. 4to. 
Roxburghe Club. 

Minot, L. Poems. Ed. Hall. ex. f. 8vo. Clar. Press. 4s. Gd. 

Wyclif, J. Select English works. Ed. Arnold. 8vo. 3 vols. Clar. Press. 21*. 
,, English works hitherto unprinted (E.E.T.S.). Ed. Matthew, d. 8vo. 

Triibner. 20*. 

Lechler, G. V. John Wycliffe and his English precursors. Tr. Lorimer. 

8vo. It. 1. S. 8*. 

Langland, W. Vision of William concerning Piers the ploughman. Ed. 

Skeat. 8vo. 2 vols. Clar. Press. 31*. Gd. 

Also Triibner (E.E.T.S.). 3 vols.. 85. 6d. 

Chaucer, G. Poetical works. Ed. Morris, f. 8vo. 6 vols., 5*. each. Sell. 30*. 

Also in vols., lx. fid. each ; and in same type. 

Minor poems. Ed. Skeat. c. 8vo. Clar. Preu. 10. 6d. 

Legend of good women. Ed. Skeat. c. 8vo. Clar. Preu. 6>. 

Prologue, Knightes Tale, Nonne Preestes Tale. Ed. Morris and Skeat. ex. f. 8vo. 

Clar. Prett. 2. 6d. 

Prioresses Tale, Sir Thopas, Monkes Tale, Clerkes Tale, Squieres Tale. Ed. Skeat. 

ex. f. 8vo. Clar. Press. i*. c,,i. 

Man of Lawes Tale, Pardoneres Tale, Second Nonnes Tale, Chanouns Yemannes 

Tale. Ed. Skeat. ex. f . 8vo. Clar. Preu. 4. 6d. 

Brink, B. ten, Chaucer, Studien zur Geschichte seiner Entwickelung, etc. 

8vo. (Miimster). is. 

Gower, J. Confessio amantis. Ed. Pauli. 8vo. 3 vols. Daldy. 1857. 

pub. 25*. O.P. 

Also ed. Morley (Routledge), 8vo., 8*. 6rf. 

Mandeville, J. Voyage and travaile. Ed. Halliwell. 8vo. Ellis. 1839. O.P. 

Barbour, J. The Bruce (E.E.T.S.). Ed. Skeat. d. 8vo. 3 parts. Triibner. 37,?. 

James I. The king's quair. Ed. Skeat. 8vo. Scottish Text Soc. 

Blind Harry. Wallace. Ed. Moir. Scottish Text Soc. 

Hoccleve (or Occleve), T. Poems. Ed. Mason. (London). 1796. O.P. 

The governail of princes. Ed. Wright. Roxburghe Club. 

Fortescue, J. The governance of England. Ed. Plummer. 8vo. Clar. 

Press. 12*. Gd. 

Pecock, R. The represser of over-much blaming of the clergy. Ed. 

Babington. r. 8vo. 2 vols., 10*. each. Rolls Series. 20*. 

Chevy Chase (in "English and Scottish popular ballads"). Ed. Child. 

4to. 8 parts. (Boston). 130#. 

Malory, T. Morte d' Arthur. Ed. Sommer and Lang. r. 8vo. 3 vols. ; 
30*. (vol. iii. in prep.). Nutt. 

Also Jtacmillan (Globe series), St. 6d. 

Skelton, J. Poems. Ed. Dyce. 8vo. 2 vols. Sohn. pub. 12*. o.P. 

Tyndale, W. Obedience of a Christian man. Ed. Lovett. 8vo. R. T. S. 2*. Gd. 
More, T. History of Edward V. and Richard III. 8vo. A. Murray. o.P. 

Dunbar, W. Poems (Arber's reprints). Ed. Small and others. 12mo. 

Arber. &. Gd. 

Surrey, Wyatt, etc. Tottel's Miscellany (Arber's reprints). 12mo. Arber. 2,<. '/. 


England GI'IDK IJOOK TO HOOKS. England 

Ascham, K. Toxojiliilus (Arl>rr'> reprint-). I'Jmo. Arln-r. '.'>*. 

,, Tin; SrholrmaMrr. ll'mo. />,!!( /In/in). !* 

Sackville, T. Works. Ivl. W.-M. Ii'm... .1. It. Smith. to. 

Udall, N. Roister Dolrter (Arbeit reprint*). lUmo. .1 />/-. lx. i;^/. 

Lyndsay, D. Works (E.K.T.S.). Ed. Small and others. :i parts. 'lr,ih,,,-r. <tx. 

The complaint of Scotland ( K. K.T.S. ). I'M. M urray. 2 parts. Triih,i,-r. ] *x. 

Elyot, T. The bokr nai ..... 1 t In- governor. Ivl. Croft. 4to. 2 vols. Paid. r>l)x. 

Douglas, (Javin. Works. Ed. Small, p. 8vo. 4 vols. tiotheran. ;:!.. 

Pollard, A. W. Mil ado plays, c. 8vo. Clar. Press. ~*.(\<1. 

For Shakespeare, see SHAKKSIM: AI:I:. 

Spenser, E. Works. Ed. Grosart. r. 8vo. Routladge. 7s. C>d. 

,, Works (Globe series). Ed. Morris, gl. 8vo. Macmillan. 3*. (]//. 

,, Faerie Queen ; books i. and ii. Ed. Kitchen and Mayhew. ex. f. 8vo. 

2*. (Jd. each. Clar. J'rt'x*. J5*. 

Hooker, R. Ecclesiastical polity. Ed. Keble. m. 8vo. 3 vols. Clar. 

Press. 36s. 

Bacon, F. Works. Ed. Spedding and others. 8vo. 7 vols. Lo)tgma)t#. 73.*. (\<1. 

,, Essays ("Golden Treasury" ser.). Ed. Wright. 18mo. Macmillan. 4x. Qd. 

, , Advancement of learning. E<1. Wright, ex. f . 8vo. Clar. Press. 4x. Gd. 

,, Life of Henry VII. Ed. Lumby. ex. f. 8vo. Pitt Press. 3*. 

Spedding, J. Letters and life of Francis Bacon. 8vo. 7 vols. Lonr/mam. 84*. 

Iiily, J. Euphues (Arber's reprints). 8vo. Arber. 4*. 

Sidney, P. An apologie for poetrie (Arber's reprints). 12mo. A.Murray. M. 

Jonson, B. Works. Ed. Gifford and Cunningham, p. 8vo. 3 vols. 

Chatto. \Xt. 

Symonds, J. A. Ben Jonson ("English Worthies" ser.). f. 8vo. Lonyinaiis. 2.v. (>c/. 

Beaumont and Fletcher. Works. Ed. Dyce. 8vo. 11 vols. Moxon. 

pub. 12*. each. o.r. 

Also r. 8vo. 2 vols. Routtedye. 21. 

Marlowe, C. Works. Ed. Dyce. 8vo. Routledge. 7*. Gd. 

Also c. 8vo. Chatto. 6f. 

Chapman, G. Homer's Iliad and Odyssey, c. 8vo. Chatto. <;.v. 

Drayton, M. Complete works. Ed. Hooper. 12mo. 3 vols. J. R. Smith. 15s. 
Daniel, S. Complete works in verse and prose. Ed. Grosart. 4to. 3 vols. 

Printed for private circulation. 

Raleigh, Wotton, etc. Poems. Ed. Hannah, f. 8vo. Hell. 2s. GJ. 

Herbert, G. Poetical works. Ed. Grosart. f. 8vo. Sell. 2s. 6d. 

Drummond, W. Poetical works. Ed. Turnbull. p. 8vo. Iteeves and 

Turner. 4#. 

Famous Elizabethan plays, expurgated and adapted for modern readers. 

Ed. Fitzgibbon. p. 8vo. Allen. ~s. 6d. 

Playc of Dekker, Beaumont and Fletcher, Ben Jonson, Massinger, Ford. 


England GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. England 

IV. 1630-60. AGE OF MILTON : 

Milton, J. Poetical works. Ed. H. J. Todd. 8vo. 5 vols. Rlvlngton. 42s. 

,, Ed, Masson. 8vo. 3 vols. Macmillan, 42.. 

Also f. 8vo., 8 vols., 15*., and " Globe" edition, S*. 6d. 

,, Prose writings. Ed. Morley. 1. c. 8vo. Routledge. Zs.Gd. 

Cleveland, C. D. Complete concordance to the poetical works of Milton. 

12mo. Lorn. pub. 6s. o.P. 

Masson, D. Life of John Milton. Svo. 6 vols. Macmillan. 

Vol. i. and vi., 21. ; vol. ii., O.P. ; vol. iii., 18. ; vol. iv., v., 32*. 

Marvel, A. Poetical works, p. 8vo. A. Murray. 2.*. (\d. 

Henick, T. Poetical works. Ed. Hazlitt. 12mo. 2 vols. J. It. Smith. 8s. 

Also selections (." Golden Treasury " ser.). Macmillan. \s, 6d. 

Clarendon. History of the Great Rebellion. Ed. Macray. c. 8vo. 6 vols. 

Clar. Press. 45s. 

Brown, Sir T. Works. Ed. Wilkin. p. 8vo. 3 vols., 3s. Gd. each. Hell 

(Bohri). 10s. Gd. 

Vol. i.. Vulgar errors ; vol. ii., Ruligio Medici or Garden of Cyprus; vol. iii., Urn burial, 
tracts, and correspondence. 

,, Religio Medici, etc. ("Golden Treasury" ser.). Ed. Greenhill. 

18mo. Macmillan. 4s. Gd. 

Cowley, A. Essays. 18mo. Lore. 2s. Gd. 

The King and the Commons; Cavalier and Puritan song. Ed. Morley. 

18mo. Lorn. 2s. Gd. 

Hobbes, T. Leviathan. 8vo. Routledge. Is. 

Walton, I. Lives of Dr. Donne, Sir Henry Wotton, etc. Ed. Cooke. 12mo. 

8. P. C. K. 4s. 

Taylor, Jeremy. Liberty of prophesying. Ed. Cattermole. 12mo. Virtue. 

1836. 2s. Gd. 

Fuller, T. History of the worthies of England. Ed. Nuttall. p. 8vo. 

3 vols. Tegg. pub. 18s. O.P. 

Vaughan, H. Silex scintillans. 8vo. Sell. 2s. Gd. 

Orme, W. Life and times of Richard Baxter. 8vo. O.P. 

V. 1660-1700. AGE OF DRYDEN : 
Dryden, J. Works. Ed. Saintsbury. 8vo. 18mo. Paterson. 191s. 

In course of publication. 

,, Poetical works. Ed. Hooper, f. 8vo. 5 vols., 5s. each. Sell. 2d,f. 

Also cheap edition, 7*. Orf., and in " Globe " series. Jfacmillan. 3*. 6d. 

, , Selected dramatic works. Ed. Seton. p. 8vo. Hamilton, Adams. 5s. 

Butler, S. Hudibras. p. 8vo. Sell (Bohri). 5s. 

Locke, J. Works, p. 8vo. 2 vols., 3s. Gd. each. Sell (Bo7iri). Is. 

Pepys, S. Diary. Ed. Braybrooke. c. 8vo. 4. vols. Bell(BoTiri). Uiu. 

Also c. 8vo. Warne. St. Gil. 

Evelyn, J. Diary. Ed. Bray and Wheatley. 8vo. 4 vols. Bickers. 

Also c. Svo. 4 vols. Ili-lt lluli a-. -l(\x. 

Bunyan, John. Pilgrims progress, etc. Ed. Venables. ex. f. Svo. Clar. 

Press. 5s. 

Brown, J. John Bunyan, his life, times, and work. d. Svo. Islrister. 7*. (V/. 

Osborne, Dorothy, Letters. Ed. Parry, p. Svo. Griffith. 6s. 


England GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. England 

Burnet, (J. lliMnry of his own times. Svo. ', vols. Clar. Preu. O.P. 

Congreve, W. Plays. Ed. Ewald. p. 8vo. Vizrtrll.ij. 2s. (\d. 


Addisoii and Steele, etc. The Spectator. Ed. Morlcy. c. 8vo. 3 vols. 

ll,nitledge. 10*. <://. 

Dobson, A. Life of Steele. f. 8vo. Longman*. 2s. Gd. 

Macaulay, T. B. Essay on Add ison. svo. Longmans. Is. 

Pope, A. Life and works. Ed. Croker, Elwin, and Courthope. Svo. 

10 vols., 10s. 6d. each. Murray. 105*. 

,, Works, c. Svo. 4 vols., 5#. each. Hell (Boliri). 2Qg. 
Also " Globe " edition. Macmillan. 8*. (x/. 

, , Essay on man. Ed. Pattison. ex. f . Svo. Clar. Press. lg. C>d. 

Defoe, D. Earlier life and works. Ed. H. Morley. p. Svo. Routledge. 3*. 6d. 

Minto, W. Daniel Defoe ("Eng. Men of Letters" ser.). c. Svo. Macmillan. Is. (id. 

Swift, J. Works, r. Svo. 2 vols. Be II. 24*. 

,, Talc of a tub, and other works. Ed. H. Morley. 1. c. Svo. Routledge. 3s. Gd. 

Craik, H. Life of Swift. Svo. Murray. 18s. 
Thackeray, W. M. The English humorists of the 18th century. 1. Svo. 

, Elder, illus. 10*. Gd. 

Also at :;. (></., and in cheaper editions. 

VII. 1740-90. AGE OF DR. JOHNSON: 

Johnson, S. Lives of the poets. Ed. Mrs. Napier, c. Svo. 3 vols., 3*. Gd. 

each. Sell (Sohn). 10*. Gd. 

Boswell, J. Selected essays. Ed. Reid. ISmo. Scott. In. 

, , Life of Johnson. Ed. Croker. m. Svo. Murray. 12s. 

Goldsmith, 0. Works, c. Svo. 5 vols., 3*. Gd. each. Sell (Sokn). 17*. Gd. 

Also " Globe " edition. Macmillan. 3. 6ri. 

Forster, J. Life of Oliver Goldsmith, d. Svo. 2 vols. Ward. 10*. 

Also cheaper edition at 2s. 

Burke, E. Select works. Ed. Payne, ex. f. 8vo. 3 vols. Clar. Press. 14*. Gd. 

Richardson, S. Works. Svo. 12 vols. (calf). Sotlieran. pub. 126*. O.P. 

Also (in rather small type), Pamela, Sir Charles Grandison, and Ctaritta Harloice. 
c. Svo. 2*. each. Routledge. Second-hand copies of old editions can be frequently obtained 
at intermediate prices. 

Fielding, H. Works. Svo. 5 vols. Routledge. 25*. 

Alsor.Svo. Bell. Us. 

Smollett, T. Works. Svo. 6 vols. Routledge. 30*. 

Alsor.Svo. Bell. H. 

Sterne, L. Works. Ed. J. P. Brown. 4 vols. Sotlieran. pub. 94*. Gd. O.P. 

Also Nimmo, 5*. ; and Routledge, St. K(l. 

Traill, H. D. Sterne (" Eng. Men of Letters " ser.). c. Svo. Macmillan. 1*. 6^. 

Hume, D. Philosophical works. Svo. 4 vols. Longmans. ftijg. 

,, Essays. 8vo. Warnt. s s . Gd. 

Huxley, T. H. Hume (" Eng. Men of Letters " ser.). c. Svo. Macmillan. 1*. Gd. 

Smith, Adam. Wealth of nations. Ed. Rogers. 8vo. 2 vols. Clar. Press. 21*. 

Also e. Svo. Routtedge. Si. 6d. 

Sheridan, R. B. Works. Svo. 2 vols. Bickers. 21s. 

Also Routledge, C*. ; and Bell (Bohn), Ss. Qd. 


England GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. England 

Walpole, H. Letters, d. 8vo. J) vols. Sentlry. !> 1*. \'i. 

Gray, T. Works. Ed. Gosse. gl. 8vo. 4 vols. Macmillan. 20*. 

Yl. i.. Poems, journals, and essays : vols. ii. and iii., Letters (specially worth reading) ; ol. 
iv.. Notes on Aristophanes and Plato. 

Chesterfield, Lord. Letters. Ed. Lord Carnarvon, r. 8vo. Clar. Press. 

illus. 21*. 

Also Gibliingt, 7. <W., and selection, Low, 2*. 6d. 

Junius." Letters, c. 8vo. 2 vols., 3*. dd. each. Be U (Holm). 7.. 

Also c. 8vo. Koutlfdfft. St. 6d. 

Blake, W. Songs of innocence. Ed. Rossetti. f. 8vo. Hell. 'J*. tW7. 

Scott, W. Lives of eminent novelists and dramatists, c. 8vo. Warne. 2*. 
Gibbon, E. Autobiography and correspondence, c. 8vo. Warne. 

Oliphant, Mrs. Historical sketches, p. 8vo. Slackrvood. <">*. 

Seeley, L. B. Fanny Burney and her friends. 8vo. Seeley. 7x. Gd. 


Burns, R. Works, c. 8vo. ?> vols., 5*. each. Sett (So Jin). l.'.v. 

Also Ed. Alex. Smith, in " Globe " series, ifacmillan. 3*. W. 

Lockhart, J. G. Life of Burns, p. 8vo. Sell (Boliri). 3*. Gd. 

Cowper, W. Poetical works (" Globe "ser.). Ed. Benham. gl. 8vo. Macmillan. 3n. ('<//. 

,, Letters. Ed. Southey. p. 8vo. 4 vols., 3*. Gd. each. Sell (Bokri). 

illus. 1 1*. 

This edition, including poems, etc., is complete in 8 vols., 28. 

Wordsworth, W. Poetical works (The Editio princeps). Ed. Knight. 8vo. 

8 vols., 15*. each. Paterson. 120*. 

, , Poetical works. Ed. Rossetti. 8vo. Ward. 5*. 

Also Ed. John Morley. gl. 8vo. Macmillan. 7*. 6d. 

Wordsworth and Coleridge. Lyrical ballads. Ed. Dowden. 16mo. Nutt. ~*. M. 
Wordsworthiana. Ed. Knight, c. 8vo. Macmillan. 

Scott, W. Poetical works, f. 8vo. 12 vols. Slack, illus. Turner. 38*. 

,, Poetical works, r. 8vo. Slack, illus. Turner. 18*. 

Also " Globe " edition. Ed. Palgrave. itacmillan. 3*. 6d. 

,, The Waverley novels. 1. 8vo. 25 vols., 8*. 6d. each. Slack. 

illus. 10 12*. Gd. 

,, The Waverley novels, c. 8vo. 25 vols., 3*. 6d. each! Slack, illus. 87*. Gd. 

Also several cheaper editions by Slack. 

, , Journals. 8vo. 2 vols. Douglas. 32*. 

Lockhart, J. G. Life of Scott, f. 8vo. 10 vols. Slack. 30* 

Abridged in one vol., 6. 

Coleridge, S. T. Poetical works, f. 8vo. 4 vols. Macmillan. 31*. Gd. 

Also 2 vols. Bell. 5. ; and selections, with preface, by Swinburne. Low. 1. M. 

,, Biographia literaria. 12mo. Sell. 3*. Gd. 

Byron, Lord. Works. 8vo. 6 vols. Murray. 

Also r. 8vo. (double columns, with rather small type). 7. 6rf. 

,, Select poems (" Golden Treasury " ser.). Ed. Arnold. 18mo. Mac- 
millan. 4*. Gd. 
,, Childe Harold. Ed. Tozer. ex. f. 8vo. Clar. Press. 3* Gd. 
Shelley, P. B. Works. Ed. Forman. 8vo. 8 vols. Reeves and turner. 100*. 

Also poetical works. 2 vols. If*. 

,, Poetical works. Ed. Dowden. gl. 8vo. Macmillan. 7*. Gd. 

Abo selections (" Golden Treasury " ser.). Macmiltan. 4. W. 


England GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. England 

Dowden, E. Life of Slu-lluy. 8vo. 2 vola. Paul. 3G. 

Keats,.!. Works. K<1. l''unu;in. 8vo. 4 vols. Iteeveg and Turner. 52x. <',</ 

Al> !'"( iral works, in nni- vol. !{ n-n n,nl Turin-i-,**.; lli-lt,-ii.fxl. Ni-li-ctiuiiH ' "(icddrii 
Treasury" BIT,*. Min-inillitn. I*. I'H/. 

Hazlitt, W. Spirit of the age. p. 8vo. Sell (/fo/ut). 3*. Gd. 

De Quincey, T. Select essays. Ed. Masson. c. 8vo. 2 vols. lilark. It. Gd. 

Lamb, ('. Iv-s.-iys ( Kli.-i. E<1. AingiT. gl. NVII. Macmillan. 5x. 

Also Hell. \\. fl. ; und in " Pocket Library." Kuittleilae, It. 

Landor, W. S. Imaginary conversations (selected). (" Golden Treasury " 

scr.). ISnio. M^ar in Ulan. 4*. Gd 

Bentham, J. Principles of morals and legislation, c. 8vo. Clar. Press. 

puli. (i.v. Gd. O.P. 

Austen, Jane. Works, c. 8vo. G vols. Bentley. 30x. 

Also 5 vols., 2<t. each (omitting Lade Satan and The Wattoni). Cauell. 10. 

Smith, Goldwin. Jane Austen, c. 8vo. Scott. 1*. 


For authors, see ESSAYS, NOVELS, and POETRY. 

Gaskell, Mrs. Life of Charlotte Bronte, c. 8vo. Smith, Elder, illus. 5*. 

Trevelyan, G. 0. Life and letters of Lord Macaulay. 8vo. 2 vols. 

Loin/mans. 36*. 

Also edition at 2*. i W. 

Trollope, A. Thackeray (" Men of Letters " ser.). c. 8vo. Macmillan. \t. Gd. 

Forster, J. Life of Charles Dickens, d. 8vo. 2 vols. Chapman. 20*. 

Also c. 8vo. 2 vols., 7. 

Cross, J. W. Life of Geo. Eliot, c. 8vo. 3 vols. Blacltnood. 15. 

Also in 1 vol., 7*. 6rf. 

Froude, J. A. Life of Thomas Carlyle. 8vo. 4 vols. Longmans. Gls. 

Also 4 vols., 14*. v 

Celebrities of the century. Ed. Sanders, r. 8vo. Cassell. 10*. Gd. 

The works of living: authors are excluded. 

Bronte, Charlotte. Works, c. 8vo. 7 vols., 5s. each. Smith, Elder, illus. 35*. 

Also at '-.-. fid., and cheaper editions. 

Macaulay, T. B. Works. 8vo. 8 vols. Longmans. . 105#. 

Also cheaper edition, 4 vols., 10. 

Thackeray, W. M. Works. 1. 8vo. 26 vols., 10s. 6d. each. Smith, Elder. 13 13*. 

Also 26 vols. at St. 6d. " Pocket" edition (rather small print), 27 vols. at Is. 6d., and many 
other editions. 

Dickens, C. Works, p. 8vo. 30 vols. Chapman. 12 

Also " Charles Dickens " edition. 21 vols. at from S. to 4g. each, the set 70*. : and " Pocket " 
edition (rather small print), 32 vols., 1. 6d. each. 

Eliot, George. Works, c. 8vo. 21 vols., 5*. each. Blachmood. 105*. 

Also cheaper editions, in 8 vols., from 2*. 6rf. to It. 6d. each ; the set, 3-t*. 6d. 

Carlyle, T. Works, d. 8vo. 34 vols. Chapman. 15 3*. 

Also cheaper editions, 37 vols., 1*. each. 

Browning, R. Works, s. c. 8vo. 17 vols., 5*. each. Smith, Elder. 85*. 

Also Selections, 2 vols., Is. ; and " Pocket " edition, 1*. 

Browning, E. B. Works, s. c. 8vo. 6 vols., 5*. each. Smith, Elder. 30*. 

Also Selections, 2 vols., 7*. ; and " Pocket " edition, 1. 

113 i 

England ClIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Engraving 

Arnold, M. Works, c. 8vo. 

Poetical works, 3 vols., 7. <W. each ; Essays on criticism, 9*. ; Essays on criticism, ser. ii., 
7. 6d. ; Higher schools and universities in Germany, Co. ; Discourses in America, 4*. C*/. : 
Reports on elementary schools, St. (\<l. 
Also Poetical works, 7*. 6d. ; and Selections (" Golden Treasury " ser. i, 4*. (Vi. 

Bossetti, D. G. Works. Ed. W. M. Rossetti. p. 8vo. 2 vols. Ellis. 1 ^. 

Also one vol. c. 8vo. C*. 

Newman, J. H. Works, c. 8vo. 21 vols.. 3*. Gd. each. Longmans. 7:u. ('/. 


English, verse. Ed. Linton and Stoddard. c. 8vo. 5 vols. Paul. pul>. .V. 

each. O.P. 

Vol. i., Chaucer to Burns ; vol. ii.. Translations ; vol. iii., Nineteenth century lyrics : vol. iv., 
Dramatic scenes ; vol. v.. Ballads and romances. 

Percy's Reliques of ancient English poetry. Ed. Prichard. 8vo. 2 vuls. 

Bell (Bohri). 3*. Gd. each. 7*. 

Minstrelsy of the Scottish border. Ed. Sir W. Scott, f. 8vo. 2 vols. 

Slack. 10*. Gd. 

"Ward, T. H. The English poets, c. 8vo. 4 vols., 7*. Gd. each. Macmillan. 30*. 

Vol. i., Chaucer to Donne ; vol. ii., Ben Jonson to Dryden ; vol. iii., Addison to Blake ; 
vol. iv., Wordsworth to Eossetti. 

Specimens of British poets. Ed. Campbell, r. 8vo. Murray, pub. l.V. o.P. 

Golden treasury of songs and lyrics. Ed. Palgrave. c. 8vo. Maciiiillnn. 10s. Gd. 

Also 18mo., tit. Gd. 


Murray, J. A. H. A new English dictionary on historical principles, i. 4to. 

Clar. Press. 44*. 

In course of publication : vol. i., A and B. 52*. Of/. 

Whitney, W. D. The Century dictionary. Unrein. 

To be completed in 6 vols., 42s. each : 3 vols. already issued. 

Skeat, W. W. Etymological dictionary of the English language. 8vo. 
Clar. Press. 

Also small ed., c. 8vo., us. 6<7. 

Chambers' Encyclopaedia of English literature, r. 8vo. 2 vols. Chamln-rx. 20. 

Halliwell (Phillips), J. 0. Dictionary of old English plays. 8vo. J. 11. 

Smith. O.P. 

Adams, W. Davenport. Dictionary of English literature, ex. f. 4to. 

Cassell. 7.v. (\d. 

Morris, R. Historical outlines of English accidence ex. f. 8vo. Mcc- 

inillan. Gg. 

Oliphant, T. L. K. Old and middle English, gl. 8vo. Macmillan. '.*. 

,, The new English, c. 8vo. 2 vols. Macmillan. 21*. 

Marsh, G. P. Student's manual of the English language. Ed. Smith, p. Svn. 

Murray. 1*. Gd. 

Sievers, E. Old English grammar. Tr. and Ed. Cook. c. 8vo. (Hitii 

(Boston). '>.-. Gd. 

Skeat, W. W. Principles of English etymology, c. 8vo. 2 vols. Clar. 

Press. 19*. Gd. 

Vol. i., The native element, 9.; Vol. ii.. The foreign element, 10. Grf. 
Hodgson, W. B. Errors in the use of English, c. 8vo. Douglat (Ed in.). 3*. Gd. 



Ensilage CTIDK IJOOK TO BOOKS. Essays 

Kv-iii. AC;I:. .vrr AiiBICULTURi: II. 


K-rilATOLOGY, tee Til 1:01.01. V II. 


Only numes of essayists of the XIX. Century occur in this list. 

Arnold, M. Essays on criticism (1st scries, 9*. ; 2nd scries, In. Cxi.). 

p. Hvo. Mae in Ulan. Hi.v. Gd. 

,, Irish essays, p. 8vo. Smith, i'.lilfr. 2#. Gd. 

,, Mixed essays, p. 8vo. Smith, Elder. 9x. 

,, Friendship's garland, p. 8vo. Smith, Elder. O.P. 

,, Discourses in America, p. Svo. Macmillan. 4s. Gd. 

,, Culture and anarchy, p. Svo. Smith, Elder. L'.v. <></. 

Bagehot, W. Literary studies. Svo. 2 vols. Longmans. 28#. 

Brown, J. Horae subsecivae. p. 8vo. 3 vols., 7. Gd. Douglas, 22*. Gd. 

Carlyle, T. Miscellaneous essays, p. Svo. 7 vols., Is. each. Chapman. Is. 

Church, II. W. Essays, p. Svo. Macmillan. 5. 

Coleridge, S. T. Aids to reflection (religious), am. Svo. Bell (Bohn}. '.\x. (>/f. 

,, Lectures on Shakespeare, etc. 12mo. Bell (Boliri). '.'<<. Cx/. 

De Q,uincey, T. Essays, p. Svo. 2 vols. Blaclt. 7*. CxL 

Dowden, E. Studies in literature. Svo. Paul. 6s. 

Emerson, R. W. Essays. Svo. Macmillan. 5*. 

Gosse, E. Studies in northern literature. Svo. Paul. 12.v. 

Hare, J. C., and A. W. Guesses at truth. 12mo. Macmillan. 4.. firf. 

Harrison, F. On the choice of books, p. Svo. Macmillan. (i*. 

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115 i 2 


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Alsn 4 Tola., tit., and cheaper editions. 

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,, Memoirs and portraits, c. 8vo. Chatto. (i.>. 

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Thoreau, H. D. Walden. 8vo. Harper (Nero Tori). 7*.Gd. 

Also Scott, 1. 

Warner, C. D. My summer in a garden. 12mo. Lotv. -*. M. 

Abounding in humour of a high order. 

Wilson, J. Noctes ambrosianae. 8vo. Clark. J.v. Cxi. 




Porter, N. Elements of moral science. 8vo. Loir. 10s. Gd. 

Calderwood, H. Handbook of moral philosophy, c. 8vo. Macmillan. G/t. 

Bain, A. Moral science, c. 8vo. Longmans. 4s. Gd. 

Part ii. of Mental and moral science (10. 6(1.). Partly historical. 

Wilson and Fowler. Principles of morals. (Part i.). 8vo. Clar. Press. 3*. Gd. 

Mainly historical or critical. 

Sidgwick, H. Outlines of history of ethics, c. 8vo. Macmillan. 3s. Gd. 

Historical handbook. 



Kant, Immanuel. Theory of ethics. Tr. (with the " Critique ") by Abbott. 

8vo. Longmans. 12$. Gd. 

Green, T. H. Prolegomena to ethics. Ed. Bradley. 8vo. Clar. Press. 12,<. Gd. 

Laurie, S. S. Ethica ; or ethics of reason. 8vo. Williams. Git. 

Martineau, J. Types of ethical theory. 8vo. 2 vols. Clar. Press. lj*. 

Largely historical and critical. 


Mill, J. S. Utilitarianism. 8vo. Longmans. 
Sidgwick, H. Methods of ethics. 8vo. Macmillan. 14*. 

Largely critical. 

Fcwler, T. Principles of morals. 8vo. Clar. Press. 10s. Gd. 

Part ii. of Fowler and Wilson's Principles. 


Ethics (iriDK I MM >K TO HOOKS. Europe 


Spencer, If. Data of ethics. Hv... \\illinms. 8*. 

Stephen, holir. Science nf ctliics. d. Svo. Smith, Klilrr. Id.v. 


Butler, Bishop. Sermons on liuinan nature. Svo. 11. T. X. IK. 

Grote, G. Fragments on ethical subjects. 8vo. Murray. IK. (\il. 

Lecky, W. E. H. History of European morals, c. 8vo. 2 vols. Lomjmans li>*. 



Kbnig, E. None Studicn iiber Schrift der aethiopischcn Sprache. Svo. 

). 12*. 

Dillman, A. Lexicon linguae Ethiopicae. 4to. 3 vols. (Leipzig). 80*. 



See also under the different countries. 


Reclus, E. Universal geography, i. Svo. 5 vols., 21s. each. Virtue. 105*. 

Vol. i., Southern Europe, Greece, Turkey-in-Europe, Eoumania, Servia, Italy, Spain, 
and Portugal ; vol. ii., France and Switzerland ; vol. iii.. Central Europe, Austria-Hungary, 
Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands ; vol. iv., British Isles ; vol. v., Scandinavia and Russia. 

Stanford's Compendium ; Europe (with ethnological appendix by A. H. 

Keane). 1. p. Svo. Stanford, maps and illus. 21*. 

Freeman, E. A. Historical geography of Europe. Svo. 2 vols. Longmans. 31*. Qd. 

Vol. ii. Atlas showing the changes in European States. 

Droysen, G. Historischer Hand-Atlas, fo. (Leipzig). 30*. 

Spruner, C. von. Historisch-geographischer Hand-Atlas, fo. (Gotlta). 58*. 

More detailed than Droysen. 


Maine, H. Ancient law. Svo. Murray. 9*. 

Treats of the influence of Roman law on European institutions. 

, , Early law and custom. Svo. Murray. 9*. 

Freeman, E. A. General sketch of European history. ISmo. Macmillan. 

illus. 3#. Gd. 

Bury, J. B. History of the later Roman Empire (400-800). Svo. 2 vols. 

Macmillan. 32*. 

Gibbon, E. Decline and fall of the Roman Empire. Svo. 8 vols. Murray. 60* 

Best edition ; but there is a cheaper one by Bell. 



Bryce, .J. The Holy Roman Empire, c. 8vo. Macmillan. Is. Cxi. 

A brilliant essay on the influence of the idea of the Empire. 

Church, R. W. The beginning of the middle ages. (elem.). f. 8vo. 

Longman*. 2*. Cxi. 

A general sketch to 1000. 

Mombert, J. I. The reign of Charlemagne, d. 8vo. Paul. 1 .">.<. 

Latham, H. G. The nationalities of Europe. 8vo. 2 vols. Allen. O.P. 

Useful for the less important races. 

Sybel, II. von. History and literature of the crusades. Tr. 8vo. Chapman. lOx. Cxi. 

A critical estimate of the authorities. 

Kugler, B. Geschichte der Kreuzziige. 8vo. (Berlin). Is*. 

A good compendium of the whole period. 

"Wilken, F. Geschichte der Kreuzziige. 8vo. G vols. (Leipzig). 1807-32. O.P. 

Fuller ; most trustworthy. 

Michaud, J. F. History of the crusades. Tr. Robson. c. 8vo. 3 vols. 

Ho id ledge. lOx. M. 

Not up to modern critical results, but the fullest account accessible in English. 

Ranke, L. von. History of the Latin and Teutonic peoples 1494-1514. Tr. 

c. 8vo. Bell (Bohn). 3*. G<1. 

Traces the formation of the modern conception of States. 

Ruge, S. Geschichte des Zeitalters der Entdeckungen (In " Allgemeine 

Geschichte in Einzeldarstellungen " ; ed. Oncken). (Berlin). ] 2* 

A general account of the historical influence of maritime discoveries to 1000. 

Hallam, H. View of the state of Europe during the middle ages. c. 8vo. 

3 vols. Murray. ] -2* 

The chapters relating to England have been superseded by more recent works. 

Robertson, W. History of the reign of Charles V. c. 8vo. Routledge. \ ( u 

Lodge, R. History of modern Europe (1453-1878). 8vo. Murray. ~.*. (\,J. 

Dyer, T. H. History of modern Europe (1453-1871). d. 8vo. 5 vols. Bell. 52*. ('>-/. 
Noorden, C. von. Europaische Geschichte im 18ten Jahrhundert. 8vo. 

Vol. i., 10. ; vol. ii., 12. ; vol. iii., lit. In course of publication ; has reached 1710. 

Schlosser, F. C. History of the 18th century. Tr. 8vo. CJiapman. 

1843-52. o.r. 

Not up to date, but the best detailed account accessible in English. 

Weir, A. Historical basis of modern Europe (1760-1815). 8vo. Sonnen- 

xehein. -\K. c.V. 

A useful sketch of an important period. 

Alison, A. History of Europe (1789-1815). c 8vo. 13 vols. Blacltreood. 

illus. ." 1 .-: 

Good in general military history. 

,, The same continued (1815-22). c. 8vo. 8 vols. Blackwood. illus. .".!.>. 

Fyflfe, C. A. History of modern Europe. 8vo. 3 vols., 12*. each. Cassell. 'Ms. 

Hertslet, E. The map of Europe by treaty, r. 8vo. 3 vols. Butter- 

ivortli. pub. 94*. 6d. o.p. 

European history since 1814. 

May, T. E. History of democracy in Europe. 8vo. 2 vols. Lonymans. 32*. 

Murdock, H. The reconstruction of Europe (1850-81). c. 8vo. Watt. 10#. (td. 

Mahan, A. T. Influence of sea power upon history (1666-1783). Lorn. is*. 


George, H. B. Genealogical tables, sm. 8vo. Clar. Pret*. 12.*. 


Europe <il IDM I'.OOK TO 1 ',<)(> MS. Farming 

Blair, J. (irneaic.-irai taMe-. BcL ROM*, p. 8va itrll. 

A cheap handbook. 

Mas Latrie. Tn' ile rlinninlc.^ie. f.i. (I'nrix). 
The latest and moat di-t:ul.-.l ;ni"i i..n. 

L'artde vi'ritier les Mates. s vi> . H \ (A//-/*). 1S21-44. O.F 

Not superseded by Man Lutrir. 

Potthast. 'UV^wrNrr <!ureh die (iesehiehtswerke des Mitlela'. 1 

878 i .-><>i >. 8va :i voto. (lt,-rlin). I- 14 *. 

A lint of all the authoritiea for the hutory of the middle age*. 

Adams, ('. K. .Manual of historical literature. Xvo. ZWP. 12*. !></. 

A iriniiiM-iiiliciiis account of the beat modern works. 

i; \ \ M i N ATIONS, see EDUCATION II. 


., BILLS OF, see ENGLAND, LAW V 1 1 1 . 






Campbell, J. Treatise of modern falconry. 8vo. (J^dinbtiryh). 1773. o.p. 

Bilany, J. C. Treatise upon falconry. 8yo. (Berrclck-on-Tmeed}. 1841. o.r. 

Burton, R. F. Falconry in the valley of the Indus, p. 8vo. Van Voorst 

(now Gurney). (>.*. 

Salvin and Brodrick. Falconry in the British Isles, i. 8vo. Gurney. illus. 42.*. 

Freeman and Salvin. Falconry, its claims, history, and practice. 8vo. 

Longmans, illus. pub. 10. Gd. O.P. 

Brodrick, W. Falconer's favourites, fo. Gurney. illus. 42.*. 

Freeman, G. E. Practical falconry, p. 8vo. //. Cox. O.P. 

Harting, J. E. Hints on the management of hawks. 8vo. H. Cox. illus. 3.v. t>rL 
,, Bibliotheca accipitraria. Quarltcli. illus. 

A catalogue of ancient and modern books relating to falconry. In preparation. 




Fencing GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Fishing 


Angelo, M. L'escrime. fo. (London). 17C3. illus. O.P 

Original edition in folio : 47 engravings. 

Prevost, Cainille. Theorie pratique cle 1'escriiue. 1. 8vo. (I'ar'ut). 

illus. lo.v. 

Dunn, H. A. Colmore. Fencing. ("All England" ser.). sm. 8vo. 

Hell, illus. 1*. 

Castle, E. Schools and masters of fence from the middle ages to 18th 

century, c. 4to. Sell, illus. 31. Gd. 

Chapman, G. Foil practice. 8vo. 

Vigeant, A. La bibliographie de 1'escrime ancienne et moderne. 8vo. 

(Par!*), illus. . 8*. Gd. 

Waite, J. M. Sabre, single-stick ; sabre and bayonet, c. 8vo. Weft/n/t. L'.v. M. 






Ujfalvy. Grammaire Finnoise. (Paris'). ">*. 

Ahlman. Svenskt Finskt Lexicon. (Hels'ins/for*}. 10*. 6d. 



See also ZOOLOGY. 

For general essays and sketches on angling matters, the reader may be referred to the 
miscellaneous works of F. Francis, G. Rooper, " Red Spinner," Dr. Hamilton, Sir H. Davy, 
Dr. John Davy, Hofland, Stodhart, Stewart, Moffatt, Colquhoun, and others whose works are 
catalogued in Bibliotheca pincutoria. 

Francis, F. A book on angling, c. 8vo. Longmans. !.".<. 

Complete treatise on the art of angling in every branch ; thoroughly practical, and especially 
valuable in its list of salmon and trout flies. 

Cholmondeley-Pennell, H. Fishing ("Badminton Library''), c. 8vo. 

2 vols., 10s. (id. each. Longmans. 21*. 

Vol. i., Salmon and trout ; vol. ii., Pike and coarse fish. Contribution by the best modern 
authorities, upon every method of angling. 

Bickerdyke, J. The book of the all-round angler, c. 8vo. Gill, illus. ;">*. \\ t i. 

Deals with the coarse fish, pike, game-fish, and sea-fish. Profusely illustrated, and an excellent 
work for the beginner. Each division is published separately. 

Cholmondeley-Pennell, H. Modern improvements in fishing-tackle. 

c. 8vo. Low. 2x. 

,, The modern practical angler, c. 8vo. Itontledge. pub. 5*. o.r. 

Keene, J. H. Fishing-tackle, c. 8vo. Ward and Lock, illus. 3*. Gd. 

The last three are illustrated handbooks for amateur tackle-makers. 

Halford, F. M. Floating flies, and how to dress them. 8vo. Low. 1 .">.. 


Fishing (if I DM IHJHK TO I'.OOk'S. Flowers 

Halford, F. M. Dry fly-IUhin^ in theory ami prart in-. Low. 

llultnnl's lM>kii are beautifully illuMtruU-il work* fur the Ily-li.i!i>-i . 
Pritt, T. H. North country llio. Lmr. 10x. M. 

Theakston, M. l'.riti>li angling Hies. Kd. Wai bran, c. 8vo. Loic. 
These last two are treatises on angling with hocklo flies in mirth country stream*. 

Ronalds, A. The lly-lisher's entomology. 8vo. Longmans, illus. llx. 

i . .lit ion of an o'.d standard work on the general flies known to trout flhen>. 

Day, F. British and I rish salmonidse. i. 8vo. Cox. illus. 

Thf standard work on the history of the salmonidae. 
Willis-Bund, J. W. Salmon problems, c. 8vo. Low. ''<< *'"' 

Traherne, Major. 'I'lic habits of the salmon, c. 8vo. Chapman, illus. :>x. M. 

Thosr t wo deal with many unsolved jimMi'ins r..nn-niing the life history of the salmon. 

Stone, L. Domesticated trout, c. 8vo. Loir, ill us. 12*. Gd. 

Francis, F. The practical management of lishrrles. p. 8vo. //. Cox. '.In. Gd. 


Palmer, I Hack. Scotch loch-fishing, c. 8vo. lilaclmood. 4*. 

Regan, Hi. How and where to fish in Ireland, c. 8vo. Low. 3*. Gd. 

Indispensable to angler-tourists ip Ireland. 

Thomas, II. S. The rod in India, r. 8vo. Hamilton Adams, illus. 25*. 

Si undard work on fish and fishing in India. 

Senior, W. Travel and trout in the Antipodes, c. 8vo. Chatto. pub. fix. O.P. 

Trout streams of Tasmania and New Zealand. 

Brown, J. J. The angler's guide. 12mo. Appleton. illus. 10*. Gd. 

Hallock, C. Sportsman's gazetteer. Judd. ]'<. 

Handbooks to fiah and fishing in N. America. 

Angler's diary (annual), p. 8vo. Cox. 1. tid. 

A tourist fisherman's gazetteer of the rivers and lakes of the world ; with carefully prepared 
divisions on Norway and Sweden, France and Switzerland. 

Wilcocks, J. C. The sea fisherman, c. 8vo. Longmans, illus. G.. 

Exhaustive and technical work. 

Bickerdyke, J. Angling in salt water, (elem.). c. 8vo. Gill, illus. 2*. 

Manley, J. J. Fish and fishing, c. 8vo. Lorn. 10*. Gd. 

Brightly written essays on British angling; with chapters on ichthyology, and angling 

Walton, I. The compleat angler. Ed. R. B. Marston. r. 4to. Lair, illus. 105x. 

" Lea and Dove " edition. 

Oke's Fishery laws. Ed. Willis-Bund, p. 8vo. Butternortli . (wf 

The second edition contains a supplement relating to the Freshwater Fisheries Act, 1881. 

Manley, J. J. Literature of sea and river fishing. Clowes. O.P 

One of the handbooks of the Fisheries Exhibition of 1883. 

Westwood and Satchell. Bibliotheca piscatoria. 8vo. Satchell. 15* 

A carefully compiled catalogue ; with descriptive commentary on all works upon angling, fish- 
culture, and fisheries, to date of publication. 

PERIODICALS, ETC. : Sportsman'! Guide ("monthly) ; Reports of the U.S. Commission 
on fish and fisheries ( Wtohinyton) ; Reports of the Fishery Commissioners (Eyre) ; Reports 
of the Scotch Fishery Board (Eyre). 






Fodder (i! IDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Folklore 




The beginner should take up the Folklore Society's Handbook of folklore, and then 
Campbell's talei of the Went IIiiihl<itnl, with its clear and lucid introduction, and next 
Mrs. Hunt's translation of Grimm's Ilotuehvlil tulr*, with Mr. Lang's introduction. Then 
turning to Sir George Cox's Introduction to mutholoity anil folklore he will have g:i' 
insight into the doctrines of the two chief schools of Folklore. From these he can j.n ..... It.. 
the other volumes mentioned. 

The Folklore Society (director, Mr G. L. Gomme, 1, Beverley-villas, Barnes*. hag pub- 
lished twenty-five volumes (\utt, 270, Strand), including a yearly volume of miscellanies 
(first called The Folklore Record, then the Folklore Journal, and now Folklore; and a hand- 
book of Folklore. 

Lang, A. Custom and myth. c. 8vo. Longmans. 

Myth, ritual, and religion, c. 8vo. 2 vols. Longmans, pub. 21. -. O.P. 

Clodd, E. Myths and dreams, c. 8vo. CJiatto. 
Frazer, J. G. The golden bough, d. 8vo. 2 vols-. Macmlllan. 

Hartland, E. S. The science of fairy tales (" Contemp. Science " ser.). 

c. 8vo. Scott. :!> <>'/ 

Gomme, G. L. Folklore relics of early village life. d. 8vo. Stock. 

In " Antiquary's Library." 8 vols. Not sold separately. 

These six books give the anthropological interpretation of folklore. 

Cox, G. W. Introduction to mythology and folklore, c. 8vo. Paul. 7*. *><?. 

Philological interpretation of folklore. 

Keary, C. F. Outlines of primitive belief. 8vo. Longmans, pub. 18. O.P. 

Dorman, R. N. Origin of primitive superstitions. 8vo. Li,ppincott. 
Callaway, Bishop. Religious system of the Amazulu. 8vo. Triibner. 

Parts i., ii., iii., 4. each ; part iv., It. 6(1. 

Clouston, W. A. Popular tales and fictions, c. 8vo. 2 vols. Blacltn-ood. 

" Borrowing-theory " of folklore. 

Gaster, M. Greeko-Slavonic literature. 1. p. 8vo. Triibner. 

Literary origin of folklore. 

Nutt, A. Studies in the legend of the Holy Grail (Folklore Soc.). 8vo. 

Nutt. 1*- ( '" 7 - 

Rhys, J. Celtic heathendom (Hibbert lectures). 8vo. WilUamt. 1<V. Cxi. 

,, Studies in the Arthurian legend, d. 8vo. Clar. Press. 12.. iW. 

Grimm, J. Teutonic mythology. Tr. J. S. Stallibrass. d. .Svo. Hell. 

Vol. i., ii., iii., 15. each ; vol. iv., 18. 

Brinton, D. G. (Ed.) Library of American aboriginal literature. 8vo. 
7 vols. Irubner. 

Vol. iii.. 10*. ; the rest 12*. each. 

Myths of the new world, r. 8vo. Leypold (U.S.). !-'.<. l '" / - 

Black, W. G. Folk medicine (Folklore Soc.) 8vo. Nutt. L3. 6* 


Brand, J. Popular antiquities. Ed. Sir H. Ellis, c. 8vo. 3 vols., 5s. each. 

Henderson, W. The folklore of the northern counties (Folklore Soc.). 
8vo. Nutt. 

Folklore (il IDK HOOK TO BOOKS. Folklore 

Gregor, W. Folklore nf (In- nortli-i -a>t of Scotland (Folklore 8oc.). 8vo. 

Atitt. 13*. M. 

Napier,.!. Folklore of the west of Scotland, c. 8vo. Gardner (1'aiislcy). I*. 

Dalyell, J. G. Darker supers! it ions of Scotland. /////////. o.r. 

Burne, Miss ('. S. Shropshire folklore. 8vo. 3 parts. Iriibner. 22*. M. 
Manners and cast on is. superstitions and traditions ("Gentleman's Ma-a/ine 

Library"). Ed. G. L. Gomme. 8vo. 4 vols., Is. tid. each. Stock. :!(>. 

Harland and Wilkinson. Lancashire folklore, c. 8vo. /. lleynood. '.',*. t',t/. 

Hampson, R. T. Medii yEvi Calendarii (in English), d. 8vo. Causton. O.P. 

Roberts,!'. Cambrian popular antiquities. JS. Williams, o.r. 

Friend, H. Flowers and flower-lore, d. 8vo. Sonnensclti'i//. 7.<. M. 

Bolton, II. C. Counting out rhymes of children, c. 4to. Stock. D. 

Keightley, T. i'airy mythology, p. 8vo. Sell (Bohri). ."*. 

Bleek, W. H. A brief account of Bushman folklore, fo. Iriibner. Is. M. 


Steel and Temple. Wide-awake .stories, c. 8vo. Triibner. D*. 

Punjab and Kashmir. 

Halliwell-Phillips, J. O. Nursery rhymes of England, f. 4to. Warne. 'lOf.^il. 

Popular rhymes of Scotland. Ed. R. Chambers. Chambers. 1841. ."*. 

Campbell, J. F. Popular tales of the Western Highlands, d. 8vo. 4 vols. 

Douglat. pub. 32*. O.P. 

Now being reprinted. The first edition is very scarce and high-priced. 

Maclnnes and Nutt. Folklore and hero tales from Argyleshire. 8vo. 

Nuit. 15,v. 

Kennedy, P. Fireside stories of Ireland. 12mo. McGlashan (Dublin). 

pub. Is. O.P. 

,, Legendary fictions of the Irish Celts, p. 8vo. Macmillan. pub. 7s. Qd. o.P. 

Croker, T. Crofton. Fairy legends and traditions of Ireland, p. 8vo. Son- 

nenschein. 2* (k/. 

Grimm, J. and W. Household tales. Tr. Mrs. Margaret Hunt. p. 8vo. 

2 vols., 3s. Gd. each. Bell (Boliri). 7*. 

Introduction by A. Lang-. Anthropological basis. 

Dasent, G. W. Tales of the Norse, c. Hvo. Douglas. 10s. CxL 

Ralston, W. R. S. Russian folk-tales. 8vo. Smith, Elder, pub. 16s. O.P. 

Songs of the Russian people. 8vo. Mils and Green. l'2x. 

Wratislaw, A. H. Slavonic folk-tales, c. 8vo. Stock. 7s. (\d. 

Kropf and Jones. Magyar folk-tales. 8vo. Folklore Soc. J ~>x. 

Busk, R. H. Folk-songs of Italy, p. 8vo. Sonnenscliein. ~>x. 

Crane, T. F. Italian popular tales. 8vo. Macmillan. pub. 14s. O.P. 

Stuart-Glennie, J. H. Greek folk-songs, d. 8vo. 2 vols. Ward and 

Downey. Is. (id. 

Geldart, E. M. Folk-lore of modern Greece. Sonnenscliein. illus. '2s. 6d. 

Webster and Vinson. Basque legends, p. 8vo. Griffith, pub. Is. Gd. O.P. 

Rink, H. Tales of the Eskimo, p. 8vo. lilackmood. illus. pub. 10s. 6d. O.P. 

Buddhist birth stories. Tr. Rhys Davids. Iriibner. Vol. i. 18*. 


Folklore GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. France 

Stokes, Mai vo. Indian fairy talcs. Introduction by W. R. S. Ralston. 8vo. 

J-J/lin antl Klffij. pub. Is. Gd. O.P. 

Frere, Mary. Old Deccan days. p. 8vo. Murray, illus. 5*. 

Ralston, W. R. S. Tibetan tales, p. 8vo. Triibner. 11*. 

Theal, G. McCall. Kaffir folklore, c. 8vo. Konnenschein. 2*. Gd. 

Callaway, l.ishop. Zulu nursery tales. 8vo. Triibner. pub. 16*. <>.i-. 

Bleek, W. H. Reynard the fox in S. Africa, p. 8vo. Triibner. :;.<. (W. 

Gill, AV. Myths and songs of the S. Pacific, c. 8vo. Xing. pub. 9*. o.P. 
Chamberlain, B. H. Aino folk-tales. (Folklore Society). 8vo. JVW/. 

To members only, ."><. 

Bohn, H. G. Handbook of proverbs, p. 8vo. Sell (Bohri). 



Shearman, M., and others. Football (" Badminton Lib.") c.Svo. Longmans. 10x. (\<1. 
Vassall, H. Football ; Rugby game (" All England " ser.). sm. 8vo. Sell. Ix. 

Alcock, C. W. Football ; Association game (" All England " ser.). 

sm. 8vo. Sell. I*. 


Schlich. Manual of Forestry. Sradbury, Evans, pub. Is. Gd. O.P. 

Hartig, R. Timbers, and how to know them. 12mo. Simpltin. 2. 

Fernandez and Smythies. Elements of sylviculture. Tr. Bagneris. Rider. 

Des Cars, A. Pruning forest and ornamental trees, c. 8vo. Triibner. 

pub. 4s. O.P. 

Macgregor, J. L. Organisation and valuation of forests. 8vo. Wyman. 



Murray's Handbook for France. Part i. p. 8vo. Murray. ~x. M. 

Normandy, Brittany, the Seine and Loire, Touraine, Bordeaux, the Garonne, Limousin, the 
Pyrenees, etc. 

Handbook for France. Part ii. p. 8vo. Murray. 7s. Gd. 

Central France, Auvergne, the Cevennes, Burgundy, the Rhone and Saone, Provence, Nimes, 
Aries, Marseilles, the French Alps, Alsace, Lorraine, Champagne, etc. 

Baedeker's Guide-book to Northern France. 12mo. Dulau. It. 

,, Guide-book ; " Le Centre de la France " (in French). Dulau. 5*. 


France (Jl'IlH-i BOOK TO HOOKS. France 

Guides Joanne. 7x. I',,/, raeli, rxer],t " Xord," "Corse," ainl " Pyn'i. 
li'iinii. lhn-1/rtti-. 

Sttvoie; Dauphim> et Hute-Alpes ; Franche-Comt<5 et Jura; Provence; Cone (5.), 
Auvenrno et Centre; La Loire ; De la Loire 4 U (!ir-n.|.- : l'_vrrnei (12*.); QaMogne et 
Languedoo ; Cayennes ; Bretajrne ; Norraandie ; Nord '\lt.) Chumpaif ne et Ardennei ; Voage*. 
Ainu each divided into tmaller Motion*, 8*. to if. each. 

Reclus, E. riiivt-rsal geography, vol. ii. i. 8vo. Virtue. 21*. 

Lebon and IVlrt. France as it is. Tr. .Mrs. AV. Arnold, c. 8vo. Casaell. 7s. (id. 



Bemrose. Guide to Paris. Ed. Drewitt. Neal (Rue de Jlivoll). lg. 

Baedeker's Guide to Paris and its environs. 12mo. Dulau. Gs. 

Tours, C. de. Yingt jours a Paris. (Juantin. illus. 3. 6d. 

Barren, L. Les environs dc Paris. Quantin. illus. :;().>. 

Hugo, Y. Paris. ISino. llctzrl. 2g. 

Menorval, G. do. Paris depuis ses origines, jusqu'A nos jours. 8vo. Didot. 0*. 

Du Camp, M. Paris: ses origines, ses fonctions et sa vie dans la seconde 

moiti6 du 19e. si6cle. 18mo. 6 vols. Hachette. 10*. 

Hoflfbauer. Paris t\ travers les Sges. fo. 2 vols. Didot. 15 

Or in 14 parts, 80. each. With plans showing successive transformations of the city from 
the 13th century to the present day. 

Vachon. L'ancien H6tel de Ville de Paris. 4to. Quantin. illus. G0#. 

Yriarte. Histoire de Paris. 

Only in the Bibliotheqne Nationale and the library of the H6tel de Ville. 

Guilhermy, F. Itineraire archeologique de Paris. (Paris'). O.P. 

Useful for reference. 

Hutchinson, T. J. Summer holidays in Brittany. 8vo. Lore. pub. 10s. Gd. O.P. 


Braquehais. Guide au Havre. Bourdignon. lg. Gd. 

Borely. Histoire du Havre. Lepelletrie. 25s. 

Very complete. 


Rouen illustre. Anger. 25*. 


Guide (Joanne) il Bordeaux. 16mo. Hachette. Is. 

Gradis. Histoire de Bordeaux. (Bordeaux). G*. 

Drouyn, L. Varietes girondins ; essai historique et archeologique. 3 vols. 

(Bordeaux). Sis. 

Rebadien. La Guyenne d'autrefois. (Bordeaux). 5#. 


Edwards, M. Betham. The roof of France (Lozere). d. 8vo. Bentley. 
Stevenson, R. L. Travels with a donkey in the Cevennes. p. 8vo. Chatto. 


Guide ii Lyons. Gamier. 2s. Gd. 

Niepce. L'arch6ologie lyonnaise. 3 vols. (Lyons'). 27s. Gd. 




Fabrc. Histoirc dc Provence. 4 vols. (Marseilles'). 


Coulanges, V. do. Histoire des institutions de 1'anciennc France. 8vo. 

3 vols., <i.v. M. each. (Paris). l!>x. (W. 

Ouizot, W. History of civilization in France. Tr. W. Hazlitt. p. Hvo. 

3 vols., 3*. Gd. each. Sell (Bohn). 10*. ('.tl. 

Rambaud, A. Histoire de la civilisation frangaise. 12mo. Colin (Paris). 

Vol. i.. S*. ; ii., S. <W. ; iii., 4*. 6d. 

Luchaire, A. Histoire des institutions monarchiques de la France. 

987-1180. 8vo. 2 vols. (Paris'). 1-V 

Histoire de France racont6c par les contemporains. Ed. Zeller. IGmo 

56 vols., Qd. each. HacJiette. 2*.v. 

A valuable series of little volumes on separate epochs, consisting of extracts from the 

Kitchin, G. W. History of France (to 1793). c. 8vo. 3 vols., 10*. Gd. cadi. 

Clar. Press. :'>!>. <>"' 

The best general history in English. 

Sismondi, J. C. Histoire des Francais (to 1789). 8vo. 31 vols. (Paris). ll>i.v. 

Michelet, J. Histoire de France. 12mo. 19 vols. (Paris). t'.r,x. iW. 

Martin, H. Histoire de France (to 1789). 8vo. 17 vols. (Paris'). M2.. 

Of the last three books Sismondi gives most details ; Martin is the most recent and judicious ; 
Michelet has great literary merits, but is sketchy, and falls off after the year 1600. 

Wallon, H. Saint Louis et son temps. 8vo. 2 vols. (Paris). 
Joinville's Memoirs of Louis IX. 

An admirable contemporary memoir. Forms part of the volume entitled Chroniclei of the 
Crusades. (Bohn's Lib., ">.. i. 

Langlois, V. Le regne de Philippe III. (1270-1285). 8vo. IfacJtette. ;.. M. 

Boutaric. La France sous Philippe le Bel. 8vo. (Paris). o.r. 

Beaucourt, G. de. Histoire de Charles VII. 8vo. 4 vols., 8*. each. 

(Paris). :'-'* 

"Wallon, H. Jeanne d'Arc. 12mo. 2 vols. (Paris). 
Michel, F. Histoire du commerce et de la navigation sous la domination 

anglaise. 8vo. 2 vols. (Bordeaux). 
Luce, S. La France pendant la guerre de cent ans. 12mo. Hacliette. 

Chiefly social. 

Comines, P. de. Memoirs (for Louis XI. and Charles VIII.'). Tr. A. R. 

Scoble. p. 8vo. 3 vols., 3*. 6d. each. Bell (Bohri). MOW. 

Kirk, J. F. History of Charles the Bold. 8vo. 3 vols. Murray. I."*. 

Hooknam, Mrs. M. A. Life and times of Margaret of Anjou (1444-1482). 

d. 8vo. 2 vols. Tinsley. pub. 25*. o.r. 

Cherrier, C. de. Histoire de Charles VIII. 12mo. 2 vols. (Parix). 

Miintz, r E. La renaissance en Italic et France 4 1'epoque de Charles VIII. 

r. 8vo. (Paris). : > >"- < 

Ranke, L. von. Franzosische Geschichte (from 1550). 8vo. G vols. 

(Stuttgart). <'>*. 

Mignet,jF. A. La rivalitg de Francoi < I. et Charles V. 8vo. 2 vol.-. (Parix). 1 ~*. 

Baird.fH. M. The rise of the Huguenots (1535-1574). 2 vols. Hoddt-r. o.r. 

The Huguenots arid Henry of Navarre. 8vo. 2 vols. Paul. 2t.v. 


France <il 11>K I5OOK To linoKS. Franco 

Freer, M. W. H-m-y III., Kini; of France. 8vo. IS vi.l.-. Hurtt. o.r 

,, History of tin- ri-i-ii nf llrmy IV. s\u. -l\nN. Hi/rxt. o.r. 

Sully, Due <!.-. Mfiiii.irs .!' ll.-nry JV. Tr. p. 8vo. 4 vols., :!x. ('/. 

cndi. l{,'ll(n,,lui). II... 

Tin 1 memoirs of the ehirl' iiiiiiintiT nf the- in-riml. 
Aumale, Due d'. Hi>t.>in- drs prn dr. Svn. 4 vols., 7x. I'K/. C:H-| . 

(I'arh). :',<.->. 

Voltaire. Le siede do Louis XIV. 12mo. (Paris). -.-. <;,/. 

Perkins, J. 15. Franco under Kirln-liru ;m<l Ma/arin. 1. Svo. 2 vols. 

J'llt Illllll. Hi*. 

Jobez, A. La France soua Louis XV. Hvo. G vols., 6*. each. (Paris). :;<;*. 

Broglie, Due de. The kind's secret . Tr. Svo. 2 vols. Caxxi-ll. pub. L' I*. o.P. 

Kn-iu-h nl., i! v.ils., linn.., 7.-. Thr iliplomacy of Louig XV., 17.^-1771. 

,, Fn'dt'ric I Let ,M;tric 'riieivse. 12mo. 2 vols. (Pcr/x). 7..-. 

Saint Simon. Jh'inoin-s. IC.'.IL' 1721!. 12mo. 21 vols. (Parix). 7:!.<. C><1. 

Morley, J. Voltaire, gl. Svo. Ma-cmlllan. 5.v. 

,, lidiisseaii, gl. Svo. 2 vols. Macmillan. lO.s-. 

Aubertin, ('. L'esprit pnbliquo au XVIII*. siecle. 12mo. (Paris'). -l.v. 

De Tocqueville. State of society in Fiance before 1789. Svo. Murray. 12.v 

Hocquain, F. L'esprit revolutkmnaire avant la revolution (1715-1789). Svo. 

(Paris). s... 

Gardiner, Mrs. The French revolution, (clem.), f. Svo. Longmaiis. 2*. &d. 

Taine, H. The ancient regime. Tr. Svo. Lore. 10#. 

Essays on the period without much detailed writing. 

,, The revolution. Tr. Svo. 2 vols., 16s. each. Lore. 32*. 

Thiers, A. History of the French revolution (1789-1794). Tr. d. Svo. 

5 vols. Bentli'ij. 3(5*. 

, , Histoire du consulat et de 1'empire. Svo. 20 vols. (Leipzig). 48*. 

Several other editions. 

Sybel, H. von. History of the French revolution, 1789-1795. Tr. 4 vols. 

Murray, pub. 48*. O.P. 

German ed., 5 vols. i Trunk f or f\, ?&. Excellent for the political history of Europe generally, 
but very hard reading, and not broad enough in view. 

Seeley, J. E. Short history of Napoleon. Svo. Seeley. 5*. 

Bemusat, Mme. de. Memoirs, 1802-1808. Tr. 8vo. 2 vols., 1G*. each. Loir. 32s. 

An interesting account of Napoleon's character and court life. 

Lanfrey. History of Napoleon I. Tr. c. Svo. 4 vols. Macmillan. :{<)... 

An unfavourable view. 

Thureau-Dangin. Histoire de la monarchic de Juillet. Svo. 4 vols. 

(Paris). 2*. 

Blennerhasset, Lady. Life of Madame de Stael. 3 vols. Smith, Elder. O.P. 

Full of information about the thought and literature of the Napoleonic time. 

Delord, Taxile. Histoire du second empire. Svo. 6 vols. (Paris). -liV. 

Jerrold, B. Life of Napoleon III. Svo. 3 vols. Longmans, pub. 54*. o.P. 

Block, M. Le departement, 12rno. Hetzel. 1*. Qd. 

,, La commune. 12mo. Hetzel. \ t , Grf. 

Recent and valuable works on French local administration. 

Viollet, P. Histoire des institutions politiques et administratives de la 
France. (Paris'). 

Development of feudal institutions. 




The authorities for French history are Mattered through several collections, none of which 
aims at completeness. 

Monod. Bibliographic dc ITiistoire de France. 8vo. Ilacliette. IK. \',tl. 

Masson, G. Early chroniclers of France, c. 8vo. S. P. C. K. ).<. 

A sketch of authorities to 1180. 

Lalanne, L. Dictionnaire historique de la France. 8vo. (Paris). 17*. 

Bouillet, N. Dictionnairc universal d'histoire et de geographic, r. 8vo. 

(Paris). 21.f. 

Recueil des historiens dcs Gaules et de la France (to 132S). Ed. 

Bouquet. 4to. 21 vols. 1738-1835. o.i-. 

Collection complete de Memoires (1120-17G3). Ed. Petitot and Monmerqufi. 

8vo. 130 vols. 1825-30. 27 KU. 

des chroniques nationales fransaises (1520-1800.) Ed. Buchon. 

8vo. 47 vols. 1825-34. 22 

Nouvelle collection de MSmoires (1200-1800.) Ed. Michaud and Pou- 

joulat. r. 8vo. 34 vols. 1835-9. 12 12x. 

PEBIODICALS : Revue hutorlque ("Ms. per annum) ; Revue de qitettiotu hixtoriques (20. per 


Including (1) A larger and a smaller selection of works, with dictionaries, etc. ; 
(2) Novels ; (3) Books for young people ; (4) A course of study for adult 
beginners ; (5) Books for young children. The books marked (*) belong 
to the smaller collection. Those marked () are recommended as suitable 
for young people, in addition to the books named in the special list. 

GENERAL NOTE. Read through one or other of the Primers recommended. Supplement 
it with one or more of the histories, and then follow, according to leisure and taste, with 
separate authors. Crlpet's poets will suffice many readers for the whole poetical side of the 
literature, and will suggest to others where to fill in and extend. Purely critical works, such 
us Sainte-Beuve's, should be taken last of all, and after reading texts. 


Vapereau, G. Dictionnaire universel des litterateurs, r. 8vo. Hachette. 2 is. 

,, Dictionnaire des contejnporains. r. 8vo. Hachette. 2G. 

Littre and Beau jean. Dictionnaire de la langue fran9aise. r. 8vo. 

Hachette. 1 U. M. 

All these are very valuable for reference. 

*Brachet. Historical grammar. Tr. Kitchin. ex. f. 8vo. Clar. Press. '.\f. \\d 
*Eve and Baudiss. " Wellington " French grammar. 12mo. Xu1t. tx. 

* Masson, G. French and English dictionary, c. 8vo. Macmillan. '>.<. 
*Saintsbury, G. Primer of French literature, ex. f. 8vo. Clar. Press. 

* Warren. Primer of French literature. Heath (Boston). \x. M. 
*Fasnacht, G. E. French grammar. 8vo. Macmillan. :'.-. f^/. 


Geruzez. Histoire de la litterature francaise. 12mo. 2 vols. Perrin. (!.. 

Demog-eot, J. Histoire de la Iitt6rature francaise. 12mo. Hachette. :x. M. 
Saintsbury, G. Short history of Freoch literature, c. 8vo. Clar. Press. 10. M. 
Paris, G. La litterature fran9aise du moyen age. IGmo. Hachette. 


France (M'IDK I'.UOK TO HOOKS. France 

Hatzfeld and DarmrMrtrr. Lc wi/irim- MiVli- en France. 12mo. 

. 5*. 

Each of the twolutif invaluable for iti period. The second contains large extract* which 
will iilmcmt Hiimce for the Renaiuance. 

Bartsch, K. (.'Invstnmathir dr r.-incicn Fninrais. r. Kvo. ]'n</r/. 10*. 

Bartsch and Horning. La languc ct la littoral un; franrain-s. 8vo. 

MaLwnm'un-. 12*. Gd. 

Bartsch, K. Grundriss y.ur Gcschichte der provencalischen Literatur. 

r. Bra (Klbrrfr/,!). 5*. 

,, Chrestomathic provcneale. 8vo. (Elber/eld). 9*. Gd. 

Bartech's works supplement each other, and will together Buffice for ordinary readers without 
further texts. 

Sainte-Beuve, C. A. rreinicrs Lundis. 12mo. 3 vols. Levy. 9*. 

,, Causeries du Lundi. 12mo. 16 vols. Gamier. 48*. 

,, Nouveaux Lundis. 12ino. 13 vols. Levy. 39*. 

* , , Selected " Causeries." Ed. Saintsbury. ex. f . 8vo. Clar. Press. 2*. 

Faguet, E. Les grands maitres du 17 siecle. Etudes Iitt6raires et 

dnunatiques. 12mo. Lccene et Oudln. 3*. 

,, Notices litteraires sur les auteurs francais, Corneille, Racine, Moli6rc, 

La Fontaine, Boileau. 12mo. Leccnc et Oudin. 2*. Gd. 

Deals with XVII., XVIII., and XIX. centuries. 

Les poetes fran9ais. Ed. Crepet. 8vo. 4 vols., 6*. Gd. each. Gide. pub. 26*. O.P. 

Almost indispensable. 

Theatre franeais du moyen age. Ed. Monmerqu6 et Michel, r. 8vo. Didot. 8*. Gd 
Ancien th6atre fran^ais. Ed. Viollet-le-duc and Jacob. 12mo. BilUo- 

tkeqiie Ehevirlenne. 16*. 

Chefs d'oeuvres comiques. 12mo. 8 vols., 2*. Gd. each. Dldot. 20s. 

Chefs d'o3uvres tragiques. 12mo. 2 vols., 5*. each. Didot. 10s. 

Chefs d'oeuvres historiques. 12mo. 2 vols., 2*. 6^. each. Didot. 5. 

Cheap and invaluable selections of complete plays and books. 

*Specimens of French literature. Ed. G. Saintsbury. c. 8vo. Clar. Press. 9*. 

*La lyre fran^aise. Ed. G. Masson. 18mo. Macmillan. 4*. Gd. 

Crane, T. F. La societ6 fran9aise au 17 e siecle. 16mo. Putnam. 4*. Gd. 

,, Le romantisme frangais. 16mo. Putnam. is. Gd. 

Excellent American handbooks to the respective periods. 

Michaud and Poujoulat. Nouvelle collection de m6moires pour servir a 
1'histoire de France depuis le 13 e siecle jusqu'a la fin du 18 e si6cle. 
r. 8vo. 34 vols. Didot. 1835-9. 8 

Ijarge body of texts, very useful to the student of means and leisure. 

Tilley, A. A. Literature of the French Renaissance, c. 8vo. Camb. Press. Gs. 


It has seemed better to indicate, for the most part, editions of whole authors. The 
histories of literature recommended will guide the student as to the special works of each 
author which are best worth reading. 

Chanson de Roland. Ed. L. Gautier. 12mo. (Paris'). 4*. Gd. 

*Extraits de la chanson de Roland et de la vie de St. Louis. Ed. G. Paris. 

16mo. Hachette. 2*. Gd. 

Roman de la Rose. Ed. F. Michel. 12mo. 2 vols. Didot. Is. 

Froissart. Chronique. Ed. Buchon. r. 8vo. 3 vols. Didot. IS*. Gd. 

129 K 


Villehardouin. CKuvrrs. Ed. N. do Wailly. r. 8vo. Didot. 1(5*. 

Joinville. (Euvres. Ed. N. de Wailly. r. 8vo. Didot. IGs. 

Comines, P. dc. Mfimoires. Ed. Chantelauze. r. 8vo. Didot. !>.<. 

Villon. (Euvres. Ed. P. Jacob. 12mo. Sill. Elzcv. 1G. 

" Cent Nouvelles Nouvelles." 12mo. Gamier. '2*. Gd. 
Marot. (Euvres. Ed. Jannet. 12mo. 4 vols. Lemerre. 

Rabelais. (Euvres. Ed. Jannet. 12mo. 7 vols. Lemerre. 15*. 

* ,, (Euvres. Ed. Jannet. 12mo. 2 vols. Didot. 

*Marguerite de Valois. Heptameron. 12mo. Gamier. i2x. ('/. 

Ronsard. (Euvres. Ed. Blanchemain. 12mo. 8 vols. JBibl. !: 39*. 

For most purposes the selection in Cr^pet will suffice. 

Garnier. Les Tragedies. Ed. F6rster. 12nio. Henninger. 12*. 
Montaigne. Essais. Ed. Courbet et Roger. 8vo. 4 vols., 8*. Gd. each. 

Lemerre. 34*. 

* ,, Essais. Ed. Louandre. 12mo. 4 vols. Charpentier. 12*. 
Brant6me. (Euvres. Ed. Buchon. 8vo. 2 vols. Didot. o.p. 

*Satyre Menippee. Ed. Labitte. 12mo. Charpentier. 

Regnier. (Euvres. Ed. Poitevin. 12mo. Gamier. 2s. Gd. 

Malherbe. (Euvres. Ed. Jannet. 12mo. Lemerre. o.r. 
La Fontaine. Fables, r. 8vo. 2 vols. Quantin. illus. 

,, (Euvres. Ed. Moland. 8vo. 7 vols., 7*. Gd. each. Garnier. 

illus. 42*. 

* ,, Fables. Ed. Sainte-Beuve. 12mo. (Paris). 3*. 
*Boileau. (Euvres. Ed. Amar. 12mo. Didot. 2*. Gd. 

Voiture. (Euvres. Ed. Ubicini. 12mo. 2 vols. ClMrpentier. o.p. 

Rotrou. (Euvres choisies. Ed. Ronchaud. 12mo. 2 vols. Jouaust. 12*. Gd. 
Selected plays. 

Corneille. (Euvres. Ed. Marty-Laveaux. 8vo. 12 vols. Hachette. 78*. Gd. 

* ,, Theatre. 12mo. 2 vols. Didot. 5*. 
Racine. (Euvres. Ed. Mesnard. 8vo. 8 vols. Hacliette. 

* ,, Thg^tre. 12mo. Didot. 2*. 6d. 
Moliere. (Euvres. Ed. Despois. 8vo. 10 vols., 6*. Gd. each. Hachettc. 65*. 

* ,, Theatre. 12mo. 2 vols. Didot. 

Regnard. (Euvres. 12mo. Didot. 2*. Gd. 

Lafayette, Mme. de. La Princesse de Cleves. 12rao. Lemerre. O.P. 

Perrault. Fables. Ed. Lefevre. 12mo. Lemerre. O.P. 

,, Fables. Ed. Lang. ex. f. 8vo. Clar. Press. 

Retz, Cardinal de. (Euvres. Ed.Feillet. 8vo. 10 vols., 7*. Gd. each. Hachette. 75*. 

Sevigne", Mme. de. (Euvres. Ed. Monmerqu6. 8vo. 14 vols. Hachettc. 120*. 

* Lettres choisies. Ed. Suard. 12mo. Didot. 2*. 6^. 
Saint Simon. (Euvres. Ed. Boislisle. 8vo. 30 vols., 7*. Gd. each. Hachette. 

In course of publication. 

Pascal. Pens6es. Ed. Havet. 8vo. 2 vols. Ddagravc. Is. 

* ,, Pens6es. 12mo. Didot. 2s. Gd. 


France (I TIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. France 

Pascal. Lrs provincial, s. I'Jm.i. hi,l,,t. 2. (\d. 

Larochefoucauld. <Kimv>. !;.!. Gilbert. 8vo. 3 vol.-. llm-In-ttr. 2H*. f,,/. 

* ,, .U-ixiinrs. 1-Jino. Dldot. 2f.Gd. 
La Bruyere. <Kimvs. K.l. S.-rvnis. 8vo. 3 vols. Ilm-lirtte. 2~.>'</. 
Descartes. (Kuvn-s. Ivl. Simon. 12mn. r/mrjti-ntirr. ''. 
Bossuet. (Kuvivs. Ivl. Cirmlin. r. 8vo. 4 vols. D'idt. 

Fenelon. (Kuvrcs. Kd. Martin, r. 8vo. 3 vols. Dldot. -I*. 

Massillon. (Kuvrcs. r. 8vo. - \<>ls. J)idot. H*. 

Bourdaloue. (Euvres. r. 8vo. 3 vols. Dldot. 24*. 
Chenier, A. Pofisies completes. Ed. G. de Chdnicr. 12m<>. :; vols., 

fi.v. cadi. Lnncrre. I-"'-. 

*Le Sage. (Euvres. Ed. Sainte-Beuve. r. 8vo. (Parl). 12*. 6d. 

,, Gil Bias. Ed. Poulet-Melassis. l(>iuo. Lcmcrrc. 4*. fid. 

,, Diablo boiteux. Ed. Jannet. 12mo. 2 vols. Lcmerrc. 4*. Gd. 

Voltaire. CEuvres competes, r. 8vo. 13 vols. Dldot. illus. 120*. 

,, (Euvrcs choisies. Ed. Bengesco. IGrao. 12 vols., 2*. 6d. each. 

Jouaust. 30*. 

* ,, Romans. 12mo. Dldot. 2s. Gtf. 

* ,. Siecle de Louis XIV. 12mo. Dldot. 2s. Gd. 
Diderot. (Euvres completes. Ed. Assdzat. 8vo. 20 vols. Gamier, illus. 140*. 

* ,, (Euvres choisies. Ed. Genin. 12mo. 2 vols. Dldot. 5. 
Rousseau, J. J. (Euvres. r. 8vo. 4 vols. Dldot. 32*. 

* ,, Confessions. 12mo. Dldot. 2s. Gd. 

* ,, Nouvelle H61o'ise. 12mo. Dldot. 2s. Gd. 
Stael, Mme. de. (Euvres. r. 8vo. 3 vols. Dldot. 24*. 

* ,, Corinne. 12mo. Dldot. 2*. Gd. 

* , , De 1'Allemagne. 12mo. Dldot. 2s. Gd. 
Maistre, X. de. (Euvres. 12mo. Charpentier. 3*. 
Vauvenargues. (Euvres. Ed. Gilbert. 8vo. 2 vols., 8*. Gd. each. Fimie. J Is. 
Chamfort. (Euvres choisies. Ed. Lescure. 12mo. 2 vols. Jouaust. 5*. 
Rivarol. (Euvres choisies. Ed. Lescure. 12mo. 2 vols. Jouaust. 5*. 
Joubert. (Euvres. Ed. P. Joynal. 12mo. 2 vols. Charpentier. 6*. 
Montesquieu. (Euvres. Ed. Laboulaye. 8vo. 7 vols. Gamier. 52*. Gd. 
Maistre, J. de. Du pape. 12mo. Charpentier. 3g. 

, , Soirees de St. Petersbourg. 12mo. 2 vols. Pelagaud. G*. 

Chateaubriand. (Euvres. 8vo. 12 vols. Dldot. illus. 60* 

* Les martyrs. 12 mo. Dldot. 2s. GJ. 

* ,, Atala, 12mo. Dldot. 2s. Gd. 
Beyle, H. (" Stendhal "). (Euvres. 12mo. 7 vols., 3*. each. (Paris'). 21*. 
Buffon. (Euvres choisies. 12mo. 2 vols. Dldot. 5/?. 

Beaumarchais. Le barbier de Seville. Ed. A. Dobson. ex. f. 8vo. 

Clar. Press. 2*. Gil. 

*Prevost, L'Abbo. Manon Lescaut. 12mo. Charpentier. 3*. 

131 K 2 


*Lespinasse, M1U-. de. Lettres. Ed. Isarnbart. 12mo. 2 vols. Lemerrc. 4x. M. 

*Courier, 1'. L. (Euvres. r. 8vo. Dldot. 8s. C>d. 

Beranger. (Euvres. 12mo. 5 vols., 3*. each. Gamier, 1 .">.<. 

* ,, Chansons. 12rao. 2 vols., 3*. each. Gamier. <'>.<. 
Lamartine. (Knvres. 12rao. 13 vols. Lemerrc. (''.'.<. 

* ,, Meditations. 12mo. 2 vols., 5s. each. Lemcrre. 10s. 
Hugo, V. (Euvres completes. 8vo. 54 vols., 6s. Gd. each. Quantin. 

It is difficult to select two or three works of Victor Hugo for the smaller collection. 
Almost any one is characteristic, but hardly any one can be safely left out. [See NOVELS.] 

Lamennais. Paroles d'un croyant. 12mo. Garnirr. 2x. Cxi. (Euvres completes. 12mo. 10 vols., 3s. each, dtarjtentli-r. 

* ,, Poesies. 12mo. 2 vols., 3s. each. Charpentier. (5s. 
Vigny, A. de. (Euvres. 12mo. G vols., 3*. each. Charpentier. 

Baudelaire, C. (Euvres. 12mo. 7 vols., 3*. each. Levy. 21s. 

Nerval, G. de. (Euvres. 12mo. 6 vols., 3*. each. Levy. \ ^*. 

Dumas, pere. (Euvres. 12mo. 303 vols., Is. each. Lfry. :;>:;.<. 

Merimee, P. (Euvres. 12mo. 16 vols., 3s. each. Lfry. -1^.<. 
Sand, George. (Euvres. 12mo. 59 vols., Is. each, and 53 vols., 3s. each. 

Gautier, T. (Euvres. 12mo. 28 vols., 3s. each. Charpentier. six. 

Balzac. (Euvres. 8vo 24 vols. IS I*. 
For selected novels of Hugo, Duraas, Merimee, Sand, Gantier, and Balzae. tee NOVELS. 


Achard, A. Belle Rose. 12mo. Levy. 3s. 

Balzac. Les Chouans. 12mo. Levy. Is. 3d. 

,, La peau de chagrin. 12mo. Levy. 1.t.'.>rf. 

. , La cousine Bette. 12mo. Levy. ]x, :\/l. 

,, Le pere Goriot. 12mo. Levy. 1*. '.M. 

,, Le chef d'oeuvre inconnu. 12mo. Levy. l$.'.\d. 

,, Eugenie Grandet. 12mo. Levy. Is. 3rf. 

Bernard, C. de. L'ecueil. 12mo. Levy. Is. 

,, Un homme serienx. 12mo. Levy. Is. 

. , Gerfaut. 12mo. Levy. Is. 

,, Le paratonnerre. 12mo. Levy. Is. 

Beyle, H. (" Stendhal "). Le rouge et le noir. 12mo. 2 vols.. Is. each. Levy. -*. 

,, La Chartreuse de Parme. 12mo. Levy. Is. 

Boisgobey, F. du. Le crime de 1'omnibus. 12mo. Plon. :;.". 

,, Margot la balafr^e. 12mo. 2 vols. Plon. "..-. 

Bourget, P. L'irreparable. IGmo. Lemerre. '>,-. 

Brete, J. de la. Mon oncle et mon cure. 12mo. Plon. 3s. 

Capendu, E. Le roi des gabiers. 12mo. 3 vols. Cadot. 9s. 

Cherbuliez, V. Le roman d'une honngte femme. 12mo. HacJtette. 3s. 

,, Meta Holdenis. 12mo. HacTiette. \\s. 

,, Samuel Brohl et Cie. 12mo. Hacnette. 3s. 


France (il'IDE BOOK TO BOOKS. France 

Cochin, H. Lo nmnuscrit do M. Larsonnicr. 12m<>. /'/,<//. 2*. (k/. 

Constant, 13. Adulphe. 12mo. Jouaust. St. (id. 

Daudet,JA. Tartarin de Tarascon. 12mo. Marpon. illus. 3*. 

,, Tartarin sur Ics Alpcs. (Paris). 3s. 

,, Fromont jeune et Ilisler ain6. 12mo. Charpcntli-r. 3*. 

,, Jack. 12mo. Dentu. illus. 3*. 

,, Le petit chose. 12mo. Lemerre. G*. 

Droz, G. Monsieur, Madame et B6b6. 12mo. Ilavard. 3s. 6d. 

Dumas, pere. Les trois mousquetaires. 12mo. 2 vols. Levy. 2*. 

,, Vingt ans apres. 12mo. 3 vols. Lt'nj. 2x.6d. 

,, Le vicomte de Bragelonne. 12mo. 6 vols. Lfry. 5. 

,, La reine Margot. 12mo. 2 vols. Levy. 2s. 

,, Les quarante-cinq. 12mo. 3 vols. Levy. 2s. 6(1. 

, , La dame de Monsoreau. 12mo. 3 vols. Levy. 5*. 

,, Le comte de Monte-Cristo. 12mo. 6 vols. Levy. fa. 

Duruy, G. L'unisson. 12mo. HacJwtte. 3. 

Feuillet, 0. Julia de Tr6coenr. 12mo. Levy. 3*. 

,, La petite comtesse. 12mo. Levy. 3x. 

,, Le roman d'un jeune homme pauvre. 12mo. Levy. 3*. 

,, M. de Camors. 12mo. Levy. 3. 

Feval, P. La f6e des greves. 12mo. Plon. 2s. Gd. 

Feydeau. Sylvie. 12mo. Levy. 3*. 

Flaubert, G. Madame Bovary. 12mo. Cliarpentier. 3s. 

,, SalammbS. 12mo. Cliarpentier. 3. 

, , Trois contes. 12mo. Cliarpentier. 3*. 

,, L'6ducation sentimentale. 12mo. Cliarpentier. 3*. 

France, A. Le crime de Sylvestre Bonnard. 12mo. Levy. 3s. 

Gautier, T. Le capitaine Fracasse. 12mo. 2 vols. Cliarpentier. Us. 

, , Romans et contes. 12mo. Cliarpentier. 3. 

,, Nouvelles. 12mo. Charpentier. 3s. 

,, Le roman de la Momie. 12mo. Charpentier. 3s. 

Greville, H. Dosia. 12mo. Plon. 2s. Gd. 

,, Rose Rozier. 12mo. 2 vols. Plon. 6s. 

"Gyp." Le plus heureux de tous. 12mo. Levy. 3s. 

,, Mademoiselle Eve. 12mo. Levy. 3s. 

Halevy, L. La famille Cardinal. 12mo. Levy. 3s. 

Hugo, V. Notre Dame de Paris. 12mo. 2 vols. (Paris'). 3s. 6d. 

,, Les travailleurs de la mer. 12mo. 2 vols. (Paris). 3s. 6d. 

Quatre-vingt-treize. 12mo. 2 vols. (Paris'). 3s. 6d. 

Le Sage. Gil Bias. 12mo. Cliarpentier. 3s. 

,, Le diable boiteux. 12mo. (Paris). 3*. 

Loti, P. Le mariage de Loti. 12mo. Levy. 3t. 


France < i I'l DE BOOK TO BOOKS. France 

Loti, T. Mon frt-re Yves. 12mo. Levy. 3.?. 

Mahalin, P. L'hotellerie sanglantc. 12mo. Tresse. \\x. 

Maupassant, G. de. Pierre et Jean. 12mo. Ollendorff. l!x. 

Merimee, P. Colomba, etc. 12mo. Levy. 

,, Carmen, etc. 12mo. Lcry. ::.<. 

,, Chronique de Charles IX. 12mo. Levy. 

,, Dernieres nouvelles. 12mo. Lf-nj. 
Murger, H. La vie de Bohfcme. 12rao. Levy. la. 

,, Les buveurs d'eau. 12mo. Leri/. In. 

Habusson, H. Le mari de Madame Orgevault. 12mo. Levy. 

Reybaud, L. Jerome Paturot. 12mo. Levy. Is. 

Sand, George. Mauprat. 12mo. Linj. 

,, Lelia. 12mo. 2 vols. Lcrtj. 2.t. 

,, Lucrezia Floriani. 12mo. Levy. Is. 

,, Consuelo. 12mo. 3 vols. Levy. 2s. (>il. 

,, La mare au diable. 12mo Levy. 3*. 

Sandeau, J. Le docteur Herbeau. 12mo. tltarpenticr. 
,, Mademoiselle de la Seigliere. 12mo. Charjtentier. :!x. 

,, Madeleine. 12mo. CJiarpentier. I's. 

,, Sacs et parchemins. 12mo. Levy. l.\'. 

Souvestre, E. Le foyer breton. 12mo. 2 vols. Levy. 

Sue, E. Le Juif errant. 12mo. 4 vols. Marpon et Flammarion. 4*\ (>rf. 

Theuriet, A. Michel Verneuil. 12mo. Ollendorff. 

Voltaire. Romans. 12mo. Dldot. Is. Gd. 


At least two of (A) more if possible should be worked carefully through with the notes, 
and the aid of dictionary and grammar. As many of (B) as can be should be read, for interest 
and exercise combined, with dictionary only. Use Masson's Dictionary, Fasnacht's 
Grammar, Saintsbury's Short history of French literature, and his Specimens of French 
literature, or Masson's Lyrefranfaue. [See above, Sec. I.] 

Racine'. Les plaideurs. Ed. Brannholtz. ex. f . 8vo. Pitt Pr. 

Moliere. L'ecole des femmes. Ed. Saintsbury. ex. f. 8vo. Pitt Pr. 2s. <W. 

Bonnechose. Lazare Hoche. Ed. Colbeck. ex. f . 8vo. Pitt Pr. 

Voltaire. Merope. Ed. Saintsbury. ex. f. 8vo. Clar. Pr. 

Hugo,V. Les miserables. Ed. Bo'ielle. c. 8vo. 2 vols., 3s. Gd. each. Williams. 


Dumas, pere. Les trois mousquetaires. 2 vols. Levy. 

Tnierry. Recits mfirovingiens. 8vo. Hachette. 

Merimee. Lettres :"i une inconnue. 12mo. 2 vols. Levy. Gs. 

Michelet, J. La montagne. 12mo. Lacroix. 3*. 

Musset. Comedies et proverbes. 12mo. 3 vols., 3s. each. Cltarpentier. 

Q,uinet, E. Lettres & sa mere. Alca/n. 3*. 

Gautier. Voyage en Russie. 12mo. CJiarpentier. 

, , Le capitaine Fracasse. 12mo. 2 vols. CJiarpentier. 6. 


France <;lll>K IJOOK TO I'.OoKfe. France 

VI. BOOKS F()i; Till-; y<>l'N<; : 

(In jiddilii.ii to those marked in previous li-' 

Boolu marked t uro suitable fur rliililrrii miili-r twelve. 

About, E. Le roi des montagncs. 12mo. HacJiette. 2. 

Beauvoir, U. de. Voyage autnur i In monde. r. 8vo. (Parig). 20s. 

Bernard, ('.ill'. La ge&tUhomme oampagaaxd. 12mo. Levy, Is. 

Cherbuliez, V. Le coratc Kostia. 12ino. Ilacliette. . Us. 

fDaudet, A. La belle Nivernaise. 12mo. Flammarlon. \'<<l. 

tDesnoyers, L. Aventures de Jean Paul Choppart. 12mo. Hetzel. 2*. (\d. 

Dumas, pe re. La tulipe noire. 12mo. Levy. Is. 

f ,, La bouillie il>' la comtesse Berthe. 12mo. Li:nj. Is. 

Erckmann-Chatrian. Maitre Daniel Rock. 12mo. (Paris). . 2s. Gd. 

,, La maison f orestiere. . 12mo. (Paris). 2s. Gd. 

,, Les deux freres. 12mo. (Paris). . 2s. 6d. 

Fabre, F. Mon oncle CSlestin. 12mo. Cliarpentler. 3. 

,, L'abb6 Tigrane. 12mo. Cliarpentler. '3s. 

France, A. Le livre de mon ami. 12mo. Levy. 3*. 

Fromentin, E. Un 6t dans le Sahara. 12mo. 2 vols. (Paris). Is. 

,, Les maitres d'autrefois. 12mo. (Paris). 3#. Gd. 

fGirardin, J. Les braves gens. . 16mo. Hetzel. 2s. 

f ,, La toute petite. 8vo. HacJiette. 3s. Gd. 

Halevy, L. L'Abb6 Constantin. 12mo. (Paris'). 3. 

Hiibner, Baron. Promenades autour du monde. 12mo. 2 vols. (Paris). Is. 

Hugo, V. Le dernier jour d'un condamnfi ; Bug Jargal. 12mo. 

2s. each. Hetzel. is. 

Lamartine, A. de. Les confidences. 12mo. 2 vols., 3s. Gd. each. (Paris'). 7s. 

,, Jocelyn. 12mo. (Paris'). 3s. 

Loti, P. P6cheurs d'Islande. 12mo. Levy. 3s. 

Malot, H. Sans famille. 12mo. 2 vols., 3s. each. Cliarpentier. Gs. 

Michelet, J. L'oiseau. 12mo. Ilacliette. 3s. 

fPerey, L. Zerbeline et Zerbelin. 1. 8vo. Levy, illus. 4*. Gd. 

Pouvillon. Cesette. 12mo. Lemerre. 3s. 

Kemusat, C. de. La Saint-Barth61emy. 12mo. Levy. 3s. 

Renan, E. Souvenirs d'enfance. 12mo. Levy. 3s. 

Sand, George. La famille de Germandre. 12mo. Levy. 3s. 

, , Les maitres Sonneurs. 12mo. Levy. 3s. 

f ,, Histoire du veritable Gribouille. 12mo. (Paris). Is. Gd. 

Sandeau, J. Catherine. 12mo. Levy. 1*. 

,, J. La maison de Penarvan. 12mo. (Paris). 3s. 

fStahl, P. J. Maroussia. 12mo. Hetzel. 2s. Gd. 

fSouvestre, E. Th6iitre de la jeunesse. 12mo. (Paris'). l- 

Tbpffer. Nouvelles G6nevoises. 12mo. (Paris). 3s. 

Verne, J. Michel Strogoff. 12mo. 2 vols., 3s. each. (Paris). Gs. 



Vigny, A. de. Servitude et grandeur militaires. 12mo. (Paris). '.'-< 

Stello. 12mo. (Paris'). 3* 


Augier, E. La pierre de touclie. 12mo. (Paris'). 

,, L'habitvert. 12mo. (Paris'). 2*. 

,, Le post-scriptum. 12mo. (Paris'). 

Beaumarchais. Le barbier de Seville. 32mo. (Paris). (>d. 

Erckmann-Chatrian. Le Juif polonais. 12mo. (Paris'). \x. (>//. 

,, La guerre. 12mo. (Paris'). Is. Gd. 

Feuillet, 0. Le village. 12mo. Levy. 1#. Cxf. 

Girardin, E. de. La joie fait peur. 32mo. (Paris}. (>//. 

Gondinet, E. La cravate blanche. 12mo. Levy. 1*. Gd. 

Hugo, V. Hernani. 12mo. Levy. 

Ruy Bias. 12mo. Levy. 1*. 

,, Les Burgraves. 12mo. Levy. 1*. 

Legouve and Labiche. La cigale chez les fourmis. 12mo. Levy. 
Labiche, E. La poudre aux yeux. 12mo. Lcry. 

,, Les petits oiseaux. 12mo. Levy. 
Legouve, E. Bataille de dames. 12mo. Levy. 
Marivaux, P. C. de. Les jeux de 1'amour et du hasard. 12mo. (Paris). 

,, Le legs. 12mo. (Paris'). 
Pailleron. L'etincelle. 12mo. (Paris'). l-t- >'/ 

,, Le monde ou Ton s'ennuie. 12mo. (Paris'). 
Sand, George. Le mariage de Victorine. 32mo. (Paris'). 

,, Le marquis de Villemer. 12mo. (Paris'). 3*. G<7. 

Scribe, E. Le verre d'eau. 32mo. (Paris'). 
Sedaine. La gageure impr6vue. 16mo. 


Illustrated French primer, sm. 8vo. Hacliette. Is. 6<7. 

French, nursery rhymes, sm. 8vo. Hachette. 

Je saurai lire (with sequel). 4to. Gamier, illus. 

Segur, Mme. de. Contes de fees. 12mo. Hacliette. 

Perrault, Mme. d'Aulnoy, etc. Contes de f6es. 12mo. Hacliette. 

Bell, Mrs. Hugh. Petit theatre des enfants. f. 8vo. Longmans. Is. Gd. 

Bawr, Mme. de. Nouveaux contes. 12mo. Hacliette. 

Berquin. Choix de drames et de contes. 12mo. Hachette. 

Pape-Charpentier, Mme. Histoire .et lecons de choses. 12mo. 2 series. 

Hachette. 2s. 

Genlis, Mme. de. Contes moraux. 12mo. Haffiette. ~K. 

Carraud, Mme. Historiettes veritables. 12mo. Hachette. -K. 

Bert, Paul. Premiere annee de science. 12mo. Colin. Is. 


France (il'IDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Game Law3 

Fleury, L. L'histoiro racont6c mix nf.mts. 18mo. 10 vols., 2*. e:i- I . 

I In r rani. -" 

Ton little books on ancient and modern hUtory. 

Conversational first Kivnrh reader, itimo. Hachette. 10</. 

La Fontaine. Fables. (1'nrix). 

N uiiirnms edition*, from In. (W. upwards 

Segoir, Mine, dr. I,c> nialliriirs i\>- .Sophie. 12mo. llachette, -*. 

Petites lilies inodeles. 12mo. llachette. 2*. 

,, Les vacances. 12mo. JIacJiette. 2*. 

,, Les deux Nigauds. 12mo. llacliettr. 2.<. 

Carraud. Metamorphoses d'une goutte d'eau. 12mo. Hachette. 2*. 

Esclangon. Petite anthologie des enfants. sin. 8vo. Hachette. 1*. (W. 

Les bcbt's <lcs janlins de Paris. 4to. Quantin. illus. 2*. 

La journ6e do b6b6. 4to. Qua/ntin. illus. 3*. 

Les b6b6s d'Alsace-Lorraine. sm. 4to. Quantin. illus. 2*. 

Malvin. First French reciter. Hachette. !* 3r/. 

La lyre enfantine. sm. 8vo. Hachette. 1*. dd. 

Images enfantines. fo. 5 vols., 3s. each. Quantin. 15*. 

Excellent series of picture cooks. 



Gould, R. F. History of Freemasonry. 4to. 6 vols., 12*. 6d. each. 78*. 

Mackey, A. G. Lexicon of Freemasonry, c. 8vo. Griffin. 6*. 



Cummins, A. H. Old Friesic grammar, c. 8vo. Trimmer. 6*. 

Outzen, N. Glossarium der friesischen Sprache. (Cojwnhageri). 1837. 10*. 





Games, etc. GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Gardening 


See separate heads for gamts not mentioned beloir. 

"Stonehenge." British rural sports, d. 8vo. Warne. illus. 21*. 

Cricket, football, fives, rackets, lawn tennis, badminton, golf, hookey, swimming, skating, 
bicycling, riding, driving, walking, running, leaping, throwing the hammer, putting the 

weight, training 

Boy's own book. 8vo. Lockmood. illus. 

Athletic and minor sports, indoor and drawing-room games, naturalist, scientific recreations, 
tricks, etc. 

Book of sports and pastimes. 8vo. Cassell. illus. 3*. Gd. 

Outdoor^ames, toys, workshop, pets, etc. 

Kerr, J. History of curling, d. 8vo. Douglas, illus. !().. M. 

An elaborate and useful work somewhat marred by the efforts at humour. 

Creswell, F. S. Hockey (" All England" ser.). sm. 8vo. Sell. 1>. 

Sachs, E. Lacrosse for beginners. 8vo. (New York). O.P. 

Beers, W. G. Lacrosse. 12mo. Low. illus. 

Contains history of the game. 

Younghusband, Capt. Polo in India, c. 8vo. W.H.Allen. 2,s. 

Bonn. Handbook of games. 2 vols., 3s. Gd. each. Bell, illus. 

Vol. i. : Billiards, chess, bagatelle, draughts, backgammon, dominoes, roulette, etc. Vol. ii. : 
Whist, piquet, ecart, euchre, poker, cribbage, etc. Sold separately, \s. each. 

Cyclopaedia of card and table games. Ed. " Hoffman." d. 8vo. Routledqe. 10*. G<7. 

"Hoffmann," Prof. Drawing-room amusements, and evening party 

entertainments, p. 8vo. Routledge. illus. Gs. 

Games of action, pen and pencil games, forfeits, miscellaneous amusements, amateur 
theatricals, tableaux vivants, waxworks, shadow pantomimes, drawing-room tricks, etc. 

Lillie, A. Acting charades. 8vo. Cox. 3s. Gd. 

Book of indoor amusements, card games, and fireside fun. 4to. Cassell. illus. 3s. Gd. 

Parlour games, toy games, toy making, puzzles, etc. 


Browne, W. H. Firework-making for amateurs. 8vo. Upcott frill, illus. 2*. Gd. 
Magic lantern, its construction and use. 12mo. Perkins and Rayment. 6d. 


Illustrated dictionary of gardening. Ed. G. Nicholson. 1. p. 4to. 4 vols., 

15*. each. Gill. 60*. 

General book of reference on everything relating to gardening. 

Cassell 's popular gardening. Ed. D. T. Fish. c. 8vo. 4 vols., 5*. each. 

Cassell. 20*. 

This includes articles on villa-gardening and window-gardening. 

Bailey, L. H. Horticulturist's rule-book. " Garden " Pub. Co. 

Kemp, E. How to lay out a small garden. 12mo. Bradbury, Evans. 3*. Gd. 

,, How to lay out a large garden, c. 8vo. Bradbury, Evans. 12*. 

Robinson, W. English flower garden. 8vo. Murray, illus. 15*. 

Cultivation of out-door flowers. 

Castle, Lewis. Town and suburban gardening, p. 8vo. Sonnenscliein. 2.s. (\d. 


Gardening ill'WK HOOK TO BOOKS, Geography 

Burbidge, K W. Cultivated j.lauN, (ln-ir ],n'|>a.Lr:it ion aii'l improvement. 

. Kliichifiiutl. illus. 12x. './/. 

Ballet, ('. Ait <>!' i:r:ili in- and budding. Tr. 12mo. Mucmillan. 5*. 

Andre, K. l/arf des jardins. r. 8vo. Masson (I'arix). 28*. ('<<!. 

Bert book on landscape gvdvninif. 

Milner, II. K. Ait and practice of landscape gardening. 4to. <sv /////////. :;i. <.'/. 

Vilmorin-Andrieux, M. Vegetable garden. 8vo. Murray, illus. pub. 15. o.p. 

Hogg, H. Fruit .manual. " Journal of Hurt it-ult ure " Office. 16s. 

Thomson,!). Fruit culture under . Hvo. lilaclmood. illus. It. fid. 

Rivers, T. Orchard house, c. 8vo. Longmans, illns. 5. 

Barren, A. V. Vines and vine culture.. " Journal of Horticulture" Office. 5*. 

Paul, W. Hose garden. 8vo. Kent. 10*. Cl. 

Smith, J. Ferns, r.ritisli and foreign, c. 8vo. Allen. Is. Gd. 

Watson and Uean. Orchids, their culture and management, d. 8vo. (it//. 

illus. 15.. M. 

Watson, W. Cactus culture for amateurs. 1. p. 8vo. fiill. illus. 5. 

Firminger, T. A. C. Indian gardening, c. 8vo. Thaclter. 21. 

PERIODICALS : Gardener's Chronicle : The Garden : the two best weekly papers. Journal 
of the Royal Horticultural Society, 117, Victoria-street, S.W. 









See also under the different countries. 

Under this head the aim has been to give the titles of the books that afford the best 
information up to date, on each section of the subject. No attempt is made to give a list 
of the best book of travel for each region ; these will be found in the books mentioned under 
the head of " Reference." Anyone desiring a general knowledge of any particular region or 
country, would do well to start with the section dealing with the subject in Reclus' Universal 
geography; or in Stanford's Compendi urn, following up with the special books mentioned 
under the different heads, or in the references given in Reclus. 


In the annual addresses of the presidents of the Royal Geographical Society, will be found 
a summary of each year's exploration and geographical work ; these may be taken as supple- 
mentary to the works herein given. 

Bunbury, E. H. History of ancient geography among the Greeks and 

Romans. 8vo. 2 vols. Murray. Maps. 21s. 


Geography GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Geography 

Saint Martin, V. de. Histoire de la geographic et des decouvertes g6ogra- 

phiques. 8vo. Hachette. 16*. 

From the earliest time to the present day. On the whole, the best book on the subject. 
Includes historical atlas. 

Cooley, W. D. History of maritime and inland discovery, 12mo. 3 vols. 

Longmans. 1831. pub. 10*. Gd. O.P. 

Murray, H. Historical account of discoveries in Africa, Asia, and North 
America, from the earliest times. 8vo. 7 vols. Longmans. 1818-29. 
pub. 96*. O.P. 

Lindsay, W. S. History of merchant shipping and ancient commerce. 

8vo. 4 vols. Low. HO.v. 

Vol. i., ii., 22*. ; vol. iii., iv., 28. 


Markhatn, C. R. Famous sailors of former times, p. 8vo. Cassell. 2.<. ('><!. 

Yule, H. The book of Sir Marco Polo, the Venetian ; newly translated. 

m. 8vo. 2 vols. Murray. <'>"><. 

Major, R. H. The life of Henry the navigator, i. 8vo. Aslier. illus. 25*. 

Vasco da Gama's three voyages. (Hakluyt Soc. vol. xlii.). Tr. from the 
Portuguese by H. E. J. Stanley. 8vo. 

Columbus, Christopher. Select letters and other original documents 
relating to his four voyages to the New World. (Hakluyt Soc. 
vol. xliii.). Tr. R. H. Major. 8vo. illus. 

Irving-, Washington. Life and voyages of Christopher Columbus, p. 8vo. 

2 vols., 3*. 6d. each. Bell (Bohn). Is. 

Harrisse, H. Christophe Colomb. r. 8vo. 2 vols. Leroux. illus. 

From unpublished documents in the archives of Genoa, Madrid, etc. 

,, Cabot, Jean et Sebastian. 1. 8vo. (Part*). 

With maps, bibliography and chronology of north-western voyage. 

Magellan's Voyage round the world ; from Pigafetta and other writers. 
(Hakluyt Soc. vol. liv.). 8vo. 

Guillemard, F. H. Magellan ("World's Great Explorers" ser.). c. 8vo. 

Philip. 4*. 6d. 

Markham, C. R. Life of John Davis, the navigator, 1550-1605 (" World's 

Great Explorers " ser.). c. 8vo. Philip, illus. 4*. 6d. 

Markham, A. Voyages and works of John Davis. (Hakluyt Soc.). 8vo. 
De Veer, Gerrit. Three voyages of William Barents to the Arctic regions, 

15946. (Hakluyt Soc. vol. liv.). 8vo. illus. 

Drake's Voyage round the world, 157780. (Hakluyt Soc. vol. xvi.). 8vo. 
Drake's last voyage, and death. (Hakluyt Soc. vol. iv.). 8vo. 
Barrow, J. Drake's life, voyages and exploits, p. 8vo. Murray. 

Leo Africanus, John. Geographical historic of Africa. Tr. John Pory. 
4to. Map. 1600. 

Frobisher's three voyages In search of passage to Cathaia and India, 
15768. Ed. R. Collinson. (Hakluyt Soc. vol. xxxviii.). 8vo. 

Cayley, A. Sir Walter Raleigh. 2 vols. (London). 1806. O.P. 

Hawkins, Mary W. S. Plymouth Armada heroes ; the Hawkins family. 

Brendan (Plymouth). 12*. bd. 

Asher, G. M. Henry Hudson the navigator. (Hakluyt Soc.~). 


Geography (illl'K l;u<)K TO I ',<< KH. Geography 

Valle, I'ietro della. Tnm-K in KaM India and Aial/ia I (onta ; also Sir 

Thoma* Roe'i voyage to the B., Indie*, f". -Map. H',c,r>. 
The venot's Travels into the Levant, fo. 16*7. 
Tavernier's Travels in India. Tr. fnim the French of 1676, by V. Ball. 

8VO, 2 vols. Macmlllan. 42*. 

Dampier, W. New voyage round the world. 8vo. 4 vols. 1729. 

Walter, R. Anson's voyage round the \v<>rl<l in the " Centurion," 1740 4. 
(London'). Maps and plates. 1748. 

Barrow, J. Life of Lord Anson. Murray. 1839. pub. 14*. O.P. 

Cook's Voyage towards the S. Pole, 17725. 4to. 2 vols. 1777. 

,, Voyage to the 'Pacific, 1776 80. 4to. 3 vols. Maps and plates. 

Kippis, Andrew. Captain Cook. 4to. (London). 1788. O.P. 

Besant, W. Captain Cook. c. 8vo. Macmillan. 2s. tid. 

Brief and popular. 

Bruce, James. Travels to discover the source of the Nile, 1768 73. 4to. 
5 vols. (Klinburgli). Maps and plates. 1790. 

Vancouver, G. Voyage to the N. Pacific and round the world. 17905. 
4to. 3 vols. Plates. ] 798. 

Park, Mungo. Travels in the interior of Africa. 1795 7. 8vo. 2 vols. 
Maps and plates. 1800. 

Thomson, J. Mungo Park (" World's Great Explorers "). c. 8vo. Philip. is. Qd. 

Lowenberg, J. Humboldt. Tr. Lassell. 8vo. 2 vols. Longmans. 

pub. 36s. O.P. 

Parry, W. E. Voyage for the discovery of a North- West passage, 181920. 
4to. Charts and plates. 1821. 

,, Second voyage, 1821 3. 4to. Maps and plates. 1824. 

Appendix. 4to. 1825. 

,, Third voyage, 1824 5. 4to. Charts and plates. 1826. 

,, Attempt to reach the North Pole, 1827. 4to. Charts and plates. 

Elder, W. Biography of Elisha Kent Kane. 8vo. (Philadelphia). 12s. 

Franklin, J. Journey to the shores of the Polar Sea, 1819 22. 4to. 
Maps and plates. 1823. 

,, Second expedition, 1825 7. 4to. Maps and plates. 1828. 
Markham, A. John Franklin and the North- West Passage, c. 8vo. Philip. is. 6d. 

Voyages of the " Adventure " and " Beagle " to S. America and round the 
world, 182639. Ward, Loch. 

Waterton, C. Wanderings in South America, c. 8vo. Macmillan. illus. 6s. 

Corbin, Diana. M. F. Maury. 8vo. Lorn. 12s. Gd. 

Mcllraith, J. Life of Sir John Richardson, c. 8vo. Longmans, pub. 5s. O.P. 

Hitchman, F. Life and travels of R. F. Burton. 8vo. 2 vols. Lorn. 36s. 

Life, letters, and journals of Sir Roderick J. Murchison. Ed. A. Geikie. 

2 vols. Murray. 30s. 

Blackie, W. G. Personal life of David Livingstone, c. 8vo. Murray, illus. 6s. 

Montefiore, A. David Livingstone, his labours and his legacy, c. 8vo. 

Partridge, illus. Is. &d. 


Geography GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Geography 

Johnston, II. II Livingstone and Cent nil Africa ("World's Great Ex- 
plorers " ser.). c. 8vo. Philip. 4s. Gd. 

Moffat, J. S. Lives of llobcrt and Mary Moffat. Hvo. I'nirin. '.\x.\\d. 

Autobiography and reminiscences of Sir D. Forsyth. Ed. by his daughter. 

d. 8vo. lientli'i/. 12s. Cxi. 

Hakluyt, R. Voyages and discoveries. 

Black letter edition, 1599-1600. This is the original authority for the explorations of the 
16th and previous centuries. Reprint 1809 in 5 vols. New edition, by subscr. ; (Golttumitt ; 
Kilinl>.\; 1886. 

Purchas, his pilgrims. 5 vols. 1025-20. illus. . O.r. 

To a considerable extent a supplement to Haklnyt. 

Yule, H. Cathay, and the way thither: mediaeval notices of China. 
(Hakluyt Soc., vols. xxxvi. and xxxvii.). 8vo. 

Pinkerton, John. Voyages and travels. 4to. 17 vols. Longmans. 

1808-14. pub. 37 16*. o.r. 

Kerr, Robert. Collection of voyages and travels. 8vo. 17 vols. Baldwin. 

1811-25. pub. 10 4s. O.P. 

For ordinary purposes Pinkerton's and Kerr's collections will be found most useful. 

Conder, Josiah. Modern traveller. 30 vols. 1831. maps and plates. O.P. 

Works issued by the Hakluyt Soc. ( Great Queen-st., W. C.*). Pub. since 1847. 

Strachey, R. Lectures on geography, c. 8vo. Macmillan. 4*. fyl. 

A useful summary of what subjects are included in geography to the modern student. 

Huxley, T. H. Physiography, c. 8vo. Macmillan. 6s. 

This is the earliest work of the kind in England, and, on the whole, still the most satisfactory. 

Himnan, R. Eclectic physical geography, c. 8vo. (Cincinnati*). 5,v. 

The clearest, most methodical, and most intelligible of physical geographies. 

Our earth and its story. Ed. R. Brown, r. 8vo. Cassell. 9s. 

Based on a high-class German work, and more systematic and up to date than Reclus* 
" Earth " and " Ocean." 

Reclus, E. The ocean, atmosphere, and life. Ed. A. H. Keane. i. 8vo. 

Virtue, illus. 21,<. 

,, The earth and its inhabitants. Ed. Keane and Ravenstein. i. 8vo. 

Virtue, illus. 21s. 

General introduction to Reclus' "Universal geography." 

,, Universal geography. Ed. Ravenstein and Keane. i. 8vo. 17 

vols., 21s. each. Virtue. 17 17*. 

Vol. i., South Europe; vol. ii., France: vol. iii., Central Europe; vol. iv., N.W. Europe; 
vol. v., Scandinavia and Russia : vol. vi., Russian Asia ; vol. vii.. Eastern Asia ; vol. viii., 
India and Indo-China ; vol. ix.. Western Asia ; vol. x.. North Africa (Nile Basin, etc.) ; vol. 
xi., North Africa (Algiers, Morocco, etc.) ; vol. xii.. West Africa ; vol. xiii., South and East 
Africa, in preparation ; vol. xiv., Australasia, in preparation ; vols. xv., xvi., xvii., America, in 

The best and most complete descriptive geography. For information required concerning 
any particular country this should be first referred to. The French original is better than the 
English translation. 

Stanford's Compendium of geography and travel, with ethnological appen- 
dices. Ed. A. H. Keane. 1. p. 8vo. 6 vols., 21s. each. Stanford. 126s. 

Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, Central and South America, Australasia. 

Brown, R. The countries of the world, r. 8vo. G vols., 7s. Gd. each. 

f'uxxeil. illus. -1.V. 

More discursive and less systematic than Reclus. 


Geography (i( IDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Geography 

Johnston, K. Physical, historical, political, ami <!i-seriptive geography. 

Ivl. Iv (i. li;i\<-iiM.-in. p. S\n. Sliiiifuril. 12x. 

On tin' whole, tin 1 most siit ihfai-tc pry Kiih'linh t fit-book. 

Chisholm, G. G. Longman's school geography, p. 8vo. Longmans. 3*. Gd. 

'I'h k on the new line*. 

Clyde, J. School geography. 12mo. SY ///////(. 4*. 

The best text-book on the old lines. 

Mill, If. R. Elementary class-book of general geography. c. 8vo. 

Macmillan. ill us. 3*. Gd. 

ihlf and intf resting sketch. 

,, Elementary commercial geography, ex. f. 8vo. Co/nib. Pres. \. 

Chisholm, G. G. Handbook of commercial geography. 8vo. Longmans. 16*. 

The best in existence. Smaller edition, 'Is. fxl. 

Kel tie, J. Scott. Applied geography. I'hlliji. 3*. Gd. 

Kiepert, H. Manual of ancient geography. Tr. c. 8vo. Macmillan. 5*. 

Lelewel, J. Geographic du moyen Sge. 8vo. 4 vols. (Brussels). 63*. 


Kriimmel, 0. Der Ozean. 12mo. Freitag. \x. Gd. 

Introduction to general oceanography. 

Boguslawski, G. von. Handbuch der Ozeanographie. 8vo. 2 vols. (Leipzig}. 23*. Gd. 
Depths of the sea. 8vo. Macmillan. 31*. Gd. 

General results of dredging cruises (1868-70) under the direction of Dr. W. B. Carpenter, 
( J Jeffreys, and Sir Wyville Thomson. 

Wharton, W. J. L. Hydrographical surveying. 8vo. Murray. 15*. 

Thoxilet, J. Oceanographie. 8vo. Dulau. illus. 8*. Gd. 


Peschel, 0. Neue Probleme der vergleichende Erdkunde. 8vo. (Leipzig}. 5*. 

,, Abhandlungen zur Erdkunde. 3 vols. (Leipzig}. 30*. 

,, Physische Erdkunde. 8vo. 2 vols. (Leipzig}. 30*. 

Peschel's works must be studied by the student who desires to master the latest aspect of 

Ratzel, F. Anthropologische Geographic. 8vo. Engelliorn. 10*. 

Sketch of application of geography to history. 

Marsh, G. P. The earth as modified by human action. 8vo. Lorn. 18*. 

Hahn, F. G. Inselstudien. 8vo. (Leipzig}. is. Gd. 

Wallace, A. R. Island life. 8vo. Macmillan. 18*. 

Phenomena and causes of insular faunas and floras. 

Hitter, K. Comparative geography. Tr. F. Gage. f. 8vo. Blacltwood. 3*. Gd. 

A translation of a few of Bitter's essays. The student should, if possible, study the whole of 
Hitter's works. 

Wallace, A. R. Geographical distribution of animals. 8vo. 2 vols. Mac- 
millan. 42s. 

Petherick. Catalogue of the York Gate Library of S. W. Silver, Esq. 8vo. 

Murray. 42*. 

Silver's is probably the best private collection in the country : access is easily obtained by the 

PERIODICALS, ETC.: The chief society is the Royal Geographical Society, whose 
Journal and ProceedinffS abound with papers and memoirs of great value. The Scottish 
Geographical Society also publish the Scottish Geographical Magazine, which contains many 
important papers. The Journal of the Manchester Geographical Society is strong in papers 
on commercial geography. The consular and other commercial reports published at frequent 
intervals by the Foreign Office, and those issued by the Colonial Office (Eyre), and costing 
sually a trifling sum, often contain new geographical information. 


Geography GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Geology 


Taylor, I. Words and places, gl. 8vo. Macmillan. 6. 

Etymological illustrations of history, ethnology, and geography. 

Blackie, C. Geographical etymology. 8vo. Murray. 

Yule and Burnell. Hobson-Jobson, a glossary of Anglo-Indian colloquial 

terms. 8vo. Murray. 3G. 

Egli, J. J. Etymologisch-geographisches Lexikon. 8vo. (Leipzig). 12.v. 


There is no really first-rate English gazetteer up to date. Those given are, on the whole, 
the best. The Universal geography might well be consulted (through its index) for gazetteer 
information, and the geographical articles in the Kiir>irl<>ii<rtliu Hfitnnniru and Chambers' 
Encyclopaedia. For the student, the copious bibliographies appended to St. Martin's 
Kouvelle dictionnaire will be found most useful. 

Martin and Rousselet. Nouveau dictionnaire de geographic universelle. 
4to. 5 vols. Hacliette. 

Vol. i. (A-C), 22*. 6(1. ; vol. ii. (D-J), 26*. ; vol. iii. (K-M), 27. 6d., in progress. The best 
gazetteer in existence. 

Bryce and Johnston. Library gazetteer of the world, r. 8vo. Collins. 

A fairly satisfactory and succinct gazetteer. 

Bartholomew, J. Century atlas and gazetteer of the world. 32 mo. 

J. Walker. 2*. M. 

A. cheap and useful index to find where a place is. 

Markham. Fifty years' work of the Royal Geographical Society. 8vo. 

Murray. 4*. 

Contains a complete classified index to the Journal and Proceedings of the society. The vols. 
from January, 1879, are supplied with lesser indices. 

Statesman's year-book (annual). Ed. J. Scott Keltic, c. 8vo. Macmillan. 10,v. \\d. 

Young studen-3 should read Geikie's Primer. All beginners must read a Physical 
jgraphy such as Page's Introductory text-book, or Huxley's Physiography ; then read 

Principles should be read by those who desire a philosophical treatise, tnougn it does not 
include the latest discoveries. Geikie's Scenery and geology of Scotland will specially 
interest those whose (esthetic perceptions are quickened by inquiry into causes. 


Geikie, A. Primer of geology, (elem.). 18mo. Macmillan. illus. 

Page and Lapworth. Introductory text-book of geology, (elem.). f. 8vo. 

Blackmood. illus. 3*. 6d. 

Geikie, A. Class-book of geology, c. 8vo. Macmillan. illus. 
Lyell, C. Student's elements of geology, p. 8vo. Murray, illus. 

,, Principles of geology. 8vo. 2 vols., 16*. each. Murray, pub. 32,?. o.r. 

Geikie, A. Text-book of geology. 8vo. Macmillan. illus. 
Prestwich, J. Geology. 2 vols. Clar. Press, illus. 

Vol. i., 25. ; vol., ii., 36. 

Geikie, A. Outlines of field geology, c. 8vo. Macmillan. illus. 3*. 6d. 

II. PHYSICAL GEOLOGY (in addition to text-books above referred to) : 

Gilbert, G. K. Geology of the Henry mountains. Govt. Printing Office 
( Washington), illus. 

Green, A. H. Physical geology. 8vo. Rivington. illus. 


Geology GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Geology 

Heim, A. Mi-rlianisiiius clrr (^lnMung. r. 8vo. 2 vols. (Berlin). 60*. 

Witli ntluji of Aliiiue Btructure. 

Judd, .1. W. Volcanoes (" Inter. Sclent." ser.). c. Hvo. Paul, illua. G*. 

Milne,.!. Earthquakes (" Inter. Solent" .). c. Hvo. Paul, illus. G*. 

Darwin, C. Coral reefs, c. 8vo. Smith, Elder, St. Gd. 

Dana, J. I), ("orals and coral islands, c. 8vo. Lorn, illus. pub. 8*. 6d. O.P. 

Structure and growth of corals and liintury of reefs, more generally useful than Darwin's 
classical exeay. 


Butley, F. Rock-forming minerals, d. 8vo. Murby. 1*. Gd. 

,, Study of rocks, f. Hvo. Longmans, illus. Is. Gd. 

Teall. British petrography, r. 8vo. Dulau. illus. 63*. 

Hosenbusch. Microscopic physiography of rock-making minerals. Tr. J. P 

Iddings. Hvo. Macmillan. illus. 24*. 


Nicholson and Lydekker. Manual of palaeontology. 8vo. 2 vols. Slack- 

mood, illus. 63* 

Nicholson, H. A. Ancient life-history of the earth, (elem.). c. 8vo. 

Blacknood. illus. 10*. Gd. 


Harrison, W. J. Geology of the counties of England and Wales. 8vo. 

Kelly. St 

Woodward, H. B. Geology of England and Wales, d. 8vo. Philip, illus. 18*. 

Contains geological map of England. 

Phillips, J. Geology of Oxford and valley of the Thames. 8vo. Clar. Press. 21*. 

Smyth, W. W. Coal and coal mining. 12mo. LocJtrvood, 4*. 

Green and others. Coal : its history and uses. 8vo. Macmillan. 12*. Gd. 

Hull, E. Coal-fields of Great Britain, d. 8vo. Stanford. 16*. 

Phillips, J. Ore deposits. 8vo. Macmillan. illus. 25*. 


Geikie, J. ice age. 8vo. Daldy. 24*. 

Croll, J. Climate and time. 8vo. Daldy. 24*. 

Reid. Geology of the district around Cromer (Geol. Survey). Stanford. 6*. 

I/ubbock, J. Pre-historic times. 8vo. William. 18*. 

Lyell, C. Antiquity of man. 8vo. Murray, pub. 14*. O.P. 

Evans, J. Ancient stone implements of Great Britain, r. 8vo. Longmans. 

pub. 28*. O.P. 


Geikie, A. Scenery and geology of Scotland, c. 8vo. Macmillan. 12*. Gd. 

Kinahan, G. H. Geology of Ireland, p. 8vo. Paul. 15*. 

Deals with geology and minerals. 

Hull, E. Geology of Ireland, p. 8vo. Stanford. It. 

Treats mainly of physical geography as dependent on the geology. 

145 L 

Geology (il IDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Geometry 

Ramsay, A. C. Geology of. North Wales (Gcol. Survey). Stanford. 

Whitaker, W. Geology of the London basin (Geol. purvey). Stanford, 

Geology of the Isle of Wight (Geol. Survey), r. 8vo. Stanford. ~*. <''/. 

Dana, J. D. Manual of geology. 8vo. Triibner. 

Contains North American geology. 

Lapparent, A. do Geologic. 8vo. Sanj. 
Contains continental geology. 


Life of Sir Charles Lyell. Ed. Mrs. Lyell. 8vo. 2 vols. Murray. 

Geikie, A. Sir R. Murchison and his contemporaries. 8vo. 2 vols. 

Clark and Hughes. Life of Sedgwick. d. 8vo. 2 vols. Cambridge Press. 


Ramsay, A. C. Geological maps of England and Wales (12 miles to inch). 

Stanford. 21*. 

Prestwich, J. Geological map of Europe. Clar. Press. 
Geikie,. A. Geological map of Scotland ( 10 miles to inch). Stanford, 
Hull, E. Geological map of Ireland (8 miles to inch). Stanford. 
Marcou. Geological map of the world (8 sheets). {Zurich'). . 
Horizontal geological sections (Geol. Survey). Stanford. 

Six inches to the mile. 

District geological maps of the United Kingdom. 

'(Geol. Survey, inch to mile, on sheets, 110 div.). Stanford. From 1*. 6d. to 8. <W. each 

Catalogue of the library of the Geological Society (to 1880). 8vo. Geol. Sac. 

PERIODICALS, ETC. -.Geological Record ; pub. since 1871, Vol. i., 1")*. ; the rest 16*. each. 
(Taylor and Francis) ; Geological 31 agazine (Trubner), In. 6d. monthly; Quarterly Journal 
of the Geological Society ; Proceedings of the Geologists' Association ; Palffiontographical 
Society's monographs.' 


For Analytical geometry, see MATHEMATICS. 

Smith, Hamblin. Elements of geometry (Euclid). 12mo. Rivington. 

Todhunter, I. Euclid. 8vo. Macmillan. 

Casey, J. Euclid (with exercises), f. Svo. Longmans. 

First six books, and props, i. to xxi. of book xi. ; key to exercises, 6s. 

Sequel to Euclid, c. 8vo. Longmans. 

Contains theory of harmonic ratio. Casey's books are very strongly to be recommended as the 
best books of their kind. 

Elements of plane geometry. (Association for improvement of geom, 
teaching), c. 8vo. 2 parts, 2s. 6d. each. Sonnenscheln. 

Not to be used by those who wish to follow Euclid strictly. 

Henrici, O. Elementary geometry. 12mo. Longmans. 

Departs altogether from Euclidean methods; contains congruent figures. 

Nixon, R. C. J. Plane and solid geometry, c. 8vo. 2 vols. Clar. Press. 9*. Gr7. 

Vol. i., Plane, Enclid, books i. to vi., B. : also sold separately, book i.. It. ; books i., ii., 1. 6d. ; 
books i. to iv., 8. ; books v., vi., 3*. Vol. ii., Solid, books xi., xii., S*. 6d. 

Cremona. Project! ve geometry (advanced). Tr, Leudesdorf. p. 8vo. 

Clar. Prett, 3*. 6<7. 


Geometry (M'IIH-1 I'.OOK TO HOOKS. Germany 

Drew, W. Geometrical treatise, on runic, .sections, (elem.). c. 8vo. 

Macmillan. G.t. 

Besant, W. H. Conic sections, f. svo. AW/. 4j. Gd, 

Taylor, C. Geometrical conic sections. 8vo, Sell, 4x. M. 




Murray's Handbook. The Rhine and North Germany, p. 8vo. Murray; 10s 

South Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Tyrol, p. 8vo, 2 parts. 

Murray. , 12s 

Baedeker. Northern Germany. 12mo. Dulau. Is 

,, Southern Germany and Austria. 12mo. Dulau, Is 

Reclns, E. Universal geography, vol. iii. i. 8vo. Virtue. 21* 

Neumann, G. Geographisches Lexicon des deutschen Reichs. 8vo. 2 vols. 

with atlas. Bibliographisches Institut. 15s 

Baring-Gould, S. Germany past and present, p. 8vo. Paul. Is. Gd. 

Stieler, K. The Rhine, from its source to the sea, Tr. Bartley. 8vo. 

Bickers, illus. 52s. (\d, 

Seguin, L. G. The Black Forest, its people and legends. Stralian. 12s, 


Lampers, F. Ober-Ammergau und sein Passionspiel. (MumeJi). Is. Gd. 

Acht Tage in Miinchen. (Munich). 2s 

Fuhrer durch Miinchen und seine Umgebung. (Munich). 'Is, 

Miinchen in guter alter Zeit. (Munich), illus. 16s. 

Miinchen in der neuen Zeit. (Munich), illus. 10s, 

Konig Ludwig I., und seine Kunstschopfungen. (Munich), illus, 30s. 


Lehmann. Dresden und Sachs. Schweiz (Guide-book). 12mo. (Leipzig). 2s. 

Schreyer, W. Landeskunde des Kgr ; Sachsen. Svo. (Meissen). 2s. 

Lindau, M. Geschichte von Dresden, r. Svo. (Dresden). 24s. 

Mohr, K. Geschichte von Sachsen. Svo. (Leipzig). It 

Gebauer, H. Bilder aus dem siichsischen Berglande. Svo, (Leipzig). 6*. 


Brasch and Rothenstein. Guide to Berlin. (Berlin). 2s. 

Streckfuss, A. 500 Jahre Berliner Geschichte ; vom Fischerdorf zur Welt- 

stadt. 2 vols. (Berlin). 22s. 6rf 

Hennes, A. 150 Ausfliige in die Umgebung von Berlin (with map). (Berlin), Is. 

32 Ausfluge in die weitere Umgebung von Berlin, (Berlin). Is. Gd. 

147 L 2 

Germany GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Germany 


Including Austria-Hungary. See also HUNGABY. 

Dahlmann and Waitz. Quellenkunde der deutschen Gcschichtc. 8vo. 

( Gottingen). 5v. 

Bibliography of the subject. 

Wattenbach, W. Deutschlands Geschichtsquellen im Mittelalter. 8vo. 

2 vols. (Berlin). Us. 

Critical account of the authorities to 1350. 

Lorenz, O. Deutschlands Geschichtsquellen im Mittelalter. 8vo. 2 vols. 

(Berlin). 15s. 

Continuation of the above. 1350-1160. 

Allgeineine deutsche Biographic. 20 vols., 12*. each. (Leipzig'). 

Biographical dictionary, not quite completed. 

Luden, H. Geschichte des teutschen Volkes. 8vo. 12 vols. (Gotlia). 

J825-37. . . . 48* 

Greenwood, T. History of the Germans. 4to. Longman*. 1836. O.P. 

Only covers the early history, but does it in a way that no other accessible book does. 

Waitz, G. Deutsche Verfassungsgeschichte. 8vo. 8 vols. (Kiel). 

Vol. i., 12*. ; vol. ii. (1), 10*. ; vol. ii. (2), 10*. ; vol. iii., 16. ; vol. iv., 16. ; vol. v., reprinting ; 
vol. vi., 12. ; vol. vii., Jl. : vol. viii., 13*. General constitutional history to 1200. 

Maurer, G. L. von. Geschichte der Markverfassung in Deutschland. 8vo. 

(Erlangen). O.P. 

Geschichte der Dorfverfassung. 8vo. 2 vols. (Erlangen). \\x.(\d. 

,, Geschichte der Stadteverfassung. 8vo. 4 vols. (Erlangen). 4G*. 

Maurer's three books form together a history of German institutions, for a limited period and 
line of development. 

PUtter, J. S. Germanic Empire. Tr. 8vo. 3 vols. 1790. O.P. 

Especially for constitutional points. 

Kaufmann, G. Deutsche Geschichte. 8vo. 2 Vols. (Leipzig). 1 .">*. 

Extremely good from about 87^-800. 

Giesebrecht, W. Geschichte der deutschen Kaiserzeit. 8vo. 5 vols. 

(Brunswick). 78*. Gd. 

An excellent history of the great period, 919-1152. 

Jahrbiicher des deutschen Reiches. (Leipzig). 

Vol. i. (1) (Henry I.), 2. ; vol. i..(2) (Otto I., 936-951), O.P. ; vol. i. (3) (Otto I., 9.-)l-!)7.: , 
8*. : vol. ii. (1) (Otto II.). 8*. : vol. ii. (2) (Otto III., 983-NKB), 4*. ; vol. iii. (1 ) (on the 
Chronicou Corbejense), 2. An invaluable series of volumes by Waitz, Dummler, Bernhardi, 
and others, treating in detail of German history to 1220. 

Oliphant, T. L. K. ' Life of the Emperor Frederick II. (1194-1250). 

2 vols. Macmillan. . O.P. 

Coxe, W. History of the: house of Austria (1218-1792). p. 8vo. 3 vols., 

3*. 6d. each. Sell (Bohn). 10*. 6/1. 

Leger, L. Histoire de 1'Autriche-Hongrie. 8vo. Hacliette. 1*. 6d. 

Palacky. Geschichte Bohmens. 8vo. 5 vols. (Prague). 53*. 6d. 

Vol. i., 4*. 6d. ; vol. ii. (1), 3. Gd. ; vol. ii. (2), 4*. 6d. ; vol. iii. (1), 4*. Gd. ; vol. iii. (!), 5*. Gd. ; 
vol. iii. (3), l. ; vol. iv. (1), St. Gd. ; vol. iv. (2), 8*. ; vol. v. (1). 5.; vol. v. (2). 7. 6<1. 

Wratislaw, A. H. John Hus. S. P. C. K. 3*. 6d. 

Aschbach. Geschichte Kaiser Sigmunds (1350-1437). 8vo. 4 vols. 

(Hamburg). 1838. 33. 

Geiger. Die Renaissance und Humanismus in Italien und Deutschland. 

8vo. (Berlin). 26s. 

Ranke, L. von. Deutsche Geschichte im Zeitalter der Reformation. 8vo. 

6 vols. (Leipzig). 30*. 





Gardiner, S. K. '1'hirty years' war. (clem.), f. 8vo. Longmam. 2s. M. 

Gindely, A. History of tlic Thirt y Years' War. Tr. 8vo. 2 vols. Putnam. 2<ix. 

Droysen, J. (J. QttohiohtederpreiiMiohflnFdtttik. NVO. 5 vols. (/.!<//:/</). 118*. G</. 

1'iplitirul history .if t hi- liinue uf Uraiidi-nlmrir. 

Ranke, L. von. Memoirs of the house of Brandenburg. 3 vols. Murray. O.P. 

Carlyle, T. History of Frederick the Great, d. 8vo. 10 vols., 9x. each. 

CliajHiian. 90*. 

Also cheaper editions. 

Tuttle, H. History of Prussia under Frederick the Great (1740-56). 8vo. 

2 vols. Lomjmans. 18*. 

Treitschke, H. von. Deutsche Geschichte im 19ten Jahrhundert. 8vo. 

(Li'ij):i,j). Vols. i.-iv. 39*. 

Maurice, C. E. The revolutionary movement of 1848-9, in Italy, Austria, 

Hungary, and Germany, d. 8vo. Bell. 16*. 

Hooper, G. Campaign of Sedan, d. 8vo. Sett. 14*. 

Zimmern, Helen. The Hansa Towns, c. 8vo. Unrein. 5*. 

Seeley, J. K. Life and times of Stein, d. 8vo. 3 vols. Cambridge Press. 

illus. 30*. 

A study of German history in the Napoleonic time. 

Memoirs of Count Eeust (1809-85). Tr. d. 8vo. 2 vols. Longman*. 32*. 

aus der deutschen Vergangenheit. 8vo. 4 vols. 

Freytag, G. Bildcr 
( Leipzig). 

Vol. i., Au8 dem Mittelalter, 7. ; vol. ii. (1), Vom Mittelalter znr Neuzeit, 1200-1500, 
5. 6d. ; vol. ii. (2), Aus dem Jahrh. der Reformation, 1500-1600, 4. 6d. ; vol. iii., Aus dera 
Jahrh. des Grossen Krieges, 1600-1700, 6. ; vol. iv., Aus neuer Zeit, 1700-1848, 6*. Valuable 
studies, not simply popular essays. A portion has been trans, by Mrs. Malcolm (Chapman}. 

Pertz. Monumenta Germanica historica. fo. 43 vols. 

PERIODICALS : Sybel's Historische Zeitsehrift (annual, 22*. Gd.). Preussische Jahrbiicher 
(annual, 18*.). Archiv fiir oesterreichische Geschichte (annual vol., 8*.). Neues Archiv fur 
alte Geschichtskunde. 


Including (1) a larger and a smaller selection of works, with dictionaries, etc. ; 
(2) Novels ; (3) Books for the young. The books marked * belong to the 
smaller selection. Those marked are recommended for the young, in 
addition to those named in the special list in Section VII. 

The adult beginner of the language may first get up the necessary inflections from Eve's 
Short accidence, or from the larger School German grammar ; or, if a book with exercises be 
desired, from Aue's smaller or larger German grammar ; at the same time beginning to read 
something very simple, HaufFs Miirchen (Die Karo.vane, ed. Hager, Macmillan, 2. 6rf.), or, 
still simpler, Niebuhr's Jleroengeschichten, ed. Buchheim, Clar. Press, 2. Both these have 
notes, and a full vocabulary: Hager's is particularly good. An easy play might foDow; 
(Schiller's Neffe alt Onkel ; an edition with "crib" notes by Bnchheim, Williams, Is. 6d., is 
a storehouse of idiomatic colloquial German, with very little that is obsolete) ; or novelette 
(e.g. Hauff's Das Bild (let Kaiters ; text in several cheap editions ; annotated ed. in Pitt Press 
Seriei, S.) ; Whitney's dictionary being used. A play or two of Benedix, a novelette or two 
of Heyse or Riehl, would be suited to this stage. Schiller's Praia (Low, 3s. 6d.) is the easiest 
introduction to classical prose : Goethe's is more difficult. As an introduction to poetry, 
Sonnenschein's little volume of Select poems of Goethe (Is.Sd.), or Turner and Morshead's 
Selections from Schiller's lyrical poems (ifacmilfan, 2. 6d.), may be recommended. An 
easy introduction to dramatic poetry is Uhland's Uerzog Ernst von Schtcaben, Pitt 
Press Series, 3*. 6d.) ; Schiller's Tell (Id.} should not be read until later. A student 
wishing to work his way to a thorough knowledge of the language by analytical study, 
will find an introduction to such study in the copious notes of the Pitt Press ed. of Riehl's 
KtMuryeichichtliche Novellen. Buchheim's numerous editions of the classics and other 
works contain useful introductions and notes ou the subject matter ; but the notes on the text 
have too much of the mere crib, and leave the real student unsatisfied. Of Faust, part i., two 
annotated editions may be mentioned, Morshead and Turner's (llicingtont, "is. 6V?.), and 
Miss Lee's (Hacmillan, is. 6d.). 


Germany GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Germany 


Kiickert, H. Geschichte cler neuhoohdoutschen Schrift sprat-he. Svo. 

2 vols., 7*. each. Wr'njcl. 1-1*. 

Behaghel, O. Die deutsche Sprache. 12mo. Frcytag. \s.\il. 

An excelUnt Bhort sketch, recommended as an introduction to the subject. An English 
translation is announced. 

Strong and Meyer. History of the German language. 8vo. Sonnenscliein. 6s. 

Somewhat hasty and incomplete, but useful in the absence of anything similar in English. 


Kurz, H. Geschichte tier deutschcn Literatur (to 1866). r. 8vo. 4 vols. 

T.'itlner. Six. 

With selected specimens. 

Scherer, W. Geschichte der deutschen Literatur. 8vo. Weidmann, 10s. 

The best history of German literature in a moderate compass ; a useful bibliography at the 

,, The same. Tr. Mrs. F. C. Conybeare. 8vo. 2 vols. Clar. Press. 21*. 

Good English style ; original rather too freely handled. 

Gostwick and Harrison. Outlines of German literature. 8vo. Williams. 
Good in parts, but includes much that lies outside literature, to the detriment of the latter. 

Hettner, H. Literaturgeschichte des 18ten Jahrhunderts. ?> parts. 

46s. (><f. 

Part i., Die englische Literatur (1GGO-1770), 8. ; part ii., Die franziisische Literatur im 
18 Jahrhundert, 8. ; part iii., Die deutsche Literatur (1648-1832), 4 vols, 80. 6rf. ; the third 
and fourth vols. also issued separately under the title of Goethe und Schiller, lt. 6f7. A clear 
and interesting exposition of the literary and ethical movement of the 18th century, with its 
development in Germany, into the humanism and idealism of Goethe and Schiller. Contains 
some of the best German literary criticism. 

Gottschall, R. Geschichte der deutschen Nationalliteratur des 19ten 

Jahrhunderts. 8vo. 4 vols., 5s. each. (Berlin). 20*. 

Brandes, G. Die Hauptstromungen der Literatur des 19ten Jahrhun- 

derts. Tr. into German by Strodtmann. 8vo. 5 vols. (Leipzig). 2!>.v. 

Vol. i., ii., iii., 4. <kZ. each ; vol. iv., 7*. Gel. ; vol. v., 8. Vol. ii., Die romantische Schule in 
Deutscfilancl is a brilliant study. 

Koennecke, G. Bilderatlas zur Geschichte der deutschen Nationalliter- 

atur. fo. (Marburg). 2.3*. 

Fac-similes of old literary documents, reproductions of illustrations, etc. 



"Wackernagel, W. Altdeutsches Handworterbuch. Ed. Rieger. r. 8vo. 

(Basle). 8*. 

Concise ; no illustrative passages. 

Braune, W. Althochdeutsche Grammatik. r. 8vo. (Halle). 

Paul, H. Mittelhochdeutsche Grammatik. 8vo. (Halle). 

Lexer, M. Mittelhochdeutsches Taschenworterbuch. 12mo. JIir:eI. 

Concise and without illustrative passages, but comprehensive ; very useful. 

Lubben, A. WSrterbuch zu der Nibelunge N6t (Liet). 8vo. (Oldenburg). 

Piper, P. Die alteste deutsche Literatur (to 1050 ; selected). 12mx>. 

Spemann. 2x. 

In Deuttche Nationalliteratur, a series well printed and got up. The works, by various 
editors, are of unequal valne ; some are very well edited by first-class authorities. 

Der Nibelunge Noth (MS. A). Ed. K. Lachmann. 12mo. lieimer. 

Text only ; there is a larger edition with various readings ; also a vol. of notes (not elementary). 


Germany (il IDE BOOK TO liOOK-. Germany 

DasNilii-hmLrenlie.l (.MS. M). K.I. K. l',:irtsc!i. lUmo. Jtrockhau*. 3*. Gd . 

In lii-iitii-hr f'luitikrr lift \littrlnltrn ;.'(<. (VJ. each. Thinner!!*, well ifnt up and handy, 
contains minims iinli-H ami rv|iluii;it inn*. Th-y urr nit<-nili-<l in lln- timt |>lu-i' ratluT for tint 
gBlu-ral t(;Tiiiiiii', I huu fur tin- Miidi-nt; l>ut HID lutd.T, <-ni-i-iully the foreign 
tudi-ut of Middle Jliuh OiTiimu, will uUo find them vi-ry uwful in the earlier lUtfei of hi* 

Das Nibehm^eiilieil. Tr. into New High Herman by L. Freytag. 8vo. 


The lay of the Nibd lingers ; otherwise, the Book of ('hrieiuhild. 'J'r. W. 

Lettsom. Hvo. William*. 6*. 

Kudruu (in " Deutsche Classiker des Mitt."). Ed. K. Bartsch. 12mo. 

l> rochhaus. 3. Qd. 

,, Tr. into modern German by. G. L. Klee. s\-o. llirzi'l. 2t. 

Das dentsche Heldcnbuch. (Selection with notes). Ed. E. Henrici. 12mo. 

fyi'wann. 2*. Gd. 

Hartmann von Auo. (" Dmitsche Classiker "). Ed. F. Bech. 12mo. 

3 vols. Broclihaii*. 10*. (jd, 

Vol. ii. contains LieiJer and Der armi' llihirirli. 

Gottfried von Strassbur^. Tristan un<l Isolde ("Dentsche Classiker"). 

Ed. H. Bechstein. 12mo. 2 vols., 3*. Gd. each. Jiroclthaiis. 7s. 

,, Tr. into modern German by W. Hertz. 8vo. ^Stuttgart). St. 

With additions after the old French of Thomas le Trouvfere. 

Wolfram von Eschenbach. Parzival und Titurel ("Deutsche C'lassiker "). 

Ed. K. Bartsch. 12mo. 3 vols. lirockhaus. 10*. Gd. 

, , Tr. into modern German by San-Marte. 8vo. 2 vols. (Halle). 10*. 

Walther von der Vogelweide (" Deutsche Classiker "). Ed. F. Pfeiffcr. 

12mo. lirockhaus. 3#. Gd. 

,, Tr. into mqdern German by K. Simrock. IGmo. Hirzel. 5s, 


Brant, Sebastian. Narrenschiff (in "Deutsche Dichter des 16 Jahrh."). 

Ed. Goedeke and Tittmann. 12mo. Brockhaus. 3*. Gd. 

,, NarrenschifE. Tr. into modern German by K. Simrock. 4to. 

(Berlin). 12*. 

Luthers Schriften in Auswahl. Ed. J. Delius. Fertile*. 2s. Gd. 

Kbstlin, J. Luthers Leben. 8vo. (Leipzig). 8*. 

,, Life of Luther. Tr. c. 8vo. Long-mans, pub. 16*. O.P. 

Sachs, Hans. Werke (" Deutsche Dichter des 16 Jahrh."). 12mo. 3 vols., 

3*. Gd. each. BrocMaus. 10s. Gd. 

Vol. i., Geistliche Lieder; vol. ii., Spruchgedichte ; vol. iii., Dramatische Gedichte. 

Fischart, J. Dichtungen ("Deutsche Dich des 16 Jahrh."). 12mo. 

Brochhaus. 3*. Gd. 



*Whitney, W. D. Compendious German and English dictionary, c. 8vo. 

Macmillan. 7s. Gd. 

The best small German-English dictionary : the English-German part is too meagre. 

*Cassell's New German-English and English-German dictionary. 8vo. 

Cassell. 3*. Gd. 

On the whole, the most useful German-English and English-German dictionary of medium 
size. Some of the type, however, is rather faint and indistinct. 


Germany GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Germany 

Heyne, M. Deutsches Worterbuch. Jlirzel. Vol. i. 10s. 

To be completed (in six half-vols. at 5. each) within three years, on a similar plan to 
Grimm's great work, but more concise ; giving briefly the etymology and history of each 
word, with illustrative examples, from its first occurrence to the present time. The most useful 
and compact work of its kind. 

Sanders, D. \V6rterbuchderdeutschenSprache. 4to. 3vols. (Leipzig). 72s. 

Very useful for its clear definitions, and copious examples (which extend from Luther to 
the present time), but untrustworthy in its etymology, and often in the history of develop- 
ment of meaning and usage. 

Klug-e, F. Etymologisches Worterbuch der deutschen Sprache. r. 8vo. 

(Strassburg). 12*. Gd. 

Duden, K. Orthographisches Worterbuch der deutschen Sprache. 8vo. 

(Leipzig). 2s. 

Follows the new official orthography. 

Eberhard, J. A. Synonymisches Handworterbuch. Ed. 0. Lyon. 8vo. 

(Leipzig). 12s. Gd. 

*Aue. German grammar (with exercises). 12mo. Chambers. 3s. 

Still one of the best for practical use. 

,, Elementary German grammar. Chambers. Is. Gel. 

*Eve, H. W. School German grammar. 12mo. Nutt. 4s. Gd. 

On the whole, the best German grammar in English, for the ordinary student. 

,, Short German accidence (abridged from the grammar), c. 8vo. 

Nutt. 2*. 

Brandt, H. C. Grammar of the German language. 12mo. Puttiam. Gs. 

Considerable space given to phonology, historical commentary on the accidence, and history 
of the language. 


*Grimmelshausen, H. J. C. Der abenteuerliche Simplicissimus. ("Deutsche 
Dichter des 17 Jahrh."). Ed. Goedeke and Tittmann. 12mo. 2 vols., 
3*. 6d. each. Brockliaus. Is. 

,, The same ; rendered into modern German. 12mo. 2 vols. Spemann. 2s. 

In Hand- und HautbibliotheJc, a cheap series of handy volumes, fairly printed and bound, 
Is. each. 

Klopstock, F. G. Ausgewahlte Werke. 12mo. 4 vols. Cotta. is. 

Vols. i., ii. Messias. In the Cotta' eche Bibliothek der Weltlitteratur ; neat, handy vols., 
strongly bound and fairly printed, It. each ; any vol. sold separately. 

Wieland, C. M. Werke. 12mo. 40 vols. in 16. Hempel. 40s. 

In KlaxsiTcer-Ausgaben ; Hempel's editions are complete and cheap, and some of them 
are very well edited ; but the print is rather close, and the getting up but poor. Any work 
may be had separately. 

,, Ausgewahlte Werke. 12mo. 6 vols. Cotta'sche Bibliotlieh. G*. 

Separate works, Geschichte der Abderiten, Gottergesprciche, *Oberon, etc., both in 
Hempel's and Cotta's editions. 

Leasing, G. E. Sammtliche Werke. Ed. Lachmann and Muncker. 
8vo. G vols., 4*. Gd. each. (Stuttgart). 

In progress. 

,, Sammtliche Werke. Ed. Goring. 12mo. 20 vols., Is. each. 

Cotta'sche Sibl. 20s. 

Separate works, * Minna von Barnhelm, * Emilia Galotti, * Nathan der We'ae, * Laokoon, 
* Hamburffiscfte Dramaturgic, etc. (Hempel). 

,, Dramatic works, complete. Tr. Ed. E. Bell. c. 8vo. 2 vols., 

3*. 6d. each. Bell (Bohn). Is. 

Laokoon. Tr. T. C. Beesley ; and dramatic notes tr. Helen Zimmern : in one vol. 

c.Svo. el (Bohn). Ss.Cd. 

Laokoon ; separately, c. 8vo. Sell (Bohn). Is. <W. 

Nathan the wise ; and Minna von Barnhelm. Tr. in one vol. c. 8vo Sell (Bohn). 1*. 6d. 


Germany (Jl'lDE HOOK TO BOOKS. Germany 

*Zimmern, Helen. Life and works of Leasing, p. 8vo. Longmans. 10*. Gd. 

Sime, J. Les.sing ( English and Foreign 1'liilosnphiral Lib."). 8vo. 2 vols. 

Triihnrr. 21. 

Herder, J. G. Sammtliche Wcrkc. YA. H. Suphan. 8vo. Weidmann. 

Over 80 vols. publUhe<l, from 1*. to (It. each : well grot up. 

,, Ausgewiihlte Werke. 12mo. 6 vols., 1*. each. Cotta'sche Hill. Gs. 

Separate works : * Der Ciil ; Vriit/mentt eur Sejurderung der Ilumanltiit ; Itleen zur 
I'hitutoiihie <lcr (Irm-hichte der Jlenichheit. 

Nevinson, H. .Sketch of Hen Icr and Ms times, d. 8vo. Chapman. 14s. 

Btirger, G. A. Ausgewiihlte Wcrke. 12mo. 2 vols. Cotta'sche liibl. 2.v. 

* ,, Gedichte. llrndel. Is. 

In Heii<li'/'ii Itilil. tier Geiammttitrratur df In- mitt Aurlandet: neat vols. in limp cloth, 
fairly printed and cheap. Moat of the commoner classical works are to be had in thin scrips. 

Hblty, L. H. Gedichtc. 18mo. Hendel. 1*. Gd. 

Goethe. Wcrke. c. 8vo. Bohlau (Weimar). 

In four sections: i., Werke im engercn Sinne, 50 vols., 2. Gel. or St. each ; ii., Naturwis- 
senschaftliche Schriften : iii., Tagebucher ; iv., Briefe. The vols. in ii., iii., iv. cost 8*. or \. 
each. In course of publication ; well got up. Will be the definitive standard ed. of Goethe. 

,, Werke. 12mo. 23 vols. Hempel's " AlassiJter." GO*. 

,, Lyrische Gedichte. Ed. Loeper and Strehlke. 12mo. 3 vols. 

J Hi mmler. 4s. Gd. 

A reproduction, with more copious notes, of the first three vols. of Hempel'i ed. 

Separate works (Hempel ; Cotta ; Hendel). * Hermann und Dorothea ; * $ Dichtung und 
Wahrheit ( autobiography ; Hempel's ed. is valuable); Dramen (especially *Gotz von Ber- 
lu-hingen; *Egmont; *Iphiffeie in Tauris; *Torquato Tatto ; 'Fault, part i.) ; *Wilhelm 
MeMer'i Lehrjahre; Spriiche in Rosa; * Westditlicher Divan. 

,, Wilhelm Meister. Tr. T. Carlyle. c. 8vo. 3 vols., Is. each. Chapman. 
, , Works. Tr. c. 8vo. 14 vols., 3s. 6d. each. Sell (Bohri). 

i., ii., Autobiography; v., Wil. Meister; vii., Poems and Ballads, tr. Bowring; viii., Dramas. 

,, Faust. Ed. G. von Loeper. 12mo. 2 vols., 3s. each. Hempel. Gg. 

Valuable introductions and notes. 

, , Faust. Ed. K. J. Schroer. 8vo. 2 vols. Henninger. 9#. 

More copious notes on the text than in aty other German edition. 

, , Faust ; iiber die Entstehung und Composition des Gedichts. An 

essay by K. Fischer, c. 8vo. Cotta. 4s. Gd. 

TRANSLATIONS. The merely English reader may be recommended to read first Hay- 
ward's literal prose version, and then Taylor's (which aims at being as literal as possible iu 
metre) ; or Miss Swanwick's more flowing version. 

, , Faust ; part i. Tr. into prose by A. Hayward. f . 8vo. Longmans. O.P. 

,, Faust ; parts i., ii. Translated in the original metres with notes, by 

Bayard Taylor. Ward. Look. 3s. Gd. 

,, Faust ; parts i., ii. Tr. Miss A. Swanwick. c. 8vo. Bell (BoTiri). 3s. Gd. 

* ,, Brief wechsel mit Schiller. (" Hand- u. Hausbibl."). 12mo. 2 vols., 

Is. eadh. Spemann. 2s. 

,, Correspondence with Schiller. Tr. Dora Schmitz. c. 8vo. Sell 

(Eohri). 3s. Gd. 

,, Brief wechsel mit Zelter. 8vo. 6 vols. (Berlin). 1832-4. O.P. 

,, Correspondence with Zelter. (Zelter in extracts only). Tr. A. D. 

Coleridge, c. 8vo. Bell (Bohn). 3s. Gd. 

*Eckermann, J. P. Gespriiche mit Goethe. 12mo. 3 vols. Brockliaus. Gs. 

,, The same. Tr. J. Oxenford. c. 8vo. Bell (Bohn). 3s. Gd. 

*Schafer, J. W. Goethes Leben. 8vo. (Leipzig'). 8s. 

Perhaps the best biography in German for the general reader. 


Germany GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Germany 

Lewes, G. H. Life of Goethe. 8vo. Smith, Elder. 1(5*. 

With all its faults, still the most readable life of Goethe. 

, , Story of Goethe's life. c. 8vo. Smith, Elder. Is. Gd. 

Chapters on criticism omitted. 

Scherer, W. Aufsatze iiber Goethe. 8vo-. Weidmann. Gs. 

*Grimm, H. Goethe. 8vo. (Berlin). Is. 

Lectures, brilliant and interesting ; but somewhat open to the charge of Gocthomania. 

,, The same. Tr. S. H. Adams, c. 8vo. (Boston). 10*. 

Schiller. Siimmtliche Werkc. Ed. K. Goedeke and others. 8vo. 17 vols. 

Cotta. GO*. 

Generally accepted as the standard edition. 

,, Werke. 12mo. 15 vols., 1*. each. Cottdsche Bibl. 15*. 

Separate works (Cotta; Hempel; Ilenclel), *Ge ilichte ; Haiipttlramen (*Don Karlos; 
"Wallenstein ; MariaStu art ; * J unnfrau von Orleans; *n'UhetmTeU ; Jiraut'von Masina] ; 
Geschlchte cles dreissigjdhrigen Krieges ; Geschichte (lea Abfalls der vereinigten Nieder- 
lande; Kleinere Schriften. 

,, Works. Tr. E. A. Bowring, etc. c. 8vo. 7 vols., 3*. Gd. each. 

Bell (Bohn). 24*. Gd. 

Vol. v., Poems, tr. Bowring ; vol. vii., Wallenstein, tr. Coleridge ; and William Tell, 
tr. Sir T. Martin; vol.iii., other chief dramas; vol. vi., Essays, testhetical and philosophical. 

,, Brief wechsel mit Korner. Ed. K. Goedeke. 8vo. (Leipzig). 8*. 

,, Brief wechsel mit W. von. Humboldt. 8vo. Cotta. 5*. 

*Viehoff, H. Schillers Leben, Geistesentwickelung und Werke. 8vo. 

(Stuttgart). Is. Gd. 

Based on the work of Hoffmeister (O.P.), which is still the best. 

Goedeke, K. Goethe und Schiller. 8vo. (Dresden). 2s. 

*Sime, J. Schiller ("Foreign classics for English readers"), c. 8vo. 

Blackwood. 2s. Gd. 

An excellent sketch. 

Carlyle, T. Life of Schiller, c. 8vo. Chapman. 1*. 

Richter, J. P. F. Werke. 12mo. 13 vols. HeinpeTs " Klassiker." 30*. 

* ,, Blumen-, Frucht-, und Dornenstiicke. 12mo. Hempel. 2s. 
,, Flower, fruit, and thorn pieces. Tr. Ewing. c. 8vo. Bell (Bohn). 3*. Gd. 

* ,, Leben des Quintus Fixlein. 12mo. Hempel. Is. Gd. 

Tr. by Carlyle, in " Translations from the German." Chapman. 

,, Levana. 12mo. Hempel. 1*. Gd. 

,, Levana, a treatise on education. Tr. c. 8vo. Bell (Bohn). o*. Gd. 

-'Humboldt, A. von. Ansichten der Natur. Cotta. 3*. 

^Humboldt, W. von. Briefe an eine Freundin. (" Hand- und Hausbibl.") 

12mo. 2 vols., Is. each. Spemann. 2s. 

Tieck, L. Ausgewahlte Werke. 12mo. 8 vols., Is. each. Cotta'sche Bibl. 8*. 

*Vols. i., iv., v. 

Hblderlin, J. C. F. Ausgewahlte Werke. Ed. C. Schwab. 18mo. Cotta. 2s. Gd. 
Novalis (F. Hardenberg). Schriften. 12mo. 3 vols. (Berlin). 1837-4G. 5*. 

Hebel, J. P. Alemannische Gedichte. 24mo. Hendel. 8d. 

Very popular poems in dialect ; published ISO:!. 

*Kleist, H. von. Siimmtliche Werke. 12mo. 4 vols., Is. each, Cotta'scke 

Bibl. 4*. 

Chief dramas: Kathchen von Heilbronn; Der zerliroehene Krug; Prim Friedrich von 
Hamburg; Michel Kohlhaas (tale). 

Brahm, O. H. von Kleist. (Berlin). G*. 


Germany Gl'IDK I5OOK TO I5OOK Germany 

Schenkendorff, M;ix von. (Jrdiditc. 21in<>. Jli-mlrl. \x.('l. 

RUckert, V. (iosummdtr j.ucti>rlir Wcrkr. 12ni(i. 12 vols., 3*. each. 

* ,, Gediohte (Selected by author). r. HVO. (Frankfort). fa. 

,, Jjiebcsfriililing. It'mio. ( !' nnih/'ort). fa. 

"'TJhland, L. Grdiditr und DI-HIK-M. liinio. Colin. fa. 

Chamisso, A. von. (icdiditc. lMm<,. //riutrl. 1*. Gd. 

,, IVtrr Sdilrmilil. L'lino. llrmlfl. M. 

' Eichendorff, J. von. Gediditr. L'lmo. lli-ndel. IK. M. 

Platen, A. von. Wcrkc. 12im>. -I vols., Is. cadi, Ciittd'srlu- ll'tlil. 4,v. 

Poems in i. and ii. 

Grillparzer, F. (Siinnntli. -In- Wcrkc. K vols. Cotta. 20\. 

Chief dramas: *.Vii/i/'//. -* '''.: *J)u* i/o/ili'iir IV/<'x, ~>*. ; Vet Mrrn-x mid il<T Liebe 
H'rllcii (Hero mid I.i'iintlrr , :'#., etc. 

Laube, H. Grillparacrs Leben. 8vo. Cotta. 4s. 

B5rne, L. Gesainmdto Sdiriftcn. 12ino. 12 vols. (Frankfort). 30#. 

Heine, H. Siinimtliche Wcrkc. Ed. E. Elster. 12mo. 7 vols., 2s. (id. each. 

11/hJiogr. Instltut. 17*. M. 

An excellent critical edition. 
,, Silmmtliche Wcrkc. 12nio. 13 vols., Is. each. (ITamlnirff'). 13. 

Xeat handy volumes. Vol. i., *Buch <Jer Lieiler ; vol. ii., *Neue Gedichte; vol. iii., 
"Romanzero ; vol. iv., *Letzte Gciliclitf ; vol. v., *Rei*ebiltler, part i. ; vol. vii., *Zt<r 
Genc/iichte tlri' Keliiiimi imd I'/iiloxnji/ii.e in Oeutschlund ; Die romaiitische Schule ; vol. xi., 
*Der Rabbi von Bachurach; vol. xiii., Heiues Biograjihie, by G. Karpeles. 

,, Ausgewahlte. Ed. G. Karpeles. 12mo. (Berlin'). 2.v. 

,, Poems and ballads. Tr. Sir T. Martin, c. 8vo. Blacltivood. S. 

, , Poems, selected (" Canterbury Poets "), various translators. Ed. Kate 

Kroker. 32mo. Scott. la. 

,, Wit, wisdom, and pathos, from Heine's prose. Tr. J. Snodgrass. 

p. Svo. Gardner (Paisley). (!,. 

Mr. Snodgrass's translations rank among the best made from the German. 

,, Keligion and philosophy in Germany (" English and Foreign Philos. 

Library"). Tr. J. Snodgrass. Triilmer. Gs. 

,, Travel pictures. Tr. F. Storr. c. Svo. Sell (Bolm). 3s. Gd. 

Tour in the Harz, Jforderney, Book of Ideas, Romantic school. Distinctly above the average 
of prose translations. 

Prolss, J. Heine, scin Lebensgang, etc. c. Svo. (Sttdtgart). 4s. fi<7. 

Sharp, W. Heine (" Great Writers "). Scott. Is. 

A. clever sketch, though very carelessly .written. 

Griin, Anastasius. Gesammelte Werke. Svo. 5 vols. 18. 

Lenau, X. Sarumtliche Werke. 12mo. 4 vols., Is. each. CottaJsclie Bill. 4.. 

Geibel, E. Gesammelte Werke. 12mo. 4 vols. Cotta. 24s. 

* ,, Gedichte. Svo. (Stuttgart). 4s. Go'. 
Hebbel. F. Werke. Svo. 6 vols. (Hamburg). 4.2$. 

* ,, Die Nibelungen ; ein Tranerspiel. c. Svo. (Hamburg). 4s. Gd. 

Not a translation, but an independent dramatic work, dealing freely with the traditional 

Huh, E. Hebbcls Biographic. Svo. 2 vols. Braumiiller. 15s. 

Freiligrath, F. Gesammelte Dichtungen. Svo. 6 vols. (Stuttgart). 10s. 

* ,, Gedichte. Svo. (Stuttgart). 4*. Gd. 


Germany GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Germany 

Droste-Hiilshoff, A. von. Gedichte. 12mo. Rclioningh. 3s. 

The chief German poetess. 


Keller, G. Gesammelte Gedichte. 8vo. Hertz. 

*Bodenstedt, F. Die Lieder des Mirza Schaffy. IGmo. (Berlin). 3s. 
*Scheffel, V. von. Der Trompeter von Sakkingen. 12mo. (Stuttgart). 

,, Gaudeamus! 12mo. (Stuttgart). 5s. 

Hamerling, R. Ahasver in Rom. c. 8vo. (Hamburg). 4s. 

, , Der Konig von Sion. c. 8vo. (Hamburg'). 4s. 

Jordan, W. Nibelunge. 12mo. 2 vols., 7s. each. (Frankfort). Us. 

Vol. i., Sigfridsage ; vol. ii., Hildebrands Heimkehr. Free epic treatment of the old saga. 

*Meyer, C. E. Huttens letzte Tage. 12mo. (Leljjziy'). 

Wolff, J. Der Rattenfanger von Hameln. 12mo. Grote. 4s. 

,, Tannhauser. 12mo. Grote. Is. Gd. 

Laube, H. Dramatische Werke. 12mo. 12 vols., Is. each. (Leipzig}. 12s. 

*Die Karlsschiiler ; *Graf Essex ; *Prinz Friedrich, etc. 

Gutzkow, K. Dramatische Werke. 8vo. 20 vols., Is. id. each. Costenolle. 2Gs. Sd. 

'ZopfundSchtcert; *Das Urbild des Tartiiffe ; * Uriel Acoita; etc. 

Freytag, G. Dramatische Werke. c. 8vo. 2 vols. Hirzel. 7s. 

*DieJournaliisten,Zs.&d,.; 'Die Valentine. 2s. 6d. ; *GrafWaldemar, 2s. 8vo. Hirzel. 

Bauernfeld, E. von. Gesammelte Schriften. 12mo. 12 vols., 3s. each. 

Sraumiiller. 36s. 

Die Sekenntnisne ; Biirgerlich und Romanthch ; Ein Tagebuch ; etc. 

*Ludwig", 0. Der Erbforster; Die Maccabaer, etc., in one vol. 8vo. 

Janke. 3s. 

Benedix, R. Volkstheater (chief plays), c. 8vo. 20 vols., Is. id. each. 

(Leipzig. 2Gs. Sd. 

Dr.Wespe; Der alte Magitter ; etc., \s. id. each. c. 8vo. (Leipzig). 

Wildenbruch., E. von. Die Quitzows ; Harold ; Christoph Marlow ; 3.s. each ; 
or in 1 vol., 8vo., 2s. Freund und Jeekel. 

The most popular among the serious dramatists of the present time. 

*Deutsche Lyrik der Gegenwart seit 1850 (anthology). Ed. F. Avenarius. 

8vo. (Dresden). 7s. Gd. 

Die deutschen Volkslieder gesammelt. (Basle). 
*Auswahl deutscher Gedichte. Ed. T. Echtermeyer. 8vo. (Halle). 5s. 

A good collection of German shorter poems for school and general use. 

Hausschatz deutscher Prosa. Ed. Wolff, r. 8vo. 6*. 


Grimm, H. Fiinfzehn Essays. 8vo. (Berlin). 9s. 

,, Neue Essays. 8vo. (Berlin). 8s. Gd. 

Freytag, G. Die Technik des Dramas. 8vo. Hirzel. 5s. 

,, Gesammelte Aufsatze. 8vo. 2 vols., 6s. each. Hirzel. 12s. 

, , Erinnerungen aus meinem Leben. c. 8vo. Hirzel. 5s. 

Schmidt, J. Portrats aus dem 19ten Jahrhundert. 8vo. Hertz. 8s. 

Byron, Carlyle, George Sand, etc. 

Scherer, W. Vortrage und Aufsatze zur Geschichte des geistigen Lebens 

in Deutschland und Oesterreich. Weidmann. 8s. 


Germany <U T IDE BOOK TO HOOK.-. Germany 

Hillebrand, K. Leotareio^Gcpmaiithoagtybi p. KVH. i^nymant. O.P. 

DeliviTc<l in IsT'.i In t'"n' the Royal Institution; valuable to the stuilt-Dt. and worth a little 
cll'i irt to the genvrul render. 

Taylor, li.-iyanl. SI IK lies in German literature. 8vo. Low. O.P. 

Bulthaupt, H. Dramaturgic. 8vo. 3 vols., 5. each. (Oldenburg), 15. 

Vol. i., Leasing, Goethe, Schiller, KleUt; vol. ii., Shakespeare ; vol. iii., Grillparzer, 
Hebbel, O. Ludwig, Gntzkow, Lnuhi*. 

Allgemeine dcutsrlic IJiographio. 8vo. 2s. ?>d. each part. (Munich). 

In process ; published down to Ro<llirrtu. 

Strauss, D. F. Ulrich von Hutten. 8vo. 3 vols. (Leipzig). 15^. 

,, The same. Tr. Mrs. G. Sturge. p. 8vo. Isbister. O.P. 
Wilbrandt, A. Fritz Reuters Biographic. 

Grimm, J. Auswahl aus den kleineren Schriften. 8vo. (Berlin). 4*. 

*Meissner, A. Geschichte meines Lebens. 8vo. 2 vols. (Vienna). 10*. 

Memoiren einer Idealistin. c. 8vo. 3 vols. (Leipzig). <)a. 

Kligelgen, \V. von. Jugenclerinnerungen eines alten Mannes. c. 8vo. 

Jlertz. 3^. 

A deliRhtful book. 

Hase, K. Ideale und Irrthiimer ; Jugenderinnerungen. 8vo. Urockhaits. 

pub. G. O.P. 

Sidgwick, Mrs. A. Caroline Schlegel and her friends, c. 8vo. Unrein. It. Gd. 

Die deutschen Volksbiicher fiir Jung und Alt wiedererzahlt. Ed. 

G. Schwab. 8vo. Bertelsmann. . 7^, 

Herzoff Ernst ; Die schone ifelusine, etc. 

Neue Folge (continuation of "Volksbiicher"). Ed. G. Klee. 8vo. 

Bertelsmann. 4s. 

Ueinrich der L&tce ; Oberon, etc. 

*Die deutschen Heldensagen fiir Jung und Alt. Ed. G. Klee. Bertels- 
mann. 4 5 . G</. 


Meyers Conversations-Lexicon. 8vo. 18 vols. Meyer. 10 12*. Qil. 

Kayser. Vollstandiges Biicher-Lexicon. Weigel. 

Alphabetical list of all books published in Germany since 1750. A volume appears every few 

Allgemeine Biographic fiir Deutschland. c. 8vo. (Leipzig). Annual vol., 10s. Qd. 

Appears weekly, and in half-yearly volumes; alphabetically arranged. 

PERIODICALS : Deutsche Rundschau. Ed. Rodenberg. 8vo. (Berlin), monthly: per 
year, 28*. Unaere Zeit. Ed. Gottschall, 8vo. (Leipzig), monthly ; per year, 22*. 
Weitermann'i illustrirte deutsche Monatshefte fiir das geiitige Lelien der Gepentcart. Ed. 
Spielhagen and Glaser. 8vo. (Brunswick), monthly ; per year, 20. Ueber Land und Meer. 
I o. (Stuttgart), weekly ; per year, 22*. 


Many German novels, even the moat popular, are never published in cheap editions. In the 
present list, economy is studied as far as possible. 

Deutscher Novellenschatz. Ed. Heyse and Kurz. 12mo. 24 vols., Is. 

each. (Leipzig). 21s. 

* Vols. iii., v., vi., vii., xiv.. xvii., xviii. Neat, well-printcd volumes, strongly bound; from 
two to four stories injeach vol., selected from the best authors from Goethe down to the 
present time. 

Neuer deutscher Novellenschatz. Ed. Heyse and Laistner. 12mo. 24 vols., 

1*. each. (Leipzig). 2k. 

* Vola. i., v.,".viii-f *. x"i-, *iv., xvii. 


Germany GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Germany 

*Auerbacb., B. Auf tier Hohe. 8vo. 3 vols. Cotta. 10-v 

,, The same (" On the heights," in " Tauchnitz collection "). Tr. F. E. 

Bunnett. 18mo. 3 vols., 2*. each. Lore. Gs. 

,, Dorfgeschichten. c. 8vo. 10 vols. Cotta. 10s. 

Among the most popular are -.^Barfilnsele, tr. (Little Barefoot), c. 8vo. Routledffe. 
pub. 6. o.P. *Dle Fran Profemorin. Svo. Cotta. 4*. W. ^Edelweiss (in " Tauchnitz 
collection"). Tr. under the same title, lirao. Low. pub. 5s. O.P. DiethelmvonBucheit- 
berg (vol. vii. of Deutscher Novellenschntx) . 

Ebers, G. Homo sum. c. 8vo. Deutsche Verlags-Amtalt. 6s. 

, , The same (in " Tauchnitz collection "). Tr. Clara Bell. 18mo. 2 vols., 

2s. each. Lorn. 4s 

Ebner-Eschenbach, Marie von. Dorf- und Schlossgeschichten. c. 8vo. 

(Berlin). 4s. 

Die Freiherren von Gemperlein in vol. i. ; and Krambambuli in vol. xxiii. of the Nener 
Deuttcher Novellenschatz. 

*Eichendorff, J. von. Aus dem Leben eines Taugenichts. 32mo. Hendel. 8d. 

Elbe, A. v. d. Liineburger Geschichten. 12mo. Spemanns Hand- und 

Hausbibl. . Is. 

*Fouque, F. de la Motte. Undine. 32mo. Hendel. Sd. 

,, The same (in " Tauchnitz collection "). Tr. 18mo. Lore. 2s. 

*Frangois, Luise von. Die letzte Reckenburgerin. 12mo. Jankc. 4*. 

*Freytag, G. Soil und Haben. c. 8vo. 2 vols. Hirzel. 5s. 

,, The same (" Debit and credit "). Tr. Mrs. Malcolm, c. Svo. Ward. 2s. Gd. 

,, Die verlorene Handschrift. c. Svo. 2 vols. (Leipzig). Ga. 

,, The same (" The lost manuscript"). Tr. c. 8vo. 3 vols. Chapman, O.P 
, , Die Ahnen. c. Svo. 6 vols. 

Vol. i., Ingo und Ingraban, 7. ; vol. ii., Das Nest der ZaunJcdniffe, 6*.; vol. iii., Die 
Briider vom deutsehen Hause, 6. ; *vol. iv., Marcus Konifj, 6g. vol. v.. Die Gechwister, .; 
vol. vi., Aus einer kleinen Stadt, Gs. Vol. i. tr. by Mrs. Malcolm, p. Svo. O.P. 

Gutzkow, K. Durch Nacht zum Licht. (Stuttgart}. is. 
,, The same ("Through night to light," in "Tauchnitz collection"). 

Tr. ISmo. Low. , 2s. 

Hacklander, F. W. Werke. 16mo. 60 vols. (Stuttgart). 72s 

The vols. are sold separately. *Handl und Wandel ; *Soldatenleben i>n Frieden. 

Hauff, W. Das Bild des Kaisers. 24mo. Hendel. 8d. 

,, Phantasien im Bremer Rathskeller. 21mo. Hendel. 8d. 

*Hillern, W. von. Die Geier-Wally. 12mo. (Berlin). 2s. Gd. 

Much the best story of the authoress. 

,, The same (" The vulture maiden," in "Tauchnitz collection"). Tr. 

18mo. Low. 2s. 

Heyse, P. Gesammelte Werke. c. Svo. 21 vols., 4s. each. Hertz. 84s. 

*Vols. iv.-viii., and xv.-xix. are Novellen ; a selection of these are translated in Low's 
Tattchnitf collection ; vol. xi., xii., Kinder der Welt vol. ix., x., xx., Dramen. No Germ in 
author writes a style more correct, pure, and graceful than that of Heyse. His Novellen are 
more artistic, and, on the whole, more successful, than his longer Romans. 

Immermann, K. Der Oberhof. 12mo. Spemanns Hand- und Hausbibl. Is. 

Junghans, Sophie. Helldunkel. c. Svo. 2 vols. (Leipzig). 9s. 

Historical : Germany, 17th century ; vigorous style. 

,, Die Schwiegertochter. Golasclimidt. Is. Gd. 

Keller, G. Gesammelte Werke. c. Svo. 10 vols, Hertz 30s. 

Vols. not sold separately. 


Germany I.TIDK HOOK TO BOOKS. Germany 

Keller, (I. Die Leote Yon Seldwyla (Erzfthlnagen), . NV<>. u \<>is. Ifartz. (',*. 

The best of theve storiii, Rvmcu mill Julie aufdrm Vorfe, in in vol. iii. of the Deuticluir 

Lewald, Fanny. Stella, c. 8vo. 3 vols. Janl;r. 12*. 

,, The same (in Taurhnitz collection"). Tr. Mrs. Marshall. ISmo. 

Low. 2*. 

,, Helniiir. 8vo. Janke, i;>. 

*Ludwig 1 , (). Zwischen Himmel und Erde. 24mo. Jarike, Ix. M 

Meissner, A. Die Sansara. c. 8vo. 4 vols. (Lrijtziy). O.P 

,, Novcllen. c. 8vo. 3 vols. (Lnijizig'). il.v. 

One of the best, Der Miiller vom Jloft, is in vol. vi. of the Deiitscher Ifovetlenaefuite. 

Meyer, (J. F. Jttrg Jcnatsch. c. 8vo. Haessel. 4. 

,, Der Heilige. c. 8vo. Haessel. :ix. 

* ,, Novellen. 2 vols., 4*. each. Haessel. S#. 

One of these, Guttav Adolft Page is in vol. xiii. of the Nruer deutscher Novellentchatz. 

Reuter, F. Siimmtliche Werke. 12mo. 15 vols., 4s. each. (IflnstorJF). HO,*. 

In low German. One of the most popular is Ut mine Stromtid ; tr. under the title An old 
toruofmyfarmin(/day. (" Tauchnitz collection"). ISmo. .'! vols., 2s. each. 

Riehl, W. H. *Geschichten aus alter Zeit ; 2 vols., 9. ; Gesammelte 
Geschichten und Novellen, 2 vols., Gs. ; Am Fcierabend, 6. c. 8vo. 

Short stories from all periods of history, written throughout with the accurate and familiar 
knowledge of a historian, and, for the most part, with much liveliness and humour. 

Roberts, A. von. *"Es" und Anderes, 3. ; "Unmusikalisch" und Anderes, 3s. 
c. 8vo. (Leipzig). 

Very short sketches and stories ; written with a grace and lightness of touch not common in 
German authors. 

Roquette, O. Grosse und kleine Leute in Alt-Weimar. c. Svo. 

Schottlander. 5,?. 

*Scheffel, V. von. Ekkehard. 12mo. (Stuttgart). 5.. 

A story of the tenth century. The most popular German historical novel. 

,, The same (in " Tauchnitz collection"). Tr. 18rno. 2 vols., 2s. each. 

Lorn. is. 

*Schweichel, R. Der Bildschnitzer vom Achensee. 12mo. Jarike. 2,*. 

A decidedly good novel. 

,, Der Wunderdoktor. 12mo. Janke. Is. 

* ,, Der Kramer von Illiez. 12mo. Jcuike. lg. Gd. 
Spielhagen, F. Ausgewahlte Eomane. 12mo. Staacltmann. 2%s. 

Problematische Naturen, 2 vols., 7. ; Die von HoJienmteiti, .'!. <J<I. ; *In Reih' und died, 
2 vols., 7*. ; 'Hammer und Ambot, 3s. &d. ; Sturmjlut, 2 vols., ~g. 

* ,, AufderDiine. 12mo. Staackmann, Is. 3d. 
,, Hans und Grete. 12mo. Staacltmann. Is. 3d. 

Storm, T. Gesammelte Schriften. 12mo. 14 vols. Wester niann. 31*. tid 

P. Heyse calls Storm's stories "Die Novellen eines Lyrikers." There are several collections 
of the Novellen under various titles. Among the best are Carsten Curator and Lie Siihne de 
Senators. Sine ifalerarbfit is in vol. ix. of the Deuticher Novellemchutz. 

\ll. BOOKS FOR THE YOUNG. (In addition to those marked in the 
Literature list). 


Andersen, Hans. Marchen. 8vo. (Leij}ziff\ g. Gel 

Grimm, J. and W. Kinder und Hausmarcher. 12mo. (Berlin). Qs. 


Germany GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Goldsmiths' Work 

Hauff, W. Marchen. 18mo. {Leipzig'). 

,, W. Lichtenstein. 18mo. Spemanns Hand- und Hambibl. 


Fouque, F. de la Motte. Sintram und seine Gefiirhten. 16mo. Nutt. Is. &d. 

Helm, Klementine. Backfischen's Leiden und Freuden. 12rao. Wigand. 3s. 

Stein, A. Madchens Tagebuch. 12mo. (Berlin). 3s. 

A charming book, though a little old-fashioned. 


Andersen, Hans. Der Improvisator. 12mo. (Leipzig). 

,, Nur ein Geiger. 12mo. (Leipzig). 3s. 

Baumbach, R. Sommermarchen. 4to. 17s. 

Franzos, K. E. Ein Kampf urns Recht. 12mo. 2 vols. (Leipzig). 10.?. 

, , Die Juden von Barnow. 8vo. 5*. 

Heirnburg, W. Gesammelte Romane und Novellen. 12mo. 10 vols., 4s. 

each. 40*. 

Kbrner, T. Lustspiele. 12mo. (Berlin"). is. 

Excellent for schoolroom acting. 

Marlitt, E. Das Geheimniss der alten Mamsell. 12mo. 2 vols. Dulau. 7s. 

Muller, F. Max. Deutsche Liebe. 8vo. Brockhaus. 3*. 
Scliubin, O. Ehre. 8vo. Trubner. 

, , Unter uns. 8vo. Trubner. 7s. Gd. 

Dahn, F. Ein Kampf urn Rom. 12mo. 4 vols. 24,<. 

Ebers, G. Eine aegyptische Konigstochter. 12mo. 3 vols Deutselte 

Verlags-Anstalt. 12s. 

,, Uarda. 12mo. 3 vols. Deut. Ver. Anst. 12s. 

Blennerhasset , Lady. Mme. de Stael und ihre Zeitgenossen. 8vo. 3 vols. 31s. 

Deutsche Lyrik ("Golden Treasury" ser.). Ed. C. A. Buchheim. 18mo. 

Macmillan. is. Gd. 

Grimm, H. Michel Angelo. 8vo. 2 vols. (Berlin). 20s. 

Hensel, S. Die Familie Mendelssohn. 8vo. 2 vols. (Berlin), illus. 12. 

Lewald, Fanny. Englische Reise. 8vo. 2 vols. 7s. 

Polko, Elise. Dichtergruss. 16mo. (Leipzig'). 6s. 
Reumont, A. von. Charakterbilder aus der neueren Geschichte Italiens. 

12mo. (Leipzig"). . 5s. 

Riehl, W. H. Musikalische Charakterkopfe. 8vo. 3 vols. 15. 

Scherr, J. Schiller und seine Zeit. 16mo. (Leipzig). 4*. Gd. 




Golf GUIDE I500K TO BOOK Greece 


Golfiana niiMH'llanea. Ed. J. L. Stewart. Hvo. Hamilton Adams. 4.v. (\<l. 

Collection of monograph*. 

Clerk, Royal and ancient game of golf. 

Hutchinson, H. G. Hints on golf. f. 8vo. Blacltmood. 1*. Gd. 

Simpson, W. G. Art of golf. d. 8vo. Dowlas, ill us. 15*. 

PERIODICAL : The Guljlmj Annual. (H. Cox.) 2. 6d. Contains history of golf clubs. 


Skeat, W. W. Gothic glossary, sra. 4to. Asher. pub. 9*. O.P. 

With outline of grammar. 

Braune, W. Gothic grammar with selections for reading, and a glossary. 

Tr. G. H. Bulg. 8vo. Lorn. 3*. Gd. 

Douse, T. le M. Introduction to the Gothic of Ulfilas. 8vo. Taylor and 

Francis. 10s. G. 

Heyne, M. Ulfilas: Text, Worterbuch, und Grammatik. 8vo. (Paderborri). 5*. 

Skeat, W. W. Gospel of St. Mark in Gothic, ex. f. 8vo. Clar. Press. 4*. 

Bosworth and Waring. Gothic and Anglo-Saxon gospels. 8vo. /". R. 

Smith, pub. 12*. O.P. 

In parallel columns, with the versions of Wiclif and Tyndale. 


For books relating especially to Scotland, Wales, Channel Islands, Man, Isle of ; see under 
those heads. 




Murray's Handbook, p. 8vo. 2 vols. Murray. 24*. 

Baedeker's Handbook (in German). 12mo. Dulau. 10*. 

Neumann and Partsch. Physikalische Geographic von Griechenland, mit 

besondere Riicksicht auf das Alterthum. 8vo. (Cologne). 9*. 

Geographia physike kai politike. 2 vols., 5*. each. (CorintJi). 10*. 

A general geography for Greek schools, with geography of Greece given at length. 

Mahaffy, J. P. Rambles and studies in Greece, c. 8vo. Macmillan. 

illus. 10*. 6d. 

Sandys, J. E. An Easter vacation in Greece, c. 8vo. Macmillan. 3*. 6d. 

Contains a bibliography of Greek travel and topography. 


Vlachos, A. Modern Greek grammar. 12mo. Thlmm. 4*. 

Contopoulos, N. Modern Greek-English lexicon. 8vo. Thimm. 25*. 

161 M 




Smith, W. Greek and Roman antiquities, m. 8vo. Murray, illus. 2K<. 

Roberts, E. S. Introduction Greek epigraphy. 8vo. Part i. Cam- 
bridge Press. 18s. 

Hicks, E. L. Manual of Greek historical inscriptions, d. 8vo. Clar. Press. 10s. Gd. 

Head, B. V. Historia numorum. r. 8vo. Clar. Press. 42s. 

Kroker, E. Katechismus der Archaologie. 12mo. (Leipzig). 3s. 

Collingnon, M. Archaologie grecque. 8vo. (Paris'). 4s. Gd. 

,, Manual of mythology. Tr. Jane E. Harrison. 8vo. Grevel. 10s. Gd. 

Schomann, G. F. Greek antiquities. Tr. Hardy and Mann. 8vo. . Rivington. 18s. 

Mahaffy, J. P. Antiquities (Primer). 18mo. Macmillan. illus. Is. 

Paris. Manual of ancient sculpture. Tr. Harrison, c. 8vo. Grevel. 10s. Gd. 

Mitchell, Lucy. History of ancient sculpture, r. 8vo. Paul, illus. 42s. 

Murray, A. S. Greek sculpture, r. 8vo. 2 vols. Murray. 31s. Gd. 

Overbeck, J. Geschichte der Plastik. 8vo. 2 vols. Dulau. illus. 24s. 

,, Schriftquellen. Irubner. 9s. Gd. 

Miiller and Wieseler. Denkmaler der Kunst. fo. (Gottingeri). illus. 32s. 
Brunn,|H. Denkmaler der antiken Sculptur. fo. (Berlin). 

To be completed in 80 parts at 20s. each ; 21 parts issued. 

Overbeck, J. Griechische Kunstmythologie. i. 8vo. (Leipzig). 

In course of publication. 5 vols. issued, 11. to 19. each. Atlas and illustrations, i. fo. 
28*. to 48. each vol. 

,, Pompeii, r. 8vo. (Leipzig). 20s. 

Verrall and Harrison. Mythology and monuments of Athens, c. 8vo. 

Macmillan. illus. 16s. 



Grote, G. History of Greece, p. 8vo. 10 vols. Murray, maps and plans. 50s. 

Abbott, Evelyn. History of Greece, c. 8vo. Longmans. 10s. Gd. 

,, Skeleton outlines of Greek history. 12mo. Longmans. 2s. Gd. 

Curtius, E. History of Greece. Tr. A. Ward. d. 8vo. 5 vols., 18s. each. 

Sentley. 90s. 

Smith, W. Student's manual of Greek history, p. 8vo. Murray. Is. Gd. 

,, Smaller history. 16mo. Murray. 3s. Gd. 

Duncker. History of Greece. Tr. Alleyne and Abhott. 8vo. Bentley. 
Vol. i., 15s. 

Mahaffy, J. P. The Greek world under Eoman sway. c. 8vo. Macmillan. 10s. Gd. 

Finlay, G. History of Greece, B.C. 146 to A.D. 1864. Ed. H. F. Tozer. 

d. 8vo. 7 vols. Clar. Press. 70s. 

Gregorovius, F. Geschichte der Stadt Athen. 8vo. 2 vols. (Gotlia). 20s. 


Cox, G. W. Greeks and Persians, f. 8vo. Longmans. 2s. Gd. 


Greece GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Greek Language 

Sankey, ('. Spartan :m<l Thrl.aii supremacies, f. 8vo. Longmans. 2*. Gd. 

Curteis, A. M. Macedonian empire, f. Hvo. Longmans. 2*. ltd. 

Cox, G. W. At henian empire, f. 8vo. Longmans. 2x. M. 

Whitley. Political parties in the Peloponnesian war. 8vo. Cambridge 

I'rexs. 2*. M. 

Lloyd, W. Age of Pericles. 8vo. 2 vols. Macmillan. 21*. 


Mahaffy, J. P. Social life in Greece, c. 8vo. Macmillan. 9*. 

Wilkins, A. Education in Greece, p. 8vo. Isblster. 5*. 

Boeckh, A. Public economy of Athens. Tr. Lamb. (Boston). O.P. 

Becker, W. Charicles. p. 8vo. Longmans. Is. Cxi 

Haigh, A. E. Attic theatre, d. 8vo. Clar. Press, illus. 12*. Gd. 

Moulton, K. G. Ancient classic drama, c. 8vo. Clar. Press. 8*. (>d. 



Jelf, W. Greek grammar. 8vo. 2 vols. J. Parker. 30*. 

Goodwin, W. W. Greek moods and tenses. 8vo. Macmillan. 14*. 

Best book on syntax of verbs. 

, , Elementary Greek grammar (school), c. 8vo. Macmillan. 3*. Gd. 

Thompson, F. E. Syntax of Attic Greek (school), c. 8vo. Rivington. 3*. Gd. 

Curtius, G. Student's Greek grammar (school). Ed. Smith, p. 8vo. 

Murray. 6*. 

Abbott, Evelyn. Elements of Greek accidence. Lonnmans. 4*. Gd. 

King and Cookson. Greek and Latin philology, ex. f . 8vo. Clar. Press. 5s. fid. 
Henry, V. Comparative grammar of Greek and Latin. Sonnenscliein. Is. Gd. 

Curtius, G. Principles of Greek etymology. Tr. Wilkins. 8vo. 2 vols. 

Murray. 28*. 

,, The Greek verb. Tr. England and Wilkins. 8vo. Murray. 12*. 

Liddell and Scott. Greek and English lexicon. 4to. Clar. Press. 3G*. 

For all students. Abridged edition, 12mo., 7. 6rf. 

Smith, W. Dictionary of Greek and Roman antiquities, m. 8vo. 2 vols. 

Murray, illus. 28*. 

Vol. i., 81*. 6(1. ; vol. ii. in press. Abridged edition, c. 8vo., 7. 6(1. 

,, Dictionary of Greek and Roman biography, m. 8vo. 3 vols. 

Murray, illus. 84*. 

,, Dictionary of Greek and Roman geography, m. 8vo. 2 vols. 

Murray, illus. 5(5*. 

,, Classical dictionary, m. 8vo. Murray, illus. 18*. 

Abridged edition, c. 8vo., 7. 6d. 

Index in Tragicos Graecos. 2 vols. Simjtkin.- 1830. O.P. 


Muller and Donaldson. History of Greek literature. 8vo. 3 vols. Longmans. 

pub. 21*. O.P. 

Mare, W. History of Greek literature. Svo. 5 vols. Longmans, pub. 69*. O.P. 

1G3 M 2 

Greek Language GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Greek Language 

Mahaffy, J. P. History of Greek literature, c. 8vo. 2 vols., 9s. each. 

Macmillan. 18s. 

J evens, F. B. History of Greek literature, c. 8vo. Griffin. 8s. Gd. 

Jobb, R. C. History of Greek literature (primer). 18mo. Macmillan. Is. 


Symonds, J. A. Studies of Greek poets. 2 vols., 10s. Gd. each. Smith, 

Elder, vol. i. O.P. 

Jebb, R. C. Attic orators. 8vo. Macmillan. 5,v. 

Abbott, E. Hellenica; essays on Greek literature. 8vo. Rivington. 16s. 

Jebb, R. C. Homer, c. 8vo. Maclehose. 3s. Gd. 

Butcher, S. H. Demosthenes, f. 8vo. Macmillan. Is. Gd. 

Ancient classics for English readers. Ed. L. Collins, c. 8vo. 28 vols., 
2s. 6d. each. Blackwood. 

Homer, Herodotus, Xenophon, Euripides, Aristophanes, Plato, Lucian, ^Eschylus, Sophocles, 
Hesiod, Demosthenes, Aristotle, Thucydides, Pindar, Greek Anthology. 

Bibliotheca scriptorum Graecorum. r. 8vo. Didot. 

From 12. 6d. to 72. per vol. 


Hicks, E. L. Manual of Greek historical inscriptions, d. 8vo. Clar. 

Press. 10s. 6r7.. 

Rutherford, W. G. New Phrynichus. 8vo. Macmillan. .18s. 

Gow, J. Companion to school classics, c. 8vo. Macmillan. Gx 

Poetae scenici. Ed. W. Dindorf. i. 8vo. J. Parker. 21s. 

Contains the whole of ^Eschylus, Sophocles, Euripides, Aristophanes, and fragments. 

Oratores Attici. Ed. J. Bekker. 8vo. 5 vols. (Berlin). 1823-4. 12s. 

Text only, of all the Greek orators extant. 

Orators. Ed. Baiter and Sauppe. 16mo. 14 vols. (Zurich). 1838-43. 36s. 

Anthologia Graeca. Ed. Dubner. r. 8vo. Didot. 36s. 

Anthology, Select epigrams from. Ed. and Tr. J. W. Mackail. 8vo. 

Poetae lyrici Graeci. Ed. Bergk. 8vo. 3 vols. Teubner. 

Vol. i., O.P. ; vol. ii., 10. ; vol. iii., 14. Pindar, Elegiac, Iambic, and Lyric poets. 

Comicorum Graecorum fragmenta. Ed. T. Kock. r. 8vo. 3 vols., 18s. 

each. (Leipzig). 54s. 

Tragicorum Graecorum fragmenta. Ed. A. Nauck. 8vo. (Leipzig). 

Philosophoruni Graecorum fragmenta. Ed. F. Mullach. r. 8vo. 3 vols. 

Didot. 37s. Gd. 

Bucolici poetae. Ed. H. Ahrens. 12mo. Teiibner. 8<Z. 

Theocritus, Bion, Moschus. 


Homer. Iliad. Ed. D. B. Monro. ex. f. 8vo. 2 vols., 6s. each. Clar. Press. 12s. 

,, Odyssey. Ed. W. W. Merry. 2 vols., 5s. each. Clar. Press. 10s. 

,, Odyssey, books i.-xii. Ed. Merry and Riddell. d. 8vo. Clar. Press. 16s. 

,, Iliad ; with English notes. Ed. W. Leaf. 8vo. 2 vols., 14s. each. 

Macmillan. 28s. 


Greek Language GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Greek Language 

German Editions : 

Homer. Iliad. Ed. Fiisi. 12mo. 4 volt*., 2s. each. Wcldmann. 
,, Odyssey. Ed. Fiisi. 12ruo. 4 vols., 2*. each. Weidmann. 
Iliad and Odyssey. Ed. Diintzer. 8vo. 12 vols. ticlioningh. 17*. 

,, Iliad and Odyssey. Ed. Ameis and Hentze. 12 parts. Teubner. 16s. 

Iliad. Ed. La Roche. G parts, Is. Gd. each. Teubner. U*. 

Translations : 

' ,, Iliad. Tr. into English prose by W. Leaf, E. Myers, and A. Lang. 

c. 8vo. Macmillan. 12s. Gd. 

,, Odyssey. Tr. into English prose by S. Butcher and A. Lang. c. 8vo. 

Macmillan. & g - 

Aids : 

Monro, D. B. Homeric grammar. 8vo. Clar. Presi. lOt.Gd. 

Jebb, R. C. Homeric questions, c. 8vo. Maclehote. Ss.Gd. 

A general survey of the poems; their history, character, and questions connected with them. 

Dunbar, H. Concordance to Odyssey. 4to. Clar. Press. 21. 

Prendergast, G. L. Concordance to Iliad. 4to. Longmans. O.P. 

Hesiod. Text ; with English notes. Ed. F. A. Paley. d. 8vo. Bell. 5s. 

Sappho. Text in Bergkh's Poetae lyrici Graeci, vol. iii. (See Sec. IV.). 

Pindar. Text ; with English notes. Ed. C. Fennell. c. 8vo. 2 vols. 

Cambridge Press. 9*. 

, , Tr. into prose, with notes, by E. Myers, c. 8vo. Macmillan. 5s. 

, , Olympian and Pythian odes. Tr. into verse by F. D. Morice. c. 8vo. 

Paul. Is. Gd. 

.33schylus. Text complete, scholia and synopsis of emendations. Ed. W. 

Wecklein. 8vo. 2 vols. (Berlin). 20*. 

The most valuable German edition for scholars. 

,, Text. Ed. F. A. Paley. d. 8vo. Bell. 8*. 

. , Asamemnon. Text with tr. by A. W. Verrall. 8vo. yiacmittan. 12*. 

Seven against Thebes. Text with tr. by A. W. Yen-all. 8vo. Macmitlan. 2*. Gd. 

Agamemnon. Ed. F. A. Paley. f. 8vo. Bell. 1. 6d. 

,. Prometheus. Ed. F. A. Paley. 18mo. Macmillan. It. Gd. 

Persae. Ed. F. A. Paley. f . 8vo. Macmillan. S. Gd. 

Septem contra Thebes. Ed. F. A. Paley. f. 8vo. ilacmlllan. 3s. Gd. 

Eumenides. Ed. F. A. Paley. 8vo. Macmillan. as. 

The above five plays, ed. by Paley, are school editions, with notes. 

,, Plays. Ed. and tr. by E. H. Plumptre. c. 8vo. Islister. 4s. 6d. 

,, Agamemnon, Choephori, Eumenides. Tr. into verse by E. D. 

Morshead. c. 8vo. Paul. Is. Gd. 

,, Plays. Tr. by F. A. Paley. 8vo. Bell. 7s. 6d. 

Sophocles. Text, complete ; with English notes. Ed. Campbell and 

Abbott, ex. f. 8vo. 2 vols. Clar. Press. 10*. 6<Z. 

Antigone ; (Edipus Tyrannus ; CEdipus Coloneus ; Philoctetes ; with English notes. 

Ed. and tr. E. C. Jebb. d. 8vo. 12*. 6tl. each. Cambridge Prem. Useful for 
all students. 

Ajax and Electra. Ed. B. C. Jebb. c. 8vo. 8*. Gd. each. Rlvlngton. 

,, Plays (school edition). Ed. L. Campbell and E. Abbott, ex. f. 8vo. 

7 vols. Clar. Press. 10*. Gd. 

Also sold separately, CEdipus Coloneus and Antigone, 1*. 9d. each ; the others, 2s. each. 


Greek Language GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Greek Language 

Sophocles. Tr. into verse by R. Whitelaw. c. 8vo. Rivinyton. 8s. Gd. 

Blank verse ; with a few notes. 

,, Ed. and tr. into verse by E. H. Plumptre. c. 8vo. Isbister. 4s. 6d. 

Freer than Whitelaw's. 

Euripides. Text, complete, with English notes. Ed. F. A. Paley. d. 8vo. 

3 vols., 8s. each. Bell. 24*'. 

Alcestis, Medea, Hippolytus, Hecuba, Bacchae, Orestes, Phceuissae, Troades. Ed. 

F. A. Paley. p. 8vo. Is. 6d. each. Sell. 

Alcestia, 2. 6rf. ; Helena, St.; Heracleidae, 3s. ; Iphigenia in Tauris, $. Ed. C. S. 

Jerram. ex. f. 8vo. Clar. Press. 

Troades. Ed. Tyrrell, c. 8vo. Hodges. is. 

Medea (Critical ed.). Ed. A. W. Verrall. 8vo. Macmillan. Zs.Gd. 

Heracleidae (School ed. ; with notes). Ed. E. A. Beck. ex. f . 8vo. Pitt Press. 3s. Grf. 

,, Bacchae (Critical ed. ; with English notes). Ed. J. E. Sandys, c. 8vo. Cambriili/e 

Press. 12s. 6(7. 

Hippolytus (School ed.) Ed. Hadley. ex. f . 8vo. Pitt Press. 'Is. 

Hercules Furens (School ed. ; with notes). Ed. Gray and Hutchiusou. ex. f. 8vo. 

Pitt Press. 2s. 

Ed. M. G. Glazebrook. c. 8vo. Rivington. -Is. Cxi. 

Alcestis. Tr. E. Browning ; in " Balaustiou's adventure." c. Svo. Smith, Elder. 

Embedded in a poem which explains it. 5s. 

Hercules Furens. Tr. R. Browning; in "Aristophanes' apology." c. Svo. Smith, 

Elder. 5s. 

Herodotus. Text, with Latin notes. Ed. J. C. G. Biihr. Svo. 4 vols. 

(Leipzig). 3(Xv. 

There is no good English edition of the whole. 

Books i., ii. ; with English notes. Ed. H. G. Woods, c. Svo. 2 vols. Vol. i., 6*. ; 
vol. ii., 5s. Rivington. 

,, Books ii., iii. ; with English notes. Ed. Keurick. Svo. Fellowes. pub. 12s. O.P. 

,, Tr. G. C. Macaulay. c. Svo. 2 vols. Macmillan. IS* 1 . 

Thucydides. Text, with English notes. Ed. T. Arnold. Svo. 3 vols. 

J. Parlter. 30*. 

Half a century old, but good. 

,, Text, with German notes by J. Classen, p. Svo. 8 parts, 2s. Gd. or 
3s. each. Weidmann. 

Books vi., vii. ; with English notes. Ed. P. Frost, f. Svo. Macmillan. Ss. Gel. 

Tr. by B. Jowett. d. Svo. 2 vols. Clar. Press. 32,v. 

Aristophanes. Text, with critical notes only. Ed. A. Meineke. Svo. 

2 vols. Tauclmitz. Is. GrL 

Clouds, 3. ; Frogs, Ss. ; Acharnians, 3s. ; Knights, 3s. ; Birds, 3s. Gel. Ed. W. 

W. Merry, ex. f. Svo. Clar. Press. 

Wasps, Ss. 6d. Ed. W. C. Green. Rivington. 

Peace, 2s. Ed. W. C. Green. Hall (Cambridge}. 

Peace; Acharnians; Frogs (School ed., with notes). Ed. F. A. Paley. c. Svo. 

4s. 6d. each. Sell. 

Clouds, 2s. ; Knights, 2s. ; Frogs, 2s. ; Birds, 2s. 6d. ; with German notes. Ed. 

T. V. Kock. p. Svo. Weidmann. Best German annotated edition. 

Acharnians, Knights, Birds, Frogs, Peace. Tr. J. H. Frere (Universal Library). 

c. Svo. Is. each. Routledge. 

Clouds, Wasps, Peace. Tr. B. B. Rogers. Sell. O.P. 

,, Birds. Tr., with notes by B. H. Kennedy, c. Svo. Macmillan. 6*. 

Dunbar. Concordance to Aristophanes. 4to. Clar. Press. 21s. 


Greek Language GUIDE HOOK TO BOOKS. Greek Language 

Xeiiophoii. Text, complete. Ed. L. Dindorf and Hug. 5 vols. Teubner. l.<. 157. 

Anab.ui.-i; with English notes, Ed. A. Pretor. ex. t. Hvo. Books i.. iii.. v.,2. 

each ; books ii., iv., vi., vii., 2*. 6(/. each, t'itt Preii. 

.. Agesilaus (School ed. ; with English notes). Ed. R. W.Taylor, c. Hvo. Slvlnyton. Zl. Od. 

Cyropaedia (Schooled.; with English notes). Ed. G. M. Gorham. f. Hvo. Bell. 8*. <W. 

Cyropaedia; books vii.. viii. Ed. W. W. Goodwin, f . Hvo. Jfacmilluit. Zt.6d. 

Economics ; with English notes. Ed. H. Holdeu. f. Hvo. Macmillan. '<*. 

Hiero ; with English notes. Ed. H. Holden. f . 8vo. \lin-inillnii. 2. <W. 

.. Hellenics (School ed. ; with English notes). Ed. H. Hailstone, f . 870. Macmillan. . <'</. 

,, Selections from Hellenics (School ed.). J. H. Philpotts. ex. f.Svo. Clar. Press. St. W. 

,, Memorabilia. Ed. J. MarHhall. Clar. Preti. 

, , Complete works. Tr. H. G. Dakyns. c. 8vo. Macmillan. vol. i., 10*. Gd. 
.aihcnines. Text, complete. Ed. Francke. 12mo. Teubner. 1*. 

,, In Ctesiphontem ; with De corona of Demosthenes. Ed. E. A. and W. H. Simcox. 

d. Hvo. Clar. Press. 12*. 

,, Text; German notes and translation. G. E. Benseler. 12mo. 

3 vols. (Leipzig). 4*. Gd. 

Demosthenes. Text ; in " Oratores Attici." (See Sec. IV.) 

,, De corona ; with English notes. Ed. A. Holmes, c. 8vo. Rinington. 5. 

De falsa legatione, fix. Olynthiacs, t*. M. Philippics, 8*. ; with English notes. 

Ed. G. H. Heslop. c. 8vo. Sivint/ton. 

,. Androtion and Timokrates. Ed. W. Wayte. c. 8vo. Cambridge Press. It. Gd. 

Meidius ; with English notes. Ed. E. A. Fennell. 12mo. (Edinburgh). 5s. 

Leptines ; with English notes. Ed. B. W. Beatson. c. 8vo. Bell. 3s. 6d. 

Select Private Orations. Ed. Paley and Sandys, c. 8vo. 2 vols. Vol. i.,6*.; vol. ii., 

Ix. fl. Camliridue Preti. 10. 6d. 

De corona. Tr. Simpson (Oxford! . With English and Greek facing. 

,, Complete works. Tr. C. R. Kennedy, p. 8vo. 5 vols. Hell (Bolm~). 

Vol. i., 8. 6<Z. ; vol. ii. to v., 5*. each. 

Antiphon. Text ; with German notes. Ed. Matzner. 8vo. (Berlin). 1838. is. 

Lysias. Selections ; with English notes. Ed. E. S. Shuckburgh. f . 8vo. 

Macmillan. 5s. 

,, In "Selections from Orators." Ed. R. C. Jebb. f. 8vo. Macmillan. 6*. 

Plato. Text, complete. Ed. Baiter, Orelli, and Winckelmann. 12mo. 

4 vols. Meyer (Zurich). O.P. 

,, Text. Ed. C. Hermann. 12mo. 6 vols. Teubner. lOs.Gd. 

Apology. (With valuable digest of idioms.) Ed. J. Riddell. d. 8vo. Clar. Press. Ss.Gd. 
Apology and Crito, is. 6(7. ; Phaedo, 5*. Gd. Ed. W. Wagner, c. 8vo. Bell. 
Protagoras. Ed. W. Wayte. c. 8vo. Bell. 4*. 6d. 

Philebus. Ed. E. Poste. d. 8vo. Clar. Press. 7. W. 

Theaetetus, 10. &d. \ Sophistes and Politicus, 18. Ed. L. Campbell, d. 8vo. Clar. 


,, Gorgias (o.P.) ; Phsedrus, 5. Ed. W. H. Thompson, d. 8vo. Bell. 

Euthryphro and Menexenus. Ed. C. E. Graves. 18mo. Macmillan. 1*. 6d. 

,, Eepublic ; books i. to v. Ed. T. H. Warren, f . 8vo. Macmillan. 5s. 

Phaedo. Ed. R. Archer-Hind. 8vo. Macmillan. 8*. 6d. 

Euthydemus and Laches. Ed. G. H. Wells, c. 8vo. Bell. if. 

Translations : 
,, Complete works ; with introductions. Tr. B. Jowett. d. 8vo. 

G vols. Clar. Press. 70s. 

Philebus and Theaetetus. Tr., with notes by F. A. Paley. c. 8vo. 4*. each. Bell. 

Republic. Tr., with analysis and introduction, by B. Jowett. m. 8vo. Clar. Press. 12s. 6d. 

Euthyphro, Apology, Crito, and Phaedo. Tr. A. J. Church. 18mo. Macmillan. is.&d. 

Gorgias. Tr. E. M. Cope. 8vo. Bell. Is. 

,, Phaedo. Tr. E. M. Cope. d. 8vo. Cambridge Press. 5s. 

Phaedrus, Lysis, Protagoras. Tr. J.Wright. 12mo. J.Parker, pub. 3*. 6rf. O.P. 


Greek Language GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Greek Language 

Aristotle. Text, complete. Eel. J. Bekker. d. 8vo. 11 vols. Clar. Press. 50s. 

Also sold separately (except vol ix.) at 5s. 6d. each. 

,, Text, complete. Ed. Diibner and Heitz. r. 8vo. 5 vols. Didot. G4s. 

,, Ethics; text. Ed. Bywater. p. 8vo. Clar. Press. 6s. 

Politics; text. Ed R. Hicks after Susemihl. 8vo. Macmillan. In press. 

,, Deanima; with English notes and tr. by E. Wallace, d. 8vo. Pitt Press. 18s. 

Poetics ; text. Ed. W. Christ. 12mo. Teubner. Sd. 

Politics ; text with German notes and tr. by F. Susemihl. 12mo. Teubner. 2s. (id. 

Organon; selections. Ed. J. Magrath. c. 8vo. Rivington. 'As. 6d, 

,, Rhetoric; with English notes. E. M. Cope and J. Sandys, d. 8vo. 3 vols. 

Cambridge Press. 21. 

Politics ; with intro. and notes. Tr. B. Jowett. m. 8vo. 2 vols. Clar. Prex. 21s. 

Nicomachean Ethics. Tr. F. H. Peters, c. 8vo. Paul. 6s. 

Organon. Tr. E. Poste. 8vo. Maemillan. , 8s. 6d. 

Rhetoric. Tr. E. M. Cope. 8vo. Macmillan. 14*. 

Aids : 

Grote, G. Aristotle. 8vo. Murray. 12*. 

,, Wilson, J. C. Aristotelian studies, d. 8vo. Clar. Press. 7*. 6rf. 

,, Wallace, E. Outlines of philosophy of Aristotle, ex. f. 8vo. Pitt Press. 4s. Gd. 

,, Newman, W. L. Politics ; with introduction and notes, in. 8vo. 2 vols. Clar. 

Press. 28s. 

,, Mayor, J. E. B. Sketch of ancient philosophy, ex. f. 8vo. Pitt Press. 3s. 6d. 

Theocritus, Bion, and Moschus. Text. Ed. H. Ahrens. 12mo. Teubner. $d. 

Text; with English notes (School ed.). Ed. Snow ; revised by H. Kynaston. ex. f . 

8vo. Clar. Press. is. 6d. 

Text ; with German notes. Ed. A. T. Fritzsche. 12mo. (Leipzig). O.P. 

,, Tr. into verse by C. S. Calverley. c. 8vo. Sell. 7s. Gd. 

, , Tr. into prose by A. Lang. ] 8mo. Macmillan. 4s. Gd. 

Aratus. Tr. E. Poste. c. 8vo. Macmillan. 3s. Gd. 

Arrian. Anabasis. Ed. Abicht. 12mo. Teubner. Is. 3d. 

,, Scripta minora. Ed. Hercher. 12mo. Teiibner. 2s. 

Athenseus. Text. 12mo. 3 vols. vols. i. and ii., 5s. each ; vol. iii., 7s. Gd. 17s. (id. 

Babrius. Text. Ed. W. G. Rutherford. 8vo. Macmillan. 12s. Gd. 

Anacreon. Text ; in " Poetae lyrici Graeci." (See Sec. IV.). 

Bion. Text ; in " Bucolici poetae." (See Sec. IV.). 

Heraclitus. Fragments. Ed. T. Bywater. d. 8vo. Clar. Press. i ;,>.. 

Moschus. Text ; in " Bucolici poetae." (See Sec. IV.). 

Plutarch. Text. 12mo. 5 vols. Teiibner. 8*'. Gd. 

Gracchi, 6. ; Nikias, 5s. ; Sulla, 6s. ; Timoleon, 6s. Ed. H. Holden. ex. f. 8vo. Pitt 


,, Lives. Tr. A. H. Clough. 8vo. 3 vols. Low. 42*. 

Also in one vol., 18s. 

Lucian. Text. Ed. C. Jacobitz. 12mo. 3 vols. Teiibner. Gs. Gd. 

Vol. i., Somnium and Charoa ; ii., Piscator ; iii., De luctu. 

,, Ed. W. Heitland. ex. f. 8vo. Pitt Press. 3s. Gd. 

Pausanias. Text. Ed. J. Schubart. 12mo. 2 vols. Teubner. 4s. 

Polybius. Text. Ed. Buttner and Dindorf. 12mo. 4 vols. 13s. 

Vol. i., 3. 6d. ; vol. ii., St. 6d. ; vol. iii., 8. ; vol. iv., 8. 

Theophrastus. Characters ; text. Ed. Foss. Teubner. O.P. 


Greek Language GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Hawaii 

Theophrastus. Text; English notes and tr. by R.C. Jebb. Macmillan. or. 


n- AUCTIC m:<;roNS. 



Whetham, J. W. 13. Roraima and British Guiana. Bvo. Hurst. 15*. 

Im Thurn, E. F. Among the Indians of Guiana. 8vo. Paul, illus. 18*. 

Sketches, chiefly anthropological. 

Dalton, H. G. History of British Guiana, r. 8vo. 2 vols. Longmans. 52*. 6<7. 

Les colonies d'Amfiriqne. 12mo. Quantin. 3*. Gd. 

In vol. ii. of " Lcs colonies franeaises." 

Palgrave, W. G. Dutch Guiana. 8vo. Macmillan. 9*. 




Jenkin, A. F. Gymnastics (" All England " ser.). sm. 8vo. Sell. 2s. 

Ravenstein, E. G. Gymnasium and its fittings. 8vo. Trubncr. Is. (id. 

Puritz, L. Code book of gymnastic exercises. Turner. 
Alexander, A. Gymnastics. 8vo. 4 vols. Philip, illus. 12*. Gd. 

Vol. i., Musical drill for infants, 2s. Gd. ; vol. ii., Exercises for girls, 2. Gil. ; vol. iii., 
Gymnastic exercises (elementary), 2s. Gel. ; vol. iv., Gymnastic exercises (advanced), 5. 

Lemaire, E. F. Indian clubs. 4to. Iliffe. 5s. 

Melio, G. L. Swedish drill. Low. Is. 6d. 

Noakes, S. G. Free gymnastics. 32mo. Slinpkin. \s. 


Leland, C. G. The gypsies, c. 8vo. Trubner. 10*. Qd. 

, , English gypsies and their language. 8vo. Triibner. 7s. Gd. 

,, Gypsy sorcery and fortune telling. 4to. Unmin. 16s. 

, , and Palmer. English gypsy songs ; with translations. 8 vo. Trubner. 7s. Gd. 

Borrow, G. The gypsies of Spain, p. 8vo. Murray. 2s. Gd. 

,, Word-book of the Romany. 8vo. Murray, pub. 10*. Gd. O.P. 




Hawking GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Hebrew 



Yeo, J. B. Climate and health resorts, p. 8vo. Chapman. 10s. Gd. 

Braun and Hermann. Curative effect of baths and waters, d. 8vo. Smith, 18s. 

A handbook to the Spas of Europe. 

Wilson, W. S. The ocean as a health resort, c. 8vo. Churchill, illus. Is. Gd. 

McPherson, J. Baths and wells of Europe, p. 8vo. Stanford.. Gs. Gd. 

Bennet, H. Winter and spring on the shores of the Mediterranean, p. 8vo. 

ChurcUll. illus. 12s. Gd. 

Sparks, E. I. The Riviera, c. 8vo. Churchill, pub. 8*. Gd. O.P. 

Health resorts on the North Mediterranean coast. 

Wise, A. T. Alpine winter, d. 8vo. Churchill, illus. 2s. Gd. 

Medical aspects ; with notes on Davos Platz, Wiesen, etc. 

Walker, A. D. Egypt as a health resort, f. 8vo. Churchill. 3s. Gd. 

Illustrated handbook of American winter and summer resorts, c. 8vo. 

2 vols., &S. each. Appleton. illus. 8s. 

Grabham, M. C. Madeira : climate and resources. 

Special reference to the welfare of invalids. 

Moore, W. J. Health in the tropics. 8vo. Churchill. 9s. 

, , Health resorts for tropical invalids in India, at home, and abroad. 

p. 8vo. Churchill. 5n. 

Tilt, E. T. Health in India for British women, c. 8vo. Churchill. 

The student who is ignorant of the German language is recommended to make himself 
master of the elements of the grammar, and then work through Genesis with the 
assistance of Mr. Spurrell's notes. For the remaining books of the Bible he will find the 
translations in Messrs. Clark's " Foreign Theological Library" of great value. 


Gabriel, H. Rudiments of Hebrew grammar, (elem.). 8vo. (Freiburg}. 2s. 

Contains some account of the syntax, which is wanting in the next book. 

Strack, H. L. Hebrew grammar, with exercises, (elem.). c. 8vo. Williams. -is.Gd. 

Contains a bibliography of Biblical literature. 

Ball, C. J. Merchant Taylors' Hebrew grammar, (elem.). d. 8vo. Bagster. G$. 

Gesenius, W. Student's Hebrew grammar. Tr. B. Davies. 8vo. Asher. 7s. Gd. 

Land, J. P. Principles of Hebrew grammar. Tr. Lane-Poole. c. 8vo. 

Iriibner. Is. Gd. 

Deals specially with the accidence. 

Ewald, H. Syntax of the Hebrew language. Tr. J. Kennedy, d. 8vo. 

Clark. 8s. Gd. 

Harper, W. R. Elements of Hebrew syntax. 8vo. Nutt. Is. Gd. 



Driver, S. K. Treatise <>n the use of tin- tOtt6J in Il< l-rew. ex. f. 8vo. 

7*. G</. 

Wickes, \V. Hebrew accentuation of I's.-dmx Proverbs, and Job. d. Hvo. 
r. /'/VY.V. 

,, Hebrew prose accentuation. <1. 8vo. Clar. Press. 10*. (W. 

Siegfried and Struck. Lrhrlmdi dcr iieuhebniischen Sprachc. 12mo. 

(Carkriiht'}. 3*. M. 

Davies, B. The student's Hebrew lexicon. 8vo. Asher. 12*. 

Gesenius, W. Ilandworterbuch tiber das altc Testament. Ed. Miihlau and 

others. 8vo. (J^-ipztij). 15*. 

Buxtorf, J. Lexicon Talnmdicuni et Rabbinicum. 4to. (Leipzig. 70*. 

Jastrow, M. Lexicon to the Talmud (unfinished), d. 4to. 3 parts, 5*. 

each. Triihncr. 
Lederer, 1'. Lehrbuch zum Selbstunterricht im babylonischen Talmud. 

8vo. 3 vols. (Frankfurt). 6- 


Zunz. Die- gottesdienstlichen Vortriige der Juden. 8vo. (Scrim). 1832. o.r. 

Delitzsch, F. Zur Geschichte der judischen Poesie. 8vo. (Leipzig). 

183G. 4*. 

Ginsburg, C. D. The Kabbala ; its origin, etc. 8vo. Longmans, pub. Is. 6d. O.P. 

Bleek, F. Introduction to the Old Testament, p. 8vo. 2 vols., 5s. each. 

Sell (Holm). 10*. 

Later German editions, revised by Wellhausen. 

Kuenen, A. Historico-critical inquiry into the origin and composition of 

the Old Testament. Tr. Wicksteed. 8vo. Macmillan. 14*. 

Latest school. 


Spurrell, G. J. Notes on the Hebrew text of Genesis, c. 8vo. Clar. Press. 10*. 6d. 

Fiirst, J. Aramilische Chrestomathie. 8vo. (Leipzig). 1836. 4*. 

Taylor, C. Sayings of the Jewish fathers, d. 8vo. Cambridge Press. ' 10*. 

Herslion, P. I. Treasures of the Talmud, d. 8vo. Nisbet. 12*. 6^- 
Talmud Jerushalmi. Tr. K. M. Schwabe. f. 4to. Williams. 

Pirf i 9 

X ctl L l.| 7o. 

Ibn Ezra. Commentary on Isaiah (Soc. of Hebrew literature). Ed. and 

tr. M. Friedlander. d. 8vo. 3 vols. I riibner. 22*. 

Vol. i., 10. 6d. ; vol. ii., 4. Crf. ; vol. hi., 7. 

Maimonides. " Guide of the perplexed." Ed. and tr. M. Friedlander. 

d. 8vo. 3 vols. Triibner. 31*. Gd. 


Davidson, B. Concordance to Hebrew and Chaldee scriptures, r. 8vo. 

Bagster. 42*. 

Blitto, J. Biblical encyclopedia. 8vo. Slack. 10*. Cd. 

Smith, W. Bible dictionary. 8vo. 3 vols. Murray. 105*. 

Vol. i., 42. ; vols. ii.. in., 6.S. 

Schenkel. Bibel-Lexicon. 8vo. 5 vols. SrocMaus. 50*. 


Hebrew GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Herzegovina 

Riehm, E. Handworterbuch des biblischen Alterthums. 8vo. (Leipzig}, 37,5. 

Antiquities only. 

Hamburger, J. Real-Encyclopadie fur Bibel und Talmud. 8vo. 2 vols. 

(Neiistrelitz). 4(k. 

Includes the later literature. 

Strack, H. L. Abriss der neuhebraischen Literatur. 

In Siegfried's grammar. 

Orientalische Bibliographie. Ed. A. Miiller. 8vo. 4 vols. (Berlin). 

Vol. i., ii., 6s. vol. iii., iv., 8s. each. In progress. 

Lippe, C. D. Lexicon der gesammten jiidischen Literatur 

der Gegenwart. 8vo. ( Vienna). 12s. 

In progress. 

PERIODICALS : Zeitschrift fiir afttestamentUche Wissenschaft (10. per annum). 
Jewish Quarterly review (London) ; Hebraica (Scribner); Transactions of the Society of 
Biblical Archaeology (Longmans). 




As no official list of those who have a right to coat armour has ever been issued by the 
College of Arms, all printed lists must necessarily be incorrect and incomplete. The laws of 
arms are vested in the five Kings of Arms (three for England, one for Scotland, and one for 
Ireland), and no official work has been issued by them on the subject. 

Burke, B. General armoury, sup. r. 8vo. Harrison. 52s. Gd. 

Boutell, C. Heraldry, p. 8vo. Reeves and Turner, illus. 3s. Gd. 

Pap worth. Ordinary of arms. Richards. o.p. 

Planche, J. R. Pursuivant of arms. c. 8vo. Cliatto. illus. Is. 6d. 

Moule, T. Bibliotheca heraldica. (London). O.P. 

Glossary of terms used in British heraldry, d. 8vo. Jas. Parlter. illus. 

In press. 


The chief trustworthy sources from which family pedigrees are constructed are original 
evidences, such as parish registers ; wills at Somerset House and other probate offices; 
records deposited in the Record Office and College of Arms ; original family papers in proper 
legal custody ; all the Harleian and similar societies' publications ; all topographical and 
county histories, etc., etc. 

Sims, R. Manual for the genealogist. 8vo. A. R. Smith, pub. 15s. O.P. 
Marshall, G. W. Genealogist's guide, d. 8vo. Sell. 31s. Qd. 

Anderson, J. P. Book of British topography. 4to. W. Satcliell. pub. 18s. O.P. 

Burke, B. Peerage and baronetage (annual), r. 8vo. Harrison. 38s. 

, , Dormant and extinct peerages, r. 8vo. Harrison. 42*'. 

, , Landed gentry, r. 8vo. 2 vols. Harrison. 63s. 

, , Extinct baronetcies, r. 8vo. O.P. 

Doyle, J. E. Official baronage of England. 4to. 3 vols. Longmans, illus. 105s. 




Highways (JIUDK I5OOK TO BOOKS. Historical Novels 







These novels are not selected so much for their literary excellence as for their use in giving 
rhildren uu interest in history. 

Crake, A. D. Camp on the Severn. Morvlray. 3*. C><1. 

III. Century. Introduction of Christianity. 

Church, A. J. Count of the Saxon shore. 8vo. Seeley. 

Early V. Century. Departure of the Romans. 

Henty, G. A. Dragon and the Raven, c. 8vo. Blaclde. illus. 5*. 

Late IX. Century. Times of Alfred. 

Crake, A. D. First Chronicle of Aescendun. c. 8vo. Rivingtons. 3*. Gd. 

Middle X. Century. Times of Edwy. 

,, Second Chronicle of Aescendun. c. 8vo. Rivingtons. 3*. Gd. 

Early XI. Century. Times of Edmund Ironside. 

Lytton, Lord. Harold, c. 8vo. Routledge. 2s. 

Middle XI. Century. 

Kingsley, C. Hereward. c. 8vo. Macmillan. 3s. Gd. 

Middle XI. Century. Norman conquest. 

Crake, A. D. Third Chronicle of Aescendun. c. 8vo. Rivingtons. 3s. (id. 

Late XI. Century. Norman conquest. 

,, Brian Fitz-Count. c. 8vo. Rivingtons. 'As. Gd. 

Middle XII. Century. Days of Stephen. 

Edgar, J. G. Runnymede and Lincoln Fair. d. 8vo. Ward. 5s. 

Early XIII. Century. Times of John. 

, , How I won my spurs, d. 8vo. Ward. 5s. 

Middle XIII. Century. Barons' War. 

Crake, A. D. House of Walderne. c. 8vo. Rivingtons. 3s. Gd. 

Middle XIII. Century. Barons' War. 

Henty, G. A. In freedom's cause, c. 8vo. Blacltie. Gs. 

Late XIII. Century. Wallace and Bruce. 

Porter, Jane. Scottish chiefs, c. 8vo. Ward. 5s. 

Late XIII. Century. Wallace. 

Aguilar, G. Days of Bruce, c. 8vo. Routledge. 5s. 

Late XIII. Century. 

Holt, E. S. In convent walls, c. 8vo. Sham. 5s. 

Early XIV. Century. The Despensers. 

Henty, G. A. St. George for England, c. 8vo. Blackie. illus. 5*. 

Middle XIV. Century. Cre<;y and Poictiers. 

Edgar, J. G. Cregy and Poictiers. d. 8vo. Ward. 5s. 

Middle XIV. Century. 

Ainsworth, H. Merrie England, c. 8vo. Routledge. 2s. 

Late XIV. Century. Peasant revolt. 

Minto, W. Mediation of Ralph Hardelot. c. 8vo. 3 vols. Macmillan. 31s. Gd. 

Late XIV. Century. Peasant revolt. 


Historical Novels GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Historical Novels 

Gilliatt, E. John Standish. 

Late XIV. Century. Peasant revolt. 

James, G. P. R. Forest days. c. 8vo. Routledge. pub. 2s. o.P. 

Late XIV. Century. Eobin Hood, etc. 

Giberne, A. Coulyng Castle. Sha/ro, O.P. 

Early XV. Century. Lollards. 

Guernsey, L. E. Sword of De Bardwell. Shaw. O.P. 

Early XV. Century. Agincourt. 

Yonge, C. M. Caged lion. c. 8vo. Macmillan. 3s. Gd. 

Early XV. Century. Captivity of James I. 

Stevenson, R. L. Black Arrow, c. 8vo. Cassell. 5s. 

Middle XV. Century. Wars of the Hoses. 

Church, A. J. Chantry priest of Barnet. 8vo. Seeley. 5s. 

Late XV. Century. Wars of the Roses. 

Lytton, Lord. Last of the Barons, c. 8vo. Routledge. 2s. 

Late XV. Century. Wars of the Roses. 

Cowper, F. Captain of the Wight. 8vo. Seeley. 5s. 

Late XV. Century. Times of Henry VII. 

Ainsworth, H. Tower of London, c. 8vo. Routledge. 2s. 

Middle XVI. Century. Lady Jane Grey. 

Whyte-Melville, G. J. Queen's Maries, c. 8vo. Longmans. Is. 

Middle XVI. Century. Mary, Queen of Scots. 

Yonge, C. M. Unknown to history, c. 8vo. Macmillan. '3s. Gd. 

Middle XVI. Century. Mary, Queen of Scots. 

Corbett, Julian. For God or gold. c. 8vo. Macmillan. 6s. 

Late XVI. Century. Days of Drake. 

Kingsley, C. Westward Ho ! c. 8vo. Macmillan. 3s. Gd. 

Late XVI. Century. Armada. 

Lovett, R. Drake and the Dons. c. 8vo. R. T. S. illus. 3^. Gd. 

Late XVI. Century. Armada. 

Ainsworth, H. Guy Fawkes. c. 8vo. Routledge. 2s. 

Early XVII. Century. 

James, G. P. R. Arabella Stuart. Routledge. pub. 2*. O.P. 

Early XVII. Century. 

Scott, W. Fortunes of Nigel. Blacli. illus. 3s. Gd. 

Early XVII. Century. James I. 

,, Legend of Montrose. Blactt. illus. 3s. Gd. 

Middle XVII. Century. The Covenanters. 

Church, A. J. With the King at Oxford. 8vo. Seeley. 5s. 

Middle XVII. Century. Civil War. 

Whyte-Melville, G. J. Holmby House, c. 8vo. Longmans. Is. 

Middle XVII. Century. Civil War. 

Shorthouse, J. H. John Inglesant. c. 8vo. Macmillan. Gs. 

Middle XVII. Century. Civil War. 

Charles, Mrs. On both sides the sea. c. 8vo. Nelson. 5s. 

Late XVII. Century. Commonwealth. 

Field, Mrs. Ethne. 1. c. 8vo. Wells, Gardner. Gs. 

Late XVII. Century. Cromwell's settlement of Ireland. 

Tytler, S. Duchess Frances, c. 8vo. 2 vols. Low. 21*. 

Late XVII. Century. Times of Charles II. 

Rowsell, M. C. Traitor or Patriot, c. 8vo. SlacJde. illus. 3*. Gd. 

Late XVII. Century. Rye House plot. 

Manning, Miss. Cherry and Violet, c. 8vo. Roper and Drorcley. illus. 2s. Gd. 

Late XVII. Century. The Plague and Fire. 


Historical Novels GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Historical Novels 

Scott, W. Peveril of the Peak, Hindi, illus. :;.<. <;//. 

Lute XVII. Century. Isle of Man. 

Doyle, A.C. Micali ( larkc. c. 8vo. Longmans. 

Late XVII. Century. Muumonth'i rebellion. 

James, G. P. K. The fate. O.P. 

Late XVII. Century. Revolution of 1088. 

Banim, J. Uoynci-Wator. Diitji/. O.P. 

Late XVII. Century. Buttle of the Boyne. 

Henty, G. A. Orange; and ^rcrii. c. 8vo. Ulaclde. illus. 5s. 

Late XVII. Century. Battle of the Boyne. 

Thackeray, W. M. Esmond, c. 8vo. Smith, Elder. 5s. 

Early XVIII. Century. Times of Queen Anne. 

Henty, G. A. Cornet of horse, sm. p. Hvo. Loiv. 2s. Gd. 

Eoi-ly XVIII. Century. Marlborough's Ware. 

Ainsworth, H. Preston fight, c. 8vo. Jloutledge. 2s. 

Early XVIII. Century. " The 171. r .." 

Scott, W. Wavcrley. Blaclt. illus. 3s. fid. 

Middle XVIII. Century. " The 17 15." 

Henty, G. A. Bonnie Prince Charlie, c. 8vo. Ulaclde. illus. 6. 

Middle XVIII. Century. Fontenoy and Culloden. 

,, With Wolfe in Canada, c. 8vo. Blaclde. illus. <5s. 

Late XVIII. Century. 

Grant, J. Romance of war. c. 8vo. Routledge. 2s. 

Early XIX. Century. Peninsular War. 

Banim, J. The croppy. 3 vols. Colburn. 1828. O.P. 

Late XVIII. Century. Irish insurrection, 1798. 

Henty, G. A. One of the 28th. c. 8vo. Blaclde. illus. 5*. 

Early XIX. Century. Waterloo. 

Wingfield, Lewis. Lords of Strogue. Bentley. O.P. 

Early XIX. Century Emmett, 1803. 

Kingsley, H. Ravenshoe. Macmillan. 2s. (id. 

Middle XIX. Century. Crimean War. 

Whyte-Melville, G. J. Interpreter, c. 8vo. Longmans. Is. 

Middle XIX. Century. Crimean War 

Henty, G. A. With Clive in India, c. 8vo. Blaclde. illus. 6. 

Middle XVIII. Century. 

Groves, J. P. Duke's Own. c. 8vo. Griffith, illus. 5*. 

Late XVIII. Century. Fall of Tippoo Sahib. 

"A.L.O.E." War and peace, p. 8vo. Nelson, illus. 3*. 

Middle XIX. Century. Retreat from Cabnl, 1842. 

Chesney, C. C. The dilemma. Blacltwood. O.P. 

Middle XIX. Century. The Mutiny. 

Taylor, Meadows. Seeta. c. 8vo. Kegan, Paul. 6*. 

Middle XIX. Century. The Mutiny. 

Henty, G. A. In times of peril, c. 8vo. Griffith. 5*. 

Middle XIX. Century. The Mutiny. 

Groves, J. P. A soldier born. c. 8vo. Griffith, illus. 5s. 

Middle XIX. Century. The Mutiny. 

Henty, G. A. For name and fame. c. 8vo. Blackie. 5s. 

Late XIX. Century. Afghan War. 


Historical Novels GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Historical Novels 


Webb, Mrs. J. B. Pilgrims of New England. o.p. 

Middle XVII. Century. Plymouth Colony. 

Jones, J. K. Quaker soldier. 8vo. 12mo. (Philadelphia). 7s. Gd. 

Late XVII. Century. Philadelphia. 

Kingston, W. H. G. A true hero. c. 8vo. Sunday School Union. 2s. fid. 

Late XVII. Century. Early settlers. Pennsylvania. 

James, G. P. R. Ticanderoga. Routledge. pub. 2s. o.p. 

Middle XVIII. Century. French War. 

Kingston, W. H. G. Hurricane Harry, c. 8vo Griffith, illus. 3s. Gd. 

Late XVIII. Century. War of Independence. 

Henty, G. A. True to the old flag. c. 8vo. Blackie. (5s. 

Late XVIII. Century. War of Independence. 

Gleig, G. R. The subaltern, f . 8vo. Blachmood. Is. Gd. 

Early XIX. Century. War of 1812. 

James, G. P. R. The old dominion, f. 8vo. Routledge. 

Middle XIX. Century. Southampton massacre, 1831. 

Lanier, S. Tiger lilies, c. 8vo. Low. 12s. Gd. 

Late XIX. Century. Civil War. 

Verne, Jules. North against south. 1. i. 16mo. Lorn, illus. 7s. Gd. 

Late XIX. Century. Civil War. 

Henty, G. A. With Lee in Virginia, c. 8vo. Blaclde. 6s. 

Late XIX. Century. Civil War. 


Yonge, C. M. The little duke. gl. 8vo. Macmillan. 2s. Gd. 

Middle X. Century. Richard the Fearless, of Normandy. 

James, G. P. R. Philip Augustus, f. 8vo. Routledge. 

Early XIII. Century. 

, , The Jacquerie, c. 8vo. Routledge. 

Late XIV. Century. 

Charles, Mrs. Joan the Maid. c. 8vo. Nelson. 4s. 

Middle XV. Century. Joan of Arc. 

James, G. P. R. Agnes Sorrel. o.p. 

Middle XV. Century. Charles VII. 

Scott, W. Quentin Durward. Slack, illus. 3s. Gd. 

Late XV. Century. Louis XI. 

Yonge, C. M. The chaplet of pearls, c. 8vo. Macmillan. 3s. Gd. 

Late XVI. Century. St. Bartholomew. 

James, G. P. R. Henry of Guise, c. 8vo. Routledge. 

Late XVI. Century. St. Bartholomew. 

Holt, E. S. Sister Rose. c. 8vo. Sham. 

Late XVI. Century. St. Bartholomew. 

Vigny, A. de. Cinq Mars. Dulau. 3s. Gd. 

Late XVI. Century. Days of Louis XIII. 

Weyman, S. For the cause. 

Late XVI. Century. Henry of Navarre. 

James, G. P. R. Richelieu, c. 8vo. Routledge. 2s. 

Early XVII. Century. 

Grant, J. Arthur Blane. c. 8vo. Routledge. 2s. 

Early XVII. Century. Scottish guard. 

Tytler, S. Huguenot family, p. 8vo. Chatto. 

Middle XVII. Century. 


Historical Novels 

(jni)i-; i;ooK TO BOOKS. 

Historical Novels 

Coape, H. ('. The Chateau de Loaard. c. 8vo. li.T.S. 

Late XVII. Century. Edict of Nantes. 
Peard, F. .M. .Jr;mnotte. Nat. Socirf//. 

I<;itf X V! I. (Yntury. Huguenots. 
Dumas, JK'TC. The iron ni.-isk. 

Late XVII. Century. Days of LouU XIV. 
Stuart, Ksrno. Isabeau's hero. c. 8vo. S. P. C. K. 

Early XVIII. Century. Camisard Revolt, 1702. 

James, G. P. R. Ancient regime, c. 8vo. Routledge. pub. 2s. 

Early XVIII. Century. Louis XV. 

Dumas, pore. Queen's necklace, c. 8vo. Routledge. 

Late XVIII. Century. Court of Louis XVI. 

Baring, Gould, S. In exitu Israel, c. 8vo. 2 vols. Macmillan. 

Late XVIII. Century. Court of Louis XVI. 

Erckmann-Chatrian. Story of a peasant, c. 8vo. Ward. 

Late XVIII. Century. Revolution. 

,, Madame Th6rese. c. 8vo. Ward. 

Late XVIII. Century. Revolution, 171*2. 

,, Year one of the republic, c. 8vo. Ward. 

Late XVIII. Century. Revolution, 1703. 

Trollope, A. La Vendee, c. 8vo. Ward. 

Late XVIII. Century. Revolution, 1793. 

Tytler, S. Citoyenne Jacqueline, p. 8vo. Cliatto. 

Late XVIII. Century. Revolution, 1793. 

Roberts, Miss. Atelier de Lys. c. 8vo. Longmans. 

Late XVIII. Century. Revolution, 1793. 

,, On the edge of the storm, c. 3vo. Warne. 

Late XVIII. Century. Revolution, 1793. 

, , A child of the Revolution. Warne. 

Late XVIII. Century. Revolution, 1793. 

Henty, G. A. In the Reign of Terror, c. 8vo. Blaclde. 

Late XVIII. Century. Revolution, 17U3. 

Erckmann-Chatrian. Citizen Buonaparte, c. 8vo. Ward. 

Late XVIII. Century. Revolution, 1794. 

,, The blockade, c. 8vo. Ward. 

Late XVIII. Century. Revolution, 1799. 

Giberne, A. Detained in France. Shaw. 

Early XIX. Century. The Empire. 

Yonge, C. M. Kenneth. Smith and Innes. 

Early XIX. Century. Russian Campaign. 

Erckmann-Chatrian. The conscript, c. 8vo. Ward. 

Early XIX. Century. 1813. 

,, Great invasion, c. 8vo. Ward. 

Early XIX. Century. 1813. 

,, Waterloo, c. 8vo. Ward. 

Early XIX. Century. 1815. 

,, A man of the people. 

Middle XIX. Century. Revolution, 1848. 

Henty, G. A. The young Francs-Tireurs. c. 8vo. Griffith. 

Late XIX. Century. Franco-German war. 

Cobb, J. F. In time of war. Wells, Gardner. 

Late XIX. Century. Franco-German war. 

Grant, J. Six years ago. c. 8vo. Routledge. 

Late XIX. Century. Franco-German War. 



3s. Gd. 



2s. Gd. 
2s. Gd. 
2s. Gd. 


2s. Gd. 
3s. Gd. 


2s. Gd. 
2s. Gd. 


2s. Gd. 
2s. Gd. 
2s. Gd. 

3s. Gd. 



Historical Novels GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Historical Novels 

Cobb, J. F. Workman and soldier. Wells, Gardner. O.P. 

Late XIX. Century. The Commune. 

Scheffel, J. F. Ekkehard. ISmo. 2 vols. Lore. 4s. 

X. Century. 

Yonge, C. M. Dove in the eagle's nest. c. 8vo. Macmillan. 3s. Gd. 

Late XV. Century. Domestic life. 

Roberts, Miss. In the olden time. c. 8vo. Longmans. 2s. Gd. 

Early XVI. Century. Peasants' War, 1525. 

Charles, Mrs. Chronicles of the Schonberg-Cotta Family, c. 8vo. Nelson. 

1890. illus. 5s. 

Early XVI. Century. Reformation. 

Grant, J. Philip Rollo. c. 8vo. Routledge. . 2.v. 

Early XVII. Century. Thirty Years' War. 

James, G. P. R. Heidelberg, c. 8vo. Routledge. pub. 2s. O.P. 

Early XVII. Century. Thirty Years' War. 

Manning 1 , Miss. In the year '9. Itaper and Drawley. O.P. 

Early XIX. Century. Kevolt in Tyrol. 

,, Interrupted wedding. Roper and Drorvley. O.P. 

Middle XIX. Century. Civil War: Hungary, 1848. 


Lytton, Lord. Pausanius the Spartan, c. 8vo. Routledge. 2s. 

V. Century, B.C. 

Becker, W. Charicles. p. 8vo. Longmans. Is. Gd. 

II. Century, B.C. 

Leslie, Emma. Glaucia. i. IGmo. R. 1. S. 3s. Gd. 

I. Century, A.D. Christianity at Athens. 


Henty, G. A. Young Carthaginian, c. 8vo. Blackie. 6s. 

III. Century, B.C. Days of Hannibal. 

Becker, W. Gallus. p. 8vo. Longmans. 7s. Gd. 

I. Century, B.C. Domestic life. 

Church, A. J. Two thousand years ago. c. 8vo. Blackie. illus. 6s. 

I. Century, B.C. Last days of the Republic. 

Westbury, H. Acte. c. 8vo. 6s. 

I. Century, A.D. The Home of Nero. 

Graham, J. W. Neaera. c. 8vo. Macmillan. 6s. 

I. Century, A.D. Times of Tiberius. 

Whyte-Melville, G. J. The gladiators, c. 8vo. Longmans. Is. 

I. Century, A.D. Rome and Jerusalem. 

Lytton, Lord. Last days of Pompeii, c. 8vo. Routledge. 2s. 

I. Century, A.D. 

Crake, A. D. Aemilius. Morvbray. 3s. Gd. 

Early III. Century. Decian and Valerian persecutions. 

Newman, J. H. Callista. Burns and Gates. 5s. Gd. 

Middle III. Century. Persecutions. 

Webb, Mrs. J. B. Martyrs of Carthage, c. 8vo. Ward. 3s. Gd. 

Middle III. Century. Persecutions. 

Crake, A. D. Evanus. Morvlray. 3s. Gd. 

Early IV. Century. Days of Constantino. 


Historical Novels (JllDK I'.OOK TO HOOK.-. Historical Novels 

Wiseman, Cardinal F;il>inl;i. f. s\-o. Jlurns and Oates. 

\ . (Vntury. The Catacombs. 

James, 0. I'. It. Attil.-i. f.Svo. AW//^////-. 2*. 

Late V. Century. Tin' Gaula. 
Collins, Wilkic. Antonina. <. Svo. ('hallo, illus. 3*. Gd. 

Middle VI. Century. Fall of Rom.-, I:*;. 
Lytton, Lord. Ricn/i. c. Svo. Rout It'll //'. 2*. 

Middle XIV. Century. 

Hood, G. P. J. The Roman students, i. Svo. Unrvin. 3*. Gd. 

Early XV. Century. Renaissance. 

Eliot, George. Roraola. f. 8vo. Xmlt/i, Kl<l<-r. 2x. <!'/. 

Late XV. Century. Savonarola, etc. 

Trollope, T. A. Catherine do Medici. O.P. 

XVI. Century. 

Frith, H. I'udrr l',;iy;inl's banner. Itoutli'iliji'. O.P. 

Middle XVI. Century. French Wars. 

Grant, J. The aide-de-camp, c. Svo. Routledge. 2s. 

Early XIX. Century. Campaign of Maida, 1806. 

Mademoiselle Mori. c. Svo. Longmans. 2x. M. 

Middle XIX. Century. Roman Revolution, 1848. 

Wallis, A. In troubled times, c. Svo. Sonnensckein. 2s. 

Middle XVI. Century. Duchess Margaret. 

Ebers, G. The burgomaster's wife. c. Svo. Macmillan. 4s. (iff. 

Late XVI. Century. Siege of Leyden, 1574. 

Walshe and Sargent. Within sea walls, i. IGmo. R. T. S. 2s. GJ. 

Late XVI. Century. Rise of the Republic. 

Henty, G. A. By pike and dyke. c. Svo. Blachie. Gs. 

Late XVI. Century. Rise of the Republic. 

,, By England's aid. c. Svo. Blaclde. 5s. 

Early XVI. Century. Freeing of the Netherlands. 

Bray, Mrs. White hoods. Chapman. 3*. itd. 

Late XVI. Century. Civil wars. 

Helps, A. Ivan de Biron. c. Svo. CJiatto. 3s. Gd. 

Middle XVIII. Century. Court life. 

Cobb, J. F. Story of the great Czar. S. P. C. K. \s. 

Early XVIII. Century. Peter the Great. 


Ag-uilar, G. Vale of cedars, c. Svo. Routledge. 5*. 

Late XV. Century. Expulsion of Jews from Spain, 11U2. 

Lytton, Lord. Leila, c. Svo. Routledge. 2s. 

Late XV. Century. Conquest of Granada. 

Burke, U. The Great Captain, c. Svo. S. P. C. K. 2*. 

Late XV. Century. Gonsalvo de Cordova. 

Cooper, Fenimore. Mercedes of Castile, c. Svo. Rjiitlofye. 3*. Gd. 

Late XV. Century. Columbus, etc. 

Hood, G. P. J. The Spanish brothers, c. Svo. Nelson. 4jt. 

Middle XVI. Century. Inquisition. 

Milman, E. A. The wayside cross, p. Svo. Murray. 2*. 

Middle XIX. Century. Carlist War, 1833. 

179 K 2 

Historical Novels GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS Historical Novels 

Whyte-Melville, G. J. Sarchedon. c. 8vo. Ward, Locli. 2s. 

2000 B.C. Assyria. 

Ebers, G. Uarda. 18mo. 2 vols. Low. 4s. 

1489 B.C. Egypt. 

Church and Seeley. The Hammer. 8vo. Seeley. illus. 5*. 

II. Century, B.C. Maccabean times. 

Church, A. J. Last days of Jerusalem. 8vo. Seeley. 3*. 6d. 

I. Century, A.D. Fall of Jerusalem. 

Henty, G. A. For the Temple, c. 8vo. Blacltie. 6s. 

I. Century, A.D. Fall of Jerusalem. 

Kingsley, C. Hypatia. c. 8vo. Macmillan. 3s. Gd. 

Early V. Century. Egypt. 

Manning, Miss. Harun al Easchid. Shaw. o.p. 

Late VIII. Century. Bagdad. 

Scott, W. Count Robert of Paris. SlacJt. illus. 3*. Gd. 

Late XI. Century. First Crusade. 

,, The Talisman. Bla.cli. illus. 3s. (id. 

Late XII. Century. Third Crusade. 

Holt, E. S. Lady Sybil's choice, c. 8vo. Shaw. 5s. 

Late XII. Century. Third Crusade. 

Edgar, J. G. Crusades and Crusaders, c. 8vo. Ward. 5*. 

Middle XIII. Century. Seventh Crusade. 

Everard, W. Sir Walter's ward. c. 8vo. Blaclile. illus. 3s. Gd. 

Middle XIII. Century. Seventh Crusade. 

Yonge, C. M. The prince and the page. gl. 8vo. MacmiUan. 4s. Gd. 

Late XIII. Century. Eighth Crusade. 

James, G. P. R. Bertrand de la croix. o.p. 

Early XVI. Century. Siege of Rhodes, 1522. 

Helps, A. Casimir Maremma. Chatto. O.P. 

XV. Century. Poland. 

Wallace, L. The fair God. c. 8vo. Warne. 2s. 

Early XVI. Century. Conquest of Mexico. 

Ingraham, J. H. Montezuma. O.P. 

Early XVI. Century. Conquest of Mexico. 

Ballantyne, R. M. The Cannibal Islands. 16mo. Nislet. illus. 1*. 

Late XVIII. Century. Captain Cook. 

Porter, Jane. Thaddeus of Warsaw, c. 8vo. Routledge. 2s. 

Late XVIII. Century. Poland, 1791. 

Kingston, W. H. G. The young Llanero. c. 8vo. Nelson. 4s. 

Early XIX. Century. War in Venezuela. 

Martineau, Harriet. The hour and the man. f. 8vo. Routledge. 2s. 

Early XIX. Century. Hayti. Toussaint L'Ouverture. 

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Late XIX. Century. Africa. 

Henty, G. A. By sheer pluck, c. 8vo. Blackie. illus. 5s. 

Late XIX. Century. Africa. Ashanti War. 


Bowen, H. Courthope. A descriptive catalogue of historical novels and 

tales, d. 8vo. Stanford. ]. Gd. 

Contains about 1,000 entries. 




See alxn tin' different countriet. 

Hegel, G. W. K. Philosophy of history. 'I'r. Sihrec. p. 8vo. Ht'll. 5*. 

Schlegel, V. Philosophy of history. Tr. p. 8vo. Hell. 3*. Gd. 

Montesquieu. Esprit des lois. 12mo. (I'n /!*). 2.x. Cxi. 

Buckle, H. 'I 1 . History of civilization, c. 8vo. 3 vols. Longmans. -I.-. 

Smith, Goldwin. Lectures on tho study of history. Hvo. James Parker 

(Oxford). i-'.v. M. 


Laurent,F. Ktudcs sin- 1'histoire del'humanit6. 8vo. 18 vols. (Brussels), K>2.v. 

Ranke, L. von. Weltj;eschichte. 8vo. G vols. (Leij)zin). 113*. 

Part i., Ancient and Greek, 2 vols., 18*. ; part ii., Roman Republic, 2 vols., 20*. ; part 
iii., Roman empire, 2 vols., 21*. ; part iv., Eastern empire, ill*. ; part v., Arabian supremacy 
and Charles the Great, 17*. ; part vi., Dissolution of the Carlovingian empire, extending to 
Charles the First, 17*. 

"Weber, G. Allgemeine Geschichte. 8vo. 20 vols. (Leipzig). 147*. 

Prevost-Paradol. Essai sur 1'histoire universelle. 12mo. 2 vols. (Paris). G$. 

JFreeman, E. A. General sketch of European history, (elem.). 18mo. 

Macmillan. 3s. (id. 

Universal history, ancient and modern. 8vo. GO vols. 1779-84. 




See also LIVE-STOCK. 

Youatt, W. Treatise on the horse. 8vo. Longmans. Is. 6d. 

Robertson, J. P. Equine medicine. 8vo. Bailliere. 21s. 

Day, \V. The horse : how to rear and breed him. 8vo. Bentley. 16s. 

Excellent in all matters relating to the breeding and rearing of thorough-bred horses. 

Fitzwygram, J. Horses and stables. 8vo. Longmans, illus. 5. 

Excellent book. 

Fleming, G. Practical horse keeper, p. 8vo. Cassell. Is. Gd. 

Armatage, G. Horse owner and stableman's companion, c. 8vo. Warne. 5*. 

Saunders, A. Our horses. 8vo. Low. Gs. 

Embraces several subjects. 

Sidney, S. Book of the horse. 4to. Cassell. 35*. 

Embraces all divisions and subjects. 


Horse GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. House, etc. 


Neville, G. Hiding. 8vo. Longmans. Gs. 

Anderson, E. L. Modern horsemanship. 8vo. Douglas. 21. 

Suitable for advanced horsemen only. 

, , How to ride and school a horse, p. 8vo. Douglas. 2s. Gd. 

Advanced and technical. 

Martinengo, Count. Function of the hands in riding. 8vo. Turnbull 
and Spears. 

Advanced and technical. 

Dwyer, F. Seats and saddles, p. 8vo. Wltittingham. 7s. Gd. 

Excellent book. 

Hayes, M. H. Riding on the flat and across country, p. 8vo. Thacher. 10s. Gd. 

Chiefly with reference to steeple-chasing. 


Beaufort, Duke of, and M. Morris. Hunting (" Badminton Library "). 

c. 8vo. Longmans. 10s. Gd. 

Beckford, P. Thoughts on hunting. 8vo. Toovey. 14s. 

Reprint of old book. 


Beaufort, Duke of, and others. Racing (" Badminton Library "). c. Svo. 

Longmans, illus. 10s. Gd. 

Chiefly historical. 

Day, W. Racehorse in training. Svo. Chapman. !>.v. 

Historical and anecdotal. 


Beaufort, Duke of. Driving (" Badminton Library "). c. Svo. Longmans. 

illus. 10*. Gd. 

Chiefly historical. 



See also NURSING. 

Oppert, F. Hospitals, infirmaries, and dispensaries, r. Svo. Churchill. 

illus. 12s. 

Construction, internal arrangement, and management. 

Nightingale, Florence. Notes on hospitals. 4to. Longmans. 18*. 

Burdett, H. C. Cottage hospitals, p. Svo. Churchill. 14*. 

General, fever, and convalescent. 

Thorne, T. Hospitals for infectious disease. Svo. Eyre, illus. 14*. Gd. 

10th Annual Report of Local Government Board, 1880 and 1881. 


The industrial arts. Historical sketches. 1. c. Svo. Chapman. 3s. 

South Kensington handbook. 

Garrett, R. and A. House decoration ("Art at Home" series). 12mo. 

Macmillan. illus. pub. 2s. Gd. O.P. 


House, etc. <;ril>K HOOK TO HOOKS. Hungary 

Richardson, ('. J. Studies fn.m <ild English mansions, lt<>. '.'> vols., 42*. 

each. Miii-lnin. |S(1. pub. 1'Jl'i.v. O.I'. 

Pollen, J. H. Ancient and inndcni furniture an<l woodwork. C. 8vo. 

{'hiijiii/nii. '2*. Cnl. 

Smith KciwiiiKton handbook. 

Shaw, II. Specimens til' ancient furniture. It". Holm. ls;j(;. pub. 42*. <>.r. 

Oruner, L. Fresco decoration. I'd. \Villix. pub. 1(58*. o.r. 

1 1 1 N c .- \RY, GEOGRAPHY, see AUSTRIA. 



Vambery, A. Hungary (' Story of the Nations "). c. 8vo. Unrein, ill us. ."... 

Patterson, A. The .Magyars: tlicir country and its institutions, c. 8vo. 
2 vols. tfmith, Kltler. pub. IS*. 

Sayous, E. Histoire des Hongrois et de lour litterature politiquc de 1790 & 
1815. 12mo. Alcan. 

Howath, I\I. Funf-und-z\vinzig Jahrc aus der Geschichte Ungarn. 8vo. 

2 vols. Brockhaus. 1 ">. 

Hunfalvy, P. Die Ungarn odcr Magyarcn. 8vo. (Vienna). \s. ('><}. 

Vilovsky, T. Die Serben im siidlichen Ungarn. 8vo. ( Vienna). ?>x. 

Schwicker, J. Die Zigeuner in Ungarn und Siebenburgen. 8vo. (Vienna'). Is. 

Stare, J. Die Kroaten. 8vo. ( Vienna). r.v. 

Slavic!, J. Die Rumanen in Ungarn und Siebenburgen. 8vo. (Vienna). \x. ('><'. 

Life of Francis Deak. 8vo. Macmillan. 12<f. <></. 

Kossuth, L. Memoirs of my exile. 8vo. Cassell. 10. (>(?. 


Czuczor and Fogorasi. A magyar ny61v sz6tara. G vols. (Pesth). 

The great dictionary of the Hungarian Academy. 

Bizonfy, F. English-Hungarian and Hungarian-English dictionary. 8vo. 

(Pesth). 13,v. M. 

A very (food and cheap dictionary. 

Singer, I. Hungarian grammar. 8vo. Triibner. is. Gfl. 


Toldy, F. A rnagyar nemzeti irodalom torte'nete. 12mo. (Buda PestJt). 5.v. 

Abbreviated history of literature. 

Salamon, F. Osszegyiijtott kisebb miivei (collected lesser works). 12mo. 

(Buda Pestli). 5s. i'xl. 

Literary critic. 

Erdelyi, J. Asthetikai elotanulmdnyok. 12mo. (Buda Pesth). 8s. 

Aesthetic dissertations and lectures. 

Beothy, Zs. A magyar nemzeti irodalom torte'neti ismertetese. 12mo. 

(Buda Pesth). 10*. 

Historical accounts of the national literature. 

Ferenczy, J. A magyar hirlapirodalom torte'nete. 8vo. (Buda Pesth). 10. 

History of the Hungarian press. 


Hungary GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Hydrostatics 

Arany, J. Toldi. 8vo. (PestJt). 7s. Gd. 

The great national modem epic. Innumerable editions. 

Petb'fi, S. Osszes koltemenyei (collected poems) 8vo. (Pest/i*). 5s. 6d. 

The Hungarian Burns. Innumerable editions. 

Kisfaludy, K. Valogatott munkai (selected works). 12mo. 2vols. (PestJt). 3s. Gd 

The great dramatist. 

Szigligeti, E. A mama (3-act comedy). 16mo. (Pestli~). Is. Gd. 

Jokai, M. Ujabb munkai (latest works). 16mo. 53 parts, Is. Gd. each. 

(Pesth). 79s. Gd. 

The great novelist : of European reputation. 

Mikszath. Munkai (works). (Pesth). 

Novelist ; suitable for girls. 


Jokai, M. The new landlord. Tr. Patterson, p. 8vo. 2 vols. Macmillan. 

pub. 21s. O.P. 

Nearly all Jokai's works are translated into German. 

,, Timar's two worlds. Tr. Mrs. Kennard. c. Svo. 3 vols. Blacltrvood. 25s. Gd. 
,, Le tapis vert. (Paris'). 

Adaptation by Ulbach of " Szabadsag a ho alatt." 

, , Le fils de 1'homme au coeur de pierre. 12mo. (Paris'). 3s. 

, , Hungarian sketches in peace and war. p. Svo. Hamilton. 3s. Gd. 

Vol. i. of " Constable's Miscellany." 

Petofi, S. Translations from, by Sir J. Bowring. 12mo. Trubner. 5s. 

Arany, J. Legend of the wondrous hunt. Tr. E. D. Butler, c. Svo. 

Zrubner. 2s. Gd. 

A good book for beginners, as the translation is literal, and the Hungarian text faces it. 


Kertbeny, K. M. A magyar nemzeti 6s nemzetkozi irodalom Konyveszete. 
(Suda Pestli). 

PERIODICALS : Ungarieche Revue (literary) ; Sudapesti Szemle (political, critical, etc.). 



De Voisins. Hydraulics. Tr. Bennett. Van Nostrand. 

Downing, S. Practical hydraulics. Svo. Longmans, illus. 5s. 6d. 

Bresse, J. A. C. Waterwheels or hydraulic motors. Tr. Mahan. Svo. Span. 10s. Gd. 

Cullen, W. Turbines. 4to. Spon. 12s. Gd. 

Bodmer, G. R. Hydraulic motors, c. Svo. Wliittaker. illus. 14*. 

Harcourt, L. F. Rivers and canals, d. Svo. 2 vols. Clar. Press, illus. 21s. 

, , Harbours and docks, d. Svo. 2 vols. Clar. Press, illus. 25s. 

Jeans, F. S. Waterways and water transport in different countries. Svo. 

Span, illus. 14*. 

Allen, J. R. Design and construction of dock walls, r. Svo. Spon. 6s. 



Hygiene < .TIM] I!<)()K TO BOOKS. Iceland 


Wilson, G Hygiene and sanitary science, c. 8vo. Churchill, illus. lOr. (id. 

Corfield, W. Health, c. 8vo. Paul. to. 

I i' with !"!-< >ii.l health. 

Book of health. Ed. M. Morris, r. 8vo. Cassell. 21*. 

Very comprehensive. 

Parkes, E. A. Practical hygiene. Ed. F. de Chaumont. m. 8vo. 

Churchill, illus. 18*. 

Wilson, G. Healthy life and healthy dwellings, f. 8vo. Churchill. 5*. 

Murphy, S. Our homes, and how to make them healthy, r. 8vo. Cassell. 15*. 

Teale, T. P. Dangers to health, d. Svo. Churchill, illus. 10*. 

A pictorial guide to domestic sanitary defects. 

Vacher, F. Defects in plumbing and drainage work. Jleywood. illus. 1*. 

Latham, B. Sanitary engineering. Svo. Span. pub. 30*. O.P. 

A guide to the construction of sewerage and house drainage. 

Farquharson, B. School hygiene and diseases, c. Svo. Smith, Elder. Is. Gd. 

Hime, T. W. Public health. Bailllere. 5*. 

Handy reference to Public Health Acts. 

Guy, W. A. Public health, p. 8vo. Rensharv. 5s. 

A popular introduction to sanitary science. 

Parkes, L. C. Hygiene and public health, c. Svo. If. K. Lewis, illus. 9*. 

Simon, J. English sanitary institutions, d. Svo. Cassell. 18*. 

Richardson, B. W. National health (abridged from Chadwick's " Health 

of nations "). c Svo. Longmans. 4*. Gd. 

Boulnois, H. P. Municipal and sanitary engineer's handbook, d. Svo. Span. 12s. Gd. 

Hughes, S. Waterworks for the supply of towns. 12mo. Locltrcood. 3,*. 

Chaumont, F. de. Lectures on state medicine, d. Svo. Smith, Elder. 10*. Gd. 

Newsholme, A. Elements of vital statistics, p. Svo. Sonncnschein. Is. Gd. 

Farr, W. Vital statistics. Ed. Humphry. Svo. Stanford. 30*. 

Mass of information from Census. 

OFFICIAL PUBLICATION : Registrar-General's Returns (Annual). Eyre. 




Lock, W. G. Guide to Iceland. Svo. (Hertford). 

Published by the author. 

Burton, R. F. Ultima Thule ; a summer in Iceland. Svo. 2 vols. Nimmo. 32*. 

Lock, C. G. W. Home of the Eddas. Ed. C. C. Neve Foster. Svo. 

Low. pub. 16*. O.P. 

With a chapter on the Sprengisandr. 


Iceland GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Iceland 

Coles, J. Summer travelling in Iceland. 8vo. Murray. 18s. 

Dufierin, Lord. Letters from high latitudes, f. 8vo. Murray. Is. GcL 



Wimmer, L. T. A. Fornnordisk formlara. 8vo. (Lund). :\x. (\ti. 

Noreen, A. Altislandische Grammatik. 8vo. (Halle). 4s. 

Cleasby and Vigfusson. Icelandic-English dictionary. 4to. Clar. Press. <>"*. 

Egilsson, S. Lexicon poeticum antiquae linguae septentrionalis. 4to. 

(Hafniae). pub. 84s. o.r. 

Fritzner, J. Ordbog. 8vo. (Christianid). 

New edition in progress ; 18 parts issued, 2s. Gd. each. 


Edda Sfemundar fr6'$a. Ed. Sophus Bugge. 8vo. (Christiania). IGs. 

,, Snorra Ktmiusonar. 8vo. 3 vols. (Hafniae). 

Vol. i., O.P. ; vol. ii., 9s. ; vol. iii., "is. Gd. 

Islandske Annaler indtil 1578. Ed. G. Storm. 8vo. (Christ iania). l(>.s-. Gd.. 

Egils saga Skallagrimssonar. Ed. F. J6nsson. 8vo. ^Copenhagen). 11*.. 

Eyrbyggja saga. Ed. G. Vigfusson. 8vo. (Leipzig). Gx. 

Gfsla saga Surssonar. Ed. K. Gislason. 8vo. (Copenhagen). 18-19. 4s. Gd. 
Grettis saga. 8vo. 2 vols. ( Copenhagen). 

Vol. i., O.P. ; vol. ii., 4s. Grf. 

Gunnlaugs saga Ormstungu. Ed. E. Mogk. 12mo. (Halle). 1*. Gd. 

This, out of many editions, is easiest to obtain. 

Snorri Sturluson. Heimskringla. Ed. C. R. Unger. 8vo. (Christ iania). 

pub. 10s. O.P, 

Ari the learned. Landniimabok, with Islenclingabok. Ed. J. Sigur'Ssson. 
8vo. (Copenhagen). 1843. 

Laxdcela saga. Ed. K. Kalund. 8vo. (Copenhagen}. 

In progress, 2 parts issued, 13. 

Orkneyinga saga. Ed. G. Vigfusson. 8vo. (London). 

Sturltmga saga. Ed. G. Vigfusson. Svo. 2 vols. Clar. Preum. 4 s. 

Njals saga. Ed. K. Gislason. Svo. 2 vols. (Copenhagen). 

J6nsson, Karl. Sverris saga. Ed. C. R. Unger. 8vo. (Christ iania). 

Hakonar saga Gamla. Ed. G. Vigfusson. Svo. (London). 

Homilubdk. Ed. T. Wis&i. 4to. (Lund). 12s. 

Stj6rn. Gubernatis mundi. Ed. C. R. Unger. Svo. (Christiania). 15.s\ 

Gragas (ancient laws of Iceland). Ed. V. Finsen. 8vo. 5 vols. (Copenhagen). 17s. Gd. 

Espolin, J. Islands arbcekr. 4to. 12 vols. (Copenhagen). 1821-55. 

Vols. i.-ix., O.P. ; vol. x., 2s. Gd. ; vol. xi., Ss . fd. ; vol. xii., Ss. Gd. 

J6nsson, F. Historia ecclesiastica Islandiae (to 1740). 4to. 4 vols. 

(Havnaie). 1722-8. o.r 

Safn til sog\i Islands. Svo: 2 vols. (Copenhagen). !>.v. 

In progress. 

Diplomatarium Islandicum. Svo. (Copenhagen). 

One volume issued 187C ; in progress. 


Iceland <.T I UK BOOK TO BOOKS. India 

Islenzkar J>j<YSs(".gtir og aefinty'ri. Ed. J. Arnason. 8vo. 2 vols. (Leipz'nj). 
Vigiusson and 1'ov.cll. ( rpiiH poeticum boreale. d. 8vo. 2 vols. C'lar. 

J'rcxa. 42*. 

Biskupa, So^ur. Nvo. 2 vols. Copenhagen. 

BiiiuciijiiAi'iiY. A "Guide-hook to Books" Bibliography of Icelandic literature, l>y 
Kirikr MagnUMon, in preparation, (t'roictle). 

IcoxtxjijAi'iiY, CHEISTIAN, see ART V. 


Murray's Handbooks to India, p. 8vo. 4 vols. Murray. x. 

Bengal, North- West Provinces and Burmali, 20. ; Punjab, Kashmir, etc., 15. ; Bombay, 
l.V ; Madras, lot. 

Hints to travellers in India, f. Hvo. II'. //. Allen. Is. 

Reclus, E. Universal geography ; vol. viii. i. 8vo. Virtue. Is. 

Smith, G. Political and physical geography of British India, p. 8vo. 

Murray, illus. 7s. (id. 

The best text-book. 

Strachey, J. India, d. 8vo. Paul. IZs. 

Contains full details as to administration. 

Blanford, H. F. Guide to the climates and weather of India, Ceylon, and 

Burma ; and the storms of the Indian seas. 8vo. Macmillan. 12s. Cxi. 

Ball, V. Jungle life in India. 8vo. De la Hue. pub. 25s. O.P. 

The journeys and journals of an Indian geologist. 

Ross, D. Land of the Five Eivers, and Sindh. 8vo. Chapman. 12s. 

Drew, J. The Jummoo and Kashmir territories. 8vo. Stanford. Maps 

and illus. 42.?. 

Cooper, T. T. The Mishmee Hills, p. 8vo. IT. & King. 7*. 6d. 

Account of an attempted journey to Thibet from Assam. 

Logan, W. Malabar. 2 vols. Gov. Press (Madras). 

Marshall, W. E. A phrenologist amongst the Todas of South India. 8vo. 

Longmans, illus. pub. 21s. O.P. 

Wallace, R. India in 1887 (agriculture). 8vo. Simphin. illus. 21s. 

Deals mainly with native agriculture and native breeds of cattle, and other farm live-stock. 

Nicholson, E. Indian snakes. 8vo. (Madras). 14s. 

Gunther, A. C. Reptiles of British India, fo. (Hay Society). 63s. 

Fayrer, J. Thanatophidia of India, fo. (London). 147s. 

Moore, W. J. Manual of family medicine for India, p. 8vo. Churchill. 

illus. 12s. 

Hunter, W. W. Imperial gazetteer of India. 8vo. 14 vols. Trubner. 63s. 

There are separate official gazetteers for most of the provinces. The fullest information 
is given on all the tributary states and dependencies of India. Under the article " India " 
will be found a complete account of the country in all its aspects. The article forms one 
volume, and can be had separately. 

Reports of the survey of India are published annually, and abound in information for tho 




Hunter, W. W. Brief history of the Indian people, c. 8vo. Triibner. 3s. Gd. 

Elphinstone, M. History of India to 1761. Svo. Murray. 18.. 

An account of the native states. 

Owen, S. J. India on the eve of the British conquest, p. 8vo. Allen. 8s. 

A lively account of the circumstances which led to English intervention. 

Malleson, G. B. The French in India (1674-1761). r. 8vo. Longmans. 

pub. 16*. O.P. 

Mill, Jas. History of British India to 1805. c. 8vo. 9 vols. Allen. 50s. 

Vols. vii., viii., ix., contain a continuation by H. H. Wilson (1805-1885). 

Strachey, J. India, d. 8vo. Paul. 15$. 

Trotter, L. J. History of the British Empire in India (1844-62). d. Svo. 

2 vols. Allen. 30s. 

Kaye, J. W. History of the Sepoy war. d. Svo. 3 vols. Allen. 58s. 

Vol. i., 18*. ; vol. ii., 20*. ; vol. iii., 20*. 

Malleson, G. B. History of the Indian Mutiny. Svo. 3 vols. Allen. 60s. 

Xiyall, A. C. Asiatic studies. Svo. Murray. 12s. 

Illustrative of Hindoo thought. 

Trotter, L. J. Warren Hastings, c. Svo. W. H. Allen. 9s. 

,, Life of Lord Dalhousie ("Statesmen" ser.). c. Svo. W. H. 
Allen. 2s. 6<7. 

Smith, R. Bosworth. Life of Lord Lawrence, c. Svo. 2 vols. Smith, Elder. 21s. 


See also SANSKRIT and PALI. 


Kellogg, S. H. Grammar of the Hindi language. Svo. (Allahabad}. 21s. 

Platts, J. T. Grammar of the Hindustani or Urdu language. Svo. Allen. 12s. 

,, Urdu, Hindi, and English dictionary, sup. r. Svo. Allen. 63s. 


Pope, G. U. First lessons in Tamil. 12mo. Clar. Press. 7s. Qd. 

,, Tamil handbook (3 parts). Svo. W.H.Allen. 12s. 6^?. 

Part iii. contains Tamil-English and English-Tamil dictionary. 

,, Sacred " Kurral of Tiruvalluva Nayanar." Svo. W. H. Allen. 24s. 

Deals with the higher grammar ; contains lexicon. 


The beginner should take Arden's Grammar, then Campbell's. Brown's Telugu Reader 
is essential, his Telugu Dictionary and Mixed Dialects Dictionary are useful, but 
absolutely unscientific. 

Arden, A. H. Progressive grammar of the Telugu language, r. Svo. 

Triibner. 18s. 

Campbell, A. D. Grammar. 4to. Dulau. 1820. 21s. 

Very good. 

Brown, C. P. Grammar of the Telugu language. Svo. W. H. Allen. 21s. 

Contains a mass of quite priceless information. 

,, Telugu-English, English-TelugU dictionary, r. Svo. 3 vols. in 2. 

W. H. Allen. 100s. 


India <; TIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Indian, etc. 

Vemana (with translation). Ed. C. P. Brown. 8vo. (Madras). 1820. o.P. 

Moat useful. 

Brown, C. I'. Dictionary of mix^l ilial'-cts and foreign -words used in 

Trln^ii. 8vo. (Madras). 12*. 

,, Teloogoo reader. 8vo. 2 vols. Allen. lit. 


Anglo- Indian codes. Ed. Whitley Stokes, d. 8vo. 2 vols. and supp. Clar. 

J'n'xx. 67*. Gd. 

Vol. i., SOt. : vol. ii., 85. ; Supplement, 2. (W. 

Indian penal code. Ed. J. D. Mayne. d. 8vo. (Madras). 30s. 

,, Ed. Morgan and Macpherson. (Calcutta). O.P. 

Collett, C. Comments on the Indian penal code. 
Macaulay, T. B. Notes on the Indian penal code. c. 8vo. Longmans. 

In vol. vii. of collected works, 8 vols., 48*. 

Mayne, J. D. Hindu law and usage. 8vo. Stevens. 32s. 

Macnaghten, W. Hindoo and Mohammedan law. Ed. Wilson. 8vo, 

William.*. 6*. 

Hindu law books. Ed. Whitley Stokes. 4to. (Madras'). O.P. 

Translated from Sanskrit. 

Rumsey, A. Moohummudan law of inheritance. 8vo. Allen. 12s. 

Indian evidence act. Ed. J. F. Stephen. 8vo. Macmillan. pub. 12s. Gd. O.P. 

With introduction on principles of judicial evidence. 




Keane, A. H. Eastern geography (with map), c. 8vo. Stanford. 5s. 

Malay Peninsula, Indo-China, Eastern Archipelago, Philippines, New Guinea. 

St. John, H. The Indian Archipelago, p. 8vo. 2 vols. Longmans, pub. 

21*. O.P. 

Rosenberg, C. B. H. von. Der malayische Archipel ; with preface by Prof < 

Veth. r. 8vo. Wei-gel. 18s. 

Crawford, J. History of the Indian Archipelago. 8vo. 3 vols. Allen. 

1820. pub. 52s. 6d. O.P. 

,, Indian islands and adjacent countries. 8vo. Bradbury. 16s. 

Descriptive dictionary. 

Guillemard, F. H. Cruise of the " Marchesa." 8vo. Murray, illus. 21s. 

Important for the Loochoo and Sooloo islands. 

Wallace, A. R. The Malay Archipelago, p. 8vo. Macmillan. 6s. 

Forbes, H. 0. Naturalist's wanderings in the Eastern Archipelago. 8vo. 

Lore. 21s. 

Findlay, A. G. Directory for the navigation of the Indian Archipelago. 

r. 8vo. II. H. Laurie. 28s. 


Pike, N. Sub-tropical rambles. 8vo. Lorn. 18*. 


Indian, etc. GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Industries 

Bell, H. C. P. Maldive Islands, fo. Triihner. 10s. Gd. 


Marsden, W. History of Sumatra. 4to. (London). 1783. O.P. 


Jacob, Gertrude L. Sir J. Brooke (Raja of Sarawak). 8vo. 2 vols. Mac- 

millan. 25s. 

St. John, S. Life in the forests of the far east. 8vo. 2 vols. Smith, 

Elder, illus. pub. 32s. O.P. 

Chiefly Borneo. 

Burbidg-e, F. W. Gardens of the sun. c. 8vo. Murray, illus, 14s. 

A naturalist's journal of travels in Borneo and the Sulu Archipelago. 

Hatton, J. The new Ceylon, c. 8vo. Chapman. Gs. 

North Borneo or Sabah. From official and other exclusive sources of information. 

Handbook of British North Borneo, c. 8vo. domes. 2s. Gd. 


Veth, P. J. Java : geographisch-ethnologisch-historisch. 8vo. 3 vols. 

(Haarleni). 55s. 

Raffles, T. S. History of Java. 8vo. 2 vols. Murray, illus. pub. 28s. O.P. 


Hickson, S. J. Naturalist in north Celebes. 8vo. Murray, illus. 16s. 

Narrative of travels in Minahassa, the Sangir, and Talant Islands ; with notes on the fauna, 
flora, and ethnology. 


Bowring, J. A visit to the Philippine islands. 8vo. Smith, Elder, pub. 

18s. O.P. 

Jagor, F. Travels in the Philippines. Tr. 8vo. Chapman, illus. 16s. 

Montano, J. Voyage aux Philippines et en Malaisie. 12mo. Hacliette. 3s. Gd. 

Guerra, J. A. Viages por Filipinas. 8vo. (Madrid). ' 9s. 


Colonies de 1'ocean indien. Ed. L. Henrique. 12mo. Quantin. 3s. Gd. 

Vol. i. of " Les colonies fra^aises." 



For industries not mentioned here, see under their respective heads. 


Industries (Jl'IDI-: IJHOK TO BOOKS. Industries 


Bevan, I'. British mannfaotxirlng ludoctrlet. lUmo. 12 \ni>., :j.<. <;.-/. each. 


South Kensington handbooks. 

Encyclopaedia of in<lustri;il arts and manufactures. Ed. C. G. W. Lock. 

r. Svo. 12 vols. ,Syj<;//. 70*. 

Yeats,.!. Technical, indusl rial, and trade education. Hvo. 4 vols., d..-. 

each. I'liUi/i. 12!.v. 

Vol. i., Natural history of the raw materials of commerce ; vol. ii., Technical history of 
commerce ; vol. Hi., Growth and vicissitudes of commerce in all ages ; vol. iv., Recent and 
tintf I'omnifnv, with ctiitistical supplement, maps showing trade-ureas, and tuliui 
i if places important in business or trade. The completest text-book of what is known as 
y, but in some respects behind date. 


Lomas, J. Manual of the alkali trade, r. Svo. Locltwood. 52.?. <>rf. 

Lunge, G. Manufacture of sulphuric acid and alkali. 8vo. 3 vols. 

(iiiriH-i/. Jt(>.v. 

Vol. i., 86*. ; vol. ii., 36. ; vol. iii., 21*. 


Hill and Yeoman. Boot and shoe manufacture, d. 8vo. (9, St. Brldt'*- 

avenue, E.G.). 4. 

Hannibal, A. Last iitting and pattern cutting, d. 8vo. (9, St. Jiride'a- 

avenue, E.G.). 3*. 


Jago, W. Wheat, flour, and bread-making, etc. Maclaren (Glasgow). 12.. Cxi. 

,, Chemistry of wheat flour and bread : bread-making, etc. SlnijiJiln. I2.t. Cnl. 


Hooper, E. G. Brewing, scientific and technical, p. Hvo. Sheppard. Is. Gd. 


Glasgow, D. Watch and clock-making. 12mo. Cassell. 4s. &d. 

Saunier, C. Modern horology. Tr. Tripplin and Rigg. p. 8vo. Lockn-ood. Qg. 


Thrupp, G. A. History of coach-building. 8vo. Kerly and End-fan, illus. (.?. 

Philipson, J. Coach body making. Kemp, illus. 4,v. 

Foggett, J. S. Wheel-making. Kemp, illus. 2s. Cxi. 


Lunge, G. Distillation of coal-tar and ammoniacal liquors. 8vo. Gurney. 31,?. &d. 
Mills, E. J. Destructive distillation, d. 8vo. Gurney. illus. 4.. 

Elnecht, E. Chemistry of coal tar colours, sm. p. 8vo. Bell. 6s. Gd. 


Gore, G. Electro-chemistry, d. 8vo. "Electrician" Pub. Co. 2.v. 

Watt, A. Electro-metallurgy practically treated, c. 8vo. Loclinood. 3,. Gd. 

Gore, G. Art of electro-metallurgy, c. 8vo. Longmans, illus. 6*. 


Industries GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Intemperance 

Urquhart, J. W. Electro-plating, c. 8vo. Locltrcood. 

,, Electro-typing, c. 8vo. Loclvmood. 5*. 

Watt, A. Electro-deposition, c. 8vo. LockmooA. 12s. Gd. 

X. GAS : 

Richards, W. Gas manufacture, d. 8vo. Span, illus. 

Newbigging, T. Handbook for gas engineers, f. 4to. King, illus. 15s. 

Powell and Chance. Principles of glass-making, sm. p. 8vo. Bell. 


Watt, A. Art of leather manufacture, p. 8vo. Lochreood. 
Proctor, H. Handbook of tanning, c. 8vo. Span. 


Cameron, J. Oils and varnishes, p. 8vo. Churchill. 


Cross and Bevan. Paper-making, c. 8vo. Span. 

Hofmann, C. Manufacture of paper. 8vo. Lorn. 73s. Gd. 


Hellyer, S. S. The plumber, r. 8vo. Batsford. illus. 10a. Gd. 

Davies, P. J. Standard practical plumbing, r. 8vo. Sptm. 
Maguire, W. R. Domestic sanitary drainage and plumbing. 8vo. Paul. 

Bale, M. P. Saw mills, c. 8vo. Locliwood. 10s. Gd. 


Cameron, J. Soaps and candles, c. 8vo. Churchill, illus. 

Carpenter, W. Soaps, candles, and lubricants, c. 8vo. SJM>H. 10s. G^. 

Watt, A. Art of soap-making, p. 8vo. Lochnood. 





International GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Ireland 





See ENGLAND, for books relating to England also. 

Baddeley and Ward. " Thorough Guide " series. 12mo. 2 parts. Dulau. 9*. 

Part i., North, 4. ; part ji., East, West, and South, 5. 

Hall, Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Ireland ; its scenery, character, etc. r. 8vo. 3 vols. 

How. illus. O.P. 

Vol. i., ii., pub. 25. each ; vol. iii., 80. 


O'Curry, E. Manners and customs of the ancient Irish. 8vo. 3 vols. 

Williams. 30*. 

Lawless, Emily. Ireland, c. 8vo. Unrein, illus. 5*. 

Richey, A. G. Short history of the Irish people to 1608. Ed. R. R. Kane. 

8vo. Hodges. 14. 

The best account of the period. 

Bagrwell, R. Ireland under the Tudors. 8vo. 3 vols. Longmans. 50*. 

Vol. i., ii., 32*. ; vol. iii., 18. 

Froude, J. A. The English in Ireland, c. 8vo. 3 vols. Longmans. 18*. 

To be compared with the chapters on Ireland in Lecky's " History of the 18th Century." 

Ball, J. T. Historical review of the legislative system in Ireland (1172-1800). 

8vo. Longmans. 6s. 

Hassencamp, R. History of Ireland (1530-1800). Tr. E. A. Robinson. 8vo 

Sonnenseliein. Qs. 

Gives a German view of Irish history. 

Lecky, W. E. H. Leaders of public opinion in Ireland, p. 8vo. Longmans. 

pub. 7s. 6d. o.P. 

Two centuries of Irish history. 1689-1870. Ed. J. Bryce. 8vo. Paul. IGs. 


In this list the grammars and texts are arranged in the order of a course of mediaeval Irish 
study. For old Irish the same grammars have to serve, and for texts Goidelica (ed. 
Stokes), and Codice Irlandete (ed. Ascoli) ; see below. 

Windisch, E. Short Irish grammar, (elem.). Tr. Dr. Norman Moore. 

c. 8vo. Pitt Press. 7s. Qa. 

Stokes, Whitley. Celtic declension, (elem.). (Gottingeri). 

Zeuss, J. C. Grammatica Celtica. Ed. Ebel. r. 8vo. (Berlin). 30*. 

Windisch, E. Irische Texte ; mit Worterbuch. 8vo. (Leipzig). 24*. 

Zimmer, H. Keltische Studien. 8vo. 2 vols. {Berlin'). 9s. 
Irische Texte ; mit Uebersetzungen und Worterbuch (2nd series, parts i. 

and ii.). Ed. W. Stokes and E. Windisch. 8vo. (Leipzig). 11*. 

Tripartite life of St. Patrick. Ed. W. Stokes, r. 8vo. Rolls Series. 10*. 

All Stokes' Irish texts are accompanied with translations into English, notes, explanations, 
and indices. 

193 o 


Lives of saints from the Book of Lismore. Ed. Stokes, c. 4to. Clar. Press. 31*. Gd. 

" Anecdota Oxoniensia ; " series " Mediaeval and modern ; " part v. 

Three Irish Glossaries (including Cormac's). Ed. Stokes. 8vo. Williams. 10*. Gd. 

Alsoatranslationof CormacbyO'Donovan. Ed. Stokes. (Calcutta). Has more interest than 
an ordinary glossary, as it contains very curious archteological and mythical articles. 

Passions and Homilies from Leabhar Breac. Ed. R. Atkinson. 8vo. 

Royal Irish Academy. 30,s\ 

Todd's lecture series : vol. ii. Text, translation, and glossary. 

Joyce, P. W. Old Celtic romances, p. 8vo. Paul. pub. 7*. Gd. o.P. 

Leabhar na h-Uidhre. (Book of the Dun), fo. Hodges. 63*. 

Lithographed facsimile of the oldest Irish MS. of any considerable size. 

Goidelica. Ed. W. Stokes, m. 8vo. Trubner. 18*. 

Codice Irlandese dell' Ambrosiana. Ed. Ascoli. 8vo. (Rome"). 

Vol. v., vi., of the Archivio Glottologico Italiano ; issued in parts, about 10s: each. 




Percy, J. Iron and steel. 8vo. Murray. 30*. 

Greenwood, W. H. Steel and iron. 12mo. Cassell. 

Howe, H. Metallurgy of steel, sin. fo. Low. 52*. Gd. 

An elaborate treatise of much value. 


Practical iron founding. Whittaker. 

Bell, J. H. Manufacture of iron and steel. Routledge, 21,?. 

Of special interest to blast furnace managers, and to others engaged in the production of pig 

Millis, C. T. Metal plate work. c. 8vo. Span. !). 

PERIODICAL : Journal of the Iron and Steel Institute (London). 




Murray's Handbook for Italy, p. 8vo. 3 vols. Murray. 

North Italy, 10*. ; Central Italy (2 parts), 108. ; South Italy and Sicily, 12. 

Baedeker's Handbook for Italy. 12mo. 3 vols. Dulau. 18*. 

North Italy, 6s. ; Central Italy, 6s. South Italy, 6s. 

Lobley, J. Logan. Vesuvius. 8vo. Stanford. 

Rodwell, G. F. Etna. p. 8vo. Paul. 9*- 

Lund, T. W. M. Como, and Italian lake-land, p. 8vo. Allen, illus. 10*. Gd. 

Beauclerk, W. N. Rural Italy. 8vo. Bentley. 9*. 

Account of the present agricultural condition of the kingdom. 

Symonds, J. A. Sketches and studies in Italy, p. 8vo. Smith, Elder. 1C*. Gd. 




Martha, J. Mimm 1 < I'urch6ologio 6ttusquo et roinaiiic. 8vo. (Parti) 3*. M. 

Dennis, G. Etruria. 8vo. 2 vuls. Murray. 21* 

Buskin, J. Mornings in Florence. 12in<>. <; purts, in,/, cadi. (i. Allen. .".,-. 

Studies of Santa Croce, the Spanish Chapel, and Giotto's Campanile. 

Oliphant, -Airs. Makers of Florence, c. 8vo. Macndllan. 10*. Gd. 

Lemesurier, E. A. Genoa ; her history, as told in her monuments. 

(Genoa'). Gd. 

Dyer, T. II. Pompeii ; its history, buildings, and antiquities, p. 8vo. Sell 

(Bohii,). illus. Is. Gd. 

An excellent description up to date of publication (1808). 

Burn, R. Rome and the Campagna. 4to. DeigJiton, Bell, illus. 2ls. 

Middleton. Ancient Rome in 1889. p. 8vo. Slack. 21s. 

Buskin, J. St. Mark's rest. 12mo. 6 parts, Is. each. G. Allen. 6s. 

History of Venice from her monuments. 

Oliphant, Mrs. Makers of Venice, c. 8vo. Macmillan. 10*. Gd. 

Buskin, J. Guide to the principal pictures in the Academy of Fine Arts, 

Venice. 8vo. G. Allen. Is. 


Quinet, E. Les revolutions d'ltalie. 8vo. 2 vols. (Paris'). 12s. 

An interesting general sketch of the tendencies of Italian history. 

Leo, H. Geschichte der italienischen Staaten. 8vo. 5 vols. (Hamburg'). 

1829-32. 38*. 

The best general history in reasonable compass. 

Balzani, U. Early chronicles of Italy, c. 8vo. S. P. C. K. is. 

An account of the authorities to 1300. 

Milman, II. History of Latin Christianity to 1450. c. 8vo. 9 vols., is. each. 

Murray. 36s. 

Guicciardini, F. Storia d' Italia. 12mo. 4 vols. (Milan). 6*. 

Hodgkin, T. Italy and her invaders (37G-553). d. 8vo. 4 vols. Clar. Press. 

illus. 68*. 

Vols. i., ii., 82. ; vols. iii., iv., 86. 

Sismondi, J. C. The Italian republics, c. 8vo. Longmans. 3s. Gd. 

A brief text-book. 

,, Les r6publiques italiennes du moyen a"ge (to 1748). 8vo.' 10 vols. 

(Paris). 1840. pub. 90s. O.P 

Delarc, 0. Les Normands en Italic. 8vo. (Paris'). 10*. 

Amari, M. Storia dei Mussulman! di Sicilia. 8vo. (Milan'). 32*. 

,, La guerra del Vespro Siciliano. 12mo. 2 vols. (Milan). Ss. 

Cipolla. Storia delle Signorie Italiane (1313-1530). 8vo. (Milan). 40*. 

A mine of accurate information for a complicated period. 

Bicotti, E. Storia delle Compagnie de Ventura. 12mo. 4 vols. (Turin"). 10*. 

An account of the military adventurers and their fortunes. 

Temple-Leader and Marcotti. Sir John Hawkwood. 4to. Unrein, illus. 21*. 

Life of an English adventurer in Italy, XIV. Century. 

Creighton, M. History of the Papacy during the Reformation (1370-1518). 
8vo. 4 vols. Longmans. 

Vols. i., ii. (1378-14C4), 32s. ; vols. iii., iv. (1164-1518), Us. 

195 o 2 


Ranke, L. von. The Popes of Rome. Tr. 8vo. 3 vols. Murray, pub. 30s. O.P. 

Also Bell (Bohn). 8 vols., Ss. Gd. each. The Papacy from 1520 to 1830. 

Machiavelli, N. History of Florence to 1492. Tr. c. 8vo. Sell (Bohn). 5s. 

Capponi, G. Storia della Republica di Firenze. sm. 8vo. 3 vols. (Florence). 12,<. 

Boscoe, W. Life of Lorenzo de Medici, c. 8vo. Sell (Bohn). 3s. Gd. 

Life of Pope Leo X. c. 8vo. 2 vols. Sell (Bohn). 3s. &d. 

Burckhardt, J. Civilization of the period of the Renaissance in Italy. 

Tr. 8vo. 2 vols. Paul. 24*. 

An admirable study of the social and artistic life of the period. 

Symonds, J. A. Renaissance in Italy, d. 8vo. 7 vols. Smith, Elder. 112s. 

Vol. i., Age of the despots, 16. ; vol. ii., Bevival of learning, 16. ; vol. iii., Fine arts, 
16. ; vola. iv., v., Italian literature, 82*. ; vols. vi., vii., Catholic reaction, 32. A survey of 
politics and literature in connection with one another. 

Villari, P. Life of Machiavelli. Tr. L. Villari. p. 8vo. 2 vols. Paul. 24s. 

Napier, H. E. Florentine history to 1815. p. 8vo. G vols. Moxon. O.P. 

Hazlitt, W. Carew. History of the Venetian Republic to 1469. d. 8vo. 

4 vols. Smith, Elder, pub. 56*. O.P. 

Yriarte, C. La vie d'un patricien de Venise. r. 8vo. (Paris), illus. 30*. 

Exemplifies the working of Venetian institutions in a typical life. 

, , Venice : its history, art, and life. Tr. F. J. Sitwell. f o. Bell, illus. 63s. 

Brown, H. F. Venetian studies, p. 8vo. Paul. Is. Gd. 

Excellent sketches of the most important epochs. 

Yriarte, C. Rimini, fo. (Paris"), illus. 30s. 

Contains a history of the Malatesta lords. 

Denistoun, J. Memoirs of the dukes of Urbino (1440- 1630.) 8vo. 3 vols. 

Longmans. 1850. pub. 21s. O.P. 

Bent, J. T. Genoa : how the republic rose and fell. 8vo. Paul, illus. 18s. 

Gregorovius, F. Geschichte der Stadt Rom. 8vo. 8 vols. (Stuttgart). 90s. 

Brosch, M. Geschichte des Kirchenstaates. 8vo. (Gotlia). 8*. Gd. 

Hiibner, Baron. Life and times of Pope Sixtus V. Tr. 8vo. 2 vols. 

Longmans, pub. 24s. O.P. 

Reumont, A. von. Geschichte Toscanas. 8vo. 2 vols. (Gotlia). 27s. 

Colletta, P. History of the kingdom of Naples (1734-1825). Tr. 8vo. 

2 vols. (Edinburgh). 24s. 

Freeman, E. A. History of Sicily from the earliest times, d. 8vo. 

2 vols. Clar Press. 42s. 

Vol. i., The native nations : vol. ii., Beginning of Greek settlement to beginning of Athenian 

Cantu, C. Storia di cento anni (1750-1850). 12mo. 3 vols. (Florence). 12s. 

Mazade, C. de. Life of Count Cavour. Tr. 8vo. Chapman. 16s. 

Godkin, G. S. Life of Victor Emmanuel, c. 8vo. 2 vols. Macmillan. IGs. 

Autobiography of G. Garibaldi. Tr. A. Werner. 8vo. 3 vols. Smith 

and limes. 31s. Gd. 

Mazzini. Life and writings. Ed. Mine. Venturi. p. 8vo. 6 vols., 9s. each. 

Smith, Elder. 54s. 

Trollope, T. A. Life of Pius IX. 8vo. 2 vols. Bentley. 26s. 

Probyn, J. W. Italy from 1815-78. 8vo. Cassell. Is. Gd. 

Rerum Italicarum Scriptores. Ed. Muratori. fo. 31 vols. (Mian). 45 

A collection of the Chronicles to 1500. 



Monumenta histuriar ]>atriar. fo. 17 vols. 

Storia ilorumrntata <Ii Yrnc/.ia, Ed. Romanin. 10 vols. 

J'KHKinicAi.s: Arrhivio Storico Italiuno ; Riviatu Storica Italiana; Archivio Vcnito; 
An-hiviu Lombard"; Archivio Ronuino ; Archivio Napolitano ; each 20*. per annum. 


In addition to library editions of authors, cheaper editions of whole works or of selections 
will be found. These, with the cheaper grammar* and dictionaries, etc., will provide a 
book-shelf of Italian literature for the student who is beginning to read the language. 

Sauer, C. M. Italian conversation grammar, c. 8vo. Hirschfeld. 5s. Gd. 

Very good. 

Demattio. F. Grammatica storica della lingua italiana. 8vo. (Innsbruck). 5s. Gd. 

An advanced school book. Part i.,Fonologia, li. 6cl.; part ii., Morphologia, Zs. ; part iii., 

,, -.v. 

Baragiola, A. Italienischc Grammatik, mit Berxicksichtigung des lateini- 

schen und der romanischen Schwestersprachen. 8vo. (Strassbury). 5s. 

Advanced school book. 

Diez, F. Grammatik der romanischen Sprachen. 8vo. Nutt, 21*. 

Casini, T. Notizia sulle forme metriche italiane. 16mo. (Florence). 1*. Gd. 

Advanced school book. 

Zambaldi, F. Vocabolario etimologico italiano. 8vo. (Citta di Castello). 7s. Gd. 
Fanfani, P. Vocabolario della lingua italiana. 8vo. (Florence). 15*. 

The most useful. 

Millhouse, J. New pronouncing and explanatory English-Italian, and 

Italian-English dictionary. 8vo. 2 vols. (Milan). 12*. 

The student will find no Italian-English dictionary equal to the better French-English, 
German-English, or even Spanish-English dictionaries. 

Graglia, C. Italian-English dictionary. 16mo. Nutt. is. 6d. 

Loretz, P. Corrispondenza commerciale inglese con vocabolario mercantile. 

12mo. Nutt. Is. 5d. 


Tiraboschi. Storia della letteratura italiana (in " Classici Italiani "). 8vo. 

16 vols. (Milan). 1816. 63*. 

Work of reference. Most other writers depend on Tiraboschi for their facts. 

Ancona, A. d'. Studii sulla letterartura italiana dei prima secoli. 16mo. 

(Ancona). 5s. 

Sanctis, Storia della letteratura italiana. 16mo. 2 vols. (Naples). 8*. 

Torraca, F. Manuale della letteratura italiana ad uso delle scuole secondarie. 

16mo. 3 vols. (Florence). 12*. 

Mestica, G. Manuale della letteratura italiana nel secolo XIX. 8vo. 2 vols. 

(Florence). 5s. Gd. 

Symonds, J. A. Italian literature, d. 8vo. 2 vols. Smith, Elder. 32*. 

,, The Catholic reaction, d. 8vo. 2 vols. Smith, Elder. 32*. 

These books form parts iv. and v. of the author's " Renaissance in Italy." See ITALY, 

Classic! Italiani. 1. 8vo. 439 vols. (Milan). 1802-50 40 

For full list of contents see ." List of the books of reference in the Reading-room of the 
British Museum." 

Parnaso Italiano. 8vo. 56 vols. (Venice). 1784-1802. 12 



Raccolta de' novellicri italiani. 16mo. 27 vols. (Milan"). 1816. 90s. 

Cheap edition. 1. 8vo. 2 vols. 1838. 80*. The list of authors will be found in Symonds* 

chapter on novelists. 

The three works last named are for reference. 

Nannucci, V. Manuale della letteratura del primo secolo della lingua 

italiana. 12mo. 2 vols. (Florence}. 8.v. 

I quattro poeti classic! italiani (Dante, Petrarca, Ariosto, Tasso). 32rno. 

5 vols. 16s. 

Teatro tragico italiano. 

Scelta poesie liriche del primo secolo delta lingua fino al 1700. 32s. 

The two works last named are useful collections, and form part of the " Biblioteca del 
viaggiatore." Lemonnier (Florence). 

Poeti italiani contemporanei. r. 8vo. (Paris). 15s. 

Canti e racconti del popolo italiano. Ed. Comparetti and d'Ancona. 8vo. 

In progress. Vol. i., Canti Monferrini, 2s. ; vol. ii., iii., Canti delle provincie meridional!, 
9. ; vol. iv., Canti Marehigiani, <ls. ; vol. v., Canti di Rovigno, 5s. ; vol. vi., Novelline 
popolari italiane, fa. ; vol. vii., Fiabe mantovane, 5s. ; vol. viii., Canti popolari della 
montagna lucchese. 

Dante. La divina commedia. Ed. Scartazinni. 8vo. 3 vols. (Leipzig). 27s. 

Vol. i., Inferno, 5s. ; vol. ii., Purgatorio, 10*. ; vol. iii., Paradise, 12*. 

,, La divina commedia. Ed. P. Fraticelli. 12mo. (Florence). 4s. Gd. 

Best handy edition. 

,, Opereminori. Ed. P. Fraticelli. 12mo. 3 vols., 4s. each. (Florence). 12s. 

Vol. i., Canzoniere, Rime sacre, Poesie latine; vol. ii., Vita nuova, Vulgari eloquio de 
monarchia, e La questione de aqua et terra ; vol. iii., Convito e epistole. 

,, Inferno: text, notes, and prose translation by J. A. Carlyle. 8vo. 

(London). 1849. O.P. 

,, Purgatory: text, notes, and prose translation by A. J. Butler. 

c. 8vo. Macmillan. 12s. Gd. 

,, Paradise : text, notes, and prose translation by A. J. Butler, c. 8vo. 

Macmillan. 12s. Gd. 

,, Headings on the Purgatorio; text, prose translation, commentary, 

and notes, by W. W. Vernon. c. 8vo. 2 vols. Macmillan. 24s. 

,, The Vision; or Hell, Purgatory, and Paradise. Tr. Gary. p. 8vo. 

Sell (Bohri). 3s. Gd. 

, , The divine comedy. Tr. Longfellow. Routledge. 3s. Gd. 

There are several other editions by Routledge. 

Blanc, C. L. Vocabolario Dantesco. 12mo. (Florence). 4s. 

Symonds, J. A. Introduction to the study of Dante, p. 8vo. Smith, Elder. 

pub. 7s. Gd. O.P. 

Petrarca. Le rime. Ed. Leopardi. 12mo. (Florence). 2s. Gd. 

,, Le rime. Ed. Leopardi and Ambrosoli. 12mo. (Florence). Is. Gd. 

,, Sonnets, etc. Tr. Cayley. c. 8vo. Longmans, pub. 10s. Gd. O.P. 

Foscolo, U. Essay on Petrarch. Murray. 1823. O.P. 

Poliziano. Le stanze, 1'Orf eo, e le Rime. Ed. G. Carducci. 12mo. (Florence). 4s. 

,, Opere volgari. Ed. J. del Lungo. 12mo. (Florence). 4s. 

Ariosto. Orlando furioso ; and 0. innamorato di Bojardo. 12mo. 4 vols. 

Pickering. 1834. pub. 21*. O.P. 

The best edition ; contains an essay on the romantic narrative poetry of the Italians, etc., by 
Antonio Panizzi. 


Italy ( i I 1 1)E ]JOOK TO I & Italy 

Ariosto. Orlando Furioso. 12mo. 2 vols. {Florence). 

,, ()i-l;i,iidi> Furioso (;id USD di-lla ^iov.'iitu). Ed. Bolza. 12rao. 

Suitable t'.ir girls. 

,, Orlando Furioso. Tr. W. Rose. p. 8vo. 2 vols., 5*. each. Bell 

(I Mm). 10*. 

Berni. Operc, colic pocsie burlesche. 12mo. (Milan). 2*. Gd. 

Michael Angclo Buonarroti. Lc rime. Ed. C. Guasti. 4to. (Florence). 20*. 

The best edition. 

, , Rime e lettere. 32mo. (Florence). 2s. Gd. 

With life by Condivi. 

Tasso. Opcre. Ed. G. Rosini. 8vo. 33 vols. (Pisa). 1821-33. 110*. 

Library edition. 

, , Gerusalemme liberata ; with intro. by U. Foscolo. 12mo. 

(Florence). 4s. 

Tasso. Gerusalemme liberata (School ed.). Ed. C. Carbone. 12mo. 

(Florence). Is. Gd. 

,, Lettere. Ed. C. Guasti. 12mo. 5 vols. (Florence). 20*. 

,, Jerusalem delivered. Tr. Sir K. James. 12mo. 2 vols. Long- 
mans, pub. 14*. O.P. 

Cecchi, P. L. Tasso e la vita italiano nel sec , xvi. 12mo. (7' vence). 3*. 

Filicaia. Poesie e lettere. 32mo. (Florence). 2s. Gd. 

Parini. Versi e prose. 12mo. (Florence). 4s. 

With life by C. Guasti. 

,, Poesie. 32mo. (Florence). 2s. Gd. 

Alfleri. Opere complete. Ed. G. Rosini. 8vo. 4 vols. (Pisa). 1828. 21s. 

Library edition. 

, , Tragedie. 12mo. 2 vols. (Florence). 8s. 

,, Vita, giornale, lettere. Ed. E. Teza. 12mo. (Florence). 4s. 

,, Vita. 12mo. (Milan). Is. Gd. 

,, Tragedies. Tr. E. A. Bowring. p. 8vo. 2 vols., 3s. Gd. each. Bell 

(Bohn). Is. 

Monti. Poesie. Ed. G. Carducci. 32mo. (Florence). 10s. 

Vol. i., ii., Canti e poemi, 5. ; vol. iii., Poesie liriche, 2*. 6d. ; vol. iv., Tragedie, drammi, 
e cantate, 'it. 6d. 

Foscolo, U. Poesie. 12mo. (Florence). 4s. 

Manzoni. Opere complete. 12mo. (Milcin). 8s. Gd. 

Vol. i., I promessi sposi ; with life by Carcano, 2. Gd. ; vol. ii., Storia delk colonna infame, 
8. Gd. ; vol. iii., Tragedie e poesie, 2. Gd. 

,, Poesie. Ed. Mestica. 32mo. (Florence). 2s. Gd. 

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See Section IV. for Dante (Opere minori); Tasso (Lettere); Alfieri (Vita); Leopardi 
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Modern Italian novel* do not occupy a position in Italian literature as liiifli as that occu- 
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t In refore ihort. 

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leubner. Is. 3d. 

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In " Monumenta Historiae Germanicae." 

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For morlis on ROMAN LAW, and on the lam of ENGLAND, SCOTLAND, UNITED 
STATES, INDIA, see under those heads. 


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Law (JTIDK HOOK TO I5OOKS. Lawn-Tennis 

Pollock,!'". Oxford let-hires, etc. 8vo. Macmillan. 9*. 

Maine, II. Ancient hiw. Kvo. Murray. 9*. 

,, Karly history of institutions. S\o. Murray. 9*. 

,, Village communities. s\o. Murray. 9*. 

,, Karly law and custom. 8vo. Murray, 9*. 


The leading law publishers issue annual catalogues, which give information of new works. 

Douthwaite, W. R. Catalogue of the library of Gray's Inn. 8vo. 
Librarian, Gray's Inn. 

Griswold, S. B. Catalogue of the New York State Library. (Albany, N. Y.). 21* 

Subject index of Law Library. 

Elphinstone and others. Glossary of law terms and interpretation of deeds. 

Svo. Maanvell. 25 

The nearest approach to a scientific law glossary. 

PERIODICALS : Lav; Maiiazinf unit lli-riv* ; Lav Quartei-ly Review. A list of current 
British. American, and foreign law reviews, with their contents, is published at the end of 
every number of the Law Quarterly Review. American Law Review (St. Louis, U.S.), 
Harvard Law Review (Cambridge, U.S.;. 



Hall, W. E. International law. d. 8vo. Clar. Press. 22s. 6d. 

References to the leading continental authors will be found in Mr. Hall's book. Some 
knowledge of modern languages, or at least of French, is necessary for the profitable study of 
this subject. 

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Published from the author's MS. lectures after his death. 

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Nelson, H. Select cases, etc. r. 8vo. Stevens. 21*. 

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burgh). 21s. 

Vol. viii. of the Si/stem des heutiaen romischer Rechts. 


Heathcote and others. Tennis, lawn-tennis, rackets, and fives. (" Badminton 

Library "). c. 8vo. Longmans, illus. 10*. 6d. 

" Cavendish." Game of lawn-tennis. 8vo. De la Rue. Is. 6d. 

209 p 

Lawn-Tennis GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Live-Stock 

Brownlee, W. Methven. Lawn-tennis ; its rise and progress, c. Svo. 

Arron'smith. 1*. M. 

Championship meetings ; eminent players, with portraits ; a treatise on the game. 

Wilberforce, H. W. W. Lawn-tennis, with a chapter for ladies. (" All 

England " ser.). sm. Svo. Sell. 1*. 

PERIODICALS : Field, weekly ; Pastime, weekly ; Lawn-Tennis Annual (principally reports 
of last year's matches : contains list of lawn-tennis clubs). 



Slater, J. Herbert. Library manual. Upcott Gill. 

Wheatley, H. B. How to form a library, f . 8vo. Stock. !.. (>/f. 

Blackburn, C. F. Hints on catalogue titles, r. Svo. Lorv. II*. 

Greenwood, T. Free public libraries, c. Svo. Simpkin. 











Wallace, R. Farm live-stock of Great Britain, p. Svo. Simpldn. IK. M. 

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Brown, Prof. Animal life of the farm. c. Svo. Vinton. 2a. (id. 

Seller and Stephens. Physiology at the farm. p. Svo. Slaclinood. illus. 

pub. 16*. O.P. 

Aid to rearing and feeding the live-stock. A standard work, though not ucw. 


Live-Stock GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Local, etc. 

Gamgee, J. Our clmm-stir :iiiiiii;tls in hcaltli :m<l di.-rasc. 1M. MarLachlan 

and Ntnart. *vo. Miiii>kiti. . 22*. 

Cobbold, T. S. Internal parasites of domesticated animals, p. s\<>. II. Cox. 

pul). fix. O.P. 

A book of ri'ffri'iiri-. 

Armsby, H. P. Manual of cattle-feeding, c. 8vo. J. Willey. illus. 12*. Gtt. 

Chemistry of fveduig-atuffii, etc. ; appendix of useful tables. 


Coleman, J. The cattle, sheep and pigs of Great Britain. Svo. H. Cox. illus. 12*. Qd. 

Good, though somewhat old in style. 

Macdonald and Sinclair. History of Hereford cattle. Vinton, illus. 10.v. c,d. 

,, History of polled cattle, c. Svo. Vinton. illus. 12*. Cxi. 

Aberdeen Angus polled cattle. Aldine Co. (Detroit). 

History of the breed in England and America, with an introduction by Judge Goodwin. 

History of improved shorthorn or Durham cattle. (N. Engd. Farm Office). 

From notes by the late T. Butes, with memoir by T. Bell. 

Allen, L. F. History of the shorthorn cattle. Svo. (Buffalo, N. Y.). 24*. 

Clater's cattle doctor. Ed. Armatage. d. Svo. Warne. illus. 21*. 

Steel, J. H. Treatise on the diseases of the ox. Svo. Longmans, illus. 15*. 

,, Diseases of sheep. Svo. Stock. 12.v. 

Lawes, J. B. Tables for estimating dead-weight and value of cattle from 

live-weight. IGmo. Royal Agric. Soc. of England. lx. 

Most valuable. 

Sidney, S. The pig. Routledge. illus. 1*. 

Tegetmeier, W. B. Poultry book. r. Svo. Routledge. 21#. 

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, , Practical poultry keeper, c. Svo. Cassell. 3s. Gd. 

Wilson, Mrs. M. A. The A-B-C poultry book. 12mo. Cassell. Is. 

Fulton, H. The pigeon book. 4to. Cassell. 31s. Gd. 



In matters coming under this head, the statements of even the most recent text-books and 
editions are specially liable to be superseded or affected by current legislation. In some 
cases it is also necessary to make inquiry as to local orders, or regulations. 

Bazalgette and Humphreys. Local and municipal government, sup. r. Svo. 

Stevens. (J3*. 

Comprising the statutes relating to public health, municipal corporations, highways, etc. 

Smith, J. Toulmin. Local self-government and centralization, p. Svo. 

Chapman. 1851. pub. 5s. O.P. 

Deals with general principles. The examples in many cases are no longer applicable owing to 
changes in the law. 

Glen, W. C. and A. Public health, local government, etc. Svo. Sutter- 

rvorth. ZGs. 

Chalmers, M. D. Local government ("English Citizen" ser.). c. Svo. 

Macmillan. 3s. Gd. 

Rathbone, W. Local administration (" Imperial Parliament " ser.). c. Svo. 

Sonnenschein. \x. 

211 P 2 

Local, etc. GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Logic 

Goschen, G. J. Reports and speeches on local taxation. 8vo. Macmillan. 5s. 

An important review of the financial principles involved. 

Sargant, C. H. Urban rating. 8vo. Longmans. 6s. 

Bazalgette and Humphreys. County councils, r. 8vo. Stevens. 7s. 6d. 

Pulling, A. Handbook for county authorities, d. 8vo. Clones. Is. 6d. 

Smith, J. Toulmin. The parish. 8vo. Sweet. 18*. 

Glen, W. C. and A. Highways. 12mo. ButterrvortTi. 3*. 6d. 

Rogers, F. N. Elections, d. 8vo. 2 parts, 21*. each. Stevens. 42*. 

Arnold- Forster, H. 0. Laws of everyday life. Cassell. 1*. Qd. 

Citizen reader. 8vo. Cassell. Is. 6d. 

The last two are elementary books for children. 

Glen and Cunningham. Law of county government, d. 8vo. .Knight. 42*. 
Local Government Act, 1888. 

Local government directory (annual), d. 8vo. Knight. 8*. 6d. 




Keynes, J. N. Formal logic, (elem.). 8vo. Macmillan. 10*. 6d. 

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Bosanquet, B. Logic, (very advanced). 8vo. 2 vols. Clar. Press. 21*. 

Whateley, R. Elements of logic. 8vo. Longmans. 4*. 6d. 

Mainly of historical interest ; not an advanced treatise. 

Hamilton, W. Lectures on logic. 8vo. 4 vols. (Edinburgh). 24*. 

Newman, J. H. Grammar of assent, p. 8vo. Longmans. 3*. fid. 


Boole, G. Laws of thought. 8vo. Macmillan. 14*. 

De Morgan, A. Formal logic. Taylor and Walton. 1847. o.p. 

Venn, J. Symbolical logic, p. 8vo. Macmillan. 10*. 6d. 

,, Logic of chance. 12mo. Macmillan. 10*. 6d. 

,, Empirical logic. 8vo. Macmillan. 18*. 

Mathematical and inductive. 


Bain, A. Logical induction, (elem.). p. 8vo. Longmans. 6s. 6d. 

Mill, J. S. System of logic, c. 8vo. Longmans. 5s. 

Taine, H. A study of John S. Mill. Tr. Haze. c. 8vo. Simpkin. pub. 1*. o.p. 

Jevons, W. S. Principles of science, p. 8vo. Macmillan. 12*. 6d. 


Logic Cl IDE BOOK TO BOOKS. London 

Herschel, J. F. W. Introduction to the study of natural philosophy. 12mo. 

LuiHjiniinx. 1840. pub. 3*. Gd. O.P. 

Whewell, W. History of scientific ideas, p. 8vo. Parker. 14*. 

Bacon, A. F. Novum organum (vols. i., ii. of "Complete works"). Tr. 
and ed. Ellis and Spedding. 8vo. 10*. Gel. each. Longmans. 



Baedeker's London. 12mo. Dulau. 6*. 

Murray's Handbook of the environs of London, p. 8vo. 2 parts. Murray. 21*. 

Metropolitan Yearbook. Cassell. 1*. 

A guide to imperial, municipal, local, commercial, educational, and social London. 

Loftie, W. J. History of London, p. 8vo. 2 vols. Stanford. 32*. 

,, London (in " Historic Towns "). 8vo. Longmans. 3*. Gd. 

Wheatley, H. B. London, past and present. 8vo. 3 vols. Murray. 63*. 

Thornbury and Walford. Old and new London. 4to. 6 vols., 9*. each. 

Cassell. 5 is 


"Walford, E. Greater London : a narrative of its history, people, and its 

places, r. 8vo. 2 vols., 9*. each. Cassell. illus. 18*. 

Timbs, J. Curiosities of London, c. 8vo. Virtue. 21*. 

Buxton, E. N. Epping Forest. 12mo. Stanford. 2s. 

Taunt. Illustrated guide to the Thames. Philip. 8*. Gd. 

Most useful in boating expeditions. Larger edition, with photographs, 15. 


For the bibliography of the City, see Catalogue of the Guildhall library. 

Norton, G. Commentaries on the history, constitution, and chartered 

franchises of the City of London. 8vo. Longmans, pub. 14s. O.P. 

Constitution and government. 

Birch, W. de Gray. Historical charters and constitutional documents of the 

City of London, r. 8vo. Whiting. 31s. Gd. 

Pulling, A. Laws, customs, and regulations of the City and Port of London. 

8vo. Stevens and Norton. 1842. pub. 18*. O.P. 

Memorials of London. Ed. H. T. Riley. i. 8vo. Longmans. 21*. 

London life in the 13th, 14th, and 15th centuries, being extracts from the early archives of the 

Herbert, W. History of the twelve great livery companies. 2 vols. Sohn. 

pub. 16*. O.P. 

Historical and antiquarian ; the only published book of value on the subject. 

Welch, C. Bibliography of the Livery Companies. Sale (87, Great Tich- 

field-street). 1*. 

Stow, J. Survey of London (1598). Ed. H. Morley. 8vo. Routledge. 2s. Gd. 

City of London livery companies' Commission report, fo. 5 vols. Eyre. 33*. 8d. 

Historical enquiry, followed by statistics furnished by the companies, varying much in 

Mackmurdo, A. H. Wren's City churches. 8vo. 6. Allen. 5*. 

City of London Directory. Collingridge. 10*. Gd. 

Annual ; concise particulars of each company, with arms, and lists of governing body and 




Herbert, W. Antiquities of the Inns of Court and Chancery. (London}. 

1804. O.P. 

Pearce, R. History of the Inns of Court and Chancery. 8vo. Bentley 

(London). 1848. pub. 15s. O.P. 

Spilsbury, W. H. Lincoln's Inn. 12ino. Reeves and Turner. 1850. 

pub. 6s. O.P 

Its ancient and modern buildings with an account of the library. 

Douthwaite, W. R. Gray's Inn ; its history and associations. 8vo. 

Reeves and Turner. 7x. ( >c 7 - 


Cook, E. T. Popular handbook to the National Gallery. c v 8vo. Mac- 

millan. 14s. 

Contains a history of the gallery, plan and guide to the rooms, introduction to the schools of 
painting, critical biographies of the painters, notes on the pictures, etc. 

Ruskin, J. Catalogue of Turner's drawings and sketches. 8vo. G. Alien. Is. 


Dugdale, W. History of St. Paul's Cathedral. Ed. Sir H. Ellis, fo. 

(London). 1818. O.P. 

The quarry for information. 

Milman, H. Annals of St. Paul's (historical and biographical). 8vo. 

Murray, pub. 18s. O.P 

Longman, W. History of the three cathedrals dedicated to St. Paul in 

London. 8vo. Longmans, pub. 21s. O.P. 

Simpson, W. S. Chapters in the history of old St. Pauls, d. 8vo. Stock. 7x. (;</. 
,, Gleanings from Old St. Pauls, d. 8vo. Stock. ".;. &d. 


Ros, Lord de. Memorials of the Tower of London. 8vo. Murray. 

pub. 10s. 6^. O.P. 

Historical and descriptive. 

Dixon, W. Hepworth. Her Majesty's Tower. 8vo. 4 vols., 15s. each. 

Hurst. Ms. 

Historical associations. 

Chester, Col. The Abbey registers. 4to. Harlei-an Society. 

Most valuable for reference. Sold only to members, 21. each. 

Scott, Gilbert. Gleanings from Westminster Abbey, d. 8vo. Parltcr. 

pub. 15s. O.P. 

Specially architectural. 

Stanley, A. P. Memorials of Westminster Abbey. Svo. Murray, illus. 15x. 

Very full of historical information. 

Bradley, G. G. The Deanery guide, c. 4to. Pall Mall Gazette, illus. 

Contains materials collected from all works on the Abbey. 

Nichols, T. Handbook to the British Museum. Svo. Cassell. 21s. 



Machinery CIIDK I5OUK TO HOOKS. Mohometanisai 



/vr also KNUINI-KKING. 

Rankine, W. J. M. machinery and raillwork. Eel. W. J. Millar, c. 8vo. 

(ir(lH)l. illllS. 12*. Ctd. 

Reuleaux, F. Kinematics of inacliincry (mathematical). Tr. A. B. \\'. 

Kennedy, i. Svn. Macmillan. illus. 21*. 

Kennedy, A. Mechcanics of machinery, p. 8vo. Macmillan. illus. 12*. Gd. 

Unwin, W. C. Machine design, part i. c. 8vo. Longmans, illus. fix. 

Smith, K. H. Cutting tools. 18mo. Caqsell. 3*. 6d. 


Sibree, J. Madagascar. 8vo. Triibner. I2x. 

Physical geography, geology, exploration, natural history, botany, etc. The best succinct 
account of the island. 

Oliver, S. P. Madagascar, m. 8vo. 2 vols. Macmillan. 52*. Cxi. 

Historical and descriptive account of the island, and its former dependencies. A detailed 
compilation from various sources. 

Grandidier, A. Histoire physique, naturelle et politique de Madagascar. 

4to. 28 vols. (Paris). (50 

An elaborate and expensive work, with numerous maps and plates, and dealing with the 
geography, meteorology, ethnography, political and natural history, etc. Still in progress. 




Hughes, T. P. Dictionary of Islam, r. 8vo. Allan. 42*. 

Encyclopaedia of information. 

Muir, W. Life of Mahomet, d. 8vo. 4 vols. Smith, Elder. 32*. 

Also in 1 vol., 1 1.<. 

Sprenger, A. Das Leben und die Lehre des Mohammed. 8vo. 3 vols. 

(Berlin). 24*. 

Muir, W. Annals of the early Caliphate, d. 8vo. Smith, Elder. Iti*. 

Weil, G. Geschichte der Chalifen. 8vo. 5 vols. (Mannheim'). 63*. 

Miiller, A. Der Islam. (Berlin). 54*. 

Freeman, E. A. History and conquests of the Saracens. 12mo. Parker. 

pub. 2s. O.P. 


Mahometanism GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Man, Isle of 

Burton, R. A pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina. 8vo. 3 vols. Longmans. 

pub. 24*. O.P. 

Ibn Khallikan. Biographical dictionary. Tr. De Slane. Oriental Trans, 

Fund. O.P. 





Colonies et protectorats de 1'Indo-Chine. 18mo. Quantin. 3s. 6d. 

Tonkin, Cambodge, Cochin Chine, Annam. Vol. iii. of Lei colonies franyaifei. 

Bowring, J. The kingdom and people of Siam. 8vo. 2 vols. Parker. 

illus. pub. 32*. O.P. 

Anderson, J. English intercourse with Siam in the 17th century, p. 8vo. 

Paul. 15*. 

McNair, F. Perak and the Malays. 8vo. Tinsley. illus. 21*. 

Bird, Isabella L. The golden Chersonese, p. 8vo. Murray, illus. 14*. 




Jenkinson. Practical guide to the Isle of Man. f . 8vo. Stanford. 5*. 

A smaller guide by the same author, price 2s. &d., f . 8vo. 

Moore, A. W. Surnames and place names of the Isle of Man. d. 8vo. 

Stock. 10*. Gd. 

,, Climate of the Isle of Man. r. 8vo. Brown (Douglas). 1*. 

Train, J. History of the Isle of Man. Quiggin (Douglas). 1845. O.P. 

Deals with ancient laws, customs, superstitions, etc. 

Gumming, J. G. History of Isle of Man (geological). Van Voorst. 1848. O.P. 

Statutes of Isle of Man, vol. i. 

Keble, J. Life of Bishop Wilson, d. 8vo. 2 vols. Parker. 21*. 

Harrison, W. Bibliotheca Monensis. Manx Society (Douglas'). 


The Manx Society has issued 31 vols., chiefly reprints of older books relating to the 
history and antiquities of the Isle of Man. Statistical accounts are published by the Insular 
Government Office. 


Kelly, J. Manx grammar. Manx Soc. 10*. Gd. 

Cregeen, A. Manx dictionary. Douglas. 1835. O.P. 

Kelly and others. Manx-English and English-Manx dictionary. Manx Soc. 


Man, Isle of <,l IDK BOOK TO i:o:KS. Mathematics 

Manx versions of the Bible. Brit, and For. Itih. ti,c. 1819. O.P. 

Manx version of the book of Common 1'nivi r. .s'. /'. ('. A. 1*. Gd. 

Phillips. Manx version of the book of Common Prayer. Ed. A. W. Moore. 
Clar. Press, in prep. 

With iutroduction on Maux phonetics by John Rhys ; the oldest text in the Manx Language. 











Whitworth, W. H. Choice and chance, p. 8vo. Bell. 6*. 

Todhunter, I. History of the theory of probability. 8vo. Macmillan. 14*. 

Bertrand, I. Calcul de probability. 8vo. (Paris). 10*. 

Smith, C. Conic sections (elem. analytical), c. 8vo. Macmillan. Is. Gd. 

Salmon, G. Conic sections (analytical). 8vo. Longmans. 12*. 

, , Higher plane curves (analytical). 8vo. Longmans. 12*. 

Smith, C. Solid geometry (elem. analytical), c. 8vo. Macmillan. 9*. Gd. 

Frost, P. Solid geometry (analytical). 8vo. Macmillan. 16*. 

Salmon, G. Geometry of three dimensions (analytical). 8vo. Simpldn. 12* 

Burnside and Panton. Theory of equations. 8vo. Longmans. 12*. Gd. 

Todhunter, I. Treatise on the differential calculus, c. 8vo. Macmillan. 10*. Gd. 

Williamson, B. Elements of differential calculus, c. 8vo. Longmans. 10*. Gd. 

Todhunter, I. Treatise on the integral calculus and its applications. 

c. 8vo. Macmillan. 10*. Gd. 

Williamson, B. Integral calculus, p. 8vo. Longmans. 10*. Gd. 

Contains Prof. Crofton's valuable essay on Local Probability. 

Greenhill, A. G. Differential and integral calculus, c. 8vo. Macmillan. Is. Gd. 

Contains those parts of the subject which are of importance to students of physics and 

Carll, L. B. Treatise on calculus of variations. 8vo. Macmillan. 21*. 

Forsyth, A. Treatise on differential equations, d. 8vo. 14*. 

Riemann, B. Partielle Differentialgleichungen. 8vo. 8*. 

Contains an extremely good account of the differential equations which are of most im- 
portance in physics, with their applications. 


Mathematics GUIDE BOOK, TO BOOKS. Mathematics 

Lie, Sophus. Transformationsgruppen. 8vo. 2 vols. Teubner. S4.s. 

Vol. i. f 18. ; ii., 16*. Contains the theory of the transformation of differential equations. 

Boole, G. Calculus of finite differences, c. 8vo. Macntillan. 10.s. (\d. 

Ferrers, N. Elementary treatise on spherical harmonics, c. 8vo. Mac- 
millan. 7*. (></. 

Todhunter, I. Elementary treatise on Laplace's, .Lame's, and Bessel's 

functions, c. 8vo. Macmillan. lO.v. ('?. 

Heine, E. Kiigelfunctionen. 8vo. 2 vols. Reimer. I -I*. 

The most complete treatise on the subject. 

Salmon, G. Modern higher algebra. 8vo. Hodges. lO.v. (\d. 

Serret. Cours d'algebre superieure. 8vo. 2 vols. Gautier- Villars. 

Jordan, C. Traite des substitutions. 4to. Gmiticr-Villars. o.r. 

Legendre. Theories des nombres. 4to. 2 vols. o.r. 

Dirichlet, P. G. L. Vorlesungen fiber Zahlen-Theorie. 8vo. 13*. (\il. 

Tchebicheff, P. Theorie der Congruenzen. 8vo. (Berlin*). 

Kelland and Tait. Introduction to quaternions, c. 8vo. Macmillan. IK. (\d. 

Tait, P. Treatise on quaternions, d. 8vo. Cambridge Press. LS.V. 

Grassmann. Ausdehnungslehre. 8vo. Wigand. (i.v. 

Brist and Bouquet. Theorie des fonctions elliptiques. 4to. Gautier-Villars. 24s. 

Contains an account of the French theory. 

Durege. Elemente der Theorie der Functionen. 8vo. Teubner. o.r. 

Contains an account of the German theory. 

Thomae, I. Abriss einer Theorie der Functionen. 8vo. ;">.; . (ic/. 

Contains much matter not included in the two former books. 

Durege. Theorie der elliptischen Functionen. 8vo. Teubner. 

Cayley, A. Elementary treatise on elliptic functions. Sell. New ed. in 

Halphen, G. H. Fonctions elliptiques. 8vo. 2 vols. (Paris'). 

Vol. i., 15s. ; vol. ii., 20s. Contains an account of Weierstrass' methods, and applications to 
mixed mathematics. Only part is yet published. 

Carr, G. S. Synopsis of elementary results in pure mathematics, r. 8vo. 

Hodgson. 4*. 

A large volume of more than 900 pp. ; suitable for reference or revision of bookwork ; contains 
an index to papers on pure mathematics in many British and foreign journals, etc. 


Greaves, J. Statics for beginners, gl. 8vo. Macmillan. i>*. tirf. 

Minchin, G. Statics. 8vo. Longmaiu. pub. 10s. &d. O.P. 

Loney, S. L. Elementary dynamics, c. 8vo. Cambridge Press. 
"Williamson and Tarleton. Dynamics, c. 8vo. Longmans. 10,. (>c7. 

Routh, E. Dynamics of a system of rigid bodies. 8vo. 2 vols., 14s. each. 


Newton, Sir I. Principia. Ed. Thomson and Blackburn. 4to. Macmillan. 31*. 5r/. 
Besant, W. H. Hydromechanics, f. 8vo. Sell, illus. 

Part i., "Hydrostatics," 5s. 

Lamb, H. Motion of fluids, d. 8vo. Cambridge Press. 


Mathematics <il IDE HOOK TO HOOKS. Mediterranean 

Basset, A. 15. Hydrodynamics, d. Hvo. 2 vols. Jti-ll. 

Vol. i., W. (/.; v..l. ii., !>. (kl. 

Cotterill, J. H. Applied mechanics, in. ,Sv<>. Mucinillan.'RiTius, see INDIAN OCEAN II. 



NOTE. Text-books, as well as special t realises on medicine and surgery, have been 
purposely omitted, as being useless and even mischievous, until the student has first 
become acquainted with the groundwork on which they are based, viz. : anatomy, 
physiology, chrin ixt r.v, ct e. Some popular works will be found under the heads ALCOHOLISM, 


The healing art ; a sketch of medicine from the earliest times. 8vo. 2 vols. 

\Vnrd and Downey. 2o.v. 

South, J. F. Memorials of the craft of surgery in England. Ed. D'Arcy 

Power. 8vo. Cassell. illus. 21*. 

Russell, J. R. History and heroes of the art of medicine. 8vo. Murray. 

pub. 14*. O.P 

Harvey, W. Works. Sydenham Soc. 1846-7. O.P. 

Willis, R. Harvey, and his discovery. 12mo. (Philadelphia). 4. 

Gross, S. D. John Hunter and his pupils. , fa. 

Baron, J. Life and correspondence of Jenner. 2 vols. 1838. O.P. 

Pasteur, his life and labours. By his son-in-law. Tr. Lady Claud Hamilton. 

c. 8vo. Longmans. la. (jd. 


Guy and Ferrier. Principles of forensic medicine, c. 8vo. Itenshaw. 12,. (id. 

Taylor, A. Manual of medical jurisprudence. Ed. T. Stevenson, c. 8vo. 

Churchill, illus. 1-l.v. 

,, On poisons, in relation to medical jurisprudence and medicine. 

c. 8vo. Churchill, illus. Kj*-. 



Murray's Handbook to the Mediterranean. Ed. R. L. Playfair. p. 8vo. 

Murray. 21s. 

Bidwell, C. T. The Balearic Islands, p. 8vo. Low. illus. 10*-. M. 

Wood, C. W. Letters from Majorca. 8vo. Bentley. illus. 15s. 

Tennant, R. Sardinia and its resources, r. 8vo. Stanford. 12*. Sd. 

Forester, T. Rambles in Corsica and Sardinia. 8vo. Bohn. pub. 10s. Gd. O.P. 

With notices of their history, antiquities and condition. 

Seddall, H. Malta, past and present. 8vo. Chapman. 12*. 

Ansted, D. T. Ionian Islands in 1863. 8vo. Allen. 16*. 

Tozer, H. F. Islands of the JEgean. c. 8vo. Clar. Press. 8s. Gd. 


Mediterranean GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Mental, etc. 

Bent, J. T. The Cyclades. c. 8vo. Longmans. 12s. Qd. 

Spratt,T. A. B. Travels and researches in Crete. 8vo. 2 vols. Van Voorst. 40s. 

Lang, R. H. Cyprus, history and present resources. Macmillan. O.P. 

Mallock, W. H. In an enchanted island. 8vo. Bentley. 12s. 

A winter's retreat in Cyprus. 





Carpenter, W. B. Principles of mental physiology. 8vo. Paul. 12#. 

Wundt, W. Grundziige der physiologischen Psychologie. 8vo. 2 vols. 

(Leipzig). 18s. 

Has been translated into French. 

Holland, H. Chapters in mental physiology. 8vo. Longmans. O.P. 

Lewes, G. H. Physical basis of mind. 8vo. Triibner. 16s. 

Ferrier, D. Functions of the brain, d. 8vo. Smith, Elder, illus. 18s. 

Bastian, H. C. The brain as an organ of mind (" Internat. Scient." ser.). 

c. 8vo. Paul. 5*. 

Bain, A. Mind and body (" Internat. Scient." ser.). c. 8vo. Paul. 5s. 

Ladd, G. T. Elements of physiological psychology, p. 8vo. Longmans. 12s. 

Maudsley, H. Physiology of mind. c. 8vo. Macmillan. 10s. Gd. 

,, Pathology of mind. 8vo. Macmillan. 18s. 

Romanes, G. J. Mental evolution in man. d. 8vo. Paul. 14s. 

Galton, F. Inquiry into human faculty. 8vo. Macmillan. 16*. 

Ribot, T. Diseases of memory (" Internat. Scient." ser.). c. 8vo. Paul. 5s. 

, , Les maladies de la volonte\ p. 8vo. (Paris). 2s. &d. 

Down, J. L. Mental affections of childhood and youth. 8vo. Churchill. 6s. 

Tuke, D. H. Insanity in ancient and modern life. c. 8vo. Macmillan. 

pub. 6s. O.P. 

Mercier, C. Sanity and insanity, c. 8vo. Scott. 3s. 6d. 

Maudsley, H. Responsibility in mental disease (" Internat. Scient." ser.). 

c. 8vo. Paul. 5s. 

"Winslow, Forbes. Obscure diseases of the brain and mind. p. 8vo. 

ChurcUll. 10s. 6d. 

Savage, G. H. Insanity and allied neuroses, c. 8vo. Cassell. 8s. Gd. 

Darwin, C. Expression of the emotions, c. 8vo. Murray, illus. 12s. 

Lubbock, J. Senses, Instincts, and intelligence of animals (" Internat. 
Scient." ser.). c. 8vo. Paul. 

Romanes, G. J. Animal intelligence (" Internat. Scient." ser.). c. 8vo. 

Paul. 5s. 

,, Mental evolution in animals, d. 8vo. Paul. 12s. 


Mental, etc. (Jl'IDE BOOK TO HOOKS. Metallurgy 


Many of the greater representative works in general philosophy, e.g., those of Locke, 
Munif, Hartley, and many of the works entered under the heading PRILOHOPHY AND 
M ETAi'ii Y.sii-s are mainly psychological in character. Mind and the American Journal of 
are storehouses of material. 


Sully, J. Outlines of psychology. 8vo. Longmans. 12*. Cxi. 

, , Handbook of psychology for teachers, p. 8vo. Longmans. 6*. Gd. 

Murray, J. Clark. Handbook of psychology, c. 8vo. Gardner (Paisley). Is. Gd. 

Dewey, J. Psychology. 18mo. Harper. G. 

Bain, A. Mental and moral science, c. 8vo. Longmans. 10*. Gd. 

Lotze, H. Outlines of psychology. Tr. G. T. Ladd. 8vo. Ginn, Heath. 4*. 

Hamilton, W. Lectures on metaphysics. 8vo. 2 vols. Blacknood. 24*. 


Mill, Jns. Analysis of the phenomena of the human mind. Ed. J. S. Mill, 

Grote, and Findlater. 8vo. 2 vols. Longmans. 28*. 

Bain, A. The senses and the intellect. 8vo. Longmans. 15*. 

,, Emotions and the will. 8vo. Longmans. 15*. 

Spencer, H. Principles of psychology. 8vo. 2 vols. Williams. 36*. 

Lewes, G. H. Study of psychology (in "Problems of life and mind"). 

8vo. Trubner. 7$. 6<Z. 

Taine, H. On intelligence. Tr. J. D. Haye. 8vo. L. Reeve. 18*. 

Sully, J. Sensation and intuition. 8vo. Paul. 10*. 6<7. 

,, Illusions (" Internat. Scient." ser.). c. 8vo. Paul. 5,<*. 

Brodie, B. Psychological .inquiries, f. 8vo. 2 ser., 5*. each. Parlier. 

pub. 10*. O.P. 

Reid, T. Works. Ed. Sir W. Hamilton. 2 vols. Longmans. 30*. 



Percy, J. Metallurgy. 8vo. 4 vols. Murray, illus. 

The standard work ; of great historical value. " Fuel, wood, peat, coal, charcoal, coke, 
fireclays," 80. ; " Lead and part of silver," 30*. ; " Silver and gold," part i., 30*. ; " Iron and 
steel," 80*.; " Copper, zinc, and brass," o.P. 

Phillips and Bauerman. Elements of metallurgy, sin. 8vo. Griffin, illus. 36*. 

A concise but comprehensive course of metallurgy. 

Greenwood, W. H. Manual of metallurgy, p. 8vo. 2 vols. Collins. 6s. Gd. 
Roberts- Austen, W. C. Introduction to metallurgy, c. 8vo. Griffin. 

illu s- 7*. Gd. 

Bauerman, H. Metallurgy of iron. (elem.). 8vo. Locknood. 4*. Gd. 

For further works on metallurgy of iron and steel, see IRON. 


Metallurgy GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Microscope 

Eissler, M. Metallurgy of gold. p. 8vo. Locliivood. 9s. 

,, Metallurgy of silver, p. Svo. Loclmood. illus. 10s. Qd. 

Contains information about the American silver mines. 

Gore, G. Electro-metallurgy, c. Svo. Longmans, illus. 6*. 

Mitchell, J. Manual of practical assaying. Svo. Longmans, illus. 31*. Gd. 

Beringer, J. J. and C. Text-book of assaying, c. Svo. Griffin, illus. 10*. Qd. 

PERIODICAL : Transactions of the American Institute of Mining Engineers. 



Bebber, W. J. V. Lehrbuch der Meteorologie. Svo. Enlie. 10*. 

Scott, K. H. Elementary meteorology (" Internat. Scient." ser.). c. Svo. 

Paul, illus. C* 



Conkling, A. E. Guide to Mexico. 12mo. Appleton. 10.9. Qfl. 

Including chapter on Guatemala, and Spanish-English vocabulary. 

Cubas, A. G. Cuadro geographico y estadistico de Mexico. 

Dictionario geographico y estadistico de la Republica Mexicana. 5 vols. 


Conkling, H. Mexico and the Mexicans. IGmo. {New York). Is. Gd. 

Ober, F. A. Travels in Mexico, r. Svo. Trubner. illus. IS*. 

Brocklehurst, J. U. Mexico to-day, with account of the pre-historic 

remains. Svo. Murray. 21,". 

Griffin, S. B. Mexico of to-day. 12mo. (New Tori'). Is. (M. 

Charnay, D. Ancient cities of the New World. Tr. r. Svo. Clutpinan. 31*. Gd. 

Travels and explorations in Mexico and Central America, 1857-82. 

Prescott, \V. H. History of the conquest of Mexico, p. Svo. Itoutledge. 10*. (id. 
Bancroft, H. H. A popular history of the Mexican people. Svo. Trubner !.">*. 

Gooch., F. C. Face to face with the Mexicans, r. Svo. Low. 16*. 




Carpenter, W. B. The microscope and its revelations. Ed. Rev. Dr. 

Dallinger. p. Svo. Cliurcliill. 16.?. 

Beale, L. How to work with the microscope, d. Svo. Harrison, illus. 21*. 

Hogg, J. The microscope ; its history, construction, and application 
p. Svo. Routledge. 


Microscope <M'IDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Mining 

Davis, G. E. Practical microscopy. *\<>. Jlui/m-. 7x. <;//. 

Gosse, 1'. II. I '\ nine's :it the microscope, c. 8vo. S. P. C, A. 4x. 

Colman, W. S. Section cutting ami stainiiiLC. c:. KVO. //. A. /-> //,. 


Ranvier, L. Traitg technique cThiitologie. 8vo. illns. :;ix. Grf. 

Lee, A. 1J. The anatomist's vade mecum. c. 8vo. Churchill. 12#. Gd. 

Most Tulual'lf. 

PKKinini'AL: Journal of the Royal Microtcopical Society contains many important reports 

on tin 1 instrument, and its progressive improvement. 






Dana, J. D. System of mineralogy (descriptive). 8vo. Triibner. 42s. 

Phillips, W. Mineralogy, p. 8vo. Brooke and Miller, pub. 18*. O.P. 

The two books named above are works for reference. 

Miers, H. A. Text-book of mineralogy. Macmillan. In press. 

Bauerman, A. Systematic mineralogy, c. 8vo. Longmans, illus. (5*. 

,, Descriptive mineralogy, c. 8vo. Longmans, illus. G.. 

Rutley, F. M^ineralogy. (elem.). 8vo. Murray. 2.v. 

Hatch, F. H. Introduction to the study of petrology : the igneous 

rocks. 8vo. Sonnenscliein. 3s. Gd. 

Phillips, J. Treatise on ore deposits, m. 8vo. Macmillan. illus. 25>-. 

Brush, J. G. Manual of determinative mineralogy. 8vo. Wiley (U.S."). 15*. 

Des Cloiseaux, A. Manuel de mineralogie. 8vo. Dunod. O.P. 

Vols. i., ii. (1). For reference. 

Lapparent, A de. Cours de rninSralogie. 8vo. (Paris'). 12.. Gd. 

Naumann, C. F. Elemente der Mineralogie. Ed. F. Zirkel. 8vo. (Leipzig). 14,s. 

Tschermak, G. Lehrbuch der Mineralogie. 8vo. (Vienna). 18*. 

Rammelsberg, C. F. Handbuch der Mineral-Chemie. 8vo. 3 vols. (Leipzig'). 2('>n. 

Vol. i., 3s. ; vol. ii. f 16s. ; supplement, Is. For reference. 

Groth, P. Tabellarische Uebersicht der einfachen Mineralien. 4to. (Bruns- 
wick). 1g, 
For classification. 

Buchner, O. Die Meteoriten in Sammlungen. 8vo. (Leipzig). 4. (>d. 

Flight, W. A chapter in the history of meteorites. 8vo. Dulau. 12*. Grf. 

Meunier, S. Meteorites, r. 8vo. Dunod. 20*. 


Collins, J. H. Principles of mining, f. Svo. 2 vols. Colling. 2s. 


Mining GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Mohammedanism 

Gallon, J. Lectures on mining. Tr. Foster and Galloway, r. 8vo. 3 vols. 

Dulau. 80*. 

Vol. i., 26*. ; vol. ii., 36*. ; vol. iii., 18. Atlas to each vol. 

Brough, B. H. Mine surveying, c. 8vo. Griffin, illus. lg. Gd. 

Hunt, R. British raining, r. 8vo. LocJtmood. 63*. 

For history of mining. 

Percy, C. M. Mechanical engineering of collieries. 8vo. 2 vols. " Colliery 

Guardian" Office, illus. 40s. 

Vol. i., 15s. ; vol. ii., 25*. 

Galloway, R. L. History of coal mining in Great Britain, p. 8vo. Mac- 

millan. pub. 7*. Gd. o.p. 

Smyth, W. W. Coal and coal mining. 12mo. LocTinood. 4s. 

Lock, C. G. W. Practical gold mining, r. 8vo. Span, illus. 42*. 

Da vies, D. C. Slate and slate quarrying. 8vo. Lockmood. 8.v. 

Bowie, A. J. Hydraulic mining in California, r. 8vo. Span. 21s. 

Sorley, W. R. Mining royalties, d. 8vo. Fronde. lg. Gd. 

Jevons, W. S. The coal question. 8vo. Macmlllan. pub. 10s. Gd. O.P. 

Merivale, J. H. Notes and formulae for mining-students, sm. c. 8vo. 

Lockrcood. 2s. Gd 

Becker, G. F. Geology of the Comstock lode. (Washington'). 12s 

Vol. iii. of monographs of U.S. Geological Survey. 

Lord, E. Comstock mining and miners. (Wa&liingtoii), 12s 

Vol. iv. of monographs of U.S. Geological Survey. 

Precious metals. ( Washington). 

Report of the tenth census of the U.S. Vol. xiii. 

PERIODICALS : Proceedings and Transactions of the Federated Institute of Mining 
Engineers. Part i. issued January, 1890. Proceedings of the South Wales Institution of 
Engineers. (Eyre). Transactions of the Mining Association of Cornwall. (Redruth). 

Reports of H.M. Inspectors of mines and mineral statistics of the United Kingdom are 
issued by the Home Office. For Bibliography see School of Mines Quarterly, of Columbia 
College, New York. Vol. x. ; No. 2. January, 1889. 


Smith, G. Short history of Christian missions. 8vo. Clark. 2s. Gd. 

Warneck, G. Outline of the history of Protestant missions. Tr. T. Smith. 

c. 8vo. Gemmell. 3s. Gd. 

Stowell and Storrow. Missionary work of the Church, c. 8vo. Snow. 2s. Gd. 

Tucker, H. W. The English Church in other lands, f. 8vo. Longmans. 2.v. Gd. 

Shewing and Storrow. Protestant missions in India, 1706-1882. c. 8vo. 

R. T. S. Gs. 

Broomhall, B. Evangelisation of the world, r. 8vo. Morgan and Scott. 

illus. 3s. Gd. 

Report of the Centenary Conference on Protestant missions, 1888. c. 8vo. 

2 vols. Nisbet. 6s. 

Contains a bibliography. 

Church Missionary atlas. C. M. S. (Salisbury -sqitare"). 

Part i., Africa and Mohammedan lands of the East, 4*. ; part ii., India, 5. ; part iii., 
Ceylon, China, Japan, and North-West America (in press). Contains copious letterpress. 



Monasteries <;ni>E BOOK TO EOOKS. Music 




Hooker and Ball. Tour in Morocco and the_Great Atlas. Macmillan. 21*. 

Im]x>rtant from a scientific point of view^ 

Thomson, J. Travels in the Atlas and S. Morocco : a narrative of ex- 
ploration, c. 8vo. Philip, illus. {). 

Mar tinier e, H. M. P. de la. Morocco : journeys in the kingdom of Fez. 

c. 8vo. WliittaJter. 14*. 

Contains a bibliography of Morocco from 1S11 to 1887, and much general information. 

Foucauld, C. de. Reconnaissance au Maroc, 188H-4. 4to. illus. 40*. 

Important for the student. 

Leared, A. Morocco and the Moors, d. 8vo. Luw. ilhif. !(>.. 

Stutfield, H. E. M. El Maghreb: 1,200 miles' ride through J'orocco. 

p. 8vo. Lorn. 8s. G(\ 

Hay, Drummond. Morocco and the Moors: Western Bar bary, olc. ~. 8vo. 

Murray. 2s. 

Amicis, E. de. Morocco. Fvo. Cassell. Is. Gd. 

A series of picturesque sketches. 

Playfair, R. L. Bibliography of Morocco. Royal Ceog. Soc. 

In progress. 




Hawkins, J. History of music. 8vo. 3 vols. Novello. 37*. 

Vol. i., ii., 21.; vol. iii., 16. 

Naumann, E. History of music. Ed. Sir F. Ouseley. 8vo. 2 vols 

Cassell. illus. 31s Qd, 

Bockstro, W. S. History of music. 8vo. Lon: 14s. 

Hxint, H. G. Bonavia. History of music, (elem.). f. 8vo. Bell. 3.. Gil. 

Hullah, J. Transition period (1600-1750). 8vo. Longmans. Ws. GJ. 

,, History of modern music. 8vo. Lorgmzns. 8.*. fi '. 

Chappell, W. Popular music of the olden time. vo. 2 vol". 4^v. 

Musical notation of the Middle Ages. fo. Masters. 23.*. 


Cummings, W. H. The rudiments of music, d. Svo. Novella. l.< 

225 Q 


Banister, H. C. Text-book of music, f. 8vo. Bell. ',*. 

Stainer, J. Primer of harmony, d. 8vo. Novella. 2x. 

Goss, J. Harmony. 4to. Cramer. j.v. 
Macfarren, G. Rudiments of harmony, r. 8vo. Cramer. 

The last three books make a complete course. 

Richter, E. F. Manual of harmony. Tr. J. P. Morgan, d. 8vo. IF. R.'t <r,v. 7*. (\d. 
Macfarren, G. Six lectures on harmony. 8vo. Longmans. 12x. 

Stainer, J. Theoryof harmony, d. 8vo. Novello. 7*. (\<L 
Bridge, J. F. Primer of counterpoint, d. 8vo. Novello. 

Double counterpoint and canon, d. 8vo. Novello. 2*. 

Prout, E. Counterpoint. Augener. 

Buggs, J. Primer of fugue, d. 8vo. Novello. -.' 

Ouseley, F. A. G. Counterpoint, canon, and fugue. 4to. Clar. Press. I UK. 

Richter, E. F. Canon and fugue. Tr. F. Taylor. 4to. Cramer. 

Banister, H. C. Lectures on musical analysis, c. 8vo. Sell. 7*. Cxi. 
Ouseley, F. A. G. Form. sm. 4to. Clar. Press. 10*-. 

Stainer, J. Primer of composition, d. 8vo. Novello. 2.v. 

Czerny. School of practical composition. Tr. fo. 3 vols., 10*. Gd. each. 


Prout, E. Primer of instrumentation, d. 8vo. Novello. 
Berlioz. Instrumentation. Tr. 8vo. Novello. 
Stone, W. H. Scientific basis of music, d. 8vo. Novello. 

Taylor, Sedley. Sound and music, ex. c. 8vo. Macmillan. 


Hiles, J. Catechism of the organ. 4to. Brewer. 1.*. 

Hopkins and Rimbault. The organ, its history and construction. 8vo. 

Cocks. 31,. GcZ. 

These two books are on organ building. 

Stainer, J. Organ primer. 4to. Novello. 

Archer, F. Organ tutor. Novello. 

Best, W. T. Art of organ playing, ob. fo. 2 vols. Novello. 10*. (>;l. 

Vol. i., 8*. ; vol. ii., It. 6d. 

Bach.. Compositions for the organ. Ed. Griepenkerl and Roitzsch. Peters. 

Tlie most accurate and complete edition for advanced students. 

,, Organ works. Ed. J. F. Bridge and J. Higgs. ob. fo. 9 vols. 

Novello. 2(>;;. (\:l. 

Vol. i.. 2. <M. ; vol. ii. to ix., 3. each. In progress. Fingering and pedalling marked with 
directions for registering. For advanced students. 

Mendelssohn. Organ sonatas. Ed. W. T. Best. ob. fo. Novello. 

Best, W. T. Arrangements from the scores of the great masters ob. fo. 

5 vols. Novello. 3(5*. 

Also in 100 numbers, 2s. each. 

,, "Cecilia." ob. fo. 40 vols., Is. each. Augener. 
Pauer, E. Pianoforte primer. 4to. Novello. 
Taylor, Franklin. Pianoforte primer. 18mo. Macmillan. 
Plaidy, L. Technical studies. 8vo. Breitkyjjf and Hdrtel. 


Music criDK BOOK TO BOOKS. Music 

Bertini. Studies. Kchutt. 

Cramer, sixty studies. Ed. P.iilow. 4to. IK <;//. 

dementi. Gnidus ad Parnassum. fo. .1 ////////"/. ~m. 

Mozart's Sonatas. Kd. A.mies /iiinnennami. Hvo., ;{.<.; I'd., is.-. .W,7/,/. 
Beethoven's Sonatas. E<1. A. Zimmermann. svo., ">.<.; Co., 21*. .\in-t-Uo. 

,, Sdiiatas. 1'fters. 

Bach's -is ju-eltides and fugues. Ed. Pancr. Hvo. Aw/ener. 4*. 

Tours, B. Violin primer. 4to. Novella. In. 

Spohr, L. Violin school, fo. Coclts. 2lx. 

De Swert. Violoncello primer. 4to. Novella. 2*. 


Brown and Behnke. Voice, song, and speech. 8vo. Low. 5*. 

Mackenzie, M. Hygiene of the vocal organs, c. 8vo. Macm'dlzn. illus. <>*. 

Garcia, M. Complete school of singing. Hutchins and liomer. ].l.v. 

Randegger, A. Singing primer. 4to. Novella. I.--. 

Concone. Solfeggi. Ed. A. Randegger. 8vo. 4 vols., Is. (>d. each. 

Wilhem. Manual of singing. Tr. J. Hullah. 8vo. Longmans. 5x. 

Higgs, J. Two-part solfeggi. 8vo. No-cello. \>. 

Hiles, J. Catechism of class-singing. 4to. Brewer. la. 

Curwen, J. S. Tonic sol-fa primer. Novella. lx. 

Greenwood, J. Lancashire sol-fa primer, d. 8vo. Novella. l.v. 


Jebb, J, The choral service of the church. 8vo. Parker. 1843. pub. 16*-. o.P. 

Bridge, J. F. Choral service primer (organ accompaniment), d. 8vo. 

Novella. 2.'-. 

Troutbeck, J. Church choir training, d. 8vo. Novella. in. 

Helmore, T. Primer of plain song. d. 8vo. Novella. 2.-. 


" Great Musicians" series. Ed. F. Hueffer. c. 8vo. 3s. each. Law. 

A series of biographies. The best are Schumann, Mendelssohn, and Weber. 

Spitta, P. Life of Bach. Tr. F. Maitland. d. 8vo. 3 voLs Ntvello. 42.-. 

Rockatro, W. S. Life of Handel. Macmillan. 10. 6d. 

Schindler, A. Life and correspondence of Beethoven. Tr. Moscheles. 

c. 8vo. 2 vols. Colburn. 1841. pub. 2ls. O.P. 

Rudall. Beethoven (" Great Composers " ser.). c. 8vo. Loir. ;iv. 

Jahn, 0. Life of Mozart. Tr. P. D. Townsend. d. 8vo. 3 vols. Novella. 31*-. (/. 
Niecks, F. Chopin as a man and musician, d. 8vo. 2 vols. Novella. 2;~.v. 

Hiller, E. Letters and recollections of Mendelssohn. Tr. c. 8vo. Mac- 

millan. pub. Is. 6d. O.P. 

Grove, G. Dictionary of music and musicians. 8vo. 4 vols., 21s. each. 

Macmillan. 84*. 

227 Q 2 

Music GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Navy, etc. 

Stainer and Barrett. Dictionary of musical terms. 8vo. Novella. Is. Gd. 

PERIODICALS: 3Iusical Times. 3d. monthly. (Novello). Musical Standard. Weekly. 
(Reeves) ; 9*. per vol. 






It has been found impossible to draw up a list of works under this head, as the lines of 
demarcation are very vague. Under ZOOLOGY will be found (in addition to scientific treatises) 
elementary books on animals and their distribution, as well as a short selection of the travels 
of naturalists. Under SPORT are books dealing with natural history from the sportsman's point 
of view. The expeditions of naturalists are sometimes valuable as contributions to geo- 
graphical knowledge : such books are entered under the heads of the countries to which they 




Lecky , S. T. Wrinkles in practical navigation. 8vo. Pltillp. 1 ~>.v. 

Harbord, J. B. Glossary of navigation. 8vo. Griffin (Portsmouth}. Is. (>d. 

Curling:, J, J. Coastal navigation. 8vo. Griffin. 2x. (>d. 

Evans, F. J. Elementary manual for deviation of the compass, c. 8vo. 

Potter. <;,v. (\d. 

Admiralty manual on the deviation of the compass, c. 8vo. Potter. 4.<. (\d. 
Raper. Practice of navigation. Svo. Potter. lf>.v. 

Murray, Digby. A-B-C. of Sumner's method. 4to. Potter. HA-. 

:Nares, G. S. Seamanship. Svo Griffin. 21.v. 

Colomb, P. H. Dangers of the modern rule of the road at sea. Svo. 

Griffin. l.v. 

HofY, W. Modern naval tactics, d. Svo. Griffin, illus. 10*. (id. 

"Lewal, L. Principes des Evolutions navales Svo. (Parix). 17s. 

Sleeman, C. Torpedoes and torpedo warfare, r. Svo. Griffin. 2.">,v. 

Noel, G. H. Gun, ram, and torpedo, p. Svo. Griffin. Sx. (\d. 

Pickard and Fremantle. Nautical terms and phrases ; French and English. 

(elem.). c. Svo. Griffin. H,v. (id. 

Smyth,, W. H. The sailor's word book. r. Svo. Philip, pub. 7*. Gd. o.p. 


Navy, etc. < J L'IDE BOOK TO 1J( >< )K S. Navy, etc. 

Nr also YACHTlNU II. 

White, W. H. Manual of naval architecture. 8vo. Murray. 24*. 

Welch, J. J. Text-book of naval architecture, (elem.). d. 8vo. Griffin. 4*. 

Bennett, R. Marine Mr;ini engine. 8vo. Longmans, illus. 21*. 

Fur other books <m the steam engine, tee STEAM ENGINE. 


Wendt, E. E. Papers on maritime legislation, r. 8vo. Longmans. 31*. Gd. 

Marsdeii, N. G. A treatise on the law of collisions at sea. d. 8vo. 

Sterrnx. 21*. 

Arnould, J. Law of marine insurance. Ed. D. Maclachlan. r. 8vo. 2 vols. 

Steven*. 60*. 

Carver, J. G. Law of carriage by sea. r. 8vo. Stevens. 32*. 

For further information on insurance, see ASSURANCE. 

Thring, Lord. Criminal law of the navy. Ed. C. E. Gifford. 12mo. 

Stevens. 12s. Gd. 


Burchett's Complete history, 1720 ; Eutick's New naval history, 1757, and Beatson's Naval 
and military memoirs of Great Britain, 1804. are works of reference for naval history. 

Yonge, C. D. History of the British navy. 8vo. Bentley. 10*. Gd. 

Laughton, J. K. Studies in naval history, p. 8vo. Longmans. 10*. Gd. 

Nicolas, N. H. History of the royal navy (to 1422). 8vo. 2 vols. 

Bentley. 1847. pub. 28*. O.P. 

Of great antiquarian interest. 

James, W. Naval history of Great Britain, c. 8vo. 6 vols. Bentley. 42*. 

The standard record of naval events, 1793 to 1815. 

Roosevelt, T. The naval war of 1812. 8vo. Putnam. 12*. Gd. 

Quite the best history of the American war. 

The navy in the civil war. 12mo. 3 vols. Scribner. 15*. 

Vol.i., The blockade and the cruisers, by J. R. Soley, 5s. ; vol. ii., The Atlantic coatt, 
by D. Ammen, 5*. ; vol. iii., The gulf, and inland watert, by A. T. Mahan, 5. Best account 
of the naval part of the civil war. 

Norman, C. B. The Corsairs of France. 8vo. Lore. 18*. 

Chevalier, E. Histoire de la marine francaise pendant la guerre de 

1'independance am6ricaine. 8vo. Hachette. 6*. Gd. 

Lindsay, W. S. History of merchant shipping. 8vo. 4 vols, Low. 50#. 

Charnock, J. Biographia navalis. (London). 1794. O.P. 

The most complete biographical record of the period. 

Campbell, J. Naval history of Great Britain (Lives of the admirals). 

Stockdale. 1813. O.P. 

Barrow, J. Naval worthies of Queen Elizabeth. Murray. 1845. O.P. 

Valuable side-lights on naval origins. 

Markham, C. R. Life of Admiral Fairfax. 8vo. Macmillan. 12*. Gd. 

Dixon, W. Hep worth. Life of Blake. 8vo. Bickers. Is. Gd. 

More literary than naval. 

Penn, G. Memorials of Sir W. Penn. Duncan. 1833. O.P. 

Valuable as tracing the rise of our naval power. 


Navy, etc. (1 TIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Needlework, etc. 

Markham, J. A naval career during the old war (period 1666-1725). 

8vo. Lorn. 14s. 

Barrow, J. Life of Lord Anson. 8vo. Murray. 1839. pub. 14s. o.p. 

Hunt, K. M. Life of Sir Hugh Palliser. 8vo. Chapman. 1844. 16.?. 

Valuable for the great controversy as to Keppell. 

Barrow, J. Life of Lord Howe. 8vo. Murray. 1838 pub. 12s. o.p. 

Burrows, M. Life of Admiral Lord Hawke. d. 8vo. Allen. 21*. 

Almost the only modern naval biography of great merit. 

Chatterton, Lady. Memorials of Lord Gambier. 8vo. 2 vols. Hurst. 
Allardyce, A. Memoir of Lord Keith. 8vo. Blachnood. illus. 

Valuable to the student of naval strategy. 

Tucker, J. S. Memoirs of Earl St. Vincent. 8vo. 2 vols. Bentley. 1844. :'>(>*. 

The best life ; parts most interesting and amusing. 

Pettigrew, J. J. Memoirs of Lord Nelson. 8vo. 2 vols. Boone. 1849. 

pub. 36*. O.P. 

Remains the most complete life of Nelson. Southey's life cannot be recommended except for 
its literary style. 

Laughton, J. K. Letters and despatches of Horatio, Viscount Nelson. 

8vo. Longmans. 16s. 

Dundonald, Earl of. Autobiography of a seaman, c. 8vo. Bentley. C,x. 


Lewes, V. B. Service chemistry. 8vo. Whittingliam. 

Specially written for sailors. 

Brassey, T. The British navy. 8vo. 4 vols. Longmans, pub. 21s. o.p. 

,, Naval annual, r. 8vo. Griffin (Portsmouth). 

Ws. Gel. yearly. 

Leslie, K. C. Old sea wings, ways, and words, d. 8vo. Chapman. 14s. 

Bedford, F. G. Sailor's pocket-book. 18mo. Griffin, illus. Is. Gd. 

PERIODICALS : Nautical magazine for the merchant service (Potter) ; Ilhtstrateil 
naval and military magazine for the navy (Allen) ; Journal of the Royal U. Sei: 
Institution (Mitchell). 




Books on dress-making, as a whole, are not to be found, except some special ones on cutting, 
issued to their own pupils by inventors of private systems. 

Baker, Harriet. Manual of high-school needlework, and cutting out. 12mo. 

Griffith. 8s. 


Alford, Lady M. Needlework as an art. r. 8vo. Lorn. 42s. 

Delimont, T. Encyclopaedia of needlework. 8vo. Cowptoir Alsacien 

(267, Kegent-street). 3s. 

Technical ; complete account of all kinds of needlework. 

Dolby, A. Church embroidery. 4to. Chapman, pub. 12s. o.P. 

,, Church vestments. 4to. Chapman, pub. 21s. O.P. 

Technical ; the only standard books on the subject. 

Higgin, L. Handbook of embroidery. 8vo. Lorn. ~>x. 

, , Art as applied to dress, sq. 16mo. Virtue. 

Blanc, C. L'art dans la parure et dans le vStement. 8vo. (Paris'), illus. 


Needlework, etc. < ; T 1 1 ) K WOK TO BOOKS. New B. Wales 

Palliser, .Mrs. lliMm-y of I;HT. Svi>. Lir. illu>. 21*. 

The " Queen " luce book. Sso. II. Cox. r>*. 

!;>]. int. ,! I'mm I In' (/HI-HI ; t.vlmi.-al .ui.l ^I'licnd. 


/I-/- Htt-nitttrf, x?t> DUTCH. 

I. (;!:<>(. KAI'HY: 

Murray's I l:uulbook for Holland and Belgium, p. 8vo. Murray. 6*. 

Baedeker's Hrlgium and Holland. 12mo. Dulau. (>*. 

Mahafly and Rogers. Sketches from a tour thro' Holland and Germany. 

ex. c. 8vo. Macmillan. illus. 10*. M. 

Useful as a gniil>'. 

Amicis, E. de. Holland. Tr. Tilton. p. 8vo. Allen. 10*. Gd. 

Havard, H. Picturesque Holland. Tr. A. Wood. d. 8vo. Bentley. illus. 16*. 

,, Dead cities of the Zuyder Zee. 8vo. Bentley. illus. (>.v. 

Blink, N. Nederland en zyne Bewoners. 8vo. 3 vols. (Amsterdam). Kv. Gd. 

Handbook of geography and ethnology of the Netherlands. 


Kampden, N. G. Geschichte der Niederlande. 2 vols. (Gotha). 1831. 15.?. Gel. 

Young, A, Short history of the Netherlands, d. 8vo. Unrein. Is. 6</. 

Ashley, W. J. James and Philip van Artevelde. c. 8vo. Macmillan. (i*. 

Vanderkindere, L. Le siecle des Artevelde. 8vo. (Brussels). Is. Gd. 

Good account of the political and economic conditions of the Netherlands when they were 
most closely connected with England. 

Barante. Histoire des dues cle Bourgogne. 12nio. 8vo. (Brussels'). 

pub. 23s. O.P. 

Motley, J. L. Rise of the Dutch republic (to 1584). d. 8vo. 3 vols. Itmitledge. IGs. Gd. 

Also 1 vol., So. (kl. 

,, History of the United Netherlands (1584-1609). c. 8vo. 4 vols., 

Gs. each. Murray. 24.?. 

,, Life and death of John of Oldenbarnevelt (1609-23). 2 vols. 

Murray. 12*. 

Pontalis, A. L. Life of John de Witt (1650-72). 8vo. 2 vols. Long- 
mans, pub. 36s. O.P. 

Translated from the French. 

Wynne, J. A. Geschiedenis van het Vaderland. 8vo. (Groningeri). 7s. 




Newspapers GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Norway 


Grant, J. Newspaper press ; its origin, progress, and present position. 

2 vols. Tinsley. O.P. 

Interesting, but not always accurate. 

Hunt, F. K. The fourth estate. 2 vols. Bogue. 1850. O.P. 

Contributions towards a history of newspapers. Accurate in its facts. 

North, S. N. D. History and present condition of the newspaper and 
periodical press of the United States. (In " Eeports of the tenth 
census of the United States, vol. viii., 1884). Statistical Bureau 
( Washington). 

Contains a catalogue of the publications of the census year, 1880. The best authority on 
American newspapers. 

Newspaper press directory, r. 8vo. Mitchell. 2s. 




Murray's Handbook for Norway, p. 8vo. Murray. 9. 

Baedeker's Handbook for Norway and Sweden. 12mo. Dulau. 9#. 

Nielsen, Y. Handbook. Tr. from the Norwegian. 12mo. (Christiania'), IQs. 6d. 

Du Chaillu, P. B. Land of the midnight sun. 8vo. 2 vols. Murray. 

illus. 3C*. 

Journeys through Sweden, Norway, Lapland, and Finland. 

Trxnnholt, S. Under the rays of the Aurora Borealis. Ed. C. Siewers. 

8vo. 2 vols. Low. 30#. 

Laing, S. Chronicles of the kings of Norway. 8vo. 3 vols. Longmans. 

1844. O.P. 

A translation of the Heimskringla, with an historical introduction. 



The student of Norwegian or Danish (they are essentially the same language), will do 
well to begin with Holberg's plays (tee DENMARK), and then proceed with Asbjornsen's fairy 
tales, Bjornson's, Lie's, and Kielland's novels, and Ibsen's prose dramas. Ibsen's dramatic 
poems are more difficult. 

Smith and Hornemann. Norwegian grammar, with a glossary for tourists. 

(CJvristiania). 2x. 

Scharlach. Concise Norwegian grammar. 12mo. (Bergen'). 2s. Gd. 


Norway (I TIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Norway 

Geelmuyden and Rrynildson. English-Norwegian dictionary, c. K\O. 

(ClirixHiiniti). '.Ix. 

Rosing 1 , S. Engrlsk-Dansk Ordbog. 12ni<>. (Copffnkafftn). 1*. Gd. 

Larsen, A. Dansk-Norsk-Engelsk Ordbog. 12mo. (Copenhagen). '.)*. 


Dietrichsen, L. Oinrids ;if den norske Poesies Historic. 12mo. 2 vols. 

Jaeger and Rolfsun. Norske Digtere, en Anthologie. (Bergen). 

Jeeger, H. Norsko Forfattere, Literatur billeder. (Chrlstiania}. 

Gosse, E. W. Northern studies ("Camelot" ser.). c. 8vo. Scott. lx. 

Some account of Norwegian literature before 1811 will also be found in Hansen's Illuttreret 
ilinmk Literatur h'utorie. (See DENMARK). 


Welhaven, J. S. Samlede Skriftcr. 12mo. 8 vols. (CopenJutgen}. 27*. Gd. 

Lyrical poet and critic. 

Wergeland. H. tldvalgte Skrifter. (Copenhagen). 

The creator of modern Norwegian literature ; poet, dramatist, essayist, etc. 

Asbjb'rnsen and Moe. Norske Folke og Huldre Eventyr. 8vo. (Copen- 

hagen}. Gs. 

The Grimm of Norway. 


BjOrnson, B. Fortaellinger. 12mo. 2 vols. (Copenhagen}. G*. 

The national poet ; novelist, dramatist, etc. 

,, Sigurd Slerube. 12mo. (Copenhagen). 5s. Gd. 

His best historical drama. 

,, Digte (collection of poems). 12mo. (Copenliageii). 4. Qd. 

,, Paa Guds Veje. 12mo. (Copenliagen). 6s. 

His most important novel of modern life. 

Ibsen, H. Peer Gynt. 12mo. (Copenhagen). is. Gd. 

,, Brand. 12ino. (Copenhagen). 4*. 6d. 

,, Et Dukkehjem. 12mo. (Copenliagen). 3. Gd. 

,, Gengangere. 12mo. (Copenliagen}. 3s. 6d. 

,, Hedda Gabler. 12mo. (Copenhagen). 4s. fid. 

Ibsen is the greatest Norwegian dramatist of the century. Peer Glint and Brand are 
dramatic poems ; the next three are prose dramas, of the plays of series generally called his 
" Social dramas." 

,, Haermaendene paa Helgoland. 12mo. (Copenhagen). 2s. Gd. 

His greatest historical drama. 

Kielland, A. Garman og Worse. 12mo. (Copenhagen}. 7*'. 

,, Skipper Worse. 12mo. (Coptnhagen). G*. 

Sne. 12mo. (Copenhagen). is. Gd. 

Kielland is a popular, brilliant novelist. 

Lie, J. Lodsen og hans Hustru. 12mo. (Copenhagen). 5s. Gd. 

,, Kommandorens Dottre. 8vo. (Copenhagen). la. 

The Dickens of Norway. 


Bjbrnson, B. Synnove Solbakken. Tr. Miss J. Sutter. c. Svo. Macinillan. Gs. 

His most popular tale of Norwegian peasant life. 



BjSrnson, 13. Talcs (" Arne," " A happy boy," etc.). Tr. K. Anderson. 

c. 8vo. 7 vols., 5s. each. Iloughton, Mifftin. :;.".< 

,, In God's way. Tr. Miss Carmichael. c. 8vo. Ileinemann. '.'>*. ('/. 

, , A gauntlet. Tr. H. L. Brsekstad. French. 

A play on modern life. 

, , Sigurd Slembe. Tr. W. Morton Payne, c. 8vo. Iloughton, Mifflin. 

Historical play. 

Ibsen, H. Prose dramas. Ed. W. Archer, c. 8vo. 5 vols., 3s. Gd. each. 

Scott. 17*. Gd. 

, , Pillars of society, and other dramas (" Camelot " ser.). Tr. W. Archer 

and Mrs. Aveling. c. 8vo. Scott. Is. 

Kielland, A, Skipper Worse. Tr. Earl Ducie. c. 8vo. Low. 10s. Gd. 

, , Garman and Worse. Tr. Kettlewell. Paul. Gg. 

Lie, J. The pilot and his wife. Tr. Tottenham, p. 8vo. Blackivood. 

pub. 10s. Gd. O.P. 

,, The Commodore's daughters. Tr. Braskstad and Miss Hughes. 

Heinemann. :>*. Gd. 

Asbjb'rnsen, P. C. Round the Yule-leg (folk and fairy tales). Tr. Braak- 

stad. Low. illus. 5s. 


Kraft, J. E. Norsk Forfatter Lexicon (to 1863). 8vo. (Christiania). O.P. 

Halvorsen, J. B. Norsk Forfatter Lexicon, r. 8vo. (Cliristiania). 

In progress. Nearly half the work has been issued. 

Norsk Bogfortegnelse. 

From 1814 to date. 



Dunlop, J. History of fiction. 2 vols., 5s. each. Sell (Boliri). 10s. 

Masson, D. British novelists and their styles. c. 8vo. Macmillan. 

pub. 7s. Gd. O.P. 

Forsyth, W. Novels and novelists of the 18th century, c. 8vo. Murray. 

pub. 10s. Gd. O.P. 


Amory, T. Life of John Buncle. p. 8vo. 3 vols. 1825. O.P. 

Austen, Jane. Emma. c. 8vo. Bentley. Gx. 

,, Mansfield Park. c. 8vo. Bentley. ('/.-. 

,, Northanger Abbey, and Persuasion, c. 8vo. Bentley. ')... 

,, Pride and prejudice, c. 8vo. Bentley. 6*. 

,, Sense and sensibility, c. 8vo. Bentley. (>.>. 

,, Lady Susan, and The Watsons, c. 8vo. Bentley. 

Also the first five at 2*. each. Routledge. 

Banim, J. Tales of the O'Hara family, c. 8vo. 3 vols. Colburn. 1826. O.P. 

Beckford, W. Vathek. 12mo. Lorn. 2s. Gd. 

Behn, Aphra. Oroonoco. c. 8vo. Thomson. 1*. 


Novels (il'IDE HOOK TO BOOKS. Novels 

Brooke, II. The fool of quality, c. *vo. Mac m Ulan, pub. Gx. o.i-. 
Burney, Frances (Mmc. D'Arblay). Evelina, c. 8vo. Hell (Jiulm). 

,, Cecilia, c. HVD. 2 vols., 3*. Gel. each. Hell (Jioh)i). In. 
Alo " Evelina." Catiell. 1*. 

Defoe, D. Adventures of Captain Singleton, c. 8vo. Jiell (Bohn). :;*. ('</!. 

,, Life and adventures of Colonel Jack. c. 8vo. Hell (Bohri). .''. i;//. 

,, Memoirs of a cavalier, c. 8vo. Bell (Bohu). ::..-. >''. 

,, Moll Flanders, c. Hvo. Jiell (Zto/w). :;.v. i;,/. 

Edgeworth, Mari:i. Absentee. 8vo. Routledge. 2*. 

,, Belinda. 12mo. 1803. o.r. 

,, Castle Rackrent. 12mo. 1801. O.P. 

,, Ennui, f. 8vo. Routledge. Is. Gd. 

,, Harrington, f. 8vo. Routledge. 2*. 

,, Helen, c. 8vo. Routledge. 2*. 

,, Manoeuvring, f. Hvo. Routledge. 2*. 

,, Patronage, f. 8vo. 2 vols. Routledge. 4*. 

,, Vivian, f. 8vo. Routledge. 1*. (\d. 

Ferrier, Miss. Destiny, c. 8vo. 2 vols. Bentley. 10,v. 

,, Inheritance, c. 8vo. 2 vols. Bentley. 10*. 

,, Marriage, c. 8vo. 2 vols. Bentley. 10*. 

Also 'Is. each. Routledge. 

Fielding, H. Jonathan Wild. 8vo. Routledge. r>.v. 

, , Joseph Andrews. 8vo. Routledge. 5*. 

,, Tom Jones. 8vo. 2 vols., 5*. each. Routledge. 10*. 

,, Amelia. 8vo. Routledge. 5.v. 

Also St. Gd., Sell. (Bohti) ; and 2. each. Routledge. 

Fielding, Sarah. David Simple. 12mo. 2 vols. 1744. O.P. 

Gait, J. Annals of the parish, f. 8vo. Blacltwood. 2*. 

Godwin, W. Caleb Williams, c. 8vo. Bentley. pub. 3*. Qd. O.P. 

,, St. Leon. c. 8vo. Bentley. pub. 3*. Gd. O.P. 

Goldsmith, 0. Vicar of Wakefield. r. 8vo. Nimmo. col. illus. 12*. (id. 

,, Vicar of Wakefield. c. 8vo. Macmillan. illus. by Hugh Thompson. (U. 

Also, Catsellt, as. Bell (Bohn) (Pocket edition), 3. 6(1. Routledge, Is. 

Griffin, G. The Collegians, c. 8vo. Warne. 2*. 

Hogg. Confessions of a suicide, f. 8vo. Nimmo. 2*. M. 

Hook, T. Gilbert Gurney. c. 8vo. Routledge. pub. 2*. O.P. 

Hope, T. Anastasius. 12mo. 2 vols., 7*. Bentley. O.P. 

Inchbald, Mrs. Simple story, c. 8vo. Routledge. 3*. Gd. 

Irving, Washington. Bracebridge Hall. c. 8vo. Macmillan. illus. 6*. 

,, Rip Van Winkle, s. 4to. Blackie. illus. 10*. Gd. 

,, Tales of the Alhambra. c. 8vo. Bell (Bohn). 3s. Gd. 

Also 8. 6d. Bell (Bohn) (Pocket edition) ; " Rip Van Winkle." 1. Routledge. 

Johnstone, C. C. 12mo. 4 vols. 1768. O.P. 

Lee, Sophia and Harriet. Canterbury tales. 12mo. 2 vols. Bentley. o.P. 



Lewis, M. G. The monk. 8vo. 1795. o.p. 

Lockhart, J. G. Adam Blair, c. 8vo. Blacknood. 2s.. 6d. 

Mackenzie, H. The man of feeling. 12mo. Cassell. 6d. 

Marryat, F. Jacob Faithful, c. 8vo. Routledge. 3s. Gd. 

, , Japhet in search of a father, c. 8vo. Routledge. 3s. Gd. 

,, Midshipman Easy. c. 8vo. Routledge. 3*. Qd. 

,, Peter Simple, c. 8vo. Routledge. 3s. Qd. 

Also 2*. and 1. each. Routledge. 

Maturin, R. C. Melmoth the Wanderer. 4 vols. 1820. O.P. 

Moore, Dr. Zeluco. c. 8vo. 1789. o.p. 

Moore, T. The Epicurean, c. 8vo. Cludto. Is. 

Paltock, R. Peter Wilkins. f. 8vo. 2 vols. Reeves. 10s. Gd. 

Peacock, T. L. Works, c. 8vo. 3 vols. Sentley. 31s. Gd. 

This edition includes " Headlong Hall," " Melincourt," " Nightmare Abbey," " Maid 
Marion," " Misfortunes of Elphin," " Crotchet Castle," " Gryll Range." 

Radcliffe, Mrs. Mysteries of Udolpho. c. 8vo. Routledge. 3s. Gd. 

, , Romance of the forest, c. 8vo. Routledge. 3s. Gd. 

Also 2*. Routledge. 

Keeve, Clara. Old English Baron. 18mo. Cassell. Gd. 

Richardson, S. Clarissa Harlowe. c. 8vo. Routledge. 2s. 

,, Pamela, c. 8vo. Routledge. 2s. 

,, Sir Charles Grandison. c. 8vo. Routledge. 2s. 

Scott, W. Waverley novels. 8vo. 25 vols., 8*. Gd. each. Slack. 

illus. 10 12s. Gd. 

,, The same, f . 8vo. 48 vols., 2s. Gd. each. Slack, illus. 120s. 

,, The same. c. 8vo. 25 vols., 3s. Gd. each. Slack, illus. 84s. 

Also 2., Is. 6d., and 1. per vol. (Pocket edition). Slack; and 1. per vol. Bradbury. 

Smith, Charlotte. Old Manor House. 12mo. 1793. O.P. 

Smith, Horace. Brambletye House, c. 8vo. Ward. pub. 2s. o.p. 

Smollett, T. Humphrey Clinker. 8vo. Routledge. 5s. 

,, Peregrine Pickle. 8vo. 2 vols., 5s. each. Routledge. 10s. 

, , Roderick Random. 8vo. Routledge. 5s. 

Also c. 8vo. 2s. each. Routledge. 

Sterne, L. Sentimental journey. 18mo. Routledge. Is. 

,, Tristram Shandy, c. 8vo. Routledge. Is. 

Walpole, H. The Castle of Otranto. 18mo. Cassell. Qd. 

Wilson, J. (Chr. North). Lights and shadows of Scottish life. c. 8vo. 

Slackrvood. 4s. 

,, Trials of Margaret Lyndsay. c. 8vo. Cassell. 2s. 


The price of novels varies from Is. to 31. 6rf., according to the edition, and different 
editions of popular works are constantly being issued. Therefore no attempt lias been made 
to specify the cost of books in this list. In almost every case, reference to the catalogues of 
the larger librarians, such as Messrs. Mudie, or W. H. Smith (London), or Messrs. Douglas 
and Foulis (Edinburgh), will give all the information that can be desired. 

Abdy- Williams, E. M. The World Below. 
Ainsworth, Harrison. Old St. Paul's. Tower of London. 


emu-; HOOK TO HOOKS. Novel* 

Aldrich, T. 15. Marjorio Daw. 
Alexander, Mrs. Tin- Fren-s. 
Allen, Grant. In All Sliade*. The Pevil's Pi". 

Anonymous. The Palys of Sodden Fen. Democracy. Atelier dii Lys. 
.Mademoiselle Mori. An Australian Girl. 

Anstey, F.- Vice Versa. The Giant's Robe. A Fallen Idnl. 
Banks, Mrs. G. L. God's Providence House. 
Baring-Gould, S. Mehalah. Court Koyal. 

Beaconsfleld, Lord. Coningsby. Contarini Fleming. Henrietta Temple. 

Lot hair. Sybil. Endymion. 

Bede, Cuthbert. Adventures of Mr. Verdant Green. 

Besant, Walter. All Sorts and Conditions of Men. Children of Gibeon. 
Herr Paulus. Dorothy Forster. Armorel of Lyonesse. 

Besant and Rice. Chaplain of the Fleet. Golden Butterfly. Monks of 
Thelema. Ready-money Mortiboy. 

Betham-Edwards, M. Felicia. 

Black, William. A Princess of Thule. Strange Adventures of a Phaeton. 
A Daughter of Heth. New Prince Fortunatus. 

Blackmore, R. D. Lorna Doone. The Maid of Sker. Cradock Nowell. 
Cristowell. Kit or Kitty. 

Borrow, G. Lavengro, the Scholar, the Gipsy, the Priest. The Romany 
Rye (sequel to above). 

Braddon, Miss. Ishmael. Vixen. Mohawks. 

Bret Harte. The Luck of Roaring Camp. .Flip. In the Carquinez Woods. 
An Heiress of Red Dog. A Ward of the Golden Gate. 

Bronte, Anne. The Tenant of Wildfell Hall. 

Bronte, Charlotte. Jane Eyre. Shirley. Villette. The Professor. 

Bronte, Emily. Wuthering Heights. 

Broughton, Rhoda. Nancy. Dr. Cupid. 

Buchanan, Robert. God and the Man. 

Burnett, Mrs. Hodgson. That Lass o' Lowry's. Through One Administra- 
tion. Louisiana. 

Caine, T. Hall. The Deemster. The Shadow of a Crime. The Bondman. 
Clarke, Marcus. His Natural Life. 

Collins, Wilkie. Armadale. The Moonstone. The Woman in "White. The 
Frozen Deep. 

Craddock, Charles Egbert. The Prophet of the Great Smoky Mountain. 
Despot of Broomsedge Cove. 

Crawford, F. Marion. Mr. Isaacs. Zoroaster. Sarracinesca, A Cigarette 
Maker's Romance. 

Curmyngham, Sir H. Chronicles of Dustypore. The Cojruleans. Wheat 
and Tares. The Heriots. 

Gushing, Paul. The Bull i' th' Thorn. 

Deland, Margaret. John Ward, Preacher. Sidney. 



Dickens, C. Barnaby Rudge. Bleak House. Christmas Carol. David 
Copperfield. Dombey and Son. Edwin Drood. Great Expectations. 
Little Dorrit. Martin Chnzzlewit. Nicholas Nickleby. Old Curiosity 
Shop. Oliver Twist. Our Mutual Friend. Pickwick. Tale of Two 

Edwardes, Mrs. A. Archie Lovell. 

Edwards, Amelia B. Barbara's History. Miss Carew. 

Eliot, George. Adam Bede. Daniel Deronda. Felix Holt. Middlemarch. 
Mill on the Floss. Romola. Scenes of Clerical Life. Silas Marner. 

Fothergill, Jessie. The First Violin. Probation. Kith and Kin. A March 
in the Ranks. 

Froude, J. A. Two Chiefs of Dunboy. 

Gaskell, Mrs. Wives and Daughters. North and South. Sylvia's Lovers, 
Cranford. Mary Barton. Ruth. Lizzie Leigh. 

Gerard, D. and E. Waters of Hercules. Reata. Lady Baby. 

Gibbon, Charles. The Golden Shaft. Robin Gray. 

Gift, Theo. Lil Lorimer. Dishonoured. 

Gissing, George. Demos. 

Grant, J. The Romance of War. Adventures of an Aide-de-Camp. 

Gray, Maxwell. The Silence of Dean Maitlancl. 

Haggard, Rider. King Solomon's Mines. She. Jess. 

Hardy, Thomas. Far from the Madding Crowd. The Return of the Native. 
Under the Greenwood Tree. The Trumpet Major. 

Hawthorne, Julian. Dust. Garth. 

Hawthorne, Nathaniel. Scarlet Letter. Transformation. House of the 
Seven Gables. Blithedale Romance. Mosses from an Old Manse. 

Holmes, O. W. Elsie Venner. 
Hopkins, Tighe. Nugents of Cariconna. 

Howells, W. D. A Foregone Conclusion. A Modern Instance. The Lady 
of the Aroostook. Silas Lapharn. 

Ingelow, Jean. Off the Skelligs. Fated to be Free. Sarah de Beringer. 

James, Henry. The Bostonians. Roderick Hudson. Daisy Miller. Princess 
Casamassima. The Tragic Muse. 

Jefferies, Richard. After London. Amaryllis at the Fair. 

Keary, Annie. Oldbury. Castle Daly. 

Kingsley, Charles. Hypatia. Westward Ho ! Two Years Ago. 

Kingsley, Henry. Geoffrey Hamlyn. Ravenshoe. 

Kipling, Rudyard. Soldiers Three. The Light that Failed. 

Lawless, Emily. Major Lawrence, F.L.S. Hurrish. 

Lee, Katharine. An Imperfect Gentleman. 

Le Fanu, J. S. Uncle Silas. In a Glass Darkly. 

Lever, Charles. Charles O'Malley. Jack Hinton. Tom Burke of <; Ours/' 

Lsvy, Amy. Romance of a Shop. 

Lover, S. Handy Andy. Rory O'More. 

Lyall, Edna. In the Golden Days. 



Lynn Linton, E. The Atonement of I>;nn Dundas. 

Lytton, Lord. L:ist J);iys of Pompeii. The Caxtons. My Novel. Night ;in<l 
.Morning. A St range Story. 

Maartens, Maartcn. The Sin of Joost Avelingh. 

Macdonald, G. David Elginbrod. 

Macquoid, Mrs. -Patty. 

Malet, Lucas. Colonel Enderby's Wife. A Counsel of Perfection. 

Mallock, W. H. The New Republic. 

Martineau, Harriet. The Hour and the Man. 

McCarthy, J. Dear Lady Disdain. Miss Misanthrope. 

Meredith, George. The Ordeal of Richard Fevercl. The Egoist. The 
Shaving of Shagpat. Diana of the Crossways. Evan Harrington. 

Mitford, Miss. Our Village. Belford and Regis. Tales of Our Village. 

Morier, J. Hajji Baba of Ispahan. Hajji Baba in England. Zohral> 
the Hostage. 

Muloch, Miss (.Mrs. Craik). John Halifax, Gentleman. The Head of the 

Murray, D. Christie. Hearts. John Vale's Guardian. 
Norris, W. E. Major and Minor. Thirlby Hall. The Rogue. Marcia. 
Oliphant, Laurence. Masollam. Altiora Peto. Piccadilly. 
Oliphant, Mrs. Chronicles of Carlingford (5 vols.). 

Intended to be read in sequence ; but each volume a complete story. 

Carita. A Beleaguered City. Kirsleen. 
Parr, Louisa. Dorothy Fox. 

Payn, James. By Proxy. Lost Sir Massingberd. The Burnt Million. 
Peard, F. M. A Country Cousin. 
Phillips, F. C. As in a Looking-glass. 
Praed, Mrs. Campbell. The Head Station. 
Price, E. C. The Little One. 
" Q." Dead Man's Rock. Troy Town. The Splendid Spur. 

Reade, Charles. The Cloister and the Hearth. Hard cash. Never Too Late 
to Mend. 

Riddell, Mrs. J. H. George Geith. 
Robinson, F. Mabel. Disenchantment. 
Robinson, F. W. Lazarus in London. 

Russell, W. Clarke. The Wreck of the "Grosvenor." An Ocean Tragedy. 
Rutherford, Mark. The Revolution in Tanner's Lane. 
Schreiner, Olive. The Story of an African Farm. 
Sergeant, Adeline. Little Miss Colwyn. 

Sinclair, Catherine. Modern Society. Modern Accomplishments. 
Shorthouse, J. H. John Inglesant. 
Sime, William. Cradle and Spade. 
Smart, Hawley. Breezie Langton. 

Smedley, F. E. Frank Fairleigh. Harry Coverdale's Courtship. 


Novels GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Numismatics 

Stevenson, R. L. Treasure Island. New Arabian Nights. The Dynamiters. 
Kidnapped. The Master of Ballantrae. 

Stockton, F. R. Rudder Grange. The Lady or the Tiger ? 
Stowe, Harriet B. Uncle Tom's Cabin. Dred. 
Sturgis, Julian. John Maidment. 

Surtees, R. Mr. Sponge's Sporting Tour. Handley Cross. Plain or 
Ringlets ? 

Thackeray, Miss. The Story of Elizabeth. Miss Angel. The Village on 
the Cliff. 

Thackeray, W. M. Vanity Fair. Pendennis. Barry Lyndon. The New- 
comes. Esmond. The Virginians. Adventures of Philip. The Irish 
Sketch Book. The Great Hoggarty Diamond. Major Gahagan. The 
Yellowplush Papers. The Fitzboodle Papers. The Bcrok of Snobs. 
Lovel the Widower. Denis Duval. Christmas Books. 

Trollope, A. Chronicles of Barset. (6 vols.). 

Intended to be read in given sequence ; but each volume a complets story. 

The Prime Minister. 
Tytler, Sarah. Citoyenne Jacqueline. 
Veley, Margaret. For Percival. A Garden of Memories. 
Walford, L. B. The Baby's Grandmother. Mr. Smith, a Part of his Life. 
Ward, Mrs. Humphry. Miss Bretherton. Robert Elsmere. 
Warner, C. D. A Little Journey in the World. 

Warren, Samuel. Diary of a Late Physician. Ten Thousand a Year. 
Whyte-Melville, G. J. The Gladiators. Kate Coventry. Holmby House. 
Wood, Mrs. Henry. East Lynne. The Channings. Within the Maze. 
Woolson, C. F. Anne. Jupiter Lights. 
Yonge, C. M. Heart's Ease. The Heir of Redcliffe. 



Head, B. V. Guide to the coins of the ancients. Quaritch. 5s. 

,, Historia numorum. r. 8vo. Clar. Press. 42*. 

A manual of Greek numismatics. 

Gardner, P. Types of Greek coins, imp. 4to. Cambridge Press. 31s. Gd. 

Leake. Numismata Hellenica. 4to. O.P. 

Mionnet, T. E. Description des mSdailles antiques grecques et romaines. 

8vo. (Paris). 1837. 21*. 

Mommsen, T. Histoire de la monnaie romaine. Tr. Blacas and De Witte. 

4 vols. (Paris'). 120*. 

Babelon, E. Monnaies de la R6publique romaine. 8vo. 2 vols., 20s. each. 

(Paris'). 40s. 

Cohen, H. Monnaies frapp6es sous 1' Empire remain. 8vo. 7 vols. (Paris'). 140s. 

Evans, J. Coins of the ancient Britons. 8vb. A. JR. Smith, pub. 21s. O.P. 

Intended for students. The introduction, however, would interest every intelligent person. 
Admirable essays dealing with special subjects. Supplement ; 8vo. ; Qtiaritcfi. 12*. 

Huding, R. Annals of the coinage. 4to. 3 vols. Bolin. pub. Sis. O.P. 


Numismatics GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Oxford, etc. 

Henfrey, II. W. Guide to English n. ins. Ed. (,'. F. Keary. 8vo. Hell (/Mm). C*. 

Siiituble in a collector's tfiiidi'. 

Kenyon, H. L. Gold coins of England, 8vo. Qtiaritch. 

Hawkins, E. Silver coins of England, r. Hvo. Quaritch. illus. pub. 36*. O.P. 

Atkins,.!. Coins and tokens of the British Empire. Kvo. (Juaritch. lil.v. 

Hawkins, E. Medallic illustrations of British history. 8vo. 2 vols. 

lirit. Mum-inn. s |x. 

Patrick, R. W. C. Records of the coinage of Scotland. 4to. (Edinburyh). lii<;.v. 

,, Medals of Scotland. 4to. (Edinburgh). 63*. 

Crosby, S. S. Early coins of America. 8vo. (Boston). 60s. 

Madden, F. W. Coins of the Jews. r. 4to. Trubner. 4D. 



Nightingale, Florence. Notes on nursing for the labouring classes, f . 8vo. 

Jliirrison. 6d. 

,, Notes on nursing, d. 8vo. Harrison. 2s. 

Liickes, Eva. Lectures on general nursing. 8vo. Paul. 2s. Gd. 

Humphry, L. Manual of nursing, medical and surgical, p. 8vo. Griffin. 

illus. 5. Gd. 

Wood, Catherine. Handbook for the nursing of sick children. 12mo. C'assell. 2s. Gd. 












Pacific Ocean GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Pacific Ocean 




Reclus, E. Universal geography. Vol. xiv. (Australasia), i. 8vo. Virtue. 
Wallace, A. R. Australasia. Stanford. 


Findlay, A. G. Directory for the navigation of the North Pacific Ocean, 
r. 8vo. Laurie. 

With descriptions of its coasts, islands, etc., from Panama to Beliring strait and Japan 
its winds, currents, and passages. 

Hopkins, Manley. Hawaii, past, present, and future. 8vo. Longmans. 

pub. 10s. Gd. O.P. 

Gordon-Gumming, Constance F. Fire-fountains: The kingdom of 

Hawaii. 8vo. 2 vols. JHackrvoocl. illus. 
Honolulu almanac and directory (annual). {Honolulu'). 
Hager, C. Die Marshall-Inseln und die Gilbert-Inseln. 8vo. (Leipzig}. 

' See also AUSTBALASIA. 

Findlay, A. G. Directory for the navigation of the South Pacific Ocean, 
r. 8vo. Laurie. 

With descriptions of its coasts, islands, etc., from the strait of Magalhaens to Panama, and 
those of New Zealand, Australia, etc. ; its winds, currents, and passages. 

Burney, J. Chronological history of voyages and discoveries in the 

South Sea. 4to. 5 vols. Payne. 1803-17. illus. pub. 183s. O.P. 

Wilkes, C. U.S. exploring expedition to Polynesia and the Antarctic 
Regions (1838-42). 4to. 28 vols. U.S. Govt. illus. 

Moss, F. J. Through atolls and islands in the great Soutli Sea. c. 8vo. 

Low. illus. 8s. M. 

Bomilly, H. H. The Western Pacific and New Guinea, c. 8vo. Murray. 7s. Gd. 
Cooper, H. Coral lands. 8vo. 2 vols. Bentley. 

Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Solomon and Society islands. 

Guppy, H. B. The Solomon Islands and their natives, r. Svo. Sonnen- 

schein. 10s. 6d. 

Woodford, C. M. A naturalist among the head hunters, c. Svo. PJdlij). 8s. 6d. 

Account of three visits to the Solomon Islands in 1881, 1887, 18S8. 

Gordon-Gumming, C. F. A lady's cruise in a French man-of-war. Svo. 

2 vols. Blaclttvood. illus. 12s. Gd. 

The Samoan, Friendly, and Society islands. 

Johnston, A. Camping among cannibals. Svo. Macmillan. 4s. Gd. 

Tonga-tabn, Samoa, Fiji, etc. 

Turner, G. Samoa, a hundred years ago. p. Svo. Macmillan. i),\'. 

With notes on the cults and customs of twenty-three other islands in the Pacific. 

Penny, A. Ten years in Melanesia, p. Svo. Wells, Gardner. 5s. 


Pacific Ocean GUIDE BOOK TO BOOK-. Palestine, etc. 

Ellis, W. Polynesian researches. 8vo. 2 vols. Jiohn. 1S20. pub. 28*. o.p. 

Turner, G. Nineteen years in Polynesia; missionary life ami travel.-. 

Sv.t. Xnoir. illus. 12*. 

Brenchley, J. Cruise of the " Curacoa " among the South Sea islands. 

r. 8vo, I.inii/iiKtiiK. illus. pub. 42*. O.P. 

Powell, Wilfred. Wanderings in a wild country (New Britain), c. 8vo. 


Markham, A. H. Cruise of the " Rosario " among the New Hebrides, etc. 

8vo. Low. HJ*. 

Imhaus. Les nouvelles Hebrides. Dulau. 

Colonies de I'oc6an p;iri I'n pie. 18mo. Quantin. 3s. (\d. 

Vol. iv. of "Les colonies franeaiscs." Wallis, Futuna, Kerjruelcn, New Caledonia, New 
Hvliridi's, Tahiti, Leeward Isles. 

Hicci, J. H. de. Fiji. p. 8vo. Stanford. !>*. 

Home, J. A year in Fiji. d. 8vo. Eyre. 5*. 

Inquiry into the botanical, agricultural, and economical resources of the colony. 

Oordon-Cumming, C. F. At home in Fiji. c. 8vo. 2 vols. Ulackrvood. 

illus. Is. &1 

Murray, T. B. Pitcairn : the island, the people, and the pastor, p. 8vo. 

N. /'. C. K. 3*. 



Murray's Guide to the Holy Land. p. 8vo. Murray. 20*. 

Baedeker's Guide to Palestine and Syria. 12mo. Dulau, 20*. 

Map of Western Palestine. In 26 sheets ; mile to inch. Stanford. G3s. to 210*. 

A reduced reproduction, 12s. to 42. 

Conder, C. K. Palestine (" World's Great Explorers " ser.). c. 8vo. PJtil/jf. 

illus. 4*. Gd. 

Popular summary of exploration, ancient and modern. 

Palestine Exploration Fund ; 21 years' work in the Holy Land. 8vo. Bentleij. 

illus. 3s. 6^. 

A popular summary of the work of the Palestine Exploration Fund. 

Stanley, A. P. Sinai and Palestine. 8vo. Murray, illus. 12*. 

Tristram, H. B. Pathways of Palestine. 2 ser., 31s. 6^. each. Low. illus. 63*. 

Merrill, S. Travels in Moab, Gilead, and Bashan (1875-7). 8vo. Bentley. IGs. 

Robinson and Smith. Biblical researches in Palestine. 8vo. 3 vols. 

Murray. 36*. 

Hull, E. Survey of Western Palestine. 4to. Bentley. 21*. 

Survey of Western Palestine. Ed. Palmer and Besant. 7 vols. Triibncr. 

illus. 21 

Survey of Palestine Exploration Fund : reference book for students. 

Wilson and Warren. The recovery of Jerusalem. 8vo. Bentley. 21* 

Conder, C. R. Heth and Moab ; explorations in Syria in 1881 and 1882. 

8vo. Bentley. 14. 

Published for the Palestine Exploration Fund. 

243 E 2 

Palestine, etc. GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Pattern 

Perrot and Chipiez. I/art dans 1'antiquitg. (Vols. iv., v., 24*. each). (Paris'). 

The only systematic account of pre-Hellenic antiquities in this class. The Greek and 
Roman monuments are discussed in architectural works (tee ARCHITECTURE). 


Muller, E. Pali grammar, c. 8vo. Trubner. 7s. Gd. 

Childers, K. C. Pali dictionary. 4to. Trubner. GBs. 

Fausb611, V. The Jataka. 8vo. 5 vols., 28*. each. Paul. 140*. 

Stories and folklore in Pali. 

Davids, T. W. Rhys. Buddhist birth stories (translation of the Jataka). 

8vo. Trubner. 18*. 

In progress. 

Oldenberg, H. Vinaya texts. 8vo. 5 vols., 21*. each. Williams. 105*. 

Rules of the order. 
Rhys Davids and Oldenberg. Vinaya texts ; translation of vols. i. and 

ii. of the last. d. 8vo. 3 vols., 10*. Gd. each. Clar. Press. 31*. Gd. 

Pali text society publications. 30 vols. Pali Text Soc. (22, Albemarle- 
street, W.). 21*. per annum. 
The sacred books. 

Wijesinha, L. C. The Mahawansa; Text and tr. into both Singalese 

and English. 8vo. Govt. Press ( Colombo). 43*. 

History of Buddhism in India and Ceylob; part i., V. Century, A.D. ; part ii., XII. 
Century, A.D. 





See also ENGLAND, HISTORY I. and IV. 

May, T. E. Treatise on the law, privileges, proceedings, and usages of 

parliament. 8vo. Butterworth. 48*. 

Jennings, G. H. Anecdotal history of the British parliament, d. 8vo. " Lam 

Times" Office (10, Wellington-street). 15*. 

Townsend, W. C. History of the House of Commons (1688-1832). 8vo. 

2 vols. Colburn. pub. 12*. O.P. 

Palgrave, R. F. D. The House of Commons: illustrations of its history 

and practice, c. 8voi Macmlllan. 2*. Gd. 




Pauperism GUIDE BOOK TO BOOK-. Peruia 




Poole, W. F. Index to periodical literature. 8vo. (Boston"). 73*. Gd. 

Poole and Fletcher. First supplement (to Poole's "Index"), r. 8vo. 

(London). 30*. 

Index of Magazine Articles (annual). "Review of Reviews" Office. 2s. 

JOURNAL: Review of Review (monthly (kZJ, deals with the periodical literature of the 




Malcolm, J. Sketches of Persia, p. 8vo. Murray. 3*. Gd. 

"Wills, C. J. Land of the lion and sun. 8vo. Macmillan. pub. 14*. O.P. 

, , Persia as it is. c. 8vo. Lore. 8*. Gd. 

Bassett, J. Persia, the land of the Imams. 8vo. Ulackie. Map. 7*. Gd. 

Stack, E. Six months in Persia, c. 8vo. 2 vols. Low. Maps. 24*. 

Benjamin, S. G. \V. Persia and the Persians. 8vo. Murray, illus. 24*. 

Goldsmid, F. Eastern Persia, 1870-2. 8vo. 2 vols. Macmillan. illus. 

pub. 42*. O.P. 


Perrot and Chipiez. Histoire de 1'art dans I'antiquitfi ; vol. v., Perse. 

(Paris). 24*. 

Plandin and Coste. Voyage en Perse. 8vo. 2 vols. 12*. Gd. 

Dieulafoy, M. L'Acropolis de Susa ; part i. 4to. (Paris). 20*. 

,, L'art antique de la Perse, fo. 5 vols. (Paris). 149*. 

Malcolm, J. History of Persia, to 1800. 8vo. Murray. O.r. 

Watson, R. G. History of Persia, 1800-58. d. 8vo. Smith, Elder. 

pub. 15*. O.P. 

Benjamin, S. G. W. Persia. Unwin. 5*. 

"Vaux, W. S. History of Persia to the Arab conquest, f. 8vo. S. P. C. K. 21*. 

Ancient history from the monuments. 

Thompson, W. F. Practical philosophy of the Muhammadan people 

(Oriental Translation Fund). 8vo. Allen. 15*. 

A translation of the Akhlaq i Jalali. 

Haug, M. Essays on the Parsees. 8vo. Trubner, 16*. 

Hughes, T. P. Dictionary of Islam, r. 8vo. Allen. 42*. 


Students should begin with Forbes' Grammar and reading letsons, and go on with the 
Gulittan, edited by J. T. Platts. 



Forbes, D. Persian grammar, reading lessons, and vocabulary, r Svo. 

Allen. 12s. Gd. 

Clarke, H. W. The Persian manual. ISmo. Allen. Is. Gd. 

Johnson, F. Persian dictionary, r. Svo. Allen, pub. 80s. O.P. 

Baretto. Persian dictionary. Svo. 2 vols. Allen. 12.>-. 

Palmer, E. H. Persian dictionary, sq. IGmo. Longmans. 10s. Gd. 

Zenda vesta. Parts i. and ii. Tr. J. Darmesteter. d. Svo. 3 parts. 

Clar. Press. 33s. Cd.. 

Parts i., ii., 10s. Gd. each ; part iii., 12s. 6(7. 

Pahlavi texts. (Vols. v., xviii., and xxiv. of "Sacred books of the East"). 

Tr. E. W. West. d. Svo. 3 vols. Clar. Press. 35s. Gd. 

Vol. v., 12s. Gd. ; vol. xviii., 12*. Gd. ; vol. xxiv., 10. Gd. 

Firdausi. Shahnama ; Persian text, with French translation" by J. M,ohl. 

fo. 6 vols. (Paris). 25 

The translation only, Livre des rois. Svo. 7 vols. 52s. 6c7. 

,, Heroic tales ; re-told by Helen Zimmern. p. Svo. Unrein. 

Selections from the Shahnama of Firdausi for children. 

Khayyam, Omar. Quatrains ; Persian text and translation by E. H. Whin- 
field, p. Svo. Trubner. 10s. Gd. 

, , The Eubaiyat ; rendered into English verse by E. Fitzgerald. 

p. 12mo. Quaritcli. 15s. 

Lankuran. The Vazir ; a Persian play, text, with vocabulary and trans- 
lation by Haggard and Lestrange. p. Svo. Trubner. 10s. Gd. 

A good work for colloquial Persian. 

Jalalu 'd Din Muhammad i Eumi. Masnavi i Ma'navi. Tr. E. H. Whin- 
field, p. Svo. Trubner. Is. Gd. 

, , Song of the reed ; the first few stories from the Masnavi. Tr. into 

verse by Prof. Palmer. Svo. Triibner. 5s. 

Sa'di. Bustan of Sa'di. Ed. and tr. H. W. Clarke. Svo. Allen. 30s. 

,, Gulistan, or Eose garden of Sa'di. Ed. and tr. J. T. Platts. Svo. 

Trubner. 10s. Gd. 

,, With Sa'di in the garden (Chap. 3 of Sa'di's Bustan). Tr. into verse 

by Sir Ed. Arnold, p. Svo. Trubner. Is. Gd. 

Jami. Yusuf wa Zulaikha. Tr. E. T. Griffiths, p. Svo. 1 rubner. 8s. Gd.. 

Persian poetry for English readers (Hafiz, etc.). Ed. S. Robinson. 
( Glasgow). 

This includes the " Century of Ghazels " fiom Hafiz's Diwan. Privately printed. 

Anvari i Soheili (Fables of Pilpay). Tr. A. N. Wollaston. r. Svo. Allen. 42s.. 

Arbuthnot. Persian portraits. Svo. Quarltch. as* 

Hieu, C. Catalogue of Persian MSS. in. British Museum. 4to. 3 vols. 

Sold at J3ritis7i M^lseum. 25s. 



Markham, C. R. Cuzco and Lima. Svo. Chapman, pub. 14s. O.P. 

Hutchinson, T. J. Two years in Peru ; with explorations of antiquities. 

Svo. 2 vols.- Low. illus. 28s. 


Peru GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Philosophy, etc. 

Squier, E. G. IVni : triv.-l and exploration in the land of the Incas. 8vo. 

Miii-niilldit. illus. pub. 21s. O.P. 

Markham, ('. Ii. IVni. 12mo. Lorn. 

Paz Soldan, M. F. Diccionario g(M,_i,'i|>liii n r-tadistico del Peru. 
Inijn-i'iitd ilfl Matado. 

Prescott, W. II. History of the conquest of Peru. 8vo. Itoutledye. tit. 

T ;:I:AIUNG, see Snooxixt;. 



'NO th i' tl'ifff.r&nt languages. 

Bopp, F. Vcrgleichende Gramnmtik des Sanskrit, Zend, Griechischen, 
Lateinischen, Lithauischen, Gothischen und Deutschen. 8vo. 3 vols. 


Best translation is in French by Michel Brdal. comparee des langues indo- 
europceinies. 8vo. 5 vols. (Paris). 40. 

,, The same. Tr. Eastwick. 8vo. 3 vols. O.P. 

Wright, W. Lectures on the comparative grammar of the Semitic 

languages, d. 8vo. Cambridge Press. 14*. 

Muller, F. Max. Lectures on the science of language, c. 8vo. 2 vols. 

Longmans. 1(5*. 

Sayce, A. H. Introduction to the science of language, p. 8vo. 2 vols. Paul. 21. 

Paul, H. Principles of the history of language. Tr. Strong. 8vo. 

Son-nenscftein. 10s. 6d. 

Muller, F. Grundriss der Sprachwissenschaft. 8vo. 4 vols. ( Vienna). 52s. 

A. general philological classification of peoples by languages. 

Brugmann, G. Grundriss der vergleichenden Grammatik der Indo- 
Germanischen Sprachen. 8vo. (Strassburg). 

Vol. i., 40*. ; vol ii. (part 1), 12*. 

, , The same. Tr. J. Wright. 8vo. 2 vols. Nutt. 34*. 

Fick, A. Worterbuch der Indo-Germanischen Sprache. 8vo. 4 vols. 

( Gottingeri). 45. 

Vol. i., li*. ; vol. ii., 14*. ; vol. iii., 7. ; vol. iv., 10*. New edition in preparation. 

Henry, V. Comparative grammar of Greek and Latin. Tr. Sonnenscliein. Is. Gd. 

Curtius, G. Principles of Greek etymology. Tr. Wilkins and England. 

8vo. 2 vols. Murray. 28s. 

PERIODICAL : Zeitschrift fiir vergleichende Sprachfonchung ; ed. Kuhn and Schmidt ; 
pub. bi-monthly; 1C. per annum. 



Lotze, H. Mikrokosmos. 8vo. 2 vols. Clark. 36*. 

,, Metaphysic. Tr. B. Bosanquet. 8vo. Clar. Press. 12*. Qd, 

,, Outlines of metaphysic. Tr. G. T. Ladd. 8vo. Ginn, Heatli. 12* 


Philosophy, etc. GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Philosophy, etc. 

Ferrier, J. F. Institutes of metaphysics, c. 8vo. Blacltwood. 10s. 6d. 

,, Philosophical remains, c. 8vo. 2 vols. Blaclnrcood. 

Great power of clear illustration. 

Grote, J. Exploratio philosophica. 8vo. Bell and Daldy. i'.*. 

Hodgson, S. H. Time and space. 8vo. Longmans. 16,'. 

,, Philosophy of reflection. 8vo. 2 vols. Longmans. 21,*. 

Fiske, J. Outlines of cosmic philosophy. 8vo. 2 vols. Macmillan. 25s. 

Mill. J. S. Examination of Sir W. Hamilton's philosophy. 8vo. Longmans. 1C*. 

Herbert, T. M. Modern realism examined. 8vo. Macmillan. 14,". 

Essays in philosophical criticism. Ed. Seth and Haldane. 8vo. Longmans. 

pub. 9*. O.F. 

Balfour, A. .T. Defence of philosophical doubt. 8vo. Macmillan. 12s. 

Bowne, B. P. Metaphysic ; a study in first principles. 8vo. Harper. 12s. Qd. 

Spencer, H. First principles. 8vo. Williams. 16,*. 

Green, T. H. Works. Ed. R. L. Nettleship. 8vo. 3 vols. Longmans. 21*. 

Very condensed. The memoir in vol. iii. contains a general sketch of his philosophy by the 


Schwegler, A. Handbook of the history of philosophy. Tr. J. H. Stirling. 

c. 8vo. Douglas. Is. 

Best short and cheap history. 

Lewes, G. H. History of philosophy. 18mo. 2 vols. Longmans. Ife 

Ferrier, J. F. Lectures on the history of Greek philosophy, p. 8vo. 2 vols. 

Blacltwood. 24s. 

Early part, to death of Socrates, the best. 

Erdmann, J. E. History of philosophy. Tr. 8vo. 3 vols. Sonnenscliein. 42s. 

Vols. i., ii., log. each ; vol. iii., 12. 

Zeller, E. Outlines of history of ancient philosophy. Tr. p. 8vo. 

Longmans. 9s. 

} , Pre-Socratic philosophy. Tr. S. F. Alleyne. 8vo. 2 vols. Long- 
mans. 30s. 

,, Socrates and the Socratic schools. Tr. O. J. Reichel. p. 8vo. 

Longmans. 8s. 6d. 

,, Plato. Tr. Alleyne and Goodwin, p. 8vo. Longmans. is,--. 

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Index, Is. 6d. 

,, Aristotle. Ed. Bain and Robertson. 8vo.. Murray. 12s. 


Philosophy, etc. (il'IDK I!(M)K TO IHJOKS. Phoenicia 

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,, Fourfold root and will in nature, p. 8vo. Bell (Bohri). 5s. 

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c. 8vo. 3 vols. Triibner. 31 S . Gd. 

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An account of Spencer's whole works, published with his sanction. 


Perrot and Chipiez. Ancient art in Phoenicia (vol. iii. of " L'art dans 

1'antiquite "). Tr. W., Armstrong, i. 8vo. 2 vols. Chapman. 
Henan, E. Mission de Phenicie. 4to. (Paris'). 

Ledrain, E. Notice des monuments pheniciens du Louvre. (Louvre 
catalogue). 18mo. (Paris). 

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Phoenicia GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Physics 

Kenrick, J. Phoenicia. Svo. Fellowes. illus. l(!s. 

Rawlinson, G. History of Phoenicia. Svo. Longmans. 24s. 

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Gcschichte "). Svo. (Berlin}. 12*'. 

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Smith, R. Bosworth. Carthage and the Carthaginians, c. Svo. Longmans. 16s. (id. 


COURSE OP HEADING : Elementary chemistry and light ; Elements of photography, and 
the treatise on photography ; Chemical effect of the spectrum ; Pictgrial photography 
and naturalistic photography. 

Meldola, R. Chemistry of photography. Svo. Macmillan. Gs. 

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, , Instruction in photography. Svo. Piper and Carter. 3*. Gd. 

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Harrison. 2$. 

Harrison, W. J. History of photography. Svo. Triibner. 7x. (>rf. 

Index to standard photographs (annual). Review of Reviews Office. 2s. 





Stewart, Balfour. Primer of physics. 18mo. Macmillan. illus. Is. 

, , Lessons in elementary physics, f . Svo. Macmillan. illus. 4s. Gd. 

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illus. 21s. 

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2 vols. Cambridge Press. 34s. 

Vol. i., 16s. ; vol. ii., 18*. Vol. ii. deals with elasticity. 


Worthington, A. M. Physical laboratory practice ; 1st course, c. Svo. 

Rivingtons. 4s. Gd. 

Glazebrook and Shaw. Practical physics, c. Svo. Longmans. 6s. 


Physics < : T 1 1 >K BOOK TO BOOK.-. Physics 

Stewart and Gcc. Lessons in elementary practical physics. 2 

Mncinill<i/i. illus. 13*. ()//. 

V'l. \. .('*.; vol. ii.. Is. Ktl. 

- 111. MKCI1ANICS: 

Ball, K. S. Experimental meohaniofl. c. 8vo. Macmillan. illus. G 

Maxwell,.!. Clerk. Matter and motion (mathematical), f. 8vo. S.P.('.i\. la 

Stewart, I >a If our. Conscrvat ion of energy (" Inter. Scicnt." ser.). c. 8vo. 
J 'tt it I. 


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(mathematical), c. 8vo. Mucinillan. ".<. <!^. 


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Stokes, G. G. On light, (elem.). c. 8vo. Macmillan. Is. Gd. 

Wright, L. Light, c. 8vo. Macmillan. illus. 7s. Gd. . 

Deals specially with lecture-room experiments. 

Heath, R. Geometrical optics (mathematical), d. 8vo. Cambridge Press. 12s. Gd, 

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illus. 6s. 

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c. 8vo. Paul, illus. , Gs. Gd. 

A. popular work. 

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Macmillan. 25*. 


laipton, S. Numerical tables and constants in elementary science. 

ex. f. 8vo. Macmillan. 2s. Gd. 


Physics GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Physiology 

Everett, J. D. Units and physical constants, gl. 8vo. Macmillan. 5s. 

Clarke, F. W. Table of specific gravities. 8vo. Macmillan. 12s. 6^. 

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(Paris'). 2s. Qd. 

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illus. 5s. 

Conte, J. le. Sight ; the principles of monocular and binocular vision. 

(" Inter. Scient." ser.). c. 8vo. Paul, illus. 5s. 


Quain's anatomy. Ed. Schafer and Thane. 8vo. 2 vols., 18s. each. 

Longmans, illus. 36s. 

Foster, M. Text-book of physiology. 8vo. 3 vols., 10s. 6d. each. Mac- 
millan. illus. 31s. 6d. 

The best introduction to the subject. 

McKendrick, J. G. Text-book of physiology, d. 8vo. 2 vols. Maclehose. 

illus. 40s. 

Vol. i., general, 16*. ; vol. ii., special, 24*. Copiously illustrated ; contains valuable details 
as to methods of observation and research. 

Hermann, L. Lehrbuch der Physiologie. 8vo. (Berlin). 14s. 

Contains chapters of a special excellence on the physiology of muscle and nerve, on vision, and 
on hearing. 

,, The elements of human physiology. Tr. by A. Gamgee. d. 8vo. 

Smith, Elder. 16s. 

Translation of the above. 

Handbuch der Physiologie. Ed. Hermann. 6 vols. (Leipzig'). 137s. 

Vol. i. (two parts, 19.) contains Physiology of muscle, by Hermann: Protoplasm, 
Engelmann; Speech, Griitzner; Motion, Fiek/ Vol. ii. (two parts, Ifis. M.), Nervous 
system, by Hermann, Meyer, Eckhard, Exner. Vol. iii. (two parts, 27.), The senses, by 
Fick, Kiihne, Hering, Vintschgau, Funke. Vol. iv. (two parts, 24*.), Circulation and 
respiration, by Kollett, Aubert, Zuntz, Eosenthal. Vol. v. (two parts, 28. 6d.\ Secretion, 
digestion, and assimilation, by Heidenhain, Drechsel, Maly, Wittich, Mayer. Vol. vi. (two 
parts, 22*.), Nutrition, generation, by Voet and Heuseu. 

Landois, L. Text-book of human physiology. Tr. W. Stirling, with 

additions, m. 8vo. Griffin, illus. 34s. 

A useful book of reference. 

Smith, R. M. Physiology of the domestic animals. 8vo. (Pli'dadelpliia). 28s. 

Memoirs of the physiology of nerve, muscle, and the electrical organ. Ed. 

J. Burdon Sanderson, m. 8vo. Clar. Press. 21s. 

Contains translations of recent researches by Du Bois Keymond, Hermann, Hering, aid 


Physiology <.TII>K I'.OOK TO BOOKS. Poetry 


Gamgee, A. Physiological chemistry of the human body. m. 8vo. 

Miii-iiiil In n. Vul. i., 18*. 
Firxt vol. only has appeared: second vol. now in preparation. 

Bunge, G. Physiological and pathological chemistry. Tr. L. Woodbridgo. 

d. 8vo. Paid. U]g. 

Hoppe-Seyler. Physiologische Chemie. 8vo. 4 vols. (Itrrliri). 25*. 

,, PhysiologlBohe Analyse. HVO. (Berlin}. 1 1.. 

The standard works. 

Schiitzenberger. Fermentation ("Inter. Scient." ser.). c. 8vo. Paul. 

illus. 5$. 

Halliburton. Text-book of chemical physiology and pathology. Longmans. 28*. 


Draper, J. O. Text-book of medical physics, r. 8vo. Churchill, illus. 

pub. 18*. O.P. 

Gariel and Dcsplats. Elements de physique me"dicale. 8vo. (Paris), illus. 10*. 

Fick, A. Die medicinische Physik. 8vo. Vieweg. 8*. 

The best book on the subject. 

,, Mechanische Arbeit und Warme-entwickelung bei der Muskel- 

thiitigkeit. 8vo. Srockliaus. Zx. 

Helmholtz, H. Handbuch der physiologischen Optik. 8vo. 5 parts, 

3s. each. (Leipzig). 15*. 

The best book on the subject. 

, , The sensations of tone. Tr. A. J. Ellis, r. 8vo. Longmans. 28*. 

The best book on the subject. 







PLAIN SONG, see Music V. 




Arnold, M. Works, c. 8vo. 3 vols., 7*. &d. each. Macmillan. 22*. Gd. 

Also in one volume, c. 8vo., 7. 6d. ; and selections (" Golden Treasury " ser.), it. 6d. 

Browning, E. B. Works, c. 8vo. 6 vols., 5*. each. Smith, Elder. 30*. 

Also selections, 2 vols., 7. : and selections (pocket ed.\ 1*. 



Browning, R. Works, c. 8vo. 17 vols., 5s. each. Smith, Elder. 85s. 

Also selections, 2 vols., 7s. ; and selections (pocket ed.), 1*. 

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Also pocket edition. 11 vols., Is. each. (Hiawatha in one volume). 

Udacaulay, T. B. Lays of ancient Rome. p. Svo. Longmans. 10s. 6^. 

Also at 3s. Gd., and cheaper editions. 

Morris, W. The earthly Paradise, c. 8vo. 4 vols. Reeves. 40s. 

Also 5 vols., 25s. ; and in one volume (double columns ; small type), 7s. Gel. 
" Guinevere," 8s. ; " Jason," 8s. ; " Niblungs," 6s. ; " Odyssey." Tr. Gs. Gd. 

Hossetti, D. G. Works, d. 8vo. 2 vols. Ellis. 18s. 

Also in one volume, c. 8vo. 6s. 

Swinburne, A. C. Works, c. 8vo. 17 vols. Chatto. G IGs 

" Poems and ballads," first series, 9s. ; second, 9s. ; third, 7s. " Songs before sunrise," 
10s. Gd. ; " Songs of two nations," 6s. ; " Songs of the springtime," 6s. ; " Studies in 
song," 7s.; "Century of roundels," 8s.; "Mid-summer holiday," 7s.; "Atalanta," 6s.; 
" Chastelard," 7s.; "Bothwell," 12s. Gd. ; "Erectheus," 6s.; "Mary Stuart," 8. ; 
" Tristram," 9s. ;" Marino Faliero," 6s. ; " Locrine," 6s. 

Selections, f . 8vo. 6s. 

Tennyson, A. Works, c. 8vo. 8 vols., 5s. each. Macmillan. 40s. 

In one vol., 7s. Gd. ; Lyrical poems (" Golden Treasury " ser.), 4s. del. 

Whitman, Walt. Leaves of grass, p. 8vo. 9s 

Also selections (pocket ed.). c. 8vo. Is. 

Stedman, E. C. Victorian poets, p. 8vo. Chatto. 9.S. 


Austin, A. Works, c. 8vo. 5 vols., 5s. each. Macmillan. 25s. 

Barham, R. H. D. Ingoldsby legends, c. 4to. Sentley. illus. 21s. 

Also d. 8vo., 10s. Gd. ; c. 8vo., 2s. Gd. ; and other editions. 

Bret Harte. Works, c. 8vo. Chatto. Gs. 

Also selections (pocket ed.). Routledge. Is. 

Calverley, C. S. Verses and fly-leaves, d. Svo. Bell. Is. Gd. 

Also "Ply leaves," 3s. Gd. 

Courthope, W. J. Paradise of birds, r. Svo. Hatchard. Is. Gd. 

Dobson, A. Old world idylls, f. Svo. Paul. Gs. 

, , At the sign of the Lyre. Paul. 6s. 

Hood, T. Works, c. Svo. 2 vols., 5s. each. Ward. 10s. 

Vol. i., Serious ; vol. ii., Humorous. 

Xiang, A. Ballades in blue china, 5s. ; Rhymes a la mode, 5s. ; f. Svo. 

Paul. 10s. 

, , Grass of Parnassus, f . Svo. Longmans. 6s. 

Iceland, C. G. Hans Breitmann's ballads, f. Svo. Paul. 3s. Gd. 

Locker, F. London lyrics, f. Svo. Paul. 6s. 

Iiowell, J. R. Biglow papers, f. Svo. Macmillan. 4s. Gd. 

Xiyra Elegantiarum. Ed. F. Locker Lampson. c. Svo. Ward. 2s. 

Martin and Aytoun. Bon Gaultier ballads, f . Svo. Bladtmood. 5s. 

Praed, W. M. Works, c. Svo. 2 vols., 5s. each. Ward. 10s. 

Also selections. Scott. Is. 

Smith, Brothers. Rejected addresses, f. Svo. Chatto. 5s. 

Also pocket ed. Koutledffe. Is. 


Poetry GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Political Economy 

Traill, II. D. Krr:i]ittin-d rhymes, c. 8vo. I'm/I. r..v. 

,, .Saturday songs. 4to. Allfti. 



For beginning Polish the grammar of Vymazal is recommended: there are selections 
from Polish literature appended. The student mi^ht then road some of the minor poems of 
Mirkii'wiiv.. For a scieutitic study of Polish, the line grammar of Malecki is invaluable; it 
is written in Polish. 

Malecki, A. Grammatyka Historyczno-Por6\vnawcza Jezyka Polskiego 

Historico-comparativo grammar. 

Vymazal, F. Grammatik dcr polnischen Sprache. (Briinn^) 3*. Gd. 

Chopzko, A. Complete dictionary of English and Polish. 8vo. (Berlin}. 20.v. 

Schmidt, J. A. E. Nouveau dictionnaire portatif Fran^ais-Polonais et 

Polonais-Fran9ais. 18mo. (Leipzig). 3s. Gd. 

Mickiewicz. Konrad Wullenrod. Tr. M. A. Biggs. 18mo. Triibner. 2s. Gd. 

,, Master Thaddeus. Tr. M A. Biggs, f. 8vo. Triibner. Ins. 



It is difficult to recommend any one course of study which would be convenient to all 
readers. Generally the student of economics may be advised first to acquaint himself with the 
broad outlines of the theory of the subject ; and then to obtain some substantial knowledge of 
economic history. After having thus made a general survey of the subj ect, he will probably have 
discovered in what direction his special tastes attract him to f urther study. Whatever may be 
the particular field ultimately selected, whether that of industrial, commercial, monetary, 
financial, or other questions, it should be studied with thorough knowledge of the history and 
statistics of the subject, and with a comprehensive view of all considerations, economic or 
non-economic, which have any practical bearing upon it. The best information on questions 
of the day will generally be found, not in set treatises, but in papers communicated to 
societies and reviews, and in the reports of Commissions (sometimes abstracts of these are 
available), and in the various official publications. 


Walker, F. A. First lessons in political economy, c. 8vo. Macmillan. 5,v. 

Marshall, A. Economics of industry, ex. f. 8vo. Macmillan. 2s. (id. 

Sidgwick, H. Principles of political economy. 8vo. Macmillan. IGs.. 

Marshall, A. Principles of economics. 8vo. Macmillan. 12s. Gd. 

Wicksteed, P. H. Alphabet of economic science, gl. 8vo. Macmillan. 2s. Gd. 

Introduces reader to mathematical conception of subject, and should precede the study of 

Symes, J. E. Short text-book of political economy, c. 8vo. Rivington. 2s. Gd. 
Jevons, W. S. Theory of political economy. 8vo. Macmillan. 10s. Gd. 

Andrews, E. B. Institutes of economics. 8vo. (Jiustori). 7,?. 

Specially designed for teachers in schools. 

Keynes, J. N. Scope and method of political economy, c. 8vo. Macmillan. Is. 


Political Economy GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Political Economy 

Smith, Adam. Wealth of nations. Ed. J. S. Nicholson. 8vo. Nelson. !*. 

Valuable introduction and notes. 

,, The same. Ed. McCulloch. 8vo. Slack. '.'*. 

Valuable historical notes. 

Cairnes, J. E. Essays in political economy. 8vo. Macmillan. pub. 14. o.r. 

Bonar, J. Malthus and his work. 8vo. Macmillan. 12s. Gd. 

Ricardo, D. Works. Ed. McCulloch. 8vo. Murray. 16*. 

,, Works. Ed. Gonner. c. 8vo. Sell (Soliri). f,.. 
Mill, J. S. Principles of political economy, c. 8vo. Longmans. 

Leslie, Cliff e. Essays in political economy and moral philosophy. 8vo. 

Longmans. 10s. Gd. 

Toynbee, A. The industrial revolution. 8vo. Rivingtons. 10s. Gd. 


Cossa, L. Guide to the study of political economy. 8vo. Macmillan. 

pub. 4s. Gd. o.r. 

Ingram, J. R. History of political economy, p. 8vo. Slack. 6s. 

Ashley, W. J. English economic history, c. 8vo. Rivint/tons. 

Cunningham, W. English industry and commerce, d. 8vo. Cambridge 

Press. 16s. 

Larger edition in course of publication. 

Levi, L. History of British commerce (1763-1878). 8vo. Murray. 18s. 

Giffen, R. Growth of capital, d. 8vo. Sell. Is. Gd. 


Jevons, W. S. Money and the mechanism of exchange (" Internat. Scient." 

ser.). c. 8vo. Paul. 5s. 

Investigations in currency and finance (1568-1882). Ed. H. S. 

Foxwell. 8vo. Macmillan. 21s. 

Contains a bibliography extending from 1568 to 1882. 

Walker, F. A. Money, trade, and industry, c. 8vo. Macmillan. 7s. Gd. 

Nicholson, J. S. Money and monetary problems, c. 8vo. Blackrvood. 10s. Gd. 

Walker, F. A. Money. 8vo. Macmillan. 16s. 
Ijiverpool, Lord. Coins of the realm. EffingJiam Wilson. 

The report on which the English gold standard was established. 

Horton, S. Dana. The silver pound, r. 8vo. Macmillan. 11*. 

Bagehot, W. Lombard-street : a description of the money-market, c. 8vo. 

Paul. 7s. Gd. 

Overstone, Lord. Tracts by. r. 8vo. Longmans. 1857-9. O.P 

A collection of important and interesting pamphlets and tracts. Only intended for those who 
make a special study of the subject. 

Gilbart. On banking. Ed. A. Michie. p. 8vo. 2 vols., 5s. each. Sell 

(Sokri). 10s. 

Rogers, J. E. T. First nine years of the Bank of England, d. 8vo. Clar. 

Press. 8s. Gd. 

Barbour, D. Theory of bi-metallism. 8vo. Cassell. <>* 

Crump, A. Theory of Stock Exchange speculation, r. 8vo. Longmans. 10s. Gd. 


Political Economy (Jl'lDK BOOK TO BOOKS. Political Economy 

Giffen, H. Stock KxHiange securities. d. Hvo. llrll. IHs. Gd. 

Essays in fiii.-mrf. (I. 8vo. 2 vols. Itfll. 24*. *'/. 

V..1 i , lii. M. ; vnl ii., 14*. 

Foxwell, II. S. Employment and prices (in " Claim.-, of labour"). 12mo. 

I'ldlnb. <'<i-j>. I'rinting Socit'l i/. (',//. 

Ooschen, G. J. Theory of foreign exchanges. <1. Hvo. Effingham Wilson. 6*. 

Bastable. Theory of International trade, c. 8vo. SlmpUn. 3s. Gd. 

Tate, W. Modern cambist. 8vo. Xffi-ngham Wilson. 12*. 

Fenn. On the funds. Ed. R. L. Nash. d. 8vo. Effingham Wilson. 25*. 

The lout two books are practical treatises. 

JOURNAL: Journal of the Institute of Banker; monthly: ( Effingham Wilson) . 


Fawcett, H. Free trade and protection, c. 8vo. Macmillan. 3*. (id. 

List, F. National system of political economy. Tr. Lloyd. 8vo. Long- 
mans. 10*. (!>d. 

Taussig, F. W. The tariff history of the United States, c. 8vo. Putnam. 5*. 

Sumner, W. G. History of American protection. 12mo. Putnam. 4*. 

Fairer, T. Free trade versus fair trade, p. 8vo. Cassell. 2s. Gd. 

Hawson, R. Tariffs and trade of the British Empire. 8vo. Imp. Fed. 

League. 2s. Gd. 

Macneill, J. G. S. English interference with Irish industries, p. 8vo. 

Cassell. Is. 


Walker, F. A. The wages question. 8vo. Macmillan. 14s. 

Howell, G. Conflict of capital and labour, c. 8vo. Macmillan. Is. Gd. 

Brentano, L. History of guilds and trades unions. 8vo. Triibner. 3s. Gd. 

Plener, E. von. English factory legislation. 12mo. Chapman. 3.?. 

"Alfred." History of the factory movement. 8vo. 2 vols. Simpldn. 

pub. 21*. O.P. 

Levi, L. Wages and earnings of the working classes. 8vo. Murray. 3*. 6^. 

Giffen, R. Progress of the working classes, d. 8vo. Sell. 3d. 

Also in Esays on Finance, vol. ii. 

Price, L. L. Industrial peace, m. 8vo. Macmillan. s. 

Preface by Professor Marshall. 

Oilman, N. P. Profit sharing, c. 8vo. Macmillan. Is. Gd. 

Adams, H. B. History of co-operation in the U.S. of America. 8vo. 

Macmillan. 15*. 

Acland. and Jones. Working men co-operators. 12mo. Cassell. 1*. 

Holyoake, G. J. History of co-operation, p. 8vo. 2 vols. Triibner. 14*. 

See also Beports of the Labour Correspondent of the Board of Trade, and other Board 
of Trade Publications (Eyre) ; Reports of various Labour Bureaux, U.S.A., especially 
Massachusetts, Washington, and Pennsylvania; Reports of the principal English Trades 
Unions, e.g., Engineers, Carpenters, Iron-founders, etc. 


Pollock, F. The land laws ("English Citizen" scr.). p. 8vo. Macmillan. 3*. Gd. 

257 S 

Political Economy GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Political Economy 

Probyn, J. W. Systems of land tenure (Cobden Club). 8vo. Cassell. 3s. Gd. 

Walker, F. A. Land and its rent. f. 8vo. Macmillan. :'>*. (!</. 

Nicholson, J. S. Tenant's gain, not landlord's loss. c. 8vo. Dour/las. ijs. 

Town Holdings : digest of evidence (1886-88). d. 8vo. Cassell. l.s-. 

Sargant, C. H. Urban rating. 8vo. Longmans. Gn. 

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McCulloch, J. R. Taxation and funding. 8vo. Longmans, pub. Us. O.P. 

Baxter, R. The taxation of the United Kingdom. 8vo. - Macmillan. 

pub. 4s. Gd. O.P. 

Wright and Hobhouse. Local government and taxation. 8vo. King. 5s. 

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Dowell, S. History of taxes and taxation. 8vo. 4 vols. Longmans. 42s. 

Northcote, S. Financial policy. 8vo. Saunders. pub. 14s. O.P. 
Financial statements of Chancellors of the Exchequer (especially W. E. 

Gladstone). 8vo. Murray, pub. 12s. O.P. 

Adams, H. C. Public debts. 8vo. Longmans. 12s. Gd. 


Jevons, W. S. The state in relation to labour (" English Citizen " ser.). 

c. 8vo. Macmillan. 3s. Gd. 

Farrer, T. The state in relation to trade ("English Citizen" ser.). c. 8vo. 

Macmillan. 3s. Gd. 

Jevons, W. S. Methods of social reform. 8vo. Macmillan. 10s. Gd. 

Hadley, A. T. Railroad transportation. 12rno. Putnam. Is. Gd. 

Spencer, H. The man versus the state. 8vo. Williams. 2s. Gd. 

A plea for liberty, with introduction by Herbert Spencer. 8vo. Williams. 10s. 

Hae, J. Contemporary socialism, p. 8vo. Isbister. 7s. Gd. 

Graham, W. Socialism, old and new ("Internat. Scient." ser.). c. 8vo. 

Paul. 5s. 

Principles and history of socialism. 

Ely, R. T. French and German socialism. 12mo. Triibner. 3s. Gd. 

Noyes, J. H. History of American socialism, p. 8vo. Trubner. 15s. 

Marx, K. Capital. Tr. Mrs. Aveling. 8vo. 2 vols. Sonnenschein. 30s. 

Lavollee, R. Les classes ouvrieres en Europe. 8vo. 2 vols. (Paris'). 16s. 

Ruskin, J. " Unto this last." 12mo. G.Allen. 3x. 

,, Munera pulveris. 8vo. G.Allen. KJs. 

Time and tide. 8vo. G. Allen. 13s. 

Carlyle, T. Chartism, and other writings. 8vo. Chapman. 6s. 

Kingsley, C. Yeast, c. 8vo. Macmillan. 3s. Gd. 

, , Alton Locke, c. 8vo. Macmillzn. 3s. Gd. 

" Industrial remuneration conference" report. Svo. Cassell. 2s. Gd. 


Political Economy (.'I IDK !',<)( )k To l!<)nk~. Political Philosophy 

Booth, c. Labour and life of the people. ^M>. n'H/itnim. 10*. Gd. 

Malthus, T. li. K.-iy mi population. 8vo. lleevea and Turner. 8*. 

Aschrott, S. 1'. Kn.yli.-li poor law system. d. Svo. A//./V////. 

LePlay. Les ouvricrs ritmpiVns. Syo. C, vols., ."..v. (','. cadi. (Tours). 

Sargant, W. L. Life of Robert Owen. p. 8vo. Smith, Elder, pub. 10#. Gd. o.r 

Jones, L. Life of Robert Owen. Hvo. tjonnenschfin. 

Seeley, K. 1!. Memoirs of M. T. Sadler. 8vo. 1842. o.r. 

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Macpherson, D. Annals of commerce. 4to. 4 vols. 1805. o.i- 

Eden, F. M. State of the poor. 4to. 3 vols. ]7'.)7. o.iv 

Tooke and Nowmarch. History of prices. 8vo. G vols. Longmans. 

1838-57. pub. 52s. (\<l. o.r. 

Ruding, R. Annals of the coinage. 4to. 3 vols. Bohn. 1840. pub. 84*. O.P. 

Rogers, J. E. T. History of agriculture and prices, d. 8vo. 6 vols. 

Clar. Press. 142*. 

Vol. i., ii., i'ls. ; vol. iii., iv., 50. ; vol. v., vi., 50. 

Roscher. Political economy. Tr. Lalor. 2 vols. (Chicago). 35s. 

Valuable for its foot-notes. 

McCulloch, J. R. Literature of political economy. 8vo. Longmans. 

1845. pub. 14*. O.P. 

Dictionnaire de 1'economie politique. Ed. Coquelin. r. 8vo. 2 vols. 

(Parts). 40*. 

New edition in preparation under special headings. 

Palgrave, I. Dictionary of political economy. 

McCulloch, J. R. Commercial dictionary. 8vo. Lowjmam. 03*. 

Bithell, R. Counting house dictionary, p. 8vo. Routledge. 5*. 

BIBLIOGRAPHY : Roj'al Statistical Society's Library Catalogue, 2 vols. Classified 
lists of current bibliography will be found in each number of the Quarterly Journal of 
Economics. Bibliography of works on Socialism and Economics ; Fabian Society ; Id. 

JOURNALS: Quarterly Journal of Economics. 8vo. 2. Gel. each. (Macmillan) ; 
Journal of the Rot/al Statistical Society (Stanford); Political Science Quarterly. 
(Frowde). d. 8vo. 13*. yearly. 

BLUE BOOKS : Very numerous and most important. Read especially those published by tho 
Statistical Department of the Board of Trade, among which are the Reports of the Labour 
Correspondent of the Board of Trade Journal. The Reports of Commissions are often 
most instructive. 


COURSE OP READING : Begin with Spencer's Stiidy ofwciology, Tylor's Anthropology, 
r!;deigh's Elementary politics, and Thorold Rogers' British citizen. Political philosophy 
nrist be studied in connection with constitutional history (see especially ENGLAND, HISTORY 
III.), and POLITICAL ECONOMY (q. v.). Special studies of particular constitutions, e g., 
Bagehot's English constitution, and Bryce's American commonwealth, may profitably be 
read before works on government in general. Books which treat of ideal states should be 
read in connection with the history of the time that gave them birth. 


Spencer, H. Study of sociology (" Internat. Scient." ser.). c. 8vo. Paul. 5*. 

,, Principles of sociology. 8vo. 2 vols. Williams. 

Vol. i. (8 parts), 21s. ; vol. ii. (part i.), "Ceremonial institutions," 7. ; part ii., "Political 
institutions," 12s.; part iii., " Ecclesiastical institutions," 5s. 

259 s 2 

Political Philosophy GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Political Philosophy 

Tylor, E. B. Anthropology, c. 8vo. Macmillan. illus. 7s. iW. 

,, Primitive culture. 8vo. 2 vols. Murray. 21*. 

Maine, H. Ancient law. 8vo. Murray. 9s. 

,, Early history of institutions. 8vo. Murray. 9s. 

Bagehot , W. Physics and politics (" Internat. Scient." ser.). c. Svo. 

Paul. 5s. 


Raleigh, T. Elementary politics, f . Svo. Frowde. Is. Gd. 

Bluntschli, J. K. Theory of the state. Tr. 8vo. Clar. Press. 12s. (\d. 

For reference. \ 

Aristotle. Politics. Tr. Jowett. m. Svo. 2 vols. Clar. Press. 21s. 

The most famous book on political philosophy. 

,, Politics. Tr. Welldon. Macmillan. 10s. Gd. 

Lang, A. Essays on Aristotle's " Politics." Longmans. o.p. 

Burke, E. Select works. Ed. Payne, ex. f. Svo. 3 vols. Clar. Press. 14s. Gd. 

Freeman, E. A. Comparative politics (Royal Institution lectures). 

Svo. Macmillan. 14s. 

Pollock, F. History of the science of politics. Macmillan. 2s. Gd. 

Lewis, G. C. Use and abuse of political terms. Ed. Wilson, c. 8vo. 

Tlwrnton (Oxford). Os. 

Mill, J. S. Representative government, c. Svo. Longmans. 2s. 

Locke, J. Civil government. Ed. Morley. c. Svo. Routledge. Is. 

Also in Cassell's " National Library," 6<Z. 

Milton, J. Areopagitica. ex. f. Svo. Clar. Press. 3s. 

Also in " Arber's Reprints," \s. 

Mill, J. S. Liberty, c. Svo. Longmans. Is. 4d. 

Spencer, H. The man versus the state. Williams. 2s. Gd. 

The two latter books contain a defence of individualism. 

Ritchie, D. G. Principles of state interference. Svo. Sonnenscltein. 2s. Gd. 

Chiefly a criticism of The man versus the state. 

Stephen, J. F. Liberty, equality, and fraternity, d. Svo. Smith, Elder. 14s. 

Criticism of Mill. 


Dicey, A. V. Law of the constitution. Svo. Macmillan. 12s. fid. 

Hearn, W. E. The government of England. Svo. Longmans. His. 

Bagehot, W. The English constitution, c. Svo. Paul. 7s. ('><!. 

Rogers, J. E. T. The British citizen (in "People's Library"). S. P. C. K. Is. 

"English Citizen" .series by various authors, c. Svo. 3s. Gd. each. Mac- 

Central government ( Trai/l) ; Electorate and legislature (Spencer Walpoie); Poor law 
(Fotcle) ; Budget, debt, taxes, rates ( Wilson) ; The state and labour (Jevons) ; The state and 
trade (Farrer) ; The state and church (Elliott) ; Foreign relations (Spencer Walpole] ; 
Local government (Chalmers) : The state and education (Craik); Land laws (Pollock\: 
Colonies and dependencies; India (Cotton), and Colonies (Payne); Justice and police 
(Maitland) ; Punishment and prevention of crime (ZHt Cane). 

Dilka, C. Problems of Greater Britain, c. Svo. 2 vols. Macmillan. 12s. Gd. 


Political Philosophy GUIDE WOK TO BOOKS. Portugal 

Bryce, J. American commonwealth, ex. c. 8vo. 2 vols. Macmillan. 

Adams and Cunningham. The SwiM confederation, NV<>. Macmillan. 14*. 

Sergeant, L. Government handbook. 1. c. Hvo. Unmin. 10. ('>>/. 

1'i'iviir i nil t In' rxUtiiiK constitutions of the world. 


Plato. He-public. Tr. Jowott. 8vo. Clar. Press. 12*. M. 

More, T. rto])i;i. I'M. I.umbv. ex. f. Hvo. Cambridge Press. 3s. Gd. 

Alsa in Ail" i 1 , |[,. prints, Ix. ; ami, along with Bacon's New Atlantif, and Campanella'g 
('it it nf tin' XHH, umliT tho title of " Ideal Commonwealths," in " Morley's Universal 
Lilirury." Hoiitledt/e. It. 

Harrington, J. Occana (" Morley's Universal Library "). c. 8vo. Routledye. Is. 6d. 



See also SPAIN, for books relating to loth countries. 

Murray's Guide to Portugal, p. 8vo. Murray. 12s. 

Aldama-Ayala, G. de. Compendio geographico estadistico de Portugal e 
sus posesiones ultramarinas. {Madrid). 

Barbosa, V. Monumentos de Portugal. (Lisbon). 15s. 

Crawfurd, 0. Old and new Portugal. 8vo. Paul, illus. 6*. 

MacMurdo, E. History of Portugal. 8vo. 2 vols. Lore. 21s. 

Balbi, A. Essai statistique sur les royaumes de Portugal et d'Algarve. 8vo. 

2 vols. 1822. o.P. 


The student would do well, after fairly mastering the Grammar, to read Latino 
Coelho's Galeria dos varoes illustres de Portugal, the style of which is simple and easy ; 
then he might take Thomas Ribeiro's lovely poem Dom Jayme; T. Braga's IntrodufSo 
it hixtoria tin litteratura portitffueza, and next O Monasticon of Herculano. He would then 
be able to read with ease, and at his own choice, the works of Diniz, Garrett, Castilho, and 
Thomas Ribeiro. The student must decide for himself at what point he will study Camoens 
or Sa de Miranda, for while the language and construction of these poets are often archaic, 
their works, like all great classics, are simple and clear in idea ; but he should first make 
himself acquainted with Portuguese as it is spoken and written at the present day. 


Wall, C. H. Practical grammar of Portuguese. 8vo. Nutt. 7s. 

On Otto's conversational system. Key St. 6d. 

Vieyra, A. Grammar of the Portuguese language. 12mo. Dulau. 7s. 

Braga, T. Grammatica portugueza elementar fundada sobre o methodo 

historico-comparativo. (Porto). 4s. Gd. 

Barboza. Grammatica philosophica da lingua portugueza. 8vo. (Lisbon). 6*. 

Elwes, A. Dictionary of the Portuguese language. 12mo. Lock-wood. 6s. 


Portugal GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Portugal 

Fonseca, J. de. Diccionario francez-portuguez. 18mo. 2 vols. (Paris'). 10s. 

Moraes, Silva A. de. Diccionario da lingua portugueza. Ed. A. J. da 
Kocha. (Lisbon'). 

New edition now publishing. 


Braga, T. Manual da historia e da litteratura portugueza. 12mo. (Porto). 4s. Gd. 

By far the best. 

Loiseau. Histoire de la litterature portuguaise. 12mo. (Paris'). 

Silva, Pcreira da. La litterature portuguaise, son passe et son etat actuel. 

12mo. (Paris), pub. 3s. 6d. o.r. 


Sade Miranda. Obras. 4to. (Lisbon). 1804. 17s. Gd. 

The second greatest poet : Camoens being the first. 

Camoens. Os Lusiadas. 12mo. (Strasburg). 3s. Gd. 

A good but cheap edition, with German notes. 

,, Os Lusiadas (critical edition). Ed. J. Gomes Monteiro, etc. i. 4to. 

(Leipzig). 100s. 

One of the very best library editions ; good steel engravings. 

,, The Lusiads. Tr. J. J. Aubertin. p. 8vo. 2 vols. Paul. 12s. 

Best existing translation; text en face. 

Gil Vicente. Obras. 18mo. 3 vols. (Lisbon). 10s. Gd. 

One of the most vigorous and characteristic of the elder classics. 

Vieira, Padre Antonio de. Sermoes selectos. Ed. Rolland. G vols. 

Rollandiana. O.P. 

These sermons are perfect models of elegance and style. 

Castilho, Antonio T. de. A primavera (poesia). 8vo. De Bulhoes. 1837. Gs. 

Ribeiro, T. Dom Jayme (poesia). Ed. More. 12mo. (Porto). Gs. 

Almeida-Garrett. Camoes. 12mo. (Lisbon). 4s. 

Herculano, A. Historia de Portugal. 8vo. 4 vols. (Lisbon). 42s. 

The Macaulay of Portugal : work incomplete. 

Da origem e estabelecimento da Inquisicao em Portugal. 12mo. 3 vols. 

(Lisbon). 12s. Gd. 

Deus, Joao de. Folhas soltas. 12mo. (Porto). 4s. Gd. 

A pretty and popular modern poet. 

Palmeirim, L. A. ..Galeria de figuras portuguezas. 12mo. (Porto). 4s. Gd. 

Popular modern poet. 

Herculano, A. Monasticon. 12mo. 2 vols. (Leipzig). 7n. 

Portugal's best historical novel, but somewhat turgid, and of anti-clerical bias. 

Branco, C. C. O Anathema. (Porto). 

Branco's novels form more than 40 vols. A cheap edition is now being published price 
in paper, lOd. each vol. 

Queiroz, Eca de. primo Basilic. (Porto). 

Equivalent to the modern French realistic novel. 

The Dragon's teeth. Tr. of " primo Basilio." 12mo. Ticknor. 7s. Gd. 


Portugal lil 1DK HOOK TO HOOKS. Poultry 

" Diniz, .Julio," (Gomez <'<>dli<>). As punillas do Scnlinr Ki-itor. 

lirnrkliiiux. '.',.<. (',//. 

One of the moat beautiful stories of peasant life existing anywln n-. 

,, I'ma faniilia lii^li'/:i. iL'mo. (1'iirln). lit. {'ill. 

Coiuidrrrd t<> )" thi- author's masterpiece. All Diniz's works are suitable for girls. 


Chagas, Manuel 1'inliciro. I'nrtu^ur/.cs illustrcs. 12mo. (Lisbon). 2s. (jd. 

v ^d by the Board of Public Instruction for the use of students in the higher schools 

Coelho, Latino. Galeria dos varoes illustres dc Portugal. Ed. Cora/zi. 
M<>. (Lisbon). 
Camoes, 7*. ; Vasco da Gama, 2 vols., H. 

Pimentel, A. <U; Serpa. Alex. Herculano c sen tempo. 12mo. (Lisbon). 4s. Gd. 

Silva, J. F. da. Diccionario bibliographico portuguez. 8vo. 14 vols. 
Imj>rensa National. 

A splendid work. Since the death of the author, Brito Aranha, of the Academy of Science, 
has continued the publication of this dictionary, which has now reached vol. xiv. 


The two principal works of Comte may be studied : Philosophy (Miss Martineau's abridg- 
ment); and the General vieto of Positivism (first part of Positive polity, vol. i.); then the 
criticisms of Mill, Lewes (in History of philosophy, vol. ii.), and Spencer (in Essays, vol. iii.). 

Comte, Auguste. Positive polity. Tr. Beesley and others. 8vo. : 4. vols. 

LoHffsuiau. pub. 80s. O.P. 

Vol. i., 21*. ; vol. ii.. Us. ; vol. iii., 21. ; vol. iv., 24*. 
, , Positive philosophy. Tr. and abridged by Miss Martineau. 8vo. 

2 vols. 'Irubner. 25*. 

Six vols. condensed into two. 

,, Catechism of positive philosophy. Tr. Congreve. 12mo. Triibner. Gs. Qd. 
Mill, J. S. Auguste Comte and positivism. 8vo. Triibner. (is, 

Caird, E. Social philosophy and religion of Comte. c. 8vo. Maclehose. 5*. 

Huxley, T. H. Scientific aspects of positivism (in " Lay sermons "). 

p. 8vo. Macmillan. Is. 6d. 


Birch, S. History of ancient pottery. 8vo. Murray, illus. pub. 42s. O.P. 

Jacquemart, A. History of ceramic art. Tr. r. 8vo. Low. 28s. 

Chaffers, W. Marks and monograms on pottery and porcelain, r. J 8vo. 

Biclters. 42f. 

Marryatt, J. History of pottery and porcelain. 8vo. Murray, pub. 42*. O.P. 

Franks, A. W. Japanese pottery, c. 8vo. Chapman, illus. 2s. 6d. 

Audesley and Bowes. Keramic art of Japan, fo. Ilowell (Liverpool). 42s. 

Church, A. H. English porcelain ; XVIII. century (S. Kensington hand- 

book). p. 8vo. Chapman, illus. 3*. 

,, English earthenware ; XVII. and XVIII. centuries (S.Kensington 

handbook), p. 8vo. Chapman, illus. 3s. 



Power-loom GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Printing 



Church., A. H. Precious stones. 8vo. Chapman. 2s. Gd. 

'King, C. W. The natural history of precious stones, p. 8vo. Sett, illus. (>*-. 

Much information as to the knowledge of the ancients. 

, , The natural history of gems. p. 8vo. Hell, illus. <!s. 

Continuation of previous work. 

Kunz, G. F. Gems and precious stones of North America. 8vo. Scien- 
tific Pub. Co. (Nero York). 52*. Gd. 

Streeter, E. W. Precious stones and gems. d. 8vo. Bell, illus. 15.v. 

History and distinguishing characteristics. 




Southward, J. Practical printing, d. 8vo. J. M. Powell, illus. Is. Gd. 

Also in two vols., in. each. The very best book on the subject. 

"Wilson and Grey. Modern printing machinery. Cassell. 21s. 

Mackellar, T. The American printer, c. 8vo. (Philadelphia). 10s. Gd. 

An exposition of letterpress printing as practised in America. 

Richmond, W. D. Grammar of lithography. c. 8vo. E. Menken 

(Gray's Inn-road). 5s. 

One of the few technical books up to its professions. 


Powell, A. C. J. Short history of the art of printing in England. J. M. 

Powell, illus. O.P. 

An exceedingly interesting and well-written sketch. 

Skeen, W. Early typography. 8vo. Quarltcli. pub. 10s. O.P. 

Essay on the origin of letterpress printing in the XV. century. 

Reed, T. B. History of old English letter foundries, c. 4to. Stocli. 31s. Gd. 

The only exhaustive work on the subject. 

De Vinne, T. L. The invention of printing. Trubner. 22s. Gd. 

A work of great interest and value, and shewing considerable research. 

Blades, W. Numismatica typographica. Blades. 12s. Gd. 

Contains much out of the way information on printing and printers. 

,, Biography and typography of William Caxton, England's first 

printer. 8vo. Trubner. 5s. 

The text-book on Caxton and his works. 

Dibdin, T. F. The bibliographical Decameron, i. 8vo. 3 vols. (London). 

1807. O.P. 

A highly interesting conversational discourse about early typography, bibliography, engraving, 
and kindred subjects. 


Printing GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS, Provengal, etc. 

Dickson and Edmund. Annals of Scottish jinntin^. d. lt<>. Mucmillan- 


An excellent and dependable history of printing in Scotland from 1507 to luifinninif of XVII. 


Ames .-ind Unix it. Typographical antiquities. 4to. 3 vols. (London). 

1785-90. O.P. 

A valuable compilation and dependable work of reference for books in the English language ; 

r\ti -Msivcly lined by luter writers. 

Johnson, J. Typo^raphia; or the printer's instructor. 24ruo. 2 vols. 

l.oiiymaw. 1824. O.P. 

Vol. i., Historical ; vol. ii., Practical. An epitome ; not required by those who possess Ames 
and Herbert's 'fypoiirniihiftit imtiiiiiitif*. 

Lemoine, II. Typographical antiquities. (London). 1797. O.P. 

A mine of quaint and curious facts. 

Willems, A. Les Elzevir, histoire ct annales typographiqucs. 8vo. 

(Brussels), illus. 2.".v. 

Didot, A. F. Aide Manuce et I'hellSnisme & Venise. 8vo. Dldot. illus. Is. (>d. 


Ringwalt, J. L. American encyclopaedia of printing, i. 8vo. Lippincott. 50s. 

A good book on the practice of printing. 

Timperley, C. H. Dictionary of printers and printing. 8vo. (Bokn). 1839. 

pub. 15*. O.P. 

A useful work of great interest. 

Bigmore and Wyman. Bibliography of printing. 4to. 2 vols. Quarltch. 

pub. 105s. O.P. 

The standard work of its kind. 



Her Majesty's prisons, c. 8vo. Lore. 6s. 

Wines, F. H. State of prisons. 8vo. Putnam. Is. 6d. 

Eighteen months' imprisonment, by D. S. p. 8vo. Itoutledrje. O.P. 

Stoughton, J. John Howard and his friends, c. 8vo. Hodder. Is. Qd. 

Pitman, Mrs. E. R. Elizabeth Fry (" Eminent Women " ser.). c. 8vo. 

W. If. Allen. 3s. 6d. 

Pellico, Silvio. Marchesa Giulia Falletti. Tr. p. 8vo. Bentley. O.P. 

Reformer of Turin prisons. 



I. OLD: 

Bartsch, K. Chrestomathie provenfale. 8vo. (Elberfeld). 9s. G^. 

Selections ; with grammar and glossary (complete in itself). The best book to begin with. 

,, Grundriss zur Geschichte der provenzialischen Literatur. 8vo. 5*. 

Handbook, with bibliography, and index to all the poems, with the MSS. of each. 


Provengal, etc. GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Psychical, etc. 

Parnasse occitanien. 

Selections, with the old lives of the poets in Provencal. 

Glossaire occitanien. 8vo. (Toulouse*). 1819. O.P. 

Haynouard. Lexique de la langue romane. 8vo. 6 vols. 1838. O.P. 

,, Choix de po6sies des Troubadours. 8vo. 6 vols. 1816. O.P. 

Diez, F. Die Poesie der Troubadours. Ed. C. Bartsch. 8vo. (Leipzig). Gs. (id. 

An essay on Provencal poetry. 

,, Leben und Werke der Troubadours. Ed. C. Bartsch. 8vo. (Leipzig). 105. 

Essays on the different Provenfal poets. These are the two standard works for the history 
of the literature. 

Huefier, F. The Troubadours. 8vo. Chatto. pub. 12s. Gd. O.P. 

Superficial ; but has more in it than mere bookmaking. 

Peire Vidal. Lieder. Ed. C. Bartsch. 8vo. G*. 

Bertran de Born. Sein Leben und Werke. Ed. Stimming. 8vo. Nlemeyer. 10s. 

Separate editions of other poets are published by Niemeyer. 


Mistral, F. Mireio ; poeme proven$al avec traduction franQaise en regard. 

12mo. (Avignon). 3s. Gd. 

, , Calendan ; poeme provenijal avec traduction frangaise en regard. 

(Avignon). Gs. 

,, Les isels d'or (Les isles d'or) ; avec traduction. (Avignon). 3s. Gd. 

Aubanel, T. La Miongrano entre ouberto (La grenade entr' ouverte). 

12mo. Maisonneuve. O.P. 

Boumanille, J. Lis oubreto en vers. (Avignon). 3s. Gd. 

,, Li conte prouvengau. (Avignon). 3s. Gd. 

JOURNAL : Revue des Langues Romanes, 

Includes all the dialects of the Langue d'Oc, old and new. Published since 1870. 



Gurney and others. Phantasms of the living, d. 8vo. 2 vols. Triibner. 21s. 

Treats of thought transference and apparitions of the living and dying: together with 
discussions of hallucinations, dreams, etc. 

Moll, A. Hypnotism (" Contemporary Science " ser.). c. 8vo. Scott. 3s. Gd. 

Biiiet and Fere. Animal magnetism (" Internat. Scient." ser.). Tr. 

c. 8vo. Paul. 5s. 

Heidenhain, E. Animal magnetism. Tr. J. C. Wooldridge. sm. c. 8vo. 

Paul. 2s. d. 

Preface by G. J. Eomanes. 

Janet, P. L'automatisme psychologique. 8vo. (Paris'). Gs. Gd. 

Bernlieim, H. Suggestive therapeutics. Tr. C. A. Herter. 8vo. Putnam. 14s. 

Tuke, D. H. Sleep-walking and hypnotism, d. 8vo. Churchill. 5s. 

Seybert Commission. Preliminary report on modern spiritualism. 8vo. 

Llppincott. 5s. 

Wallace, A. K. On miracles and modern spiritualism, c. 8vo. Paul. 5s. 

Crookes, W. Researches in the phenomena of spiritualism, d. 8vo. 

J. Burns, illus. 5s. 

A record of jexperiments with various mediums, chiefly D. D. Home. 


Psychical, etc. GUIDE BOOK TO HOOKS. Railways 

Zbllner, J. 0. F. Transrrn<lriit:il physics. 'J'r. ('. C. JVIassey. f. 8vo. 

/.'. II. Mini, illus. 3*. Gk 

A record of c.\i>i'riiiiriits with tin- iiirilSmn Sladf, and discussion. 

Moses, W. Stainton. Spirit teachings. 8vo. London Spiritualist Alliance 

(Duke-street, Adelphi). illus. 3s. Gtl. 

A record of personal experiences in automatic writing, etc. 

Home, Mine. D. D. Home : his life and mission. 8vo. Triibner. 12s. M. 

Dessoir, Max. Bibliographic des modernen Hypnotismus. 8vo. (Berlin). 2.1. 

i he recent books and publications on hypnotism in all langruages. 
PERIODICALS : Proceedinys of the Society for Piychical Research (Triibner) ; usually 2 or 3 

I>ar1s a year. 



Palgrave, 11. F. D. The chairman's handbook, c. 8vo. Low. 2x. 

Conduct of public meetings. 




Grocott, J. C. Familiar quotations. 1. c. Svo. Routledge. 6*. 

Allibone, S. A. Prose quotations, r. Svo. (Philadelphia}. 25s. 

, , Poetical quotations, r. Svo. (Philadelphia). 25s. 

Bohn, H. G. Handbook of proverbs, p. Svo. Hell (Bohn). 5s. 




Findlay, G. Working and management of an English railway, c. Svo. 

Whittaker. Is. Gd. 


Railways GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Reference 

- Barry, J. W. Kailway appliances (" Text-books of Science "). c. 8vo. 

Longmans, illus. 3s. fid. 

,, and Bramwell. Kailways and locomotives (engineering). 8vo. 

Longmans, illus. pub. 21s. o.r. 

Couche, C. Permanent way and rolling-stock. Tr. J. Schoolbred. 4to. 

3vols. Dillau. illus. 10 

Vol. i., Permanent way, Kto. ; vol. ii., Carrying stock, traction, 100*. ; vol. iii., Production 
and application of steam, 60*. 

Grover, J. Kailway bridges, stations, and culverts, with appendix, fo. 

Spon. 31s. (>d. 

Fidler, T. C. Bridge construction. 8vo. Griffin, illus. 30s. 

Baker, B. Long span railway bridges, c. 8vo. Span. 

Simms, F. W. Tunnelling, i. 8vo. Locltwood. illus. 30s. 

Balfour-Brown and Theobald. Law of railway companies, r. 8vo. 

Stevens. 35s. 

Hadley, A. T. Kailroad transportation. 12mo. Putnam. 7s. Ctd. 

Acworth, W. M. Kailways of England. 8vo. Murray, illus. 14s. 

,, Railways of Scotland, c. 8vo. Murray. 

,, Railways of America. Ed. Cooley. 1. 8vo. Murray, illus. 31s. G^- Railway manual, shareholder's guide, and official directory. 

Adams (59, Fleet-street). 12s. 



As a rule, books of reference are given under the different heads in the GUIDE. A few 
useful books of general reference are added here. 

Whittaker's almanac. Whittaker. 

With supplement, 2s. 6d. 

Hazell's annual. Hazell. 

British, almanac and companion (annual). 12mo. Stationers' Company. 2s. Cxi. 


Best books, The. p. 4to. Sonnenscliein. 

A classified bibliography of current English and American literature. 

English catalogue (annual). Low. 

Dictionary of biographical reference. Ed. L. B. Phillips, r. 8vo. Low. 31s. 6d. 

Contains 100,000 names, with references to fuller biographies. 

Vapereau, G. Dictionnaire universel des contemporains. r. 8vo. 

Hacliette. 26*. 

Refers to all countries. 

Men and women of the time. Ed. G. W. Moon. d. 8vo. Routledge. 15s. 


Haydn's dictionary of dates. Ed. Vincent, r. 8vo. Ward, Lock. 


Reference (il'IDE IHJUK TO BOOKS. Religion 

Irving, .T. Annals of our time (1837-1887). 8vo. 2 vols., 18*. each. 

Min-inlllan. :'.<;.<. 

Vol. i., June 20th. 1KS7, to Feb. 28, 171 ; vol. ii., Feb. 1871, to June 24, 1887. 

Times index (quarterly), sm. 4to. J'ali<'r. 10*. Cxi. 

Annual register. 8vo. llivlngtons. 18*. 

A summary of domestic and foreign events, letfislation, important trials, etc. 

Official Army list (quarterly). 8vo. Eyre. l.'.v. 

Civil Service directory (annual), d. 8vo. Allen. 6*. 

Colonial Office list (annual). Hvo. Harrison. Is. Gd. 

Crockford's Clerical directory (annual). 8vo. (121, Fleet-street, E.G.). 4*. Gd. 

India list, civil and military (half-yearly). 8vo. Allen. 1C*. Gd. 

Law list (annual). 12mo. Stevens. 9*. 

Medical directory. 8vo. Churchill. 14*. 

Navy list (quarterly). 8vo. Eyre. 3*. 


Encyclopaedia Britannica. 4to. 24 vols., 30*. each ; with index, 20*. 

Slack. 37 

Chambers' encyclopedia, r. 8vo. 10 vols., 10*. each. Chambers. 100s. 

In progress; vols. i. to iv. issued. 

Allibone, S. A. Critical dictionary of English literature, and British 

and American authors, r. 8vo. 3 vols. Trubner. 103*. Gd. 

Vol. i., 31. 6cl. ; ii., 80*. ; iii., 86. 

Halkett and Laing. Dictionary of anonymous and pseudonymous 

literature of Great Britain. 8vo. 3 vols., 42*. each. Sinipkin. 12Gs. 

Brewer, E. C. Dictionary of phrase and fable, c. 8vo. Cassell. 3*. Gd. 

,, Reader's handbook of allusions, references, plots, and stories. 

c. 8vo. CJuitto. 12*. 6d. 

Roget, P. M. Thesaurus of English words and phrases, c. 8vo. 

Longmans. 10*. Gd. 

Farmer, J. S. Slang and its analogues, f. 8vo. 5 vols. Nutt. 160*. 

Two vols. issued. 

Hotten, J. C. Slang dictionary, p. 8vo. Hotten. pub. 6*. Gd. O.P. 

Almanach de Gotha. 16mo. Pertz (Gotha*). 7,?. 

Dod's Peerage (annual). 8vo. Whittaltcr. 10*. Gd. 

Haydn's Book of dignities. Ed. Ockerby. d. 8vo. Allen. 28*. 

Year-book of scientific and learned societies of Great Britain and Ireland. 

8vo. Griffin. 7$. Gd. 

Stock Exchange year-book. 8vo. Skinner. 15$. 


For works on the different reliffion, in addition to those given below, tee BIBLE, BUDDHISM, 

Caird, J. Introduction to the philosophy of religion, c. 8vo. Maclehose. G*. 


Keligion GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Religion 

Lotze, H. Outlines of philosophy of religion. Tr. Ladd. Glnn (Boston), 3s. Gd. 

Pfleiderer, O. Philosophy of religion on the basis of its history. Tr. 

Stewart and Menzies. 8vo. 4 vols., 10s. Gd. each. Williams. IL'.v. 

Pending the translation of Prof. C. de la Saussaye's Rrliaionffletrliichtf, vol. iii. of 
Pfleiderer's work may be taken as an outline of the history of religious thought, naturally 
dominated by the philosophy of which it forms a part. 

Martineau, J. Study of religion, c. 8vo. 2 vols. Clar. Press. 15s. 

Tiele, C. P. Outlines of the history of religion. Tr. J. Estlin Carpenter. 

8vo. Triibner. 7s. Gd. 

Comprehensive, with good bibliography to date (1877), but slight and sketchy. 

Renaii, E. Studies in religious history, c. 8vo. Bentley. (\x. 

Miiller, F. Max. Introduction to the science of religion, c. 8vo. Longmans. la. Gd. 

,, Origin and growth of religion (Hibbert lectures). 8vo. Williams. 10s. Gd. 

,, Natural religion (Gifford lectures), c. 8vo. Longmans. 10s. Gd. 

Prof. Max Miiller is well known as the accomplished exponent of a particular theory of the 
origin and early development of religious ideas. 

Tylor, E. B. Primitive culture. 8vo. 2 vols. Murray. L'lx 

Development of mythology, philosophy, religion, art, and custom. 

Lang, A. Custom and myth. c. 8vo. Longmans. lx. M. 

,, Myth, ritual, and religion, c. 8vo. 2 vols. Longmans, pub 21s. o.p. 

Mr. Lang and Mr. Tylor are exponents of the anthropological view. 

Spencer, Herbert. Ecclesiastical institutions. Svo. Williams. ~>x. 

Part of Mr. H. Spencer's great system of constructive philosophy, containing a restatement 
of the view put forward in First principles as to the growth of the religious idea. 

Kuenen, A. National religions and universal religions (Hibbert lectures). 

Tr. P. H. Wicksteed. Svo. Williams. 10s. Gd. 

Judaism, Christianity, Mohammedanism, and Buddhism. 

Religious systems of the world, by various authors, p. Svo. SonnenscJiein. Is. Gd. 

Short essays on the distinctive tenets and aims of different denominations or partiee. 

Reville, A. Prolegomena to the history of religion. Svo. Williams. 10s. Gd. 

Slight and sketchy. 

,, Origin of religion (Hibbert lectures). Tr. P. H. Wicksteed. Svo. 

Williams. 10s. Gd. 

Mexico and Peru. 

Renouf, P. Le Page. The religion of ancient Egypt (Hibbert lectures). 

Svo. Williams. 10s. Gd. 

Sayce, A. H. The Babylonian religion (Hibbert lectures). Svo. Williams. 10s. Gd. 
Johnson, S. Oriental religions. Svo. 3 vols. Hougliton (N. Y.). 75s. 

Vol. i., India; vol. ii., China; vol. iii., Persia; 25. each. 

Williams, Monier. Religious thought and life in India. Murray. 10s. Gd. 

Brahmanism and Hinduism. 

Smith, W. Robertson. Lectures on the religion of the Semites. Svo. 

Slack. 15s. 

Davids, T. W. Rhys. History of Indian Buddhism (Hibbert lectures). Svo. 

Williams. " 10s. Gd. 

Dods, Marcus. Mohammed, Buddha, and Christ, c. Svo. Hodder. 3s. Gd. 

Covers similar ground to Dr. Kuenen's Hibbert Lectures in a more popular form. 

Smith, R. Bosworth. Mohammed and Mohammedanism, c. Svo. Smith, 

Elder. 8s. Gd. 

Generous and sympathetic. 

"Wordsworth, J. The one religion. Svo. Rtiingtons. . 10s. Gd. 




Roman Law 
10*. 6d. 

Hard wick, ('. Christ and other macten. 8vo. Macmillan. 

The two last books are written from the point of view of Christian apologetics. 

ll.iMTiU'X, see ZOOLOGY. 
Ixi DIM;, gee HORSE II. 



See CHURCH HISTORY and EUROPE II. for later history of Rome. 

Mommsen, T. History of Rome. Tr. P. W. Dickson. c. 8vo. 4 vols. 

Sentley. 46s. Gd. 

Also abridged edition in one vol. c. 8vo. 7. 6tZ. 

Smith., W. Student's Rome. p. 8vo. Murray, illus. 7s. Gd. 

Merivale, C. History of the Romans under the Empire, c. 8vo. 8 vols., 

3*'. Gd. each. Longmans. 28s. 

Capes, W. W. Early Roman Empire ("Epochs of ancient history"). 

f. 8vo. Longmans. 2s. Gd. 

, , Roman Empire of the second century (" Epochs of ancient history "). 

f. 8vo. Longmans. 2s. Gd. 

Gibbon, E. Decline and fall of the Roman empire. Svo. 8 vols., 7s. Gd. each. 

Murray. 60s. 

Smith, R. Bosworth. Carthage and Carthaginians, c. Svo. Longmans. 10s. Gd. 

Hodgkin, T. Italy and her invaders (375 to 553). d. Svo. 4 vols. Clar. 

Press, illus. 68s. 

Vol. i., ii., 32. ; vol. iii., iv., S6. 

Bury, J. B. Later Roman empire (390-800). Svo. 2 vols. Macmillan. 32s. 


A knowledge of French and German, in addition to Latin, is necessary for any serious 
study of Roman law. Italian literature on the subject is also rapidly increasing, both in 
quantity and in importance. 

Justinian. Institutes. Ed. J. B. Moyle. d. Svo. 2 vols. Clar. Press. 22s. 

Vol. i., IGs. ; vol. ii., C. 

Gaius. Institutes. Ed. Muirhead. Svo. Clark. O.P. 

,, The same. Ed. E. Poste. d. Svo. Clar. Press. 18s. 

These two editions are not equivalent, being on substantially different plans. 

Roby, H. J. Introduction to Justinian's Digest, d. Svo. Cambridge Press. 9s. 

Justinian's Digest, Select titles of. Ed. Holland and Shadwell. 8vo. 

Clar. Press. 14s. 

Also sold in parts. Vol. i., 2. CtZ. ; vol. ii., 1. ; vol. iii., 2s. Gd. ; vol. iv. (1), 2. Gd. ; vol. iv. 
(2), is. 6d. 


Roman Law GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Russia 

Muirhead, J. Historical introduction to the private law of Rome. d. 8vo. 

Black. 21*. 

Hadley, J. Introduction to Roman law. p. 8vo. Lore. 7*. Gd. 
Hunter, W. A. Roman law in the order of a code. 8vo. Maxwell. 

,, Introduction to Roman law. p, 8vo. Maxwell. lx.(\(l. 

Dirksen, H. Manuale juris civilis. 4to. 1837. O.P. 

Grueber, E. The Roman law of damage to property, d. 8vo. Clar. Press. 10*. Gd. 

A commentary on the Digest Ad legem Aquiliam. 



See also TURKEY. 

Samuelson, J. Roumania, past and present, d. 8vo. Philip, illus. f>*. 

Walker, Mrs. Untrodden paths in Roumania. d. 8vo. Chapman, illus. 10*. Gd. 



Brickwood, E. D. Boat-racing ; or the arts of rowing and training, c. 8vo. 

//. Cox. 5*. 

PERIODICAL: Rowing Almanac. Ed. E. D. Brickwood. H. Cox. 



Murray's Handbook, p. 8vo. Murray. 18*. 

Russia, Poland, and Finland, including the Crimea, Caucasus, Siberia, and Central Asia. 

Baedeker's Russland (in German). Dulau. 

Wallace, D. Mackenzie. Russia. 2 vols. Cassell. 

Beaulieu, Leroy. L'empire des Tsars et des Russes. 8vo. 3 vols., 6*. Gd. 

each. (Paris). 19*. Gd. 

Roskoschny, H. Russland ; Land und Leute. 4to. 4 vols. (Leipzig). 

Vols. i. and ii. (11.) deal with Russia in Europe. 


See also ASIA II. 


Reclus, E. Universal geography, vol. vi. i. 8vo. Virtue. 


Freshfield, D. W. Travels in the Central Caucasus and Bashan. 8vo. 

Longmans, pub. 18*. O.P. 


Russia (M 1DH MOOK TO BOOKS. Russia 

Cunynghame, A. T. Travels in the Eastern Caucasus, p. Sw>. 2 vols. 

Murray. 18*. 

A Isn in Diightvstuii, and on the frontiers of Persia and Turkey. 

Thielmann, Max von. Journey in the Caucasus, Persia, etc. p. 8vo. 

2 vols. Murray. 18*. 

Telfer, J. B. Crimea and Transcaucasia. 8vo. 2 vols. II. 8. King. O.P. 

Bryce, J. Transcaucasia and Ararat, c. Hvo. Macmillan. 9*. 

Abercromby, J. Trip through the Eastern Caucasus. 8vo. Stanford. Us. 

With a chapter on the languages of the country. 

Wardrop, O. Kingdom of Georgia. 8vo. Loiv. illus. 14*. 

Contains a useful bibliography. 

Brosset. Elements de la langue georgienne. (Paris). 12*. 

Choutinov. Dictionnaire Georgien-Russe-Fransais. (Petersburg}. 12s. 6d. 


Coxe, W. Russian discoveries between Asia and America. 1803. O.P. 

Ravenstein, E. G. Russians on the Amur ; its discovery, conquest, and 

colonisation. 8vo. Trilbner. illus. 15s. 

Eden, C. H. Frozen Asia. c. Hvo. 8. P. C. K. 5*. 

Nordenskjb'ld, A. E. von. Voyage of the " Vega." m. 8vo. 2 vols. 

Macmillan. illus. 45s. 

Popular edition, c. 8vo., G*. Contains a very full account of the exploration and geography of 

Long, G. W. De. Voyage of the "Jeannette " 1879-1881. 8vo. 2 vols. 

Paul, illus. 36s. 

The ship and ice journals of G. W. De Long (U.S. Polar expedition). 

Gilder, \V. H. Icepack and tundra. 8vo. Lore. 18s. 

Search for the " Jeaunette," and a sledge journey through Siberia. 

Melville, G. \V. In the Lena delta. Ed. M. Philips, c. 8vo. Longmans. 

illus. pub. 14*. O.P, 

Search for Commander De Long and his companions, with account of the Greeley relief 
expedition, and a proposed method of reaching the North Pole. 

Niemojowski, L. Siberian pictures, from the Polish. 8vo. 2 vols. 

Hurst, illus. 21s. 

Seebohm, H. Siberia in Asia ; natural history, etc., of the valley of the 

Yenesei. 8vo. Murray, illus. pub. 14s. O.P. 

James, H. E. M. Journey in Manchuria. 8vo. Longmans. 24s. 


Ralston, W. R. S. Early Russian history, c. 8vo. Low. pub. 5s. O.P. 

Rambaud, A. History of Russia. Tr. 8vo. 3 vols. Lon\ illus. 21s. 

The best general history in any language except Russian. 

Schuyler, E. Peter the Great. 8vo. 2 vols. Lorn. 32s. 

Tooke, W. Russian Empire under Catherine II. 8vo. 3 vols. Longmans. 

1799. O.P. 

Bruckner, A. Katharina die Zweite. 8vo. (Berlin). 30*. 

Bernhardi, T. von. Geschichte Russlands (1814-31). 8vo. 3 vols. 

(Leipzig). 30*. Gd. 

Vol. i., is. (M. ; vol. ii. (1), . ; (2), 10. ; vol. iii., 10*. 

273 T 


Kinglake, A. W. History of the invasion of the Crimea, c. 8vo. 9 vols., 

Gs. each. Slachrcood. 54s. 

Morfill, W. R. Russia, c. 8vo. f'/in-in. illus. 5.<t. 

With an account of the sources of Russian history. 

Leroy-Beaulieu, A. L'empire cles Tsars. 8vo. 3 vols., 6s. Gd. each. 

Hachette. 19s. Gd. 

Tikhomirov, L. Russia: social and political. Tr. E. Aveling. d. 8vo. 

2 vols. Sonnenschein. 21s. 

Includes an account of Russian village institutions. 


Moser's grammar, or that of W. R. Morfill (which contains a short chrestomathy) should 
first be studied. Some of the minor poems of Pushkin might then be read, and then the 
novelists ; among the translations of these, the French versions are usually to be preferred. 
Books marked $ are recommended for young people. 


Morfill, W. R. Grammar of Russian language, c. 8vo. Clar. Press. *>,. 

Moser, H. Grammatik der russischen Sprache. 8vo. (Hanover). 4s. 

Alexandrow, A. Complete Russian dictionary. 8vo. 2 vols. (St. 

Petersburg). 32s. 

New pocket dictionary (English-Russian). 18mo. TaucJtnitz. 4s. Gd. 

Nosovich, J. Slovar Biclorusskago Narechia (dictionary of the White 

Russian dialect). 4to. (St. Petersburg). 10s. 


Polevoi, P. Istoria Russkoi literatim v'ocherkakh i biographiakh. (History 
of Russian literature in sketches and biographies). 8vo. 2 vols. (St. 
Petersburg). 14s. 

Very interesting, like Chambers'. 

Rambaud, A. La Russie Spique. 8vo. Maisonneuve. 8*. Gd. 

Turner, C. E. Modern novelists of Russia, c. 8vo. Trubner. 3s. fid. 

Vogue, E. M. do. Le roman russe. 12mo. Plan. 3*. 

Ralston, W. R. S. Krilof and his fables. Cassell. 3s. Gd. 

Turner, C. E. Count Tolstoi as novelist and thinker, c. 8vo. Trubner. 3s. Gd. 


Pushkin, A. S. Sochineniya (works). Ed. P. Yephremov. 8vo. 7 vols. 

(St. Petersburg). 18s. 

The best edition of Russia's most celebrated poet. 

,, Poemes dramatiques. Tr. Tourgu6niev and Viardot. 12mo. 

Hacliette. O.P. 

,, Russian romance. Tr. Mrs. J. B. Telfer. c. 8vo. Paul. 3*. Gd. 

Lermontov, M. J. Sochineniya. Ed. Yephremov. 8vo. 2 vols. (St. 

Petersburg). 12s. Gd. 

Russia's second greatest poet. 

Krilov, J. A. Basni (fables). 12mo. (St. Petersburg). 2s. 

Ustrialov, N. Russkaya Istoriya (Russian history). 8vo. (St. Peters- 
burg). 15.?. 

Zvetkov, A. Novieshie Russkije pisatelyi. 8vo. (St. Petersburg). 9,f. 



Dostoievski, T. Unizhennie i oskorblennie (The humble and persecuted). 

8vo. Vs. 

,, Presbuplenie i nakazanie (Crime and punishment). 8vo. 10s. G^. 

,, Les pauvres gens. Tr. Derely. 12mo. Plon. 3*. 

,, Le crime et le chatiment. Tr. Derely. 12mo. 2 vols. Plan. Gs. 

,, Souvenir de la maison des morts. Tr. Neyroud. 12mo. Plon. 3s. 

Tolstoi, Voina i mir (War and peace). 12mo. 3 vols. 15. 

,, Anna Karenina (in Eussian). 12mo. 3 vols. 15s. 
,, Works. Tr. c. 8vo. 2s. Gd. each. Scott. 

,, Anna KarSnine (in French). 12nio. 2 vols. Hacliette. 5s. 

,, La guerre et la paix. 12mo. 3 vols. Hachette. Is. del. 

,, Ma religion. 8vo. (Paris). 5s. 

Tourgueniev. Zapiski okhotnika (Memoirs of a sportsman). 12mo. 

2 vols. Gg. 

,, Dvorianskoe gniezdo (A nest of noblemen). O.P. 

May be had in Tourgue'niev's collected works, 10 vols., 40. 

,, Memoires d'un seigneur russe. Tr. E. Charriere. 12mo. 2 vols. 

Hachette. 2s. Gd. 

,, La furnee. 12mo. Hetzel. 2s. Gel. 

,, Un Bulgare. 12mo. Hetzel. 2s. Gd. 

,, Torres vierges. 12mo. Hetzel. 2s. Gd. 

,, Une niche de gentilshommes. 12mo. Hetzel. 2s. Gd. 

,, Peres et enfants. 12mo. Cliarpentier. 3s. 

These five works were translated into French by Tourjjueniev himself. 

,, Liza. Tr. W. E. Ralston. 12mo. 2 vols. Chapman. O.P. 

Nekrasov, N. A. Eed nosed frost. Tr. 16mo. Ticltnor. illus. 15s. 

Gogol, N. Dead souls. Tr. Isabel Hapgood. 12mo. 2 vols. (New York). 12s. Gd. 

,, Les dmes mortes. Tr. Hacliette. 2s. Gd. 

Ralston, W. E. S. Songs of the Eussian people. 8vo. Ellis and Green. 12s. 

,, Eussian folk-tales. 8vo. Smith, Elder, pub. IGs. O.P. 


There is no good German Malo-Russian grammar, and therefore only that Viy Osadtsa in 
Halo-Russian can be named. Zelechowski's dictionary is very good. 

Osadtsa, M. Grammar. 8vo. (Lemberg). 10*. 

Zelechowski, E. Ruthenisch-DeutschesWorterbuch. 8vo. 2 vols. (Lemberg). 30#. 



275 T 2 

Sailing GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Sanskrit, etc. 




Miiller, F. Max. Sanskrit grammar, (elein.). Ed. Macdonell. c. 8vo. 

Longmans. Gs. 

Whitney, W. D. Sanskrit grammar. 8vo. Triibner. 12s. 

Edgren, A. Sanskrit grammar, c. 8vo. Triibner. 10*. Gd. 

Vaidya, L. R. The standard Sanskrit-English dictionary. 8vo. Triibner. 10#. Gd. 

Apte, V. S. Sanskrit-English dictionary. 8vo. Luzac. 18,. 

,, Student's guide to composition. 8vo. Luzac. fix. 

Bohtlingk and Roth. Sanskrit Worterbuch. 8vo. 7 vols. Petersburg Acad. 180*. 


Weber, A. History of Indian literature. 8vo. Triibner. 10s. Gd. 

Schroeder, L. von. Indiens Literatur und Cultur. 8vo. (Leipzig). is*. 

Colebrooke, H. T. Essays on the religion and philosophy of the Hindus. 

8vo. 2 vols. Triibner. 2S.y. 

Williams, Monier. Hinduism. 12mo. S. P. C. K. 2.v. Gd. 

Mtiller, F. Max. India ; what can it teach us ? 8vo. Longmans. 12s. Gd. 

,, History of ancient Sanskrit literature. Williams. O.P. 


Original Sanskrit texts. Ed. J. Muir. d. 8vo. 5 vols. Triibner. 100*. 

Vol. i., 21*. ; vol. ii., 21*. ; vol. iii., 16*. ; vol. iv., 21*. ; vol. v., 21. 

Rig-Veda-Samhita (Sacred hymns of the Brahmans). Ed. Max Miiller. 

4to. G vols. Triibner. 15 

Smaller edition : text only. 8vo. 2 vols. Triibner. 32s. Also new edition. Froude. 105. 

Rig- Veda. Tr. into German and annotated by A. Ludwig. 8vo. 6 vols. 

(Prague). IGs. 

,, Tr. H. Wilson. 8vo. 6 vols. Triibner. 119,v. 

Vols. i., ii., iii., v., vi., 21*. each; vol. iv., 14*. 

Kaegi,"A. The Rig- Veda. Tr. R. Arrowsmith. 8vo. Ginn (Boston). Is. Gd. 

Ludwig, A. Anschauungen des Veda. 8vo. (Prague). 2s. Gd. 

"Sacred books of the East." Ed. Max Miiller. 8vo. 48 vols. Clar. Press. 

First series, 21 vols. : second series, 2t vols. (in progress). From 10*. 6d. to 21*. per volume. 

Code of Manu (" Sacred books of the East," xxv.). Tr. G. Bu'hler. d. 8vo. 

Clar. Press. 21s. 

Code of Manu. Ed. Jolly, p. 8vo. Triibner. 10s. Gd. 


Sanskrit, etc. GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Scotland 

Bhagavadgita ; text. Ed. Thompson. W. H. Allen. 5s. 

,, ("iracred books of the East," viii.). Tr. K. T. Telang. d. 8vo. 

Clar. Press. 10*. Gd. 

Sakuntala ; a play. Ed. R. Pischel. 8vo. Triibner. 21*. 

,, Tr. W. Jones (" Works," ix.). (London}. 1807. o.p. 

Hitopadesa (fables). Ed. F. Max Miiller. 8vo. 4 vols. Longmans. 2(5*. 

Vol. i., Ss. 6rf. ; vol. ii., iii., iv., 7. Gd. each. 

Mahabharata (epic). Sanskrit text. Tr. Pratap Chundra Roy. 8vo. 

Ramayana ; text (epic). Ed. and tr. into Italian by G. Gorresio. 8vo. 

10 vols. (Paris'), pub. 12 12s. O.P. 

Panini's Grammar ; with German trans, by Bohtlingk. 8vo. (Leipzig). 60*. 

Sanskrit texts ; in " Bibliotheca Indica." 

The " Bibliotheea Indica" is a collection of oriental works published by the Asiatic Society 
ofBenflal ( Trii liner). 

Sanskrit series. (Bombay*). 

Haas, E. Catalogue of Sanskrit and Pali books in British Museum. 4to. 

Triibner. 21.s. 

PERIODICAL : Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society (Triibner). Another useful journal is 
the Indian Antiquary (Triibner). 








See ENGLAND/OP books dealing with England also. 


Baddeley, R. J. B. Scotland ("Thorough guide" series). 12mo. 4 vols. 

Dulau. Maps. 16*. 

Part i., The Highlands as far north as Inverness, 7*. ; part ii., Northern Highlands, the 
mainland north of Inverness, .8. del. ; part iii., The Lowlands, including Edinburgh and 
Glasgow, 4*. ; Orkney and Shetland, Is. 6rf. 

Black's Guide to Scotland, f. 8vo. Slack, illus. 8*. Gd. 

On the whole the fullest guide in one volume. 

Murray's Handbook for Scotland, p. 8vo. Murray. Os. 

Specially valuable for its antiquarian, historical, and literary references. 

Geikie, A. The scenery of Scotland viewed in connection with its physical 

geology, p. 8vo. Macmillan. 12*. fid. 

Grant, J. Old and new Edinburgh. 4to. 3 vols., 9s. each. Cassell. 27*. 

See also CHURCH HISTORY V. (B). 


Scotland GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Senegal 

Burton, J. H. History of Scotland to 1748. c. 8vo. 8 vols. lilaclnvood. (>'Ax. 

Vols. i. to vii., 7*. 6(7. each ; viii., and index, 10*. Cl. 

Chambers, II. Biographical dictionary of eminent Scotsmen. 3 vols. 

Blackie. O.P. 

Skene, W. F. Celtic Scotland to 1200. d. 8vo. 3 vols., 15s. each. Douglas. 45s. 

Robertson, E. VV. Scotland under her early kings (to 128). d. 8vo. 

2 vols. Dour/las. 36s. 

Hailes, Lord. Annals of Scotland. 1776. O.P. 

Innes, C. Sketches of early Scottish history, d. 8vo. Doiujlas. pub. 1(5.?. O.P. 

,, Scotland in the middle ages. d. 8vo. Douglas, pub. 10s. 6d. O.P. 

Skelton, J. Maitland of Lethington. 8vo. 2 vols. Blachmood. 28s. 

A good sketch of Scotland under Queen Mary. 

Hosack. Mary, Queen of Scots, and her accusers. 8vo. Bltiflnvood. 

pub. 21s. O.P. 

The beet book in defence of Mary. 

Goedeke, K. Maria Stuart. (Heidelberg). 

The most impartial estimate of Mary. 

Domestic annals of Scotland (15G1 to 1745). Ed. R. Chambers, d. 8vo. 

3 vols. Chambers. 40s. 

Vols. i., ii., 2t*. : vol. iii., ISs. 

Chambers, R. History of the rebellion, 1745-6. Chambers. 5s. 

Ramsay, J. Scotland and Scotsmen in the 18th century. 8vo. 2 vols. 

Blacktvood. 31s. Gd. 


Stewart, A. Gaelic grammar. 12mo. Maclachlan. 'Ax. (\<l. 

McAlpine, N. Gaelic-English and English-Gaelic dictionary. 8vo. 

Maclachlan. J)s. 

Gaelic pronunciation is given. 

McKinnon. Gaelic reader. 12mo. Maclachlan. 3s. M. 

Part i., S*. Gel. 

Macintyre, Duncan B. Songs and poems. 18mo. Maclachlan. 2.v. 

NOTE : Gaelic texts will be found in Campbell's Tales of the west Highlands (Gardner), 
and Maclnnes' Folk and hero tales (Nutt). 


No attempt is made to give an account of Scottish law-books on special subjects. 

Bell, G. J. Principles of the law of Scotland. Ed. W. Guthrie. 8vo. 

2 vols. (Edinburgh). 45,v. 

Erskine, J. Principles of the law of Scotland. 8vo. (Edinburgh). 21*. 

Bell's Dictionary and digest of the law of Scotland. Ed. G. Watson. 

r. 8vo. Stevens and Haynes. 3S,v. 

Not by the same author as Bell's Principles. 

Mackay , JE. J. Practice of the Court of Session, r. 8vo. Stevens and Haynes. 72*. 




Sermons GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Sermons 


Alford, II. Sermons. ](imo. lloihli-r. 2s. Gd. 

Andrewes, L. Selections. X /'. ('. A. O.P. 

Arnold,! 1 . Sermons (collected). 8vo. (J vols., 5*. each. Reeves and Turner. 30*. 

,, Christian life at school. Hvo. Longmans. Is, fid. 

Barrow, Isaac. Sermons (vol. Ix. of " National Library "). Cassell. Gd. 

Bariy, A. Sermons preached at Westminster Abbey, c. 8vo. Cassell. 5s. 

Beecher, H. W. Plymouth Church sermons. Hvo. 10 vols., 3*. Gd. each. 

Diekenson. 35s. 

Beveridge, W. Twenty-six sermons. S. P. C. K. (London). 1850. 8*. 

Binney, T. Sermons preached in the King's Weigh House Chapel (two 

scries), ex. f. 8vo. Macmillan. O.P. 


Bradley, C. Sermons selected by G. J. Davies. c. 8vo. Wells, Gardner. 3s. Gd. 

Brooks, Phillips. Twenty sermons, c. 8vo. Macmillan. Gs. 

, , The candle of the Lord. c. 8vo. Macmillan. Gs. 

, , Sermons preached in English churches, c. 8vo. Macmillan. Gs. 


Bull, Bishop. Sermons (vol. i. of " Works "). 8vo. (Oxford). 1827. O.P. 

Butler, Bishop. Sermons. 8vo. Clar. Press. 5s. Gd. 

Butler, H. M. Sermons preached in Harrow School, c. 8vo. Macmillan. Is. Gd. 

Butler, A. Sermons (two series). 8vo. Macmillan. 15s. 

Caird, J. Sermons. 12mo. Blaclacood. 5s. 

Carpenter, W. Boyd. Permanent elements of religion (Bampton lectures). 

c. 8vo. Macmillan. (>*. 

Chalmers, T. Select sermons. 12mo. (Edinburgh). Is. Gd. 

Charming, W. E. The perfect life. p. 8vo. Williams. '3s. 


Church, R. W. Human life and its conditions. Oxford Univ. sermons 

(1876-8). c. 8vo. Macmillan. 6s. 

,, The gifts of civilization, c. 8vo. Macmillan. Is. Gd. 

,, The discipline of the Christian character, c. 8vo. Macmillan. is. Gd. 

,, Advent sermons, c. 8vo. Macmillan. 4s. Gd. 

Cox, S. Genesis of evil. 8vo. Paul. Gs. 

,, Salvator mundi. p. 8vo. Paul. 5.v. 

Dale, R. W. Evangelical revival, and other sermons, c. 8vo. Hodder. GK. 

Davies, Llewellyn. The Gospel and modern life. ex. f. 8vo. Macmillan. Gs. 

,, Warnings against superstition, ex. f. 8vo. Macmillan. 2s. Gd. 

,, The manifestation of the Son of God. f. 8vo. Macmillan. GK. Gd. 

Eyton, R. The true life, and other sermons, p. 8vo. Paul. Is. 6d. 

Farrar, F. W. Ephphatha. c. 8vo. Macmillan. 6s. 

, , Eternal hope. p. 8vo. Macmillan. Gs. 

Hare, A. W. Alton sermons, p. 8vo. Isbister. 10s. Gd. 

Hare, J. C. The victory of faith, and other sermons, c. 8vo. Macmillan. Gs. 6d. 

. , , Mission of the Comforter, p. 8vo. Macmillan. Is. Gd. 


Sermons GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Sermons 

Holland, H. Scott. Logic and life. c. 8vo. Rivingtons. 7*. Gd. 

Irving, Ed. Sermons. 3 vols. (London). 1828. o.p. 

Keble, J. College sermons. 8vo. Parker. 12*'. 

Kingsley, C. Sermons on national subjects, c. 8vo. Macmillan. 3$. Cxi. 

, , Village and town, and country sermons, c. 8vo. Macmillan. 3s. Gd. 

, , Westminster sermons, c. 8vo. Macmillan. 3. (id. 

Latimer, Bishop. Sermons (in "Arber's reprints "). Is. 

Liddon, H. P. Oxford University sermons, c. 8vo. 2 ser., 5. each. 

Rivvngtom. 10*. 

,, Easter in St. Paul's, c. 8vo. 2 vols. Rivingtons. 10s. 

,, The Magnificat sermons in St. Paul's, c. 8vo. Rivingtons. 2s. Gd. 

,, Some elements of religion, c. 8vo. Rivingtons. 2s. Gd. 

Maclaren, A. Sermons preached at Manchester, f. 8vo. 3 vols., 4s. Gd. 

each. Macmillan. 13*. Gd. 

, , Week-day evening addresses, f. 8vo. Macmillan. 2s. Gd. 

Macleod, Norman (Jr.). Simple truths to working people. 12mo. Daldy. 2s. Gd. 

Magee, Bishop. The Gospel and the age. c. 8vo. Isbister. Is. Gd. 

Manning, H. E. Sermons preached before the University of Oxford. 8vo. 

Rivingtons. 1844. pub. 6*. O.P. 

,, Sermons. 8vo. 4 vols., 10s. Gd. each. Pickering. 1850. pub. 42*. O.P. 

Martineau, J. Hours of thought on sacred things. 8vo. 2 vols., 

7s. Gd. each. Longmans. 15s. 


Maurice, J. F. D. Sermons. 8vo. 6 vols. 'Smith, Elder, pub. 21s. O.P. 


,, Prophets and kings of the Old Testament, c. 8vo. Macmillan. Gs. 

,, Social morality, c. 8vo. Macmillan. <>*. 

Melvill, H. Sermons. 12mo. 2 vols., 5s. each. Rivingtons. 10s. 

Mozley, J. B. Parochial sermons, c. 8vo. Rivingtons. 7s. Gd. 

, , Oxford University sermons, c. 8vo. Rivingtons. 7s. Gd. 

Newman, J. H. Parochial and plain sermons, c. 8vo. 8 vols., 3s. Gd. 

each. Rivingtons. 28s. 

Pusey, E. B. Parochial and cathedral sermons. 8vo. Smith and Innes. 6s. 

Robertson, F. W. Sermons, c. 8vo. 4 vols., 3s. Gd. each. Paul. 14s. 

Salmon, G. The reign of law. p. 8vo. Macmillan. 5s. 

South, Canon. Sermons. 8vo. 4 vols. Tegg. 1843. pub. 24s. O.P. 

Spurgeon, C. H. The present truth : a collection of sermons. 8vo. 

Passmore and Alabaster. 7s. 

Stanley, A. P. Sermons and essays on the Apostolic age. p. 8vo. Parker. 7s. Gd. 

,, Westminster sermons (special occasions). 8vo. Murray. 15.<. 

Stowell, Hugh. Salford sermons, p. 8vo. legg. 2s. Gd. 

Taylor, Jeremy. Sermons (vols. v., vi., of " Works "). 8vo. 1839. o.P. 

Temple, F. Rugby sermons (three series), c. 8vo. Macmillan. 16s. Gd. 

First series, is. 6rf. ; second and third series, each G. 

Thorold, A. W. The claim of Christ on the young (Oxford University 

sermons), p. 8vo. Isbister. 2s. Gd. 


Sermons GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Servia 

Trench, li. ('. Shipwrecks of faith. 8vo. Macmillan. pul>. 2x. Cxi. O.P. 

,, West iiiinsKT A 1)1 !() sermons, p. s\o. /'aul. <'*. 

Vaughan, C. J. Temple sermons, o. 8vo. Min-mlllan. 10s. Gd. 

,, Oxford and Cambridge University sermons (18G1-87). p. Hvo. 

Ma cm i I In ii. 10s. Gd. 

,, Church of the first days. f. 8vo. X series, -In. Gd. each. Macmillan. 13s. (id. 

Westcott, 11. V. Revelation of the risen Lord. c. Hvo. Macmillan. Gg. 

,, Revelation of the Father, c. 8vo. Macmillan. Gs. 

,, Christianity and social life. c. 8vo. Macmillan. Gs. 

,, Christ us Consummator. c. 8vo. Macmillan. Gx. 

,, The historic faith, c. 8vo. Macmillan. G.t. 

Wilberforce, S. Oxford University sermons; three series (1837-70). 

8vo. Parker. 7s. Gd. 

Wilson, J. M. Sermons preached in Clifton College, c. 8vo. Macmillan. G.*. 

Wright, I). Waiting for the light, p. 8vo. King. pub. Gs. O.P. 

British eloquence of the XIX. century, (iriffin. 1856-8. pub. 21*. O.P. 

Contains two series of " Sacred Oratory," one vol. of sermons of the Church of England, 
aud one of sermons of the Presbyterian churches. 

Brogden, J. Illustrations of the liturgy and ritual of the churches of 

England and Ireland, p. 8vo. 3 vols. Murray. 1842. pub. 27s. O.P. 

Sermons by eminent divines of the XVII. century. 

Fish, H. C. History and repository of pulpit eloquence. 8vo. 2 vols. 

(New York), pub. 30s. O.P. 

British, American, French, German, Greek, and Latin pulpits. 

Knox, G. Family lectures. 1791-5. O.P. 

XVIII. century sermons. 

Practical sermons ; selected by A. Watson. 1845-G. O.P. 

Christian institutes ; selected by C. Wordsworth. 1837. O.P. 


See also TURKEY. 

Denton, W. Servia and the Servians. 8vo. Bell and Daldy. pub. 9s. Gd. o.P. 

Balme, L. J. A. La principaute de Serbie. 8vo. (Parix). O.P. 


The beginner might use the short grammar by Morfill, but the works of Danichieh in Serbian 
must afterwards be consulted 

Morfill, W. R. Simplified grammar of the Serbian language, c. 8vo. 

Trubner. 4s. Gd. 

Popovich, G. Worterbuch der serbischen und deutschen Sprachen. 8vo. 

2 vols. (Belgrade). 18s. 

Danichieh, G. Istoriya oblika Srpskogaili Khrvatskoga Yezika (History of 

forms of the Serbian or Croatian language). 8vo. (Belgrade). 7s. Gd. 

,, Osnove Srpskoga ill Khrvatskoga Yezika (The foundations of the 

Serbian or Croatian language). 8vo. (Belgrade). 9s. 

Dozen, A. L'epop6e serbe. 12mo. (Paris). Gs. Gd. 


Sewerage GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Shakespeare 




Cowden-Clarke, Mrs. Concordance to Shakespeare. 8vo. BlcJters. 25s. 

Furness, Mrs. H. H. Concordance to Shakespeare's poems, r. 8vo". Lippimott. 18s. 

Schmidt, A. Shakespeare lexicon, r. 8vo. 2 vols. Williams. 31s. 6d. 

Different meanings of words distinguished. 

Fleay, F. G. Shakespeare manual, ex. f. 8vo. Macmillan. 4s. Gd. 

Useful, but conclusions to be accepted with caution. 

Abbott, E. A. Shakespearian grammar, ex. f. 8vo. Macmillan. 6s. 


Cambridge edition. Ed. Clarke and Wright. 8vo. 9 vols., 10s. 6d. each. 

Macmillan. 94s. &d. 

The best authority in the matter of text. The " Globe " edition has the same text. 

Globe edition. Ed. Clarke and Wright. 8vo. Macmillan. 3s. 6d. 

Leopold Shakspere. 4to. Cassell. 3s. d. 

Henry Irving Shakspere. Ed. F. A. Marshall, sm. 4to. 8 vols., 

10s. 6d. each. Blacltie. illus. 84.?. 

Useful variorum. 

New variorum edition. Ed. H. H. Fnrness. r. 8vo. Lippincott. 

Very important ; in progress. Seven plays now issued ; 18s. each. 

First folio. Ed. J. O. Halliwell-Phillips, etc. 8vo. Chatto. Is. 6d, 

Reduced photographic fac-simile, difficult to read. 

Reprint of first folio. 4to. Booth, pub. 52s. &d. O.P. 

Fac-similes of quarto editions. Ed. Furnivall and others. W. Grif/ys. 

In progress. 28 vols. published. 

Shakespeare's Sonnets. Ed. T. Tyler. 8vo. Nutt. 12s. 

Interesting historical investigation and discussion. 


Walker, W. S. Critical examination of the text of Shakespeare. 

12mo. 3 vols. J. R. Smith, pub. 18s. O.P. 

Stokes, H. P. Chronological order of Shakespeare's plays. Macmillan. o.r. 

Shakespeare's library. Ed. Collier and Hazlitt. ]2mo. G vols. Reeves 

and Turner. 20*. 

Important collection of sources of Shakespeare's plots, etc. 

Skeat, W. W. Shakespeare's Plutarch, p. 8vo. Macmillan. (> . 

Gervinus, G. G. Shakespeare commentaries. Tr. Miss Burnett, d. 8vo. 

Smith, Elder. 14s. 

Courtenay, T. P. Commentaries on the historical plays of Shakespeare. 

p. 8vo. Colburn. 1840. pub. 18s. O.P. 

Lloyd, W. W. Critical essays on the plays of Shakespeare, f. 8vo. Bell. 2s. Qd. 
Hazlitt, W. Characters of Shakespeare's plays, p. 8vo. Bell (Bohn). 3s. 6d. 

Jameson, Mrs. Shakespeare's heroines, p. 8vo. Bell (Boliri). 3s. &d. 

Coleridge, S. T. Lectures and notes on Shakespeare. Ed. T. Ashe. 

p. 8vo. Bell (Bofrn). 3s. 6<Z. 

The portions reported by Collier to be taken with suspicion. 


Shakespeare GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Shooting 

Swinburne, A. C. A study of Shakrspcarc. c. Hvo. Chatto. puk St. O.P. 

Chasles, P. Ktmlcs sur Shakespeare, etc. 12mo. (Paris). O.P. 

Dowden, E. Shakspere : his mind and art. p. 8vo. I'mil. 12..-. 


Hudson, H. N. Life, art, and character of Shakespeare, c. Hvo. 2 vols., 

12.v. ('a di. Ginn (Boston). 24s. 

Halliwell-Phillips, J. O. Outlines of the life of Shakespeare, r. Hvo. 

2 vols. Longmwix. 21s. 

Fleay, F. G. Chronicle history of the life of Shakespeare. Hvo. Nimmo. 15*. 

Elze, Karl. William Shakespeare ; a literary biography. Tr. Miss Dora 

Schmitz. Hvo. Bell (Bohn). 5s. 

Drake, N. Shakespeare and his times. 4to. 2 vols. 1H17. O.P. 

Symonds, J. A. Shakespeare's predecessors in the English drama, d. Hvo. 

timitli, Elder. Hi*. 

Simpson, K. The school of Shakespeare, c. Hvo. CJiatto. pub. 18*. O.P. 

Griffiths, L. M. Evenings with Shakespeare, f. 4to. Arron-sniith (Bristol). 15s. 

Industrious and useful collection of odds and ends of information. 






See also DOG atid SPORT. 

For a knowledge of the construction of shot-guns and rifles, history of development and 
improvement, read Stonehenge's Jforlern sportsman's gun and rifle ; for information on (fame- 
shooting, Shootinit (" Badminton Library ") ; on wild-fowling. The wild fotrler, T/te foirlrr 
in Ireland, and Hints on shore shooting. Hawker's book is somewhat out of date, but 
contains much that is still useful. 

Hawker, P. Instructions to young sportsmen in all that relates to guns 

and shooting. 8vo. Low/mans, illus. pub. IHs. O.P. 

Payne-Gallwey, R. Letters to young shooters, c. Hvo. Lonymaiis. Is. Gd. 

1 ' Stonehenge." The modern sportsman's gun and rifle. Hvo. 2 vols., 

15s. each. H. Cox. 30,. 

Greener, W. W. The gun and its development. 4to. Cassell. 10s. Qd. 

. Dougall. The rifle and how to use it. p. 8vo. Lorn. 10*. Gd. 

Walsingham and Gallwey. Shooting (" Badminton Library "). c. Hvo. 

2 vols. Longman*, illus. 21s. 

Vol. i., Field and covert, 10. M. ; vol. ii., Moor and marsh, 10s. 6rf. 

Trumbull, G. Names and portraits of birds which interest gunners. 8vo. 

Harper, illus. 12s. d. 

Descriptions and good illustrations. 

Folkard, H. C. The wild-fowler. 8vo. Loiigmans. illus. pub. 15s. O.P. 

Leffingwell. Wild-fowl shooting. 8vo. (Chicago), illus. 10s. Gd. 

Chiefly shooting to decoys. English edition by Lme. 


Shooting GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Single-stick 

Payne- Gall wey, R. The fowler in Ireland. 8vo. Van Voorst. 21s. 

Good illustrations : includes decoys. 

Long, J. W. American wild-fowl shooting, c. 8vo. Trnbner. illus. 10.s'. 

Harting, J. E. Hints on shore shooting, p. 8vo. Van Voorst. 3s. (id. 

With a chapter on skinning and preserving birds. 

Manley, J. J. Notes on game and game-shooting, p. 8vo. GUI. illus. 7.?. C>d. 

Carnegie, W. Practical game-preserving, d. 8vo. frill, illus". 21s. 

Oke's Game-laws. Erl. Willis-Bund, p. 8vo. Buttenvorth. 16$. 

A manual of the law, necessary to shooters ; has not been very lately edited, but there is no 
later text-book. 

"Deadfall." Experiences of a game-preserver, d. 8vo. H. Cox. illus. 21s. 

Price, R. J. Pheasant-rearing and grouse-driving. 1. p. 8vo. //. Cox. 3.?. (\d. 


Pitman's system is recommended. The three text-books should be studied in the order 
indicated in the list. 

Pitman, I. History of shorthand. I. Pitman. o.p. 

In phonographic characters. Reprinted in common type in the Plionetic Journal, 1881. 

Levy, M. History of shorthand. 8vo. Levy (Mitre-court, Fleet-st.). 5.*. 

Pitman, I. Phonographic teacher, f. 8vo. I. Pitman. tid. 

,, Manual of phonography (advanced), f. 8vo. I. Pitman. Is. (\d. 

,, Reporter's companion, f. 8vo. I. Pitman. 2s. 

The most abbreviated style. 

Levy, M. Taylor's system of shorthand writing. 8vo. Levy. Is. Gel. 

An exposition of Harding's modification of Taylor's system. 

Gurney, W. B. Gurney's system of shorthand, p. 8vo. Buttermortli. 3-s. 

The system employed by the official shorthand writer of the Houses of Parliament, and most 
of his staff. 

Everett, J. D. Shorthand for general use. f. 8vo. Marcus Ward. 2s. (id. 

Reed, T. A. Reporter's guide. F. Pitman. Is. 6d. 

Concerning the duties of the professional reporter. 

Westby-Gibson, J. Bibliography of shorthand. 1. 8vo. I. Pitman. 5s. 

Rockwell, J. E. The teaching, practice, and literature of shorthand. 
Circular of Bureau of Education, U.S., Gov. Printing Office 
( Washington'). 

Contains the alphabets of most shorthand systems. 

PanstenograpMcon. Ed. Krieg and Zeibig. 8vo. (Dresden). 21s. 

Principal systems in all modern languages, each described by a writer of the system ; also 
accounts of Greek and Roman tachygraphy. 

PERIODICAL : Phonetic Journal (weekly). /. Pitman. W. Printed partly in shorthand, 
and partly in common type. 








Skating GUIDE BOOK TO HOOKS. Sleight, etc. 


Vanderwell :m<l William. System of figure-skat in--. Svo. Jf. Cox. 7x.6d. 

Adams, I). Skating ("All England "aer.). sm. Hvo. /A-//. 2*. 

Contains a chapter on speed-skating ; also a chapter by Miss Cheet liuin for ladies. 

Monier- Williams, M. and S. Combined flgnre-akating. c. Hvo. II. Cox. fa. 

Goodman, X. and A. Fen-skating, c. Svo. Low. 5.<- 

Contains some history of skating iu the Fens, and records of races. 

Si.AM)i;i:, .svr ENGLAND, LAW IX. 



The most scientific way of studying the Slavonic languages is to begin with old Slavonic 
(Leskicn's Hti mlbuc-h) ; and then to go to Russian. Schleicher's Polabin/i grammar (a 
language now extinct ) is invaluable for the scientific study of Slavonic. 

Miklosicli, F. von. Vergleichende Grammatik der slavischen Sprachen. 

Svo. 4 vols. ( Vienna). 83ft, 

Vol. i., 20. ; vol. ii., 15*. ; vol. iii., 18. ; vol. iv., 30. A splendid contribution to philology. 

,, Lexicon Paloeoslovenico-Graeco-Latinum. r. 8vo. (Vienna). 27.<c 

,, Dictionnaire abr%e de six langues Slaves (Russe, Vieux-Slave, 
Bulgarc, Serbe, Scheque, et Polonais) ainsi qne Frangais et Allemand. 
( Vienna"), pub. 3 3s. o.p. 

Very useful for the comparison of the Slavonic languages. 

,, Etymologi-sches WSrterbuch der slavischen Sprachen. 8vo. (Vienna"). 20.. 

An invaluable book. 

Leskien, A. Handbuch der Altbulgarischen (Altkirchenslavischen) Sprache. 

Svo. ( Weimar"). 6s. 

The most practical grammar of old Slavonic ; with chrestomathy. 

Pypinand Spasovich. Istoria Slavianskikh Literatur. Hvo. (tit. Petersburg). 

The great work in Russian. 

Talvi (Mrs. Robinson). Historical view of the languages and literature of 

Slavic nations, p. Hvo. Putnam. 5*. 

Very readable and accurate, but a trifle out of date. 

Morfill, W. R. Slavonic literature, f. Hvo. S. P. C. K. 2,v. M. 

Schleicher, A. Laut und Formenlehre der polabischen Spracbe. r. Hvo. 

(St. Petersburg). 5s. 

Cigale, M. Deutsch-Slovenisches Worterbuch. r. Svo. 2 vols. (Laibach). 21s. 

Vblkel, M. J. A. Lithauisches Elementarbuch. Svo. (Heidelberg). 3s. 

Kurschat, F. Grammatik der lithauischen Sprache. Hvo. (Halle). 12*. 

,, Worterbuch der lithauischen Sprache. Hvo. (Halle). 22s. 6rf. 

Schleicher, A. Handbuch der lithauischen Sprache. Hvo. 2 vols. 

(Prague). 14*. 

Bielenstein, A. Die lettische Sprache. Svo. 2 vols. (Berlin). 20s. 

Ulmann and Brasche. Lettisches Worterbuch. r. Svo. 2 vols. (Riga). 14*. 








Murray's Handbook to Spain, p. 8vo. Murray. 20s. 

Lavigne, G. cle. L'Espagne et le Portugal ("Guide Joanne"). KJuio. 

Hachette. 15s. 

Arteche, J. Gomez de. Geografia de Espana. 4to. ( Madrid). 10.*?. 

Webster, Wentworth. Spain (in " Foreign countries and British colonies " 

ser.). c. 8vo. Low. 3s. 6d. 

Hose, H. J. Untrodden Spain and her black country. 8vo. 2 vols. 

Tinsley. 30s. 

Campion, J. S. On foot in Spain. 8vo. Chapman, illus. 16*. 

A walk from the Bay of Biscay to the Mediterranean. 

Hoss and Cooper. Highlands of Cantabria. 8vo. Low. illus. 21s. 

Ford, R. Gatherings from Spain, p. 8vo. Murray. 3s. 6d. 

Elliott, Mrs. Diary of an idle woman in Spain, c. 8vo. White, pub. 6s. o.P. 
Gilbard. Popular history of Gibraltar,with map and guide. 8vo. ( Gibraltar'). 

Riano, J. F. The industrial arts in Spain, c. 8vo. Chapman, illus. 4s. 
Espana : sus monumentos, artes, historia. Cortezo (Barcelona), illus. 

A description of Spain in provinces ; sold separately. Illustrated chiefly from photographs. 


Including PORTUGAL. 

La Fuente. Historia general de Espana. 30 vols. (Madrid). 

Dunham, S. A. History of Spain and Portugal, f. 8vo. 5 vols. Longmans. 

pub. 17s. <od. O.P. 

Dahn, F. Die Konige der Germanen. 12mo. 6 vols. (Warzburg). 45s. 

Vol. v., vi., deal with the Visigoths in Spain. 

Colmeiro, Manuel. Cortes de los antiguos Re'nos de Leon y Castilla. 

Conde, J. A. History of the dominion of the Arabs in Spain. Tr. 

Mrs. Forster. p. 8vo. 3 vols., 3s. Gd. each. Sell (Bohri). 10s. Gd. 


Spain <;t T lDE HOOK TO BOOKS. Spain 

Poole, S. I/mc. The Moors in Spurn. 0. 8vo. linrin. illus. '>. 

Irving, Washington. Tin- c<.ii(|ucst of Granada. lirll (JMin). 
Qhroniole of James I., king of Aragon, iiMi>-7<>. Tr. J. Forstcr. r. 8vo. 

L' \nls. < "ha /linn n. 'J*x. 

Life and voyages of Columbus. HVO. :? vols. Ca*ell. Is.&d. 

Prescott, W. H. History of Ferdinand and Isabella. 2 vols. 8vo. Ilout- 

I'-'I'l''- 10*. 

Robertson, W. Reign of Charles V. Ed. Prescott. 2 vols. 8vo. Rout- 

li'di/e. 10. 

Prescott, W. H. Reign of Philip II. 8vo. 2 vols. Routledge. 10*. 

Ranke, L. von. The Spanish monarchy. Tr. Wkittdket: o.P. 

A sketch of the constitution, government, and economic failure of Spain under Philip II. 

Maxwell, W. Stirling. Don John of Austria, r. 8vo. 2 vols. Longmans. 

pub. 42.s\ O.P. 

Weiss, C. L'Espagne dcpuis Philippe II. jusqu'aux Bourbons. 8vo. 

'2 vols. Hac/iettf. 10s. 

Coxe, W. History of the kings of Spain and House of Bourbon. 5 vols. 

(London). 1815. O.P. 

D'Aulnoy, Corntesse. La cour et la ville de Madrid vers la fin du 17me. 
siecle. 2 vols. (Paris). 
Vol. i., O.P. ; vol. ii., 6. An account of life in the Spanish Conrt, 1C79-80. 

Parnell, A. War of succession in Spain, 1702-11. d. 8vo. Hell. 14s. 

Napier, W. F. P. History of the war in the Peninsula, 1807-14. c. 8vo. 

3 vols., 3.<?. fid. each. Itoutledge. 10s. 6d. 

Cardenas, F. de. Ensayo sobre la historia de la propiedad territorial en 
Espaiia. (Madrid). 

Cronicas (in "Biblioteca de autores espauoles " ). r. 8vo. 3 vols., 12s. 6d. 

each. (Madrid). 37$. Qd. 

Historia de sucesos particulares (in " Bibl. aut. esp.," xxi., xxviii). r. 8vo. 

12ft. (id. each. 25s. 

Navarrette, M. F. de. Coleccion de documentos ineditos para la 
historia de Espaiia. (Madrid). 
In progress. 93 vols. issued. 8vo. \'ls. firf. each. 

Memorias de la Real Acaderuia de la Historia (1796-1888). fo. 11 vols. 

(Madrid). 100*. 

Florez, F. H. and others. Espana Sagrada (1754-1879). 4to. 51 vols. 

(Madrid). 25. 

NOTE : Many MSS. of Arabic authors have been edited or translated by F. F. Gonzalez 
(Enpaiia Arabe), and by Codera (Biblioteca Arub'wo-IIispaiio). 



Del Mar, E. Complete grammar of the Spanish language (key 3. (id.) 

12mo. Nutt. 6s. 

Clarke, Butler. Spanish grammar ("Parallel grammar" series). San- 

In press. 

Forster, P. Spanische Sprachlehre. 8vo. (Leipzig). 10*. 



Velasquez. Dictionary of the Spanish and English languages, r. 8vo. 

Triibner. 21*. 

Smaller edition, c. 8vo. 7. Grf. 

Diccionario de la Academia. 4to. Ntitt. 3(5*. 


Ticknor, G. History of Spanish literature. 8vo. 3 vols. HougJiton (U.S.) 40$. 

Los Rios, J. Amaclor de. Historia critica de la literatura espanola. 4to. 

7 vols. {Madrid). o.p. 

May be obtained at about 150 . 

Dozy, II. P. Recherches sur 1'histoire et la litterature d'Espagne pendant 

le moyen age. 8vo. (Leyden). 10*. 

Hubbard, G. Histoire de la litterature contemporaine en Espagne. 12mo. 

Charpentier. 3s. 

Tannenberg, B. de. La poesie castillane contemporaine. 12mo. (Paris'). 3s. 

Diercks, G. Das moderne Geistesleben Spaniens. 8vo. (Leipzig*). 

Tlie last three books are for literature later than that dealt with by Ticknor. 


Biblioteca de autores Espanoles. r. 8vo. 71 vols., 12*. Gd. each. (Madrid). 

For students. A new edition, with better print, is in contemplation. 

Colleccion de autores Castellanos. 3s. Gd. each. (Madrid). 

More modern works. 

Biblioteca clasica Espanola. Is. Gd. each. (Barcelona). 
Coleccion cle autores Espafioles. 41 vols., 3s. Gd. each. Brocltltaus. 

Excellent for girls. 

Biblioteca Universal. 124 vols., 8d. each. (Madrid). 

Like Cassell's " National Library." 


Poema del Cid (" Bibl. Aut. Esp."vol. Ivii.). r. 8vo. (Madrid). 12s. 6d. 

,, Original text, with French translation, by Damas Hinard. 4to. 

(Paris), pub. 16*. O.P. 

B-omancero del Cid. Ed. Michaelis. 12mo. BrocJdiavs. 3s. Gd. 

Romanceros (in " Bibl. Aut. Esp." vols. x. and xvi.). Ed. Duran. r. 8vo. 

(Madrid). 25*. 

,, Ed. Depping. 12mo. Brocliliaus. 12*. 

Cantos populates. Ed. F. R. Marin. 12rno. 5 vols. (Seville). 30,s\ 

Cantares populares (vol. xcvii. of "Bibl. Univ."). Ed. R. Caballero. (Madrid). 
Poesias populares. Ed. T. Segarra. Brockliaus. 

Ercilla. La Araucana (vol. xvii. of " Bibl. Aut. Esp."). r. 8vo. (Madrid). 12*. Gd. 
Antologia Espanola. Ed. C. Michaelis. 12mo. BrocUaux. 3s. Gd. 

Tesoro del Parnaso Espanol. Ed. Quintana. 8vo. (Paris). 10*. 

,, de la poesia castellana (vols. xvii., xviii., xx., xxii., andxxx. of the 

" Bibl. Univ."). $d. each. (Madrid). 3s. id. 

There is a larger collection in tke " Bibl. Aut. Esp." 

Espronceda, J. de. Obras poeticas. Ed. Hartzenbusch. 8vo. (Paris). 





Nuilez tic Arce. Gritos del combate, etc. 8vo. (Madrid). 4*. 

Campoamor, R. de. Obras cscogidas. ]2mo. 3 vols. BrocTthaus. 10*. Gd. 

La Celestina. Obras (in " Bibl. Univ."). 2 vols., Sd. each. (Madrid). Is. 4d. 

Lope de Vega. Comedias escogidas (vols. xxiv., xxxiv., xli., lii., of " Bibl. 

Ant. Esp."). r. 8vo. 12*. Gd. each. (Madrid). 50*. 

Calderon de la Barca. Teatro complete (vols. vii., ix., xii., xiv., of " Bibl. 

Aut. Esp.). r. 8vo. 12*. Gd. each. (Madrid). 50*. 

,, Teatro escogido. 12mo. 3 vols. Brockliaus. 10*. Gd. 

,, Select plays. Ed. Norman Maccoll. c. 8vo. Macmillan. 14*. 

,, Six dramas. Tr. Edward Fitzgerald. 12mo. O.P. 

Trench, R. C. Life and genius of Calderon. ex. f. 8vo. Paul. 5*. Gd. 

Lewes, G. H Spanish drama (Lope de Vega and Calderon). 12mo. 

Chapman. 1846. O.P. 

Ramon de la Cruz. Sainetes. 2 vols. (Barcelona). 6*. 

,, Sainetes escogidas. (Madrid). O.P. 

Light comedies. 

Autores dramaticos contemporaneos. Ed. Novo y Colson. fo. 2 vols. 

(Madrid). 100*. 

The modern drama of Spain is worth study. These volumes are a selection of the best 
play of each author, with introductions by the best Spanish critics. 


Mendoza, H. de. Lazarillo de Tormes (1st part in vol. iii. of " Bibl. Aut. 

Esp."). r. 8vo. (Madrid). 12*. Gd. 

Hyta, G. P. de. Guerras civiles de Granada (in the last quoted volume). 

Cervantes. Don Quijote de la Mancha (in vol. i. of " Bibl. Aut. Esp."). 

r. 8vo. (Madrid). 12*. Gd. 

,, The.same. 12mo. 2 vols. Brookhaus. 3*. Gd. 

,, The same. Tr. Watts, sq. 8vo. 5 vols. QuaritcJi. 84*. 

,, The same. Tr. Ormsby. d. 8vo. 4 vols., 12*. Gd. each. Smith, Elder. 50*. 

,, Novelas ejemplares. 12mo. Brockhaus. 3*. Gd. 

,, Numantia. Tr. J. Gibson, c. 8vo. Paul. 5s. 

,, Viaje del Parnaso, text with tr. by Gibson, c. 8vo. Pawl. 12*. 

Caballero, Fernan. La Gaviota. 12mo. Brockhaw. 3*. Gd. 

,, Clemencia. 12mo. Brockhaus. 3*. Gd. 

Becquer, G. Obras. 12mo. 3 vols. (Madrid). 10*. Gd. 

These works by Caballero and Becquer form suitable readings for girls. 

Valera, J. Pepita Jimenez. 18mo. (Madrid). 5*. 

,, Dona Luz. 18mo. (Madrid). 5*. 

Galdos, P. Episodios nacionales. 12mo. 20 vols., 2*. Gd. each. (Madrid). 50*. 

The Episodios nacionales are a series like the Erckmann-Chatrian French novels : Doha 
Perfecta, Gloria (2 vols.), and Marianela may be specially mentioned. 

Luis de Leon. Obras (vol. xxxvii. of " Bibl. Aut. Esp."). r. 8vo. (Madrid). 12*. Gd. 

Luis de Granada. Obras (vols. vi., viii., xi., of " Bibl. Aut. Esp."). r. 8vo. 

12*. Gd. each. (Madrid). 37*. Gd. 

Luis de Leon and Luis de Granada were mystics whose works should be read for beauty of 

Pereda, J. de. Sotileza. 8vo. (Madrid). 4* 

2S9 U 

Spain GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Sport, etc. 

Pereda, J. de. Escenas montaneses. 8vo. (Madrid}, 4s. 

,, De tal palo tal astilla. 8vo. lv. 

El buey suelto. 8vo. 4s. 

Pereda's works are written in rather difficult Spanish dialect. 

Selgas, Jos6. Nona. 8vo. (Madrid). 4s. 

Suitable for girls. 

Bazan, E. P. La tribuna. (Barcelona). 3s. 

,, Los pazos de Ulloa. 2 vols. (Barcelona). Gs. 

,, Madre naturaleza. 2 vols. (Barcelona). (>,<. 

,, La dama joven. (Barcelona). 3s. 

Alarcon, P. A. de. Un viage en las Alpujarras. (Madrid). 5s. 

Tmeba, A. de. Cuentos populares, 3s. Gd. ; Cuentos campesinos, 3*. Gd. 
12mo. Brockhaus. 

Bather puerile ; good for beginners. 


Poesias de la America Meridional. Ed. A. J. de Wittstein. 12mo. 

BrockJiaiis. 3s. Gd. 

Poesias mejicanas (vol. xlv. of " Bibl. Univ."). (Madrid). 3d. 

Isaacs, J. Maria. (Barcelona). 

A South Amrican " Paul and Virginia " ; difficult Spanish. 


Quevedo Villegas. Obras (vols. xxiii., xlviii., Ixix., of " Bibl. Aut. Esp."). 

r. 8vo. 12s. Gd. each. (Madrid). 37s. Gd. 

The Dean Swift of Spain. 

Isla, Padre. Obras escogidas (vol. xv. of " Bibl. Aut. Esp."). r. 8vo. 

(Madrid). 12*. Gd. 

Canovas del Castillo. Obras. (Madrid). 

Eight vols. already published, 37s. They may be had separately ; vol. i., El solitario. 



See also SHOOTING. 

St. John, C. Natural history and sport in Moray, r. 8vo. Douglas, illus. 50*. 

,, Tour in Sutherlandshire. c. 8vo. 2 vols. Murray, pub. 21s. O.P. 

,, Wild sports and natural history of the Highlands, c. 8vo. Murray. 

illus. iSx. 

Colquhoun, J. The moor and the loch. 8vo. 2 vols. Blacltmood. illus. 21,*. 

Knox, A. E. Game-birds and wild-fowl, p. 8vo. Van Voorst. O.P. 

,, Ornithological rambles in Sussex, p. 8vo. Van Voorst, illus. O.P. 

, , Autumns on the Spey. p. 8vo. Van Voorst, illus. Gs. 

Boner, C. Forest creatures, c. 8vo. Longmans, pub. 10s. Gd. O.P. 


Sport, etc. GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Stable 

Jefferies, K. Wild life in a southern country, c. 8vo. Smith, Eltl>-r. 6*. 

,, lied deer. p. 8vo. Longmans, pub. 4*. 6d. O.P. 

,, The gamekeeper at home. c. 8vo. Smith, l-'lili -/. 5. 

Also illus. by Whymper, 1(.<. Cxi. 

,, The amateur poacher, c. 8vo. Xmtlh, Klder. r>*. 

Scrope, W. Tho art of deer-stalking, r. 8vo. Murray, illus. O.P. 

Grimble, A. Deer-stalking. 8vo. Chapman. 5*. 

Collyns, C. P. Chase of the wild red deer. 8vo. Longmans, pub. 16*. O.P. 

Fortescue, J. Stag-hunting on Exmoor. 1. c. 8vo. Cliapman. illus. IGx. 

Smith, T. Diary of a huntsman (fox). Whittatter. 1838. illus. O.P. 

Beard, J. Diary of fifteen years' hunting (hare). Printed for the author. o.P. 

Macrae, A. Handbook of deer-stalking, f. 8vo. Blachmood. illus. 3s. (>i7. 

Introduction by Horatio Ross. 

Harting, J. E. Essays on sport and natural history. 8vo. Horace Cox. 

illus. 16s. 

Shooting, fishing, hawking, etc. 

Stuart, C. and J. Lays of the deer forest. 8vo. 2 vols. Blaclmood. o.P. 

Rudolf, Prince. Sport and ornithology. Tr. d. 8vo. Van Voorst. 18*. 

Boner, C. Chamois-hunting in Bavaria, c. 8vo. Chapman, illus. O.P. 

Wheelwright, H. Spring and summer in Lapland. Groombridge. pub. 

10s. Gd. O.P. 

Davies, E. Wolf-hunting in Brittany, c. 8vo. Chapman. O.P. 

Wheelwright, H. Ten years in Sweden, c. 8vo. Groombridge. pub. 16s. o.P. 
Sanderson, G. P. Thirteen years among the wild beasts of India, i. 8vo. 

Allen, illus. 25s. 

Markham, F. Shooting in the Himalayas. 8vo. Bentley. O.P. 

Baldwin, J. H. Large and small game of Bengal. Paul, illus. O.P. 

Xinloch. Large game shooting. 4to. 2 ser., 21s. each. Harrison. Photos. 42s. 

Baden-Powell, K. S. Pigsticking in India, d. 8vo. Harrison, illus. 18s. 

Baker, S. W. Rifle and hound in Ceylon, c. 8vo. Longmans. 3s. 6d. 

Pollok, J. Sport in Burmah. 8vo. 2 vols. Chapman. 24s. 

Baldwin, W. C. African hunting. 8vo. Bentley. illus. 15#. 
Baker, S. W. Wild beasts and their ways. 8vo. Maomillan. 12s. 6d. 

Selous, F. C. Hunter's wanderings in South Africa, d. 8vo. Bentley. 

illus. 18*. 

Bennett, G. Gatherings of a naturalist in Australia, d. 8vo. Van Voorst. 

illus. 21s. 

D'Albertis, L. M. Travels in New Guinea. 8vo. 2 vols. Lorn, illus. 42s. 

Dodge, R. J. Hunting grounds of the great west. 8vo. Chatto. pub. 24s. O.P. 

Big game of North America. Ed. G. O. Shields. 8vo. Lore. 21#. 
Vivian, A. P. Wanderings in the western land. 8vo. Lorn. 10s. 6d. 
King, Ross. The sportsman and naturalist in Canada, r. 8vo. Hurst. 

illus. 20s. 

Bromley-Devonport, W. Sport. 4to. Chapman, illus. It!.-. 


291 u 2 



For the Classic Stage, see GREECE, HISTORY III. 

Lewes, G. H. Actors and the art of acting, c. 8vo. Smith, Elder. Is. 6d. 

Hazlitt, W. View of the English stage. 1818. o.p. 

Fleay, F. G. Chronicle history of the English stage, 1559-1642. 8vo. 

Jtfieves and Turner. 8s. 

Hunt, Leigh. Critical essays on the performers of the London theatres. 1807. O.P. 

Lamb, C. Art of the stage, as set out in Charles Lamb's dramatic essays. 

Ed. P. Fitzgerald, c. 8vo. Remington. 7s. Gd. 

Marston, Westland. Our recent actors, p. 8vo. 2 vols. Lorn. 21s. 

Morley, H. Journal of a London playgoer. 12mo. Roiitledge. pub. 5s. o.p. 

Cook, Button. Nights at the play. c. 8vo. Chatto. pub. 6s. O.P. 

Representative actors. Ed. Clark Eussell. c. 8vo. Warne. 2s. Gd. 

Dramatic list. Ed. C. E. Pascoe. c. 8vo. Allen. 3s. Gd. 

Memoirs of living actors and actresses. 

Actors and actresses of Great Britain and the United States. Ed. Hutton 
and Matthews. 

Memoirs of players from the time of Garrick to the present day ; with selections from 
criticisms, etc. 

Collier, J. P. English dramatic poetry and annals of the stage to the 

Restoration, f. 4to. 3 vols. Hell. 70s. 

Ward, A. W. English dramatic literature to the death of Queen Anne. 

8vo. 2 vols. Macmillan. 32s. 

Archer,, W. English dramatists of to-day, p. 8vo. Lorn. 8s. Gd. 

G-enest, J. Some account of the English stage from 1660 to 1830. 8vo. 

10 vols. 1832. O.P. 

The standard work on the subject. 

Doran, Dr. " Their Majesties' servants." d. 8vo. 3 vols. \ Nimmo. 54s. 

Annals of the stage from Betterton to Edmund Kean. 

Downes, J. Roscius Anglicanus. 8vo. Jarvis. Privately printed. 

Review of the stage from 1660 to 1706. 

Dibdin, J. C. Annals of the Edinburgh stage. 4to. Cameron (Edin- 
burgh). 21s. 

Baker and others. Biographia dramatica. 1812. O.P. 

Lowe, R. W. English theatrical literature, biographical account, d. 8vo. 

Nimmo. 18s. 

,, Thomas Betterton. c. 8vo. Paul. 2s. Gd. 

Apology for the life of Colley Cibber. Ed. R. W. Lowe. Nimmo. 42s. 

Fitzgerald, P. Life of Garrick. 8vo. 2 vols. Tinsley. 36s. 

Boaden, Jas. Life of Mrs. Siddons. O.P. 

,, Life of John P. Kemble. 8vo. 2 vols. (London). 1825. O.P. 

Though O.P., very easily obtainable. 

Hawkins, F. W. Life of Edmund Kean. 8vo. 2 vols. Tinslty. 30s. 

Cole, J. W. Life and theatrical times of Charles Kean. p. 8vo. 2 vols. 

Sentley. 21s. 

Macready's reminiscences and diary. Ed. F. Pollock, c. 8vo. Macmillan. 

pub. 7.. Gd. O.P. 


Stage GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Superstitions 

Phelps and Forbes-Robertson. Life of Samuel Phelps. 8vo. Loir. I2t. 

Hawkins, F. W. Annals of the French stage, d. 8vo. 2 vols. CJiapman. 2*. 

,, French stage of the eighteenth century, d. 8vo. 2 vols. Chapman. :;u.--. 

Gautier, T. Histoire do 1'art dramatique depuis 25 ans. G vols. (1'arix). 15x. 


Janin, Jules. Histoire de 1'art dramatique. G vols. (Pm). I*.--. 

Vitu, A. Les mille et une nuits du th6a,tre. (Part*). 

Eight vols. issued, :ix. each. In progress. 



Anderson, W. On the conversion of heat into work. 8vo. Whittaker. 

illus. G*. 

Practical handbook on heat engines. 

Cotterill, J. W. Steam-engine considered as a heat-engine. 8vo. SJJOH. 12s. Gd. 

See alto HEAT for works on this branch of the subject. 

Perry, J. Steam. 18mo. Macmillan. 4s. Gd. 

Weisbach, J. Mechanics of engineering and construction of machines. 

Tr. <svo. Wiley (N. Y.). 50*. 

Vol. ii. t Heat, steam, and steam-engines. 

Rankirie, W. J. M. Manual of the steam-engine. Ed. W. J. Millar, c. 8vo. 

Griffin, illus. 12. Gd. 

Clark, D. K. The steam-engine. 4 vols., 12s. Gd. each. Blaclde. illus. 5<X 

A very large number of plates illustrating modern practice. 

Northcott. The steam-engine, d. 8vo. Cassell. 3s. Gd. 

Rigg, R. Practical treatise on the steam-engine, d. 4to. Span, illus. 25s. 

Zeuner, G. Value gear. Tr. J. F. Klein. 8vo. Span, illus. 12*-. Gd. 
Winton and Millar. Modern steam practice and engineering. 8vo. 

4 vols. Gebbie (JV. I'.). 60s. 

Examples of some of the latest types of engines, etc. 

"Wilson, R. Steam boilers. 8vo. Locltmood. G?. 

Traill, T. W. Boilers. 8vo. Griffin. 12#. 

Rules, tables, and formulas of construction. 

Seaton, A. E. Manual of marine engineering, d. 8vo. Griffin, illus. 18#. 

Sennett, R. Marine steam-engine. 8vo. Longmans, illus. 21s. 

Jamieson, A. Steam and the steam-engine, c. 8vo. Griffin. Is. Gd. 

Robinson, W. Gas and petroleum engines. 8vo. Span. 14s. 





Surgery GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Sweden 





Johnson, J. B. Theory and practice of surveying. 8vo. Wiley (N. 1"). is,v. 

Haskoll, W. Engineering field-work. 8vo. LockwooA. L'7s. 

Simms, F. Levelling. 8vo. Lockmood. 8s. Qd. 

Stanley, W. F. Surveying and levelling instruments, c. 8vo. fyon. 7s. Gd. 


See also NOR WAY for looks on the Scandinavian Peninsula. 

Murray's Handbook for Sweden, p. 8vo. Murray. Gn. 

Geijer and others. Geschichte Schwedens. 8vo. Gvols. (Gotha). 42s. 6d. 

Watson, P. B. Swedish revolution under Gustavus Vasa. 8vo. Low. o.P. 

Stevens, J. L. History of Gustavus Adolphus. 8vo. Bentley. 15s. 

Bain, F. W. Christina, Queen of Sweden (1628-89). c. 8vo. Allen. Is. Gd. 

Voltaire. Histoire de Charles XII. 12mo. (Paris'). 2s. Gd. 


May, A. Practical grammar of the Swedish language. 12mo. (Stockholm}. (>.<. 

Otte, E. C. Simplified grammar of the Swedish language. Irubner. 2s. Gd. 

Wenstrbm and Lundgren. Engelsk-Svensk Ordbog. 8vo. (Stockholm). 20s. 

Bjbrkman, C. J. Svensk-Engelsk Ordbog. 8vo. 20s. 

Swedish-English and English-Swedish pocket dictionary. 16mo. Tauclmitz. 5s. Gd. 

Claeson, G. Svenska SprHkets och Literaturens historia. 8vo. (Stockholm). 3x. 

Malmstrbm, B. E. Grunddragen af svenska Vitterhetens historia. 8vo. 

5 vols. (Orebro). 37s. Gd. 

Vol. i., 8. 6d. ; vol. ii., 7. Sd. ; vol. iii., 7s. del. ; vol. iv., 7s. ; vol. v., 7s. 

Ljunggren, G. Svenska vitterhetens hafder. 8vo. 2 vols. (Lund). Us. M. 

Vol. i., 9.; vol. ii. (1), 2*. 6d. 

Tegner, E. Frithjofs Saga. 4to. (Stockholm). iUus. 18s. 

Epic. Also 12mo. , 2. 

,, Axel. 12mo. (Stockholm). Gd. 

,, Samlade Skrifter. Ed. E. Tegner. 8vo. 7 vols. (Stockholm). 63s. 

Tegner'a prose works contain some of the finest criticism in the language. His verse is 

Runeberg, J. L. Fanrik Stals Sagner. 12mo. (Stockliolm). 3s. 

Snoilsky, C. Dikter. 8vo. (Stockholm). 6s. 

Lyric poet. Exquisite style. 


Sweden ClIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Switzerland 

Stagnelius, E. J. Samlade Skriftcr. 8vo. 2 vols. ' (Stockholm). 9*. 

( vi i .it romantic poet. 

Kellgren, J. H. Samlade Skrifter. 8vo. (Upsala). -\x.M. 

Leader of the classical school. 

Wallin, J. O. Dodens engcl. 4to. (Stockholm). ",>. <;//. 

A celebrated poem. 


Flygare-Carlen, Emilie. Samlade Arbeten. 12mo. 18 vols. (Stockholm). 90*. 
Bremer, Frcdrika. Samlade Skrifter. (Urebro). 

Topelius, Z. Ljungblommer. 12mo. (Stockholm). 4*. Gd. 

Strindberg 1 , A. Roda rummet. 12mo. (Stockholm). ~>. M. 

,, Giftas. 12mo. (Stockholm). 5.v. fid. 

Edgren, Anna C. Ur lifvet. 4 series. 12mo. (Stockholm). \(\x. 

Living Swedish Novelist. 

,, Sauna Kvinnor (a play). 12mo. (Stockholm'). 2*. 

Lenngren, Anna M. Samlade Dikter. 4to. (Stockholm), illus. 30*. 

Popular and satirical. 

Blanche, August. Samlade Arbeten (novels and tales). 8vo. (Stockholm). . 57*. 

A popular and genial novelist. 

Tegner, E. Frithjofs Saga. Tr. Blackley. d. 4to. Marcus Ward, illus. 25*. 

Edition de luxe. 

Bremer, Frcdrika. Novels. Tr. Mary Howitt. p. 8vo. 4 vols., 3*. 6d. each. 

Sell (Boliri). 14*. 

Flygare-Carlen, Emilie. Woman's life. Bentley. O.P. 

Topelius, Z. The surgeon's stories ; 5 cycles. 12mo. 6 vols., 3*. 6d. each. 

McClurg (Chicago). - 21*. 

Edgren, Anna C. True women (a play). Tr. Brjekstad. French. 1*. 

Geijer, E. G. History of the Swedes. Tr. Turner. (London). 1845. O.P. 


Biografiskt Lexicon ofver Svenska namnkunnige man. (Stockholm). 

Linnstrbm. Svenskt Boklexicon. r. 8vo. 2 vols. (Stockholm). 15 15*. 


Cobbett, M. Swimming. ("All England" ser.). sm. 8vo. Sell. 1*. 

Wilson, W. Swimming instructor, p. 8vo. Cox. 2*. &d. 



Murray. Handbook for Switzerland, etc. p. 8vo. 2 parts. Murray. 10*. 

Baedeker. Switzerland. 12mo. Dulau. 8*. 

Ball, J. The Alpine guide, p. 8vo. 3 parts. Longmans. 21*. Gd. 

Part i., Western Alps, 2*. (W. ; part ii., Central Alps, 8s. 6cl. ; part iii., Eattern Alps, 10.6<. 
The best of all Swiss guides. 

Tschudi, J. V. Der Tourist in der Schweiz und dem angrenzenden Sud- 

Deutschland, Ober-Italien und Savoyen. 8vo. (Zurich). Us. 

The best handbook for Alpine climbers. 


Switzerland GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Talmud 

Coolidge, W. A. B. Swiss travel and Swiss guide-books, p. Svo. Long- 
mans. 10s. Gd. 
The Alpine Journal should be consulted. 


Civiale, A. Les Alpes au point de vue de la geographic physique et de la 

geologic. Svo. Rothschild, illus. 55.v. 

Gsell-Fels. Die Schweiz. fo. 2 vols. (Munich), illus. O.P. 

Papon, J. Zeichnungen aus der Natur und Volkleben eines unbekannten 

Alpenlandes. 12mo. (St. Gall). O.P. 


Osenbruggen, E. Wanderstudien aus der Schweiz. Svo. 6 vols. 

(Scliaffhauseri). 32s. Gd. 

Christ, H. Pflanzenleben der Schweiz. Svo. 4 vols. (Zurich). Us. Gd. 

Cunningham and Abney. Pioneers of the Alps. Svo. Low. 42s. 

Tyndall, J. Glaciers of the Alps. Svo. Murray, pub. 14s. o.r. 

Narrative of ascents, and discussion of origin of glaciers. 

Forbes, J. Works. 

Norway and its glaciers. Simpkin. pub. 21. O.P. 

Theory of glaciers. Simpkin. pub. 10. fid. O.P. 

Tour of Mont Blanc. Simpkin. pub. 3*. 6d. O.P. 

Travels in the Alps of Savoy. Longmans, pub. 28*. O.P. 

The modern theory of the movements of glaciers is due to the investigations and writings 
of James Forbes. His works deal for the most part with Swiss travel and observations on 
its glaciers. 

Heer, O. Urwelt der Schweiz. Svo. (Zurich). 16s. 

Wirth, Max. Allgemeine Beschreibung und Statistik der Schweiz. 

Svo. 7 vols. (Zurich). 43s. Gd. 

Furrer, A. Volkswirthschafts-Lexicon der Schweiz bis jetzt. Svo. 20 parts. 

(Berne). 32s. 

Appearing in parts ; drawn from efficient sources. 

JOURNAL : Anzeiger filr schweizeriiche AlterthumsJcunde (Zurich). Annual. 23 vols. 



Dandliker, K. Geschichte der Schweiz. Svo. 3 vols. (Zurich). 35s. 6d. 

Daguet, A. Histoire de la Confederation Suisse. 1. Svo. 2 vols. (Geneva). 12s. Gd. 

Adams and Cunningham. The Swiss confederacy. Svo. Macmillan. 14s. 

An account of Swiss self-government. 











Marshall, J. Annals of tennis. 8vo. Cox. la. 

Tennis, rackets, and fives. ("All England" ser.). sm. Svo. 

Sell, illus. Is. 

Heathcote and others. Tennis, lawn-tennis, rackets, and fives. (" Bad- 
minton Library "). c. Svo. Longmans. 10s. Gtf. 

Admirable as regards " Fives and rackets." 



Brooks, C. F. Handbook for the use of cotton manufacturers, c. Svo. 

Spon. 6s. 

Nasmith, J. Modern cotton spinning machinery. 4to. Sjwn. illus. 15*. 

Marsden, R. Cotton spinning, sm. p. Svo. Sell. Gs. Gd. 

Sansone, A. Printing of cotton fabrics, d. Svo. Heyrcood. illus. 15*. 

Beaumont, R. Woollen and worsted manufacture, sm. p. Svo. Sell. Is. Gd. 

McLaren, W. S. B. Spinning woollen and worsted, c. Svo. Cassell. illus. is. Gd. 

Sharp, P. Flax, tow, and jute spinning, c. Svo. (Manchester). 5.*. 

Quilter , J. H. Trimming and finishing of hosiery fabrics, c. Svo. Greening 

(Bradford). 2s. Gtl. 

Hewlett. Technology of framework knitting, d. Svo. 2 vols. Technical 

School (Leicester). 30* 


Textile GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Theology 

Brown, A. Construction of the power loom and the art of weaving, f . 8vo. 

Slmpkinl 3s. Gd. 

Ashenhurst, T. K. Weaving and designing of textile fabrics. 8vo. SimpJdn. 12s. Gd. 

,, Designs in textile fabrics, c. 8vo. Cassell. illus. is. Gd 

Hummel, J. J. Dyeing of textile fabrics. 12mo. Cassell. - ,"x. 

Crookes, W. Dyeing and tissue printing, sm. p. 8vo. Sell. "w. 





See also BIBLE. 

Herzog. Encyclopaedia of theology. Ed. P. Schaff. i. 8vo. 3 vols., 24s. 

each. 1. and, T. Clark. 72s. 

Abridged translation of Herzog's Real EncycIopSdie; rather roughly done, but very 
comprehensive and useful. 

Schaff and Jackson. Encyclopedia of living divines, i. 8vo. 1. and I. 

Clark. 8s. 

Useful supplement to the Encyclopedia. 

Benham, W. Dictionary of religion. Svo. Cassell. 21s. 

Arnold, T. Catholic dictionary, d. Svo. Paul. 21s. 

Roman Catholic ; a scholarly work. 

Outlines of theological study, d. Svo. Parker. Is. Gd. 

Compiled by a committee. Intended specially for candidates for Anglican orders. 

"Westcott, B. F. Student's guide to theological examinations at Cambridge. 
Deiffhton, Sell. 

Specially intended for Cambridge students, and marked by the characteristic exactness and 
thoroughness of the Cambridge school. New edition in preparation. 

Drummond, J. The study of theology, c. Svo. Macmillan. 5.?. 

A wide survey of the field from the point of view of a cultivated and very moderate 
Unitarian ; rather deficient in bibliography. 

Briggs, C. A. Biblical study, p. Svo. T. and T. Clark. Is. Gd. 

More limited in its scope, but entering more into detail than any of the above ; especially 
complete in bibliography. 


Schaff, P. The creeds of Christendom, r. Svo. Hodder. GSs. 

A history of creeds and confessions of faith, ancient and modern. 

Winer, G. B. Confessions of Christendom. Tr. W. B. Pope. r. Svo. 

T. and T. Clark. 10s. Gd. 

A. most convenient synopsis of distinctive doctrines. 

Lumby, J. R. History of the creeds, c. Svo. Hell. 7x. Gd. 

Ancient creeds only. 

Pearson, J. Exposition of the Apostles' creed, c. Svo. Clar. Press. 10s. Gd. 

Also Cambr'ulfje Press. Svo. 5s. This subject has never since been handled with the 
same exact scholarship and massive learning ; but, there are, of course, some positions which 
are hardly tenable 


Theology GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Theology 

Westcott, 1'.. 1-'. Tin- historic faith, c. 8vo. Macmillan. 

Lectures on the Apostles' creed. Sermon lectures, but with notes which are full of sumjes- 
t ivi'iicss for the studeut. 

Forbes, -A. P. Short explanation of the Nicene Creed, p. 8vo. Par Jeer. Ox. 

A clear and readable reiumd of patristic teaching 1 . 

Maclear, G. F. Introduction to the creeds, (elem.). 12mo. Macmillan. 2g. (5<7. 
Browne, E. A. Exposition of the xxxix articles. 8vo. Longmans. Hi*. 

Not a classic, but the fullest book of the kind available. 

Mason, A. J. Faith of the Gospel. 8vo. Rivingtons. 7x. (',<!. 

High Anglican theories presented in a bright scholarly style, from a point of view partly 
modern ; but lays equal stress on things important and unimportant, and puts forward matters 
of private opinion as accepted doctrines. 

Shedd, W. G. T. A history of Christian doctrines. 8vo. Clark. 21*. 

Presbyterian and Calvinistic, but more elaborate and complete as a system of theology 
than any work we possess in England. 

Hodge, A. A. Outlines of theology. 8vo. Nelson. 10s. 

More compendious ; from a similar point of view. 

Pope, W. B. Compendium of Christian theology. 8vo. 3 vols. Wesleyan 

Conference Office. 31*. (W. 

Wesleyan ; covers the whole ground on an ample scale, but rather wanting in the requisite 
precision of treatment. 

Moule, H. C. G. Outlines of Christian doctrine, (elem.). 12mo. Hodder. 2s. Gd. 

A remarkably concise summary by an excellent scholar ; from an Evangelical point of view. 

Martensen, H. L. Christian dogmatics. Tr. W. Urwick. 8vo. Clark. 10s. Gtl. 

The original was by a Danish Lutheran bishop ; much used by all parties. 

Dorner, J. A. System of Christian doctrine. Tr. 8vo. 4 vols. Clark. 42*-. 

Probably the most profound work on the subject ; but contains German elements not easily 

assimilated by Englishmen. 

Essays and Keviews. 8vo. Longmans. O.P. 

A manifesto by the Broad Church party, now nearly thirty years old. 

Lux mnndi. 8vo. Murray. 14s. 

A similar manifesto from the younger High Church school at Oxford ; important as an 
attempt to harmonize the views of that school with critical advance. 

Dale, R. W. The old Evangelicalism and the new. c. 8vo. Hodder. 6s. 

Presents two stages in the history of Evangelicalism, with all the clearness and force 
characteristic of the writer, the eminent Congregationalist. 

Mackintosh, R. Essays towards a new theology, d. 8vo. Maclelwse. 12s. 6d. 

An interesting attempt to modify Scottish theology in the direction of Albrecht Ritschl and 
McLeod Campbell. 

Muller, J. Doctrine of sin. Tr. 8vo. 2 vols. Clark. 21s. 

The chief authority on the subject. 

Dorner, J. A. Doctrine of the person of Christ. 8vo. 4 vols., 10s. Gd. each. 

Clark. 42s. 

Another standard work, but with peculiarly German characteristics. 

Liddon, H. P. Divinity of our Lord (Bampton Lectures.) c. 8vo. 

llivinytons. 5s. 

Wilberforce, R. I. Doctrine of the Incarnation. 8vo. Murray. 1848. O.P. 

An early product of the Tractarian movement. 

Dale, R. W. The atonement, c. 8vo. Hodder. 6s. 

Congregational lectures which have met with wide acceptance and approval. 

Oxenham, H. N. Catholic doctrine of the atonement, c. 8vo. Allen. 10s. Gd. 

From a Roman Catholic standpoint. 

Mozley, J. B. Augustinian doctrine of predestination, c. 8vo. Murray. 9s. 

Alger, W. R. Critical history of the doctrine of a future state. 8vo. 

(Philadelphia). 18s. 

To this work Dr. Ezra Abbot contributed a specially valuable bibliography. 


Theology GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Theology 

Luckock, H. M. After death, c. 8vo. Rivingtons. Gx. 

An examination of primitive teaching. 

Jukes, A. The second death and restitution of all things, c. Svo. Long- 
mans. &t. G<?. 

Maintains the limited duration of future punishment. 

Pusey, E. B. What is of faith as to everlasting punishment? c. Svo. 

Smith and Innes. ;v. c,</. 

A full examination of the tradition of the early church. 


Butler, Bishop. Analogy of religion ; and sermons, c. Svo. R. T. S. 2n. 

Assumes the truth of some premises which would now be questioned, but must still head 
any list of English apologetics, if only as a specimen of grave and self -restrained thinking. 

Pascal. Pensees. Tr. C. Kegan Paul. c. Svo. Paul. G?. 

Also Bell (Rohn}, 3*. M. Another classic, with a like austere elevation of thought, 
and greater distinction of style, but less systematic. [For French text, see FRANCE, 

Fisher, G. P. Grounds of theistic and Christian belief, c. Svo. Hodder. 12*. Gd. 

Probably the best comprehensive treatise on Christian apologetics, extremely clear, temperate 
and judicious. 

Flint, K. Theism, c. Svo. Blackwood. Is. &d. 

,, Anti-theistic theories, c. Svo. Blackrvood. 10s. Gd. 

Moore, A. L. Science and the faith, p. Svo. Paul. (>*. 

Temple, F. Relations between religion and science (Bampton Lectures). 

c. Svo. Macmillan. G$. 

Less searching and philosophical than the above, but well representing the average of intelli- 
gent opinion. 

Hatch, E. Influence of Greek ideas and usages upon the Christian Church 

(Hibbert Lectures). Ed. A. M. Fairbairn. Svo. Williams. 10n. Gd. 

Bruce, A. B. Chief end of revelation, c. Svo. Hodder. 6<. 

Deals with modern problems in a modern spirit. 

Fisher, G. P. Nature and method of revelation. 12mo. Scribner. Is. Gd. 

A satisfactory little book, especially suited to the present situation. 

Liddon, H. P. Some elements of religion, c. Svo. Rivingtons. 2.s. Gd. 

On God, the soul, sin, prayer, etc. 

Carpenter, W. Boyd. Permanent elements of religion, c. Svo. Macmillan. 6,. 

Christlieb. Modern doubt and Christian belief. Tr. Svo. Clark. Ids. Gd. 

Luthardt. Apologetic lectures. Tr. c. Svo. 3 vols. Clark. Gs. 

Jellett, J. H. Efficacy of prayer (Donnellan Lectures), c. Svo. Macmillan. 5*. 

Xiightfoot, J. B. Essays on " Supernatural religion." Svo. Macmillan. 10s. Gd 

Deals with the growth of the Canon, on which see also Salmon's Introduction and Westcott 
on the Canon, in BIBLE IV. (A). 

Salmon, G. Infallibility of the church. Svo. Murray. 12*. 

A forcible polemic against Rome. 

Gore, C. Roman Catholic claims, c. Svo. Rivingtons. 3s. 6^. 


St. Augustine. Confessions (Latin text). ISmo. Nutt. i's. 

Translated, vol. i. of Ancient and modern library of theological literature. Griffith. It. 

Thomas & Kempis. Imitation of Christ. 12mo. Paul. 2s. Gd. 

, , Imitation, with preface by Canon Liddon. c. Svo. Stock. Gs. 

Taylor, Jeremy. Holy living and dying, p. Svo. Bell (BoJiri). 3s. Gd. 


Theology GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Theology 

Law, W. Serious call. 8vo. Griffith. 1*. 

Wilson, T. Sacra privata. f. 8vo. Parfor. 4*. 

Gonlbourn, E. M. Thoughts on personal religion, sm. 8vo. Rivvngtons. G. (id. 


Bingham, J. Antiquities of the Christian church. 8vo. 10 vols. 

Clar. Press. 63*. 

A standard treatise, not yet superseded. 

Dictionary of Christian antiquities. Ed. Smith and Cheetham. m. 8vo. 

'2 vols. Murray. 73*. Qfl. 

Complete for the first eight centuries, which it covers. 

Duchesne, L. Origines du culte chretien. 8vo. .(Paris). Is. 

By far the most scientific survey of the subject. 

Palmer, VV. Origines liturgicae. 8vo. 2 vols. (Oxford). 1839. O.P. 

An older book, dating from the early days of the Tractarian movement. 

Swainson, C. A. Greek liturgies, c. 4to. Cambridge Press. 15*. 

Earliest Greek texts, critically edited. 

Neale and Forbes. Ancient liturgies. 16mo. Masters. 6s. 

Most accessible edition of earliest Latin texts ; unfinished. Translation, It. 

Hammond, C. E. Liturgies ; eastern and western, c. 8vo. Clar. Press. 10*. 6^7. 

Appendix Is. 6d. 

Greek, Latin, Coptic, Armenian, and Syriac texts : (the last three in Latin translations) ; for 

the most part not early, but with useful glossary of lit urgical terms ; new edition in preparation. 

Maskell, W. Ancient liturgy of the Church of England. 8vo. Clar. Press. 15*. 

A collection of service books in use in England before the Reformation. 

,, Monumenta ritualia. 8vo. 3 vols. Clar. Press. 50,'. 

Blunt, J. H. Annotated Book of Common Prayer. 4to. Rivingtons. 21*. 

A complete commentary on the Prayer Book, now carefully revised. 

Procter, F. History of the Book of Common Prayer, c. 8vo. Macmillan. 10*. dd. 

A much used handbook. 

Barry, A. The teacher's Prayer Book. 24mo. Eyre. 3*. Gd. 

A useful little manual. Also at higher prices, and 16mo. 


The student of hymns will, no doubt, also refer to the collected works of the great hymn- 
writers, Watts, the Wesleys, Cowper, and Newton (the Olney hymns.), Keble, Newman, Faber, 
Bonar, etc. 

Duffield, S. W. Latin hymn writers and their hymns. Ed. R. E. Thompson. 

funk and Wagnalls. 12*. Gd. 

Full and interesting. 

Trench, R. C. Sacred Latin poetry. 12mo. Macmillan. O.P. 

A selection of Latin hymns, on rather narrow lines, but with scholarly introductions and 

Treasury of sacred song. Ed. F. T. Palgrave. c. 8vo. Clar. Press. 4*. Gd. 

By far the best anthology of English sacred poetry in the widest sense. 

The book of praise. Ed. Earl Selborne. 18mo. Macmillan. is. Gd. 

A selection numerically larger, by a distinguished scholar, but with less sure judgment both 
in admission and exclusion. 

Moorson, R. M. Historical companion to " Hymns ancient and modern." 

24mo. Parker. 5*. 

A concise account of all the writers of the hymns in one of the most popular Church collections ; 
with full texts of the originals of translated hymns. 

Dictionary of hymnology. Ed. J. Julian, m. 8vo. Murray. 

In the press. On a large scale, corresponding to the dictionaries of Christian biography and 


Thermodynamics GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Troubadours 




G-alton, F. Art of travel, p. 8vo. Murray, illus. Is. Gd. 

Lord and Baines. Shifts and expedients of camp life. //. Cox. illus. 25s. 

Hints to travellers ; scientific and general. Ed. for the Eoyal Geograph. 
Soc. Stanford,. 

In preparation. The most comprehensive and succinct vade-mecum. 

Manual of scientific enquiry. Ed. R. S. Ball. Eyre. 2s. Gd. 

Prepared for the use of officers in H.M. Navy and travellers in general. Originally edited by 
Sir John F. W. Herschel. 

various countries. 



Todhunter, I. Trigonometry for beginners. 18mo. Macmillan. 2s. Gd. 

, , Trigonometry, c. 8vo. Macmillan. 5s. 

Lock, J. B. Higher trigonometry. 8vo. Macmillan. 7s. Gd. 

The last two books may be considered as equivalent. 

Todhunter, I. Treatise on spherical trigonometry, c. 8vo. Macmillan. 4s. Gd. 




Trout GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Turkey, etc. 

, tee FISHING. 

s, see ENGLAND, LAW V. 


Murray. Handbook to Greece, p. 8vo. Murray. iM.v. 

Contains Albania, Thessaly, and Macedonia. 

Guide Joanne. Do Paris & Constantinople. Ed. Rousset. Hacliette. 12s. Gel. 

,, Etats du Danube et des Balkans. Ed. Rousset. Ilacliette. 

Part i., 12*. 6tl. Part ii., in preparation. 

Meyers. Dor Orient. 12mo. (Leipzig). 20*. 

Syria, Palestine, Greece, and Turkey. 

Boue, A. La Turquie d'Europe. 4 vols. (Paris). 1840. O.P. 

Lejean, G. Ethnographic de la Turquie d'Europe. (Gotha). O.P. 

Menzies, Sutherland. Turkey: old and new. d. 8vo. Allen, illus. 21x. 

Laveleye, E. de. Balkan peninsula. Tr. Mrs. Thorpe, d. 8vo. Untvin. l(!.v. 

Tozer, H. F. Highlands of Turkey. c. 8vo. 2 vols. Murray. 21*. 

Brown, H. A. A winter in Albania, c. 8vo. Griffith. 10s. Gd. 

Asb6th, J. de. Official tour through Bosnia and Herzegovina. 2 vols. 

Sonnenschein. illus. 30s. 

Murray's Handbook to Turkey in Asia (with Constantinople), p. 8vo. 

Murray. 15s. 

Leonhardi, P. Konstantinopel und Umgebung (in li Europaische Wander- 

bilder "). 12mo. (Zuricli). 2,v. 

Chesney , F. R. Euphrates and Tigris expedition, 1835-37. 3 vols. (London). 

1850. illus. O.P. 

Tozer, H. F. Turkish Armenia and Eastern Asia Minor. Svo. O.P. 


Hammer-Purgstall. Geschichte des osmanischen Reiches (to 1774). Svo. 

10 vols. (Pestli). 1827-36. O.P. 

There is also a French translation. 8 vols. (Paris). 

Zinkeisen, J. W. Geschichte des osmanischen Reiches in Europa. Svo. 

7 vols. (Gotha). 83s. G</. 

Creasy, E. History of the Ottoman Turks, c. Svo. JBentley. (' . 

Chiefly an abstract of Hammer. 

Poole, S. Lane. Turkey, c. 8vo. Unrein, illus. f>,v. 

An historical sketch. 

Freeman, E. A. The Ottoman power in Europe, c. Svo. Macmillan. 

pub. Is. Gd. O.P. 

A political essay. 

Hanke, L. von. The Ottoman Empire. Tr. Svo. Whittalter. 1843. O.P. 

A study of the causes of its decay in the 16th and 17th centuries. 

Holland, T. E. The European concert in the Eastern question. Svo. 

Clar. Press. 12s. M. 

Selection of official documents with historical sketch. 


Turkey, etc. GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. United States 


Miiller, A. Tiirkische Grammatik. 12mo. (Berlin). 8s. 

Redhouse, J. W. English-Turkish lexicon. Quaritck. 40s. 





Englishman's guide-book to the United States and Canada. 12mo. 

Stanford, illus. 1$. Gd. 

With an appendix on shooting and fishing resorts. 

Appleton. General guide to the United States and Canada, c. 8vo. 

Stanford, illus. 10s. Gd. 

Part i., New England, Middle States and Canada ; part ii., Western and Southern States. 

Spofford. The American almanac (annual), c. 8vo. Low. Is. Gd. 

Appleton. Guide to summer resorts in the United States, c. 8vo. Appleton. 4s. 

, , Guide to winter resorts in the United States, c. 8vo. Appleton. 4.y. 

Atlas of the United States ; with text. r. 8vo. Low. 10s. Gd. 

Contains county maps of each state. 

Bradshaw. A.B.C. dictionary, f. 8vo. Trubner. 2s. Gd. 

United States, Canada, and Mexico; shewing the most important towns and points of 

Stanford's Compendium ; North America. Ed. Hayden and Selwyn. 

1. p. 8vo. Stanford, illus. 21s. 

Contains physical geography, geology, etc., of the United States. 

Whitney, J. D. The United States. 8vo. Little, Brown. 15s. 

Physical geography and material resources. 

Patton, J. H. Natural resources of the United States. 8vo. Appleton. 12s. 6^. 

Xing, E. The Southern states of North America, r. 8vo. Blackie. illus. O.P. 

Roosevelt, T. Ranche life and the hunting trail. 4to. Unrein, illus. 21s. 

Best book on the subject. 

Hewes and Gannett. Scribner's statistical atlas of the United States, f o. 

Maps and diagrams to show present condition, and political, social, and industrial develop- 
ment. Sold only by subscription. 

Donaldson, T. The public domain: its history, with statistics, etc. 8vo. 
(Washington). Maps. 

Treats fully of the acquirement of territory, the boundaries of the United States at various 
periods, and the methods of sale and the disposition of public lands. 

Colange, E. de. The national gazetteer ; a geographical dictionary of the 

United States. 8vo. Hamilton, Adams. 30s. 

PERIODICALS, ETC. : Publications of the United States' Geological Survey, and of the 
Smithsonian Institute. (Washington). Contain numerous special memoirs of great value to 
the student of North American geography. The National Geographical Magazine 
(Washington) ; Bulletin of the Geographical Society of Quebec. 


United States GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. United States 

Davidson, J. W. Florida of to-day, c. 8vo. Stanford, ill us. 5*. 

Barbour, G. Florida for tourists, invalids, ;ui<l settlers. 12mo. Appleton. 

illus. lit. ()d. 

Geography, climate, horticulture, farming, etc. 

Porter and others. The West : from the census of 1880. 8vo. Lorn. 15*. 

St a tea and territories of the West from 1800 to 1880. 

Nordhoff, C. Northern California, Oregon, and Sandwich Islands, r. 8vo. 

Low. 12*. 6<. 

California of the South. 12mo. Appleton. illus. 10*. Gd. 

Health resorts. 

Elliott, II. W. Alaska and the seal islands. 8vo. Lorn, illus. 16*. 

Nevf York illustrated. 8vo. Appleton. illus. 4* 

Dictionary of New York and vicinity. 12mo. Appleton. Maps. 2* 

Bancroft, H. H. San Francisco. (San Francisco). 2s. &d 

Zacharie, J. S. New Orleans guide. Rand (Chicago), illus. 1*. 6d. 



Documents illustrative of American history. Ed. Preston. 8vo. Putnam. 12*. 

Bancroft, G. History of the United States to 1783. 8vo. 10 vols. (Boston). 

Best detailed history ; a scholarly work. 

,, History of the United States to 1783. 8vo. 6 vols. Lorn. 73*. 6d. 

Latest revision, including the "Formation of the Constitution," but without the notes of 
the original ten-volume edition. 

Hildreth, R. History of the United States to 1821. 8vo. 6 vols. Harper. 63*. 

Dry, but trustworthy ; on the Federal side. 

Narrative and critical history of America. Ed. J. Winsor. 8vo. 8 vols., 30s. 

each. Lorn. 124*. 

Vol. i., Aboriginal America ; vol. ii., Spanish explorations and settlements in America 
from 15th to 17th century ; vol. iii., English explorations and settlements in North America, 
141)7-1689 ; vol. iv., French explorations and settlements in North America, and those of the 
Portuguese, Dutch, and Swedes, 1500-1700; vol. v., The English and French in North 
America; vol. vi., The United States of North America, part i. ; vol. vii., United States of 
North America, part ii. ; vol. viii., Later history of British, Spanish, and Portuguese 
America. The Appendix gives the manuscript sources of the history of the United States, 
with particular reference to the American Revolution. Written by specialists ; especially 
good on the critical authorities. 

Bancroft, H. H. History of the Pacific States, r. 8vo. 37 vols., 24*. each. 
(San Francisco). 

Schouler, J. History of the United States of America under the Con- 
stitution (1783-1847). 8vo. 4 vols., 10*. each. (Washington). 40*. 

Covers later developments. 

McMaster, J. B. History of the people of the United States (1784-1861). 

c. 8vo. 5 vols., 10*. Qd. each. Warne. 52*. 6d. 

Only two volumes published. 

Bryant and Gay. Popular history of the United States to 1878. r. 8vo. 

4 vols., 15*. each. Scribner. 60*. 

Full in the early period, but scantier as it comes down to the close of the Civil War. Bryant 
had little to do with the work, and died before a large part of it was written. 

Hidpath, J. C. Popular history of the United States to 1881. 8vo. (New 

York), illus. 12*. 

The best short history. 

305 x 

United States GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. United States 

Lossing, B. J. Harper's popular encyclopaedia of United States history. 

8vo. 2 vols. Harper. 48s. 

Arranged topically. 

De Tocqueville, A. D6mocratie en Amerique. 8vo. 3 vols., 6s. each. (Paris'). 18s. 

,, Democracy in America. Tr. c. 8vo. 2 vols. Longmans. 16s. 

The French original is much to be preferred to the English translation. 


American Commonwealths. Ed. H. E. Scudder. 16mo. Houghton, Miflhn. 

A series of volumes giving the later history of leading and typical states ; 6s. each. In 

Palfrey, J. G. History of New England. Svo. 5 vols. Low. 30s. 

Namsen. Popular history of California. Bancroft Co. 

Gayarre, C. History of Louisiana. 8vo. 3 vols., 20s. each. (New Orleans'). 60s. 


Fiske, J. The beginnings of New England to 1689. c. 8vo. Macmillan. 7s'M. 

Doyle, J. A. The English in America. 8vo. 3 vols. Longmans. 54s. 

Vol. i., Virginia, Maryland, and Carolina, 18s. ; vols. ii., iii., Puritan Colonies, 86. 

Parkman, F. France and England in North America, c. 8vo. 10 vols., 

7s. Gd. each. Macmillan. 73s. Gd. 

" Pioneers of France in the New World " (1572-1635) ; " The Jesuits in North America " 
(1634-1670) ; " La Salle and the discovery of the Great West ;" " The Oregon trail ;" " Count 
Frontenac and New France " (1620-1701) ; " The old regime in Canada" (1658-1763); "Hoiit- 
calm and Wolfe" (1745-1763), 2 vols.; "The conspiracy of Pontiac" (1755-69), 2 vols. A 
series of excellently written books dealing with the contests of the English and French for the 
possession of North America. 

Lodge, H. C. Short history of the English Colonies in America. Svo. 

Harper. 15*. 

A good summary of the condition of the English Colonies in 1765. 

Frothingham, R. Rise of the republic of the United States. Svo. Little, 

Brown (Boston). 18s 

Lossing, B. J. Pictorial field-book of the revolution. 2 vols. Harper. 56s. 

Itinerary, with descriptions of battles. 

Ludlow, J. M. War of American independence (1775-83). f . Svo. Long- 
mans. 2s. Gd. 

Brief ; the English view. 

Winsor, Justin. Reader's handbook of the American revolution (1761-83). 

16mo. HougJiton, Mifflin. 5s. 

A very full bibliography of the subject. 

Fiske, J. Critical period of American history (1783-9). ex. c. Svo. 

Macmillan. 10s. 6^. 

V. 1801-48: 

Adams, H. History of the United States during the administrations of 
Jefferson and Madison (1801-17). 16mo. 9 vols. Scribner. 

De Witt, C. Thomas Jefferson, Stude historique sur la democratic amri- 

caine. Svo. 6s. 

Lossing, B. J. Pictorial field-book of the war of 1812. r. Svo. Harper. 

illus. 35s. 

Roosevelt, T. Naval war of 1812. Svo. Putnam. 12s. Gd. 

Best history of the United States navy during the war with Great Britain. 


United States GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. United States 

Ripley, R. S. The War with Mexico (1847-8). 8vo. 2 vols. Harper. 1849. o.r. 

VI. THE CIVIL WAR, 1861-5 : 
War of the Rebellion. Ed. R. N. Scott. 8vo. ( Washington). 

From official records on both sides ; not yet complete." 

Greeley, H. The American conflict, r. 8vo. 2 vols. (Hartford, U.S.). 40*. 

Political history of the war. 

Paris, Comte de. History of the Civil War in America. 8vo. 4 vols., 

18*. each. (Philadelphia). 72;.. 

Military history. The best yet published. 

Draper, J. History of the American Civil War. 8vo. 3 vols. Longmans. 

pub. 42*. O.P. 

Nicolay and Hay. Life of Abraham Lincoln, r. 8vo. 10 vols. Unrein. 120*. 

Stephens, A. H. Constitutional view of the late war between the States. 

8vo. (Philadelphia). 22s. 

The Confederate view. 

Johnson, Rossiter. Short history of the war of secession, 1861-5. 8vo. 

(lioston). 12*. Gd. 

Davis, J. Rise and fall of the Confederate government. 8vo. 2 vols. 

(New York). 40*. 

Memoirs of General Grant. 8vo. 2 vols. Low. 28* 

Battles and leaders of the Civil War. r. 8vo. 4 vols. Unrein. 105*. 


Wilson, H. Rise and fall of the slave power in America. 3 vols., 15*. each. 

Houghton, Mifflin. . 45*. 

Garrison, W. P., and F. J. William Lloyd Garrison (1805-79). 2 vols. 

Unwin. 30* 

His life told by his children. Complete history of abolition movement in the United States. 


Bancroft, G. Formation of the Constitution of the United States 8vo. 

2 vols. Appleton. 25*. 

Also 1 vol. 8vo. 12. 6rf. 

Curtis, G. T. Constitutional history of the United States (1776-1865). 

2 vols., 24*. each. Harper. 48*. 

Useful account of the Convention proceedings. 

Bryce, J. American Commonwealth, ex. c. 8vo. 2 vols. Macmillan. 25*. 

The best book for the general reader. 

Hoist, H. von. Constitutional and political history of the United States 
(1750-1859). Tr. Lalor and Mason. 8vo. 6 vols. (Chicago). 

Very full and most valuable to the student, but strongly biassed against Republican 
institutions. English translation not yet complete. 

Cooper, T.V. American politics (non-partisan) to 1882. 8vo. (Philadelphia). 20*. 

Johnston, A. United States : history and constitution, c. 8vo. JBlackie. 4*. Gd. 

Federal and State Constitutions. Ed. under authority of Congress, B. Poore. 

r. 8vo. 2 vols. ( Washington). 35*. 

Very concise and practically useful manual. 

Johnston, A. History of American politics. 16mo. (New York). 4*. 

Best sketch of American political history ; extremely clear and concise. 

Cyclopaedia of political science and economy ; history of the United States. 
Ed. J. J. Lalor. 8vo. 3 vols., 30*. each. (Chicago'). 

307 X2 

United States GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Universities, etc. 

" American statesmen," series. Ed. J. T. Morse. IGrno. Hougliton, Mifflin. 

J.Q.Adams; Thomaa Jeff erson ; John Adams; Benjamin Franklin ; 6s. each. 


Nordhoff, C. Communistic societies of the United State?. 8vo. Harper. 

illus. 20s. 

Bolles, A. S. Financial history of the United States from 1774-1885. 8vo. 

3 vols. Appleton. 48s. Gd. 

Vol. i., 12. Gd. ; vol. ii., 18s. ; vol. iii., 18*. 

Sumner, W. G. History of American currency. 12mo. (New York). 15s. 

Bolles, A. S. Industrial history of the United States. 8vo. (Norwich, U.S.). 15s. 

Taussig, F. W. Tariff history of the United States, p. 8vo. Putnam. 5s. 

History of co-operation in the United States ("Johns Hopkins university 

studies "). Ed. H. B. Adams. 8vo. (Baltimore). 18s. 

Written by specialists. 

Ely, R. T. Labour movement in America. 8vo. Heinemann. 5s. 

Sprague, W. Annals of the American pulpit. 8vo. 9 vols. (New York"). 180s. 

Biographical notices of American clergymen. 

Dorchester, D. Christianity in the United States. 8vo. (Nem Yorli). 24s. 

General history of all religious denominations in the United States. 

Boone, R. G. Education in the United States ; its history from the earliest 

settlements, c. 8vo. Appleton. 6s. 

Porter, Noah. American colleges and the American public. 12mo. 

Scribner. Is. Gd. 

Devoted to the leading colleges only. 

PERIODICALS : Annual reports of the Commissioner of Education. (Waihinpton). 
Circulars of information. (Bureau of Education ; Washington). Short monographs on 
education generally; special papers on the United States. 


Story, J. Constitution of the United States. Ed. T. M. Cooley. 8vo. 

2 vols. Lorn. 63s. 

Hare, J. Clark. American constitutional law. 8vo. 2 vole. Lorn. 63s. 

Cooley, F. M. Constitutional limitations. 8vo. (Boston). 31s. 6d. 

Stimson, F. J. American statute law. 4to. (Boston). 42s. 

Digested view of State Constitutions. 

Kent, J. Commentaries on American law (with notes by 0. TV. Holmes, Jun.). 

8vo. 4 vols. Lorn. 100s. 

See vol. i., lectures 20-22, on " Sources of Municipal law." 



Huber, V. A. English universities. Tr. F. W. Newman. 3 vols. Pickering. 

1843. O.P. 

Laurie, S. S. Lectures on the rise and early constitution of universities. 

c. Svo. Paul. 6s. 

Denifle, H. Die Universitaten des Mittelalters bis 1400. Svo. (Berlin). 
Vol. i.. 21*. 


Universities, etc. GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Urdu 

Wordsworth, C. Social life at English universities in the 18th 

century. 8vo. Bell. 16*. 

,, Scholae academicae (Studies at the English universities in the 

18th century), d. 8vo. Cambridge Press. 10*. Gd. 

Maxwell-Lyte, H. C. History of the University of Oxford. 8vo. 

Macmillan. illus. 16*. 

Brodrick, G. C. History of the University of Oxford, f. 8vo. Longmans. 2*. 6d. 
Lang, A. Oxford, c. 8vo. Seeley. 6*. 

Historical and descriptive. 

Stedman, A. M. Oxford, its life and schools. 8vo. Methuen. 5s. 

Contributions by resident members of the university. Full information about the schools, 
university and college life, etc. 

Mullinger, J. Bass. History of the University of Cambridge, d. 8vo. 

2 vols. Pitt Press. 30*. 

Vol. i., 12. ; vol. ii., 18. 

Bristed, C. A. Five years in an English university. Lorn. o.p. 

An account of the social life at Cambridge, 1842-7, by an American. 

Seeley. Student's guide to the University of Cambridge, f. 8vo. Sell. G*. 6d. 

Grant, A. Story of the University of Edinburgh during the first 300 years. 

8vo. 2 vols. Longmans, pub. 36*. O.P. 

Stubbs, J. W. History of the University of Dublin (1541-1800). d. 8vo. 

Hodges, Figgis. 12*. 6d. 

Arnold, M. Higher schools and universities in Germany, c. 8vo. Macmillan. 6*. 


Mullinger, J. Bass. Schools of Charles the Great in the IX. century. 

8vo. Longmans, pub. 7*. Qd. O.P. 

Furnivall, F. J. Education in early England (Early English Text Society). 

Preface to " Early English meals and manners." (d. 8vo. 15.). 

Staunton, H. The great schools of England, p. 8vo. Stratum. O.P. 

Our public schools, c. 8vo. Paul. 6*. 

Eton, Harrow, Winchester, Rugby, Westminster, Marlborough, Charterhouse. Articles 
historical and critical ; reprinted from New Quarterly Review. 

The Public Schools, by the author of " Etoniana." 8vo. Blackmood. O.P. 

Winchester, Westminster, Shrewsbury, Harrow, Rugby. 

Cotterill, C. C. Suggested reforms in public schools, f. 8vo. Blackmood. 3*. Qd. 
Maxwell-Lyte, H. C. History of Eton college. 8vo. Macmillan. illus. 21*. 

Tudor's Charitable trusts. Ed. Bristowe and Cook. r. 2vo. Beeves 

and Turner. 38*. 

Law of endowed schools. 

PERIODICAL : The Public Schoolt Tear Book (annual). Sonnentchein. 



Vaccination GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Vital, etc. 



Warlomont, E. Manual of animal vaccination. Tr. A. Harries, c. 8vo. 

Churchill, illus. is. 6d. 

Crookshank, E. C. History and pathology of vaccination, r. 8vo. 2 vols. 

H. K. Lewis, illus. 36s. 

Case against vaccination. 

Report of the Eoyal Commission on vaccination. Eyre. 










Robertson, W. Veterinary medicine. Bailliere. 

Williams, W. Veterinary medicine. 8vo. Churchill, illus. 30s. 

,, Veterinary surgery. 8vo. Churchill, illus. 30*. 

Fleming, G. Veterinary sanitary science and police. 8vo. 2 vols. 

Chapman, illus. 36s. 

, , Veterinary obstetrics. 8vo. Bailliere. illus. 30s. 

Steel, J. H. Diseases of the ox. 8vo. Longmans, illus. 15s. 

,, Diseases of the sheep. 8vo. Longmans, illus. 12s. 

Findlay, D. Veterinary medicines, d. 8vo. Douglas. 15s. 

Lord and Hush. Veterinary vade-mecum, c. 8vo. Homoeopathic Pub- 
lishing Co. 15* 
REPORTS of the Veterinary Department (Board of Agriculture). Eyre. 






VOICE, tee Music IV. 

the various countries. 




Murray's Handbook to North Wales, p. 8vo. Murray. It. 

, , Handbook to South Wales, p. 8vo. Murray. Is. 

Baddeley and Ward. North and South Wales ("Thorough Guide" ser.). 

North Wales, 5*. (also in two parts) ; South Wales and Wye S*. d. 


Williams, Jane. A history of Wales. 8voi Longman, pub. . O.P. 

Walter, F. Das alte Wales. 8vo. (Bonn). 8s. 


COURSE OF READING : Grammar and exercises, Gweledigaethau y Bardd Cwsg ; LI. y tri 
Aderyn ; Llyvyr Job ; the Mabinogion ; and D. ab Gwilym. 

Rowland, T. Welsh grammar and exercises. 12mo. Hughes ( Wrexham). is. Qd. 

Richards, W. English-Welsh and Welsh-English dictionary, r. 32mo. 

Hughes (Wrexham). 2s. 6d, 

English- Welsh, 1. 6d. ; Welsh-English, 1*. 

Evans, Silvan. English-Welsh dictionary, d. 8vo. 2 vols. Gee (Denbigh'). 40*. 

Pughe, W. O. Welsh-English dictionary, d. 8vo. 2 vols. Gee (Denbigh). 30*. 

Pryse's edition is the only one in print. 

Evans, Silvan. Welsh-English dictionary, r. 8vo. Spurrell (CarmartJien). 

A, 10*. 6d. ; B, 5. In progress. 

Rhys, J. Lectures on Welsh philology, c. 8vo. Triibner. 15s. 

The author has given up his theory of the origin of the Ogam writing, and of the classification 
of the Celts. 

Wynn, Ellis. Gweledigaethau y Bardd Cwsg. Ed. Silvan Evans, c. 8vo. 

Spurrell (Carmarthen). ! &d' 

Lloyd, M. Llyvyr y tri Aderyn. c. 8vo. Foulhes (Liverpool). 1*. 

Llyvyr Job. Tr. Morgan. Ed. J. G. Evans, ex. f. 8vo. Frorvde. !* 6rf. 


Wales GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. West Indies 

Text of the Mabinogion, and other Welsh tales from the Ked Book of 
Hergest (" Ked Book "' ser.). Ed. J. Rhys and J. G. Evans. Evans 

Text of the Bruts from the Red Book (" Red Book " ser.). Ed. Rhys 
and Evans. Evans. 

D. ab Gwilym. Barddoniaeth. d. 8vo. Foulkes (Liverpool). 10*' 6<7. 

WAR, see ARMY. 








Eves, C. W. West Indies (Royal Colonial Institute Publication), c. 8vo. 

Low. 7s. Gd. 

Trollope, A. West Indies and the Spanish Main. 8vo. Chapman. 5s. 

Kingsley, C. At last ; a Christmas in the West Indies, c. 8vo. Mac- 

millan. 3s. &d. 

Eden, C. H. West Indies, c. 8vo. Low. 3s. Gd. 

Silver's West Indian pocket-book. 2 vols. Silver. 

i.. The Leeward and Windward Islands, 2*. Gd. ; ii., Jamaica, Hayti, Cuba, The Bahamas, 
etc., 2. Grf. 

Edwardes. History of the British Colonies in the West Indies. 3 vols. 

(London). O.P. 

Froude, J. A. The English in the West Indies. Longmans. 2s. Gd. 


Bulkeley, 0. T. Lesser Antilles : a guide for settlers, c. 8vo. Low. 

illus. 2*. Gd. 

Ober, F. A. Camps in the Carribees (Lesser Antilles), d. 8vo. Douglas. 

illua. 12*. 

Moxley, J. H. S. A West Indian sanatorium and Barbados guide, c. 8vo. 

Lorn. 3*. Gd. 

Hazard, S. Cuba ; with pen and pencil, r. 8vo. Lorn. pub. 15*. O.P. 

,, San Domingo: past and present; with a glance at Hayti. 8ro. 

Lorn. pub. 18s. O.P. 

Fortunat, Dante. Nouvelle geographic de 1'ile d' Haiti. (Port-au-Prince). 
St. John, S. Hayti ; or the Black Republic, c. 8vo. Smith, Elder. 8s. Gd. 

Leal, F. A. La rpublique dominicaine. (Paris'). 

Sinclair and Fyfe. Handbook of Jamaica. 8vo. Stanford. 8s. 


West Indies GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Wrestling 

lies, J. A. Burke. Nevis ; descriptive account of the island. (Norrvich). 

Collens, J. H. Guide to Trinidad, d. 8vo. Stock, illus. <">*. 

Verteuil, L. A. A. de. Trinidad. 8vo, Cassell. pub. 21s. O.P. 



Loftus, W. R. The wine and spirit merchant. W. It. Loftus. 5*. 

Shaw, T. G. Wine, the vine and the cellar. 8vo. Longmans. O.P. 

Tovey, C. Wine and wine countries. 12mo. Hamilton, Adams, pub. 10*. O.P. 

Redding, C. History and description of modern wines, p. 8vo. Bell 

(Bohn). 5*. 

Thudichum and Dupr6. Origin, nature, and use of wine. m. 8vo. 

Macmillan. 25*. 

Treats also of the viticulture of the various wines-producing districts, and of chemical 

Cocks and Feret. Bordeaux and its wines, c. 8vo. Nutt. 10*. 

Carte genSrale vinicole. Feret (Bordeaux). Gs. 

Mead, II. B. An elementary treatise on American grape culture and wine- 
making. 8vo. Harper, illus. O.P. 

Reports on wine duties. Eyre. 

Committee of House of Commons, 1852, 2 vols., 7. Sd. ; 1878-9, 2 vols., 5. 4<J. 

Tennant, J. E. Wine ; its use and taxation. J. Madden. O.P. 

An analysis of the evidence before the Parliamentary Committee of 1852. 

Gardner, J. Brewing, distilling, and wine manufacture, c. 8vo. Churchill. Gs. Gd. 

British wines. 



Tredgold, T. Principles of carpentry. Ed. E. Tarn. 4to. Lockmood. 

illus. 25*. 

Every man his own mechanic, d. 8vo. Ward, Loch, illus. 7*. Gd. 

Very useful to amateurs. 

Sutclifle, I. D. Handcraft. 4to. Griffith. 2s. Gd. 

On sloyd ; gives working drawings and instructions. 

Shelley, C. Workshop appliances ("Text-book of Science"), c. 8vo. 

Longmans, illus. 4s. Gd. 







Kemp, D. Yacht and boat sailing, snp. r. 8vo. II. Cox. 25s. 

Complete representation of yachting in all its branches. 

Knight, E. F. Sailing ("All England " ser.). sin. 8vo. Sell, illus. 2s. 

Scarcely practical enough to be of use except to the general reader. 

Davies, G. C. Practical boat sailing. 1. p. 8vo. Gill, illus. 5s. 

Norie. Navigation, r. 8vo. Norie and Wilson, illus. 16$. 

Greenwood, J. Sailor's seabook. 12mo. Loekwood. 12s. 


Kemp, D. Yacht architecture. H. Cox. 42s. 

Seaton, A. E. Marine engineering. 8vo. Griffin, illus. 18s, 

A practical work. Should be studied by the owners of steam yachts. 

Kemp and Neison. Practical boat building, p. 8vo. Gill, illus. 2s. Gd. 

Suitable to those who do not aspire to design or build anything larger than a 20ft. boat. 

Grosvenor, J. du V. Model yacht building. 1. p. 8vo. Gill, illus. 

Book of knots. Stanford, illus. 2s. Gd. 

Mackrow, C. Naval architect's pocket-book. Locktvood. 12*. Gd. 

Useful for formulae and tables. 


Moens, W. Through France and Belgium (canals and rivers). 8vo. O.P. 

Bagot, A. G. Yachting in the Mediterranean, c. 8vo. W. H. Allen. 1*. 

Francis, F. Cruise in the " Lancashire Witch." c. 8vo. 2 vols. Low. 24s. 

Brassey, Lady. Yoyages in the " Sunbeam." c. 8vo. Longmans, illus. 7s. Gd. 

Also 1. and2s., illus. 

MacMullen, R. T. Down Channel. G. Wilson (20, Glasshouse-street). O.P. 

Parry, G. Cruise of the " Ptarmigan." d. 8vo. W. H. Allen. 10s. Gd. 

Knight, E. F. Cruise of the " Falcon " to the Pacific. 8vo. Low. Is. Gd. 

Davies, G. C. Norfolk broads and rivers, c. 8vo. Blackmood. illus. 6s. 

JOURNALS : Field, weekly (H. Cox) ; Forest and Stream, weekly (Broadway, New rorlc) ; 

Le Yacht, weekly (Paris), 16*. a year. 

BIBLIOGRAPHY : Wilson's list of nautical works (G. Wilson, 20, GJasshouse-street, W.), Id. 



Zoology GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Zoology 


Books marked $ are suitable for young people. 


Darwin, C. Origin of species, c. 8vo. Murray, illus. (>*. 

,, Yari.-itimi of animals and plants under domestication, c. 8vx>. 

2 vols. Murray. 15x. 

Contains the detailed evidence on which the Origin ofrpeciet ia baaed. 
,, The <!<>srent of man. c. 8vo. Murray, illus. Is. Gd. 

The greater part of the book is devoted to the doctrine of sexual selection. 

,, Expression of the emotions in man and unimnls. c. 8vo. Murray. 

illus. 12s. 

Wallace, A. R. Darwinism, c. 8vo. Macmillan. Qs. 

,, Essays on natural selection. 8vo. Macmillan. 

New ed. inprest. 

,, Tropical nature; and other essays, c. 8vo. Macmillan. Gs. 

Spencer, H. Principles of biology. 8vo. 2 vols. Williams. 34s. 

Haeckel, E. History of creation. Tr. ; revised Lankester. p. 8vo. 2 vols. 

Paul. 32s. 

A popular and somewhat exaggerated account of the evolution theory. 

,, Generelle Morphologic der Organismen. 8vo. 2 vols. (Berlin). 20s. 

Important discussion of the principles determining animal form and function. 

Semper, K. Natural conditions of existence as they affect animal life 

(" Internat. Sclent." ser.). c. 8vo. Paul. 5,. 

Miiller, F. Max. Facts and arguments for Darwin, c. 8vo. Murray. 

illus. Gg. 

Weissmann, A. Essays on heredity. Ed. E. B. Poulton. d. 8vo. Clar. 

Press. 16s. 

A translation of a series of essays which have attracted great attention. 

Gallon, F. Natural inheritance. 8vo. Macmillan. 9*. 

Geddes and Thompson. Evolution of sex (" Contemp. Science " ser.) 

c. 8vo. Scott, illus. 3s. Gd. 

Contains excellent summaries of recent work on the reproduction of the lower animals. 


Cams, V. Histoire de la Zoologie. 8vo. Baillivre. 8s. Gd 

Can be had either in French or German. There is no corresponding book in English. 

Darwin, F. Life and letters of Chas. Darwin. 8vo. 3 vols. Murray. 36s. 

Agassiz, E. C. Life of Louis Agassiz. 2 vols. Macmillan. 18s 

Wilson and Geikie. Memoir of Edward Forbes. 8vo. Macmillan. O.P. 

^Smiles, S. Life of a Scotch naturalist (Thos. Edward). 8vo. Murray. lOrf. 

Darwin, C. Naturalist's voyage round the world, m. 8vo. Murray, illus. 21s. 

Also cheap edition, c. 8vo. -I*. Gd. 

Wallace, A. R. Malay Archipelago, c. 8vo. Macmillan. illus. 6s. 

,, Travels on the Amazon. 8vo. Macmillan. pub. 12s. O.P. 

New edition in " Minerva Library." Warne. Z. 

Bates, H. W. The naturalist on the Amazon, m. 8vo. Murray, illus. Is. Gd. 

Belt, T. The naturalist in Nicaragua, p. 8vo. Murray, pub. 12s. O.P 


Zoology GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Zoology 

Forbes, H. 0. A naturalist's wanderings in the Eastern Archipelago. 8vo. 

Low. illus. 2l,<t. 

Haeckel, E. A visit to Ceylon. Tr. p. 8vo. Paul. Is. Gd. 

Thomson, C. Wyville. Depths of the sea. 8vo. Macmillan. 31s. Gd. 

A popular account of the earlier dredging expeditions. 

,, The Atlantic. 8vo. 2 vols. Macmillan. 45.s. 

A popular account of the results obtained during part of the cruise of the " Challenger." 

" Challenger " reports ; narrative of the cruise. Ed. Thomson and Murray. 

r. 8vo. 2 vols. Longmans. IGGs. Gd. 

Vol. i., 136s. 6d. ; vol. ii., 30. 

Moseley, H. N. Notes by a naturalist in the "Challenger." 8vo. Mac- 
millan. illus. pub. 21*. O.P. 

Agassiz, A. The three cruises of the " Blake." 8vo. 2 vols. Lore, illus. 42s. 

Coppinger, K. W. Cruise of the " Alert," in Patagonian and Polynesian 

waters. 8vo. Sonnenschein. Gs. 

Guillemard, F. H. Cruise of the " Marchesa " to Kamschatka and New 

Guinea. 8vo. Murray. 21s. 

Guppy, H. B. The geology and physical characteristics of the Solomon 

Islands, r. 8vo. Sonnenschein. 10s. Gd. 


Wallace, A. R. Geographical distribution of animals, m. 8vo. 2 vols. 

Macmillan. 42s. 

The most important work on the subject. 

,, Island life. d. 8vo. Macmillan. lH.f. 

Murray, A. Geographical distribution of mammals. 4to. Day. 

Trouessart, E. L. La geographic zoologique (in the " Bibliotheque 
scientifique contemporaine "). 12mo. (Paris). 


Klassen und Ordnungen des Thier reichs. Ed. Bronn. Winter (Leipzig}. 

Vol. i., Protozoa; vol. ii., Rotifera; vol. iv., Vermes ; vol. v., Arthropods, ; vol. vi. (1), 
Pisces; (2), Amphibia; (3), Reptilia; (4), Aves; (5), Mammalia. In progress. On a large 
scale ; well-illustrated ; and more complete than any English work. 

Cuvier, G. Le regne animal. 1. 8vo. 20 vols. Masson (Paris). 1849. 80 

The best series of coloured illustrations of animals of all groups. 

Brehm, A. E. Thierleben. r. 8vo. 10 vols. (Leipzig). 140s. 

The most complete illustrated work on general natural history. Can be had in German or 

1 ' Challenger " reports; Zoology. 4to. 32 vols. Longmans. 

Prices vary from SOs. to 63*. Many of these reports are of extreme value. 

Ray Society's publications. Two series, Svo. and fo. Ray Society. 

Monographs on special groups ; admirably illustrated. 

Dohrn, A. Fauna und flora des Golfes von Neapel. (Leipzig'). 

A series of important monographs, with excellent plates, many coloured ; in course of publica- 
tion. The 17 vols. already issued may be had for about 40. 

Catalogues of the natural history specimens in the British Museum. 

Invaluable for determining species. Sold at the Natural History Museum, also by Longmans, 
Triibner, etc. 

Memoirs of the Museum of comparative zoology at Harvard College. Ed. 
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Also in separate parts, it. 6d. to 75. Some are O.P. 


Zoology GUIDE BOOK TO BOOK-. Zoology 

Cassell's natund history. Ed. Duncan, ex. c. 4to. 6 vols., 9s. each. 

Similar to Brehm's Thierleben, but on a smaller scale. 

" Riverside " n;it ural history. Ed. Kingsley. 4to. G vols. Paul. ]'2i'>*. 

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Vol. i., 18. ; vol. ii., 21. A book of extreme value to students. 

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Chauveau and Fleming. Comparative anatomy of domesticated animals. 

8vo. Churchill, illus. 31*. Gd. 

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,, Common objects of the seashore, c. 8vo. Routledge. illus. 3*. Gd. 

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, , Winners in life's race. Stanford. Gs. 


Bay Society's publications. 8vo. and fo. 39 vols., from 2s. to 90*. 

Some are o.P. 

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illus. 84f. 

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Vols. i. to iv., 12*. each ; vol. v., plates, 57. coloured ; 82. plain. 


Zoology GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Zoology 

Forbes and Hanley. History of British mollusca. 8vo. 4 vols. Gurney. 

illus. 70*. 

With coloured plates, 13. 

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Leach. Malacostraca podophthalmata. 

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Superior edition, 10 17. 

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pub. 84s. O.P. 

Yarrell, W. British fishes. 8vo. 2 vols. Gurney. illus. C3s. 

First supplement, 7. 6fZ. ; second, 5. 

REPORTS : Beports of the U.S. Commission on fish and fisheries ; Reports of the Fishing 
Commission, and of the Fishery Board. 

Hopley, Catherine. Snakes ; curiosities and wonders of serpent life. 8vo. 

Griffith, illus. 16s. 

Bell, T. British reptiles. Gurney. illus. 12s. 


Zoology GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Zoology 

Cooke, M. C. British reptiles, p. 8vo. Jfardmcke. 6s. 
For Indian reptiles, tee INDIA. 

Yarrell, W. History of British birds. 8vo. 4 vols. Gvrney. illne. 80*. 

Saunders, H. An illustrated manual of British birds, d. 8vo. (iumnj. 

illus 21*. 

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Coloured illustrations of eggs. 

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illus. pub. 63*. O.P 

Hewitson, W. C. Illustrations of British birds' eggs. 8vo. 2 vols. 

Va/n Voorst. 84*. 

Gray, K. Birds of West of Scotland. 8vo. Murray (Glasgow"). O.P. 

Thompson, W. Natural history of birds of Ireland. 8vo. 4 vols. 

L. Beeve. pub. 44*. O.P. 

Vogt, C. Les mammiferes. Tr. from the German. 4to. (Paris). 50*. 

Excellent illustrations. 

Bell, T. British quadrupeds. 8vo. Gurney. illus. 26*. 

Fleming, J. British animals. 8vo. O.P. 

Owen, R. British fossil mammals and birds. 8vo. Van Voorst. 18*. 

Harting, J. E. British animals, extinct within historic times. 8vo. Trubner. 8*. 


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Whitman, C. O. Methods of research in microscopical anatomy. 8vo. 

(Boston), illus. 15$. 

Lee, A. B. The microtomist's vade-mecum. 8vo. Clmrchill. 12*. Gd. 


Greene, J. Insect hunter's companion. Sonnenschein. illus. 1*. 

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Maynard, C. J. The naturalist's guide. 12mo. (Boston), illus. 10*. Gd. 

Hughes, W. R. The marine aquarium, d. 8vo. Gurney. illus. 2*. Gd. 

Admiralty manual of scientific enquiry. 8vo. Eyre. 2s. Gd. 


Zoological Record. (Zoological Soc.). 8vo. Gurney. 30*. 

Annual. Abstracts of papers. 


Zoology GUIDE BOOK TO BOOKS. Zululand 

Journal of the Royal Microscopical Society (annual). 8vo. Williams. 30s. 

Useful abstracts of foreign papers. 

Cams and Engelmann. Bibliotheca zoologica (1700-1860). 8vo. 2 vols. 

Engelmann. 33s. 

Taschenberg. Bibliotheca zoologica II. (1861-80). 8vo. 7 parts, Is. each. 

Engelmann. 49s. 

In course of publication. 

Royal Society's catalogue of scientific papers. 4to. 8 vols., 20*. each. 

Royal Society. IGOs. 

Thompson, W. D'Arcy. Bibliography of protozoa, coelenterata, and worms. 

(1861-83). d. 8vo. Pitt Press. 12*. Grf. 

Zoologischer Jahresbericht. Ed. P. Mayer. (Berlin). 

Gives abstracts of all zoological papers published in the year. 

Scudder, S. H. Nomenclator zoologicus. 8vo. (Washington), pub. 30s. O.P. 

Marschall, A. Nomenclator zoologicus. 8vo. 8s. 

PERIODICALS : To the working zoologist periodicals are of greater importance than books. 
Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society ; Proceedings of the Royal Society ; 
Transactions and Journal of the Linnsean Society; Transactions and proceedings of 
the Zoological Society; Quarterly Journal of Microscopical Science; Annals ad 
Magazine of Natural History : Nature, half-yearly vols., 15*. each (Macmillan) ; Zeitichrift 
far wissenschaftliche Zoologie (Engelmann) ; Archiv fiir microskopische Anatomic (Max 
Cohen) ; Morphologiscftes t Jahrbuch (Engelmann) ; Annales ties sciences naturellet 
(Masson) ; Archives de zoologie experimental ; Archives de Biologic (Masson). 




N.B. A book appearing on more than one page is only indexed once, 
except where different editions are named. Authors named only in notes 
are not indexed. 


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'i ;vn.l Wiirii. 
I'. K.. :',::. 

BouilN-t. N.. I.-. 

. 1). U., 09. 
lioulnoLs. II. I' 
lioiitfll. C., :', 171'. 
Idiiiriliiloiic, 181. 
liourget, P., 132. _ 
liourinot .J.i' 
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Brahin, O., 154. 
Braithwaite, K., 51. 
Bnmco, C. C., 262. 
Brand, J., 122. 
Brandes, E., 85. 

G., 84, 85, 150. 
Brandt, H. C., 152. 
Brant, Sebastian, 151. 
Brautome, 130. 
Braquehais, 125. 
Brasch and Hothenstein, 147. 
Brassey, Lady, 314. 

T., 230. 

Braun and Hermann, 170. 
Braune, 9. 

W., 150, 161. 
Bray, Mrs., 179. 
firebm, A. E.,316. 
Bremer, Fredrika, 295. 
Brenchley, J., 243. 
Brennan, 76. 
Brentano, L., 257. 
Bresse, J. A. C., 95, 134. 
Bret Harte, 237, 25 . 
Brete, J. de la, 132. 
Brewer, E. C., 269. 

J. S., 97. 
Brewster, D., 35. 
Brialmout, 24. 
Brlckwood, E. D., 272. 
Bridge, J. P., 22,227. 
Briggs, C. A., 426298. 
Brigham, W. T.,,8. 
Bright, J. P., 96. 

W., 71. 
Brightwen, Mrs., 67. 
Brillat-Savarin, 80. 
Brink, B. ten, 107, 108. 
Brinkman, C. C., 87. 
Brinton, D. G., 122. 
Brist and Bouquet, 218. 
Bristed, C. A., 309. 
Bristowe and Wright . 8. 
Britten and Holland, 51. 
Britton, J., 20, 58. 
Broadley, A. M., 7. 
BroekJenurst, J. U., 22.'. 
Brodie, B..221. 
Brodrick,.O. C., 309. 

W., 119. 

Broglie. Due de, 71. 127. 
Bromley-Devon port, W., 291. 
Bronte, Anne, 2.'i7. 

Charlotte, 113,237. 
Emily, 2:17. 

Brook.-. H. 
Brooks, (.'. F., 297. 

H., 56. 

Phillips, 279. 
Brook-Smith, 22. 
Broom, H., lie'. W.. 
Broomhall, B., 221. 
Brosch, M.,9, 19(i. 
Brosset, 273. 
Brother-ton, Mrs., 80. 
Brough, B. H., 2-M. 
Brooghton, Rhodu, 2^7. 
Brown, Prof., 210. 

A., 298. 

A. Sander, 35. 
C. P., 188, 189. 
H. A.,:;n::. 
H. P., 19(i. 
,, J., 110, 115. 

J. J., 121. 
R., 142. 
Sir T., 110. 
W. N., 29. 

,, and Behnke, 227. 
,, and Lidstone, 52. 
Browne, E. A., 299. 

M., 100. 

W. H.. 138. 
Browning, E. B., 113. 

R., 113. 

Brownlee, W. Methven, 210. 
Bruce, A. B., 46, 300. 

,, James, 141. 
Bruckner. A., 273. 
Bruder, H. C., 47. 
Brugmann, G., 247. 
Brugsch, H., 92. 

,, and Bouriant, 92. 
Brunei, I., 95. 
Brunn, H., 162. 
Brunner, H., 102. 
Brush, J. G,, 223. 
Bryant and Gay, 305. 
Bryce, G., 55. 

J., 118, 273, 307. 
,, and Johnston, 144. 
Buchanan, Robert, 237. 
Buchner, O., 223. 
Buckle, H. T., 181. 
Buckley, Arabella B., 317. 

H. B., 105. 
Buckman, J., 4. 
Bucknill, 23. 
Buckton, Mrs., 86. 
Budge, E. A., 34, 93. 
Buffon, 131. 
Bulkeley, O. T.. 312. 
Bull, Bishop, 279. 
Bulthaupt, H., 157. 
Bunbury, E. H., 139. 
Bunge, G., 253. 
Bunyan, John., 65. 
Bunyon, C. J., 33. 
Burbidge, P. W., 139, 190. 
Burchett, R., 28. 
Burckhardt, J., 17. 196. 
Burdett, H. C., 182. 
Biirger, G. A., 153. 
Burgon, J. W.,48. 
Burke, E., 111. 
. B.,172. 
U., 179. 
Burn, R., 195. 
Burnaby, P., 32. 
Burne, MissC. S.,123. 
Burnet, G., 74, 98. 
Burnett, Mrs., Hodgson, 237. 
Burney, Francis, a:;:.. 

J., 242. 
Burns, Dawson, i>. 

R., 112. 

Burnside and Panton, 217. 
Burrows, M., 230. 
Burton, J. H.,48, i78. 

R. P.. 3, 16, 23, 119, 185. 
W. K., 250. 

Bury, J. B., 117. 

,, Kiehard .!<. I-. 

.. ;IM.| Hilli 
Busk, R. H., 11M. 
Unl.-licr. S. H., 164. 
Butler, A., 279. 

A. T.,77. 
G., 1>04. 
H. C., 7.'. 

H. M., L'7'.l. 

Bishop, 117, 2/'.', :^ 

s., no. 

Biittikofer, 3.,'.',. 
Buttmann, A., 47. 
Buxton, E. K., 213. 
J. W., 24. 
Buxtorf, J., 171. 
Byron, Lord, 112. 


Caballero, Fernan, 2ti9. 
Caceres, J. M., 8. 
Caedmon, 11, 12. 
Caesar, 206. 
Caird, A., 279. 

,. E., 249, 263. 

J., 269. 

and Cathcart, 7. 
Caine, T. Hall, 237. 
Cairnes, J. E., 25f. 
Caldecott, R.,68. 
Calderon, 289. 
Calderwood, D., 75. 

H., 91, 116. 
Calfa, A., 22. 

Callaway, Bishop, 122, 124. 
Callon, J.,224. 
Calpurnius, 208. 
Calverley, C. S., 254. 
Calvo, 8. 

C., 209. 
Cameron, J., 192. 
Camoens, 262. 
Campbell, A. D., 188. 

D., 7,33. 
J., 119, 229. 

J. P., 123. 
Lord, 100. 

R., 105. 

Campion, J. 8., 286. 
Campoamor, R. de, 289. 
Candolle, A. de, 51. 
Canovas del Castillo, 290. 
Cantti, C., 196, 
Capello and Ivens, 3. 
Capendu, E., 132. 
Capes, W. W., 271. 
Capponi, G., 196. 
Cardenas, P. de, 287. 
Carducci, 199, 200. 
Carles, W. R., 81. 
Carll, L. B.. 217. 
Carlyle, T., 98, 113, 115, u\>, 


Carnegie, W. 284. 
Caro, A., 200. 
Carov<5. !.'. 
Carpenter, W., 192. 

W. U., 220, 222. 
W. Boyd, 300. 
Carr, G. 8..2H. 
Carraud, 136, 137. 
Ourioffton and others, 21 . 
Carroll, Lewis, 63, 64. 
Carte, T., 97. 
Cartwright, W. C., 74. 
Carus, V., 315. 

and Engelmann, :>2ii. 
Carver, J. G., 330. 
Casev, J.. 1 Hi. 
Casini, T.. liT. 
Casbels, W. R., 88. 

Y 2 



Castilho, Antonio T. de, 262. 
Castle, E., 1*0. 

Lewis, 138. 
Catlin, G-., 7. 
Cats, J., 87. 
Catullus, 205. 
Cave, A., 41. 
"Cavendish," 57, 209. 
Cayley, A., 140, 218. 
Cecchi, P. L., 199. 
Cellini. Benvenuto, 200. 
Cennini, C., 28. 
Cervantes, 289. 
Chaffers, W., 263. 
Chagas, Manuel Pinheiro, 263. 
Chain's, H. W., 103. 
Chalmers, J., 38, 70, 105. 
M. D., 211. 
T., 279. 

and Gill, 38. 

Chamberlain, B.H., 124, 202. 
Chambers, K., 27 8. 
W., 20. 

Chamfleury, 58. 
Chamfort, 131. 
Chamisso, A. von, 155. 
Champeaux, A. de, 31. 
Champollion, J. F., 93. 
Channing, W. E., 279. 
Chapman, A. W., 51. 

G., 109, 130. 
Chappell, W., 225. 
Charles, Mrs., 174, 17 i, 178. 
Charmes, G., 7. 
Charnay, D., 222. 
Charnock, J., 229. 
Charteris, A. H., 44. 
Chasles, P., 283. 
Chateaubriand, 131. 
'Chatterton, Lady, 230. 
Chatto and Jackson, 29. 

W. A., 57. 
Chaucer, G., 108. 
Chaumont, F. de, 185. 
Cbauveau and Fleming, 317. 
Chauvenet, W., 3*. 
Cherrier, A., 131. 
Cherrier, C. de, 126. 
Cherbuliez, V., 132, 135. 
Cheshire, F. E., 40. 
Chesney, C. C., 24, 175. 

F. R., 303. 
Chester, Col., 214. 
Chesterfield, Lord, 112. 
Chevalier, E., 229. 
Chevreul, M. E., 29. 
Chevne, T. K., 42, 43. 
," W. Watson, 15. 
,, and Driver, 40. 
Childers, H. C., 214. 
Chisholm, G. G., 143. 
Chitty, 104, 106. 
Cholmondeley-Penuell, H., 120. 
Chopzko, A., 254. 
Choutinov, 273. 
Christ, H., 29ri. 
Christie, W. D., 98. 
Christlieb, 300. 
Christy, R. M., 55. 
Chrysfal, G., 6. 
Church, A. H., 2^, 29, 263, 264. 

A. J., 55, 64, 80, 173, 174, 
178, 180. 
R.W., 72, 75,115, 118, 279. 

and Seeley, 180. 
Cibber, Colley, 292. 
Cicero, 205, 206. 
Cigale, M , 285. 
Cipolla, 195. 
Piviale, A., 296. 
Claeson, G., 294. 
Clark, D. K., 95, 293. 
,, G. T., 20. 
E. C., 208. 
and Green, 36. 
and Hughes, 146. 

Clarke, Butler, 287. 

E., 209. 

G. S., 23, 95. 

H. W., 246, 252. 

,, Marcus, 237. 
Clarendon, 98. 
Clater, 211. 
Claudian, 208. 
Claus and Sedgwick, 317. 
Ciausius, R., 251. 
Clay and Baldwin, 57. 
Cleasby and Vigfusson, 186. 
Clebsch, R. A. F., 94. 
dementi, 227. 
Clements, H., 4. 
Clerk, 161. 

Clerke, Agnes M., 34. 
Clery, C., 23. 
Cleveland, C. D., 110. 
Clodd, E., 122. 
Clode, C. M., 24. 
Clough, A. H., 254. 
Clouston, W. A., 122. 
Clyde, J., 143. 
Coape, H. C., 177. 
Cobb, J.F., 177. 178,179. 
Cobbett, M., 295. 
Cobbold, T. S., 211. 
Cochin, H., 133. 
Cocks and Feret, 313. 
Coelho, Latino, 263. 
Coghlan, T. A., 37. 
Cohen, H., 240. 
Coke, 103. 
Colange, E. de, 304. 
Cole, J. W., 292. 
Colebrooke, H. T., 276. 
Coleman, J., 211. 

W. S., 318. 
Coleridge, H. J., 74, 77. 

S. T., 112, 115. 
Coles, .T., 186. 
Collens, J. H., 313. 
Collier, J., 74. 

., J. P., 292. 
Collins, F. H., 249. 

,, J., 88. 

,, J. E., 56. 

J. H., 223. 

,, Wilkie, 179, 237. 
Collett, C., 189. 
Colletta, P., 196. 
Collignon, E., 95. 
Collingnon, M., 162. 
Collyns, C. P., 291. 
Colman, W. S., 223. 
Colmeiro, Manuel, 286. 
Colomb, P. H., 22 j. 
Colombi, 201. 
Colquhoun, A. R., 54. 

J., 290. 

Comities, P. de, 126, 130. 
Compayre, G., 89, 91. 
Comte, Auguste, 263. 
Concone, 227. 
Coiide, J. A., 286. 
Conder, C. R., 243. 

Josiah, 142. 
Congreve, W., Ill 
Conkling, A. R., 222. 

H., 222. 

Conscience, H., 87. 
Constant, B., 133. 
Conte, J. le, 252. 
Contopoulos, N., 161. 
Cook, A. J., 40. 
,, Dutton, 292. 
,, E. T., 214. 
,, W.,62. 
Cooke, A. C., 23. 

,, M. C., 51, 67, 319. 
Cooley, F. M., 308. 

,, T. M., 105. 

W. D., 140. 
Coolidge, S., (55. 
Coolidge, W. A. B., 296. 

Cooper, Fenimore, 66, 179. 
H., 242. 
T. T., 187. 
T. V., 307. 
Copinger, W. A., 104. 
Coppinger, R. W., 9. 
Corbett, Julian, 174. 
Corbin, Diana, 141. 
Corfleld, W., 185. 
Corneille, 130. 
Cory, W., 99. 
Cossa, L., 256. 
Cosson, De, 22. 
Costa, J. de, 87. 
Cotterill, C. C., 309. 
J. H., 94. 
J. W., 293. 
Cottin, Mme., 66. 
Cotton and Payne, 78. 
Couch, J.. 318. 
Couche, C., 268. 
Coulanges, F. de, 14, 126. 
Courier, P. L., 132. 
Courtnay, T. P., 282. 
Courthope, W. J., 254. 
Couvreur. S., 70. 
Cowden-Clarke, Mrs., 282. 
Cowley, A., 110. 
Cowper, F., 174. 
W., 112. 

Cox, G. W., 64, 122, 162, 163. 
S., 279. 
,, and Jones, 64. 
Coxe, W., 98, 148, 273. 287. 
Craddock, C. Egbert, 237. 
Craik, G. L., 107. 
H., 91, 111. 
Mrs., 65, 239. 
Crake, A. D., 173, 178. 
Cramer, 227. 
Crane, T. F., 123, 129. 

Walter, 69. 
Crawford, F. Marion, 237. 
Crawfurd, J., 189. 
O., 261. 

Crawley, C., 32. 
Creasy, E., 79, 303. 
Creenv, W. F., 20. 
Cregeen, A., 216. 
Creighton, M., 72, 97, 98. 
Cremer, H., 47. 

J. J., 87. 
Cremona, 146. 
Creswell, F. S., 138. 
Crewe, A. W., 5. 
Cripps, W. J., 30. 
Croker, T. Crofton, 123. 
Croll, J., 145. 
Crookes, W., 62, 26*, 298. 
Crookshank, E. C., 310. 
Crosby, 8. S., 241. 

T., 76. 
Cross, J. W., 113. 

,, and Bevan, 192. 
Croswell, S., 104. 
Crowe and Cavalcaselle, 26, 27. 
Crump, A., 256. 
Cruttwell, C. T., 204. 
Cubas, A. G., 222. 
Cullen, W., 184. 
Culley, R. S., 94. 
Cumberland, Stuart C., 55. 
Cumming, J. G., 216. 
Cummings, W. H., 225. 
Cummins, A. H., 137. 
Cundall, J., 48. 
Cundill, 62. 
Cunningham J., 75. 

W., 256. 

,, and Abney, 296. 

Cunnyngham, H., 237. 
Cunynghame, A. T., 273. 
Curling, J. J., 228. 
Curr, E. M., 15. 
Curteis, A. M., 163. 
G. H., 75. 



Curtit, C. B., 27. 
C. E., 5. 
G.T., 307. 
,, J.,4. 

Curtiss, S. I., 41. 

Curtius, K., lf,i'. 

(J., 163. 

Curwcn, J. H., 227. 
Ciir/.on, G. N., 32. 
dishing, Paul, 237. 
Cults, E. L., 20. 
CuviiT, G., 316. 
C/.erny, 226. 
Czuczorand Fogorasi, 183. 


Daguet, A., 296. 
Dahlinaim, F. C., 84. 

and Waltz, 148. 
Dahn, F., 160, 286. 
D'Albertis, L. M., 38. 
Dale, A. W., 71. 

,, K. W., 46, 279, 299. 

and Lehmann, 106. 
Dalling and Ashley, 99. 
Dalton, E. T., 14. 
,, H., 74. 

H. G., 169. 
Daly, Mrs. D., 38. 
Dal veil, J. G., 123. 
D.unirier, W., 141. 
Dana, J. D., 145, 146, 223. 

R. H.,67. 
Dance, C. D., 8. 
Dandliker, K., 296. 
Dauichieh, G., 281. 
Daniel, E. M., 104. 

S., 109. 

Daniell, A., 260. 
Dante, 198. 
D'Anvers, 25. 
Daremberg et Saglio, 18. 
Dart, J. H., 104. 
Dartein, F. de, 19. 
Darwin, C., 15, 50, 67, 145, 220, 315. 

,, F., 315. 
Dasent, G. W., 123. 
Daudet, A., 133, 135. 
D'Aulnoy, Comtesse, 287. 
Davids, T. W., Rhys, 53, 244. 
,, and Oldenberg, 244. 
Davidson, A. B., 43, 46. 
B., 171. 
J. W., 305. 
Davies, B., 171. 

D. C., 224. 
E., 291. 
G. C., 314. 
Llewellyn, 279. 

P. J., 192. 
Davis, C. T., 54. 

G. E., 223. 

J., 307. 
Davy, J., 62. 
Dawkins, W. B., 13. 
Dawson, J., 15. 
Day, F., 121, 318. 

L. F., 28. 

T., 65. 

W., 181, 182. 
"Deadfall, "284. 
Deane, W. J., 44. 
De Bary, A., 15. 
Defoe, D., 66, 111, 235. 
De Garmo, C., 90. 
De Hampole, H. R., 107. 
Deland, Margaret, 237. 
Delarc, O., 195. 
Delimont, T.,230. 
Delitzsch, F., 33, 34, 41, 171. 
Del Mar. E., 287. 
Delord, Taxile, 127 

Demattio, P., 197. 
Demniin, A., 22. 

I>ruiipg(-ot, .1., 1-'*. 

De Morgan, A., 22, 212. 
Demosthenes, 167. 
Denifle, H., 308. 
Denison, G., 23. 
Denistoun, J., 196. 
]>enni8, G., UC>. 
Dent, H. C., 52. 
Denton, J. B., 6. 

W., 100, 281. 
De Quineey, T., 113. 
Des Cars, A., 124. 
Descartes, 131, 219. 
Des Cloiseaux, A., 223. 
D.-sgodins, C. H., 32. 
Desnoyers, L., 135. 
Dessoir, Max, 267. 
De Swert, 227. 
De Tocqueville, A., 127, 306. 
Deus, Joao de, 262. 
De Veer, Gerrit, 140. 
Devereux, W. B., 98. 
De Vinne, T. L., 264. 
De Voisins, 184. 
Dewey, J., 221. 
De Witt, C., 306. 
Dexter, H. M., 76. 
Dibdin, J. C., 292. 

T. F., 48, 264. 
Dicey, A. V., 100, 209. 
Dickens, C., 113, 238. 
Dickson and Edmund, 265. 
Diderot, 131. 
Didot, A. F., 29, 265. 
Didron, A. N., 28. 
Diercks G., 288. 
Dietrichsen, L., 233. 
Dieulafoy, M., 245. 
Diez, F.,197, 266. 
Digby, K. E.,103. 
Dilke, C., 79. 
Dillmann, A., 117. 
Diniz, Julio, 263. 
Diriehlet, P. G. L., 218. 
Dirkseu, H., 272. 
D'Israeli, Benjamin, 237. 
Dittmar, W., 61. 
Dixie, F., 9. 
Dixon, H. H., 5. 

K. W., 74. 

W. G., 201. 

W. Hepworth, 214, 229. 
Dobson, A., 111,254. 

,, and Tarn, 54. 
Dodd, C., 75. 
Dodge, R. J., 291. 
Dods, Marcus, 44, 270. 
Dohrn, A., 316. 
Dolby, A., 230. 
DOllinger, J., 71. 
Donaldson, T., 304. 
Donelly, N., 52. 
Donovan, E., 318. 
Doran, Dr., 292. 
D'Orbigny, A., 8. 
Dorchester, D., 308. 
Dorman, H. N., 122. 
Dorner, J. A., 76, 299. 
Dostoievski, T., 275. 
Dougall, 283. 
Doughty, C. M., 16. 
Douglas, Gavin, 109. 

R. K., 69, 70. 
Douse, T. le M., 161. 
Douthwaite, W. R., 209, 214. 
Down, J. L., 220. 
Dowden, E., 113, 115, 283. 
Dowell, 8., 100. 
Downes, J., 292. 
Downing, S., 184. 
Doyle, A. C., 175. 

J. E.. 101. 
Dozon, A., 54,281. 
Dozy, R. P., 288. 

.Ornchmann, H., 85. 
Drake, N., : 
DrajM-r, J., :to7, .'i-Vi. 
Drayton, M., 109. 
Dresser, C., 
Drew, J., 1*7. 

W., 117. 
Driver, S. R., 42, 171. 
Drummond, H., :t. 

J., 298. 

H. B., 73. 

W., J'K*. 

Droste-HUlslioff, A. von, 158. 
Drouyn, L., 125. 
Droysen, G., 117. 

J. G., 149. 
Droz, G., 133. 
Dryden, J., 110. 
Dubois, U., 80. 

and Bernard, 80. 
Du Camp, M., 125. 
Du Cane, E. F., 103. 
DuChaillu, P. B.,232. 
Duchesne, L., 301. 
Duden, K., 162. 
Dufferin, Lord, 186. 
Durtield, S. W.,301. 
Dugdale, W., 78, 102, 214. 
Dumaj, pere, 132, 133, 135, 177. 
Dunbar, H., 165. 
W., 108. 
Duncker, 162. 
Dundonald, Earl of, 230. 
Dunham, S. A., 280. 
Dunlop, J., 234. 
Dunn, H. A. Colmore, 120. 
Dupont, E., 3. 
G., 60. 
Durege, 218. 
Duruy, G., 133. 
Dutripon, F. P., 43. 
Duval, M., 10. 
Dwyer, F., 182. 
Dyer, T. P., 100. 
T. H., 118, 195. 


Eagles, T. H., 9r>. 

Earle, J., 10, 11, 12. 

Eassie, W., 82. 

Eastlake, C. L., 25. 

Eaton, Dormau B., 100. 

Eberhard, J. A., 152. 

Ebers, G., 158, 160, 179, 180. 

Ebner-JEschenbach, Marie von, 158. 

Eckermann, J. P., 153. 

Eden, C. H., 201, 273, 312. 

F. M. 101. 
Eder, J. M., 250. 
Edersheim, A., 41, 202, 203. 
Edgar, J. G., 173, l!SO. 
Edgeworth, Maria, 65, 235. 
Edgren, A., 276. 

Anna C., 295. 
Edkins, J., 53, 70. 
Edwardes, 312. 

Mrs. A., 238. 
Edwards, Amelia B., 92, 238. 

M. Betliam, 125, 237. 
T. C., 46. 
W. D., 103. 
Egerton, W., 22. 
Egilsson, S., 186. 
Egli, J. J., 144. 
Eichendorff, J. von, 155, 158. 
Eissler, M., 62, 222. 
Elbe, A. v. d., 158. 
Elder, W., 141. 
Eliot, George, 113, 238. 
Ellicott, C. J.,46. 
Elliott, A., 260. 

H. M., 14. 



Elliott, H. W,, 305. 

,, Mrs., 286. 
Ellis, A. B., 35. 

,, A. L., 104. 

B., 205. 

T., 9. 

W., 243. 
Elphinstone, M., 188. 

and others, 209. 
Elton, C., 97, 103. 
Ehves, A., 261. 
Ely, K. T., 258, 308. 
Elyot, T., 109. 
Elze, Karl, 283. 
Emerson. P. H., 250. 
K. W., 115. 
Ercilla, 288. 

Erckmann-Chatrian, 135, 136, 177. 
Erddlyi, J., 183. 
JErdmann, J. E., 248. 
Erman, A., 92. 
Ernault, E., 59. 
Erskine, J., 278. 
Erslev, T. H., 85. 
Esclangon, 137. 
Esmarck, F., 7. 
Espoliu, J., 186. 
Espronceda, J. de, 283. 
Euripides, 166. 
Eusebius, 71. 
Evans, F. J., 228. 
J., 13, 240. 
,, Silvan, 311. 
Eve, H. W., 152. 

and Baudiss, 128. 
Evelyn J., 110. 
Everard, W., 180. 
Everett, J. D., 252, 284. 
Eversley, W. P., 104. 
Eves, C. W., 312. 
Ewald, H., 170, 202, 203. 

H. F., 85. 
Ewart.J., 5. 
Ewing, Mrs., 64, 65. 
Eyton, B., 279. 


Fabre, 126. 

,-, F., 135. 
Faguet, E., 129. 
Faidherbe, Ge'ne'ral, 3. 
Fairbairn, A. M., 46. 

W., 53. 

Fanfani, P., 197. 
Farina, S., 201. 
Farmer, J. 8., 269. 
Farquharson, B., 185. 
Farr, W., 185. 
Farrar, F. W., 44, 46, 279. 

K 57 

Farrer, T.,' 257, 258. 
Farrow, E. S., 25. 
Fasnacht, G. E., 128. 
Fausbdll, V., 244. 
Favenc, 37, 38. 
Fawcett, H., 257. 
Fayrer, J., 187. 
Fearon, D. B., 90. 
Fdnelon, 131. 
Fenn, 257. 

G. Manville, 66. 
Fenton, J., 14, 38. 
Ferenczy, J., 183. 
Ferguson, A. M., and J., 59. 
Fergusson, J., 18, 19. 20. 
Fernandez and Smythies, 124. 
Ferrand, J. P., 30. 
Ferrers, N., 218. 
Ferrier, D.,220. 

Miss, 235. 
,, J. F., 248. 
Feuillet, O., 133, 136. 
Feval, P., 133. 

Feydeau, 133. 
Fichte, J. G., 249. 
Fick, A., 247, 253. 
Fidler, T. C., 268. 
Field, 29. 

Mrs., 174. 
Fielding, H., Ill, 23o. 
Sarah, 235. 
Filicaia, 199. 
Finch, G. B., 105. 
Findlay, A. G., 189, 242, 
D., 310. 
G., 267. 

Finlay, G., 162. 
Firdausi, 246. 
Firminger, T. A. C., 139. 
Fischart, J., 151. 
Fischer, K., 249. 
Fisher, 106. 

G. P., 70, 300. 
Fiske, J., 248, 306. 
Fitch, J. G., 91. 
Fitzgerald, P., 48, 292. 
Fitzwygram, J., 181. 
Flamant, A., 95. 
Flandin and Coste, 245. 
Flaubert, G., 133. 
Fleay, F. G., 282, 283, 292. 
Fleming, G., 181, 310. 
J., 319. 

J. A., 94. 

Fletcher and ELidder, 52. 
Fleury, L., 137. 
Flight, W., 223. 
Flint, B., 300. 

Florez, F. H., and others, 287. 
Flower, W. H., 9, 31ft. 
Floyer, E. A., 2. 
Flygare-Carlen, Emilie, 295. 
Fogeett, J. S., 191. 
Foley, H., 74. 
Folkard, H. C., 283. 
Fonseca, J. de, 262. 
Foote, J. A., 209. 
Forbes, A. P., 299. 
C. J., 54. 
D., 16, 246. 
E., 317. 
F. E.,3. 
H. O., 189. 
J., 296. 

and Hanley, 318. 
Ford, H., 18. 
,, J., 109. 
B., 286. 
Forester, T., 219. 
Forster, J., Ill, 113. 
Forster, P., 287. 
Forsyth, A., 217. 

W., 102, 206, 234. 
Fortescue, J., 108, 291. 
Fortnum, C. D. E., 30. 
Fortunat, Dante, 312. 
Fosbrooke, T. D., 73. 
Foscolo, TL, 198, 199. 
Foss, E., 100, 107. 
Foster, M., 252. 

and Balfour, 319. 
,, and Langley, 9. 
Fothergill, Jessie, 238. 
Foucauld, C. de, 225. 
Fouque, F. de la Motte, 158, 160. 
Fournel, M., 7. 
Fowle, T. W.,260. 
Fowler, T., 116. 

W. W., 64, 318. 
Fownes, 60. 
Fox, George, 76. 
Foxe, J., 74. 
Foxwell, H. S.,257. 
France, A., 133, 135. 
Francesco d'Assisi, 200. 
Franchet and Savatier, 202. 
Francis, F., 120, 121, 314. 
Francois, Louis von, 15s 
Franklin, J., 141. 

Franks, A. W., 202. 

Franzos, K. E., 160. 

Fraser, A. C.,249. 

Frazer, J. G., 13, 122. 

Fream, W., 4, 55. 

Freeman, E. A., 13, 19, 58, v7, 117, 

196, 215, 303. 

G. E., 119. 
and Salvin, 119. 
Freer, M. W., 127. 
French, H." 5. 
Frere, Mary, 63. 
Freseuius, C. H., 61. 
Freshfield, D. W., 272. 
Freytag, G., 149, 15(3, 153. 
Friedmann, P., 98. 
Freiligrath, F., 155. 
Friend, H., 123. 
Frith, H., 179. 
Fritzner, J., 186. 
Froebel, F., 90. 
Froissart, 129. 
Frome, E:, 23. 
Fromeutin, 27, 135. 
Frost, P., 217. 
,, T., 67. 

Frothingham, B., 306. 
Froude, J. A., 37, 98, 113, 1 


Fry, E., 104. 
Fulcher, G.W., 27. 
Fuller, T., 74, 110. 
Fulton, B., 211. 
Furness, Mrs. H. H., 282. 
Furnivall, F. J., 309. 
Furrer, A., 296. 
Furse, G., 24. 
Fiirst, J., 43, 171. 
Fyffe, C. A., 118. 
Fytche, A., 54. 


Gabriel, H., 170. 

Gairdner, J., 97, 101. 

Galdos, P., 289. 

Gale, C. J., 104. 

Galilei, 200. 

Galloway, E. L., 224. 

Gait, J., 235. 

Galton, F., 15, 220, 302, 315. 

Gamgee, A., 253. 

J., 211. 

Gams, P. B., 73, 78. 
Garbett, E. L., 20. 
Garcia, M.. 227. 
Garcke and Falls, 49. 
Gardiner, 8. B., 98, 100, 149. 
Mrs., 127. 
,, and Mullinger, lol. 
Gardner, J., 313. 

P., 240. 
Garibaldi, 196. 
Gariel and Desplats, 253. 
Garnett, J. M., 12. 

W., 2ol. 
Gamier, 130. 
Garrett, B. and A., 182. 
Garrison, W. P. and F. J., 307. 
Gaskell, Mrs., 113, 238. 
Gasquet, 73. 
Gaster, M., 122. 
Gatty, Mrs., 51, 64, 65. 

A. S., 68. 

Gautier, T., 132, la'i, 134, 89 . 
GayarrtS, C., 306. 
Gebauer, H., 147. 
Gebhart, O. von, 47. 
Geddes and Thompson, ;u.~>. 
Gee, G. E., 30. 

Geelmuyden and Brynildson, 233. 
Geffcken, H., 76. 
Geibel, E., 155. 
Geiger. 148. 


B. (... -".'>. 

illlll ntlirr.-.. 

G.-ikir, A., i'l, !;, 1 II, I!.'., 146,277. 

.. .1. II:.. 
iicl.lnrt, K. M.. 63. 

(H-nr.-t, .1.. 2'.'2. 
ii.-nlis. Mini'. (I'-, 
(inc.;.-. II. H.. 11>. 
Gi-riml, I), an. I B., 
10.. :'.'.. 93. 

(ifl-ll/IV, 12S. 

Gcrvinus, G. O., 282. 

.MIS. W.. 171'. 171. 
<;.-ssi-rt and Fromberg, 31. 
Gibbon, C'lmrl.'.s. 238. 
K., 112, 117. 
Gilil's. H., 9. 
J., 88. 

Giberne, A.,174, 177. 
Giesebrecht, W., 1 1-. 
<iii-s.-l.-r. J. C. L., 73. 
GinVn. R., 256, 257. 
<iii't.Theo., 238. 
Gilbard, 386. 
Gilhnrt, 2.~>ti. 
Gilbert. G. K., 111. 

and Churcliill, 39. 
Gilder, W. II.. 27::. 
(ii!.-s, Cliauucey, 61. 
Gill, C. H., 88. 
,, Mrs., 35. 
,, W., 55, 124. 
(iillitt, J.,4. 
Gilliutt, E., 174. 
Gilman, N. P., 257. 
Gilmore, Q. A., 54. 
Gilmour, J., 32. 
Gil Vicente, 2(52. 
(iin.l.-ly, A., 149. 
Ginsburg, C. D., 41, 171. 
Girardin, E. de, I'M. 

J.. I:::.. 

Gisborne, \V., 38. 
Gissing, George, 238. 
Giusti, 199. 
Gladstone, J. H., 62. 
Glaser, 16. 
Glasgow, D., 191. 
Glazebrook, R. T., 251. 

and Shaw, 250. 
Gleig, G. R., 17*5. 
(ilt-ii, W. C. and A., 211, 212. 
,, and Cunningham, 212. 
Gloag, P. J., 44. 
Gneist, 11., 100. 
Goddard, J. L., 104. 
Godefroi, H., 104. 
Godet, P., 45. 
Godfray, H., 34. 
Godkin, G. S., 196. 
Godon, J., 31. 
Godwin, W., 235. 
Goedeke, K., 154,278. 
Goethe, 153. 
Gogol, A., 275. 
Goldoni, 200. 
Goldsmid, F., 245. 
Goldsmith, O., Ill, 235. 
Gomme, G. L., 13, 14, 122. 
Gondinet, E.. 136. 
Gonse, L., 202. 
Gooch, F. C.,222. 
Goodman, N. and A, 285. 
<i.M.dwin, W. W., 163. 
Gordon, H. W., 25. 
W J., 49. 
Gordon-Cumming, Constance F., 

242, 243. 

Gore, C., 300. 

G., 191. 

Goschen, G. J., 212, 257, 258. 
Goss, J., 226. 
Gosse, E., 107, 115, 233. 

P. H., 223, 31?. 
Uostwick and Harrison, 150. 
Gottfried von Strassburg, 151. 

OetUohall, B., 150. 
Gouft*6, J., 80. 

GouHxmrn, K. M.. :.<>I. 
Gould, R. F.. 137. 
Goupil and li.-nauld, :xi. 
Gow, J., Hii. 
Gower, J., 108. 
Gozzi, G., 200. 
Griililiam. M, C., 17". 
Gradis, 125. 
Graglia, C., 197. 
Graham, J. W., 17s. 
U. H., 95. 

,, and Ashbee. 6. 
Grandldier, A., 215. 
Grant, A., 309. 

General, 307. 
G. M., 55. 

J., 175, 176, 177, 178, 171 
232, 277. 
E., 34. 
Grassmann, 218. 
Gratz, H., 203. 
Gray, A., 50,51, 93. 
, J. H., 69. 
,, Maxwell, 238. 
K., 319. 
,, T., 112. 
Greaves, J., 218. 
Greeley, A. W., 21. 

H., 307. 

Green, A. H., 144. 
A. O., 17. 
,, J. R., 96, 07. 
R. P., 62. 

T. H., 116, 248. 
,, W. H., 41. 
W. S., 38. 
,, and Harper, 41. 
,, and others, 145. 
Greenaway, K., 68, 09. 
Greene, F. V., 24. 

J., 319. 
Greenhill, A. G., 217. 
Greener, W. W., 283. 
Greenleaf, S., 106. 
Greeuwell, W., 13, 58. 
Greenwood, J., 67, 227, 31 1. 
,, T., 72, 148, 210. 

W. H., 194, 221. 
Gregor, W., 123. 
Gregorovius, P., 162, 196. 
Greig. T. W., 82. 
Grein, C. W., 10. 
Greswell, W., 56. 

W. P., 55. 

Greville, C. C. P., 99. 
Gr^ville, H., 133. 
Grierson. J. M.,24. 
Griffin, G., 235. 
G. W., 37. 
H. H., 35, 83. 
,, 8. B., 222. 
Griffis, W. E., 63, 81, 201. 
Griffiths, L. M., 283. 
Grillparzer, P., 155. 
Grimble, A., 291. 
Grimm, H., 164, 156, 160. 
J., 122, 157. 

J. and W., 63, 123, 159. 
Grimmelshausen, H. J. C., 152. 
Griswold, S. B.. 2i>'.'. 
Grocott, J. C., 207. 
Grose, P., 22. 
Gross, C., 101. 

,, S. D., 219. . 
Grossi, 201. 

Grosvenor, J. du V., 314. 
Grote, G., 117, 162, 248. 

J., 248. 
Groth, P., 83, 223. 
Grove, G., 227. 
Grover, J., 268. 
Groves, J, P., 175. 

r.rnvos and Thorp, 61. 
(inilx-r, K., 
(inin, Anastaslus, 155. 
(inni.i- - ,*3. 


Guernsey, I/. K., 171. 
Guerra,.1. A., !'.'. 

Mi-dini, 1 1'.'., 200. 
Guilherray, P., 125. 
Guillemard, K. H.. 140,189. 
Guillcmin, A., :il. 
Guimps, R. de, 89. 
Guizot, P. P. G., 27. 

W., 12f.. 

Gunther, A. C., 187, 318. 
Guppy, H. B., 242. 
Gurney, H.P., B8. 

W. B., L"l. 
and others, 266. 
Gurwood, J., 25. 
Gustafson, A., 6. 
Gutzkow, K., 157, 158. 
Guy, W. A., 185. 

,, and Fernt-r, 219. 
Guzman, D., 8. 
Gwatkin, H., 71. 
Gwilt, J., 20. 
Gwilym, D. ab, 312. 
Gwynfryn, 65. 
" Gyp," 133. 


Haas, E., 277. 
Hacklander, F. W., l.'s. 
Haddan and Stubbs, 77. 
Uadley, A. T.,L'.")S. 

J., 272. 

Haeckel, E., 15. 59, 315. 
Hagen, H. A. 318. 
Hager, C., 242. 
Haggard, Rider, 233. 
Hahn, P. G., 143. 
Haigh, A. E., 163. 
Hailes, Lord, 278. 
Haines, H., 20. 

and Waller, 58. 
Haji Khalfa, 17. 
Hakluyt, R., 142. 
Halevy, L., 133, 135. 
Halford, F. M., 120,121. 
Halkett and Laing, 209. 
Hall, C. P., 21. 

E. H., 7. 
, H., 100. 
, Mr. and Mrs. S. C., U':!. 

W. E., 209. 

and Knight. 6. 

and Mansfield. 91. 
Hallam, H., 100, 118. 
Hallett, H. 8., 54. 
Halliburton, 253. 

Hallock, C., 121. 
Halphen, G. H., 218. 
Halvorsen, J. B., 234. 
Hamburger, J., 172. 
Hamerling, R., 156. 
Hamerton, P. G., 29. 
Hamilton, W., 212. 221. 
and Ball, 49. 
Hamley, E. B., 23, 21. 
Hammer-Purgstall, 303. 
Hammond, C. E., 301. 
Hampson, R. T., 123. 
Hannibal, A., 191. 
Hansen, P., 84. 
Harbord, J. B., 228. 
Harcourt, L. P., 184. 
Hardenberg, P., 154. 
Hardwick, C., 73, 271. 
Hardy, C., 55. 

G. F., 32. 



H rdy, Thomas, 238. 
Hare, A. W., 279. 
,, F. A. C., 33. 
J. Clark, 105, 308. 
J. C. and A. W., 115. 
Harland and Wilkinson, 123. 
Harper, W. E., 163. 
Harrington. J., 261. 
Harris, G. W., 6. 
J. B., 83. 
J. C., 63. 
Harrison, P., 98, 115. 
W., 216. 
W. J., 145, 250. 
Harrisse, H., 140. 
Harrop, K., 98. 
Hartig, R., 124. 
Harting, J. E., 119, 284, 291, 318 


Hartland, E. S., 122. 
Hartley, W. N., 61. 
Hartmann, E, von, 249. 

,, von Aue, 151. 
Harvey, Lord, 99. 
W., 219. 
W. H., 51. 
Hase, K., 157. 
Haskoll, W., 294. 
Hassaurek, P., 8. 
Hassencamp, R., 193. 
Hassenstein, B., 201. 
Hatch, E., 47, 300. 
F. H., 223. 
Hatton, H. Finch, 37. 

J., 190. 

,, and Harvey, 7. 
Hatzfeld and Darmesteter, 129. 
Hauff, W., 158, 160. 
Haupt, H., 53. 
Hausser, L., 73. 
Havard, H., 231. 
Havet, T., 60. 
Hawker, P., 283. 
Hawkins, E., 241. 

F. W., 292, 293. 
J.. 225. 

Mary W. S., 140. 
Hawthorne, Julian, 238. 
N., 64, 238. 
Hay, Drummond, 225. 
Hayes, M. H., 182. 
Hayter, C., 28. 

H. H.,37. 
Hazard, S., 312. 
Hazlitt, W., 113, 115, 282, 292. 

W. Carew, 196. 
Head, B. V., 240. 
Hearn, W. E., 14, 102. 
Heath, C., 7. 

R., 251. 

Heathcote and others, 209. 
Heaton, J. H., 37. 
Hebbel, F., 155. 
Hebel, J. P., 154. 
Heer, O., 296. 
Hefele, C. J., 71, 73. 
Heffter, A. W., 209. 
Hegel, O. W. F., 181, 249. 
Heideloff, C. von, 20. 
Heidenhain, R., 266. 
Helm, A., 145. 
Heimburg, W., 160. 
Heine, E., 218. 
H., 155. 
Hellyer, S. S., 192. 
Helm, Klementine, 160. 
Helmholtz, H., 253. 
Helmore, T., 227. 
Helps, A., 95, 115, 179, 180. 
Hemsley, W. B., 51. 
Henderson, J., 52. 

W., 122. 

Henfrey, H. W., 241. 
Hennes, A., 147. 
Henrici, O., 146. 

Henry, B. C., 6P. 

V., 1(53. 

Hensel, S., 160. 
Henty.G. A., 67,173, 175, 176, 177 

178, 179, 180. 
Hepburn, J. C., 202. 
Heraclitns, 168. 
Herbert, G., 109. 

T. M., 248. 
W., 213, 214. 
Herculano, A., 2t?2. 
Herder, J. G., 153. 
Hermann, L., 252. 
Herodotus, 166. 
Herrick, T., 110. 
Herschel, J. F. W., 34, 213. 

Mrs. J., 35. 
Hershon, P. I., 171. 
Hertslet, E., 118. 
Hervy, W. C.,62. 
Herzog, 298. 
Hesiod, 165. 
Hettner, H., 150. 
Hewes and Gannett, 304. 
Hewitson, W. C., 319. 
Hewitt, J., 23. 
Heylyn, P., 75. 
Heyne, M., 152, 1(51. 
Heyse. P., 158. 
"H. H."86. 
Hicks, E. L., 162. 
Hickson, 8. J., 190. 
Higgin, L., 230. 
Higgs, J., 226, 227. 
Hiles, J.,226, 227. 
Hill and Yeoman, 191. 
Hillebrand, K., 157. 
Killer, E., 227. 
Hillern, W. von, 133. 
Hime, T. W., 185. 
Hincks, T., 317. 
Hind, H. Y., 7. 
Hinman, R.. 142. 
Hiuton, J., 115. 
Hhth, F., 70. 
Hitchman, F., 141. 
Hittorf, J. C., 28. 
Hoare, G. T., 67. 
Hobbes, T.. 110. 
Hobkirk, C. P., 51. 
Hoceleve, T., 108. 
Hochstetter, 38. 
Hodder, E., 259. 
Hodge, A. A., 299. 
Hodgkin, T., 195. 
Hodgson, S. H., 248. 
W. B., 114. 
Hoff, W., 228. 
Hoffbauer, 125. 
Hoffman, A. W., 62. 
Hoffmann, C., 192. 
L., 79. 
Prof., 138. 
Hogg, 235. 

J. 222. 

R., 139. 
Holberg, L., 84, 85. 
Holden, E. S., 35. 
Holderlin, J. C. F., 154. 
Holland, H., 220. 

H. Scott, 280. 
T. E., 208, 303. 
Holme Lee, 63. 
Holmes, O. W., 115, 238. 

O. W., jun., 102. 
Hoist, H. von, 307. 
Holt, E. S., 173, 176, 180. 
H61ty, L. H., 153. 
Holyoake, G. J., 257. 
Home, Mme., 267. 
Homer, 164, 165. 
Hood, G. P. J., 179. 

T., 254. 

,, and Challis, 103. 
Hooft, P. C.,87. 
Hook, T., 235. 

Hook, VV. F., 72, 77. 
Hooker, J. D., 51 
R., 109. 
and Ball, 225. 
Hookham, Mrs. M. A., 126. 
Hooper, E. G., 191. 

G., 14P. 
Hope, A. R., 64, 66. 


Hopkins, Manley, 242. 
Tighe, 238. 
and Himbault, 226. 
Hopley, Catherine, 31a. 
Hoppe-Seyler, 253. 
Horace, 206. 
Home, J., 243. 
Horton, S. Dana, 256. 
Hosack, 278. 
Hosie, A., 69. 
Hospitaller, E., 94. 
Hostrup, C., 85. 
Hotten, J. C., 269. 
Houdin, R., 79. 
Howath, M., 183. 
Howe, H., 194. 
Howell, G., 257. 

M. S., It'. 

Howells. W. D., ^3 3 . 
Howes, G. B., 319. 
Howitt, Mary, 65. 
Howorth, H. H., 32. 
Hoyle, 57. 
Hubbard, C. B., 68. 

G., 288. 

Huber, V. A., 308. 
Hiibner, Baron, 78, 135, 196. 
Hue, Abb<, 32. 
Hudson, H. N., 283. 

and Gosse, 317. 
Hueffer, F., 266. 
Hughes, S., 185. 

T., 66. 

T. P., 215. 
W. R., 319. 
Hugo, V., 125, 132, 133, 131, 13-5, 

Hull, E., 54, 145, 146, 243. 

E. C. P., 88. 
Hullah, J., 225. 
Humboldt, A. von, 8. 154. 

W. von, 154. 
Hume, D.,111. 
Hummel, J. J., 298. 
Humphrey and Westwood, 318. 
Humphry, G., 9. 

L., 241. 

Huntalvy, P., 183. 
Hunt, F. K., 232. 

,, H. G. Bonavia, 225. 
Leigh, 292. 
R., 224. 
R. M., 230. 
W., 72. 
Hunter, W. A., 272. 

W. W., 187, 188. 
Hurgronje, C. S., 16. 
Hurlbert, J. B., 55. 
Hutchinson, H. D., 23. 
H. G., 161. 
T. J., 125, 246. 
W., 86. 

Hutton, R. H., 115. 
W. H.,97. 
Huxley T. H., Ill, 115, 142, 252, 

263, 317, 318. 
and Martin, 319. 
Hyta, G. P. de, 289. 

Ibn, Ezra, 171. 

Khallikan, 216. 
Ibsen, H., 233, 234. 
lies, J. A. Burke, 313. 



Iini.aii-:, L'i:;. 

Joly, N.. 12. 

IiiiiiK-rniami, K., 158. 

Jones, B.. r>2. 

Jin 'Iliurii. K. F., K5'.'. 

,, Chapman, 250. Mi. 

F., 61. 

Iiigrlnw, .Iran, 238 

J. R., 176. 

I Hermann, B. S., 86. 

L., !'.--;. 

\i\n\\s. J., 37. 

and Humphreys, 31. 

Iiigrahani, J. H , 180. 

and Price, 58. 

Ingrain. J. It., 25(5. 

Jonson, B.. 109. 

linn's. ('., 27*. 

J6nssou, Karl, 186. 

Ireland, A , 48. 

Jordan, C.,218. 

Irving, Ed., 280. 

W., K-ii. 


Jost, J. M., 2o:s. 

Washington, 140, 235, 287 

Joubert, 131. 

I stars, .1., 290. 

Jowett, B., 46. 

Isla, Padre, 290. 

Joyce, P. \V., 64. 

Judd, J. W., 11 . 

Jukes, A., 3m. 

Browne, A. J., 96. 

Julien, Stanislas, 70. 


Junglmns, Bophie, 158. 

" Junias," 112. 

Jackson, B. D., 52. 

Jusseraud, J. J., 100. 

T. G., :hi. 

Just, T. C., 38. 

Jacob. Gertrude L., 190. 

Justi, 27., J. P., 85. 

Juta, 56. 

.Iiicqiiemart, A., 30, 263. 

Juvenal, 207. 

Jaeger. A., 86. 


atid Holfsen. 233. 

Jago, W., 191. 

W. P., 59. 


Jagor, F., 190. 

Jahn. O., 227. 

Kaegi, A., 276. 

James I., 108. 

Kain, G. J., 49. 

H. E. M., 273. 

Kalisch, M. M., 42. 

F. L., 3. 

Kampden, N. G., 231. 

,, G. P. R., 174, 175, 176, 177, 

Kanitz, V., 54. 

178, 179, 180. 

Kant, I., 116, 249. 

Henry, 238. 

Kaufmann, G., 148. 

W., 229. 

Kay, D., 39. 

Jameson, Mrs., 28, 282. 

Kaye, J. W., 24, 188. 

Jami, 246. 

Keane, A. H., 189. 

Jiiniicson, A., 293. 

Keary, Annie, 65, 238. 

Janet, P., 266. 

A. and E., 64. 

Janin, Jules, 293. 

C. P., 122. 

" Janus," 77. 

Keats, J., 113. 

Jastrow, M., 171. 

Kehle, J., 216, 280. 

Jeaffreson, J. C., 96. 

Keene, J. H., 120. 

Jeans, F. S.,184. 
Jebb, J., 227. 

Keightley, T., 123. 
KeiFand Delitzsch, 42. 

K. C., 164, Hi',. 

Keim, T., 47. 

Jefferies, Richard, 238, 291. 

Kelland and Tait, 218. 

Jeffreys, J. Gwvn, 317. 

Keller, P., 13, 52. 

Jili, W., 163. 

G., 156, 158, 159. 

Jellett, J.H.,300. 

Kellgren, J. H., 295. 

Jenkin, A. F., 169. 

Kellogg, 8. H., 188. 

Jeukinson, 216. 

Kelly, J., 216. 

Jennings, G. H., 214. 

,, and others, 216. 

Jenvns, L., 318. 

Keltie, J. Scott, 143. 

Jen-old, B., 127. 

Kemp, D., 314. 

Jervis, W. H., 76, 77. 

,, E., 138. 

Jesse, G. K,, 86. 

and Neison, 314. 

Jessop, A., 74. 

Kempe, H. R., 94. 

Jevous, F. B., 164. 

Kennedy, A., 215. 

,, W.S., 212, 255, 256, 258. 

B. H., 204. 

Jirecek, C. J., 49, o4. 

P., 123. 

Jobez, A., 127. 

Kennett, 97. 

Johnson, F., 246. 

Kenrick, J., 250. 

J., 265. 

Kent, J., 308. 

,, J. B.,294. 

W. S., 317. 

J. Y.,35, 36. 

Kenyon, R. L., 241. 


Ker, W. C., 105. 

,, Rossiter, 307. 

Kerney, M.,48. 

(Dr.) S., 111. 

Kerr, J., 138. 

., S., 270. 

,, Norman, f . 

S. W., 4. 

Robert, 142. 

Johnston, A., 242, 307. 

Kertbeny, K. M., 184. 

J. H., M. 

Kettlewell, 8., 73. 

H. H., 1 12. 

Kettner, 80. 

K., 36, 143. 

Kcynes, J. N., 212, 2.V.. 

H. M., 38. 

Khayyam, Omar, 246. 

,, and Cameron, 5. 

Kifllami, A., 233,234. 

Johnstone, C. C., 235. 

Kie|K?rt, H., 143, 204. 

Joinville, 126, 130. 

Kierkegaard, S., 85. 

Jokai, M., 184. 

Killen, W. D., 76. 

Ktnahan, G. H., 145. 
King, K.,:to|. 

C. W., 29. 264. 

G., 32, 88. 
Hoss, 291. 

,, Hll'l Cni.Ui.iill, 163. 

Kinglake. A. W., 27 1. 
Kingsford. Anna. -1. 

W., 66. 
Kingsley, J.S., :<1K. 

,, C., 63, 64, 66, 173, 180, 
238,258,280, :;ii'. 
Henry, 175, 188. 
Kingston, W. if. G., 64, 176, 180. 
Klntooh, 391. 
Kipling, Uiulyard, 2:;-. 
Kippis, Andrew, 141. 
Kirby and Spence, 318. 
Kirk.J. F., Uti. 
Kisfaludy K., 184. 
Kitchener, H.E., 2:.. 
Kitchin, G. W., 120. 
Kitto, J., 171. 
Klein, E., 9, 15. 

and Smith, 9. 
Kleist, H. von, 154. 
Klippart, J. H., 5. 
Klopstock, F. G., 152. 
Kluge, P., 152. 
Knecht, E., 191. 
Knight, C., 97. 

E. F., 314. 
Knox, A., 6. 

A. E., 290. 



Koenneeke, G., 150. 
Konig, J.,61. 

E., 117. 
Kopp, H., 60. 
Korner, T., 160. 
Kosegarten, J., 16. 
Kossuth, L., 183. 
Kostlin, J.,151. 
Kraft, Prince, 23. 

J. E., 234. 
Krilov, J. A., 274. 
Kroker, E., 162. 
Kropf and Jones, 123. 
Kiienen, A., 171, 203, 270. 
Kiigelgen, W. von, 157. 
Kugler, B., 118. 

F. T.,26. 
Kuli, E., 155. 
Kunz, G. P., 264. 
Kuropatkin, A. N., 32. 
Kurschat, P., 285. 
Kurtz, J. H., 71. 
Kurz, H., 150. 


Labarte, J., 25. 
Labiche, E., 136. 
Labilliere, P. P., 37. 
Laborde, L. de, 2A.,, 
Laboullaye, E., 65. 
La Bruyire, 131. 
Lacombe, M. P., 22. 
Lacordaire, H. D., 72. 
Lacouperie, Terrien de, 70. 
Lacroix, P., 82. 
Ladd, G. T., 41, 220. 
Lafayette, Mme. de, 130. 
La Fontaine, 130. 
La Fuente, 286. 
Laidley, F. 8., 25. 
Laing, 8., 232. 
Lalanue, L.,128. 
Lamartine, 132, 135. 
Lamb, C., 115, 292. 

C. and M.,64. 



Limb, H., I'IS. 

Lamennais. 132. 

Lampers, P., 147. 

Land, J. P., 170. 

Landois, L., 252. 

Landolt and Bernstein, 252. 

Landon, J., 91. 

Landor, W. S., 113. 

Lane, E. W., 1(5,92. 

Lant'rey, 127. 

Lang, A., 48, 63, 254, 260, 270, 309. 

R. H., 220. 

,, V. von, 83. 
Laugdell, 105, 106. 
Lange, P. A., 24S. 
Langland W., 108. 
Langlois. Y., 126. 
Lanier, S., 176. 
Lankuran, 246. 
Lausdell, H., 32. 
Lansing, J. G., 16. 
Lanzi, L., 26. 

Lapparent, A. de, 146, 223. 
Larochefoucauld, 131. 
Larsen, A.. 233. 
Latham, B., 185. 
H., 9u. 
11. G., 118. 
Lathbury, 75. 
Latimer, Bishop, 280. 
Laube, H., 155, 156. 
Lauer, M., 22. 
Laughton, J. K., 229, 230. 
Laurent, P., 181. 
Laurie, 8. S., 89, 90, 91, 116, 308. 
Laveleye, E. de, 14, 303. 
Lavigne, G. de, 286. 
Lavolle'e, K., 258. 
Law, T. G., 74. 

W., 301. 
Lawes, J. B.. 211. 

,, and Gilbert, 4. 
Lawless, Emily, 193, 238. 
Lawson, J. P., 75. 
Layamon, 107. 
Layard, A. H., 33. 
Lea, H. C., 72, 73. 
Leach, 318. 
Leake, 240. 

S. M., 103, 105. 
Le\il, P. A., 312. 
Leaning, J., 54. 
Lear, E., 63. 

H. L., 77. 
Leared, A., 225. 
Lebon and Prtet, 125. 
Lechler, G. V., 108. 
Lecky, S. T., 228. 

,, W. E. H., 93, 117, 193. 
Lederer, P., 171. 
Ledger, E., 34. 
ledraiu, E., 249. 
Lee, A. B., 223, 319. 

Katharine, 238. 

Sophia and Harriet, 235. 

W., 41. 
Leeds, W. H., 19. 

,, and Dwiglit, 57. 
Le Fanu, J. S., 238. 
Leffingwell, 283. 
Letroy, J. H., 35. 
Legendre, 218. 
Leger, L., 148. 
Le Gonidec, 59. 
Legouve, E., 136. 

Lehmann, 147. 
Leighton, W. A., 51. 
Leitch, J., 89. 
Lejean, G., 303. 
Leland, C. G., 30, 169, 254. 
Lelewel, J., 143. 
Lemaire, E. P., 169. 
Le Maout and Decaisne, 50. 
Lemoine, H., 265. 
Lemesurier, E. A., 195. 

Lenau, N., 155. 
Lenngren, Anna M., 295. 
Leo Africanus, John, 140. 

,, H., 10, 195. 
Leonhardi, P., 303. 
Leopardi, 199. 
Le Play, 259. 
Lepsius, C. R., 93. 
Le Quesne, 59. 
Le Quien, 77. 
Lermoutov, M. J., 274. 
Leroy-Beaulieu, A., 274. 
Le Sage, 131. 
Leskien, A., 235. 
Leslie, C. R., 27. 

. Cliffe, 256. 

,, Emma, 178. 

R. C., 230. 
Lespinasse, Mdlle. de, 132. 
Lessing, G. E., 27, 152. 
" Leto," 77. 
Letourneau, C., 13. 
Leuckart, R.,317. 
Levasseur, E., 52. 
Lever, Charles, 238. 
Levi, L., 256, 257. 
LeVy and Capronnier, 29. 
Levy, Amy, 238. 

M., 234. 
Lewal, L., 228. 
Lewald, Panny, 159, 160. 
Lewes, G. H., 86, 154, 220, 221, 248, 
289, 292. 

,, V. B., 230. 
Lewin. J., 104. 

T. H.,14. 
Lewis, C., 201. 
G. C., 260. 
J. P., 23. 
,, M. G., 236. 
,, and Short, 204. 
Lexer, M., 150. 
Liddell and Scott, 163. 
Liddon, H. P., 280, 299. 
Lie, J., 233, 234. 
,, Sophus, 218. 
Lightfoot, J., 45, 4, 300. 
Lillie, A., 139. 
Lillywhite, J., 83. 
Lily, J., 109. 
Lindau, M., 147. 
Lindley, Lord, 105. 

and Moore, 50. 
Lindsay, W. S., 140. 
Lingard, J., 97. 
Linnstrom, 295. 
Lippe, C. D., 172. 
Lippman, P., 28. 
List, P., 257. 
Little, A. J.. 69. 
Littr6 and Beaujean, 128. 
Liverpool, Lord, 256. 
Llvett, G. M., 58. 
Livy, 206. 
Ljunggren. G., 294. 
Lloyd, P. J., 4. 

,, M.,311. 

,, W. W., 163, 282. 
Lobley, J. Logan, 194. 
Loch, C. S., 60. 
Lock, C. G. W., 185, 224. 

J. B., 302. 

W. G., 185. 

,, and others, 89. 
Locke, J., 89, 90, 249, 260. 
Locker, P., 254. 
Lockhart, J. G., 68, 112, 236. 
Lockyer, J. N., 34, 251. 
Lodge, H. C., 306. 
O. T., 93. 

R., 118. 
Loftie, W. J., 59, 213. 
Loftus, W. R.. 313. 
Logan, W., 187. 
Loiseau, 262. 
Lomas, J., 191. 

Loney, S. L., 218. 
Long, G. W. de, 273. 

J. W., 284. 

,, and Morton, 83. 
Longfellow, H. W., 2o4. 
Longman, W., 97, 214. 
Loomis, E., 34. 
Lope de Vega, 239. 
Lord, E., 224. 

and Baines, 302. 

and Rush, 310. 
Lorenz, O., 148. 
Loretz, P., 197. 
Loserth, J., 73. 
Los Rios, J. Amador de, 2-^. 
Lossing, B. J., 306. 
Loti, P., 133, 134, 135. 
Lotze, H., 212, 2J1, 217, 270. 
Lover, S., 238. 
Lovett, 56. 

R., 174. 
Low, S., 60. 

W. H., 12. 
Lowe, R. W., 292. 
Lowell, J. R., 254. 

,, P., 81. 
Lowenberg, G., 141. 
Lowndes, R., 32, 33. 
Luard, J., 22. 
Ltibben, A., 150. 
Ltibke, W., 20, 25, 26. 
Lubbock, J., 13, 50, 317, 318. 
Lucan, 207. 
Lucas, C. P., 78. 
Luce, S., 126. 
Luchaire, A., 126. 
Lucian, 168. 
Lucilius, 205. 
Liickes, Eva, 241. 
Luckock, H. M., 300. 
Lucretius, 205. 
Luden, H., 148. 
Ludlow, J. M., 306. 
Ludwig, A., 276. 

,, O., 156, 159. 
Luis de Granada, 2S9. 

Leon, 289. 
Lumby, J. R., 298. 
Lumholtz, C., 37. 
Lund, T. W. M., 194. 
Lunge, G., 191. 
Luptou, S., 251. 
Luthardt, 300. 
Luther, Martin, 151. 
Lyall, C. J., 17. 

Edna, 238. 
Lyell, C., 144, 145. 
Lyndsay, D., 109. 
Lynn Linton, E., 239. 
Lyon, D. G., 33. 
Lysias, 167. 
Lyttelton, E., 82. 
Lytton, Lord, 173, 174, 178, 17i, 


Macalister, A., 9. 

Macaulay, T. B., 98, 111, 113, 116, 

189, 254. 
Macdonald, G., 64, 239. 

and Sinclair, 211. 
Macfarren, G., 226. 
Macgillivray, J., 38. 

W., 319. 
Macgregor, A. Stewart, 83. 

C. M., 2. 

J. L., 124. 

Machiavelli, 196, 200. 
Machuel, L.. 17. 
Maclnnes and NuH, 123. 
Macintyre, Duncan B., 273. 
Mackay, 2&. J., 278. 


Maekellar, ] 

Macken/ie. II 

Markey. A. (i .'.' ri7.' 
MaekiadiT and Sadler, !'l. 
Maekinlav, !!., 2.'!. 
Mackintosh, K., 1".H. 
Maekmurdo, A. II. ,213. 
Mael,n>\v. C.. -1 I. 
Mai-laehlan, I).. M.I. 
Maelaren, A., 2-<o. 

Maclean, J. M., 7. 

Marl.-ar, li. F., 72, 299. 

,, and Merivale, 71. 
Marleod, Norman (Jr.), 280. 
Mai-Mullen, .1.. 66. 

R. T.,314. 
Mae M urdo, E..201. 
Maeimghten, W., 189. 
Maeneill, J.(i. S.. 2:.7. 
.V.aepherson, D., Ml. 
Maetjueen, P. J., Io4. 
Macquoid, Mrs., 839. 
.Macrae, A., 291. 
Maereadv. 292. 
Madden, F. W., 241. 
Maih-ig, .1., 20-1. 
Magec, Bishop, 280. 
Magnan, V., 5. 
Magne, L., 29. 
.Maguire, J., 6. 

W. R., 192. 
Mahaffy, J. P., liij, 1(32, 163, 164. 

,, and Hoirers, l':;i. 
HahaUn, P., 183. 
Mahan, 71. 

A. T., 118. 
D., 95. 

Maimonides, 171. 
Maine, H., 2o ; i. 
Maistre, X. de, 131. 
Maitland. F. W., 102. 
Major, It. H., 140. 
Malcolm, J., 245. 
Maldouatus, J., 45. 
Malecki, A., 254. 
Malet, Lucas, 239. 
Malherbe, 130. 
Mallard, E., 83. 
Malleson, G. B., 1, 188. 
Mallet, P., 14. 
Mallock, H. H., 22n. 

W. H., 205, 239. 
Malmstrom, B. E., 294. 
Malory, T., 108. 
Malot, H., 135. 
Malthus, T. R., 259. 
Malton, T., 28. 
Malvin, 137. 
Man, E. H., 14. 
Mandeville, J., 108. 
Manilius, 208. 
Manley, J. J., 121, 284. 
Mann, J. A., 88. 
Manning, Cardinal, 77, 280. 

Miss, 174, 178. 180. 
Mannyng (of Bruniie), 11., 108. 
Mansi, 77. 
Mant, R., 76. 
Manzoni, 199,201. 
Maartens, Maarten, 239. 
Man-on, 146. 

Marenholz-Biilow, B. von, 90. 
Marguerite de Valois, 130. 
Mariette, A., 92. 
Maiivaux, P. C. de, 136. 
Markby, W., 208. 
Markham, 144. 

A., 140, 141. 

A. H. ,21:1. 

C. R., 1, 21, 140, 229, 
246, 247. 


J., 230. 

Marlitt, E., 160. 
Marlowe, C., 109. 

Marot, 130. 

McSlio. G. L., 

Marry at t, F., iii, 236. 

Meiii-s, .1. C. ,:::.. 

,, J. , 2t>:i. 

Meltzer, ().. 

Marschall, A., B30, 

Melvill, H..I-O. 

Marsdeu, N. (J., 229. 

Melville, (J. \\ ., 873. 

R., 297. 

G.J.Whyte, 171,171, 17", 

W., 190. 


Marsh, F. A., 10. 

Menant, J., 33. 

,, G. P., 114, 143. 

Mendelssohn, 22<i. 

Marshall, A., 255. 

Meudoza, H. de, 289. 

A.M., 319. 

Meneudez y Pelayo, 73. 

G. W., 172. 

Menorval, G. de. 120. 

J., 10, 297. 

Menzies, Sutherland, ::n:;. 

Mrs., 80. 

Mercier, C., 220. 

W. E., 187. 

Meredith, George, 239. 

,, and Hurst, 319. 

M6rim6e, P., 132, i::i. 

Marston, Westlaud, 2'.'2. 

Merivale, J. H., 221. 

Martensen, H. L., 299. 

C., 271. 

Martha, J., 195. 

Merrifteld, Mrs., 88. 

Martial, 207. 

Merrill, S., 243. 

Martin, H., 128. 

Merriman, 95. 

R. M., 79. 

Mestica, G., 197. 

T., 99. 

Meunier, 8., 22::. 

,, and Aytoun, 2.11. 

Meyer, 45. 

,, and Rousselet, 144. 

C. E.. 156. 

Martlneau, H., 65, 99, 180. 

C. P., 159. 

,, J., 116, 249, 270, 280. 


Martinengo, Count, 182. 

,, J., 27. 

Martiniere, H. M. P. de la, 225. 

L., 61. 

Marvel, A., 110. 

Meyers, 303. 

Marx, K., 258. 

Meyrick, S. K., 22. 

Mascart and Joubert, 93. 

Miall and Denny, 318. 

Maskell, W.,301. 

Michael Angelo Buonarroti, 199, 

Maskelyne, M.S., 83. 

Michaud, J. F., 118. 

MasLatrie, 119. 

,, and Poujoulat, 12v. 

Maspero, G., 92. 

Michel, D., 107. 

Mason, A. J., 71, 299. 

F., 126. 

Massillon, 131. 

Michelet, 126, 134, 135. 

Masson, D., 98, 234, 248. 

Mickiewicz, 254. 

G., 128. 

Middleton, 195. 

Matheson, E., 53, 95. 

Miers, H. A., 223. 

Mathews, E. D., 9. 

Migne, 77. 

Maturin, R. C., 236. 

Mignet, F. A., 126. 

Mauch, J. M. von, 19. 

Miklosich, F. von, 285. 

Maude and Pollock, 105. 

Mikszath, 184. 

Maudsley, H., 220. 

Milizia, P., 21. 

Maupassant, G. de, 134. 

Mill, H. R., 143. 

Maurer, G. L. von, 148. 

,, James, 188, 221. 

Maurice, C. E., 149. 

J. S., 116, 212, 248, 25(5, 280, 

J. P., 25. 


J. F. D., 280. 

Miller, E., 76. 

Maxwell, J. Clerk, 93, 251. 

F., 30, 31. 

W. Stirling, 287. 

W. A., 60. 

W. S., 27. 

W. H., 82. 

,, -Lyte, H. C., 309. 

Millhouse, J., 17. 

May, A., 294. 

Milligan, W., 42. 

T. E., 100, 103, 118. 

Millis, C. T., 194. 

Mayers, W. F., 70. 

Mills, E. J., 191. 

Mayhew and Skeat, 10. 

Milman, E. A., 179. 

Maynard, C. J., 319. 

H., 195, 203, 214. 

Mayne, B., 23. 

Milne, J., 145. 

J. D., 189. 

-Edwards, A., 252. 

Mayor, J. E. B., 168. 

Milner, J., 58. 

Mazade, C. de, 196. 

H. E., 139. 

Mazzini, 196. 

Milton, J., 90, 110,2(50. 

McAlpine, N., 278. 

Minchin, G., 218. 

McArthur, C., 32. 

Minot, L., 108. 

McCarthy, J., 99, 239. 

Minto, W.,111, 173. 

McClellan, J. B., 45. 

Mionnet, T. E.,240. 

McConnell, P., 5. 

Mistral, P., 266. 

McCormick, R., 21. 

Mitchell, J., 222. 

McCrie, T., 74. 

Lucy, 162. 

MeCulloch, J. R., 258, 259. 

T., 18. 

M'Gibbon and Ross, 20. 

Mitford, A. B.. 202. 

Mcllraith, J., 141. 

Miss, 239. 

McKendrick, J. G., 252. 

Mivart, St. G., 58. 

McKinnon, 278. 

Moberly-Bell, C. P., 92. 

McLaren, W. S. B., 297. 

Moens, W., 314. 

McLennan, J. P., 13. 

Moffatt, J. S.. 142. 

Mc&laster, J. B.,305. 

Mohr, K., 147. 

McNair, P., 216. 

Moliere, 130, 134. 

McPherson, J., 170. 

Moll, A., 268. 

McTurpie, D., 47. 

Moller, G., 19. 

Mead, R. B., 313. 

Mombert, J. I., 40, 1 H. 

Meissner, A., 157, 159. 

Mommsen. T., 210, 271. 

Meldola, K., I'.lu. 

Money, A. ,86. 



Money, E., 89. 

Monier Williams, 270, 276. 

M. and 8., 285. 
Monod, 128. 
Monro, D. B., 165. 
Montaigne, 90, 130. 
Montalembert, Comte de, 72. 
Montano, J., 190. 
Mouteftore, A., 141. 
Monteiro, J.J.,3. 
Montesquieu, 131, 181. 
Monti, 199. 

Montigny, Grand jean de, 20. 
Moore, A. L., 300. 

A. W., 216. 
C. H., 19. 

Dr., 236. 

T., 51, 236. 

W. J., 170, 187. 
Moorson, R. M., 301. 
Moraes, Silva A. de, 262. 
More, A. G., 51. 

T., 108, 261. 
Morelli, G., 27. 
Moresby, J., 38. 
Morflll, W. R., 274, 281, 285. 
Morgan, L., 13, 317. 
Morier, J.,239. 
Morison, J., 45. 

T f 1 72 

Morl'ey, H.', 107, 292. 

J., 99, 127. 
Morris, D., 88. 
F. G.,319. 
G. 8., 249. 
J., 74. 
R., 114. 
W., 254. 

and Skeat, 107. 
Morton, E. J. C., 35. 

J.C., 5. 
Moschus, 168. 
Moseley, H. N., 316. 
Moser, H.,274. 
Moses, W., Stainton, 267. 
Mosheim, J. L., 71. 
Moss, F. J., 242. 
Motley, J.L., 231. 
Moule, H. C. G., 299. 

T., 172. 
Moulton, H. G., 163. 
Mourek, V. E.,49. 
Movers, F. C., 249. 
Moxley, J. H. 8., 312. 
Mozart, 227. 

Mozley, J. B., 41, 280, 299. 
Muir, M. M., 60,61. 

W., 215. 
Muirhead, J., 272. 

J. P., 96. 

Mulhall, M. G. and E. T., 22, 52. 
Muller and Donaldson, 163. 
Miiller, A., 17, 215, 304. 
E., 244. 
F., 15. 

F. Max, 160, 247, 270, 276, 

F. Paludan, 85. 

H., 50. 
J., 299. 
and Wieseler, 162. 
Mullinger, J. Bass, 309. 
Muloch, Miss, 65, 239. 
Munk, E., 206. 
Munro, J. E. C., 56. 

R., 13. 

Miintz, E., 27, 31, 126. 
Murdock, H., 118. 
Mure, W., 163. 
Murger, H., 134. 
Murphy, 8., 185. 
Murray, A., 316. 

A. S., 162. 

D. Christie, 239. 
Digby, 228. 
H., 140. 

Murray, J. Clark, 221. 

J. A. H., 114. 
R. A. F., 37. 

T. B., 243. 
Mushet, R. S., 104. 
Musset, A. de, 132, 134. 
Musters, G. C., 9. 
Muston, A., 73. 

Nachtigal, G., 2. 
Nadaillac, Marquis de, 14. 
Namsen, 306. 
Nanjio, B., 53. 
Nannucci, V., 198. 
Nansen, F., 21. 
Napier, H. E., 196. 

J., 123. 

W. F. P., 24. 
Napp and others, 22. 
Nares, G. 8., 21, 228. 
Nasmith, J., 297. 
Nasmyth and Carpenter, 34. 
Naumann, C. F., 223. 

E., 225. 

Navarette, M. F. de, 287. 
Navier and St. Venant, 95. 
Neal, D., 76. 
Neale, J. M., 76, 77. 

and Forbes, 301. 
Neander, A., 71. 
Neison, E., 34. 
Nekrasov, N. A., 275. 
Nelson, H., 209. 
Nerval, G. de, 132. 
Nesbit, A., 5. 
Nettleship, H., 204. 
Neumann, G., 147. 

and Partsch, 161. 
Neville, G., 182. 
Nevinson, H., 153. 
Newbigging, T., 192. 
Newcomb, B., 34. 
Newman, E., 318. 

F. W., 17, 81. 

J. H., 71, 75, 90, 114, 
178, 212, 280. 

W. L., 168. 
Newsholme, A., 185. 
Newton, C. T., 25. 
Nichols, T., 214. 
Nicholson, E., 187. 

H. A., 145. 
J. 8., 256, 258. 
and Lyddeker, 145. 
Nicolas, N. H., 229. 
Nicolay, C. G.,38. 

and Hay, 307. 
Niecks, F., 227. 
Nielsen, Y., 232. 
Niemojowski, L., 273. 
Niepce, 125. 

Nightingale, Florence, 182, 241. 
Nilsson, S., 13. 
Nixon, R. C. J., 146. 
Noakes. S. G., 169. 
Noble, J., 66. 
Noel, G. H., 228. 
Noorden, C. von, 118. 
Nordenskjold, A. E. von, 21. 
Nordhoff, C., 305, 308. 
Noreen, A., 186. 
Norgate, Miss K., 97. 
None, 314. 
Norman, C. B., 229. 
Normand, C., 19. 
Norris, E., 59. 

-Newman, C. L., 57. 

W. E., 239. 
North, S. N. D., 232. 
Northcote, 8., 268. 
Northcott, 293. 

Norton, G., 213. 
Nosovich, J., 274. 
Novalis, 154. 
Noyes, J. H., 258. 
Nutt, A., 122. 
Nunez de Arce, 289. 
Nyman, C. F., 51. 


Ober, F. A., 222, 312. 
Occleve, T., 108. 
O'Curry, E., 193. 
Odgers, W. B., 105. 
Oehlenschliiger, 84, 85. 
Oehler, 41. 
Offer, E., 31. 
Oke, 121. 

Oldenberg, H., 53, 244. 
Oliphant, Lawrence, 239. 

Mrs., 12, 7(5, 112, 195, 


' T. L. K., 114, 148. 
Oliver, D., 50. 

8. P., 215. 
Onslow, Lord, 258. 
Oppert, E., 81. 

F., 182. 

J., 33. 
Origen, 43. 
Orme, W., 110. 
Ormerod, Miss E. A., 4. 
Orton, J.,52. 
Osadtsa, M., 275. 
Osborne, Dorothy, 110. 
Osenbruggen, E., 296. 
Ostwald. W., 61. 
Otte, E. C., 84, 294. 
Ottley, W. Y., 26. 
Ouseley, F. A. G., 226. 
Outzen, N., 137. 
Overbeck, J., 162, 
Overstone, Lord, 256. 
Overton, J. H., 75. 
Ovid, 207. 
Owen, H., 91. 

Richard, 319. 

S. J., 188. 
Oxenham, H. N., 299. 


Page, D. P., 90. 

and Lapworth, 144. 
Paget, J., 5. 
Paflleron, 136. 
Painter, F. V. N., 89. 
Palacky, 148. 
Paley, F. A., 58. 
Palfrey, J. G., 306. 
Palgrave, I., 259. 

R. F. D., 98, 244, 267 

W. G., 16, 169. 
Palliser, Mrs., 231. 
Palmeirim, L. A., 262. 
Palmer, Black, 121. 
E. H., 246. 

and Macnaghten, 105. 
Paltock, R., 236. 
Panini, 277. 

Pape-Charpentier, Mme., 136. 
Papon, J., 296. 
Papworth, 172. 
Parini, 199. 
Paris, 162. 

Comte de, 307. 

,, G., 128. 
Park, Mungo, 141. 


I'.u-:,,-!, K. w.,'.u. 

.1. H., 1!'. 20. 
T. .I.,::i9. 

Parkes, I-:. A., is;,. 
I.. ('.. is:,. 

I'arkman. K., .~>(i. :{nii. 
I'.ii'kvM.s, Mansfield, 1. 
I'ani.-'l. \.. 2S7. 
I'air, Louisa, 239. 
Parry, (.:. H., 101. 

.,' u . :;n. 

T. G.,2'. 
VV. K., 141. 

Pascal, 130, llil, 1100. 
ii , .1. I)., 2SI. 
I'atrr, \V., 11(5. 
1'atiiiuiv, ('.. 8. 
I'atiick, It. W. C., 241. 
Patterson, A. J., 39. 
Pattison, Mrs. Maik, 25. 
Pattou, J. If... "01. 
I'au.T, K., 22i>. 
Paul, 11. , 150,217. 

W., 139. 
Pauli, K.,'.i7. 
Pausanias. 168. 
Pavy, F. W.. so. 
Payn, James, 239. 
Payue, E. J., 79. 

-Qalhvey, R., 283, 234. 
J.,08, W. 

w. jr.. '.ID. 

Pz Soldan, M. F., 247. 
IVace, W., :,7. 
Peacock, T. L., 236. 
IVakr, Helena, 67. 
Pearce, R., 214. 
Peard, F. M.,67, 177, 239. 

on, J., 29s. 
Pec-ock, R., 108. 
Pedley, C., 7. 
Peire, Vidal, 21')',. 
Pellico, Silvio, 265. 
Penn, G., 22H. 
Pennington, A. S., 317. 
Penny, A., 242. 
Penrose, F. C., in. 
Pepys, S., 98. 
Percy, 68, 

C. M.,224. 

J.. 194, 221. 
Pereda, J. de, 2S9, 290. 
Pereira. K. S.. -. 
IVr.-y, L., i:jo. 
Perkins, 0. C., 2(5. 
J. U., 127. 
Perovvne, J. J., 41. 
Perrault, ti{, 1IJO. 136. 
Perrot and Chipiez, 18, 25. 
Perry, A., 75. 

., G. C., 73. 

,, J.. 293. 
Persius, 207. 
Pertz, 149. 
Peschel, O., 1 13. 
I'cstald/./i, !i". 
Petersen, N. M., 84. 
Petherick, 143. 
Petofi, b., 184. 
Petrarca, Iy8. 
Pet n mius, 207. 
Hettigrew, .J. J., 230. 
Petzholdt, J., 48. 
Peyron, A., si. 
Ptleidcrer. ().. 270. 
Phear, J. 13., 14. 
Plielan, M., 49. 

Phelps ami Foi bes-Robertson, 293. 
Phili]ipson, 74. 

J., 191. 

Pliillirnore, R., 10(3, 209. 
Phillips, 217. 

F. C., 2:;'.'. 
.T., 145. 
W., 22:!. 
,,- and Bauermau, 221. 

Pickard and Fremantlo, 238. 
Plcton, H.. >;<>. 
I'i.-ir.-t, I 1 ., '.':'.. 
Pietscliniaiin, !., 250. 
Pike, L. O., 103. 

., N-., 1 *'.!. 
Pllpay, 2t6. 

Pimentel, A. de Serp.i, 2 '.:;. 
I'iinlar, 165. 
I'inkcrton, John, 1 t2. 
Piper, P., 150. 
Pissis, A., 69. 
Pitman, I., 2s|. 

Mrs. E. R., 265. 
Pixley, F. W., 49. 
Planch^, J. R., 81, 172. 
Platen, A. von, l.V>. 
Platiua, Bapt., 72. 
Plato, 1(57. 
Plattner, C. F., 62. 
Platts, J. T., 188. 
Plautus, 205. 
Playfair, G. M. H., 69. 

R. L., 6, 7, 225. 
Plener, E. von, 257. 
Pliny, the elder, 2)8. 

the younger, 208. 
Plon, E., 27. 
Plummer, A., 71. 
Plumptre, E, H., 75. 
Plutarch, 168. 
Poggendorff, J., 252. 
Pole, W., 57, 95. 
Polevoi, P., 274. 
Poliziano, 198. 
Polko, Elise, 160. 
Pollard, A. W., 109. 
Pollen, J. H., 29. 183. 
Pollock, F., 103, 105, 208, 209, 249, 

and Wright, 103. 
Pollok, J., 291. 
Polybius, 1(58. 
Poncelet, J. V., 95. 
Pontalis.A. L., *\\. 
Pontoppidan, H., 84. 
Poole, R. L., 72. 

R. 8tuart, 92. 
S. Lane, 6, 237, 303. 
W. F.,245. 

and Fletcher, 215. 
and Hugall, 59. 
Pope, A., 111. 
G. U., 188. 
W. B., 299. 
Popovich, G., 281. 
Porter, J. B., 32. 
Jane, 66, 180. 
,, N., 116, 308. 
W., 72. 
,, and ot'.ers, 305. 
Postgate, J. P., 204. 
Potthast, 119. 
Potts, A. W., 204. 
Pouvillon, 185. 
Powell, A. C. J.,2.i(. 
Wilfrid, 213. 
,, and Chance, 19ii. 
Praed, Mrs. Campbell, 23.). 

W. M.,2.',J. 
Prantl, K., 50. 
Pratt, 8. C., 23, 21. 
Preece and Maiers, 94. 

,, ami Sivewrigbt, f4. 
Prejevalsky, N., 3J. 
Pr6mare, J. H., 70. 
Prendergast, G. L., 165. 
Prentiss, Mrs., 65. 
Prescott, W. If., 222, 22', 217, 2-'. 
Preston, G., 204. 
J., 2-.1. 

Prestwich, J., 114, I it,. 
Pn-vost, Camillc. 120. 

L'AbU, 131. 
-ParaUol, Isl. 

Prever, W., 

I'ric.-. K. C., ^{9. 

L. L., i'.,. 

R. J.. I'M., R. (,'.,i-,l. 
1'iit.t, T. K., 121. 
Pritzel. G. A., :,2. 
Probyn. .1. W., in .. 
Procter, F., :M. 

Pioctor, If., l:ij. 

R. A., 35. 
PrOlss, J., 1 :,:.. 
Propertius, 20;. 
Prothero, G. W., n7. 

R. K.,3. 
Prout, E., 22 i. 
Prudentius, 2os. 
Pughe, W. O., 311. 
1'iitfin, W., 81. 
Pulling. A., 212, 213. 
Pulszky, A., 13. 
Purchas, 142. 
Puritz, L., 169. 
Pusey, E. B., 42. 280, 300. 
Pushkin, A. S.,274. 
Ptitter, J. S., 143. 
Pye, W., 7. 
Pypin and Spasovich, 2^5. 


" Q," 239. 

Quain, 9. 

Quatrefages, A. de. 15. 
Queiroz, E<;a de, 2(52. 
Quevedo Ville^is, 2;><i. 
Quick, H. H., 89. 
Qniltcr, J. H., 2ii7. 
Quinet, E., 134, ln.'>. 
Quintiliau, 208. 
Quintus Curt ins, 2 '- . 


Rabelais, 130. 
Rabusson, H., 134. 
Racine, 130, 131. 
Racinet, A., ?8. 
Radcliffe, Mrs., 2 ! ;. 
Rae, J., 258. 

W. Fraser, 55. 
Raffles, T. S., 19-'. 
Ragozia, Z. A., 33. 
Raleigh, Sir W., ion. 

T., 103, 260. 

Ralston, W. R. S., 123, 124, 273, 274. 
Rambaud, A., 126, 27.".. -'.'I. 
Rammelsberg, C. F.. 22::. 
Ramon de la Cruz, 2^n. 
Ramsay, A. C., 96, 146. 

J., 278. 


Randegger, A., 227. 
Rauke, L. von., 7t?,nS, 1H, 12(>, 1 IS, 

149, 287, 303. 
Rankin, J., 75. 

Rankine, W.J. M.,91, n:>, 21', 29.:. 
Kansome, C., 99. 
Uanvier. L., 223. 
Raper, 228. 
Kassam, H., 1. 
Rathbone, W., 211. 
Ratzel, F., 14:;. 
Ravenstein, E. G., 169, 373. 
Kaverty, H. G., 1, 2. 
Rawlinson, G., :, 25o. 
Ravvson, R., 257. 
Rayet, ()., 2:,. 
Rayleigh, Lord, 251. 
Ravnoiwrd, 26(5. 



Reade, Charles, 239. 
Rebadien, 125. 
Reclus, E., 142. 
Redding, C.,313. 
Redhouse, J. W., 304. 
Reed, E. J., 202. 

T. A., 284. 
T. B., 264. 

W., 88. 
Reeve, Clara, 236. 

Mrs. H., 80. 

,, and Sowerby, 318. 
Reeves, J., 102. 
Regan, Hi, 121. 
Regnard, 130. 
Regnier, 130. 
Reid, 145. 

H., 54. 

., T.,221. 
Rein, J. J., 201, 202. 
Reinecke, C., 63. 
Remsen, J., 61. 
Re'musat, C. de, 135. 

Mme. de. 127. 
Renan, E., 43, 47, 72, 135, 249, 270. 
Rendall, F., 46. 
Renouf, P. le Page, 92, 93. 
Retz, Cardinal de, 130. 
Reuleaux, F., 215. 
Reumont, A. v., 160, 196. 
Reuss, E., 40. 
Renter, F.. 159. 
Reville, A., 270. 
Rew, R. H., 4. 
Reybaud, L., 134. 
Reyes, R., 8. 
Reynolds, J. E. 61. 
Rheinhardt, R. H., 57. 
Rhys, J., 97, 122, 311. 
Riano, J. F., 286. 
Kibeiro, T. 262. 
Ribot, T., 15, 220. 
Ricardo, D., 256. 
Ricci, J. H. de, 243. 
Rich, A., 18. 

Richard, J. R. and A. S., 96. 
Richards, W., 192, 311. 
Richardson, B. W., 185. 
C. J., 183. 

S., 111. 
Richey, A. G., 193. 
Richmond, W. D., 264. 
Richter, E. F., 226. 
J. P. F., 154. 
V. von, 61. 

Ricnthofen, F. F. von, 69. 
Rickman, T., 19. 
Ricotti, E. 195. 
Riddell, Mrs. J. H., 239. 
Ridpath, J. C., 305. 
Riehl, W. H., 159, 160. 
Riehin, E., 42, 172, 
Riemann, B. 217. 
Rieu, C., 246. 
Rigg, R., 293. 
Rimmer, A., 20. 
Ringwalt, J. L., 265. 
Rink. H., 21, 123. 
Ripley, R. 8., 307. 
Ritchie, D. G., 260. 
Ritter, K.,143. 
Rivarol, 131. 
Rivers, T., 139. 
Robert of Gloucester, 107. 
Roberts, A. von., 159. 

-Austen, W. C., 221. 
C., 15. 

E. S., 162. 
Miss, 177, 178. 
P., 123. 
., R. D..91. 
R. L.,7. 
W., 80. 
,, and Wallace, 105. 
Robertson, E. W., 278. 

Robertson, F. W., 280. 

J. C., 72. 
J. P., 118. 

W., 118, 310. 
Robinson, E., 40. 

F.Mabel, 239. 
F. W., 239. 

Mrs. ("Talvi"), 285. 
W., 138, 293. 
and Smith, 243. 
Roby, H. J., 204, 271. 
Rock, D., 81. 
Rockhill, W. W., 53. 
Rockstro, W. S., 225, 227. 
Rockwell, J. E., 284. 
Rocquain, F., 127. 
Rodwell, G. F., 60, 194. 
Rogers, F. N., 212. 

J. E. T., 101, 256, 260. 
Roget, P. M., 269. 
Rolleston, G., 317. 
Romanes, G. J., 220. 
Romilly, H. H., 38, 242. 
Ronalds, A., 121. 
Ronsard, 130. 
Roosevelt, T., 229, 304. 
Roquette, O., 159. 
Ros, Lordde, 214. 
Roscher, 259. 

W. H., 18. 
Roscoe, 103. 

H. E.. 61. 
W., 196. 

,, and Schorlemmer, 60. 
,, and Schuster, 251. 
Rose, H. J., 286. 

S., 74. 
Rosellini, I., 93. 
Rosenberg, C. B. H. von, 189. 
Rosenbusch, 145. 
Rosenkranz, J. R. F., 90. 
Rosing, S., 84. 
Roskoschny, H., 272. 
Ross, D., 187. 
J., 81. 
J. C., 21. 
,, and Cooper. 286. 
Rossetti, Christina, 68. 

D. G., 254. 
Rossi, G., 27. 
Roth, H. Ling, 15, 89. 
Rotrou, 130. 
Rouge, E. de, 93. 
Roumanille, J., 266. 
Rousseau, J. J., 90, 131. 
Routh, E., 218. 
Rowan, J. J., 55. 
Rowland, T., 311. 
Rowlett, 297. 
Rowsell, M. C., 174. 
Royle, J. Forbes, 88. 
Rtickert, F., 155. 
H., 150. 
Rudall, 227. 
Ruding, R., 240. 
Rudolf. Prince, 39, 291 . 
Ruge. S., 118. 
Rumbold, H., 22. 
Rumsey, A., 189. 
Runeberg, J. L., 294. 
Rusden, G. W., 37, 38. 
Ruskin, J., 19, 20, 26, 27, 28, 63, 

195, 214, 258. 
Russell, Earl, 99. 
H. 8., 37. 
J., 56. 
J. R., 219. 
M., 6. 

W. Clarke, 239. 
W. O., 103. 

Rutherford, Mark, 239. 
W. G., 164. 
Rutley, F., 145,' 22:?. 


Sa de Miranda, 262. 
Sabin, J., 48. 
Babonadiere, W., 88. 
Sachs, E., 79, 138. 
,, Hans, 151. 
J., 50, 52. 
Sackville, T., 109. 
Bacy, S. de, 16. 
Sa' di, 246. 

Sainsbury, W. Noel, 27. 
Saint-Beuve, C. A., 129. 
St. John, C., 290. 

H., 189. 

S., 190, 312. 
Saint-Martin, V. de, 140. 

,, Simon, 127, 130. 
Saintsbury, G., 107, 116, 12S. 
Salamon/F., 183. 
Sallust, 206. 

Salmon, G., 44, 217, 218, 280, 3CO. 
Salvin and Brodrick, 119. 
Samuelson, J., 54, 272. 
Sanctis, F. de, 197. 
Sand, George, 132, 134 13.3. 13(i. 
Banday, W., 44. 
Sandeau, J., 134, 135. 
Sander, N., 74. 
Sanders, D., 152. 
Sanderson, G. P., 291. 
Sandys, J. E., 161. 
Sankey, C., 163. 
Sansone, A., 297. 
Sappho, 165. 
Sargant, C. H., 212. 

W. L., 259. 
Sarpi, F., 200. 
Sauer, C. M., 197. 
Saunders, A., 181. 
H., 319. 

Sauuier, C., 191. 
Savage, G. H., 220. 
Savigny, F., 209. 
Sayce, A. H., 33, 43, 247, 270. 
Sayous, E., 183. 
Scarth, H. M., 97. 
Schafer, E. A., 9. 

J. W., 153. 

Schaff, P., 48, 71, 73, 298. 
and Jackson, 293. 
Scharlach, 232. 
Scheffel, J. F., 178. 

,, V. von, 156, 159. 
Bcheicher, A., 285. 
Schellen, H., 251. 
Schellendorf, B. von, 21. 
Schelling, F. W. J. von, IMS'. 
flchenkel, 171. 

Schenkendorff, Max von, 155. 
Bcherer, W., 150, 154, 156. 
Scherr, J., 160. 
Schiller. 154. 

Schimmelpenninck, Mrs., 77. 
Schindler, A., 227. 
Schlegel, F.,27, 181. 
Bchley and Soley, 21. 
Schlich, 124. 
Schlosser, F. C., 118. 
Schmidt, A., 282. 
C., 72. 

J., 156. 

J. A. E., 255. 
R.. 11. 

Schneider, L., 87. 
Schodde, G. H., 44. 
Schumann, G. F., 162. 
Schoolcraft, H. R., 14. 
Schopenhauer, A., 219. 
Schorlemmer, C., 60. 
Schouler, J., 104, 305. 
Schrader, E., 34, 43. 

O., 13. 

Schreiner, Olive, 239. 
Schreyer, W., 147. 
Schroeder, L. von, 276. 



SrlmlMii, O., Kin. 
M-lnickiinl, \V. !:., ;>'!>. 
Scliiir.-r, 10.. 17. 
Hi-liut/rnhtTger, 253. 
Srliuylt-r, K., 273. 
Sohwegler. A., 24H. 
Bohweichel, !(.. i~>9. 
Bcbwdnfurtb, G., 3. 
Schwfiiiil/., 73. 
S.-hwii'krr, .1., }-'. 
Scott, (Hllx-rt, ID, I'l I. 
,. J.,-'>. 
J. G. ( 54. 
L., -'"> 

Michael, 66. 
R. H., 222. 
,, Sibbald, 22. 
W., 112, 11(5, 236. 
Scribe, E., ir.ti. 
Striven, J., 103. 
Scrivener, 47. 
Scrope, W., 291. 
Scrui.ton, T. E., 103, 104. 
Sciidder, 8. H., 318, 32u. 
KiMtnn, A. E., 314. 
Secclii, A., 34. 
St-diiine, 136. 
Seddall, H., 219. 
Seebohm, P., 14, 73. 

H., 273, 319. 

Scclry, J. R., 79, 116, 127, 
,, ' L. B., 112. 
R. B., 97, 259. 
Sequin, L. G.,6,147. 
Segur, Mine, de, 136, 137. 
Selgas, Jose?, 290. 
Sdliir, W. Y., 204. 
Seller and Stephens, 210. 
Selous. F. C.,291. 
Selwyn and Dawson, 55. 
Semper, G., 28. 

K., 315. 
Seneca the elder, 207. 

,, the younger, 207. 
Senior, W., 121. 
Sennett, R., 229. 
Sergeant, Adeline, 239. 

L., 261. 
Serret, 218. 
Settembrini, L., 200. 
Se"vign<, Mme. de, 130. 
Si'\vcll, Anna, 67. 
Shadwell, 25. 
Shakespeare, 282. 
Sharp, P., 297. 
W., 155. 
Shaw, Flora, 65. 

,. H.,29, 31,82, 183. 
,, T. G-., 313. 
W., 23. 
,, and Donnell, 91. 
Shearman, M., 124. 

,, and others. 35. 
Shedd, W. G. T., 209. 
Sheldon, J. P., 83. 
Sheiford, L., 104. 
Shelley, C., 313. 

P. B., 112. 
Shepard, J. H., 61. 
Sheridan, R. B., 111. 
Shirreff, E., 90. 
Shorthouse, J. H., 174. 
Shortt, J., 104. 
Sihree, J., 215. 
Sidgwick, A., 91. 

H., 116, 255. 
,, Mrs. A., 157. 
Sidney, P., 109. 

S., 181,211. 

Sidonitis Apollinaris, 238. 
Siegfried and Strack, 171. 
Sievers, E., 10, 114. 
Silins Italieus, 208. 
Silva, Pereira da, 262. 

,, J. F. da, 263. 
Simcox, W. H., 47, 71. 

Sime, J., 153, i:.i. 

William, 2:m. 
Simmonds, P. L., 88, 317. 
Simms, P., L".-, ."..!. 
Simon, J , 185. 
Simpson, A. J., 101. 
R., 74. 283. 
W. G., 101. 
W. S., 214. 
Sims, R., 172. 
Simson, A., 8. 
Sinclair, Catherine, 239. 
,, and Brophy, ' I. 
and Fyfe, 312. 
Singer, I., 183. 
Siret, A., 26. 

Sismondi, J. C., 12i. 19-=>. 
Skeat, W. W., 10, 114, 161, 


Skeats, H., 76. 
Skeen, W.,264. 
Skelton, J., 278. 
T., 108. 

Skene, W. F., 27S. 
Skertchley, J. A., 2. 
Slater, J. Herbert, 210. 
Slavici, J., 183. 
Sleeman, C., 228. 
Slingo and Brooker, 94. 
Smart, Hawley, 239. 
Smedley, F. E., 239. 
Smiles, S., 95, 96, 315. 
Smith, Adam, 111, 2">i;. 

C., 6, 217. 

Charlotte, 236. 


,, G., 33, 187, 224. 

G. A., 42. 

Gold win, 113, 181. 

H., 105. 

H. H., 52. 

,, Hamblin, 146. 

Horace, 236. 

J., 26, 105, 139. 

J. T., 27. 

,, J. Toulmin, 211, 212. 

J. W., 104. 

,, Louisa E., 86. 

R. Bosworth, 188, 250, 270, 


R. H., 95, 215. 

R. M., 252. 

,, T., 291. 

T. R., 19. 

,, W.,36, 40. 163, 271. 

W. G.,4. 

W. Robertson, 14, 42. 

(Brothers), 254. 

,, and Hornemann, 232. 

,, and Porcher, 7. 

and Slater, 39. 

,, and Trust i am, 103. 
Smollett. T., Ill, 236. 
Smyth, R. B., 15. 

W.AV., 145. 
Snoilsky, C., 294. 
Snorri, Sturluson, 186. 
Socin, A., 16. 
Solomon, F. W., 42. 
SolU-ra, M., 8. 
Sonnenschein, A., 91. 

E. A., 204. 

,, and Nesbitt, 22. 

Sophocles, 165, 166. 
Sorley, W. H., 224, 25S. 
Soule, 106. 
South, Canon, 280. 

J. P., 219. 
Southward, J., LVI. 
Souvestre, E., 134, 135. 
Sowden, W. J.,38. 
Spark es, E. I., !',(>. 
Spedding, J., 98, 109. 
Spence, G., 106 

J. M.,8. 
Spencer, C., 81. 

Spencer, H., ;><i. 117. -'.M, . 

170, :n... 
Spenser, E., W. 

S I( i,-lh:ig.-ii, K.. l.V.i. 
Spilst.ury. \V. II. ,214. 
S|,ino/.a, 249. 

i-Bey, 17. 
Spitta, P., 227. 
Spofford 304. 
Spnhr, L., - y l'7. 
Spottiswoode, J., 7">. 
Sprague, W., 3U8. 
Spratt, T. A. U., 220. 
Sprenger, A., 21:.. 
Spruiicr, C. von., :!'i, 117. 
Spurgeon, C. H., 280. 
Spurrell, G. J., 171. 
Squier, E. G., 8, 247. 
Stables, G., 86. 
Stack, E., 245. 
Stael, Mme. de, 131. 
Stagnelius, E. J., 2iC. 
Stahl, P. J., 135. 
Stainer, J., 226. 

and Barrett, 228. 
Stanhope, Lord, ;-u. 
Stanley, A. P., 43, 46, 77, 89, 214, 
243, 280. 

H. M., 3. 
W. P., 294. 
Stapleton, A., 9ii. 
Stare, J., 183. 
Starr, L., 86. 
Statius, 208. 
Staunton, H., 62, 309. 
Staveley, E. P., 318. 
Stebbing, 73. 
Stebler and Schroter, 4. 
Stedman, A. M., JH. 
E. C., 254. 
Steel, J. H., 86, 211. 
,, and Lyttieton, 82. 
,, and Temple, 123. 
Stein. A., 160. 
Steingass, F., 16. 
Steinitz, W., 62. 
Stephen, H. J., 102. 

J. P., 103, 106, 260. 
Leslie, 116, 117. 
Stephens, A. H., 307. 
J. P., 318. 
W. R., 58. 
Stem, L., 81. 
Sterne, L., Ill, 236. 
Stevens, A., 76. 

J. L., 294. 
Stevenson, R. L., 66, 68, 116, 12 

174, 240. 
Stewart, A., 278. 

Bufour, 250, 251. 
D. J., 58. 
J., 82. 

and Gee, 251. 
Stieler, K., 147. 
Stimson, P. J., SOS. 
Stirling, J. H., 249. 
Stjorn, 186. 
Stockton, P. R., 240. 
Stokes, G. G., 251. 
G. T., 71,73. 
H. P., I'M-. 
Moive, 124. 
Whit ley, li. 
Stone, L., 121. 
O. M.,35. 
W. H..2-i:. 
" Stoneheuge," N'.. 13 
Stoney, B,. v:>. 
Storer, F. H.. 6. 
Storm, T., 159. 
Storr and Turner. (i4. 
Story, J., 10"., K";, :ms. 
Stoughton, J.. 7"', 7( : , -''". 
Stow, J., 213. 
J. P., 38. 



Stowe, Harriet B., 240. 
Stowell, Hugh, 230. 

and Storrovv, 221. 
Strack, H. L., 170, 172. 
Strachey, J., 187. 
K., 142. 

Strauss, D. F., 157. 
Streckfuss, A., 147. 
Street, G. E., 19. 
Streetrr, B. W., 264. 
Strieker, S., 9. 
Strickland, Agnes, 67. 
Strindberg, A., 295. 
Strong and Meyer, 150. 
Strutt, J., 26. 
Strype, J., 74. 
Stuart, 0. and J., 291. 

,, Esme, 177. 
Stuart-Glennie, J. H., 123. 
Stuart and Revett, 19. 
Stubbs, J. W., 309. 

W., 78, 97, 99, 100. 
Stumm, H., 31. 
Sturgis, Julian, 240. 
Stutfield, H. E. M., 225. 
Sue, E., 134. 
Suetonius, 208. 
Sully, Due de, 127. 

J., 221. 

Sumner, W. Q., 257, 303. 
Surtees, R., 240. 
Sutcliffe, I.D.,313. 
Sutton, F.,62. 

M. J., 4. 
W., 32. 

Swainson, C. A., 301. 
Sweet, H., 10. 
Swift, J., 63, 111. 
Swinburne, A. C., 116, 254, 283. 


Sybel, H. von, 118, 127. 
Symes, J. E., 255. 
Symington, J., 9. 
Symonds, J. A., 25, 27, 109, 164, 194 

196, 198, 283. 
Szigligeti, E., 184. 


Tacitus, 207. 

Taine, H., 27, 107, 127, 212, 221. 

Tait, P. Q., 250,251. 

" Talvi" (Mrs. Robinson), 285. 

Tannenberg, B. de, 288. 

Tarn, E., 53. 

Tarver, E. J., 18. 

Taschenberg, 320. 

Tasso, 199. 

Taswell-Langmead, T. P., 99. 

Tate, W., 257. 

Taunt, 21.3. 

Taussig, F. W., 257. 

Ta vernier, 141. 

Taylor, A., 219. 

A. and J., 68. 

,, Bayard, 157. 

C.,' 147, 171. 
Ellen M., 35. 

Franklin, 226. 

I., 144. 

,, Jeremy, 110, 280, 300. 
J. Pitt. 106. 

,, Meadons, 175. 

Sedley, 226. 
Tom, 27. 

W. F., 36. 

,, and Cresy, 19. 

and others, 57. 
Tchebicheff, P.. 218. 
Tchihatcheff, P. de, 6. 
Teale, T. P., 185. 
Teall, 145. 
Telfer, J. B., 273. 

Tegetmeier, W. B., 211. 

Tegg, 63. 

Tegner, E., 294, 295. 

Temple, P., 230, 300. 

Temple-Leader and Marcotti, 195 

Tennant. J. E., 59, 313. 

R., 219. 

Tennyson, A., 254. 
Terence, 205. 
Texier and Pullan, 19. 
Thackeray, P., 99. 

Miss, 240. 

W. M., 63, 99, 111,113 

Thausing, M., 27. 
Theal, G. McCall, 56, 57. 124. 
Theakston, M., 121. 
Theocritus, 168. 
Theophrastus, 168, 169. 
Theuriet, A., 134. 
Thielmann, Mai von, 273. 
Thierry, 134. 
Thiers, A., 127. 
Thomae, I., 218. 
Thomas a Kempis, 300. 
Thomas, J. J., 5. 

H. S.,m. 
Thompson, F E., 183. 
H., 80, 82. 
S. P., 93, 94. 
W., 319. 

W. D'Arcy, 320. 

W. F., 245. 
Thomson, A. W.,5. 

C. Wyville, 316. 

D., 139. 

G. G., 251. 

J., 3, 69. 180, 225. 


W., 93. 

W. M., 40. 
,, and Tait, 250. 
Thoreau, H. D., 116. 
Thornbury, W., 27, 100. 

and Walford, 213. 
Thome, T., 182. 
Thornton, F. du Pr6, 16. 

T., 2. 

Thorold, A. W..280. 
Thorpe, B., 11. 

,, T. E., 61. 
Thouar, P., 201. 
Thoulet, J., 143. 
Thring, E., 90. 

Lord, 239. 

and others, 24, 106. 
Thrupp, G. A., 191. 
Thucydides, 166. 
Thudichum and Dupre, 313. 
Thureau-Dangin, 127. 
Tibullus, 207. 
Ticknor, G., 288. 
Tieck, L., 154. 
Tiele, C. P., 33, 270. 
Tien, A., 17. 
Tikhomirov, L.,274. 
Tilley, A. A., 129. 
Tilt, E. T., 170. 
Timbs, J., 213. 
Timmins, S , 101. 
Timperley, 0. H., 265. 
Tiraboschi, 197. 
Tisserand, 35. 
Tissot, 0., 6. 

Tocqueville, A. de, 127, 306. 
Todd, A., 56, 100. 

Todhunter, I., 6, 146, 217, 218,302. 
Toldy, F., 183. 
Tolstoi, 275. 
Tomes, C. S., 9. 
Tooke, W., 273. 

and Newmarch, 259. 
Topelius, Z., 295. 
Topffer, 135. 
Topinard, P., 15. 
Torraca, F., 197. 

Tourgudniev, 275. 
Tours, B., 227. 

,, C. de. 125. 

Toussaint, Mme. Bosboom, 87. 
Tovey, C.. 313. 
Townsend, W. C., 241. 
Toy, C. H., 47. 
Toynbee, A. ,256. 
Tozer, H. H., 77, 219, .303. 
Traherne, Major, 121. 
Traill.'H. D., 102, 111, 255. 

T. W.. 293. 
Train, J., 216. 
Trertgold. 54. 
Treitschke, H. von, 149. 
Trench, R. C., 46, 47, 68, 231, 289, 


Trendell, A. J. R., 79. 
Trevelyan, G. O., 113. 
Trimmer, Mrs., 65. 
Tristram, H. B., 40, 243. 
Trollope, A., 36, 56, 113, 177, 210, 

T. A., 179, 196. 
Tromholt, S., 232. 
Trommius, A., 43. 
Trotter, L. J., 188. 
Trouessart, E. L., 15, 316. 
Troutbeck, J. 227. 
Trueba, A. de, 290. 
Trumbull, G., 283. 

H. Clay, 91. 
Tschermak, G.,2'23. 
Tschudi, J. V., 295. 
Tucker, H. W., 75. 
J. B., 230. 
Tudor, O. D., 105. 
Tuke, D. H., 220, 266. 
Tupper, F. B., 60. 
Turner, C. E., 274. 
G., 242, 243. 
W., 9. 

and Parker, 19. 
Tuttle, H., 149. 
Tyerman, L., 75. 
Tyler, J. E., 97. 
Tylor, E. B., 13. 
Tymms and Wyatt, 31. 
Tyndale, W., 108. 
Tyndall, J., 62. 251, 296. 
Tytler, S., 174, 176, 177, 240. 


Udall, P., 109. 
Uhland, L., 155. 
Ujfalvy, 120. 
Ulmann, C., 73. 

,, and Brasche, 2-5. 
TTnwin, W. C., 95, 215. 
Ure, A., 95. 
Urquhart, J. W., 192. 
Ustrialov, N., 274. 
Uzanne, O., 82. 


Vaeher, P., 185. 
Tachon, 125. 
Vaidya, L. R., 276. 
Vaizey, J. W., 104. 
Valera, J.. 239. 
Valerius Flaccus, 208. 

Maximus, 208. 
Valle, Pietro della, 141. 
Vallee, P., 48. 
Vamberv, A., 32, 183. 
Vanderkindere, L., 231. 
Vanderwell and Witham, 235. 
Van-Eys, J. W. J., 39. 

iNl>i:\ oi AUTHORS. 

Vapcroaii, (!., 12s. 

11, 11.. 121. 
I, O., 21 K i. 

Vaugliaii.r. .1.. U\,281. 

ii., no. 

R., 76. 

Vain vnarput-s, 131. 
V;u.\. \V. 8.. 345. 

:|UC/.. 1'SS. 

Vi lev, Margaivt, I'ln. 
V<-mi..I., I'll?. 

i. G. Visconti, 2ul. dn Vernois, L'.'i. 
Verde, Jules, 135, 176. 
V.-rr:ill, A. W., 2DI. 

,, and Harrison, 162. 
V.M-t.cuil. L. A. A. de, 313. 
V.-tli, P. J.,190. 
Viehoff, H., l.'.l. 
Vicira, A. de, 262. 
Vic-vra, A., 261. 
Vigi-ant, A., 120. 
Vigfusson and Powell, 137. 
VignoJi, L., 6. 
Vigny, A. de, 132, 136, 176. 
Villari, P., 196, 200. 
Villehardouin, 130. 
Villeinain, A. P., 72. 
Villiers-Stuart, H., 92. 
Villon, 130. 

Vilmorin-Andrieux, M., 139. 
Vilovsky, T., 183. 
Vincent, P., 8. 

J. H.,91. 

Viollet-le-Duc, 19, 20, 21. 
Viollet, P., 127. 
Virgil, 206,207. 
Vitu, A., 293. 
Vivian, A. P., 291. 
Vlachos, A., 161. 
Vloten, L., 87. 
Vogt,, C., 319. 
VogUS, E. M. de, 274. 
Voiture, 130. 
Volkel, M. J. A., 235. 
Voltaire, 131, 134, 294. 
Vondel, J. van, 87. 
Vosmasr, 27. 
Vymazal, F., 49, 54, 255. 

W. . 

Wackernagel, W., 150. 
Waddington, J., 76. 
Wade and Hillier, 70. 
Wagner, J.. 3. 
Waite, J. M., 120. 
Waitz, G., 148. 
Wakemari, H. O., 75. 
Walford, C., 33. 

E., 213. 

L. B.,240. 
Walker, A. D., 170. 

F. A., 255, 256, 257, 253. 

H. B., 55. 

Mrs., 272. 

W. F., 35. 

W. 8., 282. 
Wall, C. H., 261. 

,, -Beresford, H. de la Poer, 37. 
Wallace, 106. 

A. K., 242, 266, 315, 316. 

D. M., 92,272. 
E., 168. 

L., 180. 

B., 36, 187, 210. 

W., 249. 

Wallin, J. O., 295. 
Wallis, A., 179. 

G., 30. 
Wallon, H., 97, 126. 
Walmisley, 53. 

Walpole, H., 26, 99, 112, 2'ni. 

H., 99. 

Walslie and Sargent, 179. 
\\'alsingli:i!ii an. I (i.illwcy, 283. 
Walter, 23. 

R., 111. 

Walther von der Vogelweidr, l.'il 
Walton, L, 110, 121. 

,, and Cotton, 67. 
Wagner, J., 3. 
Ward, A. W., 74,292. 

H. Marshall, 51. 
J., 4. 

Mrs. Humphry, 2lo. 
T. H., 99, 114. 
,. W., 75. 
Wardle, J., 88. 
Wardrc.p, <)., 273. 
Ware, W. R., 28. 
Warlomont, E., 310. 
Warner, C. D., 116,240. 
Warneck, G., 224. 
Warren, 128. 

Samuel, 240. 
Warton.T., 107, 
Waterton, C., 67, 317. 
Watkins, H. W., 44. 
Watson, C., 51. 

Forbes, 89. 
H.C., 51. 

J., 21'.l. 
J. C., 34. 
P. B., 294. 
R. G., H, l'i:.. 
R. 8., 11. 

and Bean, 139. 
Watt, A., 191, 192. 
Wattenbach, W., 148. 
Watts, 62, 251. 
Wauvermans, H., 3. 
Webb, Mrs. J. B., 176, 178. 

,, T. W.,34. 
Weber, A., 276. 
G., 181. 

Webster, Wentworth, 286. 
,, and Vinsjn, 123. 
Weddell,J., 21. 
Weil, G., 215. 
Weir, A., 118. 
Weisbach, J., 94. 
Weiss, B., 44, 47. 

,, C., 287. 
Weissmaun, A., 315. 
Weitemeyer, H., 84. 
Welch, C., 213. 

,, J. J., 229. 
Weld, A., 77. 
Welhaven, J. S., 233. 
Wells, J. W., 52. 
Wendt, E. E., 229. 
Weustrom and Lundgren, 291, 
Wergeland, H., 233. 
Wershoven, F. J., 95. 
West, C., 86. 
J., 38. 
Westbury, H., 178. 
Westby-Gibson, .T., 234. 
Westcott.B.P., 40, 44, 45, 231, 29S, 


Westgarth, W., 36. 
Westhall, C., 35. 
Westlake, J., 209. 
West wood and Satchel!, 121. 
\\Vyman, 8., 176. 
Weymouth, R. F., 12. 
Wharton, F,. 106. 

W. J. L., 143. 
Whateley, R., 212. 
Wheatley, H. B., 58. 210, 213. 
and Delmotte, 30. 
Wheaton, H.. 
Wheelwright, H., 291. 
Whetlmm, J. \V. 15., 169. 
Whewell, W., 213. 

,, and Lassaulx, 19. 

Wliitaker, W., 14H. 
White, A. 8., S, 

Gilbert, 7. 
W., :i'., 7>s. 

W. 1I..L'!".*. 

Whltlngton, G. F., :::.. 
WhiMcy. ic,:!. 
Whitman, C. O., 319. 
Walt, 254. 
Whitney,!. D., ::<>t. 

VV. I)., Ill, i:,l, 27'!. 

W. N.. 2nl. 

Whitworth, W. II., L'17. 
Whymper, E., 67. 
Whyt. --Melville, G. J., 174, 175. 

178, 180, 2 in. 
Wickes, W., 171. 
Wicksteed, P. H., 255. 
Wiedemann, G., 93. 
Wieland, C. M., K.2. 
Wiener, C., 9. 
Wijesinha. L. C.. 211. 
Wilberforce, H. W. W., 210. 

R. I., 299. 

S.,61, 75,281. 

Wilbrandt, A., 157. 
Wilcocks, J. C.,121. 
Wildenbruch, E. von, 156. 
Wilhera, 227. 
Wilken, P., 118. 
Wilkes, C., 242. 
Wilkins, A., 163. 
D.. 77. 
W., 36. 
Wilkinson, G., 19. 

J. G., 92. 
Willems, A., 265. 
William, W. M., 80. 
Williams, E. V., 106. 

J., 103. 

Jane, 311. 
Monier, 270. 276. 
R., 59. 
R. V., 104. 
S. W., 69. 
W., 310. 
and Bruce, 106. 
and Saunders, 106. 
Williamson, B., 217. 

,, and Tarleton, 218. 

Willis-Bund, J. W., 121. 
C. J., 245. 
B., 58, 73, 219. 
Wiltshire. W. H.,57. 
Wilmot, A., 56. 
Wilson, A., 24. 
C., 26, 40. 
,, G., 62, 185. 
H., 307. 


. , J. (Christopher Kort 10.116, 

J. C., 168. 
J. M., 281. 
Mrs. M. A., 211. 
R., 293. 
T., 301. 
W., 295. 
W. S.. 170. 
and Fowler, 116. 
and Geikie, 315. 
and Grey, 26 1. 
and Warren, 213. 
Wlmmer. L. T. A., 186. 
Winokelman, 25. 
Windisch, E., 193. 
Winer, G. B., 47, 298. 
Win.'s, F. H., 265. 
Winglield, Lewis, 175. 
Winkler and Lunge, C.i>. 
Winslow, Forbes, 220. 
Winsor, Justin, 300. 
Winstanlev, H., 1. 
Winston. C., 31. 
\Viut her, C., 85. 
Winton and Millar, 293. 


Wirth, Max, 296. 
Wise, A. T., 77,170,179. 
Wiseman, Cardinal, 77, 179. 
Witt, C., 64. 

J. de, 43. 
Wodrow, R., 75. 
Wolf, R., 34. 
Wolff, 63. 156. 

Wolfram von Eschenbach, 151. 
Wolley, C. P., 55. 
Wolseley, G., 23. 
Woltman and Woerman, 25. 
Wood, Catherine, 241. 

C. W., 219. 

J., 32. 

J. G., 14, 67. 

Mrs. Henry, 240. 
Woodfall, W., 104. 
Woodford, C. M.,242. 
Woods, J. E. Tenisoii, 37. 

M. A., 68. 
Woodward, H. B., 145. 
S. P., 317. 

Woolsey, T. D., 209. 
Woolson, F., 240. 
Wordsworth, C., 42, 44, 75, 309. 
W., 112. 

and Coleridge, 112. 
Wornum, K. N., 26, 27, 28. 
Wortapet and Porter, 16. 
Worthmgton, A. M., 250. 
Wotton, 109. 

Wratislaw, A. H., 49, 123, 148. 
Wright, C. H., 41. 

Wright, D., 281. 

L., 211, 251. 

R. 8., 103. 

T., 10, 97, 100. 

W., 16, 17, 247. 

and Hobhouse, 258. 
Wrightson, J., 4. 
Wrottesley, Q., 24. 
Wiilcker, R. P., 10. 
Wulfstan, 11. 
Wundt, W., 20. 
Wyclif, J., 108. 
Wylie, A., 70. 

J.E., 97. 
Wynn, Ellis, 311. 
Wynne, J. A., 231. 
Wyon, F. W., 98. 
" Wyvern," 80. 


Xenophon, 167. 


Yarrell, W., 318, 319. 
Yate, A. C., 1. 
Yeats, J., 191. 

Yeo, J. B., 80, 170. 

G. F., 252. 
Yonge. C. D., 229. 

C.M., 66,67, 174,176,177, 
180, 240. 
Young, A., 231. 

C. A., 34. 
M., 74. 

Younghusband, Capt., 138. 
Yriarte, 125, 196. 
Yule, H.; 54, 140. 
and Buniell, 144. 


Zacharie, H. S., 305. 
Zaehnsdorf, J. W., 48. 
Zambaldi, F., 197. 
Zelechowski, E., 275. 
Zeller, E., 248. 
Zeuner, G., 293. 
Zeuss, J. C., 193. 
Zimmer, H., 193. 
Zimmern, Helen, 149, 153. 
Zineke, F. B., 9a. 
Zinkeisen, J. W., 303. 
Zoheir, 17. 
Zollner, J. C.F.,267. 
Zottoli, A., 70. 
Zunz, 171. 
Zupitza, 10. 
Zvetkov, A., 274. 



Adams, John, 308. 
,, J. Q., 308. 
Agassiz, Louis, 315. 
Albert, Prince, 99. 
Angelo, Michael, 26. 
Auselm, St., 72. 
Anson, Lord, 230. 
Arc, Jeanne d', 126. 
Arnold, Dr., 89. 

Artevelde, James and Philip, 231. 
Austen, Jane, 113. 
Azeglio, M. d', 200. 


Bach, 227. 

Bacon, Francis, 109. 

Baxter, Richard, 110. 

Beccaria, 200. 

Beethoven, 227. 

Bernard, St., 72. 

Bernardino Ochiiio, of Siena, 74. 

Bertran de Born, 266. 

Betterton, Thomas, 292. 

Hcusf , Count, 149. 

Blake, Admiral, 229. 

Boleyn, Anne, 98. 

Bolingbroke, 98. 

Bossuet, 77. 

Brassey, T., 95. 

Bronte, Charlotte, 113. 

Brooke. Sir J., 190. 

Brunei, I. K., 95. 

Buddha, 53. 

Banyan, John, 110. 

Buonaparte, Napoleon, 24. 

Burgoyne, Sir J., 24. 

Burke, Edmund, 99. 

Burney, Fanny, 112. 

Burns, Hobert, 112. 

Burton, R. P., 141. 


Calvin, 73. 

Campbell, Colin (Lord Clyde), 25. 
Campion, Edmund, 74. 
Canning, George, 99. 

Carlyle, T., 113. 

Catherine II. of Russia, 273. 

Catherine of Siena, St., 72. 

Cavendish, Henry, 62. 

Cavour, Count, 196. 

Caxton, William, 264. 

Cellini, Benvenuto, 27. 

Channing, 76. 

Chatham, Lord, 99. 

Chopin, 227. 

Cibber, Colley, 292. 

Cicero, 206. 

Clyde, Lord (Colin Campbell), 25 

Columbus, 140, 287. 

Comenius, 89. 

Constable, 27. 

Cook, Captain, 141. 

Correggio, 27. 

Cranmer, 74. 

Cromwell, Oliver, 97. 


Dalhousie, Lord, 186. 
Dalton, John, 62. 
Darwin, Charles, 315. 
Davis, John, 140. 
Davy, Sir Humphrey, 62. 
Deak, Francis, 183. 
Defoe, 111. 
Dickens, C., 113. 
Dominic, St., 72. 
Drake, Sir F., 140. 
Dundonald, Earl of, 230. 
Diirer, Alb., 27. 


Edward, Thomas, 315. 
Eliot, George, 113. 
Erasmus. 73. 
Eugene, Prince, 24. 


Fairbairn, W., 95. 
Fairfax, Admiral, 229. 

Palletti, Marchesa Giulia, 265. 
Faraday, Michael, 62. 
Forbes, Edward, 315. 
Forsytli, Sir D., 142. 
Fox, C. J., 99. 

,, George, 76. 
Francis of Assisi, St., 72. 
Franklin, Benjamin, 308. 

,, Sir J., 141. 
Frederick the Great, 24, 149. 
Freytag, G., 156. 
Froebel, 89. 
Fry, Elizabeth, 265. 


Gainsborough, 27. 
Gambier, Lord, 230. 
Garibaldi, 196. 
Garrick, David, 292. 
Garrison, W. Lloyd, 307. 
Goethe, 153, 154. 
Goldsmith, 111. 
Gordon, Charles George, 25. 
Grant, General, 307. 
Gregory VII., 72. 
Grillparzer, 155. 
Grindal, Archbishop, 74. 


Handel, 227. 
Harvey, 219. 
Hastings, Warren, 186. 
Hawke, Admiral Lord, 230. 
Hawkwood, Sir John, 195. 
Hebbel, P., 155. 
Heine, 165. 

Henry of Monmouth, 97. 
the Navigator 140. 
Herculano, A., 263. 
Herder, 153. 
Herschel, Caroline, 35. 

Sir William, 35. 
Holbein, 27. 
Home, D. D., 267. 
Howard, John, 265. 
Howe, Lord, 230. 
Hudson, Henry, 140. 
Humboldt, 141. 



Hume, D., 111. 

Mozart, 227. 

Scott, Walter, 111. 

Hunter, John, 219. 

Murchison, Sir R., 141, 146. 

Sedgwick, 146. 

Hus, John, 148. 

Murillo, 27. 

Settembrini, L., 200. 

Shaftesbury, First Earl of, 

Lord, 259. 

Shakespeare, 283. 

Shelley, 113. 



Siddons, Mrs., 292. 

Siemens, Sir William, 95. 

Irving, Edward, 76. 

Napier, Sir C., 24. 

Simon de Montfort, 97. 

Napoleon I., 127. 

Sixtus, V.; 196. 

III., 127. 

Stael, Mme. de, 127. 

Nasmyth, James, 95. 

Steele, 111. 

Nelson, Lord, 230. 

Stein, 149. 


Newton, Sir Isaac, 35. 

Stephenson, G., 95. 

Newman, J. H., 75. 

R., 96. 

Jeanne d' Arc, 126. 

Nollekens, 27. 

Sterne, L., 111. 

Jefferson, Thomas, 308. 

Swedenborg, 76. 

Jenner, 219. 

Swift, 111. 

John & Lasco, 74. 

Johnson, Dr., 111. 


Ochino, Bernardino, of Siena, 74. 


Oldenbarnevelt, John of, 231. 


Owen, Robert, 259. 

Telford, 96. 

Thackeray, 113. 

Kane, Elisha K., 141. 

Th'orwaldsen, 27. 

Kaufmann, Angelica, 27. 

Titian, 27. 

Kean, Charles, 292. 

Tureune. 24. 

Edmund, 292. 


Turner, 27. 

Keith, Lord, 230. 

Kemble, John P., 292. 

Paleario, 74. 

Ken, Bishop, 75. 

Palliser, Sir Hugh, 230. 

Kossuth, L., 83. 

Palmerston, Lord, 99. 

Park, Mungo, 3. 


Parker, Archbishop, 74. 

Pasteur, 219. 

Ulrich von Hutten, 157 

Penn, William, 76. 


Sir W., 229. 

Pestalozzi, ?9. 

Laud, Archbishop, 75. 

Peter the Great, 273. 

Lawrence, Lord, 186. 

Phelps, Samuel, 293. 


Leo X., 196. 

Pitt, William, 99. 

Lessing, 153. 

Pius IX., 196. 

Velasquez, 27. 

Liebig, 62. 

Pope, A., 110. 

A 7 ictor Emmanuel, 196. 

Lincoln, Abraham, 307. 

Prince Consort, 99. 

Voltaire, 127. 

Livingstone, D., 141. 

Louis, St., 126. 

Lorenzo de Medici, 196. 

Loyola, Ignatius, 74. 

Luther, Martin, 73. 



Lyell, Sir C., 146. 

Raleigh, Sir W., 140, 

Walpole, SirR., 98. 

Raphael, 26, 27. 

Ward, William G., 75. 

Rembrandt, 27. 

Washington, 24. 

Renter, Fritz, 157. 

Watt, James, 96. 


Reynolds, Sir Joshua, 27. 

Weber, 227. 

Richardson, Sir J., 141. 

Wellington, Duke of, 24. 

Macaulay, Lord, 113. 

Rousseau, 127. 

Wesley, Jchn, 75. 

Machiavelli, 196. 

Rubens, 27. 

Wliitgift, Archbishop, 74. 

Magellan, 140. 

Russell, Earl, 99. 

Wiclif, 73. 

Mahomet, 215. 

Wilberforce, William, 75. 

Marlborough, Duke of, 24. 

Wilson, Bishop, 216. 

Mathew, Father, 6. 

Witt, John de, 231. 

Maury, M. F., 141. 

Wolsey, Cardinal, 97. 

Mazzini, 196. 


Macready, 292. 

Meissner, A., 157. 

Sadler, M. T., 259. 

Mendelssohn, 227. 

St. Vincent, Earl, 230. 

Michael Angelo, 26. 

Savonarola, 200. 


Milton, John, 75. 

Schiller, 154. 

Moffatt, Robert and Mary, 142. 

Schlegel, Caroline, 157. 

Xavier, St. Francis, 74. 

Montfort, Simon de, 97. 

Schumann, 227. 

Ximenez, Cardinal, 73. 



Jarvis & Foster, Lome House. 


Hubert Harper, 27, High-street. 


Edward Baker, 15 & 17, John Bright- 
street. (10,000 books of all kinds 
in xtock ; catalogues Jree.) 

Cornish Brothers, 37, New-street. 

Midland Educational Company, Ltd. 
(Neiv and second-hand books ; 

T. J. Powell, Bookseller and 

Stationer, 71, Commercial-road. 

W. Cockcrof t, Post Office, Girlington, 
and Belle Vue Post Office, 75, 

D. B. Friend & Co., 77, Western- 
road, and 56, Church-road, Hove. 

Edward North, 30, Church-road, 

William J. Smith, 41, 42, 43, North- 
street. (Largest stock in the 

H. & C. Treacher, 1 & 170, North- 
street, and 44, East-street. 

Scholastic Trading Co., Ltd., 34, 
Bridge - street. (School and 
General Booksellers.) 

Thomas Thatcher, 44, College Green. 

Thomas Dixon, 91, Market-street. 
(Depot ofR.T.S and S.P.C.K.) 

Redin & Co., 16, Trinity-street. 

William Tomlin, 24, Trinity-street. 
(Second-hand Classics and Mathe- 

H. J. Goulden, 39 & 40, High-street. 

Established 1840. 

Edwin Dobbin, 1, St. Mary's-street. 

(Theological and General.) 

T. Forster, 101, High - street. 
(Numismatic and Topographical.) 


Roffey & Clark, Booksellers and 

Printers, 38, High-street. 

Frank Murray, Moray House ; also 
Shakespeare's Head, Leicester ; 
and Regent House, Nottingham. 
(Standard Books second-hand.) 

Henr} 7 S. Eland, Bookseller, Exeter 

and Exmouth Library. 

F. Sturt, Borough. 

William Voile, The Library, 91, 


Jasper Hannam. 

T. C. Royle, Arcade Library. 

Frank Lasham, Publisher and Book- 
seller, 61, High-street. 

J. Teal, 7, Crossley- street. (Miscel- 
laneous and second-hand books; 
catalogue free.) 

L. Whitehouse. 

John Wilson, 19, Church-street. 

J. Watson Morrison, 1, High Town. 


E. W. Coates, 3, Station-street. 

A. Brown & Sous, 26, 27, and 29, 
Savile-street. (PiMishers of School 
Books and Local Literature.) 

Alfred W. Lowe, High-street. 

Midland Educational Co., Ltd., 164, 


J. W. Bean & Son, 149, Briggate. 
(Technical Literature, School and 
College Books.) 




Midland Educational Co., Ltd., 7, 


North Western Educational Trading 
Co., Ltd., Minerva Building's, Ren- 
shaw-strect. (Complete Outfitters 
to Schools, etc.) 

William Potter, 30, Exchange-street 
East. (Second-hand books, and 
remainders ; catalogue issued at 
short intervals.) 

Henry Young & Sons, 12, South 
Castle-street. (Standard Books, 
Library editions, Finely illustrated 
books, Missals and Rare Works in 
all departments of literature.) 

Richard Amer, Lincoln's-Inn-Gate, 
Carey- street, W.C. (Law Books.) 

Henry Burnside, Blackheath, S.E. 

W. B. Clive, & Co., 13, Booksellers'- 
row, Strand, W.C. (Books for 
London University Examinations.) 

Congregational Union of England 
and Wales, Memorial Hall, Far- 
ringdon-street. ( Congregational 
Hymnals, and Theological Lec- 

Crosby, Lockwood & Son, 7, 
Stationers' Hall Court, B.C. 
(Publishers of Scientific, Technical, 
and Educational Books, and Export 

A. & F. Denny, 304, Strand, W.C. 
(Scientific and Medical.) 

Francis Edwards, 83, High-street, 
Marylebone, W. (Voyages and 

Gilbert & Field, 67. Moorgate-street, 


William Glaisher, 265, High Holborn, 
W.C. (New books and remainders.) 

Hachette & Co., 18, King William- 
street, Charing Cross, W.C. 
(French Books.) 

Charles Higham, 27A, Farringdon- 
street, E.G. (Second-hand Theo- 
logical Books of all kinds, ancient 
and modern.) 

Jones & Evans, 77, Queen-street, 
Cheapside, E.C. (All important 
New and Standard Books ; also Art 
Books, and L. P. and special 

LONDON' contd. 

II. K. Lewis, 136, Gower-street, 
1 36, Gower-street, W.C. (Medical 
and Scientific.) 

Moffatt & Paige, 28, Wawick-lane, 
E.C. Educational Publishers and 
Booksellers.) ' 

David Nutt, 270, Strand, W.C. 
(Foreign, Classical, and Theological.) 

II. E. Pearce, 6 and 8, Cleaver-street, 
Kennington Cross, S.E. 

George Philip & Sons, 32, Flect- 
street, E.C. (Geographical, and 
Technical Books, Maps, Atlases, and 

George H. Robinson, The New Book 
Court, Crystal Palace, Norwood. 
(Newest books on day of publication.) 

Walter Scott & Sons, 5 12, Brixtou- 
road, S.W. 

Truslove & Shirley, 143, Oxford- 
street, W. 

William Wesley & Son, 28, Essex- 
street, Strand, W.C. (Natural 
History and Science.) 

John G. Wheeler, 88, Miklmay Park, 
N. (Bibles and Evangelical Litera- 

Wildy & Sons, Lincoln's Inn Arch- 
way, Carey-street, W.C. (Law 
Books, new and second-hand.) 

A. Wilson (late J. Gilbert & Co.), 
18, Gracechurch - street, E.C. 
(Standard current Literature; 
Books for Workmen's Institutes and 

J. E. Cornish, 16, St. Ann'g-square, 
(New and old Bookseller.) 

Abel Hey wood & Son, 56 and 58, 
Oldham - street. (Technical and 

Smith & Woolston, 22, Wilson-street. 

William Beavis, Nelson-street. 

Agas H. Goose, Rampant Horse- 
street. (Theological and Archte- 

Jarrold & Sons ; branches at Cromer 
and Yarmouth. London House, 3, 
Paternoster-buildings, E.C. (Topo- 
graphical and Antiquarian Works 
relating to the Eastern Counties.) 




I!. Allen A; Son, Limited, Caxton 
House, 34, Long-row. (Farm 
Account Books, and Almanacks.) 

James Hell, Carlton-street. 

Joseph Thornton & Son, 11, Broad- 
street. (Scholastic and University 
Books; also Theology.) 

Mrs. Ellen Parish, Bookseller and 
Stationer, Fore-street, Ridgeway. 

Miss I /in --Icy, 37 and 39, London- 
street. (A Collection of Rutkin'a 
Works ; rare and valuable editions ; 
Circulating Library.) 

William Smith, 109 and 111, London- 
street. (Miscellaneous books, new 
and second-hand.) 

\Vhittaker & Williams, Royal 

Victoria Library. 

Henry Dooley, 22, Lower Hillgate. 

(Old and new bookseller.) 

Barnicott & Son, Fore-street. (Pub- 
lishers of '" The Country Gentleman's 
Reference Catalogue'') 

Alexander Hammett,53,North-street. 


/arrlims Wright, Market-place. 

ToRQf IT, 

Arthur \\Vstl.-y, 1<>, Strand. 

Usher <>f '/'"r>jua// <inides, Plans, 
ami Maps.) 

Mrs. S. J. Whit ham. -17. Miirki-i- 
street. (Bookseller and Circu- 
lating Library.) 


Ik-nry T. Cooke & Son, 9, High- 

Denncs Bros., Booksellers and 
IVinters. (Depfit for the 


James Starr, 43 and 45, Wallgate, 
and North Western Station Ap- 
proach. (New and second-hand 


Leach & Sou. 


John Loder, Stationers' Hall. 

Deighton & Co., 53, High-street. 

(Domesday Books, Worcestershire 

and Local Histories.) 



D. Wyllie & Son, Booksellers and 
Stationers, 247, Union-street, and 
Bridge-street. (Local, Antiqua- 
rian; First Editions; Circulating 

Mrs. Sutherland, 21 9|, High-street 

(Literature of every class.) 

George Adam Young & Co., 102, 
South Bridge. (Second-hand 
Foreign Literature, especially 
Jlebreiv and Greek-.) 

Andrew Elliott, 17, Princes-street. 
(General Bookseller and Pub- 

R. W. Hunter, Theological Book 
Depot, 19, George IV. Bridge. 
(Theological and General Litera- 


tare, new and second-hand ; catn- 

loffucs post free.) 
Macniven & Wallace, 138, Prince- - 

street. (New and second-ham/ 

books; library.) 
James Thin, Bookseller, f>">, South 

Bridge. (All departments, neic ami 


Robert L. Holmes, Wholesale Book- 
seller, 3 and 5, Dunl op-street. 
James Maclehose & Sous, 61, St. 

Vincent-street. (Books filers to the 

John Smith' & Son. li >( .. >rge- 

street. (Law, Scientific, and Maps.) 
Alexander Stenhouse, College (iatr. 

J {i 1 1 head . ( University, Medica I. a mi 

< '< ueral ; new and second-hand. ) 





William Mullan & Son, 4, Donegall- 
place. {Educational and General.') 


Miss Woods. 

Hodges, Figgis & Co., 104, Grafton- 
street. {Booksellers and Publishers 

DUBLIN contd. 

to the University of Dublin : Sole 
Agents in Ireland for the sale of 
Government publications.) 
William McGee, - 18, Nassau-street. 
{College, School, Laic, and Medi- 







University of Toronto 








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