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Haileybury register, 1862-1887 

Haileybury College, Lionel Sumner Milford 


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BüT few words are needed by way of preface. I am 
conscious that there must necessarily be faults and inaccu- 
racies in a record of this kind. I can only say that I have 
done my best. 

It is very pleasant to have to thank so many friends all 
over the world for much valuable help. I only hope they 
will not be disappointed with the result to which they have 
contributed. To the Rev. W. D. Fenning I owe the photo- 
graph, which Messrs. Dawson, of 23, Farringdon Street, E.C., 
have so skilfully reproduced. 

I trust that each lover of Haileybury will " commend and 
amend" this endeavour to bind together past, present, and 
future more closely than before. 


Sept. 1887. 

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His Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury. 

The Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of St. Albans. 


The Right Hon. Earl Cowper, K.G. 

The Most Hon. the Marquis of Salisbury, K.G. 

The Right Hon. G. J. Goschen, M.P. 

Abel Smith, Esq., M.P. 

Hon. Baron Dimsdale, M.P. 

W. R. Baker, Esq. 

Robert Smith, Esq. 

Edmund Smith Hanbury, Esq. 

The Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Peterborough. 

The Hon. and Rev. Lowther Barrington. 

The Rev. Thomas Dawson Hudson. 

G. B. Hudson, Esq. 

The Rev. Lewis Deedes. 

The Rev. E. Gray. 

The Very Rev. the Master of Trinity College, Cambridge. 

The Rev. F. E. Wigram. 

The Hon. and Rev. G. B. Legge. 

The Rev. P. Deedes. 

H. Demain Saunders, Esq. 

Rev. Lewis Deedes, Eden-Bridge, Kent. 

J. W. Chesshyre, Esq. 

C. E. Shelly, M.D. 

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The Rev. J. Robertson, M.A. 


Rev. A. De Morgan Hensley, M.A. 
Rev. H. Couchman, M.A. 

E. P. Ash, M.A. 

R. W. Bowyer, M.A. 
A. D. Carlisle, M.A. 
Rev. W. D. Fenning, M.A. 
W. R. Burgess, M.A. 
W. E. Russell, M.A. 
M. Vaughan, M.A. 
J. D. Whyte, M.A. 
C. Hawkins, M.A. 
Rev. L. S. Milford, M.A. 
M. W. Mitchell, M.A. 
A. F. Hoare, M.A. 
Rev. J. LI. Dove, M.A. 

F. W. Headley, M.A. 
Rev. H. C. Wright, M.A. 
H. C. F. Mason, M.A. 
W. Kennedy, B.A. 

A. A. Lea, M.A. 

G. H. Lewis, B.A. 
J. T. Bowlker, B.A. 
R. C. Gilson, B.A. 

A. C. Clark. 


A. H. Scheibe. 
M. Heywood. 

E. S. Burchett. 

Sergeant Bryant. 

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Oriel College, Oxford. 

Head Master, 1862-1867.3. 

Resigned in December, 1867; afterwards for a time Chaplain at 
R.I.E.C. Cooper's Hill, and then Dean and Tutor of Oriel 
College, Oxford. 

Assistant Masters appointed by Rev. A. G. Butler. 

1862.— (i) Rev. Augustus de Morgan Hensley, M.A., Trinity 
College, Cambridge. Trevelyan,* 1862; Choir Master 

(2) Rev. Charles Walford, M.A., B.N.C., Oxford. Lawrence, 

for one terra. (Left from ill health. The Rev. H. Walford 
came at a few hours' notice to take his place.) 

(3) Rev. Henry St. John Reade, M.A., University College, 

Oxford. Lawrence, 1863.1 — 1868. 3 ; married and lived 
down Hailey Lane tili 1870.3 * afterwards Head Master 
of Beccles Grammar School tili 1873; of the Godolphin 
School, Hammersmith, 1873—1876; of Oundle, 1876— 
1883. Died February 13th, 1884, at Ipsden, aged 44. 

• The House names now in use were not adopted until 1868. "Trevelyan" 
and " Lawrence" were long known as the •• Reds " and the •' Blues." Olherwise 
all Houses were called after their house-masters. 

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1863.1.— (4) Rev. Henry Walford, M.A., Wadham College, Oxford. 
Bartle Frere, 1863.1—1865.2; Hailey* I86Ö.3— 1883.2. 
Appointed by Mr. Gladstone to Ewelme Rectory, Walling- 
ford, in 1883. 

(5) Rev. Lewis Newcomen Prance, M.A., Trinity College, 

Cambridge. Thomason, 1863.1—1868.2. Now Rector 
of Stapleford Tawney, Romford, and Rural Dean. 

(6) Albert C. Clark, Esq. (English Master.) 

(7) Monsieur E. A. Oppen. (French Master— 1869.2.) 
1863.2.— (8) Rev. Henry Couchman, M.A., Trinity College, Oxford. 

Edmonstone, I863.3 — 1871.2, when he married. On Mr. 
Rhoades finally leaving, succeeded to Highfield, 1874.2 ; 
Departure Master. 
I863.3.— (9) Cormell Prioe, Esq., M.A., B.C.L., B.N.C., Oxford. 
Colvin, 1863.3—1874.2. Head of Modern Side. Hall 
Master — 1874.2. Head Master of the United Services 
College, West ward Ho ! 1874. 

(10) Rev. Edmund Hugh KcHeile, M.A., Trinity College, 

Cambridge — 1864.1. Incumbent of S. Paul's, Prince's 
Park, Liverpool. 

(11) Rev. Charles James Marshall. Bartle Frere, — 1867. 3, when 

he married; left 1869.2. Study Master. Founder and 
Head Master of Bengeo Preparatory School, 1869. 

(12) Ebenezer 8. Burchett, Esq. (Drawing Master.) 

(13) Herr A. H. Scheibe. (Music Master.) 

1864.2.— (14) James Rhoades, Esq., M.A., Trinity College, Cam- 
bridge. Master of " Highfield," which he built, 1868— 
1874.1. After some time at Bournemouth, went to Sher- 
borne School. 

[1865.1.— B. E. Hammond, Esq., M.A., Trinity College, Cambridge, 
for one term. Fellow and Tutor of Trinity.] 

1 865.3.— (15) Rev. Matthew Herbert Wilson, M.A. Left for a 
time in 1867.1, from ill-health; returned in 1869.3—1875. 
Vicar of Lyminster, Sussex. Died December 26th, 1879. 
(16) Rev. Thomas Edward Platten, M.A., Lincoln College, 
Oxford — 1866.1. Vicar of Hindringham, New Walsing- 
ham, 1877. 

* Hailey— or "Hailey House" as it was always called— was until 1879.3* the 
house of the Lower School. Thomason, until 1868.3, was the house for small 
bbys in College ; the yellow stripes on the cap formed a star and were not 
prolonged to the edge. 

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(17) Edward Philip Ash, Esq., M.A., Caius College, Cambridge. 
Thomason, 1 868.3— 1873.3. Study Master, 1867.2—1883.3, 
but left College on his marriage. When Mr. Walford left, 
succeeded to Hailey, 1 883.3. 

I866.1.— (18) Rev. Henry Robert Huckin, M.A., S. John's College, 
Oxford. Bartle Frere, 1867.3— 1869.2. Afterward s Assist- 
ant Master at Merchant Taylors'; and in 1874 Head 
Master of Repton. Died 1882. 

I866.2.— (19) Rev. Thomas Soach, M.A., S. John's College, Cam- 
bridge.— 1866. 3. Afterwards Assistant Master at Repton. 
Takes pupils in Clifton. 

(20) Henry George Hart, Esq., M.A., S. John's College, 
Cambridge. Lawrence, I868.3 — 1873.2. Left, on his 
marriage, for Harro w. Head Master of Sedbergh, 1876. 

I866.3.— (21) J. H. Stennett, Esq., B.A.— 1867.1. Afterwards 
lived for some time at Bournemouth. 

1867.2.— (22) Rev. Thomas Pitts, M.A., Emmanuel College, Cam- 
bridge. Bartle Frere, 1869.3—1874.2. Afterwards Rector 
of Thurning, Oundle. Now Rector of Loughborough. 

(23) Rev. Thomas Miller, M.A., Queens' College, Cambridge. 

— 1 867.3. Afterwards Assistant Master at Uppingham. 

(24) Clement C. Cotterill, Esq., M.A., S. John's College, Cam- 

bridge — 1868.2. Afterwards Assistant Master at Fettes. 

On Mr, Butlers resignation, the Council appointed — 


Balliol College, Oxford, Hon. Canon of S. Alban's. 
I868.1— 1883.3. 

He resigned in December, 1883, and has since 1884 been working 
in the East End of London. 

Assistant Masters appointed by Dr. Bradby. 

I868.1.— (25) Rev. Frederick Brisbane Butler, M.A., Merton 
College, Oxford. Edmonstone, 1871. 3— 1883.1. Died 
at Haileybury, March 28th, 1883. There is a tablet in 
Chapel to his memory. 
The "Brisbane Butler 9% Shakespeare Prize was founded in his 
memory ; and some of his books were bought for the 

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I868.2.— (26) Rev. John Hardy Baven, M.A., Jesus College, Cam- 
bridge— 1871. 3; Choir Master, I868.2— 1871.3. Minor 
Canon of ehester Cathedral 1872-73. Head Master of 
Fauconberge School, Beccles, 1873. 
[Mr. Hart was away for two terms from ill-health, and his 
place was taken by J. Stogdon, Esq., M.A. Afterwards 
Assistant Master at Harrow.] 

1 868.3.— (27) Rev. Duncan Crookes Tovey, M.A., Trinity College, 
Cambridge— 1870.2. Chaplain of Trinity College, Cam- 
bridge, 1871-74. Assistant Master at Eton 1874—1885. 
Now Rector of Worplesdon, Guildford. 

(28) E.E. Day, Esq., B.A.— 1869. 3 . 

1869.2.— (29) Rev. Frederic John Hall, M.A., Cläre College, Cam- 
bridge. Lawrence, 1873.3 — 1882.3. Head of a Private 
School at Wymondley, near Stevenage. 

[I869.3.— William E. Hart, Esq., M.A.— 1869.3. Now a Judge 
in India.] 

(30) Robert William Bowyer, Esq., M.A., Queens' College, Oxford. 
Thomason, 1874. f. Hall Master, I874.3— 1886.3. 

1870.1.— (31) Alfred Messervy, Esq., M.A., Exeter College, Oxford. 
Senior Modern Language Master. Colvin, 1874.3 — 1877-3. 
Afterwards a Master at Derby School, and Rector of the 
College, Mauritius. 

1 870-3.— (32) Charles Davys Argles, Esq., M.A., Trinity College, 
Cambridge. Bartle Frere, 1874.3 — 1879.2. Drowned in 
the Thames, near Cookham, August 2nd, 1879. 
There is a tablet in Chapel to his memory. A Botany Prize 
has been founded by Mrs. Argles in his memory, and a 
prize for Latin Verse is also associated with his name. 

(3^) Edward Ernest Morris, Esq., M.A., Lincoln College, Oxford 
— 1871.2. Afterwards Head Master of the Bedford 
Grammar School, and Head Master of Melbourne 
Grammar School. Now Professor of English Literature 
in Melbourne University. 

1871. 3.— (34) George Henry Pope, Esq., M.A., B.C.L.— 1875.2 ; 
Took Highfield for two terms. Secretary of the Merchant 
Venture«' Company, Bristol. 

(35) Alfred Vivian Jones, Esq., M.A., Exeter College, Oxford. 
Colvin, 1877.3—1886.1. Choir Master, 1871.3— 1886.1. 

Digitized by 


Masters. vi 

1872.2.— (36) Arthur Drummond Carlide, Esq., M.A., Trinity 
College, Cambridge. Batten, I879.3I Senior Hall Master, 

I873.3. — (37) Henry Bernard Cotterill, Esq., M.A., S. John's 
College, Cambridge — 1875.1. Afterwards for a time at 
Harrow. Went out to Victoria Nyanza as a missionary. 
For some years a Tutor in Dresden ; afterwards at Pen- 
maenmawr ; and now in Switzerland. 
[J. 0. Fawcus, Esq., Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, 
came for the term to take the Lower Form. Since 
a barrister in London.] 
(38) Arthur John Caswall Dowding, Esq., M.A., New College, 
Oxford — 1876.1. Afterwards a Master at Fettes. Now 
Master of a Preparatory School at Moffatt, N.B. 

1874.1.— (39) Rev. George Edward Jeans, M.A., Pembroke College, 
Oxford; Fellow of Hertford College. Bartle Frere, 
1879.3—1887. 1 . Chaplain to Servants. Rector of Motti- 
stone-cum-Shorwell, Isle of Wight. 

I874.3.— (40) Rev. Edward Morris Reynolds, M.A., Emmanuel 

College, Cambridge. Head of the Modern Side — 1876.1. 

(41) Alfred Arthur Bodkin, Esq., M.A., Cambridge— 1878.3. 

Afterwards to the Cape, ostrich farming tili the war, and 

since that time engaged in tuition in Cape Town. 

[1875.2.— Harold Carlisle, Esq., B.A. For the term.] 

1875.3.— (42) John Maxwell Batten, Esq., M.A., S. John's College, 
Cambridge (The first O. H. Master)— 1877.2. After- 
wards a Master at Kelly College, Tavistock ; at Newton 
Abbot; and Head Master of the Plymouth High School. 

(43) Rev. William Dnnkin Fenning, M.A., University College, 

Oxford. LeBas, 1880.1. 

(44) William Ernest Russell, Esq., M.A., C.C.C. Oxford. [For 

one term; back in 1878.3-] Lawrence, I882.3. 

1876.2.— (45) Rev. James Trengrove Nanoe, M.A., S. John's 
College, Oxford — 1876.3. Afterwards Fellow and Tutor 
of S. John's College, Oxford. Now Rector of Polstead, 
[Rev. William Ooodohild, M.A., New College, Oxford. For 
one term. Now at Wellington.] 

1876.3.— (46) William Ralph Burgess, Esq., M.A., Queens* College, 
Oxford. Melvill, I88O.2. 

Digitized by 


Vlii . MASTERS. 

1877.1. — (47) James M. Johnson, Esq., M.A., Trinity College, Cam- 
bridge — 1 877.3. Afterwards a Master at Fettes. Died 
August 14th, 1882. 
[Charles Godfroy Steel, £sq., M.A., University College, 
Oxford. For one term. Afterwards at Rugby.] 

[1878.1.— William Hind, Esq., M.A., Balliol College, Oxford 
— 1878.2. Afterwards ordained, Curate of S. John's, 

1878.1.— (48) Matthew Vaughan, Esq., M.A., S. John's College, 
Cambridge. Edmonstone, 1883.2. 
[George Podxnore, Esq., M.A., Keble College, Oxford 
— 1878.2. Since Master of a Preparatory School at 

1878.3.— (49) '<*a David Whyte, Esq., M.A., Oriel College, 
Oxford. Senior Modern Language Master. (Married 
1883, and went to live out of College.) 

1879.1.— (50) Cecil Hawkins Esq., M.A., C.C.C., Cambridge. 
Colvin, 1886.1. 

1 879.3.— (51) Rev. Lionel Snmner Hilford, M.A., Pembroke 
College, Oxford. Study Master, 1883.3—1887.1 ; Bartle 
Frere, 1887.2. 

(52) Mortimer Alexander William Mitchell, Esq., M.A., Durham 


(53) Arthur Fanshawe Hoare, Esq., M.A., Balliol College, Oxford. 

Study Master, 1887.2. 

[I88O.1.— John Tillard, Esq., M.A., S. John's College, Cambridge. 
Left at end of term on being appointed one of H. M. 
Inspectors of Schools.] 

I88O.2.— (54) Rev. Julian Llewellyn Dove, M.A., Christ's College, 
Cambridge. Junior Master of Hall, 1887.1. Chapkin to 
Servants, 1887.2. 

(55) Frederick Webb Headley, Esq., M.A., Caius College, Cam- 
[Charles J. Johnstone, Esq., M.A., Jesus College, Cambridge, 
took temporary work for two terms. Since Joint Master of 
a Preparatory School at Yockleton Hall, near Shrewsbury.] 

I88O.3.— (56) Rev. Henry Charles Wright, M.A., Pembroke College, 
(56a) Malcolm Heywood, Esq. (R.A.M.). (Music Master.) 

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[I88I.2.— Francis Henry Colson, Esq., M.A., S. John's College, 

Cambridge. Took work for a term during Mr. Russell's 

absence. Afterwards Master at Clifton, and now Senior 

Classical Master at Bradford.] 
1881. 3. — (57) Francis Michael Wright, Esq., M.A., Queens' 

College, Oxford — 1884.2. After a year in. London, went 

out to Florida. 
1883.1.— (58) Henry Charles Finch Mason, Esq., M.A., Trinity 

College, Cambridge. 
I883.3.— (59) Wardlaw Kennedy, Esq., M.A., Pembroke College, 

(60) Arthur Augustus Lea, Esq., M.A., C.C.C., Oxford. 

On Dr. Bradbys resignatwn, the Council appoinied— 


Jesus College, Cambridge. 


Assistant Masters appointed by Mr. Robertson. 

[I884.3.— J. P. Carr, Esq., M.A., C.C.C., Cambridge. For one 

1885.1.— (61) Rev. Herbert William Williams, B.A., Jesus College, 
Cambridge — 1886.2. Joint Head of a Tutorial Establish- 
ment at West Wratting Park, near Cambridge. 

I886.1.— (62) George Harold Lewis, Esq., B.A., C.C.C., Oxford. 
Choir Master, 1 886.1. 

1 886.3.— (63) Thomas James Bowlker, Esq., B.A., Jesus College, 

1887.2.— (64) Robert Carey Oilson, Esq., B.A., Trinity College, 

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I have been allowed to prefix to this slight summary of our 
history the interesting article which appeared in The Haileyburian 
when the School attained its majority. It may be instructive to 
see to some extent how our various buildings rose and our different 
institutions grew up. We are apt to resist all innovation at the 
outset, and then to rush to the opposite extreme of unreasoning 
adherence when the dangerous reform has been once introduced. 


"On September 2 ist, 1862, Haileybury began its new life as a Public School. 
A dismal period had intervened since the time that the old East India College had 
been closed ; for long it was absolutely empty, though the solitude was broken for 
a few months by the arrival of a regiment from India, fresh from the Mutiny. One 
can imagine that Hertford Heath was a fine recruiting Station for the tired veterans, 
but the building was not suited for barracks, and it was soon again deserted. For 
a while there was a talk of its becoming the Union Workhouse, but happily a better 
fate was in störe for the place. The enterprize of several county gentlemen, and 
the energy of Mr. Stephen Austin, successfully carried through a scheme for 
turning it into a School. Mr. Arthur G. Butler, a Rugby Master, was appointed 
head, and we entered into existence just twenty-one years ago. But how different 
the place was then ! Imagine it after three years of neglect, only hastily got ready 
for a somewhat uncertain number of boys. The rooms, the Chapel, the Hall, 
musty and dismal to a degree, the grass in the Quadrangle like a neglected meadow, 
the paths badly gravelled, whilst on them stood furniture and piles of crockery, 
which had yet to be taken in doors, after the arrival of the boys. The gardens 
and grounds round about, though always beautiful, were rankly grown with Vege- 
tation and weeds, and felled timber obstructed progress in most directions. Arrival 
at such a place must have produced an oppressive feeling at any rate to those in 
Charge. We trust we shali not be breaking confidence if, in proof of the want of 
furniture, we teil how one master brought down with him, only the day before the 
opening day, his bed and bedding, but very nearly missed having a resting-place 
after all, as the railway Company positively refused to convey it as personal 
luggage 1 However, things got settled somehow, thanks to the energy of Mr. 

Digitized by 



Butler and Mr. Hensley ; nor must we omit the names of Benjamin Jones and 
George Dorset, who were true pillars of support on those opening days, as they 
were for long afterwards. The latter, however, caused some confusion at one 
stage of the proceedings. He had been told to collect all the boys' keys as they 
arrived, in order that the Matron might unpack their boxes. This he did, and 
took her the whole fifty mixed together, and without any names to them ! Those 
interested in Permutations may calculate how many times each key would have to 
be tried. Poor Mrs. Cope — let us hope she did not use any very bad language ! 
Those who knew her will remember her temper was sometimes ruffled. Besides 
Mr. Butler and Mr. Hensley, Mr. Charles Walford and Mr. Reade were Masters 
here the first term, and between them taught the fifty-four boys who had come. 
The class-rooms they used have long ago been altered, or disappeared. Between 
the Masters House and the Lodge there were two big lecture-rooms, with large 
lantern Skylights, the lower one was the head form-room, the next Mr. Hensley's, 
whilst Mr. Walford and Mr. Reade had form-rooms at the other side of the 
Lodge. Two Dormitories were opened (the present Lawrence and Edmonstone), 
Mr. Hensley was Master of the lower, and Mr. C. Walford of the upper one, and 
the space now filled by the Big School was then occupied by their dormitory class- 
rooms and their own private rooms. The Houses wore then as now the familiär 
blue- or red-striped caps (Lawrence and Trevelyan), and went by no other name 
but the ' Blues ' and the • Reds.' As they were the first filled, they outstripped 
the other later ones for many a term in games ; indeed it was long before any 
other house aspired even to challenge them. For the first two or three years the 
match between ' Reds ' and ' Blues ' was the great event of the term ; and well 
can we remember how all the school flocked to see them playing for ' Cock House.' 
The rivalry between them was tremendous ; it was intensified of course by the fact 
that they were the only two possible rivals for supremacy at that time. Their 
feud was not merely in games, they carried it into private life, and as those were 
days when fights were much more frequent than now, the State of Haileybury was 
somewhat like that of Verona, in the time of the Montagues and Capulets. Mr. 
Charles Walford left at the end of the first term, and his brother, who has but just 
left us, took his place. Mr. Reade, however, succeeded to his house (the Blues). 
There were 76 boys the second term, and the numbers went on steadily increasing, 
so that at the beginning of the second year the numbers were 1 73, whilst the third 
year was begun with 255. As they were required, new dormitories were opened 
in the Clock House, under Mr. H. Walford, Mr. Couchman, Mr. Prance, and 
Mr. Price. In the summer of 1864, when Mr. Hensley married, he and Mr. 
Couchman changed dormitories, taking their boys with them of course, Mr. 
Hensley going to his present one, so as to be near his House, and Mr. Couchman 
to the Lower dormitory, which was afterwards named Edmonstone. It was not 
tili the School had been open for a year that the Clock House was built, to make 
Masters' rooms for the new House. Let us go back to the beginning however. 
The first boys to arrive were the two Michells from Yorkshire. The eider of 
whom afterwards became Captain of the XI, and later on commanded a Company 
of the 6oth Rifles at the Battle of Ulundi. They had mistaken the day and came 
a day too soon, so they were absolutely the first Haileyburians. 

M As the other boys arrived they soon made friends,— all were new alike, so 
there was a glorious equality, and the first thing young Haileybury as a body did 
was to run round and round the quadrangle hurraing and making a tremendous 
noise. Those must have been days when boys were more unsophisticated than 

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now, for during the first week one of the smaller ones came up to a Master who is 
still here, and putting his hand in his, said, ' Do come and play with us, its no fun 
without you.' 

" Work of course had to begin soon, but alas ! through some mistake of the 
booksellers, there were no books ready, and the first two days had to be spent in a 
constant round of Arithmetic set on the black-board. We have in our hands 
a time-table of lessons for the first terra, in Mr. Butler's own handwriting, and 
as it will probably interest some, we give it in füll : — 

7.— Chapel. 7.15—8.25. — Preparation. 

7.15— 8.15.— ist Lesson. 8.30.— Chapel. 

8.20.— Break fast. 9.— Bed for small Boys. 

9. 5. — Preparation. 9. 30. —Bed for big Boys. 

10 — II. — Say Lesson. 10. — All Lights put out. 

1 1. 15 — 12.45. — Leara and say Lesson. 

1.30. — Dinner. Tuesday, 5.40—6.40. — Verses. 

4 (or 3.45) -6.45.— Learn and say Thursday, 5— 6.40.— Learn and say 
I^esson. Lesson. 

6.45.— Tea. 

" In the old Chapel — so long and narrow — the boys all sat near the door, a 
' House ' on either side, and as there was no gas in those days the place was some- 
what dimly lighted wilh candles. It must indeed have looked ghostly. For the 
first few nights there was no music, but a harmonium was soon bought, and Mr. 
Hensley became the first choir-master. In the Hall and Great School moderator 
laraps were used (it was before the time of paraffin oil), though there, too, candles 
sometimes made their appearance, presumably when oil ran out. To illustrate 
the various uses to which inventive youth can tum materials at its disposal, we 
will relate how one night, when the master of the week was late in Coming in to 
Preparation, he found the boys had whiled away the time by melting the candles 
on the floor, thus making a slide more than half the length of the old Great 
School, which they were briskly enjoying. 

" At first the Hall, as well as the Chapel, 'was a place of magnificent Spaces.' 
The boys sat there too according to their Houses, at either side of the room, and 
seemed to show their rivalry in trying which House could behave the worst ! It 
had been arranged always to give the boys pickles for dinner, but they ate such a 
quantity that the practice was speedily dropped. The careful soul of Mr. Jones 
(the Steward) was vexed and considerably surprised to find that fifty boys could 
eat;£5 worth of pickles in a fortnight ! 

" As may be imagined, there were many parts of the building uninhabited, a few 
studies which existed at the Lodge side of the quadrangle were occupied at once, 
but the large block on the other side were desolate, save that a few were utilized 
as carpenters' and locksmiths' shops, or for Stores of crockery, caps, etc. ; and one 
we recollect was given up to a scientific boy who dabbled in chemistry and photo- 
graphy. Many will remember the dingy groups that Berthon and Bosanquet 
used to take. 

" During the first term, the part we now call the Clock House (it had then no 
projecting part or clock) was firmly believed to be haunted, and there were many 
who would not have gone near it at night on any account. Possibly the scarcity 
of light at that epoch had something to do with the belief, for the ghost, or ghosts, 
disappeared when the gas-works were built. 

•• What is now • the Residency ' was originally fitted üp as the house of the 

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second master ; bat Mr. Hensley preferred to live in rooms near his dormitory, 
and thus what had been meant for him was used as the Sick House, and continued 
so until the New Buildings were put up, for when Mr. Hensley did move, it was 
not there but to his present house. 

Hailey House was also then uninhabited, and had most romantic stories attached 
to it. Boys used to creep in through broken Windows, and roam about in the 
empty and dusty rooms, and one brown mark on the floor was always pointed out 
as the spot where a murder had been committed. Probably the legend had some 
connection with the pond which used to exist in the Hailey House field, near the 
white gates, for that was always calied ' Dead Man's Pond.' The garden was a 
charming rambling ground. It was rankly overgrown, and had probably not seen 
or feit a gardener's hand for six years, when Mr. Walford first went to live there 
in 1865. Roses straggled in all directions, and many another flower rapidly 
passing into the semi-wild stage, grew carelessly beautiful. The lawn was the 
recognized fighting ground of the School for its first few years ; and many is the 
carp that has been pulled out of the Hailey House pond, where in those days 
the fishing was entirely free and unpreserved. We regret to say that Sunday 
afternoon was the favourite time for the sport, but this was probably merely 
because the regulation tall hats made such capital baskets for the fish when caught 

" The only cricket-field was the Pavillon ground, which was not then more 
than half its present size. The field below the Terrace sloped gently away to the 
road, and though used for football, was not levelled for cricket until eighteen 
months later. When first it was made, it was the ground of honour, and the 
foreign matches were played there. Cricket and football, combined with a little 
poaching, were the chief amusements of those days, for there were no fives-courts 
to start with ; those in the Avenue were built in November, 1863, and some 
covered ones behind the studies a little later ; but the two old racquet courts in 
the Pavilion field were much used, and though they had no side walls, and one of 
them not even a back wall, it was thought a capital game. Dorset sold fives bats 
and racquet balls at the Lodge for the first few years. This was one of his multi- 
farious duties, for those were the days before division of labour. 

" The Grub Shop was actually in College. The front part of the form room 
that is now occupied by Mr. Lea * was then a lobby with doors opening out of it 
into form-rooms at either side. Beyond this lobby was a room about the size of 
a study, and this was the Grub Shop, to which Mr. Young used to come up every 
day from Hertford, with a gig füll of hot tarts and other delicacies. 

" With mention of this important department of the School we must pause for 
the present, and conclude these rough notes about our early infancy. R." 

In the Prospectus of 1864 the heading runs, " Haileybury 

College (late East India College) near Hertford." 

1864.— Mr. Arthur Butler was compelled to be away in 1864, but 
the quiet restored him to health. Mr. Hensley acted as vice- 
gerent during the Head Masters absence. The " Field 
Racquet Court" was in the East India time merely a high 
wall with small wings at either side and a low back wall. 
The present building was soon erected and much in request. 
The Covered Racquet Court did not follow for a year or two. 

* Now Mr. Lewis.— Ed. 

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1865. — In July, 1865, a circular was issued and funds were raised 
for the levelling of what is now known as the Pavilion Ground. 
In September Mr. Walford moved into Hailey House. 

1866. — In the Autumn term a "white book" replaced the call over 
list which used to be sent home to give the examination order. 

1867. — This was followed in the Easter term of 1867 by the Blue 
book, arranged much as we now know it. In the Spring of 
1867 "jfioo was paid, after arbitration, as compensation for 
damage done to the crops and fences of a neighbouring 
farmer whose land adjoins ours." 

1867.2. — The first 100 in a house match was made by R. Branton 
Day for the Blues v. Reds. In old days these (Lawrence and 
Trevelyan) were the only two which played for Cock House. 

I867.3. — The usual prohibition of fireworks was forgotten until 
Nov. 4, and so the whole school was allowed out after lock-up 
on Nov. 5th to let offtheir fireworks on the Pavilion field. 
On Nov. 30th the first Old Boys football match was played under 
the captaincy of P. T. Bainbrigge. Only fifteen Old Boys 
In December Mr. Arthur Butler was reluctantly compelled to 
resign from ill-health. According to the Lawrence "Vive 
la Compagnie : " 

B Stands for Butler, whose excellent rule, 

Vive la Compagnie ! 
In five years has made us a great Public School, 

Vive la Compagnie ! 

I868.1. — The Rev. E. H. Bradby, of Rugby and Harrow, was chosen 
to succeed Mr. Butler. The Rev. F. Brisbane Butler came as 
assistant master. The similarity of names led to absurd 
rumours that the old master was to return in a subordinate 

On March ist the first number of The Haileyburian appeared. 
The form and arrangement have remained unaltered from the 
Start. It was a difficult matter to find the sixpence in ready 
money which alone could procure the new publication- Only 
five could raise it in U. M. 2, and one of those, I know, had 
to borrow the coin and forestall his next allowance. 

House names were started about this time. 

Mr. Reade presented the " Ball " as an Interhouse Trophy. 

Article in Haileyburian in favour of " House Feeling." 

Hitherto two or three of the Masters used to play football and 
cricket with the School team. 

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1868.2. — The Sanatorium was Struck by lightning. 

Proposal in Haileyburian (this will be abbreviated henceforward) 
for a Scientific Society. 

Presentation of the " Clock " by Mr. Couchman for the House 
which had most prizes. 

Haileybury beat Uppingham in tbe first match played ; J. Spens, 
53, W. P. Brooke, 29 and 43. 

The Clock is accused of suffering its hands to be blown on past 
the hour for Chapel and thereby occasioning " loss of wind 
and injury to the grass." (It used to be a privilege to run 
across the grass plots during the last minute. It was possible 
to sit in a study until the first stroke of the hour before middle 
chapel, and yet be in time.) Some wished for a clock tower 
in the middle of the quadrangle in memory of Mr. Arthur 

The Duke of Edinburgh asked for and obtained the addition of 
an extra week to the Summer Holidays. 

Suggestions of a School Library; O.H. dinner; Rifle Corps; 
Football match with Wellington; Cricket club to take over 
the Grub Shop. 

The "Literary Society" was set on foot by Mr. Reade. The 
first meeting was held in the open air under the fence outside 
the Hailey House garden. One burning question was whether 
the Society should have a distinctive mark or badge or no. 
The rival parties were to vote by declamation, " Badgers " or 
" Non Badgers." The "Literary Paper" with its motto was 
the compromise. A "Convivium" or banquet was con- 
templated as a terminal entertainment. This was occasionally 

I868.3.— The Racquet shop was built and racquet and fives balls 
were sold by the professional, instead of being bought at the 

First debate of the Literary Society, November 2 ist, on the 
" Enfranchisement of Women." 

The Masters still played for the School in matches. 

1869.1. — Articles on " Our House Names" began with a life of 

" Sir John Lawrence." 
Haileybury made its first appearance at Prince's, and scored 81 

points to Rugby's 83. 
Lawrence for the third time in three consecutive years had House 


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An "In-time" prize was offered by Messrs. Ash, Price, and 
Hart. (Form masters used to punish the " Iates " for Chapel 
until 1880. The Masters of each table in Hall were responsible 
for the punctuality of their own table tili after 1874.) 

About this time the "Cap-room" was transferred from Study 25, 
and Herr Scheibe relinquished the present room, which was 
until then a music room. 

1869.2. — Uppingham on a very wet wicket scored 90 to our 80, of 

which Spens made 51. 
Prize for swimming in clothes offered by Mr. Pitts. 
J. R. Brooke won the first Haileybury first in Mods. 
Proposal that " Haileybury Wanderers " should be started ; that 

some one should be chosen to regulate B.B.S. and 2nd xi. 

Wellington beat us: — H. 94 and 116; W. 184 and 23 for no 

wickets. We won the Racquets. 

1 869.3. — The Committee of Games was instituted. 
The Haileyburian records with gratification that it has received 

favourable notice in the Guardian, 
The Portrait of Rev. A. G. Butler, by G. Richmond, R.A., 

arrived, and was hung in Hall. 
Lawrence House Entertainment as usual. 
In the " Occasional Notes " we read : " Efforts are being made 

to get a distinctive badge for the School Twenty to wear in 

undress." Hence the familiär silver heart. 

1870.1. — "The School Library, which has been considerably en- 
larged, has been removed to the Upper Sixth Class room." 
(This was what is now Mr. Whyte's form-room. A new block 
of form-rooms, including the Museum, L. V., and adjacent 
rooms had been recently built. The "Cock Pit" and a 
modern side room, lighted by sky-lights, had been swept 
away, and the roof was heightened to the same level as 
Mr. Hensley's house.) 

" The Committee of Games has decided that the prizes for the 
athletics shall not be money for the future." 

The newly-formed " Glee Club " gave a concert. 

The System of marking for the Ball now in use was finally 
adopted after much discussion. 

At Prince's Spens and Pollock were beaten by Rugby 4 — 2. . 

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1870.2. — Uppingham match put off because of their fever. (The 

match was *unavoidably dropped during the migration to 

We were beaten by Wellington. W. 147 and 82 ; H. 61 and 167 ; 

J. Spens, not out, 68. Professional umpires, Caesar and Mort- 

lock, this year. 
" Haileybury Wanderers " began. 

I87O.3. — Article in Haileyburian on " Boys won't be boys." 
The "Lawrence House Entertainment" ceased as a School 

institution, partly because the dormitory was not strong 

enough to sustain the crowds. 
The " Pastimes " began, in Hall, at the end of term. 

1871.1. — A System of marking for Paper Chases was introduced. 
Harrow, the ultimate winners, beat us at Prince's. 

1871.2. — The Eleven beat the Masters for the first time. 
The School broke up a month before time on account of the 
scarlet fever. 

1871. 3. — First Haileybury Scratch Fours at Cambridge. 

Suggestion that " Edmonstone " and the other House names 
should be used instead of "Mr. Couchman's" and so on, in 
the Blue Book. [There was then much difficulty in prevail- 
ing on people to use the House names.] 
197 volumes of the old East India College Library were pre- 
sented by the India Office. 

1872.1. — The Modern Side was finally arranged in forms like the 
classical. (Its designations had been various — " Modern 
Form," "English Form," "Modern School— Upper, Middle, 
1872.2. — Athletics held this term on account of the wet weather. 

Beaten by Uppingham. U. 394; H. 43 and 81. 

The Gymnasium was refitted and placed, with the School of 
Arms, under the care of an instructor. [It was before open 
to any one without supervision, and the floor was some feet 
deep in tan. The School of Arms, which was run up as a 
temporary building when Mr. Arthur Butler found that 
Sergeant Campbell, of the Mounted Police, could box, dis- 
appeared in February, 1887.] 

We beat Wellington after a most exciting finish, when Welling- 
ton had three wickets to fall and nine runs to get. Hodgson 
and Hill shared the bowling honours. H. 121 and 75 ; W. 69 
and 123. 


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Wellington won Double Racquets, Haileybury Singles. 

Bengeo played Hailey House and were beaten. 

Proposal for a " Restoration " day for lost and " borrowed " books. 

1872.3.— N. S. S. started on November 6th. R. W. Bowyer, Esq., 
President. F. Podmore, Secretary. Committee, G. J. Howson, 
W. E. Smith, H. E. Wingfield. 
"Books to be read next term" first added at the end of the 
Blue Book. 

1873.1.— " Agra Mission" started, with Rev. F. J. Hall as Secretary 

and Treasurer. 
The "Red Book" began. 
Hailey House Athletics. 
J. R. Twisden read the first paper at the N. S. S. on " Structure 

and Classification of Phoenogamous Plants." 
Extraordinary meeting of N. S. S. for discussion of "Helix 

Pomatia," or edible snails, from Gallows Hill. 

1873.2. — Beaten by Uppingham. H. 160 and 59; U. 169 and 53. 

J. W. Ewing 58 and 11. 
Beaten by Wellington. H. 45 and 75 ; W. 237, and lost the 

Racquets as well. 
" Six elevens " started, with a captain to arrange the matches. 
Hailey House Concert. 

1873.3« — Red Book came out with Home addresses. 
"Carmen Haileyburiense " published. 

O.H.s. at Cambridge played C. C. C. This was seemingly the 
first O.H. football rhatch at either University. 

1874.1. — The "Antiquarian Society" was founded. Rev. F. B. 

Butler, President ; H. B. Cotterill, Esq., L. S. Milford, and 

E. W. Howson, Committee; G. C. P. Williams Freeman, 

Proposal for a Pavilion on Terrace Ground. 
G. Gray came as Racquet Professional. 
Beaten by Wellington at Prince's ; only a difference of two points 

at the end. 

1874.2. — On May sth first meeting of the Antiquarian Society. 
E. W. Howson read a paper on "The Misereres of ehester, 
Exeter, and Worcester ; " and L. S. Milford on " History and 
Antiquities of East Knoyle." 
Catalogue of Library published. 

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We avenged many defeats in the Wellington match — W. 62 and 
46; H. 435. C. Gurdon, 152 not out; C. J. Blomfield, 53; 
J. W. Ewing, 55. 

Proposal for Archery Club. 

In the holidays Haileybury played its first, and at present only, 
match in London. We beat Rossall at the Oval. R. 74 and 
59 ; H. 234. H. A. Hodgson, the bowler, 84. 

1 874.3. — The Presidency of the Literary Society was made elective. 
Offices of " Chronicler " and " Custodian " created in Antiquarian 

"LX" caps now called "XL" caps. 
Prefects ceased to be ex-officio on Big Side. 
Proposed that the XI have badges. 
The School went down to see the Prince and Princess of Wales 

pass through Hertford on November 28th. 
Death of Mr. Jones, December 1 ith. [An in memoriam appeared 

in Haileyburian, vol. iii. pp. 53-55. The pulpit in chapel was 

erected to his memory. A brass plate with an inscription was 

put up near the pulpit in March, 1887.] 

1875.1.— The rule about XI badges was cancelled. 
O.H. club started. 

1875.2. — Uppingham, 214 ; H. 69 and 80. 
Wellington match drawn : W. 91 and 130; H. 105 and 99 for 

three wickets; L. S. Newmarch, 52 not out. 
Archer}' Club started. 

I875.3.— Presentation of " Haunchus " to President of Antiquarian 

G. M. Merivale gave a Challenge Cup for Racquets. 

Two teams of Old Boys for the first time. 

Jones Memorial, limited to five Shillings apiece, reached^"io3. 

Proposal that photographs of XI and XX should be framed and 
hung under the lists in Gymnasium and Pavilion ; and that 
the XX should be changed to XV. 

The Pastimes were held in the " New Great School." 

[The back way up into the studies, so convenient for those who 
lingered late in the Bath or Grub Shop, had been closed for 
some years, and now a new block had been fitted in, comprising 
the Lawrence and Edmonstone Masters* rooms and other 
necessaries for those Dormitories, and a new Great School in 
front. A yawning chasm for a time replaced the old Great 

Digitized by 

Google — 


School, which was itself the Library of the East India College. 
In old days the Preparation Master stepped straight from 
Common Room into the Great School — into which the boys 
could precede him or, it must be added, follow him through 
the friendly curtain which waved at the door.] 

1876.1. — "The new Chapel has at length been begun. The first 
sod was turned by the Master during the Christmas holidays, 
and the first three bricks were laid by the first three boys on 
Tuesday, February 8th." 
Letter against loafing, and in favour of more organized exercise 
in Easter term. 

1876.2. — " Haileybury Verses " (first series) published. 
Harro w beat us at Prince's. 
First "letter" from Oxford. 
First Haileybury Scratch Fours at Oxford. 
Mr. H. B. Cotterill lectured before starting for Lake Nyanza. 
Mr. Bradby's new application of "Bis dat qtri cito dat" in 

speaking of Chapel Subscriptions. 
Draw with Wellington : H. 163 and 217 ; W. S. Gurney, 62, and 

W. D. Hamilton, 64. W. 146 and 56 for five wickets. 
We beat Wellington at Racquets. 
" Games " rather than " Houses " advocated on Little Side at 


1876.3.—" Games" adopted. 
Suggestion of "Bars" for football; that the province of the 
" Occasional Notes" should be enlarged. 

1877.1. — The idea of forming an old Wellingtonian and an old 
Haileyburian Social Club at Oxford finally abandoned. 

Oxford O.H.s. v. Cambridge O.H.s. at Oxford, March 14. 

Proposal for Lawn Tennis Club ; for House Ribbon to be re- 
stricted to House XFs ; for House Quartettes. 

R. T. Allen presented Quarter-mile Challenge Cup. 

1877.2. — Singing competition instituted. Lawrence won quartette 
with R. T. Milford, E. H. Montresor, C. G. N. Trollope, F. 
W. Hayne. W. D. Hamilton won treble, W. R. Pollock bass 
solo. Both in Trevelyan. 
" The paths are gradually being laid with asphalt, a great im- 
provement to the hard and uneven gravel. Outside the quad- 
rangle we find the terrace field enlarged " (the tall elm near 
the dell was the original limit) " and the whole place opened 
out by the removal of unnecessary wall and paling. But to 

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crown the whole we have at last obtained the great object of 

our desires, and the dorne of a new Chapel towers above our 

heads in simple but stately grandeur." 
The Chapel was consecrated on June 27, and it was permanently 

used after July 15. 
Haileybury passed into the new diocese of S. Albans. 
We were beaten by Uppingham. U. 278 ; H. 48 and 56. 
Drew with Wellington. H. 107 and 146 (M. H. Jackson, 27 and 

37) ; W. 124 and 57 for seven wickets. 
First match v. M.C.C. 

1 877.3. — XV started and consequently the "XXX" superseded 
the XL. 

G. Dorset retired from his post as porter, and was presented by 
the School with a clock, and purse of £ib. G. Campbell left 
the School of Arms and succeeded to the lodge. 

The organ fund was started. 

" House Grounds " proposed for cricket. 

1878.1. — House athletics started. 
Beaten by Harrow at Prince's. 

1878.2. — Beaten by Wellington. W. 103 and 30 ; H. 36 and 41. 
O.H.s had a cricket week in France. 
Proposal to have one day a week reserved for form matches. 

1878.3.— Burning of the Chapel, Friday, October 4th. The fol- 
lowing account appeared in the Haileyburian : — 


" Our holy and our beautiful house is burned up with fire." — Isaiah lxiv. II. 
" Violent fires soon burn out themselves." — Shak. Richard II. 

On Friday, October the 4th, a terrible disaster befeil us. To prevent any un- 
warrantable exaggeration of the circumstances, we will print them here as accurately 
and concisely as we can. In a word, our beautiful dorne, built after so much 
deliberation, and at so great an expense, has been suddenly bumt down ; but the 
walls of the chapel, and the octagon on which it rested, have, as far as we can 
judge at present, not suffered seriously. The causes of the disaster have been 
clearly explained. For a few days past the Ventilator in the centre of the dorne 
has been under repair. A skilled and experienced workman, who had super- 
in tended the building of the dorne, and understood its construction, was sent down 
by the contractors to do the work. On Friday, the 4th, at about a quarter to five, 
he had completed his task, and was making his way with difficulty along the 
narrow beams which were laid at intervals above the plaster of the inner dorne, 
when his foot slipt, and the lighted candle, with the aid of which he had been 
doing his work, flew from his hand against the hair-fclt, with which the shaft 
connecting the Ventilator with the cupola was cased, and at once ignited it. A 

Digitize.d by 



great flame burst forth, which the unfortunate man strove to quell with his coat 
and the carpet on which he had been kneeling. But it was of no avail» the fire 
was spreading rapidly. He stopped in the dorne tili he was nearly suffocated, 
and then rushed down to summon all the aid he could. Soon after five o'clock 
the fire had been observed in all the form-rooms, and the whole school was in the 
quadrangle, every one wishing to do some good, but few finding any work to do 
in the first moments of excitement. 

The eagle and the harmonium had been removed, and also as many books as 
could be got at without danger, for already the hot lead was falling fast Happily 
what little wind there was happened to be in the right direction, and blew the 
flames towards the north away from the surrounding buildings. Our own engine 
was soon on the scene, and was supplied with water by the cistern. Meanwhile 
bicyclists or riders had started for Ware, Hertford, and Hoddesdon ; and before or 
soon after six the engines from these three towns had appeared. About this time 
the flames were at their highest, and to any one who could for a moment forget 
the awfulness of the disaster, the spectacle was indeed grand and beautiful. There 
was, as it seemed, a transparent network of fire, for just the outline of the wood- 
work and the lantern was visible. 

Every minute the great flaming beams came thundering down upon the oak 
seats and flooring below. As the engines could not possibly reach to the top of 
the dorne, they had been deluging the walls and seats, and the interior of the 
chapeL They were supplied for the most part by long lines of boys, who passed 
on one side the füll, on the other the empty buckets. Water was at first pro- 
cured thus from the Moorhen Pond until the water was found too "dirty for use. 
Then lines were formed to the water tower, and subsequently very long ones to 
the bath, and these last worked hard at the tiring task of passing and repassing 
heavy buckets from about half-past six tili half-past nine. By that time the fire 
had been got well under, though the flames had not quite gone down, and there 
was no further dread of its spreading. Our own engine, which had been supplied 
from the cistern, was working well, and the drenching of the lower parts of the 
Chapel had prevented the downward spreading of the fire. 

By ten o'clock the dense crowd which had assembled began to disperse, and the 
boys were hurrying off to the dormitories, as their assistance could now be dis- 
pensed with. 

During the night a careful watch was kept, and two of the fire-engines were at 
band in case of a further outbreak, but fortunately none occurred. In the morning 
the only external signs of the fire were a faint smouldering, and the octagon, with 
its elegant brickwork scarcely scorched at all, Standing out bare against the sky. 
It was wonderful to notice how clean the action of the fire had been ; it had just 
burnt away the dorne and nothing roore. But the view inside was certainly 
appalling, though we were thankful to see how apparently little damage had befallen 
the walls and the carving. The seats were covered with the dtbris, which awaited 
the inspection of the insurance officers. Still more plainly from within could we 
see how accurately the fire had swept away the dorne, while the octagon was 
scarcely touched. Not a window was broken, except those which had been pur- 
posely pierced for the admission of the pipes. Two of the seats were utterly 
burnt ; but the greater part of them, though much soiled, had escaped the violence 
of the fire, by the opportune drenching they had received. The altar appeared 
totally unhurt. The carving, though much disordered, was scarcely chipped. The 
gas Standards were for the most part wrenched down by the weight of the falling 

Digitized by 



timber. The nave had escaped all damage from the fire, and only bore signs of 
the water with which it had been soaked. So much for the bare account, im- 
perfect as it is, of this melancholy mishap. The members of the school have 
publicly received the thanks of the Master for their ready assistance. But surely 
it was the bounden duty of each boy to do what he could at such a moment. 
Probably also the men who worked so willingly at the engines have received 
thanks enough. Many of us can bear witness to the energy and devotion with 
which the servants of the College did their work, and especially to the brave 
efforts of the originator of the fire. For one thing we must be especially thankful 
— our providential preservation from any loss of life, amongst all the dangers of 
so terrible a fire. ...... 

O.H. club gave up Football. 

The N.S.S. and Antiquarian held their first combined Exhibition 

in the Big School. 
F. W. Bourdillon's " Among the Flowers," the first O.H. volume 

of poetry, was published. 
Suggestion to have age only as Standard for athletics. 

1879.1.— "The Rev. E. H. Bradby has been installed Honorary 
Canon of S. Alban's Cathedral." (There are no other Canons, 
owing to the Cathedral's recent accession to Diocesan rank.) 

The Berkhampstead Run was revived after a lapse of four years. 

Small temporary organ in chapel. 

" Madrigal Club" started. 

In Memoriam to Coghill and Hodson started. 

Suggestion for a panel in Chapel for recording the names of 
O.H.s who have died. 

The ioo yards was run in strings for the first time. 

At Prince's Haileybury beat Winchester, but was beaten by the 
winners, Harrow. 

1879.2. — Lower Ground Cup presented by Mr. Fenning. 

" Of the Big Side games there is simply nothing to record, as the 

ground has been so dreadfully wet that none have been played 

for weeks." 
Beaten by Uppingham on a soaking wicket, near the Field 

Racquet Court. U. 64 and 62 ; H. 25 and 66. G. W. Rawlins 

played through the innings for 26. 
On Speech Day the " sumptuous luncheon " of former years gave 

way to lighter refreshments in tents. 
Wellington beat us by eight wickets. 
Proposal to have Caffyn as " cricket coach and barber." 
A tablet in memory of J. H. Pratt was putup in Chapel, the first 

of its kind here. A prize for Greek Verse was founded to beat 

his name. 

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In the holidays C. D. Argles, Esq., was drowned in the Thames 
near Cookham. A tablet in Chapel and a Hexameter prize 
perpetuate his name. 

1879.3. — In the Editorial we read; — "It is only a year since the 
foundations of the new buildings were laid, but they have 
gradually grown, been finished, and are now opened and in 
use. The middle of the three new dormitories is occupied 
entirely by new boys, with two prefects drafted in from other 
houses ; while the top and half of the lower is temporarily 
filled with Hailey House boys, as their House has been partly 
pulled down to be re-built on a different System." 

The new organ was opened by Mr. P. H. Diemer. 

"The name of the new House which is opened is "Batten 
House," and the cap is orange stripes on an olive ground." 
(This faded too rapidly and so the present colour was adopted.) 

"L.M. ii. and the third forms have been divided into two 
parallel divisions to accommodate the increased numbers of 
the School." 

Besides other changes the loggias were blocked up, the gallery 
was built in Hall, "Elysium" and Study Number 2 were 
thrown into one form room, the 4 Study passages were made 
into two, and three Single studies were gained by the closing 
of two entrances. Six new fives courts were built to replace 
the old ones into which the non-quad studies used to look. 
(See a letter on "New Haileybury," Haüeyburian, vol. iv. 
PP. 3*5» 326.) 

" House Annais " proposed. 

Cock House match, owing to frost, had to be decided on one 
da/s play. 
I88O.1. — Le Bas House opened. 

Proposal for each house to practise a glee for the singing com- 
petition; for successful bowlers to be rewarded in House 
matches as well as successful batsmen. 

House paper chases introduced. 

First O.H. dinner, in March. 

I88O.2. — "Hailey House is now in use again, and takes its place 
among the other houses." [In old days Hailey was the house 
for the Lower School — as Thomason was for the smaller boys 
in College. From each boys were drafted on to other houses.] 

Melvill House opened. 

Chapel Decorations unveiled. 

New Library used this term. 

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Wellington, 121 and 65 ; H. 55 and 32. 

Uppingham, 258; H. 71 and 96. 

First year of the " Gentlemen of Herts." 

On Speech Day " a large tent on one of the grass plots replaced 
the famous pent house." 

The first flower show was held. 

Pesidency of Literary Society — lately held ex-officio by Head 
of the School— made elective. 

Proposal to change from House XX.s to XV.s. 

Jones memorial pulpit put in Chapel. 
1880. 3. — Suggestions that each study should keep a record of 
former inhabitants; that "stars" should be abolished; that 
pent-houses for football coats be erected ; that objects of 
general art be admitted to the exhibition of the two societies : 
that House matches last only one day (instead of possibly 
three), and be decided by the score at the end of the day ; 
that there be draws for little side football; that there be a 
list of leaving fellows in the first Haileyburian of each term ; 
that there be Association Football in Easter term ; that there 
be Inter-house Gymnastics ; that there be a systematic record 
of O.H.s. 
I88I.1. — The School re-assembled with much punctuality in spite 
of the great snow storm. 

Hockey started. 

Inter-house Gymnastics began. 

A mixed scheme of height and age introduced for athletics. 

3rd Set Quarter replaced 3rd Set 200 yards. 

Secretaries of Athletics, Cricket, and Football decided upon. 

Organ finally completed by addition of Cornopean stop. 

Junior Literary Society started. President, R. G. Legge. Vice- 
President, E. Maiden. Secretary, A. C. Blomfield. Committee, 
W. A. Wheeler, J. T. W. Perowne. 

Suggestions that " Middle Game " at cricket be abolished ; that 
the walls of the Bat Fives Courts be washed with some darker 

J. S. Whatton oflfered a Racquet Challenge Cup in place of the 
one which R. V. Steward had won for three successive years. 

First " Praeteritus" letter. 

Death of George Dorset, aged 72. A tablet was put up in Chapel 
to his memory, and the remainder of the Memorial fund was 
paid in quarterly instalments to his widow. For In Memoriam 
see Haileyburian, vol. v. pp. 104-105. 

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I88I.2. — The Exhibitions were increased in number, and Senior 

Scholarships instituted. 
The old black palings before Hailey House were replaced by 

Suggestion that Little Side should play during foreign matches ; 

that there should be a place where names could be cut by 

a recognized authority for a definite sum ; that there be en- 

couragement given to drawing, painting, and piano playing. 
The "Rising Sun" in Hailey Lane became College property, 

and was changed into cottages. 
The Uppingham match was given up, and measles prevented us 

from playing Wellington. 
Hailey had its first member of School XL 

1881. 3. — A Ceylon O.H. suggests that the " Haihyburian should 
appoint agents or correspondents in each colony." 

Drill on the Terrace. 

" Melvill have exchanged their four pink stripes, which faded too 
quickly, for four red." 

" Hailey House has now got two home-grown prefects." 

Suggestion that the various Houses should give Entertainments 
in turn in the Big School; that some brief account of the 
origin and aim of the present school should be prefixed to 
the Blue-book; that there should be headings to letters in 
Haihyburian ; that the divisions of the forms should be 
inserted in the Red-book. 

The " New Field" was in use this term, being approached by a 
flat bridge near the Field Racquet Court. 

A fearful storm of wind. 

" Little Twenties" (afterwards called " *nd XX's ") began. 

"Prefects Book" started. 

Library Tickets first issued. 

" Reading Room" gained its first recognition in the pages of the 

Hailey, which was Cock House, did not have a Single try scored 
against them. 

1882.1. — "Haileybury Psalter" brought out. 
" ' SallyV both upper and lower, is now a thing of the past." 
First Concert of Junior Literary Society. 
Melvill revived the custom of House Athletics in the Avenue. 
House Entertainments started on Saturday evenings, by the House 

for the House. 
White flannel shirts no longer restricted to Big Side. 

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1882.2.— The School took over the management of the Grub Shop. 
The New Houses Glee Club gave their first annual concert. 
"O.H. Gymnasium and Pavilion Fund" started. 
Proposal for a School Register; that the O.H. dinner should be 

held on one night of University match. 
Rules for B. B. S. revised. 
Houses started cricket boxes. 
Fag list drawn out for the term. 
We lost Wellington match by one wicket. H. G. M. Arnos 55. 

E. B. Raikes 6 wickets for 3 1 in second innings. Wellington 

won the Racquets. 
" The new System of drawing every House in turn against every 

other has been most successful on Little Side." 
Suggestion to apply the same System to B. B. S. football. 
O.H. week in Scotland. 

The levelling of the new piece of the Pavilion field was begun. 
"Middle" revived. 
"To Melvill belongs the honour of having produced the first 

home-born prefect in the New Houses. Batten had the first 

in the XV, Le Bas the first in the XL" 

I882.3. — House matches limited to one day. 
" Book Revision " started. 

Second series of " Haileybury Verses" published. 
Suggestion for an O.H. Football Club; for opening of 

Carpenter's shop in the evening to Upper School ; for com- 

pulsory drill for Lower School ; for a Haileybury Song Book ; 

for Inter Public School Athletics with Uppingham and 

Mr. Hall left for Wymondley. 

1883.1. — A straight finish arranged for all races in the athletics. 
Dcath of Mr. Butler, on March 28th. [Ultimately a " Brisbane 
Butler" Shakespeare Prize was founded in his memory. A 
tablet was put up in Chapel. Enlarged permanent photographs 
were hung in Edmonstone and in the form room used by the 
Antiquarian Society, and a selected portion of his books were 
bought for the School Library.] 

1883.2. — Grub Shop enlarged and beautified. 
Second O.H. dinner, on first night of University match. 
Mr. Walford left for Ewelme. 
Death of Jack Howe. 

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1888.3. — Haileybury came of age in September. Rev. Arthur 

Butler preached in Chapel on October 7th. 
Matthew Campbell's fields hired for football. 
House XV s suggested. 

The Art Section found a home in Mr. Whyte's form room. 
Controversy on " Questionable Questions." 
" Could an occasional hour be given in form to an explanation 

of every-day events as they appear in the newspapers ? " 
Dr. Bradby announced his retirement. The following appeared 

in the Haileyburian : — 

" It is idle to attempt to conceal the fact that our Christmastide this year is 
overshadowcd by a sense of bereavement. In a few days, we might almost say 
hours, after these lines are published, the link which has bound generation after 
generation of Haileyburians to a honoured and beloved Head Master will be 
finally severed. Before the year is out Dr. Bradby' s official connection with our 
School will have terminated. It is not our purpose, nor would it be altogether 
becoming, to indulge in anything approaching to a critical survey of the career 
of him whose impending departure we so deeply deplore. The history of Hailey- 
bury has yet to be written, and until that task is accomplished, we can hardly hope 
that füll justice will be done to the work of one of her twin-founders. Ours be it 
to indicate a few of the debts of gratitude which we owe to him. Assuming the 
reins of government early in 1868, and armed with the experience of a Harrow 
House Master, Mr. Bradby found himself face to face with a problem of no 
ordinary difficulty. Haileybury had been in existence for less than six years, and 
had started from nothing, yet it was a very marvel of precocity, and those who 
had the opportunity of studying its inner life and the material already formed, 
feit safe in predicting that no ordinary University distinctions would fall to its lot. 
A great position was in course of being achieved in a country where public schools 
were already so numerous and excellent, and it is not too much to say that the world 
at large began to regard ours in Hertfordshire with interest and expectation. No 
Haileyburian needs to be told that this achievement was due in a great measure 
to the devotion of Mr. Butler to the creation of a worthy companion to Marl- 
borough and Wellington, and to the incessant labour involved in the enterprise. 
The success so far as it went was complete, but it was purchased at the heavy 
cost of his health. He resigned his post, or rather repeated a former unaccepted 
resignation, and Mr. Bradby succeeded to his responsiblities and to his as yet 
unfinished work. The position had been gained, but it had to be strengthened 
and maintained, and even to be boldly extended. An ordinary man might have 
been content to allow the school to go on just as it was, and being numerically 
weak, and having no other traditions than those of recent growth, in course of 
time it might have subsided into a large private school, producing its quota of 
trained schblars, but doing little to infuse a worthy spirit into the hearts of young 
Englishmen. A 'doctrinaire,' on the other hand, might have overturned the 
existing order of things, and have endeavoured to reconstruct the Institution on 
entirely new lines. Mr. Bradby's course was essentially diverse from either of these. 
Cordially accepting the conditions of the Situation, entering fully into the large 
views and aims of his predecessor— he resolved that Haileybury should flourish, 

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and flourish as an English public school ; he set to work to consolidate and syste- 
matise, to prune and develope, and in all such development to pave the way for 
the greater extension which he feit was inevitable. What he wished Haileybury 
boys, and iherefore the Haileybury men to be, may be gathered from the followiog 
extract from his beautiful ' Carmen Haileyburiense ' — 
' Felix prole suä, viris 

Felix qui patriam colant, 

Qui Deum venerentur, 

Haileyburia floreat* — 
Looking back now over the 16 years of his administration of our school, and 
reckoning up the long tale of those who have come up under his influence, and 
who are now, here or elsewhere, endeavouring to do justice to the lessons taught 
by his precept and example, we venture with all respect to congratulate him on 
having in no small degree attained his lofty ideal, on having nobly won his noble 
purposes. Hitherto we have spoken of Dr. Bradby's mastership in somewhat 
general terms. We feel we shall not now weary our readers if we now lightly 
touch on a few of the leading incidents of his reign. As has been already said, 
it was early in 1868 that he came into residence, and we note with pride, that within 
two months of that event, the first number of our School Magazine appeared in 
print. In the third number it will be observed that mention is made of the fact 
that Speech-day was attended by a larger assemblage than previously, and this 
phenomenon is attributed to 'a general wish to do honour to our New Head 
Master.' This is interesting, as indicating from the first that he had the good 
will of the Council and the county. In November, 1868, the ' Literary Society ' 
was started under Mr. Bradby's auspices, and this was but the precursor of other 
institutions of a kindred nature. Thus, in 1872, the 'Natural Science Society' 
first saw light, to be followed after an interval by the 'Antiquarian Society,' 
while the ' Indian Mission ' — valuable as a link with the country where the name 
of Haileybury has long been held in honour— was also organized in 1872. These 
may appear to Outsiders very trivial afiairs, but to us at Haileybury they are a 
boon, and like all eise that flourishes here, they owe much to the master spirit of 
the place. The great movement, however, with which Dr. Bradby's name will be 
especiaüy and permanently associated is our New Chapel. Keeping in view the 
inevitable increase in the numbers of the school, he not only arranged for the 
Provision of dwelling-houses, and rooms for study, but also devoted infinite pains 
to securing a worthy place of worship. 

Early in 1874 the first note of appeal for aid was sounded, in three months 
nearly £4000 had been subscribed ; in January, 1876, the work was commenced, 
and on the ever-memorable 27th of June, 1877, the new and stately building was 
consecrated. The burning down of the dorne in the following year is an incident 
which scarcely calls for mention here, save in that, owing to the indomitable spirit 
of our Master, it was a mere accident, and that no un worthy compromise 
was made in its re-erection. In mention with this subject it may be recorded that 
in March, 1879, Mr. Bradby was installed as Honorary Canon of S. Albans; 
and that last year he received the distinction of Doctor of Divinity. For a notice 
of the leading facts of the latter part of the period under review we commend 
our readers to an article in our impression of March 25 th, 1882, entitled 'What 
the last few years have done at Haileybury.' In this seven years' retrospect 
reference is made to the opening of the new buildings in the Christmas term, 
1879, and the consequent simultaneous development of the school by a System 

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of parallel forms. On this and on kindred topics we would gladly dwell, did 
space permit, but for the present we must content ourselves with pointing out 
that the opening of the chapel and the enlargement of the school were but the 
crowning acts of a settled policy for the development of the school on a broad 
and lasting basis. Dr. Bradby may indeed be well satisfied with the success of 
his work, and though bis voluntary and we can well believe self-sacrificing act 
of retirement from the scene of his labour, deprives him of reaping all their 
fniits, yet even when absent from our midst, we know füll well that his mind will 
often turn to those whom he'loved so truly, and for whose highest interests he 
worked so unceasingly. Let him be assured in turn that his influence will ever 
abide in their hearts, and that, if they need an additional incentive to manly 
effort in the world that lies before them, it will be furnished them by the thonght 
that wherever their lot may be cast, they may do credit to their school, and to 
him to whom that school was so incomparably dear. 

We cannot conclude our imperfect expression of the thoughts whicb at this 
juncture occupy the minds of Haileyburians, without tendering our acknowledg- 
inents to Mrs. Bradby and her family for the rare tact witb which they have 
helped on our school life. The röle that they have played has been important, 
and although in the nature of things they have been debarred from participation 
in a large portion of our duties and pleasures, yet, wherever their influence could 
be exercised with advantage, it has been bestowed graciously and without stint. 
Not only those eider ones among us, who have seen more of Mrs. Bradby, and 
known her better, but every one who has been laid up here by illness or accident, 
will always remember with gratitude her kindness and attention. 

And now if we have written with greater freedom than is customary in such 
a publication as the Haileyburian, we trust that, in the eyes of him whom we 
are anxious to honour, the occasion— to us indeed a sad one — will be considered 
an excuse. Much that we should like to say we feel compelled to leave unsaid, 
but we have already far exceeded our accustomed limits. We are sure that Dr. 
Bradby knows what is uppermost in our hearts, and therefore it only remains 
that in the name of those who have been so proud to work under his auspices, 
in that of every present and past member of the School, in that of the parents 
whose trust has been so justified and rewarded, we bid him and his a cordial, 
a grateful, a sorrowful Farewell. 

Dr. Bradby had a fall from his horse, but was able in spite of all 
advice to read through the lists as usual, and then, "instead 
of the familiär phrase, 'The School will leave in the usual 
order/ went out first amid the heartiest cheers ever heard at 
1884.1.— Death of Rev. H. St. John Reade. 

Mr. Jackson, of Amwell, founded his Art Prize. 

Hockey organized. Sideways jumping allowed again. 

Preparation in the gallery ceased, and L.M. i. and L.M. ii. 
migrated to U.M. ii.(b) form-room. 

Mrs. Mitchell left the Sick House. 

Bradby Memorial Fund started. 

Harrow beat us at Prince's. 

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1884.2.— The " Dark Room" was set up. 
Appeal for O.H.s to help Rev. E. Hoskyns at S. Clements, 

Notting Hill. 
Mr. Buxton, of Easneye, and Mr. Barclay, of High Leigh, put 

up the Wellington XI because we had measles. W. 33 and 

108 ; H. 204. R. H. D. Smithson, 45 not out. First innings, 

J. D. F. Campbell 5 wickets for 8; R. P. Spurway 5 for 21. 

Second innings, Smithson 3 for 12. 
Cards of the match for the first time. 
Uppingham match was on again, but could not be played on 

account of measles. 
Experimental designs for new cloisters set up. 
1884. 3. — Dr. Bradb/s portrait, by H. Herkomer, hung in the 

library by the side of Mr. Butlers. 
"A list of the studies topographically arranged has been printed 

for the first time." 
ist XV's B.B.S. and 2nd XX's, but still House XX's. oi iro\\6t 

"The two original drawings (by W. Wilkins, R.A.) for the 

Terrace front are hung in the Library." (These were discovered 

in a shop in Bedford. The more simple was finally selected.) 
1885.1.— Dr. Elin finally retired. 
The " Jullundur Cup," given by C. W. Park, J. H. Yule, R. C. 

S. Macausland, W. B. Lafone, G. W. Rawlins, and E. C. 

Townsend, was assigned to Inter-House Gymnastics. 
Haileybury sent up for Public Schools Boxing and Gymnastics 

for the first time. 
New Cloisters and New Pavilion (built by R. T. Blomfield, O.H.) 

were finished. 
1885.2.— "Extras" extended to the Modern Side. 
The last of the cobbles disappeared from the Quadrangle. 
Dr. and Mrs. Bradby revisited Haileybury for the first time. 
The Haileyburian published the first of its illustrations. 
A Haileybury Club proposed at Oxford, but rejected. 
We won Uppingham match. H. 73 and 139 (C. B. Worsley in 

ist innings 5 wickets for 24); U. 81 and 83. 
Lost Wellington match, H. 131 and 116; W. 173 and 139. 
The new ground was used for the first time on June 27. 
I885.3. — "Football and Cricket caps are allowed to watch Foreign 

matches on the Masters' side of the ground." 
New Gas works came into use. 
House XV s instituted and " games " abolished. 
The pulpit was permanently moved to its present position. 

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Suggestion for a calendar in Haileyburian. 

W. Hayes Fisher, O.H., was elected for Fulham. The first 

Haileybury M.P. 
The " Football Challenge Cup " was given from subscriptions 

collected from a large number of O.H.s by C. Gurdon. 
1886.1.— Request for a " Visitors' Book" at the Lodge. 
At Prince's we beat Cheltenham and Clifton, but were beaten in 

the final by Harro w. Harro w, 79 ; Haileybury, 65. 
" Drill " was very populär this term, and there were manoeuvres 

on the last day. 
I886.2. — The Athletics were postponed from last term. 
H. W. Finch won the Public Schools Boxing, and R. Pemberton 

was 3rd in Gymnastics. 
A scoring tent was bought for the Cricket Club, and Mr. Bowyer 

presented a new Telegraph. 
The Antiquarian Society were entertained by Dr. and Mrs. 

Bradby at S. Katharine Dock House, when they made their 

Pilgrimage to the Tower. 
We were beaten by Uppingham by ten wickets. H. 122 and 174 

(F. C. L. Hamilton, 71); U. 292 and 8 for no wickets. 
Wellington match off on account of the measles. 
O.H. dinner on July 5th. 
Hills and Saunders came down again. 
1886. 3. — Mr. Fenning took an admirable photograph of the whole 

school by the Field Racquet Court. 
Dr. Bradby preached in Chapel on September 26th for the first 

time since he left. 
Haileybury Register begun. 
Lower Pavilion field is used for football this term. 
" Is the O.H. Club to die or not ? " 
1887.1. — The Rifle Corps became a reality, and took part in the 

Public Schools Field Day at Aldershot. 
H. Legge won Public Schools Boxing. 
The Bradby Memorial Hall and other new buildings were begun. 

The Gymnasium was temporarily fitted into the Field Racquet 

Court, a Carpenter's Shop was made an annexe to the outside 

of the Racquet Court. 
Mr. Jeans left for Mottistone-cum-Shorwell in the Isle of Wight. 

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Five Exhibitions for 60, 50, 50, 40, 20 pounds tenable for three 
years at Oxford or Cambridge, and in some cases elsewhere, are 
open yearly for competition to members of the School who are 
under nineteen years of age. One, or at the most two, may be 
given for proficiency in other than Classical subjects. 

Another Exhibition of £$o, by gift of the Rev. C. J. Marshall, is 
available every third year. 

There are open for competition yearly, about Easter, five Senior 
Scholarships (three of £±o, two of £30) for boys who were be- 
tween 1 5 and 1 6 on the preceding 1 st of January, one being tenable 
on the Modern Side ; also four Scholarships of £$0 for three 
years, two of these being for boys under 14 on the ist January, 
two under 13. 

The following Prizes are also open for annual competition : — 

The late R. Hanbury, Esq., has bequeathed the interest of £soo 
for two prizes annually for knowledge of the Old Testament, and 
in the Modern Side two prizes for Modern History, and two for 
Natural Science. 

The late Mrs. Bosanquet founded a prize, the interest of £so 9 
for the best examination in a given portion of the New Testament, 
in English. 

The Rev. E. H. McNeile has founded a prize, the interest of 
/~75, for the best examination in a subject taken from the Greek 

The late Rev. T. Cornthwaite founded an annual prize, the 
interest o(£ioo f to promote the study of Natural History. 


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A prize has been founded in memory of the late J. H. Pratt, to 
be called the Pratt Prize for the encouragement of Greek Verse 

A prize has been founded in memory of the late C. D. Argles, 
to be called the Argles Prize, for the encouragement of translation 
into Latin Verse. 

A prize has been founded, by subscription, in memory of the late 
Rev. F. Brisbane Butler, to be called the Brisbane Butler Prize, 
for the encouragement of the study of Shakespeare. 

The Council has established annual prizes, to be called the 
Butler prizes, for the study of English Literature and History. 

The Rev. T. D. Hudson gives three prizes annually, amounting 
to /*io, for the encouragement of Latin Prose Composition. 

The Rev. Lewis Deedes gives two prizes annually, amounting to 
£$ 5^i for the encouragement of Latin Verse Composition. 

The Master gives a prize annually for Greek Prose Composition. 
Duncan Kay, Esq., gives an annual prize for Elocution. 
J. Rhoades, Esq., gives an annual prize for the encouragement 
of the study of French. 

T. Jackson, Esq., gives an annual prize for the encouragement 
of the study of Art. 

The Rev. F. J. Hall has founded a prize to be called the Hall 
Prize, for the encouragement of the study of Latin on the Modern 

Prizes are also given by the Council for the best English Poem, 
for the encouragement of Latin Verse, Latin Prose, and Greek 
Verse Composition, and for study of .Mathematics, Chemistry, and 
Modern Languages. 

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i. Adsis, Musa, canentibus, 
Laeta voce canentibus, 

Longos clara per annos 
Haileyburia floreat. 

2. Qua placens aditus domus 
Inter castaneas patet 

Hinc illinc viridantes, 
Haileyburia floreat. 

3. Qua nos, heu ! trepidum 

Primum porticus excipit, 
Cum custode benigno, 
Haileyburia floreat. 

4. Qua quadrangulus ambitus 
Scrupeo (at procul, o procul 

Gressus este profani !) 
Claudit limite caespitem ; 

5. Per conclavia qua frequens 
Musa, non sine Gratiis, 

Vitam alit iuvenilem, 
Haileyburia floreat. 

6. Latum qua super aggerem, 
(Nostrae grande decus domus) 

Rident sole columnae, 
Haileyburia floreat. 

7. Pallas scilicet huc vagans 
Esse hie, esse tarnen suas 

Crederet bene Athenas ! 
Haileyburia floreat. 

8. Qua pilam revolubilem 
Pelli nunc pede nunc manu 

Campus novit uterque, 
Haileyburia floreat. 

9. Qua piscina natantibus 
Praebet frigus amabile, 

Praebet grata salutem, 
Haileyburia floreat. 

10. Qua (sed, Musa, pudet 

loqui I) 
Vicinam fremit improba 

Circum turba popinam, 
Haileyburia floreat. 

11. O virtutibus indolem 
Masculis docili gregi 

Augeat, colat, ornet ! 
Haileyburia floreat. 

12. Felix prole sua, viris 
Felix qui patriam colant, 

Qui Deum venerentur, 
Haileyburia floreat. 

13. Et nos, quotquoteunt dies, 
Laeta voce precabimur, 
Ter, quater resonabimus, 
Laeta voce iterabimus, 

O dileeta, canentes, 
Haileyburia floreat ! 

E. H. Bradby. 

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[/ haue put in italks addresses which I haue found to be incorrect, or which haue 
failed to produce an answer, The others were correct at any rate within the 
last six monthsJ\ 

* Before a name denotes a prefect. 


V. = Vicarage. 

LX. XL. XXX. were the varying names given at different times to the Football 
" Caps " below the XX. or XV. The List of Prizes has been adopted from the 
"Red Book." 


Latin Elegiacs (Deedes) ........ C I 

Latin Verse (Argles) C2 

„ „ 2nd Prize C 3 

Latin Prose VI i (Hudson) C4 

Via „ 2nd Prize C 

V „ 3rd Prize C 


Greek Verse (Pratt) C? 

Greek Prose (The Master) CS 

Greek Testament (McNeile) Cg 

Translation (Deedes) Ca 

Latin, Modern Side (Hall) C b 

English Verse (Council) El 

English Essay (Butler) Ez 

English Literature (Butler) E 3 

„ „ Jun. Prize E 4 

Elocution {Kay) E$ 

Shakespeare (Brisbane Butler) £6 

Dwinity (Hanbury) Dl 

„ ,, 2nd Prize D 2 

„ (Bosanquet) D 3 

Hebrew Prise (Hanbury) D4 

Natural Science, Modern Side (Hanbury) S 1 

„ „ „ 2nd Prize . . . S2 

„ (The Master) ^3 

Natural History (Cornthwaite) ^4 

Chemistry Prize S$ 

Modern History, Modern Side (Hanbury) Hl 

„ „ „ 2nd Prize . . • H2 

History, Classical Side (Council) H$ 

Mathematics, Classical Side Ml 

„ Modern Side M2 

French, Classical Side .Fi 

„ Modern Side Fz 

„ Literature (Rhoades) F$ 

„ Prose „ F4 

German, Classical Side G 1 

„ Modern Side Gl 

Art (Jackson) A 

Drawing D 

Form, Class, Set, and Minor Prizes p 

Digitized by 


Hatlejfcurj &egfeter* 

FIRST TEEM— September, 1862. 

♦Bailey, Edward Alfred, b. 1847, son of Lieut.-Col. Charles Bailey, 
Colt Green, Hertingfordbury. 
1862, Head Form-1863-2 ? 

Barrington, John Wildman Shute, b. Nov. 7, 1849, son of the late 
Hon. Henry F. F. A. Barrington, Portland, 
Knysna, Cape of Good Hope. 

Bartle Frere, 1862, IV.— 1866. Modern School. 2 p. Prize for swimming. 
" The first name on the School books, numbered 1." A landed proprietor 
in the Colony, Justice of the Peace, and Member of Divisional Council for 
the Division of Knysna. 

♦Batten, John Maxwell, b. Feb. 28, 1853, son of the late J. Hallet 
Batten, Esq., Bengal Civil Service. Address, 
Plymouth College, Plymouth. 

Edmonstone, 1862, I.— 1871.2, VI.i. Head of the School 1869— 1871. XI. 
1870, and captain 1871. XX. 1869-70. Played Racquets at Prince's 1871. 
Seh. 1865. Exh. 1871. Many prizes. 2 C 4, C 7, 2 D 1. S. John's 
College, Cambridge, Exh.1871. Foundation Seh. 1873. 13Ü1 in Classical 
Tripos 1875. Played Racquets for Cambridge, Double 1874, 1875, Single 
187$. President of C. U. Rugby Football Club 1873-1874. Captain of 
College Cricket Club. Played for England v. Scotland 1874. Assistant 
Master at Haileybury 1875-1877. At Kelly College 1877-1882. Second 
Master Newton Äbbot 1883, 1884. Head Master of Plymouth College 1884. 
M. 1877 to Nonie Margaret, d. of J. A. Magrat h, Esq., M.D., of 
Teignmouth, South Devon. 

Berthon, C. Septimus, b. 1847, son °f **• H. Berthon, Esq., Forest, 
Trevelyan, 1862, R.— 1864.3, L.M.I. 

Bosanquet, Edward Bernard, b. x 849, son of Rev. E. S. Bosanquet, 
Old Bolingbtvke, Spilsby. 
Trevelyan, 1862, III.— 1864-2, R. ? 

Charles, Philip Affleck, b. 1849, son of Rev. S. Charles, Ringshall 
7?., Stowmarket. 
Lawrence, 1862, IV.-I866.2, V.2. 


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*Cheuhyre, John Commeline, b. 1 847, son of J. W. Chesshyre, Esq., 

Trevelyan, 1862. Hcad Form— 1864.2, English Forai ? XI. 1863, 1864. Died 
in S. America. 

Clay, Richard, b. 1848, son of Wentworth Clay, Esq., late of 

Manor House, Cheshunt. 

Lawrence, 1862, IV.— 1865.2, R. 

Clay, Francis, b. 1847, son of Wentworth Clay, Esq., late of 

Manor House, Cheshunt. 

Lawrence, 1862, III.— 1866.», R. 

Clements, Horace, b. March io, 1852, son of the Rev. J. Clements, 
Sub-Dean of Lincoln. 
1862, III.— 1868.2, III. D. Sept. 25, 1863. 

Coombs, William Allen, b. 1849, son of Rev. W. Coombs, Stanstead 
V., Ware. 
Lawrence, 1862, R.— 1866.3, V.2? 
Cory, Robert Frederick, b. 1850, son of Rev. R. W. Cory, Blundiston 
Parsonage, Lowestoft. 
Lawrence, 1862, R.— 1867.2, L.M.i. 

♦Champneys, Charles Edward, b. Sept. 14, 185 1, son of late Rev. 
C. F. Champneys, formerly of Wendover V., 

Trevelyan, 1862. IV.— 1870.2, VI.2, Prefcct in Hailey. XX. X869. Various 
athletic prizes. Queens' College, Oxford. B.A. Assistant Master at 
D. at Trinity Grove, Bengeo, July 20, 1879. 

Dalgleish, Arthur Chisholm, b. 1850, son of W. Dalgleish, Esq., 
26, Nottingham Place, London, W. 
Lawrence, 1862, IV.— 1866.3, L.M.L? 

Deedes, Bouverie, b. Nov. 22, 1849, son of late Rev. C. Deedes, 
Rector of Bengeo, Herts. Address, 2, Hope 
Park, Bromley, Kent, and 10, Lancaster Place, 

Thomason, 1862.— 1866. 2, U. Admitted a Solicitor, 1870, and now partner 
with Mr. H. Leach in Lancaster Place. 
M. Miss H. Scaife, Sept. 14, 1886. 

Dunning, Richard, b. 1849, son of S. Dunning, Esq., late of 27, 
Parliament Street, W. 
Trevelyan, 1862, IV.— I866.a, U.M.U. 

Elliot, William Alexander, b. 1851, son of Capt. Amyand Elliot, 
2, New Bridge Street, Vauxhall, S. 

Lawrence, 1862, IL— 1864.2, L.M.i. Lieutenant in H.M. Navy, on board the 
•' Phacthon." 

Elliot, Charles Sinclair, b. 1853, son of Capt. Amyand Elliot, 2, 
New Bridge Street, Vauxhall, S. 
Thomason, 1862, II.— 1864.3. III. 

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Falls, John Charles, b, 1848, son of Rev. J. Falls, Walhampton, 
Lymington^ Hants. 
1862, III.— 1864.1, III. 

♦Firth, Walter Alfred, b. April 23, 1850, son of W. Firth, Esq., Cator 
Court, Ashburton. Address, S. Luke's Vicarage, 

Trevelyan, 1862 (first boy in the school on first day), III. — 1868. 1, VI.i. 
Prefect in Hailey. XI. 1867. XX. 1866-67. Single sticks. 2nd Boxing. 
ist Racquets, and other prizes in Athletics. Wadham College. Captain 
of Boat Club— rowed for three years in Eight. XI. three years. B.A. 1872. 
Cuddesdon College 1872-73. Ordained to Curacy of Worfield,' Salop, 
1873 ; now Vicar of S. Luke's, Brighton. 

Francis, John Spencer, b. 1849, son of Rev. C. D. Francis, Tysoe 
V., Kinetörty Warwickshire. 
Lawrence, 1862, IV.— 1864.2, L.M.i. ? 

♦Gibson, Walter Sumner, b. Feb. 20, 1849, son of the late Rev. 
W. Gibson, Fawley Rectory, Southampton. 
Address, The Rookery, Headington, Oxford. 

Lawrence, Thomason, Bartle Frere and finally Trevelyan, 1862, L.V. (the form 
was afterwards called L.M.ii., L.M.i., U.M.ii., and i., L.V. and Upper V., 
finally VI.)— 1868. 2, VI.i. Head of the School for a time. Many prizes. 
Long Dive. LX. Exh. 1867. Balliol College, Oxford. Exh. ist in Mods. 
ist in Lit. Hum. Gaisford Greek verse, and proxime for Greek prose. 
Torpid. Assistant Master at Charterhouse Oct. 1874— July, 1883. 
Master of Preparatory School at the Rookery, Headington, Oxford, since 
Oct. 1883. 

M. Jan. 2, 1884, Julia Elizabeth, d. of Rev. H. A. Olivier. 

♦Haggard, Alfred Hinaker, b. April 17, 1849, son of W. M. R. 
Haggard, Esq., of Bradenham Hall, Norfolk. 

Colvin, 1862, Head Form— 1867.2. Head of Modern. Various prizes. Passed 
for Indian Civil Service 1870. In India 1872- 1880, but retired from ill- 
health in 1880. Called to the Bar in 1872. In 1880 became Secretary of 
the London Hospital, E. 

M. in 1873, at Calcutta, Alice Geraldine, d. of U. K. Schalen, C.S.I., 
of the Bengal Civil Service, and has four sons and one daughter. 

Hugheff-Hallett, Edward, b. 1852, son of Rev. A. V. Hughes- 
Colvin, 1862, II.— 1870.2, M.VI.2. 

Hamilton, William Feilden, b. 1849, son of Mrs. Hamilton, 
Streatham Common, Surrey. 
1862, R.— 1868.1, IV. 

Harrison, Francis Henry, b. 1848, son of late Rev. W. B. Harrison, 
Rector of Gayton, Alford, Lincolnshire. 
Hailey, 1862. 

Harrison, Arthur Bagshaw, b. Jan. 5, 1850, son of late Rev. W. B. 
Harrison, Gayton Rectory, Alford, Lincoln- 

Hailey, 1862—1866. Went to Toronto in 1868, and is now in Bank of 
-Montreal. . 

M. 1876 Miss McDonell in Toronto. 

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Hepworth, Melville Willis Campbell, b. 1849, son of Rev. R, 
Hepworth, 2, S. James' s Square, Cheltenham. 
1862, R.— 1863.1, R. 

Hicks, Henry, b. 1848, son of F. £. Hicks, Esq. 
1862, IV.— 1868.2, R. 

Holland, Arthur Charles, b. 185 1, son of Rev. C. Holland, Petworth 
R., Sussex, 
1862, R.— 1868.2, L.M.H. 

Homer, Arthur Claypon, b. 1850, son of Rev. J. Homer, Everton 
K, S. Neots. 
Lawrence, 1862, R.— 1864.3, U.M.i. 

♦Hoskyns, Leigh, b. 1850, son of the Rev. Sir J. L. Hoskyns, Bart., 
Aston Tirrold R., Wallingford. 

Trevelyan, 1862, L.V.— 1869.2, VI.i. XXII. XX. 1868. Trinity College, 
Oxford. 3rd Class Classical Mods. B.A. Called to the Bar from Lincoln's 
lnn Nov. 1875. Attorney-General for Griqualand, West South Africa, 
from April, 1880, until that province was annexed to Cape Colony Nov. 
1880. Since that time Crown Prosecutor for Griqualand West. Has now 
returned to England. 

M. Jan. 7, 1882, Frances Hester Frederica, d. of T. S. Bowles, Esq., of 
Milton Hill, Berks. 

*Hoste, George Henry, b. April 15, 1850, son of Rev. G. C. Hoste, 
Rector of Boyton, Suffolk. Address, 57, 
Queen's Crescent, Haverstock Hill, N.W. 

(Trevelyan for two terms, then Thomason), Colvin, 1862, V.— 1866. 1, VI. Left 
from ill-health. 2 p. Nomination 1862. LX. Entered Admiralty in Feb. 
1868. Transferred to Contract Department in 1869, and in 1885 to 
Military Board of Secretary's Department. Secretary to Foreign Intel- 
ligence Committee 1882-84, and in 1885-6 successively Private Secretary to 
Captain Codrington, Sir Arthur Hood, and Sir Anthony Hoskins. 

M. Oct. 14, 1884, Mary Anne, d. of Michael Kirby, Esq., of Charlton 
King's, Gloucestershire. 

Irwin, De Vere Nisbett Alexander, b. 1849, son of Rev. T. N. 
Irwin, Charlynch R., Bridgewater. 
Trevelyan, 1862, V.2— 1865.3, V.2? 

*Isaac8on, Wotton Ward, b. 1 848, son of W. Isaacson, Esq., of 
Mildenhall, Suffolk. 
Trevelyan, 1862, Head Form— 1864.3« Engüsh Form. Solicitor in London. 

♦Jollands, William Henry, b. 1846, son of Rev. C. Jollands, LMle 
Munden, Ware. 
1862, Head Form-1864.3, Head Form. 

*Law, John Knight, b. 1849, son of Rev. W. Law, Marston Trussell 
R., Theddingworth, Rugby. 

Lawrence, 1862, R.— 1866. 1, VI. 2. Prefect in Hailev. Christ's College, 
Cambridge. B.A. 1870. 1870-1873 Tutorship. Orclained 1873 to Dudley. 
In 1878 Incumbent of Holy Trinity, Sliema, Malta ; after fever in 1880, 
Curate-in-charge of Glasbury, St. David's. 

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♦Jüchell, Charles, b. Feb. 17, 1849, son of J. Michell, Esq., J.P. 

D.L. for County of York and Durham, Forcett 

Park, Darlington. 

Trevelyan, 1862 (the first boy who came, as he arrived a day too soon)— 1867.2. 

1 p. XI. 1864-65-66-67 (Captain). Various athletic prizes. XX. 1865-66 

(Captain). Passed direct (20t h) from School. Ensign 6oth Royal Rifles 

Oct. 12, 1867. Lieutenant Oct. 31. 1871. Captain Maren, 1880. Instructor 

of Musketry 1876-1880. Served in Zulu War 1879. Present at the Battle 

of Ghinginlovo. Medal and clasp. Served with and Battalion in the Boer 

Rebellion 1881. Retired on a gratuity Oct. 12, 1882. 

M. Jan. 18, 1883, Louisa Rachel, d. of Hon. and Rev. T. Orde Powlett, 
Wensley R. f Bedale. 

♦Miohell, Archibald Robert, b. Aug. 14, 1850, son of J. Michell, 

Esq., J.P. and D.L. for the N. Riding of 

Yorkshire, and J.P. for Durham, Kincardine, 

and Aberdeen, Forcett Park, Darlington. 

Trevelyan, Prefect in Hailey, 1862, L.V.— 1867.2, V.i. XX. 1866. 2 p. Captain 

of XXII. 1867. Prizes in Athletics. Magdalene College, Cambridge. B.A. 

Won several running prizes. Land Agent, and J. P. for N. R. of Yorkshire. 

♦Macgregor, William Gordon, b. 1846, son of Rev. Sir C. Macgregor, 
Bart. Swalloiv R., Caisfor, Lincolnshire. 
Lawrence, 1862, R.— 1865.2, Modern Form. Said to have died abroad. 

Mallock, William Hurrell, b. 1849, son of Rev. W. Mallock, 
Brampford Speke, Exeter. 
1862, IV.— 1863.1, R. Author of " The New Republic," and other works. 

Mallook, Henry Reginald Arnulph, b. 1851, son of Rev. W. 
Mallock, Brampford Speke, Exeter. 
1862, IV.— 1868.1, IV. 
BTewell, Frederick Herbert Lushington, b. 1851, son of Rev. C. F. 
Newell, Broads/airs, Kent. 
Thomason, 1862, IV.— 1864.2, R. ? 

BTewton, William David, b. 1851, son of W. Newton, Esq., River 
Hill Lodge, Twickenham. 
1862, IV.— 1868.2, IV. 
Vewton, Frederick Wilson, b. 1852, son of W. Newton, Esq., River 
Hill Lodge, Twickenham. 
1862, III.— 1863.2, IV. 
Pendleton, Richard Potinger, b. 1852, son of Rev. F. H. S. 
Pendieton, Richmond, Surrey. 
1862, III.— 1863.3, HI. 
♦Plummer, Rowland Taylor, b. 1848, son of Rev. J. F. Plummer, 
Hartley R., Alton. Address, S. Paul's V., 
Bow Common. 

Lawrence, 1862, Head Form— 1867.1, VI.i. Prefect in Thomason. Pembroke 
College, Oxford. 3rd in Mods. ; 2nd in Theology. Ordained 1872 to 
Curacy of Folkestone. Rector of Hartley, Hants, 1875. Vicar of S. Pauls, 
Bow Common, 1878. 

Bonald, Rowland, b. 1851, c / Rev. W. M. Lethbridge, formerly of 
Musbury, near Axminster, Devon. 
Trevelyan, 1862, III,-1865. 3l R. ? 

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Swaine, George John Chambers, b. 1847, % Mrs. Lethbridge, 
formerly of Musbury, near Axminster. 
Trevelyan, 1862, III.— 1864.3? Modern Form. An indigo planter in Tirhoot. 
Died Oct 1881. 

Swaine, Frederick Robert, b. 1851, c /o Mrs. Lethbridge, formerly 
of Musbury V., Axminster. 
Trevelyan, 1862, III.— 1866.3, U.M.? 

♦Sworder, Edward Robert, b. 1847, son °f T. Sworder, Esq., 
Hertford. Address, Barham Court, Kent. 
1862, Head Form— 1863-3, English Form. XI. 1863, Captain. Master of East 
Kent Foxhounds. 
M. Sept. 1877, Eliza, d. of W. Shepherd, Esq., of Harbro Hill, Barnsley. 

Sworder, Frederick William, b. 1851, son of T. Sworder, Esq., 
1862.— D. at Hertford 1863. 

♦Shilleto, William Frederick Richard, b. 1850, son of Rev. R. 
Shilleto, Trumpington Street, Cambridge. 
Trevelyan, 1862, L.V.— 1868.1, VI.i. Afterwards at Cambridge. 

♦Tharp, Arthur Keane, b. Sept. 15, 1848, son of Rev. A. J. Tharp, 

Snailwell - cum - Chippenham, Newmarket. 

Address, Naval and Military Club, Piccadilly. 

Trevelyan, finally Edmonstone, 1862, L.V.— 1867.1, VI. XI. XX. 1 p. Won 

Single and Double Fives for four years. First prize for Racquets ever 

played for at Haileybury. Average Bat 1866. Hurdles and Broad Jump. 

Caius Coli. Camb. xi. B.A. See. of Naval and Military Club, Piccadilly. 

*Webb, Townshend, b. 1849, son of Rev. R. H. Webb, formerly of 
Essendon R., Hertford. 
Lawrence, 1862, R.— 1866.2. XI. 1863, 1865, 1866. In America. 

Whitby, Arthur George, b. 1849, son of G. Whitby, Esq., Rose 
Cottage, Peckham Rye, S.E. 
1862, R.— 1868.3, English Form. 

Woodcock, Francis Dealtry, b. 1851, son of late E. Woodcock, Esq. 
Lawrence, 1862, III.— 1867.3, R- 


Banister, Charles Litchfield, b. 1849, son of Rev. E. Banister, 
Besthorpe V. 9 Attleboro\ Norfolk. 
1863.1, R.-1864.I, U.M.Ü.? 

Banks, Henry Byng, b. 1849, son 0I " W. Banks, Esq., Paris. 

Trevelyan, I868.1, IV.-I866.3. L.M.L? 

♦Bosanquet, William Davis, b. June 3, 1 849, son of S. R. Bosanquet, 

Esq., Dingeston Court, Monmouth. Address, 

Liddesdale, Udaepusselawa, Ceylon. 

Trevelyan, 1863.1, V.— 1866.2, Mod. Upper. XI. 1865, 1866. Went to Ceylon 

as a coffee planter in 1867. 

M. Aug. 7, 187a, Elinor, d. of J. H. Verity, Esq., Bidal Hall, Yorkshire. 

Digitized by 


1868. 1. HA1LE YBUR Y REGISTER. y 

♦Bromley, Henry, b. 1847, son of Rev. W. Bromley, Warders, 
Tonbridge. Address, 38, Mincing Lane, E.C. 
Lawrence, 1863.1, L.M.U. — 1866.2, L.V. In business, in London. 
Cheshire, Walter Christopher, b. 1850, son of C. Cheshire, Esq., 
Nbrlhwich, Cheshire. 
1863.1, R.— 1863. 3, R. Left from ill-health. 
*Cobb, Thomas Faulconer, b. 1848, son of T. Cobb, Esq., Sandgate. 

Lawrence, 1863.1, L.V.— 1866.2, Modern Upper. For a time on the Stock 
Exchange, but went in 1881 to New Zealand, and died there Aug. 22, 1883. 

Coke, William, b. 1851, son of W. Coke, Esq., 8, Marlborough Hill, 
London, N. W. 
Edmonstone, 1863.1, IV.— 1868.2, V.2. i p. 

♦Daubeny, Walter Hungerford, b. 1850, son of Rev. H. J. Daubeny, 
Tewin R., Hertford. 

Lawrence, 1863.1, L.M.V.— I8O8.2, VI.i. Exh. 1868. LX. 1867. Magdalen 
College, Oxford. Demy 1868. Engaged in scholastic work at Chesterfield. 

*Echalai, Ferdinand John, b. 1849, son of F. A. Echalaz, Esq., 
Higham Hill, Walthamsfow. 
Trevelyan, 1863.1, V.2.— 1867.3, VI.2. Prefect in Thomason. 

♦Edwards, Alfred Clarke, b. 1850, son of Rev. J. Edwards, 
Inworlh, Suffolk. 

Trevelyan, 1863.1, L.M.U.— 1869.2, VI.i. Lincoln College, Oxford. Seh. 
1869. 2nd in Mods. 2nd in Greats. 

♦Faithfoll, James Arthur, b. 1848, son of Rev. J. G. Faithfull, of The 
Grange, Hoddesdon. 

Edmonstone, 1863.1, L.M.U. — 1866.2, VI. After a time in America went in 
1873 to University College, Oxford, ist Class in Theology 1876. Ordained 
1876 to S. Margaret's, Brighton. Vicar of Holy Trinity, Leicester, 1878. 
Incumbent of Holy Trinity, Scarborough, 1882. Chaplain to Bishop of 
Liverpool 1880. 

Gibba, Walter Thomas, b. 1851, son of Rev. T. C. Gibbs, CoalesR., 
Trevelyan. 1868. 1. L.M.U.— 1866.3, V.2? 
♦Gisby, George H., b. 1851, son of G. Gisby, Esq. Address, Ware. 

Lawrence. 1863.1, IV.— 1866.1, Mod. Upper. XXII. XX. 1865. Admitted 
a solicitor in 1872 ; practising at Ware. 

Gosselin, Hellier Robert Hadsley, b. 1850, son of M. H. Gosselin, 
Esq., The Priory, Ware. 
Lawrence, 1863.x, U.2.— 1865.2, U.M.Ü. 

*Haddn0, Charles Edmund, b. Jan. 13, 1849, son of Rev. E. H. 

Haskins, Rector of Stow-in-Lindsey. Address, 

47, Chesterton Road, Cambridge. 

Colvin, 1863. 1, V.— 1867.2, VI. 1. Head of the School 1866-67. Many prwes. 
Exh. 1867. S. Jphn's College, Cambridge. Seh. 1867. Bell Seh. 1868. 

of North Muskham, Newark-on-Trent. 

3rd in Classical Tripos 1871. Fellow of S. John's 1872. Lecturer 1875. 
M. June, 1882, Charlotte Frances, d, of Rev. J. Winstanley Hall, Vice 


Digitized by } 


♦Henflley, Egerton John, b. 1851, son of H. Hensley, Esq., M.D., 
1 5, Alfred St., Bath. S. Luke's V., Bermondsey. 

Trevelyan, 1863.1, U.M.U.— 1869.2, VI.i. Open nomination 1864. Exh. 
1869. XXII. 1869. XX. 1866-67-68 (captain). Exeter College, Oxford. 
2nd Class Mods. 1871. 2nd Lit. Hum. 1873. Ordained to Curacy of 
Holy Trinity, S. Marylebone. Vicar of S. Luke's, Bermondsey, 1883. 

M. Jan. 7, 1885, Mary Kathleen, 2nd d. of C. Hathaway, Esq., of Barnard 
House, Bath. 

Holland, Frederic Catesby, b. 1853, son of Rev. C. Holland, 
Petworth R. 9 Sussex. 

♦Holland, Mordaunt McLennon, b. 1849, son of Mrs. Holland, 
Bilton Road, Rugby. 

Trevelyan, 1868.1, U.M.ii.— 1865.2, English Form. XI. 1863-64. 

Holland, Walter Launcelot, b. 1853, son of Rev. C. Holland, Petworth 
R., Sussex. 

Hutchinson, Ernest Rhodes, b. 1848, son of Rev. B. Hutchinson, 
S. Michaer s V., St. Atöans. 

1863.1, V.2.— 1864.1, U.M.i. 

Ingram, Walter Feilde, b. Sept. 21, 1851, son of J. Ingram, Esq. 
Address, Preston House, Firle, Lewes, Sussex. 

Thomason, 1863.1, IV.— 1868. 2, U.M.i. Land agent to Viscount Gage and 

M. Sept. 19, 1877, Catherine Louisa, d. of James H. Sclater, Esq., of 
Newick Park, Lewes, Sussex. 

Knollys, Archibald Augustus, b. Aug. 25, 1851, son of Canon 
Knollys. Address, Oakwood Vicarage, Oakley, 

Trevelyan, 1863.1— 1868. 1, U.M.i. B.N.C. Oxford. Mathematical Seh. 
Hulmeian Exh. and in Math. Mods. 3rd Math. Greats. In Eight 
which rowed Head of the River. Ordained 1876 to Saltwood. Now Vicar 
of Okewood, Surrey. 
M. May 20, 1882, Constance, d. of General Sir W. Knollys, K.C.B. 

Le Quesne, Charles Frederick Nicholas, b. 1849, care of G. U. Le 
Quesne, Esq., Jersey. 

Trevelyan, 1863.1, IV. —1864. 2, English Form. 

Macaußland, Oliver Plunket, b. 1852, son of Rev. R. C. Macausland, 
Rector of Desartaghil, Co. Londonderry. Ad- 
dress, Woodbank, Garvagh, Co. Londonderry. 

Hailey and Thomason, 1863.1, III.— 1868.3, L.M.i. Trinity College, Dublin. 
J.P. for Co. Londonderry. 

Mackinnon, Donald Hilaro Ousely Dimsdale, b. 1850, son of Major 
D. H. Mackinnon, 25, Victoria Road, Charlton, 
Lawrence, 1863.x, L.M.V.-I865.3. V.2? 

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♦Mills, William Hathorn, b. April 28, 1848, son of Rev. J. Mills, 
Orton Waterville, Peterborough. Address, 
Thornton House, Louth. 

Lawrence, 1863.x, Head Form— 1862.2, VI.i. Captain of XI. Captain of 
XX. Won quarter, ioo, aoo, Hurdles and other races. Drop Kick. Some 
prizes. Perabroke College, Cambridge. Seh. (the first from Haileybury 
to the University). 2nd Class Classical Tripos 1870. College first boat. 
XI. Ordained 1873 as Assistant Master of Hereford Cathcdral School, 
and Curate of Pipe and Lyde. Head Master of Ruthyn School 1875 — 81. 
Senior Assistant Master Louth Grammar School 1881, and Curate of South 
Thoresby 1882. Author of « • Ballads of Hellas for School Use " (Bell & Sons, 
1878). Chaplain to Provincial Grand Lodge of Lincolnshire 1886. 
M. 1872. 

Beade, Frederick Murray, b. 1849, son of W. B. Reade, Esq., 
5, Rock House, Ttnby. 

1863.1. L.M.V.— 1863.3, U.M.i. ? 

♦Seppings, Thomas Johnson, b. 1849, son of T. Seppings, Esq., 
South Creake, Fakenham, Norfolk. 

Trevelyan and Colvin, 1863.1. R.— 1866.3, Mod. Upper. Direct Commission 
Dec. 1866. Ensign July, 1868, 5 ist King's Own Light Infantry. Lieut. 
June, 1871. Captain, Aug. 11, 1878. Inspector of Musketry Öct. 1874 — 
Aug. 1878. In India Oct. 1872 — Nov. 1881. In Afghan Campaign 1878 
— 1882. Afghan Medal with clasp for capture of Ali Masjid. Took part 
in Hazara Valley Expedition. 

Savory, Arnold, b. 1851, son of J. Savory, Esq., Upper Clapton. 

I868.1, IV.— 1863.2, IV. 

Smith, Heathcote, b. 1848, son of Capt. Heathcote Smith, Ford- 
ington House, Dorchester. 8, Shaftesbury 
Terrace, Ashley Road, Bristol* 

Trevelyan, 1863.1, V.2.— 1864.1, V.M.x. Lichfield Theological College. 
Ordained 1877 to Freemantle, Hants. Curate-in-charge of S. Matthew 
Mission, Portsea, 1883-84. 

♦Smythies, Yorick Gordon, son of Rev. W. Y. Smythies, Hill Side 
House, Weely, Essex. 

Lawrence, 1863.1, V. 2.— 1866. 2, V. Assistant Engineer of Great Western of 
Brazil Railway. 
D. April 15, 1882, at Pernambuco, BraziL 

•Stewart, Charles Montague Duncan, b. 1849, son of A. Stewart, 
Esq., 2, Talbot Terrace, Westbourne Park, W. 

Lawrence, 1863.1, R.— 1867.2, Mod. Upper. Out in 1870 to Natal to farm, but 
took to trading among Zulus and Amaswarzi tili 1877. On annexation of 
Transvaal in 1877 appointed Master of Transport. Private Secretarv to 
Sir E. Strickland. Senior Lieutenant in Ferreira's Horse in the Campaigns 
against Secocoeni and the Zulus. Second in command at the Fort of 
Faugh a ballagh. In 1880 Sub-Inspector of Constabulary, Administrator 
of Native Law, and ex~oßcio J.P. in Transvaal. Fought against the Boers 
in i88x. On retrocession of Transvaal returned to England, declining an 
offer from the Boers to hold Office under their Government. Received 
Medal and two clasps. 

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♦Sumner, Frederic Maunoir, b. 1849, son of the late Judge 
Sumner, Gloucestershire County Courts. 

Lawrence, I868.1, L.M.ii.— 1868.1, VI.2. Prefect in Hailey for a time. 
XX. 1866-67. Trinity and Magdalen Hall, Oxford. Now farming in 
California, and a naturalized American Citizen. 

♦Taylor, Aucher Cornwall, b. 1850, son of Capt. H. E. Taylor, 
Roselands, Walmer. 

Lawrence, 1868. 1, IV.— I866.2, Mod. Upper. Temporary Clerk G.P.O. 1868. 
Permanent 1869. Foreign Office 1869. Attached to Sir J. Cave's Special 
Mission to Egypt as 2nd Acting Secretary Dec. 1875. Retired 1882. 
Assistant Secretary Public Works Loan Office Oct. 1885. 

♦Thompson, George Charles, b. 1848, son of Mrs. Thompson, 
formerly of South Lawn, Exefer. 

Colvin, 18G8.I, V.2.— 1864.2, English Form. Gained Holiday Natural Science 

Vander Heulen, Joseph Pomfret, b. July 27, 184g, son of the Rev. 
T. Vander Meulen, Rector of Thorley, Bishop's 
Stortford. Address, Hockerill, Bishop's 

Lawrence, 1868. i, R.~ I866.3, Mod. Upper. XI. 1865. XX. 1865. 2nd for 
High Jump two years. Civil Engineer. Worked in different parts of England. 
In 1873 went to Brazil, and was engaged in exploring surveying for new 
railways until health permanently gave way in 1876. 

*White, James Spencer, b. Sept. 7, 1850, son of late Rev. J. White, 
Vicar of Bruton, Somerset. Address, 3, Regent's 
Park Terrace, N.W. 

Colvin. 1863.1, L.M.ii.— 1868.3, VI.2. XI. 1867, 1868. Average Ball. XX. 
1867, 1868. Entered Messrs. Hoare's Bank 1872. 

Willoughby, Edward Godfrey, b. 1852, son of A. T. Willoughby, 
Esq., Twyford % Broxbourne. 
Thomason, 1863.x, IV.— 1866.3, IV. ? 

*Yonng, Aretas William Charles, b. 1850, son of Sir H. E. Young, 
C.B., 77, Kensington Gardens Square, W. 

Lawrence, 1863.1, V.2.— 1868.2, VI.2. XI. 1865-66-67-68 (Captain). Singlesticks. 
Fencing. Boxing. University College. Oxford. College xi. Called to 
the Bar, Inner Temple, 1873. Home Circuit and Surrey Sessions. Now 
in S. Australia. 

M. Feb. 28, 1882, at Christ Churcb, Adelaide, S. Australia, Ellen, d. of 
the late R. B. Colley, Esq., of Adelaide. 


Barrington, Henry Robert Shute, b. 1852, son of Hon. H. 
Barrington, Waffon, Her/s. 
Thomason, 1863.2, III.— 1866.1, IV. 

♦Beachcroft, Thomas Seward, b. 1850, son of Mrs. Beachcroft, 
Temple Sheen, Mortlake, S.W. 
Bartle Frere, 1863.2, U.M.U.-1867.2, VI.a. 

Digitized by 



Birkrashaw, John Frederick, b. 1848, son of J. C. Birkinshaw, 
Esq., 14, Walmer Beach. 
1863.2, L.M.Ü.— 1863.2, L.M.Ü. 

♦Bone, William Middleton, b. 1848, son of Rev. W. Bone, Carlisle. 

Trevelyan, 1863.2. U.M.V.— 1866.2, VI.2. XX. Pembrokc College, Oxford. 
Rector of Winthorpe, Notts, 1881. 

Boucher, George Frederick, b. 1850, son of J. E. Boucher, Esq., 
5, Buccleuch Terrace, Upper Clapton. 

♦Branton-Day, Ronald, b. 1850, son of Mrs. Branton-Day, Mickle- 
field Green, near Rickmansworlh. 

Lawrence, 1863.2, L.M.Ü.— 1867.2, Mod. Upper. XI. 1865-66-67. XX. 1866. 
Till recently in Mexico. 

Bnrdett, Charles Sedley, b. 185 1, son of Lieut.-Col. S. Burdett, 
Shrubhurst, Godslone, Surrey. 
Edmonstone, 1863.2, IL— 1866.2, IL ? 

Carr, Stephen Lushington, b. 1853, son of Mrs. E. L. Carr, 5, Wood- 
field Terrace », Upper Norwood. 
Thomason, 1863.2, III.— 1866.2. IV. 

Corfield, Arthur John Grant, b. 1852, son of A. K. Corfield, Esq., 
12, Pembridge Crescenl, Bayswaler. 
Thomason, 1863.2, III.— 1869.2, Mod. U.M. 1 p. 

♦Cnnningham, Herbert Noel, b. 1852, son of Rev. F. M. Cunning- 

ham, Brightwell R., Wallingford. 

Bartle Frere, I868.2, L.M.Ü.— 1870.2, VI.i. XX. 1868-69. XXII. B.N.C. 
Oxford. 3rd in Mods. 3rd in Lit. Hum. Rowed in Eight. In Trial 

Eights winning crew 1873, 74. Ordained 1877. For some time Assistant 
Master at O. M. C. Cowley. Curate of Tamworth. Incumbent of 
S. George's, Tilehurst, near Reading ; resigned in 1881 on being appointed 
Rector of Grace Church, Le Mars, Iowa. 

M. Feb. 13, 1882, at Trinity Church, Philadelphia, Gertrude Nancy, 
d. of Rev. G. Bradley, Vicar of S. Edmund's, Dudley. 

Dale, Arthur Murray, b. 1850, son of Rev. T. Pelham Dale, 
5, Woburn Square, W.C. 
Colvin, 1863.2, R.-I866.3. U.M.? 

Dodgson, William Henley, b. 1850, son of W. O. Dodgson, Esq., 
1 , Rock Buildings, Bognor. 
Bartle Frere, I868.2, L.M.Ü.— 1866.3. V.2. x p. ? 

Elliot, Amyand, b. 1849, son of Capt. A. Elliot, 29, Cadogan Place, 
Thomason, 1863.2, III.-1864. 3 , III. 

Eyre, Alfred James, b. 1850, son of R. T. Eyre, Esq., Bartley, Tolion f 

Trevelyan, 1868.2, L.M.Ü.—I867.3, V.x. XX. 1866-67. 
D. at Funchal, Madeira, Feb. 27, 1870. 

Digitized by 



Farquhar, Gilbert Edward Townsend, b. 1850, son of Sir Minto 
Farquhar, Bart., M.P., 6, Gloucester Square, 
Hyde Park. 

Foster, Bernard Knollys, b. 1852, son of Rev. H. Foster, of Selsey 
R., Chicnester. Address, Little Cloisters, 

Edmonstone, 1863.2, R.— 1867-3, V.2. Keble College, Oxford. B.A. 1874. 
Ordained 1879 to Holy Trinity, South Wimbledon. Minor Canon of 
Gloucester 1880. Senior 188 1. Precentor 1883. Curate of S. Mark, 
Gloucester, 1883. 

Gap3, Thomas Walter Penrice, b. 1853, son of J. J. Gape, Esq., 
S. Albans. 
Hailey, 1863.2, III.— 1865.3, IV, 

Garnier, Arthur Edmund, b. 1849, son of the Very Rev. the Dean 
of Lincoln, The Deanery, Lincoln. 
1853.2, R.-1863.2, R. 

*Grey, Robert Elton, b. 1848, son of Sir G. Grey, Bart., M.P., 

14, Eaton Place, W. 

Trevelyan, 1863.1, U.M.V.— 1866.3, Modern Upper. XI. 1865. XX. 1863, 

1864-65. Direct Commission 1871. Cornet in srd Hussars Oct. 28, 1871. 

Lieut. Oct 30, 1871. Captain üec. 4, 1879. Retired on temporary half- 

pay Nov. 30, 188 1. 

Griffith, Llewellyn Rhys Davies, b. 1851, Bromley, Kent, S.E. 
Bartle Frere, 1863.2, IV.— 1866.3, IV. ? 

Holland, Charles, b. 1852, care of Rev. C. English, The Parsonage, 

Holland, William Alfred, b. 1849, care of Rev. C. English, The 
Parsonage, Sydenham. 
1868.2, IV.— 1864.3. 

Hoste, Henry Francis, b. 1854, son of Rev. P. Hoste, Farnham, 
Thomason, 1863.2, ? IÖ68.3, H.— 1865. 3 . IV. ? 

O'Brien, John Mountford, b. 1850, son of the Bishop of Ossory 
and Ferns, Kilkenny. 
Trevelyan, 1863.2, L.M.Ü.— 1866.1, English Form. 

Palmer, John Filbey, b. 1851, son of G. Palmer, Esq., Revers Hall, 
Thomason, 1863.2, IV.— 1865.3, L.M.iii.? 

Palmer, Walter Howitt, b. 1853, son of G. Palmer, Esq., Revers 

Hall, Bengeo. 

Thomason, 1868.3, III.-I866.3, L.M.U. ? 
D. at Bengeo, Sept 3, x886. 

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Eawnsley, Alfred Edward, b. 1853, son of Rev. D. Rawnsley, 
Hatten R. 9 Spilsby. 
1868.2,1V.— 1868.2. IV.? 

Roberts, Charles Quincey, b. 1853, son °f C. Roberts, Esq., 3, 
Upper Montague Street, Russell Square. 
Colvin, 1868.2, IV.— 1870.2, V.i. XI. 1870. 

^Schreiber, Frederick Ernest Lowther, b. 1850, son of Lieut.-Col. 
Schreiber, Mellon, Suffolk. 

Trevelyan, 1863.2, R.— 1867.2, Mod. Upper. XI. 1866-67. Major in the 
Sufifolk Regiment June, 1885. 

Töwnsend, John Charles, b. 1851, son of Rev. C. G. Gretton 
Townsend, Berwick Place, Hatfield Peverill, 

Bartle Frere, I868.2, R,— 1866.3, L.M.ii. ? 

♦Young, Carmichael Light, b. Oct. 31, 1851, son of Sir Henry E. 
F. Young, C.B., 96, Cromwell Road, S. Ken- 
sington, or care of Cox and Co., Craig's Court. 

Lawrence, I868.2, L.M.ii.— 1869.2, U.VI.i. XI. 1868 69. LX. Various 
Prizes. R.M.A. Woolwich (ist Haileyburian to pass direct from school). 
Royal Engineers Dec. 1871. Deputy Consulting Engineer for Railways 
in Bombay Presidency 1875. Served with Southern Afghanistan Field 
Force 1881. Assistant Instructor in Construction at the School of Military 
Engineering, Chatham, 1884, to present date. 
M. Feb. 1882, the widow.of Captain J. Becke, Bombay Army. 

Young, Daniel Eliott, b. 1851, son of late Capt. Young. Address, 
Cape Town, Cape of Good Hope. 

Lawrence, 1863.2, R.— 1869.2, M. U.M. XXII. LX. Various running prizes. 
Pembroke College, Oxford. B.A. 3rd in Theology. Ordained 1876 to 
Curacy of Wantage. Domestic Chaplain and Secretary to the Bishop of 
Cape Town, and Chaplain to All Saints, Wynberg, 1882. 


Adams, George Francis, b. July, 1 849, son of the late Rev. H. G. 
Adams, Vicar of Cornwood, S. Devon. Address 
Peak Hill, Sydenham. 

Lawrence, 1868. 3, IV.— 1866.2, M. Clerk in the Probate Court 1868. 

A'Court, Arthur Wyndham Holmes, b. 1848, son of Lord Heytes- • 
bury, Heytesbury, Bath. 

Bartle Frere, I868.3, L.M.i.— 1866.1, L.M.i. ? 

A'Court, Leonard Wormsley Holmes, b. 1 849, son of Lord Heytes- 
bury, Heytesbury, Baih. 

Bartle Frere, 1868.3, IV.— 1867.1, L.M.i. ? 

Aflhington, Henry, b. 1852, son of Rev. H. Ashington, Anwick V. % 
Sleaford, Lincolnshire. 
Thomason, I868.3, IV.— 1866.2, U.M.i. 2 p. 

Digitized by 



Aahington, Alfred Angelo, b. 1853, son °f ^ ev * H. Ashington, 
Anwick V., Sleafordy Lincolnshire. 
Thomason, 1863.3, III.— 1865.1, R. Drowned in the " Captain" 1870. 

♦Baldwin, Francis, b. 1851, son of W. W. T. Baldwin, Esq., Stede 
Hill, near Maidstone. Address, Skegness R., 

Thomason and Trevelyan, 1863.3, III.— 1869.2, VI.2. Prefect in Highfield. 
LX. Jesus College, Cambridge. B.A. Ordained 1874. Vicar of Maltby 
1877. Rector of Skegness, Lincolnshire, 1880. Diocesan Inspector of 
Schools, Oxford Diocese, 1876. 

♦Bainbrigge, Philip Thomas, b. March 23, 1848, son of Major- 
General Bainbrigge, R.E. 

Lawrence, 1868.3, Upper IV.— 18ß6.2, VI. XX. The first there was. XXII. 
Pembroke College, Oxford. Captain ofxi. 2nd Class Theology. Ordained 
1878 to Curacy of Oakham, Rutland. Incumbent of S. Philip's, Regent 
Street, 1881. Vicar of S. Thomas, Regent Street, 1884. 

M. July 8, 1885, Helen Jane, d. of A. Gillespie, Esq., of Biggar Park, 

Birkett, Percival, b. Dec. 23, 1850, son of John Birkett, Esq., 
F.R.C.S., late President of the Royal College 
of Surgeons. Address, Harrow, Middlesex. 

Haileyand Colvin, I863.3, II. — 1869, M.U.i. 3 p. 100 and 200 Swimming. 
XX. 1868. London University. Admittedf a Solicitor 1876. Partner in 
firm of Hörne & Birkett, 4, Lincoln's Inn Fields, 1879. Author of papers, 
" The Value of Open Spaces," " The Rights of Common upon Dartmoor," 
and others. Hon. Solicitor to the Commons Preservation Society, the 
Kyrie Society, and tha Metropolitan Public Gardens Association. 
. M. Aug. 2, 1879, Violet, d. of T. Pemberton, Esq., Heathfield Hall, 
Handsworth, Warwickshire. 

Birkett, Louis, b. Jan. 1, 1853, son °f J- Birkett, Esq., F.R.C.S. 
Address,, c, Willow Grove Villas, Chislehurst, 

Colvin, I868.3.— 1869.3, M.U.M. XI. 1869. XX. 1869. Steeple Chase. High 
and Broad Jump. Place 1869. 2 p. Played for England (Rugby Union) 
1875 and 1877. 

M. April 26, 1881, Agnes, d. of S. Wreford, Esq., J.P., of Broughton 
House, near Sevenoaks, Kent. 

♦Bland, Edward Michael, b. 1851, son of F. L. Bland, Esq., 

Wanstead, Essex. 
Bartle Frere, 1863.3, L.M.i.— 1867.3, VI. Prefect in Hailey. Now in Canada. 
Cautley, John Cumberlege, b. Dec. 20, 1849, son of the Rev. J. 

Cautley, formerly of the Rectory, Thorney. 

Edmonstone, I868.3, R.— I8Ö6.3, L.M.ii. ? Entered by Direct Commission 
97th Regiment, afterwards 2nd Batt. Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regt. 
Ensign June 13, 1869. Lieut. June 22, 1870. Captain Feb. 2, 1878. 
Major Sept. g, 1884. 

M. Sept. 11, 1884, Florence Mary Hamilton, d. of Major Hamilton 
Browne, J.P., D.L., of Comber House, Clady, Co. Londonderry. 

*Cheston, Horace, b. 1851, son of Chester Cheston, Esq., formerly 
of Manor House, Hackney. 

Bartle Frere, I863.3. R.— 1868.1, VI.i. XX. 1866, 67. Prefect in Thomason. 
After a time abroad has practised as an Architect since 1874, and has built 
among other things d museum at Ipswich. A.R.I.B.A. Played for 
England (Rugby Union) for some years. 

Digitized by LjOCKJIC 


♦Cheeton, Ernest Constantine, b. Oct 24, 1848, son of Chester 

Cheston, Esq. Address, 1 2, Cornwall Terrace, 

Regent's Park, N.W. 

Bartle Frere, I863.3, L.M.i.— 1867-3. VI.M. XX. 1866, 67, Captain. Merton 

College, Oxford. B.A. Captain of Boat Club. Played for England v. 

Scotland, and Ireland, 1873, 1874-5-6. Solicitor. 

Clarke, George Sydenham, b. 1848, son of Rev. W. J. Clarke. 
Swinderby V., Newark. 
Edmonstone, 1863.3, L.V.— I8C4.3 ? R.M.A. Woolwich. Captain. Egyptian 
Expedition 1882. Medal. Soudan Expedition 1885. Served in the Intelli- 
gence Department, and as Assistant Political Officer. Served at Tamai 
and Thakhor. D.A.A. and Q.M.G. 1885. Despatches London Ga*ette t 
Aug. 25, 1885. Now attached to War Office. 
M. Miss Fellowes. 

Clarke, Frederick Sydenham, b. 1852, son of Rev. W. J. Clarke. 
Swinderby V., Newark. 
Edmonstone, 1868.3, R.— 1866.3. XX. 1866. 
Clark, Alfred Ashley, b. Oct. 27, 1848, son of F. Le Gros Clark, 
Esq., Consulting Surgeon to St. Thomas's 
Hospital, F.R.S. Linden Cottage, Mount 
Harry, Sevenoaks, Kent, or 7, St. Swithin's 
Lane, E.C. 
Bartle Frere and Colvin, I868.3— 1866.3, Mod. XX. Admitted a Solicitor 
M. Sept. 9, 1874, Kate, d. of Andrew Swanzy, Esq. 

♦Coldham, George John, b. 1848, son of Rev. G. Coldham. 
Glemsford R., Sudbury. Address, 5, New Inn, 
Bartle Frere, 1868.3, L.V.— 1866.2, VI. ? XI. 1865, 66. Solicitor in London. 
M. Mary, d. of Coi. Miles. 

Dalbiac, Charles William, b. May 13, 1852, son of H. E. A. Dalbiac, 
Esq. Address, Hazlewood, Ennerdale Road, 
Richmond, Surrey. 
Thomason, I863.3, IV.— 1869.2, Mod. Upper. LX. Solicitor. Admitted 1876. 
Firm, Gordon and Dalbiac, 2, Bedford Row, W.C. 
M. Aug. 5, 1884, Rhoda, d. of Rev. A. Paris. 

♦Daubeny, Francis Hungerford, b. 1 849, son of Rev. F. Daubeny, 
Messal, near Ely. 
Edmonstone, I868.3, English Form— 1866.3, Modern Form Upper. In business, 
in London. 

Dodd, Alexander Russell, 24, Montague Street, W. 

Edmonstone, 1863. 3, R.— 1868, U.M.i. Leader of Choir. A Doctor in London. 

♦Durrant, George Backhouse, b. 1848, son of Rev. J. Durrant, 

Thornton Parsonage, Fleetwood. 

Edmonstone, I868.3, U.M.ii.— 1867.2, VI.2 Ori'el College, Oxford. 4Ü1 Class 

in Lit. Hum. 1871. Ordained 1872 to Curacy of Holy Trinity, Marylebone. 

Since March, 1876, C.M.S. Missionary in Lucknow. Home for a time in 


♦Brake, Percy James, b. 1849, son of Rev. R. Drake, Stourmouth 
R., Kent. 
Edmonstone, I863.3, U.M.ii.— 1868.2, VI.2. Cläre College, Cambridge. 
B.A. 1871. Ordained to Datchworth, near Stevenage, 1872. Afterwards 
at Charllon, near Woolwich. 
D. Dec. s, 1879. 

Digitized by 



Eatt, George Edward, b. May 28, 1848, son of late Rev. E. East, 
Vicar of Hounslow. Address, 16, Upper 
Berkeley St. Portman Square, W. 
Hailey, 1863.3, IV.— 1866.2, V.2. London University 1868. M.R.C.S. 1873. 
L.S.A. 1874. Hon. See. (Cases) British Medical Benevolent Fund. Author 
of "The Private Treatment 01 the Insane as Single Patients" (Churchill, 
M. Jan. 15, 1880, Rosamond Cox, of Dorchester, Wallingford. 

Fisher, Charles Travers, b. 1849, son of Rev. C. J. Fisher, Ovington % 
Cläre, Suffolk. 
Edmonstone, 1868.3, III.— 1865.2, R. ? 

Gillespie, Hugh James, b. 1853, son of Mrs. Gillespie, Summer 
Hill, Darlford, Kent. 
I868.3. II.-1864.I, II. 
♦Harding, Edward Gönne, b. 1850, son of E. Harding, Esq. Ad- 
dress, Gonagalla Estate, Dikoya, Ceylon, or 
Union Club, London, W. 
Trevelyan, Prefect in Colvin, 1863.q. U.M. IV.— 1866.3, M. Upper. XX. 1866. 
Went out to Ceylon in 1869. Now Chief Manager of the Lanka Estates. 

Hervey, Granville Walter, b. 1852, son of Rev. Lord C. Hervey, 
Chesterfield, Saffron Waiden. 
Thomason, 1868.3, IV.— 1868.3, IV. 

Hervey, William George Edward, b. 1851, son of Rev. Lord C. 
Hervey, Chesterford, Saffron Waiden. 
Thomason and Trevelyan, 1863. 3.— I8Ö6.3, L.M.i. ? 1 p. 

Jackson, Herbert Curteis, b. 1850, son of J. F. Jackson, Esq., 
J.P. Address Homefield, Walton, Epsom. 
Bartle Frere, I863.3, III.— 1868.2, U.M.ii. Queens* College, Oxford. M.A. 
1876. College Two miles 1871-72. 

M. Bertha F. B., d. of late Rev. E. Creek, Vicar of Swamnore, Bishop's 

King, William Tindal, b. Nov. 27, 1849, son of P. J. King, Esq., 
Registrar of the Supreme Court. Address, 10, 
S. Stephen's Square, W. 

Lawrence, 1868.3, IV.— 1806.3, U.M.ii. Admitted a Solicitor in 1872. Ap- 
pointed to the Chancery Registrar' s Office in 1873. Lieut. in London 
Scottish R.V. 

♦Kingsford, John Parish, b. 1847, son of J. J. Kingsford, Esq., of 
Perbright Lodge, Guildford. 
Trevelyan, 1868. 1, L.M.i.— 1866.2, Mod. Upper. XX. Emmanuel College, 
Cambridge. Called to Bar from Inner Temple June 1872. Admitted to the 
Bar of the State of New York Oct. 1875, an ^ now m practice there. 
♦Kirkpatrick, Arthur Francis, b. 1 849, son of Rev. F. Kirkpatrick. 
Address, 3, Salisbury Villas, Cambridge. 
Edmonstone, 1868.3, V.— 1867.2, VI.i. Exh. 1866 and various prizes. Trinity 
College, Cambridge, ist Minor Seh. 1867. Foundation 1868. Fellow- 
ship 1871. 2nd Classic 1871. Porson Seh. 1868. Bell 1868. Craven 
1870. Tyrwhitt (Hebrew) 1874. Carus Greek Testament Prize 1870. 
Winchester Reading Prize 1871. First Class Theological Tripos with 
Hebrew, Evans and Scholefield Prizes 1872. Ordained Deacon 1874. 
University Preacher 1878. Cambridge Preacher at Whitehall 1878-80. 
Examining Chaplain to Bishop of Winchester 1878. Examiner for Classical 
Tripos 1878-9, for Theological Tripos 1881-2. Junior Praetor 1881. Edited 
1 and 2 Samuel and other books in Cambridge Bible for Schools. Regius 
Professor of Hebrew and Canon of Ely 1882. 

M. June 25, 1884, Julia Mary, d. of Rev. J. Pemberton Bartlett, Rector 
of Exbury, Hants. 

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♦Kirkpatrick, James Stafford, b. 1848, son of the late F. Kirk- 
patrick, Esq., of Kingston, Canada. 
Kdmonstone, 1868.3, V. 2— 1866, Vl.a. XX. Trinity College, Dublin. B.A. 
Returned to Canada and entered his father's Solicitor's Office. 
D. May 3, 1885. 

♦Kranss, Gustavus Adolphus, b. 1848, son of Mrs. Krauss, 24, York 
Place, Portman Square. 
Trevelyan, 1863.3, V.2—I866.2, V.i. Said to be Editor of a paper in Australia. 

Lingham, Arthur, b. 1 854, son of Rev. J. Lingham, Lambeih R. 
Thomason, 1868.3, IL— 1864.3, III. 

♦Lloyd, Edward, b. 1849, care of Mrs. Girdlestone, Culver House, 

Colvin, 1863.3, V.— 1865.2, Mod. Upper. R. M. C. Sandhurst. Ensign io8th 
Regt. Oct. 1866. Lieut. Dec. 1867. Lieut. in 2nd Punjab Cavalry Feb. 
1871. Transferred to 4th Punjab Cavalry Sept. 1871. Adjutant Nov. 
1873. Capt. Oct. 18, 1878. Passed into Staff College 1879. Rejoined 
for Afghan War Nov. 1879, and returned to Staff College Feb. 1881. 

Mayhew, Thomas, b. 1848, son of Rev. J. R. Mayhew, Darsham V. 
1863.3, English Form— 1864.1, English Form. 

Molesworth, James Murray, b. Jan. 1 849, son of Rev. W. N. Moles- 
worth, LL.D., Vicar of Spotland, Rochdale, 
and Hon. Canon of Manchester. Address, 
Ookiep, Namaqualand, Cape of Good Hope. 

Bartle Frere, 1868.3, IV.— 1866.2, L.M.i. Mining Engineer for Cape Copper 
Mining Company. 

Moore, Charles Arthur, b. 1851, son of Rev. J. Moore, Kilverston 
R. 9 Thetford. 
Thomason, I863.3, IL— 1864.2, IL Left from ill-health. 

Murray, John Swinton, b. 1850, son of Rev. J. Murray, Dedham 
V., Colchester. 
Colvin, 1863.3, R- 

Olivier, Henry Dacres, b. 1850, son of Rev. H. A. Ülivier, Crow- 

hurst R., Sussex. 

Bartle Frere, 1863.3—1866.2, U.M.i. R.M.A. Woolwich, 1869. Commis- 

sion in R.E. Dec. 1871. Went to India 1874. Served in Afghanistan in 

both Campaigns 1878-80. Mentioned in despatches, and Medal. Served 

in Nile Expedition 1885-6. Thanks of the Government of India. 

*0ddie, George Venables, b. July 31, 1850, son of the late Rev. G. 

A. Oddie, Rector of Aston, Herts. Address, 

Aston Rectory, Stevenage. 

Bartle Frere, I863.3, U.M.i.— 1869.2, VI.i. C.i. Ca. Capt. of XXII. 1869. 

XX. 1866, 67, 68. Boxing. 2nd Hand Fives. Prizes in 2nd Set Athletics» 

S. John's College, Cambridge. Sizar (after obtaining an Exh. at Jesus). 

3rd class Classical Tripos. Ordained, 1875, to Bexley, Kent. Rector of 

Aston 1877. 

M. 1878, d. of F. Scudamore, Esq., of Maidstone. 

Perry, Richard Davis, b. 1850, son of Mrs. Perry, 33, New FinchUy 
Road, N. 
Kdmonstone, 1868.3, English Form— 1866.1, English Form* 


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♦Pope, Harry Campbell, b. September 13, 1849, son of E. Pope, 
Esq., Tring, Herts. Address, Broomsgrove 
Villa, 280, Goldhawk Road, W. 

Hailey and Colvin, 1863.3, U.M.i.— 1866.2, VI.2. 1 p. XI. 1865-66. XX. 1865. 
Won and Set 100, Broad Jump, and Cricket Ball 1864. 2nd in ist Set 100 
and Cricket Ball 1865. Entered Liverpool Royal Infirmary School of 
Medicine 1867. and won various prizes and medals. Captain of xi. 1868-70. 
University College, London, 1872, prizes and medal. M.D. Univ. London, 
1878. F.R.C.S. 1876. 1871, House Surgeon to Seamen's Hospital, Green- 
wich. 1872, Medical Tutor and Demonstrator of Anatomy, Queen's 
College, Birmingham. In practice at Shepherd's Bush in 1876. Physician 
to Mall House Asylum 1876. Vice-Pres. of West London Medico- 
Chirur^ical Society 1885-86. Contributor of various Communications 
to medical papers. 

M. Aug. 15, 1877, Constance Nellie, d. of late C. Townsend, Esq., of 

♦Pratt, John Henry, b. 1850, son of Rev. J. Pratt. 

Bartle Frere, I863.3, V.2— 1868.2, VI.i. Head of the School. XX. 1866-67. 
Exh. 1867, and many prizes. Trinity College, Cambridge. Exh. 1868. 
Foundation Seh. 1869. Fellow 1873. Bell Seh. 1869. Browne, 1871. 2nd 
Chancellor's Medallist and Senior Classic 1872. Assistant Master at Harrow, 

Drowned while bathing in the Lake of Como Aug. 31, 1878 ; a tablet 
has been erected to his memory in chapel, and the Pratt Prize foundcd 
for Greek Iambics. 

Ronald, Basil, b. 1853, care of Rev. W. M. Lethbridge, formerly of 
Musbury V., Axminster, Devon. 
Thomason, 1868.3, 11.-1864.2, IL 

Bawson, Herbert Evelyn, b. 1852, son of Rev. A. Rawson, formerly 
of Bromley. 
Thomason, I868.3, IL— I8C8.1, L.M.i. XXII. 

♦Stogdon, Arthur Read, b. June 6, 1850, son of Rev. A. H. Stogdon, 
Rector of Ovington, Alresford, Hants. Ad- 
dress, S. James's Rectory, Gateshead. 
Barüe Frere, 1868.3, L.M.i.-1868.3, VI.i. £.3, 2 p. C.6. XX. 1866, 7, 8. 
Prefect for onc year in Thomason. S. Catherine's College, Cambridge. 
3rd class Classical Tripos, 1872. Two years Captain of the Boats, xi. and 
xv. Ordaincd to curaey of Wallsend, 1873, and in 1881 appointed to 
Rectory of S. James, Gateshead. 

Swaine, Charles Lethbridge, b. 1852, care of Rev. W. M. Leth- 
bridge, formerly of Musbury V., near Axminster, 
1863.3, I.-1864.I, II. 

♦Tylcr, Roper Kingscote, b. 1849, son °f R ev * &• T. Tyler, 
Llantrithyd, C<rudbridge % Glamorganshire. 
Bartle Frere, 1868.3, L.M.i.— 1868.1, Mod. Middle. XX. 1866-67. In Australia. 

Wade, Thomas Shafto Orde, b. 1851, care of M. H. Chaytor, Esq., 
TheobaldS) Waliham Cross. 
Edmonstone, I868.3, R.— 1866.3, U.M. 

Walker, George Chapman, b. 1847, care °f F. Anderson, Esq., 33, 
Moray Place, Edinburgh. 
Colvin, 1868.3, English Form— 1864.3, English Form. For a Urne in the army. 
Afterwards a coffee-planter in Ceylon. 

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Wells, John Thomas Woodwards, b. 1850, care of Rev. G. K. 
Borrett, The Fiws, Btngeo. 
Edmonstone, 1863.3, II. — 1865.3, L.M.ii. Farming in Hertfordshire. 

♦Whalley, Frederick James, b. Aug. 1, 1851, son of Rev. J. P. 
Whalley, Wretham Rectory, Thetford. 

Edmonstone, 1863.3» R -~ 1870.2, M.VI.2. XX. 1869. Captain of XXII. 
5 p. H.i. 5.i. R.M.C. Sandhurst. Lieut. 2nd Bau. 8th King's Regt. 
June, 1872. Musketry Instructor 1874. Adjutant 1876 tili death. Afghan 
Campaign 1878-80. Medal and clasp for Peiwar Kotal Dec. 2, 1878. 

M. Aug. 2i, 1881, Isabella Sarah, d. of Major-Gen. F. C. Burnett, of 
Gadgirth, Ayrshire. 

D. in India Jan. 2, 1883. The regimental ordere of the day of his death 
contained the foilowing : — " No officer has rendered more valuable Services 
to the Battalion since its formation, nor has set a brighter example in 
obedience to, and in Performance of duty." 

♦Williams, Henry Clissold, b. 1849, son of Rev. J. A. Williams, 
Dummas Jfouse, Basingsioke. 
Trevelyan, 1863.3, V.2.— 1866.3, V. ? 

♦Wrench, Frederick Stringer, b. 1850, son of Rev. F. Wrench, 
Stowling R. t Hythe. 
Colvin, 1863.3, U.M.ii.— 1868.2, VI.i. XX. 1866, 67. Land agent in Ireland. 
? Appointed on Land Commission 1887. 

Wyndham, Charles Hugh, b. 1848, son of J. E. Wyndham, Esq. 
Wootton, Charmouth, Dorset. 
Bartle Frere, I868.3, English Form— 1865.3, ? Modern Form. 

WynellMayow, Arthur, b. Dec. 3, 1852, son of Rev. M. Wynell 

Mayow, Rector of Bray, Cornwall. Address, 

Frocester V., Stonehouse, Gloucester. 

Colvin, 1863.3, II.— 1866.3, IV. Keble College, Oxford. B.A. 1876. Captain 

of O.U.R.V. Ordained 1876 to S. Margaret's. Lee. Chaplain in Royal 

Navy 1879-1883. On H.M.S. Hercules, Flagship of H.R.H. the Duke of 

Edinburgh, 1882-83. Vicar of Frocester 1883. 

*Tüle, James Herbert, b. April 26, 1847, son of the late Lt.-Col. 

Yule, 9th Royal Lancers, who was killed in 

1857 during the Mutiny. 

Bartle Frere and Colvin, I868.3— 1864.2, Modern School. R.M.C. Sandhurst 

1864. Ensign in nth Regt, (now Devonshire) Dec. 1865. Lieut. 1868. 

Capt. 1877. Major 1883. Served with the Regt, in Afghan War of 1880. 

Anstrnther, James Lloyd, b. 1852, son of Lieut.-Col. Anstruther, 
Hentlesham Hall, Ipswich. 
Thomason, 1864.1, III.— 1864.3, R. 

♦Anstrnther, Basil Lloyd, b. 1853, son of Lieut.-Col. Anstruther, 
Hentlesham Hall, Ipswich. 
Thomason. 1861z, III.— I87O.3, M.VI.2. XXII. Z870. XX. 1869 and z8 7 o. 
R. M. C. Sandhurst. Sub.-Lieut. in o6th Regt. July, 1873. Ca P l « J^y« 
' 1879, Major 2nd Batt. Manchester Regt. Aug. 1883. 

♦Anstruther, Cecil Lloyd, b. 1853, son of Lieut.-Col. Anstruther, 

of Hentlesham Hall, Ipswich. Address, 46a, 

Pall Mall, W. 

Thomason, 1861z, III.— 1872.2, VI.2. XXII. 1870, 7z, 72 (Captain). XX. 

1870, Z871. Lincoln College, Oxford, viii. and xi. 4th Class Modern 

History. Clerk in House of Lords since 1876. 

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Auber, Charles Lionel Stephen, b. 1851, son of Rev. C. B. Auber, 
Clanaborough R. 
Edmonstone. 1864.1, IV.— 1866.1, L.M.Ü. ? 
♦Brooke, John Reeve, b. 1849, son of Rey. Canon R. E. Brooke, 
Rector of Bath. 
Trevelyan, 1864.1, V.2— 1867.2, VI.i. XX. 1866. Exh. 1867. E.i and 
various other prizes. Oriel College, Oxford, Seh. 1867. «ist Class Mod. 
1869. ist in Lit. Hum. 1871. Called to the Bar from Lincolns Inn, 
Michaelmas Term, 1873. 

♦Brooke, William Parker, b. Dec. 29, 1850, son of Rev. Canon 
Brooke, Rector of Bath. Address, 3, Hill- 
morton Road, Rugby. 
Placed in Bartle Frere, then Prefect in Thomason, finally Lawrence, 1864.1, R. — 
1869.2, VI.i. Head of the School. XL 1866, 67, 68, 69 (Captain). LX. 
Single Racquets 1868. Played at Prince's 1869. Against Wellington (Singles 
and Doubles), 1868, 1869, and won all. Won the first Seh. given at 
Haileybury, 1864. Exh. 1869. C.2, C.4, D.i, and other prizes. King's 
College, Cambridge. Exh. XL 1870— 1873 (Captain). Bracketed 8th in 
Classical Tripos 1873. Fellow 1873. First non-Etonian elected. Assistant 
Master at Fettes, 1876— 1879. At Rugby, 1879. 
In 1879 m. Mary Ruth, d. of Rev. C. Cotterill. 

Biekersteth, Henry Cecil, b. 1849, son of the Lord Bishop of Ripon. 

Edmonstone, 1864.1, U.M.ii.— 1866.3, ? U.M. 

Block, Samuel Cecil Macartney, b. Feb. 8, 1853, son of S. W. 
Block, Esq., 15, Talbot Square, W. 
Thomason, 1864.1, IL— 1869.2, L.M.i. 2nd Set 100 and 200 yards in Aquatics. 
For a time in business in London. 

♦Bowyer Smijth, Edmund Caswell, b. July 20, 1853, son of Rev. 

A. J. E. Bowyer Smijth, of South View House, 

Winchester. Address, Albury, New South 


Colvin, 1864.1, IV.— 1871.2. Head of Modern School. R.I.E.C. Cooper's Hill, 

1871, and went to India in 1874. Invalided home in 1877. Went to 

Australia 1878. Engaged in Engineering work in New South Wales since 

1882. Associate Member Inst. C.E. Now Road Superintendent in Charge 

of the Albury District, N.S.W. 

M. Dec. 4, 1884, Annie Elizabeth, d. of S. W. Gray, Esq., of Kiama, 

Bowyer Smijth, Clement Wayland, b. 1851, son of Rev. A. J. E. 
Bowyer Smijth, of South View House, Win- 
Colvin, 1864.1, IV.— 1865.1, R. 
Bonner, John Henry, b. 1851, son of H. C. Bonner, Esq., East 
Auskam, Brandon. 
Edmonstone, 1864.1, R.IL— 1866.3, L.M.iii. ? 

Branton-Day, James, b. 185 1, son of Mrs. Branton-Day, Michltfield 
Green, Rickmansworth. 
Lawrence, 1864.1, Lower R.— 1868.2, M.U.M. XL 1868. In the Bank of 

Btttcher, Arthur A., b. 1851, son of Mrs. Butcher, New West End t 
Edmonstone, 1864.1, IV,— I8O6.3, Mod. Form ? 

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Burr, Albert Edward, b. 1851, Surbiton. 

Bartle Frere, 1864,1, Lower R.— 1868.2, Mod. Upper. XI. 1868. 

Calder, James Francis, b. 1852, son of Rev. W. Calder, Fairfield 
Parsonage, Liverpool. 
Edmonstone, 1864.1, III.— 1866.3, L.M.iiu ? 

Caras Wilson, Henry, b. 1853, son of Rev. C. Carus Wilson. 
Thomason, 1864.1, II.— 1864.2, III. 

Clifford, Edward Arthur, b. April 12, 1850, son of H. J. Clifford, of 
Frampton-on-Severn, Gloucestershire. 

Hailey, 1864.1, IV.— 1866.3, L.M.ii. 2 Athletic Prizes. R. A. C. Cirencestef. 
In 1871 bought land in Winnesbip, co. Iowa, U.S.A. Address, The Ever- 
greens, Ridgeway. 
M. 1874. 

Cotton, Frederick Henry, b. 1849, son of Rev. H. J. Cotton, 
Dalbury, Derby. 
Bartle Frere, 1864.1, U.M.i.-1864. 3 , U.2. 

Davies, Daniel Hart, b. 1853, son of Rev. J. H. Davies, Ramsgate. 
Thomason, 1864.1, IV.— 1864.2, IV. ? 

♦Bonne, Henry, b. 1848, son of Rev. S. Donne, Marcharel, Denbigh* 
Trevelyan, 1864.1, U.M.i.— 1866.3, Mod. Form. R.A.C. Cirencester, Diploma. 

Evans, Charles William Henry, b. 1852, son of C. Evans, Esq., 
The Bank, Margate. 
Edmonstone, 1864.1, IV.— 1868.2, VI.2. XI. 1867, 68. Average Bat 1868. 
? Captain Queen's Own Royal (West Kent Regiment), Nov. 17, 1883. 

Farr, Charles Cobbold, b. May 29, 1851, son of late Rev. J. Farr, 
Rector of Gillingham, in Norfolk. 

Trevelyan, 1864.1, L.M.i. ?— 1868.3, V.i. XX. 1868. After reading for Indian 
Civil Service, went out to Canada, and finally entered the Hudson's Bay 
Company. Now stationed at Temiscamin^ue, vid Ottawa, Canada. 

M. July 23, 1878, at Pembroke, Ontano, Canada, Georgina, d. of the 
late Lieut. Probyn. 

Fawket, Algernon, b. 1853, son of Major Fawkes, Wigthorpe House, 
Worksop, Notts. 
Colvin and Hailey, 1864.1, II.-I865.3, IV. ? 

Hutchinson, William Hilton, b. Feb. 25, 1851, son of late Rev. W. 
H. Hutchinson. Address, 3, Burton Lane, 
Edmonstone, 1864.x, II.— 1867.x, U.M.i. In Yorkshire Insurance Company, 

Holmes, John Sayres Frederick, b. 185 1, son of E. C. Holmes, 
Esq., Brookßeld, Arundel, Sussex. 
Thomason, 1864.1, III.— 1868.x, L.M.H. Afterwards in New Zealand. 

Hantings, Godolphin Plantagenet, b. 1852, son of the Hon. Mrs. 
Hastings, Bognor 9 Sussex. 
Lawrence, 1864.1, L.M.i.— 1867-3, Mod. M. 

Liddell, David James, b. 1851, son of H. Liddell, Esq., Fqrringdon 
House> mar Exeter. 
Edmonstone, 1864.x, R.— 1867-3, M. Upper. 

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Langdale, Augustus Wollaston, b. 1850, son of Rev. G. A. Langdale, 
Compton, Petersfield. 
Bartle Frere, 1864.1, L.M.i.— 1867.1, M. Lower. 
D. at Haileybury April 12, 1867. 

Haclver, Kenneth, b. 1851^ son of the late Rev. W. Maclver, of 
Lynn, Cheshirc. Address, 38, Faulkner Street, 

Colvirv 1864.x, III. — 1867-3. Mod. M. Lived for some years in Australia and 
China farming and trading. Returned home in 1878, and in 1879 joined 
the Lancashire and Cheshire Telephonic Exchange Co. Now Secretary 
and General Manager. 

Mackechnie, Edward, b. 1851, son of Mrs. Mackechnie, Bessborough 
Gardens, Pimlico. 
Bartle Frere, 1864.1, Lower R.— 1865-3, R. ? 

Hasterman, Henry Chauncy, b. 1850, son of H. Masterman, Esq., 
of Wanstead, Essex. Address, 34, Addison 
Gardens, North Kensington. 
Edmonstone, 1864.1, U.M.ii.— 1865.3, V.a. Left from ill-health. Admitted 
Solicitor 1871. 
M. April, 1886. 

Kapier, Macney, b. 1852, son of Rev. A. Napier, Holkham V., Wells, 
Colvin, 1864.1, L.M.i.— 18612, U.M.ii. ? 

Nesbitt, Alexander, b. 185 1, son of A. Nesbitt, Esq., Byfield House, 
Colvin, 1864.1, U.M.ii.— 1867.3; M. Upper. 
Paris, Henry Charles, b. Dec. 12, 1851, son of Charles S. Paris, 
Esq., Arthurs Square, James's Street, S.W. 
Colvin, 1864.1, III.— 1866.3, IV. Entered for the Law. 
D. Maren yrd, 1874. 

Peake, Robert Edward, b. Oct. 21, 1852, son of R. Peake, Esq., 

Snaresbrook, Essex. Address, Isthmian 

Club, W. 

Edmonstone, 1864.1, U.M.i.-— 1868.1, Mod. Upper. 1 p. After a year in France 

articled to Latimer Clark, and since that time engaged in superintending 

making and laying of Telegraph Cables all over the world. 

Prior, George Redmond, b. 1 849, son of Rev. J. L. Prior, Lynby 
JR. f Nottingham. 
1864.1, English Form— 1864.1, English Form ? 

Prior, Henry Lawrence, b. 1853, son of Rev. J. L. Prior, LynbyR., 
1864.1, IV.— 1864.1, IV. ? 
•Pngh, John, b. 1850, son of Rev. J. B. Pugh, The Vicarage, 
Hemel Hempstead. 
Edmonstone, 1864.1, U.M.ii.— 1868. 1, VI.2. 

♦Reade, Arthur Edward, b. 1849, son of E. A. Reade, Esq., of 
Ipsden House, Wallingford. 
Lawrence, 1864.1, V.2-1866.2, V. XL 1864-65. XX. 1864. Assistant 
Superintendent (covenanted) Government of India Telegraphs 1866-1879. 
Secretary to Hospital for Nervous Diseases, Regent's Park, 1880. 

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Rodwell, William, b. 1852, $on of Rev. R. M. Rodwell, High 
Laver R., Ongar* 
Bartle Frere, 1864.1, III.— 1868.1, V.l. 
♦Ryder, Spencer Charles Dudley, b. 1852, son of T. D. Ryder, Esq. 

Bartle Frere, 1864.1, R.— 1870.3, M.VI.i. Many English prizes. XX. 1869, 
70. Keble College, Oxford. A Master at United Services College, West- 
ward Ho 1 in 1876 and in 1881-82. Engaged in tuition. Publisbed " The 
Comic Revolution." 

♦Savage, Ernest Bickersteth, b. Oct. 16, 1849, son of Rev. Canon 
Savage, Nuneaton Vicarage. 

Edraonstone, 1864.1, L.M.i.— 1868.2, Vl.a. Won raile 1868. Emmanuel 
College, Cambridge. B.A. 1871. College mile and quarter-mile 1869. 
President of Athletic Club. Ordained to Curacy of Perry Bar, Birmingham, 
1872. Vicar of Kirk Michael, Isle of Man, 1878. Diocesan Inspector of 
Schools 1879-1882. Incumbent of S. Thomas, Douglas, Isle of Man, 1882. 
F.S.A. 1886. 

♦Soovell, Edward, b. 1849, son of Col. Scovell, 6, Codrington Terrace, 
Notting Hill. 
Colvin, 1864.1, R.— 1866.2, Mod. Form. XI. 1866. 

Stevens, Charles William, b. 185 1, son of Rev. C. A. Stevens, 
Goudhurst Vicarage. 
Bartle Frere, 1864.1, L.M.i.— 1868.1, V.2. XI. 1867. 
♦Talbot, Robert Berkeley, b. 1852, son of Lieut.-Col. Talbot, 
Colvin, 1864.1, III.— 1868.3, V.i. 1 p. 

Talbot, Arthur Philip, b. 1852, son of Lieut.-Col. Talbot, Sheerness. 
Colvin, 1864.1, III.— 1871, VI.i. 2nd XI. 1870. LX. Trinity College, Cam- 
bridge. Appointment in Straits Settlement, Civil Service, April, 1874. 

♦Taylor, Cecil, b. 1851, son of Capt. H. E. Taylor, Roselands, 
Lawrence, 1864.1, L.M.i.— 1868.2, Vl.a. Prefect in Hailey. R. I. E. C. 
Cooper's Hill, 1871. Since in India. 

♦Turner, Charles Agnew, b. 1849, son of Col. H. B. Turner, of 
Holton Hall, near Halesworth, Suffolk. 
Edmonstone, 1864.1, V.— 1868.1, VI.i. XX. 1866-67. Prizes for running and 
fives. Trinity College, Oxford. Law and Mod. History 1872. Called to 
the Bar, from the Inner Temple, June, 1873. Home Circuit in Nov. 1874. 
To Bombay, Advocate of the High Court. Aug. 1877 appointed official 
assignee of the Insolvent Debtors Court. 

Turner, Frederick William Benjamin, b. 1850, son of Mrs. A. 
Turner, 3, Calverley Parade, Tunbridge Wells. 
Trevelyan, 1864.1, U.M.i.-1865.2. V.2.? 

Watkins, Algernon, F. N., b. 1850, son of Rev. C. F. Watkins, 
Brixworth, Northamptonshire. 
Edmonstone, 1864.1, U.M.ii.— 1865.2, U.M. 
Watson, John Henry, b. 1848, son of Mrs. Watson, Evergreens, 
Fenagh, Co. Carlow. 
Colvin, 1864.1, IL— 1864.3, IL 

Wix, Edward Lionel, b. 1853, son of Rev. J. Wix, Littlebury V., 
Bartle Frere, 1864.x, HL— 1867.3, L.M.I. 

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Abell, Henry Francis, b. 1850, son of H. G. Abell, Esq., Upper 
Sydenham, Kent* 
Colvin, 1864.2, L.M.i.— 1866.3, V.2. 

M. Oct 16, 1879, Sara, d. of T. Henderson, Esq., of Sunderland. 

Beachcroft, Philip Edward, b. April 15, 1852, son of R. Beachcroft, 
Esq., Harrow-on-the-Hill. 
Bartle Frere, 1864.2, L.M.i.— 1870. 3, V.2. Stock Exchange. 
Clarke, Hilton Sydenham, b. 1850, son of T. S. Clarke, Esq., 
Kingsdown House, Dover. 
Edmonstone, 1864.2, R.— 1665.3, U.M. ? 

Cnamney, Paul Martin, b. 1851, son of Rev. A. M. Chamney, 
Training College, Cheltenham. 
Thomason, 1864.2, R.— 1866.2, L.M.i. 

Hoskyns, Peyton, b. 1852, son of Rev. Sir J. Leigh Hoskyns, Bart., 
Aston Tirrold R., Wallingford. 

Trevelyan, 1864.2, R.-1865.2, U.M.ii. Lieut. R.N. 

M. April 26, 1882, Grace Macduff, d. of D. M. Latham, Esq., of 
Gourock, Renfrewshire. 

Maitland, John Nisbet, b. Nov. 26, 1850, son of G. R. Maitland, 
Esq., W.S., Edinburgh. Address, 5, Douro 
Place, Kensington. 

Colvin, 1864.2, R.— 1867.3, V.i. 1 p. LX. 1866, 1867. Edinburgh University 
1868-69. Prize for Latin Verse 1869. East India Merchant in London. 
M. Feb. 9, 1877, Florence, d. of P. Rickman, Esq., of Twickenham. 

*£olfe, Charles William Neville, b. July 5, 185?, son of the late 
C. F. Neville Rolfe, of Heacham Hall, Norfolk. 

Colvin, 1864.2, U.M. V.— 1870.2, M.VI.i. XX. 1868, 69. Emigrated to 
Queensland July 21, 1871. Address, Alpha Station, Q.C.R. Rockhampton, 
or, Woodford, Yeppoon, Rockhampton. 

M. Oct. 4, 1882, Fanny K. Clive, d. of the late F. W. Keppel, Esq. 

♦Ttfck, Horace Johnson, b. Oct. 10, 1850, son of the late Rev. 
J. J. Tuck, Wymondley House, Stevenage. 
Address, Hertford. 
Colvin, 1864.2, U.M.ii.— 1869.1. Modern Upper. Banking, in Hertford. 

Upcher, Somerville Hay, b. 1850, son of Rev. A. W. Upcher, 
Wreningham, Wymondham. 
Edmonstone, 1864.2, L.M.L— 1867.2, V.2. 

Vinter, John Henry, b. 1851, son of Rev. F. W. Vinter, late of 
R.M.C. Sandhurst. 
Trevelyan, 1864.2, IV.— 1867.2, IV. 

Wingfield, George Arthur, b. 1850, son of Rev, G. Wingfield, Glatton 
R.> Peterborough. 
Edmonstone, 1864.2, L.M.i.— 1868. 2, VI.2. 


Baldwin, Houghton, b. 1853, son of T. R. Baldwin, Esq., Rock 
House, Cnipstead, Seven Oaks. 
Cclvin, 1864,3,? R.— 1868.2, V.a. 

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Bicknell, Walter Lionel, b. 1853, son of Rev. J. Bicknell, of 
Addington, Winslow. Address, Arden House, 
Henley-in-Arden % Warwickshire. 
1864 3 . 

Bowen, Robert Moore, b. 1849, son of Mrs. Frances Bowen, 33, 
Davies Street, Berkeley Square, W. 
Colvin, 1864. 3, L.M.Ü.— 1866.3, U.M.ii. 

Bowen, Edward, b. 185 1, son of Mrs. Frances Bowen, 33, Davies 
Street, Berkeley Square, W. 

Colvin, 186U, ? L.M.i.— 1868.3, M. Upper L XX. 1868. In the army. 
D. (before 1879). 

Brodrick, Alan Henry, b. 1852, son of Rev. A. Brodrick, Broughton 
Gifford Rectory, Wilts. Address, 10, Living- 
ston Avenue, Sefton Park, Liverpool. 
Colvin, I864.3, II. — 1869.2, U.M.i. 1 p. Underwriter and Insurance broker 
in Liverpool. 
M. 188 1, Edith, second daughter of Sir W. Rose Robinson, K.C.S.I. 

Brown, Henry Blomfield, b. 1851, son of Rev. H. Brown, Woolwüh 
R., S.E. 
Bartle Frere, 1861 3, ? L.M.I.— 1868.2, Mod. L. 

Chapman, Montagu Jasper, b. Sept. 12, 1852, son of Capt. W. D. 
Chapman, late of Madras Staff Corps. Address, 
Le Mars, Plymouth County, Iowa, U.S.A. 

Colvin, I864.3, III.— 1868.2. 1 p. (Holiday task). For a time in London and 
Westminster Bank, but in 1873 went out to India, coffee planting. Invalided 
home after the famine in 1879. In 1880 to Iowa, and is now engaged in a 
banking and estate business at Le Mars. 
M. Feb. 19, 1880, Aimee B. H., d. of W. J. D. Pledge, Esq. 

Ellis, Henry Venn, b. 1851, son of W. R. Ellis, Esq., 30, Wellington 
Square, Haslings. 
Colvin, 1864.3, IV.— 1866. 1, R. 

Eyre, Alfred Collet, b. Sept. 22, 185 1, son of Rev. C. J. P. Eyre, 
Rector of S. Marylebone. Address, S. John's 
Rectory, Gloucester. 
Trevelyan, I864.3, L.M.H.— 1867.2, V.r. XX. 1867, 1868. Boxing, and Single- 
sticks 1869. Caius, College, Cambridge. Captain of Boat Club. Or- 
dained 1874 to curaey of Windsor. Rector of S. John the Baptist, 
Gloucester, 1881. 
M. 1878, Gertrude C, d. of W. J. Lucas, Esq. 

Firfh, Henry Mallaby, b. 1852, son of F. H. Firth, Esq., Hartford 
Lodge, Nortkwich. 
Trevelyan, I8W.3, ? L.M.Ü.— 1869.3, U.M.Ü. 

♦Pormby, Edward Hesketh, b. 1850, son of Rev. R. Formby, 
Latchingdon R., Maldon. Address, Bentley 
Lodge, Brentwood. 

Bartle Frere, I864.3, U.M.ii. ?— 1869.2, VI.2. XI. 1868, 69. XX. 1867, 68. 
Place kick and drop. Six firsts in first set Athletics 1869. Other prires in 
other years. S. Mary Hall, Oxford. Rowed in winning Trial Eights. 
College viiL and xi. 

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Gray, Edward Wilmot Butler, b. May 10, 1853, son of Rev. E. Gray, 
AI walton Rectory, Peterborough. 
Bartle Frere, 1864.3, IL— 1872.2, V.i. #3, 1 p. LX. 1870, 71. Lincoln College, 
Oxford, xi. Assistant Master 1875-1880 in the Grange School, Ewell. 
1881-1886 Master of the Lower School and English Lecturer in Military 
Department, Blair Lodge, Polmont, N.B. Oct. 1885 Head Master of 
East Mains Preparatory School, Callander, N.B. 

Harding, Egerton Barnardiston, b. 1849, son of Rev. J. W. Harding, 
Tong V., Shiffnal. 
Colvin, 1864. 3, ? U.M.i.— 1866.1, U.M.i. ? Said to be an Organist in Newcastle. 

♦Higgens, Alfred William Buckle, b. 1853, son of Rev. R. Higgens, 
Wareside V., Ware. 

Colvin, I86I3, R.— 1872.1, VI. XX. 1870-71. Prefect in Hailey. Passed for 
Indian Civil Service 1874. To Madras, 1876, and appointed Assistant 
Collector and Magistrate in South Arcot and Cuddapah District ; acting 
head March, 1879. From 1 883-1 887 Deputy Conservator of Forests and 
Forest Settlement Officer in Cuddapah District. 
M. Aug. 17, 1886, Julia Frances, d. of Admiral H. S. Hillyar, C.B. 

*Hill, George Cecil, b. April 16, 1853, son of the late Rev. G. Hill, 
of Sacombe Rectory, Ware. 

Colvin, 1864.3, IV.--1872.2, VI.2. XI. 1872. LX. 1871. B.N.C. Oxford. 
B.A. 1876. Swimming Prizes. For a short time in Guinness's Brewery, 
Dublin. Then coffee planting in Ceylon, and a Master in the Royal 
College, Colombo. 
Health finally gave way and he died Oct 21, 1886. 

Huhne, Robert, b. March 21, 1854, son of Rev. S. J. Hulme, late 
Rector of Bourton-on-the- Water, Gloucester- 
shire. Address, 42, Wellington Road, Oxton, 
Bartle Frere, 1864.3, R.— 1871.2, V.i. 2nd XI. 1871. XL. 1870. High Jump 
1871. In business, in Liverpool. 
M. Oct. i, 1877. 

♦King, Harold Robertson, b. 1853, son of H. S. King, Esq., The 
Manor House, Chigwell, Essex. 
Bartle Frere, 1864.3, L.M.Ü.?— 1870.2, Vlii. Seh. 1866. Prefect in Hailey. 
In business, in Calcutta. 

Sumner, Cecil Charles Ridley, b. 1852, son of the late Judge Sumner, 
Gloucestershire County Courts. 
Lawrence, 18643, HI. — 1867.1, L.M.Ü. Now farming in California. 

Lempriere, E. P , son of H. Lempriere, Esq., Woodsgate-Pembury, 
Colvin, 1864.ß, U.M.ii.?— 1868.2, V.i. S. John's College, Oxford. Won 
Hurdles in O.U.A.C. sports, and ran against Cambridge. Said to be in 

Monier-Williams, Cyril Faithfull, b. April 18, 185 1, son of Sir 
Monier Monier -Williams, K.S.I., D.C.L., 
Boden Professor of Sanskrit at Oxford. Ad- 
dress, Royal Courts of Justice, Strand, W.C. 

Colvin, I864.3, L. Remove— 1867.2, U.M.ii. Entered Civil Service in Oct 
1867, in what is now Central Office of the Supreme Court of Judicature. 
M. Jan. 31, 1878, Alice Woodmansie, d. of R. Jones, Esq., of Phila- 
* " ■ U.S.A. 


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Horier, Basil, b. 1853, son of Vice-Admiral W. Morier, Brunswick 
House, Eastbourne. 
Thomason, 1864. 3, R. ?— 1866.2, L.M.Ü. 
Hurray, George Mosley, b. 1853, son of A. Murray, Esq., Petty 
Bag Office. 

Colvin, 1864. 3, U.M.ii. ?— 1870.1, VI. 2. Seh. 1865. Ordained in Episcopal 
Church of N. America, and is working in Virginia. 

Paris, Hubert George, b. April 25, 1854, son of C. S. Paris, Esq., 
Arthur's, S. James's Street, S.W. 
Colvin, I864.3, IL— 1867.2, L.M.i. Lieutenant R.N. Now on H.M.S. 

Eickman, Charles Le Bas, b. 185 1, son of P. Rickman, Esq., 85, 
Gui/dford Street, W.C. 
Colvin, I864.3, R. ?— 1869.2, M.U.M. In business. 

M. Jan. 26, 1887, to Antonia, d. of late J. Todd, Esq. 

*Äussell, William Ernest, b. Oct. 6, 1852, son of late D. Russell, 
Esq., Clifton, York. 

Colvin, 1861.3, R.— 1871.2, VI.2, Prefect in Hailey. C. C. C. Oxford. 
Historical Exh. 2nd in History. Assistant Master at Haileybury 1875. 
Then for a time at Melbourne Grammar School. Back to Haileybury 
in 1878. Editor of various French School Books (Macmillan's Series). 

Stephens, Henry Haiford, b. 185 1, son of Rev. R. Stephens, The 
Burnßeld, Exeter. 
I864.3- ? 

Stow, Harry George, b. 1854, son of T. B. Stow, Esq., Ckislekurst, 
Hailey and Edmonstone, 1864. 3, II.— 1868. 3, R. 
TJpcher, Edward Berners, b. 1851, son of Rev. A. Upcher, Kirby 
Cane R. t Bungay. 
Edmonstone, 1864. 3, IV. ?— 1866. 2, R. Afterwards at Rossall. 

Weare, Henry Oxenden, b. 1851, son of Col. H. E. Weare, Barham, 
near Canterbury. 
Colvin, 1864.3, L.M.i. ?— 1868.2, Mod.M. 
Wharton, Charles Henry Theodore, b. 1853, son of Rev. J. C. 
Wharton, WUlesden V., Middlesex. 
Colvin, I864.3, III. 7—1866.2, IV. 


Bailey, Arthur Roberts Francis, b. 1854, son of Mrs. Bailey, Cole 
Green, Hertingfordbury. 
Edmonstone and Hailey, 1865.1, IL— 1865.3, III. 
Clark, Albert, b. 1850, care of J. W. Stevens, Esq., New England 
Hbuse, near Hitchin. 
Edmonstone, 1865.x, IV. ?— 1866.3, Upper R. ? 

Formby, Richard, b. 1851, son of Rev. R. Formby, Latchingdon R., 

Maldon, Essex. Groombridge, Tunbridge Wells. 

Bartle Prere, I865.3, L.M.Ü.— 1868.1, V.2. S. Edmund's Hall. Exhibitioner. 

VIII. and XI. RA. Ordained 1876 to Curacy of Otley, Yorkshire. 1879, 

Curate of Withyam, Carlisle. 

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♦Hoskyns, Edwyn, b. May 22, 1851, son of Rev. Sir J. Leigh 
Hoskyns, Bart., Aston Tirrold Rectory, Wal- 
lingford. Address, Stepney Rectory, E. 

Trevelyan, 1865.1, TJ.M.ii.— 1870.2, VI.2. XI. 1869-70. Single Racquets* 
Played at Prince's 1869. Singlesticks. Jesus College, Cambridge. B.A. 
1873. University Boat 1873. Ordained Christmas, 1874, to curacy of 
Welwyn, Herts. Vicar of S. Clement's, Notting Hill. Rector of S. 
Dunstan's, Stepney, 1886. 

M. Nov. 15, 188*3, Mary Constance Maude, d. of late R. Benson, Esq., 
of Craven Hill Gardens, W. 

James, Richard Boucher, b. 1851, son of R. B. James, Esq., 
Goda/ming, Surrey. 
Lawrence, 1886.x, III. 7—1865.3, IV. 

Kennion, Thomas Robert, b. 1850, son of G. Kennion, Esq., M.D., 
Oak Lea, Harrawgate. 
Lawrence, 1866.1, III.— 1866, IV. 

Moore, George Travers, b. 1850, son of H. Moore, Esq., Bridge 
Ifouse, Broxbourne. 
Edmonstone and Hailey, 1865.1, III.— 1866.3, IV. ? 

Montresor, Thomas Auchmuty, son of Mrs. Montresor, The Lawn, 
Lawrence, 1865.1, III.— 1866.3, L.M.Ü.? 
♦Oddie, Arthur Thellusson, b. 1852, son of late Rev. G. A. Oddie, 
Rector of Aston, Stevenage. Address, Glen 
Vicarage, Leicester. 

Bartle Frere, 1865.1, U.M.ii.— 1869, M.VI.2. S. John's College, Cambridge, 
1873. B.A. 1875. Ordained 1876 to Louth, Lincolnshire. Vicar of Glen 
Magna cum Stratton Magna, Diocese of Peterborough, 1886. 
M. 1886, Alice, d. of Rev. G. T. Palmer, Rector of Newington, Surrey. 

♦Parker, William Sackville, b. Sept. 15, 1851, son of Rev. E. Parker, 
Rector of Oxendon, R.D. and Hon. Canon of 
Peterborough. Address, Oxendon Magna, 
Market Harborough. 

Edmonstone, 1865.1, L.M.L— 1870.2, VI.i. LX. 7 p. Seh. 1865. Exh. 1870. 
S. John's College, Oxford. Casberd Seh. 1872. 2nd in Mods. 4th Lit 
Hum. Ordained 1876 to St Margaret's, Leicester. Rector of Anstev, 
near Leicester, 1879. Rector of Oxendon Magna, Market Harborough, 
1885. . 

Poole, William Henry Wilkes, b. Dec. 9, 1850, son of the Rev. G. 
A. Poole, Rector of Winwick, Northants. 
Address, Charterhouse, Godalming. 
Edmonstone, 1865.x, L.M.i.— 1869.1, VI. 2. S 3. 54. Magdalen College, 
Oxford. Exh. ist class in Natural Science. Science master at the Charter- 
M. May 5, 1881, Mary Jane, d. of H. A. Herbert, Esq., Binfield, Putney. 

Rose, Harcourt Ranking, b. 1850, son of P. Rose, Esq., 59, Rufland 
Gate, S.W. 
Colvin, 1865.x,? L.M.Ü.— 1866.3, L-M.ii. ? 

Smiths J. W. C, b. 1853, son of C. Wilmot Smith, Esq., Ballynanty 
House y Co. Limerick. 
Thomason, 1865. x, L.M. iL— 1869.x, U.M.L 

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♦Steward, Edward, b. 1851, son of E. Steward, Esq., Eaton Hall, 
Thomason and Edmonstone, 1865.1, III.— 1870.2, VI.i. Prefect in Thomason. 
ist set Boxing 1869. 253. Magdalen College, Oxford. Eight. 3rd in 
Mods. 4Ü1 in Theology 1874. Ordained, 1877, to Bramshott, Hants. 
Chaplain and Lecturer at Diocesan Training College for School Mistresses 
in Salisbury 1880. 
M. June 27, 1878, Margaret Knyvett, d. of Rev. H. Wilson. 

Thornthwaite, William Noel, b. 1851, son of W. Thornthwaite, 

Esq., Suffolk House, Anerley Park, Penge* 

Trevelyan, 1865.x, U.M. iL —1867. 2, V.2. XI. 1866-67. Practised as an artist. 
D. Maren 17, 1882. 


Ayre» Frederick William, b. Oct. 20, 1851, son of Rev. J. W. Ayre, 
Vicar of S. Mark's, North Audley Street. 30, 
Green Street, Grosvenor Square, London. 

Colvin, I860.2, L.M.L— 1870.1, V.i. LX. 1869. English Essay below Vth, 
1867. He was to have gone to Exeter College, Oxford, in Oct. 1870, but 
bad an aeeident at Pontresina, in July, falling down a dry watercourse more 
than 250 ft. He never recovered the shock, and died March 20, 1872. 

♦Blake, William Heitland, b. 1853, son of the late Rev. H. W. 
Blake, Rector of Thurning, Norfolk. Address, 
Acreman House, Sherborne. 

Lawrence, 1865.2, II.— 1872.2, VI.i. XL. Jesus College, Cambridge. Rustat 
Exh. College XV. University xv. 1875. 2nd class Historical Tripos. 
Assistant Master for nve years at Ncwcastle High SchooL Since then 
Master of the Sherborne Preparatory School. 

M. Dec. 1880, K. Hammond, sister of B. E. Hammond, Tutor of 
Trinity Coli. Cambridge, and formerly master at Haileybury. 

Chamberlin, Peter, b. 1852, son of C. H. Chamberlin, Esq., 18, 
Britarinia Terrace, Great Yarmouth. 
Barüe Frere, 1865.2, L.M.Ü. —1869.1, V.i. 

Cobb, Arthur Wallace, b. 1851, son of T. Cobb, Esq., Radnor Cliff 
Villa> Sandgate. 
Thomason and Hailey, 1866.2, III.— 1866.1, L.IV. 

Coghill, Nevill Joshua Aylmer, b. Jan. 25, 1852, son of Sir J. J. 
Coghill, Bart., Glen Barrahane, Castle Towns* 
hend, Co. Cork. 

Trevelyan, 1865.2, III.— 1869.3, M.U.M. 1 p. Passed Direct Commission. 
Lieut. in 24Ü1 Foot. Fell at Isandlwana, Jan. 1879, with Lieut. Melvill, 
saving the colours. Had he survived, he would have been recommended 
for the Victoria Cross. There is a brass tablet in chapel under the dorne 
to his memory and that of G. J. Hodson. 

Coghill, Egerton Bushe, b. July 7, 1853, son of Sir J. J. Coghill, 

Bart., Glen Barrahane, Castle Townshend, Co. 


Trevelyan, 1865.2, III.— I87O.3, M.U.M. For a timc learnt land agency in 

Ireland. Practised mechanical engineering for four years. Since 1876 has 

been studying art : four years in Düsseldorf, live in Paris. Exhibited in 

the Paris Salon 1886. 

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Daubeny, Edward Mainwaring, b. July 26, 1853, son of Rev. H. J. 
Daubeny, Tewin Rectory, Hertford. Address, 
East Sheen. 
Bartle Frere, 18d5.2, IL— 1871.2, VI. 2. Assistant Master at Temple Grove, 
East Sheen, since Jan. 1877. 

Grimston, Edward John, b. 185 1, son of Hon. and Rev. F. S. 

Grimston, Wakes Colne, Halstead. 
Colvin, 1865.2, L.M.Ü.— 1868.3, M. Upper. XL 1868, 
Jenner, Herbert Augustus, b. 185 1, care of Rev. J. B. Reynardson, 

Careby R., Stamford. 

Trevelyan, 1865.2, L.IV.— 1866.3? Lower IV. 

Smith, Basil Wickings, b. 1851, son of F. W.. Smith, Esq., 63, 
Lincoln' s Inn, W.C. 
Thomason and Hailey, 1865.2, IL— 1869.1, III. ? 
Sweet ; Henry Ernest, b. 1853, son of E. D. Sweet, Esq., Brent 
Pelham Hall 9 Buntingford. 
Trevelyan, 1865.2, R.— 1866.3, Upper R. 
Thurnall, John Edward, b. 1851, son of H. Thurnall, Esq., Roysion. 
Edmonstone and Bartle Frere, 1865.2, IL— 1868.2, M.U.M. 


Addison, Thomas Edward Kerr, b. July 22, 1851, son of Gen. T. 
Addison, C.B. 
Lawrence, 1865. 3. —1868.3, M.U.Ü. XXII. 1868. XX. 1868. R. M. C. 
Sandhurst, 1869. Gazetted to 3M West Kent Regt. (The Buffs) Oct. 28, 
D. Dec. 2, 1875. 

^Addison, Alexander Dupre', b. Aug. 2, 1853, son of Gen. T. 
Addison, C.B., care of Messrs. Cox and Co., 
Craig Court, Charing Cross. 
Lawrence, I865.3, L.M. iL— 1869.2, M.VI.2. XL 1869. XX. 1868. R.M.A. 
Woolwich 1871. Lieut. R. A. Jan. 1873. Captain June 1884. 
M. Sept. 1886, Rosalie, d. of G. F. Lough, Esq., of New York, U.S.A. 

Arden, George Edward, b. 1853, son of G. P. Arden, Esq., of 
MapUslead Hall, Halstead. 
Hailey and Bartle Frere, I865.3, HL— I87O.3, L.M.Ü. 1 p. 
Baker, Charles Edmund, b. March 30, 1853, son of C. T. Baker, 
Esq., Barrister-at-Law. Address, i,Phillimore 
Gardens, Kensington, and The Warren, Ipsden, 
THomason, 1865.3, III.— 1872.2, V.2. XL 1872. Single Racquets. Admitted 
Solicitor Dcc. 1877. Now (1886) senior partner in the firm of Baker, 
Webster, and Badcock, 22, Great George Street, Westm inster. Author of 
" Wills," " Husband and Wife," *' Landlord and Tenant," and other legal 
works. Secretary of O. H. Club. 

M. Nov. 20, 1879, Janet Thripland, d. of W. Duncan, Esq., of Danevale 
Park, near Edinburgh. 

Bevan, Claudius Barclay, b. 1851, son of Rev. D. B. Bevan, of 
Amwell Bury, Ware. 
Trevelyan, 1866.3, U.M.— 1866.1. U.M.ii. 

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Birch, Thomas Samuel Wyrley, b. 1853, son of H. W. Birch, Esq., 
46, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square. 
Hailey, I865.3, IV.— 1866.2, IV. 

Bird, Spencer Godfrey, b. Jan. 5, 1854, son of late Rev. Godfrey 
Bird, Rector of Great Wigborough, Essex. 

Hailey, then Edmonstone, 1865.3, L— 1869. 3, L.M. Joined West Essex Militia 
March, 1871. Gazetted as Lieut. in io2nd Royal Madras Füsiliers Feb. 
28, 1874. Appointed Adjutant Aug. 1875. Captain March 12, 1881. 
Acted as Brigade-Major to troops in Ceylon in 1881, and as A.D.C. to 
Lieut.-Governor of Ceylon in 1883. Appointed Adjutant sth Batt. Royal 
Dublin Füsiliers (County Dublin Militia) Oct. x, 1886. 

M. Oct. 12, 1880, eldest d. of late W. C. Macready, Esq., Ceylon Civil 
Service, and grand-daughter of the tragedian. 

Bosanquet, Alfred William, b. 1854, son of Rev. E. S. Bosanquet, 
Old Bolingbroke, Spilsby. 
Hailey, 1865. 3 , III.— 1866. 3, II. 

♦Bourdillon, Francis William, b. March 22, 1852, son of Rev. F. 
Bourdillon, Rector of Woolbeding, Sussex. 
Address, Rother Lea, Midhurst, Sussex. 

Edmonstone, 1865.3, U.M.ii.— 1871.2, VI.i. Exh. 1871. 3 p. 3 Ei. C$. 
3 E$. Ei. E3. Cz. C2. XX. 1870. Worcester College, Oxford, Seh. 
1871. 2nd class Mods. Resident Tutor to the two sons of H.R.H. Prince 
and Princess Christian 1876-1879. Private Tutor at Eastbourne 1880-1885. 
Publications : 1874. "Gertrude's Love and Legend of Gloucester Hall." 
Anon. Oxford. 1878. "Among the Flowers and other poems." London. 
1885. " Beachy Head," with three etchings by the author. Eastbourne. 
M. 1882, Agnes, d. of R, Watson-Smyth, Esq., of Wadhurst Place, Sussex. 

Braine, Arthur Belgrave, b. Sept. 9, 1854, son of C. J. Braine, Esq., 
of 46, Queen's Road, Wimbledon, Address, 
Grammar School, Warragul, Victoria. 

Hailey and Lawrence, I865.3, IV.— 1868. 1, L.M.i. At Merchant Taylors' for 
a time. Out to Ceylon 1873-1883. Matriculated Melbourne University 
(with honours in Greek, Latin, and French) 1881. Assistant Master in 
Melbourne for a few months. Since Head Master of a School at Warragul. 
M. Dec. 29, 1885, Z. M. Sayer, d. of D. Sayer, Esq., of Säle, Gippsland, 

Cobb, Robert, b. 1852, son of T. Cobb, Esq., Radnor Cliff Villa, 
Hailey, 1865. 3 , IV.— 1866.2, IV. ? 

Cotton, Arthur Davidson, b. 1851, son of R. R. Cotton, Esq., 
Snaresbrook, Essex. 
Hailey and Bartle Frere, I860.3, IV.— 1869.1, M.V.ii. 

Cotton, Charles Oswell, b. 1854, son of R. R. Cotton, Esq., Snares- 
brook, Essex. 
Hailey, 1866. 3 , IL— 1860.x. IV. 

Dolphin, Thomas William, b. Nov. 2, 1853, son of l ate T. Dolphin, 

Esq., Swafield Hall, near North Walsham, 

Norfolk. Address, Edingley, Southweil, Notts. 

Hailey and Trevelyan, I865.3, IV.— 1870.^, L.M.I. Exeter College, Oxford. 

Torpid two years. Lincoln Scholae Canccllarii. Ordained Dec. 1879 to 

curaey ofS. Peter's, Mansfield, Notts. 

Dorrington, John, b. 1852, son of Ch. Dorrington, Esq., Bride Hall* 
Thomason, I866.3, IV.— 1867.2, U.M.Ü. 

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Fardell, Gerald Tunnard, b. 1852, son of Rev. J. G. Fardell, 
Banham Rectory, Attleborough. 
Thomason, 1805-3— 1867. 3, L.M.i. Solicitor at Ryde. 
D. 1877. 

♦Fellowes, Peregrine Henry Thomas, b. Nov. 7, 1851, son of Gen. 
P. H. Fellowes, Harwood, Bournemouth. 

Colvin, I865.3, IV.—I869.3, M. Upper. LX. 1 p. Passed Direct Commission 
1870. R.M.C. Sandhurst 1872. Sub.-Lieut. and Lieut. 315t Foot, June 8, 
1872. Adjutant April 1880. Captain in ist Batt. East Surrey Regt, (late 
3ist) Aug. 1, 1882. Employed with Colonial Forces, Victoria, with local 
rank of Major, Sept. 1, 1883. Appointed Deputy-Assistant Adjutant-General 
Victorian Military Forces, Dec. 1, 1883. 
M. May 20, 1879, M. L. G. Morant. 

Fitzgerald, Robert John, b. 1852, son of the Knight of Kerry, 
Valentia, Ireland. 
Thomason, 1865.3, LM. iL— 1866.3, U.M.Ü. ? 

Fitzherbert, Gerard Home, b. 1853, son of Mrs. Fitzherbert, 54, 
Rutland Gate, S. W. 
Hailey and Bartle Frere, I865.3, III.— I87O.3, L.M.i. 1 p. 

Fitzherbert, Francis, b. 1854, son of Mrs. Fitzherbert, 54, Rutland 
Gate, S.W. 
Hailey and Bartle Frere, I865.3, HL— 1870. 3, L.M.i. 

Foot, JohnVicars,b.March 26, 1852, son of Rev. R. G. Foot. Address, 
The Red House, Winchester. 

Thomason, 1865.3, R.— 1871. 3, V.i. Worcester College, Oxford. B.A. 1877. 
Ordained Deacon 1878 to S. Bartholomew's, Hyde. Author of "Some 
Helps to Faith," " My Church and I," "Free and Open Churches" 
(Masters & Co.), " Intercession Card " (Beal & Co.). 

*Gibbon, Robert Fergusson, b. 1851, son of Rev. Canon W. W. 
Gibbon, Harrowgate. 

Trevelyan, I865.3, U.M.— 1870.2, VI.i. Various prizes. Exh. 1870. XX. 
1867, 68, 69 (Captain). Won mile and other races. Queens' College, 
Oxiord. Seh. 1870. Passed i4th into I.C.S. 1872. Commissioner in 
Oudh, 1874-1881. 
D. at Fyzabad July 30, 1881. 

Gibson, Boydell, b. 1852, son of J. B. Gibson, Esq., 37, York 
Terrace, Regent' s Park, N. W. 
Gripper, Walter, b. 1853, son of T. Gripper, Esq., The Knowle, 
Hailey and Trevelyan, 1865. 3 , IV.— 1869.3, V.M.i. 1 p. 

♦Groome, William Wollaston, b. Sep. 6, 1853, son of Rev. R. H. 
Groome, Archdeacon of SufFolk. Rector of 
Monk Soham. Address, Stowmarket, SufFolk. 

Thomason, I865.3, III.— 1872.2, VI.i. XX. 1870, 1871. 2 p. S. Catherine'« 
College, Cambridge. Classical Seh. 1872. B.A. 1875. M.B. 1880. 
Medical Student Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge, and S. Thomas's 
Hospital, London. M.R.C.S.Eng., and L.S.A. 1878. Assistant House 
Physician and House Physician at S. Thomas's 1878-79. Settled at Stow- 
market, 1880. 
M. Sept. 3, 1883, Emma Sophia, d. of Sir Auckland Colvin, K.C.M.G. 

Hanison, Arthur Bagshaw, b. 1850, son of Rev. W. B. Harrison, 
Gayton-le-Marsh, Alford, Lincolnshire* 
Trevelyan, I865.3, R.— 1866.3, L.M.K ? 

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Heathcote, Eustace Monro, b. 1852, son of £. Heathcote, Esq., 
Pem, Lyndhurst, Hanfs. 
Thomason, I866.3, R. --1867.2, L.M.Ü. 

Hornidge, Richard Albert, b. 1852, son of M. Hornidge, Esq., 
Barnes Green, Surrey. 
Hailey, I866.3, III.-1867.2, II. 

Hughes Hallett, James Wyndham, b. 1852, son of Rev. J. H. 
Hallett, Petham, Canterbury. 
Hailey and Colvin, 1866. 3, IV.— 1870.2, M.VI.2. Captain ist Batt. Seaforth 
Highlanders Sept. 2, 1880. 

Hughes Hallett, Morton Joseph, b. 1854, son of Rev. J. H. Hallett, 
Petham, Canterbury. Address, Ashby-de-la- 

Hailey and Colvin, 1866. 3, III.— 1871.x, M.U.M. Solicitor. 

Jeston, Arthur Frederick Cyril, b. Nov. 16, 1852, son of Rev. R. 
G. Jeston, Avon Danett Rectory, Leamington. 

Hailey, 1866.3, NI.— 1866.3! II. ? 

D. at Snoalham, Sydney, New South Wales, April 24, 1874. 

Joyce, James Barclay, b. 1851, son of Rev. J. W. Joyce, Burford 
Rectory, Tenbury. 

Trevelvan, 1866.3, R.— 1869.1, M. Upper ii. Keble College, Oxford. 4U1 in 
Theology. Ordained 1875 to Dorking. Rector of Coveley, Tenbury, 1876. 
T.P. forSalop. 
M. 1876 E. M. Miles. 

Keymer, Sidney Langston, b. 1852, son of J. Keymer, Esq., Parker 
Street, Manchester. 
Hailey and Edmonstone, 1866. 3, IV.— 1867.2, R. 

Keymer, John Herbert, b. 1853, son of J. Keymer, Esq., Parker 
Street, Manchester. 
Hailey, 1866.3, HL— 1867.2, III. 

Lawrence, Robert Henry, b. 1852, son of R. Lawrence, Esq., The 
Grange, Great Amwell. 
Hailey, I866.3, III.— 1867.2, I. 

Lawrence, Joseph, b. 1853, son of R. Lawrence, Esq., The Grange, 
Great Amwell. 
Hailey, 1865. 3, III.— 1867. 3, III. 

Hacausland, Redmond Conyngham Samuel, b. Dec. 29, 1852, 
son of the Rev. R. C. Macausland, Rector 
of Desartaghil, co. Londonderry. Address, 
Woodbank, Garvagh, co. Londonderry. 
Haijey and Thomason, I866.3, NI.— 1870.2, M.U.M. 2 p. R.M.C. Sandhurst. 
Sub.-Lieut. ßorti (Dorset) Regt. 1872. Lieut. 1874, antedated to 1872. 
Entered Indian Staff Corps 1875, and served in Afghanistan 1877, 78, in 
45th (Rattray's) Sikhs. Captain 1884. Cantonment Magistrate, 1885. 
M. Feb. 13, 1886, Jane Isabella, d. of late Lieut. -Col. H. Keovn. 

Kasterman, George Hughes, b. 1851, son of H. Masterman, Esq., 
17, Bucklersbury, London, E.C. 
Edmonstone, 1866. 3. L.M.L— 1866.x, L.M.L 


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♦Merivale, Reginald, b. March 2, 1852, son of J. L. Merivale, Esq., 

Chancery Registrar, 5, Norfolk Square, W. 

Address, Dawlish. 

Trevelyan, I865.3, U.M.ii.— 1870.2, VI.i. XX. 1868, 69. S. Tohn's College, 

Cambridge. 2nd class Classical Tripos 1874. Called to the Bar at Lincoln' s 

Inn 1878. 

Michell, Algernon Percy, b. May 30, 1855, son of J. Michell, Esq., 
Forcett Park, Darlington. 
Hailey, 1865. 3 — 1867.2. Aflerwards at Harrow. Farming in New Zealand 
since 1876. 

Michell, Edward John, b. June 15, 1853, son °f J« Michell, Esq., 
Forcett Park, Darlington. 
Trevelyan, 1866. 3— 1867.2. Farming in New Zealand since 1876. 

Molesworth, William Nassau, b. Oct. 1853, son of Rev. W. N. 
Molesworth, LL.D., Vicar of Spotland, Roch- 
dale, and Hon. Canon of Manchester. 
Bartle Frere, 1866. 3, I. — 1871.3, U.M.i. 1 p. In business in Manchester. 
M. Aug. 1882, Clara, d. of T. Healey, Esq., J.P. 

♦Ormsby, William Knox, b. Feb. n, 1854, son of Rev. W. A. 
Ormsby, Rector of Smallburgh, Rural Dean 
of Warham, Hon. Canon of Norwich, J.P. 
Address, 53, Newmarket Road, Norwich. 

Thomason, 1865. q, R.— 1872.3, VI. 2. LX. 1871, 72. 2 D 1. Trinity College, 
Oxford. B.A. 1876. With Mr. Rhoades at Boumemouth for a time. 
Ordained 1880 to Merton, N. Devon. 

O'Shanghnessy, William Fitzgerald, b. 1853, son of R. O'Shaugh- 

nessy, Esq., 12, Cornwall Gardens, S. Kensingion. 

Hailey and Colvin, I860.3, III.— 1867-3, L.M.H. 1 p. Aflerwards at Harrow. 

Perry, Charles Copland, b. 1852, son of W. C. Perry, Esq. Bonn. 

Thomason, 1865. 3, R.— 1866. 1, Upper R. 

Bayenshaw, Charles Withers, b. 1851, care of Rev. H. W. Seawell, 
Lüile BerkAamsfead, Hertford. 
Thomason and Lawrence, 1865. 3, L.M.Ü.— 1869.2, V.l. Capt Bengal Staff 
Corps May 8, 1884. 

Eavenshaw, Herbert Edward, care of Rev. H. W. Seawell, Li/lle 
Berkhamsteady Hertford. 
Thomason and Colvin, 1865-3, L.M.Ü.— 1869.2, VI.2. 1 p. Joined the Central 
India Horse, and after having cholera at Quetta, and marching to Candahar, 
died at Lahore of typhoid fever at the end of 1880. He deserved, but did 
not live to receive, the Victoria Cross for saving one of his troopers from 
drowning in the Cabul river under a heavy fire. 

*Eidley, Stuart Oliver, b. June 8, 1853, son of Rev. O. M. Ridley, 
Rector of Bishopstone, Hereford. Address, 
3, Christ Church Road, Hampstead, N.W. 

Bulle Frere, I865.3, L.M.ii.— 1872.2, VI.2. S 4. LX. Exeter College, 
Oxford (after a year at Magdalen). Natural Science Seh. ist class in 
Natural Science 1875. Assistant Dcmonstrator in Anatom ical Department 
of Oxford Museum 1875. Assistant in Zoological Department of British 
Museum since July, 1878. Has published various papers in scientific periodi- 

cals. chiefly on Sponges, Corals, and Zoophytes. Also Reports on Sponges 
and Alcyonaria in " Report on the Zoological Collections made by H.M.S. 
Alert;" and (in conjunetion with A. Dendy, R.Sc.) on the Monaxonid 

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1860. 3. HAILE YBUR Y REGISTER. 3 5 

Eooper, Hugh Blencowe, b. 1852, son of G. Rooper, Esq., 26, 
Lincoln's Inn Fülds. 
Bartle Frere, 1865. 3, R.— 1865-3, R. 

Busseil, Henry Patrick, b. Sep. 30, 1851, son of A. W. Russell, 
Esq., Bengal Civil Service. Address, The 
Rectory, Mary Tavy, Tavistock. 

Lawrence, 1865. 3— 1868, U.M.ii. and XI. 1868. High Jump. LX. R.M.C. 
Sandhurst. Gazetted 1871 to i8th Royal Irish Regt. Ordained 1876 
Curate of AU Saints, Plymouth, 1876-1881. Rector of Mary Tavy, Devon, 

Eussell, Alexander Sherwood, b. March 5, 1853, son of A. W. 
Russell, Esq., Bengal Civil Service. Caris- 
brooke, Sidcup, Kent, or Madras Club, Madras, 

Lawrence, I865.3, IL— 1868.2, L.M.i. XXII. 1868. Won several second set 
prizes for running, jumping and cricket ball. R.I.E.C. Cooper's Hill, 1872. 
Appointed in 1875 to indian P.W.D. Promoted to Executive Engineer, 
4th grade, April, 1886. 

Sheppard, James Frederick, b. 1851, son of J. Sheppard, Esq., 
Com Exchange Chambers, London. 
Thomason and Bartle Frere, 1866. 3, L.M.L— 1867. 3, V.i. 
Smith, Arthur Langdale, b. Aug. 18, 1852, son of Rev. E. Langdale 
Smith, Vicar of Barton Hartshorne cum 
Chetwode, Buckingham. 
Edmonstone, 1865. 3, II.— 1870. stnd in Mile and Half-mile 1870. 4 p. 
Worcester College, Oxford, 1872-1875. ist in Mile. London College of 
Divinity 1875-1877. Ordained to Curacy of Sherborae, Dorset, 1877. Vicar 
of Steeple Claydon, Bucks, 1884. 

M. 1877, Harriet Constantia, d. of Rev. R. B. Burges, Vicar of S. Paul's, 

♦Smith, Charles Mitford, b. Feb. 4, 1853, son of Rev. J. G. Smith, 

late Fellow and Tutor of Caius College, 

Cambridge, Vicar of Loddon, Norfolk. 

Lawrence, 1866. 3— 1872.2, VI.i. XI. 1872. XX. 1871. R.I.E.C. Cooper's 
..... - In" ~ ~ 

Hill, 1872. Indian Public Works Department, Oct 1875. 

M. Sept. 9, 1885, Marion F. G., d. of W. H. Johnston, JEsq., ol 
Annandale, Clifton. 

Smith, Ronald Augustus Royd, b. 1852, son of C. Smith, Esq., of 

Begbooke House, near Oxford. 

Hailey, 1865. 3, III.— 1867? Went afterwards to Wellington. In Messrs. 
Barine' s office. 
D. March 29, 1883. 

Spyer, John Henry Augustus, b. 185 1, care of Rev. F. Litchfield, 
Farthinghoe JR., Brackley. 
Thomason and Bartle Frere, 1866.3, L.M.Ü.— 1868.3, M.U.M. 

Stevens, Frederick Henry, b. 1853, son of Rev. C. A. Stevens, 
1, Haddo Villas, Blackheaih. 
Hailey and Lawrence, I865.3, IV.— 1870, L.M.L 

Thaekwell, Joseph Edward Lucas, b. 1852, son of E. J. Thackwell, 
Esq., 14, Queen' s Road % Regent* s Park, N. 
Edmonstone, 1865. 3, R.— 1867. 2, Mod. M. Lieut.-Col. 3rd Brigade South 
Irish Division of Garrison Artiilery March 23, 1883. 

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Trower, Walter, b. Feb. 14, 1853, son of Capt. E. S. Trower, 
Stanstead Bury, Ware. Address, 30, Elm Park 
Road, S.W., and Junior Carlton Club. 

Lawrence, I865.3, L.M.i.— 1870.2. V.l. Admitted Solicitor Feb. 1876. Now 
a member of the firm of Woodhouse, Trower, Freeling, and Parkins, 
Lincoln's Inn. 
M. June x8, 1884, Mabel. d. of Capt Phelips, R.A., Oaten Hill, Canterbury. 

Tnck, Algernon Devereux, b. 1851, son of C. E. Tuck, Esq., 
Lawrence, 1865. 3, L.M.L— 1869. 3, M.U.M. Solicitor in Norwich. Captain 
3rd Batt. Norfolk Regt. April 12, 1881. 

Tufhell, Wyndham Frederick, b. 1852, son of Rev. F. Tufnell, 
3, Retgate Villas, Sulton, Surrey. 
Bartie Frere, I866.3, U. M.— 1867. 1, V.2. Left from ill-health. 

Upcher, Hugh Knyvet, b. 1853, son of Rev. A. Upcher, Kirby Cane 
R., Bungay. 
Edmonstone, 1865. 3. IV.— 1866. 2, Lower R. Afterwards at Rossall. Chaplain 
on H.M.S. Invincible. 
D. at Malta, 1881. 

Watson, George William, b. 1852, son of F. E. Watson, Esq., 
Surrey Street, Norwich. 
Lawrence, I865.3, R. —1870.1, V.2. C.C.C. Cambridge. B.A. 1878. Or- 
dained 1879 t0 All Saints, Bromsgrove. Since 1883 Curate of Herringham, 

Weston, Thomas Freer, b. 1851, son of Rev. T. W. Weston, St. 
Johris Parsonage, Tunbridge Weih. 
Hailey, I866.3, IV.— 1866.3? IV. 


♦Abraham, Richard Slingsby, b. 1852, son of Rev. T. E. Abraham, 
Risby R., Bury S. Edmunds. 
Lawrence, 1866. 1. —186». 2, Mod. Upper. XX. 1868. 

Black, Horace, b. 1854, son of Lieut.-Col. Black, Thorpe Hamlet, 
Lawrence, 1866.x, L.iv.— 1866.2, L.iv. 

Boileau, Brandram Theophilus, b. 1853, son of Lieut.-Col. Boileau, 
The Falls, Kenmare. 
Lawrence, I866.1, IV.— 1870. 3 , M.U.M. XI. 1869, 7a Won High Jump 
and Set, and other prizes. 

Boileau, George William Knyvett, b. 1854, son of Lieut.-Col. 

Boileau, The Falls, Kenmare. 
Hailey and Lawrence, I866.1, IV.— I87O.3, M.L.M. 
♦Buston, Roger, b. Sept. 7, 1851, son of the late Rev. R. Buston, 

Vicar of Twyford, near Winchester, Address, 

Hurstleigh, Tunbridge Wells. 

Colvin, I866.1, U.M.i.— 1870.1, Vl.a. LX. 1860. Prefect in Hafley. Em- 
manuel College, Cambridge. B.A. 1873. XI. and President of Athletic 
Club. Assistant Master 1874, 1875, at Hurstleigh, Tunbridge Wells. At 
Aldin House. Slough, 1876-77. Head Master at Hurstleigh since 1878. 
M. Maren, 1883. 

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Bryans, Arthur, b. 1853, son of Rev. W. Bryans, Tarvin V., Chester. 
Lawrence, 1866. 1, V.2— 1868.3, V.i. Seh. 1865. For some time a Coffee 
Planter in Ceylon. 

Child, Robert de Quincey, b. 1853, son of R. J. Child, Esq., 20, 
Old Burlington Street, W. 
Edmonstone, 1866. 1, Upper R.— 1869.2, L.M.i. In business in London. 
Danieü, Averell Edward, b. 1854, son of E. Daniell, Esq., Little 
Berkhamstead, Hertford. 
Lawrence, 1866. 1, Lower R.— 1869.2, L.M.L Ch. Ch. Oxford. Rowed in 
Eight and Four. 

Darios, Francis Richard Faithfull, b. 1853, care of Mrs. Storr, 
Brenchley V. t Staplehurst. 
Edmonstone, 1866. 1, U.M.ii.— 1868.3, V.2. 

Eyton, John Hope Wynne, b. 1853, son of T. Wynne Eyton, Esq., 
Pentreholium, Mold, Flintshire. 
Thomason, 1866. 1, R.— 1869.2, M.L.M. Major in the Kings (Shropshire 
Light Infantry), June 15, 1885. 

Eyton, Robert William Wynne, b. 1855, son of T. Wynne Eyton, 
Esq., Pentreholium, Mold, Flintshire. 
Hailey, 1866. 1, III.— 1869.2, IV. Major in 6th Batt. the King*s Royal Rifle 
Corps, April 23, 1886. 

Gibbon, William Wynter, b. 1852, son of Rev. Canon Gibbon, 
Trevelyan, 1861.x, Upper R.— 1870.2, M.U.M. XX. 1869. 
D. july 31, 1875. 

Harriflon, Alfred George, b. 1854, son of W. H. Harrison, Esq., 

4, Albion Place,- Ramsgate. 
Colvin, I866.1, Upper R.— 1870.1, M. VI.2. 

Hart, George Henry, b. 1854, son of C. Hart, Esq., Greenhill Lodge, 
Hailey, 1866.1, Lower IV.— 1867.x, HI. ? 
Hart, Charles Joseph, b. 1852, son of C. Hart, Esq., Greenhill 
Lodge, Harrow. 
Lawrence, 1866.x, L. M. iL— 1867.1 , L.M.i. 

Jonner, Herbert Jenner Fust, b. 1853, son of E. F. Jenner, Esq., 
18, Lowndes Street, S. W. 
Trevelyan, I866.1, IV.— 1869-3, U.M.L XI. 1869. In business. 

Kingsford, Courtenay Soane, b. 1853, son °f C. Kingsford, Esq., 
Ardeleigh R., Essex. 
Trevelyan, 1866. 1, R.— 1866. 2, Lower R. 

Langdon, Gilbert Henry, b. 1854, son of Rev. G. L. Langdon, 

5. PauFs Cray R., Kent. 
Hailey, I866.1, III.— 1867.1, IV. 

D. at Haileybury April i2th, 1867. 

♦Lovell, William Faux, b. Sept. 19, 1851, son of J. S. Lovell, Esq., 
Address, Houghton Vicarage, Dunstable. 
Edmonstone, 1866.1. U.M.Ü.— 1869.1, VI.i. LX. Oxford S. John's College, 
grd class Moderations. 3rd Lit. Hum. XI. Ordained 1878 to Curacy of 
Tarvin, ehester. Now vicar of Houghton Regis, Dunstable. 

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McSwiney, George Herbert Bent, b. 1852, son of Rev. H. McSwiney, 
English Parsonage, Cronstadt, Russia. 
Lawrence, I866.1, IV.— 1867.2, III. 

Metcalfe, Gilbert, b. 1852, son of W. C. Metcalfe, Esq., Epping, 

I866.1, L.M.Ü.— 1866.3, L.M.L? 
Park, James Allan, b. Aug. 20, 1853, son of late Rev. J. A. Park, 

Vicar of Methwold, Norfolk. 

Haileyand Colvin, I866.1, IV.— 1871.2, M.L.M. Jesus College, Cambridge, 
1873, 74. R.M.C. Sandhurst, 1875. Sub-Lieut. 42nd Royal Highlandei-s. 
M. Aug. 19, 1879, d. of Col. Fisher, R.E. 
D. Sept. 13, 1882, of wounds received at Tel-el-Kebir. 

Faton, Frederick Lechmere, b. March 5, 1852, son of G. Paton, 
Esq., 55, Queen' s Gardens, Hyde Park. 

Bartle Frere, 1866.1. U.M.i.— 1870.1, Vl.a. XX. 1869. Oriel College, Oxford. 
B.A. 1874. Called to the Bar ( Lincoln' s Inn), Jan. 26, 1877. 

Peache, James Courthope, b. 1852, son of Rev. A. Peache, The 
Firs, Hampstead Heath, N.W. 
Hailey and Thomason, I866.1, IV.— I869.a, V.2. 
Pooley, Edmund, b. July 21, 1853, son of Rev. Canon J. H. Pooley, 
B.D. Address, 53, Elms Road, Clapham, or 
6, Sloane Street, S.W. 
Edroonstone, 1866.x, R.— 1870.1, V.2. Solicitor. 

M. Feb. 1885, Clara, d. of James Lovel, Esq. 

Pope, Alexander, b. 1854, son of Col. Pope, 15, Park Place, Regent' 5 
Park, W. 
Hailey and Trevelyan, I866.1, II.— 1860.2, M.L. 

♦Rose, Bateman Lancaster, b. 1853, son of P. Rose, Esq., 59, 
Rutland Gate, S. W. 
Colvin, I866.1, L.M.Ü.— 1868.3, V. XX. 1866, 67, 68. On the Stock Exchange. 
Reynolds, Henry Muskett, b. 1854, son of W. C. Reynolds, Esq., 
Great Varmouth. 
Hailey, 1866.x, Upper R.— 1866.3? Upper R. 

Reynoldß, John Routh, b. 1854, son of T. J. Reynolds, Esq., High 
Haileyand Bartle Frere, 1866. 1, Upper R.— 1869.2, VI. 2. Wadham College, 
Oxford. 3rd class Mods. 1875. 3rd class Theology 1877. Ordaiaed 1877 
to Roxton, Bedfordshire. 

Ronald, Walter, b. 1854, care of Mrs. Lethbridge, Musbury, 
Hailey, I866.1, II.-1867.2, IV. 

♦Russell, Herbert, b. Oct. 17, 1852, son of F. Russell, Esq., 
Barrister-at-Law, Clerk of the Peace for Kent, 
The Red House, Wateringbury, Kent. 

Edmonstone, I866.1, L.M.Ü.— 1871-3, VI.i. XX. 1870-X871. Mile and Quarter 
1871. Prefect in Hailey. Keble College, Oxford. 3M in Mods. 3rd in 
History. Freshmen's Mile 1872. 2nd for Three miles 1873. Ran against 

Cambridge 1873, 74» 75« Played for Oxford, Rugby Union, 1872-75. 
Called to Bar at Inner Temple x88i. South-Eastem Circuit Co-editor of 
" Russell on the Power and Duty of an Arbitrator." 

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♦Stephenaon, John Joseph, b. Sept. 3, 1853, son of Rev. J. Stephen- 
son, Vicar of S. John's, Weymouth, and Canon 
of Salisbury. 
Trevelyan, 1866.x, U.M. iL— 1870.2, VI.i. Various prizes. In Germany for a 
time. C.C.C. Cambridge. Seh. 3rd class Classical Tripos. Won many 
swimming prizes at School and Cambridge. Ordained, Christmas 1877, to 
Penge, Surrey. Vicar of S. Saviour's, Denmark Park, London. A volume 
of his sermons was published after his death. 
D. Jan. 1, 1883. 

8tevenson, William Richard Harry, b. 1853, son of Rev. W. A. 
Stevenson, S. Lukis Parsonage, Formby, Liver~ 
Trevelyan, 1866. i, Lower R.— 1873.2, VI. 2. LX. Captain of Paper Chases. 
Won Mile and other long distance races. New College, Oxford. 3rd in 
Classical Mods. 1875. B.A. 1877. Won the Three miles against Cam- 
bridge 1874, 75, 77. Ordained 1878 to West Malvera. Afterwards at 
Ramsdale, near Basingstoke. 

Watson, John, b. 1854, son of F. E. Watson, Surrey Street, Norwich. 
Lawrence, 1866.1, IV.— I87O.3, U.M.ii. 


Arnes, Ernest Fitzroy, b. 1855, son of Lieut.-Col. Arnes, The Hyde, 
St. Albans. 
Hailey and Trevelyan, I866.2, I.— 1878.2, M.V.2. 1 p. 

Beeby, Charles Evans, b. 1853, son °f * ate J- Beeby, Esq., Ac- 
countant General of the Navy. 

Thomason, 1866. 2. L.M.i.— 1869.2, V.2. King's College, London. Theological 
Associate (ist class) 1876. S. Edmund Hall, Oxford. B.A. 1879. Or- 
dained 1879 to Horspath. Vicar of Yardley Wood 1881. 

M. June 25, 1881, Lucy, d. of J. W. Ryland, Esq., of Solihull. 

Bennett, Charles Prance, b. 1853, son of J. N. Bennett, Esq., 
I866.2, L.IV.— 1866.3. L.IV.? 
Brett, John Mansell, b. 1854, son of Mrs. Brett, 1, Longford Terrace, 
Edmonstone, 1866.2, Lower R.— 1869-3, U.M.ii. 

Campbell, James Wallace, b. 1852, son of Rev. A. R. Campbell, 
Aston jR. 9 Tottenham. 
Thomason, I866.2, U.M.H.— 1868.2, U.M.I. 
Cockbnm, Henry Archibald Edward, b. 1853, son of H. P. Cock- 
burn, Esq., 7, Cremen Hill Gardens, W. 
Lawrence, 1866. 2, U. M. ii. —1868. 3, V. 1. In New Zealand. 

♦Coode, Montgomery Penrose, b. 1853, care of Mrs. Collier, 13, 
Tamar Terrace, Sloke Davonport. 
Thomason, 1866. 2, Lower R.— 1872.2, Mod. VI.i. XXII. LX. R.I.E.C. 
Cooper's Hill 1873-1876, and now an Assistant Engineer, first grade. 

Dalison, Charles James Alexander, b. 1854, son of Rev. J. B. 
Dalison, Marston JR. t Kirton-in-Lindsey. 
Hailey and Edmonstone, 1866. 2, II.— 1871.2, L.M.i. 

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Eohalaz, Arthur Charles, b. 1853, son o( F. A. Echalaz, Esq., 
Higham Hill, Walthamstow. 
Trevelyan, 1866. 2, Upper R.— 1868.2, U.M.ii. Address in O.H. club list: 
The Brewery, Cannock. 

Jacobson, Edmund Louis, b. 1853, son of G. Jacobson, Esq., 8, 
Chester Place, Hyde Park Square, W. 
Barüe Frere, 1366.2, L.M.i.— 1868.1, V.2. 

Long, Edwin C, b. 1852, son of Rev. H. C. Long, Newton R., 
Long St rat ton. 
Lawrence, 1866.2, L.M.i.— 1866.3, L.M.i. 
Died at Haileybury Nov. 1866. 

Luflh, Francis Joseph, b. Feb. 6, 1853, son of J. Lush, Esq., of 

Hailey and Trevelyan 1866.2, III. —1869. 2, M.U.M. 1 p. For a time in his 
father's brewery. 
D. at Wimborne, Dorset, Aug. 1883, leaving a widow and three children. 

Moor, George William Page, b. 1852, son of Rev. E. J. Moor, Great 
Bealings, Woodbridge, Suffolk. 
I866.2, L.M.i.— I866.3, U.M.ii. ? 

Ogilby, J. W. H., son of R. L. Ogilby, Ardnagh, near Limavady, 
Co. Derry. 

Hailey and Thomason, 1866. 2, IV. —1869.1, M.L.i. 

Eodwell, Henry Edgar William, b. 1854, son of E. Rodwell, Esq., 
9, New Square, Lincolns Inn, W.C. 
Bartle Frere, 1866.2, U.M.i.— 1868.1, V.i. 

Sumner» Francis Henry, b. 1854, son of the late Judge Sumner, 
Gloucestershire County Courts. Clyde Villa, 

Lawrence, 1866.2, IV.— 1872.2, V.2. Trinity College, Cambridge. B.A. 1876. 
Ordained 1877 to Curacy of Penistone, Yorkshire ; now at Andover. 

♦Steward, Reginald, b. 1854, son of the late E. Steward, Esq., of 

Saxlingham Hall, Norwich. Address, Chargola, 

Ratabani, Assam. 

Thomason and Edmonstone, 1866. 2, L.iv.— 1673.2, VI. 2. XI. 1873. XX. 

1870, 71, 72. Various prizes in Athletics. Trinity College, Cambridge. 

B.A. 1877. University XV. 1874, 75, 76. Entered at Middle Temple 1875. 

Master at Bengeo 1876-1878. Out to Assam in 1880 tea-planting. 

♦Thornton, Reginald Douglas, b. Sept. 17, 1852, son of R. Thornton, 
Esq., I.C.S., Birkin House, Dorchester. 
Colvin, 1866.2, U.M.ii.— 1870.1, VI.i. Partner in the Dorsetshire Bank, 
Dorchester. J.P. for Dorset and Lieut. in Yeomanry. 
M. 1881. 

TJpcher, James Hay, b. 1854, son of Rev. A. W. Upcher, Wreming- 
kam, Wymondham. 
Edmonstone, 1866. 2, L.R.— 1867-3, L-M.ii. 

West, William Frederick, b. 1853, son of Mrs. West, Glenmore 
Villa, S. Lukts Road, Bayswater. 
Hailey, 1866.2, II.— 1867.2, III 

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Blair, James Edward, b. Nov. 4, 1851, son of Major-Gen. J. Blair, 
V.C., Late Governor and Commandant at 
Aden. Drumpark Mains, Dumfries, N.B. 

Colvin, 1866. 3, Upper R.— 1869.2, M.U.M. For some years in business, now 
farming in Scotland. 

«Boothby, Reginald Evelyn, b. Jan. 18, 1855, son of late Rev. 
E. Boothby, Rector of Whitnall, Chesterfield. 
Address, Barton Fields, Canterbury. 

Edmonstone, 1866. 3, IL— 1873.2, M.VI.i. XL. 1872. F2. 2nd Set Hurdles. 
2nd Set Boxing. R.M.A. Woolwich. R.A. 1875. Appointed R.H.A. 
Sept. 1880. Captain Jan. 1884. 

«Bourdillon, Henry, b. 1853, son of E. D. Bourdillon, Esq. 
Address, Eastbourne. 

Lawrence, 1866. 3, L.M.Ü.— 1872-3, VI.i. Seh. 1866. Exh. 1872. Many 
prizes and athletic prizes. XI. 1870, 71, 72 (Captain). XX. 1868-69, and 
Captain 1870, 71, 72. Queens' College, Oxford. Seh. 1872. 2nd Class 
Mods. 1874. B.A. 1876. Played against Cambridge, Rugby Union, 1874, 
75, 76. Since engaged in scholastic work. 

♦Bourdillon, Gerard, b. July 25, 1853, son of Rev. F. Bourdillon. 
Address, Hobart, Tasmania. 

Edmonstone, 1866. 3, L.M.L— 1*72.2, VI.i. LX. Exh. 1872. Various form 
and composition prizes. Worcester College, Oxford. Seh. 2nd in Mods. 
1874. yrd in Lit. Hum. 1876. Eight. Ordained 1877 to Brenchlev, 
Kent. Had to leave England from ill-health. Resident Domestic Chaplain 
to Bishop of Tasmania 1883. Inspector of Schools 1884. 

M. Elizabeth, d. of W. Tarleton, Esq., Police Magistrate of Hobart, 
Tasmania, 1885. 

Brooke, Joseph Bower, b. 1851, son of W. Brooke, Esq., Hillidge 

House, Leeds. 
I866.3, L. MX— 1867.2. 
«Colbeck, Henry, b. 1854, son of late Rev. W. R. Colbeck, Vicar of 


Thomason, I866.3, U.M.ii.— 1878.2, VI.2. Keble College, Oxford. B.A. 
Afterwards engaged in tuition. 

Fell, Edwin James, b. 1853, care °f G. A. Haig, Esq., 7, Argjle 
Street, Regent Street, W. 
Hailey and Trevelyan, I866.3, III.— 1868. 3, L.M.Ü. 

♦Fisher, William Hayes, b. 1853, son of tne * ate Rev - F. Fisher, 
of Downham, near Ely. Address, Carlton Club. 

Thomason, 1866. 5, Lower R.— 1872.2, VI. 2. LX. University College, 
Oxford. 3rd Mods. 1874. 2nd Law 1876. Two years in Torpid. Called 
to the Bar (Inner Temple) 1879. Oxford Circuit Hon. See. Constitutional 
Union 1883. Selected as Conscrvative Candidate for Chelsea 1884. Elected 
M.P. (the first O.H. M.P.) for Fulham, Nov. 1885. Re-elected July 1886. 
Private Secretary to Sir M. Hicks Beach, March 1886— Älarch 1887. 
Private Secretary to A. J. Balfour, M.P., 1887. 

Herring, Alfred Herbert, b. 1853, son of Rev. H. L. W. Herring, 
Woodhouse, Stanstead, Essex. 
Bartle Frere, 1866. 3, Upper R.— I87O.3, U.M.i. 

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Hill, Charles Frederic, b. 1855, son of the late Rev. G. Hill, of 
Sacombe V., Ware. 

Hailey, I866.3, III.— 1967.3, III. 

Hyde, Edgar, b. 1852, son of late Major Hyde, 14, S. James 9 s Square, 

Bartle Frere and Highfield, I866.3, Upper R.— I868.2, L.M.i. 

Joyce, Cyril, b. Aug. 16, 1854, son of Rev. J. W. Joyce, Burford 
Rectory, Tenbury. 
Trevelyan, 1866. 3— 1878.x, V.2. XX. 1872. Keble College, Oxford. B.A. 
1880. Admitted a Solicitor 1884. 

King, George Henry Maitland, b. April, 1852, son of Capt. King, 
R.N., of Chithurst, Petersfield. Address, 
Fryerine, Mackay, Queensland. 
Haüey and Edmonstone, I866.3, IV.— 1669.3, M.U.M. XX. 1869. Wentto 
Queensland as a sugar planter 1876. 
M. May, 1884. 

Lee, Stanlake William Henry, b. 1853, son of Rev. T. Lee, Christ 
Church V., Luton. 
Hailey and Highfield, I866.3, IL— 1868.3, III. 

Maitland, George Keith, b. Jan. 4, 1854, son °f G. R. Maitland, 
Esq., W.S., Edinburgh. Resides in Ceylon. 

Colvin, I866.3.— 1869. Coffee planting in Ceylon. 

M. 1877, Teresa, daughterof A. McDonell, Esq., of Keppoch, N.B. 

Michel, Cecil B. D., b. 1854, son of Gen. Michel, St. Ives, Ring- 
wood, Hants. 
Hailey and Lawrence, I866.3, L.M.Ü.— 1868.*, U.M.i. Capt. ist Batt. Duke 
of Cambridge's own Middlesex Regt. April, 1881. 

♦Oddie, Henry James, b. Oct. 28, 1853, son of late Rev. G. A. 
Oddie, Rector of Aston, Herts. 

Bartle Frere, I866.3, L.M.ii.— 1872.2, M.VI.2. LX. 1871. XXII. 1872. 
Passed for army, but afterwards went to R.I.E. Cooper's Hill, 1873-1876. 
Appointed Assistant Engineer and grade P.W.D. India, ist Oct. 1876. 
Promoted ist grade Feb. 1881. Promoted to Executive Engineer 4Ü1 
grade Jan. 1, 1885. 
M. Nov. 1885, Ella Goodall. 

♦Oddie, Charles Walter, b. 1854, son of late Rev. G. A. Oddie, 
of Aston, Stevenage. Address, 1, Museum 
Chambers, Bury Street, W.C. 
Bartle Frere, I866.3, L.M.i.— 1873.2, VI.i. Seh. 1869. XI. 1871, 72, 73 
(captain). LX. Solicitor, admitted 1879. Practising in London. 

Ggüby, David Leslie, b. 1854, son of R. L. Ogilby, Esq., Ardnagh, 
near Limavady, Co. Derry. 
Hailey and Thomason, I866.3, IL— 1871-3, L.M.i. 

Partridge, Oswald Stephen, b. 1853, son of F. R. Partridge, Esq., 
King's Lynn. 
Lawrence, 1866. 3, R.— 1868.3, L.M.i. In business, in London. 
Peache, Alfred Edward, b. 1853, son of Rev. A. Peache, The Firs, 
Hampstead Heath, N.W. 
Thomason, I866.3, Upper R.— 1870.1, V.2. 

Digitized by 



♦Pollock, Jeremy Taylor, b. May 18, 1850, son of Rev. W. Pollock, 
Vicar of ßowdon, Cheshire, Hon. Canon and 
Archdeacon of ehester. Address, Brigham 
Vicarage, Carlisle. 

Lawrence, 1866.3, VI.s— 1870.2, VI.i. Prefect for a time in Hailey. XX. 
1869. Played Racquets at Prince's, and against Wellington 1870. Won 
Racquets, Fives, and Broad Jump. C 4. C 8. C 7. S. John's College, 
Cambridge. Held the Newbury (Racquet) champion cup three years. 
Ordained Sept. 1873 to curacy of Wilmstow. Vicar of Brigham 1875. 
Chaplain to High Sheriff of Cumberland 1878-79. 
M. in 1873 tne eldest daughter of Mr. Waugh, M.P. for Cockermouth. 

♦Eeeves, Benjamin Austin, b. Jan. 22, 1853, son of E. Reeves, 
Esq., Wimbledon. Address, Grosvenor Hill, 
Trevelyan, I866.3, L.M.Ü— 1870.3, VI.i. Land Agent. 

Bidley, Henry Colborae Maunoir, b. March 19, 1854, son of the 
late Canon W. H. Ridley, Hambledon R., 

Hailey and Bartle Frere, I866.3, IV.— 1868.3, L.M.ii. Ch. Ch. Oxford. In 
British Columbia. 

M. June 1, 1886, at Esquimalt, Vancouver Island, Florenoe Myra, d. of 
the late Capt. B. A. Wake, R.N. 

Smith, William Newbold, b. 1853, son of W. Smith, Esq., The Bank, 

*8now, Philip Chicheley Hyde, b. 1853, son °f T. M. Snow, Esq., 
Cleve, Exeter. 

Lawrence, I866.3. L.M.i.— I87O.3, VI.i. LX. Passed for Indian Civil Service. 
Merton College, Oxford. Postmaster. Called to the Bar 1876. Private 
Secretary to the Resident, Rangoon, British Burmah. Since a Collector. 

Stewart, Alexander Kenneth, b. 1852, son of A. Stewart, Esq., 
2, Talbot Terrace, Westbourne Park, W. 

Hailey and Thomason, I866.3, IV.— 1870, M.U.M. Edinburgh University. 
Medical Profession. Played for Scotland against England, Rugby Union. 

Taylor, John Richard B., b. 1853, son of R. Taylor, Esq., The 
Manor, Sigglesthorne, near HulL 
Hailey and Thomason, I866.3. II.— 1869.3, M.L.M. 

Tonge, Dinely Fowler, b. Jan. 22, 1853, son of late Charles Tonge, 
Esq., Ashfield House, Branston, Lincoln. 
Address, Caradoc House, Lincoln. 

Trevelyan, I866.3, L.M.ii.— 1868. 3, Modern V.ii. Articled with Clayton and 
Shuttleworth, Engineers, and now a Mechanical Engineer. 
M. Aug. 13, 1878, Olive Fanny, d. of L. R. Fitzmaurice, Capt. R.N. 

Tyrwhitt-Walker, John, b. Feb. 17, 1854, son of Rev. J. Tyrwhitt- 

Walker, Scotton Vicarage, Norwich. 

I^awrence. 1866. 3, Upper Remove— 1871.3, M.VI.3. XX. 1870. Gazetted 
Sub-Lieut. Royal Irish Füsiliers (871h) Feb. 38, 1874. Lieut. same date. 
Captain in Sherwood Foresters (45Ü1) Jan. 5, 1886. Served with 87th in 
Egyptian Cainpaign 188a. Present at Tel-el-Kebir. Medal, with clasp, 
Khedive's Star. 

Digitized by 



*WeUh, William Henry, b. 1854, son of Rev. W. Welsh, Burewash, 
Hurst Green, Sussex. 

Hailey and Thomason, I866.3, IV.— 1872-3, VI.i. LX. Indian Civil Service, 
1874. Began service in Madras Nov. 1876. and has hdd appointments in 
the Revenue and Judicial Departments in various districts of the Madras 

Whalley, Laurence Travell, b. Nov. q, 1854, son of Rev. J. P. 
Whalley, Wretham Rectory, Thetford. 

Hailey and Edmonstone, I866.3, III.— 1872.2, M.U.M.ii. LX. 1871. Ad- 
mitted a Solicitor in Nov. 1877, and practised for five years in London. 
Now resident in Kansas, U.S. A. 


Anderson, George Arthur, b. 1854, son of Mrs. Anderson, 43, 
Colville Gardens, Notting Hill, W. 
Hailey and Edmonstone, 1867.1, III.— WO.3, V.i. 
Aitkens, A. J., b. 1854, son of Rev. A. Aitkens, Highcliff Parsonage, 
Christ Churchy Hants. 
Edmonstone, 1887.1, II.— 1870.1, L.M.Ü. 

Baoon, Cecil May Gibbons, b. 1853, son of Rev. T. Bacon, Wiggon- 
holt R., Storringfon, Sussex. 
Hailey, 1867.1, L.R.-1869.3, L.M.i. 

Banister, Frederick J., b. 1855, son of the late Rev. E. Banister, 

Vicar of Besthorpe, Norfolk. Address, The 

Outer Temple, W.C., or The Grange, West 

Molesey, Surrey. 

Thomason, 1867.x, I.— 1872.3, V.i. XX. 1872. In practice as an architect 

since 1880. 

Cameron, Charles Hamilton Hone, b. Sept. 30, 1852, son of late 
Rev. C. Cameron, of Long Lane, Derbyshire. 
Address, Lochiel, Harlesden, Willesden, N.W. 

Colvin, 1867.1, Upper R.— 1868. 3, V.a. S. Thomas's Hospital 1871. M.R.C.S. 

Eng. 1876. L.R.C.P. Lond. 1877. Now in general practice at Harlesden, 
M. April 30, 1878, Mary Louise Savile, d. of R. W. Mexborough 
Shcpherd, Esq. 

Clarke, Tredway Sydenham, b. 1853, son of T. S. Clarke, Esq., 
Kingsdown House, mar Dover. 
Edmonstone, 1867.1, L.M.Ü.— 1871.2, U.M.i. 

Charlesworth, George, b. Dec. 20, 1854, son of Rev. J. R. Charles- 

worth, Elstead Rectory, Godalming, Surrey. 

Address, Middlesex Hospital, W. 

Colvin, 1867.1, L.R.— I87I.3, U.M.i. S. John's College, Cambridge. RA. 
Middlesex Hospital. Entrance Scbolarship. 

Cooper, Ernest Edward, b. Jan. 16, 1854, son of H. Cooper, Esq., 
Shrewsbury Lane, Shooter's Hill, S.E. 

Hailey and Lawrence, 1867.1, II.— 1872.1, M.V.i. XX. 1871. Civil Engineer. 
Went out to the Exhibition of Philadelphia, and was working in the Vienna 
Exhibition tili bis death. 
D. July, 1876. 

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Drummond, Lionel Charles, b. 1854, son of W. Drummond, Esq., 
Falcon Lodg', Putney. 
Colvin, 1867.1, L.M.Ü.— 1870.1, M.U.M. 
Gairford, Richard Boileau, b. 1855, son of Rev. S. H. Gaisford, 
Clifford Parsonage, Tadeaster. 
Hailey and Bartle Frere, 1867.1, IL— 1873.1, Vi. XX. 1872. S. John's 
College, Oxford. Played for Oxford v. Cambridge. Passed into R M.C. 
Sandhurst as an University Candidate. Captain in 2nd Batt. Royal Scots 
Füsiliers Aug. 25, 1886. Adjutant May 17, 1885. 

Hamilton, George Trayton Eliott, b. 1854, son of Rev. J. Hamilton, 
Lynsted V, 9 Sittingbourne. 
Hailey, 1867.1, III.— 1871.1. M.U.M. 

King, Paul Henry, b. 1854, son of P. J. King, Esq., 146, Adelaide 
Road, N. W. 
Hailey and Lawrence, 1867.1, R. — 1869.2, M.U.M. In business in China. 
Kitchin, Henry John, b. 1853, son °f J- P- Kitchin, Esq., Manor 
House, Hamplon. 
Colvin, 1867.1, L.M.ü.— 1870.2, V.2. XX. 1869. Ch. Ch. Oxford. B.A. 1874. 
Ordained 1875 to S. George, Birmingham. Curate of S. Pauls, Onslow 
Square, 1877-1885. 

Merivale, Charles, b. June 9, 1854, son of the Rev. C. Merivale, 
D.D., Dean of Ely. Address, 4, Harcöurt 
Buildings, Temple, E.C. 

Trevelyan, 1867.1, L.R.— 1878.2, M.V.i. LX. 1872. 2^5. S. Tohn's College, 
Cambridge. 3rd class Theological Tripos 1877. Articled to a Solid tor 
in Newcastle-on-Tyne. Admitted a Solicitor 1880. In Nov. 1882 appointed 
Clerk to the Chancery Registrars. 

«Oldfield, Henry Neville, b. 1853, son of J. Oldfield, Esq., York. 

Edmonstone, 1867.1, L M.ii.— I87O.3, VI.2. Prefect in Hailey. A clerk in 
the Bank of England. 

Drowned near Cookham while trying to save a friend, Sept 9, 1877. 
There is a tablet in Chapel to his memory. 

Podmore, Robert, b. 1853, son of Rev. T. Podmore, late Head 
Master of Eastbourne College. 
Edmonstone, l*67.i, L M.i.— 1869.3, M.VI.2. D3. Medical Profession. In 
practice in London. 

*Ponsonby, Robert Charles, b. June 6, 1854, son of Hon. Sir 
Spencer Ponsonby Fane, K.C.B., of Brympton 
d'Everey, Yeovil. Address, Great George 
Street, Westminster, S.W. 

Colvin, 1867.1. L.M.Ü.— 1871-3, M.VI.i. XL 1870-71. XX. 187071. Fi, 
Fa, C?2, and other prizes. Admitted a Solicitor Feb. 12, 1878« 
Treasurer of the O.H. Club. 
M. July 17, 1877. 

•Penrose, John Trevenen, b. 1854, son Rev. J. D. Penrose, of 
Woodhill, Cork. Gawsworth R., Cheshire. 
Hailey and Trevelyan, 1867.1, IV.— 1872.2, VI 2. XXII. LX. and various 
running prizes. Leader of the Choir. Tiinity College, Cambridge. Stroked 
winning trial eight 1876. Reserve man to University Eight 1876. College 
Eight and Four. First Trinity Boat Club Captain Ran against Oxford in 
Three miles 1876. B.A. 1876. Ordained to Coleshill, Warwickshire, 1877. 
Rector of Gawsworth, Cheshire, 1880. 
M. 1885. 

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4 d HAILE YBUR Y REGISTER. 1867. i. 

*PenroM, Cooper, b. 1856, son of Rev. J. D. Penrose, of Woodhill, 


Hailey and Trevelyan, 1807.1, III.— 1872.2, M.VT.i. Variows fonn and other 

prizes. LX. Hon. mention for R.G.S. medal. R.M.A. Woolwich 1872. 

Fifth Commission in R.E. 1873. Served in S. African War 1879-80. Medial. 

Lecturer at Woolwich 1884. Appointment in Sydney 1885. 

M. May 16, 1886, Sylvia Alice, d. of T. Greene, Esq.,of Avonmore, Killiney. 

Boyds, George Fonnerau, b. 1856, care of Rev. W. T. Sankey. 
Address, Chichester. 
Hailey and Trevelyan, 1867.1, IV.— 1871.2, U.M.i. In business, in Chichester. 
Biuflell, Henry, b. March 1, 1855, son of late D. Russell, Esq., 
Clifton Lodge, York. 
Colvin, 1867.1, I.— 1872.1, M.V.2. LX. 2 p. 
D. in Australia, Oct. 1878. 

Smith, Horace, b. 1854, son of Rev. T. Smith, Harborne, Birmingham. 

Lawrence, 1867.1, U.M. iL -1871.2, V.l. 

Tyndall, Edmund Francis Guise, b. 1852, son of Rev. H. A. Tyndall, 
Holton Rectory, Wheatley, Oxon. Address, 
Headington Vicarage, Oxford. 
Bartle Frere, 1867.1, L M i.— 1868.2, U.M.i. Left from illness. Magdalen 
College, Oxford. B A. 1874. Ordained Deacon 1875 to Curacy of 
Wokingham. Vicar of Headington 1879. 
M. Marcia L. Edersheim, d. of Dr. Edershehn, 1881. 

Trower, Sydney Arthur, b. 1854, son of G. S. Trower, Esq., $$ 9 
Hyde Park Square, W. 
Lawrence, 1867.1, L.M i.-1869.i, M.L.i. XX. 1868. XXII. Won Boxing 
and other athletic prizes. In the army. 
D. at Malta 1879. 

WooUey, John Turton, b. 1855, son of W. J. Woolley, Esq. t Lough- 
borough. Address, Richmond Villa, Church 
Fields, Salisbury. 

Hailey and Thomason. 1867.1, III.-1871.2, M.U.M. XX. 1870. After 
Farming near Cirencester, and Salisbury, in business as an Auctioneer, 
Valuer, and Land Agent in Salisbury. 

M. June 27, 1877, Emily Jane Kifmister, and Nov. 12, 1885, Lilian Jane 

Wordsworth, Reginald Graham, b. 1853, son °f F - E. Wordsworth, 
Esq., S. Ann/s Hill, Carlisle. 
Bartle Frere and Highneid, 1867.1, Upper R.— I8C8.2, M. Lower. 
Ward, Alexander, son of H. Ward, Esq., 51, Lincoln' s Inn Fields, 
Bartle Frere and Highfield, 1867.1, U.M.ii.— 1869.3, V.2. 


Behrend, John Arthur Henry, b. at Danzig, Germany, Oct. 2, 1853, 

son of J. T. Behrend, Esq. Address, Crescent 

Lodge, Clapham Common, S.W. 

Edmonstone, 1867.2, R.— 1870.2, U.M.ii. XI. 1870. Single Sticks 1870. 

Has published six cantatas, three operas, five overtures, and about fifty songs, 

including ' Auntie,' ' Daddy,' * Surely,' ' My Friend,' ' The Song of the 

Shirt.' Also ' The Haileybury Football Song.' 

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Bohrend, George, b. 1854, son of J. T. Behrend, Esq. 

Hailey, 1867.2, IV.— 1869.2, L.M.L In business. 

Berkley, Francis, b. 1854, son of G. Berkley, Esq., 32, Upper 
Hamilton Terrace. 
Colvin, 1867.2, IV.— 1868.1, IV. Left from ill-health. 

♦Blnnt, Gerald Henry, b. June 27, 1854, son of Rev. A. G. Blunt, 
Chelsea, R„ S.W. 

Trevelyan, 1867.2, L.M.i.— 1873.2, VI. 2. Prefect in Hailey. E 2. Literary 
Society Writing and Speaking Prizes. XX. 1872. Pembroke College, 
Cambridge. 3rd class Theological Tripos 1877. Football xv. and xi. 
1874, 75, 76. Captain of xv. For some time Senior Assistant Master at 
Bengeo. Afterwards at Royal Naval School, New Cross. Since 1882, 
Head of a Preparatory School, S. Salvator's, S. Andrew's, Fifeshire. 

M. Aug. 22, 1882, Augusta Louisa, d. of Sir H. W. Gordon, K;C.B. f 
and niece of General ("Chinese") Gordon. 

Champneys, Francis Weldon, b. April 5, 1855, son of late Rev. C. 
F. Champneys, Bayharn Old Abbey, Lamber- 
hurst, Kent. 

Trevelyan, 1867.2, IV.— 1878.3, V.r. XI. 1873. XX. 1871, 72, 73. Won 
Weight, 200 Yards, High Jump, Place, Drop, Average Bat, Single Hand 
Fives, and other prizes. S. John's College, Oxford. Captain of xi. and xv. 
Played three years for Oxford v. Cambridge, Rugby Uniort. B. A. Ordained 
1879 to Woking, Surrey. In 1887 Domestic Chaplain to the Marquis of 

Conington, Clement William, b. 1854, son of C. Conington, Esq., 
Hayworthingham, Spilsby. 
Lawrence, 1867.2, L.M.Ü.— 1871.1, V.2. 

Denison, Stephen, b. 1853, son °f Mrs. S. Denison, Mulbarton 
Lodge, Norwich. 
Trevelyan, 1867.2, R.— 1870.2, U.M.i. 

Gordon, Stewart Douglas, b. 1856, son of Mrs. Gordon, Worlington 
House, Instow, N. Devon. 

Hailey and Colvin, 1867.2, IL— 1871-3, M.U.M. Captain in Bengal Staff 
Corps Sept. 21, 1885. 

♦James, Sydney Rhodes, b. May 30, 1855, son of Rev. H. James, 
Livermere Rectory, Bury St. Edmunds. 

Lawrence» 1867.2, U.M.i.— 1874.2, VI.i. Head of the School. 2nd XL 
1873-74. XX. 1872-73. 2nd Racquets 1873. Seh. 1868, raised 1869. 
Exh. 1874. President of Literary Society. 14 p. 2 Co, F$, C7, *D i, 
CS. Trinity College, Cambridge, Minor Seh. 1874. Foundation 1875. 
Bell 1875. 8th Classic 1878. Highly distinguished in Examination 
for Chancellor's Medals. University, Rugby Union xv. 1877, 78. 
Captain 1878. Assistant Master at Eton 1879. Editor of Iliad xviii. 
(Macmillan). Ordained Christmas, 1883. 

Mellor, Llewellyn Salusbury, b. Jan. 7, 1853, son of A. Mellor, Esq., 
H.E.I.C.S., Ivy House, Allerton, Lancashire. 
Address, 25, Bentley Road, Prince's Park. 

Trevelyan, 1867.2, R.i. — 1869. Direct Commission Jan. 1873 in 8th King's 
Regiment. Captain July, 1881. Now holding an appointment in England. 
M. Nov. 17, 1885. 

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4 8 HAILE YBUR Y REGISTER. 1868. 2. 

*Milfbrd, Lionel Sumner, b. Aug. 22, 1855, son of Rev. R. N. 
Milford, R.D., Knoyle Rectory, Salisbury. 

Lawrence, 1867. 2, L.M.ii.— 1874.2, VI.i. Prefect for one term in Highfield. 
XXII. 1873-74. LX. 1872-73. Captain of Six elevens 1874. 6 p. E$. Exh. 
1874. Pembroke College, Oxford. Seh. 1874. ist class Mods. 1876. 2nd class 
Lit. Hum. 1878. After a tutorship abroad, Assistant Master at Haileybury 
1879. Chronicler and President of Antiquarian Society. Ordained Christ- 
mas, 1880. 

Mills, Adolphe Arnold Edward, b. 1853, son of J. A. Mills, Esq., 
1, Upper Lansdowne Terrae*, Kensington Park 
Gardens, W. 

Moore, Francis Edward, b. 1853, son of Rev. E. Moore, Hon. Canon 
of Canterbury, The Oaks, Faversham, Kent. 
Address, Wierton, Geraldine, Canterbury, New 

Bartle Frere, 1867.2, L.M.ii.— 1870.2, V.2. 2nd XI. 1870. Farming in New 
M. 1884, Sophia, d. of G. Lysoght, Esq. 

Moore, Herbert Octavius, b. 1854, son of Rev. Edward Moore, Hon. 
Canon of Canterbury, The Oaks, Faversham, 
Kent. Address, Bishop's Palace, Calcutta. 

Bartle Frere, 1867.2, L.M.Ü.— 1872.2, V.l. Keble College, Oxford. B.A. 
Coxswain of Eight 1876, 1877. Ordained 1878 to Curacy of Woodstock. 
Bengal Cbaplain 1885. Now Chaplain to Bishop of Calcutta. 

Bowley, William Walter, b. 1854, son of Rev. J. M. Rowley, 
S. /ohn's Parsonage, Woodbridge. 
Bartle Frere, 1867.2, IV.— I87O.3, L.M.Ü. 
Sawyer, George Valentine, b. 1854, son of W. H. Sawyer, Esq., 
Drapers 9 Hall, London. 
Hailey and Colvin, 1867.2, II.— 1871.2, L.M.ii. In business, in London. 

Schmettau, Charles Francis, b. May 3, 1855, son °f Rev. H. 
Schmettau, Hanover Cottage, Croxted Road, 
W. Dulwich, S.E. 
Hailey, 1807.2, I.— 1869.2, IV. In business in London. 

Skinner, Becker, b. 1854, son of R. M. Skinner, Esq., 8, Westboutne 
Crescent, W. 
Edmonstone, 1867.2, IV.— 1869.3, L.M.i. 
Smith, H. C, b. 1855, son of F. W. Smith, Esq., Linden Lodge, 
Lee, S.£. 
Hailey, 1867.3, II.—? 

Townshend, Richard Harvey, b. 1854, son of J. H. Townshend, 
Esq., Myross Wood, Leap, Co. Cork. 
Hailey, 1867.2, I.— 1868.3, II. 

Townshend, William Tower, b. 1855, son of J. H. Townshend, Esq., 
Myross Wood, Leap, Co. Cork. 
Hailey, 1867.2, 1.— 1868.3, II. 
Walker, Edward Joseph Rodwell, b. 1855, son of Rev. S. J. Walker, 
Hervey Hill, Kilrea, Ballymena. 
Hailey and Colvin, 1867.2, II.— 1870.x, L.M.i. 

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*Wedderburn, Alexander Dundas Ogilvy, b. Aug. 7, 1854, son of 
late J. A. Wedderbura, Esq., Madras Civil 
Service, 76, Cadogan Place, S.W., and Farrar's 
Buildings, Temple, E.C. 

Bartle Frere, I867.a, R.— 1873.2, VI.i. LX. 1 p. G 1. Balliol College, 
Oxford, ist in Mods. 1875. 2nd m Lit. Hum. 1877. Called to the Bar 
(Inner Temple) Jan. 26, 1880. South-Eastern Circuit, Herts and Essex 

M. April 13, 1887, Mathilde, d. of H. Segeleke, Esq., of Elfindale, Herne 

1867. 3 . 

Arbnthnot, James, b. 1855, son of G. C. Arbuthnot, Esq., Mavis 
House, Loonhead, near Edinburgh. 

Baker, Henry Edmeades, b. June 9, 1854, son of F. H. Baker, Esq., 
J.P. for Kent, Culetts, Cobham, Kent. 

Hailey and Thomason, I867.3, III.— 1869.1, L.M.ii. Lieut. 4Ü1 Lancashire 
Militia 1872. Lieut. 4th King's Own Royal Lancashire Regiment Dec. 
1874. Captain Feb. 1884. 

Birkett, Herbert, b. Aug. 30, 1856, son of John Birkett, Esq., 
F.R.C.S., late President of Royal College of 

Hailey and Bartle Frere, 1867-3, L— 1872.2, L.M.i. Civil Engineer, apprenticed 
to Messrs. Sharp, Stewart and Co., Manchester. In 1886 went out to 
Buenos Ayres. 

Bland, Elliott, b. Aug. 7, 1853, son of late T. L. Bland, Esq. 
Address, Wanstead, Essex, or British India 
and Queensland Co., Brisbane. 

Bartle Frere, 1867. 3, U.M.ii.— 1869.3, M.VI.2. 1 p. In business, in London, 
tili 1874. In Calcutta for three years. To Brisbane in 1885. 

M. Sept. 30, 1880, Agnes Isabel, d. of late Rev. H. High ton, formerly 
Head Master of Cheltenham College. 

Bond, Edward Charles, b. 1852, son of Rev. A. Bond, Freston R. f 
Hailey, 18C7-3, I-— 1868.2, 1. 

♦Bourdillon, Bernard Keene, b. 1855, son of Rev. F. Bourdillon. 

Edmonstone, I867.3, IV.— 1874.2, VI. r. LX. Seh. 1869. 5 p. 2 G 1, C 9. 
Queens' College, Oxford. Seh. 1874. 2nd in Mods. 1876. B.A. 1878. 
Ordained 1880 to S. Mary, Eastbourne. Vicar of Emu Bay, Tasmania, 
1880. Rector of S. Mary's, Cape Town, 1886. 

M. Sept. 2, 1880, Laura Elizabeth Provence, d. of late R. Townsend, 
Esq., of Derry, Co. Cork, and step-daughter of Canon Gibbon. 

Bovill, Alfred, b. 1853, son of J. E. Bovill, Esq., of Sondes Place, 
Dorking. Address, Fir Grove, Godalming. 

Thomason, 1867-3. L.M.ii.— 1871.1, M.U.M. XI. 1870. In business. 

Branton-Day, Thomas, b. 1855, son of Mrs. Branton-Day, Mickle- 
field Green, Rickmansworth. 
Hailey, 1867-3, H.— 1868.T, IV. In the Bank of England. 


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Bridge, Stewart, b. April 21, 1853, son of R ev * S. Bridge, 5, Royal 
York Crescent, Clifton, Bristol. Address, 
Ashcott, Napier, New Zealand. 

* Colvin, 1867.3, L.M.ii.— 1871.2, V.2. XXII. 1871. LX. 1870. Several prizes 
in 2nd Set Athletics. Went out to New Zealand, sheep farming, in April, 
Brown, Robert M., b. 1854, son of Mrs. E. Brown, East Hill, 
Wandsworth, S. W. 
Burn, John Henry, b. 1853, son °f J- S. Burn, Esq., Henlcy-on 
Edmonstone, 1867-3, U.M.Ü.— 1870, V.i. 1 p. 

Case, George Edward, b. 1855, son of R. Case, Esq., 70, Inverness 
Terrace, Bqyswater. 
Hailey and Thomason, 1867-3, III. — 1871-3, M.L.Ü. 

Clayton, E. W., b. 1 853, son of Major-Gen. Clayton, Lewer Toofing,S. 
Highfield, I867.3, R.— 1869.2, M.L. 

Clinch, Albert Edward, b. Dec. 27, 1853, son of J. Clinch, Esq., 
Witney, Oxon. 
Bartle Frere, 1867.*, III.-1871.3, U.M.i. XXII. Oxford. S. Alban Hall 
and Merton College. B.A. 1882. 

Courtenay, James, b. 1854, son of S. Courtenay, Esq., formerly of 
7, Cleveland Square, W. 
Hailey and Bartle Frere, I867.3, II.— 1871-3, L.M.ii. 

Davison, George Markham, b. 1855, son of Major G. Davison. 
Address, Wych R. 9 Stow-on-Wold. 
Hailey and Thomason, 1867.3, I.— 1869-3, M.L.i. 

Dicton, George Macdonald, b. (at Sydney, N.S.W.) April 2, 1854, 

son of the late R. B. Dickson, Esq., Sydney. 

Address, 93, Shrewsbury Road North, Birken- 

head, Cheshire. 

Hailey and Lawrence, 1867-3, I.— 1872.x, M.U.M.i. 2 p. 

M. Aug. 13, 1881, Katharine, d. of R. R. Bevis, Esq., Manor Hill, 

Evans, E. R., b. 1851, son of Mrs. Evans, 7, Camden Hill Road, 
Edmonstone, I867.3, U.M.U-I868.3, V.2. 

♦Eiteherbert, Henry R., b. 1853, son of Rev. A. Fitzherbert, of 

Ashbourn, Derbyshire. 

Edmonstone, I867.3. L.M.i.— I87O.3, VI.2. Prefect in Hailey. XXII. XX. 
1870. Entered Bank of New Zealand at Wellington in 1877, and is now 
Manager of a Branch. 

Foster, Frederick La Trobe, b. 1853, son of Rev. F. A. L. Foster. 

Address, Timperley, Cheshire. 

Lawrence, 1867-3, L.M.ii.— 1872.1, V.i. XXII. 1871. LX. 1871. Trinity 
College, Cambridge. B.A. 3rd Class Theological Tripos 1876. Ordained 
1878 to Lowestoft. Curate of Sandhurst 1884. 

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Garrard, Samuel Bromley, b. June 13, 1854, son of Rev. S. Garrard, 
Vicar of Salford Priors, Warwickshire. Address, 
Bank Cottage, Whittington, near Worcester. 

Trevelyan, 1867.3, L.M.ii.— 1872.3, V.a. XX. 1871-72. Various fives prizes. 
Wadham College, Oxford. B.A. Eight 1875, 76, 77. XV. Won Uni- 
versity Bat Fives 1878. Cricket Ball and Weight in College Sports. Solicitor, 
practising in Worcester. 
M. Oct. 1886. 

*Gibson, Alan George Sumner, b. May 7, 1856, son of late Rev. W. 
H. Gibson, Rector of Fawley, Hants. Address, 
S. Cuthberfs, Isolo, vtd K. W. Town, S. Africa, 
or, Hurstleigh, Blackwater, Hants. 

Trevelyan, I867.3. L.M.i.— 1875.2, VI.i. Head of the SchooL Prefect in 
Highfield 1874.2. XX. 1873, 1874. Seh. 1869. Exh. 1875. " P- ^3» 
aZ>i, £3. President of Literary Society. Oxford C.C.C. Seh. 1875. 
ist in Mods. 1876. ist in Lit Hum. 1879. Prox. accessit for University 
Greek Testament Prize 188 1. Senior Greek Testament Prize 1882. Or- 
dained 1879 to Curacy of Croft, Lincolnshire. Vice- President of Burgh 
Missionary College 1879, 80. Incumbent of Pro-Cathedral, Umtata, 
1882-4. Missionary Priest of S. Augustinus 1884. Canon of Umtata 1885. 
Archdeacon of Kokstad 1886. Examining Chaplain to Bishop of S. John's 
1882. Diocesan Secretary and Registrar 1882. Came home May 1886 on 
a year's preaching tour. Joint author with W. E. Smith of Translations 
from Aristotle's Organon. Sole author of ' Imitandase iguqulwe ehcolosi ' 
(Manual of Kaffir prayers) and Sermon Sketches for Kaffir Catechists. 

Haniflon, Douglas C. W., b. 1855, son of C. M. Harrison, Esq., 
Bartle Frere, I867.3, L.M.ii.— 1867-3, L.M.ii. 

Hensley, Henry G., b. 1854, son of H. Hensley, Esq., M.D., 15, 
Alford Street, Baih. 
Hailey, 1867-3, L-1869.2, IV. 

Holmes, Henry, b. 1854, son of E. C. Holmes, Esq., Brookfield, 
A rundet. 
Thomason, 1867-3, L.M.Ü.— 1869.x, U.M.ii.? 

Hudson, G. F., b. 1854, careof Rev. T. D. Hudson, Frogmore Hau, 
Highfield, 1867.3, IL— 1867-3, IL 

Hutchinson, Sanford William, b. Oct. 26, 1853, son of Rev. Canon 
Hutchinson, Blurton Vicarage, Stoke-on-Trent. 

Lawrence, 1967.3, R.— 1872.3, V.l. LX. 1871. and Set Paperchases. New 
College, Oxford, qrd Class Mathematical Mods. 1874. 4^ History 1876. 
Ordained 1877 to Curacy of Stoke-on-Trent. Now Curate at Blurton. 

Melvill, Arthur Hardcastle, b. 1853, son of J. C. Melvill, Esq., 
36, Westbourne Terrace, W. 

Bartle Frere, 1867-3, L.M.i.— 1868.1, L.M.i. Left from fll-health. S. John's 
College, Oxford. Ordained Sept. 1882 to Minchin Hampton, Stroud. 
Curate of Headington, Oxford, Aug. 1886. 

Mos«, William, b. 1852, son of Mrs. Moss, care of Rev. H. W. 
Moss, The Schoot, Shrewsbury. 
Colvin, 1867-3, V.r.— 1868.1, Vl.a. Afterwards at Shrewsbury. 

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Palmet, Guy St. Maur, b. April 13, 1854, son of Rev. H. L. Palmes, 
T.P., Nabura Hall, York. Address, The Leases, 

Hailey and Bartle Frere, 1869-3, IV.— 1872. 2nd XI. 1872. XX. 1871. 
ist in Quarter, 2nd in 100 and 200 ist Set 1872. Joined 30Ü1 Cambridge- 
shire Regt. Nov. 13, 1873. Exchanged to I4th King's Hussars in 1878 as 
Lieut. Capt. June 9, 1882. 

M. July, 1879, G. R. Lloyd, eldest daughter of the late E. Lloyd, Esq., 
of Lingcroft, York. 

Pollock, Joseph H., b. 1854, son of J. E. Pollock, Esq., M.D., 52, 
Upper Brook Street, Grosvenor Square, W. 
Hailey, 1867-3. IL— 1868.3, IV. 

Prior, Leathes, b. Aug. 5, 1853, son of Major-Gen. H. Prior, of 
Coltishall, Norfolk. Address, Oakhurst, Christ 
Church Road, Norwich. 
Lawrence, 1867. 3, Upper R.— 1870.2, M.VI.2. Solicitor. 

M. 1877, Fanny Ellen, daughter of C. N. Bolingbroke, Esq., Norwich. 

*Savage, Henry Edward, b. 1854, son of Rev. R. C. Savage, 
Nuneaton V. 

Edmonstone, 1867-3, L.M.H.— 1873.2, VI.i. 7 p. £4, C $, 2 Mi, C9, 2C7, 
Captain of Six Elevens. Exh. 1873. Christ's College, Cambridge. Seh. 
4th in Classical Tripos 1877. Fellow and Tutor of C.C.C. Examiner for 
"Classical Tripos. Ordained 1878. Examining Chaplain to Bishop o. 
Durham. Vicar of Christ Church, West Hartlepool, 1885. 

Savage, Francis Forbes, b. Nov. 14, 1854, son of late Captain 
Savage, R.A. Address, S. Mar/s, Balham, S.W. 

Edmonstone, 1867-3, R.— 1870.2, M.U.M. University College, Durham. 
College Boat. Rugby Union XV. Formerly a Queen's Cadet. Or- 
dained in Worcester Diocese to Dudley. For some while a Chaplain in 
the Army. Now Curate of Parish Church, Balham. 

Sharpe, Alfred, b. May 19, 1853, son of E. Sharpe, Esq., Fulwood, 

Highfield, I867.3, L.M.Ü.— 1870.1, V.2. 2nd Set Steeplechase 1870. Admitted 
Solicitor 1876. Settier in Fiji in 1880. Sugar planting. Acted as a 
Stipendiary Magistrate 1884-86. Returned to England 1886. 

Shaw, Vere Kemball, b. 1854, son of C. F. H. Shaw, Esq. 

Trevelyan, 1867-3, R-— Wl.3, U.M.ii.? XI. 1871. Cambridge. University 
xi. 1874. 

Schreiber, Julian Meade, b. Sept. 10, 1854, son of the late Col. F. W. 
Schreiber, of the Still House, Melton, Suffolk. 

Colvin, 1867.3, R.— 1871-3, M.U.M. LX. 1870. Passed through Militia. 
Gazetted to 2nd Batt. iöth Regt. Instructor of Musketry for three years. 
On abolition of appointment exchanged to ist Batt. Appointed Super- 
intendent of Gyninasia, Eastern District, 1883. 
M. 1884. 

Stanford, Charles E. Fitzgerald, b. 1854, son of Rev. C. Stanford, 
Booterstone, Dublin. 
Hailey and Colvin, 1867-3, R.— 1870.x, U.M.ii. Trinity College, Dublin. 
Thursby, Frederic, b. 1853, son of Rev. F. Thursby, Abington R., 
Hailey, 1867-2J. II.— 1869.2, III. Captain, Cape Colonial Forces. 
D. April 2i, i$86, at Suez, of typhoid fever. 

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Tyndale, Walter Clifford, b. 1853, son of Rev. H. A. Tyndale, 
Holton Rectory, Wheatley, Oxon. Address, 
4, Westminster Chambers, S.W. 

Bartle Frere, I867.3, R.— 1870.1, U.M.i. Civil Engineer. 
M. 1885, Mary E. Tyndale. 

White, Charles G., b. 1854, son of R. White, Esq., Bombay Civil 
Hailey, I867.3, I.-I867.3, I. 


Abell, Arthur William, b. 1854, son of H. G. Abell, Esq., 27, Old 
Broad Street, London. 
Bartle Frere, I868.1, R.— 1869.1, L.M.i. 

Atkinson, Frederick James, b. 1854, son of Col. Atkinson, Bengal 

StafT Corps. 
Colvin, I868.1, R.— 1871.1, M.VI.2. 
Ayre, John William Carr, b. 1854, son of J. J. Ayre, Esq., Colne, 

Lancashire. Address, 5, Norfolk Street, 


Bartle Frere, 1868.1, R. —1871.2, U.M.i. Caius College, Cambridge. College 
ist Boat. B.A. 1875. Admitted Solicitor 1880. Now a raember of the 
firm Parker and Ayre, 5, Norfolk Street, Manchester. 

Bree, Edward Henry, b. 1854, son of Rev. H. Bree, Hill Nouse, 
Long Melford. 
Edmonstone, 1868. 1, L.M.ii.— 1870.2, U.M.i. 

Bnciringham, Arthur William, b. 1855, son of W. Buckingham, Esq., 
Southernhay, Exeier. 

Trevelyan, 1868.1, R.— 1872-3, U.M.i. S. John's College, Cambridge. Solicitor 
in Exeter. 

Caldecott, Everard Garfoot, b. April 1, 1854, son 0I * C. M. Caldecott, 
Esq., Holbrook orange, Rugby. Address, San 
Justo, Cordoba, Argentine Republic. 
Highfield, 1868. 1, L.M.i.— 1871.x, VI.2. 2 p. XXII. 1871. LX. 1870. 
Hand fives 187z. Manager of an ' estancia,' or cattle breeding place. 

Courtenay, John William, b. 1855, son of W. J. Courtenay, Esq. 

Hailey and Bartle Frere, 1868.x, IV.— 1872.2, M.L.M.i. 

Capper, William Baume, b. Feb. 1856, care of Rev. W. S. Hemming, 
Rayne R. 9 Braintree. 
Hailey and Thomason, I868.1, III.— 1873.1, V.l. 2 p. D 3. Captain in the 
King's (Shropshire Light Infantry) May 15, 1884. Adjutant July 10, 1886. 

Dashwood, Alexander Thomas, b. 1855, son of Mrs. Dashwood, 
Shenley Grange, Barnet. 
Hailey and Edmonstone, 1868. 1, IV.— 1868.3, R. 

Elmslie, Frederick Baumgardt, b. July 18, 1855, son of A. F. 
Elmslie, Esq., 21, Craven Hill Gardens, W. 
Colvin, I868.1, II.—1872.2, V.2. LX. 1871. R.M.A. Woolwich. I-ieut. 
R.A. Aug. 19, 1875. Capt. Aug. 27, 1884. 
M. Jan. 4, 1881, Fanny, only daughter of Col. H. Mercer. 

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Fellowes, Alfred Reeve, b. 1856, son of Rev. Canon T . L. Fellowes, 
Horningham V., Norwich. 
Hailey and Bartle Frere, 1868. 1, IL— 1871.2, L.M.ii. XI. 1871. Played at 
Prince's 1871. 
M. June 11, 188 1, Annette Mary Audley, d. of W. Hinde, Esq. 

♦Gurdon, Edward Temple, b. June 25, 1854, son °f tne l ate ^ ev * 

E. Gurdon. Address, Hingham, Attleborough, 


Trevelyan. 1868. 1, L.M.L— 1878.2. 1 p. XI. 1872, 73. XX. 1870, 71, 72 

(captain). Trinity College, Cambridge. 2nd Class Classical Tripos 1876. 

Captain of University Rugby Union XV. Played for England 1876- 1885. 

Captain several years. Captain of Middlesex Rugby Union. Public 

Record Office 1877-1879. Admitted Solicitor 1883 . 

Harding, Francis Horace, b. May 7, 1854, son of E. Harding, Esq., 
of Bath. Address, 26, Bernard Street, Russell 
Square, W.C. 

Hailey and Trevelyan, 18G8. i, L— -1872. 3, V. 1. XX. 1872. Many and Set prizes. 
Long Dive. Twelve years in Ceylon and India, planting. Now Board 
of Trade, and attached to High Court of Judicature, Chancery Division. 

Hunt, Samuel Lucas, b. Feb. 1856, son of J. P. Hunt, Esq., 
Broomfield House, Purbrook, Hants, or, 
Braintree, Essex. 
Hailey and Thomason, I868.1, IV.— 1873.2, V.i. 1 p. Football Secretary for 
a time to the O.H. Club. Admitted a Solicitor Nov. 1878. 

♦Jepson, Arthur, b. 1854, son of T. Jepson, Esq., 2, S. fames's 
Street, Manchester, 
Lawrence, I868.1, L.M.Ü.— 1872.1, VI.2. Solicitor in London. 
*Joyce, Frederick Wayland, b. Nov* 26, 1852, son of Rev. J. W. 
Joyce, Boraston Rectory, Tenbury, Worcester- 
Highfield, I868.1, L.M.ii. -1872.2, VI.i. XXII. 1872. LX. 1871. Keble 
College, Oxford. Eight. B.A. 1876. Ordained Dec. 1877 to S. Mary-the- 
Less, Lambeth. Rector of Burford First Portion 1883, Diocese Hereford. 

Klein, Sydney Turner, b. 1854, son of W. Klein, Esq., The Rock, 
Reigate, Surrey. 
Highfield, I868.1, IL— 1871.1, U.M.ii. 1 p. 

Lanrence, William Moorsom, b. 1855, son of Rev. P. Laurence, 
East Claydon, Winslow. 
Thomason, I868.1, U.M.Ü.-I868.3, V.i. Seh. 1868. Left from ill-health. 

Longmore, Charles Elton, b. 1856, son of late M. S. Longmore, 
Esq., Hertford. 

Bartle Frere, I868.1, IL— I87O.3, M L.ii. Clement's Inn, ist Prizeman, 
Solicitors' Final 1879. Admitted Solicitor June, 1879. Capt. ist Herts 
Rifle Volunteers. Town Clerk of Hertford. 

M. Jan. 18, 1881, Helen Julia, d. of late T. Sworder, Esq., of Wallfield 
House, Hertford. 

Lousada, Edward Charles, b. May 19, 1854, son of J. B. Lousada, 
Esq., J.P. for Devon, of Redcliffe Barnfields, 
Exeter. Address, St. Catherine^, Warragul, 
Colvin, I8C8.1, L.M.i.— 1871.1, M.L.M. XX. 1869-70. Now manager of the 
branch business of a firm of Stock and Station Agents at Warragul, 60 milet 
from Melbourne. 
M. Dec. 16, 1884, J. B. H. Hall. d. of late Capt. O. B. Hall, R.N. 

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Haclver, Colin, b. 1855, son of Mrs. Maclver, Bleak House, Lymm, 
Hailey and Colvin, 1868.1, III.— 1870.a f M.U.M. 

Pawle, George Strachan, b. Dec. 10, 1855, son of F. C. Pawle, 
Esq., of Northcote, Reigate, J.P. Address, 
Widford, Ware. 

Bartle Frere, I868.1, IV.— 1873.2, M.U.a. XI. 1873. XX. 1872. In busincss 
in London since 1873. 

M. Nov. 29, 1880, Clotilda, only d. of P. Hanbury, Esq., of Red Hill 
and 6o, Lombard Street. 

Eamsden, John Pemberton, b. 1854, son of R. J. Ramsden, Esq., 
J.P., Carlton Hall, near Worksop. 

Highfield, 1868. 1, L.M.ii.— 1872-3, VI.i. Di. 2p. Trinity College, Cam- 
bridge. B.A. 1875. 
M. 1883, Alice Louisa, d. of A. Malet, Esq., J.P., late I.C.S. 

Bodwell, Hasell William Lindsay, b. 1854, son of H. Rodwell, 
Esq., Ipswich. 
Bartle Frere, I8C8.1, R.— 1870.1, L.M.Ü. 

Shelford, Edward John, b. July 26, 1854, son of late Rev. W. H. 
Shelford, Preston S. Mary R., Suffolk. Address, 
care of Wilson & Co., Madras. 

Hailey and Edraonstone, 1868. x, IL— 1870.2, L.M.i. Now in business in 

Strong, Robert Gravenor, b. 1855, son of Rev. R. Strong, 18, 
Newington Green, N. 
Hailey and Thomason, I868.1, IV.— 1871.2, U.M.i. 

Towers Clark, Alexander, b. April 17, 1856, son of W. Towers 
Clark, Wester Moffat, S. Airdne, N.B. 

Highfield, I868.1, I.— 1872.2, L.M.ii. R.M.C. Sandhurst. Sub-Lieut. 57th 
Regt. May 22, 1875. Capt. Tan. x, 1885. S. African War 1879. Zulu 
Carapaign. Action of Gingiuhlovo. Mentioned in despatches. Medal 
with clasp. 
M. Dec. 11, 1881. 

Trollope, Robert Gerald, b. 1855, son of R. Trollope, Esq., 59, 
Warwick Square, E.C. 
Highfield, I868.1, IV.-I868.1, IV. 

Wingfield, C. H., b. May, 1855, son of the late Rev. G. Wingfield, 
Wendover Lodge, Welwyn. 

Edmonstone, 1868. 1, IV.— 1873.1, M.V.I. .S 2. Manager of Messrs. White- 
head's Torpedo Manufactory. 

Wood, Frederick Arthur, b. 1855, son of late Lieut.-Col. Wood, 
South Bank, Pendieion, Manchester. 
Highfield, 1868.I.-1870.I, III. 

♦Yarker, Montague Mangles, b. Dec. 1855, son of Rev. J. Yarker, 
Woodlands, Isleworth. 

Bartle Frere, 1868. 1, IV.-I878.3, VI.i. .6 p. Out at first to Canada. In 
1886 was starting a school in Brisbane. ' 

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Beauclerk, Algeraon Robert George, b. 1855, son of the late Lord 
E. Beauclerk. 

Hailey, 1868.2, IL— I87O.3, M.L.M. 1 p. 

♦Blomfield, Charles James, b. May 26, 1855, son of Rev. G. J. 

Blomfield, Aldington Rectory, Hythe, Kent. 

Edmonstone, 1869.2, L.M.Ü.— 1874.2, VI.2. 2 p. C3. XL 1873, 1874. XL. 
1873. R.M.C. Sandhurst Gazetted to 2nd Batt. 2oth Regt, (now the 
Lancashire Fusiliers) Feb. 1875. Adjutant Oct. 1880— Oct. 1883. Captain 
1881. Now Adjutant of Auxiliary Forces (ist Vol. Batt. Lancashire 
Fusiliers) at Bury. 
M. 1881, Henriette Elizabeth, d. of the late Major E. Biscoe. 

♦Cockbnrn, Charles, b. April, 1856, son of Mrs. Cockburn, 7, Cravin 
Hill Gardens, W. 

Lawrence, I868.2, IV.— 1874.2, VI.i. 2 p. Prefect in Hailey. LX. Pem- 
broke College, Oxford. B.A. Cox. of Torpid. Solicitor out in New 

Daniel, John James Campbell, b. 1855, son of M. L. Daniel, Esq., 
of Ramsgate. Address, Rosario, S. America. 

Edmonstone, I868.2, L.M.ii.— 1870.3, M.L.M. Holds an appointment on the 
Buenos Ayres and Rosario Railway. 

D'Oyley, George Haiford, b. Feb. 21, 1855, son of Rev. C. J. D. 
D'Oyley, 87, St. George's Road, London, S.W. 

Trevelyan, I868.2, L.M.ii.— 1872.2, V.2. XL 1872. XX. 1871. R.M.C. 
Sandhurst 1874. Sub-Lieut. Devonshire Regt. June 27, 1876. Capt. June 
30, 1884. A.D.C. to Gen. Hamilton, 3rd Brigade, Aldershot, Oct. 18, 1886. • 

Drury, Drue, b. 1853, son of Rev. G. Drury, Clqydon, mar Ipswich. 

Bartle Frere, I868.2, R.— 1870.1, U.M.ii. 1 p. 

Eden, Charles Hamilton, b. 1856, son of Rev. J. P. Eden, Sedgefield, 
R. t Ferry Hill 
Hailey and Thomason, I868.2, III.— 1871.3, M.L.M. 

Hin, William Allen, b. April 17, 1855, son of G. Elin, Esq., M.D., 
Leahoe, Hertford. 

Colvin, I868.2, R.— 1872.3, U.M.ii. LX. Swimming in clothes 1871. Stock 

Hodson, Robert Adair, b. Sept. 29, 1853, son of Sir G. Hodson, 
Bart., Hollybrooke, Bray, Ireland. 

Lawrence, I868.2, R.— 1870.3, M.U.M. ? Capt. 4th Battalion Royal Irish 
Fusiliers (Ca van Militia). Magistrate for Cos. Wicklow and Dublin. 

Hodson, George Frederick John, b. Nov. 26, 1854, son of Sir G. 
Hodson, Bart., Hollybrooke, Brav, Ireland. 

Hailey and Lawrence, 1868.2, M.L.— I87I.2, M.L.M. Passed direct Com- 
mission and gazetted to ist Batt. 24Ü1 Regt, as Sub-Lieut. Feb. 28, 1874. 
Zulu Medal with clasp for Gaika and Galeka Campaign. Aide-de-Camp 
to Sir Bartle Frere 1875-1878, besides acting as orderly officer to Col. Glyn 
throughout Gaika and Galeka Campaign of 1877. Present at the storming 
of Siravo's stronghold in the Bashee Valley. One of the first who feil at 
Isandhlwana in the last desperate rally made by the three companies of his 
regiment to east of the camp, Jan. 22, 1879. There is a brass plate in 
chapel to his memory. 

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Hodson, Richard Edmond, b. Dec. i, 1856, son of Sir G. Hodson, 
Bart., Hollybrooke, Bray, Ireland. 

Hailey and Lawrence, I868.2, R.-I872.3, M.L.M.i. Trinity College. Dublin. 
Land Agent. Awarded a Silver Medal in 1884 by the Edinburgh Inter- 
national Forestry Exhibition for an Essay on the Formation and Manage- 
ment of Plantations on different sites, altitudes and exposures. 

♦Howson, George John, b. May 1, 1854, son of the late Very Rev. 
J. S. Howson, D.D., Dean of ehester. Address, 
Overton Rectory, Rhuabon, N. Wales. 

Trevelyan, I868.2, L.M.i. — 1873.2, VI.2. 3 p. XXII. 1873. XX. 1872. 
Secretary of N.S.S. Trinity College, Cambridge, ist Class Theological 
Tripos. Evans Prize. ist Trinity 2nd Boat. 41h Captain of ist Trinity 
Boat Club. Ordained 1877 to Maidstone. Rector of Overton 1879. 

M. 1880 Ethel, d. of Ven. Archdeacon Dealtry, Secretary C.E.T.S., 
Diocese of S. Asaph. Author of " Overton in Days gone by." 

♦Howson, Edmund Whytehead, b. July 18, 185 5, son of the late Very 
Rev. J. S. Howson, D.D., Dean of ehester. 
Address, Harrow-on-the-Hill. 

Trevelyan, I868.2, L.M.Ü.— 1874.2, VI.i. XX. 1873. 2 p. 2 C x, 2 £ 1. 
C 2, C 7. King's College, Cambridge. Seh. 1874. Latin Ode. Chancellor's 
Medal for English Verse. Member's Prizeman. Fellow. Assistant Master 

at Fettes and afterwards at Harrow. Has annotated Aen. II. (Macmillan) 
and De Senectute (Rivington's). 

M. Sept. 1886, Agnes Isabel, d. of the Master of Trinity. 

Jackson, Sydney Flower, b. 1857, sonof J. F.Jackson, Esq., Bourne 
House, Bexley. 

Highfield, I868.2, IV.— 1870.2, L.M.Ü. S. John's College, Oxford. B.A. 
Ran in Hurdles against Cambridge. College xv. and xi. 

Lewin, Arthur Haie, b. June, 1854, son of E. B. H. Lewin, Esq., 
Wam/ead, Essex, N.E. 
Trevelyan, I868.2, MX.— 1873.2, M.V.i. 

Litton, E. J. L., b. 1855, son of Rev. E. A. Litton, Naunton, 
Andover/ord, Cheltenham. 
I868.2.— 1868.2. Left from ill-health. 

Loch, Thomas, b. 1853, son of T. Coates Loch, Esq., 8, Great 
George Street> Wes/minsfer. 
Bartle Frere, 1868.2, M.L.— 1869-3, M.U. 

# Merivale, George Montagu, b. March 2,1855, son of J. L. Merivale, 
Esq., Chancery Registrar, 5, Norfolk Square, W. 

Trevelyan, I868.2, L.M.i.— 1878.2, VI.2. Prefect in Hailey. XX. 1872. Oxford 
New College. Captain of boats. 3rd in Mods. 4th in History. Called 
to the Bar at Sydney, N.S.W. , in 1882, but now clerk in Messrs. Gibbs, 
Bright and Co., Sydney. 
M. 1882, d. of W. Laidley, Esq., of Sydney, N.S.W. 

Milford, Charles Henry, b. Jan. 7, 1856, son of the late F. Milford, 
Esq., of Matford House, Exeter. 
Hailey and Lawrence, 1868.2, III.— 1872.2, M.L.M.I. 1 p. 2nd XI. 1872. 
Lieut. in 23rd Royal Welsh Füsiliers, through the Glamorganshire 
Militia, Nov. 10, 1875. Captain April 10, 1885. 

M. Nov. 12, 1884, Mary Agnes Maud, d. of Col. £. A. Hannay, Antrim 

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Park, Cecil William, b. April 30, 1856, son of late Rev. J. A. Park, 
Vicar of Methwold, Norfolk. 

Colvin, I868.2, I.— 1873.2, M.VI.2. 3 p. R.M.C. Sandhurst, 1875. Lieut. 
nth Foot June 6, 1875. Capt. Devonshire Regt. Maren 9, 1883. Adjutant 
1879-1886. Medal for Afghan War. 
M. Aug. 8, 1884, d. of Admiral R. Coote, C.B. 

Pearse, Hugh Wodehouse, b. Aupr. 13, 1855, son of the Rev. R. 
W. Pearse, 9, Hyde Park Street, W. 

Edmonstone, 18G8.2, R.— 1872.3, M.VI.2. R.M.A. Woolwich. Sub-Lieut. 
70Ü1 Regt. Feb. 11, 1875. Lieut. same date. Capt. 2nd Bau. East Surrey 
Regt. June 30, 1883. Now serving in ist Batt. East Surrey Regt. Served 
in Afghan War of 1878-79, including the first oecupation of Kandahar and 
march through the Thul Chotiali Country (Medal). 

Pemberton, Arthur Hamilton, b. Feb. 1, 1885, son of late Rev. S. 
Pemberton, Rector of Little Hallingbury, 
Bishop's Stortford. 

Hailey and Thomason, I868.2, III. — 1872.3, L.M.i. Winner of several swim- 
ming races. XXII. 1872. Cambridge, Christ's College. B.A. 1876. ist 
Boat. President of University Swimming Club. Ordained 1880 to Curacy 
of Boughton-under-Blean, Kent. Now Rector of West Stow, Suffolk. 

Rawson, Henry Ernest, b. 1854, son of Rev. A. Rawson, FallBarrow, 
Thomason, 18:8.2, L.M.Ü.— 1869.3, U.M.ii.? 

Reeves, Herbert John, b. April 13, 1854, son of E. Reeves, Esq., 

Trevelyan, I868.2, U.M.ii.— 1872.2, V.i. XI. 1872. In business. 
D. at Mentonc, Jan. 1880. 

Bidley, Henry Nicholas, b. Dec. 10, 1853, son of Rev. O. M. 
Ridley. Address, 20, Portsea Place, Connaught 

Bartle Frere, I868.2, R.—I872.3. V.2. Excter College, Oxford. 2nd class in 
Natural Science. Burdett Coutts' Scholarship. Entered British Museum 
1880. Has written many papers, principally on Botanical subjeets. One of 
the three founders of the Oxford Phasmatological Society, the oldest 
Psychical Society in existence. 

♦Ridley, Charles William, b. Dec. 28, 1856, son of Rev. O. M. 
Ridley, Bishopstone Rectory, Hereford. Ad- 
dress, The Rectory, Sandown Park, Wavertree, 

Bartle Frere, I868.2, IV.— 1875.2, VI.i. XL. 1874. S 3. Secretarv of N.S.S. 

University College, Oxford. 2nd class Classical Mods. 3rd class Greats. 

Junr. LXX. prize 1880. Senior 1881. Ordained Sept. 1880 to Curacy of 

S. Peter-le-Bailey, Oxford. Rector of S. Mary's, Wavertree, Liverpool, 1885. 

M. Oct. 7, 1885, Jessie, d. of late T. Dowdall, Esq., of Liverpool. 

Sogers, Reginald Nankivell, b. March 9, 1854, son of R. Rogers, 
Esq. Address, Wood Lane, Falmouth. 

Thomason, 1868. 2, L.M.i.— 1871.2, V.i. 1 p. Solicitor at Falmouth. 

M. Aug. 18, x88i, to Mary Constance, d. of Rev. G. Hext, Steeple Lang- 
ford, Bath. 

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♦Sünpkinflon, Charles Hare, b. March u, 1855, son of Rev. J. N. 
Simpkinson, Rector of North Creake, Norfolk. 
Address, S. Paul's V., Walworth. 

Bartle Frere, I868.2, U.M.i.— 1873-3, VI.i. Seh. 1868. Exh. 1873. BalUol 
Collie, Oxford, ist class Histoxy. Proxime accessit for Stanhope Essay. 
Ordained S. Thomas' s Day 1878. Curate of S. Mark's, Kennington. Vicar 
of Holy Trinity, Blackheath Hill, 1880. Vicar of S. Paul's, Walworth, 1887. 
M. 1881 Henrietta Lucy, d. of R. D. White, Esq., of Cromwell Road 
and Gestingthorpe Hall, Essex. 

Smith, Alfred Le Blanc, b. 1853, son of Rev. T. T. Smith, New 
Orleans, America. 

Hailey and Lawrence, I868.2, L.M.ii. —1872.1, V.i. XXII. LX. In business 
in Liverpool for a tirae. Since in New Orleans. 

Smith, Herbert Le Blanc, b. Nov. 3, 1855, sTon of Rev. T. T. Smith, 
Wirksworth V., Derbyshire. Address, Much 
Hadham, Ware. 

Hailey and Lawrence, I868.2, L— 1873.1, V.i. 4 p. XX. 1872. XXII. 3rd 
in Mile 1872. 2nd in Mile 1873. Stock Exchange. 

M. June 28, 1884, Gertrude Mary Beatrice, d. of C. J. Abbott, Esq., of 
Rydens, Walton-on-Thames. 

Smith, Vere Herbert, b. 1853, son of J. H. Smith, Esq., Piercefidd 
House, Vanbrugh Park, Blackheath. 

Smith, Herbert, b. 1856, son of Rev. T. Smith, Lordswood House, 
Harborne, near Birmingham. 

# Spens, James, b. March 30, 1853, son of late Capt. J. Spens, Royal 
Bengal Engineers. Address, R.M.C. Sandhurst, 

Colvin, I868.2, M.L.M.— I87O.3, M.VI.2. XI. 1868. 69, 70. Captain XX. 
1869-70. Won Racquets. Fives and Handicap Racquets 1870. Played 
at Prince's 1870. R.M.C. Sandhurst, xi. and xv. Licut. 851h Light Infantry, 
May 29, 1872. Captain July 1, 1883. Major April 6, 1886. Instructor of 
Musketry July 12, 1878— March 1883. Adjutant Feb. 1884— March 1886. 
Appointed Instructor at R.M.C. Sept. 1, 1886. Served through Afghan 
Campaign (Medal) 1879, l88 °. 

♦Smith, Walter Edward, b. Nov. io, 1855, son of late Archibald 
Smith, of Jordan Hill, Barrister-at-Law. 
Address, Brightwell, Wallingford. 

Trevelyan, I868.2, R.— 1874.2, VI.i. Mi, E 5. Member of original com- 
mittee of N.S.S. New College, Oxford. Exh. 2nd class Mods. 1876. 
ist class Greats 1878. Cobden Prize 1879. Ordained 1880 to Curacy of 
Harpenden. Curate of Brightwell 1886. Joint author with A. G. S. Gibson 
of Translations from the Organon of Aristo tle (1877). Author of * The Recent 
Depression of Trade' (Cobden Essay 1880). Editor of the 4th Edition of 
J. Smith's 'Voyage and Shipwreck of S. Paul' (1880). Author of 'Fair 
Representation' (1885). 
M. 1881, Margaret, d. of Rev. E. Vaughan, Rector of Harpenden. 

Thomas, Stanley Temple, b. 1853, son of Mr. Thomas, Tibbinghon 
House, Malvern. 
Hailey, I868.2, II.— 1870.x, IV. 

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Thornhill, Henry Mark, b. 1855, son of M. Thornhill, Esq., care of 
Messrs. Smith, Eider and Co., Cornhill. 
Lawrence. I868.2, L.M.i.— I87O.3, U.M.i. 

Webb, Sterry William, b. 1856, son of Rev. R. H. Webb, Essendon 
R., Hatfield. 
Hailey and Lawrence, I868.2, I.— 1872.3« R. 

♦Williams, Artbur Lukyn, b. 1853, son of Rev. J. A. Williams, 
Ampton R., Bury S. Edmunds. 

Trevelyan, 1868.2, U.M. ii.— 1871.2. Vl.i. 3 p. D 2. Jesus College. Cam- 
bridge. Carus Greek Testament Prize 1873. Hebrew, Scholeneld, and 
Evans Prires, and ist class in Thcology 1875. ^e Bas Essay on Famines 
in India 1875 (pub. 1876). Fry and Tyiwhitt Hebrew Seh. 1876. Examincr 
for Theological Tripos 1886, 87. Ordaincd 1876 to Grantchester. Principal 
of Moore Theological College and Incumbent of Holsworth, Sydney, 1878- 
1884. Rector of Ampton, Bury S. Edmunds, 1885. 

M. May 24, 1878, Caroline Marion Isabella Bessie, d. of late John Parry, 
Esq., of Calcutta. 


Aitkens, George, b. 1855, son of Rev. A. Aitkens, Highcliff Parsonage, 
Christ Church, Hanfs. 
Hailey, I868.3. III.— 1870.1, R. 

Anderson, Frank Herbert, b. Oct. 1857, son °f F- Anderson, Esq., 
47, Arundel Gardens, Kensington Park, W. 
Hailey and Edmonstone, 1868. 3, II.— 1878.1, M.LM.L 

Beokingsale, Munter Macdonald, b. 1855, son of W. J. Beckingsale, 
Esq., Fairlee House, Isle of Wight. 
Hailey and Thomason, I868.3, I.— 1872.2, L.M.i. 

Bockett, Thomas Luscombe, b. 1856, son of D. S. Bockett, Esq., 
The Heath, H am p sie ad, 
Haüey, I868.3, IV.— 1871.1, IV. 

Briggs, Edgar Francis, b. 1854, son of H. Briggs, Esq., Shirefield, 
Prattlewell Hamlet, Essex. 
Thomason, I868.3, L.M.Ü.— 1870.x, U.M.i. 

Burnaby, William Augustus, b. 1853, son of Mrs. Burnaby, Port 
Vale, Hertford. 
Bartle Frere, 1868.3, L.M.H.— 1878.1, V.i. 1 p. 

Burrell, John Hearn, b. 1854, son °f J- S- Burrell, Esq., Parkfield, 
Highfield. I868.3, L.M.Ü.— 1869.2, U.M.ii. 

Carns Wilson, Clifford, b. 1855, son of W. Carus Wilson, Esq., 
Walmer House, Torquay. 
Hailey, I868.3, I.— 1868.3, I. 

Cripps, Frederick Edward, b. 1855, son of H. W. Cripps, Esq., Q.C., 
Parmore,near Hambleden, Henley-on-Thames. 

Lawrence, 1868. 3, L.M.i.— 1871.2, V.2. Died at Haileybury June 240», 1871. 
Tbere is a brass tablet in the recess in Chapcl to bis memory. 

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Cumberlege, Francis Henry, b. 1854, son of Rev. S. F. Cumberlege, 
The Rectory, Covent Garden. 
Bartle Frere, I868.3, L.M.Ü.— 1872.x, V.2. Tea Broker at 9, Mission Row, 

M. Sept. 25, 1886, in Cathedral, Calcutta, Frances, d. of late Col. G. 
F. Luard. 

Curtis, Harry Alexander Dyer, b. 1855, care of Rev. C. G. Hill, 
Henbury, near Bristol. 

Edmonstone, I868.3, L.M.J.— 1871-3. M.VI.2. XXII. R.M.A. Woolwich. 
Captain R.A. ist Brigade Field Artillery. 

Deane, Arthur Dorman, b.1854, son of A. J. Deane, Esq., Norton, 
Stockton-on- Tees. 
Haüey and Bartle Frere, I868.3, III.— 1870.2, R. 

Flower, Lewis, b. 1856, son of P. W. Flower, Esq., Furze Down, 
Highfield, I868.3, III.— 1869.2, III. 

Gandell, Beauchamp Macbride, b. Oct. 1, 1854, son °f R ev - Canon 
Gandell, Laudean Professor of Arabic and 
Canon of Wells. Address, 6, South wick Street, 
Hyde Park Square, W. 

Colvin, I868.3, L.M.Ü.— 1872.3, U.M.i. LX. 1872. R.A.C. Cirencester. ist 
in Honour Examination. 

Gripper, George Bell, b. 1854, son of G. Gripper, Esq., Tottenham. 

Haüey, I868.3, IV.— 1872.3, U.M.i. 
Gurney, Mortimer Hay, b. 1855, son of Rev. W. H. Gurney, North 
Runeton R. t King's Lynn. 
Lawrence, I868.3, L.M.i.— 1872.3, M.U.M.i. and XI. 1872. In Canada. 

M. Jan. 6, 1882, at High Bluff, Manitoba, Isabel Symington, d. of W. 
M. Symington, Esq. , of Sault, S. Marie, Ontario. 

♦Gurney, Gerard Boileau, b. 1856, son of Rev. W. H. Gurney, 
North Runeton R. y Kings Lynn. 
Lawrence, I868.3, L.M.ii.— 1874.2, VI.i. 1 p. LX. XI. 1874. In America. 

Haftung», C. G. W., b. 1854, son of Hon. Mrs. Hastings, Park Gate, 
Rirtle Frere, I868.3, M.L.ii.— 1871.3, M.L.M. 

Hannam, Philip James, b. April 24, 1843, son of H. J. Hannam, 
Esq., late of Burcote House, Oxon, and North- 
bourne Court, Kent. 
Colvin, 1868.3, R.— 1872.2, V.2. i p. Farming in England tili July, 1886, then 
to Queensland. 

M. April, i886, Charlotte Backhouse, eldest d. of the late F. Hulke, Esq., 
M.D., of Deal, Kent. 

Hoskyns, Benedict George, b. Feb. 23, 1856, son of Rev. Canon 

Sir John L. Hoskyns, Bart., Aston Tyrrold 

Rectory, Wallingford. Address, S. Mary's, 


Trevelyan, 1868.3, IV.— 1874.1, U.M.ii. XX. 1873. Jesus College, Cambridge. 

Eight. Stroke of Trials 1876. Bow of the Universitär Eight 1877, the year 

of dead heat. Won Ladies' Plate Henley. Ordained Maren, 1879, to 

Curacy of S. Mary's, Southampton. 

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Lee Barber, John Frederick Stracey, b. 1853, son °f J« L^ Barber, 
Esq., Hillesdon House, near Norwich. 
Hailey and Edmonstone, 1868.3, IV.— 1870.1, M.L.ii. 

Leach, Edmund Arthur, b. 1855, son of R. H. Leach, Esq., Oak 
Hill, Hampstead, N. W. 
Hailey and Edmonstone, 1868.3, IV.— 1870. 3, L.M.i. 

Lucas, Henry Ashworth, b. Nov. 4, 1855, son of Rev. W. H. Lucas, 
Vicar of Sopley, Hants. 

Bartle Frere, I868.3— 1872.2, U.M.i. 3 p. Studied at Geneva University and 
at Cheltenham tili 1875. R.LE.C. Coopcr's Hill. Passed out head of 2nd 
class in 1878. Attached to Punjab Irrigation Department. 
D. of fever at Ferozepore, Punjab, July 27, 1881. 

Martin, James Richard Charles, b. 1855, son of the late J. Martin, 
Esq., of Ross, J.P. and D.L., Co. Galway. 
Address, Yattawatta Estate, Matale, Ceylon. 

Hailey and Lawrence, I868.3, I.— I87O.3, M.L.M. Since 1876 coffee and cocoa 
planting in Ceylon. 
M. 1885, Amy, d. of Major-General Charles Herbert. 

Medley, Thomas Pierce, b. 1853, son of Thomas M. Marshall, Esq., 
S. Johris Wood Park, N. W. 
Hailey and Thomason, 1868. 3, IV.— 1871.2, L.M.i. 

Morgan, William John, b. Aug. 1855, son of J. B. Morgan, Thorpe 
Hamlet, Norwich. 
Hailey and Lawrence, I868.3, I.— 1873.2, U.M.i. 

Kapier, William Berkeley, b. Sept. 1855, son of Rev. C. Napier, 
Wiston Rectory, Steyning, Sussex. Address, 
Wiston Farm, Habana, Queensland. 

Bartle Frere, 1868. 3, IV.— 1873-3, V.i. 1 p. For a time in London and West- 
minster Bank, but now sugar planting in Queensland at above address. 

Partridge, Charles William, b. 1854, son of F. R. Partridge, Esq., 
King's Lynn. 
Lawrence, 1868. 3, R.— I8/O.3, R. 

Pater, Charles Dudley, b. Oct. 23, 1854, son of J. Pater, Esq., 69, 
E verton Brow, Liverpool. 

Bartle Frere, 1868.3, R.— 1871.1, V.2. 2 p. C.C.C. Cambridge 1873. B.A. 
1876. Football XV. Cuddesdou College 1877. Ordained to Curacy of 
All Saints, Wigan, 1878. Incumbent of S. Anne's, Liverpool, 1886. 

Eay, FitzHenry John George Coghill, b. 1856, son of Rev. G. H. 
Ray, Spennithorne R., Bedale. 
Highficld, I868.3, IL— 1868.3, IL 

Eose, George Alfred, b. 1854, son of P. Rose, Esq., 1, Cromwell 
Road, S. Kensington, W. 
Colvin, I868.3, L.M.i.— 1871.2. V.2. XX. 1870. 2nd XL 1871. 

Shaw, Frederick Morton, b. 1855, son of Rev. M. Shaw, Roughing 
R., Bury S. Edmunds. 
Hailey and Colvin, I868.3, IL— 1872.3, M.U.M.ii. XX. 1872. In America. 

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Thomason, I868.3. III. —1874.3, M.V.i. 1 p. XX. 1874. R.M.C. Sandhurst. 
Lieut I03rd Foot 1876. Capt. Royal Dublin Füsiliers Feb. 1886. 


Stephensoll, Benjamin, b. Feb. 7, 1856, son of late B. Stephenson, 
Esq., of 25, Tavistock Square, London. Ad- 
dress, High Toft, Hornsey Lane, N. 

Hailey and Bartle Frere, I868.3, III.2.— 1874.2, V.2. 2 p. Played at Prince's 
1874. Member of firm of Stephenson, Mayer & Co. 1877. 
M. 1880, Kate Annie, youngest daughter of late G. T. Morden, Esq. 

Travers, Robert, b. 1855, son of R. Travers, Esq., Timcleague, Co. 
Hailey and Bartle Frere, I868.3, II.— 1872.2, M.L.M.Ü. 

Vincent, Richard Dacre, b. July4, 1856, son of late Rev. R. Vincent, 
Naval and Military Club, Piccadilly. 

i, I868.3, III.— 1874.3, M.V.i. 
, 1031x1 Foot 1876. Capt. Royal 

Wilson, Edward Holme, b. Dec. 22, 1853, son of Rev. W. G. Wilson, 
J.P., Fomcett St. Peter R., Long Stratton, 

Thomason, 1868. 3. —1870.2, U.M.ii. Left from ill-health. Member of Incor- 
porated Law Society 1880. Went to Australia for bis health in 1886. 


Barratt, Herbert Strong, b. Nov. 27, 1853, son of J. G. Barratt, 
M.R.C.P., 8, Cleveland Gardens, Hyde Park, W. 

Trevelyan, 1869.1, L.M.Ü.— 1872.1, V.i. After a year in Germany developed 
pulmonary disease, and after travelling in search of health, died at Pau in 
August, 1882. 

Bnrgess, Edward Lofltie, b. March 24, 1856, son of Rev. B. Burgess, 
R. D. of Amersham, Bucks, Latimer Rectory, 
Chesham, Bucks. 

Colvin, 1869.x, II.— 1878.2, U.M.i. 3 p. Admitted Solicitor 1879, and since 
Nov. 1880 in practice at 20, S. Martin's Court, S. Martin's Lane, Charing 
Cross, W.C. 

Bnckworth, Russell Henrv, b. 1856, son of Mrs. Buckworth, 8 «S. 
Matthew Street, Rugby. 
Hailey and Colvin, 1869.1, IV.— 1871-3, L.M.i. 

*Cope, Robert Goodacre, b. Dec. 17, 1856, son of the late W. Cope, 
Esq., of Elmshill Hall, Nottingham. Address, 
24, West Cromwell Road, S.W. 
Highfield, 1869.1, I.-1875.3, VI. 1. XX. 1875. 6 p. Fi. 

Parrer, Charles Edmund, b. 1857, son of E. Farrer, Esq., Sporte, 
Swaffham, Norfolk. 

Hailey, 1869.1, II.— 1872.2, III. In business, out of England.. 

M. Feb. ix, 1881, Emily, d. of late T. Kirkpatrick, Esq., of Lame, 
County Antrim. 

Franoe, George Henry Hayhurst, b. 1856, son of H. H. France, 
Esq., 3, Lillington Place, Leamington. 
Hailey and Colvin, 1869.1, R.— 1870.2, M.U.M. 

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64 HAUE YBUR Y REGISTER. 1809. r. 

♦Gurion, Charles, b. Dec. 3, 1855, son of late Rev. E. Gurdon, 
Hingham, Attleborough, Norfolk, or, 67, 
Charlotte Street, Portland Road, W. 

Trevelyan, 1869.1, L.M.i.— 1874.2, VI.i. XL 1871, 72, 73, 74 (Capt. 1874). 
XX. 1871, 72, 73 (Capt. 1873). 2n< * in Mile 1872. 2nd in Quarter, Hurdles 
and Weight, 1874. Swimming and Headers prizes. Jesus College, Cam- 
bridge. Rustat Seh. 3rd class Classical Tnpos. University Boat 1876, 
77* 78, 79. President of C.U.B.C. University xv. 1877-78. College xi. 
and xv. Played for England in the International Rugby Union Matches 
1879-85. Called to the Bar Nov. 1881. 

♦Johnson, Marcus Ernest William, b. 1854, son of M. H. Johnson, 
Esq., Master of High Court of Justice. Ad- 
dress, Thelveton Rectory, Scole, Norfolk. 

Colvin, 1864.1, R.- 1872.2, VI.2. XI. 1872. XX. 1871. Foils 1871-72. 2 p. 
King's College, London. Theological Associate ist class. Telf, Trench, 
McCaul, and Wordsworth Prizes. Ordained 1878 to Curacy ot S. Matthias, 
Poplar ; Rector of Thelveton, Norfolk, 1886. 

*Lea, Thomas Simcox, b. April 21, 1857, son of Rev. F. S. Lea, 
Tedstone Delamere Rector}', Herefordshire. 

I-awrence, 1869.1, R.— 1876.2, VI.i. Hertfoni College, Oxford. Seh. 1877 
(at first commoner of B.N.C.) 2nd class Mods. 2nd class Lit. Huin. 
4Ü1 History. Rowed in Hertford Boat. Head of the river 1881. Many 
Swimming Prizes. Ordained, Advent, 1881, to S. Peter's, Cranley Gardens. 
After May, 1885, had to travel for two years in Australia and elsewhere for 
bis health. 

Peel, Robert, b. June 1 1, 1852, son of W. Peel, Esq., Swinton Park, 
near Manchester. 

Thomason, 1869.1, R.— 1871-3, M.L.M. XX. 1871. Senior partner in firm of 
Robert Peel and Co., Manchester. 
M. 1879, Miss J. M. Hunter. 

♦Felham, Herbert, b. Jan. 1855, son of the Bishop of Norwich, 
The Palace, Norwich. 

Lawrence, 1869.1, L.M.ii.— 1874.2, VI.i. Prefect in Hailey. XI. 1873, 74. 
Average Ball. LX. 1872-73, Captain. Magdalen College, Oxford. 2nd in 
Theology 1878. Rowed for Oxford 1876-77. Ordained 1878 to Curacy of 
S. Philip, Heigham, dio. Norwich. 

D. from a fall on a mountain above Glion, near Montreux, May x88i. A 
tablet in chapel to his memory. 

Pickford, Alan William, b. 1856, son of C. H. Pickford, Esq., The 
Firs, Charlton, Kent. 
Tolvin, 1869.1, L.M.i.— 1872.2, M.Vi. 1 p. 

♦Podmore, Frank, b. Feb. 5, 1856, son of Rev. T. Podmore, late 
Head Master of Eastbourne College. Address, 
14, Dean's Yard, Westminster, S.W. 

Edmonstone, 1869.1, L.M.Ü.— 1874.2, VI.i. 5 p. C $, C6, 2 S 4, E a. 
Seh. 1870. Founder and first Secretary of N.S.S. Pembroke College, 
Oxford. 2nd Classical Mods. 1875. ist Natural Science 1879. Founder 
of O.U. Hare and Hounds Club. Gained clerkship in Secretary's Office 
G.P.O. by open competition 1879. Co-author with E. Gurney and F. 
Myers of * Phantasms of the Living,' Trübner, 1886. 

Pooley, Herbert, b. May, 1856, son of Rev. J. Pooley, Scotter R., 

Edmonstone, 1869.1, R.— 1874.2, V.l. 1 p. Keble College, Oxford. B.A. 
Eight, and Four. Assistant Master at Oundle Grammar School for some 
time. Ordained. Now curate to his father. 

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*Eendjdl, Edward, b. Feb. 1855, son of J. Rendali, Esq., 9, New 

Square, Lincoln 9 s Inn. 

Colvin, 1869.1, L.M.Ü.— 1878.2, VI.2. XX. 1872. Trinity Hall. Cambridge. 
Admitted a Solicitor Michaelmas, 1879. 

Bickman, William Edward, b. 1857, son of P. Rickman, Esq., 
Cambridge Park, Twickenham, S. W. 

Colvin, I86O.1, M.L.Ü.— 1872.2, M.L.M.Ü 
Eigg, Hugh Arthur, b. 1854, son of C. R. Rigg, Esq. 

Thomason. 1889.x, U.M. iL— 1870.2, M.VI.2.XI. 1870. 

Bangrose, Reginald Thomas, b. 1856, son of late T. Ringrose, Esq., 
Anlaby House, E. Yorkshire. Address, West 
Ella Grange, Hüll. 
Hailey. 1889.1, II.— 1870. 3, III. Captain East Yorkshire Militia. 
Rolfe, Alfred Neville, b. 1857, son of c - F - Neville Rolfe, Esq., 
Heacham Hall, Norfolk. Address, 2, Mulgrave 
Place, Whitby. 
Colvin, 1809.x.— 1869.2, 1. Afterwards at Rossall. Trinity College, Cambridge. 
B.A. 1879. Ordained to Curacy of Whitby. 

Robinson, William Rose, b. 1854, son of Mrs. Robinson, 18, Marine 
Square, Brighton. 
1869.x, I.— 1870.x, I. [Entered in Book of Admissions as Mr. Rhoades's House, 
seemingiy confused with J. H. Robinson.] 

Sheppard, Herbert Gurney, b. 1856, sonof J. Sheppard, Esq., Com 
Exchange Chambers, Scething Lane. 
Hailey and Trevelyan, 1869.1, II.— 1872-3. M.U.M.Ü. 

Stonghton, Clärke Hallett Lloyd, b. 1854, son of C. Stoughton, 
Esq., Bawdeswell Hall, North Elmham, Norfolk. 
Hailey, 1869.1, I.— 1869.2, I. In Florida. 

•Townshend, George Robert, b. April, 1856, son of Mrs. Towns- 
hend, Carrigdure, Black Rock, Cork. 
Colvin, 1869.x, M.L.M.Ü.— 1878.2, M.VI.x. 2 p. 52, il/2. R.M.A. Wool« 
wich X873. Captain Nov. 15, 1883. 

•Toynbee, Paget, b. Tan. 20, 1855, son of the late J. Toynbee, Esq., 

F.R.S. Address, 42, Clanricarde Gardens, W., 

and Stanhoe Grange, King^s Lynn, Norfolk. 

Trevelyan, 1869.1. L.M.Ü.—1878.2. VI.x. 3 p. C5. Prefect in Hailey. 

Balliol College, Oxford. M. A. M. A. of Umversity of Cape of Good Hope. 

Engaged in literary pursuits, especiallv the study of Dante. Has in pre- 

paration ' A Dictionary of Dante ' (Bell and Son). Member of Dante 

Society, U.S.A. Paper on « Dante and the Lancelot Romance' in fiflh 

Annual Report, May, 1886. 


Andrews, Robert Charles, b. March 26, 1857, son of the late C. 
A. Andrews, Esq., Brigade-Surgeon, Madras 
Medical Service. Address, care of H. S. King 
and Co., 45, Pall Mall. 
Colvin, 1869.2, I.— 1874.1, M.V.x. 1 p. LX. 1873. R.M.C. Sandhurst. 
Lieut. in Madras Staff Corps Oct. 28, 1876. Adjutant X9th Madras Infantry 
Aug. 188a 
M. Feb. 14, 1883. 


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Beokh, Victor F., b. 1855, son of £. Beckh, Esq., Redlynch, Wey- 

Hailey and Colvin, 1869.2, III.— 1871.x, M.L.M. After two years in Germany 
and one in France, went into business in London. Now partner with bis 
M. 1883. 

♦Blomfield, Reginald Theodore, b. Dec. 10, 1856, son of Rev. G. 
J. Blomfield, Aldington Rectory, Hythe, Kent. 
Address, 39, Woburn Square, Bloomsbury,W.C. 

Edmonstone, 1889.2, L.M.i.— I875.ß. VI.x. 5 p. XI. 1875. XX. 187$. 
Exh. 1875. Exeter College, Oxford. Seh. 1875. and class Mods. 1870. 
ist Lit. Hum. 1880. XI. Played in Seniors 1880. XV. Played four times 

for University. Entered office of A. W. Blomfield, Esq. , Architect, and as 
Student at Royal Academy, 1881, obtained £io prize for Architectural 
Design in Lower School 1882, and the £35 prize for Architectural Design 
in Upper School 1883. Now practising as Architect at above address. 
Designed the New Pavilion, the Bradby Hall, and other new buildings at 
M. Frances, d. of H. Brand, Esq., late of Rye, Sussex, in March, 1886. 

Bonham, Reginald M. C, b. 1856, son of Capt. Bonham, R.N., 
34, Lansdowne Road, W. 
Hailey, 1889.2. 1.— 1872.x, 

Bonner, Herbert George, b. March, 1857, son of H. C. Bonner, 
Esq., East Rudham, Brandon. 
Edmonstone, 1889.2, I.— 1874.1, L.M.i. 

Bucknül, George Edward, b. 1858, son of Rev. G. Bucknill, High 
Enal, Wellington, Salop. 
Lawrence, 1889.2, R.— 1872. 3, U.Mi. Solid tor in London. 

Daniel, Edward, b. Jan. 1857, son of M. L. Daniel, Esq., of 
Hailey and Colvin, 1889.2, II.— 1874a, M.V.i. 4 p. XI. 1873-74. XX. 1874. 
Won Racquets and various Athletic Prizes. For a time at Royal Naval 
College, Greenwich. Royal Marine Artillery Lieut. 1876. 

Killed by the bursting of the turret gun on board H.M.S. Thunderer, 
Jan. and, 1879. 

♦Darch, William James, b. Jan. 1 856, son of the late W. Darch, Esq., 
21, Sussex Place, Brighton. 
Thomason, 1889.2, L.M.L— 1874.2, VI.2. XX. 1873. Jesus College, Cam- 
bridge. 3rd class in Historical Tripos 1878. Assistant Master in Canon 
Girdlestone's School 1878-1886. Since then Master of a Preparatory School 

at Brighton. 

M. April 
Esq., ol Ely Place and Hampstead. 

M. April 19, 1883, Florence Louisa Wallwyn, d. of E. Wallwyn James, 

Davies, Richard, b. June 9, 1854, son of late Rev. R. Davies, Vicar 
of Brenchley, Staplehurst, Kent. Address, 
Finchampstead, Wokingham. 
Edmonstone, 1889.2, L.M.L— 1872.x, U.M.i. C.C.C. Cambridge. Head 
Master of High School Park, Western Australia, 1878-1881. Ordained 
Sept. 1881 to Curaey of Sandhurst, Kent, now Curate of Finchampstead. 
M. Dec. x8th, 1879. 

♦Franoii, Robert George, b. Nov. 1854, son of R. Francis, Esq., 
Crofton Hall, Orpington, Kent. 
Trcvelyan, 1889.2, L.M.i.— 1878.3, VI.i. 3 p. C6. Stock Exchange. 

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Garrett, Robert Vernon, b. 1856, son of Mrs. R. B. Garrett, u y 
Wärwick Garden* East, W. 
Hafley and Trevelyan, 1809.2, I.— 1872.2, R. 

Hatchard, Ashley Herbert, b. 1857, son of the late Bishop of 
Mauritius, formerly Vicar of S. Nüholas, 
Hafley, 1869.3, 1.— 1869.2, 1. 

Humphxy, Laurence, b. July 16, 1856, son of J. T. Humphry, Esq., 
Barrister-at-Law, 26, Prince's Street, W. Ad- 
dress, 3, Trinity Street, Cambridge. 

Lawrence, 1869.2, L.M.i.— 1872-3, VI.2. LX. Trinitv College, Cambridge. 

w ' " ~ ichelor of Medicine. As- 

Natural Science Tripos and ist class in Final Bachelor of Medicine, 
sistant Physician to Addenbrooke's Hospital and Teacher of Pathology in 
the University of Cambridge. Late House Sureeon S. Bartholomew's 
Hospital, and late Resident Medical Officer to the ehest Hospital, Victoria 

Hntton, George James, b. Feb. 15, 1856, son of Rev. R. R. Hutton, 
Barnet Rectory, Herts. 
Thomason, 1809.2, L.M.i.— I87I.3, VI.2. In business in Manchester. 

Hntton, Arthur William, b. Jan. 24, 1855, son of Rev. T. Hutton, 
of Stilton R., Peterborough. Address, 23, 
Lysways Street, Walsall. 

Hailey and Edmonstone, 1809.2, I.— 1878.x, M.V.x. z p. Apprenticed ihre 
years as Mechanical Engineer at Barrow-in-Furness. Since 1884 General 
Manager of a firm in Walsall. 
M. Sept. xo, 1884, Alice Mary, d. of J. H. Thursfield, Esq.,of Wednesbury. 

Korton, Evelyn Howard, b. 1856, son of Rev. E. H. Morton, 
Tatterford £., Raynham, Norfolk. 
Hailey, 1809.2, II.-I869.3, III. 

Vewton, Alfred, b. May 15, 1855, son of H. Newton, Esq., Bickley, 
Kent. Address, The Knoll, Bexley, Kent. 

Trevelyan, 1809.2, L.M.i.— 1871. 3. XX. 1870-71. Admitted a Solicitor X877. 
M. Jan. xx, 1882, Elixa, d. of the late C. W. Hoyack, Esq., of Rotterdam. 

Poroival, Alan Heywood, b. Dec. 29, 1855, son of S. Percival, Esq., 
Address, The Hermitage, Lane Park, Sumter 
Country, Florida, U.S.A. 

Hailey, 1869.2, 1.— 1871.2, M.L.ii. On board H.M.S. Worcester for two years, 
then in Merchant Service, and afterwards on P. and O. line. After passing 
all ezaminations left the Service in June 1885 and went to Florida. Now 
sorveying and growing fruit 

Pollock, Maurice Emilius, b. 1857, son of W. F. Pollock, Esq., 
59, Montague Square, W. 
Hailey and Bartle Frere, 1809.2, III.— 1872.3* M.U.M.Ü. 

Pranoe, Robert Edward. 

Hailey and Bartle Frere, 1809.2, R.— 1870.1, R. 

Bawson, Charles Selwyn, b. June, 1855, son of late Rev. A. Rawson, 
of Bromley Common, Kent. 
Thomason, 1809.2, IV.-1878.2, U.M.ii. 

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Taylor, Ernest, b. April, 1855, son of Capt. H. Taylor, 8, Camden 
Crescent, Dover. 
Colvin, 1889.3, L.M.Ü.— 1878.x, U.M.i. An Artisten London. 
Tomlinson, George Charles James, b. April, 1857, son of the late 
Bishop of Gibraltar. 
Barüe Frere. 1869.2, IV.— 1878. 3 , U.M.i. 2 p. 
Wasay, Edward John Spearman, b. April, 1857, son of Rev. J. S. 
Wasey, Compton V., Newbury. 
Hailey and Trevelyan, 1889.2, IL— 1878.x, L.M.i. Out in the Argentine 

♦Whalley, Pryor Buxton, b. May 13, 1857, son of Rev. J. P. Whalley, 
Wretham Rectory, Thetford. 

Hailey and Edmonstone, 1869.2, IV.— 1875.2. VI. 2. 2nd XL 1875. Junior 
Racquet Handicap. Merton College, Oxford. 3rd in History. S.A. 1879. 
Assistant Master at All Saints', Bloxham, 1 879-1882. Cuddesdon 1883. 

Anderson, Francis H., b. Oct. 1857, son of F- Anderson» Esq., 47, 
Arundel Gardens, Kensington Park, W. 
Hailey and Edmonstone, 1889. 3, IL— 1878.x, M.L.M.L 

Andrews, Charles James, son of Rev. C. H. Andrews, 13, Camden 
Square, W. 
Hailey, I889.3, IIL— I889.3, III. Left from ill-health. 
Austin, Arnold, b. May 31, 1853, son of Stephen Austin, Esq., 
Hertford. Address, 6, KingV Bench Walk, 
Lawrence, 1869. 3, L.M.Ü.— 1871.2, V.2. x p. Admitted a Solicitor 1877. 
Member of the Incorporated Law Society. Late Secretary of the Law 
Students' Debating Society, Chancery Lane. Member of the firm of Austin 
and Austin, Union Court, Old Broad Street, E.C. 

Baidock, William, b. 1857, son of Rev. C. Baidock, Southill, mar 
Hailey, 1869. 3, L— 1878.2, L.iü. 

Buckland, Arthur Richard, b. Oct. 1855, son of Rev. M. H. Buckland, 
Ilford, Essex. 
Trevelyan, I869.3, L.M.Ü.— 1874.2, V.l. 2nd XL 1874. Keble College. 
Oxford, xi. Ordained 1881 to Curacy of Ilford, Essex. Assistant In- 
spector of Schools for Rochester Diocese 1887. 
M. April 2i, 1887, Anne Agnes, d. of late Key. E. B. Barnes, R.N. 

Charrington, John,'b. May 17, 1856, son of J. Charrington, Esq., 
" Address, The Elms, Hendon Lane, Finchley. 
Thomason, 1869. 3, L.M. iL— 1874.3, V.2. Won many swimming prizes. Trinity 
College, Cambridge, ist Trinity First Boat 1877, 78. Four 1878. Presi- 
dent of University Swimming Club 1877-78. In business in London. 
M. Sept. 4, 1886, Rose G. E., d. of C. T. Grainger, Esq., Warrington. 

Crookes, Richard John, b. 1854, son of J. F. Crookes, Esq., 
5, Waierloo Crescenf, Dover. 
Haüey, 1869. 3, TV.— I87O.3, IV. 

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Ererard, Hugh Edmund Elsden, b. June 14, 1854, son of J. £. 

Everard, Esq., of Corgham Hall, Kingfs Lynn, 

Norfolk. Address, Junior United Service Club, 

S. James's, London. 

Highfield, 1869. 3, L.M.L— 1871.1. M.L.M. Lieut. ist or West Norfolk Militia 

June 29, 187a. ist Batt. i2th Foot Dec. 2, 1874. Transferred to 29Ü1 Foot, 

1875. Capt. 3rd Batt. Woroester Regt. May, 1882. 

*Ewing, John Walter, b. April 12, 1856, son of the Rev. J. A. 

Ewing, of Westmill R., Buntingford. Address, 

East Langdon R., Dover. 

Thomason, 1869. 3, L.M.Ü.— 1874.3, VI.2. XI. 1873, 74 (average bat). XX. 

1874. Putting the Weight 1874. New College, Oxford. 4th in History 

1879. XI. 1876-79. Played for Next xvi. 1878, 79. Etceteras 1877-79. 

Ordained 1880 to Wrotham, Kent. Rector of East Langdon, July, 1886. 

M. Sept. 23, 1885, Etheldreda Lavinia Margaret, d. of Rev. J. S. Bailey, 
of Wrotham. 

♦Farxar, Arthur Key, b. July, 1857, son of late Rev. J. M. Farrar. 
Last address, Grove Lodge, Ealing. 
Lawrence, 1869. 3, R.— 1874.3, VI.2. z p. XX. 1874. King's College, London. 
A master in Sydney Grammar School in 1885. 

Fowler, William B. P., b. Nov. 1856, son of W. P. Fowler, Esq., 
Freasley, Tamworth. 
Hailey and Thomason, 1869. 3, 1.— 1873.x, R. 

Grove, Hubert Fräser, b. Dec. 1855, son of Mrs. Grove, 3, Calverley 
Terrace, Tunbridge Wells. 
Edmonstone, 1869.3, R.— 1878.2, V.2. z p. S. John's College, Oxford« 

Hay, Walter Gurney, b. 1854, son of R. B. Hay, Esq., 10, Wellington 
Crescent, Ramsgate. 
Hailey, 1869-3, I.-1870.2, 1. 
Hay, Harry de Couvrey, b. May, 1858, son of R. B. Hay, Esq., 
10, Wellington Crescent. 
Hailey and Edmonstone, 1869. 3, 1.— 1878.3, R. 
Hillier, Arthur Cecil, b. May, 1857, son of Lieut.-Col. Hillier, 
Constäbulary Office, Dublin Castle. 
Hailey and Lawrence, I869.3, II.— 1878.2, R. 

Xelver, John Donald, b. 1856, son of Rev. W. Mclver, Lymm, 
Hailey. 1869.3, IL— 1871.2, III. 

♦HelYÜl, Henry, b. Aug. 1856, son of Major H. Melvill, care of 
OrientalBank Co., Threadneedle Street, E.C. 

Hailey and Colvin,1869.3. III.— 1875. 3 , M.VI.z. 3 p. Hz. XX. 1873, 74, 75 
(captain). Various Athletic Prizes. R.M.C. Sandhurst. Gazetted to 66th 
Regt. Z876. Lieut. in Bombay Staff Corps May 3, X877. Employed in 
Military Accounts Department under Government of India. 

Herivale, Walter, b. Dec. 1855, son of the Very Rev. the Dean of 
Trevelyan, 1869.3, IIL— 1878.3. V.z. XX. 1873. In India. 

M. Oct ao, z88a, at Bombay, Emma Magdalen, d. of late G. Pittman, 

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♦Oven», Gerald Hedley, b. March 22, 1856, son of Rev. T. Oven*, 
4, Lansdowne Terrace, Weymouth. 

Colvin, 1869.3, L.M.Ü.— 1874.2, Mod. VI.i. XL. 1873. Singlesticks 1874. 
Dive 1874. Si, D, Ga. R.M.C. Sandhurst 1874. Lieut. in 34Ü1 (Cum- 
berland) Regt. Sept. 21, 1875. Capt. in Berks Regt Oct. 20, 1883. Afghan 
Campaign 188a Some statt employment in India and Afghanistan. 

Parker, Hibbert Sullivan, b. Dec. 1857, son of Capt. C. W. Parker, 


Hailey and Lawrence, 1869.3» I.— 1876.1, M.U.M.i. 1 p. E4. King's 
College, London. A.M.D., F.R.C.S., F.R.C.P. Edin. Passed through 
Netley, and after a year at Woolwich went out to India in 1882. 
D. Aug. 1, 1886, at Ferozepore, Punjab. 

Pine, Arthur Chilley, b. April 20, 1854, son °f l ate C. Pine, Esq., 
Staflf Surgeon, late 4Ü1 (Royal Irish) Dragoon 
Guards. Address, 47, Colville Gardens, W. 

Thomason, 1869. 3, L.M.Ü.— 1870. 3, L.M.Ü. LX. 187a Magdalene College, 
Cambridge, 1873-1876. Eight. xv. and Football xi. Crystal Palace 
School of Engineering 1876-1878. Assoc. Member Inst. C.E. 1880. Joined 
Artists R.V. Corps May 1871. 

Randolph, Hubert Cyril, b. July 1855, son of Rev. Cyril Randolph, 
Chartham, R., Canterbury. 
Trevelyan, I869.3, R.— 1878.3, V.a. 1 p. Farming in New Zealand. 

Randolph, Arthur Frederick, b. Feb. 1857, son of Rev. Cyril 
Randolph, Chartham R., Canterbury. Address, 
High Street, Hampstead, N.W. 
Trevelyan, 1869.3, III.— 1874.3, U.M.ii. * P- XXII. 1874. In business. 

Ravenshaw, H. A., b. 1857, son °f T - E - Ravenshaw, Esq. 

Highneid, 1869. 3, III.— 1872.x, M.R. Lieut. in Bengal Statt Corps March 
24, 1876. 

Robinson, John Henry, b. 1855, son of the late J. F. Robinson, 
Esq., The Hall, Hadleigh, Suffolk. 
Highfield, 1869-3, IV.— 1872.2, L.M.i. 1 p. Said to be dead. 

Rogers, Robert Henry, b. Aug. 1855, son of J. J. Rogers, Esq., 
Penrose, Heiston. 
Thomason, I869.3, U.M.ii.— 1878.1. M.V.2. 

Roundell, Currer R., b. 1854, care of Rev. E. Palmer, 29, Beaumont 
Street, Oxford. 
Barde Frere. 1869-3, M.L.Ü.— 1871.x, M.L.i. 

Skelding, Henry John, b. 1856, son of W. Skelding, Esq., 32, 
Dawson Place, Bayswater. 
Hailey and Edmonstone, 1869.3, IL— I87O.3, R. 

♦Snow, Sebastian Cosens, b. Oct. 14, 1856, son of T. M. Snow, Esq., 
of Franlyn S. Thomas, Exeter, and Whitstone, 
Devon. Address, Cleve House, Exeter. 

Lawrence, I869.3, R.— 1875.2, VI.2. Prefect in Hailey House. LX. 1872-74. 
Many Racquets and Fives Prizes. Hertford College, Oxford, ari. Asso- 
ciation and Rugby teams. University double Racquets twoyears. Singles one. 
Played Racquets for Oxford one year. Aide-de-Camp to Sir W. J. Jenroii, 
------- - rinCityr " * 

Governor of South Australia, for two years. Now in City Bank, Exeter. 

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Staket, Allen F. G., b. 1855, son of Rev. W. H. Stokes, Goring, 
Edmonstone, 1809.3, M.L.L— 1870.1, M.L.I. 

Sumner, Charles Maunoir, b. Dec, 1856, son of the late Rev. J. 

M. Sumner, Rector of Buriton, Petersfield. 

Hailey and Bartle Frere, 1869-3, IV.— 1874s. M.U.a. XX. 1874. After a time 
with Mr. Price at Westward Ho ! R.M.C. Sandhurst. Captain in the 
Prince of Wales's Volunteers (South Lancashire Regt) Nov. 3, 1885. 

Tahourdin, Philip, b. 1856, son of C. Tahourdin, Esq. 
Haüey and Bartle Frere, 1869.3* IV.— 1872. 3. R. 

Thornton, Francis Spencer, b. Feb. 8, 1856, son of J. Thornton, Esq., 
Bengal Civil Service, late Secretary to Indian 
Board of Revenue, 7, Onslow Gardens, S.W. 

Coivin, 1869. 3. L.M.— 1871. 3. U.M. R.M.C. Sandhurst. First Commission 
in Army (unattached) June I3th, 1874. Lieut in Rifle Brigade June 13, 

1875. Capt. June 10, 1882. Obtained Staff College Certificate Christmas 
1884. Served in the Intelligence Department of the Bechuanaland Expedi- 
tion Dec. 1884— Sept. 1885. 

M. Jan. 14, 1886, Alice Marion, daughter of C G. Barnett, Esq., of 
King's Beeches, Ascot. 

Turner, Reginald, b. Aug. 28, 1858, son of Rev. Canon Turner, 
Aldford Rectory, Chester. 
Lawrence, I869.3, L.M.L — 1878.2, V.z. In business as a general broker at 
M. 1886, the widow of S. Vidal, Esq. 

♦Turner, Bingham Dixon, b. Feb. 10, 1857, son of Rev. Canon 
Turner, Aldford Rectory, Chester. 

Lawrence, 1869.3, L.M.L— 1876.2, VI.i. Seh. 1871. Exh. 1876. XI. 1876. 
XV. 1875. C * % C *' ^9* Jesus College, Cambridge. Foundation Seh. 

1876. Additional 1879. 8th in Classical Tripos, 1880. Fellowship at 
Jesus 1881. Since 1881 Assistant Master at Marlborough. 

Waters, William Campbell, b. 1854, son of T. Waters, Esq., 
Thomason, 1869. 3, R.— I87I.3. U.M.ii. Exeter College, Oxford. B.A. 1879. 
Ordained 1881 to Lynn Regis. Curate of Longton Green, Essex, 1885. 

Waters, Arthur Fitzroy, b. 1858, son of T. Waters, Esq., Winchester. 
Hafley and Highneid, I869.3, II.— 1871.3, IV. z p. 

Watkins, Frederick William, b. April 29, 1857, son of J. F. 
Watkins, Esq., TP., Elmsleigh, Watford. Ad- 
dress, Walgett, JBarwon River, N. S. Wales. 

Hailey and Edmonstone, I869.3. III.— 1876.1, U.M.ii. XX. 1874. XXII. 
Won Quarter, 2nd in Mile and 200, 1874. Won Quarter, 100, 200, Broad 
Jump and and in Half Mile, 1875. Trinity Hall, Cambridge, and in 
Fresnmen's Quarter and 100 yds. Various College prizes. Emigrated to 
N.S.Wales, 1876. 


Allen, Charles, b. 1855, son of T. Allen, Esq., 42, Connaught 
Square, Hyde Park, W. 
Thomason, 1870.1, L.M.1.-1872. a, U.M.i. XX. 1871. XXII. 1879. 

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Clerk, Frederick Malcolm, b. 1856, care of Rev. D. M. Clerk, 
formerly of Kingston Deverill, Warminster. 
Edmonstone, 1870.1, Mod. L.Ü.— 1870.2, Mod. L.ii. Parents in Australia. 
*ColflOn, Francis Henry, b. April, 1857, son of Rev, Canon Colson, 
of Coxton, % Kent. Address, 21, Oak Square, 
Colvin, 1870.1, U.M.ii.— 1876.2, VI.i. Head of the School. 10 p. D$, 2 Co, 
aMx, 2C1, 2C2, C^Ea, C7. Seh. 1870. Exh. 1876. XL. Captain 
of Paperchases. S. John's College, Cambridge. Seh. 4Ü1 Classic, and 
distinguished for Chancellor's Medals. Carus Greek Testament Prise. 
Fellow of S. John's. Assistant Master at Clifton. Afterwards Senior 
Classical Master of Bradford Grammar SchooL 

M. Aug. 1, 1882, Maud, d. of the Very Rev. Principal Tulloch, one of 
Her Majesty's Chaplains. Editor of ' Selections from Thucydides' 
(Macmillan), and of ' Greek Reader' (Macmillan). 

•Currie, Walter Louis Rackham, b. March, 1856, son of Rev. Sir 
F. L. Currie, Rector of Old Alresford, Hants. 
Lawrence, 1870.1, L.M.Ü.— 1875.1, VI.i. 2 p. XXII. 1874. Keble College, 
Oxford. 3rd in Mods. 4th in Greats 1879. Engaged in school work. 

Currie, Percy George Colin, b. Dec. 1858, son of Rev. Sir F. L. 
Currie, Rector of Old Alresford, Hants. 
Haüey and Lawrence, 1870.x, I.— 1878. 3, L.M.ii. In business, in India. 

Dagg, Arthur Ross, b. Nov., 1857, son of J. R. Dagg, Esq., Hatfield, 
Colvin, 1870.x, I.— 1874.2, V.2. 2ttd XI. 1874. Land Agent. 

M. Aug. 12, 1885, Helen Gertrude, d. of J. L. Smith, Esq., of Hawthom 
Lodge, Tedbury. 

Davyg, George Edward Le Fleming, b. 1857, son of Rev. O. W. 
Davys, Wheathampstead JR., S, Albans. 
Hailey, 1870.1, IL— 1872.1, III. 

Button, William Thomas, b. Oct. 3, 1857, son of T. Dutton, Esq. 
Address, 13, Eniscore Road, Warwick. 
Thomason, 1870.x, I.— 1876.1, V.2. 1 p. XXII. 1875. XX. 1875. 2nd Set 
High Jump. Broad Jump. Hurdles 1874. 2nd ist Set High Jump 1876. 
2nd Boxing 1876. S. John's College, Oxford. B.A. 1879. XL Treasurer 
and Secretary 1878. XV. Capt. 1879. High Jump and other Athjetic 
Prires 1877-79. Partner in Warwick Brewery. 
M. Sept. 12, 1882. 

Empson» Arthur, b. July, 1857, son of Rev. A. J. Empson, Eydon 
7?., Banbury. 
Thomason, 1870.1, L.M.Ü.— I878.3, M.V.2. 

Gardiner, John Arthur Milne, b. 1857, son of J. Gardiner, Esq., 
33, Sandgate Road, Folkestone. 
Hailey and Edmonstone, 1870.1, HL— 1871.2, R. XXII. 187X. R.M.C. 
Sandhurst. Capt. the Highland Light Infantry Sept. 20, 1886. 

Hallowes, Herbert Chaworth, b. June, 1 857, son of Rev. B. Hallowes, 
Glapwell Hall, Chesterfield. 
Bartle Frere, 1870.x, IV.— 1874.3, M.L.M.L Exeter College, Oxford. 
Hiekson, Robert Murray, b. 1857, sonof Mrs. Hallowes, 6, Caroline 
Place, Claughton, Birkenhead. 
Haüey and Lawrence, WO. x, IV.— 1871.3. U.M.H. 

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Hodgson, Hugh Alexander, b. March 17, 1856, son of Rev. H. W. 

Hodgson, Ashwell Rectory, Baidock. Address, 


Hailey and Bartle Frere, 1870.x, L— 1874.2, L.M.i. XI. 1873-74. Average Ball, 

z ^73i 74- Cläre College, Cambridge. Capt of XI. two years. B.A. Wells 

Theological College 1879. Ordained 1879 to Curacy of the Priory Church, 


M. 1880, Kate Aliee, d. of T. Hills Burrows, Esq., The Grange, Malvern. 

♦Hughes, Cetil, b. Jan. 14, 1858, son of Rev. J. R. Hughes, Long 

Ditton Rectory, Surbiton. Address, 4, S. 

Mar/s Villas, Windsor. 

Bartle Frere, 1870.1, L.M.Ü.— 1876.2, VI.i. XI. 1876. XV. 1875. Magdalene 

College, Cambridge. Seh. 1876. Captain or Boat and xi. and class 

Classical Tripos 1880. Ordained r88i to Barnham Broom, Norfolk. 

M. April 20, 1887, Marion, d. of S. C. Goodhart, Esq., of 7, Queen's 
Terrace, Windsor. 

Hughes, William Henry, b. March, 1856, son of Rev. W. H. Hughes, 
Kislingbury, near Weedon. 
Edmonstone, 1870.x, IV.— 1874.1, U.M.i. 

Marsh, William White, b. 1857, son of Rev. W. Marsh, Withersfield 
Place, Braintree. 
Thomason, 1870.1, L.M.Ü.— 1871.x, L.M.Ü. 

Milne, Herbert William, b. Jan. 1857, son of F. Milne, Esq., 
Hadley, Barnet, N. 
Trevelyan, 1870. t, L.M.i.— 1878.a, V.2. 

Oddie, Thomas Edmund, b. 1856, son of the late Rev. G. A. Oddie, 
Aston R., Stevenage. 
Hailey and Bartle Frere, 1870.x, II.— 1872.3, L.M.ii. In Chicago. 

Palmer, Edward Henry, b. May, 1857, son °* G. Palmer, Esq., 
formerly of ReveVs Hall, Bengeo. 
Hailey and Thomason, 1870.x, I.— 1878.2, M.R. 

♦Penrose, Edward Rawdon, b. Sept. 1856, son of Rev. J. D. Penrose, 
Woodhill, Cork. 
Trevelyan, 1870.x, R.— 1875.2, VI. 2. Prefect in Hailey. Drawing prizes. 
Passed 5Ü1 into R.M.C. Sandhurst 1875, and out m lst class l8 7 6 - 
Gazetted to 2nd Batt. King's Own Regt and served through Zulu War 
1878-79. Entered Bombay Staff Corps Jan. 1883, and is now in 23rd 
Bombay Native Light Infantry. 

Busseil, Herbert Henry Aaron, b. Dec. 1858, son of Mrs. R. H. 
Russell, 2, Hoebury Crescent, Notting Hill, W. 
Barde Frere, 1870.x, I.— 1874z, L.M.ii. 
Salusbury, Frederic Hamilton, b. April 10, 1856, son of Rev. C. 
A. Salusbury, Westbury Rectory, Salop. 
Lawrence, 1870. z, III.— 1874 3, V.l. XL. 1874. x p. Trinity College, Cam- 
bridge, and class Law Tripos 1879. LL.B. and B.A. Trinity Third Boat 
May 1878. Called to the Bar Easter, 1881, from Lincoln's Inn, Oxford 
Circuit. To Sydney, Dec. 1886, to practise in Australia. 

Sheppard, Sydney Muntz, b. Nov. 1856, son of J. Sheppard, Esq.» 
The Hall, Welwyn. 
Trevelyan, 1870.1, II.— 1874x, V.M.I. 1 p. 

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Short, John Henry, b. 1857, son of Rev. J. H. Short, Temple Bahaü % 
Hailey and Edmonstone, 1870.x, IV. —1870. 3, R. 

Steel, James Edward Ponsonby, b. 1856, son of Lieut.-Col. Steel, 
care of Rev. A. W. Steel, Caius College, Cam- 
Hailey and Bartle Frere, 1870.x, R.— I87O.3, R. 

Wyatt, Geoffrey Allington, b. 1856, son of O. A. Wyatt, Esq., Troy 
House, Monmouth. 
Edmonstone, 1870.x, L.M.Ü.— 1872.x, U.M.i. 


Ashby, George Ashby, b. March 26, 1856, son of G. A. Ashby, Esq., 
Capt. nth Hussars, Naseby Woolleys, Rugby. 
Edmonstone, 1870.2, R.— 1874.1, L.M.ii. and XI. 1873. XL. 1873. ist set 
Broad Jump 1873-1874. From Militia, Lieut. Nov. 2, 1875. Capt. Jan. 1, 
1886. Brevet-Major Jan. a, 1885. Adjutant Feb. 10, 1877— Dec. 3z, 1885. 
Egyptian Campaign 188a. Actions at El-Magfar, Tel-el-Mahuta, Kassassin, 
Aug. 20 and Sept. 9, and battle of Tel-el-Kebir, July 14. Medal with dasp 
for Tel-el-Kebir. 5th class of Medjidie, Khedive's star. Mentioned in 
Despatches by Gen. Graham. Nile Expedition 1884, 1885. Clasp for 
Nile and Brevet of Major. Mentioned in Despatches by Lord Wolseley. 

Bloxam, Robert Henry Raynsford, b. 1856, son of R. W. Blozam, 
Esq., Ryde f Isle of Wight. 
Hailey, 1870.2, III.— 1870.2, III. 

Caxenove, Arthur Philip, b. 1857, son of Rev. A. Cazenove, Vicar 
of S. Mark's, Reigate. 
Hailey, 1870.2, 1.— 1872.x, U. III. Exeter College, Oxford. xL Inbusiness, 
in London. 

Cox, Robert Henry, b. 1858, care of Mrs. Fitzherbert Füller, 15, 
Royal Crescent, Ramsgate. 
Hailey, 1870.2. 1.— 1871-3. 1- 

•Curtis, Atwell M. W., b. July, 1856, care of Rev. C. G. Hill, 
Uenbury, Bristol. 
Edmonstone, 1870.2, U.M.ii.— 18743, VI.2. XXII. 1873-74. XX. 1873-74. 
Coffee Planter in Ceylon. 
D. 1885. 

Selmar, Algenion Frederick, b. 1857, 90n °f A. Delmar, Esq., 24, 
Upper Phillimore Gardens, Kensington. 
Highneid, 1870.a, III.-I872.3, R. 
Elvey, Edward Stanley, b. Dec. 1856, son of late Sir G. Elvey, 
Mus. Doc, of S. George* s, Windsor. 
Hailey and Lawrence, 1870.2, IV.— 1873-3, U.M.I. 2 p. 
Elvey, Robert Victor, b. April, 1858, son of late Sir G. Elvey, Mus. 
Doc, of Windsor. Address, Dover Club, Dover. 
Lawrence, 1870. 2, III.— 1875.2, U.M.L 2 p. Queen»' College, Oxford« 
B.A. 1879. 

Fitiherbert, Charles, b. May, 1856, son of Mrs. Fitzherbert, Ash- 
Edmonstone, 1870. a, R«— 1878. , U.M.i« xp. 

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Guiflt, William Verner, b. 1 85 7, son of Mrs. Guise, 69, Ehiry Sinei ', W. 
Lawrence, 1870.2, U.M.ii.— 1872.1, U.M.ii. Pembroke College, Oxford. 
Coffee planling in Ceylon for some years. Lately in France. 

Hartings, Henry J., b. 1857, son of Hon. Mrs. Hastings, Park Gate, 
Colvin, 1870.2, R.— 1872.3, L.M.Ü. 

Howson, James Francis, b. Sept. 20, 1856, son of the late Very 
Rev. J. S. Howson, Dean of ehester. 

Trevelyan, 1870.2, IV.— 1876.3, V.x. 2 p. XX. 1875. Secretary of Anti- 
" " ------ ~ - ' -ge. Hist ■ ' ~ • 

aey of 
Senior Curate of Lambeth (z886). Vicar of S. James's, New Brighton, near 

quarian Society._ Trinity College, Cambridge. Historical Tripos 1879. 

Ordain " " " "* 

ist Trinity 3rd Boat Ordained to Curacv of Beverley, Yorkshire, 1880. 
Senior Curate of I " * * "" m " ~ ' ' *" 

Birkenhead, 1887, 

Jones, Edward Quayle, b. March 9, 1858, son of Rev. C. W. Jones, 

Pakenham Vicarage. 

Hailey and Bartle Frere, 1870.2, II.— 1878. 3, L.M.H. z p. For a time at 

Ipswich Grammar School. Mate in Merchant Service (Wigram's line). 

Sailed Oct. 13, 1875, in ship Norfolk for Australia. Fell from rigging 

Nov. 4. Died Nov. 6. 

Lees, Frederick Cresswell, b. Sept. 1856, son of Rev. W. Lees, 
Sidiow JR., Retgate. 
Colvin. 1870.2, III.— 1874.2, M.V.x. x p. 
Paske, Edward Lake, b. Sept. 1857, son of Colonel Paske, of 
Merrow, Guildford. 
Bartle Frere, 1870.2, R.— 1874.2, M.V.2. Government Sorvey Department in 

Frozen to death in a snow storm in the mountains of the Nelson 
District, New Zealand, June 9, 1886. 

Peane, Charles Wodehouse, b. Feb. 20, 1857, son of the Rev. R. 
W. Pearse, 9, Hyde Park Street, W. Address, 
Rutherford, New Jersey, U.S.A. 
Edmonstone, 1870.2, M.L.M.Ü.— 1878.2, M.L.M.U. 

M. Oct. 25, 1883, Florence, d. of J. Woden, Esq., of Dunham, Calcutta. 

•Phillips, Henry Astley, b. M^r 31, 1856, son of R. Phillips, F.R.C.S., 

etc., 27, Leinster Square, W. Address, Denny 

House, Waterbrook, Cambridge. 

Bartle Frere, 1870.2, L.M.i.— 1874.2, M.VI.2. LX. 1873. Matricnlated London 

University. Graduated Maraschal College, University of Aberdeen. M.D. 

1884. M.R.C.S.Eng. and L.S.A. 1882 (Guy's Hospital). Member of 

British Medical Association. Author of • A Practical Method of Analysis 

of the Simpler Chemical Salts.' In practice near Cambridge. 

Plows, Francis William, b. Dec. 1857, son of Rev. W. Plows, 
Barnham K, Thetford. 
Hailey, 1870.2, 1.-1878.X, III. 1. 

Bead, Henry Edward, b. July, 1856, son of Mrs. E. H. Read, 12, 
Hawiey Square, Margate. 
Bartle Frere, 1870.2, R.— 1874.2, M.V.i. 2 p. £1. 
Iff&dall, Charles Henry, b. 1857, son of Rev. W. Rendall, Great 
Rollrighi X., Chipping Norton. 
Thomason, 1870.2, U.M.I.— . 1878.3, V.l. Seh. 1870. Left from ill-health. 
Afterwards at Clifton. 

Digitized by 



BicharcUon, Morton, b. April 5, 1856, son of W. Richardson, Esq., 

24, Belsize Grove, N.W. 

Colvin, 1870.2, R.— 1874.1, M.V.t. XX. 1873. Several 2nd and 3rd set prizes. 

2nd in 100 yards ist set 1874. ist and and in Gymnasium. 2 p. 2 2? 4, 

I/2. Peterhouse, Cambridge. Law Tripos 1878. College boat four years. 

Called to Bar, at Inner Temple, 1881. 

Searle, William Henry Willoughby, b. at Shotree, Hindostan, 
Nov. ist, 1856, son of Capt. W. L. Searle, 
Royal Navy. 
Colvin, 1870.2, II.— 1874.1, U.M.L 2 p. In the Bombay Marines, Surveying 

Stapylton, Edward Chetwynd, b. July, 1855, son of Rev. Canon 
W. C. Stapylton, Old Maiden V., Worcester 
Park, Surrey. 
Colvin, 1870.2, L.M.ii.— 1878.2, M.U.M.i. x p. In business, in London. 

M. Sept. 27, 1879, Mary Beatrice, d. of late H. Cowie, Esq., of Calcutta. 

Stewart Wood, Gerald Henry, b. Nov. 1857, son of Col. Stewart 
Wood, 8, Belgrave Square, Monks/own, Co. 
Hailey and Bartle Frere, 1870.2, 1.— 1875.x, M. U.M.ü. Reported as dead. 
Yonge, Charles Frederick L., b. Oct. 1858, son of Rev. J. E. Yonge, 
late Assistant Master at Eton, Hempstead R., 
Stalham, Norfolk. 
Hailey and Lawrence, 1870.2, IV.— 1876. 1, M. V. 1. x p. 


*Anflon» Arthur, b. Oct. 1857, son of the late Rev. Canon F. Anson, 

of Windsor. 

Colvin, 1870. 3, U.M.ü.— 1876.2, VI.i. 2 p. Prefect in Hailey. Balliol College, 

Oxford. 2nd class Mods. 1878. 3rd class Law 1880. Secretary to Match 

Team O.U.L.T.C. Private Tutor for two years to PrinceCh. Handjeri. 

In 1886 Tutor and Secretary to the Duke of Newcastle. 

♦Atkinaon, Christie Chetwynd, b. April, 1856, son of Rev. J. A. 
Atkinson, Longsight R., Manchester. 
Edmonstone, 1870. 3, L.M.i.— 1874. 3, VI. 2. x p. 2 Da, 2 #3. XXII. 1874. 
XX. 1873. 1874 (Captain), and various Athletic Prizes. Keble College, 
Oxford. 4th class in Theology 1878. Played Cambridge Rugby Union 
1876. College xv. Ordained 1879 as Master at Bloxham. Master at 
Stony Stratford 1880. Tutor at Storrington 1881-82. Afterwards Curate 
of Ashton-upon-Mersey, Manchester. 

Baker, John Gerrard, b. July, 1858, son of Rev. J: G. A. Baker, 
Old Wurden V., Biggleswade. 
Hailey and Bartle Frere, 1870. 3 , 1.— 1876.3, L.M.i. 

Batten, Alan C, b. Nov. 1856, son of the late J. H. Batten, Esq., 
Bengal Civil Service. 
Edmonstone, 1870.3, IV.— 1874,1, M.V.2. 1 p. R.M.C. Sandhurst. Lieut. 
Bengal Staff Corps Sept. 10, 1875, 2nd Punjab Cavalry. 
M. Sept 8, 1886, at Freiburg, Lilian Alfreda, d. of Maj.-Gen. C. H. Hall. 

Bryan», Herbert William, b. Jan. 1856, son of Rev. W. Bryans, 
. Tarvin V. f Chester. 
Edmonstone, 1870-3, U.M.ü.— 1878.3, V.x. CS. 

Digitized by 



Carleton, Frank R. C., b. Sept. 1856, son of Mrs. Carleton, Eldon 
Place, Helmorton Road, Rugby. 
Thamason, 1870.1, L.M.J.— 1874.1, M.VI.a. Captain in Durbara Light In- 
fantryjune8, z88x. 

Carns Wilson, Frederick Neville, b. Aug. 1856, son of Rev. C. 
Carus Wilson, Ramsgate. 
Thomason, I87O.3, L.M.H.— 1878.2, U.M.i. Trinity College, Cambridge. RA. 
1877. Ordained 1879 to S. John, Deptford. Vicar of Nonington, Wing- 
ham, Kent, 1885. 

Caye Browne, Edward, b. 1856, son of Rev. J. Cave Browne, Vicar 
of Detling, Kent. 
Thomason, 1870. 3, L.M.i.— 1872. 3, U.M.i. Coffee planting in Ceylon. 

M. July 20, 1886, at Colombo, Norah, d. of Lieut-CoL Gorman, late of 
the Ceylon Rifle Regiment 

Cholmeley, Hugh Stephen, b. 1857, son of S. Cholmeley, Esq., 
28, Lincoln' s Inn Fields. s 
Hailey and Thomason, I87O.3, IL— 1872.2, M.R. x p. 
Coode, J. H. C, b. June, 1856, son of Mrs. Coode, 13, Tamar 
Terrace, Stoke, Devonport. . 
Thomason, 1870. 3, R.— 1874.3. M.V.i. XX. 1874. Captain in the Black 
Waten April 17, 1882. Adjutant in 2nd Lancashire Volunteer Engineers 
May 31, 1884. 

Cooke, Ambrose Henry, b. 1857, son of N. M. Cooke, Esq., North 
Mymms, Hatfield. 
Edmonstone, 1870.3, Mod. L.ü.— 1872.1, M.R. 

*D66des, Wyndham, b. May 28, 1857, son °f ^ e ' ate R ev - C. 

Deedes, of Bengeo Rectory, Herts. Address, 

18, Wyle Cop, Shrewsbury. 

Thomason, 1870. 3, U.M.ii.— 1875.2, VLx. Seh. 1871. 2nd XL 1874-75. 

Jesus College, Cambridge. Rustat Seh. 1875. and class Classical Tripos 

1879. ad. For some years an assistant master at Bengeo, afterwards master 

of a private school at Yockleton Hall, near Shrewsbury. Since 1886 master 

of a private school at Shrewsbury. 

Dempiey, Arthur Francis, b. June 19, 1856, son of Arthur Dempsey, 
Esq. Address, Rosebank, Wakasey, Cheshire. 
Edmonstone, 1870. 3. —1878.1, V.2. Marine Insurance Broker in Liverpool. 

Denman, Lewis William Eden, b. May, 1857, son of the Hon. and 
Rev. L. W. Denman, Wülian R., Hitchin. 
Edmonstone, 1870.3, IL— 1874.2, U.M.ii. 
Elliott, Arthur Augustus Boswell, b. 1856, son of A. B. Elliott, 
Esq., Belhary Meigh, Perthshire'. 
Highfield, 1870.3, IL— 1872.3, IV. 
Ellifl, George Richard, b. 1857, son of G. H. Ellis, Esq., Madras 
Civil Service, 14, John Street, May fair. 
Thomason, I87O.3, Mod. L.Ü.— 1872.3, M.L.M.1. 
Fröre, Eustace Vansittart, b. Dec. 2, 1856, son of C. Frere, Esq., 
Barrister. Examiner of Private Bills to the 
Houses of Lords and Commons, and Taxing 
Master of the House of Commons. 
Lawrence, 1870. 3, L.M.L— 1872.2, U.M.ii. Parliamentary Solicitor and Agent, 
13, Great George Street, Westminster, S.W. 

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•Gay, James, b. Dec. 11, 1856, son of James Gay, Esq., Thurning 
Hall, Norfolk. 

Colvin, 1870.3, IV.— 1875.3, VI.x. XV. 1875. Balliol College. Oxford, and 
class Mods. 3rd class History. Entered at Middle Temple. 

Griffith, Thomas Comber, b. Sept. 16, 1856, son of Rev. H. T. 
Griffith, Smallburgh R., Norfolk. 

Hailey and Colvin, 1870. 3, II. -1872. 2, L.M.Ü. Left England in Nov. 1872, 
for Pernambuco, Bra&i, as junior clerk in firm of Johnston, Pater and Co. 
Became a partner in June, 1883. 

M. July 14, 1882, Isabel Clara, d. of Thomas Prangley, Esq., Aylsham, 

♦Hill, Edward May, b. Jan. 11, 1857, son of late Edward Hill, 
Esq., Adelaide Road, N.W. Address, 2, Old 
Serjeants* Inn, Chancery Lane, W.C. 

Lawrence, I87O.3, U.M.ii.— 1875.3, Vl.r. Prefect in Hailey. Captain of six 
Elevens 1875. Captain of LX. 1875. XXII. 1875. ip. C6. Oriel 
College, Oxford. 3rd class in Law. Two years in Torpid. Three years 

in xi. Admitted a Solicitor Jan. 1880. 

Hughes, John, b. July, 1856, son of T. Hughes, Esq., Q.C., 80, 
Park Street, Grosvenor Square, W. 

Trevelyan, I87O.3, L.M.ii.— 1874.1, M.U.M.T. R.M.C. Sandhurst Capt. in 
the Bufls. East Kent Regt. April 18, 1885. In Ekowe with Cot Pearson. 

Lea, George Henry Clark, b. July, 14, 1858, son of Rev. F. S. 

Lea, Rector of Tedstone Delamere, Hereford- 


Lawrence, I87O.3, R.— 1876.2, V.2. In Messrs. Barings' Bank. 

M . Sept. 16, 1886, Katharine, d. of Walter Davies, Esq., of CromweU 
Place, Highgate. 

Manby, Aaron Lewis, b. Sept. 24, 1855, son of late Rev. A. Manby, 
Rector of Cottered, Herts. Address, The 
Quinton Rectory, near Birmingham. 

Colvin, I87O.3, M.L.M.H.— 1878.1, M.L.M.i. S. John's, Cambridge. B.A. 
1879. Ordained 1880 to Curacv of Danby Wiske with Yafforth, Yorkshire. 
Rector of The Quinton, near Birmingham. 

M. April 27, 1887, Helen Catherine, d. of S. J. Urwick, Esq., of S. 
Dunstans, Malvera. 

Kicholls, William Hawkins, b. Aug. 1856, son of H. Nicholls, Esq., 
34, Seething Lane, E.C. 
Thomason, I&7O.3, M.R.— 1878.3, M.V.2. 

Odling, Alfred Edward, b. Dec. 5, 1857, son of E. C. Odling, Esq., 
Brook House, Wendover, Tring. 

Thomason, I87O.3, I.— 1875.3. XXII. 1 p. M.R.C.S. and L.S.A. 1881. 
Surgeon in the Union Royal Mail Steamship Company 1881-82. House 
Surgeon Croydon General Hospital 1882-1885. 

♦Phelips, Alfred Dering, b. Dec. 1857, son of Capt. H. Phelips, 

R.N. Address, Douglas Grove, Custer Co., 

Nebraska, U.S.A. 

Lawrence, I87O.3, R.— I876.3, Vl.2. XXII. 1876. XX. 1875-70* (Captain». 
Prefect in Hailey. Keble College, Oxford. Fanning in Nebraska. 

Digitized by 



•Pollook, Charles Edward, b. May, 1857, son of G. F. Pollock, 
Esq., Hanuoortk, Hounslow. 

Trevelyan, I87O.3, L.M.I.— 1875.Z. VI. 2. XX. 2874. XI. 1874. Joined 6th 
Regt, at Aldershot 1875. Out to India, and in 1878 joined ioth Bengal 
Cavaliy. Served through Afghan War of 1878, 79, being present at tfae 
action of Kam Dakka. 
Sent home on sick leave in 1880, and died Aug. 188z. 

Pollook, Henry J. A., b. Dec. 1856, son of A. R. S. Pollock, Esq., 
Bramford Hall, Ipswich. 
Edmonstone, 1870. 3, IV.— 1878.3, M.V.2. 1 p. 

Prior, Arthur Wildman, b. Jan. 19, 1856, son of Rev. J. L. Prior. 
Address, care of Cox and Co., Craig's Court. 

Edmonstone, 1870. 3, L.Mii. — 1878.3, V.z. z p. XX. 1873. Singlesticks and 
some running prizes. R.M.C. Sandhurst Commission in o8th R< 
Xß, 1874. Adjutant 1878-1885. Capt. Jan. 14, Z884. Served w 
Valley Expedition, 1884, and against Kakas Pathans. Abroad since Z875. 

, 1874. Adjutant 1878-1885. Capt. Jan. 14, Z884. Served with Zhob 
illey Expedition, z * " 

M. June z8, 1885. 

♦Rathbone, Thomas Ashton, b. Oct. 1856, son of W. Rathbone, 
Esq., M.P., Greenbank, Liverpool. 

Bartle Frere, 1870. 3, L.M.H.— 1874.2, VI.a. University College, Oxford. B. A. 
In business, in Liverpool* 

Heeres, Walter de Gex, b. March 1, 1857, son of E. Reeves, Esq., 
Wimbledon. Address, Wellington Club, 
Wellington, New Zealand. 

Trevelyan, I87O.3, R.— 1874.2, M.V.z. Ha. Secretary to the Agricultural 
Department of New Zealand. 

Sosoow, T. T., b. 1856, care of A. Ainger, Esq., 18, Westbourne 
Square, W. 
Hailey and Thomason, I87O.3, IV.— 1872.2, R. 

Sandeman, William Robert Holmes, b. Tuly 1, 1858, son of W. B. 
Sandeman, Esq., 4, Kingfs Bench Walk,Temple. 

Hailey and Edmonstone, 1870-3, I.— 1875.2, L.M.i. 1875-76 at Nyon, Switzer- 
land. Z877-78 studied Chemistry in Royal School of Mines. Played for 
the Football Qub Z877-80. Since 1883 partner in the Cannon Brewery Co. 
A Director of Kent Fire and Life Office 1885. 2nd LieuL Jan. 8, 1887, in 
Victoria Rifle V.C 

Shaw, John Alexander, b. 1858, care of Mrs. Ramsay, Castle Hill, 
Trevelyan, I870.3» R.— 1871.2, R. 

Talbot, Henry Blaquiere, b. Nov. 21, 1858, son of A. B. Talbot, 
Esq., 47, Bedford Row, W.C. 
Bartle Frere, I87O.3, 1.— 1876.2, U.M.ii. z p. 

D. (1879) while on a voyage to Melbourne for his health, in the fourth 
year of serving his Law Articles. 

Tnke, Charles Laurence, b. Aug. 3, 1858, son of Rev. F. E. Tuke, 

Borden V., Sittingbourne. 

Colvin, 1870.3, IV.— 1874. 3 , M.U.M.z. and XL 1874. Pole Jump. S. John's 

College, Auckland, New Zealand. Exh. Ordained 1881 to S. Sepulchre's, 

Aucktond. Incumbent of All Saints, Taradale, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. 

M. Jan. 18, Z883, Mary Eleanor Tifien. 

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Tyrer, Herbert, b. April, 1856, son of J. Tyrer, Esq., Brieze Hill, 
. Walton, Liverpool. 
Edmonstone, I87O.3, M.L.M.i.— 1878.3, M.V.i, 
D. Aug. 26, 1876. 

Wagner, Malcolm, b. 1857, son of J. H. Wagner, Esq., 45, 
Wellington Square, Hostings. 
Highfield, 1870. 3, IL— 1871.2, III. 

♦Wathen, Henry Arthur Douglas, b. Aug. 13, 1857, care of Messrs. 

Grindlay, Groom and Co., Bombay. 

Colvin, 1870.3, II.— 1875.2, M.VI.2. 2 p. £4, Si. XX. 1874. Won 

Singlesticks 1874-75. R.I.E.C. Cooper*s Hill 1876. Capt. of xv. 1878-79. 

Plaved for Surrey 1877, 78, 79. Appointed Assistant Engineer P.W.D.' 

India, Sept 1879. Promoted Jan. 1885. 

♦Widdicombe, William Sutherland, b. Dec. 1856, son of late Col. 
W. Widdicombe, District Judge, Kurrachee, 
Colvin, I87O.3, L.M.i.— 1874.2, M.VI.1. 6 p. ffx,S2. FoUowed C. Price, 
Esq., to Westward Ho 1 

D. Feb. 6, 1880, at Khokeran, near Candahar, being Adjutant of ioth 
Regt. Bombay N.L.I. 

Williams Freeman, George Charles Peere, b. Aug. 11, 1856, son of 
F. P. Williams Freeman, Esq., Greatham 
Manor, Sussex. 

Colvin, I87O.3, L.M.Ü.— 1874.3, V.i. 2 p. XX. 1873-74. 3 swimming 
prizes. First Secretary of Antiquarian Society. R. M. C. Sandhurst, xv. 
Lieut. 35Ü1 Royal Sussex Regt. Feb. 11, 1876. Capt. Nov. 1883. Egyptian 
Campaign of 1882 (medal and Khedive's star)r Served as D.A.A.G. in 
Sir Gerald Graham's Expedition to Eastern Soudan in 1884. (Mentioned 
in despatches, 2 clasps and 4th class of Medjidieh). Capt. in tbe Royal 
Sussex Regt. Nov. 9, 1883. Assist. Provost Marshai in Egypt May 21, 
1885. Commanded a Company of Mounted Infantry in Suakim Expedition 
of 1885 (clasp). D.A.A. and Q.M.G. in Egypt (1887). 

M. Oct. 17, 1883, Lavinia Augusta Charlotte, d. of late Gen. Sir Arthur 
Cunnynghame, G.C.B. 

Wilson, G. S., b. July, 1858, son of Rev. Sumner Wilson, Preston 
Candover V. f Basingstoke. 
Thomason, 1870. 3, II.— 1875-3, U.M.ii. * 


Bealey, Adam Francis, b. Feb. 1857, son of Mrs. Bealey, n, 
Maribord Villas, Richmond, Surrey. 
Highfield, 1871.x, L.M.L— 18742, V.2. Trinity College, Cambridge. 
Bird, Arthur Hatfield Sumner, b. March 27, 1857, son of Major R. 
Wilberforce Bird, H.E.I.C.S., Barton House, 
Moreton-in-Marsh, Warwickshire. Address, 
51, Gloucester Place, Portman Square, W. 
Edmonstone, 1871. 1, L.M.Ü.— 1874.3, U.M.L XV. 1874. Trinity College, 
Cambridge, ist Capt. Trinity Boat Club 1877-8. University Eight 1879. 
B.A., L.L.M. Called to the Bar 1881. Now practising in Sydney. 

Bonner, George Francis, b. Aug. 1857, son of J. G. Bonner, Esq., 
Tooting Graveney, Surrey. 
Edmonstone, 1871.x. III.— 1875.2, V.2. x p. XL 1875. 

Digitized by 



Browne, Peter William, b. April 29, 1857, son of late Rev. P. W. 
Browne, 6, Clarinda Park, East Kingstown, 
Co. Dublin. 

Bartle Frere, 1871.1, L.M ii.— 1873.1, U.M.i. R.M.C. Sandhuret. Won pole 
, jumping and other prizes. Lieut. in Royal Scots Füsiliers Feb. 12, 1877. 

Capt. Feb. 10, 1885. Served with the 2ist Füsiliers in Zulu War 1879. 

Medal with clasp for Ulundi. Served in Boer War of 1881, and took part 

in the defence of Potchefstroom. 

Boston, Arthur John, b. 1858, son of Rev. R. Buston, The Old 
Parsonage, Formby, Lancashire. 
Hailey, 1871.1, M.L.Ü.— 1872.2, M.U.iii. 

Butter, Charles Philip Roe, b. April 15, 1857, son of P. Butler, 

Esq., J.P., late of Tukalunga, S. Australia, 

now of Tickford Abbey, Newport Pagnell. 

Edmonstone, 1871.1, L.M.Ü.— 1874.2, M.V.2. Trinity College, Cambridge. 
B.A. Won several bicycle races. 
D. Sept. 11, 1883, at Tickford Abbey. 

Carter, Roderick Edmond, b. May 17, 1858, son of late Rev. Canon 
T. G. Carter. Address, care of Messrs. King, 
Hamilton and Co., 7, Hare Street, Calcutta. 

Lawrence, 1871. 1, R.— 1875-3, V.l. R.I.E. Cooper's Hill, 1877. Appointed 
and grade Assistant Engineer on Bengal P.W. Department Sept. 1880. 
Promoted to ist grade Jan. 1885. 
M. Aug. 18, 1884. 

♦Chapman, David Phelips, b. Dec. 1855, son of D. W. Chapman, 
Esq., Roehampton, S. W. 

Bartle Frere, 1871.1, L.M.U. -1874.1, M.VI.2. 1 p. Fi, ^3, ^4. LX. 
Gazetted Sub- Lieut 82nd Foot direct from School March, 1874. Promoted 
Lieut. on obtaining ist class certificate at Garrison course, and promotion 
antedated to March, 1874. Adjutant Aug. 1879. Major Aug. 13, 1883. 
Bt. -Major June 15, 1885. Qualined as Interpreter in French, 1887. 

ChitteEden, Francis Grant Faithfull, b. March 10, 1856, son of Rev. 
C. G. Chittenden, The Grange, Hoddesdon, 

Edmonstone, 1871.1, III(a).— 1874 1, R. 1 p. Entered at Guys Hospital 
D. Feb. 12, 1884. 

Clarke, John Mansfield, b. 1857, son of J. Clarke, Esq., M.D., 
Flintfield, Caterham, Surrey. 
Edmonstone, 1871.1, L.M.ii.— 1872.1, L.M.ii. 

Cole, Charles Francis, b. Oct. 1857, son of J. Cole Cole, Esq., 
Fintfield, Cattrham y Surrey. 
Lawrence, 1871.x, L.M.i.— 1874.2, V.2. 

Deedes, Walter Gordon, b. July 28, 1856, son of Rev. G. F. Deedes, 
Heydour Vicarage, Grantham. 
Hailey and Thomason, 1871.1, IV.— 1874.2, V.2. 

Donglas, Charles Henry Ogilvie, b. July, 185,8, son of Rev. A. 
Douglas, 10, Marlborough Buildings \ Bath. 
Hailey, 1871.x, I.— 1873-3, M.IV. 


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Garrard, Frederick Ernest, b. Dec. 18, 1856, son of Rev. S. Garrard, 

Vicar of Salford Priors, Warwickshire. Address, 

Brailes V., Shipton-on-Stour. 

Trevelyan, 1871. 1. L.M.Ü.— 1874.3, V.i. 1 p. Wadham College, Oxford. 

B.A. xv. Ordained Maren, 1882, to Brailes, Shipton-on-Stour. Vicar of 

Brailes 1886. 

M. Aug. 15, 1883, Harriet Woolley, d. of Rev. T. Smith, Vicar of Brailes. 

Harding, Richard Reginald, b. June 2, 1857, son of J. H. Harding, 
Esq., King's Close, Barnstaple. 

Bartle Frere, 1871. L.M.i.— 1877.2, V.i. XL. 1876. Magdalen College, Oxford. 
B A. 1880. Banking, at Barnstaple. 

HuttOE, William Henry, b. June 7, 1858, son of Rev. T. Hutton, 
Stilton Rectory, Peterborough. Address, 
Gedling, Notts. 

Edmonstone, 1871. 1, IV.— 1875.1, V.i. 2 p. 3rd in Mile. Admitted Solicitor 
in Feb. 1881. 

Julius, Henry John, b. June, 1858, son of Rev. H. Julius, Wreccle- 

sham V., Farnham, Surrey. 
Lawrence, 1871 1, IV.— 1875-3, U.M.i. XX. 1875. 
Jones, Walter Pateshall, b. Feb. 1857, son of J. P. Jones Esq., 

Roselands, Waltham Cross. 

Barde Frere. 1871.x, III.— 1874.3, U.M.ii. 

M. Sept. 20, 1882, Kate, d. of E. Farrer, Esq., of Petygords, Sporte 

Kansfield, Herbert, b. Aug. 30, 1855, son of the Rev. J. Mansfield, 
Rockland S. Mary, Bournemouth. 
Lawrence, 1871, L.i.— 1872-3, M.U.M.ii. Lieut. in 82nd (Co. Dublin) Regt. 
Nov. 20, 1874, from the Militia. Entered Bengal StafF Corps July 4, 1878. 
Capt. Nov 20, 1886. 
M. April 23, 1884. 

*McCrea, Richard Francis, b. Feb. 27, 1858, son of the late Rear- 
Admiral J. D. McCrea, R.N. Address, National 
Conservative Club, Pall Mall. 

Colvin, 1871. M.Li.— 1875.2, M.VI.i. XL. 1874. R.M.A. Woolwich, July 
1875. Lieut. R.A. 1877. Capt. Aug. 5, 1885. 
M. Maren, 1885. 

Payne Gallwey, Stephen, b. Aug. 1857, son of S. Payne Gallwey, 
Esq., Brafferton Moor, Helperty, Yorkshire. 
Address, 25, South Street, Thurlow Square, 

Hailey and Trevelyan, 1871.x. II.— 1875.2, U.M.i. XI. 1875. 1 p. Stock 

Baikes, Francis Walter, b. 1858, son of Rev. F. Raikes, Carleton 
Forehoe> Wymondham. 
Hailey and Lawrence, 1871.x. R.— 1871.2, R. 

Bathbone, George, b. Aug. 1857, son °f B* Rathbone, Esq., 
Aigburth, Liverpool. 
Highfield, 1871.1, III.2.— 1878.2, L.M.i. 3 p. 
Sealy, J. Hamilton, b. 1857, son of Rev. W. Sealy, New Alresford, 
Bartle Frere, 1871.1, Mod.L.ii.— 1873, M L ii. In Germany for a time. 

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1871.1. HA1LE YBUR Y REGISTER. 83 

♦Twisden, John Ramskill, b. Nov. 1856, son of Professor Twisden, 
Staff College, Farnborough Station. Address, 
60, Russell Square, W.C. 

Bartle Frere, 1871 1. U.M. 1.— 1876.2, VI.i. 1 p. 2 £3. Trinity College, 
Cambridge, yd class Math. Tripos 1878. Admitted Solicitor March, 1885. 


♦Allen, Robert Thomas, b. May, 1857, son of T. Allen, Esq., 
42, Connaught Square, Hyde Park, W. 

Thomason, 1871.2, U.M.ii.— 1876.2, VI.2. Seh. 1871. XI. 1875-76. XL. 
1875. Played at Prince's 1875, 76. Quarter, 1876, and other races. Balliol 
College, Oxford. Eight. 2nd in University Quarter 1877. In the anny for a 
time. Afterwards in civil employment in Burmah. Murdered by Dacoits 
Nov. 22, 1885, at Mingin, on the Chindwin River, in Upper Burmah, 
He and his companions refused to desert the factory of the Bombay and 
Burmah Trading Company. 

Bidwell, Henry Shelford, b. Jan. 1859, son of Rev. G. S. Bidwell, 
Sympson i?., Fenny Strat/ord, Buch. 
Thomason, 1871.2, II.— 1876.3, M.V.i. 1 p. XX. 1876. 

Blunt, Reginald, b. Sept. 17, 1857, son of Rev. G. Blunt, The 
Rectory, Chelsea, N.W. 

Trevelyan, 1871.2, L.Mii.— 1875 2, M.V.i. LX. 1873, 74, 75. F2. Secretary 
and Custodian of Antiquarian Society. King's College, London. 
Took fifteen Prizes and Certificates in Applied Science Department. Plaved 
for King's College 1876-78. Engineers Apprentice L. & S.W.R. at Nine 
Elms. Certificated fireman on goods and passengers trains, winter of 1880. 
In Sir W. G. Armstrongs works at Eis w ick, 1882, to present time (1887). 

M. Dec 2i, 1885, Victoria, d. of Eugen von Gueraid, of Düsseldorf and 

♦Callwell, Charles Edward, b. April 1, 1859, son of H. Callwell, 
Esq., Lisimoyne, Co. Antrim. 

Lawrence, 1871.2, M.IV.— 1876.2, M.VI.2. G*,Hi,S*. 1 p. Seh. 1873. 
R M.A. Woolwich. Lieut. R A. July 31, 1878. Capt. March 26, 1886. 
Passed first into StaffCollege 1884. Quahfied as Interpreter in German 1887. 

Clarke, Herbert Sydenham, b. May, 1857, son of T. S. Clarke, 
Esq., 96, Harley Street ', W. 
Edmonstone, 1871.2, IV— 1876.1, V.2. JI/3. 

Coopland, George Bertram Philpott, b. Aug. 18, 1857, son °f ^ ev * 
G. W. Coopland. 
Lawrence, 1871.2, III.— 1876.2, U.M.i. S. Catharine's College, Cambridge. 
B.A. Ordained from Wells Theological College, 1879, to Curacy of Holy 
Trinity, Worcester. S. Stephen's, S. Kensington, 1887. 

Costobadie, Harry Allister, b. June, 1856, sonof Major Costobadie, 
Horton Crescent, Rugby. 
Thomason, 1871.2, M.iv. — 1873.2, M.L.M.ii. 

Edwards, John Burnard, b.- May, 1857, son 0I " R- M. Edwards, Esq. 
3, Langkorne Gardens, Folkestone. 
Highneid, 1871 2. R.— 1874.2, M.U.M.i. R. M. C. Sandhurst. Adjutant ist 
Bengal Cavalry. 

Francis, Reginald Henry Murray, b. March, 1858, son of R. 
Francis, Esq., Crofton Hall, Orpington, Kent. 
Trevelyan, 1871.2, IL— 1876.1, V.i. 1 p. 

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M. Dec. 3, 1883, Gertrude Isabella, d. of Lieut.-Col. Jones Mortimer, of 

"d, : ■ " ~ 


Formby, Arthur Mawdesley, b. Feb. 1859, son of Rev. R. Formby, 
Latchingdon R., Maldon, Essex. 

Bartle Frere, 1871.2, III.— 1875-3, M.U.M.ii. 2nd XI. 1875. XL. 1875. 

Gripper, Harry Bell, b. May, 1858, son of G. Gripper, Esq., Totten- 
ham, N % 
Trevelyan, l871.a, IV.— 1874.3, U.M.i. 

Hill, Charles Gathorne, b. June, 1857, son 0I " C. Hill, Esq., jun., 
Clevedon Hall and Hazel Manor, Somerset- 
Trevelyan, 1871.2, II.— 1878.2, R 
M. Dec. 3, 1883, Gertrude 
Plasnewydd, Lianfair, Ruthin. 

Lee Barber, Arthur, b. Aug. 1857, son of J. Lee Barber, Esq., 
Coston, near Lowes toft. 
Edmonstone, 1871.2, IL— 1873.2, R. 1 p, 

♦Lushington, Lionel Edmund, b. June 26, 1857, son of late T. D. 

Lushington, Esq., Madras Civil Service, Park 

House, Maidstone. 

Edmonstone, 1871.x. L.M.i.— 18/6.2, VI.2. XI. 1874, 75, 76. XX. 1875. 

Jesus College, Cambridge, xi. and xv. Played for next xvi R.M.C. 

Sandhurst. 2nd Lieut. 54th Foot, Aug. 13, 1879. Lieut. 2nd Dorset 

Regt, (late 54Ü1 Foot), July 1, 1881. 

Mellor, Claude Salisbury Foljambe, b. April, 1857, son of Abel 
Mellor, Esq., Cardingfon, Bedfurd. 
Highfield, 1871.2, III.— 1878.2, L.M.i. 1 p. A Chief Secretary of the Primrose 
League, in London. 

Mills, Edward Aubrey, b. April, 1858, son of E. Mills, Esq., Baron 
House, Mitcham, 
Bartle Frere, 1871.2, I.— 1875.2, U.M.ii. 

Monnington, Herbert Edward, h. Sept. 1857, son of Rev. G. 
Monnington, Bithswell V., Luthrworth. 
Lawrence, 1871. 2, II.— 1878.2, R. 1 p. 

Mott, Thomas Woodham, b. Sept. 17, 1858, son of T. Mott, Esq., 
Much Hadham, Herts. 
Hailey and Lawrence, 1871.2, IL— 1876.2, V.2. XL. 1875. Trinity Hall. 
B.A. 1879. vm < z ^79> 

Powell, Cecil Cornthwaite, b. 1858, son of H. Powell, Esq., M.D., 
Binfield, near Brackneil, Berks* 
Hailey, 1871.2, III.— 1872.2, III. 

*£odd, James Renneil, b. Nov. 9, 1858, son of Major J. R. Rodd. 
Address, Foreign Office, London. 

Colvin, 1871.2, L.Mi.— 1876.2. Vl.i. 2 p. 2i?i. President of Antiquarian 
Society. Oxford, Balliol College. 2nd in Lit Hum. 1880. Newdigate 
1880. Rowed in Torpid and steered Eight. Nominated attache" in Diplo- 
matie Service, May 29, 1883. Appointed to Berlin, May 24, 1884. Private 
Secretary to His Excellency Sir E Malet, G.C.B. A third Secretary, July 
31, 1885. Has published, Songs in the South, 1882. Poems in Many Lands 

1884. Feda, with other poems, 1886. 

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ßapte, Brand, b. Sept. 24, 1857, son of Capt. W. Sapte, late ist 
Madras Light Cavalry, Walton House, Rugby. 

Colvin, 1871.2, U.M.ii. — 1874.2, M.V.i. Some and set prizes in Athletics. 
R.M.C. Sandhurst. Gazetted to 77th Regt. Maren, 1875. 
D. at Newry, lreland, Sept. 16, 1877. 

Silver, George, b. 1859, son of Mrs. Silver, 29, Royal Crescent, Bath. 

Highfieid, 1871.2, Mod.L.ii.— I87I.3. M.L.ii. 

ßimpkinson, Frederick George, b. Dec. 6, 1857, son of Rev. T. N. 
Simpkinson, North Creake Rectory, Fakenham, 

Bartle Frere, 1871.2, L.M.ii.— 1875.3, V.l. Admitted Solicitor Nov. 1885. 

Smith, John William, b. Oct. 1857, son °f J- Warner Smith, Esq., 
The Bury, Stevenage, 
Thomason, 1871.2, III. 1.— 1875.2, V.r. 2 p. 

Townsend, Charles Eyre Coote, b. Sept. 1858, son of W. U. 
Townsend, Esq., Spa Hill, Küfinane y lreland. 
Bartle Frere, 1871.2, I.— 1876.2, M.L.M.L 1 p. 

Tates, Edward Peel, b. 1858, son of Mrs. Yates, Yealand Congers, 
Hailey, 1871.2, III.— 1872.1, IV. 

1871. 3 . 

Block, John Saumarez Talbot, b. July, 1857, son of S. W. Block, 
Esq., 15, Talbot Square, Hyde Park, W. 

Thomason, I87I.3, R.— 1875.2, V.2. 

Bowles, Henry Albany, b. April, 1859, son of Rev. H. A. Bowles. 
Address, Arlington R., Barnstaple. 

Edraonstone, 1871.3. III.i. — 1876.2, U.M.ii. S. John's College, Oxford. B.A. 
xi and xv. Ordained, 1882, to S. Mary's, Andover. Now Rector of 
Aslington, N. Devon. 
M. second d. of J. B. Yonge, Esq., late Rifle Brigade. 

Clinton, C. S. Pelham, b. July, 1857, son °f Lord Charles Clinton. 
Ranby Hall, Retford, Notts. 
Highfieid, 1871-3, IV.— 1878.2, M.L.M.Ü. In Virginia. 

Corrie, Adam Frederick, b. Oct. 1858, son of Rev. E. S. Corrie, 
Greenstead Green V., Halstead, Essez. Ad- 
dress, Laboodelle, Rambodda, Ceylon. 
Hailey and Thomason, 1871-3, II.— 1876.3, V.2. 1 p. Coffee planting in Ceylon. 
M. Maren i, 1883, at Puneuawa, Frances Maria, d. of H.Towgood, Esq. 

Dyson, Percy S., b. Aug. 1858, care of Rev. D. Craven, Porch Home, 
Thomason, 1871-3. III.i.— 1875.2, M.U.M.ii. 1 p. 

Farrington, D. McLeod H., b. Nov. 1857, son of Col. Farrington, 
87, Gloucester Terrace, Hyde Park. 
Edmonstone, 1871-3, L.M.ii.— 1874.3, V.l. R.M.C. Sandhurst 1877. 
D. in India Aug. 1880. 

Gibbs, Arthur James Hayworth, b. June, 1858, son of Rev. T. C. 
Gibbs, Coates R. t Cirencester. 
Trevelyan, 1871-3, III.— 1874.2, L.M.ii. 

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Graut, Robert, b. July 23, 1859, son of Rev. A. R. Grant, Rector 
of Hitcham, Suffolk. 
Hailey, 1871-3, 1.— 1873.2, III. Two terms at Cheltenham. 
D. Sept. 20, 1875. 

Graut, Francis Charles, b. May 17, 1858, son of Rev. A. R. Grant, 
Rector of Hitcham, Suffolk. 
Hauer and Thomason, 1871. 3, III.— 1873.2, L.M.ii. z p. After a year at 
Cheltenham, Trinity Hall, Cambridge. R.M.C. Sandhurst. Gazetted to 
4ist Regt., but transferred to 24dl Regt. 2nd LieuL Jan. 1881. Lieut. July 
ist, 1881. Joined Central India Horse as Probationer for Bengal Staff 
Corps May, 1883. Permanent Squadron Officer in tbat Regt. Jan. 1886. 

Hill, Eustace Seymour, b. Aug. 1857, son of the late Rev. G. Hill, 
of Sacombe, Ware. 
Colvin, 1871.3, L.M.i.— 1874.2, V.2. 

Hoets, Alton Kingsley, b. May 24, 1856, son of J. W. van R. Hoets, 
Esq., of 150, Adelaide Road, N.W. Address, 
Yaas, New South Wales. 

Colvin, 1871-3. Upper IV.— 1874.2, V.2. XX. 1873. M.R.C.S. England 1880. 
L S A.Lond. 1879. At present in practice at Yaas, N.S. W. 

M. Feb. 15, 1884, at Sydney, Ellen, d. of late W. Grace, Esq., of Mog- 
godore, Morooco. 

Hörne, John McLeod, b. Jan. 1859, son of C. Hörne, Esq., Innis/aü, 
Beulah Hill, Upper Ndrwood. 
Bartle Frere, 1871. 3, III.— 1875.3, V.2. 1 p. 54. In San Francisco. 
M. 1885. 

Holme, Hugh Duncan, b. Jan. 5, 1857, son of Rev. S. J. Hulme, 
38, S. Giles's, Oxford. 
Bartle Frere, I871.3, L.M.H.— 1875.1, U.M.i. XX. 1874. 2nd in Mile 1875. 
Played in Cheshire Rugby Union xv. 1880-84. In business, in Manchester. 

♦Jellicoe, Frederick Gilbert Gardiner, b. Feb. 24, 1858, son of Captain 
J. H. Jellicoe, Royal Mail Steam Packet Com- 
pany, 7, Portland Terrace, Southampton (to 
be forwarded). 

Colvin, 1871.3, U.M.iL— 1876.3, VI. 1. 2 p. XI. 1875-76. Seh. 1872. New 
College, Oxford. 2nd Mods. 1878. 4th Lit. Hum. 1880. Univcrsity xi. 
Assistant Master and Precentor at S. Edward's School, Oxford. 

Julian, Richard Archer Henry, b. Feb. 1857, son of Mrs. Julian, 
Rue Doret, Dinan. 
Colvin, 1871.3-— 1874.2, M.U.M.1. 1 p. 

Kirby, Francis A. Marlow, b. Feb. 1857, son of Major Kirby, 
Retgate, Surrey. 
Edmonstone, 1871-3. M.L.M.Ü— 1874.1, M. L.M.ii. 

Langftafl^ William Ramsay, b. Dec. 2, 1857, son of F. F. Langstaff, 
Esq., 3, Rue des Ormeaux, Havre. 
Thomason, 1871.3, IV.— 1875.2, V.z. Two French prizes. In business, at 

Henry Gordon, b. Dec. 1 857, son of G. Mackenzie, Esq., 
Kent House, MelvilU Street, Ryde. 
Highfield, 1871-3, L.M.i.— 1873.2, V.2. 

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Mackinnon, William James B., b. Aug. 1857, son of L. Mackinnon, 
Esq., Tortington House, ArundeL 
Highneid, 1871-3. II.— 1873-3, M.iv. 

Mackinnon, William Macleod, b. Nov. 1859, son of Rev. D. 
Mackinnon, Kilbride, Broadford, hie of Skye. 
Lawrence, 1871.3, I.— 1874.2, L.M.ii. 1 p. 

Hansel, Henry Gates, b. March, 1858, son of the late R. S. Mansel, 
Esq., of Everley Lodge, East Barnet. 
Edmonstone, 1871-3, IV.— 1876.1, V.i. XX. 1875. In America. 

Xaelagan, Charles Patrick Dalryrople, b. May 22, 1857, son of 
General R. Maclagan, R.E., 4, West Cromwell 
Road, W. , or, Brookhurst, Horsham. 

Lawrence, 1871. 3, L.M.L— 1875.x, V.i. 3 p. 2nd Set Broad Jump. Secretary 
of Antiquarian Society. Exeter College, Oxford, and in Law. Farming in 

Xarkby, Henry, b. Feb. 1857, son of H. Markby, Esq., 57, Coleman 

Street, London. 

Hailey and Thomason, 1871-3, IV.— 1874.1, L.M.i. 
D. Dec. 4, 1875. 

Kontresor, Charles Edward Cage, b. Nov. 5, 1857, son of C. F. 
Montresor, Esq., Herschels, Slough, Bucks. 

Lawrence, 1871.3. L.M.L— 1875.1, M. V.i. 1 p. R.I.E.C. Cooper's Hill, 1876. 
To India, in Public Works Department, Sept. 1879. Promoted Jan. 1885. 

Payne Gaüwey, Arthur W., b. Oct. 1858, son of P. Payne Gallwey, 
Esq., Brafferton Moor, Helpertey, York. 

Hailey and Trevelyan, 1871-3. III.— 1874.3, M.R. Studied Minine 

■ "" - "~ " " Sin " ~ " * ' ~ " 

in North of England. Since in S. America, at Potosi and < 
present (1887) at Eureka, Nevada, U.S.A. 

Phipps, Edgar V. A., b. Feb. 1857, son of Rev - G. Phipps, Husband's 
Bosvoorth R. 9 Rugby. 
Highfield, 1871-3. L.M.Ü.— 1878.2, U.M.Ü. 1 p. 

Prior, Herbert Morres, b. Aug. 28, 1857, son of Rev. J. S. Prior. 
Address, care of H. S. King and Co., 45, 
Pall Mall. 

Edmonstone, I87I.3, L.M.Ü.— 1876.2, M.V.i. 2 p. XXII. and in Single- 
sticks. B.B.S. Averageball. R.M.C. Sandhurst. Sub.-Lieut. unattached, 
Feb. 1876. Lieut. S4th Foot Feb. 12, 1877. Bombay Staff Corps, Sept. 
3rd, 1877. Military Accounts Department, May, 1880, tili present date. 

Eathbone, Henry Garr, b. Oct. 1857, son °f w - Rathbone, Esq., 
M.P., Greenbank, Liverpool. 
Highfield, 1871.3, R.— 1878.3, M.R. 

Richardson, George L., b. Oct. 1858, care of Rev. M. R. Bürge, 
Haverford West, South Wales. 
Highfield, 1871-3, lll.i.— 1875.1, M.L.M.Ü. 

Shepherd, Charles Samuel, b. Sept. 1857, son of Rev. S. Shepherd, 
Roughton V. t Maidstone. 
Trevelyan, 1871-3, L.M.Ü.— 1878-3. U.M.i. In British Kaffraria. 

Digitized by 



Stapylton, Frederic Chetwynd, b. Oct. 1857, son of Rev. W. 

Chetwynd Stapylton, Maiden V., Worcester 

Park, Surrey. 
Colvin. 1871.3, IV.— 1876.2, VI.2. 2 p. 
Stephens, Henry Morse, b. Oct. 1857, son of Mrs. Stephens. 

Trevelyan, 1871-3. L.M.i.— 1876.3, VI.i. 1 p. XX. 1876. Balliol College, 
Oxford, ist in History, 1881. Published, 1886, • A History of the French 
Revolution' (Rivingtons). 
M. Dec. 21, 1880, Annette, d. of E. A. Hollmgs, Esq., of Sanbury. 

Taylor, Henry Ralph Bentley, b. Aug. 1857, son of Capt. Taylor, 

Upvoay R. 9 Dorchtster. 
Barüe Freie, 1871-3. L.M.i.— 1878.1, M.U.M.Ü. 
Tindall, William, b. Sept. 30, 1858, son of W. H. Tindall, Esq., 

Hollyshaw, Tunbridge Wells. 

Highfield, 1871. 3, III. — 1876.1, V.l. and in Broad Jump, and other prizes in 
Athletics, 1876. XL. 1875. In business, in London. 

Turner, Cecil, b. Jan. 1858, son of S. Turner, Esq., East Hill, 
Lawrence, 1871. 3, R.— 1875.2, V.i. In business, in London. 

•Wilde, Francis Samuel, b. Aug. 1857, son of s - J- Wilde, Esq., 
11, Vicarage Gate, Kensington, W. 

Thomason, 1871.3. L.M. iL —1875.1, M.VI.z. 1 p. Sa, Ma. XL. 1874. 
Mathematical Exh. 1875. Civil Engineer. Worked in Brazil 1876-1885. 
Out to India in 1887, on the Engineering Staff of the Chota Nagpur Railway. 

Whitehead, Henry, b. July, 1857, son of J. Whitehead, Esq., 
Barßeld Lodge, Bickley. 
Highfield, 1871-3, R.— 1878.2. L.M.i. 

•Wright, Henry Cecil, b. Oct. 1857, son of P. Wright, Esq. Ad- 
dress, 227, Queen Street, Brisbane, Australia. 

Bartle Frere, 1871-3, L.M.Ü.— 1876.2, VI.i. 6 p. XXII. 1874, 75. 76. Keble 
College, Oxford. In Australia. 


♦Armstrong, Edward Archibald, b. Feb. 17, 1859, son of the late 
Rev. J. Armstrong, Vicar of Dinder and 
Prebendary of Wells. Address, 2, King's 
Bench Walk, Temple. 

Trcvelyan, 1872.1, L.M.i.— 1878.2, VI.i. Head of the School. President of 
Literary Society. Secretary of Antiquarian Society. Seh. 1873. P- c 3t 
F$, Fi. XL. 1877. Ist » Mile an( * Half-mile 1877. 2nd Quarter, ist Mile 
and Half-mile 1878. Jesus College, Cambridge. Rustat Seh. 1878. Gatford 
Seh. 1883. 3rd class Classical Tripos 1882. ist C.U.A.C. Thiee Mile 
Handicap 1881. 3rd C.U.A.C. Three Miles 1881. Trinity Hall Strangers 
Race 1879. Prizes in College Sports. Callcd to Bar (Inner Temple) 1882. 
Western Circuit, Dorset Sessions. 

Bagot, Charles Frederick Heneage, b. Jan. 1858, son of Rev. W. 
C. W. Bagot, Castle Rising R. f King's Lynn. 
Thomason, 1872.1, M.IV.— 1875.2, M.U.M.i. 
Dagg, Walter Lewis, b. Feb. 1859, son of J. R. Dagg, Esq., Hatfield, 
Colvin, 1872.1, II.-1876.I, U.M.i. 

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Edwards, William Mandeville, b. March, 1858, son of Rev. W. 
Edwards, Leckpatrick R., Slrabane, Inland. 
Bartle Frere, 1872.1, R.— 1875.1, V.i. \ip. 

Firth, Sydney, b. Sept. 21, 1860, son of W. Firth, Esq., Cator Court, 
Hailey, 1872.1, IV.— 1872.3, IV. Civil Engineer, in Australia. 

Gurney, Walter Somerville, b. June, 1858, son of S. A. Gurney, 
Esq. Address, Ipswich. 

Lawrence, 1872.1, R.— 1876.2, U.M.i. XX. 1875. XI. 1875-76 (Captain). 
Played at Prince's 1876. Won 100, 200. Quarter and High Jump (5ft. 5m. [ 
1876. Various Kives and Racquet Prizes. Average Bat. Has played 

cricket for the Counties of Norfolk and Suffolk. In Messrs. Gurneys' Bank 
since 1878, and in Ipswich since 1882. 

Hodson, Gilbert Neville, b. Dec. 1859, son of Sir G. Hodson, 
Bart., Holybrooke, Brqy, Ircland. 
Hailey, 1872.1, I.— 1878.1, III.i. 

Howard, James Harold, b. Feb. 1858, son of J. Howard, Esq., 
Clapham Park, Bedford. 

Bartle Frere, 1872.1, R.— 1875.1, V.i. 4 p. XX. 1874. Studied at Hanover 
in the Technische Hochschule, and since then has been in his father's 

Leeds, Oglander George Montagu, b. March, 1857, son °f M rs « 
Leeds, Woolstone, Soulhampton. 
Thomason, 1872.1, M.R.— 1874.2, M.L.M.Ü. 

KcAlpine, Kenneth, b. April 11, 1858, son of R. K. McAlpine, Esq., 
Barrister-at-Law, Rosemount, near Maidstone. 

Hailey and Trevelyan, 1872. 1, I.— 1874.2, M.IV. At first a coffee planter at 
Coppa, Mysore, India, but had to return from ill-health. Now in business 
in Maidstone. Has played for the Kent xi. 

XcClintock, William Kerr, b. Oct. 10, 1858, son of Capt. T. M. 
McClintock, Hampstead, Londonderry, Ireland. 

Lawrence, 1871. 3, IL— 1875.2, U.M.i. 2nd in 2nd Set 100, 200, and Hurdles, 
1875. R.M.C Sandhurst, and Lieut. 49Ü1 Regt. Aug. 13, 1879. Lieut 
July 28, 188a Capt. in Royal Berkshire Regt. Jan. 6, 1886. 

Kaopherson, Hugh Alexander, b. Feb. 19, 1858, son of W. Mac- 
pherson, Esq., Barrister-at-Law. Address, 3, 
Kensington Gardens Square, W. 

Trevelyan, 1872.1, L.M.i.— 1876.1, V.i. Secretary of N.S.S. Oriel College, 
Oxford. RA. Ordained, 1882, to S. James's, Carlisle. Senior Curate of 
Holy Trinity, Paddington, 1886. M.B.O.U. Writer of Zoological papers 
in Zoologist, Naturalist, Midland Naturalist, and other publications. Joint 
author of the ' Birds of Cumberland.' 

Kansfleld, William Le Poer, b. Aug. 1857, son of Rev. J. Mansfield, 
S. Marys R., near Blandford. 
Hailey and Lawrence, 1872.1, III.— 1878.2, M.IV. In Queensland, fanning. 

Maxwell, James, b. Dec. 1857, son °f tne ^ ate Col. Maxwell, 12, 
Chester Street, Edinburgh. 
Hailey and Lawrence, 1S72.I, III. 1.— 1878-3, M.IV. 

Digitized by 



Kapier, George, b. June, 1859, son of Rev. C. Napier, Wiston 

Rectory, Steyning, Sussex. 

Bartle Freie, 1872. 1, R.— 1877.2, Vl.a. Prefect in Hailey. S. Mary Hall, 
Oxford. Two years in Eight. B.A. Ordained Dec. 1882, to S. John's, 
Truro. Now S. John's, Westminster. 

Owen, Charles Mostyn, b. May, 185g, son of C. Mostyn Owen, Esq., 
Woodhouse, Iffley, Oxford. Address, Portland, 
Oregon, U.S.A. 

Colvin, 1872.1, M.IV.— 1974-3, M.L.M.L Engineer L. &N.W.R. 1876-79. 
Emigrated to Oregon 1879. Engineer with Northern Pacific Railroad 
1881-83, with Oregon Railway and Navigation Company 1883-86. 

*Randolph, Berkeley William, b. March, 1858, son of Rev. C. 
Randolph, Chartham Rectory, Canterbury. 

Trevelyan, 1872.1, L.M. II. —1876.3, Vl.a. 1 p. £5, D4, aDi. Balliol 
College, Oxford. Cox. of viii. Hebrew Exh. 1876. Denyer and Johnson 
University Seh. 1880. and class in Theology 1879. Ordained Deacon 
1881. Priest 1882. Fellow of S. Augustinus College, Canterbury, 1880-83. 
Honorary Fellow, 1884. Principal of S. Stephen's House, Oxford, 1884-85. 
Chaplain to Bp. of Lincoln 1885. 

Stapylton, Granville Chetwynd, b. Dec. 1858, son of Rev. W. 
Chetwynd Stapylton, Maiden V., Woraster Park, 
Colvin, 1872.1, R.— 1876a, M.VI.a. p. 5a. In Florida. 

Tennant, William Francis, b. 1858, son of Col. Tennant, Ntwnton 
LongvilU R., BletchUy. 
Hailey, 1872.1, IV.-1872. 3 , IV. 

Vincent, George Herbert, b. March 11, 1858, son of late Rev. R. 
Vincent, 85, Nichols Square, Hackney Road, E. 

Thomason, 1872.1, III.— 1876.1, V.l. S. John's College. Oxford. M.A. 
Ordained, June, 1881, to Curacy of S. Thomas, Bethnal Green. 

Von Lengerke, Edward Julius, b. Oct. 1858, care of Mrs. Denny, 
.S". fames* s V., Fulham. 
Thomason, 1872.1, M.R.— 1876.1, M.VI.a. 1 p. 


Aflhby, James Shuckburgh, b. Jan. 1858, son of G. Ashby Ashby, 
Esq., Naseby Woolleys, Rugby. 
Edmonstone, 1872. a, L.M.L— 1874.3, Vi. R.M.C. Sandhurst. Lieut. Bombay 
Staif Corps, March aa, 1876. fn 1886 Governor to the Rao of Cutch. 

Bailey, Crosier, b. Nov. 1857, son of the late E. C. Bailey, Esq., 
The Shrubbery, Norwich. 
Colvin, 1872.3, R.— 1975.3, V.i. Articled as a Solicitor, but now in a brewery. 

Barry, David, b. June, 1858, son of Rev. D. T. Barry, The Limes, 
Hailey and Edmonstone, 1872. a, III. 1. — 1874a, L.M.ii. Engineering in India. 

Bonner, Charles Arthur, b. Aug. 1858, son of J. G. Bonner, Esq., 
Tooting Graveney, Suffolk. 
Edmonstone. 1872.a, III. a.— 1874-3, R. 

Digitized by 



Buchanan Eiddell, Charles Sydney, b. Aug. 30, 1858, son of the 

late Rev. J. C. Buchanan Riddell, Rector of 

Harrietsham, Kent. 

Hailey and Trevelyan, 1872.2, IV.— 1876.2, V.i XXII. 1876. Christ Church, 

Oxford. 3rd in Theology 1880. Ordained frora Cuddesdon to Curacy of 

Aylesbury 1881. Joined the Universities Mission to Central Africa in May, 


D. at Magila, near Zanzibar, June nth, 1886. In Memoriam in Hailey- 
burian of Nov. 26th, 1886. 

Buchanan Eiddell, Henry Edward, b. Jan. 25, 1860, son of the late 
Rev. J. C. Buchanan Riddell, Rector of 
Harrietsham, Kent. 

Hailey and Trevelyan, 1872.2, III.— 1877.1, L.M.L and Lieut. 6oth Rifles, 
Aug. 13Ü1, 1879. Lieut. King's Royal Rifles, July 1, z88i. Staflf lieut. 
(Assistant to Provost Marshai) in Egypt, Dec. 18, 1885. 

♦Cumberlege, Harry Altham, b. Aug. 1858, son of Rev. S. F. 
Cumberlege, The Rectory, Covent Garden 

Bartle Frere, 1872.2, U.M.ii.— 1877.2, VI.i. Head of the SchooL 4 p. C 1, 
C 5, and others. President of Literary Society. Exh. 1877. Pembroke 
College, Oxford. Seh. 1877. Ist in Mods. 1870. 4Ü1 in Lit. Hum. 1881. 

C$, and others. President of Literary Society. Exh. 1877. Pembroke 
College, Oxford. Seh. 1877. Ist » n Mods. 1870. 4Ü1 in Lit. H 
Ordained, Sept. 1882, to Cranworth, Norfolk. Now at Fulham. 

Dawson, George Augustus Pilkington, b. April, 1858, son of Mrs. 
Pilkington Dawson, Lullington V., Burton-on- 
Lawrence, 1872.2, M.IV.— 1876.1, M.L.M.i. XX. 1875. Gymnastic and 
Singlestick prizes. 

*Evans, Jamie Lachlan, b. Aug. 1858, son of late Rev. J. J. Evans, 
38, Palace Gardens Terrace, Kensington, W. 

Lawrence, 1872.2, L.M.H.— 1877. 2, VI. 2. ip. XL. 1876. XI. 1877. Prefect in 
Hailey. Trinity College, Cambridge. Trinity 4Ü1 Boat. 3rd class Classical 
Tripos 1881. After taking some scholastic work, ordained 1884 to Curacy 
of S. Mary Abbott, Kensington. 

Groome, John Charles, b. April 22, 1858, son of Rev. R. H. Groome, 
Archdeacon of Suffolk, Monk Soham Rectory, 
Wickham Market, Suffolk. 

Thomason, 1872.2, U.M.ii.— 1875.1, V.i. XL. 1874. Solicitor, in London. 

Holland, Richard Lancelot, b. April, 1858, son of Mrs. S. Holland, 
Oakdown, Hawkhurst. 
Hailey and Lawrence, 1872.2, M.III.2.— 1874.1, M.IV. 
*Hanbury Williams, Charles, b. Feb. 1858, son of F. Hanbury 
Williams, Esq., Woodsley, Ferndale Road, Tun- 
bridge Wells. 
Edmonstone, 1872.2. U.M.ii.— 1876.3, VI.i. p. F4, F3. Seh. 1872. XX. 
1876. Keble College, Oxford. 

Haynes, Herbert Pollock Gilbert, b. June, 1859, son of F.O- Haynes, 
1 6, Old Buildings, Lincoln' s Inn. 
Colvin, 1872.2, L.M.Ü.— 1874.3, V.l. 1 p. 

Jackson, Welby Ireland, b. Feb. 1860, son of W. Jackson, Esq., 
3, Upton Park, Slough. 
Lawrence, 1872.2. L.M.Ü.— 1874.3, V.x. 
D. Dec. 31, 1874. 

Digitized by 



Jackson, Seymour Frank, b. June, 1853, son of H. J. Jackson, Esq., 
66, Abbey Road, S. Johris Wood, N. W. 
Trevelyan, 1872 2, III. 1.— 1876.1, U.M.ii. 
Nicholson, Lothian Demain, b. Oct. 5, 1858, son of W. N. Nicholson, 
Esq., Master in Lunacy. Address, 14, Gloucester 
Street, S.W. 
Trevelyan, 1872.2, IV.— 1875.1, L.M.i. In business, in London. 
M. July 4, 1882, Frances Laura Squire. 

Newton, Thomas Edwin, b. Aug. 1 858, son of Mrs. Newton, Twyford, 
Edmonstone, 1872.2, III. r.— 1875.2, U.M.ii. 
Newton, John Floyd, b. Oct. 1859, son of Mrs. Newton, Tivyford, 
Edmonstone, 1872.2, II Li. —1876. 2, M.V.2. 

# Bathbone, Edward Lucretius Wainwright, b. May, 19, 1859, son 
of W. Rathbone, Esq., M.P., Greenbank, 
Bartle Frere, 1872.2, L.M.Ü.— 1877.2, VI. 2. 

Drowned in Derwentwater, Sept. 9, 1886. 

Thomas, Michael Rogers Oldfield, b. Feb. 21, 1858, son of Rev. 
J. H. Thomas, Hillingdon Vicarage, Uxbridge. 

Thomason, 1872.2, III. 1 —1875.2, V.2. and XI. 1875. 4 p. Junior Assistant 
British Museum (Natural History) Oct. 10, 1876. Senior Assistant, Tan. 
25, 1886. F.Z.S. Member of Anthropological Institute. Author of Brit. 
Mus. Guides, and Papers in Journals of Zoological, Linnsean, and Anthro- 
pological Societies. 

+Watson, Edward Herbert, b. Dec. 13, 1858, son of Gen. E. D. 
Watson, Bengal Army, 2, Portland Place, Bath. 

Trevelyan, 1872.2, III.— 1877-2, VI 2. 4 p. XI. 1876-77. Average Ball. 
"X. 1876. Singlesticks. R.M.C. Sandhurst Jul " " 

_ 1 the Afgh 
D. of fever and exposure on the march back from Gandamak, July 4, 

876. Singlesticks. R.M.C. Sandhurst July, 1877. Gazetted May, 

1878, to 171h Regt. Served with his Regt, in the Afghan Campaign 1878-79. 
D. of fever and exposure on the march back from Gandamak, ' 

1879. There is a brass tablet in the recess in Chapel to his memory.' 

•Watkins, Charles Bell, b. Aug. 13, 1859, son of J. F. Watkins, 
Esq., J.P., Elmsleigh, Watford, Herts. 

Edmonstone, 1872 2, M.R.— 1876.3, M.VI. 2. 2 p. D. Boxing 1876. R.M.A. 
Woolwich 1876. XV. 1877. Riding Prize 1878. LieuL R.A. Jan. 30, 
1878. Capt. May 8, 1886. Afghanistan with a Field Battery 1878-80. 
Actions of Ahmed-Kheyl and Urgoo, and fall of Ghuznee, and Stewart' s 
march from Candahar to Cabul. Medal 1878, 79, 80, with clasp for 

♦Watkins, Nowell Shaw, b. Aug. 1859, son of J. F. Watkins, Esq., 
Elmsleigh, Watford, Herts. 
Edmonstone, 1872.2, M.R.— 1877.2, M VI.i. 2 p. Afa. XL. 1875, 7^ 77» 
2nd XI. 1876-77. Solicitor, in Calcutta. 

Walker, Charles Hensley, b. Jan. 1859, son of Col. G. G. Walker, 

Crawfordton House, Thornhill, N.B., or Oxford 

Mission House, Bow Bazaar, Calcutta. 

Highfield, 1872.2, R.— 1875-3, V.i. Oriel College, Oxford, ist in Theology 

1881. Ellerton Essay 1882. Ordained, 1883, to Dorchester. Joined the 

Oxford University Mission to Calcutta 1885. 

Digitized by 


1872.3. HA1LE YBUR Y REGISTER. 93 

Williams Freeman, John Peere, b. April, 1858, son of F. P. Williams 
Freeman, Esq., Bursledon, Southampton. 

Colvin, 1872.3, M.L.M.ii.— 1875.3, M.VI.2. Dive 1874 and 1875. R.M.A. 
Woolwich 1876. R.A. July, 1878. Resigned Sept. 1878. Durham Uni- 
versity. College of Medicine, Newcastle-on-Tyne. Gold Medal and ist 
Certificate of Honour in Hygiene and Public Health 1885. M.B. 
M.R.C.S.Eng. L.S.A. House Surgeon, Royal Port smouth Hospital. 

Wyatt, Alfred William Nevill, b. Jan. 1859, son of G. N. Wyatt, 
Esq., Lake Uouse, Cheltenham. 
Colvin, 1872.2. M.R.— 1876-3, M.U.M.I. 1 p. 


Anson, Frank Charles Montr6sor, b. Aug. 1857, son of E. H. Anson, 
Esq., late Bengal Civil Service, 83, Harley 
Street, Cavendish Square. 
Thomason, 1872-3, R.— 1875.2, M.U.MJ. 1 p. 

Burchell, Charles Tufnell Dyne, b. April 30, 1858, son of Rev. J. 
Burchell, Teddington, Middlesex. Address, 
5, The Sanctuary, Westminster, S.W. 
Highfield, 1872-3, IV.— 1874.2, U.M.ii. 2 p. Admitted a Solicitorin July, 1882. 

Cattley, Henry Toulmin, b. Feb. 1859, son of T. Cattley, Esq., 
Wray Park, Reigate. 
Bartle Frere, I872.3. IL— 1876.1, L.M.i. 

Chattaway, Frederick, b. Dec. 1857, son of C. Chattaway, Esq., 
1 1, Rood Zane, E.C. 
Colvin, W2.3, M.R. — 1875.3, M.V.2. Various running prizes for long distances. 
M. Oct. 15, 1885, Lilian Sophia Amy, d. of W. Wreford Major, Esq., 
of Upper East Sheen. 

Colbeck, Arthur George, b. July, 1858, son of the late Rev. W. R. 
Colbeck, of Fressingfield V., Harleston. Lyn ton 
House, Selby Park, Birmingham. 
Thomason, 1872-3, III.2.— 1874.3, M.R. In business. 

Couchman, George Henry Holbecke, b. Dec. 1859, son of Col. 
E. H. Couchman, R.A. 

Edmonstone, 1872-3, R.— 1876.2, M. U.M.ii. R.M.C. Sandhurst. Lieut. 
Prince of Wales's Somersetshire Light Infantry, March 20, 1880. In 
Burmah 1886-87. 

Espin, Thomas Henry Espinell Compton, b. May, 1858, son of 
Rev. Chancellor Espin, Wallasey i?., Birkenhead. 
Address, Walsingham, Darlington. 

Edmonstone, 1872-3, IL— 1876.2, U.M.i. p. Exeter College, Oxford, and 
in Theology 1881. F.R.A S. 1878. Vice-President of Liverpool Astro- 
nomical Society, 1882. Ordained, 1882, to Curacy of West Kirby, Cheshiie. 
Author of various contributions to astronomical publications 1877-84. * The 
Comet of 1882,' and others. 

♦Praser, Duncan Davidson, b. Feb. 1857, son of Arthur Fräser, 
Esq., 103, Inverness Terrace, W. 
Thomason, 1872-3, L.M.i.— 1876. 2, VI.i. 7 p. Fx t -P4, 2G1, -P3. XX. 
1875. In business, in Java. 
M« Jan. 17, 1884, Helma, d. of J. A. Vander Chys, of Batavia. 

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Gnbbins, Joseph Hartopp, b. Feb. 27, 1858, son of T. W. Gubbins, 
Esq., Dunkathel Glanmire, Co. Cork. 

Bartle Frere, 1872.3. M.IV.—1875.3, M.U.M.i. XL. 1875. Trinity College, 
Cambridge. B.A. 1881. ist Trinity ist Boat 1880, 81, 82. Capt. 1881. 
University Trial Eights 1879, 80, 81. In ist Trinity Four, 1880 and 1881, 
and at Henley 1881 and 1882. 

Haie, Rowland, b. Jan. 1858, son of H. G. Haie, Esq., 36, Oxford 

Gardens, JV. Kensington. 
Trevelyan, 1872-3. R.— 1875.3, V.2. 2 p. 
*Hallward, Norman Leslie, b. March 3, 1859, son of Rev. J. L. 

Hallward, Gilston Rectory, Harlow. 

Thomason, 1872.3, U.M.ii.— 1877.2. VI.i. XXII. XX. 1876. Seh. 1872. 
Exh. 1877. 4 p. C2, C3, 2C5. King's College, Cambridge. Seh. 
1877 and Prizeman. xi. and Association xi. and class Classical Tripos 

1881. Scholastic Profession. Now at Louth Grammar School. 

Hobart, Hampden Arthur Kennet, b. Nov. 1858, son of Hon. and 
Rev. W. A. Hobart, Vicar of Wdlesbourne, 
Edmonstone, 1872-3, III.x. — 1676. 3, V.2. New College, Oxford. B.A. 1881. 
Ordained to Croydon, 1883. 

Holloway, William, b. April, 1858, son of Mr. Justice Holloway, 
Madras High Court, Teynham House, Upper 
Bartle Frere 1872-3, L.M.i.— 1875.1, V.i. 3 p. 

Knox, Thomas, b. Sept. 1 1, 1859, son of Sir T. G. Knox, K.C.M.G., 
Consul General of Siam. Christchurch, New 

Colvin, 1F72-3, M.L.M.ii.— 1£76-3, M.VI.a. 3 p. #2, Hz. Swimming 
in Clothes Prize. Royal Geographical Society's Gold Medallist 1876. 
Matriculated at Giessen University, Germany, 1877. Oxford University, 
Unattached Student. Prize for Headers, O.U.B.C. Cox. of S. Catherine's 
Eight. Second for University Sculls, 1881. Emigrated to New Zealand 

1882. Assistant Master in (Jhurch of England Grammar School 1885. 
Napier Boys' High School 1886. 

Lang, Menzies Charles Robinson, b. Dec. 1858, son of Rev. C. S. 
Lang, Frensham i?., Farnham. 
Hailey and Thomason, 1S72-3. II.— 1876 3. E4. 4 p. R.M.C. Sandhurst. 
Lieut. in the Manchester Regt. Sept. 1, 1880. 

♦Menzies, Alfred Sydney, b. Aug. 1858, son of Rev. W. Menzies, 

Danemark, 2, Hyde Street, Winchester. 

Trevelyan, 1872.3, L.M.i.— 1877.2, VI.i. 1 p. E 5 2nd prize. Hertford 

College, Oxford. Macbride Seh. 2nd in Classical Mods. 1879. 3rd 

Classical Greats 1881. Association xi. Ordained, Chiistmas, 1882, to 

Curacy of Winnall, Winchester. 

*Bewmarch, Lindsay Sherwood, b. March, 1857, son of Col. 
Newmarch, R.E. 

Lawrence, 1872-3, U.M.i.— 1875.2, VI.i. 3 p. XI. 1875. Passed oth into 
Woolwich, but deeided to read for I.C.S. For a time at S. John's College, 
Cambridge, and nnally passed first of University Candidates into R.M.C. 
Sandhurst. Passed out second with Honours in 1879, and was gazetted to 
6th Foot. Lieut. in Bengal Staff Corps, and appointed. 1885, Assistant 
Agent to Sir Lepel Griffin, Govcrnor-General of Central India. First 
Assistant Political Secretary at Quetta, 1887. 

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Oddie, Algernon B., b. June 13, 1858, son of Rev. G. Oddie, Aston 
R., Stevenage. 
Bartle Frere, 1872-3, III.2.— 1875.2, L.M.i. 1 p. 

•Orde, Charles Somerville, b. Aug. 8, 1858, son of J. H. Orde, Esq., 
Hopton House, Hopton S. Margaret, Great 

Lawrence, 1872.3, IV.— 1876.1, VI.2. Partner in Gurney's Bank, Yarmouth, 

Ormsby Johnson, Frederick Colpoys, b. Oct. 19, 185g, son of late 
Vice-Admiral J. Ormsby Johnson, the Moorings, 
Ipswich, and of Argenteuil, Canada. Address, 
1, Victoria Villas, Hythe, Kent. 

Thomason, 1872.3, R.— 1874.1, L.M.i. R.M.C. Sandhurst, Queen's Cadet, 
1876. 2qrd Welsh Füsiliers, April, 1877. Transferred to Royal Marine 
Light Infantry, Jan. 1878. Capt. 1886. Served in Mediterranean prior to 

Campaign in Egypt 1882. 

M. Oct. 14, 1884, Maria, d. of late H. Lund, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, of 
Stonehouse Court, Gloucestershire. 

Fearse, Frank Hugh, b. Dec. 1858, son of C. J. Pearse, Esq., 13, 
Chester Square, London. 
Hailey, 1872-3, III. 1. -1873.1, M.III.i. 

Pollock, William Rivers, b. Feb. 1859, son of G. F. Pollock, Esq., 
Hanworlh) MiddUsex. 

Trevelyan, 1872.3, R.— 1877.1. V.i. XX. 1876. XV. Various Athletic prfces. 
Tenor Solo 1877. S. George's Hospital. Joined Addenbrooke's Hospital, 
Cambridge, and entered at Trinity. Amateur Champion in Hurdles 1885. 
Ran against Oxford. On Committee of C.U.A.C. 

♦Enggles Brise, Cecil Edward, b. Feb. 1859, son of S. B. Ruggles 
Brise, Esq., Spams Hall, Braintree. 

Colvin, 1872.3, L.M.J.— 1876.2, M.VI.2. 2 p. R.M.C. Sandhurst. Capt. 
April 4, 1883, in the Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regt.). 

Scott, Barnard Charles, b. July, 1860, son of Rev. T. S. Scott, 6, 
Weighton JRoad, Penge. 
Bartle Frere, I872.3, III. 1.— 1873.2, R. 

Shackle, Edward Neild, b. Feb. 7, 1859, son of E. H. Shackle, Esq., 
Botwell Lodge, Hayes. 

Hailey and Bartle Frere, 1872. 3, III. 1.— 1877.1, V.i. 2Tid XI. BigSideFootball. 
Won Single Fives 1876, 77. Single Racquets and Bat Fives 1877. 1 p. 

Smith, Percy Macan, b. Dec. 1858, son of Rev. B. F. Smith, Rust- 
hall, Tunbridge Wells. 
Hailey, 1872-3, II.— 1873-3, III. 

♦Smith, Henry Whitby, b. Aug. 1858, son of Rev. B. C. Smith, 

Thilcote R., Woburn, Beds. 

Edmonstone, 1872-3, U.M.ii.— 1876.2, VI.2. 2 p. R.I.E.C. Cooper's Hill. 
Passed in 3rd 1878, out 3rd 1879. Joined lndian Telegraph Department 
Sept 22, 1879. 

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♦Steward, Herbert, b. May, 1860, son of late E. Steward, Esq., 
Saxlingham Hall, Norwich. 

Hailey and Edmonstone, I872.3, III.z.— I879.a ( VI.i. 2 p. XI. 1879. XV. 
1878. Played at Prince's 1879. Magdalen College, Oxford. B.A. Read 
for Holy Orders at Cuddesdon, and was to have been ordained to Aylesbury, 
but was seized with consumplion and died at Torquay July 41h, 1885. There 
is a tablet in Chapel to his memory and R. V. Stewärd's. 

♦Thomas, Colnett Lyttelton, b. July 9, 1859, son of Rev. J. H. 
Thomas, Hillingdon Vicarage, Uxbridge. 

Thomason, 1872.3, III. 2.— 1878.1, VI.2. XI. 1877. Prizes in Athletics. E 4. 
XV. 1876-77 (Capt.) Cooper's Hill, 1879-81. Indian Telegraph Depart- 
ment. In India his health failed and he had to return. 

D. July 20, 1885. There is a tablet in Chapel to his memory. 

Travera, Mordaunt Thomas Otho, b. Oct. 1858, son of Capt. R. 
O. Travers, Aiverne Hill, Penzance. 
Bartle Frere, I872.3, Ill.a— 1875.3, L.M.i. 1 p. 

•Trevor, Edward Tüll, b. June 16, 1859, son of Rev. G. A. Trevor, 
48, Queen's Gardens, W. 

Lawrence, 1872.3, L.M.i.— 1876.3, VI.i. Prefect in Hailey. Guy's Hospital. 
L.S.A., M.K.C.S.Eng. L.R.C. Physicians. London University. Late 
Resident Registrar at North Eastern Hospital for Children 1883. Lieut. 
2nd Volunteer Batt. Norfolk Regt. Dec. 1885. 
M. Dec. 31, 1884. 

♦Tritton, Seymour Biscoe, b. July, 1 860, son of Col. Tritton, 4, Bertie 
Terrace, Leamington, or Kanchrapara, Bengal. 

Edmonstone, 1872-3, III. 2. —1879.1, VI.2. 1 p. XV. 1878. ist in Gymnastics 
1878-79. Prefect in Hailey. Served apprenticeship in Messrs. Hawthom's 
works, Newcastle-on-Tyne. Now Engineer on Bengal State Railway. 

•Bailow, Lyoneil, b. Feb. 1859, son of Rev. J. M. Barlow, Ewhurst 
Hailey and Bartle Frere, 1873.1, L.M.i.— 1877.2, VI.i. 2 p. 53. XXII. 
XL. Prefect in Hailey. Trinity Hall, Cambridge. Seh. XI. 2nd class 
Law Tripos 1880. Solicitor. 

Block, Arthur Hugh, b. May, 14, 1859, son of P. W. Block, Esq., 
15, Talbot Square, Hyde Park. 
Thomason, 1878.1, M.L.M.Ü.— 1876.3, M.VI.2. XL. 1875, 76. R.M.A. 
Woolwich. XV. 1878. Lieut. R.A. Dec. 18, 1878. Capt. Dec. 12, 1886. 
ist Brigade Field Artillery, Batt B, stationed (1887) at Mooltan, Bengal. 

Browne, Gerald William, b. Feb. 3, 1859, son of late Rev. P. W. 

Browne, 6, Clarinda Park East, Kingstown, 

Co. Dublin. 

Hailey. 1878.1, IL— 1874.3, IV. Won 100, 200, and high Hailey House Sports. 

Won championship of Ireland 100 yards, 1881 and 1882. 100 yards open 

Trinity College, Dublin, 1881, and many other races in 1881 and 1882. 

Solicitor in High Court of Justice in Ireland, 1883, and now a member of 

the firm of St. George and Browne, 9, Suffolk Street, Dublin. 

Carter, Edward James, b. Feb. 23, 1860, son of Rev. T. G. Carter, 
R.D., Vicar of Linton, Hants, Hon. Canon of 
Canterbury. Address, Lansdowne Place, Tun- 
bridge Wells. 
Lawrence, 1878.1, R.— 1878.1, M.V.i. Articled to Graham Bell, Esq., London. 
In partnership as Land Agent and Surveyor since Sept. 1885. 
M. June 16, 1886, Ada, d. of J. Noakes, Esq., Lamberhurst, Kent. 

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Cass, Charles Dunster, b. April, 1858, son of C. Cass, Esq., Presdales, 
Trevelyan, 1873.1, IV.— 1876.1, U.M.i. 

*Dashwood, Edward Samuel, b. Jan. 7, 1859, son of Rev. C. J, 
Dashwood, of Billingford, Norfolk. Address, 
Aldeburgh House, Westcombe Park, S.E. 

Thomason, 1873.1, L.M.ii.— 1877.2, M.VI.a. 3 p. London University. Ma- 
triculated June, 1877. Preliminary Scientific July, 1878. M.R.C.S.Engl. 
1881. L.S.A. 1881. Went into partnership (Shute and Dashwood), 1884. 
M. Oct. 7, 1882, Anna Hill Williams Fletcher, d. of late Capt. A. D. 
Fletcher, R.N. 

Davison, Edward Shackle, b. March, 1859, son of Mrs. Davison, 
7, Stanley Gardens, Notting Hill. 
Thomason. 1873.1, III.x.— 1877.x. U.M.i. 

Davison* William Pearson, b. June, 1860, son of Mrs. Davison, 7, 
Stanley Gardens, Notting Hill. 
Thomason, 1873.1, II.— 1876.2, U.M.ii. 

♦Doyle, Bentinck Cavendish, b. July, 1859, son of Mrs. Doyle. 
Address, 16, Kensington Gardens Terrace, 
Hyde Park, W. 

Bartle Frere, 1873.1, L.M.Ü.— 1876.2, M.VI.i. 4 p. Slade School in London. 
Afterwards a pupil of Carolus Duran in Paris tili 1884. Now an artist in 
London, at 56, Bedford Gardens, Kensington. 

♦Fairbridge, William George, b. Dec. 1858, son of C. A. Fair- 
bridge, Esq., Pea Point, Cape Town, Cape of 
Good Hope. 
Haileyand Colvin, 1873.1, IV.- 1877.2, M.VI.i. XX. 1875. 76. Dive, 1877. 
Trinity College, Cambridge. B.A. 1881. Solicitor at the Cape. 

7rith> Frederic John Cockayne, b. Sept. 1858, son of Major Frith, 
Buckland House, Dover. 
Colvin, 1873.1, M.L.M.Ü.— 1874.2, M. U.M.i. Lieut. and Adjut. 17U1 Lancers. 
Killed in action in South Africa, June, 1879. 

Griffith, Charles Edward Osborne, b. Feb. 13, 1859, son of Rev. 
H. T. Griffith, Smallburgh Rectory, Norwich. 

Colvin, 1873.1, II.— 1877.2, V.2. LX. 1876. Magdalen College, Oxford. 
B.A. 1881. Association xi. Ordained, Trinity, 1882, to Curacy of S. 
Cuthbert's, Gateshead-on-Tyne, Durham. 
M. June, 1883. 

Harke, James Steains, b. May, 1859, son of Rev. W. H. Harke, 
Mickleham Rectory, Dorking. 
Bartle Frere, 1873.1, L.M.Ü.— 1876.2, VI.2. 2 p. 

Died from a fall, Aug. 24, 1876. There is a brass tablct in the recess in 
Chapel to his memory. 

+Hewson, George Rawdon Maurice, b. Jan. 1859, son of Rev. F. 
Hewson, Dungans town, Wicklow. 
Trevelyan, 1873.1, L.M.Ü.— 1876.3, VI.2. 1 p. Prefect in Hailey. Land 
Agent in Ireland. 

Hiekson, Francis, b. Nov. 1859, son of Mrs. Hickson, Southlands, 
Esher, Surrey. 
Lawrence, 1873.1. R.— 1875.3, V.i. 


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*Hutton, Charles Herbert, b. March, 1860, son of Rev. T. Hutton, 

Stil ton Rectory, Peterborough. 

Edmonstone, 1873.1, M. III.— 1877-3. M.VI.i. Sa. Passed 9Ü1 into R.I.E.C. 
Cooper's Hill, 1877. Now in India. 

Jackson, Mountstuart Hungerford, b. Jan. 1 860, son of £. Jackson, 
Esq., 7, Osborne Villas, Windsor. 
Lawrence, 1873.x, L.M,ii.— 1877.3, M. V.i. XI. 1877. ip. R.I.E.C. Cooper's 
Hill. Assistant Engineer P.W.D., Hazaribagh, BengaL 
M. Miss Cowie. 

Johnson, Hugh Chaderton, b. Aug. 1859, son of Rev. W. H. 
Johnson, Witham-on-the-Hill, Bourn. 
Hailey and Edmonstone, 1873. 1, IL— 1875.2, R. 

Jones Bateman, Llewellyn, b. Feb. 8, 1859, son of Rev. B. Jones 
Bateman, of Sheldon Rectory, Birmingham, 
and Pentre Mawr, Abergele. 

Bartle Frere, 1873.1, L.M.ii.— 1875.3, V.i. ist set Foils 1875. Caius College, 
Cambridge, 1878-81. xi. B.A., M.B., B.C. Cantab 1884. M.R.C.S.Eng. 
1882. Resident Medical Officer in the Jaffray Hospital, Birmingham. 
Author of various papers in Birmingham Medical Review. 

*Ie Fanu, Thomas Philip, b. Dec. 9, 1858, son of W. R. Le Fanu, 

Esq., Commissioner of Public Works, Ireland, 

Summer Hill, Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow. 

Trevelyan, 1873.1, L.M.i.— 1877.2, VI.i. 5 p. C6, Mi. Trinity College, 

Cambridge. 3«! class Classical Tripos 1881. Home Civil Service 1881. 

Public Record Office, Ireland, 1881-83. Transferred to Chief Secretary's 

Office, Ireland. 

XoConnell, Ronald Stafford, b. Aug. 7, 1860, son of J. E. McConnell, 
Esq., of Woodlands, Great Missenden, Bucks. 
Address, Winterbourne Bassett, near Swindon. 

Hailey and Lawrence, 1873.1, II.— 1877.1, L.M.Ü. Merton College, Oxford. 
Lieut. May 1881 in yd Batt. Oxfordshire Light Infantry. Resigned May 

Koke, George Edward, b. March 1, 1859, son of late G. L. A. 

Moke, Esq., of New York. Address, 49, 

Cromwell Houses, S.W. 

Bartle Frere, 1873.1, M.R.-1875.I, M.L.M.1. B.N.C. Oxford. B.A. 1882. 

Militia Subaltern 3rd Batt. Duke of Wellingtons West Riding Regt. June 

9, 1884. Called to the Bar, frora Inner Temple, 1885. 

Koney, Louis James Gerrard, b. Nov. 1859, son of Mrs. Money, 
Stodham Park, Petersfield. 
Tbomason. 1873.x, III. x.— 1876.x, L.M.ii. 
Payne, Sinclair William, b. March 10, 1860, son of Rev. Somers 
Payne, Upton House, Co. Cork. Address, 
Millview, Ennis, Co. Cläre. 
Trevelyan House, 1873.x, R.— 1877.2, VI.2. XI. 1879. XX. 1876. ist set 
Cricket Ball. Civil Engineer. At present Inspector under the Board of 
Works, Ireland. 

Pyper, Joseph Colling, b. Sept. 22, 1858, son of Rev. T. Pyper, 
New Radford V., Nottingham. 
Bartle Freie. 1878. 1, IV.— 1876.2, V.i. 1 p. Trinity College, Cambridge. 
B.A. 1881. Ordained, 1881, to All Saints, Hereford. S. Andrew'*, Bishop 
Auckland, 1885. 

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♦Pyper, Frederick Richard, b. Nov. 1859, son of Rev. T. Pyper, 
New Radford V., Nottingham. 

Bartle Frere, 1873.1, R.— 1878.2, VI.i. 4 p. Exh. 1878. Trinity College, 
Cambridge. 3rd class Classical Tripos. Ordained, 1882, to S. Mary 
(Chapel of Ease), Islington. In 1886 Curate of Christ Church, Brighton. 
ist class in Cambridge Preliminary Theological Examination 1882. 

Salt, Cecil Henry, b. Oct. 1858, son of Rev. H. G. Salt, Bishops 
Wood V., Penkridge. 
Thomason, 1873. i, M.R.— 1873.2, M.R. 

♦Scott, Basil, b. June 12, 1859, son of late H. Scott, Esq., of 
Bombay. Address, 8, Hyde Park Street, 
London, W., or, High Court, Bombay. 

Highficld, 1873.1, L.M.i.— 1878.2, VI.i. XI. 1878. Boxing and Singlesticks 
1878. Captain of Paperchases 1878. 5p. £ 1, £2, £3, Gl. Balliol 
College, Oxford. 3rd in Mods. 1879. and m History 1882. xi. 1879, 
1880. Eight 1882. Called to the Bar, Inner Temple, Jan. 1884. Admitted 
Advocate Bombay High Court, Nov. 1885. Now in Bombay. 

Scovell, Francis, b. Sept. 1859, son of Col. Scovell, 6, Codrington 
Terrace, Notting Hill, W. 
Colvin, 1873.1, III. 1.— 1876.2, V.2. 

Sellar, P. J. A., b. June, 1859. 

Highfield, 1878.x, L.M.i.— 1873.2, L.M.i. [Not in pupils' admission book.] 

Smith, Robert Charles, b. Aug. 1859, son of J. Smith, Esq., The 
Bury, Stevenage. 
Thomason, 1873.x, IL— 1875.1, R. 

Taaker Smith, Horace Dickinson, b. Feb. 1858, son of W. Tasker 
Smith, 2, Homefield Terrace, Wimbledon. 
Bartle Frere, 1873.x, M.L.M.Ü.— 1874.1, M.U.M.x. 1 p. 

♦Trollope, Charles George Napier, b. June 2, 1859, son of C. B. 
Trollope, Esq., 176, Cromwell Road, S.W. 
Address, 4, Elm Court, Temple, E.C. 

Lawrence, 1873.x. L.M.H.— 1878.2, VI.i. XXX. 1877. 2 p. Secretary of 
N.S.S. Trinity College, Cambridge, grd class Classical Tripos 1882. 
Called to the Bar, Inner Temple, June 25Ü1, 1884. 

Verschoyle, William Henry Foster, b. Feb. 1858, son of J. J. 
Verschoyle, Esq., Tassaggart, Saggart, Co. 
Trevelyan, 1878.x, M.L.M.Ü.-18743, M.L.M.H. 

Wale, Malcolm Edward Henry, b. Sept. 1859, son of Rev. H. J. 
Wale, Folksworth R., Peterborough. 
Hailey and Edmonstone, 1878.x, II.— 1876. 3, L.M.i. At S. George's Hospital. 

White, William Prinsep, b. Dec. 1857, son of H. W. White, Esq., 
Lentran, Inverness, N.B. 
Colvin, 1873.1, M.IV.-1873.3, M.IV. 
White, Joseph Henry Lachlan, b. Jan. 7, 1859, son of J. White, 
Esq., Bredfield House, near Woodbridge. 
Lawrence, 1878.1, R.— 1876. 3, V.2. Trinity College, Cambridge. B.A. x88o. 
ist Trinity Boat. R.M.C. Sandhurst. Gasetted May xo, 188a, to sth 

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Baker, Charles Walpole, b. July, 1858, son of Rev. R. Baker, 
Ayot S. Lawrence, Welwyn. 
HaUey, 1878.2, II. -1874.2, III. 

Behrends, Bernard John, b. July, 1858, son of Mrs. Behrends, 
Montpelier Cross-in-hand, Hawkhurst. 
Colvin, 1878.2, M.R.— 1876.2, M.U.M.ii. 1 p. 

Behrends, Frederick William, b. Oct. 1859, son of Mrs. Behrends, 
Montpelier Cross-in-hand, Hawkhurst. 
Colvin, 1878.2, 111.-1876.3, V.2. 2 p. 

Bland, George Herbert, b. April, 1861, son of G. Bland, Esq., 
Coleby Hall, Lincoln* 
Thomason, 1878.2, I.— 1876. 3, R. 

Cockbain, Charles William, b. May, 1859, son of T. Cockbain, 
Esq., Arudy House, Higher Tranmere, near 

Colvin, 1878.2, M.IV.— 1875.3, M.L.M.H. 
D. Jan. 15, 1876. 

# Cox, Frank Lockhart, b. March 5, 1859, son of A. R. Cox, Esq., 

105, Westbourne Terrace, W. 

Colvin, 1873.2, L.M.L— 1877.2, VI.2. XI. 1875, 76, 77 (Captain). XX. 1876. 
ist Hurdles, 2nd Broad Jump 1877. Trinity College, Cambridge. 2nd class 
in Historical Tripos 1880. Üniversity xv. 1879-1880. College xi. Admitted 
Solicitor 1884. 

Erskine, Thomas Edward, b. June, 1859, son of Rev. T. Erskine, 
U/ton Rectory, Reading. 
Bartle Frere, 1878.2, III.i.— 1877.2, U.M.i. 

Fisher, Frederick Colborne, b. Oct. 11, 1859, son of Rev. F. C. 

Fisher, Walton Rectory, Burton-on-Trent. 

Trevelyan, 1878.2, IV.— 1877.2, U.M.i. Oriel College, Oxford. B.A. 1883. 
Ordained, 1884, to Holy Trinity, Gainsborough. 

Oandell, Schomberg Frederic, b. March, 1859, son of Rev. 
Professor Gandell, Canon of Wells, Holywell 
Ridge, Oxford. 
Colvin, 1873.2, L.M.ii.— 1874.2, M.L.M.I. 

Orahain, Charles Laurence, b. Aug. 1859, son of J. L. Graham, 
Esq., 18, Court Street, Faversham, Kent. 
Thomason, 1873.2, L.M.Ü.— 1876.3, U.M.i. XX. 1876. 

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Haie, Arthur Robert, b. Feb. 28, 1860, son of R. D. Haie, Esq., 
M.D. Address, 23, Morton Place, Belgrave 
Road, S.W. 

Hailey, 1873. a, III. 2.— 1875.2, IV. Engineer. Associate of Royal School of 
Mines 1880. 

Hobart, Sidney Carr, b. March, 1860, son of Hon. F. Hobart, 15, 
Eccleston Square, London, W. 

Edmonstone, 1873.2, III. 2. — 1878.1, U.M.ii. Became Lord Hobart in 1875. 
Trinity College, Cambridge. Now Earl of Buckinghamshire. 

♦Holloway, William, b. June, 1859, son of Mrs. Holloway, Thame, 

Edmonstone, 1873.2, R.— 1878.1, VI.2. Prefect in Hailey. Solicitor. 

Humphreys, Robert Herbert, b. Sept. 1859, son of Mrs. Humphreys, 
Florence Villas, Monkton Street, Ryde. 
Thomason, 1873.2, M.R.— 1875.2, M.L.M.L 

♦Innes, John Edgeworth, b. March 17, 1859, son of Lieut.-Gen. 
J. J. McL. Innes, V.C., late R.E., 9, Lexham 
Gardens, Kensington, W. 

Highfield, 1873.2, U.M.Ü.— 1876.2, VI.i. 1 p. Seh. 1873. Indian Civil Service, 
passed 2nd, 1877. 
D. at Lahore, June 25, 1881. 

Jackson, William Gardiner, b. Nov. 1859, care of Rev. W. H. 
Marsh, Z. Compton Vicarage, Moreton-in-Marsh. 
Thomason, 1873.2, IL— 1874.2, R. 

Knox, Arthur, b. July 4, 1860, son of H. G. A. Knox, Esq., 
Sonning Grove, Reading. 
Hailey and Lawrence, 1873.2, L— 1877.2, L.M.ii. Royal Berks Militia 1878- 
1882. Resigned as Lieut. 

LeedB, Edward Ernest, b. May, 1859, son of Mrs. Leeds, Woohtone, 
Thomason, 1873.2, III. 1.— 1875.2, R. 

McDonell, William Fräser, b. July, 1859, son of W. F. McDonell, 
Esq., Norfolk Lodge, Maidenhead, Berks. 
Colvin, 1873.2, M.III.i.— 1875.2, M.IV. 

Mortlock, Edward, b. Sept. 1859, son of Rev. E. Mortlock, 
Langley Cot tage, Catford Bridge, Kent, S.JE. 
Trevelyan, 1873.2, M.R.— 1875-3, M.L.M.I. 

♦Ommanney, George Stewart, b. Nov. 1859, son of Major-Gen. 

Ommanney, R.E., The Cedars, Putney, S. W. 

Bartle Frere. 1873.2, R.-1S77.I, M.VL2. 2 p. XXI. 1876. XX. 1876. 

R.M.C. Sandhurst. 2nd Lieut 9Ü1 Regt, (now Norfolk Regt.) Lieut 1880. 

Lieut. Bengal Staflf Corps Sept. 4, 1880. Served through Afghan War, 

with medal. 

Perry, Hugh Whitchurch, b. Oct. 1861, son of Rev. G. G. Perry, 
Waddington Rectory, Lincoln. 

Edmonstone, 1873.2, I.— 1879.1, M.VI.2. 2 p. R.M.A. Woolwich. Lieut. 
R.A. Feb. 23, x88i. 

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Powles, Lewis Charles, b. Jan. 1860, son of Rev. H. C. Powles, 
The Chantry, Durshy. 
Thomason, 1873. a, L.M.Ü.— 1876.3, M.V.2. 2 p. 

Pnrvis, Frank Kennedy, b. May, 1859, son of A. Purvis, Esq., 
Alexandra Villa, Terminus Road, Eastbourne. 
Lawrence, 1878.2, IV.— 1876.2, U.M.ii. 

BicketU, Charles Willesley, b. March, 1860, son of D. W. Ricketts, 
Esq., Eversholt House, Leamington. 
Edmonstone, 1878.2, 1.— 1876.x, M.R. 

Bocke, Harold Hill, b. Nov. 1859, son of Lieut.-Col. Rocke, 
Burlington, West Hill, S. Leonard* s. 
Lawrence, 1878.2, III. 2.— 1876. 3, U.M.z. 

Smith, Leonard Apsley, b. Aug. 1859, son of A. Smith, Esq., 
Banterley, Rusthall, Tunbridge Wells. 
Edmonstone, 1878.2, 1.— 1877.2, L.M.L 

♦TomkinBon, George Arnold, b. Oct. 17, 1859, son of Hon. S. 
Tomkinson, M.L.C., Adelaide, S. Australia. 
Address, Knutsford, Cheshire. 
Edmonstone, 1878.2, M.IV.— 1878.2, M.VI.i. XXII. 1878. XL. and XXX. 

Tripos 1882. LL.B. B.A. 1882. Captain of xv. 1881. Captain of Crickct 
1882. Called to Bar (Inner Temple), April, 1883. Barof S. Australia, Dec 

M. Oct. 12, 1886, Ethel Nora, d. of E. C. Gaddum, Esq., of S. Marys 
Clyffe, Alderley Edge, Cheshire. 

Turnbull, Frederick Grindall, b. Aug. 1859, son of G. D. Turnbull, 
29, Montpellier Crescent, Brighton. 

Highfield, 1878.2, III.2.— 1878.2, III.«. 
D. in India. 

Walker, Wilfred Charles, b. Aug. 30, 1858, son of Rev. J. Walker, 
Bradwell Road, Yarmouth, or 26, Bernard 
Street, W.C. 

Thomason, 1878.2, U.M.ii.— 1877. a, VI.i. 3 p. D 4. Jesus College, Cam- 
bridge. Rustat Seh. 2nd class Classical Tripos 1880. Ordained 1882 to 
Curacy of S. George, Bloomsbury, W.C. 

Warburton, William George Alexander, b. May, 1859, son of 
Rev. H. Warburton, Sible Hedingham Rectory, 

Lawrence, 1878.2, IV.— 1875.2, L.M.Ü. x p. 


Aldersey, Thomas, b. Jan. 1860, son of T. Aldersey, Esq., Aldersey 
Hall, Chester. 

Bartle Freie. 1878.3. II.— 1876.3. IV. 1 p. 

M. April 19, 1887, Annie Augusta, d. of Rev. W. B. Garnett, Bothfield. 

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1873. 3. IIAILE YBUR Y REGISTER. \ 03 

Batten, George Beckett, b. Nov. 1860, son of the late J. Hallet 
Batten, Esq., Bengal Civil Service. Address, 
Walton House, Grove Hill, Dulwich, S.E. 

Hailey and Edmonstone, 1878. 3, II.— 1878. 3, M.V.i. XV. 1878. Broad Jump, 
and set ist and 2nd set 100 yards Swimming. Secretary of N.S.S. 2 p. 
54. Edinburgh University 1880-84. XV. 1880-84. Won many prizes m 
Bicycling. Swimming and Athletics, at University and other Sports, including 
10 mile Bicycle Championship of West of England 1881, and 1 mile Bicycle 
Championship of Scotland 1883. Passed Preliminary for F.R.C.S. from 
School. M.B. and CM. 1884. Has since been Assistant Medical Offioer 

Fife and Kinross Asylum. Resident House Surgeon Royal Infirmary, 
Edinburgh. Travelling Physician to Earl of Eglinton. Now in practice in 

Cockbain, Alfred Archibald, b. July, 1860, son of T. Cockbain, 
Esq., Arudy House % Higher Tranmere, mar 
Colvin, 1873.3, M. IV. —1875.3, M.R. 

*Cope, William Silverwood, b. March 6, 1860, son of the late 
W. Cope, Esq. Address, 24, West Cromwell 
Road, S. Kensington. 

Highfield, 1878.3, R.— 1879.2, VI. 1. XL. 1877. XXX. 1878. 1 p. 2£>i, 
Fi, 2^3. Secretary Literary Society 1878. 1— 1879.2. C.C.C. Oxford. 
3rd class Mods. 1881. 3rd class Law 1883. Torpid 1881-82 (yd on river). 
xv. 1879-1882. Admitted Solicitor Nov. 1886. 

Dempsey, Basil, b. Feb. 1860, son of A. Dempsey, Esq., £. Georges 
Mount, New Brighton % Cheshire. 
Edmonstone, 1873.3, III.— 1877.2, U.M.i. 1 p. 

Benny, Richard Harrison, b. June 23, 1859, son of Rev. R. C. 
Denny, The Manor House, Bergh Apton, 
Bartle Frere, 1873.3, IV.— 1876.3, V.2. Farming, in England. 
Elwes, G. Charles, b. Dec. 1860, son of R. Elwes, Esq., Congham 
House, King's Lynn. 
Hailey and Lawrence, 1873.3, III.— 1877.2, U.M.ii. XX. 1876. 
England, Richard, b. March, 1860, son of the late R. England, 
Esq., Binham, Brandon, Norfolk. 
Hailey and Lawrence, 1873-3, IL— 1876.1, R. 
England, William Hill, b. Oct. 1861, son of the late R. England, 
Esq., of Binham, Brandon, Norfolk. 

Hailey and Lawrence, 1873-3, IL— 1877-3, L.M.i. 
D. July 7, 1878. 

♦Poster, Frederic Barham, b. June 27, 1859, son of T. Barham, 

Foster, Esq., C.E., Holly Bank, Timperley, 


Trevelyan, 1873-3, IV.— 1878.1, VI.2. XV. 1877. Captain of Paperchases 

1878. Trinity College, Cambridge. 3rd class Natural Science Tripos 1882. 

Leeds Clergy School 1882-3. Ordained to Curacy of S. Mary's, Kingston- 

upon-Hull, 1883. Wellow, Bath, Somerset, 1886. 

Fox, William Russell, b. May, 1859, care of Rev. R. C. Hays. 
Address, San Paolo, Brazil. 
Colvin, 1873.3, HL— 1876.1, U.M.ü. 1 p. 

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1 04 HAILE YBUR Y REGISTER, 1873.3. 

Glas«, Charles Henry, b. Oct. 1859, son of F. Glass, Esq., 
Ellicombe House, Dunst er t Somerset. 
Edmonstone, I873.3. M.IIL— 1876.2, M.IV. 

Gurney, Geoffrey Kesville, b. Sept. 1860, son of Rev. W. H. 
Gurney, North Runeton Rectory, Ktng's Lynn. 
Hailey, 1873.3, IL— 1875.3, III. 

*Hale, Bernard George Richard, b. Oct. 26, 185Q, son of B. Haie, 
Esq., Barrister - at - Law, Bridlington Quay, 

Edmonstone, 1878-3, L.M.H.— 1878. 3, VI.i. XV. 1878. XXII. 1878. Drawing 
Prize. Limner to Antiquarian Society. Place Kick 1877. New College, 
Oxford. 3rd class Mods. 1880. 2nd History 1882. Wells Theological 
College. Ordained to All Saints, Bradford, 1884. 

♦Hall, Reginald, b. Feb. 1860, son of Rev. H. Hall, S. Paul's 
Parsonage, Cambridge. 

Lawrence, 1873.3. R.— 1879.2, M. VI.i. ip. XI. 1879. XXX. 1878. Prefect 
in Hailey. Captain of Paperchases. S. John's College, Cambridge. Ran 
for Cambridge in Three Miles 1880. Passed as University Candidate into 
R.M.C. Sandhurst 1881. Lieut. in Royal Warwickshire Regt. Sept. 9, 1882. 

Hallward, Herbert Romaine, b. Oct. 21, 1860, son of Rev. J. L. 
Hallward, Gilston Rectory, Harlow, Essex. 
Address, 16, Elsham Road, Kensington, W. 

Thomason, 1873.3, IL — 1877.2, L.M.i. Banking, in London. 

Hamilton, William Drummond, b. Aug. 4, 1859, son of Rev. Canon 
Hamilton, D.D., Rector of Taney, Dundrum, 
Co. Dublin. 

Hailey and Trevelyan. 1873.3, IL— 1877.2, U.M.i. XI. 1876, 1877. Won 
Mile 1876. 2nd in Mile 1877. 2nd School Racquets 1877. Tenor Solo 1877. 
Queens' College, Oxford. Captain of xi. 1881-82. Cox. of Torpid. 
Football xi. University xi. 1882. 2nd for Three Miles against Cambridge 
1881. Won the University Hand Fives. B.A. 1882. M.A. 1887. Singing 

Harbord, Ralph Assheton, b. Sept. 1859, son of Hon. and Rev. 
J. Harbord, Morden College, Blackheath. 
Address, Thorpe Hamlet, Norwich. 
Lawrence, 1878.3, R.— 1876.2, V.i. Since 1876 in Messrs. Gurneys* Bank at 
Norwich. Capt. ist Volunteer Batt. the Norfolk Regt. 

Hare, Henry Anthony, b. June, 1859, son of Mrs. Hare, Great 
Hadham, Ware. 
Colvin, 1878.3, III.— 1876.1, U.M.ii. 

Hayes, Frederick William, b. April, 1859, son of W. Hayes, Esq., 
Frodsham^ Cheshire. 
Bartle Frere, 1873.3. III.— 1876.1, V.2. B.N.C. Oxford. 

Hayne, Frederick William, b. July 1, 1859, son of J. C. Hayne, 

Esq., 17, Cornwall Gardens, W. Address, 

Valparaiso, Chile. 

Hailey and Lawrence, 1873.3. IV.— 1877.2, M.V.i. XI. 1877. XX. 1875. 

XV. 1876. Quartett 1877. Out in SwiUerland for a time, since 1879 in 

business, in Valparaiso. 

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Hill, Henry Alexander, b. Sept. 1858, son of A. Hill, Esq., 15, 
Thronfolger Boulevard, Riga, Russia. 
Thomason, 1873-3, R.— 1876.1, U.M.i. 

Hill, Cecil Maltby, b. Nov. 1859, son of C. Hill, Esq., of Bourne- 

mouth, late of Park Square, London. 

Colvin. 1878.3, III.-1877.3. V.a. 
D. Sept. 17, 1882. 

Hill, Edward Barrow, b. Dec. 1859, son of C. Hill, Esq., 
Htnbury Hill, Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol. 
Hailey, 1878-3, II.— 1875-3, IV. 

Ibbotson, William John, b. Jan. 6, 1861, at Kroringa, S. Australia, 
son of Rev. D. J. H. Ibbetson. Address, 
Eastern House, Bateman Street, Cambridge. 

I^awrence, 1873-3, R.— 1875-3, V.i. 6 p. Seh. 1875. Cläre College, Cam- 
bridge. Seh. 1879. Foundation Seh. 1880. Freshmen's and College 
Sculls 1880. 7U1 Wrangler in Math. Tripos 1882. 6th in Part iii. 1883. 
3rd class, Part iii. of Nat. Science Tripos 1883. Bachelor Studentshjp of 
Cläre 1883-84. F.R.A.S. Fellow of Cambndge Philosophical Society. 
Member of London Mathematical Society. Author of a ' Treatise on the 
Mathematical Theory of Elasticity,' Macmillan, 1887. 
M. March 19, 1885. 

Jackson, Cecil, b. June, 1861, son of Welby Jackson, Esq., 3, Upton 
Park, Slough. 
Hailey and Lawrence, 1873-3, IV.- 1878.2, M.VI.2. R.M.C. Sandhurst. 
Lieut in Bengal Staff Corps July 1, 1881. 

♦Jones, Edward Rhys, b. Feb. 18, 1860, son of Rev. E. R. Jones, 
Hon. Canon of Rochester, Examining Chap- 
lain to Bishop of Rochester, Rector of Limps- 
field, Red Hill. 

Thomason, 1873.3, U.M.ii.— 1878-3, VI.i. Head of the School. Seh. 1874. 
Exh. 1878. s p. C4, 2 C8, C7, Cg, Ca, D i, £3. President of Literary 
Society. Heftford College. Oxford Seh. and class Mods. 1883. 3rd Lit. 
Hum. 1882. Bloxham School, Senior Classical and History Master 
1883-85. Wells Theological College 1886. Ordained to Markyate Street, 
Dunstable, Christmas, 1886. 

Jones, Thomas Hill, b. Oct. 8, 1858, son of J. Jones, Esq., 6, 
College Road, Clifton, Bristol. 

Colvin, I878.3, L.M.Ü. — 1876.3, V.2. XX. 100 yards Swimming. Trinity 
College, Cambridge. B.A. 1881. Wells Theological College. Ordained, 
1882, to S. Peter's, Eaton Square. 

♦Jones Bateman, Cecil, b. Oct. 8, 1860, son of late Rev. B. Jones 
Bateman, Sheldon Rectory, Birmingham, and 
Pentre Mawr, Ahergele, N. Wales. 

Trevelyan, 1878-3, R.— 1879.3, VI.2. 2nd XI. 1880. XL. 1880. 1 p. aDi. 
Prefect in Hailey. Cläre College, Cambridge. RA. 1884. xi. Ordained 
Chiistmas, 1885, to Curacy of Dearham, Carlisle. 

Lloyd, Frederick Charles, b. Oct. 10, 1860, son of the late B. C. 
Lloyd, Esq., Q. C, Chairman of Quarter 
Sessions, Co. Waterford. Address, 60, Fitz- 
william Square, Dublin. 
Hailey and Trevelyan, 1878-3, II.— 1878.2, M.VI.2. R.M.C. Sandhurst 2nd 
Lieut. ioth Foot, Jan. 14, 1880. Lieut. July 1, 188 1. 

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Long, Frederick Arthur, b. March, 1859, son of Rev. F. E. Long, 
Butterton Parsonage, Newcastle, Staffordshire. 
Hailey, 1873.3, II.-1875.I, III. 

Merle D'Aubigne, Jean Henri, b. Sept. 1859, son of Mme. 
D'Aubigne", 8, Rue Eynard, Geneva. 
Trevelyan, 1873.3, R.— 1876.1, V.2. 5 p. 
*Ogle, William Laurence, b. June 18, 1861, son of Rev. J. A. Ogle, 
Sedgeford Vicarage, Hing's Lynn. 
Bartle Frere, 1878-3, R.— 1879.2, VI.i. 7 p. C5, D4, Ei. Head of the 
School. Seh. 1874-75. Exh. 1879. President of Literary Society. Big 
Side Football. Worcester College, Oxford, Seh. and class Classical 
Mods. 188 1. and class Greats 1883. Assistant Master at a School in 
Malvern 1885. 
D. at Malvern April a, 1886. 

Orde, Lancelot Francis, b. Oct. 1859, son of J. H. Orde, Esq., 
Hopton, Great Yarmouth. 
Lawrence. 1873. 3 , III.— 1876.x, U.M.II. 

Palmer, Robert Augustus, b. Dec. 1859, son of G. Palmer, Esq., 
Revell's Hall, Bengeo. 
Thomason, 1873-3, M.R.— 1876.2, M.U.M.i. 
Pater, Septimus, b. Aug. 3, 1859, son of J. Pater, Esq., 98, 
Ellison Street, Jarrow-on Tyne. 
Bartle Frere, 1873.3, IL— 1877-3, v - 2 - XX. 1877. 1 p. Won Boxing 1877. 
Trinity College, Cambridge. University xv. 1881-82. Ordained Trinity, 
188a, to Curacy of S. Peter's, Jarrow. 
M. Aug. 3, 1886. 

Pfeil, Adolph L. A., b. March, 1860, son of F. J. Pfeil, Esq., 
Frognal, Hampstead. 
Hailey, I878.3, IL— 1875.a, III. 1 p. 

Boyds, Edmund, b. July 6, 1860, son of Rev. F. C. Royds, 
Coddington R., Chester. Address as below. 

Colvin, 1873.3, R.— 1877.1. V.a. XL. 1876. XXII. 1876. 2nd for 2nd set 
Half Mile 1875. Solicitor. Partner in firm of R. Gosling and Co. , Suffolk 
Place, S.W. 

*8avile, William Haie, b. Dec. 31, 1859, son of Hon. and Rev. 
P. Y. Savile, Methley R., Leeds. 

Trevelyan, I878.3.— 1878.1. 2 p. D$. Captain of Papercbases. Quartett 
1878. Keble College, Oxford. Wells Theological Prire. 3rd in Theology 
Schools. Proxime accessit for Newdigate. Triennial prize for an English 
Poem on a Sacred Subject (The Preaching of S. John the Baptist), 1887. 
O.U. Hare and Hounds. Ordained 1883 to §. Mary Magdalene, Paddington. 
Holy Trinity, Winchester, 1887. Published ' The Fall of Carthage, a Poem," 
1882. ' The Garden of the Resurrection.' Masters, 1886. 

*Shaokle, John Baptist, b. July 9, 1860, son of E. H. Shackle, Esq. 

Botwell Lodge, Hayes, Middlesex, or, Farnham 

Royal, Bucks. 

Hailey and Bartle Frere, 1878.3. III.— 1879.2, VI.2. Prefect in HaiW. XL 

1878-79. XX. 1877-78. 2nd Second Set High Jump 1874. 2nd First Set 

Hurdles and Broad Jump 1878. ist First Set 100, 200, High Jump, Broad 

iump, Weight, Quarter, Half Mile, Boxing, 1879. Double Hand Fives, 
)ouble Racquets, Racquet Handicap, Bat Fives 1878-79. Single Hand 
Fives, 2nd in 1877-78, isf 1879. Jesus College, Cambridge. Had to go 
down from ill-health, but after a voyage to Australia returned and took 
his degree. Ordained 1886 to Farnham Royal. 

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1874. i . HAILE YBUR Y REGISTER, \ 07 

Shaw, Charles J. Monson, b. Nov. 1860, son of Rev. C. J. H. 
Shaw, Oxford Villas, Lansdswne Road, Tunbridge. 
Lawrence. 1878.3, III. -1875. 3, L.M.i. 

Shuldam, M. Charles D., b. Aug. 1861, son of Lieut.Col. Shuldam, 
1, Clarendon Villas, Oxford. 
Bartie Frere, 1878. 3, IV.— 1875.1, M.L.M.Ü. 

Strachey, Robert Sholto, b. March, 185g, son of R. Strachey, Esq., 

Askwick Grove, Oakhill, Bath. 
Colvin, 1878.3, MR.— 1876.2, M.V.a. 
Sullivan, Henry Ethelwyn, b. July 31, 1859, son of H. E. 

Sullivan, Esq., C.S.I. Madras Civil Service. 

Trevelyan, 1878.3, IV.— 1874. 3, R. Lieut. and W. York Militia April, 1879. 
Resigned Dec. 1881. Entered Madras Police as Inspector June, 1882. 
Promoted Assistant Superintendent Madura District July ia, 1885, South 
Arcot District March 301 1887. 

Trollope, Henry Charles, b. June, 1859, son of G. F. Trollope, 
Esq., Elmfield, Streatham, Surrey. 
Lawrence, 1873.3. M.R.-1876.I, M.U.M.i. 

Stack, Thomas Lindsay, b. Sept. 1859, son of Rev. T. L. Stack, 
Culmore R., Derry. 

Hailey and Bartie Frere, I878.3, IL— 1877.a, V.a. XL. 1876. Pembroke 
College, Cambridge. B. A. Eight. Ordained to Curacy of Great Yarmouth. 

Stawell, Jonas M., b. July, 1858, son of Sir W. F. Stawell, care of 
Union Bank of Australia, 1, Bank Buildings, 
Trevelyan, 1878-3, M.IV.— 1875.1, M.L.M.i. Engineering in New South 

Wingfleld, Harry R. S., b. Aug. 1859 son of Rev. H. L. Wingfield, 
Market Overton R., Oakham, Rutland. 
Edmonstone, 1873-3, L.M.Ü.— 1877.1, V.i. 


Barker, Harry Yates, b. April, 1861, son of F. H. Barker, Esq,, 
Llyndir, Wrexham. 
Edmonstone, 1874.1, III.— 1875. 3 . U.M.ii. 1 p. 

Blomfield, Louis Henry, b. June, 1861, son of Rev. G. J. Blomfield, 
Norton R., flminster. 

Bartie Freie, 1874.1, IL— 1878.3, U.M.ii. XX. 1878. Chrisfs College, Cam- 
bridge, zv. 

Bowen, Edward Fergusson, b. July, 1860, son of J. G. Bowen, Esq.,* 
Burt House, Londonderry. 
Thomason. 1874.x, M.IIL— 1878.a, M.U.M.i. a p. 

Bnrchardt, Frederic, b. Nov. 1859, son of P. Burchardt, Esq., 
Fulwood Park, Liverpool. 
Highneid, 1874.1, M.IV.— 1876.3, M.U.M.ii. 1 p. 

Christian, George Francis, b. March, 1860, son of J. Christian, Esq.» 
35, Merrion Square South, Dublin. 
Colvin, 1874.x, III.— 1876.x, R. 

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Christian, Jonathan, b. Aug. 1861, son of J. Christian, Esq., 
35, Merrion Square South, Dublin. 
Colvin, 1874.1, IL— 1876.2, R. 

♦Cowie, Edward, b. Oct. 1859, son of D. Cowie, Esq., Hartlands, 
4, Hastings Street, Calcutta. Address, Es- 
planade, West Calcutta. 

Edmonstone, 1874.1, L.M.Ü.— 1877-3, VI.x. Solicitor, in Calcutta. 

Cowie, Charles Henry, b. April, 1861, son of D. Cowie, Esq., 
4, Hastings Street, Calcutta. 

Edmonstone, 1874.1, R.— 1877-3, VI.2. R.M.A. Woolwich. Lieut. R.E. 
Feb. 23, 1881. At present on Sind Peshin Railway, via Sibi, Beluchistan. 

♦Curtoys, William Francis Denny, b. Dec. 31, 1859, son of the late 
W. J. Curtoys, Esq., Partner in Grindla/s 
Bank, Calcutta, and (at death) Sheriff of 
Calcutta. Address, Spring Grove, Barnard 
Castle, Durham. 

Trevelyan, 1874.1, L.M.i.— 1878.3. VI.i. 1 p. C6, E2. Custodian, Secretary 
and Chronicler of Antiquarian Society 1876-78. Quartett 1878. Oriel 
College, Oxford. Bible Clerkship 1879. Robinson Exh. 1885. 2nd in 
Theology 1884. After reading with Dr. Lightfoot at Bishop Auckland, 
ordained, 1886, to Baroard Castle, Durham. 

Farrer, Herbert William, b. Aug. 1 860, son of E. Farrer, Esq., 
Sporte, Swaffham, Norfolk. 
Hailey, 1874.1, II.— 1876.2, IV. 

Francis, Arthur S. Dunkin, b. Feb. 1860, son of R. Francis, Esq., 
Crofton Hall, Orpington, Kent. 
Trevelyan. 1874.1, IL— 1878.1, U.M.ii. 

Fulton, Percival James, b. March, 1860, son of Lieut.-Col. Fulton, 
R. A., 1 1 , Holland Road, Brighton. 
Bartle Frere, 1874.1, III.-I876.3, L.M.i. 

Henry, St. George Charles, b. Dec. 29, 1860, son of R. Henry, 
Esq., Toghermore, Tuam, Ireland. 

Hailey and Colvin, 1874.1, IV.— 1877.2, M.U.M.i. 1 p. R.M.C. Sandhurst 
(Kiding Prize), 1879. 2nd Lieut. 5th Füsiliers, Jan. 31, 1880. Lieut. July 1, 
1881. Adjutant Sept. 15, 1886. 

Jenney, Arthur William, b. Feb. 1 860, son of A. H. Jenney, Esq., 
Ditchingham, Lodge, Bungay. 
Hailey, 1874.1, IL— 1875.3, IV. 

Jones, Arthur Pateshall, b. June, 1860, son of J. P. Jones, Esq., 
Roselands, Waltham Cross. 
Hailey, 1874.1, II. -1876.2, IV. 

Leigh Lye, Charles, b. Jan. 1861, son of Mrs. Leigh Lye, 
Lawrence, 1874.1, L.M.ü.— 1878.2, VL2. 2 p. R.M.C. Sandhurst. Lieut. 
York and Lancaster Regt. May 10, 1882. 

Maokinnon, L. K. Scorbie, b. Dec. 1861, son of Rev. D. Mackin non, 
Kilbride, Broadford, Isle of Skye. 
Hailey, 1874 1, II.-1874.3. H. 

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1874. 2. HAILE YBUR Y REGISTER. \ 09 

Orde, Julian Walter, b. Tan. 1861, son of the late J. H. Orde, Esq., 
of Hopton, Great Yarmouth. Address, Sibley, 
Iowa, U.S.A. 

Hailey, 1874.1, IL— 1875.2, III. In Iowa. 
M. 1885. 

Pawle, Lewis Shepherd, b. June, 1859, son of F. C. Pawle, Esq., 
Northcote Wray Common, Reigate. 
Bartle Frere, 1874.1, M.IV.— 1875.2, M.IV. Farming, near Aylcsbury. 

♦Satchell, Herbert Arnold, b. Aug. 29, 1860, son of Theodore 
Satchell, Esq., 268, Upper Richmond Road, 

Colvin, 1874.1, M.IV.— 1879.2, M.VI.i. E 3, ffi, Ga. Studying Archi- 

♦Saunders, Frederick, b. June, 1860, son of F. Saunders, Esq., 
formerly of Blackheath. 
Thomason, 1874.1. — 1877.1, VI.i. 2 p. XX. 1875-76. In business, in London. 

Sitwell, Claude George Henry, b. Oct. 18, 1858, son of late Capt. 
G. F. Sitwell, 3rd Light Dragoons. 
Highfield, 1874.1, M.IV.— 1875.2, M.R. Joined 851h Light Infantry from 
Militia Sept. 14, 1878. Served in Zaimuck Expedition 1879. Afghan War 
1879-80, and Egyptian War 1882. 
M. Feb. 22, 1887, Amy, d. of R. B. Cooke, Esq., Scarborough. 

Sumner, Robert Algernon, b. Oct. 1 860, son of the late Rev. J. M. 
Sumner, of Buriton R., Petersfield. 

Bartle Frere, 1874.1, IIL— 1&76.3, R. Engineering in Buenos Ayres. 

M. July 8, 1886, at Buenos Ayres, Mabel, d. of C. T. Robinson, Esq., 
C.E., F.R.S. 

Vincent, John Ranulph, b. Oct. 22, 1859, son of late Rev. J. 

Vincent. S. Mary's Clergy House, Aylesbury. 

Thomason, 1874.1, R.— 1877-3, Vl - xxx - l9 T7- S. John's College, Oxford. 
B.A. 1885. xv. Ordained to Curacy of S. Mary's, Aylesbury, 1885. 

*Wray, George Crofton, b. April, 1860, son of Rev. G. O. Wray, 
Brockenhurst FL, Lymington, Hanfs. 
Bartle Frere, 1874.1, U.M.ii.— 1879.1, VI. 1. Seh. 1874, Bass Solo 1878-79. 
In the Civil Service, stationed at Singapore. 


Arnold, Henry Abel, b. April 5, 1861, son of Rev. E. G. Arnold, 
Great Massingham Rectory, Swafftiam, Norfolk. 

Hailey and Lawrence, 1874.2, IL— 1878.3, L.M.i. XI. 1877 and 1878 
(captain) ; ist Set Cricket Ball, 1878. Jesus College, Cambridge, xi. 1883- 
1885. B.A. June, 1885. Ordained Trinity, 1886, to St. Michael's-in-the 
Hamlet, Toxteth Park, Liverpool. 

Bowles, Charles Ernest, b. July, 1860, son of Mrs. H. A. Bowles 
Hall Dean, Merrow, Guildford. 

Edmonstone, 1874.2, IV.— 1875-3, U.M.i. 

Cardew, George Hereward, b. Jan. 1861, son of Rev. G. Cardew, 
Hdmingham, Stonham, Suffolk. 
Hailey, 1874.2, II. -1876.1, III. 

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1 1 o HA1LE YBUR Y REGISTER. 1874. 2. 

Cornish, James George, b. May, 1860, son of Rev. C. J. Cornish, 
of Salcombe Regis, Devon, and Rector of 
Childrey, Wantage. 

Edmonstone. 1874.2, R.— 1876.1, VI.2. Private tutor to the son of W. W. A. 
Boreel, Charaberlain to H. M. the King of Holland, afterwards to the son 
of Earl Fitzwilliam. 

Fißher, Charles John, b. May, 1861, son of Rev. F. C. Fisher, 
Walton Rectory, Burton-on-Trent. 
Trevelyan. 1874a, IV.— 1878.2, M.V. 1. 

ffolkes, Edward George Everard, b. Jannary, 1862, son of Rev. 
H. ffolkes, Hillington Rectory, Lynn. 
Colvin, 1874.2. R. —1877.3, M.L.M.L In Canada. 

Gale, Edward James, b. September, 1860, son of J. T. Gale, 
Esq., Uplands, Southminster, Maldon. 
Trevelyan, 1874.2, III.— 1877.1, U.M.i. x p. 

Garrard, Charles Goodricke, b. June, 1860, son of Rev. S. Garrard, 
Park Hall, Evesham. 
Trevelyan, 1874.2.— 1877-3. U.M.ii. In India. 

♦öuillebaud, John Alexander, b. June 14, 1859, son of Rev. H. L. 
Guillebaud, South Grove, Malvern. Address, 
3, Fountayne Terrace, York. 

Highfield, 1874.2, L.M.Ü.— 1877.2, VI.i. 2 p. Trinity College, Cambridge. 
B.A. 1880. Ordained Advent, 1882, to curacy of Westfield, near Battle, 
M. June 28, 1887, Sarah Helene, d. of E. Peters, Esq., of York. 

♦Gnrdon, Francis, b. April 11, 1861, son of late Rev. E. Gurdon, 
Hingham, Attleborough, Norfolk, or 57, 
Church Street, Isleworth, W. 

Trevelyan, 1874.2, L.M.ii.— I88O.2. VI.i. XI. 1878, 1879, and 1880 (captain) ; 
XV. 1879. In 1880, ist in Sixth Form Handicap from Scratch, 2nd in 
Quarter, Cricket Ball, Weight, 200 yds. Trinity College, Cambridge, 
ist Captain of ist Trinity Boat Club, 1882-83. 2nd Div. of 3rd Class in 
Classical Tripos, 1883. Wells Theological College. Ordained, December, 
1885, to Parish Church, Isleworth. 

Jones, William Hemming, b. January2i, 1861, son of Rev. W. 

H. Jones, Prestwich Rectory, Manchester. 

Address, 34, South Hill Road, Liverpool. 

Trevelyan, 1874.2, IV.— 1878.3, V.r. Now assistant engineer of the new Dock 
works in Liverpool. 

* Jones, Harry Vernon, b. April 28, 1862, son of Rev. W. 
H. Jones, Prestwich Rectory, Manchester. 
Address, P. O. Box 112, Orlando, Florida, 

Hailey and Trevelyan, 1874.2, III.— 1881.x, VI.2. 3rd XI. 1880. 3 prires 
for Cricket Ball. Excter College, Oxford. Farming in Florida. 

Lillingston, Claude Arthur Montgomery, b. July, 1861, son of 
Rev. F. A. C. Lillingston, The Cedars, Brox- 
Hailey, 1874.2, II.-1876.2, IV. 

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1874.3. HA1LE YBURY REGISTER. \ \ \ 

*Maclagan, Robert Smeiton, b. Oct. i, 1860, son of General R. 

Maclagan, R.E., 4, West Cromwell Road, S.W. 

Lawrence, 1874.2, L.M.Ü.— 1878.1, M.VI.i. XI. 1877. 2 p. D*. R.M.A. 

Woolwich. Passed in oth. Commission in 41h R.E. Feb. 1880. Good 

Conduct Sword. xi. 1879. * n India 1880-86. 

Mansel, Robert Stanley, b. Feb. 1862, son of R. S. Mansel, Esq., 
Everley Lodge, East Barnet. 
Hailey, 1874.2, 1.— 1876.2, III. In America. 

Margetts, Francis Edward, b. April, 1860, son of Rev. F. T. C. 
Margetts, Blyborough R., Kirton-in-Lindsey. 
Bartle Frere, 1874.2, II.— 1875-3, L.M.i. 1 p. 
D. Sept. 19, 188 x. 

Miles, John Marshall, b. June 11, 1861, son of J. Miles, Esq., 
Bourneside, Southgate, N. 

Hailey and Trevelyan, 1874.2, III.— 1878.1, U.M.i. In business, in London 
1878-1884. In Natal 1884-1886. Elected Governor of S. Bartholomew's 
Hospital 1882, of London Fever Hospital 1882. 

♦Pulling, William Blomfield, b. Aug. 5, 1860, son of the late Rev. 

J. Pulling, D.D., Master of C. C. C. Cambridge. 

Address, Crofton, Fareham, Hants. 

Trevelyan, 1874.2, L.M.Ü.— 1878.2, VI.i. Prefect in Hailey. 2 p. C.C.C. 

Cambridge. Seh. 1878. 3rd class Classical Tripos 1882. 2nd Boat. xv. 

Assistant Master in Rochester Cathedral School 1882-86. To Sydney for 

his health 1886. 

Savill, Percy Rowland, b. June, 1860, son of E. Savill, Esq., Thirlby 
House, Woodford Bridge, Essex. 
Trevelyan, 1874.2, M.III.— 1874-3, M.III. 

Savill, Herbert, b. Sept. 1861, son of E. Savill, Esq., Thirlby ffbuse, 

Woodford Bridge, Essex. 

Hailey, 1874.2, II.— 1877.2, III. 1 p. 

Tryon, J. A., b. Sept. 1860, 3, Rutland Terrace, Stanford. 

Highfield, 1874.2, IV.— 1878.2, U.M.i. Magdalene College, Cambridge. (Not 
in Mr. Deedes' book.) 

1874. 3 . 

Aahby, Ernest Howard, b. Nov. 1859, son of T. Ashby, Esq., 
Colvin, 1874.3, M.IV.— 1877-3, M. U.M.i. 

Atkinflon-Örimflhaw, Henry Honywood, b. July 16, 1860, son of 
Rev. R. Atkinson-Grimshaw, late Vicar of 
Cockesham, Garstang, Lancashire. Address, 
Connaught Villas, Petersfield, Hants. 

Highfield, 1874.3, III.— 1878.2, U.M.ii. XI. 1878. XV. 1877. Won Quarter 
Mile, 100, 200, High Jump and Broad Jump (19. 1), 1878. Solicitor 1884. 
Practising at Petersfield, 1885. 
M. Sept. 8, 1886, Frances Sarah, d. of late C. J. Smith, of Reigate. 

Bailey, Arthur Anthony William, b. June 21, 1861, son of late 
E. C. Bailey, Esq., of Norwich. Address, 
Wymondham, Norfolk. 
Colvin, 1*74.3, II.— 1879.2. Mod. U.M.i. XX. 1877. XV. 1878. In a 
brewery at Norwich. 

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Banister, Alan Neville, b. June g, 1860, son of late Rev. E. Banister, 
formerly Vicar of Besthorpe, near Attleboro', 
Norfolk. Address, 47, Baldwin Street, Bristol. 

Thomason, 1874.3, M. III.— 1876.1, M.L.M.i.— King's College, London. 
Engineering Department. 1885 Partner in firm of Vincent HoUiday and 
Co., Engineers, 47, Baldwin Street, Bristol. 

Chittenden, Charles G. T. Faithfull, b. Oct. 1860, son of Rev. C. 
G. Chittenden, The Grange, Hoddesdon. 

Hailey and Edmonstone, 1874-3, III.— 1876.2, R. 

Currie, Henry Gordon, b. Sept. 1862, son of Capt. Currie, late of 
Ashfield House, Ixworth Bury i Suffolk. 
Hailey and Lawrence, 1874.3, II.— 1880. 2, M.U.2. XI. 1880. In business, in 

*Dunkin, Henry, b. Oct. 19, 1861, son of J. Dunkin, Esq., Stanstead 
Lodge, Sutton, Surrey. 

Bartle Frere, 1874.3, L.M.ii.— 1878.2, VI.i. After some time in Germany, 
New College, Oxford. 2nd class Mods. ßrd class Greats 1884. Ordained 
June, 1886, to Chaplaincy of Oswestry School. 

♦Ellerton, Francis George, b. Feb. 19, 1861, son of Rev. J. Ellerton, 
White Roothing Rectory, Dunmow, Essex. 
Edmonstone, 1874.3—1880.2, VI.i. 3 p. £$,£*, Fi. Secretary of N.S.S. 
Hertford College, Oxford. Seh. 1880. 2nd class Mods. 3rd class Greats. 
Leeds Clergy School. Ordained Maren, 1887, to S. Paul's, Haggerston. 

Ehnslie, William Foster, b. Oct. 1861, son of A. F. Elmslie, Esq., 
2 1 , Craven Hill Gardens, Hyde Park. 
Thomason, 1874.3, M.R.— 1878.1, M.V.2. 2 p. Ha. 

Faithfull, Frank Eustace, b. Dec. 1860, son of F. G. Faithfull, Esq., 

Edmonstone, 1874.3, L.M.ii.— 1878. 3, M.V.i. 

Formby, Hugh Carleton, b. Oct. 1863, son of Rev. R. Formby, 
Latchingdon R., Maldon, Essex. 

Bartle Frere, 1874.3. IV.- 1879.3, V.i. XI. 1879. XV. 1879. Won Weight, 
Cricket Ball (twice). Boxing. Place Kick. Hertford College, Oxford, 
xv. and Football xi. for three years. xi. three years. Captain 1886. Threw 
the Hammer for Oxford 1886. B.A. 1886. 

Foßter, Arthur La Trobe, b. Jan. 12, 1861, son of T. B. Foster, Esq., 
C.E., Holly Bank, Timperley, Cheshire. 

Trevelyan, 1874.3, III.— 1878.3, V.x. XV. 1877-78 (Captain). Jesus College, 
Cambridge. Third Boat. Called to the Bar Jan. 1885. Published a book 
on ' Distress,' Stevens and Sons, Chancery Lane, E.C. 

M. April 25, 1887, Amy Constance, d. of G. R. Carter, Esq., of Belsize Park, 

Gasooyne, William Walter, b. Jan. 24, 1861, son of W. W. Gascoyne, 
Esq., J.P., The Lawn, Sittingbourne, Kent. 

Colvin, 1874.3, R.— 1878.3, U.M.i. LX. 1876. XL. 1877. B.N.C. Oxford. 
2nd Torpid 1880. In business, in London. 

Hamond, Lewis, b. Oct. 1860, son of the late Captain Hamond, 
Twyford Hall, East Dereham, Norfolk. 
Lawrence, 1874.3, III.— 1876.2, R. In business, in Cheltenham. 

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Henley, Robert Eden, b. Sept. 10, 1861, son of Hon. and Rev. R. 
Henley, Vicar of Putney. Address, 76, Water- 
gate Flags, Chester. 

Hailey and Trevelyan, 1874.3—1877.3, R. S. Mary Hall, Oxford. B.A. 1884. 
Eight 1881-83. Ordained 1884 to Curacy of Holy Trinity, Chester. 

Hunter, Edward Morgan, b. May, 1860, son of Mrs. Hunter, 99, 
Ladbrokt Grove, Notting Hill. 
Colvin, 1874.3, M. IV.— 1876.3, M.R. 

Jones, John, b. Jan. 1861, son of Mrs. Jones, 3, Worcester Lawn, 
Colvin, 1874.3, IV.— 1876,3, L.M.ii. 

Jones, Herbert Ambrose, b. March, 1862, son of Rev. E. R. Jones, 
Limpsfield R., Red Hill. 
Thomason, 1874.3, II.— 1879.3, U.M.ii. 

Lindsell, Herbert, b. Feb. 1861, son of C. L. Lindsell, Esq., Holme, 
Bartle Frere, 1874.3, III.— 1876. 3. R. 

Lang, Arthur George Boileau, b. July 14, 1861, son of Col. A. M. 
Lang, R.E., care of H. F. Shaw, Esq., 89, 
Shooter's Hill Road, Blackheath. 

Haileyand Bartle Frere, 1874.3, II.— 1879-3, M.U.M.i. XV. 1879. R.M.C. 
Sandhurst. Gazetted ultimately to 2nd Batt. 2and Foot (Cheshire Regt.) 
Aug. 9, 1882. Probationer for Bengal Staff Corps Feb. 16, 1884. Perma- 
nently posted March 29, 1886, to ist Batt. ist Gurkhas. 

Le Fanu, Fletcher Sheridan, b. Jan. 21, 1860, son of W. R. Le 
Fanu, Esq., Commissioner of Public Works 
in Ireland. Address, Linadell, Co. Sligo. 

Trevelyan, 1874.3, L.M.L— 1877.1, M.V.i. XX. 1876. R.M.C. Sandhurst. 
Gazetted to 26th Cameronians Nov. 1879, but went to Trinity College, 
Dublin, and was ordained Nov. 1884, to S. George's, Dublin. Now 
Incumbent of Linadell, Co. Sligo. 
M. Nov. 1885, Jane Höre. 

Macfarlane, Archibald William, b. June, 1860, son of Mrs. 
Macfarlane, Almorah Lodge, Surbiton. 
Colvin, 1874.3, M.R. —1877.2, M.V.2. 1 p. Articled as a Solicitor. 

Maxwell, Hamilton, b. Jan. 1861, son of the late Col. Maxwell, 
Broughty ferry, Dundee. 
Hailey and Lawrence, 1874.3, IL— 1878.1, V.2. 1 p. Solicitor, in Edinburgh. 

♦Milford, Robert Theodore, b. Jan. 21, 1862, son of Rev. R. N. 
Milford, R. D., East Knoyle R., Salisbury. 

Lawrence, 1874.3« L.M.i.— I88O.2, VI.i. Head of the School 1879.3—1880.2. 
2nd XI. 1880. President of Literary Society. Quartett 1877-79-80. 
Gained an Exhibition at Magdalen College, Oxford, but entered at New 
College, and class Mods. 1882. and class Classical Greats 2884. 
Represented the University in Lawn Tennis v. Cambridge for four years. 
Hon. See. of O.U.L.T.C. ist Prize Championship Singles 1883-84. 2nd 
prize All England Doubles 1883. Assistant Master with W. S. Gibson, 
Esq., Headington, Oxford, 1884-85. Abroad for a year. Now (1887) with 
Rev. L. Wickham, Twyford, Winchester. 


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Koney, Robert Jarratt, b. March 19, 1862, son of late Rev. Canon 

C. F. M. Money, 2, Lansdown Crescent, 


Thomason, 1874. 3, I.— 1880. i, U.M.i. Big Side FootbalL ist Set Bozing 1880. 

3 p. Civil Engineer. Cryslal Palace Engineering School for a year. Then 

articled to W. Shelford, M.I.C.E. Now Assistant Engineer on construction 

of Winnipeg and Hudson's Bay Railway. 

Newton, Francis Curzon, b. April 27, 1861, son of C. E. Newton, 
Esq., Manor House, Mickleover, Derby. 
Highfield, 1874.3, R.— 1878.2, VI.2. XXII. 1878. LX. 1877. 2 p. Merton 
College, Oxford. Captain of xi. B. A. Captain in Derbyshire Yeomanry. 
Entered at Inner Tample 1882. 

M. Aug. 18, 1886, Mary Beatrice, d. of Hon. and Rev. A. Byron, Rector 
of Kirkby Mallory, Leicestershire. 

Oddie, Edward Gream, b. March 21, 1861, son of E. Oddie, Esq. 
Address, Oxford Lodge, Watford, Herts. 
Bartle Frere, 1874.3, III.— 1878.3, V.2. XV. 1877-78. Admitted Solicitor 
April, 1884. 

Page, Arthur John, b. Aug. 1860, son of J. Page, Esq., Mayland, 
Hailey, 1874-3, III.— 1876.2, L.M.Ü. 

♦Plumptre, Henry Fitzwalter, b. Dec. 12, 1860, son of J. Bridges 
Plumptre, Esq., Goodnestone, Wingham, Kent. 

Bartle Frere, 1874-3, L.M.ii.— 1879.2, VI. 2. 2 £4. 1 p. University College, 
Oxford. B.A. 1885. Since a raaster with G. Podmore, Esq., at Grange- 

Buggles Brise, R. F., b. Sept. 1860, son of S. B. Ruggles Brise, 
Esq., Spains Hall, Braintree. 
Hailey, 18743, IL— 1875.2, II. 

Richardson, George Frederick, b. May 8, 1861, son of Ven. 
Archdeacon Richardson, Rector of Cam- 
berwell. Address, 32, Church Road, Tun- 
bridge Wells. 
Thomason, 1874.3, I.— I88O.2. V. XI. 1880. XV. 1879. Trinity College, 
Cambridge. Three years in boat. xv. Ordained Dec 1884, to Curacy of 
Holy Trinity, Tunbndge Wells. 

Simpson, Algernon Reynardson, b. July 27, 1860, son of Rev. 
G. Simpson, M.A., 4, Grosvenor Gardens, 
Tunbridge Wells. 
Cölvin, 1874.3, R.— 1878.2, U,M.i. Pembroke College, Cambridge. B.A. 
1883. Ordained Trinity, 1884, to Curacy of Tenterden, Kent. 

♦Simpson, Robert Henry Bridges, b. Aug. 22, 1862, son of Rev. G, 

Simpson, 4, Grosvenor Gardens, Tunbridge 


Colvin, 1874.3, R.— 1881.2, VI.2. XI. 1880-81. Pembroke College, Cambridge. 

grd class Classical Tripos 1884. xi. 1882-8«;. Captain 1884. Secretary of 

Boat Club 1884. After reading with Dr. Vaughan ordained to Curacy of 

Harrow-on-the Hill 1885. 

Smith, George Alwyne, b. Oct. 1861, son of Rev. G. Smith, 
5. Cross i?., Harleston. 
Lawrence, 1874-3, III.— 1878.3, U.M.ii. 

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187«. r. HAUE YBUR Y REGISTER. 1 1 5 

Stapleton, Gilbert, b. May, 1862, son of J. Stapleton, Esq., 8, 
Queen 9 s Gate Terraee, S. Kensington. 
Trevelyan, 1874.3, III.— 1880.2, V.l. Oriel College, Oxford. Bicycled against 

♦Steward, Russell Vincent, b. Jan. 1862, son of the lateE. Steward, 

Esq., Saxlingham Hall, Norwich. 

Hailey and Edmonstone, 1874.3, IL— 1880. 3, VI. 2. 1 p. Prefect in Hailey. 
XI. 1880. XV. 1879. Capt. 1880. Played at Prince's 1878-79 Won 
School Racquets, Bat Fives and other prizes. Tenor Solo 1880. In 
Assam, tea-planting, 1883-86. 
D. Jan. 22, 1886. A tablet has been put up to his memory in Chapel. 

*8ynge, Edward Millington, b. April 17, 1860, son of Rev. F. 
Synge, H.M. Inspector of Schools, The 
Chantry, Norwich. Address, Eastlands, Wey- 

Trevelyan, 1874.3« L.M. iL— 1878.2, VI.i. Prefect in Hailey House, 1877.3— 
1878.2. XXII. 1877-78. XV. 1877. 5 p. Mi. ist Prize Fencing 
1877-78. ist Prize 100, 200, and Quarter-mile Swimming 1878. 2nd 
Putting the Weight. Trinity College, Cambridge. Rowed in Ist Trinity 
5th, 3rd, and and Boats in 1879, 8°> 8l - One of the Captains 1880-81. 
Championship Cup for Quarter-mile Swimming 1881, and other prizes. 
2nd class Classical Tripos 1882. Estate Agent smce 1885. 

Trower, Cuthbert Fetherston, b. Jan. 1, 186 1, son of G. S. Trower, 
Esq., 3 1 , Harcourt Terraee, S. Kensington, S. W. 

Hailey, 1874.3« II.— 1876.3, IV. 2nd set Hurdles. 2nd set Boxing. S. John's 
College, Oxford. B.A. xv. President of Musical Society. Lincoln 
Scholae Cancellarii. Ordained Trinity Sunday, 1887. 

♦Welldon, Frank William, b. March 29, 1861, son of Rev. E. J. 

Welldon, second Master of Tonbridge School. 

Edmonstone, 1874.*— 1880. 2, VI.i. 2 p. Rep. prize. CS. XI. 1880. XV. 
1879. Jesus College, Cambridge. Rustat Seh. Exh. and Prizeman. 
Placed in div. 3 of class 2 of Classical Tripos, Part i. 1883. Played Lawn 
Tennis for Cambridge v. Oxford 1883. A Classical Master in Upper School 
of Liverpool College 1883. 

Woolley, Joseph Edmund, b. May, 1861, son of W. J. Woolley, 
Esq., Barrow Cliff, Barrow-on-Sea, Lough- 
Thomason, 1874.3, II.— 1876.2, R. Pembroke College, Oxford. RA. 1885. 


Bnokworih, M. B., b. Oct. 1860, son of Mrs. Buckworth, Sherborne 
Lodge, Snortlands, Kent, 
Colvin, 1875.x, M.IV.— 1878.x, M.L.M.Ü. 
Cams Wilson, Charles Ashley, b. Dec. 1860, son of Rev. C. 
Carus Wilson, late of New Milverton V., 
Thomason, 1875. 1 , M. I V. —1877. 1 , M. U . M. ii. Pembroke College, Cambridge. 

Charlesworth, Joseph G., b. Aug. 1861, son of Rev. J. R. Charles- 
worth, Ehtrcd JR., Godalmtng. 
Hailey, 1875.1, IV.— 1875.1, IV. 

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1 16 HA1LEYBURY REGISTER. 1875.r. 

♦Copeman, Hugh Charles, b. Jan. 19, 1862, son of G. Copeman, 

Esq., Barrister-at-law, Dunham Lodge, Swaff- 

ham, Norfolk. 

Colvin, 1875.1, III.— I88O.2, Mod.VI.i. Captain of XXX. 1879.3. Captain 

of Paperchases 1880. 1. 2 p. Hx. Passed iöth into R.M.C. Sandhurst, 

1880. Lieut. in Essex Regiment Oct. 22, 1881. Transferred to 2nd Essex 

(S6th) in May, 1885. Adjutant June, 1886. 

♦Deedes, Arthur Gordon, b. Feb. 4, 1861, son of Rev. G. F. 
Deedes, Heydour V., Grantham. Address, S. 
John the Divine V., Vassall Road, S.W. 
Thomason, 1875.1. L.M.ii. — 1879-3, VI.2. 3 p. Secretary of Antiquarian 

" ' """" " - • • — Oxforc " " ~* * 

Society. XXX. 1879. Oriel College, Oxford. 3rd in Theology 1883. 
Eight two years. After a year at Cuddesdon, ordained Deacon, 1884, to 
the Curacy of S. John the Divine, Kensington. 

Gay, Philip, b. March, 1861, son of J. Gay, Esq., Thurning Hall, 
East Dereham, Norfolk. 
Colvin, 1875.1, IV.— 1875.3. R. 

Hallowes, Brabazon Chambr6, b. April, 1861, son of Rev. B. 
Hallowes, Glapuoell Hall y Chesterfield. 
Exeter College, Oxford, B.A. Ordained 1886 to Holy Trinity, Stroud. 

Hart, Norman, b. March, 1860, son of R. C. Hart, Esq., Beaufort 
House, Dryland Road, Lee. 
Thomason, 1875.1—1877.2, M.V.i. 1 p. Learnt engineering in Messrs. Haw- 
thorn's works, Newcastle-on-Tyne. 

Harrison, E. B., b. March, 1861, son of Mrs. Harrison, Thornley, 
South Norwood Hill, near London. 
Edraonstone, 1875.1, IV.— 1877-3, V.r. 3 p. 

Jellicoe, Herbert Whalley, b. Nov. 5, 1862, son of Capt. J. H. 
Jellicoe, Royal Mail Steam Packet Company. 

Colvin, 1875.1, L.M.Ü.— 1878.2, V.l. XI. 1878. 1 p. For 6 years in Messrs. 
W. and H. Thompson's House in Mincing Lane. Afterwards in the 
Jamaica Branch of the Colonial Bank, where he died Sept. 23, 1885. (See 
Haileyburian, Nov. 1885.) 

Joyce, Thomas Telfir, b. May, 1861, son of T. Joyce, Esq., 
2, Pembridge Gardens, Bayswater. 
Hailey, 1875.x. IL— 1876.2, III. 

Lloyd Jones, Arthur Vivian, b. May, 1860, son of Rev. F. E. 

Lloyd Jones, late Chaplain of Newgate Gaol, 

Holy Trinity Vicarage, Halifax, Yorkshire. 

Address, Blackheath, S.E. 

Thomason, 1875.1, IV.— 1877.3, U.M.ii. Solicitor, admitted 1884. Member 

of the Incorporated Law Society of the United Kingdom. 

Kennedy, William, H., b. Jan. 1861, son of W. Kennedy, Esq., 
Gegansfown, Brannoxtown, Co. Kildare. 
Trevelyan, 1875.1, M.IV.— 1877-3, M.L.M.Ü. 

♦Lee, Henry, b. Feb. 1861, son of G. Lee, Esq., 4, Cleveland 
Gardens, Hyde Park. 
Trevelyan, 1875.1, R.— 1879.3, VI.2. Prefect in Batten. Trinity College, 
Oxford. B.A. 1882. Solicitor. 

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Kagee, William George, b. Sept. 1862, son of the Bishop of 

Peterborough, The Palace, Peterborough. 

Edmonstone, 1875.1, IL— 1880. i, L.M.i. Edinburgh University. Medical 
Student. Now in Birmingham. 

O'Donovan, Morgan William, b. Feb. u, 1861, son of H. W. 

O'Donovan, Esq., D. L., J. P., Liss Ard, 

Skibbereen, Co. Cork. 

Hailey and Colvin, 1875.1, IL— 1879.1, U.M.i. Magdalen College, Oxford. 

B.A. Jan. 1886. 2nd Lieut. June, 1881, in South Cork Light Infantry 

Militia. Now 3rd Batt. Royal Munster Füsiliers. Capt. 1884. 

Bipley, Philip Edward, b. May, 1861, son of Rev. W. W. Ripley, 
Earlham Hall, Norwich. 
Lawrence, 1875.x, IIL— 1877.2, M.L.M.Ü. Learnt Engineering in Messrs. 
Hawthorn's works, Newcastle-on-Tyne. 

8t. John, Montagu Rodney, b. March 3, 1861, son of Captain H. 
C. St. John, R.N., Stokefield, Thornbury R.S.O. 
Gloucestershire. Address, Rangoon, Burma. 
Edmonstone, 1876.1, L.M.ii.— 1878.3, M.U.M.i. D. Won Half-mile. Pro- 
fessions various. At present an Editor of ' Rangoon Times.' 

Stawell, William, b. March, 1860, son of Sir W. F. Stawell, Im- 
perial Chambers, Bank Place, Melbourne. 
Hailey and Trevelyan, 1876.x, IV.— 1877.3, V.2. 2 p. Solicitor in Melbourne. 

Southey, J. H. W., b. Oct. 1861, son of Rev. H. W. Southey, 
Woburn V., Beds. 
Hailey, 1876.x» IL— 1876.2, IIL 

Tuke, W. O., b. Nov. 1861, son of Rev. F. E. Tuke, Borden V., 
Hailey. 1875.x, IL— 1876.3, IL 
Wood, Ernest, b. Dec. 1860, son of A. F. Wood, Esq., Brook House, 
Turnford, Hoddesdon. 
Bartle Freie, 1876.x, IIL— 1877.2, U.M.ii. 
Wood, John Mountford, b. March 18, 1861, son of Rev. R. M. 
Wood, R.D. for Great Berkhampstead. 
Hailey and Bartle Frere, 1875.1, IL— 1879.1, U.M.ii. 1 p. ist and set Single- 
sticks 1878. ist first set Singlesticks 1879. R.A.C. Cirencester. 


♦Allenby, Edmund Henry Hynman, b. April 23, 1861, son of H. 
Allenby, Esq., Felixstowe, Ipswich, Suffolk. 
Bartle Frere, 1875.2, L.M.ii.— 1878.2, VI.2. 1 p. R.M.C. Sandhurst. Com- 
mission in 6th Inniskilling Diagoons on May xo, 1882. 

Barter, H. R., b. Oct. 1861, son of H. Barter, Esq., 86, Regent 9 s 
Park Roady London. 
Hailey. 1876.2, IL— 1876.2, III. x p. 
♦Block, William Edmonston, b. May, 1861, son of S. W. Block, 
Esq., 15, Talbot Square, Hyde Park. 
Thomason, 1875.2, L.M.i.— I88O.2, VI.x. Prefect in Batten. XXX. Oriel 
College, Oxford. B.A. Read for the British Museum, and passed in first 
(1887) but was lejected after the medical examination, 

Digitized by 


1 1 8 HAILE YBUJR V REGISTER. 1875.2. 

Blunt, A. C, b. Dec. 1860, son of Rev. G. Blunt, The Rectory, 
Hailey, 1875.2, III.— 1876. 3 , IV. 

Cass, E. C, b. Nov. 1861, son of C. Cass, Esq., Presdales, Ware. 
Trevelyan, 1875.2, R.— 1876.3, R. 

*Clay, Charles Felix, b. Nov. 5, 1861, son of C. J. Gay, Esq., 
West House, Cambridge. 

Trevelyan, 1875.2, U.M.ü.— I88O.2, VI.i. 2 p. Cr, C2, C5, C7. ist set 
Foils 1880. Trinity College, Cambridge. Class 2, div. 2, part i. of Classical 
Tripos 1883. Part 2, 2nd class, 1884. Became partner in the firm of 
C. J. Clay and Sons, Printers to the University of Cambridge, March, 1886. 
Editor of ' Cambridge Review,' 1885-86. 

Cox, C. S., b. Aug. 1861, son of Rev. C. W. Cox, The Rectory, 
Malpas, Cheshtre. 
Lawrence, 1875.2. II.— 1879.2, M.L.M.i. 1 p. XI. 1879. 
Cro88, A., b. June, 1861, son of A. Cross, Esq., Fort House, Gravesend. 

Highfield, 1875.2, IL— 1877.2, IV. 
Granville, Dennis, b. April, 1863, son of G. H. Granville, Esq,, 
Wellesbourne, Warwick. 
Colvin, 1875.2, IL— I88O.2, M.U.M.i. 1 p. H2. 

Hamilton, Arthur Philip, b. Sept. 1861, son of A. Hamilton, Esq., 
Inishoge, Co. Kilkenny. 
Hailey and Lawrence, 1875.2, HL— 1879.2, V.r. 1 p. 2 nd XL r870. 
D. frotn lockjaw, after a fall, Feb. 28, 1880. 

Lacy, Gilbert Hamilton de Lacy, b. July 2, 1861, son of late Capt. 
G. de Lacy Lacy, 25, Finsbury Square, London. 

Thomason, 1875.2, R.— 1878. 3, U.M.Ü. R.M.C. Sandhurst. Gazetted to r7th 
Regt. Aug. ir, 1880. Lieut. July z, 1881. Appointed to Bengal Staff, 
45th Rattray's Sikhs, July 28, r882. 

♦Lang, E. B., b. Aug. 1862, son of Rev. O. C. S. Lang, Roxeth Hill, 
Hailey and Bartle Frere, 1875.2, IL— I88O.2, M.VI.2. 2 p. Lieut. July 25, 
r882. Probationer for Bengal Staff Corps. 

McAnally, A. A., b. June, 1861, son of Rev. D. McAnally, Penge V., 

Hailey, 1875.2, IL— 1875.3, IL 

Podmore, Austin, b. Sept. 1861, son of Rev. T. Podmore, late Head 

Master of Eastbourne College. Address, 14, 

Dean's Yard, Westminster. 

Edmonstone, 1875.2, L.M. iL— 1877-3, V.r. XL r877. In London and West- 
minster Bank. 

Eodwell, J. B., b. March, 1861, son of Rev. R. M. Rodwell, High 
Laver R. y Essex. 
- Bartle Frere, 1875.2, L.M.Ü.— 1877-3, V.r. r p. 
♦Rolt, Francis Wardlaw, b. Dec. 24, 1861, son of Rev. H. G. Rolt, 
Sacombe Lodge, Harbledown, Kent. 
Bartle Frere, 1875.2, L.M.ii.— I88O.3, Vl.r. 2 p. XV. ^79, r88o. Captain 
of XXII. r88o. Won rst set Hurdles 1880. Passed through R.M.C. 
Sandhurst, but after being gazetted to York and Lancaster Regt, resigned 
Commission and went up to Oriel College, Oxford. 3rd in Classical Mods. 
r883. xi. and xv. Holder of College Challenge Cup for Athletics. Out in 
Florida, orange and fruit farming, r885. 

Digitized by 




Sherer, L. C, b. June, 1861, son of Mrs. Sherer, 2, Glos/er Vt'llas, 
Richmond, Surrey. 

Lawrence, 1875.3, II.— 1877.1, R. R.M.C. Sandhurst. Lieut July 1, 1881, in 
the Leicestershire Regt. 

Sim, Charles Henry, b. May 14, 1860, son of late A. Sim, Esq., 
Kensington Palace Mansions, and Ivy Lodge, 
Old Windsor, Berks. 

Lawrence, 1875.2, L.M.L— 1877-3, M.V.i. 1 p. Secretary N.S.S. London 
University. ist M.B. Three years at University College Hospital. Passed 
Intermediate Examination for Solicitors. Now a Journalist. Editor of 
* Life,' 1883-4 ; of ' Theatrical Programme, ' 1885. Toint author with Capt. 
F. C. Philips of novel ' As in a Looking Glass,' reached 6th edition. 

Sloman, Frederick, b. May, 1861, son of S. G. Sloman, Esq., M.D., 
Farnham, Surrey. 
Thomason, 1875.2, IV.— 1879.1, U.M.i. Medical Student, in London. 

Squire, F. R., b. July, 1862, son of W. Squire, Esq., M.D., 6, 
Orchard Street, Portman Square. 
Bartle Freie, 1875.2, III.— 1879.2, L.M.i. 

Swinton, R. R., b. July, 1860, son of R. B. Swinton Esq., 25, 
Randolph Crescent, Maida Hill, W. 

Highneid, 1875.2, M.R.— 1877-3, M.L.M.J. R.M.C. Sandhurst. Lieut. Jan. 
28, 1882. In the Sherwood Foresters ( Derby shire Regt.). Probationer for 
Bengal Staff Corps. 

Tomkinson, Henry Palmerston, b. Dec. 30, 1860, son of Hon. S. 
Tomkinson, M.E.C., Adelaide, South Australia. 

Edmonstone, 1875.2, M.IV. — 1878.3, M.U.M.ii. 1 p. Junior Gymnastics 
1878. Adelaide University 1880. South Australian Forces. Commissioned 
as Lieut. in Cavalry, and appointed Field A.D.C. on staff to the General 
Cammandant July 2, 1885. Called to the South Australian Bar July 24, z886. 

•Wakh, H. W., b. Aug. 1861, son of W. H. Walsh, Esq., Park 

Housc, Oxford. 

Lawrence, 1875.2, L.M.Ü.— I88O.1, VI.2. Lincoln College, Oxford. B.A. 
Ordained 1885 to Holy Trinity, Lambeth. 

Walsh, J. E., b. Sept. 1862, son of W. H. Walsh, Esq., Park Hbuse, 
Lawrence, 1875.2, IL— 1879.2, VI.2. 2 p. 

Wilkinaon, H., b. May, 1861, son of T. G. Wilkinson, Esq., 
Summerfield, Putney Heath. 
Thomason, 1875.2, R.— 1877-3, v - 2 - a P- 

Whately, R., b. April, 1861, son of Rev. W. J. Whately, Rtse 
Rectory, Hüll. 
Edmonstone, 1875.2, L.M.i.— 1878.3, M.V.2. 

♦Whatton, John Swift, b. May 13, 1861, son of Rev. A. B. Whatton* 
Address, 9, Somers Place, Hyde Park, W. 

Highfield, 1875.2, L.M.H.— 1880.2, VI.2.— Racquet pair 1880. Trinity College, 
Cambridge. 2nd class History Tripos 1884. Captain of C.U. Bicycle 
Club 1883-84. Rode against Oxford 1882, 83, 84. Won five miles Amateur 
Championship of United Kingdom 1882. Reading for the Bar. 

Digitized by 




Anderson, John James, b. Oct. 1861, son of W. D. Anderson, Esq., 
The Ferns, Frognal, Hampstead. 
Thomason, 1875-3, IV.— 1879.x, L.M.i. 

Beamish, Richard H., b. June, 1861, son of R. P. Beamish, Esq., 
Ashbourne, Glounkaune, Cork. 
Bartle Frere, 1875-3, III.— 1879.1, M.L-M.i. 

Bennet, Philip, b. Feb. 1862, son of P. Bennet, Esq., Rougham 
Hall, Bury S. Edmund' s. 
Lawrence, 1875. 3. M.L.M.Ü.— 1877.2, M.L.M.Ü. 

Chesney, Kellow, b. Nov. 1861, son of Col. Chesney, late of 
Cooper's Hill, Staines. 
Colvin, 1875-3, R.— 1878.1, M.V.2. R.M.C. Sandhurst Lieut July 1, 1881. 
In Bengal Staflf Corps. 

Clements, Charles Henry, b. Sept. 1861, sonof J. M.Clements, 
Esq., Glendqy, The Avenue, Torquqy. 
Trevelyan, 1876. 3. IV.— 1877-3, *• 

Coote, Herbert Chidley, b. July 8, 1861, son of Rev. A. Coote, 
Dungarvan, Tunbridge Wells. 

Colvin, 1875.3, IV.— 1879.2, U.M.i. C.C.C. Cambridge. B.A. 1884. Ridley 
Hall, Cambridge. Ordained Dec. 1885, to Curacy of Christ Churcn, Clifton, 

M. June x, 1886, Elizabeth Margaret, d. of B. H. Collins, Esq., of 
Dunorlan, Tunbridge Wells. 

Creery, Leslie Charles, b. Sept. 1861, son of L. Creery, Esq., 
Belmore House, Ashford, Kent. 
Edmonstone, 1875.3, R.— 1879.2, U.M.I. 

Benny, Thomas Harry, b. Jan. 1863, son of Rev. R. C. Denny, 
The Manor House, Bergh, Apton, Norwich. 
Bartle Frere, 1875.3, IV.— I88O.2, VI.2. 1 p. XI. 1880. Engineering. 

Drabble, Robert Brownell, b. July 20, 1861, son of R. R. Drabble, 
Esq., Woodside, Sundridge, Sevenoaks. 
Trevelyan, I876.3, L.M.Ü.— 1878.2, U.M.i. Lieut. (July 3, 1886) in ist 
Volunteer Batt. the Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regt.) 

♦Fox, Edward Vaughan, b. Sept. 1861, 1, Church Villas, Weston- 
Edmonstone, 1875.5, IV.— 1880. 2, VI.i. 5 p. Lincoln College, Oxford. 

Olaiebrook, Arthur James, b. Aug. 1861, care of W. Croft, Esq., 
Kimbolton Road> Bed/ord. 
Bartle Frere, 1875.3, III.— 1877.2, L.M.L 

Graut, Trevor, b. Feb. 1861, care of Rev. C. H. Gösset, Langton, 
Herring, Weymouth. 
Lawrence. 1876.3, M.L.M.Ü.— 1879.1, M.VI.a. 30. E 4, #a, F2, F4. 
Lieut. (July 29, 1882) in the ist Batt East Surrey Regiment 

D. from an accident while on a shooting expedition on the Pindarhi 
Glacier, India, May, 1885. 

Digitized by 



Gubbins, R. Dunmore, b. July, 1862, son of T. W. Gubbins, Esq., 
Dunkathel, Cork. 
Hailey and Bartle Frere, 1876-3, M.III.— I88O.1, M.V.a. XV. 1879. R.M.A. 
Woolwich. LieuL R.A. Oct. i, 1882. Now in India. 

*Harbord, Philip, b. Sept. 1861, son of Hon. and Rev. J. Harbord, 

Morden College, Blackheath. Address, Thorpe 

Hamlet, Norwich, or White's, S.W. 

Lawrence, 1875.3, L.M.i.— 1879.2, VI.2. 1 p. On the Executive of the Health 

Exhibition 1884. Since 1886 District Manager of the Commercial Union 

Assurance Co. Limited. Lieut. ist Volunteer Batt. Norfolk Regt Has 

published several songs and other music. 

Harriion, Frank Ormerod, b. Jan. 1862, son of D. Harrison, Esq., 
Stavely, Kendal, Westmoreland. 
Colvin, 1876.3, IV.— 1879.1, V.2. In India. 

Hearsey John H., b. June, 1861, son of Mrs. Hearsey, 3, Goldston 
Villas, Cliftonville, Brighton. 
Thomason, 1875.3, M.R.— 1877.2, M.L.M.ii. R.M.C. Sandhurst Capt. 
Mar. 15, 1884, in the South Wales Borderers. 

Hiley, Richard Farrar, b. Oct. 1861, son of Rev. R. W. Hiley, D.D., 
Thorp Arch, Tadeaster. 
Hailey and Trevelyan, 1875.3, III.— 1879.2, L.M.i. Pembrolce College, Cam- 
bridge. B.A. 1884. Entered at S. Thomas's Hospital 1884. 

Hills, A. J., b. March, 1861, son of Rev. W. J. Hills, 6, Vtrnon 
Terrae*, Brighton. 
Thomason, 1875. 3, M.L.M.Ü.— 1879.x. M.V.i. 2 p. 

Horan, George Longmead, b. March, 1862, son of Lieut.-Col. 
Horan, 39, Upper Brunswick Place, Brighton. 
Hailey, 1875.3. III.— 1877.x, IV. 

♦Hoste, James William, b. Nov. 4, i86r, son of Rev. J. C. Hoste, 
of Godwich, Tevington Road, Eastbourne, 
Address, Clergy House, 27, Delamere Ter- 
race, W. 

Edmonstone, 1875. 3, L.M.i.— 1880. 3, VI. 1 p. D*. First elected President 
of Literary Society. Prefect in Hailey. Magdalen College, Oxford. Exh. 
1881. and class in Theology 1884. Ordained 1884 to S. James's, Notting 
Hill. S. Mary Magdalen, Paddington, 1887, 

♦Innes, Hugh McLeod, b. March 22, 1862, son of Lieut.-Gen. 
James, J. McL. Innes, V.C., late R.E., 9, 
Lexham Gardens, Kensington, W. 
Thomason, 1875.3, L.M.i.— I88O.2, Vl.i. Seh. 1876. Exh. 1880. 9 p. Ei, 

Ca, CS. Trinity College, Cambridge. Minor Seh. 1880. Foundation 
Seh. 1882. ist Class Classical Tripos, Part i. 1882. Part ii. 1884. Fellow 
of Trinity, 1886. Reading for the Bar. 

Jackson, James Herbert, b. Jan. 1862, son of H. J. Jackson, Esq., 
66, Abbey Road, S. John's Wood, N. W. 
Hailey, 1875.3, II.— 1877.x. III. 
Jones, Sydney Harold, b. May, 1862, son of S. Jones, Esq., M.B., 
io£, S. Thomas's Street, E.C. 
Colvin, 1875.3, IV.— 1877.2, L.M.i. 1 p. 

Digitized by 



Lafone, William B., b. Dec. 1860, son of Alfred Lafone, Esq., 
Hanworth Park, Hounslow. 

Thomason, I876.3, U.M.ii.— 1878.2, V.2. 2 p. XX. 1887. XI. 1878. 
R.M.C. Sandhurst, xv. Lieut. July 1, 1881, in thc Devonshire Regt. 

Langstaff, George Percival, b. June 2, 1862, son of F. F. Langstaff, 
Esq., 3, Rue des Ormeaux, Havre. 

Thomason, 1875.3, II.— 1880. 2, V.2. In business, at Havre. Special diploma 
from the Commercial College in Havre, 1881-82. 

*Le Fanu, William Richard (Junior), b. April 26, 1861, son of W. 
R. Le Fanu, Esq., Commissioner of Public 
Works in Ireland, Summer Hill, Ennis Kerry, 
Co. Wicklow. 

Trevelyan, 1876.3, U.M.ii.— 1879.2, VI.i. XXII. 1879. XXX. X878. Seh. 
1875. Exh. * 8 79- C 4. First in Berkhampstead Run. Hurdles 1878-79. 
S. John's College, Cambridge. 3rd Class Classical Tripos. xv. Called to 
Irish Bar Nov. 1884, to English 1886. 

Lucas, Percy Montague, b. Dec. 1, 1860, son of Rev. C. Lucas, 
Filby House, Great Yarmouth. Address, 
Lethbridge, N.W. Territory, Canada. 

Hailey, I876.3, IV.— 1876.2, R. Jesus College, Cambridge. RA. 1884. 
xi. 1881-84. xv. 188O-85. University xv. 1882. Working under the 
North Western Coal and Navigation Co., Canada, at above address. 

Mackworth Praed, Algernon Henry, b. Nov. 7, 1861, son of 
B. J. Mackworth Praed, Esq., Owsden Hall, 
Newmarket, Suffolk. Address, 4, Montague 
Square, W. 
Lawrence. 1876.4, R.— 1879.2, U.M.i. 

Middleton, Edward, b. July, 1863, son of E. P. Middleton, Esq., 
Hindringham Hall, Walsingham, Norfolk. 
Hailey and Lawrence, 1875-3, I. — 1880.2, L.M.i. z p. In Florida. 

Hills, Harry Noel, b. Oct. 1861, son of E. Mills, Esq., Baron 
House, Mite h am. 
Bartle Frere, 1876. 3, R.— 1887-3, R- 

Ogle, John Gilbert, b. June, 17, 1862, son of Rev. G. A. Ogle, 
Sedgeford Vicarage, King's Lynn. 

Bartle Frere, 1875.3, R.— I88O.2, V.2. Keble College, Oxford. 2nd class in 
Natural Science 1884. S. Bartholomew's Hospital, Oct. 1884. Wix Pme 
1877. Passed 2nd M.R.C.S. and L.R.C.P. April, 1886, and in July, 1886, 
ist M.B. at Oxford. 

Oliver, Austin, b. Sept. 1861, son of Rev. W. Oliver, late of 
Latton /?., Harrow, Es sex. 
Colvin, 1876-3, IV.— 1879.1, L.M.i. 

♦Owen, Herbert Dorset, b. March 14, 1863, son of Rev. J. M. 
Dorset Owen, Holy Trinity V., Burnley. 

Hailey and Lawrence, 1875.3, II.— 1882,2. VI.i. Prefect in Le Bas. 3 p. 
Exh. 1882. Secretary of Antiquarian Society. Wadham College, Oxford. 
Seh. 1882. ist Class Mods. 1884. and class Lit. Hum. 1886. xv. After 
some months in Germany, Scholastic Profession. 

Digitized by 



*Page, John Walter Bowden, b. July 6, 1861, son of Rev. J. Page, 

Ivy House, Thorpe-le-Soken, Colchester. 

Colvin, 1875.3, R.— 1879-3, M.VI.2. XXII. 1879. XXX. 1879. At first 

farmed in England, then in Manitoba. Afterwards read for Orders at 

S. John s College, University of Manitoba. Served as a rolunteer Scout 

against RieL Present at Batoche (medal). 

♦Pares, William Henry, b. Dec. 25, 1861, son of W. Pares, Esq. 

Address, Haslemere (box 29), Minnedosa, 

Manitoba, Canada. 

Thomason, 1875.3, L.M.i.— 1880. i, M.VI.2. Rep. prize. and XI. 1879. 

XXX. 1879. and in Quarter Mile Aquatics 1879. ist in O. H. race x88z. 

Farmingin Manitoba. J.P. for the Province. 

Bawlins, George William, b. Jan. 1862, son of Mrs. Rawlins, 
Lona, Ellenborough Park, Weston-super-Mare. 
Hailey and Lawrence. 1875-3, III.— 1879.3, M.U.M.i. a p. XI. 1878-79. 
R.M.C. Sandhurst. Lieut. in Bengal Staff Corps. Served on the Afghan 
Boundary Commission. 

Boberts, Edward Snell Wallis, b. Jan. 4, 1862, son of E. L. Roberts, 

Esq., of Alma Estate, Penang Province, 

Wellesley, Straits Settlements. Address, 390, 

Threadneedle Street, London, E.C. 

Lawrence, 1875. 3, II. — 1879.3, L.M.i. Won Rovers Cycling Qub 20 miles 

Championship 1885 and 1886. Hon. See. 1882-85. On Executive of 

National Cyclists Union 1883-86, and Hon. See. of the Championship 

Committee 1884-86. At first in Union Bank of London, now in National 

Bank of India. 

Shackle, Ernest W., b. Feb. 1862, son of E. H. Shackle, Esq., 
Botwell Lodge, Hayes. 
Hailey, 1876. 3, 1.-1878.2. IV. 
Smith, V. C, b. Sept. 1861, son of Rev. B. C. Smith, Hulcote Jt. 9 
Woburn, Btds. 
Edmonstone, 1875.3, III.— 1879.a, M.U.M.ü. 
Stack, John Bagot, b. Dec. 27, 1861, son of Rev. Canon Stack, 
D.D., Moville, Londonderry, Ireland. 
Bartle Frere, 1875,3, IL— 1879. 3, U.M. II. a p, XXX. 1879. Pembroke 
College, Cambridge. College Boat and Four. Football xv. Ordained 
from Salisbury Theological College to the Curacy of East Knoyle, Salisbury. 

Stapleten, Cuthbert, b. April, 1863, son of J. Stapleton, Esq., 
8, Queen's Gate Terrace, S. Kensington. 
Trevelyan, I876.3, I.— 1880.a, M.L.M.I. 
Strong, Frederick William, b. July 10, 1862, son of Rev. A. Strong, 
S. Paul's Rectory, Chippenham. Address, S. 
Mar/s, Battersea. 
Thomason, 1875^3, R.— 1880.a, V.i. Oxford, Merton College, srd class in 
Theology. Ordained Advent, 1885, to Curacy of S. Mary s, Battersea* 
M. Sept. 30, 1885, Gertrude, only d. of F. Mercer, Esq., of Gainsborough. 

Stnckey, Frank Aylesbury, b. Jan. 2, 1862, son of W. A. Stuckey, 
Esq., Norfolk Terrace, Brighton. 
Lawrence, 1875-3, IV.— 1877.x, L.M.i. Pembroke College, Cambridge. B.A. 
Two years in first Boat. Assistant Master for a time at Derby. Now at 

Digitized by 


1 24 HAILE YBUR Y REGISTER. 1875.3. 

Tottie, James Braithwaite Garforth, b. Dec. 1860, son of J. W. 
Tottie, Esq., Coniston Hall, Bell Busk, Leeds. 
Thomason, 1876-3, L.M.Ü.— 1878.3. U.M.ü. x p. J.P. for West Riding. 
Lieut. P.W.O. West Yorks. Regt, and Musketry Instructor. 

M. Oct. 14, 1886, Mabel, d. of late J. Hall, Esq., of Wulkington Lodge, 
near Beverley. 

Townsend, Sydney Robert Maurice, b. Jan. 6, 1863, son of S. F. 
A. Townsend, Esq., 78, Inverness Terrace, W. 
Bartle Frere, 1875.3, R.— 1879-3. V.a. Long Dive. Admitted a Solicitor, 
Feb. 1886. 

Veiey, Edward, Robert, b. April, 1862, son of Col. Vesey, Lucan 
Hause, Co. Dublin. 
Bartle Frere, 1876-3, L.M.Ü.—1879.3, V.i. 1 p. XV. 1878, 79 (Captain). Stock 

Watson, Reginald George, b. June, 1862, son of Gen. E. D. 

Watson, Bengal Army, 2, Portland Place, 


Trevelyan, 1876-3, U.M.i.— 1878.1, Vl.a. x p. Passed and for Colonial Civil 

Service Aug. 1882. Posted to Sineapore. Appointed officiating Private 

Secretary to Governor of Straits Settlement six months after arrivaL 

Wilson, David Lorraine, b. July 27, 1862, son of late J. Wilson, 
Greenfields, Cheltenham. 
Lawrence, 1875-3, R.— I88O.3, V.i. B.N.C. Oxford. R.M.G Sandhurst. 
Lieut. ist Batt. Royal Highlanders (The Black Watch), Feb. 6, 1884. 
Served in Egypt. 

Tonge, Francis Arthur, b. Nov. 23, 1861, son of J. B. Yonge, Esq., 
late of the Rifle Brigade, Otterbourne House, 
Highfield, 1875.3, HL— 1877.3. R. Now in Minnesota, farming. 


Burder, Francis Lionel, b. April 19, 1863, son of Rev. C. Sumner 
Burder, Harn R., Hungerford. Address, 
Lawrence, 1876.x, III.— 1881. 1, U.M.z. Admitted a Solicitor Dec. 1886. 

Capper, Thompson, b. Oct. 20, 1863, son of W. C. Capper, Esq., 
Bengal Civil Service, 14, Nevern Square, Earl's 
Court, W. 

Hailey and Thomason, 1876.x, III.— I88O.2 M.U.M. 1. x p. R.M.C. Sand- 
hurst. Lieut. ist Batt. East Lancashire Regt. Sept. 9, 188s. Now serving 
in India. 

Coulthurst, John William, b. Feb. 1862, sonof Rev. W. H. Coult- 
hurst, Bowerley, Settle, Yorkshire. 
Thomason, 1876.x, II.— 1879.3, U.M.L 
Dagg, Trevor A., b. April, 1862, son of J. R. Dagg, Esq., Hatfield, 
Colvin, 1876.x, IV.— 1879.2, U.M.i. 
Daniell, C. E., b. Oct. 1862, son of C. A. Daniell, Esq., S. Ann/s, 
Moni- ä'VAbbi, Jersey. 
Bartle Frere, 1876.1, IV.— 1877.2, R. 

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Desborough, L. A., b. May, 1862, son of L. Desborough, Esq., 
Mayfield, Dulwich Wood Park, Surrey. 
Barüe Frere, 1876.1, III.— 1877.3. HI- 
Poster, Walter Henry, b. Nov. 19, 1862, son of T. Barham Foster, 
Esq., C.E., Holly Bank, Timperley, Cheshire. 
Trevelyan, 1876.x, IV.— 188l.a, V.l. XXX. 1880. Trinity College, Cambridge. 
LL.B. 1884. 3Fd Class Law Tripos. 

♦Fnrnival, Charles, b. Jan. 21, 1863, son of Rev. J. Furnival, 
Muston Rectory, Nottingham. 
Thomason, 1876.x, IV.— 1881.a,VI.a. XXX. 1880. Oxford, Non-Collcgiate. 
S. Catherine^ xv. B.A. 1884. Ely Theological College. Ordained 
S. Thomas's Day, 1886. 

Gascoyne, George, b. Aug. 27, 1862, son of W. W. Gascoyne, Esq., 
J.P., The Lawn, Sittingbourne, Kent. 

Colvin, 1876.x, IV.— 1880. i, U.M.ii. XI. 1879, 2nd in ist set Singlesticks. 
1870. University College, London. Silver Medal for Painting from Life. 
Prise for Anatomical Drawing, and Landscape Prise. Slade Seh. £50 a 
vear, 1881-1884. Exhibited two pictures in Royal Academy in 1884, two 
m 1885, one in 1886, one in 1887. 

Gibbon, Henry Hendman, b. June, 1861, son of Rev. Canon 
Gibbon, The Vicarage, Harrogate. 
Trevelyan, 1876.x, L.M.i.— 1879.2, V.x. R.M.C. Sandhurst. Lieut. in Ist 
West India Regt. Feb. 7, 1885. Probationer for Bengal Staff Corps. 

Graut, Lewis Francis, b. March, 1862, care of Rev. C. H. Gösset, 
Langton Herring, Weymouth. 
Lawrence, 1876.x, M. III. —1877. 2, M.IV. 
♦Harland, Cecil, b. July 18, 1 863, son of T. Harland, Esq., Bridling- 
ton Quay, Yorkshire. 
Colvin, 1876.1, R.— 1881. 2, VI.2. D6. S. John's College, Oxford. 4th class 
Law 1884. Articled to Messrs. Pritchard. Passed Intermediate 1886. 
Became a member of the Haberdashers' Company July, 1886. 

Hathaway, H. P., b. Feb. 1863, son of Rev. E. P. Hathaway, 2, 
Hose Hill, Dorking. 
Bartle Frere, 1876.1, R.— 1876.2, R. 
Jessopp, F. C. E., b. Dec. 1861, son of Mrs. Jessopp, Waltham 
Abbey, Essex. 
Colvin, 1876.x, R.— 1877-3, R. 
Leathes, Herbert de Mussenden, b. Nov. 16, 1863, son of Col. H. M. 
Leathes, Blocka Hall, Herringfleet, Lowestoft. 
Highneid, 1876.1, IL— 1877.2, II. Afterwards at Malvern and R.A.C. Ciren- 
cester. Now farming and estate agent in Suffolk. 

Lyle, J. C, b. May, 1862, son of Rev. J. Lyle, Knocktarna, Coltraine. 
Hailey and Thomason, 1876.x. III.— 1880. 1, M.U.M.ii. XXX. 1879, and 
various Athletic Prises. R.I.E.C. Cooper's Hill. Captain of xv. Played 
for Surrey. Out to India. 

♦Maclagan, Philip Maxwell Gilmour, b. July, 1862, son of General 

R. Maclagan, R.E., 4, West Cromwell Road, 


Lawrence, 1876.1, U.M.ii.— 1881. 2, VI.i. < p. C7. Head of the School. 

Seh. 1876. Exh. 1881. XV. 1879-80. XI. x88i. Various Athletic prixes. 

Pembroke College, Cambridge. Seh. 3rd class Classical Tripos 1884. Ran 

for Cambridge in Quarter-mile 1884. Engaged in scholastic work in 


Digitized by 


1 2 6 HAILE YBUR Y REGISTER. 1870. r. 

Mocatta, Henry E., b. Jan. 1862, son of Rev. W. A. Mocatta, 7, 
Upper Northgate Street, Chester. 
Hailey, 1876.1, XII. -1877. 3, R. 
Peacock, Frederick Arden, b. Dec. 19, 1861, son of late W. H. 
Peacock, Esq., Manor House, Sleaford. 
Bartle Frere, 1876.x, R.— 1879-3, U.M.i. In a bank at Sleaford. 
Sapte, Francis, b. April 26, 1862, son of Capt. W. Sapte, late ist 
Madras Light Cavalry, Walton House, Rugby. 

Colvin, 1876.1, M.R.— 1879-3, M.V.i. XV. 1879. R.M.C. Sandhurst. Ga- 
zetted to ist Batt. D.C.O. Middlesex Regt, (late S7th). Transferred to 
and Batt. (late 77Ü1 Regt.) 

Smith, Cecil Somers, b. Nov. 20, 1862, son of Rev. J. J. Smith, 
late Fellow and Tutor of Caius College, Cam- 
bridge, and Vicar of Loddon, Norfolk. 
Hailey and Thoraason, 1876.1, III.— 1880. 1, V.i. Entered Forest Service of 
India Dec. 1882. Joined Madras Service Nov. 1885. 

♦Stawell, George Cooper, b. Dec. 1862, son of Sir W. F. Stawell, 
Union Bank of Australia, Lothbury, E.C. 
Trevelyan, 1876.1, L.M.Ü.— I88I.2, M.VI.a. Prefect in Batten. R.I.E.C. 
Cooper' s Hill. Engineering in India. 

Stewart, D. G., b. March, 1862, son of A. Stewart, Esq., Talbot 
House, Talbot Road, Bayswater, W. 
Bartle Frere, 1876.x, L.M.Ü.-1878.2, M.U.M.ii. 
Stuart, Robert A., b. July, 1862, son of C. P. Stuart, Esq., Sandy 
Mount House, Woburn Sands, Beds. 
Thomason, 1876.1, III.— I88O.2, M.U.M.i. 1 p. Afterwards at O.M.C. Cowley. 
Styan, Harry, b. Aug. 1863, son of H. S. Styan, Esq., A4, Albany, 
Piccadilly, W. 
Bartle Frere, 1876.1, I.— 1881.8, U.M.i. 
Walker, Cyril Hutchinson, b. Aug. 30, 1861, son of Rev. J. Walker, 
Bradwell R., Great Yarmouth. Address, 1, 
Garway Road, Leinster Square, W. 

Thomason, 1876.x, L.M.Ü.— 1879.2, V.2. Jesus College, Cambridge. B.A. 
and class Natural Science Tripos 1883. M.B. final Dec. 1886. London 
Hospital 1884. M.R.C.S. Eng. April, 1886. 

♦Watson 8mith, Clement Leigh, b. May 28, 1862, son of R. Watson 
Smith, Esq., S. Ann's, Faversham. 
Colvin, 1876.x, L.M.i.— I88I.2, VI.i. Exh. 1 p. Magdalen College, Oxford. 
Exh. and class Classical Mods. 1883. B.A. 1886. 

Wemyss, David Gillespie, b. Jan. 2, 1863, son of Col. H. M. 
Wemyss, C.B., 78, Cornwall Gardens, S. 
Hailey, 1876.1, III.— 1879.2, M.L.M.Ü. R.M.C. Sandhurst Feb. 1882. Lieut. 
in ist Royal Scots, March xo, 1883. 

Wilbraham, Henry Dudley, b. May 27, 1862, son of Rev. R. W. 

Wilbraham, Delamere House, Northwich, 


Hailey and Colvin, 1876.1, IV.— I88O.1, M.U.M.J. XV. 1879. Various 

Athletic prizes. Coffee planting on Nilgeri Hills. Address, Ootacamund, 

S. India. 

Digitized by 



Wilde, Richard Gerard, b. Oct. 8, 1862, son of Rev. R. Wilde, 

H.M. Inspector of Schools, Westbourne, 

Emsworth, Hants. 

Thomason, 1876.x, L.M. iL —1880.1, V.a. Cläre College, Cambridge. B.A. 

1884. Eight 4. years. Stroke for 3 years. Sculls 2 years. Medical Student. 

Addenbrooke s Hospital, Cambridge, and London Hospital, £. 


♦Bailey, John Cann, b. Jan. 10, 1864, son of late E. C. Bailey, 

Esq., of Norwich. Address, Wymondham, 


Colvin, 1876.2. IV.— 1882.2, VI.i. Exhibition, 1882. 1 p. Ea. Secretary 

of Literary Society. New College, Oxford. 2nd class Mods. 1884. 2nd 

class Lit. Hum. 1886. 

Barker, Ernest L., b. July, 1862, son of F. H. Barker, Esq., Llyndir, 
Edmonstone, 1876.2, IV.— 1879.1, M.L.M.ii. 

Bosanquet, Claude Charles Courthope, b. Dec. 19, 1862, son of Rev. 

C. Bosanquet, 31, Cheriton Gardens, Folke- 

stone, or Tower House, Park Street, Taunton. 

Hailey and Bartle Ffere, 1876.2, III.— 1878.2, R. 2 p. Oriel College, Oxford. 

2nd in Theology 1885. Ordained 1886 to Wilton, Taunton, Somerset. 

Bruce, Clarence D., b. July, 1862, son of Lieut.-Col. Bruce, R.A., 

North Berwicky Scotland. 

Thomason, 1876.2, R.— I88O.1, M.U.M.ii. XV. 1879. XI. 1879. R.M.C. 

Sandhurst, xv. Lieut. Duke of Wellington^ (West Riding Regt.) Oct. 25, 

1882. A.D.C. to General Macfarlane. and winning Polo team for Inter- 

Regiraental Cup 1886. 

Bnrne, Oldbury, b. Dec. 1862, son of Rev. J. B. Burne, Aldermasion 
Parsonage, Reading. 
Lawrence, 1876.2, R. —1878. 3, M.L.M.ii. 2 p. 
♦Burnett Ramsay, Thomas, b. March, 1862, son of Mrs. Burnett 
Ramsay, Banchory Lodge, Aberdecnshire. 
Thomason, 1876.2, L.Mi. ^1881.2, VI.2. XV. 1880. Trinity College, Cam- 
bridge. Passed into R.M.C. Sandhurst as University Candidate 1883. 
Gazetted to 5th Lancers. 

♦Carroll, William Alexander, b. April 14, 1863, son of H. A. 
Carroll, Esq., of the Admiralty, The Oaks, 
Twickenham. Address, Holy Trinity Church 
House, Dalston, E. 

Colvin, 1876.2, L.M.Ü.— I88I.3, VI - 2 - * P- Custodian of Antiquarian Society, 
Christ Church, Oxford. 3rd class in Theology. ist Torpid 1883. 6 bumps. 
Ordained from Cuddesdon June 20, 1886, to curacy of Holy Trinity, 

Chatterton, Eyre, b. July, 22, 1863, son of A. T. Chatterton, Esq., 
10, Clyde Road, Dublin. 

Thomason, 1876.2, IV.— 1880.2, V.r. XV. 1879. Trinity College, Dublin, 
ist class Honour man in English Lit. and Metaphysics. Gold Medallist in 
Ethics 1884. ist class Theology in 1886. Champion of University in 
1882-83-86 ; at Lawn Tennis 1883-1884. Champion of S. of Ireland 1885. 
Champion of Midland Counties at Buxton. Captain of Dublin University 
Lawn Tennis team against Cambridge 1886. Read with Bishop of Durham. 
Ordained 1887 to Holy Trinity, Stockton. 

Digitized by 



♦Dixon, Arthur, b. June, 1862, son of Mrs. Dixon, Norway House, 
638, Commercial Road, £. 
Lawrence, 1876.2, L.M.ii.— 1881.2, VI.i. Prefect in Batten. Conchologist to 
N.S.S. Trinity College, Cambridge. 2nd in Theological Tripos 1885. 
Ordained 1885 to Miles Platting, Manchester. 

Griffith, Herbert Edward, b. Dec. 30, 1861, son of late £. C. Griffith, 

Edmonstone, 1876.2, IV.— 1879.3, V.x. x p. Admitted a Solicitor in June, 

Hunt, Samuel Leonard, b. May 22, 1862, son of S. Hunt, Esq., 
Finance Department, India Office, New Grove 
House, Brentford. 
Thomason, 1876.1, M. IV. —1879.x, M.L.M.i. Admitted Solicitor Feb. 27, 

Johnttone, Edward A., b. Sept. 1862, son of Rev. B. W. Johnstone, 
Tynemouth House, Milverton, Leamington. 
Trevelyan, 1876.2, III.— 1878.3. R. 

Jones, William Campbell, b. July 19, 1 862, son of W. A. Jones, Esq., 

Director of London and County Bank and 

others. Address, 32, Bedford Row, W.C. 

Edmonstone, 1876.2, III.— 1878. 3, U.M.ii. 3 p. King's College, London, 

University College, London. Took Donaldson Silver Medal in Architecture. 

Artided to E. H. Burneil 1880-1884. Student at Royal Academy X883. 

Began practice March, 1886. 

Karney, Gilbert Henry, b. June, 1862, son of Rev. G. S. Karney, 
of Hampstead, late of Sandown, Isle of Wight. 
Edmonstone, 1876.2, R.— 1880. 2, V.2. 1 p. 

Died at Trinity College, Cambridge, May 9, 1882. 

HcHahon, Arthur Henry, b. Nov. 1 862, son of Lieut.-Col. McMahon. 
6, Regent' s Park, Heavitree, Exeter. 

Thomason, 1876.2, L.M.i.— I878.3. M.VI.a, 2 p. R.M.C. Sandhurst. Bengal 
Staff Corps Lieut. ist Sikhs March 10, 1883. 
M. Oct, 19, 1886, at Bombay, Mary E.. d. of F. C. Bland, Esq., 

Derriquin Castle, Co. Kerry. 

*Man, Edward Kirkness, b. Oct. 31, 1862, son of F. Man, Esq., 

Beckenham, Kent. 

Lawrence, 1876.2, L.M.i.— I88I.2, VI.i. XXX. 1880. Exh. Cläre College, 
Cambridge. Foundation Seh. 3rd class in Classical Tripos. College 
Boat and Four. Assistant Master at Norwich Grammar School. 

Maunsell, L. A. de Vere, b. Aug. 1863, son of Rev. R. A. Maunsell, 
5 1 , Avenue du Roi de Rome, Paris. 
Hailey, 1876.2, III.— 1876.2, III. 

♦Nairne, Alexander, b. Jan. 17, 1863, son of Rev. S. Nairne, Latton 
Rectory, Harlow. 
Trevelyan, 1876.2, L.M.Ü.— I88I.2, VI.i. Prefect in Batten. Exh. 1881. Jesus 
College, Cambridge. Seh. 1881. Classical Tripos, Part i. ist class, 
div. iii. 1885. Theological Tripos, part i. ist class, 1886. Jeremie Septua- 
gint prize. Carus Greek Testament prize. Gross Seh. 1886. Fellow of 
Jesus 1887. 

Percival, H. F., b. March, 1863, son of Rev. J. S. Percival, 75, 
Huskisson Street, Liverpool. 
Hailey and Bartle Frere, 1876.2, III.— 1879.1, M.R, 

Digitized by 



Eichardson, Arthur J., b. July, 1862, son of Mrs. Richardson, 
1, Brigton Villas, Battledown, Cheltenham. 
Thomason, 1876.2, III.— 1880. r, M.V.a. 1 p. 

Tülbrook, Percy Aylwin, b. June, 1862, son of Major Tillbrook, 
Clerk of the Cheque and Adjutant of the 
Hon. Corps of Gentlemen at Arms, 44, 
Ciaverton Street, S.W. 

Trevelyan, 1876.2, L.M.i.— 1880. r, V.2. In business, in the City. 

Thomas, Arthur Heber, b. Aug. 14, 1862, son of Rev. C. E. Thomas, 

R.D., Hemsworth Rectory, Pontefract, York- 


Hailey and Bartlc Frere, 1876.2, IV.— 1879.3 L.M.i. 54. Curator N.S.S. 
Exeter College, Oxford. Captain of Football. 

Thomas, Arthur M^rtyn, b. Nov. 21, 1862, son of Rev. J. H. 
Thomas, Hillingdon Vicarage, Uxbridge. 

Thomason. 1876.2, IV.— 1878. 3, R. 2nd XI. 1878. Now on tea Station at 
Tambo, Queensland. 

Wimberley, Charles F. A., b. April, 1863, son of Rev. C. J. 
Wimberley, Sibertswold V., near Dover. 
Colvin, 1876.2, L.M.ii.— 18/9.2, U.M.ii. Durham University. 


Andrews, Launcelot William Ryton, b. March 1, 1864, son of Rev. 
W. R. Andrews, Teffont R., Salisbury. 

Hailey, I876.3, IV— 1881.3, M. U.M.ii. 2^3. 54. XV 1880,81. Captain 
of Hailey when Cock House for the first time 1881. Entered S. Bartholo- 
mew's Hospital 1882. Played in Inter-Hospital Football Matches 1882, 83, 
84, 85. 

Bateman, Charles Edward Goodesson, son of F. Bateman, Esq., 
M.D., St. Giles, Norwich. 

Colvin, 1876.3, IV.— I88O.3, U.M.i. Edinburgh University. Studying Medi- 
ane. At present in Manchester. 

♦Benaly, Edward von Blomberg, b. Feb. 1863, son of R. L. Bensly, 
Esq., Grantchester, Cambridge. 

Lawrence, I876.3, U.M.ii.— 1881. 2, VI.i. Seh. 1876. Exh. 1881. 8 p. C6, 
2/>, G, C3, C4, Co. Trinity College, Cambridge. Foundation Seh. 
1880. Hon. mention for Chancellor's Medals 1884. Class z, Division z in 
part i. of Classical Tripos 1883. zst class in Classical Tripos, part ii. 1885. 
Afterwards studied at Göttingen and Bonn Universities. 

Casswell, George Frank, b. April, 1862. Present address, Huntly 
Grove, Park Road, Peterborough. 

Highfield, I876.3, IV— 1879. z, U.M.ii. Hertford College, Oxford. Torpid 
and Cricket XI. At present a Private Tutor and reading for Holy Orders. 
(Not in Mr. Deedes's book. ) 

Chittenden, Arthur Grantham Faithfull, b. Oct. 10, 1862, son of Rev. 

C. G. Chittenden, The Grange, Hoddesdon. 

Edmonstone, I876.3, III.— 1878.3, R. Trinity College, Dublin. In the 
Scholastic profession. 

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Coftobadie, Edward G., b. April, 1862, son of Major Costobadie, 
Woolhampton, Reading. 

Thomason, I876.3. M.R.— 1879-3, M.U.M.ii. R.M.C. Sandhunt. Lieut. 
Jan. 27, 1883, in the Loyal North Lancashire Regt 

Grawhaü, Hugh, b. Jan. 1865, son of J. Crawhall, Esq., 12, Eldon 
Square, Newcastle-on-Tyne. 
Colvin, 1876 3, III.-I878.3, R. 

Cnrteis, Herbert St. L., b. April, 1863, son of Capt. Curteis, 
Clarendon Villa, Clifton. 

Hailey and Bartle Frere, 1876-3, M. III. —1879.x, M.L.M.ü. 1 p. Lieut. Royal 
Marines Feb. 1, 1883. 

Dickson, George A. H., b. Jan. 1863, son of Rev. G. D. W. Dickson, 
75, S. George' s Square, Pimlico. 
Hailey, 1876. 3 , II.-I87&3, R. 

Disney, Edgar Norton, b. Nov. 24, 1862, son of Col. E. J. Disney, 
3rd Batt. The Essex Regiment. The Hyde, 
In gatestone, Essex. 
Lawrence, 1876. 3, R.— 1879.2, L.M.i. Pembroke College, Oxford, ad. 1884-85. 

♦Domenichetti, Richard Hippisley, b. April 21, 1863, son °f R - 
Domenichetti, Esq., M.D., Deputy Inspector 
General, Trinity Lodge, Louth, Lincolnshire. 

Trevelyan, I876.3, III.— I88I.3, VI.2. XV. 1881. 2 £ 1, £ 5. Oxford, Oriel 
College. Newdigate Prize Poem 1885. Studied for the Roman Catholic 

Siesthood at S. Cuthbert's College, near Durham. In 1887 at the Brompton 

Donglai, James Archibald, b. Oct. 1862, son of J. A. Douglas, Esq., 
Glenlyon, Central Hill, Upper Norwood. 

Colvin, 1876. 3, L.M.ii.- 1878. 2, V.i. 1 p. R.M.C. Sandhurst. Gazetted to 
39th Reet. Transferred to 54th, and went to India. Transferred to 13Ü1 
Bengal Infantry, to Bengal Lancers, and finally to and Bengal Cavalry. 
(Stationed at Saugor. ) 

Forbes, Andrew, b. Oct. 1862, son of J. G. Forbes, Esq., 82, Oxford 
Terrace, Hyde Park, W. 
Colvin, 1876.3, IV.— 1878 2, M.IV. 

♦Geldart, Alfred H., b. April, 1864, son of H. D. Geldart, Esq., 
Thorpe Hamlet, Norwich. 
Colvin, I876.3, R.— 1883.2, VI.i. 2 p. Prefect in Batten. XXX. 1882. 
University College, Oxford. Torpid 1886-87. Eight 1887. 

Glossop, John F. G., b. Nov. 1862, son of F. H. N. Glossop, Esq., 
Silver Hall, Islcworth. 
Edmonstone, I876.3, R.— 1877. a, R. 

Henry, Cecil Robert, b. Dec. 1862, son of R. Henry, Esq., Togher- 
mere, Tuam. 
Colvin, 1876.3, R.— I88O.2, M.U.i. 1 p. XXX. 1879. 2nd XI. 1880. 

Holloway, Richard, b. Nov. 1862, son of Mrs. Holloway, Thamt, 
Edmonstone, 1876. 3, R.— 1880. 3, V.2. 

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♦Hopkins, William Bonner Leighton, b. Nov. 9, 1862, son of the 
Rev. Canon Hopkins, Littleport Vicarage, Ely. 
Lawrence, 1876. 3, L.M.H.— 1881.2, VI. 2. Gonville and Caius College, Cam- 
bridge. B.A. 3rd class Classical Tripos 1884. ist in University Hare 
and Hounds Team 1885-86. ist in Two Miles Strangers' Race, Magdalene. 
2nd in Two Miles Strangers' Race, Queens. Ordained Deacon June, 1886, 
to Curacy of S. Andrew, Stockwell Green. 

Hill, Dudley, b. July, 1863, son of the late Rev. G. Hill, of Sacombe, 

Trevelyan, 1876. 3, L.M.i.— I88O.1, V.2. 

Lamb, Arthur, b. July 18, 1862, son of the late J. W. Lamb, Esq., 
The Limes, Working, Basingstoke. 
Edmonstone, 1876. 3, L.M.Ü.— 1879.2, U.M.i. Admitted a Solicitor Dec. 1884. 

Langataff, Frederick Charles, b. Sept. 18, 1863, son of F. F. 
Langstaff, Esq., 3, Rue des Ormeaux, Havre. 

Thomason, I876.3, 1.— I88I.2, L.M.i. XI. 1881. XV. 1880. ist High Jump. 
Quarter. School Fives. Singlesticks 1880, 81. Manager of ' Compagnie 
Fluviale et Agricole de rArtibonite,' Grande Saline, at Hayti. 

Lee, Norman, b. Oct. 18, 1862, son of Rev. Canon Lee, Hanmer 
V., Whitchurch, Salop. 
Bartle Frere, I876.3, R.— 1879.1, M.L.M.Ü. 1 p. In British Columbia. 

*Le Fanu, Brinsley Rankine, b. Aug. 10, 1862, son of W. R. Le 

Fanu, Esq., Commissioner of Board of Public 

Works, Ireland. Address, Summer Hill, 

Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow. 

Trevelyan, 1876.3, U.M. it.— 1880. 2, VI.2. XXX. 1879. Trinity College, 

Dublin. Bachelor of Engineering 1885. 

Macnaghten, Frank William, b. Nov. 1 862, son of Major Macnaghten, 
25, Chester Square, London. 
Edmonstone, 1876. 3, M.III.-I878.3, M.R. 

Mocatta, M. John, b. April, 1864, son of Rev. W. A. Mocatta, 
7, Upper Northgate Street, C heiter. 
Bartle Frere, 1876. 3. III.— 1879.2, L.M.i. 

Monck Mason, Espine Robert, b. June 16, 1862, son of Rev. R. B. 
Monck Mason, Woolhampton R., Reading. 
Address, 23, Vyse Street, Birmingham. 
Trevelyan, 1876.3, III.— I88O.1, L.M.L GC.C. Cambridge, xv. B.A. 1884. 
Ordained to S. Paul's, Birmingham, Trinity, 1886. 

•Hevill, Ralph William, b. June 10, 1863, son of Ven. Archdeacon 
Nevill, The Close, Norwich. 

Trevelyan, I876.3, L.M.Ü.— 1882.2, VI.i. Prefect in Melvill. 2 p. Entomo- 
logical Curator N.S.S. 2nd Singlesticks. Keble College, Oxford. B.A. 
1886. 2nd Torpid. After some time as Private Tutor, ordained 1887, to 
S. Mary's, Reading. 

Oddie, Reginald Augustus, b. April 4, 1863, son of Rev. G. Oddie, 
Aston R., Stevenage. 

Bartle Frere, I876.3, L.M.Ü.— 1880.1, M.U.M.ii. XX. 1879. Worked at 
Telegraphy in London Telegraph School, and served at Marseilles and 
Alexandria. Since 1885 in business in Chicago. 

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1 32 HAUE YBUR Y REGISTER. 1876.3. 

Oldfleld, Charles George, b. Feb. 1863. Care of Miss Macan, 
3, Addison Place, Rugby. 
Lawrence, I876.3, IV.— 1879.2, M.VI.2. 2 p. R.M.A. Woolwich. Lieut. 
R.A. Feb. 14, 1883. Stationed at Meean Meer, Bengal. 

O'ttaley, Julian A., b. Feb. 1863, care of R. C. de la Condamine, 
Esq., 45, Offa Street, Bedford. 
Hafley and Colvin, 1876. 3— 1877-3. R- 

Oswell, William Edward, b. Feb. 1862, son of W. C. Oswell, Esq., 
Groombridge, Tunbridge Wells. 
Bartle Frere, 1876-3, L.M.i.— 1877.2, V.2. 1 p. 

Oswell, Frank, b. Feb. 1863, son of W. C. Oswell, Esq., Groom- 
bridge, Tunbridge Wells. 
Bartle Frere, 1876. 3 , L.M.L— 1877.2, U.M.ii. 1 p. 

Parkes, Harry Rutherford, b. Nov. 18, 1862, son of the late Sir H. 
Parkes, K.C.B., G.C.M.S., H.B.M.'s Minister 
to Japan and China, New University Club, 
St. James's Street, S.W. 

Highfield, I876.3, IV.— I88O.3, V.i. Bigside FootbaU. B.N.C. Oxford. 
B.A. 1884. Articled to a Solicitor Jan. 1885. (Not in Mr. Deedes's book.) 

Fearson, Francis B., b. Aug. 1863, son of Rev. H. Pearson, Henly 
V., Ipswich. 
Hailey, 187«. 3. —1881. 2. 1 p. 
Plumptre, John Bridges, b. Oct. 19, 1862, son of J. Bridges 
Plumptre, Esq., Goodnestone, Wingham, Kent. 

Bartle Frere, I876.3, R.— 1880.1, U.M.i. S4, E4. Oriel College, Oxford. 
4th in Theology 1886. Cox. of Torpid and viii. 

*Bobeson, Arthur H., b. April, 1863, son of Canon Robeson, Vicar 
of Tewkesbury. 

Trevelyan, 1876. 3, IV.— 1881. 2, VI.i. Prefect in Batten. University College, 
Oxford. 2nd class Classical Mods. 1883. Eight. Rowed in University 
Trials. Passed as University Candidate into R.M.C. Sandhurst. Gazetted 
1884 to Shropshire Light Infantry. 

Bobin, Leonard Philip, b. July, J862, son of Rev. P. R. Robin, 
Woodchurch R., Birkenhtad. 
Bartle Frere, I876.3, IV.-I88O.2, U.M.i. Hertford College, Oxford. 

Shaokle, Frank, b. July, 1864, son of E. H. Shackle, Esq., Botwell 
Lodge, Hayes. 

Hailey, 1876. 3 , IV.-I88I.2, M.L.M.i. 2 p. 

♦Shellabear, William Girdlestone, b. Aug. 27, 1862, son of S. 
Shellabear, Esq., Quebec Road, East Dereham, 

Edmonstone, I876.3, L.M.Ü.— 1879.ß, M.VI.x. 4 p. G2. R.M.A. Woolwich 
1879, passed in izth. Commission in R.E. Feb. 22, 1882. 

Soames, Alfred, b. Sept. 1862, son of Rev. C. Soames, Mildenhall 
R., Marlborough. 
Bartle Frere. I876.3, IV.-I8/8.2, R. 

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1877. i. HAUE YBUR V REGISTER. 133 

Teetdale, George, b. Aug. 4, 1864, son of Rev. C. B. Teesdale, 
Lamarsh R., Bures, Essex. Address, Thames 
Villa, Thames Ditton. 

■ Hailey, I876.3, I. — I88O.2, IV. Clerk in the Commercial Union Assurance Co. 

Trevor, Tudor, b. Aug. 17, 1862, son of Rev. G. A. Trevor, 48, 
Queen' s Gardens, W. 
Lawrence, 1876. 3, L. M. i. — 1878. 1 , U . M. 1. In business. 

Walker, William George, b. May 2Q, 1863, son of W. Walker, Esq., 
M.D., LL.D., Surgeon-Gen. N.W.P. and Oudh. 

Colvin, I876.3, R.— 1881.2, M.V.2. 1 p. St. XV. 1880. 2nd XI. 1881. 
S. John's College, Oxford. Eight. Capt. of xv. xi. Played for University 
xv. 1882, 83. B.A. 1884. Passed in as University Candidate to R.M.C. 
Sandhurst, xi. Capt. of xv. Under Officer. Passed out ist. Gazetted 
to the Suffolk Regt. Aug. 29, 1885. Joined i4th Goorkhas May, 1887. 
Stationed (1887) at Bakloh. 

Wilde, Arthur R., b. Sept. 1863, son of S. J. Wilde, Esq., 10, 
Sergeanti Inn, Fleet Street, E.C. 
Thomason, 1876.3, III.— 1879.1, M.R. 

Wilde, Reginald William, b. June 27, 1862, son of S. J. Wilde, 
Esq., Barrister-at-Law, 11, Vicarage Gate, 
Thomason, 1876-3, R.— 1879-3, M.L.M.L Trinity Hall, Cambridge, 1880-82. 
Passed Solicitor's final examination June, 1886. 

•Wingfleld, Hugh Edward, b. April, 1862, son of Rev. G. Wingfield. 

Highfield, I876.3, U.M.ii.— 1881.x, VI.2. Caius College, Cambridge. 3M 
class in Natural Science Tripos, Part i. 1884. Reading Medicine and 
Lecturing at Caius. 

Wyndham, Stanley, b. March, 1862, son of P. Wyndham, Esq., 
Brakes Lodge, Retgate. 
Edmonstone, I&76.3, M.IV.— 1879.x, M.U.M.i. 

♦Yonng, Frederick Coxwell, b. Oct. 31, 1862, son of Rev. P. Young, 
North Witham Rectory, Grantham. 

Colvin, I876.3, U.M.ii.— I88I.2, VI.2. Prefect in Hailey 1880.2-1881.2. 2 p. 
Keble College, Oxford. 3«! class Classical Mods. 1884. ord Mod. History 
1886. Assistant House Master to C. Tillard, Esq., Christowe House, 
Cheltenham College. 


Affleok, Philip B., b. Jan. 1862, son of Lady Affleck, Dalham Hall, 
Thomason, 1877.1. M.R.— 1879.1, M.L.M.i. 

Barnett, Horatio, b. Nov. 1862, son of H. F. Barnett, Esq., 
20, Brunswick Square, Camberwell, S. W. 
Colvin, 1877.1, R.— I88O.2, U.M.ii. 

Batty, Espine Fitzherbert, b. Nov. 1862, son of E. Batty, Esq. 
5Q, 5. Stephens Green, Dublin. 
Hailey, 1877.1, II.— 1880.2, L.M.I. 3 p. 

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Bethune, F. A., b. March, 1863, son of A. M. Bethune, Esq., 
Otlerburn, Hamlet Road, Upper Norwood. 
Hailey, 1877. 1, I.— 1879.1, IV. 

Briggs, Albert Edward, b. June, 1864, son of H. Briggs, Esq., 
19, Philbeach Gardens, S. Kensington. 
Thomason. 1877.1. IV.— 1880, L.M.Ü. 

Bull, Henry, b. Jan. 1863, son of Rev. H. D. E. Bull, Borley R. 9 
Sudbury, Suffolk. 
Hailey, 1877.1, IV.— 1877.1, IV. 

•Currie, Arthur Cecil, b. Aug. 1863, son of the late Lieut.-Col. 
A. Currie, 42, Pevensey Road, S. Leonards- 
Lawrence, 1877, L.M.Ü.— I88O.3, M.VI.x. XI. 188a R.M.A. Woolwich. 
Lieut. R.A. Oct. 1, 1882. In Burmah 1887. 

Debenham, Horace A., b. Feb. 1864, son of R. Debenham, Esq., 

Heath House, Stepney, E. Address, care of 

H. K. Debenham, Esq., Presteigne, Radnor- 


Hailey, 1877.1, IL— I88I.3, L.M.ii. XI. 1881. XXX. 1881. S. Thomas's 

Hospital. Played Half-back for United Hospitals. 

♦Dennis, Stratford Thomas Crosby, b. Nov. 1862, son of M. C. 
Dennis, Esq., Fort Granite, Baltinglass, Co. 

Edmonstone, 1877.1, M.L.M.ii.— I88O.1, M.VI.i. 2 p. Si, Fa. R.M.A. 
Woolwich. Lieut. R.A. Feb. 22, 1882. In 1887 at Mhow, Bombay. 

♦Dickinson, Cecil, b. Nov. 18, 1863, son of Richard Dickinson, 
Esq., Assistant Financial Secretary for India, 
10, Montagu Square, W. 

Edmonstone, 1877.1, IV.— 1882.2, VI.2. Prefect in Melvill. 15 Swimming 
prizes 1880-1882. Articled to a firm of Solicitors in London. Passed 
Intermediate June, 1885. 

Dickson, F. J., b. April, 1864, son of Rev. G. D. W. Dickson, 
75, S. Georges Square, Pimlico. 
Edmonstone, 1877.x, III.— 1880. 2, L.M.L In business, in London. 

Haddock, Edward A., b. Jan. 1863, son of Rev. E. I. Haddock, 
Harlington Road, Middlesex. 
Edmonstone, 1877.1, IV.— 1878.3, U.M.Ü. 2 p. 

Hellicar, Sydenham Malthus, b. Feb. 1, 1865, son of Rev. A. G. 
Hellicar, Vicar of Bromley, Kent. 
Hailey, 1877.1, I.— 1882.1, L.M.ii.(a). In business, in London. 

♦Larpent, Lionel Gerrard Harrison, de Hochepied, b. at Thorpe 
Morieux, SufFolk, July 12, 1864, son of Rev. 
G. P. de H. Larpent, third son of J. J. Larpent, 
7th Baron de Hochepied, Kelvedon, Essex. 

Hailey and Bartle Frere, 1877.1, IV.— 1888.2, M.VI. E 5. XV. 1881-82. 
Capt. of Paper Chases 1883. Perabroke College, Cambridge, xv. 1883- 
X885. President of Athletic Club 1885. B. A. x886. 

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1877. 1. HAILE YBUR V REGISTER. \ 3 5 

Lowe, Charles Henry, b. Aug. 10, 1863, son of J. R. Lowe, Esq., 
Broad Street, Stamford. 

Trevelyan, 1877.1, I.— I88I.2, U.M.i. XV. 1880. 1879, and set 100, 200, 
Hurdles. High Jump. 1880 and 1881, ist set, zoo, 200, Quarter. 1880, 
Silver Medal for Gymnastics. Trinity College, Cambridge, ist Blue for 
100 yards 1884. and 1885. and in 100 yards v. Oxford 1884. Committee 
ofC.U.A.C. Trinity xv. Various running prizes. Ordained Sept. 1886, to 
Curacy of All Hallows, Leeds. 

*Malden, Eustace, b. Aug. 19, 1863, son of the late Rev. C. 

Maiden, S. Lawrence Rectory, Ventnor, Isle 

of Wight. 

Hailey and Edmonstone, 1877.1, IV. —1882.2, VI.2. Two terms in Le Bas as 

Prefect. XV. 1881. XI. 1881-82. and set Gymnastics 1879. ist set 

High Jump and Hurdles 1882. 3 p. H$. Trinity College, Cambridge. 

2nd class History Tripos 1885. £apt. of xv. 1884. xi. Assistant Master 

at Bengeo, Sept. 1885. 

Xontresor, Edward H., b. Nov. 1863, son of C. F. Montresor, Esq., 
Herschels, Slough. 
Lawrence, 1877.1, L.M.Ü.— I88O.1, M.U.M.i. 1 p. 
Moore, A. S., b. March, 1863, son of Rev. L. C. Moore, Sheringham 
K, Cromer, Norfolk. 
Hailey, 1877.1. -1877. 3, II. 
Heame, Edgar Austin, b. July, 1863, son of Mrs. Neame, 8, Hart- 
field Square, Eastbourne. Address, Hanford, 
Co. Tulare, California. 
Hailey and Lawrence, 1877-1» III.— 1880.2, L.M.L XXII. 1880. On a ranche 
in California. 

*£aikes, Ernest Barkley, b. Nov. 18, 1863, son of the late Rev. F. 

Raikes, Rector of Burnham Broom, and Vicar 

of Kimberley, Norfolk. Address, Hedenham 

Hall, Bungay, Suffolk. 

Trevelyan, 1877.x. U.M.ii. -1882.2, VI.i. XI. 1881-82. XXX. 1881. School 

Hand Fives. Keble College, Oxford. Seh. 1882. 2nd in Mods. 1884. 

and in Greats 1886. xi. and xv. Played for Seniors. Plays for Norfolk. 

Student at Inner Temple. 

Xeeves, Arthur William, b. Nov. 2, 1863, son of E. Reeves, Esq., 
Wimbledon. Address, Coldstream Hinds, 
Canterbury, New Zealand. 
Trevelyan, 1877.1, IV.— I88I.2. U.M.ii. Farming in New Zealand. 

♦Robertson, D. D., b. July, 1864, son of J. Robertson, Esq., The 
Green, Tottenham, Middlesex. 
Colvin, 1877.1,11.-1882.1, VI.i. a p. Solicitor. 

Romer, Harry, b. Nov. 18, 1886, son of C. Romer, Esq., Hyde 
House, Clapham Park, London. 
Colvin, 1877.1, L.M.Ü.— 1879.3, U.M.i. Christ Church, Oxford. 3rd class 
Modern History. Entered St. Thomas's Hospital, Oct. 1884. 

Stuart, Reginald Pole, b. July, 1863, son of C. P. Stuart, Esq., 
Sandy Mount House, Woburn Sands, Beds. 

Tbomason, 1877.1 III.— I88O.2, M.U.M.Ü. a p. Afterwards at O. M. C. 
Cowley. R.M.C. Sandhurst. Lieut. April 99, 1885, in Prince of Wales's 
(N. Staffordshire Regt). 

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1 36 HA1LE YBUR Y REGISTER. 1877. 1. 

•gurtees, Edward Alexander, b. March 12, 1864, son of Rev. R. 
Surtees, Holtby Rectory, York. 
Bartle Frere, 1877.1. IV.— 1882-2, VI.i. 4 p. XI. 1880-1882 (Capt. 2 years). 
XV. 1881. Broad Jump 1882. Oxford, Oriel College. 2nd class Mods. 
1884. 2nd class Lit. Hum. 1886. xi. xv. Eight. University xv. (Half- 
back) 1885. Played for Seniors (Cricket). Assistant Master at Blair Lodge, 
Edinburgh, 1886. 

♦Thompson, Ernest Alfred, b. Oct. 7, 1862, son of the late Rev. W. 
Thompson, The Ridings, Wotton-under-Edge, 

Colvin, 1877.x, R.(b).— I88O.2, VI.2. Prefect in Melvill. 2nd High Jump 
1879. ist High Jump 1880. 1 p. New College, Oxford. 3rd class 
Mods. 1882. 3rd class Theology 1883. Assistant Classical Master at 
Plymouth College 1883. Now Joint Master of a Preparatory Schcol. 

*Townsend, E. C, b. March, 1864, care of Mrs. Lamprey, The 

LarcheSy Coleshill, Amersham. 

Hailey and Lawrence, 1877.1, IL— 1882.2, M.VI.2. 4 p. XV. 1881. Gymnastic 

Medal 1882. R.M.C. Sandhurst 1882. Passed out eighth with honours 

1883. xv. ist Gymnast. Gazetted to Manchester Regt. Transferred to 

Devonshire Regt. 1884. 

Tuke, Cecil, b. Feb. 1863, son of Rev. F. E. Tuke, Borden V., 
Sittingbourne, Kent. 
Hailey, 1877.1. IL— 1877-3. H. 

Vincent, Henry Osman, b. Oct. 10, 1866, son of Rev. R. Vincent, 
West Side, Clapham Common, S.W. 

Thomason, 1877.1, M. IIL— I88O.2, M.V.2. 1 p. R.M.A. Woolwich. 
Gazetted into Royal Artillery Oct. 1, 1882. 

Wale, R. ff., b. May, 1863, son of Col. R. Wale, Little Shelford, 
near Cambridge. 
Hailey, 1877.1, I. -1879.2, IV. 

•Wheeler, William Albert, b. Feb. 1863, son of Rev. W. C. Wheeler, 
Soulhborough, Tunbridge Wells. 
Edmonstone, 1877.1, IV.— 1881. 3, VI.2. 1 p. XL 1880, 81. XV. 1880. 
Capt. 1881. Various athletic prizes. Keble College, Oxford. B.A. 
xi. and xv. Played in Seniors' match. Engaged in scholastic work. 


♦Allen, Charles G. H., b. June, 1864, care of Mrs. Goodeve, 
Drinagh, Stoke Bishop, Bristol. 
Colvin, 1877.2, U.M.ii.— I88I.2, VI.i. Seh. 1879. Indian Civil Service 1883. 

Anderson, A. James, b. Dec. 1863, son of Rev. M. J. Anderson, 
Hockering R. 9 East Dereham> Norfolk. 
Hailey, 1877.2, IIL— 1879. 3 , R. 

*Arkwright, Sidney John, b. Dec. 23, 1863, son of the late Rev. 

G. Arkwright, Firlands, Bracknell, Berks. 

Address, 5, Porchester Place, Oxford Square, W. 

Thomason, 1877.2, L.M.i.— 1882.2, VI.i. 6 p. 2nd XL 1881-82. Captain of 

Racquets. Single Racquets 1881-82. 2nd High Jump 1882. Oriel College, 

Oxford. 2nd in Mods. and in Law. Articled to a Solicitor in London. 

Digitized by 




•Barry, George Duncan, b. June 22, 1864, son of Rev. D. F. Barry, 

Fishley Rectory, Acle, Norfolk. 

Edmonstone, 1877.2, U.M. iL— 1883.2, VI.i. Head of School, 1882.3—1883.2. 

Seh. 1877. Exh. 1883. 5 p. C3, C$, C7, D2, £4. Gonville and Caius 

College, Cambridge. Seh. 1883, and Prizeman 1884-5. Classical Tripos, 

Part 1. Div. 2, 1886. 

Campbell, Francis William Henry, b. Aug. 14, 1863, son of W. H. 
Campbell, Esq., of Valparaiso, Chile, 138, 
Cambridge Street, S.W. 

Bartle Frere, 1877.2, IV.— 1879-3, L.M.Ü. XV. 1878-79. XXII. 1878. 2nd 
sei Cricket Ball 1878. In business, in Liverpool. 

Dunning, B. S., b. Aug. 1863, son of the late S. Dunning, Esq., 
late of 2, Warwick Square, London, S.W. 

Lawrence, 1877.2, M.III.— I88I.1, M.L.M.i. 

Formby, Charles Wykeham, b. Maren, 1865, son of Rev. R. Formby, 
Latchingdon R., Maldon, Essex. 
Hailev, 1877.2, IL— 1882.1, U.M.ü. XXX. 1881. 1 p. S 3. Keble College, 
Oxford, xv. B.A. 1886. 

Grodfrey, Charles Henry, b. Aug. 24, 1863, son of Capt. B. C. 
Godfrey, late of H.M. Indian Army, Bryn 
Estyn, Wrexham, N. Wales. 

Hailey and Colvin, 1877.2, III.— 1880. 3, V.2. 3 p. Coffee planting in Upper 

Grazebrook, Henry Roger Owen, b. Sept. 10, 1863, son of G. 
Grazebrook, Esq., Oakhill Park, near Liver- 

Thomason, 1877.2, III.— 1880. 2, U.M.ü. Commission in the Burma State 
Police Dec. 1886. 

Harrison, Edgar S., b. May, 1 863, son of D. Harrison, Esq., Stavely, 
Ktndaly Wtstmorcland. 
Colvin, 1877.2, IV.— 1879.1, L.M.H. 
♦Harrison, William Francis Lightfoot, b. Oct. 20, 1863, son of 
Rev. W. Harrison, The Deanery, Pontesbury, 
Edmonstone, 1877.2, U.M.ü.— 1882.2, VI.i. Ct. Lincoln College, Oxford, 
xv. 1884. Football xi. 1885-6. Torpid and viii. stroke 1884. College 
Mile 1885. 

Harrey, Charles Edward Ramsay, b. June 24, 1863, son of Rev. 
H. Harvey, Hinstock R., Market Drayton. 

Thomason, 1877.2, L.M.H.— I88I.2, V.l. 1 p. Secretary of Junior Literary 
Society. Oxford Military College, xv. R.M.C. Sandhurst. Gazetted 
Aug. 23, 1883, to 2nd Batt. Royal Irish Rifles. 

Hay, Ernest Bertie, b. Feb. ig, 1864, son of J. H. Hay, Esq., late 
of the Admiralty, Whitehall, Arnhall, Brechin, 
N.B. Address, Hibernia, Florida, U.S.A. 
Lawrence, 1877.2, R(b). — 1881.2, U.M.x. Two years in India. Now in Florida. 

♦Hill, Edward Maurice, b. Jan. 8, 1862, son of G. Birkbeck Hill, 
Esq.^D.C.L., Oxford. 

Thomason, 1877.2, U.M.i.— 1880.2, VI.i. 7 p. C4, Cg, CiL. Secretary of 
Literary Society. Chronicler, and Secretary, Antiquarian Society. Recorder 
N.S.S. First Exh. 1880. Balliol College, Oxford. Classical Exh. ist 
class Mods. 1881. ist class Lit. Hum. 1884. Student in the Inner Temple. 

Digitized by 



♦Perowne, John Thomas Woolrych, b. June 1, 1863, son of Very 
Rev. J. J. Stewart Perowne, D.D., Dean of 
Peterborough, The Deanery, Peterborough. 

Lawrence, 1877.a, R.— 1882.2, VI.2. XXII. 1882. XXX. 1881. Broad Jump. 
1881. ioo, 200, and 2nd Weight 1882. Foils 1882. C5. C.C.C. Cam- 
bridge. Seh. 1883. 3rd class Classical Tripos 1885. Capt. of Football. 
Capt. in C.U.R.V. Master at Rev. C. Darnell's, Cargilfield, Edinburgh, 
1885. Rev. W. W. Gedges, Malvern Wells, 1886. 

Plummer, John, b. June 16, 1863, son of E. Plummer, Esq., The 
Firs, Canterbury. 
Bartle Frere, 1877.2, IV.— I88O.2, U.M.i. Admitted Solicitor Nov. 1886. 

Salmon, Robert Cecil, b. Jan. 6, 1864, son of G. Salmon, Esq., 

Highfield, Stevenage, Herts. 

Trevelyan, 1877.2, IV.— I88I.3, V.2. 2nd XI. 1881. Big Side Football. 
Trinity College, Oxford. 41h class History 1886. xi. 1884. viii. 1885-6. 
Capt. of Boat Club 1886. Ordained 1887. 

Skrine, Walter de Vean, b. Aug. 1863, son of Rev. C. Skrine, 
Warleigh Lodge, Wimbledon, S. W. 
Haüey, 1877-a, IL— 1877-3. II. 

Townshend, Arthur Edward, b. Feb. 6, 1863, son of J. Townshend, 
Esq., J.P., Myross Wood, Leap, Co. Cork. 

Bartle Frere, 1877.2, L.M.i.— I88O.2, VI.2. After a time abroad, to C.C.C. 

♦Turner, R. E., b. March, 1863, son of the late Rev. G. R. Turner, 
late of Much Hadham, Herts. 

Lawrence, 1877.2, L.M.I.— I88I.1, VI. 1. In Australia. 

Way, Gregory Lewis H., b. Sept. 4, 1863, son of L. J. Way, Esq., 

J.P. and D.L. for Essex, Spencer orange, 

Veldham, Essex. 

Haüey. 1877.2, IL— 1877-3, H. Left &om ill-health. After a short time in 
Lichfield, at home. 

♦Williams, Frederick Edgar, b. June, 1863, son of T. E. Williams, 
Esq., 67, Victoria Street, London, S. W. 
Trevelyan, 1877.2, IV.— 1882.2, VI.2. 2 p. Prefect in Batten. Trinity College, 

Wilson, William O., b. Aug. 1863, son of Rev. Sumner Wilson, 
Preston Candover, Basingstoke. 

Hailey and Thomason, 1877.2, III.— 1881. 2, U.M.ii. 1 p. XL 1881. XV. 
1880, and various Athletic prizes. Leaming farming, at home. 


♦Alezander, George Herbert Goodwin, b. June 27, 1865, son of 

Rev. A. B. Alexander, Shedfield V., Botley, 


Hailey, 1877-3. H.— 1884.2, VI.i. 2 p. Cx, C 3 , Ca. Exh. 1884. XL 

1883-84. XXX. 1883. Half-mile, Broad Jump and 2nd High Jump 1884. 

Other prizes in and and 3rd sets. Cläre College, Cambridge. Broad Jump 

1885. 3rd class, Part i. Classical Tripos, 1887. 

Digitized by 


1877. 3. HAILE YBUR Y REGISTER. \ 39 

Andrews, Charles Prideaux, b. May 21, 1863, son of Rev. W. 
Andrews, Somerford Rectory, Chippenham, 

Trevelyan, 1877-3, R.— 1879-3, L-M.ii. University College Hospital Jan. 1880, 
but had to Ieave from ill-health, and in Dec. 1880 went to the Cape, ostrich 
farming. Returned in 1882, and went to America. Since 1883 a tea 
planter on the Moondakotee Tea Estate, Sonadah, Bengal. 

Appleton, Francis Martin, b. March 11, 1864, son of Rev. R. 
Appleton, Rector of South Reston, Lincoln- 
shire. Address, Brueke Hall, Warrington. 
Hailey and Bartle Frere, 1877-3, IV.— 1880.x, U.M.Ü. 1 p. In business, in 

♦Bedford, Arthur William, b. Sept. 28, 1863, son of late General 
W. F. Bedford, Roborough, Bournemouth. 

Trevelyan, Prefect in Melvill, 1877-3. R-— 1882.2, VI. 2. 3 p. Secretary of 
N.S.S. Oriel College, Oxford. B.A. 1886. At Cuddesdon. 

Blake, G. F., b. Oct. 1863, son of H. Blake, Esq., Thorpe, Norwich. 

Bartle Frere, 1877.3, R.— I88I.2, V.2. 
Blomfield, Arthur Conran, b. Dec. 15, 1863, son of A. W. Blomfield, 

Esq., Architect, 28, Montagu Square, W., and 

6, Montagu Place, W. 

Trevelyan, 1877-3, L.M.i. — 1881.2, V.x. 2nd in Gymnastics 1880. ist Headers 
1879, 1880, 1881. 2nd 100 and 50, 1879. ist 100 and 50, 1880. ist 50, 
1881. Trinity College, Cambridge. B.A. 1884. ist Headers 1883. Secre- 
tary of C.U. Swimming Club. Rowed in ist Trinity sth, 4th, and 3rd 
Boats. Architect. 

Bourohier, Arthur C. F., b. April, 1864, son of Major-Gen. Sir G. 
Bourchier, Bramfield Lodge, Park Road, S. 
Margarets, Twickenham. 
Lawrence, 1877-3, M. III. —1879. 2, M.R. Lieut in the Cameronians (Scottish 
Rifles) Oct 10, 1883. 

Burrows, James C, b. April, 1863, son of Major-Gen. Burrows, 
Wimborne Road, Bournemouth. 
Thomason, 1877-3, R.— 1881.x, V.x. D$. Hertford College, Oxford. 

Campbell, Charles F., b. Nov. 1863, son of J- s - Campbell, Esq., 
1, Queen* s Gate Place, S. Kensington. 
Bartle Frere, I877.3, L-M.ii. -1881. 2, M.VI.2. XXX. 1880. R.M.C. Sand- 
hurst. Lieut in the Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) Oct. 10, 1883. Ante- 
dated Sept 9, 1882. Probationer for Bengal Staff Corps. 

Corbett, Julian, b. June 4, 1863, son of H. Corbett, Esq. Address, 
Cool Well, Amherst County, Virginia, U.S.A. 
Trevelyan, 1877.3. IV.— 1881.2. U.M.i. XI. 1881. XXX. 1880. Farming, in 

Carnegie, Charles Edward, b. Nov. i, 1863, son of J. H. Carnegie, 
Esq., Baidock, Herts. 
Colvin, 1877-3, L.M.i.— 1879.1, U.M.ii. Cavendish College, Cambridge. At 
present in Leipzig. 

Clay, Richard, jun., b. Oct. 6, 1864, son of R. Clay, Esq., Avenue 
House, Muswell Hill, N. 

Trevelyan, 1877-3» III.— 1881.x, L.M.Ü. 2nd set Foils x88i. Member of the 
3rd Middlesex R.V., D Company. In the firm of R. Clay and Sons, Bread 
Street Hill, E.C. 

Digitized by 



*Conway, Robert Russ, b. Sept. 1863, son of Rev. R. Conway, 
Alconbury Vicarage, Huntingdon. 
Colvin, 1877-3. L.M.L— 1882.2, VI.i. XXX. S. Catherine^ College, Cam- 
bridge. Seh. 1883. xi. and xv. Ran for Mile against Oxford. University 
Hare and Hounds Team. Class 2, Div. 2, Classical Tripos, 1885. Assistant 
Master at Chardstock for a time. Now at King's School, Rochester. 

Cowie, Ernest Hardwicke, b. Aug. 1864, son of D. Cowie, Esq., 
4, Hastings Street, Calcutta. 
Hailey, 1877-3. IL— 1881. 2, U.M.i. 2 p. Articled to Solicitors in Calcutta. 

Creery, Alexander, b. March, 1863, son of L. Creery, Esq., Belmore 
House, Ashford, Kent. 
Edmonstone, 1877-3, HL— 1881. 1, U.M.ii. 

♦Fifiher, Reginald Fleming, b. July, 1864, son of late Rev. F. 

Fisher, Rector of Down h am, Ely. Address, 

Downham, Guildford. 

Hailey, 1877-3. II-— 1883.2, VI.i. 4 p. Exh. 1883. Keble College, Oxford. 

3rd class Classical Mods. 1885. 3rd class History 1887. Cox. of ist Torpid 


Füller, Charles Henry, b. Nov. 3, 1863, son of F. Füller, Esq., 
Longrood, Rugby. 
Lawrence, 1877-3. III.— I88I.2, U.M.Ü. XXII. 1881. 1 p. Passed Solicitors' 
Final Michaelmas, 1886. 

Gates, Chasemore Philip, b. March, 1865, son of Judge Gates, 
Bradford. Address, 67, Vincent Square, S.W. 

Hailey and Trevelyan. 1877-3. IV.— 1888.1, V.l. 3 P- XXX. 188a. After a 
time in Geneva, University College 1884. Won Quarter and 220 yards 
1884. At Crewe, L.N.W. Railway Works. Now in Engineers' Office at 

♦Gunner, George Herbert, b. July 22, 1863, son of the late C. J* 
Gunner, Esq., Holm Oak, Bishop' s Waltham, 
Hampshire. Address, 5, Porchester Place, 
Oxford Square, W. 

Lawrence, 1877-3, U.M.ii.— 1882, VI.i. Prefect in Le Bas. XXX. 1881. 
Gymnastics ist set ist and and prizes. 2nd Broad Jump, and Hurdlcs 
1882. 3 p. C3, C5. Seh. 1877. Exh. 1882. New College, Oxford. 
3rd in Mods. 1884. yd in Lit. Hum. 1886. Student of the Inner Temple. 

•Hardy, F. W., b. Sept. 1864, son of Rev. E. C. Hardy, Longdon, 
Wellington, Salop. 

Bartle Frere, 1877-3. R ~ 1883.2, M.VI.I. 3 p. M*. Exh. (Math.) 1883. 
Jesus College, Cambridge. Math. Seh. 1883. 2nd class in Nat Science 
Tripos 1886. Studying Medicine at Cambridge. 

Hensley, Egerton H. E., b. Oct. 1864, son of Rev. A. Hensley, 
Cotgrave Rectory, Nottingham. 
Hailey, 1877-3. II— 1879-3, II. 
TTill, George Rowley, b. April, 1864, son of the Bishop of Sodor 
and Man, Bishop 's Court, Balaugh, Isle of Man. 
Hailey, 1877-3. IV.— 1879.2, R. 
Honfall, E. K., b. Feb. 1 864, son of R. Horsfall, Esq., Eaton House, 
Trevelyan, 1877-3, L.M.Ü.— 1877-3, L.M.ii. 

Digitized by 



Lowe, John Edward, b. Oct. 1 864, son of J. R. Lowe, Esq., Stamford. 

Trevelyan, 1877-3, IH.-I88O.3, L.M.Ü. 

Xirk, Robert Arthur Lawrence, b. March 27, 1864, son of the late 
Col. J. B. Kirk, late commanding 9 ist High- 
landers, Riffham, Danbury, Essex. Isthmian 
Club, Grafton Street. 

Bartle Frere, 1877-3, L.M.Ü.— I88I.3, V.i. H 3. In business, in the City. 

Maddoz, Ralph Henry, b. June 27, 1864, son of Rev. R. H. 
Maddox, B.D., Kirkheaton R., Huddersfield. 
Trevelyan, 1877,3, R(a).— 1882.1, M.V.i. Edinburgh University. M.B. and 
CM. 1887. 

*]fead, Haroid Richard, b. Sept. 15, 1863, son of late Lieut.-Col. 

C. J. Mead, Indian Staff Corps, 16, Brookside, 


Trevelyan, 1877-3, M. L.M.i. —1880. a, M. VI. o. M*. D. R.M.C. Sandhurst. 

Lieut. March 3, 1883. 2nd Batt. Durham Light Infantry. Egyptian medal 

for 1885-6. 

•Money, E. W. K., b. Aug. 1863, son of W. J. Money, Esq., 
Lansdown House, Shaftesbury Road, Southsea. 

Thomason, 1877-3, R-— 1882.a, M.VI.a. x p. Passed nth into R.M.C. 
Sandhurst 188a. Lieut. in King's (Shropshire Light Infantry) Aug. 25, 1883. 

Knrray, Edward James, b. June, 1864, son of E. F. Murray, Esq., 
Glenbervie, Bray, Co. Wtcklow. 
1877. 3, R.— 1881.1, L.M.i. In business, in Ireland. 
Newton, L., b. July, 1864, son of Mrs. Newton, The Benylands, 
Surbiton, Surrey. 
Hailey, 1877-3, M.IV.— I88O.2, M.R. 

Forter, Gerald Lachlan, b. Dec. 22, 1863, son of F. Porter, Esq., 
50, Lexham Gardens, Cromwell Road, W. 

Lawrence. 1877-3, L-M.iL— 1880 3, M.V.i. XXX. 1880. XXII. x88o. 3rd 
set 100 and aoo yards. After a time in Germany, in business, in London. 

Shipley, Charles Tyrell, b. Sept. 12, 1863, son of Gen. R. G. 
Shipley, C.B. Address, Wellington, Madras. 

Thomason, 1877-ß, L-M.ii.— 1880.1, M.V.i. R.M.C. Sandhurst 1883. Lieut. 
in Royal Füsiliers Aug. 33, 1884. Serving in India. 

Smith, Charles A., b. May, 1864, son of F. M. Smith, Esq., M.D., 
late of The Palace, Great Hadham, Herts. 

Hailey, 1877-3, III.— 1881. z, L.M.i. Went out with the rest of his family to 

Smith Barry, Cecil Arthur, b. Oct. 19, 1863, son of Capt. R. H. 
Smith Barry, late 14A Dragoons, Bally Edmond, 
Midleton, Cork. 

Hailey, 1877-3, III.— 1879.3, R(a). Land Agent, in Ireland. 

Steuart, Robert J. A., b. Oct. 1863, son of Capt. Steuart, Steuart 
Hall, Sterling, N.B. 
Lawrence, 1877-3, HL— 1880. x, L.M.H. 

Tewson, Frank R., b. April, 1863, son of E. Tewson, Esq., Grove 

House, Walthamstow, Essex. 

Bartle Frere, 1877-3, M.L.M 1.-1878. 3, M.U.M.i. Mod. Side Seh. 1878. 

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♦Tillbrook, Henry Byng, b. April 23, 1865, son of Major Tillbrook, 
Clerk of the Cheque, and Adjutant of the 
Hon. Corps of Gentlemen at Arms, 44, Ciaverton 
Street, S.W. 

Trevelyan. 1877-3, R.— 1882.2, VI.2. In business, in the City. 

Townsend, Francis Edward, b. Nov. 4, 1863, son of E. R. Townsend, 
Esq., M.D., 24, S. Patrices Hill, Cork. 

Hailey, then Bartle Frere, 1877-3. III.— 1880. 2, L.M.Ü. Royal University of 
Ireland and Queen's College, Cork. Graduated Doctor in Mediane May, 
1886. Master in Surgery May, 1886. 

Travers, Henry Stewart, b. Sept. 21, 1863, son of R. Travers, Esq., 
D.L., Timoleague, County Cork. Address, 
The Curatage, Rampisham, Dorchester. 

Bartle Frere, 1877-3, IV.— I88I.2, U.M.i. XI. 1881. Trinity College, Dublin, 
and Salisbury Theological College. Ordained Dec. 1886, to Curacy of 
Rampisham-cum-Wraxall, Dorset. 

Trevor, Charles Milner, b. Dec. 1863, son of Rev. G. A. Trevor, 
48, Queen's Gardens, W. 
Lawrence, 1877-3.' L.M.i.— 1878.1, U.M.ii. 

Wallace, Francis Gore, b. Aug. 2, 1864, son of Rev. J. Wallace, 
Head Master of Loughborough Grammar 
School. Address, 12, Salisbury Road, Brighton. 

Hailey, 1877-3, M. III.— 1878.2, M.III. Cavendish College, Cambridge. B.A. 
1886. Football xi. 1885. In business, in Brighton. 

Wathen, Edward Owen, b. June 28, 1863, son of G. H. Wathen, 
Esq., Milton Lodge, Bexhill, Sussex. 

Colvin, 1877-3, R.— 1880.*, M.V.i. 4 p. F3, F*. R.M.C. Sandhurst 1881. 
Lieut. in Prince of Wales's Royal Canadians (late iooth Regt.). In 1887 
served with Mounted Infantry in Burma field force. 

Way, Herbert William Lewis, b. Aug. 25, 1864, son of L. J. Way, 
Esq., Tilbury Court, Halstead, Essex. 

Hailey, 1877-3, III.— 1877-3, HI. Left because his brother left. Civil Engineer, 
in the firm of Messrs. Grantham, Northumberland Avenue. 

Young, Archibald Henry, b. June 15, 1865, son of W. B. Young, 
Esq., Grove, Hollington, S. Leonard's on-Sea. 

Hailey, 1877-3, III.— 1882.3, U.M.ii. Adraitted a Solicitor 1887. 

Bird, Robert W. B., b. Nov. 1 864, son of Rev. J. W. Bird, Bordighera. 

Hailey, 1878.x, I.-I88I.3, U.M.ii. 

Bolton, Arthur Thomas, b. April, 1864, son of T. Bolton, Esq., 22, 
Weslboume Park, W. 
Edmonstone, 1878.1, R.— 1882.x, V.x. 2 p. 

Bowles, Edward A., b. April, 1864, son of Rev. H. A. Bowles, Hall 
Dean % Merrow, Guildford. 
Hailey, 1878.x, III.— 1880.x, IV. Farming. in Surrey. 

Digitized by 



Carr, James Leonard, b. March 30, 1865, son of J. Carr, Esq., 
T.P. for Northumberland, Roseworth, Gosforth, 

Hailey, 1878.x, IV.-1882.2, L.M.i. XL 1882. XV. 1881. Mile 1882 and 
many other ist and 2nd set prizes. In the Merchant Service. In Chili 1886. 

•Carroll, Hugh Dacres, b. Nov. 21, 1864, son of late H. A. Carroll, 
Esq., The Oaks, Twickenham. 
Colvin, 1878.1, R.— 1882.3, VI.2. XI. 1882. XXX. 1882. 2 p. In Messrs. 
Hoare's Bank. 

Curtoys, Charles Ernest Edward, b. Nov. 25, 1863, son of W. J. 
Curtoys, Esq., of Calcutta. 

Trevelyan, 1878.x, L.M.Ü.— 1879.2, M.U.M.ii. R.M.C. Sandhurst. Joined 
Marine Light Infantry Sept. 1882. Served in the Soudan Expedition of 
1884-85 for relief of Khartoum, and was present at the various engagements. 

Dagg, Percy Herbert, b. Aug. 1863, son of J. R. Dagg, Esq., 
Hatfield, Herts. 
Colvin, 1878.1, IV.— I88O.1, L.M.L 

Dennis, Meade James Crosbie, b. March, 1865, son of M. C. Dennis, 
Esq., Fort Granite, Baltinglass, Co. Wicklow. 

Edmonstone, 1878.1, M.R.— 1881.1, M.V.2. R.M.A. Woolwich. Lieut. R.A. 
Feb. 15, 1881. Stationed at Allahabad. 

Everard, Ernest Vores, b. April 15, 1864, son of Rev. G. Everard, 
Christ Church Vicarage, Dover. 

Hailey and Trevelyan, 1878. 1 , I V. — 1882. x , V. 1 . 2nd 2nd set High Jump 1880. 
and ist set High Jump 1881. 2nd Quarter and 200, 1882. Secretary of 
Junior Literary Society. C.C.C. Cambridge, wi class Classical Tripos 
1886. XV. 1883-86. Prizes in College Sports. Guus Coli. Strangers' Race, 
120 yards, 1883. Ridley Hall. 

Forbes, Henry Warren, b. Feb. 1864, son of J. G. Forbes, Esq., 
82, Oxford Terrace, Hyde Park, W. 
Hailey, 1878.1, IV.-1878.2, IV. 

Fräser, Walter Simon, b. June, 1864, son of Rev. S. G. G. Fräser, 
one of H.M. Inspectors of Schools, Bramblys, 
Basingstoke, Hants. 
Lawrence, 1878.x, U.M.ii.— I88O.2, V.i. 1 p. Read at Wren's for a time. 
Now in the army. 

Freeman, Charles Edmund, b. June, 1864, son of Rev. W. H. 
Freeman, Whitwell Vicarage, Reep harn, Norwich. 
Colvin, 1878.x, IV.— 1878.3, R. 

Harrild, Robert Olliver, b. Dec. 19, 1863, son of late R. Harrild, 
Esq., Hungershall Park, Tunbridge Wells. 

Hailey, 1878.x, III.— I88I.3, L.M.ii(b). Trinity Hall, Cambridge. Played 
Polo for Cambridge v. Oxford 1885. 

Henderoon, John Acheson, b. Oct. 19, 1863, son of A. T. Hender- 

son, Esq., Q.C., 60, Mountjoy Square, Dublin. 

Highfield, 1878.1, R.-I88I.3, M.U.M.i. XV. 1881. Jesus College, Cam- 
bridge, xv. and 2nd Boat. Entered army through Royal Lancaster 
Militia, passing ist for Cavalry. Gazetted to 8th Hussars May 20, 1885. 

Digitized by 


1 44 HAILE YBUR Y REGISTER. 1878. i. 

♦Holland, Cuyler Armstrong, b. Oct. 1863, son of Mrs. Holland. 

Hailey, 1878.1, III.- 1882.2, VI.2. 5 p. 2nd XI. 1882. XV. 1881. Quarter 
1882. Trinity Hall, Cambridge. Eight. xv. B.A. 2nd class in Histo- 
rical Tripos 1885. Home to the Cape 1885. Out to British Columbia 1886. 

♦Hughes, Arthur, b. March, 1863, son of Thomas Hughes, Esq., 

iudge of County Courts, 80, Park Street, 
,ondon, W. 
Trevelyan, 1878.1, U.M.ii,— 1882.2, VI. 1. 2 p. Et. Prefect in Hailey. Oriel 
College, Oxford. Had to go down from iU-heaJth. Solicitor. 

Jones, Herbert Lynne, b. May 16, 1865, son of Rev. W. T. Jones, 
Rector of Prestwich, Manchester. 
Trevelyan, 1878.1, I.— I88I.3, L.M.ii(b). Scholae Cancellarii Lincoln, 1886. 

Elennion, Thomas Alfred, b. Feb. 13, 1865, son of Rev. A. Kennion, 
Gerrard's Cross V., Bucks. 

Edmonstone, 1878.1, R.— 1881. 2, U.M.i. Out to Canada farming 1883. Served 
through N.W. Campaign 1885. Medal. Back in England 1886. Out to 
Argentine Republic April, 1887. In business. 

Legge, Arthur Edward John, b. May 25, 1863, son of Hon. and 

Rev. G. B. Legge, Woodsome Lodge, Wey- 


Lawrence, 1878.1, L.M.H.— I88I.1, M.VI.2. 1 p. Ma. XV. 1880.3. Dive 

1880. Studied Engineering for some time. Now reading for Home Civil 


♦Legge, Robert George, b. Aug. 3, 1864, son of Hon. and Rev. G. 
B. Legge, Woodsome Lodge, Weybridge. 

Lawrence, 1878.1, R.-1883.2, VI.i. 6 p. 2 M 1. XI. 1881, 82, 83 (Captain). 
XV. 1881, 82 (Captain). First President of Junior Literary Society. Oxfora, 
Keble College. Secretary of Rugby Football xv. Association xi. Played 
several times for University xv. 2nd class in History 1885. Acting with 
Compton's Old English Comedy Company. 

Lnshington, Ernald Wyndham George, b. March, 1864, son of F. 
Lushington, Esq., Marine Villa, Ferriby, near 
Brough, E. Yorkshire. 
Hailey, 1878.1, II.— 1879.2, III. 
Lyon, Claude William, b. May 4, 1864, son of Rev. Canon W. H. 
Lyon, Sherborne V., Dorset. Address, Cam- 
bridge House, Seaforth, Liverpool. 
Hailey, 1878.1, IV.— 1882.1, U.M.i. 2nd XI. 1881. For some time in Germany. 
Since that time engaged in scholastic work in England. Played for Sussex 
v. Hampshire (Rugby Union) 1884. 

Macpherson, John Macleod, b. April, 1864, son of W. Macpherson, 
Esq., 120, Weslbourne Terrace, Hy de Park, W. 
Trevelyan, 1878.1. R.— 1879.3, L.M.Ü. 
Markham, Frederick Warren, b. Jan. 1865, son of Rev. C. W. 
Markham, Saxby Rectory, Barton-on-Humber, 
Lincoln shire. 
Colvin, 1878.1, R.— I88O.3, M.L.M.H. x p. 
Hnrray, Francis Henry, b. Oct, 1865, son of E. F. Murray, Esq., 
Glenbervie, Bray, Co. Wicklow. 
Hailey, 1878.1, II.— 1881.1, M.R. 1 p. In Dublin. 

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Plumptre, Francis Fitzherbert, b. March 23, 1864, son of J. Bridges 
Plumptre, Esq., Goodnestone, Wingham, Kent. 
Bartle Frere, 1878.1, L.M.ii.— IS8I.1, V.2. S 4. Junior Gyranastics, Oriel 
College, Oxford. 

Bamsden, Frederick Plumptre, b. March, 1863, son of Mrs. 
Ramsden, 2, Sunny Side, Wimbledon. 
Colvin, 1878.1, IV.— 1881.x, U.M.i. 1 p. S. John's College, Oxford. 

♦Koberts, Hereward Llewelyn, b. Oct. 3, 1864, son of E. L. Roberts, 
Esq., C.S., Penang, Straits Settlement. 

Lawrence, 1878.1, IV.— 1882.2, M.VI.a. 5 p. XXX. 1881. R.M.C. Sand- 
hurst July, 1883. Passed out 91h with Honours July, 1883. Gazetted Aug. 
25. 1883, to 2nd Batt. Royal Munster Füsiliers. Appointed Oct 27, 1885, 
to Bengal Staff Corps, and joined ist Bengal Cavaliy. 

Stewart, Kenneth Trevor, b. Oct. 1864, son of A. Stewart, Esq., 
2, Talbot Road, Westbourne Park, W. 
Hailey, 1878.x, IV.— I88I.2, U.M.ii. Studied Medicineat Edinburgh University. 

Watflon, William Milward, b. Jan. 31, 1864, son of Gen. E. D. 
Watson, Bengal Army, 2, Portland Place, Bath. 
Hailey, 1878.x, III.— I88I.3. M.U.M.ii. R.M.C. Sandhurst Dec. 1883. Ga- 
zetted Feb. 1885 to ist Batt. West Riding Regt. Now in India. 

Wellford, George Ernest, b. Jan. 1865, son of Mrs. Wellford, Oak- 
lands, Sidmouth, Devon. 
Hailey, 1878.1. III.— 1879.3, R. 

Woods, Albert William, b. March 5, 1864, son of lateW. F.Woods, 

Esq., and grandson of Sir A. W. Woods, Garter 

Principal King of Arms, College of Arms. 

Highfield. 1878.1, III.— 1881.3. L.M.Ü. Appointed Oct. 15. 1886, to be one of 

Her Majesty's officers of arms under the title of Rouge Dragon. (Not in 

Mr. Deedes'sbook.) 


Anson, Ernest, b. Sept. 26, 1864, son of late Rev. Canon Anson, 

Rector of Sudbury, Derbyshire, and Canon in 

S. George's Chapel, Windsor. Address, care 

of F. H. Anson, Esq., 48, Vincent Square, 

Westminster, W. 

Lawrence, 1878 2, L.M.i.— 1882.2, V.2. 2nd XI. 1881-82. Quartett 1881. 

Played Racquets v. Wellington 1882. Oriel College, Oxford, xi. xv. 

Torpid 2 years. Eight 2 years. Capt. of Boat Club 1886. Leaming 

German and Engineering at Karlsruhe. 

Arnold, Arthur Seymour, b. April 24, 1865, son of Rev. E. G. 
Arnold, Great Massingham Rectory, Swaffham, 

Hailey and Lawrence, 1878.2, I.— I88O.3, R. 1 p. R.M.C. Sandhurst 1885. 
Lieut. in i8th Hussars March, 1886. 

Bailey, Leslie Lloyd, b. Oct. 21, 1865, son of late E. C. Bailey, 
Esq., of Norwich. Address, Wymondham, 

Colvin, 1878.2, IV.— 1882.3, U.M.i. 2nd XI. 1881, 1882. Militia. 

Digitized by 


1 46 HA1LE YBUR V REGISTER. 1878.2. 

♦Batten, John Kaye, b. Aug. 26, 1865, son of the late J. K. Batten, 
Esq., Bengal Civil Service, of Heavitree, Exeter. 
Edmonstone, 1678.a, L.M. iL— 1883.2, VI.i. 5 p. 2S5. Secretary of N.S.S. 
Junior Seh. 1879. Senior 1881. Passed for Indian Civil Service 1884. 
Oriel College, Oxford. 

Beckh, Harry Oscar, b. April 26, 1864, son of E. Beckh, Esq., 
15, Gledhow Gardens, S. Kensington. 
Colvin, 1F78.2, III.— 1882.1, U.M.ii. Caius College, Cambridge. 3rd class 
Math. Tripos 1885. Boat 1885. A pupil in the works of J. Simpson & Co., 
Engineers, Pimlico, S.W. 

Burder, Ernest Sumner, b. Jan. 27, 1866, son of Rev. C. S. 
Burder, Ham R., Hungerford. 
Lawrence, 187*.2, III.— 1888.3, M VI. 1. 3 p. R.M.C. Sandhurst. Gazetted 
Feb. 7, 1885, to 2nd Bau. Duke of Corawall's Light Infantry (46Ü1 Regt ). 

Crofton, Charles Woodward, b. Nov. 8, 1864, son of Rev. H. W. 
Crofton, Wolverton R., Bath. 
Hailey, 1878.2, III.— 1882.1, L.M.i. XXX. 1881. O.M.C. Cowley. Captain 
of XV. Entered army through Militia. Commission in 2nd Batt. ftrince 
of Wales's North Staffordshire Regt. (98th) Nov. 25, 1885. 

Dickinson, Gerald, b. March, 1865, son of R. Dickinson, Esq., 
Assistant Financial Secretary to the India 
Office, 10, Montagu Square, W. 
Hailey and Edmonstone, 1878.2, IV. — 1883.x, V.i. In business, in London. 

♦Foster, Frank, b. May, 1865, son of T. B. Foster, Esq., Timperley, 
Trevelyan, 1878 2, IV.— 1883.2, VI.2. 

Franey, John Sharman, b. Dec. 1864, son of Rev. J. Franey, S. 
Mary's Vicarage, Ely. 
Lawrence, 1878.2, IV.— 1881. 2, U.M i. Trinity College, Cambridge. Secretary 
to F. Harris, Esq., Editor of • Fortnightly Review.' 

♦Gibbon, John Aubrey, b. May, 1864, son of Rev. Canon Gibbon, 
Trevelyan, 1878.2, L.M.Ü —1882.x, M.VI.i. Exh. 1882. Prefect in Melvill. 
R M.A. Woolwich 1881. Passed in 9th. Passed out 2nd into R.E. with 
prizes for geometrical drawing and fortification 1883. 

♦Gilson, Robert Cary, b. April 2, 1863, son of H. R. Gilson, Esq., 
of Park Place, Worksop, Notts. 
Highfield, 1878 2. U.M.i.— 1882.2, VI.x. Head of the School. XV. 1881. 
Exh 1882. President of Literary Society. 5 p. Ca, G 1, C5, E 2, 3 M 1. 
2^3, 2C4, Di, 2/^3, Fi. Trinity College, Cambridge. Minor Seh. 
1882. Major Seh. 1883. ist class (4m Div. ) Classical Tripos. Part i. 1884. 
ist class (with special distinetion in pure Classics and ancient Philosophy) 
Classical Tripos, Part ii. 1886. Sixth Form Master at Haileybury 1887.2. 
(Not in Mr. Deedes's book.) 

Gott, Charles Rhodes, b. May 3, 1864, son of W. E. Gott, Esq., 
J.P., of Armley House, Armley, near Leeds. 
Highfield, 1878.2, III.— 1882.1, U.M.i. 2 p. £4. Solo prize 1882. Jesus 
College, Cambridge. 3rd Boat Lent, 1884-85. (Not in Mr. Deedes's book.) 

Gripper, Frank Bell, b. Sept. 1864, son of G. Gripper, Esq., 
Tot Un kam, Middlesex. 
Hailey, 1878.2, IV.— I88I.3, L.M.i. 1 p. 

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Hughes, George, b. Oct. 1864, son of T. Hughes, Esq., Judge of 
County Courts, 80, Park Street, London, W. 

Trevelyan, 1878.2, IV.— 1881 3, L.M.i. In Mexico. 

♦Hussey, George, b. Feb. 4, 1865, son of Rev. W. L. Hussey, Hon. 
Canon of Manchester, Ringstead Rectory, 
King's Lynn. 
Hailey, 1878.2, L.M.i.— 1883.2, VI.M. Custodian and Secretary of Antiquarian 
Society. Keble College, Oxford. 

Jameson, Robert B., b. Oct. 1864, son of Mrs. Jameson, 20, Clifton 
Park Road, Cltfton, Bristol. 
Colvin, 1878.2, III.— 1879.3, III. 

Hewcome, Henry Neville, b. April, 1864, son of Rev. E. W. New- 
come, Leavesdtn Vicaragc, Watfurd. 
Colvin, 1878.2, L.M.Ü.— 1882.1, V.i. 

Penrose, Robert Fitzgerald, b. March, 1864, son of Rev. J. D. 
Penrose, Wood Hill, Cork, Ireland. 
Trevelyan, 1878.2, IV.— 1881. 1, M.L.M.ü. Learning Land Agency in Ireland. 

Ransome, Edward Coleby, b. Sept. 1, 1864, son of J. E. Ransome, 
Esq., Holme Wood, Ipswich. 
Edmonstone, 1878.2, R.— 18S2.2, M.U.M.i. D. Pembroke College, Cam- 
bridge. 3rd Jun. Op. in Math. Tripos 1886. Rowed in 3rd Boat 1884-85. 
Studying Engineering. 

Sapte, Anthony, b. June 8, 1 864, son of Capt. W. Sapte, late Madras 
Light Cavalry, Walton House, Rugby. 
Colvin, 1878.2, III.— 1881. z, R. 2nd in ist set Broad Jump 1880. Went out 
in 1884 to Manitoba. 

♦Sharp, Robert Farquharson, b. Dec. 31, 1864, son °f * ate T. Sharp, 
Esq., 72, Inverness Terrace, Bayswater. 
Lawrence, 1878.2, IV.— 1883.2, VI 1. XV. 1882. Secretary of Literary Society. 
New College, Oxford, xv. 1883-86. yd class Classical Mods. 1885. 3rd 
class Lit. Hum. Z887. * 

Smith, Edwin Philip, b. Nov. 1865, son of Rev. A. Smith, Manor 
House, Wendover, Tring. Address, The Cedars, 
Esher, Surrey. 
Hailey, 1878.2, III. -1882.2, L.M.Ü. 

Spence, Leonard Benbow, b. Sept. 1864, son of W. Spence, Esq., 
34, Overton Road, B rix ton, S. W. 
Lawrence, 1878.2, III.— 1882.2, V.2. z p. 

Stephens, Francis Edward Morse, b. May, 1864, son of J. E. 
Stephens, Esq., M.D., 4, Highbury Terrace % N. 
Trevelyan, 1878.2, III.— I88I.2, L.M.i. Wadham College, Oxford. 

White, Edgar Ramsay, b. June 7, 1864, son of T. J. White, Esq., 

of Frogmore Lodge, S. Albans. Address, 17, 

Fairfax Road, South Hampstead, N.W. 

Hailey, 1878.2, IV.— 1882.1, U.M.ii. Entered King's College Hospital Z883. 

Passed first F R.C.S. May, Z885. First and intermediate M.B. Durham, 

with first-class Honours Sept. z886. In winter of Z885 assistant demonstrator 

in anatomy at King's College. 

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1 48 HAUE YBUR Y REGISTER. 1878.3. 

1878. 3 . 

*Arkwright, Herbert Seymour, b. April 24, 1865, son of the late 
Rev. G. Arkwright, of Pencombe, Hereford. 
Address, Firlands, Brackneil, Berks. 

Thomason, I878.3, L.M.i.— 1884.2, VI.i. 1 p. XL 1883, 1884. XV. 1883. 
Captain of Racquets. C.C.C. Oxford. 31t! class Mods. 1886. xi. and xv. 

♦Baker, Charles Ernest, b. Nov. 1864, son of C. Bernard Baker, 
Esq., High Croft, St. Albans. 
Bartle Frere, 1878.ß, R.— 1883.2, VI. 2. 1 p. Prefect in MelvilL Trinity 
College, Cambridge, ist class Natural Science Tripos 1886. S. Bortholo- 
rnew's Hospital. 

Barlow, George Thomas, b. March n, 1865, son of Rev. J. M. 
Barlow, Ewhurst Rectory, Guildford. 

Bartle Fiere, 1878.3, III.— 1883.x, M.V.i. 4 p. R.I.E C. Cooper's Hill. 
Captain of xi. and xv. Passed out 6th in July, 1886. Appointed to Irriga- 
tion Department in N.W. Province. Associate of Cooper's Hill. 

Barton, Arthur Elliott, b. Oct. 1864, son of Rev. J. Barton, 
7, Brookside, Cambridge. 

Trevelyan, 1878 3. L.M.i.— 1881. 2, U.M.i. 2nd XI. 1881. O.M.C. Cowley, 
Oxford, xi. and xv. R.M.C. Sandhurst. Lieut. Aug. 29, 1885, in King's 
Own Light Infantry (South Yorkshire Regt.). 

♦Beeching, Horace Arthur, b. Dec. 10, 1864, son of A. T. Beeching, 
Esq., J.P. for Kent, Ferox Hall, Tonbridge, 

Edmonstone, 1878. 3, L.M.i —1883.2, VI.M. 1 p. Oriel College, Oxford. 
Torpid 1886. B.A. 1886. 

Berkeley, Henry James Fitz, b. Nov. 1865, careof Miss Wilkinson, 
3, Oxford Villas, Lansdowne Road y Tonbridge. 
Edmonstone, I878.3, I.— 1879.2, I. 

♦Clay, Arthur Cecil, b. March 8, 1866, son of R. Clay, Esq., 

Avenue House, Muswell Hill, N. 

Trevelyan, I878.3, R(a).— 1884.2, VI.i. XXX. 1883. 1 p. D$. In the firm 
of Messrs. R. Clay and Sons, Bread Street Hill, E.C. In 3rd Middlescx 
R.V. and one of a troop of mounted Infantry in the same Regiment. 

♦Copeman, Herbert, b. May 21, 1865, son of G. Copeman, Esq., 
Barrister-at-Law,of Dunham Lodge, Swaffham, 

Colvin, I878.3, IV.— 1888.2, VI.2. 1 p. Crystal Palace Engineering School 
1883-85. In Isle of Man 1885-87. 1887 in Bath. 

Cowan, Henry John F., b. May, 1865, son of C. Cowan, Esq., 
Park Lodge, Upptr Teddington , Middlescx. 
Hailey, 1878. 3, III.— 1881.1, L.M.U. 

Cowie, John, b. Nov. 1864, son of J. Cowie, Esq., Holly Zodge, 
The Holmwood, Dorking, Surrey. 
Hailey, I878.3, IV.— 1880. 1, R. 

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1878. 3. HAUE YBUR Y REGISTER. \ 49 

*Du Plat Taylor, St. John Louis Hyde, b. Jan. 1865, son of J. L. 
Du Plat Taylor, Esq., Combe Nevill, near 
Kingston- on-Thames. 

Colvin, 1878-3, R.— 1883.1, M.VI.a. Fa. See. of Junior Literary Society, 
1882. R.M.A. Woolwich Dec. 1882. Lieut. R.A. Dec. 9, 1884. Stationed 
at Woolwich. 

Gilliat, Frederick Hatfeild, b. Jan. 16, 1865, son of A. Gilliat, Esq. 
Address, care of Glyn, Mills, Currie & Co., 
Lombard Street. 
Bartle Frere, I878.3, L.M.Ü.— 1882. 3, V.2. Magdalen College, Oxford. 

*Headlam, Clinton Edward Sowerby, b. Aug. 29, 1864, son of E. 

Headlam, Esq., Director of Examinations in 

the Civil Service, 70, Cambridge Terrace, 

Hyde Park, W. 

Edinonstone, 1878.3« U.M.i.— 1883.2, VI.i. XV. 1882. Captatn of Paper- 

chases 1883. President of Literary Society. Seh. 1879. Exh. 1882. Lit. 

Soc. Prize. 2 p. £6, £5, C4, Ca. Trinity Hall, Cambridge. Seh. 1883. 

Prizeman 1884-85. xv. President of Athletic Club. 2nd in Mile, and two 

Miles twice. ist class, 2nd div. of part i. of Classical Tripos 1886. ist 

class ist div. part ii. of Classical Tripos 1887. 

Herring, Armine Bell Le Strange, b. Aug. 1866, son of Capt. H. 
Le S. Herring, Old Rectory House, Thorpe, 
near Norwich. 
Haileyand Balten, I878.3, I.— 1884.2, U.M.ii(b). XV. 1883. Cläre College. 
Cambridge. Went out to British Columbia 1886. 

♦Hill, Walter Abercrombie, b. at Riga, Dec. 5, 1864 (Nov. 23, O.S.). 
Address, care of Messrs. T. Renny & Co., 

Thomason, I878.3, L.M.i.— 1883.2, VI.2. aGi. 2nd set Singlesticks. Since 
1883 learning farming in the government of Witibsk. 

Jex Blake, Charles, b. Nov. 28, 1864, son of W. L. J. Jex Blake, 
Esq., Swanton Abbots, Norwich. 
Bartle Frere, I878.3, L.M.ii.— I88I.3, U.M.ii. Admitted a Solicitor Nov. 1886. 

# Kempthorne, John Augustus, b. May 26, 1864, son of late Rev. 
J. Kempthorne, Fellow of Trinity and Vicar 
of Trumpington. Address, Trinity College, 
Cambridge, and 4, Cambridge Terrace, West 

Trevelyan, 1878 3, U.M.i.— 1882.2, VI.i. Seh. 1879. Exh. 1882. 5 p. C9, 

Di, CS, C7, S3. ist in Sixth Form Handicap 1882. Trinity College, 
Cambridge. Minor Seh. 1882. Major 1883. Abbot University Seh. 1882. 
ist class 2nd div. part i. Classical Tripos 1884. ist class part ii. Classical 

Tripos 1886. Prizeman of the College. Classical Lecturer at Selwyn 
College 1886. Sixth Form Master at Harrow Sept. 1887. 

Lee, George Marshall, b. Nov. 1864, son of G. Lee, Esq., 
4, Clevtland Gardens, Hyde Park. 
Hailey and Batten, I878.3, IV.— I88I.3, L.M.i(a). In business, in London., 

Neame, Hugh Austin, b. Dec. 16, 1864, son of late A. Neame, Esq., 
8, Hartfield Square, Eastbourne, or 17, Doughty 
Street, W.C. 
Lawrence, I878.3, IV.— I88I.2, L.M.i. XXII. 1881. In business, in the City. 

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1 50 HAILE YBUR Y REGISTER. 1878. 3. 

♦Outram, James, b. Oct. 13, 1864, son of Sir F. Outram, Bart., 
Pitlochry, N.B. 

Thoraason, I8/8.3, L.M.Ü.— 1883.3, M.VI.i. XXX. 1883. 5 p. Secretaiy 
of Antiauarian Society. Meteorologist N.S.S. Farming in Manitoba for a 
time. Volunteered against Riel. Pembroke College, Cambridge, Jan. 1886. 
xv. 1886. 

Page, Marberley Charles, b. Sept. 1864, son of W. J. Page, Esq., 
4, Howard Square, Eastbourne. 
Lawrence, 1878. 3, L.M.i.— 1883.2, VI.2. Cläre College, Cambridge. 

•Scott, George Digby, b. March 8, 1865, son of Ven. J. G. Scott, 
Archdeacon of Dublin, The Rectory, Bray, 
Co. Wicklow. 

Trevelyan, I87&3, L.M.i.— 1884.2, VI.i. Head of the School. Seh. 1879. 
Exh. 1884. 6 p. Gl, C4. C2, CS, C7, Co. President of Li terary Society. 
Trinity College, Cambridge. Foundation Seh. 1885. ist Trinity 4th 
Boat 1886. and class ist div. part i. Classical Tripos, 1887. 

Scott, Thomas Arthur, b. Jan. 1865, son of Rev. T. L. Scott, The 
Parsonage, Moville, Londonderry. 
Lawrence, I878.3, III.— 1882.x, LM.i. 

Shackle, Charles Gordon, b. Dec. 1865, son of E. H. Shackle, Esq., 
Botwell Lodge, Hayes. 

Hailey, 1878. 3, III.— 1888.3, V.i. XXX. 1883. Jesus College, Cambridge. 

Stuart, Charles Dudley, b. Oct. 1864, son of C, P. Stuart, Esq., 
Sandy Mount House, Woburn Sands, Beds, 
Thomason, 1878. 3 , IV.— 1879.2, III. 

Thomas, George Pelham, b. April 18, 1864, son of Rev. C. E. 
Thomas, R.D., Hemsworth Rectory, Pontefract, 
Bartle Frere, 18/8. 3, IV.— 1882.3. V.a. Merton College, Oxford Eight 1885- 
86. B.A. Reading for Orders with Dean Vaughan at Llandaff. 

Wilbraham, Frederick William, b. Nov. 1864, son of R. W. 
Wilbraham, Esq., 6, Nevill Park, Tunbridge 
Colvin, I878.3, II.— 1880.2, II. 

Wilde, Ernle James, b. July, 1865, son of Rev. R. Wilde, H.M. 
Inspector of Schools, Westbourne, Emsworth, 

Thomason, I878.3, III.— 1883.2, U.M.ii. 1 p. Farming at Halcombe, New 
Zealand, since 1883. 

Webb-Peploe, R. M. W., b. Nov. 186«;, son of Rev. H. W. Webb- 
Peploe, 26, Onslow Gardens, S. Kensington, 
Edmonstone, 1878. 3, R.— 1879.x, R. 

Whittingham, George Napier, b. Nov. 18, 1865, son of General 
F. Whittingham, C.B. (4th King's Own), 
14, Durham Terrace, Westbourne Park. 
Bartle Frere, I878.3, R(b).— 1882.2, L.M.i. After a time abroad, to Worcester 
College, Oxford. 

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1879. i. HAILE YBUR Y REGISTER. \ 5 1 

Young, Charles Henry, b. Aug. 27, 1866, son of W. B. Young, 
Esq., Grove, Hollington, S. Leonard's-on-Sea. 

Hailey, I878.3. II.— 1884.2, M.U.M.ii. and XI. 1884. Putting the Weight, 
and and Throwing Cricket Ball 1884. R.M.C. Sandhurst Feb. 4, 1887. 
Lieut. in Welsh Regiment. 


Almon, Charles Franklyn, b. March, 1865, son of M. B. Almon, 
Esq., Halifax, Nova Scotia. 
Hailey, 1879.x, M.IV.-1879.2, M.R. 
Bailey, Irvine, b. Aug. 19, 1864, son of C. I. C. Bailey, Esq., C.E., 
Kenbury, S. Mary's Grove, Barnes, S.W. 
Edmonstone, 1879.1, M.IV.— I88I.1, M.L.M.Ü. XI. 1880. XV. 1880. and 
set High Jump, Broad Jump, Cricket Ball, Hurdles, 1880. Hurdles ist 
set 1881. 

Brooks, L. M. Niveke, b. May, 1865, son of G. L. Brooks, Esq., 
5, Castletown Road> West Kensington. 
Bartle Frere, 1879.x, IL— 1879.a, II. 

Carr, Charles Cattley, b. June, 1865, son of W. J. Carr, Esq., 
4, S. Johris Park, Blackheath. 
Edmonstone, 1879.1, M. III. —1882.1, M.L-M.i. R.M.C. Sandhurst. Lieut. 
ist Batt. 7ist Royal Füsiliers Jan. 30, 1886. 

Clarke, Thomas Piers, b. April 17, 1865, son of Rev. H. Clarke, 
Wray Vicarage, Ambleside. 
Hailey, 1879.1, M.L.M.Ü.— I88O.1, M.U.M.ii. 1 p. In New Zealand, sheep 

Clay, Herbert James, b. Oct. 1, 1864, son of Wentworth Clay, 
Esq., J.P., late of the Manor House, Cheshunt. 

Edmonstone, 1879.x, III.— 1882.1, L.M.i. Learning farming near Harleston, 

Cnwford, Charles Frederick Ernest, b. June 21, 1865, son of T. D. 
Crawford, Esq., Fort Breda, Belfast, Ireland. 
Edmonstone, 1879.1, M.IIL— 1882.a, M.U.M.ii. XV. 1881. 1 p. Wine 
merchant, in Dublin. 

Fiflher, C. P., b. Dec. 1864, son of Mrs. Fisher, Church Hill House, 
Ventnor, Isle of Wight. 

Hailey, 1879.1, M.L.M.ii —1882.3, M.V.a. Bigside Football 1881. Swimming 
in clothes, ist 1880, 81, 82. Quarter, ist 1881, and 188a. and Singlesticks 
1881, 8a. Passed for Indian Forest Department Dec. 1883, and went to 
Assam Oct 1886. 

Goddard, J. R., b. April, 1864, son of Major-Gen. Goddard, R.E., 
3, Vanbrugh Park Road, Blackheath. 
Lawrence, 1879.1— I88I.3, M.V.a. Lieut. Royal Marines Feb. 1, 1883. 

Hannay, J. O., b. July, 1865, son of Rev. R. Hannay, D.D., Moni- 
pelier, Belfast. 
Edmonstone, 1879.1, R.— 1882.1, U.M.i. 
Hirit, Henry Denne, b. July 1, 1865, son of Rev. T. Hirst, Bishops- 
bourne Rectory, Canterbury. 
Edmonstone, 1879.1, R(a).— 1882.3, U.M.ii(b). Keble College, Oxford. Stroke 
of Torpid 1886. 

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Jelf, George Edward, b. March, 1865, son of Rev. Canon G. E. 
Jelf, The Precincts. Rochester. 
Highfield, 1879.1, IV.— 1883.1. V.2. Oriel College, Oxford. 

Jones Batemail, W., b. Feb. 1865, son of Rev. J. B. Jones Bateman, 
Shelton Rectory, Birmingham. 
Trevelyan, 1879.1, III.— 1881.2. R. 

Levett, John Arthur, b. July 31, 1865, son of Rev. J. Levett, 
Swinton V., Rotherham, Yorkshire. 
Thomason, 1879.1, R(a).— 1883.2, V.2. 1 p. Articled as a Solicitor, in South- 

Mellersh, Wilfrid Duke, b. May 17, 1865, son of F. Mellersh, Esq, 
Holloway Hill House, near Godalming, Surrey. 
Bauen, 1879.1. II.— 1888.2, U.M.L XV. 1882. 1 p. Passed Solicitor s Inter- 
mediate 1886. 

Moore, B. L., b. Jan. 1866, son of Rev. L. C. Moore, Sheringham 
Vicarage, Cromer, Norfolk. 
Edmonstone, 1879.1, II.— 1881 1, R. 

*Ogle, Ambrose A., b. June, 1866, son of Rev. J. A. Ogle, Sedge- 
ford V., King's Lynn. 
Bartle Frere. 1879.1, IV.— 1883.2, VI 1. 3 p. E 3. Exh. 1883. Keble 
College, Oxford. 2nd class Classical Mods. 1887. 

Pott, John Arthur, b. Nov. 17, 1865, son of Rev. A. Pott, Arch- 
deacon of Berks, Sonning Rectory, Reading. 
Edmonstone, 1*79 1, R(a).— 1884.1, V.l. 2nd XI. 1883. XXX. 1883, School 
Hand Fives 1883, 84. President of Junior Literary Society. 3 p. Keble 
College, Oxford. 3rd class Classical Mods. 1885 xi. xv. 

Simpson, Arthur H., b. Dec. 1865, son of Rev. A. B. Simpson, 
Fittleworth Rectory, Pulborough, Sussex. 
Bartle Frere, 1879.1, III.— I88I.3, R. Selwyn College, Cambridge, 1885. 

Sullivan, C. W., b. Feb. 1865, son of H. E. Sullivan, Esq., St. 
Aldwyne> Lewis kam Park, Kent. 
Hailey, 1879.1, IL— I88I.3, L.M.ii. 

Todd, Horatio John, b. July 6, 1864, son of Rev. H. L. Todd, 
Rector of Occold, Eye, Suffolk. 

Hailey, 1879.1, L.MJ.— I88I.3, V.2. Left from illness.^ Royal Academy of 
apel of 
at Christ Ctiurch, Ware ; had to leave from ill-bealth." 

Music 1882-84. Bronze Medal for Harmony 1885. Organist of S. Peter's 
Chapel 1884, Chapel of Ease to S Peters, Eaton Square, 1886. Organist 

Trollope, J. B., b. March, 1865, son of J. H. Trollope, Esq., 
Barham House^ Streatham. 
Lawrence, 1879.1, IV.— 1882. 3, U.M.ii. Cläre College, Cambridge. 
Walsh, C. L., b. March, 1864, son of H. W. Walsh, Esq., Park 
House, Oxford. 
Lawrence, 1879.1, L.M.Ü.— 1880,i, U.M.ii. ? Indian Medical Service 1886. 

Wetherall, Charles Stuart, b. June, 1865, son of the late Capt. 
Wetherall, Geddington Priory, Kettering. 
Edmonstone, 1879.1, IV.— 1882.2, L.M.i. XXII. 1882. For three years in 
the Merchant Service. Went out in 1886 to Canada. Address, Holme- 
wood Farm, Birchton PQ. , Canada, E. 

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1870. 2. HAILE YBUR Y REGISTER. \ 5 3 

Wilkinson, David Hamilton Dickson, b. Nov. 5, 1864, son of Rev. 
J. Wilkinson, Rectory of S. Michaela, Bristol, 
2, Elmdale Road, Tyndall's Park, Clifton, 

Edmonstone, 1879.1, L.M.Ü.— 1882. 3, V.i. D3. Pembroke College, Cam- 
bridge, ßrd class Theological Tripos 1886. 

Williamson, Walter, b. Jan. 31, 1865, son of E. W. Williamson, 
Esq., Secretary of the Incorporated Law 
Society of the United Kingdom, 17, West- 
bourne Terrace Road, W. 

Edmonstone, 1879.1, R(b).— 1882.2, U.M.ii. XI. 1881, 82. 2nd Racquets 
1881. Admitted a Sohcitor 1887. 

Wilmot Brooke, G., b. Feb. 1865, son of Col. Wilmot Brooke, 2, 
Vanbrugh Park, Blackheath. 

Lawrence, 18/9.1, M.L.M.i.— 1881. 1, M.V.i. Seh. 1879. Left from Ul-health. 
A traveller and lay missionary in Africa. 

Wilson, Charles William, b. Jan. 23, 1864, son of Rev. W. G. 
Wilson, T.P., Forncett S. Peter R., Long 
Stratton, Norfolk. 

Thomason, 1879.1, M.IV.— I88I.3, M.U.M.ii. 

D. at Springbury, near Glasgow, May 28, 1882. 

♦White, Henry Launcelot, b. Feb. ig, 1805, son of Rev. J. H. 
White, Weybread Vicarage, Harleston, Norfolk. 
Edmonstone, 1879.1, R(b).— I88I.2, VI.2. XXX. 1881. Capt. 1882. Selwyn 
College, Cambridge. B.A. 1886. xi. 1884-6. xv. 1884-6. 


Barton, John Bernard, b. Sept. 22, 1866, son of Rev. J. Barton, 
Vicar of Holy Trinity, Cambridge. 
Trevelyan, 1879.2, III.-I884.3, V.2. XV. 1884. XI. 1883-84. Pembroke 
College, Cambridge, xi. and Football xi. 

Beames, Rupert, b. March, 1865, son of J. Beames, Esq., I.C.S., 
Acrise Rectory, Folkcstone. 
Colvin, 1879.2. U.M.iL— I88O.2, V.2. 1 p. 
Bird, Edward Round Beauchamp, b. Dec. 1866, son of Rev. J. W. 
Bird. Last address, Villa Patrick, Bordighera. 
Hailey, 1879.2, III.-1882.2, M.L.M.i. 1 p. 

♦Carter, Henry, b. July 2, 1865, son of Rev. H. J. Carter, Duxford 
Rectory, near Cambridge. 

Highfield, 1879.2, L.M.i.— 1884.2, VI.2. Bigside Football. Cläre College, 

*Chapman, Robert A. Boswell, b. March, 1 866, son of C. E. Chapman, 

Esq., 12, Gayton Crescent, Hampstead. 

Thomason, 1879.2, U.M.ii.— 1884.1, VI.i. 1 p. 2C1, C3, Ei, Ca. Jun. 

Seh. 1880. Sen. Seh. 1881. Passed 91h for Indian Civil Service 1885. 

Peterhouse, Cambridge. Seh. 1885. Eight 1887. Prizes in University 

Swimming Races 1886. 

Cobb, Frederick Law, b. June, 1865, son of J. Cobb, Esq., S heldwich, 
Faversham, Kent. 
Colvin, 1879.2, R.— 1882.2, L.M.Ü. Farming, in KenL 

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Cobb, John Austin, b. Nov. 1866, son of J. Cobb, Esq., Sheldwich, 

Faversham, Kent. 
Colvin, 1879a, IL— 1884.3, M.V.i. 1 p. Articlcd as a Solicitor. 
♦Cooper, Philip Templer, b. March 24, 1866, son of P. Cooper, 

Esq., Consul in Chinese Consular Service, 

Milton Road, Bedford. 

Colvin, 1879.a, M.R.— 1882.3, M.VI.2. Seh. 1880. G2. R.M.A. Woolwich. 
Royal Artillery Dec. 1884. 

Davy, John Davy Wright, b. July 5, 1865, son of J. W. Davy, Esq., 
Kilverstone Hall, Retford, Norfolk. 

BartleFrere 1879.2, M.IV.— 1883. 3, V.i. XI. 1883. ist in Double Racquets 
1881, 82, 83. and in Single Racquets 1883. and Bat Fives 1883. R.M.C. 
Sandhurst. Commission in 52nd Regt. , Oxfordshire Light Infantry, Aug. 
89, 1885. 

Dnnning, Charles Hubert, b. June, 1 865, son of the late F. Dunning, 
Esq., 2, Warwtck Square, S.W. 
Lawrence, 1879.2. IV.— I888.a, V.i XV. 188a. 

Harvey, Reginald, b. May 16, 1865, son of Rev. F. B. Harvey, 
Ched dington Rectory, Tring. 
Bartle Frere, 1879.3— 1888. a, V.i. XXII. 1883. Bigside Football. Keble 
College, Oxford, xv. and class in Theology 1886. 

•Hill, Leonard Erskine, b. June 2, 1866, son of G. B. Hill, Esq., 
D.C.L., Oxford. 

Thomason, 1879. a, IV.— 1884.2, VI.M. XV. 1883. Gymnastic Silver Mcdal. 
o p. Di, H$. University College, London. 3«! Certificate of Honours 
in Histology. 4th in Physiology. Silver Medallist in Anatomy, and in 
Physiology 1887. XV. 1886. Matriculated at London University in ist 
class 1885. 

Pryor, Percival Arthur Leonard, b. Aug. 27, 1865, son of Rev. J. E. 
Pryor, 17, Avenue Road, Regent* s Park, N.W. 

Bartle Frere, 1879.2, L.M.i.— 1888. 2, V.i. Magdalen College, Oxford. 2 
years in Torpid. 

Boy, Henry Edmund Gascoigne, b. Oct. 1864, son of Rev. R. C. 
Roy, Youlgreavc Vicarage, Bakewdl. 
Bartle Frere, 1879.2, M.IV.— I88I.2. M.L.M.Ü. 

Silver, Godfrey Stephen, b. Jan. 1865, son of Rev. E. Silver, 
Highfield Parsonage, Southampton. 
Hailey, 1879.2, III.— I88I.2, L.M ii. 
D. at Haileybury, July 21, 188 1. 

Sutton, Hugh Reginald, b. Dec. 1865, son of J. Sutton, Esq., 
Greenlands, Reading. 

Edmonstone, 1879.2, M.IIL— I88O.2, M.III. King's College, London, studying 

Todd, Hadden, b. May 24, 1865, son of H. W. Todd, Esq., Lyme 
Grove, Prescot, Lancashire. 

(Hailey one term) Bauen 1879.2, III.— 1883.2, V.2. 2 p. Z>2. Paperchases. 
Articled to Solicitors in Liverpool. Intermediate June, 1886. 

Todd, Arthur Thomas, b. June 2, 1866, son of H. W. Todd, Esq., 
Lyme Grove, Prescot, Lancashire. 
(Hailey one term) Batten, 1879.2, II.— 1884.2, U.M. II. Quartett 1884. In 
business, in Liverpool. 

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1879. 3. HAILE YBUR Y REG IS TER. \ 5 5 

Trastram, Edward Jones, b. Sept. 20, 1865, son of Mrs. Trustram. 
Address, 61, Cheapside, E.C. 

Colvin, 1879.2, R.— 1882.2, U.M.i. Worcester College, Oxford, 1883. 3rd in 
Law 1886. Won College Sculls 1886. Won 5 Miles Road Handicap O.U. 
Hare and Hounds 1884. Captain inO.U.R.V.C. Nov. 1886. Arücled to 
a firm of Solicitors in the City. 

Turner, Gilbert, b. Jan. 1866, son of Mrs, Turner, Leighton Hall, 
Welshpool, Montgomtryshirc. 
Lawrence, 1879.3, R.— 1832-3, v - 2 - T P- In Australia. 

*WatsoiL, Christopher Godfrey, b. Dec. 1864, son of C. Knight 
Watson, Esq., F.S.A., Secretary of the Society 
of Antiquaries, Burlington House, Piccadilly. 
Edmonstone, 1879.2, L.M.i.— 1883, M.VI.2. R.M.A. Wooiwich, Dec. 1882. 
Lieut. R.A. Dec. 9, 1884. Stationed at Barrackpore, BengaL 

Webb Ware, Hugh Robert Stawell, b. at Heidelberg, Victoria, 

Australia, April 10, 1865, son of H. Webb 

Ware, Esq., Melbourne. Address, Thorn Lea, 

Eltham, Kent. 

Thomason, 1879.2, IV.— 1881. 2, R. S John's College, Oxford, xi. 1885-6. 

xv. 1884-6 (Captain). Played in picked XVs. Put the Weight against 

Cambridge 1886. 

♦Young, Evelyn Henry, b. Nov. 14, 1865, son of late H. T. Young, 
Esq., of Lincoln's Inn. Address, Frittenden 
Lodge, Grange Road, Eastbourne. 

Highfield, 1879.2, M.L.M.i.— 1884 2, M.VI.i. Captain of Hockey 1884. 6 p. 
2/^2, 2/^3, G*, Mz, D. Senior Seh. 1881 (Mod.) Exh. 1884. R.I.E. 
College, Coopers Hill, 1884. Prizes for Architecture and Geometricnl 
Drawing. Chesney Mathematical Seh. (Not in Mr. Deedes's book.) 

1879. 3 . 

A'Deane, John Robert Bayly, b. March 21, 1865, son of J. A'Deane, 
Esq., Ashcott, Napier, New Zealand, and 57, 
Belsize Park, N.W. 

Batten, 1879.3, III.— 1883.1, U.M.i. XV. 1881-82. Captain of 3M XI. 1886, 
Pembroke College, Cambridge, xv. 1883-85. xi. 1886. 3rd Boat Lent, 

1884, 1886. 2nd May, 1884, 1886. Played seven times for University xv. 

1885. B.A. 1886. Out to New Zealand Nov. 1886. 

Aiken, Edward Hamilton Chetwood, b. April, 1867, son of J. 
Chetwood Aiken, Esq., The Glen, Stoke Bishop, 

Colvin, 1879.3, III(a).— 1884 3. U.M.ii(a). 2nd in Headers, 1883, 1884. N.S.S. 
Botany prize (2nd) 1883. Learning Engineering in Bristol. 

♦Barton, Robert Culley, b. Nov. 1865, son of J. K. Barton, Esq., 
M.D., 24, Lower Fitzwilliam Street, Dublin. 
Balten, 1879-3, L.M.i.— 1883.3, VI.a. 1 p. 

Bettington, Bertie, b. June, 1865, son of A. Bettington, Esq., 
Halsey House, Cheltenham, 
Hailey, 1879.3, M.IV.-I88I.1, M.IV. 

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Brodie, Wilfred Leslie Waldegrave, b. Jan. 1866, son of Rev. W. 
Brodie, Charnwood, Lansduwne Road y Bourne- 
Edmonstone, 1879-3, R.— I88I.3, L.M.i. 

♦Brownrigg, Charles Edward, b. Feb. 3, 1865, son of T. *M. 

Brownrigg, Esq., late Assistant Inspector- 

General of Royal Irish Constabulary, Artington, 

Guildford, Surrey. 

Barüe Frere, 1879-3, U.M.ii.— 1883 a, VI.i. XI. 1883. XV. 1882. High 

Jump 1883. Exh. 1883. 7 p. C$. C6, CS, Z>i, £3, E 4. Secretary of 

NSS. Magdalen College, Oxford. Exh. 1883 ist class Mods. 1885. 

and class Lit. Hura. 1887. xi. xv. Vaiious prizes in College Sports. 

Backe, Hugh Meadows, b. Oct. 1866, son of Rev. B. W. Bücke, 

Holy Trinity Vicarage, Lee. 

Bauen, 1879-3, III.— I88O.2. IV(b). 

Caldeoott, Aubrey Spencer, b. Oct. 1865, son of H. Caldecott, Esq., 

Bridge House, Broxbourne. 

Edmonstone, 1879-3, L.M.ii.— I88I.3, L.M.ii. In business, in London. 

Clark, Ernest Shaw, b. Sept. 1865, son of Mrs. Clark, late of 
Warley Lodge, Upper Tulse HUI, Surrey. 
Colvin, 1879-3, R.— 1882.3, U.M.i. 2 p. Edinburgh University. Studying 

Conway Gordon, Launcelot, b. Dec. 1865, son of Major Conway 
Gordon, 3, Atlantic Terrace, Weston-super-Mare. 
Batten, 1879-3, III.— 1888.1, U.M.ii. 2 p. Went out to Tasmania 1884. 
Currie, James Maxwell, b. Feb. 1865, son of Major Currie, late of 
Ashfield House, Bury S. Edmunds. 
Lawrence, 1879-3, M.R.— I88I.3, M.L.M.i. In business, in London. 
D'Aeth, Reginald Hughes, b. Feb. 1865, son of late H. D'Aeth, 
Esq., Knowlton Court, Wingham, Kent. 

Bartle Frere, 1879-3, R.— 1881. 1. M.LM.L Lieut. May 9, 1885, in the Buffs, 
East Kent Regt. 

Davies, Vaughan Wilton, b. May, 1868, son of Mrs. Davies, 14, 
Ellenborough Crescent, Weston-super-Mare. 
Batten, 1879-3, III.— I88I.2, L.M.Ü. Passed Law Preliminary 1881. Went 
out to Canada. In business, in New Brunswick, 1886. 

Bayies, Harry Llewelyn, b. Aug. 1866, son of Rev. J. LI. Davies, 
5, Blandford Square, N.W. 
Edmonstone, 1879-3, IV.— 1888.2, U.M.i. 2 p. E\. and XI. 1883. Learning 
Practica! Engineering, in London and Glasgow. 

Dealtry, Percy Stovin, b. April 5, 1867, son of late Rev. T. Dealtry, 

Archdeacon of Madras and afterwards Vicar 

of Maidstone. Address, Rhuabon Rectory, 


Colvin, 1879.3. III(a).— 1885.2, V.l. 1 p. XXII. 1885. Trinity College. 


Button, Arthur S., b. May 1865, son of J. Dutton, Esq., Winton 
House, Holly Walk, Leamington. 
Thomason. 1879.3, M.IIL— 1888.2, M.U.M.ii. 

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1879.3. HAILE YBUR V REGISTER. \ 5 7 

♦Fflnch; Matthew Benjamin Diplock, b. Dec. 1 8, 1 866, son of late 
Ffinch, Esq., Martin's Hill, Bromley, Kent. 

Batten, 1879.3, R.— I88I3, Vl.a. Prefect in Le Bas. XV. 1884. 2nd XI. 
1884. R.M.C. Sandhurst, xv. 1885. Gazetted to 64Ü1 Regt. Jan. 30, 
1886. Transferred to ooth Regt. Maren 1, and sailed to India. 

Pirminger, John Herbert, b. Jan. 1866, son of Rev. F. A. C. 
Firminger, Warren Lodge, Edmonton. 
Batten, 1879.3, III.— 1881. 3, R. Went to Bath College. Oxford, 1884. 

♦Fisher, Harold Fleming, b. April 6, 1 866, son of the late Rev. F. 
Fisher, Rector of Downham, Ely. Address, 
Downham, Guildford. 

Hailey, 1879.3, L.M.ii.— 1885.2, VI.i. Senior Seh. 1882. Exh. 1885. Head 
of the School. President of Literary Society. 3 p. C62, £'9, (7 2, E$ % 
H$. Trinity Coliege, Oxford. Exh. 1885. 2nd class Classical Mods. 1887. 

Pox, Noel Storrs, b. Aug. 1865, son of Rev. E. Fox, Beverley Road, 
Drißeld, Yorkshire. 

Edmonstone. 1879. 3, L. M. ü. — 1883. 2, U . M. ii . Pembroke College, Cambridge. 
Cox. of Eight. 

♦Fräser, John Augustus, b. Aug. 1865, son of Mrs. Fräser, 40, 

Sinclair Road f W. Kensington Park. 

Batten, 1879-3, M.L.M.ii.— 1884.2, M.VI.2. ist set Gymnastics 1882, 1884. 
Represented the School at Aide rshot 1883. Prizes in 2nd set Athlelics 1883. 
After studying in Germany and Spain for Home Civil Service, went out to 
Timaru, New Zealand, May, 1886. 

Garrad, John, b. April, 1866, son of W. Garrad, Esq., Brook House, 
Bures, Norfolk. 

Batten, 1879. 3, R. — 1883.2, U.M.i. 3 p. Learning Brewing at Burton-on-Trent. 

•Gay, George, b. Feb. 1867, son of Rev. G. M. Gay, Ingham 
Rectory, Bury S. Edmunds. 

Batten, 1879-3, III.— 1881a, Vl.a. 3 p. Assistant Organist 1884. Trinity 
College, Cambridge, 1885. 

♦Gisborne, Charles Francis, b. May 1865, son of J. M. Gisborne, 
Esq., 20, Chatwood Street t Derby. 

Batten, 1979.3-1884 2, VI.2. 2 p. XXX. 1882-83. In winning House 
Quartett 1884. Secretarv N.S.S. Trinity College, Cambridge, 1884. 
Passed as University Candidate into R.M.C. Sandhurst, Dec. 1886. 

♦Graham, Malcolm David, b. July 1865, son of R. Graham, Esq., 
The Mains, Wynberg, Cape Town, S. Africa. 

Edmonstone, 1879-3, IV.— 1883.2. VI. 2. R.M.C. Sandhurst 1883. Passed out 
13Ü1 with honours 1885. Lieut. Northamptonshire Regt. Feb. 9, 1885. 

Graut, Arnold Murray, b. Sept. 1865, son of the late Col. Grant» 
22, Granville Road, Sevenoaks. 
Batten, 1879.3, M. III.— 1881. 3, M.IV. 

Harvey, Adolphus John, b. Oct, 1865, son of Hon. A. W. Harvey, 
Omrac, S. John's, Newfoundland. 

Thomason, 1879-3, III.— 1884. 1, V.2. 1 p. XXX. 1883. In business, in 

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Harvey, George Walker, b. Nov. 1866, son of A. W. Harvey, Esq., 
Omrac, S. John's, Newfoundland. 
Thomason, 1879.3, IL— 1882.3, L.M.ii. 1 p. Killed by afall frora his horse 
at Pau, Jan. 10, 1883. 

Hayes, George Wickley, b. Oct. 1865, son of W. Hayes, Esq., 
Ashton, near Ches/er. 
Batten, 1879-3. IL— I88I.3, III(a). Jesus College, Cambridge, 1885. 

Haynes, Edmund Lyall, b. Sept. 1865, son of W. Haynes, Esq., 
Thimbeby Lodge, Northallerton. 
Batten, 1879-3, R.— 1882. 3, U.M.ii. S. Bartholomew's Hospital 1883. 

Hewitt, Walter Ernest, b. Oct. 1865, son ofW. A. Hewitt, Esq., 
Surbiton Hill. 
Batten, 1879-3, IV.— 1883.1, L.M.i. Studying for the profession of Architect. 

Houseman, John, b. Dec. 24, 1866, son of Rev. J. Houseman, 
Newstead, Godalming, Surrey. 
Balten, 1879.3, IL— 1884. 3 , U.M.II(b). Worcester College, Oxford. 

*Jackson, Edward, b. July 25, 1865, son of the late W. T. Jackson, 
Esq., of Headingley, near Leeds. Address, 
Bramhope Manor, Otley, Yorkshire. 
Colvin, 1879.3, L.M.Ü.— 1884.2, Vl.a. Bass Solo prize 1884. Oriel College, 

James, Arthur Henry, b. Nov. 1865, son of Rev. A. James, Cransley 
Vicarage, Kettering. 
Batten, 1879-3, IV.— I88I.3, IV. Christ's College, Cambridge. 
James, Wilfrid Edward, b. Sept. 1867, son of Rev. A. James, 
Cransley Vicarage, Ktttering. 
Batten, 1879-3, L— I88I.3, IV(a). 
Jeffcock, William Parker, b. Nov. 6, 1866, son of Rev. J. T. 
Jeffcock, F.S.A., D.D., The Rectory, Wölver- 
Batten, 1879-3, IL— I88O.3, I 1 - Afterwards at Malvern College. 3rd Batt. 
North StafTord Regt. 

Jones-Bateman, Hastings, b. March 1866, son of Rev. J. Jones- 
Bateman, Sheldon Rectory, Birmingham. 
Trevelyan, 1879-3, IL— 1881.1, III. 

Keith, Thomas Hamilton, b. Oct. 25, 1866, son of F. T. Keith, 
Esq., Bracondale, Norwich. 
Batten, 1879-3, III.— 1884.Q, U.M.i. XV. 1884. 2nd in putting the Weight 
1883-84. Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester. 

Langworthy, William Ford, b. Jan. 1866, son of J.W. Langworthy, 
Esq., 28, Porchester Square, Hy de Park. 
Batten, 1879-3, III. — 1881. 3, IV. After a time at Shrewsbury, Jesus College, 
Cambridge, 1885. 

*Le Faun, Victor Charles, b. Oct. 14, 1865, son of W. R. Le Fanu, 

Esq., Commissioner of Public Works in Ireland, 

Summer Hill, Enniskerry, co. Wicklow. 

Trevelyan, 1879.3, U.M.ii.— 1881. 2, VI.i. XV. 1882-83 Captain. Exh. 1884. 

Trinity College, Cambridge. University xv. 1885-86. Irish xv. 1886-87. 

2nd class, Div. 3, Part i, Classical Tripos 1887. 

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1879. 3. HA1LE YBUR Y REGISTER, i 59 

Iowry Cole, William John, b. March 1866, son of the late Col. 
Lowry Cole, 12, Lansdowne Road, Wimbledon. 
Batten, 1679-3, R.— 1883.1, U.M.i. In Bank of England 1885. 

Haster, Richard St. George, b. April, 1866, son of Col. C. B. Master, 
Dinard, S. Malo. 
Balten, 1879.3, M. III. —1882.1, M.L.M.ii. In busincss, in London. 

Maynard, Walter Edward, b. Sept. 1865, son of the late W. May- 
nard, Esq., The Great House, Orford, SufFolk. 

Batten, 1879-3, L.M.ii.— 1883.2, V.2. 1 p. Exeter College, Oxford. B.A. 
1886. Coxswain University Eight 1886. Cox of College Eight 1885, 86. 
To India 1887. 

McCrea, Alfred Coryton, b. Sept. 1 864, son of the late Rear-Admiral 

Batten, 1879.3. M. IV.— 1882.2, M.L.M.i. Went out to a Cinchona Plantation, 
lamaica, 1882. Lieut. 4Ü1 Batt. Royal Füsiliers (City of London Regt.) 
Nov. 8, 1884. 

♦Morgan, Edward Henry Elers, b. Oct. 1865, son of the late E. 
Morgan, Esq., 2, Hungershall Place, Tunbridge 

Hailey, 1879.3, L.M.Ü.— 1884.2, VI.2. 1 p. Ci. University College, Oxford. 
3id class Classical Mods. 1886. Cox of Eight 1885-86-87. 

*Murton, Charles Duncan, b. Nov. 1865, son of W. Murton, Esq., 
Meadowcroft, Chislehurst. 
Batten, 1879-3, IV.— 1882.2, VI.2. 2 p. University College, Oxford. Torpid 
1886. Eight 1887. 

*Knrton, Ernest, b. Aug. 1867, son of W. Murton, Esq., Meadow- 
croft, Chislehurst. 

Bauen, 1879-3. III.- 1885.2, VI.2. 3 p. XXX. 1884. Trinity College, Cam- 
bridge, 1885. Studying Practica! Engineering. 

Hanns, Philip, b. July 1866, son of Rev. A. L. Nunns, Appledore 
Vicarage, Chichester. 
Batten, 1879.3, III.— I88O.3, III. Lost overboard from ship * Smyrna/ off 
Cape Lewin, Sept. 19, 1883. 

Oddie, Lewis Gilbert, b. June, 1866, son of the late Rev. G. A. 
Oddie, Barelegh, Aston, Stevenage, or 1, New 
Court, Carey Street, Lincoln's Inn. 
Bartle Frere, 1879.3, IV.— 1883. 3, V.2. Articled to Solicitors in London. 

♦O'Heill, Bernard Price, b. Dec. 19, 1865, son of W. O'Neill, Esq., 
39, Manor Park, Lee, S.E. 
Batten, 1879-3, IV.— 1884.2, VI.M. 1 p. S 5. Entomological Curator of 
N.S.S. Caius College, Cambridge. Studying Medicine. 

Plummer, Lewis, b. July, 1866, son of E. Plummer, Esq., The Firs, 


Bartle Frere, 1879-3, III.— 1883.2, L.M.ii. Reading for Solicitor. Passed 
Intermediate 1886. 

♦Radcliffe, Alfred Ernest, b. Feb. 13, 1867, son of J. W. Radcliffe, 

Esq., Werneth Park, Oldham. 

Trevelyan, 1879.3, IV.— 1885.1, VI.2. 2 p. R.M.C. Sandhurst. Lieut. 4Ü1 
Kings Own Royal (Lancaster) Regt. Aug. 25, 1886. 

Digitized by LjOCKJIC 

1 60 HAUE YBUR Y REGISTER. 1879. 3. 

Bashdall, George Herbert, b. Sept. 18, 1865, son of the late Rev. 
R. Rashdall, of Bury St. Edmunds. Address, 
Spallumcheen, British Columbia. 
Hailey, 1879.3, III.— 1883.3. U.M.ii. Pembroke College, Cambridge. Went 
out in Oct. 1886, to British Columbia. 

Bigden, Charles Leslie, b. June, 1865, son of G. C. Rigden, Esq., 
M.D., School Hill, Lewes. 
Batten, 1879-3, R. — 1882.1, L.M.ii. In business, in Liverpool. 

Rigg, Owen Davys, b. Jan. 1866, son of Mrs. T. Rigg, Wrotham 
Park, Sevenoaks. 

Batten, 1879-3, III.— 1882.2, L.M.ii(a). Lieut. 3rd Batt. East Surrey Regt. 
April 8, 1886. 

Robinson, Charles Ernest Russell, b. Feb. 13, 1865, son of Rev. J. 
Robinson, Wattisfield Rectory, Diss, Norfolk. 
Batten, 1879.3, IV.— 1883.1, V.2. Oxford, Unattached Student. B.A. 1886. 

Scott, John Russell, b. April 1866, son of Rev. T. A. Scott, The 
Parsonage, Moville, Londonderry. 
Lawrence, 1879.3, I.— 1883.1, L.M.Ü. 

Silver, Walter Barrington, b. April, 1866, son of Rev. E. Silver, 
Highfield Parsonage, Southampton. 
Hailey, I878.3, M.III.— I88I.2, M.L.M.Ü. Afterwards at Marlborough. 

Sladen, Arthur French, b. April, 1866, son of Major R. A. Sladen, 
18, St. Johris Park, Blackheath. 
Batten. 1879-3, M.III.— 1880, M.III. 

Sladen, Lawrence Banks, b. April, 1867, son of Major R. A. Sladen, 
18, St. Johris Park, Blackheath. 
Batten, 1879-3, IV.— 1880. 3 , L.M.Ü. 

Steward, Reginald Holden, b. Feb. 1866, son of Rev. C. H. 
Steward, Northway House, Tewkesbury. 
Batten, 1 879.3, R(a).— 1884.1, U.M.i. Lieut. 3rd Batt. Worcestershire Regt. 
Feb. 27, 1886. 
Sntcliffe, Tom, b. July, 1865, son of H. Sutcliffe, Esq., The Manor 
House, Stillingborough, Ulctby. 
Batten, 1879-3, III.— 1883.2, U.M.ii. 1 p. Pembroke College, Oxford. In 
business, at Ulceby. 

Swabey, Charles Vernon, b. May, 1865, son of the late M. C. M. 
Swabey, Esq., M.D., Langley Marish, Slough. 
Bauen, 1879-3, M.III.— 1881. 3, M.L.M.Ü. In New Zealand (1887). 

Swift, Thomas Percy, b. Dec. 1864, son of J. T. Swift, Esq., 
Kenton House, East Sheen. 

Batten, 1879.3, L.M.Ü.— 1882.1, V.2. XV. 1881. First in the Berkhamsted 
and other Paperchases 1882. Won Mile 1882. 

Fell ill after returning home April, 1882, and died May 9, 1882. There 
is a tablet in Chapel to his memoiy. 

Tatham, Edward Ernest, b. April 2, 1866, son of Rev. G. E. Tatham, 
St. Paul's Vicarage, East Molesey. 

Thomason, 1P79-3, L.M.ii(a).— 1884.1, V.2. XV. 1883. Oriel College, Oxford. 
Torpid 1886-87. Eight 1887. Captain of XV. 1885. Captain of O.H.F.C. 

Digitized by 



♦Vallentin, John M., b. Nov. 1865, son of Mrs. Lewis, Hertingford- 
bury Park. 
Thomason, 1879-3, L.M.Ü.— I888.3, VI.2. x p. XV. 1883. Prefect in Le 
Bas. R.M.C. Sandhurst Dec. 1883. Lieut. in Somersetsbire Regt Feb. 
7, 1885. 

Van-der-Qucht, Michael, b. April, 1865, son of the late M. Van-der- 
Gucht, Esq., 3, Portsdown Road, Maida Hill. 
Batten, 1879-3, M.R.— 1881.2, M.U.M.ii. 1 p. In business, in London. 

Ward, Arthur, b. Feb. 1866, son of Mrs. Ward, Durdham Lodge, 
Stoke Bishop, mar Bristol. 
Batten, 1879.3, R.— 1883.2, M.U.M.ii. Studying Engineering in Bristol 1884. 

Wilson, Arthur John de Courcy, b. Jan. 10, 1867, son of James 
Wilson, Esq., J.F., D.L., Currygrane, Edge- 
worthstown, co. Longford, Ireland. 

Batten, 1879.3, I.— 1884.3, U.M.ii. Trinity College, Dublin, 1885. Honours 
in Englisn Literature 1885. Ii * " Ä Ä ~" ' ~ " " 

Lawn Tennis Prizes 1886-1887. 

in Englisn Literature 1885. In a Land Agency Office in Dublin. Many 

Wilson, Cyril Reynold, b. March, 1867, son of Rev. R. W. Wilson, 
Bolsterstone Vicarage, mar Sheffield. 
Batten, 1879.3, I.— 1885.2, U.M.i. 2 p. XV. 1884. XI. 1885. ist set 
Weight 1885. Exeter College, Oxford, 1885. xi. 1886-87. 

Wood, George Robert, b. Dec. 7, 1865, son of Rev. R. Wood, 
Halsted Rectory, Sevenoaks. 
Lawrence, 1879.3, L.M.i.— 1888.3, V.l. and XI. 1883. Secretary Junior 
Literary Society. Solo Prizes 1880, 81, 83. Quartett 1880, 1883. Keble 
College, Oxford. Rowed in and Torpid. 


Arnos, Hubert Gilbert MacLachland, b. April, 1866, son of Rev. 
J. Arnos, £. Ibbs, Hitchin. 
Le Bas, 1880. 1, R.— 1883.2. V.2. 2 p. XI. 1882, 83. Caius College, Cam- 
bridge. Studying Medicine. Served in Methuen's Horse 1885. Plays 
Association for Hertfordshire. 

Barron, Netterville Guy, b. Dec. 1867, son of N. Barron, Esq., 
Leith House, Reigate. 
Le Bas, 1880.x, IV.— I8W.3, M.VI.a. R.M.A. Woolwich, 1885. 

Beaumont, Tom Eddiestone, b. Oct. 1865, son of J. F. Beaumont, 
Esq., Whaddon, Royston, Herts. 
Le Bas, I88O.1, M.IV.— 1882.3, M.U.M.ii. In business. 

Bowlet, Robert Rawnsley, b. Nov. 1865, sonof R. L. Bowles, Esq., 
M.D., 8, West Terrace, Folkestom. 
Le Bas, 1880.x, III.— 1881. 3, R. Trinity College, Cambridge. Played Lawn 
Tennis for the University 1887. 

Birkett, John Stanwell, b. May 14, 1866, son of Rev. T. Birkett, 
9, Park Place, Weston-super-Mare. 
Le Bas, 1880.x, IV.— 1882.2, U.M.ii. 3 p. Cläre College, Cambridge. Math. 
Scholarship 1885. Foundation Seh. 1886. C.U. Swimroing Races 1886. 
ist 50, xoo, 200, and and Quarter-mile. 


Digitized by 


1 62 HAILE YBUR Y REGISTER. 1880. i. 

Bryan, Thomas William, b. Dec. 19, 1865, son of T. Bryan, Esq., 
Le Bas, 1880.1, IV.— 1882.2, L.M.Ü. and in ist set Gymnastics 2882. Articled 
to Solicitors. 

Carr, Herbert H., b. March, 1867, son of W. J. Carr, Esq., 4, S. 
Johris Park, Blackheath. 
Edmonstone, I88O.1, M.IIL— I88I.3, M.IV. In Virginia. 

Cash, William, b. April 27, 1866, son of W. Cash, Esq., Member of 
Council of Institute of Chartered Accountants, 
Scarcroft, Chichester Road, Croydon. 

Lc Bas, I88O.1, IV.— 1883.3, U.M.i. Bigside Football. In June, 1883, passed 
3rd, direct from School, Preliminary Examination of Institute of Chartered 
Accountants. ist for Intermediate. 

Cheaney, N. E., b. Dec. 1865, son of Col. Chesney, R.E., late of 
Cooper's Hill, Staines. 
Colvin, I88O.1, L.M.ii.— 1882.2, M.U.M.ii. R.M.C. Sandhurst. Lieut.July 
14, 1886, in the Cheshire Regt, 

♦Clapham, John Thurlow, b. Dec. 25, 1865, son of E. Clapham, 
Esq., M.D., late of Devizes, Wilts. Address, 
29, Lingfield Road, Wimbledon. 

Colvin, 1880.1, L.M.i.— 1884.2, VI.2. XV. 1883. XXII. 1884. ist in Mile 
1883. Captain of Paperchases 1884, S. Bartholomew's Hospital 1884. 
Passed ist M.R.C.S. and L.R.C.P. July, 1885, 2nd March, 1886. 

Colvin-Smith, Robert Curzon Molison, b. Dec. 14, 1865, son öf 

Surgeon-Gen. Colvin Smith, M.D., C.B., 

Madras Army, 5, Cresswell Gardens, S. 


Le Bas, 1880. 1, IL— 1883.2, V.2. 3 p. Caius College, Cambridge. 2nd class 

Natural Science Tripos 1886. Reading Medicine. 

Crawley, James Henry, b. July 18, 1865, son of Rev. R. T. Crawley, 
North Ockendon Rectory, Romford. 
Le Bas, I88O.1. M.R.— 1883.2, M.U.M.i. 1 p. In business. 

♦de Jersey, Edward Muriel, b. July 17, 1866, son of Rev. P. R. 
de Jersey, Empshott Vicarage, Petersfield, 
Colvin, 1880.1, L.M.Ü.— 1885.2, VI.M. C 3 . Senior Seh. 1882. New College. 
Oxford, 2nd class Classical Moderations 1887. 

Fenning, James Edward, b. Feb. 1867, son of D. Fenning, Esq., 
Hawke House, Sunbury-on-Thames. 
Thomason, 1880. 1, III.— 1882. 3, IV. Farming in Canada. Address, care of 
T. Donaldson, S. Monaghan, Ontario, Canada. 

rinch, Charles Hugh, b. March, 1866, son of P. Finch, Esq., Hurst 
Grove, Twyford, Berks. 
Lawrence, 1880, M. III.— 1882.1, M.R. Afterwards at Shrewsbury. In a 

Frenoh, Wilfrid Thomas, b. Jan. 1 866, son of the Bishop of Lahore, 
5, Bdgrave Terrace, Brighton. 
Lawrence, I88O.1, L.M.ii.— 1883.3, U.M.I. In business, in the City. 

Digitized by 



Godley, Alexander John, b. Feb. 1867, son of Lieut.-CoL Godley, 
67, Maryon Road, Charlton, S E. 

Thomason, 1880. 1, M.IV.— 1880.3, M.R. R.M.C. Sandhurst, 1886. Lieut. 
ist Batt. Royal Dublin Füsiliers Aug. 35, 1886. 

Hüne, William James Parke, b. Jan. 1866, son of W. W. Hume, 
Esq., late of Ceylon Civil Service, care of 
Messrs. H. S. King & Co., 65, Cornhill, E.C. 
Colvin, 1880.x, L.M.Ü.— 1883, M.U.M.x. Read for Ceylon Civil Service. 

Hume, Arthur Henry Bliss, b. Feb. 19, 1868, son of W. W. Hume, 
Esq., late of Ceylon Civil Service, care of 
Messrs. H. S. King & Co., 65, Cornhill, E.C. 

Colvin, I88O.1, R(b). -1883.1, M.L.M.i. 1 p. R.M.A. Woolwich, 1885, but 
had to lose first term through illness. 

Hutt, Charles Edward, b. April 2, 1865, son of Rev. W. W. Hutt, 

Wilton Kectory, Brandon, Norfolk. 

Le Bas, 1880.1, R.- 1883.1, U.M.ii. XV. 1882. ist in 2nd set Cricket Ball 

1881. First ist set Cricket Ball 1882, 1883. ist Quarter, 200, Weight, and 

2nd 100, and High Jump, 1883. S. Bartholomew's Hospital 1884. Played 

in Inter-Hospital Matches 1885-6. 

Jones, Charles Hamilton, b. Feb. 6, 1866, son of W. A. Jones, Esq., 

Director of London and County Bank and 

other institutions. Address, Staplegrove, The 

Avenue, Beckenham, Kent. 

Le Bas, 1880. 1, R.— 1888.3, V.l. Articled in June, 1884, to a firm in the City. 

Zennion, Roger Lloyd, b. Dec. 1866, son of Lieut.-Col. Kennion, 
Lynetkwaitc Boscombe, Bournemouih. 
Le Bas, 1880.1, M.IV.— 1880. 3 , M.L.M.Ü. 
Eingsford, Kenneth J., b. Dec. 1865, son of J. J. Kingsford, Esq., 
35, Queen' s Gate Gardens, S. W. 
Bartle Frere, 1880. 1, L.M.H.— 1888.2, U.M.ii. Has since been in Germany and 

Kirk, Maurice W., b. April, 1866, son of late Lieut.-Col. Kirk, 
Rijfhams, Danbury, Chelmsford. 

Bartle Frere, 1880. 1, IV.— 1882. 3, M.U.M.ii. x p. Lieut. 3rd Batt. the Buffs 
(East Kent Regt.) Oct. 17, 1885. 

Loveday, Henry Thomas, b. Dec. 1 867, son of late Rev. A. Loveday, 
Gattendon R., Newbury. 
Le Bas, 1880.1. IV.— 1885.2, U.M.ü. XXX. 1884. Farming, in Queensland. 

Langstaff, Arthur, b. Feb. 26, 1866, son of F. F. LangstafF, Esq., 
3, Rue des Ormeaux, Havre. 
Thomason, 1880. 1, III.— 1884.x, U.M.i. ist violin in band. In the coffee trade. 

Xontresor, Henry Mulcaster, b. May, 1867, son of Vice-Admiral 
Montresor, 38, Glos/er Square, W. 
Le Bas, I88O.1, M.L.M. iL -1880.1, M.L.M.Ü. 

Murray, Shadwell John, b. Aug. 26, 1867, son of late E. F. Murray, 
Esq., M.I.C.E., Bonnybrook, Tring, Herts. 
Hailey, I88O.1, L.M.Ü.— 1888.3. Va - R.M.C. Sandhurst. Passed 4th, 1887. 

Digitized by 



Kapier, Clive Hastings, b. Dec. 1865, son of D. J. Napier, Esq., 
Langham HoteL 
Le Bas, I88O.1.— 1883.3, U.M.ii. 

Neame, Sidney, b. June 29, 1866, son of £. Neame, Esq., Harefield, 
Selling, Faversham, Kent. 
Thomason, 1880.1, I.— 1888, IV. In business, in London. 

Nevill, Algeraon Richard, b. Feb. i, 1866, son of Ven. Archdeacon 
Nevill, The Close, Norwich. 

Trevelyan, I88O.1, II.— I88I.3, R. Working at Electrical Engincering, Hanover 

Newenham, H. £. B., b. Dec. 1866, son of Col. Newenham, Street 
Aston Hbuse, Lutterwortk. 

Le Bas, 1880.1, IV.— 1883.2, M.L.M.i. R.M.C. Sandhurst, 1885. Lieut. and 
Batt. Royal Füsiliers (City of London Regt.) Aug. 25, 1886. 

Oldfleld, Henry Philip, b. Sept. 10, 1866, son of H. A. Oldfield, 
Esq., M.D., H.M. Indian Army, 12, Wellswood 
Park, Torquay. 
Thomason, 1880. 1, II.— 1883. 3, U.M.ii. 2 p. 

Peache, Clement Kemble, b. Feb. 1866, son of Rev. A. Peache, 
The Firs, Hampstead Heath, N. W. 

Le Bas, I88O.1, III.— 1884.x, U.M.i. 2 p. 3rd in Mile, 3rd in Half Müe 
1884. Trinity College, Cambridge. 

Peacock, Lionel Henry, b. Feb. 1866, son of late W. H. Peacock, 
Esq. Address, Surbiton Hill, or 5, Gra/s Inn 
Square, W.C. 
Bartle Frere, I88O.1, L.M. iL— 1883.x, U.M.ii. Solicitor. 

Peed, John, b. March 13, 1866, son of W. Peed, Esq., Manor 
House, Hinton, Cambridge. 
Le Bas, 1880.x, III.— 1882.2, IV. C.C.C. Cambridge, X884. 

Perowne, Connop Fitzroy Stewart, b. Feb. 12, 1866, son of Rev. 

J. J. S. Perowne, D.D., Dean of Peterborough. 

Lawrence, 1880.x, IV(a).— 1882.x, L.M.ii(a). On a cattle ranche in Nevada 
(1887), but will soon return to Iowa. 

♦Pollock, Alexander, b. Dec. 30, 1865, son of the late A. R. S. 
Pollock, Esq., I.C.S., 77, Gloucester Terrace, 
Hyde Park, W. 

Bartle Frere, 1880.x, L.M.i.— 1883.2, VI.M. C 6. 1 p. Secretary N.S.S. 
Prefect in Le Bas. After reading for a year at Wren's for I.C.S., Trinity 
College, Cambridge. 6th Boat 1885. 5Ü1 Boat 1886. Match Secretary 
Mayfly L.T.C. 1886. Member of Inner Temple Oct. 1884. 

♦Pollock, Robert Gordon, b. Dec. 30, 1 865, son of the late A. R. 
S. Pollock, Esq., I.C.S., 77, Gloucester Terrace, 
Hyde Park, W. 

Bartle Frere, 1880. 1, L.M.i.— 1884.2, VI.2. XI. 1884. Secretary of N.S.S. 
Trinity College, Cambridge, sth Boat 1885. 4Ü1 Boat 1886. Touraament 
Secretary Mayfly L.T.C. 1886. 

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16 5 

Prest, Charles William, b. April 26, 1866, son of the late Archdeacon 
Prest, Canon of Durham, and Rector of Ryton- 
on-Tyne. Address, Mayfield Cottage, Ash- 

Jas Bas, 1880.1, I.— 1888.3, L.M.L XXII. 1882, 83. XV. 1882, 83. Priies in 

Sd set Athletics 1880. 2nd set 1882. ist set Broad Jump 1883, and 2nd 
urdles. In a bank at Ashbourne, Derbyshire. 

Rhoades, W. W., b. March, 1866, son of Rev. E. J. Rhoades, 

Hamstead House, near Yarmouth, Isle of Wight. 

Lawrence, 1880. i, IL— 1882.1, R. Pembroke College, Oxford. Torpid 1885. 
Farming, in England. 

Sobeson, Herbert Edward, b. Aug. 21, 1866, son of Rev. Canon 
Robeson, Vicar of Tewkesbury, Abbey House, 
Trevelyan, I88O.1, L.M.Ü.— 1884. 3, V.2. 2 p. Oriel College, Oxford. 

Spurway, Robert Popham, b. July 16, 1866, son of Rev. E. Spurway, 
Heathfield Kectory, Taunton, Somerset. 

Lc Bas, I88O.1, M.IV.— 1884.3, M.U.M.L XI. 1883. 84 (Captain). Won 
School Racquets. Played at Prince's 1884. R.M.C. Sandhurst, 1885. 
XV. 1886. XI. 1886. Lieut. ist Royal Scots, Feb. 1887. 

Stack, Edward Hugh Edwards, b. Dec. 15, 1866, son of Rev. T. 
L. Stack, D.D., Canon of Derry, Moville 
Parsonage, Londonderry. 

Bartle Frere, I88O.1, III.— 1884.2, U.M.ü(b). Dive 1883, 84. Pembroke 
College, Cambridge. Reading Mediane. 

Stubbs, William Walter, b. January 5, 1866, son of the Lord Bishop 
of Chester, The Palace, Chester. 

Le Bas. 1880.x. III.— 1880. 3, U.M.ii(b). XXX. 1880. S. Johns College, 
Oxford. Eight 1886, 86. 

Thomas, Francis Inigo, b. Dec. 25, 1865, son of Rev. C. E. Thomas, 
R.D., Hemsworth Rectory, Pontefract, York- 

Bartle Frere, 1880. 1, L.M.Ü.— 1888.3, U.M.ii. XV. 1882, 83. A. Antiquarian 
Holiday Prize. Limner to Antiquarian Society. President Tun. Lit. Soc. 
Pembroke College, Oxford. Learning Architecture under G. F. Bodley, 

Townahend, Robert Ponsonby Loftus, b. Feb. 8, 1866, son of C. 
U. Townshend, Esq., Hatley, Burlington Road, 

Edmonstone, 1880.x, R.— 1882.2, M.L.M.i. Trinity College, Dublin. Engi- 
neering School. 3rd of ist Honours in Experimental Science. Sen. Soph. 

Usborne, Thomas Masters, b. Dec. n, 1866, son of T. Usborne, 

Esq., Writtle, Chelmsford. 

Le Bas, 1880.x, M.R.— 1884.2, M.V.x. XI. 1884. Racquets 1884. Played 
at Prince's 1884« Headers 1883, 84. D. R.M.A. Woolwich. ad. Com- 
mission in Royal Artülery Feb. 1886. 

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Addison, Arthur Joseph Berkeley, b. Sept. 14, 1866, son of General 
T. Addison, C.B., The Hill House, Melton, 
near Woodbridge, Suffolk. 
Thomason, I88O.2, III.— 1882-3, M.L.M.L R.M.C. Sandhurst Lieut. in ist 
Batt. Royal lrish Rifles, Aug. 24, 1886. 

Armitage, Henry Allen, b. April 7, 1866, son of the late Rev. G. 
F. Armitage, 27, S. James's Road, Tunbridge 
Wells. Address, 74, Berners Street, Ipswich. 
Melvill, I88O.2, R(a).— 1884.1, U.M.ii(a). XXII. 1883. Articled at Ipswich. 

Appleford, William Percy, b. May 24, 1866, son of Rev. W. Apple- 
ford, Rue Traverstere 37, Tours, France. 
Melvill, I88O.2, III(a).— 1882.3, IV(a). Caius College, Cambridge. 

Bagot, Harold Frederic, b. Feb. 9, 1867, son of Rev. F. Bagot, 
Harpenden Rectory, Henley-on-Thames. 
Thomason, I88O.2, R(a).— 1886.1, V.l. Downton Agricultural College. Student 
of Surveyors' Institute. To Shrewsbury 1887. 

Bagot, Gerard William, b. May, 1866, son of Admiral Bagot, 
10, Ashburne Place, Cromwell Road, S. W. 
Hailey, I88O.2, III.-I88O.3, III. 

Bailey, William Augustus, b. Aug. 1866, son of C. H. Bailey, Esq., 
Linden House, Fulham, S, W. 
Edmonstone, 1880.2, M. III.— 1882.2, M.L.M.i. XI. 1882, and various Athletic 
Prizes. In the army. 

Baird Smith, Arthur George, b. June, 1866, son of late Capt. F. M. 
Smith, R.A., Brookside, Sandbach, Cheshire. 
Le Bas, I88O.2, M.L.M.Ü.- 1884.x, M.V.2. 

Bathnrgt, Henry Walter, b. Sept. 1866, son of Rev. W. Bathurst, 
22, Arundel Gardens, Kensingion Park, W. 
Colvin, I88O.2, M.R. -I888.2 M.U.M.Ü. 

Bliss, Wilfrid Marryat, b. Aug. 4, 1866, son of L. H. Bliss, Esq. 
88, Philbeach Gardens, S. Kensington. 
Melvill, I88O.2, R.— 1884.3, V.2. ff 2. R.M.C. Sandhurst Lieut. (Aug. 25, 
1886) in Cameronians (26th Regt.). 

Butoher, Robert S., b. Feb. 1866, son of F. O. Butcher, Esq., 
Toftrees, Fakenham. 
Melvill, 1880.2, M.IV.— 1888.1, M. V.x. 2 p. Sa. Articled to a SoUcitor. 

♦Chamier, E. M. des C, b. June, 1866, son of Col. Chamier, Shirley, 
Melvill, I88O.2, L.M.i.— 1884.2, VI.z. and XI. 1884. Reading for the Bar. 

Christian, W., b. April, 1866, son of Hon. Justice Christian, 35, 
Merrion Square S., Dublin. 
Colvin, I88O.2, R.— 1888.3, L-M.i. 

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*Grea86, Lindley, b. March 13, 1867, at New Westminster, British 
Columbia, son of The Hon. Mr. Justice H. P. P. 
Crease, Pentrelew, Victoria, British Columbia. 

Thomason, 1880.2. IV(a).— 1880.2, VI.2. Captain of XXX. 1884. Captain of 
Paperchases 1885. z p. and Lit. Society's prize. Out to British Columbia, 

Davison, G. C, b. Jan. 1867, son °f Mrs. Davison, 69, Ladbroke 
Grvve Road 9 W, 
Hailey, 1880.2, IV.-1884.2, V.2. 

Davidson, Charles S., b. Sept. 1866, son of C. T. Davidson, Esq., 
2, Hyde Park Square, W. 
Le Bas, I88O.2, R.— 1883.2, M.L.M.Ü. Reading for the Army. 

Debenham, Robert Barsham, b. June 7, 1865, son of R. Debenham, 
Esq., M.R.C.S., etc., Heath House, Stepney, E. 

Hailey, 1880 2, III. — 1884.2, U.M.ii. z p. 2nd set High Jump 1884. Medical 

Domenichetti, F. H., b. Nov. 1866, son of R. Domenichetti, Esq., 
M.D., Louth. 
Trevelyan, 1880.2, R.— 1882.3, U.M.ii. After a time abroad, R.M.C. Sand- 
hurst. Lieut zst Batt. Leicestershire Regt. Jan. 3, z886. 

Furse, Charles Wellington, b. Jan. 1868, son of Rev. Canon Furse, 
1, Abbey Gardens, Westminster, S.W. 

Bartle Frere, I88O.2, IV.— 1884.2. 2nd XI. Z884. Slade School Z884. Seh. 
Z885. Landscape and Etching prizes 1886. 

Godfrey, E. L., b. Dec. 1867, son of Mrs. Godfrey, 3, Cranley 
Gardem, S. W. 
Melvill, I88O.2, I.— 1884.3, V.2. z p. In London and County Bank. 

Omdon, Bertrand Evelyn Mellersh, b. Sept. 2, 1867, son of Col. 
E. P. Gurdon, Bengal Staflf Corps, Brookleigh, 
Worthing, Sussex. 
Trevelyan, I88O.2, III.— 1884.3, M.U.M.i. R.M.C. Sandhurst. Gazetted 
Aug. z886 to zst Batt. Manchester Regt. (öyd). 

Hallen, A. E. H. C, b. Aug. 1866, son of Rev. A. W. Hallen, The 
Parsonage, Alloa, N.B. 
Melvill, 1880.2, IV.— 1883-3, U.M.ii. Edinburgh University. Studying Medicine. 

Hamilton, C. J. H., b. Jan. 1866, son of Rev. C. H. Hamilton, 
Langsmead, Blindley Heath, Godstone* 
Bartle Frere, 1880. 2, L.M.i.— 1883. 3, VI.z. Prefect in Balten. 

Harbord, Arthur Morden, b. Sept. 11, 1866, son of the Hon. 
and Rev. J. Harbord, Morden College, Black- 
Lawrence, I88O.2, III.— 1884.3, U.M.i. XV. Z883. 2nd in zst set Hurdles. 
3rd in Quarter. Selwyn College, Cambridge, xv. 3rd Boat. 

Harrison, W. C. Ward, b. Feb. 1868, son of J. Harrison, Esq:, 
Lane House, Brandes Burton, Hüll. 
Melvill, 1880.2, I.— 1883.3, L.M.Ü. 

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1 68 HA1LE YBÜR V REGISTER. 1880. 2 

Hill, R. T., b. Oct. 1866, son of P. Hill, Esq., 50, BelsizePark, N.W. 
Thomason, I88O.2, M.IV.— 1884.2, M.V.i. 1 p. Oriel College, Oxford. 

♦Howard, D. LI., b. Jan. 1866, son of D. Howard, Esq., Rtctory 
Jkfanor, Walthamstow. 
Thomason, I88O.2. U.M.ii.— 1883.x, VI.2. 
Hughes, Victor, b. April, 1866, son of Major-Gen. Hughes, late of 
Devonia, Lordship Lane, Dulwich. 
Colvin, I88O.2, III.— 1883.1, M.L.M.i. 

♦Hussey, John, b. Nov. 4, 1866, son of Rev. W. L. Hussey, Rector 
of Ringstead, Ringes Lynn, Norfolk. 
Hailey, 1880.2, L.M.i(b). —1885.2, VI.i. 1 p. Exh. 1885. Secretaiy of Anti- 
quarian Society. Keble College, Oxford. 3rd class Classical Mods. 1887. 

Jonrdain, Albert Edward Towle, b. March 5, 1866, son of N. 
Jourdain, Esq., 51, Fellows Road, South 
Hampstead, N.W. 
Melvill, 1880.2, R.— 1888.1, U.M.ii. Passed Intermediate 1885. 

*Koe, Alfred Pemberton, b. April 30, 1866, son of R. P. Koe, Esq., 

Registrar of High Court of Chancery, Hampton 


Bartle Frere, I88O.2, U.M.ii.— 1884.2, VI.i. 1 p. Tun. Seh. 1880. Senior 

Seh. 1882. Exh. 1884. XV. 1883-84 (Captain). University College, 

Oxford, xv. Played for Oxford Rugby Union 1886 (half-back). 

Lempriere, John Locke, b. Jan. 23, 1867, son of H. R. Lempriere, 
Esq., Hylands, Epsom. 

Melvill, I88O.2, III(b).— 1884.2, L.M.i(a). 1 p. Articled to a Solicitor, at 56. 
Lincoln's Inn Fields, W.C. 

Loynes, Herbert Edward, b. March 24, 1866, son of E. H. Loynes, 
Esq., White House, Warham All Saints, Wells, 
Melvill, I88O.2, M. III. —1882. 3, M.L.M.i. z p. 2 Swimming Prizes. Articled 
to a Solicitor. Has passed Intermediate. 

Marchant, Richard Ellis, b. Sept. 23, 1865, son of S.W. Marchant, 
Esq., Matfield House, Brenchley, Staplehurst, 
Bartle Frere, 1880.2, R.— 1883.2, V.z. ist set Boxing 1883. XXX. 1882. x p. 
Xonok Mason, Robert Langrishe, b. Feb. 13, 1868, son of Rev. 
R. B. Monck Mason, Woolhampton Rectory, 
Trevelyan, 1880.2, IL— 1886.x, V.2. x p. Cambridge. 
Morris, Thomas Byng, b. July, 1866, son of G. B. Morris, Esq., 
Dan-y-Graig, Bridgend, Glamorganshire. 
Melvill, I88O.2, M.IIL— 18842, M.U.2. R.A.C. Cirencester. 

Newland, H. F., b. July, 1866, son of Capt. Newland, S. Ann's, 
Pokesdown, Bourntmouth* 
Melvill, I88O.2, IV.-1882.I, IV. 

Pennington, A. W., b. March, 1867, son of Col. Pennington, 
Wbodridings, Pinner, MiddUsex, 
Colvin, I88O.2, L— 1888.x, M.IV. Afterwards at O.M.C Cowley. R.M.C. 
Sandhurst, 1886. 

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♦Perowne, Arthur William Thomson, b. June 13, 1867, son of Rev. 

J. J. Stewart Perowne, D.D., Dean of Peter- 
orough, The Deanery, Peterborough. 

Lawrence, I88O.2, R(b).— 1886.2, VI. 1. XI. 1886. XV. 1885. 100 yards 3rd 
set 1881. High Jump, 2nd set, 1882. 100 and set 1883. 100, 200, ist set, 
1884. 100 and Hurdles 1885. 100, 200, Hurdles, Broad Jump, 1886. and 
Hand Fives 1886. 2 p. C 2, E 5. Secretary of Literary Society. King's 
College, Cambridge. Won 100 yards and Broad Jump in Freshraen's 
Sports 1887. 

Prince, John Woolnough George, b. Dec. 6, 1866, son of J. Prince, 
Esq., Clarence House, Staines. 
LeBas, 1880. 2, III.— 1884.2, M.L.M.i. 2 p. XV. 1883. 2nd ist set Broad 
Jump 1884. Charing Cross Hospital xv. 

Prinoe, Arthur, b. March, 1868, son of J. Prince, Esq., Clarence 
House, Staines. 
Le Bas, 1880. 2. III.— 1886.x, L.M.i. Indigo-planting in India. 

Somers, Henry Montague, b. Aug. 1 866, son of J. B. S. Somers, 
Esq., 59, Belsize Park, N.W. 
MelviU, 1880.2. IV.— 1884.1, V.2. 
D. April 26, 1884. 

Stileman, E. C, b. May, 1866, son of F. C. Stileman, Esq., 
30, Collingham Place, C romwell Road, W, 
Bartle Frere, I88O.2, III.— 18842, L.M.L Cambridge. 

Stock, Arthur James, b. March 22, 1867, son of E. W. Stock, Esq., 
Barrister-at-Law, 8, Essex Villas, Kensington, 
Thomason, 1880. 2, III.— 1884.2, U.M.i. 3 p. In training for an Architect in 
the office of Messrs. Stock, Page, and Stock. 

*Stone, Francis Joseph, b. June 19, 1866, son of Rev. E. D. Stone, 

late Senior Assistant Master at Eton College, 

now Master of a Preparatory School at Stone- 

house, St. Peters, Thanet. 

Hailey, I88O.2, L.M.ii.— 1884.1, M.VI.i. D3, Ga. After a time in an 

Architect's office, King's College, Cambridge, 1886. 

Start, Bertram, b. Sept. 13, 1866, son of W. Sturt, Esq., The 
Hollies, Broxbourne. 
Melvill, I88O.2, R.— 1884.1, V.2. Articled to a Solicitor June, 1884. 

Sykes, C. S., b. Sept. 1866, son of A. W. Sykes, Esq., Cookridge 
Tower, near Leeds. 
MelviU, 1880.2, IV.— 1883.2, L.M.U. 1 p. XXII. 1883. In business, in Leeds. 

•Trench, Frederic Herbert, b. Nov. 12, 1865, son of late W. W. 

Trench, Esq., Ballater, Bournemouth. 

Melvill, I88O.2, R.-1884.2, M.VI.i. XV. 1882-83. Exh. 1884. President and 

Founder of Junior Literary Society. Secretary to Senior Literary. 6 p. 

2D 3, £4, qD», 2/fi, Hz, 2S1, Sa, Ei, £3, Ea,Di. 'Merlin' in 

HaiUyburian. Oxford, Keble College. Senior Historical Exh. 

Wace, R. H., b. Oct. 1867, son of Capt. Wace, 5, Mecklenburgh 
Square, W.C. 
Colvin, 1880,2, R,— I88O.2, R. 

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Watson, Alfred Camac, b. Nov. 26, 1866, son of Gen. E. D. Watson, 
Bengal Army, 2, Portland Place, Bath. 

Hailey, I88O.2, III.— 1882.2, M.L.M.i. Afterwards at Bath College. R.M.C. 
Sandhurst, July, 1885. Gazetted Sept. 1886, 6ist Batt. Wilts Regt. 

Wingfleld, Maurice de Vesci, b. April 8, 1866, son of R. R. 
Wingfield, Esq., formerly in the Diplomatie 
Service, Fairy Hill, Bray, Ireland. 
Melvill, I88O.2, R.— 1883.3, V.2. 2nd XI. 1883. 2nd in Mile 1883. 

WHtaker, William Ernest, b. July 21, 1866, son of W. Whitaker, 
Esq., Breckamore, Ripon, Yorkshire. 

Thomason, I88O.2, R.— 1884.2, U.M.i. Pembroke College, Cambridge. 

♦Wimbush, James Sedgwick, b. Feb. 20, 1866, son of Rev. S. 
Wimbush, Terrington Rectory, York. 
Melvill, 1880.2, L.M.ii(b).— 1885.2, VI.M. XV. 1886. XXII. 1883-85. Secrc- 
tary of Literary Society. Oriel College, Oxford, xv. 1885-86. 

Wright, H. T., b. Sept. 1886, son of E. Wright, Esq., Gravelly 
Hill, Birmingham. 
Melvill, 1880.2, IL— 1881.3, IV. Left from ill-health. 


Barclay, G. A. Noel, b. Nov. 1866, son of Rev. H. A. Barclay, 
1 1 , Sussex Square, Brighton. 
Colvin, I88O.3, R.— 1884.2, L.M.Ü. Magdalen College, Oxford, 1885. Stock 
Exchange 1886. 

Bartiett, Alfred J., b. Aug. 1866, son of Rev. J. B. Bartlett, Slotford 
Villa, Weston- super- Mare. 
Melvill, I88O.3, L.M.Ü.— 18843, V.2. Oriel College. Oxford. Torpid 1887. 
Eight 1887. 

Beaohcroft, F. S., b. Jan. 1868, son of F. P. Beachcroft, Esq., 
Dhurmsala, Punjab. 
Bartle Frere, 1880. 3— 1884.1, U.M.ii. King's College, Cambridge. 

Boosey, George C, b. Aug. 1866, son of C. Boosey, Esq., The Pines, 
Bickley, Kent. 
Melvill, I88O.3, II.—1882.2, IV. Afterwards at Malvern. 

Bosanquet, H. S., b. Jan. 1867, son of W. H. Bosanquet, Esq., 
1 , Hope Park, Bromley, Kent. 
Trevelyan, I88O.3, IV.— 1882.1, IV. 
♦Bourne, Malcolm Stuart, b. July 9, 1866, son of Major-General 
Bourne, Staflferton Lodge, Maidenhead, Berks. 
Thomason, 1880.3, U.M.i.— 18842, VI.2. Cx. University College, Oxford. 
3rd class Mods. 1886. 

Bonsfteld, Arthur Morton, b. Feb. 1868, son of C. E. Bousfield, 
Esq., S. Mary^s Mount, Leeds. 
Melvill, I88O.3, III.— 1884.x, L.M.i. 

Bousfield, Frederick Charles, b. Jan. 1867, son of C. E. Bousfield, 
Esq., S. Marfs Mount, Leeds. 
Melvill, 1880. 3, R.-1884.I, M.V.2. 1 p. 

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Bromwich, John Sheriffe, b. Sept. 1 1, 1866, son of late J. Bromwich, 
Esq. Address, 28, Cleveland Gardens, Hyde 
Thomason, I88O.3, III.— 1882.2, IV. In business. 

Clairmonte, J. S., b. Aug. 1866, son of G. Clairmonte, Esq., Clock 
House, Upper Halliford, Sunbury-on-Thames. 
Bartle Frere, I88O.3, IV.— 1882.3, M.U.M.ii. R.M.C. Sandhurst. 
D. at Windsor Aug. 1884. 

D'Aeth, Edward Knatchbull Hughes, b. Sept. n, 1866, son of 

N. Hughes D'Aeth, Esq., Maydeker, Denton, 

Canterbury. Address, Winter Park, Orange 

County, Florida. 

Bartle Frere. I88O.3, R.— 1884.3, V.l. i p. XL 1883, 84. XV. 1883, 84. 

ist in Hurdles. 2nd in ioo, 200, and Quarter 1884. Wadham College, 

Oxford, xi. and xv. and Torpid. Won University 150 yards Handicap, 

and prizes in College Athletics. Played in Freshmen's, Seniors, and several 

tixnes for University xi. Out to Florida, Oct. 1886. 

Dale, George Arthur, b. Nov. 1866, son of G. S. Dale, Esq., 
53, S. George' s Road, S.W. 
Melvill, I88O.3, M.R.— 1883.2, M.U.M.H. O.M.C.Cowley. R.M.C. Sandhurst. 
Lieut. Bedfordshire Regt. Feb. 1887. 

Davidson, Gilbert Deas, b. Jan. 24, 1867, son of the Rev. T. 
Davidson, Ashmore Rectory, Shaftesbury. 
Address, Wernslea, Ammanford, R.S.O. 

Thomason, 1880.3, I.— 1882.x, IV. Left from ill-health. Learning Horticulture 
in Scotland. 

Duke, G. Augustus, b. July, 1866, care of L. Buckell, Esq., M.D., 
Noth Pallant, Chichesier. 
Bartle Frere, I88O.3, L.M.i.— 1888.3, U.M.ii. 

♦Eardley Wilmot, Charles ehester, b. Oct. 1867, son of C. Eardley 
Wilmot, late Capt. 96th Foot. 
Trevelyan, I88O.3, M. IV. —1884.3, M.VI.2. 1 p. Recorder and afterwards 
Secretary of N.S.S. London University Jan. 1885. S. Bartholomew's 
Hospital Jan. 1885. Durham University 1887. 

Fair, Charles Edward, b. March, 1867, son of J. Fair, Esq., 
11, King's Gardens, Brighton. 
Bartle Frere, I88O.3, M.IV.— 1884.3, M.U.M.Ü. XXX. 1884. Farming in S. 
America, Argcnüne Republic. 

Finch, Francis Walter, b. June, 1867, son of P. Finch, Esq., Hurst 
Grove, Twyford, Berks. 
Lawrence, I88O.3, M. III.— 1885.2, M.L.M.i. XI. 1884-85. 

♦Ford, Hugh Robinson, b. Sept. 5, 1866, son of J. W. Ford, Esq., 
Chase Park, Enfield. 
Highfield, I88O.3, IV(a).— 1886.2, VI.i. 2nd XI. 1885. 10 p. C4, C7, CB. 
Secretary and Recorder of N.S.S. Cläre College, Cambridge. Minor Seh. 
1885. Senior Foundation Seh. 1886. 

Fosbery, Heniy James Wilson, b. Feb. 24, 1867, son of G. L. 
Fosbery, Esq., Pentre Manor, Denbigh. 
Trevelyan, I88O.3, III.— 1885.2, V.2. 2 p. Trinity College, Cambridge* 

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Girdleitone, James Hammond Le Breton, b. Sept. 1, 1865, son of 

the late Rev. F. P. Girdlestone, Rector of S. 

Mary's, Bungay. Address, 22, Shooter's Hill 

Road, Blackheath. 

Thomason, I88O.3, U.M.ii.— 1882.2, U.M.i. Acting as Deputy-Organist at 

Christ Church, Lee Park. Has published several songs. 

Gore, Robert Clements, b. Feb. 3, 1867, son of the late N. Gore, 
Esq., Cifton, Bristol. 

Melvill, I88O.3, IV(a).— 1883.3, M.V.2. 1 p. XXX. 1883. 2nd in 2nd set 
Half-mile X883. R.M.C. Sandhurst 1885. Garetted Jan. 30, 1886, to ist 
Batt. Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders (late 9ist Regt). 

Gray, C. H., b. June, 1868, care of Mrs. Williams, 28, Lancaster 
Gate, Hyde Park, W. 
Bartle Frere, 1880.3, I.— 1885.1, L.M.ii. 

Hampson, John Nicholl, b. Nov. 17, 1866, son of late Rev. W. S. 
Hampson, Uffington, Stamford. 
Lawrence, 1880.3, L.M.i(b). —1884.3, V.l. 1 p. Keble College, Oxford. 

Hancock, George Henry, b. April ist, 1867, son of Lieut.-Col. 
Hancock, Indian Staff Corps. Address, S. M. 
M. Parsonage, S. Leonards-on-Sea. 

Thomason, 1880.3, R.— 1885.2, M.V.i. ist set Singlestick. 2nd set Boxing. 
R.M.C. Sandhurst Passed out with Honours. Lieut. East Yorkshire 
Regt. Feb. 4, 1887. 

Harratt, Arthur Frederick, b. Nov. 25, 1866, son of C. Harratt, 
Esq. Address, Albyns, Romford, Essex. 

Edmonstone, I88O.3, L.M.ii.— 1884. 3, V.i. 2nd XI. 1884. XV. 1884. Cricket 
Ball 1884. Trinity College, Cambridge, ist Trinity 2nd Boat. 

Hensley, Arthur de Morgan, b. Aug. 1867, son of Rev. A. de M. 
Hensley, Haileybury College, Hertford. 
Trevelyan, I88O.3, R.— I88I.2, L.M.i(b). 1 p. 
D. at Haileybury July 28, 1881. 

Hewitt, Reginald Key, b. Feb. 1868, son of W. A. Hewitt, Esq. 

Surbiton Hill 
Batten, I88O.3, IV.— 1883.1, R. In business. 
♦Hext, Edward Francis Amyas, b. Aug. 20, 1867, son of Rev. G. 

Hext, Steeple Langford, Bath. 

Lawrence, I88O.3, L.M.ii(a).— 1886.2, VI.2. XI. 1886. ist 2nd set Hurdles 
1885. 2nd ist set Hurdles 1886. seq. 2nd ist set Gymnastics 1886. and 
set Boxing 1885. Recorder N.S.S. 1885.3—1886.2. Trinity College, Oxford. 
xv. 1886. 

Hinde, H. D., b. May, 1866, son of W. H. Hinde, Esq., 26, 
Collegiate Crescent, Sheffield. 
Colvin, I88O.3, M.IV.— 1888.3, M.L.M.i. 3 p. Engineering, in London. 
♦Holt, Herbert James Whittell, b. July 4, 1867, son of W. E. Holt, 
Esq., 42, Sydenham Park, S.E. 
Melvill, 1880.3, IL— 1886.x, VI. 2. 5 p. London University. Matriculated 
ist div. Jan. 1885. Articled at 7, Argyll Place, W. 1885. 

Howard, C. W., b. Nov. 1866, son of Mrs. Howard, North Side, 
Edmonstone, I88O.3, IV.— 1882.x, L.M.ii. 

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Ivatt, Percy Holben, b. Dec. 23, 1866, son of Rev. A. W. Ivatt, 
2, Nether Street, Church End, Finchley, N. 
Colvin, I88O.3, L.M.Ü.-I888.3. V.l. 

Jolmston, Gordon Campbell, b. Nov. 9, 1866, son of Capt. F. E. 
Johnston, R.N., 100, Gloucester Place, Portman 
Square, W. 
Lawrence, 1880. 3, M.R.— 1883.2, M.U.M.i. R.M.A. Woolwich. 1885. xv. 1885. 

Johnaton, Seymour Campbell, b. Nov. 9, 1866, son of Capt. F. E. 
Johnston, R.N., 100, Gloucester Place, Portman 
Square, W. 
Lawrence. I88O.3, L.M.Ü.— 1884.x, V.x. R.M.C. Sandhurst, z886. 

Zeatinge, Maurice W., b. Feb. 1867, son of M. Keatinge, Esq., 
74, Harley Street, W. 
Trevelyan, 1880.3, L.M.Ü.— I88I.3, L.M.ii. Exeter College, Oxford, 1886. 

♦Eng, William Richard Cambridge, b. March 21, 1867, son of 

Rev. J. R. King, Fellow and Tutor of Oriel 

College, and Vicar of S. Peters- in-the-East, 

S. Peter* s Vicarage, Oxford. 

Hailey, I88O.3, L.M.i(b).— 1886.2, VI.2. XV. 1884. 2nd in Mile 1885. Junior 

Seh. 1881. Senior 1883. Custodian of Antiquarian Society 1884. z — 1885.2. 

Oriel College, Oxford. Torpid 1886. Eight 1886-87. xv. and Football xi. 


Kinloch, Angus Murray, b. June 5, 1868, son of Col. A. A. A. 
Kinloch, King's Royal Rifle Corps, Logie 
Kirriemiur, Forfar, N.B. 

Edmonstone, I88O.3, I.— 1885.x, M.U.M.U. 2 p. Gymnastic medal, 2nd set 
1883. O.M.C. Cowley, 

Kirkpatriok, George Macaulay, b. Aug. 23, 1866, son of Hon. G. 
A. Kirkpatrick, Q.C., M.P., Speaker of House 
of Commons of Canada. 

Colvin, I88O.3, M.R.— 1882.2, M.U.M.k x p. 2/>2, Hi y Si. R.M.C. 
Kingston, Canada, 1882. xv. 1883-84. R.E. June 30, 1885. 

Lambert, Lionel F., b. Jan. 1867, son of Lady Lambert, The Zodge, 
Great Malvern. 
Trevelyan, I88O.3, R.-1886.2, M.V.2. 

Milles, G. J. W., b. Oct. 1866, son of Hon. L. W. Milles, 81, Sloane 
Street, London, W. 
Edmonstone, I88O.3, III.— 1881.3, R. « P« 

Money, Noel Ernest, b. March, 1867, son of Col. Money, Little 
Stodkam, Liss, Hants. 
Melvill, 1880. 3, IL— 1883.2, L.M.Ü. 2 p. Christ Church, Oxford. 

Noekolds, Martin Charles Hubert, b. Dec. 20, 1866, son of M. 
Nockolds, Esq., Castle Hill House, Saffron 
Colvin, I88O.3, III.— 1884.3, U.M.i. 2nd XI. 1884. 2 p. Studying for Land 

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Oldfleld, Charles Bayley, b. Nov. 21, 1866, son of Rev. G. Biscoe 
Oldfield, Sedgehill Rectory, Shaftesbury. 
Lc Bas, 1880.3, L.M.I.— 1882. 3 . V.i. Read for I.C.S. at Wren's. New 
College, 1885. Student of the Inner Temple. 

♦O'Neill, William Henry, b. Oct. 1867, son of W. O'Neill, Esq., 
39, Manor Park, Lee. 
Bauen, 1880.3, R.— 1886.2, VI.M. E6. XV. 1885. ist set Gymnastlcs 
1883, 84, 85. Represented the School at Aldershot 1883, 86. Jesus College, 
Oxford. Seh. 1886. xv. 1886. Torpid 1887. Eight 1887. 

Palmer, O. H., b. June, 1866, son of O. H. Palmer, Esq., 
146, Broadway, New York. 
Thomason, I88O.3, L.M.Ü.— 1883.1, V.l. 1 p. 

Pearson, Charles C, b. March, 1867, son of Col. Sir C. Pearson, 
Netley, Southampton. 
Bartle Frere, 1880. 3, M.IIL— I88I.3, M.R. 

Powell, H. G., b. Feb. 1867, son of Capt. Powell, The Elms, South- 
wold, Suffolk. 

Thomason, 1880-3, M.R.— 1888.1, M.U.M.ii. R.M.C. Sandhurst. Lieut. 
Feb. 4, 1887, 

Prodgers, Charles Henry, b. May 31, 1867, son of H. Prodgers, 
Esq., J.P. for County of Wilts, Kington House, 
Melvill, I88O.3, M.IIL— 1883.2, M.L.M.ii. Acting as a Land Agent at present. 

Bawlins, A. K. 9 b. May, 1868, son of Major-General Rawlins, Lona, 
Lawrence, I88O.3, IL-1882.2, M.IV. 

Biocard, George Edward, b. May, 1866, son of Mrs. Riccard, The 
Firs, Filleigh, Souih Molton, Devon. 
Melvill, I88O.3, L M.ii.— 1883.2, V.2. Reading for the law. 

Bobinson, Charles Stewart, b. March, 1867, son of the late Rev. 
Dr. Robinson, Master of S. Catherine's College, 
Hailey, I88O.3, IV.— 1888.1, U.M.Ü. 
D. at Haileybury, April 3, 1883. 

Booper, Raymond Montagu, b. Dec. 30, 1866, son of Major H. G. 
Rooper, late 85th Regt., Chief Constable of 
Hunts, The Old House, Hemingford Abbots, 
St. Ives, or care of Messrs. Ripley, House, and 
Hodgson, 27, Mincing Lane, E.C. 
Trevelyan, I88O.3, M.IIL— 1882.3, M.IV. After a tüne abroad, in business, in 
the City. 

Thomas, R. H. H., b. Nov. 1866, son of Major Thomas, The Warren, 
Broadwater, Worthing. 
Colvin, I88O.3. M.III.-1883.X, M.R. 

# Sander8on, Leslie, b. Nov. 22, 1866, son of J. Sanderson, Esq., 
Buller's Wood, Chislehurst. 
Lawrence, 1880. 3, R(b).— 1886.2, VI.2. Trinity College, Cambridge. 

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Sanderson, Arthur J., b. Jan. 1867, son of Major Sanderson, 
Brooklands, Dartford, Kent. 
Thomason, I88O.3, M.UL— 1882.3, M.III. For a time in Gerniany, now in 
business, in London, 

Smith, F. S., b. Aug. 1866, son of F. M. Smith, Esq., M.D., formerly 
of Much Hadham, Ware. 
Hailey, 1880-3, IV.— 1882.1, R. Now in Australia. 
Stack, Clement Herbert, b. Jan. 1866, son of M. Stack, Esq., 
30, Kensington Park Gardens, W. 
Hailey, 1880.3, L.M.ii.— I88I.3, L.M.i. 
D. at Haileybury Nov. 29, 1881. 

Sweet, George Spencer, son of Rev. G. Sweet, Broadleigh, 
Wellington, Somerset. Selma, Fresno County, 
Le Bas, I88O.3. M.IV.— 1884.3, M.U.M.i. A settler in California. 
Twigg, Arthur, b. March 4, 1867, son of Rev. Canon Twigg, The 
Vicarage, Swords, Co. Dublin. 
Edmonstone, 1880. 3, II.— 1 888.1, R. Sheep Tarnung in New Zealand. Address, 
Petane Grange, Napier, N. Zealand. 

Warner, Leonard Ottley, b. March 7, 1867, son of the Rev. R. E. 
Warner, Snitterby R., Kirton-in-Lindsey, 
Thomason, I88O.3, IL— 1888.2, R. S. Augustinus College, Canterbury. xi. 
1886. xv. 1886. 

Warren, B. W., b. Nov. 1866, son of R. A. Wärren, Esq., Presfon 
Place, Angmering, Wort hing, Sussex. 
Colvin, I88O.3, IV.— 1882.3, IV. R.A.C. Cirencester 1885. 
♦Williams, Sydney Frederick, b. Dec. 29, 1866, son of Rev. S. F. 
Williams, Cold Norton R., Maldon, Essex. 
Hafley, I88O.3 L.M.Ü.— 1886.2, M.VI.I. 4 p. Af2,F2,D2. Passed direct 
into Royal Engineers, Feb. 18, 1886. 

Williamson, J. E., b. March, 1867, son of W. E. Williamson, Esq., 
The Green Hall, Ashbourne, Derbyshire. 
Thomason, I88O.3, III.— 1886.2, U.M.i. 2 p. Magdalen College, Oxford, 
xv. x886. 

Wolfe, H. Arthur, b. May, 1867, son of Rev. A. Wolfe, Fornham 
All Saints, Bury S. Edmunds. 
Thomason, 1880. 3 , IL— 1888.2, IV. 

*Wordey, Charles Barrington, b. July 24, 1866, son of Capt. 
M. B. Worsley, late of H.M. Indian Navy, 
52, Grange Park, Ealing, W. 
Le Bas, I88O.3, U.M.ü.— 1886.2, VI.2. XL 1884-85. Reading for the Home 
Civil Service in London, and engaged in Scholastic work. 


Adeook, George R., b. Nov. 1866, son of Mrs. Adcock, 5, Victoria 
Terrace, Bromham Road, Bedford. 
Melvill, 1881.x, IV.— 1882.3, &• Afterwards at Bedford Gramraar School. S. 
Bartholomew's Hospital. 

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Bainei, Eustace Ward Powys, b. July i, 1 867, son of M. Baines, Esq., 
M.D., 1 1, Cranley Place, Onslow Gardens, S.W. 
Le Das, 1881.x, IV.— 18843, U.M.ii. Durham University, medical course. 
S. George's Hospital. 

Batty, Arthur Montague, b. July 1, 1868, son of Rev. W. E. Batty, 
S. John's V., Fulham, S.W. 

Le Bas, 1881.x, IL— 1887.2, V.x. XL 1885, 86, 87. Average Ball 1887. 
XXX. 1886. and in Racquets 1887, and went up to Lord's. Played against 
Wellington 1887. 

Beynon, Henry Lawrence Norman, b. June 22, 1868, son of General 
W. H. Beynon, Bombay Army, 25, Ashburn 
Place, London, S.W. 

Melvill, 1881.x, M.IV.—I88I.3, M.L.M.Ü. 1 p. R.M.A. Woolwich, 1886. 
Bird, William Edmund Frankish, b. Dec. 14, 1867, son of late W. 
Bird, Esq., M.D., 3, S. Leonard's Place, York. 
Le Bas, 1881.x, L— 1888.3, R. x p. Edinburgh University. Studying Medicine. 

Brown-Douglas, William Henry, b. Jan. 2g, 1867, son of late F. 
Brown-Douglas, Esq., Advocate at Scottish Bar, 
2i, Moray Place, Edinburgh. 
Melvill, 1881.x, IV.— 1884.2, U.M.i. Trinity College, Cambridge. 

♦Campbell, William Hume, b. Feb. 3, 1867, son of Rev. Colin 
Campbell, Highcroft, Weston-super-Mare. 
Trevelyan, 1881.x, L.M.ii(a).— 1885.2, VI.M. Trinity College, Cambridge. 

Chadwick, J. de H. M., b. Nov. 1866, son of J. Chadwick, Esq., 
1 3, S. Michael 9 s Place, Brighton. . 
Melvill, 1881.x, R.— 1882.a, R. 

Chapman, Ernest G. C, b. Feb. 1867, son of Mrs. Chapman, 
48, Chester Square, S. W. 
Melvill, 1881.x, IV.— 1883.2, L.M.Ü. Abroad for a time. 

Corbett, C. H., b. Aug. 1867, care of Rev. F. G. Blackburne, 
Nantwich R.> Cheshire. 
Trevelyan, 1881. 1, M. III.— 1884. 3, M.U.M.ii. 

Crisp, J. R., b. Dec. 1866, son of T. E. Crisp, Esq., Budes, Suffolk. 
Edmonstone, 1881.x, M.IV.— 1884.3, M.U.M.a. 

Dalison, B. E., b. March, 1867, son of Rev. J. B. Dalison, Upwell 
Rectory, Wisbech. 
Bartle Frere, 1881. 1, L.M.Ü.— 1882.3, L.M.i. 

Dawson, Percy John, b. June 3, 1866, son of J. Dawson, Esq., 
5, Palace Row, Streatham Hill, S.W. 
Colvin, 1881.x, R(a).— I88I.3, R(a). Left from ill-health. In an architect's 
office since 1884. 

Dealtry, Arthur Arbuthnot, b. May 16, 1868, son of late Rev. T. 

Dealtry, Archdeacon of Madras. Address, care 

of Rev. G. J. Howson, O verton Rectory, 


Colvin, 1881.x, IL— 1886.2, U.M.i. XI. 1886. Handicap Racquets 1885. 1 p. 

Stock Exchange. 

Digitized by 




♦Dennis, George Ravenscroft, b. Nov. 26, 1867, son of G. Dennis, 
Esq., Gardnor House, Hampstead, N.W. 

Le Bas, 1881. 1, U.M.ii.— 1885.2, VI. 2. 2nd ist set Gymnastics 1884. ist 1885. 
* Represented the School in Public School Competition 1885. High Jump 

1884, 1885. After a time in Germany, matriculated with honours into 
London University 1886. With Messrs. George Bell and Sons. 

de Rivaz, Gilbert Ernest, b. June, 1866, son of V. C. de Rivaz, 
Esq., Northbrook House, Grove Road, N.W. 
Batten, 1881. 1, R.— 1884.1, V.i. 2 p. In business, in London. 

♦de Sainte Croix, Sidney, b. Aug. 18, 1866, son of the late Rev. 
H. C. de St. Croix. Address, Bradfield Hall, 
Bury St. Edmunds. 
Melvffl, 1881.x, M.R.— 1886.2, M.VI.2. XXII. 1885. 2 p. Ha. Merton 
College, Oxford, zi. 1887. 

Elwes, W. M. R., b. Dec. 1866, son of Mrs. Elwes, Congham House, 
x Ringes Lynn. 

Lawrence, I88I.1, M. III.— 1882. 3, M.IV. 
Fendall, James, b. Feb. 23, 1867, son of Rev. J. Fendall, Caxton, 
near Cambridge. 
Le Bas, 1881. 1, R.— 1885.1, U.M.ii. Caius College, Cambridge. 
Goddard, Henry Langton, b. July 9, 1866, son of J. Goddard, Esq., 
Architect, Knighton Spinneys, Leicester. 
Lawrence, 1881. 1, R(b).— 1884.2, V.i. 1 p. 3A. Limner of Antiquarian 
Society. Wadham College, Oxford. B.A. 1887. 

♦Goddard, Alexander b. Oct. 17, 1867, son of J. Goddard, Esq., 

Knighton Spinneys, Leicester. 

Lawrence, 1881.x, IL— 1885. 3, VI.2. 3 p. R.A.C. Cirencester. 2 Scholarships. 

Grazebrook, Walter Osbern, b. April 4, 1867, son of J. Grazebrook, 

Esq., Oak Hill Park, Liverpool. 

Thomason, 1881.1, IV.— 1884.2, V.2. XXII. 1884. In business, in Liverpool. 

♦Hardy, Benjamin Frederic, b. Jan. 21, 1867, son of Rev. T. W. 
Hardy, late Fellow of Trinity College, Cam- 
bridge, 15, Erith Road, Belvedere, Kent. 
Melvffl, 1881.x, L.M.i.— 1886.2, VI.x. Senior Seh. 1883. XXX. 1885. Won 
ist set Singlesticks 1885-86. Sixth Form Handicap 18&6. Emmanuel 
College, Cambridge, xv. 

Harris, Henry Kingsford, b. May 14, 1867, son of Rev. J. H. B. 
Harris, Runwell Rectory, Chelmsford. 
Bartle Frere, 1881.x, III.— 1888.x, IV. Trinity College, Cambridge. 

Hooper, H. R., b. Dec. 1867, son of C. H. Hooper, Esq., Eastington 
Lodge, near SloneAouse, Gloucester. 
Le Bas, 1881.x, III.— 1883.2, L.M.i. In business, in London. 
Hopkins, John Randolph Gorst, b. April 26, 1868, son of Rev. H. 
G. Hopkins, Clifton Vicarage, York. 
Melvffl, I88I.1, R.— 1886.1, M.U.M.i. £4. Garetted to yd Batt. King's 
Own Light Infantry, July 26, 1886. 

Hngonin, Claude, b. April, 1867, son of Mrs. Hugonin, Hill St'de 
Lodge, Guildford. 
Melvill, 1881.1, L— 1882.2, III. 


Digitized by 



Johnson, Horace Maxwell, b. Jan. 3, 1869, son of M. H. Johnson, 
Esq., Master, Supreme Court of Judicature, 
Tamerton House, Lee, Kent. 
Le Bas, 1881.1, I.— 1886.2, U.M.ii. Exeter College, Oxford. 

Kirkpatrick, Ivone, b. Jan. 1867, son of J. Kirkpatrick, Esq., 
Monk's Horton, Hythe. 
Balten, 1881. z, IV.— 1884.3, L.M.i. Passed Law Preliminary, Sept. 1884. 

Lamb, Percy, b. May, 1867, son of the late J. Lamb, Esq., Basing- 
Edraonstone, I88I.1, III.— 1888.2, IV. 

Lowe, F. E., rJ. Dec. 1866, son of J. R. Lowe, Esq., Stamford. 

Trevelyan, 1881.x, III.-1883.I. L.M.Ü. 

Haomnllen, F. C. K., b. Nov. 1867, son of Mrs. Macmullen, The 
Hermitage, Brenlwood, Essex. 
Le Bas, 1881.x, III.— 1884.3, M.U.M.i. 2 p. R.M.C. Sandhurst, Dec. 1886. 

Hanhall, J. M., b. Jan. 1867, son of Mrs. Marshall, The Cross 
House, Ixworth, Suffolk. 
Thomason, 1881.x, IV.— 1881.2, IV. Left from ill-health. 

Heyer, C. P., b. July, 1866, son of H. P. D. Meyer, Esq., Little 
Laver Hall, Ongar, Essex. 
Melvill, I88I.1, M.III.— 1888.3, M.L.M.L 

Orlebar, George C, b. Nov. 1866, son of Rev. A. Orlebar, Willington 
J?., Bed/ord. 
Hailey, 1881. 1, L.M.L— 1883.3, L.M.L Pembroke College, Cambridge. 

Orr, W. F., b. Aug. 1866, son of J. Orr, Esq., 21, Woodside Terrace, 
Le Bas, 1881.x, IV.— 1884.1, L.M.i. XV. 1883. In business, in Glasgow. 

♦Pulling, James Lee, b. June 19, 1867, son of the late Rev. J. 
Pulling, D.D., Master of C.C.C. Cambridge. 
Address, Crofton, Fareham, Hants. 
Hailey, 1881.x, L.M.ii.— 1886.x, VI.2. Senior Seh. 1883. 1 p. E6, CS. 
Assistant Master at Exmouth, Devon. 

Badcliffe, Vincent, b. Jan. 29, 1868, son of the late F. H. Radcliffe, 
Esq., of Oldham. Address, Balderstone Hall, 
Melvffl, 1881.x, IV.— 1886.x, U.M.ii. First Violin in band for four years. 
Articled to a Solicitor in Manchester, Oct. 31, 1885. 

Ridout, John Bertram Mais, b. July 17, 1866, son of Rev. J. D. 
Ridout, Little Canfield Rectory, Dunmow, 
Le Bas, 1881.1, R.— 1884.2, M.U.M.i. 3 p. R.I.E.C. Cooper's Hin, 1885. 
♦Sheppard, Henry Winter, b. Sept. 11, 1867, son of Major T. W. 
Sheppard (87th Foot). Address, Emsworth 
Rectory, Hants. 
Highfield, 1881.1, L.M.ii.— 1886.3, VI.M. Captain of Paperchases 1886. E x. 
Custodian of Antiquarian Society. Trinity College, Cambridge. 

Digitized by 




Simpson, Cyril Edward, b. Jan. 4, 1867, son of B. W. Simpson, Esq., 

14, Westbourne Park, Bayswater, W. 
Le Bas, 1881.x, IV.— 1884.2, V.a. B.N.C. Oxford. 

♦Spencer, Edmund Vere, b. Nov. 13,1 866, son of Rev. C. V. Spencer, 
Wheatfield, Tetsworth, Oxon. 
LeBas,1881.x,L.M.i(b).— 1885.2, VI.2. Senior Seh. 1883. 1 p. Da. Keble 
College, Oxford. 3rd class Classical Mods. 1887. 

Thomas, Herbert W., b. June, 1867, son of E. R. Thomas, Esq., 
156, Kensington Park Road, W. 
Melvill, I88I.1, IV.— 1885.2, U.M.ii. Paperchases. In London and County 

Wigram, Lionel Robert, b. Feb. 1867, son of R. Wigram, Esq., 
50, Portland Place, W. 
Melvill, I88I.1, IV.— 1885.x, U.M.ii(b). Abroad for a time. Now in business, 
in London. 

Wright, Philip Chetwood, b. May, 1866, son of S. W. Wright, Esq., 
Brattleby Hall, Lincoln. 
Bauen, 1881.1, L.M.Ü.— 1884.2, V.2. Oxford. 
Wright, D. D'Auverne, b. Feb. 1867, son of Mrs. de L. Wright, 
7, Grange Park. Gardens, Ealing, W. 
Colvin, I88I.1, M.R.— 1883.3, M.L.M.i. 

Wykeham Martin, W. R. F., b. May, 1867, son of J. M. Wykeham 
Martin, Esq., King's Sutton, Banbury. 
Le Bas, 1881.1, II.— 1883.1, III. 
Teates, Alfred B., b. Jan. 1867, son of F. W. Yeates, Esq., 

15, Cleveland Gardens, Hyde Park, W. 

Colvin, I88I.1, R.— 1884.3, M.U.M.i. Di. Scene painter 1884. In training 
for an Architect under Mr. Arthur Gates, the Crown Architect. Gained 
and prize for Architecture at University College, and ist prize for Designs 
of Gateways at Architectural Association. 

•Toung, Edward Gordon, b. Feb. 17, 1868, son of late H. T. Young, 

Esq., Frittenden Lodge, Grange Road, East- 


Highfield, I88I.1, M.R.— 1884-3, M.VI.i. 4 p. Sen. Seh. 1884. R.M.A. 

Woolwich, Tan. 1885. Commission (i3th) in R.E. July 24, 1886. (Not in 

Mr. Deedes'sbook.) 


Armitage, Edward Howorth, b. March, 1868, son of Mrs. Armitage, 
Llanthony, S. James' s Road, Tunbridge Weih. 
Melvill, I88I.2, III.— 1883.3, R - Left from Ul-health. Pembroke College, 

Barter, Arnold Binney, b. June, 1867, son of H. Barten Esq., 16, 
Airlie Gardens, Campden Hill, Kensington, W. 
Hailey, I88I.2, IV.— I88I2, L.M.i. 

Bidwell, G. L., b. March, 1867, care of Lady Seiina Hervey, 
1 r, Hyde Park Place, Marble Arch, W. 
Highfield, 1881.2, M.R.— 1888.x, M.R. 

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Boulton, Charles Percy, b. Sept. i, 1867, son of C. G. Boulton, Esq., 
Barns Lodge, Hemel Hempstead. 
Barüe Frere, 1881.3, FL— 1885.2, V.2. Magdalen College, Oxford. 

♦Bourae, Percy Trevor, b. Aug. 10, 1867, son of Major-Gen. M. K. 

Bourne, Stafferton Lodge, Maidenhead, Berks. 

Thomason, I88I.2, M.L.M.i.— 1884. 3 , M.VI.a. p£i. Seh. i88x. R.M.A. 

Woolwich. Passed in 3rd, July. 1885. Senior Under Officer. Passed out 

3rd in R.E. 1887. (Regulation Sword for Good Conduct) 

Brodrick, Alan Melvill, b. April 30, 1868, son of the Hon. and Rev. 
Alan Brodrick, Hon. Canon of Winchester, 
The Vicarage, Godalming. 
Trevelyan, 1881. 2, R.— 1885. 3, V.i. In the Royal Exchange, E.C. 

♦Callender, George Dayrell, b. Feb. 4, 1869, son of G. W. Callender, 
Esq., F.R.S., 34, Batoum Gardens, W. Ken- 
sington Park, W. 
Trevelyan, 1881.2, III.— 1887.2, VI.2. ip. #3,^6. 

Campbell, Alexander Straton, b. Sept. 16, 1868, son of Rev. S. 
Campbell, Wraxenham Vicarage, Swaffham, 
Trevelyan, I88I.2, III.— 1885.x, L.M.i. For a time in Metz, reading for the 

Carwardine, P. H., b. July, 1868, son of T. Carwardine, Esq., Colne 
Priory, EarVs Colne, Essex. 
Edmonstone, I88I.2, II.— 1885.x, L.M.Ü. 

Cave-Browne, William Charles, b. at Kiddapore, near Calcutta, 
Aug. 25, 1867, son of Rev. J. Cave-Brown, 
Vicar of Detling, Maidstone. 
Lawrence, 1881.2, III.— 1884.x, U.M.iL In business, in the City. 

♦Coffin, Campbell, b. Aug. 1867, son of General Sir Isaac Coffin, 
92, Gloucester Crescent, W. 
Lawrence, I88I.2. R.— 1884.2, M.VL2. Sa. R.M.A. Woolwich, 1884. 
R.E. 1885. 

Conway, Thomas Devas, b. April 2, 1868, son of T. Conway, Esq., 
Home View, Arterberry Road, Wimbledon. 
Edmonstone, 1881. a, III.— 1884.1, L.M.ii(b). In the City. Lieut in 3rd 
Surrey Volunteers. 

Cozens-Smifh, Campbell, b. Feb. 1867, son of C. Cozens-Smith, 
Esq., Englefield, Bengeo, Hertford. 
Edmonstone, 1881.2, M.IV.-I888.3, M.L.M.i. 
D. 1885. 

«Benny, Edward P., b. Feb. 1868, son of M. C. Denny, Esq., Bergh 
Apton, Norwich. 
Bartle Frere, I88I.2, L.M.Ü.— I886.2, VI.M. x p. Secretary of N.S.S. 
Keble College, Oxford. 

Dent, S. U., b. March, 1867, son of S. Dent, Esq., Mqyßeld, Upper 
Tooting, Surrey. 
Le Bas, 1881.2, R.— 1884.1, U.M.i. x p. 

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Gunning, Orlando George, b. July 31, 1867, son of Col. J. C. 
Gunning, Madras Staif Corps, 26, Invernesa 
Terrace, Hyde Park, W. 
Le Bas, 1881. a, R.— 1884.2, M.U.M.ii. Aquatics 1884. ist in 100. and in 50. 
3rd in Quarter. R.M.C. Sandhurst, 1887. 

Gutteridge, E. L., b. May, 1867, son of E. P. Gutteridge, Esq., 
Maldon, Essex. 
Colvin, 1881.2, IV.— 1884.x, L.M.i. x p. 

♦Hallward, Lancelot William, b. July 4, 1867, son of Rev. J. L. 

Hallward, Gilston Rectory, Harlow. Address, 

46, Victoria Street North, Old Swindon. 

Thomason, 1881.2, L.M.i.— 1886.2, VI.i. Junior Seh. 1881. Senior 1883. 

XI. 1886. XV. 1885. ist in Quarter-mile, 2nd in Broad Jump 1886. 

3 p. Ca, C$. Captain of Racquets 1884-86. Oriel College, Oxford. 

Football xv. and xi. 1886. 

Humphry, Alfred Gilson, b. March 2, 1 868, son of F. A. Humphry, 
Esq., M.D., 25, Marine Parade, Brighton. 
Le Bas. 1881. 2, III.— 1885. 3, L.M.i. XI. 1885. Entered the office of Messrs. 
Bodley and Garner as Architectural pupil 1886. 

♦Hutton, Henry Leonard, b. Oct. 5, 1867, son of Rev. T. Hutton, 
Stilton R., Peterborough. 
Edmonstone, I88I.2, L.M.i.— 1886.2, VI.M. XV. 1885. Ea, E6. New 
College, Oxford. 

Kirk, H. B., b. Aug. 1867, son of late Major Kirk, Riffhams, 
Danbury, Chelmsford. 

Barüe Frere, I88I.2, R.— 1884.2, M.U.M.x. 

Lendy, E. A. W., b. Feb. 1868, son of Col. Lendy, Sunbury-on- 
Lawrence, 1881. 2, M.III.— 1888.2, M.L.M.ii. R.M.C. Sandhurst, 1886. Won 
Mile and Two Miles. 

Lloyd Jones, Frederick Llewellyn, b. Sept. 1867, son of Rev. F. E. 
Lloyd Jones, late Chaplain of Newgate Gaol, 
Vicar of Holy Trinity, Halifax, Yorkshire. 
Hailey, 1881. a, III. -1886. 3, M.V.2. XXX. 1885. R.M.C. Sandhurst, Dec. 

Haynard, John Seymour, b. June, 1 867, son of Mrs. Maynard, The 
Great riouse, Orford, SufFolk. 
Bauen, 1881. 2, R(b).— 1884. 3, U.M.i. Edinburgh University 1885. Studying 

♦Outram, Francis Davidson, b. Aug. 4, 1867, son of Sir F. B. 
Outram, Bart., Clachnaf haire, Pitlochry, Perth- 
shire, N.B. 
thomason, 1881.2. L.M.i.— 1885. 3, Mod. VI.2. XV. 1885. E^Si. Meteor- 
ologist for N.S.S. 1884.1—1885.2. Cooper's Hill, Sept 1886. xv. 

Page, C. A. W., b. Sept. 1867, son of W. M. T. Page, Esq., 
42, Gkucester Place, Hyde Park, W. 
Lawrence, I88I.2, L.M.U.— 1886.1, V.i. 

♦Palmer, Herbert, b. May 31, 1867, son of Rev. J. Howard Palmer, 

Athanapstead, Eastbourne. 

Edmonstone» 1881. 2, L. Mai.— 1886.x, VI.2. Magdalen College, Oxford. 

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1 82 HAtLE YBÜR Y REGISTER. 1881.2. 

Parr, Harrington Owen, b. April 21, 1867, son of H. W. Parr, Esq., 
Governor of H.M. Prison, Warwick. 
Trevelyan, 1881.2, R(b).— 1888.1, LMi(a). Left frora M-health. LieuU 4th 
Batt. Royal Warwickshire Regt. (Militia). 

Perowne, Thomas John, b. Aug. 1868, son of Ven. Archdeacon 
Perowne, Redenhall Rectory, Harleston, 
Lawrence, I88I.2. IV.— 1886.2, U.M.i. 31* in MUe and Haif-mile 1886. XXX. 
1885. C.C.C. Cambridge, xv. 1886. 

Price, Owen Talbot, b. April 13, 1868, son of C. J. Price, Esq., 
The Grove, Esher, Surrey. 
Colvin. I88I.2, R.— 1886.2, M.U.M.L Exeter College, Oxford. 

♦Roberts, Clarence A. L, b. July, 1867, son of C. A. Roberts, Esq., 
Fairbairns Park Road, Eichmond, Surrey. 
Trevelyan, I88I.2, IV.— 1885.2, VI.M. 2 p. Read for I.C.S. at Wren's. 

Smith, Martin Morrison, b. Feb. 1867, son of C. J. Smith, Esq., 
Somersfield, Retgate. 
Melvill, 1891.2, III.— 1884.3, U.M.ii. XV. 1884. Studying for Mechanical 

♦Snell, Bernard Alfred, b. April 8, 1869, son of Rev. Canon Snell, 
Wickham Bishop's R., Witbam, Essex. 
Hailey, I88I.2, L.M.ii(b).— 1887.2, VI.M. 2 p. C4. Exh. 1887. Secretary 
of Antiquarian Society. Jesus College, Cambridge. Rustat Seh. 1887. 

Shipton, Edgar Maurice, b. Jan. 15, 1868, son of Rev. P. M. Shipton, 
Halsham Rectory, Holderness, near Hüll. 
Trevelyan, 1881. 2, I.— 1883. 3 . R. 
Spedding, Edward Wilfrid, b. Aug. 15, 1867, son of J. J. Spedding, 
Esq., Greta Bank, Keswick, Cumberland. 
Edmonstone, I88I.2, L.M.i(b).— 1885.2, V.z. Passed X5Ü1 into R.M.A. 
Woolwich, July, 1885. R.A. 1887. 

Surtees, Philip Scott, b. June 29, 1868, son of Rev. R. Surtees, 
Holtby Rectory. 
Bartle Frere, I88I.2, II.— 1886.2, U.M.i. XI. 1886. XXX. 1885. 1 p. In a 
bank at Bridgewater. 

♦Walters, Hugh Melmoth, b. April 7, 1868, son of W. M. Walters, 
Esq., Purberry Shot, Ewell, Surrey. 
Lawrence, I88I.2, L.M.i(b).— 1886.2, VI.2. XI. 1885-86 (Captain). XV. 1885. 
and in Racquets. Played at Prince's 1885. and Bat Fives. z p. Oriel 
College, Oxford, xv. and Football xi. 1886. 

Williams, Gerard Charles Nucella, b. June, 1867, son of Mrs. 
Williams, Cromer Road, Aylsham, Norfolk. 
Melvill, I88I.2, L.M.Ü.— 1884.2, V.2. 


Arkwright, Ernest Henry, b. March 23, 1868, son of late Rev. G. 
Arkwright, Firlands, Bracknell, Berks. 
Thomason, 1881. 3, R(a).— 1886.2, V.l. President of Junior Literary Society. 
University College, Oxford. Torpid 1887. Eight 1887. 

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Atkey, Percy James, b. Jan. 28, 1867, son of C. J. Atkey, Esq., 
Home Glen, Strawbeny Hill, Twickenham. 

Hailey, 1881. 3, IV.— 1885.1, U.M.ii(a). XXX. 1885. ist in Mile. and in 
Half-raile 1885. and in Boxing 1885. S. Thomas's Hospital 1885. 

Aveling, Neville Clifford, b. June 18, 1867, son of S. T. Aveling, 
Esq., C.E., The Restoration House, Rochester. 

Thomason, 1881.3, M.R.— 1883, M.L.M.i. Bigside Football. Antiquarian 
Drawing. Priie. Stockbroker. 

Baird-Smith, Francis Lee, b. July 25, 1867, son of late Capt. F. M. 
Smith, R.A., Brookside, Sandbach, Cheshire. 

Le Bas, 1881.3, Mod. L.M.Ü.— 1884.2, M.V.2. R.M.C. Sandhurst, 1886. 
Lieut. Royal Scots Regt. Feb. 4, 1887. 

Baluster, Edward Pemberton, b. Oct. 31, 1867, son of late Rev. E. 
Banister. Address, 14, Denmark Street, Gates- 
Colvin, I88I.3, IL— 18842, L.M.Ü. 

Browne, R. Swinton, b. Oct. 1868, son of Col. Swinton Browne, 
Bengal Staflf Corps, 72, Edith Road, W. Ken- 
sington, W. 
Trevelyan, I88I.3, R.— 1886. 3. U.M.i. XXX. 1885. 

Brownlow, Harry Lurgan, b. March 27, 1868, son of Capt. Brown- 
low, R.N., C.B., Mourne, Beckenham, Kent. 

Lawrence, I88I.3, M.IIL— 1888.1, M.R. Left through ill-health. S. Bartholo- 
mew's Hospital 1885. 

Burne, John Ford, b. Aug. 12, 1867, son of Rev. J. B. Burne, 
Nasing R., Reading. 

Hailey, 1881.3, " III.— 1884.2, U.M.ii(b). and prize Fencing 1884. Swimming 
Prides. 2nd for 2nd set 50, 100, 1882. 100, 1883. ist Swimming in 
Clothes. 2nd Quarter 1883. Articled to a Solicitor. 

♦Chilver, Arthur Farquhar, b. Oct. 28, 1868, son of Rev. C. S. 

Chilver, Lodsworth V., Petworth. 

Trevelyan, I88I.3, L.M.ii(a).— 1887.2, VI.i. Head of the School, 1885.3— 

1887.2. Jun. Seh. 1882. Sen. 1884. 13p. C3, C4, 3C5, Di, 2 Mi, 

C7. Exh. 1887. President of Literary Society. XXX. 1886. Trinity 

College, Cambridge. Minor Scholar 1885, 1886. 

♦Colley, William Wingfield, b. Aug. 30, 1868, son of the late H. F. 
Colley, Esq., Mount Temple, Clontarf, Dublin. 
Trevelyan, I88I.3, R(a).— 1887.2, VI.M. 1 p. 2^1. Trinity College, 

♦Dibblee, George Binney, b. May 17, 1868, son of F. L. Dibblee, 
Esq., C.E., 59, Elgin Crescent, Notting 
Hill, W. 
Hailey, 1881. 3, R.— 1886.2, M.VI.i. 4 p. Cb, ffi, Fi, A. Read at Wren's 
for I.C.& 

Finch-Hatton, Edward H., b. Jan. 1868, son of Rev. W. R. Finch- 
Hatton, Weldon i?., Wansford, Northampton. 
Bartle Frere, 1881. 3, III. -1886. 3, U.M.ii. XV. 1885. In Oriental Bank, 

Digitized by 



Gates, Herbert M., b. April, 1867, son of G. Gates, Esq., 15, 
Compton Terrae*, Brighton. 
Trevelyan, I88I.3, IV.— 1884-3, U.M.i. 

Gibbon, Alfred H., b. Nov. 1867, son of Rev. Canon Gibbon, The 
Vicarage, High Harrogate. 

Trevelyan, 1881. 3, III.— 1886.x, U.M.ii. x p. Studied Medicine for a year at 
Edinburgh University, afterwards to America. 

♦Gilßon, Julius Parnell, b. June 23, 1868, son of H. R. Gilson, Esq., 
3, Park Place, Worksop. 

Bartle Frere, I88L3, L.M.Ü.— 1886.2, VI.x. Junior Seh. 1882. Senior Seh. 

1884. Exh. 1886. 10 p. 2 CS, 2 Ca, Gl, C4. Trinity College, Cam- 
bridge. Minor Seh. 1885. Major 1886. 

Gresley, Arthur Spenser, b. Sept. 1867, son of Rev. N. Gresley, 
Rector of Nethersall, Ashby-de-la-Zouch. 

Highfield, I88I.3, III.— 1884.3, U.M.ii. 3 p. In business, in Liverpool. 

Hammond, Richard Anthony, b. Nov. 25, 1867, son of the late 
Capt. P. Hamond, 34th Regt., Twyford Hall, 
East Dereham, Norfolk. 

Hailey, I88I.3, III.— 1886.x, V.2. 1 p. E4. Entoraologist to N.S.S. 
Pembroke College, Cambridge, xv. x886. 

Hichens, George H., b. March, 1868, son of Mrs. Hichens, Olivers, 
Lawrence, I88I.3, IL— 1886.x, M. U.M.ii. Paperchases. O.M.C. Cowley. 

Hodgson, William, b. March 5, 1868, son of Rev. W. Hodgson, 
Plaistow Vicarage, Bromley, Kent. 
Trevelyan, 1831. 3, R(a). — 1884.2, U.M.ii. In business, in London. 

Hugheß, Henry B., b. Oct. 1868, son of D. W. Hughes, Esq., 
Wymondham, Norfolk. 
Trevelyan, 1881. 3, IL— 1884.3, R. 

♦Johnson, Oswald Carnegy, b. Aug. 15, 1867, son of the late Rev. 

F. P. Johnson, Balnamoon, Brechin, N.B. 

Lawrence, I88I.3, L.M.i(a).— 1886.2, VI.x. 3 p. Senior Seh. 1883. New 
College, Oxford. 

♦Erby, Arthur Durham, b. Oct. 1867, son of F. H. Kirby, Esq., 
C.E., Ruthin, N. Wales. 

Colvin, I88I.3, M.L.M.Ü.— 1886.3, M.VI.2. XL 1885. R.M.A. Woolwich, 

1885. xi. 1886-87. Average Bat 1887. Played Racquets v. Sandhurst 
Football xi. 1886. R.A. 1887. 

Knapp, John Matthew, b. April 3, 1863, son of M. G. S. Knapp, 
Esq., J.P., Linford Hall, Newport Pagnell, 
Lawrence, 1881. 3, III(b).— 1886.2, M.V.2. 3 p. Magdalen College, Oxford. 

♦Macpherson, Alan, b. April 2, 1868, son of A. G. Macpherson, 
Esq., 51, Gloucester Place, Hyde Park, W. 
Trevelyan, I88I.3, L.M.ii(aJ.— 1887.2, VI.i. 4 p. D$, Da, Ci, 2Z>x, 2Ä3. 
XXX. x886. Deputy Organist. 

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Mann, William Henry, b. Aug. 1867, son of R. W. Mann, Esq., 
Langley Broom, near Slough, Bucks. 
Hailey, 1881.3, R(a).— 1885.1, L.M.i(a). ist Half-mile and and Quarter 1885. 
In business, in London. 

Harriner, John Sumner, b. April, 1867, son of Rev. G. Marriner, 
Banghurst Rectory, Basingstoke. 
Hailey, I88I.3, R.— 188l.3,_R. Afterwards at Wellington. 

McDonell, Angus, b. June 22, 1867, son of A. R. McDonell, Esq., 
Madras Civil Service, $a 9 Upper Grosvenor 
Road, Tunbridge Wells. 
Thomason, 1881. 3, IV(a).— 1886.1, U.M.i. University College, Oxford. 
Working for Land Agency. 

Michel, William G., b. Aug. 1867, son of Gen. Michel, 1S, Inverness 
Terrace, W. 
Edmonstone, I88I.3, M.IV.— 1883.3, M.L.M.L Lieut. 3rd Batt. Dorsetshire 
Regt. Oct. 14, 1885. 

♦Miller, John Combe, b. June 18, 1869, son of G Miller, Esq., 
Ashstead, Epsom. 

Colvin, I88I.3, III(b).— XV. 1886. First in ist set 100, 200, 

quarter, weight, broad jump, high jump, 1887. Other Athletic prizes in 
other years. 

Noble, Joseph William, b. Nov. 21, 18.67, son °f J» Noble, Esq., 
Woodhall, Hertford. 
Bartle Frere, 1881. 3, R.— 1885.2, V.a. Caius College, Cambridge. 2nd Boat. 
Medical Student. 

«Pemberton, Robert, b. Jan. 12, 1868, son of Col. R. C. B. Pem- 

berton, R.E., Southlands, Ryde, Isle of Wight. 

Colvin, I88I.3, L.M.ii.— 1886.2, VI.2. XXII. 1886. XXX. 1885. 2nd set 

Broad Jump 1886. ist in and set Gymnastics 1884. 2nd in ist set 1885. 

ist in ist set 1886. Representative at Aldershot 1885 (15Ü1) and 1886 (3rd). 

University College, Oxford. 

♦Rees, Frederick Francis Nigel, b. Sept. 20, 1868, son of F. W. 

J. Rees, Esq., District Judge, Bengal Civil 

Service. Address, Horswell House, Kings- 

bridge, S. Devon. 

Hailey, I88I.3. L.M.ii(b).— 1885. 3, M.VI.a. 2 p. Ca. Exh. 1886. Passed 

6th into R.M.A. Woolwich, Dec. 1885. 

Boss, Albert R., b. Oct. 1868, son of Rev. R. Ross. Address, 33, 
Bon Moore Farm Post-office, N.W. Territory, 
Trevelyan, I88I.3, III.— 1886.3, U.M.i. XXX. 1885. Farming in Canada. 
Botton, John Guy, b. Dec. 11, 1867, son of Major-Gen. Rotton, 
R.A., 19, West Mall, Clifton, Bristol. 
Lawrence, I88I.3, M.R.— 1886.1, M.U.M.ii. R.M.A. Woolwich. xv. 1886. 

Slanghter, Edward Mihill, b. July 16, 1867, son of E. Slaughter, 
Esq., Lyndhurst, Watford, Herts. 
Lawrence, 1881. 3, R. — 1882.1, L.M.ii. Left through illness. Afterwards at 
Trinity College, Melbourne. Trinity College, Oxford, 1886. 

Stack, Maurice R., b. July, 1867, son of J. H. Stack, Esq., 30, 
Kensington Park Gardens, W. 
Hailey, I88I.3. IV.— I88I.3, IV. Went afterwards to Harrow. 

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Stobart, Harry John Stobart, b. Aug. 10, 1867, son of Rev. H. 

Stobart, Wykeham Rise, Totteridge, Herts. 
Hailey, 1881.3, R.— 1884.2, U.M.iL Pembroke CoUege, Cambridge. 
♦Stuart, Alexander George, b. Feb. 5, 1868, son of H. E. Stuart, 

Esq., Bank of Ireland, Carlow. 

Thomason, I88I.3, III.— 1886.2, VI. 2. 2 p. Trinity College, Dublin. 

Tatham, Frederick Hugh, b. Feb. 17, 1868, son of Rev. F. Tatham, 
S. Paul's V., East Moulsey, Surrey. 
Thomason, 1881-3, R.— 1884. 3, U.M.ii(a). For a time in business. Afterwards 
University College, Durham. 

Tebbs, Lionel V., b. Nov. 1867, son of H. V. Tebbs, Esq., 1, 
S. Johris Gardens, Notting Hill, W. 
Colvin, I88I.3, IV.— 1886.1, M.U.M.i. 1 p. 

Thornton, Claude du Pre*, b. Sept. 27, 1867, son of Rev. C. C. 
Thornton, High Cross, Ware. 
Trevelyan, 1881. 3, IV(b).— 1885.x, V.2. 8 p. Read with Messrs. Wren and 
Gurney. XV. 1886. 

♦Wallace, Cuthbert Sydney, b. June, 1867, son of Rev. J. Wailace, 
Wey Springs, Haslemere. 
Colvin, I88I.3, R.— 1886.2, M.VI.2. 5 p. H* t S$. XXX. 1885. Secretary 
of N.S.S. Entered at S. Thomass Hospital. 


♦A'Deane, Walter Whetham Wratislaw, b. Sept. 23, 1869, son of 
J. A'Deane, Esq., Ashcott, Hawkes Bay, New 
Zealand. Address, 57, Belsize Park, N.W. 
Bauen, 1882.1, IV.— 1887.2, VI.M. 5 p. XXX. 1886. XI. 1887. Secretary 
of N.S.S. Senior Seh. 1885. University College, Oxford. 

Alder, John F., b. June, 1868, son of F. J. Alder, Esq., Worlaby 
House, Louth. 
Bartle Frere, 1882.x. III. -1888. 3, III. 

♦Aßhpitel, Ernest Hurst, b. May 13, 1867, son of Rev. F. Ashpitel, 
Flitwick Vicarage, Ampthill, Beds. 
Hailey, 1882.x.— 1886. 1, VI.2. x p. University CoUege, Oxford. 

Aahwell, Edward J., b. May, 1868, son of Mrs. Ashwell, Brunei 
House, The Park, Tottenham. 
Hailey, 1882.x, II. -1884. 3, L.M.i. 1 p. Left from ül-health. 
Besant, William Lethbridge Willis, b. March, 1868, son of W. H. 
Besant, Esq., D.Sc, Harvey Row, Cambridge. 
Bauen, 1882.x, L.M.Ü.— 1886.2, V.x. Pembroke College, Cambridge, 1886. 

Brenchley, Henry Staflford, b. June 30, 1868, son of T. H. Brenchley, 
Esq., Glaneirw, Cardigan. 
Edmonstone, 1882.x, 111.-1885.2, L.M.L 2nd XI. 1885. Training to be a 
Mining Engineer. 

Buokle, Arthur Charles, b. Oct. 186g, son of W. B. Buckle, Esq., 
Cedarlea, Poole Road, Bournemouth. 
Hatten, 1882.x» II.-I888.3. IV. 

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Burn, George Frank, b. May, 1868, son of the late Rev. G. Burn, 
formerly Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, 
and Vicar of Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex. Ad- 
dress, 56, Pen-y-wern Road, Earl's Court, S.W. 
Trevelyan, 1882.x, L.M.Ü.— 1886.x. M.V.2. Record time for Berkhamstead 
Run 1886. Articlcd to A. S. Stride, Esq., M.I.C.E. 

Cadell, Hugh Francis, b. April 10, 1868, son of Col. T. Cadell, 
V.C., Cockenzie, Prestonpans. 
Lawrence, 1882.x, M.ül— 1885.3. M.U.M.i. XV. 1885. XXII. 1885. S3. 
Articled in Edinburgh. 

Campbell, Ion Douglas Fitzgerald, b. March 12, 1868, son of the 
late Col. Sir E. F. Campbell, Bart., 6oth Rifles. 
The Lodge, Thames Ditton, Surrey. 

Trevelyan, 1881.x, IV(b).— 1886.2 (at beginning of term), U.M.i. x p. XI. 

1883, 84, 85 (Captain). 3rd set Quarter and xoo, 1881. ist set and and 
set Cricket ball Single Racquets 1885-86. and set Bat and Hand Fives 

1884. ist set Bat and Hand Fives 1885-86. Played at Prince's 1886. 
Reading for the Army. 

Clerk, Charles James, b. June 22, 1867, son of late J. Clerk, Esq., 
7, Leinster Gardens, Hyde Park, W. 
Batten, 1882.x, L.M.Ü.— 1884.3, M.U.M.i. 1 p. R.M.C. Sandhurst Passed 
8th for Cavalry July, 1886. 

Comber, Charles F., b. Aug. 1868, son of Mrs. Comber, Colwood 
Lodge, Outram Road, Croydon. 
Bartle Frere, 1882.x, III.— 1888.2, R. 

Darling, James G. R., b. Oct. 1867, son of Rev. J. Darling, Eyke 
Rectory % Woodbridge, Suffolk. 
MeWffl, 1882.x. L.M.Ü.— 1886. 1, V.l. ap. S3.S4.D3. 

Douglas, Walter B., b. June, 1 868, son of Mrs. Douglas, 93, Philbeach 
Gardens, Kensington, S.W. 
Hailey, 1882.x, M.FL— 1886. i, M.V.2. In Bank of New South Wales. 

Fawsett, Leonard Aiston, b. Oct. 22, 1868, son of F. Fawsett, Esq., 
M.D., The Mansion, Louth. 
Hailey, 1882.x, II.— 1884.3, IV(a). 

Folter, Charles F. C, b. Feb. 1868, son of C. F. Foster, Esq., 
Pinehurst, Cambridge. 
Treyelyan, 1882.x, III.— 1888.3, IV. 

Greenwood, H. D., b. March, 1868, son of T. Greenwood, Esq., 
Manor House, Easington, Tetsiuorth. 
Edmonstone, 1882.x, III.— 1886.x, U.M.ii(a). 

Hamid, Walter Carless, b. April 22, 1869, son of Mrs. Harrild, 
4, Hungershall Park, Tunbridge Wells. 
Highfield, 1882.x, III.— 1887.2, U.M.ii(b). 

Hutchinson, Robert Hamilton, b. Jan. 13, 1868, son of General 
A. R. E. Hutchinson, Tiddington House, 
Hailey, 1882.x, III.— 1886.2, L.M.L x p. Merton CoUege, Oxford. 

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Lawrence, George Henniker, b. Oct. 17, 1868, son of G. H. 

Lawrence, Esq., I.C.S., J.P. for Sussex. 

Merlswood, Meads, Eastbourne. 

Lawrence, 1882.x, M.IV.— 1886.2, M.U.M.ü. and in ist set Half-mile 1885. 

Luck, Frederick Charles, b. Jan. 29, 1868, son of F. G. Luck, Esq., 
The Olives, Wadhurst, Sussex. 
Edmonstone, 1882.1, L.M.ii(b).— 1886.1, V.i. Pembroke College, Cambridge. 

Hansel, Edward Longueville, b. Feb. 17, 1868, son of R. S. Mansel, 

Esq., 33, Devonshire Place, Portland Place, W. 

Edmonstone, 1882.1, L.M.ii(b).— 1885.2, U.M.ii(b). Foils 1885. Aberdeen 
Universitär. Reading Medicine. 

Marshall, Arthur Charles, b. April, 1868, son of A. W. Marshall, 
Esq., Backden Tower, Huntin gdon. 
Batten, 1882.x, IV.— 1883.1, R. Left from ill-health. 

♦Milford, Walter Seymour, b. April 5, 1869, son of R6v. R. N. 

Milford, R.D., Knoyle R., Salisbury. 

Lawrence, 1882. 1, R(a).— Senior Seh. 1885. Recorder of N.S.S. 

Treble Solo 1882-1883. Quartett 1882. 

Moir, Patrick, b. Oct. 1869, son of G. Moir, Esq., Stoneywood, 
Victoria Park, Manchester. 
Hailey, 1882.x, IL— 1886.2, M.U.M.i. x p. Reading for the Army. 

Nevill, Charles Thomas Hervey, b. March 17, 1869, son of the 
Ven. H. R. Nevill, Canon of Norwich, and 
Archdeacon of Norfolk, The Close, Norwich. 
Trevelyan, 1882.1, IV(a).— 1886.3, L.M.i(a). Wadham College, Oxford. 

O'Neill, Harry Duncan, b. July 18, 1867, son of G. B. O'Neill, Esq., 
16, Young Street, Kensington, W. 

Hailey. 1882.x, L.M.ii(bj.— 1885.3, V.l. XXX. 1885. ist set Boxing 1884. 
1885. Represented tne School in Public School Boxing at Chelsea, 1885. 

Poole, A. G. Ruscombe, b. July, 1868, sonof Mrs. Poole, 21, Corn- 
wallis Crescent, Clifton, Bristol. 

Highfield, 1882.2, IL— 1884.2, R. ist in and set Half-mile 1884. and in 100. 
200, and Weight. Swimming 1882. 2nd set 50 and 100 yards in 1883. 
50 and 100 2nd set and open Quarter and Clothes Race. 4th Battalion 
Prince Albert's Somerset Light Infantry Aug. 1885. (Not in Mr. Deedes's 

Pulley, Stephen Davidson, b. Jan. 1868, son of Mrs. Pulley, Nunclose, 
Oxton, Birkenhead, 

Bauen, 1882.x, III.— 1886.2, V.2. 2 p. XV. 1884. Went out to Minnesota 

Rickman, William Francis, b. June 25, 1868, son of late W. C. 
Rickman, Esq., Lithanger, Petersfield, Hants. 
Highfield, 1882.1. IV.b.— 1886.2, V.2. x p. 

Bickman, Clement Bronte, b. July 31, 1869, son of late W. C. 
Rickman, Esq., Lithanger, Petersfield, Hants. 
Highfield, 1882.x, IL— 1886.2, U.M.ii(a). 

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Botton, John Richard Charles, b. Sept. 7, 1868, son of Lieut.-CoL 
Rotton, Parkstone, Roupell Park, Streatham 
Hill, S.W. 
Edmonstone, 1882.1, II.— 1886.3, V.z. XV. x886. King's College, London. 

Scott, F. G., b. Oct. 1868, son of Rev. Canon Scott, West Harn V., 

Hailey, 1882.x, III.— 1886.1, U.M.ii(b). and in Cricket Ball 2nd set 1884. 
ist set 1885-86. London Hospital 1886. 

Swetenham, M. A., b. Nov. 1869, son of Major Swetenham, Mozton 

Hall, Chester. 

Trevelyan, 1882.x, II.— 1883.2, IV. 

Taylor, Charles T. L., care of Rev. G. Brewin, Colefield, Wortley t 


Hailey, 1882.x, II.— 1885.1, L.M.ii. 

Todd, Charles William, b. May 28, 1868, son of H. W. Todd, Esq., 

Lyme Grove, Prescot, Lancashire. 

Batten, 1882.x, III.— 1886.x, U.M.ii(b). 1 p. Quartett 1883-1886. Went out 
to Queensland, Feb. 1887. 

♦Trothewy, Arthur, b. April 7, 1869, son of H. Trethewy, Esq., 
Silsoe, Ampthill, Bedfordshire. 
(Tolvin, 1882.x, III.— 1887.2, VI.«. XV. 1885, 86 (Captain), 87 (Captain). 
Lieut. in Rifle Corps 1887. Eight 1887. 

Woolrych, H. S., b. June, 1868, son of Rev. H. F. Woolrych, Dan 
V. % Faversham. 
Thomason, 1882.x, IV.— 1885.x, U.M.ii(b). R.M.C. Sandhurst. 


♦Battiscombe, Ernest Marshall, b. Dec. 21, 1868, son of Admiral 
A. Battiscombe, R.N., East Wood, Montpelier, 
Bartle Frere, 1882.2, L.M.i(a).— ip. C3. Head of the School 

1887. 3. Exh. 1887. 

♦Benecke, Paul Victor Mendelssohn, b. Tune 7, 1868, son of C. V. 

Benecke, Esq., Highwooa, Roehampton, S.W. 

Colvin, 1882.2, L.M.ii(a).— 1886.2, VI.x. 9p. Gl, aZ?i, #3, Mi, 2C9, 

E3, C$. Senior Seh. 1884. Exh. 1886. Magdalen College, Oxford, Demy 

♦Benecke, Edward Felix Mendelssohn, b. March 26, 1870, son of 
C. V. Benecke, Esq., Roehampton, Surrey. 
Colvin, 1882.2, III.— 9p. D2, C4, Gl, £1, Junior Seh. 1883. 

Senior 1886. 

Bostoek, Samuel, b. Aug. 8, 1868, son of the late S. Bostock, Esq. 
Address, Detling Vicarage, Maidstone. 
Highfield, 1882.2, III.— 1886.x, U.M.i. Trinity College, Cambridge. 
♦Boyd, Charles Clifford, b. April 24, 1869, son of J. Boyd, Esq., 
4, Moray Place, Edinburgh. 
Thomason,' 1882.2, L.M.Ü.— 1887.2, VI.2. 5 p. E4, Fi. XV. x886. Mile 
and Half-mile 1887. Fencing. Singlesticks. Captain of Paperchases 1887. 
Junior Seh. 1882. Sen. 1885. 

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Cartwright, Garnier N., b. May, 1868, son of R. N. Cartwright, 
Esq., Eastbourne. 
Lawrence, 1882.2, L.M.ii.— 1885.1, M.V.2. z p. R.M.A. Woolwich, 1885. 

Conway, Horace, b. April 2, 1869, son of T. Conway, Esq., Home 
View, Arterberry Road, Wimbledon. 
Edmonstone, 1882.2, R.— 1887.2. V.l. 1 p. 

D'Aeth, Wyndham Walter Hughes, b. Aug. 1, 1868, son of Rev. W. 
C. H. Hughes D'Aeth, Buckhorn Weston R., 
Edmonstone, 1882.2, L.M.ii(a).— 1886.3, V.x. x p. XV. 1886. Leaming 
Electrica! Engineering in London. 

Daniell, Frank W., b. March, 1 868, son of Col. Daniell, Molewood, 
Hafley, 1882.2, M.R.— 1882. 3, M.R. 

Frere, Frank Horace, b. July 12, 1869, son of H. Frere, Esq., 
27, Denmark Hill, Wimbledon, Surrey. 
Lawrence, 1882.2, IV(a).— 1885.3, U.M.i. King's College, London. Student 
in Engineering and Applied Sciences Department. Prizeman in first year. 

Gubbins, R. R., b. Dec. 1868, son of the late Rev. R. S. Gubbins, 
of Upham B., Bishofs Waltham. 
Colvin, 1882.2, M.IV.— 1886.3, M.U.M.Ü. In Germany, reading for the army. 

Haie, Richard E., b. Dec. 1868, son of Hon. G. Haie, 17, Oxford 
Gardens, Noiting Hill, W. 
Trevelyan, 1882.2, IV.— 1888.2, IV. 

*Harrison, Arthur Selwyn, b. Aug. 5, 1 868, son of Rev. T. Harrison, 
Rackheath R., Norwich. 
Melvill. 1882.2, L.M.i(b).— 1887.2, VI.i. 8 p. C 9 ,Mi,E^. Senior Seh. 
1884. Exh. 1887. XXII. 1886-87. University College, Oxford. Exh. 1887. 

Hoare, Charles George Deedes, b. March, 1869, son of the late 
Rev. Canon Hoare, Rural Dean and Canon 
of Rochester, Lyndhurst, Eastbourne. 
Lawrence, 1882.2, IV(a).— 1887.2, VI.2. 2 p. XV. 1885-86. XI. X887. 
Cricket Ball 1887. and 100, 200, and other Athktic prizes. 

Hooke, Robert Whittington, b. Oct. 13, 1868, son of late Rev. A. 
Hooke. Address, Kingsdown Lodge, Sur- 
biton Hill, Surrey. 
Hailey, 1882.2, IV.— 1886.2, L.M.i(a). In business, in the City. 

♦Lias, William John, b. March 13, 1868, son of Rev. J. J. Lias, 
S. Mary's, Gate, Cambridge. 
Melvill, 1862.2, L.M.i(a).— 1886.2, M.VI.M. x p. XXX. 1885. High Jump 
1886. Exh. 1886. Jesus College, Cambridge. Seh. 1886. xv. 

Lockhart, William, b. March, 1869, son of A. Lockhart, Esq., Fitzroy 
Terrace, Belfast. 
Hailey, 1882.2, II.— 1886. 1, R. 

Long, Walter Vansittart, b. Nov. 1868, son of W. Long, Esq., 
Belmore, Bishofs Waltham. 
Melvill, 1882.2, M.R. -1886. 3, M.L.M.L In Germany. 

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Lüsh, Roland Gerard, b. March 4, 1868, son of J. Lush, Esq., 
Norman Court» Craneswater Park, Southsea. 
Bartle Frei«, 1882.2, III.— 1884.x, IV. Left from ill-health. Oxford, Un- 
attached Student, 1886. 

Hände, Maurice Douglas, b. Aug. 1868, son of C. H. Maude, Esq., 
Adelaide House, Westgate, Thanet. 
Melvill, 1882.2, IL— 1885.2, L.M.Ü. 1 p. 

McNeile, George, b. May, 1869, son of Major McNeile, R.E., 
Sfranorlar, Bath Road, Bournemouth. 

Trevelyan, I882.3, III.— 1888.3, &• 

Koody, George Robert Boyd, b. May, 1868, son of Gen. Moody, 
2, Ashford Villas, Cheltenham. 
Batten, 1882.2, L.M.ii(a).— 1886.1, M.V.a. R.M.C. Sandhurst, 1887. 

Xurray, Barrington Boyd, b. Feb. 1 868, son of Rev. G. W. Murray, 
Shrivenham Vicarage, Berks. 
Batten, 1882.2, R.— 1886.x, V.a. Keble College, Oxford. 

Onslow, Henry Phipps, b. April 2, 1869, son of Rev. P. Onslow, 
Upper Sapey R., Worcester. 
Balten, 1882.2, IV.— 1887.2, V.i. 2 p. 
Perlons, Henry Campbell, b. Aug. 1868, son of Surgeon- Major 
Perkins, 25, Castletown Road, West Kensington. 
Edmonstone, 1882.2, II.— 1886.x, L.M.ii. 

Porter, Leonard Lachlan, b. Oct. 21, 1868, son of L. Porter, Esq., 
50, Lexham Gardens, Cromwell Road, Ken- 
Lawrence, 1882, R.— 1886. 2, V.2. and XI. 1885. Articled to Solid tor May, 

Reid, Niel Hay, b. May 2, 1868, son of R. Reid, Esq., Oaklands, 
Hailey, 1882.2, M.IV.— 1884. 3, M.L.M.Ü. Articled to a Land Surveyor. 

Sheppard, Osborne, b. July, 1868, son of O. Sheppard, Esq., J.P. 
for Glamorgan, Glen Clydach, Neath, S. Wales. 
Hailey, 1882.2, III.— 1884.2, R. In Bath, engineering. 

Snow, Herbert Andrew Rose, b. Oct. 15, 1868, son of A. W. Snow. 
Address, Crosby House, E.C. 
Hailey, I88I.2, IL— 1888. 3, IV. In business, in London. 
*Bwainson, Harold, b. April 29, 1868, son of the late J. Swainson, 
Esq., The Old House, Market Lavington. 
Hailey, 1882.2, L.M.Ü.— 1887.2, M.VLi. 4 p. aA, 2Ä2, Cb, A/2. XXX. 
1886. Secretary of Antiquarian Society. Kingfs College, Cambridge. 

Thaokwell, Edward Francis, b. Nov. 16, 1868, son of Col. W. de 
W. R.Thackwell, C.B., Bewsey Hall, Warring- 
ton, Lancashire. 
Trevelyan, 1882.2, L.M.ii(b).— 1886.2, U.M.Ü(a). XXII. 1886. XV. 1885. 

♦Tonürin, James William Royce, b. Oct. 24, 1868, son of Rev. J. 
W. Tomkin, Raydon R., Ipswich, Suffolk. 
Hailey, 1882.2, R.— 1886. 1, VI.2. x p. Afterwards at Ipswich Grammar 
SchooL Passed 4th into R.M.C. Sandhurst, 1887. 

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Walker, Thomas Gerald, b. Aug. 1 868, son of Mrs. Walker, Maunby 
Hall, Thirsk. 
Edmonstone, 1882.a, IV.-I886.3, M.V.i. XV. 1885. XL 1885. Many 
Athletic prizes. Reading for thc Army. 

Walker, Walter William, b. March 9, 1868, son of T. J. Walker, 
Esq., M.D., n % Westgate, Peterborough. 
Edmonstone, 1882.2, L.M.ii.— 1886.1, V.l. Trinity College, Cambridge. 

Wilkinson, Charles William, b. Oct. 8, 1 868, son of C. W. Wilkinson, 
Esq., 36, Plymouth Road, Penarth, South Wales. 
Highfield, 1882.2, L.M.Ü.— 1885.2, M.V.a. R.M.A. Woolwich. 

Workman, Robert Edward, b. Sept. 1868, son of J. Workman, Esq., 
Leismore, Windsor, Belfast. 
Hailey, 1882.2. M. III.— 1884.2, M.R. 


Alexander, Ronald Percy Goodwin, b. July 6, 1870, son of Rev. A. 
B. Alexander, Stedfield V., Botley, Hants. 

Hailey, I882.3, II.— 3 p. 2nd XI. 1887. 

Armstrong, Edward, b. Jan. 1869, son of Rev. C. E. Armstrong, 
Stopton Wyville, Market Harborough. 
Thomason, 1882. 3, III.— 1886. 1, U.M.ii(b). 
Bacon, Francis Henry, b. June, 1868, son of Rev. H. Bacon, 
Baxterley R. t Atherstone. 
Edmonstone, I882.3, L.M.Ü.— 1885.2, U.M.i. 
Barlow, John Frederick, b. Dec. 1869, son of Major Barlow, R.A., 
Royal Arsenal, Woolwich. 

Melvill, I882.3, M.IV.— 1885. 3, M.U.M.i. D. 
Barlow, Francis John, b. May 27, 1869, son of Rev. J. M. Barlow, 
Ewhurst R., Guildford. 
Bartle Frere, I882.3, IV.— 

Browne, Frank Douglas Swinton, b. Sept. 30, 1869, son of Col. 
Swinton Browne, Bengal Staff Corps, 72, Edith 
Road, W. Kensington, W. 
Trevelyan, I882.3, IL— 1886.1, M.L.M.L XXX. 1885. In France. 

Cardale, William, b. July 12, 1868, son of the late G. Cardale, Esq., 
182, Portsdown Road. 
Thomason, I882.3, III.— 1885.3, U.M.i. 1 p. Articled to Messrs. Iliffe, 
Henley, and Sweet, a Bedford Row, W.C. 

Clarke, Reay Boileau, b. Oct. 25, 1868, son of Col. R. Templar 
Clarke, The Hall, West Hill, Sydenham, S.E. 
Edmonstone, 1882-3, M.IIL— 1886.3, M.U.M.Ü. 
Clayton, Francis Hare, b. April, 1869, son of C. H. Clayton, Esq., 
Hill Side, Long Ditton, near Kingston-on- 
Lawrence, 1882. 3, M.IV.— 1884.2, M.R. Abroad for two years. 

Conway Qordon, Gwynedd, b. June, 1868, son of late Col. Conway 
Gordon, 16, S. Helen* s Crescent, Southsea. 
Batten, I882.3, L.M.Ü.— 1884.3, M.V.a. R.M.A. Woolwich, 1885. 

Digitized by 



Benny, Charles John, b. Nov. 2, 1869, son of Rev. R. C. Denny, 
The Manor House, Bergh Apton, Norwich. 
Bartle Frere. 1882.3, III.— 1884.x, IV. Afterwards at Felstead School. 

Earle, William Ernest, b. Dec. 5, 1868, son of Rev. A. Earle, Fovant 
Rectory, Salisbury. 
Lawrence, 1882. 3, M.L.M.Ü.-I886.3, M.U.M.Ü. R.M.A. Woolwich, 1886. 
♦Edward«, George Mackenzie, b. at Shahjehanpore, N.W.P. India, 
July 1 4, 1 868, son of R. M. Edwards, Esq., Bengal 
Civil Service, 8, Kent Gardens, Ealing, W. 
Bartle Frere, I882.3, L.M.Ü.— 1886.2, VI.2. XXII. 1886. Conchologist to 
N.S.S. Emmanuel College, Cambridge. 

Finch, Henry William, b. Jan. 2, 1869, son of Henry Finch, Esq., 
Ashurstwood House, East Grinstead, Sussex. 
Melvill. 1882. 3. R(a).— 1886.3, V.i. Boxing 1886. XXX. 1886. Won Public 
Schools Boxing 1886. Ärchitectural pupil with J. D. Sedding, Esq. 

Hamond, Francis Edward, b. April 25, 1869, son of W. Hamond, 
Esq., Pensthorpe, Fakenham, Norfolk. 
Edmonstone, I882.3, M.IV.— 1886.2, M.V.2. 1 p. Articled to a Civil Engineer 
in Manchester. 

Hancock, Hugh Willoughby, b. Oct. 19, 1868, son of Lieut.-Col. 
Hancock, India Staff Corps. Address, St. 
M.M. Parsonage, S. Leonard's-on-Sea. 
Thomason, 1882. 3, R.— 1886. 2, U.M. iL In business, in London. 

Howard, Henry Crewdson, b. Sept. 3, 1868, son of J. Howard, Esq., 
J.P., M.P., The Green, Tottenham. 
Trevelyan, 1882. 3, IV.— 1886.2, U.M.i. University College, London, for a time. 
In business, 1887. 

Howard, Henry Fox, b. Dec. 1868, son of R. L. Howard, Esq., 
Mackerye End, Harpenden. 
Batten, 1882. 3, R.— 1886.x, V.l. Quartett 1886. Learning Engineering at 
Winterthur, Switzerland. 

*HutohiiL80n, Frederick William, b. Aug. 7, 1870, son of late Rev. 
N. H. Hutchinson, Tilworth, Sutton-on-Hull, 
Batten, 1882. 3, III.— 2 p. Senior Seh. 1886. Secretary of N.S.S. 

Treble Solo 1886. Quartett 1886. 

*Jelf, Ernest Arthur, b. Oct. 3, 1868, son of Arthur Richard Jelf, 
Oak House, Carlton Road, Putney, S.W. 
Hailey, I882.3. L.M.i(a).— 1887.2, VI.M. Ci, C6. Senior Seh. 1884. Oriel 
College, Oxford. 

Kimber, Walter D., b. July, 1869, son of H. Kimber,Esq., Lansdowne 
Lodge, West Hill, Putney. 
Highfield, 1882. 3. IL— 1886.2, IV. Articled to a Solicitor. 

Kirkpatrick, George Duncome, b. Sept. 1 868, son of T. Kirkpatrick, 
Esq., Monk's Horton, Hythe. 
Batten, 1882. 3, IV.— 1886. 2, L.M.i. Articled as a Solicitor. 

♦Lloyd-Jones, Ivor Gordon, b. April 12, 1869, son of Rev. F. E. 
Lloyd-Jones, Holy Trinity Vicarage, Halifax. 
Hailey, 1882. 3, III.— 3 p. Prefect in Edmonstone. Bass Solo 1886. 


Digitized by 



L0113, Arthur Marcus, b. Oct. 12, 1869, son of Ven. Archdeacon 
R. Long, Bp. Wearmouth Rectory, Sunderland. 
Lawrence, 1882.3, III.— 3 p. XXX. 1886. XXIL 1887. 

Lewis, Edward M., b. April, 1869, son of Mrs. Lewis, Jevington 

House, Eastbournc. 
Edmonstonc, I882.3, III.— 1886.x, L.M.Ü. 

liddcll, John Stewart, b. Oct. 1868, son of Capt. J. Liddell, R.N., 

Redlease, Lymington, Hants. 

BartleFrere, 1882. 3, M.L.M.Ü.— 1885.2, M.U.i. XI. 1885. R.M.A. Woolwich. 
July, 1885. xi. Passed out 6th in R.E. with prize for Fortification 1887. 

Hacnamara, Eric D., b. May, 1870, son of Dr. Macnamara, 
28, Palace Gardens Terrae*, Kensington, W. 
Trevelyan, I8S2.3, III.— 1884.2, IV. 

Karshall, K. F. C, b. Oct. 1868, son of J. G. Don Marshall, Esq., 
Lawrence. 1832.3, IV.— 1886. 1, M.U.M.ii. Reading for the Army. 

Maudslay, Henry Herbert, b. Oct. 1868, son of Mrs. Maudslay, 
Foss Lodge, Cirencester. 
MelviU, 1883.2, III.-1885.2, L.M.Ü. 1 p. 

♦Morgan, Frederick Beverley, b. Jan. 1 869, son of the late Edward 
Morgan, Esq., Hungershall Park, Tunbridge 
Wells, Kent. 
Hailey, I882.3, L.M.ii(a).— 1887.2, VI.2. XV. 1885-86. XI. 1885-86-87. 

Koffitt, Gordon, b. July, 1869, son of late Surgeon-Major Moffitt, 
6, Rockstone Place, Southampton. 
Lawrence, 1882. 3, IL— 1886.x, L.M.ii(b). Reading for the Army. 

♦Newman, Arthur Edwin Tweed, b. Dec. 8, 1867, son of the Rev. 
A. Newman, The Vicarage, Axminster, Devon. 

Hailey, I882.3. L.M.i(b).— 1886.2, M.VI.i. Exh. 1886. 2p. Hz, M%. 
Trinity Hall, Cambridge. Minor Seh. (Mathematics) 1886. Foundation 
Seh. 1887. 

North, Brownlow Francis Gordon, b. May 4, 1869, son of C. H. 
North, Esq., 56, York Terrace, Regent's Park, 

Hailey, I882.3, M.R.— 1887.2, M.U.M.ii. XL 1887. XV. 1886. Racquets 
1887. Played at Lord's 1887, against Wellington 1887. 

*Partington, Thomas Edward, b. Feb. 27, 1869, son of Rev. T. 
Partington, Netherfield V., Battle, Sussex. 
Colvin, I882.3, IV(b).— 1887.2, VI.2. 2 p. King's College, Cambridge. 

Pitter, John Edwin, b. Dec. 10, 1868, son of J. Pitter, Esq., 
Wonston, Micheldever, Hants. 
Thomason, 1882.3, IV.— 1886.x, U.M.ii(a). 1 p. 

Podmore, Claude, b. April, 1868, son of the Rev. T. Podmore, late 
Head Master of Eastbourne College. 
Edmonstone, 1882. 3, L.M.i.— 1882.3, L.M.i. Left from ill-health. Keble 
College, Oxford. 

Digitized by 




Botton, Hugh Frederick Arthur, b. Oct. 9, 1869, son of Lieut.-Col. 
A. Rotton, R.A., Park Stone, Christchurch 
Road, Streatham Hill, S.W. 
Edraonstone, 1882-3, 111.-1885^3, L.M.ii. King's College, London, 1885. 
Studying in Applied Science Department. 

Sapte, Fitz-Roy, b. April 26, 1869, son of Capt. W. Sapte, late ist 
Madras Light Cavalry, Walton House, Rugby. 
Colvin, 1882. 3, R.— 1886.3, M.V.2. ist and and set High Jump and Broad 
Jump 1885. Learning German abroad. 

Seils, Arthur Edward, b. Dec. 1868, son of A. Seils, Esq., £. 
Andreufs, Caterham. 
Edmonstone, I882.3, L.M.Ü.— 1886.1, M.U.M.i. Passed into R.M.A. Wool- 
wich, Dec. 1886. 

Talbot, Reginald, b. May 19, 1868, son of N. B. Talbot, Esq., 
47, Bedford Row, W.C. 
Colvin, 1882. 3, L.M.ii.— 1885.2, L.M.i. Articled as a Solicitor. 

*Tarrer, Matthew Arthur Joseph, b. May 18, 1869, son of Rev. 
Joseph Tarver, Fetgrave R., Newport Pagneil. 
Lawrence, 1882. 3, R. — 2 p. C<. Junior Seh. 1882. Senior 1885. 

XV. 1886. 

Thomson, George Dingwall, b. Aug. 16, 1869, son of late Capt. 
Alick Thomson, 5, Delamere Crescent. 
Lawrence, 1882. 3, R.— 1886.1, V.i. S. George's Hospital, Oct 1886. 

Thornton, Cecil Bernard, b. May 8, 1 870, son of Rev. C. C. Thornton, 
High Cross, Ware. 
Trevelyan, 1882. 3, IL— 1886. 1, L.M.i. and set Paperchases. 
D. Feb. 1887. 

White, George Edmund White, b. Aug. 25, 1870, son of Rev. T. 
White, Chevington R., Bury St. Edmunds. 
Thomason, I882.3, IL-1887.2, M.V.2. 

Wilkin, Rupert, b. Aug. 1869, son of J. F. Wilkin, Esq., M.D., 
Beckenham Park, Kent. 
Bauen, 1882. 3, III.— Eight 1887. Cup for highest aggregate at 


Winter, John B., b. April, 1869, son of J. N. Winter, Esq., M.D., 
28, Montpelier Road, Brighton. 
Le Bas, 1882. 3, IV.— 1885.3, V.a. Trinity College, Cambridge. 


Alder, Francis Robert, b. July 30, 1869, son of F. J. Alder, Esq., 
Worlaby House, Louth. 
Bartle Frere, 1888.1, III.— 1887.1. L.M.ii(b). 
Beeching, Cecil Frederic, b. Feb. 22, 1869, son of A. P. Beeching, 
Esq., Ferox Hall, Tonbridge. 
Edmonstone, 1883.1, II.-1886. 3 , U.M.ii(a). XXX. 1886. 

Beiben, Frank, b. April 16, 1869, son of T. Beiben, Esq., West 
Moor, Bournemouth. 
Colvin, I888.1, L.M.Ü.— 1886.2, V.a. Christ's College, Cambridge. 

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Bois, Henry Gordon, son of H. Bois, Esq., Colombo, Ceylon. 
Address, Radcliffe House, Addiscombe, Surrey. 

Thomason, 1883.1, R.— 1885.2, V.l. 

Booth, Richard, b. Jan. 9, 1869, son of Thomas C. Booth, Esq., 
Warlaby, Northallerton, Yorkshire. 
Thomason, 1883.1, R.— 1886.3, V.2. x p. R.A.C. Cirencester. 

Boulton, Henry Gerald, b. July 30, 1869, son of the late C. G. 
Boulton, Esq., Barns Lodge, Hemel Hemp- 
stead, Herts. 
Bartlc Frerc, I888.1, IV.-1887.2, U.M.i. Merton Collie, Oxford. 

Bruce, Oswald R., b. Sept. 1868, son of Col. E. S. Bruce, North 
Berwick, Scotland. 

Lawrence, 1882.1. M.R.— 1886.2, M.U.M.ii. XI. 1886. Half-mfle 1886. 
Reading for the Army. 

Debenham, Alfred Edward, b. Jan. 16, 1870, son of Robert Deben- 
ham, Esq., M.D., Heath House, Stepney, E. 
Hailey, 1883.1, II.— 1887.x, L.M.i. 

deRivaz, Reginald Noel, b. Dec. 1868, son of V. C. de Rivaz, 
Esq., Northbrook House, Grove Road, N.W. 
Batten, 1883.1, III.— 1884. 3, R. Went out to Colorado, May, 1886. 

Feilding, John Basil, b. Dec. 27, 1868, son of the Hon. and 
Rev. C. W. A. Feilding, Stapleton R., near 
Colvin, 1883.1, III.— 1883. 3, III. At Downton College of Agriculture, in 
training to be a Land Agent 

Frend, Eustace Clifford, b. 1869, son of Rev. W. H. Frend, 42, 
New Road, Canterbury. 
Colvin, 1883.1, IV. -1886.3, M.L.M.i. x p. Medical Student 

*(Jorham, Harry Morton, b. Feb. 5, 1 869, son of Rev. Henry Stephen 
Gorham, The Chestnuts, Shirley Warren, 
Colvin, 1883.x, IL— 1887.2, M.VI.2. 4 p. S4. 

Graham, William H. M., b. Jan. 1869, son of Rev. H. G. Graham, 
Mount Lodge, S. Leonard* son-Sea. 
Thomason, 1883.1, III.— 1883.3, III. 

Henry, Hugh Arthur, b. Feb. 10, 1869, son of Hugh Henry, 
Esq., J.P., Firmont, Naas, Ireland. 
Colvin, 1883.1, M. III. —1887.x, M.U.M.Ü. 

♦Hopkinson, Emilius, b. March 31, 1869, son of J. Hopkinson, 
Esq., 45, Sussex Square, Brighton. 
LeBas. 1883.1, IV.— 

Humphrys, Arthur Armitage, b. Jan. 17, 1870, son of the late T. W. 
Humphrys, Esq., Berkeley Villa, Berkeley 
Street, Cheltenham. 
Melvill, 1883.1, I. — Aquatics, and, x 00 Yards ist set. 3rd Quarter-müe. 

Digitized by 



Lines, Charles Gordon Deverell, b. May i, 18^0, son of C. Innes, 
Esq., Ardglenny, Barnes Common. 
Melvill, 1888. z.— 1886.2, V.2. 2 p. In an Architect's office. 

King, Horace Shirley Freeman, b. Aug. 1, 1869, son of Rev. J. S. 
King, S. John's V., Colchester. 
Hailey, 1888. 1, IV.— 

Lamb, Maurice, b. April 5, 1869, son of late J. W. Lamb, Esq., 
Worting, Basingstoke, Hants. 
Edmonstone, 1888.x, IV.— 1887.2, V.i. XV. 1886. XI. 1887. Queen's College, 

Leafhes, Carteret de Mussenden, b. Sept. 19, 1869, son of H. M. 
Leathes, Esq., Herringfleet Hall, Lowestoft, 
and Bandsea, Dovercourt, Essex. 
Colvin, I88S.1, IL— 1886.1, L.M.Ü. 

McMullin, J. Hugh, b. Oct. 1868, son of Major McMullin, 9, 
Southwtck Place, Hyde Park, W. 
Edmonstone, 1888. 1, IV.— 1884.3, M.L.M.ii. (In Mr. Deedes's book William 

Meyrick-Jones, Hugh, b. April 19, 1869, son of Rev. G. Meyrick- 
Jones, Wellow V., Romsey, Hants. 
Colvin, I888.1, IV(b).— 1886.2, U.M.ii(b). Durham University, studying 

Koir, George Bulteel, b. Sept. 28, 1870, son of G. Moir, Esq., 
Stoney Wood, Victoria Park, Manchester. 
Hailey, 1888.1, III.— 1886.8, M.U.M.Ü. Reading for the Army. 

♦Newmarch, Alexander, b. April 5, 1869, son of Col. George 
Newmarch, R.E., 38, Westmoreland Road, 
Bayswater, London, W. 
Lawrence, 1888.x, IV(b).— 1887.2, M.VI.2. z p. Passed into R.M.C. Sand- 
hurst, 1887. 

Nicholas, Cyril, b. April 9, 1869, son of J. Nicholas, Esq., 10, 
Woodchurch Road, W. Hampstead, N.W. 
MelvUl, 1888.1, IV(b).— 1886.2, L.M.i(a). In business. 

*Nairne, Edward Spencer, b. Sept. 14, 1869, son of Rev. S. Nairne, 
Latton V., Harlow, Essex. 
Trevelyan, 1883.1, R(b).— 1886.3, M.VI.2. Cb. ist prixe Swimming in 
Qothes 1886. R.M.A. Woolwich, 1886. 

♦Owen, Edward Cunliffe, b. Feb. 5, 1869, son of S. J. Owen, Esq., 
5, Bradmore Road, Oxford. 
Hailey, 1883.1, L.M.i(b).— 1887.2, VI.i. 4 p. C7, E2, CB. Senior Seh. 1885. 
Exh. 1887. XXX. 1886. Half-mile 1886. 

Pigot, Raymond Melville, b. Sept. 26, 1868, son of Rev. W. M. 

Pigot, Eaton V., Norwich. 

Le Bas, 1883.1, II.— 1886. 3, U.M.i. 

Pigot, Cuthbert Becher, b. Sept. 24, 1869, son of Rev. W. M. 

Pigot, Eaton V., Norwich. 

Le Bas, 1888.1, IL— 1886.3, U.M.ii(b). 

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Pott, Charles Stanley, b. Jan. 11, 1869, son of Robert Pott, Esq., 
Riverside, Beddington, Surrey. 
Highfield, 1883.1, III. — I886.3, U.M.Ü(a). 
♦Redl, Ernest Arthur Frederick, b. Aug. 1, 1869, son of C. A. 
Redl, Esq., 2, Square de Georgette, Lausanne, 
Bartle Frere, 1888.x, I.— 1886.3, VI.2. 3 p. Fi. Reading for Indian Civil 

Sheppard, Seymour H., b. Dec. 1869, son of G. W. Sheppard, Esq., 
Garden House, Wheathampstead. 
Edmonstone, 1888. 1, M. IV.— 1887.1, M.V.a. and XI. 1886. Reading for the 

Smifh, George Maclver Campbell, b. May 13, 1869, son of R. 
Smith, Esq., M.D., Durham County Asylum, 
Sedgefield, Ferryhill. 
Trevelyan, 1883.x, L.M.Ü.— 1886.1, V.a. Aberdeen University, studying 

Trevor, Marcus, b. May 19, 1869, son of Rev. G. A. Trevor, 48, 
Queen' s Gardens, W. 
Lawrence, 1883.1, IV.— 1886.x, U.M.ii(a). 

Villiers-Stnart, Gerald, b. Jan. 13, 1869, son of Hon. H. Villiers- 
Stuart, Esq., J.P., D.L., Dromana Park, Cappo- 
quin, Waterford. 
Melvill, 1883.1, R.— 1886. 1, U.M.i. Royal Agricultural College, Cirenccster. 
Emigrated to America Nov. 1886. 

Wade, Rowland Henry Rochfort, b. Aug. 20, 1869, son of G. R. 

Wade, Esq., 28, Upper Fitzwilliam Street, 


Bartle Frere, 1883.x, III.— 1886.3, M.U.M.i. XXX. 1886. Reading for the 

Wilson, Arthur Holt, b. July 24, 1869, son of George Holt Wilson, 
Esq., Redgrave Hall, Botesdale. 
Bartle Frere, 1883.1, L.M.Ü.— 1887.x, M.V.a. XXX. 1886. XXII. 1886. 
Reading for the Army. 

Tonng, Lionel George, b. Feb. 17, 1869, son of the late H. T. 
Young, Esq. Address, Frittenden Lodge, 
Highfield, 1883.x, M.L.M.Ü.— 1886.2, M.V.a. x p. Abroad for a time, 
learning German. 


Ashpitel, Walter S., b. Nov. 29, 1869, son of Rev. F. Ashpitel, 
Flitwick V., Ampthill. 
Hailey, 1883.3, R.— 1886.x, M.U.M.U. Reading for the Army. 
Bayly, John, b. May 28, 1869, son of R. Bayly, Esq., Torr Grove, 
Thomason, 1883.2, III.— 1886.3, L.M.i(b). x p. Articled as a Solidtor. 
Cartwright, H. R., b. Nov. 1869, son of R. N. Cartwright, Esq., 
Lawrence, 1888.2, III.-I886.2, L.M.ii(a). 

Digitized by 



Collins, Archibald Edward, b. July 23, 1869, son of late Rev. W. 
Collins. Address, Knaresboro' House, Knares- 
Batten, 1883.2, IV(a).— 

Cubitt, Julian Francis, b. Aug. 16, 1869, son of Major F. A. Cubitt, 
Thorpe Hall, Norwich. 
Balten, 1883.2, IV(b).— 1887.2, V.2. 

Dames, Thomas Hansel Longworth, b. Feb. 1869, son of Capt 
T. L. Dames, Green Hill, Edenderry, King's 
Bauen, 1883.2, R.-I886.2, L.M.i. 

Edward«, Evan, b. January 1, 1869, son of E. Edwards, Esq., 
Kidbrooke Lodge, Blackheath, Kent. 
Colvin, 1883.2, III.— 1886.3, U.M.ii(a). 
♦Eliot, Claude Henry, b. Aug. 18, 1869, son of Rev. W. Eliot, Aston 
V., Birmingham. 
Batten, 1883. 3, L.M.Ü.— 1887.2, VI.2. H 3, D, and other prizes. 
Feilding, Bertram Francis Percy, b. Feb. 15, 1870, son of the Hon. 
and Rev. C. W. A. Feilding, Stapleton Rectory, 
Colvin, 1883.2, II.— 1886.3, L.M.ii(b). O.M.C. Cowley. 
Flint, Arthur Rest, b. Feb. 25, 1869, son of R. W. Flint, Esq., 
9, S. George* s Place, Canterbury. 
Highneid, 1883.2, III.— 1886.2, U.M.i. 2 p. Passed Solicitors* preliminaiy 1886. 

♦Fosbery, Francis Langford, b. April 29, 1870, son of G. L. Langford, 
Esq., Pentre Mawr, Denbigh. 
Trevelyan, 1883.2, L.M.ii.— Junior Seh. 1883. 

♦Hardcastle, John Herschel, b. May 9, 1870, son of H. Hardcastle, 
Esq., J.P., 38, Eaton Square, London, S.W. 
Le Bas, 1883.2, M.L.M.U.— 1887.2, M.VI.i. Junior Seh. 1883. Exh. 1887. 
Passed 9Ü1 into R.M.A. Woolwich, 1887. 

Hamilton, Francis Lowry Cole, b. April 26, 1 869, son of Rev. Canon 
Hamilton, D.D., The Glebe, Dundrum, Co. 
Trevelyan, 1883.2, III.— 1887.2. U.M.II(b). XI. 1885, 86, 8 7 (Capt). Average 
bat 1887. XXX. 1886. 

Hewett, William Arthur Steanis, b. July 22, 1 869, son of W. Hewett, 
Esq., Templemere, Oatlands Park, Weybridge, 
Colvin, 1883.2, IV.— 1887.2, U.M.II(b). XV. 1886. Eight 1887. 

Hörne, Maynard, b. March 30, 1870, son of Rev. W. Hörne, 
Thundridge V., Ware, Herts. 
Highfield, 1883.8, IL— z p. 

Jenkinson, John, b. June, 1870, son of E. G. Jenkinson, Esq., 
Chief Inspector of Irish Police, Stock's Cottage, 
Barde Freie, 1888. 2, III.— 1884.2, R. Left from ill-health. 

Digitized by 



♦Lawrence, Henry Stavely, b. Oct. 20, 1870, son of G. H. Lawrence, 

Esq. J.P., Merlswood, MeadsRoad,Eastbourne. 

Lawrence, 1883.2, R.— Junior Seh. 1883. Senior 1886. Captain of 


Legge, Hugh, b. April 27, 1870, son of Hon. and Rev. G. B. Legge, 

Woodsome Lodge, Weybridge. 

Lawrence, 1883.2, III.— Won Boxing 1887. Won Public School 

Boxing at Aldershot 1887. 

Levien, Frank George, b. July 9, 186g, son of F. Levien, Esq., 
Secretary, Stock Exchange, The Chestnuts, 
Maple Road, Surbiton, Surrey. 

Bartle Frere, 1883.2, L.M.ii(a).— 1887.2, V.2. Equal first High Jump 1887. 
Stock Exchange. 

Hackie, Osbert Gadesden, b. Aug. 23, 1868, son of Col. Mackie, 
Manor House, Heath, near Wakefield. 

Trevelyan, I888.2, IV.— 1887.2, U.M.ii(b). XV. 1885-86. XI. 1887. Hurdles 
1887 and various other athletic prizes. 

Macleod, Kenneth Anderson, b. July, 1869, son of M. A. Macleod, 
Esq., Burnbrae, Beckenham, Kent. 
Thomason, 1883.2, L.M.ii.— 1887. 1, V. 1. In Germany for a time. 

♦Magee, John Arthur Victor, b. Oct. 8, 1869, son of the Bishop of 
Peterborough, The Palace, Peterborough. 
Edmonstone, 1883.2, L.M.ii{b).— 1887.1, VI.2. 

Xunn, Reginald George, b. Aug. 20, 1869, son of Rev. G. S. Munn, 
Madresfield R., Malvern. 
Trevelyan, 1883.2, IV.— 

Pattißon, B. S., b. Dec. 1869, son of H. J. Pattison, Esq., 1 1, Palace 
Road, Surbiton. 

Thomason, 1883.2, R.— 1884.2, L.M.Ü. Learning farming at Well Place, 

Pryor, Cyril Herbert, b. Sept. 1869, son of Rev. J. E. Pryor, 
17, Avenue Road, Regent* s Park, N.W. 
Melvill, 1883.2, R(a).— 1886.2, U.M.i. 

Raikes, Francis Edward, b. June, 1870, son of Right Hon. H. C. 
Raikes, M.P., Lwynegrin, Mold, Flintshire. 
Melvill, 1883.2, III.— 1886.2, L.M.ii(b). 

Bavenshaw, Hurdis S. L., b. June, 1869, son of J. H. Ravenshaw, 
Esq., 2, Roys ton Gardens, Richmond. 
Melvill, 1883.2, M.IV.— 1886.1, M.U.M.i. Reading for the Army. 

Simpson, Charles Warwick, b. May 4, 1870, son of B. W. Simpson, 
Esq., 14, Westbourne Park, London, W. 
Le Bas, 1883.2, II.— 

Snell, Arthur Patrick, b. March 17, 1870, son of Rev. A. Snell, 
Wickam Bishop's Rectory, Witham, Essex. 
Hailey, 1883.2, IV.— XV. 1886. XXII. 1887. 

Digitized by 



Stobart, Henry Gervas, b. June 5, 1869, son of William Stobart, 
Esq., Pepper Arden, Northallerton. 
Edmonstone, 1883.3, Mod. IV. -1886. 3, M.U.M.ii. XV. 1886. and High 
Jump, and Weight 1886. Pembroke College, Cambridge. 

Turbett, James Gore, b. Jan. 4, 1870, son of G. W. Turbett, Esq. 
Owenstown, Dundrum, Co. Dublin. 
Colvin, 1883.3. III.— 

Twynam, Thomas Macgregor, b. June, 1869, son of Major F. R. 
Twynam, Avenue Road, Aldershot. 
Bauen, 1883.3, M. III.— 1886. 3, M.L.M.Ü. 

Whitaker, Arthur Marmaduke, son of William Whitaker, Esq., 
Breckamore, Ripon, Yorkshire. 
Thomason, 1883.a, III.— 1887.1, U.M.ii(b). Reading for the Army. 

♦Wilkin, Lancelot, b. March 10, 1871, son of J. F. Wilkin, M.D., 
The Warren, Beckenham, Kent. 
Batten, 1883.2, IV(b).— 3 p. Junior Seh. 1884. Senior Seh. 1887. 


♦Allen, Basil Copleston, b. July 12, 1870, son of A. J. Allen, Esq., 
Salcome, Chislehurst, Kent. 
Melvill, 1883.3, R.— a p. Senior Seh. 1886. 

Arkwright, Richard Eden St. Aubyn, b. May 6, 1870, son of late 
Rev. G. Arkwright, Firlands, Brackneil, Berks. 
Thomason, I883.3, III.— 1886.a, U.M.ii(a). 1 p. Left from iU-health. 

Bensly, Robert von R., b. Sept. 12, 1869, son of Professor Bensly, 
Parker's Piece, Cambridge. 
Lawrence, I883.3, L.M.ii.— 1884.a, U.M.ii. 1 p. Left from ill-health. 
D. in Algiers, Feb. 10, 1887. 

Beville, Harry G. P., b. Oct. 1869, son of General Beville, Burfield 
Hall> Wymondham, Norfolk. 
Hailey, I883.3, III.— 1885.3. M.L.M.i. 
Biggf, William Edward, b. May 15, 1869, son of Rev. C. Bigg, D.D., 
28, Norham Road, Oxford. 
Lawrence, I883.3, IV(a).— 1887.x. V.a. XXX. 1886. 
♦Blakeway, Denys Brooke, b. May, 1870, son of Mrs. Blakeway, 
Petleys, Downe, Beckenham. 
Batten, 1883. 3, R.— 1887.2, M.VI.2. 4 p. D. R.M.C. Sandhurst, 1887. 

♦Bowdoin, James Sullivan, b. May 22, 1869, son of J. Bowdoin, 
Esq., 6, Montpellier Terrace, Brighton. 
Thomason, 1883.3, M.L.M.U.— a p. a 5 1, 3 F4, A, E 5. 

Buchanan, Herbert Dunlop, b. April, 1870, son of R. D. Buchanan, 
Esq., Ardoch House, Surbiton. 
Batten. I883.3, IL— 1886.x, III. 

♦Bullen Smith, George Moultrie, b. Sept. 5, 1870, son of the late 
J. R. Bullen Smith, Esq., 29, Roland Gardens, 
South Kensington. 
Bartle Frere, 1888.3, L.M.i(a).— a p. Sen. Seh. 1886. 

Digitized by 



Burges, Daniel, b. Sept. 1869, son of D. Burges, Esq., 3, State Park 
Road, Stoke Bishop, Bristol. 
Colvin, 1888. 3, III.— 1885.3, IV. 

Campbell, Ion Hamilton, Dec. 29, 1869, son of T. Campbell, Esq., 
3, Southwell Gardens, South Kensington, S.W. 
Le Bas, I883.3, R.— 1887.2, V.a. 

Campbell, Dawson Eustace Mervyn, b. Jan. 1870, son of the late 
Rev. Dawson Campbell, Rose Hill, Hoddesdon. 
Balten, I88S.3, III.— 1885.1, R. 

Chamier, William St. George, b. Aug. 3, 1870, son of Col. F. E. A. 
Chamier, Grenville House, Upper Norwood. 
Melvill. 1883.3, I1I.-1887.I, M.U.M.ii. 
♦Childers, Robert Erskine, b. June 25, 1870, son of the late R. C. 
Childers, Esq., Glendalough House, Annamoe, 
Greystones, Ireland. 
Trevelyan, 1888.3, L.M.U.— C2, C5. XXX. 1886. Captain of Paper- 

chases 1887. Eight 1887. 

Chattock, Hugh Percival, b. Feb. 21, 1870, son of R. S. Chattock, 
Esq., 1 s, Lancaster Road, Belsize Park, London, 
Thomason, I88S.3, III.— 1 p. XXII. 1887. 

Cleaver, William Edward, b. Sept. 1, 1871, son of R. S. Cleaver, 
Esq., 12, Hayman's Green, West Derby, Liver- 
Bauen, I883.3, III.— 
Dalzel, A. F., b. Sept. 18, 1870, son of Dr. W. F. Dalzel, 40, 
Kensington Park Gardens, Notting Hill, W. 
Le Bas, 1883. 3, II.— 1 p. 

Darley, Frederick Drgby, b. June 30, 1870, son of the late John 
Henry Darley, Esq., Ferney, Stillorgan, Co. 
Bartle Frere, I888.3, I.— 

Dashwood, Charles Ewart, b. June 10, 1870, son of Dr. R. Dashwood, 
Dunburgh Hill, Beccles. 
Le Bas, 1888.3, R-— 
D'Olier, Isaac Bertram, b. Dec. 30, 1869, son of E. D'Olier, Esq., 
Knocklinn, Bray, Co. Wicklow, Ireland. 
Bartle Frere, I888.3, L.M.Ü.— 1886.3, U.M.L Trinity College, Dublin. 

Eider, Malcolm Balfour, b. Dec. 9, 1869, son of the late A. L. Eider, 
Esq., Campden House, Kensington, W. 
Le Bas, I883.3, II.— Eight 1887. 

Fayrer, F. D. S., b. Oct. 1869, son of Sir J. Fayrer, 53, Wimpole 
Street, Cavendish Square. 
Thomason, 1888.3, IV.— 1886.1, R(b). 

Fergusson, Arthur Charles, b. July 2, 1871, son of F. J. Fergusson, 
Esq., The Chestnuts, Adelaide Road, Surbiton. 
Le Bas, I888.3, 1"-— * P« 

Digitized by 



Finch, Ernest Cormack, b. Feb. 4, 1870, son of H. Finch, Esq., 
Ashurstwood House, East Grinstead, Sussex. 
Melvill, 1883.3, III. —1887.1, U.M.i. 

Forster, Arthur Graham Foljambe, b. Sept. 17, 1869, son of T. 
Forster, Esq., The Old House, Daventry, 
Colvin, 1883.3, III.— 1887.2, U.M.ii. 2nd XI. 1887. 

Foyster, Arthur Henry, b. Dec. 31, 1869, son of G. A. Foyster, Esq., 
All Saints* Rectory, Hastings. 
Batten, IS83.3, IL— 4 p. E 4. 

Hellard, Charles Stuart, b. June 19, 1869, son of A. Hellard, Esq., 
46, Penny Street, Portsmouth, Hants. 
Bauen, 1883, R(a).— z p. 

Hopkins, Charles Leighton, b. July 31, 1869, son of Rev. W. B. 
Hopkins, B.D., The Vicarage, Littleport, Ely. 
Edmonstone, I883.3, IV(a).— 1887.2, U.M.ii. 

Humphry, Edward Scott, b. Oct. 30, 1870, son of F. A. Humphry, 
Esq., 25, Marine Parade, Brighton. 
Le Bas, 1888.3, II.— XV. 1886. XXII. 1887. 

Hutt, Henry Robert Mackenzie, b. March 19, 1870, son of Rev. 
W. W. Hutt, J.P., R.D., Wilton Rectory, 
Brandon, Norfolk. 
LeBas, 1888.3, III.— 1887. 1. U.M.ii(a). 
♦Jones, Herbert Gresford, b. April 7, 1870, son of Rev. William 
Jones, Burnside V., Kendal. 
Trevelyan, 1888. 3, L.M.i(a).— 1 p. Secretary of Antiquarian Society. 

•Jourdain, Reginald Towle, b. Dec. 30, 1868, son of N. Jourdain, 
Esq., 51, Fellows Road, South Hampstead, 
London, N.W. 
Melvill, 1883.3, L.M.i(b).— 1887.2. VI.2. 4 p. Ci, C$. and XI. 1887. 
Keble College, Oxford. Exh. 1887. 

Lake, A. B., b. Feb. 1869, son of Major Lake, 3, Gloucester Walk, 
CampdtnHüly W. 
Le Bas, I888.3, R.— 1886.2, V.a. 1 p. 
Lane, Wilmot Ernest, b. March, 1869, son of W. Lane, Esq., Bengal 
Civil Service, Prospect House, Surbiton. 
Thomason, 1888. 3, III.— 1886.2, M.V.2. 3 p. Learning Engineering. 

Monkhonse, Harold John, b. Nov. 1869, son of Mrs. Monkhouse, 
3, Robertson Terrace, Hastings. 
Balten, I888.3, II.-1885.2. III. 

Korgan, A., b. March, 1 870, son of E. C. Morgan, Esq., 7, Roland 
Gardens, S. Kensington. 
Bartle Frere, I888.3, R.— I88I3, L.M.i. Afterwards at Marlborough. 

Hewland, John G., b. Feb. 1871, son of Rev. G. Newland, Lower 
Cumber Rectory, Killaloe, Londonderry. 
Bartle Frere, I888.3, I.— 1886.2, IV(b). 

Digitized by 



Northcote, Robert Henry, b. Oct. 20, 1869, son of late Rev. H. M. 
Northcote. Address, Hillside, Caversham, 
Colvin, 1888. 3, R.— 1885.2, L.M.i. After learning Land Agency for a time, in 
business, in London. 

O'Neiü, Frank Bernard, b. Oct. 31, 1869, son of G. B. O'Neill, 
Esq., 16, Young Street, Kensington, W. 
Hailey, I883.3, L.M.ii(a).— 2 p. C 6. 

Prentice, Alan, b. Sept. 3, 1870, son of Judge Prentice, Q.C., 
Greystoke, Berrylands, Surbiton, Surrey. 
Balten, 1888.3, IV.— 

Baikes, Alexis Ogle, b. Jan. 29, 1868, son of Henry Raikes, Esq., 
Ashwell, Baidock. 
Bartle Frere, I883.3, M.IV.— 1887.2, M.L.M.i. A Scene Painter, Pastimes of 
1886. and XL 1887. Eight 1887. 

Ransome, Andrew Sidney, b. Sept. 26, 1869, son of J. E. Ransome, 
Esq., Holme Wood, Ipswich. 
Edmonstone, 1883-3, III.— 

*Reade, Herbert Vincent, b. April 30, 1 870, son of the late Rev. H. 
St. J. Reade, 1, Rosslyn Gardens, Haverstock 
Hill, Hampstead. 
Hailey, I888.3, L.M.i.— 1 p. S 4. Senior Seh. 1886. 

Sheringham, Thomas Guy, b. Nov. 1, 1 869, son of T. W. Sheringhm, 
Esq.. 28, Blessington Road, Lee, Kent. 
Colvin, 1883.3, M.I1I.— XXX. 1886. 

Smith, Lionel Abel, b. November 8, 1870, son of the Rev. A. Smith, 
Wendover V., Tring. 
Edmonstone, I883.3, M.R.— 1 p. 

Somers, Charles Dudley, b. Sept. 1869, son of J. B. S. Somers, 
Esq., 59, Belsize Park, W. 
Melvill, 1888. 3, IV.— 1884 1, R. 1 p. Left from ill-health. 

Vallentin, Henry Edward, b. Jan. 1870, son of Mrs. Lewis, 
7, Prince's Square, Hyde Park, W. 

Thomason, I888.3. M.R.— 1886.2, M.V.a. R.M.A. Woolwich 1887. 

Wilder, Harry Carleton, b. March 1, 1870, son of Rev. J. T. 
Wilder, Great Bradley R., near Newmarket, 
Bartle Frere, 1888.3, I.— 
Woodburne, John Fell, b. July 3, 1870, son of T. Woodburne, Esq., 
Thurston Ville, Greenodd, Ulverstone. 
Edmonstone, I888.3, II.— 
Wood Hill, Arthur, son of George Wood Hill, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, 
37, Rosary Gardens, South Kensington, S.W. 
Lawrence, I888.3, I* — 
Wright, E. Z., b. Dec. 1869, son of J. W. Wright, Esq., 25, Kildare 
Ttrrace, W. 
Edmonstone, I888.3. IL— 1886. 1, IV. 

Digitized by 




Aiken, Knightley Chetwood Chetwood, b. October n, 1870, son of 
J. C. Chetwood-Aiken, Esq., The Glen, Stoke 
Bishop, near Bristol. 
Colvin, 1884.1, M.III.— Won ist set Gymnastics 1887. Went up to 

Aldershot 1887. 

Barlow, Percy Arthur, b. July 3, 1871, son of Captain Arthur 
Barlow, 10, Pavilion Square, Scarborough. 
Melvill, 1884.1, M.IV.— 1 p. G 2. 

Barker, Arthur Leigh, b. Dec. 1, 1870, son of A. R. Barker, Esq., 
Grove House, Southgate, Middlesex. 
MelviU, 1884.1, III.— 

Beiben, Edward Philip, b. June 27, 1870, son of T. Beiben, Esq., 
Westmoor, Bournemouth. 
Colvin, I88I.1, R.— 1887.1, M.L.M.I 

Buchanan, Francis Edward, b. Jan. 1, 1872, son of R. D. Buchanan, 
Esq., Ardoch House, Surbiton. 
Balten, 1884.1. III.— 

Colley, George Henry Pomeroy, b. March 31, 1870, son of the late 
H. F. Colley, Esq., Mount Temple, Clontarf, 
Trevelyan, 1884.1, III.— 1886.1, R. 

"Coffin, Clifford, b. Feb. 10, 1870, son of the late Lieut.-Gen. Sir 
Isaac C. Coffin, K.C.S.I., 8, S. Stephen's 
Lawrence, 1884 1, M.L.M.ii.— 1886.2, M.VI.i. Senior Seh. 1886. 2nd 2nd 
set Weight 1886. F3, G 2, #3. R.M.A. Woolwich, 1886. 

Corrie, Arthur Edgar, b. Dec. 1, 1870, son of Rev. E. S. Corrie, 
Greenstead Green V., Halsted, Essex. 
Lawrence, 1884.1, II. — 

Davis, William Hallbridge, b. Oct. 10, 1870, son of Rev. W. S. 
Davis, Steeple Gidding R., Oundle. 
Le Bas, 1884.1, IV.— 

Finch, Cecil Denne, b. March 25, 1871, son of Rev. G. Finch, 
Leverstock Green V., Hemel Hempstead, Herts. 
Bartle Frere, 1884.x, II.— z p. 

Fry, Henry John Blount, b. July 28, 1870, son of John Blount 
Fry, Esq., M.D., High Street, Swindon, Wilts. 
Colvin, 1884.x, III.— 1 p. 

Garrad, Francis William, b. November 5, 1870, son of W. Garrard, 
Esq., Brook House, Burles, Suffolk. 
Batten, 1884.1, IV.— ip. S 4. 

*Hancock, Francis de Berchem, b. Feb. 21, 1870, son of Lieut.- 

Col. Hancock, St. M. M. Parsonage, St- 

Leonard's-on-Sea, Sussex. 

Thomason, 1884.1, L.M.i(a).— 2 p. First in 3rd set Gymnastics 1884. 

First and set 1885. Second ist set 1887. First 2nd set Boxing and 

Singlestick 1886, 1887. First ist set Fencing 1886. 2nd set 1887. 

Digitized by 


206 HA1LE YBUR Y REGISTEIT. 1884. 1. 

Harbord, Lionel Anthony, b. Feb. 19, 1870, son of the Hon. and 
Rev. J. Harbord, Morden College, Black- 
heath, S.E. 
Lawrence, 1884.1, IV(a).— 
Hill, E. L., b. March, 1871, son of Dr. Birkbeck Hill, The Poplars, 
Burghfield, Reading. 
Thomason, 1884.1, IV.— 1886. 3, U.M.ii(a). 

*Hodgson, John Tarleton, b. June 23, 1870, son of Rev. W. 
Hodgson, Plaistow V., Bromley, Kent. 
Trevelyan, 1884.x. IV.— 4 p. 

Hudfon, Edwin Hamilton, b. Oct. 28, 1869, son of Edwin Hudson, 
Esq., 1, Lancaster Road, Belsize Park, N.W. 
Bortle Frere, 1884.1, R(b).— 

Hughes, Cecil Minton, b. April 26, 1870, son of Rev. Arthur 
Horsley Hughes, Holy Trinity Parsonage, 
Le Bas, 1884.1, IIL— 1887.1, L.M.Ü. 
Eershaw, Frederick Dunnington, b. July, 1870, son of J. J. Kershaw, 
Esq., Bedford House, Luton, Beds. 
Edmonstone, 1884.1. II.— 1886.2, R(b). 2nd XI. 1886. ist 100, 200, and 
Half-mile 2nd set 1886. 

Lambert, Frank, b. April 9, 1870, son of the Rev. E. Lambert, 

The Vicarage, Greenwich. 

Trevelyan, 1884.x, M.IIL— 

Latham, Henry, b. April 28, 1870, son of the Rev. S. Latham, 

Southlea, Great Malvern. 

Thomason, 1884.1, IIL— 

Malcolm, Napier, b. March 17, 1870, son of Gen. Sir G. Malcolm, 
G.C.B., The Manor House, Butlers Marston, 
Kineton, Warwick. 
Edmonstone, 1884.x, L.M.ii. — x p. D 3. 

Hoble, Edmund James, b. Nov. 30, 1871, son of J. Noble, Esq., 
Woodhall, Hertford. 
Bartle Frere, 1884.x, II.— 2nd set Weight 1887. 

Pelly, C. B. N., b. Feb. 1870, son of Rev. C. H. Pelly, Waverley 
Grove, Hendon. 
Hailey, 1884.x, III.-I886.2, L.M.L 

Frice, Philip Aubrey, b. March 22, 1871, son of C. J. Price, Esq., 
The Grove, Esher, Surrey. 
Colvin, 1884.1, IL— 

Bhodes, P. B., b. Sept. 1870, son of W. J. Rhodes, Esq., Chdteau 
S. Leonard, prte Boulogne, France. 
1884.x, IL— 1886.1, IV. 

Bowlandf, Hugh Barrow, b. Jan. 22, 1870, son of Major-General 
Hugh Rowlands, V.C., C.B., Plastirion, Car- 
narvon, North Wales. 

Highfield, 1884.1, M.R.— 

Digitized by 




Sanderson, Archibald, b. April, 1870, son of J. Sanderson, Esq., 
Bullers Wood, Chislehurst. 
Lawrence, 1884.1, IV(b).— XV. 1886. 

Stead, Edward William, b. July 2, 1870, son of Rev. E. D. Stead, 
Peasenhall Vicarage, Yoxford, Suffolk. 
Bartlc Frere, 1884.1, III.— 1887.1, L.M.Ü. 

Walker, Herbert John, b. Oct. 20, 1 870, son of General John Thomas 
Walker, C.B., R.E., LL.D., 13, Cromwell 
Road, London, S.W. 
LcBas, 1884.1, L.M.H.— 


Baker, George Frederick, b. June 10, 1870, son of Rev. J. J. Baker, 
Little Hallingbury R., Bishop's Stortford, 
Le Bas, 1884.2, III.— 

Barnardiston, Ernall, b. July 28, 1 87 1 , son of Nathaniel Barnardiston, 
Esq., The Ryes, Sudley, Suffolk. 
Le Bas, 1884.2, M.III. — 2 p. 2nd set Gymnastics 1887. Went up to 

Aldershot 1887. 

Blake, Rustat, b. May 16, 1871, son of S. T. Blake, Esq., Portland 
House, Gosport, Hants. 
Melvill, 1884.2, R.— 1 p. 

Bonham, Francis Warren, b. March 8, 1871, son of Col. J. Bonham, 
Ballintaggart, Colbinstown, Athey, Ireland. 
Le Bas, 1884.2, II.— 

Boone, Charles Frederick de Bohun, son of Col. Boone, b. May 16, 
1870, Work V., Weston-super-Mare. 

Melvill, 1884.2, R(a).— 

Brenan, Hugh Gerald, b. Sept. 29, 1870, sonof the late G. Brenan, 
Esq. Address, The Deanery, Carrickfergus, 
N. Ireland. 
Le Bas, 1884.2, M.R.— 1886.1, M.L.M.i. 1 p. Reading for the Army. 
♦Cadell, Patrick Robert, b. May 6, 1871, son of Col. T. Cadell, V.C., 
Cockenzie House, Preston Pans, Edinburgh. 
Lawrence, 1884.2, L.M.ii.— 9 p. Da. Jun. Seh. 1884. Senior 1887. 

Cameron, Archibald Rice, b. Aug. 25, 1870, son of R. A. Cameron, 
Esq., 80, Shooter's Hill Road, Blackheath. 
Melvill, 1884.2, III.— 

Castle, Arthur John Clowes, b. Nov. 5, 1870, son of Captain Castle, 
Hanford House, Worcester. 
Bartle Frere, 1884.2, III.— 

Conway, Frank, b. Oct. 30, 1870, son of T. Conway, Esq., Home 
View, Arterberry Road, Wimbledon. 
Edmonstone, 1884.2, R(a).— 1886.2, L.M.ii(b). In the City. 

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Corbett, Henry George Lyon, b. June 10, 1870, son of Sir John 
Corbett, K.C.B., 4, Sussex Place, Regent's 
Park, N.W. 
Le Bas, 1884.2, IV.— 

Cnrti», Arthur William, b. March 3, 1870, son of Rev. G. J. Curtis, 
Coddington R., Ledbury, Herefordshire. 
Le Bas, 1884.2, R(a).— 1886.3, M.V.i. 4 p. 

Downes, Percy, b. Nov. 22, 1869, son of late Rev. W. Downes, of 
Combe Raleigh, Devon. Address, 15, York 
Place, Clifton, Bristol. 
Melvffl, 1884.2, M. III. —1887.1, M.L.M.Ü. 
Grazebrook, Algar William, b. Aug. 7, 1870, son of G. Grazebrook, 
Esq., F.S.A., Oak Hill Park, Liverpool. 
Thomason, 18842, IV(a).— 

Gray, Edward Francis, b. Jan. 15, 1871, son of Rev. E. Gray, 
Alwalton R., Peterborough. 
Edmonstone, 1884.2, III. — x p. 

Hallward, Clement Govett, b. June 30, 1870, son of Rev. J. L. 
Hallward, Gilston R., Harlow. 
Thomason, 1884.2, R(b).— 

Hanson, Reginald John Edward, b. Aug. 16, 1870, son of Rev. H. 
Hanson, Manor House, North End, Hamp- 
stead, N.W. 
Melvül, 1884.2, R(b).— 1 p. 

Hext, Lyonel John, b. July 16, 1871, son of Rev. George Hext, 
Steeple Langford, Bath. 
Lawrence, 1884.2, L.M.ii(a).— Junior Seh. 1884. 

Higgens, Claude Robert, b. Dec. 6, 1870, son of Rev. R. Higgens, 
R.D., Wareside V., Ware. 
Lawrence, 1884.2, M.IV.— z p. 2nd XL 1887. 

Holley, Edward, b. July 20, 1870, son of E. H. Holley, Esq., 
Gunyah, Lime Tree Road, Norwich. 
Edmonstone, 1884.2, IV.— 

Jones, Arthur Dansey, b. June 5, 1872, son of Rev. W. T. Jones, 
Prestwich R., Manchester. 
Thomason, 1884.2, IL— 1887.2, U.M.Ü(b). 

Keifh, Archibald Leslie, b. Feb. 21, 1871, son of F. F. Keith, Esq., 
Bracondale, Norwich. 
Bauen, 1884.2, L.M.ii.— 1 p. 

Eemble, Charles Morris, b. June 5, 1870, son of C. A. Kemble, 
Esq., Eastwood Manor, East Harptree, near 
Hailey, 18812, R.— x p. XXII. 1887. 

Le Fann, Henry Frewen, b. April 1, 1870, son of W. R. Le Fanu, 
Esq., C.E., Commissioner of Public Works, 
Ireland, Summer Hill, Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow. 
Trevelyan, 1884.2, III.— 1 p. XXX. 1886. 

Digitized by 




Marriott, Cecil Wynn, b. May 5, 1870, son of Rev. H. P. Marriott, 
Black well V., Alfreton, Derbyshire. 
Le Bas, 1884.2, IV(a).— 1886.2, L.M.ii(a). Now in France. 

Marshall, Charles, b. Oct. 1870, son of A. W. Marshall, Esq., 
Buckden Towers, Huntingdon. 
Bauen, 1884.2, L.M.Ü.— 1886.2, U.M.ii(a). 

Moore, Courtenay Edward, b. June 26, 1870, son of Canon C. 
Moore, The Rectory, Michelstown, Co. Cork. 
Bartle Frere, 1884.2, II.* 

Morgan, J. W. M., b. May, 1870, son of Rev. W. R. Morgan, Royal 
School, Armagh, Ireland. 
Melvill, 1884.2, III.— 1886.3, L.M.ii. 1 p. Left from ill-health. 

Hoble, C. J. H. H., b. Aug. 1870, son of Col. Noble, Chapel 
Brampton, Northampton. 
Lawrence, 1884.2, M.IV.— 1886.1, M.IV. 

Paget, Henry Patrick Edward, b. July 8, 1870, son of the late Col. 
Patrick L. Paget, Lowlands, Farnham, Surrey. 
Hailey, 1884.2, M.L.M.ii.— 1887.2, M.U.M.i. i p. XI. 1887. 

Ransome, Herbert Owen, b. Feb. 17, 1871, son of J. E. Ransome, 
Esq., Holme- Wood, Ipswich, Suffolk. 
Edmonstone, 1884.2, R(b).— 

Roberts, L. W., b. March, 1870, son of Mrs. Roberts, Westbourne 
Lodge, S. Leonard's-on-Sea. 
Bartle Frere, 1884.2, IV.— 1886.2, U.M.ii(a). XI. 1886. To New Zealand, 
November, 1886. 

Robinson, Gilbert, b. Nov. 15, 1870, son of Joseph Robinson, Esq., 
Lewins, Edenbridge, Kent. 
Le Bas, 1884.2. III.— 
Scriven, Gerald Barclay, b. June 21, 1870, son of J. B. Scriven, 
94, Oxford Gardens, N. Kensington. 
Thomason, 1884.2, L.M.ii.— 2nd XI. 1887. 

Shaw, Robert Norman, b. Oct. 9, 1870, son of R. N. Shaw, Esq., 
R.A., 6, Ellerdale, Hampstead, N.W. 
Bartle Frere, 1884.2, L.M.ü(a).— 
Sheldon, Thomas Archibald, b. Feb. 7, 1870, son of T. Sheldon, 
Esq., Bridge House, Osney, Oxford. 
Le Bas, 1884.2, IV.— 

Stewart, Algernon, b. Dec. 1869, son of Col. Stewart, R.E., V.C., 
51, Redcliffe Square, S. Kensington, W. 
Colvin, 1884.2, II.— 1886.1, M.R. 
Taylor, Cyril Hodgson, b. July 24, 1870, son of E. Taylor, Esq., 
Castle Cottage, Bishop's Stortford, Herts. 
Hailey, 1884.2, IV(b).— 
Tovey, Hamilton Tennent, b. June 1, 1870, son of Lieut.-Col. 
Tovey, R.E., Alvercliffe, Gosport, Hants. 
Trevelyan, 1884,2, IL— 1886.2, R. 


Digitized by 



Ward, Arthur, b. Aug. 1870, son of J. J. R. Ward, Esq., Jessore, 
Granada Road, Southsea. 
Colvin, 1884.2, L.M.i.— 1884.3, L.M.I. Left from ill-health. 


Atkinson, Benjamin, b. Jan. 9, 1872, son of John Atkinson, Esq., 
Lynton, Lome Park, Bournemouth. 
Colvin, 1884.3, M.III.— 1 p. 

Bartley, Douglas Cole, b. Oct. 2, 1870, son of G. C. T. Bartley, 
Esq., M.P., St. Margaret's House, Victoria 
Street, Westminster. 
Batten, 188 1.3, R.— 1 p. XI. 1887. 

Blaber, Edward, b. June 25, 1870, son of William Blaber, Esq., 
Beckworth, Lindfield, Sussex. 
Melvill, 1884.3, L.M.ii(a).— XI. 1887. 

Bolton, Maurice Egerton Augustus, b. March 29, 1872, son of Rev. 
A. C. H. Bolton, Shimpling R., Near Bury St. 
Melvill, 1884. 3, II.— Various prizes in Athletics 1886-1887. 

Broadriek, George Fletcher, b. June, 1870, son of Mrs. Broadrick, 
The Wood, Windermere. 
Batten, 1884. 3, IL— 1886.3, R. 

♦Brock, Henry Jenkins, b. April 17, 1870, son of late Capt Brock, 
Hailey, I884.3, M.L.M.H.— 1887.x, M.VI.a. 2 p. R.M.A. Woolmch 1887. 

Bruce, R. W., b. April, 1870, son of Col. Bruce, R.A., The Bee- 
hive, North Berwick. 
Lawrence, 1884 3. M.III. — 1886.3, M. R. Afterwards to Brentwood. 

Christopher, Charles Danby, b. Nov. 1, 1870, son of J. T. 
Christopher, Esq., Architect, 16, Bloomsbury 
Square, W.C. 
Le Bas, 1884. 3 , M.III.— 3 p. 

Cobbold, Herbert St. George, b. March 22, 1871, son of E. St. G. 
Cobbold, Esq., Ufford, Woodbridge, Suffolk. 
Thomason, 1884-3, IV.— 

Codrington, William James, b. Oct. 12, 1870, son of T. C. Cod- 
rington, Esq., 5, Riverdale Road, Twickenham. 
Edmonstone, 1884.3, IV.— 

Combo, Edward Albert, b. June 19, 1870, son of E. H. H. Combe, 
Esq., Ferryside, Southtown, Great Yarmouth, 
Hailey, 1884. 3 , II.— 

Cubitt, Thomas Astley, b. April 9, 1871, son of Major F. A. Cubitt, 
Thorpe Hall, Norwich. 

Batten, 1884 3, L.M.n(a).— 1 p. 

Digitized by 


1884.3- HA1LE YBUR Y REGISTER. 2 1 1 

Collins, E. L., b. April, 1871, son of Rev. W. Collins, Nunnington 
R., York. 

Bartle Frere, 1884 3— 1884. 3, II. 

D'Aeth, Cloudesly Cecil Hughes, b. Feb. 3, 1871, son of Rev. W. 
C. H. Hughes D'Aeth, Buckhom Weston 
R., Wincanton. 
Highneid, 1884. 3f R.— 

Dawes, Edwin Sandys, b. July 24, 1871, son of E. S. Dawes, Esq., 
Mount Ephraim, Faversham, Kent (and 13, 
Austin Friars, E.C.). 
Lc Bas, 18843, IV(b).— 

De la Pryme, Alexander George, b. Nov. 7, 1870, son of C. De la 
Pryme, Esq., Wistow Lodge, Huntingdon. 
Trevelyan, I8843, IV.— 

Donaldion, John William Edward, b. Aug. 14, 1871, son of A. L. 
Donaldson, Esq., The Fishers Lodge, Chew 
Magna, near Bristol. 
Hailey, I884.3, M.IIL— 2 p. XXII. 1887. 

Douglas, Stewart Ranken, b. Feb. 22, 1871, son of the late J. A. 
Douglas, Esq., Glenlyon, Central Hill, Upper 
Norwood, S.E. 
Hailey, I884.3, III.— 1 p. 

Edmunds, Charles Claude, b. Dec. 1, 1869, son of J. H. Edmunds, 
Esq., 2, Park Place Villas, Maida Villa, W. 
Melvill, 1884.3, IV(a).— 1887.2, M.U.M.ii. 2nd XI. 1887. 

Edwards, Lancelot, b. April 17, 1870, son of J. G. Edwards, Esq., 
Broughton House, Stockbridge, Hants. 
Hailey, I8843, R(a).-1887.2, U.M.i 1 p. XXII. 1887. 

♦Etheridge, Godfrey William, b. May 16, 1870, son of Rev. L. 
Etheridge, Haslemere R., Surrey. 
Batten, 1884 3, L.M.ii(b). — 4 p. Custodian of Antiquarian Society. 

Quartett 1886. 

Fißher, Reginald Wordsworth Cecil, b. April 17, 1872, son of Rev. 
Canon Fisher, Hagworthingham R., Spilsby. 
Bartle Frere, I884.3, II.— 1 p. 

Ferguson, Frederick William, b. Dec. 29, 1869, son of F. J. 
Fergusson, Esq., Official Trustee of Bengal, 
The Chestnuts, Adelaide Road, Surbiton. 
Le Bas, 1884. 3, IV(b)— 1886.1, R(a). In a Solicitor's office in Calcutta. 

Frere, Lionel Robert Temple, b. Dec. 10, 1870, son of late R. T. 
Frere, Esq., 143, Harley Street, London, W. 
Trevelyan, I884.3, II.— 5 p. XXII. 1887. 

öascoyne, Edward Buckner, b. Oct. 9, 1872, son of W. W. Gascoyne, 
Esq., J.P. for Kent, The Lawn, Sittingbourne. 
Coivin, I884.3, III.— 1886.1, III. 

Digitized by 



Gepp, Nicholas Melvill, b. May 27, 1871, son of Rev. N. P. Jepp, 
Witchingham V., near Norwich. 
Trevelyan, 1884. 3, II.— 1 p. 

Harbord, Cecil Edward, b. Jan. 31, 1871, son of Hon. and Rev. 
J. Harbord, Morden College, Blackheath. 
Lawrence, 1884-3, R(a). — 

Howard, Joseph, b. Jan. 12, 1871, son of J. Howard, Esq., M.P., 
The Green, Tottenham, Middlesex. 

Trevelyan, 1884. 3, IV.— Leader of Choir. Treble Solo, 1885. Quartett 

1885. 2nd XI. 1887. 

Howorth, Henry Godfrey, b. June 6, 1870, son of Henry H. 
Howorth, M.P., F.S.A., 9, Hereford Square, 
London, W. 

Melvill, I88I3, L.M.ii(b).— 

Hunt, Leonard Chalmers, b. Jan. 29, 1871, son of J. Hunt, Esq., 

Chadwell, Ware, Herts. 
Highfield, I884.3, IV.— 
Jackson, Hugh Grieve, b. March 16, 1870, son of Rev. Canon 

G. Jackson, The Parsonage, Leith, N.B. 

Colvin, 1884.3, L.M.i(a).— 1 p. 

Johnson, Bernard Marr, b. May 26, 1871, son of the late M. 
Johnson, Esq., 3, Sussex Square, Hyde Park. 

Batten, 1884.3, R.— 2 p. 

Johnson, Cuthbert Francis, b. Sept. 26, 1871, sonof C. J. Johnson, 
Esq., Oakwood, Croft, near Darlington. 

Bartle Frere, 1884. 3, III.— 1 p. 

King, Godfrey James, b. Oct. 29, 1870, son of Rev. J. R. King, 
Fellow and Tutor of Oriel, S. Peter's V., The 
Parks, Oxford. 

Hailey, I884.3, U.M.ii(b).— 

Kershaw, John Crampton Wilkinson, b. Feb. 19, 1871, son of the 
Rev. G. S. W. Kershaw, Rector of Fledborough, 
Newark, Notts. 

Hailey, 1884. 3, R(b).— 1886.2, L.M.ii(b). Left from ill-health. Engineering. 

Lewis, Guy Montgomery, b. Oct. 30, 1870, son of C. G. M. Lewis, 
Esq., Wingham, Sandwich, Kent. 
Thoraason, 1884 3, IV.— 
Lyon, A. W. C, b. Nov. 1870, son of Mrs. Lyon, Kirkmichael, 
Thomason, I884.3, II.— 1886.2, IV. In Germany. 

Macgregor, Philip Melvill, b. Oct. 14, 1870, son of Major C. A. 
Macgregor, 116, Lexham Gardens, South 
Kensington, London, S.W. 

Hailey, I884.3, M.L.M.ii.— 1886.3, M.V.2. Reading for the Army. 

Mildred, Daniel, b. Nov. 19, 1870, son of D. Mildred, Esq., Preston 
House, Cirencester. 
Bartle Frere, 1884. 3, R,— 

Digitized by 



Hills, Henry Percival, b. Oct. 3, 1870, son of the Rev. W. W. 
Mills, Aylmerton R., Norwich. 
Thomason, 1884. 3, R(b).— 

Noame, Austin, b. Jan. 8, 1871, son of Mrs. Neame, 8, Hartfield 
Square, Eastbourne, Sussex. 
Trevelyan, I884.3, IV.— 

Probyn, Hubert Edmund Hamilton, b. Feb. 11, 1871, son of J. W. 
Probyn, Esq., Oakfield, Three Bridges, Sussex. 
Colvin, 1884.3, R.— 1 p. 

Sobinson, Wilfrid Martin, b. Aug. 1872, son of A. W. Robinson, 
Esq., 20, S. Paul's Road, Manningham, Brad- 
ford, Yorkshire. 
Balten, 18813, IL— 1887.1, R. 
Sobinson, John Charles Reynolds, b. Aug. 1870, son of Mrs. 
Robinson, 4, The Crescent, Norwich. 
Melvill, I884.3, III.— 1886. 1, IV. 

Surtees, Charles Henry, b. Dec. 7, 1870, son of Rev. R. Surtees, 
Holtby R., York. 
Bartle Frere, 1884. 3. L.M.L— 1 p. 

Tanner, Archibald Godwyn, b. April, 1871, son of R. C. Tanner, 

Esq., M.R.C.S., Eastern Lodge, Kempsey, 

Melvill, I884.3, IL— 
Toller, George Reginald, b. Dec. 31, 1870, son of Charles George 

Toller, Esq., 7, Oakhill Park, Hampstead, 


Le Bas, I884.3, IV.— 

Trevor, Arthur Herbert, b. Sept. 20, 1870, son of Rev. G. A. 
Trevor, 48, Queen's Gardens, Lancaster Gate, 
London, W. 
Lawrence, 1884.3, R.— 1887.1, V.i. 2 p. 

Turnbnll, Lindsay, b. Nov. 14, 1870, son of A. H. Turnbull, Esq., 
The Elms, Edinburgh. 
Thomason, 1884. 3, III.— x p. 

Walton, Harry Boughey, b. April 2, 1871, son of H. W. Walton, 
Esq., 10, Palace Road, Surbiton. 
Le Bas, I88I3, L.M.L— 

Warner, Richard Crom well, b. March 16, 1872, son of Rev. R. 
Warner, Snitterby R., Kirton-in-Lindsey, E. 
Thomason, 1884 3, R.— Junior Seh. 1885. x p. 

Wetherell, Raymond Edward Cordeux, b. Oct. 13, 1871, son of the 
late Rev. J. C. Wetherell, Vicar of S. Peter's, 
Brockley. Address, 56, Wickham Road, 
Brockley, S.E. 
Le Bas, 1884. 3, II.— 1886. 3, L.M.Ü. qrd set Gymnastic prize. Leader of 
Choir. Preparing for Royal Naval Engineers. 

Digitized by V^iOCK? IC 


Wüloughby, Roland MofFatt Perowne, b. Sept. 9, 1870, son of 
Henry Wüloughby, Esq., 32, Montagu Square, 
London, W. 
Bauen, 1884. 3, IV.— 3 p. 

Wimbuah, Geoffry Vernon Barnes, b. Nov. 2, 1870, son of Barnes 
Wimbush, Esq., Lyonsdown, New Barnet, 
Mclvill, 1884.3, HL— 
Young, Walter Capel, b. Jan. 17, 187 1, son of late H. Young, 
Esq., Frittenden Lodge, Grange Road, East- 
Highfield, 1884-3, M.L.M.Ü.— 1 p. Sa. 


Alexander, William Henry, b. May 6, 1871, son of W. Alexander, 
Esq., Henley Road, Ipswich. 
Edmonstone, 1885.1, III.— 1 p. 

Aroher, Alfred German, b. Dec. 6, 1872, son of T. G. Archer, Esq., 
Hazeldean, Malvern. 
Batten, 1885.1, II.— 

Brierley, Edward Edelsten, b. June 27, 1872, son of C. E. Brierley, 
Esq., The Oakenrod, Rochdale. 
Colvin, 1885.1, II.— 
Causton, Charles Guy, b. May, 1871, son of Rev. C. P. Causton, 
Stretton R., Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucester- 
Bartle Frere. I886.1, R.— 2nd XI. 1887. 

Chamley, Charles Braithwaite, b. Feb. 7, 1871, son of Captain 
Chamley, Warcop House, Fenrith, Westmore- 
Hailey. I886.1, M.R.— 1887.1, M.L.M.Ü. 

Debenham, Frederick Kearsey, b. Nov. 1871, son of R. Debenham, 
Esq., Heath House, Stepney. 
Hailey, 1885.x, III.— 

Denys, Montagu, b. March 14, 1871, son of the late E. L. Denys, 
Esq., The Hyde, Ingatestone, Essex. 
Highfield, 1885.1, R(a).-1886. 3 , R. 
Drew, Herbert Bernard, b. Aug. 1871, son of Mrs. Drew, Essendene, 
Caterham, Surrey. 
Bauen. 1885.x, II. 

Eames, Henry Leslie, b. Aug. 11, 1871, son of the late Henry 
Eames, Esq., M.D., Netherton, Guildford. 
Bartle Frere, 1886.x, III.— 

Peilding, Rowland Charles, b. May 18, 1871, son of the Hon. 
and Rev. C. W. A. Feilding, Stapleton R. f 
Trevelyan, 1885.1, L.M.i(b).— 

Digitized by 



Finch, Alfred, b. Oct. nth, 1870, son of P. Finch, Esq., Hurst 
Grove, Twyford, Berks. 
Lawrence, 1886.1, IV.— XXII. 1887. 

Hamilton, Keith Randolph, b. Feb. 28, 1871, son of Lieut.-Gen. 
H. M. Hamilton, C.B., 1, Alfred Place West, 
South Kensington, S.W. 
Colvin, I886.1, R.— 

Humphrys, Llewellyn Winter, b. Nov. 28, 1871, son of J. W. 
Humphrys, Esq., Berkeley Villa, Berkeley 
Street, Cheltenham. 
Melvill, 1885.1, IL— 2 p. 

Irvine, Andrew Alexander, b. Sept. 28, 1871, son of O. B. Irvine, 
Esq., Judge in Civil Service, 37, Arundel 
Gardens, W. 
Trevelyan, 1886. 1, R.— 1 p. 

King, Norman Carew, b. Feb. 1 871, son of Mrs. King, 52, Brunswick 
Gardens, Brighton. 
Trevelyan, 1885.1, R.— Bugler 1887. 

Latham, Hugh Alison, b. Dec. 8, 1871, son of Col. H. Latham, 
Fahan, Londonderry, Ireland. 
Thomason, I886.1, IV(b).— 

Leggatt, Ernest Ralph, b. Sept. 9, 1870, son of R. S. Leggatt, Esq., 
M.D., Eastry, near Sandwich, Kent. 
Melvill, I886.1, III.— 
Lightfoot, John Prideaux Weston, b. Aug. 4, 1871, son of Rev. 
G. H. Lightfoot, The Vicarage, Pickering, 
Colvin, 1885.1, IV.— 

M ansei- Jones, Conwyn, b. June 14, 1871, son of H. R. Mansel- 
fones, Esq., 4, Southwell Gardens, Soulh 
Kensington, S.W. 
Balten, I886.1, IV(b).— 

Marsh, Guy d'Este, b. June 20, 1871, son of Rev. W. Marsh, Manor 
House, Wethersfield, near Braintree, Essex. 
Colvin, I886.1, III.— 1887.2, R. 
Mitford, Percy Nugent, b. May, 1871, son of Major Mitford, 
1 8, Harborne Row, Edgbaston, Birmingham. 
Batten, 1885.1, IL— 1886.3, III. 
Moffltt, Frederick William, b. June 14, 1872, son of late Surgeon- 
Major Moffitt, A.M.D., 3, Rockstone Place, 
Lawrence, 1886.x, M.R.— 

Palmer, Harry Butler Hardinge, b. March 22, 1872, son of Colonel 
H. S. Palmer, R.E., 5, St. Helen's Park Crescent, 
East Southsea, Hants. 
Hailey, 1886.1, M.IIL— 

Digitized by 


2 1 6 HAILE YßUR V REGISTER. 1W5. i. 

Pitter, Robert Alfred, b. Dec. 10, 1871, son of J. Pitter, Esq., 
Wonston, Micheldever, Hants. 
Thomason, 1885.1, L.M.Ü.— 1886.2, L.M.i. 

Philips, Fredryck van Courtlands, b. Oct. 29, 1870, son of Mrs. 
Philips, 23, Longton Grove, Sydenham, S.E. 
Bartle Freie, 1885.1, M.IV.— 1887.1, M.L.M.Ü. 

Beade, George Percy, b. May 18, 1870, son of H. L. Reade, Esq., 
West Street, Congleton, Cheshire. 
Trevelyan. 1885.1, IV.— 

Bobinaon, Lewis Watson, b. April 21, 1871, son of A. W. Robinson, 
Esq., 20, S. Paul's Road, Manningham, 
Bradford, Yorkshire. 
Balten, 1985.1, IL— 1887.x, R(a). 

Swift, Thomas Randall, b. April 22, 1871, son of J. T. Swift, Esq., 
The Woodlands, East Sheen, Surrey. 
Bauen, 1885.x. IV(b). 

Thomson, John Alexander, b. Feb. 21, 1872, son of Capt. A. 
Thomson, 20, Delamere Crescent, Paddington. 
Lawrence, 1885.1, IIL— 1887.2, L.M.Ü. 

Turner, Francis, b. Oct. 2, 1870, son of the late H. Turner, Esq., 
4, Brigstock Road, Thornton Heath, near 
Croydon, Surrey. 
Bartle Frere, 1885.1, IV.— 

Walker, Harry Grenville, b. Jan. 14, 1870, son of the late T. S. 
Walker, Esq., Maunby Hall, Thirsk, Yorkshire. 
Edmonstone, 1885.x, M. IIL— 1886. 3, M.R. 

Williamson, Percy Mason, b. Nov. 9, 1 87 1, son of E. W. Williamson, 
Esq., 17, Westbourne Terrace Road, Padding- 
ton, W. 
Edmonstone, 1885.x, IL— 
Wimbnsh, Christopher, b. Dec. 31, 1870, son of Rev. Samuel 
Wimbush, Terrington R., York. 
Melvill, 1885.1, IIL— 1886.3, IV. Afterwards at Rossall. 
Wright, Alfred M., b. Aug. 1870, son of the late Rev. H. Wright, 
Secretary of C.M.S., The Heath, Hampstead, 
Le Bas, 1885.x, IV.-I886.2, IV. 


Attlee, Robert Bravery, b. July 7, 1871, son of H. Attlee, Esq., 
Westcott, Portinscale Road, Putney, S.W. 
Lawrence, 1886. 2, L.M.i. 
Barker, Elliot Francis, b. April 18, 1871, son of Rev. J. T. Barker, 
Rushden R., Higham Ferrers, Northampton. 
Trevelyan, 1886.2, R.— 1 p. 

Digitized by 




Barkley, Macdonald, b. April 26, 1870, son of H. C. Barkley, Esq., 
Arlington, Bibury, Fairford, Gloucestershire. 
Hailey, 1885.2, III.— 2 p. 

Bawtree, Hugh Francis, b. July 30, 1871, son of F. P. Bawtree, 
Esq., Batsford, Witham, Essex. 

Hailey, I88B.2, R.— 

Bevan, Stanley Charles Henry, b. July 28, 1871, son of Rev. C. M. 
Bevan, 38, Orsett Terrace, Hyde Park, W. 
Trevelyan, 1885.2, L.M.ii(a).— 

Binny, Stewart Scott, b. July 1, 1871, son of the late John Binny, 
Esq., 10, Queen's Gate Place, South Ken- 
sington, London, S.W. 
Melvill, 1885.2, III.— 2 p. 

Boulton, Reginald, b. July 7, 1871, son of the late C. G. Boulton, 
Esq., Barns Lodge, Hemel Hempstead, Herts. 
Barde Frere, 1885.2, III.— 1 p. 

Beyd, Frederick Kennedy, b. April 9, 1872, son of James Boyd, 
Esq., 4, Moray Place, Edinburgh. 
Thomason, 1885.2, L.M.i(a).— Junior Seh. 1885. 

Bradford, Edward Chaloner, b. Aug. 6, 1871, son of the late Col. 
W. J. Bradford, 40, Norfolk Street, London, W. 
Le Bas, 1885.2, U.M.IL— 

Brass, Cyril Herbert, b. Jan. 7, 1872, son of Rev. J. Brass, St. 
Vincent's, Guildford. 
Hailey, 1885.2, R.— 

Bnrder, Reginald Edward Campbell, b. April 8, 1871, son of Rev. 
C. S. Burder, Ham Rectory, Hungerford. 
Lawrence, 1886.2, L.M.ii(b).— - 

Cleaver, Arthur Harris, b. Oct. 26, 1872, son of R. S. Cleaver, 
Esq., 12, Haymans Green, West Derby, 
Bauen, 1885.2, HL— 

Connolly, Matthew William Kemble, b. Feb. 13, 1872, son of 
Admiral M. Connolly, 20, Marlborough Build- 
ings, Bath. 
Hailey, 1885.2, L.M.ii(a).— x p. 

Cnrtis, Lionel George, b. March 7, 1872, son of Rev. G. J. Curtis, 
Coddington R., Ledbury, Herefordshire. 
Le Bas, 1885.2, R(b).— 4 P- 

De Riva«, Frank John, b. Oct. 12, 1871, son of Victor C. de Rivaz, 
Esq., Northbrook House, 4, Grove Road, St. 
John's Wood, London, N.W. 
Hatten, 1885.2, II.* x p. 

Dibblee, Frederick Lewis, b. Feb. 16, 1872, son of F. L. Dibblee, 
Esq., 125, Ladbroke Grove, Notting Hill, 
London, W. 
Hailey, 1885.2.2, M.L.M.U.— Junior Seh. 2885. 1 p. D. 

Digitized by 



Eden, Archibald James Fergusson, b. Jan. 20, 1872, son of Lieut.- 
Col. A. D. Eden, Beaufort House, Winchester. 
Batten, 1885.2, IV.— 

Fellows, Evelyn Spencer, b. June 20, 1871, son of Rev. S. Fellows, 
Pulham R., Harleston, Norfolk. 
Melvill, I886.2, Classical III.— 

Graham, Henry Gordon, b. May, 1871, son of Henry William 
Graham, Esq., Surgeon-Major retired, Manor 
House, Barnes, S.W. 
Le Bas, 1885.2, III.— 1887.2, L.M.i(b). 
Halsey, Lawrence Edward, b. April 2, 1871, son of E. J. Halsey, 
Esq., J.P., 2, Stanwick Road, West Kensington, 
London, W. 
Batten, 1886.2, L.M.ii.— Senior Seh. 1887. 2 p. 

Hancock, Percy Bosworth, b. Aug. 1871, son of Col. Hancock, St. M. 
M. Parsonage, St. LeonardVon-Sea, Sussex. 
Thomason, I886.2, R.— 

Hay, Westwood Norman, b. Oct. 7, 1871, son of Col. C. Hay, 
Christ's Hospital, London. 
Hailey, 1886.2, IV{b).— 3 p. 

Hendey, Cyril Wolferstan, b. May 30, 1872, son of Rev. A. De M. 
Hensley, Haileybury College, Herts. 
Trevelyan, 1886. 2, FL— Junior Seh. 1886. 1 p. 

Hewett, Wilfrid Percy, b. March 2, 1872, son of W. Hewett, Esq., 
Oatlands Park, Weybridge. 
Colvin, I886.2, L.M.H.— 
Eollebone, Oswald Francis, b. Sept. 4, 1872, son of W. J. Holle- 
bone, Esq., Lymwood, St. John's Road, East 
Putney, Surrey. 
Bartle Freie. I886.2, III.— 

Holt, Cameron Otway, b. Oct. 1872, care of Rev. William Cooley, 
Ponteland V., Newcastle-on-Tyne. 
Edmonstone, 1886. 2, III. — z p. 

Howard, Frederick George, b. January iq, 1872, son of Major F. 

Howard, R.A., 37, Victoria Road, Old Charlton, 

Edmonstone, I886.2, M.III.— 
Howes, Henry Douglas, b. March 29, 1872, son of the late W. 

Howes, Esq., 45, Hamilton Terrace, St. John's 


Le Bas, I886.2, R(b).— 

Jobling, George Cruddas, b. Aug. 17, 1871, son of the Rev. F. R. 
Jobling, Great Comberton R., Pershore. 
Hailey, 1835.2, III.— 

Look, Frederick Heatfield, b. Nov. 8, 1871, son of Major F. E. 
Lock, Hilary House, Axminster, Devon. 
Melvül. 1886.2, R(b).— 

Digitized by 



Mead, Percy James, b. Nov. 15, 1871, son of Mrs. Mead, 10, Brook- 
side, Cambridge. 

Trevelyan, 1885.2, L.M.L— Senior Seh. 1887. 2 p. 

Moore, Alexander Duff, b. March 15, 1872, son of Rev. Canon C. 
Moore, The Rectory, Michelstown, Co. Cork. 
Bartle Frere, 1885.2, II.— 
Helson, William Eraest, b. Nov. 7, 1870, care of L. W. Bicknell, 
Esq., Arden House, Henley-in-Arden, War- 
Highficld, I886.2, IV.— 

Oldfield, Frederick Biscoe, b. April 7, 1871, son of the Rev. G. 
Biscoe Oldfield, Sedgehill R., Shaftesbury. 
Lc Bas, 1885.2, U.M.ii(a).— 

Porter, Cyril Lachlan, b. June 4, 1872, son of F. Porter, Esq., 50, 
Lexham Gardens, Cromwell Road, Kensington, 
Lawrence, 1885.2, R(b).— 

Preston, Ernest Fortescue, b. Nov. 16, 1872, son of B. Preston, 
Esq., North End, Lowestoft, Suffolk. 
Bartle Frere, 1885.2, I.— 
Probyn, Wilfred Julian Noel, b. June 29, 1872, son of J. W. Probyn, 
Esq., Oakfield, Crawley, Sussex. 
Colvin, 1885.2, III.— Leader of Choir. Treble Solo 1887. 

Pyper, Ernest Theodore, b. Nov. 6, 1871, son of Rev. T. Pyper, 
New Radford V., Nottingham. 
Batten, 1885.2, L.M.Ü.— 

Raikes, Charles F., b. Oct. 1871, son of Rev. C. H. Raikes, Chilton 
V., Chippenham, Wilts. 
MelviU, 1885.2, M.IIL— 1886.2, M.IV. O.M.C. Cowley. 

Robertson, Struan, b. Nov. 24, 1871, son of S. Robertson, Esq., 
147, King Henry* s Road, S. John's Wood, 
Thomason, 1885.2, III.— 

Robertson, William Woodward, b. Nov. 24, 1871, son of W. S. 
Robertson, Esq., 147, King Henris Road, 


Thomason, 1885.2, III. — 1 p. 

Bidout, George Harold, b. July 22, 1871, son of Rev. J. D. Ridout 
Little Canfield Rectory, Dunmow, Essex. 
Edmonstone, 1885.2, R(b).— 

Bivington, Henry Gibson, b. Oct. 1 3, 1 872, son of Walter Rivington, 
Esq., F.R.C.S., 22, Finsbury Square, E.C. 
Hailey, 1885.2, R(b).— 3 p. 

Sanderson, Anthony Ambrose, b. August 21, 1871, son of John 
Sanderson, Esq., 7, Sandringham Gardens, 
Ealing, Middlesex. 
Le Bas, 1885.2, IV(a).— 

Digitized by 


220 HAILE YBÜR Y REGISTER. 1885. a. 

Shaw, William, b. Aug. 14, 1871, son of J. Shaw, Esq., The Knoll, 
Bickley Park, Kent. 
Melvill, I886.2, III. — 
Smith, Geoffrey Samuel, b. Dec. 30, 1871, son of Rev. Albert 
Smith, Wendover, Tring. 
Edmonstone, 1885.2, IV.— 

Stanford, William, b. Oct. 1871, son of W. Stanford, Esq., Cross- 
borough House, Bromley, Kent. 
Le Bas, 1886.2, IL— 1886.2, IL 

Staveley, Henry Collingwood, b. July 5, 1871, son of General Sir 
Charles Staveley, G.C.B., 9, Lennox Gardens, 
Pont Street, S.W. 
Highfield, 1886.2, IV. R.— 1 p. 

Steward, Ralph Oliver, b. May 15, 1871, son of J. C. T. Steward, 
Esq., Money Hill House, Mill End, Rick- 
mansworth, near Watford. 
Edmonstone, I886.2, III.— 

Steward, Russell Godfrey, b. August 19, 187 1, son of C. R. Steward, 
Esq., Graham House, Ipswich. 
Colvin, 1885.2, L.M.Ü.— 

Sweet, Edward Herbert, b. June 1, 1871, son of Rev. G. Sweet, 
Broadleigh, Wellington, Somerset. 
Le Bas, I886.2, IV.— Various prizes in 2nd set, Athletics 1887. 

Wadsworth, Frederick Arthur, b. June 26, 1871, son of Frederic 
Wadsworth, Esq., Newlands, The Park, Notting- 
ham. Address, S. Michaers, Ashford, Staines. 
Balten, 1885.2, IL — 

Warburton, Robert Francis, b. Nov. 1871, son of Major R. 
Warburton, B.S.C., Political Officer, Fort 
Jumrud, Peshawur, Punjaub, India. 
Trevelyan, 1885.2, M.IIL— 
Warden, Hugh Fawcett, b. March 10, 1871, son of Thomas 
Fawcett Warden, Esq., Lowfields, Kirkby 
Lonsdale, Westmoreland. 
Trevelyan, 1886.2, M.R.— 
Workman, Charles Douglas, b. Nov. 1871, son of C. J. Workman, 
Esq., M.D., Titherley, Teignmouth, S. Devon. 
Melvill, 1885.2, IV.— 1886.1, IV. 


Allen, Robert Basil, b. Jan. 7, 1872, son of Robert Allen, Esq., 
Greenstead Hall, Halstead, Essex. 
Edmonstone, 1886. 3, IL— 1 p. 

Back, Walter Herbert, b. November 29, 1871, son of H. Back, Esq., 
Hethersett Hall, Wymondham, Norfolk. 
Hatten, I886.3, IV(a).— 

Digitized by 



Barr, Henry Keith, b. Aug. 20, 1872, son of Major K. Barr, care 
of H. S. King & Co., 45, Pall Mall. Address, 
Apsley, East Grinstead, Sussex. 
Hailey, 1886. 3. R.— 
Brown, Frank Russell, b. March 24, 1872, son of Colonel F. D. M. 
Brown, V.C., Bengal Staff Corps, P.W.D., 
Lucknow, India. Address, Gordon House, 
Ham Common, Richmond. 
Colvin, 1886.3, M.IV.— 

Coulson, Herbert Arthur Blenkinsopp, b. Aug. 29, 1871, son of Rev. 
A. B. Coulson, Carham V., Coldstream, N.B. 
Melvill, 1886.3, IV(b).— 

Cunningham, Edward Charles, b. Aug. 1, 1872, son of Rev. E. J. 
Cunningham, Kingfs School, Peterborough. 
Lawrence, 1886.3, L.M.L-— Seh. 1885. 5 p. 

Dashwood, Claude Burrand Lewes, b. Oct. 30, 1872, son of Rev. 
R. L. Dashwood, Sherfield R., Romsey, Hants. 
Hailey, I886.3, IV.— 1 p. 

Dickinson, Charles Henry, b. June 30, 1871, son of C. H. 
Dickinson, Esq., J.P., The Elms, Torrs Park, 
Ilfracombe, N. Devon. 
Melvill, I886.3, R(a).— 3 p. 

Drammond, William Herbert, b. Dec. 29, 1871, son of W. V. Drum- 
mond, Esq., 28, Carlton Crescent, Southampton. 
Lawrence, I886.3, M.R.— 

Dumaresq, Robert Hare Fitzroy, b. Dec. 20, 1871, son of Col. H. 
W. H. D. Dumaresq, Haverholme, Appleby, 

Le Bas, I885.3, R(a). 1 p. 

Dnnlop, Walter, b. Aug. 2, 1871, son of C. W. Dunlop, Esq., 
Rysworth Hall, Bingley, Yorkshire. 
Edmonstone, 1886. 2, IV.— 
Eastley, John Beckley, b. May 14, 1872, son of Y. Eastley, Esq., 
The Quarry, Paignton, S. Devon. 
Melvill, 1885.3, M.III.— 1 p. 

Farrington, Henry Anthony, b. Oct. 1, 1871, son of W. H. Far- 
rington,Esq., M.D., The Moat, Penshurst, Kent. 
Bartle Frere, 1886. 3, L.M.ii(b).— z p. 

Flint, Charles Stephen, b. June 24, 1871, son of R. W. Flint, Esq., 
9, St. George's Place, Canterbury. 
Highfield, I886.3, M.IV.-1887.I, M.R. 
Foster, Gerald Harman, b. Sept. 1872, son of R. B. C. Foster, 
Esq., 5, Cleveland Terrace, Hyde Park, W. 
Highfield, I886.3, R(a).— 
Frend, Edwin George Cliiford, b. May 30, 1871, son of E. Frend, 
Esq., 33, Sussex Square, Brighton. 
Thomason, I886.3, L.M.ii.— 

Digitized by 



Oee, Arthur Huddieston, b. July 14, 1872, son of Rev. W. Gee, 
Waterden Place, London Road, Guildford. 

Hailey, I886.3, R.— 

Gordon, Charles Cecil, b. Sept. 29, 1871, son of Lieut.-Col. J. 
H. Gordon, 23rd Madras Light Infantry. 
care of H. M. Gordon, Esq., The Court- 
yard, Eltham, Kent. 
Lawrence, 1885.3, R.— 1887.2, M.R. 

Green, Arthur Chamberlain, b. Nov. 24, 1871, son of Rev. T. 
Green, Stanbridge V., Leighton Buzzard, 
Edmonstone, 1886. 3, IV.— 

Henry, Arthur Robert, b. Sept. 2, 1872, son of Hugh Henry, Esq., 
Naas, Ireland. 
Colvin, 1886. 3, III.— 

Holford, Graham Charles, b. March 15, 1872, son of G. Holford, 
Esq., 3, Holford Road, Hampstead. 
Le Bas, I886.3, III.— 

Jackson, Mowbray, b. March 20, 1872, son of Rev. Canon Jackson, 
The Parsonage, Leith, N.B. 
Colvin, I886.3, L.M.Ü.— 

Jenner, Hugh Cecil Robert Francis, b. July 13, 1872, son of H. 
Jenner, Esq., J.P., D.L., Vennwood, Hereford. 
Bartle Frere, 1886, R(b).— x p. 

Ringsford, Douglas Hollinshead, b. June, 1871, son of the late D. 
Kingsford, Esq., 62, Philbeach Gardens, S.W. 

Bartle Frere, 1886. 3, L.M.i(a).— Senior Seh. 1887. 2 p. 

Kitson, William Edmonstone, b. Aug. 10, 1871, son of Rev. J. F. 
Kitson, Antony V., Devonport. 
Bauen, 1886. 3, R.— 

Knatchbull, Reginald Norton, b. Feb. 7, 1872, son of Col. Norton 
Knatchbull, Clatford Manor, Andover, Hants. 
Melvill, I886.3, L.M.i(b).— 

Le Fann, Francis Lewen, b. July, 1871, son of W. R. Le Fanu, 
Esq., Summer Hill, Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow. 
Trevelyan, I886.3, III.— 

Lucas, Herbert Scott, b. April 22, 1872, son of H. Lucas, Esq., 
Batten, I886.3, III.— 3 p. 

Martin, Angus Ronald, b. Sept. 1871, son of S. N. Martin, Esq., 
35, Brunswick Square, Brighton. 
Bartle Frere, I886.3, L.M.i(b).— 1 p. 

Kanley, William Edward, b. Dec. 8, 1871, son of late W. L. Manley, 
Esq., 28, Elsham Road, Kensington, W. 
Thomason, I886.3. M.R.— 

Digitized by 


1885.3. HA1LEYBURY REGISTER. 2 2$ 

Mather, Frederick H. V., b. Sept. 1871, son of Rev. Canon Mather, 
S. Paul's Lodge, Clifton, Bristol. 
Trevdyan, I886.3, L.M.i.— 1886.2, U.M.ii. 

Honckton, Frank Parr, b. Feb. 1871, son of William Monckton, 
Esq., Heron Court, Rugeley, Staffordshire. 
Hailey, 1885.3, IV.— 1887.1, U.M.ii(a). 

Hewton, Percy Walter, b. Sept. 14, 187 1, son of W. J. Newton, Esq., 
Twyford, Winchester. 
Balten, 1885.3, III.— 

Palmer, Charles Alfred Spencer, b. Dec. 17, 1873, son of Col. H. 
S. Palmer, R.E., 5, S. Helen's Crescent, East 
Southsea, Hants. 
Hailey, I886.3, M.IIL— 

Payne Gallwey, Albert Philip, b. December 13, 1871, son of P. 
Payne Gallwey, Esq., Pilmoor, Helperby, York- 
Trevdyan, I885.3, M.IV.— 

Eoberts, Cyril, b. Sept. 25, 1871, son of C. Roberts, Esq., Dragon- 
field, Uxbridge. 
Colvin, I886.3, IV(a).— 

Bobinson, George Villiers, b. Jan. 14, 1872, son of Rev. T. Robinson, 
Ewshot Hurst, Farnham, Surrey. 
Bauen, I886.3, L.M.Ü.— 
Eutherford, Arthur E., b. May, 1872, son of H. Rutherford, Esq., 
Tovil House, Ealing. 
Colvin, I885.3, L.M.Ü.-I886.3, L.M.Ü. 
Sanderson, Frank Tom, b. Nov. 11, 1871, son of Lieut.-Col. H. B. 
Sanderson, Brooklands, Dartford, Kent. 
Thomason, I886.3, M.III.— 

Scott, William, b. Nov. 21, 1871, sonof Capt. W. Scott, East Limes, 
Putney, S.W. 
Hailey, 1885. 3, M.1V.— 
Stubbs, Arthur Goodwin, b. Tan. 1871, son of A. Stubbs, Esq., 
Sherwood Rise, Nottingham. 
Balten, I885.3, IV(a).— and XI. 1887. 1 p. 

Thompson, William Graham, b. Aug. 1872, son of W. F. Thompson, 
Esq., 44, Russell Road, Kensington, W. 
Thomason, I886.3, III.— 

Thornton, Spencer Ruthven, b. Aug. 1871, son of Rev. G. R. 
Thornton, 26, Addison Road, Kensington, W. 
BartleFrere, 1886.3, IV. -1887.x, L.M.i. 
Ware, Martin Stewart, b. Dec. 4, 1871, son of M. Ware, Esq., 
10, Astwood Road, S. Kensington, London. 
Trevelyan, 1885. 3, L.M.Ü.— 

Way, Lewis Charles, b. May 28, 1872, son of B. H. W. Way, Esq., 
Denham Place, Weybridge. 
Melvill, I886.3, M.IIL— 

Digitized by 



Western, Arthur Robert, b. Sept. 1871, son of G. Western, Esq. f 
Ravensbourne, Shortlands, Kent. 
Highfield, I886.3, III.— 1887.1, R. 

Winter, Frank Newnham, b. December 28, 1871, son of J. W. 
Winter, Esq., 28, Montpellier Road, Brighton. 
Le Bas, 1885.3, R.— 


Argles, Cecil George, b. Feb. 10, 1872, son of Rev. G. M. Argles, 
St. Mar/s R., York. 
Batten, 1886. 1, L.M.ii.— 

Bowdoin, Harry Winthrop Courtenay, b. March 27, 1872, son of 
James Bowdoin, Esq., 6, Montpellier Terrace, Brighton. 
Thomason, 1886. 1, MX. M. iL— Junior Seh. 1886. 2 p. Sa, Ha. 

Broadriok, Richard Wilfred, b. April, 1872, son of Lieut. R. F. 
Broadrick, R.N., The Wood, Windermere. 
Batten, 1886. 1, M.IV.— Leader of Choir. 

Cameron, Ewen Norman Hay, b. Dec. 9, 1872, son of E. H. 
Cameron, Esq., Highfield, Lymington, Hants. 
Lawrence, 1886.1, M.IV.— 

Dannt, Richard Algernon Craigie, b. Oct. 1872, son of the late 
Col. Daunt, Lyncote, Parkstone, Dorset. 

Hailey, I886.1, M.III. 

Fenning, Richard Robert, b. July, 1872, son of G. D. Fenning, 
Esq., Cläre Lodge, Park Hill, Clapham, S.W. 
Melvill, I686.1, R(a).— 

Fenning, Frederick William, b. Nov. 24, 1872, son of J. Fenning, 
Esq., The Mill Cottage, Woodford, Essex. 
Thomason, 1886. i, III.— 

Finch, Clement Robert, b. Aug. 1872, son of Rev. G. Finch, 
Leverstock Green V., Hemel Hempstead. 
Bartle Frere, 1886.1, IV(b).— 

Füher, Edward Montague, b. Jan. 13, 1872, son of H. W. Fisher, 
Esq., Whitley Ridge, Brockenhurst, Hants. 
Bartle Frere, I886.1, IV(a).— 1 p. 

Oascoyne, Frederic Kelly, b. June 21, 187 1, son of W. W. Gascoyne, 
Esq., J.P., The Lawn, Sittingbourne, Kent. 
Colvin, I886.1, III.— 1887.x, M.IV. 

Orant, Herbert Stanley, b. May 31, 1872, son of Rev. H. C. Grant, 
Chilbolton R., Stockbridge, Hants. 
Edmonstone, 1886. 1, II.— 1. p. 

Harrison, Alfred Frank, b. June 25, 1872, son of A. Harrison, 
Esq., Chesney Wold, Weybridge, Surrey. 
Edmonstone, 1886.1, IV.— 

Digitized by 



Jackson, George Erskine, b. March 13, 1872, son of J. R. Jackson, 
Esq., M.D., Kirkbuado House, Kirkbuddo, 
Lawrence, 1886. 1, L.M.ii. — 1 p. 

Kirby, Stewart R., b. Oct. 1873, son of F. H. Kirby, Esq., C.E., 
Ruthin, N. Wales. 
Colvin, 1886.1, III.— 1886.1, III. 

Knapp, Robert Bruce, b. July 2, 1871, son of M. Knapp, Esq., 
Linford Hall, Newport Pagneil, Bucks. 
Lawrence, 1886. 1, IV.— 1887.2, R. 

Lacy, Francis Brandon, b. Jan. 25, 1872, son of C. J. Lacy, Esq , 
28, Belsize Park, N.W. 
Edmonstone, 1886. 1, M.III.— 

Lacy, Ralph Bernard, b. Feb. 1873, son of C. J. Lacy, Esq., 28, 
Belsize Park, N.W. 
Edmonstone, 1886. 1, M.III.— 

Lawrance, Alban Edward, b. June 23, 1872, son of Ven. Arch- 
deacon Lawrance, The Kectory, S. Albans. 
Hailey, 1886. 1, R.— 

Longe, Francis Edward Guy, son of Rev. J. Longe, Sternfield R., 
Saxmundham, Suffolk. 
Thomason, 1886. 1, R(a).— 1 p. 

Matthew, Gerard Walter, b. Oct. 25, 1871, son of Ven. Archdeacon 
Matthew, 26, Elsworthy Road, Primrose Hill, 
Trevelyan, 1886. 1, L.M.Ü.— Quartett 1887. 

McCansland, Cecil Frank, b. Oct. 18, 1872, son of Lieut.-Col. M. 
F. H. McCausland, Leith Fort, Edinburgh. 
Melvill, I886.1, M.R.— 

Oliver, Montague Robert, b. August 14, 1872, son of F. W. 
Oliver, Esq., Grosvenor Hill, Wimbledon, 
Melvill, I886.1, III.— 

Outram, Arthur, b. Sept. 27, 1871, son of Sir Francis Boyd Outram, 
Bart., Chachnafhaire, Pitlochry, Perthshire. 
Thomason, 1886. 1, M.IV.— 

Fellew, Fleetwood Hugo, b. Dec. 23, 1871, son of H. Pellew, Esq., 
I.C.S., Rodney House, Clifton. 
Colvin, I886.1, L.M.ii.— 

Bogers, Edward Thomas Percy, b. Aug. 8, 1872, son of E. Rogers, 
Esq., 74, Inverness Terrace, London, W. 
Le Bas, 1886. 1, III.— 

Thursby, Charles Augustus Hatton, b. Feb. 19, 1872, son of Lieut.- 
Col. R. H. Thursby. Address, Melbury Lodge, 
Colvin, I88Ö.1, M.IV.— 


Digitized by 



Tucker, Horace, b. Nov. 24, 1872, son of J. Tucker, Esq., Portnalls, 
Purley, Surrey. 
Edraonstone, 1886. i, I.— 2 p. 

Vaughan, Herbert Frederick, b. Feb. 8, 1872, son of J. H. 
Vaughan, Esq., Spencer House, Streatham 
Common, S.W. 
Melvill, I886.1, M.R.— 1 p. 

Walker, Roland Stuart, b. Oct. 1871, son of Sir G. F. R. Walker, 
Bart., Castleton, Cardiff, S. Wales. 
Colvin, 1886.1, M.IV.— 
Wardrop, Alexander Ernest, b. Sept. 1872, son of Colonel Judge- 
Advocate-General A. Wardrop, West Lodge, 
Villiers Road, Southsea, Hants. 
Highfield, 1886. 1, R(a).— 

Western, Frank, b. Oct. 1872, son of Major J. H. Western, Mount 
Arthur, Leeds Road, Harrogate. 
Thomason, I886.1, R(a).— 

Whalley, George Paul, b. August 24, 1 871, son of P. Whalley, Esq., 
10, Warwick Gardens, Kensington. 
Trevelyan, 1886.1, IV.— 3 p. 

Whalley, Francis Julian, b. Sept. 10, 1872, son of P. Whalley, Esq., 
10, Warwick Gardens, Kensington. 
Trevelyan, 1886. 1. IL— 
Willis, Francis Henry, b. April, 1872, son of W.Willis, Esq., Q.C., 
12, Northbrook Road, Lee, Kent, S.E. 
Colvin, I886.1, IV(b).— 

Worthington, John V., b. Dec. 1871, son of J. C. Worthington, 
Esq., 28, Marine Parade, S. Lowestoft. 
Hailey, 1886.1, III. — 


Barber, Alfred Stephen, b. Oct. 20, 1872, son of A. G. Barber, Esq., 
9, Queen' s Road, Tunbridge Wells. 

Hailey, I886.2, L.M.ii.— 

Barton, Robert Geoffry, b. July 12, 1872, son of R. C. Barton, Esq., 
Harberton Lodge, S. Nicholas Road, Upper 
Tooting, S.W. 
Bartle Frere, I886.2, L.M.i(a).— Junior Seh. 1886. 1 p. 

Blandy, John Carne, b. July 11, 1872, son of A. F. Blandy, Esq., 
12, Quai de la roterie, Bruges, Belgium. 
Edmonstone, 1886.2, R(b).— 1 p. 

Brown, John Kennett, b. April 3, 1873, son of J. A. Brown, Esq., 
7, Kent Gardens, Ealing. 
Melvill, I886.2, IL— 

Carr, Henry Arbuthnot, b. Sept. 2, 1872, son of Col. R. E. Carr, 
Norton Barracks, Worcester. 
Lawrence, 1886.2, R.— 

Digitized by 



Conway, Harold Edgar, b. Jan. 27, 1 872, son of Thomas Conway, Esq., 
Home View, Arterberry Road, Wimbledon. 
Edmonstone, I886.2, IV(a).— 1 p. 

Cooper, Henry Goose Winfield, b. April 1, 1872, son of Rev. W. 
Cooper, Copthorne V., Crawley, Sussex. 

Trcvdyan, I886.2, L.M.ii.— 

Crease, Arthur Douglas, b. March 1, 1872, son of H. P. P. Crease, 
Esq., Pentrelew, Victoria, British Columbia. 
Address, 46, Rokeby Road, Brockley, S.E. 
Thomason, I886.2, IV(b).— 3 p. 

Currie, William Macgregor, b. June 7, 1873, son of late Major 
Currie, 42, Pevensey Road, St. Leonard's-on- 
Lawrence, 1886.2, III.— 1 p. 

Daniel, Arthur Owen, b. April 23, 1872, son of O. F. Daniel, Esq., 
20, Albion Place, Ramsgate. 

Lawrence, I886.2, IV.— 

Davenport, Frederick Richard, b. Aug. 29, 1872, son of H. D. 
Davenport, Esq., Fairlawn, Granville Road, 
Thomason, 1886. 2, III.— 

Eden, William Rushbrooke, b. Oct. 11, 1873, son of Lieut.-Col. A. 
D. Eden, Beaufort House, Winchester. 
Bauen, 1886.2, R.— 

Esoombe, Fergusson, b. Sept. 14, 1872, son of W. Escombe, Esq., 
Homewood, West End, near Southampton, 
Mclvill, 1886.2, IV.— 

Freeman, Charles Berham, b. April 30, 1872, son of S. P. Freeman, 
Esq., Lyndhurst, Beckenham, Kent. 
Thomason, 1866. 2, III.— 

Grazebrook, Edwyn Robert, b. Oct. 15, 1872, son of G. Grazebrook, 
Esq., Oak Hill Park, Liverpool. 
Thomason, I886.2, R.— 

Hamilton, Blaney, b. June 13, 1872, son of Rev. Canon Hamilton, 
D.D., Taney Glebe, Dundrum, Co. Dublin, 
Trevelyan, I886.2, III.— Leader of Choir, Quartett 1887, 2nd XL 1887. 

Hughes, Percy Theodore, b. March 31, 1872, son of Rev. A. H. 
Hughes, Holy Trinity Parsonage, Darlington, 
Le Bas, I886.2. IV(a).— 1 p. 

Hughes, Lionel Westrop, b. July 15, 1872, son of J. H. Hughes, Esq. f 
Drinagh, Hamilton Road, Ealing, London, W. 
Melvffl, 1886.a, M.III.— 1 p. 

Digitized by 



Hughes-Hallett, Frank Victor, b. Jan. 8, 1872, son of Colonel 
Hughes-Hallett, M.P., 188, Cromwell Road, 
Hailcy, 1886.2, M.R.— 

Leake, Henry Cook, b. Feb. 28, 1873, son of H. H. Leake, Esq., 
West Winch, King's Lynn, Norfolk. 
Lawrence, 1880.2, M.R.— 2 p. S 5. 

Lightfoot, Francis Prideaux, b. May 23, 1873, son of Archdeacon 
R. P. Lightfoot, TheVicarage, Wellingborough, 
Thomason, 1886.2, II.— 

Lucas, Samuel, b. Jan. 14, 1873, son of S. Lucas, Esq., Hitchin. 
Lawrence, 1886.2, L.M.ii. Junior Seh. 1886. 2 p. 

McLean, Neil, b. March 17, 1872, son of L. McLean, Esq., The 
Turrets, 63, Fitzjohn's Avenue, Hampstead, 

Lawrence, 1886. 2, IV.— 

Macpherson, Ewen, b. Sept. 1, 1872, son of A. G. Macpherson, Esq., 
51, Gloucester Place, Hyde Park. 
Trevelyan, I886.2, L.M.ii.— 4 p. 

Mildred, George Berkeley, b. Jan. 1872, son of D. Mildred, Esq., 
4, Coxwell Street, Cirencester. 
Bartle Frere, I886.2, IV(a).— 

Mildred, Frank, b. March 25, 1873, son of H. Mildred, Esq. f 
Warley House, Brentwood, Essex. 
Bartle Frere, I886.2, IV(b).— 1 p. 

Monsell, Charles Graham, b. Oct. 25, 1872, son of Lieut.-Col. B. 
Monsell (7oth Highlanders), Glazbury Road, 
West Kensington, W. 
Edmonstone, 1886.2, III.— 

Morgan Kirby, Dewi Douglas Courtney Kirby, b. March 2, 1873, 
son of Rev. D. Morgan Kirby, Stradishall R., 
near Newmarket, SuÖblk. 
Edmonstone, 1886.2, III.— 

Morgan, George Delman, b. May 22, 1872, son of late E. Morgan, 
Esq., 2, Hungershall Park, Tunbridge Wells. 
Hailey, I886.2, III.— 

Morland, John Charlton, b. Aug. 4, 1873, son of Captain George 
Morland, 18, Bonchurch Road, Notting Hill, 
London, W. 
Melvül, I886.2, III.— 

Huflsey, Cecil Antony, b. March 4, 1872, son of A. F. Nussey, Esq., 
Ivy House, Chislehurst, Kent. 
Colvin, I886.2, L.M.i(b).— Junior Seh. 1886. 3 p. 

Digitized by 



Oliphant, Stuart, b. June 12, 1872, son of T. T. Oliphant, Esq., 
Queen Mar/s, S. Andrews, N.B. 
Trevelyan, 1886.2, R.— i p. 

Phillimore, Hugh Bouchier, b. Dec. 16, 1873, son of Admiral H. B. 
Phillimore, C.B., Stoneleigh, Lansdown, Bath. 
Trevelyan, I886.2, R(b).— 1 p. 

Price, Noel Elliston, b. Dec. 14, 1872, son of C. J. Price, Esq., 
The Grove, Esher, Surrey. 
Colvin, I886.2, IL— 

B086, Hesleden Charles, b. July u, 1872, sonof A. H. Rose, Esq., 
Conyngham House, Ramsgate. 

Lawrence, 1886. 2, L.M.ii.— 

Eoyds, Charles Evelyn, b. Feb. 28, 1873, son of C. D. Royds, Esq., 
16, Salisbury Road, Hove, Brighton. 
Melvill, 1886.2, R.— 

Sakmann, Frederic Henry, b. Feb. 23, 1873, son of F. W. Salzmann, 
Esq., M.D., 18, Montpellier Road, Brighton, 
Le Bas, I886.2, R(a).— 

Sheppard, Thomas Winter, b. May 4, 1873, son of Major T. W. 
Sheppard, Emsworth R., Hants. 
Highfield, I886.2, R.— 

Slade, Harry Harcourt, b. July 21, 1872, son of H. B. Slade, Esq., 
3, Ravenna Road, Putney. 
Hailey, I886.2, L.M.ii.— 

Smythe, Francis Henry Dumville, b. Jan. 1873, son of F. C. D. 
Smythe, Esq., 61, Cambridge Gardens, Notting 
Hill, W. 
Le Bas. I886.2, IV(a).— 

Spencer, Charles Neame, b. Aug. 20, 1872, son of C. T. Spencer, 
Esq., Kemsdale, Beckenham, Kent. 
Edmonstone, 1886.2, III.— x p. 

Spyers, Tom, b. March 8, 1872, son of the late T. Spyers, Esq., 
Seaton House, Weybridge, Surrey. 
Lawrence, I886.2, IV(b).— 
Stubbs, Reginald Francis, b. Feb. 4, 1872, son of Arthur Stubbs, 
Esq., Sherwood Rise, Nottingham. 
Bauen, I886.2, IV(a).— 
Turbett, Richard George, b. March 1, 1873, son of G. W. Turbett, 
Esq., Owenstown House, Dundrum, Dublin. 
Colvin, I886.2, II.— 

West, Edward Courtenay, b. March 30, 1872, son of E. J. West, Esq., 
Silwood, Stonebridge Park, Willesden, N.W. 
Hailey, I886.2, R(a).— 3 p. 

Wetherall, Julian Frederick, b. July 8, 1872, son of Rev. H. R. 
Wetherall, Standon V., Ware. 

Melvill. I886.2, III.- 

Digitized by 




Abbott, Walter John, b. Nov. 3, 1872, son of Rev. W. Abbott, The 
Vicarage, Paddington, W. 

Batten, I886.3, IV(b).~ 

Alexander, Lewin Venn, b. April 10, 1873, son of William Alexander, 
Esq., 27, Henley Koad, Ipswich. 
Edmonstone, I886.3, IN.— 1 p. 

Atkey, Sidney Charles, b. Dec. 5, 1872, son of C. T. Atkey, Esq., 
Home Glen, Strawberry Hill, Twickenham. 
Hailey, I886.3, R(a).— 

Balmer, Reginald, b. Oct. 16, 1872, son of J. P. Balmer, Esq., 5, 
Pittville Lawn, Cheltenham. 
Melvill, 1886.3, IV(a).— 

Barnes, Clifford Henry, b. Oct. 18, 1873, son of John Matthew 
Barnes, Esq., Morningthorpe, Long Stratton, 

Melvill, I886.3, III.- 

Barton, John Austin, b. Dec. 19, 1872, son of J. Barton, Esq., 76, 
Carlton Hill, St. John's Wood, London, N.W. 
Highfield, 1886.3, R(b).— 

Bennett, Charles Oatley, b. Aug. 15, 1872, son of W. Bennett, 
Esq., Coombe Hill House, Bruton, Somerset- 
Melvill, I886.3, L.M.Ü.- 

Blake, Herbert, b. Sept. 26, 1872, son of Samuel T. Blake, Esq., 
Portland House, South Street, Gosport, Hants. 
Melvill, I886.3, III.— 

Booty, Ernest Smeltham, b. Oct. 6, 1872, son of Rev. C. S. Booty, 
Budston V., Bridlington, Yorkshire. 
Trevelyan, I886.3, R.— 

Boulton, Raymond Edward, b. Jan. 31, 1873, son of the late C. 
G. Boulton, Esq., Barnes Lodge, Hemel 
Bartle Frere, , 1886.3, L.M.H.— 

Bnllock, Hamilton Amyatt, b. Feb. 2, 1872, son of Rev. J. G. 
Bullock, Derby House, The Avenue, Colchester. 

Highfield, I886.3, III. — 

Butler, Montagu Sherard Dawes, b. May 19, 1873, son of G. P. 
Butler, Esq., Julian Hill, Harrow, Middlesex. 
Trevelyan, I886.3, L.M.i.— Junior Seh. 1886. 3 p. 

Combe, Ralph Molyneux, b. Dec. 2, 1872, son of Major-General 
Combe, St. Cläre, Surbiton, Surrey. 
Le Bas, I886.3, II.— 

Digitized by 



Coode, Henry Penrose Ruston, b. August 12, 1873, son of Vice- 
Admiral T. P. Coode, 15, The Crescent, 
Plymouth, Devon. 
Hailey, I886.3, M.IV.— 1 p. 

Coventry, Leslie Corbet, b. July 15, 1872, son of C. Coventry, 
Esq., 1, Church Road, St. Leonard's-on-Sea. 
Thomason, 1886. 3, III.— 

Cowan, Charles Harold, b. October 9, 1872, son of J. J. Cowan, 
Esq., 38, West Regent Street, Edinburgh. 
Lawrence, I886.3, R(a).— 

Cozens-Smith, Clayton, b. April 28, 1873, son of Edward Cozens- 
Smith, Esq., Englefield, Bengeo, Herts. 
Colvin, 1886.3, HL— 1 p. 

Dalmahoy, Patrick, b. Oct. 31, 1872, son of Col. B. C. Dalmahoy, 
69, Queen Street, Edinburgh. 
Lawrence, I886.3, M.III.— 
Dawes, D'Arcy Mackinnon, b. May 9, 1873, son of E. S. Dawes, 
Esq., Mount Ephraim, Faversham, Kent. 
Le Bas, I886.3, R(b).— 
Dennis, Maurice Falkiner, b. April 24, 1872, son of M. C. Dennis, 
Esq., Fort Granite, Baltinglass, Co. Wicklow. 
Edmonstone, 1886. 3, M.III.— 

Denys, Guy Fermor, b. Nov. 7, 1872, son of E. L. Denys, Esq., 
North Lodge, Ealing, W. 
Colvin, I886.3, R(b).- 

Dizon, Charles Percy, b. Feb. 7, 1873, son of W. Dixon, Esq., 
Belle Vue House, Herne Hill, S.E. 
Colvin, I886.3, II.— 1 p. 

Farrington, Alexander, b. Dec. 5, 1872, son of W. H. Farrington, 
Esq., M.D., The Moat, Penshurst, Kent. 
Bartle Frere, I886.3, R(b).— 
Green, Charles Phillipson, b. Nov. 23, 1872, son of H. H. H. 
Green, Esq., Melrose House, Castle Hill 
Avenue, Folkestone, Kent. 
Colvin, I886.3, M.III.— 

Hill, Charles Glencairn, b. Sept. 22, 1872, son of Captain Charles 
West Hill, Winchester, Hants. 
Hatten, 1886. 3, L.M.ii.— and set High Jump 1887. 1 p. 

Hont, Donald Robert, b. Nov. 23, 1873, son of J. Hunt, Esq., 
Chadwell, Ware. 
Highfield, I886.3, R.— 

Hutton, Robert, b. Dec. 4, 1872, son of A. Hutton, Esq., Belturbet, 
Co. Cavan, Ireland. 
Lawrence, 1886.3, IV(a).— 

Knight, Lionel Charles Edward, b. Nov. 13, 1872, son of Rev. C. 
E. Knight, Chawton R., Alton, Hants. 
Trevelyan, I886.3, M.III.— 

Digitized by 



Lane, John Osbome, b. July 28, 1872, son of W. Lane, Esq., 
Prospect House, Surbiton. 
Thomason, I886.3, L.M.ii.— 

Lawrence, Bertram Eustace, b. Sept. 11, 1872, son of J. P. 
Laurence, Esq., Dartmouth Lodge, Black- 
heath, S.E. 
Le Bas, I886.3, L.M.i.— 

Leigh Bennett, Granville, b. Sept. 18, 1873, son of Rev. Canon H. 
Leigh Bennett, Thrybergh R., Rotherham. 
Thomason, I886.3, IV(b).— 

Lempriere, Lancelot Raoul, b. Aug. 30, 1872, son of the late Capt. 
P. R. Lempriere, Swinton, Manchester. 

Colvin, I886.3, L.M.Ü.— 1 p. 

Martineau, Caryl Edward, b. Dec. 17, 1872, care of S. J. Wilde, 
Esq., 11, Vicarage Gate, Kensington, London, 
Thomason, I886.3, III.— 

Hüne, Charles Ernest, b. July 6, 1872, son of J. F. Milne, Esq., 
Lyndhurst, Birkdale, Lancashire. 
Melvill, I886.3, L.M.Ü.— 

Myen, Thomas Cyril, b. June 23, 1873, son of Rev. T. Myers, 
Twinstead R., Sudbury, SufFolk. 
Edmonstone, I886.3, IV(b).— 

Parker, James William, b. Nov. 8, 1872, son of late J. W. Parker, 
Esq., Wytham Hall, Bourne, Lincolnshire. 
Trevelyan, I886.3, M.R.— 
Faoke, George Anthony, b. Aug. 4, 1873, son of Capt. H. Packe, 
R.N., 20, Upper Berkeley Street, Portman 
Square, W. 
Bartle Frere, 1886.3, II.— 

Fazton, Basil Charles, b. Aug. 3, 1872, son of R. C. Paxton, Esq., 
14, Rue de Livourne, Brüssels. 

Thomason, I886.3, M.IV.— 
Poste, Frederick William, b. Dec. 21, 1872, son of Major W. Poste, 
Grizedale, Warwick Road, Ealing, W. 

Highfield, 1886.3, H.— 2 p. 

Foyser, Edgar Unwin, b. June, 7, 1872, son of J. T. Poj'ser, Esq., 
Trevelyan, I886.3, M.IV.— 

Bobinson, Herbert James, b. Feb. 5, 1873, son of the late Rev. J. L. 

Robinson, 3, Cleveland Gardens, Castle Hill, 

Ealing, W. 
Barde Frere, I886.3, III— 
Shipman, Robert, b. July 1, 1873, son of G. W. Shipman, Esq., 

Watergate, Grantham, Lincolnshire. 

Hafley, I886.3, IV(a).— 

Digitized by 



Staveley, Arthur Godfrey, b. Nov. 24, 1872, son of General Sir C. 
W. D. Staveley, G.C.B., 9, Lennox Gardens, 
Pont Street, London, S.W. 
Highfield, I886.3. R(a).— 

Stewart, Duncan Charles, b. March, 1873, son of A. D. Stewart, 
Esq., C.E., 89, Philbeach Gardens, EarPs 
Court, S.W. 
Lawrence, 1886.3, IV(b).— 1 p. 

Stone, Guy Ironsides, b. June 30, 1874, son of Rev. E. D. Stone, 
Stone House, St. Peters, Thanet. 

Hailey, I886.3, IL— 

Tabor, Albert Maitland, b. May 16, 1S72, son of J. A. C. Tabor, 
Esq., Great Baddow Lodge, near Chelmsford. 
Le Bas, I880.3, M.IIL— 

Walker, Charles Graham, b. April 7, 1 873, son of T. J. Walker, Esq., 
M.D., 33, Westgate, Peterborough. 
Balten, I886.3, M.IV.— 


Attlee, Bernard Henry Braveiy, b. May 6, 1873, son of H. Attlee, 
Esq., Westcott, Putney. 
Lawrence, 1887.1, IV.— 
Bayliffe, Alfred Danvers, b. June 20, 1873, son of A. Bayliffe, Esq., 
60, Sutherland Gardens, W. 
Le Bas, 1887.x. IV.— 
Bridges, Walter Trevor, b. Nov. 13, 1873, son of Rev. F. B. H. 
Bridges, Rivenhall K., Witham, Essex. 
HaUey, 1887.L M.IV.- 

Carter, Harry Fothergill, b. Nov. 24, 1874, son of E. H. Carter, 
Esq., Fairfield House, Chelmsford. 
Bartle Frere, 1887.1, IL— 
Cleaver, Leonard Swainson, b. Dec. 3, 1 873, son of R. Cleaver, Esq. 
12, Hayman's Green, West Derby, Liverpool. 
Balten, 1887.1, IV.— 1 p. 

Coode, Walter Damerei, b. March 27, 1873, son of the late W. 
Coode, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, Kenwyn, Truro, 
Colvin, 1887.x, IV.— 
Day, Henry Langston, b. Jan. 29, 1873, son of A. Day, Esq., 
Secretary to Bishop of S. Albans, 1 6, Leyland 
Road, Lee, S.E. 
Edmonstöne, 1887.1, L.M.ii(a).— 
Deakin, Carrick Ransome, b. Sept. 4, 1872, son of J. Deakin, Esq., 
Barrister-at-Law, Eller House, Grange-over* 
Batten, 1887.1, R(b).— 1 p. 

Digitized by 



Dickson, Richard Cecil, b. Aug. 21, 1873, son of W. J. Dickson, 
Esq.,Oakfield,Clifton, near Preston, Lancashire. 
Balten, 1887.1, IV.— 
Donaldson, Charles Egerton, b. Feb. 23, 1873, son of A. L. Donald- 
son, Esq., The Fishers Lodge, Chew Magna, 
near Bristol. 
Hailey, 1887.1, M.1IL— 

Drew, Cecil Lancelot, b. Nov. 1, 1873, son of Mrs. Drcw, 
Essendene, Caterham, Surrey. 
Balten, 1887.1, M.R.— 

Falkner, Arthur Newstead, b. Feb. 19, 1874, son of Rev. R. H. 
Falkner, Woodham Walthe R., Maldon, Essex. 
LeBas, 1887.1, IL— 
Floyd, Thomas Owen, b. Jan. 23, 1873, son of T. Floyd, Esq., 
Frilford, Abingdon. 
Edmonstone, 1887.1, L.M.ii(a).— 

Gibson, Alan Grame, b. Feb. 7, 1 874, son of E. G. Gibson, Esq., 
Camden Hill, Chislehurst. 
Thomason, 1887. 1, R.— 
Hughes, Frederic Stanley, b. Oct. 13, 1872, son of Rev. W. Lloyd 
Hughes, Highfield, Southampton. 
Bartie Frere, 1887.1, R.— 
Hull, Charles Robert Ingham, b. July 22, 1872, son of Rev. R. B. 
Hüll, All Saints V., Northampton. 
Hailey, 1887.1, IV.- 
Hnll, Francis John Kingdon, b. Jan. 7, 1874, son of Rev. R. B. 
Hüll, All Saints V., Northampton. 
Haüey, 1887.x, IL— 
Hont, John Frederick, b. Oct. 5, 1873, son of Mrs. Ward Hunt, 
Hampton Court Palace, Kingston-on Thames. 
LeBas, 1887.1, M.IIL- 

Lamb, Robert, b. May 19, 1873, son of late J. W. Lamb, Esq. t 
Worting, Basingstoke. 
Edmonstone, 1887.1, L.M.ii(a). — 
Latham, Trevor, b. June 30, 1873, son of Lieut.-Col. H. Latham, 
R.A., Fahan, Londonderry. 
Thomason, 1887.x, IL— 
Leggatt, Richard Remington, b. Dec. 30, 1872, son of R. Leggatt, 
Esq., Easting, Sandwich. 
Melvill, 1887.1, IV.— 

Luahington, George Henry Fitzjames, b. Nov. 1, 1872, son of F. 
Police Magistrate, $$ 9 Norfolk Square, W. 
Trevelyan, 1887.1, L.M.ii(b).— 

Martin, William Harold, b. April 8, 1873, son of Rev. W. Martin, 
East Barsham V., Walsingham, Norfolk. 

Edmonstone, 1887.1, II.— 

Digitized by 



Merry, Robert Harold, b. Feb. 16, 1873, son of Rev. S. W. Merry, 
Isleham V., Soham. 
BartleFrere, 1887.x, IV.— 

Michell, Richard Arthur, b. July 16, 1873, son of R. C. Michell, 
Esq., Oakfield, Cricklewood. 
Highfield, 1887.x, IL— 

Monckton, Charles, b. Feb. 26, 1873, son of E. P. Monckton, Esq., 
Barrister-at-Law, Fineshade Abbey, Stamford. 
Bartle Frere, 1887.x, IV.— 

Morley, Eustace Charles Macdonald, b. March 13, 1873, son of the 
late C. E. Morley, Esq., 98, Darenth Road, 
Stamford Hill. 
Lawrence, 1887.1, IL— ip. 

Northcote, Andrew Cockburn, b. Oct. 25, 1873, son of the late 
Rev. H. M. Northcote, Hill Side, Caversham, 
Colvin, 1887.x, IL— 
Fartridge, Walter Ernest Clarke, b. Nov. 9, 1874, son of Rev. W. 
H. Partridge, Holywell V., Oxford. 
Trevelyan, 1887.1, IL— 
Phillipps, Alexander Thomas Lockhart, b. Feb. 12, 1873, son of 
R. Phillips, Esq., 26, Cromwell Grove, W. 
Kensington Park, W. 
Edmonstone, 1887.x, IV.— 
Badcliffe, Walter Thornton, b. Aug. 30, 1872, son of W. RadclifFe, 
Esq., Holly Lea, Rochdale. 
Le Bas, 1887.1, IV.— 
Eeid, Alan Matheson, b. Nov. 29, 1872, son of R. Reid, Esq., 
Oaklands, Beckenham. 
Hailey, 1887.x, M.IV.- 

Spena, Andrew William, b. June 8, 1872, son of Rev. A. N. W. 
Spens, Bengal Chaplain, care of H. S. King 
and Co., 45, Pall Mall, W. 
Colvin, 1887.x, IV.— 

Tabor, Robert William, b. April 3, 1873, son of H. S. Tabor, Esq., 
46, Lansdowne Road, Notting Hill, W. 
Melvffl, 1887.x, R.— ip. 

Taylor, Frederick Arthur, b. Jan. 31, 1874, son of Major F. H. 
Taylor, R.A., S. Andrejs, Fife, N.B. 
Edmonstone, 1887.x, IV.— 
Trevor, Reginald Upton, b. July 8, 1873, son of Rev. G. A. Trevor, 
48, Queen s Gardens, Lancaster Gate, W. 
Lawrence, 1887.1, R(a).— - 
Vaughan, Herbert William, b. Dec. 28, 1873, son of Rev. E. T. 
Vaughan, Langleybury V., King's Langley. 
Colvin, 1887.x, IL— 

Digitized by 



Willis, John Jamieson, b. Nov. 8, 1872, son of W. Willis, Esq., 
late Accountant-General of H.M. Navy, 31, 
Blessington Road, Lee, Kent. 
MelviU, 1S87.I, IV.— 


Bartiett, Donald Mackenzie Maynard, b. Aug. 25, 1873, son ofRev. 
E. P. Bartiett, Carleton Forehoe R., Wymond- 
ham, Norfolk. 
Batten, 1887.2, U.M.ii.— Junior Seh. 1887. 

Bawtree, John Francis, b. Nov. 26, 1873, son of F. P. Bawtree, 
Esq., Batsford, Witham, Essex. 
Hailey, 1887.2, III.— i p. 

Briggs, George Arthur, b. March 21, 1874, son of W. Briggs, Esq., 
Bleak House, Melbourne, near Derby. 
Bartle Frere, 1887.2, IV.— 

Brooke, Arthur Montagu, b. Oct. 4, 1873, son of late A. B. Brooke, 
Esq., Sibmah, Worthing, Sussex. 
Colvin, 1887.2, M.R.— 

Brown, Allen Bathurst, b. May 11, 1874, son of J. A. Brown, Esq., 
7, Kent Gardens, Ealing. 
MelviU, 1887.2, IV.- 

Bruoe, Jonathan Maxwell, b. June 22, 1 873, son of R. J. Bruce, Esq., 
I.C.S., Warwick Hall, Worthing. 
Haüey, 1887.2, M.IV.— 

Cadell, James Dalmahoy, b. Aug. 3, 1873, son of Lieut.-Col. Cadell, 
V.C., Cockenzie House, Prestonpans, N.B. 
Colvin (afterwards Lawrence), 1887.2, III. — 

Carr-Ellison, Herbert George, b. March 18, 1874, son of J. R. 
Carr-Ellison, Esq., J.P., Hedgeley, Alnwick, 
Lawrence, 1887.2, II.— 

Churchill, Augustus William, b. Oct. 10, 1873, son of A. Churchill, 
Esq., Fairhaven, Putney Heath, S.W. 
Edmonstone, 1887.2, IV.— 

Cläre, Mervyn Joshua, b. May 26, 1873, son of Rev. M. A. Cläre, 
49, Oakley Street, Chelsea. 
Balten, 1887.2, III.— 

Cooper, Guy Drummond, b. Dec. 10, 1873, son of Rev. W. Cooper, 
Copthorne V., Sussex. 
Bauen, 1887.2, IV.— 

Crookett, Oliver Goodman, b. July 6, 1873, son of E. A. B. Crockett, 
Esq., C.E., 174, Piccadilly, W. 

MelviU, 1887.2, III.— 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


D'Aeth, Leonard Leslie Hughes, b. Oct. 14, 1873, son of Rev. 
W. Hughes D'Aeth, Buckhorn Weston R., 
Edmonstone, 1887.2, IV. — 

Easton, Bernard James, b. Oct. 7, 1873, son of P. S. Easton, Esq., 
109, Holland Road, W. 
Colvin, 1887.2, M.R.— 

Eastwood, George Herbert, b. March 25, 1873, son of F. E. East- 
wood, Esq., J.P., Girtin, Godalming. 
Edmonstone, 1887.2, M.IV.— 

Orant, John Michael Hay, b. Dec. 21, 1872, son of J. H. Grant, 
Esq., Bombay Civil Service, Wellesley House, 
Broadstairs, Kent. 
Highfield, 1887.2, L.M.i.— 

Hallowes, William Brabazon, b. June 5, 1 874, son of F. B. Hallowes, 
Esq., Chickley, Redhill. 
Le Bas, 1887.2. IV.— 

Hamilton, Kenneth Macnaghten, b. Aug. 4, 1873, son of Rev. C. J. 

Hamilton, Doveridge V., near Derby. 
Balten, 1887.2, IV.— 
Hardoaatle, Henry Robert, b. Feb. 2, 1874, son of H. Hardcastle, 

Esq., Barrister-at-Law, 38, Eaton Square, S.W. 

Le Bas, 1887.2, M.L.M.iL— Junior Seh. 1887. 

Hilson, Robert James, b. Feb. 9, 1874, son of A. Hilson, Esq., 
Brigade-Surgeon, Indian Medical Service, care 
of Messrs. Grindlay & Co., 55, Parliament 
Street, W. Address, Sussex House, Queen's 
Road, Tunbridge Wells. 
Melvill, 1887.2, M.IV.— 
Hopkins, Arthur Leighton, b. March 10, 1873, son of Rev. W. B. 
Hopkins, Littleport V., Ely. 
Edmonstone, 1887.2, II.— 
Jephson, William Vincent, b. Oct. 6, 1873, son of Rev. H. Jephson, 
Ayot S. Peter R., Welwyn. 
Thomason, 1887.2, IV.— 
Keen, William John, b. March 24, 1873, son of Lieut.-Col. F. J. 
Keen, C.B., Indian Army, care of Messrs. 
Grindlay & Co., Parliament Street, S.W. Ad- 
dress, 30, Eastbourne Terrace, Paddington, W. 
Le Bas, I887.2, L.M.i.— 
Kitson, John Archibald, b. Feb. 21, 1873, son of Rev. J. F. Kitson, 
Antony V., Devonport. 
Balten, 1887.2, R.— 

Legge, Walter T., b. Oct. 17, 1874, son of Lieut.-Col. Hon. E. H. 
Legge, Nortn Holmwood Lodge, Dorking. 
Lawrence, 1887.2, L.M.I— Junior Seh. 2887. z p. 

Digitized by 



Lewis, Arthur Edward, b. Oct. 19, 1872, son of Very Rev. Evan 
Lewis, Dean of Bangor, The Deanery, Bangor. 
Bartle Frere, 1887.2, IV.— 

Lever, Albert Stuart, b. July 1, 1873, son of Mrs. Lever, 101, Lans- 
downe Place, Brighton* 
Lawrence, 1887.2, R.— 
Mead, Alfred Hugh, b. July 25, 1873, son of late Lieut.-Col. C. J. 
Mead, Bengal Staflf Corps, 16, Brookside, 
Thomason (afterwards Trevelyan), 1887.2, IV. — 

Nicholson, Arthur David, b. July 2, 1873, son of Col. S. Nicholson, 
R.A., S. Margaret s, Rochester. 
Thomason, 1887. 2, M.IV.— 

Nourse, Arthur William, b. Oct. 30, 1873, son of Major A. H. 
Nourse, 4, Montserrat Road, Putney, S.W. 
Bartle Frere, 1887.2, L.M.L— Junior Seh. 1887. 

Osborne, Edwin Francis Fitzroy, b. May 1, 1873, son of P. H. 
Osborne, Esq., "New South Wales. Address, 
Karenza, Cheltenham. 
Colvin, 1887.2, M.III.— 

Outram, William, b. March 31, 1874, son of Sir F. B. Outram, 
Bart., Pitlochry, N.B. 
Thomason, 1887.2, L.M.Ü. — t p. 

Roberts, Sydney Gordon, b. Dec. 24, 1872, son of C. A. Roberts, 
Esq., late Madras Civil Service, Fairhavens, 
Park Road, Richmond, Surrey. 
Thomason, 1887.2, L.M.Ü.— 1 p. 

Rooke, Ernest Gilbert, b. May 19, 1873, son of B. P. Rooke, Esq., 
M.D., Red Hill. 

Le Bas, 1887.2, M.R.— 1 p. 

Sheffield, Frederick Gerard, b. May 10, 1873, son of F. Sheffield, Esq., 
Ennerdale, Mowbray Road, Upper Norwood. 
Le Bas, 1887.2, III.— 
Stenning, Oswald Francis, b. June 3, 1873, son of A. R. Stenning, 
Esq., Architect, 76, S. George's Road, S.W. 
Bartle Frere, 1887.2, IV.— 

Stewart-Jones, Thorold Arthur, b. July 10, 1873, sonof E. Stewart- 
Jones, Esq., 33, Palmeira Square, Brighton. 
Hailey, 1887.2, M.L.M.Ü.— Junior Seh. 1887. 

Swainson, Frederick Ernest, b. June 24, 1873, son of Rev. A. J. 
Swainson, Forest Row V., Sussex. 
Hailey, 1887.2, IV.— 1 p. 

Toung, Mansel Charles Gambier, b. March 14, 1874, son of the late 
H. Young, Esq., Frittenden Lodge, Eastbourne. 
Highfield, 1887.2, M.R.— 1 p. 

Digitized by 




Abercrombie, William Alexander, b. June 6, 1865, son of A. W. 
Abercrombie, Esq., Bengal Civil Service, 
21, Devonshire Terrace, Hyde Park, W. 

Highfield, 1878.3» III.— 1882.3, M.U.M.ii. 2 p. XXX. 1882. Swimming 
Prizes. 1879, ist and Set 50 yards. 1880, ist 2nd Set 50 yards, 100 yards. 
1881, ist Quarter, ist Set 50, 100, and Swimming in Clothes. R.M.C. 
Sandhurst 1884. Lieut. May 9, 1885, in 5ist King's Own Light Infantry, 
South Yorkshire Regiment. Took part in Ruby Mines Expedition in 
Upper Burmah. (Not in Mr. Deedes's Book.) 

♦Abraham, Richard Slingsby, b. June 3, 1851, son of the late 
Rev. T. E. Abraham, Hon. Canon of Ely and 
Rector of Risby, Bury St. Edmund's. Address, 
Palmerston North, Manawater, New Zealand. 

Lawrence, 1866.1—1860.2, Mod. Upper. XXII. XX. Prefect in Hailey. 
Keble College, Oxford. Out to New Zealand in 1874, and now (1887) 
member of a firm of Auctioneers and Seed Merchants at Manawater. 
M. Oct. 1881. 

Merle d'Aubigne, Jean Henri, b. Sept. 2, 1859, son of J. H. Merle 
D* Autogne*, Professor of Theology at Geneva, 
and author of "The History of the Reforma- 
tion in the Sixteenth Century." Address, 7, Rue 
Blanche, Brüssels. 

Trevelyan, 1878-3, R. — 1876.1, V.2. 5 p. Geneva, Leipzig, and Erlangen 
Universities, and Neuchatel Theological College. Ordained Nov. 1885 to 
Jumet, Hainaut. Now assistant at the Evangelical Church in Brüssels 
(Rue Belliard). 
M. March 22, 1887, Emily Sarah van Goethem. 

Dent, Vyvyan Edward John, b. May, 1862, son of H. W. Dent, 
Esq. Address, Custom House, Foo Chow, 

Highfield, 1875.3, L.M.ii. — 1878.1, V.2. Joined Imperial Maritime Customs of 
China 1882. Has published two pieces of music. 

Wood, Frederick Arthur, b. Jan. 1855, son of the late Lieut.-Col. 
Wood, 4th Madras Native Infantry. Address, 
Highbury, Mitchell River, Queensland. 

Hailey, 1868. 1, I.— 1870.1, III. After a short time in London, out to Queens- 
land. Now (1877) Manager of a Station, in the employ of the Queensland 
Investment and Land Mortgage Company. 

[ There are tnany oiher corrections to be made from various causes, avoidabU or 
unavoidabU, whkh I will make in future editions (if such are euer reackcd) 
provided tkey are seni to meJ] 

Digitized by 




1866. A. F. Kirkpatrick. 
C. E. Haskins. 

1867. J. H. Pratt. 
W. S. Gibson. 
J. R. Brooke. 

1868. W. H. Daubeny. 

1869. W. P. Brooke. 

E. J. Hensley. 

1870. W. S. Parker. 
R. F. Gibbon. 

1871. J. M. Batten. 

F. W. Bourdillon. 

1872. H. Bourdillon. 

G. Bourdillon. 

1873. H. E. Savage. 

C. H. Simpkinson. 

1874. S. R. James. 
L. S. Milford. 

1875. A. G. S. Gibson. 
R. T. Blomfield. 
{Math.) F. S. Wilde. 

1876. F. H. Colson. 

B. D. Turner. 

1877. H. A. Cumberlege. 
N. L. Hallward. 

1878. E. R. Jones. 
F. R. Pyper. 

1879. W. R. Le Fanu. 
W. L. Ogle. 

1880. E. M. Hill. 

H. McL. Innes. 

1881. E. von B. Bensly. 
P. M. G. Maclagan. 
A. Nairne. 

E. K. Man. \ 

C. L. Smith. \ 

1882. R. C. Gilson. 

J. A. Kempthorne. 

H. D. Owen. 

J. C. Bailey. \ 

G. H. Gunner. ) 

{Mod. Side) J. A. Gibbon. 

1883. G. D. Barry. 

C. E. S. Headlam. 

C. E. Brownrigg. 

R. F. Fisher. 

{Mod. Side) F. W. Hardy. 

1884. G. D. Scott. 
V. C. Le Fanu. 

G. H. G. Alexander. 
{Mod. Side) F. H. Trench. \ 
E.H.Young. } 

1885. H. R. Ford. 
H. F. Fisher. 
J. Hussey. 
A. P. Koe. 
A. A. Ogle. 

1886. P. V. M. Benecke. 
J. P. Gilson. 

W. J. Lias. 
{Mod. Side) A. E. T. Newman. 
F. F. N. Rees. 

1887. A. S. Harrison. 

A. F. Chilver. 

E. M. Battiscombe. 

B. A. Snell. 
E. C. Owen. 

{Mod. Side) J. H. Hardcastle. 

Digitized by 




1865. A. Biyans. 

J. M. Batten. 
G. M. Murray. 

1866. J. M. Batten. 
H. Bourdillon. 
H. R. King. 

1868. W. M. Laurence. 
C. H. Simpkinson. 
S. R. James. 

1869. S. R. James. 

A. G. S. Gibson. 
C. W. Oddie. 

B. K. Bourdillon. 

1870. F. Podmore. 

C. H. Rendall. 
F. H. Colson. 

1871. F. H. Colson. 

B. D. Turner. 
W. Deedes. 
R. T. Allen. 

1872. C. Hanbury Williams. 
N. L. Hallward. 

F. G. G. Jellicoe. 

1873. J. E. Innes. 

E. A. Armstrong. 

C. E. Callwell. 1 

1874. G. C. Wray. 
E. R. Jones. 
W. L. Ogle. 

1875. W. J. Ibbetson. 
W. L. Ogle. 
W. R. Le Fanu. 

1876. H. McL. Innes. 
E. von B. Bensly. 
P. M. G. Maclagan. 

1877. G. D. Barry. 

G. H. Gunner. 

1878. C. G. Allen. 

C. E. S. Headlam. 

1879. G. D. Scott. 
J. K. Batten. 

G. Wilmot-Brooke. 1 

1880. R. B. Chapman. 
A. P. Koe. 

J. A. Kempthorne. 

1881. Senior. 
J. K. Batten. 

R. B. Chapman. 
E. H. Young. 1 

L. W. Hallward. 
W. R. C. King. 
P. T. Bourne. 1 

1882. Senior. 
A. P. Koe. 

E. M. De Jersey. 
E. V. Spencer. 
H. F. Fisher. 
P. T. Cooper. 1 


A. F. Chilver. 
J. P. Gilson. 
C. C. Boyd. 

M. A. J. Tarver. 

1883. Senior. 
W. R. C. King. 
O. C. Johnson. 
L. W. Hallward. 
J. L. Pulling. 

B. F. Hardy. 

1 Modern Side. 


Digitized by 







1886. Senior. 

E. F. M. Benecke. 

E. F. M. Benecke. 

F. L. Fosbery. 

B. C. Allen. 

H. S. Lawrence. 

G. M. Bullen-Smith. 

J. H. Hardcastle. 1 

H. V. Reäde. 

C. Coffin. 1 


F. W. Hutchinson. 

A. F. Chilver. 

H. S. Lawrence. 

P. V. M. Benecke, 

J. P. Gilson. 


E. G. Young. 1 

M. S. D. Butler. 

E. A. Jelf. 

R. G. Barton. 

A. S. Harrison. 

C. A. Nussey. 

S. Lucas. 


H. W. C. Bowdoin. 1 

P. R. Cadeil. 

L. J. Hext. 1 

1887. Senior. 

L. Wilkin. 

P. R. Cadeil. 

L. Wilkin. 


P. J. Mead. 

E. C. Owen. 

L. E. Halsey. 

C. C. Boyd. 

D. H. Kingsford. 

M. A. J. Tarver. 

W. S. Milford. 


W. W. W. A'Deane. 

D. M. M. Bartlett. 

T. W. Purdy. 


A. W. Nourse. 

F. K. Boyd. 

T. A. Stewart- Jones. 1 

C. W. Hensley. 

W. T. Legge. 

R. C. Warner. 

H. Hardcastle. 1 

F. L. Dibblee. 1 

E. C. Cunningham.* 

1 Modern Side. 

* Special Scholarship. 

Digitized by 




ftaniurg— @Ib öteatament. 

1867. A. F. Kirkpatrick. 
J. R. Brooke. 

E. J. Hensley. 

1868. J. H. Pratt. 

1869. W. P. Brooke. 

1870. J. M. Batten. 

1871. J. M. Batten. 

1872. S. R. James. 
W. H. Welsh. 
J. P. Ramsden. 

1873. S. R. James. 

1874. A. G. S. Gibson. 

1875. A. G. S. Gibson. 

1876. F. H. Colson. 

B. W. Randolph. 

1877. H. A. Cumberlege. 

1878. E. R. Jones. 

1879. E. von B. Bensly. 

1880. E. von B. Bensly. 
R. C. Gilson. 

1881. J. A. Kempthome. 

1882. C. E. Brownrigg. 

1883. F. H. Trench. 

1884. P. V. M. Benecke. 

1885. P. V. M. Benecke. 

1886. A. Macpherson. 

Jtan&UTg— JÄotoern Äfetorg. 

Modern Side. 

1871. E. C. Bowyer-Smijth. 

1872. W. S. Widdicombe. 

1873. H. Melvill. 

1874. W. S. Widdicombe. 
- „ ( C. E. Callwell. 

,8 75 jx.Knox. 

1876. T. Knox. 

1877. W. G. Fairbridge. 

1878. G. A. Tomkinson. 

1879. H. A. Satchell. 

1880. H. C. Copeman. 

1881. W.G.Walker. 

1882. F. H. Trench. 

1883. F. H. Trench. 

1884. W. M. Bliss. 

1885. G. B. Dibblee. 

1886. A. E. T. Newman. 

ftanfairg— Science. 

1871. Electriciiy — 

E. C. Bowyer-Smijth. 

Physiology — 
G. R. Townshcnd. 

1872. Electriciiy — 

C. Penrose. 
H. Wingfield. 

1873. Electriciiy — 

H. E. Read. 

Geology — 
W. S. Widdicombe. 

1874. Electriciiy— 

H. A. D. Wathen. 

Geology — 

F. S. Wilde. 

Chemistry — 
H. A. Phillips. 

1875. Electriciiy — 

E. von Lengerke. 

G. C. Stapylton. j 


.•• Jus» 


Digitized by 




1876. Eleciriciiy— 

B. C. Doyle. 

Geology — 

C. H. Hutton. 

# # # * # 

1879. Physical Geography — 

S. T. C. Dennis. 

1880. W. G. Walker. 

1881. W.G.Walker. 

1882. F. H. Trench. 

1883. F. H. Trench. 

1884. P. T. Bourne. 

1885. F. D. Outram. 

1886. J. S. Bowdoin. 

Pitt« $ti$e— C&cimattg. 

1875. T. S. Lea. 

1876. T. S. Lea. 

1877. Not adjudged. 

1878. G. B. Batten. 

1879. Not adjudged. 

1880. T. K. Batten. 

1881. F. T. T. Sharpe. 

1882. T. K. Batten. 

1883. Not adjudged. 

Since 1883 Council Prize. 

1884. B. P. O'Neill. 

1885. C. S. Wallace. 

1886. C. S. Wallace. 

ftebtcfo flJrije, 

1875. B.W. Randolph. ) 
W. C. Walker. ) 

1876. B. W. Randolph. 

1877. W. L. Ogle. 

1880. A. Nairne. 

1881. A. Nairne. 

3Latm Fewe*— fterameter^ 

1866. C. £. Haskins. 

1867. A. Kirkpatrick. 

1868. J. H. Pratt. 

Since 1869 Deedes Prize. 

1869. G. V. Oddie. 

1870. P. C. H. Snow. 

1871. F. W. Bourdillon. 

1872. G. Bourdillon. 

1873. E. W. Howson. 

1874. F. H. Colson. \ 
E. W. Howson. ) 

1875. F. H. Colson. 

1876. N. L. Hallward. 

1877. N. L. Hallward. 

1878. Not adjudged. 

1879. C. F. Clay. 

Since 1880 Argles Prize. 

1880. H. McL. Innes. 
E. von B. Bensly. 

1881. E. von B. Bensly. 
J. A. Kempthorne. 

1882. C. E. S. Headlam. 
J. A. Kempthorne. 

1883. C. E. S. Headlam. 
R. B. Chapman. 

1884. G. D. Scott. 

G. H. G. Alexander. 

1885. H. F. Fisher. 
A. F. Chilver. 

1886. A. W. T. Perowne. 
E. M. Battiscombe. 


1866. C. E. Haskins. 
A. F. Kirkpatrick 

1867. A. F. Kirkpatrick, 

1 868. W. S. Gibson. 

£attn {frow. 



( A. W. C. Edwards. 
\ W. H. Daubeny. 
F. W. Bourdillon. 

* Before 1871 it docs not appear whether the prize was necessarily for Hexa- 
meters or Elegiacs. 

Digitized by 




Since 1870 Hudson Prizes. 

1869. W. P. Brooke. 

1870. J. T. Pollock. 
W. H. Daubeny. 

1871. J. M. Batten. 

1872. G. Bourdillon. 

1873. H. E. Savage. 

1874. F. H. Colson. 

1875. Not adjudged. 

1876. B. D. Turner. 
N. L. Hallward. 

1877. W. C. Walker. 
N. L. Hallward. 

1878. W. R. Le Fanu. 
E. R. Jones. 

1879. E. M. Hill. 

W. R. Le Fanu. 

1880. E. von B. Bensly. 
R. C. Gilson. 

1881. E. von B. Bensly. 
R. C. Gilson. 

1882. R. C. Gilson. 

J. A. Kempthorne. 

1883. C. E. S. Headlam. 
C. E. Brownrigg. 

1884. R. B. Chapman. 
G. D. Scott. 

1885. H. R. Ford. 
A. F. Chilver. 

1886. J. P. Gilson. 

P. V. M. Benecke. 
E. F. M. Benecke. 

H. E. Savage. 
G. Bourdillon. 

C. M. Smith. 

F. Podmore. 
C. H. Rendali. 

H. A. Cumberlege. 
N. L. Hallward. 
H. W. Smith. 

W. L. Ogle. 

( C. F. Clay. 
1 E. von B. Bensly. 
R. C. Gilson. 

G. H. Gunner. 
G. D. Barry. 

C. E. S. Headlam. 

J. T. W. Perowne. 

A. F. Chilver. 

A. F. Chilver. 

L. W. Hallward. 

R. T. Jourdain. 

iatrn igrica. 

1868. W. P. Brooke. 

1870. W. S. Parker. 

1874. E. W. Howson. 
F. H. Colson . 

1876. H. A. Cumberlege. 

1877. (Epigram) W. C. Walker. 

iattn Ulefltac*— VI. 1 . 

1871. F.W. Bourdillon. 

1872. H. Bourdillon. 

1873. E. W. Howson. 

1875. F. H. Colson. 

aLatin Elefltae*— VI.2. 

1867. L. Hoskyns. ) 
W. S. Parker. ) 

1868. W. M. Laurence. 

1869. P. C. H. Snow. 

1870. C. M. Smith. 

1871. CM. Smith. 

1872. E. W. Howson. 

1873. P. J. Toynbee. 

1874. Not adjudged. 

f 875. N. L. Hallward. 
1876. E. A. Armstrong. 

Digitized by 




Since 1878 the Elegiacs have been 
confirud /0 VI.2. 

1878. C. F. Clay. 

1879. G. H. Gunner. 

1880. G. D. Barry. 

1881. A. H. Robeson. 

1882. R. B. Chapman. 

1883. M - s - Bourne. 

1884. E. H. E. Morgan. 

1885. Not adjudged. 

1886. R. T. Jourdain. 

Sinei 1868 Butler Prize. 

1866. C. 

1867. C. 

1868. W, 

1869. J. 

1870. J. 

1871. j. 

1872. H 



1878. E. 

1879. C. 

©rerft Uerae. 

E. Haskins. 

E. Haskins. 

S. Gibson. 
T. Pollock. 
T. Pollock. 

M. Batten. 
M. Batten. 
. E. Savage. 

E. Savage. 
R. James. 
W. Howson. 
H. Colson. 
H. Colson. 
L. Hall ward. 
R. Jones. 

F. Clay. 

Since 1880, Pratt Prize. 

1880. P. M. G. Maclagan. 

1881. E. von B. Bensley. 

1882. J. A. Kempthorne. 

1883. G. D. Barry. 

1884. G. D. Scott. 

1885. H. R. Ford. 

(1) J. P. Gilson. 

(2) A. F. Chilver. 


ftaglfgfj Ifoaag. 

1868. W. 

1869. R. 

1870. R. 

1871. F. 

1872. G. 

1873. F. 

1874. F. 

1875. F. 

1876. F. 

1877. B. 

1878. W. 

1879. R. 

1880. A. 

1881. A. 

1882. J. 

1883. F. 

1884. H 

1885. H 

1886. H 

S. Gibson. 
F. Gibbon. 
F. Gibbon. 
W. Bourdillon. 
H. Blunt. 
H. Colson. 
H. Colson. 

F. D. Curtoys. 
C. Gilson. 
C. Bailey. 
H. Trench. 
, L. Hutton. 
, Swainson. 
. Swainson. 

Xnslt'jsft Ferse. 


>. J. R. 
. Jf. R. 


1867. J. R. Brooke. 

1868. A. W. C. Edwards. 

1869. F.W. Bourdillon. 

1870. F. W. Bourdillon. 

1871. F.W. Bourdillon. 

1872. W. R. H. Stevenson. 

1873. E. W. Howson. 

1874. E. W. Howson. 

1875. J. R. Rodd. 

1876. T. R. Rodd. 

1877. B. Scott. 

1878. W. L. Ogle. 

1879. R. H. Domenichetti. 

1880. H. McL. Innes. 

1881. R. H. Domenichetti. 

1882. F. H. Trench. 

1883. R. B. Chapman. 

1884. F. H. Trench. 

1885. H.W. Sheppard. 

1886. Not adjudged. 

ttaj— Ulocutfon flftfje, 
1869. F. W. Bourdillon. 

Digitized by 




1870. H. N. Cunningham. ) 

F. W. Bourdillon. ) 

1871. F. W. Bourdillon. 

1872. C. Merivale. 

1873. C. Merivale. ) 
H. E. Savage. j 

1874. W. E. Smith. 

1875. B.W. Randolph. 

1876. B.W. Randolph.) 

G. C. Stapylton. \ 

1877. H. A. Cumberlege. 

1878. E. A. Armstrong. 

1879. H. Steward. 

1880. F. G. Eilerton. 

1881. R. H. Domenichetti ) 
A. Hughes. ) 

1882. C. E. S. Headlam. 

1883. L. G. H. de H. Larpent. 

1884. F. H. Trench. 

1885. H. F. Fisher. 

1886. A. W. T. Perowne. 

$eab Jfiaftto'ft flMje fot Natural 

1868. W, 

1869. W, 

1871. H. 

1872. J. 

1873. C. 

1874. W, 

1875. J. 

1876. £ 

1877. F." 

1878. L. 

1879. J. 

1881. C. 

1882. J. 
1886. £ 

H. W. Poole. 
J. Aitkens. 
H. W. Poole. 

A. Lucas. J 
J. Howson. ) 

R. Twisden. 

W. Ridley. 
. S. Widdicombe. 
R. Twisden. 
M. Hörne. ) 

Barlow. } 

B. Foster. 
W. R. Andrews. 
A. Kempthorne. ' 

W. R. Andrews. t 
W. Formby. 
G. R. Darling. 

Üomfttoafte— Natural $fetoT£. 

1867. W. H. W. Poole. 

1868. W. H. W. Poole. 

1869. E. Steward. ] 
W. H. W. Poole. J 

1870. S. O. Ridley. 

1871. S. O. Ridley. 

1872. H. A. Lucas. 

1873. F. Podmore. 

1874. W. S. Widdicombe. 

1875. J. M. Hörne. 
F. B. Foster. 
H. F. Plumptre. 
J. B. Plumptre. 
H. F. Plumptre. 
F. F. Plumptre. 

1880. L. W. R. Andrews. 

1881. L. W. R. Andrews. 

1882. Not adjudged. 

1883. E. H. Wainwright. 

1884. J. G. R. Darling. 




W. Garrad. 
H. M. Gorham. 

ft&oatjea $tf}e*— Jrtncfj. 
{For first term ( Clinton' Prizes.) 

1873. Trans. D. P. Chapman. 
Lit. A. G. S. Gibson. 

1874. Tr. D. D. Fräser. 
Lit. S. R. James. 

1875. Tr. C. Hanbury Williams. 
Lit. D. D. Fräser. 

1876. Tr. C. Hanbury Williams. 
Lit. D. D. Fräser. 

1877. Comp. W. Cope. 
Lit. E. A. Armstrong. 

jFtenrf) ffompoftittotu 

1878. T. 

1879. W. 

1880. E. 

1881. R. 

1882. E. 

1883. E. 

1884. C. 

1885. C. 

1886. J. 



O. Wathen. 

C. Gilson. 

H. Young. 

H. Young. 



S. Bowdoin. 

Digitized by 





1868. W. S. Gibson. 

1869. J. T. Pollock. 

1870. ]'. M. Batten. 

1871. J. M. Batten. 

1872. G. Bourdillon. 

1873. S. R. James. ) 
H. E. Savage. ) 

1874. B. K. Bourdillon. 

1875. B. D. Turner. 

1876. B. D. Turner. 

1877. E. R. Jones. 

1878. E. R. Jones. 

1879. F.W. Welldon. 

1880. H. McL. Innes. 

1881. E. von B. Bensly. 
P. M. G. Maclagan. 

1882. J. A. Kempthorne. 

1883. C. E. Brownrigg. 

1884. G. D.Scott. 

1885. H. R. Ford. ) 
J. P. Gilson. ) 

1886. J. P. Gilson. 

Butler Ptije— UitfllteJj Literatur*. 

iKcTMe— (Breefc ffrotanunt. 

1868. T. 

1869. R. 

1870. S. 

1871. F. 

1872. W. 

1873. L. 

1874. F. 

1875. A. 

1876. B. 

1877. H. 

1878. E. 

1879. F. 

1880. R. 

1881. R. 

1882. F. 

1883. C. 

1884. A. 

1885. C. 

1886. P. 

H. Pratt. 

F. Gibbon. 
C. D. Ryder. 
W. Bourdillon. 
. H. Welsh. 
S. Milford. 

G. S. Gibson. 

. A. Cumberlege. 
R. Jones. 
G. Ellerton. 
C. Gilson. 
C. Gilson. 
H. Trench. 
E. Brownrigg. 
A. Ogle. 
H. Eliot. 
V. M. Benecke. 






J. H. Pratt. 

A. W. C. Edwards. 
J. R. Brooke. 

J. M. Batten. 

H. N. Cunningham. 

H. E. Savage. 

F. H. Colson. ) 

S. R. James. ) 

S. R. James. ] 

B. K. Bourdillon. ) 

F. H. Colson. 
B. D. Turner. 

H. A. Cumberlege. 
E. R. Jones. 
E. M. Hill. 
E. von B. Bensly. 
E. von B. Bensly. 
J. A. Kempthorne. 

G. D. Barry. 
G. D. Scott. 
H. F. Fisher. 

H. F. Fisher. ) 

P. V. M. Benecke. } 
(Achange inarrangements 

dropped a year.) 
P. V. M. Benecke. 

3fj0*anqtut— Nefo Qfatammt ixt 

1866. A. R. Stogdon. 

1867. P. J. Drake. 

1868. R. Podmore. 

1869. W. H. Welsh. 

1870. G. J. Hutton. 

1871. F. H. Colson. 

1872. W. C. Capper. 

1873. C. C. Atkinson. 

1874. C. C. Atkinson. 

1875. J. S. Harke. 

1876. W. H. Savile. 

1877. H. Lee. 

1878. T.W. Hoste. 

1879. J. C. Burrows. 

1880. C. H. Harland. ) 
F. H. Trench. j 

1881. F. J. Stone. 

Digitized by 




1882. D. H. D. Wilkinson. 

1883. A. Macpherson. 

1884. J. G. R. Darling. 

1885. N. Malcolm. 

1886. C. H. Eliot. 


1866. J. H. Pratt. 

1867. J. H. Pratt. 

A. W. C. Edwards. 

1868. Not adjudged. 

After 1868 Classical and Modern were separated. 



1869. A. W. C.Edwards. 

C. L. Young. 

1870. H. E. Savage. 

E. C. Bowyer-Smijth, 

1871. H. E. Savage. 

E. C. Bowyer-Smijth, 

1872. W. E. Smith. 

C. Penrose. 

1873. F. H. Colson. 

G. R. Townshend. 

1874. F. H. Colson. 

F. S. Wilde. 

1875. J. R. Twisden. 

1876. F. H. Colson. 


N. S. Watkins. ) 
C. E. Callwell. } 

1877. T. P. Le Fanu. 

N. S. Watkins. 

1878. E. M. Synge. 

C. H. Hutton. 

1879. R. C. Gilson. 

R. Hall. 

1880. R. C. Gilson. 

A. E. J. Legge. 

1881. R. C. Gilson. 

H. R. Mead. 

1882. R. G. Legge. 

F. W. Hardy. 

1883. R. G. Legge. 

E. H. Young. 

1884. A. F. Chilver. 

E. H. Young. 

1885. A. F. Chilver. 

S. F. Williams. 

1886. P. V. M. Benecke. 

A. E. T. Newman. 


1866. A. H. Haggard. 

1867. A. H. Haggard. 

1868. (not awarded or not recorded.) 

After 1868 Classical and Modern were separated. 


1869. C. W. N. Rolfe. 

1870. A. L. Williams. 

1871. G. C. Hill. 

1872. G.C.Hill. 

1873. D. D. Fräser. 

1874. R. G. Cope. 

1875. E. A. Armstrong. 

1876. [Not recorded.] 

S. C. D. Ryder. 
S. C. D. Ryder. 
R. C. Ponsonby. 
D. P. Chapman. 

Digitized by 





1877. [Not recorded.] 

1878. E. A. Armstrong. 

T. Grant. 

1879. W. Cope. 

1880. F. G. Ellerton. 

S. T. C. Dennis. 

E. 0. Wathen. 

1881. R. C. Gilson. 

E. H. Young. 

1882. R. C. Gilson. 

St. J. L. H. du Plat Taylor. 
E. H. Young. 

1883. A. H. Geldart. 

1884. W. W. Colley. 

C. Coffin. 

1885. W.W. Colley. 

S. F. Williams. 

1886. C. C. Boyd. ) 
E. A. F. Redl. } 

G. B. Dibblee. 


1866. E. C. ( 


1867. A. H. 


1868. None. 

1869. None. 

1870. P. Baldwin. 

Divided into Classical and Modern. 



1871. B. K. Bourdillon. 

E. C. Bowyer-Smijth. 

1872. B. K. Bourdillon. 

A. W. Pickford. 

1873. A. D. 0. Wedderburn. 

C. E. Callwell. 

1874. D. D. Fräser. 

C. E. Callwell. 

1875. D. D. Fräser. 

H. Melvill. 

1876. J. R. Rodd. 

1877. W.C.Walker. 

B. C. Doyle. 

N. S. Watkins. 

1878. B. Scott. 

C. H. Hutton. 

1879. E. von B. Bensly. 

W. G. Shellabear. 

H. A. Satchell. 

1880. W. A. Hill. 

A. C. Currie. 

1881. E. von B. Bensly. 

E. H. Young. 

W. A. Hill. 

1882. R. C. Gilson. 

P. T. Cooper. 

1883. G. D. Scott. 

F. J. Stone. 

1884. P. V. M. Benecke. 

J. A. Fräser. 
F. F. N. Rees. 

1885. J. P. Gilson. 

1886. P. V. M. Benecke. 

C. Coffin. 


1869. E. C. Bowyer-Smijth. 

1875. E. R. Penrose. 

1870. E. E. Cooper. 

1876. C. B. Watkins. 

Geometrical — A. H. Maitland. 

1877. W. Cope. 

1871. C. Penrose. 

1878. M. R. St. John. 

1872. H. A. Lucas. 

1879. W. Cope. 

(Extra) C. Penrose. 

1880. None. 

1874. F. C. Lees. 

1881. H. R. Mead. 

Digitized by 




1882. H. L. Roberts. 

1883. E. H. Young. 
Geom. — H. L. Roberts. 

1884. A. B. Yeates. 
Geom. — T. M. Usborne. 

1885. J. F. Barlow. 
Geom. — J. M. Knapp. 

1886. J. S. Bowdoin. 

Geom. — H. S. L. Ravenshaw. 

Äirtota— <£Ia«rfcal &foe. 
Below the VIth. 

1880. E. Maiden. 

1881. R.A. L. Kirk. 

1882. L. E.Hill. 

1883. P. V. M. Benecke. 

1884. W.J. Lias. 

1885. vi. H. F. Fisher. 
v. G. D. Callender. 

1886. vi. A. Macpherson. ) 
v. C. H. Eliot. f 

1886. G. B. Dibblee. 

1887. J. S. Bowdoin. 

Äfjakwpeare Prijea. 

1867. F. W. Bourdillon. 

1882. R. F. Sharp. 
F. H. Trench. 

1883. L. E. Hill. 
J. L. Pulling. 

Since 1885 Brisbane Butler Prize. 


W. H. O'Neill. 
H. L. Hutton. 
G. D. Callender. 
A. Macpherson. 

Craiwlatton JJrfje. 

1878. E. R.Jones. 

1879. W. L. Ogle. 

ftall #rije— ffittoztn Ätoe, ILatfa. 

1885. G. B. Dibblee. 

1886. E. S. Nairne. 

äaciwwn— Art Prije. 

1884. H. Swainson. 

1885. H. Swainson. 

Since 1880 Deedes Prize. 

E. M. Hill. 
A. Nairne. 
R. C. Gilson. 
R. B. Chapman. 
G. H. G. Alexander. 
P. Gilson. 

1886. }. P. Gilson. 


Digitized by 




Tablets in West Transept :— 

(School CrestJ 







HE DIED MAY 9th, 1882, AGED 17. 



(Batten Badge.J 

( School Crest.J 







20th JULY, 1885, AGED 26. 



(Thomason Badge.J 

A Table/, near West Door:— 

/'School Crest.J 







THE LAKE OF COMO, AUG. 81st, 1878. 


Digitized by 



In Easi Tramept :— 







SEPT. 9th, 1877, AGED 24. 








ON MAY 80TH, 1881. AGED 26. 











(Edmonstonc Badge.J 

A Tablety by East Door ;— 






WHO DIED 17th MARCH, 1881. 


Digitized by 



A Tablet, (wer West Door:— 







A Brass, in the Alcove to West ofthe Altar: — 

D : O : M. 












Brasses, in the Recess : — 












Digitized by 








1879, AETATIS XX. 


A Table f, wer East Door : — 







A Brass, in Alcwe near the Pulpit : — 







Digitized by 






E. R. Sworder. 

C. Chesshyre. 

. W. Isaacson. 
M. M. Holland. 
A. Elliot. 
A. K. Tharp. 
T. Webb. 
J. F. Birkenshaw. 
A. E. Garnier. 

T. C. Chesshyre. 
W. W. Isaacson. 
M. M. Holland. 
W. H. Mills. 
W. A. Holland. 
A. Elliot. 
A. K. Tharp. 
G. J. Coldham. 
G. Walker. 
C. Michell. 
A. E. Reade. 


W. H. Mills. 

A. K. Tharp. 

C. Michell. 

A. E. Reade. 

T. Webb. 

R. Branton-Day. 

A. W. C. Young. 

W. D. Bosanquet. 

E. R. Grey. 

J. P. Vandermeulen. 

H. C. Pope. 


W. H. Mills. 

A. K. Tharp. 

C. Michell. 

T. Webb. 

R. Branton-Day. 

A. W. C. Young. 

W. N. Thornthwaite. 

E. Scovell. 
W. P. Brooke. 

F. E. L. Schreiber. 


C. Michell. 

R. Branton-Day. 

A. W. C. Young. 

W. N. Thornthwaite. 

W. P. Brooke. 

F. E. L. Schreiber. 

W. A. Firth. 

E. H. Formby. 

C. W. Stevens. 

H. C. Paris. 

J. S. White. 

A. W. C. Young. 
W. P. Brooke. 
E. H. Formby. 
C. W. Stevens. 
J. S. White. 
A. E. Burr. 
J. Spens. 
W. Palmer. 
E. J. Grimston. 
J. Branton-Day. 
C. L. Young. 

Digitized by 





W. P. Brooke. 
E. H. Formby. 
J. Spens. 
C. W. H. Evans. 
E. Hoskyns. 

B. T. Boileau. 
A. Bovill. 

A. D. Addison. 
H. Jenner. 
H. A. Rigg. 
J. S. Birkett. 


J. Spens. 
E. Hoskyns. 
A. Bovill. 
H. A. Rigg. 
J. M. Batten. 
A. H. Behrend. 

W. Hughes-Hallett. 
. A. Reeves. 

C. Roberts. 
V. K. Shaw. 
H. Bourdillon. 



J. M. Batten. 

H. Bourdillon. 

V. K. Shaw. 

N. J. Hughes-Hallett. 

R. C. Ponsonby. 

A. R. Fellowes. 

C. W. Oddie. 

C. M. Smith. 

R. W. Eyton. 

J. Gardiner. 

C. Gurdon. 


H. Bourdillon. 
C. W. Oddie. 
C. M. Smith. 
C. Gurdon. 
E. T. Gurdon. 
H. A. Hodgson. 
C. E. Baker. 
G. C. Hill. 
G. H, P'Oyly. 

H. J. Reeves. 
H. Pelham. 
M. W. Johnson. 


C. W. Oddie. 
C. Gurdon. 
E. T. Gurdon. 
H. A. Hodgson. 
H. Pelham. 
G. S. Pawle. 
R. Steward. 
J. W. Ewing. 

E. Daniel. 

F. W. Champneys. 

G. B. Gurney. 

C. Gurdon. 
H. A. Hodgson. 
H. Pelham. 
J. W. Ewing. 

E. Daniel. 

G. B. Gurney. 
C. J. Blomfield. 
C. E. Pollock. 
W. S. Gurney. 

tF. Bonner. 
. E. Lushington. 


W. S. Gurney. 
G. F. Bonner. 
L. E. Lushington. 
W. A. Young. 
R. T. Blomfield. 

F. G. G. Jellicoe. 
L. S. Newmarch. 
J. F. Newton. 

S. Payne-Gallwey. 
F. L. Cox. 
R. T. Allen. 


W. S. Gurney. 
L. E. Lushington. 
F. G. G. Jellicoe. 
J. F. Newton. 
F. L. Cox. 


Digitized by 




R. T. Allen. 

E. A. Surtees. 

E. H. Watson. 

A. C. Currie. 

C. Hughes. 

R. H. B. Simpson. 

W. D. Hamilton. 

I. Bailey. 

C. L. Thomas. 

F. C. Langstaff. 

B. D. Turner. 

F. W. Welldon. 

T. H. Denny. 


R. V. Steward. 

F. L. Cox. 

W. A. Wheeler. 

E. H. Watson. 

W. D. Hamilton. 


C. L. Thomas. 

E. A. Surtees. 

F. W. Hayne. 

R. H. B. Simpson. 

S. W. Payne. 

W. A. Wheeler. 

M. H. Jackson. 

H. A. Debenham. 

A. Podmore. 

E. B. Raikes. 

H. A. Arnold. 

W. Williamson. 

J. L. Evans. 
K. S. Maclagan. 

E. Maiden. 

R. G. Legge. 

H. S. Travers. 


J. Corbett. 
W. 0. Wilson. 

H. A. Arnold. 

F. Gurdon. 

P. M. G. Maclagan. 

C. S. Cox. 

H. W. Jellicoe. 


B. Scott. 

E. A. Surtees. 

H. Y. Barker. 

E. B. Raikes. 

E. G. Harrison. 

W. Williamson. 

J. B. Shackle. 

E. Maiden. 

G. W. Rawlins. 

R. G. Legge. 

W. B. Lafone. 

W. A. Bailey. 

H. H. A. Grimshaw. 

J. L. Carr. 

H. G. M. Arnos. 


H. D. Carroll. 

F. Gurdon. 

R. P. Spurway. 

R. H. D. Smithson. 

C. S. Cox. 

J. B. Shackle. 

G. W. Rawlins. 


G. Gascoyne. 

R. G. Legge. 

H. Steward. 

H. G. M. Arnos. 

H. C. Formby. 

R. P. Spurway. 

C. D. Bruce. 

R. H. D. Smithson. 

H. G. Currie. 

E. K. H. D'Aeth. 

G. F. Richardson. 

H. S. Arkwright. 

R. Hall. 

J. D. W. Davy. 
J. B. Barton. 


C. E. Brownrigg. 

F. Gurdon. 

J. D. F. Campbell. 

H. G. Currie. 

G. H. G. Alexander. 

Digitized by 




R. P. Spurway. 
R. H. D. Smithson. 

E. K. H. D'Aeth. 
H. S. Arkwright. 
J. B. Barton. 

J. D. F. Campbell. 
G. H. G. Alexander. 
T. M. Osborne. 
L. Paine. 
R. G. Pollock. 

F. W. Finch. 

J. D. F. Campbell. 
F. W. Finch. 
C. B. Worsley. 
H. M. Walters. 
T. G. Walker. 
F. C. L. Hamilton. 
A. D. Kirby. 
C. R. Wilson. 
J. S. Liddell. 
A. G. Humphry. 
F. B. Morgan. 


H. M. Walters. 
F. C. L. Hamilton. 
F. B. Morgan. 
L. W. Roberts. 
L. W. Hallward. 
A. W. T. Perowne. 
A. M. Batty. 
P. S. Surtees. 

E. F. A. Hext. 
A. A. Dealtry. 
O. R. Bruce. 


F. L. C. Hamilton. 
F. B. Morgan. 

A. M. Batty. 

C. G. D. Hoare. 
H. P. E. Paget. 

B. F. G. North. 
O. G. Mackie. 
M. Lamb. 

E. Blaber. 

W. W. A'Deane. 

D. C. Bartley. 

Digitized by 




C. Michell. 
J. R. Brooke. 
C. E. Cheston. 
A. R. Michell. 
F. S. Clarke. 
R. T. Plummer. 
A. K. Tharp. 
F. M. Sumner. 
J. H. Pratt. 
A. C. Turner. 

F. S. Wrench. 
W. A. Firth. 
H. Cheston. 

A. R. Stogdon. 

B. L. Rose. 

R. Branton-Day. 
T. J. Seppings. 

G. V. Oddie. 
R. K. Tyler. 


C. E. Cheston. 
F. M. Sumner. 
J. H. Pratt. 
A. C. Turner. 

F. S. Wrench. 
W. A. Firth. 
H. Cheston. 
E. J. Hensley. 

A. R. Stogdon. 

B. L. Rose. 

G. V. Oddie. 
R. K. Tyler. 
R. F. Gibbon. 
J. S. White. 

E. H. Formby. 
A. J. Eyre. 
A. E. Burr. 
J. Palmer. 
A. C. Eyre. 


E. J. Hensley. 
G. V. Oddie. 

A. R. Stogdon. 

B. L. Rose. 
R. F. Gibbon. 
S. White. 

H. C. Formby. 
A. C. Eyre. 

C. W. H. Evans. 
E. Bowen. 

T. E. K. Addison. 
R. S. Abraham. 
H. J. Kitchin. 
S. A. Trower. 

E. J. Grimston. 
C. W. N. Rolfe. 
L. Hoskyns. 

C. C. Farr. 
H. Bourdillon. 
P. Birkett. 


R. F. Gibbon. 
H. Bourdillon. 
H. J. Kitchin. 
J. Spens. 

C. E. Champneys. 
J. T. Pollock. 

F. J. Whalley. 

Digitized by 




F. S. Paton. 

S. C. D. Ryder. 
W. W. Gibbon. 
P. B. Baldwin. 
P. Birkett. 

A. D. Addison. 

G. H. M. King. 
J. M. Batten. 

H. N. Cunningham. 

E. C. Lousada. 

F. W. Ayre. 

B. L. Anstruther. 
R. Merivale. 


H. Bourdillon. 

J. Spens. 

S. C. D. Ryder. 

J. M. Batten. 

H. N. Cunningham. 

£. C. Lousada. 

B. L. Anstruther. 
H. Russell. 

C. L. Anstruther. 
R. Peel. 

F. J. Atkinson. 

F. W. Bourdillon. 
R. Steward. 

S. F. Walker. 

G. A. St. C. Rose. 
H. L. Prior. 

W. W. Groome. 
A. W. Higgens. 
H. R. Fitzherbert. 
A. Newton. 
G. M. Merivale. 


H. Bourdillon. 

H. Russell. 

C. L. Anstruther. 

R. Peel. 

W. W. Groome. 

R. Steward. 

A. W. B. Higgens. 

A. Newton. 

G. M. Merivale. 

H. Holmes. 

C. M. Smith. 

E. T. Gurdon. 
C. Gurdon. 

R. C. Ponsonby. 
G. M. Palmes. 

F. W. Champneys. 

G. H. D'Oyly. 
E. E. Cooper. 
J. Woolley. 
C. Allen. 

H. Bourdillon. 
R. Steward. 
G. M. Merivale. 

E. T. Gurdon. 
C. Gurdon. 

F. W. Champneys. 

F. M. Shaw. 
C. Joyce. 

G. J. Howson. 
S. 6. Garrard. 

F. J. Bannister. 

G. H. Blunt. 
E. Daniel. 

R. B. Gaisford. 
S. R. James. 
H. Le B. Smith. 

E. Rendall. 
G. S. Pawle. 
M. W. Johnson. 

F. H. Harding. 

C. Gurdon. 
F. W. Champneys. 
E. Daniel. 
S. R. James. 
W. J. Darch. 
A. K. Hoets. 
A. W. Prior. 
W. S. Widdicombe. 
C. C. Atkinson. 
A. G. S. Gibson. 
E. W. Howson. 
M. Richardson. 
A. M. W. Curtis. 
W. B. Napier. 
C. Carleton. 
W. Merivale. 

Digitized by 




G. C. P. Williams-Freeman. 

B. G. Hoskyns. 
H. Melvill. 

W. A. Young. 


C. C. Atkinson. 
A. G. S. Gibson. 
A. M. W. Curtis. 

G. C. P. Williams-Freeman. 
H. Melvill. 
W. A. Young. 
F. W. Watkins. 
J. W. Ewing. 

D. D. Fräser. 
H. D. Hulme. 

H. A. D. Wathen. 
J. H. C. Coode. 
W. S. Gurney. 
C. E. Pollock. 
A. H. S. Bird. 
A. K. Farrar. 
J. H. Howard. 
J. F. Howson. 

C. M. Sumner. 
R. D. Vincent. 


H. Melvill. 
W. A. Young. 

D. D. Fräser. 
W. S. Gurney. 
R. G. Cope. 

A. D. Phelips. 
W. T. Dutton. 
F. W. Hayne. 

B. D. Turner. 
J. Gay. 

H. G. Mansel. 
M. T. O. Travers. 
H. J. Julius. 

F. Saunders. 

R. T. Blomfield. 

G. A. P. Dawson. 

C. Hughes. 

W. G. Fairbridge. 
H. S. Bidwell. 
L. E. Lushington. 

A. D. Phelips. 
F. W. Hayne. 
F. Sanders. 
H. S. Bidwell. 
W. G. Fairbridge. 
C. L. Graham. 
T. H. Tones. 
F. L. Cox. 

E. H. Watson. 
W. R. Pollock. 
S. Pater. 

C. L. Thomas. 
H. M. Stephens. 
M. E. H. Wale. 

F. S. Le Fanu. 

G. S. Ommanney. 
C. G. Garrard. 
N. L. Hallward. 

C. Hanbury-Williams. 
S. W. Payne. 


C. L. Thomas. 
C. G. Garrard. 
A. La T. Foster. 

E. M. Synge. 
G. C. Wray. 
J. B. Shackle. 
S. B. Tritton. 

H. H. Atkinson -Grimshaw 

F. B. Foster. 

M. B. Buckworth. 
A. A. W. Bailey. 
E. G. Oddie. 
H. Steward. 

G. C. Elwes. 
C. Poyer. 


A. La T. Foster. 
G. C. Wray. 
S. B. Tritton. 
J. B. Shackle. 
A. A. W. Bailey. 
E. G. Oddie. 
H. Steward. 
G. C. Elwes. 
G. B. Batten. 

Digitized by 




H. Y. Barker. 
G. F. Richardson 
E. R. Vesey. 


E. R. Vesey. 

F. W. H. Campbell. 

E. Chatterton. 

F. W. Welldon. 
F. Gurdon. 

R. V. Steward. 
R. A. Oddie. 
F. W. Rolt. 
C. D. Bruce. 
F. Sapte. 

P. M. G. Maclagan. 
A. G. B. Lang. 
H. C. Formby. 
H. D. Wilbraham. 
R. D. Gubbins. 


R. V. Steward. 
F. W. Rolt. 
P. M. G. Maclagan. 
T. Burnett- Ramsay. 
J. Bailey. 
A. E. J. Legge. 
C. H. Lowe. 
W. G. Walker. 
A. E. Wathen. 
F. C. Langstaff. 
A. L. Armitage. 
W. O. Wilson. 
T. C. Campbell. 
W. A. Wheeler. 
A. M. Coli. 


W. A. Wheeler. 
L. W. R. Andrews. 
R. G. Legge. 
T. L. Carr. 
K. H. Domenichetti. 
E. A. Surtees. 
E. C. Townsend. 
C. A. Holland. 
E. Maiden. 


L. H. Blomfield. 
F. W. H. Campbell. 
B. G. R. Haie. 

C. F. E. Crawford. 
J. R. B. A'Deane. 
T. P. Swift. 
R. C. Gilson. 

tA. Henderson. 
. G. H. De H. Larpent. 

R. G. Legge. 
T. R. B. A'Deane. 
L. G. H. de H. Larpent. 
R. F. Sharp. 
C. E. Hutt. 

A. B. Lenox-Conyngham. 
W. D. Mellersh. 
V. C. Le Fanu. 
C. H. Dunning. 
F. I. Thomas. 
C. W. Prest. 
W. S. Laidlaw. 
C. E. S. Headlam. 
F. H. Trench. 
C. E. Brownrigg. 

V. C. Le Fanu. 
F. I. Thomas. 
C. W. Prest. 
E. E. Tatham. 
A. P. Koe. 
H. S. Arkwright. 
P. H. Lee-Evans. 
W. F. Orr. 
R. H. D. Smithson. 
J. W. G. Prince. 
L. E. Hill. 
E. K. H. D'Aeth. 
J. T. Clapham. 
J. M. Vallentin. 
A. B. Le S. Herring. 

A. P. Koe. 
P. H. Lee-Evans. 

Digitized by 




R. H. D. Smithson. 

F. D. Outram. 

E. K. H. D'Aeth. 

W. H. O'Neill. 

A. F. Harratt. 

A. W. T. Perowne. 

M. B. D. Ffinch. 

F. B. Morgan. 

C. R. Wilson. 

J. W. Barclay. 
H. L. Hutton. 

A. Trethewy. 

S. D. Pulley. 

W. R. C. King. 


T. H. Keith. 

A. Trethewy. 

T. B. Barton. 
M. M. Smith. 

0. G. Mackie. 

C. G. D. Hoare. 

J. S. Wimbush. 

F. B. Morgan. 

A. M. Harbord. 

M. Lamb. 

T. R. C. Rotton. 
H. G. Stobart. 


A. Trethewy. 

B. F. G. North. 

0. G. Mackie. 

J. C. Miller. 

T. G. Walker. 

C. C. Boyd. 

E. F. Thackwell. 

A. P. Snell. 

E. H. Finch-Hutton. 

M. A. J. Tarver. 

H. M. Walters. 

W. W. H. D'Aeth. 

C. G. D. Hoare. 

E. S. Humphry. 

H. F. Cadell. 

A. Sanderson. 

L. W. Hallward. 

W. A. S. Hewett. 




Corp. E. Blaber. 

Priv. A. M. King.f 

Priv. R. E. Childers. 

Corp. A. 0. Raikes. 

Priv. M. B. Eider. 

Lieut. A. Trethewy. 

Priv. W. A. S. Hewett. 

Priv. R. Wilkin. 

* Third for the Ashburton Shield. 
t Shot for the Spencer Cup. 

Digitized by 





W. P. Brooke. 
£. Hoskyns. 


J. Spens. 
J. T. Pollock. 
E. Hoskyns, Aeg. 


J. M. Batten. 
A. R. Fellowes. 


S. C. Snow. 
B. Stephenson. 


S. C. Snow. 
R. T. Allen. 


R. T. Allen. 
W. S. Gurney. 


R. V. Steward. 
H. Steward. 


R. V. Steward. 
H. Steward. 

R. P. Spurway. 
T. M. Usborne 


J. D. F. Campbell. B. 
H. M. Walters. A. 

F. G. North. 
M. Batty. 



J. A. Fräser. 
W. H. O'Neill. 


J. A. Fräser, Aeg. 

W. H. O'Neill. 
R. Pemberton. 


R. Pemberton. 
W. H. O'Neill. 

t H. W. Finch (Boxing). 


W. H. O'Neill. 
G. R. Dennis. 

H. D. O'Neill (Boxing). 


K. F. C. Aiken. 
£. Barnardiston. 

t H. Legge (Boxing). 

* The matches were this ycar played at Lord's. 
t Winner of final. 

Digitized by 















8 v w 

* IH §-r * i? 17 Irr 

I? |I II &ü lü 1? ü 2s IS ig 

s 8 *S> S S ^5 fc .fc *ft j£ «»$ 2 » *$ 
pj- K- *- x~ K - ,j- 5- <& S a £~ 

< 3: <i ä w 


Ji ii 



11 1« ft Ji i J \i 

^^•sSs <•« gs? -gar I« 

oj S"— ^» ü^ <""" o" ^T" 





>d « d «e y c od $d gd > d >,d >>d 

JT"* 1U -gfc Sin g"Ä -g'S |5 §S £o -gS 

I« «s §s I* H s s <* ** 3« *£ 

dSi rfi rfi ^ cö^- K^ ü~ S~ w-ü c/3^ 

a < <j fa ö & ü fc* o o _ 

~ -r ~ 2-*. *-r ~-r - §^- I- I 

'■S4 --s 

2» E'S 5* 2"& 


|s s* ja"» a^ ai"» 


B ci Öj £«j OT « «j «j £d Öd 3« 3*4 *«* °<ö 

öä ,4 ri ä rfS aS ajä ää ^B 3* d <5 <^e «ja 

5: <ä <" ^' bJ oJ « fa ü ü> '^ '^ 

I? ii I tl fi II |i 1 i< Ji P 81 

j" Jtr i H .^ ^ ^ «t j-ff Jt <^ Ja ji 

> ^' oi os w d « ü ü ü fc & 

s § s 


i i 

Digitized by 





< d 

i §ü 

. o 

< d 



8 IS 

•g M < M 

h i* n p 

Z S 1h m e ** 

< S * E dB ÜB 

CJÄ &:-=- d-a- Ü-S- 

*U. hfr-i. T -^ -i. -i. 

IMS « » 

< s 




§ ü il 



1 1 1 i I 
s s t 8 I? i^ 

£ d ^ d O^ « d 
<E ^S Ol JE 
O^ &."-* W~ <j — 



-^ -^ -i. *Ö--i. -i. 

£8 II 

.LT) . C 

j* gl 

^ U 

. VI 







£ ÖS 


OS -2- 

E c8 
fro So» 


W < 

£ c 

< d 2 - 





C 1Ä a 

•P. 8-8 




K ^ 

Ati ^ CS C/3*« *^^ 

w— H"^ <'~ >^ 

1^ ^ ^ ^ 

S.S J.S o.S n.S 

üg ^^ H !«i §£ 

a^ ü^ ^^ u^ 

Ü h < ^ 






d | d 


1= P. Ü « 13 

^U P$ J «, |^ ffl .2> 

pj— oi-i ü"-* S>2: w 

^, fxj fc t4 ü 

c c 

.2 c - .2*7 

Q^ Qd J^ §5^ 

«*» i a -? a SdS 

C5 (5 ^ ^vfc' 


jN ul p : it n tu §U ** 

,jS e§2 w2 1^ M .§ ?^. 


Ö I 

1 . I . B ^ 

IH <£S £Ü ÜÜ 

(-'•$• H't: (^"S 1 §•*• 

^•A gji js- ü - 

s s 

Digitized by 




1867. 3 . 

Bartle Frere. 









1878. 3 . 

Bartle Frere. 




Bartle Frere. 





















1870. 3 . 









Bartle Frere. 



1871. 3 . 







Bartle Frere. 


Bartle Frere. 


Le Bas. 




Le Bas. 








( Batten. \ 
\ Le Bas. ) 






Le Bas. 




Le Bas. 



1884. 3 . 






















1876. 3 . 







l Hailey. \ 
\ Thomason. ) 







Digitized by 



(Solo A means Treble or Alto ; B means Tenor or Bass.) 

1877. Quartett. Lawrence, R. T. Milford, E. H. Montresor, C. G. N. 

Trollope, F. W. Hayne. 

Solo A. W. D. Hamilton (Trevelyan). 
B. W. R. Pollock (Trevelyan). 

1878. Quartett. Trevelyan. A. Hughes, R. G. Watson, W. F. D. 

Curtoys, W. H. Savile. 

Solo A. A. Hughes (Trevelyan). 
B. G. C. Wray (Bartle Frere). 

1879. Quartett. Lawrence. R. T. Milford, E. H. Montresor, P. 

Harbord, E. Anson. 

Solo A. J. B. Plumptre (Bartle Frere). 
B. G. C. Wray (Bartle Frere). 

1880. Quartett. Lawrence. L. B. Spence, G. R. Wood, R. T. Milford, 

E. H. Montresor. 

Solo A. G. R. Wood (Lawrence). 

B. R. V. Steward (Edmonstone). 

1881. Quartett. Lawrence. L. B. Spence, G. R. Wood, E. Anson, 

R. G. Legge. 

Solo A. G. R. Wood (Lawrence). 
B. F. H. Trench (Melvill). 

1882. Quartett. Lawrence. W. S. Milford, O. C. Johnson, R. G. 

Legge, E. Anson. 

Solo A. W. S. Milford (Lawrence). 
B. C. R. Gott (Highfield). 

1883. Quartett. Colvin. R. Talbot, H. M. Gorham, L. Paine, E. 


Solo A. W. S. Milford (Lawrence). 
B. G. R. Wood (Lawrence). 

1884. Quartett. BaUen. F. W. Hutchinson, C. W. Todd, J. A. 

Fräser, C. F. Gisborne. 

Solo A. F. W. Hutchinson (Batten). 
B. E. Jackson (Colvin). 

1 885. Quartett. Trevelyan. J. Howard, R. G. Munn, C. A. I. Roberts, 

A. H. Gibbon. 

Solo A. J. Howard (Trevelyan). 
B. A. H. Gibbon (Trevelyan). 

1886. Quartett. Batten. F. W. Hutchinson, G. W. Etheridge, C. 

W. Todd, H. F. Howard. 

Solo A. F. W. Hutchinson (Batten). 
B. I. G. Lloyd Jones (Hailey). 

1887. Quartett. Trevelyan. B. Hamilton G. W. Matthew, F. L. C. 

Hamilton, H. G.Jones. 

Solo A. W. J. N. Probyn (Colvin). 

B. F. L. C. Hamilton (Trevelyan). 

Digitized by 


Btetirement of ftefc a. Deeöe& 

I heard of Mr. Deedes's resignation too late to make the 
necessary correction at the beginning of the book. Haileybury 
from the very first has had good cause to be grateful to him for 
his unwearying interest, and I personally have met with much 
kind help from him in compiling this Register. 

October 7, 1887. 

Digitized by 


[The names of those who have dicd are printed in Italic*. \ 

Abbott, W. J., 230. 
Abell, A. W., 53. 
Abel!, H. F., 24. 
Abercrombie, A. W., 239. 
Abraham, R. S., 36, 239. 
A'Court, A. W. H., 13. 
A'Court, L. W. H., 13. 
Adams, G. F., 13. 
Adcock, G. R., 175. 
Addison, A. J. B., 166. 
Addison, A. D., 30. 
Addison, T. E. K. t 30. 
A'Deane, J. R. B. f 155. 
A'Deane, W.W.W., 186. 
Affleck, P. B., 133. 
Aiken, E. H. C, 155. 
Aiken, K. C. C, 205. 
Aitkens, A. J., 44. 
Aitkens, G., 60. 
Alder, F. R., 195. 
Alder, J. F., 186. 
Aldersey, T., 102. 
Alexander, G.H.G., 138. 
Alexander, L. V., 230. 
Alexander, R.P.G., 192. 
Alexander, W. H., 214. 
Allen, B. C., 201. 
Allen, C, 71. 
Allen, CG. H., 136. 
Allen, R. B., 220. • 
Allen, R. T. f 83. 
Allenby, E. H. H„ 117. 
Almon, C. F., 151. 

>n, u. a., 44. 
>n, J. J., 120. 
s, C. J., 68. 
s, C. P., 139. 

Arnes, E. F., 39. 

Arnos, H. G. M., 161. 

Anderson, A. J., 136. 

Anderson, Francis H., 

Anderson, Frank Her- 
bert, 60. 

Anderson, G. A., 44. 

Anderson, J. 



Andrews, L. W. R., 1 29. 

Andrews, R. C, 65. 

Anson, A., 76. 

Anson, E., 145. 

Anson, F. C. M., 93. 

Anstruther, B. LI., 19. 

Anstruther, C. LI., 19. 

Anstruther, J. LI., 19. 

Appleford, W. P., 166. 

Appleton, F. M., 139. 

Arbuthnot, J., 49. 

Archer, A. G., 214. 

Arden, G. E., 30. 

Argles, C. G., 224. 

Arkwright, E. H., 182. 

Arkwright, H. S., 148. 

Arkwright, R. E. St. A., 

Arkwright, S. J., 136. 

Armitage, E. H., 179. 

Armitage, H. A., 166. 

Armstrong, E., 192. 

Armstrong, E. A., 88. 
Arnold, A. S., 145. 
Arnold, H. A., 109. 
Ashby, E. H. in. 
Ashby, G. A., 74. 
Ashby, J. S., 90. 
Ashington, A. A., 14. 
Ashington, H., 13. 
Ashpitel, E. H., 186. 
Ashpitel, W. S., 198. 
Ashwell, E. J., 186. 
Atkey, P. J., 183. 
Atkey, S. C, 230. 
Atkinson, B., 210. 
Atkinson, C. C, 76. 
Atkinson, F. J. 53. 
Atkinson-Grimshaw, H. 

H., in. 
Attlee, B. H. B., 233. 
Attlee, R. B. f 216. 
Auber, C. L. S., 20. 
Austin, A., 68. 
Aveling, N. C, 183. 
Ayre, F. W., 29. 
Ayre, J. W. C, 53. 

Back, W. H., 220. 
Bacon, C. M. G., 44. 
Bacon, F. H., 192. 
Bacon, H., 291. 
Bagot, C. F. H., 88. 
1 Bagot, G. W., 166. 
Bagot, H. F., 166. 

Digitized by 




Bailey, A. A. W., in. 
Bailey, A. R. F., 27. 
Bailey, C, 90 
Bailey, E. A., 1. 
Bailey, L, 151. 
Bailey, J. C, 127. 
Bailey, L. L , 145. 
Bailey, W. A., .166. 
Bainbrigge, P. T., 14. 
Baines, E.W. R, 176. 
Baird Smith, A. G., 166. 
Baird-Smith, F. L., 183. 
Baker,Charles Edmund, 

Baker, Chs. Ernest, 148. 
Baker, C. W., 100. 
Baker, G. F., 207. 
Baker, H. E., 49. 
Baker, J. G., 76. 
Baidock, W., 68. 
Baldwin, F., 14. 
Baldwin, H., 24. 
Balmer, R., 230. 
Banister, A. N., 112. 
Banister, C. L., 6. 
Banister, E. P., 183. 
Banister, F. J., 44. 
Banks, H. B., 6. 
Barber, A. S., 226. 
Barclay, G. A. N., 170. 
Barker, A. L., 20c. 
Barker, E. F., 216. 
Barker, E. L., 127. 
Barker, H. Y., 107. 
Barkley, M., 217. 
Barlow, F. J., 192. 
Barlow, J. F., 192. 
Barlow, G. T., 148. 
Barlow, L., 96. 
Barlow, P. A., 205. 
Barnardiston, E., 207. 
Barnes, C. H., 230. 
Barnett, H., 133. 
Barr, H. K., 221. 
Barratt, H. S., 63. 
Barrington, H. R.S., 10. 
Barrington, J. W. S., 1. 
Barron, N. G., 161. 
Barry, D., 90. 

n, a. r.., 140. 
1, J. A., 230. 
*, JB., 153. 
1, R. C, 155. 

Barry, G. D., 137. 
Barter, A. B., 179. 
Barter, H. R., 117. 
Bartlett, A. J., 170. 
Bartlett, D. M. M., 236. 
Bartley, D. C., 210. 
Barton, A. E., 148. 

Barton, K. (J., 155. 
Barton, R. G., 226. 
Bateman, C. E. G., 129. 
Bathurst, H. W., 166. 
Batten, A. C, 76. 
Batten, G. B., 103. 
Batten, T. K., 146. 
Batten, J. M., 1. 
Battiscombe, E. M., 1 89. 
Batty, A. M., 176. 
Batty, E. F., 133. 
Bawtree, H. F., 217. 
Bawtree, J. F., 236. 
Bayliffe, A. D., 233. 
Bayly, J., 198. 
Beachcroft, F. S., 170. 
Beachcroft, P. E., 24. 
Beachcroft, T. S., 10. 
Bealey, A. F., 80. 
Beames, R., 153. 
Beamish, R. H., 120. 
Beauclerk, A. R. G., 56. 
Beaumont, T. E., 161. 
Beckh, H. O., 146. 
Beckh, V. F., 66. 
Beckingsale, M. M., 60. 
Bedford, A. W., 139. 
Beeby, C. E., 39. 
Beeching, C. F., 195. 
Beeching, H. A., 148. 
Behrend, G., 47. 
Behrend, A. H., 46. 
Behrends, B. J., 100. 
Behrends, F. W., 100. 
Beiben, E. P., 205. 
Beiben, F., 195. 
Benecke, E. F. M., 189. 
Benecke, P.V. M., 189. 
Bennet, P., 120. 
Bennett, C. O., 230, 

Bennett, C. P., 39. 
Bensly, E. von B., 129. 
Bensly, R. von R. t 201. 
Berkeley, H. J. F., 148. 
Berkley, F., 47. 
Berthon, C. S., 1. 
Besant, W. L. W., 186. 
Bethune, F. A., 134. 
Bettington, B., 155. 
Bevan, C. B., 30. 
Bevan, S. C. H., 217. 
Beville, H. G. P., 201. 
Beynon, H. L. N., 176. 
Bickersteth, H. C„ 20. 
Bicknell, W. L., 25. 
Bidwell, G. L., 179. 
Bidwell, H. S., 83. 
Bigg, W. E., 201. 
Binny, S. S., 217. 
Birch, T. S.W., 31. 
Bird, A. H. S., 80. 
Bird, E. R. B., 153. 
Bird, R. W. B., 142. 
Bird, S. G., 31. 
Bird, W. E. F., 176. 
Birke«, H., 49. 
Birkett, J. S., 161. 
Birkett, L., 14. 
Birkett, P., 14. 
Birkinshaw, J. F., 11. 
Blaber, E., 210. 
Black, H., 36. 
Blagrave, J. C., 291. 
Blair, J. E., 41. 
Blake, G. F., 139. 
Blake, H., 230. 
Blake, R., 207. 
Blake, W. H., 29. 
Blakeway, D. B., 201. 
Bland, E., 49. 
Bland, E. M., 14. 
Bland, G. H., 100. 
Blandy, J. C, 226. 
Bliss, W. M., 166. 
Block, A. H., 96. 
Block, J. S. T., 85. 
Block, S. C. M., 20. 
Block, W. E., 117. 
Blomfield, A. C, 139. 

Digitized by 




.Blomfield, C. J., 56. 
Blomfield, L. H., 107. 
Blomfield, R. T., 66. 
Bloxam, R. H. R., 74. 
Blunt, A. C., 118. 
Blunt, G. H., 47. 
Blunt, R., 83. 
Bockett, T. L., 60. 
Boileau, B. T., 36. 
Boileau, G. W. K., 36. 
Bois, H. G., 196. 
Bolton, A. T., 142. 
Bolton, M. E. A., 210. 
Bond, E. C, 49. 
Bone, W. M., 11. 
Bonham, F. W., 207. 
Bonham, R. M. C, 66. 
Bonner, C. A., 90. 
Bonner, G. F., 80. 
Bonner, H. G., 66. 
Bonner, J. H., 20. 
Boone, C. F. de B. 207. 
Boosey, G. C, 170. 
Booth, R., 196. 
Boothby, R. E., 41. 
Booty, E. S., 230. 
Bosanquet, A. W., 31. 
Bosanquet, C. C. C, 1 27. 
Bosanquet, E. B., 1 . 
Bosanquet, H. S., 170. 
Bosanquet, W. D., 6. 
Bostock, S., 189. 
Boucher, G. F., 11. 
Boulton, C. P., 180. 
Boulton, H. G., 196. 
Boulton, R., 217. 
Boulton, R. E., 230. 
Bourchier, A. C. F., 1 39. 
Bourdillon, B. K., 49. 
Bourdillon, F. W., 31. 
Bourdillon, G., 41. 
Bourdillon, H., 41. 
Bourne, M. S., 170. 
Bourne, P. T., 180. 
Bousfield, A. M., 170. 
Bousfield, F. C, 170. 
Bovill, A., 49. 
Bowdoin, H.W.C., 224. 
Bowdoin, J. S., 201, 

Bcwen, E. t 25. 
Bowen, E. F., 107. 
Bowen, R. M., 25. 
Bowles, C. E., 109. 
Bowles, E. A., 142. 
Bowles, H. A., 85. 
Bowles, R. R., 161. 
Bowyer Smyth, C. W., 

Bowyer Smijth, E. C, 

Boyd, C. C, 189. 
Boyd, F. K., 217. 
Bradford, E. C, 217. 
Braine, A. B., 31. 
Branton-Day, J., 20. 
Branton-Day, R., n. 
Branton-Day, T., 49. 
Brass, C. H., 217. 
Bree, E. H., 53. 
Brenan, H. G./2G7. 
Brenchley, H. S., 186. 
Brett, J. M., 39. 
Bridge, S. f 50. 
Bridges, W. T., 233. 
Brierley, E. E., 214. 
Briggs, A. E., 134. 
Briggs, E. F., 60. 
Briggs, G. A., 236. 
Broadrick, G. F., 210. 
Broadrick, R. W., 224. 
Brock, H. J., 210. 
Brodie, W. L. W., 156. 
Brodrick, A. H., 25. 
Brodrick, A. M., 180. 
Bromley, H., 7. 
Bromwich, J. S., 171. 
Brooke, A. M., 236. 
Brooke, J. B., 41. 
Brooke, J. R-, 20. 
Brooke, W. P., 20. 
Brooks, L. M. N., 151. 
Brown, A. B., 236. 
Brown, H. B., 25. 
Brown, F. R„ 221. 
Brown, J. K., 226. 
Brown, K. M., 50. 
Brown-Douglas, W. H., 


Browne, F. D. S., 192. 
Browne, G. W., 96. 
Browne, P. W., 81. 
Browne, R. S., 183. 
Brownlow, H. L., 183. 
Brownrigg, C. E., 156. 
Bruce, C. D., 127. 
Bruce, J. M., 236. 
Bruce, O. R., 196. 
Bruce, R. W., 210. 
Bryan, T. W., 162. 
Bryans, A., 37. 
Bryans, H. W., 76. 
Buchanan, F. E., 205. 
Buchanan, H. D., 201. 
Buchanan Riddell, C. S., 

Buchanan Riddell, H. 

E., 91. 
Bücke, H. M., 156. 
Buckingham, A. W., 53. 
Bucknill, G. E., 66. 
Buckland, A. R., 68. 
Buckle, A. C, 186. 
Buckworth, M. B., 115. 
Buckworth, R. H., 63. 
Bull, H., 134. 
Bullen Smith, G. M., 


Bullock, H. A., 230. 

Burchardt, F., 107. 

Burchell, C. T. D., 93. 

Burdett, C. S., 11. 

Burder, E. S., 146. 

Burder, F. L., 1 24, 

Burder, R. E. C., 217. 

Burges, D., 202. 

Burgess, E. L., 63. 

Burn, G. F., 187. 

Burn, J. H., 50. 

Burnaby, W. A., 60. 

Burne, J. F., 183. 

Burne, O., 127. 
. Burnett Ramsay,T., 127. 
1 Burr, A. E., 21. 
• Burrell, J. H., 60. 

Burrows, J. C, 139. 

Buston, A. J., 81. 
1 Buston, R., 36. 


Digitized by 




Butcher, A. A., 20. 
Butcher, R. S., 166. 
Butler, C.P.R., 81. 
Butler, M. S. D., 230. 

Cadeil, H. F., 187. 
Cadeil, J. D., 236. 
Cadeil, P. R., 207. 
Calder, J. F., 21. 
Caldecott, A. S., 156. 
Caldecott, E. G., 53. 
Callender, G. D., 180. 
Callwell, C. E., 83. 
Cameron, A. R., 207. 
Cameron, C. H. H.,44. 
Cameron, E. N. H., 224. 
Campbell, A. S., 180. 
Campbell, C. F., 139. 
Campbell, D. E. M., 202. 
Campbell, F. W. H„ 

Campbell, I. H., 202. 

Campbell, I.D. F., 187. 

Campbell, J. W., 39. 

Campbell, W. H., 176. 

Capper, T., 124. 

Capper, W. B., 53. 

Cardale, W., 192. 

Cardew, G. H., 109. 

Carleton, F. R. C, 77. 

Carnegie, C. E., 139. 

Carr, C. C, 151. 

Carr* H. A., 226. 

Carr, H. H., 162. 

Carr, J. L., 143. 

Carr, S. L., 11. 


Carroll, H. D., 143. 

Carroll, W. A., 127. 

Carter, E. J., 96. 

Carter, H., 153. 

Carter, H. F., 233, 

Carter, R. E„ 81. 

Cartwright, G. N., 190. 

Cartwright, H. R., 198. 

Carus Wilson, C, 60. 

Carus Wilson, CA., 1 15. 

Carus Wilson, F. N., 77. 

Carus Wilson, H., 21. 
Carwardine, P. H., 1 80. 
Case, G. E., 50. 
Cash, W., 162. 
Castle, A. J. C, 207. 
Cass, C. D., 97. 
Cass, E. C, 118. 
Casswell, G. F., 129. 
Cattley, H. T., 93. 
Causton, C. G., 214. 
Cautley, J. C, 14. 
Cave Browne, E., 77. 
Cave-Browne, W. C, 

Cazenove, A. P., 74. 
Chadwick, J. de H. M., 

Chamberlin, P., 29. 
Chamier, E. M. des C, 

Chamier, W. St.G., 202. 
Chamley, C. B., 214. 
Chamney, P. M., 24. 
Champneys, C. F., 2. 
Champneys, F. W., 47. 
Chapman, D. P., 81. 
Chapman, E. G.C., 176. 
Chapman, M. J., 25. 
Chapman, R. A.B., 153. 
Charles, P. A., 1. 
Charlesworth, G., 44. 
Charlesworth, J. G., 115. 
Charrington, J., 68. 
Chattaway, F., 93. 
Chatterton, E., 127. 
Chattock, H. P., 202. 
Cheshire, W. C, 7. 
Chesney, K., 120. 
Chesney, N. E., 162. 
Chesshyre, J. C, 2. 
Cheston, E. C, 15. 
Cheston, H., 14. 
Child, R. de Q., 37. 
Childers, R. E., 202. 
Chilver, A. F., 183. 
Chittenden, A. G. F., 

Chittenden, C. G. T. F., 


Chittenden, F. G. F,Si. 
Cholmeley, H. S., 77. 
Christian, G. F., 107. 
Christian, J., 108. 
Christian, W., 166. 
Christopher, C. D., 210. 
Churchill, A. W., 236. 
Clairmonte, /. S. 9 171. 
Clapham, J. T., 162. 
Cläre, M. J., 236. 
Clark, A., 27. 
Clark, A. A., 15. 
Clark, E. S., 156. 
Clarke, F. S., 15. 
Clarke, G. S., 15. 
Clarke, Herbert Syden- 

ham, 83. 
Clarke, Hilton Syden- 

ham, 24. 
Clarke, J. M., 81. 
Clarke, R. B., 192. 
Clarke, T. P. f 151. 
Clarke, T. S., 44. 
Clay, A. C. 148. 
Clay, C. F., 118. 
Clay, F., 2. 
Clay, H. J., 151. 
Clay, Richard, 2. 
Clay, Richard, jun., 139. 
Clayton, E. W., 50. 
Clayton, F. H., 192. 
Cleaver, A. H., 217. 
Cleaver, L. S., 233. 
Cleaver, W. E., 202. 
Clements, C. H., 120. 
Clements, H., 2. 
Clerk, C. J., 187. 
Clerk, F. M., 72. 
Clinch, A. E., 50. 
Clifford, E. A., 21. 
Clinton, C. S. P., 85. 
Cobb, A. W., 29. 
Cobb, F. L., 153. 
Cobb, J. A., 154. 
Cobb, R., 31, 
Cobb, T. F., 7. 
Cobbold, H. St. G., 2 10. 
Cockbain, A. A., 103. 
Cockbatn y C. W., 100. 

Digitized by 




Cockburn, C, 56. 
Cockburn, H. A. E., 39. 
Codrington, W. J., 210. 
Coffin, Campbell, 180. 
Coffin, Clifford, 205. 
Coghill, E. B., 29. 
Coghill, N. J. A., 29. 
Coke, W., 7. 
Colbeck, A. G., 93. 
Colbeck, H. 41. 
Coldham, G. J., 15. 
Cole, C. F., 81. 
Coli, A. M., 291. 
Colley, G. H. P., 205. 
Colley, W. W., 183. 
Collins, A. E., 199. 
Collins, E. L., 211. 
Colson, F. H., 72. 
Colvin-Smitb, R. C. M., 

Combe, E. A., 210. 
Combe, R. M., 230. 
Comber, C. F., 187. 
Conington, C. W., 47. 
Conway, F., 207. 
Conway, H., 190. 
Conway, H. E., 227. 
Conway, R. R., 140. 
Conway, T. D., 180. 
ConwayGordon, L., 156. 
Coode, H. P. R., 231. 
Coode, J. H. C, 77. 
Coode, M. P., 39. 
Coode, W. D., 233. 
Cooke, A. H., 77. 
Coombs, W. A., 2. 
Cooper, E. K, 44. 
Cooper, G. D., 236. 
Cooper, H. G. W., 227. 
Cooper, P. T., 154. 
Coopland, G. B. P., 83. 
Coote, H. C, 120. 
Cope, R. G., 63. 
Cope, \V. S., 103. 
Copeman, H., 148. 
Copeman, H. C. 116. 
Corbett, C H., 176. 

n. n.. D. f 221. 
st,J.W., 124. 

y, }; 50. 
y, J. w., 53. 

Corbett, H. G. L., 208. 
Corbett, J., 139. 
Corfield, A. J. G., n. 
Cornish, J. G., 1 10. 
Corrie, A. E., 205. 
Corrie, A. F. 85. 
Cory, R. F., 2. 
Costobadie, E. G., 130. 
Costobadie, H. A., 83. 
Cotton, A. D., 31. 
Cotton, C. O., 31. 
Cotton, F. H., 21. 
Couchman, G. H. H.,93. 
Coulson, H. A. B., 221 
Coventry, L. C, 23 
Cowan, C. H., 231. 
Cowan, H. J. F., 148. 
Cowie, C. H., 108. 
Cowie, E., 108. 
Cowie, E. H., 140. 
Cowie, J., 148. 
Cox, C. S., 118. 
Cox, F. L., 100. 
Cox, R. H., 74. 
Cozens-Smith, Campbell, 

Cozens-Smith, Clayton, 

Crawford, C. F.E., 151. 
Crawhall, H., 130. 
Crawley, J. H., 162. 
Crease, A. D., 227. 
Crease, L., 167. 
Creery, A., 140. 
Creery, L. C, 120. 
Cripps, F. E., 60. 
Crisp, J. R., 176. 
Crockett, O. G., 236. 
Crofton, C. W., 146. 
Crookes, R. J., 68. 
Cross, A., 1 1 8. 
Cubitt, J. F., 199. 
Cubitt, T. A., 210. 
Cumberlege, F. H., 61. 
Cumberlege, H. A., 91. 
Cunningham, E. C, 22 1 . 

Cunningham, H. N., 1 1 . 
Currie, A. C, 134. 
Currie, H. G., 112. 
Currie, J. M., 156. 
Currie, F. G. C, 72. 
Currie, W. L. R., 72. 
Currie, W. M., 227. 
Curteis, H. St. L., 130. 
Curtis, A. M. W. t 74. 
Curtis, A. W., 208. 
Curtis, H. A. D., 61. 
Curtis, L. G., 217. 
Curtoys, C. E. E., 143. 
Curtoys, W. F.D., 108. 

D'Aeth, C. C. H., 211. 
D'Aeth, E. K. H., 171. 
D'Aeth, L. L. H., 237. 
D'Aeth, R. H., 156. 
D'Aeth, W. W.H., 190. 
Dagg, A. R., 72. 
Dagg, P. H., 143. 
Dagg,T. A., 124. 
Dagg, W. L., 88. 
Dalbiac, C. W., 15. 
Dale, A. M., 1 1 . 
Dale, G. A., 171. 
Dalgleish, A. C-, 2. 
Dalison, B. E., 176. 
Dalison, C. J. A., 39. 
Dalmahoy, P., 231. 
Dalzel, A. F., 202. 
Dames, T. M. L., 199. 
Daniel, A. O., 227. 
Daniel, E 9 66. 
Daniel, J. J. C, 56. 
Daniell, A. E., 37. 
Daniell, C. E., 124. 
Daniell, F. W., 190. 
Darch, W. J., 66. 
Darley, F. D., 202. 
Darling, J. G. R., 187. 
Dashwood, A, T. 53. 
Dashwood, C. E., 202. 
Dashwood, C. B. L., 2 2 1 . 
Dashwood, E. S., 97. 
Daubeny, E. M., 30. 
Daubeny, F. H., 15. 
Daubeny, W. H., 7. 

Digitized by 




Daunt, R. A. C, 224. 
Davenport, F. R., 227. 
Davies, D. H., 2 1 . 
Davies, F. R. F., 37. 
Davies, H. LI., 156. 
Davies, R., 66. 
Davies, V. W., 156. 
Davidson, C. S., 167. 
Davidson, G. D., 171. 
Davis, W. W., 205. 
Davison, E. S., 97. 
Davison, G. C, 167. 
Davison, G. M., 50. 
Davison, W. P., 97. 
Davy, J. D. W., 154. 
Davys, G. E. Le F., 72. 
Dawes, D. M., 231. 
Dawes, E. S., 211. 
Dawson, G. A. P., 9 1 . 
Dawson, P. J., 176. 
Day, H. L., 233. 
de Jersey, E. M., 162. 
De la Pryme, A. G., 2 1 1 . 
de Rivaz, F. J.,,217. 
de Rivaz, G. E., 177. 
de Rivaz, R. N., 196. 
de Sainte Croix, S., 177. 
Deakin, C. R., 233. 
Dealtry, A. A. f 176. 
Dealtry, P. S., 156. 
Deane, A. D , 61. 
Debenham, A. E., 196. 
Debenham, F. K., 214. 
Debenham, H. A., 134. 
Debenham, R. B., 167. 
Deedes, A. G., 116. 
Deedes, B., 2. 
Deedes, W., 77. 
Deedes, W. G., 81. 
Delmar, A. F., 74. 
Dempsey, A. F., 77. 
Dempsey, B., 103. 
Denison, S., 47. 
Denman, L. W. E., 77. 
Dennis, G. R., 177. 
Dennis, M. F., 231. 
Dennis, M. G. C, 143. 
Dennis, S. T. C, 134. 
Denny, C. J., 193. 

Denny, E. P., 180. 
Denny, R. H., 103. 
Denny, T.H., 120. 
Dent, S. U., 180. 
Dent, V. E. J., 23* 
Denys, G. F., 231. 
Denys, M., 214. 
Desborough, L. A., 125. 
Dibblee, F. L., 217. 
Dibblee, G. B., 183. 
Dickson, F. T., 134. 
Dickson, G. M., 50. 
Dickson, G. A. H., 130. 
Dickson, R. C, 234. 
Dickinson, C, 134. 
Dickinson, C. H., 221. 
Dickinson, G., 146. 
Disney, E. N., 130. 
Dixon, A., 128. 
Dixon, C. P., 231. 
Dodd, A. R., 15. 
Dodgson, W. H., 11. 
D'Olier, I. B., 202. 
Dolphin, T. W., 31. 
Domenichettti, F., 167. 
Domenichetti, R., 130. 
Donaldson, C. E., 234. 
Donaldson,J.W.E.,2i 1. 
Donne, H., 21. 
Dorrington, J. 31. 
Douglas, C. H. O., 81. 
Douglas, J. A., 130. 
Douglas, S. R., 211. 
Douglas, W. B., 187. 
Downes, P., 208. 
D'Oyly, G. H., 56. 
Doyle, B. C, 97. 
Drabble,R. B., 120. 
Drake> F.f., 15. 
Drew, C. L., 234. 
Drew, H. B., 214. 
Drummond, L. C, 45. 
Drummond, W. H., 221. 
Drury, D., 56. 
Dudgeon, J. M., 291. 
Duke, G. A., 171. 
Dumaresq, R. H. F., 22 1 . 
Dunkin, H., 112. 
Dunlop, W., 221. 

Dunning, B. S., 137. 
Dunning, C. H., 154. 
Dunning, R., 2. 
Du Plat Taylor, % J. 

L. H., 149. 
Durrant, G. B., 15. 
Dutton, A. S., 156. 
Dutton, W. T., 72. 
Dyson, P. S., 85. 

Eames, H. L., 214. 
Eardley Wilmot, C. C, 

Earle, W. E., 193. 
East, G. E., 16. 
Eastley, J. B., 221. 
Easton, B. J., 237. 
Eastwood, G. H., 237. 
Ebsworth, E. A., 291. 
Echalaz, A. C., 40. 
Echalaz, F. J., 7. 
Eden, A. J. F., 218. 
Eden, C. H., 56. 
Eden, W. R., 227. 
Edmunds, C. C, 211. 
Edwards, A. C, 7. 
Edwards, E., 199. 
Edwards, G. M., 193. 
Edwards, J. B., 83. 
Edwards, L., 211. 
Edwards, W. M., 89. 
Eider, M. B., 202. 
Elin, W. A., 56. 
Eliot, C. H., 199. 
Eliot, E. F. W., 291. 
Eilerton, F. G., 112. 
Elliot, A„ 11. 
Elliot, C. S., 2. 
Elliot, W. A., 2. 
Elliott, A. A. B., 77. 
Ellis, G. R., 77. 
Ellis, H. V., 25. 
Elmslie, F. B., 53. 
Elmslie, W. F., 112. 
Elvey, E. S., 74. 
Evey, R. V., 74. 
Elwes, G. C. f 103. 
Elwes, W. M. R., 177. 
Empson, A., 72. 

Digitized by 




England, R., 103. 
England, W. H., 103. 
Erskine, T. E., 100. 
Escombe, F., 227. 
Espin, T. H. E. C, 93. 
Etheridge, G. W., 211. 
Euan-Smith, E. M., 29 1 . 
Evans, C. W. H., 21. 
Evans, E. R., 50. 
Evans, J. L., 91. 
Everard, E. V., 143. 
Everard, H. E. E., 69. 
Ewing, J. W., 69. 
Eyre, A. C, 25. 
Eyre, A. /., 11. 
Eyton, J. H. W., 37. 
Eyton, R. W. W., 37. 

Fair, C. E., 171. 
Fairbridge, W. G., 97. 
Faithfull, F. E., 112. 
Faithfull, J. A., 7. 
Falkner, A. N., 234. 
Falls, T.C., 3. 
Farr, C. C, 21. 
Farrar, A. K., 69. 
Fardell, G. T., 32. 
Farquhar, G. E. T., 12. 
Farrer, C. E.. 63. 
Fairer, H. W., 108. 
Farrington, A., 231. 
Farrington, D. McL. 

H., 85. 
Farrington, H. A., 221. 
Fawkes, A., 21. 
Fawsett, L. A., 187. 
Fayrer, F. D. S., 202. 
Feilding, B. F. R, 199. 
Feilding, J. B., 196. 
Feilding, R. C, 214. 
Fell, E. J., 41. 
Fellowes, A. R., 54. 
Fellowes, P. H. T., 32. 
Fellows, E. S., 218. 
Fendall, J., 177. 
Fenning, F. W., 224. 
Fenning, R. R., 224. 
Fenning, J. E., 162. 
Fergusson, A. C, 202. 

Fergusson, F. W., 211. 
Ffinch, M. B. D., 157. 
ffolkes, E. G. E., 110. 
Finch, A., 215. 
Finch, C. D., 205, 
Finch, C. H., 162. 
Finch, C. R., 224. 
Finch, E. C, 203. 
Finch, F. W., 171. 
Finch, H. W., 193. 
Finch-Hatton, E. H., 

Firminger, J. H., 157. 
Firth, H. ^l., 25. 
Firth, S., 89. 
Firth, W. A., 3. 
Fisher, C. J., 110. 
Fisher, C. P., 151. 
Fisher, CT., 16. 
Fisher, E. M., 224. 
Fisher, F. C, 100. 
Fisher, H. F., 157. 
Fisher, R. F., 140. 
Fisher, R. W. C, 211. 
Fisher, W.H., 41. 
Fitzgerald, R. J., 32. 
Fitzherbert, C, 74. 
Fitzherbert, F., 32. 
Fitzherbert, G. H., 32. 
Fitzherbert, H. R., 50. 
Flint, A. R., 199. 
Flint, C. S., 221. 
Flower, L., 61. 
Floyd, T. O., 234. 
Foot, J. V., 32. 
Forbes, A., 130. 
Forbes, H. W., 143. 
Ford, H. R., 171. 
Formby, A. M., 84. 
Formby, C. W., 137. 
Formby, E. H., 25. 
Formby, H. C, 112. 
Formby, R., 27. 
Forster, A. G. F., 203. 
Fosbery, F. L., 199. 
Fosbery, H. J. W., 171. 
Foster, A. LaT., 112. 
Foster, B. K., 12. 
Foster, C. F. C, 187. 

Foster, F., 146. 

Foster, F. B., 103. 

Foster, F. La T., 50. 

Foster, G. H., 221. 

Foster, W. H., 125. 

Fowler, W. B. P., 69. 

Fox, E.V., 120. 

Fox, N. S., 157. 

Fox, W. R., 103. 

Foyster, A. H., 203. 

France, G. H. H., 63. 

Francis, A. S. D., 108. 

Francis, J. S., 3. 

Francis, R. G., 66. 

Francis, R. H. M., 83. 

Franey, T. S., 146. 

Fräser, D. D-, 93. 
, Fräser, T. A., 157. 

Fräser, W. S., 143. 
j Freeman, C. B., 227. 

Freeman, C. E., 143. 
\ French, W. T., 162. 

Frend, E. C, 196. 

Frend, E. G. C, 221. 

Frere, E. V., 77. 

Frere, F. H., 190. 

Frere, L. R. T., 211. 

Früh* F. J. C. t 97. 

Fry, H. J. B., 205. 

Füller, C. H., 140. 

Fulton, P. J., 108. 

Furnival, C, 125. 

Furse, C. W., 167. 

Gaisford, R. B., 45. 
Gale, E. J., 110. 
Gandell, B. M., 61. 
Gandell, S. F., 100. 
Gape, T.W. P., 12. 
Gardiner, J. A. M., 72. 
Garnier, A. E., 12. 
Garrad, F. W., 205. 
Garrad, J., 157. 
Garrard, C. G., 110. 
Garrard, F. E., 82. 
Garrard, S. B., 51. 
Garrett, R. V., 67. 
Gascoyne, E. B., 211. 
Gascoyne, F. R., 224. 

Digitized by 




Gascoyne, G., 125. 
Gascoyne, W. W., 112. 
Gates, C. P., 140. 
Gates, H. M., 184. 
Gay, G., 157. 
Gay, J., 78. 
Gay, P., 116. 
Gee, A. H., 222. 
Geldart, A. H., 130. 
Gepp, N. M., 212. 
Gibbon, A. H., 184. 
Gibbon, H. H., 125. 
Gibbon, J. A., 146. 
Gibbon, R. ^.,32. 
Gibbon, W. W., 37. 
Gibbs, A. J. H., 85. 
Gibbs, W. T., 7. 
Gibson, A. G., 234. 
Gibson, A. G. S., 51. 
Gibson, B., 32. 
Gibson, W. S., 3. 
Gillespie, H. J., 16. 
Gilliat, F. H., 149. 
Gilson, J. P., 184. 
Gilson, R. C, 146. 
Girdlestone, J. PI. Le 

B., 172. 
Gisborne, C. F., 157. 
Gisby, G. H., 7. 
Glass, C. H., 104. 
Glazebrook, A. J., 120. 
Glossop, J. F. G., 130. 
Goddard, A., 177. 
Goddard, T. R., 151. 
Goddard, H. L., 177. 
Godfrey, C. H., 137. 
Godfrey, E. L., 167. 
Godley, A. J., 163. 
Gordon, C. C, 222. 
Gordon, S. D., 47. 
Gore, R. C, 172. 
Gorham, H. M., 196. 
Gosselin, H. R. H., 7. 
Gott, C. R., 146. 
Graham, C. L., 100. 
Graham, H. G., 218. 
Graham, M. D., 157. 
Graham, W.H.M., 196. 
Grant, A. M., 157. 

Grant, F. C, 86. 
; Grant, H. S., 224. 
1 Grant, J. M. H., 237. 
! Grant, L. F., 125. 
| Grant, R., 86. 
. Grant, T., 120. 
I Granville, D., 118. 
, Gray, C. H., 172. 
1 Gray, E. F., 208. 

Gray, E. W. B., 26. 
I Grazebrook, A. W., 208. 
: Grazebrook, E. R., 227. 
1 Grazebrook, H. R. O., 

: '37. 

Grazebrook, W.O., 177. 
! Green, A. C, 222. 
1 Green, C. P., 231. 
' Greenwood, H. D., 187. 
1 Gresley, A. S., 184. 

Grey, R. E., 12. 
1 Griffith, C. E. O., 97. 

Griffith, H. E., 128. 

Griffith, LI. R. D., 12. 

Griffith, T. C, 78. 

Grimston, E. J., 30. 

Gripper, H. B., 84. 

Gripper, F. B., 146. 

Gripper, G. B., 61. 

Gripper, W., 32. 

Groome, J. C, 91. 

Groome, W. W., 32. 

Grove, H. F., 69. 

Gubbins, J. H., 94. 

Gubbins, R. D., 121. 
1 Gubbins, R. R., 190. 
I Guillebaud, J. A., 110. 
( Guise, W. V., 75. 
I Gunner, G. H., 140. 
I Gunning, C. J., 291. 

Gunning, O. G., 181. 

Gurdon, B. E. M., 167. 
I Gurdon, C, 64. 

Gurdon, E. T., 54. 

Gurdon, F., 110. 
| Gurney, G. B., 61. 
I Gurney, G. K., 104. 
I Gurney, M. H., 61. 

Gurney, W. S., 89. 

Gutteridge, E. L., 181. 

Haddock, E. A., 134. 
Haggard, A. H., 3. 
Haie, A. R., 101. 
Haie, B. G. R., 104. 
Haie, R., 94. 
Haie, R. E., 190. 
Hall, R., 104. 
Hallowes, B. C, 116. 
Hallowes, H. C, 72. 
Hallowes, W. B., 237. 
Hallward, C. G., 208. 
Hallward, H. R., 104. 
Hallward, L. W., 181. 
Hallward, N. L., 94. 
Halsey, L. E., 218. 
Hamilton, A. F., 118. 
Hamilton, B., 227. 
Hamilton, C. J. H., 167. 
Hamilton, F. L. C, 199, 
Hamilton, G. T. E., 45. 
Hamilton, K. M., 237. 
Hamilton, K. R., 215. 
Hamilton, W. D., 104. 
Hamilton, W. F., 3. 
Hamond, F. E., 193. 
Hamond, L., 112. 
Hamond, R. A., 184. 
Hampson, J. N., 172. 
Hanbury Williams, C, 

Hancock, F. de B., 205. 
Hancock, G. H., 172. 
Hancock, H. W., 193. 
Hancock, P. B., 218. 
Hannam, P. J., 61. 
Hannay, T. O., 151. 
Hansell, H. W., 291. 
Hanson, R. T. E., 208. 
Harbord, A. M., 167. 
Harbord, C. E., 212. 
Harbord, L. A., 206. 
Harbord, P., 121. 
Harbord, R. A., 104. 
Hardcastle, H. R., 237. 
Hardcastle, J. H., 199. 
Harding, E. B., 26. 
Harding, E. G., 16. 
Harding, F. T., 54. 

Digitized by 




Harding, R. R., 82. 
Hardy, B. F., 177. 
Hardy, F. W., 14.0. 
Hare, H. A., 104. 
Harke, /. S., 97. 
Harland, C., 125. 
Harratt, A. F., 172. 
Harrild, R. O., 143. 
Harrild, W. C., 187. 
Harris, H. K. 177. 
Harrison, A. B., 3, 32. 
Harrison, A. F., 224. 
Harrison, A. G., 37. 
Harrison, A. S., 190. 
Harrison, D. C. W., 51. 
Harrison, E. B., 116. 
Harrison, E. S., 137. 
Harrison, F. H., 3. 
Harrison, F. O., 121. 
Harrison, W.C.W., 167. 
Harrison, W. F. L., 137. 
Hart, C. J., 37. 
Hart, G. H., 37. 
Hart, N., 116. 
Harvey, A. J., 157. 
Harvey, C. E. R., 137. 
Harvey, G. W., 158. 
Harvey, R., 154. 
Haskins, C. E., 7. 
Hastings, C. G. W.,61. 
Hastings, G. P., 21. 
Hastings, H. J., 75. 
Hatchard, A. H., 67. 
Hathaway, H. P., 125. 
Hay, E. B., 137. 
Hay, H. de C, 69. 
Hay, W. G., 69. 
Hay, W. N., 218. 
Hayes, F. W., 104. 
Hayes, G. W., 158. 
Hayne, F. W., 104. 
Haynes, E. L., 158. 
Haynes, H. P. G., 91. 
Headlam, C. E. S., 149. 
Hearsey, J. H., 121. 
Heathcote, E. M., 33. 
Hellard, C. S., 203. 
Hellicar, S. M., 134. 
Henderson, J. A., 143. 

Henley, R. E., 113. 
Henry, A. R., 222. 
Henry, C. R., 130. 
Henry, H. A., 196. 
Henry, St.G. C, 108. 
Hensley, A. de Af. 9 172. 
Hensley, C. W., 218. 
Hensley, E. H. E., 140. 
Hensley, E. J., 8. 
Hensley, H. G., 51. 
Hepworth, M. W. C, 4. 
Herring, A. B. Le S., 1 49. 
Herring, A. H., 41. 
Hervey, G. W., 16. 
Hervey, W. G. E., 16. 
Hewett, W. A. S., 199. 
Hewett, W. P., 218. 
Hewitt, R. K., 172. 
Hewitt, W. E., 158. 
Hewson, G. R. M., 97. 
Hext, E. F. A., 172. 
Hext, L. J., 208. 
Heysham,G. A.M.,292. 
Hichens, G. H., 184. 
Hicks, H., 4. 
Hickson, F., 97. 
Hickson, R. M., 72. 
Higgens, A. W. B. f 26. 
Higgens, C. R., 208. 
Hiley, R. F., 121. 
Hill, C. F., 42. 
Hill, Chs. Gathorne, 84. 
Hill,Chs.Glencairn,23 1 
Hill,C. M., 105. 
Hill, D., 131. 
Hill, E. B., 105. 
Hill, E. L„ 206. 
Hill, Edward Maurice, 

Hill, Edward May, 78. 
Hill, E. S., 86. 
Hill, G. C, 26. 
Hill, G. R., 140. 
Hill, H. A., 105. 
Hill, L. E., 154. 
Hill, R. T., 168. 
Hill, W. A., 149. 
Hillier, A. C, 69. 
Hills, A. J., 121. 

Hilson, R. J., 237. 
Hinde, H. D., 172. 
Hirst, H. D., 151. 
Hoare, C. G. D., 190. 
Hobart, H. A. K., 94. 
Hobart, S. C., 101. 
Hodson, G. F. /., 56. 
Hodson, G. N., 89. 
Hodson, R. A., 56. 
Hodson, R. E., 57. 
Hodgson, H. A., 73. 
Hodgson, T. T., 206. 
Hodgson, W., 184. 
Hoets, A. K., 86. 
Holford, G. C, 222. 
Holland, A. C, 4. 
Holland, C., 12. 
Holland, C. A., 144. 
Holland, F. C, 8. 
Holland, M. M., 8. 
Holland, R. L., 91. 
Holland, W. A., 12. 
Holland, W. L., 8. 
Holmes, H., 51. 
Holmes, J. S. F., 21. 
Hollebone, O. F., 218. 
Holley, E., 208. 
Holloway, R., 130. 
Holloway, W., 94. 
Holloway, W., 101. 
Holt, C. O., 218. 
Holt, H.J. W., 172. 
Hooke, R. W., 190. 
Hooper, H. R., 177. 
Hopkins, A. L., 237. 
Hopkins, C. L., 203. 
Hopkins, J. R. G., 177. 
Hopkins, W. B. L., 131. 
Hopkinson, E., 196. 
Horan, G. L., 121. 
Hörne, J. McL., 86. 
Hörne, M., 199. 
Horner, A. C., 4. 
Hornidge, R. A., 33. 
Horsfall, E. K., 140. 
Hoskyns, B. G., 61. 
Hoskyns, E., 28. 
Hoskyns, L., 4. 
Hoskyns, P., 24. 

Digitized by 




Hoste, G. H., 4. 
Hoste, H. F., 12. 
Hoste, J. W., izr. 
Houseman, J. f 158. 
Howard, C. W., 172. 
Howard, D. LI., 168. 
Howard, F. G., 218. 
Howard, H. C, 193. 
Howard, H. F., 193. 
Howard, J., 212. 
Howard, J. H., 89. 
Howes, H. D., 218. 
Howorth, H. G., 212. 
Howson, E. W., 57. 
Howson, G. J., 57, 
Howson, J. F., 75. 
Hudson, E. H., 206. 
Hudson, G. F., 51. 
Hughes, A., 144. 
Hughes, C, 73. 
Hughes, C. M., 206. 
Hughes, G., 147. 
Hughes, F. S., 234. 
Hughes, H. B., 184. 
Hughes, J., 78. 
Hughes, L. W., 227. 
Hughes, P. T., 227. 
Hughes, V., 168. 
Hughes, W. H., 73. 
Hughes-Hallett, JE., i. 
Hughes-Hallett, F. V., 

Hughes Hallett, J. W., 

Hughes Hallett, M. J., 

Hugonin, C, 177. 
Hüll, C. R. L, 234. 
Hüll, F. J. K., 234. 
Hulme, H. D., 86. 
Hulme, R., 26. 
Hume, A. H. B., 163. 
Hume, W. J. P., 163. 
Humphreys, R. H., 101. 
Humphry, A. G., 181. 
Humphry, E. S., 203. 
Humphry, L., 67. 
Humphrys, A. A., 196. 
Humphrys, LI. W., 21$, 

Hunt, D. R., 231. 
Hunt, J. F., 234. 
Hunt, L. C, 212. 
Hunt, Samuel Leonard, 

Hunt, Samuel Lucas, 

Hunter, E. M., 1 13. 
Hussey, G., 147. 
Hussey, J., 168. 
Hutchinson, E. R., 8. 
Hutchinson, F. W., 193. 
Hutchinson, R. H., 187. 
Hutchinson, S. W., 51. 
Hutchinson, W. H., 21. 
Hutt, C. E., 163. 
Hutt, H. R. M., 203. 
Hutton, A. W., 67. 
Hutton, C. H., 98. 
Hutton, G. J., 67. 
Hutton, H. L., 181. 
Hutton, R., 231. 
Hutton, W. H., 82. 
Hyde, E., 42. 

Ibbetson, W. J., 105. 
Ingram, W. F., 8. 
Innes, C. G. D., 197. 
Innes, H. McL., 121. 
Innes, J. E. 9 101. 
Irvine, A. A., 215. 
Irwin, De V. N. A., 4. 
Isaacson, W. W., 4. 
Ivalt, P. H., 173. 

Jackson, C, 105. 

ackson, E., 158. 

ackson, G. E., 225. 
Jackson, H. C, 16. 
'ackson, H. G., 212. 

ackson, J. H., 121. 

ackson, M., 222. 

ackson, M. H., 98. 

Jackson, Sydney Flo wer, 

Jackson, W. G., 101. 
Jackson, W. I., 91. 
Jacobson, E. L., 40. 
] ames, A. H., 158. 
James, R. B., 28. 
James, S. R., 47. 
James, W. E., 158. 
Jameson, R. B., 147. 
Jeffcock, W. P., 158. 
Jelf, E. A., 193. 

elf, G. E., 152. 
"ellicoe, F. G. G., 86. 
Jellüoe.H. W. y 116. 
Jenkinson, J., 199. 
Jenner, H. C. R. F., 

enner, H. A., 30. 
jenner, H. J. F., 37. 

enney, A. W. t 108. 

ephson, W. V., 237. 

epson, A., 54. 

essopp, F. C. E., 125. 
Jeston, A. F. C, 33. 
"ex Blake, C., 149. 

obling, G. C 218. 

ohnson, B. M., 212. 

ohnson, C. F., 212. 

ohnson, H. C., 98. 

ohnson, H. M., 178. 
] ohnson, M. E. W., 64. 

ohnson, O. C, 184. 
Johnston, G. C., 173. 
' m bhnston, S. C, 173. 
Johnstone, E. A., 128. 

ollands, W. H., 4. 

ones, A. D., 208. 

ones, A. P., 108. 

ones, C. H., 163. 
'Jones, E. Q., 75. 

ones, E. R., 105. 

ones, H. A., 113. 

ones, H. G., 203. 

ones, H. L., 144. 
^ ones, H. V., 110. 
'ones, J., 113. 

ones, S. H., 121. 

ones, T. H., 105. 

ones, W. C, 128. 

ones, W. H., 110. 

Digitized by 




ones, W. P., 82. 

ones Bateman, C, 105. 
m ones-Bateman, H., 1 5 8. 
Jones Bateman, LI., 98. 
Jones Bateman, W., 152. 
*ourdain,A. E. T., 168. 

ourdain, R. T., 203. 

oyce, C, 42. 

oyce, F. W., 54. 

oyce, J. B., 33. 

oyce, T. T., 116. 

ulian, R. A. H., 86. 

ulius, H. J., 82. 

Karney, G. H.> 128. 
Keatinge, M. W., 173. 
Keen, W. J., 237. 
Keith, A. L., 208. 
Keith, T. H., 158. 
Kemble, C. M., 208. 
Kempthorne, J. A., 149. 
Kennedy, W. H., ji6. 
Kennion, R. LI., 163. 
Kennion, T. A., 144. 
Kennion, T. R., 28. 
Kershaw, F. D., 206. 
Kershaw, J. C. W., 212. 
Keymer, J. H., 33. 
Keymer, S. L., 33. 
Kimber, W. D., 193. 
King, G. H. M., 42. 
King, G. J., 212. 
King, H. R., 26. 
King, H. S. F., 197. 
King, N. C, 215. 
King, P. H., 45. 
King, W. R. C, 173. 
King, W. T., 16. 
Kingsford, C. S., 37. 
Kingsford, D. H., 222. 
Kingsford, J. P., 16. 
Kingsford, k. J., 163. 
Kinloch, A. M., 173. 
Kirby, A. D., 184. 
Kirby, F. A. M., 86. 
Kirby, S. R., 225. 
Kirk, H. B., 181. 
Kirk, M. W., 163. 
Kirk, R. A. L., 141. 

Kirkpatrick, A. F., 16. 
Kirkpatrick, G. D., 193. 
Kirkpatrick, G. M., 173. 
Kirkpatrick, L, 178. 
Kirkpattick, J. S., 17. 
Kitchin, H. J., 45. 
Kitson, T. A., 237. 
Kitson, W. E., 222. 
Klein, S. T., 54. 
Knapp, J. M., 1 84. 
Knapp, R. B., 225. 
Knatchbull, R. N., 222. 
Knight, L. C. E., 231. 
Knollys, A. A., 8. 
Knox, A., 101. 
Knox, T., 94. 
Koe, A. P., 168. 
Krauss, G. A., 17. 

Lacy, G. H., 118. 
Lacy, F. B., 225. 
Lacy, R. B., 225. 
Lafone, W. B., 122. 
Lake, A. B., 203. 
Lamb, A., 1 3 1 . 
Lamb, M., 197. 
Lamb, P., 178. 
Lamb, R., 234. 
Lambert, F., 206. 
Lambert, L. F., 173. 
Lane, L O., 232. 
Lane, W. E., 203. 
Lang, A. G. B., 113. 
Lang, E. B., 1 1 8. 
Lang, M. C. JL, 94. 
Langdale, A. W. 9 22. 
Langdon, G. &., 37. 
Langstaff, A., 163. 
Langstaff, F. C, 131. 
Langstaff, G. P., 122. 
Langstaff, W. R., 86. 
Langworthy,W. F., 158. 
Larpent, L. G. H. de 

H., 134. 
Latham, H., 206. 
Latham, H. A., 215. 
Latham, T., 234. 
Laurence, B. E., 232. 

Laurence, W. M., 54. 

Law, J. K., 4. 

Lawrance, A. E., 225. 

Lawrence, G. H., 188. 

Lawrence, H. S., 200. 

Lawrence, J., 33. 

Lawrence, R. H., 33. 

Lea, G. H. C, 78. 

Lea, T. S., 64. 

Leach, E. A., 62. 

Leake, H. C, 228. 

Leathes, C. de M., 197. 

Leathes, H. de M., 125. 

Lee, G. M., 149. 

Lee, H., 116. 

Lee, N.j 131. 

Lee, S. W. H., 42. 

Lee Barber, A., 84. 

Lee Barber, J. F. S., 62. 

Leeds, E. F., 101. 

Leeds, O. G. M., 89. 

Lees, F. C, 75. 

Le Fanu, B. R., 131. 

Le Fanu, F. L., 222. 

Le Fanu, F. S., 113. 

Le Fanu, H. F., 208. 

Le Fanu, T. P., 98. 

Le Fanu, V. C, 158. 

Le Fanu, W. R., 122. 

Leggatt, E. R., 215. 

Leggatt, R. R., 234. 

Legge, A. E. J., 144. 
j Legge, R. G., 144. 
| Legge, H., 200. 
1 Legge, W. T., 237. 

Leigh Bennett, G., 232. 

Leigh Lye, C, 108. 

Lempriere, J. L., 168. 

Lempriere, E. P., 26. 

Lempriere, L. R., 232. 

Lendy, E. A. W., 181. 

Le Quesne, C. F. N., 8. 

Lever, A. S., 238. 

Levett, J. A., 152. 

Levien, F. G., 200. 

Lewin, A. H., 57. 

Lewis, A. E., 238. 

Lewis, E. M., 194. 

Lewis, G. M., 212. 

Digitized by 




Lias, W. J., 190. 
Liddell, D. J., 21. 
Liddell, J. S., 194. 
Lightfoot, F. P., 228. 
Lillingston, C. A. M., 

Lindsell, H., 113. 
Lingham, A., 17. 
Litton, E. J. L., 57. 
Lloyd, E., 17. 
Lloyd, F. C, 105. 
Lloyd Tones, A. V., 1 1 6. 
Lloyd Jones,F. LI., 181. 
Lloyd-Jones, I. G., 193. 
Loch, T., 57. 
Lock, F. H., 218. 
Lockhart, W., 190. 
Long, A. M., 194. 
Long, E. C, 40. 
Long, F. A., 106. 
Long, W. V., 190, 
Longe, F. E. G., 225. 
Longmore, C. E., 54. 
Lousada, E. C., 54. 
Loveday, H. T., 163. 
Lovell, W. F., 37. 
Lowe, C. H., 135. 
Lowe, F. E., 178. 
Lowe, J. E., 141. 
Lowry Cole, W. J., 159. 
Loynes, H. E., 168. 
Lucas, H. A., 62. 
Lucas, H. S., 222. 
Lucas, P. M., 122. 
Lucas, S., 228. 
Luck, F. C, 188. 
Lush, F. /., 40. 
Lush, R. G., 191. 
Lushington, E. W., 144. 
Lushington, G. H. F., 
. 234. 

Lushington, L. E., 84. 
Lyle, J. C, 125. 
Lyon, A. W. C., 212. 
Lyon, C. W., 144. 

Macausland, O. P., 8. 
Macausland, R. CS., 33. 

Macfarlane, A. W., 113. 

Macgregor, P. M., 212. 

Macgregor, W. G., 5. 

Maclver, C., 55. 

Maclver, K., 22. 

Mackechnie, E., 22. 

Mackenzie, H. G., 86. 

Mackie, O. G., 200. 

Mackinnon, D. H. O. 
D., 8. 

Mackinnon, L.K.S., 1 08. 

Mackinnon, W. J. B.,87. 

Mackinnon, W. M., 87. 

Mackworth Praed, A. 
H., 122. 

Maclagan, C. P. D., 87. 

Maclagan,P.M.G., 125. 

Maclagan, R. S., in. 

Macleod, K. A., 200. 


Macnaghten, F. W., 131. 

Macnamara, E. D., 194. 

Macpherson, A., 1 84. 

Macpherson, E., 228. 

Macpherson, H. A., 89. 

Macpherson, J. M., 144. 

Maddock, H. A., 292. 

Maddox, R. H., 141. 

Magee, J. A. V., 200. 

Magee, W. G., 117. 

Maitland, G. K., 42. 

Maitland, J. N., 24. 

Malcolm, N., 206. 

Maiden, E., 135. 

Mallock, H. R. A., 5. 
1 Mallock, W. H., 5. 
1 Man, E. K., 128. 

Manby, A. L., 78. 

Manley, W. E., 222. 

Mann, W. H., 185. 

Mansel, E. L., 188. 

Mansel, H. G., 87. 

Mansel, R. S., m. 

Mansel -Jones, C, 215. 
I Mansfield, H., 82. 
I Mansfield, W. Le P., 89. 

Marchant, R. E., 168. 

Margetts, F. F., in. 

Markby, H., 87. 

Markham, F. W., 144. 
Marriner, J. S. 185. 
Marriott, C. W., 209. 
Marsh, G. d'E., 215. 
Marsh, W. W., 73. 
Marshall, A. C., 188. 
Marshall, C., 209. 
Marshall, J. M., 178. 
Marshall, K. F. C., 194. 
Martin, A. R., 222. 
Martin, J. R. C., 62. 
Martin, W. H., 234. 
Martineau, C. E., 232. 
Master, R. St. G., 159. 
Masterman, G. H., 33. 
Masterman, H. C., 22. 
Mather, F. H. V., 223. 
Matthew, G. W., 225. 
Maude, M. D., 191. 
Maudslay, H. H., 194. 
Maunsell, L. A. de V., 

Maxwell, H., 113. 
Maxwell, J., 89. 
Mayhew, T., 17. 
Maynard, J. S., 181. 
Maynard, W.F., 159O/. 

in India July, 1887). 
McAlpine, K., 89. 
McAnally, A. A., 118. 
McCausland, C. F., 225. 
McClintock, W. K., 89. 
McConnell, R. S., 98. 
McCrea, A. C., 159. 
McCrea, R. F., 82. 
McDonell, A., 185. 
McDonell, W. F., 101. 
Mclver, J. D., 69. 
McLaren, R. L., 292. 
McLean, N., 228. 
McMahon, A. H., 128. 
McMullin, J. H., 197. 
McNeile, G., 191. 
Mead, A. H., 238. 
Mead, H. R., 141. 
Mead, P.J., 219. 
Medley, T. P., 62. 
Mellersh, W. D., 152. 

Digitized by 




Mellor, C. S. F., 84. 
Mellor, LI. S., 47. 
Melvill, A. H., 51. 
Melvill, H., 69. 
Menzies, A. S., 94. 
Merivale, C, 45. 
Merivale, G. M., 57. 
Merivale, R., 34. 
Merivale, W., 69. 

106, 239. 
Merry, R. H., 235. 
Metcalfe, G., 38. 
Meyer, C. P., 178. 
Meyrick - Jones, H., 197. 
Michel, C. B. D., 42. 
Michel, W. G., 185. 
Michell, A. P., 34. 
Michell, A. R., 5. 
Michell, C, 5. 
Michell, E. J., 34. 
Michell, R. A., 235. 
Middleton, E., 122. 
Mildred, D., 212. 
Mildred, F., 228. 
Mildred, G. B., 228. 
Miles, J. M., in. 
Milford, C. H., 57. 
Milford, L. S., 48. 
Milford, R. T., 113. 
Milford, W. S., 188. 
Miller, J. C, 185. 
Milles, G. J. W., 173. 
Mills, A. A. E., 48. 
Mills, E. A., 84. 
Mills, H. N., 122. 
Mills, H. P., 213. 
Mills, W. H., 9. 
Milne, C. E., 232. 
Milne, H. W., 73. 
Mitford, P. N„ 215. 
Mocatta, H. E., 126. 
Mocatta, M. J., 131. 
Moffitt, F. W., 215. 
Moffitt, G., 194. 
Moir, G. B., 197. 
Moir, P., 188. 
Moke, G. E., 98. 
Molesworth, J. M., 17. 

Molesworth, W. N., 34. 
Monck Mason, R. L., 

Monck Mason, E. R., 

Monckton, C., 235. 
Monckton, F. P., 223. 
Money, E. W. K., 141. 
Money, L. J. G., 98. 
Money, N. E., 173. 
Money, R. J., 114. 
Monier-Williams, C. F., 

Monkhouse, H. J., 203. 
Monnington, H. E., 84. 
Monsell, G. C, 228. 
Montresor, C. E. C, 87. 
Montresor, E. H., 135. 
Montresor, H. M., 163. 
Montresor, T. A., 28. 
Moody, G. R. B., 191. 
Moor, G. W. P„ 40. 
Moore, A. D., 219. 
Moore, A. S., 135. 
Moore, B. L., 152. 
Moore, C. A., 17. 
Moore, C. E., 209. 
Moore, F. E., 48. 
Moore, G. T., 28. 
Moore, H. O., 48. 
Morgan, A., 203. 
Morgan, E. H. E., 159. 
Morgan, G. D., 228. 
Morgan, F. B., 194. 
Morgan, T. W. M., 209. 
Morgan, W. J., 62. 
Morgan Kirby, D. D. 

C. K., 228. 
Morier, B. f 27. 
Morland, J. C, 228. 
Morley, E. C. M., 235. 
Morris, T. B., 168. 
Mortlock, E., 101. 
Morton, E. H., 67. 
Moss, W., 5 1 . 
Mott, T. W., 84. 
Munn, R. G., 200. 
Murray, B. B., 191. 
Murray, E. J., 141. 

Murray, F. H., 144. 
Murray, G. M., 27. 
Murray, J. S., 17. 
Murray, S. J., 163. 
Murton, C. D., 159. 
Murton, E., 159. 
Myers, T. C., 232. 

Nairne, A., 128. 
Nairne, E. S., 197. 
Napier, C. H., 164. 
Napier, G., 90. 
Napier, M., 22. 
Napier, W. B., 62. 
Nearne, A., 213. 
Neame, E. A., 135. 
Neame, H. A., 149. 
Neame, S., 164. 
Nelson, W. E., 219. 
Nesbitt, A., 22. 
Nevill, A. R., 164. 
Nevill, CT. H., 188. 
Nevill, R. W., 131. 
Newcome, H. N., 147. 
Newell, F. H. L., 5. 
Newenham, H. E., 164. 
Newland, H. F., 168. 
Newland, J. G., 203. 
Newman, A. E. T., 194. 
Newmarch, A., 197. 
Newmarch, L. S., 94. 
Newnham, A. H., 292. 
Newton, A., 67. 
Newton, F. C, 114. 
Newton, F. W., 5. 
Newton, J. F., 92. 
Newton, L., 141. 
Newton, P. W., 223. 
Newton, T. E., 92. 
Newton, W. D., 5. 
Nicholas, C, 197. 
Nicholls, W. H., 78. 
Nicholson, A. D., 238. 
Nicholson, L. D., 92. 
Noble, C. J. H. H., 209. 
Noble, E. J., 206. 
Noble, J. W., 185. 
North, B. F. G, f 194. 

Digitized by 




Northcote, A. C, 235. 
Northcote, R. H., 204. 
Nourse, A. W., 238. 
Nunns, P., 159. 
Nussey, C. A., 228. 

O'Brien, J. M., 12. 
Oddie, A. B., 95. 
Oddie, A. T., 28. 
Oddie, C. W., 42. 
Oddie, E. G., 114. 
Oddie, G. V., 17. 
Oddie, H. ]., 42. 
Oddie, L. G., 159. 
Oddie, R. A., 131. 
Oddie, T. E., 73. 
Odling, A. E., 78. 
O'Donovan, M. W., 1 1 7. 
Ogilby, D. L., 42. 
Ogilby, J. W. H., 40. 
Ogle, A. A., 152. 
Ogle,J. G., 122. 
Ogle, W. L., 106. 
Oldfield, C. B., 174. 
Oldfield, C. G., 13?. 
Oldfield, F. B., 219. 
Oldfield, H. N., 45. 
Oldfield, H. P., 164. 
Oliphant, S., 229. 
Oliver, A., 122. 
Oliver, M. R., 225. 
Olivier, H. D., 17. 
O'Maley, J. A., 132. 
Ommanney, G. S., 101. 
O'Neill, B. P., 159. 
O'Neill, F. B., 204. 
O'Neill, H. D., 188. 
O'Neill, W. H., 174. 
Onslow, H. P., 191. 
Orde, C. S., 95. 
Orde, J. W., 109. 
Orde, L. F., 106. 
Orlebar, G. C, 178. 
Ormsby, W. K., 34. 
Ormsby Johnson, F. C, 

Orr, W. F., 178. 
Osborne, E. F. F., 238. 
O* Shaughnessy ,W. F. 3 4. 

Oswell, F., 132. 
Oswell, W. E., 132. 
Outram, A., 225. 
Outram, F. D., 181. 
Outram, J., 150. 
Outram, VV\, 238. 
Ovens, G. H., 70. 
Owen, C. M., 90. 
Owen, E. C, 197. 
Owen, H. D., 122. 

Packe, G. A., 232. 
Page, A. J., 1 14. 
Page, CA. W., 181. 
Page, T. W. B., 123. 
Page, M. C., T50. 
Paget, H. P. E., 209. 
Palmer, C. A. S., 223. 
Palmer, E. H., 73. 
Palmer, H., 181. 
Palmer, H. B. H., 215. 
Palmer, J. F., 12. 
Palmer, O. H., 174. 
Palmer, JR. A. 9 106 (died 

in 1879). 
Palmer, W. H., 12. 
Palmes, G. St. M., 52. 
Pares, W. H., 123. 
Paris, H. C, 22. 
Paris, H. G., 27. 
Park, C. W., S 8. 
Park,/.A„ 38. 
Parker, H. S., 70. 
Parker, J. W., 232. 
Parker, W. S., 28. 
Parkes, H. R., 132. 
Parr, H. O., 182. 
Partington, T. E., 194. 
Partridge, C. W., 62. 
Partridge, O. S., 42. 
Paske, E. Z., 75. 
Pater, C. D., 62. 
Pater, S., 106. 
Paton, F. L., 38. 
Pattison, B. S., 200. 
Pawle, G. S., 55. 
Pawle, L. S., 109. 
Paxton, B. C, 232. 

Payne, S. W., 98. 
Payne Gallwey, A. P., 

Payne Gallwey, A.W. 87. 
Payne Gallwey, S., 82. 
Peache, A. E., 42. 
Peache, C. L., 164. 
Peache, G. A., 292. 
Peache, J. C, 38. 
Peacock, F. A., 126. 
Peacock, L. H., 164. 
Peak, G. R., 292. 
Peak, H. M., 292. 
Peake, R. E., 22. 
Pearse, C. W., 75. 
Pearse, F. H , 95. 
Pearse, H. W., 58. 
Pearson, C. C, 174. 
Pearson, F. B., 132. 
Pearson, R., 292. 
Peed, J., 164. 
Peel, R., 64. 
Pelham, H., 64. 
Pellew, F. H., 225. 
Pelly, C. B. N., 206. 
Pemberton, A. H., 58. 
Pemberton, R., 185. 
Pendieton, R. P., 5. 
Pennington, A. W., 168. 
Penrose, C., 46. 
Penrose, E. R., 73. 
Penrose, J. T., 45. 
Penrose, R. F., 147. 
Percival, A. H., 67. 
Percival, H. F., 128. 
Perkins, H. C., 191. 
Perowne, A. W. T., 169. 
Perowne, C. F. S., 164. 
Perowne, J. T. W., 138. 
Perowne, T. J., 182. 
Perry, C. C., 34. 
Perry, H. W., 101. 
Perry, R. D., 17. 
Pfeil, A. L. A., 106. 
Phelips, A. D., 78. 
Philips, F. van C., 216. 
Phillimore, H. B., 229. 
Phillipps, A. T. L., 235. 
Phillips, H. A., 75. 

Digitized by 




Phipps, E. V. A., 87. 
Pickford, A. W., 64. 
Pigot, C. B., 197. 
Pigot, R. M., 197. 
Pine, A. C, 70. 
Pitter, J. E., 194. 
Pitter, K. A., *i6. 
Plows, F. W., 75. 
Plummer, J., 138. 
Plummer, L., 159. 
Plummer, R. T., 5. 
Plumptre, F. H., 145. 
Plumptre, H. F., 114. 
Plumptre, J. B., 132. 
Podmore, A., 118. 
Podmore, C, 194. 
Podmore, F., 64. 
Podmore, R., 45. 
Pollock, A., 164. 
Pollock, C. E, 79. 
Pollock, H. J. A., 79. 
Pollock, J. H., 52. 
Pollock, J. T., 43. 
Pollock, M. E., 67. 
Pollock, R. G., 164. 
Pollock, W. R., 95- 
Ponsonby, R. C., 45. 
Poole, A. G. R., 188. 
Poole, W. H. W., 28. 
Pooley, E., 38. 
Pooley, H., 64. 
Pope, A., 38. 
Pope, H. C, 18. 
Porter, C. L., 219. 
Porter, G. L., 141. 
Porter, L. L., 191. 
Poste, F. W., 232. 
Pott, C. S., 198. 
Pott, J. A., 152. 
Powell. C. C., 84. 
Powell, H. G., 174. 
Powles, L. C, 102. 
Poyer, C, 292. 
Poyser, E. U., 232. 
Prance, R. E., 67. 
Pra//,/.H. 9 18. 
Prentice, A., 204. 
Prest, C. W. 165. 
Preston, E. F., 219. 

Price, N. E., 229. 
Price, O. T., 182. 
Price, P. A., 206. 
Prince, A., 169. 
Prince, J. W. G., 169. 
Prior, A. W., 79. 
Prior, G. R., 22. 
Prior, H. L., 22. 
Prior, H. M., 87. 
Prior, L., 52. 
Probyn, H. E. H., 213. 
Probyn, W. J. N., 219. 
Prodgers, C. H. t 174. 
Prowse, G. R. F., 292. 
Pryor, C. H., 200. 
Pryor, P.A. L., 154. 
Pugh, J., 22. 
Pulley, S. D., 188. 
Pulling, J. L., 178. 
Pulling, W. B., in. 
Purvis, F. K., 102. 
Pyper, E. T., 219. 
Pyper, F. R., 99. 
Pyper, J. C, 98. 

! Radcliffe, A. E., 159. 
I Radcliffe, V., 178. 
i Radcliffe, W. T., 235. 

Raikes, A. O., 204. 

Raikes, C. F., 219. 

Raikes, E. B., 135. 

Raikes, F. E., 200. 

Raikes, F. W., 82. 

Ramsden, F. P., 145. 

Ramsden, J. P., 55. 

Randolph, A. F., 70. 

Randolph, B. W., 90. 

Randolph, H. C, 70. 

Ransome, A. S., 204. 

Ransome, E. C, 147. 

Ransome, H. O., 209. 

Rashdall, G. H., 160. 

Rathbone, E. L. W., 92. 

Rathbone, G., 82. 

Rathbone, H. G., 87. 

Rathbone, T. A., 79. 

Ravenshaw, C. W., 34. 

Ravenshaw, H. A., 70. 

Ravenshaw, H. E. 9 34. 

Ravenshaw, H. S. L., 

Rawlins, A. K., 174. 
Rawlins, G.'W., 123. 
Rawnsley, A. E., 13. 
Rawson, C. S., 67. 
Rawson, Hy. Ernest, 58. 
Rawson, Ht. Evelyn, 18. 
Ray, F. J. G. C, 62. 
Read, H. E., 75. 
Reade, A. E., 22. 
Reade, F. M., 9. 
Reade, G. P., 216. 
Reade, H. V., 204. 
Redl, E. A. F., 198. 
Rees, F. F. N., 185. 
Reeves, A. W., 135. 
Reeves, B. A., 43. 
Reeves, H. /., 58. 
Reeves, W. de G., 79. 
Reid, A. M., 235. 
Reid, N. H., 191. 
Rendall, C. H., 75. 
Rendali, E., 65. 
Reynolds, H. M., 38. 
Reynolds, J. R., 38. 
Rhoades, W. W„ 165. 
Rhodes, P. B., 206. 
Riccard, G. E., 174. 
Richardson, G. L., 87. 
Richardson, A. J., 1 29. 
Richardson, G. F., 1 14. 
Richardson, M., 76. 
Ricketts, C. W., 102. 
Rickman, C. B., 188. 
Rickman, C. Le B., 27. 
Rickman, W. E., 65. 
Rickman, W. F., 188. 
Ridley, C. W., 58. 
Ridley, H. C. M., 43. 
Ridley, H. N., 58. 
Ridley, S. O., 34. 
Ridout, G. H., 219. 
Ridout, J. B. M. f 178. 
Rigden, C. L., 160. 
Rigg, H. A., 65. 
Rigg, O. D., 160. 
Ringrose, R. T., 65. 
Ripley, P. E., 117. 

Digitized by 




Rivington, H. G., 219. 
Roberts, C., 223. 
Roberts, C. A. I., 182. 
Roberts, C. Q., 13. 
Roberts, E. S. W., 123. 
Roberts, H. LI., 145. 
Roberts, L. W., 209. 
Roberts, S. G., 238. 
Robertson, D. D., 135. 
Robertson, S., 219. 
Robertson, W. W., 2 1 9. 
Robeson, A. H., 132. 
Robeson, H. E., 165. 
Robin, L. P., 132. 
Robinson, C. E. R., 160. 
Robinson, C. S., 174. 
Robinson, G., 209. 
Robinson, G. V., 223. 
Robinson, H. J., 232. 
Robinson, J. C. R., 213. 
Robinson, /. H. 9 70. 
Robinson, L. W., 2 1 6. 
Robinson, W. M., 213. 
Robinson, W. R., 65. 
Rocke, H. H., 102. 
Rodwell, J. B., 118. 
Rodd, J. R., 84. 
Rodwell, H. E. W., 40. 
Rodwell, H. W. L., 55. 
Rodwell, W., 23. 
Rogers, E. T. P., 225. 
Rogers, R. H., 70. 
Rogers, R. N., 58. 
Rolfe, A. N., 65. 
Rolfe, C. W. N., 24. 
Rolt, F. W., 118. 
Romer, H., 135. 
Ronald, B., 18. 
Ronald, R., 5. 
Ronald, W., 38. 
Rooke, E. G., 238. 
Rooper, H. B., 35. 
Rooper, R. M., 174. 
Roscow, T. T., 79. 
Rose, B. L., 38. 
Rose, H. C, 229. 
Rose, H. R., 28. 
Rose, G. A., 62. 
Ross, A. R., 185, 

Rotton, H. F. A., 195. 
Rotton, J. G., 185. 
Rotton, J. R. C, 189. 
Roundell, C. R., 70. 
Rowlands, H. B., 206. 
Rowley, W. W., 48. 
Roy, H. E. G., 154. 
Royds, C. E., 229. 
Royds, E., 106. 
Royds, G. F., 46. 
Ruggles Brise, C. E., 95. 
RugglesBrise,R.F.,i 14. 
Russell, A. S., 35. 
Russell, Herbert, 38. 
Russell y Henry, 46. 
Russell, H. P„ 35. 
Russell, R. H. A., 73. 
Russell, W. E., 27. 
Rutherford, A. E., 223. 
Ryder, S. C. D., 23. 

Salmon, R. C, 138. 
Salt, C. H., 99. 
Salusbury, F. H., 73. 
Salzmann, F. H., 229. 
Sandeman, W. R. H.,79. 
Sanderson, A., 207. 
Sanderson, A. A., 219. 
Sanderson, A. J., 175. 
Sanderson, F. T., 223. 
Sanderson, L., 174. 
Sapte, A., 14^. 
Sapte, £., 85. 
Sapte, Fitz-Roy, 195. 
Sapte, Francis, 126. 
Satchell, H. A., 109. 
Saunders, F., 109. 
Savage, E. B., 23. 
Savage, F. F., 52. 
Savage, H. E., 52. 
Savile, W. H., 106. 
Savill, H., in. 
Savill, P. R., in. 
Savory, A., 9. 
Sawyer, G. V., 48. 
Schmettau, C. F., 48. 
Schreiber, F. E. L., 13. 
Schreiber, J. M., 52. 
Scott, B., 99. 

Scott, B. C, 95* 
Scott, F. G., 189. 
Scott, G. D., 150. 
Scott, T. R., 160. 
Scott, T. A., 150. 
Scott, W„ 223. 
Scovell, E., 23. 
Scovell, F., 99. 
Scriven, G. B., 209. 
Sealy, J. H., 82. 
Searle, W. H. W„ 76. 
Sellar, P. J. A., 99- 
Seils, A. E., 195. 
Seppings, T. J., 9. 
Shackle, C. G., 150. 
Shackle, E. N., 95. 
Shackle, E. W., 123. 
Shackle, F., 132. 
Shackle, J. B., 106. 
Sharp, R. F., 147. 
Sharpe, A., 52. 
Sharpe, F. J. T., 292. 
Shaw, C. J. M., 107. 
Shaw, F. M., 62. 
Shaw, J. A., 79. 
Shaw, K. N., 209. 
Shaw, V. K., 52. 
Shaw, W. 220. 
Sheffield, F. G., 238. 
Sheldon, T. A., 209. 
Shelford, E. J., 55. 
Shellabear, W. G., 132, 
Shepherd, C. S., 87. 
Sheppard, J. F., 35. 
Sheppard, H. G., 65. 
Sheppard, H. W., 178. 
Sheppard, O., 191. 
Sheppard, S. H., 198. 
Sheppard, S. M., 73. 
Sheppard, T. W., 229. 
Sherer, L. C., 119. 
Sheringham, T. G., 204. 
Shilleto, W. F. R., 6. 
Shipley, C. T., 141. 
Shipman, R M 232. 
Shipton, E. M., 182. 
Short, J. H., 74. 
Shuldam, M. C. D., 107. 
Silver, G., 85. 

Digitized by 




Silver, G. S., 154. 
Silver, W. B., 160. 
Sim, C. H., 119. 
Simpkinson, C. H., 59. 
Simpkinson, F. G., 85. 
Simpson, A. H., 152. 
Simpson, A. R., 114. 
Simpson, C. E., 179. 
Simpson, C. W., 200. 
Simpson, R. H. B., 1 14. 
Sitwell, C. G. H., 109. 
Skelding, H. J., 70. 
Skinner, B., 48. 
Skrine, W. de V., 138. 
Slade, H. H., 229. 
Sladen, A. F., 160. 
Sladen, L. B., 160. 
Slaughter, E. M., 185. 
Sloman, F., 1 1 9. 
Smith, A. L., 35. 
Smith, A. Le B., 59. 
Smith, B. W., 30. 
Smith, C. A., 141. 
Smith, C. M., 35. 
Smith, C. S., 126. 
Smith, E. P., 147. 
Smith, F. S., 175. 
Smith, G. A., 114. 
Smith, G. M. C, 198. 
Smith, G. S., 220. 
Smith, Heathcote, 9. 
Smith, Herbert, 59. 
Smith, Horace, 46. 
Smith, H. C, 48. 
Smith, H. Le B., 59. 
Smith, H. W., 95. 
Smith, J. W., 85. 
Smith, J. W. C, 28. 
Smith, Leonard Apsley, 

Smith, Lionel Abel, 204. 
Smith, M. M., 182. 
Smith, P. M., 95. 
Smith, R. A. R., 35. 
Smith, R. C, 99. 
Smith, V. C, 123. 
Smith, V. H., 59. 
Smith, W. E., 59. 
Smith, W. N., 43. 

Smith Barry, C.A., 141. 
Smythe, F. H. D., 229. 
Smythies, Y. G., 9. 
Snell, A. P., 200. 
Snell, B. A., 182. 
Snow, H. A. R., 191. 
Snow, P. C. H., 43. 
Snow, S. C, 70. 
Soames, A., 132. 
Somers, C. D., 204. 
Somers, H. M. t 169. 
Southey, J. H. W., 117. 
Spedding, E. W., 182. 
Spence, L. B., 147. 
Spencer, C. N., 229. 
Spencer, E. V., 179. 
Spens, A. W., 235. 
Spens, J., 59. 
Spurway, R. P., 163. 
Spyer, J. H. A., 35. 
Spyers, T., 229. 
Squire, F. R., 119. 
Stack, C. H. t 175. 
Stack, E. H. E., 165. 
Stack, J. B., 123. 
Stack, M. R., 185. 
Stack, T. L., 107. 
Stanford, C E. F., 52. 
Stanford, W., 220. 
Stapleton, C, 123. 
Stapleton, G., 115. 
Stapylton, E. C, 76. 
Stapylton, F. C, 88. 
Stapylton, G. C, 90. 
Stawell, G. C, 126. 
Stawell, J. M., 107. 
Stawell, W., 117. 
Staveley, A. G., 233. 
Staveley, H. C, 220. 
Stead, E. W., 207. 
Steel, J. E. P., 74. 
Stenning, O. F., 238. 
Stephens, F. E. M., 

Stephens, H. H., 27. 
Stephens, H. M., 88. 
Stephenson, B., 63. 
Stephenson, J. /., 39. 
Steuart, R. J. A., 141. 

Stevens, C. W., 23. 
Stevens, F. H., 35. 
Stevenson, W. R. H., 

Steward, E., 29. 
Steward, H., 96. 
Steward, R., 40. 
Steward, R. G., 220. 
Steward, R. H., 160. 
Steward, R. O., 220. 
Steward, R. V., 115. 
Stewart, A., 209. 
Stewart, A. K., 43. 
Stewart, C. M. D., 9. 
Stewart, D. C, 233. 
Stewart, D. G., 126. 
Stewart, K. T., 145. 
Stewart-Jones, T. A., 

Stewart Wood, G. H., 76. 
Stileman, E. C, 169. 
St. John, M. R., 117. 
Stobart, H. G., 201. 
Stobart, H. J. S., 186. 
Stock, A. J., 169. 
Stogdon, A. R., 18. 
Stokes, A. F. G., 71. 
Stone, F. J., 169. 
Stone, G. L, 233. 
Stoughton, C. H. LI., 

Stow, H. G., 27. 
Strachey, R. S., 107. 
Strong, F. W., 123. 
Strong, R. G., 55. 
Stuart, A. G., 186. 
Stuart, CD., 150. 
Stuart, R. A., 126. 
Stuart, R. P., 135. 
Stubbs, A. G., 223. 
Stubbs, R. F., 229. 
Stubbs, W. W., 165. 
Stuckey, F. A., 123. 
Sturt, B., 169. 
Styan, H., 126. 
Sullivan, C W., 152. 
Sullivan, H. E., 107. 
Sumner, C C R., 26. 
Sumner, C M., 71. 

Digitized by 




Sumner, F. H., 40. 
Sumner, F. M., 10. 
Sumner, R. A., 109. 
Surtees, C. H., 213. 
Surtees, E. A., 136. 
Surtees, P. S., 182. 
Sutcliffe, T., 160. 
Sutton, H. R., 154. 
Swabey, C. V., 160. 
Swaine, C. L., 18. 
Swaine, F. R., 6. 
Swaine, G. J. C. t 6. 
Swainson, F. E., 238. 
Swainson, H., 191. 
Sweet, G. S., 175. 
Sweet, E. H., 220. 
Sweet, H. E., 30. 
Swetenham, M. A., 189. 
Swift, T. P. f 160. 
Swift, T. R., 216. 
Swinton, R. R., 119. 
Sworder, E. R., 6. 
Sworder, F. W. t 6. 
Sykes, C. S., 169. 
Synge, E. M., 115. 

Tabor, A. M., 233. 
Tabor, R. W., 235. 
Tahourdin, P., 71. 
Talbot, A. P., 23. 
Talbot, H. £., 79. 
Talbot, R., 195. 
Talbot, R. B., 23. 
Tanner, A. G., 213. 
Tarver, M. A. J., 195. 
Tasjcer Smith, H. D., 99. 
Tatham, E. E., 160. 
Tatham, F. H., 186. 
Taylor, A. C, 10. 
Taylor, C, 23. 
Taylor, C. H., 209. 
Taylor, C. T. L., 189. 
Taylor, E., 68. 
Taylor, F. A., 235. 
Taylor, H. R. B., 88. 
Taylor, J. R., 43. 
Tebbs, L. V., 186. 
Tennant, W. F., 90. 

Teesdale, G., 133. 
Tewson, F. R., 141. 
Thackwell, E. F., 191. 
Thackwell, J. E. L., 35. 
Tharp, A. K., 6. 
Thomas, A. H., 129. 
Thomas, A. M., 129. 
Thomas, C. Z., 96. 
Thomas, F. L, 165. 
Thomas, G. P., 150. 
Thomas, H. W., 179. 
Thomas, M. R. O., 92. 
Thomas, R. H. H., 174. 
Thomas, S. T., 59. 
Thompson, E. A., 136. 
Thompson, G. C, 10. 
Thompson, W. G., 223. 
Thomson, G. D., 195. 
Thomson, J. A., 216. 
Thornhill, H. M., 60. 
Thornton, C. £., 195. 
Thornton, F. S., 71. 
Thornton, R. D., 40. 
Thornton, S. R., 223. 
Thornthwaite, W.N.,29. 
Thurnall, J. E., 30. 
Thursby, C. A. H., 225. 
Thursby, F., 52. 
Tillbrook, H. B., 142. 
Tillbrook, P.A., 129. 
Tindall, W., 88. 
iTodd, A. T., 154. 
Todd, H., 154. 
Todd, C. W., 189. 
Todd, H. J., 152. 
Toller, G. R., 213. 
Tomkin, J.W. R., 191. 
Tomkinson, G. A., 1 02. 
Tomkinson, H. P., 119. 
Tomlinson, G. C. J., 68. 
Tonge, D. F., 43. 
Tottie, T. B. G., 124. 
Tovey, H. T., 209. 
Towers Clark, A., 55. 
Townsend, C. E.C., 85. 
Townsend, E. C., 136. 
Townsend, F. E., 142. 
Townsend, J. C, 13. 

Townsend, S. R. M., 1 24» 
Townshend, A. E., 138. 
Townshend, G. R., 65. 
Townshend, R. H., 48. 
Townshend,R.P.L., 1 65. 
Townshend, W. T., 48. 
Toynbee, P., 65 » 
Travers, H. S., 142. 
Travers, M. T. O., 96- 
Travers, R., 63. 
Trench, F. H., 169. 
Trethewy, A., 189. 
Trevor, A. H., 213. 
Trevor, C. M., 142. 
Trevor, E. T., 96. 
Trevor, M., 198. 
Trevor, R. U., 235. 
Trevor, T., 133. 
Tritton, S. B., 96. 
Trollope, C. G. N., 99. 
Trollope, H. C, 107. 
Trollope, J. B., 152. 
Trollope, R. G., 55. 
Trower, C. F., 115. 
Trower, S. A., 46. 
Trower, W., 36. 
Trustram, E. J., 155. 
Tryon, J. A., in. 
Tuck, A. D., 36. 
Tuck, H. J., 24. 
Tucker, H., 226. 
Tufnell, W. F., 36. 
Tuke, C., 136. 
Tuke, C. L., 79. 
Tuke, W.O., 117. 
Turbett, T. G., 201. 
Turbett, R. G., 229. 
Turnbull, F. <?., 102. 
Turnbull, L., 213. 
Turner, B. D., 7U 
Turner, C., 88. 
Turner, C. A., 23. 
Turner, F., 216. 
Turner, F. W. B., 23. 
Turner, G., 155. 
Turner, R.»_7i. 
Turner, R. E., 138. 
Twigg, A., 175. 
Twisden, J. R., 83. 

Digitized by 




Twynam, T. M., 201. 
Tyler, R. K., 18. 
Tyndale, E. F. G., 46. 
Tyndale, W. C, 53. 
Tyrer H. t 80. 
Tyrwhitt- Walker, J.,43. 

Upcher, E. B., 27. 
Upcher, H. K., 36. 
Upcher, J. H., 40. 
Upcher, S. H., 24. 
Usborne, T. M., 165. 

Vallentin, H. E., 204. 
Vallentin, J. M., 161. 
Van-der-Gucht, M., 161. 
VanderMeulen, J. P., 

Vaughan, H. F., 226. 
Vaughan, H. W., 235. 
Verschoyle, W. H. F., 

Vesey, E. R., 124. 
Villiers-Stuart, G., 198. 
Vincent, G. H., 90. 
Vincent, H. O., 136. 
Vincent, J. R., 109. 
Vincent, K. D., 63. 
Vinter, J. H., 24. 
Von Lengerke, E. J., 


Wace, R. H., 169. 

Wade, R. H. R., 198. 

Wade, T. S. O., 18. 

Wadsworth, F. A., 220. 

Wagner, M., 80. 

Wale, M. E. W., 99. 

Wale, R. ff., 136. 

Walker, C. G., 233. 

Walker, Chas. Hensley, 

Walker, Cyril Hutchin- 
son, 126.' 

Walker, E. J. R., 48. 

Walker, G. C, 18. 

Walker, H. G., 216. 

Walker, H. J., 207. 

Walker, R. S., 226. 

Walker, T. G., 192. 

Walker, W. C., 102. 

Walker, W. G., 133. 

Walker, W. W., 192. 

Wallace, C. S., 186. 

Wallace, F. G., 142. 

Walsh, C. L., 152. 

Walsh, H. W., 119. 

Walsh, J. E., 119. 

Walters, H. M., 182. 

Wal ton, H. B., 213. 

Warburton, R. F., 220. 

Warburton, W. G. A., 

Ward, Alexander, 46. 

Ward, Arthur, 161. 

Ward, Arthur, 210. 

Warden, H. F., 220. 

Wardrop, A. E., 226. 

Ware, M. S., 223. 

Warner, L. O., 175. 

Warner, R. C., 213. 

Warren, B. W., 175. 

Wasey, E. J. S., 68. 

Waters, A. F., 71. 

Waters, W. C., 71. 

Wathen, E. O., ,142. 

Wathen, H. A. D., 80. 
! Watkins, A. F. N., 23. 
1 Watkins, C. B., 92. 

Watkins, F. W., 71. 

Watkins, N. S., 92. 

Watson, A. C., 170. 

Watson, C. G., 155. 

Watson, E. H., 92. 

Watson, G. W., 36. 

Watson, J., 39. 

Watson, J. H., 23. 

Watson, R. G., 124. 

Watson, W. M., 145. 

Watson Smith, C. L., 

Way, G. L. H., 138. 

Way, H. W. L., 142. 

Way, L. C, 223. 

Weare, H. O., 27. 

Webb, S. W., 60. 
Webb, T., 6. 
Webb-Peploe, R. M. 

W., 150. 
Webb Ware, H. R. S., 

Wedderburn, A. D. O., 

Welldon, F. W., 115. 
Wellford, G. E., 145. 
Wells, J. T. W., 19. 
Welsh, W. H., 44. 
Wemyss, D. G., 126. 
West, E. C, 229. 
West, W. F., 40. 
Western, A. R., 224. 
Western, F., 226. 
Weston, T. F., 36. 
Wetherall, C. S., 152. 
Wetherall, J. F., 229. 
Whalley, Francis Julian, 

Whalley », Frederick James, 


Whalley, G. P., 226. 

Whalley, L. T., 44. 

Whalley, P. B., 68. 

Wharton, C. H. T., 27. 

Whately, R., 119. 

Whatton, J. S., 119. 

Wheeler, W. A., 136. 

Whitaker, A. M., 201. 

Whitaker, W. E., 170. 

Whitby, A. G., 6. 

White, C. G., 53. 

White, E. R., 147. 

White, G. E. W., 195. 
I White, H. L., 153. 
I White, J. H. L., 99. 
| White, J. S., 10. 
1 White, W. P., 99. 
I Whitehead, H„ 88. 

Whittingham,G.N., 1 50. 

Widdicombe, W. S., 80. 

Wigram, L. R., 179. 

Wilbraham, F. W., 150. 

Wilbraham, H. D., 126. 

Wilde, A. R., 133. 


Digitized by 




Wilde, E. J., 150. 
Wilde, F. S., 88. 
Wilde, R. G., 127. 
Wilde, R. W., 133. 
Wilder, H. C, 204. 
Wilkin, L., 201. 
Wilkin, R., 195. 
Wilkinson, C. W., 192. 
Wilkinson, H., 119. 
Williams, A. L., 60. 
Williams, F. E., 138. 
Williams, G. C. N., 182. 
Williams, H. C, 19. 
Williams, S. F., 175. 
Williams Freeman, G. 

C. P., 80. 
Williams Freeman, J. 

P., 93. 
Williamson, J. E., 175. 
Williamson, P. M., 216. 
Williamson, W., 153. 
Willis, F. H., 226. 
Willis, J. J., 236. 
Willoughby, E. G., 10. 
Willoughby, R. M. P., 

Wilmot Brooke, G., 153. 
Wilson, A. H., 198. 
Wilson, A. J. de C, 161. 
Wilson, CR., 161. 
Wilson, C. W., 153. 
Wilson, D. L., 124. 

Wilson, E. H., 63. 

Wilson, G. S., 80. 

Wilson, W.O., 138. 

Wimberley,C. F. A., 1 2 9. 

Wimbush, C., 216. 

Wimbush, G.V.B., 214. 

Wimbush, J. S., 170. 

Wingfield, C. H., 55. 

Wingfield, G. A., 24. 

Wingfield, H. E., 133. 

Wingfield, H.R.S., 107. 

Wingfield, M. de V., 1 70. 

Winter, F. N., 224. 

Winter, J. B., 195. 

Wix, E. L., 23. 

Wolfe, H.A., 175. 

Wood, E., 117. 

Wood, F. A., 55, 239. 

Wood, G. R., 161. 

Wood, J. M., 117. 

Woodburne, J. F., 204. 

Woodcock, F. D., 6. 

Wood Hill, A., 204. 
i Woods, A. W., 145. 

Woolley, J. E., 115. 

Woolley, J. T., 46. 

Woolrych, H. S., 189. 

Wordsworth, R. G., 46. 

Workman, C. D., 220. 

Workman, R. E., 192. 

Worsley, C. B., 175. 
1 Worthington, J. V., 226. 
1 Wray, G. C, 109. 

Wrench, F. S., 19. 
Wright, A.M., 216. 
Wright, D. D'A., 179. 
Wright, E. Z., 204. 
Wright, H. C, S8. 
Wright, H. T., 170. 
Wright, P.C., 179. 
Wyatt, A. W. N., 93. 
Wyatt, G. A., 74. 
Wykeham Martin, W. 

R. F., 179. 
Wyndham, C. H., 19. 
Wyndham, S., 133. 
Wynell Mayow, A., 19. 

Yarker, M. M., 55. 
Yates, E. P., 85. 
Yeates, A. B., 179. 
Yonge, C. F. L., 76. 
Yonge, F. A., 124. 
Young, A. H., 142. 
Young, A. W. C, 10. 
Young, C. H., 151. 
Yoüng, C. L., 13. 
Young, D. E., 13. 
Young, E. G., 179. 
Young, E. H., 155. 
Young, F. C, 133. 
Young, L. G., 198. 
Young, M. C. G., 238. 
Young, W. C, 214. 
Yule, J. H., 19. 

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[/ find front the Index that several Highfield nanus were neuer entered in the 
Secretary's bock, and so I fear that there may be sorne even now which have 
been uninteniwnally omitted front the Register,] 

Bacon, Henry, b. Nov. 28, 1865, son of Rev. F. Bacon, Much 
Hadham Hall, Ware, Herts. 

Highfield, 1880.2, L.M.Ü.— 1888.3, v - 2 - Trinity College, Cambridge. 

Blagrave, J. C, b. Jan. 1864, son of E. H. Blagrave, Esq., 5, Crick 

Road, Oxford. 
Highfield, 1878.1, III.— 1878.3, III. 
Coli, Anthony Michael, b. Nov. 1862, son of M. J. Coli, Esq., of 


Highfield, 1877.2, M. IV.— I88O.3, M.V.2. 2 p. E 4. XV. 1880. Exeter 
College, Oxford. 2nd in Law 1884. Called to the Bar Jan. 1887. 

Dudgeon, J. M., b. March, 1865, son of H. Dudgeon, Esq., Priory 
Black Rock, Co. Dublin. 
(Le Bas, afterwards) Highfield, I88O.1, M.IV.— 1882.3, M.U.M.i. 
Ebsworth, Ernest A., b. Jan. 1866, son of Rev. G. S. Ebsworth, 
Croxton Kerrial V., near Grantham. 
Highfield, 1878.1, IL— I88O.3, IV. 

Eliot, Edward Francis Whateley, b. April 15, 1864, son of Rev. W. 
Eliot, Aston V., Birmingham. 

Highfield, I878.3, IV.— 1881.x, V.2. 1 p. Second to T. P. Swift in Berk- 
hampstead, Mile, and Half Mile, 1881. Trinity College, Cambridge. 
1882, 2nd in University Three Miles, 2nd in Inter University Three Miles. 
1883 and 1884, ist in University Three Miles. 1883, Won Magdalene Two 
Miles Handicap from Scratch. 1884, ist in Inter University Three Miles. 
1886, ist in Three Miles University Handicap from Scratch in 15 min. 18 sec. 
(Record for Camb. Path). President of C.U.A.C. Ordained, 1887, to 
Curacy of S. George's, Tufnell Park, N. 

Enan Smith, E. M., b. May, 1868, son of E. M. Euan Smith, Esq., 
M.D., 12, Shakespeare Street, Nottingham. 
Highfield, 1882.2, R.— 1885.1, V.i. 2 p. Caius College, Cambridge. 

Gunning, Charles John, b. Dec. 1865, son of Col. J. C. Gunning, 
26, Inverness Terrace, W. 

Le Bas, I88O.1, R.— I88I.3, M.L.M.Ü. R.M.C. Sandhurst. 2nd Lieut. York 
and Lancaster Regt. Feb. 1887. 

Hansell, Herbert Williams, b. May, 1865, son of late Rev. E. H. 
Hanseil, Fast fls/ey, Newbury, Berks. 
Highfield, 1878.2, L.M.Ü.— 1882.1, V.i. 1 p. 

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Heyshain, G. A. Mounsey, b. May, 1862, son of G. W. M. Heysham, 
«Esq., 3, Stanhope Gardens, W. 
Highfield, 1675.1, III.— 1876.», IV. Afterwards at Eton. 

Maddock, H. A., b. Sept. 1869, son of Mrs. Maddock, Penrhyn 
Lodge, Surbiton. 
• Highfield, 1888.2, M.III.— 1885.3, M.R. 

McLaren, R. L., b. March, 1859, son of the late R. McLaren, Esq., 

Tonbridge, Kent. 

Highfield, 1874.2, M.R.— 1877.x, M.U.M.i. E 4. Studied Engineering at the 
Crystal Palace School. 

Hewnham, A. H., b. Sept. 1864, son of Rev. W. O. Newnham, 

Crawley, Winchester. 
Highfield, I878.3, IV.— 1882.2, V.2. S. John's College, Cambridge. 
Peache, Gilbert Alan, b. Jan. 30, 1868, son of Rev. A. Peache, The 

Firs, Hampstead Heath. 

Le Bas, 1882.x, III.— 1885.x, L.M.Ü. Pembroke College, Oxford. 

Peak, George R., b. June, 1865, son of G. Peak, Esq., Lawnhurst, 
Didsbury, Manchester. 
Highfield, 1879,x, III.— I88O.2, iV. Cambridge. 

Peak, Henry M., b. April, 1867, son of G. Peak, Esq., Lawnhurst, 
Didsbury, Manchester. 
Highfield, 1879.2, III.— I88I.3, IV. Reading for the Army. 

Pearson, Richard, b. Nov. 30, 1862, son of F. Pearson, Esq., 
Deputy-Surgeon Bengal Army, 18, Durham 
Terrace, Westbourne Park, W. 

Highfield, I876.3, L.M.Ü.— 1880.1, M.UM.i. XXX. 1879. M.R.C.S. (Eng.) 
and L.R.C.P. (Lond.) x886. In 1887 Assistant House Surgeon, Hüll 
Royal Infirmary. 

Poyer, Charles, b. July, 1860, son of Mrs. Poyer, A rundet y Sussex. 

Highfield, 1876.1, R.— 1877-3, L-M.i. XV. 1887. 
Prowse, G. R. F., b. Oct. 1860, son of Tudge Prowse, Newfoundland, 
S. /ohn's, Mytholmroyd t Manchester. 

Highfield, 1874.3, III.— 1877.1, U.M.Ü. 2 p. In business near Mancheiter. 

Sharp«, Francis J. T., b. Tune, 1864, son of J. Sharpe, Esq., 
Pembroke Lodge, Kensington, W. 
Highfield, 1878.2, L.M.L— I88O.3, V.2. S 5. Studied Chemistry for two 
years at a German University, afterwards to Caius College, Cambridge. 



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