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Full text of "ha-Madrikh: ʻal bamote yam ha-Talmud : kolel liḳuṭe ha-Shas halakhot ṿa-agadot ... : le-tsorekh ..."

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This is a digital copy of a book that was preserved for generations on Hbrary shelves before it was carefully scanned by Google as part of a project 

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Mjsvyahi ^jilmudischer Steiien 

iiir ti4'U 

Nmrti pisr. 

II Notch 41(1' 

lBKAHAM singer, Bezirks-Rabbiner Id vir-Pjima (Oa^a: 

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pijn 'cnp ft3TD 3iD» vn i; .loiyn aipro :ii53 •?» frii ■;» 
.miob ':s'Oi : ftri'» ''Jr i»ib) ^))i^ .pin irn : D'pi cji pru* '7i 

b'SpS Bipw DIP ]''»n)J njcjs cni? 'dci lisihb .nrioa le-rn ^no 
jjonfii ,'13 sinipo [jn,ii : hni'i) fi-in inir) ftrifi cidp ;« mpj» 
PTiDP i» ■;»f>i .niBK ''T no'Ps wt pn; ;t "^k : 'i5 hnci: •^» 
:0T iB win .DJty : n:?* ^n d n'tj oiD» ^hh pin -jrMi -jiDh ^^n 
"B"p hi iDB PDD r'S' inni hPD hp-sDi' .ps^i S'ln v\r. i3sp 
DID Dh'ij) o»fi S'ipi [•:«• T''i^cr ]'^i 1*1 P'3» cp^wp ttSj "jj 
O'oio oi'j of! o'uitj 01*3 oh D710P rjp; oi' pfhJ ou'tipJ ts't 7» 
•nj 'h? .'M'PT 'iB3t2 : pirn Th'C is 'jinshi "m .-ph =i >;-i [jai : -JPhi 
T3i*P .'r"iiKi S^rs- win -isDpT : pirap •j'hr vrp 'ip tip -jpu'd 
ft;prS iJ'D"R hii p'i 'i:h hwJji fimhi) 'bb ftii hp'soi "d-p 

qjp DT3 WPi !«■) IDPl '131 P33' h»D b'P pJ-'T P7>m 01D» f'3'1 
DTP is l^lhl ..TllT "13 nS 13D1 :OVP i; I'PDpi IjpP hi hp'Bcil "SM 

hp'EPJ D"Pi:i'P hP'-'JihT 1'''^ pJ'i" iiph D1P1 r-jippjj) iiph qjp 
'b» 9pii; .arA.T ■np'? enip^ idij': mip ps no*' :dvp is Tn»pi 
isnx : -JDS h'jp oh cpir "pa "Jii iips h-sp ohT ")»i» '33 h;D 
(.'1 qi d'PPb) h';Rl pprp o7ip pipjd td .riDEn cib ; rpd ,r:D 
ii; riRjD TD wih yjc? ov 'i ppri oTip Pprp msi'pj I'ihin 

.B'1133 C'SD) : Pp"5 lioi ipi pp P"E 01" 'i "JP riPJD 'PCD OD 

•im .p'sm 13 .Tn."!' 'i 'isi'j : inos 'J'lpPi ' "^"I* C'p "'*5 ]''" 
•»»i»7 -Jiiisi oiip tvm ]'ww •») 'sp 13Vip1 I'lnm) i-hipj fiPSB 
ihi iips h'jp ofti "jn» 'jppt hpi 1" h>i \ii i'» hih -iiph i;'h 
'pci oiip Rinin -jj ,crn hdtt ino : 'tip li-hp ph'St '*ii:'3h 
DTip oinpi iphJD .iS'!3D ipin BiPD : ic; ft'3P oh hip opip 
oiir» opD Binpi liisa irip hi? hjp ish imup iphi iripi 7))iri 
•«» * 'QJ : niM-jp h'jpi .ra^an 'k'* • '^JfUJ (ft) = ''^ '"'■'> 'Pf'^ ''^ 
p»; lihs .pi'm'j : pjr^Ji oip» .ne i^nnc : ";rjn hpi'Ji "[Pi .ntttp 
: iS o'ft'jnti )3ipp ]•;» "cS r>nD» P'3pp p7»d ih .oiiw d* ptid') 
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inj oif) .r!i3n Pit n»i-i ms;*'' : riph iib hih TJis v hii niy »^ 
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nfc 3iphJ .ijip njno oik -no^'t' ; ic»; 3*7pp ilfis v'is 'Jh pi»» 

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nisoS c^oa cn^n Tiffi nmos Tfia n'n noiyn niYob 
i';i3 e]3n Dv K.TB' 'MI ]3 ]jni' 'T f'prn ff-ipon .Ts sintfo 
iJTSK k"? 'o ipncR nsK'i cipon rra n33' mnc t3'o iidk 
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pns' "13 |an3 an ion niT:''ji cip'b niso die-d msoV •]rvi 
-iiD« nmrn p icrt nncK mirr 'n na'B'a'Krr^n j;iiv pn 
":';:3 njji np liDpi av 'jt? iDis-y ly nin Dvn oxy 71?" '3t? 
n"3 ainffo* jjm ,t^v J''?c j''C'o Km n'nii^. n? 130 'di'» 't/; 
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no»p pamo 'nn p pm' pn -i3D mn 'i'U «pn mn mm' 
ppnni Dm )'pnn 'kd 'jrp iv-'^'i »<ni noup '.-;"T(ti2 «'n k^i 
ncn'B'i Kmis3 vin ■'bztt y^in' 311 n"-i3 HJin aii kee 31 
]3't:""n kS Kp'EoVi i^am pi*'> nxina unn' 'i2Dp loaf vn;: 'j ' 
nsina cnn naop ipan »ncxa i'j3« 'Dk 3t 'an iJaii 
Di'S ppn '31 nosp i:a-n3 'Ki p pnv pni wn'mtn ;'"ih'; 
nin K^ 73K DK '^ niDR wai noK ppn r^ kp'sd'? i3n 
mm' 03 nV naon iD'Jon 'a:: loapn -nnma »Sk a^in V^k 
cmp i"a no n'"j R'ffp Kpi i'Dio 'T 3'n'*"' .ttp'Es'; B"'ni 
OR Hh n'2(73 la niin' vje"? icr □n'jn TV^h cnipb nDiy"? 
mip io»n oi'nn bw rtbao inn r*) pa- nciy'? □^lp moR 
vjE lanx* jiB-iB 'n pnr m'nn Sxk ib'jao nnnip on'jn ^nub .p ' 
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K^n K:n ps' Sa Vop k*? ib'jaD nnin n'jn itan bax ai'in 
mni nn ncK* nana nSj-a nonjf *'*3ra (H) = ^''2 lOf^'** ■■ '* 
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noR 1 'u; : O'OB-'; laS pa'D* 13^21 cpaan inwi nanan nnit 'ft ' 
.Saw' nam dki c;*o or naivn niff n;:ina" nRnp 'ko rtt n «■■ ■' 
noi n"')aiK lan naicn mana" Kano noK nanR na Rn« an 
a'ra no nuni Kia 'nr; p iivoE' n-R R'jn ivbjfab ;int?3 
H'JSf 'n nbn E'p'JM ubi "jR K^ jna naR: w'jiff niianp .ni?nE3 
n'n ncR" D;n niB'3 naRji pi'7n'? p ^sib nc pnno jn'b ■» -i 
naif? nm'J n'n n&R nnjoai mn'J nn nun pnn []ivai nm'i 
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o'nan ann aajixn'; r^k o'naii ortt 'Jisn'? k"? 'Jisn ntyyn 
mai cajixn'? minain aajixiV nntt nan .inmam asjixn*?" 'jff -b" 
D'cnpa poynab yia Rjin ano ^rioi? n'j'a nyana mat nanyn^ 

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IrTapn 'Je> ninn 'aioi a'^inj naa nRni Ka ^a'n ncti<- : naio 'aj'j aman p'B-am njv*'jai cnmo niEiya nnv ijnn] -fj -i 'n 
wfi^s avian v"?? n'?j?o Tibsv innff 'a "jax iTa nn:a nat? nnja ,in'a rh^y nat? nVjr a'npo cnK o"p t?npon n'aff nyB'2B'e-«-j"^-m 
Ik*} en"?* nanii nan: a':" ■:!? ncno: inbcn i'Ka- kSk my lOt* nna^j nm cnSR 'nri" -ORSt? o'jia nuanpn bi a'npn'" '^ 'K* 
ini3;n |'ki majn tr nRin ma: mia nna n'13 nmo Rin -;ina fiipn rn'oa* vhv n(*ni Ra s-n xarn'Ri Kmiy an n-nn'"' : n^nn ,^ ., ,.°* 
l^a pni' n'K<^ .HKm '^Etri 'n on 'a" nows bsfn nx nKim maj Kin p u'r Kin -[na wnpn nmc 'las ^Ecn pr nRin..--v,J^„ 

I'mina aina cainaa ip^ie'di 0'K'3:a 'ubi nnina aina nt -i3n inuniiiv KXia n."K n-3pn 'ra* inmaj KXie nnKt? nipa 

|Kcr:i on noR na" c'K'333 nic .njobKi om' BE&a nDijf" n'nna amai O'jinRn 'inm a'nSun mhiK »m oa'n'iK 'n 'a'.., 
I.Tnna a'nai lae n-a nianya aam"? iVo* a'nan camaa d'jiB'o nm ^cdi Ran rxi mnna amai 'ui »npi ny pi»'-'' 
rj'D nn Vp in:'a» nnt?ni niDa:i cnn hs n':n n-apn 'nnt? uip ryno onR nob' cbiyb «]D1' 3n noR<^ : nuabR r'^i o'oin' 'aK* 
iDibef nanoi 'ncn a'ffo in njj-'o nKn'3 ony di» Rn' obiy"? "aRn n'oiE3 KV:no'<' .njoa ina'aiff nnirni r>aits nu'j'R ba nuni 
f rby noR .nvnsn by bsipo kh'i "oab nonji nbro? ain« Kn'c 'na piffa 'na: or ''cri anK Va bj?i vainp ojn vno or,^ 
iHmi? mans ym'D ba R:in an noK labr, '-i noK''" : pica '12: "cri obiyo aiSff anK lo'npn* R"?t? 'Rai p j:ni' pn by ,, -_^ 
Inio'? 7:3 bai" 'jc oMya Dibw cano n*n K:'jn n'K nw^R n-R** :inEnni oibt? u-pa" ':& mbB- iV o'^tp'- oiVd ib t,mb '?':n,-B,^..sS 
mrtfoY 'i'ri:anK3 m^ffi i^ma cibE" 'm* biffao lob I'Ki -mm 'aniK"? an oibc" TJia rVk yn Rnpn ■?« jja oibB am 'n'"j'!;i ".t*^ 
■ : oibca loy riR -pa' 'n jir loyb tiy 'n* i"? aie n^paR umbH 'n n'a lyab" ^a oibc r: nnanR 'ym 'rk ^^p 

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IV3 '03 nan ;j>mo n"? itye'sT k;m ^s npna p pnv vJb .o'lPTp |via : mas in- -irmo tth : t^^p tjtip v^^' ^"^ 

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KD'K D'Bip |vi'3 Kr'KT onn "jan D'ffip I'Ta nD'^jn k^k san i»i73 hn-h 'bd hrW hn-JO dbdjt i-ri {ihlsno' ">j) ]}'->sM:> puj -pi 

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po Krjn '1 -iDKp K^ 'D nib;o ly'rcai rucip tt'?B'3 "^in oirni T'" T'*'"^ 1''^ I'f'i o"!' o-jnpDi tj mib^o pbtj dm laa 

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vn laai'"' .p'n"D v^& 'rii 'Txp rced up nS'aKS oyoo io v-jytn iph pp'n h'pc .nS'o nai :db: riipi pp'psn djsd -I 

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