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VOL. I. 




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/ . 

I '' 





LOtlHPlI OtBTTK amcw^ tJ. ■UJTV'l LiMf, 




At length I have tlie satiaTaGtion oT offering to the Beader 
the FiTBt Volume of the '* Organic ChemUtrj>" and at the 
same time of eipresaing a confident expectation that the publi- 
cation of the remaining volumca wUi proceed without any 
seriouB delay. 

Having been unable, during the preparation oF the inorganic 
part of the work^ to take any account of the yearly iocreaaEng 
additiona to the organic diTiuoa of the ecience, I found, on 
commencing this latter porrion of the vork^ that the first thing 
to be done woa to coUate the neglected matter* 

But the more carefully this naa done, the greater appeared 
the difliculty of reviung, co-ordinating and elaborating the 
masB of matter thus accnmnlated- 

And in the first place, it appeared absolutely necesBary 
to dcTise a new mode of claaaifying organic compounds, 
inBHmiuJi aa the armagement adopted in the former editiona 
could no longer be coneidered aatieftctory. Fortunately, in 
the interim, thanks to the laboare of numerous cliemi^tSr at the 
head of whom Liebig shines conspicuous, the composition of 
the groaCer number of organic componnda has been so tar mode 
outf that it does not appear too bold an attempt to adopt this 
character, aa the moat easential, for the ba^ of the classification. 
Moreover, unce, in my opinion^ carbon is the only constant, 
and therefore the only essential conatituent of organic com- 
pounds (pp. 3j 4), it E^psars most appropriate to arrange them 
according to the nomber of carbon-atoma contained in a single 


*bim riT (Jiij <xini|>uiJTirl : unit tincv w« timf nwiimL* thutt m iho 
iiuiiiluTr of nHitia-iiUiin« titcrtnuwti tbu oom|iounJri tmiiui? a 
OHjTO iuhI inniv ili^iiijwll^ oT^uiic pliinwWr, ■rhuTtftH % iliinimi- 
ddn or thu rmrn1>«r of carbou-aiorus !iriDff« thum nnrvr to tlio 
cunrljtirm of inorgniuc compouniit, it likrwu^ appuuy pr(f|Mn> 
i;^rr A^mplrtmg the ila^npibc of ihc tatter, to bc^ with 
tlu>w? or^rii(f ociii|koun'lj vrhioh ooJitaiD tho Hmxllwl nuinW 
of chrlwn^oloin*, Kml prwtud rpf^larl^ from Oic^v Ui Uiv 
Jng!"wr, — 11 fiunlv of nrmu^L'tnont trUioh^ ihmjgh in a dilTqrot 
nayf liv Uqn niln|iM<l hy UcHkhrdt in lii« " Pr^u.* 

To CArr; oul tliu ftrrungcmunt lurtlirri it n«c nwdiWiry U 
^hoow botwHD die Rtnlnaf-Thfiri/ adopted bikI {lnvlop«il bf 
Bcm-Iiui and most othcf chL-iniet*, viH the JViv/itii^ T^^ry aft 
rratntly brought Jnto nnlr*>? hv flic luWiranf Lmir#fit> Durmw* 
■nrl Qfrhnrdf' My rvioitnt tor i'tvf47tving ilui ljUl«r» and mlni- 
(liinn^ it, tlnin^h wlh iiiJiTiy jhlttintuitiA, into thiA HAit^i-booki 
artf fiiU^ •I4t«l b thi) taxt<pp. 9— 3^).* And now ih*t tl>C Ont 
Toldine n umptctc^ iMCUOTcOiDn lo repeat of my choiwt 
tho oontrorj* 1 taa ttum tad. marc onvmucd Omt tUi: \uoT«v 
TKcory, when proporl^ corricil out, orn«igm i-r^i^iu oom- 
pguudf in a nntumL orJt-r, fllucli id cu nu^ of ixiijpMwnnkvn 
a* thi; «tlnuiiilitiiirir vurir^ty of iliu ODiii|iQUi]dfl trill «diiiH ; «ad 
nllfiotigh the nmihiiiiiiinn of nuui}' coDt|iuuikdH iiiilkljiiiu> nl pri>- 
rtiTOt agnintt Ihu liiu^ of thi» Ihcfiry, — a pwvt »n wliiu^i 1 \m\9 
Wrn KJii] Jiliall mtinyt tio nlidloun tv djiwM alli<nliiia,-^t W 
nvnrtlieLcfBt tonn^/ to h« douhud dmt tliv*r di«.int|Difii:i»iA wiU 
b« rDCOQcileJ in Hiiil WHJ or nuvXittttf M, iiHltMli tluiy Ii4vu mW 
iTAdj hren in Atroiml Lintjinciih TIih mofitK^iil ou-rngila of 
iJib kind 14 afCjrdcd hy Cfanimc acid, C^\'H\()\ TUi^ ^d 
Win ronD«rlj rq^irdoA at tribatift; but uiief !t conC^ni 4 At. 
oijrgcti outiJdo the Ducl«u*r \t dJiiiuld, Accufdii^ to tho Xw 


TheoTjt be bibuic ; and such, [n fact, it haa actually been found 
to be (tn<L p. 204). It u precisely because this theory leads to 
important laws, wHch enable ub to decide A prwri on the 
oorreobiesa or probability of formula deduced from experiment, 
that it ia preferable to a theory before whose judgment-Heat — 
in the abaence of hiWB — almost any compoudou of an organic 
compoond appears poauble, aad conaistcnt with ita properties 
whatever they may be; such a theory oa the latter cannot 
indeed be easily confuted by any formula deduced from e^-* 
periment. Lastlyt if tt be objected to the Nucleus-Theory 
that it requires certfun hypotheses, we may remark that hypo- 
theses most be odnutted in any theory that can be formed 
leapecting compounds so enigmatical aa those of the Organic 
Kingdom ; least of all are they wanting in the Radical-Theory^ 
whose numeroua radicola, anhydrous ai^de, and copuls, are, 
for the moat part, not known in the separate state. 

The peculiar difficulty in claasifying o^onic compounds 
according to the Nudeua-Theory, lies, however, not so much In 
the theory itself, as in the diversified character of our know- 
ledge respecting many organic compounds. For of many com- 
pounds the consdtudon ia yet uncertain \ of others wo know, 
indeed, the empirical formula, but are in doubt respecting the 
rational formula. For example i should Oxalic Acid dried per 
se be regarded as CHO, or as C*H"0^, and does it belong to 
the S-cvbon or ths 4-carhon group? Tb AceioTw a primary 
compound CH'O', or a copulated compound C'H*0",CTI^ and 
does it belong to compounds with 6 or 4 At. carbon? !□ some 
of the«e doubtful cases, that view has been taken which appears 
the most probablei ia others, the doubtful compound has been 
annexed In on appendii to those with which It seems to be 
most closely related. The latter course has also been pursued 
with all compounds of unknown constltutioQT of which the 
subsequent volumes will, uofortunalcly, Include a greater 
number than the present- With the further investigatioa of 
the composition and decompositiona of organic compounds. 


tK«fle imperfectioiia wilt gradually duappcart and tho system 
here put forward, together with the theory on which it is 
founded, will be perfected and at the same time cooaiderally 
altered; bvt T ehall be satiefiedf if it proye to be correct and 
GOnnHtent in ita prindpal features 

In the atOLchiomstric calculationfi conl^oed in this and 
the following rolumea, the more exact detenninationa recently 
made of the atomic weights of cert^n elemcnU have been 
adopted; thos, Bromine=80 (instead of 78-4); Iron = 28 
(inAteod of 27). Should any other imporiarU correctiona of 
tbis kind be published, they will likewise be adopted in the 
subsequent part* of the work. 





Organic OompotmcU m genoraL 

T. CaHBTiTtrTiov or Oaauric Cmtnynnat: 

I. Gompotjeoti ^ 4 

S. £vea Dumben of the Elemenbu^ Atonw .... „„ B 

3. Uodfl of cDmbinatioD of thfl ElemonM in Orguio Compoandi 7 

A. BmdicaJ Theory .... 

a. Nualcu Theorj 14 

d. DaiDu' Th«T7of SubBtitutioamadTjpfls .... lA 
^ CaniMclionbttwaenthe Radical TlieorjuidLheTliatH^ 

of Tjrp4« vid Su^titDiJoo .._ ..., IQ 

fr. lA^itfibt'a XoDlvua Theory _ , IB 

H CluiiiiivLioii .... „.. _ .... ^ 

t. Gflitur^t'o EquivHlenlB _ .... t? 

d. BufgesLioQi reipectiaf ths relAtive poutJaD of thft 

EI«iq0d(u7 AtoDiB of m CompoDod Orguia Atom,.., 30 

n. Fdikatiov ot 0%ttxvic CojfPovjiDi ; 

L From luorjauic H«tfTult .... ,,.. „.. .,„ ..., tt 

S. FDnuLioa of one Orfujio CoDpoDhd ft«muiolhvr 4S 

ni. PmonmTiii or Oisitnic CoHrouvDi: 

I. FohD of AgglVglUJDD .„, ..^ .... 4ft 

5. Specific Gn-it/ ^ ,... _ 46 

GftlcnlEtion of the Bpedflc Gnti(;r o' liquid Oiguiio Com- 

poundi ..„ ,„, ..„ ..., 40 

Tflipour^eiitUj of Orgviic CDnpoundi ,^ ..,. ,^ U 

i. BoLiiig Finnt ^ ..- » ...^ U 

4. RekllDiH 10 Li^hL ..„ „.. - ^ « 

6. FhTRologinl B«lBli«u —. ^... „^ OS 

DiffsToncfl of Pnipcrtie* uoovpaBled bj ippaimillf liinElfkr 

CMutitudon „„ HP, ~. on 

Jpam^i-iam .,.. „„ .,- -- f* 

FolTmETaln _.. - r ...^ ..-, €1 

MfiUmeriun ..„ ..- -i- .... .-^ .-. OS 

IT. DicomvtiTrai* «jib TuKvrBBVikTKSt «v Ouavii: 

C«HPdir«tia ^^ .^ ,„ ^. ^.. _» _. fl 

L 0nhiii|iiclL>Qur McIaI^^ ,.„ ^ .,„ ..„ _„ T1 
liaatuHESUwfifUtridMft.. V ^ — -> IB 

ft. P a o w pm UioMi hy h—t „_ ,„ .„ ,.. .,. ?T 

& I)j7 ar Ur*iri«i»TP DthLitlatlOfe ._ „. ^ ,„, IT 

^ 1>a»BprjiaLu««lfcr*d h««t .„. «» *— ,,^ B9 

X DMoinpntUiPii I'V QmbuiOiiD I 

a. BilDW C-mnhiurimi ,^ -.^ .^ _. >- M 

«^ IUlrtilCvui[riiMi(fii _ _ «l 

pnuiib .,, ,.^ ^.. ,^. „.^ AS 

4. SpM»aH» DfccrmpiuliinD -„ ■ .^ >. DO 

Enmtwivi ir Ih>a^ ^,< ^. ... .„^ ,,,. Ul 

nHBnnmih •thlb'Ud hj »*l4lii ipfwiAMi* and mulRul 

tqlaunoa dur^Di F«nui«uiivD ,,. If>l 

Milk. lOS ;*-lt[iMd u<l tbs mon nlitt putu nf 
■iiiiuikK L[Oj-UriiiA, 107;— PumlkcLi^Mi uTCvV- 
Jung, lOL 
Tkfofba flf FirmBnlBliaB .^ „ »„ 

IVTMTVllli r ifij^.4liL0 HuhdviHa 

OfWo^i, n:. .i'V>i^<tiiUn,P|a^»>itHiitl,l1«?— 

ofCun*<^ '"''' >i«];frvpv«iloM 

L 1>MiHii|nlUaiH tij-i'LilL ],:... Urambp^mtid Iddiiw „, 
C ,f bjr Niltic Acad ^„ „ .,,. 

L V bfludicAcid 

(L H l*j f J.mni"' All"! „ 

1^ E>D«ii|HiiiiU«3i bjr Aiilpl^unc Aoid »-. ... 

A. B/chnpanlncil Jjitfljitivrlr Adil . ^ _ .^ 

h. % iLlnlflliilpliDiiD A^ld r,,- „„ », 
II. tlrwBip^ltw by Plu>ph^**P AcLrt _. 
Ift, „ |jj iv^lAcUIaridd af T^vifUcrDii 

a. ■ b} *I<(aI^u< Clilufiiln 

lA. ^ I7 ihr llwlii UiJili- of lh« ll^iTT U«L«)» ..,- 

1<- * bx ifac nuiJ AHifeUi ... _ 

rvnli^r t*k»ilni»T <tf l^impaiiiida nnralntn^ Minpui pf 
ChknoB iD-KTdA Fiu4 Alkilii ». _ _ 
17. nm>iiijk>rtiiii>'M Uj Xmin-'Uiu 1 -^ bb ■■ 

II; Pmtfpaiil^Mii uid TrBiiifj'iiiali"n» by n7dr»qlp|,iu{t Ao^ 
U^ Piminjiniliulu I7 *4il]'itL>]i< vt J'Lj|.>vtiin 
«iC ■ |>7 Uif ALkklMiu-uk ^. _ — 

V. CiLU4irif*ti«|f «r Oia^kiv t^B^uBUt «_ ^^ 


VI. BveanTHO* 





TU. GtmiAL View or Ttpeae 

A^ faciei T 

a. PriiDwy Noctei _ .,- .... -,. ^.. 1U 

VolalilaOilfl IflS 

A. StfoaAaxy r^Dclei ... ..„ .... _„ _ 16* 

B. ComlHaalioiis of a PrinvijDf BflcondBij Noclaol with 

nbitAncH ut^roftlTy attAched ; E^velqfe-FJuclmi: 

«, Compounde with Ofdi'C^eD ._ .... .„. IT" 

a. Nuclei cooabiaed with 1 At. Hjrdngco 170 

% Al^oliDl-nditHlB -.. --,. 17B 

^^ Nuclei DomLniied wiUi 3 At B^drogm i Alvaloeda 174 
t. OomponudJ of Nnelfl] with Hrdrogfln ujd OEfgen Id 

fi^dal qnmbenof Aupdu..., ..„ „. LBS 

a, Cumpounda of Nuclei with I At, Hydrogan and 

I At. Oiygen: Ethui ^ .._ ISO 

^ CoTDpounds of NccleL with 3 At- Hjdnign vid 

aAt.Oijgec: Alcouox.".... l&l 

L Compounda of Nuclei niiJi OxyfeD .... -a -~ 1M 

a. VfHh Z AU Oxjgea : Aldidei „. IM 

&. WjUi4,6,at 9 At, Oxjgimt Oedanic Acibe ... IW 

J^ OompDundB of Nuclei wiib SulpLur SLI 

t. Comiwiiidji of Nuolfli wiLL Iodine, BromiuB, Of ChJoriiw 3J3 

C. CopulaLeJ Gempuiuidfl ^ .^. ..^ .... St3 

a, Ktitonei ... ,_ _ ..„ .... 314 

b. Compound ELhera fomwd bj Oxjgm-udda i Etbeh 

OF THE Tbied Ci-Aia ^ .._ 3IA 

e. Anintliaueg „., _ ^ 2S0 

J. Copulated Acidi »l 

ff. Bipoaifiable Fats yielding Gljci?iiii: Gltcibides 3:f7 

Compounds containing 2 At. Carbon : Methylene Series. 

PriwioTf I^aclttui Me&glrne CH'. 

Tf Methyl, C'Tl'=CTl',n' - M? 

MorBh-gBfl, Cn* ™ CTF,n' „ 248 

Melhylie Ether. CIl^O « CIP.HO .._ aflO 

Wood-ipiril, C'H^O' - CH-,WO^ - 2M 

FoiTDic Acid, CUJO* ,... , ^ „ 268 

FormlftiM _ a7fl 

ProiomilphidoofMethyl.C'H'S _ .,- ..- ..,. 2«* 

Diiulphide of Methyl, CTl^S^ .„ 383 

MelliyL«ic-mcr(Mp(flTi, CB'S^ — CUMI'S* M4 

Iodide of Meihyl. CH'I ^ CJI=,in WO 

nromlde of Methyl. CJI'Dr - Cin*,IJlk MO 

^^^^ xSi ^^Ir^ QOTrx%yTs^ ^^^^^^^| 



9^ ■ 

^^^H : ai«aa«riirtbii,<«ii>a-cv-,iici . « *, 

«9 ■ 

^^^H nkibri4a of M«tb^l««, C-H'^ „ .* ,* ^ 


^^^p nHri«*flfiUMh^i7R*r-Dtfjir„ „ 

^^■^ nyiiJBf r-f>wMi, 


^^^K Chrtt^ittfttn Ari^CTl^Q'^'O- „. ^ „ ^ 


^^H lf»%k». O^-AdKtr _.. ... .. .» _ 


^^^H faJ|Jiaw*wn>lr at M^IhjI »■^^ O^t^OiOf » — 

no ^H 

^^^H XudHBHllvIk Acut, Cil-0MfC8' .„ — ».— 

*** V 

^^^H ftJffca-rta^lB uf Mrtlij ;. i.'^TI S^ ^ _ ^ 

Ml 1 

^^^H Thilwlu Bont* or MHltjl, ACrJiHJrIK)" « «. .. 

Ml ^fl 

^^^H naowlc af HclbjI.C^Ii'O^BO* _ ^ ^ ^ 


^^^H 8fl]plidna«tfk7UeApld,Cni-<r^O' .. „ „ ^ 


^^^H CUai9«>1|i]i»owUilluAW4i.O«llfO',«30t _ » 

m ■ 

^^^^P BUiiarHalijbdBiHLliTik Ac;4, <7C1<tI-Q-,^»0* » *. 

■BB H 

^^^B MtiOi^Wtat^um^Cm^iJta* . -„ .- 

SM ■ 

^^^H Ki>ljHltom«1i,f1ii KhA, &11*0*lVEO* _ ._ _ 

Ml ■ 

^^^H Hulpiiuiif i]>jUn«, Oif'Ad^O- „ ^ ^ ... 

wn ■ 

^^^H Mvib^i.t v>int*, on'ojify ... ... „ 

*oi ■ 

^^^^P UKLjIk rL.nalatn.l^ll'Il^ltg' 

MB ^B 

^^^H CUo(T>;1jc FvrdUL0l VKm-0.OB0' ». ^ 

M> ■ 

^^^V uotbfUi. c-iri^ _. _ _ ^ 


^V FcnaaiB«th/M, C-a"0* «.*..*.». 


^H 5 Mf[lij|.ijiJor,<*ll-N=lll«fjN ,^ ^ ^ 


^H ^ l>iiiii>d«B<lli7Uaria*, C-LLM-;^ .. ^^ ^ m 


^H ^ DL0«lh>luM«|OII»«<LllMv<';X _ — » 


^H ^TtllHlhT^■ta*,<^^-^^uv■^ » „ „ . 

w ■ 

^H 5 'r<lniiifHilr7MiTin.Okl">C=),(>'N' ». » 

*** H 

^^1 1 W'lpiiirth*!. C*ll*b=MrT*Ji -- ^ ^ ^ __ 

sti ■ 

^^1 51 milfinrc|>;tiMin^ nlT'^l— H^6b »»•*■«. 

m ■ 

^^H ^ M«il7Miwan>i]ijuii'Q£ I'h^^hBi— ___.-._ 

m 1 

^H 5 'Eix-b^lUjI, cm'j^i 

M* ■ 

^^^^^^^^ Su-OITfAftV Atftlll. 


^^^^^^P «> f •notary JVMi^Mi. 0«ll. 


^^^^^^ Tm.fLrMdairiiNl||40G<e>xC*UMI«*F ^ _ 


^^^^^^^ ti4ll.liitf4nB,<Mt^*J3VlUP ^. .. ^ » 

m ■ 

^^^^^^P 1, stmitdttf I'wkH. ciir. 


^ Iwloft-rm. f^lll'=ifHl,n », _ -_ ^ ,_ 

»i 1 

^^^^H niviniDdufDnii»CT*il|,lli' .«..»_ 

am B 

«1T ■ 

^^^1 t.^mm4t^ymiirm. C'lWtl. 


^^^H UnAHfAna, Olllfr**C*JIBr,|li- 


^^^H d. ftiwrfwry IVuefaWL C*1V. 


^^^H PvotftWv>iU« Bf CbUn, COt* 


a>NT£NTSi ^ xiii 

ChLarrrmflth^toH, <7C1H „., „ ,„. -„ „.. 3411 

Chlonrfono. C*HCi'-C*flCI^ „.. W3 

fiwiiloriiuted U«lhjl-etlier, C^HCl^O .... „.. „„ 3M> 

Sulphite 4>r BicKlDrinatiMl UetLjlic Chloride, OHCL'^SBO* ... UO 

TarchloriBAbid BulphoaomailiyUii acid, CK^t^QO^i^SO^ „., 3^1 

/. Stnndarf AW^ru. C>Gl*. 

TarchlDriruted Heth^l-ether, O^^^O _ .,.. .... 3A4 

T«icb]oivi*Kii MBLhjIio Sulpbidfl^ CHTl*^ ..,. „.. 306 

Biebloria? of Coi-boo, CCL*/^ 3U 

GalphJdfi of Chloride of CuiwD, (X^,S* - 3&7 

BerxeliDB aad Murel'fl CanphtDnidfil Compoorid, 0H71*,B^0< .... UB 

B- Stffmdfrt tfuoUm. C^=C<NK)'. 

Qiloride of ^nitTomeLhj'leiH, CX*,Cl* BfiO 

A. J«ndai> yutlem. C'Ad'=C'l*'H* 

Un*. C'N^H'O^-C-Ad'jO' , _ „ 300 

lMelhrl-iirM,CH'N^»=c{c?g,}N'0' 37* 

5 pimethrl-nwfl, CH'N'0'i:;C|fc.H' jtJNM)" 37* 

UrWHarboDio 4-rfd, C*N'H'0'-C'Ad'0*,BCO» ... .„- 377 

Croa orbomta af Uelhj], CVO^'N'H'O' ... ,... 377 

L StamdoTf Nve/fut, CVK. 

CjinogMi, CN^Cj -,.. .-.. ^.. 37B 

fifdjDDjuiia Acid, 1?NH=HCx „,. ,. , -^ ^.889 

Cfuide of AnnaouiDin, NH^Cy ^^ —. ilO 

C^ida of PdUkodi. ECr=C^E; - 4LI 

Cjuldft of Sodium, NACj-CNNh 417 

C^idoof Buium, BaF^-C^Bft 417 

Cjaiudn of Cjilclumj MagnniDiiif Cerinm, TtLrinm ^^ 417 

Cymnideof TihidLUm? - —. 4IA 

% Nitnejmiudfl of TjUniam, C'T'TifSNTt' , 418 

CjanidA of VaiudtDin ... .... .... r... -..- 4J9 

ChronuHti Cjuide, CiC^.— Cbrontic Cjvtide, Ci'Qj* .... 4ID 

HydrochronnjcTanic Mid. 3HCj,Cr*CjF' .- 430 

ChmuidcyADido of PoLuiiiiin, HKCy,Ct*Cf ... 430 
Oiuic CyuLide t 

UuigviCPiiA Cjtmide, HaCy.—Mui^Dto-iDUgBTua Cjuild*, 

ifnKy.—MBngftnio Cyanide, MnHV ,„, -,.. .-„ 431 

Manguiocyvuiia of Pat&nium .... „ 421 

MacguildorHiido of Fotuskum^ SKCj^Md'C^ 4!! 

Gfuido of Zmc, ZaCf.... .... - .. - 499 

Cyuiidv af Zina tud Aujiuoidiini, NH*Gj,Z[iCf .., 413 

CViUilclo of ZiDo fend SuJiuiii, — Llyouuji uf Zinc pud 

C^anlJpbf CflilinLiini ami INjloHlum, KC/i CJ(?y ,„, |H 

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{!h'0'iil*]^j«tiiiliT ur I<vl4] r — %fiHiu4niiti'jAuiil4 ef L^sdt 

— Cjruitdp at Knc fliij IiArt,— ^^j-MLKtii nf CidimLim 

and Lwtl , „., .M, -'^ -.,. iW 

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FUIWI blua D. SPijC^JP.'Cj- + <EO ..„ «^ ..„ W 

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F«n(0jUlda or Tfor ftn^^ FoiHriuv, IK P«^ Fv^ » — 47T 

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Fonwvuilclj <Lf Iknuifr, Po'Fi^V -- -. — — *>" 

frrrvi'jiai\iAiH'T llun'Jiri uiil roldwliiiD, ICIIiV'rCjr* .^ 4n 

FtrHoTWiuLp of IbrJuin ud PaiA^uin, KlVFi^Q' ._ „> 411 

Fsnw^vnld' of HimniiuH, br*tV<y ^, » .» 481 

VWnwiwildfBr C«Mum,<.VF>rr* M. » .M. ..» 4n 

F«rri<7uU*arChMiJBi,CV1>Ky ., >„ ^ 4B 

l»Mvg^riiuiW of l^nlnun ud rotawuio, K&PvCt' » ... 4t4 

FWT««TU[4* or »icv4lui, )<f-r4C]]r' „ ^ » 4M 

FMmtjviLitv at St^uPMmiiim -- --, _ .. „« 4n 

Pprrv'jB'Hilriif MB|e<*'*'i"" vi^ Anneulinn .^ v- 4li 

Fnnw^sAiit* of Mii^n««iuiD luiil t'olvvlum ,_. ^.. ^^ 4W 
F'rrooTViidsDrCWtviD) VlfrtuoiH Glvribuibt >l<Jniikviri,T|io> 

itnvit, iinJ T»1ii»iiim ... -,. r.- WB 
PprtiK-jUiJil'uf TftnuImn^^C^Wti^gf IrVuuiIUflJ/bddDEun) 

— <>»dmIi» af I*«ii »i"T V#T»Ai1iiiu _„ — _ *fl 

«. OfPscyr-^ r.»crty _-».-- 4W 


C;ruiida of Trd and Uraalmn : 

CjuUdn of tna uid MangAn««e t 

B. Mn^PoCy,— ft. Mn*P*H>r* -^ 4*8 

cr. FeiT0f7Mldei)f*fwiawie«andPoUMliiin^KMnF*C7' *aa 

CyAbEde* of It«ii and BiamnUi .... ^ 4fiD 

Cfuidiv of IroD ud Zinc T 1. Zn'FeC - 489 

fr. Zn'Fe*C>'.'-<- SNfl'.aZn'FeCj'+jAq.f ..„ 4B8 
CjuLdei of IroD uid CadniJuiD : 

a. CdCy,FeCy^r— ft. Cd^FoCj'.-fl. CJFe^j" 4W 

CTBuidefl of Iron and Tin : 

a. Sn'PaCrV— ft. BoPBCjr»|-a, an'Pa^T' - 4» 

PeTTMTMideof LMd,Pb*FeCj- ^ .... 4» 

Fffrlcjnnideof L»d, pyPeKlr 41(1 

CT*nld« of CoImU 4W 

HydrocoWlidcj-Dic ncid. H»CoKy 4W 

% Cabaltidcjarjide of AmmamuiD, (NH^'CaK^+Aq, 4S3 

OobnlUdcjMide of PutMrium, K'Co'Cj' -. .... 494 

T ColBllidcjiUiidB of Sodium, Na'Co'Cj* .-. 4W 

^ Cohillidcjanide of Barium, BaTo'Cy' ,.., tW 

Chromidnfuiide of CobolL, — ColHltjdcjmiiide* of VjuiguuH, 

Ziac, Cftdmium, aJid Tin -r, .». 4Pfi 

f CobaUidojuiide of LflbJ, Fb'GaHV -■" -- ■"■ 4M 

^CobalLidc7uud«withOudfl{>f L«d, Pb'Co'GT'^bO^O ..., 4» 

FHTMyanidc of CoTall^ Co'FaCy 4Bfl 

Ferridoymido of CoWt, Co'Fe'Cj' ^.. 4D7 

IT CoUlUdcjaaide of Iron, Fe'Oo't^ 4fl7 

^ OoWtldtjajilde of CoWl, CVCo^Cj" „.. 497 

Cjualdfl of Ni«keJ 498 

Cruide of Nickel and Amminiium, NH-Cj^iCj' ,... «98 

Cyanide of Niokel and Potoaiimi, KC^^LCir -■ 4H6 
Cotn|;>oiind* of NiC^^ with the Cj'KDidH of Bodhun, 

Bariam, Caknam, Cadmimn, Lead, sud Iran .... 499 

PemcTHiide of Nickal, Ni^eCj^ , 499 

^ Amnunuo-feiTDcjuiide of Nick*! i 

0. SNH'JJi^FcC7'-t<Aq.-ft. 2NH"J'eCy'+4Aq- .... WO 

Femdcyanida of Nickel, NL'Fs'Cj* 0*tt 

^ AmmoDia-ferridtjanida of Nidktl, 2NH',NrFe'Gj'4Aq, tW 

C^viide of Hkktl and Cobali, Co€j,NiC^ MO 

CobtaiidciTUiide of Nickel, Ni'CotV - - *»* 

^ Annnomo-EObaltidcyuudeDf Hu^keL^^NH'^i^Co'Cr'+^Aq. Ml 



SA1 — U fntP boVom ; JW B«rrl> read Rod-crrilia. 

i&i — Ibftmn top; JhrbdBgfcr—J bring *1iintn<B>uiJ bj ^ 

vol* TI. 

303 — ' 10 trum boUaiD;.Ar nhitlaD, thJ compiiBiid. 

Vfi — 7, H „ Tlw IwQ dntBi: "filtering tha ■olnddD ta Hptnte tKa 

■odlvidAd irUioBii dlMolvlDf tbe w"****^ bluk-biDWB 
. In wiW;" ihooU be rmyfOHd- 


tsfl — 15 from U>F [ /jr pHrBia, rauf hjflrodilont*. 

VIA — < „ Tbfl foniDlii, ueonUng to tba iiibttltiitlfHi-tlieDrj, ibnld b« 
C'Tt'Crt)^ ud CKCiK>". 

*;a — 17 f, l/flr JOpUli, r«rflO pu1«, 

184 — 11 tr ; /^ Regiuiilt, rMd C^onn. 

304— ^rhunbanamt , __ , . _j_^ 

80b — I from (op ' 

3ii ^ 7 „ ijV«a-00,r«Hl9l-43. 

MO— 8fnBboUoin:>raNiUtOi,t«dCiN«|[«0'. 

<D0 — V 11 ;^ff- red imd man vind, rwf nd, TuoLd. 




Tab bodies of (he organic Icingdoin ore diatiuj^tBhed, id Ibeir mflSt 
OBipLete HtKt?, from ibose of the JDorgunic kip^ojQ ; 

I. By their inbennt tiIaI force. 

t. Bj m Hcoliftr itnotun, mteroftl and extenul- 

3. By being corapowd — for tbe principal and mttBt Lmportint part »t 
Irut — of cbemical eompoamU <|Dit0 p«cu1iu to them, called l}rffanic 
Oompoundt, ot Proximate Frindpln of ike Orffanic Sxri^dom, which Dccar 
ik tno bodieg of plinta and aoimals, partly mixed and partly combined, 
bolb witii one another, and with cerldn inorg&nic componndd. 

The proiimate principlea into which ap organio hodj^ may be ntolved, 
(iUwi by mechaDial or by chemioal means, an partly ioorgaDta, each ae 
water, carbonic aaid^ and other mineral acids; partly organic. When the 
latter are of SQch a nature, that any atl«mpt to decampoae ihem further 
Ifladi to the rozmaticn of deeompoBition-prDdaotA, which when reanited, 
produce umething totally diflerent from tha anbelAnce originally decom* 
poMd— tboy are regarded ba Primary, or Elementary Organic C^mpoundtw 

Orgmaie Chemifltiy conaidera : 

1. The organifl componnds occnrniig in tbe bodi^a of plauta aod 
uinulAf together with the ecmbiaationa whLcli they form with each other 
Ukd with uioi-ganie bodiee : Cheai^ry of Organic Compounds in the tuott 
n^rietid terue. 

S^ The compositidn of tdante and animals and of their partflj formed 
td tbeas compounds aod of inorganic eubfltancee : Chemicol Boiang and 

3. The chemical changea wh!(;h occur in tbeee bodies, ao long aa they 
an aabjact to the influence of the Tital force; Cfumieal Phynolvffy ^ 
PlanU and Animali. 




AnHDiTinmK I, 

TBiMAay ouga:*ic COMPOUKJJS. 

CrtmpunnO- .—Ann. I'kH 4. :IS^ %<,d *0l ; 5. 1)3, 1 7^ feod a^O; ftlto, 
<Pinitlliie tl"^ [irfiirtniiic vlnn, ^Aw^ HI, .\ 170, S^Uj f^J^- &>; bbvCr- 
/S^Aip. n. ^Ot— Kiidtrvil thcnry Aii^. 91*, •ir7.^T>ry !>i*:iiliLl(u[|? 

Vhtm, H. 350.— Objwtiaai lo iti4 TEivory of S^nbrtUglTva i 'Ian. 
TiUw. /*Jiyt. 71, 1.17, uIku ^. jrr. CAtm. Ift, 3«; Jahmhrf. SO. flfl4; 
SI, 101— Tliiiory nf F^^nniiiitiUJcui! JftAralfnr. SO, 464.— Hndi™!' 
tbconr 7\)^^, 47. ^tO: mIm Jnn. PJUrni, ni, 1 .^^^apiilritad iwhl*: 

BaoDEit. — Olriii-MEkLiuQt ofl iKiT runtiiid tiiik of ilu] AWIiohr^vitLfftift tud 

on ihu rorEimlJEin nf KUiyl, CAftn ^uc. V .^- ^^ <05. 
Cinoune —On thi Light Oili DbUinoJ in iHr diitillatifu of WdoJ- 

Compl. rfTvl. OOh lUfl, 
CiiA^ctu— Ou a PCI* cliM of Erijcre. CampL ttn'l 9J, t^9, CfHu^i'o 

wnf-juhttM. 0. not).- PiirLlifir, ^Viv*f>r- not/. 3?, Al^. yiMHr PLi/m. 

TO, 00.— Cir*»cntH * 0(B«*tiPt,— Oo ih* pomliTOlion *f bFj^Mrio 

Cnirnvuc, C^ntidiralwnt ^fni^ wr foiM^ crpnnifiu <1 arm 

't}AtbHtY. Oft lAt CfMmkvl _Vr>Wfi«^iiPv *tf Or^»ig Coit^fViflL 

Lobdirn, 1A5] i thtir. CUm-Gte. 1111. 3K, 
|>RaibiiE)ltiim ^B>pDrininiit«1 rv««0Vi]jM tun llw Rlhera knil Amidw vJiInt 

KoB'YoUailB UV*'*^'' Acid*. C^rtpl. rrrriL 33, VST*. 
DvKAiv iitmdh it mijfHKmiiUn Cfuada; Uttn. wn Kii^ji^offlr^ R, A — T. 

-^Dmkfj iA 8ilatll4ijoa. Juh- f!U>i«, rUyt- M, I^Q; &f. SIB; 

S». n — Subiilliillai AlLiI l'->1y]>u]>acrldfl; Comj^. rmd. A. Xu. II ; 

■Ud y. «f- C&fM. U. 4*:t-^T\tv>rj nf Trp«.«j Chlorjinitio kciJ, 

An/i- Cinyn, /^A^n. 73L ':», dm <^fiv(. m"'. A, I'^lki nlto ^n*. 

Sli* — TvjH.-f. Afculiolk* AlJirNrJ'*- Arid*. Ann. mm. I'kyt T3, 
11U.— rii'tux 9c riViK—TjinyM'-, A', dnm. C/'iM, Pkyf, U, U^J. a]» 
4iin- Pftnrn. 44, itC; *Ur> / pf. '.'fit%: ?T. ;^'JI ^r>E:KA4 —SuUti- 

Kiltilt-: Cmff^ rmft. i\ 3«a — IU|iott M Wnrli'i CampOWad 

Amin»niiii, Jf. J. Wfirf*. Tfi. 1I10_ 
FtATiHi.AXn it K«(Jilt.^<^iii>TUijli4iq n( lliP ifiila C'd'O* ; KHiiU*: 
Ann. Pkitrm, «£, nHf(; itULr. 7 ^r. <.7'rv 10, AAT; mflW ■!«> 
^UL Jf-tjr J. -t), 300,— D«oiifpDfli(M>ci c<f CjitnMe «f Kihyt 1;^ 

PfiUHlBin. C't.i*. Sof. </iA. J. I. «U; Amn. P/,arm «S, M!> 

Fi>jF>iciAn>. — ]^,ht.\'jti oj OrfTkHJr njulimlp^ C»(c*. 5vc, V**' ^- 
3, a^ • Attn. fA/iTtn. *l, iTl — On Orz»fli' RimJIw envimiihti^ 
M«uK Flm.^Jiutu^ An, CA/wi. ,<^ ^ J. 3. VMT: 'foo^ /)». 
T}, 'Jlti- An». CUn. FhyK ^9. 703.-00 ihe Alfoliol >«d{ml*- 
dM. SA^, ^ ^. 3. 30i in*, i^ln. T4. 41, fMbtf. CUm. 

OEaVAlinr, Tf^nf ^ rAtmw nr^o*^ Tnm I and f , fmrn, IMt 



iliu ^. ^^ ^'AcM. :fT> 439; :f8, ^4 and fl^, aOn I.— CajiHitntiDii of 
AlrohtJ. J^ jrr. Off^. IS. IT-- Riiujvalcirli ^. ^id. CAu>- /%i- 

rmii- IC i5* Wid WW; 17» nj!?; iO, lOJT (tJia lattrt- »J^, iV. Jha- 
Ch'fH. J'hjtt. n, IIT; nitu /, yr. Cftrtn. a^. 2dlf, Cvtt^pf. miri. 20, 
10l?(.' — lluiliTj^ pOiCiU 4jf ufuiuiiv iHririiPiMLiirln. A. j\nft. Chi/H Phpi. 
li, 107 H itl^-/- /""^ f'fifl". aj, .'JUU,— j;.jm;>f- raHTim-^, I, 77 — <>n 

nf thp Snlf^LlLBTJnii-pntdnftj r>f Ciimprmntl f^lliiVF-. N. J. Pi4<ifvj< 

It, Jifft. — Bwioiiy of A'^iiJa. C-mj-' ■mfitf-U, T. I3E». — GEnnAnDT 

Ai CnAiictL^ C"nilit[ill"n of Gq^kHra Cuiripuunrln: ^tiit. 7- V^ 
LMhiwvTX — 1*111 etrtniii '^iimputimli <]f tlio rvIicAU {OH^}!!'. J, pr. 

CA^. .'•^- Cti^ f'nt Mil, HiH, 
]lorH>JOi. — Uoniajk' no tlir fiowi Jo^ oT Ihc AlLMiliol-ru'tioalA ChahHoi- 

^.J.A. til , J«ff. /^A«rm. 77. mi^ ii*mIm, A'./. /'Aann- 17- ITD; 
I Compt. fiUMn^j* d, ??&, KfH]ir4i1i4^A cm lb" Vfilslilf Orpsto UrkJ«* : 

(TiWr Mumoin QUd 4t tho htw9 nf Ihn "ivEiob oa AUsoIoum.) 
Koi.>EK,^Ch<irit]Du] doik'tilulinn uid Daluro of Orj^ibiilo IU-IImIl Ann. 

I'hartH, 7''. ni , "C, 1 ; Chfw. Sw.-. i/n.J. 3, aOfl; 4. »0. 
Kvfr- — ^'pvcilfi' ^ruvriy ftntiUuhliug fiuinlvf UrnnMc OrmtoiiinlB. ^o^. 

«3.3n , «!:^ S9; dj. »Ti; iinn, i'Act^. 41, Tl^UiJlO?; JO, 71 ; 

5i, lOfl ; TA'w. Sac. ^«, /, a^ lOt. 
LimfaT. — >iKlcnrt-lln?ory ^nn, CAi» Pl^w. dJ. lUfl i i»1«i> 7, pr. 

t'Affn, al. ?0I -^VoMJo 0j]«>iad lEctiniL ^n«. r^'W. /^A^. SS, 

SI5 ; 65, 331— IiKliiju. Jinn. Ch.m. I^kyi. 04. 33S,— Fnti* AciJ* 

tiutl Hjdfwarlx^n*. Ann, Cfiifi^ Phyx. «f5, li:f : it^, t^J uittT 17:^. — 
Tjpmn. .^n'l. C^tm,. Pfi^j* ^'Z. I(l!t,— Na[no[KrI*t(iro. AT ^Kft. 
rim. PAj/4. 3, 4tf3i J^*f«' titrfififi^f'^. I, ,:;r, U, a71. — 0»«Ji^ 
tloD lUi J Drt»(id»ri«n of NucUi. V*fMpt. rfri<t. 10, fSff.— Cftrn*- 
fianJIoji mriiiii of OilTurntir, foin|H)imrU- f^oMf^r. rmJ- 3L Wfl. 
^PIv*'n niiinhflrK nf Al<iin*r Cnw/rf- t^^iL 2li, 4,''a-^Sul»lir«Hon by 
CljlirinOd l^ti: MCvTiUt/' ]>, .'f, < — Njtrn'CH^iitpmind', f'vmpl rnuly 
70, 850 mJ HIS; Tl, 1414; 7ftv. «»<b/*/' 1^ 10,— KnrfnMlfln ftf 
Ocpnip CViEipsiLit'U. /f?F- f n'fii^(^ 10, 370. — FujtLer dcvelopniflit 
af Itjd ili"finr nf Kudrl, bju! fctniLitllon "f llio HtiK t^^iw^t r«T*f, 
iTi 311 ; IIJ, inHjt ; futthi-r, jHiFiinnliirly, A'rf, ivfmli^ l:f, ITA ; 
14, tV9. W .ISA --Ar>H", C'«Fi»^r ivnJ, Ml), 3111; furlhfr. Rr^u 

iriffJ^/. J8, 1*3, ADiL 995.— AmiitM. fW^^ iwJ. Ifl, J70; 20, 

^H »M ; rurlbi>r. /tVc ftiVnt. 10, ISe.- DapltviiCli/D aoit *|i!iui|jj- of 
^y Nudni, /^WJ. A^.(/^m, I, 4rt,— Nlrrilon. Ctmjrt. mJ, JLl, ^flfl.— 
^^ On ni-mii* Onr^Ttp r(Hn|Knmd<. !Mit. Vh .Mll^— ^f.trMjjTiT & 
' GtPifjnpr — At«tinl TiidUaJf. Cfmpf. mfitvifh, li, 941, 

LlfSio^ y/lln^/^«■:A W*r f'kniire wif ffrJrit/fAf oi/ Pii\JtvniCff. B-l. fl, 
HdjiTrllMTif. I M^- — 7^1^^ r/' CA>Aif or*fifi'i«f, 3 T'rnivw. Vai'\A, 
IMl-44.' — Di* prvMrtupA* f'^A'-niif in iArtr Anvftiihiifi -Jv/ A/jrivHttur 
BB^ Phyriiitfijif Aufl. C, Rraiirmcftw^iiT, Id+tt.— 7"** ('tm? ff/fu- 

CAnni< I'l ^At-^ Ati^'^'iititi'j u^^f W^"i<f/rv'' ""'^ P^thotv^if, Aafl. 
n. Bmi|t"-r-][»Hi|i_H, Ijlrt ^ J'Aj' j./wr lr'inttlll"i f-i/ Ol^^iMjy. LiillJou, 
lf47-— (.'.^ii*-"^ Bw\tff llt'JdnllK'i'j, IBI*. FiTiiii?i]iiLliuEi AnJ 
Eliccby; p- 1 tP— '^jy— royompriutuiin l-y Nunc A'-ni MnPhafm^ 


SuWitiiti-m. AiiH. /'Atfn», 10. OT4,— lUJioaU. Ann, P%vrm. 
%5, t.—Po\yhM\t Aeldr ,*«rt n^Jfrn. a«, MS.^Ctmpt^ rrnd. €, 
No, S!i klta y.Tn"- '^Aftfl- li, J^.-^fowpr. pvnrf. C. »E:* i ulioinfi, 
TAarm- 4*. yi , nliu ^ ;ir Chrm- 15, SS.— TrsTufrrnialioiii of 
A»nfii!-Ml Bodi*^ yinn, /'Artr'iii. 3(.>, aflO. — Fi^iin'ntBliun mil PMro- 
(inti-^r. l(iin'i«'riftM,Hr.k tfr-- ('Aftfii', 3, Hi? — Oiulalion of orpmw 
iM>inpp>aiifLi. Jfix. Ph'sriH.1^, 311- 

Zuridi, IKM — «R. ^ AmiilrK^ /'c./hj- <(T, 107, — Llvillng point wf 

Opgjinifl Crunpniimln; ^^jr? flfl, S.V'if, 
MiLiujL, — Atomip VoliimM k.nd tpolllnj; Pnintu ef Aiialii(jug* OfjMio 

C->mpoiiiiiU, Chnrt^ Sin:. Qo.J. I. ^rtS. 
K. UiTbtiEimiHit'ii. LfJirbutA Urr Chemu-. AuB, *, UrrliDH l»44i **p*- 

nlljB, 1, AMli, 1. 9. 124 — ihO.— TupiiklEMi lu^liU Pits^.m.t^U 

—J^pf, ChfTft a-J, 4r»S,--;V, Anfl, Chitrt. fh^n. 1,^, flflH- 
PfitorxK — *>l>jrc[loni lo tlio TLooryof SuWjIiitifpn. Ci^p rrifL 10, 

3^5; «ho J44. /'Afirwi. 33, 30] , ftlxi J. jir. Chnn. 20. ^(XE^ 
8cii4ARLifc, — AcEivii uF !4ii|i4/r'huBtu>l Gtnim on Or^nio SuTitUknuir^ 

r*^ flfl, |K4 *iii| .'137 fm^rofnlllvln a fpffflliJ work. Manuhoia, 

I«11) /s*^, G». Ofii S7, *5 /"^iw, 7l>. Si; ab«r, Jnn. PAinn. 

la, n«; ftl«JoA«»firr-£, *A', IWOh iTfl^ 
BenvLTEiu^AcIleti of a iiLLxtiirwDf 01i]e<Mi«id SulpharieulJ oikOrEiiDi« 

fSolnniKw: Ann. PAnrm. ^9,tX^. 
W«-MA»i«rw.^Etli*irlflptl[i(o bi)J 4 now oIuh «t Ethopp: Pkit- Jt<ig. J. 

37, a.vO; CTm, ,Sofl ^. J. 4, lOfl; Ann. Pharst. T7, «; CWjoi» 

«f>$ftll>: pa™. Jf«. Vw. /, 4.3iL 
Wi' It If- —'On 3 i»w PBiiH of AltcilijiilH iu>ft]'^u* Lo AniincitLJik- {Viite 

I. CowmiDTioit OF CiirT,kxn Oiiinii*irMi 

1^ Ctfponfitft. 

OtKfLiua enmimbDi!* ■?■) hikt bj- mnv innuui <lifi«ir fmn tho^ ef lU* 
inorK-inin iHi)p(<im in tho tlftrnjoU i^ wliinii th^yum rpflijn^, TU* 
■Irthflnu by wh^ph l1i4 formAF ftM |'TDJii«f-J an Jkbpwiv Ictuml ia |]i« 
liLlwr; but *tik all Ui» akiuVUU CUD, OQmWftO to funii Hi"inf»Tiir rtun- 
puuiiil', rmly 4 liEiiilnd tmnilwr uf tf^um ma C4p»lib uf rii»nD|E idmI 
ojmjhtKiiiljt nf tliip arjELiliD elaaL All ^rrjfJiiiir campouurli uuubkln ctilioiitj 
ni(Bl qF llki-m (nrjl^in hj^mgpii asil n^^rn; iv fpw c^mLniti aiLro^b; mid 
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■pOtJ vUiw ■(■i>J*ru U'iii|>rniEurir, iind fur lliin |-ui'|iu4Pt 'b^i boibiiL,' fiumL 
tDcl^T n ifivi^i [iTvaaur^' ]■ [ht^b^iv llio buM iidrLpldiJ, 'X\\i^ wiU liu tiH^u 
fnrHL (ba foll^^wititf riiJi-iiliiEioii af tba Jipocltin ToluoLoa of V4tjir. DiLvr^ 
ftAii fcLivpb^l: ALrohaL. C*il*0', may bn iwi^rili^d u n ramiHtDhd 0/ cllirr, 
OHHJj wtxL nator. HO, Ai^ooniriu; (o Ouy-LunMwV 'k't^rifiiiiBtjant. tbo 
■JimLIIo gnvilu^t af Wfcl'^r, vikvt. kikL ilIiwW, at \\os\t h(i\\vn^ prfliiln. ara 
0'£^fif, O^L^r Bti<l ft'T^II: if iiovf wn itLvidi! ilit'so i[)aai(|F j^v ([)!»■ by tlni 
&1i>mi« wtiEblji af tb* tbren «abjtKii&M, wliicli Bro V, ^. And 4V, vmt 
utiinKi llipir "prinifip Yutu'iinn, vi»,, \t JIT, 'tl^1\. jiu'I tlif'^A, hJ by iMlrlfnf 
ibffvlbar ibu k[>ori(lo vuLumL-" i-l wiilor ■.iiJ «lber, vo obuin llinl u/ 
■Ictibd vtry auurly^ *»'37 + 53-?4=€:^'fl], Cuiiw-iuciilly, I Al wj|t«, 
U iu boilmg ^tlai, unl I At, etUnr ut iE» LoiLmff pumt. ikkir op tctfitt^tr 
Uh! «nifl <f4V* u i At- iLUmlml t\X \U tiiiime |Jitint. If now w* tekv Ult 

rJlagfaviUfit of tb«o three liquiijt ^1- 11 , of 4ny mhof ItmjtortturOi 
MUM MOOfJk&OC ti by i]C» uiauiLj cviJdiiI ; bccuDH aL 10 . *ti *ay 
ctbv vivnp [cnii|>rrif[:reH Ibny lire remov.^J frum ibwir iKiilinir |Kr]]i1« l>y a 
i^Qfy iljlTi^nml iiumlifir nf tlit^n'M, But did .-L^n^itiTirut atill niiU wb«i 

(h»t H^HLi'ii^i* l^rBTLtiM nf tlio tbri.ia bqiiiils iiro M'I- i j'HMnif LlnijinnL** 

I imi ™:ri ^aov tbiil of 


fiuut tbcLt buiiliij{ (HUUtt. r 1:/., tbuC i>r witivr 
BlbuftX 3i<'-:iW^ = li4^ i^riJ ibul "l ulnuhtfl kt To*"— SO = *fr4'. 
Th^M uai[Mi«lLirHii. ifiiiiUIJfUTit fr^jiri Eh^ tutiUnir jMjbU, am <ift]|nj fur-r*- 
jyiOatdrif^ Irif^'faliKfyA {J'o'fj, JiCl, cl7lr] A,* liiom u imiiAi-Liiml'lc iFilB- 
onlcy Id dciCTmminj; tlio ap»ifia ffnLvttiv« nf IjouiiI^ %i ilmir hoiliit^ 
mil, it B b»t to uiAkelh«dltnmiiittinD %\ euubf dliCAOH* below ibma 
lDtl^ kr,.iil ccrnuhpoiMJLnie tmifH^ltinH. Tbu inathud \a itul, |«Tbft|][i. 
'tc HFUraA<\ bL-oiiinii iLifTiiruiLt biiiiidr, lU fmAlug m ^\wt\ nunibLT ui 
_.jM«a b*lov IbcLr bolJtnjf points, luav cvrotmct tn Kuofa % manner tUi^t 
iJw msltioJ nUliuEi* of [hvir tpwiflt roTDmu Dolaoj^r mmuu ihc Hni«. 
U i* fuiinil Ib^vt, ill brMmifi eomituuDdi. lbi> ipDrinD Vkiluinn nf bjdrogou 


rnorrcnr^o or o;igav:c couroini'Dsu 

1 ji- . 

I n-nn 


Ii«^ual (o IW of Qiv^^u [i^^ ]tjtit rii tLa uma Hri*«: fTi^T; f<if Ivo 
i'4iiiiiH>iiii'l>i cunEtiiiiii^ (IjiulI iiurulHT' i>f cirtion-uLiLiitd, but ilittVival 
fi]iiiiVi> of hyiirnjji'iL .iml nty^m-alLmiJti^Ttitf difleroiiM", Iiuwi'vcr, t«iijf 
tijuh eIijiI rlic Hint of Tli*? 11- anl O-nlnma fi the nmc la Irctlb.^^r* 
r(|iiiil nni^jitliL' ivtiiKLo^^ ' V,. iii>otio rM'ii] =Oir*0*j nnii .JM-nl = OM*0*i 
tHLilItu-}^, )ihk'liyi1i.-= l^'H^O', uml ('El]LT=C'FrO. ]Ii't]E<.i ] At.1ij.lh^B, 

iu thertnit ■ni^'rlnps, tlLbnn/ti tlid oxyj^ii-ali^iii is eWhl ijinr^ oMtid^vr- 

Tbft jqx'Pifl* jt«¥ily of •tMcj lit iti Tjollinfj yminl L« «'l*Olrt; ftnd if iro 
UMtlc ft fthp DlomiE^ fft'MiC tif WEII4M'} hy lUk^ nuiultor, wc i^lilHiit El'^tf v 
lllp irn^'ifir; voliriiii^ of IIU, AMimiii^ [limi ittllt )1 unil U !in«'^ ^'^■^ 
BjiDE'iBc v4.1i]iitOH, iF /i^1t<^W4 EIiilI tlw app^ilic V4/Iuaifi af miUr Biu^ft be 
pfodui-iiU fi-pjni I Kit, VdL 11:^ t'lJ^T ami L i<ik t«I, 0^4 1^^ 

TbcBlomio»^T'tirlitof orfloliol, C'lt'OV m !i4-|-n-K in = lR; Jt* ipwillc 
jimviij >.t t1ii< Iwitm;; puli>(=:07^!'; ami 4U-f 7'^9 = G? V. Jfritrt tbir 
c vufuini' Hjf uTcuIidI ii OS't. Xuw, in jiTfu|iuJ» t ^p. 14I- C ftr* 
iluii wiUi rl ■!>. vol, II nrii! !? a[>, vr>T, C; mail if £euui lliii *|a- rat. tJ 
n\r^l,<A^i\1-\l. W4< rulFAlriiot titn jiiiiii cf rl rp, titir livilrogon ami ^ fp, Tnt. 

ivr i »p vol, i^rLtkiu, l-tum'o tlio rptorG^ tvliimo of MrlxkiL^Ct-^-A 
(nniliiT flolrulfttioii *iili uihtr Eivt» f^i llm epci-ilie rfllumo of citbvD, tfta 
ndmbar H'lVi :i.ijJ tbn »i]klii "S tlni^v nuirLhoiT. vix,, Ulf-I, ja tOii^u v iTio 
rtkl •pi'tiifiD mhimui'f limt nkiiioiiC, f Alnmip ivfjf^it »f eiibr>r.C''lt*U= 
Bif ft + S=3:, -jp, ^T i.r. l>i(jJia(E ]rfPinl=0'8»*; J<7^^»'C35 = SS-tj 

vnluimmf C^IJ Vt» atiil of II ami O^tUH- Tbvw iiiiinT>RFi nrt- in iti? 
fvlia nf 4 : 't; nml, cMinfi^ut^iitly, l^ic up. TiiL nf C mny tio rlrnnlf<| bj 
i . I 'Ml, nnil (bfttjfr H (infl 0.= ,'t . 1 ,^if: nnc! vhoh. by rhe corxllpf; itiJu' 
JlquEiIj, ili« f|ii^Di11c 'vJumc* af tbo «irL>iin, ]iyilrojc«Uj Anil viv^n run- 
tftiuoij in tbriLE UF ^[imiuialieil. tim mlia trf |liq C'voliirim la l^n H- «1>I 
0-T'}|ijjiiit r.-iiL&iju lUu hiui". vii,. 4 : -f; wn i\my ^npiiofp, ihfintFnrK, iIaI 
thi- 4 iih<l >t n<mi»in uimlturwit ii-Tiil lh# diniinntiifij fiktla wboLljr on diA 
«uiiiin£kik firliif, 1 .'jti» 

CibcT liciLIi ac 3j-T. aitil ttvm ii« tficciCf imviu *| tluit t^mpriBlBnt 
ill ipL'E^fic voluiiiff 11 Umnd (u bu ^^3; ul— llr.T', (linE in In 4jr, 3J' 
bvLn** iiri Itaihnf |witLt, ■!> up ^-T, j* iiK^Li Ihnl llm ip rab ii trdacvl to 
43*. IlvDCV by CkHilinjc 6^' Wlov iti Itoihnj: p>>in(, ili? tpmiAo ¥v[a»* 
uT Diliur II ndiMnlfntir 5J'!f to iP^ kjid llie iT-ff^Gi) vvluntn of Iu iktwt 
4!ofi»ii|Mufit 4Unuuil* an iiiiiotlii(i('r»4iily hnlui'i"! in lliit minv |frwBrlJda, 
lit, C from af4 Ii>.3 70h U ami O. rnni 4 UN 10 43^; Or: II10 «nD«B 
fjiPlAT, i-i*f' t* drLLi'HiiUi^, u (lia liifUiJ cno]* dott^i -^£' bflw il*ball|H 
ymnufrvtn I ^ I0 J 44; hit . L-«i=v;i:. ind 144 .^«i'99. Siof* 
llwa, by u nJurLi'tit of f>''' ItfW' tb^ Wlinj; pt>icit, 1I1* p->iiimiin fmetoF i« 
initliclby U'tV^l ^O'l It^O-lli, il wmiM api»^«r Uiit for a rgiWc- 
itl tttuponliiM i-'iahi tf> I , tbo iliiiiiiiuliuii of ibn ftctfvr mmt |« 
0-OOlMr but aiiKw in i->,ltul&ri(iiii n\Mina |[>oUii-t Eiquiiii^ (LAdimifiiiLiuit 
of tbe tpn'LAr TiflLim« rom?4 niii Anmi^Bhal If**, it i« itdiulitr^. *« ■ iiiiaa 
mult, ibflt UiA r«fiuiiiau fuci^T L JA, wbifb euroipBEu]* id <ha boitid^ 
c»/ini af iKa liquid, JiniinbLM Ly OOOlfl Ibr «M ilivrw bu\itw |l» 

Tba>, lUv fV- *<■]. of flitfbun, bl & HrlAtn Dusbot of Je^^rBH ('4 
UkA ibo biiL)[Ti>> |i4;Dt = (4 . ri«-.if , O'OUid), mJ ilni of brdrvw 




a At. C, 6 At, H, ud e At, O, ths fommla for calculating tlie apecific 
volume at agireo temperatarfl ia therefore: 

(Ann. Phamt. 55, 197). The BpeciGe Tolamefl of C, H, andO^at diffetent 
degKes belov the boiling poini, jirc given in the following table, in which 
the number of dczreea below ihe boiliDg poiut is deuotod hv d, and ihe 
epoclfio volameB of oxygen Bod hydrogen, being equal, are put together in 
IheEame coJamn: 











. 6-24 . 

. 4-GB 


. 554 

.. 41a 


„ 4'S3 

. 3'fi2 

10 . 

. GLB . 

. 4-63 



. 410 

230 , 

. 4-77 

.. 3'5a 

SO . 

. G-M - 

, 1 as 

130 - 

. &4I 

. 4 OJ] 

2J0 , 

. 4-70 

.. 3-53 

30 . 

. G OS . 

, 4 35 

L(0 . 

. £34 

.. 401 

2J0 , 

. 4'64 

.. 3'4B 

40 , 

. 598 . 

. 4-19 

150 . 

. 578 

.. 3 90 

^&0 . 

. 4 58 

.. 3-43 

Bl> , 

. 592 . 

. 4-41 

JfiO . 

. 5-22 

. 3-91 

■i7f> . 

. 4-49 

„ 3'3B 

6U . 

. £ e£ . 

. 4-39 

170 . 

. 515 

„ jjas 

280 . 


„ 3 34 

JO . 

. 579 . 

. 4-34 

180 . 

. S 09 

. 3 S2 

290 . 

. 4-38 

„ 3-29 

eo . 

. 573 , 

, 4 30 

190 . 

, 5-02 

,, 3-:? 

300 . 

. 4-32 

- 3 24 

90 . 

. :■ £6 , 

, 4'5S 

200 , 

, 4-B& 

. 3'J2 

3L0 . 

, 4 26 

.. 3'IU 

100 , 

. h-m . 

, A-ta 

210 . 

. 4-50 

„ 3 07 

From thts table, we iray calculate the Bpocific gravities of organic: 
li«]Uida conEifiting of C and H, or of C, H, ong at any required tempe- 
niture, vhen their compo^llion and l>E)iliDg jjoinLa are hDowu. As an 
eitmplo, take acetic acid = C*H*0^ which bcile at 118^ What is its 
specific gravity at IC^ that ia, at 102'' below ils hoiling point? At that 
tf'mpcrature, 1 ep, vol. C— ^'^85; and 4 . $-5^%=22'di\ \ ap. vol. Hand 
0=419; and 8 .413=33-52; hcnco 2234 + 33 j2=B,V5a=tho epeclfic 
volLme of ac^lic acid. If now we divide thu alooiic wcfght of BCetie 
ncJd^CO, by this nnmhcr^ wo obtain l'0T4 for the apecilic gravity of 
acetic acid ut IG'. Experiment gives ICGS, differing somewhat coueider- 
ably from [he ealcnlated rcHultj many of |ho ciamples caleul&lod by 
Kopp exhibit einiilar and e^cn greater UIlTerencefi. 

The epccifc volumce of tbo other eleuienle which occur m organic 
liqalile are more difficult to detcmiiue. Kopp catimatea that of chlorine 
by calcnialion from chronbenzide, C^IL'^CI, as equal to 21'S4 at tho 
boiTJng point, or 14 {i'bQ — d . O'OOJO) at other tempemturee. The 
fipecific voluinea af njtrOj-en an;l aulphur are £ti]l more uncertain. — 
According to this mode of cnlculation, any two iRomerlc organie liquids 
shotdil have equal Bpecific gravities at e^tiaf diEEancca frum their bulling 
pfjiutB,— a result empiricBlly obtained by Aubergier wilh respect to the 
oils which are isomeric with oil of tnrpeutino- (Kopp, Ann. Pftara^ 
SO. 71.) 

Before puhlidbiiig Ihe preceding gcneml theory^ Kopp had lard down 
the rollowiog particular Jaws {Ann- Pharm. 41, 19 and 1G9)> which tho 
general theory now serves to explain: (J.) The speciGc volume of an 
Boid is fesA by 24 than that of the compDnnd ether which Ihe acid forniA 
with wDod-spirit, and lees by 43 than that of the ether which it fumijj 
with alcohol. The general theory givee for acetic acid the following 
numbers: Acetic acid=C*H*0'; acetate of methyl =C'H*0'; acetate of 
ethyJ=C"H'0\ The specific volume of acetic acid=4 . 024+8 . 4fl8= 
fiZ'40; that of acetate of metliy] eoutains 2 sp. vol, C, and 2 sp. vol. H 
madditioD,^12-48 + D-3C— 2J'84; thosp.Tol. of acetate of ethyl contains 

TOt, Til. n 



4 ijii *n1- C uiJ 4 up, rcil. H ninrA l\mb ibrwtjfl vni!, iboflbrt -I . 444 1 
4 . rOS=t;l'lEH. Hr<nr<i>. ri,r(»HiD£ la ih« ifflnnal Ibnarj, wMte mM 
vrbHu coBvrrtciJ iit\n booLito of iiicrTtyl, iqiiri^MV* in ^v^iQcr ntun* br 

(i.) Tik<t ifiunlElr tMluino if ■■tu'7- nlhvl-iiuiiiuuuud ii grtm-tfr bj IfT 
iUiiu lliBl oi' tho 00 rrcrtpn Haling lapilivl-noiipodnil- — Suit mttliyl ia Cll*, 
an^l cLLyJ, CH^ lUc Uuor, tLnn^uFD, ouLlaiof C'il' moro Oma U« 
frtnttrr: iUIn dlbUh 2 , ti £<-!-£ , 4'iEP:=Zl Ki, (vliJub ii uvL trorir Air ft«iii 

K^^pp (CAfM, 6V<f. Qft. J. 3, lOlJ, 

E]hiiM lo hu iHiEiHi, viii mrky 1h- n,l«i]]rLlui[ (mm tbut of alaofaol. Tl^ 
dtiuico=C*H'6', wntaiflfl 2 itoablq M'>n» i>r C, 3 dobbla aUnu af If, 
uJ I J^ubk AiuDi af 0, moLiuft to^^etlior double itofflt> [Tbo Jabll* 
Mtuitkkuf ][ \unit tjjuJufU i^I [IPJ twiLBiu ii:<^aX v iLium uamii«J bjr !!«*»»■ 
li<iLl If tiow (Ilu atimui! wm|[bt uf Jhli^ubol. 44, bu cliviiluJ hy Ht if Ctffic 
^nntj 4t the builine |'nint=:U'T;^nA, wn obliim 112-^ for iho ^ jrfflfr 
Tobmv of «Jo^b4l kE ila boLliii£ foLui; and dividiiuc Uu> b^ H. wp Hay* 
I0'3T3 ift thv »i>Pi*ifir v^Hbimu i>l u ilrriiblQ ultm uf C, If, vt O, tWw 
diip, tit} nmy a*iifj aOuiLliili* Lluj iiHicifir loluiac, uml tlnMioe tbf 
gnr\ty uf arj i»r|p.nLr i-^^ipnun^ iMnii»iiii|t of C H^ hod 0> 
nocounit LuTrcYtr^ 0* m Kvw'* tbcfrry. of ibe ^lifl^rm from lb* 
Bbnil: fur. at IU~ h-A/'y llii> lit>iJliiu: |«jiuC, ilia iite^irio vuluiuc of 

_H4tr, HflfJSi m iu-, 0-7I"*; It «a', Ti'«»a^ m 70*, Uhui, Jk ; bcaH^ to ■ 
lUia Ili« fpwifin rntiimo of t dni)b|o ni-Mn nf C* II, and 0, ■! « gHtn fl 
|Ivt«iir« from Ibo bdUinK p^iol vf ajiv liiiuld^ iLno nuobcn mal bi 


lUibnpb: Wuojiiiitil, C>H'0\ boili it aO' ; It cN^liibfl 4 ipHtlSf 
nlumM n! dnublu nlom*; lu otnmir vuij^blslS-f <-*- |iI=:J3, fhw 
lt9 vaUnio of a d'lubl'* i4.v>nt bl 11' IhIn* th^iH luihuu- j^uml ef « 
k aflOft; Ihifl. InLiMi i ilmiv. giift 39 fi^i fur Llia »|>rc]ac lu^nrM <i 
JvtihHl-iiurit 4t 10' Wi>w iu builifi^ pv-iril, ihal l* la -iif, « IlTl iflid 

frSOA for t1]p Hn^'lHii gm^ \ty of irL>fiJ-t|iifit *t VH , 'il"»or»Bllfta , 
O^Sft' Uuhl i>f iVi'j <>(Jti<r ■>>'tJfi)>lw (ulvubtlod b^ ^4?]jKidvr iiul mil 
Ed m tahlt, fifV n«iilU mure vi[i»r;i Ttitu iU.i> : Itui in bmij* (be diflWr 
■» tna nfVMr. In ibaM ftlcuUljoii*, thf aUmiic trtiffhT'* </ Ojpftli 
fujapODIiiJe UiV»l W tJiLfin ^d lucTi a ttjiuuiiir, Ibbt one ul/iot '>f ibHii 
pjeld -I ToftiTiiM 4f aiifiMi^r Of fv djibtornii? ^fv (|i, AS , Iidhh tibi 
not OIl'O. bnl Cli-^V (/--w fl?. d4r)-KM|>F fi^o^, «a> 
avtk* dtut EhfBa alvulnlrUQi pte ^ery gvtj mull'v nllWii^, m 
in^ lo bii o«ti thtforr. Lliv ii-vciGo rglaiM of Cl> Ed ttikE vf H a^^] 
4 t S, uii| nil ti J : t ^ tbia iucmiaI^^ bnvvnT, w *ij»biiiud br Ibvl 
Inntin) thai <bt apHifta Tohime wbrrb SfbrlVil^p lunifnr tm ■ fl^b*] 
iDm, fir. i-^f^ft'llf-i* rttj itmriy m nifian Mvccu K<pp> aj^ nj 
*f n C-Urpin=f « M. vkd (hil <jf fen II- ^r 0-itoiu-^ lAfi, unl roM^— Ijr 
ib MloaUi^^ Ibi- iiipiclAq n^uuiu *it vr^nip njni|itJHndi^ lh« fVMMlba ^_ 

* TWn ti (D HHT tarTj Ik ksabtiv 10'U9. lO'UlL »«. «I4*4* diMl^ ■■! 

tfKitt tulahH ur tf.P 4iair t^m ^ C. K 

1M uifer nkkn uf i^v-JhW, b*i *« 


Lbmg'% Theory (Chemie dgr org. YerbinduDgen, 31). — Th& specidt 
voIquiu of the different dflmeiitfl atand in dosa relation to their B.|omic 
weighlfl; If the atomic vrerghla of H, C, O, N, aod C\-=\, 0, fi, 11, and 30, 
the Rtomio volomw will L^ I, 3, 4, 7. and (correflpondfng ta a twofold 
and fourfold oondensationof the thermioebvulopa Burroonding the atoidd). 
Patting 0^100, LdwJg eattmatea tbeapedGc Folijiiie« of H=44, C=!32, 
N=3DV, — 178, Ae. But in orgHOEO cumpQundflj the volume of the 
hydrogen mnj be oondeua^ to |, j, aad ^^ whereby it is reduced from 44 
to 33t 32, or II. Id certain □rgantc compuundtf, the Tolumoa of the other 
elemeuta ahove-mentioQed, xtAj, beeidea thvee three condenutions, eufier 
■ <u>Dd«DBfctiun to I BJid \. — Eiunple ; Beniin, C^H', haa a apecific 
graritj of 0-85; itH atomic weight (0=100) Lb IS, 75 (atomio wdght of 
C) + 0.12-5 (atomio weight of H) = &5a; and 950-^0 33=1147 (dp. 
vol. calenlated from the ap. gr,, = 100), If uow we add together 
\2 sp, ToL. of carbon condensed to two-thirds, \ii.t 12 . 8S, and G ep. toI. 
of hydrogen condensed to one-half, viz.,0.22, we obtain aaum— 113^, 
which is (he apecifio volame of bantin- This calculated specific volume, 
however, is greater thsji that which ia obtained from the observcil specific 
gravity, and, therefore, the BpeciGe gravity obtained bj dividing the 
atomio weight by this apeoific Tolume, ia not the same aa the ap. gr. deter- 
mined bj experiment, but a smaller QDPiber, viz-, 0^831, 

Very important, if confirmed by further examples, would he LBwig's 
observation, that the ApeciGc volume of a compound is not altered by 
addition of aigen; e.g., Aldehyde, C*H*0'; atomic weight=44; sp- gr. 
at 18*=0-7il; and Acetio aci^, CHK)*; atomic wei;;ht=0O; ap. gr. at 
l*==10fl3; hence thosp.vd. of alddiyde^44-f-0 70=55-7, and Ibat of 
acetic acid=flO->-rO03=5fi^4. The agreement, however, is nut so great 
a« it appvare to \»; for the specific gravely of acetic scid is taken 102° 
below its boiling point, and that of aldehyde only ^ below; at 99" 
below the boiling point, the sp, gr. of the latter wonld bo inneh greater, 
aod, therefore, its speciSa volume much smaller, and accordingly differ- 
ing more widely FroiD that of acetia acid. On companng Oil of Turpeq- 
Une ^C"Hi', atomic weight 152; sp. gr. S7 ; boiling point 157''), 
CampW [C"H^'0', atomic weight 152' ap. fir. OSSO; boilipg point 
204"), and Camphoric acid (C"H"0'; atomic weight 200; BpeciGc gravity 
1-194; boiling pojpt 270'^), we find the apecific volume of Oil of Turpen- 
1iDe=150; of Camphor=I54, and of Camphoric Bcid=lfl7. SlrniLarly 
the speoifio volumes of ValeraJ, €"^'"0^ and Valorianio acid, C^H^^O^ 
are nearly=l03 and 103. These oalculKtions, therefore, aeem to agreo 
very well with the above-mentioned law of Lowjg relating to oxygen. 

With regard, however, to the general charactBr of Luwig's mode of 
calcubting ipeoific volumee anit epecific gravities, it is easy to aee that, 
riince the specific gravities of most orgaurc compounds lie between 0'300 
and 1'400, and conserinently tha range of variation does not eiccced 
0-000, and since, moreover, these cumpounda cODlnin Iho eamo elemenla 
in different proportions, while the specific gravities of the eFementa tbem- 
selvea probably vary but ilttle, it is not very HUrprining that the specific 
gravity of an organic componnd should admit of calculation within 
O'QIO (and sometimes even this degree of approiimation ie not attained), 
eapedally when wq take the specific volumes of tbe elementa somewhat 
Btbitiarily, and aesume ta ourselves tho liberty of imagining, when 
neceasary, ^at they are condensed in the compound to ^, |, \, ^, and \. 

Oh the whole^ indeed, when we consider that Kopp, Schrtder, and 
more npecially LSwig, proceed from Bssnmplious differing so widely ono 

E 2 


vt^vmiiLZ OF onc-isic couroE 

]fravUt?4 <nnv l>a rtfflitiv ilutcniiincik uwi^lnf \t hJ4 mpLhoJ, wc MOWl 
Lul ffcl {^juviiEL^mblfi iiiJklriiit •>( ^U tb*>fl MtcnpU. aiul vf (lie *o-<aflfJ 
tb'nry of atuinri' vulunu'^ alluLTiitlkpr- If ti^lictonr.' \h' rlgLL, tmLli thtt ndtr% 
tPUit \w yftottz Tn llir rarliitr uKi'miiln ici ifjIv*- (ill- iPC.t-li-iiif tit: 'tv- 
(npaDcLr* hf(wfrti) obscr^T-1 an*! rtili'iiliitr^^t ijionlli' j^iviitf**', irr^ altH- 
hnititii f* iliit uiiC(|iuil cipBriiSao '-•( iLiDbn^qt o^trnj^t^unit^ Iv \iritl \ \\\\\ ta'^ 
tli&t tliii Mruri^ uf iTrur biLi |jt'ni] raiiL4JVi.'il iu llie cjid uf Jii|ai>li. b# 

tliP linilmir [>»Tit, it r<^ hut rf^-ontililn Ka ^\^n^, tUjil olii^rtBlJon ud 
olculut^ou iliaaM ^^iz^ pinctT/; iucL hi>"DTor, it not ilio 
Id ibD Ibnui J uf Kgpp, ar tn tlttt of fivliKriicf uf Li^vle- 



liiuB U *IIId11|||' VollEllLlt llir^P itB Ihlui|141|l1* IVou'*' iK'['iJ[py 111 tlw fiv* Bta**, 

»iip|]unt]j{ tlitiu In Qtiit i<i c1>n ptaw>ni fgnn at lEio vkinc tMPpvnUH^ 
UM BDtItT tb« famo pivfttun) licnn. Id lUo FonofttiDn 4f iJi orSMH 
cnDipotJod, «iuJ«Qfl&tiuu ■twuyt ImVot "pit^v, aoJ miKrtgTvr iu l iIbi^ 

la toint nw inttutfn. ihr* rntin vatumrA 'tS tho vlcmeqt^ tupiwHd 
Ki b« in Ibc jfuooDt »(Alc, nr* united mui oup vntumn nT tb# «ninp«<aiJ 
(kliu 111 Itiu ;;UK>iru* ■Inlv). T1i«i* 1 tul. 'if jr&AVi>i» oyano^u, CX, «••■ 
lacitf E ^ul livjiutlii'lioiJ ciirbuu*vD|ioitr nud I vul. iiitru^cii f^& T\* 
|:u of lliD ivj[iL|kuimd i* thprL'Torn mc^fiitoiujc, Lhnl ii lu ny. iho qiiitiWr 
bf tAoxiii' of Uir i^nmpnuiHi cm>rajtipil in I vul. trf tb« !{»■ h f^^^ " ^ 
niimli«r nf U^'|pn:^ii-fit(pji»ft i?i>ii[bjn4>l jid I »ol. hydrajETii ffiM. lli* flpMiitf 
pmiiiy ipf nil iir^usif ;fiiii lliii^ roDftUii^uil innj^ tbcnfoi** l« fMUid if 
n^Min;; lajlL-rliL-r iLid »|iivilic ^'mvllira of rli(< ^ui^oiii vlrjuanu^ \ht tftttm 
jgn%'ity of 4'4c1i i>r Ih^iiii, if ii [m ninnalnmic-, Ikuiiij; taken u inuijr tiBM 
V ibtirv urt Alooii of ih« qlciQVnt in iLs rompauQd, aittl Imlf &■ Diaaj 
linuH if itlw S4toniir. 

In moat ctuot hitt/ovist, lUc< entire valuoiu of ilic gateoiit oltmtUt 
■ft ubllfd JnLo t rafunlctof tliB nrfuiic cuai|)ouEid' 'I'h? pUfapouo J Ibvtt 
rvmu A ('aft^Bf or i/iniifiHii pi*, tlml Ia td «y. n tfiu wliicl^ m > gina 
laf^nii*, cobliiiiiA iii^lv hjiif at in'i'iy ilIijihi "f i\n' tvi^iKminl u llw itMV 
valuri;" at li^Llrnj^vn |;ii.^ <Ki|Llur4i uf tiyilrii^'Cft-cLtAni* l'lio>o Arf^n'r 
n>in|jikiiri']4 an* imiiihl^ hii>l Ui furi» 4 vormiii.-a uf fa^ur f'ii<f, tif.). In 
tli^fnia ihc tfirdfic £i%illY v( ll># orjfiLUJc |^ni i* oLlnid^i] u tbtnt\ ^ A 
ftjijing loi^lbur ilis ipou'lid E^kV'tici of lIi^i cuuuoi dlumtDb^ lad^l 
dlrtJiof ill* jiifui by U, 

Wo (DVM hfra roll lo luinJ llio bypulliew^ Uid il^pvrn tm |«frUi 
VfiL r of iMi Itantl-bMk NtpKtine lb« ivlamcA of fftiti : ibt: *ioiu 
flf ibr *faiiirLili in i]]i> cvAuiu vFiit* an ftiiTruiindDd Willi UiMniLie Mt^ 
lujM'ji 4>f t^noiLi BinHi, l||4.-ii uf tlitt xdjilnir-AtriniK^irn tlid mfeJldal; ikaitt 
(»f tlio ftijijFn-^ pbfl-|i!iortiP< , mill nTwnlc-itrinn. iTo 2 tiiM« M lHt>i 
«nJ lbi«r rif fLjiiroj^fOn TLJtrDj;«D. «blurtiic. brumlue^ lodinr, Aft, 6 lliiW 
«t lu;rv : i^r in utb^F vonlf, ■ frfuo tt'liicb cunUJui J . x At b^rdfunH, 
bUnfCd, tlluiiuf, l£„ 10 Ibn j^A>fauk 'UFr, will nonUio J - 1 AL uVflM* 
A:l'^ and U . K At Hlptmr (pjl ih<*c •uh'UuiiN'4 ^•f'injc •o|apai^tl to » ia 
thf (^t^oui Biate. ddhI 14 ttitiol tdtapentDPn ui'l prcMim*). 1/ |V« 
LjJnigtn i,^(,Af.« Icdrioil lULnmLauijr, oxygvn fu irill bo f-atAruif and 




snlphnr-TupoDT ff-atomic* Garbon-Taponr, whicb doubtless exiats above 
ih eertHio tempemtDn, ia bypotliBlically Biipp«?d (o beJoDg to the tomi- 
atomic gues, and accordingly jte ap. gt. is by □aJau]HLioii=0-4l60, tb>t 
of air being I'OOO, Many olber cbemfsta, bowerer, regatJ darbon- 
vftpour aa £4tomJc, and accordingly make ita Bp. gr.=0'fi32Q, 

Tbe foliowing are ex4mp|« of the calcnUtion of the apccific gravUici 
uf diatomic orgaoic gases. 

At. Vol. DeniltT. 

C-*apoar 2 .... 2 „. 08320 

H.g^ „„. i ^.. 4 .,., 03J;2 


Or/ iffTVrpciiliitt. 
At. VqI, remily. 
20 .... ao ... 83200 
16 .... Ifi .... 1-lOBB 



Val. DAflitj' 
.. 4 .... l'66ia 
.. 6 .... 0-4L» 
.. 1 ... I'1093 

Off, Campouml 1-^2 L-1093 

1 .... 2 ,„. 9-42Bfl 


^ 2 „_ 3iafll 

Vp(var-dFDiit7„.. 0-534tt 



The 2 At. o:(jgen in the alcohuL, entrr as only 1 vol- of gM, inasmnch 
n4 oxygen ia a 2-»toniio gaa. It a]>peat9 thm tbat in matsh-gaSj for 
example, 2 AL C. ate umtfd irilh 4 At, II. fa farm 1 At. marsh-gu, 
wbicb, in tbo gawoue atfrt? occupies 2 volunioa; tbeue tno voloineB 
vejgh 1-1002; consequently, the weight of 1 volnice, or the epcciflc 

Kmvily of the goa is 1 '1092-f-2=0'Ao46 (the sp^ gr. of air^l 00(H))- 
ence I At. niarsb-gu occupies twicou large a space as 1 At. hydrogen j 
Of * space which wouli) include 1 . i At. hydrogen, contoinB only j . x 
At. mardh-gas. If (hen hydrogen gas be caHed moniLtomic, mprsh-gas 
mn«t be diatomio. 

Other cbeioisLB make the atomic weight of hydrogen only half as 

Sreat^ and the specific gtavity uf rarbon- vapour, not=:O^410 as in thia 
fand-bcok, bnt=0'fl32 (supposing it lo be 2- atomic, like oxygen gae): 
on ihesu hypotheses the preceding table will be aUered as follows : 


Oil of TVryrHiint. 


At. Vol. DensiCr. 

At. Vol. Drna^ty. 


Vol. DrniiCy. 


. Z ... i .... I'CG'ia 

Za -„ 20 ..., 16C40U 


. 1 . 3JZP0 


.. B .... 8 .... 0'£M4 

32 .,.. 32 .... 2-^176 


.. n ... 0'fi3ia 



.. 2 .. 2-21 8ft 

4 _ 2-2184 




6 3782 

According to this theory, the elements form, bylUcir combination, youi' 
volumea of oi^nic gas ; hence the often occurring expteaaioo that most 
(or all) organic eompouuds form 4 volumes of vapour. In this GyBtem, 
therefore, an orgnnLc compound of 4 tuL gas or vapour is equi^'aJent to 
that which in the present Iland-book is JesignaTed as an organic com- 
pound, vhose gas or vapour is ^-atomic or diatomic. The origin of the 
tiiflorcnco is, that in the fitst-mcntioned mode of calculation, the volume 
of an atoni of any organic compound, in the guieoae blate, is compared 
with the volume of 1 At. hydrogen io the fonn of gas, and in the lost- 
mentioned, with the ToluuLe uf I At, oiygcu m the gaseous state. 

■ ArVflrdlBB Id Konn'i cipcrJEQeDU, idlphor-npaar k 2-iL«dG hke oxf^tn ^u. 
(See aoCe, p. 2^0 

nortimcs or oiajutic ooufol-xds. 

0. C «iJH = 100": a; 5 : «ei«<« : a - (. Ill* •T' ^> •IomIw*' 


gnid «f etHwo-tipflur mill !■• *l"iibl*i wit, 4 t*L dMtf*-VBf«t (■ 

mwh-E^i, «0 tn oil 

il of lui 

tIl, 47«>ri^in, ■»«]irr, <«vA 

AL Vol. Vtfiiij, 

t^, a -- * „- ortw 


C -.„<-- 4 ^ I OWd I C ^ 1 _ » __ 

o_i _*^ o->Me ' - * ^ It ^ i-4<» 

1 ^ 


I — I „ atitl 

t . 1 ^ 4'»H 

BlvDKflIvy fftH* h e-^iikl (u thu npniflc L;nvjtr of iLc wgiBlgCOMf nwj 
ia ibsffiMwa iUUl I^ucrji tfii'4<|jtigti« m>ui Ibn rule say tn lotal <«iH 
b« mnuvr4 Ijv ilonUin^- ikn lUnmir Hi^ijfhS: ihtt*, allitr aiBj tw wriUm: 

nfioar of ui orc^nio TsnipaDBil, wbcn il4 iLouiiv U luk^ii uAr ibt 
IrfiiJiirg |iuiii(, 1> TuubJ Lo I'L^aUkiu \ (u muj klanu la a citn toIuid* •■ 
bjnJnudu ff*K Uul llio fu-rtliur bbuvo iht- niTiRjE point lUe jHcraiiDMin 
14 mMf. t£« ninv itfarijr tlot* dt'i limBitir. it* oniH^ar^Qcv cif an ulcimh 
in ibv nto of vi(M«Jnti, jpj'riu^^h t^ tbatafB i\uunmtp»- 

If tbe viiKmr cf aeeitc oi^id CIL'O' bo rc^udodai muoniek «*IcvU' 
u'ob fiTH iu tpHlfl* gravity «« fuLlv** : 




Bat Dunw (Amm. ?ltfr«i. 87, I3S] foiina iht rp, gr. ftf x^(^<* ■'r' 
vapour lobndTi. N<rv | of 4'15TJS = S;::^*; liwro DonMH«'i"-'lttJ^ 
lljHi Uifi noda of oondenuiiiicj In wUr vu'i u tlifforcnt rn>n llut wLwl 
lakM plaot ia viLvr urjpJiiv c«>ibp4UD'l>, llio ««|*obr (icini; ru fart a> 
dffuMif inia 8 iniAtwl of « rulupi«i^ TjiuuUrlv. Siaaa fouBil CCWnpi 
rt«pf- ID, TCT; aW J. jv. CWa. 38. 4331 Ibal Uiv tp. ip.tit h«1w adi 
¥*pniir *t MmpvTiEQiCv r>ul<r»LTD ISir ui JUT', Tiirir* Wn J 7f lo t^l^. 
hlitJ. b«if<v<t. Wtri fituuLl Ely r«limin (r\,mtpt -fW, le, 7TI; ^ 
X w. £'Arb^>l;t, 4KJ iliBl wWlbL< iitmt it nJiM NuuJoaUy tbrvcOv 
balling iHiiat. L^v . iJic anomivty ai«|>iicaii, Acci>fTi:if lo kW npttl' 
MBU.lk4 vpMlflc f:r»ti(y <if luwlii; */i<t vt^pur «.f US' id swl to V'T^ 
bat aillD'. U it I Hi in Uknilipr T*oinwn *4 acMte miiI, Iht 



V t'-an^ ti) ht V'll Tint Wi uuuibrf ovtmpacuti al*iut rxKih 
»* At ««l<uluJ4ii aboti* j{»*ta. F-naUy. CaU^ttn hii «fo>v {Cmri 
mtd. Jt, TTl; alio ^. jv. £!&«. Sa, 4S7; fitihft: drn/d. rrimiM, M; 

229* 2*9' 2«1° 29^ 310" 


322 310 3 07 3-0? 30? 

3 07 


also 2^. J. Pharrn. 7, 120; niao Pa^^. 65, 420) thit this anomaly Aie- 
appean when the specific gravity of the vapour is taken at ^eiist 100° 
ftWe the boiling poJnt of aoelio acid. Cloaa atote the hoiling point, 
th« donejty, as fihevn bj the foUuwiDg; table, is otcd grc&ter than it 
ehoaid be fur a t-atomto Taponr, or a Tanonr of a Fotnmea. Thia density 
diminiBhcd as the temperature rioes, till, at 250*, it becomea eqiiaJ to 
that of a diaitomic g&n, after which !t is Dot altered by further rise of 
lempemture : 

Tflcpentan IM- lao" MO' IM' I61V iJV I9tt' 200' 219' SSO' 

T>ataj 320 3'IZ 2-90 275 2 48 2*2 2 JO 221 217 2-09 

TemptiTloni _. ,. 250' 2S0'* ZOO" 330* 

TlPMily 20S 208 20& 2-98 

Similarly with bntyric aeid, which boile at 104°. Tho ubulated ilenaitj 
of its vapoar, auppofling it to be diatoraic, is 3^0505^ but, according to 
Cahonn, its density Tariea with the temperature ae follons: 

Tmpmlnn ITJ' 209' 

DeniHj , 3-68 3 4* 

Valerianic acid behavea in a aimilar manner to bntyrio acid, but it« 
Tarntiono are not so groat- (CaboDrs.) 

The vaponr of aaiBe-catnijhDr, O^H^Hfi, which hoWa at 322°, baa a 
calculateil donHity of 5'130l, supposing it to be diatomic. Bnt Cahoun 
obseTTod the following variations : 

TempcTtture 245° 200" 2"0" J25' 338' 

Denily- 508 V73 5fi4 522 M9 

Formic acid, whicb boila at tl9°. likE^wiflc CThihitf too great a vaponr- 
densily just above it« boiling potntr Hegarding the vapoar as diatumLC, 
Iho cakulatfld density is 1^5946; but Dumaa found it to vary betwoon 
3-ld and 2 14 at temperatures betveen 115" and U8% and Bincau fonnd 

it = 2125 at nr. 

On the other hand, wood-ffpirit, alcohol, ether^ fuad-oil, aad meet 
componnd ethen, exhibit the density of diatomic gadCB just above their 
oiliDg points. (C&hours,) 

B. BoiuNO PoiNT^^Otguiic ccmponnda are more volatile in propor- 
tioD aa Uiey contain a greater number of atooiB of bydrofcn, and a 
smaller number of atoms of <:arbon, oxygen, and nitrogen. Of polymeri*^ 
compounds, the one whose couipoond atom contains the Amallest number 
of efemenlary atoms ia aLwavs the most volatile. 

The builing compound ol an organic mmponnd id higher by r ^ 10^ 
than that of another organic compound, when the former, — with an otbsr- 
wise aimilar composition — coataina r . C^H^ more than the latter' (Kopp.) 

Tliie is fihown by the following examples: 

C'lTO* =FonDiCfc™l ., , 99" 

OH*0* =A«tic»cii 120* 

C«H»0* -Bgtyric-dHi }6t' 

CH^O* = Vtknihif uid 175" 

C"H"0*= CaproicBcld 2*2'' 

CH'K** = Uprriic *ciil -.... 236' 




1 . 19"= 19' 


3 . 19° = 57' 


4 . 19' -^ 76' 


5 . 19*= 9V 

137° . 

7 . 19" -^133 



ITItHl* - Wood.«(hl tou' 

C*UV -AlvVd 7Ti' 

G'llBtPl t^JTaul qU IH" 

1 . If- If 

4 - 1^" -» ;f 

cuo e,F, 

1 « 2 AThImjI.^ MM,,, IS 

4 4 i A(«<l0Vi9 ...- IIFt 

A R 4 Ai^k"!!^ - . N 

# ■ 4 A'^LlPrtUtf -, 74 

C II O B.P> 

ID II ^ |-g»LaLl »,. 1» 

li> li] 4 VftWlJinld iirtd i;b 

14 14 I AfKUr of AH»p] , 1-11 
14 14 4 V«lMii4iie »lkr> - n Ul 
4>'ll"l IfpirivdalPnTl'ii;] las 

A< tU^ noron-l «riat mnUini OCMf'' morn tban Iho 6r«(r "lin Hifli'Tflintr 
bcLVHfi iht t>r<Ll]&^ polbiB iliouTd be S . IQ=S*'', afuultncttrlv i^l^rntlr^T 

Thii HiiDii Uw i> jilmi xppraiiinitbflf ''Einnrmixl hy tviwiKHfiwi •>( Hhi 


FuiHi'l . .., . 




Tlid fullowiti^ iinr leva itci^Dnlbiit l 









B^- pin*. 
. IV- 101- 
, 19'- HI* 
. IV - Ifil' 
. l9<-»«- 


-IV- vf 
. i»-ia4^ 
. It*' iif 

jv-iiit [iiL>ra lli^u 111'; Eioih'l' !tclir^Jor oMiimM HtS' t* tUn mil Sncraiunnti 
H U*" uiimlior ]:i wcro o-ifwi In %\l aiM, <1jp 'llnViivu"^ lioi"«o i 

Mrlca Voulil tfIh4T* bi' ^ . ]|I = .ST', IrtH^Ua* ihv mnElllflitJ rjf lIlD UtLfff 
iflriH (lifforfriLiLi [Jukviiff i7>if<iriiiPT,orp1v 1iy<"inUinht|j ^'tl' in aiMilt^m, 
Big Ibo ilJlFfrciion nf ttmiypnian la oUett i^^v-\t"r. tml vdiiH In iliAcrvhl 







CITO.W .. 





cm»w _ 




i«r — 



llf — 


C*HnO,yO^ .^ 

«■ .. 


boiluf pcAht of « mnpauii'l b> *but IV*, [■ urpdrinrU 1114 tmtitlj sf 


nDidbeT is Qot fonDd to be exact, Schroder aupposea tbat m tnaov 
Gompoqcda, M in tlifl ethjlic and mpthjlio ethers, the inflnopcQ of CH' 
un the boiling point amountfl to about 16', and in the Acidi to 31°. 
Kopp attribntfiu thew discrepanciea to want af accuracy in delarmiDing 
tho boiling points of the compared coDipoLinda. Pot in the greater 
unmber of inHtancea, the mnditione for oiacl dclennination of the boiling 
points were not observed, such aa eonstant atmuspherio prcsauro fotre- 
apunding to 0'76 mctr., the iDtrodaction of platinum wire into the liquid, 
and tho immersion of the tliennometer in the veaeel, so that the atem 
may bo completely iorronnded with vapour, the vapour boiu^ allowed to 
eacape by a tube parsing through the cotIc. fFor/arlhflE obBerratioiu on 
this matter, vid. Kopp, Cfum. Soc. Q. J. 3, 104.) 

In compouniU consiating wholly of carbon and bydrogon, each addi- 
tloaal double atom of carbon which enters, raiaes tha boiling point by a 
quantity varying from 25'^ to 35 5^, and each doubU atom of hydntgan 
lowers it by 13°. (Gerhardt.) This agreee very uearlv with Kopp'H 
supposition that Bach addition of (?«' raises tbs boiling point 19^; 
for 35-15=20. 

In auEculatiug the boiling points of theso compounds, vo may stiut 
from oil of turpentJue. To liud frum this the boiling point of another 
fajdro-carbou of known cumpOBition, it is necessary £rst to detorniine the 
dilTorence of C* and H^ As many times as the compound in question 
contains C^, more or less than oil of turpentint^, bo mnny timea 35^ must 
be addcil to or snhtracl^ from tho boiling point of oil of turpentine; and, 
BB many times lU the compnuud contains 11^ more or lesfi, bo many timea 
J5° must bo taken from or added to the bailing point. 

Thus, Oymenc, C"H'\ contains 2H less than oil cf turpentine, whence 
its boiling pnjut should he JS" higher^ now IflO^+lS^^lTS^ (Ohaer- 
vatioD givca in fact 175°. ) — Cumtne, C^'H^*, contains 20 and 4H ^eas 
than oil of turpentine 1 180—35+2 . li=154, (ObBeTvation |:ivea 153^) 
— NapbllialJD, C"^H", contains 8K less than oil of turpentine \ 160-]- 
4 . 15=^220. (Observation pves 221^.) Styrol, C"H' conLaina 40 and 
SH less than ojl of turpentine, 160— Z . 3-3 + 4 , 15=150^ (Observation 
given lir.) 

In those caaes in which this mode of calculation does not give the 
boiling point correctly, the difference may arise partly from im]]urity iu 
the hydrocarbon whose boiling point wns detei-ciined (na, for exampte, 
vhcn jt conlnin? a small quantity of an oxidized hydrocarbon, which 
raises tho boiling point), partly from the fact that many hydrocac-bona are 
altered by ebullition^ in such a mn-uner that tlieir boiling points are raisedt 
— and partly from want of due care in determining the bailing polnL 
(Gerhudt, A". Ann. Chim.Fkys. H, 107; obo J. pr. C.^an. 35, 300,— 
Cof^pi. raid. inen4ueU, I, 77-) 

A compound which contains CW more than another, boils 52' higher, 

SSchri^er.) AccordJog to Qerhardt's law, the difierence should be 5^'} 
or 2 . 35 — 15 = 55. 

b. P, Diff. 

CioMmIc Kid CWH^O „„ 293" 

BfluoicKJd Ci'HK>' ., 2311" 


CinflMic ether ....__ C=HJ=0' .... 260* 

BeMMCfihn C^H'O* ... ZOi" 

Cinntmne ^-, CH' .... Ui^ 

Beniol .^ C"H' ..„ 8fi" } "' 



AH^lIlll. Lif Amy! t:i-H''t>,C"H''I>' =ti'HJ'0* 




•pandiiigft]i!i<li(jl, whii^Ii iliiTvn from Tlifr opM b^ conUhiDf 7%t more aixF 
(^11*0' (W- Abwbol CIW -* Jf] 

Viiartimk »old C^'^y 

ruid-aU CHiHy 



TliB •amo Jiffcreup* of 40* b iWnd httwpcn <^iiininfil, C*H"0', 

bflwob OAtid ntbor Cl|*0^ whinli ^niiW at 74', uiil mmanD Mbffp.f 

nnntaiD'nf 20 uioir ftuil ?II 1»a tliitu Uid ■ci'umJ. (^«^r'M|l^^} 

Tbe boiling poinl «f jm acul U US' hit;|i(iT i^hq ifaa uf iIia «EhAr irlad 
it fomu vilb HEKHl-tpiriE. hwt «4" hl^fh'i [linn thni ■>( Lh* »Lhpr 
fiiTiiiJi willi ■l«bnE, (Rn'ifilthAT, Ann. Phiwrrn. Iff, 'iTl, Kt-i-f,) 


FurrnLd kii) -^„^,.^,..^ 
A«» .rta ... 

UBriU Mill . . 


B.P. i>rto 

ar . 







n. r "f II* 

^ Mf 
.. H 

.. 110 

- m 








«rlb i*§ard to ihoM ilcj^Ij » h-a^ hmiiiig poinl* itm hjjU ^ad iLMmhf9 
iliftUinli lo dviamunt with ntocioM*. ^ 

^Qminuihl rtlipn vbidb ua ntDtvnurio viUi wih ntbtr^kT* v\mi 

\nH\mji ]Miiii1f (KnpnJ 

«tbvl,C'll«/?nO>>■lA5^1^ f«nBiftea*rfMiivlC-H^^fl.OH0',« HA'; 


etbar which i' m^binm-io vith jt^ though the vsponrs of both compoandj 
ikTe diatomic (Kopp.) 

Acrtictcid C*H'0 .... 120* \ ^,„ 

VonaiAW ot mttitjX CH^.CHO" .. 27'^ } "* 

Bnrjriciad , , „„ CH-C ,... IC4" I ^^^ 

AwUtoofrtLjl CH*0,C*H"0* 

Tikric und C^H^O* .... 1?3' 

BntrrtlflofmethTl (?H>O,C«m0' .... 102* 

Schrbder {Poff^^ G^, IB* And 331, more fnllj in a epecial work, 
Muinh. 1S41) imftgitLoa 'organic oompoiiDda to be emapoKd of bjAtogea 
and oertftin binuy componndfl which bo alia Compojienti- Eftch of theae 
compocLOiita Bierts b detsminate lafluence on the boiliag poiat tiithor to 
r^isB QT to doprcBfi it. 

K*^ Bikydrogm, lowers the boiling poiDl^ by 3". All other codi- 
poneata raiHO the boiling point; H'O', water of hydration, by IIS'S"; 
C0\ cariMmic oxUte, by 57"; C"0*, Mrftonic orif, byflO*; formyl, by 52"'; 
CH", !d tho form of metAylfTU!, by 21^, and C?H" in the form ofciayl, 
by IT", 

To Cftlcntata the bailing paint of a:iy compoaod, we may set out 
from BeDEol=C"H» (=3 : C*}l*=Tri/ormyl). SioM this compound 
boils at B6*, and moreoTer 3 . CH* muflt raiae the boiling point by 
3 ' 52= 15fi% the ioflueuce of the triformyl = lSfl^ mnat be deducted 
from tbo boiling point 2^6^ leAVing — 70'' ; and to thia — 70"*, must 
be added the influence of the oomponontA uf the compound wbose boil- 
ing point ia aought. If, for cianiple, the compound ia Gaontchin = 
Ca*, coneiating of 4 At, methviene, we must add 4 . 21 77S4 to the 
— 70% which malECB the' boiling point of caoutchln ^ 14" (by obseF- 
vntion it » I4'5), Similarly, alcohol = bihydrate of elayl = arH'+ 
HK)'i therefore, 2 . 17+113-5 = 147'5i 147'i(— 70° = +77-5"— boil- 
ing point of alcohol (by obsorration, TS"")- 

Hence, to find ibe boiling point of an nrg&oTc coniponnd^ we muat 
reeolvo it, iu the moat oauTenient muiner, into its compoDeutBt eatLmate 
their aggregate efiect npon the bailing point, and diminiab the sum 
by 70". 

The table calculated by thia method gives nsnlts agreeing rery 
cloeely with QburratioD ; it muat not, however, be forgotten that, aa 
oecaaion requires, C^H^ is sometimea introduced bb methylene, with an 
influonco of 21", somotimoa ae elayl with an influence ef 17% eometiuies 
eren in both capacities in the same compound; thus, fuael-oil, C''H"0^, 
ia regarded aa a compound of C^K" in the form of methylene, 4C"H' !p 
the form of elayl, and H'O', while Taleriauic acid, C'^H'^O*, a compound 
iiitimalely related to it, is tuppoeod to conaiat of 2 methylone and 2 elayt 
with CO' and H'O*. NeverlbeJeaa, it is not with all oampound? Ihnt thia 
method ylelde Batiafactorr reanlta. For inalance, aldehyde, C'H^O% may 
he regarded eilher aa C*H^ + H'0^, in which case tho cafcuUtion will be: 
ae'+lia-S"— 70"=+95-5',~or aa C"0' + C^H> + H*, which givea 57 + 
21— 3— 70=+5''. Thus, the calculation glvea for the boiling point of 
aldehyde, either 95-5' or 5'', whereas the actual boiling point ia 31^ 
In a similar manner, acetoDO gives either too bigli or loo low a point, 
according to the cojnponenta of which it ia auppoaed to be formed. 
KeTerthleaa, the agreement which eiista in many cases, indncea the 
■□ppoiition that thia theory hu some foundation in ^ct, and ao far would 

•0 T-^-*ZITIL5 or 0B&i5lC tOMtOCXa^ 

Ftii} bi'ji r^->L ere if irriTir T^mT'-VnAf *g» >fl« HTpared to 1m duJ« 

ijl» t'f lilt c.itjicc^^i? i.!-:Tt nrffiiaiii"*^;. 

i-aji^-^i :-f ^£iM M ;i^ "'■:tl±.r T-.-i:; !<■ tbcr r^^Bcnts. Aecordnff to 
jn.l eaph iV:!^ 1; -i^ ;■■' irrr^ O . ii-'. Tlrt niB of lii«ie uiflncaec*, 

10 t3^ fanri«. C^*" !^+« Uie ^-::iJi£ pr'SnT tj «>-: ircarding to the 
biifr viev, O niset i: \r ^.. a;! ^(Ji' by S^. ibr «iui of whirh ii 
i^J*-: iffwiicc TO lb* f mtr, OH- ni»«t it br 33^ ; ucDhJing lo tbfl 
laiipr, ^O n]»«f h It f^\ uti H' ij^lO- ibe mn of vbieli ii iS'; 
■nvrJin^ lo Tb? fc<nD«r i^o-rr. 0-H- nisH JT. nmediiwi br 1fi~ ■mnttiinV 
lir 21-: iffflrdinr \o tLp liiifr It SI— lOj «" -l'- In'HH>\ howerer, 
tuero 19 1 reiDAr^ablf <i.£irfz.-rf^ iiiuniTifb ■£. ucordiDg to tfap fbniR 
ibwrr. ii niwd tht WiV-HZ i-^ini 113'3\ Tbfm«. apcordiDf to tbfl 
latl^. lb? iuojvi-o vkith h i>n-iLir« ii cdIt -9~ — 10~=19~; aiut henA, 
pprhapf, ii cbie^T an»» rjiti irru^ lo Tbc fn^l"" noTDbrr ti 
compi^DDii^. ilif' laiuT i}^^-iiri' ^v» leat mi&hrrt*ry mnlti ihaii tba 
fi»nner. ^^'ilh thf LvJr^i-^r^-t:^ ibt DcmbcTC oLtvnrd irv eatis&cUirT. 
Thu-«, Bonzol. C -H'. wLich U:i^ ai >«". c5t« ^« . 31—3, 10— 70|, 
hJiich is nciiullT equal lo St!' : l^'rarvl, C"H\ vhirk boils it IW, 
pre* (7 . 31 — <"- 10— Ti»^ CljbiI v- KiT": indCrTene C=H" wtirh boili 
.11 ^T.V. L'i^T^* 'I'' ' ^". — i'^ - H' — T'-' IT 276", — But in mo*! cxy^n- 
ri»in]H'im<^t, ibp f^ilrulr.:!-.; ^i-^'^l;? ('..^-rr v^^iclv ir-a ibcw of ob^rvaliun. 
1( jji irn.' tli:ii iili(?r. t'"H :'\ vVf'n U^ils ai 5V. five^ m AliefidnrT 
ri'^iilir 4i-.-r4 . ^n^Il!*. O-r^:-::-: .■■» = -.M"': 124 --JO — 5rt = lU3; 
Ju:< — 70— S.-*. Bui Ttith f.ip^\' nti.i. wliirh Wil^ at nfl", ralculntioD 
pJar*-- iLr U-iliiii' j-i'Mi: u; 1]', ihai is lk» .^ir. tj-" joo low; iii*i ermi- 
larlv. ill tlic i:iTOtiT ntiuiT-i r * f ''iv-. ]i-Ofn]j>'iiinlf. ihe mlrulaipd boiliui; 
]K»iTii i> nmrli lintrr ^i■■ citiiii.i? Iv i!\-:<' llmu lI'O ) llmu that w^iicb i» 
^'ivrii W oliM'fvaij.'TL t^-Lr^.lrr -^.^'j^.^t-r- ilot. Id ^rtain riniipDandi 
i-Dn[]iiTiJik<2 "Wjtn. tl,i- fj»T:n;ii ?-^iiX'iinir- c^rrt* iwice^ and wmrliiuev 
fiuic (ifiir-* ;i* ■rr'jl mi iLrtis-'tifc a^ in fvmi.ii oihor?. 1. r, that tf 
frcifUnitlv rair-e^ ibe k'ilin^ j'.'in: l-v ''" ••t 1}(- . in-ipjd i»Fcinl_v 2ii . 

Ac'or.liii;r t" Lj-k.: (''■-/- *''\ ~^'V\ 1 M. H h^rtn ilip boilinjr 
jMiiiiT t^f a r<im|" i i:il bv "■■•-■1 : I At. C ra:si? ii It 3j*'*-; ard 1 At. O 
I'iibiT iai-<':' it hv :?> -.-r l.■w,■^^ it liT :?■]'. a«iiri3inL' lo tbc pr«i(rr or 
Ii»i KHiLHli'Eir^lii'ii "f ilio li-^i.]urn<^ ill ]]['' r--iiM-i<im-lr Thi' »uiii ihur 
i.biaitir'i] JH EiiiE t<i be dliiMiiL-liiNi bv 7^^ or :iiiy uihcr iiiidiIk-t, «^p. — 
Atcvitvlinv Tl^ tIiIt. tliC"Tv, nijiT-h ;::i' ^ln-iiUi bi'il at — 40 or — 20", accdpb 
iijH:lv a- It i- irpanl.d iir- f-H' "t ( ]M- li'.'^P 4 - 1 ilfi 2= - 40: oj-, 
:IS 4 — J . :>!i 'J=: — ^"1. rici 7ib C ■}[ , ?b<niM b"i! a( ^fiiG' iiifloaj 
of hii (l:i . "L^ 4 — fJ , 2;V2 = 2^.-' «1. Ao. Cm/', SilmMlcr (/'cj^. Ctf, 

Tho lrt»iLin? pi»ih1 iiiircli^-Ti bi" liiibt-rTo bci>n In^itfil »r1n»ivcTv 
rordiii^ Iv ibf Rii1irLil-i|ie4^r\\ ami Lii^i afionbiii; I" ibc nuclciu-lb'Mrr. 
)§f XhvnttfTe, a ijucFliun Kliflbi.T ibi' laccr luvy not nfianL » furlbcr 


olne to iU wluLioUf aod «b«ther, bj ubigaiag to tbe hydrofeii Aud 
oxygen within (he Ducleu ik ili€bFen£ vnouut of iafliienco from tint 
which 19 exortfid by tho same elemonta without the nucleoB, we may not 
BDCCfied in diGCDVeritig » univereal law- That thia circumstauco is of 
importance may be seen from the followiD^ tacts : Salicyloua aciJ and 
bencoic acid have the ramij empirical fiirniiita ^C'H'O'; bat the funuer 
hoi\B at 19a^, the latter at 239''. The differenc^^ of 4^° le too gr^at to be 
attributed to error of observatinii, and must, together with the otLer 
Htrihing diflercncea in the properties of the two ncLda, be attribated to 
differeuce of mnatitntian. BeimiiC aoid is bUpposed by Laurent to roo- 
tnin the nudeua benEone, C'*H', *bich, together with 40 ei^lemally 
situated, forma beiiEoia aeid, C"SI*,0* ; but aalicylous acid is supposed t^ 
be formed apou a djfierent primary nucleus, C'*II* {poaHfbly ideotical 
with draoyl). A eecoudary nucleua, C^*H*0^ derived fioin this by the 
AdbfttitotioTi of SO for 2H, rorms, with 2 additional atoms of oiygenf the 
compoDod C''H*0*,0*f which belong to the aldehyde type, may be com- 
pared with bitter almond oil, C"H"0^ and moreover requires (he addition 
of 20 to eoDvert it into ao acid actually comparable with benEolo acid, 
TIL, BsJicylic acid, C^^HK)\0^' It appeare, theu, that the circumBtance 
of benzoic acid huTJog 40 without the nnclena, and ealicylous acid 20 
within and 20 without, pnKlucEB a dtflerence of properties, &nd among 
Uie real in the boiling point; luoroover it aeems lo follow, from this 
example, that oxygen within the uiicleas raisee lUe boiling point Icda 
than oiygen without. Id connectioD with this mrklter, vfe migtit further 
examine, and perhaps decide, the question, as lo whethfr benuiie and 
aalicylous acid should ho cipre^i^ed, aa in Laarent'd ajBtem, by the for- 
muIiB CH'^O* and CH'0^O^ or, according t/i tho principles explained 
on pages 30—37, by C''H»0,nO>, and C^*H»0',HO. 

By voy of example, we maj take the fallowing attempt to calenUle 
bailing pointo Acconliug to the fariuer of ChoGO (wo views, the results of 
which are tolerably satisfaclory. The boiling point of the C and H in 
the nucleus h first determined according to Gerhardt'a method (p. 57), 
It is further empirically OfBnmed, from calcnlatione of the boiling poinU 
of different compoonds, that 0^ within the nndeUB mifcs ihe boiling 
point 25'*; that the first O^ without the nocleua raises it 5(f (in fiome 
rare cafies, as in that of phenic acid^ the rise thereby produced amounts 
to lOO*); and that the following 0* without the nucleus raises it 100'' 
(rarely, as in benzoic acid, only 50'). H^O^ without the nticlcuB raUos 
the boiiing point 100°. The obaervod boiling point is placed in brackeU 
before the calculated value ; 

Ponmcudd.CH^-^O' Wood-iprntCHUlPO* Acrtk Mid, C'H*+ O" 

CH' - 30" C^H'-- 30° C*H' - 30° 

C whbont - aO' HK>* -h IOB" CP withonl -h 50» 

*ynl[hout +100* O'wiiboiil *-100" 

(60") + 58- 

on tlOO- U^°) +l!'>' 

Alcohol, C*a'-tHKf^ Aldetjde, C'H'+0= Boljric *ad, CH»^-0^ 

C*H* - SO" CH* -30» CH * 10' 

H'O" +loa° O'wiihonI tiO' C wittoal + 50° 

O^tiihodt +10O* 

(re*) +7B* (21") +20° 

(itrj-) -I iw 



D^witfaaut Aa> 
CP wilhont 100' 

(ITS') 190» 

CiprTlicidd, C^Hi'tO* 
CH" 90* 

(V Dilhout 100' 

(US') 240' 

Uedtie-etheT, C"H>*40* 

CUfRw SO* 

(IW) 138" 

C"H> 45- 

0>w|iUd sa* 

(92°) 120' 
<y nithoui SO' 
(52') ^&' 

Caproio nd, CB'* * 0* 
C^H" M* 

09 wMHnt rOO* 

[OTI"*) EWI* 

MfitMctocM, €■!!■ + 0* 

O* without 50' 
(84^ 80* 

c*H' a* 

O viihoat AD* 
0*wttb«t 100* 

(^»Te 100°) lU' 

PjrogiJlic va. C^HHfi + 0* PliBiUc arid, C™H»^- C SiUcjIdu kM, C'^HHI' +0^ 

a^a' 9i' CH' 3&' C"U' IW 

O^ irit>>iD S£' O^ iriLhoDt IGQ* Q^wLchui 2^** 

Cwiiboot iOO* OwiUKrat 50* 

(18&") ISV 

(no*) 2M» (196°) aoa* 

BfliuatGtcid,C"HHO* BilUr Blmand <^, C'lH' + O' CinDADiic -oil, CH^ + 0< 

C"H" 130° CH* ISO' C*!l' 10*' 

0*wiiboDt 100° O* wkliDDt »' 0*wiiLaat 100' 

(239) 2^0' 

(IHO'^ IWU^ 

Camphoric- acid Aobjdndr, C"l["0'-l-0^ 

C^tV 1J5° 

<>* in ll^c nticletii ^d" 

(■bo»e?jo') a;&' 

FirDgMJBcic B^ii, C'll-tO' 
C"H" 115" 

CF ■riihout lao^ 
(210") sia- 

(290') 285" 
CampholicKid, C»H« + 0' 

O^wiThoul LOO" 
(250°) ^15- 

CumiDic icid, C^H'- + 0' 
ca-nif 19(1' 
O'-iibout lOD" 

(*boM230°) 290' 

Pjrrterr(.iciH™l.Ci^U"'*^0' C-tyoplijllLc Bfidn C»J[i^O- ^O CucoBrin, C^H'O^ t tf 

O^ itilhuut I DM' 
(jil»DTc2U0) tia" 

t"n- iia- 

tf without iO" 
(aEmkc 150°) 1C5° 

c*n'- 190° 

O'nilliin 2J' 
O^^itlnjot ttW 

(J IV) 2iiri' 


tKwilhin 1^5' 
O^ wlibouE 5(1' 

tP wilhln ?5' 
(Fwilhofll iO' 

(2;o') ijy 

CMiriLFiol vnd 
AiLiK-cimpbDr, C"Hi^O^ 
C^'H'= ISO' 
O^wilhin 21' 

(Jjj) 22S (U20 J Md (?220 215" 


C*Ha ISO" C»H» 130' 
O* in UtB DDcleui SO" O^ without Aft" 
C wilbonl M' 

(300') MO* 

(213') leo* 

Conmwn cuspbor. C^HJ^i" Or * C^H" + 0» CijepM ml, C'^'bO' 

C»H" 160' C^H* 180* C-H" 14*' 

O* withiB Sa" C wiLfaobt bty 0> in Lbe adgLvdi 29" 

(204') IBS' (201'} aid' (173') IJO" 

FarfOret, C'^H'O'+O" Cu*bho1, C»'H>"0' 

0^ witbiD 2i' O* in tbe nncleui 25" 

O^witboat 10^ 
(IWJ liO' 

(M!') 24ft" 

But tJiia modo of chlculatioD, though it may appear tolerably aliH- 
Faetorj in so far u regnrdfi the eiamplei id the preceding table, ii 
DQverlheleea iuHccarale wTion applied to maoj olhora ; partly perhaps 
because ihe oompoaitiun and boiling poiutB of thesa latter have not been 
correclly delerniiDed, but partly also bocauBO tbg ihimIq of calouUtirg is 
not adapted to ccrt^n compouniia, for which, perhapa^ pf<!uLiar laws 
ahouLd ba asaiiiDed. Such, for inatauco, ifl the ca^e with inethylie^ 
ethylio, and anylic ether, with acetone and cerUun compounds allied to 
itj with lignoiie and ila products of decompOflitioD^ £c. 

But CTSD if we should ancceed, by this or auy other mode of culcula- 
tion, ID overconilag the principal diMmilties, it will etlll remain uncertain 
whether wo shall over nrrive at a complete Holntion of the problem of 
iletermining the boiL[D£ point of on organic compound from its compOBi- 
tion. Tbo DumorouB oils composed of C"H" bave bailio^ poiuEs varying 
between 15G^ (terebenc) and 173° (carvene); and tbiB difference of 
boiling point is accompanied by difference of specific gravity, and of 
optical Lind chemical relatiena (t. ff.j towards hydrochloric acid gaa). We 
Cannot, therefore, ftEcrlbo these doviations merely to impurity in the 
a]\s or to errors of observation, bnt are forced to admit that in the same 
nucleua, the 20C und iGR may ha united in diO'erent waya; and as thia 
difference of anangenient and the influence which it ojiens od the boiling 
point are likely to remain unknown, the calculatien of the boiling point, 
even if founded on tha most accnraLo data, cannot be expected to give 
an eiibct reault in all qubb. 

Certain other compounds Likewiw have different b<]iling points, 
though their compoeition is the samB, e. g., maleic and fumotic acidn; 
there are, however, other reasoDB which aeem to ebow that the boiling 
point <]f fumaric acid abonld be doubled. 

Some facta seem to show tbat nitrogen raisCfl the boiling point of a 
compound much more than carbon or oxygen, and that IN mtroduceit 
in the place of IH produces a rise of'^ about 100^ Thus, beuiol, 
C"H', boila at 86°j the compound C'H' boils at a still lower tempera- 
tdte; but the boiling point of^ aniline, C"H'K, La 182'; £laene (probably 
C"H"J boili at 110^; coniiue, C»"H"N, at IflS", This alrong filing 
power of nitrogen and oxygen in organic compounds la very remarkable, 
when coDflidaTed in relation to their otherwise great elasticity. 


ruorcnnca of oecoamic coMfov^tm^ 

•iobi; totaOt irliiub Lowofcr fluutuiii ill Lriut II Al tKrluri, vJt., lh«| 
tlHUv but IlkonJjfU jii niDit «f tbvir compuimild vrijii cvUqricM loU-, 

Tbo Hrfr^iriin^ Pntt'T of nr^ni? h^ni'la i' gmtbir in prapnrtibg tt 
ilifiy arc tpcciflcillj- hcnvLcr tcid moTo vitordn in Ui* bjixvrwpQn^ U I* 

gmttfr u lilt' ijiiLiriiLLv of i^nrlftJEi vKi:imil« that of the li^dnKCCi, mhI 
Q]it^;;v^iiu4LH(i fi'iiojfriiiiidk, it itic]i<Hi*(^i U' llio ■jLiLiiiLlty of tfrii^n U 

troniponnHf^^ bnvo the wrac dcitiay ood (■ftmialcii'Jn, iht-y tlhibil tltq 
tcfrapliii;; j>Li»iir, in thvi^i>tititirv4]UH^»ihiTiluii4i^FOEiDoio TiaviJ coiji|>uu&J 

lull iInt LTfv'iLc.^i' ri.^fnic|tiig ixpwvr- 

Pur dit>rr iM«iri titrkjnurriidii nm Lhii |iuii][ -c'll. iSen^uvnl ft Ci^junn ^iy^m^l, na^i 

Ciirufor J'tt^tri^ilon. - CcrEfcjii rulcnrtflsi or vcrv iU~TiiIy 
ot^imip Ih^liIiK ■udi M oil "t liit]io]tE-Lm'. itv *<j]utiuE]i vS vuriAiii 
fruUtjittrrw lit wtkUir, '•r in ulltnt liijuidh wbldi Ijievu iif> ijpuoilJc n-Eilinn 
ibojr wn — '-//'■ thti nt|tiouii« •olntJoii'^ iif tarlari'' kl^I. dA^lrip, tkw 
Viri«u* Ucid> tff tujrarn ctnd Kr««*l lUblnnd nlfcoloiil?. — <jliibtt, m dj 
i-iivcmd bv Dior, a |pci?ulijir rtloliun lowmlB iiokrlniij M^lit (matmUinl 
lliniiijzh lliE^ni ; tlwy pti'tl. in Uti, u {Cpl'itai-ff T'-'Utr uiiuii il. tu^uiqj; tL 
Tii:4ypHmf lo ihnir pfTili'U' HAturr, (l> tbi? righi or ta lli<] I<^E; in oihpr 
wnrJ*, ihp.v |»rintiipc tVfhiof /Wat imfiin'ot n /if^aJMnut VWmJfly^tfr 
>^/iirr< *.-/ r-it'i/ii^'frm li> tbir ■'■k'lit ur Iv tlifr Jofi^ Any i^ivn liquid U*tft 
firoiLij4?|ii u I'oIhtiTiri of llm huil" iminlii'i' u/ di';;n.>fif, |iru« i»lnt tbe <wiiHQ- 
In^Erciu o( (hi- tiuuiJ and Llit^ tliitiLnnni nf |]i4i aimlum thrcfLLfrb ityc4 llir ^^ 
|>oUriird lifihl hu to iiiiH, iTmi^in thv iiiLiiii^; if lb<« ibicknr** c^ll*^^ 
utmtiiin or ihe *Iqjiih of coucrulrAtj^^u lo iiicr«ik«dt iLo injflo of roubia ^^ 
liltewiiic iiicivfuvik. Nurt. (iorfj inu-l. kUilt lifjiiiJt, Biid tti'ttt #iJid h4> 
vtanooAi ulipn dM«tl*<'il in wulrr, uWili], \i',, mnrl no nrXiun itlik«r\<r 
DO Mlarjxal liiE'bl. it fnlloh-a ibnt T^r r'Tv^'mco "f Inrrjiric uid. tnfur. Ae-> 
in flqnfilt, mny I* di>M>Tp|VHl l»y mwm* i>f rircnlur imlarimion, U*!*' 
u\'-t, >iit«(uim-n III til? Uiiuid »lnt(< inny, 1>V tlK< AifcrDO incnb*. b$ «li*' 
linfuuliL^d iiup fmsi lli<? r^lbrr, PilJiiT by ona |>nFi|Liciu^' rolulJun and 1^ 

U' ll'i rlfbl ami lIiit Qib?f to ibn !rf( p «t by our proiliieiDr * A^*'** 
rr>[4it4oii tli4n (h^ otiiut. i«ti^ crjurkl fi^nff^nimLruii »iiil ri]ii*] (WkTina sf 
Ihu Ajijutd. ^Vlioii iIk' Tiji[tji'i< Iff II diafriilvcd iikUlAiti^tr it lofiitA, abJ 
llm ibirkiKu uf ihti It^juid iIulIuhi liki-wi>« given, Ibi- 4'o|i«uln(i'« of 
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4l^ in ^- rA/rrm. 30, ]?D.— H. Ko«^, Avntyi. Ch'^A, AnA, liAl, lUL 
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IIkhmjiiij*.— Aulytid of tw^hjH. I\'J^^ IB, 380. 
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>'A<im, 4li, SIG- 

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to ba unlydod ; NiUit^tit-ilpiU^'UMnuli'tr^ /'"y^' B7, 670.— UeUt- 

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Ulcuauu. — Uuloruiiiulton of p^ln'ifaiJ. H^n^ 3^ 4Gli 


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J'h/iiw. f>»i,-b. 1840. 50«[ ^oAr'»VT lr*t8, A"7. 
N&LL»ut.— I>ciiiriiiiijniiuii cf aicngfliL by ueUimlA' ^ihl /'Aot-^.M. 

a: J. PLirra. M, 33*i J.f r C'h*™^ 41, mi ; Ann, I^Unt. B\ iO»il 
Johrfrl'pr. 1P*T— a.»M, 
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15, ISO; tl4i> ^irAur, SEi, 4»T. — fVuliar appantLif for oamlulitiii bf 
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Klllo. (FouKFoy, Si^iK Art Vonnitm. Chin. 9. OQ ; tomp. Pri^Htliiv. fJa. 
nn-i tttjn-n, vn d^ttnt Idndt *^ mV, 1. 70, ana iSiT; «. ;I4IJ. Piin(rlp, 
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(Chapnwi; Strutikk ./. nr 6"A™t. 3. I8^i )— fVvi/^ Jifl*rtf^«/ /cniv-rt /^tipW 
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J. 45, 4SC; J0< Mf>i *8f IJ^et, wLpncu iho (tTgr&lion of liir. w.iol wtih 
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vol. riL ■ 



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(L, 171). 

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(MBip. Dgmu ft Stat, AirA. Chim. Phyt. 79, 10»,)— ^"r furllmr ol»*rvn- 
ikU on Lhi* pujiil, nif. MethfUr fthttr. 

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likmriflo j^idd ihioCii> AfliJ bui iko otilio. (Mimprnti. Jnn- /%ma. 5I» 
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•ad t«krva»i 

(WillluDwn, C^Wm. Sa€. <iu. /. 4, 234; nU KttmM.) t 

1. Gnu iktriih uf ha lu^jil mniEi^ly hfinlfiri willi ■ ifrmit ninnn nT Hry 
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Sblt^li** acid, 0'"T-r"0^0', distilled witU tiwwii af Itckrytik, yjiiljji pb^JiiuiiH 
aftil. C"ir,0'.— Apinic acid, C"H'0',0^ yiold« C''H',0" K^nn 
nliryltu cif mulli^'l, C^Ii'0,C^Ji"0^. vlikh It metaioarlt vitb uiitc Held, 
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nVHt of a rMilurc <if kiVHLFttli> nf pnlJMh or wtn ami irtibkKvik 
fUvMUiWL J. ft .(Mm. f^ 331; V.fnioin|'p A WlU, Jan. '^ 

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biiruri tltnl portioq nf thn utrUon whifJi Jiim net darafw bi -nabnaltM 
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1850. 4S0. 

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Ifli knd 30 5««; aUu iV. Tr. A. 1. S«l •.nrl J. 9, lit. O.^lnL V. IV. 
A. 1 111.— DrVAk. Ann. VHim. th^ 48, 480; klu Afllv. ««, »rT. ,£*& 
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Fmuoot. jIbh. Chim^ J'Ayw. 57, BSi; «lto J. pr. C^tm. i, IH,- 

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10 t)m oil. 

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rtjHtpiEtii tc» tltn nir, — L. A, Biti^liiirt ;{-V. Hr. ArrA. \ TO) <«!■■ 
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'lated rdlArt, both 4]H^r(nrpi> of wbkh are \p-h np*n, hn<l tvA fur 
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Tba UirpflriLiiiA bho tiWuo ^e L/icuDufamd ^vitb VEjkr. nad duiil 
l*olv« iiPilr»» ^vliuKuiioD ibii oil pHiHi war iti ubunilaae*^ ( 
/. Pharm. iT. tOA; ^k i^'. IV, 21, 1, £70.) 

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^RAlp Untifbt of iL *iii>i>tu yuktile oil, hnX moalljr of ji miktaxv fd li 
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ft voUiilh oil, |.rii|>ttrly in c-iIViIh oftiin b^^Mt a c*niplii»r m tolmjot, 
(hp ^ai.rTrryifiaLbF''> -^di on FoaLmg. cipe^Loilj If pitrr of ilto *44*fatt 
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ft mil [urn j* ^ijttiljn*!, ilin boiliun poim Jimt fiml tow, hut rlfta 
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•p ftdditiouft] ■kiidJiCit V of oA^^eTi froDi Ibe v^tei ol ibf h^tlmte of 
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i^r ui Hni* ■liHi>'lj' iLnrojth ibo cuVmluj of ftot'ili«r ivlort «j 
bjdfHla of puUHb Lq>( in il alitU uf futiuu , iUp flun-DnrirniiilAl tSk 
pftiie*«rtr |iqrt ftirEbmrdl & CaliotirB. A- Jnn^ £3lL«i.7'Ayi, |, «L) 
1/ ■ raMib oil faw lf««n p«nJ7 o«ivort«l into ■ Ifnn bj 





*Tit"r. — Any mctiitoPQ irhLi[i luthpro* to nai "^l vtny be rcnioved by 
cnnunqvi) poHjLct ud Agitaliuu with ciiUnUo uf vtkLciunj. no-J tuWcqudul 

I, H'lfA J^utd OHm. — 1, Oil* itntN luliilliimU^S liwivn iipnn pupnr a 

rtui^>puL, wIljbIi roniiLEriii ovuu sfim Irm^-E'fliiriciLiml fcurmjnc it 100^.—* 
\^|ii^i] i)i« EiJLxlufd in -luiillcf] wiih wrvt^r, thrr voKifle oU |iuami ovh» 
while tUo fiiM oil i^idjiitih, nji4 mo-Y bv i]«Ifii:1vd by Apouifyin^' it witb 
potaa^,— S. On diKolving t]k4< vif]« oil in lLrD<] IfUtDi- iu vuluinu or 
HO {•i.'T CQiit nkobul, Mid ^ochWr fiart uf lUu Givl i>'t1 nriiEiiiia un^EWnlvipd, 

fL IFirA Afm^, — 1- When ibA prtiportinn of alfibol b Ni^i«j Cha 
gMlcr f<art of it nmy bo 01 trout oiT by waier. Ifii? lik^iiiJ uviiiir'n^-- n 
milliy lurbiUrCy,. Hvrii^c tlid qiinntily ul llIooIioI may w iLtlPMniunJ 1iy 
tbjLkint; Li|j lliu uii wilt] \M e-^wA Imfk 'if ivnT«r in tt ^rwttiiilcil U'iMhIm 
fvBt ibcUi't lonjT, »nc| olucrviug tliu JimmutiuD of rolurac- (l.ljj-jwitt, 
Jf^ Sr, Arch. 30, PAt,} Tim n^uH, liui^BVur. le nut c|ui:a neriLmtn, 

of 1^ ji4ir|ji of nil of [i|Tp4iiLli]iP am] I porf nf iilftnliiJ, *Ii>m nnt Imxiroo 
turbiJ 4.10 ■ddttivn of water, an rl ri-i|i]inMi fn«f[Lif<iLl ij^italLoo wllli fmh 
uiubutitLH Lif wuLur Lu frw tl ffuio tbo k^L'Ufvt |iiLJt uF llic akiitiul, 
Wtcii |)UiiKd u|)fm wntuiH H iHny bo uUppflftJ to give Up Ibe ilcflhol id 
■Tria. {Vbui)ui>lin, Jte)^, f^'Ainr. i'Ayi, |<J, £?Ll, hIjo ^w. ^A, 4^£I.) 
— !i. TW imiiiiro, Hlirn ilihiillni] whk wntiir» girim offlbw idfloltnl nt tbo 
vory hr>EtniiiiiE i>f tbfi iLiFlUktinn ; nml thi« Qnd ^liatillDtf^, wlkcn ivintvp- 
limtod by TTttmratioP, yii»l<l* iilnrhhid, ™wily tn™piirc<l by \U i<nu?ll, tiwto, 
^luiEv. IitfUinL- pulnt, ftitd lliinp — i. Into a gndofttcd tube, iwv- 
tlunl* fillvj witb t\ta oil, ttriao i<\iKf* <if oblojido of vjilrinui, frov from 
ilbMl, am liiLrfHluii^t iiud ibu wbufci biiLlvJ lur Uvii immh'a uu llui wiitnr^ 
bath, w\Vn iti^i^ni'iii H^ttiiliipii, If iiu lUoubul m prikA'aU tb" liLiiijin of 
Vbli'tidpof CiLlriudi jiptitmr ntMiJuirvd uftur doubijjf ; if 4 Diitull ^uqnlity it 
prcMDti tlioT apiirar vmnnjju'iict aekj btikod lr>a«tb(?r; and p Inrgori^uuitity 
t^uiDi tbriLL tv il^Li^iiOHC *itb Ihv 4lcobn1 joio 4 duiil liyor. tbo oJ 
luiUbg On llm tup, H\n\ nppoarmg dInuDJtbed tu voliiiiii> 10 pto|iorlJon to 
Ibo 4iuuitil> ft LLk'uLtrl iu'DBOiil. Il ia bofit to Jutruduuu uitly ■ iin&U 
auutity □{ cblondf of ailriuin at Artt, do bbat, if the uttimtlty of kidubul 
ffboiild ha but muall, ibo htlorutiEinx m lliB chlarido Of oUcium mty hUII 
%9 ycrntvtihh. tBotu^^rcMl. J, J'h'irm, £6. 1. ^'X) A mixEum at «H0 
jjTUiK of oil of lonionn nnd l.'> r^ruitit tJ hIcqEidI ibna ti^Utd, murfirti A 

?mjiiii uf cliliiritto of L^^K'iitm iiii4> li liquid, ( BfiLLiiJi^iV ■>^^- ^^- ^rcA- £4* 
1^) Kfi'iti ifuiiiii Mii^. ljriw4<vor. iin from oil of iriiLDlurd^ idi-ohol IbudI 
«Miir «cpinit«I by cbloriJc ijf odi^'tiim, (Ujwi^itii.) — ^^ 0»1 «?oiilaUilnf 
•iMbnl laJin up luiifE 'jonjLlilii.B tjf tvLi(i<i witLoiit tarbidjty vhca 
«gitihtr-1 witii LbAt li'iuiil, (lUrtoftn A'. Br. A^h. 2b, l^^— G- FotBHlnn 
«Aldi>» ill ilif^ *'i\, "ilb nvuluLiuji of i^tt, tbn aior« ^uiably, w tUa 
knibblily of iloo^ii'l prvutM>t i' i^n^itlr- A pinro nf ^rtvaiunt h* bLfj^n im 
la ^Tnun I'lf^lh* iLutibl rcmnin iioallnrr-it fur livi< rmiiii1-«H b 11 dntj) uf 
nil, with ,V uf iLboboIj It illupp»rt in Ii>m iKun rivo miuiiuuii 
ritb J, in I™* (bmi n minute; in wbkh emo it runn iil*oiit liko » 
tininff f4>«^ n^itiJlid kIu^uIa till \i It oilJIiu-i <0£rLlt J. ihiat, mid. 
aai; aW JV^ yoAr^. ^, A \V,H.) Bj tl^tii laulbod, i ilL'^UoI w^ bo 
Tot, Tit, » 



:«n*dti?(l with n-iia,inKy, A vjlti TiH CRrtninlj* ^ but nfiWFUa&tr; U Ita 
iboboltBOUbl l4 1*1 ot li>A^, l]>ri jintaiviufnd«B ao> fun* iatoa ^AiJfh^<|J 
■Itil J J>d m W*J'n>'>jF''<.iYiiiiii»m iii i^thmu ill putvt 'hI- Tbt AsMiilfliH 
«f Oie pvlwiiuni may lilcvit^ |iri-cv7-t horn -hmm in^intd «# Bi n fcil to ~ 
tlw oil. (Pki«I.U HJft'?/f^r 7'A.Vfl. p. ir. S, BOS, Ll|)o«Hi.> UhIikIw 

virJM viiJi ih<< imtiim af tiin qiI. ihn uiJiULii»n 1i*b^ mora npid 

llif] nil miirjjiiiA 4-tygi'ii^^— '■, A [tu'Vi Tnlqtjln nd nj^jtktoi *vrlh ad ■qui 

Dicnhol (tniiM ^ fartid mlxtarc, tbo alcohol broi^ wp«rtT«4^ (VfllHI 
J. tAifH^ med. 20. n^\.) ^^H 

pTMrnn of thLi o-Efllicraiion iDny ho (lotcrrHl ^j iHr Jinii>ll, v«fiMlil^M 
nbUa^ (lie oU bAlHtfuu tbo Lajida. ot Jift«r A.'mn^ 11 on flrviad 
UawiD^ iL uiEt-^S- Biupii uU lif EuTjHinEiiid u \iim I'^lubla iq b 
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twn ftiJk nfHO ]>or mnl. ukuilinl- if hiii ^if luriK'nliiMv Anin 
iJiiwnnt. lltn Hl]DtlD^ >« inoini|t|(iI<7.— 11. Oil *\i Lurpontjiio iDU 
ijTjr wj(h fliL^kl oili, thibii tlio oiLn or inujordm, laT«Dtler. 

CpporuMLi, Of wonuwuod. U. tbi^itfuiu. 2 ^fuuiuiw jf tlko 

turljd, W4I rii4y (ii*ij<:liiiUi ilint tlia qiI m nvL iDiml wjili t>irp#alt 
'^YDU ■ Bnmii <|U4iitity of tJio latlcr vouM rvodflr tJin mulurt (IfkT, 
VpUihI !■ DDt *|ppirnbl« to tli« oilf of th7ni« tnH ro«*a*«j. (H*!^ 
J. MtTTi. iii4'J. Zl, £rJ].] — 4. Mbuy vulaiic uLit <1jhu[vo tfaa oIih' 
UlLttot Iff •iLitJ|J-w<iiiii, t«ut vil tif luriH.'iiLLim iIoh rjol; (L0 pnaHioi of 
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tf|i»h, PAitrm- fl. 4^,) — J. Oil cf tBtpfnlinv hp-tvmet 9bna^y ba4tl ~ 
di^tonald* tijr rtpHiart with ■'hTI^'i; many i>l1iff i>lI« dn DOt^ ttul 
laltct ^rn iniirHl wiih oi>lj a mmW ^uuttlLly ^pf 01I of lur|!OliU*% 
|]koirji?i< ilrtoiiAJu [fj coiiUiut irlUi ^wliiuk ('i'nolriiii,) 

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Uf^-bCml; thrir ilnniiiy trutgna frnm O'^lzT (ibe BiKt nUubi «i1^f 
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phoM *«ri04 frnm 0'ri?n ( pi^mlAfi) (n l'Ol« (niLphAftlh), fTinijiMill 
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■^lUilo nils pniiwrly -d n.ll«it ^^in ath'ir 4hH>, ihql i* io aajriflp 
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TULlUf* ou< an (;iTvn in iht' (aUv un jrnfn 1^1, 1^5, vbfltte* if 
ihM llicy *n.ry WlHiiori — tO" [iIht iircpit tuUlilfi nil cf Oil^l) 

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oti the niilroikl boily. 

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and Ipniun, on- ilfntinnl otor froaliljj tuml IJmr in nxi afaiHtni-tUH uilmiijitpd 
of n&r ot SLlDd vitb urbDnic ocM c^jui^ l}>nv <«n fimni"]y iin diAtiuifiJiiUB*! 
hy tbejr cdoar^ bat li^ <n]rii>iin;; fltfin fur a «bjJo to Llif^ iLir^ ^^1 mirra 
MpMldlir by mtunljnj; \*]yvt ^ItFi thi^ii)» tko ■■lionkctcriAtui odoua mi* 

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eu eipiiiiLtirf llm pupur !■■ Eb^t jiir^ f»T iiifin> ijnirUTy by mcijultfiiliix il ATitb 

*i>nniln(i'lj lo^p rhoir t-lnnr whtn IhoTouebly 4r(*Mlj but woovi^r it nn 
«*[rf<»Mro lo ilftrnp i(r, (J. A. Bit^LoBr, /^n^, \5. 57.) — Win* no1ot«afD 
4rtoi] unJfE a bolE Jjir ciiTtbuniaj; aliloridit of floleinnj. tbvy retain tbolr 
tloD Guiuui'4 Ijut i-riiii|»loh<]y lfi» ihuir auiull, ■"biL-b, bbrtcvi'f, u ouclrDly 
rvACvrrd Iry luofrtt^jhiL' tbom wirli ^utc^r* (iEiimjlulJ. J. pi\ VAnn^ f. 

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blonrrDi, Up|Dln« ft nincli Eliviiikii'r wfour ol ailJittoD of eiilpburic arid; 
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duliUi-n^ l|i<iii> h^lIi wnipr ii)uncT» Voktilo oJI' ai:iy bn ixwpJcUly 
^pri'i'il of their oilin>r oiid fli^ry ta^ti'^ by |tr"por trikftLninnl wilb naiibtin 
•Ikftlto anil by othut mrnirs. 'flu-.y niay^ iht-rafittf}, bo n^u^rdt^il ab c^i- 
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by ftlililMjnh, pir ar. Wid Tpflvo _ .- — , ,.. ,.— -, 

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docponpoiitfuii. Ual even tbo maro valaiilo mU, wIidd ini^cd wiib ijuilby 

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jv^oe M wi V4U11L i^uiutLlj vf oJJ vF CLDiumoci, (Grunor, Jitktit. pfakt, 
J'/Mrm. 7. 304.) 

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jnUJ tiv tbtH fonnttlM MTPMjrtDd to two Toluiops flf vnpinif. pp. i2, 53, 
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Lifenm,— rDmiiTMJtiiin^ Ann. Ph't^yn, !fl, 41- 

/■Wirt, CVn/f. lH4a, T:3; .V, ,r /'Arfm. 14, flia,— Further, Tr/mt. 
Ap. 5oc, fitln^b. an. n.p 2^7i /"ji^ tfffj, /, ]*J, S, 4-lT: ib-ir, 

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Ann. Phanx- 73, Hd — On ii>mo 4>r tbe eryisUUIiiko miuitflaofiifl nf 
Opivui. TVmw, «i>^, (S^h £din6. SO, IH, 347; »bMr. CHm^ 5oc- 


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WiDlmni'itn (p. 17), the DaniHftnJfoRiiiilncf vliichtU gitcn hjhmmiit 
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Tbe tvo lut-mrationed acidd fona «t preeant ao enKptiou to tlia tnlp 
that moDabuio iwida ooDtain 40 eitenul to £bo Duddus: aimUarlT with 
<BCLanthiDacid = C»H'H)\ 

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Id thia list hIed, ^ufe flftf&nffuf with ita 50 fftrma an axoeptjon to the 
gQDend law. 

c. Mojtobatie AckU teiih Chhriiu- or Sromne-nvdmi. 

<C H CI] O (C H CIBrO) O 

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10 7 ^ 4 ChlorDTalKic tdd. Ifi 7 12 4 BroiDuinc udd. 

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d. Montana Acidt uith Aw^ Arnidogen-, or IfUr^-nualnt. 

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1€ = C^l^'^O*, BEjpbdi! add u> Oi jptenc Kid. 

4 = Ci*H»K»0*, WH™b«i»ic add. 

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4 - C-HTtCO*, NimniKc udd. 

4 ^ CH^tO*, ^icrocinnunic uid. 

e. Monobatic Acid dJ an JrAfnic-puc^^eut, 
CH^AiO* « C^H'AiOS CuodjUa uid. 

B. B1DA91C Acids. 

a. Wiih ftr^iffn-narii™*. 

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« 2 2 6 Hvulic-dd. S 6 4 M«Uc Hd, 

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C. TiM-uir Acma. 




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ks uTifnJorl #tth li»> f^rm^iioti nf tioQi»l |>roilu0t«, or «( moit of innn4i- 

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rnntiiiiiK At. (»^'. 9 At, wittin ihc ilqWi^lih hqiI 4 At. mLJiuuC)- 
{Uboar^jV. ^nn, f^>'A. P^^>. iNtfn,^ 

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lAftonr (HiJil; Lut uiusl uf I1ii;eii, wbori iLi»lilb'il ^r tt. miiloiwt pArtlnT or 
toliJ docunipfKiliDii. A few oien-'ly ,gtro ulf vniter, hekI fmMina in tlio 
form «f 9-DbyL]riiIi?a: r ^., ^Amphotia, pbtbafin, nnA juirtninifi HTidB. 

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C'H'O^', which id lijWiii<^ g'ivpo "i\ 2\\0, luid is oonvurtad, jMirlly Itica 
I Al uf biLu^tL^ ramiu-ir.' aoid, i.^K'0% [urrly \iiU, 2 At,, uf moDuboiiio 
malflHT aoiJ. C-'H'O^ 

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BTid, C'fl'O', jHirtij- viikliliBw nwI(Wuni|wfod, and ii nnrrly rwdviwl into 
2CO' and CH^D' = {•^hii'i ftold. ComoDio aoid, (.'^'JfHJ^ ^ivn otf 2C0" 
uikd vuddi a iiibEiiDHtDUf |>yrtijiiuci>iLrc ^*ii'i. CHH}'; ybulurly ^^'ipavld, 
C^'Ef'O'", yi*lda pyro^iiric ncid, C^H'O*. 

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of noid, C^H'iV, TijrlnriLi iiHA[ pivvniin ^nl, l_-'H'0"^ wVipii 
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cUitr produuK pvrm.ceuiic ucid, C'H*0'f"=C'Il'[r'— ttCO'-aHO) ind 

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tivn^^Tor 19114: ririiinnc ntid, OH^N'O", wljrii llnm rn'rkUid, dinfil" vvor 
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Bcnd, CHM^*, wlipii ir^ntly hpjitpd, ^jrr* rlY 7H0, o'ld Trii»p« » rrMiituii 
Wtnjii»Hn)f of nftyniMp (eld. C"li*'j^*, whkb i< aIm T*rimtii?: ihif, boirprer, 
MC A lii£}kor icitipcmTUTf fWei ofl' 2C0% 9.nil y'lclA'* n di*]jito uf bibulo 
it»foiiiu Beiil. C^II'O'. — TcTbiirtio[iiwoniv»ri[I, C'^Jl-O^ wbfn il* n^iitfuii 
■D]ult4»Ti l" lH»liid for n l»iit^ fiirKk, tfiv™ "U ^Cfl*. nnd Iir t^mvyrlml "ml-> 
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fivr* dIT 4C0^ Uid * lUblJmnlc of moDobulc fryronlHoDro nciJ, C'^M'O*, 
into vLii-lL comp^aiid eoiiioDic ncM ioplio ^uavcuod liy Bub11ujaijoi»« nith 
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In all lho>* ^veonipoiitioiii of moijola^l^r bilNLtl?! and t^rlmio wii'U, 
ill^lAWblddoffD bj ftiTJiinll (j\". Jftn. T^iffi. /%», 7. S23) lioUi flOod: 
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H BMnniuifi kcid ji rfiJjvpTk'd InTo El Dculr[i| cooijxtuud ty fiivJn? tiJT 
SCO*; A bibuio acid tieumu-'k muaubE^ie by lorn of SCO", Dud D«xitm Vf 


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IKKT. BtpoalrtotUioti, Ann. Cj^ha. G3, fid,— Action «f fivJjdaffeidt 
Jun, dm, Phffi. n,'., 113; ^WV. jt. Ctf^t. ia»«U. ^ 

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Chfm.6<a. IS 19, 334. 
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iMttiM iilffci^ljniM »! «ka» the H^<c^ cf Ibo r.t 

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. vlM« ihifw «■»!■ wi miifr ii>i^ «Mb M •iMana and. wiMt vtl 

thaJattfc w>4 «a^ atOiv *» M^hhatf^ Wite ko*r<rr. arUa^t 

[«U«Vl4fl «f aFBcaiA— U. rai« •!« vvdUt *iifc «a/i<-aj ufue abli 
I iMreiiilly with tk«* vltki «aaiB fc«t Knl* ayv*"^ «- :* - >>««k alK 
■■iin^ ■■■i>giij> *iiJ liaa*BBd kaI; tWr litaww lak* ap a ^hA 
^BBlitj«f aal^aWJ.-!. Mr-t fiud^nWl tf^nm^j tm ahM, 
«««A4firil, or ajn>^«K AmtnAt^ W gwiiai^ Ihijr m^ mtn vliAfe b 
" i> pt M iniii ai Aty f B>Mii ^cta m y M ; WoeoaWatorf 
•^U* la acBlial. a« ~ ' 


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lb* <faB tT fan, ai v^l Bi arlA 

nlaafiatf ■ 


ia a 4BpallM7 mU mJ bialH ift tba win fci^. 
hiw ft rfM l y tnaiparm at 5i' at SS". Hfaltotot tx a MianMlil 
ibUr laiptfatafit nttmm iit op^cv ii tWal 59^, aail f^ia *l tfr* 
ttS' AlUaCbWM«aria.Ub«U« 


pawaftal Al'— ir, »itb*a* fbiafiaj ito fai» (jja-. Mrr. 4rmi U^K 
tn; I'hmrm^ Cmtr, HMl ll«; AtfhL IMS^ |M; Jaif^jltr . UO, 


IM Wr« W« Atn alaatily 
•f ibaM t-MBli (abaal M 'X 

r nhkk m dbtiafvkM I7 a fmrm^r vA-^ 
bN«a4 it mf lu al Oa tm|>«n«fln W ** 



tan of iho second, solidifies; mella at the tfimperatnre of tha third 
(about 69°), aod then BDlidi ties nnljwhoD the temperature hHsfalleji belnw 
alt three^ Aftor BoUdifjiDj^ at this point, it may bo modo to melt agaia 
Bt tbo first, second, and third nidting poinLa renpectiv-elj, solidifying 
ma before, below all throe; and these chaDgos are producibfe in thie 
Bd{:«flaiorj to an; extent, nithont the slight^bt loaa or gbia of weight. 
Ab the fitearine approachea to pnrity (by repeated crWtnlliEation from 
«ther), the intemu between the first and second neltmg points dimin- 
ifihee ; hence it is probable that perfectly pure alfarin* {which had nerer 
yet been ohuJnedl would exhibit only two melting poiots, ^oae, namely, 
which are here called the first and third. 

The thr«« modlficatioiu aleo differ in density, the fint being lighter, 
the second and third heavier than water; at 15", the density of toe first la 
03SGT, of the second lOlOl, of the third 1-0178. TheH nnmhera 
apply to muttoD-Btearin otyslalliEed 32 times from etbor, and having its 
third melting point at 69-7'. 

Similar modificationa are exhihitad hj other glyeorides, Tie.j st^aria 
from beef'fat, a glycerin-fat from a kind of vegetable tallow (the history 
of which is not exactly known), palmitib and margarin. The fellowing 
table exhibits the melting paints of these fate : 


MStltmg ptivUt, 





Mutton-atdda -.-— -* 51-J' 

.. 52-0' 

.... u-zn .... 


.. MO 

.... 63 .... 


finbBtuice from ifttble ImILjit 4&'0 

„ 45'0 

.... 6?0 ,,„ 

64 -l> 

FaltELiUa rmm p*liu-Dll -(^'D 

„ 460 

... 61 -7 ,.. 


Mv^riq from buEler 40'O 

. 40'S 

.... 51'0 ..., 


Hirjuia {.'J from hanun iiX 43'^ 

. 44-2 

.„. 54'3 .... 


The property of existing in two, if not three modifications, appears 
not to belong te any fatty Bubstancee excepting the glyceria-fats : at all 
events the acids derived from them do not poss^a it j neither is it ex- 
hibited by sieahc or oerotio etber, cerotijif eurotene^ Chioeoe w&x or 
paraffin, ^ 

* TbE pnnaL itcBiia irhlfh Dally abulDcd hid been crritillind H limei fntm 
rihrv, Bcd amoualnt to oaVj 6 ^JnmCa rmiD £ hilogTAoiDlU of tbe GEud« fU ; it lUJI, 
IhinTcr, ipptaral lo be not quirr pure ; for The nsLi^iiE id Lhe matticr'UqDLd differed in 
meldckK poinl bj %" tiQia UuE irbjch crjilaLlitcil oot. 



A, P^rmrnr Si 

A. rnmmy Swtitmi. JfJIgM^CU' 

St»- Awt /Uv (ibt Iffife MMmt ii a«tiT«d ffDH -^tfr. n«, 
abl ^, 1*^/}, hI, ^ UH.— Ofaw^ in IK»1 W Danw niiJ |Mi|<i 
(Jq«. C«4*. i'kft. i^ fiX Uc »« ftfwniftj knvik. KrtDuU (<l— . 
Cik;». 7l»UT)4o«blc«U cuiir*n rf ikrikik»r, in—iDch — it ia M 

«UM tf til pf rilfitL 4 TW l»r»Dii<iH of ItdrtKO »n«> rf 
Mfwarl^iliav hikWi W #TMr«ni to jrtiUin<k|1f^.jBM m thMt^Oi 

J<f«^w«M. 0«AMu ^mfkWio n*1bjl-<«Wr, C*HVR<\ b 

Lcm; •»ltb*rwiWH|i*iiJWL ty^jhstitti ihab • bu^ i|uaiifjr 
of wAln, h\m lb* hjlndbrk acid ^a fnAmeoX tA ibt bom uw^ mA 
fma tbt ■adiMiMpa— d ptrtlna fif tba rtWr. lb* itmiAng W«^f omlaMad 
cill ila jw bvH iridioql fDraMJaa«f bj4f<x^l«vio ftoil --Aa « oct^ 
pWiJtn of charcoal b depodtad IqiIm mIp*. Ibt fu Iboa TlrlaliMil rawwl 


«t> >-, 

U „.. ]«0 00 

»i«brfc«.«».. I 

Tti'r ^ffUM whan iBt dd in in Ihn hi' bam* «kb a jr«lln IUbiq ; 4 

fif I i IjflfBt In tb« dvCouiksc varlig&vtvr xHtb vnnaa vf qKjr;c*« JM 

MiDv ToLumoi of 0X7j^b ud vndan f tuIudiu «J cat^otuo mA. TIk 
} rut Ov±iii>u nnLbo wjtb 3 >ul. 0. FbrititJti; T vol CO* i uil lb« t fol 
H unilo fiUi ] vu], O 

ifl Uw tfaaJoi, bill combiiin wilij it in vuiuliiuc- (Dunua 



MetlijL C*ri'=C»IJ%ril 

Ki*4m:la>Ti A KqIiIih, Chm-Soe. Qu,J. l.flO; Ann. /"AtfrM, C*, WJ, 
fOAHSt-^fri. CAfm^^oi:.Qn,J.$ti^7i Ann, Pf^rtrm.^i,^^^-, J^* Snn^ 

Thbcdmpniiivl witcflnt nhtnin"!! bv Kulbv in 11(411, by llt« ^[Mtrolj^ 

Wl JodEtfc i>f irjolltyL Tliv ;;a( w^koli rmubliirHl niil Kolljt? biiJ pruri' 
OUtly uIiluinniK Iri IHIf:. Iiy iloopjiriiPidlEkir I'ViLim^' ipf cLiiyL wtLli jv>lju*Euni. 
iui<! wLl^^ti IbdV it Bnl rLijArJiMl u* nitihyl, C^H\ in now cuNiiiilvnd Iiy 

mliitiim cif ncvUto u( jHpftiJili u fliLlpJrftpil t» tW ncdiTi of thd <lvoiric 
eiLnonl. a niAinlur of t^iw^up |>r«lm:U nro pvolvffl ; rin,, «rfcoiiiD wM, 
hrdrof PTt, en tuSaiDrpiAblc<)PrinH'ir0kij (fna, tiid t £rm«i*b]roh amAlln^fk^otliPr; 
lIiC Jut in i'urii|ili.'lj'l>' ftlH0'1iL>tt lpy inl|>lii4f lO twpj f^if ihti nuinfrr^L i|ijiiJt1Jty 
«f cilli»ri4ic <i( |P')tiLtr<iiEiJi kiu |hM:H.'lrl In llio FiilulJon, <T}|]uriiii.' 'pT RLi'llbyl ib 
^rmritjr Tln^ ]c)u«(>iipi mlilLiru lliiu uvipUpiL after Imhiif fn^il from crir* 
bonJf' Hfliii, I'riiiimiiftti in am^ i-xpariaE<mt, ici icu} vnhiEi>»« ^ T ri>\. ony- 
^rii, 03'*< by<3n>v<'i»j '^'^'^' mfthyi, 2-1 oii^l^ of iiimWL^ O'rt v^it.-klo u/ 
■noiliyl ; in udlIin viporhuoittt OC ^vl. hyilro/oii uforo oI'l^mMl tu 2A 
nvibyL If Iba loliiljuu vt uLi-tala i>r jhjIUu be Hlivi'E'jii bv n y-itr^tvi ilia< 
phnfin, »a tlial tbu )^riv cvulreil lit lb« Iwa piA^ m]t.y bih iv>jim<UL| 
HjPHnLatv-, niitbii]<^- but byiTmEfkn !■ n^olvihl nt tbif mi<;jiliv{i iiclr', wbilo 
■t Ibo fiiii"iiivo jpit^^ thcro i4 ^vdwil n irunmie niutiim, ivbirli, tfU^r 
Itc^i^ troftltql v1t7i i^dUiaU un^l vl^h >ul|iliurU ft?^J, Iou'm iki>tbi(if,- ^nl 
msUiyl uiiluil wUb n tEimli qiLiiiitity uf viiUv uf uigtbyl- (ICvIbv,) Tlic 
docunipcfiUi^a iff <-i^irDH«'4 by tbu fuUuwiiijf v(|uaiic>u (cv™.^>. p. IT 1} < 

rjtiB uniT kuk'lui ;;kj, imoliililo to v-ntcr, pcid bum with Ik biulib 
fldwr, wHIrli ^LF"- but lillld li^bt. ALtutiu^ ilikiifli-*! «.ij pqueJ tdIuipk, 
■Jwirbni^ it witbuul rcviilna^ It i* uoC cli»oiY<ii] by •nljrUur'iD ncid nr 
by pcniUbJnnrJp] nf iLiilimmiy. (KiiUvi-) Tbnvi iirLifrtTli'M ^m likdiHaa 
prmriMi f bv tbf tiii oblrLtaril l>y dqniimjmtiii^ pyjinMn of othyl irilb 
{KPtoAimm; liciiru IvipJbf (;o&iiilcrr«Z lb? two iiJi-fltJaal. i'ruuklLiiJ, hoir- 
Bvvfb M air«fly «b*i^ivD(l (p- !?£)< n^pinLi tbani at itiDhily iflE>junrLii ^ 
Mcdjl doH not iiqiHTfy nt — IM*. 

flC IV ,.- Btt C-wpow — % ... oetie 

M v« -... 3 „„ lu n-n* — — a „.. o-ti:9 

<?ii* ., 

.» u -„ 1^ 



Tim ■lonfKj'of lb* (Ewobtainc'l frnifi ryaiiiile (-f fllbrl by POtuiiuin wo> 
ffliiud b> luiKiriiucbL l4 bo I OTA »Fruiklau4 A Kolbfl). (it t^mlALiisI ii 
IIitEo rif tbr hiuLviur viuriiiLr uf iha nyaal*}^). ILq tbuuryuf tba ^^ 
pri>du«il by t'pc iilcicltiilyiijf vt ai-ulio m^id iiuil Ijy tbtj wuliou of cjq<i un 
''xlirbi of nif^tbvb <l'>f4 ngt ti^pi-iir (o havti bcrii tl'ir^^ily Uvfnnniiit^r bm 
ibiL ofn iniiEuro of 20 vol, C0\ <I[^-J vol. mcLhylj nntf V? vol. vluW ul 
IHtbylfubbLJNud by <b;ct]'u1y«ja uf \HMiii: iKi'i). svUmU \>j ucC^rCV^XAjiiu. 



■lioulJ l» 1 IDS, vroM tvubii l>7 oiporiinDni Ut W I'lTS. (Kalb<^ dim. 
Hoe Qn J. G, 18^.) [Fvi ilif tliwM««.uit re«jpvftfifiM"ifdU**«l^B« of »A|I 

Ud lb £itJH-4^Lir fillip riilLr^l'^ «iiL, ^|i I'l-lJl.) 

C-mjiour rnfiijim -r vol. 0, &.iiit 3 vi^l. If rf^^uin Ij ■»!- O), Had jKli* 

tf vt.l, rarbniiic ipitT jijiia, — 1 \*A. ehloriuQ no* 1 if<'L teplliyl y>*l^^ 

■a«t tho lUurj octiuu i« n«irl<d ty u^lnribD on jiq vquoj rcHtvQW 
fajJi'ltln of vilivl <jl»L;iini^i] liy (hn nnlJitn nf [HklUKiiinj on cvhni^U «f i 
tt ifl nirit rmJpulklft, lii««iov4'r, tliit iri l\it fomior nn^ (fin ulilvrii 
on nnlv hairihi> motliyl, y^aidcnj; & ujixi jft of methyl, ('*H', lijJrvrUani 

^Ib 1 At. CI. iiLUlJEiitiHl fi>r 1{: Lbu-, 

A mlitun of O'H* aaA C^llKl is tviJcntk tqainkl^Dt io comucliai' 
Lo C*1I>C1.— Wfc«D fl vul. ohkiniic iLTK iiiLiv'l with 1 vol. Hltlfjl. 1W 
|uu>|utl« an, id fnrl, V vul, llCl^ ni^i) I v<tL ur h ba* h**'inx 1^ 
lpu*(tiun C'I!K.*|. HirT nfh''" S ru|. dilorm^nrc in i tod »i<h I vrJ, brJMt 
af vthyl, 2 vuL hy<lciKblaric atv pm^luociil, ictfBlbflr tvilh ui vilr »|0J 
ItMlD^ ito KHiio irfr-iytilaBfl nnmym-iUi-n m r>JJl*l* rif|ujik C'UMTP- 
Ki^MHi i\ic*c ivaiiltq FraoLluid 0iim<tiiit4.'u iljdi tb? [wi> ir»4» mft^mvk 
IjoiknI, lJk' ijQ^ cUlaiii«| tiy t^m-Jvilmln:* ut iimtic Avul ur lij ibr trfrM 
of lioiT upijn iiMlida af ntt4hvl. th« ntlttir W the vtM>ii «f potowit^ ' 
D/fkniitw <>r vtbirl.— 4r« rmJly liiBi^tnnlT tlm nap (-ninj Um tnt laftal 
inolhylj C'll', *.uil iby hit^r, bjdfjJi' nf elijjl, C^H'.H. Tbe Uemt it 
iiJtuoMaii>eil wliJ'4 j4>ilti]v vi oLbyt u -LwDfik^flVtl, bu |if wa w *f nHf, 

a, aa«). 

Miftlty] iiitfti iiat ciiiri'tiun diri'i'lly rrhh nny irf ibn oTtfnMiuj Win 
Aci«prtijiif Ilk iJitfH nLiliiul'iLi-orVr JmivovfT, <t ii mpihff of ntoiWc flU^ 

ctjmlijpalion wilb iiiujty oil of ihvto. ThiUi JffiV'-fthar, ^j[|o', » ki 

tiiJo rp. I3l5i H'«of/^r^,^Jjo\iub7.1n1«df4Ut. W-Mi6*l|4« 

it ffprrik* ntrrmTpnnilinjr eoOipoamU. \S\ih l«ilia«. BlWDiikr. C\lt«"t 
KluuriTiL-, and CyaDofrcn, II fann* other* of tbo locooil dvii (^ IB*V 
M'Uh Nilr<jj.'i'ii, it (frv:t Trtntftliy!-imift vid T'lC' mwmtitgAum ; 'Mb 
Nlirj^^n itud Hydn>fi^n» MttAy&rmind nnd ^irrHM^daHiiu-, WtUi Z'"' 
U biFUiA i» A^ut[icpiLtid nulinh} nlfM £ifuvpwd>yf« f^'Jl'/n; vtib A*!*' 

hIb bo fiVDildcrvi a* eii>LiD;r hi r<uoifyjt, l''h\Aa=(t'^HYA«, •*! M 
]>. Tbru*nU ]Jiutrih«riw bwo. CH'i'=rCH')T. It utf4« aiba in *« 
juncE-iim trUTi mb'^r ur[wiin nJifKLi, \a mtny alhirrgoDHm 

VW'tA. CUfT ill' fnfiiiqiibjTi^ /«rt dtr SUmpfr, Ubci* t. 

s> aui; Mitit tyjB. .(Hit. ]ri>,% i, iio viJ jia^i 

V. 10, ATy— ifc».<r^fV4Af , t 00 nod IH«; mU« GdL S^SML ' 


Til- 8Ar§4Libii.— TKo gfv iilFliLin<>d ttton Al^^tltnt bnJ Hllior Ql a rod heat. 
J. Phyn Hi ^hi G'lti. I«0, !l«7- 

CiVft. SSp ifi- — Kti-'olrifiJitlun Ijv ibn <!« proJueeJ fruin wJ /***/, 

mUi A", TV. rt, ■?, JJ,1, 

/, 1807; alio £;i'Jft.3i 117, 

Uii43,oe,— C(fal'«M, />Ajr T^-onj. IKaO, 1 1; iil« ^n«. ^iM. /"Ajw, 10. 

«fl; alttlr, ,Y. TV, (I, 2, ilfl, 
DtTSia, Jm.. CRim. I'/igt. 79, B3; aIh Am. PUrm. Uti, HH; a\m> 

J.jff. Chnn. 19,310. 
0. 8[»iiop.--pEl^^E>*. A'. Hd. PhU. J- Sft. Ift3. 20, 301). 
Oniiusi. - PJi-gax, PhiL Mti^. J. ^», t^T- 

Martk-a'i'. J'-i-'jtu, ffan^ Iiipiinii'iifilr Air, Jlr'tty f'tijiibHitit!/: .fir; 
£rJntrn ir/tnnl'K't Lnji, SMtnpt'iat. Suiaj'Ju}^, Oritwixj'tM; fJa* dfm mara't,- 

^noiiniMl hy \'vl1a In i7'». ir ibc lorni ^ manb ^; alsu hy riiutky, 
Ouik«btiDk, UllIIutI) W. 1f<^r!ry, uii^l ottrDTh 

iSbtrrtfV. 1. Ed the ihikI of boA M ^anX-air {SutiLplai/t). Jl la 

forufJ ihDjT T7 iho iviiinfaviiiiti of wgauU tahttmDrt*, wnah u wvcJy 
HWu, itiJiI E'iti'^ ^vh'-n [li<i iLiud IN hiirTHO, tu^tTivr wjlIi % lur^ ((Liaulll/ 
itS attUiiivri V111 nri4[ n umal! <pi4irCJly nf nidttj^tir It \iar>* tttrt ravlnin 
corbphin [>vhl<i [W, llflJirv,) 

7, 1(1 tfonl'UjJciev, lu JUtiffj'ji or /Vr^.'Aii, vhero U mkot wkh Ui4 
uiF uf iIjc iiiiuu EuuJ fL»riiJ>: lilt i^ifiTLwivu tiiiiEurii» "^Ihl']! cpii Uitf iL|t]'tiXLV] 
uF ^1 ljLjij|k. if i]i>i xiiriviiinik^iL avilIi [>»»v't <vJrc-ifiLMiit (11 Ul^ 3.^^, mi 
UrrLliJo i<i|n(MiDiii; Fin Jittj^ {Fturty ^A*Mr/rn. St/ifiiffmJr W* 
/Vh ItTtmt «w ^Dfiiii). [n lIlpaii niinr^i^ ihi^ gu uplipnn tit \tc profit 
DoL by tba Hthon vi itniDu Iii-d1 upon iht c»li — iiiniuuelk u il if 
frum uftiiim? uirt* flni) j>iMiorally il»j fF^m "WlWiil uoa— but mtbi-r Ity 
A ilcTUiijjiijpitiuu uf llio I'tnl iriiliiCit by tbi* j^n-kiiift k/( HntuPb Aec'urtliii^ 
to W. Hpury, it urUu ftoin tlio d«uiii|kr:Bi1tun <p| wn(ur bjr eftrbuu ■■* 

4C ■■ 4HO - KOI -I C^<, 

P■^g4' rnml^ o^mEnini ai>7^nt}i(»r fliiiiibiLBUbli>t;u, dtit e» f^nnnJl^ nixc 
wUb air, 'Lninplimr'A Duiitjtiiii[ij| ui^-uh ivf nilm^n, niul fuiini^limiui ■!' 
witli ci.ifbiHiiir kiiI.— Acoordlnj; to T"m« {f'k^. Mtfj. J I*, 1), CbB 
following f (uoDU* mistuTM arc found in the ppoldiJuc* at KewcwlW: 



Ak. Ki 

f'lJ'-U, v(|l. 

bffaUi»tliCqiI>*Ud „.._-_ 


,„ Ul 


VirJ I'unl ttttm — ,„ ---- , 


,-, *i ,-. 


tlifh Viiinnnn .. 


,„ fts 



J/iw MkJii S^ani 


- 3T 

4fi-a ^ 


llnflnn Ttf^m 

n flf-fio 




AiUUM' r%[ Itullnn 1w«.ii 

U ^4-4^,1} 




iCi'filM'in JiiiLi> \%l ILiii|ii» 3^k>Aiit 










HI a 


Ji"LP* l>4ltl>'f Rquu 1 


... tlB 


Uf jjtlitLb Smit -,..Mi..>*w 


..» <a ,«, 

»1 ,. 

,.. ^ 

UmiTLETCE; PKfltJjt S(UCL£Uft C^K 

GnWa (/VL if^ J. f *, O?) ^^mA tb« f»B*«bf t 

1#* _ l« 

mitar* vUch rtataibi bat rtwW cMMt jeu «r af Uic *it«v 

■■J fMdMM Mhbcr VKlct ftw ttt^wk bJ; b« on Ibv ad^llw ti 
I pfr «*Dt. flf hj JM Wk MifenMrftMi Utiu *riA in tbm lubkln ; hJ 
if I M«««M, o/iuMM*sU*W*dM|^ ^«UI naArr 1iBit>4vl« 
1iHUillB«WcHm«rUiru'ko«r. PmimIvb hahl iBTot-rvdoH »(« 

Ihbi iritb i^ t«i ntnl; •nJni Vh* «iii«f «xpuB« t|i*i It vwU 
HtdaM ia IW cv obttivM tvm uttatv, pnMlj dtn Iv wpanOaB *f 

lU fliaihEik, rtiTifar. M«flHlu B» BiB^of, Htibsr «^t»t «ubq«ii 
nid^HrnfHraf «a/bjdr«arV4>«D<lnnb1*bjrt«li>r HnUI; Wl 

, ^«B _ It*' 

Hi* viU viido of *a[ 
mdKnI. anl I7 fi» Ml' 
{1 ]«fwdii. H4 frv«i lb* ilr, 

ffllaw »i i^xynK b«i »«< hj Am* 

Clwhaliop; mwJ tfi* wilHyo w^iatJ im 

•lw»«li niLlDkvtKiD iWSdaiBBbvpvlM&iovtnUaiiitoiWHV 
eMi'feranlitifl of ll^o Im. Il«f* i>«M*» mUUjr fnA tba bi^cU/ <•^ 
tH'iiifrn^i ihtlfi. * gt0 *UA b«n> *«k b Mnuh RnrHvjvtJo* ■! Ibv 
■fitii u<I, tfi«r b«as fttoJ IrvDi arbniiD arU, ii f.^unii in cvoUk M> W 
[4r HDl. of mandk-^ IMI okiuil ftv, u^l 4'TD of an itHaabstfiUt 
fxa, iii«l ibl/ ii^i#i«n, hat Milbfff cutNaic DiiiJr. d<« uijr ii9|ttar oo«- 
,l,q)NAlf W i>il uf vTlriot. (Bwhflf.) 

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■liink. W. lltTtty {Aku. I'ftU. li, at), DiJu^u {Sj/rlcn,. 2, 200), imd il. 
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inn. Chm~ Ph^in. 73, 119^) For iimcja uUi 
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I'iiw/pr. CTi™. SO, 314.) 

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HoiDt not jd decided {amp. V.,3I0, SJ7J. 

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I'tsiiiKT.— W. FTotii7 fAnn. Phil, 3*. 438) wiuiliw onal gao witli rTiloFiOfl' 
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— CiTi^kiL <.ir;:a]:ic Li^ij^ii^ libeo',,^ ab^'ib \i m fniaL] i^uADtitT, 

Methylic Ether or Metliyl-ether. CTH-O = OH',H0, 

ri-^^i^'-nvl I'V l^iirii* ^iiiJ Frli^'i tAun. Chintz Phyi. 5S. 19).— 

/'.*rrii.|jj..i.. Uv- bH>4UD; w^iftl-syirit, ^H*0^wilh oil of Titriol [Dnn. 
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bijnTJi flic ftppFirrktiii. (Mfcl[igul(. ,IniJ. Chim- i*hif9. 70, 37lc) If tlm 
nijlo^i"!! In* T^ri'vi'nlt^Ll liy cnu^rn^ llio t«j vpiMw lo mmn t<ifj<*lKi*f in Jb 

Jltive LT^"'"' Tr riMi In III - ^r liiinTAnrii fruin i^iii'li nlUi*r, they fnrm 

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CoLiv. ^?in. ^in. /^A^ir, I3> ^d,— DokmraKB, &i4». S3. WT.— 
MA<iAJhii k M^DCET, Jan. Ai^f. wim>. it, iVf; hl>a JU^ M^MA 

.— Rmi.'iiMsnACH. aVAki. flO, 241. ^ 

l^uvAti .t PrumjT. ^nn- CVm. i^Aya. 5A. A; t^TMt Jim. Pkarm. U; Ij* 
■I*) ./. y/^, CA'n, 47, 34>Tf,>— ^ nil, ChJm. Pi^. 41, IflSj aIb J. ff- 

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A^l' (Ur. 7^3'"} nix'orduij; X>r AiidniHL (CAnn. 5cri. ^ J. J, 37,) 
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Bromide or UethyL 

ButwBH. Ann. PAarm, W, n. 

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lPi.:fr-..V, /, TArtfM, Jfl. I.IR, Jufirf„Ur. I. 4- A', t (t4f -41, OTt:) 

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Bofli ILL 13* ^b»f, l^Ji"). uniJ irUim i« Uiuia|Anvev »^ AvidMjri 
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lAi 4f ritiMT (1095). XfiTi, Chitn. Phft. 5», tB; aIjd AftR. fAontt. 
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Forma/i'mi ami PrftytntUim. I. \^y hunting I |iu1 i^f w(M<1-«pirit 
villf 2 jili. Gommi»d rult uml & pin- i>i] of vitri"!, Hud c>l[nFtini; llio 
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n*««B[vuilC<IIX;i'H«ul«flrlw UqM Af^gr. I>^>lir 
kiiliH HinilO-S'; vttp««r-4«ua; 341 a. lu «4««t nHaU* tlM^f 

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prw wriy ui>ii M pM'l »£<■ k—aaJ. (tiyiiilL) 



RticiKjUTLT (ISSO), Jttn. CKim. Phjfn- 71. Sflfli ^n Ann. Phfrntk. H 
F Ckiitr-ffett/t/Ajrr, C^Jf'P-Fom/rthfr, Kthrt m'tfiyiifjuf wm-wA/ofir/ 

lij* liuatiiij; 1 |)L of wuiiif-n|iiril. WiLIi 4 pta. 

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af mlciqih tuUi, liitJ Qnnll^ ihn'UffU n tube <]r»ird nut in « fln« point, into 

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vull n>i<0Hl •f^iLi riJr aii'l ^iltii^r p^tot nol I'fttevriu.-'i Iq ih" n/<ii"ii ', <>Tl>nr 
»ivi A vtvl^nt oiplciajon will oiiBt^e, iliiltctiu^ tliD km«r:k1ut to |iio^OA 
The dc^'FtitliTi^; neck of [J;e jjloW pLt*«'* mid iiu nJapIiuif IuIVh lelow 
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n<tL f(i <UrcFl ■iioibine,— An liour ofi*n pIii|ih4 hcfftpc iho jn^rt I'Otf^n In 
ut upon cirb nUmr; IillL cunJoiiLititiu ibuu ukoi p1ih«iuili1ciily.MLrn'lttL 
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llio gli'ltv ptL^ibrfA Ji ynllnw EknT Fr^'io rtiV" of «bl<trmi\ liLr< J<uppty of 
mnbyVetbor gat mutt not he a'it:r^icTn.^t^^h lc<t a conaitli^niil'lo <LiiiuitltT uf 
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hiAtlli riflutiiii*, t^itvt PBClfflvJil'on. flf pure muiLDrhinnniLt^^l nuitliyl-^ihrnr. 

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£'008. Hof a kMJTnailiEif; &lfi»T, *nil rrcitJi tour*, jmr lilo pho>^rl(^^ 
Vflnr iilnwiy diNVimpoKd by foM wtil^r; thfl unHffimipni»d pnrtian 
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lT\gH 1i>:lit, H Ea cunvoTtfld inlo C*HCL*0, miJ oltiniDtfily Intn CCI*0. 

lIpfiiBatt. Vat, l)Fn«1rv. 

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DpvuA P&lioot (1«3A). .Inn, Ohim. I*hr>. t>%. 5J. 

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^0rHia/iAnafu^Prqiura<iOii, I, U^hDiiuirrhlarDniThariiUiij(m>tTiv[#(i« 
{pr 3011} in fii«olv-Hl in %\yir\'taM runtnoniii^ (bin (Vimpntind cryjtnJtl™ o^t, 

«0M|> p. 310.) 

2. Tlhi ■■inu cuiiipauhrl it fumioiL whoD wood-jfiirit it ADturmLoJ vilb 

C'N»H*0', {Liu%AWBhler, vl/'n./'Aii/^. a*H OtO' Uurwol Ac CJnrhardl^ 
Cw^U ni'4. liftSl; Vii-Viff, Ann. Phurm. JH, ifJU,) 

». Aimt {^Hrt, <?AiM^ i'hj/K ti4, V'j^^ iW ^nrt, Ffkirr't^ 19. 1M; (kUo 
y. pr^ Chem^ IV. 02) |>u*«c-l *lr^ otilnriiku jfw llihiiii[l'< •(■^T^lly litijiUnl 
vood-ipitil Coll Oil lirij; i.'vafLL<tc l»F iin-'f^uiy, uud vuu-U'UkCMl the wijlwil 
vipi>urpi in a c'ouUiiI L'-lulrt^ lit LLcmLjr«bUiUMl n li<|ui4 of up. ^r, I 25. 

cVTkiM'K^''^ hjkI liin tiMitn <tf lijdixivHJiiti VJ'J , bii'iinil urith a nnJ. ^nvvi- 
<U):i^4 JtnuiQ ^ Kh" <lr^oi>inj»i>u"l In it htw ilnyji hv Hnli^r, uii3 tiiiniviTiLLlvWIiT 
unnciuiK- Aiiut rctcard^ ihii pri>fiwL n cJiIorocyuiJilc i>f (accbyi-u^ii^ffl 
^ OH'O.^PKC'I. but givM 04 bHATyBb of it. AetunliiiK io \Vurtx\ 
npcriiufnl' {C>nipf, rvK^/, 03. fiOfl) UD llii HftiLLjt uf cLtnrJjcr of cvikn^tfmii 
On aWhol^ tli" pFirilimlJi nf nliinli urn diluriilf nf r\t\iy] ntLiL Lirrfliqup, it 
bu<ly af]al4>£0Ut Li^ urrlbyrnT>i\ It in rjtni'rivHhln ilijvl Aiiny^\ lir|ni'| mihy 
1h 4 mitturo o' lorcnl prodnoU flf daavjopoiitiDD, odo of vhieL !■ 

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□ilxpil vith wnl'ir. nn vtljirn £nknr pUrn iilT lEin li^piiil iHx^fiHiiv kHtutmliMl 
wilEi iLe fjn*; bat "hon [hnl pnJDl U ■lUim^d, tbo Ijijiii*! W|[lnji to boll 
npuMy ntiA Wijmci lurUliL <lo|iviU|af oryaUtr 'J cUornta of kmiDODloia. 
On Mn|i|irLtJiL£ ifii-M' irryeLJ? try GUntiiA au'i dl>llllliiir llie HJtndo, uiirro 
(hTnridii nf iirnmciikiuiii bi![t±r%tcR m ilie fiqiiLJ LuruiiifH rijuni Cjrirtiii1n.tiiit; 

ifcp hicoivor wlitTi llio hoilinr p^rtot FflncJu^i 14(1", tn4 fullivtisj jpan 
Ibo part-iuiJ wliiPJj -Ililil4 iivvr bulwopn thji£ tomponluiTAii^ IMI° or 180°. 
m liquJiL in nliLiuni'il. ifhicti rvftor a wliitu dApOflFl* oryaUlt of urotbjrlaiw^ 
Tift fii>naiktiiin of ibiA compoaii<Z it nprcdruEDJ by tlio ui|iijlCiliii: 

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AtvurJing U CaAnn. 
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Vol, Dot**, 

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Xanthomotbylio Add> C>K«0>,fG9*. 

PiuaoT{l8iQ). Ann. CAim. Phyt.7t, 13; ifcl«>i4<in, rhtm, 
tS; Vhem. 13,37*. 

Kquwd pnljici Uui Uivw of p&tHoL uid Liui4-iiUla 

PtMaak-taU. — CryfUlliBos from a mlitara at polAifa tliuoliroil m 
l-tplrU luid Anlpbido of wUdiIj in DuaUlva having a< silky li^tin]. 

KO 47-1 

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lB-41 IA-A4 

SH.M.H.. A-0 —... 

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I'M) M. Ill » H bfl'IW M-ai 

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# ■■ '— ■Ith'hhIP ■■■1"'iii'i bia... 9 "MIP""" 1 »* ■'l-ili'hhih I 5W 

cnpno>,iC9^- „ 111 


Sulphocarbonate of Methyl- C'lPS^CS*, 
CiUMPM (iMtl). Compt. rtmL 23. 622. 

ObUtoAd hy JtitiUiit^ toffctlinr Iha lymciintnLlftil K>tiLli(mit of ■uIpTut' 
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BuJphoBomethylJc Acid. ch*o»;jso' 

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miifi'/Drmi'pie (LKfirvut); J ri J*-wrf^of»f/ ue mV/unf (GurlmrdlJ. 

l)i«<<i*vroJ Bnd inronjntdd, toffctL^i^r wiib ttie Ihrcc &1U«d i^falori' 
aattd tfid*, by IJ. Kdlbc in 1645. (^nn, /*4anh. 5*, K4; vamp, U. 
ntO, 341,) 

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4. SaH |iTt|An»1 by promt T Cf^ 709); fi. SaIi ptMtvd tj ff«Mi 
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ChlorO'BalphoBomethylic Acid. CCiH'O', 5S0'. 

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(Launiiil)i Acute tnithidii{Ui iAfnrotu^rf [Qarhtutlt). 

njvtory, Fomfttioii, lad |fr*puuioia (pp. 29C. SOT)- 

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fifrrnqtirnt in tttc nir. 

f"f'j^-t<iU. — Ptfpiiyotii^n [p. sue), — SiririU, peurly fOiilei w&itL. iflor 
ilrjtng m V'jj^aa over oil of viUjoIh u-tv. nuhy^ioui- TLc wJl ei u^uiml, 

■ibore ^An", i[ ^lvi^^ olT cnrfionkc okmIf, cirLniiK^ JicM, byilrurhliinn n^Hil. 
4ni] di«1phun>jLH acf'ul, ani] I^vqa il rotlduo of obloriilo of |H'rA«iutiip giiied 

^lij ft eiDoU ^uiEitiiy of chinrcoa]; 

cfCl■Hlco^asa> - kci * c -h co^ . nci * s«o^ 

Tho nrbnnlo oiMo In pr'iliiiMy fi>rin4«i) Ky Lh? n^Linu of tho nd-h^ 
cfa^roofrl in Llia rutmut uii llio cbrliuniu iltIJ. The iiiTt rfioaulYda la 
vtlflFt EAUd in iM^ilif]^ aLvulitU ilcubul, but i» intolublir in Duld JihjHilitt* 

/IrfJ lit i-if Ffi*. 

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X -^ ao'i .,- W'M 

tS. ^ 380 .„. IB-;0 

• O «'D -.„ U'flb 


Iff 7* 






SVftVfWii^ — Tho aqucoui b<^4 Dcutr^ii^l vJih »r1»nate of lElvftr, 
■od umpifmLuil [ii vBoiiu uvlt oil vT vilr&ul lu jwrf^i:^ ilnrkiiiiBa, yicljfe 
■Dull, ttiiiia|HLrDiLit tuluruMj' ojlDiirti'da tryMlait. wbicli. nfti^r dryiEig in 
TMito nr avi'T t\m wn-li^r^Knth, lue frM (n>ni walcit, Thv vnk rftm^inB 
UDitrcnnijwivd liU li^n-td En IfiW, and aX ht^hor lariiperKturtK jii dumin- 
puH'il hlti> ilin {'otd'^l' "iilr.s lu Ai^iiDOUt BoliUion it >ciry ouijj btukpDci 
by ilieht ar houL (KvIW 





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m III ■ " "-"-'-^■-— -"r^ — .j^----^ — =- 

Uhiai], but lliD dbblW dpcfl licfi HmUiu niifiil ifiril.Wl ^ 



dirD|u of DuEnjuih riim to tbv Inp of iL fWfiiiLiiiuio & ScliwaiJHr-}-* 
Lowig (A^, 4£> 41>n) DbUklottd by ihli di>tttE»1inti, iniitj'iiil i>f wiittd- 
niril, >a cchnml liqald bBYln^ & iwcalk plekavtC ImIo, anil taiatly 
QjtfervDl frutn wu[id-«|>iriL Wbcu ilry kmiuijaiieAl gu if [xuhJ over 
BiiiibyUc *ul[rlmLii, tJiu laLEirt i" Airiviirtcul, wit!] tvululLoD of D0&1» mtu a 
•oft i^ry»i»iinE]L) muifi, f>ntWi]y ik utinLurri ni Mil|r]iiiriivlbjftuikiT uud uimI*. 
Biini|iu»^ii4| luiiUivlm Aiilphpktf. Wirh m^dnwiH >krTiiniiitUL. im^Lli^lm flul^^iUn 
bc<c!<j|iit« bcalpL) n, mni-\i m to |^n>J(«t thf n>a*i "Ul fS tim vcnkhuI, ttncl ik 
Ktutii>rL i» {orn})!'^] crmutiiiui^ fral|f[iajUDLl»j]uijQ» C^IIA'O'h^HO*, nnil fwid- 

MiTLhyli? Aii1pharri» bnatr-il vUb Urn ri)l1n«mff mbntiinaai, yl*}4», hj « 
kiiiil >if fluublv licooioputJOoik, thi- fdlliv^iif dthfim *ii tbn ■■cond JiitJ 
Ibinl ciuHH ^ WUb fued aUbn>J( </ wif^Hn : oUoriilq nf luiitLyl fuiil 
■dpbHio fff •uda : 

With tbo ruHfAida af it^ afkah-ouinlii ■ n llqiiii) (iikviiilp]ia>^ intRitEiUEi. 
*-Witb cffaiti'te of /'••InaitiHin ur i-ynnulii nf nwrevrff - m lii|ii]il ojiBnidc* of 
nolbjl. — Wilb/rtfTOiVi?? «/jorf/»r fonnifttff nf methyl : 

lb ^MiOdU /^potaah . bcuuAto uF fLi«lbyL {Dtmu A ridk,i;a1.} 

STilphoractliylic Acid, OH'O'^aSC. 

PviuiJi PlLIOOT- jfnn, CAijn. fhj/i. 58. i4. 

Wh«i I HTl cif wrnid'uprit U ntlxivl vltFi f piirU nil of rUrinl, tliv 
Wftl walvrJ i* nTifflrJ^nl U iiidu«i lh4 farfi»lln& ai thU BCidj lud if 
tba lEriviik bo (bfn 1i>ft to ov^itjin'^lc apnntfirLfwufllj, Ibp aiiid nflan i*ryei4l- 
Uu, (L>diUA*& F^'tig<il.)'Tliv niiilun vf lyL vbod-tj'irit and ;j pta. 
oil of vkriul ■■ dUulcd wrlh wbtvr; uligbtly "iTiKir^liimM wlih barytu, 
kdd fill*if»J frum iulpliBle o( buytu, lim flltfite v.-in'oflimtid m ilio 
Titi«r<lBlh. ifrb(^rvu]>uu k nniitU mlditiupftl i|uaiili(^ of lEiljdicita uf Imrvlft 
U dr<ptpiiil(ul ; «nd flnaJlj. thn H^uiil r* pljiA^E undut n ^^tUj^r, Tutfotbirr 
irJili >juk'k )iinr»^ viil U^fl In ckVnfKJmtA ut ih'" ti>ni|w]^fazii u( tha air liU 
tbfl bor^ln-vti rr^«Ljtni*«4. InT^ tbit uiLt thn Ui^tu^ i' pnnvnrirrd rvnn in 
the ImI dnjL 0J dlstolrjttf thr^ briryliv«nlE in vmli^t. |tnNii|]it4tine Lhq 
tw^tft by uidiag lulphnric iwld m tli« mrt 4|nnh1lt/ rfquJTpd. >iii<| nvf 
ponllni; iHa fittnlD m viinuo Eu iJic (>ui>»itt«ncc of l lyFUp^ tbo uLd ifl 
obiwDiMl in thv L<ryiii»]lLiiD furui, fBuuiu A FCJufi'V) It mny ftlio Ui 
pmArrd by dprniiL[t[j>-lhfi: tbn biqd-anll i-iib iulpburt'ltrj bydnqrou. It 
Ll bovevrT. nbt&mrid in ibr nilUn nf ^n^twl putUy by buii iEi|[ it JoluLimi 
«f Dothyllc auliihiita Id boiling wiktor la evapurtto ■poDEaavniiBly. 



■ «v»| tula. Tb 

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v||F4l iri'H" 
Aw a ill* fM^ 1^ 

vW« k^fteJ is i*i« ftu; Ukea In, ai 

SB . 
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i* 76 
1 3f 

< n 

I>BiD, PcL 
3? 1 

6 1 


10 2 


OH-B*l>.;><> - i^- l*:-6 .- IMM 



£rii.--»H: — A=hvJrvaf oc!i-beJr«D?. rrrj deJlqaHtfnl. (Kaw.) 

. _ _ w 


. . . «J0? 

SI 41 

_ CO- 25 

. . . tan 

t^H'C-O-'.SStH ._ IJJ 



f'nTfthT tatt. — Fannnl hv prffipifting fnTphomeEliybLle of bvyU \j 
1 Ai urauu^ <'uJp1uii\ »o ihii ibe dliratr.- may qdE eihibit ^ny lorliiditj 
either ^i iib ^ulfburir mriJ -.'T vitli ■ barrta-KiU, And Ifsria^ it to cvip9- 
raCi' ]□ vnruu. Th« i¥^iJil:J trmp, aftfr tbe bipfle of seterKl vonLbi, 
di crv^uli vhich ut ■very debqwrteat, and moat he dried, IM 
|ja|*r, and (beq ia xkbo. (PeEigot, J^. Jhh- Ckim, PJkft.1% Chem. 35, 152,) 


V*0> 444 

2 80* flO 

2C 12 

b9-U ... 

4-^ ... 
I-U „. 
6-26 ,- 

..... W"8 



20 16 


t7H>(U»OTO»,2SO* ± Aq. SAG ._ 

- IW.SO' + <?HO,Sff + Aq. 

llXi-00 ... 


Lnad-^aU. — Gonerally ciT^tallJEM in long prianiB; Bometimes also in 
tftbLes, which perhapa contaiD S At. water. ^"^ decompoMd hj hfla.t 
into Bblpbfttd of lead bad aolphatfl of methyl. The pnsms, when dried 
OTflr oil of yitriol, give off 1 At, water. (Kudo.) 

tyyttJIbitd im jrnnu. KtH. 

PbO -. 112 - 50-00 49/6 

i SO" ^ 80 8*'Ja -, 35M 

C*H^ _ » iViJ 981 

Aq 9 - 4-fll 4W 

C?U»PbO",2SO* 224 _ lOO'OO lOOOO 

Snlphometlijlio add is mndi less aolnblo in alcohol than in water. 

Besides the bftiytA-aU above deecnbed, there eiiata aJeo another 
isomerio with it, and called Itomrric tuiphom^ylaie of baryta. Accord- 
ing to Dumaa ^ P^Jigot {Ann. Chiju. Phm 61, L3&), thla salt ie obtained 
by pawng tbe Taponr of HnhydroDfl ealpaurio ^d into atihjdrouB wood- 
flilriL, diluting the liquid with witet, Batnrating with buyta-water, pro- 
Ci{4t&tiiiE the BicBfiS of barylB bj paasing carhonio acid into the liquid^ 
and leading the filtmto to ontporKte at ordinary temperiktnree. 

Very long, thin prisms, apparently rhombic. 


„ - iie-o ..-. 

... 64-82 .M, 
.- SZ'27 

6'68 ... 

l'6r .... 





an „.... 

„- 40-0 

12 .,.. 

S'O .... 

.... G'95 


8 .... 

C?H*B40»,280' ^ 17Sfl lOO-M 

Sulphainetlijlane> (?ii'Ad,2S0'. 

DcuiB A PiLiQOT <1S35). ArtA. Chm, Phyi. AS, A8j also Ann. Pharm. 
15, 45. 

Fonnod by adding iQethylio inlphalo to aqueoue ammonia, grmdn^ly 
and with Ae^tatiDU, bvoanao the Boliitioii ia attended with p^Bt ovoiutioD 
of hcatf and lunn^ the solution to eTaporate to the crystalliijpg poiDt in 
faooo over oil of vitnol (p. 305). 

Large, trWiHpar«i)t and colourlesB tahleB, which are flitT«mely deli- 
'qaeaeent* bat may bo r«tored to Uie aryatalline form by drying in raeno, 

fthimaa A, Fdigot). 

X 3 

- ■ - - -iZ-r ^^ 
t<v: 1 -.1-; ■"i-.i.---a 

t*«>:. Its : : i f>- 

vapiiur ■"bi.'jt ^:t=:.:^ 

Ikd ronfnqml 1$ fotwd 

Oi 4 nUtioa 4if diEtmnfl 

ABM 1*4^ ik* edimbBv. T^ 
M Af baODV •! lli« rcul«flr. ie 1*14X141111 

:; -T-r i xiii;^ ..f ffaff^riJo of calfinm aod oiiile ol 
:;:j .:,;1 •■b.^■h udl'udm to 03 of ifao wiKnl-apirit 
Lriiri S'i'^s; jvluts idJ is therefore n miiiure; il 
■ , t'.^'. L~z * d ^l.[!alf wbich jinioUs of hyiJnirTiii'S 
:be-ei-Tv. cv---i4i?i& ■-{ nieibvlio fwrmiate; il \i Qui liJT 
^ to 6$'. ihit m^ihvlJc DLirale paSiS<^a over in k fiUU 


.' of ^. jT, ]'l.^? al SO-; boil^ al 66', and vielJj > 


Durru ^ 

H^ga ... 

N'?M ... 





liW-iM . . i(m-M 



A^ ihi' nnnlv^i? Joo? not acTf« v^l? wjih iba calculitionj Dauju A 
^(•Ut^\-t c-tn^'\-]t-r ji jHisjjMi'. ihouL'b aut Terj provable, that (he compf'tiJi'l 
may l>o C']['i>,NQ* [lVrh:ip Uit^ ImuiJ was conlamJD&tocI kiih mdbjJK 
bitnfe. t.''H\),NO*, a fom[H)UDd nul known in iho separate Btate-] 

MvtliyJic DJtraTc, when set on fire, bumd ficreel}' and with » yeWt' 


flunfi Ilfl riipnii' drlnnntfpi with Uio gronl'Vl vl^^l^mui Ht n tnmprmtnfv 
■ littlo bttU* 1.11^— On brlnginir a flamdi)- ho'ly lo thr ■j^'PtBrp of a 

{]■« hulb ClJJoif WLlk lliir va|iijur, nut oiily ia ibt bulb ilii^llcrti] [o jhlc^u^ 
ul llli^i^rtv a |i[iiljuiifii-L.^i'uvtljlu ijj h'Ljob it umy bo uiil'Ioh;iX Gvoq u 
(UL irifu l)<^iW 11 buolH wlicii )t ^iiMH Jliuk cfjiitmuiuu; iCHl fublii aihU' 
nibln^ii vi lliii I'ligkniF jf UuhIviJ c^i [hi? iLiEniK^nittiFu ut whk'U i| iii.|p1(h1{V. 
FtibvariljE^ln*, lb*' ™rnp<*«nd mij' i>p unnlyitoi! in ifa" i.riliiijrt *!»y wilh 
eijtl*^ of I'OpfW'r, tlin HccnrnponiliDH Ulthip plnfp vpry qtiirkir, but mthjujt 

nnd mlFo^rn, m^nru noi^tiTj^rn tnEPik^h rur rhir fSm.] Mnllkyli^i nitrat*, 
buUfJ nJtL olcobulln iiolaAi. h ni[ilill^ Ui^ooinpovoifj witli ri^piinil^ou gf 

HeUiyliG Formiate. (^U^O.CiW. 

FtirwiJtM tif .tfrfiSy/, ^nrmwi* flf rt*!** q< ^nlA^/; rnnMic M-fCAj/U 

lit t/ierJtjflr^ 

Bqim] imrln tit iiwi]\yV\D tvilyhnta ujid furrriijilji} uf iiih[il uc ^i-^dUy 
T in A <]JiitElliLLi>ry iijijuimliir Ah h'hh u Old EW-Ut^u bM^Lii«H U^ 
bDrnmii* cponlii-iiiiiiiixLy limEiul. mi*! uitiOiylii fortiLJatv jmu'lhi mur in 
A nciffy ]>iir? <tnfc inT'i T.hp ivc«'ivi<r, wbirb i^huitlii lap wpII r^xiM. Thi 
DWlJiylic lunahuT?, wLicb aflor^-nnin pnj4tn avor 4I k biubm l^mprtnlum^ 
it i-uriLuirLiiiikW «<ilb ft liUlv niodybo lutphftlfi. TL14 ili-TUlAl^ ibiu 
obluiTifvl ir iM^rilji?*! wur IbririmU' uT fluJn, ■.nJ Llifln i>ijiv tjy if«?tf m A 
drv n^rurt tii tWi* EiMJiEinri n. |4orfi<cLly jjuiv [iroihECL in ubTn.rur7i1. 'I'Mi 
oompound in not obtAinvit by iTiiUlUuf wooi-ii|rihl adJ fDimiEilc cif judft 
with oti nf ritrinl. 

anJ bftp)i>^ OD ollicwd I'Hi '^T'. |<I< .' <irtt niL^^nr. Vftpnur iJoB^llyslE (t^A. 

IDoiDU Jfi r^Il^ol}. iiuUij lji^].Uk.v4L Ji^ and Si"; uaclla lik« fiomilo oUiDf. 
Li<^. aim. or^,} 

lOOQ , 4U'i>; C-npOnr t ^. i-t> 

1«000 _ IIFD'OO 

1 ... ro;M 

ChluruuitiLliyliu Formifttc CX:tlIUC»0'. 




, vaiT ■fowl^. tnkin;: u|i 10 At. uxj^u [troiu 

I Till, inDthjlal <[j«nlT« [a 3 vul vutor, wiU uuy lia lapantc'l tborfr' 
born try tfiiamijnir (li« waLdi triib iHikuh.— It diHulTH in klcuho! kod 

MaIjiwUi Vol- Dpi-lly. 

fC*^ „ N .,.. 4rAT „^ t^bG C-npou-. (> 2 IQ'JU 

• II B ., 1053 .... HW3 U-fM^ 9 .- 0W« 

40 3;( .,„ 1210 .... 4|-»| Oh«ii« .... 3 .. 2'21M 

Hdhjbl- 70 



i .... b-itM 
I .... 2'GMd 

[M?lliy!uJ It ferLwpa jl onpnlal^ii aninpDmid of ft higbn tirdtT. OOm- 
)ml DWtibly of I At. nieLlivlic funniiKa HTf.h 4 At. WDoil-aifiril, mvnvt 

M. no. 

ITn^ fa iVtv rormulo, il« Tnponr wfll Iw, nM I-d-IihuIhi. 1ih« Ihat of 
1*0*1 hut l-B*rnnio, JoBl fe» Al-ammoDiU tapoiif, whu^li i" J-ntmnin, in 

whr^ jirrr ^Lbt4(iilo< Gnr,] 

AcpordJii;t lit LiHliiij (fMrn. my,l, me%bl=2MoO + FoO + A*i = 

tC»ir.t>+»t''H,0+TlO AcroHin]" to H-^gnaull, \l ia htmad hy iho 

nniuQ i>r U At- mol tiy t-cElif^r, wIiiqIl hKVa lAkoD up 20 jlihI ^vun olT 

FDnnomflthylftL CH'-o*. 

UAUnrti. ^nf, CAwL, fhyw. '0, SBO; nlu -4nti. Plnnt,3% 5Bj tAn C^Tft. 1*, 67- 

FtrmaL—TirtX aoilovA hy OrvKDry, bat m«* oimpl«t«ljP cuminBd 

A mUtnte nf 3 nW oil of vitriol and 3 witor l> "»ddnd, Tifrrr unnlfci^^ 
? ptJ. uf blhck oildv f>F binhyaQPAO HIkI V pCa- wuij-ltjilrpli^orrAln^l In 
s en|iuiiiii]t niEiirt; iiltI llm miiiuTH ^ntly LukEml la tlii) whr^^t^Srilib tJtl rt 
iHtfinii tn fr^lli up, l^ul nn Inii^r, bprami'i^ tln' \i^i ppiKln4:iid li_v ill* 
rfunt^on i>f ihi^ irml'TUiIji !■ Jinlliniciit fur th^t 'tirtiltnlimi ; townnli llm ojid 
fpf (ho oji''nilT'>n^ hnw^irr, ikr hi-M, ^hniil't Iw tikhud I<i IHCf. Thn *h"- 
iflUte. vblvb conuint fonddTnclliylal, wocl^r'lril. n]dpfcijnHi«, i^hd n ■niuU 

vnHluH^jr riling' Irum >0 Lu 80' , iiri<l itnly lliikt i^iliriu [■ OL>tTiwled wlijoh 
ditlU* avi*r cit tcMiifHimlui^w ntti ik)>r>VEi ^\i' Tli<^ tliiErllutL* thui obtHiii^ 
ranHi*l*aff^nniniiii[ltylnlmiir,(1 wtrli nnniU] c^uBCiltly nfuUutiydu (Kuuo,) 

TranApnrrikth cntlnujIfiHs ninliilo Uquid, Builn at j^n (Kuio); al 


44 U **9 

hyf* «4M ik «Hili7 ntf k 

wmnU <• ■■ir&tf J a« TOJka b«i4 fas 

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bft«MifM4 tl 1 At mItIi 
(■ w iit r iMd Ht LfitBi ii At 

I Al t j ii*i r ial 1 y<iaf*Mtfawat»jH-*f>*^ 
E^ ^ — » *W a K mJl^ *■ tj*tf> 
V^ h iiMT ^ ' ^ ^ At Bftkri^Ai* 1^ I At. h} 

■I Auiifr ^ * Al a*Ajhl will I Al Mtt^Tlit 
WMr t> 1 I ■! mhm lb* «i«lu< ti IvbM kiiL m 

lOraTLUIINB. 313 

TbWB MVflr&J viuwji lire qihitiittid in thp r<illii4Jiiji tnhlo: 

AflnrHlLuE *>* KtH. According ft Diiid**. AcaardLnf Ta U-LTKna. 

CBO ma f II O 

1 M McAfl^tlwr .. V 3 1 H Ai. U-rhjItae it fr V At, Mrlhf lU IT Ifl « 

t U< Udhfl-iMkdt Hi X M. )tO .. . A K 1 At, MutbiLlnl . . . 

|\i,P4tnnli<A4]M I I 3 fOnulito .-I 

VanfeflBclliTUL ... i i ^ tlOt It 10 IV 

Itt mnr ftljio be a oopnLalvil cdinpuunil of 1 At, nuitUylio forminUi nnJ 

CH'O- • CH-O* - two -. <7H»0'. 

, ^,- a At. ofdiin wriifiuuiril «r>! nctfld upoTk I'^potuL, only I Ai, uf E)i4 

5 Motbylomino. (;:*ii*N=CHM£*W= H Jn. 

VfcutE HHitt). Cimpt. ren-i 2H. ^23, and 393, 20, iPAi i f»ttt4. IBV(, 

CrTifr, lS4n, 2<H;(,"A™i-IVi«. IS4*, 115: ^Bn, I^hat-m 7LB3U;Xpf. 

ran* W, 2aN; CAm.-SV, ^m y. ,1, flO JoArfgf/er. IK41>, 30*^ 

JWofefuUjr .V,J.,7f, fiVft*. /"A^. 30, 440 f ^, /w'. CjWt, A3, ISfl; 

y<^iiu&tfr. 1SA0, 4<3. 

/'i>rHin/>o4 1 By t}\o action <if potub Ob ojonato or oyincmtii 
BjOkftutEan orpolAalioL wrtAy^i^wi, C'H'N'K)' (WutU): 

c^M»N=0' ■ a^Ko,Ho> ^ 3(K<') f xif . cti-n. 

9- loJicIo "f infLlivlaiBtnoniiiHi, H'tCH^jN,!. flf bjdriorfito of mell/- 

MumAniA on indido uf inqthrJ- (Ko^anu, f^m, Soc, Qu- J, 4t ■J£0,>^ 
4, Bj tbiT kCtion of i-AUilin ntLnlla or nf (ilili>rinn on Tiirioo* UKluniL ullu^ 
loidsl a. Mi>rji|jino b''at|iil r<> 'iOU'^' iriLb b^Hlrnti; nf pntvb yirlilii 4 dia- 
lUlnU oonl^jrhin^ juvUiy 'inline, ( Wrrtbnim, Ann. PJi^rm. TH, if 10; rAtn.. 
0«t- I6A0, 144} e Tlic JlHJfftr.i> oblAJnoiI by bwunjE Gndnut in 
|10°.,,17^' '"il^ bydmlE of [lOtMb iNmEAint TnclliyliLTiibo, brjfPtlii^i- wilh 
BniODEiii amt oL^tt^r Lutic nruiluc.'t>. — i iry^trocLluFLkLft of mcthvTnniJnD 
la lArmnd by lW itcUuii uf rblurliic uu Thfifiromitie. (Ro«hIciJtr ff Ului^ 
w«t«. HVh, ^«Xff. flrT, MriH. 'Jrtrt, JfiAroiba'. |«iO, 437.) </. Al»o, 
lonUior villi & viuinty ttf nllinr finiclucU, by l)v iLrtiuit uf aliluncii? uu 
Cq/nfi'. (ltii|ibM4?A '^xn- /*i^nnn i;i», i'iU-, Wifn. Aaid. Jltr IMV, 

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ft ike i^^ow nillJiMh M H BiO" '"HI Lbt tuW *• psi^ fll"«|* 



•rplchJvd irilh vol, nxntm prndiipr i tc*I, nrhnnio ufd and I toL 
BitTBiwo, X-iw « •i)l. CO' tfnotoJH * Tol. Oj liuflct 5 irol, inutl htv« 
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It VttftT vf nil ktjifwu irnMvi. Whiffr bC £a' abwiibi 039 lliUM, kjd ftl 
Jfrlt*, 1110 timiH ilB v^Mtimn aS Lbu ifnh'— Tbu v-dulivu ia fF<^pHFnl by 
JiMitliiif rynmimlp of tiir-tliyl with im|ji*lT]py, {\t. 313). Tliu liP^uiild %ra 
bcMri'l tiecthfr in a flofL lunnounU'il by 11 iV4nn-lutv, wliidi wrvu to 
WDdfiOH tli^ uqit<ti'*'ii v-nioiir, \tiiA hr-jinjMtr i| frnm ih" ipumEui nw'thylt^ 
DiEiie; lLe;rii* EIumi ]jii^«i« over inti* n rvwlver cnntninlnif 1 *mnll rjunnlhy 
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in n riiry litii^ npdRttiun. IL iiihv, buwcvur, Ipii Q.tvy[uPT»lt.'-l by prcvluiuily 
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ijVikntity rif wckif r* 

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diLtcuf pkctb^liimiiu: wliitb iliHulvo*, ai\il /Ji^i»4r/p>flh'fAy/'iMi:Tif,C^lrl'jN, 
wbicli (vJUbJu* LnJiuolvvU ; 

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tvaam k "hllo prrpipiaJn* KjJublu eq k larfio «<r« of llin nrrLffWit, Witli 
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imufiiE » ibe]! blu« folutinn, WUh iM^binuin^ttlli^ • vb>l« pnviptUlo, 
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dptl&tf* mwiUiMii ill oitfiM. Tlif*P \n*t Ihwpj h-ntfliipfw Jiflor frm 
"lOM prodoDoJ by uunmpk, AcoUui of l»d it icaRBlj dogdoi by 


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9D^^(- H-iiiiiciii it ct;r>allitc« in lufv, tnUi^iii pklv, *Uck 


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■qmuiiii lObthylHtiiii]!] miit h^^,[p^,At\ar\li uiid, and rviipnmtrnjf tn drynru, 

i« lliip, Inr^ti tiiiniii[p« whiclt» nt llifr HiomeDl of C^ojr VorniiLlioiF^ appear 

abow ]l»l" KoLtr^kt in an iffrfin ^ihmfI 1v il vorj liigh tmii|H>nilUF<^ il 
viilutiliiot III vtry lU^hriU vai^hurx wliicb wtiduims iu 4 wbilo puwddr uu 

^tliD butIhD uf cold Imrliiu. tWiirts.) 




... 34-4 .... 



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Wlien a sulullfin of thS^ Hitip oltUer in vKter or in alcoliul, ■■ irctilKil 
villi 7iniB.]i!T\ni "f ih>bi^iutii, bjdrogn" i»< bvuIvhcI, a-iiJ ififl ^ic[Uji) LiMmiriA* 
klkitlior^ Wiirtu ri[u rntl yi«t ji](t»^riL|rd in obtnininr^ hy t}\in rr^nrlirm {in 
UnJ^morm^lEivliUniuniiiiiiii iinrrM|tiiiii1ing t<i TJin nMmmiiiw/if nmat^nm 
{I ^ *JT), Npiilior i» iiirb n fnmjinopd |ir'»fiO''<>il hy pliuung moroitry in fe 
fovily in a Inuip of Lyilrui^tilanLQ 1*1 tii«uiylATuiD«» uid coDn«cUiig U «ilh 

Jt'ilrate. — Furuiuil by ■alimLing ft^UDuarJ mctLyliLiiiiiio wfCL aittia viid. 
TIiu nuluiiob. wLcu uvaptffawd. yidd* bouuiLluIn '1W^'^ tliw&ilnddwl \ifriima, 
v»ry iiiucib iilr^iiyfl-lwdn juid <:[i>H<ily n^Hanil'Tiii^ ilia rpyalalf at iiUml" of 
luumLtiiin. TliLiy aru iliilir^unMiiMii, anr] dJi#idvi.* »pry rtwljly In vatfi nnd 
■In'linl Tlixy nw iLiT-itrnjHMud Ijv diMtillrilioii, yiuiiling ^uo>i]a |trndiiiitji^ 
mA divptof an oily ll<|nid^ irtvolqlilo lu wi^tor IWiitelJ 

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««m|NintiDg iL tniilarir of 1 -Av hydrcchlnr^tn of molliyltniEtin iind 1 At^ 
Aitrtnivfl BiibliiHitlo. Thft lulntL^^n^ whea liigbly utJtcoEiiratod, yiptiU 
^Uolky ttytl%\a of tluj JoablD mU. (Wartf,) 

^^ I^U^tVdHmff— On ntUiPg nantutinn of bydrocblorato of DiBthylunitui 
vi4b A »1iiti<ia of dtloriiio vi guld, nn pfcoi;ii[Aio ■• lormed; fatit on «r«- 
»mlinff till the Iii|,uiii becvmos wry uuutuuLtiitpJ bud ibou Inrln^ it to 

1^ ^JM Th r^-r ^r TltAjlw^ Will 

DnnTH¥l.iJfIHZ* 319 


4C 24-0 ..„ 1*« 12-32 

10 H 100 .... &09 511 

Pt™ ,.- _ 99M) .... 50'(l MJM 

CI J5< .... le-ra 

■ N _ MO .... HSfi 

2CC»H'N),PtCl IM'4 .„. JOOW 

ThimmpDimd is anslo^iu to Bfiiset'a fint dtlorid?, 2NH',PiCI (VT., 
300),— According to Oerb&rdt> Dutation. it may be Rgnrded u the JTv- 
AvcA^ro^ 0^ Z>LpJaCEUi>-mccAyfan^R«, NVl>H')Pt,HCl.— Wurti'e formula 

CVH'PtlNr ^^ ^ HBTdBt^ odiqlseiblfl, iaoBiniich u ]t UDpliu that 
fajdroobJoiio add cad act aa b bibuio aoid. 

T Duuodo-metbykiume, (?(H*P)N. 

Wmrz. iT. .inn. (TAtin. PA^. ao, 45S, 

Ponn^ bj Ihfi Htiaii of Jodia« od the a<[ueous eolotina of methyla- 
mine {p. 315). 

Oardet-culoDKd powder, wbich dlBSolTea \d mlcoholi but AppfloTB to b« 
dHxtinpaHd bj that liquid. 

SC ^ -,- 14 .„. 1-2? ..« 4ia 

»H 3 .... 1-06 .... 

SI Z&2 .... 89-33 .„. 89-5? 

N U .... bib 


3SL .... 100-00 

Tbia compound a decomposed by bsatr but does not explode like the 
iodido of nitrogcD- It in ateo decomposed bj potuhf with fanm^on of 
lodida of potHaBinia, a ralatite product hariDg a very penetrating odoat, 
and a alif^bt insoluble rwidue coDaiatiDg of & yellow floDcnlent matt«r» 
not yet examined; Wortz ban, howerer, ucertaioed that this rwidne does 
pot WddM of iodDform. (Wurti.} 

nil oompoDDd faju b«D bat little fftn<l[ed. It ie fai-med ae a hi 
date {at iodide of dimethylium) by the aottoo of Hntmonia on iodi 
MMtj[(vp. 1T&,321). The faydHod^te distUlvd with nuatio potuh i 
tfi* tSkaii ra the free state. (Uofmaon, Ohem. Soe. Qu. J. 4, 332.) 

1 c 



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HvnruM; puiujti yucuir^ i^b'. 

Mors. tUL lie). — TW kjdrwaite IB formed 1^ tb* ulioB of aatmt 
pa (o4U»«r MHtltrl; and aa awdHip]- l]>ia 4«po»d vitb polk^ 


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OUahed In the form of *fi \oA\At br lb* Mlioi t# 

Hot Inuwn ru did *i;-p4falifl vlaM (fk^ 1 !). 








•ilrvr in Uin ■qumu •olutHfb uf ilia kulida: 

(c>ir;*x.i • AfO < no o JL4I * (cni^xo^iia 

On lllvkf la Hpaimle tlip U^idr t-tnWot, *fDiaaclj«lbiJiB«MlaB)a»« 
"•MiJMd, vblcb whoD «Tft|itpn4«d In ihtuo er«r iQlpbnrW «fv>K jMlt ■ 

aod nrboDEF uiJ w]ib iltuUi^ (p. 17). 

Wlipn bnvrtd, it iDtamoten Mnnri^. ind !■ rnnirliil^lj nlipTJil, 
jrjfddm^' n ilmitifK alkiJih* JlHttlUtv, AdOotdiDg ta u« dcnaipaillBfr 
pn>diK-t4 AlittiQfil «>th oilK'r WiivH of nimHif rniTinifaii^ ih< bf- 
dm9l<iiHl»4>' tPiTiptbvliim, fk>r pivii|-1i> — il uti^l b* ufBMvd to jwi 
triDitibjIfrJuiue iLitd ETivlb^l4>uv, CH'; buT 'i( fepptui (« tw daeoBftsita 
• ilifrnnnt umnvr, v out a Bum of )«niULQonl gm li flbia vCfni 

cr^iUil^iHa tD iobj* ■JiiaiDf nndlr« (llahnkOJi.} 

/dJiiiJf.— lodl-^D of lu^iliyl bciii4>l In v«Jfd tobevIA 
IfeMBOBUt U^ukLIjr dHvlvvJ, Uic cvju jJdUuu of ibo ac«inibdn(' 

li](mibrtljjrJmm. Md*N. The firal iiuU. lut <if l\iv*t LO]t]]tnijnili rvrc fM' 
4bwJ ill ab[iu<tuiju(\ tZiu h.'i^juilit] imslluf 4afeuLLtVp miJ ilio iLir^J uiil 
fourth UJ %\ity mmaU 4iitiHiEEj- Thr> bttrnn Uku* pliu'it uvvu nt unljuury 
l(rjn|h>riitiiruB, bul Ituv ^uifbly. ,<aviirbl liiiji bvin^ n^^uiriHi [(i rrjinpliiUr it^ 
If an ftlAtbotid KliJliim nf amiD'njfa In a*c<J» thf* n'titm ii^ miiiplcili^ri jci a 
fvw hmin, ovpii at oidinbry iDriijfL-niturca.^if IIjc j»iii'ie of tnclJijI ia itj 

014*1 Viyl JUKI, hhirli iDav Ik? puriQi^Li Ipv vnwfiin^f wUli vtJ-l <A-tter« itiiJ 
pcorvtliillJiiUiun fnmi fknt wim 

liari. fliLl umiIIh, of diualiui; «liiuii««; «pD.ring1j lolaM* In cold, 

nun mJuhU ID bolJU|E valor, TJio tulitcUo it fi«iiitn). viA ^%m tai 

Utratnf J J ^trlt^^ toslc. Thi* HL'ryiiLnli aru uuu-rl^ jfi^rilnLilii in nTi'ihl»i^1t •[it'iUt 

^Juolutjc ID «iUvr, ijAriii^Ijr flulutilri id u alkiiliiip li4|uiJ, (Uij/intum J 

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i^'i]ffff.^F«fnMi bv iniiir- il]o«alirtlMi of lb* lijdfoaUH«l< 
fritb bii^blortilfl i^F |il*itiiQm. CrydTalliEi^i' in tt«U-dodaed octtihdinQih of 
lb iJco|>onktigB>yoUow coliHir. (Hofiimap-) 

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I WTiv* UtkiHlL II FiR-^iiBtlLkPili '^Lr |iiv|>ortkoii vtf I'khfiifiM b n»iut| iwdiniiiiiih, Jm 

fmanj^piiiw <kf « dnntBiy^uHiilim wMi'li Tativ plnrf lij 'b* *rtJ<iii nf lj"irLiig irdi«*» A 
lAvilliT iknnHd|ajiauiB bu b«ii obkdned tu lb« |iial1»uiii>i*ii« u' llm (ifJi^r ■it>44t4>ilbiD- 
!■«*■. ^Tliifui'tn.} 

kUlr, /*AdnH, r^lr. \HM, 23$; Jf. ^nn. Chi-m. I'hj^. H*,. 9«U; 
jW./**flnB.*0. M; J^iAniltn; l«A1, ^01; fAm ,S«, ©■, J. J, fl7. 

ThJa mmpnunil i* n-rrno<f W l1>if aKiinn nf imliiU Af mi^r^yl on ui(1* 
DimifJc ijf ]<»lamiim (ji 'iMiDJ. A >iii«IJ nlii^ft ntoVt-l Ao^k^ hnvtn^ a 
mpauily uf 2 i>f I tmur^ U ■'hjuT twolliirJ* A11t?il uilli b iiiiiTar'? 4jf 
lUttinioEiiil'] ot imttvihw (<ihi/i'nnflil hy j^uiling 5 purlt cif iTuil*^ Uirfar 
villi 4 of Hiitininiiir, itii^] roht.-kitiinf Hfp^rrunt of |>nL-uiiitiiiO au'I qiiiirEi 
■Bfltl. ilif- wnil Iwioi- uvl Lit HrluKihiib Uifl intvimiLy ^-f tlin nrtion. I'tirq 
bbbjJroba iuiliilo ijf nivlhvl 1^ iliati btmHurnl, IIl qijanlily ^ofllcMit Lu 
Dwtffli ibD uiUlpru, HEi^t^u|!un a viDlopt octiaji Vtket pluo, «td (Jui 

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. ■_ .? ^ iif-ra": :*^-; ; r :_-r__ir^; ■"; ir:!n:*nLJ*rtf roinj^iUTn. 

■r r,--^ L :- -i -, 1 -'/ t^'Bv: =^ -:; tr^ irtv *U[(>.^ — 1. V*\n-a 
i.:tr->-i •'- -^ -' :- ' ^---.'t^-i^^i i* '::=:. lii-d »iib eirfs? if 

wc:^; ' i-ii>7 \zx^ ■*-"cr Ei' li-e <<;■ ^r ■ f -t-Vmetiiv], md mLet £[e 

jf^t-rt( i-j * *i-.i*' T'^'-^t- :- jh:.v »* liilltf in taller: lie stklnilfin ln^ a 

klk^lkr^e rff:a<- ::<.::- Tbe ^nari]!?- tf'iaiDfd ^-^s not ^uffiricnt f"f 

pt._-^. When V- aij'zrt.u: :,<]Li]y[i of ilio ii'didf IB f'ubjpcird ipib* 

Ifae ci«trkc canvDi. Jv-Jin? »dJ k ^miM quantilFof oiv^pd (Irniri 

J -- ^itMN of iTftterJ u? fCfuaiAi It Ibv p^siiiTe pak% Whi^c it tbt 

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nogat!Tc^ poK ibA liquid Wninun mi]kf.iirqiiircvii[ia1Ulin<] nflclion, imtt 

tljikiio ti|i wilfi rLlcFtitlii>[ic vululifjii Jii iorlimi. il Jriumiiiiu in mtuinA BUJ 

itilnncthjEiiiin, iilthaEiffh It ilifFnni li] i^bji-iciiJ (ihitmnUr ftom ihr^ pi-mliint 
iiLi»ip«i'lnj {).} (J.niMi). "It Piitflil ^bopB hitvD Hqii<^|l(«l if pmprf 
nt^jis libj beau taLud Ui ocutlcTieo jt.] 


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icrin^ fFam llio ioilidv uf uilvur, juiJ Dyn^ratiu^ tbo HltnLv In vacuo 
mu Mulphiui*: acid; 

PHU'iLioH *iiiL il^vtJfC'i ri4tJiTv in waI-t ar^kl aJ^uhhikl, km 1.1 in>ijiil>lii iq 
flhcr 111 ihp Uato uF n^iicoiti Kluhw, IE ii tlk^liily i^iEntltr, nnd FurniH 
whiHi fum^ wliDTt 1 hIdm rcnl, utDikt^nuJ wIlU byilfwlilurio rtf?lkl, in ^tt-W 

inmr it; W tUn mlirlirtn fhrn nvniH^mtml flvw Uip wnlor-bil-li /I<Mb tba 
ffldifrnl^ ht^Mti-iJ in a Toit'(ul>^ it bn^cn riff fnpniim wliii-Jj liiki* Gm uQ 

vomii^ 'i> ^>Dtu^( viEli f^iF iiir, ftnd dcpnali ici^inlJia HDLJmmijr; but vrLmn 

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tnmji rrdilt-rvxt lifmiifl pikppr b1»n In jill iu ch'^iiuim-l rl^lELl■4>lll•l ■I^xl^jtiitA 
iht «foi«t rucufbLuiieD ti' «ukttc jMitauli, ^Vlx^n i<vitp<mLtml in uu o^mi 
tpiici. it iiWrW <vU'U7ULD ftfidr btJ iLl'u cll'un'^mM »tii>DtfLy >vilij lU^nU' 
linl un llifl iiJUitiuij ut limu'^^ji.Lur, I'rirlxirLELlD uf luno i» yn^pitiiif^. tnd 
UiD ptim biiBii j' ngfiHU fnuiLd in tlm mJirtj'jii. Il ChiruU lUuinnntA (torn 
HumonJval uJf, vtm in the calij. 9itd H^jiimU-* lu7t» fitiiix jiididft <tf 
ImrioDi^ IjIiiio binJ uKido of Lnn'l nr« iimor-Liufbljr pncjpirjitofj liy ttift 
MflaljiA uf UiJ» bnjru, Witl> iLno-tnlLq it fi>rTi]4 a itbit^ pnsN|'it;Ltr, ijulubto 
in fkivM, nii}i iy>p|icr->u1l', b p*c?ipjf4ilid irMtluMf Jn f^nvu; wilL iner- 
i:urag«, njoroiific, iwd itUur jbiiIj, li ui»& i^n-' ••mc it*)lion« »■ ^-otaji; 
with flhioiido uf plnUniim, iT, hirta* ^ yi-llow u^-i-ij'iULlii. nvKrTiiMiiij; tlio 
diWoiilalniiito uf pMlDHiiim, — Tlip ;iqiiroiiA -E^iitiMii, hmW witli Dul|dtiir, 
fijTifiB ■ julJo** li-pjul, ^^\l^n^[^, wLt'Ti iiiiKOil with dihiW uniiK y'P^^t" "* ]"^ 
eipita(4 v( uuJjiEiur, mid ^ivov ^ilT mlpliurclted h^dri>>:i-ii. In >burL tbla 
Iwd J l^BTB vi r\nm IL fi'M'mldji M«' Ilk i-rtaah, m tn W ftuUr UhdiJitJii- 

EnUiabla Itnm It hy mpuly ijiisililulivo lt'*t*. it *■- rJcu hinil'i(i"ii» t-> tin 
yilmtfid ojiidra of U^UiitliyJiUJti* l^itfiijiLrUi^Iiuni. Ac- 

Witli Airidfl. Ok viLidif oi ttihwnlhv\htiu r<irniii btitli uoulifj and iWiid 
mIU, wliirfi, EH fkr u abtorviitinnri liJiv^* liUlioHn rita[i<l«i-l, duH-ly 
— .n- fj^ «orru>puudiii4f potuJi'ibitK. anJ vo ihtmnri^boiiJ tritli Ebf<(i^ 
Tkvjr »l] ta^ biUvr. Tli'y ari> furtuvd in «uiitc tiun ley tl^ivctt «>iii>iiiia. 
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tublitiiiito In lU^upOD* inJidd i>f Klibnh'lhvLiiiiK, ita lonjf u h preoipiUEO of 
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of ibfr fijitjdo. '['biivij rrj^HUia iirt^ hldI^ «i>liibto in wutpr odd ftloc^l, 
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futnH intn jclLilfulu, from wLitfb llm iktl^r DWw i# but imp^^jftcLlj mUtM 
by boklinjC Ilk aqun-rp^n. (t-AnilolL-) 

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lilioHpbi^lo nf nioiiihi at n bigh lainporaliin]. 

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iniHliirikiiM, niiil ta»ioL?^ ho^y. 

h. rho>j>hi^imtlhtft. C'H'PssM.i'P.— CnlmuIcM, Iiu>pwi*t1 Ikrit 
irimUiMn in uiiJor* jtiiH Imvin^ pik ntrfmoly fOpuUn odun^ Bw li 

•rjjj, ponnnitcuL, cryiiiitlLuUi^ FutinHHUiiil, wbich, jiy (hi- Airdhc* mimi 
PbT LliQ gUp i> ri*iivi^rU:i] juich a fi4|iii(], lUriiL K-v itvniiiininc fUbHifc— ^ mJ 
'lA uIlUnLilirlv I'l'^i-Evtil irii'i lii]»b4tKi|»b4tn)plbvl ina irh r f f Ei '^TrirrtnlhTUi^r 
Tlii^ rr]TirAUi]:r<i1 hy^E^Kblnmi^ ^IlHclro* iFilboal utoiitlLua In ■ iMr il t : 
(iiir Ml.' ■iiEnlkiT) wlioa lifAtv^ i> ouii>crliMT. by tliK'^iniimilutt of ■*!**- 

ill'" 'Ill, wLiolj jv jlTau furuiuU by iii.EilLiij>ii of I'boHbhdttUMlh^* 


pu, ulkloti urittM vjth liyrtruFliEuric viU tula « aotiii ovttfovid- l;f 
roiibipt tvilh viEpr, Eliiv ornEpciEinil u Jatbtitly riwDJr#d rolo hyilifUhlM 
•f !■! and f'UTciiu pE;c«pE]Dm(<ibT[jLiii[nn, Witb 4ii f«|iiftE v^omeof fi»|M 

tbiA nibjii^vnra r>mi« 4 Tcry luiiL lnjutJ. 

d, /'A.i7'A<.^'.'n«rA^^«>'ii4. CIITssJUf^P, — Mobile 1^^^ vUifc 
lb«t 4D . ut1i;E»i(< wry nmbg tjBiir |prti|vni«^ muI b c<nfMt*J br 

3B IDla »ll WJlL 

Tbfl nuDBfl uid fonnnlEe aboTe given to tbe^o compoDndfl are taken 
from Lbwig's Qrundriu drr or^. Chtmit, S. 37A. Paol Th^nardj howBrer, 

compoiind d= PH'^^CPft', Similarly, tho compouod r might ba regarded as 

iHo datailad account of th»e TompouadjS has jet been pnbliahed. 

1 ZincmethyL CH"Zn. 

ForaiHd by the action of line on iodide of mfllli}'!. Whep iodide of 
melhjL i« heated Aitfa eiceas of gmnnlated nno Id a sealod tDbe^ a w]ii(« 
cryBtalline BubBtsDce ia fornted, which, when diititled in an atmosphere of 
bjdropiTi, yie^dfl Binc-methyl in the form of acolonrLcas, peDncid liiiaid, 
having a peculiarly penetrating and naiiBeoua odonr, TLta liquid t&hes 
file Hpontaaeouslj on comin;; in contaot with air or oivgen, hurtiiD|( with 
a brilliiLDt ^^reeniBh bine 6ame, and forming denee white ctouda of oiidn 
of line. 1l« vapoor. mixed with a l&rge eiceau of methjl and laarab-eu^ 
burna with tbeohaiacteriaticblao flamei, dcpuflitiag upon cold Burfacea Held 
vithin itf a black crust of metallic linc burruunoed hj a ring of oiidA. 
ThJa deposit is easily diBtingnidhad from arsenLO by di^eol^ing with 
firolalioD of hydrogen in dilute hydmcbloric acid, and forming a Bolution 
which gives no precipLlate with eulphurettad hydru^n. The vapour of 
xinc-mothyl is highly puiiKinona, {>roducing ahartlj aft^r inhalation all the 
flymptoniB of poiaoning by line- It decompnaeB waUjr aa rapidly a^ 
potaasium, the aniall tube oontaininc a Few drops of the liquid becoming 
nd'hot nnder water; the prodncta of the dacompoBi^OD are 1 A t, oiido of 
nnc and 1 At. manh-gaa; thus: 

CH'Zd + HO .- ZnO + <^H\ 

2 C 

atan-ditjf lo Pyomilmd. 

5 a 


.... saa 68- 


47<2 LOO on 

Zinc-inetbyl appears t« bo a radical capable of uniting with oxygni 
chloriae, &o. (Franktand.) Y 



8, 8u<ii>'iumT Seuol 

0. Standard ^9dem$. 
TerKulpludi: of UctfayL CH-S^ = (7KS,H>5*1 
CiBoru (M«^. ^'. Ahh. CSuft. /^, It, SC9| mUu. C^iy'' n^- 

A iiili1iirv<^f niilj'liiiiiLvillivlnrpaf linif-knil pinwulf hipl? of 
AD Ambor-colouKil tlititlLiUH wluiib ii but klifhily all«evd bj t^a^' 

IC -..^ U .- lf-» 

aH „ 3 .«. 4-J* 

as ^-„ «« ™ »■» 

CUV- ..„. U -, 

Snlphoform. C^H9=OHs,&t 

BiiiKOunh^T (IH3T). /. /-Aanik. SJ3. U; iil» ^nn. /^Um. M, 

A tolilun of I pt. loJufnnji^ Clll', u^l 9 |pla, ctitaiifatf, ii bMIj 

tJiVBlsd ill 4 ■iiiuil retort, anil tlio dnj TcmoT*d M awb u Llrt utkaCinB 

loilijfi of nttrcurv lUvin diaUU uver, KWuiiabiaLl by imdrmaifvnJ Md» 

loiJofvTili iliK'ilh; Jt ap[■n»^ hH>iTi<>'rr,*l']] U>Oi*'kEAiii ioitTaD''^(£Bl|llBfa9 
In nut L^IrcuLn'*] hy bttlUna nJt'nhoJtr |iniJMli ^jtb ■u]|iliiir. ar bj aBliEC 

i1 puLk^LUlU } 
uil oi vilnnl. tfuBial|4«iV 
iirfhiiikitip (ofto. 
It StgnJonlly Jo'^imtitrMPfT hy oil o( vimol WJih»qwiif aKiIbb 
yinliU u iucEaIUc lulpbLao ind «n iitkilInD fbroiJUc- Mwilt* 1H17 
tjMuiiigly 111 hniiiir, Ui wbluti it Snx|ipjU its tula. Sulablo m alrtW w 
OlUw- (BLiiialiJinhit,) 

nitrMPfl hf 

,Atu Ann. Chim. /"Ayt. 30. H^; oJio&itnr- S\ 4fi>. — 4kft.l3U»^ 
rjUHAftr h fAliUM. J7nt^. ^lurn, H, SI). 



SoAKtit, AfiJ^ Pf^U^ 2Q. M: ctljo S'rAip, «, OH*. 

BuutuAhPAT. J- Harm. «>. I; ■1m ^"^ fham, t2, 3*3.— J. J. 

_vik»«iP(UMiHli«J \ty Duitia« b IhS*. 

P /Vmu/vflL I. [b/ iLfft noCiou nf io-llim n»d uul'ia ar c«rbonU4d 
pul^uf] tir (uiEu QLi aiui-r>u« ul?otiul« ftquc<oii4 f^tbi^r (i^trulliiii), i>r :i£iitale of 
tlhjl (Bcmcl(irJat); iJw liy (lui auUvn uriuJlno sod ■mnrnn-n (moJivibuJ, 
(In^Ui,) Ibt rurmjLlicrn frum ninaliDl will do fjlLy coutiiloKil mr"iimwrinii 
W>ll» it^ niH^|ni,r4[irtn {iW. if^f!) — ^f. Rj? ill" drlMii *A iuiiriD uiJ carlxinUjLo 
of jttUn^ oi> iIiIjiM woo<l4|'LVJt, (Ijof^irt, Cvmpt. nnd'jiikf S^D.) raTUBpi 

9. Alio, ilii?Ligh Lit email <|iiaDtli^, 1*}' tbo action. ■iflttoJ h/hni, vf I pU 
icpjiijo LLiiJ I ^L. LioarbuuiUu *tt [iuUl^Ii ^Iml'Ivi-iI iu 3 |i(i4 waurr, oa aianLi 
i|iiiinlLtiiin ■>/ )^i|fD "U^iir. riiiEiTtiuri »u^Lr, ituik-vtir^nr. (,''■"'■ JuxUiQ, of nf 
fth'Dinin, flljrlii,rii»*nn, kguirihi, or ^[nCiii (MilW, ('-^pt.Teini.'il, MjtK; 
alio J j>r Vhrm 37, 13.) loiiftform ii uoi pni'liirrd fnnu ^Kntrnin 
{Ifunclibnlaljj tolnLJlo oils or mini (Miltuut* ^r kmyi^dalm [LcfiiTtr.^' 
4- Wlirii M «lio»ni ufemLl-uu^ \e (itiAUiL uluwlvunil Tur ll L^iitiaHlurvMo ticno 
qvLir iiMtiur*, iiiilipforui re iiiti^lun^], iK^DEhut v\i\\ utbur ■ul^ltLtm'4 ; \\io 
todoFnrm* t^jjf i:(1ioT vrlh Ffkmi]it/a iitrnpaitnd, C'll'l*. niAy bn iliHwtWiMlitaE 
by Alcx'bcJ. nit<tprpriML-kiJ3ii by n^noant potub, (JolnutoUp /Vii^. ,Vi4;;, J. 
V^t I j iJ**>'/. /JJ^ Chetn, 31, Li J j— ^. SinHJ] 4|iih)iiriiDt 'tf i4^tirL>nak ar4 

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Dinulvijq r;pBrjii;(-]y Jn waEot, ID wlui^h U ifupiirlu 'tt a^vtnjt tiutv. 

Chloriodofonn^ C^Hi.CI'. 

BBmAUk Am.Chim. Ffiyw.i5,Qlii ii\^f ::ic/iw. 41. 439.— Ann. CfiiHr 
VOL. Til, U 

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by oquoun {mUfih, ji^^EKtnd with *M of Titri^l, an thf (Cip af vbidk M 

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BrOCQOfonn. CHB.'=C»HBr,Br'. 
Ann. I'^tiiiiL 3, SfiA. 

ijiMn] / 

L^WM. ... , - - 

X>vuAii. AtiH, CAim. rk^ 56; 130; ibtdr. J^t^. 31, 004. 

furmurtv, /ivuic/ JlrUMi'itr t^ i'ltrltfU.jf'dutfffr /iromifMirntitif 

by Dumv, 

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rrW. £1, 8ti); iJtobytiifliHdoimf broitimo ui; ]U|iMif>iiB rrtmu^ of ptiUuh. 
(CJioum, y. Attn Vftim. Fhyw 10, tH4)— 4 Nrarly -II indiircw"* 
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llm ijiiL[iri.v>iiEp[i«<iil AvuMil •piril. iLi'fi'd. ^-^pf. rrmiL SS, SIIIl}— 
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