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Full text of "Hand-list of trees and shrubs, excluding Coniferae, grown in arboretum"

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Unit ^H 

01601812 Ob J^^^^^H 






"" 1 











Part I. 







Price Eightpence, 

f'HOt'LRfy Of 

Scltnce Ubmy 



5 CQ 

> s 

w o 







ind-Iists of 

the Royal 

^ time to 

111 in indi- 
groups of 
s. In the 
w in what 
is further 
3 in esta- 
and too 

■'S (shrubs 

ration of 

iiaken in 

and has 

^•ieties of 
"ber as, 
y shrubs 

at Kew 

'"•con imy I'his was entitled ffortus £Z ^""'"''"^ 
vas an octavo volume of 458 Z!s rT\"'"' 
'■ekoned to contain 3,38.9 species'Twhich 488 . " 
aitly trees and shrubs ^ ^^^^ 

^ ^ose.. looc^mn. m. 23671. 



tO'H,-^ PRE F'A C 

-* /N#-V' *»»*\'V/vyN/N'V/\'*» »/Xr* 

The present is the first of a series of Hand-lists of 
the collections of living plants cultivated in the Royal 
Gardens which it is intended to issue from time to 

It is hoped that they will be found useful in indi- 
cating to visitors interested in particular groups of 
plants, the species which Kew already possesses. In the 
hands of correspondents they will serve to show in what 
directions the collections may be added to. It is further 
hoped that they may be found of some value in esta- 
blishing an approximate standard of nomenclature, 
wliich is often much confused in gardens and too 
frequently erroneous. 

This is particularly the case with woody plants (shrubs 
and trees) grown in the open air. The preparation of 
the present list has accordingly been first taken in 
hand ; it represents the work of many years, and has 
only been accomplished with considerable labour. 

A rough census of the species and distinct varieties of 
plants cultivated at Kew gives the total number as, 
approximately, 20,000. Of these 3,000 are hardy shrubs 
or trees. 

The first catalogue of the plants cultivated at Kew 
was that of Sir John Hill, published in 1768 (second 
edition 17C9). This was entitled Hortua Keivensia, and 
was an octavo volume of 458 pages. It has been 
reckoned to contain 3,389 species, of wliich 488 were 
hardy trees and shrubs. 

U 80362. 1000.-11/94, Wt. 23671. K ^ 

In 1789 the elder Aiton publis: 
Hortits Kewenaia, in which 5,53. 

The younger Aiton published li 
edition in five volumes, "and in 
" epitome, as it ia called, of the spe 
" five volumes, for the use of pi 
" contains . . 314 additiona 
" number being 11,013." 

This is the latest comprehensii 
cultivation at Kew which has been 

Occasionally lists of special C' 
issued since this date. Catalogue 
i.wued in 1845, 1856, and 1868 ; of t 
plants in 1853 ; of Succulent plants 
in 1878 ; oi BromeliacecB in 1879 ; ol 
and Agaves in 1880 ; of Economic 
Palms in 1882; of Primulas in 1 
flowered at Kew, in 1891, Since 
available for distribution with otht 

The Botanical Garden, which was opened to the 
public in 1841, with Sir William Hooker as Director, 
comprised only about 11 acres; it included, however, 
the old Arboretum. In 1844, by permission of the 
Queen, about 47 acres, including the ornamental piece of 
water in front of the Palm House, was added for the 
formation of a Pinetum. This was too near the smoke 
of suburban London, and it has lost its distinctive 
character. But many of the trees planted at this time 
are now of considerable magnitude. 

The " Pleasure Grounds and Gardens at Kew " were 
in the occupation of the King of Hanover for sporting 
purposes at the time the Botanic Garden was given to 
the nation. The woods were filled with rough scrub 
for cover. In 1845 they were placed in the charge of 
Sir W. Hooker, with the " intention that they should be 
"formed into a national arboretum." A plan for the pur- 
pose wcw prepared in 1846 by W. A. Nesfield. The main 
features were carried out at the time, and the general 
principle has been worked upon ever since. In 1850 
the Nurseiy was formed. In 1870 the new Pinetum 
was commenced. 

The late Director, Sir Joseph Hooker (1865-1885), 
spared no pains to amass the most complete collection 
which could be formed of hardy woody plants. These 
were obtained from public and private correspondents 
and establishments at home and abroad, partly by 
purchase, partly by gift and exchange. They had 
necessarily for the most part to be planted under the 
names with which they were received, and these, from 
confusion or accident, were often erroneous. 

A great diflSculty arose in rectifying this, from the 
fact that woody plants can rarely be idexv^VSv'^^ V\N}cv 

any accuracy till they flower or fruit 
accurate identiflcation in an extens 
necessarily, therefore, a very slow one, 

A further difficulty arises in a publi 
the fact that, though the specimens ' 
labelled with their history and a com 
kept, these labels are apt from time to bi 
To remedy this a separate Herbariui 
which a specimen was preserved of 
variety planted out, with the name lUM 
source from which it was received, 
this Herbarium it was possible, in a 
cases, to correct the nomenclature. 

Sy this means it has also been poesil 
list of which the present is a first inst 
still be regarded as in some sense pro 
to correction. But it has been poasi 
immense number of " trade " and " ga 
to bring the nomenclature to somethinj 

It only remains to note that in this 


ClematiB aethnsifolia, Turcz. var. latisecta, Maxwi. -, Bot. 
Mag. t. 6542. Amarland and North China. 

C. alpina, Mill, North Europe, &c. 

Atrageno alpina, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 530. 
A. austriaca, Scop. 
A. sibirica, L, ; Bot. Mag. t. 1931. 
A. Wenderothii, Schlecht. 

C. apiifolia, DC, China and Japan. 
C. virginiana, Lour, (not Z.). 

C. aromatdca, C, Koch, (C. integrifolia x recta) ; Lavallee^ 
Clematites a grandes fleurs^ t. 9. Garden ongin. 
C. coerule^ odorata, Hort. 
C. davurica, Hort. 
C. odorata, Hort. 

C. brevicaudata, DC. Mongolia and Mandshuria. 
C. Pierotii, Hort. (not Miq,). 

C. calycina, Ait, ; Bot. Mag. t. 959. Balearic Islands. 

C. balearica, Rich, (not Pers.) ; Gard. Chron. ser. ii., 1878, 
vol. ix., p. 501. 

C. campaniflora, Brot, Portugal. 
C. campanulata, Hort. 
C. crispa, Hort. (not L.). 
C. parviflora, DC. 
C. revoluta, Desf. 
C. viornioides, Hort. 

C. cirrhosa, L, ; Bot. Mag. t. 1070. South Europe. 
C. balearica, Pers. (not Rich.), 
C. pedicellata, Lindl, 
C. polymorpha, Viv, 
C. lemitriloba, Lag. 

C. coccinea, Engelm, ; Bot. Mag. t. 6694. Texas. 

C. Pitcheri, Carr. Rev. Hort. 1878, p. 10 (not Torr. ^ 

C. Viorna var, coccinea. A, Gray. 


C. connAta, DC, ; Garden and Forest, ISQl^ vol. iv., p. 234, f. 42. 
C. montana, Hort, (not fValL). 
C. yenosa, Royle. 

C. crispa, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 1892. Eastern United States. 
C. cordata, Bot. Mag. t. 1816. 
C. cylindrica, Bot. Mag. t. 1160. 
C. Simsii, Sweet, 
C. Vioma, Andr. Bot. Rep. t. 71 (not Z.). 

C. Flammula, L. Europe, <&c. 
C. angustifolia, J(icq, 
C. caespitosa. Scop, 
C. canaliculata, Lag, 
C. fragrans. Ten, 
C. maritima. All, 
C. paniculata, Hort. (not Thunb.). 

C florida, Thunb.; Bot« Mag. t. 834. Japan. 

C Fremontii, S. Wats. ; Garden and Forest, 1890, vol. iii., 
p. 38 1, f . 49. Missouri and Elansas to Colorado. 

C. Hendersonii, Chandl. (Yiticella x integrifolia). Ghirden 

C. heraclesfolia, DC. China. 
C. Hookeri, Dene. 
C. tubulosu, Turcz. 
C. tubulosa var. Hookeri, Bot. Mag. t. 680J. 

Var. davidiana, Franch, 
C. daveyana, Hort. 

C. davidiana, Verlot in Rev. Hort. 1867, p. 9. 
C. tubulosa, ffook. ; Bot. Mag. t. 4269. 

C. integrifolia, L. Europe. 
C. latifolia, Hort, 
C. ovala, Hort. 

C. lanuginosa, Lindl. in Faxt. Fl. Gard., vol. iii., p. 107, t. 94. 
C. florida var, lanuginosa, Kuntze, 

C. lignsticifolia, JVu//. UDited States. 

.)' iA 


C montana, Wall. ; Bot. Reg., vol. xxvi., t. 53. Himalaya. 
C. anemonsBflora, Don. 

C. orientalis, Z. Orient. 

C. grav<;olens, Lindl. ; Bot. Mag. t. 4495. 

C. panicnlata, Thunh.-, Grarden and Forest, 1890, vol. iii., 
p. G21, f. 82. Japan. 
C. Vitalba var. japonica, Houttuyn. 

C. iMktenfl, Morr. Sf Dene. China and Japan. 
C. eoenilea, Lindl. in Bot. Reg. t. 1955. 
C. coerulea grandiflora, Hort. 

C. Pitcheri, Torr. Sf Gray. Colorado, Ac. 
C. coloradensis, .Buckl. 

Var. Sargenti, Nichols. 

C.Sargenti, Lavallee, Clematites a grandes fleurs, t. IH. 

C. verticillaris, DC. United States. 

Atragene americana, Sinis in Bot. Mag. t. 887. 

C. virginiana, L.; Watsony Dendr. Brit., vol. i., t. 74. 
United States. 
0. cordata, Pursh. 
C. cordifolia, Moench. 
C. fragransy Salish. 

C. Vitalba, L. ; Symcj Eugl. Bot. t. 1. Europe, Ac. 
C. bannatica, Wierzh. 
C. taurica, Bess. 

C. Viticella, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 565. Europe. 
Var. flora plane. 
ICany gardan variaties. 

Xanthorrliiza apiifolia, VHerit. United States. 

Paeonia Montan, Sims\ Bot. Mag. tt. 1154, 2175. China. 


Calycanthus floridus, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 503. South United 
C. sterilis, Walt, 


C. glancxis, fVilld. South United States. 
C. bullatus, Hort. 
C. ferax, Michx. 

C. fertilis, Walt. ; Bot. Reg. t. 404. 
C. floridus elongatus, Hort. 
C. floridus, var. inodorus, Torr. Sf Gray. 
C. floridus, var, laevigatus, Torr. S^ Chay. 
C. floridus longifolius, Hori. 
ۥ floridus ovatus, Hort. ; Arbor. Segrez. le. xxiv. 
C. inodorus, Elliott. 
0. laevigatus, Willd. 

C. nanus, Nouv. Duham., vol. i., p. 219, t. 48. 
C. pennsylvanicus, Hort. 

C occidentalis. Hook. Sf Am. ; Bot. Mag. t. 4808. California. 
C. macrophyllus, Hort. 

Chimonanthxis ftragrans, Lindl. China and Jnpau. 
Calycsnthus praecoz, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 466. 

Vnr. grandifloms, Lindl. in Bot. Beg. t. 451. 


Enptelea polyandra, Sieb. 4* Zucc. Fl. Jap. t. 72. Japan. 

Cerddiphyllxun japonicxun, Sieb. Sf Zucc. Japan. 

Drimys aromatica, F. Muell. Tasmania and Victoria. 
Tasmannia aromatica, R. Br. ; Bot. Reg. 1845, t. 43. 

D. Winteri, Forst. ; Bot. Mag. t. 4800. South America. 
D. chilensis, DC. 
D. granatensis, L. fil. 
D. mexicana, DC. 
Wintera aromatica, Murr. 
Winterana aromatica, Sol and. 

Illicixun floridanxun, Ellis ; Bot. Mag. t. 439. South United 

1. religiosnin, Sieb. S^ Zucc. ; Bot. Mag. t. 3965. China a*\ivl 


Wmgiilwi aemniBJita, Z. ; Bot Maf. t. 2427. Sargent, Sih^ 
of North America, it 4, 5. United States. 

Var. eordata, Saryent^ Silva of North Amerioa» t. 6. 

M. cordita, Michx, ; Bot. Reg. t. 325. South United 

K. Campbellii, ffook. Jil 8f Thorns. ; Bot. Mag. t. 6793. 
Eastern Himalaja. 

M. conspicna, Salisb. ; G^arden, Sept. 22, 1838. China and 
M. precia, Corr. 

M. Yulan, Detf. ; Bot. Mag. t. 1621. 
Yulania conspicua, Spach. 

Var. Lennei (M. obovata x conspicua). 
M. Lennei, Flore dcs Serres, t. 1603. 

Var. Norberti, Ilort. 

Var. sonlangeana (M. conspicua x obovata) ; Bot. Reg. 
t. 1164. 

Other garden forms of M. conapicua, are— 
M. Alezandrina. 
M. cjathiformis. 
M. speciosa. 
M. spectabilis. 
M. superba. 
M. triumphans. 
M. Yulan grand is. 

K. Fraaeri, Walt. ; Sargent^ Silvacf North America, (t. 11, 12. 
South United Sutes. 
M. auricularis, Salisb. 
M. aaricul&ta, Lam,; Bot. Mag. t. 1206. 
M. pyramidalis, Bartr. 

K. glanca, L. ; Lodd. Bot. Cab. t. 245 ; Sargent , Silva of North 
America, t. 3. United States. 
M. fragrans, Salisb. 
M. longifolia, Stceet. 
M. virginiana, L. var, glauca. 

Var. thompsoniana ; Garden and Forest, 1888, vol. i., p, 2(i^. 
M. glauca var. msjor, Bot. Mag. t. 21M. 


It . .V 


M. grandiflora, Z. South United States. 

M. foetida, Sargent^ Silva of North America, tt. 1, 2. 

Var. anguBtifolia, Jlort. 
M. Hartwegii, ITort. 
M. Hartwicus, Hort» 
M. salicifolia, Hort. 

Var. fermg^ea, Hart, 

Var. lanceolata, Ait, ; Bot. Mag. 1. 1952« 
M. exoniensis, Lodd. Bot. Cab. I. 824. 
M. stricta, Hort, 

M. hypolencp., Sieh. ^ Zt<cc. ; Garden and Forest, 1888, vol. i., 
p. 305. Japan. 

M. Eobns, DC. Japan. 
M Thurberi, Hort. 

M. macrophylla, Michx. ; Bot. Mag. t. 2189. Sargent^ Silva 
of North America, tt. 7, 8. South United States. 

M. obovata, Thunb.; China (cultivated only in Japan). 
M. discolor, Vent. 
M. denudata, Lam. 
M. liliflura, Lam. 

M. purpurea. Curt. ; Bot. Mag. t. 390. 
Buergeria obovata, Sieb. Sf Zucc. 
Talauma obovata, Hance. 
T. Sieboldi, Miq. 
Yulania japonica, Spach. 

M. stdllata, Maxim. ; Bot. Mag. t. 6370. Japan. 
M. balleaua, Hort. 
Buergeria stellata, Sieh. 4* Zucc. 
Talauma stellata, Miq. 

M. tripetala, L. ; Loud. Arb. Brit., vol. i., p. 269, t. o ; 
Sargent^ Silva of North America, tt. 9, 10. United States. 
M. frondosa, Salisb. 
M. Umbrella, Lam, 

M. Watsoni, Hook. fil. ; Bot. Mag. t. 7157. Japan. 
M. parviflora, Hort. (not Sieb. ^ Zucc). 

V S0362. ^ 


Liriodendron tulipifera, Z. ; Bot. Mag. t. 275 ; Saryent^ Silva 
of North America, Xi. 13, 14. United States. 

Var. aureo-macolata. 

Yar. integrifolia. 

Yar. fastigiata. 

Yar. variegata. 

Schizandra chinensis, Baill. ; Arbor. Segrez. t. 26. China 
and Japan. 
S. japonica, Hance. 

Kadsura chinensis, Turcz. (not Hance). 
Maximowiczia chinensis, Rupr. 
Sphaerostema japonica, Sieb. ^ Zticc. 

Kadsura chinensis, Hance (not Turcz.). China and Japan. 
K. japonica, Bnth. (not Don). 


Asimina triloba, Dunal ; Bot. Mag., t. 5854. South United 
A. campaniflora, Spach. 
Anona triloba, L. 
Forcelia triloba, Pers. 
Uvaria triloba, Torr. 4* Gray. 


Cocculxis carolinxis, DC. ; Loud. Arbor, vol. i., p. 298, f. 45. 
South United States. 
Androphjlax scandens, JVendl. 
Baumgartia scandens, Moench. 
Cocculidium populirolium, Spach, 
Menispermum carolinum, L. 
Wendlnndia populifolia, Willd, 
W. caroliniana, Nutt. 

C. lanrifolins, DC, Himalaya and Japan. 

Menispermxun canadense, Z. ; Bot. Mag. t. 1910. North 
M. angulatiim, Moench, 
M. smilacinum, DC, 
Cissarapelos smUAcina, L. 


IL dauriciiin, DC. Siberia, China, and Japan. 

M. dahuricum, Maxim. Diagu. pi. nov., vol. v. t. 2. 


Lardizabala bitemata, Ruiz ^ Pav. ; Bot. Mag. t.4501. 

Stanntonia hezaphylla, Dene. ; Sieh, Sf Zucc. Fl. Jap. t. 76. 
China and Japan. 

Holboellia latifolia, Wall. Himalaya. 

Stanntonia latifolia, Wall. ; Gard. Chron. ser. ii., 1883, 
vol. xix., p. 345. 

Akebia qninata, DC. ; Bot. Mag. t. 4864. China and Japan. 

Berberidopsis corallina, Hook.fil. ; Bot. Mag. t. 5343. Chili. 

Berberis actmacantha, Man, ; Bot. ^^g.^ vol. xxxi., t. 55. 

B. aetnensis, PresL; Flora Sardoa, t. 5. Sardinia, Corsica, &c. 

B. angolosa, Wall. ; Bot. Mag. t. 7071. Himalaya. 

B. Aquifoliuin, Pursh ; Bot. Reg. t. 1425. Western North 
Mahonia Aquifolium, Pcuvt. 

Var. fascicularis, Nichols. 

B. fascicularis, Sims in Bot. Mag. t. 2396. 
Mahonia fascicularis, DC. 

Var. rotondifolia, Ilort. 

B. bnzifolia, Lam. ; Bot. Mag. t. G505. Chili. 
B. dclcis. Sweet. 
B. rotundifolia, Hort, 

Var. nana, Hort. 

B. canadensis, Pursh ; Loud. Arbor., vol. i., p. 303, f. 48. 
Canada, <&c. 

B. concinna, -^00^.^7. ; Bot. Mag. t. 4744. Himalaya. 

B. congestiflora, Gay. Chili. 

Var. hakeoides, Hook.fil. ; Bot. Mug. t. tt770> 



B. aristata, DC. Himalaya. 
B. coerulescens, Hort, 
B. macrophjlla, Hort. 

B. cretica, L. ; Sibthorp, Flora Graeca t. 342. Mediterranean 

B. Darwinii, Hook. ; Bot. Mag. t. 4590. Chili. 

B. empetrifolia, Lam. ; Bot. Eeg., vol. xxvi., t. 27. Chili. 
B. cuneata^ Mori, (cot />C.). 
B. revoluta, Smith. 

B. Fortnnei, LindL in Journ. Hort. Soe. Lond., vol. i., p. 300. 

B. Fremonti, Torr. ; Garden and Forest, 1888, vol. i , p. 497. 
South-west United States. 
B. trifoliata, Torr, (in part). 

B. Guimpelii, C, Koch, Origin uncertain. 

B. heteropliylla, Juss. ; Hook.^ Exotic Flora, vol. i. 1. 14. Chili. 
B. tricuspidata, Sm. 

B. heteropoda, Schrenk. Central Asia. 

B. ilicifolia, Forst. ; Bot. Mag. t. 4308. Straits of Magellan. 

B. integerrima, Bunge in Keliq. Lehm. t. 1. Central Asia. 
B. densiflora, Boiss. S; Buhse, 

B. Lycixun, Boyle ; Bot Mag. t. 7075. Himalaya. 
B. angustifolia, Boxb. 
B. aristata, Hort. (not DC). 
B. aurahuacensis, Hart, (not Lem.), 
B. elegans, Hort. 
B. glauca, Hort. 
B. glaucescens, Hort. 

B. nepalensis, Spreng. Kashmir, <&c., China and Japan. 
B. Bealei, Fortune ; Bot. Mag. t. 4852. 
B. Bealei, var. planifolia ; Bot. Mag. t. 4846. 
B. japonica, B. Br, 
B. leschenaultiana, Wall. 
Ilex japonica^ Thunb. 


Mahonia intermedia, Hort. 
M. japonica, DC. 
M. napaulensisy DC. 
M. Sieboldi, Hart, Segrez, 

B. nervosa, Pursh ; Bot. Mag. t. 3949. North-west America. 
B. gluraacea, Spreng. 
Mahonia glumacea, DC. 
M. nervosa, Nutt. 

B. Neuberti (B. Aquifolium x vulgaris) ; Gard. Chron. ser. iii., 
1891, vol. ix., p. 72. Garden origin. 
B. ilicifolia, Hort, (not Forsl.), 

B. repens, Lindl. ; Bot. B«g. t. 1176. North America. 
Mahonia repens, Don. 

B. serotina. Lunge in Botanisk Tidsskrift^ ser. iii., vol. ii., 
t. 4. Origin unknown. 

B, sibirica, Pall. ; Bot. Reg. t. 487. Siberia, &c. 

B. Sieboldii, Mig. ; Garden and Forest, 1890, vol. iii., p. 249. 
China and Japan. 

B. sinensis, Desf. ; Bot. Mag. t. 6573. China and Japan. 
B. chinensis, Hort. 
B. monosperma, Hort. (not Ruiz Sf Pav.). 

B. stenophylla, Moore (not Hance), empetrifolia x Darwinii. 
Gard. Chron. 1880, ser. ii., vol. xiv., p. 213, f. 41. 
Garden origin. 

B. Thunbergi, DC; Bot. Mag. t. 6646; Garden and Forest, 
1889, vol. ii., p. 53. Japan. 
B. Maximowiczii, Regel, 

B. virescens, Hooh.fil.^ Bot. Mag. t. 7116. Himalaya. 
B. aristata, H&rt. (^not TVall.). 
B. aristata roicrocarpa, Hort. 
B. belstaniana, Hort. 
B. maerosepala, Hort. 

B. vnlgaris, L. 

Var. brachybotrys, Hook.fil. Himalaya. 
Var. foliis ptirpTireis. 


Yar. foliis variegatis. 

Yar. fractn albo. 

Yar. frncta nigro. 

The foUowing are slight forms of B. vulgaris. 
B. abortiva, Renault, 
B. acida, Gilib. 

B. actinacantha, Hort. (not Mart,). 
B. amurensis, Rupr. 
B. angulizans, Hort, 
B. apjrena, Hort. 
B. arborescens, Hort. 
B. articalata, Loisel, 
B. asperma, Poit, Sf Turp.; Garden, 1889, vol. xxxv., 

p. 264, pi. 692. 
B. aurea, Tausch, 
B. coi'allina, Hort. 
B. crataegina, DC, 
B. crenulata, Schrad, 
B. declinata, Hort. 
B. dentata, Tatisch. 
B. dulciSy Schrad. (not Sweet). 
B. dumetorum, Gouan. 
B. edulis, ^or^. 
B. elongata, Hort, 
B. emarginata, Willd. 
B. Fendleri, ^or^. (not Gray). 
B. globularis, iJor^. 
B. heterophjlla, Hort, (not Juss.). 
B. hypoleuca, //or^. (not Lindl,). 
B. iberica, JSor^. (not Steven), 
B. ilicifolia, jfiTor^. (not Forst.), 
B. innominata, Kielm. 
B. latifolia, -ffbr^. Panormit. 
B. laxiflora, iTbr^. 
B. lucida, Schrad, 
B. macracantba, ^or^. 
B. macrantha, Schrad. 
B. macrocarpa^ ^or^. 
B. marginata, ^or/. (not C, Gay). 
B. maxima, i/or^. 
B. microphjila, Hort. 


B. moranensis, Hort, Panormit. 

B. nitens, Schrad, 

B. pangbarengensis^ Hort. 

B. petiolaris, Hort, 

B. provincialis, Hort, 

B. sanguinolenta, Hort, 

B. sulcata^ Hort, 

B. wallichiana, DC. ; Bot. Mag. t. 4656. Himalaya and China. 
B. Jameson!, Hort, (not Lindl.). 
B. Hookeri, Hort, 

Var. latifolia, Hook,fil. Sf Thorns, 

B. Knightii, JTor^ Paris, (not C. Koch), 
B. macrophjlia, /Tor^. 

Kandina domestica, TAun6. ; Bot. Mag. t. 1 109. China and 


Bonmeya Conlteri, Harvey, California. 


Vella Pseudocytisus, L. ; Bot. Reg. t. 293. Spain. 
V. spinosa, Boiss. Spain. 


Ciatiu albidxis, L, ; Sweet's Cistineae, t. 31. South-west Europe. 
C. pulverulentus, Pourr. 

C. albido x crispus, Lor. et Bar. South-west Europe. 

C. corbarienais, Pmirr, ; Sweet's Cistineae, t. 8. (C. populifolius 
X salvifolius.) South Europe. 

C. crispxu, L. ; Sweet's Cistineae, t. 22. Mediterranean Region. 

C. cyprius, Lam. ; Sweet's Cistineas, t. 39. Cyprus. 

C. birsutus, Lam. ; Sweet's Cistineas, t. 19. South-west Europe. 
C. albiflorus, Hort. 
C. laxus, Ait. 


C. ladaniferos, L, ; Bot. Mag. t. 112. South-west Europe. 

C. ladanifero-monspeliensiB, Lor, South-west Europe. 
C. ladaniferus var. immacuhitusy Godr, 

C. longifolius, Lam. ; Sweet's Cistinese, t. 12. (? C. populi- 
folius X monspeliensis). South-west Europe. 

C. laurifolixu, Z. ; Sweet's Cistinese, t. 52. South-west Europe. 

C. lusitanicuB, Hort, (0. monspeliensis x ladaniferus.) 

C. monspeliensis, L. ; Sweet's Cistineas^ t. 27. Mediterranean 
C. affinis, Gruss. 
C. Clusii, Hort, (not Dunal), 

C. parvifloms, Lam. ; Sweet's Cistineae, t. 14. Crete, &c. 
C. complicatus, Lam. 

C. pnrpnreus, Lam.; Bot. Reg. t. 408; Sweet's Cistineae, t. 17, 

C. salvifolios, L. ; Sweet's Cistineae, tt. 64, 90. Mediterranean 

C. Thnreti, Hort. Garden Origin. 

C. villosns, L. ; Sweet's Cistineae, tt. 70, 35 ; Bot. Mag. t. 43, 
Mediterranean Region. 
C. incanns, L. 

Var. conicns. 

C. corsicus, Sofeir, 

Var. creticnfl, Nym. 

C. cretieus, L. ; Sweet's Cistineae, t. 112. 
C. garganiens, Ten. 

Var. rotondifolins, JVillk. Sr Lange. 

C. rotundifolius. Sweet ; Sweet's Cistineae, t. 75. 

Var. nndnlatns, Willk. 

C. undulatus, Dun, ; Sweet's Cistineae, 03. 

Helianthemnm alyssoides, Vent. ; Vent. Choix. t. 20. Spain, 

Var. cheiranthoides. 

H. lasianthum, Pers. 



H. formoBam, Dunal ; Sweet's Cistinese, t. 50 ; Maand. Bot. 
vol. iii. t. 131. Portugal. 

H. italicnm, Pers, Europe. 

Var. OBlandicuin, DC. ; Sweet's Cistineae, t. 85. 
Cistus oelandicus, Z. 

H. Libanotis, JVtlld, Spaiu, PortugaL 
H. rodmarinifolium, Hort. 
Halimium rosmannifolium, Spach. 

H. ocymoides, Pers. ; Sweet's Cistinese, tt, 40, 13. Spain, 
H. aigarvense, DunaL 
Cistus ocTmifolium, Pourr. 

H. origanifoliuin, Pers. Europe. 
H. marifolium, Dunal. 

H. polifolium, Pers. Europe. 
H. appeninum, DC. 
Cistus apenninus, L. 

H. vulgare, Gaertn, ; Syme^ Engl. Bot., vol. ii. 1. 168. Europe. 

Many garden fomuu 


Hymenanthera cnuMifoUa, Hook, fil, ; Gard. Chron., ser. ii., 
1875, vol. ill., p. 237. f. 42. New Zealand. 


Azara dentata, Ruiz Sf Pav. ; Bot. Reg. t. 1788. Chili. 

A. Gilliesii, Hook. ^ Am. ; Bot. Mag. t, 5178, Chili. 
A. Lilen, Bert. 
Quillaia petiolaris, Don. 

A integrifolia, Ruiz Sf Pav. Chili, 
Almeja integrifolia, Don. 

Yar. variegata. 

U 80862. ( 


A. microphylla, Hook, fil, ; Gard. Chron., ser. ii., 1874, vol. L, 
p. 81. f. 21. Chili. 

Idesia polycarpa, Maxim. ; Bot. Mag. t. 6794. China and 
Flacouitia japonica, Hort. 
Kara Seudan, Oliver, 
Poljcarpa Maximowiczii, Hort, 


Pittospomm crassifoUtun, Soland, ; Bot. Mag. t. 6978. New 
P. Ralphii, T. Kirk. 

P. tenTdfolium, Banks Sf Soland. New Zealand. 

P. Tobira, Ait. ; Bot. Mag. t. 1396. China and Japan. 
P. ehinense, Don. 

P. undulatuin, Vent. Bot. Reg. t. 16. Australia. 

Bnrsaria spinosa, Cav. ; Bot. Mag. t. 1767. Australia. 
Itea spinosa, Andr. ; Bot. Rep. vol. v., t. 314. 


Polygala ChanuelmxiiBy L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 316. Alps. 
Chamasboxas alpestris, Spach. 

Var. purpiirea. 


Pran¥«nia laerit, L. ; Syme, £ngl. Bot. vol. ii. 1. 190. £aro]:>e. 


Tamarix gaDica, L. .Shores of Atlantic, 3Iedit«rrari';au, L':. 
T. africana, Hort. (not Laguna). 
T. algeriensis, Hort. 

T. aDgtiem, Webb.; Si/me, Ecgl. l^A. vol. ii., t, 201. 
T. ^mrnHonLf Hort. (not DC). 


T. hispida, IFilld. ; Rev. Hort. 1894. p. 352, pi. Western Asia. 
T. kashgarica, ffort, 

Myricaria germanica, Desv, Europe, <&c. 
M. dfthurici), Hart, 
Tamarix germanica, Z. 


Hypericum a^^tiacnin, Z. ; Bot. Mag. t. 6481. South 
Mediterranean Region. 

H. AndrosSBiniiin, Z. ; Syme, Engl. Bot vol. ii. t. 264. Europe. 
Hypericum caprifolium, Ilort. (not Boiss.), 
H. gland ulosum, Hort. (not Ait,), 
H. webbianum, Hort. (not Spach). 
Androssemum officinale, Z. 

Var. aureum, Hort. 

H. hirdnum aureum, Hort. 

H. Aflcyron, Z. ; Gartenflora, t. 1381. Northern Asia, North 

H. aureum, Bartr. ; Garden and Forest, 1889, vol. ii. p. 184, 
f. 103. South United States. 
11. amoenum, Pursh, 
H. irondosum, Michx, 
H. rugelianum, Kunze, 

H. balearicnm, Z. ; Bot. Mag. t. 137. Mediterranean Region. 

H. calycinimi, Z. ; Bot. Mag. t. 146. Orient. 

H. chinenae, Z. ; Gard. Chron., ser. iii., 1887, vol. i., p. 705, 
f. 135. China and Japan. 
H. aureum, Lour, (not Bartr.). 
H. monogynum, Z. ; Bot. Mag. t. 334. 
H. salicifoiium, Sieb. S^ Zucc. 
Norysca aurea, Bl. 
N. chinensis, Spach. 

H. Qona, Z. ; Bot. Mag. t. 6563. Central and SouOaetii'^x^cs^. 


H. densiflonim, Pursh ; Garden and Forest, 1890, vol. iii. 
p. 637. North America. 
H. fasciculatum, Hort. (not Lam,). 
H. galioides, JPursh (not Lam.), 
H. prolificum var. densiflorum, Chray. 

H. elatiun, Ait. ; Syme, Engl. Bot., vol. iii., t. 215. North 
H. hircinnm, ffort. (not L.). 

H. hircinuin, L. ; St/me, Engl. Bot., vol. iii., t. 266. Europe, &c. 
H. anglicum, ffort. (not Bertol.), 
H. chinense, ffort. (not Z.). 

Var. minor, ffort. 
H. minus, ffort. 

H. hookeriaiLTmi, Wight ^ Am. Himalaya. 
H. oblongifolium, Choisy, 

H. inodomm, Jacq. Orient. 

H. Trfl.1nn'fl.TiTiTn^ Z. ; Maund in Bot. Gard., vol. v., t. 194. 

H. moserianimi, Rev. Hort. 1889, p. 464. (calycinum x 

H. patnlimi, Thumb. ; Bot. Mag. t. 5693. India, China, &c. 
H. Gumbletoni, ffort. Segrez. 

H. prolificnm, Z. ; Loud. Arb., vol. i., 401, vol. v., 2541, fig, 
2415. North America. 
H. kalmianum, ffort. (not Z.). 
H. foliosum, Jacq. 
Mjriandra prolinca, Spach. 

H. nralnm, Don ; Bot. Ma^^. t. 2375. EUmalaya. 
H. nepalense, ffort. 


Clejera ochnacea, DC. Himalaya, China, and Japan. 

C. japonica, Sieb. ^' Zucc. Fl. Jap., p. 153, t. 81 (not 

Yar. vanegBtsL 

„. bU- 



X a. 





C species. Japan ? 

Eurja latifolia variegata, Hort, 

Enrya japonica, Thunh, Fl. Jap., p. 191, t. 25. India, China, 
and Japan. 

Actinidia callosa, LindL ; Amur, China, and Japan. 

A Kolomikta, Rupr, ; Rev. Hort. 1872, p. 395. Amur, China, 
and Japan. 
Kolomikta mandsehurica, Hegel. 
Prunus Kolomikta, Maxim. 
Trochostigma Kolomikta, Maxim. 

A. polygama, Sieh. S^ Zucc, ; Tokio Hort. Bot., vol. ii. t. 20. 
Trochostigma polygama, Sieh. Sf Zucc, 

A. volxibilis, Franch, Sf Sav. ; Lavallee, Arbor. Segrez. Ic. xxv. 
Trochostigma volubile, Sieb. ^ Zucc. 

Stachynrns praecoz, Sieh. Sf Zucc. ; Bot. Mag. t. 3918. China 
and Japan. 

Stoartia pentagyna, L'Herit. ; Bot. Mag. t. 3918. South 
United States. 
Stuartia montana, Bartr. 
Malachodendron ovatum, Cav, 
M. pentagynum, Chois. 
Stewartia Malachodendron, Miller. 

S. Tirginica, Cav. South United States. 
S. Malachodendron, Z. 
S. marylandica, Donn ; Andr. Bot. Rep. 6. t. 397. 

S. Pseado-camellia, Maxim. ; Bot. Mag. t. 7046. Japan. 
S. grandiflora, Briot in Rev. Hort. 1879, p. 430 (fig.). 
S. japonica, Hort. 

Oordonia Lasianthns, Z. ; Bot. Mag. t. 66S. South United 
G. pyramidalis, Salisb. 


G. pubescens, L'Herit, ; Loud. Arb., vol. i., p. 380, f. 94. South 

United States. 
Franklinia Altamaha, Marsh. 
Gordo aia Altamaha, Sargent y Sylva of North America, 

t. 22. 
G. Franklin i, VHerit, 
Lacathea florida, Salisb. 
Michauxia sessilis, Salisb. 

Camellia japonica, Sieb. S^ Zucc. Japan. 
Many garden yarieties. 


Lavatera arborea, Z. ; Syme^ Engl. Bot., vol. iii. t. 279. 
Europe, &c. 

Plagiaathnfl Lyalli, Hook,fil.\ Bnf. Mag. t. 5935. New 

P. betnlinnB, A, Cunn. New Zealand. 

Abntilon vitifolinin, DC; Bot. Beg. vol. xxx, t. 57. Chili. 

A. megapotamicnin, St. Hil. ; Flore des Scrres, t. 1599. 
Brazil, &e. 
A vexillarium, Morr.; Bot. Mag. t. 5717. 

Hibiscus syriacns, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 83. Orient. 
Many garden varieties. 


Fremontia califomica, Torr.; Bot. Mag. t. 5591; Sargenty 
Silva of North America, t. 23. California. 


Tilia americana, Z. ; Loud. Arbor, vol. i., p. 373, t. 22 ; 
Sargent y Silva of North America, tt. 24, 25. North 
T. canadensis, Michx. 
T. caroliniana. Mill. 
T. glabra, Fent. 



T. hybrida superba, Hort. 

T. latifolia, Salisb. 

T. longifolia dentata, Hort, 

T. mississipiensis, ffori, 

T. neglecta, Spach. 

T. nigra, Borkh. 

T. pubescens, Nouv. Duhamel (not Ait.). 

T. argentea, Desf. ; Reich. Fl. Germ. 6, p. 324. East Europe. 
T. alba, Hort, in part (not Ait.), 
T. americana pubescens, Hort, 
T. europaea alba, Hort, 
T. heterophylla, Hort. in part (not Vent,). 
T. pubescens Parmentieri, Hort, 
T. rotundifolia, Vent, 
T. tomentosa, Moench. 

Var. spectabiliB, /Tor^. 

T. cordata, Mill. Europe, North Asia. 
T. microphylla. Vent. 

T. parvifolia, Ehrh. ; SymCy Engl. Bot., vol. iii., t. 287. 
T. sylvestris, Desf. 

T. ulmifolia, Scop. ; Garden and Forest, 1889, vol. ii., 
p.257, f. 111. 

T. dasystyla, Stev, Caucasus. 
T. euchlora, K. Koch. 
T. europaea dasystyla, Hort. 

T. heterophylla, Vent. ; Sargent, Silva of North America, 

t. 27. South-eastern United States. 
T. alba, Michx. 
T. americana, var. heterophylla; Loud. Arb., vol. i., 

p. 375, t. 23. 
T. laxiflora, Pursh (not Michx,), 
T. macrophylla, Hort. 

T. mandschxLrica, Rupr. Mandshnria. 

T. miqneliana, Maxim. Japan. 

T. petiolariB, DC. ; Bot. Mag. t. 6737. East Europe. 
T. alba, Hort. in part (not Ait.), 
T. alba pendula, Hort. 
T. americana var. pendula, Koch, 

• ■ill'* I4C)' 


T. argentea pendula, Hort. 

T. heterophylla, Hort. in part (not Vent.). 

T. latifolia alba, Hort. 

T. pannonica, Jacq.fil, 

T. platyphylla pendula, Hort. 

T. platyphyllos, Scop.; Garden and Forest, 1889, vol. ii., 
p. 256, f. 109. Europe. 
T. americana, Hort. (not L.). 
T. cordifolia, Bess. 
T. europaea, Z. (in part). 
T. grandifolia, Ehrh. 
T. mollis, Spach. 
T. mutabilis. Host. 
T. neglecta, Hort. (not Spach ). 
T. pauciflora, Hayne. 

Var. aspleniifolia. 
T. laciniata, Hort. 
T. grandifolia laciniata, Hort. 

Var. axixantia. 

T. europaea aurantia, Hort, 
T. europaea aurea, Hort. 

Var. blechiana, Hort. 

Var. corallina, Ait. 
T. corallina, Sm. 
T. spectabilis. Host. 

Var. obliqua. 

T. Beauniontii, Hort, 
T. Hostii, Or^m. 
T. obliqua. Host. 

Var. ozycarpa. 

T. cordifolia var, oxycarpa, Reich. 
T. europaea glauca, Hort, 

Var. sphflBTOcarpa. 

T. cordifolia var. sphserocarpa, Reich, 

Var. vitifolia. 

T. vitifolia, Host, 

T. grandifolia, var, vitifolia, Kunze, 


T. pubescens, A it. ; Sargent^ Silva of !North America, t. 26e 
East United States. 
T. americana, TFalt. (not Z.). 
T. americana, var, pubescens. Loud. 
T. americana, var. Walteri, Wood, 
T. gratA, Salisb. 

T. heterophjila spectabilis, ffort. 
T. laxiflora, Michx. 
T. leptopbjlla, Hort 
T. truncata, Spach. 

T. sublanata, Sitnk.y var. variegata. (T. platypbjUos x super- 
uknifolia.) East Europe. 
T. europsea variegatay ffort. 

T. vnlgaris, Hayne; Grarden and Forest, 1889, vol. ii., p. 256, 
f. 110. Europe. 
T. corylifolia, Ho9t. 
T. europaea, L. (in part). 
T. glauca, Hort. 
T. boUandioa, Mill. 
T. intermedia, Ehrh. 
T. bjbrida, Bechst. 
T. praccoz, Hort. 

Yar. caucasica. 

T. intermedia, var. caucasica. 
T. parvifolio-grandifolia, Bayer. 

Aristotelia ICacqni, VHerit.-, Gard. Cbron., ser. ii., 1875, 
vol. iv., p. 773. Cbili. 

Var. yariegata. 


Linnm arboreom, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 234. Greece, &c. 


Ruta graveolens, L. ; Bentl. Sf Trim. Med. PI. t. 44. South 
Europe, &c. 

Choisyatemata, ^.^.A'. ; Gard. Chron.,ser. iii., 189(\ vol. vii., 
p. 465. Mexico. 

U 8036S. p 


Xanthoxylnm planispiniim, Sieb, 4* Zucc, Japan. 

X. americaniun, Mill. United States. 

X. fraxinemn, WiUd. ; Loud, Arbor, vol. i., p. 488, f. 168. 
X. fraxinifolinm, Jfar^A. (not Walt.). 
X. ramif Oram, Michx. 

X. schinifoliiiin, Sieh, 4* Zucc. Japan. 

Phellodendron amiirenBe, Rupr. Amurland, &c. 

Xanthoxylnm piperitum, Hort. (not Sieh. Sf Zucc.). 

Ptelea trifoliata, Z. ; Ghurd. Chron., ser. ii., 1880, vol. xiii. 
p. 369, f. 67 ; Sargenty Silva of North America, tt. 33, 34. 
United States. 

Var. aurea. 

Var. mollis. 

P. mollis. Curt. 

Skimmia Fortimei, Mast. China. 

S. japonica, Hort. ; Bot. Mag. t. 4719 (not Thunh.). 
S. rubella, Carr. 

S. japonica, Thunh. ; Gard. Chron., ser. iii., 1889, vol. v., 
p. 52 1, f. 89, p. 624, f. 90. Japan. 
S. oblata, Moore. 

Seedling varieties or sexual forms of this are : — 
S. fragrans, Carr, 
8. iragrantissima, Hort. 
S. Foremani, Hort,\ Gard. Chron., ser. iii., 1889, vol. v. 

p. 553, f. 94. 
S. intermedia, Carr. 
S. oblata var. ovata, Carr. 
S. oblata var. Veitchii, Carr. 
S. Rogersii, Hort. 

S. Laureola, Hook. fil. Himalaya. 
Laureola fragrans, Roem. 
Limonia Laureola, Wall. 

JEgle sepiaria, DC. Cidna and Japan. 
Citrus trifolia, Thunb. 
C. trifoliata, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 6513. 
C. triptera, Desf. 
Limonia trifoliata, Hort. 
Pseudaegle sepiaria, Miq. 
Triphaeia trifoliata, Hort, 

'*"*/' .111)1 



AilantUB glaadnlosa, Desf, ; Gard. Chron,, ser. iii., 1887, 
vol. ii., p. 865, f. 76. China. 
A. japonica, RorU 
A. macrophylla, Hort, 
A. mascula pendula, Hort. 
A. porpurascenS; HorU 
A. rubra, Hort. 

Cneomm tricocciim, Z. Mediterranean Region. 


Cedrela sinensiB, A, Juss, ; Rev. Hort. 1891, p. 573, figb. 
150-2. China and Japan. 
Ailauthus flavescens, Carr, 
Cedrela chinensis, Karel, 
Toona sinensis, JRoem. 


Hex ambigna, Chapm. ; Loud. Arb., vol. ii., p. 521, f. 190. 
South United States. . 
Cassine caroliniana, Walt, 
Nemopanthus ambiguus, Wood, 
Prinos ambiguus, Michx. 

I. Amelaachier, Curtis; Garden and Forest, 1889. vol. ii., p. 41, 
f. 88. South United States. 
Prinos lanceolata, Pursh, 

I. Aqnifolinin, L, ; Syme^ Engl. Bot., vol. iii., p. 316. Europe, 
Western Asia. 
Aquifolium spinosum, Gaertn, 

Var. altaclarensia. 

Var. aagnstif olia ; Gard. Chron,, ser. ii., 1871, vol. ii., p. 751, 
f. 154. 
mjrtifolia stricta. 

Yar. argentea marginata. 
argentea lato-marginata. 
rariegata argentea. 


I »*••• T^U M ,,. 


Var. argentea medio-picta ; Gard. Ghron., ser. ii., 18759 
vol. iv., p. 688, f. 142. 
Silver Milkmaid. 

Var. argentea pendnla. 

albo-marginata pendula. 
pendula argentea purpurea, 
pendula variegata. 
Perry's Weeping. 

Var. argentea regina; Gard. Chron., ser. ii., 1875, vol. iv., 
p. 687, f. 141. 
Silver Queen. 

Var. atroYirens. 

maderensis atrovirens. 

Var. aurea angnstifolia ; Gard. Chron., ser. ii., 1876, vol. v., 
p. 44, f . 6. 
angustifolia aurea marginata. 

Var. aurea marginata. 
marginata aurea. 

Var. aurea marginata bromeliaefolia ; Gard. Chron., ser. ii., 
1876, vol. v., p. 437, f. 84. 
bromeliaefolia aureo-marginata. 

Var. aurea medio-picta ; Gard. Chron., ser. ii., 1876, vol. v., 
p. 366, f. 68, 69. 
Gold Milkmaid. 

Var. aurea pendxQa. 

pendula aurea variegata. 
Waterer's Qold Weeping. 

Var. aurea regina; Gard. Chron., ser. ii., 1876, vol. v., p. 44, 
f. 8. 
Golden Queen, 
latifolia marginata. 

Var. balearica. 

Var. calamistrata. 

Var. camelliaefolia ; Gard. Chron., ser. ii., 1874^ vol« \\,^ 
p. 812, f. 164, b. 

"■» '- 'I ,ea,M i>»a 

'ir. iannoBBSpxaBBBS^'^i wart. "u"..-. 
a 657.- i8N£i,;i, 

JfoniaMEt amroHtiibu.. 

* IT. 


c" I 

'. i:^ii V.I I 

.^ar^T.. 'i.R-M .nr 


. 47 . 


Yar. Hodginsii. 

Yar. integrif olia ; Gard. Chron., ser. ii., 1874, vol. ii., 
p. 812, f. 164, e. 

Yar. latifolia anreo-marginata. 

Yar. latispina ; Gard. Chron., ser. ii., 1874, vol. ii., p. 812, 
f. 164, f. 

Yar. lanrifolia. 

Yar. laurifolia longifolia. 

Yar. lawBoniana ; Gard. Chron., ser .ii., 1876, vol. v., p. 624, 
f. 110. 
lawsoniana variegata. 

Yar. lutesceiiB. 

Yar. maderenflis variegata. 

Yar. marginata, Loud, ; Gard. Chron., ser. ii., 1874, vol. ii.» 
p. 812, f. 164, g. 

Yar. myrtifolia; Gard. Chron., ser. ii, 1874, vol. ii., p. 687, 
f. 138, 4. 

Yar. nigrescens. 

Yar. nobilis; Gard. Chron., ser. ii., 1874, vol. ii., p. 432, 
f . 89. 

Yar. ovata; Gard. Chron., ser. ii., 1874, vol. ii., p. 762, 
f. 149. 

Yar. pendxQa. 

Yar. pendnia tricolor. 

Yar. platyphlla. 

Yar. recnrva ; Gard. Chron., ser. ii., 1874, vol. ii., p. 687, 
f. 138, 6. 
serratifolia compacta. 

Yar. Bcotica ; Gard. Chron., ser. ii., 1874, vol. ii., p. 812, 
f. 164, a. 
I. DahooD, Hort. (not Walt.). 

»- ,1^1 ^ ..•ni|;> ft«„ 

I ,<^ ..,-„, 


Var. smithiana; Card. Chron^ aer. ii., 1874, vol. ii., d. 520, 
f. 106. 

Var. watereriana; CrarcL Chron^ ser.ii., 1874, vol. ii., p. 232, 
f. 49. 
aurea ptimila. 
compacta anrea. 
nana aurea. 
nana aurea vari^ata. 

Var. whittingtoneiisiB ; Grard. Chron., ser. ii., 1874, vol. ii,, 
p.687,f. 138,1. 

I. Cassine, Walt. South United States. 
Ilex florida, Lam, 
I. ligustrina, Jacq, 
I. religiosa, Bartr. 
Cassine caroliniana. Lam. 
C. Peragua, Z. 

I. comuta. Lindl. Sf Paxt. ; Bot. Mag. t. 5059. China. 
I. lurcata, Hort, 

L crenata, Thunb, Japan. 

Var. major. 

Ilex Fortune], Hart, (not Lindl.), 

Var. variegata. 

I. Dahoon, Walt. ; Loud. Arbor., vol. ii., p. 517, f. 184. South 
United States. 
I. cassinoides, Link, 
I. laurifolia, Nutt. 

I. decidua, Walt.; Gard. Chron., ser. ii., 1880, vol. xiv., p. 689, 
f. 120. Sargent^ Silva of North America, t. 49. South 
United States. 

I. aestivalis. Lam, 

I. prinoides, Ait.; Wats. Dendr. Brit., vol. ii. t. 115. 

Prinos deciduus, DC. 

I. dipyrena, Wall. ; Brandts, Forest Flora, p. 15 ; Himalaya. 

I. glabra, Gray. Eastern United States. 

Prinos glaber, L. ; Lodd. Bot. Cab., 450, 

**31 .11«M .iimrli I J,\,^ 

4iit.' inM . v.4,l{ 


I. Integra, Thunh. China and Japan. 
I. Aquifolium Bessoni, Hort, 
I. integrifolia, Hort. 
Othera japonica, Hort, 

I. laevigata, Chay ; Garden and Forest, 1891, vol. iv., p. 221. 
Eatiteni United States. 
Prinos laevigatus, Pursh ; Wats. Dendr. Brit, vol. i. t. 2'^, 

I. latifolia, Thunb, ; Bot. Mag. t. 5597. Japan. 
I. Tarajo, Hort, 

I. opaca, Ait, ; Sargent^ Silva of North America, t. 45 ; 
Wats, l^endr. Brit. vol. i. t. 3. Eastern United States. 
I. canadensis, Marsh, (not Hort,), 
I. laxi flora, Lam. 
I. qnercifolia, Meerb, 

I. Ferado, Ait. ; Lodd. Bot. Cab. t. 549. 

L rotimda, Thunb. China and Japan. 

L verticillata. Gray, North America. 
Prinos canadensis, Hort, 
P. ronfertus, Moench. 
P. Gronovii, Michx. 
P. laevigatus, Hort. (not Pursh), 
P. padifolius, Hort, 
P. prunifolius, Hort. 
P. verticillatus, Z. ; Wats, Dendr. Brit,, vol. i., t. 30. 

Nemopanthus canadensis, DC, Canada, <&c. 
Ilex canadensb, Michx, 
1, delicatula, Bartr. 
Prinos integrifolius, Elliott. 


Enonymns alatus, Thunb. ; Regel^ Fl. Ussur. t. 7, f. 1-4. 
Japan, Sue. 

E. americanns, L. ; Nouv. Duhamel, voL iii. p. 9. United 

Var. obovatns, Torr. S^ Chay, 
E. obovatus, Nutt. 


£. atropnrpurenB, Jacq, Eastern North America. 
E. americanuSy Hwt. (not Z.). 
E. macrocarpus, Hort, 

E. citrifoliuB, Hort, Origin uncertain. 

E. echinatuB, Wall. ; Bot. Mag. t. 2767. Himalaya to China. 

E. enropflBiiB, Z. ; Sy^ne^ Engl. Bot., vol. iii., t. 317. Europe. 
Western Siberia. 
E. vulgaris, Scop, 

Var. atropurpurens, Hort. 
E. purpnreus, Hort. 

Var. aucnbflBfoliiis, Hort. 

Var. foliis argenteo-yariegatis. 

Var. foliis aureo-variegatis. 

Var. fhictu albo. 

Var. naniUL 

Var. pallidns. 

E. japonicTLS, Thunb. China and Japan. 

Var. albo-marginatns. 

Var. aureus. 

Var. Dnc d'Aojon. 

E. latifolius viridi-variegatus. 

Var. latifolius albo-yariegatus. 

Var. macrophyllns. 

E. robustus, Hort. 

Var. microphyllns, Hort. 

Eurja microphjlla, Hort. 

Var. ovatuB aureus. 

Var. pallens, Carr. 

E. Havescens, Hort. 

Var. pulchellus foliis argenteis. 
E. latifolius, Scop. ; Bot. Mag. t. 2384. Europe, Asia. 
E. Maakii, Rupr. Amurland. 

U 80362. 1? 


E. nanus, MB. Caucasus, <&c. 

E. americanus angustifolius, Hort. 

E. angustifolius, Hort. (not Pursh). 

E. aDgustifoliiis pulchellus, JHort. 

E. Lilieurii, Hort. 

E. linifolius, Hort. 

E. rosmarinifolius, ffort. 

E. pendulus, Wall. Himalaja. 

E. fimbriatus, ffort. (not Wall.); Flore des Serres, vol. vii. 
1851, p. 71. 

E. radicans, Sieb, ^ Zucc. Japan. 
Var. Silver Gem. 
Var. foliifl pictis. 
Var. foliis roseo-argenteis. 
Var. viridis. 

Var. Carridrei. 

E. Carrion, Vauvel in Kev. Hort. 1885, p. 295. (E. 
repens, Carr. in Rev. Hort. 1885, p. 295^ is a branch 
sport of this form.) 

E. thunbergianuB, Blume. Amurland, Japan, &c. 
£. subtrifloruSy Blume. 

E. verrucoBUB, Scop. ; Nouv. Duhamel, vol. iii., p. 8 ; East 
Europe to Amurland. 

Fachystlma Canbyi, Gray. North Carolina and Virginia. 

P. Myrsinites, Rafin, Western N"orth America. 

Mjginda myrtifolia, Nutt. in Hook. Flora Boreali- 
Americana, vol. i., p. 120, t. 41. 

CelastruB articnlatus, Thunb. China and Japan. 
C. Orixa, Hort. (not Sieb. S^ Zucc.). 
C. punctatus, Thunb. 

C. Orixa, Sieb. Sf Zucc. Japan. 
Celastrus japonica, K. Koch. 
Evodia ramiflora, A. Chray, 
Orixa japonica, Thunb.; Gartenflora t. 1232. 

E 2 


C. scandens, L. ; Load, Arbor., vol. ii., p. 502, f. 171. North 
C. bollatus, Z. 

Maytenus chilensis, DC. Chili. 


FaUnnu anstralis, Gaertn, South Europe. 

F. aculeatus, Lara. ; Nouv. Duhamel, vol. iii. p. 17. 

Berchemia racemosa, Sieh. ^ Zucc. Japan. 

B. Yolubilis, DC; Loud. Arbor., vol. ii., p. 528, f. 196. 
Southern United States. 
Rhamnus scandens, Hill. 
R. volubilifl, L.^l, 

RhanmuB AlatemiiB, L. ; Nouv. Duhamel, vol. ii., t, 14. South 
West Europe. 

Var. an^^ostifoliiui. 

R. angnstifolius. Mill, 

R. Ciusii, WUld. 

R. utilis. Hart, (not Dene.). 

Var. angostifoliiis yariegatus. 

Var. latifolins. 

B. almfoliuB, VHerit. ; Loud. Arbor, vol. ii., p. 536, f. 206* 
United States. 
R. fransruloidef*. Michx, 

B. alpinuB, L, ; Lodd. Bot. Cab., t. 1077. Alps. 
Var. grandifolius. Loud. 

B. argutnB, Maxim. China and Japan. 

B. californicns, Eschsck. California. 
Rhamnus intermedins, jffort. 
R. laurifolius, Nutt, 

R. oleifolius, Hook. ; Rev. Hort. 1874, p. 354, f. 47. 
R. pednnculatns, Hort. 
Frangula califomica, Grai/. 



R. caroliniamis, fFalt ; NuU. Sylva, vol. ii., p. 50, t. 59. 
Southern United States. 
B. califomicus, Hort. (not Eschsch). 
Frangnla caroHniana, Gray. 

B. catharticas, L. ; Syme^ Engl. Bot., vol. iii., t. 318. Europe, 
B. infectorius, Hort. (not L.). 
B. WickHus, Hort. 

B. davnricus, Pall. Siberia to China. 
B. bapticus, Date. 
B. utilis, Dene. 
B. virgatiis, Roxh. 

B. Frang^ola, L. ; Symcy Engl. Bot., vol. iii., t. 319. Europe. 
B. latifolius, Hart, (not VHerit.), 

Var. asplenifolius, H(yrt. 

Var. aureo-Yariefi^tuB. 

Var. angnstifoliiiB. 

B. franguloides, Hort. (not Michx.), 

Var. latifoliuB. 

B. sibiricusy Hort, 

B. hybridiu, VHerit. (B. Alaternus $ x alpinus $ ). Europe. 
B. sempervirens, Hort, 
B. subsempervirensy Hort, 

Var. Billardi, Lavall. 
B. Billardi, Hort, 
B. ovalifolios, Hort. 

B. infectoriiiB, Z. South Europe. 
B. oleoides, Hort, (not Z.). 

B. libanoticuB, Boiss.; Bot. Mag. t. 6721. Asia Minor and 
B. castaneifolia, Hort. 
B. grandifolia, Hort, (not Fitch. Sf Mey,), 
B. Imeritise, Hort, 

B. oleoides, L. South-west Europe. 

-Ab ,.,.i i*rt . 


R. pnrshianus, DC; Loud, Arbor., vol. ii., p. 538, f. 211. 
Frangala purshiana, Cooper, 
Rhamnus rubra, Chreene. 

R. saxatiliB, L, Europe, <&c. 

R. tixLCtoriuB, Waldst, S^ Kit. Europe, Asia. 
R. chlorophorus, Dene. 
R. globosus, Bunge, 

Hoyenia dulcis, Thunb. ; Bot. Mag. t. 2360. Himalaya, 
China, &c. 

Ceanothus americaniui, Z. ; Bot. Mag. t. 1479. Eastern 
United States. 

C. intermedius, Pursh, 

Var. opacus, Lange. 

C. aznreiu, Desf, Mexico. 
C latifolius, Hort. 

C. ctuieatuB, Nutt. California. 
C. macrocarpus, Nutt. 
C. verrucosus, Nutt. ; Bot. Mag. t. 4660. 

C. diYaricatuB, Nutt, California. 

C. integerrimus, Hook. ^ Am. California. 
C. califomicus, Kellogg, 
C. nevadensis, Kellogg, 

C. papilloaiui, Torr, 4* Gray, Bot. Mag. t. 4815. California. 

C. rigidus, Nutt, ; Bot. Mag. t. 4664. California. 

C. thyrsifloniB, Eschsch, ; Bot. Reg. it. 30, 38. Sargent^ 
Silva of North America, t. 64. California. 
C. elegans. Lam, 
C. radicans superba, Hort. 

C. Yeitchianiu, Hook, ; Bot. Mag. t. 5127. California. 

CoUetia CTUciata, Gill, 4* Hook, ; Bot. Mag. t. 5033. Uru- 
C. armata, Miers, 
C. bictonensis, Lindl. in Journ. Hort. Soc. vol. v., p. 31. 


C. ferox, Gill. 

C. borrida, Hort. 

C. poljacantha, Hori, 

C. spinosay Lam. 

G. spinosissima, Sort. 

C. valdiviana, Phil. 

Dlscaria longispina, Miers. Urogaaj. 
CoUetia longispina, Hook. ^ Aim, 

D. serratifolia, Gai/; Gard. Chron., ser. ii. 1876, vol. vi., 
p. 325, f. 65. Chili. 
CoUetia Chacaje, G. Dan. 
C. serratifolia, Vent. 

D. Tonmatoii, Raoul. New Zealand. 


Vitis aestlYalis, Michx,; Loud. Arbor., vol. i., 479, f. 112. 
United States. 
V. i)itermedia, Muhlb, 
y. labruscoides, Muhlb. 
V. Linsecumii, Buckl. 
V. virginiana, Hort. 

v. arborea, L. Soutb United States. 
V. bipinnata, Torr. S^ Chay. 
Ampelopsis bipinnata, Michx. 
Cissus arborea, Desmoul. 
C. bipinnata^ Nutt. 

v. arizonica, Engelm. Arizona. 
V. arizonensis, Hort. 
V. californiea, Hort. 

v. amurensis, Rupr. Amurland, North China, <&c. 
V. vinifera var. amurensis, Regel. 

V. Berlandieri, Planch. Texas, &c. 
V. monticola, Engelm. 

Y. californiea, Benth. California. 
V. caribaea, Hook, (not DC). 


V. capreolata, Don; Himalaya. 
V. hederacea, Wall. 
Cissus capreolata, Don, 
C. nepaalensis, DC. 
C. semilata, Roxb. 
Tetrastigma serrulatam, Planch, 

V. X Ghampmi, Planch. (V. nipestris x candicans). Texas. 

V. cinerea, Engelm. Mississippi Valley. 
y. aestivalis var. cinerea, Enfi^lm. 
V. caneseenSy Hort, 

V. Ck>igneti8B, Pul. ^ Planch. Japan. 
V. coDgesta, Hort, 

V. cordifolia, Michx, ; Loud, Arbor., vol. i., p. 480, f. 143. 
United States. 
V. vulpina var, cordifolia, Hegel, 
V. virginiana, ffort, 

V, ficifolia, Bunge, China and Japan. 

V. floxuosa, Thunh, China and Japan. 
V. parvifolia, Roxb. 
V. suceisa, Hance, 

V. heterophylla, Thunh, China and Japan. 
V. davidiana, Carr, 
Ampelopsis aconitifolia, Hort. 
A. heterophylla, Sieh. Sf Zucc. 
Cissus brevipedunculata, Maxim, 
C. bryonifolia, RegeL 

Var. hnmnlifolia, Bot. Mag. t. 5682. 
Ampelopsis humnlifolia, Bunge, 

Var. variegata. 

V. Mmalayana, Brand. Himalaya. 

V. neilgherrensis, Wight, le. t. 965. 
Ampelopsis himalayana, Royle, 
Cissus himalayana, Walp. 

V. inconstans, Miq. China and Japan. 
V. Roylei, Hort. 
V. Weitchi, Lavall. 


Ampelopsis tricnspidata, Sieb, 4* Zucc. 

A. Veitchii, ffort, ; Gard. Chron., ser. ii., 1880. vol. xiv., 

p. 664, f. 126. 
Cissus Thunbergii, Sieb. ^ Zucc, 
Farthenocissus tricnspidata, Planch. 

Y. japonica, Thunb, Eastern Asia. 
Cissns cjanocarpa, Miq, 
C. japonica, Willd. 
C. lencocarpa, Blume, 

V. Labmsca, Z. ; Loud. Arbor., vol. i., p. 479, f. 141. 
North America. 

V. orientalis, Boiss. Orient. 

Ampelopsis orientalis, Planch. 

Cissns clematifolia, Cav. 

C. orientalis, Lain. ; Wats,^ Dendr. Brit. t. 113. 

C. pinnata, Soland. 

V. quinquefolia, Lam. North America. 
Ampelopsis hederacoa, DC. 
A. quinquefolia, Michx, 
Farthenocissus quinquefolia, Planch. 

Var. hirsuta. 

Ampelopsis hirsuta, Don. 

Var. incisa. 

Var. major. 

V. riparia, Michx. ; Bot. Mag. t. 2429. North America. 
V. cordifolia var. riparia, Gray. 
V. odoratissima, Don. (is male plant of this species) . 

Var. palmata, Planch. 
V. palmata, Vahl. 
V. virginiana, Pair. 

V. Bomaneti, Caill. North China. 

V. mpestris, Scheele. South United States. 

V. serianaefolia, Maxim. China and Japan. 
Ampelopsis seriana^folia, Bunge. 
Cissus viticifolia, Sieb. Sf Zucc. 
Faullinia japonica, Thunb. 


V. striata, Baker. Rio Grande do Sul. 

Ampelopsis sempervirenSy Hort. , Gard. Mag., February 

13, 1886, p. 91. 
Cissus striata, Ruiz S^ JPav, 

Y. Thimbergii, Sieb. ^ Zucc, China and Japan. 
V. Sieboldii, ffort. 
V. ficifolia var, Sieboldii, Lavallde^ 

V. vinifera, X. Orient, 

Var. laciniosa. 

Y. laciniosa, Z. 
V. apiifolia, Hort. 

Var. sylvestris. 

V. sylvestris, Gmelin. 
V. oebennensis, Jord. 

? Var. Dayidii. 

Spinovitis Davidii, Carr. 

V. vnlpina, X. North America. 
V. rotundifolia, Michx, 


Kolreuteria bipiimata, Franchet in Revue Horticole, 1888, 
p. 393, f. 93. China. 

K panicnlata, Lixxm, ; Gard. Chron. ser. iii., 1887, vol. ii., 
p. 661, f. 111. China. 

JEsctiliiB califomica, Nutt. ; Sargent^ Silva of North America, 
tt. 71, 72. California. 
Calothyrsus californicus, Spach, 
Pavia califomica, Hartw. 

M, camea, Willd. ; Watson, Dendr. Brit., vol. ii, p. 121. 
? Garden Hybrid. 
M. floribunda, Hort, 

M. rubicunda, DC, ; Flore des Serres, t. 2229-30 
M. spectablis, ffori. 
Pavia watsoniana, Spach, 

M, chinensis, Bunge. North China. 

M, sinensis, Gard. Chron. sen iii.,1889, vol. N.,p,lVl ,lA\Vo. 

U B0B62, Vf 


JE. flava, Ait. United States. 
M, lucida, HorL (not Spach), 
M. lutea, JVangh, 

M. neglecta, Lindl. in Bot. Reg. t. 1009. 
M, octandra, Marsh, ; Sargent^ Silva of North America, 

tt 69, 70. 
Pavia bicolor, Rafin. 
P. flava, Moench, 
P. falva, Rafin. 
P. hjbrida, Hort, 
P. latea. Pair. 
P. macrocarpa, Hort, 
P. neglecta, Don, 
P. pallida bicolor, Hort, 

JE. glabra, Willd,; Sargent^ Silva of North America, 
tt. 67, 68. United States. 
JE. echinatft, Muhlh. 
M, obioensis, DC, 
M, pallida, Wtlld, 
Pavia glabra, Spach. 
P. obioensis, Michx, 
P. pallida Spach, 

M, HippocastaiLiim, Z. Moantains of South-eastern 

Var. flora pleno, Blustration Horticole, vol. ii. t. 50. 

Var. foliia aureii yariegatis. 

Tar. ladniata. 

M. asplenifolia, Hort. 
JE, heterophjlla, Hort, 
JE, indsa^ Hort. 

M, indica, Colebr, ; Bot. Mag. t. 5117. Western Him ilaya. 

JE. parviflora, Walt. South-eastern United States. 
M. macrostachja, Michx. 
MacrotbjrsQS discolor, Spach. 
Pavia alba, Poir. 
P. edulis. Pot/. 
P. maciostaefa ja, LoiieL 

F 2 


M. Favia, Z. United States. 

M. humilis, Lodd. ; Bot. Eeg. t. 1018. 

Pavia atropurpureay J^iHich. 

P. bumilis, G. Don. 

P. lindlejana, Spach, 

P. lacida, Sptich. 

P. Miehauxii, Spcuih. 

P. nana, Hort 

P. pendula, Hort. 

P. pumila, Hort, 

P. inibra, Lam, 

P. willdenowiana, Spach, 

Ung^iiadia speciosa, Endl. ; Flore des Serres, vol. x, t. 1076. 
Mexico, &c. 

Xanthoceras sorbifolia, Bunge; Bot. Mag. t. 6923. iNTorth 

Acer argntam, Maxim. ; Gard. Chron., ser. ii., 1881, vol. xv., 
p. 725, f. 132. Japan. 

A. campestre, L. ; Syme^ Engl. Bot. t. 321. Europe, West 

Var. auBtriacum. 

A. austrincum, Tratt. 

A. campestre var. macrophjllum, Hort. 

A. molle, Opiz» 

A. iauricam, ffort. 

Var. coUinmn, Wallr, 

A. campestre var, leiocarpum, DC, 

Var. hebecarpum, DC. 

A. campestre var, lasiocarpum, Wirnm, 
A. campestre var, pubescens, Boenningh. 
A. bjrcanum, Hort. (not Fisch, Sf Meg,). 

Var. pnlvemlentom. 

A. campestre foliis punctalis. 
A. campestre maculatum. 

Var. variegatam. 

A. campestre argenteo-marginatum. 

A. carpinifolium, Sieb, ^ Zucc. ; Gard. Chron., ser. ii., 1881 
vol. XV., pt 564, f. 105. Japan. 


A. candatom, JVall. ; Gard. Chron., ser. ii., 1881, vol. xv., 
p. 365, f. 68. Kashmir to Kumaon. 
A. acaminatam, Gordon in Garden, vol. iii., p. 371, f. 
A. laevigatum, Hort. 

A. circinatum, Pursh; Sargent ^ Silva of North America, 
t. 88. California, &e. 

A. ci88ifoliimi, K. Koch. Japan. 

Negundo cissifoliiim, Sieb. Sf Zucc. 
N. nikoense, Miq. (not Jfaai'm.). 

A. coriaceiim, Tausch. (A. Pseudo-platanus x monspessu- 
A. triloba tum, Jlort. 

A. crataegifolinm, Sieb. ^ Zucc, Flora Japonica t. 147- 

Var. Veitchi, Nichols. 

A. oretictun, L.\ Loud. Encyclop. of Trees and Shrubs, 
p. 94, f. 142, p. 121, f. 163. Asia Minor. 
A. barbatum. Pets, 4* Kirchn. (not Michx.), 
A. parvifolium, Tausch. 
A. poljmorphun, Spach (not Sieb. S^ Zucc). 

A. dasycarpom, Elirh. ; Gard. Chron., ser. ii., 1881, vol. xv.^ 
p. J 37, f. 24 ; Garden and Forest, vol. iv., p. 133, f. 26,. 
Eastern North America. 

A. album, Hort. 

A. Douglas!, Arbor. Zoesch. 

A. eriocarpum, Michx. 

A. floridum, Bort. 

A. palmatnm, Hort, (not Thunb.). 

A. Pavia, Hort. 

A. rnbnim, L. var. pallidum. Ait. 

A. saccharinum, L, ; Sargent, Silva of North America, 
t. 93. 

A. saccharinum floridanum, Hort, 

A. Saccharum, Marsh, 

A. Saira, Hort. 

A. tomentosum, Hort. 

A. virginicum rubrum, Hort. 

A. Wagneri laciniatum, Hort, 

'Arllllll '/ ' 

Tti ff-.n^fti ...irff 


Var. laciniatiun, Pcuc. 

A. heterophjllum, Hort. 
A. Wagneri dissectum, Hort, 

A. Wieri laoiniatum ; Wiener Ulust. Garten Zeitung, 
vol. vii., p. 410. 

Var. Intescens, Hort, 

Var. pnlvemlentmn, Hort. 

A. diabolictun, Blume ; Gard. Chron., ser. ii., 1881, vol. xv., 
p. 532, f. 100. Japan. 
A. pulchrum, Hort 

A. distylnm, Sieh, Sf Zucc. ; Gard. Chron., ser. ii., 1881, 
vol. XV., p. 499, f. 93. Japan. 

A. glabrmn, Torr. Sf Gray ; Sargent^ Silva of North 
America, t. 89, Western Nortb America. 
A. Douglasii, Hook, 
A. tripartitum, Nutt, 

A. grandidentatam, Nutt, Western North America. 
A. barbatum var. floridanum, Sargent, 
A. saccharinum var. floridanum, Chapm. 

A. Heldreicbi, Orph. ; Gard. Chron., ser. ii., 1881, vol. xv., 
p. 141, f. 25. Eastern Europe. 

A. heterophyllum, Willd. ; Garden, vol. ii., p. 283, f. Orient. 
A. microphjllum, Hort. 
A. obtusifoliam, Sibth. 
A. orientale, ۥ Koch. 
A. sempervirens, Hort. 

A. hyrcanum, I'uch. Sf Mey. Caucasus. 
A. caucasicam, HorU 
A. ibericum, Hort. (in part). 
A. italum, var. hyrcanum. Pax. 
A. lobatum, Qrordon in Garden, vol. iii., p. 09, f. 
A. taaricam, Hort. (in part). 

A insigne, Boiu. if Bulue var. velulinum, JioUa. ; Gard. 
Chron., ser. iii., 1891, vol. x., p. 1^1>, f. 24. Northern 


A. japonicom, Thunb. ; Steb. Sf Zucc.y Fl. Jap. vol. ii., t. 144. 
A. macrophyllum, Hort. (not Pursh), 
A. palmatum macrophyllum, Hort, 
A. vitifoliam, Hort. 

A, Lobelii, Tenore, Flora Neapolitana, vol. v., p. 291, t. 199. 

Sonthern Italy. 
A. atbeniense, Hort. 
A. platanoides, Z. var. Lobelii, Loud. Arbor. Brit., p. 444, 

f. 120. 

A. macrophyllum, Pursh ; Sargent, Silva of North America, 
tt. 86, 87. California, &c. 
A. morrayanum, Hort. 
A. speciosum, Hort. 

A. micraathum, Sieb. S^ Zucc.m Fl. Jap., p. 141, t. 80. Japan. 

A. monspessulanxun, L. ; Loud. Arbor, vol. i., p. 458, f. 131. 
Mediterranean Region. 
A. heterophyllum, Hort. (not Willd.^ 
A. ibericum, Biebertt. 
A. illyrieum, Jacq. 
A. libumicum, Hort. 
A. littorale, Hort. 
A. moni^peliense, Hort. 
A. trifolinm, Duham. 
A. trilobum, Moench. 
A. trilobatnm, Lam. 

A. Neg^imdo, Z. ; Sargent, Silva of North America, t. 96. 
United States. 
Negundo aceroides, Moench. 
N. fraxinifolium, Nutt. 

Var. califomicnm, Sargent, Silva of North America, t. 97. 
Acer califomicnm, Dietr. 
Negundo californicum, Torr. Sf Gray. 

Var. crispnm, G. Don ; Loud. Ency cl. of Trees and Shrubs, 
p. 122, f. 165. 

Var. Guichardi, Hort. 

Var. laciniatnm, Hort. 

Var. variegatum, Hort. 


A. nikoense, Maxim, (not Miq,), Japan. 
A. maximowiczianum, Miq. 
Negundo nikoense, Nichols, 

A. opulifoliiun, Ft'//. Europe. 
A italicum, Lauche, 
A. italum, Lauth, 

A. Opalus, Ait. ; Gordon in Garden, 1872, p. 443, f. 
A. rotundifolium. Lam, 

Var. neapolitanum. 

A. neapolitanum, Tenore, Flora Neapolitana, t. 100. 

A. hybridum, Hort, 

A. obtusatum var, neapolitanum, Ho^rt, 

Var. obtnBatom. 

A. obtusatum. Kit, 

A. palmatnm, Thunb, ; Loud, Eneyel. of Trees and Shrubs, 
p. 90, f. 158. Japan. 
A. polymorphum, Sieb, S^ Zucc., Fl. Jap., p. 83, t. 145. 

Palm€Uum Group, 

Var. anrenin. 

Acer japonicum poljmorphum aureum, Hort, 

Var. criBptun, Illustration Horticle, ser. iii., 1870, t. 43. 
A. crispatum, Hort, 

Var. Imearilobtun, Sieb, 4* Zuccy Fl, Jap., p. 84, t. 146. 
A. int^mm, Hort, 

Var. TOBeo-marginatom. 

A. japonicum roseo-marginatum, Hort, 
A. poljmorphum roseo-marginatum, Hort, 

Septemlobum Group, 

Var. septemlobum, Koch, 

A. septemlobum, Thunb, 

Var. septemlobum atropurpurem. 
A. atropurpureum, Hort. 
A. japonicum atropurpureum, Hort, 

Var. septemlobum bicoloT; Hort, 




Var. Beptemlobmn elegans. 

Var. septemlobxun el^fans purpTueum. 
A. digitatum atropurpurenm, Hort, 

Disitectum Chroup. 

Var. disBectnm. 

A. dissectnm, Thunb. 
A. japonicum dissectum, Hort. 
A. palmatifidum, Hort, 
A. palmatum pinDatifiduiD, Hort, 
A. poljmorphum var, decompositum, Sieb, Sf Zucc^ Fl. 
Jap., p. 84, t. 146. 

Var. disBectoin omatom, mustration Horticole, 1870, p. 244, 
t. 46. 
A. japonicum ornatum, Hort, 
A. palmatifidum ornatum, Hort. 
A. palmatifidom rubrum, Hort, 

Var. dissectam sessilifoliiim, Gard. Chron., ser. ii., vol. xvi., 
p. 137, f. 30. 
Negundo sessilifolium, Sieb, S^ Zucc, 

A. pectmatnm, Wall.; Grard. Chron., ser. ii. 1881, vol. xv., 
p. 365, f. 69. Nepal and Sikkim. 
A. caudatum. Wall, (in part). 

A. pennflylyaniciim, L. ; Sargent, Silva of North America, 
It. 84, 85. Eastern United States. 
A. canadense. Marsh. 
A. hybridum, Bosc. 
A. striatum, Du Roi. 

A. pictom, Thunb. Mandshuria, Japan. 
Var. marmoratoin. 

Var. mbmin, Nichols, 

A, colchicum rubrum, Hort, 

Var. Yariegatum. 

A. platanoides, L, ; Loud. Encycl. of Trees and Shrubs, pp. 83, 
104, 105. Europe. 

Var. columxiare, Carr. 

Var. cucullAtuiiL 

• ^A .ii*ii*n>i|^iifwt 

v,« >-.-.»^ii^-.s. 



' ilj .imi'wti,. 


Van glolx>stLin. 

A. globosum, Hort, 

y ar. heterophylltiin Yariegatnm, Hort, 
A. digitatum aureo-marginatum, H(yrt, 

Var. laciniatum. 

A. crispura, Hort, ; Loud. Encycl. of Trees and Shrubs, 

p. 84, f. 128. 
A. laciniosum, Hort, 

Var. palmatam. 

A. dissectum, Hort. 

A. Lorbergi, Hort, 

A. palmatifidniii, Hort, 

A. platanoides digitatum, Hort, 

Var. purpTirexun. 

Var. Reitenbachii. 

Var. rnbmm, Regel ; Gartenflora, 1867, p. 163, f. 545. 

Var. Schwedleri; Gard, Chron., ser, ii., 1881, voJ. xv., 
p. ^by f. 106. 

A. PBeudo-platauiiB, Z. ; Syme^ Eng. Bot., p. 230, t. 320. 
Centra] Europe, Western Asia. 

Var. atropnrparexun. 

Var. axLcnbaefoliTinu 

Var. exLcUornin. 

Var. flavo-marginatTLm, Loud, 
A. P. corstorphinensis, Hort, 
A. P. lutescens, Hort, 

Var. foliis albo-variegatis, 

Var. Leopoldi, Illustration Horticole, vol. xi., t. 411. 

Var. opnlifolixun. 

Var. Prinz Handjery, Hort, 

Var. purpnrenm, Loud, 

A. P. var. rubrum, Hort. 
A. nigrum, Hort, 

Var. pnrpureo-yariegatam, Hort. 
Var. webbianiun, Hort, 

U 80862. G 


A. rabnixn, L. ; Sargent, Silva of North America t. 94. 
United States. 
A. carolinianum, Hort. 
A. cooeineum, MichncfiL 
A. floridanum, Hort. 
A. glaucum, Hort, 
A. globosnm, Hort. 
A . hypoleucum, Hort. 
A. leucophjllum, Hort. 
A. microphjUum, Pax. 
A. semiorbiculatum, Pax, 
A. virginianum, Hort, 
A. Wagneri, Hort. 

Var. Dmmmondii, Sargent, Silva of North America, t. 95. 
A. Drammondii, Hook. S^ Am, 

Var. sangnineum. 
A. fulgens, Hort. 
A. sanguineum, Spach, 
A. splendens, Hort. 
A. toDientofiam, Hort. 

A. mflnerve, Sieb. Sf Zucc. Flora Jap. t. 158. China and 

Var. albo-limbatTun, Hook., Bot. Mag. t. 5793. 

A. Baccharintun, Wangh. United States. 

A. barbatum, Sargent, Silva of North America, t. 90. 
A. saccharophorum, Koch. 
A. Saccharum, Britt, 

A. sieboldianmn, Miq.; Gard. Chron., ser. ii., 1881, vol. xv., 
p. 590, f. 113. Japan. 
A. japonicum var, sieboldianum, Franch. Sf Sav, 
A. paJmatum Kaempfeii, Hort. 

A. silddineiiBe, Miq, Himalaya. 
A. cordifolium, Hort. 
A. Griffithi, Hort. 
A. Hooker i, Hort. 

a 2 


A. spicatnm, L, ; Sargent^ Silva of North America, tt. 82, 83. 
United States. 
A. montanum, Ait. 
A. parviflonim, Ehrh, 
A. pennsylvanicum, Duroi (not Z.). 
A. mgosum, Hort. 

A. tataricnm, Z. ; Watson^ Dendr. Brit. t. 160. Eastern 
Europe, &c. 
A. cordifoHum, Hort. 

Var. Ginnala. Amurland. 
A. Ginnala, Maxim, 
A. tatarieum var. laciniatum, Hort, 

Var. Semenowii, Rgl. Sf Herd. ; Gard. Chron., ser. ii., 1881, 
vol. xiv., p. 74, f. 12. Turkestan. 

A. Volxemi, Masters in Gard. Chron., ser. ii. 1877, vol. vii., 
p. 72, f. 10; ser. iii., 1891, vol. x., p. 11. f. 2. Caucasus. 
A. Ti'autvetteri, Medw, 

Staphylea Bnmalda, Sieh. S^ Zucc. Fl. Jap. t. 95. Japan. 

S. colchica, Stev. ; Gard. Chron. ser. iii., 1887, vol. ii., p. 713, 
f. 137. Caucasus. 
Hooibrenckia formosa, Hort. 

S. Couiombieriy Andre (S. pinnata x colchica). 

S. pinnata, L. ; Si/me,' Engl. Bot., vol. iii., t. 322, South 

S. trifolia, L.; Gartenflora, 1888, p. 529. Xorth America. 

Euscaphis staphyleoides, Sieb. ^ Zncc Fl. Jap. t. 67. China 
and Japan. 
E. japonica, Dippel, 


Rhus aromatica, L. South United States. 
R. canadensis. Marsh, 
R. suaveolens. Ait. 

B. copallina, L,; Dippel^ Handbuch der Laubholzkundc, 
vol. ii., p. 368, f. 169. Eastern United Stat€8. 


S. CotmnB, L. Europe, &c. 
Cotinus Coccygea, Koch, 

Var. atropnrpTirea. 

Yar. pendnla. 

B. cotinoides, Nutt, Southern United States. 

Cotinus americanus, Nutt,y North American Sylva, vol. ii. 
t. 81. 

S. glabra, Z. Loud. Arbor. Brit., vol. ii., p. 551, f. 225. 
United States. 
R. caroliniana, Mill. 
R. coccinea, Hort, 

R. elegans. Ait. ; Wats., Dendr. Brit., vol. i., t. 16. 
R. sanguinea, Hort, 

Var. laciniata, Carr. in Revue Horticole, 1863, f. 1. 

R. Osbecldi, DC. Revue Horticole, 1867, f. 14. China and 
R. japonica Osbecki, Hort. 
R scmialata var. Osbeckii, DC. 
R. typhina Osbecki, Hort. 

R. siLCcedanea, Z. China and Japan. 
Toxicodendron altissimnm, Mill. 

R. Toxicodendron, L. Loud. Arbor., vol. ii., p. 556, f. 23. 
North America and Japan. 
R. ambigua, Lavallee. 
R. japonicn, Hort. 
R. radicaus, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 1899. 
R. ternata, Hort. 
R. trifoliata, Hort. 
Ampelopsitf japonica, Hart, 
Toxicodendron pubescens, Mill. 
T. vulgare. Mill. 

E. typhina, L. ; Loud. Arbor., vol. ii., p. 550, f. 224. Eastern 
United States. 
R. americana, Hort. 
R. canadensis, Hort. (not Michx.), 
R. coriaria, Hort. (not L.). 
R. fruiescens, Hort. 
R. glabra, Hort. (not Z.). 
R. graciiiF, Hort. 
R. viridrflora, Poir, 


S. yenenata, DC, ; Loud. Arbor., vol. ii., p. 552, f. 226. 
Eastern United States. 
R. vernix, Z., Watson, Dendr. Brit., vol. i., t. 19. 
Toxicodendron pinnatum, MilL 

R. vemicifera, DC. China and Japan. 
R. vemix, Thunb, (not Z.). 

Pifltacia atlantica, Desf, Xorth Africa. 

P. Lentiscns, Z. ; £ot. Mag. t. 1907. Mediterranean Region. 
P. massiliensis, Mill, 

P. TerebinthuB, Z. ; Bentl. and Trim. Med. Plants, 1. 69. 
South Europe. 

Schiniu bonplandianus, Z. South Brazil. 
S. dependens var. subintegra, Engler, 
Duvana longifolia, Lindl, in Bot. Reg., vol. xxix., t. 59. 
D. spinescens, Tenore, 

S. dependens, Ortega. Chili. 

Duvaua dependens, DC. ; Bot. Reg. t. 1573. 


Coriaria myrtifolia, Z. ; Wats., Dendr. Brit., vol. ii., t. 103. 
Mediterranean Region. 

C. nepalensis, Wall. Himalaya. 

C. thjrmifolia, H.B.K. Peru, &c. 


Anagyris foetida, Z. ; Revue Horticole, 1869, p. 290. Medi- 
terranean Region. 

Piptanthns nepalensis, Sweet, British Flower Gnrden, t. 
264. Temperate Himalaya. 
Anagjiis indica, Lindl. 
A. nepalensis, Graham. 

Baptisia nepalensis, Hook,, Exot. Flora, t. 131. 
Thermopsis laburnifolia, Don. 
T. nepaulensis, DC. 


LnpiniiB arboreiUy Z. ; Bot. Mae. t. 682. California. 
L. macrocarpusy Hook. 4* ^'f^- 
L. rivnlaris, Agardh, 
L. sericeus, JBscluch. 

Adenoearpos decorticaiLB, Boiss, ; Gard. Chron. ser. ii., 
1886, vol. XXV., p. 725, f. 160. Spain. 

LabuTniim Adami, LavalL (L. vulgare x Cjtisus purpureus) . 
Cjtisas Adami, Poii. 

C. Labomom var, parpureus, Hort. ; Bot. Reg. t. 1966. 
Labamum vnlgare Acre rabro, Hort. 
L. Tolgare purpuniBeens, Hort. 

L. alpmum, J. S. PresL £arope. 
CjtLsiia alpiDiis, Mill. 

Var antomiuJis, Hort. 

V^ar. liifiBniiiiy Hort. 
L. biflorom, HorL 

Var. grandiflomm, Hort, 

Var. hi ranttti n, Hort. 

Var. Parkni, Hort. 

Var. Watereri, Hart. 

1a. caramaaleam, Bemtk. ^ Hook.Jil. Asia Minor. 
Cjtisos caiamanicna, LaralL 
Podoejdvis aaencanof, Hort. 

Pcmr^amM^aoM. Bmts» 

L. Tvlgaxe, J^^ 8. Prtd. Europe. 
li. aiiag7V0idc% Htdie. 
CjtisiBS LaUomiiin, Z. 

Var. Gulicri, Hort, 

CVtisu ij^J^'^&rL, Hon. 

Var. Ibltis asTCHL 
Var. fraf;mn, ^«rf 'd<>i Gri$^ i. 
Var. iatecsadimu //<^rr. 
Var. iBMtetnu /^<^ 



Var. pendulnm, Hort, 

L. vulgare pendulum elegans, Hott* 

Var. quercifolinm, Hort. 

Var. sessilifolinm, Hort. 

Petteria ramentacea, PresL Eastern Europe. 
Cytisus fragrans, Weld. 
C. ramentaceus, Sieh. 

C. Weldeni, Vis. ; Bot. Reg., vol. xxxix., t. 40. 
Laburnum Weldeni, Lavallde. 
L. fragrans, Griseb. 

Gknista aethnensis, DC. ; Moris, Flora Sardoa, t. 28. 
Sicily, &c. 
Spariium aetnense, Biv. ; Bot, Mag. t. 2674. 
S. trispermum, Smith. 

G. anglica, L.; Si/me, Engl. BoL, vol. iii., t. 326. Europe. 
G. brutia, Tenore. 
G. minor. Lam. 

G. aspalathoides, Lam. ; Moris, Flora Sardoa, tt. 29, 30. 
South-weatem [Qarope. 
Si)artium erinaceoides, Loisel, 
S. aspalathoides, Desf. 

G. berberidea, Lunge. Spain. 

G. cinerea, DC, South-western Europe. 
G. ramosissima, Boiss, (not Poir!). 
Spartium cinereum, VilL 
S. sphserocarpon. Lapey. 

G. germanica, L. ; Flora Danica, vol. xi., t. 1826. Europe. 
Scorpius spinosus, Moench, 

G. hiapanica, Z. ; Rev. Hort. 1888, p. 36. South-west 
G. villosa, Lam, 
Spartium hispanicum, Spreng, 
Ulex nanus, Hort, (not Forst.). 

G. monosperma, Gtiss, Sicily, 
Retama Gussonei, Webb, 

G, pilosa, L. ; Syme, Engl. Bot., vol. iii., t. ^21. "Eaitq^^, 


f nU) (i^K 


4(1 rm 


O. radiata, Scop. Central and Southern Europe. 
G. hispanica, Hort, (not Z.). 
G. holopetala, Reichb, 
CTtisas radiatus, Kit, 
Spartium radiatum, Z. 

O. sagittalis, Z. Europe. 
G. herbacea, Lam. 
Cjtisus sagittalis, Kit. 
Spartium sagittale, Moth. 

G. tmctoria, Z. ; St/me, Engl. Bot., vol. iii., t. 328. Europe, 

Camiola tinctoria, Presl. 
Spartium tinctorium, Roth. 

Var. elatior. 

G. dumetorum, Hort. 

G. elata, Wender, 

G. elatior, Koch, 

G. frutescens, Hort. 

G. italica, Hort. 

G. marginata, Bess. 

G. multibracteata, Hort. 

G. ovata, Hort, 

G. polygalaefolia, Hort. 

G. pubescens, Lang. 

G. fiibirica, Rchh. 

G. thyreiflora, Hort. 

G. virgata, Hoppe (not DC). 

Yar. flore pleno. 

G. virgata, Z>C. ; Bot. Reg. xxx., t. 11. jMadeira. 
G. cinerea, Hort. (not DC). 
G. elata, ZTor^. (not Wetider.). 
G. gracilis, PoiV. 
Cytisus tener, «/acg. 
Spartium virgatum, Ait. 

Spartium jxincenm, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 80. South Europe. 
Genista juncea, iMm. 
SpartianthuR junceus, Link, 

Var. flore pleno. 


XJlez europaens, Z. ; Sytney Engl. Bot., vol. iii., t. 323. 

Var. flore pleno. 

U. Ghdlii, Planch. ; Syine^ Engl. Bot., vol. iii., t. 324. Western 

U. nanus, Forst. ; Syiiie^ Engl. Bot., vol. iii., t. 325. Western 
U. europaeus nanus, Hort, 

U. welwitschianiiB, Planch, South-west Europe. 

Cytifliis albus, L. Spain and Portugal. 
C. multiflonis albus, Hort, 
Genista multiflora, Loisel, 
Sarothamnus albus, Presl. 
S. parviflorus. Willk. 
Spurtium album, Desf, 
S. multiflorum, VHerit. ; Lodd, Bot. Cab., t. 1052. 

C. Ardoini, Foum. ; Moggr, Flora of Mentone, t. 58. Mari- 
time Alps. 

C. austriacus, Z. ; Jarg. Fl. Austr., vol. i., t. 21. Eastern 
C. banaticus, Griseb, 
C. serotinus, Hort. (not Kit.). 

Var. leucanthns. 

C. leucanthns, JValdst, Sf Kit. 
C. Rochelii, Wicrzb. 

C. bifloniB, VHerit. ; Bot. Reg. t. 308. Eastern Europe. 
C canariensis, Hort. 
C. caucasicus, Hort. 
C. elongatus, JValdst, Sc Kit. 
C. leuciinthus, Hort, (not JValdst, Sf Kit,), 
C. medicaginoides, Hort, 
C ratisbonensis, Schaeff, 
C. ruthenicus, Fisch, 
C. serotinus, Kit. 
C. supinus, Hort, (not Jacquin), 
C. uralensis, Hort, 

U 80362. H 

»-i v^ .,.pt 


C. capitatiis, Jacq, ; Lodd. Bot. Cab. p. 497. Europe. 
C. caljcinus, Hort, 
C. nigricans nanus, Hort, 

C. decnmbens, Walp. Europe. 
Grenista Halleri, Reyn. 
G. prostrata, Lam. 

C. hirsntiui, X. ; Bot. Mag. t. 6819. South Europe and Asia 
C. falcatus, Waldst. ^ Kit. 
C. poljtrichus, Hort. 
C. tournefortianus, Loisel. 
C. triflorus, Lam. (not IJHerit,). 
C. uralensis, Hort. (in part). 

C. linifolins, Lam. South-west Europe. 
Genista lini folia, L. 
Spartium linifolium, Desf, 
Teline linifolia, Webb. 

C. monspessalanns, L. Mediterranean Region. 
Genista candicans, L. 
G. triangularis, Hort. (not Willd,), 
G. triquetra, Hort. (not Ait,). 
Teline candieans, Webb. 

C. nigricans, L. ; Bot. Beg. t. 802. Europe. 
Lembotropis nigricans, Griseb. 

C. praecoz, Hort. (C. purgans x C. albus). 

C. purgans, Boiss. ; Deutsche Garten-Zeitung 1886, p. 447. 
South-west Europe. 
Grenista daurica, Hort. 
G. purgans, Linn.Jil. 
G. spartioides, Hort. 
Sarothamnus purgans, Gren, 4* Godr. 
Spartium purgans, L. 
Spartocjtisus purgans, Webb. 

C. pnrpnreuB, Scop.\ Bot. Mag. t. 1176. Eastern Europe. 

C. scoparins, Link. Europe. 

Genista scoparia, Lam. ,, 

Sarothamnus scoparius, Syme^ Eng. Bot., vol. iii. t. .yi\\ 

S. vulgaris, Wimm. 

Spnvthiru scoparium, L. ^^ 

»4 rr — ip« — 

,. — - ...^....ilrtt/ 


Var. andrianus. 

Genista andr^ana, Revue Horticole, 1886, p. 572. 

Var. pendulus. 

Var. sxQphiireiis. 

C. sesailifolins, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 255. South Europe. 
Cjtisus quinquefolius, Hort, 
Lembotropis sessilifolius, Griseb. 

Ononia aragonensis, Asso. Pyrenees. 

0. fruticosa, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 317. South Europe. 

0. Natrix, Z. ; Bot. Mag. t. 329. Europe. 

0. rotmidifoliua, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 335. South Europe. 

Medicago arborea, Z. ; Lodd,^ Bot. Cab., t. 1379. South 

Anthyllia HermannisB, Z. ; Bot. Mag. t. 2576. South Europe. 
Cjtisus graecus, Z. 

Psoralea glaadulosa, Z. ; Bot. Mag. t. 990. Chili. 

Amorpha caii68ceiL8y Nutt,; Bot. Mag. t. 6618. United 
A. Lewisii, Ifort. 

A. fruticoaa, Z. ; Bot. Beg. 1. 127. South United States. 
A. canescens, ffart, 
A. caroliniana, ffort, 
A. coerulea, ffort. 
A. crocea, ffort, 
A. dealbata, Jffort, 
A. elatior, Jlort. 
A. emarginata, Hort. 
A. fragrans, Hort. 
A. Grardneri, ffort, 
A. fi^labra, ffort, 
A. ludoviciana, ffort. 
A. marginata, ffort. 
A. pubescens, ffort, 
A. tenesseensis, ffort. 
A. tomentoaa, ffort. 


Indigofera decora, LindL ; Bot. Mag. t. 5063. China and 

L gerardiana, fVall. Himalaya. 
I. atropurpurea, Hort. 
I. coronillaefolia, Hort. 

1. Dosua, Bot. Reg.) vol. xxviii., t. 57 (not Hamilt»), 
I. floribunda, Hort. 

I. hebex>etala, Benth. Himalaja. 

Wistaria chinensis, DC. China. 

Glycine chinensis, Sims^ Bot. Mag. t. 2083. 

W. frutescens, DC. United States. 

Glycine frutescens, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 2103. 

W. japonica, Sieh. ^ Zucc. Fl. Jap. t. 43. Japan. 
Milletia japonica, A. Gray. 

W. mnltijnga, Van Houtte in Flore des Serres, t. 2002. China. 
W. grandiflora, Hort. 

Robinia hispida, Z. ; Bot. Mag. t. 311. South United 
R. montana, Bartr. 
It. rosea. Marsh. 

Var. inermia, Carr. 

K. complexa, Hort. 
R. hispida rosea, Hort. 
R. macrophylla, Hort. 

R. Psendaiauna, L. ; Loud. Arbor., vol ii., p. 609, tt. 83-86. 
Eastern United Sutes. 

Var. angnstifdliii. 

R. augostifolia Regans, Hort. 

R. microphjila, Hort. 

R. mjrlifolia, Hort. 

R. uinhrarmlifera angostifolia, Hort. 

Var. anrea. 

Var. bellA-1 


Var. hMMniim latJfoHa 


Yar. colnteoides. 

Var. crispa. 

Var. dAcaisneana, Carr, in Bev. Hort. 1863, p. 151, cum ic. 

Yar. elegans. 

Yar. &8tigiata. 

Var. heterophylla. 

Yar. inennis. 

Yar. linearis. 

Yar. monophylla. 

Yar. pendnla. 

Yar. Behderi. 

Yar. revoluta. 

Yar. tortuosa. 

B. viflcosa. Vent, South United States. 

R. glutinosa, Curt, in Bot. Mag. t. 5G0. 

Carmichaelia flagelliformis, Colen. New Zealand. 

ITotospartinm Carmichaeliae, Hook. fil. Bot. Mag. t. 6741. 
New 2^1and. 

Colutea arboreecena, Z. ; Bot. Mag. t. 81. Mediterranean 
C. aurantiaca, Hort. 
C. arborescens Acre luteo, Hort. 
C. crocea, Hort. 

Yar. criapa. 

C. craenta, Ait. Orient. 

C. arborescens flore robro, Hort. 
C. brevialata, Hort. 
C. orientalia, Lam. 
C. purporeay Hort. 
C. saDgainea, Pall. 


C. istria, Mill. Asia Minor. 
C. halepica, Lam. 
C. microphjlla, Delile. 
C. Pocockiiy Ait. 
C. procumbens, VHerit. 

C. melanocaljTX, Boiss. Asia Minor. 

Halimodendron argentemn, DC. Siberia^ <$bc. 
Caragana argentea, Lam. 
Robinia Halodendron, VHerit. ; Bot. Mag. t. 1016. 

Caragana arboresoens, Lam. Siberia, &c. 
Caragana inermis, Monch. 
C. mongolica, Hort, 
C. Redowskii, Fisch. 
C. vu1gai*is, Hort. 
Robinia Caragana, L. 

Yai*. pendnla. 

C. brevispina. Royle. Himalaja. 

C. triflora, Lindl. Sf Paxt.^ Flower Garden, vol. ii. f. 212. 

C. Cbamlagu, Lam. China and Japan. 
C. cbinensis, Turcz. 
Robinia Chamlagu, VHerit. 
R. cbinensis, Pers. 

C. frutescens, DC, ; Sweety Flower Garden, t. 227. South 
Russia to Japan. 
C. cuneata, Moench. 
C. digitata, Lam. 
C. frutex, Koch. 
C. pygroaea, Hort. (not DC). 
C. rosea, Turcz. 
Robinia frutesceus, L. 
R. sinensis, Hort, 

Var. pendnla. 

C. microphylla, Lam. Altai and Dahuria eastward. 
C. Altagana, Poir, 
C. arborescens arenaria, Hort. 
Robinia Altagana, Pall. 

R. Caragana var. arenaria, SimSy Bot. Mag. t. 1886. 
R. glomerata^ Hort. 


C. pygmaea, DC; Bot. R«g. t. 1021. Caucasus to Himalaya. 
C. ai'borescens gracilis, Hort, 

C. spinosa, DC. Siberia. 
C. spinosissima, Koch, 
Bobinia ferox, PalL 
H. spinosa, L, 

C. tragacanthoides, Pair. Siberia. 

Calophaca wolgarica, Fisch. ; Watson, Dendr. Brit., vol. ii., 
t. 83. South Bussia. 
C. Depalensis, Hort, 
Colutea wolgarica, Lam, 

Astragalus Tragacantlia, L. ; Watson, Dendr. Brit., vol. ii., 
t. 84. Asia Minor. 

Coronilla emeroides, Boiss, South-east Europe. 

C. Emems, Z.; Bot. Mag. t. 446, Europe, &c. 

C. pauciflorus, Latn, 

C. jnncea, L. ; Bot. Heg. t. 820. South Europe. 

Hedysanun multijugiim, Maxim,-, Gartenflora, t. 1122. 
Southern Mongolia. 

Besmodinm tiliaefoliiim, G, Don, Himalaya. 

Lespedeza bicolor, Turcz. ; Garden and Forest, 1892, vol. v., 
p. 114, fig. 18. China and Japan. 

L. Sieboldi, 3ft^. ; Garden and Forest, 1892, vol. v., p. 11.5, 
fig. 19. North China and Japan. 
L. bicolor, Hooh.Jil,^ Bot. Mag. t. 6602. 
L. bicolor var, Sieboldi, Maxim, 
Desmodium japonicum, Hort, (not Miq,). 

D. penduliflorum, Oudem,; Gard, Chron., ser. ii., 1883, 
vol. XX., p. 749. 

D. racemosum., Sieb, ^ Zucc, 

Cladrastis amurensis, Bnth. ; Bot. Mag. t. 6651. Amurland. 
Maackia amurensis, Rupr. 

iivuHV vivM .p-.' 

.«Imi» .11.. 

^ fc- .l«l #otU .^mMhi 

K .•MXIk'.' .■•■M ,-" ■•( A,, 



C. tmctoria, Rafin, United States. 

C. lutea, C. Koch. ; Sargent^ Silva of North America, 

tt. 119, 120. 
Yirgilia lutea, Michx. 

Sophora japonica, Z. ; Andrewsy Bot., Repos. vol. ix., t. 385 . 
Styphnolobiiim japobicum, Schott, 

Yar. pendnla. 

Yar. variegata. 

S. macrocarpa, Sm.; Lodd., Bot. Cab, t. 1125. Chili. 
Edwardsia chilensis, Miers. 

S. tetraptera, Ait. ; Curtis^ Bot. Mag. t. 167. New Zealand. 
Edwardsia grandiflora, Salish. 

Yar. microphylla. 

Sophora microphylla, Ait, 
Edwardsia microphylla, Salish. 

Caesalpinia japonica, Sieb, Sf Zticc. ; Gard. Chron., ser. iii. 
1888, vol. iv., p. 613, fig. 73. Japan. 
C. crista, Thunb. 
C. sepiaria, Miq. 

Gynmocladus canadensis. Lam, ; Loud. Encycl. of Trees and 
Shrubs, p. 256, f. 418. North America. 
G. dioicus, C. Koch. ; Sargent , Silva of North America, 

tt. 123, 124. 
Hyperanthera dioica, Vahl. 

G. chinensis, BailL; Hook, Ic. PI. t. 1412. China. 

Gleditschia anstralis, Hemsl. in Journ. Linn. Soc. vol. xxiii. 
t. 5. South China. 
G. sinensis, Hort. (not Lam.). 

G. japonica, Miq. Japan. 

G. macracantha, Desf. China ? 
G. Fontanesii, Spach. 

G. monosperma, Walt. South United States. 

G. aquatica. Marsh. ; Sargent y Silva of North America, 
tt. 127, 128. 

<IM(/. I,- f.lis 

4(1 .!• .Mua t 


O. sinensis, Lam. China, &c. 
G. ferox, Desf, 
G. horrida, Willd, 
G. macrantha, Hort, 
G. macrosperma, Hort. 

G. triacanthos, L. ; Loud. Arb. et Frut vol. ii., p. 650, f. 90-1 ; 
Sargent y Silva of North America, tt. 125, 126. 
Eastern United States. 
G. Bujoti, Hort. 

G. monosperma, Hort. (not Walt,). 
G. spinosa. Marsh. 

Cercis canadensis, L, ; Loud. Arb. et Frut. vol. ii., p. 669, 
f. 101-3 ; Sargenty Silva of North America, tt. 133, 134. 
North America. 
Siliquastrum canndense, Moench. 

Var. Acre pleno. 

C. chinensis, Bunge. China and Japan. 
C. japonica, Flore des Serres, t. 849. 

C. Siliqnastmm, L. ; Bot. Mag. 1138. Mediterranean Region. 

Albizzia Jnlibrissin, Durraz. Orient. 
Acacia Julibrissin, Willd. 
Mimosa Julibrissin, Forst. 



Pninns Amygdalns, Stokes. South Europe, Levant, <&c. 
Amjgdalus commonis, L. 

Var. amara, Stokes. 

Amjgdalus communis var. amara, DC, 
A, amara, Hayn. 

Var. dnlcifl, Stokes. 

AjDjgdalns communis var. dulcis, DC. 

Var. macroeaxpa, Xichols, 

Amjgdalus communh var, macrocarpa, Ser. 

Yar. pendnlJL 


Yar. persicoides, Nichols, 

Persica amjgdaloides, Duham. 
Amjgdalas communis var. persicoides, Ser, 

P. davidiana, Franchet. China. 

Persica davidiana, Carr, in Rev. Hort. 1872, p. 75, f. 10. 
Amjgdalas davidiana, Dieck. 
Armeniaca davidiana, Hort. 

P. ebnmea, Aitch, Sf HemsL Persia, <&c. 
Amjgdalus eburnea, Spach, 

P. incana, Stev. Asia Minor, &c. 
Amjgdalus incana, Fall. 
Cerasus incana, Boiss. 

P. nana, Stokes, South Russia, &c. 

Amygdalus nana, X. ; Bot. Mag. t. 161. 

P. orientalis, Walp. Orient. 
Amygdalus argentea. Lam, 
A. orientalis. Ait. ; Lodd. Bot. Cab. t. 1 137. 
Cerasus orientalis, Spach. 

P. Persica, Stokes. China, <&c. 
Persica vulgaris. Mill. 
Amjgdalus Persica, Z. 

Yar. flore roseo pleno. 

Amjgdalus prunifolius flore pleno, Jlort. 

Yar. flore albo pleno. 

Amjgdalus prunifolius flore albo, Hort. 

Var. foliis mbria. 

Persica atropurpurea, Hort, 

Amjgdalus Persica foliis rubris, Flore des Serres 1. 1986. 

Amjgdalus atropurpurea, Hort. 

P. Simonii, Carr. in Rev. Hort. 1872, p. Ill (coloured plate). 
Pergica Simoni, LavalUe. 
Amjgdalus Simonii, Dieck. 

tt Armeniaca. 

P. Armeniaca, L, Northern China, Ac. 
Armeniaca rnlgaris, Lam. 


P. Brigantiaca, Chaix. South-east France. 
P. Brigantina, VilL 
Armeniaca Brigantiaca, Pers, 

P. dasycarpa, Ehrh.; Bot. Reg. t. 1243 ; ? Garden Hybrid. 
Armeniaca atropurpurea^ Loisel, 
A. dasycarpa, Pers, 
A. fusca, Turp. S^ Pott. 

P. Hume, Sieb. Sr Zucc, Fl. Jap., vol. i., p. 29, t. II. Japan. 
P. Myrobalana fl. roseis, Hort. gall, 
Armeniaca Mume, De Vriese, 

P. tomentosa, Thunh. ; Sieb. Sf Zucc. Fl. Jap., vol. i., p. 51, 
t. 22« China and Japan. 
P. trichocarpa, Bunge, 
Armeniaca tomentosa, Hort. 

P. triloba, Lindl. ; Flore des Serres, t. 1632. China. 
Aniygdalopsis Lindleyi, Carr. 
Armeniaca triloba, Hort. 
Prunopsis Lindleyi, Andri. 

Var. Petzoldii, Nichols. 

P. Petzoldi, C. Koch; Deutsche Garten Zeitung 1886* 

p. 257. 
P. virgata, Hort. 
Amygdalopsis virgata, Hort. 
Amygdalus chinensis, Hort, 
Armeniaca Petzoldii, Hort. 

•ftt Pbunus. 
P. alleghanienais, Porter. South United States. 

P. americana, Marsh. ; NtUt. Sylva, vol. ii., p. 19, t. 48. North 

P. angUBtifolia, Marshall ; Sargent, Silva of North America, 
t. 152. South Eastern United States. 
P. Chicasa, Michx. 
Cerasus Chicasa, Ser, 

P. ceraaifera, Ehrh. ; Bot. Mag. t. 5931. ? Caucasus. 
P. mirobalana, Loisel. 
Cerasus myrobalanos, Hort. 


Var. angostifolia pendxQa, Dieck. 

Var. atropnrpnrea, Dieck. Persia. 

P. Pissardi, Carr. in Rev. Hort. 1881, p. 190 (coloured 

P. Cocmnilio, Tenore. South Italj. 

P. conmiimis, Hudson, Origia uncertain. 
P. domestica, L. 

Var. Juliana. 

P. domestica var, Juliana, DC. 

Var. pruneanliana. 

P. domestica var. pruneanliana, DC. 
P. oeconomica, Borkh. 
P. pjramidalis, DC. 

Sub-yar. Acre pleno. 
P. oeconomica flore pleno. 

P. divaricata, Ledeb. ; Bot. Mag. t. 6519. Caucasus. 

P. insititia, L. Europe, Orient. 

P. italica, Borkh, var. flore pleno. Origin uncertain. 
Poljpetalia speciosa, Hort. 

P. monticola, C, Koch. Asia Minor. 

P. spinosa, L. Europe, North Asia. 
P. fruticans, Weihe. 

Var. flore pleno. 

ttft Cebasus. 

P. acida, Borkh. Europe. 
Cerasus acida, Dum. 
C. caproniana, DC. 

Var. flore pleno foliis variegatis. 

Var. humilis, Hort. 

Cerasus caproniana humilis, Hort, 

Var. semperflorens. 

P. semperflorens, Ehrh, 
Cerasus semperflorens, DC, 

C. vulgaris var, semperflorens. Loud, Encycl., p. 281, 
f. 449. 


P. Avium, Z. Europe, &c. 
Cerasns A\duin, Moench. 
C. domestics, ETort. 
C. dulcis, Gaertn. 
C. nigra, Mill. 
C. sylvestris, Loud. 

Var. decmnana. 

C. macrophjUa, Hort, 

C. nicotianaefoiia ; Belgique Horticole, 1866, p. 65, 
pi. 6, 6. 

Var. flora pleno. 

Prunus Avium multiplex, Hort. 
Cerasus domestica flore pleno, Hort, 

Var jnliana. 

C. Juliana, DC. 

Var. laciniata. 

C. vulgaris laciniata, Hort. 

Var. nana. 

Var. pendnla. 

C. latifolia pendula, Hort. 

Var. praemorsa. 

P. Cerasns, L. Europe, <&c. 
P. acida, Ehrh. 
P. austera, Ehrh. 
Cerasus acida, MilL 
C. vulgaris. Mill. 

Var. persiciflora. 

Cerasus vulgaris var, persiciflora. Loud. 

Var. Rhezii flore pleno; Garten Zeitung, 1886, p. 224, 
f. 53-4. 
C. caproniana multiplex, Hort. 
C. caproniana ranunculiflora, Hort. 
C. scrotina flore pleno, Hort. 

P. Chamaecerasns, Jacq. Europe. 
P. fruticosa, Pall. 
P. intermedia, Poir, 
Cerasus Chamaecerasns, Loisel. 
C. fruticans, Hort. 


C. intermedia, Loisel. 
C. pumila, PalL 
Chamaecerasus fruticosay Pers. 

Yar. pendtila. 

Tar. variegata. 

P. sinensis variegata, Hort 

P. hxunilis, Bunge. China. 

P. japonica, Carr,, Rev. Hort 1873, p. 457, f. 41 (not 

P. Bungei, Walp. 

P. Jacquemontii, Hook.f.; Bot. Mag. t. 6976. Afghanistan, 

Amjgdalus humilis, Edgw. 

P. japonica, Thunh, ; Sieb. ^ Zucc. Fl. Jap., vol. i., p. 172, 
t. 90. China and Japan. 
P. chinensis, Blume. 
P. sinensis, Pers, 

Amjgdalus pumila, Sims^ Bot. Mag. t. 2176. 
Cerasus glandulosa, Loisel. 
C. japonica, Loisel. 

P. miqueliana, Maxim. ; Garden and Forest, 1888, vol. i., 
p. 196, f. 37. Japan. 
Cerasus herincquiana, Lavallee^ Arb. Segrez. t. xxxv. 

P. pendnla, Maxim. ; Garden and Forest, vol. i., p. 196, f. 36. 
Cerasus Itosakora, Sieh. 
C. pendula rosea, Hort. 
C. subhirtella, Miq. (in part). 

P. pennBylvanica, Z. North America. 

P. borealis, Poir, ; Lodd. Bot. Cab. t. 1596. 
P. lanceolata, Willd. 
Cerasus borealis, Michx. 
C. pennsjlvanica, Ser. 

P. prostrata, LabilL Orient. 
Cerasus prostrata, Spach. 


P. pseudo-cerasus, LindL ; Gard. Chron., ser. iii. 1890, 
vol. vii., p. 609, f. 99. China and Japan. 
P. paniculata, Ker, in Bot. Beg. 1. 800. 
Cerasus caproniana ilore roseo pleno. 
C. lannesiana, Carr. 
C. Pseudo-cerasus, Loud, 
C. Sieboldi rubra, Hort. 
C. VVatereri, Hort, 

P. pninila, Z. North America. 
Cerasus pnmila, Michx, 
C. glauca, Moench, 
C. Susquehana, Eat. ^ Wright. 
C. depressa, Ser, 

Prunus depressa, Pursh ; Lodd, Bot. Cab. t. 1607. 
P. Susquehana, Willd. 
P. prostrata, Hort. (not LabilL), 

P, sermlata, Lindl, China and Japan. 

Cerasus serrulata, G. Don ; Nichols.^ Dictionary of 

Gardening, fig. 
C. carnea plena, Hort. 
C. Juliana rosea, Hort. 
C. hortensis flore roseo pleno, Hort. 
C. Sieboldi, Carr, 
C. sinensis nova, Hort, 
Prunus serratifolia rosea plena, Hort, 

ttttt Padus. 

P. Capollin, Zucc, Mexico, &c. 
P. Capuli, Cav, 
P. copallina, Hort. 
Cerasus Capollin, DC, 

C. Capuli, Ser, ; Lavall, in Arb. Segrez. t. xxxiv. 
Padus capuliiios, Rev. Hort. 1884, p. 111. 

P. comuta, Royle. Himalaya. 
Cerasus cornuta, Wall, 
Padus cornuta, Carr. in Rev. Hort. 1869, f. 61. 

P. demissa, Walp, United States. 
Cerasus demissa, Nutt, 
Padus demissa, Roem. 
Prunus virginiana var. demissa, Torr. 


P. graeca, Desf, (P. Mahaleb x ATiiim). Europe. 
Cerasus fontanesiana, Spach, 
PruDus cerasifolia, Hott, 

P. grayana, Maxim. Japan. 

P. Padus var, japouica, A. Chray, 

P. MaacM, Rupr. Mandshuria. 

P. Xahaleb, Z. Europe, &c. 
P. cupaniaua, Guss. 
P. odorata, Lam. 
Cerasus Mahaleb, Mill, 
Padus Mahaleb, Borck. 

Var. chrysocarpa. 

Var. globosa. 

Var. monfltrosa. 

Var. pendnla. 

Var. variegata. 

P. mollis, Walp. Western United^States. 
P. pattoniana, Hort. 

P. emarginata, Wats. var. mollis, Brewer. 
Cerasus mollis, DougL 
C. pattoniana, Carr. in Rev. Hort. 1872, p. 135, fig. 

P. Padus, L. Europe, Asia. 
Cerasus Padus, DC. 
Padus germanica, Borck. 
P. racemosa. Lam. 

Var. aucnbaefolia, Hort. 

Var. rotnndifolia, Hort. 
P. laueheana, Bolle. 

Var. stricta, Hort. 

P. saUcifolia, H.B.K. ChUi, &c. 

P. serotina, Ehrh. United States. 
P. cartilaginea, Lehm. 
Padus cartilaginea, Roem. 
P. serotina, Agardh. 

Var. pendnla. 

Padus serotina pendula, Hort. 


P. virginiana, Z. United States. 

P. rubra, Ait. 

Padus obloDga, Moench. 

P. serotina, Roem. 

Cerasus micrantha, Spach, 

C. virginiana, LoiseL 
Var. asplenifolia. 
Var. nana monstrosa, Hort. 

tttttt Laurocebasus. 

P. caroliniana, Ait, Southern United States. 
P. serratifolia, Marsh, 
Cerasus caroliniana, Michx, ; Loud, Arbor., vol. ii., p. 720, 

f. 423. 
Laurocerasus caroliniana, Roem, 
Padus caroliniana, Hort, 

P. ilicifolia, Walp, Western United States. 

Cerasus ilicifolia, 2^uit, ; Paxt. Fl. Gard., vol. iii., p. 44, 

f. 254. 
Laurocerasus ilicifolia, Roem, 

P. Laurocerasus, Z. East Europe, Orient. 
Cerasus Laurocerasus, Loisel, 
Padus Laurocerasus, Mill, 

Var. an^^tifolia. 

Var. camelliaefolia. 

Var. caucasica. 

Var. colchica. 

Var. foliis variegatis. 

Var. latifolia. 

Var. parvifolia. 

Hartoghia capensis, Hort, 

Var. rotnndifolia. 
Var. salicifolia. 

P. Insitanica, L.Jil, Spain and Portugal. 
Cerasus lusitanica, Loisel, 
Padus eglandulcsa, Moench, 
P. lusitanica, Borck, 

U S0362. VL 


Var. aiorica. 
Var. coriacea. 
Var. myrtifolia. 
Yar. ormstoniensis. 
Var. variegata. 

Nuttallia cerasiformis, Torr. Sf Gray ; Gkrd. Chron., ser. ii., 
1883, vol. xix., p. 309, f. 44. California. 

Spiraea argnta, Zabel. Garden origin. 
S. multif ora alba, Hort. 

S. bella, Shnsy Bot. Mag. t. 2426. Temperate Himalaya. 
S. amoena, Hort. 
S. callosa indica, Hort. 
S. Hookeri, Hort. 
S. ovata, Hort. 

S. betnlifolia, PalL Northern Hemisphere. 

S. chamaedrifolia var. betulifolia. Loud, Arb. et Frut. 

Brit. vol. ii., p. 725. 
S. splendens, Hort, 

Var. corymbosa. 

S. corymbosa, Rajin. 

S. chamaedrifolia var. corymbosa, Hort. 

S. arctica, Hort. AngL 

S. Blnmei, Don. China and Japan. 
S. chamaedrifolia, Blume (not L,). 
S. rupestris, Sieh. 

S. brachybotrya, Lange (S. caneseens x Douglasi). Garden 
S. luxuriosa, Lavall. 
S. pruinosa, Kirchn, 

S. bracteata, Zabel in Gartenzeitung 1886, p. 21, fig. Japan. 
S. media, Schmidt var. rotundifolia Nichols. ; Gard. 

Chron., ser. ii., 1885, vol. xxv., p. 283, fig. ^(j. 
S. nipponica, Majciin. 
S. rotundifolia alba, Hort. 

S. bnunaliB, Lange. Garden origin. 

S. vaccinifolia, Hort. (not D, Do^x). 


'A . 


S. bullata, Maxim. ; Gardener's Magazine, July 3] , 1886, p. 446. 
S. crispifolia, Hort, 

S. cana, Waldst. S^ Kit, Eastern Europe. 
S. hyperidfolia, Hort. (not Z.) 
S. regeliana. Hort, (not Koch). 

S. canescens, Don, Himalaya. 
S. argentea, JETort. 
S. caneata, Hort, 
S. cuneifolia, Wall, 
S. cuneifolia glauca, Hort, 
S. dahurica, Hort, 
S. deeumbens, Hort, (not Koch). 
S. flagellarisy Hort, 
S. flagelliformisy Hort, 
S. hypericifolia crenata, Hort, 
S. indica, Hort, 
S. lanata, Hort, 
S. myrtifolia, Hort, 
S. nepalensis. Hort, 
S. nivea, Hort, 
S. nutans, Royle, 
S. ovalifolia, /Tar^. 
8. rhamnifolia, Hort, 
8. rhombifolia, JTbrf. 
8. rotundifolia, Lindl, 
8. mscifolia, Hort, 
S. serrata, ZTor^. 
8. serratifolia, Hort, 
8. Standishi, ^(9r^. 
8. vaccinifolia, Hort, (in part). 

S. cantoniensiBy Zour. China, Japan, and Himalaya. 
S. corymbosa, Roxb, 
S. japonica, Sieb, 
S. lanceolata, Poir, 
8. reevesiana, Lindl, in Bot. Reg., vol. xxx., t. 10. 

S. chamaedrlfolia, Z. ; Bot. Keg., vol. xv., 1. 1222. Europe, <&c. 
S. ceanothifolia, Tausch, 
8. ulmifolia. Scop. 

Var. flexnosa, Maxim. South Siberia, JLC. 
S. Hexuosa, Fisch. 


S. conferta, Zahel (S. cana x crenata). Garden origin. 
S. savranica, Hort, 

S. crenata, L. Eastern Europe, &c. 

S. decniiibens, Koch; Gard. Ghron., sen ii., 1879, vol. xi., 
p. 752, f. 108. Europe. 
S. procumbens, Hart. 

S. discolor, Piirsh. Nortk-west America. 
S. ariaefolia. Smith ; Bot. Reg. t. 1365. 

Var. dumosa, Watson. California. 
S. dumosa, Nutt, 
S. Boursieri, Carr. in Rev. Hort. 1859, p. 519, f. 108. 

S. Souglasi, Hook. ; Bot. Mag. t. 5151. North-west America, 
S. tomentosa argentea, Hort, 
S. Menziesii, Hooh, 

S. expansa, Wall, Himalaya. 
S. kumaonensis, Hort, 

S. Hacqneti, Fenzl Sf C, Koch. Tyrol, &c 
S. pubescens, Hort. (not Turcz,), 

S. hypericifolia, L. Northern Hemisphere. 
S. thalictroides, PalL 

S. japonica, L.JiL India, China, and Japan. 
S. bellioidev, Hort, 
8. callosa, Thtinb, 
S. Fortunei, Planch. ; Bot. Mag. t. 5164. 

Var. alba. 

S. albiflora, Miguel, 
S. callosa flora albo. 
S. lanceolata, Hort, (not Pair.), 

Var. Bumalda. 

8. Bumalcla, Hort,; Revue de I'Hort. Beige, 1891, 
vol. xvii. p. 12. 

Var. Buperba. 

S. c-allosa siiperba, Hort, 

Var. glabrata, XichoU. 
S. glabrata, Lange. 

Var. mberrinuL 

S. mberrima, Koch. 


S. laevigata, Z. Siberia, &c. 

S. lindleyana, Wall. ; Bot. Beg., vol. xxxi., t. 33. Himalaya, 

S. longigenunis, Maxim, China. 

S. media, Schmidt. Europe, <&c. 
8. confusa, Reg. Sf Kom, 
S. oblongifolia, Waldst. 

S. MillefoliTUn, Torr. ; Garden and Forest, 1889, vol. ii., p. o09. 
f. 137. California, &c. 

S. mongolica, Maxim. Mongolia and China. 

S. nobleana. Hook. Bot. Mag. t. 5169. California. 
S. califomica, Hort. 
S. eximia, Hort. 
S. paniculata rosea, Hort. 
S. sanssouciana, C. Koch. 
S. semperflorenfl, Hort. 
S. syriogiflora, Hort. 

S. pikoYiensis, Besser. (S. crenata x hypericifolia). 
S. Nicoudierti, Bosc. 

S. pnmifolia, Sieb. Sf Zucc. Fl. Jap. t. 70. China and Japan. 

S. pnbescens, Turcz. <>hina, &c. 
S. ehinensis, Hort. 

S. salicifolia, L. Eastern Europe to Japan. 

Var. floribiu albis. 

Var. floribiu roeeiB. 

Var. paniculata, Maxim. North Americii. 

S. alba, Du Boi; Gard. Chron., ser. ii., 1879, vol. xi. 

p. 753, f. 109. 
S. Douglasi latifolia, Hort, 
S. latifolia, Borkh. 
S. montana, Don. 

Yar. minor. 

S. Schinabecki, Zahel (S. chamaedrifolia x trilobata). Garvkw 


S. sorbifolia, L, Himalaya to Japan, &c. 
S. floribunday Hort. 
S. Foxii, HoTt. 
S. PaUasi, HoH, 
S. pinnata, Michx. 
Sorbaria sorbifolia, A. Br, 

S. Tbunbergi, Sieh. 4* Zucc. Fl. Jap. t. 69. China and Japan. 
S. Tbompsoniy Hort. 

S. tomentosa, Z. United States. 

S. trilobata, Z. ; Garden and Forest, 1888, vol. i., p. 452, 
f. 71. North Asia. 
S. erenata, var, sublobata, Kegel, 
S. hypericifolia trilobata, Hort. 
S. rupestris, Hort. (not Sieb,), 
S. thalictroides. Hart, (not Z.). 

S. Van Houttei, Briot. (media x trilobata). Garden origin. 

Neillia amnrenBis, Benth. S^ Hook. Amurland, <&c. 
Spiraea amurensis, Maxim. 

v. opnlifolia, Benth. 4* Hook. North America. 

Spiraea opulifolin, Z. ; Loud. Arb. et Frut. vol. ii., p. 723, 
f. 427-8. 

Var. lutea. 

Var. mollis, Bretoer ^ Watson. 
S. capitata, Pursh. 
S. opulifolia var. mollis, Hookm 

N. thyrsiflora, Don; Rev. Hort. 1888, p. 416, £ 95-96. 

N. Torreyi, Watson; Garden and Forest, 1889, vol. ii., f. 84. 
Spiraea roonogyna, Torr. 

Stephanandra flezuosa, Sieh. 4* Zncc. China and Japan. 
Spiraea incisa, Thunb. 
Stephanandra incisa, Zabel. 

Exochorda grandiflora, Lindl. ; Garden, Febrmiry 21, 1877, 
col. plate. China. 
Amelanchier racemosa, Lindl. 
Spiraea gnndj^ora, Hook. ; Bot. Mag. t. \*l^. 


.mi<-\ •■-•, flrtrl' 


E. Alberti, Regel. Persia. 

Kerria japonica, DC. ; Bot. Beg. t. 1873. China. 
Corchorus japonicus,«TAtin6. 

Yar. flore pleno, Bot. Mag. t. 1296. 

Var. foliis yariegatis. 

Bhodotypos kerrioides, Sieh. Sf Zucc. ; Bot. Mag. t. 5805. 
China and Japan. 

HeviTuia alabamensis, Ghray ; Bot. Mag. t. 6806. Alabama. 

£acr3rphia Billardieri, Spach, var. Milligani, Hooh.Jil. ; Bot. 
Mag. t. 7200. Tasmania. 

E. pinnatifolia, Gay ; Bot. Mag. t. 7067. Chili. 

BubuB balfourianns, Blox, Europe. 

B. Bellardi, JVeihe, var. dentatus. Europe. 

B. biflonu, Buchan, Temperate Himalaya. 

B. boraeanns, Genev. Europe. 

B Borreri, Salter^ var. dentatifolius, Briggs. Europe. 

B. calvatos, Blox, Europe. 

B. caesiuB, L. Europe. 

B. canadensis, L. North America. 

B Colemani, Blox. Europe. 

B. cordifolins, Bah. (not Waldst. ^ Kit.). Europe. 

B corylifolius, Sm. Europe. 

B. crataegifolins, Bunge. North-east Asia and Japan. 

B. deliciosus, James ; Bot. Mag. t. G062. Rocky Mountains. 

B. dxunetomm, Weihe Sf Xees. Europe. 

B. dnmnoniensis, Bab. Britain (Devonshire). 

B. echinatos, Lindl. Europe. 

R. rudis, Bab. (not Weihe ^ Nees), 

•(■fimi* innnml 


R erythrunu, Genev. Europe. 
R. ezsecatos, MuelL Europe. 
R glandiilosns, Bell, Europe. 
R. hispiduB, Z. North America. 

IL horridns, Schultz. Europe. 

R. dumetorum, var. ferox, Weihe S^ Nees. 

R. hystriz, Weihe Sf Nees. Europe. 

R. IdaeuB, Z. Europe, West Asia. 
Var. Leesii, Bab, South-west Britain. 

R imhricatnB, Hort. Britain. 

R laciniatnB, Willd. ; Journal of Horticulture, December 20, 
1883, p. 533, f. 105. Garden origin. 

R. lasiostylns, Focke ; Hook. le. PI. t. 1951. China. 
EL leucodenniB, Doug I. North-west America. 
ft. lencostachys, Sm. Europe. 
I, Imdleyaiins, Lees. Britain. 

I. longithyniger, Lees. Britain. 
R. pjraniidalis, Bab. 

L macrophjUiu, Weihe ^ Xees. Europe. 

L micans, Gren. Sf Godr. Euro[>e. 
R. adflcitos, Genev. 

„ mucroiUttiiB, Biojt. Britain. 

• mntabilis, Gener. Europe. 

. nobilis, RegeL fR. odoralus x Idaeus). Garden origin. 
R. DepaleDsii«, Hort. 

nntkaavfl, J/o^- ; Bot. Mag. t. 3543. North Am^-rKJi. 

I, L. ; Z^^M<f. Arb. et FroL, vol. ii., p. 7^^;. j. \:,\ 
Nortb-wes?t AmericA. 

odaratos, X. ; Bot. Mag. t. 323. North Am<:rk':.). 


B. opacns, Focke. Europe. 
B. Porchasi, Blox. Britain. 

R. parvifoliuB, Z. China and Japan. 
K. chinensis, Thunh, 
B. purpureas, Bunge, 
B. tripbjllus, Thunb. 

B. phoenicolasins, Maxim, ; Bot. Mag. t. G479. China and 

B pubescens, Auct. AngL Britain. 

B ramosns, Blox, Britain. 

B rhamnifoliuB, Weihe 4* Nees, Europe. 

B rhenanuB, Muell. Europe. 

B. spectabilis, Pursh ; Bot. Reg. t. 1424. North America. 

B spectabilis x Idaeui. Garden Hybrid. 

B. silvaticiu, Weihe 4* Nees. Europe. 

B. BorbifoliuB, Maxim. China^ <&c. 

B. Sprengelii, Weihe 4* Nees. Europe. 

B. suberectiiB, Anders. Europe. 

B. strigOBiu, Miehx. North America. 

B. thyrsiger, Bab. Britain. 

B. thyrsoideus, Wimm. Europe. 

Yar. flora pleno. 

R. ro((aefloru8 coronarius, ffort. 
R. fruticosus albus, Jlort. 

R. trlvialiB, Michx. North America. 

R. ulmifoliiu, Schott. Europe. 

R. discolor, Bab, (not Weihe 4* Nees). 
R. rusticanus, Merc. 

Var. flore pleno. 

R. bellidiflorus, C. Koch. 

U 80362. X 

,!■«(•'. t.l(»tl/llk 



Var. inermis. 

Yar. lencocarpns. 

R. frutdcosus, Z. var. leucocarpus, Ser, 

B. ursijiiu, Cham. Sf Schlecht, North America. 

B. villosTiB, Ait. North America. 

B. Yillicaulis, Weihe Sf Nees. Europe. 

Pnrahia tridentata, DC.-, Bot. Reg. t. 1446. North-west 

Chamaebatia foliolosa, Benth. ; Bot. Mag. t. 5171. California. 

Cercocarpns parvifolitLS, Nntt. California. 

Dryas octopetala, Z. ; Syme^ Eng. Bot., vol. iii., p. 459. 
Arctic and Alpine regions of North Temperate Zone. 

Var. Dnunmondi, Watson. North America. 
D. Drummondi, Hook. ; Bot. Mag. t. 2972. 

FaUugia paradoxa, Endl. ; Bot. Mag. t. 6660. California, <&c. 
F. mexicana, Walp. 
Sieversia paradoxa, Don. 

Potentilla fruticosa, Z. ; Syme^ Eng. Bot., vol. iii., p. 436. 
Northern Hemisphere. 
P. floribunda, Pursh. 

P. davurica, NestL China, &c. 

P. glabra, Lodd., Bot. Cab. t. 914. 
P. fruticosa var. davurica, Lehm. 

P. salesoviana, Steph. ; Bot. Mag. t. 7258. Siberia, &c. 
Comarum Salessowii, Bunge. 

Margyricarpns setosns, Ruiz fy Pav, Chili, &c 

Bosa acicnlaris, Lindl. Monogr. t. 8. Siberia, &c. 

B. agrestiB, Savi. Europe, &c. 
R. sepium, ThuilL 

Var. belgradensis, Nichols. 
R. belgradensis, Pang, 

Var. inodora (Fries.). 
R. inodora, Fries. 


B. alba, Z. (? canina x gallica). Europe, <&c. 
Yar. snayeoleiiB, Dieck ; Gkirtenflora, 1889, p. 128. 

B. alpiiia, Z. Europe. 
R. inermis. Mill, 
R. pendolina, Z. 

Var. pjrrenaica, Oouan ; Bot. Mag. t. 6724. 
B. anemonsBflora, Fortune, China. 
B. arkansana, Porter. United States. 

B. Banksiae, R, Br. China. 

Var. flore pleno. 
B. beggeriana, Schrenk ; Linn. Soc. Journ., vol. xix., t. 7. Asia. 

Var. nigrescens. 

Var. SchrenM. 

B. blanda, Ait. North America. 
R. fraxinifolia, Borck, 
R. lucida, Hort. (not Ehrh.), 

Var. setigera. 

B. bracteata, WendL ; Bot. Mag. t. 1377. China. 

Var. flore pleno. 

R. alba odorata, Hort, 

B. byzantina, Dieck, Eastern Europe, <&c. 

B. califomica, Cham. ^ Schlecht. Western North America. 

Var. nltramontana. 
B. canina, Z. North Temperate Zone. 

Var. andegayenaiB, Baker. 

Var. arvatica, Baker. 

Var. Bakeri(Z>6^*^^/.). 

Var. corifolia, Baker. 

Var. diunetonun (Thuill.). 

Var. lutetiaiia, Baker. 

Var. pminosa, Baker. 

Var. tomentella, Baker. 


R. Carolina, L. North America. 
R. corymbosa, Ehrh. 
K. hudsonica, Red. 
R. pennsylvanica^ Michx. 

R. centifolia, Miller ; Redoute^ Les Roses, 1. 1. Orient. 

Var. flore pleno. 

Yar. mnscosa. 

Var. panrifolia, Ehrh, 

R. burgundica, Rossig ; Redoutiy Les Roses, 1. 133. 
R. pomponiana, Hort, 
R. remensis, Desf, 

R. cinnamomea, L. North Temperate Zone. 
Var. flore pleno. 
Var. sibirica. 

R damascena, Miller, East Europe, Orient. 

Var. versicolor, Hort. 

R. Rosa-mundi, Hort. 

R. Engelmannii, Wats, ; Garden and Forest, 1889, vol. ii., 
p. 371, t. 121. Western North America. 

R. fedtschenkoana, Regel. Central Asia. 

R. Fendlerii, Crep. New Mexico. 

R. fermginea, Vill, Mountains of Europe. 
R. pyrenaica. Hart, (not Gouan). 
R. romana, Hort. 
R. rubrifolia, Vill. ; Bot. Reg. t. 430. 

R. foliolosa, NuU. ; Garden and Forest, 1890, vol. iii. t. 101. 
North America. 

R. fortnneana, Lindl. in Lindl. & Paxt. Fl. Gard. t. 171. 
China. (R. Banksiae x R. laevigata). 

R. gallica, L, South Europe. 

Var. provincialis {Miller), 

Var. trigintipetala, Dieck Gard. Chron., ser. iii., 1890^ v<>U 
vii,, p. 45, f. 8. 

.„w.ii •nl ,l^il*<lW^^ 


B. gigantea, Crip-y Gard. Chron. sen iii., 1889, vol. vi.,p. 13, 
f. 4. Bunnah. 

B. Hardii, CeU ; Gard. Chron., ser. ii., 1885, vol. xxiv., p. 468, 
f. 101. (R. simplicifolia x involucrata). 

B. hemisphsBiica, Herrm. Persia and Asia Minor. 
E. glaucophjlla, Ehrh. 
R. Rapinii, Boiss. 
R. sulphnrea, ^2/. 

B. hibemica, Sm, England and Ireland. 
Var. glabra, Baker. 
Var. GrOYesii, Baker, 

Bhispida, Sims in Hot. Mag. t. 1570. Garden origin. 
R. lutescens, Pursh. 

B. humilis. Marsh, North America. 
R. parviflora, Ehrh, 
R. microcarpa, Hort, 

B. hybrida, Schleieh (R. gallica x arvensis). Europe. 

B. incamata, Miller -, Bot. Mag. t. 7035. France. 

B. indica, Lindl. China. 

Var. diyersifolia ^Fen^.). 
R. bengalensis, Pers. 
R. semperflorens, Curt, 

Var. minima. Curt. 

R. lawrenceana, Sweet, 

Var. monstrosa. 

R. sempervirens monstrosa^ Hort, 

B. iiiYolncrata, Roxh, ; Bot. Reg. t. 739. India. 
R. clinophjlla, Thory, 
R. Lyellii, Lindl. 
R. palustris, Hamilt. 

B. involnta, Sm, Europe. 
Var. Sabini, Baker. 
Var. Wilfloni, Baker, 


B. laevigata, Michx. China. 
E. Camellia, Jlort. 
E. camelliaefolia, Hort, 
E. cherokeensis, Donn. 
E. hjstrix, Lindl, 
E. nivea, J9C. 

E. sinica, Murr, ; Bot. Mag. t. 2847. 
E. temata, Poir. 
E. triphjlla, Roxh, 

R. laza, Retz, Siberia. 

R. leschenanltiana, Thory 4r R^d, India. 

R. Incida, Ehrh, North America. 
E. baltica, Rath, 

Var. flore pleno. 
E. Eapa, Bote. 

R. Intea, Miller ; Bot. Mag. t. 363. Orient. 
E. chlorophylla, Ehrh, 
E. Eglanteria, Z. 
E. foetida, Allioni. 

Var. bicolor, Bot. Mag. 1. 1077. 
E. punicea. Miller. 

Var. Acre pleno. 

Var. Harriaoni. 

R. macrophylla, Lindl. in Monogr. t. 6. India. 

R. micrantha, Sm. Europe. 

Var. Briggai, Baker, South of England. 

R. microphylla, Roxb, ; Bot. Mag. t. 6548. China. 
E. chlorocarpa, Reg. 

Var. flore pleno. 

R. moUia, Sm. Europe. 
E. mollissima, Fries. 
E. villosa, L. (in part). 

R. moachata, Herrm. South Europe to India. 
E. Brownii, Spreng. 
E. Brunonii, Lindl. ; Bot. Mag. t. 4030. 
E. Brunonis, Wall. 
E. Dupontii, DeuigL 


R. mnltiflora, Thunb. China and Japan. 
R. poljantha, Sieb. 
B. simplex, Hart. 

Var. flore pleno. 
B. nitida, Willd. North America. 
R. noiflettiana, Red. (indica x moschata). Garden origin. 

R. nntkana, Presl. ; Garden and Forest, 1888, vol. ii.,p. 449. 
North America. 

R. phoenicea, Boiss. Orient. 

R. pisocarpa, A. Gray ; Bot. Mag. t. 6857. Western North 
R. pisiformis, Hort. 

R. pomifera, Hernn. ; Gard. Chron., ser. ii., 1886, vol. xxv., 
p. 237, f. 45. Europe. 
R. macrocarpa, Hort. 

R. repens, Scop. Europe. 
R. arvensis, Huds. 

Var. Andersoni, Hort, 

Var. capreolata, Hort. 

Var. flore pleno, Hort. 

Var. variegata, Hort. 

R. rubella, Sm. (spinosissima x alpina). Europe. 

R rubiginosa, L. Europe. 

R. Eglanteria, Miller (not Z.), 
R. suaveolens, Pursh. 

R. rugosa, Thunb. Japan. 
K. ferox, Lawr. 
R. regeliana, AndrS. 

Var. alba, Garden, May 13, 1876. 

Var. flore pleno. 

Var. glabrinscnla. 

R. mgosa x General Jacqueminot. 


B. sempervirens, L. South Europe, <&c. 
R. longicuspis, Bert. 
R. prostrata, DC. 
R. 84;andens, Mill, 

R. sericea, Lindl. Monogr. t. 12. India. 

B. setigera, Michx. North America. 
R. rubifolia, R. Br. 

B. simplicifolia, Salish. ; Gard. Chron., ser. iii., 1885, vol. xxiv., 
f. 100. Orient. 
R. berberifolia, Pall. ; Bot. Mag. t. 7096. 
R. persica, Otto Kunze. 
Hultbeimia berberifolia, Dum. 
Lowea berberifolia, Lindl. 

B. spinosiBsima, L. Europe and Siberia. 
R. pimpinellifolia, X. 
R. scotica, Mill. 

Var. altaica. 

R. altaica, Willd. 

R. grandiflora, Lindl. in Bot. Reg. t. 888. 

R. cistiflora, Hort. 

Var. folgens, Hort, 

Var. myriacantha. 

R. mTriacantha, DC. 

Var. penicillata, Hort, 

Var. picta, Hort, 

Var. venulosa, Hort. 

B. stylosa, Desv. var, evanida, Christ, South England. 

B. tomentosa, Sm. Europe. 
Var. scabriuscula, Baker. 
Var. sylvestris, Lindl, 
Var. woodfliana, Groves. 

B. watsoniana, Crep. ; Garden and Forest, 1890, vol. iv., 
p. 477. Japan. 

B. webbiana, Wall, Himalaju. 


R. wichuriana, Crep. ; Gttrden and Forest, 1891, vol. v., 
p. 569. China and Japan. 

R. zanthina, LindL Persia, Afghanistan, &c. 

R. Ecae, Aitch. & HemsL, Joum. Linn. Soe. vol. xix. t. 8. 
K. platjacantha, Schrenk. 

f Pyrophorum, 

Pyrtw auricnlaris, Knoop (P. Aria x commimiu). Europe. 
P. bollwylleriana, DC, 
P. irregularis, Moench. 
P. PoUveria, L. ; Lodd. Cab. t. 1009. 
P. pollvilleriana, Poorph, 
P. pollwylleriana, Dene. 
P. tomentosa, Moench, 
Lazarolus Pollverii, Med, 

Pynu Balansae, Dene, ; Jard. Fruit, du Museum, t. vi. Persia. 

P. betnlsfolia, Bunge ; Jard. Fruit, du Museum, t. xx. China 
and Japan. 

P. canescens, Spach ; Jard. Fruit, du Museum, t. xix. Origin 

P. commxmis, L. Europe, Asia. 
Var. cotinifolia. 
Yar. fascicnlaris. 
Var. flora pleno. 
Var. jaspidea. 
Var. pendnla. 

P. cordata, Desv. ; Jard. Fruit, du Museum, t. iii. Europe, 
P. boissieriana, Buhse. 
P. communis var. ozarolifera, Durieu. 
P. communis var. Briggsii, Boswell, 

P. heterophyUa, Rgl. Sf Sehmal. ; Gard. Chron., ser. iii., 1890, 
vol. vii., p. 115. Asia. 

P. longipes, Coss. 4- Durieu ; Jard. Fruit, du Museum, t. iv. 

U 80862. 14 


P. Michaiud, Bosc. ; Jard. Fruit, da Mus^^m, t. 16. Asia ? 
P. persica, Hort. (not of Pers.), 
P. praecox, Hort. 

P. malifolia, Spach. ; Jard. Fruit du. Museum, t. xxxii. 
Hybrid Origin. 

P. nivalis, Jacq. ; Jard. Fruit, du Museum, t. xxi. Levant, 

P. salvifolia, DC. ; Bot. Reg. t. 1482. 
Var. variegata. 

P. parviflora, Desf. South Europe, &c. 
P. amjgduliformis, VilL 
P. cuneifolia, Gtus. 
P. eriopleura, RcJU). 

P. nivalis, LincU. in Bot. Reg. t. 1484 (not o£ Jacquin). 
P. oblongifoiia, Spach. 
P. salicifolia, ffart. 

P. Pashia, Buck. Ham, ; Jard. Fruit, du Museum, t. vii. 
P. nepalensis, Hort. 
P. variolosa, JVdlL 

P. salicifolia, L. ; Jard. Fruit, du Museum, t. xii. Levant. 
P. orientalis, Hort. 

P. Simonii, Carr. China. 

P. sinaica, Thouin; Jard. Fruit, du Museum, t. xv. Asia 

P. sinensis, Lindl. ; Bot. Reg. t. 1248. China. 
P. chinensis, Roxh, 
P. communis var. sinensis, K. Koch. 
P. ussuriensis, Maxim. 

ft Malus. 

P. baccata, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 6112. Himalaya, &c. to Japan. 
P. tartarica, Hort. 
Malus baccata, De9f. 
M. cerasifera, Spach. 
M. rossica, Med, 

liMtlPF III lfXEi*l 

«iii ' ain Ml 


' l»l 

,.im-rlA ii- <<»-'l imIi 


Var. anrantiaca, RegeL 
Var. conocarpa, RegeL 
Var. ednlis. 
Var. genniiia, RegeL 
Var. lUtea. 
Var. microcarpa. 
Var. obconoidea. 
Var. praecox, RegeL 
Var. striata. 
Var. xanthocarpa. 

P. coronaria, L. ; Bot, Mag. t. 2009. Eastern United States. 
Crataegus coronaria, Salisb, 
Malus coronaria, MilL 

M. microcarpa var. coronaria, Carr, in Rev. Hort. 1884, 
f. 24. 

P. floribTmda, Nichols, Japan. 

Malus floribunda, Sieh,^ Gkirden, October 14, 1876. 
M. microcarpa var, floribunda, Carr. 
Pyrus Toringo x baccata, Dieck. 

Var. citrifolia polypetala, Hort, 

Var. Acre pleno. 

Pyrus halleana, Hort, 
P. Parkmanni, Hort. 

P. Mains, L. Europe, <&c. 
Malus communiby Lam. 
M. sylvestris, MilL 

Var. coccinea. 

Var. flexilis. 

Var. mitis, Wallr. 

Var. monstrosa. 

Var. nervosa. 

Var. pendula. 

Var. rosea. 

P. orthocarpa, Nichols. Japan. 
Malus edulis, Horl, 
M. ortbocs8/]pfl^ Lavall, 


P. pmnifolia, TFilld. ; Bot. Mag. t. 6158. Siberia, &c. 
Malus hjbrida, Derf. 
M. pmnifolia, Spach, 

Var. cerasiformis. 

Var. chlorocarpa. 

Var. flore pleno. 

Var. frnctu coccineo. 

Var. frnctu dnlcis. 

Var. frnctu striato. 

Var. intermedia, Regel. 

Var. pendnla. 

Var. xanthocarpa. 

P. Bingo, McLvim. Japan. 

Malas microcarpa var. Bingo, Carr. 
M. Eingo, Sieh. 

Var. fastigiata bifera, Hort. 

Var. snblobata, Zabel. 

P. rivularifl, Dougl.; Sargent^ Sylva of North America, 
vol. iv., p. 77, t. 170. North America. 
Pyruft diversifolia. Bong. 
P. fusca, Rafin. 
P. subcordata, Ledeh, 
Malus diversifolia, Roem. 
M. rivularis, Roem, 
M. subcordata, Roem, 

P. sikJdmenflis, Hook,JiL India. 
Pyrus baccata indica, Hort, 

P. spectabilis. Ait, ; Bot. Mag. t. 267. China and Japan. 
Pyrus japonica floribunda, Hort. 
Malus chinensis, Hort. 
M. sinensis, Dum. 
M. spectabilis, Desf, 

Var. flore albo. 

Var. flore pleno. 

Var. Kaido. 

P. spectabilis x Bingo. 

Pyni.s pyramid&lia grandiflora, Hofi. 

> ^u(t 


P. Toringo, Sieb, Japan. 

PjTus Malus Toringo, ffort. 

P. Sieboldi, Hegel, 

Malus microcarpa var, Toringo, Carr, 

M. rivularis, Dougl, var. Toringo, Dieck. 

M. spectabilis var, Toringo, Lavall, 

Sorbus Toringo, Sieh. 

P. Toringo x spectabilis flore pleno. 
P. Tenorei camea plena, Hort. 

f tt Aria. 

Pyms alpina, Willd. (P. arbutifolia x P. Aria). Garden 
Aronia densiflora, Sptich, 

P. Aria, L. Nortb Temperate Zone. 
P. badensis, Hort. 
P. meridionalis, Gruss. 
V. odorata, Hort. 
Aria nivea, Host. 
Azarolus Aria, Borkk. 
Mespilus Aria, Scop, 
Pirenia Aria, Clairv. 

Var. angnstifolia, Lindl. 

Var. flaboUiformiB. 

Pyrua eduli», Wats.y Dendr. Brit., vol. i., t. 52 (not of 

Crataegus Aria, var. flabelliformis, Spach. 
C. corymbosa, Desf. 
Sorbus Aria rotundifoUa, Hart. 
S. corymbosa, Lodd. 
S. flabellata, Hort. 

Var. graeca, Boiss. 

Pyms Aria, Sibth. Fl. Graeca, t. 474. 

Sorbus graeca, Lodd. 

S. nivea, Hort. (not of Host). 

Var. Intescens. 

Sorbus Aria luteioens, Hort. 


V aj».J">.l ... 

i»-..\ ,.iai.<.. 



Yar. salicifolia, Hort, 

Pyrus Aria longifolia, Hwt. 
P. Sorbus argentea, Hort, 
Sorbus argentea, Hort. 

Yar. snlphnrea. 

Sorbus Aria, Crantz. 
S. sulphurea, Hort. 

Yar. Tindnlata, Lindl. 

P. Cham»me8pilii8, L. Alps of Europe. 
Aria Chflmasemespilus, Host. 
Aronia Chamsemespilus, Pers. 
Crataegus Chamaemespilus, Jacq, 
Mespilus Chamsemespilus, L. 
Sorbus Chamtemespilus, Crantz. 

P. crataBgifolia, Targ. North Italj. 
Cormus florentina, Dene. 
Crataegus florentina, Zuccagni. 
Sorbus florentina, Nytn. 

P. decaisneana, Nichols. Origin unkno-wn. 

Aria decaisneana, Lavall. Arb. Segrez. t. xviii. 

P. intermedia, Ehrh. Europe. 
P. scandica, Bab. 
P. sorbifolia, Hort. 
P. Sorbus corymbiflora, Hort. 
P. suecica, Gche. 
Aria scandica, Dene. 
Sorbus Mougeoti, Godr. 
S. quereifolia, Hort. 
S. scandica, Fries. 

P. lanata, Don. Himalaya. 
Sorbus majestica, Hort. 

P. pinnatifida, Ehrh,-, Gard. Chron., ser. ii. 1883, vol. xx., 
p. 493. Europe. 
Pyrus Aria var, fennica, Hook,JiL 
P. fennica, Bab, 
Sorbus fennica, Kalm. 
S. hybrida, L. 
S. sambucifolia, Hort. (not of Cham,) • 


P. rotnndifolia, Bechst. Earope. 
P. Aria-torminalis, Irm, 
P. atrovirens, Ilort, 
P. decipiens, Bechst. 
P. latifolia, Syme. 
P. semilobata, Bechst, 
Aria latifolia, Spach. 
Crataegus dentata, Thuill. 
C. hybrids, Bechst, 
C. latifolia, Lam, 
Sorbus atrovirens, Hort. 
S. latifolia, JPers, 
S. torminali-hybrida, Godr. 

P. Torminalis, DC, Europe « 
Crataegus Torminalis, Z. 
Sorbus Torminalis, Crantz, 
Torminaria Clusii, Roem. 
T. vulgaris, Schur. 

P. trilobata, DC. Syria. 
Cormus trilobata, Dene, 
Crataegus trilobata, Lahill, 
Sorbus trilobata, Boiss. 

P. vestita, IVall. India. 
P. Aria nepalensis, Hort. 

P. crenata, Lindl, in Bot. Keg. t. 1655 (not of Don). 
P. nepalensis, Hort. 
P. Thomsoni, Hort, (not of King). 
Aria dentata, Hort. 
A. lanata. Dene, 
Sorbus magnifica, Hort, 
S. nepalensis, Hort, 
S. vestita, Lodd, 

tttt Sorbus. 

P3rni8 americana, DC, Sargent, Sylva of North America, 
vol. iv., tt. 171-2. North America, 
Pyrus Sorbus polonica, Hort, 
Sorbus americana, Marsh. 
S. Aucuparia var, americana, Pers, 
8. humifusa, Rafin. 


Var. mierocarpa, 2Vr. Sf Gray, 
Pyrus microcarpa, Spreng, 
Sorbus americana var, microcarpa, JVenzig, 
S. microcarpa, Pursh. 
S. riparia, Rqfin, 

Var. nana. 

Pyrus Aucuparia, Gaertn. Northern Hemisphere. 
Aucuparia sjlTestris, Med, 
Mespilus Aucuparia, All. 
Pirenia Aucuparia, Clairv, 
Sorbus Aucuparia^ Z. 

Var. fastigiata. 

Var. fmcta Inteo. 

Var. Hodginsii 

Var. pendnla. 

Var. satnreifolia, Hort. 

P. lanuginosa, DC. Eastern Europe. 
Pyrus hybrida lanuginosa, Hort, 
Sorbus lanuginosa, Kit, 

P. microphylla, JValL HimaUya. 

P. Sorbus, Gaertn. Europe. 

Pyrus domestica, Sm, ; Grard. Chron., ser. ii., 1876, toI. vi., 

p. 649, f. 125. 
P. serrulata, Hort, 
Cormus domestica, Spach, 
Mespilus domestica. All, 
Sorbus domestica, L, 

Var. malifonnis, Lodd. 

Var. pyriformis, Lodd. 

P. spuria, DC. Hybrid origin. 
Pyrus hybrida, Moeneh. 
Amelanchier pinnata, Hort, 
Aronia sorbifolia, Spach, 
Crataegus sorbifoli% Desf, 
Mespilus s'^rbifolia, Poir. 
Sorbus heterophylla, K. Koch, 
S. spuria, Pers, 

Var. pendula. 



P. thiauschanica, Regel in Gartenflora 1891, p. 8. Eastern 
Sorbus thianschanica, Rupr. 

ttttt Adbnorachis. 

Pyms arbntifolia, L.JiL North America. 
Aronia pirifolia, Pers, 
Azarolus arbutifolia, Borkh. 
Sorbus arbutifolia, K, Koch. 

P. nigra, Sargent in Garden and Forest, 1890, vol. iii. p. 416. 
North America. 

tttttt Cydokia. 

Pyms cathayenslB, Hemsl. China. 
P\TU8 sinensis. Pair, 
Cjdonia sinensis, Thouin ; LtndL in Bot. Beg. t. 906. 

P. Cydonia, L. Native Country unknown. 
Cvdonia lusitanica, MilL 
C. vulgaris, Pers, 
Sorbus Cydonia, Crantz. 

P. japonica, Thunh, ; Bot. Mag. t. 692. China and Japan. 
Ch^enomeles japonica, Lindl, 
Cydonia japooica, Pers, 
C. lagenaria, Loisel. 
C. specio«a. Sweet, 
Malud japonica, Andr. Bot. Rep. t. 462. 

Var. candicaTiH 

Var. Inteo-viridiB. 

Var. Moerloesi 

Var. nlTallB. 

Var. sulphurea perfecta. 

Var. ▼ersicolor Intescens. 

P. Kanlei Mfuft. : Bot. Mag. L 6780. Japan 
Chflenomeles alpina, Koehne. 
C. Maiilei, Lavall. 
Pf4^udo-f;ha:nomeles Maalei, Carr. 
U e03<2. ^ 


ttttttt Mbspilus. 

Pyrus germanica, Hook, fiL Europe, Asia. 
Mespilus domestica, Gater* 
M. germaDica, Z. 
M. vulgaris, Reichb^ 

P. lobata, Nichols. Caucasus ? 

Crataegus grandiflora, K. Koch* 
C. lobata, Bosc, 
Mespilus graDdiflora, Sm. 
M. lobata, Poir. 
M. Smithii, DC. 

Cratogus ambigua, Becker. Eussia. 

C. Azarolus, L. Orient, <&e. 

Crataegus Aronia, LindL in Bot. Beg. t. 1897. 

C. fissa, Bosc, 

C. pontica, K. Koch, 

C. triloba, Pers. 

Mespilus Azarolus, Poir, 

M. Aronia, Spach. 

C. Carridrei, VauveL Garden origin. 
Crataegus hybrida Carri^rei, Hort, 
C. lAvallei, Herxncq ; Arb. S^r. t. 7. 
C. mexicana Carri^rei, Hort, 
C. olivaeformis, HorU 
Mespilus Carrierei, Hort. 

C. coccinea, L. ; Sargent^ Sylva of North America, t. 189. 
Eastern United States. 
Crataegus acerifolia, Hort. 
C. glandulosa var. rotundifolia, RegeL 
C. rotundifolia, Hort. 
Anthomeles rotundifolia, Roem. 
Halmia flabellata, Roem. 
Mespilus coccinea, Marsh. 
M. flaboUata, Spach. 
M. odorata, Wendl. 
M. rotundifolia, Ehrh. 
Phaenopyrum coccineum, Roem, 
P. Wendlandii, Roem. 

N 2 


Var. indentata, Lodd, 

Var. macracantha, Dudley \ Sargent^ Sylva of North 
America, t. 181. 

Crataegus glandulosa, TFilld, (not Alton) , Bot. Cab. 

t. 1012. 
C. glandulosa var, macracantha, Lindl. in Bot. Beg. 

t. 1917. 
C. macracantha, Lodd, 
Mespilus glandulosa, Willd. 

Var. maxima. 

C. cordata, Ait-, Bot. Beg. t. 1151. North Americii. 
Crataegus acerifolia, Moench, 
C. flexispina, Hort, 
C. populifolia, Walt, 
Mespilus aeerifolia, Burgsd, 
M. cordata, K. Koch. 

C. crennlata, Roxh, ; Bot. Beg. 1844, t. 52. Himalaya* 
Crataegus Pyracantha var, crennlata. 
Mespilus crennlata, Don. 
Pjracantha crennlata, Roem. 

C. Cms-galli, L, ; Sargent^ Sylva of North America, t. 178. 
North America. 
Crataegus germanica, Hort, 
C. lucida, Miller, 
C. watsoniana, Roem, 
Mespilus cuneifolia, Moench, 
M. lucida, Ehrh. 
M. watsoniana, Spach. 

Var. arbuHfolia, Hort. 

Var. fontanesiana, Wenzig. 
Crataegus bosciana, Roem, 
Mespilus bosciana, Spach, 
M. fontanesiana, Spach. 

Var. linearis, DC, 

Crataegus linearifolia, Hort, 

C. linearis, Pers. 

C. stipulacea microphylla, Hort. 

Mespilus linearis, Desf, 

M. lucida var. angustifolia, Ehrh, 


Var. OYalifolia, Lindl. in Bot. Beg. t. 1860. 
CratsBgus ovalifolia, DC. 
Mespilus elliptica, Cruimpel. 
M. ovalifolia, Homem. 
M. prunellifolia, Poir, 

Var. pnmifolia, Torr. 4* Gray. 
Crataegus caroliDiana, Lodd. 
C. ingestria, Lodd, 

C. prunifolia, Lindl. in Bot. Reg. t. 1868. 
Mespilus prunifolia, Poir, 

Var. pminosa. 

Var. pyracanthifoHa, Ait. 

Crataegus coursetiana, Roem. 

C. Crus-galli var. salicifolia, Ait, 

C. nana, DC. 

C. salicifolia, Hort, 

Mespilus Crus-galli var. salicifolia, Hayne, 

M. nana, Dum. 

M. salicifolia, K. Koch, 

Var. splendens, Lodd. 

Crataegus splendens, Hort. 
Mespilus badiata, Bosc, 

C. ctmeata, Sieh, S^ Zucc, ; Arbor. Segrez. t. v. Japan. 
Crataegus alnifolia, Hort. (uot of Sieh. ^ Zitcc), 
C. spathulata, Hort. (not Micha:,). 
Mespilus cuneata, K, Koch, 

C. Douglasii, Lindl. in Bot. Reg. t. 1810. Western North 
Crataegus punctata var, brevispina, Dougl. 
C. rivularis, Brewer 4* Watson (not Nuttall). 
C. sanguinea, Nutt, 

C. sauguinea var, Douglasii, Torr. 4* Gray, 
Anthomeles Douglasii, Roem. 

Var. rivnlaris, Sargent j Sylva of North America, t. 176. 
Crataegus macnabiana, Hort, 
C. rivularis, Nuttall. 
Mespilus rivularis, Wenzig. 


C. flava, Ait ; Sargent, Sylva of North America, t. 189. 
South-eastern UDited States. 
Crataegus caroliniana, Pers. (not Lodd,), 
C. flava var. lobata, Zindl. in Bot. Reg. t. 1932. 
C glandulosa, Ait. (not Willd,), 
C. lobata, DC. 
C. turbinata, Pursh. 
Anthomeles flava, Roem. 
A. glandulosa, Roem, 
A. turbinata, Roem. 
Mespilus caroliniana, Pair, 
M. flava, TFilld. 

M. flexispina, Koch (not Moench.). 
M. turbinata, Spreng, 
Phaenopyrum carolinianum, Roem. 

C. Heldreichii, Boiss. Greece. 

C. heterophylla, Flugge ; Bot. Reg. 1. 1161 and 1847. Orient. 
Crataegus Azarolus var. heterophylla, Regel. 
C. monogyna var, heterophylla. Hart. 
C. multiflora, Hort. 

C. Oxyacantha var. heterophylla. Hart,' 
Mespilus Aronia, Wats, (not Willd,) Dendr. Brit. t. 166. 
M. constanlinopolitana, Hort. 
M. heterophylla, K, Koch, 

C. hiemalis, Lange. Origin unknown. 

C. Korolkowji, Rort. Central Asia. 

C. melanocarpa, Bieh, Caucasus, &c. 
(/rataBgus lambertiana, Hort, 
C. monogyna var, nigra. Pall. 
C. oliveriana, Bosc. 

C. Oxyacantha var. oliveriana, Zindl, in Bot. Reg. t. 1933. 
C. PaUasii, Griseb. 
C. platyphylla, Zindl. in Bot. Reg. t. 1874. 

C. mezicana, 3/of . 4* Sess. ; Bot. Reg. t. 1910. Mexico. 
Mespilus mexicana, K. Koch. 

C. mollis, Scheele; Sargent y Sylva of North America, t. \f^2. 
United States. 
Crataegus coccinea var, mollis, Torr. Sr Gray. 


C. coccinea glandulosa, Hort. 

C. coccinea Kelmanni, Hort, 

C. mespilif olia, Hort, 

C.'subvillosa, Torr, 

C. texana, Buckley, 

C. tomentosa, Emers. Tnot Z.). 

C. tomentosa var, mollis, Chray. 

C. urasina, Hort. 

Mespilus coccinea, Schmidt (not Z.). 

M. coccinea var. pubescens, Tausch. 

M. pubescens, Wendl. (not Humh. ^ Bonpl.) 

M. tiliaefolia, J^T. Koch. 

Phaenopyrum subvillosum, Roem. 

C. nigra, Waldst. ^ Kit. ; Lodd. Bot. Cab. t. 1021. Eastern 
Crataegus carpathica, Lodd. 
C. versicolor, Rachel. 
Mespilus nigra, Willd. 
Phaenopyrum nigrum, Roem. 

C. orientalis. Pall. ; Bot. Reg. t. 1852. Orient. 
Crataegus flabellata, Heldr, 
C. odorata, Bosc, 

C. odoratissima, Lindl. in Bot. Reg. t. 1885. 
C. sanguinea, Schrad. (not Pallas). 
C. schradenana, Ledeh. 
C. Toumefortii, G-riseb. 
Mespilus Aronia, JVilld. 

C. Oxyacantha, Z. Europe, North Africa, West Asia. 

Sub species, Crataegus monogyna, Jacq. 
Crataegus triloba, Pers. 
Mespilus monogyna, Willd. 
M. Oxyacantha, DC. 
M. triloba, Poir. 

Var. aurea, Loud. 

Crataegus flava, Hort. 

Var crispa pendxda, Hort. 

Var. eriocarpa, Hort, 

Var. flexnosa, Loud. 

Crataegus tortuosa, Hort, 



Var. foliis argenteis, Hort, 

Oratsegus Oxjacantha variegata, Hort, 

Yar. foliis anreis, Lodd. 

CratsBgus Oxyacantha lutescens, Hort. 

Var. fusca, Hort, 

Var. foscata, Hort. 

Var. granatensis. 

Var. Gtunperi versicolor, Hort. 

Var. horrida, Hort. 

Cratfegus spinosissima, Hort. (not Lodd.). 

Var. laciniata, Loud. 

Crataegus apiifolia, Hort^ 

C. dissecta, Hort. 

C. fissa, Bosc. 

C. laciniata, Lodd. 

Var. macrocarpac 

Cratfegus macrocarpa, Hegetsch. 

Var. oxyphylla. 

Var. pendnla. Lodd. 

Var. pinnatiloba. 

Var. praecox, Hort. 

Var. pteridifolia, Loud. 

Crataegus pectinata, Hort. 
C. pterifolia, Lodd. 

Var. quercifolia, Hort, 

Vnr. ramnlis anreis. 

Var. Regina, Hort, 

Var. rubrinervis. 

Var. salisburifolia. 

Var. semperflorens, Carr. 

Cratiegus Bruantii, Hort, 

Var. sesteriana, Hort» 

Var. sibirica, Loud. 

Crataegus sibirica, Lodd. 

Var. stricta, Lodd. 

Cratsegus fastigiata, Hort. 

C. Oxyacantba var, rigida, Ronalds. 


Var. Zaboon, Hort. 

Sub species, oxyacanthoides ( ThuilL) ; Bot. Eeg. t. ] 128. 

Crataegus Oxjacantha glomerata, Hort, 

C. obtusata, DC. 

Mespilus Oxyacautha, K. Koch. 

Var. atrofosca, Hort. 

Var. flore pleno albo, Fl. des Serres, vol. xv., t. 1509 (2). 

Var. flore pleno coccineo, HI. Hort. t. 536. 

Var. flore pleno pnniceo. 

Var. flore pleno roseo. 

Var. flore pleno mbro, Fl. des Serres, vol. xv., t. 1509 (3). 

Var. flore pnniceo, Fl. des Serres, vol. xv., t. 1509 (1). 

Var. incisa, Hort. 

C. pentagyna. Kit. Eastern Europe. 
Crataegus platyphylla, Lindl. 
Mespilus pentagyna, K. Koch, 

C. pinnatifida, Bunge. China, &c. 

Crataegus Oxyacantha var. pinnatifida, Regel, 
Mespilus pinnatifida, K Koch. 

Var. migor, N.E.Br. ; Gard. Chron., ser. ii., 1886, vol. xxvi., 
p. 621, f. 121. 
Crataegus califomica, Hort, 
C. chinensis, Hort. 
C. Layi, Gord. 
C. tartarica, Hort, 

C. punctata, Jacq. ; Sargent^ Sylva of North America, 1. 184. 
East and North America. 
Crataegus latifolia, DC. 
C. lobata, Hort. Par. 
C. Loddigesii, Hort. Segr. 
C. obovatifolia, Roetn. 
C. tomentosa var. punctata. Gray, 
Halmia comifolia, Roem. 
H. punctata, Roem. 
Mespilus cuneifolia, Ehrh. 
M. cuneiformis, Mar$h. 
M. punctata, Loisel. 
M. pyiifoUa, Des/. (not TVilld.). 


Var. zanthocarpa, Jacq, ; Arb. Segrez. t. 16. 
Crataegus aurea, Hort^ 
Mespilus cornifolia, Poir. 

C. Pyracantha, Pers, South Europe, &c. 
Cotoneaster Pyi*acantlia, Sp<ich. 
Mespilus Pyracantha, L. 
Pyracantha cocciuea, Roem. 

Var. Lalandi Hort. 

C. sangninea, Pall, Siberia, &c. 
Crataegus purpurea, Loud. 
C. purpurea var. altaica, Hort. 
C. spinosissima, Lodd. Bot. Cab. t. 1100. 
Mespilus sangainea, K. Koch, 

Var. songorica. 

C. sinaica, Boiss, Onent. 
Crataegus Aronia, Dene. 
C. maroccana, Lindl. in Bot. Eeg. t. 1855. 

C. sorbifolia, Lange. Origin unknown. 

C. spathnlata, Michx, ; Sargent^ Sylva of North America, 
t. 185. Southern United States. 
Cotoneaster spathulata, Wenzig. 
Crataegus microcarpa, Lindl, in Bot. Reg. t. 1 846. 
C. virginica, Hort. 
MespiJus spathulata, Poir, 
Phaenopyrum spathulatum, Roenu 

C. tanacetifoHa, Pers. ; Bot. Reg. t. 1884. Orient. 
Mespilus tanaeetifolia, K. Koch, 

C. tomentosa, L. ; Sargent^ Sylva of North America, t. 183» 
Eastern United States, &c. 
Crataegus Downingii, Hort. 
C. elliptica, Hort, 
C. latifolia, Pers. 
C. leucophloeos, Moench. 
C. lobata, DC. 

C. pyrifolia. Ait. (not Desf,). 
C. tomentosa var. pyrifolia, Gray, 
Halmia lobata, Poem. 
H. tomentosa, Roem. 
V 80362. ^ 


Mespilus Calpodendron, Ehrh. 
M. ladfolia, Poir, 
M. lobata, Poir, 
M. pyrifolia, Willd, 
M. tomentosa, CastigL 

C. Tiniflora, Muench, ; Sargent, Sylva of North America, 1. 191. 
Southern United States. 
Cratffigus aemula, Hort, Paris, 
C. betulasfolia, Lodd, 
C. flexuosa, DC, 
C. florida, Lodd. 
C. grossularisefolia, Lodd. 
C. parvifolia, Adans, 
C. Pinshow, ^or^. 
C. unilateralis, Pers. 
Mespilus axillaris, Pers. 
M. flexispina, Muench, 
M, f exuosa, Poir, 
M. parvifolia, Willd. 
M. uniflora, Wenzig. 
M. xanthocarpa, L.Jil. 
Phaenopyrum parvifolium, Roein. 
P. uniflorum, Roem, 

C. viridis, X.; Sargent, Sjlva of North America, t. 187. 
Southern United States. 
Crataegus apiifolia. Loud, (not Michx,). 
C. arborescens, Elliott. 
C. trilobata, ^<!>rf. 
Phaenopyrum arborescens, Roem. 

Ck>tonea8ter aciuninata, LindL Himalaya. 
Cotoneaster royleana, Hort. 
Mespilus acuminata, Lodd. Bot. Cab. t. 919: 

C. affinis, lAndl. Himalaya. 
Cotoneaster rosea, Edgw. 
Mespilus affinis, Don. 

C. bacillaris, Wctll. Himalaya, 
Cotoneaster laevis, Hort. 
C. obtusa, JValL 

Var. floribimda Hort. 


C. bnxifolia, Wall. ; Reftig. Bot., vol. i., t. 52. Himalaya. 
Cotoneaster hookeriana, ffort. 
C. marginata, ffort. 
C. repens, Hort» 
C. nniflora, Ilort (not Bunge). 
C. Wheeleri, Hort. 

C. disticha, Lange. Himalaja. 

C. frigida, Wall. ; Bot. Reg. t. 1229. Himalaya. 
Cotoneaster affinis, Hort, (not LindL). 
C. himalajensis, ffort. 

C. horizontalis, Dene. ; Eev. Hort. 1889, p. 348. Himalaya. 
Cotoneaster davidiana, Hart. 

C. integerrima, Medic, Mountains of Europe, &c. 
Cotoneaster melanocarpa, BL 
C. villosa, Hort. 
C. vulgaris, LindL 
Crata^us Cotoneaster, Borkh. 
Mespilus Cotoneaster, Z. 
M. melanocarpn, Fisch. 

C. lanata, Regtl. in Grartenflora, vol. ix., t. 59. Himalaya. 

C. laziflora, Jacq. ; Bot. Beg. 1. 1305 ; Bot. Mag. t. 3519. Siberia. 

C. Incida, Schlecht, Origin unknown. 
Cotoneaster sinensis, Hort, 

C. microphylla, WalL; Bot. Beg. t. 1114. Himalaya. 

Var. glacialis, Hook.JiL 

Cotoneaster congesta, Baker inBefug. Bot, vol. i.,t. 51. 

C. mnltiflora, Bunge, China. 
Cotoneaster reflexa, Carr, 
C. vulgaris var, glabrata. 

C. Nnmrnnlaria, Fisck. ^ Mey, Europe, Asia. 
Cotoneaster Fontaiiesii, Spach. 
C. racemiflora, K. Koch, 
Mespilus racemiflora, De$f. 

C. pannosa, Franch. Yunnan. 


C. rotundifolia, fValL ; Befog. Bot^ vol. i., t. 54. Himalaya. 
Cotoneaster microphylla var. Uva-ursi, Lindl. 

Var. prostrata, Baker in Eefug. Bot^ vol. i.y t. 53. 

C. Simonsii, Baker in Refug. Bot., vol. i., t. 55. Himalaya. 
Cotoneaster acntifolia, Turez. 
C. himalaiensis, Hart, 
C. montana, Hort, 
C. nepalensis, Hort. 
C. nevadensis, HorU 

C. thymifolia, Baker in Refug. Bot., vol. i., t. 50. Himalaya. 

C. tomentosa, Lindl. Alps, &g. 
Cotoneaster eriocarpa, Hart. 
Mespilus coccinea, Waldst. ^ Kit. 
M. eriocarpa, DC. 
M. tomentosa, Mill, 

C. imiflora, Bunge. Siberia, &c, 
Cotoneaster Uva-nrsi. Pall. 

Ponrthiaea arguta, Dene. Himalaya. 

Photinia benthamiana, Hanee. China. 

P. serrulata, Lindl. China. 

Crauegus glabra, Thunb.\ Bot. Mag. t. 2105. 

C. serratifolia, Detf. 

Photinia dentata, Hort, 

P. glabra, Franch. (not Maxim.). 

P. variabilis, Hemsl. China and Japan. 
P. laevis, DC. 
P. viUosa, DC, 
Crataegus IsDvis, Thunh. 
C. villosa, Thunb. 

Pourtbiaea arguta, Hort. (not Dene.). 
P. villosa. Dene. 

Eriobotrya jai>onica, Lindl. China and Japan. 
Mespilus japonica, Thunb. ; Bot. Beg. t. 365. 
Photinia japonica, Franch, ^ Sav. 


BapMolepis japonica, Sieb, ^ Zucc. Japan. 

B. integerrima, Hort. 

R. japonica, Sieh. 4" Zucc., var, integerrima, Hook. ; Bot. 

Mag. t. 5510. 
R. Merteusii, Sieb. ^ Zucc. 
R. ovata, Hort. 
Mespilus Seiboldi, Blume. 

StranvsBsia glancescens, Lindl. in Bot. Reg. t. 1956. 

Amelanchier alnifolia, Nutt. ; Ghurden and Forest, 1888, vol. i., 
p. 185. North-western America. 
Amelanchier canadensis var. alnifolia, Torr. Sf Gray. 
A. canadensis var. florida, Hort. 
A. canadensis var. florida parv'ifolia, Hort. 
A. canadensis var. pumila, Torr. 4* Gray. 
A. florida, Lindl. in Bot. Reg. t. 1589. 
A. japonica, Hort. (not Miguel). 
A. m on tana, Hort. 

A. ovalis var. semi-integrifolia, Hook. 
A. parvifolia, Hort. 
Aronia alnifolia, Nutt. 

A. canadensis, Torr. ^ Chray. North America. 
Amelanchier asiatica, Hort. 
A. Botrjapium, Lindl. 
A. canadensis var. sanguinea, DC. 
A. canadensis var. spicata, Lam. 
A. lancifolia, Hort. 
A. ovalis, Medic. 

A. sanguinea, Lindl. in Bot. Reg. t. 1171. 
A. spicata, K. Koch. 
A. stricta, Hort. 
Aronia Botrjapium, Pers. 
A. sanguinea, Nutt. 
Crataegus racemosa, iMm. 

C. spicata. Lam. 
Mespilus arborea, Michx. 
M. canadensis, L. 

M. nivea. Marsh. 

Pyrus Botrjapium, L. Jil. 

P. sanguinea, Pursh. 


A. oligocarpa, Roem. ; Gkirden andForest, 1888, vol. i., p. 245, 
f. 41. Northern United States. 

A. vulgaris, Moench. ; Gkird. Chron., ser. iii.i 1890, vol. vii., 
p. 621, f. 104. Europe, &c. 
Amelanchier rotundifolia. Dene. 
Aronia Amelanchier, Rchb. 
A. rotundifolia, Pers. 
Crataegus Amelanchier, Desf, 
C. rotundifolia. Lam. 
Mespilus Amelanchier, L. 
Pyrus Amelanchier, Willd. 
Sorbus Amelanchier, Crantz. 

Var. cretica, Boiss. Asia Minor, &c. 
Amelanchier cretica, K. Koch, 
A. suborbicularis, Barkh. 
Aronia cretica, Pers, 
Crataegus crelica, Desf. 
Pyrus cretica, Willd. 

Peraphyllum ramosissimum, Nutt. Oregon, <&c. 


Hydrangea altlBsima, Wall. Himalaja. 

H. arborescens, L. ; £ot. Mag. t. 437. Eastern United 
H. cordata, Pursh; Wats. Dendr. Brit., vol. i., t. 42. 
H. frutescens. Marsh. 
H. urtiesefolia, ffort. 
H. vulgaris, Michx. 

H. Hortensia, DC. China and Japan. 
Hydrangea japonica, Sieb. 
H. mutabilis, ffort. 
H. opuloides. Lam. 
Hortensia mutabilis, ffort. 
H. rosea, Desf. 
H. speciosa, Pers. 

Var. acnminata, A. Gray. 

H. acuminata, Sieb. 4 Zuec. ; Rev. Hort. 1874, t. 91. 
H. Buergeri, Sieb. Sf Zucc. 


Var. Lindle3ri. 

H. hortensis roseo-alba. 

H. japonica var, coeralescens, RegeL 

H. japonica var, Lindleyi. 

H. japonica var. roseo-albay Hegel. 

H. roseo-alba, Fl. des Serres, tt 1649-50. 

Var. nigra. 

Hortensia nigra, Carr, in Rev. Hort. 1880, p. 180. 
Hydrangea cjanoclada, Hort. 
H. mandschorica nova, Hort. 
H. ram is pictis, Hort. 

Var. stellata, Maxim. 

H. stellata, Sieh. S^ Zucc. 

Var. variegata. 

H. japonica variegata, Hegel. 

H. involncrata, Sieb. 4r Zticc. in Fl. Jap., tt. 63, 64. Japan. 

H. panicnlata, Sieb. ^ Zucc. in Fl. Jap., t. 61. Japan. 

Var. hortenslB, Maxim. 

H. paniculata var. floribnnda, Hegel y Gartenflora 1867, 

t. 530. 
H. paniculata grandiflora, Hort. 

H. petiolaris, Sieb. Sf Zucc. ; Bot. Mag. t. 6788. Japan. 
H. bracteata, Sieb. Sf Zucc. 
H. cordifolia, Sieb. ^ Zucc. 
H. scandens, Maxim. 
Schizophragma hydningeoides, Hort. (not Sieb. Sy Zucc.). 

H. pubesceiis, Dene.; Gard. Chron., ser. ii., 1884, vol. xxii., 
p. 617, t. 107. Japan, &c. 
Hydrangea vestita var. pnbescens, Maxim. 

H. quercifolia, Bartr. ; Bot. Mag. t. 975. Southern United 

H. radiata, Walt. South-eastern United States. 
Hydrangea discolor, HaHn. 
H. nivea, Michx. ; Wats. Dendr. Brit., vol. i., t. 43. 

Var. canescens, NichoU. 
H. canescens, K. Koch. 
Hydrangea glauca, Hort. 
H. sinensis, Hort. 


H. Thunbergi, Steb. ; Fl. Jap. t. 58. Japan. 
Hydrangea cyanea, ffart. 

H. vestita, Wall. Himalaya. 

Schizophragma hydrangeoides, Steb. ^ Zucc. ; Fl. Jap. t. 26, 

Dentzia corjrmbosa, M. Br. Himalaya. 

D. crenata, Sieb. Se Zucc.y Fl. Jap., vol. i., p. 19, t. 6. Japan. 
Deutzia californica, Hort. 
D. Fortunei, Hort, 

D. scabra, Lindl.; Bot. Reg. t. 1718 (not Thunb,). 
D. scabra var. crenata, Maxim. 
D. sieboldiana, Hort. (not Maxim,), 
D. Watereri, Hort. 

Var. Acre pleno extns purpurea. 

Var. pimctata. 

D. discolor, Hemsl. China. 

D. gracilis, Sieb. ^ Zucc; Flore des Serres, vol. vi., p. 611. 

D. parviflora, Bunge ; Garden and Forest, 1888, vol. i., p. 365. 

D. scabra, Thunb. China and Japan. 

D. staminea, R. Br. ; Bot. Beg. p. 33, t. 13. Himalaya. 
D. brunoniana, Wall, 
D. canescens, Hort, 
D. corymbosa, Lindl, ; Bot. Reg. p. 26, t. 5. 

Dectunaria barbara, L. Southern United States. 
D. Forsyth ia, Michx. 
D. radicans, Moench. 
D. sarmentosa, Bosc. 
D. scandens, Salisb. 
Forsythia scandens, Wall. 

Fhiladelphus acuminatos, Lange in Bot. Tidsskrift, ser. iii., 
vol. ii., p. 131, t. 2. Origin uncertain. 

P. cordifolius, Lange in Botanisk Tidsskrift, ser. iii., vol. ii., 
t. 3. Origin uncertain. 



P. coronariiu, L, Asia. 
P. triflorus, Hort, 

Var. flore pleno. 

Var. foliis argenteo-variegatis. 

Var. foliis anreis. 
Var. nanus, Mill. 
Var. Satsxuni, Maxim, 

Var. tomentosns, Hooh.fil. ^ Thorns. Himalaya to China. 
Philadelphus tomentosus, Wall. 

P. Falconeri, Hort, Origin uncertain. 

gordonianns, Lindl. in 6ot. Reg., vol. xxv., t. 32. Western 
United States. 

P. grandifloms, Willd. Southern United States. 
Philadelphus columbiensis, Hort. 
P. inodorus, Michx. 
P. inodorus var, grandiflorus, Gray, 
P. laxus, Lodd. 

P. speciosus, Schrad. ; Bot. Reg. t. 2003. 
Deutzia sanguinea, Hort. 

Var. floribTindns, Torr. S^ Gray. 
P. floribundus, Schrad. 
P. grandiflorus, Lindl. ; Bot. Reg. t. 570. 
P. latifolius, Schrad. 
P. verrucosus, Schrad. 
P. Zeyheri, Schrad, 

Var. lazns, Torr. S^ Gray. 
P. humilis, Hort. 
P. ignea, Hort. 
P. lax us, Schrad, 
P. pubescens. Lodd. 

P. hirsntus, Nutt. ; Bot. Mag. t. 6334. Oregon. 
Philadelphus Godohokeri, Hort. 
P. gracilis, Lodd. 
P. trinervius, Schrad. 
P. villosus, Lodd. 
Deutzia Godohokeri, Hort, 

U 80862. V 


P. Lemoinei, Hort. P. microphyllus x coronarius ; Garden 
and Forest, 1889, vol. ii., f. 154. Garden origin. 

Var. erectos. 

P. Lewisii, Pursh. Western North America. 
Philadelphus thyrsiflorus, Hort, 

Var. califomicns, Chray. California. 
P. coronarius nivalis, Hort. 
P. nivalis, Hort. 

P. mezicanTis, Schlecht,; Gard. Chron., ser. ii., 1883, vol. xix., 
p. 753, f. 123. Mexico. 

P. microphyllTis, Gray ; Gard. Chron., ser. iii., 1887, vol. ii., 
p. 156. Colorado, &c. 

P. Satsumi, Siehold ; Paxt, Fl. Ghird., vol. ii., 1. 188. Japan, &c. 
Philadelphus japonicus, Hort. 
P. Ledebourii, Hort. 
P. pulchella, Hort. 
P. Roylei, Hort. 
P. Schrenckii, Rupr. 
P. speciosus, Hort. 
P. Yokohama, Sieh. 
Deutzia japonica, Hort. 
D. pulchella, Hort. 

P. Tmdulatus, Hort. 

Platycrater arguta, Sieh, Sf Zucc, Fl. Jap. vol. i., t. 27. Japan. 

Jamesia americana, Torr. 4- Chray ; Bot. Mag. t. 6142. Rocky 

Fendlera rupicola, Chray; Garden and Forest, 1889, vol. ii., 
f. 98. South-west United States. 

Carpentaria califomica, Torrey ; Bot. Mag. t. 691 1 . Calif orniH. 

Escallonia exonieiLsis, Hort. Garden origin. 

E. illinita, PresL ; Bot. Beg. t. 1900. Chili. 

E. littoralis, Phil. Chili. 


£. macrantha, Hook. 4* Am. ; Bot. Mag. t. 4473. Chiloe. 
E. bicolor, Hort, 
E. Ingram!, Hort, 
E. rubra Ingrami, Hort. 

E. montana, JPhil. Chili. 

£. montevidensis, DC. ; Bot. Reg. t. 1467. Montevideo, <&c. 
E. floribunda var. montevidensis, Cham. 4* Schlecht. 

£• philippiana, Masters in Gard. Chron., ser. ii., 1878, vol. x., 
p. 109, f. 13. Valdivia. 

£. pterocladon, Hook. ; Bot. Mag. t. 4827. Western Patagonia. 

E. punctata, DC. Chili. 

E. rubra var. punctata, Hook.Jil. in Bot. Mag. t. 6599. 
E. sanguinea, Hort. 

E. revoluta, Fers. ; Bot. Mag. t. 6949. Chili. 
E. aifinis, Ruprecht. 

E. rubra, Ptrs. ; Bot. Mag. t. 2890. Chili. 

E. Yiscosa, Forbes. Chili. 

Itea virginica, Z. ; Bot. Mag. t. 2409. Eastern United 

Weinmannia trichosperma, Cav, Chili. 

Ribes alpinnm, L. ; Lodd.y Bot. Cab. t. 1846. Northern 
Ribes grossularisefolium, Rchh. 
R. opulitblium, Hort. 

Var. foliis anreis, Hort. 

Var. pnmilnm, Ltndl. 

Var. sterile, Wallr. 

R. dioicum, Moench. 

R. americaniun. Mill. North America. 
Ribes campanulatum, Moench. 
R. floridum, VHerit. 
R. missouriense, Hort. (not Nuttall). 
R. pennsylvanicum, Lam. 
R. recurvatum, Michx. 
CoreoBma florida^ Spach. 


B. aureiun, JPursh; Bot. Reg. t. 125. Western North 
Ribes fragi*aQS, Lodd. Bot. Cab. t. 1533. 
R. palmatum, Desf. 
R. utahense, Hort. 
Chrysobotrya revoluta, Spach, 

Yar. aarantiacnin mijiTis, Hort. 

Var. prsBCOX, LindL 

Var. serotinum, LindL 

Var. tenniflonmi, Torr. 

R. tenuiflorum, Lindl. Bot. Reg. t. 1274. 

B. bracteosmn, Dougl. Western North America. 

B. cereiim, Dougl.; Bot. Mag. t. 3008. Western United 
States, &c. 
R. inebrians, Lindl. ; Bot. Reg. t. 1471. 
R. Kunthii, Hort. 
R. mexicanum, Hort, 
R. reni forme, Nutt. 

B. CynoBbati, L. ; Loud. Arb., vol. ii., p. 970, f. 719. Eastern 
United States. 
R. gracile, Torrey. 
Grossularia Cynosbati, Spach 

B. diacantha, PcUl. Siberia, <&c. 
Grossularia diacantha, Mill, 

B. divaricatnm, DougL ; Bot. Reg. t. 1359. Western North 
R. triflorum. Hook. 
R. villosum, Nutt. (not Gay). 

B. fascicalatiim, Sieb. ^ Ziicc. Japan, Ac. 

B. gordonianiun, Lem. (R. sangoineum x aureum) ; Fl. d<^ 
Serres, vol. ii., p. 165. Gurden origin. 
R. Beatoni, Hort. 
R. loudonianam, Hort, 

B. GroBsnlaria, L. Xorthem FIemi«phere. 
R. alpestre. Wall. 
R. Uva-cwp^, DC. 

I _ 


B. groBsnlarioides, Maxim. China and Japau. 
B. macrocalyxy Hance. 

K himalayenfle, Dene, (not Royle). Himalaya. 

K lacnttre, Poir. ; Bot. Mng. t. 6492. North America. 
R. echinatum, Dougl. 

B. laxiflomm, JPursh. Western United States. 
B. affine, Dougl. 

B. mnltiflomm, Waldst. ^ Kit. ; Bot. Mag. t. 2368. South-ea'^t 
B. album multiflorum, Hort. 
E. ureeolatum, Tamch. 
B. vitifolium, Host. 

B. nigmm, L. ; Syme^ Engl. Bot. t. 523. North Eurc^xi and 
Noith Asia. 

Var. altaicnm. 

K. Dikuseha, Fisch. 

Var. dissectnm. 

Var. laciniatmn. 

B. aconitifolium, Hort. 

Var. reticnlatiim anrenm. 

Var. Tariegatmn. 

B. Qxycanthoidaa, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 6892. North America. 
B. hirtellum, Michx. 
B. irrigoom, Dougl. 
B. saxosnm. Hook. 
B. setosom, Lindl. 

R petrvum, Wulf. Europe, <&c. 
B. atropurpareumy C. A. Meyer. 
B. Biebersteinii, Berl. 
B. ewpaticnm. Kit. 
B. caoeasicumy Bieb. 
B. OMcroboirySy Hort. 
B. profltratom ringens, Hort. 
B. ringenfl* Hort, 
B. tri0te» Am^e. 


B. prostratnm, VHetit. North America. 
E. glanduJosuiiiy AU. 
R. hudsoniananiy Rich, 
R. trifidum, Michx. 

E. pTmctattun, Ruiz ^ Fav. ; Bot. Reg. t. 1 658. ChilL 

B. robustiun, Hort, Origin unknown. 

R. rotimdifoliiLin, Michx, Eastern United States. 
R. gracile, Pursh (not Michx.), 
R. triilorum, Willd. 

R. rubnun, Z. ; Sy»ie^ Eng. Bot. t. 520. Northern Hemis- 

Var. album, Desf. 

Var. foliis Inteo-variegatis. 

Var. Schlechtendalii. 

R. Schlechtendalii, Lange in Flora Danica t. 2892. 
North Europe. 

R. sangoineum, Pursh ; Bot. Mag. t. 3335. California, &c. 

Var. albidum, Paxton. 

Var. atrorubeiLS. 

Var. atrosangninenm. 

Var. camenm, Hort. 

R. cameum grandiflorum, Hort, 

Var. epminosiim, K. Koch. 
Var. Acre pleno. 

Var. glntinosiun, Chray. 
R. glutinosum, Benth. 

Var. intermedinm, Hort. 

Var. malvacenm, Wats. 

R. malvaceum, Sm. ; Sweet, British Flower Garden, 
ser. ii., t. 340. 

R. speciosiun, Pursh ; Bot. Mag. t. 3530. California. 
R. fuchsioidtts, 3/of . et Se$sS. 
R. staminenm, Sm. 
Robsonia speciosa, Spach. 


B. stenocarpmn, Maxim, China. 
B. YaldiYiannin, Phil. Chili. 

B. YilloBimi, Gay. Chili. 

R. Bridgesii, ffort, 
R. Lavallei, ffort. 


Parrotia jacquemontiana, Dene. Kftehmir. 

P. persica, C. A. Meyer ; Bot. Mag. t. 5744. Persia. 
Hamamelis persica, DC. 

Fothergilla (^ardeni, Murr. South-eastern United States. 
Fothergilla alnifolia, Z.^l. ; Bot. Mag. tt. 1341, 1342. 

Distylinm racemosnm, Sieb, Sf Zticc. Flor. Jap. t. 94. Japan. 

Corylopsis himalaTanay Grijff. ; Bot. Mag. t. 6779. Himalaya. 

C. pauciflora, Sieh. Sf Zucc. Fl. Jap., vol. i., t. 20. Japan. 

C. spicata, Sieh. Sf Zucc. ; Bot. Mag. t. 5458. Japan. 

Hamamelis arborea, Masters in Gard. Chron., ser. ii., 1881, 
vol. XV., p. 205, f. 38. Japan. 
H. japonica, Hook. fiU ; Bot. Mag. t. 6659. 

H. japonica, Sieh. S^ Zticc. Japan. 

Var. zuccariniana. 

H. zuccariniana, Hort. 

H. virginica, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 6684. Eastern North America. 

Loropetalum chinenae, R. Br. ; Gard. Chron., ser. ii., 1883, 
vol. xix., p. 152, f. 23. China, &c. 

Liquidambar formosana, Hance ; Hooh., Icon. Plant, t. 1020. 
China and Japan. 
L. acerifolia, Maxim. 
L. Maximo wiczii, Miq. 

L. orientalii, Mill. ; Hook., Icon. Plant, t. 1019. Asia Minor. 
L. imberbe, Ait. 


L. styraciflua, Z. ; Sargent^ Sylva of North America t. 199. 
United States. 


Eucalyptus coccifera, Hook, fil, ; Bet. Mag. t. 4637. Tas- 

E. Gunnii, Hook, fil, ; Flora Tasmanise t. 27. Tasmania. 

E. umigera, Hook, fil, ; Gard. Chron., ser. iii., 1888, vol. iii., 
p. 460, f . 64. Tasmania. 

Myrtus communis, L. Mediterranean Eegion. 

HL TJgni, Molina, Chili. 

Eugenia Ugni, Hook, ^ Am. ; Bot. Mag. t. 4626. 


Punica Granatum, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 1832. Persia, <&c. 

Var. nana. 

Punica nana, Z. ; Bot. Mag. t. 634. 


Zauschneria californica, Fresl; Bot. Mag. t. 4493. Cali- 

Fuchsia corallina, Hort, Garden origin. 
F. exoniensis, Hort, 

F. glohosa, Lindl, in Bot. Reg. t. 1556. Mexico. 

F. macrostemma, Ruiz Sf Pav. South America. 
F. coccinea, Bot. Mag. t. 97 (nol o£ Aiton). 
F. gracilis, Lindl. 
F. magellanica. Lam. 
F. virgata^ Siveet. 

F. Riccartoni, Hort. Garden origin. 



Passiflora coemlea, L, ; Bot Mag. t. 28. Southern Brazil. 


Bupleunim frnticosnin, Z.; Wats,^ Dendr. Brit., vol. i., t. 14. 
Mediterranean R^ion. 


AraHa cbinensis, Z., var, elata, Dippel. China, Slq. 
A. mandschurica, Rupr. 4* Maxim, 
Dimorphanthus elatus, Miq. 
D. mandschurieus, Maxim. 

Var. canescens. 

A. spinosa, Z. ; Sargent, Sylva of North America, t. 211. 
Eastern United States. 

Acanthopanaz ricinifolinm, Seem. China and Japan. 

Aralia Maximowiczii, Van Jloutte, Fl. des Serres, vol. 

XX., p. 39, t. 2067. 
A. ricinifolia, ffort, 
Kalopanax rieinifolium, 3Iiq. 
Panax rieinifolium, Sieb. Sf Zucc. 

A. spinosum, Miq. China and Japan. 
Aralia pentaphjlla, Thunb, 
Panax spinosum, Z. 

Fatsia horrida, Benth. Sf Hook. North-west America and 
North-east Asia. 
Echinopanax horridus, Dene. Sf Planch, 
Oplopanax horridum, Miq, 
Panax horridum, Sm. 

F. japonica, Dene. 4* Planch. ; Gartenfiora, 1863, t. 420. Japan. 
Aralia Sieboldii, Sieb, 

Helwingia japonica, Dietr. ; Sieb. Sf Zucc. Fl. Jap., vol. i., 
t. 86. Japan. 

Eleutherococcus senticosus, Maxim. ; Gartenfiora, 1863, t. 393. 

U 80362. ex 


Heptapleumm impresstun, C. B. Clarke, Himalaja. 
Agalma tomentosa, Seem. 

Hedera Helix, Z. ; Europe, N. Africa, N. Asia. 

Yar. algeriensis. 

H. viridis, ffort. 

Var. algerienBis variegata. 

Var. amurensis. 
H. acuta. 

Var. asgnl&ris, Hihberd, 

Var. angnlaria foliis aureis. 

Var. arborescens. 

Var. arboresceiiB foliis argenteis marginatis. 

Var. arborescens foliis aureis. 

Var. atropurpnrea. 

Var. aurantiaca, AndrS in Rev. Hort. 1884, p. 84 
(coloured plate). 

Var. anrea elegantissixna. 

Var. aureola. 

Var. azorica, Hort. ; Gard. Mag. October 15, 1887, f. 

Var. azorica variegata. 

Var. baccifera major. 

Var. canwoodiana. 

Var. canaxiensis. 
H. grandifolia. 
H. hibemica. 
H. vegeta. 

Var. canariensis arborescens. 

Var. canariensis aureo-maculata. 

Var. canariensis foliis argenteis. 

Var. Cavendishi. 

H. marginata elegaiis. 
H. marginata minor. 

Var. chrysocarpa. 

H. baccifera lutea. 

Q 2 

iffkiKinK «llff)M 

Var. chryiomelft. 

Var. chryBtfphylla, Hibberd. 

H . digitata aurea. 

H. palmata anrea. 
Var. cinerea. 

H. himalaica. 
Var. conglomenta. 
Var, contracta. 
Var. crenato. 

H. digitata nova. 

H. vitifolia. 
Var. CTupidAta nuaor. 
Var. deltoidea. 

H. rhouboidea oborata. 
Vac dentata. 
Var. d^itata. 

H. palmata. 

H. peniuT'Iraoica. 
Var. diacolor. 

H. minor marmofsta. 
Var. donerailmii*. 
Var. fatle^eana. 
Var. flaveaMM 
Var. gigastoa. 
Var. KTaeOii. 
Var. heideIb«Tgesaia. 
Var. keUrtTpfajiiiL. BMiUrd. 
Var. uiUTiii«djL 
Var. 1 
Var. lobala mtin 



Var. maenlata. 

H. Imtifblia macolata. 

Var. nuiderensiB variegata. 

Var. marginata major. 

H. marginata argentea. 
H. marginata elegantissima. 
H. marginata pulchella. 

Var. marginata media. 

Var. marginata purpurea. 

Var. marginata rubra. 
H. elegantissima. 

Var. marmorata elegans. 

Var. minima, Hihherd. 

Var. minor. 

Var. minor Tariegata. 

Var. netleyenaia. 

Var. nigra 

H. willsiana. 

Var. oyata. 

Var. rhombea (Sie6. ^ Zwcc.). 
H. japonica Tariegirta. 
H. rabmMrginmtay Hihherd. 

Var. roeg]l0^iJUU^ Hort. 
H. caocasaeay Hart. 
H. ooldika, K, Koch. 
H. oordilbiia. 





Var. ramnrra HiUfU^^ 





Var. tortuosa. 
H. Glymii. 

Var. triloba. 

Var. veiLOsa. 

Var. walthamenBis. 


Harlea platanoides, Steb. Sr Zucc. in Fl. Jap., vol. i., t. 86. 
China and Japan. 

Comus alba, L. North Asia. 
C. tartarica, Mill. 
Var. sibirica. 

C. sibirica, Lodd. 

Var. sibirica variegata, Hort, 

Var. Spaethii, Wittm. 

C. sibirica Spasthii, Hort. 
C. Spaethii, Hort. 

Var. variegata, Hort. 

C. altemifolia, L. fil. ; Sargent, Sylva of North America, 
t. 216. North America. 
C. altema, Marsh. 

C. Amomtun, Mill. North America. 
C. asperifolia, Hort, (not Michx,). 
C. citrina, Hort. 
C. coenilea, Lam, 
C. cjanocarpa, Moench, 
C. lanuginosa, Michx. 
C. rubiginosa, Ehrh. 
C. sericea, L. ; Loud. Arb. et Fnit., vol. ii., t. 1013, f. 766. 

Var. angnstifolia. 

Var. grandifolia. 

Var. panrifolia. 

C. Baileyi, Coulter ^ Evans \ Grarden and Forest, 1890, vol. v., 
t. 3, p. 465, f. 58. North America. 



C. candidiflsiina, Marsh, North America. 
C. albida, Ehrh. 
C. fastigiata, Michx. 
C. femina, Dippel (not Miller). 
C. paniculata, VHervt. 
C. stricta, Lam. 

C. capitata, Wall. North India to China. 

Benthamia fragifera, Lindl. ; Bot. Mag. t. 4641 

C. circinata, L'Herit; Loud. Ash. et Frut., vol. ii., t. 1014, f. 
767. North America. 
C. rugosa, Lam. 
C. tomentosula, Michx. 
C. verrucosa, Hort. 

C. florida, L. ; Sargent, Sylva of North America, tt. 212, 213. 
Eastern North America. 
Benthamia florida, Spach. 

Var. flore mbro. 

Var. pendnla. 

C. Koiua, Buerg, ; Gkirden, February 25, 1893. Japan. 

Benthamia japonica, Sieh. S^ Zucc. Fl. Jap., vol. i., t. 16. 

C. macrophylla. Wall. North India to Japan. 
C. brachypoda, Ihch. S^ Mey. 
C. crispula, Hance. 
C. religiana, Hort. 

C. TheUcanis, Lebas in Rev. Hort. 1875, f. 64. 
C. theleriana, Hort, 

Var. variegata. 

C. Mas, L. Europe &c. 

C. mascula, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 2675. 

Var. aurea elegantiBslma, Hort. 

Var. fmctu violaceo. 

Var. lanceolata. 

Var. nana. 

C. pumila, Hort. 

Var. variegata. 

Var. zanthocarpa. 


• i: ^<w -^laai- i«t*iA^> 



C. Nuttallii, Auduh. ; Sargent, Sylva of North America, 
tt. 214, 215. Western North America. 

C. officmalis, Sieb. Sf Zucc, Fl. Jap. vol. i., t. 50. Japan. 

C. pubescens, Nutt. Western North America. 

C. sangninea, L. ; Si/me, Eng., Bet. t. 635. Europe, North 
and Western Asia. 

Var. candidissima, ffort, 

Var. viridissima, Dieck, 

Var. variegata, Hort, 

C. stolonifera, Michx, North America. 

Var. Gtouchanlti, Hort, 

Aucnba japonica, Thunb. ; Bot. Mag. t. 1197. Japan. 

G^ar^ya elliptica, Doug I, ; Bot Reg. t. 1868. California. 

Griselinia littoralis, Raoul. New Zealand. 

0-. lucida, Forst. New Zealand. 
Var. macrophylla, Hook.Jil, 

Nyssa aquatica, Marsh. ; Sargent, Sylva of North America, 
t. 220. South United States. 
N. tomentosa, Michx. 
N. uniflora, JVangenh. 

N. sylvatica, Marsh. ; Sargent, Sylva of North America, t. 21 7. 
North America. 
N. multifiora, Wangenh. 






Note. — The typography is the same as in the list, that is, the 
names adopted at Kew are printed in thick, those which are 
regarded as synonymous in ordinary, type. The ahbreviation 
after each name indicates the author who first published it. As 
this indication is only of interest to anyone who wishes to trace 
the original description, it is, for the sake of simplicity, omitted 
on the permanent labels attached to the trees and shrubs in the 
living collections. One abbreviation needs a word of explana- 
tion : Hort. (= Hortorum) is attached to names which are 
current in gardens. They have no recognised authority, are 
usually of uncertain origin, or at the best have only been 
published in nurserymen's catalogues without distinctive 
characters by which the plants can be recognised; they 
are only cited for purposes of convenience. 

Abatilon megapotamicum, ^'• 

Hil., 43. 
vexillarium, Morr., 49. 

vitifolium, DC, 48. 

Acacia JuIibriBsin, Willd., 129. 

Acanthopanax ricinifolium, 

Seem., 241. 
spinosum, Miq., 241. 
Acer acuminatum, Gord., 87. 
album, Hort., 87. 
argpltum, Maxim., 85. 
athcDiense, Hort., 91. 

Acer atropurpureum, Hort,, 93. 
aastriacmn, Trait., 85. 

barbatum, P. ^ K., 87. 

bnrbatum, Sarg., 99. 

barbatom, var. floridanum, 
Sarg., 89. 

calif omicum, Dtetr., 91. 

campestre, Linn., and va- 
rieties, 85. 

canadense, Marsh., 95. 

carolinianum, Hort., 99. 

carpinifolium, S. ^ Z., 85. 

Acer canoasLCDin, Hort,, 89. 
QUidsluni, (in part), 95. 
caudatnm, Wall^ si. 
circinatuin, Pvih, 61. 
ciBBifolium, ^' Kock, 87. 
coccineum, Mirli.fil., 99. 
colchieum tubram, Hort., 95. 
cordifolium, Hart., 99, lUl. 

cori&ceDia, Taastk, bt. 
crfttegifolinm, S- (s Z., 87. 
creticnm, L., 87. 

criijrtitiim, Hort., 93. 
crispum, Mort., 97. 

daaycarpum, £Ai 

THiietiea, 87. 
dinboUcaUl, Blume, 89, 
digicatiun atra - purpuieuin, 

Uorl., 9S. 
digitatum Bareo-muKiluitum, 

Hort.. 97. 
difsMtum, Thunb., 95. 
disaectiun, Hort., 97. 

distjlom, S. ^ z., 89. 

DongUai, J^., 87. 

Bouglasii, i/oui., 89. 
Drummondii, ,H. ^ ,^., 9?. 


Acer nikoense, Maxim., 93. 

obtusatum, Kit^ 93. 
obtusifolium, SIbth., 89. 
Opalus, Ait.y 93. 

Opulifolinm, Vili-, and va- 
rieties, 93. 
orientale, C. Koch, 89. 
palmatifiLdam, Hort., 97. 
ornatuin, Hort., 95. 
rabrum« Hort.j 95. 

palmatiiTn, Hort., 87, 95. 
palmatnin, Thimb., and va- 
rieties, 93. 

Kaempferi, Hort,, 99. 
TDiicrophyllain, Hort., 91. 
pinuatifidum, Hort., 95. 

parviflorum, Mhrh^ 101. 

parvifoliura, Tausch^ 87- 

Pa via, Hort,, 87. 

pectinatnm, Ww^^.t 95. 
pennsylvanicTun, X-. 9^- 

peiuisylvaoicuiii, Duroi, 101. 
pictuiXly Thuub., and va- 
rieties, 95. 
platanoides, i'-, and va- 
rieties, 95, 97. 

var. Lobelii, Loud,^ 91. 

digitatum, Hort., 97. 
polymorphom, S. ^ Z., 93. 
polymorphum, Spach, 87. 

var. decompositnm, S. if 

roseo-marginatmn, Hort., 

PBendo-platanos, /'•« and 

varietiefiy 97. 

corstorpliinenBi»,fl»r<., 97. 

late»cens, Harl^ 97. 

X monfpetfulaoiiiiiy 87. 

rubmm, Hort., »7. 
pulchmm. Hurt., H9. 
rotandifblium, /*««., ^3- 
Tllbmm,'^-^ and varietief, 99. 

pallidum, yl//.. 87. 
U 80362. 

Acer rafiii*rre, s. *• ^., w. 

rugosum, Hort., 101. 

aaoohariniLm, H^an^r., 99. 

saccharinnm, i., 87. 

floridannra, Hort,, 87. 

var. floridanum, Chapw^^ 
saccharophoTum, Koch, 99. 
Sacchanim, Britt., 99. 
Sacchamm, Marsh,, 87. 
Saira, Hort., 87. 
sanguineum, Spach, 99. 
semiorbiealatam. Pax, 99. 
sempervirens, Hort,, 89. 
«eptemlobuin, Thunh., 93. 

aieboldianum, -^I'vi 9^* 
sikkimense, ^''9., 99- 

speciosum, Hort., 91. 

Bpicatom, Z., 101. 

splendens, Hort,, 99. 

striatum, 2>u /?of, 95. 

tataridun, Z^., and varieties, 

tauricum, Hort., 85, 89. 

tomentosam, Hort., 87, 99. 

Trantvetteri, Medw., 101. 

trifolium, Duham., 9 1 , 

trilobtttura, Hort., 87. 

trilobatum, Lanu, 91, 
Crilobam, Moenrh, 'J\, 
tripartkom, iVv//., <fy, 
vtrginiaiium, Hort., 99, 
▼irgiDicttm ruliruiii, Ut^t , H7. 
▼kifoliitai, Hmi>, 91, 

Tdbettif Mmti., \t$\, 

Wagoeri, Hmi,, ^, 


Actinidia volubilis, Fr/iach. ^ 

Siir.. 41. 

Adenocarpos decorticana, 

Bf»B.v,. 107. 
AdenorachiB, iss- 
.Egle sepiaria, J?'-'- 51. 

^actans Hsplenifolia, Hort., S3. 

califonticft, ^uti., si. 
c»niea, Wi!ld.,a}. 
chineiuiBi Bmgt, si. 

dcbiDftta, MullB)., B8. 
flava, Aiu. 83. 

ilorihunda, Iloit.. Bi. 
glabra, W-'W- 83. 

luterophyllB, Hnti., 83. 

Hippocastannin, ^". "ud 

humiliB, Lodd., 86. 
inoisa. Wor(., 83, 

indica, Caleb., 83. 

lucidtt, Hort., 88, 
IniM, Ifaiiff., 83. 
mBcroalnchjB, M'ch^ '■ 





Amorpha fmticosa, X., 117. 

Gardneri, Horty 117. 
glabra, Hort., 117. 
Lewisii, Hoit., 117. 
ludoviciana, Hort., 117. 
marginata, Hort., 117. 
pubescens, Hort., 117. 
tenesseensis, Hort., 117. 
tomentosa, Hori., 117. 

Ampelides, 75. 

Ampelopsis aconitifolia, Hort,, 77. 
bipinnata, Michx., 75. 
hederacea, J5C, 79. 
heterophjlla, Si«6. ^ Zucc, 

himalayanu, Royle, 77. 
humulifolia, Bunge, 77. 
japonica, Hort, 103. 
orientalis. Planch., 79. 
quinquefolia, Michx., 79. 
^eiupervirens, Hort,, 81. 
seriansefolia, Bunge, 79. 
tricuspidata, i^ic^. ^ Zucc, 

Veitchii, ^or/., 79. 

Amygdalopsis Lindleyi, Carr., 133. 
virgata, l^orf., 133. 

Amygdalns, i'i9. 

Amyj^rdalus amara, Hayn., 129. 
argentca, Z,at»., 181. 
atropurpurea, /for/., 131. 
chinensis, Hort., 133. 
communis, Z., 129. 

var. amara, DC, 129. 

var. dulci'g, DC, 129. 

var. macrocarpa, ^V/-., 

var. persicoides, Ser., 131. 
(lavidiaua, Uieck, 131. 
ebiirnfa, Spach, 131. 
hiimilis, Edgw.y 139. 
iijcana, /^rr//., i:n. 
uana, A., 131. 

Amygdalus orientalie, AiL, 131. 
Persica, X., 131. 
pnmifolius, Hort., and va- 

rieties, 131. 
pomila, 5fm«, 139. 
Simonii, Uieck, 131. 

AnacardiacesB, loi. 
Anagyrifl fodtida, L., 105. 

indica, Lindl., 105. 

nepalensis, Graham, 105. 
Androphylax scandens, Wendl., 19. 
Androsaemum officinale, X., 37. 
Anona triloba, Z., 19. 

Anonaces, 19. 

Antbomeles Douglasii, Roem., 199. 
flara, Roem., 201 . 
glandulosa, Roem., 201. 
rotuodifolia, Roem., 195. 
torbinata, Roem., 201. 

Antiiyllis Hermannia, Z., 117. 

Aquifolium spinosum, Gerrtn., .'33. 

Aralia chinensis, X., var. elata, 

Dippel, 2il. 
mandschurica, Rupr.^ Maxim,, 

Maximo^ iczii, F«n Hotitti, 

pentapbylla, Tiiunb,, 241. 
ricinifclia, Hort., 241. 
Sieboldii, i9te6., 241. 

spinosa, Z., 28i. 
Araliaces, 24i. 
Aria, 185. 

Aria Cbama>meKpiliM, ffori., IHl. 
decaisneana, LavaU., 197. 
dentafa, Hort., IW. 
lanata, /Jcne., li:^. 
latifoUa, tfpa//i, J^. 

Ariit(K«)i4i J|jtu<>^y;, ///.,. 


V V 

JrmeDLuRB atrapurpurea, Loisel., 



dKnytarpn, Peri^ 138. 


.lavidlanft, ffwi., 131. 


fus.',B, Tarp. (t- Foil.. 133. 


Mume. Ae Vriai, 133. 


Pttjoldii, /for(., 13:i. 

trilobn, Bert.. 13S. 

Tulg»rig, Ln».,iai. 

.^onia alnifolia, N»tt-. 217. 

AmeliDchier, .ftr/^.. 219. 

Botrjapium, Fers., 217. 

crelicD, /•«)■».. 318. 

piritblia, Pers.. 183. 

sanguiDtm, A'm/(.,217. 

aorlufolia. S;kicA, 191- 

Aaimina enmpttiu flora, Spaah, 19. 

triloba, />"'.<'^ is. 

Axtra^alas Tragacftntha, i-. 

Atragene aipiiia, i., 7. 


american», f^inu. 11. 


Borberit deutata, Taujch,i7, 
iulcix, Siieet. 21. 
duleic. Schi'ad,, 37. 
dometorum, Goiian, 37. 
edotu, Borf., 37. 

ele^ptns, I/orl.,SS. 
elougulB, Hort., 37 
emarginau, If'iV^. a7. 
empetrifolia, tru).., 33. 

fascicQlnm, Sirpf, 21. 
I'\-ii.ileri, //oc/ 27 

Fortunei, -iiini'.,2«. 
Fremoiiti, Ton-., 2S. 
glnucB, Hon 3S 
glaooeBConi. Harl,, S3. 
globttUtii, H("-( S7 
Gnimpelii, C. 

^lumUL'ea, Sprmy., SS. 

heteropliylla^ ■'»":. 83. 

h.'lero|ili_>ll:i, aotl.,21. 
heteiOpoda, -S'rAi-*n4, S3. 
Hookari, iforr.,aH. 
liypoltuca, JIorL^ St 
il>tri(!B. Woc( ^7 
ilicifoli&) Forit^ 23. 
ilicifolm, WiM(., 25. »?. 

iategerrima, /Jim;;', is. 
Jamemni, ifoi f., £9. 
japonicB, «. Br., B3. 
K'uighlii, Hort., 89. 
Ittlirolia, Hort., S7. 
luiflora, Hort.,iT. 

l,,tii»..K l.r,^l..i~. 

Lfciiun, «■>;//<■. 33. 

maenuittii, Srhrad 37. 
macTocarpii, Hurl., Vt. 
m«3rDphylIa, //.»(., 28, ffJ. 

maeroiiepala, Hort,, 2i. 
iiiarKinata. Hurt,, 37. 

I B«rl)eriaMa:tinn"-ieiLi.Ji«jeI,8». 
! inim>phTll».i/<.r/.,27. 

mouOKpenna, Hort, 25, 

uepalensis, -V-* '";;.. >8> 
nerrosa, P"'-.i'i.3S. 
Nentierti, 2 j. 
Dilcus, Schra>r.s9. 
jiaiij-harengcasis, ffor(., 33. 
petiolnris, »,„■>.. 39. 
piovlopialih, //'.^^, 29. 
rspeiU, Lindl., S5. 
reniluia. Smith, 23. 
rotundifoUa. HoTf.,ai. 
Bangiiiuolema, J/oiT., S9. 
SerotilLa, Lmgc, 3S. 
sihirica, i*nU., iS. 
Sieboldji, 3/'7-, 25. 
ainensie, Ofsf., as. 
itenophylla, JUo"''. **■ 

(iilmlB, Hui-L. a-t. 

TiunberBi, .DC, s 



viresMiu, ^(w*' #■. ss. 
I Tnlguia, X., uid ntietius, 
; as, 27. 

I waUichiana, l>C., 2s. 
Bercliemia racemoia, s. ^- z. 
TolnbiliB, JiC, 89. 
Bixmee, 38. 
-. BoergcrU oborata, .Si'e5. {■ Zucc, 
'• 17. 

I KeUata, Si>6. ^ Ztifv., 17. 

Bnrsaria Bpinosi, <'"■- M. 
; Caesalpinia cniiu, Thunb., m. 
japonica, >;'''. i,- 7.» 
; -q-iarii, ^77., It:. 

' C&lophaca >»«l<»lrTi*l", Hurt., Vi,'i. 

i wolg&rica, ''<•'»., i«. 

Calycanthaceffi, ii. 


CalycanthuB bnllaius, Hon.. la. 


(cTox. MichJ-., 13. 


fenilif, Wait.. 13. 


floridns, L., and varietien. 



Cot«,., 1: 

glaucnB, W'«d., 13. 

CitrniolB tii 

modonis, £lliDtl, 13. 


IsTigalus, Willd., 13. 


Dincrophyllufi, mil., 13. 

CBs^ioe car 

naiios, Nouv. Duh., 13. 


occidentaliB, //ooA-S^'"-, 




peQLsjlvanicus, Moil., 13. 


precox, Z., 13. 


Btetilw, Ifo/i, 11. 


Camellia japonica, Sieb. 4 


Zhco., 43. 


Caragana Allngana, P»i"y, 123. 


arboreBcena, Lom., laa. 


arborescens BKnaria, Horl., 




arborewenB gracilin, .Hor/., 




flr|>.-nteB, i.n«., 123. 


brevispina, RonU, 123, 

Chatnlagu. i.«ni.. 12s. 




CJerasus aeida, Dum,, 185. 
acida, MilL, 137. 
Ayiam, Moench, 137. 
borealis, Jdichx., 189. 
Capollin, DC, 141. 
Capali, Ser.y 141. 
capronianay DC, 185. 

fiore roseo pleno, 141. 

hamilis, Hort., 185. 

multiplex, Hort,, 187. 

ranonculiflora, Hurt., 187. 
camea plena, Hort., 141. 
caroliniana, Michx., 145. 
Chamscerasus, Loisel,, 187. 
Cbieafla, 5^., 188. 
coxnuta, Wall., 141. 
demissa, Nutt., 141. 
deprc88a, 5ct-., 141. 
domestica, Hort., 137. 

flore pleno, Hort,^ 137. 
dulcifl, Gaerin., 187. 
foutanesiana, Spach, 148. 
fruticans, Hort., 187. 
glandolosa, LoiseL, 189. 
glaaca, .VoeiicA, 141. 
heriDcquiana, LavallSe, 139. 
hortensis flore roseo pleno, 

/for^, 141. 
Uicifolia, Nutt., 145. 
incana, Boiss., 181. 
intermedia, Loisel., 189. 
Itosakura, 5te6., 139. 
japonica, LoiseL, 189. 
Juliana, DC, 137. 

rosea, Hort., 141. 
lannesiana, Carr., 141. 
latifolia pendola, Hort., 137. 
LaurocerasQS, Loisel., 145. 
lusitanica, Loisel., 145. 
macrophylla, Hort., 137. 
^lahaleb, jIfiV/., 148. 
micrantha, Spach, 145. 
mollis, Dougl.y 143. 

Cerasut myrobalanos, Hort., L88. 
nicotiansBfolia, 187. 
nigra, ilft7/., 187. 
orientaHs, Spach, 181. 
Fadus, DC, 148. 
patloniana, Carr,, 143. 
pendula rosea, Hort,, 189. 
pennsylvwiica, iSer., 139. 
prostrata, Spach, 139. 
PseadoHserasos, Loud., 141. 
pumila, Michx,, 141. 
pumila. Pa//., 139. 
semperflorens, DC, 135. 
seroCina flore pleno, Hort., 

serrulata, G. Don, 141. 
Sieboldi, Cam, 141. 

• rubra, Hort., 141. 
sinensis noTa, Hort., 141. 
inbbirtella, JIfig. (in part), 

Susquebana, ^o/. ^ Wright, 

sylvestris. Loud., 137. 
▼irginiana, LoiseL, 145. 
▼nlgaris, 3ft7/., 187. 

laciniata, Hort., 187. 
Tar. persiciflora. Loud., 

semperflorens, Loud., 
Watereri, lfor^, 141. 

CercidiphyUiim japonienm, 

iS>te6. jr Zucc., 18. 

Cercis canadeiudB, X., 129. 
chineniiB, jBmt^e, 129. 

. japonica, 129. 

Siliqxiastnmiy X., 129. 
Cercocarpns parvifoliiui, Nutt., 

Cbsnomeles alpina, Koehne, 198. 
japonica, Lindl., 198. 
Maule\, Lauoll., \^*^. 




ChBiDfcbusu^ alpwniw, Spach. 








Choisya, ternata, H.B.X., is. 


Cliri siihotrya rtvoiula.Sjiaei, 23 i . 

CiaiunpeW Emila<:ma, £., IS. 


CisBOs Brtoren, Dtamiul., Ta. 


breTipeilanculMu, jVoj'iu., 7T. 


»r)'onifoUB,Jiefff/. 77. 


CBpreolata. Don, Ti. 

clemntifolit, C...., 7B. 


cjanoorpu, Miii., 78. 


himalQjaam IF(i/p^ 77. 

i«pouL{», tr-Wrf., 79. 


nepnalensis. DC. 11. 



piimstB, Soinrid., 79. , 


j-ermlata, Uojyl)., 77. 


■^trbiii. flwi: fi-Pa*-., SI. 


Tlimibptfii, A'wfi, ^ ^BtT., 7<i, 


vitifitolia, -Sr«6. ^ Zr.rc.. 7a. 




Clematis cirrhosa, L., 7. 

COCCinea, Engefm,, 7. 
coerulea, ZiW/., 11. 

grandiflora, Hort., 11. 

odorata, Horf., 7. 
coloradensis, BnrkL, 11. 

connata, DC, 9. 

cordata, Pursk^ 11. 
cordata, Bof. Mag.y 9. 
cordifolia, Moenchy 11. 
crispa, Hort.f 7.' 
crispa, X., 9, 
cylindrica, 9. 
daveyana, Hort.y 9. 
davidiaiia, Verlot, 9. 
(lavurica, Hart., 7. 

Flammula, X., 9. 

florida, Thunb., 9. 
frajrrans, Scilisb.y 11. 
frairrariM, Tpn., 9. 
Fremontii, S. W7r/.v., 9. 
gr:ivcr)Iens, Lindi., 11. 

Hendersonii, Chandl., 9. 
heracle»folia, -DC, 9. 

Hookeri, Dcne.j 9. 

integ^rifolia, i^., 9. 
lanuginosa, Lindl,, 9. 

latiiolia, Hort.y 9. 

lignsticifolia, ATnf/., 9. 

niaritinia, All,, 9. 
montana, Hoti., 9. 

montana, W«//., ii. 

odorata, Hort^ 7. 

orientalis, Z., ii. 

ovata, Hort.y 9. 
paiiiculata, Hort.y 9. 

paniculata, Thu»b., ii. 

parviflora, Z)C, 7. 
patenS) Morr. ^ Dene., 11. 
pedicellata, Lindl., 7. 
PierotH, //w/., 7. 
Pitcheri, C«rr., 7. 
Pitcheri, Torr. ^ Cray, 11. 

Clematis poJymorpha, Viv„ 7. 

revoluta, Desf.y 7. 
Sargenti, LaoalUey 11. 
semitriloba, Z^., 7. 
Simsii, Sweet, 9. 
taurica, Beas., il. 
tubulosa, Hook.y 9. 
tubulosa, Turcz., 9. 
tubulosa, rar. Hookeri, 9. 
Tenosa, Royle,, 9. 

verticillaris, -DC, u. 

Viorna, Andr., 9. 

vor. coccinea, .d. Gray, 7. 
viornioides, Uort., 7, 

virginiana, Z., ii. 

virginiazia, Lour.^ 7. 

Vitalba, Z, ii. 

Vitalba, L. vor. japonica» 
HouJtt.y 11. 

Viticella, i^ ii. 

Cleyera japonica, Sieh. 4f Zuccy 

ochnacea, DC, 39. 

species, 4i. 
Cneornm tricoceum, X., Sd. 
CocculTis earolimii, Z>C^ 19. 

lanrifolins, DCy 19. 

Cocculidium popolifolium, Spachy 

Colletia armata, Miersy 73. 

bietonenifls, LindL, 73. 

Chacaye, G. JDo», 75. 

cmciata, G*//. ^ /foo*., 73. 

ferox, G«//., 75. 
horrida, Hort.y 75. 
longispina, Hook. ^ Am., 75. 
polyacantha, Hort.y 75. 
serratifolia, F«i/., 75. 
spino8a, Lam.y 75. 
Rpinosisstma, Hort,, 75. 
valdiviana, Phil., 75. 

Colutea arborescens, Z., 121. 

aurantittea, Hort ., \^\ . 

^MUM*!*^*"^ If«n.. lai. 

Connia cyi 

.««««. li-«. i*<- 


«MMik ''*- 1I<- 


■»>;>■»■■*. x^-H3. 




ifcinnlyx. «««. isa. 


wimthvU.. iWd^. 128, 


MWMBlc'. £<»■■. ]ei. 



ruiHtrea. Hot/.. 131. 


^npunee. Pn/;., 121. 






I'l'rehoruB i»ponieiu, Tkutib., 1S7. 


i\.n-osnia ttoridtt, Spacfc. 329. 


Coriaria myrtifoUa, L. loa. 


nepalenflifl, »"«('., i05. 


thymifolia, i/.fl.,ff., lo.s. 


Coriaries, loa. 


CormuB domestica, ^po^A, 191, 


floreLtina. Dcae., 18?. 


iriluUln. B™«.. 189. 


Cornacese, 2i»- 


Conma alba, L., and ■'Biietlts. 





Cotoneaster actumnata, Lindl,, 

acutifolia, Turcz., 215. 
affinis, Hori., 213. 
9,fEtidB, Lindl,, 211. 

bacillaris, Wall., an. 
bnxifolia, WaU., 213. 

coDgesta, Bilker, 213. 
davidiana, Uort., 213. 
disticha, Lange, 213. 
eriocarpa, Hori,, 215. 
Fontanesii, Spach,, 213. 

frigida, TTo//., 2 is. 

himalayensisy Hort., 213, 215. 
hookeriana, HorL, 218. 

horizontalis, 2>eii«., 213. 
integerrima. Medic,, 213. 

laBvis, Hort., 211. 

lanata, i^e^e/., 213. 
laziflora, Jac^., 213. 

lucida, Schlecht., 218. 
marginatay Hort, 813. 
melaDocarpa, ^/., 218. 

microphylla, TTo//., 213. 

Tar. Uva-ursi, LindL, 215. 
moDtaoa, Hort,, 215. 

moltiflora, ^tm^e, 213. 

iiepalensis, Hort,, 215. 
nevadensia, Hort., 215. 

NTiTnTnnlaria,-^* jr ilf.. 213. 

obtusa, WaU.,2U. 
pannOSa, Franchet, 813. 
Pyracantha, Spach, 209. 
racemiflora, K. Koch, 218. 
reflexa, Carr., 213. 
repens, Hort., 213. 
rosea, Edgew., 211. 

rotnndifolia, W'a//., 21 5. 

royleana, Hort., 21 1. 
Simonsii, Baker, 215. 
sinensis, Hort., 213. 
spathulata, TFenz., 809. 
tiiymifolia, i?aAer, 215. 

Cotoneaster tomentoBa, Xtnd/., 

imiflora, Bunge, 215. 
uniflora, Hort^ 218. 
Uva-ursi, jPo//., 215. 
▼illosa, Ifor^, 213. 
▼nlgaris, Lindl,, 213. 
Wheeleri, Hort., 213. 

CratSBgfUB acerifolia, Hort., 195. 
acerifolia, Moench, 197. 
aemola, Hort,, 211. 
alnifolia, Hort., 199. 

ambigna, J7ecAer, 195. 

Amelanchier, Deaf., 219. 
apiifolia, Hort., 205. 
apiifolia. Loud., 211. 
arboresoens, £Uiott, 211. 
Aria, var. flabeiliformis, 

Spach, 185. 
Aronia, Dene., 809. 
Aronia, Lindl., 195. 
aur^, ^or^, 809. 

Azaroliu, 2^-i 195. 

var. heterophylla, Regel, 

betutifolia, Lodd^ 811. 

bosciana, Roem,, 197. 

Bruantii, Hort., 205. 

califomica, Hort., 807. 

carolimaoa, Lodd,, 199. 

caroliniana, P<r«.» 801. 

carpathica, Lodd,, 203. 

Carridreiy Fawc/, 195. 

Chamflemespilus, Jacq., 187. 
cbinensis, Hort., 207. 
COCCinea, /«•> And varieties, 
glandalosa, IfoH., 203. 
Kelmanni, Hort,, 203. 
var. mollis, Torr. ^ 
Gray, 801. 

cordata, -^^-^ 197. 

coronaria, Salisb,, 181. 

OtAtteZUB cdrj'mhosu, Ufrf., IftS. 


Cotoneuslor, Barkti., 313, 



crenulata, ito-rft., 19T. 


oreli<:a, De.'/., 519. 


Crua-galli, £-, »n^ raHeiies, 



Laji, 1 


JiV., !99- 


caneata, s^b. 4- Zho-.. 199. 

lines rii 

denlala, rAwfl.. 189. 


diaaecta, Horl., 205. 


Donglaeii, /...«(/., las- 



elliptiM. J/';rt., 209. 


fusti^HlB, Hoii„ 30 J. 


Ssta, B<wc, 199,805. 


HalK'lbita, Heldr., 20^ 


flava, --liV., JKii. 


Havo, H,y,-I.. M3. 

var. lob«ta. Lmdl., 301. 


fl^iispma, Hor(., 1S7. 


fl^suosft, iJC, 811. 


floreutina, ZtM»as»<*, 137. 


floridB. /-<,rfd.,aii. 


gcmmnioa, Hort., 197. 





Cratsifus Ozyacuithii, i«> uxl 

T»rielie», 3Oa-507. 

glomerato, /fort., 207. 
belerophvUa, Jfm-f., 201. 
iBtesceiiB, HnH., 903. 
oltTCmno, Limll., 901. 
Iiinnalifidft. !!■ '-rl. 207. 
rigidQ, !!• ' ■ '"= 

1. //". 

, -lab. 


, Grr.- 

parvifolia, -4<fniu., 211, 
peolinata, Horl., 203. 

penta^yna, A.'j''.. :!ip7. 
pinaatifida, Buiiyf, 207. 

Pinaboir, Horl..-2\\, 
plHtTptylla, Z.<»J/..2Q;. 
ponriea. A'. iTocft, 19S. 
populifolia, HUf., 197. 
pruDifoIin, Lindt., 19!>. 
pleritolia, imfd., 205. 

punctata, Jacq., 207, 209. 
punctaCn, tut. breriipina, 

Dougt., 199. 
purpurea, Ltmd., 209. 

Tiu.allaiea, ifor(., 209, 

Pyracantha, Per..,, Z09, 


ri»al»rig,S™™rS- WWj,,199. 
rivulariii, Nultall, 199. 
rotuadifolio, iforf., 19S. 
roIUDdifoli*, Lam., 219. 
saliuifblio, Uorl., 199. 
saDgniuel, i^uM., 199. 
sangoinea, I'oil, 209, 

sHii^iiiueB, Schr<ul., 30.?. 

TOT DousIa.sii, Torr ft- 
Gnii/, 19U. 
(whnideriana, Ledeb., 203. 
wmUtolii, iJ«/ ili. 
nliirica, Z»rf(/., 203. 
sin&ica, Boisx..209. 
aorbifolia, Hfj/', '^I- 

Cratsgos sorbifolia, Lange, ao». 

fpathdaUiiTorl., 199. 

spatlialata, Mich^i., sas, 

«piMta, Xa«., 217. 
spinoBinimi, Hurt., 305. 
spiiKuisBiiiia, Lodd., 309. 
splendeiis, Hort., 199. 
etipulocea micropttjUi, Hoii.^ 

subvilloia, Tarr,, 203. 
tanacetifolia, Per*, 209. 

<urti.rii;ii, Jiml^ 207. 
texana, Buriiei/, 2U3. 
lomtntoea. £««■*., 203. 

var. mollia, Gray, 203. 

var. puDCtaU, Gray, 201. 

vai. pjrifolia, Grai/, 209. 
T..riuiiittiis. Z„lfl9. 
ionuo>ii, J7.,r;., 203. 
Tnnniefortii, Gfiseb., SOS. 
triloba. Peri., 19&, 203. 
trilobM«,iforl., 211. 
trilobata, Za£i/^., 189. 
tuibinua. Pur.ih 301. 
ucilaUinlia, P.-js.. 311. 
4irBBiiia, Hon., 2113. 
versicolor, J?or/ir/, SH3. 
villow, rAiiNi., 315. 
Tirginicn, i/ur(., 209. 

viridia, L..iti}. 
mtaoDiana, Poest., 197, 

Cmcifera, 39- 
Cydonia, I'J;'- 

Cjdoiiia jnpcmicB, Pti-a., 193. 
lagenaria, LoUtl., 193. 
liuitmnic*, Mill^ \Wi. 

apecioeu, fiireel, 19;(. 
vulgarU, Pert., 193. 
CytiBUB Ad»mi, Poii., 107, 
albllB,X., 113. 

--■ XoW:.. KT. 

1, ir«^. '.n. 

Unctw, /■-, iis- 

iMhinam, L., \v:. 

'in. pvrjrwm, Hert-, IW. 

UaHoUiu, f.^. "i- 
uunupcMnUBU, f— "i- 

ufiiltlflifru* iJfiu*, ^«W., 113- 


Discaria longispina, Miers, 75. 

serratifima, Gay, 75. 

Tomnatou, Raoul, 75. 
Difltylium racemosum, Sieb,^ 

Zucc.y 287. 

Drimys aromatica, F. MuelL, 

chilensis, DC^ 13. 
fipranateosis L,fil,, 13. 
mezicaiia, DC, 13. 

Winteri, Forst., 13. 

Dryas Drammondi, Hook,, 168. 

octopetala, L., i63. 

Davaua dependens, DC, 105. 
longifolia, LindL, 105. 
spinescens, Tenor e, 105. 

Echinopanax horridus, Dene. ^ 

Planch., 2il. 
Edwardsia chilen»s, Miers, 127. 

prandiflora, Saltsb., 127. 

microphylla, Saltsb., 127. 

Eleutherococcns senticosiis, 

Maxim., 241. 

Eriobotrya japonica, XiW/., 

Escallonia affinis, Ruprecht, 229. 
bicolor, //^oi7., 229. 

ezonieiiBis, Hort., 227. 

floribunda, yar. montevideosis, 
Cham. ^ Schl., 229. 

illinita, Presl, 227. 

logrami, Hort., 229. 

Httoralis, PAiV., 227. 
macrantha, Hook. 4- ^nr., 


montana, Phil., 229. 
montevidensis, -DC, 229. 

philippiana, Masters, 229. 

pterocladon, A^ooA., 229. 
punctata, DC, 229. 
revoluta, Pprs., 229. 
rubra, Pe/s., 229. 

Ingrami, Hurt., 229. 

Escallonia rubza, var. punctata, 
Hooh.JU^ 3dd. 
sangainea, Hort,, 329. 
viSCOBa, 2^or6«*, 229. 

Eucalyptus ooccifera, Hook, 

ja., 239. 

Gunniiy Hook,jii,, 839. 

umigera, Hook.ju,, 289. 

Eucryplda Billardieii, 5/>acA, 

w. Milligani, Hook,/., 157. 

pinnatddlia, ^oy, 157. 

Eugenia Ugni, Hook, ff Am,,%39. 

Euonymus alatus, Thunb,, 63. 
ameiicanuSy L,, 63. 

americanas, Hort,, 65. 
americaiius angostifolius, 

Hort., 67. 
angustifolius, Hort., 67. 
anguBtifolinB polchellos, Hort., 


atropiirpureus, •/oc/^., 65. 

Carrieri, Vauv., 67. 
CitrifoliUS) i^or/., 65. 

eciiinatuSy Wall,, 65. 

europaeuSy l»., and varieties, 

fimbriatus, Hort,, 67. 
flavescens, Hort., 65. 
japOnicUS, Thunb., and 

Tarietiesi, 65. 

lattfoliuSy 5cop., 65. 

Lilieurii, Hort., 67. 

Maakii, ii(i<;>r., 65. 

macrocarpuH, Hort,', 65. 

nanus, >/.^., 67. 

obovatus, Nutt,, 63. 

pendulus, W^o//., 67. 

pnrpureus, Hort., 65. 

radicans, S, ^ z., ami 

varieties, 67. 
repena, Carr., 67. 
robustus, Horl., 65. 
rosmarinifolius, Hort., GT. 

ETlOnymUB srihtriflTU:^, Bhimefil. 


thnnbei^ianuB, Bimit. a'. 


vermeoBUB, Sr^p., 67. 


vulj!nri., Sc-.p.. 65. 


Enptelea polyandra, SUb. §• 

Z,icc.. 13- 

Eurya japonica, Thimbu 4i. 

latifolifl vari«gW«. H"''-. 

EiiscaphiE staphyleoides, '-■. .^ 

a., lui. 

japoDlm, ir,>pc/, 101. 

EFOdiB raniiflora, A. Graf, 67. 

Exochorda Allwrti, Jfeprf, is7. 

grandiflora, /."««.. iss. 

Falln^ ■"^■xicBna. !?«/?.. 163. 

paradoxai-EB-i'-. 163. 

FatBiahorrida, fl'n'A.^HooA.. 

japonica, Bene. ^ Pii«eA„ 

Fendlera rnpicola, Gran, s^'' 

Flacourtia juponica, Horl., 35. 

Korsjthia srandeus. Wn/(., 523. 

Potherpllaalnif"!!". t.j!;.,237. 

Qardeni. ^i^""-" a.i?. 


fieoistx ngittaHa, ^ in. 

teopans. Lam-, 11^. 

ntnriea. BrU, III. 

i, Hmrt., IISl 
i,H»rt., III. 

tinctoria, I~, mA 

triugnkn^ Hart. (mrt 

wau.), us. 

triqwfn. Sari, fpat AitJ), 

villam. Lam., 199. 
Ti]^t», IfC, 111. 
rirciUB. Hoppe (not DCJ), 

GleditBCbia aqnaiica, JTunA., 

aostralia, H«mtl., 137. 

Biiiuti. iiorl., 129. 
fer<i^, i)«/. 139, 
ToQt«ne»ii, Spjch, 1ST. 
horrida, IKiWJ.. S9. 

japonica, ^Wi?.. 12t. 
macracanthR, -Dry/: 197. 

macrantha, Horl., IS-g. 

tiuKToaperma, Horl., IS9. 

monOBpenua, To/f., 127. 
IB liOrtfi perms, Horl. 

M'ort.), 189. 
dinensil, Horl. (not £an.>, ; 

137. I 

lineiuii, Lan., 129. j 

triacuithos, ^'- i'J9- I 

Glycint ehineiuig, Si'nu, 119. j 

irnlaceat, Z-, !>. i 

Gordonia Alumnha, Sarynl. 43. I 

Fnmltlini. 1,'tfrrit., *3. 

Laaianthus, I .-t ■ '. 

pnbeacens, L'lUrit., iz. I 

p7nUDtdati«, Salith., 41. j 

OrlBelinia littoraliB, Rauul, ■ 

Balimodendron argtnteoiu, 

Dl\, I«3. 
; 'HalmBcoroifalw. Am«.. au7. 

I lubaia. /torn., iU9. 

I paiiMata,j;,..t...,-;ii7. 

tunieiitoss. n<w»., 309. 

I Hamamelides, :U 

• Hananwlia arborca, Miuiar« 


. japooictt,!., 337, 

! japonica, s>,i: ,■,■ Ziiie.,»a7. 

pi:rtL.-u, DC. ^'J7. 

virgtoica, i-. as:. 

., IJ.„ 


Hedera no 

niorica, Hatl., a*8, 
liiH^jfvtB lultu, 349. 


//ui''„ 145. 

a, ».^ 


nuIchicK. AT tivcti, 'J47. 

.Uifitata avn, 34£. 
vlvjfunluiiinii, 347. 
rirjdiii, 249. 




H«lix, ^.. utJ T 
liilwrnlcB. 143. 

U 803f2 

HeSera, japonico varlegaia. 2i7, 
latifotm miciilata, 247. 
marginata aigeutKH, 247. 

elegtuiB, S4a. 
elegBniisBiDiB. 347. 
minor, E4a. 
palchellB, S-17. 

pulmats, 245. 

nurea, 245. 
peimsjlioiiica, 24.'.. 

rhombea, Sieb. ^ Zucr., 247. 
rhomboidea obovala, 345. 
BUbniarginaln, Uibb,, 347. 








Hydrangea stellata, Sieb. ^ 

Zucc, 221. 

Thnnbergi, Sieb., 228. 

urticaefolia, Hort., 219. 
vestita, WalL, 228. 
yefltita, var. pnbescens, 

Maxim,, 221. 
vulgaris, Michx., 219. 

Hymenanthera crassifolia. 

Hook, fit., 33. 
Hyperanthera dioica, Vahl, 127. 

HypericinesB, 87. 
HypericTun sBgyptiacmn, L.,37, 

amoennm, Pursh, 87. 

AndrossBmum, L., 37. 

anglicam, Hort., 39. 

Ascyron, L., 87. 

aurenin, Bartr., 87. 
aureum, Lour., 37. 

balearicTun, L., 87. 
calycinum, I", 37. 

caprifolium, Uort., 87. 
chinense, Hort., 89. 

chinense, X'., 87. 
Goris, L., 37. 
densiflomiii; Pursh, 89. 
elattun, -^t'*) 39. 

fasciculatum, Hort., 39. 
foliosum, Jacq.f 39. 
frondosam, Michx., 37. 
galioides, Purshy 39. 
glandolosum, Hort., 37. 
Gumbletoni, //oW. Se^rez., 

hircinum, Hort., 39. 

hircinum, /— 39. 

hircinum aurem, Hort,, 87. 

hookerianimi, TFty^* * 

^rw., 39. 

minus, Hort., 39. 

inodomm, •/"<'9-> 39. 

kalmianum, 7/(>r^, 39. 

kahnianum, ^^ 89. 

Hypericmn monogynum, X., 87. 

moBeriantuii, 39. 

nepalenae, Hort,, 39. 
obloDgifolium, CKaisy, 39. 
patulnin, 7Aim6., 39. 
prolificniiiy L., 39. 

rugelianam, Kunze, 37. 
salicifoliom, 5li«6. {f Zucc., 

uralum, i^on, 89. 

webbianom, Hort., 37. 

Idesia polycarpa, Maxim., 85. 

Hex aestivalis, Xam., 61. 

ambigna, Chapm., 58. 
AmelaiLcliier, Curfi^, S8. 

Aquifolium, X., and varie- 
ties, 53-61. 

Aqoifoliom Bessoni, Hort., 68. 

canadenns, Marsh.(not Hort,') 

canadensis, Michx., 63. 

Cassine, Wo//., 6i. 

cassinoides. Link, 61. 
COmuta, Xiiutt. ^ Par/., 61. 
Crenatay 7*At<n6.> and varie- 
ties, 61. 

Dahoon^ Walt., 6i. 

Dahoon, Hort., 59. 

decidua, Wait., 6i. 

delicatola, Bartr., 63. 

dipyrena, iFa//., 6i. 

florida, Lam,, 61. 
Fortanei, Hort,, 61. 
fuTcata, Hort,, 61. 
glabra, Gray, 61. 
Integra, TAuMft., 63. 

integrifolia, Hort,, 63. 
japonica, Thunh., 23. 

Isrigata, ovay, 68. 
latifoUa, TAu/it., es. 

laxiflora. Lam., 63. 
ligustrina, Jarq., ^\, 

Ilex opaca, Aii.. us. 


Perado, /itf^wi, 

Bad vnrii 

pmoiies. jIK.. 61. 

4uerEifoK,, ,W«r*., 63. 


religio'^a. BaHr., 61, 


rotunda, TImnk,, 6». 


T»rflj.», //(n-f., «8. 

wrticillata, Rr^j, bs. 

Laeathea fl 

IlicinejE, £3. 


Illicinm floridanum, -EI/h, 13. 

/"ao., ai 

religioaum, Sieii. * i:™:*.. 

Laiireolii f( 





decora, i'WI.. 119. 


Cosun, Bot. Reg., ]19. 

LnzaroliiB I 

floribiincte. //btI., 119. 


ijerBrdiana, 'f""-. ua. 


hebepetala, Bcn'A., im. 


Itea=pii:o'B,^«rfr.. 35. 


Tirginica, /-.. aay. 

Jamesia ameiloans, Tim-. ^■ 

Gr<i,^/, 227. 


Kadsnra cliireusls, Tmvr^ 19. 


chinenBiB. Hd/iw. is. 



Lapinns arboreu8» Z, 107. 

macrocarpus, Hook., lOT, 
riTularis, Ayardh, 107. 
serioeos, Eschsch,, 107. 

Lythrariee, 239. 

Maackia amnrengui, Rvpr., 1J5. 
MacrothyrjMiB discolor, Spaek, 83. 

Kagnoliaces, 13. 
Kagnolia acuminata, /-•, 15. 

.AJexandrina, 15. 
aiiricularis, Sali«b.^ 15. 
a-jri^oJata, /^m., 15, 

CampbelHi, /Too*. //. *• 

Tkom.r.j 15. 
COnspicna, Sali^rh., aud Ta- 

rl*:t:e?, 15. 
■ '.rdi'a. Mickr., 15. 
c^ath^ormi*. 15. 

I-:!.- lAli:. /-/2«., 17. 

. -^j\*fr, V*mt.. !7- 
■r''.<L*=.-j*. I^jdA,j 17. 
-•»^:Lk. .*^"y'iff. !7. 
rrt—.L*, .?-/f>*., 15. 

Jrifieri. w«v.. 15. 

■^ft '.•■* S^'in*.. 17. 

rIsr:v-*:jrL. /^».^ :7 


.''.to.1^ jC> .'•' 

Magnolia fpeeionAy 15. 

HpectabiliM, 15. 
Btellata, Maxim., 17. 
ftricta, /for/., 17. 
•uperba, 16. 
ThurlMfri, Hort., 17. 

tripetala, X., 17. 

tritimpimn, \i. 

Umbrella, Lam., 17. 
virgkikuM, L., var., fflais^ii, Id. 

Watfoni, Htwk.fii., n. 

Yolan, /;«j/., S5. 
MahoDia AqtrffoKiMn, A/W,, 21. 
faickulam, T^C'., '/I. 
gluifuucca, /X/., 25. 
inUmiMia, liori., tU, 
japonica, //C, 25, 
oapauktttfM, J>C, 25« 

frtrUMHifla. *^*ei , : > : . 
Kiiijn ^*^. .>• 

AIbIue^ ros»;cii, Mfd., 179. 

eineDsis, IJiiw., 183. 

BperUbilw. Diisf., 183. 

var. Toiingo, Laaatl., 183. 

ETlvPHtris, ^lU, ISU 

Gubcuidata, Boeja., 1H3. 
UalTacese, 43. 
Ha^yricaipos setOBiiB, H"<' 

^ fllf.. 163. 
Maximonicnin chliiensis, Riipr., 

Uaytenns chilenaiB, liC, G9. 
Medicago arborea, /■■ h:, 
MeliacesB, ''S. 
UeniBpermacejc, I'J- 
Meuispermiuu uufiuUitiiiu, 

Mwmli, IB. 

canadense, L., 1 9. 

caroliimn], i., i9. 
dnhiiriciiin, Maxim. , 21. 

danricum, -DC, 21. 

Hiiiilucmum, JJC, 19. 
UeBpilns, 195- 
MespiluB aoerifolra, Burgiid., I9T. 


Mespilas parvifolia, Willd., 211. 

pentagyna, K, Koch, 207. 

pinnatifida, K. Koch, 207. 

prunellifolia, i'oir., 199. 

pranifolia, Poir., 199. 

pubescens, WendL, 203. 

punctata, Loisd., 207. 

Pjracantha, Z., 209. 

pjrifolia, Desf., 207. 

pyrifolia, WiUd., 211. 

racemiflora, Desf., 213. 

rivularis, IFen2i^, 199. 

rotandifolia, Ehrh,, 195. 

salicifolia, A". Koch, 199. 

sanguinea, A*. JTocA, 209. 

Sieboldi, Blume, 217. 

Smithii, DC, 196. 

sorbifolia, Poir., 191. 

spathulata. Pair., 209. 

tanacetifolia. A*. Koch, 209. 

tilixfolia, A. AocA, 203. 

tomentosa, Castig., 211. 

toinentosa, MiU., 215. 

triloba, PoiV., 203. 

turbioata, Spreng., 201. 

uniflora, Wenzig, 211. 

vulgaris, Reichb., 195. 

watsoniana, Spach, 197. 

3Lanthocarpa, L.JU., 211. 
Michauxia Besnilis, ScUisb., 43. 
Milletia japonica, ^. Gray, 119. 
Mimosa Jalibrissin, Forst., 129. 
Myginda mjrtifolia, ^u//., 67. 
Myriandra prolifica, Spach, 39. 
Myricaria dabuhca, Hort., 37. 

germauica, />e«;., 37. 
MyxlAcesB, 239. 
Myrtus commnniB, /> » 23v. 

Nandina domeitiea, TUuni*., :^^. 

Negmido aceroJd#*«, M*f*'U^h, >j . 
calif ornicuffi, T, 4^ O , ^i. 
cissifolium, S ^ Z , *7 

Negondo fraxtnifoUom, Nult., 91. 
nikoense, Miq., 87. 
nikoense, NichoU,, 93. 
sessilifoliiim, 5. ^ Z., 95. 

NeiUia amnrennSy ^en/A. ^ 

Hooh,, 155. 

opnlifoliai ^en/A. jr iTooA^ 
and varieties, 155. 

thyrsiflora, Don, 155. 

Torreyi, Watson, 155. 
Kemopanthus ambiguus, Wood^ 

canadensis, 1>C., 63. 
NeTinsia alabamensis Grauf 

Norysca aurea, ^/., 37. 
chinensis , Spach, 37. 

Notospartinm Carmidiaeliae, 

Hook.fiL, 121. 

Nnttallia cerasiformis, Torr. ^ 

Gray, 147. 

Nyssa aqnatica, Marsh., 253. 

multiflora, Wangenh., 253, 
Sylvatica, Marsh., 358. 
tomentosa, Michx., 253. 
uniflora, Wangenh., 253. 

OnagrariesB, 239. 

Ononis aragonensis, Asso, 11 7. 

ftnticosaf Z., 117. 

Natrix, L., 117. 

rotundifolius, X., U7. 

Oplopanax horridiun, Jfi^., 241. 
Orixa japouica, Thunh., <$7. 

PachTsiina Otmbflt ^^f'*(/* ^f^ 

][yrti»iti«, /^/. ^7. 
Padiii, H^ 

*'^/ii*t^i0, / //// ^ Mi 

♦:^.,^>^ s. ;</ii<>^ 4/>/> //"//, '4'. 


CaiJuB permanion, liurck., 113. 

1 Pavianeglfl 

I^urocerasun, 3/i7i.. H3. 

1 oldoeni 

lusilaoicB, Bm-a.. 145- 


Maholcb, Borck.. US. 

1 peodtil: 

obloufsa, Moench, lio. 


racemosa, Ln'H., MS, 




BMOtina.Bu™., 145. 


serotina penrtula, Horl., 143. 


Paeonia, Hoataa, Stms, ii. 

, JV««.,211 

FaJilUnB aculentas. Lain., G9. 

' Peraica ai 

anstraliB, Gart«., 69. 

: 131. 

Panax horridum, Sm., 241. 




! yimoni 

spinosum.i., 341. 


Papaveraxjea, 29. 

1 PetterU 

Farrotift jtcqaemontiuia, 

' loa. 

Dnie., a;t7. 


persica, C ,i. Megcr, aa". 



/'iaiioA., 79. 


tricuspidata, Pliiuch., 70, 


PassMoreffi, 24i. 


Passiflora coernlea, £■, S4i. 

' Bpathn: 

l'iu.llim., ,i:,|,<,Dica. n-„ii-., 70. 




Pliila4elpliii8 grandiflomiy 

Willd.y and varieties, 225. 

hirsutus, A'm//., 225. 

humiluK, Hort., 220. 
ignea, Hort., 225. 
inodonw, Michx., 220. 

var. graudifloruf, 
japonicus, Hori., 227. 
laxifolius, Schrad,, 225. 
iazu«, Lodd.t 225. 
laxus. S^hrad., 225. 
Ledebnarii, i/ori., 227. 

Lemoiiieif Hcrt,, 227. 
Lewisii^ /^irr>A, 2^7. 

'^ fTJf lTllli. Schiecki^ 227. 
I!licrop2tjllllS. Cr'ray, i«7. 
nirrh?. H'jri,, TlT.. 
I -•-- -'.-«*, Z^^ii/ , ::i5. 
; -! .\>.'ijL. H'jr: . :ii7. 
}. .}.t\ ii'.ri^ 111. 

^Zrr I:--*. //',-'-, 2:27- 


v.cijifflci^-af. W 


Piptaaxtlnif aepaltniU, >^««««^. 

Pirenitt Aria, Clairr.t lh5. 
Ancuparia, Clah'tf., lUi. 

Piftada itUmtiea, l^''^/-* 


Lentiscuf, /-. 1 <>•''• 

maMilseoiiii, MilL, U^^. 

Terebmtliiit, L,, ic^. 
PittotporaflB, ^y 

PittOSX^^'^^^^^ cWfMrtiiie, iMfft, 'i5. 
crmWlfeiltllW, Smnnd,, 4.». 
EaipbU, r. iCiVA, ;i5. 

tennifolinm, i?'/«A* |r 

QBdnlatiuiif ^'^'^^'f <^^' 
PlagiaAthnf tietnliMi, ^^ 

TlatjcrxUr arfnU; ^"'> ^ 

Zurr^ lrtr7. 
p€iS5<;aff«i Mw,WMWW<farJu# //yr/.«^0. 

Poljpitett, a^^ 

Poiftlll fliUMliiMirMij /^ : ^^' 
P«»r«.:«Ua iriMtf, /W»., ;i^ 


PfJDOe oonfertUB, Mornch, 63. 


deciduus. UC, 61. 

gUber. £.. 61. 


GronoTii, JWi'cA^.. 63, 


integrifolius, Ellioll. BS. 


iBvipitiu, Horl. tuot /'u™A), 




taoGMjlnta, Purah, .'>3. 



prnoifoiiuB, //m-i., 63. 


Pnmopsia Lindlcyi, Andr,\ 133. 


PnmuB, 133. 


acida, Borhh., 135. 

»tida, Ehrh.. 137. 

• fen 

alleghanienBiB, Pnrfpr.iaa. 


americana, ^fnnh., 133. 


Amy^dalua, m»Ac9, and 

varietiw. 1119-131, 


angUBtifolia. Ma>«k.dt. las. 


Amieiiia«a, X., isi. 


Bu..le™, £ArA., 137, 

AviTim, -£-, and varieties, !37. 


Avium mulliplci, Hon., IS". 



Pmnns mollis, Walp., 143. 

monticola, C. Koch, 135. 
Mxune, Sieb. jr Zucc, 133. 
mjrobalaQa fl. roseu, Hort. 

galLf 133. 
Tinm^.^ Stokes, 131. 
odorata. Lam., 143. 
oeconomica, Borkk,, 135. 
oeconoiDica flore pleoo, 135. 

orientalis, Waip., 131. 

Padus, X., and rsrieties, 

Padus Tar. japooiea, Gr^ 143. 
panicalata, Ker, 141. 
pattoniana, Hort., 143. 
pendula, Maxim,, 139- 

pennsylvanica, Z^-* 139 

Persica, Stokes, and raiiecies, 

Petzoldi, C. iCocA, 133. 
Pissardi, Carr., 135. 
prostrata, Hort. (not LaMl,), 


prostrata, Labia., 139. 
peendo-cerasns, -^iW/-. ui. 
pmnila, /^-^ i4i. 

pjramidalis, Z>.C., 135. 
Tuhn, Ait., 145. 

salicifolia, i5f. ^. K„ I43, 

seziperflorenB, Ehrh^ 13S. * 

lerotma, Ehrh., 143. < 

■errnlalay XtW/., 141. 

serrmtifolia. Marsh., 145. 
senrattfolia rosea plena, 141. | 
SiniAlliiy C^orr., 131. i 

sinezuna, P«r«., 1 39. ' 

▼arieg»ta, Hort., 139. I 

fpillOfa,X., 135. 
Suflqueluuia, Willd., 141. 
tomeBtOfay Thunb., 133. 
trichocarpa^ Bunge, 133. 

triloba, Xiiul/., 133. 

▼iigata, Hort., 183. 


PrrmuB virginiana, X., and va- 
rieties, 145. 
yirginiana rar. demissa, Torr., 
Pseudaegle sepiaria, Miq., 51. 
Pseado-chenomeles Mauiei, Carr., 

Psoralea glaadulosa) L., 117. 

Ptelea mollis. Curt., 51. 

trifoliatay X., and varieties, 

Pnnica Granatam, X., 239. 

nana, L., 239. 

Pnnhia tridentata, Xir;., 163. 

Pyracantha coccinea, Roett., 209. 
enenolata, Roem., 197. 

P J r ophonuiiy 177. 
Pyrns alpina, WOld., 18.>. 

Aaelanehser, ITfi/t/., 219. 

ameiicanay /^C, and va^ 

lied^, 189-191. 
amjgiMhtondi, ViU., 179. 

artatildliay X,yi^^ 193, 

jiria, X^ sad varirtiea, 185- 

Ana, !Mik,, 1«^. 
A»-VMB^ttalk, /nM., 189. 
Ana« var. fawwea, Hf^tk., ft.. 

Am >^«ipf«iit, ifor^^ 187. 
Ana •vftt^Muia, /Torf., 189. 
alfvrirtM* H</rt,, \H'i, 
Aaaqparia, Oatrtn., and 
van4iti«0, 191. 

anrienlans, ir«»>.^. 177. 

baccata, X^ and varietie«» 
179, J81. 
ifidica, Hort., 183. 
badetifti*, //or/., 18.>. 

Baiaaty, i^cm., it: 
betalasfolia, i?««5f^. i:: 

U>Uv}lUri:aua, DC, \"" - 

Pynu BotrjFjpiuia, L.fil- «7. 
canescens, f^pmh. i". 
cathayensM, Hi-mti., 19:<. 
Chamffimeapihis, /-- 187. 

(■liinensia, Hr.j-I,., 179. 
COmBnUU, L., aod TBnttia 



Tar. t^ineosis, AT. KncA, 


cordata, W^w-. 177. 


coronaria, £-, iHi- 


cratapifoUa, rc^.. ibt. 

creoota. Lindt., IMi. 

erotica. Iff7/rf.,919, 


cniieitoiia, Gim»t 17 B. 


Cydonia, /-., '93. 


decaisneana, JVu-boU., i87. 


de.;li>ienfl, Bm-A»i., 189. 


dJvemMia. Bmu., l&H. 



edulic. nVi,, Iflft. 


(■riopk.iira, /M/,., 179. 


fenuicii, Bfl6.. !87. 


Prrtu nkUmeDsiB, Htok. ju^ 

aijuiati»,l-iiidl., 1T9. 
■iDrntia, Forr., Itt. 
MTbifolia, Hirrt., 19T. 
SorbOB, Gaertii., Kifl Tarie- 

tiw, 191. 

Sorbii- Hrjrcnipn. Hort., 187. 

I OTvniSiBurn. //nrC, 187. 

polmiicfi, Horl., 18>.' 
8peCtal)!ll8, Ail.. iMtl vnrie- 

tic*, nx 

■ Itlii^n, 113. 

spuria, vc. i»i. 

tiulKoi'diitn, Ledeb., IBS. 
Biiecicu, O'-Jt*'.. 197. 
Tcnore! carnea plena, Mori., 


tbianschanico, Begel, IDs. 
ThoDiHoni, /fori., 189. 
lomentosk, Moench, 177. 
TonninaUs, DC, l». 
Toringo, .'i"i..i8s. 

< b»cc«l», DiW*,18I. 

■ gpectabilia flore 
pleno, l^S' 

trilobata, /■"■-'.. iss. 
nBtDriemii, Matim., 176. 
tarii)l"-n, IIVJ., T5. 
Testila, iT'fW.jeE 

RanuncTilaceEB, "• 
Etaphiolepis inlegeTriium, Mori., 

japouica, s,.i,. 4- Zuec, 217.]. .-;„/,. a- 2BCC., 217. 

orou, H»r(., ai7. 
leunia Guisoiwi, HVIi, 109. 

Bhamsai Alktennu, L., urt 

varieties, 69. 
alnifollUB, L. Htr., 09. 
alpinui, £.• 69- 
inguatifdliiu, Jftf^, W. 
Mgntl«,Af"< ""..». 
Lapiicu!-, Z''jj.-.,:i 
llillarcU, //.«■;., 7 V 
calLfornicns, EtchKh., 69. 


.. HlH 


caroliiiuailt, H'n'r., 71. 

ca^^tulwifoliB, Hort.. ;i. 

tliloropbiirui', Ifrne., 7». 
Clu--ii, trz/R, 66, 
davnriims. /"nJ/.. 71. 
fnognkiidM. JVici*., «>. 
fnmgulnidM, Hart., 71. 

j^iobosu*, jiuiti/i:, ^a. 

pmodifoli*, ifort., Tl. 


ImeHlilG, Hort., 7 1. 
iufectoriui, L., 71. 
infcoloriuH, Jlml., 71. 
IntcnocdiU!!, Hurl., 89. 
IntiMiu- Horl.,71. 
Iniirifolius, Jfttll., tB. 

libMwticiu, BoUi.. 71, 

ulelfu]JTi9, IIooli., eg. 
u)ciiid«t. Jlm-I„ 71, 
nteoidel, /...71. 
omlifoliti.i, Awl., 71, 
peilunenluin*, Horl., 69. 
purshianiis, DC, 7S. 
iiilir*, (Jrimc, 78. 

sazatUis, £.. ra. 

-.■:-, ndv 11 a. U.H.69. 
-■]■■■ ■■<■■-. I 'orl.,n. 
/for(.. 7i. 

tlnctorliiH, H'o/rfrt. j- jTii., 

Rhamniui utilis, Hori,.s9. 


atilis, JJrjif., 71. 


sirpatQB, Roj-b., 71. 


TOlabilit. L. /., 69. 


WickliQS. mrt.. Jl. 

EhodotypuB kerrioides, shl>- * 


Zucc. 157. 


Bhns uiDbigua, Lavali^c 103. 

Bmericuik, Hort., 108. 


aromatica, i.. loi. 

canadenaiB. MnriA., 101. 


cniiadensiB, //ort., 103. 


tar'.lioi»Dtt,.tf.-H.. loa. 


cocc^iaea, Hort., 103. 


copallina, i-, mi- 


coriaris, HoH., 103. 

. cotinoides, jV<tti.,iD3. 

elegnns, AH., 103. 


ftiilescein. «or(., 103. 


glabra, £.. los. 


glabra. i/or(., 103. 


gracilis, i/ori.. !03. 


.japonicH. Hart.. 103. 


jBjMinka Osbeoki, Hort., 103. 


Osbeckii, nc. i03. 




1 - Z- . .f'j'< 

aia.- J.' ■-'-::- -i - J 

*•! If fintifft y r: 

". •-^' ^»»' /y' /<7i 


jir ogn aiu n. 

Roaa Eigrestis, S,irl,aM ™riBfii.«, 




alba, i-.!G5. 


odocaUl, Huii.. 165, 


alpina, /,..!«. 


Bltflifa, Willd.. 17JJ. 


anemonKflora, Fmiam, 




arkaniank, Portrr, i6.». 


BrveD!i«. HH-f,!., ITS. 


bBllicn,/foM. 171. 


Bankaiffi, R. &•., 165. 


BBakNiu! X IsvigaU. 167. 


beraOTisUia. S<:hre»k. 1E5. 


belgnideDMH, P<iFif.,lS3. 



IxjrhetifoUa. /"(■(/., ITS. 


Wanda, Jii., 165. 


brttcceatn, H'oidt, 16i. 


Bruwnl.S;<i™j(., 1-1. 

Bninonii. Liadl., in. 


BrunODi«, IFo//., 171. 


burgUEdleB, Ittiss^ 167. 


■byiaHtina, iJ-";*. 165. 


caUfornictt, c. * .s., lea. 


CMUi,-lllfl, J/(.r(.,lTt. 




Bosa lateseens, Pursh, 1C9. 
Lyellii, Lindl.y 169. 
macrocarpa, Hort., 178. 

maerophylla, Lindl., in. 
micrantha, Sm„ liri. 

microearpa, ffort., 169. 

microphylla, Roxb,, 171. 

mollis, Sm„ 171. 
moUisdma, Fries, 171. 
HUMChata, Herrm., 171. 

mioltiflora, TAunft., 178. 

mTrieaBtha, DC, 175. 

nitida, ITt^., 178. 

niraa, DC, 171. 

noisettiana. Red., 173. 
nxitbuia„Pretf/, 178. 

palastris, Hamilt., 169. 
panrifloni, ^ArA., 1 69. 
pennsylranica, Mich., 167. 
perrica, Kuntze, 1 75. 

phcBnicea, i^otM., 173. 

pimpmenifolia, L„ 175. 
pisiformis, J7ar£., 178. 

pisocarpa, ^4. G^y, 173. 

platyacantha, Sckrenk, 177. 
poIjaDtha, Sf'eb., 178. 
pomifera, Herrm., 178. 
pompoDiana, J7orf., 167. 
prottrsta, Z>C., 175. 
pnnieea. Miller, 171. 
pyreiuuca, Gouan, 165. 
PSmnaica, iTbrf., 167. 
lUfm, Bose, 171. 
Rapmi, Amm., 169. 
refrdiana, ^fiJr^, 178. 
remensiB, Desf., 167. 
ropenSy Scop., and rarietiea, 

romana, Hort,, 167. 
rota-mnndi, JBTor/.. 167. 

rabeDa, Swi^ i78. 

robifiDHa^i?. ^.,175. 

inbifiaota, L., 178. 

£7 Mdtfl. 

Bosa rnlnifolia, VOL, 167. 

mgosa, 7%tmA., and rarie- 

ties, 173. 
soandens, Miller, 175. 
seotica, MUL, 175. 
semperflorens. Curt., 169. 

sempervirens, X., 175. 

sepium, ThuilL, 168. 

sericea, Lindl., 175. 

Setig^ra, ilfteAar., 175. 
simplex, Hart., 178. 

simplidfolia, <Sa/t>A., 175. 

rimplicifolia x involacrata, 

smiea, Murr., 171. 
SpinOBiBBima, L., and yarie- 

ties, 175. 
spinostssima x alpina, 173. 
saareolens, Pursh, 178. 
solphurea, Ait., 169. 
Stylosa, Desv., 175. 
ternata, Pocr., 171. 
tomentOSa, Sm., and varie- 

ties, 175. 
triphjlla, Boxb., 171. 
rillosa, X., 171. 

watsoniana, Cr^jrin, 175. 
webbiana, Watt., 175. 
wichnriana, CV-^p., 177. 

TftT|t}iimtj Idndl., 177. 

BosacesB, 129. 

Bnlms adscitos, Oenev , 159. 

balfovrianiis, B^ox., 157. 
Bellardi, Weihe, mr. den- 
tatns, 157. 

bellidiflonis, C Koch, 161. 
biflonu, Buchan., 157. 
boraBanUB, Genev., '57. 

Borreri, So^ct-, rar. denta- 

lifoUnB, Briggs, 157. 
cawiuBy X., 157. 
CalTatOB, fllox., 1ST . 

canaAeikiAs^ L.A^ • 

RubUB chinoEBis. Thunb., 161. 


Colemaiii,S'fl-r.. 157. 


cordifolius, Bab. <boi 


W'lldst. ^ lCit.% 1ST. 


corylifolins, S»i.,!57. 


CratiegifoliTlS, Bun-je, 157. 


delicioEus, Jii^fs, i57. 

discolor. Bab. (not Wriftc §■ 


JVfM), 161. 

dTUnetomm, Weihe ^ .Vees.. 


dumetucum, yar. (eroi, ITfiAe 


,S- A-fM, 159. 



ecMnatns, i'W/., 157. 


BrythrimiB, Genw., I5S. 


exaecatuB, atwJl., iS9. 

frnticoiius albua. .Horf.. 161. 


Tar, leuooearpiw, Ser., 163. 


glandidogns, fle»,ifi3. 


hiBpidnB, i-, '59- 


horridnB, SrAH«i..iB9. 


hystrix, HWfteft .^Vew. 159. 


IdsTlS,!., 159. 


imbricatnB, H"i-i.. 1S9. 


laciniatus, ii'i"';., isa. 






SazifrageflB, 219. 

Schinns bonplandianus, L,, 


dependenB, Ortega, 105. 
Schizandra chinensiSi Baill,, 

japonica, Hance, 19. 
ScMzophragma hjdrangeoides, 
HorL, 221. 

hydrangeoidesy Sieb. % 

Zucc, 228. 
Scorpias spinosus, Moeuch^ 109. 
SieTenia paradoza, Dan, 168. 
Siliquastrum canadense, Moenck, 

Simambes, 58. 

Skimmia Foremani, Hort., 51. 

Fortnxiei, Mast., 5i. 

fragrans, Carr., 51. 
fragrantissima, Hort,, bl, 
intermedia, Carr^ 51. 

japonica, Thvnb^ 51. 

Japonica, Hort. (not 7Aim6.), 

Lanreola, Hook.fiL, 51. 

oblata, Moore, and varieties, 

Rogenii, Hort,, 51. 
rubella, Carr,, 51. 

Sophora japonica, X., and va- 

rieties, 127. 

macrocarpa, Sm., 127. 

microph7llf^ Ait., 127. 

tetraptera, -^tV., 127. 

Sorbaria sorbifolia, A, Br., 155. 

SorImB, 189. 

Sorbua Amelanchier, Crantz, 219. 

americana. Marsh,, and ra- 
rieties, 189-191. 

arbntifolia, K. Koch, 198. 

argentea, Hort,, 187. 

Aria, Crantz, 187. 

Aria lutesceDF, JETor^., 185. 
U 80362. 

Sorbns Aria rotnndifolia, Hort,, 

atrovirens, Hort,, 189. 

Anenparia, L., 191. 

amerioana, Pers., 189. 

Ghamsemespiloii, Crantz, 187. 

coiymbosa, £oJ(/., 185. 

Gjdonia, Crantz, 193, 

domestica, X., 191. 

fennica, JTo/m, 187. 

flabellata, Hort,, 185. 

flbrentina, JVym., 187. 

gnseti, Lodd,, 185. 

heterophylla, iT. JTocA, 191. 

hamifasa, Rafin,, 189. 

hjbrida, Z., 187. 

lanoginoia. Kit,, 191. 

latifolia. Pit*., 189. 

magnifica, Hort,, 189. 

majestica, iJor/., 187. 

microcarpa, Pursh, 191. 

Moogeoti, Godr,, 187. 

nepalensis, Hort, 189. 

nivea, iJorf., 185. 

quercifolia, IT^r/., 187. 

riparia, J?q/{fi.» 191. 

sambucifolia, Hort,, 187. 

scandica. Fries, 187. 

spuria, Pers., 191. 

sulphurea, ITor/., 187. 

thianschanica, Rupr,, 193. 

Toringo, iS>t>5., 185. 

Torminalis, Crantz, 189. 

tonninali-hybrida, Godr,, 189. 

trilobata, Boiss,, 189. 

yestita, Xcxicf., 189. 
Spartianthus jtlncea^ Link, 111. 
Spartinm aetnense, £tv., 109. 

album. Deaf., 113. 

aspalathoides, Desf., 109. 

cinereum, Fi//., 109. 

erinaceoidea, Loitel.A^^* 

biapanlcum, Spreng.A^^* 


Spartinm JTmceum, I.. lU. 


liDifoUnm, Des/., us. 

mnltiflornm, VHerH., 113, 

piu>^s, X„ lis. 


radiatum, 1,., 111. 


sBpna]e,Ji<.iA. 111. 

Mopariam, L, US. 


tinatorimn. Roth. 111. 


trispermnm, Snu'ffc, 109, 

virgnluDi, Ait., 111. 

Spartocytisoi pargana, We66, 115, 


SphffiroslemB japoniea. Sicb. ^ 


Zue^.. 19. 


SpioovitiB Davidii, Carr., 81. 

Spiraa alba, Dufloi,, 153. 


albiflor»,,W.g«fi, 151. 


amtEna, /for(„ 117. 


aretica, Horl. Angl., 147. 



ar^ta, Zabd, 147. 

BiiKfolia, Smt'A, 151. 


beUa, Sims. 147. 


bellioides, Hot(.. 151, 


betuIifoUa, PnU., U7. 





Spir8da japonica, L. ja., and 

varieties, 151. 
japonica, Sieb.^ 149. • 
kumaonenBis, Hart., 151. 

IsBvis^tai L^ 153. 

lanata, Sort., 149. 
lanceolata, Hort, (not Pair,), 

lanceolata, Potr,, 149. 
Jatifolia, Borkh., 158. 

lindleyana, WaU,, 158. 

longigemmiBy Maxim,, 158. 
Inznriosa, LaviUl,, 147. 
medial Schmidt,, 158. 

Tar., rotundifolia, 147. 
MenaeBii, Hook., 151. 
ICillefolixun, Torr., 158. 
mongolica, Maxim., 158. 
monogyna, Torr., 155. 
montana, Don, 158. 
moltiflora alba, Hort., 147. 
mjrtifolia, JTbr^, 149. 
nepalensifl, Hort., 149. 
Nicoudierti, i?a5c, 158. 
nipponica, Mojcim,, 147. 
nivea, ITor/., 149. 

sobleanay Hook^ 158. 

nutans, Boyle, 149. 
oblongifolia, Waldst., 158. 
opnlifolia, X., 155. 

var. mollis, Hook., 155. 
OTalifolia, iJorf., 149. 
orata, Hort., 147. 
Pallasi, JETor^, 155. 
panioalata rosea, Hort,, 158. 
pikOTiensiB, Besaer, 153. 
pinnata, Michx,, 155. 
procnmbens, Hort., 151. 
pniinosa, Kirchn., 147. 

pnmifoliai iSte&. ^ Zucc, 

pnbesoens, ITor^. (not Ttircz.), 

SpirflBa pubesceiiB, Turcz., 153. 

^eevesiana, Lindl., 149. 
regeliana, Hort. (not Koch), 

rhamnifolia, Hort., 149. 
rhombifolia, Hort., 149. 
rotondifolia, Lindl., 149. 

alba, Hort., 147. 
raberrima, JTocA, 151. 
rupestris, Hort.^ 155. 
rupestrisy 5te5., 147. 
ruscifolia, Hort., 149. 
salicifoUa, X., find Tarieties, 

sanssoaciana, C JTocA, 152. 
sayranica, Hort., 151. 

Schinabedd, Za6e7, i5s. 

semperflorens, Hort., 158. 
serrata, Hort., 149. 
serratifolia, Hort., 149. 

Borbifolia, 2^., 155. 

splendens, Hort., 147. 
Standishii, Hort., 149. 
syringiflora, Hort., 158. 
thalictrodes, Hort., 155. 
thalictroides, Pol/., 151. 
Thomson!, Hort., 155. 

Thnnbergi, S»e*. # Zmcc, 


tomentosa) X., 156. 

argentea, Hort., 151. 

trilobata, X., 155. 

ulmifolia. Scop., 147, 149. 
vaccinifolia, Hort., 149. 

Van Honttei, Bruit,\hh. 
StachynniB praecoz, Sieb. ^ 

Zuec, 41. 

Staphylea Bnmalda, S. {r z., 


colchica, Steo., loi. 
Colomliieri, AndrS, loi. 
pinnata, X., loi. 

Stamtonia hexaphylla. Dene., 
latLfolia, Wall., 21- 
Stephanandra flexuoaa, Sieb. ^- 
ZuL-c„ las. 

iao»a, Zabel, ISS. 
Stercnliaces, *3. 

Siuwurtia MiJacliodcndroa, Miller, 


Btuartia grandiflora, Briot, 11. 

japonic!, Hori.,'»l. 



marjlundici. Doiin, 41. 


iiiuutariB, Baiir., 41, 


pentagyna, L'HeHt.. 41. 



Tilifl alba, 
alba, A 
alba pi 


Tiliabollandiea, MiU., 49. 
Hottii, OrlM,f 47. 
hybrida, Bechst., 49. 

snperba, Hort., 45. 
intermedia, Ehrh,, 49. 

Tar. caacatica, 49. 
laciniata, Hort,, 47. 
latifolia, Salisb., 45. 

alba, Hort., 47. 
lazifloray Michx,, 49. 
laziflora, Fwsh, 45. 
leptopbylla, Hort,, 49. 
longifolia dentata, Hort,, 45. 
maeropbyHa, Hort., 45. 

mandflchurica, i2Mpr.» 45. 

mioropbylla. Fen/., 45. 
Xni^XLeliflJIAf Maxim., 45. 
miBsiisipieniii, Hort., 45. 
mollis, Spack, 47. 
matabilis, iJo5f, 47. 
neglecta, Hort., 47. 
negleota, Spack, 45. 
nigra, Borkk., 45. 
obliqoa, IToj/, 47. 
pannonica, Jacq.fil., 47. 
parrifolia, Ekrk., 45. 
IMurrifolio-grandifolia, Bayer, 

panoiflcmh Hayne, 47. 

petiolaris, i>c\, 45. 

fdatyphylla pendnla, Hort., AT. 
platyphyllos, 'Scop., and 

Tarietiet, 47. 
pmcox, Hort,, 49. 

pubescenBi >itY., 49. 

pubescens^i^otfo. />uAame/., 45. 

Parmentieri, Hort,, 45. 
rotondifolia, Fim/., 45. 
spectabilis^ JETo^^ 47. 

0ubla]iata, ^to>A. var. yarie- 

•jlTettrif, Desf,^ 45. 
tomentoea, Moenek, 45. 

Tilia tranoata, 5pacA, 49. 
ulmifolia. Scop., 45. 
yitifolia, iJo5f, 47. 
vulgaris, Hayne,49. 

Tiliacea, 43. 

Tooua sinensis, Boem., 58. 
Torminaria Clnsii, Boem., 139. 

vulgaris, Sckur, 189. 
Toxicodendron alUssimom, Mill,, 

pinnatom, MiU., 105. 

pobescens, ilfiU., 108. 

Tolgare, MiU., 108. 
Tripbasia trifoliata, Hort,, 51. 
Trocbostigma Kolomikta, JIfcurm., 

polygama, 5te5. jr Zucc., 41. 

Tolabile, 5t66. {f Zuce., 41. 

niez europflBns, X., 118. 

eoropseas nanus, Hort., 113. 
Oalliy P^oncA., 118. 

nanuBi Forst,, lis. 

nanus, JTor/., 109. 
welwit8cMaiLT18, Planck., 

UmbelliferflB, S4i. 
Unguadia spedosa) ^im^/., 85. 

Uraria triloba, Torr. {• Gray, 19. 

Vella PsendoeytiBiui, L., 29. 

spinosa, Boiss., 99. 
ViolariesB, 88. 

Virgilia lutea, Mickx., 197. 
VitlB 8B8tiyali8| Mickx., 75. 

Tar. cinerea, Engelm., 77. 

amureiiBiB, i^r., 75. 

apiifolia, Hort., 81. 

arborea, £., 75. 

arizonensis, Hort., 75. 
arizonica, Engelm., 75. 

Berlandieri, Planck., 75. 

bipinnata, 7V>rr. {f CTray, 75. 
califomica, Bentk., 75. 
oaliforoioa, Hort.^*!^, 

VitM iMOiOBis, ifort, T7. 


capreolaU, Do^ n. 


«»riba^ if wi^ T5. 



fhompiifi i-2a»fA^ TT. 

diwrea, i-sprf-, 77. 


Oi>igneti»,PW+ Pi«c*,TT. 







4.»iBM«, CWr.. n. 




m. Si«t»;dit.Z4i« 


flexuosa, Thai.. 77. 


h>,-de»«a^ JToa, 77. 

heteroptyllm, Tfc-fc, .1.4 





iMen»«&, AraO.. T3. 








ladiuom. £.. 81. 


Liiiswumii, BatU., 73, 


mondeolfc i*;*M_ 7S- 





p. 195, delete Crattegus fissa, Bosc. - 
p. 201, ^ Crattegni lobata, DC. 
p. 209, „ CratflBgns lobata, DC, 
p. 201, n Crategai platypbylla, ZtitiZ. 
p. 208, „ Oataegas triloba, Pers, 
p. 211, „ Mespilas lobata, Potr. 



caribsa, Hook., 73. 



Champini, Planch.. 77. 


cinerea, Engdm.. 77. 




congota, Hort., 77. 



Tar. ripiriu. Gray, 7B. 


ficifoUa, ^unje, 77. 




fleiuoaa, Thunb.. 77. 


hederacea, IFoif., 77. 


heterophylla, Thunh., tx-A 


iiBrietiee, 77. 

Win ten 

himalayana, Brand., 77. 


iBconBtanfl, Miq., 77. 


intermedia. Muhlh., 75. 


japonica, Thmb., 7». 


labrnflca, £., 79. 


Iftbruscoides, ilf aAii., 76. 



Lioaeeuioii, Buckl., 75. 

monlicola, Engelm., 75. 


□eilgherrensiB. Wijfif, 77. 





p. 195, delete Crategus fissa, Bo»i-. 
p. 201, „ Cratsgni lobsta, l/C- 
p. 209, „ CrstaguH lobftta, JJC 
p. 201, „ Cratxguf platjphyiife, X#«*c 
p. 20S, „ Crategui trilobu, /'•f 
p. 21 1, „ Mespiliw loUu». /V' 


H A N D - L I S T 




Part I J, 











Sambncus canadensis, Z. ; Bentl, 4< Trimen Me<licina1 Plants, 
t. 138. North America. 

S. glanca, Nutt.; Sargent Silva of North America, t. 222. 
Western United States. 
S. californica, C Koch, 

S. mezicana, Presl, California, Arizona, (&e. 
S. velutina, Dui\ 
S. plantierensis, Hort. 

S. nigra, Z. ; Syme Engl. Bot. t. 637. Europe, W. Asia, N, 

Var. foliis anreis. 

Var. laciniata. 

S. cannabifolia linearis, Hort. 
S. heteropbylla dissecta, Hort. 
S. laciniata, Mill, 

Var. linearis. 

Var. monstrosa. 

Var. pendula. 

Var. pyramidalis. 

Var. rotandifolia. 

Var. variegata. 

Var. virescens. 

S. racemosa, Z. ; Flora Danica t. 2951. Northern hemi- 
8. sieboldianus, Blmne, 
S. Williamsii, Hance, 

Var. plnmosa. 

11 92397. ] 000.— 9/96. Wt. 4356. x^ 

Sambncns racemosa — com. 

Var, pubescens, Dippel. 
S. pubens, Michx. 
S. pubescens, Pers. 

Vur. rosaeflora, Dippel. 

S. rosaeliora, Carr. Rev. Hort. 1869, 434, f. 

Var. serratifolia. 

Var. spectabilis. 

Viburmim acerifolium, Z.; Wats. Dendr. Brit, ii., t. 118, 
Northern United States. 

V. bnrejaeticum, Regel 4- Herd.; Grartenflora, 1862, 407, 
t. 384. China. 
V. burejanum, Herd. 

V. cassinoides, L. Northern United States, &q. 
V. nudum var. cassinoides, Torr. Sf Gray. 
V. pyrifolium, Pitrsh. 
V. squamatum, Willd. ; IVat^, Dendr. Brit i., t. 24. 

V. cotinifolium, D. Don ; Bot. Reg. t. 1650. Himalaya. 
V. multratum, C. Koch. 

V. dentatum, L. ; Wats, Dendr. Brit, i., t. 25. North 
V. acuminatum, Hort. 
V. asialicum, Hort. 
V. montanum, Lodd. 

Var. yariegatnin. 
V. dilatatnm, Thunb. ; Bot. Mag. t. 6215. Japan. 

V. erosum, Thunb. ; Garden and Forest, 1896, 85, f. 9. Japan. 
V. dilatatum var. formosanum, Maxim. 

V. forcatam, Blume, China and Japan. 
V. cordifolium, Book,/. 4* Tfioms. 
V. lantanoides, Miq. (not Michx\). 

V. hanceanum, Maxim, China. 

V. tomentosum, Hayice (not Thunb.). 

Viburnum TiantAna, L.\ Syme Engl. Bot. t. 640. Europe, 
N. & W. Asia, N*. Africa. 
V. macrophyllum, Hart, 
V. tomentosum, Lam, (not Thnnb,). 

Var. foliifl anreis variegatis. 

Var. foliis punctatis. 

V. lantanoides, Michx. ; Garden and Forest, 1889, 535, t. 141. 
North America. 
V. alnifolium, Marsh. 
V. grandifolium, Sm, 
V. indicum, Hort, 
V. Lantana var. canadensis, l^ers. 
V. Lantana var. grandifolium, Ait. 
V. Lantana var. indicum, Hort. 

V. Lentago, L. ; Sargent Silva of North America, v., 96, 
t.t. 223, 224. North America. 
V. acuminatum, Hort, (not Wall.). 
V. nitidum, Hort. 
V. pirifolium, Hort. (not Poir,). 
V. prunifolium, Uort. (not L.). 

V. macroceplialum, Fortune^ Bot. Reg. 1847, t. 43 (sterile form). 

V. Fortune!, Hort. gall. 
V. Keteleeri, Carr. Rev. Hort., 1868, 270, f. 31 (fertile 


V. moUe, Michx.', Garden and Forest; 1891, 30, f. 8. North 
V. mexicanum, Hort. gall. 

V. nudum, Z. ; Bot. Mag. t. 2281. Eastern and Southern 
United States. 
V. anglicum, Hort. 
V. longifolium, Hort. 
V. nitidum, Hort. 

V. odoratissimum, Ker ; Bot. Reg. t, 456. (/hina. 
V. Awafuki, Hort. 
V. sinensis, Z eg her. 


Vilmmiim Opulus, Z. ; Sytne Engl. Bot. t. 639. Northern 
y. americana, Mill, 
V. edule, Pursh, 
V. lobatam, Lam, 
v. opuloides, Muhl, 
V. Opulas var. americanum, Ait, 
V. Opulus var. edale, Michx, 
V. Oxycoccus, Pursh, 

Var. nft-Tinni 
Var. sterile. 

V. pauciflonun, Pylaie-, Garden and Forest, 1890, 5. f. 1. 
North America. 

y. phlebotrichnm, Sieb, Sf Zitcc Japan. 
V. Wrightii, Miq. 

V. pnmifolinm, Z. ; Sargent Silva of North America, 1. 225. 
North America. 
V. laevigntum, ffort, 
V. obovatum, ffort. 
V. pirifoliiim, Poir. 
V. punicaefolium, Hort, 

T. pubeacens, Pursh; Garden and Forgst, 1890, 125, f. 26. 
N. America. 

y. Sieboldii, Mig. Japan. 
V. reiiculatum, Hort. 

y. TiniiB, Z. ; Bot. Mag. t. 38. Mediterranean region. 
Var. Froebeli. 
Var. ludda. 
Var. purpurea. 
Var. pyramidalis. 

y. tomentosum, Thunb. Japan. 

V. plicatum, Sieb. ^ Zucc, Fl. Jap. t. 38. 
V. plicatum var. tomentosum, Miq. 

Var. plicatum, Maxim. 

V. plicatum, Thunb.; Sieb. S^ Zucc. Fl. Jap. t. 37. 


Symphoricarpus Heyeri, Dippel, Western United States. 
S. occidentalis var, Heyeri, Dieck, 

S. moUifl, Nutt, var. ciliatu9 (Nutt.), California. 

S. occidentalis, R. Br. Western N. America. 
Symphoria occidentalism R. Br, 

S. orUealatas, Moench. North America. 
S. fructu rubro, Hort, 
S. glomeratas, C Koch» 
S. panriflora, Derf, 
S. vulgaris, Michx, 
Sjmphoria glomerata, Pers. 

Var. Tariegatas. 

S. racemosoB, Midua, N. America. 

Sjmphoria racemosa, Pers; Bot. Mag. t. 2211. 

S, rotnndifolius, A. Gray (not C. Koch). Western United 

Abelia chinensis, R. Br, China. 

A. nipestris, Lindl, Bot. Beg. 1846, t. 8. 
Linnaea cbinensis, A. Br. Sf V'athe. 
L. rupestris, A. Br. Sf Vatke. 

A. florilnmda, Decne.; Bot. Mag. t. 4316. Mexico. 

A. triflora, R. Br. ; Lindl. ^ Paxt. Fl. Gard. iii., 93. t. 91. 
Temperate Himalaya. 
Limiaea triflora, A, Br. ^- Vatke. 

Idnnaea borealifl, Gron.; Lodd. Bot. Cub. t. 183. Northern 

Lonicera aonminata, JValL Temperate Himalaya. 

L. Albert!, Regel ; Bot. Mag. t. 7394. Eastern Turkestan. 

L. alpigena, Z. ; Jacquin Flora Anstriaca, iii., t. 274. 
European Alp?, Himalaya. 
Caprifolium alpigenum, Gaertn, 

0. alpinum, La?n. 
Chamaecerasus alpigenus, 3/er?. 
Isika alpigena, Borkh, 

1. lucida, Moench. 
Xylosleum alpirum, Diim, 


Lcmicera aa^^tdfolia, Wall. ; Joum. Hort. Soc. Lond. 1848, 
iii.y 238, f. Temperate Himalaya. 

L. beUa, ZeUtel (L. Morrowi x tatarica). Garden origin. 
L. Morrowi var. rosea, DippeL 

L. caemlea, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 1965. Northern hemisphere. 
Capiifolium caeruleum, Lam. 
Xjlosteum caeraleum, JDum.-Cours, 

Var. glabriuBCula. 

L. Caprifoliiiin, Z. ; Syme Engl. Bot. t. 641. Central and 
S. Europe, W. Asia. 
L. americana, C, Koch- 
L. dliosa, Hart, (not Poir,), 
L. grata, Ait, 
L. pallida, Host. 
Caprifolium gratum, Pursh. 
C. italicam, Roem, 4* Schultz. 

Var. nugor, DippeL 

L. magnevillea, Hort. 
Caprifolium roagnc\nllea, Hort, 

L. chrjTsantha, Turcz. ; Gartenflora, 1^63, t. 404. Amur- 
land, &c. 
L. gibbiflora, Ma^im. (not Dippel), 
L. Xyloeteum var. chrysantha, Regel, 
Xjlosteum gibbiflorum, Riipr^ Sf Ma.eim. 

L. ciliata, MvJdenb, Eastern United States. 
L. canadensis, Roem. Sf Schultz, 
Xjlosteum cil latum, Pur.$h. 

L. dliosa, Poir. Western North America. 
L. occidentalis, Hook. 
Caprifolium ciliosum, Pursh. 
C. oceidentale, Lindl, Bot. Reg. t. 1457. 

L. coemlescens, Dippel Laubholzk. i., 233, K 149. Origin 

L. depressa, Royle. Alpine Himalaya. 
L. parvifolia, Edgew. 

Var. Kyrtillus. 

L. Myrtillus, HovJt. /. Sf Thorns. 


Lonieera etmsca, Santi, South Europe, &c, 
L. atrosanguineay ffart, 
L. gigantea, JETart. 

Capmolium etrnscum, Roem. 4* Schnltz. 
C. giganteum, Hart, 

L. flava, Sims Bot. Mag. t. 1318 ; Garden and Forest, 1890, 
190, f. 31. South Carolina. 
Caprifolium flavum. Ell, 
C. Fraseri, Pursh, 

L. flavesceiiB, Dippel ; Gartenflora, 1888, 7, f. British 
Columbia ? 
L. Ledebouri, ffort. (not Eschsch.), 
L. webbiana, Hort, (not WaU,), 

L. fragrantissima, Lindl, Sf Paxt, ; Fl. Gard. iii., 75, f. 268. 
L. caprifblioides, C AbcA. 
L. Niaguarilli, Hort, 
L. odoratissinifl, Hort. 
L. Tolgarensis, ZTor^. 
Chamaecerasus Niaguarilli, Hort, 

L. gibbiflora, />i>j»c^ Laubholzk. i., 237, f. 151. (L. 
chrysantha x ruprechtiana). Mandshuria. 

L. glauca. Hill, North America. 
L. dioica, Z.; Bot. Reg. t. 138. 
L. macrophjlla, Hort, 
L. media, Murr, 
L. parviflora, Lam» 
Caprifolium bracteatum, Michx, 
C. dioicum, Roem, S^ Schultz, 
C, glaueum, Moench, 
C. parvifloruni, Pursh, 

L. hirsuta, Eaton \ Bot. Mag. t. 3103, N. America, 
L. Douglasii, Hort. 
L. pilo9a, //or^ 
L. pubcscens. Sweet. 
L. villosa, Muklenb, 
Caprifolium Douglasii, Lindl, 
C. pilosum, ^arf, 
C. pubescens, /Tor^ 


Lonicera liispiday PalL Central Asia, Siberia, <&c« 
L. bracteata, Rayle. 

L. ibericai Bieh. Caucasus. 

L. chlamydophora, C Koch. 
L. ciliaris, Hort. 
Xylosteum iberleum, Bieb. 

Ik implexa, Soland, ; Bot. Mag. t. 640. South Europe. 
L. balearica, DC. 
Caprifolium balearicum, Dum,- Cours. 

L. inyolucrata, Banks.; Bot. Beg. t. 1179. N.W. America. 
L. bordwelliana, Hort, 
L. gibbosa, Hort, 
L. intermediumy Kelt. 
L. Ledebourii, Eschsch. 
L. mo9iniana, DC. 
Xjlostenm involucratum, Rich. 

L. japonica, Thunb. China and Japan. 

L. chinensis, Wats, Deudr. Brit, ii., t. 117. 

Var. aureo-reticTilata. 

L. brachypoda var, reticulata, Belg.Hort. 1871, 59, t. 5# 
L. brachypoda var. foliis aureo-reticulatis. Ill, Hort. 
1862, t. 337. 

Var. flezuosa. 

L. brachypoda, DC. 

L. flexuosa, Thunb. ; Bot. Reg. t. 712. 

Var. halliana. 

L. flexuosa var. halleana, Dippel. 
L. haUeana, Hart. 
Caprifolium hallianum, Hori. 
C. japonicum var. Halli, Hort. 

L. Karelini, Bunge. Central Asia. 

L. Korolkowii, Stapf Gaiden and Forest, 1894, 34, f. 4. 
L. floribunda, Zabel (not Boiss. ^ Buhse) ; JVittniach 
Gartenflora, 1893, 103, f. 

L. Maaclri, Herd. ; Gartenflora, t. 1162. Mandshnria, &c. 
Xylosteum Maackii, Rupr, 

u 92397. x^ 




Lonicera Mazimowiczii, 3/aa^*m. ; Gartenflora^ljt. 697. ^Amur- 
land, <&c. 
Xylosteum Maximowiczii, Rupr. 

L. microphylla, Willd.\ Ledeb. Icon. PI. Fl. Ross. t. 213. 
Altai to Elashmir. 
L. bungeana, Ledeb. 
L. Karelin! . Hort. (not Bunge). 
L. sieversiana, Bunge. 

L. Morrowi, A. Gray, Japan. 
L. Mouraviae, Hort. 

L. nervosa, Mcucim. China. 

L. nigra, L. European Alps, &c. 
L. fdtaica, Hort, (not Pall.), 
Chamaecerasus nigra, Med. 
Xjlosteum nigrum. Mill, 

L. obovata, Royle. Temperate Himalaya. 

L. orientalis, Lam, ; Gartenflora, t. 359. Orient. 
L. discolor, Hort, 
L. goveniana, Wall, 
L. kamtschatica, Hort, 
L. occidentalis, Hort, (not Hook,), 

L, Periclymennm, L, ; Syme Engl. Bot. t. 642. Europe, &c, 
Caprifollum Pericylmenum, Roem. Sf Schultz, 
C. i^iyaticum, Lam. 
Penclymenum germanicum, Mill. 

Var. qnercifolia. 

L. verna variegata, Hort, 
Caprifolium quercifolium, Hort, 

Var. serotina. 

L. Phylomelae, Carr, Origin uncertain. 

L. purpnrascens, Walp. Subalpine Himalnyn. 
L. sericea, Royle, 
Xylosteum purpnrascens, Jacquem, Voy. Bot. 79, t. 87. 

L. pyrenaica, L, ; Nouveau Duhamel, i., 53, f . 15. Pyrent^i^s. 
Caprifollum pyrenaicum, Lam. 

L quinqnelocnlaris, Hardw. Temperate HlmtAn.^^. 
L. diversifolia, TFall, ; Bot. Keg. xxx., t. ?*?». 


Lonicera regeliaua, Petz, ^ Kirchn. ; Dippel Lawbholzk. i., 
220, f. 140. Amurland. 
L. chrysantha x Xylosteum, Eehder. 

If. mpicola, Ilook.f. ^ Thorns, Himalaya. 

L mprechtiana, Regel, Qartenflora, 1870, 68, t. 645. Mand- 
shuria, &c. 

L. segreadenflis, Lavallie, Orlgiu uncertain. 
L. dlFersifolia, Hort. (not Wall.). 
L. hispida, HorU (not Pall,). 

L. sempemrens, Ait.; Bot. Mag. t. 781. North America. 
L. Bro^vnii, Jlort. 
L. caroliniana, Marsh. 
L, fuchsioides, Hort, (not Ilemsl.). 
L. virginiana, Marsh. 
Caprifolium sempervirens, Michx. 
Periclymenum sempervirens, Mill. 

Var. minor. Bot. Mag. t. 1753. 

Var. plantiereiisis, Ed. Andre III. Hort. 1871, t. 86. 
L. ciliosa var. plantierensis, Dippel. 

L. StandisMi, Hook. ; Bot. Mag. t. 5709. China. 
L. fragrantissima, Carr. (not Paxt.). 
L. odoratissima, Hort. 
Charoaecerasus Standishii, Lesc. 

L. SnUivantii, A. Gray; Garden and Forest, 1890, 191, f. 32. 
North-Eastern United States. 

L. syrmgantha, Majcim.; Gbrtenflora, 1892, 564, f'.f. 115, 
116. China. 

L. tangatica, Maxim. ; Garteiiflora, 1891, 580, f.f. 104, 105. 

If. tatarica, Z. ; Bot. Reg. t. 31. Siberia, <&c. 
L. caucasica, Hort. (not Pall.). 
L. speciosa, Hort. 
Chamaecerasus tatarica, Med. 
Xylosteum cordatum, Moench. 
X. tartaricum, Medic. 

Var. nana. 


Lonicera tatariea— coMf. 
Var. pnlcherrima. 
Var. punicea. 
Var. splendens. 

L. tomenteUa, Hook. /. ^ Thorns.; Bot. Mag. t. 2469. 
Temperate Himalaja. 

L. tranAlucens, Carr. Origin uncertain. 

L. Xylosteiun, Z. ; Syme Engl. Bot. t. 643. Euiope, 
Northern Asia. 
L. cotinifoliay C, A. Mey, 
L. dumetorum, Moench, 
L. vulgare, RoehL 
L. xjlosteoides, TauscJi, 
Caprifolium dumetorum. Lam. 
Chamaecerasus Xylosteum, Med. 

Leyc68teria formosa, Wall. ; Bot. Mag. t. 3699. Temperate 
L. nepalense, Hort 

Var. yariegata. 

Diervilla florida, Sieb. 4* Zucc, China. 

D. amabilis, Carr. ; Flore des Serres, t. ^^5. 

D. rosea, Walp. 

Weigela amabilis, Hort, 

W, rosea, LindL ; Bot. Mag. t. 4396. 

D. hortensiB, Sieb. 4* Zucc, Fl. Jap. i., 70, t. 29. Japan. 

D. japonica, DC. Japan. 

Weigela japonica, Thunb. 

D. Lonicera, Mill. North America. 
D. canadensis. Willd, 
D. humilis, Pers,; Bot. Mag. t. 1796. 
D. lutea, Pursh, 
D. Toumefortii, Micha\ 
D. trifida, Moench. 

D. middendorflana, Carr. Siberia, <&c. 

Calyptrostigma middendorfianum, Tratitv. 4' M^y. ; 

Gartenflora, 1857, 347, t. 183. 
Weigela widdendorBaDa, Hort. 


Diervilla sessilifolia, BuckL ; Lavallee Arbor. Segrez. Ic. 25, 
t. 8. Carolina and Tennessee. 

Var. splendens. 

D. splendensy Carr. 


Cephalaiitliiis occidentalism /.. ; Rev. Hort. 1889, 280, f. 70. 
North America. 

Coprosma acerosa, A. Cunn. New Zealand. 


Bigelovia Donglasii, A. Gray. Western North America. 

B. viscidiflora, DC, 
Brickellia linearifolia, Klatt, 
Cbryfiothamnus pumilus, Nutt. 

C. Wscidifiorus, NtUt, 

Linosyris viscidiflora, Torr. 4* Gray. 

Var. tortifolia, A, Gray. 

Linos vris lanceoluta. Hook. 

B. grayeolens, A. Gray. Western North America. 

B. dracunculoides, DC. 

Chrj'socoma dracunculoides, Pursh (not Lam,). 

C. graveolens, Nutt, 
Chrysothamnus dracunculoides, Nutt, 
C. speciosus, NtUt, 

Linosyris graveolens, Torr, 4" Gray. 

Olearia Haastii, Hoohf. ; Bot. Mag. t. 6592. New Zealand. 

0. macrodonta, Baker; Bot. Mag. t. 7065. New Zealand. 
O. dentata, Hook,f. 

0. stellulata, DC, Australia. 

O. gunniana. Hook, f, ; Bot. Mag. t. 4638. 
Eurybia gunniana, DC. 

0. Traversu, F, Muell. ; Gard. Chron. 1887, ii., 187, f. 42, 
New Zlealand. 
£urybia Traversii, F, Muell, 


Kicroglossa albescens, C. B. Clarke i Bot. Mag. t. 6672. 
M. cabulica, (7. B, Clarke. 
Amphiraphis albescens, DC, 
Aster albescens, JValp, 

A. cabulicus, LindL 

Baccharis halimifolia, L. ; Dippel Laubholzk. i., 294, t. 195. 
N. America. 

B. patagonica, Hook. ^ Am. Magellanic region. 

B. salicina, Torr. Sr Gray, Colorado to Texas. 

B. salicifolia, Nuit, 

Helicbrysiun antennarinm, F. MuelL Australia. 
Swammerdamia Antennaria, DC. 

H. glomeratmn, Nichols, New Zealand. 
Ozothamnus glomeratus, Hook.f, 
Swammerdamia glomerata, Raoiil. 

H. rosmarinifoliiun, DC, Viutoria and Tasmania. 
Ozothamnus rosmarinifolius, DC. 

BL serotmum, Boiss. South- Western Europe. 

Cassinia falvida, Hook, /. ; Gartenflora, 1890, 241, f. 56. 
New Zealand. 
Diplopappus chrysophyllus, Hort, 

C. leptophylla, Hort, New Zealand. 

Galea leptophylla, Forst. 

Santolina Chamaecyparissus, L, South Europe. 
S. incana. Lam, 

S. rosmarinifolia, L. Spain and Portugal. 
S. pectinata. Lag, 

S. viridis, Willd, South Europe. 
S. ^^rens, Mill, 

Artemisia Abrotannm, L, South Europe. 

A. arborescens, Z. South Europe. 

A. aiutriaca, Jacq, Eastern Europe, &c. 


Artemisia procera, Ulild, South-east Europe, Asia Minor. 

A. tridentata, NutL Western United States. 

Senecio lazifoliiu, J, Buck. ; Bot. Mag. t. 737H. New Zealand. 
S. Grayii, Hort. 

S. latifolius, ffori. (not Banks 4* Soland.), Gard. Cliron. 
1894,xvi., 315, f. 43. 


Gkiylussacia brachycera, Torr, Sf Gray ; Pennsylvania to 
Adnaria braehycera, 0. Kunize, 
Vaccinium brachycerura, Michx, 
V. buxifoliuro, Salisb, ; Bot. Mag. t. 968. 

Q-. dninosa, Torr. ^ Gray ; Newfoundland and Eastern United 
4^accinium dumosum, Amir. Bot. Rep. t. 112 ; Bot. Mag. 

t. 1106. 
V. frondosum, MichiV. (not Z.). 

Ot, frondoBa, Torr. 4- Gray; Gard. Chron., 1890, vii., 580, 
f. 93. Eastern United States. 
Vaccinium frondosum, Z. ; Andr. Bot. Rep. t. 140. 
V. glaucum, Mich.v. 
V. venustum. Ait, 

Qt. resinosa, Torr. ^ Gray. North America. 

Vaccinium parviflorum, Andr. Bot. Rep. t. 125. 
V. resinosum. Ait. ; Bot. Mag. t, 1288. 

Q-, nrsina, Torr. Sf Gray. Mountains of North and South 
Vaccinium ursinum, M. A. Curt. 

Vaccinium arboreum, Marsh. ; Lodd. Bot. Cab. t. 1885 ; 
Sargent Silva of North America, v., 119, t, 230. 
Florida and Texas to N. Carolina and S. Illinois. 
V. diffusum, Ait.; Bot. Mag. t. 1607. 

V. Arctostaphylos, Z. ; Bot. Mag. t. 974. Caucasus, &c. 


Yaccminm canadense, Kalm. ; Bot. Mag. t. 3446. North 
Y. album, Lam. (not Z.). 

Y. dliatnm, Thunb, Japan. 

Y. corymlxMsmm, L, ; Bot. Mag. t, 3433. North America. 
V. disomorphum, Michx^ 
V. marianum, Wats, Dendr. Brit. t. 124. 

Var. amoenumy A. Gray, 

V. amoenum, Ait. ; Andr. Bot. Rep. t. 138. 

Var. foscatom, A. Gray ; Southern United States. 
Y. fuscatum, Ait. 

Y. crasaifoliimiy Andr, Bot. Rep. t. 105 ; Bot. Mag. t. 1152. 
North Carolina to Georgia. 
Y. carnosum, Pers, 
V. myrtifolium, Michx. 

Y. erythrocarpxun, Michx, ; Bot. Mag. t. 7413. Virginia to 
Oxycoccus erectus, Pursh. 
O. erythrocarpus, Pers. 

Y. hiwutum, i^ttc^/. ; Garden and Forest, 1889, 365, f. 110. 
Mountains of North Carolina. 

Y. intermedium, JRuthe (V. Myrtillus x Vitis-Idaea) ; Jonrn. 
Linn. Soc. xxiv., 125, t. 3. Europe. 

Y. japonicum, Mig. Japan. 

Y. Mortinia, Benth. ; Bot. Mag. t. 6872. Andes of Ecuador. 

Y. Myrsiiiites, Lam. South United States. 
V. Sprengelii, Hort. (not Wall,). 
V. nitidum var. decumbens, Sims Bot. Mac:, t. 1550. 

Y. Myrtilliu, L. ; Syme Engl. Bot. t. 879. Northern hemi- 

Y. oratum, Pursh ; Bot. Mag. t. 4732. . Vancouver's Island 
to Monterey, &c. 
V, prunifolium, Hort, 

Y. padifolium, Sm. ; Bot. Mag. t. 7305. Madeira. 
V. Arctostaphylos var. padifolium, Loud, 
V. maderen5e, Link, 


Yaccinium parvifolium, Sm.; Hook. iTl. Bor. Am. t. 128. 
North California to Alaska and the Aleutian Islands. 

V. pensylyanicxim, Lam. ; Bot. Mag. t. 3434. North America. 
V. humUe, mild. 

V. myrtilloides, Michx, (not Hook.), 
V. ramulosum, JVilld. 
V. tenellum, Pursh. 

Yar. angOBtifoliiim, A. Gray. 
Y. angustifolium, Ait. 
Y. salieinnm, Aschcrs. 

Y. staminenin, Z. ; Andr. Bot. Rep. t. 263. Maine and 
Michigan to Florida and Louisiana. 
Y. album, Pursh (not Z.) . 
Y. elevatum, Sol and, 

V. nliginoBiun, L. ; St/me Engl. Bot. t. 878. Northern hemi- 
Y. gaultherioides. Bit/el, 
Y. pubescens, Wormsk. 

V. vacillanH, Soland. New England to North Carolina and 

V. Vitis-idaea, L. ; St/me Engl. Bot. t. 877. Northern hemi- 
Y. punctatum, Lam. 
Yitis-Idaea punctatn, Moench, 

Yar, major, L.odd. Bot. Cab. t. 616. 

Oxycoccns macrocarpus, Pcrs. North America. 

Yaccinium macrocarpon, Ait. ; Bot, Mag. t. 2586, 
Y. Oxycoccus var. oblongifolium, Michx. 

0. palustris, Pers. Northern hemisphere. 
O. vulgaris, Pursh, 
Yaccinium Oxycoccus, L. ; St/me Engl. Bot. t. 876. 

Chiogenes serpyUifolia, Salisl/. North Aracricn. 
C. hispidula, Torr. S- Gray. 
Gaultheria lii^pidula, Muhl. 
G. feerpylli Folia, Pursh. 
Oxycoccus liispidulus^ Pcrs. 
Yaccinium hispidulum, Michx. 

u 92397. O 



Arbutus Andraclme, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 2024. Levant, &c. 
A integri folia, Lam* 
A. Siebcri, Klotzsch. 

A. hybrida, Ker.-Gawl. Bot. Reg. t. 619. (A. Andrachne x 
Unedo). ' Garden origin. 
A. Andrachne var. serratifolia, ffort, 
A. andrachnoides, Link. 
A. magnifica, Hort. 
A. Milleri, ffort. 
A. photiniaefolia, Hort, 
A. Rollissoni, Jlort. 
A. serratifolia, Lodd, 

A. Menziesii, Pt/rf A. ; Sargent Silva of North Amenca, v., 
123, t. 231. California, &c. 
A. procera, Dougl. ; Bot. Reg. t. 1753. 
A. Andrachne, Hort, (not Z.). 

A. Unedo, Z.; Gard. Chron., 1878, x., 689, f. 115. Southern 
Europe (Ireland). 
Unedo edulis, Hoffmgg, Sf Link. 

Var. integerrima, Sims Bot. Mag. t. 2319. ; 
A. rotuodifolia, Hort. 

Var. microphylla. 

A. microphylla, Hort. 

Var. quercifolia. 

Var. rubra, Ait. 

A. Croomii, Hort. 

Arctoataphylos alpina, Spreng.; Syme Engl. Bot. t. 880. 
Northern hennsphere. 
Arbutus alpina, Z. 

A. diyersifolia, Parry. California. 

A. tomentosa, Lindl. Bot. Reg. t. 1791. California, Ac. 
Arbutus tomentosa, Pursh, 

C 2 


Arctostaphylos IJva-ursi, Spreng.; Syme Eugl. Bot. t. 881. 
Northern htmisphere. 
A. officinalis, Wimm. Sf Grab. 
Arbutus Uva-ursi, Z. 
Pemettja arctica, Hort. 

Var. califomica. 

A. californica, Hort. 

A. yiscida, Parry, Pacific coast of N. America. 

Pemettya mucronata, Gaudich. Magellanic region. 
P. angustifolia, Hort, 
P. Cummingi, Hort. 
P. Druminondi, Hort, 
P. speciosa, Hort, 
Arbutus iDucronata, L, ; Bot. Mag. t. 3093* 

Many garden varieties. 

Gaultheria antipoda, Forst. Tasmania and New Zealand. 

Qc, nmnmnlarioides, D. Den ; Gard. Chron. 1884, xxii., 457, 
/. 84. Himalaya, Ac. 
G. Nummulariae, DC. 

Qt. procumbens, Z. ; Bot. Mag. t. 1966. North America. 
Gautiera procumbens, Tort. 

G. pyrolaefolia, Hook.f. Himalaya. 
G. pyroloides, Hook, f, 4" Thorns, 

0. Shallon, Pursh ; Bot. Mag. t. 2843. Western N. America. 

Cassandra calycnlata, D, Don. Northern hemisphere. 
Andromeda calyculata, L. ; Bot. Reg. t. 1286. 
Chamaedaphne calyculata, Moench, 
Lyonia calyculata, Reichb. 

Cassiope fastigiata, D. Don; Bot. Mag. t. 4796. Alpine 
Andromeda fastigiata. Wall. 

C. hypnoides, D, Don. Arctic regions of northern hemi- 
Andromeda hypnoides, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 2936* 


Cassiope tetragona, D. Don. Arctic regions cf northern 
Andromeda tetragona, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 3161. 

Leucotlioe axillaris, D. Don. South-eastern United Spates. 
Andromeda axillaris, Lam, 

L. Catesbaei, A. Gray, Virginia to Georgia. 
L. spinulosa, D, Don. 
Andromeda axillaris, Michx, 
A. Catesbaei, Walt. ; Bot. Mag. t. 1955. 
A. spinulosa, Pursh. 

L. Davisiae, Torr. ; Bot. Mag. t. 6247. California. 
L. liobbi, Hort, 

L. racemosa, A, Gray. North America. 
L. spicata, G. Don. 
Andromeda paniculata, L. 
A. racemosa, L. 

A, spicata, fVals. Dendr. Brit. t. 36. 
A, tomentosM, Dum.-Covrs. 
Lyonia racemosa, G. Don. 

L. recurva, A. Gray. Virginia to Alabama. 
Andromeda recurva, Buckl. 

Ozydendron arboreum, DC. ; Sarpent, Silva of North 
America, v., 135, t. 235. N. America. 
Andromeda arborea, Z. ; Bot. Mag. t. 905. 
Lyonia arborea, D. Don. 

Epigaea repens, L» ; Andr. Bot. Rep 1. 102. North America. 

Lyonia panicnlata, Kntt. North America. 
L. capreaefolia, JVats. Dendr. Brit. t. 37. 
L. ligustrina, DC 

L. multifiora, IVats. Dendr. Brit. 128. 
L. parabolica, C. Koch. 
L. salicifolia, IVats, Dendr. Brit. 127. 
Andromeda ligustrina, Muhi. 
A. parabolica, Duham. 
A. tomentosa, Ilort. 


Zenobia speciosa, D. Don. Florida to North Carolina. 
Andromoila cassincfolia, Sims, Bot. Mag. t. 970. 
A nitida, Hort. 
A nuda, Hort, 
A. speciosa, Michx, 
A. viridis, Hort, 

Var. pnlvemlenta. Gard. Chron. 1890, viii., 612, f. 100. 
A. dealbata, Lindl. Bot. Rsg. t. 1010. 
A. piilvcrulenta, Bartr, 

A. speciosa, var. glauca, Watn, Dendr. Brit. t. 126. 
Lyoiiia pulveruienta, C. Koch. 

Andromeda polifolia, L, ; Syme Engl. Bot. t. 883. Northern 
and Arctic regions, 
A. g!auco|)bylla, Link, 
A. rosniarinifolia, Pursh, 
Rhododendron polifolium, Scop. 

Var. angastifolia. 

Var. major. 

Pieris floribnnda, Benth. ^ Hook,f, Virginia to Georgia. 

Andromeda floribunda, Pursh,; Bot. Mag. t. 1566; Bot. 

Reg., t. 807. 
Leucotlioe floribunda, D, Don, 
Portuna floribunda, Nutl. 
Zenobia floribunda, DC, 

P. formosa, D. Don ; Gard. Chron. 1881, xv., 568, f. 107. 
Temperate Himalaya, China, 
Andromeda formosa, JValL 

P. japonica, D, Don ; Gard. Chron. 1882. xvii., 796, f. 120. 
Andromeda japoniea, Thunh. Fl. Jap. 181, t. 22. 

Var. variegata. 

P. mariana, Benth, ^- Hook, /. Rhode Island to Florida, &c. 
Andromeda mariana, L, ; Bot. Mag. t. 1579. 
A. pulcbella, Salisb. 
Leucotlioe mariana, DC, 
Lyonia mariana, D. Don, 

P. nitida, Benth, ^- Hook. f. ; North Carolina to Florida and 
Andromeda coriacea, Ait,\ Bot. Mag. t. \Q^&« 
A. luciJa, Lain, (not Jacq,), 


Pierifl nitida — cant. 

A. marginata, Duhatn. 
A. mariana, Jacq. (not Z.). 
A. myrtifolia, Sah'sb. 
A. nitida, Bartr. 
Leucothoe coriacea^ DC. 
Lyonia marginata, D. Don. 

P. OYalifolia, D. Don, Temperate Himalaya. 

Andromeda ovalifolia, Wall, ; Loud. Arbor. Brit. 570, 
f. 1070. 

Enkianthns campanalatna, Nichols. ; Bot. Mag. t. 7059. 
Andromeda campanulata, Miq, 

E. cemans, Benth. S^ Hook.f, Japan. 

Andromeda cernua, Mig. 
Meisteria cemua, Sieb, Sf Zucc, 

E. japonicns, Hook. /. Bot. Mag. t. 5822. Japan. 

Oalliina vnlgaris, Salisb, ; Syme. Engl. Bot. t. 894. Europe^ 


Erica vulgaris, L, 
Var. alba. 
Yar. alba anrea. 
Var. alba minor. 
Yar. alba piloaa. 
Yar< alba pximila. 
Yar. alba rigida. 
Var. alba Serial. 
Var. alba tenella. 
Var. Alport!. 
Var. argentea. * 

Var. aurea. 
Var. cnprea. 
Var. FoxiL 
Yar Hammondi. 
Var. liypnoidea. 
Var. l&nuloBA. 


Callnna YvlgtaiB^cani. 
Yar. minima. 
Var. pTgmaea. 
Var. rosea. 
Var. mbra. 
Var. tennis. 

Erica arborea, Z.; Moggridge Flora of Mentone, t, 59 b 
Mediterranean and Caucasus. 

E. camea, Z. ; Bot. Mag. t. 11. Europe. 
E. bracteata, Moench (not Thunb,). 
E. herbacea, L. 

Var. alba. 

£. ciliaris, L, ; Syme Engl. Bot. t, 887 ; Bot. Mag. t. 484. 
South-western Europe. (Cornwall, &c,) 

£. cinerea, £.; 5y me Engl. Bot. t. 891. TiTest Europe to 
Germany and North Italy, 

Var. alba. 

Var. alba minor. 

Var. atropnrpnrea. 

Var. atrosangninea. 

Var. purpurea. 

Var. rosea. 

£. Insitanica, Rudolph, Spain and Portugal. 

E. codonodes, Lindl. Bot. Reg. t. 1698 ; Gard. Chron. 

1877, vii., 463, f. 70. 
E. polytrichifolia, Salisb. 

£. Mackaii, Hcok. Spain, Galway. 

E. mackaiana, Bab. ; St/me Engl. Bot. t. 890. 
E. Tetralix var, mackayaua, Hort, 

£. mediterranea, L. South-west France, Spain. 

Var. alba. 

Var. glanca. 

Var. hibernica, Hook. 

E. hibernica, Syme Engl. Bot, t. 892. 

Var. hyhrida. 

Erica mnltiflora, L. ; Moggridge Flora of Mentone, t. 5f)a. 
•South £uro|ie. 
E. pcduncularis, J, S^ C, PrcsL (not Salisb.), 

E. scoparia, L, ; Moggridge Flora of Men tone, t. 59c. 
Western Mediten-anean region. 
E. arboren, Hort. (not Z.). 
E. vir;^ulala, fVrndl, 

E. stricta, Donn ; Andr. Heathery, ii., t. 92. S. Europe. 
E. Corsica, DC, 
E. muUicaulis, Salisb. 
E. pcndnla, WendL 
E. ramulosa, Vir. 

£. Tetralix, L. ; Sgme Engl. Bot. t. 880. N. and W. Europe 
to Rue.sia. 

Var. alba. 

Viir. mbra. 

E. vag^ans, L. ; Syme Engl. Bof. t. 893. Soul h- western 
Europe (Cornwall). 

Var. alba. 

Var. grandiflora. 

Var. rubra. 

E. Watsoni, DC. Soulh-westem England. 

10. Tetralici-ciliaris, Syme Engl. Bot. t. 888. 

Bmckenthalia spicolifolia, Reichh. Ea«^tcrn Europe, Asia 
Erica i^piculiffdia, Sibih. Y\. Graeca, t. 3^3. 
Menzic^ia Bnickenthalii, Baumg. 

Loiaelearia procumbens, Desr.-, Ixydd, Bot. Cab. t. 762. 
Arctk' and Alpine Karope, A«i3, America. 
Azalea procn in liens, L, 
Cluunrurledr*n procuuilicn«, Link, 

Bryanthus empetriformis, A. Gray. British Columbia to 
CalifomL'i, A*-. 
Mcnzie^ia finf^^iriformiK Sm. ; Bot. Mag. t. 3176. 
M- Grabaffii, I/fXjk, 
Phjllodoce enij^ftrifonnif, D. Don, 
P. Grabami, \f*ii. 


Bryanthos ercctus, Lindl. cj- l\ta.'i. Fl. Gard. i., 97, pi. 19. 
Garden Origin. 
B. empctriformia x Rhodothamuus Cliumaccistus. 

B. taxifolias, A. Gray. Cold regions of northern hemisphere. 
B. caenileus, Dippel. 
Andromeda caerulea, L, 
A. taxifolia, PalL 

Menziesia eacrulea, Sw, ; Syme Engl. Bot. t. 886. 
Pli^'llodoce cacrulea, Bab, 
V. taxifolia, Salish, 

Baboecia polifolia, D. Don ; Syme Engl. Bot. t. 885. Ireland, 
W. France, Si)ain, Portugal, Azores. 
D. cantabrien, C. Koch. 
Andromeda Daboecin, L. 
Menziesia poll folia, Jtiss. 

Var. alba. * 

Kalmia angfastifolia, Z. ; Bot. Mag. t. 301. North America. 
Var. luclda. 
Var. nana. 
Var. ovata. 
Var. rosea. 
Var. mbra. 

K. glauca, Ait,; Bot. Mag. t. 177. North America. 

K. latifolia, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 175. North America. 
Var. myrtifolia. 
Var. pol3rpetala. Garden and Forest, 1890, 45.S, f. 5G. 

Bbodothamnus Cbamaecistns, lielchh, Austrian AIpp. 
Rhododendron Chnmaecistu.s, L,; Bot. Mag. t. 48i^. 

Leiophyllum buxifolium, FJL ; Bot. Mn<r. t. 0752. New 
Ji rsey to Floridn, and tlie mountains of Cnrolira. 
L. sorpyllifolinm, DC, 
L. tiivmifoiium, (i. Don, 
Amni}Tirinc huxi folia, Pursh. 
Ionium buxifolium, Berg, 
L. intermedium, Jfort» 
L. tlijmifoliumy iMm* 


Leiophyllum buzifolium — cont, 

Var. prostratnm. 

L. Lyoni, Sweet, 
L. prostratum, Loud. 
Ammyrsine prostrata, Stoeet, 

Elliottia panicnlata, Benth. Sf Hookf. Japan. 
Tripe taleia paniculata, Sieh, ^^ Zucc. 

E. racemosa, Muhl, ; Garden and Forest, 1894, 205, f. 37. 

Ledum glandnlosnin, Nutt. California, British Columbia, and 
northern Kocky Mountains. 

L. latifolinin. Ait, North America. 

L. canadense, Lodd, ; Bot. Cab. t. 1049. 

L. groenlandicum, Retz. 

L, palustre var. eauadense, Hort, 

L. palustre var. decumbens, Hort. 

L. palustre var. latifolium, Michx. 

L. palustre var, medium, Hort. 

L. palustre, L, ; Lodd, Bot. Cab. t. 560. ; Northern and 
Arctic Regions. 
L. angustifolium, Hort. 
L. longifolium, Hort. 
L. odoratum, Hort. 


Rhododendron albiflorum, Hook. ; Bot. Mag. t. 3670. Northern 
Rocky Mountains and Oregon to British Columbia. 

B. OYatum, Planch, China. 

Azalea ovata, Lindl, ; Bot. Mag. t. 5064. 

ft Azalea. 
B. Albrechti, Maxim, Japan. 

B. arborefloens, Torr,; Garden and Forest, 1888, 404, f. 64. 
Mountain region from renusylvania to North Carolina 
and Tennessee. 
Azalea mrhoreacenSf Purt/u 
A. fragtmu, JRq/in^ 


Bhododendron calendnlaceuiny Torr. Pennsylvania to Georgia. 
Azalea calendulaeea, Michx, 
A. pontica var, calendulacea, Pers, 

Var. flammea. Bot. Mag. t. 2143. 

Var. Morteri, Sweet Brit. FI. Ganl. iv., t. 10. 

" II. calendulaceum x red variety of B. nudiflorum." 

Many garden varieties and hybrids. 

B. dilatatum, Miq. Japan. 

R. flaYTun, G. Don, Caucasus, <&c. 

Azalea pontica, Z.; Bot. Mag. t. 433. 
Anthodendron flavum, Rcichb. 

Var. albiflomm. 

Azalea pontica var, albiflora, Bot. Mag. t. 2383. 

Var. ardens, Sweet Brit. Fl. Gard. vii., t, 306. 

Many garden varieties and hybrids. 

B. indicnm, Sweet, China and Japan. 
Azalea indica, L, 

Var. amoennm, Maxim. 
K. anioenum, Planch. 

Azalea amoena, LindL Sf PotVt. Fl. Gard. iii., t. 89; 
Bot. Mag. t. 4728. 

Var. balsaminaeflomm. 

Azalea balsam inaedor a, Carr,; Rev. Hort. 1882, pi. 
A. Rollisoni, Hort. 
A. rosaeflora, Hort, 

Var. Caldwelli. 

Var. calyciflorum. 

Var. Eaempferi, Mcuvim, 
R. Sieboldi, Miq. 

Var. obtusom. 

R. obtusum, Planch, 

R. Sieboldi var. minus, Miq, 

Azalea obtuse, Lindl, Bot. Reg. zxzii. t. 37. 

Var. obtusum album. 


Bhododendron ledifolium, G. Don. Japan, China, &c. 
R. leucanthum, Blume. 
R. rosmarinifoliuni, Dippel, 
Aznlea indica var, alba, Jjindl, But. R^Q. t. 811. 
A. ledifolin, Hook, Bot. Mag. t. 2901. 
A. liliiflora, Poit, 

B. linearifolium, Sieb, ^ Zucc, Japan. 

R. rosmarinifolium, Hort, (not Dippel). 
Azalea linearifolia, Hook. Bot. Mag. t. 5769. 

B. nndiflonun, Torr, Canada to Florida and Texas. 
R. bicolor. Sweet, 
R. canescens, G, Don. 
Azalea bicolor, Pursh. 
A. canescens, Michx, 
A. lutea, L. 

A. nudiflora, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 180. 
A. pericljmenoides, Michx, 

Var. cameum. 

Azalea nudiflora var. carnea, Bot. Reg. t. 120. 

Var. ezimitun, D. Don; Sweet Brit. Fl. Gard. vi., t. 291. 
'^ R. nudiflorum coccineum majus x R. arboreum." 

Var. mbmin. 

Azalea nudiflora var. rubra, Lodd. Bot. Cab. t. 51. 

Many garden varieties and hybrids. 

B. occidentale, A. Gray ; Bot. Mag. t. 5005. California. 
A. occidentalis, Ihrr. ^ Gr. 

B. Bhodora, J. F, Gmel. North America. 
R. canadense, Dippel. 
R. pulchellum, Salisb, 
Rhodora canadensis, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 474. 
R. congesta, Moench, 

B. rhombicnm. Miq. ; Bot. Mag. t. 6972. Japan. 
R. reticulatum, D. Don. 
Azalea reticulata, C. Koch. 
A. rhombica, Hort. 

B. Schlippenbachii, Maxim, ; Bot. Mag. t. 7373. Mandshuria 
and Japan. 


Khododendron serpjUHioliiuii, Miq. Japan. 
Azalea serpjllifolia^ A, Graff. 

B. nnenfle, SweH Brit. FL Gaid. t. 290 ; BoL M^. t. o90o. 
CbiDa and Japan. 
R. molle, Sieb. Sf Zucc. 
Azalea japonica, A, Gray. 
A. moUisy Blume. 

A. pontica, Z. var. sinensis, LindL Bot. Beg. t. 12-53. 
A. sinensis, Lodd, Bot. Cab. f. 885. 

Kany garden yarietieB. 

R Yaaeyi, A. Gray ; Garden and Forest, 1888, 376, f. 60. 
Mountiuns of North and Sooth Carolina. 

Var. album. 

B. viacosTun, Torr. North America. 
Anthodendron viscosum, Reichb, 
Azalea viscosa^ L, 

Var. glaucnm, A, Gray. 

\{, glaucum, G. Don (not Hook,f.). 

Azalea glnuca, Lam. 

A. visco^a var. glaaca, Michv, 


E. altaclerense, Lindl. ; Bot. Reg. t. 1414. Garden Origin. 
R. arboreura (hybridiim) altaclerense ; Bot. Mag. t. 3423. 
" R. arboireum x ( x ponticum)." 

R. Anthopogon, D. Don ; Bot. Mag. t. 3947. Alpine Hima- 
laya and Nortbeiii Asia. 

E. arboreum, Sm, var, Campbelliae. Temperate Himalaya. 
R. Campbelliae, Hook.f. Rhod. Sikkim Himal. t. 6. 

B. blandiantun, Martr, L'Horticulteur Fran^ais, 1869, t. 13. 
Garden origin. 
R. arborenm x ? 

R brachycarpum, G, Don ; Garden and Forest, 1888, 293, 
f. 46. Japan. 


Bhododendron caUfomicum, Hook. ; Bot. Mag. t. 4863. Cali- 
forniay &c. 

R. campannlatuin, D. Don ; Bot. Mag. t. 3759. Alpine Hima- 
R. aeruginosum, Hook,f. 

Var. pictam. 

Var. Wallichiiy Hook.f. 

K. Batemani, Hook, ; Bot. Mag. t. 5387. 

B. campylocarpnm, Hook,f. ; Bot. Mag. t. 4968. Sikkim, &c. 

B. catawbiense, Michx, ; Bot. Mag. t. 1671. High mountains 
from Virginia to Georgia. 

Var. futnoanm. 

K. fastuosum, Van Iloutte Flore des Serres t 143. 

Kany garden varietiea and hybrida. 

B. caucaaicnm, I'all. Caacasus. 

R. caucaseum, Sims Bot. Mag. t. 1145. 

B. ciliatom, Hook.f, Rho^. Sikkim. Himal. t. 24. Sikkim. 

B. cinnabarinnm, ^00^. /. Rhod. Sikkim Himal. t. 8. Sik- 
kim, &c. 
R. blandfordiaeflonim, Hook, f. But. Mag. t. 4930. 

B. coUettiannm, Aiich. ^ HemsL ; Bot. Mag. t. 7019. Afghani- 
R. afghanicum, Horf. (not Aiich, Sf HemsL). 

B. Ciuminghamiy ffort. Garden origin. 
R. maximum x arboreum. 

B. danriciim, Z. Daburia to Mandsburia and Sacbalin. 
R. dahuricum, Dippel. 

B. decorum, Franch. Yunnan. 

B. Delavajri, Franch. Yunnan. 

B. fermginenm, Z. ; Lodd, ; Bot. Cab. t. 65. Alps of Europe. 
Var. album, Sweet Brit. Fl. Gard. 1838, t. 268. 
Var. atrococcineum. 


Rhododendron femLgineiim-*co/if. 

Var. erectom. 

Var. hybridnm. 

Var. myrtifolixun. Austrian Alps. 

R. myrtifolium, Schoti S^ Kotschy (not Lodd,). 

Var. variegatnm. 

The three followiDg are plants of garden origin in all 
probability derived from B. ferrugineum and punctatum. 

B. arbntifolinm, Ifori. 
K. daphnoidesy Hort. 

R. Hammondi, Ilort. 
R. tenellum, Hort, 

R. Wilsoni, Hort. (not Hook.), 

R. Fortnnei, LindL ; Bot. Mag. t. 6596. China. 

R. folgens, Hook, f, Bhod. Sikkim Himal. t. 25. Nipal and 

R. glancnm, Hook, f, Bot. Mag. t. 4721. Sikki^i and 

R. halense, Gremh, (R. subferrugiueum x hirsutum.) Aus- 
trian Alps. 

R hirsntifonne, Gremb, (R. subfemigincum x hirsutum). 
Austrian Alps. 

R. hirsutum, L, ; Bot. Mag. t. 1853. Alps of Europe. 

R. intermedium, Tatisch, Tyrol, <^c. 

R. kewense, W, Wats, (R. griffithianum x Ilookeri.) Gar- 
den, 1892, xlii. t. 474. Gkrden origin. 

R. Keysii, Nutt. ; Bot. Mag. t. 4875. Bhotan. 

R. lacteum, Franch, Yunnan. 

R. lepidotum, Wall. ; Bot. Mag. t. 4657. Temperate axL<i 
Alpine Himalaya. 


Bhododendron Lnscombei, TF. TVais, (R. Fortanei x R. 
ThomsonL) Grarden ori<riQ. 

Var. splendens. 

B. Manglesii, Ilort. (R. AuckluQdi x album elegans) ; Gard. 
Chron. 1885, xxiv., 49, f. 9. Ganlen origin. 

R. maximum, Z. ; Bot. Mag. t. 951. North America. 
R. procerura. Salisb, 
R. purpureiim, G. Don, 
R. Pursliii, G. Don. 

B. Mettdmicliii, Sieb, ^- Zucc. Fl. Jap. t. 9. Japan. 

R. mjrrtif jlinm, Lodd. Bot. Cab. t. 908. Garden origin* 
? R. hirsiitum x punctatum. 
R. oval i folium, Hort. 
R. ovatum, Hort, (not Maxim.), 
R. ponticum var. myrtifolium, Loud, 

R. niveum, Hook.f. ; Bot. Mag. t. 4730. Sikkim. 

R. nobleannm, Lindl. Bot. Reg. t. 1820. Garden origin. 
R. arboreum x eaucasicum. 
R. eaucasicum var, nobleanum, Loud, 

R. parvifoliam, Adams, ; Garteuflorn, 1877, t, 904. Siberia, 
China, &c. 
R. parviflorum, Ait, 
Azalea ferruginosa, Pall. Fi. Ross. t. 72. 

R. ponticum, L, ; Bot. Mag. t. 650. Spain, Portugal, Asia 
M inor. 
R. baeticum, Boiss, Sf Rent, 

Var. album. 

Var. cheiranthifolium. 

R. cheiranthifolium, Hort, 

Var. daphnoides, Hort, 

R. (laphnoides, Hort, (in part). 

Var. lancifolium. 

R. lancifolium, Moench, 

Var. variegatum. 

B. praecox, Carr, Rev. Hortic. 1868,211, t, (R. ciliatum x 
daurioum). Garden origin. 


Bhododendron ptQcherrimxiiii, Lindl, (R. arboreum x cauca- 
R. caucasicum var. pulcherrimum, Loud. 

B. punctatuin, Andr. Bot. Rep. t. 36; Bot. Reg. t. 37. 
Alleghany Mountains from North Carolina to Georgia. 
R. minus, Michx. 

B. racemosTun, Franch. ; Bot. Mag. t. 7301 ; Garden, 1892, 
xlii., 311, pi. Western China. 

B. rosetun odoratnm, Hort. Davies. Garden origin 

" Hardy white Azalea x hardy scarlet Rhododendron." 

B. masellianum, Sweet Brit. Fl. Gard. iv,, t. 91. 
R. catawbiense x arboreum. 

B. Smimowi, Trautv. ; Gartenflora, t. 1226, f. 2. Caucasus. 

B. Smithii, Hort, var, elegans. Garden origin. 

B. Thomsoni, Hook, /. ; Bot. Mag. t. 4997. Nipal and Sikkim. 

B. Ungemi, Trautv. \ Qartenflora, t. 1226, f. 1. Caucasus. 

B. virgatnin, Hook.f. ; Bot. Mag. t. 5060. Sikkim. 

ttt Hybrids between Azalea and Ruododbndbon. 

B. azaleoides Desf. (R. viscosum x maximum). Garden 
R. hybridum, Ker-Gawl. Bot. Reg. 1. 195. 
R. odoratuni, I. odd. 

R. fragrans, Paxt, Mag. of Bot. x., t. 147. 
R. ix)nticum var, deeiduum, Andr. Bot. Rep. t. 379. 
R. ponticum var. azaleoides. 
R. maximum hybridum, Bot. Mag. t. 3454. 

B. Cartoni, I I art. ; Bot. R^. t. 1449. Garden origin. 
''Azalea nudi flora x Rhododendron catawbiense. 


B. gemmifenun, Hort. Garden origin. 

B. gowenianum, Sweet ; Bi-it. Fl. Gard. ser. i. t. 203. Garden 
origin. '* (Azalea nudiHorn or viscosa) x (R. ponticum 
X catawbiense*)." 
R. nutli/loniiD rar. ^ovenianam, Loxd. 

// 92397. -o 


Bhododendron Smithii, Hort, (not Sweei) var. aurenm, Paxt. 
Mag. Bot. ix., t. 79. " Rhododendron seedling x Azalea 

Under the generic name Azaleodendron a number of hybrids 
between K. sinensis (Azalea mollis) and an evergreen hybrid 
Rhododendron have been distributed from Belgium. 

Menziesia globularis, Salisb. Alleghany Mountains from 
Pennsylvania to Georgia. 
M. ferruginea var, globularis, Swu Bot. Mag. t. lo7l. 

Clethra acuminata, Micha^. ; Lodd, Bot. Cab. t. 1427. Virginia 
to Georgia. 
C. montana, Barir. 

C alnifolia, X. Maine to Florida, 

Var. Michanxii. 

C. Michauxii, Court, 

Var. pamculata. 

C. paniculatai Ait, 

Var. scabra. 

C. scabra, Pers, 

Var. tomentosa, Michx. ; Garden and Forest, 1891^ 64, f. 14, 
C. incana, Pers, 
C. pubescens, JVilld. 
C. tomentosa. Lam, ; Bot. Mag. t. 3743* 

C. canescens, Reinw, China, Japan, &c. 

C. barbinervis, Sieb. ^ Zucc, ; Gartenflora, 1870, t. 654. 
C. lancifolia, Turcz. 
C. Fabri, Hance, 


Dii^enaia lapponica, L.\ Bot. Mag. t. 1108. Mountains hi 
high latitudes of northern hemisphere. 

s 2 


KTTBiiie afric&na, L. Himalaya, Tropical and Soutli AfricM, 

Ardisia japonica, Blume. China and Japan. 
A. odoDtophylla, Lindl. Bot. Reg. 1. 1892. 
Bladhia glabra, Thunb, 
S. japonica, Thunb. 


Bomelia lani^i^osa, Pers. ; Sargent Silva of yorth Americft> 
t. 247. Southern Uoited States, £c. 
SideroxyloD lanugiuosnm, Mickx. 

B. ^ioides, Gaertn. f. ; Sargent Silra of North America, 
t. 248. South United States. 
Sidarox^lon lycioidea, L. 


DioaprroB Eaki, L. Japan. 

D. Lotu, L.i Load. Arb. et Fnit. Brit., 625, f. 1214. Tem- 
perate Asia (naturalised in South Europe ?). 
D. calycina, Horl. 

D. Tirpniaaa, L. ; Sargent SUva of North America, t.t. 252-3. 
United States. 
D. coucolor, Moeneh. 
D. digyna, Hort. 
D. distjla, Hort. 


SymplocM crataegoides, Unr/i-ffim. -, Garden and Foreat, 
1892, 89, f. 15. Himalnya to Japan. .^^ 

8. japonica, A. DC; Lindl. .J^ I>iu)t. Fl,(i^^ 
China nriil .Tapan. 
S. Incidu, Sicb. ^ Zitcc Fl. I» 




SymplocoB panicnlata, Miq, Japan. 

S. tinctoria, VHerit. Delaware to Florida and Louisiana. 

Halesia corjmbosa, Nichols, Japan. 

Pterostyrax corymbosum, Sieb, S^ Zucc* Fl. Jap. t. 47. 

H. diptera, L. ; Lodd, Bot. Cab. 1. 1 172. Georgia and Florida 
to Louisiana. 
Mohrodendron dipterum, Britton ; Sargent Silva t. 249. 

H. hispida, Mast, Gard. Chron. 1884, xxii., 176, f. 34. China 
and Japan. 
Pterostyrax hispidum, Sieb* Sf Zucc, ; Rev. Hort. 1875, 
308, f. 50. 

H. parviflora, Michx, Georgia and Florida. 

H. tetraptera, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 910. West Virginia and 
Illinois to Florida. 
Mohrodendron Carolinum, Britton ; Sargent Silva) 
t.t. 257-8. Florida. 

Yar. Meehani, Sargent Garden and Forest, 1892, 535, f. 91. 
H. Meehani, Ilort, 

Stjraz americantun, Lam. Virginia to Florida, Louisiana and 
Halesia parviflora, Lindl. Bot. Reg. t. 952 (not Michx^, 

f. japonicnm, Sieb. Sr Zucc. Fl. Jap. t. 23 ; Begel Gartenflora, 
t. 583. China and Japan. 

S. Obassia, Sieb. Sf Zucc, ; Bot. Mag. t. 7039. Japan. 

S. officinale, L. ; Moggr. Flora of Mentone, t. 60. Sooth 
Europe, Asia Minor. 

S. terrnlatuin, Roxb. ; Bot. Mag. t. 5950. Eastern India. 


Jasminnm floridnm, Bunge ; Bot. Mag. t. 6719. China. 
J. subulatum, LindL 

J. flmticans, X.; Bot. Mag. t. 461. Mediterranean region 
and Ori< 
J, coU 1. 
J. hi 


Jasminmn hxunile, L. ; Bot. Reg. t. 350. Sub -tropical Hima- 
J. chrysanthum, Roxb, 
J. Fnlleri, ffort. 

J. pubigerum, Hort. (not D, Don). 
J. Beevesii, ffort. 

J. revolutum, Sims Bot. Mag. t. 1731. 
J. wallichiannm, LindL 

J. nudiflomm, Lindl. ; Bot. Mag. t. 4649. China and Japan. 
Var. foliifl anreis. 

J. officinale, Z. ; Bot. Mag. t. 31. Persia and North-\7estern 
J. ochroleucnm, Hort, 

Var. affine, Dippel, 

J. afiine, Royle ; Bot. Reg. xxxi., t. 26 ; Carr, Rev. 

Hort. 1878, 428, f. 87. 
J. grandiflonim, Hort, (not Z.). 

Var. foliis anreis. 

Porsythia intermedia, Zahel\ Gartenflora, 1891, 397, f. (F. 
suspensa x viridissima). Garden origin. 

F. suspensa, Vahl ; Bot. Mag. t. 4995. China. 
F. Fortunei, Hort. 
F. Sieboldi, Hort. 

F, viridissima, LindL Bot. Reg. 1 847, t. 39. China. 

Syringa amnrensis, Rupr. ; Garden and Forest, 1889, 271, 
f. 112. China, Japan, and Mandshuria. 
Ligustrina amurensis, Rupr, ; Gartenflora, 1863, t. 396. 

S. chinensis, JVilld. ; Nouveau Duhamel, ii., t. 63. (S. vulgaris 
X S. persica.) Garden origin. 
S. correlata, A. Br. 
S. dubia, Pers. 
S. rothomagensis, Mirh. 

Var. metensis, Hort, 

Var. rubra, Lodd. 

Var. saugeana, Hort. 


Sjrmga Emodi, Wall. ; Bot. Reg. xxxi., t. 6. Himalaya. 

Var. foliis rubris. 

Var. rosea, Cornu ; Rev. Hort. 1888, 492, t. North China. 
S. Bretschneideri, ffori, 
S. villosa, Sargent^ Garden and Forest, 1888, 521, f: 83. 

Var. variegata. 

S. japonica, Decne. ; Garden and Forest, 1889, 295, f. 115. 
Ligustrina amurensis var, japonica, Maxim* 

S. Josikaea, Jacq.f. ; Bot. Mag. t. 3278. Transsjlvania. 

S. oblata, Lindl. ; Garden and Forest, 1888, 221, f. 39. China. 
S. chinensis, Blume (not Willd.), 

8. peldnensiB, Rupr. Mountains of Northern China. 
S. amurensis var, pekinensis, Maxim, 
Ligustrina pekinensis, Regel. 

Var. pendula. 

S. persica, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 486. Afghanistan. 

Var. alba. 

S. Steencruyssii, Hort, 

Var. laciniata, Vahl ; Lodd. Bot. Cab. t. 1107. 
S. filicifolia, Hort. 
S. laciniata. Mill. 
S. pteridifolia, Hort. 
S- pinnata, Hort. 

S. Tillosa, Vahl ; Bot. Mag. t. 7064 ; Garden and Forest, 1888, 
414, f. 67. North China. 
S. pubescens, Turcz. 
S. verrucosa, Hort. 

S. YulgariB, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 183. Eastern Europe. 
ICanj garden varieties. 


Fnudnm bnngeana, DC; Garden and Forest, 1894, 5, f . 1. 
China and t n. 
F. rhineDBifl^ . 



Fraxinus bungeana — cont, 

F. florlbunda, Bunge (not Wall.). 

F. obovata, Blume, 

F. Ornus var. bungeaaa^ Hance. 

F. dipetala, ffook. Sr Arn. ; Sargent Silva of North America, 
t« 261. California. 
Ornus dipetala, Nutt. 

F. floribanda, Wall. Himalaya. 
Ornu8 floribunda, A, Dietr. 

F. longicxLspis, Sieh, Sf Zucc, Japan. 

F. Mariegii, Hook. f. Bot. Mag. t. 6678. China. 

F. Ornus, L. ; Bentl. <^ Trim. Medicinal Plants, t. 170. 

Mediterranean region and Orient. 
F. florifera, Scop. 
F. paniculata, Mill. 
Ornus europaea, Pers. ; Loud Arbor, et Frut. Brit. 652, 

f. 1266. 

Var. angnstifolia. 

Var. latifolia, Ait. ; fFats. Dendr. Brit. t. 107. 
F. rotundifolia, Jlort. (not Lam.). 
F. Theophrasti, Hort. 
Ornus rotundifolia, Jtort, 
Ornus Theophrasti, Hort, 

Var. variegata. 

F. raibocarpa, Regel ; Dippel Laubholzk. i., 93, f. 50. 

F. rotundifolia. Lam,; Dippel Laubholzk. i. 61, f. 25. South 
Europe, &c. 
F. argentea, Loisel. 
F. mannifera, Hort. 

Ornus rotundifolia, Pers. 


F. sieboldiana, Blume; Dippel Laubholzk. i., 63, f. 27. 



FraxiiiiLS americana, Z. ; Sargent Silva of North America^ 
t.t. 268, 269. North America. 
F. acuminata, Lam, 
F. alba. Marsh, 
F. canadensis, Gaertn, 
F. cinerea, Bosc, 
F. curvidens, Hort, 
F. discolor, Muhl, 
F. epiptera, Michx^ 
F. glauca, Hort, 
F. juglandifolia, Lam, 
F. mixta, Bosc, 
F, pannosa, J?o*c. 

Var. microcarpa, A, Gray, 
F. albicans, Buckl, 
F. americana t^ar. epiptera, C, Koch, 
F. americana longifolia, Hort, 
F. Curtissii, Vasey, 
F. lancea, 2?o«c. 
F. Novae-Angliae, JJor^, 

Var. ancubaefolia, Hort, 

Var. foliis argenteis variegatis. 

F. aiLgustifolia, Vahl\ Dippel Laubholzk. 1., 91, f. 48. 
South Europe, &c. 
F. australis, J. Gay, 
F. calabrica, Hort, 
F. chinensis, Lodd. (not Roxb.), 
F, excelsior rar. australis, 6ray. 
F. excelsior var. salici folia, Hort, 
F. lucida, Hort.' 
F. oxycurpa, Willd. 
F. oxyphylla, 5i>^, 
F. rostrata, DC. 
F. salicifolia, ^or^. 

F. anomala, Torr. ; Sargent Silva of North America, t. 


PraxuiUB borlandieriana, DC; Sargent Silva of North 
America, t. 273. Southern Mexico. 
F. americana var. berlandieriana, Wesmael, 
F, pubescens var. Lindheimeri, JVenzig, 
F. trialata, Buckl. 
F. viridis var, berlandieriana, Torr. 

F. earoliniana, Mill. ; Sargent Silva of North America, 
t.t. 274-5. Southern United States. 
F. americana, Marsh, (not Lam.). 
F, cubensis, Chriseb. 
F. curvidens, Hoffmgg. 
F. nigra var, caroh'niana, Wesmael. 
F. nigrescens, Buckl, 
F. Nuttallii, Buckl. 
F. pallida, Bosc. 
F, pauciflora, Nutt. 
F. platjcarpa, Michx, 
F. pubescens, Bosc (not Lam.). 
F. triptera, Nutt, 

F. chinensis, Roxh, China. 

F. dimorpha, Coss. Sf Dur. North Africa. 
F. incana, Carr, 
F. xanthophjlla, Hort. 
F. xanthoxjloides, Hort. 

Var. dmnosa, Carr. 

F. Elonza, Dippel Laubholzk. i., 87, f. 46. Origin uncertain. 

F. ezcelaior, L. ; Sytne Engl. Bot. t. 1402. Europe, North 

Var. amariflsima, Dippel, 
F. araarissima, Hort, 

Var. angustifolia, Loud, 

F. heterophylla, Hort. (not Vaht). 
F. salicifolia, Hort. (in part). 

Var. aurea, Loud, 
F. aurea, Pers. 

Var. aurea pendula, -^^r/. 

Var. cortice variegato. 

n 92397. 


Frazinus excelsior— co/i^. 

Var. crispa, Loitd. 

F. americann crispa, Hort, 

F. atrovirens, Desf, 

F. coriacea, Hort. 

F. crispa, Bosc. 

F. excelsior var. atrovireas, Dippel, 

F. excelsior var* cucullata, Hart. 

F. glomerata, Hort. 

F. nigra, Hort. (not Marsh,). 

Var. foliis argenteis. 

Var. fangosa, Lodd. 

Var. globosa, Hort, 

Var. heterophylla, Loud, Arb. et Frut. Biit. C43, f. 12i9. 
F. excelsior var. divcrsi folia, Ait. 
F. heterophylla, Vahl. 
F. in togri folia, Hort. 
F. monophylla, T^e.?/'. 
F, rufa, Bosc. 
F. simplicifolia, fVilld, 

Var. heterophylla laciniata. 

F. excelsior var. imbricatn, Hort. 
F. monophylla laciniata, Hort. 

Var. lutea, Hort. 

Var. nionstrosa, /7or^ 

Var. mjrtifolia, Hort. 

F. polemoniifolia, Hort^ 
F. viridis nobilis, //orf . 

Var. obliqua. 

F. obliqua, Tausch. 

Var. pendula, Ait. 

Var. pendula Wentworthi. 

Vai. spectabilis, Hort, 

Var. stricta, I,oud. 

Var. yerticillata, ^or^ 
F. vcrticillata, Lodd. 

F. expansa^ iJior/. (F. americana x viridis ? Koehie). 

■;C ^^r- 


FraziniLS glabra, Laicsan, (F. penusylvanica x viridis ? 

F. mandshiLrica, liupr. Corea, Mandshuria to Sachalia aud 

F. nigra, Marsh, ; Sargent Silva of Noith America, t. 265. 
Y. americana var. sambucifolia, D. «/*. Broame, 
F. Novae- Angliae, Duroi. 
F. sambucifolia, Lam. 

F. nximidica, Dippel Laubholzk. i., 96, f. 52. North Africa. 

F. oregona, NuU. ; SargetU Silva of North America, t. 276. 
Western United States. 
F. califomica, Hort. (in part). 
F. latifolia, Benth, 

Yai*. foliis pnlvemlentis. 

F. parvifolia, Zam. ; Loud. Arb. et Frut. Brit. 644, f. 1251. 
S. Europe, Orient. 
F. lentiscifolia, Desf. 
F. oxycarpa var, parvifolia, Boiss. 
F. persica, Boiss, 

Var. pendula. 

F. lentiscifolia var, pendula, Kirchn. 
F. tamariscifolia var. pendula, Dippel, 

Var. nana. 

F. lentiscifolia nana, Hort, 

F. tamariscifolia var, nana, Dippel, 

F. pennajlvanica, Marsh. ; Sargent Silva of North America, 
t. 27 1 . North America. 
F. americana var, pubescens, D, J, Browne. 
F. cpiptera, Hort. (not Michx,), 
F. longifolia, Bote, 
F. Novae Angliae, . U. (not Hort.). 
F. oblongocarpa, A » 
F. pubescens, Lam, 
F. 8ubvillos% JBoie. 
P. t< nti 
P. virw 1 



Fraxinus p3iiiisylva,nica — cont. 

Var. lanceolata, Sargent Silva of Nortli America, t. 272, 
North America. 
F. caroliniana, IVilld. (not Mill, nor Lam.). 
F. expansa, Wiild, 
F. juglanJi folia, Willd, 
F. lanceolata, Borkh. 
F. pubescens, Torr, (not Lavi.), 
F. viridis, Micluv. 

P. potamopMla, Herd. ; Dippel Laubholzk. i., 98, f. 54. 

Turkestan, &c. 

P. quadrangulata, Mic1ix\ ; Sargent Silva of North America, 
t. 263. United States. 
F. quadrangularis, Lodd. 
F. tetragona, Bosc. 

P. Regelii, Dippel Laubholzk. i., 97, f. 53. Turkestan. 
F. sogdiana, Hort, (not Bimge). 

P. rhynchophylla, Hance ; Garden and Forest, 1893, 484, f. 70. 
F. chincnsis var. rhyncophylla, Hemsl. 

P. sogdiana, Bunge; Dippel Laubholzk. i., 92, f. 49. 
F. turkcstanica, Ilort. 

P. Veltheimi, Dieck (F, parvifoliu x excelsior monophylla). 
Grarden origin. 
F. parvifolia var. monophylla, Dippel. 

Pontanesia Portimei, Carr. Rev. Hort. 1859, 43, f. 9. China. 
F. chinensis, Hance. 
F. philliraeoides var. chinensi.s, Deheaux. 

P. phiUiraeoides, Labill. ; Dippel Laubholzk. i., 102, f. 57. 
Asia Minor. 
Var. longifolia, Dippel Laubholzk. i., 103, f. 58. 
F. californica, Hort. 

Porestiera actuninata, P^V. ; Dippel Laubholzk. i., 120, f. 70. 
Southern Unit 

Adclm w 


PUllyraea angiutifolia, Z. Mediterranean region. 

P. media var. angustifolia ; Laud. Arb. et Frut. Brit. 632, 
f. 1227. 
Var. roBmarinifolia, Aif. 
P. rosmarinifoliai Mil/, 

P. decora, Boiss. ^ Bal. ; Card, Chron. 1888, iv., 673, f. 96. 
P. laurifolia, Hort. 
P, Medwedewi, Sredinski. 
P. vilmoriniaua, Boiss, ; Bot. Mag. t. 6800. 
P. vilmoriensis, Hari. 

P. latifolia, Z. Mediterranean region. 

P. media var, latifolia* Loud, Arb. et Frut. Brit. 633, 

f. 1231. 
P. spinosa, Tenore. 

Var. ilicifdlia. 

Var. rotundifolia. 

P. media, L. ; Loud. Arb. Brit. 632, f. 1226. Mediterranean 
P, variabilis var, media. 

Var. biudfolia. Ait. 

Var. oleaefolia. Ait, 
P. oleafolia, Mill. 

OamanthnB Aquifoliiun, Siebold, ; Gard. Chron. 1877, vii., 
239, f. 37. Japan. 
Ilex Aquifolium, Thunb. (not Z.). 
Olea Aquifolinm, Sieb, Sf Zuce. 
O. aquifolia, Dippel, 

Var. ilicifoliuB. 

Olea aquifolia var. ilicifoHa, Z>ippe/ Laubholzk. i., 141, 
f. 89. 

Var. ilicifolius latifolius. 

Var. ilicifolius latifolius variegatus. 

Var. ilicifolius purpureus. 

Var. ilidfolius variegatuf • 

Var. mT as. 




Cbionanthus retusxis, Lindl. ^ Paxt, Fl. Gard. iii., 85, f. 273 ; 
Gafd. Chron. 1885, xxiii., 821, f. 178. China and 
0. chinonsis, Maxim, 

C. virginica, L, ; Lodd, Bot. Cab. t. 1264. South Penn- 
sylvania lo Florida and Texas. 
C. trifida, Moench. 

Var. latifolia, Dippel. 
C. men tan a, Pur ah. 

Olea europaea, Z. ; BentL Sf Trim, Medicinal Plants, t. 172. 
Asia Minor and Syria (cultivated elsewhere). 

Ligustrum coriaceum, Carr, Rev. Hort. 1874, 418, f. 56. 
L. lucidum var. coriaceum, Decne. 

L. Ibota, Sieb. ; Garden and Forest, 1893, 425, f. 64. China, 
Japan and Sachalin. 
L. amurense, Hort. (not Carr.), 
L. ciliatum, Sieb. 
L. obtusifolium, Sieb. Sf Zucc. 
L. regelianum, Hort. 
L. Koxburghii, Hort. (not Blume)^ 
L. Stauntoni, Hort. (not DC). 
Daphniphyllum Roxburghii, Hort. 

It. insnlare, Decne. Origin uncertain. 
L. angustifolium, Hort. 
L. insulense, Hoit. 
L. linearis, Hort. 
L. longifolium, Hort. (in part). 
L. Stauntoni, H(yrt, (in part). 

L. japonicnin, Thunb.-, Lindl. Sf Paxt. Fl. Gard. ii., 117, 
f. 196. China, Japan, &c. 
L. bullatum, Hort. 
L, glabrum, Hort. 
L. kellerianum, Hort. 
L. Kellermanni, Van Houtte. 
L. lucidum, Uort. (not Ait.) 
L. macrophyllum, Hort. 


Lig^nstnim japonicnm — cont, 

L. ovalifolium, ffort, (not Hassk.) 

L. Koxburgliii, Blume. 

L. Sieboldi, Hort, 

L. spicatum, Hort, 

L. Byringaeflorum, Hort, 

L. lucidtun, Ait, ; Bot. Mag. t. 2565. China. 
L. japonicum, Hort, (not Thunh^, 
L. longi folium, Hort, (in part), 
L. magnoliaefolium, ^or^. 

L. sinense latifolium robustum, Hort, ; Gard. Chroo. 
1878, X., 753, f. 125. 

Var. AliYOni, Hort, 

Var. tricolor, Hort. 

L. japonicum tricolor, Hort, 

Var. aureo-yariegatum, jfiTor^. 

L. japonicum anreo-variegatum, Hort, 

L. massalongiaiium. Vis, ; Ghird. Chron. 1881, xvi., 149, f. 33. 
L. angustifolium, Hort, (in part). 
L. japonicum, Hort, (in part). 
L. longifolium, Hort, (in part). 
L. myrtifolium, Hort. 
L. rosmarinifolium, //or^. 
L. spicatum, Hort, (in part). 

L. ovalifolium, Hassk,; Dippel Laiibholzk. i., 134, f. 84. 
Japan • 
L. amurense, Carr, Rev. Hort. 1861, 352, f. 85. 
L. californicum, Hort. (in part.) 
L. japonicum, t^ar. ovalifolium, Blume, 
L. ovatum, Hort. 
L. reticulatum, Hort, 

Var. folilB aureis. 

L. californicum aureum, Hort, 
L. elegantissi.mum, Hort, 

L. Qnihoui, Carr.\ Gard. Chron. 1882, xviii., 277, f. 51. 
L. brachystacbium, Decne, 


Ligustrum sinense, Lour. ; Gard. Chron. 1 8.58, 62 1 , f. ; 1 878. x., 
365, f. 64 ; Garden and Forest, 1890, 213, f. 36. China. 
L. californicum, Hort, {in part). 
L. chinenso, Carr. 
L. chinensc naniim, Hort. 
L. Fortune!, Hort, 
L. frondosura, Hort, 
L. Ibota, var, villosum, Hort, 
L. Stauntoni, DC, 
L. villosum, May, 

L. strongylophyllnm, HctnsL China. 

L. vulgare, L. Europe, North Africa. 

Var. aurenm. 

Var. bnxifolinm. 

Var. cMorocarptun, Loud. 

Var. italicmn. 

L. italicum, Mill, 

L. semporvirens, Fl. Core, 

Var. pendnlnin. 

Var. Yariegatmn, Loud, 

Var. xanthocarptim, Loud, 


Vinca difformis, Pourr. South-western Europe. 
V. acutiflorn, Bert, 

V. media, Hoffmgg. ^- Link ; Rcickb, Ic, Fl. Germ 
10G3, f. ii. 

V. major, Z. ; Syme Engl. Bot. t. 905. Europe, &c. 
Var. elegantissima, Hort, 

V. minor, Z. ; Syme Engl, Bot. t. ^06. Europe W. Asia. 
Var. azurea. 
Var. flore albo. 
Var. foliis argenteis, Lodd, 
Var. foliis anreis, Lodd, 
Var. flore pleno. 
Var, Hare puniceo, Lodd, 




Trachelospermnin jasminoides, Lemaire, China and Japan. 
Malouetia asiatica, Sieb, ^ Zucc, 
Parechites Thunbergii, A. Gray, 
Rhjnchospermum jasminoides, LindL ; Bot. Ma^. t. 4737. 


Aranjia sericofera, Brot. Brazil <&c. 

Physianthus albens, Mart, ; Bot. Mag. t. 3201, 

Periploca graeca, Z. ; Bot. Mag. t. 2289. South-eastern 
Europe, Orient. 
P. maculata, Moench, 

Hetaplexis Stanntoni, Roem, S^ Schult, ; Dippel Laubholzk. 
i., 160, f. 97. China, Japan, <&c. 
M. cbinensis, Decne. 
M. rostrata, Turcz, 
Urostelma chinense, Bunge, 

Harsdenia erecta, R. Br. ; Dippel Laubholzk. i., 16], f. 98. 
Eastern Europe, Asia Minor. 
Cynanchum erectum, L, 


Buddleia Colvillei, Hook. /. ^ Thorns. ; Bot. Mag. t. 7449. 


B. globosa, Hope ; Bot. Mag. t. 174. Chili, Peru. 
13. capitata, Jacq. 
B. globiflora, Mirb. 

B. intermedia, Carr, (B. curviflora x lindleyana). Ghirden 

B. japonica, //e^n^/. Japan. 

B. curviflora, Andre (not Hook, Sf Am.) ; 111. Hort. xvii., 
t. 25. 

Var. insignis. 

B. insignis, Carr. Rev. Hort. 1878^ 330, f. 76. 

u 92397. Q 


Buddlda lindleyanai Fortune; Bot.|Beg. xxxii., t. 4. China 
and Japan. 
B. salicifolia, ffort, (not Vahl). 

B. panicnlata, TFalL Afghanistan and Burma to China. 
B. crispai Benth, ; Bot. Mag. t. 4793. 

Sesfontainea spinosa, Ruiz 4* Pav.\ Bot. Mag. t. 4781. Chili, 
Peru, &c. 


Ehretia acuminata, R. Br. Himalaya, Japan, Ac. 
E. serrata, Roxb. ; Bot. Reg. t. 1097. 
Cardiandra alternifolia, Hort, (not. Sith, Sf Zucc), 
Cordia tbyrsiflora, Sieb, Sf Zucc, 

Lithospermum prostratum, Lois, Jour. Hort. s. 3, xxv., 404. 
South Europe. 
L. fruticosum, Hort, (not Z.). 
Lithodora prostrata, Griseb. 

M oltkia petraea, Boiss. Dalmatia. 

Echium petraeum, Tratt, ; Bot. Reg. 1843, t. 26. 
Lithospermum petraeum, A, DC; Bot. Mag. t. 5942. 
L. rosmarinifolium, Reichb. 


ConvolvuluB Cneorum, Z. ; Bot. Mag. t. 459. South Europe. 
C. argentcus, Lam. 


Solannm crispnm, Ruiz Sf Pav. ; Bot. Mag. t. 3795. Chili. 

S. Dulcamara, Z. ; BentL S^ Trimen Medicinal Plants, t. 190. 
Europe, &c. 

Var. flore lacteo. 

Var. fructu luteo. 


Solannin jasminoideB, Paxt, Magaz. of Botany, viii., t. 6. 
S. boerhaviaefolium, Sendtn, 

Lyciuin afrum, L. ; Bot. Beg, t. 354. Cape of GK>od Hope, &c. 
L. purpureum^ Hort, 

L. bafbanun, L. North Africa, &c. 
L. Shawii, Roem. Sf Schult, 

L. cbilense, Miers. Chill. 

L. chinense, Mill.; DippelloMhhohV, i., 25, f. 11.; Wat*. 
Dendr. Brit. t. 8. China. 
L. chinense rar. \rewianum. 
L. megistocarpum, Dun. 
L. ovatum, C Koch (not Poir,). 
L. trewianum, Roem, ^ Schult, 

L. enropaenin, L. ; Dippel Laubholzk. i., 29, f. 14. Mediter- 

ranean region. 

L. medlterraneum. Dun, 
L. salicifolium, Mill, 

L. grevilleantun, Gillies, Argentina. 

L. halimifolium. Mill, Origin uncertain. 
L. barbarum, Ait, (not Z.). 
L. europaeum, Gouan (not Z.). 
L. turbinatum, Poir, 
L. vulgare, Dun. 
Josminoides fiaccida, Moench. 

L, paUidum, Mien ; Garden and Forest, 1888, 341, f. 54. 
New Mexico, Arizona, &c. 

L. rhombifolium, Dippel Laubholzk. i., 24, f. 10. China. 
L. barbarum, IVats. Dendr. Brit. t. 9. (not Z.). 
L. ovatum, Poir. 
Jajiminoides rhombifolium, Moench. 

L. mthenicum, Murr. Southern Bussia, Songaria, &c, 
L. tat4iricum. Pall. 

Cestmm Parqui, VHerit. ; Bot. Mag. t. 1770. Chili. 
C. virgatum, Ruiz Sf Pav, 

YihmnB, imbricAta, Ruiz ^ Pav, ; Bol. "Re^* xxn .^ \» ^^ 
Peru, &c. 



Faulownia imperialis, Sieb. ^ Zucc; Bot. Mag. t. 4666. 
P. tomentosa, Steud. 
Bignonia tomentosa, Thunh, 
Incan illea tomentosa, Spreng, 

Fentstemon Menziesii, Hook, Bot. Mag. t. 6834. British 
Columbia, California, &c. 

Var. Lewisii, {Benth.), 

Var. Scouleri, A. Gray, 

V. Scouleri, Lindl. Bot. Reg. t. 1277. 

Veronica amplexicaulis, Armstr. Bot. Mag. t. 7370. New 

V. Andersoni, Lindl. Sf Paxt. Fl. Gard. ii., t. 38. Garden 


V. anomala, Armstr. ; Bot. Mag. t. 7360. New Zealand. 

V. arborea, J. Buck. New Zealand. 

V. Armstrongii, T, Kirk. New Zealand. 

V. aZTirea, Link. Garden origin. 

V. bTixifolia, Benth, New Zealand. 

V. Candida, Lodd, Origin uncertain. 

V. camea, Amstr. New Zealand. 

V. Catarractae, Fortt, New Zealand. 

V. chathamica, J. Buck, Trans. N. Z. Inst, vii., t. 13, f. 1. 
New Zealand. 

V. Colensoi, Hook.f.\ Bot. Mag. t. 7296. New Zealand. 

V. cnpressoides, Hook.f, Bot. Mag. t. 7348. New Zealand. 
V. sallcornoides. Hart, (not Hook.f.), 

Var. variabiUs, N, E. Br. Gard. Chron. 1888, iii., 20, 
f.f. 4-7. 

V. decnmbenSy Armstr, New Zealand. 


Veronica Derwentia, Andr. 6ot. Eep. t. 531. New Zealand. 

V. DieffenbacMi, Benth, New Zealand. 

V. dioimifolia, R, Cunn, New Zealand. 

V. elliptica, Forst, New Zealand. 

V. decussata, Ait. ; Bot. Mag. t. 242. 
V. Menziesii, Benth. 

V. Pairfieldii, Hook, f, Bot. Mag. t. 7323. Garden origin, 

V. fmticnlosa, L. ; Reichb. Ic. crit. x., f. 905. 

V. glanco-caerulea, Armstr. New Zealand. 

V. gnthriana, Hoi*t. Garden origin. 

V. Hectori, Hook.f. ; Bot. Mag. t. 7415. New Zealand. 

V. hnlkeana, /'. Muell. ; Bot. Mag. t. 5484. New Zealand. 

V. ignota, JFaugh. New Zealand. 

V. Eirkii, Armstr. New Zealand. 

V. lavandiana, Raoul \ Bot. Mag. t. 7210. New Zealand. 

V. Lewisii, Armstr. New Zealand. 

V. ligiLStrifolia, A. Cunn, New Zealand. 

V. loganioides, Armstr, ; Bot. Mag. t. 7404. New Zealand. 

V. Lyallii, Hook. f. ; Bot. Mag. t. 7338. New Zealand. 

V. macrocarpa, Vahl, var. stricta. New Zealand. 

V. macronra, Hook.f, New Zealand. 

V. monticola, Armstr. New Zealand. 

V. parviflora, Vahl var. anguBtifolia, Hook. f. ; Bot. Mag. 
t. 5965. New Zealand. 
V. angusLifolia, A. Rich. 
V. steuophylla, Steud. 

V. pimeleoides, Hook. f. New Zealand. 

V. pingnifolia. Hook.f. ; Bo' t. 6147. NeN<i ZA».\axA. 

V. carno. f^ook.t • j t. 6S>%T ^jtfA.* ^'wckiSo. 

NewZ ^ 


Veronica rakaiensis, Armstr. New Zealand. 
V. Colensoi var. gracilis, ffort, 

V. salicifolia, Forst. ; Kirk Forest Flora, New Zealand, t. 12C. 
Var. gracilis. 

V. speciosa, B. Cunn. ; Bot. Mag. t. 40o7. New Zealand. 

V. Traversii, Hook. f. ; Bot. Mag. t. 6390. New Zealand. 

V. vemicosa, Hook.f. New Zealand. 


Bignonia capreolata, Z. ; Bot. Mag. t. 864. South United 
Anisoslichus capreolatus, Bur, 

Catalpa bignonioidea, IValt, South United States. 
CJ. arguta, Hort, 
C. cassinaefolia, Hort. 
C. Catalpa, Karsten ; Sargent Silva of North America, 

t.t. 288, 289. 
C. con} munis, Dum.- Court, 
C. cordifolia, Moench. 
C. sjringaefolia, Sims Bot. Mag. t. 1094. 
Bignonia Catalpa, L, 

Var. aurea. 
Var. nana. 

C. Bnngei, C. A. Mey, China. 

C. cordifolia, Jaume Nouv. Duham, t. 5. Western Kentucky 
and Tennessee, &c. 
C. flpeeiosa. Warder ; Sargent Silva of North America, 
t.t. 290, 291. 

C. cordifolia x Eaempferi. Garden origin. 

C. Kaempferi, Sieh. ^ Zucc. ; Bot. Mag. t. 6611. Japan. 
C. bignonioides var, Kaempferi, J)C, 
C. Bungei, Hort, (not C A. Meg,). 
C. himalajensis, Hort, 
C. ovata, (r. Don, 
Bignonia Catalpa, Thunb, 


Tecoma g^andiflora, LoUel, China and Japan. 
T. chinensis, C Koch* 
Bignonia chinensis, Lam. 
B. grandiflora, Thunh. ; Bot. Mag. t. 1398. 
Incarrillea grandiflora, Poir, 

Var. sangmnea. 

Bignonia sanguinea, Hort. 

T. radicans, Juss. North America. 

Bignonia radicans, Z. ; Bot. Mag. t. 485. 

Eccremocarpus scaber, Ruiz ^ Pav. ; Bot. Reg. t. 939. 
Calampelid scaber, D. Don, 


Olobolaria cordifolia, L, ; Jacq. Flora Austriaca, t. 245. 
South £urope, &c. 


Lippia citriodora, H. B, ^ K, South America. 
Alojsia citriodora, Orteg. 
Verbena triphylla, UHerit. ; Bot. Mag. t. 367. 

L. chamaedrlfolia, Steud. Brazil. 
Aloysia chamaedryfoliay Cham. 

Bhaphithamnus cyanocarpus, Miers; Bot. Mag. t. 6849. 
Citharexjlon cjanocarpum, Hook, ^ Am^ 
Duranta umbellata, Miers. 
Poeppigia eyanocarpa, Bertero. 

Callicarpa americana, L. Virginia to Texas. 

Burchardia americana, Duham. Arb. i., iii., t. 44. 

C.japonica, Thnnb.-, Gard. Chron. 1871, 173, f. 39. China, 
Japan, Corea. 
C. longifolia, Bot. Reg. t. 864. 
C. Murusaki, Hort. 
Galphimia hirsuta. Hort. (not Cav.). 


CaUicarpa purpurea, Juss, China and Japan. 
C. gracilis, Sieb. Sf Zucc. 
Porphjra dichotoma. Lour, 

Yitez Agnns-castns, L. ; Moggridge Flora of Mentone, t. 14. 
Mediterranean region, &c. 

y. incisa, Lam. lUustr. t. 541, f. 2. China. 
V. Agnus-castus var. arborea, Hort. 
V. Negiindo, Curt, Bot. Mag. t. 364 (not Lam,). 
V. Ncgundo var. incisa, C, B. Clarke, 

Clerodendron foetidnm, Bunge ; Bot. Mag. t. 4880. China. 
C. Bungei, Steud, 

C. trichotomnm, Thunb. ; Bot, Mag. t. 6561. China and 

Caryopteris Mastacanthns, Schauer ; Bot, Mag. t. 6799. 
China and Japan. 
C. incana, Miq, 
Barbula sinensis, Lour, 
Mastacanthus sinensis, EndL 
Nepcta incana, Thunb, 
N. japonica, Willd, 


Lavandula dentata, X. ; Bot. Mag. t. 400. Mediterranean 
Stoechas dentata, Mill, 

L. peduncnlata, Cav. Spain and Portugal. 

L. Spica, Cav, Mediterranean region. 

L. vera, DC,\ Bentl. ^ Trim. Medicinal Plants, t. 199. 
Mediterranean region. 
L. angiistifolia, Hayne, 
L. officinalis, Chaix. 
L. pjrenaica, DC, 

Ekholtzia polystachya, Benth. Temperate Himalaya. 
Colebi*ookia oppositifolia^ Lodd. Bot. Cab. t. 487. 

Thymus asoricugy Lodd^ Bot, Cab. t. 1530. Azores. 



Thfinilfl ChanuedrTS, Frie: ; Syme Engl. Bot. t. 1044. 
Europe, &c. 
Var. comosoa. , 

T. comosus, Htvff. 
T. rotiimlifolius, Schur. 
T. transsilvnnicus, Sehur. 

Var. mostajinB. 

T. colliDua, BieS. 

T. montjinus, fValdit. ^ Kil. 

T. citriodoniB, Sehreb. South Europe. 

T. SerpfUnm, L. ; S^me Engl. Bot. t. 1(M3. Europe, ■ 

Var. pnlchellug (.BltiffSf Fingerk.). 

Var. varief atOB. 

Var. lannginoBiiB. 

T. lanugbosus, Mill. 

T. mlgariB, L. ; Bentl. ^ Trim. Medicinal Tlants, 
South £urope. 

T. Zygisi L. Spain and Fortugal. 

T. tenuifoIiuB, Mill. 
Satnreia moatana, L. Europe, Jtc. 

S. hyssopi folia, Bert, 

S. Kitnibeli, IVienb. 

S. Vflripgnto, Host, 

Micromcrin montanR, Seichb. 

U. varicgsU, Reichb. 
Var. Ulyriea. 

S. illyrjca, Hoit. 

HjBBopns offlciwdii, L. South Europe, 
Var. decumbens. 

H. decumbens, Jnnl. Sf Fotirr. Iconei 
Ver. amtatus. 

H. ariatatus, f!odi: ; Jerd. ^ Favor. 
t. 196. ^.^ 

Xicromeiia graeca, Bentb. Med*'* - 

Satureia graeca, L. ; Sibth. i ' <■ 

S. raicnotba, Muffingg. ^ t 

a 9239T. 



■ •Ml 




ICicromerU ^aeea— 
S. nervosa, DesJ. 

IL rapeBtria, Benth. Ea^tero Europe. 
Cnlaminthn rupestns, Hurt, 
Melissa alba, ll^aldtt. Sr Kit. PI. Hung. t. 205. 
NepclB croRtica, Spreng. 
H. putuilu, Spreng. 
Saturcianipestris, jyu/f. 
S. ihymifoha, Scnp. 

Salvia officinalis, L. ,- Bentk. ^ Trim. Modiciaal PUdIs, 
t. 206, South Europe. 
Var. flore albo, 
Var. varie^ta. 

PUomis ftruticoia, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 1813. South Europe, 
P. ferrugioea, Jlorl. (not Tenore). 

Teucrinm fruticans, L. South Europe, &c. 
T. iBtifolium, I. : Hot. Mag. t. 245. 
T. tomentOHum, Moenek. 

T. Xanim, L. South-weBtero Europe. 
T. maritimum. Lam, 
T. subspiuosum, Pourr, 
Cbamacdrys Maram, iloench. 

T. moatauum, L. ; Sibtk. ^ Sm. F). Graeca, t. 534. South 
Europe, &c. 
T. Bupinum, Z. 
FolJuin montanuiD, Z. 

T. Poliom, Z.; SibtA. Fl. Graccn, t. 535. 

nant^o Cynopt, L. South Europ- 
P. Reneveosis^ Pair. 


CjtUIa ncemiflora, L. ; Sargent SilvK of North Ameriei, 
t. 51. Florida to Xorth CuoliuBi Ac. 
C. caroliniaDa, Michr. 
C. raceinoM, Loud. 
Ite» Cyrilla, L'Herit. 


Atriplez eanesceas, Jamet. Western North Amoriok. 

A. eonfertifolia, S. Watt. Western United Sut«i. 
ObioDe confertifoli*, Torr. 

A. Halimoa, Z. ; Sibth. Y\. Graeca, t. 982. South Kurope, 

Chenopodium Halimus, Thun&. 

A. Nnttallii, S. Wat*. North-vreatero Amwica. 

A. portnlacoideB, L. ; Stfme Engl, Bot. t 1208. Europe, Ac. 
Obione portulncoidei, Moq. 
Halimua portulncoidca, Dum. 

Suotift ceratioidea, C. A. Mey. Caucuiu, Aua Minor, Ac. 

SvMda ftnticota, Forth ; SymcEngL Bot. t 1178. Korthoro 
temperate rej^ioQi. 
CheDOpodium fruticoaum, L. 
Cochliospermum fruticoaum, Lag. 

Salsola fruUcoSB, Z. 

Scboberia fmticosa, C. A. Met/. 


XrcillA Tolnbilia, A. Juss. Chili, Peru, Ac 
E. spicata, Moq. ; Hook.. Bot. Miac. "" 
Bri<^eaia apicata, Hook. 4- Am. 
Galreaia apicata, Bert. 

Polygc— — 
Jtiagimvm TubMoeaB. O'rerne 


* ^ I 



Eriogonum suffiruticosnm, S. Wats, Texai. 

£. umbellatnm, Torr. Colorado to Oregon and California. 

Atraphazis buzifolia, Jaub. Sr Spach, Caucasus. 
Polygonum buxiiblium, Bieb. 
P. caucasicum, Hoffm, 
P. crispulum, SitM, Bot. Mag. t. 1065. 
Tragopyrum buxifolium, Bieb, 

A. lanceolata, Bunge. Temperate Asia. 
Tragopjrum lanceolatum, Bieb, 
Poljgonella lanceolata, Meisn, 

A. Muschketowi, Krassn. ; Bot, Mag. t. 7435. Central Asia. 
TragopjTum lanceolatum var, latifolium, Regel Garten- 
flora, t. 1344. 


A. spinosa, L. Orient. 

Tragopjrum spinosum, Presl, 

Muehlenbeckia adpressa, Meisn, Australia. 

Polygonum adpressum, LabilL ; Bot. Mag. t. 3145. 

M. complexa, Meisn, New Zealand. 

M. varians, Meisn, Origin uncertain. 
M. varium, Hort. 

Bnumichia cirrhosa, Banks. Southern United States. 
Rayania ovata, Walt. 
Poiygouum claviculatum, Hort. 


Aristolochia califomica, Torr. California. 

A. altissima, Desf, ; Bot. Mag. t. 6686. Sicily and Algeria. 

A. Sipho, nierit. ; Bot. Mag. t. 534. United States. 
A. frutescens, Marsh. 
A. macrophylla, Lain. 
Siphisia Sipbo, Klotzsch, 

A. tomentosa, Sims Bot. Mag. t. 1369. Southern United 
A. h'lTsutaf Muhl, 
Siphisia tvmentoBa, Ba/in. 



CUoranthTU bracbystachys, Blume. China, Japan, ^c 


Cinnamomum Loureirii, Neeg. Cochin China. 

Persea Lingne, Nees, Chili. 

Laurus Liogue, Ruiz ^ Pav. 

Sassafras officinale, Nees. United States. 
S. albidum, Nees, 
S. Sassafras, Karst. ; Sargent Silva of North America, 

t.t. 304-5. 
S. variifolium, O, Kunze. 
Laurus albida, Nutt. 
L. diversifolia, Stokes, 

L. Sassafras, L, ; Loud, Arb. ct Frut. Brit. 684, f. 1833. 
L. variifolia, Salish, 
Persea Sassafras, Spreng, 
Tetranihera albida, Spreng. 

Litsaea genicnlata, Benth, 4- Hook. /*. Southern United 
Laurus geniculata, Michx, ; Bot. Mag. t. 1471. 
Tetranthcra geniculata, Nees. 

L. japonica, Mirh. China, Japan, <&c. 

Tetranthera japonica, Spreng. ; Sieb, Sr Zucc. Fl. Jap, 
' t. 87. 
Toinex japooica, Thunh. 

Umbellularia califomica, Nutt. California. 
Drimophyllum pauciflorum, Nutt, 
Dreodaphne californica, Nees, ; Bot. Mag. t 5320. 
Tetranthera californica. Hook. Sf Am. 

Lindera Benzoin, Blume. United States. 
Benzoin odoriferum, Nees, 
B. aestivale, Nees. 
Laurus aestivalis, L, 
L. Benzoin, Z. 

Ik glanca, Blume. Japan. 


Lindera hypoglanca, Maxim, Japan. 

L. obtoBiloba, Blume; Garden and Forest, 1893,295, f. 42. 

L. sericea, Blume. Japan. 

Benzoin sericeum, Sieb. ^ Zucc. 

Lauras nobilis, Z.; Benel. Sr Trim, Medicinal Plants, t. 221. 
Mediterranean region. 

Yar. angfostifolia. 


Greyillea rosmarinifolia, A. Cunn. ; Bet. Mag. t. 5971. New 
South Wales. 

G. jimiperina, R. Br. var, sulphiirea, Benth. New South 
G. sulphurea, A, Cunn. ; Lodd. Bot. Cab. t. 1723. 



Daphne alpina, Z. ; Lodd. Bot. Cab. t. 6G. South Europe. 
D. Candida, Vitm, 
Thymelaea alpina, All. 
T. Candida, Scop. 

ll. blagajana, Freyer; Garden, 1878, xiv., 200, t. 143. 

D. cancasica. Pall. ; Bot. Mag. t. 7388. Caucasus. 
D. euphorbioides, Pusch. 
D. salicifolia^ Lam. 

D. Cneonun, Z. ; Bot. Mag. t. 313. South Europe, <&c. 
D. odoratum, iMm. 
Thymelaea Cneorum, Scop. 

Var. majns. 

D. Danphini, Hort. (D. sericea x odora). Garden origin. 
D. Delphini, Hort. 
D. Delphinium, Hort. 
D. bybrida, Lindl. Bot. Keg. t. 1177. 
D. hyemalis, Hort» 


Saplrne Oenlcwa, Sieb. ^ Zucc. Fl. Jap. i. 137, t. 75. China 
and Japan. 
D. Fortune!, LindL 

D. Laureola, L, ; Bentl. 4- Trim. Medicinal Plants, t. 226, 
Europe, North Africa, West Asia. 
D. major, Lam, 
Thymelaea Laureola, Scop, 

Var. Philippi 

D. Philippi, Gren. Sf Godr, Pyrenees. 

Var. purpurea. 

D. houtteana. Planch, 

D. Mezereum foliis atropurpureis. Flore des Serres, Yi«, 

t. 592. 
D. Mezereum var. atropurpurea, Dippel. 

D. Mezereum, L. ; Bentl, 4- Trim, Medicical pbints, t. 226. 
Europe, Siberia. 
Mezereum officinarum, C. A, Mey, 
Thymelaea Mezereum, Scop, 
T. praecox, Gilib. 

Var. Acre albo. Garden, 188G, xxix., 602, t. 550. 

Var. florealbo pleno. Garden, 1886, xxix., 602, t. 550. 

Var. grandiflora. 

D. autumnalis, Hort, 

D. odora, Thunb. ; Bot. Mag. t. 1587. China and Japan. 
D. indica, Loisel. (not Z.). 
D. japonica, Sieb, 4- Zucc. 
D. sineniis. Lam. 

D. oleoides, Schreb,; Bot. Mag. t. 1917. South Europe, &c, 
D. Cneorum maximum, Jlort, 
D. collina var. neapolitana, Lindl, Bot, Reg. t. 822. 
D. delahayana, Hort, 
D. fioniana, Hort, 
D. neapolitana, Lodd. 

Var. elegantissima, Hort, 

D. neapolitana elegantissima, Hort. 

D. petraea, Leybold; Dippel Laubholzk. iii., 196. f. 102. 
D. rupestris, Facch. 



* L 




Daphne pontica, Z. ; Bot. Mag. t. 1282. Orient. 

D. sericea, Vahl. South Europe. 
D. alpina, Savi (not Z.). 
D. australis, Cyr. ; Bot. Reg. zxi^., t 56. 

D. coUina, Sm. ; Bot. Mag. t.428. 

D. striata, Tratt. Europe. 

Dirca palustris, Z. ; Bot. Reg. t. 292. North America. 

Edgeworthia chrysantha, LindL Bot. Reg., 1847, t. 48. 
China, Japan. 

Wikstroemia canescens, Meissn. var. Oanpi, Miq. Japan. 
Passerina Ganpi, Sieh. Sr Zucc. 
Stcllera japonica, Sieb. 


Elaeagnns angustifolia, L. ; Bot. Reg. t. 1166. Mediterranean 
region and Orient. 

E. argcntea, Moench (not JPursh). 
E. flava, Hart. 

E. hortensis, Bieb. 
E. incana, Lam. 
E. songorica, Fisch, 
E. Apino^a, L. 

E. argentea, Pursh ; Wats, Dendr. Brit, ii., t. 161. North 

Shepberdia argentea, Hort, (not Nutt,). 

E. glahra, Thunb. China, Japan, <&c. 
E. tenuiflora, Benth. 

£. macrophylla, Thunb. China and Japan. 

£. mnltiflora, Thunb. ; Bot. Mag. t. 7341. China, Japan. 
E. irispa, Thunb, 
E. edulis, Sieb. 

E. longipes, A Gray ; Gard. Cijron., 1873, 1114, f. 206. 
E. odorata edulis, Hort, 
E. rotundifolia, Gagn. 

£. orientalis, L, ; Pallas Flora Bossica, t. 5. Orient. 
E. sativa, Hort, 
E. tomcntoFa, Moench. 


Elaeagnns pungens, Thunh, China and Japan. 
E. reficxa, E. Morr, ^ Decnt, 
E. sinensis, Hort. 

Var. anrea, Hort, 

Var. SimoniL 

E. Simonii, Carr. 

Var. tricolor, Hort. 

Var. variegata, Hort. 

£. nmbellata, Thunb. Japan. 
E. japonica, Hort, 
E. latifolia, Hort. (not L). 
E. longipes crispfi, Hort. 
E. parvifolia, JValL; Bot. Reg. xxix., t. 51. 

Hippophae rhamnoides, X. Gardeners' Magazine, 1894, 791, 
f. Europe, Temperate A^ia* 
Osyris rhamnoides. Scop. 

Var. angustifolia. 

Var. taurica. 

H. salicifolia, D. Don. Himalaya. 

Sbepherdia argentea, Nntt. ; Gartenflora, 1889, 626, f. 
iNorth America. 
Hippophae argentea, PursK 
Lepargjrea argentea, Chreene. 

0. canadensis, Nutt. North America. 
Hippophae canadensis, Z. 
Lepargyrea canadensis, Greene, 


Viscnm album, X. ; GarJ. Cbron. 1873, 1703, f. 310; Garden, 
1872, ii., 536, flP. Europe, N. Asia. 


Bnckleya distichophylla, Torr.\ Garden nnd FfiTFt, 1890. 23(), 
f. 37. North Carolina. 
Borja distichophylla, Nittt. 

u 92397, \ 



Securinega ramiflora, Muell, Arg, Eastera Asia. 
Fiu^gea suffruticosa, BailL 
Geblerasuffruticosa, Fisch, Sf 3fei/, 
Phyllauthus ramiflorus, Fers, 
XylophjUa ramiflora, Ait, 

Sarcococca hookeriana. BaiiL; Garden, 1884, xxv., 359, f., 

BaxiLS balearica, Lam, Balearic Islands. 

B. 8empervirens var, gigantea ; Nouv. Dubam. i., 82, 
t. 23. 

B. Harlandi, Hance. China. 

B. japonica, Muell. Arg, Japan. 

B. microphylla, Sieb, Sf Zucc. Japan. 

B. semperyirens, L.; Syme Engl. Bot. t. 1262. Europe, 
N. Africa, N. & W. Asia. 

Var. arborescens, Loud, 
B. arborescens. Mill. 

Var. argentea, Hort. 

B. argenteo-marginata, Hort. 

Var. aurea maculata, Hort. 

Var. aurea pendula, Hort, 

Var. aureo-marginata, Hort. 

Var. el^^antissima, Hort. 

Var. Handsworthii, Hort. 

Var. latifolia, Hort, 

Var. latifolia maculata, Hort. 

Var. longifolia, Hort. 

Var. myosotifolia, Hort. 

Var. myrtifolia, Loud. 
B. myrtifolia, Lam, 

B. semper virens var, leptop^iylla, Nouv, l>>i\am. V^ 
23, £. 3, 


Bnxus sempervireiiB — cont. 

Yar. navicularis. 

B. navicularis, Hort, 

Var. Ponteyi, Hort, 

Var. prostrata, Hort, 

Var. rosmarinifolia^ Baill. 
B. rosmarinifolius, Hort. 
B. thymifolia, Hort, 

Var. snfihiticosa, Loud. 
B. suffruticosa, Mill. 

B. waHicMana, Baill. Himalaya. 
B. himalayensis, Hort, 
B. longifolia, Jacquem. 
B. sempervireus var, arborea. Wall. 

Pachysandra procnmbens, Michx. ; Bot. Mag. t. 1964. North 


P. terminalis, Sleh. Sf Zucc, Japan. 

Daphniphyllum macropodum, Miq. China and Japan. 
D. glaucesceus, Hort. (not Blume), 

Yar. jezoensis. 

D, jezoens»s, Hort. 

Yar. concolor, Dippel. 

D. glaucescens var. viridis, Hort. 

Sapinm sebifemm, Roxh. China and Japan. 
Croton sebifcrus, L, 
ExccEcaria sebifera, Muell. Arg, 
Stillingfleetia sebifera, Boj. 
Stillingia sebifera, Micluv, 
S. sinensis, Baill. 


Ulmus alata, Mickr, ; Sargent Silva of North America, t. 313. 
Southern United States, 
U. amcricaua var. alata, Spach. 
U. pumila, Walt, (not L.). 



mmiiB americana, Z. ; Sargent Si\\^ of North America, t. 31 1. 
North Amrrien. 
U. alba, Rafin. 
U. floridana, Chnpm, 
U. mollifolia. Marsh, 
U. pcndula, IVilld, 

Var. pendula. 

TJ. campestria, Z. Europe, North Africa, Siberia. 

U. angustifolia, Moench. 

U. minor, Mill, 

U. nana, Borkh, 

U. nemorosa, Borkh, 
^ U. nuda, Ehrh. 

U. suberosa, Ehrh, 

U. suberosa var. genuina, Syme Engl. Bot. t. 1285. 

Var. antarctica, Hori, 

Var. antarctica anrea, Hori, 

U. campestris var, aurea, Morren Belg. Hortic. 1866, 

356, t. 19. 
U. Rosseelsii, Hort, 

Var. antarctica pendnla, fforf. 

Var. Berardi, Simon-Low's Cat. Gen. 1869, f. 7 ; Dippcl 
Laubholzk. ii., 24, f. 7. 

Var. betnlaefolia, Loud, 
U. betulaefolia, Lodd, 

Var. cretensis, Hort, 

Var. erecta, Loud, 

Var. gracilis, /Tor^. 

Var. Eoopmanni, ZTor^. 

Var. latifolia variegata, Hort, 

Var. microphylla pendula, Hort. 

Var. modiolina, Hort, 

Var. myrtifolia, /Tor^. 
U. buxifolia, Hort. 

Var. pendnla nova, Hort. 

Var. pyramidalis, ZTor^. 


UlmuB campestris— eofif . - 

Var. Bamiensis, Loud. 
U. sarniensis, Lodd, 

Var. Buberosa, Loud. 

U. suberosa, Moench. 

Var. suberosa pendnla, Hori. 

Tar. tortuosa, Loud, 
U. tortuosa, Lodd. 

Var. nmbracnlifera, Trauiv. 

Var. variegata, ffort. 

Var. variegata nova, Hort. 

Var. vlTninaliB, Zou J. 
U. yiminalis, Lodd. 

Var. viminaliB Btricta, ffort. 

Var. VlTninaliB variegata, ZTar/. 

Var. viBCOBa, ffort, 

Var. webbiana, Hort. 

TJ. craBBifolia, iVu/^. ; Sargent Silva of North America, t. 315. 
Arkansas, Texas, &c. 
U. opaca, Nutt, 

XT. elliptica, C. Koch ; Dippel Laubhokk. ii. 31, f. 9. Turke- 
U. Heyderi, Spaeth. 
U. lougifolia, Hort, 
U. sibirioa, Hort. 

XT. fnlva, Micluc. ; Sargent Silva of North America, t. 314. 
North America. 
U. americana var. fulva, Loud. 
U. americana var. rubra, Ait. 
U. rubra, Michx. 

Var. pendula. 

XT. glabra, Mill. Europe. 

U. campestris var. laevis, Spach, 
U. carpini folia, Lindl, 
U. inaequalis, Boic, 


ininas glabra — cont, 

U. montana var, glabra, Loud, 

U. nitens, Moench. 

U. siiberosa var, glabra, Syme Engl. Bot. t. 1286. 

Var. comubienBis. 

U. campestris var, comubiensis, Loud, 
U. stricta, Lindl. 

Var. pendula, Nichols, 

Var. pendnla nova, Ilori. 

U. campestris pendula nova, Jlort, 

TJ. montana, JVUh, ; St/me Engl. Bot. t. 1287. Europe, 
North Asia. 
U. alba, iValdst. ^ Kit, 
U. fulva, Ilort, (not Michx,). 
U. major, Sm. 
U. scabra. Mill, 

Var. atropnrpnrea, Hort, 

Var. anrea, Hort, 

U. campestris var, aurea, Hort, 

Var. cinerea, Lavall. 
U. cinerea^ ZTor^. 

Var. crispa. Loud, 

U. adiantifolia, //or/. 

U. asplenifolia, Hort, 

U. campestris var, crispa, Desf, 

U. campestris var, urticaefolia, Hort, 

U. cnspa, Willd, 

U. effusa crispa, i/or/. 

U. effusa cristata, Hort. 

U. urticaefolia, Hort, 

Var. cncnllata, //or/. 

Var. Dauveasei, Hort, 

U. campestris var, Dauvessei, Hort, 

Var. Dovaei, Hort, 

U. campestris rar. Dovaei, Hort, 
U. scabra rar, Dovaei, Hort. 

Var. etrnaca, //or/. 

U. campestris var, etrusca, Hort. 


xnmus montana^rofi/. 

Yar. fiistigiata, Loud. 
U. Dampieri, Hort. 
U. cxonieosis, Hort. 
U. Fordi, Hort. 
U. glabra replicata, Hort. 
U. montana x^ar. pjramidalis, C. Koch, 
U. ohioensis, Hort, 
U. plumosa, Hort. • 

Var. fasUgiata anrea, Hort, 
U. Dampieri aurea, Hort. 
fj, Dampieri Wredei, Hort. 
U. Wredei, Hort. 

"Var. laciniata, Trautr. 
U. intermedia, Hort. 
U. montana var. tiliaefolia, Hort. 
U. montana var. tricuspis, Dippcl. 
V. montana var. tridens, Hort, 
U, montana var. triserrata, Ffort, 
U. triserrata, Hort, 

Var. latifolia nis^cans, Hort. 

Var. libero rubro, Hort. 

Var. Intescens, Dippei. 

U. campestris rar. lutescens, Dieck. 

Var. macrophylla, Hort. 

V. cainpestris var. macroph)1la, Spack, 

Var. macrophylla fastigiata, Hort. 

Var. nana. 

I', latifolia nana, Ffort. 

Var. nigra, Loud. 
V. ni<;rn, Lodd. 

Var. pcndula. Loud. Arb. & Frnt. Brit. 721, f. 13S8. 
ir. amerieatia pendula, Hort. 
V. fulvft pond u la, I fort. 
IT. glabra deeiimbens, Hort. 
IT. glabra prndula^ I fort. 
U. liorizon talis, ffnrt. 

VtX. pendnlaTariegata, ffort. 


1 • 



Ulmus montana — cont. 

Var. Pitteursii, Jlori. 

U. scabra var. Pitteursii, Bori. 

Var. Pitteursii pendula, Hort 

Var. purpurea. 

U. corjlifolia purpurea, Hort. 

Var. scotica, Hort, 

Var. serpentiua, Hort, 

Var. superba, Hort. 

Var. vegeta, Loud, 

U. glabra var. vegeta, Dippel, 

U. parviflora, */acg. ; Dippel Laubhokk. ii., 35, f 11. China 
and Japan. 
U. campestris var. cbinensis, Hort. 
U. cbinensis, Pert. 
U. pnmila, Hort, (not Z.). 
U. virgata, Roxh, 
Microptelea parvifolia, Spach. 
Plancra parvifolia. Sweet. 

XT. pedunculata, Fouger. Europe, <SiC. 
U. ciliata, Ehrh. 

IT. effusa, Willd. ; Loud. Arb. & Frut. Brit. 720, f. 1397. 
U. laevis, Pall. 
U. octandra, Schkuhr. 
U. racemoaa, Borkh. (not D. Thomas). 

XT. pinnato-ramosa, Dieck. Siberia. 

XT. pumila, L. Northern Asia, 
U. micropliylla, Pers. 

n. racemosa, />. Thomas ; Sargent Silva of North America, 
t. 312. North America. 

U. torkestanica, Regel. Turkestan. 

SSelkowa acuminata. Planch. Japan. 

Z. Keaki, Maxim.; Dippel Laubholzk. ii., 41, f. 15. . 
Planera acuminata, Lindl. 
P. japonica, Miq. 
Ulmus Keaki, Sieh. 
U. monumentalis, Hort. 


Zelkowa crenata, Spach, Caucasus. 
Z. carpinifolia, DippeL 
Abelicca ulmoides, O. Kuidze, 
Plauera carpinifolia, JVats, Dendr. Brit, ii., t. lOG. 
P. crenata, Desf. 
P. Gmelini, Ilort. (not Michx.). 
P. Riehardi, Michx. 
Ulmus polygama, Rich, 

Var. pendnlay Hori, 

Z. Venchaffelti, Dippel Laubholzk. ii., 40, f. 14 East Asia. 
Z. japonica rar. Verschaffelti, jGTor^ 
Ulmus pendula laciniata Pitteursii, Hori, 
Ulmus Verschaffelti, Hort, 

Celtis auBtraliSy L. ; WaU, Dendr. Brit, ii., t. lOo. Mediter* 
ranean region. 
C. serrata, Hort. 

C. caucaaica, Willd, Caucasus^ &c. 

C. glabrata, Stev. Orient, &c. 

C. caucasica, Hohen, (not Stev.). 
C. glabra, Hort. (not Planch.). 
C. kotschyana, Stev, 
C. Toumefortii var. glabrata, Boiss, 

C. japonica, Planch. Japan. 

C. mitsitsippiensifl, Bosc ; Sargent Silva of North America, 

t. 318. South United States. 
C. Berlandieri, Klotzsch, 
C. laevigata, WUld. 
C. Lindheimeri, C Koch. 
C. occidentalis, Sargent^ Garden and Forest, iii., 39 (in 

part),f.f.9, 10,11. 
C. texana, Scheele, 

C. oceidentalis, L. ; Sargent Silva of North America, t. 317. 
North America. 
C. americana, ffort. (not L.). 
C. audibertiana, Spach, 
C. cordata, Pert. 
C. crassi folia, Lam, 

u 92397. V 


Celtis occidentalis — cont. 

C. Douglasii, Planch. 

C. obliqua, Moench, 

C. procera, Salish, 

C. reticulata, Cooper (not Tbrr.). 

Ulmus cordata, Hort. 

Var. grandidentata, Dippel. 
C. grandideutata, Tenore, 

C. Toumefortii, Lam. Orient. 

C. glabra ta, Hort. (not Stev.). 
C. orientalis, 3////. 

Aphananthe aspera, Planch. Japan and China. 
Celtis Muku, Sieb. Sf Zucc, 
Homoiceltis aspera, Blume, 
Sponia nudiflora, Sieh. 4* Zucc. 
Primus aspera, Thunh. 

Brou88onetia Eaempferi, Sieh. Japan* 
Morus Kacmpferi, Seringe. 

B. Eazinoki, Sieh, Japan. 

B. papyrifera, Vent. ; Bot. Mag. t. 2358. China, Japan, 
Polynesia, «fec. 
Morus papyri fera, Z. 
Papyri us japonica, Poir. 

Var. cucullata, Loud. 
B. cucuUata, Hort. 
B. navicular is, Lodd. 
B. spathulata, Hort. 

Var. laciniata, Seringe. 
B. dissccta, Hort. 
B. heterophylla, Hort, 

Var. macrophylla, Hort. 

Maclura aurantiaca, Nutt. ; Card. Chron. 1894, x\'i., 693, 

f. 88 South United States. 
M. Cal(;argothi, Hort. (not A. Cunn.). 
Broussonetia tinctoria, Torr. (not Kunth). 
Toxylon pomiferum, Rajin,; Sargent Silva of North 

America, t.t. 322, 323. 


Moras alba, Z. Temperate and subtropical Asia. 
M. alpina, Hort. 

Yar. Colombassa, Seringe Description . • . des Muriers, 
t. 14. 
M. serotina, Mart, 

Yar. constantiuopolitana, Loud.; Dippel Laubholzk, ii., 
11, f. 2. 
M. constantinopolitana, Poir. 
M. bjzantina, Sieber. 

Yar. Gasparini, Ilort, 

Yar. beteropliylla, Hort. 

Yar. italica, Loud, 
M. italica, Poir, 

Yar. laciniata, Hort. 

M. nigra laciniata, Hort. 

Yar. latifolia. Bur. 

M. alba var. Lhow, Seringe. 

M. alba var. multicaulis, Loud. 

M. chinenais, Lodd. 

M. intermedia, Perottet, 

M. latifolia. Poir, (not Hort,). 

M. multicaulis, Perottet. 

M. sinensis, Hort. 

M. tatarica, />6^. 

Yar. macrophylla, Loud. 

M. alba var. latifolia, Hort. (not Potr.). 
M. alba var. Moretti, Seringe. 
M. hispanica, Hort. 
M. macrophjlla, Moretti. 
M, Moretti, Audih. 
. M. moretti ana, Jbc^. 
M. neapolitana, JTior/. 

Yar. pendula, Hort. 

Yar. pumila. Loud. 

M. alba rar. nana, Hort. 
M. pumila, Balb. 

Yar. rosea, Seringe. 
M. lucida, JTor/. 


Moms alba — cont. 

Var. stylosa, Bureau. 
M. japonica, Audih, 

Var. Tokwa, Bur. 
M. Tokwa, Sieb. 

Var. urticaefolia, Hort. 

Var. venosa, Delile ; Dippcl Laabholzk. ii., 13, f. 4i 
If. alba var» fibrosa, Seringe, 
M. alba var. nervosa, Lodd. 
M. ncrfosa, IIorL 

M. nigra, L. ; Wats. Dendr. Drit. ii., 1. 159. Nati?* counti j 

M. mbra, Z. ; Sargent Silva of North America, f. 320. 
North America. 
M. canadensis, Poir. 
M. missourionsis, Audih, 
M. pensylvanica, Nois. 
M. Bcabra, Pf^lld. 
M. virginica, Duham. 

Ficns Carica, L. ; Trnnp. Linn. Soc. ser. ii., iii., *. 46. Af- 
ghanistan, Eastern Persia. 
F. communis, Lam. 
F. hirta, Hort. (not Vahl), 

Cadrania triloba, Hance ; Icomes Flantarum t. 1792. China. 
C. tricuspidato, Bureau. 

Maclura tricuspidata, Carr. Rev. Hort. 1864, 590, 
f. 3T ; 1872, 56, f. 7. 


PlataniiB acerifolia, Willd. Orient. 
P. algeriensis, Hort. 
P. calif ornica, Hort, (not Benth.). 
P. hispanica, Tenore, 
P. in teg ri foil a, //or/. 
P. intermedia, Hort, 
P. macrophylla, Crf<?. 
P. occidentalis, Wats. Dendr. Brit. t. 100 (not Z.). 







■■;t < 

' ■ u ' 


latanus acerifolia— con^. 

P. orientalis var, acerifolia, Loud, Arb. Brit. 928, 

f. 1733. 
P. pjramidalis, Hort, 
P. racemosa, Hort. (not Nuit,), 
P. vulgaris var. acerifolia, Jlori. 

Var. Stittneri, Hort. 

P. occidentalis Suttneri, Hori. 

. cnneata, Willd. Orient. 
P. digitata, Gord. 
P. nepalensisy Hort, 
P. nepalensis ladniata, Hort, 
P. orientalis var, cuneata, Loud. Arb. Brit. 929, 

f. 1734. 
P. palmata suporba, Hort. 

occidentalis, L. ; Sargent Silva of North America, t.t. 326, 
327. North America. 
P. vulgaris var. angulosa, Spach, 

orientalis, L.; Wats. Dendr. Brit. t. 101; Sibih. Flora 
Graeca, t. 916, Orient. 
P. heterophylla, Hort. 
P. liquidambarifolia, Hort, 
P. viti folia, Hort. 
P. vulgaris, Spach, 


trya alba, Nutt. ; Loud. Arb. Brit, iii., 1446, f. 1269. North 

C. ovata, C. Koch. 
Hicoria ovata, BrUton\ SargetU Silva of North 

America, t.t. 346, 347. 
Juglans ovata, Mill. 
J. fK|uamosa, Mich*v. f. 

amara, Nntt. North America. 

Hicoria minima, Britton; Sargent Silva of North 

America, t.t. 340, 341. 
Juglans alba var, minima, Marsh. 
J. nmara, Michx.f. 
J. angustifolia, Poir, 
J. cordiformis, Wangenh. 


Caryu myiisticaeformis, NuU, Southern United States. 

Hicoria myristicaeformis, Britton ; 5ar^en/Silva of North 

America, t.t. 342, 343. 
H. fcrnowiana, Sudworth. 
Juglans mjristicaeformis, Mtchx, /, 

C. oliyaeformis, Nutt, Southern United States. 
C. angustifolia, Sweet, 
C. illinoensis, C. Koch* 
C. tetraptera, Liebm, 
Hicoria Pecan, Britton ; Sargent Silva of North 

America, t.t. 338, 339. 
Juglans cylindrica, Poir. 
J. illinoincnsis, JVangenh, 
J. olivaeformiH, Michx, 
J. Pecan, Marsh. 

C. porcina, Nutt. North America. 
C. amara var. porcina, Darby. 
C. glabra, Spach. 
C. obcordata, Sweet. 
Hicoria glabra, Britton ; Sargent Silva of North 

America, t.t. 352, 353. 
Juglans glabra. Mill. 
J. obcordata, Muehlenb, Sf IVtUd. 
J. pore in a, Mich.r. 
J. squamosa, Poir. (not Michx.f.). 

Yar. microcarpa. 

C. microcarpa, Nutt, 

Hicoria glabra var. odorata, Sargent Silva of North 

America, t. 354. 
H. microcarpa, Britton. 
H. odorata, Dippel. 
Juglans alba var. odorata, 3farsh. 

C. sulcata, Nutt. ; Loud. Arb. Brit, iii., 1448, f. 1271. United 
C. cord i form is, C. Koch. 
C. pubescens, Sweet. 
Hicoria acuminata, Dippel. 

H. laciniosa, Sargent Silva of North America, i.t. 
348, 349. 


Carya sulcata — cont. 

H. sulcata, Britton. 
Juglans laciniosa, Michx,f, 
J. sulcata, Pursh. 

C. tomentosa, Nute,; Loud, Arb. Brit, iii., 1445, f. 1267. 
North America. 
C. alba, C. Koch, (not Nutt.). 
Hiooriaalba, Britton; Sargent Silva of North America, 

t.t. 350, 351. 
Juglans alba, Z. 
J. tomentosa, Pair, 

Jnglans alata, Carr. (J. cinerea x regia). Garden and Forest, 
1894, 435, f. 69. Garden origin. 

J, califomica, S. Wats. ; Sargent Silva of North America, 
t. 337. California. 

J. cinerea, Z. ; ^ary/en/ Silva of North America, t.t. 331, 332. 
North America. 
J. cathartica, Michx,f. 
J. oblonga. Mill, 
J. oblonga var. alba. Marsh, 
Carya cathartica, Barton, 

J, cordiformis, Maxim. Japan. 

J. mandshurica, Maxim, \ Gard. Chron. 1888, iv., 384, f. 53. 
J. regia var. octogona, Carr, 

J. nigra, Z. ; Sargent Silva of North America, t.t. 333, 334. 
North America. 
J. Pitteursii, Morr. 

J. pyrifoimiB, Carr. (not Liehm.). (J. nigra x regia). Garden 
J. hybrids, Ilort, 
J. intermedia, LavaUie, 

J. regia, Z. ; Loud. Encycl. of Trees and Shmbf*, 732, f. 1416. 
Caucasus and Armenia to Himalaya. 
J. kumaonensis Ilort, 

Var. barteriana, Hori. 


Juglans regia — cont, 

Var. laciniata, Loud. 
J. filici folia, Lodd. 
J. heterophylla, Hort. 

Var. monophylla. 

Vur. pendula. 

Var. praeparturiens, Hort, 
J. fertilis, Ilort, 
J. frutcsccDS, Hort, 

J. mpestris, Engclm. ; Sargent Silva of North America, t. 335. 
Western United States. 
J. californica, Rothrock (not Su Wats.), 

J. sieboldiana, Modim, Japan. 

J. ailantitblia, Carr, Kev. Hort. 1878, 414, f. 86. 
J. niandshurica var. ailantifolia, LavalUe. 
J. niacropliylla, Hort, 

J. vilmoriniana, Carr, (? J. nigra x regia), Garden and Forest, 
1891, 52, ff. 11, 12. 
J. intermedia var, vilmoriniana, DippeL Garden origin. 

Pterocarya cancasica, C. A. Mey, Caucasus, &c. 
P. dumosa, LavalL 
V. fraxinifolia, Spath ; Lavall. Arbor. Segrez. t. xxi. ; 

Gani. Chron. 1888, 380, f. 52. 
V, pterocarpa, Kunth. 

P. spacliiana, Lcvall. Arbor. Segres. t. zx. 
Juglans fraxinifolia, Poir. (not Lam.), 

P. rboifolia, Sieh, Sf Zucc. Japan. 
P. jnponiea, Hort, 
P. sorbifolia, Sieh if Zucc. 

P. stenoptera, C. DC, ; lAtvall, Arbor. Segrez. t. xix., China. 
P. ehinensis, Hort, 
P. laevigata, Hort, 
P. sinensis, Hort, 

Plat/carya strobilacea, Sieb, <$* Zucc, China. 

Fortunaea sineosiif, Lindl, Joam* Hort. fioc. l^ 151, f. 



Myrica asplenifolia, Z. North America. 

ComptoDia asplenifolia, Banks ; fVats, Dendr. Brit. 

t. 166. 
M. Comptonia, C, DC. 
Liquidambar asplenifolium, Z. 

M. califomica, Cham. Sr Schlecht. ; Journ. Hort. Soc. vii., 
283, f. California. 
Gale californica, Greene, 

M. carolinensis, Mill. ; Gkirden and Forest, 1894, 477, f. 46. 
United States. 
M. pensylvanica, Lam. ; Nouv. Duham. ii., 190, t. 55. 

M. cerifera, Z. ; Garden and Forest, 1894, 476, f. 76. United 
States, &c. 

M. Gale, Z. ; St/tne EngL Bot. t. 1298. Northern hemisphere. 



Betola alba, Z. Northern hemisphere. 
B. aetnensis, Baf. 
B. gummifera, Bert. 
B. odorata, Beichh. (not Bech$t.). 
B. [lendula, Both, 
B. verrucosa, Ehrh.; Syme Engl. Bot. t. 1295. 

Varieties of Suh$pecie$.'^I. Verrucosa. 

Var. dalecarlica. 

B. dalecarlica, L.f. 
B. h'vbrida, Blom. 
B. lad n Lata, IVahltnb. 
B. lobiilaU, C. Anders. 

Var. fMtigiata, Hart. 

Var. ojcowvBnBiM, Begel. 
B, oycotienbiMf Bess. 

■J 9Z3^7. 


Betola albBr-'Coni. 

Var. pendnla, Hori. 

B. nigra peodula, ffart. 
B. tristisy ffori, 

Var. pendnla Yonngi, ffori, 

Var. pnrpnrea, ffort. 

Var. pyramidalis, Hort. 

B. pendula var. pTramidaUs, DippeL 

Varieties of Subspecies. — //. Puhescens, 

Var. latifolia. 

B. latifolia, Tausch. 

\m. Mnrithi 

B. Murithii, Gaud. 
B. nigra, Murith, 

Var. pontica, Hort. ; Loud. Arb. Brit. 838, f . 1527 ; Wats. 
Dendr. Brit. t. 94. 

Var. pnbescens, Loud, 
B. bella, Hort, 
B. carpathica, WUld. 
B. glntinosa, Wallr. 
B. odorata, Bechst. 
B. pubescens, Ehrh, 

Var. Tanschii, Franch. Sf Savat. 
B. alba var. japonica, Miq, 

Var. nndnlata, Hort. 

Var. nrticifolia, Spach. 
B. heterophjlJa, JTor^. 
B. urticifolia, Regel. 
B. virgultosa, Fries. 

B. alba x hnmilis, Zabel. North Asia. 
B. humilia var. Zabelii, DippeL 

B. alpestris, Fries ; Flora Danica, Suppl. t. 37. North Europe. 
B. humilis, Hartm. (not Schrank). 



Betnla corylifolia, Regel Sf Maxim. ; Bot. Mag. Jap. 1894, 
viii., t. 6, £F. 20-22. Japan. 

B. davurica, PalL Flora Kossica, t. 39, f. a. North Asia, 
North America. 

B. Ermani, Cham. ; Bot. Mag. Jap. 1894, viii., t. 6, £F. 7-9. 

B. fhiticosa, PalL Flora Bossica, t. 40, f.f. a, b, c. North 
Europe, North Asia. 

Var. Omelini, Regel. 

B. divaricata, Ledeb, 
B. Gmelini, Bunge, 

B. hTunilis, Schrank. Northern hemisphere. 

B. fruticosa, Wats. Dendr. Brit. t. 154 (not Pa//.). 
B. oycowiensis, Reichb. 
B. Socolowii, Jdcq, f. 

Var. quebecensis. 

B. quebecensis, Burgsd. 

B. intermedia, Thomas ; Flora Danica^ t. 2852. Alpine and 
Arctic Europe. 
B. hybrida var. Kochii, Regel. 

B. lenta, L.; Wats. Dendr. Brit. t. 144, Sargent Silva of 
North America, t. 448. North America. 
B. carpinifolia, Ehrh, 
B. nigra, Du Rot (not L.). 

B. lutea. Michx. ; Loud. Arb. & Finit. Brit, iii., 1711, f. 1564, 
1665. Sargent Silva of North America, t. 449. North 

B. excelsa, Pursh. (not Ait.). 

B. lenta var. lutea, Regel. 

B. persicifolia, Hort. 

B. Mazimowiczii, Regel; Bot. Mag. Jap. viii., 1894, t. 6, 
ff. 36-8. Japan. 

B. nana, L. ; Syme Engl. Bot. t. 1297. Northern hemle^Vv^x^. 


Betula nigra, L. ; Wats. Dendr. Brit. t. 153 ; Sargent Silva 
of North America, t. 452. United States. 
B. angulata, Lodd. 
B. canescens, Hort. 
B. flavescens, Hort^ 
B. lanulosa, Michx. 
B. nibra, Michx, 

B. occidentalis, Hook. ; Sargent Silva of North America, t. 453. 
Western North America. 
B. alba suhsp. occidentaiis, RegeL 

B. papyrifera, Marsh. ; Sargent Silva of North America, t. 451. 
North America. 
B. alba var, papyrifera, Spach» 
B. amygdalifolia, Hort, 
B. cord i folia, Regel. 
B. Ermaui, Rolhrock (not Cham.), 
B. cxcelsa, Ait. 

B. glandulosa, Hort. (not Michx,), 
B. grandis, Schrad. 
B. latifolia, Hort. 

B. occidcntalis, Lyall (not Hook.). 
B. papyracea, Dryand. \ Wats. Dendr. Brit, t, 152. 
B. platjphylla, Hort, 
B. pyrifolia, Hort. 

\x\x. occidentalis, DippeL 
B. americana, Hort, 

B. popTilifolia, Marsh. ; Sargent Silva of North America, t. 450, 
Wats, Dendr. Brit, ii., t. 151. North America. 
B. acuminata, Ehrh. 
B. alba var. populifolia, Spach, 
B. laciniata, Hort. (not Jpahletib.). 
B. populifolia, Ait» 
B. populifolia pendula, Hort, 

B. pumila, L. ; Wats. Dendr. Brit. t. 97. North America. 
B. dahurica, Hort. (not Pall.). 
B. fruticans, Hort, (not Pall.), 
B. nana rotundifolia, Hort. 
B. rotundifolia, Hort. 

Var. fastigiatay JTor/. 


Betula ulmifoliA, Sieb. 4- Zucc, ; Bot. M^g. Jnp. viii., 1 804, t, (\ 
ff. 16-19. Japan, <fec. 
B. alba Tar. costata, Hort, 
B. costata, TratUv, 

B. utilis, D, Don, Himalaya, <&c. 
B. Bhojpattm, Wall 
B. Jacquemoutii, Spach, 

Alnus barbata, C. A. Mey, (not Fries). Caucasus. 
A. glutinosa var. acutifolia, Spacn. 
A glutinosa var, barbata, Ledeh, 

A. cordifolia, TVnore; Gard. Chron. IHHd, xix., 285, f. 42. 
South Europe. 
A. cordata, Desf, 
A. macrocarpa, Req. (not Lodd.). 
A. neapolitana, Savi, 
A. rotundifolia, Bert, 
Betula cordata, Lois, 

A. firma, Sieb. df Zucc. ; Dippel Laubfaolzk* Vu^ 147, f. Oi>. 
A. firma var, multinervii, Jlort, 

Medic, Syme Engl. Bot t. 1294, Europ, 

X. Africa, W. & X. Aiiia. 
A. nigra, Gilib, 
A. *ibirica, ^<>rf. (imH Fi$ch.), 

Var. anrea, Ltmaire ID. Uortie, 1866, t, 4^/. 
V»r JmftnMlx^ Hort, 

1 --7>, 97, f. 
A /:.vf .'.^^M /'^^ >'n)Afk4'4iUfii^ M'^A, 


AJnus gltLtinosa-^con^. 

Var. quercifolia, fVilld. 
A. quercifolia, Willd. 

Var. mbrinervia, Hort. 

Var. sorbifolia, Hort, 

A. incana, Moench ; Zotwf. Encycl. Trees and Shrubs, 834, f. 
1517. Northern temperate regions. 
A. autumnalis, Hort. (not Hartig), 
A. lanuginosa, Gilih. 
A. maritima japonica viridis, Hort, 
A. serrulata, Hort. (not Willd). 

Var. glauca, Regel. 
A. glauca, Michx, 
A. incana t;ar. glabrescens, Spack. 
A. incana rar. tirolensis, iS^a«/. 

Var. birsuta. 

A. hirsuta, Turcz. 

Var. incisa, -ffbr^. 

A. incana pinnatifida, Hort. 
Betula pinnata, Lundm. 

Var. pendnla nova, Hort. 

Var. ramulis coccineis, Hort. 

A. japonica, Steb. 4* Zucc. ; Garden and Forest,[ 1893, 345, 
f. 53. Japan. 
A. firma, Hort. (not Sieb. 4r Zucc). 
A. glutinosa prunifolia, Hort. 
A. maritima var. japonica, Regel. 
A. Harinoki, Sieoold. 

A. maritima, Muehienb.; Garden and Forest, 1891, 269, 
f. 47. North America. 
A. oblongata, Dippel^ Laubholzk. ii., 152, f.f., 72-3. 

A. nitida, Endl. ; Brandts Forest Flora, 461, t. 57. Western 
temperate Himalaya. 
Clethropsis nitida, Sp{ich. 

A. oregona, Nuff. ; Sargent Silra of North America, t. 454. 
Western North America. 
A. Incana var. rubra, JRegeL 


Alnus oregona — cont. 

A. rhombifolia, Hort, (not Nutt,). 
A. rubra, Bongard. 
A. rugosa, Hort. (not Ehrh,). 
A. tinctoria, Hort, (in part). 

A. orientalis, Decne. Orient. 

A. macrophylla, Hort, (in part). 

A. pubescens, Tausch. Europe. 
A. autumnaliii, Hort. (in part). 
A. badensis, Lange, 
A. barbata, Fries (not C A. Mey,), 
A. barbata var, pubescens, Dippel. 
A. glutinosa X incana. 
A. incano-glutinosa, A, Braun. 
A. serrulata, Hort. (in part). 

A. rhombifolia, Nutt, ; Sargent Silva of North America, 

t. 456. California, &c. 
A. serralata, JVilld. ; Dippel Laubhobsk. ii., 155, f. 75. 
North America. 

A. americana, Hort. 

A. autumnalip, Hartig, 

A. canadensis, Lodd. 

A. fruticosa, Hort. (not Bupr,). 

A. latifolia, Z>e*/*. 

A. macrophylla, Z>e*f. 

A. rubra, Desf. 

A. rugosa, iJor^ ; Dippel Laubholzk. ii., 156, f. 76. 

A. serrata, Hort. 

Betula serrulata. Ait. 

A. snbcordata, C. A. Mey. ; Dippel Laubholzk. ii., 150, f. 70. 
A. cordifolia var. subcordata, Begel. 
A. macrophylla, Hort, (in part). 
A. vilmoriniana, Hort, 

A. viridis, DC; Loud. Encycl. Trees & Shrubs, 836, f. 1521. 
Northern regions. 
A. Alnobetula, C. Koch. 
A. alpina, Borckh. 


Alnus viridis — cont. 

A. crispa, Ptirsh. 

A. fruticosa, Rupr, 

A. mitchelliana, M. A, Curt. 

A. ovata, Lodd. Bot. Cttb. t. 1141. 

A. undulata, JVilld. 

Alnaster fruticosa, Ledeh, 

A. viridis, Spach. 
Betula Alnobetula, Ehrh. 

B. crispa, Ait, 

B. ovata, Schrank ; Wats. Dendr. Brit. t. 96. 

B. viridis, Chaiar. 

Var. parvifolia, Dippel. 
A. brembana. Rota, 


Carpintis caroliniana, Walt. ; Sargent Silva of North America ; 
t. 447. Dippel Laubholzk. ii., 141, f. m. North 

C. americana, Michx\; Wats. Dendr. Brit. t. 157. 
C. virginiana, Michx\ (not Mill.) 

C. BetnluB, L. ; Syme Engl. Bot. t. 1293. Europe, W. Asia. 

Var. asplenifolia, Hort. 

C. Betulus laciniata, Hort. 

Vnr. Carpinizza. 

C. Carpinizza, Kit. 

Var. incisa, Ait. 

C. Betulus var. quercifolia, Desf. 
C. Betulus var. heterophylla, Hort. 
Ostrya qnercifolia, Hort, 

Var. marmorata, Hort. 

Var. pendula, Hort. 

Var. purpurea, Hort. 

Var. pyramidalis, Hort. 

Var. rubra, Hort. 

Var. variegata, Hort. 



: ! 

>'. ! 
• I 


Carpinus cordata, Blame; Garden & Forest, viii.^ 205, f. 
Distegocarpus cordata, A, DC. 

C. japonica, Blume. Japan. 

C Carpinus, Sargent Forest Floni of Japan, f. 21. 
Distegocarpus Carpinus, Sieb, cj- Zucc, 

C. orientalis, Mill. ; IVafs, Dendr. Brit.t. 98. South Europe, 
C. duinensis, Scop, 

C. Turczaninoyii, Hance. China. 

Ostryopsis dayidiana, Decne ; Dippel Laubholzk. ii., 136, f. 
05. China, &c. 

Ostrya carpinifolia, Scop, ; Garden, 1877, xii., 372, f. ?S. 
Europe, Orient, 
(). italica, Spach. 

O. vulgaris, JFilld.; Wats, Dendr. Brit. t. 143. 
Carpinus Ostrya, Z. 

0. virginica, Willd. North America. 

O. virginiana, C Koch ; Sargent Silva of North America, 

t. 445. 
Carpinus triflora, Moench, 
C. virginiana, Mill, 

Corylus americana, JFalt,; 2>f/9/ie/ Laubholzk. ii., 131, f. G2, 
Eastern North America. 
C. calyculatH, Dippel. 
C. corauta, Ilort. 
C. humiHs, JFilld. 
C. mexicana, Hort, 
C. rostrata, Hort, in part (not Ait,), 
C. virginiana, Hart, 
C. virginica, Hort. 

C. Avellana, L, ; . Syme Engl. Bot. t. 1292. Europe, West 
Asia, &c. 
C. califomica, Hort, 

Vur. aurea. 

Var. contorta, Hort, ; Gard. Obron. 1874, i., 115, f. 32. 

11 92397. jg 


Corylns Avellana — cont. 
Var. heterophylla, Loud. 

C. heterophylla, Lodd. 
C. laciniata, Hort, 
C. iirticaefolia, Hort. 

Var. pendula. 

C. Columa, L. ; IVats. Dendr. Brit, t, 99. South-east Europe 
to Himalaya. 
C. arbcrea, Hort. 
C. arborescens, Moench. 
C. bizantina, Desf, 
C. Jacquemontii, Decne. 
C. lacera, Wall. 

C. heterophylla, Fisch. Japan, &c. 

C. americana, Siehold (not Walt.), 
C. Avellana, Thunb. (not Z.). 
C. Hasibani, Siehold, 
C. sieboldianu, Blume, 
C. tetraphylla, Ledeh. 
C. Thunbergii, Blume, 

C. masdshurica, Maxim. Amurland, Japan, <&c. 
C\ Avellana I'crr. mandshurica, />(7. 

C. maxima, Mill, South Europe, &c. 
C. Avellana var, rubra. Lam. 
C. Lamberti, Lodd, 
C. pontica, C, Koch. 
C. rubra, Borkh. 
C. tubuloHa, fVilld. 

Var. alba. 

Var. atropnrpurea, Dippel. 

V. Av€»llana var. atropnrpurea, Hort, 
C. Avellana var. purpurea, Loud, 
C. purpurea, Lodd, 
C tubulosa var. atropurpurea. 

Var. barcelonenBlfl, Hort, 

C. Avellana var. l)arcelonen8is, Loud, 
C. A vo liana var. gmndis, Hort, 

Var. tenuiB, Hort, 

C. AreJlana rar. tenuis, Loud« 


CoryluB rostrata, -4iV. ; Garden & Forest, 189o, 345, f . 48. 
North America. 
C. cornuta, Hort, (in part). 

ttt QuERCINEiE. 

Qnercns acuta, Thunh,; Woods and Forests, 1884, p. 85, f. 
Q. angustifolia, Hort, 
Q. Buergerii, Blume. 
Q. cuspidata latifolia, Hort, 
Q. marginata, Bltune, 

Var. bambuflaefolia. 

Q. bambusaefolia, Mast. 

d. Aegilops, L. ; South Europe, Orient. 

Q. graeca, Kotschy Eichen, t. 30. 
Q. ventricosa, Hort. 

Var. macrolepifl, Boiss. Crete, Greece. 
Q. macrolepisy Kotschy Eichen, t. IG. 

Var. Pyrami, Boiss, 

Q. Pjrami, Kotschy Eichen, t. 3. 

Var. Ungeri, Bohs. 

Q. Ungeri, Kotschy Eichen, t. 13. 
Q. Vallonea, A. DC. 

d. agrifolia. Nee; Sargent Silva of North America, t. 403. 
Q. arcogUndis, Kellogg, 
Q. berberidifolia, Liebm, 
(2. oxyadenia, Torr. 

d. alba, L. ; Sargent Silva of North America, t.t. 3o6-7. 
North America. 

Q. alnifolia, Poech; Kotschy Eichen, t. 0; Garden, 1880, 
xviii., 486, f. Cjprus. 
Q. Cypria, Jauh. Sf Spach, (not Kotschy), 

d. Ballota, Desf, Spain, Portugal. 
Q. cyclophylla, JVelw, 
Q. Ilex var, Ballota, Dippel. 
(j. rotundifolia. Lam. 


QnerciLS bicolor, fVilld, North America. 
Q. bicolor var, platanoides, A, DC. 
Q. castaneaefolia, Hort, (not (7. A. Mey.), 
Q. pannosa, Bosc. 
Q. platanoides, Sudic, ; Sargent Silva of North America, 

tt. 380-1. 
Q. Prinu8 var. bicolor, Spach, 

Q. Prinus discolor, 3ficha\ Hist. Arb. Am. ii., 46. t. 6. 
Q. Prinus tomentosa, Michx, Hist. Chines Am. t. 9. 

CI. castaneaefolia, C, A. Mey. ; Kotschy Eichen t. 40. Cau- 

ft. Cerris, L. ; Loud. Encycl. 855, fP. South and Eastern 
Europe, Asia Minor, <&c. 
Q. Aegilops, Hort, (not L.). 
Q. appennina, Hort. (not Lam.). 
Q. australis, Hort. (not Link.). 
Q. carlsruhensis, Hort. 
Q. crinita, Lam. 
Q. dentata, Hort. (not Thunb.). 
Q. haliphlaeos, JSojc. 
Q. pseudo-suber, Hort. (not Desf.). 
Q. Kagnal, Loud. 
Q. Tournefortii, ^rtV/cf. 

Var. auBtriaca, Zowc?. Arb. iii., 1848, 1. 1708 ; Encycl. 857, 
f. 1559. 
Q. austriaca, Willd. ; Kotschy Eichen., t. 20. 

Var. cana major, Loud, Encycl. Trees, 857, f. 1560. 

Var. cana minor, Hort. 

Var. falhamenflifl, Loud. Arb. iii., 1850; Encycl. Treea, 
858, f. 1561. 
Q. Cerris var, dontata, Wats. Dendr. Brit., t. 93 (not 

H. Cerris hybrida dentata, Sweet. 
Q. Cerris var. subperennis, A,DC. (in part). 

Var. fttlhamensis latifolia. Loud. 

Q. fulhamensis macrophyllus, Hort. 

Var. laciniata, Loud. Enclycl. Trees & Shrubs, S56, f. 
Q. nsplenifolia, Hort. 
Q. Cerris dLssecta, Hort. 


QuercuB Cerris — cont. 

Q. Cerris laciniosa, Hort. 
Q. heterophylla, Hort. 

Var. longifolia nova, Hort^ 

Var. Incombeana, Loud. Eucyd. Trees, 858, f. lo62. 
Q. Cerris var. subperennis, A. DC. (in part). 
Q. exoniensis, Lodd. 
Q. nepaulensisy Hort. (not Desf,). 
Q. Neumanni, Hort. 
Q. serratifolia, Hort. Batav, 

Var. variegata, Lodd. 

Q. Cerris argentea, Hort. 

Q. Cerris elegantissima, Hort. 

ft. chrysolepis, Liebm.; Sargent Silva of Nortli America, 
t. 398. Oregon, California. 
Q. cras^sipocula, Torr. 
Q. fiilvescens, Kellogg. 

0. cinerea, Michx. ; Dippel Laubholzk. ii., 105, f. 47. Southoi ii 
United States. 
Q. brevifolia, Sargent Silva of North America, t. 4.31. 
Q. humilis, JFalt, (not Lam,), 
Q. Phellos var. brevifolia, Lamb, 
Q. Phellos var, bumilis, Pursh. 
Q. Phellos var. sericea, Ait. 

ft. coccifera, Z. ; Hook. f. Trans. Linn. Soo. xxiii. t. 37. 
Mediterranean region. 
Q. kermesina, Hort. 

ft. coccinea, Muenchh.; Sargent Silva of North Americii, t.t. 
412-3. North America. 
Q. repanda, Hort, 

ft. conferta, Kit, ; Gard. Chron. 1876, v., 85, f is ; KnUduj 
Eichen, t. 14. Italy to Hungary, ki\ 
Q. Aesculus, Heuff. (not Boiss.). 
Q. Farnetto, Tenore. 
Q. hungarica, Hnben. 
Q. latifolia dentata, Hort. 
Q. macranthera, Hort. (not C. A, Met/,). 
Q. pannonica, Hort. 
Q. sessiliflora rar. pannonica, Hort . 
(?. Tenorei, Hart. 


QnerciLS crispula, Blttme, Japan. 

Var. grosseserrata, Franch, Sf Savat 
Q. grosseserrata, Blume, 

d. CTineata, tVangenh. United States. 

Q. digitata, Sudto, ; Sargent Silva of North America, 

t.t. 420-1. 
Q. discolor, Spach. (not Ait.). 
Q. elongata, IVilld, 
Q. falcata, Michx. 
Q. nigra var. digitata, Marsh. 
Q. triloba, Michx. 

ft. cuspidata, Thunb,; Sieb. <^- Ztfcc. Fl. Jap. t. 2; Gard. 
Chron. 1879, 233, f. 38. Japan. 

Var. variegata. Gard. Chron. 1879, xii., 232, f. 38. 

ft. Dalechampii, Tenore, South Europe. 
Q. Robur var. Tenorei, A. DC. 

ft. densiflora. Hook, cj- -^r/i. ; Sargent Silva of North America, 
t. 438. Oregon, California. 
Q. echinacea, Torr. 

ft. dentata,, Thunb. ; Sargent Forest Flora of Japan, t. 23. 
Q. Dai my o, Hort, 
Q. obovata, Bunge, 
Q. pannosa, Hort. 

ft. Donglasii, HooK ^ Am. ; Sargent Silva of North America, 
t. 386. California. 
Q. Kansomi, Kellogg. 

ft. Gambelii, Xutt. ; Sargent Silva of North Ameriw*, t.t. 366-7. 
Colorado, &c. 
Q. undulata, *S^. IFats. (in part). 
Q. undulata var, Gambelii, Efigelm. 

ft. garryana, Hook. ; Sargent Silva of North America , t.t. 
364-5. North- Western America. 
Q. Gilberti, Greene, 
Q. .Jacobi, B. Br, Campnt. 
Q. Neaei, Liebm, 


QnercnB georgiana, M. A, Cmri.; Sargemt Silva ti Xortli 
America, t. 42o. Greorgia. 

a glabra, Thunb. ; Sieb. if Zhcc., F1. Jap. t, ^ ; G«rJ. 
Chron., 1880, xiv., 785, f. 153. Japan. 
Q. latifolia, Hort, 

d. glandnlifera, Blutne. Japan. 
Q. dentata Albertii, Hart, 

a. glanca, Thunb. Japan. 

d. heterophylla, Michx.f. ; Sargent Silva of North America, 
t. 436. United States. 
Q. aquatica nana, Hort. 
Q. Phellos X velutina. 

ft. Ilex, L, ; Wats. Dendr.Brit, t. 90. Mediterranean region. 
Q. pseudococcifera, Hort, (not Desf.), 

Var. crispa, Loud, 

Var. divernfolia, Hort, 

Q. Cerris Lucombeana incisa, Hort, 
Q. Fordii diversifolia, Hort, 

Var. Fordii, Hort, 

Var. Qenabii, Hort, 

Var. Oramiiiitiay Hort, 
Q. Cookii, Lottd. 
Q. hispaoica, Cook, 

Var. latifo]]J^ Loud. EncrcL Trees, 881, f. IGiO. 
Q. Bex agrifolia, Hort* 
Q. Ilex oblonga, Hort, 

Var. MMIiflljDa, Hort, 

Var. ivtniiMM, ///.r^. 

Var. flHifaaL /A>ff . 


QnercUB imbricaria, MicJut\ ; Sargent Silva of North America, 
t. 432. United States. 
Q. Castaneii, Hort. (not Nee,). 
Q. laurifolia, Hort, (not MicLv,), 
Q. Phellos var, imbricaria, Spach. 

d. imbricaria x palustris, Engelm, United States. 

Q. infectoria, 0/tr. South-Eastern Europe to Persia. 

d. Kelloggii, Newb, Oregon and California. 

Q. californica, Cooper ; Sargent Silva of North America, 

t. 416. 
Q. nigi^ Barron i, Hort, 
Q. sonomensis, A, DC. 
Q. tinctoria var. californica, Torr, 

CI. lanuginosa, Thnill. Europe, West Asia. 

Q. Aegilops. Hort, (not L,). 

Q. ajudaghensis, Hort^ 

Q. alba de Rousseau, Hort. 

Q. apennina, Giiss, (not Lam,), 

Q. budarana, Haberl. 

Q. colli na, Schleich, 

Q. conglomerata, Pers, 

Q. cupaniana, Gns8» 

Q. faginca, /?o/ir. (not Lam,). 

Q. hartwissiana, *SVey. 

Q. Hentzei, Hort, 

Q. Pseudo-aogilops, ^or^. 

Q. pubescens, JFilld. 

Q. Robnr var. laimginosa, Lam. 

Q. sessiliflora var. pubescens. Loud, 

Q. Streimii, Heiiff, 

Q. villosa, /^orf. 

CI. lanrifolia, Mic/tO'.; Sargent Silva of North America, t.t. 
i2^30. Virginia to Louisiana. 
Q. ac|uatica var. lauri folia, A. DC, 
Q. lanrifolia hybrida, Michx, 
Q. obtusa, Pursh. 
Q. Phellos var. laurifolia, Chapm. 


ftaerciiB leana, Null. ; TTalted Stata-i. 
Q. icabricaria x cocciaea, Eitgelm, 

Q. ifflbricuria x velutina, Sargent SilvA ofj North 
America, t. 434. 

a. Libani, Oliv.; Rov. Hortic. 1872, 155, f. IB. Asia Minor. 
^ Q. Carduchorum, Koltchy. 
Q. Lihaui var. callipriaos, Kottckg. 

Q. lobata, Nee ; Sargent Sitra of North America, t. 3G2. 
Q. Hiodaii, Benin. 
Q. longiglanda, Fremont. 

Q. loBitanica, Lam. South Europe, Asia Minor. 
Q. austral is, Link. 
Q. CBculenta, Hort. 
Q. faginca, Lam. 

Q. lusitanica, IVebb. var. Clusii, A. DC. 
Q. Valentino, Lam, 
Var. Boiaaieri, A. DC. 
Q. Boissieri, Tfeu^. 
Q. rigido, C. Koch (not JFi/W.). 

Q. AeBCuIus, Griteb. (not Z.). 
Q. trojaua, Webb. 

(LvtMenaXhtx*, Fitch, if Mey.; Dippel Lanbholzk. ii., 72, 
f. 28. Annenfa, Ac 

<L nMTOearpa, Miefuc. ; Sargent Silra of North America, t.L 
371-8. North AnMritift. 

(j, macrocarpa var, olivnoformi;, A. Gray. 
tj, macroph^lta, Uort. 
i-l. olirneformi!^ Michx. 
(;, ramoiia, Booth. 

ft. marilandioa, Mu* 

t-t. 120-7. Unl 
C^. fcrruginiLit, Jfiw"- 
(J. nigm, WoM-* 
a oas»7. 


ftnerciui MicliaTizii, Nutt. ; Sargent Silva of North America, 
t.t. 382-3. Southern United States. 
Q. bicolor, A. DC. (in part). 
Q. bicolor subsp. Michauxii, Engelm. 
Q. Prinus, Walt, (not Z.). 
Q. Prinus vai\ discolor, Curtis, 
Q. Prinus var. Michauxii, Chapm. 

Q. Prinus palustris, Michx. ; Loud, Arb. Brit, iii., 1872. 
f. 1735. 

(I. Mirbecldi, Dur. Spain, Portugal and North Africa. 
Q. grossedentata, Hort, 
Q. lusitanica var. baetica, Webb, 
Q. Mierbeckiiy Dippel, 
Q. yentricosa, Hort, 
Q. Zang, Hort, 

Ql mongolica, Fuch, ; Dippel Laubholzk. ii., 82; f. 33. 
Mandshuria, &c. 

(I. nigra, L, ; Sargent Silva of North America, t. 428. 
Southern United States. 
Q. aquatica, Walt, 
Q. hemisphaerica, Willd, 
Q. nigra var, aquatica. Lam* 
Q. nigra var, trifida, Maruh. 
Q. uliginosa, Wangenh. 

(I. palustris, Muenchh, ; Sargent Silva of North America, t.t. 
422-3. United States. 
Q. rubra var. dissecta. Lam, 
Q. rubra var, ramosissima. Marsh, 

(L pednncnlata, Ehrh. ; Syme Engl. Bot. t. 1288. Europe, 
Q. fmctipendula, Schrank. 
Q. germanica, Lasch. 
Q. longaeva, Salisb, 
Q. malacophylla, Sehultz, 
Q. racemosa, Lam. 
Q. Robur var. pedunculata. 

Var. compacta, Hort. 

Var. Concordia, Lem. lUustr. Hortic. xiv., t. 637. 
Q. foliis aureis, Hort, 


OuercuB pednncoljita — cont, 

Var. fitftigiata, DC. ; Gard. Chron. 1883, xix., 179, f. 26. 
Q. capressoides, Ifort. 
Q. fastigiata. Lam. 
Q. pjraiuidalis, Gmel. 

Var. &8tigiata cucnllata, Hort. 

Var. fostigiAta Grange!, Hart. 

Var. &8tigiata tortuosa, Hort. 

Var. foatigiata variegata, Hort. 

Q. fastigiata foliis punctatis, Hort. 

Var. fastigiata viridis, Hort. 

Var. filicifolia, Lem. Illustr. Hortic. 1854, f. 
Q. asplenifolia, Hort, 
Q. pectinata, Hort. 
Q« pinnata, Hort. 
Q. taraxacifolia, Hort. 

Var. granbjrana, Hort. 

Var. Haas, A. DC. 

Q. Haa8, Kotschy Eichen, t. 2. 

Var. heterophylla, Loud. Arb. Brit, iii., 1732, ff. 1560-71. 
Q. coinptoniaefolia, Hort. 
Q. dissecta, Hort. 
Q. diversi folia cucullata, Hort. 
Q. Fennessi, Hort. 
Q. Fenzloyi, Hort. 
Q. Hcntzii, ^orf. 
Q. incisa, Hort. 
Q. laciniata, Hort. 
Q. peduncalata IIodginBii, //br^. 
Q. ealicifolia, Hort. 
Q. Tonorei, Hort. 

Var. pendnla, Loud, Arb. Brit iii., 1732. 
Q. Daaveesei, Hort. 
Q. borizoD talis, //ar^. 
Q. pendula, Lodd. 
Q. pendula nova, Hort. 

Var. purporascens, Z>C. 
Q. atropurpurca, Hort. 


QnArcvs pednxeslata — ami. 

Q. atrosAngaiae% Hort^ 

Q. caprea. Hart. 

Q. europ^eos purpiireiiSy Hori. 

Q. nigrm porpnremy Hart. 

Q. pedoDcnlisa n^ra. Hart. 

Q. peduDcnlala rar. parpar«a, Lomd, 

Q. pedancoIaU var. smngmnea, Btdui, 

Q. Robar nigra, Flore des Serres, t. 1783. 

Q. Robur nigncanSy Hart. 

Var. scolopendrifoliay Hart. 

Var. Thomasii, TVfiore. 

Q. Robnr var. Thomasiiy A, DC. 

Var. variegata, Hart^ 

Q. elegantissima. Hart. 

(L Fhellos, X.; Sargent Silva of North America^ t. 435. 
United States. 
Q. Robur microcarpa, Hart. 
Q. salicifolia, Hart, (not Nee.). 

Ql phillyraeoides, A. Gray. Japan. 
Q. rotanda, Hart. 

Qi. pontica, C, Koch-, Gartenfloni, 1891, 510, f. 95. Lazistan. 

a. prinoides, Willd. ; Sargent Silra of North America, t. 378. 
United States. 
Q. Chinquapin, Pursh. 
Q. Muehlenbergii var, humilis, Britton. 
Q. Prinus Chincapin, Michx. Hist. Arb. Am. ii, 64, t. 10. 
Q. PrinuB var. humilis, Marsh. 

a. Prinus, L. ; Sargent Silva of North America, tt. 375-6. 
Eastern North America. 
Q. bicolor, Hort. 
Q. Castanea, Hort. (not Nee). 
Q. castaneaefolia, Hort. (not C. A. Mey.). 
Q. montaiia, Willd, 
Q. monticola, Petz. Sf Kirchn. 
Q. nericea, Ilart. 

Ql Pieiido-saber, Santi. South Europe. 
Q. Fontanesii, Gu*$. 
Q. hispanica, Lam. 


(toereu ponla, ITi/r.: ^Mnpou SOim d Xcttk Awmok 

Q. cuereft rar. pmniia. Cmrtis. 
Q. FbelW nrr. num. ^DC. 
Q. Plienu6 r«r. pmnibk Dippei. 
Q. Gcrkea, ITf'/W. 

0. reticulata, ^«m^. 4^ Bompl.; Sar^tnt Silrm of NorUi 
America, t. 390. Mexico, Arizona, ^c 

(L mbra, L.; Sargent Silva <^ North America* t.t 4CK^10. 
North America. 
Q. ambi^oa, Michx, 
Q. burealis, HorU 
Q. corcinea, Hwrt. (not Z.). 
Q. coccinca rar. amhigoa, ^. Gray. 
Q. coccinca rar. maerophjUa, Hori. 
Q. grajana, /Tor*. 
Q. triloba, Hart, 

Var. anrea, Dippel, 

Q. americana aurea, ^orl. 

Var. pendnla. 

Q. coccinea pendnla, //or/. 

ft. serrata, Thunh. ; Dippel Laubholzk. ii., 101, f. 41. Cliinn, 
Japan, &c. 
Q. Bombyx tomentosa, Hort. 
Q. chinensis, Bunge. 

Var. pendnla. 

ft. seseiliflora, Salisb.; Syme Engl. Uot. t. 1289. Kiirojrr, 
W. Asia. 
Q. acuminata, liort, 
Q. aurea, IVienh. 
Q. condenaata, Schur. 
Q. pallida, //«ti^. 
Q. pedemontana, CoUa, 
Q. mbens, //or/. 
Q. sinoata, //or/. 
Q. Turoeri, //art. (not fri7/i/,) 

Var. tfghtnJgtmwMJa, //art 

Var. ahmiee, //or/. 


OaercoB sessiliflora^-con^. 

Yar. cochleata, Hort, 

Var. deYoniana, Hort. 

Var. dschorochensis. 

Q. dschorochensis, C, Koch, 

Var. falkenber^nsis, Hort, 

Var. ibexica, Hort, 

Var. mespilifolia, WcUlr, 
Q. Louetti, Hort. 
Q. Robur Louetti, Hort. * 

Var. rnbicnnda. 

Q. sessiliflora purpurea, Hort. 

ft. stellata, Wangenh. United States. 
Q. alba rar. minor, Marsh, 
Q. Drummondii, Liebm. 

Q. minor, Sargent Silra of North America, t.t. 368-9. 
Q. obtusiloba, Michx, 
Q villosa, Walt. 

ft. Suber, L. ; Kotschy Eichen, t. 33. South Europe, North 
Q. bivoniana, Gust. 

Q. texana, Btickl.; Sargent Silva of North America,!. 411. 
Garden aud Forest, 1894, 514, ff. 81-2. United States. 
Q. rubra var. texana, BuckL 

ft. thalassica, Hance. Japan. 
Q. sieboldiana, Blume. 

ft. Toza, Base. South Western Europe. 
Q. Brossa, Bosc. 
Q. (^amata, Hort. 
Q. Innata, Hort. (not Sm.). 
Q. pubescens, Brat, (not IVilld.). 
Q. j)yri'naica, IV. 
Q. ramosa, Hort. 
Q. stolon if era, Lapeyr. 
Q. Tauzin, Pers. 


Ctuercns Tumeri, Jl'tlld. Garden Origin. ? Q. Ilex x pedun- 
culata or Cerris. 
Q. austriaca hybrida, Ifort, 
Q. austriaca sempervirens, ffori. 
Q. Cerris austriaca sempervirens, Jlort. 
Q. glandulifera, 3fast. Gard.Chron. 1880, xiv.,714, f. 134 

(not Blume), 
Q. hybrida, ffart. 

Q. sclerophylla, ffort. (not Lindl. ^ Paxt.). 
Q. sempervirens, ffart, 

ft. nndnlata, Torr. ; Sargent Silva of North America, t. 385. 
Western North America. 
Q. Emoryi, Porter Sf Coulter (not Torr.), 
Q. Fendleri, Liehm, 
Q. grisea, Liehm. 
Q. oblongifolia, Torr. 
Q. pungcns, Liehm. 

ft. variahillB, Blume, Japan. 

ft. velutina, Lam. ; Sargent Silva of North America, t.t. 414*5. 
North America. 
Q. coccinea var, tinctoria, A. DC. 
Q. discolor, Ait. 
Q. nigra, Du Roi (not X.). 
Q. tinctoria, Michx. 

ft. Wislizeni, A.DC. ; Sargent Silva of North America, t. 406. 

Castanopsis chrysophylla) A.DC; Sargent Silva of North 
America, t. 439. California and Oregon. 
Castanea chrysophylla, Hook. Bot. Mi^., t 4953. 
C. sempervireni, Kellogg, 

Castanea crenata, Sieh. ^ Zucc. ; Dippel Laabhokk. ii., 56, 
f. 23. Japan. 
C chinensis, Hastk. (not Spreng.)» 
C. pumila, ffassk. (not MilL). 
C. striata, Sieh. Sf Zucc, 
C. japouica, Blume. 
C. vulgaris var. japonica, A.DC. 

C. dentata, Borkh. ; Sargent Silva of North America, t.t. 440-1 « 
North America. 
C. amcricana, Bq/ln. 
C. sativa var» americanfty SargenL 


Castanea dentata — cont, 

C. vesca var, americana, Michx. 
C. vulgaris var, americaDa, A. DC, 

C. pnmila, Mill, ; Sargent SiWa of North America, t.t. 442-3, 
Loiid, Encycl. Trees, 014, ff. 1707-8. Southern 
Pennsylvania to Northern Florida. 
Fagus pumila, Z. 

C. sativa, MilL South Europe, North Africa, Orient. 

C. vesca, Gaertn.; Loud. Encycl. Trees, 913, f. 1706. 
C. vulgaris. Lam, 

Var. albo-marginata, Hort, 

Var. asplenifolia, Hort. 

Var. anreo-marginata, Hort, 

Var. crispa, Hort. 

Var. downtoniana, ILort, 

Var. filipendnla, Hort, 

Var. glaberrlma, Hort, 

Var. heterophylla, Hort, 

Var. heterophylla dissecta, Hort. 

Var. laciniata, Hort. 

Var. macnlata, Hort, 

Var. prolifera, C, Koch. 

Var. pyramidalis, Hort, 

Var. moiiBtrosa, Dippel. 
C. bullata, Hort, 
C. cochleata, Hort. 
C. cucullata, Hort, 

Fagns ferruginea, Ait.; Dippel Laubholzk. ii., 53, f. 22. 
North America. 
F. americana, Sweet ; Sargent Silva of North America, 

F. airopunicca, Sudworth, 
F. -caroliniana, Loud. 
F. nigra, Hqfin. 
F. rotundifolia, Rafin, 

Var. latifolia, Hort. 

Var. macrophylla, Hort, 




FasroB sylvatica, Z. ; Syme Engl. Hot. t. 1291. Europe, Asia 
Minor, <&c. 

Var. atropurpurea, Hort. 

Var. aureo-yariegata, Hort, 

Vftr. castaneaefolia, Ilort. 

Var. cochleata, Hort, ' 

F. ferruginea cochleata, Hort, 

Var. cristata, Lodd. ; Laud, Encycl. Trees, 906, f, 1694. 
F. sylvaiica crispa, Hort, 

Var. cuprea, Lodd. 

Var. grandidentata, Hort. 

Var. heterophylla, Loiid. Encycl. Trees, 906, ff. 1692-3. 
F. comptoniaefolia, Hort. 
F. incisa, Hort, 
F. laciniatA, Hort, 
F. SAlicifolia, Hort. 
F. sylvatica asplenifolia, Lodd. 

Var. macrophylla, ffort. 
F. latifblia, Hort. 
F. monstrosa latifolia, //or^. 

Var. miltonensis, //#r/. 

Var. nigra, Hort. 

Var. norwegiensis, /A>r^ 

Var. pendula, Lodd. 

Var. purpurea, ^t/. 

Var. purpurea major, Hort. 

Var. purpurea nova, Hort. 

Var. purpurea pendula, Hort, 

Var. quercoides, Per*. 
F. qucrcifolia, Hort. 

Var. remillyensis, Hori. 

Var. tortuosa, i/or/. 

Var. tricolor, Hort 

Var. variegata, ZTor^, 

Var. Zlatla, Spaeth, 

a 92397. q 



Salix alba, Z. ; Syme Engl. Bot. t. 1309. Europe, Asia, 
North Africa. 

Var. argentea. 

S. alba leucopbylla, Hort. 
S. argentea, Wimm, 
S. leucopbylla, Hort. 
S. regalis, Hort, 
S. splendens, Bray, 

Var. britzenais, Spaeth, 

Var. caemlea, Syme Engl. Bot. t. 1310. 
S. caerulea, Sm, 

Var. caemlea pendula. 

S. alpigena, Kern. Tyrol, &c. 

S. ambigua, Eltrh. ; SV;/te Engl. Bot. t. 1355. Europe. 
S. repens x aurita. 
S. spathulata, IFilld, 
S. versifolui, Wahlenb. 

S. Arbuscula, L, Europe, North Asia. 
S. carinata, Sm, 

Var. pnmifolia, Syttie Engl. Bot. t. 1372. 
S. prunifolia, Sm. Engl. Bot. t. 1361. 

S. anrita, L, ; Forbes Salict. Wobum. t. 124. Europe, North 

S. aurita x Myrsinites. Europe. 
S. saxctana, F. B. J^mte. 

S. aurita x viminalis. Europe. 
S. fruticosa, Doell. 

S. aurita-Lapponum. Europe. 
S. Lapponum x aurita. 

S. anrito-incana, Wimm. Europe. 
S. reticulata, Hort, (not Z.). 

S. babylonica, Z. ; Forbes Salict. Woburn. t. 22. Japan. 
S. japonica, Blume (not Thunb,), 
S. neapolitana, Hort, 
S. pendula, Moench, 


Salix babylonica^con^. 

S. perpendens, Ser. 

S. riparia, Ilort, (not JVilld.). 

Var. annularis. 

S. annularis, Forbes Salict. Woburn. t. 21. 
S. crispa, Hort. 

Var. Salamoni, Hort, 

S. caesia, VilL Mountains of Switzerland, Tyrol, and South- 
western Europe. 
S. myrtilloides, Forbes Salict. Woburn. t. 66 (not Z.). 
S. prostrata, Ehrh, 

S. Candida, Fluegge ; Forbes Salict. Woburn. t 91. North 
S. incana, Michx. (not Schrank), 
S. nivea, Sm. 
S. tomentosa, Schrad, 

S. Caprea, Z. ; Forbes Salict. Woburn. 1. 122, Syme Engl. Bot. 
t. 1331. Europe, North Asia. 
S. aurigerana, Lapeyr, 
S. hybrida, Ft//. 
S. tomentosa, Ser. 
S. nlmifolia, ThuilL 

Var. pendnla, Hort. 

S. Kilmarnocki, Hort. 

S. Caprea x cinerea. Europe. 
S. moschata, Hort, 
S. Reichardti, Kern, 

S. cinerea, Z. ; Syme Engl. Bot. t. 1327. Europe, North and 
West Asia. 
S. acuminata, Hoffm. 
S. dumetonim, Suter, 
S. oleifolia, Sm, (not Vill.), 
S. polymorphn, ZTo*/. 
S. rufineiTis, DC. 

Var. aquatica, Syme Engl. Bot. t. 1328. 
S. aquatica, iS^m. 

Var. Medemii, Boiss, 
S. Medemii, Boiss, 

Var. tricolor, Dippel. 

S. Caprea tricolor, iSTorf . 


cinerea-repenB, Wimm, Europe. 
S. repens x cinerea. 

S. cordata, MuhL; Dippel Laubholzk. ii., 283, f. 134. 
Northern and Arctic America. 

Var. glaucophylla, Behh. 

Var. rig^da, Anderss. 

S. cordata-rigida, A, Chay. 
S. myricoides, Muhl, 
S. rigida, Willd. 

Var. sericea, Anderss, 

Var. vestita, Anderss. 

S. coriacea, Forbes Salict. Woburn. t. 112. Europe. 
S. nigricans X aurita. 

S. Cotteti, Lagg, Tyrol. 

S. retusa var, nigrescens, Kern, 

S. cuspidata, Schuliz; Dippel Laubholzk. ii., 216, f. 109. 
S« iragilis-pentandra, Weinm, 

S. meyeriana, Rostkov. ; Forbes Salict. Wobum. t. 33. 
S. pentandra-fragiiis, IVimm. 
S. Pockornyi, Kern. 

S. daphnoides, Vill, ; Flora Dauica, t. 2919. Europe, &c. 
S. Aglaia, Hort. 
S. bigemmis, Hoffin. 
S. glauca, Hort. (not Z.). 
S. jaspidea, Hort, 
S. pomeranica, JFilld, 
S. praecox, Hoppe; Forbes Salict. Wobum. t. 26. 

Var. acntifolia, Anderss, 
S. acutifolia, JFilld. 
S. caspica, Hort. 

S. daphnoides var. angustifolia, Weinm. 
8. pruinosa, Wendl. 
S. violacea, Forbes Salict. Wobum, t. 25. 

S. decipiens, Hoffm. ; Forbes Salict. Woburn. t. 29. Europe. 
S. fragilis var. decipiens, Koch, 
S. triandra x fragilis, F. B. White. 


Salix diBColor, Muhl. ; Sargent Silva of North America, t. 478. 
North America. 
S. sensitiva, Barratt, 

S. doniana, Sm. Engl. Bot. t. 2599. Europe. 
S. parvi flora. Host, 
S. purpurea-repens, Wimm, 
S. repens-purpurea, Weinm. 

S. fragilig, Z. ; Syme Engl. Bot. t. 1306. Europe, N. and W. 
S. bigemmis, Hort, (not Hoffm.), 
S. cerasifera, Hort. (not Schleich.). 
S. conforrais, Hort. 
S. mascula. Hart, 
S. meyeriana, WillcL 
S. monandra, Hort. (not Hoffm.). 
S. russeUiana, ^;7i. 
S. serrulata, Hort. (not Willd.). 
S. silesiaca, -ffor^. (not Willd,), 

Var. basfordiana. 

S. basfordiana, ^To/^cr Gard. Chron. 1882, xvii., 298, 

ff. 41-2. 
S. sanguiuca, Scaling. 

Var. latifolia, Atiderss. 

S. ammaniana, Hort. (not Willd.). 

S. excelsa, Tausch, 

S. monspeliensis, Forbes Salict. Woburn, t. 30. 

S. elegantissima, C. Koch. Origin uncertain. 
S. americana pendula, Hort. 
S. babylonica femina, Hort. 
S. fragili-babylonica, Kegel, 
S. sibirica, Hort. aliq. 
8. Sieboldi, Hort. 

S. glanca, Z. (not Sm.), Alpine and Arctic regions of northern 
S. sericea, Forbes Salict. Woburn. t. 74, 

S. hastata, L. ; Forbes Salict. Woburn. t. 35. Mountains of 
Europe and N. Asia. 
S. cerasifolia, Schleich. 
S. elegans. Host, 
S. eriantha, Schleich, 


Salix hastata — coiit. 

S. malifolia, Sm. ; Forbes Sulict. Woburn. t. 36. 

S. Pontcderae, Vill. 

S. poDtederana, Loisel. (not JVilld.), 

S. serrulata, Willd, 

S. viburnoides, Schleich, 

S. herbacea, L. ; Syme Eng. Bot, t. 1378. Mountains of 
northern hemisphere. 

Sw hezandra, Ehrh. Europe. 

S. hippophaifolia, ThuilL Europe. 
S. triandra-'viminalis, Wimtn. 
S. alba var. hippopbaifolia, Ser. 
S. multiformis, DoelL var. hippopbaifolia, Anderss. 
S. virescens, Forbes (not Vill.) ; Loud. Arb. Brit, iii., 1531. 

S. hookeriana, Barratt ; Sargent Silva t. 48o ; Dippel 
Laubholzk. ii., 303, f. 142. N. America. 

8. hnmilis, Marsh. ; Dippel Laubholzk. ii., 268, f. 128. N. 
S. conifera, Muhl. 
S. muehlenbcrgiana, Barratt, 
S. recurvata, Pursh. 

8. incana, Schrank ; Forbes Salict. Woburn. t. 90. Europe. 
S. angusti folia, loir, 
S. cylienea, Boiss, 
S. Elaeagnos, Scop, 
S. lavandulaefolia, Lapet/r. 
S. linearis, Forbes Salict. Woburn. t. 89. 
S. Reginae, Nort, 
S. riparia, Willd, 
S. rosmarinifolia, Gouan (not L.), 
S. viminalis, Balb, (not Z.). 

S. japonica, TTiunb. Japan. 

S. babylonica var, japonica, Anderss, 

Var. Lavall^ei 

S. lanata, L. ; Forbes Salict. Woburn. t, 71 ; Si/me Engl. 
Bot. t. 1367. Northern and Arctic Europe, &c. 
S. chrysantha, Vahl, 
S. lanuginosa. Pall, 

Var. Sadleri, F. B, White, Perthshire, Aberdeenshire, &c. 
S. Sadleri, Syme Journ. Bot. 1875, t. 168. 






Saliz Lapponum, Z. ; Forbes Salict. Woburn. t. 73, Mountains 
of Europe and N. Asia. 
S. arenaria, JVilld, 

S. claeagni folia, Forbes Salict. Woburn, t, 69. 
S. glauca, Sm. Engl. Bot. t. 1810. 
S. fflaucophylla, Bess, 
S. lactea, Bray. 
S. leucopbylla, JVilld, 
S. limosa, JVahlenb, 
S. nitons, Gilib. 
S. sudotica, Host, 
S. stuartiana, Forbes Salict. Woburn. t. 72, 

Var. helvetica, F. B. White, 
S. helvetica, VilL 
S. nivea, Ser. 
S. tomentosa, Hort, (not Schrad,). 

S. Lapponum-phylicifolia, Linton, Europe. 

S. lasiandra, Benth. ; Sargent Silva t. 469. Western United 
8. arguta var, lasiandra, Anderss, 
S. bofTmanniana, Hook, Sf Am, (not Sm,), 

S. lamina, Sm. ; Si/me Engl. Bot, t. 1333. Europe. 
S. bicolor, Sm. Engl. Bot. t. 1806. 
S. bicolor x Caprea ? 
S. discolor, Hort. (not Muhl,). 
S. phylicifolia X Caprea ? 

S. luteacens, Kem, Europe. 
S. aurita-cinerea, JVimm. 
S. nuiltinervis, Doell, 

S. lucida, Muhl. ; Sargent Silva t. 473 ; Loud. Arb. Brit, iii., 
150 1, f . 1 301 . North America. 
S. myricoides, Hort. (not Muhl.), 

S. Myrsinites, L. ; Syme Engl. Bot. t. 1375; Flora Danica, 
t. 10.^4. Northern hemisphere. 
S. alpina, Scop, 
S. arbuti folia, Ser, 
S. dubia, Suter. 
S. recti julis, Trautv, 

Var, jacqoiniana, Anderss. Austrian Alps. 
S. jacquiniana, JVilld, 
S. Jacguinii, Host. 


Saliz Myrsinites — cont, 

Yar. latifolia, Anderss, 

S. procumbens, Forbes Salict. Woburn. t. 61, 
S. retasa, With, (not Z.). 

S. Myrsinites x nigricans. Europe. 
S. punctata, JVahl. 
S. Myrsinites-nigricans, Wimm, 
S. Wahlenbergii, Anderss, 

S. myrtilloides, Z. Nortbern hemispLerc. 
8. elegans, Bess, 

Var. pedicellaris, Anderss, Nortb America. 

S. Nicbolsoni, Dieck. North America. 

S. nigra x myricoides (cordata) ? Dieck, 
S. myricoides x nigra ? Koehne, 

Var. purpnrascens, Dieck, 

S. nigra, Marsh. ; Sargent Silva t. 462. Nortb America, 
S. ambigua, Pursh, 
S. caroliniana, Michx, 
S. flavo-virens, Hornem, 
S. boustoniana, Pursh, 
S. bgustrina, Michx,f, 

Yar. falcata. 

S. nigricans, Sm, Alps of Nortb and Central Europe. 
8. phylicifolia var. nigricans, F, B, White, 

Yar. andersoniana, Syme Engl. Bot. t. 1351. 

S. andersoniana, Forbes 8alict. Woburn. t. 109. 

Yar. ansoniana. 

S. ansoniana, Forbes Salict. Woburn. t. 107. 

Yar. atrovirens. 

8. atrovirens, Forbes Salict. Woburn. t. 108. 

Var. australis. 

S. australis, Forbes Salict. Woburn. t. 103. 

Yar. cotinifolia, Syme Engl. Bot. t. 1348. 
S. cotinifolia, Sm. Engl. Bot. t. 1403. 

Yar. damascena, Sytne Engl. Bot. t. 1362. 
S. damascena, Forbes, 

Yar. firma. 

S. firma, Forbes Salict. Woburn. t. 106. 

■ 1 • 


I "■ 



■ I 


Salix nigricans — ronf. 

\uv. forsteriana, Sijnte En^l. Bot. t. l.'Mf). 
S. forsteriana, Sni. Kngl. liot. t. 2MI. 

Var. grisonensis. 

S. «^risononsis, Forbes Snlict. AVoburn. f. 09. 

Var. helvetica. 

S. holvctiru, Forhts (not J ill,}. 

Var hirta, St/me Engl. l>of. t. l.'J.)!. 
S. Iiirtji,'Ny//. Kngl. IJot. t. 1 101. 

Var. petraea, Si/mc Enu;l. Hot. t. 13o.3. 

S. pelrara, .tuclcrs^, ; Sm, Engl. lio*. t. 2725. 

Vnr. rivnlariB. 

S. rivniaris, Forbes Salict. Woburn. t. 102. 

Var. rotnndifolia. 

S. rotiindati, Forbes Salict. Wobnrn. t. 104. 

Var. mpestris, Si/me Engl. BoU t. 1350. 

S. rnpeMris, Dn,ui ; N///.Engl. Hot. t. 2342. 

Var. strepida. 

S. nigricans x cineroa. 

S. tjtrepula, /w/>rA' Salict. Woburn. t. 100. 

Vnr. stylaris. 

S. stylaris, Ser. 


Var. vallesiaca, Ilort, 

Vai . vaudensis. 

S. vaudensis, Forbes, Salict. Woburn. t. 117. 

S. patnla, Scrinye. ICnrope. 
S. aiirita-inciina. 

S. holohoricea, Ilort, (not f Til Id.), 
S. incana-aurita, IFimm. 
S. micheliana, TTnrt. (not For/us). 
S. olfca^jfolia, Atulerss. 
S. oleifolia, Forbes Salict. Wuburn. t. 06. 
S. salviaefolia, Link. 

S. Paulinse, Sucudirm. Finibertbal, jSorlh-\iopt Tyrol. 
S. reticulata x Myrsinites? 

u U*J:i97. 1 




Salix pentandra, L. ; Forbes Salict. Woburn. t. 34. Europe^ 
N. Asia. 
S. hum bold tiana, Hort, (not Willd.). 
S. lucida, Forbes Salict. Woburn. t. 32 (not. MuhL), 
S. mcyeriana, Borrer (not Willd,). 

S. petiolaris, <SV/i. ; Forbes Salict. Woburn. t. 23 ; DippH 
Laubholzk. ii., 260, £.121. N. America. 
S. discolor, Hort, (not Muhl.). 
S. fuscata, Pursh. 

Yar. sericea, Anderss. 
S. grisea, Willd, 
S. petiolaris var. grisea, Torr, 
S. pratensis, Hort, 
S. sericea, Marsh, 

S. phylicifolia, L. Alps of Northern ard Central Europe. 
S. bicolor, Ehrh, 

Var. borreriana, Syme Engl. Bot. t. 1344. 
S. borreriana, Sm. Engl. Bot. t. 2619. 

Var. croweana, Syme Engl. Bot. t. 1 338. 
S. croweano, Sm, Eng. Bot. t. 1140. 

Var. laziflora, Syme Engl. Bot. t. 1340. 

S. laxiflora, Anderss, ; Sm, Engl. Bot. t. 2749. 

Var. niteiiB, Syme Engl. Bof. t. 1337. 

S. nitens, Anderss. ; Sm. Engl. Bot. t. 2656. 

Var. patens, Forbes Salict. Woburn. t. 39. 

Var. phillyreifolia, Syme Engl. Bot. t. 1345. 

S. phillyreifolia, Borrer ; Sm. Engl. Bot. t. 2660. 

Var. tetrapla, Syme Engl. Bot. t. 1343. 

S. tctrapla, Walker ; Sm. Engl. Bot. t. 2702. 

Var. weigeliana, Syme Engl. Bot. t. 1336. 

S. weigeliana, Willd, ; Sm Engl Bot. t. 2666. 
S. wulfeniana, Sm, 

S. purpurea, L, ; Syme Engl. Bot. t. 1316 ; Forbes Salict. 
Woburn. t. 1. Europe, Central and North Asia. 
S. carniolica, Host, 
S. fissa, Wahlenb, (not Hoffm,), 

V 2 





Salix parparea — conf. 

S. fuscata, J fort. 

S. inonandrn, Ifoff'm. 

S. r«)^rnariiiifolia, Uort. 

Var. lainbertiana, Anderss, ; Sywe Engl. Bot. t. 1318. 
S. lamUntiana, Forbes Salict. Woburii. t.t. 3, 4. 
S. pratCMisis, Scop, 
S. woolgariaiia, Borrer. 

Var. pendula. (American Weeping Willow). 
S. americana pendula, Hort. 
S, nigra pendula, Iforf. 

Var. scharfenbergensis, A'. Bo//e. 
S. pyrifolia, AmJerss. KcM'kj Mountains. 

S. repeiLB, A. Europe, North Asia. 

Var. argentea, Syme Engl. Bot. t. 1362. 
S. argentea, Sm, Engl. Bot. t. 1364. 
S. calif or nica, Hort, 
S. sericea, Hort. 
S. sericea pendula, Hort, 
8. woolseyana, Hort. 

S. reticulata, L. ; Sj/me Engl. Bot.t. 1379. Arctic and alpine 
regions of northern hemisphere. 
Charaitea reticulata, Kern. ; Dippel Laubholzk. ii., 212, 
f. 106. 

S. retnsa, L, ; Forbes Salict. Woburn. t. 139. Europe, N. 

Var. serpyllifolia, .Inder/tM. ; KovIm*.** Salivt. Woburn. t. 05. 
S. serpyllifolia, Srop. 

S. retusa x herbacea. Kuropi-. 

8. rosmarinifolia, L. ; Forbes Salict. Woburn. t. 87. Europe. 
S. august ifolia, IVulf, 

S. Arbu.'^ula, Forbes Salict. Woburn. t. d>6. 
S. caesia, Hort, (not Vill.). 
S. canaliculata, Bess. 
S. Integra, Thunb. 
S. littoral is, Host, 

MI arinifollft — eont, 
nifolift, mild. 
■nsis, Ifost. 
lix t-nr. rosmuriairolia, Andertt. 

...Liis. ffdSt. 

tr&ta, liichftrds. North America. 
I. bfbtiiaiia, Sargent Silva t. 477. 
' S. livida var. occitlentalis, A. Gray. 
": Titans fiir. roslrata, Andent. 

S. rulira, /fuds. ; Forbet Salict. Woburn. t. 4. Europe. 
S. concolor, Hott. 
S. fifwa. Hoffm. (not Waklenb.). 
S. membranacea, Thuill, 
S. purpurea x Timinalb. 
Var. forbfaiiR, Syme Engl. Bot. t. 1321. 

S. forbyana, Wimm. ; Forbes Salict. Woburn. t, 5. 
Var. Helix, Syme Engl. Bot. 1 1319. 
S. Helix, Sni. Engl. Bot. t. 1343. 
8. purpurea tar. Helix, Andertt. 
S. pyramiiiiilis, Hort. 

S. HC«TaetJL, F. B. White. Britain. 
S. pur|)urea x pbylicifolia. 

S. Hsqnitortui, F. B. White. Britain. 
8. purpurea x aurita x phylicifolia. 

S. •itboldiana, Blume. Japan. 

8. •ilMUoa, Willd. Europe. 
S. fagifolia, JVUld. 
S. laBiocarpa, jyiinm. 
S. LuJwigii, Schiulir. 
S. Bileaiaco-Lapponuiu, Wimm, 
Var. rabcaprea, Andertt. 

S. Cap rea-si leal aca, Wimm. 

S. n&ithiMia, WUld. Europe. 

S. moUisKimB, Snt. (not Ehrh.). 
S. pannOfla, Hort. (not Sckteieh.). 
S. viminalis x Capreae? 

f i 


Salix smithiana— rf>w/. 

Vor. acuminata, Jndcrss, 

S. acuminata, Sm.; >S[yweEngl. Bot. t. 1326. 

S. Calodendron; ll'imni, 

S. C'aprea-dasyclados, jrfmm, 

S. dasjcla<Ios, Winnn, 

Vmi. ferniginea. 

S. einorea-Timiiiaiiis, H'imfn, 

S. ferniginea, JJorrer : Si/me Engl. Bot. t. 1325. 

Var. velutina, Anderss. 
S. holoserice 1, IVilld. 

S. inicheliana, Forbes Salict. Woburn. t. 135, 
S. rugosa, Leefe, 

S. sobriiia, /'. B. IVhite. Europe. 
vS. lierbacea x Lapponuin. 

8. sordida, Kern. Europe. 

S. cinerea-purpurea, Wunm, 

S. pontederana, Schleich. var. sordida, Anderss. 

S. p'jrpurea x cinerea. 

8. subpurpurea-cinerca, Kern. 

S. spuria, Schleich, Europe. 
S. Arbuscula x Lapponum. 

S. stipularis, Sm, l^^ngl. Bot. t. 1214. Europe. 

8. viininalis x smithiana ? 

S. triandra, L.\ St/me Engl. Bot. t. 1313. Europe, N. Asia. 
S. hoppeana, Jl'illd. 
S. t«Muiiflora, Hos(. 

Var. amygdalina, Si/mv Engl. Bot. r. l-'U'i. 
S. amygdalina, A. 

Var. hofiiuanniana, Symc Engl. Bot. f. 131 1. 
S. hoffmanniana, Sm, 

S. undulata, /:7/r^. ; Sffine Engl. Bot. t. 1312. Europe. 
S. lanceolata, Sm, Engl. Bot. t. 1436. 
8. triandra-all)a, If^imm. 



Salix TiinmaliB, Z. ; Forbes SiJict. Wobain. t. 133. Russia and 
Norili Asia. (Cultivated throughout Europe). 
S. longifolia, Lam. 
S. tristis, Hort. (not^tV.). 
S. virescens, Vill. (not Farbei), 

8. Yiridis, Fries. Europe. 

S. fragilis, Forbes Salict. Woburn. t. 27 (not L,). 

8. fragilis x alba. 

S. montana, Forbes Salict. Woburn. t. 19. 

S. wardiana, F. B. White. Britain. 
S. phylicifolia x cinerea. 

Popaliu alba, /.. ; Syme Engl. Bot. t. 1299. Europe, N. 
Africa, N, & W. Asia. 

Var. niTea. 

P. acerifolia, Hart. 
P. arembergiaoa, Hort, 
P. arenibergica, Hort. 
P. argentea, Hort. 

Var. pyramidalis. 

P. alba var. croatica, Wesmael. 
P. bolleana, Lauche. 
P. croatica, Waldst. Sf Kit. 
P. Korolkowi, Hort. 

Var. macrophylla, Hort. 
P. Piearti, Hort. 

Var. globosa, Hort. 

Var. foliJB aureis Tariegatis. 

P. angUfltifolia, James ; Sargent Silva t. 492. North 
P. balsamifera var. anguRtifolia, S, Watson. 
P. canadensis var. angustifolia» Wesmael. 
P. salicifolia, Rojin. 

P. balaamifera, L. ; Sargent Silva, t. 4S0. North America. 
Var. elongata. 

r I 






Popnlus balsamifera — cont, 

Var. candicans, J. Gray, Sargent Silva, t. 491. 
P. candicaiK-J, Ait. 
P. ontarionsis, llort, 

Var. variegata. 

P. berolinensis, DippiL Origin unceitai:.. 
P. laiirirdia vai\ berolinensi.'?, Hcrt, 
P. liybrida luir, berolineusis, C. K(Hh. 
P. l>alsamil'ura brrolineiisis, Hort, 
P. Ijiiirifdlia x dcltoi^lca r 

P. canescens, Sm, ; Sifmv Eugl. J3ot. t. l.'WO. 
P. albo-treuuila, KniKsse. 

P. certinensis, J/ort, GardcMi origin. 

P. deltoidea, Marah. ; Sargent Silva, t.t. 494-5. Xorlli 
P. Acladesca, LindL 
P. angulata, Ait. 
P. angulosa, Micha,: 
P. canadensis, Mocnch. 
P. carolinensis, .yfocnr/i. 
P. cordata, //ort. 

P. dilatata var. earolinensis, IVilld, 
P. glandulotMi, Moench, 
P. heterophylla, Duroi (not Z.). 
P. laevigata, Ait. 
P. latifolia, Moinch. 
P. maeropbylla. Hurt. 
P. nmrylandica, //o^r. 
P. monilifcra, .-//V 
P. nigra, Marsh, (not /,.). 
P. nigra var. belvetica, J^oir. 
P. nigra car. virginiana, Castigl. 
P. serotina, Hartig. 
P. virginiana, Fongcr. 

Var. aurea, 17^// deert, 

P. canadonsis aurea, Hort. 
P. vanln)Utt<*ana, Hort. 

Var. erecta. 

P. canadt'DFis iYi/\ erecfa, Dipped, 
P. moil il if era rar, erecta, Se/gs. 

montii, S. JVats.; Sargent Silva, t. 496. Call- 

L, Mickv, ; Sargent Silva, t. 488. North 

./11a, L, ; Sargent Silva t. 489. North America, 
^entea, Michx. /. Hist. Arb. Am. iii., 290, t. 9. 
julsamifera, Mill, (not Z.). 
. oordifolia, Burgsdorf, 
^. oiuariensis macrophjlla, Hort. 

v^ar. pendnla. 

P. pendula, Burgsdorf, 
P. supiDa, Lodd, 

Var. villoaa, Sgme. 

V. canescens, Reich, (not Sm.), 
F. villosa, Lange. 

laurifolia, Ledeb. Altai region of Southern Siberia. 
P. balsamifera var. laurifolia, WennaeL 
P. balsamifera var, viminaliSi Loud. 
P. crispa, Hort. 
P. crispa Lindleyi, Hort. 
P. 1 indie jana, Booth. 
P. longifolia, Fisch, 
P. salieifolia, /Tor^. 
P. nndulata, Hort, 
P. viminalisy LodJ, 

moscoyienBia, Schroeder. Origin uncertain. 

, nigra, L. ; Syme Engl. Bot. t. 1302. Europe, N. Asia. 
P. fistula, Hort, 
P. versicolor, Salisb» 
P. vistulensis, Hort, 

Var. betnlaefolia, Wesmaet, 
P. betulifolia, Pursh. 

P. hudsonica, Michx, Hist. Arbr. Am. iil, 293 t. 10 
f. 1. 

Var. Holeatii 

P. Nolestii, Hort. 


Popnlns nigra — cant. 

Var. pjramidaliB, Spach, 
F. dilatata, Soland, 
P. fastigiata, Pert. 
P. italicSy Moench, 
P. paDDonica, Hort. 
P. polonica, Hort, 
P. pyramidalis, Salisb, 

Var. pyramidalis gigantea. 
P. fastigiata gigantea. 

P. petrowBkyana, Schroeder. Garden origin. 
? P. canadensis x suaveolens. 

P. rasnmowskyana, Schroeder. Garden origin. 
? nigra x suaveolens. 

P. Sieboldii, Miq, Japan. 
P. rotundi folia, Hort, 

P. Simonii, Carr.\ Dippel Laubholzk. ii., t. 211, f. 10 
P. balsamifera, var, Simonii, Dieck, 

P. suaveolens, Fisch. North -west India to Japan, &c. 
P. balsamifera var. suaveolens, Loud, 
P. macrocarpa, Schrenk, 
P. pseudobalsamifera, Fisch. 

P. tremula, L. ; Syme Engl. Bot. t. 1301. Europe, N. Africa, 
N. Asia. 
P. australis, Tenare. 
P. cilicica, Kotschy, 

P. tremuloides, Michx. ; Sargent Silva t. 487. North 
P. atheniensis, C. Koch, 
P. benzoifcra, Tausch, 
P. graeca, Lauche, 
P. tremuliformis, Emerson, 
P. trcpida, IVilld. 

Var. pendula. 

P. Juliana pendula, Hart, 

u 92397. rt 



Popnlns trichocarpa, Hook.; Sargent Silva t, 493. Western 
North America. 
P. balsamifera var, trichocarpa, S, Wats. 

P. triBtis, Fisch. ; Dippel Laubholzk. ii., 205, f . 98. North- 
eastern Asia. 

P. Viadri, M. Ruediger, Origin uncertain. 

P. Wobstii, Schroeder. Garden origin ? 

P. balsamifera var. Wobstii, Dippel Laubholzk. ii., 207, 
f. 101. 


Empetnun nigrum, L.; Syme Engl. Bot. t. 1261. North 
temperate and arctic zones. 
E. crassifolium, Rafin. 
E. procumbens, L. 

Var. scoticxim, Loud. 
E. scoticum, Hook. 

Var. tomentosnm, Dippel. 
E. tomentosum, Hort. 

Corema album, D. Don, Portugal. 
Empetrum lusitanicum, Hort. 

C. Conradii, Torr, Northern United States, &c. 
Empetrum Conradii, Torr. 

Q 2 




Ephedra americanA, Humh. ^ Bompi. var. attdiBa, Sttg»f. 
E. andina, Poepp. ^ Endl. 
E. bracteata, Miers, 
E. chilensis, Miers. 
E. monticola, Miers. 

E. difltachya, L. Earope, Asia minor. 

Yar. monostachya, Stt^f. 
E. moDOStachja, Z. 

E. foliata, C. A. Mey. Northern and Central Asia. 
E. AJte, Brandts. 
E. asparagoides. Griff. 
E. Kokanica, RegeL 
E. peduncularis, Boiss. 

E. fragilis, Desf. ; Sibth. Fl. Graeca, t. 961. Mediterranean 
region, &c. 

.Yar. campylopoda, Stapf. 

E. campy lopoda, C. A. Mey, 

E. gerardiana, Wall. Himalaya. 
E. vulgaris, Aitch, 

K helvetica, C. A, Mey. Switzerland, Italy, Southern 
E. distachya, Sitter (not Z.). 

E. trifurca, Tarr. Western North America. 




t Smilacejs. 

Smilax aspera, Z. ; Noov. Duham. i., 234, t. 53. Medil<»r- 
ranean region, <&c. 
S. sagittaefoiia, Lodd. Bot. Cab. t. 1709. 

Var. macxdata, A.DC. East Indies. 
S. maculata, Roxb. manritanica, A.DC, 
S. catalonica, Poir. 
S. mauritanica, Desf. ; Flore des Serres, t. 1049. 

S. Bona-noz, L. var. haatata, A.DC. South Unitetl StAteH. 
S. hastata. Wiild. 

S. China, L. China, Japan, &c. 
S. japonica, A. Gray, 
S. pteropiis, 3fiq. 
Coprosmanthus japonicus, Kunth. 

S. excelsa, L. ; Nonv. Duham. i., 236, t. 54 ; Sibth. Fl. 
Gra(*ca, t. 959. South-west Europe, Asia Minor, Sec, 
S. caiiariensis, //. C. Wats, (in part). 
S. China, S. T. Gmel. (not /..). 
S. laevis, Gueldenst. (not Wall,). 

S. glanca, Walt.; Bot. Mag. t. 1846. North America. 
S. Sarsiiparilla, L. (in part). 
S. spinulosu, Sm, 

S. herhacea, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 1920. North America. 
Coprosmanthus herbaceus, Kunth. 

Var. pednncnlaris, A.DC. 
S. peduncularis, MuhL 
S. pulverulenta, Michx. 

S. hispida, Muhl. North America. 
S. grand i folia, BuchL 


Smilaz rotnndifolia, Z. North America. 
S. caduca, h, 

S. quadrangularis, Muhl. ; Wats, Dendr. Brit, t, 109. 
S. Sarsaparilla, Hort, 
S. Tirgiuiana, Hort, (not Mill.). 

8. tamnoideB, L. North America. 
S. tamnifoHa, Michx. 
Coprosmauthus tamnifolius, Kunth, 

S..Walteri, JPursh. North America. 


EoBcnB aculeatuB, Z. ; Syme Engl. Bot. 1. 1616. Europe, <&c. 

B. Hypoglossum, Z. ; Sibth, Fl. Qraeca, 1. 955. South 
R. Hjpophyllum var, Hypoglossum, Lam, 

B. Hjrpophyllum, Z. ; Bot. Mag. t. 2049. South-west Europe, 

N. Africii. 
Ruscus microglossus, Bert. 

Danaea Laums, Medic Asia Minor, &c. 

D. raceraosa, Moench ; Wats, Dendr. Brit. t. 145. 
Danuida racemosa, Link, 
Kuscus raceinosus, Z. 


Luzuriaga radicans, Rniz Sf Pav. Chili, Peru. 

1 1 t t Dracene^. 

Yucca angiiBtifolia, Pursh ; Bot. Mag. t. 2236. Missouri to 
Colorado and New Mexico. 
Var. stricta, Baker, 

Y. aiigiisti folia var. mollis, Engelm, 
Y. stricta, Sims, ; Bot. Mag. t. 2222. 

y. fllamentosa, Z. ; Bol. Mag. t. 900. Southern United 


Var. flaccida, Baker, 

Y. flaccida, Haw, ; Bot. Reg. t 1896. 


Yucca glanca, Sims Bot. Mag. t. 2662. Southern United States. 

Y. gloriosa, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 1260. Southern United States. 

Var. Ellacombei, Baker. 

Y. EUaeombei, Baker ; Sautid. Ref. Bot. t. 317. 

Var. variegata, fforl. 

Y. orchioideB, Carr. Rev. Hortic. 1861, 369, ff. 89, 90. 
Southern United States. 
Y. filamentosa var. orchioides. Baker. 

Var. major, Baker Bot. Mag. t. 6316. 

Y. recurvifolia, Salisb. ; Sound. Ref. Bot. t. 321. Southern 
United States. 
Y. japonicii, Hort. 
Y. pendula, Sieb. 
Y. recur va. Haw. 

Var. variegata, Hort, 

Y. mpicola, *S^c/iee/c ; Bot. Mag. t. 7172. Southern United 
States and Mexico. 
Y. contorta, Hort. 
Y. lutcscens, Carr. 
Y. tortifolia, Lindh. 


TrachycarpuB excelsuB, H, WendL Japan. 
T. Fortune!, H. IVendl, 
Chamaerops cxcelsa, Thunb. 
C. Fortunei, Hook. Bot. Mag. t. 5221. 



Amndo Donax, L. Mediterranean region, &c. 
Donax arundinaceus, Beauv. 
Scolochloa arundinacea, Mert, Sf Koch, 

Var. variegata, Hort. 

ft Bambuseje. 
Amndinaria anceps, Mitford. Origin uncertain. 
A. aristata, Gamble. North-eastern Himalaytu 


Anmdinaria auricoma, Mitford, Japan. 

A. Fortune! var. aurea, Hort, 
Bambusa Fortunei var. aurea, Hort. 

B. Maximowiczii, Hort. (in part). 

A. clir3r8antha, Mitford, Japan. 
Bambusa chrysantha, Hort. 

A. Falconer!, Mitford. Himalaya. 

Thomnocalamus Falconeri, Hook.f, 

A, Portimei, A. 4- C. Riviere. Japan. 
Bambusa Fortunei, Van Houtte, 
B. Fortunei var. variegata, Hort. ;, " 

A. falcata, Nees. Himalaya. 
Bambusa falcata, Hort. 
B. gracilis, Hort. (in part). 

A. Hindsii, Munro. Japan. 
Bambusa erecta, Hort. 
B. jacile, Hort. 
Kanzan*chiku, Hort. Jap. 

Var. graminea. Bean. 

Bambusa graminea, Hort. 
Taimin-chiku, Hort. Jap. 

A. hookeriana, Munro. Sikkim. 

A. humilis, Mitford. Japan. 

A. Fortunei Hort. (green form). 
Bambusa gracilis Hort. (in part). 

A. japonica, Sieh. ^ Zucc; Gard. Chron. 1894, xv.,289, f. 26. 
BnrabiiRa Metake, Sieb. 

Pliyllostachys bambusoides, Hort. (not Sieb. 4- Zucc.). 
Me -take, //art. Jap. 

A. Laydekeri, Hook. f. ; Mitford Bamboo Garden, 92, f. 
Bambusa Laydekeri, Marliac. 
Hakone-chiku, Hort. Jap. 

A. macrosperma, Michx. North America. 

Var. tecta, A. Gray. 

A. macrosperma var. Buffruticosa. 
Bambusa Hermanni, Hort. 

B. Neumanni, Hort. 


Amndinaria nitida, Mitford, Central China. 

A. khasiana, Hort, (not Mtinro), 
Bambusa Kan-si, Hort. Chin. 

A. nobilis, Mitford. Origin uncertain. 

A. pnmila, Mitford. Japan. 
Bambusa pumila^ Hort, 

A. Sixnoni, A. ^ C. Riviere. Gard. Chron. 1894, xv., 301 

f. 35. Ciiina. 
Bambusa Simoni, Carr, 

B. viridi-striata, Hort. 
Nariliiradake, Hort, Jap. 

Var. variegata, Hook.f. Bot. Mag. t. 7146. 
l^ambusa albo-striata, Hort. 
B. Maximowiczii, Hort, (in part). 
J^. plicata, Hort. 

A. spathiflora) Trin. Himalaya. 

I'hamnocalamus spathiflorus, Munro. 

A. Veitchii, N. E. Brown ; Mitford Bamboo Garden, p. 77, f. 

Japan, &c. 

A. kiuilensis var. paniculata, Schmidt. 
Bambusa nlbo-marginata, Hort, 

B. Foiiaiicnsis, Hort. (not Franch ^ Savat.). 
W. tcsscllata, Hort. (not 3Iunro). 

B. Vi'itchii, Carr. 
Ko-Kumajasa, Hort. Jap. 
Vakiba-zasa, Hort. Jap. 

Bambusa angustifolia, Mitford. Japan. 
B. Vilmorini, Hort. 

B. disticha, Mitford. Origin uncertain. 

B. nana, Hort. (not Rojcb.), 

B. marmorea, Mitford Bamboo Gkirdcn, 93, f. Japan. 
Kan-chiku, Hort, Jap, 

B. Nagashima, Marliac. Japan. 

B. palmata, Uarhidtjc ; Mitford Bamboo Garden, 79, f . • 
(lard. Chron. 1890, vii., 641, f. 1 ; 1894, xv., 169^ 
f. 18. Japan. 
Kumasasa, Hort. Jap. 


Bambusa pygmaea, Miq, Japan. 

B. quadrangolaris, Fenzi. China ? Japan. 
Shiho-chiku, Hort, Jap. 

B. tessellata, Munro; Gari Chron. 1894, xv., 167, f. 17. 
China, Japan- 
B. Bagamowski, ffort, 
Arundo Ragamowski, Hort. 

Phyllostachys aurea, A. 4* C. Riviere. Japan. 
Bambusa aurea, Hort. 
B. sterilis, Hort. Jap, 
H6rai-chiku, Hort, Jap, 
Taib6-chiku, Hwt. Jap, 
Hotel- chiku, Hort. Jap. 

P. bambnsoides, Sieb 4* Zucc, Japan. 
Ya-dake, Hort. Jap. 

P. boryana, Mitford. Japan. 
Bambusa boryana, Marliac. 

P. Castillonis, Mitford, Japan. 

B. Castilloni, Carr, ; Rev. Hort. 1886, 513, f. 122. 
Bambusa Castillonis, Marliac, 
Kimmei-chiku, Hort, Jap, 

P. fastnosa, Hort. Kew. Japan. 
Bambusa fastuosa, Marliac, 

P. flexnosa, A. Sf C. Riviere. North China. 
Bambusa flexuosa, Hort. (not Munro). 

P. Henonis, Mitford. Japan. 
Bambusa Henonis, Hort, 
Ha-chiku, Hort. Jap. 

P. heterocycla, Mitford Bamboo Garden, p. 160, f. Japan. 
Bambusa hetcrocycla, Carr, Rev. Hortic. 1878, 354, 

f. 80. 
Kiko-chiku and Kimon-chika, Hort, Jap. 

P. marliacea, Mitford. Japan. 
Bambusa marliacea, Hort. 
Shibo-cbiku and Shiwa-chiku, Hort, Jap. 

•J 92897. R 


Phyllostachys mitis, A. ^ C, Riviere. Japan. 
Bambusa mitis, Hort. (not Poir.). 
M6s6^chikuy ffort, Jap, 

P. nigra, Munro ; Gard. Chron. 1894, xv., 369, f. 46. Japan. 
Bambusa nigra, Lodd. 
Kuro-dake, Hort. Jap, 
Goma-dake, Hort, Jap. 
Kuro-chikn, Hort. Jap. 

Var. punctata, Bean, 

Bambusa nigro-punctata, Hort, 

P. Ouilioi, A. 4- C. Riviere-, Gard. Chron. 1894, xv., 431, 
f. 52. Japan. 
Bambusa Mazeli, Hort. 
B. Duquilioi, Hort, 
B. Quilioi, Carr. 

P. mscifolia, Hort. Kevo, Japan. 

P. Kumasaca, Munro ; Gard. Chron. 1894, xv.,369,f. 46. 
P. Kumasasa, Mitford. 
Bambusa ruscifolia, Sieb, 
B. viminalis, Hort, 
Bungozasa, Hort. Jap. 

P. snlphnrea, A. Sf C. Riviere. Japan. 
Bambusa sulphurea, Hort. 
Madake, Hort, Jap. 

P. violascens, A.Sf C. Riviere, Japan ? 
Bambusa violascens, Hort. 

P. viridi-glaucescenfl, A. Sf C. Riviere ; Gard. Chron. 1894, 
XV., 433, f. 53. China. 
Bambusa viridi-glauccscens, Carr. 

R 2 


Abelia chinensis, i?. Br,, ii. 
floribnnda, Decne., ii. 

mpestris, LindL, 11. 

triflora, /?. ^r., 11. 

Abelicea ulmoides, O. Kuntze, 145. 
Adelia acumioata, Michx., 87. 
Adnaria brachycera, O. Kuntze, 29. 
Alnastcr fruticosa, Z«ff«6., 175. 

viridis, Spach, 175. 
AlnUS Alnobetula, C. Koch, 173. 

alpina, Borckh., 173. 

americaDa, Hort., 173. 

aatumnalis, Hartig, 173. 

autumnalis, Hort., 171, 173. 

badensifi, Lange, 178. 

barbata, C. .4. 3/fy., 169. 

barbata, Fries, 173. 

barbata t^ar.pubescens, Dippel, 

birkiana, Hort., 169. 
brembana, i?ota, 175. 
canadensis, Lodd., 173. 
eordata, Z^e^/*., 169; 
OOrdifolia, Tenore, 169. 
eordifolia t<ar. suboordata, 

Hf^, 178. 
critpa, Purah, 175. 
firma, Hort,, 171. 

irma, Si>6. ^ Zucc, 169. 

-ma rar. muUinenris, Hort,, 

ajcosa, Hort; 178. 
nitioosa, Rupr,, 175. 
glaaca, Michx., 171. 
glntinosa, Medic, and Ttrie- 
ties, 169, 171. 

AlniUI gintinosa var. acutifolia, 

5paeA, 169. 
glatinosa var, barbata, Ledeh., 

glatinosa imperialis aspleni- 

folia, Hort,, 169. 
glatinosa var, oxjacantbae- 

folia, Spach, 169. 
glatinosa var, pinnatifida, 

Spach, 169. 
glatinosa prunifolia, Hort., 

glatinosa x ineana, 173. 
Uarinoki, Siebold, 171. 
hinata, Turcz., 171. 
imperialis, Hort., 169. 

i nc ftm*-! Moenchf and varieties, 

incana var. glabrescens, 

Spach, 171. 
incana pinnatifida, Hort., 171. 
incana var. tirolensis, Saut,, 

incama var. rubra, Begel, 171. 

incano-giutinosa, ii. Braun, 

japonica, ^m6. {r Zucc, 171. 

latifoiia, Det/., 178. 
lanaginosa, GiHb., 171. 
macrocarpa, /7«9., 169. 
maorophylla. Deaf,, 178. 
macrophjlla, Hort., 178. 

maritima, Muehienb., 17 1. 

maritima var. japonica, Begel, 


Anthodendron Aatuid, Reickb,, 5;). 
Tiscosum, Reickb., 57. 

Aphananthe aspera, Planck., 


Apocynaceae, 95. 

Araujia sericofera, Brot,y 97. 

Arbutns Andrachne, Hort., 85. 

Andrachne, L., 35. 

Andrachne var, serratifolia, 

Hort., 35. 
Andrachne x Unedo, 35. 
andrachnoides, Link, 35. 
alpina, Z., 35. 
Croomii, Hort.^ 35. 
hybrida, Ker.-GawL, 35. 
integrifolia, Lam., 35. 
magnifica, Hort., 35. 

Menziesii, Pursh, 35. 

microphylla, Hort., 35. 
Milleri, /for/., 35. 
mucronata, Z.., 37. 
photiniaefolia, H(^t,, 35. 
proccra, Dougl., 35. 
Kollissoni, Hort., 35. 
rotundifolia, Hort., 35. 
serratifolia, Lotld., 35. 
Siebcri, KloUsch, 35. 
tomeotosa, Pursh, 35. 
Unedo, Z** ad^ varietieii, 35. 
Uva-ursi, Z.., 37. 

Arctofltaph jlof alpina^ Hprtng., 

califomicm, Hort,, 37. 

diyenifolia, i'flrr5f, 35. 

oflicioalU, IFrwn. ^r Grab^ 37. 

tomentota, ZtW/., a5. 

Uya-urti, Sprtng^ and 
varietT, 37. 

Tiflcida, /*«ri3f, %i. 
Ardisia japoaicav F/mm^, «». 

odontopb> Ila, LinM^ M* 


Aristoloekia altiatiiMS 1^4/* 


califondca, r«rrv» U9. 

hinuta, Af mA/., 1 19. 
macrophyUii, I^m.» 119» 
Sipho, VHHiU lllk 

tomentoia, ^w«» U9. 
AriatoloohiaoM, U9. 
Artemisia Abrotantim» L., 97. 

anBtriaoa, •Adc^.. 87. 

arboreaoexM, ^i S7. 

proeera, WiUd., i9. 

tridentata, iVN/^» >»• 
Anmdinaria anoept, Mitft>rd, 


ariatata, ikimbU, 951. 
aturicoma, Mitford^ 953. 
ohrjiantha, A#i(/bfrfr «53. 
faloata, /^«m, 95a. 
Faloonari, Mitford, 968. 

Fortuni*i, Hort., 96a. 

Fortunai, -^- 4r <''• ^ivUni, 

Forttuud var. iiiifaa, /fori., 963. 
Hindaiif Munro, asd vnriety, 

hookMriaiUty Munro, 968. 

humiUa, Jlfi(/vw, 968. 
Japonica, Sisb, ff Zncc, 253. 

khaaiaoa, Hort., 966. 
kurilenfift var. pankvtaU, 
Schmidt, 966. 

Laytekeri, //ooA./, 9M. 
maerotpema^ JV^/t^'r and 

rnneiy, 268. 
BMiCfo tp cfB M i ctfT* faffrttticoMi 

Bitida, Miiford, 968. 
BOUlii, Mii/i^d, 968. 

raaiila, iHiy^^. S8S. 

^mietj, 285. 

Amndlniiria Bpfttliiflora,7-r.-., 



Ytitcbn, N.E. Brown. 25i. 


Anmdo Doimx, L., and variety. 





ABparagfliB, 3«. 



cabulicUB, Lindl.. 27. 

AtraphaxU bnxifolia, -/aiifc. ^ 



lanceolata, Bvage, ii9. 


MnscUetowi.-ATroo.., its. 

spinoBa,!... 119. 


Atriplex caneacens, Ja»««, iiT. 


confertifolia, S. Wat,., in. 


TTflliTnim X., 117. 

HuttaUii, .«. w„i,., 117. 


portnlacoidea, i, ii:. 


Azalea, b\. 


A/.ulL-a nmoena, Xind/. j- P(tr(., 





liil^olor, Pur«A, 55. 




BambtUia flexuosa, Hort, 257. 
Fortunei, Van Homtte, 253. 
Fortunei var, aurea, Hort., 

Fortunei var, rariegata, Hort,, 

gracilis, Hort, 253. 
graminea, Hort, 258. 
Henonis, Hort., 257. 
Hermanni, Hort., 253. 
heterocycla, Carr., 257. 
jacile, Hort., 253. 
Kan-M, Ifor/. Chin., 255. 
Laydekeri, Marliac, 253. 
marliacea, Hort., 257. 

piarmorea, Mitford, 255. 

Maximowiczii, Hort., 255. 
Mazeli, ITor/., 259. 
Meuke, St>6., 253. 
mitis, /for/., 259. 
Nagashima, Marliac, 255. 
nana, Hort,, 255. 
Neamanni, Hort,, 253. 
nigra, Lodd., 259. 
nigro-punctata, Hort., 259. 
palmata, Marliac, 255. 
plicata, Hort,, 255. 
pumila, Hort., 255. 

pjgmaea, Af t?., 257. 
qnadrangnlarii, iPeM^n, 2^7. 

Quilioi, Carr., 259. 
Bagamowski, Hort,, 257. 
senanensit, Hort., 255. 
Simoni, Carr., 255. 
•terilis, Jforf. Jiap., 2A7. 
8ulphurea, Hort., 259. 
tessellata, Jforf., 255. 
tessellata, Munro, S57. 
Veitchii, Carr., 265. 
Vilmorini, Hor/., 255. 
viminaliii, Hort., 259. 
vioIascenM, Hort., 259. 
Tiridi-glaucescens, Carr., 259. 

BambUBa Tiridi-ftriata, ITor/., 255, 

BambiuieflB, 251. 

Barbola sinensis. Lour., 111. 
Benzoin aestivale, Ae«t, 121. 

odorifemm, Nees, 121. 

sericeom, £it«5. ^ Zuce., 123. 
Bdtnla acuminata, Ehrk., 167. 

aetnensis, Itq/*., 161. 

alba, 1^'» and varieties, 16J. 

alba var. coetata, Hort., 169. 

alba X hnmilii, Zabtl, 163. 

alba var, japonica, Miq., 163. 
alba ntbsp. occidentalia, Regel, 

alba var. papyrifna, Spach, 

alba var, popnlifolia, Spach, 

Alnobetula, Ehrh^ 175. 
alpeftrlS, /^rie*, 163. 
americana, Hort,, 167. 
amjgdalifolia, Hort., 167. 
angulata, Lodd., 167. 
Bhojpattm, HW/., 169. 
bella, Jforf., 163. 
canescenf, Hort., 167. 
carpathica, Willd., 163. 
carpioifolia, Ehrh., 165. 
cordata, Lois., 169. 
eordifolia, Regel, 167. 
COrylifolia, i^^ ^ Maxim., 

oostata, 7Vati<&., 169. 
critpa. Ait., 175. 
dahurica, Hort., 167. 
dalecarlioa, X./., 161. 

daynrica, Pa'/-* i^y 

diTiricata, Ledeb., 165. 
Smiailiy Cham., 165. 
Ermani, Bothrock, 167. 
exoelsa, ^it^., 167. 
excelsa, Pm-sh, 165. 
flaresceiis, ffoW., 167. 

alftfraticans,irort.. IfiJ. , 


fnitiC0Bll,/'<i«.,«.dT.rirty, 1 




BruliCDfa, Wat:, 165. 



gliitmo.fl, \VMr_, 163. 


Gmelini, Bun.w, 165. 


graudis.5cAm(/,, 167. 




humilu, fi^w/n., 163. 


hnmiliB.<.«*, and 


Tariety. 165. 


hnuuJls ™r. Znbelii, Dippd. 




hjbtida, B/oni., 161. 

hjbrida var. Kochii, fleffri. 






InoiniHla, Hort.. 167. 


Iiwiniata, truWenfi., 161. 


bQuloBa,ilf.-rf*., IB7. 


liitilblia, //o7-(., 167. 



Bkdhia glabra, Thunb., 69. 
japonica, Thunb., 69. 

Boraginea, 99. 

Borja acuminata, Willd,, 87. 

distichophylla, Nutt, 129. 
Brickellia linearifolla, KlaU, 25. 
Bridgesia spicata. Hook, ff Am., 

Bronssonetia cucuUata, Hort., 

ditsecta, Jlort., 147. 
heterophjlla, Hort., 147. 

Eaempferi, ^««*., 147. 
KaziiLoki, Sitb., 147. 

navieularis, Lodd., 147. 
papyrifera, T^cn^, and vari- 
eties, 147. 
spathulata, Hart., 147. 
tinctoria, Torr., 147. 

Bruckenthalia spiculifolia, 

Rtichb., 47. 

Bnumichia cirrhosa, JJonA^, 

BryanthxLS caeruleus, Dippel, 

empetriformiSy A. Gray, 

empetriformis x Rhodothamnus 

ChamueciHtuR, 49. 
erectUB) Lindl. 4" Paxt., 49. 
tazifolins, ^. Cray, 49. 

Buckleya distichophylla, T'orr., 

Buddleia capitata, Jarq., 97. 

ColYillei, Hook.f, a* rA4>««, 

orispa, Benth., 99. 
curviflora, Andr^, 97. 
curviflora x lindlejana, 97. 
globiflora, Mirb.^ 97. 
globOSa, i/ope, 97. 
insignio, Carr., 97. 

intermedia, Carr,, 97. 

Buddleia japoaicai i/em^/., tad 

variety, 97. 
lindleyaaa, Fortune, 99. 

paniculafca, Wo//., 99. 

salicif61ia« Hori., 99. 

Bumelia lanuginosa, Pen., 69. 

lycioideS, Oaertn.f.^ 69. 
Bungozasa, Iforf. Jap., 259. 
Burchardia americana, DuAam., 

BnziU arborescent, 3fi7/., 181. 
argenteo-marginata, Hort., 

balearica, Xnm., isi. 
Harlandi, Haiir«, isi. 

himalayensis, Hort., 188. 
japonica, Muell, Arg., 181. 
longifolia, Jacquem., 188. 

microphylla, 5i>6. (r Zvcc, 

myrtifolia, Zojn., 181. 
navicalaris, Hort., 138. 
rosmarinifolioB, Hort,, 138. 

Bempenrirenfl, I'm «ocI vari- 
eties, 131. 

sempervireni var. ailwrea, 
WaU., 188. 

sempervirens var. gigantea, 

sempervirens var. leptophylla, 
Nouv. Dukam., 181. 

suifniticosa, Mill,, 188. 

thymifolia, Hort., 188. 

wallichiana, Baiii., iss. 

Calamintha mpestrls, Hort., 115. 
Calampelis scaber, 7>. Doit, 109. 
Galea leptophylla, Forat., 27. 

Callicaxpa ameiicana, X., 109. 

gracilis, Sieb. fr Zucc., 111. 
japonica, Thunb., 109. 
loDgifolia, 109. 
Mnruftoki, Hort., 109. 

purpurea, •/!<««., 111. 

Callmia vn^aris, Saiiab., and 

rarieUea, 43, 45. 
Colyptroatigma middendorflaanm, 

Tratitv. J- Mei/., 38. 
Caprifoliacete, 3 
Caprifoliam alpigeDaiii,G(i«rfH.,II. 

alpiaom. Lam., 11. 

balearicum, Dum-Court, 17, 

oractealum, Michx., 15. 

caeruleum, Lam., 13. 

cilioeam, Parah, 13. 

dioicum, Roem, ^ Schuilz, 15. 

DouglagiL, Lindl., IS. 

dumetorum,, 23. 

etnucum, Aoew. ^ Schulli, 

finvnin, E/;„ 15. 

Frsseri, Pursfi, 15, 

giganwum, if<jrt., 15. 

gluQCUin, MoeneA, 15. 

grstum, /■urjA, ]3. 

haUiutum, Hort., 17. 

italicam, Roem. ^ Sehultz, 



GMnaiJi fnlridA, Hoduf^ S7. 

l6pt0ph7IlJ^ Hwrt^ S7. 

Cusiope fitftigiAta, I>. A»^ 37. 
hyimoides, 1>. />o«^ 37. 
tetragona, />• D<m,^ 39. 

Outanea americaiia, Rqfin., 805. 
bullata, Hot/., 207. 
chmensw, HassJL, S05. 
chiysophjUa, HooJl, 205. 
cochleata, iTor/.^ 207. 

crenata, <s»>6. jr Zucc, 205. 

cucullata, ITor/., 207. 

dentata, Borkh,^ 205. 

japoDica, Hlume, 205. 
pumila, Hassk.y 205. 

poinila, i(fi//M 207. 
satiya, Aft//., and Tarietief, 

sativa vai\ americana, Sargent^ 

serapervirens, Kellogg, 205. 
Ptricta, Sieh. ^ Zucc, 205. 
vesca, Gaertn., 207. 
vesca rar. americana, Michx., 

▼ulgaris, /^am., 207. 
vnlgariR ?ar. americanA, 

Tulgaris var. japooica, A»DC\f 


Caatanopsis chrysaphylla, 
A. DC, 205. 

CatalXMt arguta. Hart,, 107. 

bignonioidet, fTo/r., and 

varitief, 107. 
bignoDioidet txtr Kienpferi, 
7>C.. 107. 

Bnngei, C. A. Mey,, 107. 

Bangei, Huri,^ 107. 
casAoaefoUa, if«r^., 107. 
Catalpa, Kaniem^ 107. 



OOldiAdia, Jmmm^ and 

Hybrid. 107. 
ooidifalia, .ViwsicA, 107« 
himab^nsii, Hvi^ 107. 

Xaempftri, ^iVA. ^* Zntv., 

ontta, G. Don, 107. 
speeipaa, ITarrf^-, 107. 
•jrrixigaefolia, ^'iW, 107. 
Oeltifl americana, Hort., 145. 
aadibeniana, 5jmicA, 145. 

anitralia, £., U5. 

Berlaodicri, Kiofssch^ 145. 
caucasioa, HoHch,, 145. 

' cauoasioa, H^iV/d., 145. 

pordata, Pera>, 145. 
craislfolia, £om.» 145. 
Douglaaii, Planch., 147. 
glabra, /forr., 145. 
glabrata, Htn-t., H7. 

glabrata, •^/ci'., H5. 

grandideotata, T^norf, 147. 
Japonioa, Planch., 145. 
kouohjaiia, .V^ff>., l4/>. 
iMyigata, m//r/., HA. 
Liodbeimtti, r*. Koch, t4/f. 

miitlMimieiiilf, /s^^«/. uo. 

Muka, Nhb. ^ Xucc, J 47. 
obltqtta, Mtf^nrhf 147. 

OOCitoltalli, A.« Ami variH^, 

oe«id«iitaJi«» Margcnf, Uf^, 
cfiwUdU, Mill., 147, 
panieolato, y|i/,, ii7. 
frro64rni, Haii§h., Ml, 
retictikita, Ontper, 147, 
iafraCa^ Hart., 145, 

TawMfortiif A^/m., 147, 

TonTMlortii utfn gialifata, 
JMm, 145. 

Cestmm virCTilnm, Jtvli if Paifi, I 

101. ) 

Parqui, L'Htrii., loi. | 

CephalanthuB oocideataliB, <^-i l 

35. ■ I 

ChBmaecerasus alpigeniis, Med., < 

Hiaguatilli, Hor!., 15. 

iiigTB, Med., 19. 

SlBudishii, Lesc, SI. 

tataricft, Med., SI. 

Xjloateum, Med., 33. 
Chamaediiphue calyculatn, Moeuch, 

Chumaedryi Marnni, MotHch, 115. 
ChHmfteledon prociimbeDS, tin A, 

Chamaerope e:tcelsa, Tkiiiib., 251. 

Fortunei, Hook., 351. 
Chamiteo relitulQta, Kein., 339. 
Chesopodiaces, n^. 
Chenopodium Iruticosum, L., 117. 

Halimns, rAani., 117. 
Chiogenes Berpyllifolia, SalUb., 


COTylUB americana, Siebold, 179. 

americana, Walt,, i77. 

arborea, Hort., 179. 
arboresoens, Moench, 179. 
Ayellana, l^'f and varieties, 

Avellana tar. atropnrparea, 

HorL, 179. 
AveUana, Thumb., 179. 
ATellana var. barceloneDsifl, 

Loud., 179, 
Avellana var. mandihurica, 

nC\, 179. 
Avellaoa var. graodis, Hort., 

Avellana var. purpurea. Loud. 

Avellana tar. rubra, Lam., 

Avellana var. tenuif, Loud., 

bizfintina, De$f., 179. 
californica, Hort., 177. 
calyculata, Dippel, 177. 

Colnrna, L., 179, 

comuta, Hort., 177, 181. 
Hasibani, Siebold, 179. 

heterophylla, Fi*cA., 179. 

heterophylla, Lodd., 179. 
humilis, ITiV/rf., 177. 
Jacquemoutiiy Decne., 179. 
lacera, Ifo//., 179. 
laciniata, Hort., 179. 
Lamberti, Lodd., 1 79. 

mandihnrica, Maxim., 179. 
mi^^Tinifl.^ 3/t(/., and varietief, 

mexicana, Hort., 177* 
|)ontica, C Koch, 179. 
purpurea, Lodd., 179. 

roBtrata, ^*^.| 181. 

rostra ta, J^or/., 177. 
rubra, Borhh., 179. 

Corylns neboldiana, Blume, 179. 

tetraphylla, Ledeb., 179. 

Tbnnbtfgii, Bhms, 179. 

tobuloM, IFt//(i{., 179. 

tabulosa oar. atropurpurea, 

urticaefolia, Hort., 179. 

▼irginiana, Hort., 177. 

virginiisft, i/or^., 177. 
Croton sebifenu, L., ISS. 

Cndrania tricotpidata. Bureau, 

triloba, /fa«r«, i5i. 
CapnlifenB, I6i. 

CjnaDchum ereotom, L., 97. 

CyrillM, 117. 

Cyrilla caroliniana, Michx., 1 1 7. 

raeemiflora, Z., in. 

raeemofa, Lcmd., 117. 

Dabodeia canubrlca, C. Koch, 49. 
poUfolia, D. Don, and 
rarietj, 49. 

DanaeaLanmr Medir,, 249. 

racemoaa, Moench, 249. 
Danaida raeemoM, A/nA, 249, 

Daphne alpina, 1-, 129. 

alpiiia, Savi, 127. 
auttralia, Cyr., 127. 
antomnaltf, Hort., 125. 

blagajraiuty Frtyer, 123. 

Candida, Film., 128. 

caucaiioa, Paii., 123. 

Cneonun, X., and rarietj. 

i .4 

Daphne Deiphbiau, Hon., m. 


fioDiaaa, Hort.. 139. 


Fortimei, iiW/., 125. 


Oeniwa, Sieb. ff Zucc, m. 


houtteana, Planck., 125. 


hybrids, Lindt., 128. 


hyemaliB, Hoii.. 1S8. 


iQdioa, ioue/., 125. 


japonica, Sieb. ^ Zucc., 125. 


Lanreola, /-i ancl vBrieties, 




niHjor, Xn>»., 125. 


Hezerenm, i., and Tsrieties, 

MeKeroiiin mr. MropHiT'irei^ 


Dippel, 125. 




neapolituna, Xioyi/., 125. 



Hon.. 125. 

odora, 3"Aun6., las. 


(Niomtuiu, Lam., lS;i. 


Oleoides, Schreb.. and 


VBriety, 12.-). 



Edgeworthift chrysantlui, 

LindL. 127. 
Ehretia acnmmata, A. Br., »9. 

Gcrrula, liiub,, 99. 
Elaeagnaceae, i-7. 
Elaeae:niu ajignatifolia, ^■. 

nrgeiitm, Mveiich, 1ST. 

argsRtefti -P'TiA, i:iT. 

crii^pa, Thiinl,., 127. 
i-Jiilifl, .fiifi., 127. 
fluvB, Wor/., 1^7, 
glatva, Thuttb., 127. 
liui'ieasfB, ificA., 127. 
ijicana, /.am., 127. 
ja|ionica, Ilort., ISO. 
liilifolin, //w(., 189. 
Ii>iig[p(ri', A. Gray, 1ST, 
Inngipen uriiipa. Sort., 129. 
macrophylia, rAimfr., I2T. 
mnltiflora, TAvub., IST. 
otlontu «duIiH, Horl., IST. 

orisntalia, x., 137. 

Vairifolu. WalL 139. 

pungenfl, Thunb., 129. 

rerieia,E.jI/o(T.^ £»MHe.,ia9. 

rutunJifolis, Gag*., 18T. 

!>atir&, ifart., 197. 

Simoiui, Carr., 1S9. 

>iiieii*ii, Hort., 1!B. 

soagorica. Finh., 1ST. 

ipiDOH, £v IIT. 

leuuiflora, BtHtk., IIT. 

tomentoM, Uoeaek. 1^. 

umbeQata, 7^iinS.,'nd 
Elliottia paniculata, S*nM, ^ 

racemosa, Muhl., 51. 
Bliholtzia poly<rt»*" 

AnM., ui. 
BmpateMaa^ t" 
EmpetrtimC' ' 

Empetmis lusituuiuum, 

£iilciaiLthTU campannlalus, 

NichoU., iS. 
cemans, Hook.,/., 

japonicoi, Itvok.f.. a. 
Ephedra Aiw, Braadit, mi. 
americaua, Humb. fr Bi.npl. 
vur. andina, stapj; -^a. 
andiiM, Porpp. {r Eadl., 2 IS. 
itxparagoides. Griff., 845. 
bmvteata, Mitii, -MS. 
(.'itinpfliil:oili>, C A. Miy., 

<A\\eiis\a, MIcrt, 213. 

diitachya, T-, imd vnritty, 

dUtachj'ii, .Vii/«r, S4S. 

foliata, C. A. Mi!y.,2*s. 
fragiliB, Detf., nod varii-ty, 

gerardiana, ^0/^,245. 
helTeticBjC. ^.jtffi,„2is. 

' t, Beytl., S4B. 
" t,i., 246. 
t,Mitrt, 14S. 

Epi^aear^eoi, CTl 
Er«ili" ")!--'«. " 

a 9SS9- 

ca cinerea, £-, ■nd varieijw. 




t,.r.i„i. bC 47. 

herbacea, L.. 45. 



Insitanica, Hndolph, 4S. 

markjbiii, Bab.. 45. 

Mackaii, Hook., 4B. 


m edit err anea, L., ani 

raultioanlifl. Saliib., 47. 


moltiflora, L., 47. 

pendnla, Wendl., iJ. 


poljicichifoiia, Saihb., 45. 


ramiilosa, T'ib.. 47. 

spicnlifolia, Siblh., 47. 




Tetcalici-ciliaris, .Symr. 47, 

Tetralix, £.. and varitiw., 47. 


Tetralix, Tir. tnkobayaua, 


varans, i., and varieties, JT. 





Forsythia toApensa x viridissima, 

yiridissima, Lindl., 78. 

Fortunaea frinensis, Lindl., 159. 

Frazinaster, 79. 

FraxilinB acuminata, Lam,, 79. 
alba, Marsh., 79. 
alibcans, Buckl., 79. 
amarissima, HorL, 81. 
americana, L., and varieties, 

americana, Marsh., 81. 
americana var. beriandieriana, 

Wesmael, 81. 
americana var. sambucifolia, 

D. J. Browne, 85. 
americana crispa, Hart., 83. 
americana var, epiptera, C. 

Koch, 79. 
americana longifolis. Hart., 79. 
americana var. pubescens, 

D. J. Browne, 85. 

angustifolia, Vahl, 79. 
anomala, Torr., 79. 

argentea, Loisel,, 77. 
atrovirens, Desf., 83. 
aurea, Per$., 81. 
australis, J. Gay, 79. 

beriandieriana, DC, 81. 
bnngeana, DC, 75. 

calabrica, Hort., 79. 
californica, Hort,, 85. 
canadensis, Croertn,, 79. 

caroliniana, Jtfi//., 8i. 

caroliniana, WiUd,, 87. 
chinensis. Herd., 75. 
chinensis, Lodd., 79. 

chinensis, i^oWi., 81. 

chinennis var. rhyncopbjlla, 

Hemsl., 87. 
cinerea, Bote, 79, 
coriacea, -ffiw/., 88. 
crispa, Bo9c, 88. 

FraxinnB cubensis, Griseb., 81. 
Curtissii, F(Mfy, 79. 
curvidens, Hoffmgg., 81. 
curvidens, Hort., 79. 

dimorpha, Com. ^ Dwr., 

and variety, 81. 
dipetala, Hook, fl- Am., 77. 
discolor, Mukl., 79. 

Elonxa, Dippet, 8i. 

epiptera, Hort., 85. 
epiptera, Michi., 79. 
excelsior, X., and varieties, 

excelsior Mir. atrovirens, 

Dippel, 83. 
excelsior var. australis. Gay, 

excelsior var. cucollata, Hort., 

excelsior var. diversifolia, Ait., 

excelsior var. imbricata, Hort., 

excelsior vctr, salicifolia, Hort., 


ezpansa, Hart., 88. 

expansa, Willd., 87. 
floribnnda, Bunge, 77. 

floribnnda, iTo//., 77. 

florifera, Scop., 77. 
glabra, Lawson, 85. 
glauea, Hort,, 79. 
glomerata, JTbr/., 88. 
heteix^bylla, ^or/., 81. 
heteropbylla, Vahi, 83. 
incana, Corr., 81. 
integrifolia, Hort., 83. 
jnglandifblia. Lam., 79. 
juglandifolia, Willd.,%1. 
lancea, Bosc, 79. 
lanceolata, Borkh., 87. 
latifolia, Ben/A., 85. 
lentiscifolia, Desf., 85. 

8 2 



leotiscitolia tar. pendulB, 


Kirtkn.. as. 

longicuBpia, Sieb. ^ Zucc. 

loQgifolifl, Bosc, 85. 

hicidn. IlorU. 79. 

mandBhurica, Rupr., ss. 

MarieBU, HooA./.rT. 

mixtt, Bosr, 79. 

moDophylln, Z)pj/, 83. 

moQophyllft laeioiata, Hort., 


nigra, Hort, 83. 

nigra, Marsh., 85. 

morf, 81. 

nigresccns, BnnU., 81, 

Novue-AugliEW, Diiroi, 85. 

NoTae-AugliBe. Horf., 79. 

KoTiit-Aiigline, ,1/.M.. 85. 

niimidica, Dippel, 85. 

Nutt!.lliviJf.rW., 81. 


Fruciniu renidlUu, Lodd., 88. 

Tiridis, Mickr., 67, 

TJiidia var. berluidietiana, 
Ton-., 81. 

TiridiB Dobilii, Horl^ S3. 

Tiridis ear. pubescen*. Hitch- 
cock. Be. 

zujthuphjlU, Hort., 81. 

xaDthutyloidei, 2far«.,Bt. 
Gnlc CMllfurniH, Greene, 181, 
Gulphimn hirsau, Iforf., 100. 
Gnlve^iu PptenlB, B^r/., 117. 

Oamopetalte, 3- 

Oanltheria antipoda, Font., 37. 

hi<ipidu.In, Muhl., 33. 

Niimraiikriie, OC.,87. 

nnmmQlarioideB, i>. Don, 


procumbena, i-, ST. 
pyrolaefolia, Hook./., 87. 
p^rololdes, Hoot./. ^ Tkoma., 

nerpyllLfolia, i^rjA, 88. 
Shallon, /'.".A. 37. 

Giiijlieni pmciimhciis, TVwr., 87. 

QayltiBsacia brachycera, Torr. 

dumosa, Torr. ff Orag, 89, 

frondosa, Torr. fr Oray, 8B. 

reSinOSa, Torr. ^ Gm^, ». 

nrsina, VV.rr^ Cray, n. 
Gvblera xaffriticiMa, Pitch, f! Vcy., 

Gievillea jTmiperina, S. Br„ 
■fi' . snlpharea, nrnth.. iss. 

roBmarinifolia, 'I CWnii., 

■ulpharoa, /I. r^nn., 183. 
Globulam cordi/olia, /-., 109. 
Gnetacea ^'i. 
Qonia-Oaki;, HoH. Jap., SM. 
Qruninea ssi. 
QynmoBpeTmeB, s^s. 

H■H^hika, Airri. Jap,, 9ST. 
Hahoaf-chiku, iforl. Jap., S53. 

Haleaia oorymbosa, f/hhol*, 


diptera, i.., Ti. 
hispida, Jtfojf., 71. 

Meehui, ffori., 11. 

jiiiruilo™, /..W/., 71. 

pkrriflora, VidU., 71. 
tettnptflra, £., and Tuietj', 

Halimiu portaMloidea, Dum., 117. 
EelichiTvain ftstonnuiam, 
F. W»WI,*7. 
rosmarinifoliimi, i>f'., 27. 
glomeratum, AieAo/*.. 87. 
serotinum, «««., 87. 

HlMrift ttoumiiiftiH, Dippel, 15S. 
nlba, Britlon, 137 
ffmowiuia, .StM^M-orfA, lU. 
gUbnt, SriHon, 135. 
glabra, Mir. odoMta, Sarjimi, 

laidDioM, Sargatt, ISS. 
luicrocarpi, fri^/nn, 15S, 
minima. Srifloi,, r,3. 
nijri«ttcaef(irmis. Brillon, 155. 
i)drjr»l». Dipprt, 156. 
OTSta, £riHon, 158. 
Pecan, Bn'lton, 155. 
■nlcata, BriNon, IG7. 

Hippoplifte argentea, An-cA, 


canuleDab, L., 129. 
rhanmoideB,/-, and rarietiM, 

saliclfolia, O. Don, les. 

H-imoiceilis nEjwn,, AIuw, 147. 
Ktrai-cbikD, Hon. Jap., 8^7. 
Hotei.chiku, Hort. Jap., 357. 
HyHOpU arirtatus, Obdr., 113. 
clecQiiib«u, Jtrd. jf Fourr., 

HyMOpuB offlcinalia, L., and Jng] 

YBrielies, 113, * 

locartillea grandiflora. Pair., 109. I 

romentosa, Spreng., 103. ! 

Iiikas]pigeca,BB.-*A., 11. j 

luridB,JlfoencA, 11. 1 

ItenCjrilla, L'Heryi., IIT. 1 

.J[i»miDoid«B flaccida, Jlfoi^tA, 101. ii 

chombifoliuiD.Jl/wnr/., 101. L 

Jasmintun nfflne, Bu^K 73. ii 

coJIinum, Saiisb., 71. k 

floridum, Bv«s-\ 71. li 

frntjeaii8,/..,7i. n 

Fulleri, Hoyt., 73. B 

grsndiaoTum, Horl., 73. a 

beterophrllnm, MofncA, 71. 

hamile, L., "a. a 

nudiflornm, LindL, and 

vatioty, 73. u 

oehroleucuni, i/m/., 73. 

officinale, /.., acd varietieB, 

73. o 

Reevesii, Hoj-f.,73. o 


KalmiA gbuica, AU., 49. ' 

]jitiid]]ft,^uidTBrieties,49. j 
Kan-ehikm, Hori. Jap^ 265. 
Kiuizjui-diika, Hart, Jap^ 263. 
Kiko-chikii, Hart. Jap^t 267. 
Kimmei-chikiiy Hart, Jmp^ 267. 
Kimon-chik*, Hart, Jmp., 267. 
Ko-Kumaasa, Hart Jap^ 256. 
Knmitifia, Hart, Jap^ 26S. 
Kuro-chiku, Hart. Jap^ 269. 
Karo-dak^, HorL Jap.^ 269. 

Labiate, in. 
LanrineaB, 121. 

LanniB aestifmHs, £., 121. 
albida, JN'ii/^., 121. 
Benzoin, L., 131. 
dirersifolia. Stakes, 121. 
genicnlala, Miekje.^ 121. 
lingue, Rmz ^ Pm:.^ 121. 
nobilis, ^-^ lUMk finetj, 12^. 
SasfafraSyX., 121. 
variifolia, Salish., 121. 

Layandula aofimtifolia, Htvj-nf, 


dentala,/-, in. 

oftcraalu, CkaLK, 111. 

pedxmeiilata, ^Vpr., in. 

I>jre]iaiea, DC, 111. 

Spica, Ciuf., in. 

Lednin angimifotinm, iif^ffrf ^ >i 

canaiVngir, />mM . .V^ 

glinirt— IM, ^mM*. '»i 
iprrjftniaa 4i i i <iM /M#, .'^.. 

pal«itf«, /^ y Vv 

Ledum pftloatre ror. (S«««ftiW»#. 

Hart.f 61* 
ptloatre tnvr, latii^raiiim, 

Miekje^ 61 . 
IMiHMtra Mtr, a«ttum, ffnrf., 


Leiopkjlhcm knxtfolimii, ^^^ 

aad ?ari«ty, 49. 
Lyoai, Avi^, 61 . 
proAtvatuni, fAwd., M . 
serpylUfoliiim, DC, 19. 
chymifbliitai, fi^. Pnn, 49. 
r>'i>argyrea anfentea. (irei'np, l*Jf». 
canadenma, fh'eenr, 129. 

L«ae4itho6 airtllarit, o. />o». 
Catetbaei, a. Onu,.^'^ 

<'oria«va. /><";. . IH 

SttflaUui, T«fv . »'» 

ftoritmikdi. /> /^/fr. u 

l>hW, /l>»f/ . V9 

mmt\mm, /X . i\ 

fumffik, 4 0^^*$ ¥* 

•V;..*.«*y Ayr' 

'^'# ■</-'* // ■ 

^ ' ■ •■ / " ■ 


LiffUStmm cMmiim Mnmn, 


Hon., 96. 


cilUtum, Sitb., 91. 


CoriaGenm, Carr., gi. 



Fortunei, Hoi'/., B5. 



gliibrum,0or/., 91. 


Ibota, S«6.. 91. 


Ibota fur. Tilloeum, Bort., 9h. 


italicum, Mill.. 95.. 

Stuoot, Dersc, SI- 


iusulciisp, Wnr/., 91. 

■ 95. 

japouicum, rft«B6.. 9i. 


japODicam, Mart., 93. 


japoiiiemn anreo-TBrie^tiim, 


«-»■/., 93. 


japonic um i>ar. o«lifoliiini. 


Btm»e, 93, 


inponicdiD trieolot, Hurt., 93. 


Kellt^rmflcni, F™ ffoM/(e, 91. 


Imearia, Hort., Bl. 


iongifoliiim,Hm-(., 91,93. 


lucidnm, Ait., and varietk-s 





Loganiacea, 97. 

Loiselearia procnmbena, Desv., 

Lonlcera acuminata, Wall, ii. 

Albert!, «*■??/, n. 
alpigena, /-., ii. 

aitiicB, Horl., 19. 
amcricana, C. Koch, IS. 
angTDBtifolia, Wall., is. 
atrosangoinca, Uoii., IS. 
baJcttricB, /)C., ". 
beTla, Zahd, 13. 
botdwelliann, ffort., IT. 
Irncteatu, Royh, 7. 
brachypoda, DC, 17. 
brachvpodB wir. reticulata, IT. 
bcachypoda var. foliiB aoreo- 

iTtlfiiUtis, 7 
Brox^ui, ft,r(.. ai. 
buugeua, XrdeA., 19. 
caentlea, L., and ranetf, 13. 
canadeiiHs, Roem. j- ScluUlz, 

caprifolioides, C. JToc*, is. 
CaprlfoUaiU, L., *aA Tarietr, 

caroliniana, Marah., 21. 
cauoasicBjifor/., ai. 
ehiueDaig, Wata,, 17. 
i;hIiiujvdoplioT», <:■. KiKk, 17. 
chryaaiilha, rui-rr,, 13. 
chiTsantha x niprecfatiaua, 15. 
cbrjtiaolba x Xjlosteum, 

Rehder, 21. 
ciliaris, Horl., 17. 
ciliata, Majt/mA., 13. 
cilioBB. HoiV., 18. 
ciliosa, Poll-., 13. 
cilioM var. planliemuit, Dip. 

pel, SI. 
coernleMcns, Dipptl, 13. 
cntiniftilit, C .^. Jf^., 83. 

Lonicera d^pressa, Aoy/c, ua 

rarietj, 18. 
dtoica, £., 15. 
discolor, H(,r(., IS. 
diverufblia, Horl., 81. 
diTenifolia, ITo//., 19. 

IJouglaaii, l/oii.. Is. 
rkmcloniDi, Moeneh, 9S. 

etrttsca, .'^nnft, 19. 
flava, sittu, 15. 
flaTMcens, DtpM is. 
flexaosa, Thanb., 17. 
flexoosa var. halleana, Dippel, 

floribunda, ZiAti, 17. 
fragr.ntia-imH, Cnn-.. 91. 

^afP'aiitiaBima, Lindl. ^ 

Foj-i.. ]ft. 
fachsioidea, Berl., SI. 
gibbiflora, />i>fiW, u. 
^bbiflum, MiLtim., 18. 
gibbos.i. Hnrl,, 17. 
gigantea, ifort., 15. 
glanca. Hill, is. 
gorenUua, Wn/t, 1». 
grata. Ait.. 18. 
balleana, /forf., 17. 
himta, Ealon, IS. 
hispi<ia, Horl., Si. 

hispida, /"n//., 17. 
iberica, Birb., 17. 
implexa, SiJand.. ir. 
iiileriDi-dium, A'fff., 17, 
iiiTolucrata, BonJl*, it. 
japimica, Tkanb., and 

Tarietiw, 17. 
kBrnifi-hatica, Horl.. 19. 
EareUni, Bunge, 7. 
Karelin!, J/ort..' s. 
Eorolkowii, stopf. it. 
Ledcboiirii, £..,A,»cA, 17. 
I-edaboari, Hort., IB. 
■aaoU, H^d., 17.. 

Looicera uiocmphvlla, Jlorl., 15. 


iHHpnevillea, Horl . 13. 

Maximowiciii, 3/<i.<:<hi., is. 


media, Man:, 15. 


microphylla, wm., is. 


mooiwana, DC, 17. 

Morrowi,-!. Gro<,,i9. 


lIoiTowi<'a7-..ose«,/>ip;)e(, 13. 


WourBviae, floW., IP. 

Wjrtillus, Hook./. ^. Thorns., 




aerrosa, JtfajiiB., ifl. 


Hia8U4mili,^or(.. 15. 


niffra, i., 19. 


ObOTHta, itoi/U. 19. 


occidentalu., mok.. 13. 


CK-cidentalis, ifor(., 19. 


odoratJesima, Hurl., U, SI. 

orieataliB, ioNi., 19. 


pallida, Hort., 13. 


parvifolia, £dffeio., 13. 

parviflora, Lam., 15. 


Periclymennm, i., and 



Phylomelae, Cm-r., iy. 




Lycitun Shawii, Roem. ff Schult, 

tataricum. Pall., 101. 

trewiauum, Boem, ff Schult., 

turbinatum, Poir., 101. 

vulgare, Dun., 101. 
Lyonift arborea, D, Don, 39. 

calycolata, Reichb., 87. 

capresefolia, Wats., 39. 

lilirustrina, DC, 39. 

marginata, D, Dan, 43. 

mariana, D. Dun, 41. 

multiflora, Wats., 39. 

paniculata, ^'uu., 39. 

parabolica, C. Koch, 39. 
pulverulenta, C. Koch, 41. 
racemosa, G. 2>ofi, 39. 
salicifolia, ITo/tf., 39. 

Maclura anrantiaca, Nutt., 

Calcarfl;othi, Hort., 147. 
tricuspidata, Carr., 151. 
Madake, i/or/. Jap., 259. 
Malouetia asiatica, Sieb, jr Zucc, 

Marsdenia erecta, /?. ^r., 97. 

Mastacanthus sinensis, Endl., 111. 
Meisteria ccrnua, Sieb. jr Zucc, 

Melissa alba, irri/(/«^ ^ A'lV., 115. 
MeiUUesia Bmckenthalii, Baumg,, 
caoruiea, &^i0., 49. 
eiupetriformis, 5m., 47. 
femiginea var, globularis, 
Sims, 67. 

globniaris, Salisb., «7. 

Grabaroi, Hook., 47. 

polifolia, yii,««., 49. 
Me-tak6, Hort. Jap., 368. 
Metaplexis chioeDsit, Decne.9 97. 

roAtrata, Ticrcz., 97. 

Metaplexifl Statmtoni, Roem. ^ 

Schult.. 97. 
Mezereum officinarom, C. A. Mey, 

Microglossa albescens, C. B, 

Clarke, 27. 
cabulica, C. B. Clarke, 27. 

Micromeria graeca, Benth., 

montana, Reichb., 113. 
mpestriS, Benth., 115. 
variegata, Reichb., 113. 
Microptelea parviflora, Spach, 143. 
Mobrodendron Carolinum, Br it ton, 
diptenim, Britton, 71. 

Moltkia petraea, J?o{>5., 99. 
MonochlMnydesB, u 7. 
Monocotyledons, 247. 

Moms alba, L., and varieties, 

alba var. fibrosa, Seringe, 151. 
alba v€u: latifolia, Hort., 149. 
alba var. Lhow, Seringe, 149. 
alba var. Moretti, Seringe, 

alba var. mnlticaulis, Loud., 

alba var. nana, Hort., 149.' 
alba var. nervosa, Lodd., 151. 
alpina, Hort., 149. 
byzantina, Sieber, 149. 
canadensis, Potr., 151. 
chinensis, Lodd., 149. 
constantinopolttana, Poir., 149. 
hispanica, Hort.f 149. 
intemedia, Perottet, 149. 
italica, PotV., 149. 
japonica, Audib., 151. 
Kaempferi, Seringe, 147. 
latifolia, Poir., 149. 
lacida, ITorf., 149. 
maerophylla, Moretti, 149. 


HomB mi.asourienns, Audib., 191. 
Moretti, Aadib., 149. 
iDorettumu, Jacq., 149. 
multicDuIis, Perollel, 149. 
neapolitana, Horl., 149. 
iierTosa, Hort., 151. 
nigra, L., 151. 
ui^s laciniata, Hort., 149. 
papyrifera, Z., 147. 
penSflvaaica, Noi)., ISI. 
pumiln, fia/i., 149. 
rubra, £., i5i. 

sc-ahrn, ICWrf., 151. 
serotinn, JIfarl., 149. 
^incnsla, Jfort., 149. 
tatark-B, Dtaf., US. 
Tokwa, Sitb., 191. 
vii^ginica, ZJhAiur., 151. 
M6s6.chiku, Hort. Jap., 259. 
UaehlenbecMa adpresia, 
Meisii., 119. 
COmplexa, Meim., 119. 
n?, Mfisn., 119. 



Oleacea, ? 

Olesria Am. 







OmnB, 75. 

Oruiu dipel 








Mirkjr^ 3SS. 

Sir^i. ir Zwcc^ 



TMprjiBf japfrnMA, Poir^ 147. 
Pa<«4-rxxta Gsspi, Si^l». ^ ZmcCj 

Panlownia in^eiiilis, SM. a- 

tomentosa, SUud^ 103. 

Pentftenum Menziesii, iTooik., 

and Tazieticrs, 103. 
Scouleri, Lindl.^ 103. 

PericlTmeniim gennaDicom, JfiY/^ 
semperTirens, MiU,, SI. 

Periploca graeca, L,, 97. 

maculaU, AfoencA, 97. 

Pemettya #Dgastifolia, Hort., 37. 
arctica, /for/., 87. 
Cammingi, Horf,, 37. 
DrummoDdi, Hort,, 37. 

mucronata, GawHck,, 37. 

speciosa, Hort, 37. 

Persea Lingae, i>^«e«) 18 1. 

Sassafras, Spreng., 121. 

P hilly rflda angnstifolia, X. and 

variety, 89. 
decora, Boiss. ^ Bal.y 89. 
latifolia, L. and varieties, 


laurifolia, Hort.^ 89. 
media, L. and varieties, 89. 
media var. angustifolia, Loud.^ 

media var. latifolia, Loud., 89. 
Medwedewi, Sredittftki, 89, 
oleafolia, il/iV/., 89. 
ro^mariulfolia, Jfill., 89. 
«>piiiosa, Tenore, 89. 

▼Daonq u as ^oHU $^. 
rifaMrinaaik HasM^SH. 

FhTllaDthii^ raniflcftrois /Vf-ar^ l.^l. 
HiTllodoce cacruW, .fidi^., 4SU 

eapetrifoimis^ D. Dom^ 47. 

GralMim, Smtt^ 47. 

taxiibtia> Sa/is^, 49. 

Phyllostaclijs anrea, .4.^* f\ 

Biritrt, 247. 
bamlMLSoide$, Hort., 253. 

bambiuoidaa, 5m^ 4i* ^«»v.« 


boryana, MUford. 267. 
Caatillonis, Afiyof^* 2.^7. 

fiutUOSa, Hi^. Kew.y 257. 
fleZUOSa, A, ^* C. /^hi>»y. 

Henonis, MUfof^y 257. 
heterocyola, Mitford^ 257. 

Kumasasa, Mitford^ 259. 
Kumtsaoa, AfvMro, 259. 

marliaoea, Mitp^rd, 257. 

mitis, -^. fr C. Bivi>rt, 259. 

nigra, 3fii»tro, 259. 

Quilioi, w4. 4* C. Bivihf, 259. 

mscifolia, /A»r/. ir#M'., 259. 
svdphnrea, ^. ^ c. Rivihr, 


ViolatCenS, /l. ^ C /lin^rr. 

▼iridi-glauoafcenf, A» fr(\ 

Bitt'irf, 259. 
I'hysiaiithtui tlbcns, Mart., 97. 

FhytolaccaoeA, n7. 

Pierii floritmnda, B>inh. ^ 

IftHtk./., 41. 

formoia, /a />o». •!!. 

Japonica, />. M>w, "nO vsri«ty, 

PieriB nuiriaiia, Benih. j- Hock. 

/., 41. 

nitida, Bexlh. # Hook,/.. 41. 


oTftlifolia, D. Do,, 4S. 


carpinitolia, Watt., US. 


crcDatB, Dei/., US. 

Gmelioi, Worf., 145. 


ja|ioDica, 3fig., 143. 

parvifolis, S»eri,143. 


Riclarfi, Af.cA.r., 14S. 


PlantaginfliB, us. 


PlantagoCynops, i.. 115. 

geoereDsU, Fourr., 115. 


PlatanefiB, isi. 

Platanua acerifolia, »''"''. »h.1 


vhriMy, 151. 

..!gcneili>LS, /foW., 151. 


californioa, flow., 151. 


cnneata, wm.. iss. 


digilata, Gw-rf., 153. 


helerophylla, ifort.. 1S8. 



inlegrifolia, Kaii., 15\. 

Fopnlns balsnmifera, var, Simonii, 

DiVc*. 241. 
balsam] fern var. saaveolens. 

Loud., 2il. 
balnamifeTB car. tricbocarpa, 

S. Wata., 248. 
balsamifera for. Timinalig, 

Imlf ami fern i™-. Wobstii, 

heovtileca, Taatch, S41. 

beroUnensis, Dippcl,%zi. 

bptaUfuMa, Pursh, a:t9. 
bolleitiiB, Lanekt, 2SA. 
taiiadtnuiB. Monch, a»T 
csoadensis anrta. Hart.. ■2H7. 
panadensis i-ar. ereeta, Dippel, 

canadensis x i^uttveolens, 241' 
candicBDB, Ail,, 237. 
caneacens, Sm., 237. 

CBoeticcu^, ReicAb.. 239. 
catolLdCUsU, Moench, 237. 

certineiuiB, Hoi-i-.'^'Al. 

,-iIicic». A'o(*-Ay,211- 
cordifolia, Durgtdoif, 239. 
canadenitis mr. aogaatilblia, 
ircnRife/, 230. 

, /^.-f. 

.ri-iHiI-iudleyi, //'ir/.,l39. 
troLdcn. HW,;.', * Jfrt., S3S. 

deltoidea, MarA., ud varie- 

tief, S37. 
ililatala, Soland.til. 
dilatala car. carolineiiiiiK, 

Wiiid., as:. 


(l.toin, //' 
rremontli, ■•'. t*""'*-. B". 
HlBnd..ln« .W.ifii^A.lli»T. 
srnfri, Lnurht, HI. 

Popnlw gTuidid«Ltata,J>f tcAj'., 

hetnophjlla, Duroi, 337. 
Iietoropli7lla, L., and Turie- 

ties, 23». 
hudsonioA, Michr., 239. 
hyhrida tur. beRiIiD«D»is, C 

Koch, 937. 
it&Iica, iioeach, 241. 
Juliana p«iidDla, Horl., 241. 

taevl^iila. ^ if., S;J7 
latifolin, Moenoh, £37 

laiirifoIia,XeJe/>„ ss9. 
lanrifolia i-or. baolinensin, 

Hon., 2J?. 
lanrifolia ' deltoideaP, 237. 
IJnilJurana, Boalh, 233. 
macrocarpa, Schrtitli, 24t. 
macropbylla, fiari., 217. 
mai7Uiidicn, Bok, 337. 
moi)ilitera,j4(f., 237. 
monilifeiB var. ereeta, SW^i, 

HUMCOTiauia, Schrotdtr, 

nigTA, I"! and Tarietiea, iS9. 
nigra, Marik., 397. 
nigra var. belvetiot, PoiV., 

nigra k iiutcoI^m, 941, - 
nigra car. Tirginiant, Catllgl., 

NolMlii. Horl., U9. 

onurientu macrophjlla, Hort., 

pannonica. Hurt., 941, 

p.-ii(flllB. fl«ry.Jm/, 289. 

petrowikyana, Sckroedrr 

I'iesrti, H<irt., 935, 

ftnerCUB Daimyo, Hori., 187. 


Dalechwnpii, r™.^., 187. 


DauvesBti, Horl,, 197. 


dentata, rA»«6., i87. 


.lenlata, Horl., 183. 


dtnlHttt Albertii, ifor(., IBS. 


denBiflora, Hook, * ^rr... 



dipt«t».S«d»., 187. 


diMoior, ^rV., 90&. 


diwolor, S^MicA, IBT. 






lUveraittdiii ononUata, Horl.. 




Donglasii, Hook. ^ Aru.. 





ditcborocbeiuiB, C. Koch, SOS. 




flougMa, WiUd.,U1- 


Emory i. F trier ^ Coulter, 


J°L,.. H»i 1« 




Quercus imbricaria x pains- 
trig, Engelm,, 191. 
imbricaria x velatina, Sarffent, 

incisa, Hoti^ 197. 

infectoria, OHv., i9i. 

Jacobi, jR, Br. Campst.y 187. 
Kelloggii, Newh., 191. 
keiTOesioa, Hort^ 185. 
laciniata, Hort., 197. 
lanata, i^oW., 203. 

lannginoia, ThuUL, i9i. 

latifolia, HoH,, 189. 
latifblia dentata, J7orf ., 185. 

lanrifolia, Mickx,, i9i. 

laurifolia, ^or/^ 191. 
lanrifolia hybrida,ilficA.r., 191, 

leana, Nutt,, 19a 
Libani, OUv^ 193. 

Libani var, calliprinoa, Kot- 

scky, 193. 
lobata, N9e, 193. 
loDgaeTa, Salisb,, 195. 
loiigiglunda, Frhnont, 193. 
Louetti, //or/., 203. 
luvitanica, ZtfUN., and Tarietj, 

Iu8itanica war, baettca, Webb, 

lusituuicu, Webb var, Clunii, 

A.DC, 193. 

lyrata, WaU^ 193. 
macedonica, A. DC, 193. 
macranthera, Fisch, ^ Mey.^ 

miicniDtheni, Hort^ 185. 

macrocarpa, Michx,, 193. 

iiiacrocnr]»a vnr. olivaefbniiig, 

/I. Gray, 193. 
macrolepin, Kotschy, 181. 
macrophylla, Hnrt., 193. 
malacophylla, .SVAu/fz, 195. 
marginata, Biume, 181. 

Quercns marilandica, 

Muenchh., 198. 

MicliaQzii, iVai//., 195. 

Mierbeckii, Dippel, 195. 
minor, Sargent^ 203. 

Xirbeckii, XHir., 195. 
mongoliea, /VtcA., 195. 

montaoa, WiUd., 199. 
monticola,Pete.^iCirr*., 199. 
Maehlenbei^i car. hamilig, 

Britton, 199. 
nana, Sargent, 189. 
Neaei, Liebm^ 187. 
nepaolensiii, //or^, 185. 
Neumanni, Hori,, 185. 
nigra, Dm Rot, 205. 

nigra, X., 195. 

nigra, Wangenk,, 193. 
nigra war. aqvatica. Lam,, I9.>. 
ni^rra Barroni, Hort,, 191. 
nigra var. digitata, Marsh., 

nigra pnrpoKt, ifoft., 199. 
nigra var. triAda^Manik., 195. 
oblongifolia, 7*orr., 205. 
obovata, Bunge, 187. 
obtusa, PairtA, 191. 
obtufiloba, Miekr., 203. 
olivaeformiii, Mickr., 193. 
oxyadenia, Torr., 181. 
pallida, ir«HJf., 201. 

palnitril, Muenehk., 195. 
pannonioft, iforl., 185. 
pannota. Bote, 183. 
pannoaa, Hort., 187. 
peetinata, ITor/., 197. 
pedeoKNitaiia, CollOf 201. 

peduncnlata, £AfA., and 

rarietieii, 195-199. 
peduDcnfaita Hodginiiii, Hort., 

pedoncnlata nigra, Hort., 199. 


QnereilB pednDcnlata ear. pur- 
purea. Loud., 193. 
[leduDciUata oar. Banguine:!. 

Becksl., 199. 
penrtula, Lodd., 197. 
pendula nova, Hort., 197. 
PheUos, L., i»9. 
Phellos var. brerifolia, Lnmb., 

Phellos nor. hnmilia, Pursh, 

Fbellos var. imbricaria, 5pnc7i, 

PbeKof I'or. launfolia, C'An;T,ii., 

Phellofi var. nHna, A.DC, 201. 
Phellos wu. pninilo, Dippul, 

Phcllo* oar. aericea, j4i'(., r S5. 
PbdioB < velulioH, 169. 
phillyraeoides, A. Gro:j. 

piiiDflta, florf., 197. 
plutaiii)i<le!j, Siidm., 1S3. 
pontica, C A'ocA, i99. 
prinoidea, WilM., ' 


QuerCTlB scIerophyUay Hort,^ 205. 
sempenrirexu. Hart., 205. 
serrata, Thukb,^ and variety, 

sericea, Hori,, 199. 
sericea, WiOd., 201. 
Sessiliflora, Salisb., and 

varieties, 201, 203. 
sessiliflora var. pannonica, 

Hort^ 185. 
sessiliflora var, pnbescens. 

Loud., 191. 
t^esflilifloia parpmea, Hort., 

serratifolia, HorL Baiav^ 185. 
sieboldiana, Blume, 203. 
sinnata, Hort,, 201. 
sonomensis. A, DC, 191. 
Stellata, Wangtnh., 208. 
stolonifera, Lapejpr^ 203. 
Streimii, Heuff^ 191. 

Suber, X., 203. 

tarazacifolia, Hort,, 197. 
Tauzin, Per*., 203. 
Tenorei, Hort, 185, 197. 

t€xana, Buckl,, 203. 
thalassica, Hance, 203. 

tinctoria, Michx., 205. 
tinctoria uar. californica, Torr., 

Tournefortii, Willd,, 183. 
Toza, jBo^c, 208. 
triloba, i/oW., 201. 
triloba, Mickx., 187. 
trojana, Trt'66, 198. 
Turneri, Hort., 201. 

Turneri, Willd., 205. 

uliginosa, Wangenh., 195. 

Tmdtilata, Torr., 205. 

undulata, ^^ Wats., 187. 
undulata var. Gum belli, JCnjlm.y 

Ungeri, KoiMchy, 181. 

QuercUB Valentina, Xam., 198. 
ValloDea, il.jDC., 181. 

Yariabilii, Blwm, 205. 
velutdna, Xcmi*> so5. 

ventricosa, Hort,, 181, 195. 
villoaa, Hort,, 191. 
villosa, Wo//., 203. 

WiBUzeni, A. DC, 205. 

Zang, Hort., 195. 
Kajania ovata, TF(a/<.» 119. 

BhaphithamnnB CTanocarpnB, 

Miers, 109. 
Rhododendron aeruginosum. 
Hook,/., 59. 
afghanicom, Hort,, 59. 

albiflomm, i^ooA., 5i, 

Albrechti, Maxim,, 51. 

altaclerense, Xmiif., 57. 

amoenum. Planch,, 53. 
Anthopog^on, D. Don, 57. 
arboresoenSi T'orr., 5i. 

arboreum altacierense, 57. 

arborenm, Sm,, var. Camp- 
belliae, 57- 

arboreum x cancaiicam, 6:), 

arbutifdicun, ifort., 6i. 
azaleoidet, J^A ^^ 

baeticom, Boiss. jf Reut., 6:). 
Batemani, Hook,, 59. 
bicolor, Sweet, 55. 
blaDdfordiaeflorum, Hook. /., 

blandianum, Martr., hi. 
brachycarptun, G. Don, 57. 

Calendnlaceum, Torr., and 
varieties, 53. 

calif omicTun, Hook., 59. 
campanulatain, D. Don, 

and varieties, 59. 
Campbelliae, Hook./., 57. 

campylocarpom, Hook, /., 


Rhododendron cBnidenK.Dtppff, 




•aiUiic^ns. G. Uon, hi. 


Cartoni, //ort.. 65. 


catavbienBe, Itiichi., ua<i 


v:.rietj, 59. 


watttwbieme . arborcmn, 6j. 


ouQCBfeum, Siwa, 59. 


caucasicum, PatL, 59. 


cuucBGicum var. QoblesBum. 


£<-«d., 63. 


XoHd., 63. 


CbunaeuUtus, X.,-ig. 


ciliatum, a«>A./;,59. 



cinnabariiniin, Hoo*./, 59. 


collettianiiin, ^ifcA. i- 

H.m>l.. 59. 

CnnninKhaini, Hori., 09. 


riohuricum, Dippet, 59. 


liupliuoideE, Hurl,, 61, 63. 


danricum, i.. 59. 


decorum, Fnimh., ,vj. 




Ehododendron ponticum, X., 

and varieties, 63. 
ponticum var. azaleoides, €5. 
poDticam uar. decidaum,^ mfr., 

pODticum var» myrtifoliam, 

Luud.y 63. 
praecox, Can-., 63. 
procerum, SiUisb,, 63. 
pulchellum, SalUb,, 55. 

pulcherrimum, Lindl,, 65. 

punctatlim, Andr^ 65. 
parpuremu, G. Dim^ 63. 
Purshii, G. D^, 68. 
racemOSnm, Franch,, 65. 
reticulatam, JJ. Don, 55. 
Rhodora, J- F, Gmel., 55. 
rhombicum, ^fig-, 55. 
rosetun odoratum, Hort., 

rosmarinifolium, Dippel^ 55. 
rosmarinifolium, Hort., 55. 

mssellianam, Sioee^ 65. 
Schlippenbachii, Maxim., 


serpyllifolinm, Miq., 57. 

Sieboldiy Af i^., 53. 
Sieboldi var. minuit, Miq., 53. 
Sinense, Sweet, hi. 
SmimOWi, Trautv., 65. 

Smithii, Hort.,var. aurenxn, 

Faat., 67. 

Smithii, var. eleganSi Hort.^ 

tenellum, Hort., 61. 

Thomsoni, Hook./., 65. 
Ungemi, rraw/t;., 65. 

Vaaeyi, -4 • Gray, and variety, 


virgattun, Hook.f., 65. 

visCOBTim, Torr., 57. 
Wilsoni, Hort., 61. 

Bhodora canadensis, L., 55. 
congesta, Moench, 55. 

BhodothamiLiu ChamaecittoB. 

Meichb., 49. 

Rhynchospen&lUB jasminoi<le8, 
Xm^., 97. 

BosmarixLiu officinalis, jL., ii5. 
Eubiaceae, 35. 

EuBciu acnleatuB, L., 249. 
Hypoglossom, L., 249. 
Hypophyllum, L., 249. 

Hjpophjlliun var. Ujpo- 

glossnm, i^aw., 249. 
mioro^stas, Bert., 249. 
raeemostts, Z., 249« 

SalicineSy sn. 

SaliX acuminata, Hoffm., 213. 
acuminata, Sm., 283. 
acQtifolia, Willd., 215. 
Aglaia, If orl., 215. 

alba, L., and varieties, 211. 
alba var. hippophaifolia, Ser., 

alba lenoophjUa, Hort., 211. 

alpigena, Kem., 211. 

alpina, 5cop., 221. 

ambigoa, Ehrh., 21 1 . 

ambigua, Pursh, 223. 
americana pendula, Hort., 

ammaniana, Hort., 217. 
amygdalina, Z., 288. 
andersoniana. Forties, 223. 
angustifolia, Poir., 219. 
anguitifolia, Wul/., 229. 
annolaris, Forhts, 218. 
anioniana, Forbes, 228. 
aqnatica, <Sm., 213. 
Arbuseula, Forbes, 229. 

ArbUBCTlla, Z., and variety, 

Salii C» 

arbutifolia, Ser., 231. 


Menaiia, Wiltd., 2il. 


arpiDtea, StH., 389. 


argenMa. Wmm^iU. 






atrOTircns, Forben, 223. 





BuritB-cinerea, B'imiB.,SSl. 


uurita-iiicanB, 225. 


anrita-Lapponmn, an. 




anrita " viminalis, ^ii- 

aurito-incaiia, JFimn... an. 


auslralis, Forbfs, 223. 


babylonica, L., and raricty. 








Afiderss.. 219. 


huftordiahB, Salter. 317. 


iebhiam. Sargent, iSl. 



Sftlix elegaatiisimft) C. K«eh. 
entnlhft, Schltirh., 817. 
.ict-lwi. 7'««,tA,al7. 
fagifolin, H7«rf.,S81. 
iemgiot*, Sorrer, SU. 
firma, Pm-Af. 223. 
tilUB, //o^, IBI. 
lUm, ICnA^nb., S£9. 
-flsTO-rirt'DB, Aorrifin., I3S. 
forbyuDB, Wimm., 2S1. 
fouIeriaiiK, Sm., SS9. 
EragUi-btbjloaica, Stgtl, SIT. 
ftn|{ill», ForiM, 9S6. 
ft&gilil, £., »* TMi«iM, 

: albs,U». 

itr. d«aipieBi, Xoeh, 


Ingilii - peoUndn, 


EruticoMt, DoeU^2U. 
ruscatu, Horl., S19. 
fuKSta, Purah, 337. 

glaaca, £., ai7- 
glanca, Wali.,a*7. 

glaucopb;lt>, Srt:f.,2ii. 
p-iwa, WiUd 227. 
(friaoneiisu, Fmlit'.iSi. 

lldil..'.'m,.2a . ■ 
hrlTeticB, Forht$, 235. 
lielTflica. Vm..i2\. 
herbacea, i. 2i»- 
hL'tlmcea > LappODiim, 333. 
hwandia, r.h-h..ii9. 
hippophaifolia, ThuiU., sib. 


.. -JSS. 

hotrmannlans, Hoo\. j- ^m., 
bpflmaoDiniu, Ai^ SS8. 

Salix holotcnoM, ITopf., 325. 

Loiu-orico*, (F.(W-. aas. 
hookeriana, Bon-uH, sio. 

liuppeiDB, Willd., 3:13. 
buusloclBiia, Ptirth, 32.1. 
buDil-oldliuM, //(irf.,3S7. 
humilia. itfa"A.. >!•. 

bybrulu. P'dJ., IIS. 
inc&na, Si-Aronjk,3ia. 

I. H'im 


jaciiitioiaoa, lFlW.,121. 
Jncquinii. //Mt, 231. 
japoniea, Btwne.i 
japonica, TAkn^^Biid lariety , 

jupidu. Kart.,ai5. 
Kilmaraocki, ifort., 313. 
UotM, Bray, SSI. 
lambeTtiana, Foiiti,i39. 
lanata, L., and Tariety , 319. 
' ItmaginOM, F«JJ., 319. 
LappOSniB, £•■ BnA variety, 

XjM»pomii& K aorita, S 1 1- 

lAppoanin - ph^UcifoUat 

Xi'irioa, 321. 
lasiandra, i/tu'A., 221, 
l.„iocurpa, HVrnw., 881. 
iaurina, Sm.,321. 

liU iiiiJiilaefolU. luiJCgr., 'ifi. 

louTOpbvlin, ffirf., 211. 
Icucophjlla, Witld.,221. 
, . ,, .1; . ■ /.2S3. 

limosa, Wnhlmh.,221. 
IbtaiU, Forbet,S.l9. 
Uttoralij, Hott, 329. 

Salix lODgitolia, Lam., 235. 


Iiicida, Foifes, 287. 


Incida, MuW., 821. 

Digra : 

Ludwigii, SeAAuAr, 231. 


lateBcens, Ji:«ni-. sii. 

nigra J 

malifolia, Sra., 219. 



masculn, Hort,, 217. 


Medemii, Bows.. 213. 


mumbranacM, ThuUl., 331, 


oiejeriMia, Barrer, 227. 



mBjeriana, ffiZM., 21T. 



micheliauB, /fort., 2H. 


mollissima, Sin., 201. 


uionaadra, Haffm., 22 B. 




montaDH, Forbea, B85. 




multiformis, Doell., tar. iip- 


pophBifolia, Andfrsa., 213. 


multinervis, BoeW., 2EI. 



Saliz poDlederaiu, SchUick., vi 
sordidn, Aitdeiia., 233. 
Yiaecoi, Hoppe, 2i5. 
[imteDsii, Boii., 23J. 
prutensii, Hmt, 231. 
pralenaie. Scop., 239. 
[irocumbens, Forbes, 223. 
proMraU, Ehrb., 213. 
pruinom, Wtndl., ZIS. 
I>uiieiaia, WickL.iiS. 
porporea, X., and \»tietk 


I'UTptxrea ■ phjlidfolia, 231. 

jiUrpurea-repen*, Wimm,,i\7. 
l;iiri>lirea >tTiimasli», '~'i . 
PjniniidBlit, Hari., 2a 1 
pyrifolia, Anderu., -229. 
retligulii, TiauU:,22l. 
n^'urvata, Punk, 219. 
TtgaUf, Uort., -m. 
H«ginae, Halt.. 'J19. 
Ueichardti, Kern., 213. 
repens, L., • 

■v. ; 



repeua var. 

reticttlata, L., 229, 
ruicBlmu KJIjcstoittB, 22S. 
retnsa, L., aod viriety, iig. 
rmuia, It'iW., 233. 
retnsa > herbacea, 229. 

rrtoiB lYir. aigrelCCD), AVi-n., 

Salix Hgida, Wilid., 215. 
riptttia, Hori., 218. 
riiiaria, ITiiU., 219. 

ro^marinifaUa. Giiuan, 219. 
rO'manuif.>liB, Hort., 22>. 
roamaTmifolia, /-.. 229, :i8i . 
rostrata, Sichards., 231. 

rotondsu, Fin-6M, 225. 
mbrA, ffwij., and rarieties, 

TufiDerTl(,2)C., 213. 

tiigUsi, Lfffe.iiS. 
lupcslris, Dinin, 2SS. 
ruaselliima, iw., 217. 
Sodleri, 5ynir, 319. 
salriBcfolia, Ziuit, Ji'.ia. 
jiaDguinoB, Sculiuy, 217. 

MietMit, F. £. Whift, ill. 
Bacernata, /" fl Whitr. aai. 

seDiitivs, Biirrii/r, 217. 
MricM, fW6fi, 217, 
Berice^ iforf., 229. 
MciMa, Marth; 827. 
BcriceapcndulB, JiTort., 229. 
aerpvilifbJiu. SL'f]p..i.'39. 
Mcrulata, Willd., 219. 
sesqaitertia, i^. s. WbHr. 

(iblrioa, Iforf. aliq., SIT. 
Sieboldi, .fforf., »i; 
aieboldiana, Biuiur. 231. 
!<ilesiiicu, HviL.'JM. 
■Usaiaca, Ifi'/U., Uh) variety, 

4ilMiaco-La.ppoDuiii, H'imhi., 

■mithiana, WUtd., and mrie- 

■obrina, /■. fl. WAtfc, 233 
Bordida, Ktm.. 233. 
■patholata, WiUd., 311. 


spuria. Schleich.. ass. 


stipuIariB, Sm., 333. 


^t^epidJl, I'orbct, 225. 




ttyUrU. Ser^ 325. 


■Dbpnrpurea-cuiereB, Kent., 




sodeticn.ifiw/, 221. 

teuoitlun, Uost, S33. 


teaois. Boat, 231. 

tetmpla, iro^ter, S37. 

tonienloM, ^orf., 331. 


lomeDtoiui, SchnuL, 213. 


loraeDltwa, Ser., 213. 


triandra, i.. and ™rielieB, 




trioDdra-alba, H'.mra., 833. 


triandra < fragiliB,/', B. While, 



iriandta - TOoinalii, Wimm.. 




trietii. Hort.. 236. 


iilmifolui. rAm7[.,213. 


nndulata, £Ar/i.. 283. 




Satnreia illyrica, Host, lis. 

Kitaibeliy Wierzb., 118. 
micrantha, ffoffnigg. ^ Link^ 

montana, L,t and variety, 

nervosa, Desf.y 115. 
rupestrifi, Wid/.^ 115. 
thjmifolia, Scop; 115. 
variegata, Ha9t, 118. 
Schoberia fnitieota, C. A. Mey., 

Scolochloa amndiiiAeea, Mert. ^ 

Koch, 251. 

Scrophnlarinea, los. 
Securinega rainiflora, Muell. 

Arg., 181. 

Selagtnea, 109. 

Sonecio Orayii, Hort., 29. 
latifolioa, HorL, 29. 

laxifoliiu, J' Buck,, 29. 

Shepherdia argentea, Hort,, 127. 

argentea, l^utt., 129. 
canadenBis, Nuti., 129. 

Shibo-chiku, /for^. Jnp., 257. 
Shiho-chikn, Hort, Jap., 257. 
Shiwa-chiku, Hort. Jap., 257. 
SideroxyloD lannginotium, Michx., 

lycioides, L., 69. 
Siphisia Sipho, Klotzsrh, 1 19. 

tomentofta, Raftn., 119. 

SmilacesB, 247. 

Smilax aspera, /-, and varieiie?, 


Bona-nox, L, far. hastata, 

A.VC, 247. 
caduca. A., 249. 
CiinariensiB, //. C. Wats., 247. 
catalonica, Pair., 247. 

China, A., 247. 

China, S. T. GmeL, 247. 

excelsa, /., 217. 

Smilax gnmdlfolia, Buckl., 247. 
hasUta, IFiZ/(i., 247. 
herbacea, X., and variety, 

bupida, MuhU 247. 

japonica. A, Onuft 247. 
laevis, Oueldenst., 247. 
tnaculata, Roxb^ 247. 
maaritaniea, Dtef/*., 247. 
peduneularia, MuM,, 247. 
pteropiu, Jlftg., 247. 
polveralflota, Mickx., 247. 
quadraogalaris, Muki., 249. 

rotondifolia, X., S49. 

tagfttaAfbHa, I^oiici., S47. 
Sanaparilla, Hort., 249. 
Sanaparilla, X... 847. 
tpinidota, Smk, 247. 
tamnifolia, Michx., 249. 

tamnoides, X., 249. 

▼hginiana, Hort., 249. 

Walter!, P«r#A, 249. 
Solanacea, 99. 

Solamun boerlumaefQiiam* 

Sendtn., 101. 
Crispsm, Muiz (f Pav., 99. 
Dulcamara^ L., and Tarieties, 

jaaminoidM, Paxt., loi. 

Sponia nudifloRi, Sieb. ^ Zucc.^ 

Stellera japonica, Sieb., (27. 
Stillingfleetia aebifera, Boj., 138. 
Stillingia sebifera, Michx, 133. 

finenfia, Baill., 133. 
StoechaH dentata, 3f t'//., 111. 

StyracesB, 69. 

Styrax americanum, Lam., 7i. 

japOniCUm, Sieb. ^ Zucc, 

ObaSSia, Sieb. ff Zucc, 71. 

officinale, L.,'n. 
Bermlatum, Roxb., 71. 

Suuda f^nticOBa, Forsk., 117. 
Swamnn-rduinin Antenparia, nC. 

gliimenita, Itaoul, 37. 
Mymphoriii glomemta, Peru., 11, 

oocidentaliii, R.Br., 11. 

nii'emoBa, Pers,, 11. 
Sftnphoricarpas fmciu mbro, 

H<.rt., II. 
Eli'menilui, C.Koek,n. 
Heyeri, DippW, ii. 
moUlB, lf«it., car. ciliatns, 

iNiiii.^ II. 
occidentalifl, K. Br., it. 
w.^identalis t-ar. Heveri, 

ZJurA, II. 
OrbicnlatUS, Moenck, and 

Tariflty, 11. 
(lurTiflora, Deaf., 11. 

ra.c6mosnB, Mickr., ii. 
rotundifoliiiB, a . Gray, 1 1 , 

vulfc-aris, MtVAj-., n. 

SymplocoB crataegoidea, i'u'^J' ■ I 

Ifiim., G9. 

japonica. A. DC, ss. 



^ viUou 

I villoi 



Tecoma e 






Thymelaea Mozercum, Scop., 125. 
praecox, Oilib., 125. 

Th3rmel»ace», 123. 
Thymus aioricns, Lodd., in. 

Chamaedrys, Fries, and 

varieties, 113. 
Citriodonif, Schreb., 113. 
rollious, Bieb,, 113. 
romosus, Heuff,, 119. 
hirtus, Soland., 115. 
lanaginosas, Mill,, 119. 
micranthnt, Broi,, 115. 
iDontanos, Waidst. ^ Kit.t 

rotundifolius, Schur, 118. 

SerpyUum, L., and vurielieK, 

tenuifoliof, 3f i7/., 113. 

tniosfilvanicns, Schur^ IIS. 

vulgarii, L,, 113. 

Zj^B^L', 113. 
Tomex juponica, Thunb., 121. 
Toxylon pomiferum, B({fiH., 147. 

Trachelospermnm jaami- 

noideB, Lemutire, 97. 

Trachycarpiu ezceliiUy //. 

Wendl., 251. 

Fortune!, 7/. WendL, 231. 

Tragopynim huxifolium, BiVA., 119. 

lanocolatom, Bieb,, 119, 

lanceoLitum rcir. lutifolium, 

/?r<7r/, 119. 

^pinoflum, Pretil, 119. 

Tnf»otaloiii piniouliitii, .^iVA. ^* 
Xurc, 51. 

Ulmus alata, Mirhx,, 133. 

alba, Bqfin^f 135. 

alha, ll'ri/rfj»/. ^ ifiV., 189. 

udiantifoliu. Hurt., 139. 

americana, Z*., and variety, 

amcricaou rar. ulatai Spach, 

XJlniTlB americana rar. fulva. 
Loud., 137. 
americana pendula, Hort.^ 

americana oar. rubra, Ait., 137. 
anguttifolia, Moench, 135. 
aaplenifolia, Hort,, 139. 
betiilaefolia» XotiJ., 135. 
baxifolia, Hort., 185. 

Campestrii, £•> and rarie- 

tiet, 185. 
campestrii tar. aorea, Hort., 

campeatrifl var, aarea, Mormuy 

campettris var. cbinensi:', 

Hort., 143. 
campestrifi var. comubiensiit, 

Loud., 139. 
campestris ttir. crispa, Dr»f.^ 

campefltris var. Danvensei, 

Hort., 139. 
cumpestrif rar. Dotaei, Hort., 

campeatriii var. etnisea, Hort.,. 

ciimpestriH var. laerit. Spark, 

aimpeftrin cor. luteMcens,. 

Dieck, 141. 
campettris Mir. ■aerophylln,. 

SpaeK 141. 
canpMtns ptndnla nom^Hwi.^ 

JTbrf., 188. 
carpi* Hs,££i 

cUiata, J 1 



TllnillSCorylifcUiipttrpurea, Horl., 



craBBifolia, iV.riJ., 137. 

trispa. WilU., 139. 

Di«npieri,iriir(., 141. 

Dampieri awea. Horf., Ul. 

Dwnpieti Wredei, Ha,l.. HI. 

^ffasii, Willd.. 143. 

etfa»a crispa, Ilorl-. 139. 

effuBU cristula, Hor/., 133. 


exomwi»U..ffort., Ul. 


Fordi, mn., 141. 

■fnlTB. ifort., 1S9. 

folTa, AficA^., s'ld Viirietj'. 

[ulvapendola, ffort., 141. 

Rli,l.ra M.«., nud vaHntic-, 

glabra (iecumbenfcifurl,, Ul. 

Iflabra pendula, Horl., 141. 

glahrt repHcttla, /Tori., 141. 

Slabra iiir. vegeta, Vippel. 

Heyderi, Spatth. 137. 



Syme, 135. 
Auberosa^ rar. glabra, 5 

toitiiosa, Lodd., 137. 
triserrati. Hort., 141. 

turkestanica, /?^!/*^ i^s. 

urtiisfolia. Hurt., 139. 
Verschuffelti, Horf.^ 145. 
vimiiuilid, Lodd., 137. 
virgittu, Rorb., 143. 
Wreilei, //or/., \A\. 

Umbellularia califomica, A^v'^s 

Unedo edulis, Hojffmgg, ^ Linkf 

CroBtelma chiiiense, Bunge, 97. 

YacciniacesB, 29. 
Yacciniuin »ibum, Lam.^ si. 

album, Pnrsh, 33. 
aiiioenaiDy i4i7., 31. 
aiigustifoHum, Ait., 33. 

arborenin, Marsh., 29. 
ArctostaphyloB, i^.. 29. 

Arcto8taphyl<H», Lotui, van 

piidifolium, Lond., 81. 
bnichycenim, Mivh.r., i9. 
buxifolium, Salinh., 29. 

canadense, A'fi/m, 31. 

canioAam, Fers., 81. 
Ciliatom, Thnnb., 81. 

corymboBimiy -^^ •"d. 

varieties, 31. 
crassifoliTun, Andr., 81. 
diffusum, Ait., 29. 
(luiiiosum, i4mfr., 29. 
diitomorphum, Michx,, 81. 
eleTatam, Soiand; 38. 

erythrocarptutt, -W^«cA*-» •*• 

fn>ndo«iim, X., 29. 
frondoBum, Michje., 29. 
fii!«catum. Ait., 81. 
gaultherioidetf BigeLf 88. 

u 92397. 

japonievB. -V*?- ?: 

ouderctsae, £iai, 31. 
rjirctni, ir«£« .31. 

KTTtmitii, I/zai., 8i. 

mrrtifofiam, IfiVLr., 81. 
mjniIloid««, Miekr., 33, 

Kjrtillns, L.. 3i. 

iiiridtim rar. decumbcne, 5iajt 

oratimiy P^r»h, 3i. 

Oxyc-occus, Z.., 33. 
Oxycocciu rar. obloDgifoliTixn, 
Michx., 33. 

padifolinm, •^•> 8i. 

parTiflomni, Andr., 29. 

parrifolium, •9«.> 83. 
penfjlTanicQiiLy Latn. and 

Tanety, 88. 
pmuifoliom, Hori., 81. 
pabeflcenn, H't^murA., 38. 
pUDcUtnm, Lam., 83. 
ramuloaum, Willd., 33. 
re«iiio*iUiD, ill/., 29. 
•^aliciDUiu, A»cker$., 38. 
Spreogeliir Hori,, 81. 

stamuunott* x** ^^* 

teoellum, Purth^ 83. 

nliginofiim, i^** 88. 

aniDam, if. il. Cifr<^ 29. 

tadllaaii MomT^ 88. 
Titia-UaMy £- mA ▼uM/i 


Veronica amplaxicaiilia, Jr«- 


■'.■., iOd. 


Andersoni, \Lintil. j- Pari., 


Bugualifolift. A. Rich.. 105. 


aaomalft, Jri»»(r., 108. 


arborea, J. Buch., loa. 

Armstrongii, T. Kirk. loa. 

aznrea, Li»t. 103. 


bnxifolia, Benih., 10s. 


Candida, iorfrf., 103. 


oarnoa, .l-™/r.. 103. 


caraoauK Hook./., 105. 


Catarractae, Farai., loa. 


ehathamioa, ^. s«cft., 103. 


ColenSoi, Hook./.. 103. 


Coleiiwi ™r. graoilig. iror(., 



capresaoidBB, Hook. /.. and 


vnrietj, 103. 


decnmbena, AmiMr., 103. 


ileeuasata..4i(, 103. 


Derwentia, Andr., los. 


Dieffenbachii, Benth., los. 


diosmifolia, «. C<i«-<., los. 


elliptica, Fo.^t., los. 




Vibnmuni Lantaua var. cana- 
densis, Pers.f 7. 

Lantiuia var. grandifolium, 
Ait., 7. 

Lantaua var. Indicum, Hort.y 7. 

lantanoides, Michx., 7. 

lantanoides, Miq., 5. 

Lentago, L., 7. 

lobatum, Lam., 9. 
lon^folium, Hort., 7. 
macrocephalum, Fortune,!, 
macrophyllum, Hort., 7. 
mexicanum, Hort. gall., 7. 
nitidum, Hort., 7. 
molle, Michx.y 7. 
montanum, Lodd., 5. 
multratum, C. Koch, 5. 

ntLdnm, L,,i. 

nudum var. cassinoides, 

Torr. ^ Gr., 5. 
obovatum, Hort., 9. 

odoratissimum, Ker, 7. 

opuloides, Muhl., 9. 
OpultLS, -^'t and rarietieB, 9. 
Opulus var. americanum, Ait,, 

Opulus var. edule, Michx,, 9. 
Oxycoccus, Pursh, 9. 
patLCiflorum, Pylaie,9, 

phlebotrichum, Sieb. f 

Zucc.t 9. 
pirifolium, Hort., 7. 
pirifolium, Poir., 9. 
plicatum, Thunb., 9. 
plicatum, ^SiVA. ^ Zucc, 9. 
plicatum r<ir. tomeDtofum, 

Miq., 9. 

pnmifolium, !»., 9. 

prunifulium, Hort., 7. 

pubescens, Pursh, 9. 
punicaofolium, Hort., 9. 
pyrifolium, Pwr^A, 5. 
reticulatum, Hort., 9. 

Vibnmiun Sieboldii, 3fig., 9. 

sinensis, Zeyher, 7. 
squamatum, U72/<i., 5. 
TinUS, L., ami varieties, 9. 
tomentosuni, Hance, 5. 
tomentosum, Lam., 7. 
tomentOSTUn, Thunb. ^ and 

variety, 9. 
Wrightii, Afig., 9. 
Yinca acutiflom, Bert, 95. 
.difformis, Pourr., 95. 
major, -^'y and variety, 95. 
media, Hoffmgg. 4* XtnA, 95. 
minor, L,, and varieties, 95. 

Yiflcnm album, L,, 129. 
Yitex Agnus-castos, L,,\\\. 

Agnus-oastos var, arborea, 
HoH,, 111. 

incisa, Lam, in. 

Neginido, Curt., 111. 

Negundo t^w. incisa, C. B, 
Clarke, 111. 
Yitis-Idaea punctata, Moench, 83. 
Weigela amabilis, Hort., 28. 

japonica, Thunb,, 23. 

middendorfiana, Hort., 23. 

rosea, Lindl., 23. 

Wikfltroemia canescens, 

Meissn., var, Ganpi, Miq., 

Xylophylla ramiflora, Ait,, 131. 
Xyloiteum alpimim, Dum.-Cours,, 

caenileum, l>um.-Cour.y , 13. 
ciliatum, Pursh, 1 3. 
cordatum, Moench, 21. 
gibbifloram, /?Mpr. ^ Maxim,, 

ibericam, Bieb., 17. 
involucratum, Rich,, 17. 
Maackii, Rupr., 17. 
Maximowiczii, Rupr,, 19. 
' nigrum, AfiU., V^. 

Xylostenm purputascell?, Jac- 

tiirtariomii, M«di>.,ai. 
Y8-diike, HoH. Jnp., 257. 
Yakiha-zaaa, Hort. Jap., 355. 

Tucca angustifolia, Pmih, and 

angusiifolia vai: mollis, 

Eiigelm., 249. 
c™torta.i/oi(.,251. ■ 

Ellacomhei, £nter,25l. ' 

filanentOBa, L., and Tariely, ' 

249. ; 

filamcntosa var. orehioides, | 

Baher, 251. 
fliiccida, Haw., 2iS. 
glauca, Sima, 251. i 

glono)&, L., BDd varielUB, 


, ■ • * \ 

H A N D -L I S T 





ftoiift AT ma aoTA& OAmsBMS, 




Price Tkrttpen€e. 


The present Hand-list might properly have formed 
part of that of the " Trees and Shrubs grown in the 
Arboretum," but so many persons possess collections 
of Conifers who are not interested in other ligneous 
plants that there was an obvious convenience in treating 
them separately. There was the further advantage that 
this enabled the species which are grown under glass to 
be included. The natural order, or rather group, Coniferce, 
is so well defined that it is desirable to enumerate in one 
list all the species actually in cultivation at Kew. 

The present Hand-list comprises 227 species, with 
340 varieties, belonging to 37 genera. 

Sir Joseph Hooker, the late Director of the Royal 
Gardens, had contemplated the preparation of a Catalogue 
of the Kew Pinetum. In view of it he had drawn up 
a brief review of the literature of the subject, which he 
has now, after revision, kindly permitted to be used. 

" In the following list the species are referred to the 
renera under which they have been placed by the latest 
authorities, who have revised the Order Conifera\ 
That such an authoritative list should be published is the 
wish of all intelligent cultivators of these interesting 
plants, and its publication in this country is rendered all 
the more needful from the fact that British cultivators 
alone pei-sist in referring the Silver Firs to Picea, and the 

u 90012. 1000.— 3/96. Wt. 18719. ^^^ 

Spruces to Abies, a practice long t 
tinent, and which has not been 
And if, as I hope, the correct nomi 
be adopted in regard to the L&tin : 
would further urge a reform in n 
equiva1ent9,iu so far as to confini 
Pine to the species of I'inua, of S 
and of Silver Fir to those of A'l 
be in accordance with the univen 
North America, which is the hee 
genera, where a Pine is never c 
called a Spruce, nor a Spruce a Pi 
The following historic sketch o 
Botanists to limit the genera fmt 
shows how divergent have been 
endeavoured to make it more 
(where there are materials for i 
attempt the number of species ki 
further showing the progressivt 
during the last hundred and eight 

In 1803 was published the first edition of Lambert's 
Genus Pintts, containing about 35 species of Abietinece, 
all included under Pinus, 

In 1813 the second edition or the Hortus Kewensia 
appeared, in which, as before, all the Abutinece, 
(increased to 29) are included under Pinus, 

In 1826 Louis Claude Richard's M&moire sur lea 
Conifires was edited by his son. This classical work is 
the earliest that dealt scientifically with the order 
Coniferoi, and in it the Tribe Ahietineoi was first esta- 
blished, to include Pinus (under which were placed 
Spruces and Silver Firs), and Larix (which included the 
cedars), to these were added, Cunningh/iniifty Agathis 
{D(inirrutr<()y and Araucaria, which now fonn a distinct 

In 1827 Link, in ih^ Journal of the Academy of 
l^rifnces of Berlin, proposed the five genera: Pintts, 
Picpft (for Spruces), Ahien (for Silver Firs), Larix, and 

In 1832 the second edition of Lambert's Gembs PinvA 
appeared, wherein the Abietinece were all, as before, 
included under Pinus ; which however was broken up by 
David Don (Lambert's Herbarium keeper) into six 
sections, Pinxi^H, Strobus, Abies (for the Spruces), Picen 
(for the Silver Firs and Tsugas), Larix, and Cednrus. 
A>x)ut 48 species in all are described. 

In 1 838 Loudon's great work, the Arboretum et Fruti- 
refnm Britannicum appeared. The Tribe AbietinecB 
is here adopted as defined by Richard, with the genera 
Pinus, Abie^, Picea, Larix, and Cedrua: and here that 
confusion of Abies and Picea which so distresses British 
foresters and planters had its origin. At p. 2105 there 

19 a clavis of the genera, where the 
buted to Link, but the characters 
o£ Link's Picea ; and in like mannc 
to Link, though the characters give 
Ainea, and they are followed by- 
Turning now to the full accoun 
p. 2293, we find " Abies, D. Don in 
with the addition of "Picea, Lii 
followed by descriptions of the 
p, 2329 we have " Picea, D. Dtm in 
with Abies, Link, as a synonym ; 
tions of the Silver Firs. Now not 
of Lambert's work subsequent to 
of Picea for Spruces end Abies for 
nowhere in Lambert's Qeniia P'l 
names aa generic Disregarding th 
probably originated in the elabor 
being a composite work of Don ai 
apart, there remains but one argi 

In 1841-46, Antoine's Die Coniferm Appeared, in 
which all the Ahietinece are referred fo Pvi\U8, with 
sections of Pinus proper, Larix, Cedrus, Picea, Don, 
Abies, Don, and Tsuga; he describes 90 species. 

In 1842 Spach. in his Histoire NatureJle dea 
V^gitauXy adopted Pinna, Abies (including under it as 
sections Ficea, Link, Tstiga, and Pseiidotstiga), Cedrus, 
and Larix. 

Endlicher, in the same year, in his Genera Plan* 
tariim reverted to Linnseus' practice of including all 
under Finns, but made four sections — Pinns proper, 
Picea, Link, Abies, Link, and Larix, including Cedrus. 

In the same author's Synopsis Coniferanum, published 
two years later, he maintains the genus Pinns entire, as 
before, but subdivides it into 11 sections, with 109 


In 1850 Lindley and Gordon published (in the 
Journal of the HorticnUtural Society, vol. v.) "An 
" Enumeration of Coniferce cultivated in Great Britain," 
where two genera only are adopted, Pinns and Abies, 
and the latter is subdivided into Firs (including Spruces), 
Larches, and Cedars, with 119 species. 

Meisner in 1836-43 published his Genera Plantamm 
Vascidnmm, wherein he includes all AbietvnecB under 
Pinns, with, as sections, Pinns proper, Picea, Link, 
Abies, Link, and Larix, including Cedrus^ 

In 1855 Can-ifere's TraiU g^niral des Coni/ires 
appeared ; he keeps up Pinns, Abies, Link, Picea, Link, 
Larix, Cedrus, and Tsuga, which includes Psendotsnga. 
This work enumerates 133 species, many of which are 
now ranked as varieties. 

In 1858 appeared the first 
Pinetum, ia which he maintains 
(including Tsuga and jf^eudotaiigt 
Cedrus, and Pacudolarix, He en» 
of which many are imperfectly knt 

In 1865 Henkel and Hochstette 
Coniferen, with the following 
Abi€« (including Picea, Link, Al 
Pseudotsvg<t), Oedrus, Larix, a 
Peeuddarix, Gord. They desorib 
should be reduced much as Carrier 

In 1867 the second edition of i 
published, in which all the genen 
are retained together with Pseudoi 
and 153 species are described, ext 

In 1868 Parlatore's monograph ( 
in the 16th volume of De Candul 
tremis I'iiii'<: is divjil'Tl into tw 

In 1886 Dr. M. T. Masters published (Jmvnkil of the 
Linnean Society, xxii pp. 169-212, tt. 2-10, with 32 
woodcut figures in the text) some ** Contributions to 
the History of certain Conifers." This was followed 
in 1890 b}'^ a " Review of some points in the comparative 
Morphology, Anatomy, and Life History of the 
Conifene " {Joui^n, Linn. Soc , xxviL, pp. 226-832, 
with 29 woodcut figures in the text), and in 1895 by 
" Notes on the Genera of Taxacem and Coniferce " 
(Jottrn, Linn, Soc*, xxx., pp. 1-42). 

In 1889, two yea»s aftor his death, Dr. A. W. Eichler's 
elaboration of the Conifer» appeared in Engler and 
Prantl's Die NcUUrlichen PflanzenfamUien. He classifies 
the genera under two primary divisions : Pirundece and 
TitxoidecB, The former he again divides into Abietinece 
and Cupreasinece, with several ternary divisions, and the 
latter into Podocarpece and TttxeoB, The genera are 
limited, with few exceptions, as they are by Bentham 
and Hooker ; but he retains CIiavKBoyparis, Thuiopsis 
nnd PsewlolAirix, and sinks Pseudotsuga in Tsuga and 
Priimnopitys in Podocarpus. 

In 1891 L. Beissner published a Handhuch der Nadd* 
hoLzkunde. This was preceded by a Handbuch der 
Coniferm-BenennuTig (1887), followed by two supple- 
ments (1891-2) on EinheitUche Coniferen-Benenmmg. 
Beissner deals critically with the numerous natural and 
garden varieties and hybrids. He has also paid much 
attention to nomenclature, though he accepts familiar 
names rather than revive obscure ones on the rule of 

In 1892 the Royal Horticultural Society held a 
" Conifer Conference," and the papers read thereat form 


the fourteenth volume of the t/iw 
This IB one of the most interesting > 
Society, containing a great variety 
tion concerning GonifeTee, includi 
duction and a list of the species 
Britain and Ireland, by Dr. M. T. I 
In 1894 H. Baillon {HiMoire da 
4>5) published an account of the oi 
of the genera, which he reduced to t 
Casiuirina, He divides the order 
namely: Tax^ea, Cupresadea, Jv/n 
NagiiieB, Araucaridea, Pin^ea, at 
inclusion of the last is ine:£plicFibIe, 
nomenclature will not meet wit 
Belia, Salisb. is revived for Gun 
Poilocarpua, LabilL for PkylUKla 
Salisb. for Dwmnmra, Lsmk., «af. 
I'odocarpua, L'Herit," 


Sir Joseph Hooker. Of these Dr. Masters has been so 
good as to furnish the following brief explanation >— 

" The arrangement of the genera in the following list 
differs in a few particulars from that adopted in Bentham 
and Hooker's Genera Plantarum, The principal dif- 
ference consists in the maintenance of the Taxdcece as a 
distinct order as originally proposed by Richard and 
followed by Endlicher, Lindley, and many other botanists. 
This arrangement penniis of a more natural arrange- 
ment of the several taxaceous genera under two tribes, 
the Salishurinecb comprising Ginkgo^ CephalotaxuSy and 
Torreya, and the Taxinece including the two sub-tribes 
Tnxecv and Podocavpece, Prumnopitys, Philippi (with 
which SktchycarpuSy Van Tieghem, is synonymous) is 
placed by Bentham and Hooker under Podocfirpus, 
but the combination of morphological and histological 
characters point to the desirability of maintaining it as 
a separate genus. 

Among the Coniferce or Pinacece proper a few changes 
have been made from the grouping of Bentbam and 
Hooker in accordance with the fuller knowledge of 
certain points of structure that is now available. 
Tetrdclinis is proposed as a distinct genus, represented 
by the North African CaUitris quadrivalvis, on the 
ground of its structure and geographical distribution. 
WUldrivgtonia is separated from CaUitris for similar 

The sub-divisions of Cupressus and of Tliuya have 
been bandied about between the two genera. The genus 
Cupresstuf, as here understood, includes the Cypresses 


proper and the ao-called flat Cypra 
which Bentham and Hooker plac 
which otherB prefer to consider t 
Retinispora, it is now well know 
separate generic position. The Nor 
TA-wopsie, placed under Thuya by ] 
is more like a Owpresavs, whilst 
known under the same generic a 
Probably the fusion of Cupreous 
genus would be the moBt natural 
practice the inconvenience of finch 
consequent coofuuon of the non 
almost intolerable, 

PaeudolaTix of Gordon is shown 
to constitute a distinct genus, as 
by Bentham. 

Keteleeria of Carri^re, referred 1 
is also shown by the fuller knowli 
its structure to constitute a distinci 


recorded^ '' which formed the collection in the origiDal 
Arboretum/' Some of these still remain* According 
to Smith (p. 286), " within a few yards of the entrance 
gates on Kew Green stands a specimen of P. Laricio 
(the Corsican Pine). In 1825 the late R. A. Salisbury 
informed me that he brought it from the south of 
France, in the year 1814; it is now (1880) 85 feet high, 
and the most conspicuous tree in the Gardens." 

Ginkgo biloba (Salisburiaadiantifolia), first introduced 
in 1754, was, according to Smith (p. 267), " originally 
trained against a wall like a fruit tree ; upon the wall 
being taken down, and the branches cut away, it is now 
(1880) a fine tree. When against the wall one of its side 
branches early produced male flowers." It again did so 
in 1895, and probably in previous years. 

Cedrus Deodara was, according to Smith (p. 287), 
introduced *' by the Hon. Leslie Melville, in the year 
1881, who, on visiting the Gardens, gave me a few seeds 
which he had loose in his pocket, one of which vegetated, 
and after several years nursing was planted in the old 
Arboretum. . • • In 1864 it had attained a height 
of 32 feet.'' The tree became diseased and was taken 
down in 1888. Near its former position is one, now 
nearly as large, raised from seed ripened in England by 
Sir T. D. Acland, Bart. 

In 1843, by permission of the Queeift, about 45 acres 
were added to the original Botanic Garden for the 
formation of a Finetum. This included the ground 
formerly bounded by a wire fence on which the Palm 
House now stands, and to the north, west, and south 
of it. Smith (Records, p. 291) says : — *' The area was 
planted with conifers • • • • without any special 


arrangement" Many of these stU 
attained a confiiderable gize ; one of 
i^ the fine ^pecuuen of Pinaa mo? 

Kew owes its existing Pinetum tc 
who has always taken a peculiar ini 
aod striking group of plants. A v: 
enabled him to study the Cedar of 1 

Perhaps one of the most interest 
the late Turkish Amhaaaador, Rut 
.successful eflForts, while Governor o 
preserve what was left of the ancien 

In 1877 Sir Jusepli Hooker's inti 
one of the main influences which in 
take an extensive journey in West 
He brought back a rich harvest of s 
deposited in the Kew Museum. 

T)ie Kew Finetum lias been carefi 
vvliicli Sir J.)sei>li H<juk«i- lai 


the Isleworth entrance (340 yards), and thence along 
the lined-out path (100 yards) that leads to the Sion 
vista. The collection of Finns proper also extends 100 
yards up the new path skirting the Queen's Cottage 
grounds, where it is succeeded by the collection of Yews, 
Cypresses, Hetinisporas, Taxodiums, Thujas, and smaller 
American and Japanese genera. 

" The Juniper collection is planted on either side of an 
avenue leading through the woods from the Lake to King 
William's Temple, and extends for 200 yards. 

"The classified and named Finetum thus extends 
along nearly 2,000 yards of path and avenue, repre- 
senting double that length, or two and a quarter miles of 
made soil, beds, and plantations, except where interrupted 
by old trees. 

"The plants are throughout so arrauged that the Old 
World species are as far as possible placed opposite to 
the American species of the same genera, and there are 
on the average 3-12 specimens of each species or con- 
spicuous variety, placed in groups. The number of 
specimens is about 1,200, all I believe correctly named, 
with the exception of some doubtful ones. Almost 
every species that can be grown in the open air in this 
country is represented. Very few have been bought, 
the majority being plants procured by exchange and 
correspondence with different parts of the world, and 
through the liberality of various eminent nurseiymen. 

" Whenever possible, the specimens in the old Finetum 
have been transplanted to this^ in most cases with 
apparent success, but of this there is no assurance till 
the spring is over. The specimen Pines in the Botanic 
Garden have not been removed. ' 

It M <nly neenmry to add 
(jButca* <4 a eeotmy the on(pBi 
mnd) KKOMB as eooM be «xpee 
vuiety <^ npatK* vlueti it is i 
aJmwt auifwin ec«iiditioofi. A I 
U)en eoagenja] to some gnxq 
FiiK« have on tti« whole yrtu^ 
&i]vfT Fin hav« ImgniiiliHl. 
'"■■"**«""ff of a eollectioD lU 
-whole can ualy h« eflected \ff 
ye'ah jvmtg plaoU. As soon a 
tltey ajjpear, ooder tbe ccoditH 
cxpoiiedxi Kcv, tiwvitablf to dii 
Vj UKsttMO a few di tiie i^iccitt 
Ktw tioil. 

(riftigo hilf^M (Haidenliair T 
r«(erroJ to. This mnackatife ti« 
<yf <jue of tiie tWMt atident tTpe» 
iKjwhere kiKiwn in tbe wild auu 
fvQud in th« predncte of tcnof 


which Kew possessed, 45 feet in height, stood on the 
west side of the Petgoda Vista, between the Pahn Honse 
and King William's Temple. It was unfortunately 
destroyed by lightning on August 10th, 1895. (Kew 
Bulletin, 1895, p. 285.) 

Larix europcea (Liarch) grows well at Kew. Scattered 
through the woods are many fine specimens, the wood 
of which is of excellent quality, 

Abies brdchyphylUi, from Japan, grows with great 
rapidity, and promises to be one of the most successful 
additions to the Pinetum from that country. 

Pinna Coulteri is represented by a very fine specimen 
near the Cactus House (No. V.). 

Finus Laricio (Gorsican Pine) has already been 
referred to. 

Pinus excelsa (Bhotan Pine) is represented by 
numerous vigorous specimens. 

Pinus moniicola has already been referred to. 

Of the specimen trees in the Botanic Garden some 
have been already mentioned. 

Perhaps oDe of the most notable was the first 
specimen of the Chili Pine (Arav/xiria imbricata), the 
history of which is given in the Kew BvUetin for 1893 
(pp. 24, 25). It died, and was removed in the autumn 
of the preceding year. 

Several of the tender Conifers grown in the Temperate 
House are fine specimens of some age. 

Agathis australia (Kauri Pine) was introduced to 
Kew in 1838 by " Sir William Symonds, then Surveyor- 
General of the Navy " (Smith, Records, p. 289). 

Agathis rcbusta, according to Smith {Records, p. 290), 
was introduced to Kew in 1852, and grew freely in the 

u 90042. B 


Falm HotiHe. lb was snbsequeu 
Temperate House, the coadiUom o 
even better. 

Ar€iu"aria BidwiUii (Bunya B' 
this country in 1846 by Mr. T. Bi( 
intendent -pro tern., of the Sydn 
(Smith, Rec(yrd8, p. 67). 

Araucaria Citm-ningJiamii {M( 
discovered by Allan Cunningham 
bably about 1826), who forwarc 
which the existing ageciraen is 
years ago it waa much di3%un 
which carried ofi about 25 feet o 
was trimmed, and a new leader v 
which eventually restored the syir 

Ara^Mxiria excelsa (Norfolk Isla 
Norfolk Island, according to Si 
introduced to Kew from New So 
fiovemor Phillips (first Governor 
The necessity for providing adequi 



Tribe I.— SalisburinesB. 

Ginkgo bUoba, Z. China. " The Maidenhair tree." Veitch^ 
Manual, 313, f. 63. 
Salisburia adiantifolia, Salisb, 

Var. faatigiata. 

Var. macrophylla laciniata. 

Var. triloba. 

Var. variegata. 

Var. pendula. 

Cephalotazns drapacea, Sieb. Sf Zucc. Japan. 

C. Fortuni, Hook, Bot. Mag. t. 4499 ; Beissner^ Handbuch, 
182, f. 45. Northern China. 

Var. brevifolia, Bort. ? 

Var. longifolia, Hort. f 

*C. Hannii, Ilook.f. Icones Plantarum, 1. 1938. China, Upper 
AsHam, &c. 

C. pedunctdata, Sieb. Sf Zucc. ; Beiisner^ Handbuch, 179, 
f. 44. 
Taxus ITarringtonia, Knight Sf Perry. 

Var. fastigiata. 

Podocarpus koraianus, Hort, 
Taxus japonica, Hort» 

Torreya califomica, Torr. California. 

T. Myristica, Hook. liot. Mag. t. 4780 ; Gard. Chron. 
1884, xxii., 681, f. 116. 

T. nucifera, Sieb. 4* Zucc. Japan. 

T. taxifolia, Am, ; Beissner^ Handbuch, 187, f. 46. W. 

* ThoM species marked with an asterisk are grown under glass. 

B 2 


Tribe II.— TaxineaB. 

Sub-tribe I. — Taxb^, 
*Phyllocladii8 rhomboidalis, Rich, Tasmania. 


Tazus baocata, L. ; Beissner^ Handbuch, 168, f. 43. Europe 
and Northern Asia. 

Var. adpressa, Gard. 

Var. adpressa stricta. 

Var. adpressa variegata. 

Var. albo-variegata, Spaeth. 

Var. argentea. 

Var. aurea. 

Var. anreo-variegata. 

Var. Barroni. 

Var. brevifolia. 

Var. cheshuntensis, Oord, 

Var. Dovastoni, Carr. 

Var. Dovastoni anreo-variegata. 

Var. elegantissima. 

Var. epacridioides. 

Var. erecta, Loud. 

Var. erecta Crowderi. 

Var. ericoides. 

Var. expansa, Cart. 

Var. fastigiata, Loud. " The Irish Yew.' 

Vur. fastigiata argentea. 

Var. fastigiata aurea, Standish. 

Var. fastigiata Standishii, 

Var. Fisheri. 

Var. fnictu Inteo. 

Var. glauca, Cart. 

Var. gracilis pendola. 



Tazii8 baccata— con^. 
Var. horizontaliB, Knight. 
Yar. horizontaliB elegantiBBima, 
Var. nana, Knight Sr Perry. 
Var. pendnla. 
Var. procnmbenB, Lodd. 
Var. pyramidaliB. 
Var. pTramidalii variegata* 
Var. recurvata, Latcsoiu 
Var. Sieboldi. 
Var. sinengifl, Knight. 
Var. Waihingtoni. 

T. canadensiB, fVilld. Canada and N. Eastern United Slates. 
Var. aurea. 

T. cospidata, Sieb. ^ Zucc. Mountains of Japan. 

*Daorydinm araucaroideii Brongn, 4* Gris. New Caledonia. 

*D. cnpresBinum, Soiand.; Kirk, Forest Flora of New ZeaUod; 
it. 18, 19. New Zealand. 

*D. elatom, irali, Malaja. 

*D. Franklini, Hook./. Flora TaemanisB, t. 100. Tasmania. 

Sub-tribe IL — PoDOCARPBjE. 

Podocarpufl alpina, R, Br. Tasmania. 

*P. amara, Blume. Java. 

•P. chilina, Rich. Andes of Chile. 

*P. cupreBsina, R, Br. Burma, Malaya. 

*P. dacrydioides, A. Rich. ; Kirk, Forest Flora of New 
Zealand, t.t. 31, 32. New Zealand. 

♦P. elongate, UHetit.; Engl. Pflanzenw. Ost-Afr., t. i. 
£. Africa, <S:c. 


*P. ferruglnea, B, Don ; Kirk, Forest Flora of New Zealand, 
t. 84. New Zealand. 

*P. argotaenia, Hance. China. 
P. insignis, Hemsl. 

*P. japonica, Sieh. Japan. 

*P. macrophylla, D. Don ; Sieb. Sf Zucc,^ Fl. Jap., t.t. 133, 
134. Japan. 

*P. neriifolia, Z>. Don ; Bot. Mag. t. 4645. Himalaya. 

*P. nnbigena, LindL in Paxt. Flower Garden, 1851, 162. 
f. 128 ; Gard. Chron., 1891, x., 171, f. 23. ChUe. 

*P. Nageia, R, Br. ; Sieb. ^ Zucc. Fl. Jap. t. 135. Japan. 
Var. rotimdifolia. 

*P. pectinata, Panch» (ex Brongn. Sf Oris.) New Caledonia. 
Dacrydium Fancheri, Brongn. Sf Gris. 

*P. purdieana, Hook. Jcones Vlantarum, t. 624. Jamaica. 

*P. lalicifolia, Kloizsch 4- KarH, Colombia. 

*P. Totara, G. Benn. ; Kirk^ Forest Flora of New Zealand, 
1.115. New Zealand. 

Some of the above-mentioned species may really belong to 
Prumnopitys, but until they flower and can be critically 
examined and determined it seems better to include them 
provisionally under Podocarpus. 

Pnunnopitji elegani, Philippi. Chile. 
Podocarpus andina, Poepp. 
Stachycarpus andina, Van Tieghem, 

*P. spicata, Mast. New Zealand. 

P(KlocarpuH spicata, R. Br, ; Kirk^ Forest Flora of New 
Zcfiland, t.t. 4, 5. 

^P. taxifolia, Mast, Andes. 

Podocarpus taxifolia, H. B. K. Nov. Gen. et Sp. Plant, 
ii. t. 97, 

*Sazegothea conipiena, Lindl. ; Gard. Chron., 1889, v., 782^ 
f. 125. Southern Chile. 

^Hierocacli rs tetrtgOMi Hook.f. ; Bou Mag« t« ^GQi^. '^L^s^ 

I .IfM .r-l 
.■*C» ■.:■ 

imIi .U(j t ~t»^au.t'1 * 



Tribe I.— Cupressinesd. 

Sub-tribe L — JuNlPSRlNJS. ** Junipers.** 


^JunipeniB bermudiana, Z. ; Hemsl, Gard. Chron., 1883, xix. 
G57, f.f. 105-6 ; SargetU^ Garden and Fcrest, 1891, 289, 
f.f. ol-2. Bermuda. 

J. califomica, Can-.; Rev. Hort. 1864, 363, f. 21. Utah, 
Arizona, California. 

J. chinensifl, L, ; Beissner^ Handbuch, 119, f. 29. Hima- 
laya, China, Japan. 
J. Cabiancae, Vis. 
J. canadeusifl aurea, Hort. 
J. (leDsata, Gard, 
.1. fla^elliformis, Jlort. 
J. jakobiaoa, Hort, Jakob' Makoy. 
J. japonica, Carr. 
J. reevesianu, Hort. 
J. 8(iuainata, Hort, Edinb. 
.r. Htruthiacea, Knight 4* Perry. 
J. Thunbergii, Hook. 4* Am. 

Var. albo-variegata, 

Var. aurea. 

J. japonica, Carr. var. aurea, Hort. 

Var. glauca. 

Var. Smithii. 

Var. variegata. 

J. excelaa, Bieb. Asia Minor, Tanms, 
Var. vennsta. 
Var. Btricta. 
Var. PerUndL 


^J. flaccida, Schlechi. Mountains of Mexico. 

J. macropoda, Boiss. Himalaya. 
J. excelsa, Brandts (not Bieb,)* 
J. gossainthaneana, Lodd, 

*J, mezicana, Schlede. Mountains of Mexico. 

J. occidentalism Hook. North Western America. 
J. clealbata, Ilort. aliq. (not Lotni,), 
J. pyriformis, Lindl, 
Chamaecyparis Boursieri, Decne, (not Carr.). 

Var. Burkei. 
Vnr. fragrans. 

J. pachyphlaea, Torr. New Mexico, Arizona. 

J. phoenicea, L. Mediterranean region* 
J* bacciformis, Carr. 
.7. Ljcia, Z. (not Pall.), 
J. tetragona, Moench, 

Var. turbinata. 

J. dealbata, Ilort, aliq, 
J. oophora, Kunze, 

J. procera, Hochst. Abyssinia. 

J. pseudo-Sabina, Fisch. ^ Mey, Siberia, Himalaya, Tibet. 

J. recnrva, Btech.-ffam, ; Gard. Chron., 1883, xix., 468, f. 69. 
Nepal, Cashmir. 

Var. pendnla. 

Var. sqnamata, Pari. 
J, densa, Gord, 

J. excelsa, Bieb. var. nana, EndL 
.7. religiosn, Royle, 
J. sqnamata, Bttch,'Ham. 

J. Sabina, L. ; Beissner, Handbnch, 108, f. 27. Mountains 
of Europe and N. Amorica. 
.T. (Txcdsa, Willd, (not Bicb,). 
J. Lycia, Pall, (cot Z.). 



J. Sabina — coni, 

Var. htunilis, Endl. 

Var. procumbens, Pursh, N. America. ^' Wankegan Juniper." 

Yar. prostrata, Loud, 

J. hudsonica, Lodd, 
J» prostrata, Pers. 
J. repensy Nutt. 

Var. tamariscifolia, Ait. 

Var. yariegata. 

J. sphaerica, Lindl. in Paxt. Flow. Gard., 1850, 58, f. 35. 
North China. 
J. chinenBiB yar. Smithii, Loud, 
J. Fortunei, Van Houtte. 

Var. glauca, Gord. 

J. Shephardi, Hort, 
J. Sheppardi, Hort. 

J. tetragona, Schlechi. Mountains of Mexico. 

J. thurifera, Z. ; Veitch, Manual, 271, f. 60. Spain, Portugal, 
J. bonatiana, Vis. 
J. cinerea, Carr. 
J. foetida var. thurifera, Spach. 
J. hispanien. Lam, 
J. eabinoides, Endl. 

J. virginiaaa, L. North -East America to Florida and Jamaica 
and in Vancouver. ''Red Cedar.*' 

Var. argentea. 

Var. compacta, 

Var. glauca, Carr. 

Var. humilis. 

Var. horizontalis. 

Var. kosteriana. 

Var. pendnla, Carr. 

Var. pjramidalis glauca. 

Yar. Schotti 


J. virg^ana — cant 
Var. tripartita. 
Var. viridis. 
Var. viridis pendula. 


^J. Cednis, TFebb. Mountains of the Canaries. 

J. commimis, Z. ; Beissner, Handbuch, 134, f. 31. Europey 
Siberia. " Juniper." 

Var. alpina. 

J. alpina, S, F, &ray. 
J. canadensis, Lodd. 
J. nana, Willd, 

Var. fastigiata. 

J. hiberniwi, Gord, 

J. Iiispauica, Booth, ex EndL 

J. suecica, Mill. 

Var. glauca. 

Var. hemisphaerica. 

J. hemisphaerica, JPresL 

J. nana var. hemisphaerica, Carr, 

Var. oblonga. 

J. oblonga, Bieb. 

Var. reflexa. 

J. communis var. cancasica. 
J. oblonga, Gord, 

J. henryana, B. Br, Campst. Gard. Chron., 1873, 8. North- 
western America. ^ 

J. litoralis, Maxim. Japan. 
J. conferta, Pari. 

J, macrocarpa, Sibth, Mediterranean Region. 
J. Oxycedrus, L. Herb, nee Sp. PL 
J. neaboriensis, Hort. 
J. sphaerocarpa, Antoine. 
J. umbilicata, Gren. ^ Godr, 
J. Willkoramii, Antoine. 

a 90042. n 


J. Ozycedms, Z. ; Rich.^ Conif. 39, t. 6. South Europe, &c. 
J. biebersteiniana, C, Koch. 
J. rufescens, TAnk. 
J. tenella, Antoine. 

J. rigida, Sieb, Sf Zucc. Flor. Jap. ii., 109, t. 125. Mountains 
of Japan. 

J. tazifolia, Hook, Sf Am. China & Japan. 
J. oblonga pendula. 


J. drupacea, Labill. ; Gard. Chron., 1854, 455, f. Mountains 
of the Levant. 
J. rufescens, Hort. Edinb. 
Arceuthos drupacea, Antoine. 

Sub'tribe II. — CallitriNjS. 

^Tetraclinis articulata, Mast. Algiers, Marocco. 

Callitris quadrivalvis, Rich. ; Loudon^ Encjcl., 1072, 

f. 1995. 
Frenela Fontanesii, Mirbel. 
Thuya articulata, Vahl. 

^Callitris calcarata, R. Br. Australia. 
Frenela Endlicheri, Pari. 

•C. cupressoides, Schrad. S. Africa. 

*C. Parlatorei, F. Mucll. Australia. 
Frenela Parlatorei, F, Mucll. 

*C. robusta, /?. Ih\ Australia. 
PVenela robusta, A Cunn. 

Var. vernicosa, BetUh. ^ F. MuelL 
C. verrucosa, R. Br. 

^Actinostrobus pyramidalis, Miq. ; Hook. Icones Plantarum, 
t. 1272. West Australia, 

^Widdringtonia Whytei, Rendle. Mountains of Central 
Africa. ** The Milan ji Cypress." 

c 2 


Sub-tribe III. — ThuiNjE, 

*Pitzroya Archeri, Benth. ^ Ilook.f. Tasmania. 

Diselma Archeri, Hook.f. Flora Tasmaniae, t 96. 

*P. patagonica, Hook, f, Bot. Mag. t. 4616. Mountains of 
Western Patagonia, Chile, Valdivia. ^ 

Widdringtonia glnuca. Hart, 

fEcCuPiiESSus, — " Ci/pressesy 

^Cnpressns Bcnthami, Endl. Mountains of Mexico and 
G uatomala. 
C. aroniatica, Gord. 
C. Coulteri, Forbes. 
C. Ehrenbernrii, Kunze. 
C. elccrans, Hort, 
C excelsa, Scott. 
C. Hugeli, Hort. 
C. karwinskyana, Reg el, 
C. lusitanica, Carr. (not MiH.), 
C. Skinncri, Hort, 
C. thurifcra, Schlecht, 
C. uhdoana, Hort. (in part). 

Var. arizonica. 

Cupressus arizonica^ Greene. 

♦C. funebris, EndL ; Gard. Chron., 1850, 439, f. 31. China. 
C. anioona, C. Koch, 
C. pendula, Abel (not Thunb.). 

•Vnr. glauca. 

C. k:i.«hmiriana, Hort, 

C. goweniana, Gord, ; Journ. Hort. Soc. London, 1849, iv., 
20,5, f. California. 
C. californica, Carr, 

*C. lusitanica, J//7/. Locality unknown, " The Cedar of Goa." 
C. glauca, Lam, 
C. pendula, UHerxL 
C. uhdcana, Gord, (in part). 


C. macnabiana, A, Murr. Mouatains of California. 
C. glandulosa, Hook. 

C. macrocarpa, ffartw, California, near the coast. 
C. Hartwegii, Carr, 
C. lambertiana, Gord. 

Var. fastigiata. 

Var. guadeloupensis. 

Cupressus guadeloupensis, S, Wats. 

Var. CrippBii. 

C. sempervirens, L. ; Beissner^ Handbuch, 101, f« 26. Levant. 
C. horizon talis, MilL 
C. patula, Spad, 

C. sempervirens var. horizontalis, Gord, 
C. Tournefortii, Audib, 

Var. fastigiata. 

C. conoidea, Spad, 

C. fastigiata, DC, 

C. pyramidalis, Targ. Tozz, 

Var. indica, Royle. 
C. australis, Low, 
C. doniann, Hort, 
C. lloylei, Carr. 
C. whit ley ana, Hort, 

Var. flagelliformis. 

Var. retrofracta. 

Var. thuiaefolia. 

C. tomlosa, D, Don, W. Himalaya. 

C. Tournefortii, Tenore (not Audib,), 

♦Var. corneyana. 

C. corneyana, Gord, Locality unknown. 

Var. majestica. 



C. lawsoniana, A. Murr. North California, Oregon. " The 
Lawson Cypress." 
Chnmaecjparis Boursieri, Carr. 
C. la\ysoniana, ParL ; Beissner, Handbnch, p. 72, f. 17. 

The varieties, which are very numerous, adroit of a rough 
classification according to their most conspicuous characters. 
Many of them lose their peculiar form as they increase in age ; 
they also vary in their degree of hardiness. 

Variations in Colour uf Foliage. 

Var. albo-maculata. 

Var. albo-picta. 

Var. albo-spica. 

Var. albo-variegata. 

Var. argentea. 

Var. argenteo-variegata. 

Var. aurea. 

Var. aureo-variegata. 

Var. glanca. 

Var. glanca pendula. 

Var. lutea. 

Var. ochroleuca. 

Var. Silver ftneen. 

Variations in Form and Habit. 

1. — Columnar or fastigiate, 
Var. Alnmi. 
Var. erecta viridis. 
Var. erecta viridis argentea. 
Var. Fraseri; 





C. lawsoniaaa — cont. 

2. — Spreading, 

Var. amabilis. 

Var. Bowleri. 

Var. califomica. 

Var. darleyensis. 

Var. fragrans. 

Var. frag^ans argentea. 

Var. intertezta. 

Var. jimiperiiia. 

Var. patnla. 

Var. Smithii. 

Var. Youngi. 

3. — Pendulous. 

Var. glauca pendula. 
Var. gracilis pendula. 
Var. gracilis gracillima. 
Var. pendula vera. 

4. — Globose^ dwarf varieties, 

Var. compacta. 
Var. nana. 
Var. Shawii. 

C. nootkatensis, Lamb. ; Oregon, British Columbia. 

Cliamuccyparis niitkaensis, Spach. ; Beiisner^ Ilandbuch, 

81, f. 19. 
Thiiiopsis boreulis, Hort. 
T. troubotskoyaua, Hort. 
T. Tschiigatskoyii, Ilort. 

Var. albo-variegata. 

Var. argenteo-variegata. 

Var. anreo-viridis. 

Var. compacta. 

Var. gracilis. 


C. nootkatensis —coni, 
Var, Intea. 

Var. nidifica, Eovelli. 
Var. pendnla. 
Var. variegata. 

C. obtnsa, C, Koch, Mountains of Japan. 
Chamaecyparis obtusa, Sieb, Sf Zucc, 
Ketinispora obtusa, Sieb, Sf Zucc . 
Thuya obtusa, Mast. 

Var. pygmaea. 

Thuya obtusii var. pygmaea, HorL 
Chamaecyparis obtusa, var. pygmaea, Hort, 

Stages of growth and Varieties of C. obtma all known as 
Retinisporas (oilen spelt Retinospora) in gardens. . 

Var. anrea. 

Var. compacta. 

Var. erecta viridis. 

Var. filicoides. 

Var. gracilis. 

Var. gracilis aurea. 

Var. Keteleeri. 

Var. lycopodioides. 

Var. magnifica. 

Var. nana. 

Var. nana anrea. 

Var. variegata. 

C. pisifera, C. Koch, Mountains of Japan. 

Chamaecyparis pbifera, Sieb, ^ Zucc. Beisinerj Hand- 

buch, 84, f. 20. 
Retinispora pisifera, Sieb. Sf Zucc. 
Thuya pisifera, Mcut. 

Stages of growth and Varieties of C. pisifera all called 
Retinispora in j^ardons, 

Var. albo picta. 


C pisifera — cont, 
Var. darleyensis. 
Var. plumosa. 
Var. plumosa argentea. 
Var. plumosa aurea. 
Var. squarrosa. 
Var. squarrosa sulphurea. 

C. thyoides, Z. East United States. 

Chamaecjparis sphaeroidea, Spach. ; Beissnery Handbuch, 

p. 66y f. 13. 

Betinispora erieoides, Gord, {not Veitch). 
Var. atrovirens. 
Var. glauca. 
Var, Hoveii. 
Var. kewensis. 
Var. variegata. 
Var, viridis. 

fEuTHUYA. — " ArborvttcB.^ 

Thuya occidentalis, Z. ; Beissnery Handbuch der Nadelholz- 
kunde, 34, f. 4. Canada and North-E astern States of 
North America to mountains of North Carolina. " The 
American Arborvitae." 

T. odorata, Marsh, 

T. obtusa, Moench, 

T. sibirica, Hort^ 

Cuprcssus Arbor-vitae, Targ. Tozz. 

Variations in Colour of Foliage. 

Var. auiea. 

Var. lutea, 

Var. vervaeneana. 

Var. wareana. 

T. caacasica, Hort» 

Var. wareana lutescens« 


Thuya oocidentalis — cont. 

Variations in Form and Habit. 
Var. Bodmeri. 
Yar. Dicksoni. 
Var. ellwangeriana. 
Var. erecta. 
Var. erecta viridis. 

Var. ericoides, 

Retinispora dubia, Hort. 

Var. globosa. 

Var. globosa oompacta. 

Var. Hoveii. 

Var. pendula. 

Var. Spaetbii. 

T. Ohlendorfi, Hort. 
T. tetragona, Hort. 

tf Macrothdya. 

T- gigaatea, Nutt. ; Beistner, Handbuch, 48, f- 7. North- 
western America. 
T. craigiana, ffort. 
T. Lobbi, Hort. 
T, Menziesii, Carr, 

Var. compacta. 

Var. pendula. 

Var. plicata, Donn, 

T. aspleni folia, Hort, 

T. cauensicay Hort. aliq. 

T. flaU'Uata, Hort. 

T. lyc'opodioidos, H&rt. 

T. Menziesii, Uougl, 

T. oocidentalis var. compacta, Knight, 

T. occidentiiliR var. pHcata, Hort, 

T. plicatilis, Hort. 

T. sibirica, Hort. aliq. 

T. wareana. Booth (not of others), 
Var. plicata cristata. 
Var. plicata Intea. 

u 9004S. TV 


T. japonica, Maxim. Japan. 

Thuya gigantea var, japonica, Franch. Sf Sav, 
T. Standishii, Carr. 
Thuyopsis Standishii, Gard. 


T. dolabrata, L.f. Mountains of Japan. 

Thuyopsis dolabrata, Sieb. Sf Zucc, ; Beissner, Handbuch, 

53, f. 9. 
Platycladus dolabrata, Spach, 

Var. variegata. 

Var. nana, Sieb. Sr Zucc. 

Thuyopsis hiotcvirens, Lindl, 

tttt Biota. — " Chinese Arborvifa:.'' 

T. orienta]is, L. Noith China ond Japan. 
T. acuta, Moench. 

Biota orien talis, Endl, ; Beissner, Handbucb, 55, f. 10, 
Cupressus Thuya, Tart/, Tozz, 
Platycladus stricta, Spach. 

Var. athrotaxoides. 

Var. argenteo- variegata. 

Biota orientalis var. argentea, Gord, 
B. orientalis var. variegata, Endl, 
Thuya argentea. Hort, 
T. variegata, Ifort, 

Var. anrea. 

Biota orientalis nurca nana, Horf, 

Thuya aurea, Ifort. 

T. nana aurea, Hort. 

T. nana compacta aurea, Hort, 

Var. aureo-variegata. 

Biota orien t>i lis var. variegata, Gord. 
Thuya orientalis aureo-variegata, Horf. 
T. variegH*a, Hort. 

D 2 




I. orientalis — cont. 

Var. compacta. 

BiotH japonica, Sieh. 

B. orientalis var. nana, Carr. 

B. orientalis var. Siebokli, Endl, 

B. zuccariniana, Sieb, 

Thuya compacta, ffort, 

T. nana, Hort, 

T. zuccariniana, Hort. 

Var. decussata. 

Biota oiientaiis var. decussata, Beits n, Sf Itochst, 

('hamaccyparis decussata, Hort. 

Fronela glauca, Hort, (not Mirhel), 

Juniperus glauca, Hort. 

Retini.spora flavescens, Hort, 

11. juniperoides, Carr. 

11. rigida, Carr. 

K. squarrosa, Hort. (not Zucr.). 

Var. densa. 

Biota orientalis densa glauca, Hort* 

Var. elegantissima. 

Biota elegantissima, Hort. 

Var. ericoideB. 

Ketinispora cricoides, Hort, 

Var. falcata. 

Var. freneloides. 

Var. Froebeli. 

Var. faniculata. 

Var. globosa. 

Var. gracilis. 

Thuya i'remiloides, Hort, 
T. japonica, Hort, 
T. nepalensis, Hort, 

Var. Hoveyii. 

Var. incurvata. 

Var. intermedia. 

Biota orientalis var. intermedia, Carr, 
B. intermedia, Hort, 
B. pendula, Endl, var. 
Thuya intermedia, Hort, 




T. orientalis — cont. 

Yar. meldensis. 

Biota meldensis, Gord. 

Retinispora meldensis, Jlort, 

Thuya hybrida, Jlort. 

T. meldensis, Hort, 

T. orientalis meldensis, ffort. 

Var. minima. 

Biota orientalis minima glauca, ffort. 

Var. pendula. 

Biota orientalis var. pendula. Pari. 
B. pendula, EndL 

B. pendula var. reeurvata, Gord, 
Cupressus pendula, Thnnb. 

C. patula, Pers, 

C. pendulata, IIorL 

C. filiformis, Hort. 

Thuya filiformis, Lodd, 

T. Hagelliformitf, Hort. 

T. orientalis var. Hagelliformis, Jacques. 

T. pendula, Lamb. 

Var. pyramidalis, Endl. 

Biota orientalis var. expansa, Endl. 
B. orientalis var. tatarica, Endl. 
B. tataricii, Lindl. 
Thuya australis, Hort. 
T. orientalis cupressoides, Hort. 
T. orientalis var. stricta, Loud. 
T. orientalis var. tatarica. Land, 
T. pyramidal is, Tenore. 
T. tatarica, Forbes, 

Var. semperanresceiiB. 

Biota orientalis semperaurea, Hort. 

Libocedms chilensis, Endl.; Gard. Chron., 1850, 439, f. 
Chilian Andes. 
Thuya chilensis, D. Don; Hook. London Jourual of Botany, 

ii., 199, t. 4. 

L, decnrrens, Torr. ; Veitch, Manual of Coniferae, 2G7, 
Beissner, Handbuch, 28, f. 2. Oregon to South California 
on mountains near the sea. 


L. decurrenfl— con^. 

Heyderia decurrens, C. Koch, 
Thuya craigiana, A, Murr. 
T. gigantefty Hort, 

Var. glauca. 

Yar. compacta, 

•L. doniana, E^ulL ; Kirk, Forest Flora of New Zealand, tt. 82, 
83. New Zealand. 

Tribe II.— TaxodinecD. 

Sciadopitys verticillata, Sieb. 4- Zucc. Fl. Jap. ii. t. 101 ; 
FeiYfA,iManual,202,f.f.46,47. Jaimn. « The Umbrella 


*Athrotaxis cupressoides, />. Don. ; Gard. (^hron., 1886, 
xxiv., 273, f. 60. Tasmania. 

•A. laxifolia, Hooh; Gard. Chron., 1885, xxtv., 584, f. 134. 
Athrotaxis doniana, Hort. 

♦A. selaginoides, D. Don, ; Gard. Chron., 1888, iv., 544, f. 79. 
A. gunniana, Hort, 

Sequoia gijzantea, Torr,; Beismer, Handbuch, 163, fig. 41. 

Caiin)mia. '' Wellingtonia, Mammoth Tree." 
Sequoia Wellingtonia, Seem, 
Taxodium washinfftonianum, Wtrul. 
Washingtonia cali&rnica, fFirul, 
Wellingtonia gigan tea, Lindl, ; Veiich, Manaal, 205, f. 48; 

Bot Mag. t.t. 4777, 4778. 

Vai\ aurea. 
Yar. pendnla. 

S, sempervirens, Endl,; Beismevy Handbuch, 158, f. 39. 
California. ** Redwood." 
Schubertia sempervirens, Spach, 
Taxodium sempervirens. Lamb. 

Var. albo-spioa. 

Var. gracilis. 



^Glyptostrobus heterophyllus, EndL China. 
Taxodium heterophyllum, Brongn, 

Cryptomeria japonica) D, Don; Beissner, Handbach, 142, 
f. 337. Mountains of Japan and China. 
C. Fortunei, Ofto ^- Dietr. 
Cupressus japonica, L,f. 
Taxodium japonicum, Brongn, 

Var. elegans, Veitch^ Manual, 218, f. 51. 

Cryptomeria Veitchii, Hort. 

Var. araucarioides. 

Vnr. elegans nana. 

Var. Lobbi. 

Var. Lobbi nana. 

Var. pungens. 

Var. spiralis. 

Taxodium distichnm, Rich. ; Beissner^ Handbueh, 151, f 38. 
Southern United States. " The Deciduous Cypress.*' 
Cuprcssus disticha, Z 
Taxodium microphyllum, Brongn. 

Var. pendulum. 

Glyptostrobus pendulus, Endl. ; Bot. Mag. t. 5603. 
Taxodium sinense, Gord, 

Tribe III.— AraucarineeD. 

Conninghamia sinensis, R. Br. ; Bot. Mag. t. 2743 ; Beissner^ 
Handbueh, 197, f. 49. South China. 
Belis jnculiflora, Salisb, 
Pinus lanccolata, Lamb, 

*Agathis australis, Salisb, New Zealand. ''The Kauri 
Dammara austruli?, Lamb,; Gard. Chron., 1883, xx., 525, 
f. 8G. 

*A. loranthifolia, Salisb, Malaya. 

*A. Moorei, Mas/, New Caledonia. 

Dammara Moorii, Lindl, Journ. Hort. Soc^ V%^\% 

I ■ 






■ 1 


. f 

i- -I 

t ; • 

t 1 

H. ; 




*A. obtusa, Mast. New Hebrides. 
Dammara obtusa, Lindlt 

*A. robusta, Mast, N. E. Aastralia. 
Dammara robusta, C, Moore. 

*A. Yitiensis, Mast. Fiji. 
Dammara vitiensis, Seem. 

*Araacaria Balansae, Brongn. Sf Gris. ; 111. Hort. 1894, xxi., 
t. 197. New Caledonia. 

♦A BidwUlii, Hook. ; Gard. Chron., 1873, 361, f. 73. Queens- 
land. " The Bunja Bunya." 

*A. brasiliana. Rich. Mountains of S. Brazil. 

A. brasiliensig, Loud. ; Gard. Chron., 1887, i., 680, f. 132. 

*A Cookii, R. Br. New Caledonia. 

A. columnaris, Hook. Bot. Mag. t. 4635. 

*A Canninghanui, Alton. Queensland. '^ The Moreton Bay 


♦Var. glauca. Gard. Chron., 1888, iu., 685, f. 90, 
A. glauca, Antoine. 

♦A ezcelsa, R. Br.; Flore des Serres, tt. 2304, 2305. 
Norfolk Island. " Norfolk Island Pine." 

•Var. albo-spica. 

*yar. goldieana, New Caledonia. 

A. goldieana, T. Moore^ Florist and Pomologist, 
1877, 39. f. 

A imbricata, Pav. Mountains of Southern Chile. 
Var. aurea. 

Tribe IV. — Abietine®. 

Sub-tribe I. — PlCE.v, 

Tsuga bnmoniana, Carr.; Gard. Chron., 1886, xxvi., 501, f. 101. 
Elast and Central Himalayas. 
Abies brunoniana, Lindl, 



1 1 

« > 

< i 


• ■ 1 


• t r 




; *• 

■ - 






I » 


Tsuga bnmoniana — cont, 

A. dumosa, Laud, 
Piuus bruDoniana, fVa/L 
P. dumosA, />. Do?:. 

T. canadensis, Carr, ; Beissnery Handbuch, 401, f. 709, N. E. 
America. " The Hemlock Spruce." 
Abies americaDa, Marsh. 

A. cauadensis, Miclix.; Veitchy Manual, 114, f. 29. 
A. curvifolia, Salisb. 
Picea canadensis, Link. 
Pinus ameiicana, Duroi, 
P. canadensis, X. 

Var« argentea. 

Var. panrifolia. 

Yar. pendula. 

T. caroliniana, Engelm.; Sargent^ Ghird. Chron., 1886, xxvi., 
780, f. 1 53 ; Beissner, Handbuch, 406, f. 1 II . Soullieru 
Abies caroliuiaim, Chapm. 

T. Sieboldi, Carr. ; BeUiiner^ Handbuch, 395, f. 106. Ja[iao. 
Abies Araragi, Loud. 

A. Tsu^a, Veitch, Manual, 118, f. f. 33, 34. 
Pinus Tsuga, Antoine, 
P. Araragi, Sieb. 
Tsuga diversifolia, Marim. 
Tsuja Tsuja, A, Murr. 

Yar. nana. 

T. mertensiana, Carr, S. W, America. 
Abies albertiana. A, Murr, 
A. Bridgf^ii, KelUtgg. 
A. merU'nsiiinii, LindL Sf dord. 
A. {K»ttoriUiria, Mr Sab iwA Pari.), 
Pinus <'anadeij*i% lUfutj. 
P. merU^-'aiia, Hong. 

T. pftt^^l^w^i Kngelin. MouDUii]u» <#f Cali/onita. 
Abi<« htjfAierl^iB^ A Mnrr. 
A. patUiiijnJu Jeffrey ; VffiUh. MaouaJ. 116, f f, 30, 31. 

Beiuner, HAf»dUK'b. Mid, f, 1 13. 
A. WilliamAOfii, Seyh, 

TiauB fmWjmtMOMf Pari. 



I . 


t ■ 



• "iG 

I ? 


. i: 






t EupiCEA. — *^ Spruce Firs^ 

Picea alba, Link.; i/em/»€r, Handbuch, 341| f. 9G. North 
Eastern America, British Columbia. 
Abies alba, Michx. 
A. alba var. caerulea, Carr. 
A. arctica, Seem. 
A. caerulea, Forbes, 
A. canadensis, Mill, 
A. laxa, C Koch. 
A. rubra Tar. caenilea, Loud. 
Picea caerulea, Z/tni^. 
P. nigra var. glauca, Carr. 
Pinus alba, Lamb, 
P. canadensis, Duroi (not LX 
P. glauca, Moeiich. 
P. laxa, -^ArA. 
P. rubra var. violacea, EndL 

Var. caerulea. 

P. alcoddana, Carr,; Beissner^ Handbach^ 379, f. 101. 
Abies acicularis, ffort, 
A. alcockiana, Veitch. 
A. bicolor, Maxim. 
A. excelsa acicularis, Hort. 
Pinus alcockiana, Par/. 

P. Engelmanni, Engelm. ; Beissnery Handbuch, 344, f. 97. 
British Columbia, Oregon to Arizona. 
Abies alba, Torr, 
A. Engelmanni, Parry, 
A. nigra, Engelm. 
Pinus commutata, Pari, 
P. Engelmanni, Engelm. 

Var. glauca. 
P. ericoides, Hort. A variety of uncertain origin^ 

P. exceUa, Link. ; Beissner^ Handbucb, 353, f . 99. Mountains 
of Northern and Central Europe. ^The common 
Abies excelsa, DC. 

u 90042. K 



■.1 ■ 

5 • . ■ 


I ■ 1 

« . 


1 I 

■ -I 

■ ■• 

■ ;I 

5: j! .■ 





P. exceUa — cant. 

A. Plcea, Mill. 

A. rubra, Bauhin. 

Plcea vulgaris, Link. 

Pinus Abies, Z. 

P. excelsa. Lam. (not Wall,). 

The varieties are extremely numerous and may be classified 
into — 

1. dwarf varieties, 2. snake-branched, or so-called ^^mon- 
strosa," varieties, 3. pendulous varieties, 4. colour varieties. 

The following are represented at Kew :— 

Var. argenteo-spica. 

Yar. attennata. 

Var. aurea. 

Yar. clanbraasiliana. 

Yar. clanbrassiliana elegans. 

Yar. compacta. 

Yar. Dicksoni. 

Yar. difltisa. 

Yar. dnmosa. 

Yar. eremita. 

Yar. flnedonensis. 

Yar. gigantea. 

Yar. gregoryana. 

Yar. inverta. 

Yar. LaingL 

Yar. laza. 

Yar. ICazwellL 

Yar. microtpenmu 

Yar. monstroia. 

Var. mucronata. 

Yar. pendula. 

Var. pygmaea. 

E 2 

I ; 



u. ! 

r-. ; 

H : 


■ \ r 

>; . 

I' I 



P. excelsa — coiu. 

Var. pyramidalis. 
Yar. Bemonti. 
Var. stricta. 
Var. tenuifolia. 

P. Olehni, F. Schmidt; Mast. Card. Chron., 1880, xiii., 300, 
f. 54. Island of Sachalin. 

P. Hazimowiczii, Regel; Gard. Chron., 1880, xiii., 363, f. 64. 
AbieM Maximowiczii, Hort, 
Picea obovata var. japonica, Mcueim. 

P. Korinda, Link ; Gard. Cbron., 1885, xxiv., 393, f. 85. 
P. smith iana, Boiss. 
Abies Kliutrow, Loud, 
A. smitbiana, Forbes, 
Pinus Khutrow, Royle. 
P. smithiana, Lamb, 

P. nigra, Link; Beissner, Handbnch, 334, f. 94. North 
Eastern America. 
Abies alba, Chapm. 
A. americana, C. Koch, 
A. arctica, Hart, (not Seem.). 
A. denticiilata, Michx, 
A. Mariana, Mill. 
A, marylandica, Ifort, 
A. nigra, Fair. 
Pinna Mariana, Duroi, 
P. nigra, Ait, 

Var. anreo-marginata. 
Var. Donmetti. 

P. obovata, Ledcb. X. E. Europe and N. A«ia. 
Abies obovata, Loud. 

Var. Japonica, Maxim. 

Var. schrenkiana, Mast. 


P. orientalis, Carr,; Gard. Chroc. 1886, xxv., 333, f. 62. 
Mountains of the Taurus and Caucasus. 
Abies orientalis, Poir. 
A. wittmanniana, Hort, 
Pinus orientalis, L. 

Var. aurea. 
Var. nana. 

P. polita, Carr. ; Beissner^ Handbuch, p. 380, f. 102 ; 
Ganl. Chron., 1880, xiii., 233, f. 44. Mountains of 
Abies Torano, Sich, 
A. polita, Steh, 4* Zncc. 

P. pungens, Engelm. Utah and California. 
Pieen commucata, Hort. aliq, 
P. Engelmanni, Hort, (not Engelm,), 
P. Menziesii, Hort. (not Carr!). 
P. parryana, Hort, 

Abies Engelmanni, Hort, (not Engelm.), 
A, Menziesii, Engelm, (in part). 
A, Parlatorei, Hort. 

Var. diversifolia. 

Var. glauca. 

P. nnnesleyana, Hort, 
P. parryana glauca, Hort. 
P. pungens argentea, Hort, 

P. rubra, Link ; Beissner^ Handbuch, 339, f. 95. 
Picea nigra var. rubra, Engelm. 
Abies nigra var rubra, Mich^r. 
A. rubra, Boir. 

A. rubra var. arctica, Lindl, 4" Gord, 
Pinus americana, Gaertn, 
P. americana var. rubra, Wangenh. 
P. rubra, Lamb. 

ft Omorica. — " Hat'leaved Spruce F' 

P« 386, f 104 
P. ajanenBis, Fisch.; Beismer, Handbuch, * *• 

Amoor, Japan. 

Abies ajanensis, Veitch. 


\ • 

■3 M 

• I 




.' ■ '. ^« 

) • • > 




P. ajanensis — cont, 

A. alcockiana, Ilort, (in part). 
A. sitchensis, C. Koch (not Bong.). 
Picea Menziesii, Pari, 
Tsuga ajanensis, RegeL 

Var. microsperma. 

P. ajanensis var. japonica. 

P. jezoensisy Maxim, (not Sieb.), 

P. hondoensis, Magr. Japan. 

P. Omorica, Mast; Gard. Chron., 1884, xxi., 308, f. 68; 
Beissner, Handbuch, 383, f. 103. Servia, Bosnia. 

Pinus Omorika, Pane. 

P. sitchensis, Trantv. 4- Meg.; Beistner^ Handbuch, 391, 
f. 105. Gard. Chron., 1886, xxv., 728, f. 161. N.W. 
Picea Menziesii, Carr^ 
P. sitkaensis, Mayr. 
Abies Menziesii, Loud, 
A. sitcliensis, Lindl, S^ Gord, 
Pinus Menziesii, Dougl. 
P. sitchensis, Bong, 

Sub-tribe II, — Lajliceje, 


Cedrus atlantica, Manetti; Gard. Chron., 1801, z., 425, f. 53. 
North Africa. " The Atlas Cedar." 
C. africana, Gord. 
Abies atlantica, Lindl. Sf Gord. 
Pinus Cedrus var. atlantica, Pari, 

Var. glauca. 

Var. aurea. 

Var. pendula. 

C. Deodara, Loud.; Gard. Chron., 1891, z., 423, f. S2. 
Himalaya. «* The Deodar." 
Cedrus indica, Chambr. 


k ; 



■ t 1 





C. Deodara — cont. 

C. Libani var. Deodara, Hook. f. 
Abies Dooclara, Lindl. 
Larix Doodara, C. Koch. 
Pinus Deodara, Roxh. 

Var. albo-spica. 

Var. crassifolia. 

Var. erecta. 

Var. robnsta. 

Var. variegata. 

Var. verticillata. 

Var. viridis. 

Var. Youngi. 

C. Libani, Loud,; Gard. Chron., 1878, ix., f. 113 ; 1886, zxvi., 
521, f. 102 ; 553, f. 109 ; Beissner, Handbuch, 299, f. 74. 
Syrian Mountains. ** Cedar of Lebanon." 
C. patula, C. Koch, 
Abies Cedrus, JPoiV. 
Larix Cedrus Mill. 
L. patula, Salisb, 
Pinus Cedrus, L, 

Var. breyifolia, Hook, f, Journ. Linn. Sec., xvii., 517. 



Larix daviirica, Trautv, Siberia. 

L. dahurica, Turcz, ; Beissner^ Handbuch, 329, f. 90. 

L. europaea, DC. European Alps. **The Larch." 
L. decidua. Mill. (1759). 
L. excel sa, Link. 
L. pyramidalis, Salisb, (1805). 
L. vulgans, Fisch. 
Abies Larix, Lam, 
Pinus Larix, L, 

Var. pendnla. 

Var. pendulina, Kegel ; BeissneVy Handbuch, 325, f. 89. 

Var. rossica, Begel; Beissner^ Handbuch, 325, f. 88. 

Var. sibirica, Beissner^ Handbuch, 324, f. 87. 
L. archangelica, KorL 



r : 

■ l' 

I ' 



1 ,1 





. \ 

Ik- I 


L. Qrifflthii, Hook.f. ; Gard. Ohron., 1886, xxv., 718, f. 157 j 
Beismer^ Handbuch, 317, f. 82. Eastern Himalaya. 
Abies griffithiana, Lindl. Sf Gord. 
Pinus Griffithii, Farl. 

L. leptolepis, EndL; Beissner^ Han(U)ucb, 318, f. 83; Gard, 
CbroD., 1883, xix., 88, f. 13. Japan. 
L. japonica, Carr, 
Abies leptolepis, Sieb, Sf Zucc. 
P. leptolepii?, EndL 

Var. murrayana. 

L. occidentalis, Nutt, North- Western America. 
Pinus Nuttallii, JParl, 

L. pendula, Salisb. (1805). North-Eastem America. 
" Tamarack.'' 
Larix americana, Michx, (1813). 
L. americana var. rubra. Loud, 
L. microcarpa, Forbes. 
Abies microcarpa, Lindl. Sp Gord. 
A. pcndula, Lindl, 4* Gord. 
Pinus laricina, Duroi, 
P. microcarpa, Lamb. 
P. pendula, Ait. 

Psendolarix Kaempferi, Gord.; Gard. Chron., 1884, xxi., 
584, f. 113; 1884, xxii., 238, f. 48. China. "The 
Golden Larch." 

P. Fortunei, Mayr. 

Abies Kacmpferi, Lindl. 

Lanx Kaempferi, Carr. 

Pinus Kaempferi, Lamb. 

Sub-tribe TIL — Sapins^. 

Keteleeria Fortunei, Carr.; Rev. Hort., 1887, 207, ff. 42-5 j 
Beissner, Handbuch, 422, f. 116; Gard. Chron., 1889, 
vi., 688, f. 95 (leaf structure). China. 

Abies Fortunei, J. Murr. ; Gterd. Chron., 1884, xxi., 348, 
ff. 64-7 ; 1886, xxv., 423, ff. 82-3. 

A. jezoensis, Lindl. (not Sieb.). 

Picea Fortunei, A. Murr. 

Pinus Fortunei, Pari. 

K. dayidiana, Franch.; Beissner^ Handbuch, 425, f. 117. 


SitvER Fibs. 

Abies amabilis, Forbes; Gard. Ghron., 1880, ff. 136-141; 

BeissneVf Handbuch, 469^ f. 128. British Columbia to 

Abies grandis, A. Murr, (not LindL), 
A grandis var. densiflora, Engelm. 
Ficea amabilis, Loud. 
Piuus amabiiis, Dougl, 
P. grandis, Lamb, (not Dougl.), 

A. balsamea, Mill. ; Gard. Chron., 1895, xvii., 423, 425, 
431, ff. 57, 58, 60. N. E. America. " Balm of Gilead " 
01 " Balsam Fir." 
Abies balsamea. Marsh. 
A. balsamifera, Michx, 
Picea balsamea, Loiul, 
Pinus balsamea, L. 

Var. hndsonica, Sargent. 

Var. variegata, Bcissn. 

A. brachyphylla, Maa,im, ; Gard. Chron., 1879, xii., 556, f. 92 ; 
Bot. Mag. t. 71 M. Japan. 
Abieis Vcitcliii {of some gardens). 
Picea brachypliylla, Gord. 
P. pinnosa, Hort. 
P. Veitcliii {of some gardens) . 
Pinus brucliyphylla, Pari. 

A. bracteata, Xntt. ; Bot. Mag. t. 4740; Gard. Chron., 1889, 
v., 242, f. 44. Santa Lucia Mts., California. 
A. venuata, Sargent. 

Picea bructeatn, Loud. ; Garden, 1889, xxxv., 12, f. 
Pinus bracteata, D. Don. 
P. venusta, Dougl. 

A. cephalonica. Loud.; Gard. Chron., 1884, xxii., 592, f. 105. 
Mountains of Greece. 
A. Apollinis, Link. 
A. panachaica, Helilr. 
A. Reginae-Amaliae, Heldr, 
Picea cephalonica, lAmd. 
Pinus Abies var. cephalonica, Pari. 


A. cilicica, Carr. Cilician Taurus. 
A. Tschugatskoi, Gord. 
Pin us cilicica, Pari. 

A. concolor, Lindl. ^ Gord, ; Grard. Chron., 1890, viii., 748, 
ff. 147-8. Beissner, Handbuch, 472, fig. 130. 
Colorado, Utah, Arizona. 

Picea concolor, A. Murr. 

P. lasiocarpa, Balfour (not Hook.). 

Pinus concolor, Pari. 

Var. violacea. 

A. concolor var. violacea. 

Picea concolor var. violacea, RoezL 

A. firma, Sieb. ^ Zticc. ; Veitch, Manual, p. 95, f. 16. 
Beissner^ Handbuch, 451, f. 123. Japan. 
A. bifida, Sieb. Sf Zucc, 
A. holophylla, Maxim. 
Pinus firma, Antoine. 

A. Fraseri, Lindl. ; Sargent y Garden and Forest, 1889, ii., 
472, f. 132. Mountains of Carolina. 
A. humilis, La Pilaye, 
Picea Fraseri, Loud, 
Pinus Fraseri, Pari. 

A. grandis, Lindl. ; Veitchy Manual, 98, f. 24. Beismer^ Hand- 
buch, 478, f. 133. Vancouver to California 
A. amabilis, A. Murr. 
A. gordoniana, Carr. 
Picea grandis, Loud. 
Pinus grandis, Dougl. 

A. homolepis, Sieb. Sf Zucc. Japan. 
A. brachyphylla, Mayr, 
A. tschonoskiana, Hort. 
Pinus harryana, McNab, 

A. lasiocarpa, Hook, (not Hort,) ; Gard. Chron., 1889, v. 172, 
ff. 23-32. British Columbia to Colorado. 
A. (Picea) bi folia. A, Murr. 
A. grandis, Engelm. (in part). 
A. subalpina, Engelm. 
A. subalpina var. fallax, Engelm, 

u 90042. F 


A. lasiocarpa~con^. 

Picea aipabilis, Gord, (in part). 
Pinus amabilis, Pari, (in part). 

Vnr. caemlescens. 

A. lowiana, A, Murr.; Gard. Chron., 1890, viii., 750, ff. 149, 
150. Sierra Nevada. 
A. concolor, Sargent (in part). 
A. grandis var. lowiana, Mast, 
A. lasiocarpa, Beissn. 
A. parsonsiana {of some gardens), 
Picea lowiana, Gord, 

A. magnifica, A. Murr,; Beissner^ Handbuch, 482, f. 135. 
Californian Sierras. 
A. campy locarpa, A, Murr. 
Picea magnifica, Gord, 
Pinus amabilis, Pari, (in part). 

Var. zanthocarpa. 

A. nobilis var. robusta, Mast, Grard. Chron., 1885, xxiv., 

657, f. 147. 
A. shastensis, Lemmon, 

A. Mariegii, Mast.; Gard. Chron., 1879, xii., 788, t. 129; 
Beissner^ Handbuch, 455, f. 124. Mountains of Japan. 

A. nobilis, Lindl. ; Veitch, Manual, 101, f. Oregon, Cali- 
A. magnifica, Engelm. (in part). 
Picea nobilis, Loud, 
Pinus nobilis, Doitgl. 

Var. glauca. 

A. nordmanniana, Sptzch ; Bot. Mag. t. 6922. Crimea. 
Picea nordmanniana. Loud. 
Pinus Abies, Pari. 

A. numidica, De Lannoy ; Gard. Chron., 1888, iii., 140, f. 23. 
Algerian mountains. 
A. Pinsapo var. baborensis, Cosson, 
Picea numidica, /?, Smith, 
Pinus Pinsnpo, Pari, (not Boiss,), 

F 2 


A. pectinata, DC. (1805); Beissner, Handbucli, 430, f. 119. 

Mountains of Centrnl and Southern Europe. " l^'ilver 

A. alba, 3/f7/. (1768). 
A. excelsa, Salisb, (1805). 
A. Picea, Lindl, 
A. taxifolia, Vesf. (1809). 
A. vulgaris, Poir. (1804). 
Picea pectinata, Loud. 
Pinus Abies, Duroi (1771). 
P. pectinata, Lam, (1778). 
P. Picea, L. (1753). 

A. Pinsapo, Boiss, ; Gard. Chron., 18»5, xxiv., 468, f. 99 ; 
xxvi., 9, f. J.; 1888, iii., 140, f. 22 (section of leaf). 
Mountains of Southern Spain. 

A. sachalinensis, Mast, Gard. Chron., 1879, xii., 588, f, 97. 
Sachalin, Yesso. 
A. Veitchii var. sachalinensis, Schmidt ; Beismer^ Hand- 
buch, 461, f. 127. 

A. sibirica, Ledeb. ; Beissner, Handbuch, 455 ; Vcitch^ 
Manual, 111. North and East Russia. 
A. Pichta, Forbes, 
Picea Pichta, Loud. 

A. Veitchii, Lindl. Gard. Chron., 1880, xiii., 273, f. 60. 
Beissnerj Handbuch, 459, f. 125. Mountains of Japan. 
Abies Eichleri, Louche, 
A. nephrolepis, Maxim. 
Picea Veitchii, Hort. 
Pinus selenolepis. Pari. 

A. webbiana, Lindl.; Gard. Chron., 1884, xxii., 467, f. 86 ; 
Veitchy Manual, 109, f. ; Beissner, Handbuch, 480, 
f. 134. Himalaya. 
Abies chiloensis, Ilort. 
A, chilrowcnsis. Hart. 
Picea webbiana. Loud. 

Var. Findrow, Brandts ; Loud. Encycl., 1052, f. 1970. 
North-western Himalaya. 
Picea Pindrow, Loud, 
Pinus Pindrow, Boyle, 


Fseudotsuga Donglasii, Carr. ; Beissner^ Handbach, 413, 
f. 115. N. W. America. « The Douglas Fir." 
P. taxifolia, Britton, 

Abies Douglasii, LindL ; Veitch^ Manual, p. 120, f. 36. 
A. mucronata, Rafin. 
A. taxifolia, Poir. 
Picea DouglaAsi, Link, 
Pinus Douglasii, Sabine, 
P. taxifolia, Lamb. 
Tsuga Douglasii, Carr. 

Var. brevifolia. 

Var. elegans. 

Var. glanca. 

Var. pendnla. 

Var. revolnta. 

Var. Stairii. 

Var. taxifolia. 

Var. variegata. 

Sub-tribe IV.—Pinejb. <* Ptnw." 


Finns albicanlis, Engelm. North- West America. 
P. cembroides, Newb, (not Zucc), 
P. flexilis, A. Murr, (in part). 
P. flexilis var. albicaulis, Engelm, 
P. Shasta, Carr. 

P. balfonriana, A. Murr. California. 
Var. aristata, Engelm. 

P. banksiana, Lamb. North-Eastern United Statas and 
Eastern Rocky Mountains. 
P. hudsonica, Poir, 

P. bnngeana, Zucc. ; Gard. Chron., 1882, xvii., 8, f. 2. North 
P. excorticata, LindL ^ Gord. 


•P. canariensis, C. Sm,; Mast. Gard. Chron., 1888, iii., 723, 
f. 94. Canaries. 

P. cembroides, Zucc, Arizona. 
P. llavt^na, Schiede ^ Deppe, 
P. osteosperma, Engelm, 

P. contorta, Doug I ; Gard. Chron., 1883, xix., 45, f. 5. North- 
West America, near the coast. 
P. Bolanderi, Pari. 
P. Boursieri, Carr, 
P. inops, Bong. 
P. mac-intoshiana, Lawson, 

Var. murrayana. Californian valleys. 
P. contorta var. latifolia, Hort. 
P. murrayana, Lemmon. 

P. Conlteri, D. Don. ; Gard. Chron., 1885, xxiii., 415, ff. 73, 
74 ; Tree at Kew, 1888, iv., 766, f. 109. California. 
P. macrocarpa, Lindl. 

P. dengiflora, Sieb. ^ Zucc. Fl. Jap., ii., 22, t. 112. 
P. massoniana, Hort. (in part). 
P. tabuliformis, Hort. 

Var. aureo-variegata. 

Var. argenteo-variegata. 

P. ednlis, Engelm. New Mexico. 

P. cembroides, Gord. (not Zticc). 

•P. filifolia, Lindl.', Loud. Encycl., 1008, ff. 1889, 1890. 

P. gerardiana, Wall. North-Western Himalaya, Affglianis- 

P. halepensis, Mill. ; Gard. Chron., 1884, xxii., 553, f. 97 ; 
1888, iii., 629, f. 84. Mediterranean Region. " The 
Jerusalem Pine." 
P. abchasica, Fisch. 
P. maritima. Lamb. 
P. persica, Hort. 
P. Pithyusa, Strangv). 

Tar. prolifera. 





P. inopSy Soland. (1789). North-Eastern United States. 
P. virginiana, Mill. (1768). 
P. variabilis, Lamb. 

P. inBignis, DougL; Gard. Chron., 1878, ix., 108, ff. 22, 23. 
California. " The Monterey Pine." 
P. radiata, D. Don, 
P. toberculatA, Z>. Don, (not Gord.), 

P. Jeflfreyi, A. Murr. ; Gard. Chron., 1889, v., 361, f. ^S. 

Var. deflexa, Torr. 

P. Laricio, Poir. ; Gard. Chron., 1884, xxi., 15, f. 1 ; (Tree at 
Kew), 1888, iv., 693, f. 97. Beissner, Handbuch, 239, 
f . 59. South Europe, Levant. " The Corsican Pine." 

P. Laricio var. latisquama, JVUlk. 

P. Laricio var. poire tiana, Antoine, 

P. maritinia, Att, 

The varieties of this species are extremely numerous and 
their identification and synonymy proportionately uncertain. 
The following forms may be roughly thrown under the follow- 
ing varieties, but they are not to be considered as strictly 

Var. nigricaiu, Pari. 

P. austriaca, Hoess. 

P. calabrica, Delamarre, 

P. dalmatica, Vis. 

P. Laricio var. austriaca, Endl, 

P. Laricio var. stricta, Carr. 

P. leucodermis, Antoine, 

P. magellensis, Chju$. 

P. maritima, C Koch, 

P. nigra. Link. 

P. nigricans, Hoea. 

P. Pinaster, Be99. 

P. romana, Hort. 

P. sylvestris, Baumg. 

P. taurica, Hort. 

Var. pallaaiana. 

P. caramanica^ Bern. 


P. Laricio — cont. 

P. Fenzlii, Antoine, 

P. halepensis, Bieb, (not Mill,). 

P. karamana, Mast, Gard, Chron-, 1884, xxi., 480, 

f. 91. 
P. maritima, Pall. 
P. neglecta, Hort. 
P. pallasiana, Lamb. 
P. Pinea, Habl. 

Var. tennifolia, Pari. 

P. Laricio var. angustiequama, Willk, 

P. Laricio var. ccbennensis, Gren, 4* Godr, 

P. Laricio var. Icptoplijlla, Christ. 

P. pyrenaica, Lapeyr. (in part). 

P. Salzmanni, Dun, 

The following are garden i^arieties :— 

Var. anreo-variegata. 
Var. pendnla. 
Var. pnmila. 
Var. pygmaea. 
Var. variegata. 

•P. longifolia, Roxb, Himalaya. 

P. mitis, Michx. Eastern United States. 
P. cchinata, Mill, 
P. Taeda var. variabilis, Ait. 
P. variabilis, Pursh (not Lamb.). 

P. monophylla, Torr. ; Gard. Chron., 1883, xx., 44, f. 8. 
Siorra Nevada, Utah. 
P. fremontiana, Endl. 

P. montana, Duroi, Mountains of Central and Southern 

Var. uncinata, Mast. Ghird. Chron., 1884, xxii., 208, f. 42. 
P. sanguinea, Lapeyr, 
P. uncinata, Ram, 






F. montana — coni. 

Var. Pumilio. 

P. Mughus, Wahlenb, 
P. Mughus var. Pumilio. 
P. Pumilio, Haenke, 
P. sylvestris var. Pumilio. 

Var. Pnmilio variegata. 

Var. Mughus. 

P. Mughus, Scop, 

*F. Montenimae, Lamb, var. lindleyana. Mexico. 

P. lindleyana, Gord. Journ. Hort. Soc, 1850, v. 215. 

P. mTiricata, D, Don. ; Gard. Chron., 1884, xxi., 49, ff. 7-9. 
P. edgariana, Hartw. . 
P. radiata, Hort, (not D. Don), 

F. jMkliutris, Mill, South United States. 
P. australis, Michx, 

F. panyana, Engelm. South California. 

F. Pinaster, Soland. Mediterranean region. 
P. helenica, Loud, 
P. Laricio, Santi. 
P. Latteri, Madden, 
P. maritima, Poir, 
P. nepalensis, Boyle, 
P. sylvestris var. L, 

Var. Hamiltoni, Lindl, Sf Gord. 
P. Hamiltoni, Tenore. 

P. Pinea, L, ; Gard. Chron., 1888, iv., 604, ff. 84-5. Mediter- 
ranean region. " The Stone or Umbrella Pine." 

P. ponderosa, Dongl. ; Gard. Chron., 1890, viii., 557., ff. 110- 
115. British Columbia to Texas. 
P. Beardsleyi, A. Murr. 
P. benthamiana, Hartic. 
P. brachyptera, Engelm, 
P. craigiana, A. Murr, 


P. ponderosa — cotU. 

P. Engelmanni, Torr, 

P. panyana, Gord, (not EngelmJ). 

Var. pendnla, Sargent. 

Var. Scopnlortun, Engelm, 

P. pnngeiui, Michx. ; Beissner^ Handbuch, 214, f. ^6, East 
Central United States. 

P. pyrenaica, Lapeyr. ; Gard. Chron., 1888, iv., 267, f. 32. 
South Europe, Levant. 
P. Brutia, Tenore. 
P. loiseleunana, Carr, 
P. paroliniana, Webb. 

P. resinosa, Soland. North-Eastern America. 
P. rubra, Michx. 

P. rigida, Mill. ; Beissnevy Handbuch, 268, f. 64. Eastern 
United States. 
P. Loddigesii, Loud. 

P. sabiniana, Doug I. ; Gard. Chron., 1888, iv., 44, f. 4; 
Tree at Kew, 1889, v., 45, f. 6. California. 

P. serotina, Michx. North Carolina to Florida. 
P. Taeda var. alopecuroidea, Loud, 
P. rigida var. serotina, Loud. 

P. sylvestris, L. ; Beisstier, Handbuch, 227, f. 58. Northern 
Europe, Asia. Scotch Pine. 
P. haguenensis, Loud. 
P. Mughus, Jacq. 
P. rigensis, Desf. 
P. rubra, Mill. 
P. sylvestris var. genuina, Heer 

Var. altaica. 

Var. argentea, Steven. 

Var. anrea. 

Var. fastigiata, Carr. 

Var. globosa. 

Var. nana. 

Vap tmmiln. 


p. Taeda, L. South- eastern United Sfates. 

P. Thnnbergii, Farl. Japan. 

P. mastfoniana, Sieb, 4* Zucc. (not Lamb.), 

P. Pinaster, Loud, (in part). 

P. rubra, Sieb, 

P. sylvestris, Thunb, (not Z.). 

Var. anrea. 

Yar. variegata. 

P. tnbercnlata, Gord, (not D, Don), Oregon, 
P. attenuata, Letmnon. 
P. californica, Hartw, (not Loisel,), 

tf Strobu<». 

P. Ayacahuite, Ehrenb. Mexico. 
P. Buonapartea, BoezL 
P. Colorado, Roezl. 
P. Don Pedri, Roezl, 
P. durangensis, Roezl, 
P. hamata, Roezl, 
P. loudoniana, Gor<f. 
P. Popocatepetlii, Roezl. 
P. Veitchii, Roezl, 

p. Cembra, X. ; Gard. Chron., 1872, 397 ; Beissner^ Handbucli, 
276, f. 65. Mountains of Central Euroi)e; Siberia. 
" The Stone Pine." 

Var. anrea. 

Var. pnmila, Fall. Fl. Ross. .5, t. 2. 

P. ezcelaa, fValL; Gard. Chron., )883» xix., 249, f. 35. 
Tcrai)erate Himalaya. ** The Bhotan Pine/* 

P. flezilii, James ; Gard. Chron., 1875, iv., 366, f. 75. ^astera 
Rocky Mountains to Texas, Ac. • 

P. koraiensis, Sieb. Sf Zuee. ; Beiitnerf ManOmA^ Wl^ 1 88^ 
FetVcA, Manual, 178, f. 40. Km% 

P. lambertuiuL Dougl. f QuH CUrf^ 
J887,i.,769,f. 144. Cm^^ * 



X. • 



p. monticola, DougL ; Veitchi Manual, 181, f. 41. Vancouver's 
Island, California. 

P. parviflora, Sieh. ^ Zucc.; Gard. Chron., 1878, x., 624, 
f. 103. Japan. 

P. Peuke, Griseb.; Gard. Chron., 1883, xix., 244, ff. 33, 34. 
P. excelsa. Hook, (not Wall.), 
P. excelsa var. Peuke, Beissner, 

P. Strobns, L. ; Beissner, Handbuch, 290, f. 72, Canada, North- 
Eastern Amenca. ** The Weymouth Pine." 

Var. compacta. 

Var. densa. 

Var. fastigiata. 

Var. nana. 

P. Strobus var. pygmaea, Hort. 

Var. nivea. 

Var. prostrata. 

• 1 



AJbi68 acicularis, HorL, 65. 
ajanensis, Veitch, 7 1« 
alba, Chapm., 69. 
alba, Michx.f 65. 
alba, Mill^ 85. 
alba, Torr,, 65. 
alba Tar. caerulea, Ctirr,, 65. 
albertiaiia, A. Murr,, 63. 
alcoddaoa, i/or/. (in part), 78* 
alcockiana, Veitch, 65. 
auabUis, ^. Mmrr^ 81. 

analriliA, /Vr&ct» 79. 

aoMrricaaa, C Kotk, M, 
amcrieMtt, Mmr»k^ CS. 
Apollhwa, JUiiil, 7)»# 
Anmri, X«W « C9# 





^•l»< ''f 

Abies ehilMDtit, Jfor^M 85. 
ohilroweuHit. i/»r/., 85. 
Ollioioai Cam. 81. 

oonoolori l4%nd\. {r ^o''<^« 

and yariety, 81. 
oonoolor, Hav\i, (pi4rtly)i 88. 
curvifblia, Salinb,, 68. 
dcntioulata, Miche,, 69, 
Deodara, li»dL, 75. 
DdUglaaH, Z/ni^., 87. 
durooaa, Laud,, 68. 
Kiebkrif iMuehs, 85. 
K«>f(«lMMmiif //«/r/., 71' 
KiiK«ifiMMiiil, Parry, 65# 
ttnttPfUmf /MJ,, #6/ 

ffNrtmmfA, Mtttf.f 77/ 

. A^'V n^tl0 .^^mf 

Abies Pint 

laaiocarpa, Hook., und to- 


rielv, 81. 

laxa, C. Koch. fl5. 

politft, ; 

leptolepiP. Sieb. ^ Zacr , 77. 


lowiana, ^. JMu'T., 83. 

rubra. J 

magnifica, Engtlai. {partly). 

nibca. J 

nibra i 

magniflca, -4- JtfMrr., and 


rubra v 

Mariana, Mill.. 69. 


Marieaii, */««(., 83. 




ileuriesii. £»ffe/ni. (in purl). 

sit Chen! 



Msniiesii, Loud.. 73. 


mertaaaiimn, Li'nJ/. {j- Gori/., 




mieroearpa, Zind/. ^ (roi-rf„ 


iiiiicronaia, /(,i/n., B7. 


nephrolepia, Maxim., 85. 


iiiera, Enytlm., 65. 


Digm, PoiV,. 69. 


uiprnvHr. rubrri, flf,--;,.r.,71. 



AreeoilKM, SS. 

drapMCA, Amioime, 35. 
Anuicarincs, 59. 

Araocaria Balaiisaei Brengn ^* 

Grif., 61. 

Bidwelliiy Hook^ ei. 
brasiliaiiay Rich., 6i. 

brasUieniiw, Loud,, 61. 
colomnarifl, Hook,, 61. 
Cookii, H. ^r., 61. 
Cmiiiiiighainii, Aiton, and 

variety, 61. 

excelsa, R- Br., and vaiieties, 

gkaca, Antoine, 61. 
goldieaDa, T. Moore, 61. 

imbricata, i'av., and variety, 

AthrotaziB cupressoides, />. 

Von, 57. 
doniana, Hort, 57. 
ganniana, //or/., 57. 

laxifolia, //ouA., 57. 

Mlag^oideS, D, Don, 57. 
, Betw jacutiflora, Saliab., 59. 

BioU, 51. 

Biota elegantissima, ffor/., 53. 

intermedia, Hurt., 53. 

japonica, 5ie5., 53. 

meldensis, Gord., 55. 

orientalis, EndL, 51. 

orientalis aurea nana, Hort., 

orientalia densa glauca, Hort., 

orietitalia minima g]Mncm,Hori., 

orieotalii lempcraurea, Hort., 


orientmlia var. argeotcm, Gord., 

oricntmli* var. dMiiMaU, 

JETcMMi. 4f Hock§t,, Ut, 

j Biota orientalis Tar. expauM, Et^dh 

i .^ 

orientalui var. iutormtHlia, 

Carr., 53. 
orientalis rar. nana, Carr., 58. 
orientalis var. peudula, Purl,, 


orientalis var. Sieboldi, Endi., 

orientalis var. ttttarioa, Eudl., 

orientalis var. variegata, Endi., 


orientalis var. variegata, Gord., 

pendttla, Endl., 55. 
pendula, £N(f/., var., 53. 
pcndula, var. recurvatu, GorJ,, 

tatarica, LindL, 55. 
succariniana, Sieb., 53. 
Callitrinae, 35. 

Callitris calcarata, H, Br., n5. 

CUpreSSOideSy Schrad., 35. 

Parlatorei, K Mueii., a:,. 

quadrivttlviN, Hich., 35. 

robusta, B. //r.And variety ,35. 
verriicoj«n, /^. Br., 33. 
CedrnS afiicana, O'on/., 73. 

atlanticai Matutti, and 
varieties, 73. 

Deodara, Loud.,uw\ varic^tief, 

iudica, (*hambr., TA, 
' Libani, J.ond., and variHy ,75. 

Libaui, var. lieodora, Httok.f., 

palula, C Koch, 75. 

Cephalotazos drnpaMa, Vo />. ^ 

Zhtc, I'j. 
Forteniy Hook., md rarii.ii«i, 

Xaimiif Hook /., I'J. 

Capncsai 1 

Sieb. i-Zuec., and inrietj, 19. 



Boureieti. Carr.,il. 


Eoaifieri, Dticne.,29. 


dccoaista, Hort., 53. 


kniODiunB, Pari. ■11. 


oulkaenBii, Spach, 43, 


oblUHt, 5i<A. ^ Zuce., and 


vuidf, 15. 


pisiferu, 5i'e6. j- 2urc., 45. 



Conifera, 27. 


Cunninghamia Binenis, if. Br.. 




Cupressinea;, 37. 


Cttpreasaa nmoena, C. KikH, 37. 


Arbor-viUe, rary. roi:., 47. 


ariiunk-ii. Grmic, 37. 



au«lniliR, Loir. 39. 

Benthami, Endl., ond vnrie^. 




calitornitn, Carr., 37, 


coijokUb, S/itid., 39, 



Dacrydium elatom, WalL, 23. 
Franklini, //00A./..23. 

Pancheri, Brogn. jf Gris, 25. 

Bamxnara australis, Lamb., 59. 

Moorii, Lindl.f 59. 

obtosa, Lindl,,6\, 

xobosta, C, Moore f 61. 

vitiensifl, Seem., 61. 
Biselma Archeri, Hook./., 37. 
Kacapressas, 37. 
Euthuya, 47. 

Fitiroya Archeri, Bentk. ^ 

Hook.f.f 37. 

patafi^onica, Hook./., 37. 

Frenela Endlicheri, Pari., 35. 
FontaneKiiy Mirhel, 35. 
glaaca, Hort., 53. 
Parlatorei, F. MuelL, 35. 
robusta, ^. Cuim., 85. 

Ginkgo biloba, L., and varieties, 

Oljptostrobus heterophyllns, 

Endl., 59. 

pendulus, Endl., 59. 

Hcffperopeuke pattoDiana, Lemmon, 

Hejderia decorrenn, C. Koch., 57. 

Jttolpcrioa;, 27. 

JnnipcnUI alpina, S. F, Gray, 33. 
bacciformts, Carr., 29. 

bermndiaaa, -2^.* 27. 

biebersteiniana, C. Koch, 35. 
bonatiaoa, Fij., 31. 
Cabiaocae, Vis., 27. 

ealifornica, Carr,, 27. 

canadentis, Lodd., 33. 
canadensis aiirea, Hort., 27. 
Oadnu, ire66, 88. 
ehineilBis, •£•! And varieties, 

dttnenfts. var. Smitbii, Loud., 

eiaena* Carr^ 81. 

Junipema commonis, L., and 

varieties, 33. 
conferta, Pari., 33. 
dealtiata, Hort. aliq., 29. 
densa^ Gord., 29. 
densata, Gord., 27. 

dmpacea, Xa6t7/., 35. 

OXCdsai -01^5., and varieties, 

excelsa, Bieh,, var. nana, 

fm//., 29. 
excelsa, Brandts, 29. 
excelsa, Willd., 29. 
flaCCida, Schlecht., 29. 
flagelliformis, Hort., 27. 
foetida var. tburifera,iS»pac/i, 31. 
Fortune! , Kan lfo]i//e, 31. 
glauca, Hort., 53. 
gossaintbaneana, Lodd., 29. 
hemisphacrica, Presl, 33. 

henryana, -R. -Br. Catnpst., 

hibemica, Gord., 83. 
hispanica. Booth, ex Endl., 33. 
hispanica, Zam., 31. 
hudsonica, Lodd., 31. 
japonica, Carr., 27. 
japonica, Carr., var. aurea. 

/for^, 27. 
jacobiana,/for/. Jakoh-Makoy, 

litoraUs, Maxim., 33. 
Lycia, Z., 29. 
Lycia, Pa//., 29. 

macrocarpa, 'S16M., 33. 
macropoda, -Boif^r., 29. 

mezicaiia, Schiede, 29. 

nana, Willd., 33. 

nana var. hemisphaerica, 

Carr., 33. 
neaboriensis, Hort., 33. 
oblonga, £ie6., 33. 
oblonga, Gord.^ 83. 
ob\oii|;ii ^lA^^ak) ^^ . 

Junipenu occideatalis, Ho^-. \ KBteleerii 

oopbora. *■«..«, J9. I Larches, 75 

Oxjcedtui, L. Hfrb., 33. ^ arioeBC 73 

OxycBdraa,£..33. I £^^^^,^1 

pacbypUaea, r*"''-. ^9- I amenc 

pJl0eilicea,i-. "id variety ,2St. I americ 

procera, Mochsi., '29, 
pruslrata, /"ei*., 31. 
paendo - Sabina, Fisch. i- 

Mey., 29. 
piriformis, Lindl., 39. 

recurva, Buck. - Hom., and 

reeveaiana, Horl,, 37. 
relipoaa, Roylt, 29. 
r^penn, A^uft., 31. 
ripda, Sieh. ^ Zucc, 35. 

rufeBCcna, Hart. EJinli., 35. 
tufescens, iinA,35. 
sabinuidea, Endl., 31. 
Sabina, i- >^d vamiies, 29, 










Picea amabiiiB, Loud^ 79. 
anneslejana, ifori., 71. 
baNamea, Loud., 79. 
brachyphjila, Gord., 79. 
bracteata. Loud., 79. 
caenilea. Link., 65. 
canadciuiis, Ltnk., 63. 
ccphalonica. Loud., 79. 
commutata. Hurt. tUiq., 71. 
ooncolor, A. Murr., 81. 
coDcolor Tar. violacea, Roezl., 

Douglasii, Link., 87. 
Engelmaniii, Engelm,, and 

Tariety, 65. 
EDgelmanoi, Hort., 71. 

eriooides, Hort., 65. 
ezcelsa, Link, 65. 
Fortunei, A. Murr., 77. 
Fraseri, Loud., 81. 
Olehni, -F. Schmidt, 69. 
graudis. Loud., 81. 
hondoensifl, il/ayr, 73. 
jeiocnsifi, Maxim., 73. 
lasiocarpa, ^a/^., 81. 
lowiaoa, Gord., 83. 
magnifica, Gord., 83. 

Kazimowiczii, /7e^W., 69. 

Mcnziesii, Can:, 73. 
Meoziesii, llort., 7 1 . 
Meuzicsii, Pari., 73. 

Morinda, XmA, 69. 

nigra, Link., and varieties, 69. 
nigra var. glauca, Carr., 65. 
nigra var. rubra, Enyelm., 71. 
nobilii), Loud., 83. 
nordmauniana. Loud., 83. 
numidica, /?. Smith, 83. 
obovata, Ledeb., and varieties, 

obovata var, japouica, Maxim., 


Omorica, ii/o^/., 73. 

Picea orientaliB, Qwr., and varie- 
ties, 71. 

parryana, Hort., 71. 

parryana glauca, Hort., 71. 

pectinata. Loud., 85. 

Picbta, JLouif., 85. 

Pindrow, Loud., 85. 

pinnosa, Hort., 79. 

polita, Carr., 71. 

pnngens, Engelm., and 
varieties, 71. 

pungens argentea, Hort., 7 1 . 

rubra, XtnA., 71. 

sitchenBifl, Trautv. (f Mey., 

sitkaensis, Mayr, 73. 
smithiana, Boiss., 69. 
Veitcbii, J7orl., 85. 
Veitchii, Hort. aliq., 79. 
vulgaris, Link., 67. 
webbiana, Loud., 85. 
PinUB abchasica, Fiseh., 89, 
Abies, Duroif 85. 
Abies, Z., 67. 
Abies, Pari., 83. 
Abies Tar. cephalonlca, Par/., 

alba, Zam6., 65. 

albicaulifl, Engelm., 87. 
alcockiana. Pari., 65. 
amabilis, Dougl., 79. 
amabiiis, Par/, (partly), 83. 
americana, Duroi, 63. 
americana, Gaertn., 71. 
americana, var. rubra, TFaii- 

^ifitA., 71. 
Araragi, Sieb., 63. 
attenuata, Lemmou, 99. 
australis, Michx., 95. 
aastriaca, Hoess, 91. 

Ayacahnite, Ehrenb., 99. 
balfooriana, ^. Jfurr., and 

variety, 87. 

Dui balBamea, £., 79. i I 
baiikaiana, Lamb., B7. 

Uswdsleji, A. Mutt., 93. 
faeuihamiaiia, Hartio., SS. 

BoUnderi, Farl., 89. ; 

Jtouraicri, Carr., 89. ; 

bracteaU, D. Don, 79. | 

bracbjphyllm. Pari., 79. I 
brach3'ptera,£niref«., 93. 

bruDODiana, Wall., 63. ' 

Brutia, Tenure, 97. j 

bangeana, Zucc, 87. j 

Buooepanea, Rotzt., 99. | 

calabrica, Z)e'dntarr<,91. j 

califomica, HaTta., 99. | 

CBnadensis. Bony., 63. i 
caoBili'iuie, Duroi, 65. 

cauadeDBiB, L., 63. I 

canarianslB, c. Sm., S9. I 

caramimica, Boac, 91. I 
Cedrus, X., 75. 
CedruB var. atlaniica. Pail., ' 


Piou8 karamana. Moat., 93. 
Khatrow, Boyle^ €9. 

koraiensis, Sieb, jr Zuec.^ 99. 
lambertianay D<mgL, 99. 

lanceolata. Lamb., 59. 
laricina, Dnroi, 77. 

Laricio, PotV., 91. 

Laricio, Sattti^ 95. 

Laricio var. angnstisquama, 

Widk., 93. 
Laricio var. austriaca, Endl., 


Laricio Tar. cebennensis, 
Gren. and Godr,, 93. 

Laricio var. latiiquania, Wilik., 

Laricio var. leptopbjlla, 

Christ, 93. 
Laricio var. poiretiana, 

A ntoine, 9 1 . 
Laricio var. stricta, Carr,, 91. 
Larix, L., 75. 
Latteri, Madden, 95. 
laxa, Ehrh,, 65. 
leptolepis, Endl., 77. 
leucodermis, Antoine, 91. 
lindle^-ana, Chrd., 95. 
llaviaca, Schiede jr Deppe, 89. 
Loddigesii, Loud,<, 97. 
loineleuriana, Carr., 97. 

longifoUa, i?ox6., 93. 

loodoniana, Gord.^ 99. 
mac-iotoshiana, Lawson^ 89. 
macrocarpa, Lindl., 89. 
magclleosifi, Gusm., 91. 
Mariana, Duroi, C9. 
maritinia, C. Kochf 91. 
maritimay yii7., 91. 
maritima, Pa//., 93. 
maritima, Lamb., 89. 
maritima. Pair., 95. 
massoniaoa, Hort., 89. 
taassoDiana, 6Vc5. ^ Zucc, 99. 

Pinas Menxiesii, Dougl., 73. 
mertensianay Bong.^ 63. 
microcMrpa, Lamb,^ 77. 
mitiBi Michx^ 93. 

monopliylla, 7*orr., 93. 

montanay Ihiroi, and 
varieties, 93, 95. 

Montexiimae, Xam^. ^ar. 
monticola, Dougl, 100. 

Mughot, Jacq., 97. 
Mu|i[faas, ScopM 95. 
Mughus, TraA/eii5., 95. 
Mughus var. Pumilio, 95. 

muricata, i>. ^on, 95. 

murrayana, Lemmon, 89. 
neglecta, Hori., 93. 
nepalenaia. Bogle, 95. 
nigra, ^i7., 69. 
nigra, Link.^ 91. 
nigricans, Hoess, 91. 
nobilia, Dougl., 83. 
Nuttallii, Par/.. 77. 
Omorika, Pane, 73. 
orientalis, X., 71. 
osteosperma, Engelm., 89. 
pallaaiana. Lamb., 93. 

palnstris, iKf iV/., 95. 

paroliniana, TIV66, 97. 

parryana, l?n^/., 95. 

purryana, Gord,, 97. 

panriflora, »Si<?6. ^Zmcc, 100. 

pattoniana. Pari,, 63. 
pectinata, £am., 85. 
pendala, ^i7., 77. 
peraica, //or/., 89. 
Feuke, GHaeb., 100. 
IMcea, /.., 85. 
I^naster, ^m«., 91. 
Pinaater, Loud, (in part), 99. 
Pinaster, Soland., and 

variety, 95. 
Pindrow, Boyle, 85. 

Kdqs Pinea, ffabl., 93. 

Pinea. L., 95. 

Finsapo, Ptai., 83. 
PithjuBB, Strangle., 89. 
pOI^erOBa, Doagl., 9S. 
Fopocatepellii, Roezi, 99. 
Fomilio, Saenhe, 9S. 
pnTigwna, JIf icAx,, 97. 
PTrenaica, Lapeyr., 97. 
pyrenaiBa, Lapeyr. ( in pBrt),93. 
nS.iata,D. Don, 91. 
radiftta. Hor(..95. 
TesinOBa, Solaml., 97. 
rigansia, Dtsf., 97. 
rigidH, WW., 97. 
rigida var. Berotina, Loud., 97. 
romana, Horl., 91. 
rabra. £iun6.i 71. 
TuhTa, JtfiVAj-.,97, 
rubra, JtfiH., 97. 
nibra, Sieb., 99. 
rubra var. vlolacca, Endl., 6S. 

aabiidana, Dougi., 97. 

Salzmaom, I^nn., 9 it. 
gaoguiuea, Lapeyr., 93. 


Pnunnopitys elegan8,PA»/i>pt, 

spicata, Mast., 25. 
taxifolia, Mast., 25. 
Pseudolariz Fortanci, Mayr, 77. 

Kaempferi, Gord,, 77. 
PseudotBiiga Bouglasii, Catr., 

and Yaiieties, 87. 
taxifolia, Britton, 87. 

Retinispora dabia, Hort., 49. 
ericoides, Gard., 47. 
ericoides, Hort., 53. 
flayescens, Hort,, 58. 
juniperoides, Carr., 53. 
meldensis, Hort,, 55. 
obtasa, 5t>6. ^ Zucc, 45. 
pisifera, 5t>6. ^ Zucc,, 45. 
rigida, Carr., 53. 
eqaarrosa, Hort., 58. 

Sabina, 27. 

Salisburia adiantifolia, Salisb., 19. 

SaliflbarineaB, 19. 

Sapines, 77. 

Sazagothea conspicua, £tn(i/., 

Scbubertia sempervireosi Spach, 

Sciadopitys yerticillata, ^te^. 

4r Zttcc, 57. 

Sequoia gigantea, T'orr., and 

varieties, 57. 

lempernrenB, Endl., and 

yarieties, 57. 
Wellingtonia, Seem., 57. 
Silvers Firs» 79. 
Stacbjcarpus andina. Van Tieghem, 

Stfobus, 99. 

TazacesB, 19. 
Taxes, 21. 
HudnesB, 21. 

Tazodinese, 57. 

Taxodinm disticlraiii, Rich., and 

variety, 59. 
beteropbyllum, Brmign., 59. 
japonicum, Brongn., 59. 
mioropbyllum, Brongn., 59. 
sempervtrens. Lamb., 57. 
sinense, Gord., 59. 
washingtonianom, Winsl., 57. 
TaXUS baccata, L., and varieties, 

21, 23. 

canadensis, WUld., and 

variety, 23. 
Cnepidata, Sieh. fc Zucc., 23. 
Harringtonia, Knight ff Periy, 

japonica, Hort., 19. 

Tetraclinis articnlata. Mast.. 

Tbainae, 37, 
Tbniopsis borealis, Jlbr/., 48. 

troobetskoyana, Hort., 43. 

Tschugatskoyii, Hort., 43. 
Tbuya acuta, itfoeiicA, 51. 

argentea, 7/br/., 51. 

articnlata, Vahl, 85. 

asplenifolia, Hort, 49. 

aurea, Hort., 51. 

australis, ^or/., 55. 

caucasica, Hort., 47. 

caucasica, ^or/. aliq. 49. 

chilensis, I>. Don, 55. 

compacta, Hort., 53. 

craigiana, Hort., 49. 

craigiana, ^. Murr., 57. 

dolabrata, i^>/., and varieties, 

filiformis, Lodd., 55. 
flabellata, Hort., 49. 
flagelliformis, ITor/., 55. 
freneloides, Hort., 53. 
gigantea, ITor^., 57. 

gigantea, NuU., and varieties. 

Tbnja fngaotca var. jiqMUiiM, 
Fraud fr ''^''> SI- 
tijbnds, Hon., 59. 
intennedia, Uorl., sa, 
japonic*, Hort,, it. 
japOOiM, Mazim., 91. 
IjMu, ttorl., 49. 
IjeopodaMes. Hort., 49. | 

metdeniiii, Horl., 95. 
Meniiesii, Can-., 43. 
Meminii, Dougl., 49. 
iian*, Horl., 53. 
nana aarea, Bart,, JI, 
luaa compact* auiwa, Sbif., 

iwpaleiwis, /Tor/., 5S. | 

ohtusa, Mast., and variety, 45. 
ohCun, Moenrh., 47. 

occideatalii, £.. 47. 

occidental IB lar. compaclB, . 

Kmghl. 49. 
occldentalis var. pUratn.^or/., ; 

odorala, Marth., 47. 
Ohlendorli, Hort., 49. 
orientaliB, L., and TaiHetits, 

O »wi*> ^ 




Kew,Eng. Royal bo- ♦ 
tanlc gardens, 
••• Hand-list oi 
trees and shrubs 
grown In the arbo- 
retum, 1894-96. 









. *Atl. ^ ^^^^B 





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