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Full text of "Hand-list of a collection of Bibles, New Testaments and parts thereof, illustrating the progress and development of the text of the Bible by over a thousand editions in about 250 different languages"

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New Testaments and Parts thereof, 








H I 



New Testaments and Parts thereof, 








' I 'HE present collection has been brought together 
^ during a period of many years with the main 
object of illustrating the progress and development 
of critical knowledge in regard to the text of the 
Bible. Editions have not been multiplied irres- 
pective of their value in relation to this idea, but 
each distinct advance is clearly shown, almost 
every first edition of every particular version in 
any language finding a place in the collection. 
The collection is not merely bibliographical or 
curious — it is one of practical value to the student 
of Biblical Literature. 

Of the fourteen MSS., seven are of the whole 
Latin Bible on vellum — mostly of the 13th 
century ; one is an exceedingly valuable and 
curious MS. of the New Testament, and two are 
on paper, one being of the 14th, another of the 15th 

As to the Polyglots. They are all here with 
the exception of the first. There is a fine copy of 
the Antwerp, or Royal Polyglot, in 8 vols, folio, 

IV Introductory Note. 

which came from the hbrary of Bishop Cybick- 
owski, of Posen, and is in its original binding, but 
unfortunately not uniform ; a superb copy of the 
Paris, or Jay Polyglot, in 10 vols, folio, bound in 
vellum ; a Republican copy of the London Poly- 
glot, in 8 vols, folio, bound in dark blue morocco ; 
the Polyglot of Reineccius, of Stier and Theile, 
of Professor Lee, and practically all the smaller 
Polyglots. Bibles will also be found in Hebrew 
and Latin, and Hebrew and other languages, 
Latin and Greek, Latin in various versions, and 
German in various versions. Amongst them we 
m.ay specify the very rare Greek and Latin Basle 
editions of 1550 and 1582, and that printed by 
Stephens at Paris in 1628, 4 vols, folio, having in 
parallel columns the Greek Roman edition of 1586, 
and the Latin Roman edition of 1587, and also 
the Hebrew, Greek and Latin edition issued at 
Paris in 1584 with the very peculiar dedication to 
Henry HI. of France. Amongst the Polyglot 
editions of the New Testament, the exceedingly 
rare edition of Tremellius, published in Paris in 
1569, in Greek, Syriac and Latin, should be 
specified, as also the fact that all the folio editions 
of Beza, containing the Greek, the Latin Vulgate 
and his own translation — namely, those of 1565, 
1582, 1589, 1598 and 1642— are included in the 

Introductory Note. v 

Amongst the Hebrew Bibles, which amount 
to 96, will be observed the second and fourth 
Bomberg editions. Of the latter Butler, in his 
"Horse Biblicae" (vol. 2, p. 12), writes, "A person 
acquiring the fourth of them (the Bomberg 
editions), would have a great typographical cur- 
iosity, as it is only known to exist from the title of 
the fifth." In this collection will also be found a 
fine copy of the first Stephens edition of 1539-44, 
and of the editions of 1544-46 in 9 vols.; the 
editions of Hutter of 1587; the celebrated 
Buxtorf edition of 1665, the first edition of Athias 
of 1651, the first edition of Clodius of 1677, the 
first edition of Opitius of 1709, the first of 
Michaelis in 1720, the first of Reineccius in 
1725, the first of Hahn in 1831; the first Hebrew 
Bible (excepting the London Polyglot) printed in 
England, namely, the Oxford edition of 1750, and 
the most sumptuous edition of Kennicott printed 
at Oxford in 1776-80. The collection also contains 
editions of the versions of Desmaretz, Leusden, 
Simon, Biirchlin, Dcederlein and Meisner, Jahn, 
Knapp, d'Allemand, Theile and Reichardt. 

Amongst the Septuagint will be found the 
rarest of all, not even excepting the Aldine, namely, 
the first Roman edition dated 1586. Copies are 
of two dates, 1586 and 1587 — the former as the 
work originally appeared, the latter as it was 
subsequently issued with the addition of the figure 
1 with the pen. The latter copies are most 

VI Introductory Note. 

numerous, and consequently the edition is usually 
known as the Sixtine edition of 1587. The copy 
in the present collection is dated 1586. It was 
bought at Daly's sale in 1792 and passed into the 
Hastings Library. It is bound in red morocco by 
Roger Payne. The editions of Field, Cluver and 
Klumpf, of Grabe and Lee, first and other editions 
of Bos, Reineccius, Bretinger, Carpzovius, Holmes, 
Van Ess, Jager, Tischendorf, Loch, Nestle and 
Swete will be found in the collection. 

The Latin Bibles are not many more than 
fifty, but they are preeminently representative. 
All the great translations from the Hebrew are 
represented, and these mostly by the first edition 
of such. Thus amongst them will be found the 
original edition of Pagnini's translation printed at 
Lyons in 1527, being not only the first printed 
translation of the Bible direct from the Hebrew 
other than the Vulgate, but also the first Bible 
in which the chapters were divided into verses, 
and also the rare first edition and the second 
edition of the translation of Munster issued at 
Basle in 1534 and 1546. It is said that on this 
first edition of 1534 most of the alterations made 
by Coverdale in the Great Bible of 1539 were 
founded. These two editions of Munster having 
the Hebrew text as well as the Latin translation 
appear amongst the Hebrew and Latin Bibles. 

Introductory Note. vii 

The collection also contains a large paper copy in 
the original binding with metal clasps complete of 
the celebrated first Zurich edition of 1543, being 
the translation of Leo Juda printed by the printer 
of the first complete English edition of the Scrip- 
tures; the first edition of the peculiar translation 
of Castalio made in 1551 and dedicated to King 
Edward VI. ; the first edition of the translations of 
Tremellius and Junius printed at Frankfort in 
1575, the translation of Schmidt 1697 issued at 
Strasburg, the remarkable translation of Le Clerc 
of the Old Testament direct from the Hebrew 
issued at Amsterdam in 1710 in four vols, folio; 
the celebrated translation of Houbigant issued at 
Paris in 1743, 4 vols, folio, which by reason of its 
giving the Hebrew text also is placed with the 
Munster editions above mentioned amongst the 
Hebrew and Latin Bibles. There is also the little 
known but remarkably accurate translation of 
Dathe issued at Halle in 1791-79. It will therefore 
be seen that practically every Latin translation 
direct from the Hebrew is represented in this 
collection, and these, with the exception of one, 
the least important of all — the Schmidt translation 
which is represented by the second edition — are 
all in the original editions. 

The Vulgate is represented by the Sacon 
editions printed at Lyons in 1511 and 1522, and 
the Kerver editions printed at Paris in 1526 and 

VIII Introductory Note. 

1534, also by one of the rarest of all the Latin 
editions, namely the Cologne edition of 1530, of 
which no other copy is known but that in the 
Stuttgart Library. We should also mention the 
exceedingly rare first Benedictine edition issued at 
Paris in 1541, the first Lovain edition of 1547, in 
which Hentenius amends the Vulgate, and the first 
edition of Andreas Osiander of 1()06 also amending 
the Vulgate. Amongst the Latin editions mention 
should be made of the remarkably rare Cratander 
edition printed at Basle in 1526, which was a 
translation into Latin from the Septuagint ; also 
of the fact that copies will be found in the 
collection of the first, second and third editions of 
the Latin Bible printed in London. Specimens 
will also be found of the Commentaries of De Lyra 
issued in the fifteenth century. 

Of the Greek Testament, there are 270 
editions — amongst these the first, second and third 
editions of Erasmus should be noticed, as also the 
first edition of Bebelius 1524, which is so rare that 
Theile was ignorant of it and Dibdin remarks that 
it has not been noticed by either Michaelis or his 
editor Marsh. Amongst the first editions of the 
Greek Testament we may specify — the first editions 
of Plater 1538, of Crispin 1553, of Raphelingus 1591, 
of Vignon 1590, of Stoer 1609, of Whitaker 1632, 
two copies of the first Elzevir edition of 1624 
varying, of Curcellgeus 1658, of Pearson 1665, of 
Fell 1675, of Mill 1707, of Gerhardus 1711 

Introductory Note. ix 

of Maittaire 1714, of Bengel 1734, of Ruddiman 
1741, of Wetstein 1761, of Griesbach 1775-77, of 
Mattha^i 1782-88, of Knapp 1797, of Schott 1805, 
of Valpy 1816, of Vater 1824, of Van Ess 1827, of 
Scholz 1830-36, of Burton 1831, of Lachmann 
1831, being the first critical text ever issued, of 
Scholefield 1834, of Trollope 1837, of Hahn 1840, 
of Tischendorf 1841, of Greenfield 1843, of Alford 
1849-61, and others. It would be difficult to 
discover the first edition of any version of the 
Greek Testament not in the collection. In it will 
also be observed the splendid Mazarine edition of 
1642, and a large paper copy of the Duke of 
Grafton's edition of 1803-7 of which only 50 copies 
were issued. Here also will be found that ex- 
ceedingly rare first edition in modern Greek issued 
at Geneva in 1638 under the patronage of Cyril 
Lucar who presented the Codex Alexandrinus to 
King Charles the First. Still rarer however is the 
edition in modern Greek ol 1703, which is also in 
the collection ; for this work was solemnly cursed 
and burnt in the Patriarchal Palace, and copies 
are in consequence of exceptional rarity. See 
Butler's Horae Bibl. p. 161. 

The collection does not profess to extend to 
English editions of the Bible, and amongst these 
there is nothing rare or of particular value, but the 
material on which the English editions have been 
founded find a place in the collection. The 

X Introductory Note. 

Rheims edition of Fulke for instance, will be seen 
to be represented by the first, second and third 

Amongst the versions in various languages we 
should note the presence of an unusually fine copy 
of the exceedingly rare edition of the Editio 
Princeps of the Syriac New Testament printed 
at Vienna in 1556 — also of some very rare French, 
Dutch, and Italian editions, including in the last 
the first edition of Diodati of 1607. There will 
also be seen the rare Spanish Bear Bible of 1622, 
the Lapponese Bible of 1811 in 4to, of which only 
50 copies were struck off, the first x\rabic edition 
of the Gospels issued at Rome m 1590-1, and the 
first Arabic Bible printed at Rome in 1671, both of 
exceeding rarity. Besides these will be found the 
first edition of the Gothic and Anglo-Saxon issued at 
Dort in 1665, Pococke's Elzevir edition of the four 
Catholic Epistles in Syriac printed at Leyden in 
1630, and the very rare Malaya Bible issued at 
Amsterdam in 1733. It may be mentioned too 
that the collection contains a copy of the cancelled 
edition of the Syriac Gospels and Acts printed in 
1815 under the direction of Dr. Buchanan, the rare 
Esthomaic edition of the New Testament of 1815 
and the Revel Esthomaic of the following year, the 
Armenian edition printed at St. Petersburg in 
1819, and the Rarotonga edition of the New 
Testament of 1836. 

Introductory Note. xi 

The Bible, and parts thereof where the Bible 
itself has not been issued, will be found to be 
represented in the collection in 250 languages. 

The Codices are not placed by themselves, 
but are arranged in the collection under their 
several heads and under the dates when printed. 
Amongst these will be found the following: — 

Baber's Facsimile of the Psalms from the 
Codex Alexandrinus. 

Woide's New Testament from the same 

Scrivener's Codex Bezse and Codex AuH- 

Barrett's Codex Dublinensis. 

Hearne's Codex Laudianus. 

Dobbin's Codex Montfortianus. ^ 

Tischendorf's Codex Amiatinus. 

Belsheim's Codex Colbertinus, Codex San- 

Massmann's Ulfilas, and others. 

Amongst the works connected with the Bible 
we may specify, of the Mammotrectus super 
Bibliam, the Jenson edition printed at Venice in 
1479, and the very rare Strasburg edition of 1487, 
also the Biblia Aurea of Rampigollis printed at 
Strasburg in 1509 and a large paper copy of 
Montfaucon's edition of Origen's Hexapla, 2 vols, 
folio, and Erasmus's Paraphraseon printed at 
Basle in 1541. 

XII Introductory Note. 

The total number of different works and editions 
is over eleven hundred, and of volumes in the 
collection nearly fifteen hundred. Comparing the 
present collection with the celebrated one made by 
the Duke of Sussex as set forth in the Bibliotheca 
Sussexiana of Mr. Pettigrew, it will be seen that 
the Polyglot editions in that collection barely 
amounted to half the editions in this, that his 
Hebrew editions were fewer, his Septuagints many 
less and his editions of the Greek Testament 
fewer by some 70 editions. Also it may be 
mentioned that the languages represented in his 
Grace's collection did not number a quarter of 
those represented in the present collection. 


XIII. Century. Biblia Latina, on vellum, 4to. Written in 
a beautiful and very regular and minute character. The 
titles, chapters, etc., in blue and red, and the initial 
letters are curiously illuminated in red, blue, and green. 
The MS. is perfect and finely preserved. 300 ff. in 
double columns. Bound in old morocco, gilt edges. 

XIII. Century, Biblia Latina, cum interpretatione Hebr. 
nominum. On vellum 4to. Written in double columns 
of 65 1. to a column in Gothic characters, in red and 
black ornamental capitals, floriated borders. Wanting 
first leaf of the Prologue. Bible perfect. Bound in 
stamped calf. Much curious MS. bound up at end of 

XIII. Century. Biblia Latina, beautifully written in a very 
minute hand in red and black on 271 leaves of thin 
vellum, in double columns of 76 lines to a column. The 
capitals coloured throughout. Bound in 2 vols, small 
4to vellum, gilt edges. 

This is a fine specimen of thirteen century cali- 
graphy, probably by an English scribe. The first volume 
wants the first leaf and the second volume two leaves at 
the end. The minute penmanship of this MS. places 
it amongst the finest known specimens. The workman- 
ship of the Psalms, written in red, blue, and black, is a 
perfect marvel. 

2 Manuscripts. 

XIII. or XIV. Century. Biblia Latina. Written on vel- 
lum, the first two leaves in a later hand. Much stained 
and latter portion faded and worn. It is a 4to in double 
columns. Very numerous miniatures in illuminated ini- 
tials, executed evidently by an artist of no mean order, 
the expressions of the faces being marvellously character- 
istic. Bound in old morocco, elaborate gilt tooling. 

XIV. Century. Biblia Latina, cum praefatione D. Hiero- 
nymi et Apoc. MS. on vellum fol. This superb MS. is 
written on 343 leaves in Gothic characters, red and 
black, double columns with many initial letters finely 
painted in gold and colours. The Canon differs from 
the received order. 

XIV. Century. Biblia Latina, cum interpretatione Hebr. 
nominum. MS. 4to. on fine thin vellum, remarkably 
well written in Gothic characters with jet black and red 
ink. Hundreds of ornamenal capitals finely painted in 
colours. There are 499 leaves and the volume is in a 
15th century binding rebacked 16th October 1538. This 
has been a chained book. 

XIV. Century. Biblia Latina, cum interpretatione hebr* 
nominum. Written on vellum of the finest quality in a 
regular hand, double columns of 62 lines to a column. 
Wanting the first initial letter and a leaf in Genesis, 
Rubricated in red and blue, MS. notes, particularly in 
N. T. Bound in old red velvet, newly rebacked with 
crimson calf. 8vo. 

XIII. Century. Testamentum Novum, Latine. MS. 4to. 
on vellum in red and black, with very beautiful initial 
letters painted in colour and burnished gold. 192 leaves 
bound in old vellum. This is an exceedingly valuable 
and curious MS. of which the Canon differs greatly from 
that of the Vulgate. 

Manuscripts. 8 

XIV. Century, Biblia Latina. MS. on paper of the 14th 
century, written in black and red in double columns, 318 
leaves. It is a folio in the original binding of wood and 
leather. The order of the Books, particularly of the 
N. T., is most peculiar. 

XV. Century. Biblia Latina. Genesis to Kings. This is a 
folio written in large characters on paper in red and 
black, two columns on 339 leaves. The MS. was not 
unlikely written in the 14th century, and belonged to the 
Monastery of St. Crucis. 

MS. of the New Testament. A new translation into Eng- 
lish. 2 vols. 4to. A translation of considerable merit 
made in the last century, but by whom does not appear. 
The MS. came from the St. Thomas Phillipps's Library. 

XIII, Century. MS. on vellum. Biblia totius expositio 
allegorica. Small 4to. Beautifully written on 68 leaves 
in Gothic characters, double columns, capitals in red 
and blue. Bound in old calf, gilt. 

XV. Century. Collection of ancient German Prayers written 
on vellum, 32mo. 

XV. Century. Prayers and Devotional Maxims drawn from 
the early Fathers, etc. This is a Flemish MS., on 168 
leaves of vellum 3-|- by 2f , written in a cursive hand with 
red initials. 



1569-72. Antverpiae, Plantin, 8 vols. fol. Known as the 
Royal Polyglot. 500 copies only were printed, and most 
of these were lost at sea. Besides all in the Complu- 
tensian, it has a part of the Chaldee paraphrase of the 
O. T., and a literal Latin translation by Pagninus, im- 
proved by Ariasillontanus. There is also a Syriac ver- 
sion of the N. T. with a Latin translation by Boderianus. 
Bound in stamped vellum but not uniform. 

1586. Ex offic. Sanctandreana. 2 vols. fol. Hebrew, Greek, 
and two versions Latin. Known as Vatabli's Bible. Fine 
copy, but stained. 

1596. Hamburg, Lucius. 5 vols. fol. Wolder's Polyglot. 

1645. Paris, typis A. Vitre. 10 vols. fol. Fine copy of the 
celebrated Parisian Polyglot of Le Jay. It is certainly 
the most sumptuous of all the Polyglots. The Samaritan 
Pentateuch and a Samaritan version of it first appeared 
in this work. It also contains an Arabic translation of 
the whole Bible and a Syriac translation of the O. T. 
There are, besides, Latin translations of all the oriental 

1657. London, Rycroft. 8 vols. fol. This is a Republican 
copy of the London Polyglot and the most valuable of 
all. In addition to what is contained in the other Poly- 
glots, it has the Psalms, Solomon's Song and the N. T. 
in Ethiopic and the four Gospels in Persic. The in- 
valuable Lexicon of Castell -accompanies this work, 
which is bound in old dark blue morocco. 

Polyglots. 5 

1750. Lipsiae, Lanckisiana. 4 vols, fol. The Polyglot of 

1831. London, Bagster. 2 vols. fol. The Polyglot of Lee 
in eight languages. 

1854. Bielefeld, 6 vols. 8vo. The Polyglot by Stier and 

1874. London, Dickinson and Higham. 6 vols. 4to. The 

Hexaglot Bible. 
1890. London, Dickinson. 2 vols. 4to. The Triglota 


Iportiona of the Bible* 


1693. Anistel., Borstius. fol. The Apocalypse, etc. Ed. 
De Dieu. 


1584. Parisiis, apud J. Benenatum. 4to. N. T. Title 
page mounted. This has the Epistle to Henry IIL, 
King of France and Poland, written by Guido F'abri- 
cius Boderianus or Guy Le Fevre. The Syriac text is 
printed in Chaldee letters without points. Dr. Clarke 
calls this a valuable and scarce edition. 

1845. London, Parker. 8vo. Ecclesiastes. The Hebrew 
text and Latin version, with original and philological 
notes and a translation of the commentary of Mendels- 
sohn, also a newly arranged English version with Ana- 
lysis, etc. 


1569. Geneva, Stephens, fol. Fine edition of N. T. of 
Tremellius, and exceedingly rare. There was no copy 
in the Sussex collection. 

6 Polyglots. 

1630. Lug. Bat., Elzevir. 4to. The four Catholic Epistles 
from Bodleian by E. Pocoche. Very rare. 

1627. Lugd. Bat., Elzevir. 4to. Apocalypsis S. Johannis, 
ex Manuscripto exemplari a Bibl. Clariss. Viri Josephi 
Scaligeri deprompto edita charactere Syro et Ebraeo, 
cum versione Latina et notis opera et studio Lud. de 
Dieu. This is the first edition of the Apocalypse in the 
Syriac tongue. Rare. Bound up with last volume. 

1673. Mons, Migeot. 2 vols. 8vo. N. T. 

1854. Lipsiae, Avenarius et Mendelssohn. Obi. Triglota. 
N. T. 


1565. [Geneva] H. Stephens, fol. vellum. Celebrated first 
edition of Beza's N.T. Dedicated to Queen Elizabeth. 

1582. [Geneva] Stephens, fol. N.T. 

1589. [Geneva] Stephens, fol. N. T. 

1598. [Geneva] . fol. An exceedingly rare edition of 
Beza's N. T. of which there was no copy in the Sussex 

1642. Cantab., Daniel, fol. Best edition of Beza's N. T. 
with notes of Camerarius. 

1684. Amstel., Deyster, etc. 8vo. N. T. 


1534-5. Basileae. 2 vols. fol. This is the first edition of 
Munster's translation from the Hebrew and exceedingly 
rare. It is bound in stamped vellum, some leaves being 
loose. Most of the alterations made by Coverdale in 
the Great Bible of 1539 are said to have been made from 
this edition of Munster. 

Polyglots. 7 

1546. Basileas, Michaelis et Petri. 2 vols fol. Munster's 

second edition. 
1609. Geneva, P. de la Rouiere. fol. 
1613. Ex off. Plantiniana Raphelengii. 5 vols. 8vo. 
1619. Geneva, P. de la Rouiere. fol. 
1657. Lipsiae, Kirchner. fol. 

1689. Lipsiae, Mayerus. 12mo. Bibl. Parva. Ed. Opitius. 
1714. Lipsiae, Klosius. 12nio. Bibl. Parva. Ed. Opitius. 
1740. Lipsiae, Deer. 2 vols. 4to. Schmid's edition. 

Original translation from the Hebrew. 

1753. Paris, Briasson and Durand. 4 vols. fol. Houbigant's 
magnificent production, of which 300 copies only were 
printed. Bishop Watson says of Houbigant : " He 
anticipated in some measure the labours of Kennicott." 

1838. Lipsiae, Tauchnitz. 2 vols. 8vo. 

Ilortiona of tijc ^ibk onlu. 

1675. Basileae, Konig. 24mo. Psalms with the Latin 
version of Pagnini. 

1555. Paris, Martin le Jeune. 12mo. The Gospel according 
to St. Matthew. 


1810-16. Pontefract and London, Boothroyd. 2 vols. 4to. 

One of the most useful of editions ever issued for 

ordinary use by Englishmen. 
[1834.] London, Bagster. 4to. 
1870. Vienna, Holzhausen. 4to. 
1877. Vienna, Holzhausen. 4to. 


1808-9. Wien, Schmid. 5 vols. 8vo. The Pentateuch 
with Mendelssohn's German translation in Hebrew 

8 Polyglots. 

1824. Hamburg, Crust. 18 vols, bound in 4. 8vo. Ed. 


1830. London, Bagster and Thorns. 2 vols. 8vo. 

1856. London. 2 vols. 8vo. 

1856. London. First volume only, different edition to last. 

1870. Wien, Reichard and Co. 4to. 
1872. Wien, Reichard and Co. 4to. 


1762. Amstel., Proops. fol. 

1871. Vienna. 2 vols. 4to. Hebrew with Hebrew-Spanish 
translation by W. G. Schauffer. 



1584. Salmanticse, G. a Portonarii et S. Rouillii. 2 vols 

fol. With Scholia of Vatabli. 
1609. Venetiis, A. Pinelli. 2 vols. fol. Contains four Latin 

1616. Antverpiae, Keerbergius. 3 vols. fol. Four Latin 

1605. Hanoviae, typis Wechelianis. 4to. Old and new 




1682. Paris. 35 vols, in 32. 8vo. Ed. de Sacy. 

|)ortions of ^ilik. 
1678. Paris, Pierre le Petit. 12mo. Psalms from Latin 

Vulg. with translations from the Hebrew and from the 

Vulgate in parallel columns. 
1602. Lyon, Hartz. 16mo. N. T. 
1703. Bruxelles. 12mo. L' Apocalypse de S. Jean. Ed, 

de Sacy. 

Polyglots. 9 

1748. Augsburg, Strotter. fol. Bible. 


1711. Hamburg, HoUe. 3 vols. 4to. Biblia Pentapla, 
having five various German versions. 

1550. Basileae, Brylinger. 8vo. The Greek is from the 

Aldine and the Latin, the Vulgate, as in the Com- 

1582. Basileae, Brylinger. 8vo. 
1628. Paris, Stephens. 4 vols. fol. The former, the Greek 

of 1586, the latter the Latin of 1587. 
1839. Paris, Didot. 2 vols. 8vo. Ed. Jager. 
[1840.] London, Bagster. 12mo. 

NOTE — The Greek and Latin New Testaments are placed with the 
Greek Testaments. 

f ortinns of ©lit Cestament. 
1612. [Antverpise] , Plantin. 8vo. Bibliorum pars Grseca 

quae Hebraice non invenitur, cum interlineari inter- 

pretatione Latina, ex Bibliis Complutensibus deprompta. 
1584. Antverpiae, Plantin, 24mo. Septuagint Psalms. 

Very rare. 
1596. 12mo. Apollinarius. Apollinarii interpretatio 

Psalmorum versibus heroicis. Grseca recensuit F. 

Sylburgius Latinam vero interpretationem locis non 

paucis meliorem fecit. 
1646. Cantab. 12mo. Duport (Jac). Tres libri 

Solomonis scilicet Proverbia, Ecclesiastes, Cantica, 

Grseco carmine donati. 
1652. Oxonii. 12mo. Ailmer (Jo.). Musae Sacrae: seu 

Jonas, Jeremias Threni, et Daniel, Graeco reddite 



1878. London, Bagster and Sons. 4to. 

10 Polyglots. 


Skeat (Walter W.). The Gospels in Anglo-Saxon, North- 
umbrian, and old Merician versions synoptically ar- 
ranged, with collations exhibiting all the readings of all 
the MSS. 4to. Cambridge, vol. 1, 1887; vol. 2, 1871 ; 
vol. 3, 1874 ; vol. 4, 1878. 

1852. Bangalore. Bvo. The Gospels and Acts. 

The Psalms of David. 4to. 

1856. New York, Amer. B. S. Bvo. Bible. 

1872. Basileae, Spittler. Psalms. 12mo, cloth. 


1892. London. St. Luke. 12mo., cloth. The first is the 
dialect spoken in East Africa, the second the central 
dialect as spoken at Mombasa. 


1665. Dordrechti, Essaeus. 4to. New Test, first edition. 

1888. London, Reeves & Turner. 8vo. The Gothic and 
Anglo-Saxon Gospels in parallel columns with the ver- 
sions of Wycliffe and Tyndale, by Bosworthand Waring. 
Third edition. 


The New Test. 4to. Fine copy. 


1815. Evangelica Sancta necnon Acta Apostolorum Syriae 
cum Interpretatione Latina. Broxbourne, Watts. 4to. 
Exceedingly rare, copies having been cancelled. 




1521. Venice, Bomberg. 2 vols. 4to. The second Bomber 
edition bound in oak and stamped vellum. 

1533. Venice, Bomberg. 4to. vol. 1. The exceedingly rare 
and almost unknown fourth Bomber edition. 

1539-44. Paris, Stephens. 2 vols. 4to. The first Stephens 
edition of the Hebrev/ Bible. 

1544-46. Paris, Stephens. 9 vols. 16mo. 

1566. Antwerp, Plantin. 2 vols. 8vo. 

1566. Antwerp, Plantin. 4to. 

1580. Antwerp, Plantin. 4to. 

1587. Hamburgi, Wolfius. fol. The celebrated first 
Edition of Hutter. 

1610. Liedae, ex off. Rapheling. 24mo. 

1617. Geneva, P. de la Rouiere. 16mo. Levit. to Deut. 
only. 1 vol. 

1618. Geneva, P. de la Rouiere. with Greek Test. 1620. 

1630. Amsterdam, Laurentius. 8vo, 

1639. Amsterdam, Jansson. 8vo. 

1639. Amsterdam, Jansson. 8vo. With Greek Test. 

1661. Amsterdam, Athias. 2 vols. 8vo. 

1662. Lugduni, typis Nisselianis. 8vo. 

1665. Buxtorf's Heb. Bible with Tiberias, fol. 

12 Hebrew. 

1667. Amstel., typis Athiae. 2 vols. 8vo. Vol. 1 only. 
For this edition Athias was presented with a chain of 
gold and a gold medal pendant by the States-General. 

1677. Francof., ad Mcenum, typis Wustii. 8vo. 

1694. Francof., Wustii. 12mo. 

1700-5. Amstel., Athias. 4 vols. 12mo. 

1701. Amstel., Borstius, etc. 12mo. Ed. Desmaretz. 

1705. Amstel. & Ultraj., Boom, etc. 2 vols, in 1. 8vo. 
This is the celebrated first edition of Van der Hoogt. 
Kennicott states that the variations between it and the 
first edition of the Hebrew Bible of 1488 amount to 
12,000. It is, however, the text from which Houbigant 
and Kennicott and most later editors have printed their 

1705. Amstel., Torcesius. 12mo. 

1709. Kilonii, Renter. 4 vols. 4to. The first edition of 

1712. Francof., Wustii. 8vo. Ed. Clodius. 

1712. Berhn, s. ty. n. 12mo. Ed. Jablonski. 

1712. Kiloni, Reuther. 4to. E^*. Opitius. 

1717. Francof., Andrea. 4to. Ed. Biircklin. 

1720. Magdeburg, Orphanotrophi. 8vo. First edition of 

1725-30. Lipsiae, Breitkopffius. 8vo. Ed. Reineccius, with 
N. T. bound in old French morocco. 

1729. Lipsiae, Heinsius. 4to. Ed. Dachselius. 

1739. Lipsiae, Lanckisian. 4to. Ed. Reineccius, having the 
singularity of the leaves turning from the left to the 
right after the ordinary manner. 

1741. Zullichav. apud G. B. Frommannum. 2 vols. 4to. 
Ed. Michaelis. 

Hebrew. 13 

1750. Oxonii, Clarendon. 4to. The first Hebrew Bible 
excepting the London Polyglot printed in England. It 
was edited by Nath. Forster. 

1752. Halae Magd., Bierwethius. 8vo. Ed. Simon. 

1753. Amstel, Wetstein. 2 vols. 8vo. Ed. Simon. 
1756. Lipsise, Breitkopffius. 8vo. Ed. Reineccius. 

1762. Amstel. 5 vols. Svo. With com. of Raschi. Fine 
old red calf binding, extra gold tooling on sides. 

1767. Halge, Orphanotrophei. 8vo. Best edition of Simon. 
1776-80. Oxonii, Clarendon. 2 vols. fol. Kennicott's 
celebrated edition. 

1793. Lipsiae, Breitkopfii et Soc. 2 vols, in 1. 8vo. Edition 
of Doederlein and Meisner. The text is after Reineccius, 
and it has the chief various readings of Kennicott and 
De Rossi. 

1806. Vienna, Wappler and Bech. 4 vols. 8vo. Ed. Jahn. 

1812. London, Goakman. 2 vols. Svo. Ed. Frey. 

1818. Halae et BeroHni, Libr. Orphanotrophei. Svo. Ed. 

1822. Halae, Orphanotrophei. Svo. Ed. Simon. 
1822-1. London, Mackintosh. Svo. Ed. d'Allemand. 

1823. London, Bagster. Svo. 
1824-7. Basilese, Haas. 2 vols. Svo. 

1825. Sulzbach, with Targum of Onkelos and Raschi. 4to. 

Several pages worn and patched. 

1825. London, Bagster. 12mo. 

1825. London, Mackintosh. Svo. Ed. d'Allemand. 

1827. Basilese, Haas. Svo. 

1828. London, Mackintosh. 2 ^s. Svo. Ed. d'Allemand. 
1828. Halae, Orphanotrophei. Svo. Ed. Simon. 

1831. Lipsiae, Tauchnitz. Svo. First edition of Hahn. 

1831. London, Bagster. Svo. 

1833. Lipsise, Car. Tauchnitz. Svo. Ed. Hahn. 

1833. Lipsiae, Bern. Tauchnitz. Svo. Ed. Theile. 

14 Hebrew. 

1833, London, Mackintosh. 8vo. Ed. d'Allemand. 

1834. London, Mackintosh. 8vo. 

1834. Lipsise, Tauchnitz. 8vo. Preface by Rosenmiiller. 

1836. London, Macintosh. 2 vols. 8vo. Ed. d'Allemand. 

1838. Lipsias, Tauchnitz. 8vo. Preface by Rosenmiiller. 

1839. London, Macintosh. 2 vols. 8vo. Ed. d'Allemand. 
1839. Lipsiae, Tauchnitz. 2 vols. 8vo. Ed. Hahn. 
1844. London, Macintosh. 8vo Ed. d'Allemand. 

1846. London, Macintosh. 8vo. Ed. Reichardt. 

1849. Lipsiae, Tauchnitz. 8vo. Ed. Theile. 

1850. London, Mackintosh. 8vo. Ed. d'Allemand. 
1852. London, Bohn. Hvo. Ed. d'Allemand. 
1852. Vienna. 8vo. 

1858. London. 8vo. 

1859. Lipsiae, Tauchnitz. 8vo, Ed. Theile. 
1861. London, Bible Society. 8vo. 

1863. Lipsiae, Tauchnitz. 8vo. Ed. Hahn. 

1866. Berhn. 12mo. Ed. Letteris. 

1867. London, s. ty. n. 8vo. 

1867. Lipsiae, Tauchnitz. 8vo. Ed. Theile. 

1867. Lipsiae, Bredtius. 8vo. Ed. Hahn. 

1870. Cantab., Johnson. 4to. Ed. Sinker and Leeke. 

Genesis — Psalms. 

1872. Vienna, Holzhausen. 8vo. 2 vols. Not uniform. 

1874. Vienna, Holzhausen. 8vo. 

1876. Lipsiae, Tauchnitz. 8vo. 

1878. Lipsiae, Tauchnitz. 8vo. Ed. Theile. 

1879. Lipsiae, Bredtius. 8vo. Ed. Hahn. 

[1880.] London, Bagster. 12mo. Masoretie notes. 

1882. Vienna. 8vo. 

1883. Lipsiae, Tauchnitz. 8vo. Ed. Theile. 

1885. Vienna. 8vo. 

1886. Lipsiae, Bredtius. 8vo. Ed. Hahn. 

1887. Vienna, Holzhausen. 8vo. 
1889. B. and F. B. Society. 8vo. 

Hebrew. 16 

1889. Lipsiae, Tauchnitz. 8vo. Ed. Theile. 
1889. Vienna, Holzhausen. 8vo. 
1891. Vienna, Holzhausen. 8vo. 

Iportioiui of ®lb ^C6tamcnt 

1790. Oxonii, Clarendon. 2 vols. 8vo. Pentateuchus 
Hebraeo-Samaritanus charactere Hebraeo-Chaldaico. 
Ed. B. Blayney. 

1872. Berolini, Moeser. 8vo. Genesis. Ed. H. Peter- 
mann. Pentateuchus Samaritanus. 

1547. Basilese, Froben. 12mo. Psalms. Copy from the 
University of Feisburg. 

1576. Witebergae, ex off. Cratonis. 12mo. Psalms. Ed. 
by M. Hier. Opitius. 

1634. Amstel., Laurentius. 24mo. Psalms. Ed. Menasseh 
Ben Israel. 

1637. Lugd. Bat., Maire. 24mo. Psalms. 

1685. Cantab., Hayes. 24mo. Psalms. By W. Robertson. 
Also " Liber lamentationum Jeremiae." 

1845. London, Parker. 2 vols. 8vo. The Psalms in Hebrew 
with a critical, exergetical and philological commentary 
by George Phillips. 

[1524.] [Basileae.] 12mo. Munster (Sebast.). Proverbia 
Solomonis, jam recens juxta Hebraicam veritate trans- 
lata, et annotationibus illustrata. 

IRcw ^c^tamcnt 

[1840.] London, Macintosh. 8vo. Without points. 
S. A. London, Bagster. 24mo. 




1526. Argent., Cephalaeus. 8vo. 

1546. Basileae, J. Hervagius. fol. A reprint of the Aldine 
edition with variants. The preface was written by 

1586. Romae, Zamietti. fol. First Roman edition and 
very scarce. Bound in old French morocco. From the 
Hastings Library. 

1597. Francof., Wechelii. 2 vols. fol. Ed. Junius. 

1658. London, Daniel. 4to. Large paper copy, bound in 

1665. Cantab., Field. 2 vols, in 1. 12mo. 

1683. Amstel., Someren, etc. 12mo. Preface by Bp, 

1683. Amstel., Someren, etc. 12mo. Having a different 
title page to last-mentioned edition. 

1697. Lipsiae, Flischer. 8vo. Ed. Cluver et Klumpf; 
with Scholia and N. T. 

1707-20. Oxonii, Sheldonian. 4 vols, in 2, fol. Ed. Grabe 
and Lee. 

1707-20. Oxonii, Sheldonian. 6 vols. 8vo. Ed. Grabe 
and Lee. 

1709. Francof., Halma. 2 vols, in 1, 4to. First edition 
of Bos. 

Septuagints. 17 

1725, Amstel., sumpt. Societatis. 2 vols. 8vo. 

1730. Lipsiae, Breitkopf. 8vo. Ed. Reineccius, With 
apocryphal books of O. T. in Greek. 

1730-2. Tiguri, Heidegger et Soc. 4 vols. 4to. Ed. Brei- 


1757. Lipsiae, Breitkopf. 8vo. Ed. Reineccius with apo- 
cryphal books of O. T. 

1759-60. Halae, sumpt. Orphanotrophei. 4 vols, 12mo. 
The copy in B. M. is imperfect. 

1805. Oxonii, Clarendon. 4 vols. 8vo. Ed. Bos. 

1817. Oxonii, Clarendon. 6 vols, in 4. 8vo. Ed. Carp- 

1821. Moscow. 5 vols, in 1. 4to. Excessively rare. 

1822. Glasguae, a prelo Academico. 4 vols. 12mo. Ed. 
Holmes and Bos. 

1822-8. Venetiis, Glichius. 3 vols. 8vo. Ed. Vat. et Alex. 

1824. Lipsia:;, Tauchnitz. 8vo. Vat. with preface of 
Van Ess, 

[1824] . London, Valpy, 8vo, Ed. Holmes and Bos. 

1827, London, Bagster. 12mo. Ed. Vat. and Grabe. 

1828. London, Bagster. 12mo. Ed. Vat. and Grabe. 

1831. Glasguae, Hutchison and Brockman. 2 vols. 18mo. 
Ed. Holmes and Bos, with pref. by Bp. Pearson. 

1835. Lipsiae, Tauchnitz. 8vo. Ed. Van Ess. 

1843. London, Tegg, 2 vols. 18mo. Ed. Holmes and 
Bos, with preface by Bp. Pearson. 

1848. Oxonii, e typ. Acad. 3 vols, 12mo, Ed, from Vat. 
and Alex, 

1850, Lipsiae, Brockhaus. 2 vols, 8vo. Ed. Tischendorf, 

1855. Lipsiae, Hinnchs. 4to. Ed. Tischendorf. 

1855, Lipsiae, Tauchnitz. 8vo. Ed. Vat. and Van Ess, 

1856, Lipsiae, Tauchnitz, 8vo, Ed, Van Ess. 


18 Septuagints. 

1859. Oxonii, Wright. 8vo. Ed. Field. 

1860. Lipsiae, Brockhaus. 2 vols, in 1. 8vo. Ed. Tischen- 
dorf from Cod. Vat. 

1866. Ratisbon., Manz. 8vo. Ed. Loch. 

1868. Lipsiae, Bredt. 8vo. Ed. Van Ess. 

1869. Lipsiae, Brockhaus. 2 vols. 8vo. Fourth edition 
of Tischendorf. 

1875. Oxonii, Clarendon. 3 vols. 18mo. Ed. Codd. Vat. 
and Alex. 

1886. Ratisbon., Manz. 8vo. Ed. Loch. 

[1886.] London, Bagster. 12mo. Ed. Vat. and Grabe. 
Poly. pref. 

1887. Lipsiae, Brockhaus. 2 vols. 8vo. Seventh edition 
Tischendorf, by Nestle. 

1887 etc. Cambridge, University Press. 4 vols. 8vo. Ed. 

portions of ©lb Testament 

1671. London. 12mo. Duport (Jac), Metaphrasis libri 
Psalmorum Graecis versibus contexta. 

1784. Argent., 12mo. Gaspare (J. B.). Nova versio Grgeca 
Proverbiorum, Ecclesiastis, Cantici Canticorum, Ruthi, 
Threnorum DanieHs et selectorum Pentateuchi locorum. 

1812. London, fol. Baber (H. H.). Psalterium Grcgeum e 
Codice MS. Alexandrino, qui Londini in Bibliotheca 
Musei Britannici assevatur. 

1855. Lipsiae, 4to. Tischendorf (C). Fragmenta Sacra 
Palimpsesta sive Fragmenta cum Novitum Veteris Testa- 
menti et Quinque Codicibus Graecis pahmpsestis anti- 
quissimis nuperrime in oriente repertis. 

1889. Cambridge, Univ. Press. 8vo. The Psalms in 
Greek according to the Septuagint. Ed. Swete. 



1516. Basileae, Froben. fol. Greek and Latin. First 
edition of Erasmus. 

1619. Basileae, Froben. fol. Greek and Latin. Second 
edition of Erasmus. 

1521. Hagenoge, Anshelm. 4to. Ed. Gerbelius. Fine 
interleaved copy, formerly belonging to Harrington, 
Bishop of Durham, with his bookplate. Eckhardus has 
supposed that this edition was followed by Luther, but 
Boysner thought that Luther followed the second of 

1522. Basileae, Froben. fol. Greek and Latin. Third 
edition of Erasmus. 1 John, v. 7, admitted for first time. 
This edition is the basis of the textus receptus, except in 
the Revelation. 

1524. Argent., Cephalaeus. 8vo. This is the first Greek 
publication of Cephalasus's press, and is so rare that 
Gerardus, or Maestricht, and many other editors were 
not able to obtain a sight of it. Dibdin Introd. vol. i, 

1524. Basileae. 8vo. First Bebelius edition, [Wanting 
title page] . This first edition is so rare that Theile was 
ignorant of it, and Dibdin remarks that it has not been 
noticed by either Michaelis or his editor Marsh. The 
preface is by CEcolampadius. 

1534. Parisiis, Colinaeus. 8vo. The first attempt at a 
critical edition, and, as Dibdin says, "justly classed by 
Masch among rare books." 

20 Greek Testaments. 

1535. Basilege. 8vo. Ed. Bebelius. Wanting title page. 

1536. Basilese. 32mo. Ed. Valderus. 

1538. Basileae. Bvo. First edition of Platerus. Piece out 
of title page. 

1545. Basileae, Froben. 4to. Fine copy bound in stamped 
vellum. Founded on the fifth edition of Erasmus, and, 
as Dibdin says, "it is of uncommon occurrence." 

1546. Paris, R. Stephens. 16mo. vol. 2 only. This is the 
first of the celebrated editions of Robert Stephens, and 
called the "O mirificam" editions from the words at the 
commencement of the preface. 

1548. Lugduni, Gryphius. 32mo. Imperfect. Unknown 
to Reuss and Hail. 

1549. Lutetiae, R. Stephens. 12mo. The "O mirificam" 
edition, title mounted, original stamped binding with 
clasp. From the libraries of Cornelius Paine and J. H. 

1550. Paris, Stephens, fol. Fine copy of this celebrated 
third edition. The "Editio Regia." 

1553. [Genevae.] 16mo. First edition Crispin. 

For editions of Beza, see Polyglots Greek and Latin New 
Testaments 1565, 1582, 1589, 1598, and 1642. 

1567. [Genevae] , Stephens. Bvo. Greek and Latin. Ed. 
Beza. Title mended. 

1568. Paris, Stephens. 2 vols. 16mo. not uniform. Ex- 
ceedingly rare, and not in the Reuss collection. 

1568-9. Paris, Stephens. 16mo. Dibdin notices that some 
copies have the date 1569 on the first title page, these 
having probably been struck off after the "Various 
Readings" were finished printing. 

1580. [Genevae, Stephens] . 8vo. Greek and Latin. Ed. 

Greek Testaments. 21 

1590. [Genevae, Vignon] . First edition of Vignon. Greek 
and Latin. Dibdin states that the first edition of 
Vignon was 1584. He does not notice this edition, nor 
the edition of 1598. 

1591. Lugd. Bat., Raphelengius. 32mo. First edition. 

1592. Coloniae, Birkmann. 8vo. Ed. Myhus. Greek and 

1598. Genevae, Vignon. 12nio. Second edition Vignon. 
Not in the Reuss collection. 

1601. Francofurti, typis Wechelianis. fol. Ed. Stephens. 
Exceedingly rare. Bound in dark red russia. 

1604. [Genevae, Vignon] . 8vo. Greek and Latin. Fifth 
edition Beza. 

1609. Aurel. Allobrog. 8vo. Ed. Rouiere. Greek and 
Latin, either first or second edition, being of even date 
with the folio edition. 

1609. [Genevae] . 24mo. Third edition Rouiere. 

1609. [Genevae] . 12mo. First edition of Stoer. Greek and 
Latin. Very rare edition, not in the Reuss collection. 

1613. Lugd. Bat. 8vo. Ed. Raphelengius. Greek and 

1617. [Genevae]. S. Crispin. 16mo. Second edition P. 

1618. Viteb., Seuberlich. 8vo. Ed. Selfichius. Greek and 

1618. Tubingae, Werlin. 4to. Ed. Hafenrefferus. Greek 
and Latin. 

1619. Aurel. Allobrog. 8vo. Ed. Rouiere. Greek and Latin. 
Le Long was ignorant of this edition. 

1620. Genevae. 4to. Ed. Scaliger. 

1622. London [Billius] . 8vo. First edition of Whitaker. 
Has notes of R. Stephens, Scaliger and Isaac Casaubon. 

22 Greek Testaments. 

1624. Lugd. Bat. 24mo. First Elzevir edition. Two copies, 
title page of each differing, one in red and black, the 
other all in black. This is the European textus veceptus 
though not so called till after the edition of 1633. 

1626. Amstel. 8vo. First edition of Laurentius. Greek and 
Latin. Not in the Reuss collection. 

1632. Cantab. 8vo. Ed. Buck. 

1632. [Genevae] . Jac. Crispin. 16mo. 

1633. Amstel., Blaew. 32mo. Speaking of this volume, 
Dibdin says it is " one of the most beautiful specimens 
of Greek typography ever exhibited. 

1633. London, Whitaker. 8vo. [Elzevir]. 

1633. Lugd. Bat. 24mo. Second Elzevir edition. The 
most celebrated and kown as the Textus Receptus. 

1638. Genevae. 4to. In ancient, and first edition in modern 
Greek. Known as edition of Cyril Lucas, who presented 
the Alexandrian MS. to Charles I. Of the greatest 
rarity. The editor was Maximus. 

1638. Amstel., 16mo. Second edition Jansson. Very worn. 
Exceedingly rare and unknown to Reuss and Hall. 

1639. Amstel., Jansson. 8vo. Said to be an Elzevir edition. 

1641. Lugd. Bat., Elzevir. 8vo. Ed. Whitaker. Dedicated 
to the King of England. 

1642. Paris, typ. reg. fol. Ed. Mazariniana, having been 
compiled at the request of Card. Mazarin. The Sunder- 
land copy sold for £30 to Ellis. 

1647. Amstel. 8vo. Second edition Laurentius. Greek 
and Latin. 

1653. Lugd. Bat., Wyngaerden. 4to. Unknown to Reuss 
and Hall. 

1658. Amstel., Elzevir. 12mo. First edition Curcellaeus. 
" A very beautiful and correct edition." Haywood. 

Greek Testaments. 23 

1660. Argent., Staedel. 24mo. Ed. Boeclerus. Enlarged to 
a folio with blank sheets. 

1662. Amstel., 16mo. Fifth Elzevir edition. 
1665. Cantab., Field. l2mo. Preface by Bp. Pearson. 
1673. Francof., Wustius. 4to. Ed. Erasmus. Greek and 

1675. Oxonii, Sheldon. 8vo. Bp. Fell's first edition. 

1675. Amstel., Elzevir. 12mo. Second Ed. Curcellaeus, 

1678. Amstel., 16mo. Seventh Elzevir edition. 

1693. Francof., 12mo. Ed. Wustius. Greek and Latin. 

1698. Amstel., Wetsteniana. 12mo. Ed. Leusden. 

1700. Cantab., Jeffray. 12mo. 

1701. London, Churchill. 12mo. 
1701. Amstel., Wetstein. 16mo. 

1703. In modern Greek. Edited by Seraphurnus. Not 
mentioned by Reuss. 

1703. Oxonii, Sheldon. Fol. Ed. Gregory, being second 
edition of text of Fell. 

1707. Oxenii, Shelden. fol. First edition of Mill. The 
Prolegomena are pronounced by Harwood to be "a 
treasure of sacred criticism." The various readings and 
parallel passages amount to about 30,000. 

1710. Amstel., fol. Kiister's ed. of Mill. A re-impression 
of Mill's edition with various readings of twelve addi- 
tional MSS. 

1711. Amstel., Wetstein. 8vo. [G.D.T.M.D.] First 
edition Gerhardus. 

1714. London, Tonson. 12mo. First edition Maittaire. 

1716. Lugd. Bat., Luchtmans. 24mo. Ed. Leusden. 

1717. Amstel., Wetstein. 12mo. Greek only. 

1717. Amstel., Wetstein. 12mo. Greek and Latin of 

1721. Paris, Nyon. 12mo. Not mentioned by Reuss or 


24 Greek Testaments. 

1723. Lipsiae, Gleditsch. 12mo. Bound in old black 
morocco, gilt edges. This is a rare edition, unknown to 
Reuss or Hall. 

1723. Lipsiae, Gleditsch, fol. Ed. Kiister. 

1728. London, Knaplock. 8vo. Second edition of 

1729. London, Roberts. 2 vols. Bvo. Ed. Mace. Greek 
and English. A very remarkable production. Dr. . 
Mace went on the principle that it was lawful to alter 
the text on conjecture. 

1731. Jenae, Mayer. 2 vols. Bvo. First edition of Stockius. 
This is a rare edition with numerous philological notes 
and parallel passages arranged below the text. 

1731. Jenae, Mayer. 8vo. Bound in 4 vols., interleaved, 
being Archbp. Newcome's copy with notes. 

1734. Tubingae, Cotta. 4to. First edition of Bengel. A 
celebrated edition. 

1735. Amstel., Wetstein and Smith. 12mo. Second edition 

1737. Witteb., Teubner. 8vo. Ed. George. Greek and 
Latin. " There are few editions," says Mr. Clark, "of 
the Greek Testament, more useful than this." Cited 
Dibdin Introd. vol. 1, p. 153. 

1737. Lipsiae and Lubbenne, Langenheimus. 12mo. Ed. 
Vossius. Greek and Latin. 

1740. Amstel., Wetstein and Smith. 12mo. 

1740. Edinb. Bvo. First edition Ruddiman. Little known 
and not mentioned by Chalmers in his life of Ruddiman. 

1741. Amstel., Wetstein. 4to. Ed. Leusden. Greek and 

1742. Oxonii, Sheldon. 12mo. 

1745. Patavia, Manfre. 12mo. Unknown to Masch. 

Greek Testaments. 25 

1750. Glasguae, Uri. 8vo. Very fine large paper copy 
bound in red morocco, gilt edges. 

1750. Edinburgh, Ruddiman. 8vo. 

1751. Amstel., Ex. off. Dommeriana. 2 vols. fol. The 
celebrated Wetstein edition. Fine copy bound in russia 
and rebacked. This work still retains its reputation and 

1759. Glasguae, Foulis. 4to. Ed. Charnley. Autog. of 
Capel, Lofft. 

1760. London. 12mo. Fourth Bowyer edition. 

1762. Lugd. Bat., apud Wetstenios. 12mo. Greek and 
Latin. Unknown to Reuss or Hall. 

176B. Oxonii, Clarendon. 8vo. Ed. Baskerville. Either 
first or second edition, the quarto edition having been 
published same year. 

1763. London, G. B. 2 vols. 12mo. 

1766. Lipsia;, apud Breitkopf. Bvo. (Bound up with 
Hebrew Bible). Ed. Reineccius. 

1771. Edinburgh, Ruddiman. Bvo. Third edition. Not in 
the Reuss collection. 

1772. Lugd. Bat., Wetstein; and Lond., Nourse. 12mo. 
1775-77. Halae, Curt. 8vo. First edition of Griesbach. 
1776. London, Johnson. 2 vols. 8vo. Ed. Harwood. With 

a useful Bibliography at end of second volume. 

1776. Tubingae, Berger. 8vo. Ed. Bengel. 

1777. London, Bowyer and Nichols. 12mo. 

1778. Lond., Richardson. 2 vols. Bvo. Ed. Hardy. Inter- 
leaved to 4to. size with MS. notes. 

1778. Dublin, fol. Newcombe (Will.). Harmony of the 
Gospels, in which the original text is disposed after Le 
Clerc's general manner, with such various readings as 
have received Wetstein's sanction. Not in the Reuss 

26 Greek Testaments. 

1782-88. RigaB, Hartknoch. 12 vols. 8vo. First edition of 
Matthaei. Greek and Latin. Rare. 

1783. London, Nichols. 4to. Eighth edition of Bowyer. 
Not in the Reuss collection. 

1786. London, Nichols, fol. Unknown to Reuss or Hall. 

1786. London, fol. Woide (C. G.). Novum Testamentum 
Graecum, e codice MS. Alexandrino, qui Londini in 
Bibl. Musei Brit, asservatur, descriptum a C. G. W. 

1787. London, Nichols. 12mo. Ninth edition Bowyer. 
1789. Patavii, Bertinelli. 12mo. 

1794. Dublin, Ekshaw. 12mo. 

1796-1806. Hal^, Curt. London, apud Petr. Elmslegh. 
2 vols. 8vo. Ed. Griesbach. Fine large paper copy 
bound in russia. 

1797. Halae, Orphanot. 8vo. First edition of Knapp. 
1801. London, Woodfall. 12mo. 

1803. London, Reeves. 2 vols. 12mo. Not in the Reuss 

1803-4. Witteb., etc. 3 vols, in 2. Second edition of 

1803-7. Lipsiae, sumpt. Goschen. 4 vols, in 2. fol. One 
of 50 large paper copies printed at the expense of the 
Duke of Grafton and issued at £12 12 or £14 14 0. 
Splendid copy bound in blue morocco, gold tooling and 
gilt edges. 

1805. Lipsiae, Goschen. 2 vols. 8vo. Ed. Griesbach. 

1805. Oxonii, Clarendon. 8vo. 

1805. Lipsiae, Marker. 8vo. First edition of Scliott. 
Greek and Latin. 

1806. Philadelph., Bradford. 8vo. Ed. Leusden. Greek 
and Latin. Not in the Reuss collection. 

1808. Oxonu, Clarendon. 2 vols. 8vo. Ed. White. Not in 
the Reuss collection. 

Greek Testaments. 27 

1808. London, Wilson. 8vo. First edition of Dakins. Large 
paper copy. 

1808. London, Wilson. 8vo. Different from last. Back 
broken. Unknown to Reuss or Hall. 

1809. Lipsiae, typis Feichtingerianis. 2 vols. 8vo. Ed. 
Schott. Greek and Latin. Unknown to Reuss or Hall. 

1810. Chelsea, Tilling. 12mo. In ancient and modern Greek. 

1811. Lipsiae, Marki5n. 8vo. Second edition Schott. Greek 
and Latin. 

1813. London, Bagster. 32mo. First edition of Bagster. 
Not in Reuss collection. 

1816. London, Valpy. 3 vols. 8vo. First Valpy edition. 
Not in the Reuss collection. 

1817. Glasguae, Duncan. 24mo. Bound in green morocco ; 
gold tooling and gilt edges. 

1818. London, Rivington. 2 vols. 8vo. 

1819. Oxonii, Clarendon. 8vo. Interleaved copy in 2 vols. 

1820. London, Allman. 8vo. Ed. Hardy. 

1821. London and Glasgow, Rivingtons, etc. 24mo. Un- 
known to Reuss and Hall. 

1823. London, Whitaker. 24mo. First edition Whitaker. 
Unknown to Reuss and Hall. 

1824. London, Tilling. 12mo. In ancient and modern 
Greek. Not in the Reuss collection. 

1824. London, Valpy. 2 vols. 8vo. Ed. Knapp. 

1824. Halae, Gebauer. 8vo. First edition of Vater. 

1825. Lipsiae, Marker. 8vo. Ed. Schott. Greek and Latin. 
1825. London, Booth. 3 vols. 8vo. The " Scientia Biblica." 

Greek and English. Not in the Reuss collection. 

1825. Lipsiae, Goschen. 8vo. Ed. Griesbach. 

1826. London, Valpy. 8vo. Second edition of Valpy, differ- 
ing from first edition, in which notes are in Latin ; they 
are given here in English. 

28 Greek Testaments. 

1827. Tubingae, Fues. 8vo. First edition of Van Ess. 
Greek and Latin. 

1827-6. Berlin, et Halae Sax. 2 vols. 8vo. Ed. Schulz. 
Vol. 1, ed. 3; vol. 2, ed. 2. 

1828. Lipsiae, Serig. 8vo. First edition of Leutsch. Greek 
and Latin. 

1828. London, Pickering. 64mo. The smallest edition 
printed in Greek. An exact reprint of the original El- 
zevir text of 1624. 

1828. Oxonii, Clarendon. 12mo. First Lloyd edition. Inter- 
leaved copy in 2 vols. 

1829. Gottingen, Vandenhoech and Ruhrecht. 2 vols. 8vo. 
Ed. Meyer. Greek and Latin. 

1829. London, Bagster. 32mo. Ed. Greenfield. Not in the 
Reuss collection. 

1829. Halis Saxonum, e libr. Orphanotrophei. 2 vols, in 1. 
8vo. Ed. Knapp. 

1829. Glasguae, Hutchinson and Brookman. 24mo. Un- 
known to Reuss. 

1829. London, Valpy. 8vo. Fourth edition. Unknown to 
Reuss and Hall. 

1830. London, Watts. 8vo. Ancient and modern Greek, 
Not in the Reuss collection. 

1830. Oxonii, Clarendon. 12mo. Ed. Lloyd. Interleaved in 
2 vols. Not in the Reuss collection. 

1830-6. Lipsiae, Fleischer. 2 vols. 4to. First edition of 

1831. London, Valpy. 3 vols. 8vo. Ed. Valpy. 

1831. Oxonii. 3 vols. 8vo. First edition of Burton. Not 
in the Reuss collection. 

1831. Berohni, Reimer. 8vo. First edition of Lachmann, 
and the first critical text ever issued. 

Greek Testaments. 29 

1832. Lipsiae, Weidmann. 8vo. Ed. Goschen. Greek and 

1832. Monachii, Lindauer. 8vo. Ed, Jaumann. 

1834. Cantab., Pitt Press. 12mo. First edition of Schole- 
field. Greek and English. Unknown to Reuss. 

1835. Oxonii. 2 vols. 8vo. Second edition Burton. Not 
in the Reuss collection, 

1835. Londini, Booker. 3 vols. 8vo. Ed. Kuinoel. Un- 
known to Reuss. 

1836. Cantab., Parker. 8vo. Ed. Scholefield. Greek and 
English. Unknown to Reuss. 

1836. London, Valpy. 3 vols. 8vo. Ed. Valpy with notes 
in English. Not in the Reuss collection. 

1836. Oxonii, typ. Acad, 12mo, Ed, Lloyd. Interleaved 
and enlarged to 4to. 

1837. London, Rickerby, 8vo. First edition of Trollop. 

1837. Paris, Didot. 2 vols. 24mo. Ed. Brosset. 

1837. London, Taylor and Walton. 16mo. Ed. Griesbach. 
Unknown to Reuss. 

1837. ' Oxonii, typ. Acad. 2 vols. 8vo. Ed. Cardwell, 8vo. 
Handsomely bound in blue morocco, gold tooling and 
gilt edges. 

1837. Berol., Nauck. 8vo. Greek and German. The former 
is that of Knapp, and the latter is that of Luther. 

1837. Edinburgh and Sterhng, Kenner & Co., etc. 8vo, Ed. 
W. Duncan. Unknown to Reuss or Hall. 

1838. London, Longman, etc. 8vo. Ed. Bloomfield. 
Second edition with English notes. 

1839. Glasguae, Aitton. 24mo. Ed. Griesbach. Greek and 
Latin. Unknown to Reuss. 

1839. Leodii, Kersten. 8vo. Ed. Goldhagen. 

80 Greek Testaments. 

1839. Lipsiae, sumt. J. A. Barthei. 8vo. Greek and Latin. 
Fourth edition Schott. 

1840. Lipsiae, Tauchnitz. 8vo. First edition of Hahn. 
1840. Hal., Orphan. 2 vols. 8vo. Ed. Knapp. 

1840. London, Taylor. 8vo. Not mentioned by Reuss. 

1841. Lipsiae, Tauchnitz. 12mo. Ed. Hahn. 

1841. Lipsiae, Koehler. 16mo. First edition of Tischen- 

1841. London, Longman. 2 vols. 8vo. Ed. Bloomfield. 
Not in the Reuss collection. 

1842. Paris, Didot. 8vo. Ed. Tischendorf. 

1842-50. Berol., Reiner. 2 vols, in 1. 8vo. Ed. Lachmann. 
Greek and Latin. Bound in full calf, with gilt edges. 

1843. London, Pickering. 2 vols. 8vo. First edition of 
Grinfield. Not in the Reuss collection. 

1844. Lipsiae, Tauchnitz. 16mo. First edition of Theile. 

1845. London, Longmans. 2 vols. 8vo. Ed. Bloomfield. 
Unknown to Reuss. 

1847. Monach., Weiss. 8vo. Ed. Reithmayr. 

1848. Paris, Didot. 8vo. Ed. Jager and Tischendorf. Greek 
and Latin. Unknown to Reuss. 

1848. Hamburg, Meissner. 8vo. First edition of Muralt. 

1848. Oxon., Parker. 8vo. Ed. Burton with English notes. 

1848. London, 2 vols. 8vo. Grinfield (E. W.). SchoHa 
Hellenistica in Novum Testamentum Philone et Josepho 
Patribus Apostolicis aliisq. Ecclesiae antiquae scriptor- 
ibus necnon libris Apocryphis maxime depronta. 

1849. Lipsiae, Winter. 8vo. Tischendorfs second Leipsic 

1849-61. London, Rivington. 4 vols, in 5. 8vo. First edi- 
tion of each vol. of Alford. 

[1850.] London, Bagster. 8vo. 

Greek Testaments. 31 

1850. London, Parker. 8vo. Ed. Scholefield. Interleaved 
copy. Unknown to Reuss. 

1850. Lipsiae, Tauchnitz. 8vo. Ed. Tischendorf. 

1850. Lipsiae, Tauchnitz. 12mo. Ed. Theile. 

1850-1. London, Longman. 4 vols. 8vo. Ed. Bloomfield. 
Eighth edition. Two suppl. vols. Also second edition of 
the last volume. Unknown to Reuss and Hall. 

1851. Oxon., typ. Acad. 8vo. Not in the Reuss collection. 

1852. Lipsiae, Tauchnitz. 12mo. Ed. Theile. Greek and 

1858. Stuttgart, Liesching. 8vo. Greek and German. 

1854. London, Whittaker & Co. 16mo. Ed. Machmichaelis. 
Not in the Reuss collection. 

1855. Athens. 8vo. Edition in modern Greek. Unknown 
to Reuss and Hall. 

1855-61. London, Parker. 8vo. Ed. Webster and Wilkin- 
son. Not in the Reuss collection. 

1856. Colon. Agripp., Soc. Bibl. 82mo. 

1856. Oxonii, typ. Acad. 8vo. Unknown to Reuss. 

1857. London, Tregelles. Matth. and Mark. 4to. Wanting 
title page. Unknown to Reuss. 

1858. Lipsiae, Tauchnitz. 16mo. Ed. Knapp and Theile. 

1858. Lipsiae, Mendelssohn. 4to. Ed. Tischendorf. Greek 
and Latin. 

1859. Lipsiae, Winter. 8vo. Ed. Tischendorf. Sept. 
Critica minor. 

1859. Lipsiae, Winter. 2 vols. 8vo. Ed. Tischendorf. Sept. 
1859. London. 8vo. Codex Vaticanus, ed. Mains. Un- 
known to Reuss and Hall. 

1859. London, Bohn. 8vo. Third edition Griesbach's text 
with various readings by Mill and Scholz. 

1859. London, Tegg. 8vo. Ed. TroUope. 

32 Greek Testaments, 

1860. London, 8vo. Cowper (B. H.). Codex Alexandrinus. 
Novum Testamentum Graece ex antiquissimo Codice 
Alexandrino A. C. G. Woide olim descriptum : ad 
fidem ipsius codicis denuo accuratius edidit B. H. C. 
Unknown to Reuss and Hall. 

1861. Colon. Agripp., Soc. Bibl. 16mo. 

1861. Lipsiae, Tauchnitz. 8vo. Ed. Lachmann, Tischen- 
dorf and Hahn. 

1862. BeroL, Decker. 8vo. Ed. Buttmann. 

1862. Lipsiae, Tauchnitz. 8vo. Ed. Tischendorf. 

1863. Lipsiae, 4to. Tischendorf (C). Novum Testamen- 
tum Sinaiticum sive Novum Testamentum cum Epistula 
Barnabae et fragmentis Pastoris. Ex Codice Sinaitico. 

1864. Oxonii, 3 vols. 8vo. Hansell (E. H.). Novum Testa- 
mentum Graece antiquissimorum codicum textus in 
ordine parallelo dispositi accedit collatio Codicis Sinaitici. 

1864. Lipsiae, Teubner. 12mo. Ed. Buttmann. 

1864. Colon. Agrip., Soc. Bibl. 12mo. Greek and German. 

1864. Lipsiae, Mendelssohn. 2 vols. 24mo. Greek and 

1865. DubHn, Duffy. 8vo. Ed. Ormsby. Unknown to 

1865. Lipsiae, Brockhaus. 8vo. Ed. Tischendorf. Ex 
Sinaitico Codice. Not mentioned by Reuss or Hall. 

1865. Lipsiae, Teubner. 16nio. Ed. Buttmann. 

1865. Colon. Agrip., sumpt. S. B. B. and Ex. 12mo. 

[1865] . London, Bagster. 4to. Ed. Green. The twofold 
New Test. Newly formed text. Greek and English. 
Not mentioned by Reuss. 

1866. Colon. Agripp., s. typ. n. 12mo. Unknown to Reuss 
or Hall. 

1867. London, Oxf. and Camb. Rivingtons. 8vo. Ed. 
Candy. Valuable Prolegomena. Unknown to Reuss. 

Greek Testaments. 33 

1867. Lipsiae, Teubner. 8vo. Ed. Buttmann. Unknown 
to Reuss. 

1867. Lipsiae, Mendelssohn. 12mo. Ed. Tischendorf. 

1868. London, Bell and Daldy. 8vo. Griesbach's text with 
readings from Mill and Scholz. Unknown to Reuss or 

1869. Coloniae, Soc. Bibl. 4to. Greek and English. Not 
mentioned by Reuss or Hall. 

1869. Lipsiae, Tauchnitz. 16mo. Ed. Theile. With ap- 
pendix Tischendorf from Codex Sinaiticus. Unknown to 
Reuss or Hall. 

1869. Oxonii, Clarendon. 12mo. Ed. Lloyd. 
1869. London, etc. Rivingtons. 8vo. Ed. Alford abridged. 
Piece out of title page. 

1869. Coloniae, Hassel. 13mo. Greek and German. Un- 
known to Reuss or Hall. 

1870. Lipsiae, Mendelssohn. 12mo. Ed. Tischendorf. Un- 
known to Reuss or Hall. 

1870. Lipsiae, Breditius. 12mo. Ex recens Hahnii. Un- 
known to Reuss or Hall. 

1872. Lipsiae, Mendelssohn. 8vo. Ed. Tischendorf. 

1873. Lipsiae, Tauchnitz. 8vo. Ed. Tischendorf. Inter- 
leaved copy. 

1874. Colon. Agripp. s. typ. n. 12mo. 

1874. Lipsiae, Teubner. 12mo. Ed. Tischendorf, 

1876. Oxonii, Clarendon. 12mo. Ed. Lloyd. 

1877. Cantab., Deighton Bell. 12mo. Ed. Scrivener. 
1877. Oxonii, Clarendon. 4to. 

1879. Lipsiae, Tauchnitz. 8vo. Ed. Tischendorf. 

1880. Lipsiae, Tauchnitz. 8vo. Ed. Tischendorf. 

1881. Oxon., Clarendon. 8vo. With readings adopted by 
the Revisers. 

1881. Lipsiae, Tauchnitz. 8vo. Ed. Gebhardt. 

84 Greek Testaments. 

1881. Cambridge and London, Macmillan & Co. 2 vols. 
8vo. Ed. Westcott and Hort. 

1881.. Cambr. Univ. Press. 8vo. Ed. Scrivener. With 
variations adopted in the Revised Version. 

1882. Lipsiae, Teubner. 8vo. Ed. Buttmann. 

1883. Lipsiae, Mendelssohn. 24mo. Ed. Tischendorf. 

1883. Oxonii, Clarendon. 12mo. With parallel passages. 

1884. Lipsiae, Tauchnitz. 8vo. Ed. Gebhardt. Greek 
and German. 

1884. Lipsiae, Bredtius. 12mo. Ed. Hahn. 

1884. Lipsiae, Tauchnitz. 8vo. Ed. Tischendorf. 

1884. Lipsiae, Tauchnitz. 12mo. Greek and Latin Vulg. 

1886. Lipsiae, Tauchnitz. 8vo. Ed. Gebhardt. 

1887. Cantab., Deighton Bell. 8vo. Ed. Scrivener. 

1889. Oxonii, Clarendon. 12mo. Ed. Lloyd and Sanday. 

1890. Lipsiae, Hinrichs. 8vo. Ed. Gregory. Prolegomena 

1891. Lipsiae, Tauchnitz. 8vo. Ed. Oscar de Gebhardt. 

1892. London, Stock. 8vo. Ed. Weymouth. The Resul- 
tant Greek Test. 

1893. Lipsiae, Tauchnitz. 8vo. Ed. Tischendorf. 

Portions of (Srcek Ceatamcnt. 

1620. Lugd. 12mo. Nonni Panopolitani Poetae converse 

Graeca Evangelii secundum Joannem, in Latinum ser- 

monem ad verbum translata. 

In same volume. 

Rosaeus (Alex.). Virgilii Evangelisantis Christiados. 

Roterd., 1653. 

1715. Oxon. 8vo. Codex Laudianus. Hearne (Tho.). Acta 
Apostolorum Grseco-Latine, litteris majusculis. E Codice 
Laudino, characteribus uncialibus exarato, et in Bibl. 
Bodl. adservato. Only 120 copies printed. Gough's copy 
sold for £20. This copy has the bookplate of the Duke 
of Beaufort. 

Greek Testaments. 35 

1801. Dublin. 4to. Codex Dublinensis. Barrett (Joh.). 
Evangelium secundum Matthseum ex codice Rescripto in 
Bibl. Coll. SS. Trinitatis juxta Dublin. Facsimile of 

1820. Paris, Carez, etc. 12mo. Gospel according to 
St. Luke. 

1844. London, Varty. 8vo. Gospels. Ed. Riddle. 

1854. London. 8vo. Codex Montfortianus. Dobbin (O. T.). 

A collation of this celebrated MS. in the library of Trin. 

Coll., Dublin, throughout the Gospels and Acts, with 

the Greek Text of Wetstein, and with certain MSS. in 

the Univ. of Oxford. 

1859. Cambridge, 8vo. Codex Augiensis. Scrivener (F. H.). 
An exact transcript of the Codex Augiensis, a Graeco- 
Latin MS. of St. Paul's Epistles, to which is added a 
full collation of 50 MSS. With facsimiles and two auto- 
graph letters from Mr. Scrivener. 

1864. London. 4to. Codex Bezae. Scrivener (F. H.). 
Bezae Codex Cantabrigiensis, being an exact copy in 
ordinary type of the celebrated Uncial Graeco-Latin MS. 
of the Four Gospels and the Acts written early in the 
sixth century. 

1870. Cambridge, Hall. Svo. Gospel according td St. Luke. 
Ed. Rowlandson. 


Simonides (Const.). Facsimiles of certain portions of the 
Gospel of St. Matthew and of the Epistles of St. James, 
and Jude, written on papyrus in the first century. With 
facsimiles, fol. London, 1862. 



1483. Sine notd. Fontibus ex Graecis Ed. fol. First leaf 
torn and last two wanting. Only one other copy known. 

1485. Biblia Latina cum postillis Nicolai de Lyra. Nuremb., 
Koburger. fol. Part 3. 

1492. Ditto. [Argent.] . fol. Part 3 wanting first leaf. 

1498. Biblia Latina, cum glossa ordinaria et postillis Nicolai 
de Lyra, Basileae, Langendorff and Froben. fol. Parts 
2 and 3. Bound in wood covered with stamped leather, 
worn. Both clasps complete. Cover of one vol. broken. 

1502. Ditto. Basileae, Froben. fol. Parts 4 and 5, not 
uniform. Part 4 bound in wood covered with stamped 
leather, both clasps complete. Part 5 binding stamped 

1511. Lugd., Sacon. Svo. With woodcuts and initial letters, 
cover defective. Has the notes of Castellanus, showing 
parallel events. [Annales Gentium.) 

1522. Lugd., Sacon. Svo. Title page defective. 

1526. Parisiis, Thiel. Kerver. Svo. 

1526. Basileae, Cratander. 4to. Translation into Latin 
from the Septuagint and exceedingly rare. 

1527-8. Lugd., Ruy. fol. First edition of Pagnini and first 
Bible in which the chapters are devided in verses. It is 
in original binding of oak and stamped leather. 

Latin. 37 

1530. Coloniae, ex off. Eucharii Ceruicorni. fol. Woodcut 
on title page. Exceedingly rare. No copy in any of the 
great libraries, the only other copy known is in the 
Stuttgart library. In original stamped vellum. 

1534. Parisiis, Kerver. 8vo. A portion only interleaved 
with MS. and having a curious MS. at the end. 

1540. Lugd., s. typ. n. 8vo. Title page torn. 

1540. Lugd., Harsius. 8vo. Title page mended. Woodcuts 
and some initial letters. 

1541. Parisiis, Colinaeus. fol. The first Benedictine edition. 
Of the greatest rarity. Fine copy from the WoodhuU 
library. Bound in russia, gold tooling, rebacked. The 
book was inserted on the Index of Prohibited Books. 

1543. Tiguri, Froschoverus. fol. A magnificent large paper 
copy of the first Zurich edition, ruled in red and in ori- 
ginal binding with metal covers and clasps complete. It 
is mainly the translation of Leo Juda. 

1547. Lovanii, Gravius. fol. The celebrated first edition of 
the Divines of Louvain. 

1551. Basileae, Oporinus. fol. First edition of Castalio 
dedicated to Edward VI. 

1557-6. Paris, R. Stephens. 3 vols. fol. Very fine copy 
bound in vellum. 

1558. Lugd., Tornaesius. 8vo. Woodcuts. 

1575. Francof., ex off. typ. Wecheli. 2 vols. fol. Fine copy 

in stamped vellum, but much eaten by worms. This is 

the rare first edition of Tremellius. 

1580. Londini, Middleton. 4to. First edition of the Latin 
Bible in England. 

1581. Londini, Middleton. 4to. Second edition of the Latin 
Bible in England. 

1585. Londini, Middleton. 4to. Third edition of the Latin 
Bible in England. 

38 Latin. 

1588. Venetiis, Jolitos. 4to. Woodcuts. 
1590. Genevae, Tournaesius. 4to. Ed. Tremellius and 

1596. Hanover, Wechel. 8vo. 

1606. Tubingae, Gruppenbach. fol. Ed. Osiander. In 
original binding, much stained. 

1615. Lugd., Rovillius. 8vo. 

1628. Amstel., Jansson. 12mo. Ed. Tremellius and Junius 
and Beza. 

1632. Ametel., Jansson. 12mo. Ed. Tremellius and Junius 
and Beza. 

1633. Amstel., Blaew. 12mo. 

1640. Londini, Flescher & Young. 12mo. 

1647. Colon. Agrip. 12njo. Vulgate edition in 7 parts. 

1648. Amstel., Jansson. 12mo. 

1656. Londini, E. T. and A. M. 12mo. 

1661. London, Tyler. 12mo. With Book of Psalms by 
Sternhold and Hopkins, Lond., J. M., 1669. 

1669. Amstel., Schipper. 12mo. 

1675. Lugd., De Ville. 8vo. Bound in stamped vellum 
with clasps. 

1678-9. Coloniae, Naulseus. 24mo. 6 vols. Vulg. edition. 

1680. Londini, Norton. 12mo. Ed. Tremellius and Junius 
and Beza. 

1682. Colon. Agrip., Egmond. 4to. Vulg. edition. 

1697. Argent., Spoor. 4to. Translated from the Hebrew 
of Schmidt. 

1705. Parisiis, Delespine. fol. First edition of Du Hamel, 
and very rare. Fine copy bound in russia, with gold 
tooling. The only other copy known to the writer is in 
the Brunswick library. There is no copy in the Brit. 
Mus., the Bodleian or the Univ. Libr., Cambridge. 

Latin. 89 

1708-31. Amstel., Schelte. 5 vols, in 4. fol. O. T. The 

noted translation of Le Clerc with his paraphrase and 

1719. Lipsiae, Walther. 8vo. Ed. Castalio. 
1726. London, Bettenham. 12mo. 4 vols. Ed. Castalio. 
1731. Venetiis, apud N. Pezzana. fol. Full of curious 

1750. Lipsiae, Breitkopf. 8vo. Ed. Castalio. 
1779-91. Halae, Orphanotrophei. 4 vols. 8vo. This is the 

first edition of the Latin translation from the Hebrew of 

J. A. Dathe. 
1822. Lipsiae, typis Breitkopfii et Haertelii. Ed. Tremel- 

lius and Junius and Beza. 
1829. Londini, Bagster. 12mo. Ed. Vulgate. 

fortiotts of (®liJ SEstamcnt. 

1871. Vindobonae, 4to. Ranke (Ern.). Par PaHmpsest- 
orum Wirceburgensium. Antiquissimae Veteris Testa- 
menti versionis Latinae Fragmenta e Codd. Rescriptis 
eruit explicuit E. R. One Facsimile only loose. 

1592. Londini, Field. 24mo. Ed. Buchanan. Psalms. 

Ilelu ®CBtamenta. 

1535. Lugd., Gryphius. 16mo. 

1541. Parisiis, Colinaeus. 4to. Ruled in red. 

1566. Tiguri, Froschoverus. 16mo. Wanting title page. 

1570. Antverpiae. 16mo. 

1574. Londini, Vautroller. 4to. Ed. Beza. Last leaf torn. 

1585. Londini, Middleton. 4to. Ed. Tremellius. 

1650. Londini, T. W. 24mo. Ed. Beza. 

1651. Amstel., Blaew. 48mo. Ed. Beza. 
1671. Lugduni, Boessat. 24mo. Ed. Vulgate. 

1678. Amstel., Galletus. 2 vols. fol. Ed. Clericus and 

1785. Parisiis, Didot. 2 vols. 8vo. 
1836. London, A. Spottiswoode. 8vo. Ed. Beza. 
1840. Lipsiae, Tauchnitz. 12mo. Ed. Fleck. 

40 Latin. 

1854. Lipsiae. 8vo. Codex Amiatinus. Tischendorf (C). 

Novum Testamentum Latine interprete Hieronymo. Ex 

celeberrimo codice Amiatino. 
[1865] . Londini, Bagster. 16mo. Ed. Beza. 
[1865] . Londini, Bagster. 12mo. Vulgate edition. 
1873. Berolini, 5. typ. n. Ed. Beza with Psalms, 

|)ortion of jHctn Testament. 
1826. Edinb. 8vo. Tlie Gospel of St. John in Latin : on the 
Hamiltonian system. By James Hamilton, Third edition. 


Wordsworth (John). The Gospel according to St. Matthew 
from the St. Germain MS. now numbered Lat. 11653 in 
the Nat. Lib. at Paris, with introduction descriptive of 
the MS. 4to. Oxford, 1883. 

Wordsworth, Sandy and White. Portions of the Gospel 
according to St. Matthew from the Bobbio MS. (k) at 
Turin, with other fragments of the Gospels from six 
MSS. in the library of St. Gall, Coire, Milan, and Berne. 
With Facsimiles. 8vo. Oxford, 1886. 

White (H. J.). The Four Gospels from the Munich MS. (q) 
at Munich, with a fragment from St. John in the Hof- 
Bibliothek at Vienna (Cod. Lat. 502), With a facsimile. 
Ito. Oxford, 1888. 

Codex Colbertinus Parisiensis : quatuor Evangelia ante 
Hieronymum Latine translata post editorem libri Saba- 
tier cum ipso codice collatam denuo edidit J. Belsheim. 
8vo. Christianiae, 1888. 

Codex Sangermanensis. Epistulae Paulinae ante Hierony- 
mum Latine translatae ex Codice Sangermanensi Grseco- 
Latino olim Parisiensi nunc Petropolitano eruit et edidit 
J. Belsheim. 8vo, Christianiae, 1885. 

Codex Vercellensis. (Juatuor Evangelia ante Hieronymum 
Latine translata ex reliquiis Codicis Vercellensis saeculo 
ut videtur quarto scripti et ex editione Iriciana principe 
denuo edidit J. Belsheim. 8vo. Christianiae. 1894. 



ACRA OR GA. (Gold Coast.) 

The Proverbs, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel. 16mo. 


AINU. (Yessu, Japan.) 

1891. London. St. Mark, St. Luke and St. John. 8vo. cloth. 

1868. Constantinople. 8vo. Psalms. 

AMHARIC. (Abyssinia.) 


1803. St. Chrischona. Bible. 8vo. roan. 

1829. Lond. 4to. Piatt (T. P.). Novum Testamentum, 
sub auspiciis D. Asselini reruni Gallicarum apud 
^gypiios procuratoris in linguam Amharicam vertit 
Abu-rumi Habissimus. 2 copies slightly different. 

AMOY VERNACULAR. (Amoy and region.) 
1894. Vernacular Testament. 16mo. roan. 

ANEITEUM. (New Hebrides.) 
1863. London. New Testament. 8vo. cloth. 


1699. Oxonii. 8vo. Thwaites (Ed.). Heptateuchus, Liber 
Job et Evangelium Nicodemi; Anglo-Saxonice. His- 

toriae Judith fragmentum : Dano-Saxonice. 

42 Various Languages. 

ANNAMITE. (Cochin China.) 
1898. London. St. Luke. 8vo. cloth. 

ATl—see BAKI. 


1671. Romae, Aug. de Prop. Fide. 3 vols. fol. First Arabic 
edition of the Bible. Forty-six years were consumed in 
transcribing and revising the text. It was undertaken 
by order of Pope Urban VI IL 

1857. London. 8vo. 

^clrr Qteatamenta. 

4to. New Testament. 
S. a. 12mo. 

IPorttona ai tljz ^iblt. 

5. a. Psalms of David. 12mo. 

1590-1. Romae, typ. Medicea. fol. First Arabic edition of 
the Gospels, direct from the Greek. 

1741. Halae, in typ. Inst. Judaici. 12mo. St. Matthew. 
Ed. Callenberg. 

ARMENIAN. (Asia Minor, Constantinople, etc.) 

1847. The Bible in Modern Armenian. 2 vols. 8vo. First 
edition of the whole Bible. 


iS.£lD QTeatamEnt. 
1819. St. Petersburg. 8vo. 

ARMENIAN (ARARAT). (Trans-Caucasia). 
1891. New Testament. 12mo. cloth. 

Various Languages. 48 

ARMENO-TURKI. (Turkish Empire.) 
1888. Bible. 12mo. roan. 

1850. New York. Acts. 12nio. By Rev. Theodore Shultz. 

BAKI, API OR EPI. (New Hebrides.) 
1892. Sts. Matthew and Mark. 12mo. cloth. 

BALUCHI. (Baluchistan.) 

1884. Allahabad. St. Matthew. 8vo. paper. 

BASQUE FRENCH (LABOURD). (Pyrenees and Navarre.) 
1887. Bayonne. St. Mark. 12mo. 

BASQUE, SPANISH. (Biscay, Guipuscoa and Alava.) 
1881. London. St. Luke. 16mo. cloth. 

BATTA (MANDAILING). (Batta of S. Sumatra.) 

1894. Amsterdam, Raeloffzen and Hubner. St. Luke. 8vo. 
cloth. In Native characters, edited by Dr. A. Schreiber 
and Chr. Leipoldt. 

BATTA (TOBA). (Batta of N. Sumatra.) 

1885. Elberfeld. Testament and Psalms. 12mo. roan. The 
first by J. L. Nommensen, the last by P. Johannsen. 

BEAVER INDIAN. (Indians near the Beaver Lake.) 

1886. London. St. Mark. 8vo. cloth. Translation by the 
Rev. A. C. Garrioch. 

BENGA. (West Africa.) 

1881. New York. Gospels and Acts. 8vo. roan. Trans- 
lated by Rev. G. M'Queen and revised by Rev. R. H. 

44 Various Languages. 

1885. Calcutta. Bible. 8vo. 

1862. Calcutta. The Psalms from the original Hebrew. 8vo. 

Psalms. 8vo. 

BLACKFOOT INDIAN. (E. of the Rocky Mountains.) 

1890. London. St. Matthew. 12mo. Translated by the 
Rev. John William Tims. 

BOGOS. (Bilin Tribe, N. of Abyssinia.) 

1882. Vienna, Adolf Holzhausen. St. Mark. 12mo. Edited 
by Leo Reinisch. 

1855. Wratislawi. 8vo. New Testament. 

BONDEI. (N. of Zanzibar.) 
1890. London. St. Matthew. 8vo. cloth. 

BRETON. (Brittany.) 
1897. Paris. New Testament. 16mo. cloth. 

BUGIS. (Celebes.) 

1863. St. Matthew. 8vo. boards. Translated by Dr. B. F. 

1840. New Testament. 8vo. 

CANTON. (Canton, China, and region.) 
Vernacular. St. Mark. 8vo. 

1854. Bangalore. 8vo. New Testament. 
1858. Bangalore. 8vo. New Testament. 

CHAGGA. (S. of Kilima-Njaro, E. Africa.) 
1892. London. St. Matthew. 12mo. cloth. 

Various Languages. 45 

CHAMBA OR THAKRI. (Chamba State, Panjab.)^ 
St. John. 8vo. 


1860. New York. New Testament. 12mo. 


Bible in 16 parts, paper. 

^Portions of ^ibk. 

1845. London, Watts. 12mo. St. Luke and the Acts. 
Ed. Morrison. 

CHIPEWYAN. (From Churchill to Athabasca.) 

1881. London. New Testament. 16mo. roan. Translation 
by the Ven. Archdeacon Kirkby. 

1881. New York. New Testament. 12mo. roan. 

CHUANA. (Bechuana Land, S. Africa.) 
1897. London. Bible. IGmo. roan. 


1861. London. Bible. 8vo. basil. 

CROATIAN. (Servia.) 
1874. Budapest. Bible. 8vo. basil. 

1889. Copenhagen. Bible. 16mo. roan. 

DIKELA. (West Africa.) 
1879. New York. St. John. 12mo. cloth. 

48 Various Languages. 


1887. New York. Bible. 8vo. roan. Translated out of 
the original languages by Thomas S. Williamson and 
Stephen R. Riggs. 

DOMINICAN. (French Patois of the West Indies.) 
1894. London. St. Mark. 12mo. cloth. 

DUKE OF YORK ISLAND. (S. of New Ireland.) 

1896. Sydney. St. Matthew and St. Mark, and portions 
of the Gospels of St. Luke and St. John, with some of 
the shorter Psalms. 12mo. Half bound. 


1563. [Emden.] Len. der Kindern. 4to. Wanting folios 
412-3. This is a reprint of the Memonite Bible of 1560. 

1584. Dordrecht, Canin. fol. In ordinary leather binding. 
Piece out of title page not affecting print. 

1590. Leyden, Jacobszoon. 4to. A scarce edition not in 
the British Museum, the Sussex or the Sunderland 

1750. Amster., Hynitzsch. 12mo. Ed. Haas, being a 
revision of Visscher's Bible as issued in 1701. 

1757. Gravenhage and Midd. 4to. calf. 

1776. Arnhem and Deventer, Troost and Lance. 8vo. Not 
in British Museum. 

|9.Eto ®catam£nta. 

1634. Amst., Aertoz van Ravesteyn. 16mo. 
[1668.] Amster., Schipper. 12mo. 
1674. Leyden, van Gaesbeeck. 24mo. 

Various Languages. 47 

1680. Amster., Boom. 8vo. Ed. Hartsoeker. This version 
was executed for the Remonstrants by Christian Hart- 
soeker, an Armenian minister, at Rotterdam. It is 
professedly a new translation from the Greek. 

[1700.] Antwerp, Stichter. 12mo. 

[1700.] Amster., Brandt, etc. 12mo. Ed. Visscher. 

1746. Leeuwarden, Ferwerder. Bvo. 

1775. Dordrecht, s. ty. n. 12mo. 

1776. Haarlem, Enschede and Zoonen. 12mo. 

1778. Amsterdam, s. ty. n. 12mo. With Psalms and music. 

1791. Amster., s. ty. n. 12mo. 

[1797.] Amster., s. ty. n. 12mo. With Psalms and music. 

1809. Bungay (Suffolk), Brightly. 12mo. 

1812 London. 8vo. 

1638. London, R. Barker. 8vo. Imperfect. 
1642. Edinb., Young. 12mo. Not in British Museum. 
1657. London, Field. 12mo. Date at end 1660. 
1677. Cambridge, Hayes. 4to. Not in British Museum. 

1682. London, Newcombe and Hills. 12mo. With Psalms 
at end. 

1697. London, Bill, etc. 4to. With Psalms in Metre. 
Not mentioned by Lowndes and not in British Museum. 

1698. London, Bill. 2 vols. 12mo. Ed. Canne. 

1709. London, Bill. fol. With Common Prayer Book. 

1747. Cambridge, Bentham. 2 vols. 12mo. Bound in blue 
morocco, gilt edges. 

1747. Oxford, Baskett. 4to. 

1753. London, Baskett. fol. 

48 Various Languages. 

1759. London, Jn. Goadby. fol. Old Testament and 

1764. Oxford, Baskett. 4to. Not in British Museum. 

1766. London, Dilly. 2 vols. fol. Haweis's Bible. 

1767. Manchester, Harrop. fol. The Christian's Complete 
Family Bible. 

1769. Birmingham, Boden and Adams, fol. Old Testament 
and Apocrypha. 

1772. London. 8vo. The Holy Bible, by Richard Wynne. 

1772. Oxford, Wright and Gill. fol. 

1775. Cambridge, Archdeacon. 2 vols. 12mo. Bound in 
green morocco with gilt edges. 

1776. London, Pasham. 48vo. One of the smallest Bibles 
printed. Bound in old red morocco. 

1776. London, Pasham. 48vo. Another copy, but with 
the notes at foot not cut off in the binding. 

1781. York, Walter and Pennington. 3 vols. 4to. Notes. 

1785. Bath, Crultwell. 3 vols. 4to. Bishop Wilson's 

1790. Cambridge, Archdeacon. 8vo. 

1803. London, Slower. 4 vols. 4to. Scott's Bible with 

1803. Bristol, Fenley, Jun. 12mo. Parson's Bible with 
notes at foot not cut off. 

1806. London, Ogilvy and Son. 2 vols. 4to. Brown's 
Self-Interpreting Bible. 

1811. London, Whittingham. 12mo. Reeves's Bible. 

1815. Glasgow, for Hutchinson, etc. 4to. 

1819. Edinb., Hunter, etc. 2 vols. 24mo. 

1821. London, McGowan. 4to. Henry's Bible, by Blom- 
field. Engravings. 

Various Languages. ^9 

1825. Edinb., Blair and Bruce. 8vo. 

1827. London, Bagster. 4 vols. 4to. With large margins. 
The Comprehensive Bible. 

1830. Cambridge, Smith. 2 vols, in 3, 4to. Doyly and 
Mant's Bible. Plates. 

1865. London, Whitfield, Green and Son. 3 vols. 12mo. 
The Hebrew Scriptures, translated by Samuel Sharpe. 

1878. London, Clay, 2 vols. 4to. The Paragraph Bible. 
By John Rylands, and said t^o have cost £20,000 to pro- 
duce. Copies were given tc friends only, and there is no 
copy in the British Museum. 

1885. Cambridge, Univ. Press. 12mo. Revised version. 

1892. London, Williams and Norgate. 4to. Translation 
of Samuel Sharpe. 

portions of ©lit Testament. 

1812. London, Watts. 8vo. The Book of Job literally 
translated from the original Hebrew, by John Mason 

1889. London. 8vo. Job and his Times, or a Picture of 
the Patriarchal Age, and a new version of that book, 
with Notes, by Thomas Wemyss. 

1754. London. 8vo. The Psalms, translated into Heroic 

1819. Edinb., Blair and Bruce. 48vo. Psalms in Metre. 
Ch. of Scotland. 

1844. London. Oblong. The Psalms of David, embossed 
for the Blind. 

1858. Edinburgh. 8vo. New Translation, Exposition and 
Chronological Arrangement of the Book of Psalms, with 
Critical Notes on the Hebrew Text, by Benjamin Weiss. 


50 Various Languages. 

1866. London. 8vo. The Hebrew Prophets, translated 
afresh from the original, with Illustrations for English 
Readers, by Dr. Rowland Williams. 

1807. Edinburgh, Caw. 2 vols. 8vo. Isaiah. A New 
Translation, by Robert Lowth, D.D. Fifth edition. 

1857. London, Hamilton and Co. 8vo. The Book (of the 
Prophet Isaiah, translated from the original Hebrew, by 
the Rev. E. Henderson, D.D. Second edition. 

1810. Edinb. 8vo. Jeremiah and Lamentations, a New 
Translation, by B. Blayney. Second edition. 

1836. London. 8vo. Daniel, an Improved Version, with 
a Preliminary Dissertation and Notes, Critical, Histor- 
ical and Explanatory, by Thomas Wintle. 

1797. Oxford. 4to. Zechariah ; a New Translation, with 
Notes, by B. Blayney, D.D. 

|S.£to S^estantenta. 

1589. London, Barker, fol. The Rhemes Version. First 
edition of Fulke. 

1601. London, Barker. fol. Ed. Fulke. Some pages 
mended and not quite perfect. 

1617. London, fol. Rhemes edition of Fulke. 

1769. Edinb., Macfarquhar and Co. fol. Henry's. 

1770. London, Jn. Goadby. fol. 2 vols, in 1. Plates. 

1810. London. 4to. From the Latin, by Wiclif. Ed. Rev. 
H. H. Baber. 

1816. Edinb., Hunter and Co. 8vo. 

1826. Oxford, Clarendon. 12mo. 

1834. Oxford, Univ. Press. 24mo. Written on. 

1886. London, Rivington. 4to. Ed. Girdlestone. 

1849. London, Longmans. 2 vols. 4to. Ed. Moody. 

Various Languages. 51 

1849. London, Pitman. 8vo. Phonetic New Testament, 
by Ellis. 

1854, London, Burns and Lambert. 12mo. From the 
Latin Vulgate. 

1869. London, Sampson, Low, etc. 12mo. By Tischen- 
dorf, with Introduction and Notes, and a facsimile. 

IPortinna ai tire lletn ^tstamtnt. 

1825. London. 2 vols. 8vo. The Four Gospelfe translated 
from the Greek, with Preliminary Dissertations, by 
George Campbell. 

1788. Cambridge, Archdeacon. 8vo. A New Version of 
the Gospel according to St. Matthew. Ed. De Beau- 
sobre and Lenfant. 

1849. London. 8vo. The Apostolical Acts and Epistles 
from the Peschito, or Ancient Syriac, by J. W. Etheridge. 

1816. London, Longmans. 4 vols. 8vo. A New Literal 
Translation from the Original Greek of all the Apostol- 
ical Epistles, by James Macknight, D.D. 

1862. London, Heylin, 12mo. A Literal Translation of the 
Vatican MSS. Epistles of Paul the Apostle to the 
Corinthians, by Herman Heinfetter. Fourth edition. 

EPI— s£« BAKI. 

EROMANGA. (New Hebrides.) 

1890. Sydney, Cunninghame and Co. Gospels and Acts. 

ESKIMO, (Labrador, etc,) 

1876-78. Stolpen. New Testament. 2 vols. 8vo. Persian 

ESTHOMAIC (DORPAT). (S. Esthonia.) 
1815. New Testament. 8vo. 

52 Various Languages. 

ESTHOMAIC (REVAL). (N. Esthonia.) 
1816. Tallinnas. 8vo. New Testament. 


1830. London. 4to. Piatt (T. P.). Novum Testamentum 
iEtheopice ad Codicum Manuscriptorum fidem. In this 
edition no one MS. was exclusively followed. The plan 
adopted was to transcribe a MS. of undoubted value, 
leaving considerable space between the lines ; other 
MSS. were then carefully collated with the copy, and 
every variety of reading that occurred was inserted in the 
space left for the purpose, beneath the corresponding 
words of the copy. Afterwards these readings were 
rigidly examined and either retained or expunged. 


1894. London. St. Matthew. 8vo. cloth. Translation by 
A. W. Marling. 

FANTI. (Cape Coast.) 

1886. London. New Testament. 8vo. roan. Translation 
by Rev. A. W. Parker. 

FIJI. (Fiji Islands.) 
1870. Cambridge, Clay. 8vo. New Testament. 

FINNISH. (Finland.) 
1815. Turusa. 8vo, New Testament. 



1550. Louvain, De Grave, etc. fol. Very rare, and full 
of remarkable woodcuts. This is the first edition of the 
version of Jacques le Fevre, as revised by the divines of 
Lou vain. 

Various Languages. 53 

1567. [Paris] , Fran. Estienne. 12mo. Fine copy, ruled in 

1588. Geneva, 5. ty. n. 8vo. Olivetan version. 

1615. Geneva, Haultin. fol. 

1616. La Rochelle, Hertman. 2 vols. 8vo. Bound in green 

1622. Geneve, Choet. fol. Ed. Geneva. In original 
leather binding. 

1635. Amstel., Laurents. 8vo. Geneva version. 

1665. Leyden, De Croy. 12mo. Ed. Charenton. 

1665. Geneva, for Chouet. 4to. 

1669. Amstel., Elzevir, fol. To Song of Solomon. Ed. 
Des Marets. Rare. 

1687. Amstel., Blaew. 4to. 

1701. Brussels, Fricx. 8 vols. 8vo. Ed. De Sacy. 

1710. Wetstein. 2 vols. 12mo. Bound in old green mor- 
occo with gold coronet. 

1710. Amstel., Wetstein. 12mo. Not same edition as last. 

1712. Amstel., Mortier and Brunei. 4to. Ed. Martin. 
Defective in Confession of Faith at end. 

1712. Geneva, Fabri and Barrillot. fol. 

1739. Cologne. "Aux depens de la Compagnie." 12mo. 
Ed. Le Gros. The Bible is chiefly translated from the 
Vulgate, but with corrections from the original Hebrew, 
and from some of the more ancient versions. This is 
the first edition. It was reprinted at Brussels in 1759, 
and at Paris in 1819. 

[1747] . Amsterdam, Linden. 12mo. Geneva version. 

[1747] . Amsterd., Linden. 2 vols. 12mo. Geneva version. 

1805. Geneva, Paschoud. 3 vols. 8vo. Geneva version. 

1819. London, Ogle, Duncan, etc. 12mo. 

54 Various Languages. 

1823. London, Bagster. 8vo. 

1835. Paris, Soc. Bibl. Fr,, etc. 8vo. Ed. Martin. 

1838. Paris, Lefevre. 6 vols. 8vo. Ed. Carrieres. 

1843, Paris, S. B. Prost. 12mo. Ed. Ostervald. 

1859. Bruxelles, Soc. Bibl. 12mo. Ed. Martin. 

1869. Cambridge, Soc. Bibl. 12mo. Ed. Osterwald. 

1872. Oxford, Combe, etc. 8vo. 

1878. Oxford, Combe, etc. 8vo. 

1877. Paris and Brussels, 5. ty. n. 8vo. Ed. Osterwald. 

1880. Oxford, Clarendon. 8vo. Ed. Segond. 

|S.Eto Eestainenta. 
1582. Paris, Nove. 24mo. Ed. Louvain. 

1622. Sedan. 24mo. Title page torn and pasted over, 
much worn. 

1627. Lyon, Huguetan. 16mo. Louvain edition, with 

1636. Lyon, Huguetan. Louvain edition, with curious 

1655. Charenton, De Haze. 12mo. Ed. Cellier. 

1656. Charenton, De Haze. Ed. Cellier. 

1658. Paris, CeUier. 4to. 

1667. Mons, Migeot. 12mo. First edition of the celebrate 
version from the Vulgate by De Sacy, printed for 
Migeot, a bookseller of Mons, by the Elzevirs at 
Amsterdam. It appeared with the approbation of 
Cardinal Noailles, and has passed through many sub- 
sequent editions. 

1669. Charenton, Cellier. 12mo. 

1672. Mons, Migeot. 8vo. 

1677. Mons, Migeot. 8vo. 

Various Languages. 55 

1690. Amsterdam, Blaew. 12mo. 

1697. Mons, Migeot. 2 vols. 8vo. 

1718. Amsterd., Humbert. 4to. Ed. De Beausobre et 
Lenfant. Vol. 1. Gospels and Acts. This Protestant 
version, of which this is the first edition, is remarkable 
for its closeness and accuracy, and is direct from the 
original text. An EngHsh translation of the preliminary 
dissertation and of St. Matthew was printed at Cam- 
bridge in 1779. Frontispiece loose. 

1718. Mons, Migeot. 8vo. 

1730. Amst., etc. Chartelain. 8vo. 

1736. Amsterdam, Nicolai. 9 vols. 12mo. Ed. Quesnel. 

1741. Paris, Mazieres and Gamier. 12mo. Ed. Amelotte. 
Amelotte's first edition appeared in 1666, and is well 
known to have been executed from the Vulgate, although 
it is asserted by the translator that he consulted Greek 
MSS. of the highest authority. 

1761. Amst., Linden. 12mo. Geneva version. 

1793. Edinb., Laurie and Symington. 12mo. 

1807. London, Wilson. 8vo. From Paris edition of 1805. 

1824. Paris, Didot. 8vo. Ed. De Sacy. 

1841. London, Noble. 24mo. Ed. Ostervald. 

1841. London, Barrett. 24mo. Ed. Ostervald. 

1842. [London] , McDowall. 8vo. 

1853. Brussels, B. and F. B. S. 12mo. 

1855. London, Barrett. 8vo. Ed. Ostervald. 

[I860.] London, Barrett. 24mo. Ed. Ostervald. 

1885. Tournay, Desclee, Lefebre et Cie. 8vo. Ed. Abbe 

56 Various Languages. 

IJortiotts of %ibU. 

1670. Nyort, Bureau. 12mo. The Psalms in Rhyme, by 
Marot and Beza. 

1710. London, G. R. 24mo. The Psalms, by Marot and 

1540. [Lyons, Fran. Juste.] Exposition of St. Matthew. 
l2mo. Of the greatest rarity. 

FRISIAN. (Friesland.) 
1884. London. St. Matthew. 32mo. cloth. 

FUCH-CHOW OR FOOCHOW. (Fuh-chow and region.) 
1890. London. Vernacular Gospels and Acts. Bvo. cloth. 

GA—see ACRA. 

GAELIC. (Highlands of Scotland.) 
1826. Edinburgh, B. and F. B. S. 8vo. Bible. 

GALLA. (S. Abyssinia.) 

1875. Basileae, Spittler. New Testament. 16nio. cloth. 
Translation by J. L. Krapf. 

GALLA (SOUTHERN), (S. Abyssinia.) 
St, John. 16mo. cloth. 

GANDA. (N. of Victoria Nyanza.) 

1898. London. New Testament. 32mo. roan. Trans- 
lated into Luganda from the Greek. 

1879. New Testament. 8vo. cloth. 


1736. Basel, Rudolph. 12mo. Ed. Burckhardt. 

1761. Minden, Enar. Bvo. Ed. Buddeus. With very 
good plates. 

Various Languages. 57 

1828. Frankf. 2 vols. 8vo. Old Testament. 

1828. London, B. & F. B. S. 8vo. 

1835. Hamburg, Oncken, 12mo. 

1837. London, Clay. 8vo. Ed. Luther. 

1837. London, Clay. 12mo. 8 parts. 

1848. Hanover. 8vo. 

1844. Halle. 8vo. 

1845. Berlin, Renner. 8vo. 

1846. London, Clowes & Sons. 12mo. 
1846. London, B. & F. B. S. 12mo. 
1855. London, Watts. 12mo. 

1876. Oxford. 8vo. 

|3.chi ©catamcnta. 

1769. Stuttgart, Mekler. 8vo. Ed. Bengel. 

1842. Berlin. 12mo. 

1855. Eiberfeld, Lucas. 12mo. 

1883. London, S. P. C. K. 8vo. 

1892. New York. New Testament. 12mo. cloth. 

GIRYAMA. (East Africa.) 
[1894.] St. Matthew. 8vo. cloth. 

GOGO. (E. Equatorial Africa.) 
1891. London. St. Matthew. Bvo. cloth. 

GONDI. (Central India.) 
1895. Allahabad. St. Luke. Paper. First edition. 

58 Various Languages. 


1750. Oxonii 4to. Codex Argenteus. Benzelius (Ericus) 
Sacrorum Evangeliorum versio Gothica ex Codice 
Argenteo emendata atque suppleta, cum interpretatione 
Latina. Ed. Edw. Lye. See also Anglo-Saxon and 

1857. Stuttgart. 8vo. Massman (H.F.). Ulfilas. Die 
Heiligen Schriften Alten und Neuen Bundes in 
gothischer Sprache mit gegeniiberstehendeni grie- 
chischem und lateinischem Texte, Anmerkungen, 
Worterbuch, Sprachlehre und geschichtlicher Einleitung 
von H. F. M. 

1892. Constantinople Bible. 18mo. roan. 
1827. The Psalms. 12mo. 

GREBO. (W. Africa.) 

1850. New York. Genesis. 12mo. Translated by the 
Rev. John Payne. 

GREEK. (Modern.) 
1898. Oxford Bible. 16mo. 


1822. London, M'Dowall. 8vo. New Testament. This 
is the first edition of the translation made by the 
Moravian Missionaries. It is a literal translation of 
Luther's German version. 

GUJARATI. (Western India.) 

1896. Surat. New Testament. 8vo. cloth. Reference 

GWAMBA. (The Transvaal and E. of the Limpopo.) 
1892. London. St. Luke. 12mo. cloth. 

Various Languages. 59 

HAIDA. (British Columbia.) 

1891. London. St. Matthew. 8vo. cloth. Translated by 
the Rev. Charles Harrison. 

HAINAN VERNACULAR. (Island of Hainan.) 

1894. St. Luke. 8vo. cloth. 


Vernacular. St. John. 8vo. 

HAUSA. (Hausa, W. Africa.) 

1878. London. St. Mark. 8vo. Translation by James 
Frederick Schon. 

1884. New York. Bible. 18mo. roan. 

HINDI. (N. India.) 
1896. Allahabad. Bible. 8vo. cloth. Second edition. 


New Testament. 8vo. cloth. 

1819. London, Watts. 8vo. New Testament. Ed. 
Martyn. Not in B. M. This edition, the first produced 
in this country by the Bible Society, was struck off with 
some Persic types lent for the purpose by the Church 
Missionary Society. The edition was published under 
the superintendance of Prof. Lee. 

1840. Calcutta, Amer. and F. B. S. 8vo. The Gospels and 
Acts from the Greek. 

1845. Mirzupore, Orphan Sch. Press. Svo. New 

1860. London, B. and Fo B. S. 8vo. New Testament. 

60 Various Languages. 


1883. Madras, C. K. S. Press, Vespery. Psalms. 24mo. 

1883. Madras. C. K. S. Press, Vespery. St. Matthew. 
24mo. Paper. 


New Testament. 24mo. cloth. 

1898. Bible. 16mo. 


1894. Budapest. Bible. 8vo roan. 

1846. Koszegen. 8vo. New Testament. Ed. Caspar. 

IBO. (Upper Niger, Africa.) 
1896. London. Psalms. 8vo. cloth. 

IBO. (Lower Niger, W. Africa.) 
1896. London. St. John. 8vo. cloth. 

1866. London. Bible. 8vo. basil. 

IGBIRA. (On the Niger and the Binne. W. Africa.) 
1891. London. St. Matthew. 8vo. cloth. Translated by 
P. J. Williams. 


1847. London, Clay. 8vo. New Testament. 

IROQUOIS. (Indians in Quebec and Ontario.) 

1880. Montreal, Irvell & Son. Four Gospels. 16mo. roan 
Translated from the authorized English version. 

Various Languages. 61 



1607. S. I. et ty. n. 4to. With Apocrapha. Bound in 

1712. Cologna, 5. ty. n. fol. Ed. D'Erberg. 

1819. London, Priestley. 4to. Ed. Diodati, by Rolandi. 

1825. London, Bagster. 8vo. 

1850. London, Watts. Bvo. 

1854. London, s. ty. n. 8vo. 

1855. London, Bagster. 8vo. 

1856. London, Bagster. 8vo. 
1864. London, Spottiswoode. Bvo. 

l^ctD ©^atantcnta. 

1544. Venetia, Vignoni. 16mo. Ed. Brucioli. 
1596. [Geneva] Vignoni. Bvo. Ed. Brucioli. 

1608. 12mo. Ed. Diodati. First edition in this form. 

1665. Haerlem, Albertz. Bvo. Ed. Diodati. A rare 

ITTU GALLA. (Harar. S. of Abyssinia.) 
1886. Vienna. St. Matthew. 12mo. paper. 

1895. New Testament. 16mo. cloth. 


1895. London. St. Matthew. Bvo. cloth. Tentative 

JAVANESE. (Java.) 
New Testament. Bvo. cloth. 

62 Various Languages, 

JUDAE-ARABIC. (Jews in Egypt, Syria. &c.) 
1892. Psalms. 8vo. cloth. Arabic in Hebrew characters. 

JUDAE-GERMAN. (POLISH.) (Jews in Germany.) 
Psalms. 24mo. cloth. German in Hebrew characters. 

JUDAE-PERSIC. (Jews in Persia,) 
Gospels. 12mo. cloth. Persic in Hebrew characters. 

JUDAE-SPANISH. (Spanish Jews in Turkey, etc.) 

1894. New Testament. 24mo. cloth. Spanish in Hebrew 

KABYLI. (Algeria.) 

1895. London. St. Matthew. 12mo. cloth. 

KAFIR OR XOSA. (Kafirland.) 

1897. London. Bible. 16mo. roan. 

KAGURU. (E. Equatoria Africa.) 

1894. London. St. John. 12mo. cloth. 

KALMUK. (Western Mongol.) 
St. John. 16mo. cloth. 

New Testament. 8vo. half bound. 

KHASSI. (Khasiah Hill Eastern India.) 

1898. London. New Testament. 8vo. roan. 

1898. London. St. John. 12mo. cloth. 

KIMBUNDU. (West Coast of Africa.) 

1895. London. St. Luke. 24mo. 

KOI. (On the Nerbada, E. India.) 
1889. Madras. St Luke, etc. 32mo. boards. 

Various Languages. . 63 

1895. London. New Testament. 8vo. roan. 

KONKANI. (Konkan. Bombay Pres.) 
1884. Mangalore. St. John. 24mo. paper. 

New Testament. 8vo. Paper. 

1895. London. St. John. 12mo. cloth. 

KUMUKI. (Daghestan ) 
St. Matthew. 24mo. cloth. 


1871. New York. St. Matthew and St. Luke. 16mo. roan. 
1882. New York. St. John. 16mo. cloth. 

KWAGUTL. (Vancouver's Island.) 

1894. London. St. Luke. 8vo. cloth. 

1811. Hernosand, Nordinen. 4to. Very rare Bible. 

LEPCHA. (Darjeeling.) 

1872. Calcutta. St. John. 8vo. paper. 

LETTISH. (Livonia and Courland.) 

1895. Riga. Bible. 8vo. calf. 

LIFU. (Loyalty Islands.) 
1890. London. Bible. 8vo. cloth. 

LITHUANIAN. (E. Prussia.) 
1874. Berlin. New Testament and Psalms. 12mo. 

LOLO. (Ba-lolo.) 
1893. London. Selections from St. Luke. 12mo. cloth. 

64 . Various Languages. 

MACASSAR. (Celebes ) 

1874. Amsterdam, Ellerman. St. Luke. 8vo. boards. 
Translated by Dr. B. F. Matthes. 

MAGADHI. (S. Behar, Bengal.) 
1890. Calcutta. St. Mark. 8vo. paper. 

MALAGASSY. (Madagascar.) 
1893. London. Bible. 16mo. roan. 
[1820.] London, Watts. 8vo. New Testament. 


1733-31. Amstel., Wetstien. 4to. Very rare. This 
translation was made by Petrus Van der Vorm, Arnaldus 
Brandts, Cornelius Ninaber, and George Hendrick 
Werndly. The Hebrew and Greek texts were first con- 
sulted, then the Latin translation of Arias and others, 
and then the Dutch version, and when any difficulty 
occurred reference was made to the Chaldee, Syriac, and 
particularly the Arabic versions, and sometimes to the 
Septuagint and the Persian. The translator also com- 
pared the German of Luther and Piscator, the French, 
the English, nnd occasionally the Spanish versions. 

MALAY (Low). (Batavia, etc.) 

1890-93. London. Gospels and Acts. 8vo. 5 parts, cloth. 


1834. London, Watts. 8vo. Gospels and Acts. Second 
edition. The edition was carried through the press by 
the translator, Mr, Bailey. It was printed from types 
belonging to the Church Missionary Society. 

MALO. (St. Bartholomew, New Heb.) 
1897. London. St. Mark and St. Luke, and Acts. 12mo. 

MALTESE. (Malta.) 
1872, 1895. London. St. John and Acts. 2 vols. 12mo. cloth. 

Various Languages. 6d 

1881. Calcutta. Four Gospels. 12mo. cloth. 

MANDARIN, NORTHERN. (Peking, etc.) 

Native characters. 
New Testameut. 8vo. paper 


1888. Luen-Tuen, Vernacular. New Testament. 8vo. 

Vernacular Testament. 8vo. paper. 

MAORI. (New Zealand.) 
1887. London. Bible. 8vo. basil. 
1852. Ranana. 8vo. New Testament. 

MARATAI. (Bombay Pres.) 
1851. Bombay. Amer. Press S. New Testament. 
1890. Bombay. New Testament. 12mo. cloth. 

MARATHI (MODHI). (Bombay Pres.) 
Bombay. Gospels. 4 vols. 12mo. paper. 

MAR£ or NENGONE (Loyalty Islands.) 

1870. London. New Testament. 8vo. basil. 

MAURITIUS-CREOLE. (Mauritius and E. Coast of Madagascar.) 
1885. London. St. Matthew. 24mo. cloth. 

MENDE. (Sierra Leone.) 
1872. London. Gospels. 12mo. sheep. 

MICMAC. (Indians of Nova Scotia.) 

1871. Chebooktook. Parts of New Testament. 12mo. 

MOHAWK. (Indians W. of Niagara.) 
1839. New York, Fenshaw. Isaiah. 12mo. cloth. 


66 Various Languages. 

1897. London. St. Matthew. 12mo. cloth. 

Song of Solomon. 4to. cloth. 

1883. New York. New Testament. 8vo. roan. 

MOTU. (Port Moresby, New Guinea.) 

1891. London. New Testament. 12mo. basil. 


1887. New York. New Testament. 16mo. roan. 

NAMAGUA. (Great Namagualand.) 

1872. Capetoun. Psalms. 8vo. half-bound. Translated 
into the Nama language by J. G. Kronlein. 

NICOBRARESE. (Nicobar Islands.) 

1890. Calcutta. St. Matthew. 12mo. paper. Translated 
by the Moravian Missionaries about 1780. Edited and 
revised by F. A. De Roepstorff and his widow in 1884. 
Second edition. 

NEGRO-ENGLISH. (Surinam.) 

1888. New Testament and Psalms. 8vo. roan. 

NENGONE,— sf« MARfi. 

NEPALESE. (Nepaul.) 

1897. Calcutta. St. John. 8vo. paper. Translation made 
by the Rev. A. Turnbull. 

NGUNA. (New Hebrides.) 

1892. Dunedin, N. Z. Genesis and Exodus. 8vo. cloth. 

Various Languages. 67 

NIAS. (Nias, near Sumatra.) 

1874. London. St. Luke. 16mo. cloth. Translated from 
the Greek into Nika, the language of the island Nias 
and of the neighbouring islands Naku and Batu, as well 
as of the Nian settlements in the Ports of Atjeh, in Pad- 
ang A. O.; and compared with the Malay and Dayak 
translations by E. Denninger. 

NIUE. (Savage Islands.) 

1893. London. Bible. 8vo. calf. 

1891. Christiania. Bible. 16mo. roan. Gothic. 

NUPE. (Upper Niger. W. Africa.) 

1887. London. St. John. 16mo. cloth, 


1894. London. Nehemiah, abridged version. 8vo. cloth. 
Tentative edition. 

OJIBWA. (Saulteaux Indians.) 

1875. New York. New Testament. 12mo. roan. 

1811. Serampore, s. ty. n. 8vo. Vol. 3. The Poetical 


PANGASINAN. (Suzon, Philippine Islands.) 

1888. Madrid. St. Mark. 16mo. cloth. 

New Testament. 8vo. half-bound. 

PASHTU OR AFGHAN. (Afghanistan.) 
1890. London. New Testament. 12mo. cloth. Translated 
by the Rev. T. J. L. Mayer. 

68 Various Languages. 

PEDI. (N. Transvaal. S. Africa.) 
1890. London. New Testament. 12mo. cloth. 

Bible. Svo. basil. Revised by Rev. Robert Bruce, D.D. 

A rabic. 
Psalms. 16mo. cloth. 

1834. London. New Testament. Svo. half bound. 


1810. Berlin, Spathen. 8vo. New Testament. The text 
adopted was that known as the Dantzic, being the trans- 
lation made by Paliurus, Wengierseius and Micolaievius, 
from the original texts as set forth by the Reformed 
Church at Dantzic in 1632. 

1853. London. 12mo. New Testament. 

1887. New Testament. 8vo. cloth. 

POPO. (Dahomey, W. Africa ) 
1895. London. Genesis. 12mo. 


1850. London, Watts. 8vo. Bible. Ed. A. P. de 

[I860.] London. Bagster and Sons. 12mo. Bible. Vul- 
gate edition. 

1712. Amstel., CrelHus. 16mo. New Testament. Ed. 
d' Almeida. Copy from the Library of the Duke of 
Sussex, with his bookplate. 

RAJMAHALI. (A hill tribe in Bengal.) 
1882. Agra. St. John. Svo. paper. 

Various Languages. 69 

RAROTONGAN. (Hervey Islands.) 

1836. London, Ibotson and Palmer. 8vo. New Testament. 
F'irst edition of this version chieily made by the Rev. 
John WilHams and Messrs. Pitman and Buzacott, of 
the London Missionary Society. The translation was 
made from the Tahitian version, but the original texts 
and the principal commentators were carefully consulted. 

RIFIAN. (Dialect of Shilha. Morocco.) 

St. John. 8vo. cloth. 


1870. Cologne. Bible. Svo. cloth. 

ROMANSCH (OBERLAND DIALECT). (Grisson, Switzerland.) 

1870. Frankfort-a.-M. Bible. Svo. cloth. 


1848. London, Murray. 8vo. St. John, with facsimiles. 
Dublin and Paris MSS. 

ROTUMAN. (South Seas.) 

1884. London. New Testament. 12mo. basil. 

ROUMANIAN. (Roumania.) 

1873. Pesta. Bible. 8vo. cloth. 


1893. Bible. Svo. roan. 

1858. London. 12mo. New Testament. 

1SG9. London. 12mo. New Testament. 

RUSS. LAPP. (Russian Lapland,) 

1878. Helsingissa. St. Matthew. Svo. cloth. 

RUTHENIAN. (Little Russia.) 
1871-1880. New Testament. Svo. cloth. 

SAGALLA. (E. Central Africa.) 
1897. London. St. John. Svo. cloth. 

70 Various Languages. 

SAMOAN. (Navigators' Islands.) 
1887. London. Bible. 16mo. basil. 

SAMOGITIAN. (Kovno, Russia.). 

1866. Berlin. New Testament. 12mo. cloth. 

SANGIRESE. (Sangir Islands, Malay Archipelago.) 
1883. New Testament. 8vo. sheep. 

SANSKRIT. (Sacred language of the Brahmans.) 
1886. Calcutta. New Testament. Bvo. cloth. 

SANTAlI, N.W. Bengal.) 
1889. Calcutta. Psalms. 12mo. paper. 

1878. New York. Four Gospels. 12mo. basil. 

1896. Bible. 8vo. roan. 
1877. New Testament and Psalms. 8vo. cloth. 

SESUTO. (Basuto Land.) 
1892. London. New Testament. 32mo. roan. 

SGAU KAREN. (Burma.) 

1867. Rangoon. Old Testament. Roy. 8vo. cloth. Trans- 
lated by Francis Mason. 

SHANGHAIC. (Shanghai and region.) 
Vernacular Psalms. 8vo. 

St. John. 8vo. paper. 

St. John. 4to. cloth. 

SINDHI. (Gurumukhi.) 
1877. Oxford. St. John. Oblong cloth. 

SINHALESE. (S. Ceylon.) 
1896. London. Bible. 16mo. roan. 


Various Languages. 71 

SLAVONIC. (Russian Church.) 
New Testament. 12mo. cloth. 

SLOVAK. (N.W. Hungary.) 
1898. New Testament. 32mo. cloth. 

SLOVENIAN. (S. Austria.) 
1885. New Testament and Psalms. 82mo. cloth. 

1622. Celebrated Bear Bible. 4to. This is the version of 

Cassiodorus de Reyna. The Bible was probably printed 

at Francfort, and it is free from the corrections of De 

1855. London, Spottiswoode. 8vo. Bible. Version of 


1813. Bermondsey, Powell. 8vo. New Testament. 

1866. Londres. 24mo. Version of Cipriano de Valera of 
New Testament. 

1874. Londres, s. ty. n. 8vo. New Testament. Version 
of Cipriano de Valera revised. 

SUAN. (S. Cape) 
1895. Sydney, Brooks. St. Mark. 12mo. cloth. Translated 
by Pi, Rarotongan. 

SUKUMA. (Kisuliuma.) 
1898. London. St. Matthew. 8vo. cloth. 
SUNDANESE. (Western Java.) 
1895. Amsterdam. St. John. 8vo. cloth. 

SWAHILI. (East Africa.) 
1892. London. New Testament. 12mo. roan. 

SWATOW. (China.) 
1892. [Glasgow.] St. Matthew to Acts. 12mo. cloth. 

1889. Swatow. St. Matthew. 8vo. paper. In tlie Tie- 
chin dialect. 

72 Various Languages. 

[1744.] Stockholm. 8vo. original calf. 
Stockholm. Bible. 16mo. cloth. 

1883. London. Bible. 24mo. roan. 


I^ctn l^fBtamenta. 

1555. Vienna, Widdermann. 4to. First Syriac New 
Testament, being the first portion of the Syriac Scrip- 
tures committed to the press. It is bound in green 
morocco, gilt edges. Excessively rare. 

1575. Antverpiae, Plantin. 24mo. 

1663-4. Hamburgi. 8vo. Ed. Gutbirio. 

1663-64. Hamburgi. 8vo. Ed. Gutbirio. With Syriac 

1684. Sulzbaci, ex off. Hoist. 16mo. 

1731. Francof. 8vo. 

portions of |lchi Ccatamcnt. 

1789. Hafniae, Schultz. 4to. Ed. Adler. Novi Testa- 
menti. Versiones Syriacae Simplex, Philoxeniana et 
Hierosolymitana. With eight facsimile plates. 

1870. Cantab. 4to. Crowfoot (J. R.). Fragmenta Evan- 
gelica quae ex antiqua recensione versionis Syriacae 
Novi Testamenti (Peshito dictae) a Gul. Curetono Vul- 
gata sunt, Graece reddita textuque Syriaco editionis 
Schaafianae et Graeco Scholzianae fideleter collata. 
Pars prima. 

Various Languages. 78 

1889. New Testament and Psalms. 24mo. roan. 

SYRJEN. (Vologda). 
1882. St. Petersburg. St. Matthew. 8vo. cloth. 

TAHITIAN. (Society Islands.) 

1884. Oxford. Bible. 16mo. basil. 


Vernacular Parts of New Testament. 8vo. paper. For the 
Panjab Bible Society. 

TAMIL. (Karnatie and N. Ceylon.) 

1895. Madras, S. P. C. K. Press, Veperez. Bible. 16mo. 

1840. Madras, Amer. Press. S. 8vo. New Testament. 

TASIKO. (S. E. of Epi. N. Heb.) 
1892. London, St. Matthew. 12mo. cloth. 

TAVETa. (E. Equatorial Africa.) 
1892. London. St. John. 12mo. 

1850. Madras, Amer. Miss. 8vo. Proverbs. 

TELUGU. (S. E. India.) 
1884. Madras. Bible. 8vo. half-bound. 

TEMNE. (Tribe near Sierra Leone.) 
1869. Stuttgart. Psalms. 16mo. sheep. 

74 Various Languages. 

Berlin. Acts to Revelation. 8vo. cloth. 

TIGRfi. (E. Abyssinia.) 

1806. St. Chrishona. The Four Gospels. 18mo. roan. 
Translated by the Abyssinian Debtera Matteos, and re- 
vised by the Rev. Mr. Isenberg. Tigre is little else 
than vulgar Ethiopic. 

TINNfi. (Slave.) (Indians N. W. America.) 
1890. London. St. John. 12mo. Syllabic). 

TONGAN. (Friendly Islands.) 
1884. London. Bible. 8vo. basil. 

1821. The Gospels. 8vo. 

TSHI. (CHWEE). (Gold Coast W. Africa.) 

1871. Basel. Bible. 8vo. basil. Translated into the lan- 
guage spoken by the tribes of Akuapem, Akem, Asante. 
Fante, etc., Gold Coast, Western Africa, by J. G. Christ- 
aller. This is the Otshi or Ashanti Bible. 

1870. Basel. The New Testament. 8vo. Translated from 
the original Greek. 

TUKUDH. (Indians on Youcon River.) 
1874. London. The Four Gospels. 8vo. roan. 

New Testament. 8vo. cloth. 

New Testament. 8vo. cloth. 

Various Languages. 75 

St. Matthew. 16mo. cloth. Second edition. 

Gospels. 8vo. cloth. Translation of Ostroumoff and others. 




Bible. 4to. 
The Bible. 8vo. 
New Testament. 8vo. 

URIPIV. (New Hebrides.) 
1893. Melbourne. St. Mark. 12mo. cloth. 

UVEAN. (Loyalty Islands.) 
1891. London. Gospels and Acts. 8vo. 


1861. London, Eyre and Spottiswoode. 8vo. Bible. 

1871. London, Eyre and Spottiswoode. 12mo. Bible. 

1877. London, Eyre and Spottiswoode. 12mo. Bible. 

189'!. Vernacular Gospels and Acts. 18mo. cloth. 

WENDISH (LOWER). Prussian Lusetia.) 
1860. New Testament and Psalms. 8vo. cloth. 

76 Various Languages. 

YAHGAN. (Tierra del Fuego.) 

1886. London. St. John. 8vo. cloth. 

YAO. (E. of Lake Nyassa, E, Africa.) 
189i. London. Epist. Galatians to PhiUppians. 24mo. 

1898. Pentateuch. 8vo. cloth. 

YORUBA. (Slave Coast.) 

1887. London. New Testament. 16mo. roan. 

ZULU. (S. Africa.) 
1898. Bible. 8vo. roan. 




iEstivus (Sem.). Indices Lectionum et Biblicam et privat- 
arum quae in Academia Marburgensi per S. A. 4to. 
Marburgi, s. a. In paper cover. 

Baronet (A. Lay). Archbishop Murray's Douay and Rhemish 
Bible, and the Bordeaux New Testament. Four 
Letters. 12nio. London, 1848. 

Bellamy (J. W.). Concordance to the Holy Bible. Second 
edition. 4to. Lond., 1818. 

Bengelius (J. A.). Apparatus Criticus ad Novum Test- 
amentum. Ed. Burkio. 4to. Tubingae, 1768. 

Biblia aurea cum suis historis necnon exemplis veteris atque 
novi instrument!. Augsb., Schiirer. 4to. 1509. 

Biblia Augustiniana sive CoUectio et explicatio annum lo- 
corum Sacrae Scriptorae. fol. Lutetiae Parisiorum. 1670. 

Butcher (Ed.). The Substance of the Holy Scriptures 
methodized. Second edition. 4to. London, 1805. 

Colomesius (Paulus). Observationes Sacrae. 12mo. Lond., 

78 Works connected with the Bible. 

Copinger (W. A.), L.LD. The Bible and its Transmission: 
An Historical and Bibliographical View of the Hebrew 
and Greek Texts, and of the Greek, Latin and other 
versions of the Bible (both MS. and printed) prior to the 
Reformation. With 28 Illustrations. London, 1897. fol. 

Cureton (W.). The Ancient Syriac Version of the Epistles 
of St. Ignatius to St. Polycarp, the Ephesians and the 
Romans, with Translation, Notes, etc. 8vo. London, 

Cureton (W.). Vindiciae Ignatianae; or the Gemine Writings 
of St. Ignatius as exhibited in the Antient Syriac Version 
vindicated from the charge of Heresy. 8vo. London, 

Diodati (John). Pious Annotations upon the Holy Bible. 
Fourth edition, fol. Lond., 1664. With 24 beautiful 
brass cuts. 

Eclogae Sacrae, Veteris Testamenti, Hebraeo-Latinae, com- 
modo discentium ita seorsim excusae. 24mo. Tub., 

Erasmus (Des.). Paraphraseon. 2 vols, in 1. fol. Basileae, 

Ginsburg (C. D.). Introduction to the Massoretico-Critical 
Edition of the Hebrew Bible. 8vo. Lond,, 1897. 

Homilies appointed to be read in Churches, fol. Lond., 

Huetius (R. D.). Demonstratio Evangelica. 2 vols. 8vo. 
Amstel., 1680. 

Lye (Ed.). Dictionarium Saxonico et Gothico-Latinum, 
accedunt Fragmenta Versionis Ulphilanae, necnon opus- 
cula quaedam Anglo-Saxonica, edidit Owen Manning. 
2 vols. fol. London, 1772. Fine uncut copy in boards. 

Works connected with the Bible. 79 

Mammotrectus super Bibliam. Venetiis, Nic. Jenson, 1479. 
4to. goth. 260 ff. Hain, *10559. Bound in wood. 

Mammotrectus super Bibliam. Argent. 4to. 1487. Hain, 

Marloralo (Aug.). Novi Testamenti Catholica expositio 
ecciesiastica. Fourth edition, fol. Genevae, 1585. 

Matthaei (C. F.). Lectiones Mosquenses. 2 vols in 1. 8vo. 
Lipsiae, 1779. 

Newman (Sam.). A Large and Complete Concordance to the 
Bible in English, fol. Lond., 1643. 

Nicholson (E. B.). The Gospel according to the Hebrews, 
its fragments translated and annotated. 8vo. London, 

Origin. Hexaplorum Origenis quae supersunt, multis parti- 
bus auctiora, quam a Flaminio Nobilio et Joanne Drusio 
edita fuerint. Ed. Montfaucon. 2 vols. fol. Paris, 
1714. A large paper copy. 

Pasor (Geo.). Manuale Graecarum vocum. N. Testamenti, 
etc. 24mo. Amstel., 1649. 

Pfochenius (S.). Diatribe de Linguae Graecae Novi Test- 
amenti Puritate. 12mo. Amstel., 1638. 

Ravanellus (Petr.). Bibliotheca Sacra, seu Thesaurus 
Scripturae Canonicae amplissimus. 2 vols. fol. Genevae, 

Rosenmiillerus (J. G.). Scholia in Novum Testamentum. 
Sixth edition. 4 vols. 8vo. Norimb., 1815. 

S. (T.), Diatriba de Chaldaicis Paraphrastis, eorumque 
Versionibus, ex utroque Talmude, ac Scriptis Rabbin- 
orum concinnata. 12mo. Oxonii, 1662. 

80 Works connected with the Bible. 

Schindelerus (M. Valent.). Epitome Bibliorum contineus 
insigniora Veteris ac Novi Testamenti dicta Hebraice 
Chaldaicfe Syriace Graece Litine et Germanice. 12mo. 
Vitebergae, 1578. 

Schleusner (J. F.). Novum Lexicon Graeco-Latinum in 
Novum Testamentum. Ed. Smith, Strauchton and 
Dickinson. 2 vols. 8vo. Glasgow, 1817. 

Schleusner (J. F.). Novum Lexicon Grseco-Latinum in 
Novum Testamentum. 4to. Glasgow, 1824. 

Sike (Hen.). Evangelium Infantiae: vel Liber Apocryphus 
de Infantia servatoris. 12mo. Traj. ad Rhen., 1697. 

In same vol. 
Leusden (J.). Scholae Syriacae libri tres. 12mo. Ultraj, 

Symson (And.). Lexicon Anglo-Graeco-Latinum Novi Test- 
amenti. fol. Lond., 1658. 

Walton (Brian). Bibhcus Apparatus, fol. Tiguri, 1673. 

Walton (Br.), The Considerator considered ; or a brief view 
of certain considerations upon the Biblia Polyglotta, the 
Prolegomena and appendix thereof, 12mo, 




New Testaments and Parts thereof, 








SINCE the printinfy of the Hand-List, to which 
this is the Supplement, no effort has been 
spared to complete, so far as possible, the Collec- 
tion by the addition of those editions which mark 
advance or development in the text, or throw light 
thereon. The Hebrew Bibles are now represented 
by over 100 editions, the Greek Testaments by 
over 800 different editions, and the Septuagints 
have been now rendered practically perfect as a 
series by the addition of the first Aldine Edition of 
1518 and the great Paris Edition of Jager of 
1839-48. To the Latin Bibles four excessively 
rare editions have been added : the Peypus, 
Nuremberg edition of 1528, and three other edi- 
tions celebrated for their remarkable woodcuts ; 
the Crespin Edition of 1527, the Juncta of 1548, 
and the Basle of 1578. A fine large paper copy 
of " The States' Bible," printed by the Elzevirs in 
1668, has also been secured. It measures nearly 
19 inches in height by 5 inches in thickness. 

4 Introductory Note. 

Of the Bible in various languages many out 
of the way editions and versions have been added. 

Lastly, amongst the works connected with 
the Bible may be mentioned the edition of Blan- 
chini's '' Evangeliarum Quadruplex Latine ver- 
siones antiquae, Romae, 1749," 4 vols, fob, which 
the Collector had for many years endeavoured to 
secure but without success. It is an exceptionally 
line copy bound in vellum. 

In all, 213 additional works have been joined 
to the Collection in 297 volumes, the Bible being 
now represented by nearly 1300 different editions 
and works in about eighteen hundred volumes in 
upwards of 300 different languages. 


1628. Genevae. Job. de Tournes. 12mo. N. T. 

1833-4. Wien, Schmid. 10 vols. 8vo. 



1726. Augsburg, Shotter. 2 vols. fol. 
1763. Constantiae, Bez. 2 vols. fol. 
1845. Landshut, Vogel. 10 vols. 8vo. 

Iletn CcstamEttt. 
1788. Augsburg, Rieger. 3 vols. 8vo, 

1898. London, Waterlow. 12mo. St. Luke. 

1896. Tremel, Trinitarian B. S. for Breton. 12mo. St. 



1617-8. Venet. Petro e Lorenzo Bragadin. 2 vols. fol. 

This is a reproduction of the Rabbinical Bible of 1547-49. 
1699. Berolini, Kuebelii. 8vo. Ed. Jablonski. 
1699. Berlin. 4 vols. 4to. (iuipjrfcct). 
1711. Francof., Wustii. 8vo. Ed. Clodius. 

Unknown to Le Long. 
1716. Francof., Andreae. 2 vols. 4to. 
[1880] . Berlin, Trowitzsch. 12mo. 

portions of ©Iti GLxaiament. 
1864. London, Willianis and Norgate. 8vo. Rutli witb 
various readings, by C. H. H. Wright. 

S. d. Oxford, Parker. 8vo. Psalms Metrical, arranged with 
selections from the various readings by Kennicott and 
de Rossi and from the Ancient Versions by J. Rogers. 

|S.£to ®£stamcnt. 
1886. Berlin, Trowitzsch. 12mo. Ed. Delitzsch. 



1518. Venetiis, in oed. Aldi et Andreae soc. fol. Fine tall 
copy in modern pigskin, of the first edition of the Bible 
in Greek. The Currer copy and late of Lord Coleridge, 
with autograph and bookplate of latter. 

1839 48. Parisiis, Didot. 3 vols. imp. 8vo. Greek and Latin. 
Fine copy of this celebrated edition ot Jager, 

1840. London. 8vo. 

1846. London, Tegg. 2 vols. 8vo. 


1547. Tiguri, in off. Froschoviana. 12mo. 

15G5. Henry Stephens. 8vo. Ed. Beza, Greek and Latin. 

1633. London, Whitaker. 8vo. [Elzevir] . 2 copies, one 
with Common Prayer in English, and the other in 

1708. Tiguri, ex typogr. Bodmeriana. 12mo. 

1753. Berolini et Lipsiae, Vossius. 12mo. Ed. Leusden. 
Greek and Latin. 

1813. Halae et Berolini, e Libr. Orphan. 2 vols, in 1. 8vo. 

1813. Oxon., Clarendon. 8vo. 

1819. London, in double col. Ancient and modern Greek. 

1821. Tubingae, Tues. 2 vols. 8vo. Greek and Latin. 

1824. Halis Saxonum e Libr. Orphan. 8vo. Ed. Knapp, 
2 vols, in one, second edition. 

1831. Lipsiae, Tauchnitz. 8vo. Ed. Tittmann. Liter- 
leaved copy. 

Greek. 7 

1831. Lipsiae, Koehler. 8vo. Ed. Naebe. 8vo. Greek and 

1854. Lipsiae, Tauchnitz. 8vo. Ed. Thiel. Greek and 

1862. Ratisbonae, Manz. 8vo. Ed. Loch. 

1876. Lipsiae, Tauchnitz. 8vo. Ed. Tischendorf. 

1877. London. 16mo. Ed. Jowett and Meller. 

1878. Lipsiae, Tauchnitz. 12mo. Ed. Gebhardt. 

1886. Lipsiae, Teubner. 8vo. Ed. Buttmann. Fifth 

1887. Lipsiae, Tauchnitz. 12mo. Ed. Gebhardt. 

1888. Lipsiae, Tauchnitz. 8vo. Ed. Gebhardt. 
1896. Lipsiae, Tauchnitz. 8vo. Ed. Gebhardt. 
1898. Stuttgart. 12mo. Cum apparatu critico. 
1898. Lipsiae, Tauchnitz. 12mo. Ed. Gebhardt. 

portions of (5rcch oTestamtnt. 

1788. Havniae, Schultz. 4to. St. Matthew. Ed. Birch. 
1795-1826. Gottingae, Dieterichianis. 8 vols. 8vo. From 

Romans to Peter. 
1860. Pestini, Emich. Fob Codex Graecus Quatuor 

Evangehorum e Bibhotheca Univ. Festinensis cum inter- 

pretatione Hungarica editus a Sam. Markfi. 
1864. London, Macniillan. 4to. The first 12 chapters of 

St. Matthew, by Rev. J. ForshaU. 



1523. Nuremb., Peypus. Fol. Exceedingly rare. Not in 

Copinger collection. Stained and mended but fine copy. 

Not more than 6 copies are known to exist. 
1527. Lugd. Crespiti. Incomplete in tlie tables and much 

stained. Many curious woodcuts. The only other copy 

known is that in the British Museum. 
1548. Lugdioni, apud I. Giuntam. 4to. Full of curious 

plates. Only 2 other copies known, one in the Cambridge 

University Library, and the other in Brunswick Library. 
1578. Basileae, Guarinus. 8vo. Full of fine woodcuts by 

T. Stiinmer. 
1591. Basileae. 8vo. Woodcuts of a peculiar character. 
1609. Tubingae, Gruppenbach. ito. Protestant Ed. 
1628. Antverperae, Ex off. Plantiniana. 8vo. Vulgate 

1679. Colon. Agrip. Demen. 8vo. Vulgate Ed. 
1710. Lugd. Valfray. 8vo. Rare, no copy in Copinger 

1821. Monasterii Westphaliae. 2 vols. Bvo. Ed. Kiste- 

1824. Tubingae, Fues. 3 vols. 8vo. First Ed. of Van Ess. 
1828. Vesuntione, Chalandre. 8 vols. 32mo. 
1834. Oeniponti, Wagner. 3 vols. 8vo. Ed. Galura. 

portions of (Bib ^cstttmznt. 
1563. Argent., Machoeropeus. 12mo. Psalms. 

Ilchj Ccstament. 
1834. Ratisbonae, Rotermandt. 12mo. 



[189 ] . London, S.P.C.K. 8vo. Part of Genesis and 
Matthew. With plates. 

AKUNAKUNA (Old Calabar, W. Africa). 

1894. Nat. B. S. of Scotland. 12mo. Luke. 

AMHARIC (Abyssinia). 

1870. Basileae, typis St. Chrischonae ex scriptum. 12mo. 
Ed. Habessinus. 

1811. Newcastle. Hodgson. 4to. 



1895. Bible (Ancient). 8vo. 
1875. New Testament, sm. 8vo. 
1816. The Gospels. 

ARMENIAN (Ararat). 

1843. Smyrna. 12mo. Psalter. 

ARRAWACK (S. America). 

1856. London. Watts. 12mo. Gospels and parts of 
Genesis and Acts. 

AZERBIJANI (Trans-Caucasia). 
Bible. 2 vols. 8vo. 

1890. Basel Mission Press. 12mo. St. Luke. 

10 Various Languages. 


1876. London. 12mo. St. Luke. 
1898. London. 12mo. Genesis. 

BICOL (Philippines). 
1898. Madrid. St. Luke. 12mo. 

BOHEMIAN (Austria). 

1898. New York A. B. S. Bible. 8vo. 
1807. Berlin. 8vo. N. T. 

1873, Prague. 12mo. N. T. 

1875. Prague. 4to. N. T. Fine copy. 

BRETON (France). 
1897. Geneva. 8vo. Bible. 

BULGARIAN (Bulgaria). 
1859. New Testament. 8vo. 

BULU (Gabron, W. Africa). 

1896. New York A. B. S. Gospels. 12mo. Translation 
by Rev. A. C. Good. 

CAMBODGIAN (Cochin China). 

1899. Singapore. St. Luke. 8vo. 

CATALAN (Spain). 
1888, Madrid. New Testament. 8vo. 


1886. New York A. B. S. Bible (Mandarin). 4 vols. Svo. 
1895. New Testament. A. B. S. (Canton colloquial.) 8vo. 
1899. A. B. S. New Testament. (Classical.) 82mo. 

1899. Edinburgh Nat. B. S. of Scotland. 8vo. New Test. 

1899. London. St. John. 12mo. 

1867. Coin. 12mo. New Testament. 

Various Languages. 11 

DOBU (British New Guinea). 

1898. Sydney, Lees. Gospels and Acts. 12mo. By 
Rev. W. E. Bromilow. 


166B. Leyden, Elzevir, fol. Magnificent large paper copy 
bound in stamped vellum (one cover slightly damaged) of 
tliis excessively rare edition of " The States' Bible." 

1671. Gorinchun, Cappel. 24mo. 

IIeIu Testaments. 
1580. Delft. 8vo. Black letter with marginal references. 

DYAK (Sea) (Borneo). 

[189-] London, S. P. C. K. 12mo. Psalms. By J. 

EPIK (Old Calabar, W. Africa). 

1896. Edinburgh, Nat. B. S. of Scotland. 8vo. New 


1620. London, Benham Norton. 4to. 

1648. Cambridge, Daniel. 12mo. With Psalms. Edin- 
burgh, Tyler, 1650. 
1650. London, printed for Stationers. 8vo. 
18B4. London, Rivington. 8vo. Ed. Townsend. 

1838. London, Bagster. 4to. Reprint of the Coverdale 
Bible of 1535. 

1839. London, Bell. 12mo. Ed. Stebbing. 
1841. London, Eyre and Spottiswoode. 8vo. 

1859. London, Longman & Co. A Revised Translation by 
Wellbeloved, Vance-Smith ' and Potter. 3 vols 8vo 

[1890.] London, Burns and Gates. 8vb. From Latin 

12 Various Languages. 

Portions of ©lit Ecstament. 
1864, London, Hamilton & Co. 8vo. The Book of Job. 

New Translation by Dr. Bernard. Ed. by F. Chance. 
1614. London, for Stationers. 4to. The Booke of Psalmes 

in Meetre by Sternhold Hopkins and others, with apt 

notes to sing. 
1765. Reading, Carnan. 4to. The Psalms in English 

Verse, by James Merrick. 
1785. London. 8vo. Improved Version of the Twelve 

Minor Prophets, by William Newcome, D.D. 

licto ®EstitinEttta. 
1798. London, Gillet. 8vo. New Trans, by Nathaniel 

1837. Cambridge, Parker. 8vo. 

Iportiona of |l£lrr Testament- 
1801. Hull, Peck. 4to. A Poetical Version of the Four 

Gospels, by Ralph Darling. 
1881. London, Bagsters. The book of Revelation by S. P. 
Tregelles, LL.D. 

FINNISH. (Finland). 

1888. Helfinki. Bible. 8vo. 

1855. Stockholm. 8vo. New Testament. 

FLEMISH. (Belgium) 
1854. Brussels. 8vo. New Test. 

FLORIDA. (Solomon Is.). 
1897. London, S.P.C.K. 12mo. Gospels and Acts. 



1702-3. Amsterdam, J. L. de Lorme. 2 vols, in 1. 4to. 

Ed. Le Clerc. 
1739. Flensbourg and Altona, Les Freres Kortes. 8vo. 
Ed. Martin. 


Various Languages. 13 

1760. Basle, J. Radolphe Inn-Hoff. 8vo. Ed. Martin and 

[1761]. Amsterdam, Linden. 12mo. Geneva. 
1771-0. Bienne and Neuchatel, Heilmann and Tauche. 2 

vols. 8vo. Ed. Ostervald, 
1845. Paris, Lib. Cathol. 2 vols. 8vo. 
1879. Geneve and Paris. 12mo. Old Testament. Ed. 

Legond. New Testament. Ed. Oltramare. 
1896. Paris, Bible Society of France. 8vo. Ed. Osterwald 


I^eto UTcstamcnta. 

1662. Mons. Migeot. 12mo. Vulgate with differences of 

the Greek. 
1769. Bruxelles, par la Compagnie. 12mo. Ed. Amelotte. 
1839. Lausanne, Duret. 8vo. New Translation " par une 

Societe de Ministres de la Parole de Dieu." 
1869. Paris. 8vo. Version of Eugene Arnaud. 
1872. Paris, Vevey. 12mo. New Version. 

portions of ^:Mc- 

1768. s. I. ct ty. n. The Psalms in Verse with Music for 
use of Protestants in France. 

GAELIC (Scotland). 
1855. London, B. and F. B. S. 8vo. New Testament, 



1787. Augsburg, Doll. 13 vols. 8vo. Ed. Tirin with com. 
1838-7. Berlin, Beit. 2 vols. 8vo. Ed. Zunz, Armheim, 

Fiirst und Sachs. 
1839. Heidelberg, Mohr. 3 vols. 8vo. Ed. Wette. 
1871. Sulzbach, Seidelschen. 8vo. Ed. Van Ess. 

1893. New York. Bible. 8vo. 

14 Various Languages. 


1827. Stuttgart and Tubingen. , J. G. Cotta'schen, 
8vo. Matthew by Schmeller. 

GREEK (Modern). 

1843-50. Athens. Old Testament. 4 vols. 

HANGCHAU (China). 
London, S. P. C. K. 8vo. St Matthew. 

1860. New Testament. 8vo. 

ILOCANO (Philippine Islands). 

1899. Madrid. St. Luke, 12mo. 

ISABEL OR YSABEL (Solomon Islands). 

[189-] London, S. P. C. K. 12mo. John. 


1854, Firenze, Monnier. 8vo. Ed. Martini, 

St. Matthew, 2nd. edition. 

Bible. 8vo. 


KEAPARA (Brit. New Guinea). 
1899. London. Four Gospels and Acts. 12mo. 

KIEN-NING (Vernacular). 

1897. London. St. John. 8vo, 

KIMAMBWE (S. Tanganyika, Africa). 

1898. London. St. Mark. 12mo. 

1896. London. St. John. 24mo. Heli Chatelain's version. 

Various Languages. 15 

KORANKO (W. Soudan nr. Sierra Leone). 
1899. London. St. Luke. 12mo. 

1895. New York A. B. S. 8vo. Scriptures. 

1816. Konigsburg. 8vo. 
182-4. Tilzete. 8vo. Title page injured. 

1866. Berlin. Trowitzsch. New Test. 12mo. 

LUSHAI (India). 
1899. London. Acts. 12mo. 

1888. London. New Testament. 8vo. 

MALAY (High) Philippines. 
1888. Amsterdam. New Testament. 8vo. 

1893. Nat. B. S. of Scotland. 8vo. Gospels. 

1819. London, Eyre and Strahan. 8vo. 

MARATHI (India). 

1898. Bombay, "Nirnaya-Sagar" Press. 8vo. Bible. 


1899. New York, A. B. S. New Testament and Psalms. 


1898. London. St. Mark. 12mo. 

MAURITIAN (Creole). 
1893. London. St. Mark. 12mo. 

6 Various Languages. 

MBUNDU— Sd;^ KIMBUNDU (S. W. Africa). 
1846. New Testamerxt. By Stallybrass and Swan. 8vo. 

MOSKITO (Central America). 
1889. Stolpeura, Winter. Gospels and Acts. 12mo. 

MOTA (New Hebrides). 
1875. London, S. P. C. K. 12mo. New Testament. 

1896. London, S. P. C. K. 12ino. New Testament. 

MPONGWE (Gabron, W. Africa). 
1893. New York, A. B. S. 8vo. New Testament. 

MUNDARI (India) 

1881. Calcutta, Thomas. The Four Gospels. 12mo. 

NYAMWESI (German E. Africa). 

1897. London. St. Mark. 12mo. 

1888. Madrid. St. Matthew. 16mo. 

PANGKUMU (Malelcula, New Hebrides). 
1897. London. St. John. 12mo. 

PERM (Russia). 

1882. St. Petersburg. St. Matthew. 8vo. 



1827. London, Watts. 8vo. New Testament. Ed. Rev. 
Henry Martin. 

POKOMO (R. Tana, E. Africa). 

1891. London. St. Mark. 12mo. 


1738. Konigsburgh. Bible. 8vo. 

1810. Berlin. Bible. 8vo. 

1846. Lipsiae, Tauchnitz. Bible. 8vo. 

Various Languages. 17 

London, Taylor. 8vo. Ed. d'Almeida. 
1821. London, Bensley. 8vo. Ed. Figueiredo. 

1898. Helfinki. 8vo. Ed. d'Almeida. 


1887. Bible. 12mo. 

ROMANSCH (Switzerland). 
1812. Basel, Schneider. Svo. New Testament. 

RUK (Caroline Islands). 

1802. New York. A. B. S. Genesis and Exodus. 8vo. 


1891. London, S, P. C. K. New Testament (Serolong 

SENA (C. Africa). 
1897. London. St. Mark. 12mo. 

1872. New Testament. 8vo. 


1899. London. Bible. 8vo. 

SHEETSWA (Zululand). 

1891. New York, A. B. S. Gospels and Acts. 12mo. 

[189-]. London, S. P. C. K. 8vo. New Testament. 

SUTO— see SESUTO (Oasuioland). 

SWA HI LI (MOMBASA) (C. Equat. Africa.) 

1892. London. St. Luke. 12mo. 


^eia S'cstameuts. 
1816. London, R. \^'atts. 4to. 

IS Various Languages. 

fjJortiona of #lir S^Estamcnt- 

1768. Halae, sump. Orphanohophei. 8vo. Ed. Erpenius and 
Dathe. Psalms. 

TAGALOG (Philippines). 

1898. London. St. Matthew. 16mo. 

1890, Glasgow. 8vo. New Testament. 


5. d. Berlin, Unger Bros. St. Mark, Luke and John. 3 
vols, oblong. 

UM(")N (Old Calabar, W. Africa). 

1895. Nat. B. S. of Scot. Bvo. Mark and Sermon on 

New Testament. 12mo. 

WEDAU (Brit. New Guinea). 
1897. Sydney, Lees. St. Luke. 12mo. 

1807. Caer Grawnt, Watts. 12mo. Bible. 

WEND (Hungarian). 

1888. Becsi, Holzhausen Adolfa. New Test, and Psalms. 

WEN LI (China). 

Nat. B. S. of Scot. 8vo. Psalms. 

1895. N. York, A. B. S. 8vo. New Test. Easy Wenli. 

WOGUL (Siberia). 
1882. Helsingfors. St. Matthew and St. Mark. 8vo, 

Various Languaghs. 
WOTJAK (Russia). 
1882. Helsingfors. St. Matthew. 8vo. 

[189- ] London. 12mo. Gospels in 4 vols. 






Blanchini (Jos.) Evangeliarum Quadruplex Latinae versionis 
Antiquae seu Veteris ItaJicae, Romae, 1749. 4 vols. fol. 
Fine copy of this excessively rare work. 

Clerc (Jo.) Harmonia Evangelica, Amstel., 1700. fol. 
Concordantiae Graeco-Latinae Testamenti Novi, Genevae, 
1624. fol. 

Henshall (S.) The Gothic Gospel of St. Matthew, from the 
Codex Argenteus, with the corresponding English or 
Saxon from the Durham Book, London, 1807. 8vo. 

Mintert (Pet.). Lexican Graeco-Latinum in N. T. Francof. 
1728. 4to. 

Nestle (E.). Veteris Testamenti Graeci Codices Vaticanus 
et Sinaiticus cum textu recepto collati. Lipsiae, 1880. 

Newcomb (Will.). An Harmony of the Gospels in original 
text. Dublin, 1778. fol. 

Ollivant (Alfred), d.d. An Analysis of the Text of the 
History of Joseph. 4th edition. London, 1842. 8vo. 

Royaumont (Le Sieur de). L'Histoire du Vieux et du 
Nouveau Testament. Saint Brieux, 1802. Full of 
curious woodcuts. 

Wrangham (F.). Briani Waltoni in Biblia Polyglotta Pro- 
legomena specialia recognovit Dathianisque et variorum 
notis suas immiscuit. Cant. 1828. 2 vols. 8vo. 

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