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THIS Hand-list miglit properly have formed part 
of that of the u Trees and Shrubs grown in the 
Arboretum," but so many persons possess collections of 
Conifers who are not interested in other ligneous plants 
that there was an obvious convenience in treating them 
separately. There was the further advantage that this 
enabled the species which are grown under glass to be 
included. The natural order, or rather group, Coniferae, 
is so well denned that it is desirable to enumerate in one 
list all the species actually in cultivation at Kew. 

The present Hand-list (first edition) comprises 227 
species, with 340 varieties, belonging to 37 genera. 

Sir Joseph Hooker, the late Director of the Royal 
Gardens, had contemplated the preparation of a Catalogue 
of the Kew Pinetum. In view of this he had drawn up 
a brief review of the literature of the subject, which he 
has now, after revision, kindly permitted to be used. 

" In the following list the species are referred to the 
genera under which they have been placed by the latest 
authorities, who have revised the Order Coniferae. That 
such an authoritative list should be published is the wish. 

5000 Wt 23841 5/03 D & S 29 13614. a 2 



of all intelligent cultivators of these interesting plants, 
and its publication in this country is rendered all the 
more needful from the fact that British cultivators alone 
persist in referring the Silver Firs to Picea, and the 
Spruces to Abies, a practice long abandoned on the 
Continent, and which has not been adopted in America. 
And if, as I hope, the correct nomenclature will in future 
be adopted in regard to the Latin names of these genera, 
I would further urge a reform in respect of their English 
equivalents, in so far as to confine the use of the words 
Pine to the species of Pinus, of Spruce to those of Picea^ 
and of Silver Fir to those of Abies. We should then be 
in accordance with the universal practice throughout 
North America, whioh is the head-quarters of all three 
genera, where a Pine is never called a Fir, nor a Fir 
called a Spruce, nor a Spruce a Pine. 

The following historic sketch of the various essays of 
Botanists to limit the genera and species of Abietineae- 
shows how divergent have been their views. I have 
endeavoured to make it more instructive, by giving 
(where there are materials for doing so) under each 
attempt the number of species known to its author, thus 
further showing the progressive discovery of species 
during the last hundred and eighty years or thereabouts. 

Tournefort, in 1717, indicated the three genera Abies,. 
Pinus, and Larix (including Cedrus} ; and his Cedrus 
is Juniperus. 

In 1731 the first edition of Miller's Gardener's 
Dictionary appeared, where he has Pinus, Cedrus, Larix 
and Abies with 16 species in all. 

Linnaeus, in 1753, included these all under Pinus, of 
which he enumerated 10 species. 

In 1789 A. L. de Jussieu, in his Genera Plantarum, 
has only two genera, Pinus and Abies. 

In the same year the first edition of Alton's Hortus 
Kewensis appeared, wherein all the Abietineae (1$ species) 
are included under Pinus. 

In 1803 was published the first edition of Lambert's 
Genus Pinus, containing about 35 species of Abietineae, 
all included under Pinus. 

In 1813 the second edition of the Hortus Kewensis 
appeared, in which, as before, all the Abietineae 
(increased to 29) are included under Pinus. 

In 1826 Louis Claude Richard's Memoire sur les 
Coniferes was edited by his son. This classical work is 
the earliest that dealt scientifically with the order 
Conifer ae, and in it the Tribe Abietineae was first 
established, to include Pinus (under which were placed 
Spruces and Silver Firs), and Larix (which included the 
Cedars) ; to these were added, Cunningliamia, Agathis 
(Dammara}, and Araucaria, which now form a distinct 

In 1827 Link, in the Journal of the Academy of 
Sciences of Berlin, proposed the five genera : Pinus, 
Picea (for Spruces), Abies (for Silver Firs), Larix, and 

In 1832 the second edition of Lambert's Genus Pinus 
appeared, wherein the Abietineae were all, as before, 
included under Pinus ; which however was broken up 
by David Don (Lambert's Herbarium keeper) into six 


sections, Pinus, Strobus, Abies (for the Spruces), Picea 
(for the Silver Firs and Tsugas), Larix, and Cedrm* 
About 48 species in all are described. 

' In 1838 London's -great work, the Arboretum et Fruti- 
cetum Britannicum, appeared. The Tribe Abietineae is 
here adopted as denned by Richard, with the genera 
Pinus, Abies, Picea, Larix, and Cedrus : and here that 
confusion of Abies and Picea which so distresses British 
foresters and planters had its origin. At p. 2105 there 
is a clavis of the genera, where the genus Abies is attri- 
buted to Link, but the characters given to it are those 
of Link's Picea ; and in like manner Picea is attributed 
to Link, though the characters given are those of Link's 
Abies, and they are followed by D. Don in brackets. 
Turning now to the full account of the genera, at 
p. 2293, we find "Abies, D. Don in Lamb. Pin. vol. in." 
with the addition of "Picea, Link" as a synonym,, 
followed by descriptions of the Spruces. And at p. 2329 
we have u Picea, D. Don in Lamb. Pin. vol. iii." with 
Abies, Link, as a synonym ; followed by descriptions 
of the Silver Firs. Now not only was the edition of 
Lambert's work subsequent to Link's establishment of 
Picea for Spruces and Abies for Silver Firs, but Don 
nowhere in Lambert's Genus Pinus proposed these 
names as generic. Disregarding this blundering, which 
probably originated in the elaboration of the conifers 
being a composite work of Don and London working 
apart, there remains but one argument for preferring 
Don's nomenclature, which is, that Linnaeus called the 
Silver Fir Pinus Picea and the Spruce P. A bies, assuming 
that he was following the practice of the ancients, in 
which he is known to have been mistaken. 


Owing to the great merit and utility of London's 
Arboretum, his nomenclature has hitherto been uni- 
versally adopted in the United Kingdom. It contains 
descriptions of about 70 species of Abietineae. 

In 1841 Link (in Linnaea, vol. xv., p. 481) reviewed 
the whole Tribe of Abietineae, retaining, as before, 
Pinus, Picea, Abies, Larix, and Cedrus, and enumerating 
52 species. 

In 1841-46, Antoine's Die Coniferen appeared, in 
which all the Abietineae are referred to Pinus, with 
sections of Pinus proper, Larix, Cedrus, Picea, Don, 
Abies, Don, and Tsuga ; he describes 90 species. 

In 1842 Spach, in his Histoire Naturelle des Vegetaux, 
adopted Pinus, Abies (including under it as sections 
Picea, Link, Tsuga, and Pseudotsuga), Cedrus, and 

Endlicher, in the same year, in his Genera Plan- 
tarum reverted to Linnaeus' practice of including all 
under Pinus, but made four sections Pinus proper, 
Picea, Link, Abies, Link, and Larix, including Cedrus. 

In the same author's Synopsis Coniferarum, published 
two years later, he maintains the genus Pinus entire, as 
before, but subdivides it into 11 sections, with 109 

In 1850 Lindley and Gordon published (in the 
Journal of the Horticultural Society, voL v.) " An 
Enumeration of Coniferae cultivated in Great Britain," 
where two genera only are adopted, Pinus and Abies+ 
and the latter is subdivided into Firs (including Spruces),. 
Larches, and Cedars, with 119 species. 


Meisner in 1836-43 published his Genera Plantarum 
Vasculartum, wherein he includes all Abietineae under 
Pinus, with, as sections, Pinus proper, Picea, Link, 
Abies, Link, and Larix, including Cedrus. 

In 1855 Carriere's Traite general des Coniferes 
appeared ; he keeps up Pinus,, Abies, Link, Picea, Link, 
Larix, Cedrus, and Tsuga, which includes Pseudotsuga. 
This work enumerates 133 species, many of which are 
now ranked as varieties. 

In 1858 appeared the first edition of Gordon's Pinetum, 
in which he maintains Pinus, Abies, Don (including 
Tsuga and Pseudotsuga), Picea, Don, Larix, Cedrus, and 
Pseudolarix. He enumerates 131 species, of which 
many are imperfectly known. 

In 1865 Henkel and Hochstetter published their Die 
Conifer en, with the following arrangement, Pinus, Abies 
(including Picea, Link, Abies, Link, Tsuga, and Pseudo- 
tsuga}, Cedrus, Larix, and the new genus Pseudolarix, 
Gord. They describe 130 species, which should be 
reduced much as Carriere's should be. 

In 1867 the second edition of Carriere's Traite was 
published, in which all the genera of the first edition 
are retained together with Pseudotsuga and Keteleeria, 
and 153 species are described, excluding many dubious 

In 1868 Parlatore's monograph of the order appeared 
in the 16th volume of De Candolle's Prodromus. The 
genus Pinus is divided into two sub-genera Pinus 
proper for the Pines, and Sapinus ; which latter includes 


as sections only Picea, Link, Abies, Link, Cedrus, Larix, 
Pseudolarix, Tsuga, and Pseudotsuga. The species 
described are 162. 

In 1875 the second edition of Gordon's Pinetum was 
published, in which the same genera are retained as in 
the 1858 edition, with 150 species. 

Lastly, in the Genera Plantarum (1882), Mr. Bentham 
and I have distinguished Pinus, Picea, Link, Abies, 
Link, Tsuga, Pseudotsuga, Larix, and Cedrus, to which 
must now be added Pseudolarix and probably Keteleeria, 
both art that time very imperfectly known. 

In 1886 Dr. M. T. Masters published (Journal of the 
Linnean Society, xxii. pp. 169-212, tt. 2-10, with 32 
woodcut figures in the text) some " Contributions to 
the History of certain Conifers." This was followed 
in 1890 by a " Review of some points in the comparative 
Morphology, Anatomy, and Life History of the 
Coniferae " (Journ. Linn* Soc., xxvii. pp. '226-332, 
with 29 woodcut figures in the text), and in 1895 by 
" Notes on the Genera of Taxaceae and Coniferae " 
(Journ. Linn. Soc., xxx. pp. 1-42). 

In 1889, two years after his death, Dr. A. W. Eichler's 
elaboration of the Coniferae appeared in Engler and 
Prantl's Die Naturlichen Pflanzenfamilien. He classifies 
the genera under two primary divisions : Pinoideae and 
Taxoideae. The former he again divides into Abietineae 
and Cupressineae, with several ternary divisions, and the 
latter into Podocarpeae and Taxeae. The genera are 
limited, with few exceptions, as they are by Bentham 
and Hooker ; but he retains Chamaecyparis, Thuiopsis 

and Pseudolarix, and sinks Pseudotsuga in Tsuga and 
Prumnopitys in Podocarpus. 

In 1891 L. Beissner published a Handbuch der Nadel- 
holzkunde. This was preceded by a Handbuch der 
Coniferen-Benennung (1887), followed by two supple- 
ments (1891-2) on Einheitliche Coniferen-Benennung. 
Beissner deals critically with the numerous natural and 
garden varieties and hybrids. He has also paid much 
attention to nomenclature, though he accepts familiar 
names rather than revive obscure ones on the rule of 



In 1892 the Royal Horticultural Society held a 
" Conifer Conference," and the papers read thereat form 
the fourteenth volume of the Journal of the Society 
This is one of the most interesting volumes issued by the 
Society, containing a great variety of valuable informa- 
tion concerning Conifer ae, including a general intro- 
duction and a list of the species cultivated in Great 
Britain and Ireland, by Dr. M. T. Masters, F.R.S. 

In 1894 H. Baillon (Histoire des Plantes, xii. pp. 1-4:5) 
published an account of the order, with a synopsis of,, 
the genera, which he reduced to twenty-four, including 
Casuarina. He divides the order into eight "series," 
namely : Taxees, Cupressees, Juniper ves, Athrotaxees, 
Nageiees, Araucariees, Pinees, and Casuarinees. The 
inclusion of the last is inexplicable, and some changes 
in nomenclature will not meet with general approval* 
Belis, Salisb. is revived for Cunninghamia, R. Br. ; 
Podocarpus, Labill. for Phyllocladus, Rich. ; Agathis, 
Salisb. for Dammara, Lamk., and Nageia, Gaertn. for 
Podocarpus , L'Herit." 


Sir Joseph. Hooker has been for some years so 
incessantly occupied with the completion of his "Flora 
of British India" that the detailed study of the Kew 
Pinetum which, as will be seen, he had proposed to 
himself, is entirely beyond his powers. Kew has, 
however, had the advantage, in drawing up the present 
Hand-list, of the assistance of Dr. Masters, F.R.S., who 
is now the acknowledged authority on the nomenclature 
of Conifers in this country. As a general rule at Kew, 
the Genera Plantarum is accepted as the standard of 
nomenclature. In the present case some deviations have 
been adopted, which have received the concurrence of 
Sir Joseph Hooker. Of these Dr. Masters has been so 
good as to furnish the following brief explanation : 

" The arrangement of the genera in the following list 
differs in a few particulars from that adopted in Bentham 
and Hooker's Genera Plantarum. The principal differ- 
ence consists in the maintenance of the Taxaceae as a 
distinct order as originally proposed by Richard and 
followed by Endlicher, Lindley, and many other botanists. 
This arrangemenjb permits of a more natural arrange- 
ment of the several taxaceous genera under two tribes r 
the Salisburineae comprising Ginkgo, Cephalotaxus, and 
Torreya, and the Taxineae including the two sub-tribes 
Taxeae and Podojcarpeae. Prumnopitys, Philippi (with 
which Stachycarpus, Van Tieghem, is synonymous) is 
placed by Bentham and Hooker under Podocarpus y 
but the combination of morphological and histological 
characters point to the desirability of maintaining it as a 
separate genus. 


"Among the Coniferae proper or Pinaceae a few 
changes have been made from the grouping of Bentham 
and Hooker in accordance with the fuller knowledge of 
certain points of structure that is now available. 
Tetraclinis is proposed as a distinct genus, represented 
by the North African Callitris quadrivalvis, on the 
ground of its structure and geographical distribution. 
Widdringtonia is separated from Callitris for similar 

"The sub-divisions of Cupressus and of Thuya have 
been bandied about between the two genera. The genus 
Cupressus, as here understood, includes the Cypresses 
proper and the so-called flat Cypresses (Chamaecyparis), 
which Bentham and Hooker place under Thuya, and 
which others prefer to consider as a separate genus. 
Retinispora, it is now well known, has no claim to a 
separate generic position, the so-called species of this 
genus being merely stages of growth of particular species 
of Thuya, Juniperus, Cupressus, etc* This is proved by 
the occasional occurrence of many of these forms on the 
same bush. The North-Western American Thuiopsis, 
placed under Thuya by Bentham and Hooker, is more 
like a Cupressus, whilst the Japanese plant known under 
the same generic name is a true Thuya. Probably the 
fusion of Cupressus and Thuya into one genus would be 
the most natural arrangement, but in practice the incon- 
venience of such a grouping and -the consequent 
confusion of the nomenclature would be almost 

" Pseudolarix of Gordon is shown by the male flowers 
to constitute a distinct genus, as was indeed suspected 
by Bentham. 


" Keteleeria of Carriere, referred by Bentham to Abies, 
is also shown by the fuller knowledge we now have of 
its structure to constitute a distinct genus." 

The collections of Coniferae at Kew have occupied 
three different positions at successive times. According 
to John Smith's privately printed Records of Kew (p. 258), 
the original Arboretum consisted of about five acres. 
It lay between the Temple of the Sun and the present 
Main Entrance. It was laid out by W. Aiton on the 
Linnean system. " Pinus occupied the north and part of 
the east." 

In the first edition of the Hortus Kewensis (1789) 
Aiton enumerates 36 species of Coniferae as cultivated 
at Kew ; in the second edition (1813) 56 species are 
recorded, "which formed the collection in the original 
Arboretum." Some of these still remain. According to 
Smith (p. 286), " within a few yards of the entrance 
gates on Kew Green stands a specimen of P. Laricio (the 
Corsican Pine). In 1825 the late R. A. Salisbury informed 
me that he brought it from the south of France, in the 
year 1814 ; it is now (1880) 85 feet high, and the most 
conspicuous tree in the Gardens." 

Grinkgo biloba (Salisburia adiantifolia), first introduced 
in 1754, was, according to Smith (p. 267), "originally 
trained against a wall like a fruit tree ; upon the wall 
being taken down, and the branches cut away, it is now 
(1880) a fine tree. When against the wall one of its side 
branches early produced male flowers." It again did so 
in 1895, and probably in previous years. 

Cedrus Deodara was, according to Smith (p. 287), 
introduced "by the Hon. Leslie Melville, in the year 


1831, who, on visiting the Gardens, gave me a few seeds 
which he had loose in his pocket, one of which vegetated, 
and after several years nursing was planted in the old 

Arboretum In 1864 it had attained a height 

of 32 feet." The tree became diseased and was taken 
down in 1888. Near its former position is one, now 
nearly as large, raised from seed ripened in England by 
Sir T. D. Acland, Bart. 

In 1843, by permission of the Queen, about 45 acres 
were added to the original Botanic Garden for the 
formation of a Pinetum. This included the ground 
formerly bounded by a wire fence on which the Palm 
House now stands, and to the north, west, and south of it, 
Smith (Records, p. 291) says : " The area was planted 
with conifers .... without any special arrange- 
ment." Many of these still remain and have attained 
a considerable size ; one of the most conspicuous is 
the fine specimen of Plnus monticola, now 56 feet 

Kew owes its existing Pinetum to Sir Joseph Hooker, 
who has always taken a peculiar interest in this ancient 
and striking group of plants. A visit to Syria in 1860 
enabled him to study the Cedar of Lebanon in its native 
locality. Perhaps one of the most interesting achieve- 
ments of the late Turkish Ambassador, Rustem Pacha, 
was his successful efforts, while Governor of Northern 
Syria, to preserve what was left of the ancient grove. 

In 1877 Sir Joseph Hooker's interest in Conifers was 
one of the main influences which induced him to under- 
take an extensive journey in Western North America. 
He brought back a rich harvest of specimens which were 
deposited in the Kew Museum. 


The Kew Pinetum has been carefully developed on the 
lines which Sir Joseph Hooker laid down. These are 
sufficiently indicated in the following extract from his 
Report for 1872 (pp. 

" Pinetum. This, which is by far the most important 
and extensive collection in the grounds, is now all but 
completed. In my Report for 1871 I- stated that the 
genera Abies, Picea* and a few others had been planted 
along the new walk on ihe south side of the Lake. 
These extend for 160 yards on both sides of the path, 
and are now succeeded by the collection of Pin us 
proper, which extends from the termination of Abies to 
the Isleworth entrance (340 yards), and thence along 
the lined-out path (100 yards) that leads to the Sion 
vista. The collection of Pinus proper also extends 100 
yards up the new path skirting the Queen's Cottage 
grounds, where it is succeeded by the collection of Yews, 
Cypresses, Retinisporas, Taxodiums, Thuyas, and smaller 
American and Japanese genera. 

" The Juniper collection is planted on either side of an 
avenue leading through the woods from the Lake to King 
William's Temple, and extends for 200 yards. 

" The classified and named Pinetum thus extends 
along nearly 2,000 yards of path and avenue, repre- 
senting double that length, or two and a quarter miles of 
made soil, beds, and plantations, except where interrupted 
by old trees. 

" The plants are throughout so arranged that the Old 
World species are as far as possible placed opposite to 
the American species of the same genera, and there are 


on the average 3-12 specimens of each species or con- 
spicuous variety, placed in groups. The number of 
specimens is about 1,200, all I believe correctly named, 
with the exception of some doubtful ones. Almost 
every species that can be grown in the open air in this 
country is represented. Very few have been bought, 
the majority being plants procured by exchange and 
correspondence with different parts of the world, and 
through the liberality of various eminent nurserymen. 

" Whenever possible, the specimens in the old Pinetum 
have been transplanted to this, in most cases with 
apparent success, but of this there is no assurance till 
the spring is over. The specimen Pines in the Botanic 
Garden have not been removed." 

It is only necessary to add that at the end of a 
quarter of a century the original plan has met with as 
much success as could be expected, looking at the great 
variety of species which it is attempted to grow under 
almost uniform conditions. A barren and arid soil has 
been congenial to some groups and fatal to others. 
Pines have on the whole prospered, while Spruces and 
Silver Firs have languished. In the latter case the 
maintenance of a collection illustrating Conifers as a 
whole can only be effected by constantly renewing it 
with young plants. As soon as these reach any size, 
they appear, under the conditions to which they are 
exposed at Kew, inevitably to die. It may be interesting 
to mention a few of the species which flourish on the 
Kew soil. 

Girikgo ~bilol>a (Maidenhair Tree) has already been 
referred to. In Japan this remarkable tree, a last 


representative of one of the most ancient types of plants, 
is only found in the precincts of temples, where it has 
been almost certainly planted. Being deciduous it 
tolerates the neighbourhood of towns, and it is remark- 
able that it has not been more frequently planted in our 
parks. But its growth is slow. 

Sciadopitys verticillata (Umbrella Pine) is represented 
by a vigorous specimen. 

Taxodium distickum (Deciduous Cypress) bids fair to 
form a conspicuous feature on the islands in the Lake. 

Cedrus atlantica (Atlas Cedar) grows with great 
rapidity at Kew. The Deodar (Cedrus Deodara), on the 
other hand, has greatly disappointed the expectations 
formed of it. The most shapely and graceful specimen 
which Kew possessed, -15 feet in height, stood on the 
west side of the Pagoda Vista, between the Palm House 
and King William's Temple. It was unfortuately 
destroyed by lightning on August 10th, 1895. (Kew 
Bulletin, 1895, p. 235.) 

Larix europaea (Larch) grows well at Kew. Scattered 
through the woods are many fine specimens, the wood 
of which is of excellent quality. 

Abies Irachyphylla, from Japan, grows with great 
rapidity, aad promises to be one of the most successful 
additions to the Pinetum from that country. 

Pinus Coulteri is represented by a very fine specimen 
near the Cactus House (No. V.). 

Pinus Laricio (Corsican Pine) has already been 
referred to. 

13614 /> 


Pinus excelsa (Bhotan Pine) is represented by 
numerous vigorous specimens. 

Pinus monticola has already been referred to. 

Of the specimen trees in the Botanic Garden some 
have been already mentioned. Perhaps one of the 
most notable was the first specimen of the Chili Pine 
(Araucaria imbricata), the history of which is given in 
the Kew Bulletin for 1893 (pp. 24, 25). It died, and was 
removed in the autumn of the preceding year. 

Several of the tender Conifers grown in the Temperate 
House are fine specimens of some age. 

Agathis australis (Kauri Pine) was introduced to 
Kew in 1838 by " Sir William Symonds, then Surveyor- 
General of the Navy " (Smith, Records, p. 289). 

Agathis robusta, according to Smith (Records, p. 290), 
was introduced to Kew in 1852, and grew freely in the 
Palm House. It was subsequently removed into the 
Temperate House, the conditions of which seem to suit 
it even better. 

Araucaria Bidwillii (Bunya Bunya) was brought to 
this country in 1846 by Mr. T. Bidwill, who " was super- 
intendent pro tern, of the Sydney Botanic Gardens" 
(Smith, Records, p. 67). It fruited in 1873. 

Araucaria Cunninghamii (Moreton Bay Pine) was 
discovered by Allan Cunningham in Queensland (pro- 
bably about 1826), who forwarded plants to Kew, of 
which the existing specimen is the survivor. Some 
years ago it was much disfigured by a gust of wind 


which carried off about 25 feet of the top. The stump 
was trimmed, and a new leader was speedily produced, 
which eventually restored the symmetry. 

Araucaria excelsa (Norfolk Island Pine), a native of 
Norfolk Island, according to Smith (Records, p. 66), 
introduced to Kew from New South Wales in 1793, by 
Governor Phillips (first Governor of New South Wales). 
The necessity for providing adequate accommodation for 
this and other striking plants led to the erection of the 
Temperate House, to which they were transferred in 
1863. The habit of the specimen at Kew, which is now 
more than a century old, is a good deal altered (and 
perhaps improved) by the pruning necessary to keep it 
within bounds, even in its present position. 

Kew, March, 1896. 



THE first edition (1896) of the Hand-list of Coniferae 
grown in the Kew Arboretum has been for some time 

It is now republished after having been carefully 
revised and enlarged by the addition of the names of 
numerous species and varieties which have been added to 
the collection since the first edition was prepared. For 
the revision I am indebted to Dr. Masters, F.R.S. 

The number of Coniferous plants now enumerated 
includes 246 species and 451 varieties, or some 700 "sorts" 
in all. 

In the first edition it was stated (p. 16) that G-irikgo 
Mloba " is apparently nowhere known in the wild state." 
Several fine specimens have since been found by 
Mrs. Bishop in the magnificent forests which surround 
the sources of the Great Gold river and the smaller Min, 
in Western China, and also in the forests of Central 
Yesso, Japan. (Journ. Linn. Soc. Bot., xxvi. 547.) 

The following measurements of exceptional specimens 
have been made by Mr. W. J. Bean, the Assistant Curator. 
Those marked with a t exceed the dimensions recorded 
in the report of the Royal Horticultural Society's 
Conifer Conference in 1892 : 

t Abies Irachyphylla ; in collection, 39 feet high ; 
% feet girth. 


Agathis australis ; in temperate house, 31 feet high ; 
1 foot 2 inches girth. 

Agathis robusta ; in temperate house, 39 feet high ; 
1 foot 8 inches girth. 

Araucaria Bidwillii ; northern half of temperate 
house ; girth 3 feet 7 inches ; present height 
48 feet, but has been cut down. 

Araucaria Cookii ; in temperate house, 30 feet 

6 inches high ; 1 foot 4 inches girth, 

Araucaria Cunninghamii ; in temperate house, 
girth 3 feet ; has been lowered several times, 
present height 47 feet. 

Araucaria excelsa ; in temperate house, 48 feet high 
(before the top was removed 53 feet high) ; 3 feet 

7 inches girth. 

Cedrus atlantica ; there are specimens in Kew 
between 60 feet and 70 feet high. 

* Cedrus Libani ; several fine specimens in Kew ; 
the best, probably, is the one terminating a short 
vista N.W. of the Palm House ( -^ on key plan), 
69 feet high ; 14 feet 2 inches girth. 

Cupressus macrocarpa ; near Lily pond, 49 feet high ; 
5 feet 4 inches girth. 

t Girikgo biloba ; near No. 3 Fernery, 61 feet high ; 
9 feet 2 inches girth (at 2 feet 6 inches from 

* Except \vhere otherwise stated the girth of the trunk is taken at 
3 feet from the ground. 

t Larix europaea, a dead tree felled in wood near 
Temperate House, November, 1902, was 105 feet 
long as it fell, a- small portion, estimated at 5 feet 
or 6 feet, had previously been blown off the top so 
that at its prime it must have been at least 110 feet 

Picea Omorica ; this spruce is one of the most 
promising in Kew, a tree about 14 years old, is 
now 17 feet 6 inches high ; 11 inches girth. 

Pinus bungeana ; in collection, 20 feet high ; 1 foot 

8 inches girth. 

t Pinus Coulteri ; near Succulent House, 54 feet 
high ; 7 feet 5 inches girth. 

Pinus excelsa\ on lawn near Victoria Gate, 62 feet 
high ; 7 feet 8 inches girth. 

Pinus flexilis ; in collection near Isle worth Gate, 
31 feet high ; 2 feet 6 inches girth ; has produced 
cones for several years. 

t Pinus lambertiana ; in collection near Lily Pond, 
63 feet high ; 4 feet 7 inches girth. 

t Pinus Laricio ; near main entrance, 86 feet high ; 

9 feet 3 inches girth. 

t Pinus Laricio \&r.pallasiana ; in collection, 60 feet 
high ; 7 feet girth. 

Pinus monticola ; on lawn N.W. of Water-lily 
House ; 63 feet high ; 5 feet 1 inch girth. 

Pinus palustris ; in collection, 19 feet high; 8 inches 

t Pinus Pinaster ; near Old Oak Avenue, 71 feet 

high ; 7 feet 8. inches girth. 


f Pinus Pinea ; near Director's Office, 31 feet high ; 

7 feet 7 inches girth ; 46 feet diameter. 

t Pinus sabiniana ; in collection, 55 feet high ; girth 

8 feet 2 inches (at 18 inches from ground). 

Pinus Strobus ; in Rhododendron Dell, 74 feet high ; 
6 feet 2 inches girth ; one of several old trees now 

Pinus sylvestris ; near Pagoda, 79 feet high ; 7 feet 
3 inches girth. 

Pseudolarix Kaempferi ; 25 feet high ; 2 feet 4 inches 

t Sciadopitys verticillata ; in collection, 14 feet 

9 inches high ; 1 foot 4 inches girth. 

Sequoia sempervirens ; in collection, 66 feet high, 
8 feet 8 inches girth. The top of this tree was 
blown off some years ago, and although a new and 
vigorous leader has been formed the tree is not so 
high as formerly. 

W. T. T. D. 
Kew, April, 1903. 


Tribe I. Salisburineae. 

Ginkgo biloba, L. Veitch Manual ed. 1, 313, f. 63 ; ed. 2, 

107 f . China. " The Maidenhair tree." 
Salisburia adiantifolia, Salisb. 
Var. fastigiata. 
Yar. macrophylla laciniata. 
Var. pcndula. 
Var. triloba. 
Var. variegata. 

Cephalotaxus drupacea, Sieb. & Zucc. Fl. Jap. ii. tt. 130, 
131. Japan. 

C. Fortuni, Hook. Bot. Mag. t. 4499 ; Beissner Handbuch 
182, f . 45. Northern China. 

Var. brevifolia, Hort. ? 
Var. longifolia, Hort. ? 
Var. robusta. 

C. Oliveri, Mast. Icones Plantarum t, 1933, Gard. 
Chron. 1903, xxxiii. 227, f. 93. China. 

C. pedunculata, Sieb. & Zucc. Fl. Jap. ii. t. 132. Veitch 
Manual ed. 2, 115, f. 50 ; Beissner Handbuch 179, 
f. 44. 

Taxus Harringtonia, Knight & Perry, 

* Those species marked with an asterisk are grown under glass. 
13614 A 

Cephalotaxus pedunculata cont. 
Yar. fastigiata, Carr. Rev. Hortic; 1863, 349, f . 36. 
C. Buergeri, Miq. 
Podocarpus koraianus, Hort. 
Taxus japonica, Hort. 

Torreya californica, Torr. Sai'gent Silva x. t. 513. Cali- 
fornia. " California Nutmeg." 

T. Myristica, Hook. Bot. Mag. t. 4780 ; Gard. Chron. 
1884, xxii. 681, f . 116. 

T. nucifera, Sieb. & Zucc. Fl. Jap. ii. 1. 129. Japan. 

T. taxifolia, Arn. ; Beissner Handbuch 187, f . 46. Sargent 
Silva x. t. 512. W. Florida. " Stinking Cedar." 

Tribe II. Taxineae. 

Sub-tribe I. TAXEAE. 

*Phyllocladus rhomboidalis, Rich. Con if. t. 3, f. 2. Tas- 
mania. " Adventure Bay Pine." 


Taxus baccata ; L. ; Beissner Handbuch 168, f. 43 ; Eng. 
Bot. ed. 3. t. 1384 ; Bentl. & Trim. Medic. Plants 
t. 253. Europe and Northern Asia. " Common 

Var. adpressa, Carr. 

T. adpressa, Gordon. 

T. brevifolia, Hort. (not Nutt.} 

T. sinensis tardiva, Kmght. 
Var. adpressa aurea. 

13614 A. 2 

Taxus baccata cont. 
Var. adpressa stricta. 

T. adpressa erecta, Hort. 

T. adpressa fastigiata, Hort. 

T. adpressa stricta, Hort. 

T. baccata verticillata, Hort. 
Var. adpressa variegata. 
Var. albo-variegata, Spaeth. 
Var. argentea. 
Var. aurea. 
Var. aureo-variegata. 
Var. Barroni. 
Var. brevifolia. 
Var. cheshuntensis, G-ord. 

Var. Dovastoni, Carr. Rev. Hortic. 1861, 175. f. 
" Westfelton Yew." 

T. Dovastoni, Hort. 

T. pendula, Hort. 

T. umbraculifera, Hort. 

Var. Dovastoni aureo-variegata. 
Var. elegantissima. 
Var. epacridioides. 

Var. erecta, Loud. 
T. baccata stricta. 
T. baccata Crowderi. 

Var. ericoides. 

T. baccata empetrifolia. 
T. baccata microphylla. 
T. baccata Mitchelli. 

Taxus baccata cont. 
Var. expansa, Carr. 

Var. fastigiata, Loud-, Veitch Manual ed. 2, 141, f. 52. 
" The Irish Yew." 

T. hibernica, Hook. 
Var. fastigiata argentea. 

Var. fastigiata aurea, Standish. 

T. hibernica aurea. 
Var. fastigiata Standishii. 
Var. Fisheri. 
Var. Poxi. 
Var. fructu luteo. 
Var. glauca, Carr.' 

T. baccata subglaucescens, Jacques. 

T. baccata nigra. Hort. 

Var. gracilis pendula. 

Var. horizontalis, Knight. 
T. disticha, Wender. 

Var. horizontalis elegantissima. 
Var. imperialis. 
Var. Jacksoni. 

Var. nana, Knight & Perry. 
Var. Neidpath." 
Var. procumbens, Lodd. 
Var. pyramidalis. 
Var. pyramidalis variegata. 
Var. recurvata, Carr. 
T. recurvata, Lawson. 

Taxus baccata cont. 
Yar. semperaurea. 
Var. Sieboldi. 
Yar. sinensis, Knight. 
Yar. Washington!. 

T. canadensis Washington!, Hort. 

T. brevifolia, Nutt. Sylva t. 108 ; Sargent Silva x. t. 514, 
Western N. America. " Californian Yew." 

T. canadensis, Willd. Canada and N. Eastern United 
States. Canadian Yew." 

Yar. aurea. 

T. cuspidata, Sieb. & Zucc. Fl. Jap. ii. t. 128. Mountains 
of Japan. " Japanese Yew." 

T. baccata cuspidata, Carr. 
Yar. compacta. 

*Dacrydium araucaroides, Brongn. & Grris. New Caledonia. 

*D. cupressinum, Soland. ; Kirk Forest Flora of New 
Zealand tt. 18, 19. New Zealand. 

*D. elatum, Wall. ; Blume Rumphia iii. tt. 172. b, 172. c. 

*D. Franklini, Hdok. f. Flora Tasmaniae 1. 100. Tasmania. 

Podocarpus alpina, R. Br. Tasmania. 
*P. amara, Blume Rumphia iii. t. 170. Java. 

*P. argotaenia, Hance. China. 
P. insignis, Hemsl. 


*Podocarpus canaliculata, Hort. Origin uncertain. 

*P. chilina, Rich. Conif. t. 1, f. 1. Andes of Chili. 
P. andina, Hort. (not Poepp.}. 

*P. cupressina, R. Br. Benn. PI. Jav. Rar. 1. 10. Burma, 

*P. dacrydioides, A. Rich. Kirk Forest Flora of New 
Zealand tt. 31, 32. New Zealand. 

*P. elongata, UHerit. ; Engler Pnanzenw. Ost.-Afr. t. i. 
E. Africa, &c. 

*P. ferruginea, D. Don. ; Kirk Forest Flora of New 
Zealand t. 84. New Zealand. 

*P. japonica, Siel). Japan. 

*P. macrophylla, D. Don. ; Sieb. & Zucc. PI. Jap. ii. tt. 133, 
134. Japan. 

*P. Nageia, R. Br. ; Sieb. & Zucc. Fl. Jap. ii. t. 135. 

*Var. rotundifolia. 
*P. neriifolia, D. Don. ; Bot. Mag. t. 4655. Himalaya. 

*P.| nubigena, Lindl. & Paxt. Flower Garden 1851, 162. 
f . 128 ; Gard. Chron. 1891, x. 171, f. 23. Chili. 

*P. pectinata, Panch. (ex. Brongn. & Gris.) ; Bot. Mag. 
t. 7854. New Caledonia. 

Dacrydium Pancheri, Brongn & Qris. 
*P. purdieana, Hook. Icones Plantarum t. 624. Jamaica. 
*P. salicifolia, Klotzsch & Karst. Colombia. 

. 13 

*Podocarpus Totara, G. Benn. ; Kirk Forest FJora of New 
Zealand t. 115. New Zealand. 

Some of the above-mentioned species may really belong 
to Prumnopitys, but until they flower and can be critically 
examined and determined it seems better to include them 
provisionally under Podocarpus. 

Prumnopitys elegans, Philippi ; Yeitch Manual ed. 2, 154, 
ff. 53-4. Chili. 

Podocarpus andina, Poepp. 
Stachycarpus andina, Van Tieghem. 

*P. spicata, Mast. New Zealand. 

Podocarpus spicata, R. Br. ; Kirk Forest Flora of New 
Zealand, tt. 4, 5. 

*P. taxifolia, Mast. Andes. 

Podocarpus taxifolia, H. B. K. Nov. Gen. et Sp. 
ii. t. 97. 

Taxodium bogotense, Hort. 

Saxegothea conspicua, Lindl. ; Gard. Chron. 1889, v. 782 r 
f. 125. Veitch Manual ed. 2, 159, f. 55. Southern 
Chili. " Prince Albert's Yew." 

*Microcachrys tetragona, Hook. /. Bot. Mag. t. 5576. 



Tribe I. Oupressineae. 
Sub-tribe I. JUNIPEEINAE. " Junipers" 


*Juniperus barbadensis, L. ; Sargent Silva xiv. t. 738. 
Southern United States. " Red Cedar." 

J. bermudiana, Lunan. 
J. virginiana, (in part) various authors. 
t J. virginiana var. australis, Endl. 
J. virginiana var. barbadensis, Gordon. 
J. virginiana var. bermudiana, Vasey. 

*J. bermudiana, L. ; Hemsl. Gard. Chron. 1883, xix. 657, 
f .f. 105-6 ; Sargent, Garden and Forest, 1891, 289, 
f.f. 51-2.' Bermuda. 

J. fragrans, Hort. 

J. oalifornica, Carr. ; Rev. Hort. 1854, 353. f . 21. Sargent 
Silva x. t. 517. Utah, Arizona, California. 

J. chinensis, L. ; Sieb. & Zucc. Fl. Jap. ii. tt. 126, 127 ; 
Beissner Handbuch, 119, f. 29. Himalaya, China, 

J. Cabiancae, Vis. 

J. canadensis aurea, Hort. 

J. densa, Gord. 


Juniperus chinensis cont. 

J, flagelliformis, Hort. 

J. jakobiana, Hort. Jakob-Makoy. 

J. japonica, Carr. 

J. reevesiana, Hort. 

J. squamata, Hort. Edirib. 

J. struthiacea, Knight & Perry. 

J. Thunbergii, Hook. & Am. 
Var. albo-variegata. 
Var. aurea. 

J. japonica, Carr. var. aurea, Hort. 
Var. glauca. 

Var. pfitzeriana, Spaeth. 
Var. Smithii. 
Var. variegata. 

J. excelsa, Bieb. Asia Minor, Taurus. " Greek Juniper." 

J. phoenicea, Pallas Fl. Ross. t. 64 (not L.). 
Var. Perkinsii. 
Var. stricta. 
Var. venusta. 

*J. flaccida, Schlecht. ; Sargent Silva x. t. 519. Mountains 
of Mexico. 

J. macropoda, Boiss. Himalaya. 

J. excelsa, Brandts (not Bieb.}. 

*J mexicana, Schiede. Mountains of Mexico. 


Juniperus occidentalis, Hook ; Sargent Silva x. t. 521. 
North Western America. 

J. dealbata, Hort. aliq. (not Loud.). 

J. pyriformis, Lindl. 

Chamaecyparis Boursieri, Decne. (not Carr.}. 
Var. Burkei. 
Yar. fragrans. 

J. pachyphlaea, TVr. ; Sargent Silva x. t. 520. New 
Mexico, Arizona. 

J. phoenicea, L. \ Laguna Fl. Forest. Esp. t. 14. Mediter- 
ranean region. 

J. baccif ormis, Garr. 
J. Lycia, L. (not Pall.}. 
J. tetragona, Moench. 

Yar. turbinata. 

J. dealbata, Hort. aliq. 
J. oophora, Kunze. 

J. pseudo-Sabina, Fisch. & Mey. Siberia, Himalaya, Tibet. 

J. recurva, Such-Ham. ; Gard. Chron. 1883, xix. 468, f. 69 ; 
Yeitch Manual ed. 2, 186, f. 57. Nepal, Cashmir. 

Yar. pendula. 

Yar. squamata, Parl. 

J. densa, Gord. 

J. excelsa, Bieb. var. nana, Endl. 

J. religiosa, Eoyle. 

J. squamata, Buch.-Ham. 


Juniperus Sabina, L. ; Beissner Handbuch, 108, f. 27. 
Mountains of Europe and N. America. " Savin. 

J. excelsa, Willd. (not Biel).}. 
J. Lycia, Pall, (not jL.). 
Var. humilis, EndL 

Var. procumbens, Pursh. N. America. " Waukegan 

Var. prostrata, Loud. " Carpet Juniper." 

J. hudsonica, Lodd. 

J. prostrata, Pers. 

J. repens, Nutt. 

Yar. tamariscifolia, Ait. " Spanish Savin." 
Yar. variegata. 

J. scopulorum, Sargent Silva xiv. t, 739. W. United 

States. " Red Cedar." 

J. excelsa, Pursh (not Bieb.). 
J. occidentalis, Porter (not Hook.). 
J. virginiana, Torrey (not Lindl.}. 
J. virginiana var. montana, Vasey. 

J. sphaerica, Lindl. , Lindl. & Paxt. Flow. Gard. 1850, 
58, f . 35. North China. 

J. chinensis var. Smithii, Loud. 
J. Fortunei, Van Houtte. 
Yar. glauca, Gord. 

J. Shephardi, Hort. 

J. Sheppardi, Hort. 

J. tetragona, Schlecht. Mountains of Mexico. " Rock 

J. eabinoides, Sargent Silva x. t. 523. 


Juniperus thurifera, L.; Veitch Manual ed. 1, 271, f. 60 ; 

ed.2, 192, f. 59. Spain, Portugal, Algiers. "Incense 

J. bonatiana, Vis. 
J. cinerea, Carr. 
J. f oetida var. thurifera, Spach. 
J. hispanica, Lam. 
J. sabinoides, Endl. 

J. utahensis, Lemmon; Sargent Silva x. t. 518. Utah, 


J. californica var. utahensis, Engelm. 
J. occidentalis, Watson (not Hook.). 
J. occidentalis var. utahensis, Kent. 

J. virginiana, L. Sargent Silva x. t. 524. North-east 
America. " Red Cedar." 

Var. argentea. 

Var. aureo-spica, Hesse. 

Var. aureo-variegata. 

Var. bedfordiana, Knight. 
J. bedfordiana, Hort. 
J. gossainthaneana, Locld. 
J. gracilis, Hort. 
J. virginiana gossainthaneana, Carr. 

Var. Cannartii. 

Var. Chamberlaynii, Carr. 

Var. cinerascens, Carr. 

Var. clanbrassiliana. 

Var. compacta. 

Var. elegantissima, 

Var. glauca, Carr. 


Juniperus virginiana conf. 
Var. horizontalis. 
Yar. humilis. 
Var. kostefriana. 
Var. pendula, Carr. 
Var. pyramidalis glauca. 

Var. Schottii, Gordon. 

J. virginiana viridis, Hort. 

Var. Smithii pendula. 
Var. tripartita. 
Var. viridis. 
Var. viridis pendula. 


*J. Cedrus, Webb. Mountains of the Canaries. 

J. communis, L. ; Beissner Handbuch 134, f. 31 ; Sar- 
gent Silva x. t. 516. Europe, Siberia. " Common 

Var. alpina. 

J. alpina, S. F. Gray. 
J. canadensis, Lodd. 
J. nana, Willd. 

Var. alpina aurea. 
J. canadensis aurea. 

Var. aurea. 

Var. fastigiata. 
J. hibernica, Gord. 
J. hispanica, Booth, ex Endl. 
J. suecica, Mill. 


Juniperus communis cont. 
Var. glauca. 

Var. hemisphaerica. " Hedgehog Juniper." 
J. hemisphaerica, Presl. 
J. nana var. hemisphaerica, Carr. 

Var. oblonga. 
J. oblonga, Bieb. 

Yar. reflexa. 

J. communis var. caucasica. 
J. oblonga, Gord. 

J. henryana, R. Br. Campst. Gard. Chron. 1873, 8. North- 
Western America. 

J. litoralis, Maxim. Japan. 
J. conferta, Parl. 

J. macrocarpa, SiUJi. ; Reichb. Ic. Fl. Germ. xi. t. 537. 
Mediterranean Region. 

J. Oxycedrus, L. Herb, nee Sp. PI. 
J. neaboriensis, Hort. 
J. sphaerocarpa, Antoine. 
J. umbilicata, Gren. & Godr. 
J. Willkommii, Antoine. 

J. Oxycedrus, L. ; Rich. Conif. 39, t. [6 ; Kohler Med.- 
Pflanz. iii. 79. South|Europe, &c. 

J. biebersteiniana, C. Koch. 
J. rufescens, Link. 
J. tenella, Antoine. 

J. rigida, Sieb. & Zucc. Flor. Jap. ii. 109, 1. 125. Mountains 
of Japan. 

J. taxifolia, Hook. & Arn. China and Japan. 
J. oblonga pendula, Hort. 


Juniperus drupacea, LaUll. ; Gard. Chron. 1896, xix. 519, 
f. 80 ; Veitch Manual ed. 2, 173, f. 56. Mountains 
of the Levant. " Syrian Juniper." 

J. rufescens, Hort. Edinb. 
Arceuthos drupacea, Antoine. 


*Tetraclinis articulata, Mast. Algiers, Marocco. 

Callitris quadrivalvis, Rich. Conif. t. 8, f . 1 ; Loudon 
Encycl. 1072, f. 1995 ; Kohler Med.-Pflanz. ii. 1. 129. 

Frenela Fontanesii, Mirbel. 
Thuya articulata, Vahl. 

*Callitris australis, Sweet. Australia. 

Frenela australis, R. Br. ; Hook. f. Fl. Tasman. t. 97. 

*C. calcarata, R. Br. Australia. 
Frenela Endlicheri, Parl. 

*C. cupressoides, Schrad. S. Africa. 

*C. Parlatorei, F. Muell. Australia. 
Frenela Parlatorei, F. Muell. 

*C. rhomboidea, R. Br. ; Rich. Conifer. 47 t. 18. Australia. 
Frenela rhomboidea, Endl. 

*C. robusta, R. Br. Australia. 
Frenela robusta, A. Cunn. 

*Var. verrucosa, Benth. & F. Muell. 
C. verrucosa, R. Br. 


*Actinostrobus pyramidalis, Miq.; Hook. Icones Plantarnm 
t. 1272. West Australia. 

*Widdringtonia Whytei, Rendle in Trans. Linn. Soc. Bot. 
Ser. 2. iv. 60. t. 9. Mountains of Central Africa. 
" The Milanji Cypress." 

Sub-tribe III. THUYNAE. 

*Fitzroya Archeri, Benth. & Hook. f. Tasmania. 
Diselma Archeri, Hook. f. Fl. Tasman. t. 98. 

F. patagonica, Hook. f. Bot. Mag. t. 461 6. Mountains of 
Western Patagonia, Chili, Valdivia. 

Widdringtonia glauca, Hort. 

t EuCuFRESSUS. *' Cypresses" 

'Cupressus Benthami, Endl. ; Journ. Linn. Soc. Bot. xxxi, 
341, f. 15. Mountains of Mexico and Guatemala. 

C. aromatica, Gord. 

C. braziliensis, Hort. 

C. Coulteri, Forbes. 

C. Ehrenbergii, Kunze. 

C. elegans, Hort. 

C. excelsa, Scott. 

C. Hugeli, Hort. 

C. karwinskyana, Regel. 

C. lusitanica, Carr. (not Mill.). 

C. Skinneri, Hort. 

C. thurifera, Schlecht. 

C. uhdeana, Hort. (in part). 

Var. arizonica. 

Cupressus arizonica, Greene. 


*Cupressus funebris, Endl. ; Gard. Chron. 1850, 43 ( J, f. 31. 


C. amoena, C. Koch. 
C. pendula, Abel (not Thunb.). 

*Var. glauca. 

C. kashmiriana, Hort. 

C. goveniana, Gord. ; Journ. Hort. Soc. London 1849. iv. 
295, f. Sargent Silva x. t. 527. California. 

C. calif ornica, Carr. 

*C. lusitanica, Mill. ; Veitch Manual ed. 2, 211, f. 60. 
Locality unknown. " The Cedar of Goa." 

C. glauca, Lam. 

C. pendula, UHerit. 

C. uhdeana, Gord. (in part). 

C. macnabiana, A. Murr. ; Veitch Manual ed. 2, 213, f. 

Sargent Silva x. t. 528. Mountains of California. 

C. glandulosa, Hook. 

C. macrocarpa, Hartw. ; Veitch Manual ed. 2, 215, ff. 62-3. 
Sargent Silva x. t. 525. California, near the coast. 
" Monterey Cypress." 

C. Hartwegii, Carr. 
C. lambertiana, Gord. 

Var. Crippsii. 
Var. fastigiata. 

Var. guadeloupensis. 

Cupressus guadeloupensis, S. Wats. 

Var. lutea. 

C. pygmaea, Sargent, Silva xiv. t. 740 ; California. 
C. goveniana var. pygmaea. Lemmon. 
C. goveniana, Sargent (partly). 
13614 B 


Cupressus sempervirens, L. ; Beissner Handbnch 101, f . 26 ; 
Reichb. Ic. Fl. Germ. xi. t. 534. Levant. 

C. horizontalis, Mill. 

C. patnla, Spad. 

C. sempervirens var. horizontalis, @ord. 

C. Tournefortii, Audib. 

Var. fastigiata. 
C. ambigua, Hort. 
C. bedfordiana, Hort. 
C. conoidea, Spad. 
C. fastigiata, DC. 
C. pyramidalis, Targ. Tozz. 

Var. flagelliformis. 
Var. globulifera. 

Var. indica, Royle. 
C. australis, Low. 
C. doniana, Hort. 
C. Roylei, Carr. 
C. whitleyana, ^or^. 

Var. retrofracta. 
Var. thuiaefolia. 

C. torulosa, D. Don. ; Veitch Manual ed. 2, 233, f. 71 ; 
Lawson Pinet. Brit. ii. t. 35. W. Himalaya. 
" Tufted Cypress." 

C. Tournefortii, Tenore (not Audib.). 

*Var. corneyana. Locality unknown. 

C. corne^ana, Gord. 
Var. majestica. 

136H H 2 



Cupressus lawsoniana, .4. Murr. Sargent Silva x. t. 531 ; 
Bot. Mag. t. 558L. North California, Oregon. " The 
Lawson Cypress." 

Chamaecyparis Boursieri, Carr. 

C. lawsoniana, Part. ; Beissner Handbuch 72, f. 17. 

The varieties, which are very numerous, admit of a 
rough classification according to their most conspicuous 
characters. Many of them lose their peculiar form as 
they increase in age ; they also vary in their degree of 

Variations in Colour of Foliage. 
Var. albo-maculata. 
Var. albo-picta. 
Yar. albo-spica. 
Var. albo-variegata. 
Var. argentea. 
Var. argenteo-variegata. 
Var. aurea. 
Var. aurea nova. 
Var. aureo-variegata. 
Var. beissneriana, P. Smith. 
Var glauca. 
Var. glauca pendula. 
Vur. gracilis. 
Var. gracilis aurea. 
Var. lutea. 


Cupressus lawsonlana cont. 
Var. ochroleuca. 
Var. Rosenthali. 
Var. Silver Queen. 
Var versicolor. 
Var. Westermanni. 

Variations in Form and Habit, 
1. Columnar or fastigiate. 

Var. Allumi. 

Cupressus lawsoniana var. Fraseri. 
Var. contorta. 
Var. erecta filiformis. 
Var. erecta viridis. 
Var. erecta viridis argentea. 
Var. ericoides. 
Var. Wisselii. 

2. Spreading. 
Var. ainabilis. 
Var. Bowleri. 
Var. californica. 
Var. darleyensis. 
Var. fragrans. 
Var. fragrans argentea. 
Var. intertexta. 
Var. juniperina. 


Cupressus lawsoniana emit. 
Var. Krameri. 
Var. lycopodioides. 
Yar. pa tula. 
Var. Smithii. 
Var. Youngi. 

3. Pendulous. 

Var. glauca pendula. 
Var. gracilis gracillima. 
Var. gracilis pendula. 
Var. pendula vera. 

4. Globose, dwarf varieties. 

Var. compacta. 
Var. minima glauca. 
Var. nana. 
Var. Shawii. 

C. nootkatensis, Lamb. Sargent Silva x. t. 530. Oregon, 
British Columbia. " Yellow Cypress." 

Chamaecyparis nutkaensis, Spach ; Beissner Handbuch 
81, f. 19. 

Thuiopsis borealis, Hort. 

T. troubetskoyana, Hort. 

T. Tschugatskoyii, Hort. 
Var. albo-variegata. 
Var. argenteo-variegata. 
Var. aureo-variegata. 


Cupressus nootkatensis emit. 

Var. aureo-viridis 

Yar. compacta. 

Var. glauca. 

Var. gracilis. 

Var. lutea. 

Var. nidifica, Rovelli. 

Var. pendula. 
^ ' Var. variegata. 

C. obtusa, C. Koch-, Veitch Manual ed. 2, 220, f. 64 

Mountains of Japan. 

Chamaecyparis obtusa, Sieb. & Zucc. 

Retinispora obtusa, Sieb. <k ZMCC. PL Jap. ii. t. 121. 

Var. pygmaea. 

Thuya obtusa var. pygmaea, Hort. 
Chamaecyparis obtusa var. pygmaea, Hort. 

Stages of growth and varieties of 0. obtusa all known as 
Retinisporas (often spelt Retinospora) in gardens. 

Var. aurea. 
Var. compacta. 
Var. erecta viridis. 

Var. filicoides; Veitch Manual ed. 2, 221, f. 65. 

Retinispora nobleana, Hort. 

Var. gracilis. 
Var. gracilis aurea. 
Var. Keteleeri. 
Var. lycopodioides. 
Var. magnifica. 


Cupressus obtusa cont. 
Var. nana. 
Var. nana aurea. 
Yar. nana gracilis. 
Var. tetragona aurea. 
Var. variegata. 

C. pisifera, C. Koch. Mountains of Japan. 

Chamaecyparis pisifera, Sieb. & Zucc ; Veitch Manual 

ed. 2, 224, f. 67 ; Beissner Handbuch 84, f. 20. 
Ketinispora pisifera, Sieb. & Zucc. Fl. Jap. ii. t. 122. 

Stages of growth and varieties of C. pisifera. all called 
Retinispora in gardens. 

Var. albo picta. 

Var. darleyensis. 

Var. filifera, Mast. ; Veitch Manual ed. 2, 225, f. 68. 

Retinispora filifera, Gordon. 
Var. filifera aurea. 
Var. filifera variegata. 
Var. plumosa. 
Var. plumosa argentea. 
Var. plumosa aurea. 
Var. plumosa flavescens. 

Retinispora plumosa sulphurea. 
Var. squarrosa. Veitch Manual ed. 2, 226, f. 69. 
Var. squarrosa sulphurea. 

C. thyoides, L. Sargent Silva x. t. 529. East United States. 
"White Cedar." 

Chamaecyparis sphaeroidea, Spach ; Beissner Hand- 
buch p. 66, f. 13. 
Retinispora ericoides, Gord. (not Veitch). 


Cupressus thyoides cont. 
Var. atrovirens. 
Var. glauca. 
Var. Hoveii. 
Var. kewensis. 
Var. leptoclada, Mast. 

Chamaecyparis thyoides var. andeleyensis, Carr. 
Var. leptoclada nana. 
Var. variegata. 
Var. viridis. 

t EUTHUYA. -" Arborvitae" 

Thuya occiden tails, L. ; Beissner Handbuch 34, f . 4. Sar- 
gent Silva x. t. 532. Canada and North-Eastern 
States of North America to mountains of North 
Carolina. " The American Arborvitae." 

T. obtusa, Moench. 

T. odorata, Marsh. 

T. sibirica, Hort. 

Cupressus Arbor-vitae, Targ. Tozz. 

Variations in Colour of Foliage. 

Var. aurea. 

Var. Buchanani. 

Var. ellwangeriana aurea. 

Var. lutea. 

Var. pulverulenta. 

Var. Eiversii. 

Thuya occidentalis cont. 
Var. vervaeneana. 
T. aurescens. 

Var. Wagneri, Froebel. 

T. columnaris. 

T. Versmanni. 
Var. wareana. 

T. caucasica, Hort. 

Var. wareana lutescens, Hesse. 
Var. Waxen, Spaeth. 

Variations in Form and Habit. 
Var. Bodmeri. 
Var. caucasica, Hort. 
Var. cristata. 
Var. densa. 
Var. Dicksoni. 
Var. dorkinensis. 
Var. Douglas! . 

Var. ellwangeriana. 

Retinispora ellwangeriana, Hort. 
R. "Tom Thumb" Hort. 

Var. erecta. 

Var. erecta viridis. 

Var. ericoides 

Retinispora dubia, Hort. 

Var. flabellata. 
Var. globosa. 


Thuya occidentals cont. 
Var. globosa compacta. 
Var. Hovei. 
Var. pendula. 

Var. Spaethii, R. Smith. 
T. Ohlendorfi, Hort. 
T. tetragona, Hort. 

It is possible that some of these forms may belong to 
T. plicata, D. Don, whilst some of those allotted to the 
latter may be forms of T. occidentals. 


T. japonica, Maxim ; Gard. Chron, 1897, xxi. 259, f. 87. 


Thuya gigantea var. japonica, Franch. <k Sav. 
T. Standishii, Carr. 
Thuyopsis Standishii, Gord. 

T. plicata, D. Don ; Masters in Gard. Chron. 1897, xxi. 
101, 213, 258, (not of gardens). North West 
America. " Red " or " Canoe Cedar." 
T. gigantea, Nutt. ; Beissner Handbuch 48 f . 7 ; 
Veitch Manual ed. 2, 240, f. 72. 

T. craigiana, Hort. 
T. Lobbi, Hort. 
T. Menziesii, Carr. 

Var. atrovirens. 
Var. aurea. 
Var. compacta. 
Var. fastigiata. 
Var. gracilis. 


Thuya plicata cont. 
Var. pendula. 
Var. pumila. 
Var. pyramidalis. 
Var. recurva nana. 
Var. recurvata. 
Var. semperaurescens. 
Var. umbraculifera. 
Var. zebrina. 


T. dolabrata, L. f. ; Gard. Chron. 1882, xviii. 556, f. 95. 
Mountains of Japan. 

Thuyopsis dolabrata, Sieb. & Zucc. Fl. Jap. ii. tt. 
119, 120 ; Beissner Handbuch 53, f. 9. 

Platycladus dolabrata, Spach. 
Var. nana, Sieb. & Zucc. 

Thuyopsis laetevirens, Lindl. 
Var. variegata. 

tttt BIOTA. 

T. orientalis, L. ; Sieb. & Zucc. Fl. Jap. ii. 1. 118. North 
China and Japan. " Chinese Arborvitae." 

T. acuta, Moench. 

Biota orientalis, Endl. ; Beissner Handbnch 55, f. 10. 
Cupressus Thuya, Targ. Tozz. 
Platycladus stricta, Spach. 
Var. argenteo-variegata. 

Biota orientalis var. argentea, Qord. 


Thuya orientalis cont. 

B. orientalis var. variegata, Endl. 
Thuya argentea, Hort. 
T. variegata, Hort. 

Var. athrotaxoides. 

Var. aurea. 

Biota orientalis aurea nana, Hort. 

Thuya aurea, Hort. 

T. nana aurea, Hort. 

T. nana compacta aurea, Hort. 

Var. aureo- variegata. 

Biota orientalis var. variegata, @ord. 
Thuya orientalis aureo- variegata, Hort. 
T. variegata, Hort. 

Var. compacta. 

Biota japonica, Sieb. 

B, orientalis var. nana, Oarr. 

B. orientalis var. Sieboldi, Endl. 

B. zuccariniana, Sieb. 

Thuya compacta, Hort. 

T. nana, Hort. 

T. zuccariniana, Hort. 

Var. decussata. 

Biota orientalis var. decussata, Beissn. A Hochst. 

Chamaecyparis decussata, Hort. 

Frenela glauca, Hort. (not Mirbel). 

Juniperus glauca, Hort. 

Retinispora flavescens, Hort. 

R. juniperoides, Carr. 

R. rigida, Carr. 

R. squarrosa, Hort. (not Zucc.). 

Thuya orientalis cant. 
Var. densa. 
Biota orientalis densa glauca HorL 

Var. elegantissima. 
Biota elegantissima, Hort, 

Var. ericoides. 

Retinispora ericoides, Hort. 

Var. falcata. 
Var. falcata nana. 
Var. falcata nova. 
Var. freneloides. 
Var. Froebeli. 
Var. funiculata. 
Var. glauca. 
Var. globosa. 

Var. gracilis. 
Thuya freneloides, Hort 
T. japonica, Hort. 
T. nepalensis, Hort. 

Var. Hoveyii. 
Var. incurvata. 
Var. intermedia. 

Biota orientalis var. intermedia. Carr. 

B. intermedia, Hort. 

B. pendula, Endl. var. 

Thuya intermedia, Hort. 

Thuya orientalis cont. 

Var. meldensis. 
Biota meldensis, @ord. 
Retinispora meldensis, Hort. 
Thuya hybrida, Hort. 
T. meldensis, Hort. 
T. orientalis meldensis, Hort. 

Var. minima. 
Biota orientalis minima glauca, Hort. 

Var. nepalensis. 
Var. pendula. 

Biota orientalis var. pandula, ParL 

B. pendula, Endl. 

B. pendula var. recurvata, Gord. 
Cupressus filiformis, Hort. 

C. patula, Pers. 

C. pendula, Thunb. 
0. pendulata, Hort. 
Thuya Douglasii pendula, Hort. 
T. filiformis, Lodd. 
T. flagelliformis, Hort. 
T. orientalis var. flagelliformis. Jacques. 
T. pendula, Lamb. 
Var. pyramidalis, Endl. 

Biota orientalis var. expansa, Endl. 

B. orientalis var. tatarica, Endl. 

B. tatarica, Lindl. 

Thuya australis, Hort. 

T. orientalis cupressoides, Hort. 


Thuya orientalis cont. 

T. orientalis var. stricta, Loud. 
T. orientalis var. tatarica, Loud. 
T. pyramidalis, Tenore. 
T. tatarica, Forbes. 

Var. semperaurescens. 

Biota orientalis semperaurea, Hort. 

*Libocedrus chilensis, Endl. ; Gard. Chron. 1850, 439, f. ; 
Rev. Hort. 1867, 410. f. 37. Chilian Andes. 

Thuya chilensis, D. Don ; Hook. London Journal of 
Botany ii.. 199, t. 4. 

L. decurrens, Torr. ; Veitch Manual ed. 2, 252, f. 73 ; 
Beissner Handbuch 28, f . 2 ; Sargent Silva x. t. 534. 
Oregon to South California on mouutains near, the 
sea " Incense Cedar." 

Heyderia decurrens, C. Koch. 
Thuya craigiana, A. Murr. 
T. gigantea, Hort. 

Var. compacta. 
Var. glauca. 
Var. nana. 
Var. variegata. 

*L. doniana, Endl. ; Kirk Forest Flora of New Zealand, 

tt. 82, 83. New Zealand. 

*L. macrolepis, Benth. & Hook. Yunnan. 

Calocedrus macrolepis, Kurz in Journ. Bot. 1873, 196. 
t. 133, f. 3. 

Tribe II. Taxodinae. 

Sciadopitys verticillata, Sieb. <k Zucc. Fl. Jap. ii. t. 101 ; 
Veitch Manual 202, ff. 46, 47 ; ed. 2, 288, f. 87. 
Japan. " The Umbrella Pine." 


*Athrotaxis cupressoides, D. Don ; Gard. Chron. 1885, 
xxiv. 273, f. 60 ; Veitch Manual ed. 2, 259, f. 75. 

A. laxifolia, Hook. ; Gard. Ghron. 1885, xxiv. 584, f. 134. 

Athrotaxis doniana, Hort. 

*A. selaginoides, D.Don. ; Gard. Chron. 1888, iv. 544. f. 79 ; 
Veitch Manual ed. 2, 262, f. 78. Tasmania. 

A. gunniana, Hort. 

Sequoia gigantea, Torr. ; Beissner Handbuch 163, . 41. 
California. " Wellingtonia," ' Mammoth Tree." 

Sequoia Wellingtonia, Seem ; Veitch Manual ed. ?2, 
276, f. 85 ; Sargent Silva x. t. 536. 

Taxodium washingtonianum, Winsl. 
Washingtonia californica, Winsl. 

Wellingtonia gigantea, Lindl. ; Veitch Manual 205, 
f. 48 ; Bot Mag. tt. 4777, 4778. 

Yar. aurea. 
Var. pendula. 

S. sempervirens, Endl. ; Beissner Handbuch 158, f . 39 ; 
Sargent Silva x. t. 535. California. " Redwood." 

Schubertia sempervirene, Spach. 

Taxodium sempervirens, Lamb. 
Var. albo-spica. 
Var. gracilis. 

*Glyptostrobus heterophyllus, Endl. China. "Chinese 
Water Pine." 

Taxodium heterophyllum, Brongn. 


Cryptomeria japonica, D. Don ; Sieb. & Zucc. Fl. Jap. ii. 
tt. 124, 124 b ; Beissner Handbuch 142, f. 337. 
Mountains of Japan and China. "Japanese Cedar." 

C. Fortunei, Otto & Dietr. 
Cupressus japonica, L. f. 
Taxodiuin japonicum. Brongn. 
Yar. araucarioides. 

Var. elegans, Veitch Manual ed. 1, 218, f. 51 ; ed. 2, 265, 

ff. 80-1. 

Cryptomeria Veitchii, Hort. 
Var. elegans nana. 

Yar. Lobbi. Yeitch Manual ed. 2, 266 f. 
Yar. Lobbi nana. 
Yar. pungens. 
Yar. spiralis. 

Taxodium distichum, Rich'. ; Yeitch Manual ed. 2, 282, f. ; 
Beissner Handbuch 151, f. 38 ; Sargent Silva x. 
t. 537. Southern United States. " The Deciduous 

Cupressus disticha, L. 

Taxodium microphyllum, Brongn. 

Yar. pendulum. 

Glyptostrobus pendulus, Endl. : Bot. Mag. t. 5603. 
Taxodium sinense, Gord. 

*T. mucronatum, Ten. Mexico. 

Tribe III. Araucarineae. 

Cunninghamia sinensis, R. Br. ; Bot. Mag. t. 2743 ; Beissner 
Handbuch 197, f . 49. South China. 

Belis jaculiflora, Salisb. 
Pinus lanceolata, Lamb. 

13614 C 


*Agathis australis, Salisb. ; Kirk Forest Flora of New 
Zealand tt. 79-81. New Zealand. "The Kauri 

Dammara australis, Lamb. ; Gard. Chron. 1883, xx. 525, 
f. 86. 

*A. loranthifolia> Salisb. ; Yidal PI. Forest. Filip. t. 98a. 

*A. Moorei, Mast. New Caledonia. 

Dammara Moorii, Lindl. Journ. Hort. Soc. 1851. 

*A. obtusa, Mast. ; Gard. Chron. 1897, xxi. 301, f . 103. 
New Hebrides. 

Dammara obtusa, Lindl. 

*A. robusta, Mast. ; Queensl. Agric. Journ. ii. 1. 10. N.E. 

Dammara robusta, C. Moore. 

*A. vitiensis, Mast. Fiji. 

Dammara vitiensis, Seem. Fl. Vit. t. 76. 

*Araucaria Balansae, Brongn. & Gris. ; 111. Hort. 1894, 
xxi. t. 197. New Caledonia. 

A. elegans, Hort. Bull. 

*A. Bidwillii y Hook, ; Gard. Chron. 1873, 361, f. 73. 
Queensland. " The Bunya-Bunya." 

*A. brasiliana, Rich. ; Sieb. & Zucc. 11. Jap. ii. t. 138. 
Mountains of S. Brazil. 

A. brasiliensis, Loud. ; Gard. Chron. 1887, i. 680, f . 132. 

*A. Cookii, R. Br. ; Gard. Chron. 1901, xxx. 387, f. 117. 
New Caledonia. 

A. columnaris, Hook. Bot. Mag. t. 4635. 

*A. Cunninghamii, Ait. ; Sieb. & Zucc. Fl. Jap. ii. t. 139. 
Queensland. " The Moreton Bay Pine." 

13614 C 2 


Araucaria Cunninghamii cont. 

*Var. glauca. Gard. Chron. 1888, iii. 685, f. 90. 
A glauca, Antoine. 

*A. excelsa, R. Br. ; Sieb. & Zucc. Fl. Jap. ii. t. 140 ; 
Flore des Serres tt. 2304, 2305. Norfolk Island. 
" Norfolk Island Pine." 

*Var. albo-spica. 

*Var. goldieana, New Caledonia. 

A. goldieana, T. Moore Florist and Pomologist 1877, 
39 f. 

*Var. Muelleri. 

A. Muelleri, Hort. (not Brongn. & Gris.} ; Illustr. 
Hortic. xxix. t. 449. 

A. imbricata, Pav. ; Flore des Serres tt. 1577-1580 ; 
Veitch Manual ed. 2, 297, figs. 89, 90. Mountains 
of Southern Chili. " Chili Pine." 

Var. aurea. 

*A. Rulei, F. Muell. ; Gard. Chron. 1861, 868 ; Brongn. & 
Gris. Descr. Plantes Remarquables Nouv. Caled. 
t. 16. New Caledonia. 

A. Niepratschki, Hort. Lemoine. 

Tribe IV. Abietineae. 
Sub-tribe I. PiCEAE. 

brunoniana, Carr. ; Gard. Chron. 1886, xxvi. 501, 
f. 101. East and Central Himalayas. " Indian 
Hemlock Fir." 

Abies brunoniana, LindL 
A. dumosa, Loud. 
Pinus brunoniana, Wall. 
P. dumosa, D. Don. 


Tsuga canadensis, Carr. ; Sargent Silva xii. t. 603. 
Beissner Handbuch 401, f. 709. N.E. America. 
" The Hemlock Spruce." 

Abies americana, Marsh. 

A. canadensis, Michx. ; Yeitch Manual 114 f. 29. 

A. curvifolia, Salisb. 

Picea canadensis, Link. 

Pinus americana, Duroi. 

P. canadensis. L. 
Var. argentea. 

T. canadensis var. albo-spica. 
Var. macrophylla. 
Var. milfordiensis. 
Var. parvifolia. 
Var. pendula. 
Var. pendula argentea. 
Var. Sargentii pendula. 
Var. variegata. 

T.Jcaroliniana, Engelm. ; Sargent Silva xii. t. 604 ; Gard. 
Chron. 1886, xxvi. 780, f. 153 ; Beissner Handbuch 
406, f. Ill; Veitch Manual ed. 2, 466, f. 116. 
Southern Alleghanies. 

Abies caroliniana, Chapm. 

T. mertensiana, Carr. N. W. America. 

T. albertiana, Veitch Manual ed. 2, 460 f. 

T. heterophylla, Sargent Silva xii. t. 605. 

Abies albertiana, A. Murr. 

A. Bridgesii, Kellogg. 

A. mertensiana, Lindl. & Gord. 


Tsuga mertensiana cont. 

A pattoniana, McNab. (not ParL). 
Pinus canadensis, Bong. 
P. mertensiana, Bong. 

T. pattoniana, Engelm. Mountains of California. 

T. mertensiana, Sargent Silva xii. t. 606 (not Carr.) ; 
Yeitch Manual ed. 2, 469, f. 117. 

Abies pattoniana, Jeffrey ; Veitch Manual 116, ff. 30,31 ; 
Beissner Handbuch 409, f . 113. 

A. Williamsoni, Newb. 
Hesperopeuke pattoniana, Lemmon. 
Pinus pattoniana, Parl. 

Yar. glauca. 

Abies hookeriana, A. Murr. 

T. Sieboldi, Garr.\ Veitch Manual ed. 2, 473, f. 118; 
Beissner Handbuch 395, f . 106. Japan. " Japanese 
Hemlock Spruce." 

Abies Araragi, Loud. 

A. Tsuga, Sieb. & Zucc. Fl. Jap. ii. t. 106 ; Veitch 
Manual 118 ff. 33, 34. 

Pinus Araragi, Sieb. 
P. Tsuga, Antoine. 
Tsuga diversifolia, Maxim. 
Tsuja Tsuja, A. Murr. 

Var. nana. 

t EUPICBA. "Spruce Firs." 

Picea alba, Link. ; Beissner Handbuch 341, f. 96. North 
Eastern America, British Columbia. "White 

P. canadensis, B. S. & P. ; Sargent Silva xii. t. 598. 


Picea alba cont. 

P. caerulea, Link. 

P. nigra var. glauca, Carr. 

Abies alba, Michx. 

A. alba var. caerulea, Carr. 

A. arctica, Seem. 

A. caerulea, Forbes. 

A canadensis, Mill. 

A. laxa, C. Koch. 

A. rubra var. caerulea, Loud. 

Pinus alba, Lairib. 

P. canadensis, Duroi (not L.). 

P. glauca, Moench. 

P. laxa, mrft. 

P. rubra var. violacea, Endl. 
Var. aurea. 
Var. caerulea. 
Var. caerulea Henderson!. 
Var. compacta. 
Var. echiniformis, Carr. 
Var. monstrosa. 
Var. nivalis. 

P. alcockiana, Carr. ; Gard. Chron. 1880, xiii. 212, f. 43 ; 
Beissner Handbuch 379, f. 101. Japan. 

Abies acicularis, Hort. 
A. alcockiana, Veitch. 
A. excelsa acicularis, Hort. 
Pinus alcockiana, Parl. 


Picea tricolor, Mayr. Monog. Abiet. p. 49, t. 3. Japan. 
Abies alcockiana (in part). 
Abies bicolor, Maxim (partly). 
Picea alcockiana (in part). 

P. breweriana. S. Wats. ; Sargent Silva xii. t. 601 ; Gard. 
Chron. 1886, xxv. 498, f. 93. Siskiyou Mountains, 
N. California. " Weeping Spruce " 

P. Engelmanni, Engelm. ; Sargent Silva xii. t. 599 ; 
Beissner Handbuch 344, f. 97. British Columbia, 
Oregon to Arizona. 

Abies alba, Torr. 
A. Engelmanni, Parry. 
A nigra, Engelm. 
Pinus commutata, Parl. 
P. Engelmanni, Engelm. 

Yar. glauca. 
P. ericoides, Hort. A variety of uncertain origin. 

P. excelsa, Link. ; Kohler Med.-Pflanz. i. t. 8 ; Beissner 
Handbuch 353, f. 99. Mountains of Northern and 
Central Europe. ' The common Spruce." 

Abies excelsa, DC. 

A. Picea, Mill. 

A. rubra. Bauhin. 

Picea vulgaris, Link. 

Pinus Abies, L. 

P. excelsa, Lam. (not Wall.). 


Picea excelsa cont. 

The varieties are extremely numerous and may be 
classified into 

1. Dwarf Varieties. 
Var. clanbrassiliana. 
Var. clanbrassiliana elegans. 
Var. compacta. 
Var. diffusa. 
Var. dumosa. 
Var. globosa nana. 
Var. gregoryana. 
Var. Maxwelli. 
Var. microsperma. 
Var. pygmaea. 
Var. pygmaea glauca. 
Var. Remonti. 
Var. repens. 

2. Pendulous and "[Snake-branched " Varieties. 
Var. Cranstoni. 
Var. denudata. 

Var. inverta. Gard. Chron. 190J, xxix. 263, f. 98. 
Var. monstrosa. 
Var. pendula. 

3.}jColour[ [Varieties. 
Var. argenteo-spica. 
Var. aurea. 


Picea excelsa cont. 

4. Varieties showing other Differences in Leaf and Habit. 

Var. attenuata. 

Var. cincinnata, Hesse. 

Var. Dicksoni. 

Var. eremita. 

Var. gigantea. 

Var. laxa. 

Var. mucronata. 

Var. pinsapoides. 

Var. pyramidalis. 

Var. stricta. 

Var. tenuifolia. 

P. Glehni, Mast. Gard. Chron. 1880, xiii. 300, f . 54. Island 
of Sachalin. 

Abies Giehni, F. Schmidt. 

P. Maximowiczii, Regel. ; Gard. Chron. 1880, xiii. 363, f. 64. 

Abies Maximowiczii, Hort. 

P. Morinda, Link-, Gard. Chron. 1885, xxiv. 383, f. 85. 

P. smithiana, Boiss. ; Veitch Manual ed. 2, 456, f . 112. 
Abies Khutrow, Loud. 
A. smithiana. Forbes. 
Pinus Khutrow, Royle. 
P. smithiana, Lamb. 

P. nigra, Link ; Beissner Handbuch 334, f. 94. North 
Eastern America. " Black Spruce." 

P. mariana, B. S. & P. ; Sargent Silva xii. t. 596. 


Picea nigra cont. 

Abies alba, Chapm. 

A. americana, O. Koch. 

A. arctica, Hort. (not Seem.). 

A. denticulata, Michx. 

A. Mariana, Mill. 

A. marylandica, Hort. 

A. nigra, Poir. 

Pinus Mariana, Duroi. 

P. nigra, Ait. 
Var. aureo-marginata. 
Var. Doumetti. 
Var. pumila. 

P. obovata, Ledeb. Ic. PI. Ross. t. 499. N.E. Europe and 

N. Asia. 
Abies obovata, Loud. 

Var. japonica, Maxim. 

Var. schrenkiana, Carr. 

Abies schrenkiana, Lindl. & Gord. 
Picea schrenkiana, Fisch. & Mey. 

P. orientalis. Carr. ; Gard. Chron. 1886, xxv. 333, f . 62 ; 

Veitch Manual ed. 2, 444, f . 109. Mountains of the 

Taurus and Caucasus. 
Abies orientalis, Poir. 
A. wittmanniana, Hort. 
Pinus orientalis, L. 

Var. aurea. 
Var. nana. 
Var. pygmaea, Ohlend. 


Picea polita, Carr. ; Veitch Manual ed. 2, 447, f. 110 ; 
Beissner Handbuch 380, f . 102 ; Gard. Chron. 1880, 
xiii. 233, f. 44. Mountains of Japan. 

Abies Torano, Sieb. 

A. polita, Sieb. & Zucc. Fl. Jap. ii. t. 111. 

P. pungens, Engelm. Utah and California. 
Picea commutata, Hort. aliq. 
P. Engelmanni, Hort. (not Engelm.). 
P. Menziesii, Hort. (not Carr.). 
P. parryana, Sargent Silva xii. t. 600. 
Abies Engelmanni, Hort. (not Parry). 
A. Menziesii, Engelm. (in part). 
A. Parlatorei, Hort. 
Var. diversifolia. 

Var. glauca. Veitch Manual ed. 2, 449, f. 111. ".Blue 

P. annesleyana, Hort. 
P. parryana glauca, Hort. 
P. pungens argentea, Hort. 
P. Sargentii, Hort. 

Var. kosteriana. 

P. rubra, Link. ; Beissner Handbuch 339f .$5. 
Picea nigra var. rubra, Engelm. 
P. rubens, Sargent Silva xii. t. 597. 
Abies nigra var. rubra, Michx. 
A. rubra, Poir. 

A. rubra var. arctica, Lindl. & Gord. 
Pinus americana, Gaertn. 


Picea rubra cont. 

P. americana var. rubra, Wangenh. 
P. rubra, Lamb. 
Var. monstrosa. 

ft OMORICA. " Flat-leaved Spruce Firs." 

P. ajanensis, Fisch. ; Bot. Mag. t. 6743 ; Beissner Hand- 
buch 386, f. 104. Amoor, Japan. 

Abies ajanensis, Kent. 
A. alcockiana, Hort. (in part). 
A. sitchensis, C. Koch (not Bong.). 
. Picea Menziesii, Parl. 
Tsuga ajanensis, Hegel. 

Var. microsperma. 

P. ajanensis var. japonica. 

P. jezoensis, Maxim, (not Sieb.}. 

P. hondoensis, Mayr. Monogr. Abiet. Japan t. 4. Japan. 

P. Omorica, Mast. ; Gard. Chron. 1884, xxi. 308, f. 58 ; 
Beissner Handbuch 383, f. 103. Servia, Bosnia. 
" Servian Spruce." 

Pinus Omorika, Pane. 

P. sitchensis, Trautv. & Mey. ; Sargent Silva xii. t. 602 ; 
Beissner Handbuch, 391, f . 105 ; Gard. Chron. 1886, 
xxv. 728, f. 161. N.W. America. " Sitka Spruce." 

Picea Menziesii, Carr. 
P. sitkaensis, Mayr. 
Abies Menziesii, Loud. 
A. sitchensis, Lindl. & Gord. 
Pinus Menziesii, Dougl. 
P. sitchensis, Bong. 

Sub-tribe II. LAEICEAE. 


Cedrus atlantica, Manetti. ; Gard. Chron. 1891, x. 425, f. 
53 ; Gard. & For. 1896, 417. North Africa. "The 
Atlas Cedar." 

C. africana, Gord. 

Abies atlantica, Lindl. & Gord. 

Pinus Cedrus var. atlantica, Parl. 

Yar. aurea. 

Var. fastigiata, Carr. 

Var. glauca. 

Var. pendula. 

C. Deodara, Loud.; Gard. Chron. 1891, x. 423, f. 52. 
Himalaya. " The Deodar." 

Cedrus indica, Ghambr. 

C. Libani var. Deodora, Hook. f. 

Abies Deodara, Lindl. 

Larix Deodara, C. Koch. 

Pinus Deodara, Roxb. 

Var. albo-spica. 
Var. crassifolia. 
Var. erecta. 
Var. pendula. . 
Var. robusta. 
Var. variegata. 
Var. vertieillata. 
Var. viridis. 
Var. Youngi. 


Cedrus Libani, Loud. ; Gard.^Chron. 1878, ix. f . 113 ; 1886, 
xxvi.521,f.!02 ; 553, f. 109 ; Beissner Handbuch 299, 
f. 74. Syrian Mountains. " Cedar of Lebanon." 

C. patula, C. Koch. 
Abies Cedrus, Poir. 
Larix Cedrus, Mill. 
L. patula, Salisb. 
Pinus Cedrus, L. 

Var. brevifolia, Hook. f. ; Journ. Linn. Soc. xvii. 517. 

Var. pendula. 
Var. pyramidalis. 


Larix davurica, Trautv. Siberia. 

L. dahurica, Turcz. ; Beissner Handbuch 329. f . 90. 

L. europaea, DC. ; Reichb. Ic. Fl. Germ. xi. t. 531. 
European Alps. " The Larch." 

L. decidua, Mill. (1759). 

L. excelsa, Link. 

L. pyramidalis, Salisb. (1805). 

L. vulgaris, Fisch. 

Abies Larix, Lam. 

Pinus Larix, L. 
Var. glauca pendula. 

Var. pendula, Loud. ; Veitch Manual ed. 2, 392, f. 99. 
Var. pendulina, Regel ; Beissner Handbuch 325, f . 89. 
Var. rossica, Regel ; Beissner Handbuch 325, f . 88. 

Var. sibirica, Beissner Handbuch 324, f . 87. " Siberian 

L. archangelica, Hort. 
L. sibirica, Ledeb. 


Larix Griffithii, Hook.f. ; Gard. Chron. 1886, xxv. 718, f . 157 ; 
Veitch Manual ed. 2, 396, f. 101. Beissner 
Handbuch, 317, f. 82. Eastern Himalaya. 

Abies griffithiana, Lindl. & Gord. 
Pinus Griffithii, Parl. 

L. leptolepis, Endl. ; Beissner Handbuch 318, f. 83 ; Gard. 
Chron. 1883, xix. 88, f. 13 ; Yeitch Manual ed. 2, 
398, f. 102. Japan. 

L. japonica, Carr. 

Abies leptolepis, Sieb. & Zucc. Fl. Jap. ii. t. 105. 

Pinus leptolepis, Endl. 

Var. murrayana. 
Var. pendula. 

L. occidentalis, Nutt. ; Sargent Silva xii. t. 594, Veitch 
Manual ed. 2, 401, f. 104. North- Western America. 
Pinus Nuttallii, Parl. 

L. pendula, Salisb. (1805). North-Eastern America. 
" Tamarack," " Black Larch." 

Larix americana, Michx. (1813) ; Sargent Silva xii. 
t. 593. 

L. americana var. rubra, Loud. 

L. microcarpa, Forbes. 

Abies microcarpa, Lindl. & Gord. 

A. pendula, Lindl. & Gord. 

Pinus laricina, Duroi. 

P. microcarpa, Lamb. 

P. pendula, Ait. 

Pseudolarix Kaempferi, Gord. ; Flore des Serres t. 1777 ; 
Gard Chron. 1884, xxi. 584, f. 113 ; 1884, xxii. 238, 
f. 48. China. " The Golden Larch." 

P. Fortunei, Mayr. 

Abies Kaempferi, Lindl. 


Pseudolarix Kaempferi cont. 

Laricopsis Kaempferi, Kent. ; Veitch Manual ed. 2, 
404, ff. 105-6. 

Larix Kaempferi, Carr. 
Pinus Kaempferi, Lamb. 

Sub-tribe III. SAPINEAE. 

*Keteleeria davidiana, Franch. ; Beissner Handbuch 425, 
f. 117 ; Gard. Chron. 1903, xxxiii. 85, figs. 37, 38. 
Pseudotsuga davidiana, C. E. Bertr. 

*K.J|Fortunei, Carr. ; Eev. Hort. 1887, 207, ff. 42-5; 
Beissner Handbuch 422, f. 116 ; Gard. Chron. 1889, 
vi. 688, f. 95 (leaf structure). China. 

Abies Fortunei, A. Murr. ; Gard. Chron. 1884, xxi. 
348, ff. 64-7 ; 1886, xxv. 428, ff. 82-3. 

A. jezoensis, Lindl. (not Sieb.). 

Abietia Fortunei, Kent. 

Picea Fortunei, A. Murr. 

Pinus Fortunei, Parl. 

*K. sacra, Beissn. China. 

Abies sacra, Franch. ; Nouv. Arch. Mus. ser. 2, vii. 
t. 14. 


Abies amabilis, Forbes ; Sargent Silva xii. t. 614 ; Gard. 
Chron. 1880, ff. 136-141 ; Beissner Handbuch 469, 
f. 128 ; Veitch Manual ed. 2, 491, fie. 126-9, British 
Columbia to Oregon. 

Abies grandis, A. Murr. (not Lindl.). 

A. grandis var. densiflora, Engelm. 

Picea amabilis, Loud. 

Pinus amabilis, Dougl. 

P. grandis, Lamb, (not Dougl.). 


Abies balsamea, Mill.; Sargent Silva xii. t. 610; Gard. 
Chron. 1895, xvii. 423, 425, 431, ff. 57, 58, 60. 
N.E. America. "Balm of Gilead" or " Balsam Fir." 

Abies balsamifera, Michx. 

Picea balsamea, Loud. 

Pinus balsamea, L. 

Var. hudsonica, Sargent. " Dwarf Balsam Fir " 
Var. variegata, Beissn. 

A. brachyphylla, Maxim.; Gard. Chron. 1879, xii. 556, f. 

92 ; Bot. Mag. t. 7114. Japan. 
Abies umbilicata, Hort. (not Mayr.) 
A. Veitchii (of some gardens). 
Picea brachyphylla, Gord. 
P. pinnosa, Hort. 
P. Veitchii (of some gardens'). 
Pinus brachyphylla, Parl. 

A. bracteata, Nutt. ; Bot. Mag. t. 4740 ; Gard. Chron. 1889. 
v. 242, f . 44. Santa Lucia Mts., California. " Santa 
Lucia Fir " 

A. venusta, C. Koch ; Sargent Silva xii. tt. 615, 616. 
Picea bracteata, Loud. ; Garden 1889, xxxv. 12, f. 
Pinus bracteata, D. Don. 
P. venusta, Dougl. 

A. cephalonica, Loud. ; Gard. Chron. 1884, xxii. 592, f . 105 ; 
Mouillefert Arbres tt. 133, xxvi. ter. Mountains|of 

A. Apollinis, Link 
A. panachaica, Heldr. 
A. Reginae-Amaliae, Heldr. 
Picea cephalonica, Loud. 
Pinus Abies var. cephalonica, Parl. 
136H D 


Abies cilicica, Carr. Flore des Serres t. 1108 bis ; 
Beissner Handbuch 449, f . 122. Cilician Taurus. 

A. Tschugatskoi, Gord. 
Pinus cilicica, Parl. 

A. concolor, Lindl. & Gord. ; Sargent Silva xii. t. 613 ; 
Gard. Chron. 1890, viii. 748, ff. 147-8; Veitch 
Manual ed. 2, 502, f. 129 ; Beissner Handbuch 472, 
f . 130. Colorado, Utah, Arizona. 

Picea concolor, A. Murr. 

P. lasiocarpa, Balfour (not Hook.}. 

Pinus concolor, Parl. 
Yar. argentea Wallezi. 
Var. pendula. 

Yar. violacea. 

A. concolor var. violacea. 

Picea concolor var. violacea, Roezl. 

A firma, Sieb. & Zucc. Fl. Jap. ii.t.107; Yeitch Manual 95, 
f . 16 ; ed. 2, 506, ff. 130-2. Beissner Handbuch 451, 
f . 123. Japan. 

A. bifida, Sieb. & ZMCC. Fl. Jap. ii. t. 109. 

A. holophylla, Maxim. 

Pinus firma, Antoine. 

A. Fraseri, Lindl. ; Sargent Silva xii. t. 609 ; Garden and 
Forest 1889, ii. 472, f . 132. Southern Alleghanies. 

A. humilis, La Pilaye. 
Picea Fraseri, Loud. 
Pinus Fraseri, Parl. 

A. grandis,' Lindl. ; Sargent Silva xii. t. 612. Yeitch 
Manual 98, f . 24 ; ed. 2, 512, f . 133. Beissner Hand- 
buch 478, f. 133. Vancouver to California. 

A. amabilis, A. Murr. (not of Forbes.}. 
13614 D 2 


Abies grandis cont 

A. gordoniana, Carr. 
Picea grandis, Loud. 
Pinus grandis, Dougl. 

A. homolepis, Sieb. & Zucc. PL Jap. ii. t. 108 ; Gard. 
Chron. 1879, xii. 823, f. 136. Japan. 

A. brachyphylla, Mayr. 
A. tschonoskiana, Hort. 
Pinus harryana, McNab. 

A., lasiocarpa, Hook, (not Hort.) ; Sargent Silva xii. t. 611. 
Gard. Chron. 1889, v. 172, ff. 23-32 ; Veitch Manual 
ed. 2, 515, f . 134. British Columbia to Colorado. 

A. (Picea) bifolia, A. Murr. 
A. grandis, Engelrn. (in part). 
A. subalpina, Engelm. 
A. subalpina var. fallax, Engelm. 
Picea amabilis, Gford. (in part). 
Pinus amabilis, Parl. (in part). 

Var. arizonica. Gard. Chron. 1901, ff. 52-3. 
A. arizonica var. argentea, Hort. 

Var. caerulescens. 

A. lowiana, A. Murr. ; Gard. Chron. 1890, viii. 750, ff. 149, 
150. Sierra Nevada. 

A. concolor, Sargent (in part). 
A. grandis var. lowiana, Mast. 
A. lasiocarpa, Beissn. 
A. parsonsiana (of some gardens'). 
Picea lowiana, Gord. 


Abies magnifica, A. Murr. ; Sargent Silva xii. tt. 618-9. 
Beissner Handbuch 482, f . 135. Calif ornian Sierras. 

A. campylocarpa, A. Murr. 

Picea magnifica, Gord. 

Pinus amabilis, Parl. (in part). 

Var. xanthocarpa. 

A magnifica var. shastensis, Lemmon ; Sargent Silva 
xii. t. 620. 

A nobilis var. robusta, Mast. Gard. Chron. 1885, xxiv. 
657, f. 147. 

A. shastensis, Lemmon. 

A. Mariesii, Mast. Gard. Chron. 1879, xii. 788, t. 129 ; 
Beissner Handbuch 455, f . 124. Mountains of Japan. 

A.'foobilis, Lindl. ; Sargent Silva xii. t. 617. Veitch Manual 
ed. 1, 101 f. ; ed. 2, 521, f. 136. Oregon, California. 

A. magnifica, Engelm (in part). 
Picea nobilis, Loud. 
Pinus nobilis, Dougl. 

Var. glauca. 

A. nordmanniana, Spach ; Bot. Mag. t. 6992. Crimea. 
Picea nordmanniana, Loud. 
Pinus Abies, Parl. 

A. numidica, De Lannoy ; Flore des Serres t. 1717 ; Gard. 
Chron. 1888, iii. 140 (in part and excl. figs.). 
Algerian mountains. 

A. Pinsapo var. baborensis, Cosson. 
Picea numidica. R. Smith. 
Pinus Pinsapo, Parl. (not Boiss.}. 

A. pectinata, DC. (1805) ; Reichb. Ic. Fl. Germ. xi. t. 533 ; 
Beissner Handbuch 430, f. 119. Mountains of 
Central and Southern Europe. " Silver Fir." 

A. alba, .flft'W. (1768). 


Abies pectinata cont. 

A. excelsa, Salisb. (1805). 
A. Picea, Lindl. 
A. taxifolia, Desf. (1809). 
A. vulgaris, Poir. (1804). 
Picea pectinata, Loud. 
Pinus Abies, Duroi (1771). 
P. pectinata, Lam. (1778). 
P. Picea, L. (1753). 

A. Pinsapo, Boiss. ; Gard. Chron. 1885, xxiv. 468, f. 99, 
xxvi. 9, 11; 1888, iii. 140, f . 22 (section of leaf) ; 
Laguna Fl. Forest. Esp. tt. 2, 3. Mountains of 
Southern Spain. 

Var. glauca. 

A. sachalinensis, Mast. Gard. Chron. 1879, xii. 588, f. 97 ; 
Veitch Manual ed. 2, 538, f . 138. Sachalin, Yesso. 

A. Veitchii var. sachalinensis, Schmidt ; Beissner 
Handbuch 461, f. 127. 

A. sibirica, Ledeb. Ic. PI. Ross. t. 500 ; Beissner Hand- 
buch 455 ; Veitch Manual 111. North and East 

A. Pichta, Forbes. 
Picea Pichta, Loud. 

A. Veitchii, Lindl. Gard. Chron. 1880, xiii. 273, f. 50. 
Beissner Handbuch 459, f. 125 ; Veitch Manual 
ed. 2, 541, f. 139. Mountains of Japan. 

Abies Eichleri, Lauche. 
A. nephrolepis, Maxim. 
Picea Veitchii, Horl. 
Pinus selenolepis, Parl. 


Abies webbiana, Lindl. Gard. Chron. 1891, x. 393, 395, 
399. Veitch Manual ed. 1, 109 f . ; ed. 2, 544, f . 141 ; 
Beissner Handbuch 480, f. 134. Himalaya. 

Abies chiloensis, Hort. 
A. chilrowensis, Hort. 
Picea webbiana. Loud. 

Var. Pindrow, Brandis ; Loud. Encyl. 1052, f. 1970. 
North- Western Himalaya. 

Picea Pindrow, Loud. 

Pinus Pindrow, Royle Illustr. Bot. Himal. t. 86. 

Pseudotsuga Douglasii, Carr. ; Beissner Handbuch 413, 
f. 115. N.W. America. " The Douglas Fir." 

P. mucronata, Ludw. ; Sargent Silva xii. t. 607. 

P. taxif olia, Britton. 

Abies Douglasii, Lindl. ; Veitch Manual 120, f. 35. 

A. mucronata, Rafin. 

A. taxifolia, Poir. 

Abietia Douglasii, Kent ; Veitch Manual ed. 2, 475, 
ff. 120-122. 

Picea Douglasii, Link. 

Pinus Douglasii, Sabine. 

P. taxifolia, Lamb. 

Tsuga Douglasii, Carr. 9 
Var. brevifolia. 
Var. elegans. 
Var. glauca pendula. 
Var. revoluta. 
Var. Stairii. 
Var. taxifolia. 
Var. variegata. 


Pseudotsuga macrocarpa, H. Mayr\ Sargent Silva xii. 

t. 608. Southern California. 
Abies Douglasii var. macrocarpa, Torr. 
A. macrocarpa, Vasey. 

Sub-tribe 1 7. PINEAE. "Pines" 

Pinus albicaulis, Engelm ; Sargent Silva xi. t. 548. North- 
West America. 

P. cembroides, Newb. (not Zucc.*). 
P. flexilis, A. Mtirr. (in part). 
P. flexilis var. albicaulis, Engelm. 
P. Shasta, Carr. 

P. balfouriana, A. MUTT ; Gard. Chron. 1876, v. 332, f. 5$; 
Sargent Silva xi. t. 553. California. 

Yar. aristata, Engelm ; Gard. Chron. 1896, xx. 719,'f . 126. 
Pinus aristata, Engelm ; Sargent Silva xi. t. 554. 

P. banksiana, Lamb. North-Eastern United States and 
Eastern Rocky Mountains. 

P. divaricata, Du Mont ; Sargent Silva xi. t. 588. 
P. hudsonica, Poir. 

P. bungeana, Zucc. ; Gard. Chron. 1882, xvii. ; 8, f . 2. North 
China. " Lace Bark Pine." 

P. excorticata, Lindl. & Gord. 

*P. canariensis, C. Sm. ; Gard. Chron. 1888, iii. 723, f. 94. 

P. cembroides, Zucc. Sargent Silva xi. t. 550. Arizona. 
P. llaveana, Schiede & Deppe. 
P. osteosperma, Engelm. 


Pinus contorta, Dougl. ; Gard. Chron. 1883, xix. 45, f. 5 ; 
Sargent Silva xi. t. 567. North- West America, near 
the coast. 

P. Bolanderi, Parl. 

P. Boursieri, Carr. 

P. inops, Song. 

P. macintoshiana, Lawson. 

Var. murrayana, Engelm ; Sargent Silva xi. t. 568. 
Californian valleys. 

P. contorta var. latifolia, Hort. 
P. murrayana, Lemmon. 

P. Coulteri, D. Don. ; Gard. Chron. 1885, xxiii. 415, ff. 73, 
74 ; Tree at Kew, 1888, iv. 765, f. 109 ; Sargent 
Silva xi. t. 571-2. California. 

P. macrocarpa, Lindl. 

*P. cubensis, Griseb. South United States, Bahamas, 
Central America. " Slash Pine," " Swamp Pine." 

P. bahamensis, Griseb. ; Hook. Icon. Plant. 1. 1807. 
P Elliottii, Engelm. 

P. heterophylla, Sudworth ; Sargent Silva xi. tt. 591-2. 
P. Taeda var. heterophylla, Elliott. 

P. densiflora, Sieb. & Zucc. Fl. Jap., ii. 22, 1. 112. Japan. 
P. massoniana, Hort. (in part). 
P. tabuliformis, Hort. 

Yar. argenteo-variegata. 
Yar. aureo-variegata. 

P. edulis, Engelm ; Gard. Chron. 1892, xii. 563, f. 86 ; 
Sargent Silva xi. t. 552. New Mexico. 

P. cembroides, Gord. (not Zucc.). 


*Pinus filifolia, Lindl. ; Loud. Encycl. 1008, ff. 1889, 1890. 

P. Skinneri, Forbes. 

P. gerardiana, Wall. ; Royle Illustr. Bot. Himal. t. 85, f . 2. 
North- Western Himalaya, Afghanistan. 

P. halepensis, Mill. ; Gard. Chron. 1884, xxii. 553, f . 97 ; 
1888, iii. 629, f . 84. Mediterranean Region. " The 
Jerusalem Pine." 

P. abchasica, Fisch. 

P. hierosolymitana, Duhamel (1755). 

P. maritima, Lamb. 

P. persica, Hort. 

P. Pithyusa, Strangw. 

Yar. prolifera. 

P. inops, Soland. (1789). North-Eastern United States. 
" Scrub Pine." 

P. variabilis, Lamb. 

P. virginiana, Mill. (1768) ; Sargent Silva xi. t. 581. 

P. insignia, Dougl. ; Gard. Chron. 1878, ix. 108, fie. 22, 23 ; 
1891, ix. 337, f. (habit). California. "The 
Monterey Pine." 

P. radiata, D. Don. ; Veitch Manual ed. 2, 371. f. 98 ; 
Sargent Silva xi. tt. 573-4. 

P. tuberculata, D. Don. (not Gord.). 

P. Jeffreyi, A. MUTT. ; Gard. Chron. 1889, v. 361, f. 65. 

Var. deflexa, Torr. 

P. Laricio, Poir. ; Gard. Chron. 1884, xxi. 15, f. 1 ; (Tree 
at Kew), 1888, iv. 693, f . 97 ; Kohler Med.-Pflanz ii. 
1. 161 ; Beissner Handbuch 239, f . 59. South Europe, 
Levant. "The Corsican Pine." 

P. Laricio var. latisquama, Willk. 


Pinus Laricio cont. 

P. Laricio var. poiretiana, Antoine. 
P. maritima, Ait. 

The varieties of this species are extremely numerous 
and their identification and synonymy proportionately 
uncertain. The following forms may be roughly thrown 
under the following varieties, but they are not to be 
considered as strictly synonymous. 

Var. leucodermis, Hort. Kew. 

P. leucodermis, Antoine. 
Var. nigricans, Parl. " Austrian Pine." 

P. austriaca, Hoess. 

P. calabrica, Delamarre. 

P. dalmatica, Vis. 

P. Laricio var. austriaca, Endl. 

P. Laricio var. stricta,* Carr. 

P. rnagellensis, (russ. 

P. maritima, C. Koch. 

P. nigra, Link. 

P. nigricans, Hoess. 

P. Pinaster, Bess, (not Sol.). 

P. romana, Hort. 

P. sylvestris, Baumg. 

P. taurica, Hort. 
Var. pallasiana. 

P. caramanica, Bosc. 

P. Fenzlii, Antoine. 

P. halepensis, Bieb. (not Mill.). 

P. karamana, Mast. Gard. Chron. 1884, xxi. 480, 


P. maritima, Pall. 
P. neglecta, Hort. 
P. pallasiana, Lamb. 
P. Pinea, Hall, (not L.). 


Pinus Laricio cont. 

Var. pindica, Mast. Gard. Chron. 1902, xxxi. 302,'i. 95. 
P. pindica, Formanek. 

Var. tenuifolia, Pearl. 

P. Laricio var. angustisquama, Willk. 

P. Laricio var. cebennensis, Gren. & Godr. 

P. Laricio var. leptophylla, Christ. 

P. pyrenaica, Lapeyr. (in part). 

P. Salzmanni, Dun. 

The following are garden varieties : 
Var. aureo-variegata. 
Var. nana aurea. 
Var. pendula. 
Var. pumila. 
Var. pygmaea. 
Var. variegata. 

*P. longifolia, Roxb. ; Royle Illustr. Bot. Himal. t. 85, f. 1. 

*P. massoniana, Lamb. Pin. ed. 2, ii. 16. t. 8. 
P. sinensis. 

P. mitis, Michx. Eastern United States. " Yellow Pine." 
P. echinata, Mill. ; Sargent Silva xi. t. 587. 
P. Taeda var. variabilis, Ait. 
P. variabilis, Pursh (not Lamb.). 

P. monophylla, Torr. ; Gard. Chron. 1883, xx. 44, f. 8 ; 
1886, xxvi. 137, f. 24 (habit) ; Sargent Silva xi. 
t. 551. Sierra Nevada, Utah. 

P. fremontiana. Endl. 


Pinus montana, Duroi ; Laguna Fl. Forest. Esp. t. 7 ; 
Hempel Baume t. 5. Mountains of Central and 
Southern Europe. 

Var. Pischeri. 

Var. Mughus. 

P. Mughus, Scot?. 
Var. Pumilio. 

P. Mughus, Wahlenb. 

P. Mughus var. Pumilio. 

P. Pumilio, Haenke. 

P. sylvestris var. Pumilio. 
Var. Pumilio variegata. 

Var. uncinata, Mast. Gard. Chron. 1884, xxii. 208, f . 42. 

P. sanguinea, Lapeyr. 
P. uncinata, Ram. 

*P. Montezumae, Lamb. var. lindleyana ; Gard. Chron. 
1894, xv. 273, ff. 29-32; 1899, xxv. 147, f. 53. 

P. lindleyana, Gord. Journ. Hort. Soc. 1850, v. 215. 

P. muricata, D. Don. ; Gard. Chron. 1884, xxi. 49, ff. 7-9 ; 
Sargent Silva xi. tt. 585-6. California. 

P. edgariana, Hartw. 

P. radiata, Hort. (not D. Don). 

P. palustris, Mill. Sargent Silva xi. tt. 589-90. South 
United States. " True Pitch Pine." 

P. australis, Michx. 

P. parryana, Engelm. South California. 

P. quadrifolia, Sudw. ex Sargent Silva xi. 43, t. 549. 


Pinus Pinaster, Soland. ; Sowerby Engl. Bot. ed. 3, viii. 
t. 1381. Mediterranean region. " Cluster Pine." 

P. helenica, Loud. 
P. Laricio, Santi. 
P. Latteri, Madden. 
P. maritima, Poir. 
P. nepalensis, Royle. 
P. sylvestris var. L. 

Var. Hamilton!, Lindl. & Crord. 
P. Hamiltoni, Tenore. 

P. Pinea, L. ; Laguna Fl. Forest. Esp. tt. 4, 5 ; Gard. Chron. 
1888, iv. 604, ff. 84-5. Mediterranean region. 
" The Stone or Umbrella Pine." 

P. ponderosa, Dougl. ; Gard. Chron. 1890, viii. 557, ff. 110- 
115 ; Sargent Silva xi. t. 560-5. British Columbia 
to Texas. 

A very variable species : the following names represent 
some of the more prominent forms or varieties : 

P. Beardsleyi, A. Murr. 

P. benthamiana, Hartw. 

P. brachyptera, Engelm. 

P. craigiana, A. Murr. 

P. Engelmanni, Torr. 

P. parryana, Gord. (not Engelm.). 

Var. pendula, Sargent. 
Var. scopulorum, Engelm. 

P. pungens, MicTix. ; Beissner Handbuch 214, f . 56 ; Sargent 
Silva xi. t. 584. East Central United States. 


Pinus pyrenaica, Lapeyr. ; Gard. Chron. 1888, iv. 267, f. 32. 
South Europe, Levant. " The Calabrian Pine." 

P. Brutia, Tenore. 

P. loiseleuriana, Carr. 

P. paroliniana, Webb. 

P. resinosa, Soland. ; Forbes Pinet. Woburn. t. 6. North- 
Eastern America. " Canadian Red Pine." 

P. rubra, Midix. 

P. rigida, Mill. ; Beissner Handbuch 268, f. 64 ; Sargent 
Silva xi. t. 579. Eastern United States. 

P. Loddigesii, Loud. 

P. sabiniana, Dougl ; Sargent Silva xi. tt. 569-70 ; Gard. 
Chron. 1888, iv. 44, f. 4. Tree at Kew, 1889, v. 45, 
f. 6. California. "Nut Pine." 

P. serotina, Michx. Sargent Silva xi. t. 580. North 
Carolina to Florida. 

P. Taeda var. alopecuroidea, Loud. 
P. rigida var. serotina, Loud. 

P. sylvestris, L. ; Sowerby Engl. Bot. ed. 3, viii. t. 1380 ; 
Beissner Handbuch 227, f. 58. Northern Europe, 
f Asia. Scotch Pine. 

P. haguenensis, Loud. 

P. rigensis, Desf. 

P. rubra, Mill. 

P. sylvestris var. genuina, Heer. 

Var. altaica. 

Var. argentea, Steven. 

Var. aurea. 

Var. beucoriensis. 

Var. fastigiata, Carr. 


Pinus sylvestris cont. 
Var. globosa. 
Var. nana. 
Var. pumila. 
Var. uralensis. 
Var. variegata. 

P. Taeda,. ; Sargent Silva xi. tt. 577-8. South-eastern 
United States. " Torch or Loblolly Pine." 

P. Thunbergii, Parl. Japan. 

P. massoniana, Sieb. & Zucc. (not Lamb.) ; Fl. Jap. ii. 
tt. 113, 114. 

P. Pinaster, Loud, (in part). 

P. rubra, Sieb. 

P. sylvestris, Thunb. (not L.). 
Var. aurea. 
Var. variegata. 

*P. torreyana, Torr. ; Sargent Silva xi. tt. 557-8. Southern 
California. " Soledad Pine." . 

P. lophosperma, Lindl. 

P. tuberculata, Gord. (not D. Don) ; Gard. Chron. 1885, 
xxiv. 786, f. 184. Oregon. 

P. attenuata, Lemmon ; Sargent Silva xi. tt. 575-6. 
P. calif ornica, Hartw. (not LoiseL). 


P. Armandi, Franch. Nouv. Arch. du. Mus. Ser. 2, vii. 
t. 12. Gard. Chron. 1903, xxxiii. 66, 67, ff. 30, 31. 


Pinus Ayacahuite, Ehrenb. ; Gard. Chron. 1882, xviii. 492, 
f . 83. Mexico. " Hickory Pine." 

P. Buonapartea, Roezl. 
P. Colorado, Roezl. 
P. Don Pedri, Roezl. 
P. durangensis, Roezl. 
P. hamata^ Roezl. 
P. loudoniana, Gord. 
P. Popocatepetlii, Roezl. 
P. Yeitchii, Roezl. 

P. Cembra, L. ; Gard. Chron. 1872, 397 ; Beissner Handbuch 
276, f. 65 ; Hempel Baume t. 8. Mountains of 
Central Europe ; Siberia. " The Stone Pine." 

Tar. aurea. 

Var. pumila, Pall. Flora Rossica 5, t. 2. 

Var. sibirica. 

P. excelsa, Wall. ; Gard. Chron. 1883, xix. 249, f. 35 ; 
Mouillefert Arbres t. 28 ter. Temperate Himalaya. 
" The Bhotan Pine." 

Yar. zebrina. 

P. flexilis, James ; Gard. Chron, 1875, iv. 356, f. 75 ; 
Sargent Silva xi. tt. 546-7. Eastern Rocky Moun- 
tains to Texas, &c. 

P. koraiensis, Sieb. & Zucc. ; Beissner Handbuch 281, f. 68, 
Yeitch Manual 178, f . 40 ; ed. 2, 335, f . 94 ; Gard. 
Chron. 1903, xxxiii. 34, 35, ff. 18, 19. Korea, Japan. 

P. mandshurica, Rupr. 
Yar. variegata. 

P. lambertiana, Dougl. ; Gard. Chron. 1885, xxiii. 11, 
1887, i. 769, f . 144 ; Sargent Silva xi. tt. 542-3. 
California, Oregon. "The Sugar Pine." 


Pinus monticola, Dougl. ; Sargent Silva xi. tt. 540-1 ; 
Veitch Manual 181, f. 41 ; ed. 2, 349, f. 95. Van- 
couver's Island, California. 

P. parviflora, Sieb. & Zucc. Fl. Jap. ii. t. 115 ; Gard. 
Chron. 1878, x 624, f. 103. Japan. 

P. Peuke, Griseb. ; Gard. Chron. 1883, xix. 244, ff. 33, 34. 

P. excelsa, Hook, (not Wall.). 
P. excelsa var. Peuke, Beissner. 

P. Strobus, L. ; Beissner Handbuch 290, f. 72 ; Sargent 
Silva xi. tt. 538-9. Canada, North-Eastern America. 
" The Weymouth Pine." 

Var. compacta. 
Var. densa. 
Var. fastigiata. 
Var. nana. 

P. Strobus var. pygmaea, Hort. 
Var. nivea. 
Var. prostrata. 






NOTE. The typography is the same as in the list, that 
is, the names adopted at Kew are printed in thick, those 
which are regarded as synonymous in ordinary, type. 
The abbreviation in italics after each name indicates the 
author who first published it. As this indication is only 
of interest to anyone who wishes to trace the original 
description, 'it is, for the sake of simplicity, omitted on 
the permanent labels attached to the trees and shrubs 
in the living collections. One abbreviation needs a word 
of explanation : Hort. (= Hortorum) is attached to names 
which are current in gardens. They have no recognised 
authority, are usually of uncertain origin, or at the best 
have only been published in nurserymen's catalogues 
without distinctive characters by which the plants can 
be recognised ; they are only cited for purposes of 

Abies acicularis, Hurt., 75. 
ajanensis, Kent, 87. 
alba, Chapm., 83. 
alba, Michx., 75. 
alba, Mill., 103. 
alba, Torr., 77. 
alba var. caerulea, Carr., 75. 
albertiana, A. Murr., 71. 
alcockiana, Hort., 77, 87. 


Abies alcockiana, Veitch, 75. 

amabilis, Forbes, 95. 

amabilis, A. Murr., 99. 
americana, C. Koch, 83. 
americana, Marsh., 71. 
Apollinis, Link, 97. 
Araragi, Loud., 73. 
arctica, Hort., 83. 
arc'jica, Seem., 75. 

E 2 


Abies arizonica var. argentea, 

Hort., 101. 
atlantica, Lindl. % Gord., 89. 

balsamea, Mtti.< 97. 

balsamifera, Michx., 97. 
bicolor, Maxim., 77. 
bifida, Sieb. $ Zucc., 99. 
bifolia, A. Murr., 101. 

brachyphylla, Maxim., 97. 

brachyphylla, Mayr, 101. 

bracteata, .M#., 97. 

Bridgesii, Kellogg, 71. 
brunoniana, Lindl., 69. 
caerulea, Forbes, 75. 
campylocarpa, JL Murr., 103. 
canadensis, Michx., 71. 
canadensis, JfiW., 75. 
caroliniana, Chapm., 71. 
Cedrus, Pair., 91. 

cephalonica, 0M&, 97. 

chiloensis, Hort., 107. 
chilrowensis, Hort., 107. 

cilicica, <2wr., 99. 

COneolor, Lindl. fy Gord., 99. 
concolor, Sargent (in part), 


concolor var. violacea, 99. 
curvifolia, Salisb., 71. 
denticulata, Michx., 83. 
Deodara, Lindl., 89. 
Douglasii, Lindl., 107. 
Douglasii var. macrocarpa, 

2brr., 109. 
dumosa, Loud., 69. 
Eichleri, Lauche, 105. 
Engelmanni, .T&r^., 85. 
Engelmaimi, Parry, 77. 
excelsa, iff., 77. 
excelsa, Salisb., 105. 
excelsa var. acicularis, 


firma, 5^6. 4- 2^^., 99. 

Abies Fortunei, A. Murr., 95. 

Fraseri, Lindl., 99. 

G-lehni, .F. Schmidt, 81. 
gordoniana, Carr., 101. 
grandis, J.. Murr., 95. 
grandis, Engelm. (in part), 

grandis, ZMMW., 99. 

grandis var. densiflora, 

Engelm., 95. 
grandis var. lowiana, Jlfc., 

griflBthiana, Ziw^Z. ^ Gord., 

holophylla, Maxim., 99. 

homolepis, 5*. ^ ^MC<?., 101. 

hookeriana, A. Murr., 73. 
humilis, La Pilaye, 99. 
jezoensis, Lindl., 95. 
Kaempferi, ii^., 93. 
Khutrow, Loud., 81. 
Larix, Zw., 91. 
lasiocarpa. Beusn., 101. 

lasiocarpa, jSboA. (not 

//0K.), 101. 
laxa, <7. AocA, 75. 
leptolepis, /Si^J. ^* Zucc., 93. 

lowiana, ^. Jfwm, 101. 

macrocarpa, Vasey, 109. 

mag-nifica, ^. Jifwrr., 103. 

magnifica, Engelm. (in part), 

magnifica var. shastensis, 

Lemmon, 103. 
Mariana, Jf/ZZ., 83^ 

Mariesii, Mast., 103. 

marylandica, Hort., 83. 
Maximowiczii, Hort., 81. 
Menziesii, Engelm., 85. 
Menziesii, Loud., 87. 
mertensiana, Lindl. & Gord., 


Abies microcarpa, Lindl. $ (ford., 


mucronata, Rajin., 107. 
nephrolepis, Maxim., 105. 
nigra, Engelm., 77. 
nisrra, Pair., 83. 
nigra var. rubra, Michx., 85. 

nobilis. Lindl., 103. 

nobilis var. robusta, Mast., 

nordmanniana, Spach, 103. 

numidica, De Lannoy, 103. 
obovata, Loud., 83. 
orientalis, Pair., 83. 
panachaica, Ileldr., 97. 
Parlatorei, .Sort., 85. 
parsonsiana, Hort., 101. 
pattoniana, Jeffrey, 73. 
pattoniana, McNab, 73. 

pectinata, #, 103. 

pendula, ZwwW. # fiW., 93. 
Picea, Lindl., 105. 
Picea, J/iZZ., 77. 
Pichta, Forbes, 105. 

Pinsapo, fioiss., 105. 

Pinsapo var. baborensis, 

Cosson, 103. 

polita, AVe&. ^ Z%w., 85. 
Reginae-Amaliae, Heldr., 97. 
rubra, Bauh'm, 77. 
rubra, Pair., 85. 
rubra var. arctica, Lindl. fy 

Gord., 85. 
rubra var. caerulea, Loud. 75. 

sachalinensis, .fl/atf.,. 105. 

sacra, Franchet, 95. 
schrenkiana, LvnAl. 3f Gord., 

shastensis, Lemmon, 103. 

sibirica, ictfc&., 105. 

sitchensis, f. Koch, 87. 
sitchensis, Ziw^Z. ^ Gord., 87. 

AbieS smithiana, Forbes, 81. 
subalpina, Engelm., 101. 
subalpina var. fallax, Engelm., 


taxifolia, Ztes/., 105. 
taxifolia, Poir., 107. 
Torano, SieJ., 85. 
tschonoskiana, Hort., 101. 
Tschugatskoi, ^o/-rf., 99. 
Tsuga, ie&. ^ ^wcc., 73. 
umbilicata, Hort., 97. 
Veitch.ii, ^brt., 97. 

Veitchii, -i^., 105.- 

Veitchii var. sachalinensis, 

Schmidt, 105. 
venusta, 6'. JToc/i, 97. 
vulgaris, Pair., 105. 

webbiana, iiwrfz., 107. 

Williamsoni, Newb., 73. 
wittmanniana, 7/or^., 83. 
Abietia Douglasii, Kent, 107. 
Fortunei, A'e/^. 95. 

Abietineae, 69. 
Actinostrobus pyramidalis, 

Miq., 31. 

Agathis australis, Saiisb., 67. 
loranthifolia, 5ia?wft., 67. 
Moorei, J/^., 67. 
obtusa, 3/a^., 67. 
robusta, Mast., 67. 
vitiensis, -flfo**., 67. 

Araucaria Balansae, Brongn. 

$ Grig., 67. 

Bidwillii, Book., 67. 
brasiliana, Rich., 67. 

brasiliensis, Loud., 67. 
columnaris, Hook., 67. 

Cookii, -R. ^., 67. 
Cunninghamii, -4.W., 67. 

elegans, Hort., 67. 
excelsa, R. Br., 69. 


Araucaria glauca, Antoine, 69. 
goldieana, T. Moore, 69. 

imbricata, Par., 69. 

Muelleri, Hort., 69. 
Niepratschki, Hurt., 69. 
Rulei, F. Muell., 69. 

Araucarineae, 65. 
Arceuthos, 29. 

drupacea, Antoine, 29. 

Athrotaxis cupressoides, It- 
Don., 63. 

doniana, Hort., 63. 
gunniana, Hort., 63. 

laxifolia, Hook., 63. 
selaginoides, -D. Don., 63. 

Belis jaculiflora, Salisb., 65. 

Biota, 53. 

elegantissima, Hort., 57. 
intermedia, J2or., 57. 
japonica, Sieb., 55. 
meldensis, Gord., 59. 
orientalis, Endl., 53. 
orientalis var. argentea, 

0rd., 53. 
orientalis aurea nana, Hort., 

orientalis var. decussata, 

J5eiss?t. Sf Hochst., 55. 
orientalis densa glauca. 

Hort., 57. 
orientalis var. expansa, Endl., 

orientalis var. intermedia. 

Carr., 57. 
orientalis minima glauca, 

Hort., 59. 
orientalis var. nana, Carr., 

orientalis var. pendula, Parl., 


Biota orientalis semperaurea, 

Hort., 61. 
orientalis var. Sieboldi, ^wfZ., 

orientalis var. tatarica, Endl. , 

orientalis var. variegata, 

Endl., 55. 
orientalis var. variegata, 

Gord., 55. 

pendula, Endl., 57, 59. 
pendula var. recurvata, Gord., 


tatarica, Lindl., 59, 
zuccariniana, &&., 55. 

Callitrinae, 29. 

Callitris australis, Sweet., 29. 
calcarata, -R. Br., 29. 
cupressoides, Schrad., 29. 
Parlatorei, F. Mueii., 29. 

quadrivalvis, ^icA., 29. 

rhomboidea, R. Br., 29. 
robusta, -R. jBr., 29. 

verrucosa, 72. .#/., 29. 

Csdms africana, Gord., 89. 
atlantica, Manetti, 89. 

Deodara, ^OM^., 89. 

indica, Chambr., 89,, 

Libani, ^OM^., 91. 

libani var. Deodora, Hook., 

patula, C. Koch, 91. 

Cephalotaxus Buergeri, jj%., 3. 

drupacea, ^e&. ^ Zucc., i. 
Fortuni, ^sbofc., i. 
Oliveri, Mast., i. 

pedunculata, s*e&. ^ 

Chamaecyparis Boursieri, Carr., 


Chamaecyparis Boursieri, Decne, 


decussata, Hort., 55. 
lawsoniana, Parl., 37. 
nutkaensis, Spach., 41. 
obtusa, Sieb. % Zucc., 43. 
obtusa var. pygmaea, Hort., 


pisifera, Sieb. fy Zucc., 45. 
sphaeroidea, Spach., 45. 
thyoides var. andeleyensis, 

Carr., 47. 

Cryptomeria Fortune!, Otto $ 

Dietr., 65. 

japonica, D Don., 65. 

Veitchii, Hort., 65. 

Cunninghamia sinensis, & 

Br., 65. 

Cupressineae, 15. 

CupreSSUS ambigua, Hort., 35. 
amoena, C. Koch, 33. 
Arbor- vitae, Targ. Tozz., 47. 
arizonica, Greene, 31. 
aromatica, Gord., HI. 
australis, iow;., 35. 
bedfordiana, Hort., 35. 

Benthami, ^^., 31. 

braziliensis, Hurt., 31. 
californica, Cizrr., 33. 
conoidea, Spad., 35. 
corneyana, Gord., 35. 
Coulteri, ^r&e*, 31. 
disticha, i., 65. 
doniana, ZTor^., 35. 
Ehrenbergii, Kunze, 31. 
elegans, ^Tor^., 31. 
excelsa, Scott, 31. 
fastigiata, Z><7., 35. 
filiformis, .Sori., 59. 

funebris, Endi., 33. ,UEA BBEA 

CupreSSUS glandulosa, Hook., 

glauca, Lam., 33. 

goveniana, ^^., 33. 

goveniana, Sargent, 33. 
goveniana var. pygmaea, 

Lemmon, 33. 

guadeloupensis, 5. Wats., 33. 
Hartwegii, Carr., 33. 
horizontalis, Mill., 35. 
Hugeli, JJort., 31. 
japonica, Z., 65. 
karwinskyana, Re gel., 31. 
kashmiriana, Hort., 33. 
lambertiana, Gord., 33. 

lawsoniana, ^L Jf*m\, 37. 

lusitanica, Carr., 31. 

lusitanica, ^^., 33. 
macnabiana, ^- -fl/wrr., 33. 
macrocarpa, Hartw., 33. 
nootkatensis, ia-w&., 41. 
obtusa, Cl ^c/i, 43, 

patula, Per*., 69. 
patula, Spad., 35. 
pendula, J.Jrf., 33. 
pendula, L'Herit, 33. 
pendula, Tliunb., 59. 
pendulata, Hort., 59. 

pisifera, <?. JSTocA, 45. 

pygmaea, Sargent, 33. 
pyramidalis, Tar^r. Tozz., 35. 
Roy lei, Carr., 35. 

sempervirens, L., 35. 

sempervirens var. hori- 

zontalis, Gord., 35. 
Skinneri, ^ori., 81. 
thurifera, Schlecht, 31. 
Thuya, Targ. Tozz., 53. 

thyoides, , 45. 

tomlosa, I>. Don., 35. 
Tournefortii, Audib., 35. 
Tournefortii, rewore, 35. 


CupreSSUS uhdeana, Oord., 33. 
uhdeana, Hort., 31. 
whitleyana, Hort., 35. 

Dacrydium araucaroides, 

Brongn. <$ Gris., 9. 

cupressinum, Soland., 9. 
elatum, Wail., 9. 
Franklini, Hook., 9. 

Pancheri, Brongn. % Gris., 11. 
Dammara australis, Lamb., 67. 
Moorii, Lindl., 67. 
obtusa, Lindl., 67. 
robusta, 6". Moore, 67. 
vitiensis, Seem., 67. 

Diselma Archeri, .floofc., 31. 

Eucupressus, 31. 

Eupicea, 73. 

Euthuya, 47. 

Fitzroya Archeri, Benth. % 

Hook., 3 1. 

patagoniea, JTJ'o*., 31. 

Frenela australis, R. JSr., 29. 
Endlicheri, JterZ., 29. 
Fontanesii, Mirbel, 29. 
glauca, Hort., 55. 
Parlatorei, ^. JlfweZZ., 29. 
rhomboidea, jB7w^Z., 29. 
robusta, A. Cunn, 29. 

Ginkgo biloba, L., i. 
Olyptostrobus heterophyllus, 

^wrfZ., 63. 
pendulus, J^2 M 65. 

Hesperopeuke pattoniana,Z0m0#, 

HeyderJa decurrens, C'. Koch, 61. 

Juniperinae, is. 

JunipeniS alpina, 8.F. Gray, 25. 
bacciformis, Carr., 19. 

barbadensis, L., 15. 

bedfordiana, Hort., 23. 

bermudiana, L ., is. 

bermudiana, Lunan, 15. 
biebersteiniana, C. Koch, 27. 
bonatiana, Vis., 23. 
Cabiancae,Fis., 15. 

californica, Carr., 15. 

californica var. utahensis, 

Engelm., 23. 
canadensis, Lodd., 25. 
canadensis aurea, Hort., 15, 25. 

Cedrus, Webb., 25. 
chinensis, L., is. 

chinensis var. Suiithii, Loud., 

cinerea, Ctom, 23. 

communis, L., 25. 

communis var. caucasica, 27. 
conferta, Parl., 27. 
dealbata, Hort. aliq., 19. 
densa, Gord., 15, 19. 

drupacea, Laim., 29. 
excelsa, /?&#., 17. 

excelsa, Brandis, 17. 
excelsa, Pursh., 21. 
excelsa, JFiZZd., 21. 
excelsa var. nana, EndL, 19. 
flaccida, Schlecht, 17. 
flagelliformis, //<?r^., 17. 
foetida var. thurifera, Spach., 


Fortunei, Van Houtte, 21. 
fragrans, Hort., 15. 
glauca, ZTortf., 55. 
gossainthaneana, Z0t&7., 23. 
gracilis, ZTo^., 23. 
hemisphaerica, Presl., 27. 

henryana, -S. Br. Campst., 



Juniperus hibernica, Gord., 25. 
hispanica, Booth, ex Endl., 25. 
hispanica, Lam., 23. 
hudsonica, Lodd., 21. 
jakobiana, Hort. JaTwb- 

Makoy, 17. 
japonica, Carr., 17. 
japonica var. aurea, Hort., 17. 
litoralis, Maxim., 27. 
Lycia, i., 19. 
Lycia, Pall., 21. 

macrocarpa, SifaA., 27. 
macropoda, jfrw**., 17. 

mexicana? Schiede, 17. 

nana, 1FMW., 25. 

nana var. hemisphaerica, 

Carr., 27. 

neaboriensis, Hort., 27. 
oblonga, Bieb., 27. 
oblonga, Gord:, 27. 
oblonga pendula, Hort., 27. 

occidentalis, Hook., 19. 

occidentalis, Porter, 21. 
occidentalis, Watson, 23. 
occidentalis var. utahensis, 

Kent, 23. 
oophora, Kunze, 19. 

Oxycedrus, , 27. 

Oxycedrus, Z. Herb, nee 
Sp. PZ., 27. 

pachyphlaea, Torr., 19. 
phoenicea, ^-, 19. 

phoenicea, Pallas, 17, 
prostrata, Pers., 21. 

pseudo - Sabina, -FwcA. 4- 

Mey., 19. 
pyrif ormis, Lindl., ] 9. 

recurva, Buck.- Ham., 19. 

reevesiana, Hort., 17. 
religiosa, ^oyZe, 19. 
repens, JVwtt, 21. 

rigida, 5/eJ. ^- Zucc., 27. 

Juniperus rufescens, Zira&, 27. 
rufescens, ^br^. Edinb., 29. 

Sabina, -., 21. 

sabinoides, Endl., 23. 
sabinoides, Sargent, 21. 
SCOpulorum, Sargent, 21. 
Shephardi, J^r^., 21. 
Sheppardi, ori., 21. 

sphaerica, Lindl., 21. 

sphaerocarpa, Antoine, 27. 
squamata, Buch.-Ham., 19. 
squamata, ZTori. Edinb., 17. 
struthiacea, Knight Sf Perry, 

suecica, Mill., 25. 

taxifolia, JKwA. ^* uir., 27. 

tenella, Antoine, 27. 
tetragona, Moench., 19. 

tetragona, Schlecht, 21. 

Thunbergii, J^oA. # Am., 17. 

thurifera, ^-, 23. 

umbilicata, 6rre. ^ <?o^r., 27. 
Utahensis, Lemmon, 23. 

virginiana, L., 23. 

virginiana (in part), 15. 
virginiana, Torrey, 21. 

virginiana var. barbadensis, 

Gordon, 15. 
virginiana var. bermudiana, 

Vasey, 15. 
virginiana gossairthaneana, 

far/-., 23. 
virginiana var. montana, 

Vasey, 21. 

virginiana viridis, Hort., 25. 
Willkommii, Antoine, 27. 

Keteleeria davidiana, Franch. 

Fortune!, Carr., 95. 


m, 95. 


Lariceae, 89. 

Laricopsis Kaempferi, Kent, 95. 

Larix, americana, Michae., 93. 
americana var. rubra, Loud., 


archangelica. Hort., 91. 
Cedrus, Mill., 91. 
dahurica, Turoz., 91. 

davurica, Trautv., 91. 
decidua, Mill., 91. 
Deodara, ^oc/i, 89. 

europaea, DC., 91. 

excelsa, 7/m&, 91. 

Griffith!!, -S"^., 93. 

japonica, Carr., 93. 
Kaempferi, Carr., 95. 

leptolepis, M., 93. 

microcarpa, Forbes, 93. 

occidentalis, -^w, 93, 

patula, Salisb..Ql. 

pendula, Saiisb., 93. 

pyramidalis, Salisl., 91. 
sibirica. Lf.deb., 91. 
vulgaris, Fisoh., 91. 

Libocedrus chilensis, 


decurrens, ^brr., 61. 
doniana, JM., 61. 
macrolepis, Benth. fy Hook., 


Macrothuya, si. 

., 13. 


Omorica, 87. 
Oxycedrus, 25. 
Phyllocladus rhomboidalis, 

Rich., 3. 

Piceae, 69 

Picea ajanensis, Fisoh., 87. 

ajanensis var. japonica, 87. 
alba, Link, 73. 

alcockiana (in part), 77. 

alcockiana, Carr., 75. 

amabilis, Gord., 101. 
amabilis, Loud., 95. 
annesleyana, Hort., 85. 
balsamea, Loud., 97. 

bicolor, J/yr, 77. 

brachyphylla, #0n/., 97. 
bracteata, Loud.. 97. 

breweriana, & TTafo., 77. 

caerulea, Ziw^, 75. 
canadensis, S. S. fy P., 73. 
canadensis, Link, 71. 
cephalonica, Loud., 97. 
commutata, ZTo^. Zi^., 85. 
concolor, A. Murr., 99. 
concolor var. violacea, Roezl. 

Douglasii, Link, 107. 

Engelmanni, Engeim., 77. 

Engelmanni, Hort., 85. 

ericoides, //wtf., 77. 
excelsa, ^iwA, 77. 

Fortunei, A. Murr., 95. 
Fraseri, Loud., 99. 

G-lehni, 3/^., 81. 

grandis, Loud., 101. 

hondoensis, Jtfayr, 87. 

jezoensis, Maxim., 87. 
lasiocarpa, Balfour, 99. 
lowiana, Gord., 101. 
magnifica, Gord., 103. 
mariana, ,5. 5. ^ P., 81. 
Maximowiczii, ^^^-, 81. 

Menziesii, Carr., 87. 
Menziesii, Hort., 85. 
Menziesii, ParZ., 87. 


Picea Morinda, Link, 81. 
nigra, Link, 81. 

nigra var. glauca, Carr., 75. 
nigra var. rubra, Engelm., 85. 
nobilis, Loud., 103. 
nordmanniana, Loud., 103. 
numidica, R. Smith, 103. 
Obovata, Ledel., 83. 

Omorica, Mast., 87. 
orientalis, Carr., 83. 

parryana, Sargent, 85. 
parryana glauca, Hort., 85. 
pectinata, Loud., 105. 
Pichta, iowd., 105. 
Pindrow s Loud., 107. 
pinnosa, Hort., 97. 

polita, fcfv., 85. 
pungens, Engelm., 85. 

pungens argentea, Hort., 85. 
rubens, Sargent, 85. 

rubra, -*#&, 85. 

Sargentii, ZTori., 85. 
schrenkiana, Fiscli. % Mey., 

Sitchensis, Trautv. $' Mey., 


sitkaensis, Mayr, 87. 
smithiana, Boiss., 81. 
Veitchii, J?0r. (in part), 97. 
Veitchii, Hort., 105. 
vulgaris, Link, 77. 
webbiana, Loud., 107. 

Pinaster, 109. 
Pinea, 109. 

PinuS Abies, Duroi, 105. 
Abies, L., 77. 
Abies, Parl., 103. 
Abies var. cephalonica, Parl., 

abschasica, Fisch., 113. 

Pinus alba, Lamb., 75. 

albicaulis, Engelm., 109. 
alcockiana, Parl., 75. 
amabilis, Dougl,, 95. 
amabilis, ParZ. (in part), 101, 


americana, Duroi, 71. 
americana, Gaertn., 85. 
americana var. rubra, JFiaw- 

^'ewA, 87. 

Araragi, jSieJ., 73. 
aristata, Engelm., 109. 

Armandi, Franch., 125. 

attenuata, Lemmon, 125. 
australis, Michx., 119. 
austriaca, Hocss., 115. 

Ayacahuite, Ehrenb., 127. 

bahamensis, Griseb., 111. 

balfouriana, ^- Jtfwrr., 

balsamea, i., 97. 

banksiana, Lamb., 109. 

Beardsleyi, ^t. J/wrr., 121. 
benthamiana, Hartw., 121. 
Bolanderi, ParZ., 111. 
Boursieri, Carr., 111. 
brachyphylla, PrZ., 97. 
brachyptera, Engelm., 121. 
bracteata, J9. Z>(m., 97. 
brunoniana, IFZZ., 69. 
Brutia, T^ore, 123. 

bungeana, ^wcc., 109. 

Buonapartea, Roezl., 127. 
calabrica, Delamarre, 115. 
calif ornica, Bartw. (not 

Loisel^ : 125. 
canadensis, Bong., 73. 
canadensis, Duroi, 75. 
canadensis, i., 71. 

canariensis, >., 109. 

caramanica, jBo^c., 115. 
Cedrus, i., 91. 


PinuS Cedrus var. atlantica, 
Parl., 89. 

Cembra, L., 127. 

cembroides, Gord. (not Zucc.'), 

cembroides, Newb. (not Zucc.*), 


cembroides, Zuco., 109. 

cilicica, Parl., 99. 
Colorado, Roezl., 127. 
commutata, Parl., 77. 
concolor, PrZ., 99. 

contorta, Dougl., ill. 

contorta var. latifolia, ZTor^., 

Coulteri, -D. Don., in. 

craigiana, ,4. Murr., 121. 

cubensis, Griseb., ill. 

dalmatica, Fi#., 115. 

densiflora, 5icft. 4- ^0,, ill. 

deodara, Roxb., 89. 
divaricata, ; J/<m., 109. 
Don Pedri, .ZtoftrZ., 127. 
Douglasii, Sabine, 107. 
dumosa, Z>. _D0., 69. 
durangensis, Roezl., 127. 
echinata, Mill., 117. 
edgariana, Hartw., 119. 
edulis, Engelm., 111. 
Elliottii, Engelm., 111. 
Engelmanni, Engelm., 77, 
Engelmanni, Torr., 121. 
excelsa, /ft/oft. (not]FZZ.),129. 
excelsa, Lam., 77. 

excelsa, ww., 127. 

excelsa var. Peuke, Beiss.^ 

excorticata, Lindl. <$ Gord., 

Fenzlii. Antoine, 115. 

filifolia, ii. f us. 

firma, Antoine, 99. 

Pinus flexilis, J.. Murr. (in part), 


flexilis, ^wne, 127. 
flexilis var. albicaulis, Engelm., 


Fortunei, Parl., 95. 
Fraseri, JParZ., 99. 
fremontiana, Endl., 117. 

gerardiana, TFaZZ., 113. 

glauca, Moench., 75. 
grandis, Dougl., 101. 
grandis. Lamb., 95. 
Griffitb.ii, Par?., 93. 
haguenensis, Loud., 123. 
halepensis, 5iei. (not Mill.), 

halepensis, -M*w., us. 

hamata, .RoezZ., 127. 
Hamiltoni, Tewore, 121. 
harryana, McNab, 101. 
helenica, Loud., 121. 
heteropbylla, Sudwortk, 111. 

hudsonica, Poir., 109. 
inops, Song., 111. 
inops, Soland., 113. 

insignis, Dougl., 113. 
Jeffrey!, JL. ^rr.,ii 

Kaempferi, Lamb., 95. 
karatnana, Mast., 115. 
Khutrow, Royle, 81. 

koraiensis, 5wft. 4* 


lambertiana, -Do^?., 127. 

lanceolata, Lamb., 65. 
laricina, Duroi, 93. 

Laricio, -P^., H3. 

Laricio, Santi, 121. 

Laricio var. angustisquama, 

TFiZZ/^., 117. 
Laricio var. austriaca, 



PinuS Laricio cebennensis, Gren. 

4' Godr., 117. 
Laricio var. latisquama } 

Willk., 113. 
Laricio var. leptophylla, 

Christ, 117. 
Laricio var. poiretiana, An- 

toine, 115. 
Laricio var. stricta, Carr., 


Larix, L., 91. 
Latteri, Madden, 121. 
laxa, Ehrh., 75. 
leptolepis, Endl., 93. 
leucodermis, Antoine, 115. 
lindleyana, Gord., 119. 
llaveana, Schiede 4" Deppe, 


Loddigesii, Loud., 123. 
loiseleuriana, Carr., 123. 

longifolia, #&., m. 

lophosperma, Lindl., 125. 
loudoniana, <?0r<Z., 127. 
macintoshiana, Lawson, 111. 
macrocarpa, LindL, 111. 
magellensis, Guss., 115. 
mandshurica, Rupr., 127. 
Mariana, Duroi, 83. 
maritima, ^jY., 115. 
maritima, 1 Jio<?A, 115. 
maritima, Lamb., 113. 
maritima, JtoZZ., 115. 
maritima, Poir., 121. 
massoniana, ^Tor^., 111. 

massoniana, xw&., 117. 

massoniana, Sieb. 4' 


Menziesii, Dougl., 87. 
mertensiana, Bong., 73. 
microcarpa, Lamb., 93. 
mitis, Mlchx., 117. 

monophylla, ^r., 117. 

Pinus montana, -Dwm, 119. 
Montezumae, Lamb., 119. 
monticola, Dougl., 129. 

Mughus, &wp., 119. 
Mughus, TFa/J., 119. 
Mughus var. Pumilio, Wah- 
lenb., 119. 

muricata, & Don., 119. 

murrayana, Liminon, 111. 
neglecta, Hort., 115. 
nepalensis, Royle, 121. 
nigra, 4#., 83. 
nigra, Zi7iA, 1 1 5. 
nigricans, Hoess., 115. 
nobilis, Dougl., 103. 
Nuttallii, Par?., 93. 
Omorica, Pane., 87. 
orientalis, i., 83. 
osteosperma, Engelm., 109. 
pallasiana, Lamb., 115. 

palustris, ^., H9. 

' paroliniana, Webb., 123. 

parryana, Engelm., 119. 

parryana, Gord.fnotEngelm.'), 

parviflora, 5wft. ^ ^M^., 129. 

pattoniana, Par?., 73. 

pectinata, Lam., 105. 

pendula. 4i., 93. 

persica, Hort., 113. 

Peuke, Griseb., 129. 

Picea, Z., 105. 

Pinaster, Bess, (not Soland."), 

Pinaster, Loud., 125. 

Pinaster, ^/^., 121. 

pindica, Formanelt, 117. 
Pindrow. J2oy^, 107. 
Pinea, -EfoZ>Z., 115. 

Pinea, ., 121. 

Pinsapo, Pa;-Z. (not 

PinuS Pithyusa, Strangw., 113. 

ponderosa, Dougi., 121. 

Popocatepetlii, Roezl., 127. 
Pumilio, Haenlte, 119. 

pungens, Michx., 121. 

pyrenaica, Lapeyr. (in part), 

pyrenaica, Lapeyr., 123. 

quadrifolia, Sudw., 119. 
radiata, D. Don., 113. 
radiata, Zfor-tf. (not D. Don.'), 

resinosa, Soiand., 123. 

rigensis, jDe*/., 123. 

rigida, Mill., 123. 

rigida var. serotina, Loud., 


romana, Hort., 115. 
rubra, Lamb., 87. 
rubra, Michx., 123. 
rubra, JfiZZ., 123. 
rubra, /Sfo&., 125. 
rubra var. violacea, Endl., 75. 

sabiniana, -#<w^., 123. 

Salzmanni, Dun., 117. 
sanguinea, Lapeyr., 119. 
aelenolepis, JtorZ., 105. 

serotina, Michx., 123. 

Shasta, <7m, 109. 
sinensis, 117. 
sitchensis, Bong., 87. 
Skinneri, Forbes, 113. 
smithiana, Lamb., 81. 

Strobus, ., 129. 

Strobus var. pygmaea, Hort., 

sylvestris, Baumg., 115. 

sylvestris, i., 123. 

sylvestris, Tliunb. (not i.), 

sylvestris var. genuina, Heer., 


PinUS sylvestris var. Pumilio, 


sylvestris var., L., 121. 
tabuliformis, Hort., 111. 

Taeda, L., 125. 

Taeda var. alopecuroidea, 

Loud., 123. 
Taeda var. heterophylla, 

Elliott, 111. 
Taeda var. variabilis, Ait. 


taurica, Hort., 115. 
taxifolia, Lamb., 107. 

Thunbergii. P<wZ., 125. 
torreyana, Zbm, 125. 

Tsuga, Antoine, 73. 
tuberculata, I?. J)ow., 113. 

tuberculata, 6W., 125. 

uncinata, Ram., 119. 
variabilis, Lamb., 113 
variabilis, Pursh., 117. 
Veitchii, ^oezZ., 127. % 
venusta, Dougl., 97. 
virginiana, Mill., 113. 

Platycladus dolabrata, Spach, 53. 
stricta, Spach, 53. 

Podocarpeae, 9- 

Podocarpus alpina, # ^^. 5 9. 
amara, siume, 9. 

andina, Hort., 11. 
andina, Poepp. 13 

argotaenia, //^, 9. 
canaliculata, //cr^., 11. 
chilina, -BicA., n. 
cupressina, ^ -B^., n. 
dacrydioides, ^-. jRicA., 11. 

elongata, LHerit, 11. 

ferrugioea, -O- -00%., n. 

insignis, Hemsl., 9. 


PodocarpUS koraianus, Hort., 3. 

macrophylla, l>. Don., 11. 
Nageia, R. Br., n. 
neriifolia, D. Don., n. 
nubigena, Lindi.$ Paxt.,li. 

pectinata, l j anch. (ex 
JBrongn. $ <9m.), 11. 

purdieana, Hook., 11. 
salicifolia, Kiotzsch % 

Kartst., 11. 
spicata, J. ^r., 13. 
taxifolia, ZT. B. ., 13. 

Totara, #. Benn., 13. 
Prumnopitys elegans, -?%<- 

lippi, 13. 

spicata, J/a,^., 13. 
taxifolia, Mast., 13. 

Pseudolarix Fortunei, Mayr, 93. 

Kaempferi, ^or^., 93. 

Pseudotsuga davidiana, C. E. 

Bwtr., 95. 
Doilglasii, Carr., 107. 

macrocarpa, H. Mayr, 109. 

mucronata, Sudw., 107. 
taxifolia, Brltton, 107. 
Eetinispora dubia, Zfiirtf., 49. 
ellwangeriana, ^or^., 49. 
ericoides, Gord., 45. 
ericoides, Hort., 57. 
filifera, Gordon, 45. 
flavescens, ^r^., 55. 
juniperoides, 6^7-r., 55. 
meldensis, Hurt., 59. 
nobleana. Hort., 43. 
obtusa, 5eJ. ^ Zucc., 43. 
pisifera, S'aeS. 4' Zucc., 45. 
plumosa sulphurea, 45. 
rigida, Carr., 55, 
squarrosa, ^Tor , 55. 
" Tom Thumb," Hort., 49. 

Sabina, 15. 

Salisburia adiantifolia, Salub., 1. 

Salisburineae, 1. 

Sapineae, 95. 

Saxegothea conspicua, Lindi, 


Stachy carpus andina, VanTieghem, 

Schubertia sempervirens, Spach, 

Sciadopitys verticillata, Sieb. 

<$ Zucc., 61. 

Sequoia gigantea, Torr., 63. 
sempervirens, Mndi., 63. 

Wellingtonia, Seem., 63. 

Strobus, 125. 
Taxeae, 3. 
Taxineae, 3. 
Taxodinae, 61. 

Taxodium bogotense, Hort., 13. 

distichum, Rich., 65. 

heterophyllum, Brongn., 63. 
japonicum, Brongn., 65. 
microphyllum, Brongn., 65. 

mucronatum, Ten., 65. 

sempervirens, Lamb., 63. 
sinense, Gord., 65. 
washingtonianum, Winsl., 63. 

Taxus adpressa, Gordon, 3. 
adpressa erecta, Hort., 5. 
adpressa fastigiata, #"07^., 5 
adpressa stricta, Hort., 5. 

baccata, ., 3. 

baccata Crowderi, 5. 
baccata cuspidata, Carr., 9. 


TaxuS baccata empetrifolia, 5. 
baccata microphylla, 5. 
baccata Mitchelli, 5. 
baccata nigra, Hort., 7. 
baccata stricta, Hurt., 5. 
baccata subglaucescens, 

Jacques, 7 

baccata verticillata, Hort., 5. 
brevifolia, Hort., 3. 

brevifolia, Nutt., 9. 
canadensis, wuid., 9. 

canadensis Washington!, J3or., 

cuspidata, siei. 4- Zucc., 9. 

disticha, Wender., 7. 
Dovastoni, Hort., 5. 
Harringtonia, Knight % Perry, 


hibernica, Hook,, 7. 
hibernica aurea, 7. 
japonica, Hort., 3. 
pendula, Hort., 5. 
recurvata, Lawson, 7. 
sinensis tardiva, Knight, 3. 
umbraculifera, Hort., 5. 

Tetraclinis articulata, Mast., 


Thuiopsis borealis, Hort., 41. 
troubetskoyana, Hort., 41. 
Tschugatskoyii, Hort., 41. 

Thuya acuta, Moench., 53, 
argentea, Hort., 55. 
articulata, Vahl., 29. 
aurea, Hort., 55. 
aurescens, Hort., 49. 
australis, Hort., 59. 
caucasica, Hort., 49. 
cbllensis, 7). Don., 61. 
columnaris, 49. 

Thuya compacta, Hort., 55. 
craigiana, ^4. Murr., 61. 
craigiana, Hort., 51. 

dolabrata, > 53. 

Douglasii pendula, Hort., 59. 
filiformis, Zo^., 59. 
flagelliformis, Hort., 59. 
freneloides, Hort., 57. 
gigantea, Hort., 61. 
gigantea, Nutt., 51. 
gigantea var. j aponica, Franch. 

% Sav., 51. 
hybrida, JTor^., 59. 
intermedia, ZTw^., 57. 
japonica, Hort., 57. 
japonica, Maxim., 51. 
Lobbi, #brt., 51. 
meldensis, Hort., 59. 
Menziesii, Carr., 51. 
nana, Hort., 55. 
nana aurea, Hort., 55. 
nana compacta aurea, 


nepalensis, Hort., 57. 
obtusa, Moench., 47. 
obtusa var. pygmaea, 


occidentalis, L., 47. 

odorata, Marsh., 47. 
Ohlendorfi, .#br., 51. 

orientalis, ^-, 53. 

orientalis aureo - variegata, 

Hort., 55. 
orientalis cupressoides, Hort., 

orientalis var. flagelliformis, 

Jacques, 59. 

orientalis meldensis, Hort., 59. 
orientalis var. stricta, Loud., 

orientalis var. tatarica, Loud., 



Thuya, pendula, Lamb., 59. 

plicata, -0. Don., 51. 
pyramidalis, Tenore, 61. 
sibirica, Sort., 47. 
Standishii, Carr., 61. 
tatarioa, Forbes, 61. 
tetragona. Hort., 51, 
variegata, Hort.. 55. 
Versmanni, 49. 
zuccariniana, for., 55. 

Thuynae, 31. 
Thuyopsis, 53. 

dolabrata, -SfoJ. ^' ^wcc.. 53. 
laetevirens, Lind., 53. 
Standishii, Gord., 51. 

Torreya californica, 

Myristica, Hook.. 3. 

nucifera, Sieb. 4- Zucc., 3. 
taxifolia, Am., 3. 

ajanensis, Regel., 87. 
albertiana, Fe^cA, 71. 

brunoniana, Carr., 69. 
canadensis, tforr., 71. 

canadensis var. albo-spica, 71. 

caroliniana, Engeim., 71. 

diversifolia, Maxim., 73. 
Douglasii, <7arr., 107. 
heterophylla, Sargent, 71. 

mertensiana, Cfarr., 71. 

mertensiana, Sargent, 73. 

pattoniana, Engeim., 73. 
Sieboldi, ^'^ > . J 73. 

Tsuja Tsuja, jl. Afurr., 73. 
Washingtonia californica, TTiraZ. 

Wellingtonia gigantea, Lindl., 63. 

Widdringtonia giauca, 


Whytei, Rendie, 31. 









Excluding- Coniferse* 





Price"ls. 3d. 


THE present is the first of a series of Hand-lists of 
the collections of living plants cultivated in the Royal 
Gardens which it is intended to issue from time to 

It is hoped that they will be found useful in indi- 
cating to visitors interested in particular groups of 
plants, the species which Kew already possesses. In the 
hands of correspondents they will serve to show in what 
directions the collections may be added to. It is further 
hoped that they may be found of some value in esta- 
blishing an approximate standard of nomenclature, 
which is often much confused in gardens and too 
frequently erroneous. 

This is particularly the case with woody plants (shrubs 
and trees) grown in the open air. The preparation of 
the present list has accordingly been first taken in 
hand ; it represents the work of many years, and has 
only been accomplished with considerable labour. 

A rough census of the species and distinct varieties of 
plants cultivated at Kew gives the total number as, 
approximately, 20,000. Of these 3,000 are hardy shrubs 
or trees. 

The first catalogue of the plants cultivated at Kew 
was that of Sir John Hill, published in 1768 (second 
edition 1769). This was entitled Hortus Kewensis, and 
12159 a 

was an octavo volume of 458 pages. It has been 
reckoned to contain 3,389 species, of which 488 were 
hardy trees and shrubs. 

In 1789 the elder Aiton published a more critical 
Hortus Keivensis, in which 5,535 species are enu- 

The younger Aiton published in 1810 to 1 813 a second 
edition in five volumes, " and in 1814 a catalogue or 
epitome, as it is called, of the species contained in the 
five volumes, for the use of practical gardeners ; it 
contains . . 314 additional species, the total number 
being 11,013." 

This is the latest comprehensive list of plants in 
cultivation at Kew which has been published. 

Occasionally lists of special collections have been 
issued since this date. Catalogues of the Ferns were 
issued in 1845, 1856, and 1868 ; of the Hardy Herbaceous 
plants in 1853 ; of Succulent plants in 1856 ; of Aroidece 
in 1878 ; of Bromeliacece in 1879 ; of Aloinece, Yuccoidece, 
and Agaves in 1880 ; of Economic plants in 1881 ; of 
Palms in 1882; of Primulas in 1886; and of Orchids 
flowered at Kew, in 1891. Since 1885 lists of seeds 
available for distribution with other botanical establish- 
ments have been issued annually. 

An Arboretum has been for more than a century a 
feature of the Kew establishment. Perhaps it dates its 
formal commencement from 1762, when " all the Duke 
of Argyll's trees and shrubs were removed to the 
Princess of Wales's garden at Kew, which now excels all 
others, under the direction of Lord Bute." 

" The old Arboretum in part still exists near the main 
gate on Kew Green. Many trees have perished and have 
been removed from age ; but those that remain include 
some of the finest specimens of rare trees in the Gardens." 
(Some further particulars are given in the Kew Bulletin 
for 1891, page 316.) 

The Botanical Garden, which was opened to the 
public in 1841, with Sir William Hooker as Director, 
comprised only about 11 acres ; it included, however, 
the old Arboretum. In 1844, by permission of the 
Queen, about 47 acres, including the ornamental piece of 
water in front of the Palm House, was added for the 
formation of a Pinetum. This was too near the smoke of 
suburban London, and it has lost its distinctive character. 
But many of the trees planted at this time are now of 
considerable magnitude. 

The u Pleasure Grounds and Gardens at Kew ". were 
in the occupation of the King of Hanover for sporting 
purposes at the time the Botanic Garden was given to 
the nation. The woods were filled with rough scrub 
for cover. In 1845 they were placed in the charge of 
Sir W. Hooker, with the " intention that they should be 
formed into a national arboretum." A plan for the 
purpose was prepared in 1846 by W. A. Nesfield. The 
main features were carried out at the time, and the 
general principle has been worked upon ever since. In 
1850 the Nursery was formed. In 1870 the new Pinetum 
was commenced. 

The late Director, Sir Joseph Hooker (1865-1885), 
spared no pains to amass the most complete collection 
which could be formed of hardy woody plants. These 

were obtained from public and private correspondents 
and establishments at home and abroad, partly by 
purchase, partly by gift and exchange. They had 
necessarily for the most part to be planted under the 
names with which they were received, and these, from 
confusion or accident, were often erroneous. 

A great difficulty arose in rectifying this, from the 
fact that woody plants can rarely be identified with 
any accuracy till they flower or fruit. The process of 
accurate identification in an extensive arboretum is 
necessarily, therefore, a very slow one. 

A further difficulty arises in a public arboretum from 
the fact that, though the specimens were all carefully 
labelled with their history and a corresponding register 
kept, these labels are apt to be misplaced or lost. To 
remedy this a separate Herbarium was formed, in which 
a specimen was preserved of every species or variety 
planted out, with the name under which and the source 
from which it was received. By reference to this Her- 
barium it was possible, in a large number of cases, to 
correct the nomenclature. 

By this means it has also been possible to draw up the 
list of which the present is the first instalment. It must 
still be regarded as in some sense provisional and open 
to correction. But it has been possible to reduce an 
immense number of " trade " and " garden " names, and 
to bring the nomenclature to something like a standard. 

It only remains to note that in this list the names of 
some plants will be found which are accorded specific 
rank on account of their distinctness from a cultural 
point of view, although botanists would regard them as 
mere varieties. 



THE first edition of the Hand-list of Trees and Shrubs 
(excluding Coniferae) grown in the Kew Arboretum 
(Part I., 1894; Part II., 1896) has been for some time 

It is now republished in one volume after having been 
carefully revised and enlarged by the addition of the 
names of numerous species which have been added to the 
collection since the first edition was prepared. 

The number of hardy shrubs and trees now enumerated 
amounts to about 4,500. 

W, T. T. D. 
Kew, Nov., 1902. 




Clematis aethusifolia, Turcz. Amur land and North Chine 
C. nutans var. aethusifolia, O. Kuntze. 

^Requires protection from 
severe frost at Kew. 

. t. 2. 

u. aromatica, Lenne <b C. Koch. (C. integrifolia x recta) ; 
Lavallee Clematites a graiides tieurs t. 9. Garden 

C. coerulea odorata, Hurt. 

C. davurica, Hort. 

C. odorata, Hort. 

C. odorata coerulea, Hort. 

C. Bergeroni, A. Lacall. Clematites a grandes fleurs 1. 10. 
Origin unknown. 

1215950006/1902 Wt 6769 D & S 29 A 




Clematis aethusifolia, Turcs. Amurland and North Chine 

C. nutans var. aethusifolia, O. Kuntze. 
Var. latisecta, Maxim. Bot. Mag. t. f>5t2. 

C. alpina, Mill. North Europe, &c. 

Atragene alpina, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 530. 
A. austriaca, Scop. 
A. sibirica, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 1951. 
A. Wenderothii, Schlecht. 

C. apiifolia, DC. China and Japan. 
C. virginiana, Lour, (not L.}. 
C. japonica, Hort. (not Thutib.). 

C. Armandi, Franch. Nouv. Arch. Mus. s. 2, viii. t. 2. 

C. aromatica, Lenne & C. Koch. (C. integrifolia x recta) ; 
Lavallee Clematites a graiides tieurs t. 9. Garden 

C. coerulea odorata, Hort. 

C. davurica, Hort. 

C. odorata, Hort. 

C. odorata coerulea, Hort. 

C. Bergeroni, A. LavalL Clematites a grandes fleurs 1. 10. 
Origin unknown. 

1215950006/1902 Wt 6769 D & S 29 A 

C. brevicaudata, DC. Mongolia and Mandshuria. 
C. Pierotii, Hort. (not Miq ). 

C. calycina, Ait. ; Bot. Mag. t. 959. Balearic Islands. 

C. balearica, Rich, (not Pers.). Gard. Chron. 1878, 
ix. 501. 

C. campaniflora, Brot. ; Lodcl. Bot. Cab. t. 987. Portugal. 
C. campanulata, Hort. 
C. crispa, Hort. (not L.). 
C. parviflora. DC. 
C. revoluta, Desf. 
0. viornioides, Hort. 

C. cirrhosa, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 1070. South Europe. 
C. balearica, Pers. (not Rich.). 
C. pedicellata, Lindl. 
C. polymorpha, Viv. 
C. semitriloba, Lag. 

C. connata, DC ; Garden and Forest 1891, iv. 2:U, f. 4i>. 

C. montana, Hort. (not Wall.). 
C. venosa, Royle. 

C. crispa, L. ; Bot, Mag. t, 1892. Eastern United States. 
C. cordata, Bot, Mag. t. 18 It*. 
C. cylindrica, Bot, Mag. t. 1160. 
C. Simsii, Sweet. 
C. Viorna, Andr. Bot, Rep. i. 71 (not L.). 

C. Flammula, L. ; Reichb. Fl. Germ. iv. tt. 62, 63. Europe, 


C. angnstifolia, Jacq. 
C. caespitosa, Soup. 
C. canaliculata, Lag. 

C. Flammula cont. 

C. fragrans, Tenor e. 
C. maritima, All. 

C. paniculata, Hart, (not Thunb.). 
Var. rubro-marginata, Hort. 

C. florida, Thunb. ; Bot. Mag. t. 834. Japan. 
C. Fortunei, Hort. 

C. fusca, Turcz. ; Gartenflora 1864, t. 456. N.E. Asia. 
C. kamtschatica, Bunge. 

C. grata, Wall. Plant. As. Ear. t. 98. Himalaya. 

C. Hendersonii, Chandl. (Viticella x integrifolia). Garden 

C. heracleaefolia, DC. China. 
C. Hookeri, Decne. 
C. tubulosa, Turcz. 

C. tubulosa var. Hookeri, Bot. Mag. t. 6801. 
Var. davidiana, Franch. 
C. daveyana, Hort. 

C. davidiana, Verlot Rev. Hort. 1867, 9. 
C. tubulosa, Hook. Bot. Mag. t. 4269. 
Var. Lavallei, O. Kuntze. 

C. Lavallei, Decne. Rev. des Clem. tub. 241, 1. 10. 
Var. stans, 0. Kuntee. Japan. 

C. stans, Decne. ; Bot. Mag. t. 6810. 

C. Kousabotan, Decne. Nouvelles Archives du 
Museum ser. 2, iv. t. 13. 

C. Savatieri, Decne. Nouvelles Archives du Museum 
ser. 2, iv. t, 16. 

C. Jackmani, T. Moore Florist and Pomologist 1864, 193, 
t. (C. lanuginosa x Viticella). Garden origin. 

C 4 . hakonensis, LavaUee (not Franch. & Savat.). 


C. lanuginosa, Lindl. Paxt. Fl. Gard. iii. 107, t. 94. China. 
C. leiocarpa, Oliv. Hook. Ic. Plant, t. 1533. China. 

C. ligustidfolia, Nutt. ; Britt. & Br. Illustr. Fl. ii. 68, f. 
W. United States. 

C. montana, Wall. ; Bot. Reg. xxvi. t. 53. Himalaya. 
C. anemonaeflora, D. Don. 

Var. rubens, 0. Kuntze. China. 

C. orientalis, L. Orient. 

C. graveolens, Lindl. ; Bot. Mag. t. 4495. 
C. flava, Moench. 
C. Wilf ordi, Hort. 

Var. tangutica, Maxim. ; Bot. Mag. t. 7710. 

C. paniculata, Thurib.\ Garden and Forest 1890, 621, f 8^ 

C. Yitalba var. japonica, Houttuyn. 

C. patens, Morr. & Decne. China and Japan. 
C. coerulea, Lindl. Bot. Reg. t. 1955. 
C. coerulea grandiflora, Hort. 

C. Pitcheri, Torr. & Gray. Colorado, &c. 
C. coloradensis, Buckl. 

Var. lasiostylis, A. Gray. 
C. Pseudo-flammula, Schmalh. Caucasus. 
C. Scottii, Porter. N.W. America. 
C. songarica, Bunge. N.E. Asia. 

C. verticillaris, DC. N.America. "Purple Virgin's Bower." 
Atragene americana, Sims Bot. Mag. t. 887. 

C. Viorna, L. ; Andr. Bot. Rep. i. t. 71. United States. 
" Leather Flower." 

C. virginiana, L. ; Watson Dendr. Brit. i. t. 74. United 

C. cordata, Pursh. 
C. cordifolia, Moench. 
C. fragrans, Salisb. 

C. Vitalba, L. ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 1. Europe, &c. " Old 

Man's Beard." 
C. bannatica, Wierzb. 
C. taurica, Bess. 

C. Viticella, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 565. Europe. 
C. hybrida, Eort. 

Yar. flore pleno. 
Many garden varieties. 

Xanthorrhiza apiifolia, UHerit. ; Bot. Mag. 1. 1736. United 
States. " Shrub Yellow-root." 

*Paeonia lutea, Francli. ; Bot. Mag. t. 7788. Mountains of 

P. Moutan, Sims Bot. Mag. tt. 1154, 2175. China. " The 
Moutan " or Tree Paeony. 

P. arborea, Donn. 


Calycanthus floridus, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 503. South United 
States. " Carolina Allspice." 

C. sterilis, Walt. 
Butneria florida, Kearney. 
Yar. albus. 


C. glaucus, Willd. South United States. 
C. bullatus, Hort. 
C. ferax, Michx. 

C. fertilis, Walt. ; Bot. Reg. t. 404. 
C. floridus elongatus, Hort. 
C. floridus var. inodorus, Torr. & Gray. 
C. floridus var. laevigatus, Torr. & Gray. 
C. floridus longifolius, Hort. 

C. floridus ovatus, Hort. ; Arbor. Segrez. Ic. xxiv. 
C. inodorus, Elliott. 
C. laevigatus, Willd. 

C. nanus, Loisel. Nouv. Duham. i. 219, t. 48. 
C. pennsylvanicus, Hort. 
C. prunifolius, Hort. 
Butneria fertilis, Kearney. 

C. occidentalis, Hook & Am. ; Bot. Mag. t. 4808. California. 

C. macrophyllus, Hort. 

Chimonanthus fragrans, Lindl. China and Japan. 
Calycanthus praecox, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 466. 

Var. grandiflorus, Lindl. Bot. Reg. t. 451. 


*Drimys aromatica, F. Muell. Tasmania and Victoria. 
Tasmannia aromatica, R. Br. ; Bot. Reg. 1845, t. 43. 

*D. Winteri, Forst. ; Bot. Mag. t. 4800. South America. 
"Winter's Bark." 

D. chilensis, DC. 
D. granatensis, L. f. 
D. mexicana, DO. 
Wintera aromatica, Murr. 
Winterana aromatica, Soland. 



*Illicium floridanum, Ellis ; Bot. Mag. t. 439. South United 


*I. religiosum, Sieb. & Zucc. \ Bot. Mag. t. 3965. China and 

Magnolia acuminata, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 2427. Sargent 
Silva of North America tt. 4, 5. United States. 
" Cucumber Tree ; Mountain Magnolia." 

Var. cordata, Sargent Silva of North America t. 6. 

M. cordata, Michx. ; Bot. Reg. t. 325. South United 


*M. Campbellii, Hook. f. & Thorns. ; Bot. Mag. t. 6793. 
Eastern Himalaya. 

M. Delavayi, Franch. Plantae Delavayanae tt. 9, 10. 

M. conspicua, Salisb. ; Garden Sept. 22, 1888. China and 
Japan. " Yulan." 

M. Yulan, Desf. ; Bot. Mag. t. 1621. 

M. Fraseri, Walt. ; Sargent Silva of North America tt. li, 
12. South United States. 

M. auricularis, Salisb. 

M. auriculata, Lam. ; Bot. Mag. t. 1206. 

M. pyramidalis, Bartr. 

M. glauca, L. ; Lodd. Bot. Cab. t. 245 ; Sargent Silva of 
North America t. 3. United States, " Swamp 
Bay ; Laurel Magnolia." 

M. fragrans, Salisb. 

M. longifolia, Sweet. 

M. vir^iniana, L. var. glauca. 


M. grandiflora, L. South United States. "Bull Bay." 
M. foetida, Sargent Silva of North America tt. 1, 2. 

Var. angustifolia, Hort, 

M. Hartwegii, Hort. 

M. Hartwicus, Hort. 

M. salicifolia, Hort. 
Var. ferruginea, Hort. 

Var. lanceolata, Ait. Bot. Mag. t. 1952. 

M. exomensis, Lodd. 
Var. undulata, Hori. 

M. hypoleuca, Sieb. & Zacc. ; Garden and Forest 18SS, i. 
3'J5, f. 41). Japan. 

M. Kobus, DO. i Sargent Forest Flora of Japan t. 3. 


M. Thnrberi, Hort. 

M. Lennei, Van Houtte Flore des Serres t. 1693. (M. con- 
spicna x obovata). Garden origin. 

M. macrophylla, Michx. ; Bot. Mag. t. 218X Sargent Silva 
of North America tt. 7, 8. Sonth United States. 

M. Norbertii, Hort. (M. conspicua x obovata). Garden 

M. norbertiana, Hort. 

M. obovata, Thunb. China (cultivated only in Japan). 
M. discolor, Vent. 
M. denudata, Lam. 
M. liliflora, Lam. 

M. purpurea, Curt. Bot. Mag. t. 390. 
Buergeria obovata, Sieb. & Zucc. 
Talauma obovata, Hance. 
T. Sieboldi, Miq. 
Yulania japonica, Spach. 


M. parviflora, Sieb. d Zucc. ; Bot. Mag. t. 7411. Japan. 

M. soulangeana, Hort. (M. conspicua x obovata). Garden 


M. Yulan var. soulangeana, Lindl. Bot. Reg. t. 1164. 
M. alexandrina, Hort. 

Var. nigra, Hort. (M. conspicua x obovata). Garden 

M. stellata, Maxim. ; Bot, Mag. t, 637(L Japan. 
M. halleana, Hort. 
Buergeria stellata, Sieb. & Zucc. 
Talauma stellata, Miq. 

M. superba, Hort. (M. conspicua x obovata). Garden 

M. conspicua superba, Hort. 

M. thompsoniana, Hort. Garden and Forest i. 269, f. 43 

(M. glauca x tripetala ?) Garden origin. 
M. glauca var. major, Bot. Mag. t. 2164. 

M. tripetala, L. ; Loud. Arb. Brit. i. 269, t. 5 ; Sargent 
Silva of North America tt. 9, 10. United States. 
" Umbrella Tree ; Elk-wood." 

M. frondosa, Salisb. 
M. Umbrella, Lam. 

M. Watsoni, Hook.f. Bot. Mag. t, 7157. Japan. 
M. parviflora, Hort. (not Sieb. & Zucc.). 

*Michelia compressa, Sargent Garden and Forest 1893, 77, 
f. 13. Japan. 

Magnolia compressa, Maxim. 


Liriodendron tulipifera, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 275 ; Sargent 
Silva of North America tt. 13, 14. United States. 
" Tulip Tree." 

Var. aureo-marginata. 

Var. chinensis, Hemsl. China. 

Var. contorta. 

Var. fastigiata. 

Schizandra chinensis, Baill. ; Arbor. Segrez. t. 26. China 
and Japan. 

S. japonica, Hance. 

Kadsura chinensis, Turcz. (not Hance). 

Maximowiczia chinensis, Rupr. 

*Kadsura chinensis, Hance (not Turcz.}. China and Japan. 
K. japonica, Be nth. 

*Var. variegata. 


Cercidiphyllum japonicum, Siel. & Zucc. Sargent Forest 
Flora of Japan tt. 6, 7. Japan. 

Eucommia ulmoides, Oliver. Hook. Ic. Plant, tt. 1950, 
2361. China. 

Euptelea davidiana, Baill. 

Trochodendron aralioides, S-ieb. & Zucc. ; Bot. Mag. t. 7375. 

Gymnanthus paradoxus, Jungh. 

Tetracentron sinense, Oliv. Hook. Icon. Plant, t. 1892. 


Asimina triloba, Dunal ; Bot. Mag. t. 5854. South United 
States. " Papaw." 

A. campaniflora, Spach. 
Anona triloba, L. 
Porcelia triloba, Pers. 
Uvaria triloba, Torr. & Gray. 


Cocculus carolinus, DC. ; Loud. Arbor, i. 298, f. 45. South 
United States. 

Androphylax scandens, Wendl. 
Baumgartia scandens, Moench. 

Cebatha Carolina, Britton ; Britt. & Br. Illustr. Fl. ii. 
94, f. 

Coceulidium populifolium, Spach. 
Menispermum carolinum, L. 
Wendlandia populifolia, Willd. 
W. caroliniana, Nutt. 

*C. laurifolius, DC. Himalaya and Japan. 
C. Thunbergi, DC. Japan. 

Menispermum canadense, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 1910. North 
America. " Moonseed." 

M. angulatum, Moench. 
M. smilacinum, DC. 
Cissampelos Smilacina, L. 

M. dauricum, DC. Siberia, China, and Japan. 

M. dahuricum, Maxim. Diagn. PL Nov. v. t. 2. 


*Lardizabala biternata, Ruiz. & Pav. ; Bot. Mag. t. 4501. 

*Stauntonia hexaphylla, Decne. ; Sieb. & Zucc. Fl. Jap. t. 76. 
China and Japan. 

*Holboellia latifolia, Wall. Himalaya. 

Stauntonia latifolia, Wall. ; Gard. Chron. 1883, xix. 

Akebia lobata, Decne. ; Bot. Mag. t. 7485. Japan. 

A. quinata, DC. ; Bot. Mag. t. 4864. China & Japan. 

*Berberidopsis corallina, Hook. f. Bot. Mag. t. 5343. Chili. 

Berberis actinacantha, Mart. ; Bot. Reg. xxxi. t. 55. Chili, 

B. aetnensis, Presl ; Flora Sardoa t. 5. Sardinia, Corsica. 


B. angulosa, Wall. ; Bot. Mag. t. 7071. Himalaya. 

B. Aquifolium, Pursh ; Bot. u'eg. t. 1425. Western North 

Mahonia Aquifolium, Paxt. 

Var. fascicularis, Nichols. 

B. fascicularis, Sims Bot. Mag. t. 2396. 
' Mahonia fascicularis, DC. 

Var. latifolia, Hort. 
Var. macrophylla, Hort. 
Var. murrayana, Hort. 
Var. rotundifolia, Hort. 
Var. undulata nana, Hort. 

B. aristata, DC. Himalaya. 

B. asiatica, Hort. (not Wall). 

B. coerulescens, Hort. 

B. dealbata, Hort. (not Lindl.'). 

B. macrophylla, Hort. 

B. nepalensis, Hort. 

B. serratifolia, Hort. 

B. virgata, Hort. 

Var. floribunda, T00&. /. <fc Thorns. Temperate Hi- 

B. floribunda, Wall. 

B. coriacea, Hort. 

B. coriaria, Lindl. Bot. Reg. xxvii. t. 46. 

B. umbellata, Lindl. Bot. Reg. xxx. t. 44 (not 

*B. asiatica, Roxl. ; Deless. Ic. Sel. ii. t. J. Himalaya. 

B. buxifolia, Lam. ; Bot. Mag. t. 6505. Chili. 
B. dulcis, Sweet. 
B. rotundifolia, Hort. 

Var. aureo-marg-inata, Hort. 
Var. nana, Hort. 

B. canadensis, Pursh ; Loud. Arbor, i. 303, f. 48. Canada 
&c. " American Barberry." 

B. concinna, Hook.f. Bot. Mag. t. 4744. Himalaya. 

B. congestiflora, Gay. var. hakeoides, Hook. /'. Bot. [Mag. 
t. 6770. Chili. 

B. cretica, L. ; Sibth. Flora Graeca t. 342. Mediterranean 

B. Darwinii, Hook. Bot. Mag. t. 4590. Chili. 
Var. nana, Hort, 


B. diaphana, Maxim. Flora Tangutica 32, t. 8. N.W. 

B. dictyophylla, Franchet Plantae Delavayanae 39, t. 11. 

B. empetrifolia, Lam. ; Bot. Reg. xxvi. t. 27. Chili. 
B. cuneata, Hort. (not DC.\ 
B. rubricaulis, Hort. 
B. revoluta, Smith. 

B. Pendleri, A. Gray ; Garden and Forest 1888, 462, f. 72. 
S. Rocky Mountains. 

B. Fortune!, Lindl. Journ. Hort, Soc. Lond. i. 300. China. 

*B. Fremonti, Torr. ; Garden and Forest 1888, 497, f. 77. 
South-west United States. 

B. trifoliata, Torr. (in part). 
B. Guimpelii, C. Koch. Origin uncertain. 

B. heterophylla, Juss. ; Hook. Exotic Flora i. t. 14. Chili. 
B. tricuspidata, Sm. 

B. heteropoda, Schrenk ; Garden and Forest viii. 455, -f. 
Central Asia. 

B. ilicifolia, Forst. ; Bot, Mag. t. 4308. Straits of Magellan. 

B. integerrima, Bunge Reliq. Lehin. t. 1. Central Asia. 
.B. densiflora, Boiss. & Buhse. 

Var. Pyracantlia. 

B. japonica, R. Br. China and Japan. 
B. Bealei, Fortune Bot. Mag. t. 4852. 
B. Healei var. planifolia. Bot. Mag. t. 4846. 
Mahonia japonica. Thunb. 

B. Lycium, Royle ; Bot. Mag. t. 7075. Himalaya. 
B. angustifolia, Roxb. 
B. aristata, Hort. (not DO.). 
B. aurahuacensis, Hort. (not Lem.). 
B. elegans, Hort. 
B. glauca, I70r. 
B. glaucescens, 

B. montana, (7. Gay. Chili. 

B. nepalensis, Spreng. Kashmir, &c. 
B. leschenaultiana, WaW. 
Mahonia intermedia, Hort. 
M. japonica, DC. 
M. napaulensis. Z)(7. 
M. Sieboldi 

B. nervosa, Pursh ; Bot. Mag. t. 3949. North - west 

B. glumacea, Spreng. 
Mahonia glnmacea, DC. 
M. nervosa, Nutt. 

B. Neuberti (B. Aquifolium x vulgaris) ; Gard. Chron. 
1891, ix. 72. 

B. ilicifolia, Hort. (not Forst.). 
B. pruinosa, Franchet. Yunnan. 

B. repens, Lindl. Bot. Reg. t. 1176. North America. 
Mahonia repens, G. Don. 

B. ruscifolia, Lam. Illustr. t. 253, f. 2. Argentina. 

B. serotina, Lange Botanisk Tidsskrift ser. 3, ii. t. 4 
Origin unknown. 

B. sibirica, Pall. \ Pot. Keg. t. 487. Siberia, &c. 


B. Sieboldii, Jfiq. ; Garden and Forest 1890, 249. China 
and Japan. 

B. sinensis, Desf. ; Bot. Mag. t. 6573. China and Japan. 
B. chinensis, Hurt. 
B. monosperma, Hort. (not Ruiz. & Pav.}. 

B. stenophylla, Moote (not Hance\ (empetrifolia x 
Darwinii.) Gard. Chron. 1880, xiv. 213, f. 41. 
Garden origin. 

Var. reflexa. 

B. reflexa, Hort. 

B. Thunbergii, DC. ; Bot. Mag. t. 6646 ; Garden and Forest 
1889, ii. 53, f. Japan. 

B. Maximowiczii, Reg el. 

Var. Dawsoni, Hort. 
Var. macrocarpa, Hort. 
Var. myrtifolia, Hort. 

B. umbellata, Wall. Temperate Himalaya. 

B. aristata, Hook. Bot. Mag. t. 2549 (not Wall} 

B. valdiviana, Phil. Chili. 

B. virescens, Hook.f. Bot. Mag. t. 7116. Himalaya. 
B. aristata, Hort. (not Wall.}. 
B. aristata micrantha, Hort. 
B. belstaniana, Hort. 
B. macrosepala, Hort. 

Var. fructu rubro. 
Var. macrocarpa. 

B. vulgaris, L. ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 51. Europe, Temperate 

Asia, N. Africa. " Barberry." 

Var. albo-spicata Krynsii, Hort. 


B. vulgaris cont. 

Var. brachybotrys, Hook.f. Himalaya. 
Var. foliis purpureis. 
Var. foliis variegatis. 
Yar. fructu albo. * 
Var. fructu nigro. 
Var. rufocincta, Hort. 

The following are slight forms of B. vulgaris. 
B. abortiva, Renault. 
B. acida, Gilib. 

B. actiiiacantha, Hort. (not Mart.). 
B. altaica, Hort. 
B. amurensis, Rupr. 
B. angulizans, Hort. 
B. apyrena, Hort. 
B. arborescens, Hort. 
B. articulata, Loisel. 

B. asperma, Poif. & Turp. ; Garden 1889, xxxv. 264, 
pi. 61)2. 

B. aurea, Tausch. 
B. buenos-ayrensis, Hort. 
B. chilensis, Hort. (not Gill.). 
B. corallina, Hort. 
B. crataegina, DC. 
B. crennlata, Schrad. 
B. dealbata, Hort. (not Lindl.). 
B. declinata, Hort. 
B. dentata, Tausch. 
12159 B 


B. vulgaris cont. 

B. dulcis, Schrad. (not Sweet). 

B. dumetorum, Gouan. 

B. edulis, Hort. 

B. elongata, Hort. 

B. emarginata, Willd. 

B. erecta; Hort. 

B. Fendleri, Hort. (not 4. Gray}. 

B. floribunda, #br. (not Wall.). 

B. globularis, J7or. 

B. heterophylla, Hort. (not Juss.). 

B. hypoleuca, Z7or. (not LindL). 

B. iberica, .ffor^. (not Steven). 

B. ilicifolia, Hor^. (not Forst.). 

B. innominata, Kielm. 

B. laxiflora, ^or^. 

B. lycioides, J7or. 

B. macracantha, Hort. 

B. macrantha, Schrad. 

B. macrocarpa, ZT0r. 

B. marginata, ^or^. (not G. Gay). 

B. maxima, Hort. 

B. microphylla, Tor. 

B. mitis, Hort. 

B. moranensis, Hort. Panormit. 

B. nitens, Schrad. 

B. pangharengensis, Hort. 

B. petiolaris, Hort. 

B. provincialis, Hort. 

B. sanguinolenta, Hort. 

B. spathulata, .ffo?^. 

B. sulcata, Hort. 

12159 B 2 


B. wallichiana, DO. ; Bot, Mag. t. 4656. Himalaya and 

B. Jamesoni, Hort. (not Lindl.). 
B. Hookeri, Hort. 

Var. latifolia, Hook. f. & Thorns. 

B. Knightii, Hort. Paris, (not C. Koch). 
B. macrophylla, Hort. 

Var. microcarpa, Hook. f. <k Thorns. Khasia Hills. 
Var. pallida, Hook.f. & Thorns. Bhotan. 

*Nandina domestica, Thunb. ; Bot. Mag. 1. 1109. China and 

*Romneya Coulteri, Harvey ; Garden Nov. 1884. California. 

Alyssum spinosum, L. South Europe. 

*Vella Pseudocytisus, L. Bot. Reg. t 293. Spain. "Cress 

*V. spinosa, Boiss. Spain. 


Cistus albidus, L. ; Sweet Cistineae t. 31. South-west 

C. corbariensis, Pourr. ; (C. populifolius x salvifolius). 
South Europe. 

C. cupanianug, Sweet Cistineae t. 70. 

C. crispus, L. ; Sweet Cistineae t. 22. Mediterranean 


*C. cyprius, Lam. ; Sweet Cistineae t. 39. Cyprus. 

C. Delilei, Burnat. South-west Europe. 
C. albido-crispus, Delile. 
C. crispo-albidus, Timb. 

C. florentinus, Lam. ; Sweet Cistineae t. 59. (C. salvi- 
folius x monspeliensis.) South-west Europe. 

C. hirsutus, Lam. ; Sweet Cistineae t. 19. South-west 

C. albiflorus, Hort. 
C. laxus, Ait. 

C. ladanifero-monspeliensis, Lor. South-west Europe. 
C. ladaniferus var. immaculatus, Godr. 

*C. ladaniferus, L. ; Bot. Mag. 1. 112. South-west Europe. 

C. laurifolius, L. ; Sweet Cistineae t. 52. South-west 

C. longifolius, Lam. ; Sweet Cistineae t. 12. (? C. populi- 
folius x monspeliensis.) Sonth-west Europe. 

C. lusitanicus, Hort. (C. monspeliensis x ladaniferus.) 

C. monspeliensis, L. ; Sweet Cistineae t. 27. Mediterranean 

C. affinis, Guss. 

C. Clusii, Hort. (not Dunal). 

*C. parviflorus, Lam. ; Sweet Cistineae t. 14. Crete, &c. 
C. complicatus, Lam. 

*C. populifolius, L. ; Sweet Cistineae t. 3. South-western 

C. purpureus, Lam. ; Bot. Reg. t. 408 ; Sweet Cistineae 
t. 17. Levant. 


0. recognitus, Rouy & Fouc. (C. laurifoliug x inon- 

speliensis.) S. Europe. 

0. salvifolius, L. ; Sweet Cistineae t. 54. Mediterranean 


*C. tauricus, /. & O. Presl. Crimea. 

*0. vaginatus, Dry and. ; Bot. Reg. t. 225. Canary Islands. 
C. candidissimus, Dunal. 
C. symphytifolius, Lam. 
Rhodocistus bertholetianus, Spach. 

C. villosus, L. ; Sweet Oistineae tt. 70, 35 ; Bot. Mag. t. 43. 

Mediterranean Region. 

C. incanus, L. 

Var. corsicus. 

C. corsicus, Soleir. 

Var. creticus, Nym. " Gum Gistus.'* 

C. crpticus, L. ; Sweet Cistineae t. 11& 
C. garganicus, Tenure. 

Var. rotundifolius, Willk. & Lange 

C. rotundifolius, Sweet Cistineae t. 75. 

Var. undulatus, Willk. 

C. undulatus, Dunal ; Sweet Cistineae t. 63. 

Helianthemum alyssoides, Vent. Choix t. 20. South- 
western Europe. 

Var. cheiranthoides. 

H. lasianihum, Pers. 
Cistus lasianthus, Lam. 

*H. ambiguum, Pomel. Algeria. 

*H. canariense, Pers. North-west Africa and Canary 

H. glaucum, Sweet Cistineae t. Ill (not Pers.), 


H. formosum, Dunal ; Sweet Cistineae t. 50 ; Maund 
Botanist iii. t. 131. Portugal. 

H. glaucum, Pers. var. suffruticosum. Lag. Flor. For. 
Esp. ii. t. 79/2. Western Mediterranean Region. 

H. halimifolium, Pers. ; Sweet Cistineae t. 4. Mediter- 
ranean Region. 

H. hirtum, Mill. South-west Europe. 
H. hispidum, Dunal. 
H. majoranaefolium, DO. 

H. italicum, Pers. Europe. 

Var. oelandicum, DC. ; Sweet Cistineae t. 85. 
Cistus oelandicus, L. 

*fl. leptophyllum, Dunal. Spain. 

H. Libanotis, Willd. Spain, Portugal. 
H. rosmarinifolium, Hort. 
Halimium rosmarinifolium, Spach. 

H. ocymoides, Pers. ; Sweet Cistineae tt. 40, 13. Spain, 


H. algarvense, Dunal. 
Cistus ocymifolium, Pourr. 

H. origanifolium, Pers. Europe. 
H. marifolium, Dunal. 

H. polifolium, Pers. ; Sweet Cistineae t. 88. Europe. 

H. apenninum, DC. ; Sweet Cistineae t. 62. 
Cistus appeninus, L. 

fl. rubellum, Presl. Western Mediterranean Region, 
fl. hymettium, Boiss. & Heldr. 


H. umbellatum, Mitt. ; Sweet Cistineae t. 5. Mediter- 
ranean Region. 

Halimium umbellatnm, Spach. 

Var. syriacum. 

H. syriacum, Boiss. 

*H. velutinum, Pomel. Algeria. 

H. vineale, Pers. ; Sweet Cistineae t. 77. Europe, Asia 

H. canum, Dunal ; Sweet Cistineae t. 56. 

H. marifolium, DC. 

H. piloselloides, Billot. 

H. pulchellum, Sweet Cistineae t. 74. 

Cistus anglicus, L. 

C. mar if oli us, Sm. 

H. vulgare, Gaertn. ; Engl. Bot. ed. 3, t. 168. Europe, 

" Rock Rose." 

Var. crocatum. 

H. hyssopifolium crocatum, Sweet Cistineae t. 92. 

Var. croceum. 

H. croceum, Sweet Cistineae t. 53. 

Var. croceum flore pleno. 

Var. cupreum. 

H. hyssopifolium cupreum, Sweet Cietineae t. 58. 

Var. diversifolium multiplex. 

H. diversifolium multiplex, Sweet Cietineae t. 98. 

Var. hyssopifolium multiplex. 

H. hyssopifolium multiplex, Sweet Cistineae t. 72. 

Var. mutabile. 

H. mutabile roseum, Sweet Cistineae 1. 106. 


H. vulgare cant. 

Var. rhodanthum. 

H. rhodanthum, Sweet Cistineae t. 7. 

Var. roseum. 

H. rhodanthum roseum, Hort. 
H. roseum, Sweet Cistineae t. 55. 

Var. roseum multiplex. 

H. roseum multiplex, Sweet Cistineae t. 86. 

Var. serpyllifolium. 

H. serpyllifolium, Sweet Cistineae t. 60. 

Var. stramineum. 

H. stramineum, Sweet Cistineae t. 93. 

Var. surrejanum. 

H. surrejanum, Mill. ; Sweet Cistineae t. 28. 
H. rosmarinifolium, Hort. 

Var. venustum. 

H. venustum, Sweet Cistineae t. 10. 


Hymenanthera crassifolia, Hook. f. ; Gard. Chron. 1875, 
iii. 237. f. 42. New Zealand. 

*Azara dentata, Ruiz & Pav. ; Bot. Reg. 1. 1788. Chili. 

*A. Gilliesii, Hook & Am. ; Bot. Mag. t. 5178. Chili. 
Quillaia petiolaris, D. Don. 

*A. integrifolia, Ruiz & Pav. Chili. 
Var. variegata. 

A. microphylla, Hook. f. Gard. Chron. 1874, i. 81 f. 21. 

Myrtophyllum chilense, Turcz. 

Idesia polycarpa, Maxim. ; Bot. Mag. t. 6794. China and 


Flacourtia japonica, Hort. 
Polycarpa Maximowiczii, Hort. 

Poliothyrsis sinensis, Oliv. Hook. Icon. Plant, t. 1885. 


Pittosporum crassifolium, Soland. ; Bot. Mag. t. 5978. 
New Zealand. " Kara." 

P. Ralphii, T. Kirk. 

P. tenuifolium,.5an&s & Soland. ; Kirk Forest Flora t. 46. 

New Zealand. 

*P. Tobira, Ait. ; Bot. Mag. t. 1396. China and Japan. 
P. chinense, Donn. 

*P. undulatum, Vent. ; Bot. Reg. t. 16. Australia. 

*Bursaria spinosa, Gav . ; Bot. Mag. t. 1767. Australia. 
Azara lanceolata, Hort. 
Itea spinosa, Andr. Bot. Rep. v. t. 314. 


Polygala Chamaebuxus, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 316. Alps. 
Chamaebuxus alpeetris, Spach. 

Var. purpurea. 


Frankenia laevis, L. ; Engl. Bot. ed. 3, t. 190. Europe. 
k< Sea-Heath." 


Tamarix anglica, Webb. Sea shores of Western Europe. 
" Tamarisk." 


T. chinensig, Lour. China and Japan. 
T. gallica var. chinensis, Ehrenb. 
T. japonica, Hort. 
T. plumosa, Hort. 

T. gallica, L. Mediterranean region. 

T. hispida, Willd. var. kashgarica. Gard. Ghron 1897, 
xxii. 337, f. Western Asia. 

T. hispida, Willd. ; Rev. Hort. 1894, 352, pi. 
T. kashgarica, Hort. 

T. Pallasii, Desv. Eastern Europe to Afghanistan. 
T. caspica, Hort. (in part). 
T. gallica, Hort. {not L.). 
T. odessana, Hort. 

Var. macrostemon, Bunge. 

Var. moldavica, Bunge. 

T. indica, Hort. (in part). 

Var. rosea. 

T. hispida var. aestivalis, Rev. Hortic. 1901, 379, 
f. 158. 

T. tetrandra, Pall. Mediterranean region, Eastern Europe, 

T. africana, Bory & Chaub, (not L.). 

T. algeriensis, Hort. 

T. caspica, Hort. (in part). 

T. chinensis, Hort. (not Lour.). 

T. parviflora, Hort. (not DC.). 

Myricaria germanica, Desv. Europe, &c. 
M. dahurica, Hort. 
Tamarix germanica, L. ; Flora Danica ii. t. 234. 



Ascyrum hypericoides, L. ; Britt. & Br. Illustr. Fl. ii. 428, f. 
United States, &c. " St. Andrew's Cross." 

A. Crux-andrea, L. 

Hypericum adpressum, Barton. Eastern United States. 
H. fastigiatum, Ell. 

*H. aegyptiacum, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 6481. South Mediter- 
ranean Region. 

H. Androsaemum, L, ; Engl. Bot. ed. 3. t. 264. Europe. 

" Tutsan." 

H. arborescens, Hort. 
H. caprifolium, Hort. (not Boiss.). 
H. glandulosum, Hort. (not Ait.). 
H. webbianum, Hort. (not Spach). 
Androsaemum officinale, L. 

Var. aureum, Hort. 

H. hircinum aureum. Hort. 

H. Ascyron, L. ; Gartenflora t. 1381. Northern Asia, North 


H. ascyroides, Willd. 
H. macrocarpum, Michx. 
H. pyramidatum. Ait. 

H. aureum, Bartr. ; Garden and Forest 1889, ii. 184, f. 103. 
South United States. 

H. amoenum, Pursh. 
' H. frondosum, Michx. 
H. rugelianum, Kunze. 

*H. balearicum, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 137. Mediterranean 


H. Buckleii, M. A. Curtis. Mountains of North and South 
Carolina and Georgia. 

H. Buckleyi, 8. Wats. ; Garden and Forest, 1891, iv. 
581, f. 91. 

H. calycinum, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 146. Orient. " Tutsan." 
Eremanthe calycina, Spach. 

*H. chinense, L. ; Gard. Chron. 1887, i. 705, f. 135. China 
and Japan. 

H. aureum, Lour, (not Bartr.). 
H . monogynum, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 334. 
H. salicifolium, Sieb. & Zucc. 
Norysca aurea, Blume. 
N. chinensis, Spach. 

H. Coris, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 6563. Central and Southern 

H. densiflorum, Pursh. ; Garden and Forest 1890, iii. 527, 
f. 67. North America. 

H. fasciculatum, Hort. (not Lam.). 

H. galioides, Pursh (not Lam.). 

H. prolificum var. densiflorum, A. Gray. 

H. elatum, Ait. ; Engl. Bot. ed. 3, t. 265. Canaries. 
H. glandule sum, Hort. 
H. grandifolium, Choisy. 
H. hircinum, Hort. (not L.). 
H. multiflorum, Hort. (not H.B.K.). 
H. platyphyllum, Hort. 
Androsaemum foliosum, Ait. 
A. parviflorum, Spach. 
A. pyramidale, Spach. 
A. webbianum, Spach. 


*H. empetrifolium, Willd. ; Bot. Mag. t. 6764. Greece, Ac. 
H. multicaule, Lam. 
H. Coris, Sibth. PI. Graeca t. 777 (not L.) 

H. erectum, Thurib. Japan. 

H. galioides, Lam. ; Gard. and Forest 1897, 433, f. 55. 
South-eastern United States. 

H. axillare, Lam. (not Michx.). 

H. hircinum, L. ; Engl. Bot. ed. 3, t. 266. Europe, &c. 
H. anglicum, Hort. (not BertoL). 
H. chinense, Hort. (not L.). 

H. hookerianum, Wight & Arn. Himalaya. 

H. oblongifolium, Choisy ; Bot. Mag. t. 4949. 
*Var. Leschenaultii, Dyer. Sikkim, Nepaul, Java. 
H. Leschenaultii, Choisy. 
H. triflorum, Blume. 

H. inodorum, Mill. Orient. 
H. ramosissimum, Ledeb. 

Androsaemum xylosteifolium, Jaub. & Spach Illustr. 
Plant, Or. t. 38. 

H. kalmianum, L. ; Garden and Forest 1890, 113. North 

H. lobocarpum, Gutting ; Garden and Forest 1897, 453. 
South United States. 

H. moserianum, Rev. Hort. 1889, 464. (calycinum x 
patulum.) Garden origin. 

H. nudiflorum, Michx. Southern United States. 
H. cistifolium, Coulter (not Lam.). 

HJpatulum, Thunb. ; Bot. Mag. t. 5693. India, China, &c. 
H. Gumbletoni, Hort. Segrez. 
H. oudinense, Hort. 


H. prolificum, L. ; Loud. Arb. i. 401, v, 2541, f. ; Garden 
and Forest 1890, 526. North America. 

H. kalmianum, Hort. (not L.). 
H. foliosum, Jacq. 
Myriandra prolifica, Spach. 

H. uralum, D. Don. ; Bot. Mag. t. 2375. Himalaya. 
H. nepalense, Hort. 


*Cleyera ochnacea, DC. Himalaya, China, and Japan. 

C. japonica, Sieb. & Zucc. Fl. Jap. 153, t. 81 (not 

*Var. variegata. 

*C. Fortune!, Hook.f. Bot. Mag. t. 7434. 
C. japonica foliis variegatis, Hort. 
Eurya latifolia variegata, Hort. 

Eurya japonica, Thunb. ; Fl. Jap. 191, t. 25. India, China, 
and Japan. 

*Actinidia arguta, Planch. Japan. 

Trochostigma arguta, Sieb. & Zucc. 

*A. callosa, Lindl. Amur, China, and Japan. 

A. chinensis, Planch. ; Hook. Icon. Plant. 1. 1593. China. 

*A. Kolomikta, Rupr. ; Rev. Hort. 1872, 395, f . 43. Amur, 
China and Japan. 

Kolomikta mandschurica, Regel. 

*A. polygama, Sieb. & Zucc. ; Tokio Hort. Bot. ii, t. 20. 

Trochostigma polygama, Sieb. & Zucc. 


*A. volubilis, F ranch. & Sav.\ Lavallee Arbor. Segrez. 
Ic. xxv. Japan. 

Trochostigma volubile, Sieb. & Zucc. 

Stachyurus praecox, Sieb. & Zucc. ; Bot. Mag. t. 6631. 
China and Japan. 

Stuartia pentagyna, UHerit. ; Bot. Mag. t. 3918. South 
United States. 

Stuartia montana, Bartr. 
Malachodendron ovatum, Cav . 
M. pentagynum, Chois. 
Stewartia Malachodendron, Miller. 

S. Pseudo-camellia, Maxim. ; Bot. Mag. t. 7045. Japan. 
S. grandifiora, Briot Rev. Hort. 1879, 430, t. 
S japonica, Hort. 

S. virginiea, Gav. South United States. 
S. Malachodendron, L. 
S. marylandica, Bonn ; Andr. Bot. Rep. vi. t. 397. 

*Gordonia Lasianthus, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 668. South United 
States. "Loblolly Bay." 

G. pyramidalis, Salisb. 

*G. pubescens, UHerit. ; Loud. Arbor, i. 380, f. 94. South 
United States. 

Franklinia Altamaha, Marsh. 

Gordonia Altamaha, Sargent Silva of North America 

t. 22. 

G. Franklini, UHerit. 
Lacathea florida, Salisb. 
Michauxia sessilis, Salisb, 

Camellia japonica, Sieb. & Zucc. Japan. 
Many garden varieties. 


'Camellia Thea, Link. Assam, &c. 
C. theifera, Griff. 
Thea assamica, Mast. 
T. chinensis, Sims Bot. Mag. t. 998. 


Lavatera arborea, L. ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 279. Europe, &c. 
k< Tree Mallow." 

Plagianthus Lyalli, Hook. f. ; Bot. Mag. t. 5935. New 
Zealand. " Whau-whi." 

*P. betulinus, A. Gunn. New Zealand. 

Lampeni, Booth ; Gard. Chron. 1884 

P. pulchellus A. Gray var. tomentosa. 

*P. Lampeni, Booth ; Gard. Chron. 1884, xxii. 200, f. 39. 

P. pulchellus, A. Gray. Australia. 

*Abutilon vitifolium, DC. ; Bot, Reg. xxx. t. 57. Chili. 

*A. megapotamicum, St. Hil. ; Flore des Serres t. 1599. 
Brazil, &c. 

A vexillarium, Morr. ; Bot. Mag. t. 5717. 

Hibiscus syriacus, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 83. Orient. 
Althaea Frutex, Hort. 
Many garden varieties. 


*Sterculia platanifolia, L. China and Japan. 

S. tomentosa, Thumb. ; Icon. Plant. Japan, decas iv. 

t. 8. 
S. Maricsii, Hort. 

*Fremontia californica, Torr. ; Bot. Mag. t. 5591 ; Sargent 
Silva of North America t. 23. California. 


Qrewia parviflora, Bunge\ Gartenfl. 1889, 601, f. 88. 

Tilia americana, L. ; Loud. Arbor, i. 373, t. 22 ; Sargent 
Silva of North America tt. 24, 25. North America. 
" Basswood." 

T. canadensis, Michx. 

T. caroliniana, Mill. 

T. glabra, Vent. 

T. latifolia, Salisb. 

T. longifolia dentata, Hort. 

T. mississipiensis, Hort. 

T. neglecta, Spach. 

T. nigra, Borkh. 

T. pubescens, Nouv. Duhamel (not Ait.). 

T. argentea, Desf. ; Reichb. Fl. Germ. 6, 324. East Europe. 
" White Lime." 

T. alba, Hort. in part (not Alt.) 

T. americana pubescens, Hort. 

T. europaea alba, Hort. 

T. heterophylla, Hort. in part (not Vent.) 

T. pubescens Parmentieri, Hort. 

T. rotundifolia, Vent. 

T. tomentosa, Moench. 

T. cordata, Mill. Europe, North Asia. 
T. microphylla, Vent. 

T. parvifolia Ehrh. ; Engl. Bot. ed. 3, t. 287. 
T. sylvestris, Desf. 

T. ulmifolia, Scop. ; Garden and Forest 1889, 257, 
f. 111. 

Yar. japonica. 

12159 C 


T. dasystyla, Stev. Caucasus. 
T. euchlora, C. Koch. 

T. flavescens, R. Br. (americana x cordata). Garden 

T. henryana, Szyszy. ; Hook. Ic. Plant, t. 1927. China. 

T. heterophylla, Vent. ; Sargent Silva of North America 
t. 27. South-eastern United States. " Bee-Tree, 
White Basswood." 

T. alba, Michx. 

T. americana, var. heterophylla ; Loud. Arbor, i. 375, 
t. 23. 

T. laxiflora, Pursh. (not Michx.). 
T. macrophylla, Hort. 

T. mandschurica, Rupr. Mandshuria. 

T. miqueliana, Maxim. ; Garden and Forest 1893, vi. 113, 
f. 19. Japan. 

T. mongolica, Maxim. Enum. Plant. Mongol. 118, t. 11. 
Southern Mongolia. 

T. orbicularis, Jouin. (petiolaris x euchlora). Garden 

T. petiolaris, DC. ; Bot. Mag. t. 6737. East Europe. 
T. alba, Koehne : Dippel (not Ait.). 
T. alba pendula, Hort. 
T. americana var. pendula, C. Koch. 
T. argentea pendula, Hort. 
T. heterophylla, Hort. in part (not Vent.). 
T. latifolia alba, Hort. 
T. pannonica, Jacq. f. 
T. Parmentieri pendula, Hort. 
T. platyphylla pendula Hort. 
12159 C 2 


T. platyphyllos, Scop. ; Garden and Forest 1 889, 25P>, 
f. 109. Europe. 

T. cordifolia, Bess. 

T. europaea, L, (in part). 

T. grandifolia, Ehrh. 

T. mollis, Spach. 

T. mutabilis, Host. 

T. neglecta, Hort. (not Spach}. 

T. pauciflora, Hayne. 

Var. aspleniifolia. 
T. laciniata, Hort. 
T. grandifolia laciniata, Hort. 

Var. aurantia. 
T. europaea aurantia, Hort. 
T. europaea aurea, Hort. 

Var. corallina, Ait. 
T. corallina, Sm. 
T. spectabilis, Host. 

Var. filicifolia nova, Hort. 

Var. obliqua. 

T. Beaumontii, ^Tor/. 
T. Hostii, Or^m. 
T. obliqua, Host. 

Var. oxycarpa. 

T. cordifolia var. oxycarpa, It'-wlili 

T. europaea glauca, Hort. 
Var. pyramidalis, Hort. 
Var. pyramidalis aurea, Hort. 
Var. sphaerocarpa. 

T. cordifolia var. sphaerocarpa, Tfr//;. 7 */;. 


T. platyphyllos cont. 
Yar. tortuosa, Bean. 
Yar. vitifolia. 

T. vitifolia, Host. 

T. grandifolia var. vitifolia, Kuntze. 

T. pubescens, Ait. ; Sargent Silva of North America t. 26. 
East United States. 

T. americana, Walt, (not L.). 

T. americana var. pubescens, Loud. 

T. americana var. Walteri, Wood. 

T. grata, Salisb. 

T. hybrida superba, Hort. 

T. laxi flora, Michx. 

T. truncata, Spach. 

T. spectabilis, Dippel. (petiolaris x americana). Garden 

T. blechiana, Arbor. Zoesch. 
T. alba spectabilis, Hort. 

T. sublanata, Sirnk. var. variegata. (T. platyphyllos x 
superulmifolia.) East Europe. 

T. europaea, Hort. 

T. vulgaris, Hayne ; Garden and Forest 1889, ii. 256, f. 110. 
Europe. " Common Lime." 

T. corylifolia, Host. 
T. europaea, L. (in part). 
T. glauca, Hort. 
T. hollandica, Mill. 
T. intermedia, Ehrh. 
T. hybrida, Bechst. 
Yar. caucasica. 

T. intermedia var. caucasica. 

T. parvifolio-grandifolia. Bayer. 

*Aristotelia Macqui, L'Herit. ; Gard. Chron. 1875, iv. 773. 

Var. variegata. 

*A. racemosa, Hook. f. Kirk Forest Flora of New Zea- 
land t. 113. New Zealand. " Makomako." 


Linum arboreum, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 234. Greece, &c. 

" Tree Flax." 


Ruta graveolens, L. ; Bentl. & Trim. Med. PI. t. 44. South 
Europe, &c. " Common Rue." 

Var. variegata. 

Choisya ternata, H.B.K. ; Gard. Chron. 1890, vii. 465, 

C. grandiflora, Reg el Gartenfl. t. 876. 

*Zanthoxylum ailanthoides, Sieb. & Zucc. Japan and For- 

*Z. alatum, Roxb. India. 

Z. americanum, Mill. ; Britt. & Br. Illust. Fl. ii. 353, f. 

United States. " Prickly Ash, Toothache Tree." 
Z. fraxineum, Willd. ; Loud. Arbor, i. 488, f. 158. 
Z. fraxinifolium, Marsh, (not Walt.). 
Z. ramiflorum, Michx. 

Z. Bungei, Planck. China. 
Z. piperitum, DC. China and Japan. 
Z. planispinum, Sieb. & Zucc. Japan. 
Z. schinifolium, Sieb. & Zucc. Japan. 


Phellodendron amurense, Rupr. Amurland, &c. 

Zanthoxylum piperitum, Hort. (not Sieb. & Zucc.). 

P. japonicum, Maxim. Japan. 

Ptelea Baldwinii, Torr. & Gray. Northern California, &c. 
P. angustifolia, Benth. 

P. trifoliata, L. ; Gard. Chron. 1880, xiii. 369, f . 67 ; 
Sargent Silva of North America tt. 33, 34. United 
States. " Hop Tree." 

Var. aurea. 
Var. fastigiata. 
Var. glauca. 
Var. heterophylla. 

Var. mollis. 

P. mollis, Curt. 

Skimmia Fortunei, Mast. China. 

S. japonica, Hort. ; Bot. Mag. t. 4719 (not Thunb.). 
S. rubella, Carr. 

8. japonica, Thunb. ; Gard. Chron. 1889, v. 521, f. 89 ; 524, 
f. 90. Japan. 

S. oblata, Moore. 
Var. obovata. 
Var. variegata. 

Seedling varieties or sexual forms of this are : 
S. fragrans, Carr. 
S. fragrantissima, Hort. 

S. Foremani, Hort. ; Gard. Chron. 1889, v. 553, f. 94. 
S. intermedia, Carr. 
S. oblata var. ovata, Carr. 


S. japonica cont. 

S. oblata var. speciosa, Hort. 
S. oblata var. Yeitchii, Carr. 
S. Rogersii, Hort. 

S. Laureola, Hook.f. Himalaya. 
S. aromatica, Hort. 
Laureola fragrans, Roem. 
Limonia Laureola, Wall. 

JEgle sepiaria, DC. China and Japan. 
Citrus trifolia, Thunb. 
C. trifoliata, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 6513. 
Limonia trifoliata, Hort. 
Pseudaegle sepiaria, Miq. 
Triphasia trifoliata, Hort. 


Ailanthus glandulosa, Desf. ; Gard. Chron. 1887, ii. 365, 
f . 76. China. " Tree of Heaven." 

A. japonica, Hort. 
A. macrophylla, Hort. 
A. purpurascens, Hort. 
A. rubra, Hort. 
Var. pendula. 

*Cneorum tricoccum, L. Mediterranean Region. 

*Picrasma quassioides, Benn. Himalaya, China and Japan. 
P. ailantoides, Planch. 



Cedrela sinensis, A. Juss. ; Rev. Hort. 1891, 573, ff. 150-2. 
China and Japan. 

Ailanthus flavescens, Carr. 
Cedrela chinensis, Karel. 
Toona sinensis, Roem. 


Ilex ambigua, Chapm. ; Loud. Arbor, ii. 521, f. 190. South. 
United States. 

Cassine caroliniana, Walt. 
Nemopanthus ambiguus, Wood. 
Prinos ambiguus, Michx. 

I. Amelanchier, Curtis ; Garden and Forest 1889, 41, f. 88. 
South United States. 

Prinos lanceolata, Pursh. 

I. Aquifolium, L. ; Engl. Bot. ed. 3, t. 316. Europe v 
Western Asia. " Common Holly." 

Aquifolium spinosum, Gaertn. 
Var. albo-lineata. 
Yar. altaclarensis. 

Var. angustifolia. Gard. Chron. 18 74, ii. 751, f. JI54. 

myrtifolia stricta. 

Var. angustifolia variegata. 
Var. argentea longifolia. 

Var. argentea marginata. 
argentea lato -marginata. 
variegata argentea. 


I. Aquifolium cord. 

Var. argentea medio-picta. Gard. Chron. 1875, iv. 6*8, 
f . 142. " Silver Milkmaid." 


Var. argentea pendula. " Perry's Weeping." 
albo-marginata pendula. 
pendula argentea purpurea. 
pendula variegata. 

Var. argentea regina. Gard. Chron. 1875, iv. 687, f . 141. 
" Silver Queen." 

Var. atrovirens. 

inaderensis atrovirens. 

Var. aurea angustifolia. Gard. Chron. 1876, v. 44, f. 6. 
angustifolia aurea marginata. 

Var. aurea marginata. 
marginata aurea. 

Var. aurea marginata bromeliaefolia. Gard. Chron. 1876, 
v. 437, f. 84. 

bromeliaefolia aureo-marginata. 

Var. aurea medio-picta. Gard. Chron. 1876, v. 336, f . 68 
69. " Gold Milkmaid." 


Var. aurea pendula. " Waterer's Gold Weeping." 
pendula aurea variegata. 

Var. aurea regina. Gard. Chron. 1876, v. 44, f. 8. 
" Golden Queen." 

Var. aurea vestita. 
Var. balearica. 
Var. calamistrata. 


I. Aquifolium cont. 

Var. camelliaefolia. Gard. Chron. 1874, ii. 812, f. 164, h. 

laurifolia longifolia. 

Var. ciliata. Gard. Chron. 1874, ii. 752, f. 153. 
Var. ciliata major. Gard. Chron. 1874, ii. 752, f. 151. 
Var. Cookii. 
Var. crassifolia. Gard. Chron. 1874, ii. 752, f. 152. 

Var. crispa. 
Var. crispa picta. 

Var. donningtonensis. Gard. Chron. 1874, ii. 687, L 138. 
(2, 3). 

Var. elliptica. 

flammea angustlfolia. 

Var. ferox. " Hedgehog Holly." 

Var. ferox argentea. Gard. Chron. 1876, v. 43, f. 9. 
ferox argentea variegata. 

Var. ferox aurea. Gard. Chron. 1876, v. 616, f. 117. 
ferox aurea picta. 
ferox foliis aureis. 

Var. Fisheri. 

Var. flavescens. " Moonlight." 

Var. Foxii. Gard. Chron. 1874, ii. 752, f. 150. 

Var. fructu-luteo. 

Var. handsworthensis. Gard. Chron. 1875, iv. 741. 
f . 150. " Handsworth New Silver." 

argentea longifolia. 
handsworthensis argentea variegata. 


I. Aquifolium cont. 
Var. Henderson!. Gard. Chron. 1874, ii. 752, f. 148. 

Var. heterophylla. Gard. Chron. 1874, ii. 520, f. 105, 2. 
heterophylla major. 
Aquifolium/orma kewensis, Loesener, 

Var. Hodginsii. 

Var. integrifolia. Gard. Ghron. 1874, ii. 812, f. 164, e. 

Var. latifolia aureo-marginata. 

Var. latispina. Gard. Chron. 1874, ii. 812, f. 164, f. 

Var. latispina major. 

Var. latispina minor. 

Var. lawsoniana. Gard. Chron. 1876, v. 624, f. 110. 
lawsoniana variegata. 

Var. lawsoniana aureo-picta. 
Var. lutescens. 
Var. maderensis atrovirens. 
Var. maderensis variegata. 

Var. marginata, Loud. ; Gard. Chron. 1874, ii. 812, 

f. 164, g. 

Var. Marnockii. 

Var. monstrosa. 

Var. Mundyi. 

Var. myrtifolia. Gard. Chron. 1874, ii. 687, f. 138, 4. 


I. Aquifolium cont. 
Var. myrtiflora aurea. 
Var. nigrescens. 

Var. nobilis. Gard. Chron. 1874, ii. 432, f . 89. 

Var. obscura. 

Var. ovata. Gard. Chron. ii. 1874, ii. 752, f. 149. 

Var. pendula. 

Var. pendula tricolor. 

Var. platyphylla. 

I. Perado, Webb. & Berth, (not Ait.). 

Var. recurva. Gard. Chron. 1874, ii. 687, f. 138, 6. 
serratifolia compacta. 

Var. scotica. Gard. Chron. 1874, ii. 812, f. 164, a. 
I. Dahoon, Hort. (not Walt.). 

Var. scotica aurea. 

Var. smithiana. Gard. Chron. 1874, ii. 520, f. 106. 

Var. tortuosa. 

Var. watereriana. Gard. Chron. 1874, ii. 232, f. 49. 
aurea pumila. 
compacta aurea. 
nana aurea. 
nana aurea variegata. 

Var. whittingtonensis. Gard. Chron. 1874, ii. 68 < t 
f. 138, 1. 

Var. Wilsonii. 


I. Cassine, Walt. South United States. " Cassena." 
I. florida, Lam. 
I. ligustrina, Jacq. 
I. religiosa, Bartr. 
I. vomitoria, Ait. 
Cassine caroliniana, Lam. 
C. Peragua, L. 

I. cornuta, Lindl. & Paxt. ; Bot. Mag. t. 5059. China. 
I. furcata, Hart. 

I. crenata, Thunb. Japan. 

Yar. major. 

Ilex Fortunei, Hort. (not Lindl.}. 

Var. Mariesii. 

Iris Mariesii, Hort. Veitch. 
Yar. variegata. 

*I. Dahoon, Walt. ; Loud. Arbor, ii. 517, .184. South 
United States. 

I. cassinoides, Link. 
I. laurifolia, Nutt. 

I. decidua, Walt. ; Gard. Chron. 1880, xiv. 689 ; f. 129. 
Sargent Silva of North America t. 49. South 
United States. 

I. aestivalis, Lam. 

I. prinoides, Ait. ; Wats. Dendr. Brit. ii. t. 115. 

Prinos deciduus, DC. 

I. dipyrena, Wall. ; Brandis Forest Flora 1. 15. Himalaya. 
" Himalayan Holly." 

I. glabra, A. Gray ; Britt. & Br. Illustr. Fl. ii.^391, f. 
Eastern United States. " Inkberry." 

Prinos glaber, L. ; Lodd. Bot. Cab. t. 450. 


I. integra, Thunb. China and Japan. 
I. Aquifolium Bessoni, Hort. 
I. integrifolia, Hort. 
Othera japonica, Hort. 

I. laevigata, A. Gray \ Garden and Forest 1891, 221. 
Eastern United States. 

Prinos laevigatus, Pursh ; Wats. Dendr. Brit. i. t. 28. 

I. latifolia, Thunb. ; Bot. Mag. t. 5597. Japan. " Toraia." 
I. magnoliaefolia, Hort. 
I. Tarajo, Hort. 

I. macropoda, Miq. Japan. 

I. opaca, Ait. ; Sargent Silva of North America t. 45 ; 
Wats. Dendr. Brit. i. t. 3. Eastern United States. 
" American Holly." 

I. canadensis, Marsh, (not Hort.). 
I. laxiflora, Lam. 
I. quercifolia, Meerb. 

I. pedunculosa, Miq. Japan. 

*I. Perado, Ait. ; Lodd. Bot. Cab. t. 549. Azores. 

I. Pernyi, Franch. ; Hook. Icon. Plant, t. 1539. China. 

I. rugosa, F. Schmidt Reisen im Amurlande, 122, t. 3, 
N.E. Asia. 

I. Sieboldi, Miq. Japan. 
Var. fructu albo. 

I. verticillata, A. Gray. North America. u Black Alder, 

Prinos canadensis, Hort. 
P. confertus, Moench. 
P. Gronovii, Michx. 


I. verticillata cont. 

P. padifolius, Hort. 

P. prunifolius, Hort. 

P. verticillatus, L. ; Wats. Dendr. Brit. i. t. 30. 

Var. chrysocarpa, Robinson, 

Nemopanthus canadensis, DC. Canada, &c. "Mountain 

ilex canadensis, Michx. 
I. delicatula, Bartr. 

Ilicioides mucronata, Britton ; Britt. & Br. Illustr. 
Fl. ii. 393, f . 

Prinos integrifolius, Elliott. 


Cyrilla racemiflora, L. ; Sargent Silva of North America. 
t. 51. South United States. " Leatherwood." 

C. caroliniana, Michx. 
C. racemosa, Loud. 
Andromeda plumata, Bartr. 
Itea Cyrilla, Sw. 

*Cliftonia ligu&trina, Banks. Florida and Georgia. " Titi ." 
Mylocarpum ligustrinum, Willd. ; Bot. Mag. t. 1625. 


Euonymus alatus, Thunb. ; Regel Fl. Ussur. t. 7, f. 1-4. 
Japan, &c. 

E. americanus, L. ; Nouv. Duhamel iii. t. 9. United States. 
" Strawberry Bush." 

Var angustifolius. 
Var. pendulus. 


B. atropurpureus, Jacq. ; Sargent Silva of North America 
t. 53. Eastern North America. " Burning Bush." 

E. americanus, Hort. (not .). 
E. macrocarpus, Hort. 

E. bungeanus, Maxim. China. 
E. micranthus, Bunge. 

E. europaeus, L. ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t 317. Europe, Western 
Siberia. " Spindle-Tree." 

E. vulgaris, Scop. 

Var. atropurpureus, Hort. 
E. purpureus, Hort. 

Var. aucubaefolius, Hort. 

Yar. foliis argenteo-variegatis. 

Var. foliis aureo-variegatis. 

Var. fructu albo. 

Var. fructu violaceo. 

Var. ovatus. 

Var. pallidus. 

E. hamiltonianus, Wall. Japan, &c. 
E. japonicus, Thunb. China and Japan. 

Var. albo-marginatus. 

Var. aureus. 

Var. latifolius albo-variegatus. 

Yar. macrophyllus. 

E. robustus, Hort. 

Var. microphyllus, Hort. 

Eurya microphylla, Hort. 

Var. ovatus aureus. 

Var. pulchellus foliis argenteis. 


E. latifolius, Scop. ; Bot. Mag. t. 2384. Europe, Asia. 
E. Maackii, Rupr. Amurland. 

E. macropterus, Rupr. Maxim. Flora Tangutica 1. 19, f. 11. 

E. nanus, Bieb. Caucasus, &c. 

E. americanus angustifolius, Hort. 

E. angustifolius, Hort. (not Pursh). 

E. angustifolius pulchellus, Hort. 

E. Lilieurii, Hort. 

E. linifolius, Hort. 

E. rosmarinifolius, Hort. 

Var. compactus, Hort. 
Var. Koopmanni. 

E. Koopmanni, Lauche; Wittmack Garten-Zeitung 
1883, 112, t. [3], f. 2. 

Var. variegatus, Hort. 

E. obovatus, Nutt. ; Garden and Forest 1896, 385, f. 51. 
Canada, Northern and Central United States. 

E. americanus var. obovatus, Torr. & Gray. 

E. oxyphyllus, Miq. China and Japan. 
E. latifolius, A. Gray (not Scop.). 

*E. pendulus, Watt. Himalaya. 

E. fimbriatus, Hort. (not Wall.) ; Flore des Serres vii. 
1851, 71. 

E. radicans, Sieb. & Zucc. Japan. 

Var. Carrierei. 

E. Carrieri, Vauvel. Rev. Hort. 1885,295. (E.repens, 
Carr. Rev. Hort. 1885, 295, is a branch sport oi 
this form.) 

12159 D 


E. radicans cont. 
Var. foliis pictis. 
Var. foliis roseo-argenteis. 
Var. foliis tricoloribus. 
Var. microphyllus. 
Var. Silver Gem. 
Var. viridis. 

E. sieboldianus, Blame. China and Japan. 

E. thunbergianus, Blame. Amurland, Japan, c. 
E. subtriflorus, Blame. 

E. verrucosus, Scop, ; Nouv. Duhaniel iii. t. 8. East Europe 
to Amurland. 

Pachystima Canbyi, A. Gray ; Meehan The Native 
Flowers ... of the United States i. t. 44. 
North Carolina and Virginia. 

P. Myrsinites, Rafin. Western North America. 

Myginda rayrtifolia, Nntt. ; Hook. Flora Boreali- 
Americana i. 120, t. 41. 

Celastrus articulatus, Thunl. ; Garden and Forest 1890, 
551, f. 73. China and Japan. 

C. orbiculatus, Lam. 

C. Orixa, Hort. (not 8/eb. & Zacc.}. 

C. punctatus, Tfwnb. 

C. hypoglaucus, Hemsl. Central China. 
C. latifolius, Hemsl. Central China. 

C. Orixa, Siel. & Zucc. Japan. 
Celastrus japonica, C. Koch. 
Evodia ramiflora, A. Gray. 
Orixa japonica, Thurib. ; Gartenflora t. 1232. 

12159 D 2 


C. scandens, L. ; Loud. Arbor, ii. 502, f . 171. North 
America. " Staff-tree, Wax-work." 

C. bullatus, L. 

C. serratus, Hochst. Abyssinia. 
Maytenus chilensis, DC. Chili. 


Paliurus australis, Gaertn. South Europe. "Christ's 

P. aculeatus, Lam. ; Nouv. Duhamel iii. 17. 

Zizyphus vulgaris, L. ; Sibth. Fl. Graeca t. 241. South- 
eastern Europe to Afghanistan. " Jujube." 

Berchemia racemosa, Sieb. & Zucc. Japan. 
Var. variegata. 

B. volubilis, DC ; Loud. Arbor, ii. 528, f . 196. Southern 
United States. Supple- Jack." 

Rhamnus scandens, Hill. 
R. volubilis, L.f. 

Bhamnus Alaternus, L. ; Nouv. Duhamel ii. t, 14. South 
West Europe. 

Var. angustifolia. 

R. angustifolia, Mill. 

R. Clusii, Willd. 

R. Perrieri, Hort. 

R. utilis, Hort. (not Deem.). 
Var. aurea. 

Var, angustifolia variegata. 
Var. latifolia. 
Var. maculata. 
Var. variegata. 


R. alnifolia, UHerit. ; Loud. Arbor, ii. 536, f. 206. United 

R. franguloides, Michx. 

R. alpina, L. ; Lodd. Bot. Cab. t. 1077. Alps. 
R. arguta, Maxim. China and Japan. 

R. californica, Eschscli. California. " Indian Cherry." 
Rhamnus intermedia, Hort. 
R. laurifolia, Nutt. 

R. oleifolia, Hook. ; Rev. Hort. 1874, 354, f. 47. 
R. pedunculata, Hort. 
Frangula californica, A. Gray. 

Var. hirtella. 
R. carniolica, Kern. Carniolia. 

R. caroliniana, Walt. ; Nutt, Sylva ii. 50, t. 59. Southern 
United States. 

R. californica, Hort. (not Eschsch.). 
Frangula caroliniana, A. Gray. 

R. cathartica, L. Engl. Bot. ed. 3, t. 318. Europe, Asia. 
" Common Buckthorn." 

R. fragrans, Hort. 

R. iiifectoria, Hort. (not I/.). 

R. Pallasii, Hort. (not F-iscJi. cfc Mey.). 

R. Wicklius, Hort. 

R. costata, Maxim. Japan. 

R. crenata, Sieb. die Zucc. Japan. 
R. oreigenes, Hance. 
Frangula crenata, Miq. 


R. davurica, Pall. Siberia to China. 
R. baptica, Decne. 

R. crenata, Garden and Forest ix. 425, f . (not Sieb. <k 

R. utilis, Decne. 
R. virgata, ~Roxb. 

R. Erythroxylon, Pall. Caucasus, &c. 

R. Frangula, L. ; Engl. Bot. ed. 3, t. 319. Europe. "Berry- 
bearing Alder." 

R. latifolia, Hort. (not UHerit.}. 

Var. angustifolia. 

R. franguloides, Hort. (not Michx.). 

Var. asplenifolia, Hort. 

Var. latifolia. 

R. sibirica, Hort. 

R. hybrida, UHerit. (R. Alaternus 6 x alpina $ ). Europe. 
R. sempervirens, Hort. 
R. subsempervirens, Hort. 

Var. Billardi, Lavall. 
R. Billardi, Hort. 
R. ovalifolia, Hort. 

R. infectoria, L. ; Tchichat. Asie Mineure t. 9. South 

Europe, &c. " Avignon Berry." 
R. oleoides, Hort. (not L.). 
R prunifolia, Hort. (not Sieb.). 

R. japonica, Maxim. Japan. 

R. lanceolate, Pursh ; Gray Genera ii. 180, f. 168. North 



R. libanotica, Boiss. ; Bot. Mag. t. 6721. Asia Minor and 


R. alpina var. colchica, Kusnetzoff. 
R. castaneifolia, Hort. 
R. grandifolia, Hort. (not Fisch. & Mey.). 
R. Imeritiae, Hort. 
R. imeritina, Koehne. 

R. oleoides, L. South-west Europe. 
R. amygdaloides, DC. (in part.) 

R. parvifolia, Bimge. China. 

R. pumila, Turr. Mountains of Central, South and 
Eastern Europe. 

R. pusilla, Tenore. 

R. rupestris, Vill. (not Scop.). 

R. punctata, Boiss. Asia Minor, &c. 

R. purpurea, Edgew. Western Himalaya. 

R. purshiana, DC. ; Loud. Arbor, ii. 538, f. 211. Cali- 
fornia. " Cascara Sagrada." 

Frangula purshiana, Cooper. 
Rhamnus rubra, Greene. 

R. rupestris, Scop. Flora Carniolica i. t. 5. South-eastern 

R. saxatilis, L. ; Jacq. Fl. Austr. i. t. 53. Europe, &c. 
R. spathulifolia, Fisch. & Mey. Caucasus. 

R. tinctoria, Waldst. & Kit. Europe, Asia. 
R. chlorophorus, Decne. 
R. globosus, Bunge. 

Hovenia dulcis, Thurib. ; Bot. Mag. t. 2360. Himalaya, 
China, &c. 


Ceanothus americanus, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 1479. Eastern 
United States. New Jersey Tea." 

C. intermedius, Pursh. 
Var. nanus roseus. 
Var. opacus, Lange. 

C. Arnold!, Hort. Garden hybrid. 

C. azureus, Desf. Mexico. 
C. latifolius, Hort. 

C. cuneatus, Nutt. Oregon to Lower California. 
C. verrucosus, Nutt. ; Bot. Mag. t. 4660. 

C. delilianus, Spach. Origin uncertain. 

*C. divaricatus, Nutt. California. 

C. Pendleri, A. Gray. Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona. 

*C. hirsutus, Nutt. Coast Range of Central California. 

*C. integerrimus, Hook. & Arn. ; Bot. Mag. t. 7640. Cali- 

C. californicus, Kellogg. 
C. nevadensis, Kellogg. 

*C. macrocarpus, Nutt. California. 
*C. microphyllus, Michx. Florida. 
C. ovatus, Desf. Canada to Texas. 

*C. papillosus, Torr. & Gray ; Bot. Mag. t. 4815. Cali- 

*C. parvifolius, Trelease. California to Oregon. 
C. integerrimus var. parvifolius, S. Wats. 

*C. rigidus, Nutt. ; Bot. Mag. t. 4664. California. 


*C. sorediatus, Hook & Am. Coast Range of Southern 

*C. spinosus, Nutt. Middle Coast Range, California. 

*C. thyrsiflorus, Eschsch. ; Bot. Reg. 30, t. 38. Sargent 
Silva of North America t. 64. California. " Cali- 
fornia Lilac." 

C. elegans, Lem. 

C. radicans superba, Hurt. 

*C. veitchianus, Hook. Bot. Mag. t. 5127. California. 

*C. velutinus, Dougl. ; Hook. Fl. Bor. Am. i. 125, t. 45. 
British America to California, Colorado, &c. 

Colletia cruciata, Gill & Hook. ; Bot. Mag. t. 5033. Uru- 

C. armata, Miers. 

C. bictonensis, Lindl. Journ. Hort. Soc. v. 31. 

C. ferox, Gill. 

C. horrida, Hort. 

C. polyacantha, Hort. 

C. spinosa, Lam. 

C. spinosissima, Hort. 

C. valdiviana, Phil. 

4 Discaria longispina, Miers. Uruguay. 
Colletia longispina, Hook. & Arn. 

D. serratifolia, Benth. & Hook. f. ; Gard. Chron. 1876, 
vi. 325, f. 65. Chili, &c. 

Colletia Chacaye, G. Don. 
C. nutans, Hort. 
C. serratifolia, Vent. 

*D. Toumatou, Raoul ; Kirk Forest Flora of New Zealand 
t. 136. New Zealand. " Wild Irishman." 



Vitis aestivalis, Michx. \ Loud. Arbor, i. 479, f. 142. 
United States. " Summer Grape." 

V. intermedia, Muhl. 
V. labruscoides, Muhl. 
V. virginiana, Hort. 

Var. Linsecomii, Munson. " Pinewood or Turkey Grape." 
V. Linsecomii, Buckl. 

V. amurensis, Rupr. Amurland, North China, &c. 
V. vinifera var. amurensis. Regel. 
V. pubescens, Hort. 
V. regeliana, Hort. 

V. arborea, L. South United States. 
V. bipinnata, Torr. & Gray. 
Ampelopsis bipinnata, Michx. 
Cissus arborea, Desmoul. 
C. bipinnata, Nutt. 

V. arizonica, Engelm. Arizona. " Canon Grape." 
V. arizonensis, Hort. 
V. californica, Hort. 

V. Berlandieri, Planch. Texas, &c. 
V. monticola, Engelm. 

V. bicolor, Leconte. Eastern United States. " Blue Grape." 

V. bourquiniana, Munson. South California. "Valley 

V. aestivalis, Michx. var. bourquiniana, Bailey. 
Yar. Herbemont. Cultivated variety. 
Var. Le Noir. Cultivated variety. 


V. brevipedunculata, Hort. Kew. China, &c. 
Ampelopsis brevipedunculata, Koehne. 
Cissus brevipedunculata, Maxim. 

V. californica, Benlh. Central and South California and 
North Oregon. 

V. caribaea, Hook, (not DO.). 
V. candicans, Engelm. Eastern Texas. " Mustang Grape." 

*V. capreolata, D. Don. Himalaya. 
V. hederacea, Wall. 
Cissus capreolata, Walp. 
C. nepaulensis, DC. 
C. serrulata, Roxb. 
C. Wrightii, Hort. 
Tetrastigma serrulatum, Planch. 

V. caribaea, DC. var. Blancou, Florida. 
V. Blancoi, Munson. 

V. Champini, Planch. South-western Texas. (Probably 
a hybrid of V. rupestris or V. Berlandieri and 
V. candicans.) 

V. cinerea, Engelm. Central Illinois to Kansas, Texas, &c. 
" Sweet Winter Grape." 

V. aestivalis var. cinerea, Engelm. 
V. canescens, Hort. 

V. Coignetiae, Put. & Planch. Japan. 
V. congesta, Hort. 

V. cordifolia, Michx. ; Loud. Arbor i. 480, f. 143. United 
States. " Chicken Grape." 

V. vulpina var. cordifolia, Regel. 
V. virginiana, Hort. 


V. doaniana, Munson ; Garden and Forest, 1896, 455 f . 59. 
North-west Texas, &c. (Probably a hybrid of 
which V. candicans is one of the parents.) 

*V. erioclada, Wight & Arn. India. 
V. ficifolia, Bunge. China and Japan. 

V. flexuosa, Thunb. China and Japan. 
V. parvifolia, Roxb. 
V. succisa, Hance. 

V. girdiana, Munson. South California. " Valley Grape." 

V. heterophylla, Thunb. China and Japan. 
V. davidiana, Carr. 
V. elegans, Hort. 
Ampelopsis aconitifolia, Hort. 
A. heterophylla, Sieb. & Zucc. 
C. bryonifolia Hegel. 

Var. humulifolia, Hook.f. Bot. Mag. t. 5682. 
Ampelopsis humulifolia, Bunge. 

Var. variegata. 
V. heterophylla var. tricolor. 

*V, himalayana, Brand. Himalaya. 

V. neilgherrensis, Wright Ic. t. 965. 
. Ampelopsis himalayana, Royle. 
Cissus himalayana, Walp. 

V. inconstans, Miq. China and Japan. 
V. Roylei, Hort. 
Ampelopsis tricuspidata, Sieb. & Zucc. 

A. Veitchii, Hort. Gard. Chron. ii. 1880, xiv. 664 
f. 126. 

Cissus Thunbergii, Sieb. & Zucc. 


V. inconstans cunt. 

C. Veitchii, Carr. 

Parthenocissus tricuspidata, Planch. 
Var. purpurea. 
Var. robusta. 

V. indivisa, Willd. South United States. 
Ampelopsis cordata, Michx. 
A. cordifolia, Rafin. 
Cissus Ampelopsis, Pers. 

V. japonica, Thunb. Eastern Asia. 
Cissus cyanocarpa, Miq. 
C. japonica, Willd. 
C. leucocarpa, Elume. 

V. Labrusca, L. ; Loud. Arbor, i. 479, f. 141. New England 
to Georgia. "Fox Grape, Skunk Grape." The 
parent of the greater part of American cultivated 

V. Longii, Prince. North-west Texas and New Mexico, 
V. Solonis, Hort. 

V. munsoniana, Simpson. Florida. " Mustang Grape of 
Florida, Bird Grape, Everbearing Grape." 

V. orientalis, Boiss. Orient. 

Ampelopsis orientalis, Planch. 

Cissus clematifolia, Gav. 

C. orientalis, Lam. ; Wats. Dendr. Brit. t. 113. 

C. pinnata, Soland. 

V. palmata, Vahl. Illinois and Missouri to Louisiana and 
Texas. " Red or Cat Grape." 

V. riparia var. palmata, Planch. 
V. rubra, Michx. 
V. virgini ana, Poir. 


V. persica, Boiss. Persia to Afghanistan. 
Ampelopsis vitifolia, Planch. 
Cissus vitifolia, Boiss. 

V. quinquefolia, Lam. North America. " Virginia Creeper." 
Ampelopsis hederacea, DC. 
A. quinquefolia, Michx. 
Parthenocissus quinquefolia, Planch. 
P. radicantissima, Koehne & Graelmer. 
Vitis radicantissima, Hort. 

Var. hirsuta. 

Ampelopsis hirsuta, Donn. 

Var. incisa. 
Var. major. 

Var. muralis. 

Ampelopsis Engelmanni, Hort. 
Parthenocissus Engelmanni, Koehne & Graebn. 

V. Romaneti, Caill. North China. 

V. rotundifolia, Michx. South and South-western United 
States. " Muscadine Southern Fox Grape." 

V. rupestris, Scheele. South United States. " Sand or 
Sugar Grape." 

V. serianaefolia, Maxim. China and Japan. 
Ampelopsis serianaefolia, Bunge. 
Cissus viticifolia, Sieb. & Zucc. 
Paullinia japonica, Tlmrib. 
Vitis aconitlfolia, Hance. 

*V. striata, Baker. Rio Grande do Sul. 

Ampelopsis sempervirens, Hort. Gard. Mag. Febru- 
ary 13, 1886, 91. 

Cissus striata, Ruiz. & Par. 


V. Thunbergii, Sieb. & Zucc. China and Japan. 
V. Sieboldii, Hort. 
V. ficifolia var'. Sieboldii, Lavallee. 

V. Treleasei, Munson. Texas, Arizona, &c. 

V. vinifera, L. Orient. " Grape Vine." 

Var. corinthiaca. " Currant Grape." 
V. corinthiaca, Rafin. 

Var. laciniosa. " Parsley-leaved Vine." 
V. laciniosa, L. 
V. apiifolia, Hort. 

Var. purpurea. " Teinturier Grape." 
Var. sylvestris. 

V. sylvestris, Ghnelin. 

V. cebennensis, Jord. 

? Var. Davidii. 

Spinovitis Davidii, Carr. 

V. vulpina, L. North America. " Riverbank or Frost 

V. riparia, Michx. ; Bot. Mag. t. 2429. 

V. cordifolia var. riparia, A. Gray. 

V. odoratissima, Dunn, (is male plant of this species). 


*Kolreuteria bipinnata, Franchet Revue Horticole 1888, 
393, f . 93. China. 

K. paniculata, Luxm. ; Gard. Chron. 1887, ii. 561, f. 111. 

K. floribunda, Hort. 
K. japonica, Hurt. 


JEsculus californica, Nutt. ; Sargent Silva of North 
America tt. 71, 72 ; Bot. Mag. t. 5077, California. 

Calothyrsus californicus, Spach. 
Pavia californica, Hartw. 

M. carnea, Willd. ; Watson Dendr. Brit. ii. 121. Garden 
Hybrid. " Red Horse Chestnut." 

M. noribunda, Hort. 

JB. rubicunda, DC. ; Flore des Serres t. 2229-30. 

M. spectabilis, Hort. 

Pavia watsoniana, Spach. 

Var. atropurpurea, Hort. 
Yar. Briotii, Hort. 
Var. Mauroyi, Hort. 
Var. pendula, Hort. 

M. flava, Ait. West Pennsylvania to Georgia and Texas. 
" Sweet Buckeye." 

M. Incida, Hort. (not Spach). 
M. lutea, Wangh. 

M. octandra, Marsh. ; Sargent Silva of North 
America tt. 69,70. 

Pavia bicolor, Rafin. 

P. flava, Moench. 

P. f ulva, Rafin. 

P. hybrida, Hort. 

P. lutea, Poir. 

P. macrocarpa, Hort. 

P. pallida bicolor, Hort. 

Var. purpurascens, A. Gray. South-western United 

M. discolor, Pursh. ; Bot. Reg. t. 310. 

M. hybrida, DC. 

M. lutea var. discolor, Dippel. 


M. flava cont. 

M. octandra var. hybrida, Sargent. 
M. Pavia var discolor, Torr. & Gray. 
Pavia discolor, Poir. 
P. hybrida, DC. 
P. rosea, Hort. 

Var. sanguinea. 
Var. WMtleyi, Hort. 

M. glabra, Willd. ; Sargent Silva of North America 
tt. 67, 68. United States. " Ohio Buckeye." 

JEt. echinata, Muhl. 
M. ohioensis, DC. 
M. pallida, Willd. 
Pavia glabra, Spach. 
P. ohioensis, Michx. 
P. pallida, Spach. 

Var. arguta, Robinson. Texas, &c. 
M. arguta, Buckl. 

M. Hippocastanum, L. . Mountains of South-eastern Europe. 
" Horse Chestnut," 

Var. crispum. 

Var. flore pleno, Illustration Horticole ii. t. 50. 
M. Schirnhoferi, Hort. 

Var. foliis aureis variegatis. 

Var. laciniata. 

M. asplenifolia, Hort. 

M. heterophylla, Hort. 

-*. incisa, Hort. 
Var. Memmingeri. 
Var. pyramidalis. 


M. indica, Colebr. ; Bot. Mag. t. 5117. Western Himalaya. 
" Indian Horse Chestnut." 

M. Lyoni, Hort. (flava x Pavia). Garden origin. 
Pavia Lyoni, Hort. 

M. neglecta, Lindl. ; Bot. Reg. t. 1009. Garden origin. 
M. discolor x flava, Koehne. 

M. parviflora, Walt. South-eastern United States. 
M. macrostachya, Pers. ; Bot. Mag. t. 2118. 
Macrothyrsus discolor, Spach. 
Pavia alba, Poir. 
P. edulis, Poit. 
P. macrostachya, Loisel. 

M. Pavia, L. S. United States. " Red Buckeye." 
M. humilis, Lodd. ; Bot. Reg. t. 1018. 
Pavia atropurpurea, Spach. 
P. humilis, G. Don. 
P. lindleyana, Spach. 
P. lucida, S})ach. 
P. Michauxii, Spach. 
P. nana, Hort. 
P. pendula, Hort. 
P. pumila, Hort. 
P. rubra, Lam. 
P. willdenowiana, Sftatfi. 

M. plantierensis, E. Andre. Garden origin. 
JE. Hippocastanum x carnea/ 

M. turbinata, Blume ; Rev. Hort. 1888, 496, [ff. 120-4, 
China, Japan. 

*Ungnadia speciosa, Endl. ; Flore des Serres x. t. 1076, 
Mexico, &c. " Spanish Buckeye." 

12159 B 


Xanthoceras sorbifolia, Bunge ; Bot. Mag. t. 6923. North 

*Sapindus marginatus, Willd. ; Sargent Silva of North 
America t. 76. South United States. " Soap-berry, 
Wild China Tree." 

Acer ambiguum, Dippel. Japan. 
A. Dippeli, Scliwerin. 

A. argutum, Maxim. ; Card. Chron. 1881, xv. 725, f. 132. 
Japan . 

A. campestre, L. ; Engl. Bot. ed. 3, t. 321 . Europe, West 

Asia. " Common Maple." 

Yar. collinum, Wallr. 

A. campestre var. leiocarpum, DC. 

Var. compactum. 

Var. hebecarpum, DC. 

A. campestre var. lasiocarpum, Wimm. 
A. campestre var. pubescens, Boenningh. 
A. hyrcanum, Hort. (not Fisch. & Mey.). 

Var. pendulum foliis variegatis. 

Var. pulverulentum. 

A. campestre foliis punctatis. 
A. campestre maculatum. 

Var. Schwerini. 

Var. variegatum. 

A. campestre argenteo-marginatum. 

A. capillipes, Maxim. Japan. 

A. pennsylvanicum var. capillipes, Wesmael. 

A. carpinifolium, Sieb. & Zucc. ; Gard. Chron. ii. 1881, xv. 
564, f. 105. Japan. 

12159 E 2 


A. circinatum, Pursh ; Sargent Silva of North America 
t. 88. California, &c. " Vine Maple." 

A. virgatum, Rafin. 

A. cissifolium, C. Koch. Japan. 

Negundo cissifolium, Sieb. & Zucc. 
N. nikoense, Miq. (not Maxim.). 

A. coriaceum, Tausch. (Pseudo-plantanus x monspessu- 
lanum), Garden origin. 

A. trilobatum, Hort. 

A. crataegifolium, Sieb. & Zucc. Flora Japonica t. 147. 

Var. Veitchi, Nichols. 

A creticum, L. ; Loud. Encyclop. of Trees and Shrubs 
94, f . 142, 121, f. 163. Asia Minor. 

A. barbatum, Petz. & Kirchn. (not Michx.). 

A. parvifolium, Tausch. 

A. polymorphun, Spach (not Sieb. & Zucc.). 

A. dasycarpum, Ehrh. ; Gard. Chron. 1881, xv. 137, f. 24 ; 
Garden and Forest iv. 133, f. 26. Eastern North 
America. " Silver Maple." 

A. album, Hort. 

A. Douglasi, Arbor. Zoesch. 

A. eriocarpum, Michx. 

A. palmatum, Hort. (not Thunb.). 

A. Pavia, Hort. 

A. rubrum, L. var. pallidum, Ait. 

A. saccharinum, L. ; Sargent Silva of North America 
t. 93. 

A. saccharinum floridanum, Hort. 


A. dasycarpum cont. 

A. Saccharum, Marsh (not Brittori). 

A. Saira, Hort. 

A. tomentosum, Hort. 

Var. foliis albo-variegatis. 

Var. Juhlkei. 

Var. laciniatum, Pax. 

A. heterophyllum, Hort. 

A. Wagneri dissectum, Hort. 

A. Wieri laciniatum ; Wiener Illust. Garten-Zeitung, 
vii. 410. 

Var. lutescens. 
Var. macrophyllum. 
Var. pendulum. 
Var. pulverulentum. 
Var. pyramidalis. 
Var. tripartitum. 

A. diabolicum, Blume ; Gard. Chron. 18&1, xv. 532, f. 100- 

A. pulchrum, Hort. 

A. Dieckii, Pax. Garden origin. 
A. Lobelia var Dieckii, Pax. 

A. platanoides var. integrilobum, Zabel Grartenfl. 
1887, 437, f. 

A. distylum, Sieb. & ZMCC. ; Gard. Chron. 1881, xv. 499 r 
f. 93. Japan. 

A. Duretti, Hort. (Psendo-platanus x monspessulanum) 
Garden hybrid. 


A. Ginnala, Maxim. Amurland, &c. 

A. tataricum var. acuminatum. Franc h. 
A. tataricum var. Ginnala, Maxim. 
A. tataricum var. laciniatum, Hegel. 
Var. Semenowii, Pax. 

A. Semenowii, Hegel & Herder. 

A. tataricum var. Semenowii, Nichols. Gard. 
Chron. 1881, xv. 74, f. 12. 

A. glabrum, Torr. & Gray ; Sargent Silva of North 
America t. 89. Western North America. 

A. Douglasii, Hook. 
A. tripartitum, Nutt. 
A grandidentatum, Nutt. Western North America. 

A. barbatum var. grandidentatum, Sargent Silva of 
North America t. 92. 

A. saccharinum var. floridanum, Chapm. 

A. HeldreicM, Boiss. & Heldr. ; Gard. Chron. 1881, xv. 
141, f. 25. Eastern Europe. 

A. Henryi, Pax ; Hook. Icon. Plant, t, 1896. Central 

A. heterophyllum, Willd. ; Garden ii. 283, f. Orient. 
A. microphyllum, Hort. 
A. obtusi folium, Sibth. 
A. oriental e, C. Koch. 
A. sempervirens, Hort. 

A. Hookeri, Miq. Himalaya and China. 

A. hybridum, Spach ; Engler, Das Pflanzenreich 1902, 
Aceraceae f. 4. (Pseudo-platanus x opulifolium). 

A. Pseudo-platanus var. opulifolium, Hort. 
A. hyrcanum, Fisch. & Mey. Caucasus. 

A. caucasicum, Hort. 

A. ibericum, Hort. (in part). 


A. hyrcanum cont. 

A. italum var. hyrcanum, Pax. 

A. lobatum, Gordon ; Garden, iii. 69, f . 

A. tauricum, Hort. (in part). 

A. insigne, Boiss. & Buhse. var. velutinum, Boiss. ; Gard. 
Chron. 1891, x. 189, f. 24. Northern Persia. 

A. japonicum, Thunb. ; Sieb. & Zucc. PI. Jap. ii. t. 144. 

A. macrophyllum, Hort. (not Pursh). 

A. palmatum macrophyllum, Hort. 

A. vitifolium, Hort. 
Var. aureum, Schwerin. 
Var. microphyllum, Hort. Veitch. 

A. laetum, O. A. Mey.\ Gartenfl. 1887, 433, f. 109. 
Caucasus. &c. 

Var. rubrum. 

A. colchicum rubrum, Hort. 

A. leucoderme, Small. North Carolina to Florida and 

A. ^Lobelii, Tenore Flora Neapolitana v. 291, t. 199. 

Southern Italy. 

A. atheniense, Hort. 

A. platanoides var. integrilobum, Tausch. 

A. platanoides, L. var. Lobelii, Loud. Arbor. 444, f. 120. 

A. macrophyllum, Pursh ; Sargent Silva of North America 
tt. 86, 87. California, &c. 

A. murrayanum, Hort. 
A. speciosum, Hort. 

A. mandschuricum, Maxim. Mandshuria. 

A. micranthum, Sieb. & 2facc. PL Jap. 141, t. 80. Japan. 

A. Miyabei, Maxim ; Garden and Forest 1893, 143, f. Japan. 


A. monspessulanum, L. ; Loud. Arbor, i. 458, 1 131. 
Mediterranean Region. " Montpelier Maple." 

A. heterophyllum, Hort. (not Willd.) 

A. ibericum, Bieb. 

A. illyricum, Jacq. 

A. liburnicum, Hort. 

A. littorale, Hort. 

A. monspeliense, Hort. 

A. trifolium, Duham. 

A. trilobum, Moench. 

A. trilobatum, Lam. 

A. neglectum, Lange. Garden origin. 
A. aetnense, Hort. 
A. campestre x Lobelii, Koehne. 
A. campestre var. aetnense. 
A. zoschense. Pax. 

A. Negundo, L. ; Sargent Silva of North America t. 96. 
United States. " Box Elder." 

Negundo aceroides, Moench. 
N. fraxinifolium, Nutt. 

Var. californicum, Sargent Silva of North America t. 97. 
Acer californicum, Dietr. 
Negundo californicum, Torr. & Gray. 

Var. crispum, Gr. Don ; Loud. Encycl. of Trees and 
Shrubs, 122, f. 165. 

Var. foliis marginatis aureis. 
Var. laciniatum, Hort. 
Var. variegatum, Hort. 
Var. versicolor, Dieck. 
Var. violaceum, Kirchner. 


A. nikoense, Maxim, (not Miq.) ; Garden and Forest 1893, 
155, f. 26. Japan. 

A. maximowiczianum, Miq. 
Negundo nikoense, Nichols. 

A. opulifolium, Vill. Europe. " Italian Maple." 
A, italicum, Lauche. 
A. italum, Lauth. 

A. Opalus, Ait. Garden, 1872, 443, f. 
A. rotundifolium, Lam. 

Var. neapolitanum. 

A. hybridum, Hort. 

A. neapolitanum, Tenore Flora Neapolitana t. 100. 

A. obtusatum var. neapolitanum, Hort. 

Var. obtusatum. 

A. obtusatum, Kit. 

A. palmatum, Thurib. ; Loud. Encycl. of Trees and Shrubs 
90, f. 158. Japan. 

A. polymorphum, Sieb. & Zucc. Fl. Jap. 83, t. 145. 

Palmatum Group. 

Var. aureum. 

Acer japonicum polymorphum aureum. Hort. 

Var. crispum, Illustration Horticle, 1870, t. 43. 
A. crispatum, Hort. 

Var. linearilobum, Sieb. & Zucc. Fl. Jap. 84. t. 146. 
A. integrum, Hort. 

Var. roseo-marginatum. 

A. japonicum roseo-marginatum, Hort. 
A. polymorphum roseo-marginatum, Hort. 


Septemlobum Group. 

Var. sanguineum, Carr. 

Var. septemlobum, C. Koch. 
A. septemlobum, Thunb. 

Var. septemlobum atropurpurem. 
A. atropurpureum, Hort. 
A. japonicum atropurpureum, Hort. 

Var. septemlobum bicolor, Hort. 
Var. septemlobum elegans. 
Var. septemlobum elegans purpureum. 
A. digitatum atropurpureum, Hort. 

Dissectum Group. 

Var. dissectum. 

A. dissectum, Thunb. 

A. japonicum dissectum, Hort. 

A. palmatifidum, Hort. 

A. palmatum pinnatifidum, Hort. 

A. polymorphum var. decompositum, Sieb. & Zucc. 
Fl. Jap. 84, t, 146. 

Var. dissectum ornatum, Illustration Horticole 1870, 
244, t. 46. 

A. japonicum ornatum, Hort. 
A. palmatifidum ornatum, Hort. 
A. palmatifidum rubrum, Hort. 

Var. dissectum sessilifolium, Gard. Chron. 1881, xvi. 137, 
f. 30. 

Negundo sessilifolium, Sieb. & Zucc. 


A. pennsylvanicum, L. ; Sargent Silva of North America 
tt. 84, 85. Eastern United States. " Moose Wood." 

A. canadense, Marsh. 
A. hybridum, Base. 
A. striatum, Du Roi. 

A. pictum, Thunb. Mandshuria, Japan. 

Var. Mono. 

A. Mono, Maxim. 
Var. variegatum. 

A. pictum tricolor. 

A. platanoides, L. ; Loud. Encycl. of Trees and Shrubs 8if, 
104, 105. Europe. " Norway Maple." 

Var. columnare, Carr. 

Var. cucullatum. 

Var. dilaceratum, Dieck. 

Var. globosum. 

A. globosum, Hart. 

Var. heterophyllum variegatum, Hort. 

A. digitatum aureo-inarginatum, Hort. 

Var. laciniatum. 

A. crispum, Hort. ; Loud. Encycl. of Trees and 
Shrubs 84, f . 128. 

A. laciniosum, Hort. 
Var. maculatum, Schwerin. 
Var. nanum, Nichols. 
Var. palmatum. 

A. dissectum, Hort. 

A. Lorfcergi, Hort. 

A. palmatifidum, Hort. 

A. platanoides digitatum, Hort. 


A. platanoides cont. 
Var. purpureum. 
Var. pyramidale nanum. 
Var. Reitenbachii. 
Var. rubrum, Reg el Gartenflora 1867, 163, f. 545. 

Var. Schwedleri ; Gard. Chron. 1881, xv. 565, f . 106. 
A. Schneider!, Hort. 

Var. undulatum, Dieck. 

A. Pseudo-platanus, L. ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 32<X Central 
Europe, Western Asia. " Sycamore." 

Var. atropurpureum. 

Var. aucubaefolium. 

Var. bicolor, Spdth. 

Var. elegantissimum, Perkins. 

Var. euchlorum. 

Var. flavo-marginatum, Loud. " Corstorphine Plane." 
A. P. corstorphinensis, Hort. 
A. P. lutescens, Hort. 

Var. foliis albo-variegatis. 

Var. Leopold!, Illustration Horticole xi. t.?411. 

Var. luteo-virens, Simon-Louis* 

Var. nervosum, Schtverin. 

Var. Nizeti, Schwerin. 

A. foliis purpureis aureo-variegatisJ | 
Var. Prinz Handjery, Hort. 
Var. purpureo-variegatum, Hort. 


A. Pseudo-platanus cont. 
Var. purpureum, Loud. 

A. P. var. rubrum, Hort. 
A. nigrum, Hort. 

Var. webbianum, Hort. 
Var. Worlei, Schwerin. 

A. purpurascens, Franch. & Sav. Japan. 

A. rubrum, L. ; Sargent Silva ofs|North America t 94. 
United States. " Red Maple." 

A. carolinianum, Hort. 
A. coccineum, Michx. fil. 
A. floridanum, Hort. 
A. glaucum, Hort. 
A. globosum, Hort. 
A. hypoleucum, Hort. 
A. leucophyllum, Hort. 
A. virginianum, Hort. 
A. Wagneri, Hort. 

Var. Drummondii, Sargent Silva of jNortlr America, t. 95. 
A. Drummondii, Hook. & Arn. 

Var. pendulum. 

Var. sanguineum. 

A. f ulgens, Hort. 
A. sanguineum, Spach. 
A. splendens, Hort. 
A. tomentosum, Hort. 
A. microphyllum, Pax. 

A. rufinerve, Sieb. & Zucc. Flora Jap. t. 158. China and 

Var. albo-limbatum, Hook. Bot. Mag. t. 5793. 


A. saccharinum, Wangenh. United States, " Sugar 


A. barbatum, Sargent Silva of North America t. 90, 
A. saccharophorum, C. Koch. 
A. Saccharum, Britt. (not Marsh). 

Var. columnare. 
Var. monumentale. 
Var. nigrum. 

A. barbatum var. nigrum, Sargent Silva of North 
America t. 91. 

A. nigrum. Michx. 

A. sieboldianum, Miq. ; Gard. Chron. 1881, XT, 590, f. 113. 


A. japonicum var. sieboldianum, F 'ranch. <fc Scnr. 
A. palmatum Kaempferi, Hort. 

A. spicatum, L. Sargent Silva of North America tt. 82 y 

83. Unite! States. " Mountain Maple. 1 " 
A. montanum, Alt. 
A. parviflorum. Ehrh. 
A. pennsylvanicum, Duroi (not L.). 
A. rugosum, Hort. 

A. tataricum, L. ; Watson Dendr. Brit. t. 16CL Eastem 

Europe, &c. 
A. cordifolium, Moench. 

Var. rubrum. 
A. Tchonoskii, Maxim. Japan. 

A. tenellum, Pax ; Hook. Icon. Plant, t. 1897, Central 

A. tetrandrum, Pax. Central China. 

A. Trautvetteri, Medwedjeff-, Gartenfl. 1891 r ff. 58-61, 


A. insigne, Nichols. Gard. Chron, 1881, xvi. 75, f, 14, 
A. insigne var. Trautvetteri, Pax. 


A. trinerve, Dippel. Japan, &c. 

A. trifidum, Hart, (not Hook. & Arn.). 
A. truncatum, Bunge. China. 

A. laetum var. truncatum, RegeL 

A. Lobelii var. truncatum, Wesmael. 

A. Volxemi, Masters Gard. Chron. 1877, vii. 72, f. 10; 
1891, x. 11, f. 2. Caucasus. 

Dipteronia sinensis, Oliver ; Hook. Icon. Plant, t. 1898. 
Central China. 

Staphylea Bumalda, Sieb. & Zucc. Fl. Jap. t. 95. Japan. 

S. colehica, Stev.\ Gard. Chron. 1887, ii. 713, f. 137. 

Hooibrenckia formosa, Hort. 
S, regeliana, Hort. 
S. Coulombieri, Andre (pinnata x colehica). 

S. pinnata, L. Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 322. South Europe. 
u Bladder-nut." 

S. trifolia, L. ; Gartenflora 1888, 529. North America. 
"American Bladder-nut." 

*Euscaphis staphyleoides, Sieb. & Zucc. Fl. Jap. t. 67. 
China and Japan. 

E. japonica, Dippel. 


Meliosma myriantha, Sieb. & Zucc. China and Japan. 


R-hus canadensis, Marsh. North America. 

R. aromatica, Ait. ; Britt. & Br. Illustr. Fl.Mi. 387, f. 
R. suaveolens, Ait. 
Yar. trilobata, A. Gray. 


E. copallina, L. ; Dippel Handbuch der Laubholzkunde ii. 
368, f. 169. Eastern United States. "Dwarf 

B. cotinoides, Nutt. Southern United States. " Chittam 

Cotinus americanus, Nutt. North American Sylva ii. 
t. 81 ; Sargent Silva of North America t. 98. 

B. Cotinus, L. ; Jacq. Flora Austrica t. 210. Europe, &c. 
" Venetian Sumach." 

Var. atropurpurea. 
Var. pendula. 

B. glabra, L. ; Loud. Arbor, ii. 551, f. 225. United States. 
"Smooth Sumach." 

R. caroliniana, Mill. 

R. coccinea, Hort. 

R. elegans, Ait. ; Wats. Dendr. Brit. i. t. 16. 

R. sanguinea, Hort. 

Var. laciniata, Carr. Revue Horticole 1863, f. 1. 
*B. insignis, Hook. /. Himalaya. 

B. Michauxi, Sargent Garden and Forest 1895, 404, f. 55. 
South United States. 

R. pumila, Michx. 

B. Osbeckii, DC. ; Revue Horticole 1867, f . 14. China and 

R. japonica Osbecki, Hort. 

R. semialata var. Osbeckii, DC. 

R. typhina Osbecki, Hort. 

*B. punjabensis, J. L. Stew. Himalaya. 

B. sylvestris, Sieb. & Zucc. China and Japan. 


R. Toxicodendron, L. ; Loud. Arbor, ii. 556, f . 23. North 
America and Japan. " Poison Ivy, Poison Oak." 

R. ambigua, Lavallee. 

R. japonica, Hort. 

R. radicans, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 1806. 

R. ternata, Hort. 

R. trifoliata, Hort. 

Ampelopsis Hoggii, Hort. 

A. japonica, Hort. 

Toxicodendron pubescens, Mill. 

T. vulgare, Mill. 

R.^trichocarpa, Miq. Japan, Corea. 

R. typhina, L. ; Loud. Arbor, ii. 550, f. 224. Eastern 
United States. " Staghorn Sumach." 

R. americana, Hort. 

R. canadensis, Hort. (not Michx.). 

R. coriaria, Hort. (not L.). 

R. frutescens, Hort. 

R. glabra, Hort. (not L.). 

R. gracilis, Hort. 

R. hirta, Sudw. 

R. viridiflora, Poir. (male plant). 

Var. laciniata. 

R venenata, DC. ; Loud. Arbor, ii. 552, f. 226. Eastern 
United States. " Poison Sumach." 

R. vernix, Z. ; Watson Dendr. Brit. i. t. 19. 
Toxicouendron pinnatum, Mill. 

R. vernicifera, DO. China and Japan. '* Lacquer Tree." 
R. vernix, Thunb. (not L.). 

R. Wallichii, Hook. f. Himalaya. 

*Pistacia atlantica, Desf. North Africa. 

*P. cappadocica, Planch. Sicily, &c. 
P. hybrida, Gasparini. 

P. chinensis, Bunge. China. 

*P. Lentiscus, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 1967. Mediterranean 
Region. " Mastic Tree." 

P. massiliensis, Mill. 

*P. Terebinthus, L. ; Bentl. & Trim. Med. Plants t. 69. 
South Europe. " China Turpentine Tree." 

*Schinus bonplandianus, March. South Brazil. 
S. dependens var. subintegra, Engler. 
Duvaua longifolia, Lindl. Bot. Reg. xxix. t. 59. 
D. spinescens, Tenore. 

*S. dependens, Ortega. Chili. 

Duvaua dependens, DC. ; Bot. Reg. t. 1573. 

Var. ovata. 

Coriaria japonica, A. Gray ; Bot. Mag. t. 7509. Japan. 

C. myrtifolia, L. Wats. Dendr. Brit. ii. t, 103. Medi- 
terranean Region. " Redoul." 

C. nepalensis, Wall. Himalaya. 

C. terminally HemsL Hook. Icon. Plant, t. 2220. Western 
China and Himalaya. 

C. nepalensis, Hort. (not Wall.) 


*Anagyris foetida, L. ; Revue Horticole 1869, 290. 
Mediterranean Region. 

12159 F 

*Piptanthus nepalensis, Sweet British Flower 
t. 264. Temperate Himalaya. 

Anagyris indica, Lindl. 

A. nepalensis, Graham. 

Baptisia nepalensis, Hook. Exot. Flora t. 13J. 

Thermopsis laburnifolia, G. Don. 

T. nepaulensis, DC. 

Lupinus arboreus, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 682. California^ 
44 Tree Lupin." 

L. macrocarpus, Hook. & Arn. 
L. rivularis, Agardh. 
L. sericeus, Esclisch. 

*Adenocarpus decor ticans, Botss. ; Gard. Chron. 1886 r XXT. 
725, f. 160. Spain. 

Laburnum Adami, Lavall. (L. vulgare x Cyti& pur- 
pureus). " Purple Laburnum." 

Cytisus Adami, Poit. 

C. Laburnum var. purpureus, Hort. ; Bot. Reg. t. 1965_ 

Laburnum vulgare flore rubro, Hort. 

L. vulgare purpurascens, Hort. 

L. alpinum, ,7. S. Presl. Europe. " Scotch Laburnum^'' 
Cytisus alpinus, Mill. 

Var. autumnalis, Hort. 
Var. biferum, Hort. 

L. biflornm, Hort. 

L. chrysophyllum, Hort. 
Var. fragrans, Hort. (not Griseb.). 
Var. grandiflorum, Hort. 
Var. hirsutum, Hort. 
Var. pilosum, Wettst. 

12159 F ^f 


L. caramanicum, Benth. & Hook.f. Asia Minor. 
Cytisus caramanicus, Lavall. 
Fodocytisus caramanicus, Boiss. 

L. Parksii, Hort. (alpinum x vulgare). 
L. Vossii, Hort. Garden Origin. 

L. vulgare, J. S. Presl. Europe. " Laburnum/* 
L. anagyroides, Medic. 
Cytisus Laburnum, L. 

Var. Alschingeri, Briq. 

Cytisus Alschingeri, Vis. 

Var. Carlieri, Hort. 

Cytisus Carlieri, Hort. 
Var. foliis aureis. 
Var. intermedium, Hort. 

Var. involutum, Hort. 

L. vulgare monstrosum, Hort. 
L. vulgare bullatum, Hort. 

Var. jacquinianum, Beck. 
L. tarquinianum, Hort. 

Var. linnaeanum. 

L. vulgare var. typicum, Beck. 

Cytisus Laburnum sw&sp-linnaeanum, Wells/. 
Var. monstrosum cristatum, Hort. 

Var. pendulum, Hort. 

L. vulgare pendulum elegans, Hort. 

Var. quercifolium, Hort. 
Var. semperflorens, Hort. 
Var. sessilifolium, Hort. 


L. Watereri, Hort. (alpinum x vulgare.) 
Cytisus Watereri, Wettst. 

Petteria ramentacea, Presl. Eastern Europe. 
Cytisus fragrans, Weld. 
C. ramentaceus, Sieb. 
C. Weldeni, Vis. ; Bot. Reg. xxxix. t. 40. 
Laburnum Weldeni, Lavallee. 
L. fragrans, Griseb. 

Genista aethnensis, DC. ; Moris Flora Sardoa t. 28. 
Sicily, &c. 

Dendrospartum aetnense, Spach. 

Spartium aetnense, Biv. ; Bot. Mag. t. 2674. 

S. fcrispermum, Smith. 

G. anglica, L. ; Engl. Bot. ed. 3, t. 326. Europe. " Needle 
Furze, Petty Whin." 

G. brutia, Tenor e. 
Gr. minor, Lam. 

G. aspalathoides, Lam. ; Moris Flora Sardoa tt. 29, 30. 
South-western Europe. 

Spartium erinaceoides, Loisel. 
S. aspalathoides, Desf. 

G. cinerea, DC. ; Reichb. Ic. Flor. Germ. t. 2092. South- 
western Europe. 

G. ramosissima, Boiss. (not Poit\). 
Spartium cinereum, VilL 
S. sphaerocarpum, Lapeyr. 

G. ferox, Pair. North Africa. 

G. germanica, L. ; Flora Danica xi. t. 1826. Europe. 
Scorpius spinosus, Moench. 


G. hispanica, L. ; Rev. Hort. 1888, 36. South west Europe. 
" Spanish Gorse." 

G. villosa, Lam. 
Spartium hispanicum, Spreng. 
Ulex nanus, Hort. (not Forst.). 
U. pyramidalis, Hort. 

G. horrida, DC. Southern France, Spain. 
G. lusitanica, Desf. 
Cytisus tragacaiithaeformis, Pourr. 
Spartium horrid um, Vahl. 

Var. erinacea. Near Lyons. 
G. erinacea, G-ilib. 
G. lugdunensis, Jord. 

G. pilosa, L. ; Engl. Bot, ed. 3, t. 327. Europe. 

G.jradiata, Scop. ; Reichb. Ic. Flor. Germ. t. 2083. Central 
and Southern Europe. 

G. hispanica, Hort. (not L.). 
G. holopetala, Reichb. 
Cytisus radiatus, Kit. 
Spartium radiatum, L. 

G. sagittalis, L. ; Reichb. Ic. Flor. Germ. t. 2081. Europe. 
G. herbacea, Lam. 
Cytisus sagittalis, Kit. 
Spartium sagittale, Roth. 

G. jtinctoria, L. ; Engl. Bot. ed. 3, t. 328. Europe, &c. 
" Dyers 1 Greenweed." 

G. fragrans, Hort. (not Spach.) 
Carniola tinctoria, Presl. 
Spartium tinctorium, Roth. 


G. tinctoria cont. 

Var. elatior. 

G. anxantica, Oriseb. 

G. dumetorum, Hort. 

G. elata, Wender. 

G. elatior, Koch. 

G. frutescens, Hort. 

G. italica, Hort. 

G. marginata, Bess. 

G. multibracteata, Hort. 

G. ovata, Hort. 

G. polygalaefolia, Hort. 

G. pubescens, Lang. 

G. sibirica, Reichb. 

G. thyrsi flora, Sor. 

G. virgata, Hoppe (not Z>(7.). 

Var. flore pleno. 

Var. mantica. 

G. mantica, Pollini. 

G. virgata, DO. ; Bot. Reg. xxx. t. 11. Madeira. 
G. cinerea, Hort. (not Z)(X). 
G. elata, Hort. (not Wender.). 
G. gracilis, Poir. 
Cytisus tener, Joc^. 
Spartium virgatum, Ait. 

Spartium junceum, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 85. South Europe. 

" Yellow Spanish Broom." 
Genista juncea, Lam. 
Spartianthus junceus, Link. 
Var. flore pleno. 


Erinacea pungens, Boiss. ; Bot. Mag. t. 676. Eastern 

Pyrenees, North-west Africa. 
E. Ervillei, Hort. 

Ulex europaeus, L. ; Engl. Bot. ed. 3, t. 323. Europe. 
" Furze, Whin, Gorse." 

Yar. flore pleno. 

Yar. strictus (Mackay). 

U. Gallii, Planch. ; Engl. Bot. ed. 3, t. 324. Western 

U. nanus, Forst. ; Engl. Bot. ed. 3, t. 325. Western 

U. europaeus nanus, Hort. 

*U. parviflorus, Pourr. Reichb. Icon. Fl. Germ. t. 2068. 
South France, Spain, &c. 

*U. welwitschianus, Planch. South-west Europe. 

Cytisus albus, L. Spain and Portugal. " White Spanish 


C. multiflorus albus, Hort. 
Genista multiflora, Loisel. 
Sarothamnus albus, Presl. 
S. parviflorus, Willk. 
Spartium album, Desf. 
S. multiflorum, UHerit. ; Lodd. Bot. Cab. t. 1052. 

Yar. incarnatus, Hort. Kew. 

C. Ardoini, Fourn. ; Moggr. Flora of Mentone t. 58. Mari- 
time Alps. 

C. austriacus, L. ; Jacq. Fl. Austr. i. t. 21. Eastern Europe. 
C. banaticus, Griseb. 
C. serotinus, Hort. (not Kit.). 

C. Beanii, Nichols. (Ardoini x biflorus). Garden Origin. 


C. biflorus, UHerit. ; Bot. Reg. t, 308. Eastern Europe. 
C. canariensis, Hort. 
C. caucasicus, Hort. 
C. elongatus, Waldst. & Kit. 
C. leucanthus, Hort. (not Waldst. & Kit.). 
C., Hort. 
C. polytrichus, Hort. 
C. ratisbonensis, Schaeff. 
C. ruthenicus, Fisch. 
C. serotinus, Kit. 
C. supinus, Hort. (not Jacquiri). 
C. uralensis, JTor^. 

C. capita tus, /ac^. ; Lodd. Bot. Cab. t. 497. Europe 
C. calycinus, Hort. 
C. nigricans nanus, Hort. 

C. ciliatus, Wahlenb. Eastern Europe. 
C. hirsutus subsp. ciliatus, Briquet, 

C. decumbens, Walp. Europe. 
Genista Halleri, Reyn. 
G. prostrata, Lam. 

C. glabrescens, Sartor. South Switzerland, North Italy. 

C. hirsutus, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 6819. South Europe and' 

Asia Minor. 

C. falcatus, Waldst. & Kit. 
C. leucotrichus, Schur. 
C. polytrichus, Hort. 
C. tournefortianus, Loisel. 
C. triflorus, Lam. (not L'Herit.). 
C. uralensie, Hort. (in part). 

Var. hirsutissimus. 

C. hirsutissimus, C. Koch. 


0. kewensis, Bean. (Ardoini x albus). Garden origin. 

0. leucanthus, Waldst. &. Kit. ; Bot. Mag. 1. 1438. Balkans. 
C. albus, Hacquet (not L.). 
C. frivaldskyanus, Degen. 
C. schipkaensis, Dieck. 

*C. linifolius, Lam. South-west Europe. 
Genista linifolia, L. 
Spartiuni linifolium, Desf. 
Teline linifolia, Webb. 

C. monspessulanus, L. ; Reich, Ic. Fl. Germ. t. 2079. 
Mediterranean region. 

Genista candicans, L. 
G. triangularis, Hort. (not Willd.). 
G. triquetra, Hort. (not Ait.). 
Teline candicans, Webb. 

C. nigricans, L. ; Bot. Reg. t. 802. Europe. 
Lembotropis nigricans, Griseb. 
C. Carlieri, Hort. 

C. elongatus, Hort. (not Waldst. & Kit.). 
C. longispicatus, Hort. 
C. reflexus, Hort. 

C. praecox, Hort. (purgans x albus). Garden origin. 

C. purgans, Boiss. ; Deutsche Garten-Zeitung 1886, 447. 
South-west Europe. 

Genista daurica, Hort. 

G. purgans, L. 

G. spartioides, Hort. 

Sarothamnus purgans, Gren. & Godr. 

Spartium purgans, L. 

Spartocytisus purgans, Webb. 

C. purpureus, Scop.-, Bot. Mag. t. 1176 Eastern Europe. 


C. scoparius, Link. Europe. " Common Broom." 
Genista scoparia, Lam. 

Sarothamnus scoparius, Koch ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 829. 
S. vulgaris, Wlmm. 
Spartium scoparium, L. 

Var. andrganus. 

Genista andreana, Revue Horticole 1886, 572. 

Var. flore pleno. 
Var. foliis variegatis. 

Var. pendulus. 

C. grandiflorus, Hort. (not DC.). 
Genista grandiflora, Hort. 

Var. sulphureus. 

C. sessilifolius, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 255. South Europe. 
Cytisus quinquefolius, Hort. 
Lembotropis sessilifolius, Griseb. 

C. versicolor, Dippel (purpureus x hirsutus). Garden 

C. purpureus incarnatus, Hort. 
C. elongatus, Hort. (in part). 
C. erectus, Hort. 

Ononis aragonensis, Asso ; Engl. & Drude, Vegetation der 
Erde i. 187, f. Pyrenees. 

0. fruticosa, L. Bot. Mag. t. 317. South Europe. 

0. Natrix, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 329. Europe. 

0. rotundifolius, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 335. South Europe. 

Dorycnium suffruticosum, Vill. ; Jordan Observat. iii. t. 4. 
South Europe. 


*Medicago arborea, L. ; Lodd. Bot. Cab. t. 1379. South 

*Anthyllis Hermanniae, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 2576. South 

Cytisus graecus, L. 
*Psoralea glandulosa, L. ; Bot, Mag. t. 990. Chili. 

Amorpha californica, Nutt. California. 

A. canescens, Nutt. ; Bot. Mag. t. 6618. United States. 
u Lead Plant, Shoe-strings." 

A. fruticosa, L. ; Bot. Reg. t. 127. South United States. 
" False Indigo. 

A. canescens, Hort. 
A. caroliniana, Hort. 
A. coeralea, Hort. 
A. crocea, Hort. 
A. dealbata, Hort. 
A. elatior. Hort. 
A. emarginata, Hort. 
A. fragrans, Hort. 
A. Gardneri, Hort. 
A. glabra, Hort. 
A. Lewisii, Hort. 
A. ludoviciana, Hort. 
A. marginata, Hort. 
A. pubescens, Hort. 
A. ten^sseensis, Hort. 
A. tomentosa, Hort. 

A. nana, Nutt. North America. 
A. microphylla, Pursh. 


A. virgata, Small Bull. Torrey Bot. Club. xxi. (1894) 17 
t. 171. Georgia. 

Indigofera bungeana, Walp. China. 

I. decora, Lindl. ; Bot. Mag. t. 5063. China and Japan. 
I. floribunda alba, Hort. 

I. gerardiana, Wall. Himalaya. 
I. atropurpurea, Hort. 
I. coronillaefolia, Hort. 

I. Doeua, Bot. Reg. xxviii. t. 57. (not HamiU.). 
I. floribunda, Hort. 
I. heterantha, Wall, (in part). 

I. hebepetala, Benth. Himalaya. 

Wistaria brachybotrys, Sieb. & Zucc. Fl. Jap. t. 45. Japan. 

W. chinensis, DO. China. 
W. polystachya, C. Koch. 
Glycine chinensis, Sims Bot. Mag. t. 2083. 

Var. flore albo. 

Var. flore pleno. Gard. Chron. 1901 xxix., 403, f. 151. 

Var. foliis variegatis. 

W. frutescens, DC. United States. 

Glycine frutescens, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 2103. 

Var. flore albo. 

Var. magnifica. Flore dcs Serres ix. t. 1151. 

W. japonica, Sieb. & Zucc. Fl. Jap. t. 43. Japan. 
Milletia japonica, A. Gray. 


W. multijuga, Van Houtte Flore des Serres t. 2002. China. 
W. grandiflora, Hort. 

Var. flore albo. 

Robinia hispida, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 311. South United 
States. " Rose Acacia." 

R. montana, Bartr. 
R. rosea, Marsh. 

Var. inermis, Carr. 

R. complexa, Hort. 
R. hispida rosea, Hort. 
R. macrophylla, Hort. 

R. neomexicana, A. Gray ; Bot. Mag. t. 7726. Rocky 

Var. luxurians, Dieck. 

R. Pseadacacia, L. ; Loud. Arbor ii. 609, tt. 83-86. Eastern 
United States. " Locust, Acacia." 

Var. amorphifolia. 

Var. angustifolia. 

R. <ngustifolia elegans, Hort. 

R. microphylla, Hort. 

R. myrtifolia, Hort. 

R. umbraculifera angustifolia, Hort. 
Var. aurea. 
Var. bella-rosea. 
Var. bessoniana. 
Var. bessoniana latifolia. 
Var. coluteoides. 

Var. crispa. 

R. Pseudacacia insignis, Hort. 


R Pseudacacia cont. 

Var. decaisneana, Carr. Rev. Hort. 1863, 151, cum. ic. 
Var. decaisneana flore rubro. 
Var. dubia. 
Var. elegans. 
Var. fabreana. 

Var. fastigiata. 

Var. gigantea. 

Var. heterophylla. 

Var. inermis. 

Var. inermis latifolia. 

Var. inermis variegata. 

Var. linearis. 

Var. mimosaefolia. 

Var. monophylla. 

Var. monophylla fastigiata. 

Var. monopnylla pendula. 

Var. pendula. 

Var, pendulifolia purpurea. 

Var. Rehderi. 

Var. revoluta. 

Var. robusta Vignei. 
R. elegans, Hort. 
R. microphylla, Hort. 


B. Pseudacacia cont. 
Var. rosynskiana. 
Var. semperflorens. 
Var. tortuosa. 
Var. ulriciana. 
Var. variegata. 

R. viscosa, Vent. South United States. "Clammy Locust." 
R. glutinosa, Curt. Bot. Mag. t. 560. 

Carmichaelia australis, R. Br. New Zealand. " Makaka." 
Notospartium nanum, Hort. 

*C. Enysii, T. Kirk. Trans. N. Z. Inst. xvi. t. 30. New 

C. flagelliformis, Colenso. New Zealand. 

Notospartium Carmichaeliae, Hook. f. Bot. Mag. t. 6741. 
New Zealand, 

Sphaerophysa Salsula, DC. N. Asia, &c. 
Colutea caspica, Bieb. 

Colutea arborescens, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 81 Mediterranean 
region. " Bladder Senna." 

C. aurantiaca, Hort. 

C. arborescens flore luteo, Hort. 

C. crocea, Hort. 

Var. crispa. 

C. cilicia, Boiss. Asia Minor. 
Var. bullata. 


C. cruenta, A it. Orient. 

C. arborescens tiore rubro, Hort. 
C. brevialata, Hort. 
C. orientalis, Lam. 
C. purpurea, Hort. 
C sanguinea, Pall. 

C. istria, Mill. Asia Minor 
C. halepica, Lam. 
C. microphylla, Delile. 
C. Pocockii, Ait. 
C. procumbens, UHerit. 

C. longialata, Koehne. Asia Minor. 

C. melanocalyx, Hort. (not Boiss.) Gard. Chron. 1894. 
xvi. 15;"), f. 

C. persica, Boiss. Persia. 

Halimodendron argenteum, DC. Siberia, &c. " Salt Tree." 
Caragana argent ea, Lam. 

Robinia Halodendron, L Herit. ; Bot. Mag. t. 1016. 
Var. flore purpureo. 

Caragana arborescens, Lam. Siberia, &c. 

Caragana inermis, Moench. 

C. japonica, Hort. 

C. macracantha. Hort. 

C. mongolica, Hort. 

C. vulgar is, Hort. 

Robinia Caragana, L. 
Var. nan a, Hort. 
Var. pendula. 
Var. pulverulenta, Hort. 
Var. Redowskii (DO.). 


C. aurantiaca, Koehne. Central Asia. 
C. arenaria, Dippel. 

Var. erecta. 

C. brevispina, Royle. Himalaya. 

C. triflora, Lindl. & Paxt. Flower Garden ii. f. 212. 

C. Chamlagu, Lam. China and Japan. 
C. chinensis, Turcz. 
Robinia Chamlagu, VHerit. 
R. chinensis, Pers. 

C. cuneifolia, Dippel. Central Asia. ? 
C. Redowskii, Hort. (not DC.). 
Robinia Caragana var. arenaria, Bot. Mag. t. 1886. 

C. frutescens, DC. ; Sweet Brit. Flower Garden t. 227. 
South Russia to Japan. 

C. cuneata, Moench. 

C. digitata, Lam. 

C. Frutex, C. Koch. 

C. pygmaea, Hort. (not DC.). 

C. rosea, Turcz. 

Robinia frutescens. L. 

R. sinensis. Hort. 

Var. angustifolia. 
Var. grandiflora. 
Var. mollis. 
Var. pendula. 
Var. sylvatica. 

C. jubata, Poir. ; Gartenflorail861, t. 331. Siberia. 
12159 G 


C. microphylla, Lam. Altai and Dahuria eastward. 
C. Altagana, Poir. 
C. arborescens arenaria, Hort. 
Robinia Altagana, Pall. 
R. glomerata, Hort. 

C. pygmaea, DC. ; Bot. Reg. t. 1021. Caucasus to Hi- 

C. arborescens gracilis, Hort. 
C. gracilis, Hort. 

C. spinosa, DC. Siberia. 

C. spinosissima, C. Koch. 
Robinia ferox, Pall. 
R. spinosa, L. 

C. tragacanthoides, Poir. Siberia. 

Calophaca wolgarica, Fisch. ; Watson Dendr. Brit. ii. t. 8.H. 

South Russia. 
C. nepalensis, Hort. 
Colutea wolgarica, Lam. 

Astragalus Echinus, DC. Astrag. 197, t, 34. Syria. 

A. Tragacantha, L. ; Watson Dendr. Brit. ii. t. 84. Asia 

Coronilla emeroides, Boiss. ; Reich. Ic. Flor. Germ. t. 2238. 
South-east Europe, &c. 

C. Emerus, L.\ Bot. Mag. i. 445. Europe, &c. " Scorpion 

C. pauciflorus, Lam. 
C. juncea, L. ; Bot. Reg. t. 820. South Europe. 

Hedysarum multijugum, Maxim. ; Gartenflora t. 1122. 
Southern Mongolia. 

12159 Gr 2 


Desmodium bracteosum, DC. North America " Tick- 
trefoil, Tick-seed." 

D. cuspidatum, Hook. 

Meibomia bracteosa, O. Kuntze ; Britton & Brown 
Illustr. Flora ii. 317, f. 

D. canescens, DC. North America. 

Meibomia canescens, O. Kuntze ; Britton & Brown 
Illustr. Flora ii. 317, f. 

D. ciliare, DC. North America. 

Meibomia obtusa, Vail ; Britton & Brown Illustr. 
Flora ii. H21, f. 

D. marylandicum, Boott. North America. 

Meibomia marylandica, O. Kuntze ; Britton & Brown 
Illustr. Flora ii. 320, f. 

D. pariiculatum, DC. North America. 

Meibomia paniculata, O. Kuntze ; Britton & Brown 
Illustr. Flora ii. 318, f. 

D. tiliaefolium, G. Don. Himalaya. 

D.iviridiflorum, Seek. United States. 

Meibomia viridiflora, O. Kuntze ; Britton & Brown 
Illustr. Flora ii. 31i>, f . 

Lespedeza bicolor, Turcz. ; Garden and Forest 1892, 114, 
f. 18. China and Japan. 

Var. intermedia. 
L. Buergeri, Miq. Japan. 

L. capitata, Michx. ; Britton & Brown Illustr. Flora ii. 324, 
f. " Round-headed Bush Clover." 

Hedysarum frutescens, Willd. 
L. cyrotobotrya, Miq. Japan. 


L. gerardiana, R. Grah. Himalaya. 
L. juncea, Pers. Himalaya, &c. 
L.fmacrocarpa, Bunge. China. 

L. Sieboldi, Miq.\ Garden and Forest 1892, 115, f. 19. 
North China and Japan. 

L bicolor, Hook.f. ; Bot. Mag. t. 6602. 
L. bicolor var. Sieboldi, Maxim. 
Desmodium japonicum, Hort. (not Miq.). 

D. penduliflorum, Oudem. Gard. Chron. 1883, xx. 

D. racemosum, Sieb. & Zucc. 

L. violacea, Pers. ; Britton & Brown Illustr. Flora ii. 322, 
f. " Bush Clover." 

Cladrastis amurensis, Benth. ; Bot. Mag. t. 6551. Amur- 

Maackia amurensis, Rupr. 
Var. Buergeri, Hort. 

C. tinctoria, Rafln. United States. u Yellow Wood." 

C. lutea, C. Koch ; Sargent Silva of North America 

tt. 319, 120. 
Virgilia lutea, Michx. 

Sophora japonica, L. ; Andrews Bot. Repos. ix. t. 38o. 

S. sinica, Hort. 

Styphnolobium japonicum, Schott. 

Var. pendula. 
Var. variegata. 

S. Korolkowi, Hort. China. 


S. macrocarpa, Sm. ; Lodd. Bot. Cab. 1. 1125. Chili. 
Edwarsia chilensis, Miers. 

S. pachycarpa, Schrenk. Central Asia. 
Goebelia pachycarpa, Bunge. 

*S. secundiflora, Lag. ; Rev. Hort. 1854, 201, 1. 11. Mexico. 

S. tetraptera, Ait. ; Bot. Mag. t, 167. New Zealand. 
" Houina." 

Edwardsia, grandiflora, Salisb. 

Var. microphylla, Hook. f. 

Sophora microphylla, Ait. 

Edwardsia microphylla, Salisb. 

E. macnabiana, R. Grah. Bot. Mag. t. 3735. 

S.^viciifolia, Hance. China. 

S. violacea, Hort. (not Thwaites). China. 

Platyosprion platycarpum, Maxim. Japan. 
Sophora platycarpa, Maxim. 
Styphnolobium platycarpum, Hort. 

Caesalpinia japonica, Sieb. & ZMCC. \ Gard. Chron. 1888, iv. 
513, 1 73. Japan. 

C. crista, Thunb. 
C. sepiaria, Miq. 

Gymnocladus canadensis, Lam. ; Loud. Encycl. of Trees 
and Shrubs 256, f. 418. North America. "Ken- 
tucky Coffee Tree." 

G. dioicus, C. Koch ; Sargent Silva of North A merica 
tt, 123, 124. 

Hyperanthera dioica, Vahl. 
Var. foliis variegatis. 
G. chinensis, Baill. ; Hook. Ic. PI. t. 1412. China. 

GUeditschia aquatica, Marsh.; Sargent Silva of North 
mh9.J America tt. 127, 128. South United States. " Water 

G. monosperma, Walt. 
G. inermis, Miller. 

G. australis, Hemsl. Journ. Linn. Soc. xxiii. t. 5. South 

G. sinensis, Hort. (not Lam.). 
G. Delavayi, Franch. Yunnan. 

G. japonica, Miq. ; Sargent Forest Flora of Japan t. 11. 

G. macracantha, Desf. China ? 
G. Fontanesii, Spach. 

G. sinensis, Lam. China, &c. 
G. f erox, Desf. 
G. horrida, Willd. 
G. macrantha, Hort. 
G macrosperma, Hort. 

Var. nana. 

G. inermis. Hort. 

Var. pendula. 
G. texana, Sargent. Texas. 

G. triacanthos, L. ; Loud. Arb. et Frut. ii. 650, f. 90-1 ; 
Sargent Silva of North America tt. 125, 126. 
Eastern United States. " Honey Locust." 

G. brachycarpa, Pursh. 
G. Bujoti, Hort. 
G. caspica, Hort. (not Desf.). 
G. spinosa, Marsh. 

Var. foliis variegatis. 
G. Bujoti pendula. 
G. excelsa pendula. 



Cassia marylandica, L. ; Bentl. A Trimen Medic. PI. t. 88. 
United States. " Wild or American Senna." 

Cercis canadensis, L. ; Loud. Arb. et Frut. ii. 659, f . 101-3 ; 
Sargent Silva of North America tt. 133, 134. North 
America. " Redbud." 

Siliquastrum canadense, Moench. 
Var. flore pleno. 
Var. pubescens. 

C. chinensis, Bunge. China and Japan. 
C. japonica, Flore des Serres t. 849. 

C. occidentalis, A. Gray. California. 
C. californica, Torr. 

C. reniformis, S. Watson. Texas. 

C. texensis, Sargent Silva of North America 1. 135. 

C. Siliquastrum, L. ; Bot. Mag. 1138. Mediterranean 
region. " Judas Tree." 

Var. alba. 
Yar. carnea. 

*Albizzia Julibrissin, Durraz. Orient. " Pink Siris." 
Acacia Julibrissin, Willd. 
Mimosa Julibrissin, Forst. 



Prunus Amygdalus, Stokes ; Bentl. & Trim. Med. PI. t. 99. 
South Europe, Levant, &c. 

Amygdalus communis, L. " Almond." 


Prunus Amygdalus cont. 
Var. alba. 

Var. amara, Stokes. " Bitter Almond." 

Amygdalns communis var. amara, DC. 
A. amara, Hayn. 

Var. amara sylvestris. 

Var. dulcis, Stokes. * Sweet Almond." 

Amygdalus communis var. dulcis, DC. 

Var. macrocarpa, Nichols. 

Amygdalus communis var. macrocarpa, Ser. 

Var. pendula. 
Var. pumila. 

Var. persicoides, Nichols. ? Amygalus x Persica. 
Persica amygdaloides, Duham. 
Amygdalus communis var. persicoides, Ser. 

P. Andersoni, Greene. Western United States. 

P. davidiana, Franchet ; Gard. Chron. 1892, xi. 529. f. 

P. Persica var. davidiana, Dipp. 

Persica davidiana, Carr. Rev. Hort. 1872, 75, f. 10. 

Amygdalus davidiana, Dieck. 

Armeniaca davidiana, Hort. 

(The presumed source of the cultivated Peach.) 

P. eburnea, A itch. & Hemsl. Persia, &c. 
Amygdalus eburnea, Spach. 

P. incana, Stev. ; Bot. Reg. xxv. t. 58. Asia Minor, &c. 
Amygdalus incana, Pall. 
A. nana var. incana, Loud. 
Cerasus incana, Boiss. 


P. Jacquemontii, Hook. f. ; Bot. Mag. t. 6976. Afghanistan, 


P. humilis, Brandis (not Bunge). 
Amygdalus humilis, Edgew. 

P. nana, Stokes. South Russia, &c. " Russian Almond.'' 
Amygdalus nana, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 161. 

Var. alba. 
Var. georgica. 
Var. gessleriana. 

*P. orientalis, Walp. Orient. 
Amygdalus argentea, Lam. 
A. orientalis, Ait. ; Lodd. Bot. Cab. t. 1137. 
Cerasus orientalis, Spach. 

P. Persica, Stokes. China, &c. " Peach." 
Persica vulgaris, Mill. 
Amygdalus Persica, L. 

Var. camelliaeflora. 
Var. Chrysanthemum. 
Var. dianthiflora plena. 

Var. flore albo pleno. 

Amygdalus prunifolius flore albo, Hort. 

Var. flore roseo pleno. 

Amygdalus prunifolius flore pleno, Hort. 

Var. foliis aureis. 
Var. foliis rubris. 

Persica atropurpurea, Hort. 

Amygdalus Persica foliis rubris, Flore des Serres 
t. 1986. 

Amygdalus atropurpurea, Hort. 


P. Persica cont. 
Var. Hancei pendula. 

Var. ispahanensis. 

Amygdalus ispahanensis, Thouin. 

A. nectarina, Ait. 
Var. magnifica. 

P] Simonii, Carr. ; Rev. Hort. 1872, 111 (coloured plate). 

China. u Apricot Plum." 
Persica Simoni, Lavallee. 
Amygdaius Simonii, Dieck. 


P. Armeniaca, L. Northern China, &c. " Apricot." 
Armeniaca vulgaris, Lam. 

P. brigantiaca, Vill. South-east France. " Briancon 


P. armeniaca var. brigantiaca, Dippel. 
P. brigantina, Nyman. 
Armeniaca brigantiaca, Pers. 

P. dasycarpa, Ehrh. ; Bot. Reg. 1. 1243. ? Garden Hybrid. 

" Black Apricot." 

P. Armeniaca var. dasycarpa, C. Koch. 
Armeniaca atropurpurea, Loisel. 
A. dasycarpa, Pers. 
A. fusca, Turp. & Poit. 

P. Mume, Sieb. & Zucc. Fl. Jap. i. 29, t. 11. Japan. 
'* Mume, Japanese Apricot." 

P. Myrobalana fl. roseis, Hort. gall. 
Armeniaca Mume, De Vriese. 

Var. flore pleno. 
Var. pendula. 


P. sibirica, L. ; Lodd. Bot. Cab. t. 1627. Mongolia, 
P. Armeniaca var. sibirica, C. Koch. 
Armeniaca sibirica, Pers. 

P. tomentosa, Vhunb. ; Sieb. & Zucc. Fl. Jap. i; 51, t. 22. 
China and Japan. 

P. trichocarpa, Bunge. 
Armeniaca tomentosa, Hurt. 

P. triloba, Lindl. ; Flore des Serres t. 1532. China. 
Amygdalopsis Lindleyi, Carr. 
Armeniaca triloba, Hort. 
Prunopsis Lindleyi, Andre. 

Var. Petzoldii, Nichols. 

P. Petzoldi, C. Koch. Deutsche Garten Zeitung 

1886, 257. 
P. virgata, Hort. 
Amygdalopsis virgata, Hort. 
Amygdalus chinensis, Hort. 
Armeniaca Petzoldii, Hort. 

ttt PRUNUS. 

P. alleghaniensis, Porter Sargent Silva of North America 
t. 153. South United States. ' Allegheny Plum." 

P. americana, Marsh ; Sargent Silva of North America 
t. 150. North America. "Wild Yellow or Red 

P. texana, Scheele. 
Var. salicifolia. 

P. angustifolia, Marshall ; Sargent Silva of North America 
t. lf>2. South-eastern United States. " Chickasaw 
Plum, Mountain Cherry." 

P. Chicasa, Michx. 
Cerasus Chicasa, Ser. 


P. baldschuanica, EegeL Bokhara. 

P. cerasifera, Ehrh. ; Bot. Mag. t. 5934. ? Caucasus. 
44 Myrobalan, Cherry Plum." 

P. domestica uar. Myrubalan, L. 
P. mirobalana, Loisel. 
Cerasus myrobalanos, Hort. 

Var. angustifolia pendula, Dieck. 

Var. atropurpurea, Dieck. Persia. 

P. Pissardi, Carr. Rev. Hort. 1881, 190 (coloured 

P. Cocumilio, Ten-are Flora Napolit. t, 144. South Italy. 

P. communis, Hudson. Origin uncertain. " Wild Plum." 
P. domestica, L. ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t, 410. 

Var. claudiana. 

P. claudiana, Poir. 

Var. Juliana. " Prunier de St. Julien." 
P. domestica var. Juliana, DC. 

Var. Juliana pendula. 

Var. pruneauliana. " Quetsche." 

P. domestica var. pruneauliana, DC. 
P. oeconomica, Borkh. 
P. pyramidalis, DC. 

Sub-var. flore pleno. 

P. oeconomica flore pleno. 

P. divaricata, Ledeb. ; Bot. Mag. t. 6519. Caucasus. 
P. cerasifera var. divaricata, Bailey. 

P. hortulana, Bailey ; Sargent Silva of North America 
t. 151. North America. " Wild Goose Plum." 


P. insititia, L. Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 409. Europe, Orient. 
" Bullace." 

P. italica, Borkh. var. flore pleno. Origin uncertain. 
Polypetalia speciosa, Hort. 

P. maritima, Wangerih.\ Britt. & Br. Illustr. Flora ii. 
249, f . East United States. " Beach Plum." 

P. acuminata, Michx. (not Hook. /.). 
Var. fructu luteo. 

P. monticola, C. Koch. Asia Minor. 

P. nigra, Ait. ; Sargent Silva of North America t. 1JU. 
North America, &c. " Canada Plum, Red Plum." 

P. orthosepala, Koehne. Texas. 

P. plantierensis, Hort. ? A cultivated form of P. cerasifera. 

P. spinosa, L. ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 408. Europe, North 
Asia. " Sloe, Blackthorn." 

P. fruticans, Weihe. 
Var. flore pleno. 

P. tarda, Sargent. Eastern Texas. 

P. triflora, Roxb. China, &c. " Japanese Plum." 
P. japonica, Hort. (not Thunb.'). 

P. Watsoni, Sargent Garden and Forest 1894, 134 f. 25. 
Nebraska to Arkansas. " Sand Plum." 

P. angustifolia var. Watsoni, Waugh. 

tttf CERASUS. 

P. acida, Borkh. Europe. 
Cerasus acida, Dum. 
C. caproniana, DC. 


P. acida cont. 
Var dumosa. 
Var. flore pleno foliis variegatis. 

Var. humilis, Hort. 

Cerasus caproniana humilis, Hort. 

Var. Marasca. 
Var. salicifolia. 

Var. semper florens. " All Saints' Cherry." 
P. semperflorens, Ehrh. 
Cerasus semperflorens, DC. 

C. vulgaris var. semperflorens, Loud. Encycl. 281, 
f. 449. 

Var. umbraculifera. 

P. Avium, L. ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t.8 411. Europe, &c. 
" Gean, Mazzard." 

Cerasus Avium, Moench. 

C. domestica, Hort. 

C. dulcis, G-aertn. 

C. nigra, Mill. 

C. sylvestris, Loud. 

Var. asplenifolia. 

Var. decumana. 

C. macrophylla, Hort. 

C. nicotianaefolia. Belgique Horticole 1866, 65, 
pi. 5, 6. 

Var. flore pleno. 

Primus Aviummultiplex, Hort. 

Cerasus domestica flore pleno, Hort. 
Var. Juliana. 

C. Juliana, DC. 


P. Avium cont. 

Var. laciniata. 

0. vulgaris laciniata, Hort. 
Var. nana. 

Var. pendula. 

C. latifolia pendula, Hort. 
Var praemorsa. 

P.fBesseyi, Bailey ; Britton & Brown Illustr. Flora ii. 251, 
f. North-western United States. " Sand Cherry." 
P. pumila var. Besseyi, WaugJi. 

P. Cerasus, L. ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 412. Europe, &c. 

"Wild or Dwarf Cherry, Morello Cherry." 
P. acida, Ehrh. 
P. austera, Ehrh. 
Cerasus acida, Mill. 
C. vulgaris, Mill. 
Var. persiciflora. 

Cerasus vulgaris var. persiciflora, Loud. 

Var. Rhexii flore pleno. Garten Zeitung 1886, 224, 
f . 53-4. 

C. caproniana multiplex, Hort. 

C. caproniana ranunculi flora, Hort. Flore des 
Serres t. 1805. 

C. ranunculi flora, Hort. 

P. Chamaecerasus, Jacq. Icon. Plant. Rar. t. 90. Europe. 
" Ground Cherry." 

P. fruticosa, Pall. Flora Rossica i. t. 19 ; Revue 
Hortic. 1902, 88, t. 

P. intermedia, Poir. 
Ceraeus Chamaecerasus, Loisel. 
C. fruticans, Hort. 
C. intermedia, Loisel. 


P.JChamaecerasus cont. 

C. pumila, Pall. 
C. sibirica, Hort. 
Chamaecerasus fruticosa, Pers. 

Var. pendula. 

C. japonica pendula, Hort. 

C. myrtifolia pendula, Hort. 

C. pennsylvaniea pendula, Hort. 
Var. reflexa, Hort. ? Chamaecerasus x semperflorens. 

Var. variegata. 

P. sinensis variegata, Hort. 

P. fenzliana, Fritsch. Caucasus. 

P. humilis, Bunge. China. 

P. japonica, Carr. Rev. Hort. 1873, 457, f. 41 (not 

P. Bungei, Walp. 

P. japonica, Thunb.\ Sieb. & Zucc. Fl. Jap. i. 172, t. 90. 
China and Japan. 

P. chinensis, Blutne. 
P. sinensis, Pers. 
Cerasus glandulosa, Loisel. 
C. japonica, Loisel. 

Var. flore albo pleno, Sieb. & Zucc. Fl. Jap. i. 172, t. 90 
f. iii. 

Var. flore roseo pleno. 

Amygdalus pumila, Sims Bot. Mag. t. 2176. 

P. Maximowiczii, Rupr. ; Garden and Forest 1893, 195, 
f. 31. Japan. 

P. microcarpa, C. A. Mey. Persia, &c. 

P. miqueliana, Maxim. ; Garden and Forest 1888, 196, 
f. 37. Japan. 

Cerasus herincquiana, Lavallee Arb. Segrez. t. xxxv. 


P. pendula, Maxim. ; Garden|[and Forest 196, f. 36. 

Japan. " Rose-bud Cherry." 
Cerasus Itosakura, Sieb. 
C. japonica rosea, Hort. 
C. pendula rosea, Hort. 
C. subhirtella, Miq. (in part.) 

P. pensylvanica, L. f. ; Sargent Silva of North America 
t. 156. North America. " Wild Red Cherry." 

P. borealis, Poir. ; Lodd. Bot. Cab. t. 1596. 
P. lanceolata, Willd. 
Cerasus borealis, Michx. 
C. pensylvanica, Loisel. 

P. prostrata, Lab-ill. ; Sibth. & Sm. Fl. Graeca t. 478. 

Cerasus prostrata, Spach. 

P. Pseudo-cerasus, Lindl. ; Gard. Chron. 1890, vii. 609, 
f. 99. China and Japan. 

P. paniculata, Ker. Bot. Reg. t/800. 

Cerasus caproniana flore roseo pleno. 

C. lannesiana, Carr. 

C. Pseudo-cerasus, Loud. 

C. Sieboldi rubra, Hort. 

C. Watereri, Hort. 

Var. flore luteo pleno. Gard. Chron. 1896, xix. 516, f . 79. 
P. Puddum, Eoxb. Himalaya. 

P. pumila, L. Britt. & Br. Illustr. Flora ii. 250, f. North 

America. " Sand Cherry." 
P. depressa, Pursh ; Lodd. Bot. Cab. t. 1607. 
P. prostrata, Hort. (not Labill.). 
P. Susquehana, Willd. 
Cerasus depressa, Ser. 
C. glauca, Moench. 
C. pumila, Michx. 
C. Susquehana, Eat. & Wright. 

12159 H" 


P. serrulata, Lindl. China and Japan. 
P. serratifolia rosea plena, Hart. 

Cerasus serrulata, G. Don. ; Nichols. Dictionary of 

Gardening f . 

C. carnea plena, Hort. 

C. hortensis flore roseo pleno, Hort. 

C. Juliana rosea, Hort. 

C. Sieboldi, Carr. 

C. sinensis nova, Hort. 

P. subhirtella, Miq. ; Bot. Mag. t. 7508. Japan. 

P. tortuosa, Dieck. Asia Minor, &c. 
Cerasus tortuosa, Boiss. & Heldr. 

ftttt PADUS. 

P. cornuta, Royle. Himalaya. 
Cerasus cornuta, Wall. 
Padus cornuta, Carr. Rev. Hort. 1869, f. 61. 

P. Cuthbertii, Small. Central Georgia. 

P. demissa, Walp. ; Britt. & Br. Illustr. Flora ii. 252, f. 

United States. 

P. virginiana var. demissa, Torr. 
Cerasus demissa, Nutt. 
Padus demissa, Roem. 

P. emarginata, Walp. ; Sargent Silva of North America 
t. 157. Western^United States. 

P. pattoniana, Hort. 

Cerasus pattoniana, Carr^Rev. Hort. 1872, 135, f. 

P. graeca, Desf. (Mahaleb x Avium). Europe. 
P. cerasifolia, Hort. 
Cerasus fontanesiana, Spaeh. 

12159 H 2 


P. grayana, Maxim. Japan. 

P. Pad us var. japonica, A. Gray. 

P. Maacki, Rupr. Mandshuria. 

P. Mahaleb, L. ; Jacq. Fl. Austr. iii. t. 227. Europe, &c. 
" Bois de Ste. Lucie, St. Lucie Cherry." 

P. cupaniana, Gruss. 
P. odorata, Lam. 
Cerasus Mahaleb, Mill. 
Padus Mahaleb, Borck. 

Var. chrysocarpa. 
Yar. globosa. 
Var. monstrosa. 
Var. pendula. 
Var. variegata. 

P.] Padus, L. ; Eng. Bot, ed. 3, t. 413. Europe, Asia. 
" Bird-Cherry." 

Cerasus Padus, DC. 
Padus germanica, Borck. 
P. racemosa, Lam. 

Var. aucubaefolia, Hort. 
Var. aurea. 
Var. flore pleno. 
Var. leucocarpa. 
Var. pendula. 
Var. pubescens. 

Var. rotundifolia, Hort. 
P. laucheana, Bolle. 
Var. sibirica parviflora. 
Var. stricta, Hort. 


P. serotina, Ehrh. ; Sargent Silva of North America 1. 159. 
United States. " Rum Cherry, Wild Black Cherry." 

P. cartilaginea, Lehm. 
Padus cartilaginea, Roem. 
P. serotina, Agardh. 

Var. asplenifolia. 

Var. pendula. 

Padus serotina pendula, Hort. 

Var. salicifolia, Koehne. Southern United States, 
Mexico, Peru. " Capollin." 

P. Capuli, Cav. 

P. copallina, Hort. 

P. salicifolia, H. B. K. 

Cerasus Capollin, DC. 

C. Capuli, Ser. ; Lavall. Arbor. Segrez. t. xxxiv. 

Padus capulinos, Hort. 

P. Ssiori, F. Schmidt. Sachalin. 

P.|virginiana, L. ; Sargent Silva of North America t. 158. 
United States. " Choke Cherry." 

P. rubra, Ait. 
Pad us oblonga, Moench. 
P. serotina, Roem. 
Cerasus micrantha, Spach. 
C. virginiana, Loisel. 

Var. asplenifolia. 

Var. nana monstrosa, Hort. 


*P.? caroliniana, Ait.\ Sargent Silva of North America 
t. 160. Southern United States. "Wild Orange, 
Mock Orange." 


*P. caroliniana cont. 

P. serratifolia, Marsh. 

Cerasus caroliniana, Michx. ; Loud. Arbor, ii. 720. 

f. 423. 

Laurocerasus caroliniana, Roem. 
Padus. caroliniana, Hort. 

*P. ilicifolia, Walj). ; Sargent Silva of North America 
t. 16^. Western United States. " Islay, Spanish 
Wild Cherry." 

Cerasus ilicifolia, Nutt. ; Paxt. Fl. Gard. iii. 44, f. 254. 

Laurocerasus ilicifolia, Roem. 

*Var. integrifolia, Sudiv. ; Sargent Silva of North 
America t. 163. " Catalina Cherry." 

P. occidentalis, Hort, (not Sw.). 

P. Laurocerasus, L. ; Bentl. & Trim. Med. PL t. 98. East 
Europe, Orient. " Cherry Laurel." 

Cerasus Laurocerasus, Loisel. 
Padus Laurocerasus, Mill. 

Yar. angustifolia. 
Var. Bernhardti. 

Var. camelliaefolia. 

Var. caucasica. Gard. Chron. 1889, v. 620, f. 

Var. colchica. Gard. Chron. 1889, v. 620, f. 

Var. compacta. 

Var. foliis variegatis. 

Var. latifolia. 

Var. Otinii. 

Var. parvifolia. 

Hartogia capensis, Hort. 


P. Laurocerasus cont. 
Var. pyramidalis. 
Var. rotundifolia. 
Var. salicifolia.. 
Var. schipkaensis. 
Var. serbica. 
Var. versaillensis. 

P.! lusitanica, L. /. Spain and Portugal. '* Portugal 


Cerasus lusitanica, Loisel. 
Padus eglandulosa, Moench. 
P. lusitanica, Borck. 

Var. azorica. 
Var. coriacea. 
Var. myrtifolia. 
Var. ormstoniensis. 
Var. variegata. 

Nuttallia cerasiformis, Torr. & Bray ; Gard. Ckron. 1883, 
xix. 309, f. 44. California. " Oso Berry." 

Prunus californica, Hort. 

Spiraea acutifolia, Willd. Origin uncertain. 

8. JAitchisoni, Hemsl. ; Gard. Chroii. 1900, xxTiii. 254, 
f. 75. Afghanistan. 

Sorbaria Aitchisoni, Hemsl. 
8. albiflora x pachystachys. 

8. alpina, Pall. PI. Rossica i. 35, t. 20. North-eastern 


S. arguta, Zabel. Garden origin. 
S. multinora alba, Hort. 

S. assimilis, Zabel. (betulifolia x pumila). 

S. bella, Sims Bot. Mag. t. 2426. Temperate Himalaya. 
S. amoena, Hort. 
S. callosa indica, Hort. 
S. Hookeri, Hort. 
S. ovata, Hort. 

8. betulifolia, Pall. Fl. Ross. i. t. 16. Northern Hemi- 

S. betulifolia var. rosea. 

S. chamaedrifolia var. betulifolia, Loud. Arb. et Frut. 
Brit. li. 725. 

S. splendens, Hort. 

S. blanda, Zabel. (cantoniensis x pubescens). 
S. arctica, Hort. 

S. Blumei, D. Don. ; Belgique Horticole 1858, 129, t. China 
and Japan. 

S. chamaedrifolia, Blume (not L.). 
S. rupestris, Sieb. 

S. brachybotrys, Lange (canescens x Douglasi). Garden 

S. luxuriosa, Lavall. 
S. pruinosa, Kirchn. 

S. bracteata, Zabel. Garten-Zeitung 1886, 21, f. ; Bot. Mag. 
t. 7429. Japan. 

S. nipponica, Maxim. 

S. rotundifolia alba, Hort. 

S. brumalis, Lange. Garden origin. 
S. vaccinifolia, Hort. (not D. Don). 


S. bullata, Maxim. Gardener's Magazine, July 31,|1886, 

446. Japan. 
S. crispifolia, Hort. 

S. caespitosa, Nutt. Rocky Mountains. 
Petrophyton caespitosum, Rydb. 

S. cana, Waldst. & Kit. Eastern Europe. 
S. hypericifolia, Hort. (not L.). 
S. regeliana, Hort. (not C. Koch). 

S. canescens, D. Don. Himalaya. 
S. argentea, Hort. 
S. cuneata, Hort. 
S. cuneifolia, Wall. 
S. cuneifolia glauca, Hort. 
S. dahurica, Hort. 

S. decumbens, Hort. (not W. Koch). 
S. flagellaris, Hort. 
S. flagelliformis, Hort. 
S. hypericifolia crenata, Hort. 
S. indica, Hort. 
S. lanata, Hort. 
S. myrtifolia, Hort. 
S. nepalensis, Hort. 
S. nivea, Hort. 
S. nutans, Royle. 
S. ovalifolia, 
S. rhamnifolia, 
S. rhonibifolia, Hort. 
S. rotund if olia, Lindl 
S. ruscifolia. 
S. serrata, 

S. serratifolia, Hort. 
S. Standishi, Hor^. 
S. vaccinifolia, Hort. (in part). 


8. cantoniensis, Lour. China, Japan, and Himalaya. 
S. corymbosa, Roxb. 
S. japonica, Sieb. (not L. /.). 
S. lanceolata, Poir. 
S. reevesiana, Lindl. Bot. Reg. xxx. t. 10. 

Var. flore pleno. 

S.'chamaedrifolia, L. ; Bot. Reg. xv. t. 1222. Europe, &c. 
S. ceanothifolia, Tausch. 
S. rothomagensis, Hort. 
S. ulmifolia, Scop. 

Var. flexuosa, Maxim. South Siberia, &c. 
S. flexuosa, Fisch. 

Var. Jakobsenii. 
Var. subracemosa. 

S. conferta, Zabel (cana x crenata). Garden origin. 
S. savranica, Hort. 

S. conspicua, Zabel. Garden hybrid. 

S. corymbosa, Rafin. ; Lodd. Bot. Cab. t. 671. United States. 
S. crataegifolia, Link. 

S. crenata, L. Lodd. Bot. Cab. 1. 1252. Eastern Europe, c. 
S. crenifolia, C. A. Meyer. 

S. dasyantha, Bunge. China. 
S. chinensis, Maxim. 
S. pubescens, Lindl. Bot. Reg. 1847 t. 38. 

8. decumbens, W. Koch ; Gard. Chron. 1879, xi. 7f>2, 
f. 108. Europe. 

S. procumbens, Hort. 


S. decumbens cont. 

Var. tomentosa, Poech. Tyrol, &c. 

S. decumbens var. bellunensis, Bizzozero. 

S. Hacqueti, Fenzl. 

S. lancifolia, Hoffmansegg. 

S. pubescens, Hort. (not Turcz.). 

S. discolor, Pursh. North-west America. 
S. ariaefolia, Smith ; Bot. Reg. t. 1365. 

Var. dumosa, S. Watson. California. 
S. dumosa, Nutt. 
S. Boursieri, Carr. Rev. Hort. 1859, 519, . 108. 

S.JDouglasi, Hook. Bot. Mag. t. 5151. North-west America. 
S. tomentosa argentea, Hort. 

S. Douglas! x super ba. Garden origin. 

S/expansa, Wall. Himalaya. 
S. kumaonensis, Hort. 

8. Fontanesii, Billiard, (canescens x salicifolia). 
S. gemmata, Zabel. China. 

S. Henryi, Hemsl. Journ. Linn. Soc. xxiii. t. 6. Central 

S. hypericifolia, L. Northern Hemisphere. 
S. thalictroides, Pall. 

S. inflexa, C. Koch, (crenata x mollis). 

S. intermedia, Lemoine (japonica alba x Douglasii). 

S. japonica, L. f. India, China, and Japan. 
S. bellioides, Hort. 
S. callosa, Thunb. 
S. Fortunei, Planch. ; Bot. Mag. t, 5164. 


S. japonica cont. 

Var. alba. 

S. albiflora, Miquel. 
S. callosa flore albo. 
S. lanceolata, Hort. (not Poir.). 

Var. Bumalda. 

S. Bumalda, Hort. ; Revue de 1'Hort. Beige 1891, 
xvii. 12. 

Var. Froebelii. 

Var. glabrata, Nichols. 
S. glabrata, Lange. 

Var. macrophylla, Zabel. 

S. Fortune! macrophylla, Hort. 

Var. ruberrima. 

S. ruberrima, 0. Koch. 

Var. superba. 

S. callosa superba, Hort. 

S. laevigata, L. Siberia, &c 
Sibiraea laevigata, Maxim. 

S. lindleyana, Wall. ; Bot. Reg. xxxi. 33. Himalaya, &c. 
Sorbaria lindleyana, Maxim. 

S. longigemmis, Maxim. ; Garden and Forest 1894, 345, 
f. 56. China. 

S. Margaritas, Zabel. (japonica x superba). 

S. media, F. Schmidt. Europe, <fec. 
S. confusa, Reg. & Korn. 
S. oblongifolia, Waldst. 

Var. glabrescens, Zdbel. 


S. Menziesii, Hook. North-western America. 

Var. angustifolia, Zabel. 

Var. Billiardii, Hort. 

Var. eximia, Hort. 

Var. lenneana, Hort. 

Var. macrothyrsa, ZabeL 

Var. ovalifolia, Zabel. 

Var pseudo-Douglasii, ZabeL 

Var. triumphans, Hort. 
S. microthyrsa, Zabel. (salicifolia x media). 

S. Millefolium, Torr. ; Garden and Forest 1889, 509, f. 137 ; 
Bot. Mag. t. 7810. California, &c. 

S. mongolica, Maxim. Mongolia and China. 
S. nivea, Hort. (canescens x expansa). 
Var. albo-carnea. 

S. nobleana, Hook. Bot. Mag. t. 5169. California. 
S. californica, Hort. 
S. paniculata rosea, Hort. 
S. sanssouciana, C. Koch. 
S. syringiflora, Hort. 

S. notha, ZabeL (corymbosa x latifolia). 
Var. supercorymbosa. 
Var. superlatifolia. 

S. pikoviensis, Besser. (crenata x media). 
S. Nicoudierti, Bosc. 

8. prunifolia, Sieb & Zucc. China and Japan. 
Var. flore pleno. Fl. Jap. t. 70. 


S. pubescens, Turcz. ;j[Garden"[ and Forest 1888, 331, f. 
China, &c. 

S. chinensis, Hort. 
S. pulchella, Kunze. (bella x expansa). 

S. revirescens, Zcibel. (expansa x japonica). 
Var. parviflora, Zcibel. 

S. salicifolia, L. Eastern Europe to Japan. 
Var. floribus albis. 
Var. floribus roseis. 
Var. latifolia, Zcibel. 

S. carpinifolia, Willd. 

S. latifolia, Borkh. 
Var. paniculata, Maxim. North America. 

S. alba, Du Roi ; Gard. Chron. 1 879, xi. 753, f . 109. 

S. lanceolata, Borkh. 
Var. minor. 

S. Schinabecki, Zcibel (chamaedrifolia x trilobata). Garden 

S. semperflorens, Hort. (japonica x salicifolia). 

S. sorbifolia, L. \ Bailey Cyclopedia of Amer. Horticulture 
iv. 1686, f. Himalaya to Japan, &c. 

S. floribunda, Hort. 
S. Foxii, Hort. 
S. Pallasi, Hort. 
S. pinnata, Michx. 
Sorbaria sorbifolia, A. Br. 

S. Thunbergi, Siel & Zucc. Fl. Jap. t. 69. China and Japan. 
S. Thompsoni, Hort. 

S. tomentosa, L. ; Britt. & Br. Illustr. Fl. ii. 196, f . United 
States. '* Hardhack, Steeple-Bush." 


S. trilobata, L.; Garden and Forest 1888, 452, f. 71. 
North Asia. 

S. crenata var. sublobata, Reg el. 

S. hypericifolia trilobata, Hort. 

S. rupestris, Hort. (not Sieb.). 

S. thalictroides, Hort. (not L.). 
S. tristis, Zabel. Origin unknown. 

S. Ho^keri, Hort. 

S. vaccinifolia, D. Don. Himalaya. 
S. laxiflora, Lindl. 
S. venustulus. Kit. & Bouche. 

S. Van Houttei, Briot. (cantoniensis x trilobata). Garden 
and Forest 1889, 317, f. Garden origin. 

Neillia amurensis, Benth & Hook. Amurland, <fec. 
Physocarpus amurensis, Maxim. 
Spiraea amurensis, Maxim. 

N. capitata, Greene. California. 

Physocarpus capitatus, O. Kuntze. 

Spiraea capitata, Pursh. 

S. opulifolia var. raollis, Hook. 

N. malvacea, Greene. Rocky Mountains, &c. 
N. Torreyi, Hook f. Bot. Mag. t. 7758. 

N. opulifolia, Benth. & Hook. North America. " Nine- 

Physocarpus opulifolius, Maxim. 

Spiraea opulifolia, L. ; Loud. Arb. et Frut. ii. 723, 
f . 427-8. 

Var. inebrians. 

Physocarpus opulifolius var. inebrianp, Zabel. 

Spiraea inebrians, Hort. 
Var. lutea. 


N. sinensis, HemsL ; Hook. Icon. Plant, t. 1540. Central 

N.lthyrsiflora, D. Don ; Rev. Hort. 1888, 416, f. 95-96. 

N. Torreyi, S. Watson ; Garden and Forest 1889, 4, f. 84. 

Physocarpus monogynus, Coulter. 

P. Torreyi, Maxim. 

P. pauciflorus, Zabel. 

Spiraea monogyna, Torr. 

S. opulifolia var. pauciflora, Torr & Gray. 

Stephanandra flexuosa, Sieb <k Zucc. China and Japan. 
Spiraea incisa, Thurib. 
Stephanandra incisa, Zabel. 

S. Tanakae, Franch. & Sav. ; Bot. Mag. t. 7593. Japan. 
Neillia Tanakae, Franch. & Sav. 

Exochorda grandiflora, Lindl. ; Garden February 24, 1877, 
col. plate. China. 

Amelanchier racemosa, Lindl. 

Spiraea grandiflora, Hook. Bot. Mag. t. 4765. 

E. Alberti, Regel. Descr. PL Nov. fasc. ix. 1. 13. Turkestan. 
E. Korolkowi, Lavall. 
Albertia simplicifolia, Regel. 

Kerria japonica, DC. ; Bot. Reg. t. 1873. China. 
Corchorus japonicus, Thunb. 

Var. flore pleno, Bot. Mag. t. 1296. 
Yar. foliis argenteis variegatis. 
Var. foliis aureis variegatis. 

Rhodotypos kerrioides, Sieb & Zucc. ; Bot. Mag. t. 5805. 
China and Japan. 


Neviusia alabamensis, A. Gray ; Bot. Mag. fc. 6806. Ala- 

*Quillaja Saponaria, Molini ; Rev. Hort. 1873, 253, f. 27. 

*Eucryphia Billardieri, Spach var. Milligani, Hook. f. Bot. 
Mag. t. 7200. Tasmania. 

*E. cordifolia, Cav. ; Gard. Chron. 1897, xxii. 247, f . Chili. 
E. pinnatifolia, Gay ; Bot. Mag. t, 7067. Chili. 

Eubus affinis, Weihe <k Nees Die Deutschen Brombeer- 
str. t. 3. Europe. 

E. Arrhenii, Lange. Europe. 

*E. australis, Forst. ; Hook. f. Flora of New Zealand, i. 
t. 14. New Zealand. " Tataramoa." 

E. balfourianus, Blox. Europe. 

E. Bellardi, Weihe var. dentatus. Europe. 

E. biflorus, Buchan. Temperate Himalaya. 

E. Bloxami, Lees. Europe. 

E. boraeanus, Genev. Europe. 

E. Borreri, Salter var. dentatifolius, Briggs. Europe. 

E. caesius, L. ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 456. Europe. " Dew- 

E. calvatus, Blox. Europe. 

E. canadensis, L. ; Britt. & Br. Illustr. Fl. ii. 205, f. North 
America. "Low Blackberry." 

E. chroosepalus, Focke ; Hook. Icon. Plant. 1. 1952. Central 


R. cinerosus, Rogers. Britain. 

R. pulcherrimus var. setosus, A. Ley. 
R. Colemani, Blox. Europe. 

R. cordifolius, Bab. (not Waldst. <k Kit.). Europe. 
R. coreanus, Miq. China and Corea. 
R. corylifolius, Sm. ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 4 r >5. Europe. 
R. crataegifolius, Bunge. North-east Asia and Japan. 
R. cuneifolius, E. Merc, (not Pursh). Europe. 
R. deliciosus, James ; Bot. Mag. t. 6062. Rocky Mountains. 

R. dumetorum, Wei he & Nees Die Deutsch. Brombeerstr. 
t. 45a. Europe. 

R. dumnoniensis, Bab. Britain (Devonshire). 

R. echinatus, Lindl. Europe. 

R. rudis, Bab. (not Weihe Nees). 

R. erythrinus, Genev. Europe. 
R. exsecatus, Muell. Europe. 

R. foliosus, Weihe & Nees Die Deutsch. Brombeerstr. t. 28. 


R. derasus, Lej. & Muell. 
R. flexuosus, P. J. Muell. 
R. Guentheri, Bab. 
R. saltuum, Focke. 

R. fuscus, Weihe & Nees. Europe. 

R. glandulosus, Bell. ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 454. Europe. 
R. griffithianus, Rogers. Britain. 

R. Henryi, Hemsl. ; Hook. Jcon. Plant, t. 1705. Central 

R. hispidus, L, : Britt. & Br. Illustr. Fl. ii. 203, f. North 

R. obovalis, Michx. 
12i:,9 I 


R. horridus, Schultz. Europe. 

R. dumetorum var. ferox, Weihe & Nees. 

R. hystrix, Weihe & Nees Die Deutsch. Brombeerstr. t. 41. 

R. ichangensis, Hemsl. & Kuntze. Central China. 

R. Idaeus, L. ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 442. Europe, West Asia. 
" Wild Raspberry." 

Var. Leesii, Bab. ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 443. South-west 

R. imbricatus, F. Horl. Britain. 
R. innominatus, S. Moore. China. 
R. insularis, F. Aresch. Scandinavia. 
R. irenaeus, Focke. Central China. 

R. Koehleri, Weihe & Nees ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 453. 

R. kuntzeanus, Hemsl. Central China. 

R. laciniatus, Willd. ; Journal of Horticulture, December 
20, 1883, 533, f. 105. Garden origin. 

R. laciniatus elegans, Hort. 
R. laciniatus minor, Hort. 
R. Quintlandii, Hort. 

R. lasiostylus, Focke ; Hook. Ic. PI. t. 1951. China. 

R. lentiginosus, Lees. Europe. 
R. cambricus, Focke. 

R. leucodermis, Dougl. North-west America. 
R. leucostachys, Sm. ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 448. Europe. 
Var. gymnostachys, Genev. 

R. macrothyrsos, J. Lange. 

R. macrothyrsus, N. E. Brown. 

R. lindleyanus, Lees. Britain. 

12159 I 2 


R. longithyrsiger, Lees. Britain. 
R. pyramidalis, Bab. 

R. macrophyllus, Weihe & Nees ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 450. 
R. macrostemon, Focke. Germany. 

R. melanolasius, Focke ; Neub. Gart Magaz. 1899, 14. North 

R. mercicus, Bagnall var. chrysoxylon, Rogers. Wales. 

R. micans, Gren. & Godr. Europe. 
R. adscitus, Genev. 

R. morifolius, Sieb. Japan. 

R. mucronatus, Blox. Britain. 

R. mucroiiulatus, Syme Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 451. 

R. mutabilis, Genev. Europe. 

R. neglectus, Peck; Britton & Brown Illustr. Flora, ii. 201, 
f. United States. 

R. nobilis, Regel. (odoratus x Idaeus). Garden origin. 
R. nepalensis, Hort. 

R. nutans, Wall. ; Bot. Mag. t, 5023. Himalaya. 

R. nutkanus, Mof. ; Bot. Mag. t. 3543. North America. 
" Salmon-berry." 

R. occidentalis, L. ; Loud. Arb. et Frut. ii. 736, f . 45.1 . 
North-west America. " Thimble-berry." 

Var. albus. 

R. odoratus, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 323. North America. 

" Purple-nowering Raspberry." 

R. opacus, Foclic. Europe. 

R. pallidus, We-ihc & New. Europe. 


R. palmatus, Thunb. ; Bot. Mag. t. 7801. Japan, China. 
R. coptophyllus, A. Gray. 
R. incisus, Hort. (not Thunb.). 

R. Parkeri, Hance. East and Central China. 

R. parvifolius, L. China and Japan. 
R. chinensis, Thunb. 
R. purpureus, Bunge. 
R. triphyllus, Thunb. 

R. phoenicolasius, Maxim. ; Bot. Mag. t. 8179. China and 

R. pileatus, Focke. Central China. 
R. Playfairii, Hemsl. Central China. 
R. pubescens, Auct. Angl. Britain. 
R. pulcherrimus, Neuman. Europe. 
R. Purchasi, Blox. Britain. 

R. Raduia, Weihe ; Eng Bot. ed. 3, t, -452. Europe. 
R. melanoxylon, Bloxam. 

Var. anglicanus, Rogers. 
R. ramosus, Blox. Britain. 

R. rhamnifolius, Weihe & Nees ; Eng. Bot, ed. 3, t, 446. 

Var. flore pleno. 
R. rhenanus, Muell. Europe. 

R. scaber, Weihe & Nees Die Deutsch. Brombeerstr. t. 32. 

R. silvaticus, Weihe & Nees Die Deutsch. Brombeerstr. 
t. 15. Europe. 

*R. sorbifolius, Maxim. China, &c. 

R. spectabilis, Pursh ; Bot. Reg. t. 1424. California, &c. 


R. spectabilis x Idaeus. Garden hybrid. 

R. Sprengelii, Weihe & Nees Die Deutschen Brombeerstr. 
t. 10. Europe. 

R. strigosus, Michx. ; Britt. & Br. Illustr. Fl. ii. 200, f. 
North America. " Wild Red Raspberry." 

R. suberectus, Anders. ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 444. Europe. 

R. thyrsiflorus, Weihe & Nees Die Deutsch. Brombeerstr. 
t. 34. Europe. 

R. thyrsiger, Bab. Britain. 
R. thyrsoideus, Wimm. Europe. 
Var. flore pleno. 

R. rosaeflorus coronarius, Hart. 

R. fruticosus albus, Sort. 

R. tomentosus, Borck. Europe. 

R. triflorus, Richards. ; Hook. Fl. Bor. Amer. t 62. North 


R. americanus, Britton ; Britt. & Br. Illusir. Fl. ii. 
201, f. 

R. trivialis, Michx. ; Britton & Brown Illustr. Flora ii. 204, 
f . United States. " Low Bush Blackberry." 

R. ulmifolius, Schott. Europe. 
R. dalmaticus, Guss. 
R. discolor, Bab. (not Weihe & Nees). 
R. rusticanus, Merc. ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 447. 

Var. flore pleno. 

R. bellidinorus, 0. Koch. 
Var, foliis variegatis. 
Var. inermis. 

R. inermis, Hort. 
Var. leucocarpus. 

R. fruticosus, L. var. leucocarpus, Ser. 

R. ursinus, Cham. & Schlecht. North America. 

E. villicaulis, Weihe & Nees Die Deutsch. Brombeerstr. 
t. 17. Europe. 

Var. elegans. 

Var. Selmeri, Rogers. Europe. 
R. affinis, Blox. 
R. Selmeri, Lindeb. 

R. villosus, Ait. ; Britt. & Br. Illustr. Fl. ii. 202, f. North 
America. " High Blackberry." 

Var. flore pleno. 
R. xanthocarpus, Bur. & Franch. North China. 

Purshia tridentata, DC. ; Bot. Reg. t. 1446. North-west 

*Chamaebatia foliolosa, Benth. ; Bot. Mag. t. 5171. Cali- 

Cercocarpus ledifolius, Nutt. ; Hook. Ic. Plant, t. 32 i 
Western North America. " Mountain Mahogany." 

Var. angustifolius. 
*C. parvifolius, Nutt. California. 

Cowania mexicana x Purshia tridentata. 

Dryas octopetala, L. ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 460. Arctic and 
alpine regions of North Temperate Zone. " Mountain 

Var. Drummondi, S. Watson. North America. 
D. Drummondi, Hook. ; Bot. Mag. t. 2972. 


*Fallugia paradoxa, Endl. ; Pot. Mag. t. 6660. California, 

F. mexicana, Walp. 
Sieversia paradora, D. Don. 

Potentilla davurica, Nestl. China, &c. 
P. glabra, Lodd. Bot. Cab. t. 914. 
P. fruticosa var. davurica, Lehm. 

P. Friedrichseni, Spdth. (davurica x fruticosa). Garden 

P. fruticosa, L. ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 436. Northern Hemi- 

P. floribnnda, Pursh. 
P. micrandra, Kcehn?. Origin uncertain. 

P. salesoviana, Steph. ; Bot. Mag. t, 7258. Siberia, &c. 
Comarum Salessowii, JBunge. 

*Margyricarpus setosus, Ritiz & Par. Chili, &c. 

Rosa acicularis, Lindl. Monogr. t. 8. Siberia, &c. 
R. carelica, Fries. 

Var. nipponensis, Hook.f. Bot. Mag. t. 7646. Japan. 
R. nipponensis, Crep. 

R. agrestis, Savi. Europe, &c. 

R. sepium, Thuill. ; Eng. Bot, ed. 3, t, 470. 

Var. belgradensis, Nichols. 
R. belgradensis, Panf. 

Var. inodora. 

R. inodora, Fries ; Flora Danica t. 2906. 


R. alba, L. (? canina x gallica). Andrews Roses t. 10. 
Europe, &c. 

Var. suaveolens, Dieck ; Gartenflora 1889, 128. 
R. Alberti, Hegel. Turkestan. 

R. alpina, L. ; Bot. Reg. t. 424. Europe. 
R. inermis, Mill. 
R. pendulina, L. 

Var. pyrenaica, Gouan ; Bot. Mag. t. 6724. 
R. alpina x indica. " Boursault Rose." 

R. anemonaeflora, Fortune. ( multiflora x laevigata ? ). 

R. arvensis, Huds. \ EngL Bot. ed. 3, t. 426. Europe. 
"Ayrshire Rose." 

R. repens, Scop. 
Var. Andersonii, Hort. 

Var. capreolata ; Bot. Mag. t. 2054. 
R. capreolata, Neill. 

Var. flore pleno. 
Var. variegata. 

*R. Banksiae, R. Br. China. " Banksian Rose." 
R. inermis, Roxb. 

Var. flore albo pleno ; Bot. Mag. t. 1954. 
Var. lutea ; Bot. Mag. t. 7171. 

R. beggeriana, Schrenk ; Linn. Soc. Journ. xix. t. 7 . Asia. 
R. afghanica, Hort. 
R. anserinaefolia, Boiss. 

Var. nigrescens. 
Var. Schrenki. 


R. blanda, Ait. North America. 

R. fraxinifolia, Borck. ; Bot. Reg. t, 458. 
R. lucida, Hort. (not Ehrh.}. 

Var. arkansana. Western United^ States. 
R. arkansana, Porter. 

"Var. Sayi. 

R. Sayi, Schwein. 

Var. setigera. 

Var. willmottiana, Baker. 

R. bourbonia, Roessig. (indica x gallica). Garden origin 

" Bourbon Rose." 
R. canina burboniana, Red. Les Roses iii. t. 105. 

*R. bracteata, Wendl. ; Bot. Mag. t. 1377. China. " Ma- 
cartney Rose." 

R. lucida, Lawr. Roses t. 84. 
R. macartnea, Hort. 

R. bracteata x laevigata. Garden origin. 
R. alba odorata, Hort. 
R. bracteata flcre pleno, Hort. 

R. byzantina, Dieck. Eastern Europe, &c. 

R. californica, Cham. & Schlecht. "Western North America- 
Var. flore pleno. 
Var. nana. 

Var. ultramontana. 

R. calocarpa, Andre, (rugosa x indica). 

R. rugosa calocarpa ; Rev. Hortic 1891, 129, f. 25 

R. canina, L. North Temperate Zone. " Dog-rose 
Var. Allionii, Eouy & Fouc. Alpes Maritimes. 

R. Allionii, Burnat & Gremli. 
Var. andegavensis, Baker. 

R. andegavensis, Bastard. 
Yar. arvatica, Baker. 
Var. Bakeri, Baker. 

R. Bakeri, Dcsegl. ; Engl. Bot. ed. 3, t. 47:5. 
Var. complicata. 

R. complicata, Gren. 

R. glauca var. complicata, H. Braun. 

R. Reuteri var. complicata, Christ. 
Var. coriifolia, Baker ; Engl. Bot. ed. 3, t. 472. 

R. coriifolia, Fries. 
Var. dumetorum, Baker. 

R. dumetorum, Thulll. 
Var. glauca, Desv. 

R. canina var. Reuteri, Baker. 

R. glauca, VilL 
Var. lutetiana, Baker. 

R. lutetiana, Leman. 
Var. obtusifolia. 

R. obtusifolia, Desv. 
Var. pruinosa, Baker. 
Var. Scheutzii. Scandinavia. 

R. mollis far. Scheutzii, R. Keller. 
Var. subcristata, Baker. 
Var. tomentella, Baker. 

R. tomentella, Leman. 
Var. urbica, Baker. 

R. dumetorum var. urbica, Christ. 

R. urbica, Leman. 


R. Carolina, L. ; Lindl. Monogr. t. 4.. North America. 
R. corymbosa, Ehrh. 
R. hudsoniana, Red. 
R. pennsylvanica, Michx. 

Var. nuttalliana. 

R. nuttalliana, Hort. 

R. cinnamomea, L. ; Lindl. Monogr. t. 5. North Temperate 

R. davurica, Pall. 
R. gorenkensis, Fisch. 
R. majalis, Herrm. 

Var. flore pleno. 

Var. glandulifolia, Crepin. 

Var. sibirica. 

R. damascena, Miller ; Red. Roses i. t. 137 (gallica x mos- 
chata ?). East Europe, Orient. " Damask Rose." 

Var. trigintipetala. 

R. gallica var. trigintipetala, Dieck ; Gard. Chron. 
1890, vii. 45, f. 8. 

Var. variegata. " York and Lancaster Rose." 

R. Duponti, Desegl. (gallica x rnoschata.). 

R. moschata var. nivea. ; Bot. Reg. t. 86] . 
R. nivea, Dupont (not DC). 

R. elymaitica, Boiss. Persia. 

R. Engelmannii, S. Wats. ; Garden and Forest 1889, 376, 
t. 121. Western North America. 

R. fedtschenkoana, Regel ; Bot. Mag. t. 7770. Turkestan. 
R. Fendlerii, Crep. New Mexico. 


E. ferox, Eieb. Cent. PI. Rar. t. 37 (not Ait.). Caucasus, &c. 
R. horrida, Fisch. 

B. foliolosa, Nutt.i Garden and Forest 1890, 101, f. 22. 
North America. 

*B. fortuneana, Lindl. ; Lindl. & Paxt. Fl. Gard. t. 171. 
China. (Banksiae x laevigata.) 

B. fulgida, Hort. (Gloire des Rosomanes). 

B. gallica, L. ; Bentl & Trim. Med. Plants t. 104. South 
and Central Europe. 

Yar. centifolia, Koehne. 

R. centifolia, L. ; Bentl. & Trim. Med. PL t, 105. 

Var. cuprea. 

Var. incarnata. 

R. incarnata, Hook.f. Bot. Mag. t. 7035 (not Mill.). 

Yar. maxima. 

Yar. muscosa. " Moss Rose." 
R. muscosa, Mill. 
R. provincialis muscosa ; Bot. Reg. t. 53. 

Yar. nana. 

Yar. pomponia. 

R. nana muscosa ; Andrews Roses t. 65. 
R. pomponia, DC. 

Yar. provincialis. " Provence Rose." 

R. provincialis, Mill. ; Andrews Roses t. 22. 

Yar. pumila, Braun. 

R. pumila, Jacq. FL Austr. ii. t. 1 98. 

Yar. versicolor, Sims Bot. Mag. t. 1794. 
R. Rosa-mundi, Eort. 

Yar. violacea. 


E. geminata, JRau (gallica x arvensis) Red. Les Roses ii. 
t. 83. Europe. 

R. hybrida, Schleich. 
*E. gigantea, Crep. ; Gard. Chron. 1889, vi. 13, f . 4. Burma, 

E. glutinosa, SiUh. & Sm. PL Graec. t, 482. Orient. 
R. dalmatica, Kerner. 

E. gymnocarpa, Nutt. ; Bot. Mex. Bound, t. 24 Western 
North America. 

Var. pisocarpa. 

R. pisocarpa, A. Gray ; Bot. Mag. t. 6857. 
R. pisiformis, Hort. 

E. Hardii, Celsfreres ; Gard. Chron. 1885, xxiv. 468, f. 101. 
(simplicifolia x involucrata.) 

E. hemisphaerica, Herrm. Persia and Asia Minor. 
R. glaucophylla, Ehrh. 
R. Rapinii, Boiss. 

R. sulphurea. Ait. ; Andrews Roses t. 01 ; Bot. Reg. 
t. 46. 

E. heterophylla, Cochet (rugosa alba x lutea) ; Journ. Soc. 
Nat. d'hort. France 1897, 778, f. 

E. hibernica, Sm. ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 463. (spinosissima x 
canina ?) England and Ireland. 

Var. glabra, Baker. 
Var. Grovesii, Baker. 

E. humilis, Marsh. ; Britt. &. Br. Illustr. Fl. ii. 231, f. 
North America. 

R. parviflora, Ehrh. 
R. microcarpa, Hort. 

Var. triloba ; Garden and Forest 1889, 77, f. 93. 


R. indica, L. (in part). China. " Monthly Rose." 
R. chinensis, Jacq.f. 
R. chinensis var. indica, Koehne. 

Var. fragrans, Red. Les Roses i. 61. 

R. indica odoratissima, Lindl. Bot. Reg. t. 804. 

Var. minima. " Fairy Rose." 

R. lawranceana, Sweet ; Bot. Reg. t. 538. 

R. semperflorens var. minima, Sims Bot. Mag. 
t. 1762. 

Var. monstrosa. 

R. sempervirens monstrosa, Hort. 

Var. sanguinea. " Crimson China Rose." 

Var. semperflorens. 

R. bengalensis, Pers. 

R. semperflorens, Curt. ; Bot. Mag. t. 284. 

*R. involucrata, Roxl. Bot. Reg. t. 739. India. 
R. clinophylla, Thory. 
R. Lyellii, Lindl. Monogr. t. 1. 
R. palustris, Hamilt. 

R. involuta, Sm. ; Eng. Bot. ed. 1, t. 2068. Europe. 
R. spinosissima x tomentosa ? 

Var. Sabini, Baker. 

R. Sabini, Woods ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 465. 

Var. Wilsoni, Baker, (spinosissima x mollis ?). 
R. Wilsoni, Borrer ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 464. 

R. Iwara, Sieb. (rugosa x multiflora). Japan. 

R. Jundzillii, Besser. Europe. 
R. trachyphylla, Ran. 


*R. laevigata, Michx. China. " Cherokee Rose." 
R. Camellia, Hort. 
R. camelliaefolia, Hort. 
R. cherokeensis, Donn. 
R. hystrix, Lindl. 
R. nivea, DC. 

R. sinica, Murr. ; Bot. Mag. t. 2847 ; Bot. Reg. t, 1922. 
R. ternata, Pair. 
R. triphylla, Hoxl). 

Var. Anemone. Rev. Hortic. 1901, 548. 
laevigata x inclica ? 

R. laxa, ^te. Siberia. 

*R. leschenaultiana, Thory & Red. India. 

R. lutea, Miller ; Bot. Mag. t. 363. Orient, " Austrian 

R. chlorophylla, Ehrh. 

R. Eglanteria, L. (in part.). 

R. foetida, Allioni. 

Var. tricolor, Bot, Mag. t, 1077. 
R. punicea, Miller. 

R. macrantha, Hort. (gallica x canina) Rev. Hortic. 1901, 
548, t. Europe. 

R. macrophylla, Lindl. Monogr. t. 6. Himalaya, China. 
R. Malyi, Kerner. Tyrol, (alpina x spinosissima ?) 
R. micrantha, Sm. ; Eng. Bot. eel. 3, t. 469. Europe. 
Var. Briggsi, Baker. South of England. 

R. microphylla, Koxb. ; Bot. Mag. t. 6548. China. 
R. chlorocarpa, Rgel. 

Var. flore pleno. 

R. mollis, Sm. Europe. 

R. ciliato-petala, Besser. 
R. mollissima, Fries. ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 466. 
R. villosa, L. (in part). 
Var. albo-vittata. 

R. moschata, Herrm. ; South Europe to India. " Musk 

R. Brownii, Spreng. 

R. Brunonii, Lindl. ; Bot. Mag. t, 4030. 

R. Brunonis, Wall. 

Yar. flore pleno. 

Var, Pissarti. Persia. 

R. Pissarti, Carr. Rev. Hortic. 1880, 314, 5. 
R. Pissardi, Carr. 
R. Nasturana, Christ. 

R. multiflora, Thunb. ; Bot. Mag. t. 7119. China and Japan. 
R. dubia, Carr. Rev. Hortic. 1868, 269. 
R. intermedia, Carr. Rev. Hortic. 1868, 270, ff. 29, 30. 
R. polyantha, Sieb, & Zucc. 
R. simplex, Hort. 

Var. flore pleno. 

Var. Thunbergii, Hort. 

R. multiflora x indica. Garden origin. 

R. polyantha, Hort. (not Sieb. & Zucc.). 

R. multiflora x moschata. Garden origin. 
R. polyantha grandiflora, Hort. 

R. nitida, Willd. ; Lindl. Monogr. t. 2. North America. 

R. noisettiana, Red. (indica x moschata). Redoute Roses 
ii. 77. Garden origin. "Noisette Rose." 

R. floribunda, Andrews. 


R. nutkana, Presl ; Garden and Forest 1838, 449. North 
America. " Wasatch Rose." 

R. parviflora, Ehrh. ; Bot. Reg. t. 452. Garden origin. 
" Rose de Meaux." 

R. burgundica, Rossig ; Redoute Roses t. 133. 
R. remensis, Desf. 

R. pendulina, L. (spinosissima x alpina). Europe. 
R. gentilis, Sterrib. 
R. reversa, Waldst. & Kit. 
R. rubella, Sm. Eng. Bot, ed. 3, t. 462. 
R. stricta, Mulil. 

R. phoenicea, Buiss. Orient. 

R. pomifera, Herrm. ; Bot. Mag. t. 7241. Gard Chron. 
1886, xxv. 237, f. 45. Europe. " Apple Rose." 

R. macrocarpa, Hort. 

R. villosa var. pomifera, Desv. 

R. rubiginosa, L. ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 468. Europ9. 
" Eglantine or Sweet Briar." 

R. Eglanteria, Miller (not L.}. 
R. suaveolens, Pursli. 

Var. major. 

R. rubrifolia, Vill. ; Bot. Reg. t. 430. Mountains of Europe. 
R. ferruginea, Hurt. 
R. pyrenaica, Hort. (not Gouan.). 
R. romana, Hort. 
R. rubicunda, Hall. f. 

R. ruga, Lindl. Bot. Reg. t. 1389. (arvensis x indica). 
Garden origin. 

12159 K 


R. rugosa, Thurib. Japan. 

R. Andreae, Lange. 

R. ferox, Lawr. ; Bot. Reg. t. 420. 

R. regeliana, Linden & Andre. 
Var. alba, Garden May 13, 1876. 
Var. flore pleno. 
Var. floribunda. 
Var. glabriuscula. 

Var. kamchatica. 

R. kamchatica, Vent. ; Bot. Reg. t. 419. 

R. rugosa x General Jacqueminot. (Mrs. Anthony Waterer). 
R. sancta, A. Rich. Abyssinia. 

*R. sempervirens, L. ; Bot. Reg. t. 465. South Europe, &c. 
R. longicuspis, Bert. 
R. prostrata, DO. 
R. scandens, Mill. 

R. Seraphini, Viviani ; Bot. Mag. t. 7761. Corsica, Sar- 
dinia, &c. 

R. apennina, Woods. 

R. cretica var. Seraphini, Wallr. 

R. parvifolia, Sanguin. 

R. sericea, Lindl. Monogr. t. 12. India. 
R. tetrapetala, Royle. 

R. setigera, Michx. North America. " Prairie Rose." 
R. rubifolia, R. Br. ; Lindl. Monogr. t. 15. 

12159 K 2 


*R. simplicifolia, Salisb. ; Gard. Chron. 1885, xxiv. f. 100. 

R. berberifolia, Pall. ; Bot. Mag. t. 7096. 
R. persica, Otto Knnze. 
Hultheimia berberifolia, Dum. 
Lowea berberifolia, Lindl. 

R. spinosissima, L. ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 461. Europe and 
Siberia. " Scotch or Buriiet Rose." 

R. pimpinellifolia, L. 
R. scotica, Mill. 

Var. altaica. 

R. altaica, Willd. 

R. grandiflora, Lindl. Bot. Reg. t. 888. 

R. cistiflora, Hort. 

Var. flore luteo pleno. 
Var. fulgens, Hort. 

Var. Harrisoni. 

R. lutea Harrisoni, Hort. 
Var. hispida. 

R. hispida, Sims. Bot. Mag. t. 1570. 

R. lutescens, Pursh ; Lindl. Monogr. t. 9. 

R. spinosissima luteola, Andrews Roses ii. t. 12X. 
Var. lutea. 

R. ochroleuca, Hort. (not Waits.). 
Var. myriacantha. 

R. myriacantha, DC. ; Lindl. Monogr. t. 10. 
Var. penicillata, Hort. 
Var. picta, Hort. 

Var. rubra. Andrews Roses t. 124. 
Var. venulosa, Hort. 


E. spinulifolia, Dematra ; Red. Les Roses t. 7. Switzerland. 
R. alpina x tomentosa. 

R. stylosa, Desv. var. evanida, Christ. South England. 
C. canina x arvensis ? 

R. tomentosa, Sm. ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 467, Europe. 

Var. dimorpha. 

R. dimorpha, Besser. 

Var. scabriuscula, Bafor. 
Var. sylvestris, Lindl. 
Var. woodsiana, Groves. 

R. virginiana, Mill. Eastern United States. 
R. lucida, Elirli. ; Red. Les Roses i. 45, t. 

Var. alba. 

Var. flore pleno. 

R. Rapa, Bosc ; Red. Les Roses ii. 7. 

R. watsoniana, Orep. ; Garden and Forest 1890, 477, t. 59. 

R. webbiana, Wall. ; Royle Illustr. t. 42. Himalaya. 

R. wichuraiana, Crep. ; Garden and Forest. 1891, 569. f. 
China and Japan. 

R. Luciae, Hook.f. Bot. Mag. t. 7421. 

R. wichuraiana rubra, Hort. (wichuraiana x Crimson 
Rambler) Rev. Hortic. 1901, 20, t. 

R. xanthina, Lindl. ; Bot. Mag. t. 7666. Persia, Afghan- 
istan, &c. 

R. Ecae, Ait-ch. d: Hctnsl. Joura. Linn. Soc. xix. t. 8. 
R, platyacantha, Srhrenk. 



Pyrus amygdaliformis, Vill. South Europe, &c. 
P. cuneifolia, Guss. 
P. eriopleura, Reichb. 

P. nivalis, Lindl. Bot. Reg. t. 1484 (not Jacquin). 
P. oblongifolia, Spach. 
P. parviflora, Desf. 
P. pyraina, Hafin. 
P. salicifolia, Hort. 

Var. oblongifolia. 

P. oblongifolia, Spach. 

P.[auricularis, Knoop. (Aria x communis). Europe. 
P. bollwylleriana, DC. 
P. irregularis, Moeneh. 
P. Pollveria, L. ; Locld. Cab. t. 1009. 
P. pollvilleriana, Poctrph. 
P. pollwylleriana, Decne. 
P. tomentosa. Moeneh. 
Lazarolus Pollverii, Medic. 

P. Balansae, Decne. Jard. Fruit, du Museum t. 6. Persia. 

P. betulaefolia, Bunge ; Jard. Fruit, du Museum t. xx. 
China and Japan. 

P. canescens, Spach ; Jard. Fruit, du Museum t. xix. 

Origin uncertain. 

P. communis, L. ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 488. Europe, Aeia. 

" Wild Pear." 
P. scandinavica, Hort. 
Var. cotinifolia. 
Var. fascicularis. 
Var. jaspidea. 
Var. pendula. 

P. cordata, Desv. ; Jard. Fruit, du Museum t. iii. Europe, 

P. boissieriana, Biihse. 

P. communis var. azarolifera, Durieu. 

P. communis var. Briggsii, Boswell. 

P. elaeagrifolia, PalL ; Decne. Jard. Fruit, du Museum 
t. 17. Caucasus, Asia Minor. 

P. communis var. elaeagrifolia, Hort. 
i*. pubesceris, Hort. 

P. glabra, Boiss. Persia. 

P. syriaca var. glabra, Wenzig. 

P. heterophylla, Regel & Schmal. ; Gard. Chron. 1890, vii. 
115. Asia. 

Var. Koopmannii. 

P. longipes, Ooss. & Durieu ; Jard. Fruit, du Museum 
t. iv. Algeria. 

P. malifolia, Spach ; Jard. Fruit, du Museum t. xxxii. 
Hybrid origin. 

P. Michauxi, Bosc ; Jard. Fruit, du Museum t. 16. Asia ? 
P. persica, Hort. (not Pers.). 
P. praecox, Hort. 

P. nivalis, Jacq. ; Jard. Fruit, du Museum t. xxi. Levant, 

P. salvifolia, DC. ; Bot. Reg. t. 1482. 

Var. variegata. 

P. Pashia, Buch.-Ham. ; Jard. Fruit, du Museum t. vh. 

P. nepalensis, Hurt. 
P. variolosa, Wall. 


P. salicifolia, L. Jard. Fruit, du Museum t. xii. Levant. 
P. orientalis, Hart. 

Var. pendula. 

P. sinaica, Thouin ; Jard. Fruit, du Museum t. xv. Asia 

P. sinensis, Lindl. Bot. Reg. t, 1248 ; Gard. Chron. 1900, 
xxviii. 298, f. China. " Sand Pear." 

P. chinensis, Roxb. 

P. communis var. sinensis, C. Koch. 

P. japonica, Hart. 

P. Sieboldii, Carr. 

P. ussuriensis, Maxim. 

Var. Simonii, Dieck: 
P. Simonii, Carr. 

P. Tschonoskii, Maxim. ; Garden and Forest 1894, 54, f. 9. 

ft MALUS. 

P. angustifolia, Ait. ; Sargent Silva of North America 
t. 169. United States. 

P. coronaria var. angustifolia, Wenzig. 

Malus sempervirens, Desf. 

M. microcarpa sempervirens, Carr. 

P. baccata, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 6112. Himalaya, &c. to Japan. 
<k Siberian Crab." 

P. sibirica, Hart, (in part). 
P. tartarica, Hart. 
Malus baccata, Desf. 
M. cerasifera, Snach. 
M. rossica, Medic. 

Var. pendula. 


P. coronaria, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 2009. Eastern United 
States. " American Crab Apple." 

Crataegns coronaria, Salisf). 
Mains coronaria, Mill. 

M. microcarpa var. coronaria, Ga-rr. Rev. Hort. 1884,. 
f. 24. 

Var. flore pleno. 

P. angustifolia flore pleno, Hort. 

P. denticulata, Lavall. ? China. 

P. floribunda, Nichols. Japan. 
P. Toringo x baccata, Dieck. 

Malus floribunda, Siel. ; Garden, October 14, 1876. 
M. microcarpa var. floribunda, Carr. 

Var. atrosanguinea. 

Var. citrifolia polypetala, Hort. 

P. halliana, Voss. Origin uncertain. 
P. floribunda flore pleno, Hort. 
P. Parkmanii ; Hort. 
Malus halJeana, Koehne. 

P. ioensis, L. H. Bailey. United States. 

P. coronaria var. ioensis, Wood ; Sargent Silva of 
North America t. 168. " Prairie States Crab." 

P. Malus, L. ; Eng. Bot, ed. 3, tt. 489, 490. Europe, &c. 
" Crab Apple." 

Malus communis, Lam. 
M. sylvestris, Mill. 

Var. astracanica. 

P. astracanica, DC. 

Var. coccinea. 


P. Malus cont 

Var. dioica. 

M. dioica, Moench. 

Var. flexilis. 
Var. flore albo pleno. 
Var. mitis, Wallr. 
Var. monstrosa. 
Var. nervosa. 
Var. pendula. 
Var. rosea. 

P. niedzwetzkyana, Dieck. Caucasus. 

P, Malus vat\ niedzwetzkyana, Hort. 

P. orthocarpa, Nichols. Japan. 
Malus edulis, Hort. 
M. orthocarpa, Lavall. 

P. prunifolia. Willd. ; Bot. Mag. t. 6158. Siberia, &c. 
P. sibirica, Hort. (in part). 
Malus hybrida, Desf. 
M. prunifolia, Spach. 

Var. cerasiformis. 
Var. chlorocarpa. 
Var. flore pleno. 
Var. fructu coccineo. 
Var. fructu dulcis. 
Var. intermedia, Regel. 
Var. pendula. 
Var. xanthocarpa. 


P. Bingo, Maxim. Japan. 

Mains microcarpa var. Ringo, Carr. 

M. Ringo, Sieb. 
Var. fastigiata bifera, Hort. 
Var. sublobata, Zabel. 

P. rivularis, Dougl. ; Sargent Sylva of North America 
iv.77,t.!70. North California to Alaska. "Oregon 
Crab Apple." 

P. diversifolia, Bong. 

P. fusca, Rafin. 

P. subcordata, Ledeb. 

Mains diversifolia, Roem. 

M. rivulariS; Roem. 

M. subcordata, Roem. 
Var. integrifolia, Zabel. 

P. Scheideckeri, Spath. (prunifolia x floribunda). Garden 

P. Malus var. Scheideckeri, Hort. 

P. floribunda var. Scheideckeri, Hort. 

P. sikkimensis, Hook. f. Bot. Mag. t. 7430. India. 
P. baccata indica, Hort. 

P. spectabilis, Ait. ; Bot. Mag. t, 267. China and Japan. 
P. japonica floribunda, Hort. 
Malus chinensis, Hort. 
M. sinensis, Dum. 
M. spectabilis, Desf. 
Var. flore albo. 
Var. flore pleno. 
Var. Kaido. 

P. spectabilis x Ringo ? 

Pyrus pyramidalis grandiflora, Hort. 


P. Toringo, Sieb. Japan. 
P. Malus Toringo, Hort. 
P. Sieboldi, Hegel. 

Malus microcarpa var. Toringo, Garr. 
M. rivularis, Daugl. var. Toringo, Dieck. 
M. spectabilis var. Toringo, Lavall. 
Sorbus Toringo, Sieb. 

Var. major, Hort. 

P. Toringo x spectabilis flore pleno. 
P. Tenorei carnea plena, Hort. 

ttt ARIA. 

Pyrus alnifolia, F 'ranch & Sav. ; Bot. Mag. t. 7773. Japan 
and China. 

Aria tiliaefolia, Decne. 
Crataegus alnifolia, Sieb. & Zucc. 
Sorbus alnifolia, Hort. 

P. alpina, Willd. (arbutifolia x Aria). Garden origin. 
P. densiflora, Hort. 
Aronia densiflora, Spach. 
Sorbus alpina, Hedlund. 

Var. compacta. 
Var. superaria. 

P. Aria, L. ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 482. North Temperate 
Zone. " White Beam." 

P. badensis, Hort. 
P. meridioiialis, G-tiss. 
P. odorata, Hort. 
Aria nivea, Host. 
Azarolus Aria, Borkh. 


P. Aria cont. 

Mespilns Aria, Scop. 
Pirenia Aria, Clairv. 

Var. angustifolia, Lindl. 

Var. arioides. 

Sorbus arioides, Michalet. 

Var. chrysophylla, Hort. 

Var. flabelliformis. 

P. edulis, Wats. Dendr. Brit. i. t. 52 (not Willd.). 

Crataegus Aria var. flabelliformis, Spach. 

C. corymbosa, Desf. 

Sorbus Aria rotundifolia, Hort. 

S. corymbosa, Lodd. 

S. flabellata, Hort. 

Var. graeca, Boiss. 

P. Aria, Silth. Fl. Graeca t. 474. 

Sorbus graeca, Lodd. 

S. nivea, Hort. (not Host). 

Var. lutescens. 

Sorbus Aria lutescens, Hort. 

Var. quercoides, Hort. 

Var. salicifolia, Hort. 

P. Aria longifolia, Hort. 
P. Sorbus argentea, Hort. 
Sorbus argentea, Hwt. 

Var. sulphurea. 

Sorbus Aria, Grants. 
S. sulphurea, Hort. 

Var. undulata, Lindl. 


P. Chamaemespilus, L. Alps of Europe. 
Aria Chamaemespilus, Host. 
Aronia Chamaemespilus, Pers. 

Crataegus Chamaemespilus, Jacq. Fl. Austr. iii. t. 231. 
Mespilus Chamaemespilus, L. 
Sorbus Chamaemespilus, Grants. 

P. crataegifolia, Targ. Tozz.\ Bot. Mag. t. 7423. North Italy. 
Cormus florentina, Decne. 
Crataegus florentina, Zuccagni. 
Malus crataegifolia, Koehne. 
Mespilus florentina, Bertol. 
Sorbus florentina, Nym. 

P. deeaisneana, Nichols. Origin unknown. 

Aria deeaisneana, Lavall. Arb. Segrez. t. xviii. 

P. glabrata, Hort. Origin uncertain. 
Sorbus glabrata, Hort. Vrat. 

P. Hostii, Hort. Austrian Alps. (Aria x Chamaemespilus.) 
P. sudetica, Tausch. 
Aria Hostii, Jacq. f. 
Hahnia Hostii, Dippel. 

P. intermedia, Ehrh. Europe. 

P. scandica, Aschers. ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 484. 

P. sorbifolia, Hort. 

P. Sorbus corymbiflora, Hort. 

P. suecica, Roehl. 

Aria scandica, Decne. 

Sorbus Mougeoti, Godr. 

S. quercifolia, Hort. 

S. scandica, Fries. 


P. lanata, D. Don. Himalaya. 
Sorbus majestica, Hurt. 

P. pinnatifida, Ehrh. ; Gard . Chron. 1883, xx. 493. Europe. 
P. Aria var. fennica, Hoolc.f. 
P. fennica, Bab. 
Sorbus fennica, Kalm. 
S. hybrida, L. 
S. sambucifolia, Hort. (not Cham. & Schlecht.). 

Var. fastigiata. 

P. rotundifolia, Bechst. Europe. 
P. Aria- tor minalis, Trm. 
P. atrovirens, Hort. 
P. decipiens, Bechst. 
P. latifolia, Syme. 
P. semilobata, Bechst. 
Aria latifolia, Spach. 
Crataegus dentata, Thuill. 
C. hybrida, Bechst. 
C. latifolia, Lam. 
Sorbus atrovirens, Hort. 
S. latifolia, Pers. 
S. torminali-hybrida, Godr. 

P. rupicola, Syme Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 483. Britain. 

Sorbus oblongifolia, Reichb. 

P. Torminalis, DC. ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 481. Europe. 
" Wild Service." 

Crataegus Torminalis, L. 
Sorbus Torminalis, Cmntz. 
Torminar-ia Clusii, Roem. 
T. vulgaris, Schur. 


P. trilobate, DC. Syria. 

Cormus trilobata, Decne. 
Crataegus trilobata, Labill. 
Sorbus trilobata, Boiss. 

P. vestita, Wall. India. 

P. Aria nepalensis, Hort. 

P. crenata, Lindl. Bot. Reg. 1. 1655 (not D. Don). 

P. nepalensis, Hort. 

P. Thomsoni, Hort. (not King). 

Aria dentata, Hort. 

A. lanata. Decne. 

Sorbus magnifica, Hort. 

S. nepalensis, Hort. 

S. vestita, Lodd. 

tfft SORBUS. 

Pyrus americana, DC. Sargent Silva of North America iv. 
tt. 171-2. North America. "American Mountain 

P. Sorbus polonica, Hort. 
Sorbus americana, Marsh. 
S. Auciiparia var. americana, Pers. 
S. humifusa, Rafln. 

Var. fructu albo. 

Var microcarpa, Torr. & Gray. 

Pyrus microcarpa, Spreng. 

Sorbus americana var. microcarpa, Wens-ig. 

S. microcarpa, Pursh. 

S. riparia, Rafin. 

v ar. nana. 


Pyrus Aucuparia, Gaertn. ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 486. Northern 
Hemisphere. "Mountain Ash or Rowan-tree." 

Aucuparia sylvestris, Medic. 

Mespilus Aucuparia, All. 

Pirenia Aucuparia, Clairv. 

Sorbus Aucuparia, L. 
Var. asplenifolia. 
Var. Backhouse!. 
Var. discolor. 
Var. dulcis. 
Var. fastigiata. 
Var. fructu luteo. 
Var. Hodginsii. 
Var. moravica. 
Var. pendula. 
Var. pendula Dawsonii. 
Var. pendula variegata. 
Var. satureifolia, Hort. 

P. hybrida, Moench Verz. ausland. Biiume und Stauden 
90, f. 6 (arbutifolia x Aucu- 
paria). Garden origin. 

P. spuria, DC. 
Amelanchier pinnata, Hort. 
Aronia sorbifolia, Spach. 
Crataegus sorbifolia, Desf. 
Meapilus sorbifolia, Poir. 
Sorbus heterophylla. C. Koch. 
S. spuria, Pers. 

Var. pendula. 


P. lanuginosa, DC. Eastern Europe. 
Pyrus hybrida lanuginosa, Hort. 
Sorbus lanuginosa, Kit. 

P. microphylla, Wall. Himalaya. 

P. minima, Ley. Journal of Botany 1897, t. 372. Britain. 
Sorbus minima, Hedlund. 

P. neuillyensis, Hort. (Aucuparia x hybrida ?). Garden 

Sorbus neuillyensis, Dippel. 

P. sambucifolia, Cham. & Schlecht. ; Sargent Silva of North 
America tt. 173, 174. North-eastern Asia, North 

P. Sorbus, Q-aertn. Europe. " Service Tree." 

P. domestica, Sm. \ Gard. Chron. 1876, vi 649, f. 125. 

P. serrulata, Hort. 

Cormus domestica, Spacli. 

Mespilus domestica, All. 

Sorbus domestica, L. 
Var. maliformis, Lodd. 
Var. pyriformis, Lodd. 

P. thianschanica, Rcgel Gartenfiora 1891, 8. Eastern Asia. 
Sorbus thianschanica, Rupr. 


Pyrus arbutifolia, L.f. North America. " Choke-berry.'* 
Aronia pirifolia, Pers. 

A. arbutifolia, Medic. ; Britt. & Br. 111. Fl. ii. 236, f. 
Azarolus arbutifolia, Borkh. 
Sorbus arbutifolia, C. Koch. 

P. nigra, Sargent Garden and Forest 1890, 416. North 

12159* L 



P. Delavayi, Franch. Yunnan. 

ttttttt MESPILUS. 

Pyrus germanica, Hook. /. Europe, Asia. " Medlar." 
Mespilus domestica, Crater. 
M. germanica, L. ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 478. 
M. vulgaris, Reiclib. 

P. lobata, Nichols. Garden origin ? 
Crataegus grandiflora, G. Koch. 
C. lobata, Bosc. 
Mespilus grandiflora. Stn. 
M. lobata, Poir. ; Bot, Mag. t. 3442. 
M. Smithii, DC. 

*Cydonia, cathayensis, Hemsl. ; Hook. Ic. Plant, tt. 2G57, 
2t)58. China. 

Pyrus cathayensis, HernsL 

C. japonica, Thurib. China and Japan. "Japanese Quince. 1 ' 

C. japonica, Pers. 

C. L-igenaria, Loisel. 

C/. ppeciosa, Sweet. 

Chaenomeles japonica, Lindl. 

Malus japonica, Andr. Bot. Rep. t. 462. 
Var. camelliaefolia. 

Pyrus japonica, Pers. ; Bot. Mag t. 692. 
Yar. candicans. 
Var. lutec-viridis. 
Var. Moerloesi. 
Var. nivalis. 

12159* ' 


C. japonica cont. 
Var. princeps. 
Var. sulphurea perfecta. 
Var. versicolor lutescens. 

C. Maulei, T. Moore ; Florist and Pomologist 1875, 49, ft. 

Chaenomeles alpina, Koeline. 
C. Maulei, Lavall. 
C. Sargentii, Lemoine. 
Pseudo-chaenonieles Maulei, Garr. 
Pyrus japonica rar. alpina, Maxim. 
P. japonica var. pygmaea, Maxim. 

P. Maulei, Masters Gard. Chron. 1874, i. 756, 159 
Bot. Mag. t. 6780. 

Tar. alba. 

Var. atrosanguinea. 

Var. superba. 

*C.<sinensis, Thouin ; Rev. Hortic. 1889, 328, t China 
" Chinese Quince." 

Chaenomeles chinensis, K< ehne. 
Pyrus chinensis, Sprengel. 
P. sinensis, Poir. 

C. vulgaris, Pers. Native Country unknown. " Quince." 
C. chinensis, Lindl. Bot. Reg. t. 905. 
Pyrus Cydonia, L. ; Bentl. & Trim. Med. Plants. 1. 106. 
Var. lusitanica. 
C. lusitanica, Mill. 

Var. maliformis. 

C. maliformis, Mill. 
Sorbus Cydonia, Crantz. 


Crataego-mespilus Dardari, Simon Louis. Graft Hybrid. 

Crataegus acutiloba, Sargent. United States and Canada. 
C. coccinea var. indentata, Hort. 

C. altaica, Ledeb. ; Lange Revis. Spec. Oat. t. 5. Altai 

C. purpurea var. altaica, Loud. Arb. et Fruit. Brit. ii. 

823, f. 583. 

C. sanguinea var. incisa, Regel. 
C. sanguinea var. xanthocarpa, Regel. 

C. ambigua, Becker. Russia. 

C. anomala, Sargent. Northern United States and Canada. 

C. apiifolia, Michx.\ Sargent Silva of North America 1. 188. 
South United States. " Parsley-leaved Thorn." 

C. aprica, Beadle. South-eastern United States. 
C. arnoldiana, Sargent. Massachusetts. 

C. Azarolus, L. Orient, &c. 

C. Aronia, Lindl. Bot. Reg. t. 1897. 
C. pontica, C. Koch. 
C. triloba, Pers. 
Mespilus Azarolus, Poir. 
M. Aronia, Spach. 

Var. macrocarpa. 
C. Boyntoni, Beadle. North Carolina. 

C. berberifolia, Torr & Gray. South United States. 

C. Crus-galJi var. berberifolia, Sargent Silva of North 
America t. 179. 

C. canadensis, Sargent. Canada. 


C. Canbyi, Sargent. South-eastern United States. 

C. Carriers!, Vauvel. Garden origin. 
C. hybrida Carrierei, Hort. 
C. Lavallei, Herincq. Arb. Segr. t. 7. 
C. mexicana Carrierei, Hort. 
C. olivaeformis, Hort. 
Mespilus Carrierei, Hort. 

C. champlainensis, Sargent. Northern United States and 

C. chlorosarca, Maxim. Mandshuria. 
C. mandschurica, Hort. 

C. sanguinea var. Schroderi, Regel Gartenflora 1880, 

C. coccinea, L. ; Sargent Silva of North America t. 189. 
Eastern United States. " Scarlet Haw." 

C. acerifolia, Hort. 
Mespilus coccinea, Marsh. 

Var. flabellata, Britton; Britt. & Br. Illustr. PI. ii. 
242, f . 

Var. rotundifolia, Sargent. 

C. coccinea, Lindl. Bot. Reg. 1. 1957. (not L.) 
C. gland ulosa, Alton. 
C. horrida, Medic. 

C. rotundifolia, Moench. ; Britt. & Brown Illustr. 
PL ii. 243, f. 

Mespilus gland ulosa, Ehrh. 
M. rotundifolia, Du Hoi. 
Var. maxima. 

C. collina. Chapman. Southern Appalachian foot-hill 



C. cordata, Ait. ; Bot. Reg. t. 1151. North America. 
" Washington Thorn." 

C. acerifolia, Moench. 
C. flexispina, Hort. 
C. populifolia, Walt. 
Mespilus acerifolia, Burgsd. 
M. cordata, C. Koch. 

*C. crenulata, Roxb. ; Bot. Reg. 1844, t. 5'2. Himalaya. 
C. Pyracantha var. crenulata. 
Mespilus crenulata, D. Don. 
Pyracantha crenulata, Roem. 

C. Crus-galli, L. ; Sargent Silva of North America t. 178. 
North America. " Cockspur Thorn, Newcastle 

C. germanica, Hort. 

C. lucida, Miller. 

C. watsoniana, Roem. 

Mespilus cuneifolia, Moench. 

M. lucida, Ehrh. 

M. watsoniana, Spach. 

Var. arbutifolia, Hort. 

Var. Downing!!. 

C. Downingii, Hort. 

Var. fontanesiana., Wenzig. 

C. bosciana, Roem. 

Mespilus bosciana, Spach. 

M. fontanesiana, Spach. 
Var. linearis, DC. 

C. linearifolia, Hort. 

C. linearis, Pers. 

C. stipulacea microphylla, .Hort. 


C. Crus-galli cont. 

Mespilus linear is, Desf. 

M. lucida var. angustifolia, Ehrh. 

Yar. ovalifolia, Lindl. Bot. Reg. t. 1860. 
C. ovalifolia, DO. 
Mespilus elliptica, Guimpel. 
M. ovalifolia, Hornem. 
M. prunellifolia, Poir. 

Var. prunifolia, Torr. & Gray. 
C. caroliniana, Lodd. 
C. ingestria, Lodd. 

C. prunifolia, Lindl. Bot. Reg. t, 1868. 
Mespilus prunifolia, Poir. 

Yar. pyracanthifolia, Ait. 
C. coursetiana, Roem. 
C. Crus-galli var. salicifolia, Ait. 
C. nana, DC. 
C. salicifolia, Hort. 

Mespilus Crus-galli var. salicifolia, Hayne. 
M. nana, Dum. 
M. salicifolia, C. Koch. 

Yar. splendens, Lodd. 
C. splendens, Hort. 
Mespilus badiata, Bosc. 

C. cuneata, Sieb. & Zucc. ; Arbor. Segrez. t. v. Japan. 
C. alnifolia, Hort. (not Sieb. & Zucc.). 
C. spathulata, Hort. (not Michx.). 
Mespilus cuneata, C. Koch. 

C. densiflora, Sargent. Northern United States and 


C. dippeliana, Lange Revis. Spec. Crat. t. 10. Origin 

C. celsiana, Dippel. 

C. leeana, Hort. 

C. tanacetifolia var. leeana, Hort. 

C. Douglasii, Lindl. Bot. Reg. t. 1810. Western North 

C. punetata var. brevispina, Dougl. 

C. rivularis, Brewer & Watson (not Nuttall.}. 

C. sanguinea, Nutt. 

C. sanguinea var. Douglasii, Torr. & Gray. 

. Var. rivularis, Sargent Silva of North America t. 17ii. 
C. macnabiana, Hort. 
C. rivularis, Nuttall. 
Mespilus rivularis, Wenzig. 

C. dsungarica, Zabel. Northern Asia. 
C. pinnatifida var. songarica, Dippel. 

C. durobrivensis, Sargent. Western New York. 

C. fecunda, Sargent. Missouri. 
C. elliptica, Hort. 

C. flava, Ait. ; Sargent Silva of North America t. 18',). 
South-eastern United States. " Yellow Haw." 

C. caroliana, Pers. (not Lodd.). 
C. flava var. lobata, Lindl. Bot. Reg. t. 1932. 
C. glandulosa, Ait. (not Willd.). 
C. turbinata, Pursh. 
Mespilus caroliniana, Poir. 
M. flava, Willd. 

M. flexispina, C. Koch (not Moench). 
M. turbinata, Spreng. 
Var. elliptica. 


C. Heldreichii, Boiss. Greece. 

C. heterophylla, Fliigge\ Bot. Reg. t. 1161 and 1847. 


C. Azarolus var. heterophylla, Regel. 
C. monogyna var. heterophylla, Hort. 
C. multiflora, Hort. 

C. Oxyacantha var. heterophylla, Hort. 
Mespilus Aronia, Wats. Dendr. Brit. t. 165 (nob 


M. constantinopolitana, Hort. 
M. heterophylla, C. Koch. 

C. hiemalis, Lange Revis. Spec. Grat. t. 9. Origin 

C. Crus-galli x pentagyna, Koehne. 
Var. pubescens, Dippel. 

C. integriloba, Sargent. Northern United States and 

C. intricata, Lange Revisio Spec. Crat. t. 1. North 

C. Korolkowi, L. Henry Rev. Hortic. 1901, 308 t. Central 


C. lambertiana, Lange (nigra ? x sanguinea). Garden 

C. laurentiana, Sargent. Canada. 

C. lobulata, Sargent. Western New England. 

C. macracantha, Lodd. United States. 

C. coccinea var. macracantha, Dudley. 

C. glandulosa, Willd. (not Alton). Bot. Cab. t. 1012. 

C. glandulosa var. macracantha, Lindl. Bot. Reg. 

1. 1917. 
C. pruinosa, Hort. (not Wendl.). 


C. maloides, Sargent. Eastern Florida. 

C. melanocarpa, Eieb. Caucasus, &c. 
C. lambertiana, Hort. 
C monogyna var. nigra, Pall. 
C. oliveriana, Bosc. 
C. Oxyacantha var. oliveriana, Lindl. Bot. Reg. 

t. 1933. 

C. Pallasii, Grisel. 
C. platyphylla, Lindl. Bot. Reg. t. 1874. 

C. mexicana, Moc. & Suss. ; Bot. Reg. t. 1910. Mexico. 
Mespilus mexicana, C. Koch. 

C. mollis, Scheele ; Sargent Silva of North America, t. 182. 
United States. 

C. coccinea var. mollis, Torr. & Gray. 

C. coccinea glandulosa, Hort. 

C. coccinea Kelmanni, Hort. 

C. mespilifolia, Hort. 

C. subvillosa, Torr. 

C. texana, Buckley. 

C. tomentosa, Enters, (not L.). 

C. tomentosa var. mollis, A. Gray. 

C. urasina, Hort. 

Mespilus coccinea, Schmidt (not L.). 

M. coccinea var. pubeecens, Tausch. 

M. pubescens, Wendl. (not Humb. & Bonpl.). 

C. nigra, Waldst. & Kit. ; Lodd. Bot. Cab. 1. 1021. Eastern 

C. carpathica, Lodd. 
C. versicolor, Rochel. 
Mespilus nigra, Willd. 


C. nitida, Sargent. Illinois. 

C. viridis var. nitida,' J3r/tt. Br. Illustr. Fl. ii. 242, f . 

C. occidentalis, Britton. Northern Rocky Mountain region. 
C. erythropoda, Ash. 

C. orientalis, Pall. ; Bot.iReg. t. 1852. Orient. 
C. flabellata, Heldr. 
C. odorata, Bosc. 

C. odoratissima, Lindl. Bot. Reg. t. 1885. 
C. san guinea, Schrad. (not Pallas). 
C. schraderiana, Ledeb. 
C. Tournefortii, Griseb. 
Mespilus Aronia, Willd. 

C. Oxyacantha, L. Europe, North Africa, West Asia 
44 Hawthorn, Whitethorn.", 

Sub-species monogyna, Jacq. 

Mespilus monogyna, Willd. 
M. Oxyacantha, DC. 
M. triloba, Pair. 

Var. aurea. Loud. 
C. flava, Hort. 

Var. auriculata, Merat. 
Var. cabulica, Hort. 
Var. crispa pendula, Hort. 
Var. eriocarpa, Hort. 

Var. flexuosa, Loud. 
C. tortuosa, Hort. 

Var. foliis argenteis, Hort. 

C. Oxyacantha variegata, Hort. 


Sub-species monogyna cont. 

Var. foliis aureis, Lodd. 

C. Oxyacantha lutescens, Hort. 

Var. fusca, Hort. 
Var. fuscata, Hort. 
Var. Gireoudi, Spdth. 
Var. granatensis. 
Var. (jumper! versicolor, Hort. 

Var. horrida, Hort. Gard. Chron. 1898, xxiv. 13, f. 5. 
C. spinosissima, Zfor^. (not Lodd.). 

Var. Insegnae. 

C. brevispina, Kunze-. 

C. Insegnae, Tineo. 

C. monogyna t'a^\ brevispina, Dippel. 

Var. laciniata, Loud. 
C. apiifolia, Hort. 
C. dissecta, ITor/. 
C. fissa, ^osc. 
C. laciniata, Lodd. 

Var. macrocarpa. 

C. macrocarpa, Hegetsch. 

Var. oxyphylla. 
Var. pendula, Loc?c?. 
Var. pendula variegata. 
Var. pinnatiloba. 

Var. polyacantha. 

C. polyacantha, Jan. 

Var. praecox, Hort. " Glastonbury Thorn." 

Sub-species monogyna cant. 

Var. pteridifolia, Loud. 
C. pectinata, Hort. 
C. pterifolia, Lodd. 

Var. quercifolia, #or. 
Var. ramulis aureis. 
Var. Reginae, Hort. 
Var. rubrinervis. 
Var. salisburifolia. 

Var. semperflorens, Carr. 
C. Bruantii, Hort. 

Var. sesteriana, /7or. 

Var. sibirica, Loud. 
C. sibirica, Aorfrf. 

Var. stricta, .Loc/f/. 

C. fastigiata, Hort. 

C. Ox^acantha tv/r. rigida, Konalds. 
Var. variegata. 
Var. Zaboon, Hort. 

Sub-species, oxyaeanthoides (Thuill.) ; Bot. Reg. 1. 1128. 

C. Oxyacantha glomerata, Hort. 

C. obtusata, DC. 

Mespilus Oxyacantha, C. Koch. 
Var. atrofusca, Hort. 

Var. fiore pleno albo, Fl. des. Serres xv. t. 1509 (2). 
Var. flore pleno coccineo, 111. Hort. t. 536. 
Var. flore pleno puniceo. 
Var. flore pleno roseo. 


Sub-species, oxyacanthoides cont. 
Var. flore pleno rubro, Fl. des Serres xv. t. 1509 (3). 
Var. flore puniceo, Fl. des Serres xv. t. 1509 (1). 
Var. fructu luteo. 
Var. incisa, Hort. 

C. pastorum, Sargent. Massachusetts. 

C. pentagyna, Kit. Eastern Europe. 
Mespilus peritagyna, C. Koch. 

C. picnatifida, Bunge. China, &c. 

C. Oxyacantha var. pinnatifida, Regel. 

C. dahurica, Hort. 

Mespilus pinnatifida, C. Koch. 

Var. major, N.E.Br. Gard. Chron. 1886, xxvi. 621, f. 121. 
C. californica, Hort. 
C. chinensis, Hort. 
C. Korolkowi, Hort. (not L. Henry). 
C. Layi, Gord. 
C. tartarica, Hort. 

C. praecox, Sargent. Northern United States and Canada. 
C. glandulosa typica, Regel. 

C. Pringlei, Sargent. Northern United States and Canada. 
C. pruinosa, Wendl. Northern United States. 

C. punctata, Ja-cq. ; Sargent Silva of North America 1. 184. 
East and North America. 

C. latifolia, DO. 

C. Loddigesii, Hort. Segr. 

C. obovatifolia, Roem. 

C. tomentosa var. punctata, A. Gray. 


C. punctata cont. 

Mespilus cuneifolia, Ehrh. 

M. cuneiformi s, Marsh. 

M. punctata, Loisel. 

M. pyrifolia, Desf. (not Willd.). 

Yar. brevispina. 
Var. striata. 

Var. xanthocarpa, Jacq. ; Arb. Segrez. t. 16. 
C, aurea, Hort. 
Mespilus cornifolia, Poir. 

C. Pyracantha, Pers. South Europe, &c. " Buisson ardent." 
Cotoneaster Pyracantha, Spach. 
Mespilus Pyracantha, L. 
Pyracantha coccinea, Roem. 

Var. Lalandi, Hort. 
Var. pendula. 

C.fsanguinea, Pall. Siberia, &c. 
C. praecox, Hort. 
C. purpnrea, Loud. 
C. spinonissima, Lodd. Bot. Cab. t. 1100. 

Mespilus sanguinea, C.Koch. 

Var. songorica. 

Mespilus dsungarica, Hort. 

C sinaica, Boiss. Orient. 
C. Aronia, Decne. 
C. maroccana, LindL Bot. Reg. t. 1855. 

C. scrlifolia, Langc. Origin unknown. 

C. spathulata, Michx. ; Sargent Silva of North America 
t. 185. Southern United States. 

C. microcarpa, Lindl. Bot. Reg. t. 184G. 
C. virginica, Hort. 
Cotoneaster spathulata, Wenzig. 
Mespilus spathulata, Poir. 

C. succulenta, Link. ; Lange Revis. Spec. Crat. t, $1. Nor- 
thern United States and Canada. 

C. glandulosa var. succulenta, Lauche. 
C. macracantha var. minor, Loud. 
C. rotundifolia var. succulenta, Dippel. 
Mespilus succulenta, Sweet. 

C. tanacetifolia, Pers. ; Bot, Reg. t, 1884. Orient. 

Mespilus tanacetifolia, C. Koch. 
Var. fructu albo. 

C. tiliaefolia, Koehne. North America. 
Mespilus tiliaefolia, C. Koch. 

C. tomentosa, L. ; Sargent Silva of North America t. 183. 
Eastern United States, &c. 

C. elliptica, Hort. 

C. latifolia, Pers. 

C. leucophloeos, Moench. 

C. pyrifolia, Ait. (not Desf.). 

C. tomentosa var. pyrifolia, A. Gray. 

Mespilus Calpodendron, Ehrh. 

M. latifolia, Poir. 

M. pyrifolia, Willd. 

M. tomentosa, Castigl. 


C. uniflora, Mucnch. ; Sargent Silva of North America 
t. 191. Southern United States. 

C. aemula, Hurt. Paris. 
C. betulaefolia, Lodd. 
C. flexuosa, DC. 
C. florida, Lodd. 
C. grossulariaefolia, Lodd. 
C. parvifolia, Adans. 
C. Pinshow, Hort. 
C. unilateralis, Pers. 
Mespilus axillaris, Pers. 
M. flexispina, Muewlt. 
M. flexuosa, Poir. 
M. parvifolia, Willd. 
M. uniflora, Wcmig. 
M. xanthocarpa, L. fil. 

C. Vailiae, Brttton ; Britt. & Br. Illustr. Fl. ii. 245, f. 
Virginia and North Carolina. 

C. viridis, L. ; Sargent Silva of North America t. 187. 
Southern United States. 

C. apiifolia, Loud, (not Michx.).. 
C. arborescens, Elliott. 
0. trilobata, Hort. 

Cotoneaster acuminata, Lindl. Himalaya. 
C. royleana, Hort. 
Mespilus acuminata, Lod-d. Bot. Cab. t. 919. 

C. acutifolia, Lindl. (not TH/-CZ.). Mongolia. 
C. lucida, 8c/t/crht. 
C. sinensis, Hort. 

Var. pekinensie, 


C. affinis, Lindl. Himalaya. 
C. rosea, Edgic. 
Mespilus affinis, D. Don. 

C. arborescens, Zabel. Himalaya. 
C. compta, Hort. (not Lemaire). 
C. granatensis, Hort. (not Boiss.). 
0. Lindleyi, Hort. (not Steiid.). 
0. nummularia, C. Koch. 

C. bacillaris, Waif. Himalaya. 
C. obtusa, Wall. 

Var. floribunda, Hort. 

C. buxifolia, Wall. ; Refug. Bot. i. t. 52. Himalaya. 
C. hookeriana, Hort. 
C. marginata, Hort. 
C. repens, Hort. 
C. nniflora, Hort. (not Bnnyt*). 
C. Wheeleri, T/>r/. 

C. disticha, Langt: Himalaya. 
C. Hookeri, Hort. 

C. Pranchetii, /Jo/.s ; Rev. Hurtle. 1902, 379, if. 159, 160, 
161, 1()4. Yunnan. 

C. frigida, Wall. ; Bot. Reg. t, 1229. Himalaya. 
C. affinis, Hort. (not Lindl.). 
C. hhnalayensis, Hort. 

C. horizontalis, Decm\ : Rev. Hort. 1889, 348. Himalaya. 
C. davidiana, Hort. 
C. acuminata, Lindl. var. prostrata, Dip^el. 


. integerrima, Medic. Mountains of Europe, &c. 
C. melanocarpa, Bl. 
C. nigra, Wahlberg. 
C. villosa, Hurt. 
C. vulgaris, Lindl. 
Crataegus Cotoneaster, Borkh. 
Mespilus Cotoneaster, L. 
M. melanocarpa, Fisch. 

C. lanata, Decne. Himalaya. 

C. laxiflora, Jacq. ; Bot. Reg. t. 1305 ; Bot. Mag. t. 3519. 

C. Lindleyi, Steudel. Himalaya. 
C. elliptica, Hurt. 
C. laevis, Hort. 

C. nummnlaria, Lindl. (not Fisch. & Mey.}. Loud. 
Arboret. . . . Brit. ii. 872, f . 

O.fmicrophylla, Wall. ; Bot, Reg. t. 1114. Himalaya. 
Var. giacialis, Hook. f. 

C. congesta, Baker Refug. Bot. i. t. 51. 

C. multiflora, Bunge. China. 
C. reflexa, Carr. 
C. vulgaris var. glabrata. 

C."Nummularia, Fisch. & Mcy. Europe, Asia. 
C. Fontanesii, Spach. 
C. racemiflora, C. Koch. 
Mespilus racemiflora, Desf. 

C. pannosa, F ranch. ; Le Jardin 1898, f. 120 ; Rev. Hortic. 
1902, 381, f. 163. Yunnan. 

C. rotundifolia, Wall. ; Refug. Bot. i. t. 54. Himalaya. 

C. microphylla var. Uva-ursi, Lindl. 
Yar. prostrata, Baker Refug, Bot. i. t. 53. 


. Simonsii, Baker Refug. Bot. i. t. 55. Himalaya. 
C. acutifolia, Turcz. 
C. himalaiensis, Hort. 
C. nepalensis, Hort. 

. thymifolia, Baker Refug. Bot. i. t. 50. Himalaya. 

<C. tomentosa, Lindl. Alps, &c. 

Mespilus cocciaea, Waldst. & Kit. 
M. eriocarpa, DC. 
M. tomentosa, Mill. 

C. uniflora, Bunge. Siberia, &c. 
C. nigra var. uniflora, Rfgel. 
C. Uva-ursi, PaU. 

^Photinia benthamiana, Hance. China. 

P. serrulata, Lindl. China. 
P. dentata, Hort. 
P. glabra, Hort. (not Deem.). 
Crataegus glabra, T/tunb. ; Bot, Mag. t. 2105. 
C. serratifolia, Desf. 

Var. rotund ifolia. 

P. variabilis, Hemsl. China and Japan. 
P. ieevis, DC. 
P. villosa, DC. 
Crataegus laevis, Thwib. 
C. villosa, Thunb. 
Pourthiaea arguta, Hort. (not Decne.). 

*Heteromeles arbutifolia, Rormer. California. " Toyou or 

Photlnia arbutifolia, Lindl. Bot. Reg. t. 491. 

*Eriobotrya japonica, Lindl. China and Japan. " Loquat." 
Mespilus japonica, Thimb. ; Bot. Reg. t. 365. 
Photinia japonica, Franch. <kr Sav. 

*Raphiolepis japonica, Sieb. & Zucc. Japan. 
R. integerrima, Hort. 
R. japonica, Sieb. & Zucc. var. integerrima, Hook. Bot. 

Mag. t. 5510. 

R. Mertensii, Sieb. <k Zucc. 
R. ovata, Hort. 
Mespilus Seiboldi, Blume. 

*Stranvaesia glaucescens, Lindl. Bot. Reg. t. 1956. Hima- 

S. undulata, Dew. ('hina. 

Amelanchier alnifolia, Nutt. ; Garden and Forest 1888, 185. 
North- western America. 

A. alpina, Hort. 

A. canadensis var. alnifolia, Torr. & Gray. 

A. canadensis m/ 1 . florida, Hort. 

A. canadensis rar. florida parvifolia, Hort. 

A. canadensis var. pumila, Torr. & Gray. 

A. florida, Lindl. Bot, Reg. t, 1589. 

A. japonica, Hort. (not Miquel). 

A. montana, Hort. 

A. ovalis var. semi-integrifolia, Hook. 

A. parvifolia, Hort. 

Aronia alnifolia, Nntt. 

A. asiatica, Walpers. Japan. 

A. canadensis rar. japonica, Miq. 

A. japonica, Miq. 

Aronia asiatica. Kiel). < Zucc. 


A. canadensis, Medi.r. North America. "June-berry, 

A. asiatica, Hort. (not Wai p.). 

A. Botryapium, LindL 

A. canadensis rar. sanguinea, DC. 

A. canadensis uar. spicata, Lam. 

A. lancifolia, Hort. 

A. ovalis, Medic. 

A. sanguinea, LindL Bot. Reg. t. 1171. 

A. spicata, C. Koch. 

A. stricta, Hort. 

Aronia Botryapium. Perx. 

A. sanguinea, Nntt. 

Crataegus racemosa, Lam. 

C. spicata, Lam. 

Mespilus arborea, Michx. 

M. canadensis, L. 

M. nivea, Marsh. 

Pyrus Botryapium, L. f. 

P. sanguinea, Pu/'S/i. 

Var. oblongifolia. Tun- & dray ; Bot. Mag. t. 7619. 
Eastern United States and Canada. " Swamp 
Sugar Pear." 

A. canadensis var. obovalis, Sargent. 
A. oblongifolia, Roein. 

A/oligocarpa, Roem. ; Garden and Forest 1888, 245, f. 41. 
Northern United States. 

A. utahensis, Koeline. North America. 

A. vulgaris, Jfoenrh. ; Gard. Chron. 1890, vii. 621, f. 104. 
Europe, &c. 

A. rotundifolia, Dccne. 
Aronia Amelamchier, Knclib. 


A. vulgaris cont. 

A. rotundifolia, Pers. 
Crataegus Amelanchier, Desf. 
C. rotundifolia, Lam. 
Mespilus Amelanchier, L. 
Pyrus Amelanchier, Willd. 
Sorbus Amelanchier, Crantz. 

Var. cretica, Boiss. Asia Minor, &c. 
Amelanchier cretica, C. Koch. 
A. suborbicularis, Borkh. 
Aronia cretica, Pers. 
Crataegus cretica, Desf. 
Pyrus cretica, Willd. 

Peraphyllum ramosissimum, Nutt. ; Bot. Mag. t. 7420. 
Oregon, &c. 

* Hydrangea altissima, Wall. Himalaya. 

H. arborescens, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 437. Eastern United 


H. cordate, Pursh ; Wats. Dendr. Brit. i. t. 42. 
H. frutescens, Marsh. 
H. urticaefolia, Hort. 
H. vulgaris, Michx. 

H. aspera, D. Don. Himalaya and China. 
Var. macrophylla, Hemsl. China. 

H. Bretschneideri, Dipp. China. 
H. pekinensis, Hort. 
H. pubescens, Decne. 

H. vestita var. pubescens. Maxim. Garden and Forest 
1890, IT, f. 3 : 1893, 396, f. 60. 


*H. hortensis, Sin. ; Bot Mag. t. 438. China and Japan. 
H. Hortensia, DC. 
H. japonica, Sieb. 
H. mutabilis, Hort. 
H. opuloides, Lam. 
Hortensia mutabilis, Hort. 
H. rosea, Desf. 
H. speciosa, Pe/'s. 
Var. acuminata, A. Gray. 

H. acuminata, Sieb. <k Zucc. Fl. Jap. t. 56 ; Rev. 
Hort. 1874, t. 91. 

H. Buergeri, Sieb. & Zucc. Fl. Jap. t, 57. 
Var Lindleyi. 

H. hortensis roseo-alba. 

H. japonica car. coerulescens, Regel. 

H. japonica var. Lindleyi. 

H. japonica var. roseo-alba, Regel. 

H. roseo-alba, Fl. des Serres tt. 1649-50. 

*Var. Mariesii. Garden liv. t. 1196. 
*Var. nigra. 

Hortensia nigra, Cart: 

Hydrangea cyanoclada, Hort. 

H. mandschurica nova, Hort. 

H. opuloides cyanoclada, Dipp. 

H. ramis pictis, Hort. 

Var. stellata, Maxim. 

H. stellata, Sieb. <i Ziuv. Fl. Jap. t. 59. 

Var. stellata fimbriata. 
Var. stellata rosea. 

*Var. variegata. 

H. japonica variegata, Hegel. 


*H. involucrata, Sieb. <k Zucc. Fl. Jap. tt. 63, 64. Japan. 
B. longipes, Hemsl. China. 
H. paniculata, Sieb. & Zucc. Fl. Jap. t. 61. Japan. 
Var. grandiflora, Sieb. 

H. paniculata var. floribunda, Regel Gartenflora 

1867, t. 530. 
H. paniculata var. hortensis, Maxim. 

H. petiolaris, Sieb. & Zucc. ; Bot. Mag. t. 6788. Japan. 
H. bracteata, Sieb. & Zucc. 
H. eordifolia, Sieb. & Zucc. 
H. scandens, Maxim. 

Schizophragma hydrangeoides, Hort. (not Sieb. & 

B. quercifolia, Bartr. ; Bot. Mag. t. 975. Southern United 

H. platanifolia, Hort. 

H. radiata, Walt. ; Britt. & Br. Illustr. Fl. ii. 185, f. 

South-eastern United States. 

H. discolor, Rafin. 

H. nivea, Michx. ; Wats. Dendr. Brit. i. t. 4;5. 

Var. canescens, NicJwls. 
H. canescens, C. Koch. 
Hydrangea glauca, Hort. 
H. sinensis, Hort. 

H. serrata, Ser. Japan. 

S. Thunbergi, Sieb. ; Sieb. & Zucc. Fl. Jap. t. 58. Japan. 
H. cyanea, Hort. 

H. vestita, Wall. Himalaya. 
H. heteromalla, D. Don. 

H. pubescens, Decne. ; Gard. Chron. 1884, xxii. 617, 
f. 107. 


H. virens, Sieb. ; Sieb. & Zucc. Fl. Jap. t. 60. Japan. 

Schizophragma hydrangeoides, Sieb. & Zucc. Fl. Jap. t. 26. 

S. integrifolia, Oliver Icon. Plant, t. 1934. China. 

*Deutzia corymbosa, E. Br. Himalaya. 

D. crenata, Sieb. <k Zucc. Fl. Jap. i. 19, t. 6. Japan. 

D. californica, Hort. 

D. Fortunei, Hort. 

D. scabra, Lindl. Bot. Reg. t. 1718 (not Thunb.). 

D. scabra var. crenata, Maxim. 

D. siebokliana, Hort. (not Maxim.). 

D. \Vatereri, Hort. 
Var. flore pleno extus purpurea. 
Yar. punctata. 

D. discolor, Hems/. China. 

Var. purpurascens. Bot. Mag. t. 7708. 
D. gracilis, Siel). & Zucc. ; Flore des Serres vi. 611. Japan. 

Var. foliis aureis. 

Var. marmorata. 

Var. variegata. 

D. gracilis campanulata, Hort. (gracilis ? x discolor 
purpurascens $ ). 

D. kalmiaeflora, Lwftwn/'. (gracilis purpurascens $ x parvi- 
flora 5 ). 

D. Lemoinei, Hort. (gracilis x parTiflora). Le Jardin 1895. 

D. parviflora, Bunge : Garden and Forest 1888, 365. China. 

D. scabra, ThunJj. : Sieb. <fe Zucc. Fl. Jap. t, 7. China and 


D. setchuenensis, FrancJi. China. 

D. corymbiflora, Lemoine Rev. Hort, 1898, 402, f . 138. 
D. corymbosa, Andre Rev. Hort. 1897, 466, f. 139. 

D. sieboldiana, Maxim. Japan. 

D. staminea, R. Br. ; Bot. Reg. xxxiii. 1. 13. Himalaya. 
D. brunoiiiana, Wall. 
D. canescens, Hort. 
D. corymbosa, Lindl. Bot. Reg. xxvi. t. 5. 

*Decumaria barbara, L. ; Britt. & Br. Illustr. Fl. ii. 185, f . 
Southern United States. 

D. Forsythia, Michx. 
D. radicans, Moetich. 
D. sarmentosa, Bosc. 
D. scandens, Sdlisb. 
Forsythia scandens, Wall. 

Philadelphia acuminatus, Lange Bot. Tidsskrift ser. 3, 
vol. ii. 131, t. 2. Origin uncertain. 

P. cordifolius, Lange Botanisk Tidsskrift ser. 3, vol. ii. t. 3. 

Origin uncertain. 

P. coronarius, L. Asia. " Mock Orange." 
P. triflorus, Hort. 

Var. dianthiflorus plenus. 

Var. flore pleno. 

Var. foliis argenteo-variegatis. 

Var. foliis aureis. 

Var. nanus, Mill. 

Var. Satsumi, Maxim. 

Var. tomentosus, Hook.f. & Thorns. Himalaya to China. 
Philadelphia tomentosus, Wall. 

P. Falconeri, Hort. Origin uncertain. 

P. gordonianus, Lindl. Bot, Reg. xxv. t. 32. Western 
United States. 

P. grandiflorus, Willd. ; Britt. &jBr. Illustr. Fl. ii. 186, f. 

Southern United States. 
Philadelphus columbiensis, Hort. 
P. inodorus rar. grandjflorus, A. Gray. 
P. laxus, Lodd. 

P. speciosus, Schrad. ; Bot. Resr. t. 2003. 
Deutzia corymbosa, Hort. 
D. sanguinea, Hort. 

Var. floribundus, Ton: <k Gray. 
P. floribundus, Sclirad. 
P. grandiflorus, Lindl. Bot. Reg. t. 570. 
P. latlfolius, Schrad. 
P. verrucosus, Schrad. 
P. Zevheri, Schrad. 

Var. laxus, Tor/: & Gray. 
P. humilis, Hort. 
P. ignea, Hort. 
P. laxus, Schrad. 
P. pubescens, Lodd. 

P. hirsutus, Niitt. ; Bot. Mag. t. 5334. Oregon. 
Philadelphus Goclohokeri, Hort. 
P. gracilis, Lodd. 
P. trinervius, Schrad. 
P. villosus, Lodd. 
Deutzia Godohokeri, Hort. 

P. inodorus, L. ; Britt. & Br. Illustr. Fl. ii. ISC. Southern 
United States. 


P. insignia, Can: Garden origin. 
P. Billiardi, Hort. 

P. Lemoinei, Hort. (microphyllus x coronariua) Garden 
and Forest 1889, f. 154. Garden origin. 

Var. erectus. 

P. Lewisii, Punsh. Western North America. 
P. thyrsiflorus, Hort. 
P. sanguineus, Hort. 

Var. calif ornicus, A. Gray. California. 
P. coronarius nivalis, Hort. 
P. nivalis, Hort. 

*P. mexicanus, tichlecht. ; Gard. Chron 1883, xix. 753,. 
f. 123 ; Bot. Mag. t. 7600. Mexico. 

P. microphyllus, A. Gray ; Gard. Chron. 1887, ii. 156. 
Colorado, &c. 

P. pekinensis, Rupr. China. 

P. Satsumi, Siebold; Lindl.& Paxt. Fl. Gard. ii. 103, f.188. 
Japan, &c. 

Philadelphus japonicus, Hort. 

P. Ledebourii, Hort. 

P. pulchella, Hort. 

P. Roylei, Hort. 

P. Schrenckii, Rupr. 

P. speciosus, Hort. 

P. Yokohama, MW>. 

Deutzia japonica, Hort. 

D. pulchella, Hort. 

P. undulatus, Hort. Origin unknown. 

*Platycrater arguta, >SV/;. it Zucc. Fl. Jap. i. t. 27. Japan*. 
P. Sieboldii, Hort. 


Jamesia americana, 2'orr. & Gray ; Bot. Mag. t. 6142. 
Rocky Mountains. 

Fendlera rupicola, A. Gray ; Garden and Forest 1889, 
112, f. 98. South-west United States. 

Carpentaria californica, Tvrrey, Bot. Mag. t. 6911. 

Escallonia exoniensis, Hurt. Garden origin. 

"E. floribunda, H. B. & K. : Bot. Mag. t. 6404. Colombia, 
Ecuador, &c. 

*E. illinita, Presl. ; Bot. Reg. 1. 1900. Chili. 

E. langleyensis, Hurt. ; Garcl. Chron. 1898, xxiv. 11, f. 4. 

E. macrantha x philippiana. Journ. of Hortic. 1897, 
Sept. 9, 237, f. 33. 

*E. littoralis, Phil. Chili. 

*E. macrantha, Hook, d Am. ; Bot. Mag. t. 4473. Chiloe. 
E. bicolor, Hurt. 
E. Ingrami, Hort. 
E. rubra Ingrami, Hurt. 

*E. montana, Phil. Chili. 

*E. montevidensis, DC. ; Bot. Reg. 1. 1467. Montevideo, &c. 
E. floribunda var. montevidensis, Cham. & Schlecht. 

E. philippiana, Masters Gard. Chron. 1878, x. 109, f. 13. 

*E. pterocladon, Hook. Bot. Mag. t. 4827. Western Patagonia. 

*E. pulverulenta, Prr*. ; Sweet Brit. Fl. Garden ser ii 
r. :-VlO Chili. 


*E. punctata, DC. Chili. 

E. rubra var. punctata, Hook. f. Bot. Mag. t. 6599. 
E. san guinea, Hort. 

*E. revoluta, Pers. ; Bot. Mag. t. 6949. Chili. 
E. affinis, Ruprecht. 

*E. rubra, Pers. ; Bot. Mag. t, 2890. Chili. 
Var. pallida. 

E. poeppigiana, DC. 

*E. viscosa, Forbes ; Ic. Selectae Horti Thenensis i. t. 16. 

*Itea ilicifolia, Oliver ; Hook. Icon. Plant, t, 1538. China. 
I. virginica, L. ; Bot. Mag. t, 2409. Eastern United States. 
*Weinmannia trichosperma, Cav. Chili. 

Ribes alpinum, L. ; Lodd. Bot. Cab. t. 1486 ; Eng. Bot. 

eel. 3, t. 519. Northern Hemisphere. 
Ribes grossulariaefolium, Reichlj. 
R. opulifolium, Hort. 
Var. foliis aureis, Hort. 
Var. laciniatum, Hort. 
Var. pumilum, Lindl. 
Var. sterile, Wallr. 

R. dioicum, Moench. 

R.^americanum, Mill. North America. 
Ribes campanulatum, Moench. 

R. floridum, UHerit. ; Britt. & Br. Illustr. Fl. ii. 11>1, f. 
R. missouriense, Hort. (not Nuttall). 
R. pensylvanicum, Lam. 
R. recurvatum, Miclix. 
Coreosma florida, Spach. 

R. amictum, Greene. California, &c. 

B. aureum, Pursh ; Bot. Reg. t. 125. Western North 
America. " Buffalo or Missouri Currant." 

Ribes fragrans, Lodd. Bot, Cab. t. 1533. 

R. oderatum, WendL 

R. palmatum, Desf. 

R. ntahense, Hort. 

Chrysobotrya revoluta, Spach. 
Var. aurantiacum, Hort. 
Var. praecox, Lindl. 
Var. serotinum, Lindl. 
Var. tenuiflorum, Torr. 

R. tenuiflorum, Lindl. Bot. Reg. t. 1274. 

R. bracteosum, Dougl. ; Bot. Mag. t. 7419. Western North 

R. cereum, Dougl. Bot. Mag. t. 3008. Western United 
States, &c. 

R. inebrians, Lindl. Bot. Reg. t. 1471. 
R. Kimthii, Hort. 
R. mexicanum, Hort. 
R. reniforme, N-utt. 

R. Cynosbati, L. Loud. Arb. ii. 970, f. 719. Eastern 
United States. 

R. gracile, Torrey. 
Grossularia Cynosbati, Spach. 

R. Diacantha, Pali. Fl. Ross. t. 66. Siberia, &c. 
R. cuneatum, Kar. <k Kir. 
R. saxatile. Pall. 
Grossularia diacantha, Mill. 
Var. atrorubens. 
Var. melanocarpum. 


R. divaricatum, Dougl. ; Bot. Reg. 1. 1359. Western North 


R. triflorum, Hook. 
R. villosum, Nutt. (not Gay). 

R. fasciculatum, Siel>. & Zucc. ; Holler's Deutsche Garten- 
Zeitung J 889, 571. Japan, &c. 

Var. Billiardii. 

R. Billiardii, Garr. 

Var. chinense. 

R. gordonianum, Lem. (sanguineum x aureum) ; Fl. des 
Serres ii. 165. Garden origin. 

R. Beatoni, Hort. 

R. loudonianum, Hort. 

R. gracile, Michx. North-western United States. 
R. missouriense, Nutt. 
R. niveum, Lindl. Bot. Reg. t. 1692. 
Grossularia nivea, Spach. 

R. Grossularia, L. ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 518. Northern 
Hemisphere. " Gooseberry." 

R. alpestre, Wall. 
R. Uva-crispa, DC. 

R. grossularioides, Maxim. China and Japan. 
R. macrocalyx, Hance. 

R. himalayense, Deem, (not Royle). Himalaya. 

R. lacustre, Poir. ; Bot. Mag. t. 6492. North America. 
R. echinatum, Dougl. 

R. laxiflorum, Pursh. Western United States. 
R. affine, Dougl. 

12159 N 


R. Lobbii, A. Gray : Gard. Chron. 1883, xix. 11, f. 1. 

R. subvestitum, Hook. Bot. Mag. t. 4931. 

R. Menziesii, Pursh : Bot, Reg. xxxiii. t. 56. Western 
North America. 

R. ferox, Smith. 

R. multiflorum, Waldst. & Kit. ; Bot. Mag. t. 2368. South- 
east Europe. 

R. album multiflorum, Hort. 
R. urceolatum, Tcmsrh. 
R. vitifolium, Host. 

R. nigrum, L. ; Engl. Bot. ed. 3, t. 523. North Europe and 
North Asia. " Black Currant." 

Var. altaicum. 

R. Dikuscha, Fitch. 

Var. dissectum. 

Var. laciniatum. 

R. aconitifolium, Hurt. 

Var. reticulatum aureum. 
Var. variegatum. 

R. orientale, Dt'xf. Orient, &c. 

R. leptostachyum, Drew. ; Jacq. Voyage iv. 65 t. 76. 
R. punctatum, Lhidl. Bot. Reg. t. 1278 (not Ruiz & 

R. oxycanthoides, L. : Bot. Mag. t, 6892. North America. 
(Parent of the American garden Gooseberries.) 

R. hirtellum, Mirh.r. 
R. irriguum, Dniiyl. 
R. saxosum, Hnnli-. 
R. setosum, Lindl. 
R. stenophyllum, H<.>rt. 
Var. Purpusii, Synth. 

N 2 

R. petraeum, Wulf. ; Reichb. Fl. Germ, xxiii. t. 138. 
Europe, &c. 

R. atropurpureum, C. A. Meyer. 

R. Biebersteinii, Berl. 

R. carpaticum, Kit. 

R. caucasicum, Bieb. 

R. macrobotrys, Hort. 

R. prostratum ringens, Hort. 

R. ringens, Hort. 

R. triste, Bunge. 

R. pinetorum, Greene. New Mexico. 

R. prostratum, UHerit. North America. 
R. glandnlosum, Ait. 
R. trifidum, Michx. 

R. punctatum, Ruiz & Pav. ; Bot, Reg. t. 1658. Chili. 
R. robustum, Hort. Origin unknown. 

R. rotundifolium, Michx. Eastern United States. 
R. gracile, Pursh (not Michx.). 
R. triflorum, Willd. ; Lodd. Bot. Cab. t. 1094. 

R. rubrum, L. ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 520. Northern Hemis- 
phere. "Red Currant." 

Var. album, Desf. " White Currant." 
Var. foliis luteo-variegatis. 
Var. Schlechtendalii. 

R. Schlechtendalii, Lange Flora Danica t. 2892. 
North Europe. 

Var. smithianum, Syme Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 521. 
Var. subglandulosum, Maxim. 


R. sanguineum, Pursh ; Rot. Mag. t. 3335. California, &c. 
" Flowering Currant." 

Var. albidum, Pavtoti. 
Var. atrorubens. 
Yar. atrosanguineum. 

Var. earneum, Hort. 

R. carneum grand! flornm, Hort. 

Var. davidianum, Hort. 
Var. epruinosum, (7. Koch. 
Var. flore pleno. 
Var. glutinosum, A. Gray. 
R. glutinosum, Benth. 
Var. intermedium, Hort. 
Var. malvaceum, S. Wats. 

R. malvaceum, Sm. ; Sweet British Flower Garden 
ser. ii. t. 340. 

R. speciosum, Pursh ; Bot. Mag. t. 3530. California. 
R. fuchsioides, J/oj:. et Hesse. 
R. stamiiieum, &m. 
Robfionia speciosa, Spach. 

R. stenocarpum, Maxim. China. 

R. valdivianum, Phil. Chili. 

*R. viburnifolium, .4. Gray. California. 

R. villosum, C. Gay ; Bot. Mag. t. 7611. Chili. 
R. Bridgesii, Hort. 
R. chilense, G. Koch. 
R. gayanum, Hort. 
R. Lavallei, Hort. 



Parrotiajacquemontiana, Decne.\ Bot. Mag. t. 7501. Western 

Fothergilla iiivolucrata, Falconer. 

P. persica, C. A. Meyer Bot. Mag. t. 5744. Persia. 
Hamamelis persica, DC. 

Fothergilla Gardeni, Murr. South-eastern United States. 
Fothergilla alnifolia, L. f. ; Bot. Mag. t. 1341. 
F. Carolina, Britt. 

*Distylium racemosum, Sieb. < Zuc-c. Flor. Jap. t. 94. Japan. 
Sycopsis sinensis, Oliver Hook. Icon. Plant. 1. 1931. China. 

*Corylopsis himalayana, Griff. ; Bot. Mag. t. 6779. Hima- 

*C. pauciflora, Sieb. & Zucc. Fl. Jap. i. t. 20. Japan. 
C. spicata, Sieb. & Zucc. ; Bot. Mag. t. 5458. Japan. 

Hamamelis arborea, Masters Gard. Chron. 1881, xv. 205, 
f. 38. Japan. "Mansak." 

H. japonica, Hook.f. Bot Mag. t. 6659. 

H. japonica, Sieb. <k Zucc. Japan. 

Yar. zuccariniana. 

H. zuccariniana, Hort. 

H. mollis, Oliver Hook. Ic. Plant. 1. 1742. China. 

H. virginica, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 6684. Eastern North 
America. " Witch Hazel." 


*Loropetalum chinense, K. Br. ; Gard. Ohron. 1883, xix. 152, 
f. 23. C-hina, Ac. 

Disanthus cercidifolia, Maxim. ; Garden and Forest 1893, 
215. Japan. 

*Liquidambar formosana, Hfuwe ; Hook. Icon. Plant. 1. 1020. 
China and Japan. 

L. aeerifolia, Maxim. 
L. Maxiniowiczii, Jf />/. 

L. orientalis, Mill. ; Hook. Icon. Plant, r, 1019. Asia 

L. imberbe, Ait. 

L. styraciflua, L. \ Sargent Silva of North America t. 199: 
United States. " S^\ T eet Gum." 


^Eucalyptus coccifera, Hook. /. Hot. Mag. t. 4637. Tas- 

E. Gunnii, Hwdr. /. Flora Tasmania^ t. 27. Tasmania. 

E. urnigera, Hntk.f. ; Gard. Chron. 1888, iii. 460, f. 64. 

E. whittinghamensis, Horf. 

^Myrtus communis, L. Mediterranean region. " Myrtle." 
M. lusitanica, WilffL 

Var. tarentina, L. 

M. tarentina, MUI. ; Laguna, Oomision de la Flora 
Forestal Espaiiola t. 9a. 

*M. Ugni, Molina. Chili. " Myrtilla." 

Eugenia Ugiii, Hooh. & Arn. ; Bot. Mag. t. 4626. 



Nesaea salicifolia, H.B.K. ; Reichb. Hort. Bot. t. 166. 
Tropical America. 

Heimia salicifolia, Link & Otto. 
Var. grandiflora, Lindl. Bot. Reg. xxvii. t. 60. 

*Punica Granatum, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 1832. Persia, &c. 
" Pomegranate." 

Var. nana. 

Punica nana, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 634. 


Zauschneria californica, Presl ; Bot. Mag. t. 4493. Cali- 

Fuchsia corallina, Hort. Garden origin. 
F. exoniensis, Hort. 

F. globosa, Lindl. Bot. Reg. t. 1556. Mexico. 

F. macrostemma, Ruiz & Pav. South America. 
F. coccinea, Bot. Mag. t. 97 (not Alton). 
F. gracilis, Lindl. 
F. magellanica, Lam. 
F. virgata, Sweet. 

F. Riccartoni, Hort. Garden origin. 


*Passiflora coerulea, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 28. Southern Brazil. 
" Passion Flower." 



*Bupleurum fruticosum, L. ; Wats. Dendr. Brit. i. t. 14. 
Mediterranean region. 


Aralia chinensis, L. var. elata, Dippel. China, &c. 
A. mandschurica, Rupr. & Maxim. 
Dimorphanthus elatus, J//</. Comment. Phytogr. t. 12. 
D. mandschuricus, Maxim. 

Var. albo-marginata. 

Var. caneseens. 

A. spinosa caneseens, Hort. 

Var. pyramidalis, Hort. 

A. spinosa, L. ; Sargent Silva of North America t. 211. 
Eastern United States. " Hercules' Club, Angelica 

Acanthopanax ricinifolium, Seem. China and Japan. 

Aralia Maximowiczii, Van Himtte Fl. des Serres 
xx. t. 2067. 

A. ricinifolia, Hort. 
Kalopanax ricinifolium, Miq. 
Panax ricinifolium, Sieb* & Zitcc. 

A. sessiliflorum, Sewn. China. 

Panax sessiliflorum, Rupr. & Maxim. 
P. sessilifolium, C. Koch. 

A. spinosum, Miq. China and Japan. 
Aralia pentaphylla, T1innl>. 
Panax spinosum, L. 

Var. variegatum. 

P. quinquefoliuni vuriegatum, Hort. 


Patsia horrida, Benth. & Hook. /. ; Dippel Handbuch der 
Laubholzkunde iii. 239. North-west America and 
North-east Asia. 

Echinopanax horridus, Decne. & Planch. 
Oplopanax horridum, Miq. 
Panax horridum, 8m. 

F. japonica, Decne. & Planch. ; Gartenflora 1863, t. 420. 

Aralia japonica, Thunb. 
A. Sieboldii, Sieb. 

Yar. variegata. 

Helwingia rusciflora, Willd. ; Sieb. & Zucc. Fl. Jap. i. t. 86. 

H. japonica, Morr. & Decne. 
H. ruscifolia, Steud. 

Eleutherococcus senticosus, Maxim. ; Gartenflora 1863, 
t, 393. China. 

*Dendropanax japonicum, Seem. China, Japan, and Hi- 

Hedera japonica, Jimgh. 
Textoria japonica, Miq. 

Hedera Helix, L. ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 633. Europe, North 
Africa, North Asia. " Ivy." 

Var. algeriensis. 

H. viridis, Hort.' 

Var. algeriensis variegata. 

Var. amurensis. 
H. acuta. 


Hedera Helix cont. 
Var. angularis, H/bberd. 
Var. angularis foliis aureis. 
Var. arborescens. 

Var. arborescens foliis argenteis marginatia. 
Var. arborescens foliis aureis 
Var. atropurpurea. 

Var. aurantiaca, Andre Rer. Hort. 1884, 84 (coloured 

Var. aurea elegantissima. 

Var. aureola. 

Var. azorica, Hort. ; Gard. Mag. October 15, 1887, . 

H. ficula. 

Var. azorica variegata. 
Var. baccifera major. 
Var. caenwoodiana. 

Var. canariensis. " Irish Ivy." 
H. canariensis, Willd. 
H. grandifolia. 
H. hibernica. 
H. vegeta. 

Var. canariensis arborescens. 
Var. canariensis aureo-maculata. 
Var. canariensis foliis argenteis. 
Var. canariensis nova. 

Var. Cavendishi. 

H. marginata elegans. 
H. marginata minor. 


Hedera Helix cont. 

Var. chrysocarpa. 

H. baccifera lutea. 

Var. chrysomela. 

H. spectabilis aurea. 

Var. chrysophylla, Hibberd. 
H. digitata aurea. 
H. palmata aurea. 

Var. colchica. 

H. caucasica, Hort. 
H. colchica, (7. Koch. 
H. cordifolia, Hort. 
H. coriacea, Hort. 
H. rcegneriana, Hort. 

Var. colchica arborescens. 
Var. conglomerata. 
Var. contracta. 
Var. corrugata. 

Var. crenata. 

H. digitata nova. 
H. vitifolia. 

Var. Crippsii. 

Var. cuspidata minor. 

Var. deltoidea. 

H. rhomboidea obovata. 

Var. dentata. 

Var. digitata. 
H. palmata. 
H. pennsylvanica. 


Hedera Helix 
Var. digitata nana. 
Var. discolor. 

H. marmorata elegans. 

H. minor marmorata. 

H. minor variegata. 
Var. donerailensis. 
Var. farleyensis. 
Var. flavescens. 
Var. gigantea. 
Var. gracilis. 
Var. hallamensis. 
Var. heidelbergensis. 
Var. heterophylla, Hibberd. 

Var. Mmalaica. 

H. cinerea, Hibbcrd. 

Var. hybrida marginata. 
Var. intermedia. 
Var. lacteola. 
Var. lobata major. 

Var. lucida. 
H. poetica. 

Var. macrodonta. 

Var. maculata. 

H. latifolia maculata. 
H. latimaculata. 
*Var. maderensis variegata. 
Var. marginata major. 
H. argentea major. 


Hedera Helix cont. 

H. argentea scandens. 

H. marginata argentea. 

H. marginata elegantissima. 

H. marginata grandis. 

H. marginata pulchella. 
Var. marginata media. 
Var. marginata purpurea. 
Var. marginata rubra. 

H. argentea rubra. 

H. elegantissima. 
Var. marmorata elegans. 
Var. minima, Hibberd. 

H. donerailensis. 
Var. minor. 
Var. minor variegata. 
Var. netleyensis. 

Var. nigra. 

H. willsiana. 

Var. ovata. 
Var. palmata aurea. 
Var. pedata. 
Var. pustulata. 

Var. rhombea (Sieb. & Zucc.). 
H. japonica argentea. 
H. japonica variegata. 
H. submarginata, Hibberd. 

Var. rugosa. 
Var. sagittaefolia. 


Hedera Helix f-ont.. 
Var. spectabilis. 
Var. spectabilis aurea. 
Var. succinata, HMerd. 

Var. sulphurea, Hiblerd. 
H. marginata canescens. 

Var. taurica. 

Var. tortuosa. 
H. Glymii 

Var. triloba. 
Var. venosa. 
Var. walthamensis. 

Marlea platanifolia, Sielt. & Zuw. China and Japan. 

*Corokea Cotoneaster, Rctoul. Nouv. Zel. t. 20. 

Cornus alba, L. North Asia. 
C. tartarica, Mill. 

Var. Froebeli, Hort. 
Var. Gouchaulti, Crr. 
Var. sibirica. 

C. sibirica, Lodd. 
Var. sibirica variegata, Hort. 
Var. Spaethii, Wittm. 

C. sibirica Spaethii, Hort. 

C. Spaethii, Hort. 
Var. variegata. Hort. 


C. alternifolia, L. f. ; Sargent Sylva of North America 
t. 216. North America. 

C. alterna, Marsh. 

C. Amomum, Mill. ; Britt. & Br. Illustr. Flora ii. 544, f. 
North America. " Kinnikinnik." 

C. asperifolia, Hort. (not Michx.). 

C. citrina, Hort. 

C. coerulea, Lam. 

C. cyanocarpa, Moench. 

C. lanuginosa, Michx. 

C. rubiginosa, Ehrh. 

C. sericea, L. ; Loud. Arb. et Frut. ii. t. 1013, f. 766. 
Var. angustifolia. 
Yar. grandifolia. 
Var. parvifolia. 

C. asperifolia, Michx. ; Britton & Brown Illustr. Flora ii. 
544, f. North America. 

C. Baileyi, Coulter & Evans ; Garden and Forest 1890, 
465, f. 58. North America. 

C. brachypoda, C. A. Meyer. Japan. 

Var. variegata. Journ. of Hortic. ser. iii. xxviii. 129, 
f . 20. 

C.'Bretschneideri, L. Henry Le Jardin 1899, 309, f. China. 

C 4 candidissima, Marsh. ; Britt. & Br. Illustr. Fl. ii. 545. 
North America. 

C. albida, Ehrh. 
C. fastigiata, Miclix. 
C. femina, Dippel (not Miller). 
C. oblongata, Hort. 
C. paniculata, UHerit. 
C. stricta, Lam. 
Var. variegata. 


*C. capitata, Wall. North India to China. 

Benthamia fragifera, Lindl. ; Bot. Mag. t. 4641. 

C. circinata, L'Hen'L ; Loud. Arb. et Frut. ii. 1014, f. 767. 

North America. 
C. rugosa, Lam. 
C. toHientosula, MicJix. 
0. verrueosa, Hort. 

C. florida, L. ; Sargent Silva of North America tt. 212, 213. 
Eastern North America. " Flowering Dogwood." 

Benthamia florida, Spach. 
Var. flore rubro. 
Var. pendula. 

C. glabrata, Benth. Western United States. 
C. Hessei, Koehne. Eastern Asia ? 

*C. Kousa, Buerg. ; Garden, February 25, 181)15. Japan. 
C. japonica, Koehne (not Tkunb.). 
Benthamia japonica, Sieb. & Zucc. Fl. Jap. i. t. 16. 

C. macrophylla, Wall. North India to Japan. 
0. brachypoda, Hort. (not Fisch. & Mey.). 
C. crispula, Hance. 
C. religiana, Hort. 

C. Thelicanis, Lebas Rev. Hort. 1875, 395, f. 64. 
C. theleriana, Hort. 

Var. variegata. 

C. Mas, L. Europe, &c. " Cornelian Cherry, Cornel." 
C. mascula, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 2675. 

Var. aurea elegantissima, Hort. 
C. elegantissima, Hort. 


C. Mas cont. 
Var. fructu violaceo. 
Var. lanceolata. 
Var. nana. 

C. pumila, Hort. 
Var. variegata. 
Var. xanthocarpa. 

C. Nuttallii, Audub. ; Sargent Silva of North America 
tt. 214, 215. Western North America. 

C. officinalis, Sieb. <k Zucc. Fl. Jap. i. t. 50. Japan. 
C. pubescens, Nutt. Western North America. 
C. Purpusi, Koehne. Ohio. 

C. sanguinea, L. ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 635. Europe, North 
and Western Asia. " Common Dogwood." 

Var. candidissima, Hort. 

Var. viridissima, Dieck. 

C. stricta, Hort. (not UHerit.). 

Var. variegata, Hort. 

C. stolonifera, Michx. ; Britton & Brown Illustr. Flora ii. 

545 f. North America. " Red-Osier Dogwood." 

C. alba, Wangenh. (not L.). 

Var. flaviramea. 

C. alba var. flaviramea, Spdth. 

C. stricta, UHerit. ; Britton & Brown Illustr. Flora iL 

546 f. South United States. 

C. fastigiata, Michx. 
C. femina, Mill. 


Aucuba himalaica, Hook.f. & Thorns. ; Hook. f. Himalay. 
Plants t. 12. Eastern temperate Himalaya. 

A. japonica, Thunb. ; Bot. Mag. t. 1197. Japan. 
Var. Bruantii. 
Var. crassifolia. 
Var. dentata. 
Yar. dentata variegata. 
Yar. fructu albo. 
Yar. grandis. 
Yar. latimaculata. 
Yar. longifolia. 
Yar. longifolia picta. 
Yar. macrodonta. 
Yar. macrophylla. 
Yar. macrophylla dentata. 
Yar. macrophylla maculata. 
Yar. macrophylla picta. 
Yar. maculata 9 . 
Yar. nana rotundifolia. 
Yar. picta. . 
Yar. pygmaea. 
Yar. rotundifolia. 
Yar. salicifolia. 
Yar. splendida. 
Yar. viridis. , $ . 

Garrya elliptica, Dougl. ; Bot. Reg. t, 1686. California. 

12159 2 


*G. flavescens, S. Wats. Western North America. 

*G. Premontii, Torr. ; Gard. Chron. 1881, xv. 431, f. 83. 

Western North America. 

*Gr. macrophylla, Benth. Mexico. 

G. Thureti, Carr. (Fadyenii x elliptica) ; Rev. Hort. 1879, 
154, ff. 33, 4. Garden origin. 

*Griselinia littoralis, Raoul ; Kirk Forest Flora of New 
Zealand t. 42. New Zealand. 

*G. lucida, Forst. ; Kirk Forest Flora t. 41. New Zealand. 
" Kapook." 

Var. macrophylla, Hook. f. 

Nyssa aquatica, Marsh. ; Sargent Silva of North America 
t. 220. South United States. " Tupelo Gum." 

N. tomentosa, Michx. 
N. uniflora, Wangenh. 

U. Ogeche, Marsh. ; Sargent Silva t. 219. South United 
States. " Ogeechee Lime ; Sour Tupelo." 

N. capitata, Walt. 

N. sylvatica, Marsh. ; Sargent Silva of North America 
t. 217. North America. " Tupelo, Pepperidge." 

N. multi flora. Wan genh. 

Davidia involucrata, Baill. ; Hook. Icon. Plant, t. 1961. 

Western China. 


Sambucus canadensis, L. Bentl. & Trimen Medicinal 
Plants t. 138. North America. 


S. glauca, Nutt. ; Sargent Silva of North America t. 222. 
Western United States. 

S. californica, C. Koch. 
S. semperflorens, Hort. 

S. melanocarpa, A. Gray. Western North America. 

S. mexicana, Presl. California, Arizona, &c. 
S. velutina, Dur. 
S. plantierensis, Hort. 

S. nigra, L. ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 637. Europe, W. Asia, N. 
Africa. " Common Elder." 

Yar. aureo-marginata. 

Var. aureo-variegata. 

Var. flore pleno. 

Var. foliis aureis. " Golden Elder." 

Var. fructu albo. 

Var. heterophylla. 

S. cannabifolia, Hort. 
Var. laciniata. 

S. cannabifolia Jmearis, Ho-rt. 

S. heterophylla dissecta, Hort. 

S. laciniata, Mill. 

Var. leucocarpa. 
Var. linearis. 
Var. lutescens. 
Var. monstrosa. 
Var. pendula. 
Var. pulverulenta. 
Var. pyramidalis. 


S. nigra cont. 

Var. roseo flore pleno. 
Yar. rotundifolia. 
Var. swindonensis. 
Yar. tricolor. 
Yar. variegata. 
Yar. virescens. 

S.-racemosa, L. ; Flora Danica t. 2951. Northern Hemi- 
sphere. " Red-berried Elder." 

S. sieboldiana, Blume. 
S. Williamsii, Hance. 

Yar. arboregcens. 
Yar. dahurica. 
Yar. foliis aureis. 
Yar. laciniata. 

S. racernosa ovata. 

S. racemosa pteridifolia. 

Var. plumosa. 
Var. plumosa aurea. 

Var. pubescens, Dippel. 

S. pubens, Michx. 

S. pubescens, Pers. 
Var. rosaeflora, Dippel. 

S. rosaeflora, Carr. Rev. Hort. 1869, 434, f. 

Var. serratifolia. 

S. ornata, Hort. 

Yar. spectabilis. 
Var. tenuifolia. 

S. thunbergiana, Blame. Japan. 

Viburnum acerifolium, L. ; Wats. Dendr. Brit. ii. t. 118. 
Northern United States. " Dockmackie." 

V. bullatum, Hort. Origin uncertain. 

V. burejaeticum, Regel. \& Herd. ; Gartenflora 1862, 407, 

t. 3*4. China. 
V. burejanum, Herd. 

*V. Carlesii, Hemsley. Corea. 

V. cassinoides, L. Northern United States. &c. " Withe- 

V. nudum var. cassinoides, Torr. & Gray. 
V. pyrifolium, Pursh. 
V. squamatum, Willd. ; Wats. Dendr, Brit, i, t. 24. 

*V. coriaceum, Blume. Himalaya, China, &c. 
V. cyliiidraceum, Ham. 

V. cotinifolium, D. Don ; Bot. Reg. t. 1650. Himalaya. 
V. multratum, C. Koch. 

V. dentatum, L. ; Wats. Dendr. Brit. i. t. 25. North 

America. u Arrow-wood." 
V. acuminatum, Hort. 
V. montanum, Lodd. 

Var. variegatum. 

V. dilatatum, Thunb. ; Bot. Mag. t. 6215. Japan. 
V. Mariesii, Hort. 

V. erosum, Thunb. ; Garden :and Forest 1896, 85, f. 9. 

V. dilatatum var. formosanum, Maxim. 

V. furcatum, Blume. China and Japan. 
V. cordif olium, Hook. f. & Thorns. 
V. lantanoides, Miq. (not Michx.). 


V. hanceanum, Maxim. China. 

V. tomentosum, Hance (not Thurib.). 

V. Lantana, L. ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 640. Europe, N. & W. 
Asia, N. Africa. " Wayfaring Tree." 

V. macrophyllum, Hort. 

Y. tomentosum, Lam. (not Thunb.). 

Var. foliis aureis variegatis. 
Var. foliis punctatis. 

V. lantanoides, Michx. ; Garden and Forest 1889, 535, 
t. 141. North America. " Hobble-bush." 

V. alnifolium, Marsh. 

Y. grandifolium, Sm. 

Y. indicum, Hort. 

Y. Lantana var. canadense, Pers. 

V. Lantana var. grandifolium, Ait. 

V. Lentago, L. ; Sargent Silva of North America v. 96, 
tt. 223, 224. North America. " Sheep-berry." 

V. acuminatum, Hort. (not Wall.). 
Y. nitidum, Hort. 
Y. pirifolium, Hort. (not Poir.\ 
V. prunifolium, Hort. (not L.). 

V. macrocephaluin, Fortune Bot. Reg. 1847, t. 43 (sterile 

form). China. 
V. Fortunei, Hort. gall. 

V. Keteleeri, Carr. Rev. Hort. 1863, 270, f . 31 (fertile 

V. molle, Michx. Garden and Forest 1891, 30, f . 8. North 

Y. mexicanum, Hort. gall. 


V. nudum, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 2281. Eastern and Southern 

United States. 
V. anglicum, Hort. 
V. longifolium, Hort. 
V. nitidum, Hort. 

*V. odoratissimum, Ker-Gawl. Bot. Reg. t. 456. China. 
Y. Awafuki, Hort. 
Y. sinensis, Zeyher. 

V. Opulus, L. ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 639. Northern hemi- 
sphere. " Guelder Rose." 

V. americanum, Mill. 

V. edule, Pursh. 

V. lobatum, Lam. 

V. opuloides, Muhl. 

Y. Opulus var. americanum, Ait. 

Y. Opulus var. edule, Michx. 

Y. Oxycoccus, Pursh. 
Yar. fructu luteo. 
Yar. nanum. 
Var. roseum Tatteri. 
Yar. sterile. " Snowball Tree." 

V. pauciflorum, Pylaie ; Garden and Forest 1890, 5, f Jl. 
North America. 

V. phlebotrichum, Sieb. & ZMCC. Japan. 
Y. Wrightii, Miq. 

V. prunifolium, L. ; Sargent Silva of North America t. 225. 
North America. " Black Haw." 

Y. laevigatum, Hort. 
Y. obovatum, Hort. 
Y. pirifolium, Poir. 
Y. punicaefolium, Hort. 


T. pubescens, Pursh ; Garden and Forest 1890, 125, f . 26. 
North America. 

V. rhytidophyllum, Hemsl. Central China. 

V. rufidulum, Rafin. Southern United States. " Southern 

Black Haw." 

V. prunifolium var. ferrugineum, Torr. & Gray. 
V. rufotomentosum, Small ; Britt. & Br. Illustr. Fl. 
iii. 233, f . 

V. Sargenti, Koehne. N. China. 

V. Sieboldii, Miq. Japan. 
V. reticulatum, Hort. 

V. stellulatum, Wall. Himalaya. 

V. Tinus, L. Bot. Mag. t. 38. Mediterranean region. 
" Laurustinus." 

Var. Froebeli. 
Yar. hirtum. 
Var. lucidum. 
Var. purpureum. 
Var. pyramidale. 

V. tomentosum, Thurib. Japan. 

V. plicatum, Sieb. & Zucc. FL Jap. t. 38. 
V. plicatum var. tomentosum, Miq. 

Var. plicatum, Maxim. 

V. plicatum, Thurib. ; Sieb. & Zucc. Fl. Jap. t. 37. 

Var. plicatum grandiflorum. 
V. utile, Hemsl. Central China. 

Symphoricarpus Heyeri, Dippel. Western United States. 
S. occidentalis var. Heyeri, Dieck. 

S. mollis, Nutt. var. ciliatus, (Nutt.). California. 


S.rlocciden tails, B. Br. Western N. America. "Wolf- 

Symphoria occidentals, R. Br. 

S. orbiculatus, Moench. North America. " Indian Cur- 
rant ; Coral-berry." 

S. fructo rubro, Hort. 
S. glomeratus, C. Koch. 
S. parviflorus, Desf. 
S. vulgaris, Michx. 
Symphoria glomerata, Pers. 

Var. variegatus. 
S. oreophilus, A. Gray. Western X. America. 

S. racemosus, Michx. X. America. " Snowberry." 
Symphoria racemosa, Pers. ; Bot. Mag. t. 2211. 

S. rotundifolius, A. Gray (not C. Koch). Western United 

S. glaucescens, Hort. 

Abelia ehinensis, R. Br. China. 

A. rupestris, Hort. (not LindL). 
A. uniflora, R. Br. ; Bot. Mag. t. 4694. 
Linnaea ehinensis, A. Br. <k Vatke. 
L. rupestris, .4. Br. & Vatke. 

Var. alba. 

*A. floribunda, Decne. ; Bot. Mag. t. 4316. Mexico. 
*A. serrata, Sieb. <k Zucc. Fl. Jap. I, t. 34. Japan. 
*A. spathulata, Siel). & Zucc. ; Bot. Mag. t. 6601. Japan. 

A. triflora, R. Br. ; Lindl. & Paxt. Fl. Gard. iii. 93, t. 91. 
Temperate Himalaya. 

Linnaea triflora, A. Br. & Vatke. 


Linnaea borealis, L. ; Lodd. Bot. Cab. t. 183. Northern 
hemisphere. " Twin-flower." 

* Lonicera acuminata, Wall. Temperate Himalaya. 

L. alpigena, L. ; Jacquin Flora Austriaca iii. t. 274. 
European Alps, Himalaya. 

Caprifolium alpigenum, Gaertn. 
C. alpinum, Lam. 
Chamaecerasus alpigenus, Medic. 
Tsika alpigena, BorkTi. 
I. lucida, Moench. 
Xylosteum alpinum, Dum. 

Var. nana. 

L. Altmannii, Reg el & Schmalh. Turkestan. 
L. Amherstii, Dippel. Himalaya. 

L. angustifolia. Wall. ; Journ. Hort. Soc. Lond. 1848, iii. 
238, f. Temperate Himalaya. 

L. bella, Zabel. (Morrowi x tatarica). Garden origin. 
L. Morrowi var. rosea, Dippel. 

L. Browni, Carr. Garden origin. 

L. sempervirens var. Browni, Hort. (probably a 
hybrid between Sullivanti or glauca and] semper- 

L. caerulea, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 1965. Northern hemisphere. 
Caprifolium caeruleum, Lam. 
Xylosteum caeruleum, Dum.-Cours. 
Var. glabriuscula. 

Var. graciliflora, Dippel. 

L. Karelini, Hort. (not Eunge): 

Var. viridifolia, Dippel. 
L. Kirilowi, Hort. 


L. Caprifolium, L ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3,|.t. 641. Central and 

S. Europe, W. Asia. 
L. americana, G. Koch. 
L. ciliosa, Hort. (not Poir.). 
L. grata, Soland. 
L. pallida, Host. 
Caprifolium gratum, Pursh. 
C. hortense, Lam. 
C. perfoliatum, Roehl. 

L. chrysantha, Turcz. ; Gartenflora 1863, t. 404. Amur- 
land, &c. 

L. gibbiflora, Maxim, (not Dippel). 
L. Xylosteum var. chrysantha, Regel. 
Xylosteum gibbiflorum, Rupr. & Maxim. 

L. ciliata, Muhl. ; Britt. & Br. 111. Flora iii. 241, f . Eastern 
United States. " Fly Honeysuckle." 

L. canadensis, Muhl. 
Xylosteum ciliatuin, Pursh. 

L. ciliosa, Poir. Western North America. 
L. occidentalis, Hook. 
Caprifolium ciliosum, Pursh. 
C. occidentale, Lindl. Bot. Reg. t. 1457. 

L. coerulescens, Dippel Laubholzk. i. 233, f. 149. Garden 

L. tatarica x Xylosteum. 
L. conjugalis, Kellogg. Western North America. 

L. depressa, Royle. Alpine Himalaya. 
L. parvifolia, Edgew. 

Var. Myrtillus. 

L. Myrtillus, Hook.f. & Thorns. 


L. dioica, L. ; Bot. Reg. t. 13S. North America. 
L. glauca, Hill. 
L. macrophylla, Hort. 
L. media, Murr. 
L. parviflora, Lam. 
Caprifolium bracteatum, MicJix. 
C. dioicum, Roem. & Schultz. 
C. glaucum, Moench. 
C. parviflorum, Pursh. 

*L. etrusca, Santi ; Reichb. Fl. Germ. xvii. 1. 1172. South 

Europe, &c. 

L. atrosanguinea, Hort. 
L. gigantea, Hort. 

Caprifolium etruscum, Roem. & Schultz. 
C. giganteum, Hort. 
Var. superba. 

L. gigantea superba, Hort 
Yar. viscidula, Boiss. Asia Minor. 

L. flava, Sims Bot. Mag. t. 1318 ; Garden and Forest 1890, 

190, f. 31. South Carolina. 
Caprifolium flavum, Ell. 
C. Fraseri, Pursh. 

L. fragrantissima, Lindl. & Paxt. Fl. Gard. iii. 75, f . 268. 


L. candidissima, Hort. 
L. caprifolioides, C. Koch. 
L. Niaguarilli, Hort. 
L. odoratissima, Hort. 
L. volgarensis, Hort. 
Chamaecerasus Niaguarilli, Hort. 

L. gibbiflora, Dip2)el Laubholzk. i. 237, f. 151. (chry- 
santha x ruprechtiana). Mandshuria. 

L. glabrata, Wall. Himalaya. 


L. gracilipes, Miq. Japan. 
L. Philomelae, Hort. 

L. Heckrotti, Hort (probably hybrid between semper- 
virens and some European species). Garden origin. 

L. hirsuta, Eaton Bot. Mag. t. 3103. N. America. 
L. Douglasii, Hort. (not DC.). 
L. pilosa, Hort. 
L. pubescens, Sweet. 
L. villosa, Muhl. 
Caprifolium Douglasii, Lindl. 
C. pilosum, Hort. 
C. pubescens, G oldie. 

L. hispida, Pall. Central Asia, Siberia, &c. 
L. bracteata, Royle. 

L. hispidula, Dougl. Bot. Reg. t. 1761. Western North 

L. iberica, Bieb. Caucasus. 

L. chlamydophora, C. Koch. 
L. ciliaris, Hort. 
Xylosteum ibericum, Bieb. 

L. implexa, Soland. ; Bot. Mag. t. 640. South Europe. 
L. balearica, DC. 
Caprifolium balearicum, Dum.-Cours. 

L. involucrata, Banks ; Bot. Reg. t. 1179. N.W. America. 
L. bordwelliana, Hort. 
L. flavescens, Dippel. 
L. gibbosa, Hort. 
L. intermedia, Kellogg. 
L. Ledebourii, Eschsch. 
L. mo^iniana, DC. 
Xylosteum involucratum, Riclt. 
Var. humilis. 


L. italica, Schmidt. (Caprifolium x etrusca ?) Garden 

L. Caprifolium, Hort. (not L.). 
L. etrusca, Hort. (not Santi). 
Caprifolium magnevillea, Hort. 
L. Magnevillea, Hort. 
L. occidentalis, Hort. 

L. japonica, Thunb. China and Japan. 

Var. aureo-reticulata. 

L. brachypoda var. reticulata, Belg. Hort. 1871, 59, 
t. 5. 

L. brachypoda var. foliis aureo-reticulatis. 111. 
Hort. 1862, t. 337. 

Var. chinensis, Baker. 

L. chinensis, Wats. Dendr. Brit. ii. t. 117. 

Var. flexuosa. 

L. brachypoda, DC. 

L. flexuosa, Thunb. ; Bot. Reg. t. 712. 

Var. halliana ; American Gardening xii. 663. 
L. flexuosa var. halleana, Dippel. 
L. halleana, Hort. 
Caprifolium hallianum, Hort. 
C. japonicum var. Halli, Hort. 

L. Karelini, Bunge. Central Asia. 

L. Kesselringi, Regel Gartenflora 1891, 124. Kamtchatka. 
L. orientalis var. kamtschatica, Hort. 
L. savranica, Hort. 

L. Korolkowii, Stapf Garden and Forest 1894, 34, f. 4. 

L. floribunda, Zabel (not Boiss. & Buhse) ; Wittmack 
Gartenflora 1893, 103, f. 


L. longiflora, DC. China. 

CaprifoJium longiflorum, Lindl. Bot. Reg. t. 1232. 

L. Maacki, Herd. ; Gartenflora t. 1162. Mandshuria, &c. 
Xylosteum Maackii, Rupr. 

L. Maximowiczii, Maxim.-, Gartenflora t. 597. Amurland, 

Xylosteum Maximowiczii, Rupr. 

L. microphylla, Willd. ; Ledeb. Icon. PI. Fl. Rose. t. 213. 
Altai to Kashmir. 

L. bungeana, Ledeb. 
L. sieversiana, Bunge. 

L. minutiflora, ZcCbel. (micrantha x Xylosteum). Garden 

L. Morrowi, A. Gray ; American Gardening xi. 1267. 

L. Mouraviae, Hort. 

L. miindeniensis, Rehder (bella x gibbiflora), Gartenflora 
1893, 101. Garden origin. 

L. muscaviensis, Rehder (Morrowi x ruprechtiana). Gar- 
tenflora 1893, 101. 

L. nervosa, Maxim. China. 

L. nigra, L. ; Jacq. Fl. Austriaca t. 314. European Alps, &c. 
L. altaica, Hort. (not Pall.}. 
Chamaecerasus nigra, Med. 
Xylosteum nigrum, Mill. 

L.'notha grandiflora, Zabel. Garden origin. 

L. nummulariaefolia, Jaub. & Spach. Orient. 

L. Xylosteum, SMh. & 8m. Fl. Graeca t 223 (no! L.\ 


L. oblongifolia, Hook. ; Britt. & Br. Illustr. Fl. iii., 240, f . 
Canada and North United States. 

L. obovata, Royle. Temperate Himalaya. 

L. orientalis, Lam. ; Gartenflora t. 359. Orient. 
L. caucasica, Bieb. 
L. discolor, Hort. 
L. goveniana, Wall. 
L. occidentalis, Hort. (not Hook.). 
L. schmitziana, Dippel. 

L. Periclymenuin, L. : Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 642. Europe, &c. 

" Woodbine ; Honeysuckle." 
Caprifolium Periclymenum, Eoem. & Schultz. 
C. sylvaticum, Lam. 
Periclymenum germanicum, Mill. 

Yar. belgica. 

Var. quercifolia. 

L. verna variegata, Hort. 
Caprifolium quercifolium, Hort. 

Var. serotina. 

L. serotina, Hort. 

L. pileata, Oliver Hook. Icon. Plant, t. 1585. Central 

L. plantierensis, E. Andre 111. Hort. xviii. t. 86. Garden 

L. ciliosa var. plantiernsis, Dippel. 

(Probably a hybrid of sempervirens with Sullivanti 
or glauca.) 

L. purpurasoens, Wai p. Subalpine Himalaya. 
L. sericea, Royle. 
Xylosteum purpurascens, Jacquem. Yoy. Bot. 79, t. 87. 

12159 P 


L. pyrenaica, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 7774. Pyrenees. 
Caprifolium pyrenalcum, Lam. 

L. quinquelocularis, Hardw. Temperate Himalaya. 
L. diversifolia, Wall. ; Bot. Reg. xxx. t. 33. 

L. regeliana, Petz. & Kirchn. ; Dippel Laubholzk. i. 220, 
f. 140. Amnrland. 

L. chrysantha x Xylosteum, Rehder. 
L. rupicola, Hook. f. & Thorns. Himalaya. 

L. ruprechtiana, Regel. Gartenflora 1870, 68, t. 645. Manci- 
shuria, &c. 

L. salicifolia, Zabel. (micrantha x ruprechtiana). Garden 

L. ruprechtiana var. salicifolia, Dippel. 

L. segreziensis, Lavallee. Origin uncertain. 
L. diversifolia, Hort. (not Wall.). 
L. hispida, Hort. (not Pall.). 
L. quinquelocularis x Xylosteum ? 

*L. sempervirens, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 781. South United 
States. *' Trumpet Honeysuckle." 

L. carol iniana, Marsh. 
L. fuchsioides, Hort. (not Hemsl.). 
L. virginiana, Marsh. 
Caprifolium sempervirens, Michx. 
Periclymenum sempervirens, Mill. 

Yar. minor. Bot. Mag. t. 1753. 

L. spinosa, Jacquem. Eastern Turkestan, &c. 
L. Albert!, Regel ; Bot. Mag. t. 7394. 
Xylosteum spinosum, Decnc. 
12159 P 2 


L. StandisMi, Hook. Bot. Mag. t. 5709. China. 
L. fragrantissima, Carr. (not Paxt.). 
L. odoratissima, Hort. 
L. sinensis, Hort. 
Chamaecerasus StandisMi, Lesc. 

L. Sullivantii, A. Gray ; Garden and Forest 1890, 191, 

f . 32. North-Eastern United States. 

L. flava, Hort. Rev. Hortic. 1856, 221 1. (not Sims). 

L. syrin^antha, Maxim. ; Gartenflora 1892, 564, ff. 115, 

116. China. 

L. tangutica, Maxim. ; Gartenflora 1891, 580, ff . 104, 105. 


L. tatarica, L. ; Bot. Reg. t. 31. Siberia, &c. 
Chamaecerasus tatarica, Medic. 
Xylosteum cordatum, Moench. 
X. tataricum, Medic. 

Var. nana. 

Var. pulcherrima. 

Var. punicea. 

L. punicea, Sims Bot. Mag. t. 2469. 

Var. speciosa, Carr. Rev. Hortic. 1868, 392, t. 
var. splendens, Hegel. 

L. thibetica, Bur. & Franch. Tibet. 

L.:tomentella, Hook. /. <k Thorns.; Bot. Mag. t. 6486. 
Temperate Himalaya. 

L. tragophylla, HemsL Central China. 
L. translucens, Carr. Origin uncertain. 


L. Xylosteum, L. ; Eng. Bot, ed. 3, t. 643. Europe, 
Northern Asia. 

L. dumetorum, Moench. 

L. vulgare, Roehl. 

L. xylosteoides, Tausch. 

Caprifolium dumetorum, Pers. 

Chamaecerasus Xylosteum, Medic. 

lieycesteria formosa, Wall. ; Bot. Mag. t. 3699. Temperate 

L. nepalensis, Hort. 
Yar. variegata. 

Diervilla floribunda, S-ieb. & Zucc. Fl. Jap. t. 32. Japan. 
D. multiflora, Lemaire. 

Yar. Lavallei, Hort. 
Yar. Lowei, Hort. 

Var. versicolor, Eehder. 

D. versicolor, Sieb. & Zucc. Fl. Jap. t. 33. 

D. florida, Sieb. & Zucc. China. 

D. rosea, Walp. 

Weigela amabilis, Hort. 

W. rosea, Lindl. ; Bot. Mag. t. 4396. 
Yar. Candida. 
Yar. variegata. 

D. grandiflora, Sieb. & Zuec. Fl. Jap. t. 31. Japan. 
D. coraeensis, DC. 
D. amabilis, Carr. ; Flore des Serres t. 855. 

D. hybrida, Hort. (This has been proposed as a collective 
name for the hybrids of the above-mentioned 
species, which are more common in cultivation 
than the species themselves.) 


D. japonica, DC. Japan. 

Weigela japonica, Thunb. 

Var. hortensis, Rehder. 

D. hortensis, Sieb. <k Zucc. PI. Jap. 1. 70, t. 29. 

Var. Looymansi aurea. 

D. Lonicera, Mill. North America. 
D. canadensis, Willd. 
D. huinilis, Pers. ; Bot. Mag. t. 1796. 
D. lutea, Pursh. 
D. Tournefortii, Michx. 
D. trifida, Moench. 

D. middendorfiana, Carr. Siberia, &c. 

Calyptrostigma middendorfianum, Trautv. A Mey. ; 
Gartenflora 1857, 347, t. 183. 

Weigela middendorfiana, Hort. 
D. praecox, Lemoine ; Gartenflora 1897, t. 1441. Japan. 

D. sessilifolia, Buckl. ; Lavallee Arbor. Segrez. Ic. 25, t. 8. 
Carolina and Tennessee. 

Var. splendens. 

D. splendens, Carr. 


Cephalanthus occidentalis, L. ; Rev. Hort. 1889, 280, f. 70. 
North America. " Button-bush." 

Coprosma acerosa, A. Cunn. New Zealand. 
Var. prostrata. 



*Aplopappus ericoides, DO. ; Gard. Chron. 1896, xx. 301, 
f. 57. California. 

Diplopappus ericoides, Less. 
Ericameria microphylla, Nutt. 
Haplopappus ericoides, Benth. & Hook.f. 

Bigelovia Douglasii, A. Gray. Western North America. 

B. viscidiflora, DO. 
Brickellia linearifolia, Klatt. 
Chrysothamnus pumilus, Nutt. 

C. viscidiflorus, Nutt. 

Linosyris viscidiflora, Torr. & Gray. 

Var. tortifolia, A. Gray. 

Linosyris lanceolafa, Hook. 

B. graveolens, A. Gray. Western North America. 

B. dracimculoides, DC. 

Chrysocoma dracunculoides, Pursh (not Lam.). 

C. graveolens, Nutt. 
Chrysothamnus dracunculoides, Nutt. 
C. speciosus, Nutt. 

Linosyris graveolens, Torr. & Gray. 

Olearia Haastii, #00^. /. ; Bot. Mag. t. 6592. New Zealand. 

*0. macrodonta, Baker Bot. Mag. t. 7065. New Zealand. 
0. dentata, Hook. /. 

*0. stellulata, DC. Australia. 

0. gunniana, #oo&. /. Bot. Mag. t. 4638. 
Eurybia gunniana, DC. 


*0. Traversii, F. jtfueft. Gard. Chron. 1887, ii. 187, f. 42. 

New Zealand. 

Eurybia Traversii, F. Muell. 

Microglossa albescens, C. B. Clarke ; Bot. Mag. t. 6672. 


M. cabulica, C. B. Clarke. 
Amphiraphis albescens, DC. 
Aster albescens, Wai p. 

A. cabulicus, Lindl. 

Baccharis halimifolia, L. ; Dippel Laubholzk. i. 294, f . 195. 

N. America. " Groundsel Tree." 

B. patagonica, Hook. & Am. Magellanic region. 

B. salicina, Torr. & Gray. Colorado to Texas. 

B. salicifolia, Nutt. 

*Helichrysum antennarium, F. Muell. Australia. 
Swammerdamia Antennaria, DC. 

*H. glomeratum, Nichols. New Zealand. 
Ozothamnus glomeratus, Hook.f. 
Swammerdamia glomerata, Raoul. 

*H. rosmarinifolium, DC. Victoria and Tasmania. 

" Snow in Summer." 

Ozothamnus rosmarinifolius, DC. 
H. serotinum, Boiss. South- Western Europe. 

Cassinia fulvida, Hook. f. ; Garten flora, 1890, 241, f. 56. 

New Zealand. 

Diplopappus chrysophyllus, Hort. 

*C. leptophylla, Hort. New Zealand. 
Calea leptophylla, Forst. 


*C. Vauvilliersii, Hook.f. New Zealand. 
Diplopappus Yauvilliersii, Hort. 

Ozothamnus Vauvilliersii, Homb. Jacq. & Mont. 
Voyage de TAstrolabe t. 55. 

Iva frutescens, L.\ Britt. & Br. Illustr. Fl. iii. 292, f. 
Massachusetts to Florida, &c. " Marsh Elder." 

Santolina Chamaecyparissus, L. South Europe. " Lavender 

S. incana, Lam. 

S. rosmarinifolia, L. Spain and Portugal. 
S. pectinata, Lag. 

S. viridis, Willd. South Europe. 
S. virens, Mill. 

Artemisia Abrotanum, L. South Europe. "Southern- 

A. arborescens, L. South Europe. 

A. austriaca, Jacq. Eastern Europe, &c. 

A. procera, Willd. South-East Europe, Asia Minor. "Sage- 

A. tridentata, Nutt. Western United States. 

*Senecio laxifolius, J. Buch. ; Bot. Mag. t. 7378. New 

S. Grayii, Hort. 

S. latifolius, Hort. (not Banks & Soland.). Gard. 
Chron. 1894, xvi. 315, f. 43. 



Gaylussacia brachycera, Torr. & Gray ; Pennsylvania to 
Virginia. " Box Huckleberry." 

Adnaria brachycera, O. Kuntze. 

Vaccinium brachycerum, Mich.?. 

V. buxifolium, Salisb. ; Bot. Mag. t. 968. 

G. dumosa, Torr. & Gray ; Newfoundland and Eastern 
United States. " Dwarf Huckleberry." 

Vaccinium dumosum, Andr. Bot. Rep. t. 112 ; Bot. 

Mag. t, 1106. 
V. frondosum, Michx. (not L.). 

G. frondosa, Torr. & Gray ; Gard. Chron. 1890, vii. 580, 
f. 93. Eastern United States. "Blue Tangle; 

Vaccinium frondosum, L. ; Andr. Bot. Rep. t. 140. 
V. glaucum, Michx. 
V. venustum, Ait. 

G. resinosa, Torr. & Gray. North America. " Black 

Vaccinium parvinorum, Andr. Bot. Rep. t. 125. 
V. resinosum, Ait. ; Bot. Mag. t. 1288. 

G/ursina, Torr. & Gray. Mountains of North and South 

Vaccinium ursinum, M. A. Curt. 

Vaccinium arboreum, Marsh. ; Lodd. Bot. Cab. t. 1885 ; 
Sargent Silva of North America v. 119, t. 230. 
Florida and Texas to North Carolina and South 
Illinois. " Farkle-berry." 

V. diffusum, Ait. ; Bot. Mag. t. 1607. 
V. Arctostaphylos, L. ; Bot. Mag. t, 974. Caucasus, &c. 


Y. canadense, Kalm ; Bofc. Mag. t. 3446. North America. 
" Canadian Whortleberry." 

Y. album, Lam. (not L.). 
Y. ciliatum, Thurib. Japan. 

Y. corymbosum, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 3433. North America. 
" Common Blueberry ; Swamp Blueberry." 

V. disomorphum, Michx. 

Y. marianum, Wats. Dendr. Brit. t. 124. 

Var. amoenum, A. Gray. 

Y. amoenum, Ait. ; Andr. Bot. Rep. t. 138. 

Yar. fuscatum, A. Gray ; Southern United States. 
Y. fuscatum, Ait. 

Y. crassifolium, Andr. Bot. Rep. t. 105 ; Bot. Mag. t. 1152. 

North Carolina to Georgia. 

Y. carnosum, Pers. 

Y. myrtifolium, Michx. 

V. erythrocarpum, Michx. ; Bot. Mag. t. 7413. Virginia to 


Oxycoccus erectus, Pursh. 
0. erythrocarpus, Pers. 

*V. glauco-album, Hook.f. Himalaya. 

Y. hirsutum, BuM. ; Garden and Forest 1889, 365, f. 119. 
Mountains of North Carolina. 

V. intermedium, Rnthe (Myrtillus x Yitis-Idaea) : Journ. 
Linn. Soc. xxiv. 125, t. 3. Europe. 

Y. japonicum, Miq. Japan. 

*V. Mortinia, Benth. ; Bot. Mag. t. 6872. Andes of 


*V. Myrsinites, Lam. South United States. 
V. Sprengelii, Hort. (not Wall.). 
V. nitidum var. decumbens, Sims Bot. Mag. t. 1550. 

V. Myrtillus, L. ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 879. Northern hemi- 
sphere. " Whortleberry ; Bilberry ; Blaeberry." 

Var. fructu albo. 

V. occidentals, A. Gray. Mountains of California and 


V. ovatum, Pursh ; Bot. Mag. t. 4732. Vancouver's Island 

to Monterey, &c. 
V. prunifolium, Hort. 

V. padifolium, Sm. ; Bot. Mag. t. 7305. Madeira. 
V. Arctostaphylos var. padifolium, Loud. 
V. maderense, Link. 

V. parvifolium, Sm. ; Hook. Fl. Bor. Ain. t. 128. North 
California to Alaska and the Aleutian Islands. 
44 Dwarf Blueberry." 

V. pensylvanicum, Lam. ; Bot. Mag. t. 3434. North 

V. huinile, Wittd. 

V. myrtilloides, Michx. (not Hook.). 

V. ramulosum, Willd. 

V. tenellum, Pursh. 

Var. angustifolium, A. Gray. 
V. angustifolium, Ait. 
V. salicinum, Aschers. 

V. stamineum, L. ; Andr. Bot. Rep. t. 263. Maine and 
Michigan to Florida and Louisiana. " Deerberry." 
V. album, Pursh (not L.). 
V. elevatum, Soland. 


V. uliglnosum, L. ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 878. Northern 

V., Bigel. 
V. pubesceus, Wormsk. 

V. vacillans, Soland. New England to North Carolina 
and Missouri. 

V. Vitis-idaea, L. ; Eng. Bot, ed. 3, t. .877. Northern 
hemisphere. " Cowberry." 

V. punctatum, Lam. 

Vitis-idaea punctata, Moench. 
Var. major, Lodd. Bot. Cab. t. 616. 
Var. minor. 

Oxycoccus macrocarpus, Pers. North America. " American 

Vaccinium macrocarpon, Ait. ; Bot. Mag. t. 2586. 
V. Oxycoccus var. oblongifolium, Michx. 

0. palustris, Pers. Northern hemisphere. " Cranberry." 
0. vulgaris, Pursh. 
Vaccinium Oxycoccus, L. ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 876. 

Chiogenes serpyllifolia, Salisb. ; Britt. & Br. Illustr. Fl. ii. 
581, f . North America. " Creeping Snowberry." 

C. hispidula, Torr. & Gray. 
Gaultheria hispidula, Muhl. 
G. serpyllifolia, Pursh. 
Oxycoccus hispidulus, Pers. 
Vaccinium hispidulum, L. 


Arbutus Andrachne, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 2024. Levant, &c. 
A. integrifolia, Lam. 
A. Sieberi, Klotzsch. 


A. hybrida, Ker.-Gaivl. Bot. Reg. t. 619. (Andrachne x 
Unedo). Garden origin. 

A. Andrachne var. serratifolia, Hort. 

A. andrachnoides, Link. 

A. magnifica, Hort. 

A Milleri, Hort. 

A. photiniaefolia, Hort. 

A. Rollissoni, Hort. 

A. serratifolia, Lodd. 

A. Menziesii, Pursh ; Sargent Silva of North America 
t. 231. California, &c. " Madrono." 

A. procera, Dougl. ; Bot. Reg. t. 1753. 
A. Andrachne, Hort (not L.}. 

A. Unedo, L. ; Gard. Chron. 1878, x. 689, f. 115. Southern 
Europe (Ireland). " Strawberry Tree." 

Unedo edulis, Hoffmgg. & Link. 
Var. compacta. 

Var. integerrima, Sims Bot. Mag. t. 2319. 
A. rotundifolia, Hort. 

Var. microphylla. 

A. microphylla, Hort. 
Var. quercifolia. 

Var. rubra, Ait. 

A. Ooomii, Hort. 

Arctoataphylos alpiaa, Spreng. ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 880. 
Northern hemisphere. 

Arbutus alpina, L. 
*A. diversifolia, Parry. California. 


A. pungens, H.B.K. California. 
A. Hookeri, G.Don. 
Arbutus pungens, Hook. A Am. 

*A. tomentosa, LindL Bot. Reg. t. 1791. California, &c. 
" Manzanita." 

Arbutus tomentosa, Pursh. 

A. Uva-ursi, Spreng. ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 881. Northern 
hemisphere. '* Bearberry." 

A. officinalis, Wimm. <b Grab. 
Arbutus Uva-ursi, L. 
Pernettya arctica, Hort. 

Yar. californica. 

A. californica, Hort. 
*A. viscida, Parry. Pacific coast of N. America. 

Pernettya mucronata, Gaudich. Magellanic region. 
P. angustifolia, Hort. 
P. Cummingi, Hort. 
P. Drummondi, Hort. 
P. speciosa, Hort. 
Arbutus mucronata, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 3093. 

Many garden varieties. 

P. rupicola, Philippi ; Koehne Dendrologie 470, f. 75. 

Gaultheria antipoda, Forst. Tasmania and New Zealand. 

*G. nummularioides, I). Don ; Gard. Chron. 1884. xxii. 
457, f 84. Himalaya, &c. 

G. Nummulariae, DO. 

G. procumbens, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. I960. North America. 
" Creeping Wintergreen." 

Gautiera procumbens, Torr. 


G. pyrolaefolia, Hook. f. Himalaya. 
G. pyroloides, Hook. f. & Thorns. 

G. Shallon, Pursh. ; Bot. Mag. t. 2843. Western North 
America. "Shallon; Salal." 

Cassandra calyeulata, D. Don. Northern hemisphere. 

Andromeda calyculata, L. ; Bot. Reg. t. 1286. 
Chamaedaphne calyculata, Moench. 
Lyonia calyculata, Reichl. 

Var. latifolia. 
Var. nana. 

Cassiope fastigiata, D. Don ; Bot. Mag. t. 4796. Alpine 

Andromeda fastigiata, Wall. 

C/hypnoides, D. Don. Arctic regions of northern hemi- 

Andromeda hypnoides, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 2936. 

C. tetragona, D. Don. Arctic regions of northern hemi- 

Andromeda tetragona, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 3181. 

Leucothoe axillaris, D. Don. South-eastern United States. 
Andromeda axillaris, Lam. ; Bot. Mag. t. 2357. 

L. Catesbaei, A. Gray. Virginia to Georgia. 
L. spinulosa, D. Don. 
Andromeda angustata, Hort. 
A. axillaris, Michx. 

A. Catesbaei, Walt. ; Bot. Mag. t. 1955. 
A. spinulosa, PursJi. 


L. Davisiae, Torr. ; Bot. Mag. t. 6247. California. 
L. Lobbi, Hort. 

L. racemosa, A. Gray. North America. 
L. spicata, G. Don. 
Andromeda paniculata, L. 
A. racemosa, L. 

A. spicata, Wats. Dendr. Brit. t. 36. 
A. tomentosa, Dum.-Cours. 
Lyonia racemosa, G. Don. 

L. recurva, A. Gray. Virginia to Alabama. 
Andromeda recurva, Buckl. 

Oxydendron arboreum, DC. ; Sargent Silva of North 
America t. 235. North America. " Sorrel Tree ; 

Andromeda arborea, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 905. 
Lyonia arborea, D. Don. 

Epigaea repens, L. ; Andr. Bot. Rep. t. 102. North 

Lyonia ligustrina, DC. North America. 

L. capreaefolia, Wats. Dendr. Brit. t. 37. 
L. multiflora, Wats. Dendr. Brit. 128. 
L. paniculata, Nutt. 
L. parabolica, C. Koch. 
L. salicifolia, Wats. Dendr. Brit. 127. 
Andromeda ligustrina, MuhL 
A. parabolica, Duham. 
A. tomentosa, Hort. 

Xolisma ligustrina, Britt. & Br. Illustr. Fl. ii. 570, f. 
Var. pubescens, A. Gray. 


Zenobia speciosa, D. Don. Florida to North Carolina. 
Andromeda cassinefolia, Sims. ; Bot. Mag. t. 970. 
A. nitida, Hort. 
A. nuda, Hort. 
A. speciosa, Michx. 
A. viridis, Hort. 

Var. pulverulenta. Gard. Chron. 1890, viii. 612, f. 100. 
A. dealbata, Lindl. Bot. Reg. t. 1010. 
A. pulverulenta, Bartr. 

A. speciosa var. glauca, Wats. Dendr. Brifc. t. 126. 
Lyonia pulverulenta, C. Koch. 

Var. quercifolia, Hort. 

Andromeda polifolia, L. ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 88>. Northern 
and Arctic regions. 

A. glaucophylla, Link. 
A. rosmarinifolia, Purslt. 
Rhododendron polifolium, Sco^. 

Var. angustifolia. 
Var. major. 

Pieris floribunda, Benth. & Hook.f. Virginia to Georgia. 

Andromeda floribunda, Pu-rsh ; Bot. Mag. t. 1566 ; 
Bot. Reg. t. 807. 

Leucothoe floribunda, D. Don. 
Portuna floribunda, Nutt. 
Zenobia floribunda, DC. 

*P. formosa, D. Don ; Gard. Chron. 1881, xv. 568, f. 107. 
Temperate Himalaya, China. 

Andromeda formosa, Wall. 

12159 Q 


P. japonica, D. Don ; Gard. Chron. 1882, xvii. 796, f. 120. 

Andromeda japonica, Tkunb. ; Fl. Jap. 181, t. 22. 
Var. variegata. 

P. mariana, Benth. & Hook. f. Rhode Island to Florida, 
&c. " Stagger-Bush." 

Andromeda mariana, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 1579. 
A. pulchella, Salisb. 
Leucothoe mariana, DO. 
Lyonia mariana, D. Don. 

P. nitida, Benth. & Hook. f. North Carolina to Florida 
and Louisiana. 

Andromeda coriacea, Ait. ; Bot. Mag. t. 1095. 

A. lucida, Lam. (not JacqS). 

A. marginata, Duham. 

A. mariana, Jacq. (not L.). 

A. myrtifolia, Salisb. 

A. nitida, Bartr. 

Leucothoe coriacea, DC. 

Lyonia marginata, D. Don. 

P. ovalifolia, D. Don. Temperate Himalaya. 

Andromeda ovalifolia, Wall. ; Loud. Arbor. Brit. 570. 
f. 1070. 

Enkianthus campanulatus, Nichols. ; Bot. Mag. t. 7059 

Andromeda campanulata, Miq. 

E. cernuus, Benth. <k Hook. f. Japan. 
Andromeda cernua, Miq. 
Meisteria cernua, Sieb. & Zucc. 

E. himalaicus, Hook.f. & Thorns. ; Bot. Mag. t. 6160 Hi- 
malaya, China. 

12159 Q 2 

E. japonicus, Hook.f. Bot. Mag. t. 5822. Japan. 

Calluna vulgaris, Salisb. ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 894. Europe, 
&c. "Ling." 

Erica vulgaris, L. 
Yar. alba. 
Yar. alba aurea. 
Yar. alba minor. 
Yar. alba pilosa. 
Yar. alba pumila. 
Yar. alba rigida. 
Yar. alba Serlei. 
Var. alba tenella. 
Yar. Alporti. 
Yar. argentea. 
Yar. aurea. 
Yar. cuprea. 
Yar. flore pleno. 
Yar. Poxii. 
Yar. Hammondi. 
Yar. hypnoides. 
Yar. lanulosa. 
Yar. minima. 
Yar. pygmaea. 
Yar. rosea. 
Yar. rubra. 
Yar. tenuis. 


*Erica arborea, L. ; Moggridge Flora of Mentone t. 59 b. 
Mediterranean and Caucasus. . 

Var. alpina, Dieck. 
*E. australis, L. Portugal, &c. 

E. earnea, L. ; Bot. Mag. 1. 11. Europe. 

E. herbacea, L. 
Var. alba. 

E. ciliaris, L. ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 887 ; Bot. Mag. t, 484. 
South- Western Europe. (Cornwall, &c.) 

Var. mawiana. Portugal. 
E. mawiana, Hort. 

E. cinerea, L. ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 891. West Europe to 
Germany and North Italy. 

Var. alba. 
Var. alba minor. 
Var. atropurpurea. 
Var. atrosanguinea. 
Var. coccinea. 
Var. polypetala. 
Var. purpurea. 
Var. rosea. 
*E. lusitanica, Rudolph. Spain and Portugal. 

E. codonodes, Lindl. Bot. Reg. t. 1698 ; Gard. Chron, 
1877, -7ii. 463, f. 70. 

E. polytrichifolia, Salisb. 
E. lusitanica x arborea. Garden origin. 

E. Mackaii, Hook. Spain, Galway. 

E. mackaiana, Bab. ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 890. 
E. Tetralix var. inackayana, Hort. 


E. mediterranea, L. South-west France, Spain. 
Var. alba. 
Var. glauca. 

Var. hibernica, Hook. 

E. hibernica, Syme Eng. Bot. t. 892. 

Var. hybrida. 
Var. nana. 

E. multiflora, L. ; Moggridge Flora of Mentone t. 59a. 
South Europe. 

E. peduncularis, J. & C. Presl. (not Sli$b.\ 

E. scoparia, L. ; Moggridge Flora of Mentone t. 59c. 
Western Mediterranean region. 

E. arborea, Hort. (not L.). 
E. virgulata, Wendl. 

E. stricta, Donn ; Andr. Heathery, ii. t. 92. South Europe. 
E Corsica, DC. 
E. multicaulis, Salisb. 
E. pendula, Wendl. 
E. ramulosa. Viv. 

E. Tetralix, L. ; Eng. Bot, ed. 3, t, 889. North and West 
Europe to Russia. " Cross-leaved Heath." 

Var. alba. 
Var. mollis. 
Var. rubra, 

E. vagans, L. ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 893. South-western 
Europe (Cornwall). " Cornish Heath." 

Var. alba. 

Var. grandiflora. 

Var. rubra. 


E. Watsoni, DC. South-western England. 

E. Tetralici-ciliaris, Syme Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 888. 

Bruckenthalia spiculifolia, Reichb. Eastern Europe, Asia 

Erica spiculifolia, Sibth. Fl. Graeca t. 353. 
Menziesia Bruckenthalii, Baunig. 

Loiseleuria procumbens, Desv. ; Lodd. Bot. Cab. t. 762. 
Arctic and Alpine Europe, Asia, America. " Alpine 

Azalea procumbens, L. 
Chamaeledon procumbens, Link. 

Bryanthus Breweri, A. Gray. Sierra Nevada, California. 

B. empetriformis, A. Gray. British Columbia to Cali- 
fornia, &c. 

Menziesia empetriformis, Sm. ; Bot. Mag. t. 3176. 

M. Grahami, Hook. 

Phyllodoce empetriformis, D. Don. 

P. Grahami, Nutt. 

B. erectus, Lindl. & Paxt. Fl. Gard. i. 97, pi. 19. Garden 

B. empetriformis x Rhodothamnus Chamaecistus. 

B. taxifolius, A. Gray. Cold regions of northern hemis- 

B. caeruleus, Dippel. 

Andromeda caerulea, L. 

A. taxifolia, Pall. 

Menziesia caerulea, Su\ ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 886. 

Phyllodoce caerulea, Bab. 

P. taxifolia, Salisb. 


Daboecia polifolia, D. Don ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 885. Ireland, 
West France, Spain, Portugal, Azores. " St. 
Dabeoc's Heath." 

D. cantabrica, C. Kocli. 

Andromeda Daboecia, L. 

Menziesia polifolia, Jus*. 
Var. alba. 
Var. bicolor. 
Var. pygmaea, Hort. Kew. 

Kalmia angustifolia, L. Bot. Mag. t. 331 . North America. 
" Sheep Laurel." 

Var. glauca. 
Var. lucida. 
Var. nana. 
Var. nitida. 
Var. ovata. 
Var. rosea. 
Var. rubra. 

K. glauca, Ait. Bot. Mag. t. 177. North America. 

K. latifolia, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 175. North America. 
" Calico-Bush." 

Var. myrtifolia. 

Var. polypetala. Garden and Forest 1890, 453, f. 56. 

Rhodothamnus Chamaecistus, Reichb. Austrian Alps. 
Rhododendron Chamaecistus, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 488. 


Leiophyllum buxifolium, Ell. ; Bot. Mag. t. 6752. New 
Jersey to Florida, and the mountains of Carolina. 
" Sand Myrtle." 

L. serpyllifolium, DC. 
L. thymifolium, G. Don. 
Ammyrsine buxifolia, Pursh. 
Ledum buxifolium, Berg. 
L. intermedium, Hart. 
L. thymifolium, Lam. 

Var. prostratum. 
L. Lyoni, Sweet. 
L. prostratum, Loud. 
Ammyrsine prostrata, Sweet. 

Elliottia paniculata, Benth. & Hook.f. Japan. 
Tripetaleia paniculata, Sieb. & Zucc. 

B. racemosa, Muhl. ; Garden and Forest 1894, 205, f . 37 

Ledum glandulosum, Nutt. ; Bot. Mag. t. 7610. California, 
British Columbia, and northern Rocky Mountains. 

L. latifolium, Ait. North America. " Labrador Tea." 
L. canadense, Lodd. ; Bot. Cab. t. 1049. 
L. groenlandicum, Retz. 
L. hirsutum, Hort. 
L. palustre var. canadense, Hort. 
L. palustre var. decumbens, Hort. 
L. palustre var. latifolium, Miclix. 
L. palustre var. medium, Hort. 

Var. compactum. 

L. compactum, Hort. 


L. palustre, L. ; Lodd. Bot, Cab. t, 560. Northern and 

Arctic Regions. 
L. augustifolium, Hort. 
L. longifolium, HorL 
L. odoratum, Hort. 

Var. dilatatum. 


Rhododendron albiflorum, Hook. ; Bot. Mag. t. 3670. 
Northern Rocky Mountains and Oregon to British 

R ovatum, Planch. China. 

Azalea ovata, Lindl. ; Bot. Mag. t. 5064. 

R. Albrechti, Maxim. Japan. 

R. arborescens, Torr. ; Garden and Forest 1888, 404, f. 64. 
Mountain region from Pennsylvania to North 
Carolina and Tennessee. 
Azalea arborescens, Pursh. 
A. fragrans, Rafin. 

R. calendulaceum, Torr. Pennsylvania to Georgia. 
Azalea calendulacea, Michx. 
A. pontica var. calendulacea, Pers. 

Var. fiammea. Bot, Mag. t. 2143. 

Var. Morteri, Sweet Brit. Fl. Gard. iv. t, 10. 

" R. calendulaceum x red variety of R. nudiflorum." 

Many garden varieties and hybrids. 

R. dilatatum, Miq. Japan. 

R. flavum, G. Don. Caucasus, &c. 

Azalea pontica, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 433. 
Anthodendron flavum, Reiclib. 

Var. albiflorum. 
Azalea pontica var. albiflora, Bot. Mag. t. 2383. 

Yar. ardens, Sweet Brit. Fl. Gard. vii. t. 306. 
Many garden varieties and hybrids. 

*R. indicum, Sweet. China and Japan. " Indian Azalea." 
Azalea indica, L. 

Var. amoenum, Maxim. 
R. amoenum, Planch. 

Azalea amoena, Lindl. & Paxt. Fl. Gard. iii. t. 89 ; 
Bot. Mag. t. 4728. 

Var. amoenum splendens. 

Var. balsaminaeflorum. 

Azalea balsaminaeflora, Carr. ; Rev. Hort. 1882, pi. 

A. Rollisoni, Hort. 

A. rosaeflora, Hort. 
Var. Caldwelli. 
Var. calyciflorum. 

Var. Kaempferi, Maxim. 
R. Sieboldi, Miq. 

Var. obtusum. 

R. obtusum, Planch. 

R. Sieboldi var. minus, Miq. 

Azalea obtusa, Lindl. Bot. Reg. xxxii. t. 37. 

Var. obtusum album. 


*R. ledifolium, G. Don. Japan, China, &c. 
R. leucanthum, Blume. 
R. rosmarinifoliuna, DippeL 
Azalea indica var. alba, Lindl. Bot. Reg. t. 811. 
A. ledifolia, Hook. Bot. Mag. t. 2901. 
A. liliiflora, Pott. 

Var. narcissiflorum. 

*R. linearifolium, Sieb. & Zucc. Japan. 

R. rosmarinifolium, Hort. (not Dippel). 
Azalea linearifolia. Hook. Bot. Mag. t. 576'.). 

R. nudiflorum, Torr. Canada to Florida and Texas. 
" Pinxter Flower." 

R. bicolor, Sweet. 
R. canescens, G. Don. 
Azalea bicolor, Pursli. 
A. canescens, Mich.r. 
A. lutea, L. 

A. nudiflora, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 180. 
A. periclymenoides, Jlichx. 
Var. carneum. 

Azalea nudiflora var. carnea, Bot. Reg. t. 120. 

Var. eximium, D. Don ; Sweet Brit. Fl. Gard. vi. t. 291. 
" R. nudiflorum coccineum majus x R. arboreum." 

Var. rubrum. 

Azalea nndiflora var. rubra, Lodd. Bot. Cab. t. 51. 

Many garden varieties and hybrids. 

R. occidentale, A. Gray ; Bot. Mag. t. 5005. California. 
A. occidentalis, Torr. & Gr. 

R. quinquefolium, Bisset <l- S. Moore. Japan. 


R. Rhodora, J. F. Gmel. North America. 
R. canadense, Dippel. 
R. pulchellum, Salisb. 
Rhodora canadensis, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 474. 
R. congesta, Moench. 

R. rhombicum, Miq. ; Bot. Mag. t. 6972. Japan. 
R. reticulatum, D. Don. 
Azalea reticulata, C. Koch. 
A. rhombica, Hort. 

*R. Schlippenbachii, Maxim. ; Bot. Mag. t. 7373. Mand- 
shuria and Japan. 

*R. serpyllifolium, Mi%. Japan. 
Azalea serpyllifolia, A. Gray. 

R. sinense. Sweet Brit. Fl. Gard. t. 290 : Bot. Mag. t. 5905. 

China and Japan. 
R. molle, Sieb. & Zucc. 
Azalea japonica, A. Gray. 
A. mollis, Blwnw. 

A. pontica, L. var. sinensis, Lindl. Bot. Reg. t. 1253. 
A. sinensis, Lodd. Bot. Cab. t, 885. 

Many garden varieties. 
R. Tschonoskii, Maxim. Rhod. As. Orient, t. 3, f. 8a. Japan. 

R. Vaseyi, A. Gray ; Garden and Forest 1888, 376, f. 60. 
Mountains of North and South Carolina. 

Var. album. 

R. viscosum, Torr. North America. "Swamp Honey- 


Anthodendron viscosum, Reichb. 
Azalea viscosa, L. 


R. viscosum cont. 

Var. glaucum, A. Gray. 

R. glaucum, G. Don (not Hook. /.). 

Azalea glauca, Lam. 

A. viscosa var. glauca, Michx. 


R. afghanicum, AitcTi. & Hemsl. Journ. Linn. Soc. xix. t. 21. 

R. altaclerense, Lindl. Bot. Reg. t. 1414. Garden origin. 

R. arboreum (hybridum) altaclerense ; Bot. Mag. t. 

" R. arboreum x (catawbiense x ponticuin)." 

R. Anthopogon, D. Don ; Bot. Mag. t. 3947. Alpine 
Himalaya and Northern Asia. 

R. arboreum, Sm. var. Campbelliae. Temperate Himalaya. 
R. Campbelliae, Hook. f. Rhod. Sikkim Himal. t. 6. 

R. aucubaefolium, Hemsl. Central China. 
R. Augustinii, Hemsl. Central China. 
R. auriculatum, Hemsl. Central China. 

R. blandianum, Martr. L'Horticulteur Francais 1859, 
t. 13. Garden origin. 

R. arboreum x ? 

R. brachycarpum, G. Don ; Garden and Forest 1888,1293, 
f . 46. Japan. 

R. californicum, Hook. Bot. Mag. t. 4863. California, &c. 


R. campanulatum, D. Don ; Bot. Mag. t. 3759. Alpine 

R, aeruginosum, Rook. f. 
Var. album. 
Var. pictum. 
Var. Wallichii, Hook. f. 

R. Batemani, Hook. Bot. Mag. t. 5387. 
R. campylocarpum, Hook. f. Bot. Mag. t. 4968. Sikkim, &c. 

R. catawbiense, Miclix. ; Bot. Mag. t. 1671. High moun- 
tains from Virginia to Georgia. 

Var. fastuosum. 

R. fastuosum, Van Houtte Flore des Serres t. 143. 

Many garden varieties and hybrids. 

R. caucasium, Pall. Caucasus. 

R. caucaseum, Sims Bot. Mag. t. 1145. 

Var. flore albo. 
Var. pictum. 
R. ciliatum, Hook. f. Rhod. Sikkim. Himal. t. 24. Sikkim. 

R. cinnabarinum, Hook. f. Rhod. Sikkim Himal. t. .8. 
Sikkim, &c. 

R. blandf ordiaeflorum, Hook. f. Bot. Mag. t. 4930. 

R. collettianum, A itch. & Hemsl ; Bot. Mag. t. 7019. 

R. afghanicum, Hort. (not Aitch. & Hemsl.). 

R. Cunninghami, Hort. (maximum x arboreum). Garden 

R. dauricum, L. Dahuria to Mandshuria and Sachalin. 
R. dahuricum, Dippel 9 

Var. atrovirens. 


R. decorum, Franch. Yunnan. 
R. Delavayi, Franch. Yunnan. 

R. ferrugineum, L. ; Lodd. Bot. Cab. t. 65. Alps of Europe. 
" Rose des Alpes." 

Var. album, Sweet Brit. Fl. Gard. 1838, t. 258. 
Var. atrococcineum. 
Var. erectum. 
Var. hybridum. 

Var. myrtifolium. Austrian Alps. 

R. myrtifolium, Schotl. & Kotschy (not Lodd.). 

Var. variegatum. 

The three following are plants of garden origin in all 
probability derived from R. f errugineum and punctatum. 

R. arbutifolium, Hort. 
R. daphnoides, Hort. 

R. Hammondi, Hort. 
R. tenellum, Hort. 

R. Wilsoni, Hort. (not Hook.). 

R. Fortune!, Lindl. ; Bot. Mag. t. 5596. China. 

R. fulgens, Hook. f. Rhod. Sikkim Himal. t. 25. Nepal 
and Sikkim. 

R. glaucum, Hook. f. Bot. Mag. t. 4721. Sikkim and 

halense, Greml. (subf errugineum x hirsutum.) Aus- 
trian Alps. 

R. hirsutiforme, Gremb. (subferrugineum x hirsutum). 
Austrian Alps. 


R. hirsutum, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 1853. Alps of Europe. 
" Rose des Alpes." 

R. hypoglaucum, Hernsl. Central China, 

R. intermedium, Tausch. Tyrol, &c. 

R. kamtchaticum, Pall. ; Gartenflora t. 1260. North Asia. 

R. kewense, W. Wats, (griffithianum x Hookeri.) Garden, 
1892, xlii. t. 474. Garden origin. 

*R. Keysii, Nutt. ; Bot. Mag. t. 4875. Bhotan. 
*R. lacteum, Franch. Yunnan. 

R. lepidotum, Wall. ; Bot. Mag. t. 4657. Temperate and 
Alpine Himalaya. 

R. Luscombei, W. Wats. (Fortunei x Thomsoni.) Garden 

Var. splendens. 

R. Manglesii, Hort. (Auckland! x album elegans) ; Gard. 
Chron. 1885, xxiv. 49, f. 9. Garden origin. 

R. maximum, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 951. North America. 
R. procerum, Salisb. 
R. purpureum, G. Don. 
R. Purshii, G. Don. 

R. micranthum, Turcz. China. 
R. Metternichii, Sieb. & Zucc. Fl. Jap. t. 9. Japan. 
Var. pentamerum. 

R. myrtifolium, Lodd. Bot. Cab. t. 908. Garden origin. 
? R. hirsutum x punctatum. 
R. ovalifolium, Hort. 
R. ovatum, Hort. (not Maxim.}. 
R. ponticum var. myrtifolium, Loud. 


R. niveum, Hook.f. Bot. Mag. t. 4730. Sikkim. 

R. nobleanum, Lindl. Bot. Reg. t. 1820. Garden origin. 
R. arboreum x caucasicum. 
R. caucasicum var. nobleanum, Loud. 

R. parvifolium, Adams. ; Gartenflora 1877, t. 904. Siberia, 
China, &c. 

R. parviflorum, Ait. 

Azalea ferruginosa, Pall. Fl. Ross. t. 72. 

R. pittosporaefolium, Hemsl. Central China. 

R. ponticum, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 650. Spain, Portugal, Asia 

R. baeticum, Boiss. & Rent. 
Var. album. 

Var. cheiranthifolium. 

R. cheiranthifolium, Hort. 

Var. daphnoides, Hort. 

R. daphnoides, Hort. (in part). 

Var. lancifolium. 

R. lancifolium, Moench. 

Var. variegatum. 

R. praecox, Carr. Rev. Hortic. 1868, 211, t. (ciliatum x 
dauricum). Garden origin. 

R. Przewalskii, Maxim. China. 

R. pulcherrimum, Lindl. (arboreum x caucasicum).- 
R. caucasicum var. pulcherrimum, Loud. 

R. punctatum, Andr. Bot. Rep. t. 36. ; Bot. Reg. t. 37. 
Alleghany Mountains from North Carolina to- 

R. minus, Miclix. 
12159 R 


R. racemosum, F ranch. ; Bot. Mag. t. 7301 ; Garden 1892, 
xlii. 311, pi. Western China. 

B. roseum odoratum, Hort. Davies. Garden origin. 

" Hardy white Azalea x hardy scarlet Rhododendron." 

R. rubiginosum, Franch. ; Bot. Mag. t. 7621. Yunnan. 

R. russellianum, Sweet Brit. Fl. Gard. iv. t. 91. (cataw- 
biense x arboreum). 

R. Smirnowi, Trautv. ; Gartenflora 1. 1226, f. 2. Caucasus. 
R. Smithii, Hort. var. elegans. Garden origin. 

R. Thomson!, Hook. f. Bot. Mag. t. 4997. Nepal and 

R. tortonianum, Hort. Garden origin. 

R. Ungerni, Trautv. ; Gartenflora 1. 1226, f. 1. Caucasus. 

R. venustum, D. Don. ; Sweet Brit. Fl. Gard. ser. ii. t. 285 
(cauoasicum x arboreum). 

R. Jacksoni, Hort. 

R. virgatum, Hook. /. ; Bot. Mag. t, 5060. Sikkim. 
R. yunnanense, Franch. ; Bot. Mag. t. 7614. Yunnan. 


R. azaleoides, Desf. (viscosum x . maximum). Garden 

R. hybridum, Ker-Gawl. Bot. Reg. t. 195. 
R. odoratum, Lodd. 

R. fragrans, Paxt. Mag. of Bot. x. t. 147. 
R. ponticum var. deciduum, Andr. Bot. Rep. t. 379. 
R. ponticum var. azaleoides. 
R. maximum hybridum, Bot. Mag. t. 3454. 
12159 R 2 


R. Cartoni, Hort. ; Bot, Reg. t. 1449. Garden origin. 
" Azalea nudiflora x Rhododendron catawbiense." 

R. gemmiferum, Hort. Garden origin. 

R. gowenianum, Sweet Brit. Fl. Gard. ser. i. t. 263. Garden 
origin. " (Azalea nudiflora or viscosa) x (R. 
ponticum x catawbiense)." 

R. nudiflorum var. govenianum, Loud. 

Rhododendron Smithii, Hort. (not Sweet) var. aureum, Paxt. 
Mag. Bot. ix. t. 79. " Rhododendron seedling x 
Azalea sinensis." 

Under the generic name Azaleodendron a number of 
hybrids between R. sinensis (Azalea mollis) and an ever- 
green hybrid Rhododendron have been distributed from 

Menziesia globularis, Saltsb. Alleghany Mountains from 
Pennsylvania to Georgia. 

M. ferruginea var. ^lobularis, Sims Bot. Mag. t. 1571. 
M. pilosa, Britt. & Br. Illustr. Fl. ii. 562, f . 

Clethra acuminata, Michx. \ Lodd. Bot. Cab. t. 1427. Vir- 
ginia to Georgia. " White Alder." 

C. montana, Bartr. 
. alnifolia, L. Maine to Florida. fct Sweet Pepperbush." 

Yar. Michauxii. 

C. Michauxii, Court. 

Var. paniculata. 

C. paniculata, Ait. 

Var. scabra. 

C. scabra, Pers. 


C. alnifolia cont. 

Var. tomentosa, Michx. ; Garden and Forest 1891, 64, 
f. 14. 

C. incana, Pers. 

C. pubescens, Willd. 

C. tomentosa, Lam. ; Bot. Mag. t. 3743. 

C. canescsns, Reiniv. China, Japan, &c. 

C. barbinervis, Sieb. & Zucc. ; Grartenflora 1870, t. 654. 
C. lancifolia, Turcz. 
C. Fabri, Hance. 


Diapensia lapponica, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 1108. Mountains in 
high latitudes of northern hemisphere. 


*Myrsine africana, L. Himalaya, Tropical and South 
Africa, Azores. 

*Ardisia japonica, Blume. China and Japan. 

A. odontophylla, Lindl. Bot. Reg. t. 1892. 
Bladhia glabra, TJiunb. 

B. japonica, Thurib. 


*Bumelia lanuginosa, Pers. ; Sargent Silva of North 

America, t. 247. Southern United States, &c. 
Sideroxylon lanuginosum, Michx. 

*B. lycioides, Gaertn. f. ; Sargent Silva of North America, 
t. 248. South United States. "Southern Buck- 

Sideroxylon lycioides, L. 


*Diospyros Kaki, L. Japan. " Kaki." 

D. Lotus, L. ; Loud. Arb. et Frut. Brit. 625, f. 1214. 
Temperate Asia (naturalized in South Europe ?). 
" Common Date Plum." 

D. calycina, Hort. 

D. virginiana, L. ; Sargent Silva of North America, 
t.t. 252-3. United States. " Persimmon." 

D. concolor, Moench. 
D. digyna, Hort. 
D. distyla, Hort. 


Symplocos crataegoides, Buch-Ham. ; Garden and Forest 
1892, 89, f. 15. Himalaya to Japan. 

*S. japonica, A.DC. ; Lindl. & Paxt. Fl. Gard. i. 61, f. 39. 
China and Japan. " Kuroki." 

S. lucida, Sieb. & Zucc. Fl. Jap. t. 24. 
*S. paniculata, Miq. Japan. 

*S. tinctoria, V Her it. Delaware to Florida and Louisiana. 
u Horse-sugar." 

Halesia corymbosa, Nichols. Japan. 

Pterostyrax corymbosum, Sieb. & Zucc. Fl. Jap. t. 47. 

H. diptera, L. ; Lodd. Bot. Cab. t. 1172. Georgia and 
Florida to Louisiana. 

Mohrodendron dipterum, Britton ; Sargent Silva 
of North America t. 249. 


H. hispida, Mast. Gard. Chron. 1884, xxii. 176, f. 34. 
China and Japan. " Asagara." 

Pterostyrax hispidum, Sieb. & Zucc. ; Rev. Hort. 1875, 
308, f. 50. 

H. parviflora, Michx. Georgia and Florida. 

H. tetraptera, L. ; Bot, Mag. t. 910. West Virginia and 
ggr, . .. -Illinois to Florida. "Snowdrop or Silver-bell 

Mohrodendron Carolinum, Britton ; Sargent Silva 
tt. 257-8. Florida. 

Yar. Meehani, Sargent Garden and Forest 1892, 535. 
f. 91. 

H. Meehani, Hort. 

Styrax americanum, Lam. Virginia to Florida, Louisiana 
and Arkansas. 

: ~ Halesia parviflora, Lindl. Bot. Reg. t. 952 (not Michx.). 

S. japonicum, Sieb. & Zucc. Fl. Jap. t. 23 ; Regel Garten- 
flora, t. 583. China and Japan. 

S. Obassia, Sieb. <k Zucc. ; Bot. Mag. t. 7039. Japan. 

SJofficinale, L. ; Moggr. Flora of Mentone t. 60. South 
Europe, Asia Minor. " Storax." 

*S. serrulatum, Roxb. ; Bot. Mag. t. 5950. Eastern India. 


*Jasminum floridum, Bunge. ; Bot. Mag. t. 6719. China. 
J. subulatum, Lindl. 

J. fruticans, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 461. Mediterranean region 
and Orient. 

J. collinum, Salisb. 

J. heterophyllum, Moench. 


J. humile, L. ; Bot. Reg. t. 350. Sub-tropical Himalaya. 
J. chrysanthum, Roxb. 
J. Fulleri, Hort. 

J. pubigerum, Hort. (not D. Don). 
J. Reevesii, Hort. 

J. revolutum, Sims. Bot. Mag. t. 1731. 
J. \vallichianum, Lindl. 

J. nudiflorum, Lindl. : Bot. Mag. t. 4649. China and 

Var. foliis aureis. 

J. officinale, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 31. Persia and North- 
western India. " Jessamine." 

J. ochroleucum, Hort. 

Var. affine, Dippel. 

J. affine, Royle ; Bot. Reg. xxxi. t. 26 ; Carr. Rev. 
Hort. 1878, 428, f. 87. 

J. grandiflorum, Hort. (not L.). 
Var. foliis aureis. 

*J. primulinum, Hemsl. ; Hook. Icon. Plant, t. 2384. 



Forsythia europaea, Degen & Baldacci. Albania. 

P. intermedia, Zabel ; Gartenflora 1891, 397, f . (suspensa x 

viridissima). Garden origin. 

Var. densiflora, Koehne. 
Var. vitellina, Koehne. 

F. suspensa, Vahl ; Bot. Mag. t. 4995. China. 
F. Fortunei, Hort. 
F. Sieboldi, Hort. 

F. viridissima, Lindl. Bot. Reg. 1847, t. 39. China. 


Syringa amurensis, Rupr. ; Garden and Forest 1889, 271, 
f. 112. China, Japan, and Mandshuria. 

Ligustrina amurensis, Rupr. ; Gartenflora 1863, t. 396. 

S. chinensis, Willd. ; Nouveau Duhamel ii. t. 63 (vulgaris 
x persica). Garden origin. " Rouen Lilac." 

S. correlata, A. Br. 

S. dubia, Pers. 

S. rothomagensis, Mirb. 

S. sibirica, Hort. 
Var. metensis, Hort. 
Var. rubra, Lodd. 
Var. saugeana, Hort. 

S. Emodi, Wall. ; Bot. Reg. xxxi. t. 6. Himalaya. 
Var. foliis rubris. 

Var. rosea, Cornu ; Rev. Hort. 1888, 492, t. North China. 
S. Bretschneideri, Hort. 

S. villosa, Sargent Garden and Forest 1888, 521, 
f. 83. 

Var. variegata. 

S. japonica, Decne. ; Garden and Forest 1889, 295, f. 115. 

Ligustrina amurensis var. japonica, Maxim. 

S. Josikaea, Jacq.f. ; Bot. Mag. t. 3278. Transsylvania. 
Var. eximia. 

S. oblata, Lindl. ; Garden and Forest 1888, 221, f . 39. China. 
S. chinensis, Blume (not Willd.). 

S. pekinensis, Rupr. Mountains of Northern China. 
S. amurensis var. pekinensis, Maxim. 
Ligustrina pekinensis, Regel. 

Var. pendula. 


S. persica, L. ; Bot, Mag. t. 486. Afghanistan. " Persian 

Yar. alba. 

S. Steencruyssii, Hort. 

Var. laciniata, Vahl ; Lodd. Bot. Cab. t. 1107. 
S. filicifolia, Hort. 
S. laciniata, Mill. 
S. pteridifolia, Hort. 
S. pinnata, Hort. 

5. villosa, Vahl ; Bot. Mag. t. 7064 ; Garden and Forest 

1888, 414, f. 67. North China. 

S. pubescens, Turcz. 
S. verrucosa, Hort. 

6. vulgaris, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 183. Eastern Europe. 

" Common Lilac." 

Var. foliis aureis. 
Many garden varieties. 

Traxinus bracteata, Hemsl. Central China. 

P. bungeana, DC. ; Garden and Forest 1894, 5, f. 1. China 
and Japan. 

F. chinensis, Herd, (not Wall.). 
F. floribunda, Bunge (not Wall.). 
F. obovata, Blume. 
F. Ornus var. bungeana, Hance. 

Var. microphylla. 
F. chinensis, Eoxb. China. 


P. dipetala, Hook. & Arn. ; Sargent Silva of North America 
t. 261. California. " Fringe-flowered Ash." 

Ornus dipetala, Nutt. 

P. floribunda, Wall. Himalaya. 
Ornus floribunda, A. Dietr. 

P. longicuspis, Sieb. & Zucc. Japan. 

P. Mariesii, Hook.f. Bot. Mag. t. 6678. China. 

P. Ornus, L. ; Bentl. & Trim. Medicinal Plants t. 170. 
Mediterranean region and Orient. " Manna Ash." 

F. florifera, Scop. 
F. paniculata, Mill. 

Ornus europaea, Pers. ; Loud. Arbor, et Frut. Brit. 
652, f . 1266. 

Var. angustifolia. 

Var. latifolia, Ait. ; Wats. Dendr. Brit. t. 107. 

F. rotundifolia, Hort. (not Lam.). 

F. Theophrasti, Hort. 

Ornus rotundifolia, Hort. 

Ornus Theophrasti, Hort. 

Var. variegata. 

P. platypoda, Oliver ; Hook. Icon. Plant. 1. 1929. China. 
F. sieboldiana, Hort. (not Blume). 
F. Sieboldii, Hort. 

P. raibocarpa, Hegel ; Dippel Laubholzk. i. 93, f . 50. 

P. rotundifolia, Lam. ; Dippel Laubholzk. i. 61, f. 25. 
South Europe, &c. 

F. argentea, Loisel. 
F. mannif era, Hort. 
Ornus rotundifolia, Pers. 

P. sieboldiana, Blume ; Dippel Laubholzk. i. 63, f . 27. 



Fraxinus americana, L. ; Sargent Silva of North America 
t.t. 268, 269. North America. " White Ash." 

F. acuminata, Lam. 

F. alba, Marsh. 

F. canadensis, Gaertn. 

F. cinerea, Bosc. 

F. curvidens, Hort. 

F. discolor, Muhl. 

F. epiptera, Michx. 

F. glauca, Hort. 

F. juglandifolia, Lam. 

F. mixta, Bosc. 

F. pannosa, Bosc. 

Var. microcarpa, A. Gray. 
F. albicans, Buckl. 
F. americana var. epiptera, C. Koch. 
F. americana longifolia, Hort. 
F. Curtissii, Vasey. 
F. lancea, Bosc. 
F. Novae-Angliae, J7br. 

Var. aucubaefolia, Hort. 

Var. foliis argenteis variegatis. 

F. angustifolia, Vahl ; Dippel Laubholzk. i. 91, f. 48. 
South Europe, &c. 

F. australis, J. Gay. 

F. calabrica, Hort. 

F. chinensis, Lodd. (not Roxb^). 

F. excelsior var. australis, Gay. 

F. excelsior var. salicifolia, Hort. 


F. angustifolia cont. 

F. lucida. Hort. 
F. oxycarpa, Willd. 
F. oxyphylla, Bielj. 
F. rostrata, DC. 
F. salicifolia, Hort. 

Var. lasiorachis. 

F. anomala, Torr. ; Sargent Silva of jNorth America t. 266. 

F. berlandieriana, DC. ; Sargent Silvai'of North America 

t. 273. Southern Mexico. 
F. americana var. berlandieriana, WesmaeL 
F. pubescens var. Lindheimeri, Wenzig. 
F. trialata, Buckl. 
F. viridis var. berlandieriana, Torr. 

F. caroliniana, Mill. ; Sargent Silva of North America 
t.t. 274, 275. Southern United States. "Water 
Ash ; Swamp Ash." 

F. americana, Marsh, (not Lam.). 

F. cubensis, Griseb. 

F. curvidens, Hoffmgg. 

F. nigra var. caroliniana, Wesmael. 

F. nigrescens, Buckl. 

F. Nuttallii, Buckl. 

F. pallida, Bosc. 

F. pauciflora, Nutt. 

F. platycarpa, Michx. 

F. pubescens, Bosc (not Lam.). 

F. triptera, Nutt. 

F. chinensis, /?o.r&. China. 


P. dimorpha, Coss. & Dur. North Africa. 
F. incana, Carr. 
F. xanthophylla, Hort. 
F. xanthoxyloides, Hort. 

Var. dumosa, Carr. 
P. Elonza, Dippel Laubholzk. i. 87, f . 46. Origin uncertain. 

P. excelsior, L. ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 1402. Europe, North 
Africa. " Common Ash." 

Var. amarissima, Dippel. 
F. amarissima, Hort. 

Var. angustifolia, Loud. 

F. heterophylla, Hort. (not Vahl). 
F. salicifolia, Hort. (in part). 

Var. atrovirens nana. 

Var. aurea, Loud. 
F. aurea, Pers. 

Var. aurea pendula, Hort. 
Var. concavifolia. 
Var. cortice variegato. 
Var. crispa, Loud. 

F. americana crispa, Hort. 

F. atrovirens, Desf. 

F. coriacea, Hort. 

F. crispa, Bosc. 

F. excelsior var. atrovirens, Dippel. 

F. excelsior var. cucullata, Hort. 

F. glomerata, Hort. 

F. nigra, Hort. (not Marsh.). 
Var. cucullata. 
Var. foliis argenteis. 


F. excelsior cont. 
Var. fungosa, Lodd. 
Var. globosa, Hort. 
Var. heterophylla, Loud. Arb. et Frut. Brit. 643, f. 1249. 

F. excelsior var. diversifolia, Ait. 

F. heterophylla, Vahl. 

F. integrifolia, Hort. 

F. monophylla, Desf. 

F. rufa, Bosc. 

F. simplicifolia, Willd. 

Var. heterophylla laciniata. 

F. excelsior var. imbricata, Hort. 
F. monophylla laciniata, Hort. 

Var. heterophylla pendula. 
Var. longibotrys. 
Var. lutea, Hort. 
Var. monstrosa, Hort. 

Var. myrtifolia, Hort. 

F. polemoniifolia, Hort. 
F. viridis nobilis, Hort. 

Var. obliqua. 

F. obliqua, Tausch. 

Var. pendula, Ait. "Weeping Ash." 

Var. pendula Wentworthi. " Wentworth Weeping Ash.'* 

Var. scolopendrifolia. 

Var. spectabilis, Hort. 

Var. stricta, Loud. 

Var. Transoni. 

Var. verrucosa. 

Var. vertieillata, Hort. 
F. vertieillata, Lodd. 


F. expansa, Hort. (americana x viridis ? Koehne). 

F. glabra, Lawson. (pennsylvanica x viridis ? Koehne). 

F. mandshurica, Rupr. Corea, Mandshuria to Sachalin 
and Japan. 

P. nigra, Marsh. ; Sargent Silva of North America t. 265. 
" Black Ash " 

F. americana var. sambucifolia, D. J. Browne. 

F. Novae- Angliae, Duroi. 

F. sambucifolia, Lam. 
F. numidica, Dippel Laubholzk. i. 96, f. 52. North Africa. 

P. oregona, Nutt. ; Sargent Silva of North America t. 276. 
Western United States. 

F. calif ornica, Hort. (in part). 
F. latifolia, Benth. 
Var. foliis pulverulentis. 

P. parvifolia, Lam. ; Loud. Arb. et Frut. Brit, 644, f . 1251 . 
S. Europe, Orient. 

F. lentiscifolia, Desf. 
F. oxycarpa var. parvifolia, Boiss. 
F. persica, Boiss. 
Yar. pendula. 

F. lentiscifolia var. pendula, Kirchn. 
F. tamariscifolia var. pendula, Dippel. 
Var. nana. 

F. lentiscifolia nana, Hort. 

F. tamariscifolia var. nana, Dippel. 

F. pennsylvanica, Marsh ; Sargent Silva of North America 
t. 271. North America. " Red Ash." 

F. americana var. pubescens, D. J. Browne. 

F. epiptera, Hort. (not Michx.). 

F. longifolia, Bosc. 

F. Novae Angliae, Mill, (not Hort.). 

F. oblongocarpa, Buckl. 


F, pennsylvanica cant. 
F. pubescens, Lam.* 
F. subvillosa, Bosc. 
F. tomentosa, Michx. 
F. viridis var. pubescens, Hitchcock. 
Var. foliis argenteis marginatis. 

Yar. lanceolata, Sargent Silva of North America t. 272. 
North America. " Green Ash." 

F. carol iniana, Willd. (not Mill, nor Lam.). 

F. expaiisa, Willd. 

F. juglandifolia, Willd. 

F. lanceolata, Borkh. ; Britt. & Br. Illustr. Flora ii. 
601, f. 

F. pubescens, Torr. (not Lam.). 
F. viridis, Michx. 

F. platypoda, Oliver Hook. Icon. PI. t. 1929. 
F. serratifolia, Hort. (not Michx.). 
F. Sieboldi. 
F. siebold ana, Dippel (not Blutne). 

F. potamophila, Herd. ; Dippel Laubholzk. i. 98, f. 54. 
Turkestan, &c. 

F. quadrangulata, Michx. ; Sargent Silva of North America, 
t. 263. United States. " Blue Ash." 

F. quadrangularis, Lodd. 
F. tetragona, Bosc. 

F. Regelii, Dippel Laubholzk. i. 97, f. 53. Turkestan. 
F. sogdiana, Hort. (not Bunge). 

F. rhynchophylla, Hance ; Garden and Forest 1893, 484, 
f. 70. China. 

F. chinensis var. rhyncophylla, Hemsl. 

logdiana, Bunge ; Di] 

F. turkestanica, Hort. 

F. sogdiana, Bunge ; Dippel Laubholzk. i. 92, f. 49. 


F. Veltheimi, Dieck (parvifolia x excelsior monophylla). 
Garden origin. 

F. lentiscifolia var. monophylla. 

F, parvifolia var. monophylla, Dippel. 

F. velutina, Torr. ; Sargent Silva of North America t. 267. 
Western United States. 

Fontanesia Fortune!, Carr. Rev. Hort. 1859, 43, f . 9. China. 
F. chinensis, Hance. 
F. philliraeoides var. chinensis, Debeaux. 

F. philliraeoides, LaMll. ; Dippel Laubholzk. i. 102, f. 57. 
Asia Minor. 

F. linearis, Hort. 
F. nana, Hort. 

Yar. longifolia, Dippel Laubholzk. i. 103, f. 58. 
F. californica, Hort. 

*Forestiera acuminata, Poir. ; Dippel Lanbholzk. i. 120, 
f. 70. Southern United States. 

F. ligustrina, Willd. (not Poir.). 
Adelia acuminata, Michx. 
Borya acuminata, Willd. 

FMllyraea angustifolia, L. Mediterranean region. 

P. media var. angustifolia. Loud. Arb. et. Frut. Brit. 
632, f . 1227. 

Yar. rosmarinifolia, Ait. 
P. rosmarinifolia, Mill. 

P. decora, Btriss. & Bal. ; Gard. Chron. 1888, iv. 673, f. 96. 

P. laurifolia, Hort. 

P. Medwedewi, Sredinski. 

P. vilmoriniana, Boiss. ; Bot. Mag. t. 6800. 

P. vilmoriensis, Hort. 

12159 S 


P. latifolia, L. ; Hempel & Wilhelm Die Baume und 
Straucher . . . iii. 123, f. 333. Mediterranean 

P. media var. latifolia, Loud. Arb. et Frut. Brit. 633, 
f. 1231. 

P. spinosa, Tenwe. 
Var. ilicifolia. 
Var. rotundifolia. 

P. media, L. ; Loud. Arb. Brit. 632, f . 1226. Mediterranean 

P. variabilis var. media. 
Var. buxifolia, Alt. 

Var. oleaefolia, Ait. 
P. oleaefolia, Mill. 

Osmanthus Aquifolium,* Siebold ; Gard. Chron. 1877, vii. 
239, f. 37. Japan. 

Ilex Aquifolium, Thunl). (not L.). 
Olea Aquifolium, Siel. & Zucc. 
0. aquifolia, Dippel. 

Var. heterophyllus variegatus. 

Var. ilicifolius. 

Olea aquifolia var. ilicifolia, D'ippel Laubholzk. 
i. 141, f. 89. 

Var. ilicifolius latifolius. 

Var. ilicifolius latifolius variegatus. 

Var. ilicifolius purpureus. 

Var. ilicifolius variegatus. 

Var. myrtifolius. 

0. myrtifolius, Hurt. 

Oleu aquifolia var. myrtifolia, Dippel. 
Var. rotundifolius. 

12150 S 2 


Chionanthus retusus, Lindl. & Paxt. Fl. Gard. iii. 85, f . 273 ; 
Gard. Chron. 1885, xxiii. 821, f. 178. China and 

C. chinensis, Maxim. 

. virginica, L. ; Lodd. Bot. Cab. t. 1264. South Penn- 
sylvania to Florida and Texas. " Fringe-tree." 

C. trifida, Moench. 

Var. latifolia, Dippel. 
C. montana, Pursli. 

Var. pubescens. 

C. maritima, Pursh ; Gartenflora t. 564. 
C. pubescens, H. B. K. 

*01ea europaea, L. \ Bentl. & Trim. Medicinal Plants 
t. \ 72. Asia Minor and Syria (cultivated elsewhere). 
" Olive." 

Ligustrum deciduum, Hemsl. Central China. 

L. delavayanum, Harlot, Rev. Hortic. 1901, 496, f. China. 

L. Ibota, Sieb. ; Garden and Forest 1893, 425, f. 04. 
China, Japan and Sachalin. 

L. ainurense, Hort. (not Carr.). 
L. ciliatum, Sieb. 
L. obtusifolium, Sieb. & Zucc. 
L. regelianum, Hort. 
L. Roxburghii, Hort. (not Blume). 
L. Stauntoni, Hort. (not DC.). 
Daphniphyllum Roxburghii, Hort. 
Var obovatum. 

Var. regelianum, Rehder. 
L. regelianum, Hort. 


L. insulare, Decne. ; Dippel Laubholzk. i. 122, f. 71. 
Origin uncertain. 

L. angustifolium, Hort. 

L. insulense, Hort. 

L. linearis, Hort. 

L. longifolium, Hort. (in part). 

L. Stauntoni, Hort. (in part). 

L. japonicum, Thunb. ; Lindl. & Paxt. Fl. Gard. ii. 117, 
f. 196. China, Japan, &c. 

L. bullatum, Hort. 

L. glabrum, Hort. 

L. kellerianum, Hort. 

L. Kellermanni, Van Houtte. 

L. latif olium robustum, Hort. 

L. lucidum, Hort. (not Alt.}. 

L. macrophyllum, Hort. 

L. oval if olium, Hort. (not Hassk.). 

L. Eoxburghii, Blume. 

L. Sieboldi, Hort. 

L. spicatum, Hort. 

L. syringaeflorum, Hort. 

Yar. coriaceum. 

L. coriaceum, Carr. Rev. Hort 1874, 418, f. 56 ; 
Bot. Mag. t. 7519. China. 

L. lucidum var. coriaceum, Decne. 
Var. coriaceum involutum. 

L. lucidum, Ait. ; Bot. Mag. t. 2565. China, 
L. japonicum, Hort. (not Thunb.*). 
L. longifolium, Hort. (in part). 
L. magnoliaefolium, Hort. 

L. sinense latif olium robustum, Hort. ; Gard. Chron. 
1878, x. 753, f. 125. 


L. lucidum cont. 
Var. Alivoni, Hort. 

Var. tricolor, Hort. x 

L. japonicum tricolor, Hort. 

Var. aureo-variegatum, H ^rt. 

L. japonicum aureo-vai legatum, Hort. 
L. macrophyllum aureo-variegatum. 

*L. massalongianum, Vis. ; Gard. Chron. 1881, xvi. 149, 

L. angustifolium, Hort. (in part). 
L. japonicum, Hort. (in part). 
L. longifolium, Hort. (in part). 
L. myrtifolium, Hort. 
L. rosmarinifoliuin, Hort. 
L. spicatum, Hort. (in part). 

L. ovalifolium, Hassk. ; Dippel Laubholzk. i. 134, f. 84, 

L. amurense, Carr. Rev. Hort. 1861, 352, f. 85. 
L. californicum, Hort. (in part). 
L. japonicum, var. ovalifolium, Blume. 
L. ovatum, Hort. 
L. reticulatum, Hort. 
Var. foliis aureis. 
L. californicum aureum, Hort. 
L. elegantissimum, Hort. 

L. Quihoui, Carr. ; Gard. Chron. 1882, xviii. 277, f. 51. 

L. brachystachium, Deem. 


L. sinense, Lour. ; Gard. Chron. 1858, 621, f. ; 1878, x. 365, 
f. 64 ; Garden and Forest 1890, 213, f. 36. China. 

L. californicum, Hort. (in part). 

L. chinense, Carr. 

L. chinense nanum, Hort. 

L. Fortunei, Hort. 

L. frondosum, Hort. 

L. Ibota, var. villosum, Hort. 

L. Stauntoni, DO. 

L. villosum, May. 

Var. foliis aureis variegatis. 
L. strongylophyllum, Hemsl. China. 

L. vulgare, L. ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 904. Europe, North 
Africa. " Common Privet." 

Var. aureum. 

Var. buxifolium. 

Var. chlorocarpum, Loud. 

Var. glaucum. 

Var. italicum. 

L. italicum, Mill. 

L. sempervirens, FL Core. 

Var. pendulum. 

Var. variegatum, Loud. 

Var. xanthocarpum, Loud. 


Vinca difPormis, Pourr. South-western Europe. 
V. acutiflora, Bert. 

V. media, Hoffmgg. & Link. ; Reichb. Ic. Fl. Germ. 
1063, f. ii. 


V. major, L. ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 905. Europe, &c. 
Yar. elegantissima, Hort. 

V. minor, L. ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 906. Europe, Western 
Asia. " Periwinkle." 

Var. azurea. 

Var. flore albo. 

Var. foliis argenteis, Lodd. 

Var. foliis aureis, Lodd. 

Var. flore pleno. 

Var. flore puniceo, Lodd. 

*Trachelospermum j asminoides, Lemaire. China and Japan . 
Malouetia asiatica, Sieb. & Zucc. 
Parechites Thunbergii, A. Gray. 

Rhynchospermum jasminoides, Lindl. ; Bot. Mag. 
t. 4737. 

T. crocostomum, Stapf. China ? 


*Araujia sericofera, Brot. Brazil, &c. 

Physianthus albens, Mart. ; Bot. Mag. t. 3201. 

Periploca graeca, Z/. ; Bot. Mag. t. 2289. South-eastern 

Europe, Orient. 
P. maculata, Moench. 

*Metaplexis Stauntoni, Roem. & Schult. ; Dippel Laubholzk. 
i. 160, f. 97. China, Japan, &c. 

M. chinensis, Decne. 
M. rostrata, Turcz. 
Urostelma chinense, Bunge. 


*Marsdenia erecta, It. Br. ; Dippel Latibholzk. i. 161, f. 98. 
Eastern Europe, Asia Minor. 

Cynanchum erectum, L. 


Buddleia albiflora, Hemsl. Central China. 

*B. Colvillei, Hook. f. & Thorns. ; Bot. Mag. t. 7449. 

B. globosa, Hope ; Bot. Mag. t. 174. Chili, Peru. 
B. capitata, Jacq. 
B. globiflora, Mirb. 

B. intermedia, Carr. Rev. Hortic. 1873, 150, t. (curvi- 
flora x lindleyana). Garden origin. 

B. japonica, Hemsl. Japan. 

B. curviflora, Andre (not Hook. & Arn.) ; 111. Hort, 
xvii. t. 25, 

Var. insignis. 

B. insignis, Carr. Rev. Hort. 1878, 330, f. 76. 

*Buddleia lindleyana, Fortune Bot. Reg. xxxii. t. 4. China 
and Japan. 

B. salicifolia, Hort. (not Vahl). 

B. paniculata, Watt. Afghanistan and Burma to China. 
B. crispa, Benth. ; Bot. Mag. t. 4793. 

B. variabilis, Hemsl. ; Bot. Mag. t. 7609. China. 
Var. veitchiana. 

*Desfontainea spinosa, Ruiz, d- Pav. ; Bot. Mag. t. 4781. 
Chili, Peru, &c. 



Ehretia acuminata, R. Br. Himalaya, Japan, &c. 
E. serrata, Roxb. ; Bot. Reg. t. 1097. 
Cardiandra alternifolia, Hort. (not Sieb. <k ZMCC.). 
Cordia thyrsiflora, Sieb. & ZMCC. 

E. macrophylla, Wall. Himalaya. 

Lithospermum prostratum, Lois. ; Journ. Hort. s. 3, XXT. 
404. South Europe. 

L. fruticosum, Hort. (not L.). 
Lithodora prostrata, Griseb. 

Moltkia petraea, Boiss. Dalmatia. 

Echium petraeum, Tratt. ; Bot. Reg. 1843, t. 26. 
Lithospermum petraeum, A. DC. ; Bot. Mag. t. 5942. 
L. rosmarinifolium, Reichb. 


*Calystegia macrostegia, Nichols. Lower California. 

Convolvulus macrostegius, Greene ; Bot. Mag. t. 7717. 
C. occidentalis, S. Wats 

* Con volvulus Cneorum, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 459. South Europe. 
C. argenteus, Lam. 

*Solanum erispum, Ruiz. & Pav. ; Bot. Mag. t. 3795. Chili. 

S. Dulcamara, L. ; Bentl. & Trimen Medicinal Plants 1. 190. 
Europe, &c. " Bitter-sweet." 


S. Dulcamara cont. 
Var. flore lacteo. 
Var. foliis variegatis. 
Var. fructu luteo. 

*S. jasminoides, Paxl. Magaz. of Botany viii. t. 5. Brazil. 
S. boerhaviaefolium, Sendtn. 

S. lyratum, Thunb. China and Japan. 

*Lycium afrum, L. ; Bot. Reg. t. 354. Cape of Good Hope, 

L. purpureum, Hort. 
*L. chilense, Miers Illustr. S. Amer. Plants t. 72. Chili. 

L. chinense, Mill. ; Dippel Laubholzk. i. 25, f. 11 ; Wats. 
Dendr. Brit. t. 8. China. "Box Thorn; Tea 

L. barbarum, Hort. (not L.). 

L. chinense var. trewianum. 

L. lanceolatum, Hort. 

L. megistocarpum, Dun. 

L. ovatum, C. Koch, (not Poir.\ 

L. peruvianum, Hort. 

L. trewianum, Roem. & Schult. 

Var. variegata. 

L. barbarum foliis aureis variegatis, Hort. 

L. grevilleanum, Gillies ; Miers Illustr. S. Amer. Plants 
t. 73. Argentina. 

L. halimifolium, Mill. Origin uncertain. 
L. barbarum, Ait. (not L.). 
L. europaeum, G-ouan (not L.). 


' L. halimifolium cont. 

L. turbinatum, Poir. 
L. vulgare, Dun. 
Jasminoides flaccida, Moench. 

L. pallidum, Miers ; Garden and Forest 1888, 341, f. 54. 
New Mexico, Arizona, &c. 

L. rhombifolium, Dippel Laubholzk. i. 24, f. 10. China. 
L. barbarum, Wats. Dendr. Brit. t. 9 (not L.). 
L. ovatum, Poir. 
Jasminoides rhombifolium, Moench. 

L. Richii, A. Gray. California. 

*Cestrum Parqui, VHerit. ; Bot, Mag. t. 1770. Chili. 

C. virgatum, Ruiz & Pav. 

*Fabiana imbricata, Ruiz. & Pav. ; Bot. Reg. xxv. t. 59. 
Peru, &c. "Pichi." 

S cr oplmlar iacea e . 

*Brandisia racemosa, Hemsl. ; Hook. Icon. Plant, t. 2383. 

Paulownia imperialis, Sieb. & Zucc. ; Bot. Mag. t. 4666. 
Japan. " Kiri." 

P. tomentosa, Steud. 
Bignonia tomentosa, Thunb. 
Incarvillea tomentosa, Spreng. 

*Pentstemon corymbosus, Benth. California. 

P. heterophyllus, Lindl. ; Bot, Mag. t. 3853. California. 


P. Menziesii, Hook. Bot, Mag. t. 6834. British Columbia 
California, &c. 

Var. Lewisii, (Benth.). 
Var. Scouleri, A. Gray. 

P. Scouleri, Lindl. Bot, Reg. t. 1277. 

Veronica amplexicaulis, Armstr. ; Bot. Mag. t. 7370. New 

*V. Anderson!, Lindl. & Paxt. PL Gard. ii. t. 38. Garden 

V. anomala, Armstr. ; Bot, Mag. t, 7360. New Zealand. 
V. arbor ea, J. Buch. New Zealand. 

V. Armstrong!!, T. Kirk Trans. New Zeal. Inst. xxxi. 
tt. 28-29. New Zealand. 

V. azurea, Link. Garden origin. 
V. buxifolia, Benth. New Zealand. 
*V. Candida, Lodd. Origin uncertain. 
V. carnea, Amstr. New Zealand. 
V. Catarractae, Forst. New Zealand. 

V. chathamica, J. Buch. Trans. N. Z. Inst. vii. t. 13, f. 1. 
New Zealand. 

V. Colensoi, Hook.f. Bot. Mag. t. 7296. New Zealand. 

V. cupressoides, Hook.f. Bot. Mag. t. 7348. New Zealand. 
V. salicornoides, Hort. (not Hook. /.). 

Var. variabilis, N. E. Br. Gard. Chron. 1888, iii. 20, 
f.f. 4-7. 

V. decumbens, Armstr. New- Zealand. 


V. Derwentia, Andr. Bot. Rep. t. 531. New Zealand. 

V. Dieffenbachii, Smth. ; Bot. Mag. t. 7656. New Zealand. 

*V. diosmifolia, E. Cunn. New Zealand. 

Var. trisepala, Kirk ; Bot. Mag. t. 7539. 
Y. trisepala, Colenso 

V. elliptica, Forst. New Zealand. 

V. decussata, Ait. ; Bot. Mag. t. 242. 
V. Menziesii, Benth. 

*V. Pairfieldii, Hook.f. Bot. Mag. t. 7323. Garden origin. 

V. fruticulosa, L. ; Reichb. Ic. Grit. x. f.^905. Europe, &c. 

V. glauco-caerulea, Armstr. New Zealand. 

V. guthriana, Hort. Garden origin. 

V, Hectori, Hook. /. Bot. Mag. t. 7415. New Zealand. 

*V. hulkeana, F. Muell. ; Bot. Mag. t. 5484. New Zealand. 

V. ignota, Waugh. New Zealand. 

V. Kirkii, Armstr. New Zealand. 

*V. lavaudiana, Raoul ; Bot. Mag. t. 7210. New Zealand. 

V. Lindsayi, Hort. (amplexicaulis x pimeleoides)^ Gard, 
Chron. 1898, xxiv. 331, f. 97. Garden origin. 

V. Lewisii, Armstr. New Zealand. 

V. ligustrifolia, A. Cunn. New Zealand. 

V. loganioides, Armstr. ; Bot. Mag. t. 7404. New Zealand. 

*V. Lyallii, Hook.f. Bot. Mag. t. 7338. New Zealand. 

*V. macrocarpa, Vahl. var. stricta. New Zealand. 


V. macroura, Hook. f. New Zealand. 
V. monticola, Armstr. New Zealand. 
V. newryensis, Hort. Garden origin. 

*V. parviflora, VaTil. var. angustifolia, Hook.f. Bot. Mag. 
t. 5965. New Zealand. " Koro-miko." 

V. angustifolia, A. Rich. 
V. stenophylla, Steud. 

V. pimeleoides, Hook. f. New Zealand. 

V. pinguifolia, Hook.f. Bot, Mag. t. 6147. New Zealand. 

V. carnosula, Hook. f. Bot. Mag. t. 6587 (not Handb. 
New Zeal. Fl.). 

V. rakaiensis, Armstr. New Zealand. 
V. Colensoi var. gracilis, Hort. 

*V. salicifolia, Forst. ; Kirk Forest Flora of New Zealand 
t. 120. " Korumeek." 

Var. gracilis. 

*V. speciosa, R. Cunn. ; Bot. Mag. t. 4057. New Zealand. 
V. tobareorensis, Hort. Garden origin. 
V. Traversii, Hook.f. Bot. Mag. t. 6390. New Zealand. 
V. vernicosa, Hook. f. New Zealand. 


Bignonia capreolata, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 864. South United 
States. " Cross- vine." 

Aiiisosticlms capreolatus, Bur. 


Catalpa bignonioides, Walt. South United States. 
" Indian Bean." 

C. arguta, Hort. 

C. cassinaefolia, Hort. 

C. Catalpa, Karsten ; Sargent Silva of North America 

t.t. 288, 289. 

C. communis, Dum.-Cours. 
C. cordifolia, Moench. 
C. syringaefolia, Sims Bot. Mag. 1. 1094. 
Bignonia Catalpa, L. 

Yar. aurea. 

Yar. nana. 

C. Bungei nana Hort. 

Yar. variegata. 

C. Bungei, C. A. Mey. ; Nouv. Arch. Mus. Paris ser. 3, 
vi. t. 4, China. 

C. cordifolia, Jaume Nouv. Duham t. 5. Western Kentucky 
and Tennessee, &c. " Western Catalpa." 

C. speciosa, Warder ; Sargent Silva of North America 
t.t. 290, 291. 

C. cordifolia x Kaempferi. Garden origin. 

C. Fargesi, Bureau Nouv. Arch. Mus. Paris ser. 3, vi. t. 3. 

C. Kaempferi, Sieb. & Zucc. ; Bot. Mag. t. 6611. Japan. 
C. bignonioides var. Kaempferi, DC. 
C. Bungei, Hort. (not C. A. Hey.). 
C. himalayensis, Hort. 
C. himalaica, Hort. 
C. ovata, G. Don. 
Bignonia Catalpa, Thunb. 


C. Kaempferi cont. 

Var. flavescens, Hort. Kew. 
C. Wallicnii, Hort. 

Var. purpurea. 

*Tecoma grandiflora, Loisel. China and Japan. 
T. chinensis, C. Koch. 
Bignonia chinensis, Lam. 
B. grandiflora, Thunb. ; Bot. Mag. t. 1398. 
Incarvillea grandiflora, Pair. 

Var. sanguinea. 

Bignonia sanguinea, Hort. 

T. radicans, Juss. North America. " Trumpet-flower." 
Bignonia radicans, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 485. 

*Eccremocarpus scaber, Ruiz & Pav. ; Bot. Reg. t. 930. 

Calampelis scaber, D. Don. 


Globularia cordifolia, L. ; Jacq. Flora Austriaca t. 245. 
South Europe, &c. 


*Lippia citriodora, H. B. & K. South America. " Scented 

Aloysia citriodora, Orteg. 

Verbena triphylla, VHerit. ; Bot. Mag. t. 367. 

*Rhaphithamnus cyanocarpus, Miers ; Bot. Mag. t. 6849. 

Citharexylon cyanocarpum, Hook. & Am. 
Duranta umbellata, Miers. 
Poeppigia cyanocarpa, Bertero. 

Callicarpa americana, L. ; Britt. & Brown Illustr. Fl. iii. 74. 
Virginia to Texas. " French Mulberry." 

C. japonica, Thurib. ; Gard. Chron. 1871, 173, f. 39. China, 
Japan, Corea. " Murasaki." 

C. Jongifolia, Bot. Reg. t. 864. 

C. Murusaki, Hort. 

Galphimia hirsuta, Hort. (not Cav.). 

*C. purpurea, Juss. China and Japan. 

C. gracilis, Sleb. & Zucc. 
Porphyra dichotoma, Lour. 

Diostea juncea, Miers ; Bot. Mag. t. 7695. Chili. 

D. chamaedryfolia, Hort. 
Baillonia juncea, Benth. 
Dipyrena dentata, Philippi. 
Lippia juncea, Schauer. 
Verbena juncea, Hook. & Am. 

*Vitex A^nus-castus, L. ; Moggridge Flora of Mentone 
t. 14. Mediterranean region, &c. " Chaste Tree." 

*V. incisa, Lam. Illustr. t, 541, f. 2. China. 
V. Agnus-castus var. arborea, Hort. 
V. Negundo, Curt. Bot. Mag. t. 364 (not La >/.) 
V. Negundo var. incisa, C. B. Clarke. 
12159 T 


*Clerodendron foetidum, Bunge ; Bot. Mag. t. 4880. China. 
C. Bungei, Steud. 

C. trichotomum, Thunb. ; Bot. Mag. t. 6561. China and 
Japan. " Kusagi." 

Caryopteris Mastacanthus, Schauer ; Bot. Mag. t. 6799. 
China and Japan. 

C. incana, Miq. 
Barbula sinensis, Lour. 
Mastacanthus sinensis, Endl. 
Nepeta incana, Thunb. 
N. japonica, Willd. 

Var. candicans. 

C. candicans, Hort. 


*Lavandula dentata, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 400. Mediterranean 

Stoechas dentata, Mill. 

*L. pedunculata, Cav. ; Laguna Fl. Forest. Esp. ii. t. 46/2. 
Spain and Portugal. 

L. Spica, Cav. ; Laguna Fl. Forest. Esp. ii. t. 46/3. 
Mediterranean region. 

Var. alba. 
Var. nana. 

L. vera, DC. ; Bentl. & Trim. Medicinal Plants t. 199. 
Mediterranean region. 

L. angustifolia, Hayne. 
L. officinalis, Chaix. 
L. pyrenaica, DC. 

12159 T 2 


"Elsholtzia polystachya, Benth. Temperate Himalaya. 
Colebrookia oppositifolia, Lodd. Bot. Cab. t. 487. 

Thymus azoricus, Lodd. Bot. Cab. t. 1530. Azores. 

T. Chamaedrys, Fries ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 1044. Europe, 
&e. " Common Thyme." 

Var. comosus. 

T. comosus, Heuff. 

T. rotundifolius, Schur. 

T. transsilvanicus, Schur. 

%Var. montanus. 

T. collinus, Bleb. 

T. montanus, Waldst. & Kit. 

T. citriodorus, Schrel. South Europe. 

T. Serpyllum, L. ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 1043. Europe, &c. 
Var. pulchellus (Bluff & Fingerh.). 
Yar. variegatus. 

Var. lanuginosus. 

T. lanuginosus, Mill. 

T. vulgaris, L. ; Bentl. & Trim. Medicinal Plants t. 205. 
South Europe. " Garden Thyme." 

T. Zygis, L. ; Laguna Fl. Forest. Esp. ii. t. 70 4. Spain 
and Portugal. 

T. tenuif olius, Mill. 

Satureia montana, L. ; Sibth. & Sm. Flora Graeca t. 543. 
Europe, &c. " Winter Savory." 

S. hyssopifolia, Bert. 
S. Kitaibeli, Wierzb. 
S. variegata, Host. 


Satureia montana cont. 

Micromeria montana, Reichb. 
M. variegata, Reichb. 

Var. illyrica. 

S. illyrica, Host. 

Hyssopus officinalis, L. ; Reich. Fl. Germ. t. 1259. South 
Europe, &c. " Hyssop." 

Var. decumbens. 

H. clecnmbens, Jord. & Fourr. Icones Fl. Eur. 1. 198. 

Var. aristatus. 

H. aristatus, Godr. ; Jord. & Fourr. Icones Fl. Eur. 
1. 196. 

Micromeria graeca, Bentli. Mediterranean region. 

Satureia graeca, L. ; Sibth. & Sm. Fl. Graeca t. 542. 
S. micrantha, Hoffmgg. & Link. 
S. nervosa, Desf. 
Thymus hirtus, Soland. 
T. micranthus, Brot. 

M. rupestris, Bentli. Eastern Europe. 
Calamintha rupestris, Hort. 
Melissa alba, Waldst. & Kit. PI. Hung. t. 205. 
Nepeta croatica, Spreng. 
N. pumila, Spreng. 
Satureia rupestris, Wulf. 
S. thymifolia, Scop. 

Salvia officinalis, L. ; Bentl. & Trim. Medicinal Plants 
t. 206. South Europe. " Sage." 

Var. flore albo. 
Var. variegata. 


Rosmarinus officinalis, L. ; Benth. & Trim. Medicinal 
Plants t. 207. " Rosemary." 

Var. foliis aureis. 

*Ballota spinosa, Link ; Moggridge Flora of Mentone t. 84. 

Moluccella frutescens, L. 

*Phlomis fruticosa, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 1843. South Europe, 
&c. " Jerusalem Sage." 

P. ferruginea, Hort. (not Tenore). 

*P. lunarifolia, Sibth. & Sin.; Bot. Mag. t. 7699. Asia 
Minor. , 

Teucrium fruticans, L. South Europe, &c. 
T. latifolium, L. ; Bot, Mag. t. 245. 
T. tomentosum, Mocnch. 

T. Marum, L. South-western Europe. 
T. maritimum, Lam. 
T. subspinosum, Pourr. 
Chamaedrys Marum, Moench. 

T. montanum, L. ; Sibth. & Sm. Fl. Graeca t. 534. South 
Europe, &c. 

T. supinum, L. 
Polium montanum, L. 

T. Polium, L. ; Sibth. Fl. Graeca t. 535. Mediterranean 


Plantago Cynops, L. ; Jacq. Fragmenta Botanica t. 81. 
South Europe. 

P. genevensis, Pair. 



Atriplex Breweri, S. Wats. California. 
A. eanescens, James. Western North America. 

A. confertifolia, S. Wats. ; U. S. Dep. Agric. Rep. 1887, 
t. 16. Western United States. 

Obione confertifolia, Torr. 

A. Halimus, L. ; Sibth. PL Graeca t. 962. South Europe, 
&c. "Tree Purslane." 

A. occidentalis, Hort. 
Chenopodium Halimus, Thunb. 

A. Nuttallii, S. Wats. North-western America. 

A. portulacoides, L. ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 1208. Europe, &c. 
Obione portulacoides, Moq. 
Halimus portulacoides, Dum. 

Eurotia ceratioides, C. A. Mey. Caucasus, Asia Minor, &c. 

Suaeda fruticosa, Forsk.-, Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 1178. 
Northern temperate regions. 

Chenopodium fruticosum, L. 
Cochliospermum fruticosum, Lag. 
Salsola fruticosa, L. 
Schoberia fruticosa, C. A. Mey. 

Sarcobatus Maximilian!, Nees. North America. " Grease- 

S. vermiculatus, Torr. ; Britt. & Br. Illustr. PL 
L 584, f. 



*Ercilla volubilis, A. Juss. Chili, Peru, &c. 

E. spicata, Moq. ; Hook. Bot. Misc. iii. 169, f. 102. 
Bridgesia spicata, Hook. & Am. 
Galvesia spicata, Bert. 


*Eriogonum rubescens, Greene. California. 
E. suffruticosum, S. Wats. Texas. 
E. umbellatum, Torr. Colorado to Oregon and California. 

Atraphaxis buxifolia, Jaub. & Spach. Caucasus. 
Polygonum buxifolium, Bieb. 
P. caucasicum, Hoffm. 
P. crispulum, Sims Bot. Mag. t. 1065. 
Tragopyrum buxifolium, Bieb. 

A. lanceolata, Bunge. Temperate Asia. 
Tragopyrum lanceolatum, Bieb. 
Polygonella lanceolata, Meisn. 

A. Muschketowi, Krassn. ; Bot. Mag. t. 7435. Central Asia. 

Tragopyrum lanceolatum var. latifolium, Reg el Gar- 
tenflora 1. 1344. 

A. spinosa, L. Orient. 

A. Fischeri, Jaub. & Spach. 
Tragopyrum spinosum, Presl. 

A. Tournefortii, Jaub. & Spach 111. Plant. Orient, t. 112. 


Polygonum baldschuanicum, Hegel ; Bot. Mag. t. 7544. 

P. multiflorum, Thurib. China and Japan. 

Muehlenbeckia adpressa, Meisn. Australia. 

Polygonum adpressum, Labill. ; Bot. Mag. t. 3145. 

M. axillaris, Hook. f. New Zealand, &c. 
M. nana, Hort. 

M. complexa, Meisn. New Zealand. 

M. varians, Meisn. Origin uncertain. 
M. varium, Hort. 

Brunnichia cirrhosa, Banks. Southern United States. 
Rayania ovata, Walt. 
Polygonum claviculatum, Hort. 


Aristolochia californica, Torr. California. 
*A. altissima, Desf. ; Bot. Mag. t. 6586. Sicily and Algeria. 

A. Sipho, UHerit. ; Bot. Mag. t. 534. United States. 
A. frutescens, Marsh. 
A. macrophylla, Lam. 
Siphisia Sipho, Klotzsch. 

A. tomentosa, Sims Bot. Mag. t. 1369. Southern United 


A hirsuta, Muhl. 

Siphisia tomentosa, Rafln. 


*Chloranthus brachystachys, Blume. China, Japan, &c. 


*Cinnamomum Loureirii, Nees. Cochin China. " Nikei." 

*Persea*Lingue, Nees. Chili. 
Laurus Lingue, Ruiz & Pav. 

Sassafras officinale, Nees. United States. 
S. albidum, Nees. 

S. Sassafras, Karst. ; Sargent Silva of North America 
tt. 304-5. 

S. variifolium, O. Kunze. 

Laurus albida, Nutt. 

L. diversif olia, Stokes. 

L. Sassafras, L. ; Loud. Arb. et Frut, Brit. 684, f . 1333. 

L. variifolia, Salisb. 

Persea Sassafras, Spreng. 

Tetranthera albida, Spreng. 

*Litsaea cupularis, Eemsl. China. 

L. geniculata, Bentli. & Hook. f. Southern United States. 
" Pond Spice." 

Laurus geniculata, Michx. Bot. Mag. t. 147J . 
Tetranthera geniculata, Nees. 
*L. japonica, Mirb. China, Japan, &c. 

Tetranthera japonica, Sprang. ; Sieb. & Zucc. Fl. Jap. 

t. 87. 

Tomex japonica, Thunb. 


*Umbellularia californica, Nutt. California. 
Drimophyllum pauciflorum, Nutt. 
Oreodaphne californica, Nees ; Bot. Mag. t. 5320. 
Tetranthera californica, Hook. & Am. 

Lindera Benzoin, Blume. United States. " Spice Bush ; 

Benjamin Bush." 
Benzoin Benzoin, Coulter ; Britt. & Br. Illustr. Fl. 

ii. 98, f . 

B. odoriferum, Nees. 
B. aestivale, Nees. 
Laurus aestivalis, L. 
L. Benzoin, L. 

*L. glauca, Blume ; Shirasawa Iconogr. Ess. Forest, du 
Japon t. 44. Japan. " Mura datsi." 

*L. hypoglauca, Maxim. Japan. 

L. obtusiloba, Blume ; Garden and Forest 1893, 295, f. 42. 

*L. sericea, Blume. Japan. 

Benzoin sericeum, Sieb. & Zucc. 

L. triloba, Blume. Japan. 

Laurus nobilis, L. ; Bentl. & Trim. Medicinal Plants 
t. 221. Mediterranean region. " Sweet Bay." 

Var. angustifolia. 


*Grevillea rosmarinifolia, A. Cunn. ; Bot. Mag. t. 5971. 
New South Wales. 

*GL juniperina, R. Br. var. sulphur ea, Benth. New South 

G. sulphurea, A. Cunn. ; Lodd. Bot. Cab. t. 1723. 



Daphne alpina, L. ; Lodd. Bot. Cab. t. 66. South Europe. 
D. Candida, Vitm. 
Thymelaea alpina, All. 
T. Candida, Scop. 

D. altaica, Pall. ; Bot. Mag. t. 1875. Siberia. 

D. blagayana, Freyrr ; Bot. Mag. t. 7579 : Garden 1878, 
xiv. 200, t. 143. Carniolia. 

D. caucasica, Pall. ; Bot. Mag. t. 7388. Caucasus. 
D. euphorbioides, Pusch. 
D. salicifolia, Lam. 

D. Cneorum, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. 313. South Europe, &c. 
' Garland-nower." 

D. odoratum, Lam. 
Thymelaea Cneorum, Scop. 

Var. major. 

Var. Verloti. Dauphiny. 

D. Yerloti, Gren. & Godr. ; Rev. Hortic. 1901, 304, 
f. 130. 

D. Dauphini, Hort. (sericea x odora). Garden origin. 
D. Delphini, Hort. 
D. Delphinium, Hort. 
D. hybrida, Lindl. Bot. Reg. t. 1177. 
D. hyemalis, Hort. 

*Daphne Genkwa, Siel. & Zucc. Fl. Jap. i. 137, t. 75. 
China and Japan. 

D. Fortunei, Lindl. 


D. Laureola, L. ; Bentl. & Trim. Medicinal Plants t. 226. 
Europe, North Africa, West Asia. " Spurge Laurel." 

D. major, Lam f 
Thymelaea Laureola, Scop. 

Var. Philippi. 

D. Philippi, Grren. & Godr. Pyrenees. 

Var. purpurea, 

D. houtteana, Planch. 

D. Mezereum foliis atropurpureis. Flore des Serres 

vi. t. 592. 
D. Mezereum var. atropurpurea, Dippel. 

D. Mezereum, L. ; Bentl. & Trim. Medicinal Plants t. 225. 
Europe, Siberia. " Mezereon." 

Mezereum officinarum, C. A. Mey. 
Thymelaea Mezereum, Scop. 
T. praecox, Gilib. 

Var. flore albo. Garden 1886, xxix. 602, t. 550. 
Var. flore albo pleno. Garden 1886, xxix. 602, t. 550. 

Var. grandiflora. 

D. autumnalis, Hort. 

*D. odora, Thurib. ; Bot. Mag. t. 1587. China and Japan. 
D. indica, Loisel. (not .). 
D. japonica, Sieb. & Zucc. 
D. sinensis, Lam. 

D. oleoides, Schreb. ; Bot. Mag. 1. 1917. South Europe, &c. 
D. Cneorum maxima, Hort. 

D. collina var. neapolitana, Lindl. Bot. Reg. t. 822. 
D. delahayana, Hort. 
D. fioniana, Hort. 
D. neapolitana, Lodd. 


D. oleoides cont. 

Var. elegantissima, Hort. 

D. neapolitana elegantissima, Hort. 

D. petraea. Leybold; Dippel Laubholzk. iii. 196, f. 102. 

D. rupestris, Facch. 

D. pontica, L. ; Bot. Mag. 1. 1282. Orient. 

D. sericea, Vahl. South Europe. 
D. alpina, Savi (not L.). 
D. australis, Cyr. ; Bot. Reg. xxiv. t. 56. 
D. collina, Sm. ; Bot. Mag. t. 428. 

D. striata, Tratt. ; Reichb. Fl. Germ. xi. t. 554. Europe. 

Dirca palustris, L. ; Bot. Reg. t. 292. North America. 
" Leatherwood." 

*Edgeworthia chrysantha, LindL Bot. Reg. 1847, t. 48. 
China, Japan. 

*Wikstroemia canescens, Meissn. var. G-anpi, M iq. Japan. 
Passerina Ganpi, Sieb. & 2hicc. 
Stellera japonica, Sieb. 


Elaeagnus angustifolia, L. ; Bot. Reg. t. 1156. Mediterra- 
nean region and Orient. 

E. argentea, Moencli (not Pursh). 
E. flava, Hort. 
E. hortensis, Bieb. 
E. incana, Lam. 


Elaeagnus angustifolia cont. 

E. songorica, Fisch. 

E. spinosa, L. 
Var. elliptica. 
Var. microcarpa. 

E. argentea, Pursh ; Wats. Dendr. Brit. ii. t. J 61. North 
America. u Silver Berry." 

Shepherdia argentea, Hort. (not Nutt.). 

E. glabra, Thunb. China, Japan, &c. " Yama Gumi." 

E. tenniflora, Benth. 
Var. variegata. 

E. macrophylla, Thunb. ; Bot. Mag. t. 7638. Japan and 
Formosa. " Fon Gumi." 

E. multiflora, Thunb. ; Bot. Mag. t. 7341. China, Japan. 
E. crispa, Thunb. 
E. eduiis, Sieb. 

E. longipes, A. Gray ; GardjChron. 1873, 1114, f . 206. 
E. odorata eduiis, Hort. 
E. rotundifolia, Gagn. 

E. orientalis, L. ; Pallas Flora Rossica t. 5. Orient. 
E. sativa, Hort. 
E. tomentosa, Moench. 

Elaeagaus pungens, Thunb. China and Japan. u Natsu 

E. reflexa, E. Morr. & Decne. 
E. sinensis, Hort. 

Var. aurea, Hort. 
Var. aureo-picta. 


Elaeagnus pungens cont. 

Var. Simonii. 

E. Simonii, Carr. 

Var. Simonii aureo-variegata. 
Yar. tricolor, Hort. 
Var. variegata, Hort. 

E. umbellata, Thunl. ; Rev. Hortic. 1901, 85, f. Japan. 
'* Masiro Gumi." 

E. conferta, Hort. 

E. japonica, Hort. 

E. latifolia, Hort. (not .). 

E. longipes crispa, Hort. 

E. parvifolia, Wall. ; Bot. Reg. xxix. t. 51. 

E. tenuifolia, Hort. (not Benth.). 

Hippophae rhamnoides, L. Gardeners' Magazine 1894, 791, 
f. Europe, Temperate Asia. " Sea Buckthorn." 

Osyris rhamnoides, Scop. 
Var. angustifolia. 
Var. taurica. 

H. salicifolia, D. Don. Himalaya. 

Shepherdia argentea, Nutt. ; Gartenflora 1889, 626, f. 
North America. " Buffalo Berry." 

Hippophae argentea, Pursh. 

Lepargyrea argentea, Greene ; Britt. & Br. Illustr. 
Fl. ii. 467, f. 

S. canadensis, Nutt. North America. 
Hippophae canadensis, L. 

Lepargyrea canadensis, Greene ; Britt. & Br. Illustr. 
Fl. ii. 467, f. 



Loranthus europaeus, Jacq. Flora Austriaca i. t. 30. South. 
Europe and Orient. 

Viscum album, .; Gard. Chron. 1873, 1703, f. 340 ; Garden 
1872, ii. 536, ff. Europe, N. Asia. " Mistletoe." 


Buckleya distichophylla, Torr. ; Garden and Forest 1890, 
236, f. 37. North Carolina. 

Berya distichophylla, Nutt. 


Securinega ramiflora, Muell. Arg. Eastern Asia. 
Flueggea suffruticosa, Baill. 
Geblera suffruticosa, Fisch. & Mey. 
Phyllanthus ramiflorus, Pers. 
Xylophylla ramiflora, Ait. 

*Sarcococca hookeriana, Baill. ; Garden 1884, xxv. 359, f. 

Buxus balearica, Lam. Balearic Islands. 

B. sempervirens var. gigantea ; Nouv. Duham. i. 82, 
t. 23. 

B. Harlandi, Hance. China. 

B. chinensis, Hort. 

B. japonica, Muell. Arg. Japan. 

B. microphylla, Sieb. & Zucc. Japan. 


B. sempervirens, L. ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 1252. Europe, 
N. Africa, N. & W. Asia. 

Var. arborescens, Loud. 

B. arborescens, Mill. 
Var. argentea, Hort. 

B. argenteo-marginata, Hort. 
Yar. aurea maculata, Hort. 
Var. aurea pendula, Hort. 
Var. aureo-marginata, Hort. 
Var. elegantissima, Hort. 
Var. Handsworthii, Hort. 
Var. latifolia, #br. 
Var. latifolia bullata, Hort. 
Var. latifolia macrophylla, Hort. 
Var. latifolia maculata, Hort. 
Var. latifolia nova, Hort. 
Var. longifolia, JTorJ. 
Var. myosotifolia, Hort. 
Var. myrtifolia, Loud. 

B. myrtifolia, Lam. 

B. semper virensmr.*leptophylla, Nouv. Duliam. i. 
23, f. 3. 

Var. navicularis. 

B. navicularis,!5br. 
Var. pendula. 
Var. Ponteyi, Hort. 
Var. prostrata, Hort. 
Var. pyramidalis. 

12159 r 


B. Semper virens cont. 
Var. rosmarinifolia, Baill. 
B. rosmarinifolius, Hort. 
B. thymifolia, Hort. 

Var. salicifolia elata. 

Var. suffruticosa, Loud. " Edging Box." 
B. suffruticosa, Mill. 

Var. undulifolia. 

B. wallichiana, Baill. Himalaya. 
B. himalayensis, Hort. 
B. longifolia, Jacquem. 
B. sempervirens var. arborea, Wall. 

Pachysandra procumbens, Michx. ; Bot. Mag. t. 1964. 
North America 

P. terminalis, Sieb. & Zucc. Japan. 
Andrachne colchica, Fisch. & Mey. Caucasus. 

Daphniphyllum macropodum, Miq. ; Shirasawa Iconogr. 
Ess. Forest, du Japon t. 54. China and Japan. 
" Sioumi." 

D. glaucescens, Hort. (not Blume). 
D. Teysmanni, Hort. (not Kurz). 

Var. jezoensis. 

D. jezoensis, Hort. 

Var. concolor, Dippel. 

D. glaucescens var. viridis, Hurt. 
Var. variegata. 

12159 U2 


TJlmus alata, Mlchx. ; Sargent Silva of North America 
t. 313. Southern United States. "Wahoo; 
Winged Elm." 

U. americana var. alata, Spach. 
U. pumila, Walt, (not L.). 

U. americana, L. ; Sargent Silva of North America t. 311. 
North America. " American or White Elm." 

U. alba, Rafin. 
U. floridana, Chapm. 
U. mollifolia, Marsh. 
U. pendula, Willd. 
Var. pendula. 

U campestris, L. ; Bentl. & Trim. Medic. Plants t. 232. 
Europe, North Africa, Siberia. " Common Elm." 

U. angustifolia, Moench. 

U. minor, Mill. 

U. nana, Borkh. 

U. nemorosa, J3orkh. 

U. nuda, Ehrh. 

U. suberosa, Ehrh. 

U. suberosa var. genuina, Syrne Eng. Bot. ed. 3, 1. 1285. 

Yar. antarctica, Hort. 

Yar. antarctica aurea, Hort. 

U. campestris var. aurea, Morren Belg. Hortic. 
1866, 356, t. 19. 

U. Rosseelsii, Hort. 
Yar. antarctica pendula, Hort. 

Yar. Berardi, Simon-Louis Cat. Gen. 1869, f. 7 ; Dippel 
Laubholzk. ii. 24, f. 7. 


TJ. campestris cont. 
Var. betulaefolia, Loud. 
U. betulaefolia, Lodd. 

Var. cretensis, Hart. 
Var. ereeta, Loud. 
Var. gracilis, Hart. 
Var. japonica, Sargent. Japan. 
- Var. latifolia variegata, Hort. 
Var. Louis Van Houtte. 
Var. microphylla pendula, Hort. 
Var. modiolina, Hort. 
Var. myrtifolia, Hort. 

V. buxifolia, Hort. 
Var. pendula nova, Hort. 
Var. pyramidalis, Hort. 

Var. sarniensis, Loud. " Jersey Elm." 
U. sarniensis, Lodd. 

Var. suberosa, Zowrf. " Cork-barked Elm.' 
U. suberosa, Moench. 

Var. suberosa pendula, Hort. 
Var. tortuosa, Loud. 

U. tortuosa, Lodd. 
Var. umbraculifera, Trautv. 
Var. umbraculifera gracilis. 
Var. variegata, Z7br. 
Var. variegata nova, Hort. 

Var. viminalis, Loud. 
U. viminalis, Lodd. 


U. campestris cotit. 

Var. viminalis stricta, Hort. 

Var. viminalis variegata, Hort. 
U. campestris. 

Var. viseosa, Hort. 
Var. webbiana, Hort. 
Var. Wheatleyi, Hort. 

U. crassifolia, Nutt. ; Sargent Silva of North America 
t, 315. Arkansas, Texas, &c. " Cedar Elm." 

U. opaca, Nutt. 

U. elliptica, C. Koch ; Dippel Laubholzk. ii. 31, f. 9. 

U. Heyderi, Spaeth. 
U. longifolia, Hort. 
U. sibirica, Hort. 

U. fulva, Michx. ; Sargent Silva of North America t. 314 ; 
Bentl. & Trim. Medic. Plants t. 233. North 
America. " Slippery Elm." 

U. americana var. fulva, Loud. 
U. americana var. rubra, Ait. 
U. rubra, Michx. 
Var. pendula. 

U. glabra, Mill. Earope. 

U. campestris var. laevis, Spach. 

U. carpinifolia, Lindl. 

U. inaequalis, Bosc. 

U. montana var. glabra, Loud. 

"U. nitens, Moench. 

U. suberosa var. glabra, Syme Eng. Bot. t. 1286. 


U. glabra cont. 
Var. cornubiensis. " Cornish Elm." 

U. campestris var. cornubiensis, Loud. 

U. stricta, Lindl. 
Var. pendula, Nichols. 
Var. pendula nova, Hort. 

U. campestris pendula nova, Hort. 

Var. rubra. 

U. corylifolia rubra, Hort. 

U. montana, With. ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 1287 ; Flora 
Danica t. 2533. Europe, North Asia. " Scotch or 
Wych Elm." 

U. alba, Waldst. & Kit. 
U. fulva, Hort. (not Michx.). 
U. major, Sm. 
U. scabra, Mill. 
Var. atropurpurea, Hort. 

Var. aurea, Hort. 

U. campestris var. aurea, Hort. 

Var. cinerea, Lavall. 
U. cinerea, Hort. 

Var. crispa, Loud. 

U. adiantifolia, Hort. 

U. asplenifolia, Hort. 

U. campestris var. crispa, Desf. 

U. campestris var. urticaefolia, Hort. 

U. crispa, Willd. 

U. effusa crispa, Hort. 

U. effusa cristata, Hort. 

U. urticaefolia, Hort. 


U. montana cont. 
Var. cucullata, Hort. 

Var. Dauvessei, Hart. 

U. campestris var. Dauvessei, Hort, 

Var. Dovaei, Hort. 

U. campestris var. Dovaei, Hort. 

U. scabra var. Dovaei, Hort. 
Var. etrusca, Hort. 

U. campestris var. etrusca, Hort. 

Var. fastigiata, Loud. " Exeter Elm ; Ford's Elm." 
U. Dampieri, Hort. 
U. exoniensis, Hort. 
U. Fordi, Hort. 
U. glabra replicata, Hort. 
U. montana var. pyramidalis, O. Koch. 
U. ohioensis, Hort. 
U. plumosa, Hort. 

Var. fastigiata aurea, Hort. 

U. Dampieri aurea, Hort. 

U. Dampieri Wredei, Hort. 

U. Wredei, JTortf. 
Var. gigantea, Hort. 

Var. laciniata, Trautv. 

U. intermedia, ZZor. 

U. montana var. tiliaefolia, Hort. 

U. montana var. tricuspis, Dippel. 

U. montana var. tridens, Hort. 

U. montana var. triserrata, Hort. 

U. triserrata, Hort. 
Var. latifolia nigricans, Hort. 


U montana cont. 
Var. libro rubro, Hort. 
Var. lutescens, Dippel. 

U. campestris var. lutescens, Dieck. 
Var. macrophylla, Hort. 

U. campestris var. macrophylla, Spach. 
Var. macrophylla fastigiata, Hort. 

Var. nana. 

U. lati folia nana, Hort. 

Var. nigra, Loud. " Black Irish Elm." 
U. nigra, Lodd. 

Var. pendula, Loud. Arb. & Frut. Brit. 721, f. 1398. 
U. americana pendula, Hort. 
U. fulva pendula, Hort. 
U. glabra decumbens, Hort. 
U. glabra pendula, Hort. 
U. horizontalis, Hort. 

Var. pendula variegata, Hort. 
Var. purpurea. 

U. corylifolia purpurea, Hort. 
Var. scotica, Hort. 
Var. serpentina, Hort. 
Var. superba, Hort. 

Var. vegeta, Loud. 

U. glabra var. vegeta, Dippel. 

U. parviflora, Jacg. ; Dippel Laubholzk. ii. 35, f. 11. China 
and Japan. 

U. campestris var. chinensis, Hort. 
U. chinensis, Pers. 


TJ. parviflora cont. 

U. pumila, Hort. (not L.). 
TJ. virgata, Roxb. 
Microptelea parvifolia, Spach. 
Planera parvifolia, Sweet. 

TJ. pedunculata, Fouger. Europe, &c. 
U. ciliata, Ehrh. 

U. effusa, Willd. ; Loud. Encycl. Trees and Shrubs 
720, f . 1397 ; Flora Danica t. 2830. 

U. laevis, Pall. 

U. octandra, Schkuhr. 

U. racemosa, Borkh. (not D. Thomas). 

TJ. pinnato-ramosa, Dieck. Siberia. 

TJ. pumila, L. Northern Asia. 
U. Koopmanni, Hort. 
TJ. microphylla, Pers. 

IT. racemosa, D. Thomas ; Sargent Silva of North America 
t. 312. North America. " Rock Elm." 

U. serotina, Sargent. Southern United States. 
U. turkestanica, Regel. Turkestan. 

Planera aquatica, Gmel. ; Sargent Silva of North America 
t, 316. 

Zelkova acuminata, Planch. ; Shirasawa Iconogr. Ess. 
Forest, du Japon t. 36. Japan. "Keaki." 

Z. Keaki, Maxim. ; Dippel Laubhoizk. ii. 41, f. 15. 
Planera acuminata, Lindl. 
P. cuspidata, Hort. 
P. japonica, Miq. 
Ulmus Keaki, 8ieb. 


Zelkova acuminata conL 
U. monumentalis, Hort. 

Z. crenata, Spach. Caucasus. 
Z. carpinifolia, Dippel. 
Abelicea ulmoides, O. Kuntze. 
Planera carpinifolia, Wats. Dendr. Brit. ii. t. 106. 
P. crenata, Desf. 
P. Gmelini, Hort. (not Michx.). 
P. Richardi, Michx. 
Ulmus polygama, Rich. 

Var. pendula, Hort. 

Z. Verschaffelti, Dippel Laubholzk. ii. 40, f . 14. East Asia. 
Z. japonica var. Verschaffelti, Hort. 
Ulmus pendula laciniata Pitteursii, Hort. 
Ulmus Verschaeffelti, Hort. 

Celtis australis, L. ; Wats. Dendr. Brit. ii. 1. 105. Mediter- 
ranean region. 

C. serrata, Hort. 
C. caucasica, Willd. Caucasus, <fcc. 

C. glabrata, Stev. Orient, &c. 

C. caucasica, Hohen. (not Stev.). 
C. glabra, Hort. (not Planch.). 
C. kotschyana, Stev. 
C. Tournefortii var. glabrata, Boiss. 

C. mississippiensis, Bosc ; Sargent Silva of North America 
t. 318. South United States. " Sugarberry." 

C. Berlandieri, Klotzsch. 
C. integrifolia, Nutt. 
C. laevigata, Willd. 


C. mississippiensis cont. 

C. Lindheimeri, G. Koch. 

C. occidentalis, Sargent Garden and Forest iii. 39 (in 
part), ff. 9, 10, 11. 

C. texana, Scheele. 

C. occidentalis, L. ; Sargent Silva of jNorth America t. 317. 
North America. u Hackberry." 

C. americana, Hort. (not L.). 

C. audibertiana, Spach. 

C. cordata, Pers. 

C. crassifolia, Lam. 

C. Douglasii, Planch. 

C. obliqua, Moench. 

C. procera, Salisb. 

C. reticulata, Cooper (not Torr.). 

Ulmus cordata, Hort. 

Var. grandidentata, Dippel. 
C. grandidentata, Tenore. 

Var. pumila, A. Gray. South-eastern United States to- 
Utah, &c. 

C. sinensis, Pers. ; Shirasawa Iconogr. des Ess. Forest, 
du Japon t. 36, ff. 18-21. China and Japan. 
" Senoki." 

C. japonica, Planch. 

C. Tournefortii, Lam. Orient. 
C. glabrata, Hort. (not Stev.). 
C. orientalis, Mill. 

Aphananthe aspera, Planch. ; Shirasawa Iconogr. des- 
Ess. Forest, du Japon t, 37, ff. 10-20. China and 
Japan. " Muku." 

Celtis Muku, Sieb. & Zucc. 


Aphananthe aspera cont. 

Homoiceltis aspera, Blume. 
Sponia nudiflora, Sieb$ Zucc. 
Prunus aspera, Tliurib. 

Broussonetia Kazinoki, \Sieb. ;||Icones Horti|Thenensis ii. 
t. 45. Japan. 

B. Kaempferi, Sieb. 
B. Sieboldii, Blume. 
Morus Kaempferi, Seringe. 

B. papyrifera, Vent. ; Bot, Mag. t. 2358. China, Japan, 
Polynesia, &c. 

Morus papyrifera, L. 
Papyrius japonica, Pair. 

Var. cucullata, Loud. 
B. cucullata, Hort. 
B. navicularis, Lodd. 
B. spathulata, Hort. 

Var. laciniata, Seringe. 

B. dissecta, Hort. 

B. heterophylla, Hort. 
Var. macrophylla, Hort. 

Maclura aurantiaca, Nutt. ; Gard. Chron. 1894, xvi. 693, 
f . 88. South United States. " Osage Orange." 

M. Calcargothi, Hort. (not A. Cunn.). 
Broussonetia tinctoria, Torr. (not KuntH]. 

Toxylon pomiferum, Rafin. ; Sargent Silva of North 
America tt. 322, 323. 

Var. inermis, Andre Revue Hortic. 1896, 33, f. 10. 

Morus alba, L. ; Brandis Forest Flora t. 47. Temperate 
and subtropical Asia. "White Mulberry." 

M. alpina, Hort. 

Var. Colombassa, Seringe Description . . des. 
Muriers, t. 14. 

M. serotina, Mart. 

Var. constantinopolitana, Loud. ; Dippel Laubholzk. iL 

11, f . 2. 

M. constantinopolitana, Pair. 
M. byzantina, Sieber. 

Var. Gasparini, Hort. 
Var. heterophylla, Hort. 

Var italica, Loud. 
M. italica, Poir. 

Var. laciniata, Hort. 

M. nigra laciniata, Hort. 

Var. latifolia, Bur. 

M. alba var. Lhow, Seringe. 

M. alba var. multicaulis, Loud. 

M. chinensis, Lodd. 

M. intermedia, Perottet. 

M. latifolia, Poir. (not Hort.). 

M. multicaulis, Perottet. 

M. sinensis, Hort. 

M. tatarica, Desf. 

Var. macrophylla, Loud. 

M. alba var. latifolia, Hort. (not Poir.). 

M. alba mr. Moretti, Seringe. 

M. hispanica, #0r. 

M. macrophylla, Moretti. 

M. Moretti, Audib. 

Morus alba cont. 

M. morettiana, Jacq. 
M. neapolitana, Hort. 
Var. pendula, Hort. 

Var. pumila, Loud. 

M. alba var. nana, Hort. 
M. pumila, Ball). 

Var. rosea, Seringe. 

M. lucida, Hort. 
Var. stylosa, Bureau. 

M. japonica, Audib. 

Var. Tokwa, j5^r. 
M. Tokwa, ie&. 

Var. urticaefolia, Hort. 

Var. venosa, Delile ; Dippel Laubholzk. ii. 13, f . 4. 
M. alba var. fibrosa, Seringe. 
M. alba var. nervosa, Lodd. 
M. nervosa, Hort. 

M. Cedrona, Hort. Garden origin. 

M. globosa, Rothe (alba x rubra ?). Garden origin. 

M. nigra, L. ; Wats. Dendr. Brit. ii. 1. 159 ; Bentl. & Trim. 
Medic. Plants t. 229. Native country unknown. 
" Black Mulberry." 

M. rubra. L. ; Sargent Silva of North America t. 320. 
North America. " Red Mulberry." 

M. canadensis, Poir. 

M. missouriensis, Audib. 


M. rubra cont. 

M. pensylvanica, Nois. 
M. scabra, Willd. 
M. virginica, Duham. 
Var. laciniata. 

M. canadensis var. laciniata, Hort. 

*Ficus Carica, L. ; Trans. Lin. Soc. ser. ii. 3, t. 46 ; Bentl. 
& Trim. Medic. Plants t. 228. Afghanistan, 
Eastern Persia. " Common Fig." 

F. communis, Lam. 

F. hirta, Hort. (not Vahl). 

Cudrania triloba, Hance ; Icones Plantarum t. 1792. 
China. " Silkworm Thorn." 

C. tricuspidata, Bureau. 

Maclura tricuspidata, Carr. Rev. Hort. 1864, 390, 
f. 37 ; 1872, 56, f. 7. 


Platanus acerifolia, Willd. ; Jaennicke Die Gattung Pla- 
tanus t. viii. Orient. u London Plane." 

P. algeriensis, Hort. 

P. californica, Hort. (not Senth.}. 

P. hispanica, Tenore. 

P. integrifolia, Hort. 

P. intermedia, Hort. 

P. macrophylla, Cree. 

P. occidentalis, Wats. Dendr. Brit. t. 100 (not L.). 

P. orientalis var. acerifolia Loud. Arb. Brit. 928> 
f. 1733. 

P. pyramidalis, Hort. 

P. racemosa, Hort. (not Nutt.}. 

P. vulgaris var. acerifolia, Hort. 


Platanus acerifolia cont. 

Var. Siittneri, Hort. 

P. occidentalis Siittneri, Hort. 
P. occidentalis argentea variegata. 

P. cuneata, Willd. Orient. 

P. digitata, Gord. ; Jaennicke Die Gattung Platanus 
t. ii. f. 1.-5. 

P. nepalensis, Hort. 

P. nepalensis laciniata, Hort. 

P. orientalis var. cuneata, Lovd. Arb. Brit. 929, 
f. 1734 ; Jiiennicke Die Gattung Platanus t. iii. 
ff. 3-7. 

P. palmata sup^rba, Hort. 

P. occidentalis, L. ; Sargent Silva of North America tt. 326, 
327. North America. " Button Wood." 

P. vulgaris var. angulosa, Spach. 

P. orientalib, L. ; Wats. Dendr. Brit. t. 101 ; Sibth. Flora 
Graeca t. 9 '5. Orient. " Oriental Plane." 

P. heterophylU, Hort. 
P. liquidam!' 'nfolia, Hort. 
P. vitifolia, // >rt. 
P. vulgaris, 8 t <ch. 


Carya alba, Nut' Loud. Arb. Brit, iii. 1446, f. 1269. 

North AM JA. " Shell-bark Hickory." 

C. ovata, 0. h. 

Hicoria ov; : Britton\ Sargent Silva of North 

America t 6, 347. 

Juglans ova [ill. 

J. squamo&.i ichx. f. 


C. amara, Nutt. North America. " Bitter-Nut." 

Hicoria minima, Britton ; Sargent Silva of North 

America tt. 340, 341. 
Juglans alba vai\ minima, Marsh. 
J. amara, Michx. f. 
J. angnstifolia, Pair. 
J. cordiformis, Wanyenh. 

C. aquatica, Nutt. South United States. "Water Hickory, 
Bitter Pecan." 

Hicoria aquatica, Britt. : Sargent Silva of North 
America t. 344. 

C. myristicaeformis, Nutt. Southern United States. 
" Nutmeg Hickory." 

Hicoria myristicaeformis, Britton. ; Sargent Silva of 
North America tt. 342, ?>&>. 

H. fernowiana, Sudworth. 
Juglans myristicaeformis, Michr. f. 

C. olivaeformis, Nutt. Southern United States. " Pecan." 
C. angustifolia, 8 weft. 
C. illinoensis, C. Koclt. 
C. tetraptera, Liebm. 

Hicoria Pecan, Britton ; Sargent Silva of North 

America tt. 338, 33'J. 
H. texana, Le Conte. 
Juglans cylindrica, Puir. 
J. illinoinensis, Wangenlt. 
J. olivaeformis, Mich.r. 
J. Pecan, Mar sit. 

C. porcina, Nutt. North America. " Pig-nut." 
C. amara var. porcina, Darl>y. 
C. glabra, Spach, 

12159 X 


C. porcina cont. 

C. obcordata, Sweet. 

Hicoria glabra, Britton ; Sargent Silva of North 
America, tt. 352, 353. 

Juglans glabra, Mill. 

J. obcordata, Muphlenb. & Willd. 

J. porcina, Michx. 

J. squamosa, Poir. (not Michx. f.). 

Var. microcarpa. 

C. microcarpa, Nutt. 

Hicoria glabra vat\ odorata, Sargent Silva of North 
America, t. 354. 

H. microcarpa, Britton. 

H. odorata, Dippel. 

Juglans alba var. odorata. Marsh. 

C. sulcata, Nutt. ; Loud. Arb. Brit. iii. 1448, f. 1271. 
United States. " Big Shell-bark ; King-nut." 

C. cordiformis, C. Koch. 
C. pubescens, Sweet. 
Hicoria acuminata, Dippel. 

H. laciniosa, Sargent Silva of North America tt. 
348, 349. 

H. sulcata, Britton. 
Juglans laciniosa, Michx. f. 
J. sulcata, Pursh. 

C. tomentosa, Nutt. ; Loud. Arb. Brit. iii. 1445, f. 1267. 

North America. 
C. alba, C. Koch, (not Nutt.}. 

Hicoria sdba, Britton ; Sargent Silva of North America 
tt, 350, 351. 

Juglans alba, L. 
J. tomentosa, Poir. 

12159 X2 


Juglans alata. Garr. (cinerea x regia), Garden and 
Forest 1894, 435, f. 69. Garden origin. 

J. californica. S. Wats. ; Sargent Silva of North America 
t. 337.' California, 

J. cinerea, L. ; Sargent Silva of North America tt. 331, 
332. North America. " Butternut." 

J. carhartica, Miclix.f. 
J. oblonga, Mill. 
J. oblonga var. alba, Marsh. 
Carya cathartica, Barton. 

Var. microcarpa. 

J. cordiformis, Maxim. ; Shirasawa Iconogr. des Essen. 
Forest, du Japon t. 17 ; Gard. Chron. 1901, xxx. 
Suppl. Oct. 19. Japan. 

J. japonica, Hort. 

J. mandshurica, Maxim. ; Gard. Chron. 1888, iv. 384, f . 53. 

J. regia var. octogona, Carr. 

J, nigra, L. ; Sargent Silva of North America tt. 333, 334. 
North America. " Black Walnut.'* 

J. Pitteursii, Morr. 
Var. racemosa. 

J. pyriformis, Garr. (not Liebm.). (nigra x regia). Garden 

J. hybrida, Bort. 

J. intermedia, Lavallee. 

J. regia, L. ; Loud. Encycl. of Trees and Shrubs , 732, 
f. 1416. Caucasus and Armenia to Himalaya. 
' Common Walnut." 

J. kumaonensis, Hort. 
Var. barteriana, Hort. 


J. regia cont. 

Var. laciniata, Loud. 
J. filicifolia, Lodd. 
J. heterophylla, Hort. 

Var. maxima. 

J. macrocarpa, Hort. 

Var. monophylla. 
Var. pendula. 

Var. praeparturiens, Hort. 
J. fertilis, Hort. 
J. frutescens, Hort. 

Var. racemosa. 

Var. rubra, Wien. Illustr. Gart.-Zeit. 1898, t. 1. 

J. rupestris, Engelni. ; Sargent Silva of North America 
t. 335. Western United States. 

J. calif ornica, Rothrock (not S. Wats.). 
J. fruticosa, Hort. 

J. sieboldiana, Maxim. Japan. 

J. ailantif olia, Carr. Rev. Hort. 1878, 414, f . 86. 
J. mandshurica var. ailantifolia, Lavallee. 
J. macrophylla, Hort. 

J. vilmoriniana, Carr. (? nigra x regia). Garden and 
Forest 1891, 52, ff. 11, 12. 

J. intermedia var. vilmoriniana, Dippel. Garden 

Pterocarya caucasica, C. A. Mey. ; Gard. Chron. 1894, xvi. 
365, f. 47. Caucasus, &c. 

P. dumosa, Lavallee. 

P. fraxinifolia, Spach ; Lavall. Arbor. Segrez. t. xxi. ; 
Gard. Chron. 1888, 380, f . 52. 


Pterocarya caucasica cont. 
P. pterocarpa, Kuntli. 
P. spachiana, Lavall. Arbor. Segrez. t. xx. 
Juglans fraxinifolia, Pair, (not Lam.). 

P. rhoifolia, Sieb. &.Zucc. ; Flora Japoiiica 1. 150. Japan. 
P. japonica, Hort. 
P. sorbifolia, Sieb. & Zucc. 

P. stenoptera, C. DC. ; Lavall. Arbor. Segrez. t. xix. China. 
P. chinensis, Hort. 
P. laevigata, Hort. 
P. sinensis, Hort. 


Myrica asplenifolia, L. North America. 

Cornptonia asplenifolia, Banks ; Wats. Dendr. Brit. 

t. 166. 

M. Comptonia, C. DC. 
Liqnidambar asplenifolium, L. 

M californica, Cham. & Schlecht. ; Journ. Hort. Soc. vii. 
283, f. California. "Californian Wax Myrtle." 

Gale californica, Greene. 

M. carolinensis, Mill. ; Garden and Forest 1894, 477, t. 46. 
United States. 

M. pensylvanica, Lam. ; Nouv. Duham. ii. 190, t. 55. 

M. cerifera, L. ; Garden and Forest 1894, 476, f . 75. United 
States, &c. "Wax Myrtle." 

M. Gale, L. ; Engl. Bot. ed. 3, t, 1298. Northern Hemi- 
sphere. " Sweet Gale." 

Var. tomentosa. 



Betula alba, L. Northern Hemisphere. 
B. aetnensis, Raf. 
B. gummifera, Bert. 
B. odorata, Reichb. (not Bechst.). 
B. pendula, Roth. 
B. verrucosa, Ehrh. ; Engl. Bot. ed. 3, t. 1295. 

Varieties of Subspecies. /. Verrucosa. 

Var. dalecarlica. 

B. dalecarlica, L. f. 

B. hybrida, Blom. 

B. laciniata, Wahlenb. 

B. lobulata, C. Anders. 
Var. dentata viscosa. 
Var. fastigiata, Hort. 

Var. oycowiensis, Regel. 
B. oycoviensis, Bess. 

Var. pendula, Hort. " Weeping Birch." 
B. nigra pendula, Hort. 
B. tristis, Hort. 

Var. pendula nana, Hort. 

Var. pendula Youngi, Hort. " Young's Weeping Birch." 

Var. purpurea, jEfor. 

Var. pyramidalis, Hort. 

B. pendula war. pyramidalis, Dip-pel. 


Varieties of Subspecies. TI. Pubeswns. 
Betula alba cont. 

Var. carpathica, C. Koch. 

(pendnla x pubescens ? Koehn-e). 

Var. crenata nana, Hort. 
Var. foliis aureis, Hort. 

Var. latifolia. 

B. latifolia, Tausch. 

Var. Murithii. 

B. Murithii, Gaud. ; Bull. Soc. Bot. buisse 1895, 
Heft v. 16, f. 

B. nigra, Murith. 

Var. pontica, Hort. ; Loud. Arb. Brit. 8:38, f . 1527 ; 
Wats. Dendr. Brit, t. 94. 

Var. pubescens, Loud. 
B. bella, Hort. 
B. glutinosa, Wallr. 
B. odorata, Bechst. 
B. pubescens, Ehrh. 

Var. Tauschii, FrancJi. & tiavat. 
B. alba var. japonica, Miq. 

Var. turkestanica Fetisowi, Hort. 
Var. undulata, Hort. 
Var. urticifolia, Spadi. 

B. heterophylla, Hort. 

B. urticifolia, Reg el. 

B. virgultosa, Fries. 

B. alba x humilis, ZaM. North Asia. 
B. humilis var. Zabelii, Dippel. 


B. alnoides, Wall. var. pyrifolia, Franch. Central China. 

B. alpestris, Fries ; Flora Danica Suppl. t. 37. North 


B. humilis, Hartm. (not Schrank). 
B. corylifolia, Regel & Maxim.-, Bot. Mag. Jap. 1894, viii. 

t. 6, ff. 20-22. Japan. 

B. davurica, Pall. Flora Rossica t. 39, f. a. North Asia, 
North America. 

B. Ermani, Cham. ; Bot. Mag. Jap. 1894, viii. t. 6, ff. 7-9. 

B. fruticosa, Pall. Flora Rossica t. 40, ff. a, b, c. North 
Europe, North Asia. 

Var. Gmelini, Eegel. 

B. divaricata, Ledeb. 
B. Gmelini, Bunge. 

B. globispica, Shirai Bot. Mag. Jap. viii. 1894, t. 6. Japan. 

B. grossa, Sieb & Zucc. ; Shirasawa Iconogr. Ess. Forest, 
du Japon t. 22. Japan. 

B. humilis, Schrank. Northern Hemisphere. 

B. fruticosa, Wats. Dendr. Brit. t. 154 (not Pail.). 
B. oycowiensis, ReicJib. 
B. Socolowii, Jacq. f. 

Var. fastigiata, Hort. 
Var. kamtschatica, Hort. 
Var. Mansfieldi, Hort. 

Var. quebecensis. 

B. quebecensis, Burgsd. 

B. intermedia, Thomas ; Flora Danica t. 2852. Alpine and 
Artie Europe. 

B. hybrida var. Kochii, Regel. 


B. lenta, L. ; Wats. Dendr. Brit. t. 144 ; Sargent Silva of 
North America t. 448. North America. " Cherry 

B. carpinifolia, Ehrli. 

B. nigra, Du Roi (not L.). 

B. lutea, Miclix. ; Sargent Silva of North America t. 449. 
North America. " Yellow Birch." 

B. excelsa, Pursh. (not Ait.). 
B. lenta var. lutea, Regel. 
B. persicifolia, Hort. 

B. Maximowiczii, Regel ; Bot. Mag. Jap. viii. 1894, t. 6, 
ff. 3(5-8. Japan. 

B. Medwediewi, Regel Gartenflora 1887, 384, f. Caucasus. 

B. nana, L. : Engl. Bot. ed. 3, t. 1297. Northern Hemis- 

B. nigra, L. ; Wats. Dendr. Brit. t. 153 ; Sargent Silva 
of North America t. 452. United States. 4 ' Red 

B. angulata, Lodd. 
B. caiiescens, Hort. 
B. flavescens, Hort. 
B. lanulosa, Michx. 
B. r ubra, Miclix. 

B. occidentalis, Hook. ; Sargent Silva of North America 
t. 453. Western North America. " Black Birch." 

B. alba subsp. occidentalis, Regel. 

B. papyrifera, Marsh. ; Sargent Silva of North America 
t. 451. North America. " Paper Birch ; Canoe 

B. alba var. papyrifera, Spach. 
B. amygdalifolia, Hort. 
B. cordifolia, Regel. 


B. papyrifera cont. 

B. Ermani, Rothrock (not Cham.}. 
B. excelsa, Ait. 

B. glandulosa, Hort. (not Michx.}. 
B. grandis, Schrad. 
B. latifolia, Hort. 
B. occidentalis, Lyall (not Hook.). 
B. papyracea, Dryand. ; Wats. Dendr. Brit. t. 152. 
B. platyphylla, Hort. 
B. pyrifolia, Z?br. 
Var occidentalis, Dippel. 

B. americana, 
B. papyrifera x pumila. Garden origin. 

B. populifolia, Marsh. ; Sargent Silva of North America 
t, 450 : Wats. Dendr. Brit. ii. t. 151. North 
America. " Gray Birch." 

B. acuminata, Ehrh. 

B. alba var. populifolia, Spach. 

B. laciniata, Hort. (not Wahlenb.). 

B. populifolia, Ait. 

B. populifolia pendula, Hort. 

B. pumila, L. Wats. Dendr. Brit. 
" Low Birch." 

t. 97. North America. 

B. dahurica, Hort. (not Pall.). 
B. fruticans, Hort. (not Pall.). 
B. nana rotundifolia, Hort. 
B. rotundifolia, Hort. 
Var. fastigiata, Hort. 

. ulmifolia, S-ieb. & Zucc. ; Bot. Mag. Jap. viii. 1894, 
t. 6, ff. 16-19. Japan, &c. 

B. alba car. costata, Hort. 
B. costata, Trautv. 


B. utilis, D. Don. Himalaya, &c. 
B. Bhojpattra, Watt. 
B. Jacquomontii, Spach. 

Alnus barbata, C. A. Mey. (not Fries). Caucasus. 
A. giutinosa var. acutifolia, Spach. 
A. giutinosa var. barbata, Ledel. 

A. cordifolia, Tenore-, Garcl. Chron. 1883, xix. 285. f. 42. 
South Europe. 

A. cor data, Desf. 

A. macrocarpa, Req. (not Lodd.). 

A. neapolitana, Savi. 

A. rotundifolia, Bert. 

Betula cordata, Lois. 

A. firma, Sieb. & ZMCC. : Dippel Laubholzk. ii. 147, f . (39. 

A. firma var. multinervis, Hort. 

A. giutinosa, Medic. ; Engl. Bot. ed. 3, t. 1294. Europe, 
N. Africa, W. & N. Asia. " Common Alder." 

A. nigra, Gilib. 

A. sibirica, Hort. (not Pisch.). 

Var. aurea, Lemaire 111. Hortlc. 186(>. t. 490. 

Var. imperialis, Hort. 

A. giutinosa imperialis asplenifolia, Hort. ; 11L 
Hortic. 1859, 97, f. 

A. imperialis, Hort. 
Var. incisa, Willd. 

A. giutinosa var. oxyacanthaefolia, Spach ; Loud. 
Encycl. Trees and Shrubs, 833, f. 1513. 

A. oxyacanthaefolia, Lodd. 


A. glutinosa cont. 

Var. laciniata, Willd. ; Loud. Encycl. Trees and Shrubs 

832, f . 1512. 
A. glutinosa var. pinnatifida, Spach. 

Var. pyramidalis, Hort. 
A. birkiana, Hort. 

Var. quercifolia. Willd. 
A. quercifolia, Willd. 

Var. rubrinervia, Hort. 
Var. sorbifolia, Hort. 

A. incana, Moench ; Loud. Encycl. Trees and Shrubs 834, 
f. 1517. Northern temperate regions. u Speckled 

A. autumnalis, Hort. (not Hartig). 
A. lanuginosa, Grilib. 
A. maritima japonica viridis, Hort. 
A. serrulata, Hort. (not Willd.). 
Var. aurea. 

Var. glauca, Regel. 
A. glauca, Miclix. 
A. incana var. glabrescens, Spach. 
A. incana var. tirolensis, 

Var. hirsuta. 

A. hirsuta, Turcs. 

Var. incisa, Hort. 

A. incana pinnatifida, Hort. 
Betula pinnata, Lundm. 

Var. monstrosa, Spath. 
Var. pendula nova, Hort. 
Var. ramulis coccineis, 


A. japonica, Sieb. & Zticc. ; Garden and Forest 1893, 345, 

f. 53. Japan. 

A. firma, Hort. (not Sieb. & Zucc.). 
A. glutinosa prunifolia, Hort. 
A. Harinoki, Siebold. 
A. maritima var. japonica, Hegel. 

A. maritima, Nutt. ; Garden and Forest 1891, 269, f. 47. 
North America. " Seaside Alder." 

A. oblongata, Dippel^ Laubholzk. ii. 152, ff. 72-3. 

A. nitida, Endl. ; Brandis Forest Flora 461, t. 57 ; Bot. 
Mag. t. 7654. Western temperate Himalaya, 
Clethropsis nitida, Spaclt. 

A. oregona, Nutt. ; Sargent Silva of North America t. 454 
Western North America. 

A. incana var. rubra, Regel. 

A. rhombifolia, Hort. (not Nutt.). 

A. rubra, Bongard. 

A. rugosa, Hort. (not Ehrh.). 

A. tinctoria, Hort. (in part). 

A. orientalis, Dccne. Orient. 

A. macrophylla, Hort. (in part). 

Var. pubescens. 

A. pubescens, Tamch. Eui-ope. 
A. autumnalis, Hort. (in part). 
A. badensis, Lange. 
A. barbata, Fries (not C. A. Mey.) 
A. barbata var. pubescens, DippeL 
A. glutinosa x incana. 
A. incano-glutinosa, .4. Braun, 
A. serrulata* Hort. (in part). 


A. rhombifolia, Nutt. ; Sargent Silva of North America 
t. 456. California, &c. " White Alder." 

A. serrulata, Willd. ; Dippel Laubholzk. ii. 155, f. 75. 
North America. " Smooth Alder." 

A. americana, Hort. 

A. autumnalis, Hartig. 

A. canadensis, Lodd. 

A. fruticosa, Hort. (not Rupr.). 

A. latifolia, Desf. 

A. macrophylla, Desf. 

A. rubra, Desf. 

A. rugosa, C. Koch ; Britt. & Br. Illustr. Fl. i. 512, f . 

A. serrata, Hort. 

Betula serrulata, Ait. 

A. subcordata, C. A. Mey. ; Dippel Laubholzk. ii. 150, 

f. 70. Caucasus. 

A. cordifolia var. subcordata, Regel. 
A. macrophylla, Hort. (in part). 
A. vilmoriniana, Hort. 

A. tenuifolia, Nutt. Western North America. 

A. occidentalis, Dippel. 
Var. Purpusi, Koeline. Colorado. 
A. incana virescens, S. Wats. 

A. viridis, DC. ; Loud. Encycl. Trees and Shrubs 836, 
f . 1521. Northern regions. " Mountain Elder." 

A. Alnobetula, C. Koch. ; Britt. & Br. Illustr. Fl. i. 

512, f. 

A. alpina, Borckh. 
A. crispa, Pursh. 
A. fruticosa, Rupr. 
A. mitchelliana, M. A. Curt. 


A. viridis cont. 

A. ovata, Lodcl Bot. Cab. t. 1141. 
A. undulata, Willd. 
Alnaster fruticosa, Ledeb. 

A. viridis, Spach. 
Betula Alnobetula, Ehrh. 

B. crispa, Ait. 

B. ovata, Schrank ; Wats. Dendr. Brit. t. 96. 
B. viridis, Chaix. 

Tar. parvifolia, Dippel. 
A. brembana, Rota. 


Carpinus Betulus, L. ; Engl. Bot. ed. 3, t. 1293. Europe, 
W. Asia. " Hornbeam," 

Yar. asplenifolia, Hort. 

C. Betulus laciniata, Hort. 

Tar. Carpinizza. 

C. Carpinizza, Kit. 

Tar. columnaris, Hort. 

Tar. incisa, Ait. 

C. Betulus var. quercifolia, Desf. 
C. Betulus var. heterophylla, Hort. 
Ostrya quercifolia, Hort. 

Tar. marmorata, Hort. 
Var. pendula, Hort. 
Tar. purpurea, Hort. 
Tar. pyramidalis, Hort. 
Tar. rubra, Hort. 
Tar. variegata, Hort, 


C. caroliniana, Walt. ; Sargent Silva of North America 
t. 447 ; Dippel Laubholzk. ii. 141, f. 66. North 
America. " American Hornbeam." 

C. americana, Michx. ; Wats. Dendr. Brit. t. 157. 
C. virginiana, Michx. (not Mill). 

C. cordata, Blume ; Garden & Forest viii. 295, f. Japan. 
Distegocarpus cordata, A. DC. 

Var. chinensis, Franch. Central China. 

C. japonica, Blume. Japan. 

C. Carpinus, Sargent Forest Flora of Japan f. 21. 
Distegocarpus Carpinus, Sieb. & Zucc. 

C. laxiflora, Blume ; Shirasawa Icoiiogr. Ess. Forestieres 
du Japon i. t. 25. Japan. 

Var. macrostachya, Oliver. Central China. 

C. orientalis, Mill.\ Wats. Dendr. Brit. t. 98. South 
Europe, Orient. 

C. duinensis, Scop. 
C. Turczaninovii, Hance. China. 

Ostryopsis davidiana, Decne ; Dippel Laubholzk. ii. 136, f. 
65. China, &c. 

Ostrya carpinifolia, Scop. ; Garden, 1877, xii. 372, f. S. 
Europe, Orient. " Hop Hornbeam." 

0. italica, Spach. 

0. vulgaris, Willd. ; Wats. Dendr. Brit. t. 143. 

Carpinus Ostrya, L. 

0. japonica, Sargent Garden and Forest 1893, 384, f. 


0. virginica, Willd. North America. " Ironwood." 

0. virginiana, C. Koch ; Sargent Silva of North 

America t. 445. 
Carpinus triflora, Moench. 
C. virginiana, Mill. 

Corylus americana, Walt.; Dippel Laubholzk. ii. 131,1^62. 

Eastern North America. 
C. calyculata, Dippel 
C. cornuta, Hort. 
C. humilis, Willd. 
C. mexicana, Hort. 
C. rostrata, Hort. in part (not Ait.). 
C. virginiana, Hort. 
C. virginica, Hort. 

C. Avellana, L. ; Engl. Bot. ed. 3, t/4292. Europe West 
Asia, &c. " Common Hazel." 

C. calif ornica, Hort. 
Var. aurea. 
Var. contorta, Hort. ; Gard. Chron. 1874, i. 115, f. 32. 

Var. heterophylla, Loud. 
C. heterophylla, Lodd. 
C. laciniata, Hort. 
C. urticaefolia, Hort. \ 

Var. pendula. 

Var. prolifica, Hort. 

C. Colurna, L. ; Wats. Dendr. Brit. t. 99. South-east Europe 
to Himalaya. " Constantinople Hazel." 

C. arborea, Hort. 

C. arboresceiis, 3Iofnc7i. 

12159 Y 


C. Colurna cont. 

C. bizantina, Desf. 

C. Jacquemontii, Decne. 

C. lacera, Wall. 

C. ferox, Wall, var tibetica, Franch. Central and Western 

C. heterophylla, Fisch. Japan, &c. 

C. americana, Siebold (not Walt.). 
C. Avellana, Thunb. (not L.). 
C. Hasibani, Sielold. 
C. sieboldiana, Blwne. 
C. tetraphylla, Ledel. 
C. Thunbergii, Blume. 

C. mandshurica, Maxim. cVmurland, Japan, &c. 
C. Avellana var. mandshurica, DC. 

C. maxima, Mill. South Europe, &c. 
C. Avellana var. rubra, Lam. 
C. Lambert! , Lodd. 
C. pontica, C. Kocli. 
C. rubra, Jlorkh. 
C. tubulosa, Willd. 

Var. alba. 

Var. atropurpurea, Dippd. 

C. Avellana var. atropurpurea, Hort. 

C. Avellana var. purpurea, Loud. 

C. purpurea, Lodd. 

C. tubulosa rar. atropurpurea. 

Var. barcelonensis, Hort. 

C. Avellana var. barcelonensis. Loud. 
C. Avellana ?r/r. grand is, Hort. 
12159 Y 2 


. maxima cont. 
Var. tenuis, Hort. 

C. Avollana var. tenuis, Loud. 

C. rostrata, Ait.; Garden & Forest 1895, 345, f. 48. 
North America. 

C. cornuta, Hort. (in part). 


Quercus acuta, Thutib. \ Woods and Forests 1884, 88, f . 
Japan. " Akakasi." 

Q. angustifolia, Hort. 
Q. Buergerii, Blume. 
Q. cuspidata latifolia, Hort. 
Q. marginata, Blume. 

Var. bambusaefolia. 

Q. bambusaefolia, Mast. 

Q. Aegilops, L. ; South Europe, Orient. '* Valonia Oak." 
Q. graeca, Kotschy Eichen t. 30. 
Q. ventricosa, Hort. 

Var. macrolepis, Boiss. Crete, Greece. 
Q. macrolepis, Kotschy Eichen t. 16. 

Var. Pyrami, Boiss. 

Q. Pyrami, Kotschy Eichen t. 3. 

Var. linger i, Boiss. 

Q. Ungeri, Kotschy Eichen t. 13. 
Q. VaJlonea, A. DC. 

Q. agrifolia, Nee ; Sargent Silva of North America t. 403. 

California. ' Enema." 
Q. arcoglandis, Kellogg. 
Q. berbericlifolia, Liebm. 
Q. oxyadeniu, Torr. 


<J. alba, L. ; Sargent Silva of North America tt. 356-7. 
North America. " White Oak." 

Q. alnifolia, Poech \ Kotschy Eichen t. 6 ; Garden 1880, 
xviii. 486, f. Cyprus. " Golden Cyprus Oak." 

Q. Cypria, Jaub. & Spach. (not Kotschy). 

<J. Ballota, Desf. Spain, Portugal. " Sweet Acorn Oak." 
Q. cyclophylla, Welw. 
Q. Ilex var. Ballota, Dippel. 
Q. rotundifolia, Lam. 

<J. bicolor, Willd. North America. 4i Swamp White Oak." 
Q. bicolor var. platahoides, ^4. DC. 
Q. castaneaefolia, Hort. (not C. A. 37<?i/.). 
Q. pandurata, Hort. 
Q. pannosa, Bosc. 

Q. platanoides, Sudw. ; Sargent Silva of North America 

tt, 380-1. 

Q. Priiius car. bicolor, Spach. 

Q. Prinus discolor, Michx. Hist. Arb. Am. ii. 46. t. 6. 
Q. Prinus tomentosa, Miclix. Hist. Chenes Am. r. 9. 

Q. castaneaefolia, C.A. Hey. ; Kotschy Eichen t. 40. Cau- 

Q. Cerris, L. ; Loud. Eiioycl. 855, If. South and Eastern 
Europe, Asia Minor, &c. * Turkey Oak." 

Q. Aegilops, Ho ft. (not L.\ 

Q. appennina, Hort. (not Lam.*). 

Q. australis, Hort (not Link). 

Q. caiisruhensis, Hort. 

Q. crinita, Lam. 

Q. dentate, Hart, (not TJnuib.). 

Q. haliphlaeos, Bo$c. 

Q. Pspiido-suber. //or/, (not Dexf.). 


Q. Cerris cont. 

Q. Ragnal, Loud. 

Q. Tournefort-ii, Willd. 

Var. austriaca, Loud. Arb. iii. 1848, f. 1708 ; Encycl. 

857, f . 155H. 

Q. austriaca, Willd. ; Kotschy Eichen t. 20. 
Var. cana major, Loud. Encycl. Trees, 857, f. 1560. 
Var.fcana minor, Horl. 

Var. crispa. 

Q. Cerris lucombeaua crispa. 

Var. fulhamensis, Loud. Arb. iii. 1850 ; Encycl. Trees 

858, f . 1561. " Fulham Oak." 

Q. Cerris rar. dentata, Wat*. Dendr. Brit. t. 93 
(not Thurib.). 

Q. Cerris hybrida dentata, Sweet. 

Q. Cerris rar. subperennis, A. DC. (in part). 

Var. fulhamensis latifolia, Loud. 

Q. fulhamensis macrophyllus, Hort. 

Var. Hentzei. 
Var. karlsruhensis. 

Var. laciniata, Loud. Encycl. Trees & Shrubs 856, f. 

Q. asplenifolia, Hort. 
Q. Cerris dissecta, Hort. 
Q. Cerris laciniosa, Hort. 
Q. heterophylla, Hort. 
Var. longifolia nova, Hort. 

Var. variegata, Lodd. 

Q. Cerris argentea, Hort. 

Q. Cerris elegantissima, Hort. 


Q. chrysolepis, Liebm. ; Sargent Silva of North America 
t. 398. Oregon, California. " Maul Oak." 

Q. crassipocula, Torr. 
Q. f alvesceris, Kellogy. 

Q. cinerea, Michx. ; Dippel Laubhol/k. ii. 105, f. 47. 

Southern United States. " Blue Jack." 

Q. brevifolia, Sargent Silva of North America t. 431. 
Q. humilis, Walt, (not Lam.). 
Q. Phellos var. brevifolia, Lamb. 
Q. Phellos rar. humilis, Pursh. 
Q. Phellos var. sericea, Ait. 

Q. coccifera, L. ; Hook. f. Trans. Linn. Soc. xxiii. t. 37 ; 
Laguna Flora Forestal Espaiiola t. 37. Mediter- 
ranean regon. " Kermes Oak." 

Q. kermesina, Hnrt. 

Q. coccinea, Muenchh. ; Sargent Silva of North America 
tt. 412-3. North America, " Scarlet Oak." 

Q. re panda, Horf. 

Q. conferta, Kit. ; Gard. Chroii. 1876, v. 85, f. 18 : Kotschy 
Eichen t. 14. Italy to Hungary, *tc. 

Q. Aesculus, Heuff. (not Bniss.). 
Q. Faraetto, Tenure. 

Q. hungarica, Hii-heny ; Hempel & Wilhelm Die 
Baume und Straucher . . . t. 24. 

Q. latifolia dentata, Hurt. 

Q. macranthera, Hnrt. (not C. A. JLf<?//.), 

Q. pannonica, Hort. 

Q. sessiliflora var. pannonica, Hort. 

Q. Tenorei, Hort. 

Q. crispula, Blutne. Japan. '' Nara gasi." 

Var. grosseserrata, F ranch. & Savat. 
Q. grosseserrata, Bluine. 


Q. cuneata, Wangenh. United States. " Spanish. Oak." 

Q. digitata, Sudw. ; Sargent Silva of North America. 

tt. 420-1. 

Q. discolor, Spach. (not Ait.). 
Q. elongata, Willd. 
Q. falcata, Miclix. 
Q. hudsonica, Hurt. 
Q. nigra var. digitata, Marsh. 
Q. triloba, Michx. 

Q. cuspidata, TJiunb. ; Sieb. & Zucc. Fl. Jap. t. 2 ; Gard. 
Chron. 1879, 233, f. 38. Japan. 

Var. variegata. Gard. Chron. 1879, xii. 232, f . 38. 

Q. Dalechampii, Tenore. South Europe. 
Q. Robur var. Tenorei, A. DC. 

Q. densiflora, Hook. & Am. ; Sargent Silva of North 
America t. 438. Oregon, California. " Tan Bark 

Q. echinacea, Torr. 

Q. dentata, Thunb. ; Sargent Forest Flora of Japan t. 23. 
Japan. " Kashiwa." 

Q. Daimyo, Hort. 
Q. obovata, Bunge. 
Q. pannosa, Hort. 

Q. Douglasii, Hook & Arn. ; Sargent Silva of North 
America t. 386. California. " Blue Oak." 

Q. Ransomi, Kellogg. 

Q. Gambelii, Nutt. ; Sargent Silva of North America 
tt. 366-7. Colorado, &c. " Shin Oak." 

Q. undulata, S. Wats, (in part). 

Q. undulata var. Gambelii, Engelm. 


Q. gurryana, Hook. ; Sargent Silva of |North America 
tt. 364-5. North-Western America. 

Q. Gilberti, Greene. 

Q. Jacobi, E. Br. Campst. 

Q. Neaei, Licbm. 

Q. georglana, M. A. Curt. ; Sargent Silva of North America 
t. 425. Georgia. 

Q. glabra, Thunb. Sieb. & Zucc. Fl. Jap. t. 89 ; Gard. 
Chron. 1880, xiv. 785, f. 153. Japan. 

Q. latifolia, Hort. 

Q. glandulifera, Blume ; Shirasawa Iconogr. Ess. Forest, 
(in. Japon t. 26, ff. 13-24. Japan. " lodame." 

Q. dentata Albertii, Hort. 

Q. g-lauca, Thunb. ; Shirasawa Iconogr. Ess. Forest, du 
Japon t, 32, ff. 14-24. Japan. Ara kasi." 

Q. heterophylla, Miclix. f. ; Sargent Silva of North 
America t. 436. United States. 

Q. aquatica nana, Hort. ' 
Q. Phellos x velntina. 

Q. Ilex, L. : Wats. Dendr. Brit. t. 90. Mediterranean 
region. ** Holm Oak." 

Q. pseudococcit'era, Hort. (not Desf.). 
Yar. crispa, Loud. 

Var. diversifolia, Hort. 

Q. Cerris Lucombeana incisa, Hort. 

Q. Fordii diversifolia, Hort. 
Var. Fordii, Hort. 
Var. Genabii, Hort. 

Var. Gramuntia, Hort. 
Q. Cookii, Loud. 
Q. hispanica, Cook. 


Ilex cont. 

Var. latifolia, Loud. Encycl. Trees 881, f. 1610. 
Q. Ilex agrifolia, Hort. 
Q. Ilex oblonga, Hort. 

Var. macrophylla, /Ziortf. 
Var. rotundifolia, Hort. 
Var. Smilax, 

ilicifolia, Wangenh. Eastern United States. *' Bear 
Oak. 11 

Q. Baiiisteri, Michx. 

Q. discolor car. Banisteri, Spach. 

Q. nana, Sargent Silva of North America t. 424. 

Q. rtibra var. nana, Marsh. 

imbricaria, Michx.; Sargent Silva of North America 
t. 32. United States. " Shingle Oak." 

Q. Castanea, Hort. (not Nee). 
Q. laurifolia, Hort. (not Michx.'). 
Q. Phellos var. imbricaria, Spacli. 

imbricaria x palustris, Engelm. United States. 

. infectoria, Oliv. ; Bentl. & Trim. Medicinal Plants t. 249. 
South-Eastern Europe to Persia. 

Q. sericea, Hort. 
Var. Cypri. 

Kelloggii, Newb. Oregon and California. 

Q. calif ornica, Cooper ; Sargent Silva of North America 
t. 416. 

Q. nigra Barroni, Hort. 
Q. sonomensis, A. DC. 
Q. tinctoria var. californica, Torr. 


-Q. lanuginosa, ThuilL Europe, West Asia. 
Q. Aegilops, Hort. (not .) 
Q. ajudaghensis, Hort. 
Q. alba de Rousseau, Hort. 
Q. apennina, Guss. (not Lam.). 
Q. budayana, Haberl. 
Q. collina, Schleich. 
Q. coiiglomerata, Pr.s-. 
Q. cupaniana, Guss. 
Q. faginea, Rohr. (not Lam.). 
Q. hartwissiana, <S?^y. 
Q. Heiitzei, Hort. 
Q. Pseudo-aegilops, Hort. 

Q. pubescens, TT/7/rf. ; Hempel <t Wilhelm Die Batime 
uiid Striiucher. i. t. 23. 

Q. Robur rar. lanuginosa, Lam. 
Q. sessili flora car. pubescens, Loud. 
Q. Streimii, Heujf. 
Q. villosa, Hort. 

Yar. dissecta. 

Q. ajudaghensis dissecta, Hort. 

Var. pendula. 

Q. laurifolia, Mich.c. ; Sargent Silva of North America 
tt. 4:49-30. Virginia to Louisiana. 

Q. aquatica var. laurifolia, A. DC. 
Q. laurifolia hybrida, Michx. 
Q. obtusa, Pn-rsh. 
Q. Phellos var. laurifolia, 

-Q. leana, Xxtt. United States. 

Q. mibricaria x coccinea, Engelm. 

Q. imbricaria x velutina, Sargent Silva of North 
America t. 434. 


Q. Libani, Oliv. ; Rev. Hortic. 1872, 155, f. 18. Asia Minor. 
" Lebanon Oak." 

Q. Carduchorum, Kotschy. 

Q. Libani var. calliprinos, Kotschy. 
Var. angustifolia. 
Yar. macrocarpa. 

Q. lobata, Nee ; Sargent Silva of North America t. 362. 
California. " Valley Oak." 

Q. Hindsii, Benth. 

Q. longiglanda, Fremont. 

Q. lucombeana, Holw. Philosophical Transactions 1772, 
Ixii. 306 (abridged edition) ; Loud. Encycl. Trees 
85cS, t'. 1562. " Lucombe Oak." ? Cerris x Suber. 

Q. Cerris var. subperennis, A. DC. (in part). 

Q. exoniensis, Lodd. 

Q. nepaulensis, Hort. (not Desf.). 

Q. Neumanni, Hort. 

Q. serratifolia, Hort. Batav. 

Q. lusitanica, Lam. ; Laguna Flora Forestal Espaiiola t. 32. 
South Europe, Asia Minor. 

Q. anstralis, Link. 

Q. esculenta, Hort. 

Q. farinea, Lam. 

Q. lusitanica, Webb. var. Clusii, A. DC. 

Q. Valentina, Lam. 

Var. Boissieri, A. DC. 
Q. Boissieri, Rent. 
Q. rigida, C. Koch (not Willd.). 

Q. lyrata, Walt. ; Sargent Silva of North America t. 374. 
Southern United States. " Overcup Oak." 


Q. macedonica, .4. DC. Italy to Macedonia, &c. 
Q. Aesculus, G/iseb. (not L.). 
Q. trojana, Webb. 

Q. macranthera, Fisch. <t Met/. Dippel Laubholzk. ii. 72, 
f. 28. Armenia, &c. 

Q. macrocarpa, Michx. ; Sargent^Silva of North America 
tt. 371-3. North America. u Burr Oak." 

Q. macrophylla, Hort. 
Q. ramosa, Booth. 

Var. olivaeformis, .4. Gray. 
Q. olivaeformis, Mich.r. 
Q. paludosa, Hort. 

Q. macrocarpa x Muehlenbergii. United States. 

Q. marilandiea, Muenchh. ; Sargent Silva of North America 
tt. 426-7. United States. " Black Jack." 

Q. ferruginea, Miclix. 

Q. nigra, Wangenh. (not L.). 

Q. Michauxii, Nutt. ; Sargent Silva of North America 
tt. 382-3. SouthernjUnited States. " Cow Oak." 

Q. bicolor, .4. DC. (in part). 

Q. bicolor subsp. Michauxii, Engelm. 

Q. Prinus, Walt, (not L.). 

Q. Prinus var. discolor, Curtis. 

Q. Prinus var. Michauxii, Chapm. 

Q. Prinus palustris, Mich*. ; Loud. Arb. Brit. iii. 1872, 
f. 1735. 

Q. Mirbeckii, Dur. : Revue Generate de Botanique iv. 
t. 1-3. Spain, Portugal and North Africa. 

Q. grossed entata, Hort. 


Q. Mirbeckii cont. 

Q. lusitanica var. baetica, Webb. 
Q. Mierbeckii, Dippel. 
Q. ventricosa, Hort. 
Q. Zang, Hort. 

Q. mongolica, Fisch/; Dippel Laubholzk. ii. 82, f. 33. 
Mandslmria, &c. 

Q. Muehlenbergii, Engelm. United States. "Yellow Oak; 
Yellow Chestnut Oak." 

Q. acuminata, Sargent Silva of North America t.J337. 
Q. Prinus var. acuminata, Michx. 

Q. nigra, L. ; Sargent Silva of North America t. 428. 
Southern United States. " Water Oak." 

Q. aquatica, Walt. 
Q. hemisphaerica, Willd. 
Q. nigra var. aquatica, Lain. 
Q. nigra var. trifida, Marsh. 
Q. uliginosa, Wangerih. 

Q. palustris, Mtienchh, ; Sargent Silva of North America 
tt. 422-3. United States. " Pin Oak." 

Q. rubra var. dissecta, Lam. 

Q. rubra var. ramosissiina, Marsh. 

Var. pendula. 

Q. pedunculata, Ehrli. ; Engl. Bot. ed. 3, t. 1288. Europe, 
Asia. " Common Oak." 

Q. frnctipendula, Schratik. 

Q. gernianica, Lasch. 

Q. longaeva, Salisb. 

Q. malacophylla, Schultz. 

Q. racemosa, Lam. 

Q. Robur var. pedunculata. 


Q. pedunculata cont. 
Var. aurea leucocarpa, Hort. 
Var. brutia. 

Q. brutia, Tenure Flora Napolitana t. 197. 
Var. columnaris, Hort. 
Var. compacta, Hort. 

Var. Concordia, Lem. Illustr. Hortic. xiv. t. 537. 
Q. foliis aureis, Hort. 

Var. fastigiata, DC. ; Ganl. Cliron. 1883, xix. 179, f. 26. 
" Cypress Oak." 

Q. cupressoides, Hort. 

Q. fastigiata, Lam. 

Q. pyramidalis, Gmel. 
Var. fastigiata cucullata, Hort. 
Var. fastigiata excelsa, Hort. 
Var. fastigiata Grangei, Hort. 
Var. fastigiata oxyacanthifolia, Hort. 
Var. fastigiata tortuosa, Hort. 
Var. fastigiata variegata, Hort. 

Q. fastigiata foliis punctatis, Hort. 
Var. fastigiata viridis, Hort. 

Var. filicifolia, Lem. Illustr. Hortic. 1854, f. " Fern- 
leaved Oak." 

Q. asplenifolia, Hort. 
Q. pectinata, Hort. 
Q. pinnata, Hnrt. 
Q. taraxaci folia, Hort. 
Var. granbyana, Hart. 


C. pedunculata cont. 
Var. Haas, A. DC. 

Q. Haas, Kotschy Eichen, t. 2. 

Var. heterophylla, Loud. Arb. Brit. iii. 1732, ff. 1569-71. 

Q. comptoniaefolia, Hort. 

Q. dissecta, Hort. 

Q. cliversifolia cucnllata, Hort. 

Q. Fennessi, Hort. 

Q. Fenzleyi, Hort. 

Q. Hentzii, Hort. 

Q. incisa, Hort. 

Q. laciniata, Hort. 

Q. pedunculata Hodginsii, Hort. 

Q. salicifolia, Hort. 

Q. Tenorei, Hort. 
Var. latifolia, Hort. 

Var. pendula, Z/oi^. Arb. Brit. iii. 1732. ifc Weepin 

Q. Dauvessei, 

Q. horizontalis, Hort. 

Q. pendula, Lodd. 

Q. pendula nova, Hort. 

Var. purpurascens, Z)<7. 

Q. atropurpurea, Hort. 

Q. atrosanguinea, ZTor^. 

Q. cuprea, Hort. 

Q. europaea purpurea, Hort. 

Q. nigra purpurea, 

Q. pedunculata nigra, 

Q pedunculata var. purpurea, Loud. 


Q. pedunculata cotit. 

Q. pedunculata var. sanguinea, Bechst. 
Q. Robur nigra, Flore dee Serres t. 1783. 
Q. Robur nigricans, Hort. 
Var. seolopendrifolia, Hort. 

Var. Thomasii, Tenore. 

Q. Robur var. Thomasii, A. DC. 

Var. toureauensis, Hort. 
Var. Trinessi, Hort. 
Vur. umbraculifera, Hort. 
Var. umbraculifera Ligini. 

Var. variegata, Hort. 

Q. elegantissima, Hort. 

Q. Phellos, L. ; Sargent Silva of North America t. 435. 
United States. " Willow Oak." 

Q. Robur inicrocarpa, Hort. 
Q. salicifolia, Hort. (not Nee.}. 

Q. phillyraeoides, ^4. Gray ; Shirasawa Iconogr. Essen. 
Forest, du Japon t. 31, ff. 1-12. Japan. 

Q. rotunda, Hort. 
Var. crispa, Hort. 

Q. pontica, C. Koch ; Gartenflora, 1891, 510, f . 95. Lazistan. 

Q. prinoides, Willd. ; Sargent Silva of North America t. 378. 
United States. " Chincapin Oak." 

Q. Chinquapin, Pursh. 

Q. Muehlenbergii var. humilis, Britton. 

Q. Prinus Chincapin, Miclix. Hist. Arb. Am. ii. 64, 

t. 10. 

Q. Prinus car. humilis, Marsh. 


Q. Prinus, L. ; Sargent Silva of North America tt. 375-6. 
Eastern North America. " Chestnut Oak." 

Q. bicolor, Hort. 

Q. Castanea, Hort. (n6t Nee.). 

Q. castaneaefolia, Hort. (not C. A. Mey.). 

Q. montana, Willd. 

Q. monticola, Petz. & Kirchn. 

Q. sericea, Hort. 

Q. Pseudo-suber, Santi ; Hempel & Wilhelm Die Baume 
und Straucher des Waldes ii. 82, f. 175. South 

Q. Fontanesii, Guss. 
Q. hispanica, Lam. 

Q. pumila, Walt. ; Sargent Silva of North America 
t. 404. North Carolina to Florida. " Running 

Q. cinerea var. pumila, Curtis. 
Q. Phellos var. nana, A. DC. 
Q. Phellos var. pumila, Dippel. 
Q. sericea, Willd. 

*Q. reticulata, Humb. & Bonpl. ; Sargent Silva of North 
America t. 390. Mexico, Arizona, &c. 

Q. rubra, L. ; Sargent Silva of North America tt. 409-10. 

North America. " Red Oak." 
Q. ambigua, Michx. 
Q. borealis, Hort. 
Q. coccinea, Hort. (not L.). 
Q. coccinea var. ambigua, A. Gray. 
Q. coccinea var. macrophylla, Hort. 
Q. gray ana, Hort. 
Q. triloba, Hort. 
Yar. aurea, Dippel. 

Q. americana aurea, Hort. 

12159 Z 


Q. rubra cant. 

Var. longifolia, Hort. 
Var. palustrifolia, Hort. 

Var. pendula. 

Q. coccinea pendula, Hort. 

Var. Schrefeldii, Dippel. 

Q. serrata, Thunb. ; Dippel Laubholzk. ii. 101, f . 44. 
China, Japan, &c. 

Q. Bombyx tomentosa, Hort. t 
Q. chinensis, JBunge. 
Var. pendula. 

Q. sessiliflora, Salisb. ; Engl. Bot. ed. 3, 1. 1289. Europe, 
W. Asia. 

Q. acuminata, Hort. 

Q. aurea, Wiersb. 

Q. condensata, Schur. 

Q. pallida, Heuff. 

Q. pedemontana, Colla. 

Q. rubens, Hurt. 

Q. sinuata, Hort. 

Q. Turneri, Hort. (not Willd.). 

Var. afghanistanensis, Hort. 
Var. alnoides, Hort. 
Var. cochleata, fiior^. 
Var. devoniana, Hort. 

Var. dschorochensis. 

Q. dschorochensis, (7. 

Var. falkenbergensis, Hort. 
Var. geltoviana, 



<j. sessiliflora cont. 
Var. Giesleri, Hort. 
Var. iberica, Hort. 
Var. laciniata, Koehne. 
Yar. longifolia, LaucJie. 

Var. mespilifolia, Wallr. 
Q. Louetti, Hort. 
Q. Robur Louetti, Hort. 

Var. rubicunda. 

Q. sessiliflora purpurea, Hort. 

Q. stellata, Wangenh. United States. " Post Oak." 
Q. alba var. minor, Marsh. 
Q. Drummondii, Liebm. 

Q. minor, Sargent Silva of North America, tt. 368, 

Q. obtusiloba, Michx. 
Q. villosa, Walt. 

Q. Suber, L. ; Kotschy Eichen t. 33 ; Laguna Flora 
Forestal Espaiiola t. 34. South Europe, North 
Africa. " Cork Oak." 

Q. bivioniana, Guss. 

Q. texana, Buckl. ; Sargent Silva of North America t. 
411. Garden and Forest 1894, 514, ff. 81, 82. 
United States. 

Q. rubra var. texana, Buckl. 

Q. thalassica, Hance. Japan. 
Q. sieboldiana, Blume. 

Q. Toza, Base ; Laguna Flora Forestal Espaiiola t. 31. 
South Western Europe. 

Q. Brossa, Bosc. 


Q. Toza cont. 

Q. Camata, Uort. 
Q. lanata, Hort. (not Sm.). 
Q. pubescens, Brot. (not Willd.). 
Q. pyrenaica, Willd. 
Q. ramosa, Zfortf. 
Q. stolonifera, Lapeyr. 
Q. Tauzin, 
Var. splendens, 

Q. Turner!, Willd. Garden Origin. Ilex x peduncnlata 

or Cerris ? 

Q. austriaca hybrida, Hort. 

Q. austriaca sempervirens, Hort. 

Q. austriaca splendens, Hort. 

Q. Cerris austriaca sempervirens, Hort. 

Q. glandulifera, Mast. Gard. Chron. 1880, xiv. 714, f. 
134 (not Blume.). 

Q. hybrida, Hort. 

Q. scleropliylla, Hort. (not Lindl. & Paxt.). 

Q. sempervirens, Hort. 

Q. undulata, Torr. ; Sargent Silva of North America t. 
385. Western North America. " Scrub Oak." 

Q. Emoryi, Porter & Coulter (not Torr.). 

Q. Fendleri, Liebm. 

Q. grisea, Liebm. 

Q. oblongifolia, Torr. 

Q. pungens, Liebm. 

Q. variabilis, Blume ; Shirasawa Iconogr. Ess. Forest, du 
Japan t. 28. Japan. 


<j. velutina, Lam. ; Sargent Silva of North America 
tt. 414, 415. North America. " Yellow Bark Oak." 

Q. coccinea var. tinctoria, A. DC. 

Q. discolor, Ait. 

Q. flaccida, Hort. 

Q. nigra, Du Roi (not L.). 

Q. sericifolia, Hort. 

Q. tinctoria, Michx. 

Q. vibrayana, Franch & Savat. Japan. 

Q. bambusaefolia, Fortune (not Hance). 

<j. virginiana, Miller ; Sargent Silva of North America tt. 
394-6. Southern United States. 

Q. sempervirens, Walter (not Miller.). 
Q. virens, Ait. 

Var. angustifolia. 
Var. rubrifolia. 

<J. Wislizeni, A.DC. ; Sargent Silva of North America t. 
406. California. 

Castanopsis chrysophylla, A.DC. ; Sargent Silva of North 
America t. 439. California and Oregon. " Golden- 
leaved Chestnut." 

Castanea chrysophylla, Hook. Bot. Mag. t. 4953. 
C. sempervirens, Kellogg. 

Castanea crenata, Siel. & Zucc. ; Dippel Laubholzk. ii. 56, 
f . 23. Japan. " Japanese Chestnut." 

C. chinensis, Hassk. (not Spreng.}. 

C. pumila, Hassk. (not Mill.). 

C. stricta, Sieb. & Zucc. 

C. japonica, Blume. 

C. vulgaris var. japonica, A.DC. 


C. dentata, Borkh. ; Sargent Silva of North America tt. 
440, 441. North America. " American Chestnut." 

0. americana, Rafin. 
C. sativa var. americana, Sargent. 
C. vesca var. americana, Michy. 
C. vulgaris var. americana, A.DC. 

C. pumila, Mill. ; Sargent Silva of North America tt.442-3 ; 
Loud. Encycl. Trees 914, ff. 1707-8. Southern 
Pennsylvania to Northern Florida. " Chinquapin." 

Fagus pumila, L. 

C. sativa, Mill. South Europe, North Africa, Orient. 

" Sweet Chestnut." 

C. vesca, Gaertn. ; Loud. Encycl. Trees 913, f . 1706. 

C. vulgaris, Lam. 
Var. albo-marginata, Hort. 
Var. asplenifolia, Hort. 
Var. aureo-marginata, Hort. 
Var. crispa, Hort. 
Var. downtoniana, Hort. 
Var. filipendula, Hort. 
Var. glaberrima, Hort. 
Var. heterophylla, Hort. 
Var. heterophylla dissecta, Hort. 
Var. laciniata, Hort. 
Var. maculata, Hort. 

Var. monstrosa, Dipi)d. 
C. bullata, Hort. 
C. cochleata, Hort. 
C. cucullata, Hort. 


C. sativa cont. 
Var. Moorei, Hort. 
Var. prolifera, C. Koch. 
Var. pyramidalis, Hort. 

Fagus ferruginea, Ait. ; Dippel Laubholzk. ii. 53, f. 22. 
North America. " American Beech." 

F. americana, Sweet ; Sargent Silva of North America 
t. 344. 

F. atropunicea, Sudworth. 

F. caroliniana, Loud. 

F. nigra, Rafin. 

F. rotundifolia, Rafin. 
Var. latifolia, Hort. 
Var. macrophylla, Hort. 

F. sylvatica, L. ; Engl. Bot. ed. 3, t. 1291. Europe, Asia 
Minor, &c. " Common Beech." 

Var. asiatica. 
Var. atropurpurea, Hort. 
Var. aurea Spaethii, Hort. 
Var. aureo-variegata, Hort. 
Var. castaneaefolia, Hort. 
Var. cochleata, Hort. 

F. ferruginea cochleata, Hort. 
Var. conglomerata, Hort. 
Var. cristata, Lodd. ; Loud. Encycl. Trees 906, f. 1694. 

F. sylvatica crispa, Hort. 
Var. cuprea, Lodd. " Copper Beech." 
Var. grandidentata, Hort. 


F. sylvatica cont. 

Var. heterophylla, Loud. Encycl. Trees 906, ff. 1692-3. 
F. comptoniaefolia, Hort. 
F. incisa, Hort. 
F. laciniata, Hort. 
F. salicifolia, Hort. 
F. sylvatica asplenif olia, Lodd. 

Var. macrophylla, Hort. 

F. latifolia, Hort. 

F. monstrosa latifolia, Hort. 
Var. miltonensis, Hort. 
Var. nana pendula, Hort. 
Var. nigra, JETor/. 
Var. norwegiensis, Hort. 
Var. pagnyensis, #or. 
Var. pendula, Lodd. 
Var. pendula bornyensis, Hort. 
Var. purpurea, .4/tf. "Purple Beech." 
Var. purpurea major, Hort. 
Var. purpurea nova, Hort. 

Var. purpurea pendula, Hort. " Weeping Purple Beech.'* 
Var. quercoides, Pers. 

F. quercifolia, Hort. 
Var. remillyensis, Hort. 
Var. retroflexa, 

Var. Sieboldii, Maxim. ; Shirasawa Iconogr. Essen. 
Forest, du Japon t. 25. Japan. 

F. Sieboldii, Endl. 


f. sylvatica cont. 
Var. tortuosa, Hort. 
Var. tricolor, Hort. 
Var. undulata, Hort. 
Var. variegata, Hort. 
Var. Zlatia, Spaeth. " Golden Beech." 


Salix adenophylla, Hooli. ; Kong. Svensk. Vet.-Akad. 
Handl. vi. t. 8, f. 95. Labrador. 

6. alba, L. ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 1309. Europe, Asia, North 
Africa. " White Willow." 

Var. argentea. 

S. alba leucophylla, Hort. 

S. argentea, Wimm. 

S. leucophylla, Hort. 

S. regalis, Hort. 

S. splendens, Bray. 
Var. britzensis, Spaeth. 

Var. caerulea Syme Eng. Bot. ed. 3, 1. 1310. 
S. caerulea, 8m. 

Var. caerulea pendula. 

Var. vitellina, W. Koch ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, 1. 1311. 
S. vitellina, L. 

Var. vitellina pendula nova. 
S.^alpigena, Kern. Tyrol, &c. 


S.'ambigua, Ehrh. ; Eng. Bot, ed. 3, t. 1355. Europe. 
S. repens x aurita. 
S. spafchulata, Willd. 
S. versifolia, Wahlenb. 

S. angustifolia, Willd. (not Wulf.). Caucasus, North 

S. Arbuscula, L. ; Kong. Svensk. Vet.-Akad. Handl vi. 
t. vii. f. 80. Europe, North Asia. 

S. carinata, Sm. 

Var. prunifolia, Syme Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 1372. 
S. prunifolia, Sm. Eng. Bot. t. 1361. 

S. arctica, Pall. ; Flora Danica t. 2488. Arctic regions. 

S.. [aurita L. ; Forbes Salict. Woburn. t. 124. Europe, 
North Asia. 

S. aurita-incana, Wimm. Europe. 
S. reticulata, Hort. (not L.}. 

S. aurita-Lapponum. Europe. 
S. Lapponum x aurita. 

S. aurita x Myrsinites. Europe. 
S. saxetana, F. B. White. 

S. aurita x phylieifolia. $ . Europe. 
S. aurita x repens. Europe. 

S. aurita x viminalis. Europe. 
S. fruticosa, Doell. 

S. babylonica, L. ; Forbes Salict. Woburn. t. 22. Japan. 
" Weeping Willow." 

S. japonica, Blume (not Thurib.). 
S. neapolitana, Hort. 


S. babylonica cant. 

S. pendula, Moench. 

S. perpendens, Ser 

S. riparia, Hort. (not Willd.). 

Var. annularis. 

S. annularis, Forbes Salict. Woburn. t. 21. 
S. crispa, Hort. 

Var. ramulis aureis. 
Var. Salamoni, Hort. 

S. caesia, VilL Mountains of Switzerland, Tyrol, and 
South-western Europe. 

S. myrtilloides, Forbes Salict. Woburn. t. 66 (not L.)* 

S. prostrata. Ehrh. 

S. Zabeli pendula, Hort. 

S. Candida, Fluegge ; Forbes Salict. Woburn. t. 91. North 
America. " Sage Willow." 

S. incana, Michx. (not Schrank). 

S. nivea, Sm. 

S. tomentosa, Sclirad. 

S. Caprea, L. ; Forbes Salict. Woburn. t. 122 ; Eng. Bot. 
ed. 3, t. 1331. Europe, North Asia. "Common 
Sallow, Goat Willow." 

S. aurigerana, Lapeyr. 
S, hybrida, Vill. 
S. tomentosa, Ser. 
S. ulmifolia, Thuill. 

Var. pendula, Hort. 

S. Kilmarnocki, Hort. 

S. Caprea x cinerea. Europe. 
S. moschata, Hort. 
S. Reichardti, Kern. 


S. cernua, Linton. Europe. 
S. herbacea x repens. 

S. cinerea, L. ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 1327. Europe, North, 
and West Asia. 

S. acuminata, Hoffm. 

S. dumetorum, Suter. 

S. oleifolia, Sm. (not VilL). 

S. polymorpha, Host. 

S. rufinervis, DC. 

Var. aquatica, Syme Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 1328. 
S. aquatica, Sm. 

Var. Medemii, Boiss. 

S. Medemii, Boiss. 
Var. tricolor, Dippel. 

S. Caprea tricolor, Hort. 

S. cinerea-repens, Wimm. Europe. 
S. repens x cinerea. 

S. commutata, BeW>. North-western United States. 
S. Hookeriana, Hort. (not Barratt). 

S. cordata, Muhl. ; Dippel Laubholzk. ii. 283, f. 134. 
Northern and Arctic America. 

Var. glaucophylla, Bebb. 
Var. rigida, Anderss. 

S. cordata-rigida, A. Gray. 

S. myricoides, Muhl. 

S. rigida, Willcl. 

Var. sericea, Anderss. 
Var. vestita, Anderss. 

S. coriacea, Forbes Salict. Woburn. t. 112. Europe. 
S. nigricans x aurita. 

S. Cotteti, Lagg. Tyrol. 

S. retusa var. nigrescens, Kern. 

S. cuspidata, Schultz, ; Dippel Laubholzk. ii. 216, f . 109.. 


S. fragilis-pentandra, Weinm. 

S. Meyeriana, Rostkov. ; Forbes Salict. Woburn. t. 33. 
S. pentandra-fragilis, Wimm. 
S. Pockornyi, Kern. 

S. daphnoides, VilL ; Flora Danica t. 2919. Europe, &c. 
" Violet Willow." 

S. aglaia, Hort. 

S. bigemmis, Hoffm. 

S. glauca, Hurt, (not L.). 

S. jaspidea, Hort. 

S. pomeranica, Willd. 

S. praecox, Hoppe ; Forbes Salict. Woburn. t; 26. 

Yar. acutifolia, Anderss. 
S. acutifolia, Willd. 
S. caspica, Hort. 

S. daphnoides var. aagustifolia, Weinm. 
S. pruinosa, Wendl. 
S. violacea, Forbes Salict. Woburn. t. 25. 

S. decipiens, Hoffm. ; Forbes Salict. Woburn. t. 29. Europe. 
S. fragilis var. decipiens, Koch. 
S. triandra x fragilis, F. B. White. 

S. discolor, Muhl. ; Sargent Silva of North America t. 478-. 
North America. 

S. sensitiva, Barratt. 


S. doniana, Sm. Engl. Bot. t. 2559. Europe. 
S. parviflora, Host. 
S. purpurea-repens, Wimm. 
S. repens-purpurea, Weinm. 

S. elegantissima, C. Koch ; Semaine Horticole 1898, 363. 

Origin uncertain. 
S. americana pendula, Hort. 
S. babylonica f emina, Hort. 
S. fragili-babylonica, Regel. 
S. sibirica, Hort. aliq. 
S. Sieboldi, Hort. 

S. Erdingeri, Kerner (Caprea x daphnoides). Europe. 

S. fragilis, L. ; Engl. Bot. ed. 3, 1. 1306. Europe, N. and W. 

Asia. " Crack Willow." 
S. bigemmis, Hort. (not Hoffm.). 
S. cerasifera, Hort. (not Schleich.). 
S. conformis, Hort. 
S. mascula, Hort. 
S. meyeriana, Willd. 
S. monandra, Hort. (not Hqffm.). 
8. russelliana, Sm. 
S. serrulata, Hort. (not Willd.). 
S. silesiaca, Hort. (not Willd.). 

Var. basfordiana. 

S. basfordiana, Salter Gard. Chroii. 1882, xvii. 298, 

ff. 41-2. 
S. sanguinea, Scaling. 

Var. latifolia, Anderss. 

S. ammaniana, Hort. (not Willd.). 

S. excelsa, Tausch. 

S. monspeliensis, Forbes Salict. Woburn. t. 30. 


S. glauca, L. (not Sm.). Alpine and Arctic regions of 
northern hemisphere. 

S. sericea, Forbes Salict. Woburn. t. 74. 

S. gracilistyla, Miq. Japan. 
S. mutabilis, Hort. 

S. Grahami, Borr. ; Engl. Bot. ed. 3, 1. 1377. Scotland. 
S. herbacea x phylicifolia ? 

S. hastata, L. ; Forbes Salict. Woburn. t. 35. Mountains 
of Europe and N. Asia. 

S. cerasifolia, Schleich. 

S. elegans, Host. 

S. eriaiitha, Schleich. 

S. malifolia, Sm. ; Forbes Salict. Woburn. t. 36. 

S. Pontederae, Vill. 

S. pontederana, Loisel. (not Willd.). 

S. serrulata, Wittd. 

S. viburnoides, Schleich. 

S. herbacea, L. ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 1378. Mountains of 
northern hemisphere. 

S. herbacea x lanata. Europe. 

S. hexandra, Ehrh. ; Kong. Svensk. Vet.-Akad. Handl. 
iii, f. 27. Europe. 

S. pentandra x alba. 

S. hippophaifolia, Thuill. ; Coss. Flore de Paris t. 28, f. 

S. alba var. hippophaifolia, Ser. 

S. multiformis, Doell. var. hippophaifolia, Anderss. 

S. triandra-viminalis, Wimm. 

S. viregcens, Forbes (not Vill.} ; Loud. Arb. Brit. iii. 


S. hookeriana, Barratt ; Sargent Silva t. 485 ; Dippel 
Laubholzk. ii. 303, f. 142. N. America. 

S. humilis, Marsh. ; Dippel Laubholzk. ii. 268, f. 128. 
N. America. " Prairie Willow." 

S. conifera, Muhl. 

S. mtiehlenbergiana, Barratt. 

S. recurvata, Pursh. 

S. incana, Schrank ; Forbes Salict. Woburn. t. 90. Europe. 
S. angustifolia, Poir. 
S. cyllenea, Boiss. 
S. Elaeagnos, Scop. 
S. lavandulaefolia, Lapeyr. 
S. linearis, Forbes Salict. Woburn. t. 89. 
S. Reginae, Hort. 
S. riparia, Willd. 

S. rosmarinifolia, Grouan (not L.). 
S. viminalis, Balk, (not .). 

S. japonica, Thurib. Japan. 

S. babylonica var. japonica, Anderss. 
Var. Lavall^ei. 

S. lanata, L. ; Forbes Salict. Woburn. t. 71 ; Engl. Bot. 
ed. 3, t. 1367. Northern and Arctic Europe, &c. 

S. chrysantha, Vahl. 
S. lanuginosa, Pall. 

S..Lapponum, L. \ Forbes Salict. Woburn. t. 73. Mountains 
of Europe and N. Asia. 

S. arenaria, Willd. 

S. elaeagnifolia, Forbes Salict. Woburn. t, 69. 

S. glauca, Sm. Engl. Bot. t. 1810. 

S. glaucophylla, Bess. 


S. Lapponum cant. 

S. lactea, Bray. 
S. leucophylla, WiUd. 
S. limosa, Wahlenl. 
S. nitens, Gilib. 
S. sudetica, Host. 

S. stuartian'a, Forbes Salict. Woburn. t. 72. 
Var. helvetica, F. B. White. 

S. helvetica, Vill. 

S. nivea, Ser. 
S. tomentosa, Hort. (not Schrad.). 

S. Lapponum-phylicifolia, Linton. Europe. 

S. lasiandra, Betith. ; Sargent Silva of North America t. 469. 
Western United States. 

IS. arguta var. lasiandra, Anderxs. 

S. hoffmanniana, Hook. <k Am. (not Sm.). 

S. laurina, Sm. ; Engl. Bot. ed. 3, t. 1333. Europe. 
S. bicolor, Sm. Engl. Bot. t. 1806. 
S. bicolor x Caprea ? 
S. discolor, Hort. (not Muhl.). 
S. phylicifolia x Caprea ? 

S. lutescens, Kern. Europe. 
S. aurira-cinerea, Wimm. 
S. multinervis, DoeU. 

S. lucida, 31 ((hi. ; Sargent Silva of North America t. 473 ; 
Loud. Arb. Brit. iii. 1504, f. 1301. North America. 
" Shining Willow." 

S. inyricoides, Hort. (not Muhl.). 

S. Myrsinites, L. ; Engl. Bot. ed. 3, t. 1375 ; Flora Danica 
t. 1054. Northern hemisphere. 

S. alpina, Sctyt. 
121.V.) 2 A 


S. Myrsinites cont. 
S. arbutifolia, 8er. 
S. dubia, Suter. 
S, rectijulis, Trautv. 

Var. jacquiniana, Anderss. Austrian Alps. 
S. jacquiniana, IVilld. 
S. Jacquinii, Host. 

Yar. latifolia, Anderss. 

S. procumbens, Forbes Salict. Woburn. t. 61. 
S. retusa, With, (not .). 

S. Myrsinites x nigricans. Europe. 
S. Myrsinites-nigricans, Wimm. 
S. punctata, Wahl. 
S. Walilenbergii, Anderss. 

S. Myrsinites x phylicifolia. Europe. 

S. myrtilloides, L. Kong. Svensk-Vet.-Akad. vi. t. 5, 
f. 53. Northern Hemisphere. 

S. elegans, Bess. 
Var. pedicellaris, Anderss. North America. 

S. Nicholsoni, Dieck. North America. 
S. myricoides x nigra ''. Koehne. 
S. nigra x myricoides (cordata) ? Dieck. 

Var. purpurascens, Dieck. 

S. nigra, Marsh. Sargent Silva t. 462. North America. 
" Black Willow." 

S. ambigua, Pursh. 
S. caroliniana, Mich.r. 

12159 ' 2 A 2 


S. nigra c<mt. 

S. flavo-virens, Hornem. 
S. houstoniana, Pursh. 
S. ligustrina. Michx. f. 

Var. falcata. 

S. nigricans, Sm. Alps of North and Central Europe. 
S. phylicifolia var. nigricans, F. B. White. 

Var andersoniana, Syine Engl. Bot. ed. 3, t. 1351. 
S. andersoniana, Forbes Salict. Woburn. t. 109. 

Var. ansoniana. 

S. ansoniana, Forbes Salict. Woburn. t. 107. 

Var. atrovirens. 

S. atrovirens, Forbes Salict. Woburn. t. 108. 

Var. australis. 

S. australis, Forbes Salict. Woburn. t. 103. 

Var. cotinifolia, Syme Engl. Bot. ed. 3, t. 1348. 

S. cotinifolia, Sm. Engl. Bot. t. 1403. 
Var. damascena, Syme Engl. Bot. ed. 3, t. 1352. 

S. damascena, Forbes. 

Var. firma. 

S. firma, Forbes Salict. Woburn. t. 106. 

Var. forsteriana, Syme Engl. Bot, ed. 3, t. 1349. 
S. forsteriana, Sm. Engl. Bot. t. 2344. 

Var. grisonensis. 

S. grisonensis, Forbes Salict. Woburn, t. 99. 

Var. helvetica. 

S. helvetica, Forbes (not Vill). 

Var. hirta, Syme Engl. Bot, ed. 3, t. 1354. 
S, hirta, Sm. Eogl. Bot. t. 1404. 


S. nigricans cunt. 
Var. lacustris. 

S. lacustris, Forbes. 
Var. menthifolia, Host. 
Var. moabitica, K. BoUe. 
Var. petraea, Syme Engl. Bot. ed. 3, t. 1353. 

S. petraea, Anderss. ; Sm. Engl. Bot. t. 2725. 
Var. prunifolia, Hort. 
Var. rivularis. 

S. rivularis, Forbes Salict. Woburn. t. 102. 
Yer, rotundifolia. 

S. rotundata, Forbes Salict. Woburn. t. 104. 
Var. rupestris, Syme Engl. Bot. ed. 3, t. 1350. 

S. rupestris, Dotin ; Sm. Engl. Bot. t. 2342. 
Var. strepida. 

S. nigricans x cinerea. 
S. strepida, Forbes Salict. Woburn. t. 100. 
Var. stylaris. 

S. stylaris, Ser. 
Var. vallesiaca, Hort. 
Var. vaudensis. 

S. Taudensis, Forbes Salict. Woburn. t 117. 
Var. viburnoides, Hort. 
S. nigricans x pliyiicifolia. Europe. 

S, patula, Seringe. Europe. 
S. aurita-incana. 

S. holosericea, Hort. (not Willd.). 
S. incana-aurita. Wimm. 


S. Patula cont. 

S. micheliana, Hort. (not Fortes). 

S. oleaefolia, Anderss. 

S. oleifolia, Forbes Salict. Wobnrn. t. 96. 

S. salviaefolia, Link. 

S.JPaulinae, Suenderm. Fimberthal, North-west Tyrol. 
S. reticulata x Myrsinites ? 

S. pentandra, L. ; Forbes Salict. Woburn. t. 34. Europe, 
North Asia. ** Bay-leaved Willow." 

S. hnmboldtiana, Hort. (not Willd.). 

S. lucida, Forbes Salict. Woburn. t. 32 (not Muhl.}. 

S. meyeriana, Borrer (not Willd.). 

5. petiolaris, Sm. ; Forbes Salict. Woburn. t. 23 ; Dippel 
Laubholzk. ii. 260, f. 121. North America. 

S. discolor, Hort. (not Miihl.). 
S. fuscata, Pursh. 

Var. sericea, Anderss. " Silky Willow." 
S. grisea, Willd. 
S. petiolaris var. grisea, Tnrr. 
S. pratensis, Hort. 
S. sericea, Marsh. ; Britt. & Br. 111. Flora i. 499, f. 

S.^phylicifolia, L. Alps of Northern and Central Europe. 
" Tea-leaved Willow." 

S. bicolor, Ehrh. 

Var. borreriana, Syme Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 1344. 
S. borreriana, Sm. Eng. Bot. t. 2619. 

Tar. croweana, Syme Eng. Bot. ed. 3, 1. 1338. 
S. croweana, Sm. Eng. Bot. t. 1146. 

Yar. laxiflora, Syme Eng. Bot, ed. 3, t. 1340. 

S. iaxiflora, Anderss. ; Sm. Eng. Bot. t. 2749. 


S. phylicifolia cant. 

Var. nitens, Syme Eng. Bot, ed. 3, t. 1337. 

S. nitens, Anderss. ; Sm. Eng. Bot. t. 2655. 
Var. patens. 

S. patens, Forbes Salict. Woburn. t. 39. 

Var. phillyreifolia, Syme Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 1345. 

S. phillyreifolia, Borrer ; Sm. Eng. Bot, t. 2660. 
Var. tenuior. 
Var. tetrapla, St/tne Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 1343. 

S. tetrapla, Walker ; Sm. Eng. Bot. t. 2702. 

Var. weigeliana, Syme Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 1336. 
S. weigeliaiia, Willd. ; Sm. Eng. Bot. t, 2656. 
S. wulfeniana, Sm. 

S. purpurea, L. Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 1316 ; Forbes Salict, 
vVoburn. t. 1. Europe, Central and North Asia. 
*' Purple Osier." 

S. amplexicaulis, Hort. 

S. carniolica, Host. 

S. fissa, Wahletib. (not Hoffm.\ 

S. fuscata, Hort. 

S. monandra, Hoffni. 

S. rosmaririifolia, Hort. (not L.). 

S. uralensis, Hort.. 

Var. lambertiana, Anderss. ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 1318. 
S. lambertiana, Forbes Salict. Woburn. tt. 3, 4. 
S. pratensis, Scop. 
S. woolgariana, Borrer. 

Var. pendula. u American Weeping Willow." 
S. americana pendula, Hort. 
S. nigra pendula, Hort. 

Var. scharfenbergensis, K. Bolle. 


S. pyrifolia, Anderss. Rocky Mountains. 

S. pyrolifolia, Ledeb. var. hoyeriana, Dippel. North Asia, 
North America. 

S. repens, L. Europe, North Asia, 

Var. argentea, Syntc Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 1362. 
8. argentea, Sm. Eng. Bot. t. 1364. 
S. californica, Hort. 
S. sericea, Hort. (not Marsh). 
S. sericea pendula, Hort. 
S. woolse}ana, Hort. 

S. reticulata, L. ; Eng. Bot, ed. 3, t. 1379. Arctic and 
alpine regions of northern hemisphere. 

C ha mi tea reticulata, Kern}; Dippel Laubholzk. ii. 
212, f. 106. 

S. retusa, L. ; Forbes Salict. Woburn. t. 139. Europe, 
North Asia. 

Var. serpyllifolia, Anders*. ; Forbes Salict. Woburn. t. 65. 
S. serpyllifolia, Scop. 

S. retusa x herbacea. Europe. 

S. rosmarinifolia, L. \ Forbes Salict. Woburn. t. 87. 

S. aiigustifolia, Wulf. (not Willd.). 

S. Arbuscula, Forbes Salict. Woburn. t. 86. 

S. caesia, Hort. (not Vill.). 

S. canaliculata, Bess. 

S. Integra, Thu-nb. 

S. littoralis, Host. 

S. marinifolia, Willd. 

S. pratensis, Host. 

S. repens var. rosmarinifolia, Anderss. 

S. tennis, Host. 


S. rostrata, Richards. North America. 
S. bebbiana, Sargent Silva t. 477. 
S. livida var. occidentalis, A. Gray. 
S. vagans var. rostrata, Anderss. 

S. rotundifolia, Nutt. North-west America. 

S. rubra, Hvds. ; Forbes Salict. Woburn. t. 4. Europe. 
S. concolor, Host. 
S. fissa, Hoffm. (not Wahlenb.). 
S. membranacea, Thuill. 
S. purpurea x viminalis. 

Var. forbyana, Syme Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 1321. 

S. forbyana, W-imm. ; Forbes Salict. Woburn. t. 5. 

Var. Helix, Syme Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 1319. 
S. Helix, Sm. Eng. Bot. t. 1343. 
S. purpurea var. Helix, Anderss. 
S. pyramidalis, Hort. 

S. Sadleri, Syme Journ. Bot. 1875, t. 158. Perthshire, 
Aberdeenshire, &c. 

S. herbacea x lanata ? 

S. lanata var. Sadleri, F. B. White. 

S. secerneta, F. B. White. Britain. 
S. purpurea x phylicifolia. 

S. sesquitertia, F. B. White. Britain. 
S. purpurea x aurita x phylicifolia. 

S. sieboldiana, Blunu. Japan. 

S. silesiaca, Willd. ; Kong. Svensk. Vet.-Akad. Handl. vi. 
t. 4, f. 42. Europe. 

S. fagifolia, Willd. 
S. lasiocarpa, Wimm. 

IS. silesiaca cont. 

S. Ludwigii, Schkuhr. 

S. silesiaco-Lapponum, Wimm. 

Var. caueasica, Anderss. 
S. caucasica, Anderss. 

Var. subeaprea, .4ncferss. 

S. Caprea-silesiaca, Wimm. 

,S. smithiana, Willd. ; Flora Danica t. 2551. Europe. 
S. mollissima, Sm. (not Ehrh.). 
S. pannosa, j?or. (not Schleich.). 
S. viminalis x Capreae ? 

Var. acuminata, Anderss. 

S. acuminata, ra. ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 1326. 

S. Calodendron, Wimm. 

S. Caprea-dasyclados, Wimm. 

S. dasyclados, Wimm. 

Var. ferruginea. 

S. cinerea-viminalis, Wimm. 

S. ferruginea, Borrer ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. I32f>. 

Var. velutina, Anderss. 
S. holosericea, Willd. 

S. micheliana, Forbes Salict. Woburn. t. 135. 
S. rugosa, Leefe. 

-S. sobrina, F. B. White. Europe. 
S. herbacea x Lapponum. 

S. sordida, Kern. Europe. 

S. cinerea-purpurea, Wimm. 

S. pontederana, Schleicli. var. sordida, Anderss. 

S. purpurea x cinerea. 

S. subpurpurea cinerea, Kern. 


S. spuria, Schleich. Europe. 
S. Arbuscula x Lapponum. 

S. stipularis, Sm. Eug. Bot. t. 1214. Europe. 
S. viminalis x smithiana ? 

S. triandra, L. ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 1313. Europe, North 
Asia. " Almond-leaved or French Willow." 

S. hoppeana, Willd. 
S. tenuiflora, Host. 

Var. amygdalina, tiyme Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 1315. 
S. amygdalina, L. 

Var. hoffmanniana, Si/me Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 1314. 
S. hoffmanniana, Sm. 

S. undulata, Ehrh. ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 1312. Europe. 
S. lanceolata, Sm. Eng. Bot. t. 1436. 
S. triandra-alba, Wimm. 

S. viminalis, L. ; Forbes Saliet. Woburn. t. 133. Russia 
and North Asia. (Cultivated throughout Europe). 
" Osier." 

S. longifolia, Lam. 

S. tristis, Hort. (not Ait.). 

S. virescens, Vill. (not Forbes). 

<S. viridis, Fries ; Kong. Svensk. Vet.-Akad. Handl. vi . 
t. 3, f. 29. Europe. 

S. fragilis, Forbes Saliet. Woburn. t. 27 (not L.). 

S. fragilis x alba. 

S. montana, Forbes Saliet. Woburn. t. 19. 

S. wardiana, F. B. White (phylicifolia x cinerea). Britain 


Populus alba, L. ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 1299.x Europe, North 
Africa, Northjfand. West Asia, ", White Poplar; 

Var. nivea. 

P. acerifolia, Hort. 
P. arembergiana, Hort. 
P. arembergica, Hort. 
P. argentea, Hort. 

Var. pyramidalis. 

P. alba var. croatica, Wesmael. 

P. bolleana, Lauche ; Gard. Chron. 1882, xviii. 557, 

f. 96. 

P. croatica, Waldst. & Kit. 
P. Korolkowi, Hort. 

Var. macrophylla, Hort. 
P. Picarti, Hort. 

Var. foliis aureis variegatis. 
Var. globosa, Hort. 

P. angustifolia, James ; Sargent Silva of North America 
t. 492. North America. 

P. balsamifera var. angustifolia, S. Watson. 
P. canadensis var. angustifolia, Wesmael. 
P. salicifolia, Raft-n. 

P. balsamifera, L. Sargent Silva of North America t. 490. 
North America. *' Balsam Poplar." 

Var. candicans, .4. Gray ; Sargent Silva of North 
America t. 491 . 

P. candicans, Ait. 
P. ontariensis, Hort. 

Var. elongata. 
Var. variegata. 


P. berolinensis, Dispel. Origin uncertain. 
P. laurifolia var. berolinensis, Hort. 
P. hybrida var. berolinensis, G. Koch. 
P. balsamifera berolinensis, Hort. 
P laurifolia x deltoidea ? 

P. canescens, Sm. ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, 1. 1300. " Gray Poplar. 17 

P. albo-tremula, Krausse. 
P. certinensis, Hort. Garden origin. 

P. deltoidea, Marsh. ; Sargent Silva of North America 
tt. 4^4, 495. North America. " Cotton wood." 

P. Acladesca, Lindl. 
P. angulata, Ait. 
P. angulosa, Michx. 
P. canadensis, Moench. 
P. carolinensis, Moench. 
P. cordata, Hort. 

P. dilatata var. carolinensis, Willd. 
P. glandulosa, Moench. 
. P. heterophylla, Duroi (not L.). 
P. laevigata, Ait. 
P. latifolia, Moench. 
P. macrophylla, Hort. 
P. marylandica, Base. 
P. monilifera, Ait. 
P. nigra, Marsh, (not L.). 
P. nigra var. helvetica, Pair. 
P nigra var. virginiana, Castigl. 
P. serotina, Hartig. 
P. virginiana, Fouger. 


P. deltoidea cont. 
Var. aurea, Van Geert. 

P. canadeasis aurea, Hort. 
P. vanhoutteana, Hort. 

Var. erecta. 

P. canadensis car. erecta, Dippel. 
P. monilifera var. erecta, Selys. 

Var. Eugenei, Nichols. 

P. canadensis var. Eugenei, Hort. Zuesch. 

P. Eugenei, Hort. 

P. pyramidalis var. meetensis, Mathieu. 

P. Fremontii, & Wats. ; Sargent Silva of North America 
t, 496. California, &c. 

P. g-randidentata, Michx. ; Sargent Silva of North America 
t. 488. North America. 

P. heterophylla, L. ; Sargent Silva of North America t. 489. 
North America. " Swamp Cottonwood." 

P. argentea, Michx.f. Hist. Arb. Am. iii. 290, t. 9. 

P. balsamifera, Mill, (not L.). 

P. cordifolia, Burgsdorf. 

P. oiitariensis macrophylla, Hort. 

P. lasiocarpa, Oliver Icon. Plant, t. 1943. Central China. 

P. laurifolia, Ledeb. Altai region of Southern Siberia. 
P. balsamifera rar. laurifolia, Wesmael. 
P. balsamifera var. viminalis. Loud. 
P. crispa, Hort. 
P. crispa Lindleyi, Hort. 
P. liiidleyana, Booth. 
P. longifolia, Fisch. 
P. salicifolia. Hort. 


P. laurifolia cont. 

P. undulata, Hurt. 
P. viminalis, Lodd. 

P. moscoviensis, Schroeder. Origin uncertain. 

P. nigra, L. ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, 1. 1302. Europe, North Asia. 
P. fistula, Hort. 
P. versicolor, Salisb. 
P. vistulensis, Hort. 

Var. betulaefolia, Wesmael. 
P. betulifolia, Pursh. 

P. hudsonica, Michx. Hist. Arbr. Am. iii. 293, t. 10, 
. f. 1. 

Var. Nolestii. 

P. Nolestii, Hort. 

Var. pyramidalis, Spacli. 
P. dilatata, Soland. 
P. fastigiata, Pers. 
P. italica, Moench. 
P. pannonica, Hort. 
P. polonica, Hort. 
P. pyramidalis, Salisb. 

Var. pyramidalis gigantea. 
P. fastigiata gigantea. 

P. petrowskyana, Schroeder. Garden origin. 

caiiadensis x suaveolens ? 

P. plantierensis, Simon-Louis, (nigra betulifolia x nigra 

fastigiata ?). Garden origin. 
P. fastigiata plantierensis, Hort. 

P. rasumowskyana, Schroeder. Garden origin, 
nigra x suaveolens ? 


P. Sieboldii, Miq. Japan. 
P. rotundifolia, Hort. 

P. Simonii, Carr. ; Dippel Laubholzk. ii. t. 211, f. 10. 

P. balsamifera var. Simonii, Dieck. 

P. suaveolens, Fisch. North-west India to Japan, &c. 
P. balsamifera var. suaveolens, Loud. 
P. macrocarpa, Schrenk. 
P. pseudobalsamifera, Fisch. 

P. tremula, L. ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 1301. Europe, North 
Africa, North Asia. " Aspen." 

P. australis, Tenore. 
P. cilicica, Kotschy. 
Var. pendula. 

P. pendula, BurgsdorJ. 
P. supina, LodcL 
Var. purpurea. 

Var. villosa, Syme. 

P. canescens, ReicJib. (not Sm.). 
P. villosa, Lang. 

P. tremuloides, Michx. ; Sargent Silva of North America 
t. 487. North America. " American Aspen." 

P. atheniensis, C. Koch. 
P. benzoifera, Tausch. 
P. graeca, Lauche. 
P. tremuliformis, Emerson. 
P. trepida, Willd. 

Var. pendula. " Parasol de St. Julien." 
P. Juliana pendula, Hort. 


P. trichocarpa, Hook. ; Sargent Silva of North America 
t. 493. Western North America. " Black Cotton- 

P. balsamifera var. trichocarpa, S. Wats. 

P. tristis, Fisc'h. ; Dippel Laubholzk. ii. 205, f. 98. North- 
eastern Asia. 

Yar. elongata, Koehne. 

P. candicans elongata, Dippel. 

P. Viadri, M. Ruediger. Origin uncertain. 

P. Wobstii, Schroeder. Garden origin ? 

P. balsamifera var. Wobstii, Dippel Laubholzk. ii. 207, 
f. 101. 


Empetrum nigrum, L. ; Eng. Bot. ed. 3, t. 1251. North 

temperate and arctic zones. " Crowberry." 
E. crassifolium, Rafin. 
E. procumbens, L. 

Yar. scoticum, Loud. 
E. scoticum, Hook. 

Yar. tomentosum, Dippel. 
E. tomentosum, Hort. 

Corema album, D. Don ; Laguna Fl. For. Esp. ii. t. 47. 

Empetrum lusitanicum, Hort. 

C. Conradii, Torr. ; Britt. & Br. Illustr. Fl. ii. 384, f. 
Northern United States, &c. 

Empetrum Conradii, Torr. 




Bphedra americana, Humb. & Bonpl. var. andina, Stapf. 

E. andina, Poepp. & Endl. ; Miers Contr. Bot. ii. t. 76 b. 
E. bracteata, Miers. 
E. chilensis, Miers. 
E. monticola, Miers. 

E. distachya, L. ; Reichb. Ic. Fl. Germ. xi. t. 539, f. 1148, 
Europe, Asia Minor. 

E. monostachya, L. 

E. foliata, G A. Mey. "Northern and Central Asia. 
E. asparagoides, Q-riff. 
E. kokanica, Regel. 
E. peduncularis, Boiss. 

E. fragilis, Desf. ; Sibth. Fl. Graeca t. 961. Mediterranean 
region, &c. 

Yar. campylopoda, Stapf. 

E. campylopoda, C. A. Mey. 

E. gerardiana, Wall. Himalaya. 
E. vulgaris, Aitch. 

E. helvetica, C.A. Mey.; Christ Fl. de la Suisse . . . 
pi. 1. Switzerland, Italy, Southern France. 

E. distachya, Sitter (not L.). 

E. intermedia, Schrenk & C. A. Mey. Central Asia, &c. 
E. nebrodensis, Tineo. Mediterranean region. 
E. trifurca, Torr. Western North America. 

12150 2 B 





Smilax aspera, L. ; Nouv. Duham. i. 234, t. 53. Mediter- 
ranean region, &c. " Rough Bindweed." 

S. sagittaefolia, Lodd. Bot. Cab. t. 1799. 

Var. maculata, A. DC. East Indies. 
S. maculata, Roxb. 

Var. mauritanica, A. DC. 
S. catalonica, Pair. 
S. mauritanica, Desf. ; Flore des Serres t. 1049. 

S. Bona-nox, L. var. hastata, A.DC. South United States 
S. hastata, Willd. 

S. Cantab, Lynch ; Garden Ivi. 505. f . Origin uncertain. 

S. China, L. China, Japan, &c. 
S. japonica, A. Gray. 
S. Pteropus, Miq. 
Coprosmanthus japonicus, Kunth. 

S. excelsa, L. ; Nouv. Duham. i. 236, t. 54 ; Sibth. Fl. 
Graeca t. 959. South-west Europe, Asia Minor, &c. 

S. canariensis, H. C. Wats, (in part). 
S. China, S. T. Gmel (not L.). 
S. laevis, Grueldenst. (riot Wall.). 

S. glauca, Walt. ; Bot, Mag. t, 1846. North America. 
" Carrion-Flower." 

S. Sarsaparilla, L. (in part). 
S. spinulosa, Sm. 
12159 2 B 2 


S. hispida, Muhl. North America. 
S. grandifolia, Buckl. 

S. laurifolia, L. ; Britt. & Br. Illustr. PL i. 441, f.. 
Southern United States. 

S. Pseudo-China, L. ; Britt. & Br. Illustr. PL i. 441, f. 
Southern United States. 

S. rotundifolia, L. North America. " Horse-brier ; 

S. caduca, L. 

S. quadrangularis, Muhl. ; Wats. Dendr. Brit. t. 109. 

S. Sarsaparilla, Hort. 

S. virginiana, Hort. (not Mill.}. 

S. tamnoides, L. North America. 
S. tamnifolia, Michx. 
Coprosmanthus tamnifolius, Kutith. 

S. Walteri, Pursh. North America. 


Euscus aculeatus, L. : Eng. Bot. ed. H, t. 1516. Europe, 
<fcc. * k Butcher's Broom." 

Var. angustifolius. 

R. angustifolius, Hurt. 

R. Hypoglossum, L. ; Sibth. PL Graeca t. 955. South 

R. Hypophyllum var. Hypoglossum, Lam. 

B. Hypophyllum, L. ; Bot. Mag. t, 2049. South-we*t 
Europe, North Africa. 

Ruscus microglossus, Bert. 


Danaea Laurus, Medic. Asia Minor, &c. " Alexandrian 

D. racemosa, Moench ; Wats. Dendr. Brit. t. 145. 
Danaida racemosa, Link. 
Ruscus racemosus, L, 

Asparagus aphyllus, L. Mediterranean region. 
A. horridus, Hort. 


*Luzuriaga radicans, Ruiz & Pav. ; Bot. Mag. t. 6465. 
Chili. Peru. 


Yucca angustifolia, Pursh ; Bot. Mag. t. 2236. Missouri 
to Colorado and New Mexico. 

Var. stricta, Baker. 

Y. angustifolia var. inollis, Engelm. 
Y. stricta, Sims Bot. Mag. t. 2222. 

Y. filamentosa, L. ; Bot. Mag. t. ( JOO. Southern United 


Var. flaccida, Baker. 

Y. flaccida, Haw. ; Bot. Reg. t. 1895. 

Var. variegata. 
Y. glauca, Sims Bot. Mag. t. 2662. Southern United States. 

Y. gloriosa, L. ; Bot. Mag. 1. 1260. Southern United States. 
k< Adam's Needle." 

Var. Ellacombei, Baker. 

Y. Ellacombei, Baker ; Saund. Ref. Bot. t. 317. 

Var. variegata, Hort. 


Y. orchioides, Carr. Rev. Hortic. 1861, 369, ff. 89, 90. 
Southern United States. 

Y. filamentosa var. orchioides, Baker. 
Var. major, Baker Bot. Mag. t. 6316. 

Y. recurvifolia, Salisb. ; Saund. Ref . Bot. t. 321. Southern 
United States. 

Y. japonica, Hort. 
Y. pendula, Sieb. 
Y. recurva, Haw. 
Var. variegata, Hort. 

Y. rupicola, Scheele ; Bot. Mag. t. 7172. Southern United 
States and Mexico. 

Y. eontorta, Hort. 
Y. lutescens, Carr. 
Y. tortifolia, Lindh. 


Trachycarpus excelsus, H. Wendl. Japan. " Chusan Palm." 
T. Fortune!, H. Wendl. 
Chamaerops excelsa, Thunb. 
G. Fortunei, Hook. Bot. Mag. t. 5221. 


Arundo Donax, L. Mediterranean region, &c. 

Donax arundinaceus, Beauv. 

Scolochloa arundinacea, Mert. & Koch. 
Var. macrophylla. 
Var. variegata, Hort. 



Arundinaria anceps, Mitford. Origin uncertain. 
A. spathiflora, Trin. ? 

A. aristata, Gamble. North-eastern Himalaya. 

A. auricoma, Mitford. Japan. 

A. Fortunei var. aurea, Hort. 
Bambusa Fortunei var. aurea, Hort. 

B. Maximowiczii, Hort. (in part). 

A. chrysantha, Mitford. Japan. 
Bambusa chrysantha, Hort. 

*A. falcata, Nees. Himalaya. 
Bambusa falcata, Hort. 
B. gracilis, Hort. (in part). 

*A. Falconeri, Mitford. Himalaya. 

Thamnocalamus Falconeri, Hook. f. 

A. Fortunei, A. & C. Riviere. 

A. diversifolia, Kurz. Japan. 

Bambusa Fortunei foliis niveo-vittatis, Van Houtt* 
Flore des Serres xv. 69, t. 1535. 

B. Fortunei var. variegata, Hort. 
B. picta, Sieb. & Zucc. 

B. variegata, Standish. 

A. Hindsii, Munro. Japan. 

Bambusa Chino, Franch. & Savat. * 
B. erecta, Hort. 
B. jacile, Hort. 
Kanzan-chiku, Hort. Jap. 


A. Hindsii cont. 

Var. graminea, Bean. 

Bambusa graminea, Hort. 
Taimin-chiku, Hort. Jap. 

*A. hookeriana, Munro. Sikkim. 

A. humilis, Mitford. Japan. 

A. Fortune! Hort. (green form). 
Bambusa gracilis Hort. (in part). 

A. japonica, Sieb. & Zucc.-, Gard. Chron. J894, xv. 289, 
f. 26 Japan. 

Bambusa Metake, Sieb. 

Phyllostachys bambusoides, Hort. (not Sieb. & Zucc.). 

Medake, Hort. Jap. 

A. Kokantsik, Kurz. Japan. 

Bambusa marmorea, Mitford Bamboo Garden 93, f. 
Kan-chiku, Hort. Jap. 

A. Kumasasa, Kurz. Japan. 

A. metallica, Mitford Gard. Chron. ISiUS, xxiv. 274, 

f. 75. 
Bambusa palmata, Burbidge ; Mitford Bamboo Garden 

79, f ; Gard. Chron. 1890, vii. 641, f. 1 : 1894, xv. 169, 

f. 18. Japan. 

A. paniculata, Makino Bot. Mag. Tokio, xiv. 50. 
Kaneyama-dake, Hort. Jap. 
Kumazasa, Hort. Jap. 

A. macrosperma, Michx. North America. " Large Cane." 

Yar. tecta, A. Gray. " Switch Cane." 

A. macrosperma var. suffmticosa. 
Bambusa Hermanni, Hort. 

B. Neumanni, Hort. 


A. nitida, Mitford. Central China. 

A. khasiana, Hort. (not Munrd). 
Bambusa Kan-si, Hort. Chin. 

*A. nobilis, Mitjord. Origin uncertain. 

A. pumila, Mitford. Japan. 
Bambusa pumila, Hort. 

A. pygmaea, Kurz. Japan. 
Bambusa pygmaea, Miq. 
Nezasa, Hort. Jap. 

A. racemosa, Munro. North India. 

A. Simoni, A. & C. Eiviere. Gard. Chron. 1894, xv. 301, 
f . 35. China. 

Bambusa Simoni, Carr. 

B. viridi-striata, Hort. 
Narihiradake, Hort. Jap. 

Var. Chino, Makino. 

A. Laydekeri, Hook. f. ; Mitford Bamboo Garden 
92, f. 

Bambusa Laydekeri, Marliac. 
Hakone-dake or Hakone-chiku, Hort. Jap. 

Var. variegata, HooJc.f. Bot. Mag. t. 7146. 
Bambusa albo-striata, Hort. 

B. Maximowiczii, Hort. (in part). 
B. plicata, Hort. 

A. Veitchii, N. E. Brown ; Mitford Bamboo Garden 77, f. 
Japan, &c. 

A. albo-marginata, Makino. 

A. kurilensis var. paniculata, Schmidt. 


A.fVeitchii cont. 

Bambusa albo-marginata, Hort. 
B. senanensis, Franch & Savat. 
B. tessellata, Hort. (not Munro). 
B. Veitchii, Carr. 
Ko-Kumazasa, Hort. Jap. 
Yakiba-zasa, Hort. Jap. 

Bambusa angustifolia, Mitford. Japan. 
B. Vilmorini, Hort. 

B. disticha, Mitford. Origin uncertain. 
B. nana, Hort. (not ROJC!).). 
H66-chiku, Hort. Jap. 

B. macroculmis, A. Riviere. Origin unknown. 
B. Nagashima, Marliac. Japan. 

B. quadrangularis, Fenzi. China ?, Japan. 
Shiho-chiku or Shikaku-dake, Hort. Jap. 

B. tessellata, Munro; Gard. Chron. 1894, xv. 167, f. 17. 
China, Japan. 

B. Ragamowski, Hort. 
Arundo Ragamowski, Hort. 
Bi-chikn, Hort. Jap. 

Phyllostachys aurea, A. & C. Riviere. Japan. 
Bambusa aurea, Hoi t. 
B. sterilis, Kurz. 
Horai-chiku, Hort. Jap. 
Taibo-chiku, Hort. Jap. 
Hotei-chiku, Hort. Jap. 

P. bambusoides, Sieb. & Zucc. Japan. 
Ya-dake, Hort. Jap. 


Phyllostachys fastuosa, Hort. 
Bainbusa fastuosa, Hort. 
Arnndinaria fastuosa, Hort. Kew. Japan. 
Madaradake ? Hort. Jap. 

P. flexuosa, A. & C. Riviere. North China. 
Bambusa flexuosa, Hort. (not Munro). 

P. fulva, Mitford Gard. Chron. 1898, xxiv. 246, f. 08. 

Ogon chiku, Hort. Jap. 

P. Henonis, Mitford. Japan. 
Bambusa Henonis, Hort. 
Ha-chiku. Hort. Jap. 

P. mitis, A. & C. Riviere. Japan. 

Bambusa mitis, Hort. (not Poir.). 
Moso-chiku, Hort. Jap. 

A deformed state of this (often found also in P. aurea) 


P. heterocycla, Mitford Bamboo Garden 160, f . Japan. 
" Tortoise-shell Bamboo." 

Bambusa heterocycla, Carr. Rev. Hortic. 1878, 354, 

f. 80. 
Kiko-chiku and Kimon-chiku, Hort. Jap. 

P. nigra, Munro ; Gard. Chron. 1894, xv. 369, f. 46. 


Bambusa nigra, Lodd. 
Kuro-dake, Hort. Jap. 
Goma-dake, Hort. Jap. 
Kuro-chiku, Hort. Jap. 
Var. boryana. 

Bambusa boryana, Marliac. 
P. boryana, Mitford. 
Var. punctata, Bean. 

Bambusa nigro-punctata, Hort. 
Goma-dake, Hort. Jap. 


P. Quilioi, A. & C. Riviere ; Garr?. Chron. 1894, xv. 431, 

f . 52. Japan. 
Bambusa Duquilioi, Hort. 
B. Mazeli, Hort. 
B. Quilioi, Carr. 
B. senanensis, Hort. Abbotsbury '. 
Madake, Hort. Jap. 

Var. Castillonis. 

P. Castilionis, Mitford. Japan. 
B. Castilloni, Carr. Rev. Hort. 1886, 513, f . 122. 
Bambusa Castillonis, Marliac. 
Kimmei-chiku, Hort. Jap. 

Var. marliacea. 

P. marliacea, Mitford. Japan. 

Bambusa marliacea, Hort. 

Shibo-chiku and Shiwa-chiku, Hort. Jap. 

P. ruscifolia, Hort. Kew. Japan. 

P. Kumasaca, Munro; Gard. Chron. 1894, xv. 3G9, 

f. 45. 

P. Kumasasa, Mitford. 
Bambusa ruscifolia, Sieb. 
B. viminalis, Hort. 
Bungozasa or Gomai-zasa, Hort. Jap. 

P. sulphurea, A. & C. Riviere. Japan. 
Arundinaria stolonifera, Kitrz. 
Bambusa sulphurea, Hort. 

P. violascens, A. & C. Riviere. Japan ? 
Bambusa violascens, Hort. 

P. viridi-glaucescens, A. & C. Riviere ; Gard. Chron. 1894, 
xv. 433, f . 53. China. 

Bambusa viridi-glaucescens, Carr. 



Page 89. For Iris Mariesii read I [lex] Mariesii. 
123. For Kolreuteria read Koelreuteria. 

375. Transfer Deutzia corymbosa, Hort., from 
Philadelphia grandiflorus to P. inodorus. 

497. Insert Azalea verticillata, Bart., as a synonym 
of Rhododendron arborescens. 

517. Insert R. aureum magnificum, Renders. Bouq. 
t. 46, as a synonym of Rhododendron Smithii 
var. aureum. 

603. For E[laeagnus] tenniflora read E. tenuiflora. 






Anagyris ... 



... 435 




... 627 



Abutilon ... 






Andromeda 93. 

477-483. 491. 493 






... 131 








... 545 




... 163 











Aqui folium 






Ailanthus .. ... 






Araujia ... 



... 253 

Arbutus ... 








Arctostaphylos 473 




Ardisia ... 

Aria ... 


... 309, HI 3-317 



Amelanchier ... 


253. 319 


Armeniaca ... 
Aronia 309,313, 

... 207,211,213 
319 ? 321. 361-365 



... 181 
113, 121. 159 




... 213 


... 789 











Ascyrum ... 



Asimina ... 





Brandisia . 



Brickellia ... 










Atriplex ... 



Aucuba ... 



Aucuparia ... 



Azalea 491, 

497-505, 513, 791 

Buckley a ... 



Buddleia ... 



Buergeria ... 



Bumelia ... 




Bursaria ... 




Baccharis . 





Ballota ... 


Bambusa ... 








Calamintha ... 



Calampelis ... 




Benthamia ... 



Berberis ... 











Betula ... 661,663,667,669 


Bigelovia ... 


Camellia ... 



Capri folium 


... 565.573,575 



... 519 


... 565 
... 459 
... 589 
... 631 
... 631 
... 491 
... 591 
... 491 
... 607 
... 559 
... 15, 17 
... 519 
... 399 

... 9,11 

... 201 
... 583 
... 575 
... 461 
... 577 
... 485 

... 125 



... 457 



437-451, 455 





... 191 


... 477 


... 561 





... 189 
... 169 


... 491 



... 749- 


... 379 


... 587 





... 645 

Chimonanthus ... 

... 471 


.'.. 579 
... 477 
... 205 
... 79.89 




... ssa 

... 459 




... 461 

Cinnamomum ... 

... 593- 


... 477 




... 713 








... 713 


... 41-45 


... 573 


... 577 


... 109 






... 199 







Clerodendron ... 

... 579- 


... 627 


... 517 


... 629 


... 665 



... 457 



Cercidiphyllum ... 









... 267 


Cochliospermum . v 
Colebrookia ... 


... 587 


323, 325 


... 267 



... Ill 



Chamaecerasus 223, 



... 189 

453, 455 


189, 195 




Comarum ... 
Comptonia ... 

... 269 


Daphniphyllum ... 

... fill 
... 549 


... 561 

Davidia ... 

... 421 


... 561 




Coprosman bhus 
Corchorus ... 

... 457 

Dendropanax ... 


... 401 
... 1(7 


... 361 


... 559 


... 767 


... 197 


... 381 


... 199 




... 371 

Cormus 313 



375,377, 791 


... 411 







... 195 






... 521 


... 673 




... 157 


451) -463 




... 155 


349, 351 










... 395 


... 327 


... Ill 

Crataegus 303,311-319, 

325, P57, 


... 671 



, 363, 365 
... 637 










... 179 






Cytisus ... ... 163 

... 173 
-171. 181 




v . - . ...;... 


... 161 


Dabbecia ... 

... 493 


Danaea ... 


.. 775 

Eccremocarpus ... 


... 575 
... 401 

Daphne . 

.. 597 


... 61 




Edgeworthia ... 

... 601 



... 201 


... 201 


... 565 


... 561 


... 717 


... 601 



... 715 
... 269 


... 495 


... 401 
... 379 


... 581 


... 637 


767 : Flacourtia 


Empetrum ... 

767 Flueggea 

... 607 


483 Ftfntanesia 



... 769 Forestiera 



... 479 Forsythia 

... 525 


... 589 

Forsythia ... 

... 373 

Eremanthe ... 



... 393 


... 487 

Fothergilla ... 

... 393 


485, 491 


... 103 


... 459 




... 173 

Franklinia ... 



... 361 


... 529 






37 y Fuchsia 

... 397 


... 395 















... 587 


... 419 




... 475 


... 59, 95 

Gaultheria ... 



459, 461 


... 475 



... 155 : Gaylussacia 

99 Geblera 



... 253 i Genista 





Goebelia ... 

Grevillea ... 
Grewia ... 






Halimium ... 



Hamamelis ... 





Helianthemum - 

Hibiscus . 







... 203 

Hippophae ... 


... 575 



... 183 



... 201 




Hortensia ... 



Hovenia ... 





... 421 



383, 385 




... 201 





... 313 


... 521 



... 523 



... 43,45 



... 191 




Illicium ... 


... 393 

Incarvillea ... 

565, 575 

... 393 



... 459 




... *->*} 





49 93 


... rUi 



... 195 

... 197 

... 397 



... 461 



... 401 







Juglans .- 




... 639-643,649 






... 437 


... 435 




... 459 






... 493 


... 575 


... 399 


... 577 


... 253 






... 649 


123, 791 




... 561 

Lithospermum ... 

... 561 


... 561 


... 593 


... 163 


... 491 

Laburnum ... 

... 167 


... 437 



Lor an thus 

... 607 



... 233 



... .395 
... 293 






... 163 


593, 595 


... 775 




... 563 




... 479 


... 297 




... 495 


... 495 

Leiophyllum ... 

... 495 



177, 179 
... 605 


... 199 


... 197 



... 631 
... 637 


Leucothoe ... 

... 477 
... 481 


... 129 


Ligustrina ... 

... 455 
... 527 




23, 27, 29 

Ligustrum . 

... 549 

Malachodendron ... 




Malouetia ... 

... 557 


... 595 

Malus ... 301-309, 313, 323 




Margyricarpus ... 



... 519 


... 411 






... 395 


... 579 

Maximowiczia .,. 






... 181 




... 197 


133, 141-145 

Meisteria ... 

... 483 



Meliosma . 

... 155 Neillia 




Menispermum ... 



Nemopanthus ... 



579, 583 


Menziesia ... 

... 517 
491, 493 


... 397 

Mespilus 311,313,819, 

321, 325- 

Neviusia .' 

... 255 


, 345-365 




... 557 

Notospartium ... 

... 189 


... 599 


... 189 

Michauxia ... 



... 235 




... 421 


... 461 


... 625 




Microrneria ... 





... 587 






521, 523 






... 459 

Moluccella ... 



... 179 


... 633 

Oplopanax ... 

... 401 


... 631 


... 595 

Muehlenbeckia - 

... 591 






... 531 

Mylocarpum ... 


Os man thus 

... 547 

Myriandra ... 


Cstrya - .. 

... 671 


... 649 


... 669 




... 671 





... 605 

Phellodendron ... 







... 471 


373, 791 

Oxy coccus 

467, 471 


... 545 


... 479 

Phlomis ... 

... 585 


461, 463 


... 359 


359, 361 


... 607 

Phyllodoce ... 



Phyllostachys ... 





779, 781 











399, 401 


... 163 




















... 625 


397 i Planera 

625, 627 


... 565 


... 585 


... 121 


... 637 


Peraphyllum ... 

... 565 

... 365 

. Platycrater 
Platyosprion ... 


... 377 
... 201 


449, 451 

; Poeppigia 

... 577 

Periploca ... 


Polio thy r sis 



... 475 



Pernettya ... 

... 475 





i Polygala 




I Polygonella 

... 589 

Petrophyton ... 




... ' 591 
589, 591 

Petteria ... 

... 167 

Polypetalia ... ... {: 



2 C 





Rhododendron ... 

... 497 




481, 493, 791 




... 503 


... 481 


... 493 




Rhodo typos 

... 253 

Pmnopsis ... 

79, 89-93 
... 213 


Rhynchospermum ... 

... 155 
... 557 




... 381 


235, 631 


... 185 





Pseudo - chaenomeles 

... 325 


... 391 


... 181 






... 269 


... 647 


... 585 


521, 523 


... 255 


... 397 




... 267 


... 775 


331, 349 




297, 325 

Pyrus ... 323, 

325, 363, 365 



... 721 





... 677 




... 255 


... 421 




... 463 


... 131 


... 587 



... 607 



... 361 

... 591 



173, 177, 179 
... 593 


... 101 


... 581 


... 101 


... 583 


... 577 


... 161 











... 579 


.. 369 


... 361 





Scolochloa ..: 


.. 777 
.. 607 
.. 463 




199, 201 
... 523 

... 587 
... 461 



.. 605 
.. 603 


Symphoria ... 

... 393 
... 435 


.. 519 


... 433 


.. 269 


... 521 




... 527 


.. 591 





.. 771 


... 15, 17 


.. 561 
.. 199 


Tamarix ... ... 



.. 201 

Tasmannia ... 


Sorbaria 235, 

245, 249 

Sorbus ... 309-321, 

325, 365 


... 575 





... 177 




593, 595 

Spartium ... 167-173, 

Sphaerophysa ... 

177, 179 
.. 177 




... 116 

... 585 

Spinovitis ... 

.. 123 

Thamnocalamus . . . 

... 779 


.. 235 




251, 253 

Thermopsis ... 

... 163 




597, 599 

St achy urns 

.. 155 



... ssi 

... 583 











.. 601 





Torminaria ... 

... 315 




... 159 

Stewartia ... 



... 631 





... 557 


Trachycarpus ... 


... 589 


455, 457 


... 495 







Trochodendron ... 





... 59,61 



Winterana ... 






... 173 






... 613 


... 131 

Umbellularia ... 

... 595 

Xanthorrhiza . 


... _ 9 


... 473 




... 129 

Xylosteum 437, 439, 443, 447-4 53 

Urostelma ... 

... 557 






... 775 


... 465 

Yulania ...' 


Vaccinium ... 

465, 471 




575, 577 





... 427 

Zanthoxylum ... 




Zanthoxylum ... 



... 199 


... 397 


... 607 

Zelkova ... 

... 625 


... 577 


. ... 481 


... 113 


481, 483 

Vitis-Idaea ... 

... 471 

Zizyphus ... ...... 

P 101 



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