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Full text of "Hand-list of tender monocotyledons, excluding Orchideae, cultivated in the Royal Gardens, Kew. 1897"

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111 L ^!^ 








H A N D - L I S T 



Excluding Orchidese, 


189 7. 








The present Hand List is another instalment of the 
complete enumeration of the plants cultivated in 
the Royal Gardens which it is hoped eventually to 

The scope of the contents of the Hand List, which 
are somewhat heterogeneous, is dictated in great measure 
by convenience. It includes large groups of plants of 
great scientific interest which, for various reasons, are 
more attractive to ordinary cultivators than many which 
are comprised necessarily in a botanical collection. For 
this reason it is hoped that it may be found not less 
useful than its predecessors. 

A few words may be said as to the history at Kew 
of the more important of the groups now catalogued. 


An order including Gingers, Arrowroot-plants, and 
Musas. It numbers some 450 species, of which 240 are 
in cultivation at Kew. Almost all are natives of the 
tropics. About 40 species are given in 1813 in the 
second edition of Alton's Hortus Kewensis, and 139 
by John Smith, curator of the Royal Gardens, 1841-63, 
in his privately printed Records of Kew (p. 222) as 
forming " the Kew collection between the years 1822 
and 1864." 

Musa Ensete, one of the most popular representatives 
of the family and a conspicuous ornament of the gardens 

IT 97169 1000.— 7/97. Wt. 1265. ^ 2 


of Southern Europe, was first introduced into cultivation 
at Kew. In 1853 Walter Plowden, Esq., H.B.M. 
Consul at Massowah, Abyssinia, sent seeds from which 
plants were raised, one of which was ultimately figured 
in the Botanical Magazine (tt. 5223, 5224). 

Strelitzia Reginoe, a beautiful plant which almost 
certainly preserves an unbroken descent at Kew, was 
named by Sir Joseph Banks in honour of Queen Char- 
lotte, who was a daughter of the Duke of Mecklenburg- 
Strelitz, but which, with characteristic modesty, he 
allowed the elder Alton to publish. Banks had intro- 
duced it to the Royal Gardens in 1773 from the Cape 
of Good Hope. 

Strelitzia Augusta was introduced in 1791 by Francis 
Masson, the botanical collector for the Royal Gardens, 
where it has been cultivated ever since. It may have 
been named in compliment to the Princess Augusta, 
mother of George III. 

The collection is dispersed according to the habits of 
the plants and the different treatment they require, 
between the Palm House (No. I.), the Stove (No. IX.), 
and the Water Lily House (No. XV.). A few are 
represented in the Temperate House. 


The order of which the Pine-apple is a familiar 
'representative ; the species are mostly epiphytal on 
rtrees and exclusively natives of the New World. Ac- 
'Cording to Alton's Hortus Kewensis, 16 species had 
been introduced at Kew previous to 1813. In 1864 


Smith states {Records, p. 206) that the number amounted 
to nearly 100. 

In Appendix II. to the Kew Report for 1878 a list 
of species cultivated at that time was given, numbering 
147. The extent of the collection was much increased 
by the purchase in 1886 of a large selection from that 
formed by the late Professor Edouard Morren, of Li^ge, 
which was at the time probably the richest in existence. 
The number of species comprised in the present list 
amounts to 252. 

Mr. J. G. Baker, F.R.S., the present Keeper of the 
Herbarium of the Royal Gardens, based his invaluable 
" Handbook of the Bromeliacese " (1889) in great measure 
on the Kew collection of living plants, supplemented by 
the unique collection of drawings also formed by 
Professor Morren and acquired by the Bentham Trustees 
for the Kew Library. 

For many years the collection of Broraeliaceoe was 
grown in the Palm House. The atmosphere was, how- 
ever, too dry for their successful cultivation, and in 
1883 they were removed to the Stove (No. IX.) and 
Victoria House (No. X.). 

Cape Bulbs. 

The orders Rcemodoracece, Iridece, Amaryllidece, and 
Liliacece, though widely dispersed, are represented in 
especial profusion in South Africa, and the species from 
that part of the world are collectively often spoken of 
in cultivation as " Cape Bulbs." The sixth volume of the 
Flora Capeneis, now in course of publication, is entirely 
devoted to their description. 


At the instance of the Royal Society the practice was 
commenced in 1772 of sending out collectors of plants 
to foreign countries from Kew, Francis Masson, in 
whose honour the genus Massonia was named, twice 
visited the Cape of Good Hope for this purpose ; first, 
from 1774-6, and secondly from 1786-95. He " collected 
and sent home a profusion of plants unknown till that 
time to the botanical gardens in Europe." 

James Bowie (commemorated in Bowiea) collected at 
the Cape for Kew from 1817-23. He introduced, 
amongst numerous other plants, the well-known Olivia 

The method of growing Cape bulbs in this country 
originally adopted at Kew is thus described by Smith 
(Records, pp. 312, 313): — "The garden collection of 
bulbs were grown in glazed frames, called the bulb 
borders, attached to the fronts of the Botany Bay, Cape, 
and Palm Houses, the length of the whole being 234 
feet, width 5 feet. They received heat from the flue 
that heated the house, through openings left in the 
brickwork, and in severe winters they were protected 
by shutters. In these borders the principal of Masson's 
and Bowie's collections were well maintained for many 

This system, which has been since reverted to partially, 
is admittedly the best when the bulbs are planted out 
But for the bulk of the collection it is more convenient 
to grow them in pots. When at rest these are kept in 
a private house (No. XVII. c), from which, when in 
flower, they are removed to the Cape House (No. VII.). 

No trustworthy statistics are available as to the 
number of species of tender bulbous plants cultivated 


«t earlier periods at Kew. But the numbers enumerated 
in the present list are : — Hcemodoracew, 28 ; Iridece, 
221 ; AmaryllideoB, 488; LiliacecB, 512 ; making a total 
of 1249. 

Aloes, Yuccas, and Agaves. 

Aloe (to which may be added Haworthia) and Yucca 
(" Adam's-needle ") belong to the order LiliacecB, Agave 
to Amaryllidacece. In habit they have all many points 
of resemblance, and the majority flourish under similar 
cultural conditions. Hence Agave, though it has no 
near botanical affinity with Aloe, is often called the 
" American Aloe." The bulk of the Kew collection is 
to be found in the Succulent House (No. V.). Aloe and 
Haworthia are confined to the African region. Yucca 
and Agave are exclusively American. Of the group 
of Aloinece nine species are recorded by Hill as 
grown at Kew in 1768, and 29 by Aiton in 1814. 
The collection was greatly enriched by the mission 
of James Bowie to South Africa in 1817-23, and a 
large number of species were introduced which were 
described by Haworth ; few of these have probably been 
lost since that time. The collection was largely en- 
riched in 1889 by purchases from the celebrated 
collection of the late John T. Peacock, Esq., of Sudbury 
House, Hammersmith. A selection from his extensive 
collection of succulents had been temporarily exhibited 
in the South Octagon of the Temperate House from 
1878-81 (Kew Report, 1878, p. 6). Appendix 11. of 
the Keiu Report for 1880 gave a catalogue of the 
Aloinece, Yuocoidece, and Agaves cultivated in the Royal 


Gardens, including those in the Peacock collection. It 
enumerates 296 species. 

Those catalogued in the present Hand List amount to 

One of the most interesting introductions of recent 
times is the great Natal Tree-Aloe (Aloe Bainesii), of 
which the first plant in European gardens was raised 
from a cutting sent to Kew in 1867 by Mrs. Barber. It 
is figured in the Botanical Magazine (t. 6848). The 
other African arborescent species (A. dicJwtoma), which 
had been lost to cultivation, was re-introduced by Sir 
Henry Barkly, G.C.M.G., K.C.B., Governor, Gape of 
Good Hope, 1870-7. 

The history of a specimen of the arboreous Yvucca 
filifera of North-East Mexico is sufficiently remarkable 
to deserve notice. "The trunk was sent to Kew in 
October 1888, by Mr. C. G. Pringle, through Professor 
Sargent. When it arrived at Kew it appeared to be 
quite dead, and was accordingly placed in Museum 
No. III. After remaining there two years it put 
out rudimentary leaves and an inflorescence, and on 
being transferred to the Temperate House these were 
fully developed in September 1890." Unfortunately, 
after this effort, it finally succumbed. It is figured in 
the Bot Mag. (t. 7197). 


Palms form an order of plants which is conspicuously 
distinct from all others. Their salient characters are 
indeed familiar at a glance. The majority are natives 
of the Tropics, and therefore in this country require a 


high temperature for their cultivation. The greater 
number are natives of the New World, and in the old 
Africa is poorest in species. A few are found in extra- 
tropical countries, and to these the gardens of Southern 
Europe owe much of their striking character and 
beauty. The Kew Bulletin for 1889 (pp. 291-297) 
contain an account of the species cultivated on the 
Riviera. In this country these require the protection 
of glass ; but one, Trachycarpus excelsa, a native of 
China, is hardy out of doors. 

The total number of species actually known to 
botanists is upwards of 1100, but many doubtless still 
remain to be described. 

In 1768 six species were enumerated in HilFs Hortus 
Kewensis as in cultivation at Kew. In 1787 Aiton in 
his Hortus Kewensis gives 10, and in 1813, in the 
second edition, 20. Smith states (Records, p. 96) that 
in 1830 the collection had increased to 4)0 species and 
enunierates 141 species as cultivated in the Royal 
Gardens from 1760-1864 (pp. 98-106). Appendix IL 
to the Keiu Report for. 1882 (pp. 53-73) contains a 
classified list of the Palms cultivated in the Royal 
Gardens ; this includes 370 species. 

The number catalogued in the present Hand List 
amounts to 407. Of these 40 are represented in the 
Temperate House. This is probably the largest assem- 
blage of species of the order to be found in any one 
place in the world. It is doubtful whether it does not 
exceed that in the Botanic Garden at Buitenzorg, in 
Java, which in any case excels the Kew collection in 
the magnitude of individual species if it does not 
actually do so in the number cultivated. 


In 1820, according to Smith (p. 96), the palms 
" occupied a lean-to house called the Palm House, which 
stood ahout 100 feet north of the west end of the present 
Fern House (No. II.) : it was 60 feet long, 16 feet wide, 
and 15 feet high at the back." In 1828, to accom- 
modate the increasing size of the specimens, " the house 
was raised four feet." 

He continues : — " In 1830 the collection had increased 
to 40 species, which necessitated placing some of them 
in other houses. During the latter years of the reign 
of George III. and George IV., a new Palm House was 
contemplated, and a plot of ground set apart for its 
erection ; but nothing was done until the accession of 
WiUiam IV., who took much interest in improving the 
Gardens. In 1834 a plan for a spacious Palm House 
was prepared by the celebrated architect, Sir Jeffrey 
Wyatville, and in October 1834 a spot was selected and 
the length of the house marked out in the presence of 
the King." 

The project was not, however, carried out, and it was 
Jiot until the Royal Gardens became a public institution 
that it was accomplished. The present building was 
completed in 1848, from the designs of Decimus 
'Burton, Esq. The length of the structure is 362 feet ; 
its width in the centre 100 feet, and height 66 feet ; 
the wings are 50 feet wide and 30 feet high. 

The oldest palm in the house is Sabal hlackbuvniana. 
<Jf these there were two specimens, one of which was 
taken down for want of room in 1876. Smith (Records, 
pp. 122, 123) gives the following acoount of them : — 
"On my entering Kew in the Spring of 1820, the first 
hot house I came to was the Palm House ; on looking 


in I was struck with what I then considered a wonderful 
plant, a large-leaved Fan Palm ; and I found there was 
another of the same kind and size at the other end of 
the house .... There is no record of their intro- 
duction in the Garden books .... Probably they 
formed a part of the great collection of plants introduced 
by Admiral Bligh in 1793, on his return home after 
having introduced the Bread Fruit tree into the West 
Indies." The history of the palm has, however, always 
been enveloped in confusion. Its native home has been 
shown in the Botany of the Challenger Expedition 
(Part I ,pp. 70-3) to be Bermuda. A figure of the Kew 
plant is given on Plate "V. of that work. 

A few other old specimens may be mentioned. The 
large plant of Juhoia spectabilis in the Temperate 
House is no doubt one of " several plants raised from 
-seeds collected in Chili by the botanical collector, 
Thomas Bridges, and purchased from his agent, H. 
'Gumming, in 1843" (Smith, Records, p. 111). 

Trachycarpus Tnartiana is represented in the Tem- 
perate House by two fine specimens purchased " at the 
sale of the collections that ornamented the Conservatory 
of the Royal Horticultural Society's Gardens, South 
Kensington, in 1889. They are supposed to have been 
originall}^ purchased from the garden of the Duke of 
Wellington at Strathfieldsaye." One is figured in the 
Bot.Mag,{i. 7128). 

Howea helmoreana. — "This palm was discovered 
by W. Milne, botanical collector (1852-9) for Kew on 
the surveying ship 'Herald,' Captain Denham. One 
plant was received at Kew." (Smith, Records, p. 115.) 
It is peculiar to Lord Howe's island and was long grown 


at Kew under the name of Veitchia canterbwryana^ 
The Kew plant is figured in the Bot Mag. (t. 7018) 
where it is stated to have been sent from the Sydney- 
Botanical Gardens. 

Trachycarpus excelsa is represented by specimens in 
different parts of the grounds. The history of the old 
specimen near the principal entrance (which formerly 
stood in front of No. I. house may be recorded. A 
native of Chusan and the North of China, it is one of 
" six plants .... received in 1845 from Mr. Robert 
Fortune, a well-known Chinese plant collector" (Smith, 
Records, p. 116). 

Palms in cultivation are slow in developing the full 
size of their crowns. But when once this stage ia 
achieved the upward growth of the stem is com- 
paratively rapid. But the time is reached when the 
dome of the Palm House is unable to accommodate their 
height, and it is then necessary to cut them down and 
replace them. A great clearance was made from this 
cause in 1876 (Report, p. 4). Perhaps the greatest 
ornament of the Palm House which was felled at thi* 
date was the stately plant of Livistona humilis, figured 
in the Bot Mag, (t. 6274). According to Smith (Records, 
p. 118j, it had been received in 1824 as a germinating seed 
sent in a case from Australia by Allan Cunningham. 

Screw Pines. 

The Pandanacece are an order of trees or shrubs- 
allied botanically to Aroids, but differing widely in 
habit. They are all tropical or nearly so, and natives, 
of the African islands and those of the Pacific and 


Indian Oceans. Including Cyclanthacece, some 115 
species are known, and of these about half are in cul- 
tivation at Kew, mostly in the Palm House. According 
to Smith (Records, pp. 126-7) in 1864 the number of 
species grown in the Koyal Gardens was 15. 

The collection has been much increased by the plants 
raised from seeds brought from Rodriguez in 1874 by 
Professor Bayley Balfour when attached as naturalist to 
the Transit of Venus Expedition. 

Two notable plants which were long perhaps the 
most striking features in the North Wing of the Palm 
House no longer exist. Their prospective removal on 
account of size was foreshadowed in the Kew Report for 
\ 876 (p. 4), but it was not accomplished, and in the one 
case not by design, till nearly twenty years later. The 
following particulars respecting them were given in the 
Kew Bulletin for 1895, pp. 319-321. 

" Pandanus odoratissimus. — There is no record of the 
original introduction of the striking plant which, under 
this name, occupied a conspicuous position at the ex- 
treme end of the north wing. Smith mentions its 
existence (Records^ p. 96) in 1823. Unfortunately 
screw pines grow only from the extremities of their 
branches, and do not when cut in produce new growths 
by the development of adventitious buds. No ordinary 
horticultural building can therefore eventually accom- 
modate them, and their removal on account of un- 
manageable size is only a question of time. Before its 
removal the great Kew Screw Pine ' had about 40 
branches, each bearing a huge tuft of foliage, and it 
measured 30 ft. in height, with a diameter of 40 ft. Its 
weight would be about 6 tons.' 


"It was a female plant and first fruited in 1883, and 
produced its large heads of fruits about a foot long 
almost every subsequent season. It was removed in 
1894) and was then bearing five heads. Up to 1882 it 
was grown in a tub, and there is a good figure of 
it in that stage in the supplement to the Gardeners' 
Chronicle for August 5th, 1876. In that year it was 
lowered into a brick pit prepared for the purpose and 
so gained an additional space in height of 5 ft. The 
base of the stem with the striking mass of aerial roots 
has been carefully preserved for future exhibition in 
No. III. Museum. An illustration of the striking mass 
was published in the Gardeners' Chronicle for January 
5th, 1895. P. odoratissiTYius, Roxb., is reduced in the 
Flora of British India to P. fascicularis, Lam. 

" Pandanus rejlexus. — This was a striking plant of 
great size which stood at the end of the north wing 
near the staircase. It immediately attracted attention 
from its dense heads of enormous stiff sword-shaped 
leaves. According to Smith (Records, p. 126) it was 
introduced to Kew by Wallich in 1818. P. reflexus 
is an obscure species said to be a native of Bourbon. 
Whether the Kew plant was correctly referred to it 
will perhaps never be known with certainty. It was a 
male plant, and the correct determination of plants of 
this sex presents great difiiculties. 

" In July 1889 a large plant of Pandanus odoratissi- 
mus was received from the Oxford Botanic Garden and 
planted in the Palm House immediately opposite the 
P. refieayiis. It died in the following November, 
apparently from the same disease as eventually also 
killed the larger plant. In 1891 it was noticed that 


the foliage of this had a somewhat yellowish and 
unhealthy appearance. The great heads of leaves then 
began one by one to fall over, evidently from a rotting 
of the stem at the 'neck.' They were removed, but 
the mischief continued and eventually it became- 
necessary ip sacrifice the whole plant." The disease- 
was almost certainly due to the attacks of a fungus, 
Melanoonium Pandani, which has been very destruc- 
tive to Screw Pines in European Botanic Gardens. 


Aroidece&re a well-marked order of plants represented 
in our own flora by the '' Cuckoo-pint " of our hedge- 
rows. Some 900 species are known, of which 360 are 
cultivated at Kew. They vary in habit from terrestiai 
herbs to tall climbers. A large proportion are tropical 
and these have since 1863 been cultivated in No. I. 
house, the architectural conservatory removed by 
William TV. in 1836 from Buckingham Palace to serve 
the purpose of a Palm House. 

Aiton, in the first edition of the Jforttus Kewensis 
(1787) records 20 species ; the second (1813) gives 44 
8is grown at Kew. Smith (Records, p. 92) enumerates 
148 as in cultivation in 1864. In Appendix II. to the 
Kew Report for 1877 a catalogue is given of 250 
species and varieties. 

One species, without doubt the most remarkable of 
the order, Amorphophallus Titanuni, is no longer in 
the Kew collection. A full description of it is given 
in the Bat Mag, (tt. 7153-5). 


Sir Joseph Hooker writes : — " The plant, whicl 
flowered in June 1889, was received by Sir Josepl 
Hooker from Dr. O. Beccari, through the Marches- 
Corsi Salviati, of Sesto, near Florence, exactly 10^ year; 
previously (June 1879). It was then a small seedling 
which had been raised at the Botanical Gardens a 
Florence from seeds forwarded by Dr. Beccari soo^ 
after he discovered the plant in Sumatra in 1871/ 
The Kew plant did not mature seeds and died afte 
lowering. A full-sized picture of the species may b 
seen on the ceiling of Museum No. III. 


The number of grasses which it is worth while t- 
grow under glass is not large. Two of the larges 
Bamboos are noteworthy features in the centre of th( 
Palm House : — Bainbuaa vulgaris and DendroccdaTnu, 
giganteus. The former has been in cultivation at Kc\\ 
from the beginning of the century. The latter, whicl: 
was one of Wallich's discoveries in the Malay Peninsula 
reached it later, probably from the Royal Botanic 
Gaiden, Calcutta. 

In the Victoria House there is growing in the tank 
a fine specimen of Oynerium saccharoides, the " IJva 
grass " of commerce. It was sent to the Royal Gardens 
in 1875 by Dr. Capanema from Rio de Janeiro, and 
occasionally flowers. It is figured in the Bot Mag. 
<t. 7362). 




Vallisneria, L. 

V. spiralis, L. Tropics. 
Limnobium, L. C. Rich. 

L. bogotensis, Kunth. Colombia. 


Alpinia, L. 

A. africana, Ridl. 

A. AUughas, Rose. India and Malaya. Bot. Rep. t. 501. 

A. bracteata, Roxh. India. 

A. caerulea, Benth. Australia. 
Var. arundelliana. 

A. calcarata. Rose. India and China. Bot. Mag. 1. 1900. 

A. cernua, Sims. See calcarata. 

A. conchigera. Griff. Malay peninsula and isles. 

A. G-alanga, Sw. India and ^lalaya. 

Var. zingiberina, Hook. f. Bot. Mag. t. 6944. 
A. magni/iea, Rose. See Amomum magnificum. 
A. malaccensis, Rose. India. Bot. Reg. t. 328. 
A. mutica, Roxb. Malaya. Bot. Mag. t. 6908. 
A. nutans, Rose. India and Malaya. Bot. Mag. t. 1903. 

U 97169. B 


Alpinia — vont. 

A. officinarum, Hance. China. Bot. jMag. t. 6995. 

A. pumila, Hook f. China. Bot. Mag. t. 6832. 

A.jrafllesiaiia, Wall. Malay Peninsula. 

A. vittata, Hort. See A. rafflesiaua. 

A. Afzelii, Rose. Sierra Leone. ^^^^^ ^-^ 1 

A. citratuin, Pereira. W. Trop. Africa. Ic. PI. t 247S. 

A. Daniellii, Hook.f. Mauritius. Bot. Mag. t. 4764. 

A. magnificum, Benth. and Hook, f, Mauritius. 

A. masticatorium, Thw. Ceylon. 

A. Melegueta, Rose. Trop. Africa. 

A. pulchellum, Thw. See Cyphostigma pulchellum. 

A. Sceptrum, Oliv. W. Trop. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 

A. vitellinum, Lindl. Ceylon. Bot. Reg. 1847. t. 52. 

A. vittatum, Hance, China. 
Burbidgea, Hook. f. 

B. nitida, Hook.f. Borneo. Bot. Mag. t. 6403. V 
Calathea, G. K TV. Mey. 

C. AUouya, Lindl. Guiana. 

C. amabilis, Hort. See Maran^a amabilis. 

C. angustifolia, Koem. Trop. America. 

C. bachemiana, E. Morr. Brazil. Belg. Hort. 1875. 
271. fig. 4. 

C. Binoti, Hort. See zebrioa. 

C. cyclophora, Baker. Guiana. 

C. densa, Regel. Brazil. 

B 2 


Calathea — eont. 

C. eximia, Koem. Trop. America. 

C. fasciata, Regel. Brazil. 

C. flavescens, Lindl. Brazil. Bot. Reg. t. 932. 

C. grandifolia, Lindl. Brazil. Bot. Reg. t. 1210. 

C. Kegeljani, Hort. Trop. America. 

C. kerasina, Hort, Trop. America. 

C. kerchoveano, Hort. See Maranta hi color var., 

C. leopardina, Regel, Brazil. Gartenfl. 1877, 35. t. 893. 

C. Lietzei, E. Morr. Brazil. Belg. Hort. xxv. 273. fig. 8./\ 

C.lindeniana, Wallis, Peru. 111. Hort. 1871, 211. t. 82. 

C. makoyana, E. Morr. See Maranta bicolor var. 

C massangeana^ Hort. See Maranta bicolor var. 

C. medio-picta, Makoy. Brazil. Gartenfl. t. 934. 

C. nigro-costata, Linden. Colombia. 111. Hort. 1873. 1. 144. 

C. pacifica, Linden. Peru. 111. Hort. 1872. t. 101. 

C. polytricha, Baker, Trinidad. 

C. princeps, Begel. Brazil. 

C. roseo-picta, Regel, Trop. America. 

C. rufibarba, Fenzl. Brazil. 

C. sanderiana, Hort, Brazil. 

C. smaragdina, Linden. See Ischnosipbon smaragdmvis. 

C. trifasciata, Koem. Guiana. 

C. imdulata, Regel. Ecuador. Gartenfl. t. 852. 

C. veitchiaiia, Hook, f, Bolivia ? Bot. Mag. t. 5535. 

C. vestita, J5«^cr. Brazil. Ref. Bot. t. 311. 

C. Wallisii, Regel, Brazil. 


Calathea — cont. 

C. wiotiana, Makoy. Brazil. 
C. zebrina, Lindl. Brazil. 
Var. Binoti. 

Canna, L. 

C. coccinea, Rose. S. America. 

C. edulis, Ker. W. Indies. Bot. Reg. t. 775. 

C esculentttf Lodd. See edulis. 

C. flaccida, Salisb. S. United States. Rose. Scit. t, 6. 

C. Fintelmanni, Bouche. Trop. America. 

C. indica, Rose. W. Indies. Bot. Mag. t. 776. 

C. iridiflora, Ruiz ^- Pav. Peru. Bot. Mag. t. 1968. 
Var. Ehemanni. 

C. liliiflora, Warscew. Panama. 

C. lutea, Mill. Trop, America. Rose. Scit. t. 18. 

C. orientalis, Rose. Old World Tropics. Rose. Scit. 1. 12. 

C. patens, Rose. Trop. America. Bot. Mag. t. 454. 

C. rubicunda, Bouche. Trop. America. 

C. epeciosa, Rose. India. Bot. Mag. t. 2317. 

C. Warscewiczii, Dietr. Costa Rica. Bot Mag. t. 4854. 

Cautleya, Royle. 

C. lutea, Royle. Himalaya, Bot. Mag. t. 6991. 

C. spicata. Baker, Himalaya. 0\^ 


Cienkowskia, Solms. See Kaempferia. Q. P V 

Qmo^yne, Salisb. J^J,^,^>>C;^^^^*^ 
C. cuspidata (Rose.). West Trop. Africa. 

C. grandis, Benth. Malaya. 



Costus, L. 

C. afer, Ker. Trop. Africa. Bot. Reg. t. 683. 

C. discplor, Rose. Brazil. Rose. Scit. t. 81. 

C. elegans, Veitch. Costa Riea. 

C. englerianus, K. Schum, W. Trop. Africa. 

C. igneus, N, E. Br. Brazil. Bot. Mag. t. 6821. 

C. malortieanus, Wendl. See elegans. 

C. niexicanus, Liebm. Mexico. 

C. musaicus, Hort. Trop. America. 

C. Pisonis, Lindl. See spiralis. 

C. speciosus, Smith. India and Malaya. Paxt. Mag. iv. 
t. 245. 

C. spicatus, Sw. W. Indies. J\/ 

C. spiralis, Rose. Venezuela. Bot. Reg. t. 899. ^^*^ 

C. villosissimus, j/acflr. West Inii^. ^ m J 

C. Amada, Roxb. India. Rose. Scit. t. 99. 

C. angustifolia, Roxb. Himalaya. 

C. bakeriana, Hew si. W. Trop. Africa. 

C. caesia, Roxb. Bengal. 

C. cordata, Wall. See petiolata. 

C. longa, L. India, etc. Bot. Reg. t. 886. 

C. neilgherrensis, Wight. Nilghiris. 

C. petiolata, Roxb. Burma. Bot. Mag. tt. 4435 5821.. 

C. roscoeana, Wall. Burma. Bot. Mag. t. 4667. 

C. Zedoaria, Rose. India & Malaya. Rose. Scit. t. 109. 

C. Zerumbet, Roxb. See Zedoaria. 


Cyphostigma, Benth. 

C. pulchellum, Benth. Ceylon. Ic. PI. t. 1380. 

Elettaria, Maton, 

E. Cardamomum, Maton. S. India. Bentl. & Trim. 
Med. PL t. 267. 

Elettariopsis, Baker. 

E. Cartisii, Baker, Penang. 

Gastrochilus, Wall. 

Gr. albo-lutea, Baker. Malaya. 

G. biloba, Ridl. Malaya. 

G. Curtisii, Baker. Malay Peninsula. Bot. Mag. t. 7363. 

Globba, L. 

G. atrosanguinea, Teijsm. ^ Binn. Borneo. 

G. brachycarpa, Baker. Perak. 

G. hracteata, Heyne. See bulbifera. 

G. bulbifera, Roxh. India and Malaya. 

G. marantina, L. India and Malaya. 

G. pallidiflora, Baker. Malaya. 

G. Schomburgkii, Hookf. Siam. Bot. Mag. t. 620«. 

G. strobilifera, Zoll. See bulbifera. 

•G. variabilis, Ridley. Malaya. 

G. versicolor, Smith. Malaya. Exot. Bot. t. 117. 

G. Wallicbii, Baker. Penang. 

BedycMum, Koenig. 

H. angustifolium, Roxb. See coccineum. 

H. angustifolium x gardneriannm. Garden hybrid. 

H. cameum, Carey. India. Bot. Mag. t. 2637. 


Hedychium — cont. 

H. coccineiim, Hamilt. Himalaya. 
Var. angfustifolium. 
Var. longifolium. 

H. doronarium, Koenig. India & Malaya. Bot. Mag. t. 708. 
Var. flavum. 

H. elatum, E. Br. Himalaya. Bot. Keg. t. 526. 

H. ellipticum, Hamilt. Hiiaalaya. Rose. Scit. t. 55. 

H. Elwesii, Baker. Khasia. 

H.Jlavescens, Lodd. See spicatum. 

H. gardnerianiim, Rose. Himalaya. Bot. Mag. t. 6913. 

H. gardnerianum x coronarium. Garden hybrid. 

H. glaucum, Rose. See gracile. 

H. gracile, Roxb. Khasia. 

Var. glaucum. Bot. Mag. t. 6638. 

H. Horsfieldii, R. Br. Java. 

H. longifolium, Rose. See coecinea. 

H. ma.vitnum, Hort. See coronarium. 

H. speciosTim, TVall. Silhet. PI. As. Rar. iii. t. 285. 

H. spicatum, Hamilt. Himalaya. Bot. Mag. t. 2300. 

Beliconia, L. 

H. angustifolia, Hook. Brazil. Bot. Mag. t. 4475. 

H. aurantiaca, Ghiesb. Mexico. Bot. Mag. t. 5416. 

H. aureo-striata, Hort. New Britain. 

H. hicolor, Benth. See angustifolia. 

H. Bihai, L. S. America and W. Indies. 

H. brevispatha, Hook. See aurantiaca. 

H. caribaea, Lam. See Bihai. 


Heliconia — cont, 

H. discolor J Hort. See Phrynium varians. 

H. illustris, Hort. Bull. Hab. -- ? 

Var. nibricaulis. Hort. 

H. iSietallica, HookiJ Br&zil. Bot. Mag. t. 5315. 

H. psittacorum, Linn. f. S. America. Mart. Fl. 
Bras. iii. pt. 3. t. 7. 

H. pulverulenta, Lindl. Trop. America. Bot. Mag. t. 

H. spectabilis, Lind. Sr Rod. Trop. America. 111. Hort.. 

Isclmosiphon, JSToern. O-VtxJLL^C/^^ lA/Hi/^ f^AAAAAJii^ 

I. AroTima, Koern. Trop. America. 

I. Parkeri, Koern. Colombia. 

I. smaragdinus, Eichl. Ecuador. 111. Hort. 1870, t. 16. 
Kaempferia, L. 

K. angnstifolia, Rose. India & Malaya. Red. Lii. t. 389*. 

K. atrovirens, N. E. Br. Borneo. 

K. elegans, Wall. India. 

K. Galanga, L. India and Malaya. Rose. Scit. t. 92. 

K. Gilbert!, Hort. Burma. 

K. Kirkii, Hook, f. Zanzibar. Bot. Mag. t. 5994. 

K. marginata, Caret/. Burma. Rose. Scit. t. 93. 

K. pandurata, Roxb. India & Malaya. Bot. Reg. t. 173^ 

K. roscoeana, IVall. Burma. Bot. Mag. I. 5600. 

K. rotunda, L. India & Malaya. Bot. Mag^. ft. 920^ 

K. secunda. Wall. Himalaya. Bot. Mag. t. 6999. 

K. tillandsioides, Baker. Malaya. 

K. vlttata, N. E. Br. Sumatra. 


Lowia, Scortech. 

L. borneensis, (N. E. Br). Borneo. 

L. longiflora, Scortech, Perak. 

L. maxillarioides, Baker. Malaya. Bot. Mag. t. 7351. 

Mantisia, Shns. 
. M. saltatoria, Sims. Chittagong. Bot. Mag. t. 1320. 

M. spathiilata, Schultes. India. 
Maranta, Plum. 

M. amabilis, Linden. Brazil. 

M. arundinacea, L. S. America. 
Var. variegata. 

M. bicolor, ^er. Brazil. Bot. Reg. t. 786. y^^ 

Var. devosiana. 

Var. kerchoveana. 111. Hort. xxvi. t. 353. 

Var. niakoyana. 

Var. massangeana. 
M. Binoti, Hort. See Calathea zebrina. 
M. depressa, E. Morr. Brazil. Belg. Hort. 1880, 97, t. 6. 
M. Gladioli, Hort. See Myrosma Gladioli. 
M. yrandis, Miq. See Clinogyne grandis. 
M. indica, Ju?s. See arundinacea. 
M. Jacquini, Roem & Schultes. See Stromanthe lutea. 
M. Kegeljani, E. Morr. See Calathea 
M, liummeriana, Hort. See Myrosma kummeriana. 
M. Leonae, Hort. 
M. musaica, Hort, 
M. Oppenheimii, Hort. 

U 97169. Q 


Maranta — cont 

M.porteana, Horan. See Stromanthe porteana. 

M. prasina, Hort. See Calathea medio-picta, 

M,princeps,lAxidQn. iS'ee Calathea princeps. 

M. rosea-picta, Hort. See Calathea rersea-picta. 

M. sagoreana, Hort, 

M. sanderiana. See Calathea sanderiana. 

M. Seemanni, Hort. Hab.— ? Gard. Chron. 1872, 323, fig. 

M. smaragdina^ Linden. See Calathea smaragdina. 

Miisa, L. 

M. aurantiaca, Mann. Assam. 

M. Basjoo, Sieh. S^- Zucc, Japan. Bot. Mag. t. 7182. 

M. Cavendishii, Lmn, China. Paxt. Mag. iii. 51. 

M. Champa, Hort. See sapientum. 

M. ciiierea, Hort. See sapientum. 

M. cpccinea, Andr. China. Bot. Mag. t. 1559. 

M. Dacca, Horan. See sapientum. 

M. discolor, Horan. New Caledonia. 

M. Ensete, Gmel. Abyssinia. Bot. Mag. t. 5223-4. 

M. Fehi, Vieill. New Caledonia. 

M. Hillii, F. Muell. Queensland. Bot. Mag. t. 7401. 

M. kewensis, Hoi^t. Garden hybrid (Mannii x rosacea). 

31, Lacatan. See sapientum. 

M. livingstoneana, Kirk. E. Trop. Africa. 

M. Mannii, Wendl. Assam. Bot. Mag. t. 7311. 

M. martabanica, Hort. See sapientum. 

C 2 


Musa-^ cont. 

M. Martinii, Hort. Rev. Hort. Belg., 1892, 109, fig. 12. 

M. ornata, Roxb. See rosacea. 

Mrparadisiaca, L. See sapientum. 

M. rosacea, Jacq. Himalaya. Bot. Reg. t. 706. 

M. rosea, Baker. India. 

M. rubra. Wall. India. Bot. Mag. t. 7o41. 

M. sapientum, L. 

Var. Champa. 

Var. Dacca. 

Var. martabanica. 

Var. oleracea. 

Var. paradisiaca. (" Plantain.") 

Var. regia. (" Pisang RodjiT^ 

Var. rubra. (" Ram-Kelar) 

Var. vittata. 

Var. seminifera. 
M. seminifera^ Lour. See sapientum. 
M. sumatrana, Becc. Sumatra. 111. Hort. n.s.t. 375. 
M. superba, Roxh. Bombay. Bot. Mag. t. 3849-50. 
M. textilis, Nees, Philippines. 
M. violascens, Ridley. Malaya. 
M. zebrina, Van Houtte. Java. 

Myrosma, L. 

M. Gladioli (Hort). Trop. America. 

M. hemisphaerica, Hort. Trop. Americfl. 

M. kummeriana {E. Morren). Trop. America. 
Bras. iii. pt. 3, t. 44. 



Myrosma — cont, 

M. Lubbersii, Hort. Trop. America. 

M. nana, Baker. Trop. America. 
M,^setosa, Bentli. Brazil. 
Nicolaia, Horan. See Amomum. 

N. imperialism Horan. See Amomum magnificum. 
Orchidantha, N. E. Br. See Lowia. '^Am) /oM * 

sJ Phi ynium, Willd. J^^^uOUuUm /C^X't^^^^ ^ ^ 

r P. capitatum, Willd. India pnd Malaya. Wi^t Ic, 

t. 2016. 

P. Daniellii, Benu. See Thanmatocoreus Daniellii. 

P. Griffithii, Baker. Malacca. 

P. Lubbersii, Hort. See Myrosma Lubbersii. 

P. variegatum, N^. E. Br. See Maranta arundinaceu. 
Protamomum, Ridley. See Lowia. 
Ravenala, A dans. 

U. guianensis, Benth. S. America. Mart. ¥\. Bras, iii., 
pt. 3. t. 1 . 

R. madagascariensis, Sonner. Madagascar. Flore des 
Serres, t. 1355. 

Eenealmia, L. 

R. africana, Benth, Trop. Africa. Ic. PI. t. 1430. 

R. bracteosa, Griseb. W. Indies. 

R. calcarata, Andr. See Alpinia calcarata. 

R. racemosa, A. Pick. Trop. America, 
Rhynchanthus, Hooli^f. 

R. longiflorus, Hooh.f. Burma. Bot. Mag. t. 6861. 

R. sagittifolius, Rolfe. Burma. 


Roscoea, Smith. 

R. elatior, Smith. See Cautleya lutea. 

R. gracilis, Smith. See Cautleya lutea. 

R,'1,utea, Royle. See Cautleya lutea. 

R. purpurea, Smith. India. Bot. Mag. t. 4630. 

R. sikkimensiSf Hort. See purpurea. 

R, spicata, Smith. See Cautleya spicata. 

Strelitzia, Ait. 

S. augusta, Thunb. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 4166. 

S.farinosa, Ait. See Reginae. 

S, juncea, Link. See parvif olia. 

S. Nicolai, Regel S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 7038. 

S. cvata, Ait. See Reginae. 

S. parvlfolia, Ait. S. Africa. Bauer, Strelitz. t. 11. 
Var. juncea. Bot. Reg. t. 516. 

S. Reginae, Ait. S. Africa. Bauer Strelitz. t. 6-9. 
Var. citrina. 
Var. farinosa. 
Var. ovata. Bot. Mag. t. 119-20. 

Stromanthe, Sond. 

S. lutea, Eichler. Venezuela. 

S. porteana, A. Gris. Brazil. Fl. Bras. iii. pt. 3, t. 42. 

S. sanguinea, Sond. Brazil. Lem. Jard. Fl, 1854, t. 401. 

>S^. spectabilis, Lem. See sanguinea. 
Thalia, Z. 

T. dealhata. Fras. N. America and Africa. Bot. Mag. 
t. 1690. 


Thaumatococcus, Benth. 

T. Danielli, Bcnth. W. Trop. Africa. 


T. -dannelmannianum, J. Brann and Schumann. 
W. Trop. Africa. 

Urania, Sclireb. See Ravenala. 

U. speciosa. Willd. See Ravenala madagascariensis. 

Zingiber, Adans. 

Z. Casumunar, Roxh. India and Malaja. Bot. Mag. 
t. 1426. 

Z. chrysanthum, Rose. Himalaya. Eosc. Scit. t. )^Q. 

Z. Griffithii, Baker. Malacca. 

Z. officinale, Rose. Trop. Asia. Rose. Scit. t. 83. 

Z. spectabile. Griff. Malacca. 

Z. wightianum, Thw. S. India. 

Z. Zerumbet, Smith. India and Malaya. Rose. Scit. 

t. 84. 

Var. variegata. 


Acanthostachys, Klotzsch. 

A. strobilacea, Link. Brazil, 
-ffichmea, Ruiz Sf Pav. 

JE. aurantiaca, Baker. Brazil. 

JE. aqmlega, Griseb. W. Indies and Guiana. 

JE. aureo-rosea, Baker. Brazil. 

M. Barleei, Baker. Brit. Honduras. 


JEchmea — cont, 

JE. bracteata, Griseh. W. Indies. 
Vur. pendula, Hart. 

JE. brasiliensis, Regel. Brazil. Gartenfl. I880, t. 1202. 

JE. bromeliaefolia, Baker. Trop. America. Bot. Reir. 
t. 766. 

iE. calyculata, Baker. Brazil. Ref. Bot. t. 286. 
M. Candida, E. Morr. Brazil. 
JE. coelestis, E. Morr. Brazil. Ref. Bot. t. 284. 
J^. coerulea, E. Morr. See coerule scens. 
JE. coerulescens, Baker. Mexico. Gartenfl. t. 694. 
Et. {Canistruni) cyathiformis, (Veil.) Brazil. 
JE. dealbata, E. Morr. Brazil. 
jE. discolor, Hook. See fulgens. 

JE. disticliantlia, Lem. Paraguay. Bot. Mag. t. 5447. 
JE. drakeana, Andre. Ecuador. 
M. fasciata, Baker, Brazil. Bot. Reg. t. 1130. 
Var. micrantha. 

jE. flexuosa^ Baker. See spectabilis. 

JE. floribunda, Mart. Brazil. 

.ffi. fulgens, Brong. French Guiana. 

Var. discolor, Brong. Bot. Mag. t. 4293. 

M. gigantea, Baker. Trop. America. 

m. Glaziovii, Baker. Brazil. Belg. Hort. 1881, 271, 1. 13. 

JE. glomerata. Hook. Brazil. Bot. Mag. t. 0668. \/ 

^. Jenmani, Baker. See Melinonii. 

JE. legrelliana, Baker. ySee Ortgiesia legrelliana. 

^. Leopoldiif Hort. See fasciata. 


JEchmea — cont. 

JE. Lindeni, K. Koch, Brazil. Bot. Mag. t. 6565. 

ISi. lineata, {Hoplophytum lineaium, Bull). Brazil. 

jE. jkiddemanniana, Brong. See coerulescens. 

uE. macracantha, Brong. See schiedeana. 

El. Mariae-Reginae, Wendl. Costa Rica. 

.ffi. mexicana, Baker. Mexico. 

JE. odora, Baker. W. Indies and Guiana. 

M. panicnlata, Ruiz ^ Pav. Peru. 

M. paniculigera, Griseb. Trop. America. 

M. pectinata, Baker. Brazil. 

M. pineliana, Baker. Brazil. Bot. Mag. t. 5321. 

JE. {Hoplophytum) Platzmanni, E. Morr. See floribunda. 

^. pidchella, Morren. See Glaziovii. 

Ei. robusta, Hort. Morren. South America. 

M. rosea, Baker. Brazil. Belg. Hort. 1883, 195, t. 14. 

JE. schiedeana, Schlecht. Mexico. 

M, Skinneri, Baker. Guatemala. Ic. PI. 1851. 

M. Sallieri, Hort, 

m. Veitchii, Baker. Colombia. Bot. Mag. t. 6329. 

M. Weilbachii, Dietr. Brazil. Bot. Mag. t. 6135. 

Ananas, Adans. 

A. bracteatus, Lindl. Brazil. Bot. Mag. t. 5025. 

A. Mordilona, Hort. Lind. See sativus var. lucidus. 

A, mic7'ocarpus, Hort. Lind. See sativus var. microce- 


Ananas — cont, 

A. sativus, Llndl. Trop. America. 

Var. lucidus, Miller. 
Var. niicrocephalus. 
Var. porteanus, {K. Koch), 
Var. variegatus, (Bojer). 

Anoplophytum, Beer. See Tillandsia. 
Bakeria, Andre, 

B. tillandsioides, Andre. Brazil ? Rev. Hort. 1889, 84. 

Billbergia, Thunb. 

B. amabilis, Beer. See vittata. 

B. amoena, Lindl. See speciosa. 

B. Bakeri, E. Morr. Brazil. Bot. Mag. t. 6342 

B, breaiUeana, Andre. See vittato-Bakeri. 

B. Bruantii, Andre. Garden hybrid (decora x speciosa). 

B. Cappei, E. Morr. See vittato-Bakeri. 

B. croyiana, De Jonghe. See pyramidalis. 

B. decora, Poepp. Peru. Bot. Mag. t. 6937. 

B. decoro-nutans. Baker. Grarden hybrid. 

B. discolor^ Beer. See speciosa. 

B. elegans, Mart. See speciosa. 

B. Euphemiae, E. Morr, S. Brazil. Bot. Mag. t. 6632. 

B.farinosa, Hort. See zebrina, 

B.fastuosa, Beer. See thyrsoidea. 

B. horrida, Regel. Brazil. Belg. Hort. 1876, 336, t. 22. 

Var. superba, Hort. 
B. intermedia, Hort. Garden hybrid (nutans x vittata j. 

U 97169. D 


Billbergia —cont, 

B. iridifolia, LindL Brazil. Bot. Reg. t. 1068. 

B. liboniana, De Jonghe. Brazil. Bot. JNlag. t. 5090. 

B. Lietzei, E. Morr, Brazil. Belg. Hort. 1881, 97, t. 5. 

B. mannorata, Lem, Brazil. 111. Hort. t. 48. 

B. moreliana, Lindl. See vittata. 

B. Moreli, Brong, Brazil. Bot. Mag. t. 4835. 

B. morreniana, Baker. Brazil. 

B. nutans, Wendl. Brazil. Bot. Mag. t. 6423. 

B. olens. Hook. See Karatas Carolinae. 

B. imllescens^ K. Koch. See speciosa. 

B. pallescens, Baker. See Bakeri. 

B. pallidiflora, Liebm. Nicaragua. 

B. porteana, Brong. Brazil. Bot. Mag. t. 6670. 

B. pyramidalis, Lindl. Brazil. Bot. Mag. t. 1732. 
Var. bicolor, Lindl. Bot. Reg. 1181. 
Var. croyiana, {De Jonghe.) 
Var. farinosa, {K. Koch.) 

B. Hancougnei, Hort. Garden hybrid. 

B. rhodocyanea, Lem. See fasciata. 

B. rhodocyanea, Hort. See thyrsoidea. 

B. rosea, Beer. Brazil. 

B. sanderiana, E, Morr. Brazil. Belg. Hort. 1884, t. 1. 

B. Saundersii, E. Morr. Brazil. Belg. Hort. 1878, t. I. 

B. speciosa, Thunh. Brazil. Bot. Reg. t. 344. 
Var. pallescens, {K. Koch.) 

B, splendida, liCm. See thyrsoidea. 

D 2 


Billbergia — cont, 

B. thyrsoidea, Mart. Brazil. Bot. Mag. t. 4756. 

Var. longifolia, {K. Koch S$- BouchS.) 

Var. splendida, (Lemaire.) 
B. vittata, Brong. Brazil. Belg. Hort. 1871, 193, t. 14. 

Var. macracantha, Hort. 

B. vexillaria, Andre. Garden hybrid, (thyrsoidea x 

B. vittato-Bakeri, Hort, Garden hybrid. 

B. vittato -nutans, Hort. Garden hybrid. 

B. Wetherelli, Hook. See Moreli. 

B. Windi, Hort. See vittato-nutans. 

B wittmackiana. Garden hybrid, (amoena x vittata.) 

B. zebrina, Lindl. Brazil. Bot. Mag. t. 2686. 

Brocchinia, Schultes, f. 

B. cordylinoides, Baker. Brit. Guiana. Gard. Chron. 

1880, ii. 243, lig. 47. 

Bromelia, L. 

B. antiacantha. Bert. See fastuosa. 

B. argentina, Baker. Brazil. Ic. PI. 2258. 

B. Binoti\ Hort. See Pinguin. 

B. commelyniana, De Vriese. See fastuosa. 

B. fastuosa, Lindl. Brazil. Gartenfl. t. 493. 

B. Karatas, L. See Karatas Plumieri. 

B. Pinguin, L. Trop. America. Red. Lil. t. 396. 

B. scarlatina, E. Morr. See Distiacauthus scarlatinus. 

B. Scepiruniy Fenzl. See fastuosa. 

B. sylvestris, Willd. Trop. America. 


Canist'rum, E. Morr. See Aechmea. 
Caraguata, Lindl. 

C. andreana, E. Morr. Colombia. Bot. Mag. t. 7014. 

C. angustifolia, Baker. Colombia. 

C. cardinalis, Andre. W. Indies. 

C. conifera, Andre. Ecuador. Bot. Mag. t. 7359. 

C. devansayana, E. Morr. Ecuador. Belg. Hort. 18S2, 
113, t. 8. 

C. Melinonis, E. Morr. French Guiana. 

C. morreniana, Andre. Colombia. Rev. Hort. 1887, 
12, with fig. 

C. musaica, Andre. Colombia. Bot. Mag. t. 6675. 

C. Peacockii, E. Morr. S. America. 

C. Zahnii, Hook.f. Chiriqui. Bot. Mag. t. 6059. 

Catopsis, Griseh. 

C. aloides, Baker. Mexico. 

C. nitida, Baker. W. Indies. Hcok. Exot. Flora, t. 218. 

C. pendula. Baker. Mexico. 

Ckevalieria, Gaud. See Aechmea. 

Cryptanthus, Otto Sj- Dietr. 

C. acaulis, Beer. See undulatus. 
Var. argenteus. See discolor. 

C. Beuckeri, E. Morr. Brazil. Belg. Hort. 1881, 342, t. 1. 

C. bivittatus, Regel. Brazil. Bot. Mag. t. 5270. 

C. bromelioides, Otto ^ Dietr. Brazil. 

C. discolor, Otto 8^ Dietr. Brazil. 

C. Mocnsii, Hort. See bivittatus. 


Cryptanthus — cont. 

C. undulatus, Otto ^- Dletr, Brazil. Bot. Reg. t. 1197. 
Var. ruber. 

C. zonatus, Beer, Brazil. 
Disteganthus, Lem. 

^ D. basilateralis, Lem. Guiana. Fl, des Serres, t. 227. 

Distiacanthus, Hort. 

D. scarlatinus, Linden. Brazil. 
Dyckia, Schultes. 

D. altissima, Lindi. Brazil. Lem. Jard. Fleur. t. 224. 

D. brevifolia, Baker. Brazil. Bef. Bot. t. 236. 

D. frigida, Hook.f. Brazil. Bot. Mag. t 6294. 

D. floribunda, Griseb. Argentina. 

D. gigantea, K. Koch. See altissima. 

D. leptostachya, Baker. Parana. 

Z>, princepsy Lem. See altissima. 

D. rariflora, Schultes. Brazil. 

• Var. remotiflora {Otto ^- Dietr). Bot. Mag. t. 3349. 

D. regalis^ Linden. See frigida. 

D. remotiflora.. Otto & Dietr. See rariflora. 

D. sulphurea, K. Koch. Montevideo. 
Echinostachys, Brong. See Aechmea. 
Guzmannia, Ruiz. Sf Fav. 

G. devansaycma, E. Morr. See Caraguata devansayana, t. 8. 

G. erythrolepis, Brong. Cuba. Fl. des Serres, t. 108y. 

G. Melinoki, Regel. See Caraguata Melincnis. 


Guzmannia — cont, 

G. Melinonis, E. Morr. See Caraguata Melinonis. 

G. Sallieri, Hort. See Aechmea cyathiformis. 

G. tricolor, Ruiz ^ Pav. W. Indies and S. America. 
Hook. Exot. Flora, t. 163. 

Hechtia, Klotzsch* 

H. argentea, Baker. Mexico. Bot. Mag. t. 7460. 

H, cordylinoides, Baker. See stenopetala. 

H. Ghiesbreghtii, Lem. See glomerata. 

H. glomerata, Zticc. Mexico. Bot. Mag. t. 5842. 

H. lougifolia, Hort. See Bromelia fastuosa. 

H. stenopetala, Klotzsch. Mexico. Bot. Mag. t. 6554. 

Holienhergia, Schultes, f. See Aechmea. 
Hoplophytum, Beer. See Aechmea. 
Karatas, A dans. 

K. acanthocrater, Baker, Brazil. Bot. Mag. t. 6904. 

K. agavaefolia, Devans. Gruiana. 

K. amazonica, Baker. Brazil. 

K. Carolinae, Antoine. Brazil. Bot. Mag. t. 5502. 

K. coriacea, ^;z^ome. Brazil. 

K. cruenta, Baker. Brazil. Bot. Mag. t. 2892. 

K. fulgens, A?Hoine. Brazil. Lem. Jard. Fleur. t. 411. 

K. humilis, E. Morr. Mexico and Colombia. Rev. 
Hort. 1878, 190, fig. 35. 

K. Innocentii, Antoine, Brazil. Lem. Jard. Fleur. t. 329. 
Var. striata, ffoi-t. 

K. marmorata. Baker. Brazil ? 


Karatas — cont. 

K. Meijendorfii, Antoine. See princeps. 

K. neglecta Baker. Brazil. 

K.^axiana, (Mez.) Brazil. 

K. Plumieri, E. Morr. Trop. America. Jacq. Arner. 
Pict. t. 260. 

K. princeps, Baker. Brazil. Antoine. Brom. 51, t. 32. 

K. purpurea, Antoine. Brazil. Antoine. Brom. 42. t. 25. 

K. rutilans, Baker. Brazil. 

K. Scheremetiewii, Antoine. Brazil. Gartenfl. t. 224. 

K. spetabilis, Antoine. Brazil. Bot. Mag. t. 6024. 

K. tristis. Baker. Brazil. 

Lamprococcus, Beer. See Aechmea. 

Macrochordium, De Vriese. See Aechmea. 

Massangea, E. Morr. See Caraguata. 

Melinonia, Brong. See Pitcairnia. 

Neumannia, Brong. See Pitcairnia. 

Nidularium, Lem. See Karatas. 

Ortgiesia, Kegel. 

0. tillandsioides, Kegel. Brazil and Uruguay. Gartenfl, 
1867, 193, t. 547. 

Pepinittf Brong. >S'ee^Pitcairnia. 

Pitcairnia, VHerit. 

P. albiflos, Herb. Brazil. Bot. Mag. t. 2%\2. 

P. albucaefolia, Schrad. W. Indies. 

P. alta, Hassk. W. Indies. Bot. Mag. t. 6606. 


Pitcairnia — cont, 

P. Altensteinii, Lem. Venezuela. Bot. Mag. t. 4241. 

P. andreana, Linden. Venezuela and Colombia. Bot. 
Mag. t. 6480. 

P. angustifolia, Ait. W. Indies. Bot. Mag. t. 1547. 

P. aphelandraeflora, Verschaff. Brazil. 111. Hort. 17. 
(1870) t. 5. 

P. arcuata, Andre. Colombia. Rev. Hort. 1886, 108, 
fig. 23. 

P. australis, K. Koch. See Morelii. 

P. bracteata, Dry and. W. Indies. Bot. Mag. t. 2813. 

P. bromeliaefolia, VHerit. W. Indies. Bot. Mag. t. 834. 
Var. acuminata. 

P. cernua, K. Koch. See heterophjlla. 

P. cinnabarina, Dietr. Brazil. 

P. corallina, ^wc?>*e. Colombia. Bot. Mag. t. 6600. 

P. corcovadensis, Waiora. Brazil. 

P. darblayana, Hort. Garden hybrid. 

P. Decaisnei, K. Koch. See fulgens. 

P. echinata, Hook. Colombia. Bot. Mag. t. 4709. 

P. elata, Liehm. Mexico. 

P. excelsa, E. Morr. See pulverulenta. 

P. exscapa, Liebm. See heterophylla. 

P. ferruginea, Ruiz ^ Pav. Peru. Bot. Mag. t. 5324. 

P. flammea, Lindl. Brazil. Bot. Reg. t. 1092. 

P. flavescens, Baker. See xanthocalyx. 

P. floccosa, RegeU Venezuela, 


Pitcaimia — conf. 

P. fulgens, Decsne. Guadeloupe. 

P. funckeana, Dietr, S. America. Bot. Mag. t. 4705. 

P' furfuracea, Beer. See latifolia. 

P. heterophylla, Beer. Mexico. Bot. Mag. t. 4591. 

P. imbricata, Baker. Mexico. 

P. karwinskiana, Schultes. Mexico. Gartenfl. t. 53. 

P. Klabochorum, Hort. See pulverulenta. 

P. latifolia, Soland. W. Indies and Brazil. Bot. Mag. 
t. 856. 

P. Lehmanni, Baker. S. America. 

P. lepidota, Kegel. See andreana. 

P. longifolia, Hook. See pulverulenta. 

P. macrocalyx, Hook. See funckiana. 

P. maidifolia, Dcsne. S. America. Bot. Mag. t. 6635. 

P. Maroni, Hort. Garden hybrid. (corallina x Alten- 

P. moritziana, K. Koch. Venezuela. 
P. Morreniij Lem. See heterophylla. 
P. muscosa, Mart, Brazil. Bot. Mag. t. 4770. 
P. odorata, Kegel. See albiflos. 
P, Olfersii, Link. See flammea. 
P. paniculata. Ruiz & Pav. See pulverulenta. 
P. Philippii, Baker, Chili. 

P. pulverulenta, Ruiz S^ Pav. Peru. Bot. Mag. t. 4775. 
P. punicea, Beer. Mexico. 
P. recurvata, K. Koch. Brazil ^ 
U 97169. E 


Pitcairnia — cont, 

P. riiigens, Kl. See karwinskiana. 

P. Roezlii, E. Morr. Peru. Belg. Hort. xxxv. 285, t. 18. 

P. rttbiginosa, Baker. French Guiana. 

P, Skinneri, Hort. See alta. 

P. spathacea, Griseb. Argentine. 

P. staminea, Lodd. Brazil. Bot. Mag. t. 2411. 

P. sulphurea^ Andre. See bracteata. 

P. tabulaeformis, Linden. Mexico. Belg. Hort. 1862, 
■257, fig. 15. 

P. undulata, Schioied. Brazil. Gartenfl, t. 781. 

P. undulafifolia, Hook. See Altensteinii. 

P. xanthocalyx, JIart. Brazil. Bot. Mag. t. 6318^^ 

P. zeifolia, K. Koch. See maidifolia. 

Pourretiay Ruiz & Pav. See Puya. 

Puya, Molin. 

P. chilensis, Molin. Chili. Bot. Mag. t. 4715. 

P. coarctattty Fisch. See chilensis. 

P. coerulea, Lindl. See Pitcairnia coerulea. 

P.Jloccosa, Morr. See Pitcairnia floccosa. 

P. Gigas, Andre. Colombia. Rev. Hort. 1881, 315, 
fig. 74. 

P. paniculata, Philippi. See Pitcairnia Philippii. 

P. spathacea, Mez. See Pitcairnia spathncea. 

P. tiinarensis, Mez. Bolivia. 

P. Whytei, Hook. See Pitcairnea coerulea. 

E 2 


duesnelia, Gaud, 

Ct. princeps, Hort, See rufa. 

Q. rosea-marginata, Carr. See rufa, 

a. rufa, Gaud, Brazil. Rev. Hort. 1880, 70, fig. 14. 

Rhodostachys, Philippi. 

R. andina, Philippi. Chili. Bot. Mag. t. 7148. 

R. argentinay Baker. See Bromelia argentina. 

R. bicolor, Benth, Chili. Belg. Hort. 1873, t. 14. 

R. littoralis, Philippi, Chili. 

R. pitcaimiaefolia, Benth, Chili. Belg. Hort. 1876, 
161, t. 10. 

Tillandsia, L. 

T. aloides, E. Morr. See Catopsis aloides. 

T. aloifolia, Hook. See flexuosa. 

T. amethystina. Baker. Brazil. Bot. Mag. t. 7121. 

T. anceps, Lodd. Trinidad. Belg. Hort. 1879, 368, t. 20. 

T. argentea, Griseb. Cuba. 

T. Barilletii, Baker. Ecuador. Belg. Hort. 1883, 33, t. 3. 

T. bulbosa, Hook. S. America. 

Var. picta, Hook, Bot. Mag. t. 4288. 
Var. variegata, Hort. 

T. Caput-Medusae, E. Morr, Mexico. 

T. cardinalis. Garden hybrid (psittacinax Krameri), 

T. carinata x psittacina. Garden hybrid. 

T. chrysostachys, Baker. Peru. Bot. Mag. t. 6906. 

T. confertiflora, Andre, Ecuador. 


Tillandsia — cont. 

T. corallina, K. Koch. Brazil. Gartenfl. 1870, 354, 
t. 671. 
Var. rosea. 

T. dianthoidea, Rossi, Brazil. Bol. Mag. t. 5216. 

T. distachya, Baker. Honduras. 

T. Duchartrei, Hort. Garden hybrid. (Barilletii x splen- 

T. Duratii, Vis. S. America. 

T. duvaliana, Baker, Brazil. Belg, Hort. 1884, 105, t. 7. 

T. ensiformis, Veil. Brazil. 

T. fenestralis, Hook. Parana. Bot. Mag. t. 6998. 

T. flexuosa, Siv. S. America. Hook. Exot. Flora, t. 205. 

T. gladiolijaora, Wendl. Costa Rica. Belg. Hort. 1880. 
87 and 216. 

T. glaucophylla, Baker. Santa Martha. Bot. Mag. t. 4415. 

T. Glaziovii, E. Morr. South Brazil. 

T. guttata, Baker. Brazil. III. Hort. 1875, t. 200. 

T. Henricii, Hort. Garden hybrid (splendens x splen- 

T, heterophylla, E. Morr. See virginalis. 

T. hieroglyphica, Baker, Brazil. 111. Hort. t. 514. 

T. hillegeeriana, Hort. See regina. 

T. iinperialis, Hort. See regina. 

T. incarnata, H. B, S^ K. S. America. 

T. ionantha, Planch. Mexico. Bot. Mag. t. 5892. 

T. ixioides, Griseh, Parana. 

T. Jonghei, K. Koch, Brazil. Bot. Mag. t. 6945. 


Tillandsia — cont, 

T. Lindeni, E Morr. Peru. 111. Hort. t. 610. 
Var. minor, Hort. 

T. Malzinei, Baker. Cordova. Bot. Mag. t. 6495. 

T. Mariae, Hort. 

T. microxiphion, Baker, Monte Video. Bot. Mag. t. 7320. 

T. Morreni, Baker, Brazil. 

T. musaica, Andre. See Caraguata musaica. 

T. nitida. Hook. See Catopsis nitida. 

T. Nanoti, Hort, Grarden hybrid (fulgidax Morreni). 

T. (Vriesea) pastuchoffiana, Mez. Brazil. 

T. picta^ Hort. See splendens. 

T. polystachya, L, S. America. 

T. psittacina, Hook. Brazil. Bot. Mag. t. 2841. 

T. pulcheUa, Hook. Brazil. Bot. Mag. t. 5229. 

T. rccurvifolia, Hook. See dianthoidea. 

T. retroflexa, E, Morr. Garden hy brio/ (psittacina x 


T. Rex, Hort. Garden hybrid. (Barilletii x cardinalis.) 

T. rodigasiana, Baker. Brazil. 111. Hort. 1882, t. 467. 

T. Saundersii, K. Koch. Brazil. 111. Hort. 1873, t. 132. 

T. scalaris, Baker, Brazil. Belg. Hort. 1880, 309, t. 15. 

T. ( Vriesea) speciosa, Hook. See splendens. 

T. splendens, Brong. Guiana. Bot. Mag. t. 4382. 

T. splendida, Hort, Garden hybrid (duvaliana x incur- 
vata) . 

T. streptophylla, Sch Cent. America. Bot. Mag. t. 6757. 


Tillandsia — cont. 

T. stricta, Soland, 8. America. Bot. Mag. t. 1529. 

T. tessellata, Linden and Andre. Brazil. 111. Hort. 
1874, 123, t. 179. 

T. tricolor^ Cham. See punctulata. 

T. usneoides, L. Trop. America. Bot. Mag. t. 6309. 

T. viminalis, Hemsl. Costa Rica. Belg. Hort. 1878, 257, 
t. 14. 

T. virginalis, E, Morr. Mexico. 

T. xiphioides, Ker, S. America. Bot. Mag. t. 5562. 

T. xiphostachys, Griseb. Mexico. Bot. Mag, t. 5287. 

T. zebrina, Hort. See splendens. 

Vrieseciy Ldi. See Tillandsia. 


Anigozanthos, Labill. 

A. bicolor, Endl. Australia. 

A. flavida, D.C. Australia. Red. Lil. t. 176. 

A. Manglesii, Don. Australia. 

A. pulcherrima, Hook. Australia. Bot. Mag. t. 4180. 

A. rufa, Labill. Australia. Bot. Mag. t. 4507. 

A. tyrianthina, Hook. See rufa. 
Cyanastrum, Oliver, 

C. cordifolium, Oliver. W. Trop. Africa. 
Cyanella, L. 

C. capensis, L. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 5QS. 

C, coerulea, Eckl. See capensis. 


Cyanella — cone, 

C. lutea, L. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 1252. 
C. odoratissima, Lindl. See lutea. 

Peliosanthes, Andr, 

P. albida, i5«^er. Penang. Bot. Mag. t. 7110. 

P. Bakeri, Hook.f, Himalaya. 

P. humilis, Andr,f^QTi2kn^. Bot. Mag. t. 1532. 

P. javanica, Hassk. Java. 

P. lurida, Ridl. Penang. 

P. stellata, RidL Penang. 

P. Teta, Andr. India. Bot. Mag. t. 1302. 

P. violacea, Wall, India. 

Sansevieria, Thunh, 

S. cylindrica, Bojer. Trop. Africa. Bot, Mag. t. 5093. 

S. Ehrenbergii, Schweinf. Trop. Africa. 

S. grandicuspis, Haw, Trop. Africa ? 

S. guineensis, Willd, Trop. Africa. 

S. javanica, Hort. See guineensis. 

S. Kirkii, Baker. Zanzibar. Bot. Mag. t. 7357. 

S. roxburghiana, Schultes. India. Bot. Mag. t. 7487. 

S. subspicata, Baker. S. Africa. 

S. sulcata, Bojer. Trop. Africa. 

S. thyrsiflora, Thunh, S. Africa. 

S. zebrina, Hort. See guineensis. 

S. zeylanica, Willd. Tropics of Africa and Asia. Bot, 
Reg. 1. 160. 


Wachendorfia, Z. 

W. paniculata, Z. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 616. 
W. thyrsiflora, L. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 1060. 


Acidanthera, Hochst. 

A. bicolor, Hochst, Abyssinia and Zambesi. 

A. aequinoctialis, Baker. Sierra Leone. Bot. Mag. t. 7393. 

Anomatheca, Ker. See Lapeyrousia. 

Antholyza, Z. 

A. aethiopica, L. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 561. 
Var. bicolor (Gasp). Bot. Keg. t. 1159. 
Var. minor, Lindl. See bicolor. 

A. cafFra, Ker. S. Africa. Sweet Brit. Fl. Gard. ii., t. 84. 
A. Cimonia, L. S. Africa. Red Lil. t. 12. 
A. fulgens, Andr. See Watsonia angusta. 
A. Merianella, L. S. Africa. 
A. paniculata, Klatt. S. Africa. 
A. revoluta, Burm. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 450. 
A. Schweinfnrtliii, Baker. Abyssinia. 
Aristea, Soland. 

A. capitata, Ker. S. Africa. 

A. corymbosa, Benth. S. Africa, Bot. Mag. t. 895. 

A. cyanea, Soland. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 458. 

A. dichotoma, Ker. S. Africa. 

A. Eckloni, Baker, S. Africa. 

miDEAE. 81 

Aristea — cont. 

A, intermedia, Echl. See dichotoma. 
A. major, Andr. See capitata. 
A. platycaulis, Baker, S. Africa. 

A. pusilla, Ker, S. Africa. 

Babiana, Ker. 

B. angustifolia, Sweet. See stricta. 
B. Bainesii, Baker. S. Africa. 

B. disticha, Ker. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 626. 

B. macrantha, Mac Owan, S. Africa. 

B. plicata, Ker. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 576. 

B. purpurea, Ker. See stricta. 

B. pygmaea, Baker. S. Africa. Bot. Rep. t. 137. 

B. ringens, Ker. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 6667. 

B. ruhro-ccerulea, Reichb. See stricta. 

B, rubro-cyanea, Ker. See stricta: 

B. spathacea, Ker. S. Africa. 

B. stricta, Ker. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 621. 

Var. angustifolia (Sweet). Bot. Mag. t. 637. 

Var. rubro-cyanea (Ker). Bot. Mag. t. 410. 

Var. sulphurea, {Ker). Bot. Mag. t. 1053. 

B. tubata, Sweet. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 680. 

B. tubiflora, Ker. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. tt. 847, 1019. 

B. villosa, Ker. See stricta. 

Belamcanda, Adans. 

B. chinensis, DC. China and Japan. Bot. Mag. t. 171. 
U 97169. F 


Bobartia, Ker. 

B. aphylla, Ker. S. Africa. 

Crocosmia, Planch. 

C. aurea, Planch. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 4335. 

Var. imperialis, Leichtlin, 
Var. maculata, Baker. 

Cypella, Herb, 

C. ccerulea, Seub. See Marica coerulea. 
C. gracilis, Klatt. See Marica gracilis. 
C. Herbertii, Herb. S. America. Bot. Mag. 2599. 

C. peruviana, Baker. Peru. Bot. Mag. t. 6213. 

Diasia, DC. See Melasphserula. 

Dierama, K. Koch. 

D. pendnla, Baker. S. Africa. Bot. Eeg. t. 1360. 

D. pulcherrima, Baker, S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 5555. 
Dietes, Salisb. See Morsea. 

Diplarrhena, Labill, 

D. Moraea, Labill. Australia. 

Eleutherine, Herb, 

E. plicata, Herb, Trop. America. Bot. Mag. t. 655. 

Ferraria, Linn. 

F. antherosa, Ker. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 751. 
F. Tigridia, Ker. See Tigridia Pavonia. 

F. undulata, L. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 144. 
F, viridijlora, Andr. See antherosa. 

F 2 


Freesia, Klatt. 

F. refracta, Klatt, S. Africa. Bot. Reg. t. 135. 

Var. alba {Hort). 

'^ar. Leichtlini {Klatt). Gartenflora, t. 808. 
Var. odorata {Klatt). Bot. Cab. t. 1820. 
Yar. xanthospila {Klatt). Red. Lil. t. 124. 

Galaxia, Thunb. 

G. graminea, Thunb. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 1292. 

G. ovata, Thu7ib. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 1208. 
Var. versicolor {Salisb.). 

Geissorhiza, Ker. 

G. Bellendeni, Macowan. S. Africa. 

G. excisa, Ker. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 584. 

G. hirta, Ker, S. Africa. 

G. humilis. Ker. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 1255. 

G. obtusata, Ker. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 672. 

G. quadrangula, Ker. S. Africa. 

G. rochensis, Ker. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 598. 

Gladiolus, L. 

G. alatus, L. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 586. 
G. angustus, L. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 602. 
G. arenarius, Baker. S. Africa. 
G. aurantiacus, Klatt. Natal. 
Var. rubro-tinctus, Baker. 
G. biflorus, Klatt. S. Africa. 

G. blandus, Ait. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 625. 
Var. albidus {Jacq). Bot.'Mag. t. 648. 


Q-ladiolus— co/i^. 

G. brevifolius, Jacq. S. Africa. Jacq. Ic. t. 249. 

G. cardinalis, Curt. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 135. 

G. Cjbildsii, Hort. Garden hybrid. (Saundersii x ganda- 


G. ColvlUei, Hort. Garden hybrid (cardinalis x tristis). 

G. crassifolius, Baker. S. Africa. 

G. cruentus, Moore. Natal. Bot. Mag. t. 5810. 

G. cuspidatus, Jacq, S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 582, 

G. decoratus, Baker. Moramballa. 

G. dracocephalus, Hook.f. Natal. Bot. Mag. t. 5884. 

G. EcMoni, Lehn. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 6335. 

G. gandavensis, Hort. Gr.irden hybrid (psittacinus x 

G. gracilis, Jacq. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 56.2, 

G. grandis, Thunb. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 1042. 

G. hirsutus, Jacq. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 574. 

G. Kirkii, Baker. Zanzibar. 

G. Lemoinei, Hort. Garden hybrid (gandavensis x pur- 

G. lineatus, Salisb. See Tritonia lineata. 

G. Lucidor, Baker. S. Africa. 

G. macowanianus, Klatt. See angustus. 

G. Milleri, Ker. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 632. 

G. Merianellus, TJmnb. S. Africa. 

G. nanceianus, Hort. Garden hybrid (Sanndersii x 

G. natalensis, Reinw. See psittacinus. 


Gladiolus — cont, 

G. oppositiflorus, Herb. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 7292. 

G. Papilio, Hooh. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 5565. 

G. petmeabilis, Delar, S. Africa. 

G. platyphyllas, Baker. S. Africa. 

G. primuliniis, Baker, S. E. Africa. 

G. psittacinxis, Hook. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 3832. 

G. pudibundus, Paxt. Garden hybrid (cardinalis x 

G. purpureo-auratus, HooK f. Natal. Bot. Mag. t. 5944. 

G. quartinianus, A. Rich, Trop. Africa. Bot. M?g. t. 6737. 

G. recurvus, L. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 578. 

G. refractus, Jacq. See Freesia refracta. 

G. Saimdersii, Hook. f. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 5873. 

G. trichonemifolius, Ker. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 1483. 

G. trimaculatus, Lam. See angustus. 

G. tristis, L. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 272. 

Var. concolor {Salisb.). Bot. Mag. t. 1098. 

G. Tysoni, Baker. S. Africa. 

G. undiilatus, L. See cuspidatus. 

G, versicolor, Andr. See grandis. 

G. villosus, Ker. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 823. 

G. Watsonius, Thunb. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 450. 

G. aanthospilus, Bed. See Freesia refracta. 

Herbertia, Sweet. 

H. pulchella, Siceet. S. America. Bot. Mag. t. 3862. 


Hesperantha, Ker. 

H. cinnamomea, Ker. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 1054. 
H. falcata, Ker. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 566. 
H. piiosa, Ker. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 1475. 
H. Woodii, Baker. Natal. 

Homeria, Vent. 

H. collina, Vent. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 1033. 
Var. aurantiaca (Sweet). Bot. Mag. 1. 1612. 

H. elegans, Siveet. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 198S. 

H. lineata, Sweet. S. Africa. Sweet Brit. Fl. G-ard. 
t. 178. 

H. miniata, Sweet. S. Africa. Sv/eet Brit. Fl. Gard. 
t. 152. 

Hydrotaenia, Lindl. 

H. Van Houttei, Baker. Mexico. Flore des Serres 
t. 2174. 

Iris, L. 

I. hicolor, Lindl. See Moraea bicolor. 

/. chinensis, Curt. See japonica. 

/. compressa, L. f. See Morasa iridioides. 

/. crassifolia^ Lodd. See Moraea iridioides. 

I. hexagona, Walt. S. United States. Bot. Mag. t. 6787. 

I. japonica, Thiinb. Japan and China. Bot. Mag. t. 373. 

/. martinicensis, L. See Trimezia martinicensis. 

/. mor(Boides, Ker. See Morasa iridioides. 

/. Pavonia, Curt. See Moraea glaucopis. 

/. Pavonia, L. See Moraea Pavonia. 


Iris — cont. 

I. robinsoniana, F. Mull. See Moraea robinsoniana. 

/. tristis, L. f. See Morsea tristis. 

7. villosa, Ker. See Moraea Pavonia, var. 
Ixia, X. 

/. bulhifera, L. See Sparaxis bulbifera. 

7. Bulbocodium, L. See Romulea Bulbocodium. 

7 conica, Salisb. See maculata. 

7 crateroides, Ker. See speciosa. 

7 crispa, L. f. See Tritonia undulata. 

I.falcata, L. f. See Hesperanthera falcata. 

LJistulosttj Ker. See Micranthus fistulosus. 

I. flexuosa, 7. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t 624. 

7 grandiflora^ Ker. See Sparaxis grandiflora. 

I. maculata, 7, S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 539. 

I. monadelplia, Delar. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 607. 

I. paniculata, Delar. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 1502. 

I. patens, Ait. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 522. 

I. polystacliya, Linn. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 623. 

7. polystachya, Jacq. See Tritonia scillaris; 

I. speciosa, Andr. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 594. 

7. tricolor, Curt. See Sparaxis tricolor. 

I. viridiflora. Lam. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 549. 
Lapeyrousia, Poir. 

L. azurea, Eckl. See corymbosa. 

L. corymbosa, Ker. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 595. 
Var. azurea (Eckl.). 


Lapeyrousia — cont. 

L. cruenta, Benth. S. Africa. Bot. Reg. t. 1369. 

L. fissifolia, Ker. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 1246. 
L. grandiflora, Baker. Zambesi. Bot. Mag. t. 6924. 

Libertia, Spreng. 

L. formosa, Grah. Chili. Bot. Mag. t. 3294. 

L. grandiflora, Sweet. New Zealand. 

L. ixioides, Spreng. New Zealand. Reich. Hort. 1. 157. 

X. orbicularis, Coleuso. See ixioides. 

L. paniculata, Spreng. Australia. Bot. INIag. t. 6263. 

L. piQchella, Spreng, Australia and New Zealand. 

L. tricocca, Phil. Chili. 

Marica, Ker. 

M. brachypus, Baker. Trinidad. Bot. Mag. t. 6380. 

M. coerulea, Ker, Trop. America. Bot. Mag. t. 5612. 

M. gracilis, Herb. Trop. America. Bot. Mag. t. 3713. 

M. northiana, Ker. Trop. America. Bot. Mag. t. 654. 

M. occidentalis, Baker. Peru. 
Melasphaerula, Ker. ^ 

M. graminea, Ker. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 615. 
Micranthus, Fers. 

M. fistulosus, Eckl. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 523. 

M. plantagineiis, Eckl. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 553. 
Montbretia, DC. See Tritonia. 


Moraea, Z. 

M. barhigerat Salisb. See ciliata, 

M. bicolor, Spae. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 1404. 

M. ciliata, Ker, S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 1061. 

Var. barbigera (Salisb.). Bot. Mag. t. 1012. 

jM. collina, Thuiib. See Homeria collina. 

M. edulis, A'er. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 613. 
Viir. longiflora (Siveet). Bot. Mag. t. 1238. 

M. glaucopis, Baker. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 168. 

M. iridioides, L. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 693. 

M. juncea, L. S. Africa. 

M. longiflora, Ker. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 712. 

M. papilionacea, Ker. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 7oO. 

M. Pavonia, Ker. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 1247. 

M. robinsoniana, F. Muell. Lord Howe's It^land. Bot. 
Mag. t. 7212. 

M. spathacea, Ker. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. tt. 1103, 6174. 

31. spicattty Ker. See Homeria elegans. 

M. tricuspis, Ker. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 696. 

M. tristis, Ker. Cape Town. Bot. Mag. t. 1103. 

M. viscaria, Ker. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 587. 
Morphixia, Ker. See Ixia. 
Nivenia, Vent. See Aristea. 
Orthosanthus, Sweet. 

0. gramineus, Benth. West Australia. 

0. chimboracensis. Baker, Mexico to Peru. 
PardanthuSj Ker. See Belamcanda. 

U 97169. G 


Patersonia, R, Br. 

P. lorgiscapa, Sweet. Australia. Sweet Fl. Austr. t. 39. 

P. occidentalis, R. Br. West Australia. Bot. Reg. 
1830, t. 60. 

Rigidella, Lindl. 

R. flammea, Lindl. Mexico. Bot. Reg. 1840, t. 16. 

R. oi'thanthay Paxt. See flammea. 

R. immaculata, Herb. Guatemala. Bot. Reg. 1841, t. 1. 
Romulea, Maratti. 

R. aurea, Klatt. See sublutea. 

R. bulbocodioides, Baker. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 1392. 

R. Bulbocodium, Seb. S)- Mauri. Europe. Bot. Mag. t. 265. 

R. clusiana, Baker. Spain. 

R. Columnse, Seb. Sf Mauri. Europe and Azores. 

R. filifolia, Bckl. S. Africa. 

R. gracillima. Baker, Namaqualand, 

R. hirsuta, Eckl. S. Africa. 

R. Linaresii, Bar I. S. Europe and Asia Minor. 

R. longifolia, Baker. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. 575. 

R. Parlatorei, Todaro. See ramiflora. 

R. purpurascens, Ten. See ramiflora. 

R. pulchella, Jord. See Bulbocodium. 

R. rosea, Eckh S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 1225. 
Var. speciosa, Baker. Bot, Mag. 1476. 

R. sublutea, Baker. S. Africa. Red. Lil. t. 251. 

R. ramiflora, Ten. Mediterranean. Moggr. Ment. t. 92. 
Var. Parlatorei {Tod,). 

G 2 


Schizostylis, Bachh. 

S. coccinea, Bachh. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 5422. 
Sisyrinchium, Linn. 

S. chilense, Hook. Trop. America. Bot. Mag. t. 2786. 

S. filifolium, Gaud. Falkland Islds. Bot. Mag. t. 6820. 

S. moritzianum, Klatt. See Orthosanthus chimbora- 

S. striatum, Smith, S. America. Bot. Mag. t. 701. 

Sparaxis, Ker, 

S. albi flora, Eckl. See bulbifera. 

S. bulbifera, Ker. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 545. 

S. grandiflora, Ker, S. Africa. Bot, Mag. t. 779. 
ISTumerous garden forms. 

S, pendula, Ker. See Dierama pendula. 

S. pulcherrima, Hook. f. See Dierama pulcherrima. 

S..tricolor, Ker. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 1482. 
Numerous garden forms. 

S3ninotia, Sweet. 

S. bicolor, Sweet. 8. Africa. Jacq. Ic. tt. 240, 258. 

S. variegata, Siveet. S. Africa. 
Syringodea, Jlooh. f, ^ 

S. pulchella, Hook.f. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 6072. 
Tigridia, Ker, 

T. aurea, Hort. See Pavonia. 

T. buccifera, S. Wats. Mexico. Gard. and For. 1889, 
fig. 125. 

T. conchifera, Sweet. See Pavonia. 


Tigridia — cont. 

T. grandifloray Salisb. See Pavonia. 

T. Pavonia, Ker. Mexico and Guatemala. Bot. Mag. 
t. 532. 

Var. aurea, Hort. 
Var. alba, Hort. 

Var. conchiflora, (Sweet). Paxt. Fl. Gard. t. 218. 
T. Pringlei, S. Wats. Mexico. Bot. Mag. t. 7089. 
T. violacea, Schiede. Mexico. Bot. Mag. t. 7356. 
Trichonema, Ker. See Romulea. 
Triniezia, Herb. 

T. martinicensis, Herb. Trop. America. Bot. Mag.t. 416. 
Tritonia, Ker. 

T. aurea, Ldl. See Crocosmia aurea. 

T. crocosmaeflora. Grarden hybrid (Pottsii x Crocosmia 

T. crispa, Ker. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 678. 

T. crocata, Ker. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 184. 
Var. miniata (Ker.). But. Mag. 609. 

T.fenestrata, Ker. See hyalina. 

r. hyalina, leaker. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 704. 

T. lineata, Ker. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 487. 

T. longiflora, Ker. See Ixia paniculata. 

T, miniata, Ker. See crocata. 

T. odorata, Lodd. See Freesia refracta. 

T. Pottsii, Benth. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 6722. 

T. refracta^ Ker. See Freesia refracta. 

T. rosea, Klatt. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 7280. 


Tritonia — cont, 

T. scillaris, Baker. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 629. 

Z, secnrigera. J^er. S. Africa 

S. Africa. Keel. Lil. t. 53. 
Bot. Mag. t. 581. 

T. Templemanni, Baiter. S. Africa. 

T. undulata, Baker. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 599. 

T. watsonioides, Baker. Swaziland. 
Vieusseuxia, Delar. See ^loraea. 
Watsonia, Miller. 

IV. alba, Hort. See Meriana. 

W. Arclernei, Hort. See Meriaua. 

W. aJetroides, Ker, S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 5.33. 

W. angusta, Ker. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 600. 

W. coccinea, Herb. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 1194. 

W. densiflora, Baker. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. 6400. 

W.fulgiday Salisb. >S^6'e angusta. 

W. humilis, Mill. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. tt. 63, 1193. 

W, iridifolia^ Ker. See Meriana. 
Var. fulgens, Ker, See angusta. 

W. marginata, Ker. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 608. 

W. Meriana, Mill. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 418. 

Var. Ardernei, Hort. See var. O'Brieni. 

Var. iridifolia {Baker). 

Var. O'Brieni, N. E. Br. 
IF. plantagineaf Ker. See Micranthus plantagiueus. 
W. punctata, Ker. S. Africa. 
W. rosea, KerSls. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 1072. 
TV. tubulosa, Anar. See aletroides. 
Witsenia, Ker. See Aristea. 



Agave, L. 

A. albicans, Jacohi. Mexico. Gard. Chroii. 1877, viii. 
717, fig. 138. 

A. amoena, Lem. See Scolymus. 

A. americana, L. Trop. America. Bot. Mag. t. 3654. 
Var albo marginata, ffort. 
Var. lutea viride marginata, JIoi'L 
Var. ornata, Jacohi. 
Var. picta. {Shlm-Di/ch.) 
Var. striata, Hort. 
Var. variegata, Hort. 

A. amurensis, Jacobi. See xylonacnntha. 

A. ananasoides, De Jonghe. See regeliana. 

A. angustissima, Engelm. Mexico. Grard. and For. vi. 5, 
fig. 1. 

A. applanata, Lem. Mexico. Hort. Bot. Panorin. ii. 29, 
t. 30.. 

A. attenuata, Salm-Dyck. Mexico. Bot. Mag. t. 5333. 

A. atrovirens, Kane. Mexico. Rev. Hort. 1873, 373, 
tt. 40-41. 

Var. latissima {Jacohi). 
A. Baxteri, B alter. Mexico. 
A Beaucarnei, Lem. See Kerchovei. 
A, hesseriana, Jacobi. See macracantha. 
A. honnetiana, Hort. See ferox. 
A. Botterii, Baker. Mexico. Bot. Mag. t. 6248. 
A. Bonchei, Jacobi. Mexico. 


Agave — cont. 

A. brachystachys, Cav. Mexico. Red. Lil. t. 485. 

A. bulbifem, Salm-Dyck. See vivipara. 

A. caespitosa, Todaro. See Sartorii. 

A. californica, Jacobi. See falcata. 

A. canartiana, Jacobi. See atrovirens. 

A. Candelabrum, Todaro. See rigida var. elongata. 

A. C«w^tt/«, Roxb. >S^ee vivipara. 

A. caribaea, Baker. Martinique. 

A. celsiana, Hook, Mexico. Bot. Mag. t. 4934. 

A. chiapensis, Jacobi. See polyacantha. 

A. chloracantha, Salm-]Dyck. Mexico. 

A. cinerascenSf Jacobi. See applanata. 

A. coarctata, Jacobi. See atrovirens var. latissima. 

A. coccinea, JRoezL Mexico. 

A. cochlearis, Jacobi. Mexico. 

A. coerulescenSf Salm Dyck. See lophantba. 

A, cohniana, Jacobi. See yuccaefolia. 

A. concinna, Baker. Mexico. 

A Consideranti, Carr. See Victoriae-Reginae. 

A. Corderoyi, Baker, Mexico. Gard. Chron. 1877, vi. 
399, fig. 79. 

A. crenata, Jacobi. See Scolymus. 

A. cucullata, Lem. Mexico. 

A, cyanophylla, Jacobi. See mexicana. 

A. dasylirioides. Jacobi, Mexico. Bot. Mag. t. 5716. 

A. dealbata, Lem. See dasylirioides. 


Affave — cont. 

A. decipiens, Baker. Florida. Missouri Bot. Gard. Rep. 
1896, it. 57-8. 

A. den&iflora, Hook. Mexico. Bot. Mag, t. 5006. 
Yar. longiflora, Hort. 

A. Deserti, Engelm. California. Missouri Bot. Gard. 
Rep. 1896, tt. 33-4. 

A. desmetiana, Hort. See horrida. 

A. elemeetiana, Jacohi. Mexico. Bot. Ref. t. 163. 

A. elegantissima, Hort. 

A. elongata, Jacohi. <S'6'e rigida. 

A. Engelmanni, Trelease. Mexico. Missouri Bot. Gard . 
Rep. 1892, t. 55-6. 

A. ensifera, Jacobi. See univittata. 

A. excelsa, Jacohi. Mexico. 

A. falcata, Engelm. Mexico. 

A. ferox, K. Koch. Mexico. 

A filamentosa, Salm-Dyck. See filifera. 

A. filifera, Sahn-Dyck. Mexico. 111. Hort. t. 243. 
Var. filaraentosa (Salm-Dyck). 

A. fourcroyoides^ Jacobi. ^See rigida var. elongafa. 

A. Pranzosini, Baker. Mexico. Gard. Chron. 1892, x. 
179, fig. 31. 

A. geminiflora, G^«it'/. Mexico. Bot. Reg. t. 1145. 

A. Ghiesbreghtii, Lem. Mexico. 

A. Gilbeyif Hort. See horrida. 

A. glaucescens. Hook. See attenuate. 

A. goeppertiana, Jacohi. Mexico. 


Agave — cont, 

A, grandidentata, Jacobi. See horrida var. micracantha. 

A. gracilispina, Jacobi. See coccinea. 

A. Haseloffii, Jacohi. Mexico. Bot. Mag. t. 7527. 

A. Haynaldi, Todaro. Mexico. 

A. Henriquesii, Baker. Mexico. Gard. Chron. 1 887, i. 
732, fig. 70. 

A. heteracantha, Zucc. Texas and Mexico. Gartenfl. 
t. 639. 

A. Hookeri, Jacohi. Mexico. Bot. Mag. t. 6589. 

A. horizontinalis, Jacohi. Mexico. 

A. horrida, Lem, Mexico. Bot. Mag. t. 6551. 

Var. ailbeyi, Hort. 

Var. macrodonta, Baker, 

A^ar. micracantha. Baker. 

A. Hoillletii, Jacohi. Mexico. 
A. huachucensis, Baker. Arizona. 
A. hrnnboldtiana, Jacohi. Mexico, 
A. hystricc, Hort. See striata var. stricta. 
A. inermiSf Ortg. See Kerchovei. 
A. integrifolia, Baker. Mexico. 
A. intermedia, Hort. 
A. Lvtli, Karw. See rigida. 
A. ia^tlioides, Hook. See rigida elongatn. 
A. jacohiana, Salm-Dyck. See atrovirens. 
A. Karatto, Mill. West Indies. 
A. Kellockiif Jacobi. See pruinosa. 
U 97169. H 


Agave — cont. 

A. Kerchovei, Lem. Mexico. Gard. Chron. 1877, vii. 
527, fig. 78. 

Var. canaliculata, Hort. 

Tar. major, Hort. 

Var. inermis, Hort. 

Var. Veitchii, Hort. 

A. kewensis, Jacobi. Mexico. 

A. Kochiiy Jacobi. See xylonacantha. 

A. latissima, Jacobi. See atrovirens. 

A. laxifolia, Baker. Mexico. Bot. Mag. t. 7477. 

A. Lechuguillay Torr. See heteracantha. 

A. Lehrrlanni^ Jacobi. See atrovirens latissima. 

A. Leopoldi, Hort, Garden hybrid (" princeps " x filifera). 

A. linearis, Jacobi. See macracantha. 

A. lophantha, Schiede. Mexico. 

Var. coerulescens (Salm-DycJi). 

A. lurida, Ait. Mexico. Bot. Mag. t. 1522. 

Var. jacquiniana (Schult.). Bot. Mag. t. 5097. 

A. macracantha, Zucc. Mexico. Bot. Mag. t. 5940. 

A. macrantha, Todaro, ? Mexico. 

A. macrodonta, Lem. See Kerchovei. 

A. maculata, Reg el. Texas ?.nd Mexico. Bot. Ma<y. 
t. 5122. 

A. Marensi, Hort. Hab. — ? 

A. Margaritee, Hori. See applanata. 

A. maritima, Rose. Mexico. 

A. marmorata, Roeze, Mexico. 

H 2 


Agave — cord 

A. maximiliana, Baiter. Mexico. 

A. Mescal, Koch. See Scolymus. 

A. nTexicana, Lam. Mexico. Gard. Chron, 1883, 
xix. 142, fig. 22. 

A. micracantha, Salm-Dyck. Mexico. Eef. Bot. t. 327. 
Var, picta. 

A. miradorensis, Jacobi. Mexico. 

A.mitiSfSalm-Di/ck. Mexico. Gard. Chron. 1877, viii. 
717, fig. 137. 

A. mitrceformis, Jacobi. See atrovirens. 

A. Morrisiij Baker. Jamaica, Gard. Chron. 1887, i. 549, 
fig. 105. 

Yar. variegata. 

A. multilineata, Baker. Mexico. 

A. Nissoni, Baker. Mexico. 

A. Noackiiy Jacobi. See Sartorii. 

A. oblongata, Jacobi. ? Mexico. 

A. ornata, Jacobi. See americana. 

A. Ottonis, Jacobi. See atrovirens. 

A. oiisselghemiana, Jacobi. /S^ee albicans. 

A. Palmeri, Engelm. Arizona. Missouri Bot. Gard. 
Rep. 1896, tt. 48-52. 

A. Parryi, Engelm. Arizona and New Mexico. 

A. Peacockii, Croucher. Mexico. Gard. Chron. 1873, 
1400, fig. 283. 

A.pe7'bella, Hort. See xylonacantha. 

A. polyacantha, Haw. Mexico. 


Agave— cow/. 

A. Poselgeriiy Salm-Dyck. See heteracaiitha. 

A. potatorum, Zucc, Mexico. 

A. Pringlei, Engelm. Californiii. 

A. pruinosa, Lem. Mexico. 

A. protuberans, Engelm. Mexico. 

A. pulcherrima, Todaro. Mexico. 

A. pumila, Hort. ? Mexico. 

A. recurva, Zucc. See striata. 

A. regeliana, Jacob I. Mexico. 

A. rigida, Mill. Mexico. Bot. Mag. t. 5893. 

Var. angustifolia. 

Var. elongata {Jacobi). 

Var. Ixtli. (Kane). 

Var. sisalana, Engelm. Missouri Bot. Gavd. liep. 
1896, tt. 54-56. 

A. roezliana, Baker. Mexico. Gard. Chiou. 1877, vii. 528, 
iig. 79. 

A. rnfo-dncta, Jacobi. See Sartorii. 

A. rupicola, Regel. Mexico. 

A. salmiana. Otto. See atrovirens. 

A. saponaria, Lindl. See brachyslachys. 

A. Sartorii, Koch. Mexico and Guatemala. Bot. Mag. 
t. 6292. 

A Saundersiif Hook. See Scolymus. 

A. scabra, Salm-Dyck. See Wislizenii. 

A. scMdigera, Lem. Mexico. Bot. Mag. t. 5641. 

A. Schottii, Engelm. Arizona. Missouri Bot. Gard. 
Rep. 1896, t. 29. 


Agave — cont 

A. Scolymus, Karw, Mexico. Ref. Bot. t. 328. 
Var. brevifolia. 
Var. crenata {.Jacobi), 
Var. Leopoldii. 
Var. Saundersii (Hook). Bot. Mag. t. 5493. 

A. seemaimiana, Jacohi. Guatemala. 

A. Shawii, Engelm. California. Missouri Bot. Gard. 
Eep. 1896 tt. 44-47. 

A. sisalana, Engelm. See rigida, 

A. sobolifera, Salm-Dyck. West Indies. 

A. spectabilis, Todaro. ? Mexico. 

A. spicata, Cav, ? Cuba. 

A. striata, Zucc. Mexico. Bot. Mag, t. 5940. 
Var. echinoides {Jacohi). 
Var. recurva {Zucc). 
■ Var. stricta {Salm-Dyck). 

A. Taylori, Williams. Garden hybrid (geminiflora x 
filamentosa) . 

A. tehuacanensis, Karw. See atrovirens. 

A. thomsoniana, Jacohi. Mexico, 

A. toneliana, Baker. Mexico. 

A. triangularis, Jacobi. See horrida. 

A. tincinata, Jacobi. See polyacantha. 

A. imivittata, Haw. Mexico. Bot. Mag. t. 6655. 
Var. longifolia. 

A. univittata x marginata. Garden hybrid. 

A. utahensis, Engelm. Utah and Arizona. 


Agave— coM^. 

A. Veitchii, Hort. See Kerchovei. 

A. Vera- Crucis, Haw. *S'ee lurida. 

J. Verschaffeltii, Lein. See Scolymus. 

A. vestita, Hort. 

A. Victoriae-Reginae, T. Moore, Mexico. Til. Hort. 
1881, t. 413. 

A. vlrginica, L. S. United States. Bot. Mag. t. 1157. 
A. vivipara, L. Mexico & Honduras. Wight Ic. t 2024. 

Var. variegata. 
A. Wildingii, Tod. Mexico. Hort. Bot. Panorm. t. 32. 
A. Wisli^enii, Eagelm. Mexico. 
A. xalapensis, Roezl. Mexico. 

A. xylonacantha, Salm-Di/ck. Mexico. Bot. Mag. 
t. 5660. 

Var. perbella. Grard. Chron. 1877, vii. 528, fig. 22. 
A. yuccaefolia, D.C. Mexico. Bot. Mag. t. 5213. 

Amaryllis, L. 

A. Atamasco, L. See Zephyranthes Atamasco. 
A. Belladonna, Z. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 733. 

Var. blanda ((t«w/.). 

Var. kewensis, Hort. 

Var. pallida (Red.). 
A. Candida^ Lindl. See Zephyranthes Candida. 
A. formosissima, L. See Sprekelia formosissima. 
A. Hallii, Hort. See Lycoris squamigera. 
fc A, tuhispatha, Herb. See Zephyranthes tubispatha, 

I •■"""■"""■■' 


Ammocharis, Herb, 

A. falcata, Herb. S. Africa. Bot. Reg. tt. 139, 1219. 
Anoiganthus, Baker. 

A. bf evifloms, Baker. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 7072 . 
Var. minor, Baker, 
Apodolirion, Baker. 

A. Ettae, Baker. Natal. 

A. Mackenii, Baker. "N"atal. 
Barbacenia, Vand, 

B. squamata, Paxt. Brazil. Bot. Mag. t. 4136. 
Beschorneria, Kunth. 

B. bracteata, Jacobi. Mexico. Bot. Mag. t. 6641. 

B. cohniana, Jacobi. See tubiflora. 

B. decosteriana, Baker. Mexico. Bot. Mag. t. 6768. 

B. superba, Hort. Mexico. 

B. toneliana, Jacobi. Mexico. Bot. Mag. t. 6091. 

B. tubiflora, Kunth. Mexico. Bot. Mag. t. 4642. 

B. ynccoides. Hook. Mexico. Bot. Mag. t. 5203. 

Bomarea, Mirb. 

B. acutifolia, Herb. Mexico. Bot. Mag. tt. 3050, 3871, 

B. caldasiana. Herb. Colombia. Bot. Mag. t. 5442, 
B. Carderi, Mast. Colombia. Fl. Mag. n.s. t, 239. 
B. chontalensis, Seem. See edulis. 
B. conferta, Benth. See patacocensis. 
B. edulis, Herb. l>op. America. Bot. Mag. t. 1613. 
Var. chontalensis {Seem). Bot. Mag. t 5927. 


Bomarea — cont. 

B. Lehmanni, Baker. Colombia. 

B. frondea, Mast. Colombia. Gard. Chron. 1882, xvii. 
669, fig. 102. 

B. multiflora, Mirh. Venezuela and Colombia. Fl. des 
Serres, t. 2316. 

B. oculata, Lodd. See Salsilla. 

B. oligfantha, Baker. Peru. 

B. patacocensis, Herb. Ecuador and Colombia. Bot. 
Mag. t. 6692. 

B. Salsilla, Herb. Chili. Bot. Mag. t. 3341. 

B. Shuttleucorthii, Mast. See Carderi. 

Bravoa, Llav. ^ Lex. 

B. bulliana, Baker. See Prochnyanthes bulliana. 
B. geminidora, Llav, 4' Lex, Mexico. 

Bninsvigia, Heist. 

B. gigantea. Heist. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 1619. 

B. humilis, Ecklon. See minor. 

B. Josephinae, Gawl. S. Africa. Bot. Reg. t. 192-3. 

B. minor, Lindl. S. Africa. Bot. Reg. t. 954. 

B. multiflora^ Ait. See gigantea. 

B. Radula, Ait. S. Africa. 

B. toxicaria, Gawl. See Buphane disticha. 

Biiphane, Herb. 

B. ciliaris, Herb. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 2573. 

B. disticha, Herb. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 1217. 
B. toxicariOy Herb. See disticha. 


Calliphruria, Herb. 

C. hartwegiana, Herb. Bogota. Bot. Mag. t. 6259. 

C, subedentata, Baker. See Eucharis subedentata. 
Callipsyc]ie, Herb. 

C. aurantiaca, Baker, Ecuador. Kef. Bot. t. 167. 

C. mirabilis, Baker. Peru. Ref. Bot. t. 168. 
Calostemma, R. Br. 

C. album, R. Br. Gulf of Carpentaria. 

C. luteum, Sims, Australia. Bot. Mag. t. 2101. 

C. purpureum, R. Br. Australia. Bot. Mag. 2100. 
Chlidanthus, Herb. 

C. fragrans, Herb. Peru. Bot. Mag. t. 640. 

Clivia, Lindl. 

C. cyrtanthiflora, Hort. Garden hybrid (miniata x 

C. Gardeni, Hook. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 4895. 

C. miniata, Regel, Natal. Bot. Mag. t. 4783. 
Numerous garden varieties. 

C. nobilis, Lindl. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 2856. 
Coburgia^ Sweet. See Stenomesson. 
Cooperia, Herb. 

C. Drummondii, Herb. Texas & Mexico. Bot. Reg. 
t- 1835. 

C. Oberwetteri, Hort. 

C. pedunculata, Herb. Texas. Bot. Mag. t. 3727. 
Crinnm, L. 

C. abyssinicum, Hochst, Abyssinia. 
U 97169. I 


Crinum — cont. 

C. amabile, Donn. Sumatra. Bot. Mag. t. 1605. 

C. anioenum, Roxh. Himalaya & Khasia. 

C. americanum, L. United States. Bot. Mag. t. 1034. 

C. angustifoliuni, R, Br. Australia. Bot. Mag. t. 23 55. 

C. aquatioum, Burchell. See campanulatum. 

C. arenarium, Herb. See angustifolium. 

C. asiaticum, L. Tropical Asia. Bot. Mag. t. 1073. 
Var. japoniciim. 
Var. variegatum, 

C. augustum, Roxh. Mauritius and Seychelles. Bot. 
Mag. t. 2397. 

C. austral asicum^ Herb. See angustifolium. 

C. aiistrale, Herb. See pedunculatum. 

C. Bainesii, Baker. Tropical Africa. 

C. brachynema, Herb. Bombay. Bot. Mag. t. 5937. 

C. bracteatum, JVilld. Seychelles. Bot. Reg. t. 179. 

C. Broussonetii, Herb. See yuccaeflorum. 

C. campanulatum, Herb. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 2352. 

C. canaliculatum, Roxb. See pedunculatum. 

C. capense, Herb. See longifolium. 

C. careyanum, Herb. Mauritius and Seychelles. Bot, 
Mag. t. 2466. 

C. Colensoi, Hort. See Moorei. 

C. Commelyni, Jacq. S. America. 

C. crassifolium, Herb. See var labile. 

C. crassipes, Baker. ? Trop. Africa. 

I 2 



C. cruentum, Gawl. Mexico. Bot. Reg. t. 171. 
C. defixum, Ker. India. Bot. Mag. t. 2208. 

Tar. ensifolium, Roxb. Pegu. Bot. Mag. t. 2301. 

C. distlchum, Herb. Sierra Leone. Bot. Mag. t. 1253. 

C. DorisB, Hort, Dammann. Abyssinia. 

C. erubescens, Ait. Trop. America. Bot. Mag. t. 1232. 
Var. minus, Hort. 

C. flaccidum, Herb. Australia. Bot. Mag. t. 2133. 

C. fimbriatulum, Baker. Angola. 

C. fbrbesianum, Herb. Delagoa Bay. Bot. Mag. t. 6545. 

C. giganteum, Andr. Trop. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 923. 

C. grandijiorum, Hort. See Powelli. 

C. Hildebrandtii, Vatke. Johanna Isld. Bot. Mag. t. 6709. 

C. Kirkii, Baker. Zanzibar. Bot. Mag. t. 6502. 

C. Lastii, Baker. E. Trop. Africa. 

C. latifolium, L. Trop. Asia. Bot. Reg. t. 1297. 
Var. yemense. {Deflers). Arabia. 

C. leTicophyllum, Baker. Damaraland. Bot. Mag. t. 6783. 

C. lindleyanum. Herb. Hee Commelynii. 

C. lineare, L. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 915. 

C. longifolium, Thunb. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 661. 
Var. farinianum, Baker. 

C. Mackenii, Hort. See Mocrei. 

C. Macowani, Baker. Natal. Bot. Mag. t. 6381. 

C. makoyanum, Carr. See Moorei. 

C. 7nassaianum, Linden. See Kirkii. 


Crinum — cont» 

C. moluccanum, 'Roxb. Sec latifolium. 

C. Moorei, Hook.f, S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 6113. 
^ Var. album. Gartenfl. t. 1072. 
Var. variegatum. 

C natalense, Hort. See Moorei. 

C: nohile, Hort. See giganteum. 

C. ornatum, Bury. See sanderianum. 

C. parYum, Baker. Zambesia. 

C. pedunculatum, R. Br. Australia, Bot. Reg. t. 52. 
Var. pacificum, Hort. 

C. podophyllum, BaJier. Old Calabar. Bot. Mag. t. 6483. 
Var. magnificum, Hort. 

C. Powellii, Hort (longifolium x Moorei). 
Var. album, Hort, 
Var. rubrum, Hort. 

C. purpurascens, Herb. W. Trop. Africa. Bot. IMag. 
t. 6525. 

C. revolutum, Lindl. See Commelynii. 

C. riparkim. Herb. See longifolium. 

C. roozeniamim, O'Brien. See erubescens, var. minus. 

C. sanderianum, Baiter. W, Trop. Africa. 

C. scabrum, Herb. Trop. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 2180. . 

C. Schimperi, Vatke. Abyssinia. Bot. Mag. t. 7417. 

C. Schmidtii, Kegel. See Moorei, var. album. 

C. speciosum, Herb. See latifolium. 

C. submersum, Herb. Brazil. 


Crinum — cont. 

C. superhum^ Roxb. See ainabile. 

C. taitcnse, Red. See pedunculatum. 

C. vanillodorum^ Wellw. See giganteum. 

C. yuccaeflorum, Salish. Sierra Leone. Bot. Mag. 
t. 2121. 

C. ycmensey Deflers. See latifolium. 

C. zeylanicum, L. Trop. Asia and Africa. 
Var. reductum, Baker. 

Curculigo, Gaertn. • 

C. latifolia, Dvyand. Malaya. Bot. Mag. t. 2034. 

C. orchioides Gaertn. Trop. Asia. Bot. Mag. t. 1076. 

C. recurvata, Dryand. Trop. Asia. Bot. Reg. t. 770. 
Var. variegata. 

C. seychellensis, Bojer. Mascarene Islands. 

Cyrtanthus, Ait. 

G. angustifolius, Ait. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 271. 
Var. ventricosus (Willd), 

C. hreviflm'us, Harv. See Anoiganthus breviflorus. 

C. carneus, Lindl. S. Africa. Bot. Reg. t. 1462. 

C. coUinus, Burch. S. Africa. Bot. Reg. t. 162. 

C. Galpini, Baker. S. Africa. 

C. delictus, Lehm. S. Africa. 

C. Huttoni, Baker. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 7488. 

C. hybridus, N. E. Br. Garden hybrid (sanguineus x 
Vallota purpurea) . 

C. intermedius, Hort. S. Africa. 


Cyrtanthus — cout. 

C. lutescens, Herb. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 5374. 

C. Mackenii, Hookf. Natal. Ref*. Bot. t. 355. 

C. Itacowani, Baker. S. Africa. Gartenfl. t. 960. 

C. obliquus, Ait. S. Africa. Bot. Reg. t. 1133. 

C. O'Brieni, Baker. Natal. 

C. odorus, Gawl. S. Africa. Bot. Reg. t. 503. 

C. parviflorus, Baker. S. Africa. 

C. sanguineus, Hook. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 5218. 

C. spiralis, Burch. S. Africa. Bot. Reg. t. 167. 

C. Tuckii, Baker. 8. Africa. Gard. Chron. 1892, xii. 
p. 155, iig. 

C. uniflorus, Gawl. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 2291. 
Doryanthes, Correa. 

D. excelsa, Correa. N. S. Wales. Bot. Mag. t. 1687, 
D. Guilfoylei, Bailey. Queenslaad. 

D. Larkini, Bailey. Queensland. 

D. Palmeri, W. Hill. Queensland. Bot. Mag. t. 6665. 
Elisena, Herb. 

E. longipetala. Herb. Peru & Ecuador. Bot. Mag. t. 3873. 

Eucharis, Planch. 

E. amazouica, Hort. See grandifiora. 

E. Candida, Planch. Colombia. Fl. des. Serres, t. 788. 

E. elmetiana, Hort. Garden hybrid. 

E. grandifiora. Planch. Colombia. Bot. Mag. t. 4971. 
Var. Lowii (Baker). 
Var. Moorei (Baker). 


Eucharis — cont. 

E. Mastersii, Baker. Colombia. Bot. Mag. t. 683 1 . 

E. Sanderi, Baker. Colombia. Bot. Mag. t. 6676. 

E. Stevensii, Krelage. Garden hybrid (candida x 

E. subedentata, Benth. Colombia. Bot. Mag. t. 6289. 

Eurycles, Salisb. 

E. amboinensiSf Loud. See sylvestris, 

E. aiistralasica, Loud. See sylvestris. 

E. Cunninghami, Ait. Australia. Bot. Mag. t. 3399. 

E. sylvestris, Salisb, Malaya and Australia. Bot. Mag. 
t. 1419. 

Fourcroya, R. & S. See Furcraea. 

Furcraea, Vent. 

F. Bedinghausii, K. Koch. Mexico. He v. Hort. 1887, 
%• 71. 

F. Commelyni, Kunth. Trop. America. 

F. cubensis, Haw. Trop. America. 

Var. inermis, Baker. Bot. Mag. t. 6573. 
Var. Lindeni {Jacobi). 

F. depauperata, Jacobi. Trop. America. 

F. Desiderantii, Hort. Trop. America. 

F. elegans, Todaro. Mexico. Hort. Bot. Panorm. ] 3, t. 4. 

F. flavo-viridis, J^oo^. Mexico. Bot. Mag. t. 5 J 63. 

F. geminispina, Jacobi. Trop. America. 

F. gigantea, Vent. Trop. America. Bot. Mag. t. 2250. 

Var. variegata, Hort. 

Var. willemeetiana, Roem. 


Furcraea — cont. 

F. Lindeni, Jacobi. See cubensis. 

F. longaeva, Karw. Mexico. Bot. Mag. t. 5519. 

F. macrophylla, Baker, Bahamas. 

F. pubescens, Todaro. Trop. America. 

F. Hoezlii, Andre. See Bedinghausii. 

F. Selloa, K. Koch. Mexico &Guatemala. Bot. Mag. t. 6148. 

F. striata, Jacobi. Trop. America. 

F. tuberosa, Ait. Trop. America. 

F. undulata, Jacobi. Mexico. Bot. Mag. t. 6160. 
Gastronema, Herb. See Cyrtanthus. 

Gethyllis, L. 

G. afra, Z. S. Africa. Bot. Reg. t. 1016. 
G. ciliaris, L. S. Africa. 

G. odorata, Jlort. S. Africa. 

G. piicata, Hart. S. Africa. 

G. spiralis, L. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. ]088. 
Griffinia, Ker. 

G. Blumenavia, K. Koch. Brazil. Bot. Mag. t. 5666. 

G. hyacinthina, Herb. Brazil. Bot. Reg. t. 163. 

G. ornata, Moore, Brazil. Bot. Mag. t. 6367. 

Habranthtis, Herb. See Hippeastrum. 

Haemanthus, L. 

H, abyssiniciis, Herb. See multiflorus. 

H. albiflos, Jacq. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 1239. 
Var. pubescens, Herb. Bot. Reg. t. 382. 


Haemant hus — co fit. 

H. albomaculatus, Baker. IN'atal. 

H. amarylloides, Jacq. S. Africa. Hort. Schoen. iv. 

H. Baurii, Baker. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. G87o. 

H. brevifolius, Herb. See caraeus. 

H. candidus, Hort. Bull. Natal, 

H. carneus, Gawl. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 3373. 

H. cinnabarinus, Dcsne. W. Trop. Africa. Bot. Mag. 
t. 5314. 

H. Clarkei, iV. TVatson, Garden hybrid (albiflos x 

H. coarcuitns, Jacq. See coccineus. 
H. coccineus, L. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 1075. 
Var. coarctatas, Baker. 

H. incarnatus, Burch. S. Africa. Herb. Amaryll. 237, 
t. 31. 

II. insignis, Hook. See magnificus. 

H. Kalbreyeri, Baker. See multiflorus. 

H. Katherinse, Baker. Xatal. Bot. Mag. t. 6778. 

H. magnificus, Herb. Natal. Fl. Mag. 1875, t. 148. 
Yar. insignis, Baker. Bot. Mag. t. 4745. 
Var. superbus, Hort. 

H. Mannii, Baker. W. Trop. Africa. Bot. Mag. G364. 

H. multiflorus, Marty n. Trop. Africa. Bot. Mag. 
tt. 961, 1995, 3870. 

H. natalensis, Pappe. Natal. Bot. Mag. t. 5378. 

H. pubescens, L. S. Africa, Bot. Mag. t. 1523. 

H. puniceus, L. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 1315. 

U 97169. K 



Haemanthus — cont. 

II. quadrivalvis, Jacq. See pubescens. 

H. rotundifolius, Gawl. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 1618. 

H. Rouperi, Hort. See magnificus. 

H. tigrinus, Jacq. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 1705. 

Hessea, Herb. 

H. crispa, Kunth. S. Africa. Bot. Reg. t. 1383. 
H. gemmata, Benth. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 1620. 
H. tindulata, Hort. See Strumaria undulala. 

Hippeastrum, Herb. 

H. Ackermanni, Hort. Garden hybrid. 

H. advenum, ^er6. Chili. Bot. Mag. t. 1125. 

H. andreaniirn, Hort. Jamaica (non Baker). See 
Amaryllis Belladonna. 

H. aulicum, Herb. Brazil. Bot. Mag. t. 3311. 

H. bicolor, Baker. Chili. Bot. Mag. t. 2399. 

H. bifidum, Baker. Buenos Ayres. Bot. Mag. t. 2599. 

H. brachyandrum, Baker. Parana. Bot. Mag. t. 7344. 

H. equestre, Herb. Trop. America. Bot. Mag. t. 305. 

H. Leopoldii, Dombrain. Peru. Fl. Mag. t. 4756. 

H. pardinum, Dombrain. Peru. Bot. Mag. t. 5645. 

H. perilutum, Hort. 

H. pratense, Baker. Chili. Bot. Keg. 1842, t. 35. 

H. procerum, Lem. Brazil. Bot. Mag. t. 5883. 

H. psittacinum, Herb. Brazil. Bot. Reg. t. 199. 

H. Reginae, Herb. S. America. Bot. Mag. t. 453. 

K 2 


Hippeastrum — con L 

H. reticulatum, fferb. Brazil. Bot. Mag. t. 657. 
Var. striatifolium, Baker. Bot. Mag. I. 2513. 

H. Roezlii, Baker. Bolivia. 

H. solandraeflomm, Herb. Brazil. Bot. Mag. t. 2573. 

H. stylosum, Herb. Brazil. Bot. Map:, t. 2278. 

H. vittatum, Herb. Peru. Bot. Mag. t. 129. 
Numerous garden hybrids. 

Hymenocallis, Salisb. 

H. acKttfolia, Herb. See littoralis. 

//. adnata. Herb. See littoralis. 

H. Amancaes, Nichols, Peru. Bot. Mag. t. 1224. 

H. andreana, Nichols. Ecuador. 

H. calathina, Nichols. Peru & Bolivia. Bot. Mag. t. 2685. 

H. caribaea, Herb. W. Indies. Bot. Mag. t. 826. 
Var. patens {Redoute). 

H. concinna, Baker. Mexico. 

H. eucharidifolia, Baker. Trop. America. 

H. expansa, Herb, W. Indies. Bot. Mag. t. 1941. 

H. glauca, Roem. Mexico. *, 

H. guianensis, Herb. See tubiflora. 

H. harrisiana, Herb. Mexico. Bot. Mag. t. 6562. 

H. lacera, Salisb. S. United States. Bot. Mag. t. 827. 


H. littoralis, Salisb, Trop. America. Trans. Linn. Soc. 
ii. 74. t. 13. 

H. macleana, Nichols, Peru. Bot. Mag. t. 3675. 


Hymenocallis — cont. 

H. macrostephana, Baker. Probably garden hybrid. 
Bot. Mag. t. 6436. 

H. oyata, Roem. W. Indies. Bot. Mag. t. 1467. 

H. senegambica, Kunth. West Trop. Africa. 

H. speciosa, Salish. W. Indies. Bot. Mag. t. 1453. 

H. tubiflora, Salish. S. America. Bot. Reg. t. 265. 

H. undulata, Herb. Venezuela. 

Hypoxis, L. 

H. angustifolia, I, am. S. Africa. 

H. colchicifolia, Baker. S. Africa. 

H. decumbens, Lam. See viilosa. 

//. elata, Hook, f. See hemerocallidea. 

//. elegans, Andr. See stellata. 

H. erecta, L. N. America. 

H. flavescens, Ecklon. S. Africa. 

H. hemerocallidea, Fisch. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 5690. 

H. latifolia, Baker. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 4817. 

H. longifolia, Baker. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 6035. 

H. multiceps, Bucking . S. Africa. 

H. obtusa, Burch. S. Africa. Bot. Reg. t. 159. 

H. pannosa. Baker. See viilosa. 

H. regia, Hort. 

H. Rooperii, Moore. S. Africa. Lem. Jard. Fleur. t. 303. 

H. scabra, Lodd. See viilosa. 

H. soboliferu, Jacq. See viilosa. 

H. serrata, L. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 709. 



H. stellata, L. S. Africa. 

Vnr. elegans, Pers. Bot. Mag. t. 1223. 

H. vHlosa, L. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 711. 
[mantophyllu7n, Hook. See Olivia. 
fsmene, Salisb. See Hymenocallis, 
LeontocMr, Phil. 

L. Ovallei, Fhil. Chili. Hook. Ic. t. 1389. 
Lycoris, Hei-b. 

L. aurea, Herb. China. Bot. Mag. t. 409. 

L. radiata, IIe?'b. China & Japan. Bot. Reg. t. o96. 

L. sanguinea, McLvim. .Japan. 

L. Sewerzoivii. Kegel. See Ungernia trisphaera. 

L. squamigera, Maxim. Japan. 
Nerine, Herb. 

N. appendiculata, Baker. Natal. 

^Y. corusca, Herb. See sarniensis. 

N. crispa, Hort. See unclulata. 

N. curvifolia, Herb. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 725. 
Var. Fothergilli, Baker. Bot. Rep. t. 163. 

N. Ehcesii, Leichtlin. See pudica, var. 

N. filifolia, Baker. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 6547. 

N. flexuosa, Herb. S. Africa. Bot. Reg. t. 172. 
Var. angustifolia, Baker. 
Var. pulchella, Baker. Bot. Mag. t. 2407. 

N. Fothergilli, Roem. See curvifolia. ' 

N. humilis, Jacq. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 726. 


Nerine — cont, 

N.japonicaj Mu\. See Lycoris radiata. 

N. Moorei, Leichtlin. S. Africa. 

N. p^cratioides, Baker. S. Africa. 

N. Plantii, Hort. See sarniensis. 

N. pudica, Hook.f. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 5901. 
Var. Elwesii, Baker. 

N. sarniensis, Herb. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 294. 

N. nndulata, Herb. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 369. 

The following are garden hybrids : — 

N. amabilis (pudica x humilis). 

N. atroruhens. 

N. atrosanguinea (Plantii x flexuosa). 

N. Camii (curvifolia x undulata). 

N. cinnabarina (Fothergilli x flexuosa). 

N. elegans (flexuosa x rosea). 

N. excellens (flexuosa x humilis). 

N. Mansellii (flexuosa x Fothergilli). 

N. Meadowbankii (sarniensis x Fothergilli). 

N. O'Brieni (pudica x Plantii). 

Pancratium, L. 

P. aegyptiacum, Roem. Eg}pt. 

P. arabicum, Sickenb. Egypt and Arabia. 

P. canariense, Ker. Canary Islands. Bot. Keg. t. 174. 

P. coUinum, Cos. Algeria. 

P. foetidum, Hort. 


Pancratium — co>i^. 

P. iliyricum, L. S. Europe. Bot. Mag. t. 718. 

P. maritimum, L. Mediterranean Region. Bot. Reg. 
t. ai. 

P. parvifiorum, Desf . See Vagaria parviflora. 

P. Saharae, Cos. Sahara. 

P. Sickenbergeri, Aschera. Egypt and Arabia. 

P. tortnosimi, Herb. Arabia and Egypt. 

P. verecundum, Ait. N. India. Bot. Reg. t. 413. 

P. zeylanicum, L. Trop. Asia. Bot. Mag. t. 2538. 
See also under Hymenocallis. 
Pentlandia, Herb. See Urceolina. 
Phaedranassa, Herb. 

P. Carmioli, Baker. Costa Rica. Ref. Bot. t. 46. 

P. cbloracra, Herb. Ecuador. Bot. Reg. 1845. t. 17. 

P. fuchsioides, Hort. See chloracra. 

P. gloriosa, Hort. Trop. America. 

P. Lehmanni, i?e^e/. Colombia, Grartenti. xxxii. t, 1138. 

P, obtusa, Herb. See chloracra. 

P. schizantha, Baker. Ecuador. 

P. ventricosa. Baker. See chloracra. 

P. viridiflora, Baker. Ecuador. 
Phycella, Lindl. See Hippeastrum. 
Placea, Miers. 

P. lutea, Phil. Chili. 
Plagiolirion, Baker. 

P. Horsmanni, Baker. Colombia. 


Polianthes, L. 

P. tuberosa, L. Mexico. Bot. Mag. t. 1817. 

Prochnyanthes, S. Wats. 

P. bulliana, Baker. Mexico. Bot. Mag. t. 7427. 

R lezlia, Hort. See Furcraea. 

R. regia, Hort. See Furcraea Bedinghausii. 

Sprekelia, Heist. 

S. formosissima, Herb. Mexico and Guatemala. Bot. 
Mag. t. 47. 

Stenomesson, Herb. 

S. aurantiacum, Herb. Ecuador. Bot, Keg. 1844, t. 42. 
S. Hartwegii, Lindl. See aurantiacum. 

S. incarnatum, Baker. S. America. 

Var. fulvum, Hort. 

Var. trichromum, Hort. 

Var. lineatum, Hort. 

Var. quitense, Hort. 
S. luteoviride. Baker. Eucador. Bot. Mag. t. 6508. 
S. Pearcei, Baker. Peru. Eef. Bot. t. 308. 
S. stramineum, Hort. W. Trop. America. 
S. suspensum, Baker. Peru. Ref. Bot. t. 42. 
S. viridiflorum, Benth. Peru. Bot. Mag. t. 3866. 

Strumaria, Jacq. 

S. crispa, Ker. See Hessea crispa. 

aS^. gemmata, Ker. See Hessea gemmata. 

S. undulata, Jacq, S. Africa. Jacq. Ic. ii. t. 360. 


XJngernia, Bunge. 

U. trisphaera, Bunge. N. India. Gartenfl. t. 014. 

Urceocharis, Masters (Eucharis x Urceoljna). 

U. Clibrani. Garden hybrid (E. grandiflora x U. pen- 

Urceolina, Reichh. 

U. anreOy Lindl. See pendula. 

U. miniata, Benth. Peru & Bolivia. Bot. Reg. 1839, t. 68. 

U. pendula, Herb. Peru. Bot. Mag. t. 5461. 
Vagaria, Herb. 

V. parviflora, Herb. Syria, Red. Lil. t. 471. 

Vallota, Herb, 

V. purpurea, Herb. S. Afiica. Bot. Mag. t. 1430. 
Vor- magnifica, Hort. 
Var. superba, Hort. 

Vellozia, Vand. 

V. Candida, Mikan. Brazil. 

V. compacta, Mart, Brazil. 

V. elegans, Talbot. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 5803. * 

V. equisetoides. Baker. S. Africa. 

V. phalocarpa, Pohl. Brazil. 

V. retinervis, Baker. S. Africa. 
Xerophyta, Juss. See Vellozia. 
Zephyranthes, Herb. 

Z. Anderson!, Baker. Monte Video. Bot. Reg. t. 1315. 

Z. andicola. Baker, Chili. 

Z. Atamasco, Herb. United States. Bot. Mag. t. 239. 

U 97169. L 



Zephyranthes — cont, 

Z. Candida, Herb. La Plata. Bot. Mag. t. 2657. 

Z. carinata, Herb. W. Indies. Bot. Mag. t. 2594. 

Z. (atrina, Baker. ? Demerara. Bot. Mag. t. 6605. 

Z. chloroleuca, Herb. ? Trop. America. 

Z. grandiflora, Lindl. See carinata. 

Z. lilacina, Liebm. Mexico. 

Z. lindleyana, Herb, Mexico. 

Z. mesochloa, Herb, Buenos Ayres. Bot. Reg. t. 1.361. 

Z. robusta, Baker. Buenos Ayres. Lodd. Bot. Cat. 
t. 1761. 

Z. rosea, Lindl. Cuba. Bot. Mag. t. 2537. 

Z. texana, Herb. Texas. Bot. Mag. t. 3596. 

Z. Treatiae, S. Wats. Florida. 

Z. tubispatha, Herb. W. Indies and Colombia. Bot. Mag. 
t. 1586. 

Z. verecunda, Herb. Mexico. Bot. Mag. t. 2583. 

Z. versicolor, Baker. Maldonado. Bot. Mag. t. 2485. 

Z. vestita, Hort, } Trop. America. 


[taccia, Presl. See Tacca. 
?acca, Forst. 

T. artocarpifolia. Seem. Madagascar. Bot. Mag. t. 6124. 

T. cristata, Jacq, Malaya. Bot. Mag. t. 4587. 

T. palmata, Blume. Java, 

T. pinnatifida, Forst. Trop. Asia. 

T. viridis, Hemsl. India. 

L 2 



Dioscorea, L. 

D. alata, L, India, Wight Ic. t. 810. 

D. brasiliensis, Willd, Brazil. 

D. marmorata, Hort, Trop. America. 

D. multicolor, Lind. Sf Andre. Brazil. 
Var. chrysophylla, Hort. 
Var. melanolana, Hort, 

D. pentaphylla, L. India and Africa. Jacq. Ic. t. 627. 

D. prehensilis, Benth. Trop. Africa. 

D. quinqueloba, Thunb. Japan. 

D. retusa, Mast, S. Africa. 

D. rhipogonoides, Oliver. Hong Kong. Hook. Icones, 

t. 1868. 

D. sativa, L. Tropics. Wight Ic. t. 878. 

D. sinuata, Vel. Brazil. Fl. Bras. x. t. 129. 

D. transversa, R. Br. Australia. 
Testudinaria, Salisb. 

T. Elephantipes, Burch. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 1347. 

T. sylvatica, KuntK S. Africa. 
Trichopus, Gaertn, 

T. zeylanicus, Gaertn. India. Bot. Mag. t. 7350. 


Roxhurghia, Banks. See Stemona. 

R. viridiflora, Smith. See Stemona tuberosa. 



Stemona, Lour. » 

S. Curtisii, Hook.f, India. Bot. Mag. t. 7254. /\ 
S. tuberosa, Lour. India and China. Bot. Mag. t. 1500. 


Agapanthus. VHerit, 

A. minor ^ Lodd. See umbellatus. 

A. mooreanus, Baker. See umbellatus. 

A. umbellatus, merit. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 500. 

Var. alba, Hort. 

Var. flore pleno, Hort. 

Var. maximus, Hort. 

Var. minor {Lodd). 

Var. mooreanus {Baker). 

Var. variegatus, Hort. 
Albuca,. L. 

A. angolensis, Welw. Angola. IJef. Bot. t. 336. 

A, angustifolia, Hort. 

A. aurea, Jacq. 8. Africa. Jacq. Ic. t. 441. 

A. Buchanani, Baker. Trop. Africa. 

A. caudata, Jacq. 8. Africa. Ref. Bot. t. 45. 

A. corymbosa, Baker. 8. Africa. 

A. fastigiata, Dry. 8. Africa. Bot. Reg. t. 277. 

A. juncifolia, Baker. 8. Africa. 

A. major, L. 8. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 804. 

A. Melleri, Baker. Zambesia. 

A. minor, L. 8. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 720. 


Albxica — cont, 

A. Nelsoni, N. E. Br. Natal. Bot. Mag. t. 6649. 

A. polyphylla, Baker. S. Africa. 

A. teiiuifolia, Baker. S. Africa. Ilef. Bot. t. 335. 

A. vittata, Ker. See Ornithogalum vittatum. 

A. Wakefieldii, Baker. S. Africa. Bot. Afag. t. 6429. 
Aloe, L. 

A. abyssinica, Lam. Abyssinia. 

A. africana, Mill. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 2517. 

A. agavaefolia, Tod. Trop. Africa. Rort. Bot. Panorm. 
i. 8f». t. 23. 

A. albispina, Hau\ S. Africa. 

A. albocincta, Haw. See striata. 

A. albocincta x grandidentata. Garden hybrid. 

A. arborescens, Mill. S. Africa. Bet. Mag. t. 1306. 

Var. frutescens (Salm-Dyck). 

A. aristata, Haiv, S. Africa. 

A. Atherstonei, Baker. See pluridens. 

A. aurantiaca, Baker. S. Africa. 

A. Bainesii, Dyer. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 6848. 

A. barbadensis^ Mill. See vera. 

xi. Barberae, Dyer. See Bainesii. 

A. Barter!, Baker. W. Trop. Africa. 

A. Bolusiif Baker. See africana. 

A. borbonensis, Hort. Garden hybrid. 

A. brachystachys, Baker. Zanzibar. Bot. Mag, t. 7399. 

A. brevifolia, Mill. S. Africa. Bot. Keg. t. 996. 


Aloe — cont. 

A. Brownii, Baher. S. Africa. 

A. Buchanani, Baker, Trop. Africa. 

A. cassia, Salm-Dyck. S. Africa. 

A. Camperi, Schweinf. Al)yssinia. 

A. capitata, Baker, Madagascar. Hort. Bot. Panorm. t. 36. 

A. cernua, Tod. See capitata. 

A. chinensis, Baker, China. Bot. Mag. t. 6301. 

A. ciliaris, Haw. S. Africa. Salm-Dyck Aloe, sect. 
XXV. fig. 1. 

A. conciima, Baker. Zanzibar. 

A. consobrina, Sahn-Dyck, S. Africa. Salm-Dyck Aloe, 
sect, xviii. fig. 3. 

A. Cooperi, Baker. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 6377. 

A. Croucheri^ Hook. f. See Gasteria Croucheri. 

A. dichotoma, /.. Namaqualand. Gard. Chron. 1874, 
,567, fig. 118-121. 

A. drepanophylla. Baker. S. Africa. 

A. elegans, Tod. Abyssinia. Hort. Bot. Panorm. ii.t. 29. 

A. falcata, Baker. S. Africa, 

A. ferox, Mill. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 1975. 

A.frutescens, Salm-Dyck. See arborescens. 

A. gasterioides, Baker. S. Africa. 

A. glauca, Mill. S. Africa. 

A. grandidentata, Salm-Dyck. S. Africa. 

A. Greenii, Baker. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 6520. 

A. hanburyana, Naud. See striata. 

A. heteracantha, Baker. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 6863. 


Aloe— roH^, 

A. Hildebrandtii, Baker, E. Trop. Africa. 13 ot. Mag. 
t. 6981. 

A. humilis, Mill. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. tt. 757, 828. 
Var. echinata {Willd.). 
Var. incurva {Haw). 
Var. subtuberculata {Haw). 

A. imbricata, Hort. Garden hybrid. (A. aristata X 
Gasteria trigona.) 

A. inermis, Forsh. Arabia. 

A. inermis, Hort. See heteracautha. 

A. Kirkii, Baker. E. Trop. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 738G. 

A. Lanzae, Hort. See chinensis. 

A. latifolia, Haw. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 1346. 

A. leptophylla, A^. E. Br. S. Africa. 

A. lineata, Haiv. S. Africa. Salra-Dyck Aloe, sect, 
xvii. fig. 1. 

A. longiflora, Baker. S. Africa. 

A Luntii, Baker. S. Arabia. Bot. Mag. t. 7448. 

A. Lynchii, Baker. Garden hybrid. (A. striata x Gas- 
teria verrucosa.) 

A. MacowaTii, Baker. S. Africa. 

A. macracantha, Baker. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 65 SO. 

A. macrocarpa, To</. Abyssinia. Hort. Bot.Panorm. 3G,t.9. 

A. macrosiphon, Baker. Trop. Africa. 

A. marmorata, Hort. Garden hybrid. 

A. micracantha, Haw. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 2272. 

A. microstigma, Saint- Dt/ck. S. Africa. Salm-Dyck 
Aloe, sect. xxvi. fig. 4. 

LI LI ACE AE. 175 

Aloe — cont. 

k. mitriformis, Mill, S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 1270. 
Var. flavispina {Haw). 
Var. spinulosa {Salm-Dyck), 

A. myriacantha, Roem. S. Africa. 

A. neglecta, Tenore. 

A. nitens, Baker. S. Africa. 

A. nobilis, Haiv. S. Africa. Salm-Dyck Aloe, sect, 
xxiv. fig. 7. 

A. obscura, Mill. S. Africa. 

Var. picta (Thunb.). Bot. Mag. t. 1323. 
A. paniculata, Jacq. See striata. 
A. penduliflora, Baker. Zanzibar. 
A. Perryi, Baker. Socotra. Bot. Mag. t. 6596. 
A. picta,T\mn\). ^S^ce obscura. 

A. platylepis, Baker. S. Africa. 
Var. lutea. 

A. plicatilis, Mill. S. Africa. Bot. Mag, t. 457. 
Var. major. 

A. pluridens, Haw. S. Africa. 

A. pratensis, Baker. S. Africa. 

A. purpurascens, Haw, S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 1474. 

A. Rebutii, Hon. Garden hybrid. 

A. rubro-violacea, Schweinf. Southern Arabia. 

A. saponaria, Haw. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 1460. 
Var. maculata {Lam), 
Var. variegata, Hort. 

LI LI ACE AE. 177 

Aloe — voiit. 

A. Schimperi, Tiy^/a/'o. Abyssinia. Hort. Bot. Panorm.i. 
70, t. 16. 

A. Schvyeinfurthii, Baker. Upper Nile-land. 

A. Serra, DC. S. Africa. 

A. serrulata, Haw. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 1415. 

A. sefosa, Roem & Schultes. ^See Haworthia setata. 

A. simoniana, Hort. Garden hybrid. (A. longiaristata 
X Gasteria disticha.) 

A. smaragdina, Hort. Garden hybrid. 

A. speciosa, Baker. S. Africa. 

A. spicata, Limi.f. S. Africa. 

A. steviostachya, Todaio. See chinensis. 

A. Steudneri, Schtveinf. Abyssinia. 

A. striata, Haw. S. Africa. 
Var. rhodocincta. 

A. striatula, Haw. S. Africa. 

A. suhtuberculata, Haw. See humilis. 

A. succotrina, Lam. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 472. 

A. supralaevis. Haw. S. Africa. Salm-Dyck Aloe, 
sect, xxvii. fig. 6. 

A. tenuifolia, Lam. E. Trop. Africa. 

A. tenuior, Haiv. S. Africa. Salm-Dyck Aloe, sect. 
XXV. fig. 3. 

A. Thraskii, Baker. S. Africa. 

A. tricolor, Baker. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 6324. 

A. umbellata^ D.C. See saponaria. 

A. variegata, L. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 513. 

U 97169. • M 



Aloe — cont. 

A. vera, L. Mediterranean Region. 

A. virens, Haw. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 1355. 

A.'vulgariSy Lam. See vera. 
Anther iciim, L. 

A. echeandioides, Baker. Mexico ? Bot. Mag. t. 6809. 

A. datum, Ait. See Chlorophytutn elatura. 

A. G-errardi, Baiter. S. Africa. 

A. Hookeri, Coleuso. See Bulbinella Hookeri. 

A. pachjrpliyllum, Baker. S. Africa. 

A. Rossii, Hook f. See Bulbinella Rofsii. 

A. triflomm, Ait. S. Africa. 

A. vanegatiim, Hort. See Chloropliytum elatum. 
Apicra, fVilld. 

A. aspera, Willd, S. Africa. Salm-Dyck Aloe, sect. ii. 
fig. 2. 

A. bicarinata, Haiv. S. Africa. 

A. congesta, Baker. S. Africa. Salm-Dyck Aloe, sect, 
ii. fig. 1. 

A. foliolosa, Willd. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 1352. 

A. pentagona, Willd. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 1338. 
Var. Willdenovii, Baker. 

A. spiralis, Baker. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 1455. 

A. turgida, Baker. S. Africa. 
Arthropodium, R. Br. 

A. cirrhatum, R, Br. New Zealand. Bot. Mag. t. 2350, 
Asparagop$is, Kunth. See Asparagus. 

M 2 



LI LI ACE AE. 181 

Asparagus, L. 

A. aethiopicus, X. S. Africa. 

A. Cooperi, Baker, S. Africa. 

A. €rispus, Lmn. S. Africa. 

A. declinatus, L. S. Africa. 

A. decmnbens, Jacq. See crispus. 

A. falcatus, L. Trop. Avsia and Africa. Ref. Bot. t. 261. 

A. laricinus, Burchell. S. Africa. 

A. lucidus, Lindl. China and Japan. 

A. medeoloides, Thunh. S. Africa. Red. Lil. t. 44^. 

A. plumosus, Baker. S. Africa. 
Var. albanensis, Hort. 
Var. cristatus, Hort. 
Var. nanus, Hort. 
Var. tenuissimus, Hort, 

A. racemosus, Willd. Trop. Asia and Africa. 
Var. tetragonus, Baker, 

A. reflexus, Hort. 

A. retrofractus, L. S. Africa. 

A. sarmentosus, L. S. Africa. 

A. scandens, Thunh. S. Africa. Ref. Bot. t. 21. 

A. schoberioides, Kunth. Japan. 

A. Sprengeri, Kegel. Natal. 

A. tetragonus, Presl. See racemosus. 

A. umbellatus, Sieh. Mauritius. 

A. virgatus, Baker, S. Africa. Ref. Bot. t. 214. 


Aspidistra, Gawl. 

A. elatior, Blume. Japan. 
A. lurida, Ker. China. Bot. Mag. t. 2499. 
^ Var. punctata {Lindl.). Bot. Reg. t. 977. 
Var. variegata, Hort. 

A. typica, Baill. China. Bot. Mag. t. 7484. 
Astelia, Banks. 

A. Banksii, A. Cuun. New Zealand. 

A. montana, Seem. Fiji. 

A. nervosa, BanJis, New Zealand. 

A. spicata, Colenso. New Zealand. 
Biaucarnca, Lem. See Nolina. 
Behnia, Didrichs. 

B. reticulata, Didrichs. S. Africn. Bot. Mag. t 5638. 
Bessera, Schult. 

B. elegans, Schult. Mexico. Bot. Mag. 1839, t. 34, 
Blandfordia, Sm. 

B. aurea, Hooh^ f. Australia. Bot. Mag. t. 5809. 

B. Cunninghamii, Lindl. Australia. Bot. Mag. t. 5734. 

B. flammea, LindL Australia. Bot. Mag. t. 4819. 

B. marginata, Herb. Australia. 

B. nobilis, Sm. Australia. Bot. Mag. t. 2003. 
Bowiea, Haw. 

B. volubilis, Hatv. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 5619. 
pulbine, L. 

B. alooides, Willd. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 1317. 

B. bulbosa, Hate. Australia. Bot. Mag. t. 3017. 


Biilbine — cont. 

B. caulescens, L. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 816. 

B. latifolia, Schult. S. Africa. 

B. mesembryanthemoides, Haw. S. Africa. 

B. pugioniformis, Link. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 1454. 

B. rostrata, Willd. S. Africa. Jacq. Ic. ii. t. 403. 

Bulbinella, Kirnth. 

B. Hookeri, Baker. New Zealand. Bot. Mag. t. 4602. 

B. Rossii, Baker. New Zealand. Hook. Fl. Ant. i. t. 44. 

Callkvene, Juss. See Luzuriaga. 

Chamaescilla, F. Muell. 

C. corymbosa, F. Muell. Australia. 

Chlorophytum, Ker. 

C. Bowkeri, Baker. S. Africa. 

C. brachystacliyTim, Baker. Nyasaland. 

C. comosum, Baker. S. Africa. 

C. elatum, R. Br. S. Africa. Eef. Bot. t. 216. 
Var. variegatum, Hort. 

C. glaucum, Dalz, India, 

C. longifolium, Schweinf. Abyssinia. 

C. macropliylliim, Aschers. Trop. Africa. 

C. nepalense, Baker. India. Bot. Reg. t. 988. 

C. orchidastruin, Lindl, Trop. Africa. Bot. Reg. t. 183. 

Chrysobactron, Hook. f. See Bulbinella. 

Cohnia, Kunth. See Cordyline. 

L1L1ACEA.E. 187 

Cordyline, Comm. 

C. australis, Hook.f. New Zealand. Bot. Mag. t. 5636. 
Var. lineata, Hort. 
Var. Doucettii, Hort. 
Var. lentiginosa, Linden. 111. Hort. t. 35. 

C. Banksii, Hooh.f. New Zealand. Gartenfl. t. 344. 

C Bauer i, Hook. f. See obtecta. 

C. calocoma, Hort. See australis. 

(?. cannaefolia, R. Br. See terminalis, var. 

C. colossea, Hort. 

C. congesta^ Endl. See stricta. 

C. Doucettii, Hort. See australis, var. 

C. er ytlir or acids y Hort. See Bauksii. 

C. floribunda, K Koch. Mauritius. 

C. Forsteri, F. Muell. See australis. 

C. haageana, K. Koch. Australia. 

C. Hookeri, T. Kirh. New Zealand. 

C. indivisa, Kimth. New Zealand. 

C. indivisa, Kegel. See australis. 

C. lentiginosa, Linden. See australis, var. 

C. inauritiana {Cohnia niauritiana, Baker). Bourbon. 

C. nutans, Hort. Hab — .? 

C. obtecta, Baker. Norfolk Island. Bot. Mag. t. 2835. 

C. Pumilio, Uook.f. New Zealand. 

C. rubra, Hugel, Hab — ? Gartenfl. 1859, t. 447. 

C. stricta, Endl. Australia. 

C. stricta, Hook, f. See Pumilio. 

LrLIACEA.E. 189 

Cordyline— cont. 

C. Sturmii, Colenso. N^ew Zealand. 

C. superbiens, K. Koch. See austral is. 

C. terminalis, Kunth, Trop. Asia. Red. Lil. t. 91. 
Var. cannaefolia {R, Br,). 
Var. ferrea, Baher, Bot. Mag. t. 2053. 
Numerous garden forms. 

C. Veitchii, Kegel. See australis. 

Danae, Medic. See Semele. 

D. androgyna, Webb. See Semele androgyna. 

Dasylirion, Zucc. 

D. acrotrichum, Zucc. Mexico. Bot. Mag. t. 5030. 

D. glaucophyllum, Hook. Mexico. Bot. Mag. t. 501:1. 

D. glaucum, Zucc. See glaucophyllum. 

D. hartwegianum, Hook. See Hookeri. 

D. Hookeri, Lem. Mexico. Bot. Mag. t. 5099. 

]}. Palmeri, Hort. See Nolina Palmeri. 

D. quadrangulatum, S, Wats, Mexico. 

D. serratifolium, Karw. Mexico. 

D. Wheeleri, S, Wats. Mexico. 

Dianella, D. Lam. 

D. aspera, Reg el, Tasmania. 

D. caerulea, Sims, Australia. Bot. Mag. t. 505. 

D. elegans, F. Muell. See laevis. 

D. ensifolia, Red, Old World Tropics. Bot. Mag. t. 1404. 

D. laevis, R. Br. Australia. Bot. Reg. t. 751. 


Dianella — ront. 

D. loiigifolia, R. Br. See laevis. 

D. strumosa, Lindl. See lae\7is. 

D. tarsmanica, Hook.f. Australia. Bot. Mag. t. oool. 
Var. variegata, Hort. 

Dichopogon, Kth. 

D. humilis, Kth, Australia. Hook. Fl. Tasm. W. t. 131. 

D. strictus, Baker. Australia. 
Dictyopsis, Haw. See Behnia. 

D. Thunbergii, Haw. See Behnia reticulata. 
Dipcadi, Med. 

D. erythraeum, Webb. Arabia and N. Africa. 

D. hyacintholdes, Baker. S. Africa. 

D. viride, Moench. S. Africa. Red. Lil. t. 203. 
Dipidax, Laws. 

D. triquetra, Baker. S. Africa. Bot. Mug. t. ooS. 
Disporum, Salisb, 

D. leschenaultianum, Don, India. Bot. Mag. t. 6935. 

D. puUum, Salisb. India and China. Bot. Mag. t. 916. 
Dracaena, Vand. 

D. angustifolia, Roxh. India, &c. 

D. aubryanay A. Brong. See thalioides. 

D. australis, Forst. See Cordyliue austral is. 

D. Cantleyi, Baker. Singapore. 

D. cernra, Jacq. See reflexa. 

D. Cinnabari, Balf. Sccotra. 

D. concinna, Kth. Mauritius. 


Dracaena — cont. 

D. congesta, Sweet. See Cordyline congesta. 

D. Draco, L. Canary Islands. Bot. Mag. t. 4571. 

D. ensifolia, Kegel. See fruticosa. 

D.ferrea, L. See Cordyline terminalis. 

D. floribunda, Baker. Hab. — ? Bot. Mag. t. 6447. 

D. fragrans, Gawl. Trop. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 1081. 

Var. Lindeni {Hort). 

Yar. massangeana {Hort). 

D. fruticosa, K. Koch. Hab. — ? Gartenfl. 1864, t. 451. 
D. godseffiana, Baker. W. Trop. Africa. 
D. goldieana, Hort. W. Trop. Africa. Bot. Mag. 
D. hookeriana, K. Koch. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 4297. 
Var. latifolia {Reg el). 

D. indivisa, Forst. See Cordyline indivisa. 

Z>. Lindeni. See fragrans. 

D. massangearia, Hort. See fragrans. 

D. mauritiana, Bojer. See Cordyline floribunda. 

D. phrynioides. Hook. f. W. Trop. Africa. Bot, Mag. 
t. 5352, 

D. reflexa, Lam. Mauritius, Eed. Lil. t. 92. 
Var. cernua. Baker. 

D. rothiana, Carr. Hab. — ? 

D. sanderiana, Hort. W. Trop. Africa. 

D. Saposchnikowii, Regel. Hab.— ? Gartenfl. t. 705. 

D. Smithii, Baker. Trop. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 6169. 

D. stenophylla, K. Koch. Hab. — ? 

U 97 J 69. N 



Dracaena — cont. 

D. surculosa, Lindl. W. Trop. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 5662. 

D. terminalis, Jacq. See Cordyline terminalis. 

D.'' thalioides, Morren. W. Trop. Africa. Belg. Hort. 
I860, 348, pi. 24. 

D. umbraculifera, Jacq. Mauritius. Lodd. Bot. Cab. 

t. 289. 

Drimia, Jacq. 

D. anomala, Benth. S. Africa. Ref. Bot. t. 178, 

D. haworthioides, Baker. S. Africa. 

D. elata, Jacq. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 822. 

D. lancecEfolia, Ker. See Scilla lancesBfolia. 

D. robusta, Baker. S. Africa. 

D. villosa, Lindl. S. Africa. Bot. Reg. t. 1346. 
Drimiopsis, Lindl. 

D. Kirkii, Hook.f. Zanzibar. Bot. Mag. t. 6276. 

D. maculata, Lindl. Natal. 

Echeandia, Ortega. 

E. eleutherandra, K. Koch, Mexico. 
Eriospermum, Jacq. ^ 

E. Bellendeni, Sweet. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 1382. 
E. brevipes, Baker. S. Africa. 
E. folioliferiun, Andr. S. Africa. Bot. Rep. t. 521. 
E. latifolium, Jacq. S. Africa. Jacq. Ic. t. 420 
Eucomis, VHerit. 

E. amaryllidifolia, Baker. S. Africa. 

N 2 


Eucomis, VHerit, — cont, 

E. bicolor, Baker, Natal, 

E. macrophylla, Hort. See regia. 

E; nana, Ait. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. 1. 1495. 

E. pallidiflora, Baker, S. Africa. 

E. punctata, VHerit, S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 918. 

E. regia, Ait. S. Africa. Eef. Bot. t. 238. 

E. undulata, Ait. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 1083. 

E. zambesiaca. Baker, S. Africa. 
Galtonia, Dene, 

G. candicans. Dene, S. Africa. Ref. Bot. t. 174. 

Gr. clavata. Baker. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 6885. 

Gr. princeps, Dene. S. Africa. Ref. Bot. t. 175. 

Gasteria, Duval. 

G. acinacifolia, Haw. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 2369. 
Var. pluripuncta, Baker, 
Var. nitens, Baker, 

G. angulata^ Haw. See disticha. 

G. apicroides, Baker. S. Africa. 

G. Bayfieldii, Baker, S. Africa. Salm-Dyck Aloe, 
xxix., fig. 14. 

G. bicolor. Haw. S. Africa. Salm-Dyck Aloe, xxix., 
fig. 5. 

G. brevifolia, Haic S. Africa. Salm-Dyck Aloe, xxix., 

fig. 8. 

G. candicans. Haw, S. Africa. Salm-Dyck Aloe, xxix., 
fig. 13. 

G. carinata. Haw. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 1331. 


Gasteria — cont. 

G. cheilophylla, Baker. S. Africa. 

G. Croucheri, Baker. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 5812. 

G^^ecipiens, J^ai^. S.Africa. Salm-Dyck Aloe, xxix., 
fig. 16. 

G. dicta, N. E. Br. S. Africa. 

G. disticha, Haw, S. Africa. Salm-Djck Aloe, xxix., 
tig. 33. 

Var. angulata, Baker. 

Var. angustifolia Baker. 

Var. conspurcata, Baker. 

G. elongata, Baker, S. Africa. 

G. excavata, Haw. S. Africa. Salm-Dyck Aloe, xxix., 
fig. 22. 

G. excelsa, Baker. S. Ifrica. 

G. fusco-punctata, Baker. S. Africa. 

G. glabra, Haw, S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 1331. 
Var. major, Kunth. 

G. laetepunctata, Haw. S. Africa. 

G. maculata, Haw. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 979. 

G. marmorata. Baker, S. Africa. 

G. nigricans, Haw. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 838. 
Var. fasciata. Baker, 
Var. hystrix, Hort. 
Var. polyspila, Baker, 
Var. platyphylla, Baker. 
Var. subnigricans. Baker. 

G. nitida, Haw. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 2304. 
G. obliqua^ Haw. See maculata. 


Gasteria — cont. 

G. obtusifolia, Haw. S. Africa. Salm-Dyck Aloe, 
xxix., fig. 37. 

G. parvifolia, Baker. S. Africa. 

G. picta, Haw. S. Africa. Salm-Dyc":: Aloe, xxix., fig. 3, 

G. radulosa, Baker. S. Africa. 

G. spiralis, Baker. S. Africa. 

G. subverrucosa, Haw. S. Africa. 

G. sulcata, Haw. S. Africa. Salm-Dyck Aloe, xxix., fig. 32. 

G. transvaalensis, Baker. S. Africa. 

G. triangularis, Hort. See trigona. 

G. trigona, Haw, S. Africa. Salm-Dyck Aloe, xxix., fig. 15. 

G. verrucosa, Haw. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 837. 
Var. latifolia, Hate. 

Geitonoplesium, A. Cunn. 

Or. cymosum, A. Cunn. Australia. 

Gloriosa, L. 

G. Plantii, Hort. See virescens. 

G. superba, L. Old World Tropics. Bot. Keg. t. 77. 

G. virescens, Lindl^/Yro^. Africa. Bot. Mag. tt. 2539, 
4938. /\ 

Gonioscypha, Baker. 

G. eucomoides, Baker. Himalaya. Journ. Linn. Soc. 
xiv., t. 19. 

Haworthia, Duval. 

m H. albicans. Haw. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 1452; 

^L Var. virescens, Haw. 


Haworthia— cow/. 

H. altilinea, Haw, S. Africa. Salm Dyck Aloe, sect. xi. 
fig. 3. 

H. aiigustifolia, Haw, S. Africa. Salm-Dyck Aloe, 
sect, xiii., fig. 2. 

H. arachnoides, Haw. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 756. 

H. asperiuscula, Haiv. S. Africa. Salm-Dyck Aloe 
sect, iii., fig. 2. 

H. atrovirens, Haw. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 1361. 

H. attenuata, Haw. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 1345. 

Var. clariperla, Baher. 

H. chlorocantha, Haw. S. Africa. Salm-Dyck Aloe, 
sect, xiii., fig. 1. 

H. coarctata, Haw. S. Africa. Salm-Dyck Aloe, sect, 
vi., fig. 17. 

H. columnaris, Baher. S. Africa. 

H. Cooperi, Baker. S. Africa. Ref. Bot. t. 233. 

H. cuspidata. Haw. S. Africa. 

H. cymbiformis. Haw. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 802. 
Var. obtusa, Baker. 
Var. planifolia, Baker. 

H. denticulata, Haw. S. Africa. Salm-Dyck Aloe, sect, 
xi., fig. 3. 

H. fasciata. Haw. S. Africa. Salm-Dyck Aloe, sect, vi., 
fig. 15. 

Var. major, Haw. 

H. glabrata, Baker. S. Africa. Salm-Dyck Aloe, sect, vi., 
fig. 13. 

Var. concolor. Baker. 

Var. perviridis, Baker. 


Haworthia — cont. 

//. granata^ Haw. See margaritifera. 

H. hybrida, Haw. S. Africa. Salm-Dyck Aloe, sect, iv., 

H. laetevirens. Haw. S. Africa. Salm-Dyck Aloe, sect. 
X., fig. 3. 

H. margaritifera, Haw, S. Africa. Salm-Dyck Aloe, 
sect, vi,, fig. 5. 

Var. corallina, Baker. 

Var. granata. Baker. Bot. Mag. t. 1360. 

Var. semimargaritifera. Baker. 

H. mucronata, Haw. See H. altilinea. Haw. 

H. nigra. Baker. S. Africa. 

H. Peacockii, Baker. S. Africa. 

H. pilifera, Baker. S. Africa. Kef. Bot. t. 234. 

H. polyphylla, Baker. S. Africa. 

H. Radula, Haw. S. Africa. Salm-Dyck Aloe, sect, vi., 
fig. 8. 

H. Rein war dtii. Haw. S. Africa. Salm-Dyck Aloe, 
sect, vi., fig. 16. 

Var. major, Hort. 

Var. minor, Hort. 

H. retusa, Haw. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 455. 

H. rugosa, Baker. S. Africa. Salm-Dyck Aloe, sect, vi., 

H. semiglabrata. Haw, S. Africa. Salm-Dyck Aloe, 
sect, vi., fig. 2. 

H. sessiliflora, Baker. S. Africa. 

H. setata, Haw, S. Africa. Salm-Dyck Aloe, seet.xii., 
fig. 3. 


Haworthia — cont. 

FI. setostty Roem. See setata. 

H. siibattenuata, Baker. S. Africa. Salm-Dyck Aloe, 
sect, vi., fig. 11. 

H. subfasciata, Baker. S. Africa. Salm-Dyck Aloe, 
sect, vi., fig. 14. 

H. subrigida, Baker. S. Africa. Salm-Dyck Aloe, sect, 
vi., fig. 1. 

H. subulata, Baker, S. Africa. Salm-Dyck Aloe, sect, 
vi., fig. 10. 

H. tessellata, Haw. S. Africa. Salm-Dyck Aloe, sect. 
viii., fig. 1. 

Var. parva, Baker. 
H. tortnosa, Haw. S. Africa, Bot. Mag. t. 1337. 
Yar. curta, Baker. 

H. turgida, Haw. S. Africa. Salm-Dyck Aloe, sect, ix., 
fig. 5. 

H. viscosa, Haw. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 814. 

H. vittata, Baker. S. Africa. Ref. Bot. t. 263. 

H. xiphiophylla, Baker. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 7505. 
Hesperaloe, Engelm. 

H. Engelmanniy Krauskopf. See yuccaefolia. 

H. yuccaefolia, Engelm. N. W. America. 
Iphigenia, Kunth. 

I. indica, Kunth. India and Australia. 
Lachenalia, Jacq. 

L. aurea, Lindl. S. Africa. 
Var. gigantea, Hort. 

L. Camii, Hort. Garden hybrid. 


Lachenalia — cont . 

L. contaminata, Ait. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 1401. 
L. glaucina, Jacq. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 3552. 
L.-hirta, Thunb. S. Africa. 
L. hyacinthoideSy Lam. See orchioides. 
L. Nelsoni, Hort. Garden hybrid (tricolor x aurea). 
L. orchioides, Ait. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. tt. 854, 1269. 
L. orthopetala, Jacq. S. Africa. 
L. pallida. Ait. S. Africa. Bot. Reg. tt. 1350, 1945. 
L. pendula. Ait. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 490. 
Var. aureliana, Hort. 

L. purpurea^ Jacq. See versicolor. 

L. pustulata, Jacq. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 817. 

L. quadricolor Jacq. See tricolor. 

L. racemosa, Gawler. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 1517. 

L. reflexa, Thunb. S. Africa. 

L. regeliana, Hort. Garden hybrid (reflexa x aurea). 

L. rosea, Andr. S. Africa. 

L. rubida, Jacq. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 993. 
Var. tigrina, Baker. 

L. stolonifera, Hort. See Scilla hispanica. 

L. tigrina, Jacq. See rubida, var. 

L. tricolor, Thunb. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 82. 
Var. quadricolor. Baker. 

L. violacea, Jacq. S. Africa. Jacq. Ic. t. 394. 
L. versicolor. Baker. 8. Africa. 
U 97169. O 



Lapageria, Ruiz et Pav. 

L. rosea, Ruiz et Pav, Chili. Bot. Mag. t. 4447. 
Var. albiflora, Hook. Bot. Mag. t. 4892. 
Leucocrinum, Nutt. 

L. montanum, Nutt. California. 

Littonia, Hook. 

L. modesta, Hook. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 4723. 
Var. Keitii, Leichtlin. Gartenflora, t. 1237. 

Lomatophyllum, Willd. 

L. borbonicum, Willd. Bourbon and Mauritius. Bot. 
Mag. t. 1598. 

L. macrum, Salm-Dyck. Mauritius. 

L. rufocinctum, Salm-Dyck. Mauritius. 
Lnzuriaga, Rviz et Pav. 

L. radicans, Ruiz et Pav. Chili and Peru. 
Massonia, Thunb. 

M. jasminiflora, Burch. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 7465. 

M. pustulata, Jacq. S. Africa. 
Melanthium, L. f. See Dipidax. 

M. juncevm^ Jacq. See Dipidax triquetra. 
Methonica, Tourn. See Grioriosa. 
Myrsiphyllum, Willd. See Asparagus. 

M. asparagoides^ Willd. See Asparagus medeoloides. 
Nolina, Michx. 

N. Beldingii, Brand. Mexico. 

N. Bigelovii, *S'. Wats. Arizona. 

N. erumpens, S. Wats. Texas. 

O 2 



Nolina — cont. 

N. hartwegiana, Hemsl. Mexico. 
N. longifolia, Hemsl. Mexico. 
N. Palmer i, >S^. Wats, Mexico. 
N. recurvata, Hemsl. Mexico. 
N. tuherculata, Hort. See recurvata. 

Ornithogalum, L. 

O. acuminatum, Baker. See Eckloni. 

O. anomalum, Baker. See Drimia anomala. 

0. arabicum, L. Mediterranean. Bot. Mag. tt. 728, 3179. 

0. aureum, Curt. See thyrsoides. 

0. biflorum, D. Don, Criili and Peru. Sweet Fl. Gard. 
ser. ii. t. 246. 

0. caudatum, Ait. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 805. 

0. corymbosum, Kuiz and Pa v. See arabicum. 

0. Eckloni, Schlecht, S. Africa. 

Var. acuminatum, Baker. Ref. Bot. t. 177. 

0. lacteum, Jacg. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 1134. 

0. longebracteatum, Jacg, S. Africa. Red. Lil. t. 120. 
Var. variegatum. 

0. Melleri, Baker. See Albuca Melleri. 
0. Paterfamilias, Godr. S. France. 
0. revolutum, Jacg. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 653. 
Var. major. 

0. scilloides, Jacg. S. Africa. 

0. Saundersiae, Baker. S. Africa. 

0. schlechterianum, Schinz, S. Africa. 


Omithogalum — cont, 

0. thyrsoides, Jacq,_ S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 1164. 
Var. aureum, Ait. Bot. Mag. t. 190. 

O.^vittatum, Kuntk. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 1329. 

Pasithea, D. Don, 

P. coerulea, D. Don. Chili. 

Philageria, Mast. (Lapageria x Philesia.) 

P. Veitchii, Mast. Garden hybrid. 
Philesia, Comm. 

P. buxifolia, Lam. Chili. Bot. Mag. t. 4738. 

Phormium, Forst. 

P. Colensoi, Hook. f. See cookiauum. 

P. cookianum, Le Jolis. ^ew Zealand. 

P . forsterianiim. Hook. See cookianum. 

P. Hookeri, Gunn. New Zealand. Bot. Mag. t. 6973, 

P. teiiax, L.f. New Zealand. Bot. Mag. t. 3199. 
Var. purpureum, Hart. 
Var. variegatum, Hort. 
Var. Veitchii, Hort. 

Plectogyne, Link. See Aspidistra. 

Sandersonia, Hook. 

S. aurantiaca, Hook. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 4716. 

Scilla, L. 

S. Buchanani, Baker. Nyasaland. 
S. Galpini, Baker. Transvaal. 
S. Kraussii, Baker, Natal. 


Scilla — cont. 

S. lanceaefolia, Baker, S. & Trop. Africa. Bot. Mag. 
t. 643. 

S. livida, Baker, S. Africa. 

S. maritima^ L. ^ee Urginea maritima. 

S. natalensis, Planch. Natal. Bot. Mag. t. 5379. 

S. peruviana, L. Mediterranean. Bot. Mag. t. 749. 

Var. glabra, Boiss. 
S. plumbea, Lindl, S. Africa. Bot. Eeg. t. 1355. 
S. rigidifolia, Kunth. S. & Trop. Africa. 
Semele, Kunth. 

S. androgyna, Kunth, Canary Islands. Bot. Mag. 
tt. 1898, 3029. 

Smilax, L. 

S. argyraea, Lind, Sf Bod. Bolivia. 111. Hort. 1892, 
t. 152. 

S. australis, B. Br. Australia. 

S. discolor, Scklecht. Mexico. 

S. latifolia, R. Br. See australis. 

S. macrophylla, Boxb, E. Indies. 

S. officinale, H. B, Sr K. Colombia. 

S. omata, Lem, Mexico. ^ 

S. ovalifolia, Boxb. See macrophylla. 

S. prolifera, Boxb. India. 
Theropogon, Maxim, 

T. pallidus, Maxim. Himalaya. Bot. Mag. t. 6154. 
Thysanotus, B. Br. 

T. multiflorus, B, Br. Australia. 


Tulbaghia, L. 

T. acutiloba, Harv. S. Africa. 

T. alliacea, LJ, S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 8547. 

T. ludwigiancij Harv. See alliacea. 

T. natalensis, Baiter. Natal. 

T. violacea, Harv. 8. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 3555. 

Tupistra, Ker. 

T. macrostigma, Baker. Himalaya. Bot. Mag. t. 6280. 
T. nutans, Wall. Himalaya! Bot. Mag. t. 3054. 
T. squalida, Gaid. Amhoina. Bot. Mag. t. 1655. 

Urginea, Stchih. 

U. exuviata, Steinh. S. Afiica. Bot. Mag. t. 871. 

U. filifolia, Steinh. S. Africa. Bot. Reg. t. 557. 

U. lilacina, Baker. Natal. 

U. maritima, Baker. Europe & S. Africa. Red. Lil. t. 116. 

II. micrantha, Solms. Trop. Africa. 

Uropetalon, Ker. See Dipcadi. 

Veltheimia, Gleditsch. 

V. glauca, Jacq. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. tt. 1091, 3456. 
V. viridifolia, Jacq. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 501. 

Xeronema, Brong. 

X. Moorei, Brong. New Caledonia. 




Yucca, Dill. 

Y. aloifolia, L. S. United States & W. Indies. Bot. 
Mag. t. 1700. 

Var. Draconis, Baker. 

Var. serrulata, Baker. 

Var. tricolor, Baker. 

Var. variegata Hort. 

Y. angustifolia, Pursh. S. United States. Bot. Mag. 
t. 2236. 

Var. stricta, Baker. Bot. Mag. t. 2222. 

Y. baccata, Torr. Mexico. 111. Hort. 1873, t. 115. 

Var. australis, Engelm. Rev. Hort. 1876, t. 97. 
Y. brevifolia, Engelm. Mexico. 
Y. canaliculata, Hook. See treculiana. 
Y. circinata, Baker. See baccata. 
Y. desmetiana, Baker. Mexico. 

Y. elata, Engelm. Mexico. Grard. & For. 1889, p. 569. 
Var. albo-marginata, Hort. 

Y. Engelmanni, Mast. See Whipplei. 

Y. ensifolia, Baker. See guatemalensis. 

Y.falcata, Hort. See flexilis. 

Y. filamentosa, L. S. United States. Bot. Mag. t. 900. 
Var. variegata. 

Y. filifera, Chab. Mexico. 

Y. flexilis, Carr. Mexico. Rev. Hort. 1859, t. 89. 
Var. falcata. Baker. 

Y. glauca, Nutt. S. United States. 

Y. guatemalensis. Baker. Mexico & Guatemala. Ref. 
Bot. t. 313. 


Yucca — cont. 

Y. macrocarpa, Engelm. Arizona. 

Y. Peacockii, Baker. Mexico ? 

Y. semicylindrica, Baker. See flexilis. 

Y. treculiana, Carr. Mexico. Bot. Mag. t. 5201 . 

Y. Whipple!, Torr. California and Arizona. 

Eichomea, Kunth. 

E. azurea, Kunth. Brazil. 

E. speciosa, Kunth. Trop. America. Bot. Mag. t. 2932. 
Heteranthera, Ruiz Sf Pav. 

H. reniformis, Ruiz 8^ Pav. Trop. America. 

H. zosteriaefolia, Mart. Brazil. 

Pontederia, L. 

P. azurea, Sw. See Eichornea azurea. 

P. cordata, L. Trop. America. 

P. crassipes, Mart. See Eichornea speciosa. 



Helmholtzia, F. MuelL 

H. glaherrima, Caruel. Pacific Isles. Bot. Mag. t. 6056. 
Philydrum, Banhs. 

P. glaherrimiim, Hook. See Helmholtzia glaherrima, 

P. lanuginosiim, Banhs. Australia. 



Aneilema, Br. 

A. ponspiciium, Kunth. Burma and Malaya. 
Biiforrestia, C.B.Cl. 

B. Mannii, C.B.Cl. Fernando Po. DC. Monogr. iii. t. 6. 
Commelina, Plum. 

C. virginica, L. Texas to Paraguay. 

C. zambesica, C.B.Cl. Zambesia, Nyasaland. 
Cyanotis, D. Don. 

C. Beddomeif Hook. f. See kewensie. 

C. kewensis, C.B.CL Travancore. Bot. Mag. t. 6150. 

C. somaliensis, C.B. CI. Somali-land. 
Dichorisandra, Mikan. 

D. mosaica, Linden. Peru. 
D. pubescens, Mart. Brazil. 
D. Sieberi, Hort. 

D. thyrsiflora, Mikan. Brazil. 

D. undata, Linden. Peru. Fl. des Serres, t. 1763-4, 

D. vittata, Hort. 
Erythrotis, Hook. f. See Cyanotis. 
Palisota, Reich. 

P. Barteri, Hook.f. Fernando Po.V 

P. Maclaudii, Hort, 
Pollia, Thiinb. 

P. condensata, C.B.Cl. W. Trop. Africa. 

U 97169. P 



Pyrrheima, Hassk. 

P. Loddigesii, Hassk. Brazil. Bot. Cab. t. 374/ 
Spironema, Lindl. 

S. fragrans, Lindl. Mexico. Bot. Reg. 1840, t. 47. 
Tradescantia, L. \ 

T. crassifolia, Cav. Mexico. Oav. Ic. i. t. 75. 

T. elongata, G, F. W. Mey. Trop. America. 

T. fuscata, Lodd. See Pyrrheima Loddigesii. 

T. iridescens, Lindl. See crassifolia. 

T. navicularis, Ortg. Peru. Gartenfl. 1877, t. 901. 

T. Reginae, Linden. TIL Hort. 39, t. 147. 

T. vittata, Hort. 

T. warscewicziana, Kunth Sf Bouche. Guatemala. 

T. zebrina, Hort. See Zebrina pendula. 
Weldenia, Schult,f. 

W. Candida, Schnlt,f. Guatemala. Bot. Mag. t. 7405. 
Zebrina, Schnizl. 

Z. pendula, Schnizl. Mexico. 


Flagellaria, L. 

F. indica, L. Trop. Asia and A.fnca. Red. Lil. t. 257. 
Suffum, Blume. 

S. anthelminthicum, Blume. Malay Pen. and Islands. 

S. malayanuin, Planch. India and Malaya. 


P 2 



Prionium, E. Mey, 

P. Palmita, E. Mey. S. Africa. 15ot. Mag. t. 5722. 
Xanthorrhoea, Smith. 

X. arbor ea, B. Br. Australia. 

X. australis, R. Br. Victoria and Tasmania. 

X. Brunonis, Endl. See Preissii. 

X. gracilis, Endl, Australia. 

X. hastilis, B. Br. Australia. Bot. Mag. t. 4722. 

X. Preissii, Endl. Australia. Bot. Mag. t. 6933. 

X. qnadrangulata, F. Muell. Australia. Bot. Mag. t. 6075. 

X. semiplana, F. MuelL Australia. 

X. tateana, F. Muell, Australia. 
Xerotes, R. Br. 

X. Ordii, F. Muell. Australia. 

X. rigida, i2. Br. Australia. 


Acanthophoenix, Wendl. 

A. crinita, Wendl. Mauritius and Bourbon, 

A. Herbstii, Hort. See crinita. 

A. rubra, Wendl. Mauritius and Bourbon. 
Acanthorhiza, Wendl. 

A. aculeata, Wendl. Cent. America. Bot. Mag. t, 7302. 

A. arborea, Drude. Hab. — ? 


Acrocomia, Mart. 

u4. aculeata, Lodd. See sclerocarpa. 
A. (ubensis, Lodd. See lasiospatha. 
A. havanensis, Ifort. 
A. lasiospatha, Mart, West Indies. 
A. sclerocarpa, 3iart. Trop. America. 

AiphaneSy Willd. See Martinezia. 

Ancistrophyllum, Mann Sf Wendl. 

A. laeve, Wendl. W. Trop. Africa. 

A. secundiflorum, Mann 4- Wendl. Trop. Africa. 
Archontophoenix, Wendl. Sf Drude. 

A. Alexandrae, Wendl. ^ Drude. Queensland. 

A. cunninghamiana, Wendl. Sf Drude. Queensland and 
N. S. Wales. Bot. Mag. t. 4961. 

Areca, L. 

A. alba, Bory. See Dictyosperma album. 

A. Aliciae, Hill. Trop. Australia. 

A. augusta, Kurz. See Ptychoraphis augusta. 

A. aurea, Hort. See Dictyosperma aureum. 

A. Bauerii, Hook. f. See Ehopalostylis Bauerii. 

A. Catechu, L. Trop. Asia. 

A. concinna, Thw. Ceylon. 

A. elegantissima, Hort. 

A. erythropoda, Miq. See Cyrtostachys Renda. 

A. glandiformis. Lam. Moluccas. 

A. laxa, Buch.-Ham. Andamans. 

PALMAE. '2^^ 

Areca — cont. 

A. lutescens, Bory. See Chrysalidocarpus latescens. 

A. macrocalyx, Blume. Java. 

A. Micholitzii, Hort. New Guinea. 

A. monostachya, Mart. See Bacularia monostachja. 

A. montana, Lodd. See Prestoea montana. 

A. nobilis, Hort. See Nephrosperma van-hoiilteana. 

A. oleracea, Jacq. See Oreodoxa oleracea. 

A. rubra, Bory. See Acanthophoenix rubra. 

A. rubra, Hort. See Dictyosperraa rubrum, 

A. Sanderi, Hort. 

A. speeiosa, Hort. See Hyophorbe araaricaulis. 

A. triandra, Roxb, India. 
Var. bancana, Scheff. 

A. Verschaff'elti, Hort. See Hyophorbe Verschaffelti. 

Arenga, Labill. 

A. Bonnetii, Hort. India. 

A. Engleri, Becc. Formosa. 

A. Grifftthii, Seem. aS^cc saccharifera. 

A. Listeri, Becc. Christmas Is. 

A. obtusifolia, Mart. Java and Sumatra. 

A. saccharifera, Labill, Malaya and Burma. 

A. Wightii, Griff. Malabar. 

Astrocaryum, G. F. W. Mey, 

A. aculeatum, Mey. Guiana. 

LA, argenteum, Hort. See Malybo. 

PALMAE. 235 

Astrocaryum — cont. 

A. Ayri, Mart. Brazil. 

A. Malybo, Karst. Colombia. 

A. mexicanum, Liehm. Mexico. 

A. Murumuru, Mart. Brazil. 

A. plicatum, Drude. Guiana and Brazil. 

A. rostratum. Hooh. f. Brazil. Bot. Mag. t. 4773. 

A. vulgare, Mart. Brazil. 
Attalea, H. B. K. 

A. Cohune, Mart. Honduras. 

A. excelsa, Mart. Brazil. 

A. Guichire, Hort. Buitenzorg. 

A. maracaibensis, Karst. Venezuela. 

A. spectabilis, Mart. Brazil. 
Bactris, Jacq. 

B. acanthocarpa, Mart. Brazil. 

Var. crispata. 

B. baculifera, Karw. Mexico. 

B. balanoides, W^endl. Costa Rica. 

B. Binoti, Hort. 

B. elatior, Wallace. Brazil. ^ 

B.Jlavispina, Hort. See pallidispina. 

B. major, Jacq. Colombia. 

B. Maraja, Mart. Brazil. 

B. pallidispina, Mart. Guiana. 

B. simplicifrons, Mart. Brazil. 

B. trichospatha, Trail, Brazil. 

PALMAE. 237 

Bacularia, F. Mice II. 

B. monostachya, B\ MuelL Australia. Bot. Mag. r. 6644. 
Balaka, Becc. 

B. perbrevis, Becc. Fiji. 

B. Seemanni, Becc. Fiji. 
Bentinckia, Berry. 

B. Condapaima, Berry. India. 

B. nicobarica, Becc. Nicobar Islds. 
Bismarckia, Hildeh. ^ Wendl. 

B ncbilis, //. 4* ^' Madagascar. 
Borassus, L. 

B. flabellifer, Z. India and Africa. 
Brahea, Mart. 

B. calcarata, Linden. Mexico. 

B. dulcis, Mart. Peru. 

B. edulis. Wendl. See Erythea edulis. 

B.filamentosa, Hort. See Washingtonia filifera. 

B. ylauca, Hort. See Erythea armata. 

B. nitida, Hort. Mexico. 

B. Roezliiy Hort. See Erythea armata. 

Calamus, L. [^Calamus and Daemonorops were united in the 
" Genera Plantarum." They have since been separated 
by Beccari and Hooker. See "Flora of British India," 
vi. p. 462.] 

C. asperrimus, Blume. Java. 
C. australis, Mart. Australia. 

C. caiyotoides, A. Cunn. Australia. 

PALMAE. 239 

- A 

Calamus— row ^. 

C. ciliaris, Blume. Malayj 

C. erectus, Roxb. Himalaya. 

C. Fragellum, Griff. Himalaya. 

C. IcEvis, Mann & H. Wendl. See Ancistrophyllum laeve. 

C. leptospadix, Griff. Himalaja. 

C. Muelleri, Wtndl. Sf Drude. Australia. 

C. oblongus, Reinw. Java. ^ 

C. oxleyanus, Teijsm Se Binn. Malaya. 

C. Pseudo-RotaJig, Mart. See viminalis. 

C. Eegis, Hort. TAnden. N'ew Guinea. 

C. royleanus^ Griff. See tenuis. 

C. rudentum, Lour. Cochin China. 

C. schizospathus, GrifP. See erectus. 

C. subangulatus, Miq. Sumatra. 

C. tenuis, Roxb. India and Cochin China. 

C. trinervis, Hort. East Indies. 

C. viminalis, Willd. India and Malaya. 

C. volonteanus, Hort. Linden. 

Calyptrocalyx, Blume. 

C. spicatus, Blume. Moluccas. 

Calyptrogyne, WendL 

C. Swartzii, Wendl. West Indies. 

Calyptronoma, Griseb. See Calyptrogyne. 

PALMAE. 241 

Caryota, L, 

C. Blancoi, Hovt. Philippiueg. 

C. Cumingii, Lodd. Philippine-". 

C. elegans, Hort. Hab. — ? 

C. furfur acea, Blume, See mitis 

C majestica, Linden. Philippines. 

C. maxima, Blume. Java. 

C. mitis, Lour, Malaya and Cochin China. 

C. obtusa, Griff. Himalaya. 

C. ochlandra, Hance. China. 

C. ramphiana, Mart. Malaya and Australia. 

C. sobolifera, Wall. See mitis. 

C. speciosa, Linden. Philippines. 

C. urens, L. Trop. Asia. 
Catoblastus, Wendl. 

C. praemorsus, Wendl. Venezuela. 
Ceratolobus, Blume. 

C. findlayanus, Hort. 

C. glaucescens, Blame. Java. 
Ceroxylon, Humh. <^- Bonp. m 

C. andicola, H. Sf B. Colombia. 

C. australcy Mart. See Juania australis. 

C, niveum, Hort. See Diplothemium caudescens. 
Chamaedorea, Willd. 

C. amazonica, Linden. Brazil. 

C. arenbergiana, Wendl. Guatemala. Bot. Mag. t. 6838. 
U 97169. Q 

PALMAE. 243 

Chamaedorea — con^. 

C. concolor, Mart, Mexico. 

C. corallina, Hook,f. Venezuela. 

C. desmoncoides, Wendl. Mexico. 

C. elatior, Mart. Mexico. 

C. elegans, Mart. Mexico. Bot. Mag. t. 4S4/). 

C. elegantissima, Hort. Mexico. 

C. Emesti-Augusti, Wendl. Colombia. Bot. Mag. iX. 

C. formosa, Hort. Hab. — ? 

C. fragrans, Mart. Peru. Bot. Mag. t. 5492. 

C. geonomaeformis, Wendl. Guatemala. Bot. Mag. t. 6088. 

C. glaucifolia, Wendl. Colombia. 

C. graminifolia, Wendl. Costa Rica. 

C. Hartwegii, Hort. See Sartorii. 

C. karwinskiana, Wendl. See elatior. 

C. latifrons, Wendl. See arenbergiana. 

C. lindeniana, Wendl. Colombia. 

C. martiana, Wendl. Mexico. 

C. mexicanay Hort. See Sartori. 

C. micropliylla, Wendl. Panama. 

C. oblongata, Mart. Brazil. 

C. polita, Hoi't. Mexico. 

C. Pringlei, >S^. Wats. Mexico. 

C. pulchella, Linden. Hab. — ? 

C. pygmaea, We^idl. Colombia. 

C. Ruizii, Wendl. ? Peru. 

Q 2 


PALMAE. 245 

Chamaedorea — coiit. 

C. Sartorii, Liebm. Mexico. 

C. scandens, Liebm, Mexico. 

C. stolonifera, WendL Mexico. Bot. Mag. t. 7265. 

C. tenella, WendL Mexico. Bot. Mag. t. 6584. 

C. Tepejiloti, Liebm. Mexico. 

C. Wendlandii, WendL Mexico. Bot. Mag. t. 6030. 

C. wobstiana, Linden. Ilab. — ? 

Chamaerops, Z. 

C. bilaminata, Hort. See humilis. 

C. Biroo, Sieb. See Livistona rotundifolia, 

C. e.fcelsa, Thunb. See Trachy carpus excelsus. 

C Forluueif Hook. See Trachycarpus excelsus. 

C. Griffithii, Lodd. See Trachycarpus khasyanus. 

C. humilis, L. S. Europe and N. Africa. 
Var. bilaminata. 
Var. dactylocarpa, Becc. 
Var. elegans. 
Var. macrocarpa. 
Var. tomentosa. 

C. hhasyana^ Griff. See Trachycarpus khasyanus. 

C. martiana, Wall. See Trachycarpus martianus. 

C. ritchieana^ Griff. See Nannorhops ritchieana. 

C. stauracantha, Hort. See Acanthorhiza aculeata. 

Chamaethrinax, WendL 

C. hookeriana, WendL Buenos Ayres. 

PALMAE. 247 

Chrysalidocarpus, Wendl. 

C. lutescens, fVendl. Madagascar. 

C. madagascariensis, Hort. See Dypsis madagascariensis. 

Cocos, L. 

C. amara, Jacq. West Indies. 

C. Bonneti, Hort. Hab.— ? 

C. botryophora, Mart. Brazil. 

C. capitata, Mart. Brazil. 

C. comosa, Mart. Brazil. 

C. coronata, Mart. Brazil. 

C. eriospatha, Mart. Brazil. 

C. flexuosa, Mart. Brazil. 

C. graminifolia, Drude. Brazil. 

C. insignis, Mart. Brazil. 

C. leiospatha, Barh.-Rodr. Brazil. 

C Marie-Rose^ Hort. See procopiana. 

C. mikaniana, Mart. Brazil. 

C. nucifera, L. Tropics. 

C. pernambucana, Lodd. Brazil. 

C. plumosa, Lodd. Brazil. ^ 

C. procopiana, Glaz. Brazil. 

C. romanzoffiana, Cham. Brazil. 

C. scMzophylla, Mart. Brazil. 

C. weddelliana, Wendl. Brazil. 

C. Yatay, Mart. Argentine. 

C. Yurumaguas, Hort. Peru. 

PALMAE. 249 

Coleospadix, Becc. 

C. oninensis, Becc. New Guinea. 
Copernicia, Mart. 

C. Caranda, Hort. Linden. 

C. cerifera, Mart. Brazil. 

C, miraguana, Mart. See Thrinax miraguana. 

C. tectorum, Mart. Oolombin. 

Corypha, L. 

C, australisy Br. See Livistona australis. 

C. decora, Hort. See Livistona inerrais. 

C. elata, Roxb. India. 

C. Gebanga, Blume. Java. 

C. umbraculifera, L. Trop. Africa and India. 

C. Woganii, Hort. See Livistona Woganii. 
Cyphophoenix, Wendl. 

C. elegans, Wendl. New Caledonia. 
Cyrtostachys, Blume. 

C. Lakka, Becc. Malaya. 

Var. singaporensis, Becc. Singapore. 

C. Renda, Blume. Sumatra. ^ 

Daemonorops, Blume. 

D. calicarpus, Mart. Malaya. 
D. Draco, Blume. Malaya. 

D. grandis, Mart. Malaya. 
D. fissus, Blume. Borneo. 
D. Hystrix, Mart. Malaya. 

PALMAE. 25 1 

Daemonorops — cont, 

D. intermedius, Mart. Malaya. 

D. jenkinsianus, Mart. India. 

D. lewisianus, Mart. Penang. 

D. longipes, Mart. Malaya. 

D. melanochaetes, Blume. Malaya. 

D. palembanicus, Blume. Sumatra. 

D. periacanthus, Blume. Sumatra. 

D. trichrous, Miq. Sumatra. 
Desmoncus, Mart. 

D. major, Crueger. Trinidad. 

D. minor, Hort. West Indies. 

D. mitis. Mart. Brazil. 

D. polyacanthos. Mart. Brazil. 

D. orthacanthos. Mart. Brazil. 
Dictyosperma, Wendl. 8^ Drude. 

D. album, W. ^ D. Mauritius and Bourbon. 
Var. furfuraceum. 
Yar. rubrum. 

D. aureum, W. Sf D. Mauritius. 

D. fibrosum, Wright. Madagascar. 

Didymosperma, Wendl. ^ Drude. 

D. nanum, W. ^ D. Assam and Khasia. 
D. porphyrocarpon, W. Sr D. Java. 
D. tremulum, W. Sf D. Siam. 

PALMAE. 253 

Diplothemium, Mart, 

D. caudescens, Mart. Brazil. 

D. maritimum, Mart. Brazil. 
Drymophldeus, Zippell. 

D. appendiculatus. Miq. Malaya. 

D. ceramensis, Miq. Ceram. 

D. leprosus, Becc. New Guinea. 

D. Rumphii, Becc. See leprosus. 

D. singaporensis, Hook, f. See Ptychoraphis Singapo- 
re n sis. 

Dypsis, Noronh, 

D. Hildebrandtii, Hort. Madagascar. 

D. madagascariensis, Hort. Madagascar. 
Elaeis, Jacq. 

E. guineensis, Jacq. Trop. Africa. 
E. melanococca, Gaertn. Colombia. 

Erjrthea, S. Wats. 

E. armata, S. Wats. California. 

E. edulis, S. Wats. California, 
Eugeissona, Griff. 

E. triste, Griff. Malaya. 

Euterpe, Gaertn. 

E. edulis, Mart. Trop. America. 

E. montana, Graham. Grenada. Bot. Mag. t. 3874. 

E. oleracea, Mart. Brazil. 

E. speciosa Hort, Herrenhausen, 

PALMAE. 2o5 

Euterpe — cont. 

E. stenophylla, Jlort. Demerara. 
E. sylvestris, Jlort, Van Houtte, 

G. acanlis, Mart. Brazil. 

Gr. binervia, Oerst. Costa Rica* 

G. Carderi, Hort. See Prestoea Carderi. 

G. fenestrata, Wendl. See Malortiea graciilis. 

G. ghieshreghtiana, Lindl. See Calyptrogyne gliies- 

G. gracilis, tVendl. Costa Rica. 

G. pohliana, Mart. Brazil. 

G. princeps, Hort. Colombia. 

G. pumila, Wendl. Colombia. 

G. schottiana, Mart. Brazil. 

G. Seemanni, Wendl. Nicaragua. 

G. spixiana, Mart. Brazil. 
Glaziova, Mart. See Cocos. 
Grisehachia, Wendl. See Howea. 
Gronophyllum, Scheff. 

G. microcarpum, Scheff. Malaya. * 
Guilielmaf Spreng. See Bactris. 

G. speciosa, Mart. See Bactris major. 
Hedyscepe, Wendl. d- Drude. 

H. canterburyana, W. Sf D. Lord Howe's Island. 
Heterospathe, Scheff. 

H. elata, Scheff. Ambovna. 

PALMAE. 257 

Howea, Becc. 

H. l)elinoreaiia, Becc. Lord Howe's Isld. Bot. Mag. t. 7018. 

H. forsteriana, Becc. Lord Howe's Isld. 
Hydriastele, Wendl. S^ Drude. 

H. wendlandiana, W. Sf D. Trop. Australia. 
Hyophorbe, Gaertn. 

H. amaricaulis, Mart. Mauritius. 

H. indica, Gaertn. Mascarene Islands. 

H. Verschaffeltii, Wendl. Mascarene Islands. 
Hyphaene, Gaertn. 

IS. crinita, Gaertn. S. Africa. 

H. natalensis, Kunze. See crinita. 

H. Schatan, Bojer. Madagascar. 

H. thebaica, Mart. Trop. Africa. 
Iriartea, Ruiz Sf Pav. 

I. Bungerothii, Hort. Linden. 

I, exorrhiza, Mart. See Socratea exorrhiza. 
Jessenia, Karst. 

J. amazonum, Drude. Brazil. 
Juania, Drude. 

J. australis, Drude. Juan Fernandez. 
Jubaea, H. B. Sf K. 

J. spectabilis, H. B. Sf K. Chili. 
Kentia, Blume. 

K. australis, Hort. Lord Howe's Island. 

K. helmoreana, F. MueU. See Howea belmoreana. 
U 97169. R 


PALMAE. 259 

Kentia — cont. 

K. canterbury ana^ F. Muell. See Hedyscepe canter* 

K. elegans, Brong. See Cyphophoenix elegans. 

K. elegantissima, Linden. Hab. — ? 

K.forsterianUf F. Muell. See Howea forsteriana. 

K. Lindenif Linden. See Kentiopsis macrocarpa. 

K. Luciani, Lmdeii. Hab. — ? 111. Hort. 1882, t. 451. 

K. Macarthurii, Hort. See Ptychosperma Macarthurii. 

K. wendlandiana, F. Mnell. See Hydriastele wendlandi- 

Kentiopsis, Brong, 

K. macrocarpa, Brong. New Caledonia. 
K. olivaeformis, Brong. New Caledonia. 

Korthalsia, Blume. 

K. jTinghuhiiii, Miq. Java. 
K. scaphigera. Mart. Malacca. 

Laccosperma, Wendl. See Ancistropliyllum. 

Latania, Comm. 

L. aurea^ Hort. See Verschaffeltii. 

L. borbonica, Lamk. See Livistona chinensis. 

L. Commersoni, L. Mauritius and Boui-bon. 

L. glaucophylla, Hort. See Loddigesii. 

L. Loddigesii, Mart. Mauritius. 

L. rubra, Jacq. See Commersoni. 

L. Verschaffeltii, L. Mauritius, 

B 2 


PALMAE. 261 

Leopoldinia, Mart. 

L. jmlchra, Hort. See Cocos weddelliana. 

Licuala, Thunb. 

L. acutifida, Mart. Malaya. 

L. amplifrons, Miq, Sumatra. 

L. elegans, Blume. Sumatra. 

L. grandis, Wendl. New Britain. Bot. Mag. t. 6704. 

L. horrida, Blume. See spinosa. 

L. Jeannencjri, Wright. New Caledonia. 

L. Muellerii, Benth. Queensland. 

L. peltata, Roxh. India. 

L. RumpMi, Blume, Moluccas. 

L. spinosa, Wurmb. Malaya. 

L. triphylla, Griff. Malaya. 

Linospadix, Becc. 

L. Micholitzii, Ridley. Malaya. 

Livistona, Br. 

L. altissima, Zoll. Java. 

L. australis, Mart. Australia. Bot. Mag. t. 6274. 

L. chinensis, Br. China and Japan. 

L. Drudei, Wendl. Hab. — ? 

L. Hoogendorpii, Ttijsm. Sf Binn. Java. 

L. hiunilis, R. Br. Australia. 

Z. inermis, R. Br. See humilis. 

L. jenkinsiana, Griff. Assam. 

L. Leichardtii, F. Muell. See humilis. 

PALM A E. 20 ;5 

Livistona — cont. 

L. mauritiana, Wall. See chineusis. 

L. olivaeformis, Mart. Java. 

L. Mamsayl, F. Muell. See Licuala Miielleri. 

L. rotundifolia, Mart. Java. 

L. subglobosa, Mart. Java. 

L. Woganii, Hort. Sander. 

Lodoicea, Comm. 

L. sechellarum, Labill. Seychelles. Bot. Mag. t. 2734. 

Loxococcus, Wendl Sf Driide, 

L. rupicola, W. ^ D. Ceylon. Bot. Mag. t. (J358. 

Manicaria, Gaertn, 

M. saccifera, Gaertn. N. Brazil to Cent. America. 

Martinezia, Ruiz Sr Pav. 

M. Aiphanes, Kl. Caracas. 

M. caryotaefolia, H.B. ^ K. Colombia. Bot. Mag. t. 6854. 

M. corallina, Mart. Martinique. 

M. lindeniana, Wendl. Colombia. 

Mauritia, L.f. ^ 

M. flexuosa, L.f. Brazil & Guiana. 

Maximiliana, Mart. 

M. caribaea, Gr. Sr Wendl. W. Indies. 
M. Jagua, Seem. Colombia. 
M. martiana, Karst. Bi-azil and Guiana. 
M. regia, Mart. See martiana. 

PALMAE. 265 

Metroxylon, llotth. 

M. amicarum, Wendl. Friendly Islands. 

M. vitiense, Wendl. Fiji. 
Myrialepis, Becc. 

M. Scortechini, Becc. Malaya. 
Nannorhops, Wendl. 

N. ritchieana, Wendl. N. W. India. 
Nenga, Wendl. Sf Drude. 

N. sphaerocarpa, Becc. New Guinea. 

N. wendlandiana, Scheff. Java. 
Nephrosperma, Balf.f. 

N. van-houtteana, BalJ. f. Seychelles. 
Nipa, Wiirmb. 

N. fruticans, Thunh. Sunderbunds to Australia. 
Oncosperma, Blume. 

0. fasiculata, Tkw. Ceylon. 

0. filamentosa, Blume. Malaya. 

0. tigillaria, Hort. Singapore. 
Orania, Zippell. 

0. macrocladus, Mart. Malaya. 

0. philippinensis, Scheff. Phillippines. 
Orbignya, Mart. 

0. Lydiae, Drude. Brazil. 

0. Sagotii, Hort. Demerara. 
Oreodoxa, Willd. 

0. oleracea, Mart. W. Indies. 

0. regia, H. B. ^ K. Cuba and Panama. 


Phoenix, L. 

P. acaulis, Bitch. India. 

P. andamanensis, Hort. Andamans. 

P. canariensis, Hort. Canary Islands. 

P. dactylifera, L. N. Africa. 

P. farinifera, Roxb. Deccan. 

P. hanceana, Naud. See humilis. 

P. humilis, Royle. India and China. 
Var. hanceana, Becc. 
Var. Lourierii, Becc. 
Var. ouseleyana. 
Var. pedunculata, Becc, 
Var. Roebelini. 

P. hybrida, Andre. Garden origin. 
P. Jubae, Webb. See canariensis. 
P. leonensis, Lodd. See reclinata. 
?. melanocarpa, Naud. Garden origin. 
P. ouseleyana. Griff. See humilis. 
P. paludosa, Roxb. India and Cochin Chinn. 
P. pedunculata, Grifl\ See humilis. 
P. pumila, Hort. Hab. — ? 
P. pusilla, Lour. See humilis, var. Lonreirii. 
P. reclinata, Jacq. S. E. Africa. 
P. Roebelini., O'Brien. See humilis. 
P. rupicola, T. Anders. Himalaya. 
P. spinosa, Thonn. W. Trop. Africa. 
P. sylvestris, Roxb. India. 
Var. exilis. 

PALMAE. 269 

Phoenix — cont. 

P. tenuis, Hort. See caiiariensis. 

P. zanzibarensis, Hort. See reclinata. 

P. zeylanica, Trimen. Ceylon. 
Pholidocarpus, Blume, 

P. Ihur, Blume, Malaya. 
Phytelephas, Ruiz ^ Pav. 

P. macrocarpa, R. Sf P. Colombia. 

P. microcarpa, R. Sf P. Peru. 
Pinanga, Blume, 

P. coronata, Blume. Celebes. 

P. decora, Lind. Sf Rod. Borneo. 

P. Dicksoni, Blume. India. 

P. disticha, Illume. Malaya. 

P. gracilis, Blume. India. 

P. macTilata, Porte. Phillippines. 

P. malayana, Scheff. Malaya. 

P. paradoxa, Scheff. Malaya. 

P. spectabilis, Hort. Bull. East Indies. 
Plectocomia, Mart. % 

P. assamica, Griff. Assam. 

P. elongata. Mart. Java. Sumatra. Penang. 

P. Griffithii, Becc. Malacca. 

P. spectabilis, Hort. Hab. — ? 
Podococcus, 3iami ^ Wendl. 

P. Barteri, M. Sf W. Trop. Africa. 



PALMAE. 271 

Prestoea, Hook,f. 

P. Carderi, Hook.f, Colombia. Bot. Mag. t. 7108. 
P. montana, ^ooA. /. Grenada. 
P. trinitensis, Hook.f. Trinidad. 

Pritchardia, Seem. Sf Wendl. 

P. aurea, Linden. Fiji. 

P.Jilifera, Linden. See Washington ia filifera. 

P. Gaudichaudii, Wendl. Sandwicli Islands. 

P. grandiSf Hort. See Licuala grandis. 

P. macrocarpay Linden. See Gaudichaudii. 

P. Martii, Wendl. Sandwich Islands. 

P. pacifica, Seem. Sf Wendl. Fiji. 

P. pericularum, Wendl. Potomou Islands. 

P. Thurstoni, F. Muell. ^ Drude. Fiji. 

P. vuylstekiana, Wendl. Potomou Islands. 
Pseudophoenix, Wendl. 

P. Sargentii, Wendl. Florida. 

Ptychococcus, Becc. 

P. paradoxus, Becc. New Guinea. 

Ptychoraphis, Becc. » ^ 

P. augusta, Becc. Nicobar Islands. 
P. singaporensis, Becc. Malaja. 

Ptychosperma, Lahill. 

P. Alexandrae, F. Muell. See Archontophoenix 

P. n7igustifolia, Blume. See Coleospadix oninensis. 


PALMAE. 273 

Ptychosperma — coht. 

P. Beatricae, F, MuelL Australia. 

P. Cunningham iana, Weudl. See Arcliontoplioenix 

P. disticha, Miq. See Piiianga disticha. 

P. elegans, Blume. Australia. 

P.filifera, Wendl. See Vitiphoenix lilifera. 

P. Macarthurii, Wendl. Australia. 

P. paradoxa, Scheff. See Ptychococcus paradoxus. 

P. perbi'eve, Wendl. Sec Balaka perbrevis. 

P. rupicola, Thw. See Loxococcus rupicola. 

P. Seemanniy Wendl. See Balaka Seemanni. 

P. singaporetisis, Becc. See Ptychoraphis singaporensis. 
Raphia, Beauv. 

R. Hookeri, Mann Sf Wendl. Trop. Africa.. 

R. pedunculata, Beauv. Madagascar. 

R. Ruffia, Mart. See pedunculata. 

R. vinifera, Beauv. Trop. Africa. 
Ravenia, Wendl. and Bouche. 

R. Hildebrandtii, W. Sf B. Comoro Islands. Bot. 
Mag. t. 6776. 

Rhapidophyllum, Wendl. ^- Drude. 

R. hystrix, W. Sr D. S. United States. 

Rhapis, L. 

R. flabelliformis, VHerit. China and Japan. 
Var. variegata. 

R. humilis, Blame. China. 
U 97169. s 

PALMAE. 275 

Ehopaloblaste, Scheff. 

R. hexandra, Scheff. Moluccas. 

R. singaporensis^ Benth. & Hook. See Ptychoraphis 

Rhopalostyle, Wendl. S^ Drude. 

R. Baueri, W. 4- D. Norfolk Island. Bot. Mag. t. 5935. 

R. sapida, W. Sf D. New Zealand. 
Roscheria, Wendl. 

R. melanocliaetes, Wendl. Mascarene Islands. 
Sabal, Adans, 

S. Adansoni, Guerns. S. United States. 

S. blackburniana, Glazebr. Bermuda. 

S. coerulescens, Hort. Colombia. 

S. filamentosa, Wendl. Jamaica. 

S. (jlaucescens, Lodd. Trinidad. 

S. major, Wendl. 

S. mauritiaeformis, Gr. and Wendl. W. Indies. 

S. mexicana, Mart. Mexico. 

S. minor, Pers. See Adansoni. 

S. Palmetto, Lodd. S. United States. 

S. Sanfordi, Linden. Florida. 

S. umhracidijera. Mart. See blackburniana. 

Sagus, Blume. See Metrox}'lon. 
Sagueriis, Roxb. See Arenga. 
Scheelea, Karst. 

S. amylacea, Barb. Rod. Brazil. 

S 2 

PALMAE. 277 

Scheelea — cont. 

S. excelsa, Karst. Colombia. 

S. Unguis, Karst. Venezuela. 
Schizothrinax, Wendl. 

S. Wallisii, fVendl. Colombia. 
Seaforthia, R. Br. See Ptychosperma. 

*S^. Dicksonii, Mart. See Pinanga Dicksonii. 

*S'. elegans, Hook. See Archontophoenix Cunninghami, 
Serenoa, Hook. 

S. serrulata, Hook. S. United States. 
Socratea, Karst. 

S. exorrhiza, Wendl. Mexico. 
Stevensonia, Duncan. 

S. grandifolia, Dune. Seychelles. Bot. Mag. t. 7277. 
Syagrus, Mart. See Cocos. 
Synechanthus, Wendl. 

S. fibrosus, Wendl. Guatemala. Bot. Mag. t. 6572. 
Thrinax, L. 

T. arhorea^ Hort. See Acanthorhiza arborea. 

T. argentea, Lodd. W. Indies. 

T. barbadensis, Lodd. Barbados. 

T. crinita, Gr. Sr Wendl. Cuba. 

T. elegans, Hort. See radiata. 

T. excelsa, Griseb. Jamaica. Bot. Mag. t. 7078. 

T. Garberi, Chaprn. Florida. 
T. gi-acilis, Hort. See radiata. 

PALMAE. 279 

Thrinax — cont. 

T. Martii, Griseb. Cuba. 

T. Miraguana, Hook, Cuba. 

TrMorrisii, Wendl. W. Indies. Gard. Chron. 1891, 
ix. 700, fig. 134. 

T. multiflora, Mart. Dominica. 

T. parviflora, Sw, W. Indies. 

T. Pumilio, Lodd. Jamaica, 

T. radiata, Lodd. W. Indies. 

Trachycarpus, Wendl. 

T. excelsa, Wendl. Ir.dia, China, and Japan. Bot. Mag. 
t. o2iil. 

T. Fortiinei, Wendl. See excelsa. 

T. khasyana, "Wendl. See martiana. 

T. martiana, Wendl. Himalaya. Bot. Mag. t, 7128. 

Trithrinax, Mart. 

T. acantliocoma, Drude. Brazil. 

T. aculeata, Liebm. See Acanthorhiza aeuleata. 

T. brasiliensis, Mart. Brazil. 

Veitchia, Wendl. 

V. Johaimis, Wendl. Fiji. 

V. Storckii, Wendl. Fiji. 
Verschaffeltia, Wendl. 

V. melanochaetes, Wendl. See Roscheria melanochaetes. 

V. splendida, Wendl. Seychelles. 
Vitiphoenix, Becc. 

V. filifera, Becc. Fiji. 

PALMAE. 281. 

Wallichia, Roxb. 

W. caryotoides, Rooch. Chittagong and Burma. 

W. densiflora, Mart. Himalaya. i>ot. Mag. t. 4.584. 

W. disticha, T Anders. Himalaya. 

W. nana, Griff. See Didymosperma nana. 

JV. porphyrocarpay Mart. See Didymosperma porphyro- 

Washingtonia, Wendl. 

W. filifera, Wendl. California. 

W. rohusta, Wendl. See filifera. 

W. Sonorae, S. Wats. California, 
Welfia, Wendl. 

W. regia, Wendl. Colombia. 
Zalacca, Reinw. 

Z. glal)rescens, Griff. Penang. 


Freycinetia, Gaud. 

F. angustifolia, Blume. Malaya. 

F. Banksii, Cimn. Xew Zealand. 

F. insignis, Blume. Java and Andaman s. 
Pandanus, Linn.f. 

P. amaryllidifolius, Hort. See laevis, 

P. aquaticus, F. Muell, North Australia. 

P. Baptistii, Veitch. New Caledonia. 

P. Barklyi, Balf.f. Mascarene Islands. 


Pandanus — cont. 

P. Candelabrum, Beauv. Trop. Africa. 

P. conoideus, Lam. Malaya. 

P. discolor, Bull. India. 

P. dyeriamis, Hort. See Baptistii. 

P. Eydouxia, Balf.f. Mascarene Islands. 

P. Forsteri, C. Moore 4- F. Muell. Lord Howe's Island. 

P. fuicatus, Roxb. India and Malaya. Rev. Hort., 1879, 
290, with tig. 

P. graminifolius, Kurz. Tenasserim. 
P. inermis, Blanco. Phillippines. 
P. javanicus, Hort. Hab. — ? 

Var. variegatus. 
P. kurzeanuSf Solms. See polyeephalus. 
P. labyrinthicus, Kurz. Malaya. Bot. Mag. t. 7063. 
P. laevis, Lour. India. 
P. Lais, Kurz. Malaya. 
P. microcarpus, Balf.f. Mascarene Islands. 
P. Millore, Roxb. Nicobar Islands. 
P. nitidus, Kurz. See stenophyllus. 
P. odoratissimus, L.f Trop. Asia. 
P. pacificus, Veitch. Pacific Islands. 
P. Pancheri, Balf f. New Caledonia. 
P. polycephalus. Lam. Malaya. 

P. pyginaetis,T^o«/. Mascarene Islands. Bot. Mag. t. 4736. 
P. reflexus, Lodd. Mascarene Islands. 
P. spectabilis, Iloi't. Williams. 


Pandanus — cent. 

P. sphaeroideus, Thou. Mascarene Islands. 

P. stenophyllus, Kurz. Java. 

P. sylvestris, Bory. Mascarene Islands. 

P. utilis, Bcyry. Madagascar. 

P. Vandermeeschii, Balf. f. Mascarene Islands. 

Var. maritimus. 
P. Veitchii, Hort. Polynesia. 
P. zeylanicus, Solms. Ceylon. 


Carludovica, Ruiz Sf Pav. 

C. acaulis, Hort. See Caput-Medusae. 

C. atrovirens, Wendl. Colombia. 

C. Caput-Medusae, Hook.f. Hab— ? Bot. Mag. t. 7118. 

C. Gardneri, Hook. Brazil. 

C. humilis, Poepp. Sf Endl. Peru. 

C. latifolia, Ruiz &; Pav. W. Indies. 

C. (Salmia) laucheana, Hort, Sander. Antioquia. 

C. microcephala, ^00^./. Costa Rica. Bot. Mag. t. 7263. 

C. moritziana, Klotzsch. Colombia. 

C. palmata, Ruiz Sf Pav. S. America. 

C. plicata, Klotzsch. Colombia. 

C. Plumerii, Kunth. W. Indies. 

C. rotundifolia, Wendl. Costa Rica. Bot. Mag. t. 7083. 

C. Wallisii, Regel. Colombia. 


Cyclanthus, Poit. 

C. bipartitus, Poit. Trop. America. 

C. cristatus, Klotzsch. Colombia. 
Ludovia, ^rong, 

L. crenifolia, Drude. Brazil. 
Solmia, Willd. See Carludovica. 


Aglaonema, Schott. 

A. acutispathum, N. E. Br. China. 

A. angnstifolmm, N. E. Br. Straits Settlements. 

A. commutatum, Schott. Manila,'>fc^— — 
Var. pictum. 

A. costatum, N. E. Br. Perak. 

A. Haenkii, Schott. Philippines. 

A. hooker ianiim, Schott. India. 

A, malaccense, Schott. See hookerianum. 

A. Mannii, Hook. /, W. Trop. Africa. Bot. Mag. 

t. .5760. 

A. marantifolium, Blume. Malaya. 
A. minus, ^00^. /. Singapore. 
A. nitidum, Kth. See oblongifolium. 
A. oblongifolium, Schott. ^ Malaya. 
A. pictum, Kth. Malaya. 
A. puniilum, Hook.f. Malaya. 
A. schottianum, Miq. Malaya. 
A. simplex, Blume. Java. 


Alocasia, Schott. 

A. alba, Schott. Java. 

A. amabiliSf Hort. See longiloba. 

A.r^rgyrea, Sander. Hab. — ? 

A. augustiana, Lind. ^ Rod. Papua. Illust. Hort. 
1886, t. 593. 

A. Beccarii, Engler. I'erak. 

A, Boryi, Schott. See indica var. variegata. 

A. chantrieriana, Andre. Garden hybrid. Illust. Hort. 
1888, t. 64. 

A. Chelsonii, iWc/io/5. Garden hybrid (metaliica x macro- 

A. CTicullata, Schott. India. 

A. cuprea, Koch. Borneo. Bot. Mag. t. 5190. 

A. Cnrtisii, N. E. Br. Penang. 

A. decipiens, Schott. India. 

A. denudata, Engler. Singapore. 

A. eminens, N. E. Br. Malaya. 

A. gigantea, Hort. See longiloba. 

A. indica, Schott. Trop. Asia. 
Var. metaliica. 
Var. variegata. 

A. Jenningsiiy T. Moore. See Colocasia affinis. 
A. Johnstonii, Bull. See Cyrtosperma Johnstonii. 
A. Kerchovei, Hort. Hab. — ? 
A. Lindeni, Rod. New Guinea. 
A. longiloba, Miq. Malaya. 
V 97169. T 


Alocasia — cont. 

A. Lowii, Hook. Borneo. Bot. Mag. t. 5376. 
Var. grandis. 

A. macrorliiza, Schott. Trop. Asia. 
Var. variegata. 

A. marginata, N. E. Br. Brazil. 

A. metallicay Hook. See ciiprea. 

A. perakensis, Hemsl. See Beccarii. 

A. Portei, Schott. New Guinea. 

A. princeps, Hort. Malaya. 

A. pucciana, Andre. Garden hybrid. 

A. Putzeysi, N. E. Br. Sumatra. Til. Hort. 1882, t. 439. 

A. Regina, iV. E. Br. Borneo. 

A. reversa, N. E. Br. Philippines. Bot. Mag. t. 7498. 

A. sanderiana, Bull. Philippines. 

A. scabriuscula, N. E. Br. Borneo. 

A. Sedeni,. Veitch. Garden hybrid (cupreax Lowii). 

A. singaporensis, Linden. Malaya, 

A. thibautiana, Mast. Borneo. 

A. van-houtteana, Hort. Hab. — ? 

A. Veitchii, Schott. See Lowii. 

A. watsoniana, Hort. See Putzeysi. 

A. zebrina, Schott. Manila. 

Amorphophallus, Blume. 

A. bulbifer, Blume. India. Bot. Mag. tt. 2072-2508. 

A. catnpanulatus, Hort. See virosus. 

T 2 



Amorphophallus — cont. 

A EicMeri, Hook.f. Congo. Bot. Mag. t. 7091. 

A. Elliotii, Uooh. f. Sierra Leone. Bot. Mag. t. 7349. 

A. Galbra, Bailey, Queensland. 

A. haematospadix, Hook.f. Penang ?. 

A. Konjac, K. Koch. See Rivieri. 

A. leonensis, Lem. Trop. Africa. 

A. oncophylliis, Praiu. Andamans. Bot. Mag. t. 7327. 

A. Prainii, Hoohf, Malaya. 

A. Rex, Prain. Java. 

A. Rivieri, Dur. Cochin China. Bot. Mug. t. 611 

A. Teusczii,13i.ovt. aS'/?^ Eichleri. 

A. variabilis, Benth. Trop. Asia. 

A. virosus, N. E. Br. India. Bot. Mag. t, 6978. 

A. zeylanicus, Blume. See Synantherias sylvatica. 
Amydrium, Schott. 

A. humile, Schott. Borneo. 
Anadendrum, Schott. 

A. medium, Schott, Malaya. 
Aathurium, Schott. ** 

A. acaule, Schott. W. Indies. 

A. aeranthe, Baker. Trop. America. Bot. Ref. t. 278. 

A. affine, Schott. Brazil, 

A. albanense, Hort, 

A. nmplum, Kth. >S'^^ Hookeri. 

A. andicoia, Liehm. Mexico. 


Anthurium — conf. 

A. andreanum, Linden. Colombia. 111. Hort. 1877, 43. 
t. 271. 
^ Var. purpureum. 

Var. salmoneum. 

Var. sanguineum. 

A. appunianum, Schott. Venezuela. 

A. augustindm^ K. Koch. See trinervium. 

A. Bakeri, Hook, f. Cent. America. Bot. Mag. t. 6261. 

A. bellum, Schott. Brazil. 

A. bei/richianum, Kth. See Harrisii. 

A. Binoti, Linden. Trop. America Gartenfl. t. 723. 

A. bogotense, Schott, Colombia. 

A. Brownii, 3Iast. Colombia. 

A. carneum, Jlort. Garden hybrid (andreanum x 

A. cartilagineum, Kth. Venezuela. 

A. Chamberlaini, Mast. ? Venezuela. Bot. Mag. t. 7297. 

A. comptiim, Schott. Brazil. 

A. cordifolium, Kth. Costa Rica. 

A. coriaceum, Endl. Brazil. 

A. costatum, K Koch. Venezuela. 

A. crassinervium, Schott. Panama. 

A. cristalliniim, Linden. Peru. 

A. cucullatum, K. Koch. See andicola. 

A. digitatum, G. Don. Peru. 

A. dominicense, Schott. W. Indies. 


\ROIDEAE. 297 

Anthurium — cont^ 

A. duvivierianum, Hort, 

A. emarginatum, Baker. Trop. America. Bot. Eef . t. 274. 

A. fferrierense, Hort. Garden hybrid. 

A. fraternum, Schoft. Colombia. Biol, Cent. Amer. t. 97. 

A. Galeottii, K. Koch. Colombia. 

A. gaudichaudianum, Kth. Brazil. 

A. glaucescens, De Smet. 

A. GlsizioYii, Hook. f. Brazil. Bot Mag. t. 6833. 

A. gracile, Lindl. Guiana. Bot. Reg. t. 1635. 

A. grande, Hort. See magnificum. 

A. grandifolium, Kth. Colombia. 

A. Guildingii, Schoft. W. Indies. 
Yar. sessile. 

A. Gustavi, Regel. Colombia. Bot. Mag. t. 7437. 

A. Hahnii, Regel. Martinique. 

A. Harrisii, G. Bon. Brazil. 
Var. assimile. 
Var. consanguineum. 
Var. pulchrum, 

A. hastiferum, Linden. See hybridum. 

A. HofFmanni, Schott. Costa Rica. Bot. Eef. t. 180. 

A. Hookeri, Ktli. W. Indies. Bot. Mag. t. 2987. 

A. houUettianum. Garden hybrid (magnificum x 

A. Hugelii, Schott. W. Indies. 
A. hybridnm, Hort. Hab.— ? 


Anthurinm — con i. 

A. inconspicuum, N, E, Br. Brazil. 

A. intei'tnediujrif Kth. See Harrisii. 

A. isarense, Andre. Garden hybrid. 

A. Kalbreyeri, Jlof't. Colombia. 

A. laucheamim, K. Koch. Brazil. 

A. leodiense, FTort. Garden hybrid (Veitchii x 

A . leptostachyunif Schott. See olfersianum. 

A. leuconeuron, Lem, Trop. America. 111. Hort. 1862, 
t. 314. 

A. Lievensii, Hort. 

A. lindenianum, K. Koch. Colombia. 

A. Lindigii, Her. See lindenianum. 

A. longifolium, G. Don. Brazil. 
Var. elongellum. 

A. longipes, N. E, Br. Brazil. 

A. lucidum, Kth. Brazil, 

A. macrolobum, Hort. Garden hybrid (leuconeuron x 
pedato-radiatum) . 

A. magnificum, Linden. Colombia. 

A. margaritaceum^ Baker. See Hoffmanni. 

A. martianum, K. Koch. Guiana. 

A. maximilianum, Schott. Brazil. 

A. microphyllum, G. Don. Brazil. 

A. miquelianum, K Koch. Brazil. 

A. moore&,num, Hort. Garden hybrid (crystallinum x 


Anthurium — cont. 

A. mortfontanense, Hort. Garden hybrid (andreanum x 

A. nymphaefolium, K. Koch. Venezuela. y\^ 

A. obscuriim, Engler. Brazil. 

A. ochranthum, Koch. Trop. America. 

A. olfersianum, Kth. Brazil. 

A. ornatum, Schoti, Venezuela. 

A. Paradisae, Hort, Grarden hybrid (andreanum x 
ornatum) . 

A. parvispathum, Hemsl. Guatemala. 

A. parvum, N, E. Br. Brazil. 

A. pedatoradiatum, Schott. Mexico. 

A. podophyllum, Klh. Mexico. 

A. propinquum, N. E. Br. Brazil. 

A. prochaskaianum, Hort. Garden hybrid (andreanum x 

A. punctatum, N. E. Br. Ecuador. 

A. radicans, K. Koch. Braiil. 

A. refractum, Wendl. 

A. regale, Andre. Brazil. 

A. regnellianum, Engler. Brazil. 

A. Roezlii, Regel. Colombia. 

A. rothschildianum, Hort. See scherzerianum, 

A. rubrinervium, G. Don. Venezuela. 

A. sagittatimi, G. Don. See rubrinervium. 


Anthurium — cont, 

A. scherzerianum, Schott. GuatemalaNfeot. Mag. t. 5319. 
Var. album. 
Var. pygmaeum. 
"'Var. rothschildianum. 
Var„ sanguineum. 
Var. Wardii. 

A. Schlechtendalii, Kth. Mexico. 

A. Selloum, R. Koch. W. Indies. 

A. sallow ianum, Kth. Brazil. 

A. signatuin, K. Koch. Colombia. Bot. Mag. t. 6639. 

A. splendidum, Bull. Colombia. Bot. Mag. t. 6878. 

A. strictum, N. E. Br. Paraguay. 

A. subsignatum, Schott. Costa Rica?Sf 

A. tetragonum, Hook. Trop. America. 

A. trifidum, Oliver. See trilobum. 

A. trilobum, Lind. Colombia. 

A. trinervium, Kth. Brazil. 

A. triphyllum, Brong. Bolivia. 

A. undatum, Schott. Brazil. 

A. VeitcMi, Mast. Colombia. Bot. Mag. t. 6968. 

A. violaceum, Schott. Trop. America. 
Var. leucocarpum. 

A. viride, K. Koch. Trop. America. 

A. Wallisii, Mast. Colombia. 

A. Walujewi, Regel. Venezuela. 

A. warocqueanum, Moore. Colombia. 


Anthurium — cont. 

A. Willdenovii, Kth. Brazil. 

A. Williamsii^ Hort. See scherzerianum var. album. 
Ariopsis; Nhnmo. 

A. peltata, Nimmo. Himalaya. Bot. Mag. t. 4222. 

A. protanthera, N. E. Br. See peltata. 
Arisaema, Mart. 

A. anomalum, Hemsl. Malaya. 

A. concinnum, Schott. Himalaya. Bot. Mag. t. 5914. 

A. consanguineum, Schott, Himalaya. 

A. curvatum, Roxb. See tortuosum. 

A. Dracontium, Schott. N. America. Bot. Reg. t. 668. 

A. erubescens, Schott. Himalaya. 

A. filiforme, Blume. Java. 

A. fimbriatum, Mast. Penang. Bot. Mag. t. 7150. 

A. galeatum, N. E. Br. Himalaya. Bot. Mag. t. 5467. 

A. Grifathii, Schott. Himalaya. Bot. Mag. t. 6491. 

A. hellehorifolium^ Schott. See curvatum. 

A. hookerianum, Schott. See Griffithii. 

A. Jacquemontii, Blume. Himalaya. 

A. japonicum, Blume. Japan. 

A. Leschenaultii, Blume. Himalaya. Bot. Mag. t. 5496. 

A. Murray!, Hook. The Concan. Bot. Mag. t. 4388. 

A. nepenthoides, Mart. Himalaya. Bot. Mag. t. 6446. 

A. papillosum, Steud. See Leschenaultii. 

A. praecoxy De Vriese. See ringens. 
I il 97169. U 


Arisaema — cont. 

A. ringens, Schott. Japan. 

A. speciosum, Mart. Himalaya. Bot. Mag. t. 5964. 
A.l;ortuosum, Schott. Himalaya. Bot, Mag. t. 5931. 
A. triphyllum, Schott. N. America, 
A. utile, Hook.f. Himalaya. Bot. Mag. t. 6474, 
A. Wrayi, Hemsl. Perak. Bot. Mag. t. 7105. 
Arum, L. See Hand-list of Herbaceous plants. 
Caladium, Vent. 

C. argy rites, Hort. See Humboldtii. 
C. bicolor, Vent. S. America. 

Many garden varieties. 
C. Humboldtii, Schott. Brazil. 111. Hort. 1858, t. 185. 
C. pictum, T>.C. See bicolor. 
C. purdieanum, Schott» See bicolor. 
C. rubescens, N. E. Br. Brazil. 
C. venosum, N. E. Br. Brazil. 
C. viviparum, Lodd, See Remusatia vivipara. 
C. Wightiiy Lem. See bicolor. 
Calla, L. See Hand-list of Herbaceous plants. 
ChamaecladoTif Miq. See Homalomena. 
Colocasia, L. 

C. Antiquorum, Schott. Tropics. Bot. Mag. t. 7634. 

Var. Fontanesii. 
C. affinis, Schott. Himalaya. 111. Hort. 1869, t. 585. 

C. fallax, Schott. Himalaya. 

U 2 


Colocasia — cont. 

C, indica, Kth. See Alocasia indica. 

C Wendlandii, Engier. See fallax. 
Crypt oeoryne, Fisch. 

C. cordata, Griff. Malaya. Griff. Ic. PI. Asiat. t. 172. 
Culcasia, Beauv. 

C. scandens, Beauv. Trop. Africa. 
Curmeriay Linden & Andre. See Homalomena. 
Cyrtosperma, Griff. 

C. Johnstonii, N. E. Br. Solomon Islands. 

C. lasioides, Griff. Malaya. 

C. matvieffianunif L. Lind. See Podolasia stipitata. 
Dieffeiibachia, Schott. 

D. alliodora, Linden. Trop. America. 
D. amazonica, Regel. Brazil. 

D. baraquiniana, Lem. Brazil. 

D. Bausei, T. Moore. See picta. 

D. Bowmanni, Veitch. Brazil. 

D. Carderi, Bull. Colombia. 

D. grandis, Hort. Brazil. 

D. illustris, Bull. Colombia. 

D. imperialis, Andre, Peru. 111. Hort. 1871, t. S5. 

D. Jenmani, Veitch, Brit. Guiana. 

D. lanceola, Hort. Colombia. 

D. Leopoldii, Btdl, S. America. 

D. magnifica, Linden. Venezuela. 111. Hort. 1883, t. 482. 


Dieffenbachia — cont. 

D. Memoria-Cortii, Hort. 
D. Parlatorei, Lind, ^ Andre. Colombia. 
D. picta, Schott, Brazil. 
D. robusta, K, Koch. Colombia. 
D. Seguine, Schott. Trop. America. 
Var. maculata. 
Var, variegata. 
D. Shuttleworthii, Regel. See picta. 
D. Wallisii, Linden. Colombia. 

Dracontium, L. 

D. asperum, K. Koch. Brazil. 
D. Carderi, Hook./. Colombia. Bot. Mag. t. 6523. 
D. foecundiim, Hook. f. Guiana. Bot. Mag. t. 6808. 
D. Gigas, Engler. ISTicaragua. Bot. Mag. t. 6048. 

Dracunculus, Adam. 

D. canariensis, Kth. Canaries. 

D. creticus, Schott. See vulgaris. 

D. vulgaris, Schott. S. Europe. 
Epipremnum, Schott. 

E. mirabile, Schott. Trop. Asia. 

Gamochlami/s, Baker. See Spathantheum. 

Godwinia, Seem. See Dracontium. 

Hapaline, Schott. 

H. Brownii, Hook. f. Malaya. Bot. Mag. t. 7325. 


Helicodiceros, Schott. 

H. crinitus, Schott. Corsica and Sardinia. Bot. Ileg. t. 831. 
Homalomena, Schott. 

H^^oemlescens, Jungh. Malaya. 

H. lasioides, WendL 

H. minus, Griff. See coerulescens. 

H. paludosa, Hook. f. Perak. 

H. picturata, Regel. Colombia. 

H. poutederaefolia, Griff'. Malaya. 

H. rubescens, Kth. India. Gartenfl. 1869, t. 634. 

H. rubra, Hassk. See rubescens. 

H. singaporensis, Regel. Singapore. 

H. "Wallisii, Regel. Colombia. Bot. Mag. t.6o7l. 

H. Wendlandii, Schott. Costa Rica. 

Hydrosmc Schott. xS'ee Amorphophallus. 

Lasia, Lour. 

L. heterophylla, Schott. India and Malaya. 
L. spinosa, Thw. See heterophylla. 

Mod star a, Adans. 

M. acuminata, K. Koch. Trop. America. 

M. Adansonii, Schott. See pertusa. 

M. borsigiana, Koch . Mexico. 

31. deciirsiva, Schott. See Rhaphidophora decursiva. 

M. deliciosa, Liebni. Mexioo.v/ 

M. dimidiata, Schott. See acuminata. 

M. holtoniana, Schott. See pertusa. 



Monstera — cont. 

M. Jacquinii, Schott. See pertusu. 

M. obliqua, Miq. Brazil and Guiana. 

M. |)ertusa, Schott, Trop. America. 

M. pinnata, Schott. See Epipremnum mirabilf . 

M. swinamensis, Schott. See pertusa. 

M. tenuis, K. Koch. {Marcgravia paradoxa, Hort.) Cent. 

Montrichardia, Crueg. 

M. aculeata, Crueg, Brazil. 

M. arborescens, Schott. See aculeata. 
Nephthytis, Schott. 
/C N. liberica, N.E. Br. W. Trop. Africa. 

N. picturata, N.E. Br. Congo. 
Philodendron, Schott. 

P. albo'Vaginatum, K. Koch. See lacerum. 

P. amazonicunif Linden. See laciniosum. 

P. andreanum, Devmis. Colombia. 

P. asperatum, K. Koch. Brazil. 

P. augustinum, K. Koch. Colombia. 

P. bipennifolium, Schott, See pauduraeforme. 

P. cannaefolium, Mart. Brazil. 

P. Carderiy Hort. See verrucosum. 

P. crassinervium, Liudl. Brazil.-^^ ^^^ 

P. crinitum, Hort. See squamiferum. 

P. cuspidatmn,. K. Koch. See scandens. 

P. daguense, Andre. >S'ee verrucosum. 



Philodendron — cont. 

P. dilaceratum, Hort. See Raphidophora decursiva. 

P. dolosum, Schott. Brazil. 

P. ^longatum, Engler. Brazil. 

P. erubescens, K. Koch, Colombia. 

P. eximium, Schott. Brazil. 

P. giganteum, Schott. Trop. America. 

P. Glaziovii, //oo^./. Brazil. Bot. Mag. t. f)813. 

P. gloriosum, Andre. Colombia. 111. Hort. 1 876, t. 262. 

P. grandifolium, Schott. Venezueia. 

P. hastatum, K. Koch. Brazil. 

P. Hookeri^ Schott. Guiana. 

P. Imbe, Schott. Brazil. 

P. imperialis, Schott. Bahia. 

P. karstenianum, Schott. Venezuela. 

P. lacerum, Schott. W. Indies. 

P. laciniosum, Schott. Brazil. X 

P. latifolium, K. Koch. Venezuela. 

P. Mamei, Andre. Ecuador. Rev. Hort. 1883, 104, fig. 21. 

P melanochrysum, Andre. Colombia. 111. Hort. 1873,t. 149. 

P. micans, K. Koch. Colombia. 

P. ornatum, Schott. Brazil. 

J^, oxycardium Schott See scandens. 

P. panduraeforme, Kth. Brazil. 

P. pedatum, Kth. See laciniosum. 

P. qnercifolium, Regel. See laciniosum. 


Philodendron — co nt. 

P. rubens, Schott. Venezuela, 

P. sag^ttifolium, Liebm. Mexico. 

Prsanguineum, Regel. Mexico. 

P. scandens, K. Koch. Trop. America. 

P. SelloTiin, K. Koch. Brazil. 

P. Simsii, Sweet. Guiana. 

P. speciosum, Schott. Brazil. 

P. squamiferum, Poepp. Brazil. 

P. tripartitum, Schott. Venezuela. 

P. verrucosum, Mathieu. Colombia. 

P. Wallisii, Hort. 

P. Wendlandii, Schott. Cent. America. 

P. Williamsii, i?oo^./ Bahia. Bot. Mag. t. 5899. 
Phyllotaenium, Andre. See Xanthosoma. 
Pinellia, Tenore. See Hand-list of Herbaceous plants. 
Piptospathe, N. E. Br. 

P. insignis, N. E. Br. Borneo. Bot. Mag. t. 6598. 

P. Ridleyi, N. E. Br. Malaya. Bot. Mag. t. 7410. 
Pistia, L. 

P. Stratiotes, L. Tropics. 
Podolasia, N. E. Br. 

P. stipitata, N. E. Br. Borneo. 
Pothos, L. 

P. argentens, Bull. Borneo. 

P. argyraeuSy Hort, See Scindapsus pictus. 


Pothos — cont, 

P. aureus, Lind ^ And, Solomon Islands. 

P. celatocaulis, N. E. Br. Borneo. 

Pj crassinervia, Hook. See Anthurium Hookerl. 

P. Loureirii, Hook, Philippines and China. 

P. nigricans, L. Lind. Hab. — ? 

P. scandens, L. India. 
Proteinophallus, Hook. f. See Amorphophallus. 
Remusatia, Schott. 

R. vivipara, Schott. India. Bot. Cab. t. 281. 
Rhaphidophora, Schott. 

R. decursiva, Schott. Himalaya. 

R. lancifolia, Schott. Khasia. Gard. Chron. 1874, ii. 611, 
fig. 124. 

R. Lobbii, Schott . Malaya. 

R. pertusa, Schott. India and Malaya 

H. pinnqta, Schott. See Epipremnum mirabile. 

Richardia, Kunth. 

R. aethiopica, Spreng. See africana. 

R. africana, Kth. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 832. 
Var. nana compacta. 

R. albomaculata. Hook. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 5140. 
R. aurata, Hort. See hastata. 

R. elliottiana, Hort. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. 
R. hastata. Hook. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 5176. 
R. Liitwycheiy N. E. Br. See hastata. 
R. melanoleuca, Hooh.f. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 5765.- 
IJ 97169. X 


Richardia— cont. 

R. Pentlandii, Hook.f. S. Africa. Bot. Mag. t. 7397. 

R. Rehmannii, N. E, Br. Natal. Bot. Mag. t. 7436. 
Sauromatum, Schott. 

S. ffuttatum, Schott. India. Bot. Mag. t. 4465. 

S. pedatuvi, Hort. See guttatum. 

S. punctatum, K. Koch. See guttatum. 

*S'. vetiosum, Schott. See guttatum. 
Schismatoglottis, Zoll. Sf Morr. *-^i ^ Qjj3^'^^ f\ 

S. crispata, Hook. f. Borneo. Bot. Mag. t. 6576. 

S. Lavallei, Linden. Malaja. 111. Hort. 1881, t. 418. 

S. neoguineensis, N. E. Br. New Guinea. 

S. picturata, N. E. Br. Malaya. 

S. pulchra, N. E. Br. Borneo. III. Hort. 1884, t. 520. 

S. siamensis, Bull. Siam. 

S. variegata, Hort. See neoguineensis. 
Sch'izocasia, Schott. See Alocasia. 
Scindapsus, Schott. 

S. pictus, Hassk. Malaya. 

S. pteropodus, Teijsm. ^' Binn. . Sumatra. 
Spathantheum, Schott. 

S. heterandrum, N. E. Br. See orbignyanum. 

S. orbignyanum, Schott. Bolivia. 
Spathicarpa, Hook. 

S. platyspatha, Schott. See sagittifolia. 

S. sagittifolia, Schott. Brazil. \/ 

X 2 


Spathiphyllum, Schott. 

S. blandum, Schott. Trop. America. 

S. candidum, N» E. Br, Colombia. 

iS. cannaefolium, Schott. Trop. America. ^^ 

S. Dechardii, Hort. See cannaefolium, 

S. floribimdum, iV. E. Br. Colombia. 

S. longirostre, Schott. Mexico. ^C 

S. Minahassae, Reyel. Hab. — ? 

S. Ortgiesii, Begel. Mexico. Gartenfl. 1872, t. 738. 

S. Patinii, N. E. Br. Colombia. 
Stenospermation, Schott. 

S. multiovulatum, N. E. Br. Colombia. 

S. Wallisii, Mast. Colombia. 
Steudnera, K. Koch. 

S. colocasiaefolia, K. Koch. Martaban. Bot. Mag. 
t. 6762. 

S. colocasioides, Hook.f. Himalaya. 

S. discolor, Bull. India. Bot. Mag. t. 6076. 

Symplocarpus, Salisb. See Hand-list of Herbaceous plants. 

Synandrospadix, Engler. ^ 

S. vermitoxicTis, Engler. Tucuman. Bot. Mag. t. 7242. 

Synantherias, Schott. 

S. sylvatica, Schctt. India. Bot. Mag. t. 7190. 

Syngonium, Schott. 

S. auritum, Schott. Mexico. 

S. Wendlandii, Schott. Costa Rica. 


Taccarum, Brong. 

T. Warmingii, Engler. Brazil. 
Thomsonia, Wall. 

T. nepalensis, Wall. Himalaya. Bot. Mag. t. 7342. 
Typhonium, Schott. 

T. giganteum, Engler. China. 

T. orixense, Schott. See trilobatum. 

T. pedatum, Schott. Pegu. 

T. Roxburghii, Schott. Singapore. Java. 

T. trilobatum, aS'cAo^^ India and Malaya. Bot. Reg. t. 450. 
Xanthosoma, Schott. 

X. appendiculatum, Schott. See atrovirens. 

X. atrovirens, K. Koch. Venezuela. 

X. belophyllum, Kth. Trop. America. 

X. Lindeni, T. Moore. ColombiaN^ 

X. robustum, Schott. Mexico. 

X. violaceum, Schott. W. Indies. 
Zamioculcas, Schott. 

Z. Boivinii, Dene. Trop. Africa. 

Z. Loddigesii, Schott. Trop. Africa. 

Hydrocleis, L. C. Rich. 

H. Commersoni, Bich. Brazil. 

H. Hnmholdtii, Endl. See Commersoni. 


Limnocharis, H. J5. K. 

L. emarginata, H.B.K. Trop. America. Bot. Mag. t. 2525. 

L. Humboldtii, Kich. See Hydrocleis Commersonii. 

L. Plumieri, Rich. See emarginata. 
Sagittaria, L. 

S. lancifolia, L. W. Indies. 

S. montevidensis, Cham. Argentina. Bot. Mag. t. 7408. 


Ouvirandra, Thou, 

0. fenestralis, Poir. Madagascar. Bot. Mag. t. 4894. 


Dovea, Kunth. 

D. tectorum, Mast. S. Africa. "^ 
Restio, L, 
• R. snbverticillatiis, Mast. S. Africa. 

R. tectorum, L. See Dovea tectorum. 

R. tetraphyllus, LabilL Australia. 
Willdenovia, Thunh. 

W. teres. Hort. See Restio subverticillatus. 

Carex, Z. 

C. baccans, Nees. Trop. Asia. Kunze Suppl. 79, t. 20. 



Carez — cent, 

C. brunnea, Thunb. India, etc. Boott Carex., i. t. 154. 

Var. variegata. 
C. scaposa, C. B. CI. China. Bot. Mag. t. 6940. 
C. trifida, Cav, Magellan. Cav. Ic. v. 41, t. 465. 
C. tristachya, Thunb . Japan. 
C. virgata, Miq. Java. 

Cyperus, X. 

C. alternifolius, L. Madagascar. 

Var. variegatus, Hort. 
C, natalensiSf Hort. See Mariscus natalensis. 
C. Papyrus, L. Trop. Africa, Palestine, Sicily. 

Gahnia, Forst. 

G. erythrocarpa, E. Br. Australia. 

G. xanthocarpa, Hook.f. New Zealand. 

Mapania, Aubl. 

M. humilis, Naves et VilL Malaya. 111. Hort. xxxii., t. 557. 
M. lucida, N. E. Br. See humilis. 

Mariscus, Vahl. ^ 

M. (Cyperus natalensis, Hort.) Natal. 

Pandanoph?/llum^ Hassk. See Mapania. 

Papyrus, Willd. See Cyperus. 

P. antiquorum, Willd. See Cyperus Papyrus. 

Uncinia, Schreb. 

U. phleoides, Pers. Chili. 



Anthistiria, L. 

A. g^gantea, Cav. Trop. Asia. Cav. Ic. t. 36. 

Arundinaria, Michx. 

A. falcata, Nees. Himalaya. Gamble Bamb, tt. 11-12. 

Var. glomerata. 
A. Falconeri, Benth. Himalaya. G-amble Bamb. t. 18. 
A. hooker iana, Munro. Himalaya. 

A. intermedia, Munro. Himalaya. Gamble Bamb. t. 14. 
A. spathiflora, Trin. Himalaya. Gamble Bamb. t. 16. 
A. suberecta, Munro. Himalaya. Gamble Bamb. t. 24. 

Arundo, Toum, 

A. madagascariensis, Kunth. Madagascar. 

Bambusa, Schreb. 

B. arundinacea, Willd. India. Gamble Bamb. t. 48. 

Var. spinosa. 

B. Brandisii, Munro. Burma. 
B. epacrifolia, Hort. See nana. 
B. nana, Roxh. China, Japan, etc. 

Var. variegata. 
B. quadrangularis, Fenzi. China ? Japan. 
B. regia, Thoms. See Thyrsostachys siamensis. 
B. siamensis, Kurz. See Thyrsostachys siamensis. 
B. striata, Lodd. See vulgaris. 
B. vittato-argentea, Hort. See nana var. variegata. 


Baml)usa — cont. 

B. vulgaris, Schrad. India. Gamble Bamb. t. 40. 

Var. constrictinoda, Proudlock. 
Var. striata. Bot. Mag. t. 6070. 

Beesha, Munio. See Ochlandra. 

Cephalostachyum, Munro. 

C. capitatum, Munro. Himalaya. Gamble Bamb. t. 91. 

Chusquea, Kunth. 

C. abietifolia, Griseb. Jamaica. Bot. Mag. t. 6811. 

Coix, L. 

C. exaltata, Jaeq. See Lachryma- Jobi. 

C. Lachryma- Jobi, L, Tropics. Bot. Mag. t. 2479. 

Dendrocalamus, Nees. 

D. gigantens, 3Iunro. India and Malaya. Gamble Bamb. 
t. 76. 

D. membranaceus, Munro. Burma. Gamble Bamb. t. 71 . 

D. sikkimensis, Gamble. Himalaya. Gamble Bamb. t. 72, 

D. strictus, A^ees. India and Java. Gamble Bamb. tt. 68-69. 

Deyeuxia, Clar. 

D. elegans, fVedd. Bolivia. 

Euchlaena, Schrad. 

E. luxurians, Durieu. See mexicana. 

E. mexicana, Schrad. Guatemala. Bot. Mag. t. 6414. 
Gigantochloa, Kurz. 

G. atra, Kurz. Java. 


Guadua, Kunth. 

G. glomerata 3Iunro. Brazil. 

Gr. Tagoara, Kunth. Brazil. 
Gynerium, H, 4- B. 

G. saccharoides, //. S,- B. Trop. America. Bot. Mag. t. 7352. 
Leptaspis, R, B)\ 

L. Banksii, R, Br. Australia. 
Melocanna, Trin. 

M. bambusoides. Trin. India. Gamble Bamb. t. 105. 
Ochlandra, Thw. 

0. Rheedei, Benth. Ccchin and Travancoie. Gamble 
Bamb. t. 107. 

0. stridula, Thw. Ceylon. Gamble Bamb. t. 109. 
Olyra, L. 

0. concinna, Hook.f. Costa Rica. Bot. Mag. t. 74G0. 

0. floribunda, Raddi. Brazil. 
Oplismenus, Beanv. 

0. Burmannii, Beauv. Tropics. 
Oryza, L. 

0. sativa, L. India. 
Oxytenanthera, Munro. 

0. abyssinica, Munro. Trop. Africa; 
Panicum, L. 

P. plicatum, Lam. Tropics. Schrank PI, Bar. t. 19. 

P. spectabile, Nees. Trop. Africa and America. 

P, variegatum, Hort. See Oplismenus Burmannii. 
U 97169. Y 


Thamnocalamus, Munro. See Arundinaria. 
Thysanolaena, Nees. 

T. acarifera, Arn. & Nees. See T. Agrostis. 

T, Agrostis, Nees. Trop. Asia. 

Trichopteryx, Nees. 

T. elegans, Hack. Trop. Africa. 

Thyrsostachys, Gamble, 

T. siamensis, Gamble. Burma. Gamble Bamb. t. 51. 

Y 2 




Acanthophoenix, 229. 
Acanthorhiza, 229. 
Acanthostachys, 43. 
Acidanthera, 79. 
Acrocomia, 231. 
iEchmea, i^- 
Agapanthus, 167. 
Agave, 107. 
Aglaoneuia, 287. 

Aiphanes, 231. 

Albuca, 167. 
Alismaceae, 327. 
Alocasia, 289. 
Aloe, 169. 
Alpinia, 17. 
Amaryllideae, 107. 
Amaryllis, 123. 
Ammocharis, 125. 
Amomum, 19. 
Amorphophallus, 291. 
Amydrium, 293. 
Anadendrum, 293. 
Ananas, 47. 
Ancistrophyllum, 231. 
Aneilema, 225. 
Anigozanthos, 75. 
Anoiganthus, 125. 

Anomatheca, 79. 
Anoplopbytum, 49. 

Anthericum, 179. 
AntMstiria, 333. 
Antholyza, 79. 
Anthurium, 293. 
Apicra, 179. 
Apodolirion, 125. 
Archontophoenix, 231. 
Areca, 231. 

Arenga, 233. 
Ariopsis, 305. 
Arisaema, 305. 
Aristea, 79. 
Aroideae, 287. 
Arthropodium, 179. 
Arum, 307. 
Arundinaria, 333. 
Arundo, 333. 

Asparagopsis, 179. 

Asparagus, i8i. 
Aspidistra, 183. 
Astelia, i83. 
Astrocaryum, 233. 

Ataccia, 163. 

Attalea, 235. 
Babiana, 8I. 
Bactris, 235. 
Bacularia, 237. 
Baker ia, 49. 
Balaka, 237. 
Bambusa, 333. 
Barbacenia, 125. 

Beaucarnea, 183. 
Beesha, 335. 

Behnia, 183. 
Belamcanda, 81. 
Bentinckia, 237. 
Beschorneria, 125. 
Bessera, 183. 
Billbergia, 49. 
Bismarckia, 237. 
Blandfordia, 183. 
Bobartia, 83. 
Bomarea, 125. 
Borassiis, 237. 
Bowiea, 183. 



Brahea, 237. 
Bravoa, 127. 
Brocchinia, 53. 
Bromelia, 53. 
Bromeliaceae, 43, 
Brunsvigia, 127. 
Buforrestia, 225, 
Bulbine, 183. 
Bulbinella, 185. 
Buphane, 127. 
Burbidgea, 19. 
Caladium, 307. 
Calamus, 237. 
Calathea, 19. 

Calla, 307. 

Calliphruria, 129. 
Callipsyche, 129. 

Callixene, 185. 

Calostemma, 129. 
Calyptrocalyx, 239. 
Calyptrogyne, 239. 

Calyptronoma, 239. 
Canistrum, 55. 

Canna, 23. 
Caraguata, 55. 
Carex, 329. 
Carludovica, 285. 
Caryota, 241. 
Catoblastus, 241. 
Catopsis, 55. 
Cautleya, 23. 
Cephalostachyum, 335. 
Ceratolobus, 241. 
Ceroxylon, 241. 

Chamaecladou, 307. 

Chamaedorea, 241. 
Chamaerops, 24.5. 
Chamaescilla, 135. 
Chamaethrinax, 245. 

Chevalieria, 55. 

Chlidanthus, 129. 
Chlorophytum, 185. 
Chrysalidocarpus, 247. 

Chrysobactrou, 185. 

Chusquea, 335 

Cienkowskia, 23. 

Clinogyne, 2?. 
Clivia, 129. 

Coburgii, 129. 
COCOS, 247. 
Cohnia, IS."). 
Coix, 335. 

Coleospadix, 249. 
Colocasia, 307. 
Commelina, 225. 
Commelinaceae, 225. 
Cooperia, 129. 
Copernicia, 249. 
Cordyline, 187. 
Corypha, 249. 
Costus, 25. 
Crinum, 129. 
Crocosmia, 83. 
Cryptanthus, 55. 
Cryptocoryne, 309. 
Culcasia, 309. 
Curculigo, 137. 
Curcuma, 25. 

Curmeria, 309. 

Cyanastrum, 75. 
Cyanella, 75. 
Cyanotis, 225. 
Cyclanthaceae, 285. 
Cyclanthus, 287 
Cypella, 83. 
Cyperaceae, 329. 
Cyperus, 33 1. 
Cyphophoenix, 249. 
Cyphostigma, 27. 
Cyrtanthus, i37. 
Cyrtosperma, 309. 
Cyrtostachys, 249. 
Daemonorops, 249. 

Danae, 189. 

Dasylirion, iS9. 
Dendrocalamus, 335. 



Desiuoncus, 251. 
Deyeuxia, 335. 
Dianella, 189. 

Diasia, 83. 

Dichopogon, i9i. 
Dichorisandra, 225. 

Dictyopsis, 191. 

Dictyosperma, 251. 
Didymosperma, 251. 
Dieffenbachia, 309. 
Dierama, 83. 

Dietes, 83. 

Dioscorea, 165. 
Dioscoreaceae, 165. 
Dipcadi, 191. 
Dipidax, 191. 
Diplarrhena, 83. 
Diplothemium, 253. 
Disporum, i9i. 
Disteganthus, 57. 
Distiacanthus, 57. 
Doryanthes, 139. 
Dovea, 329. 
Dracaena, i9i, 
Dracontium, 3ii. 
Dracunculus, 3ii. 
Drimia, 195 
Drimiopsis, 195. 
Drymophloeus, 253. 
Dyckia, 57. 
Djrpsis, 253. 
Echeandia, 195, 

Echinostachys, 57. 

Eichornea, 223. 
Elaeis, 253. 
Elettaria, 27. 
Elettariopsis, 27. 
Eleutherine, 83. 
Elisena, i39. 
Epipremimin, 3 11. 
Eriospermum, 195. 
Erythea, 253. 

Erythrotis, 225. 

Eucharis, 139. 
Euchlaena, 335. 
Eucomis, 195. 
Eugeissona, 253. 
Eurycles, i4i. 
Euterpe, 253. 
Ferraria, 83. 
Flagellaria, 227. 
Flagellarieae, 227. 

Fourcroya, 141. 

Freesia, 85. 
Freycinetia, 281. 
Furcraea, i4i. 
Gahnia, 331. 
Galaxia, 85. 
Galtonia, 197. 

GamochLimj s, 311. 

Gasteria, 197 
Gastrochilus, 27. 

Gastronema, 143. 

Geissorhiza, 85. 
Geitonoplesium, 201. 
Geonoma, 255. 
Gethyllis, 143. 
Gigantochloa, 335. 
Gladiolus, 85. 

Glaziova, 255. 

Globba, 27. 
Gloriosa, 201. 

Godwinia, 311. 

Gonioscypha, 201. 
Gramineae, 333. 
Griflania, 143. 

Grisebachia, 255. 

Gronophyllum, 255. 
Guadua, 337. 

Guillelma, 255. 

Guzmannia, »7. 
Gynerium, 337. 

Habranthus, 143. 
Haemanthus, 143.» 
Haemodoracese, 75. 
Hapaline, 3ii. 



Haworthia, 201. 
Hechtia, 59. 
Hedychium, 27. 
Hedyscepe, 255. 
Helicodiceros, 313. 
Heliconia, 29. 
Helmholtzia, 223. 
Herbertia, 89. 
Hesperaloe, 207. 
Hesperantha, 9i. 
Hessea, i47. 
Heteranthera, 223. 
Heterospathe, 255. 
Hippeastrum, 147. 

Hoheiibergia, 59. 

Homalomena 3 13. 
Homer ia, 9i. 

Hoplophytum, 59. 

Howea, 257. 
Hydriastele, 257. 
Hydrocharideae, 17, 
Hydrocleis, 327. 

Hydrosme, 313. 

Hydrotaenia, 91. 
Hymenocallis, 149. 
Hyophorbe, 257. 
Hyphaene, 257. 
Hypoxis, 151. 

Imantophyllura, 153. 

Iphigenia, 207. 
Iriartea, 257. 
Irideae, 79. 
Iris, 91. 
Ischnosiphon, 31. 

Ismene, 153. 
Ixia, 93. 
Jessenia, 257. 
Juania, 257. 
Jubaea, 257. 
Juncaceae, 229. 
Kaempferia, 31. 
Karatas, 59. 
Kentia, 257. 

Kentiopsis, 259. 
Korthalsia, 259. 
Lachenalia, 207. 

Laccosperma, 259. 
Lamprococcus, 61. 

Lapageria, 211. 
Lapeyrousia, 93. 
Lasia, 313. 
Latania, 259. 
LeontocMr, 153. 
Leopoldinia, 26 1. 
Leptaspis, 337. 
Leucocrinum, 211. 
Libertia, 95. 
Licuala, 26 1. 
Liliaceae, 167. 
Limnobium, 17. 
Limnocharis, 329. 
Linospadix, 26 1. 
Littonia, 211. 
Livistona, 26 1. 
Lodoicea, 263. 
Lomatophyllum, 211. 
Lowia, 33. 


Ludovia, 287. 
Luzuriaga, 211. 
Lycoris, 153. 

Macrochordium, 61. 

Manicaria, 263. 
Mantisia, 33. 
Mapania, 331. 
Maranta, 33. 
Marica, 95. 
Mariscus, 331. 
Martinezia, 263. 

Massangea, 61. 

Massonia, 211. 
Mauritia, 263. 
Maximiliana, 263. 

Melanthium, 211. 

Melasphaerula, 95. 

Melinonia, 61. 



Melocanna, 337. 

Methonicu, 211. 

Metroxylon, 265. 
Micranthus, 95. 
Monstera, 313. 

MontlDretia, 95. 

Montr ichardia, 315. 
Moraea, 97. 

Morpliixia, 97. 
Musa, 35. 
Myrialepis, 265. 
Myrosma, 37. 

Myrsiphyllum, 211. 

Naiadaceae, 329. 
Nannorhops, 265. 
Nenga, 265. 
Nephrosperma, 265. 
Kephthytis, 315. 
Nerine, 153. 

Neumaiiuia, 61. 
Nicolaia, 39. 
Xidularium, 61. 

Nipa, 265. 

Nivenia, 97. 
Nolina, 211. 
Ochlandra, 337. 
Olyra, 337. 
Oncosperma, 265. 
Oplismenus, 337. 
Orania, 265. 
Orbignya, 265. 

Orchidantha, 39. 

Oreodoxa, 265. 
Ornithogalum, 213. 
Ortgiesia, 6I. 
Orthosanthus, 97. 
Oryza, 337. 
Ouvirandra, 329. 
Oxytenanthera, 337. 
Palisota, 225. 
Palmae, 229, 
Pancratium, 155. 
Pandaneae, 28i. 

Pandauophyllum, .331. 

Pandanus, 28 1. 
Panicum, 337. 

Papyrus, 331. 
Pardanthus, 97. 

Pasithea, 215. 
Patersonia, 99. 
Pelicsanthes, 77. 

Pentlandia, 157. 
Pepinia, 61. 

Phaedranassa, io7. 
Philageria, 215. 
Philesia, 215. 
Philodendron, 315. 
Philydraceae, 223. 
Philydrum, 223. 
Phoenix, 267. 
Pholidocarpus, 269. 
Phormium, 215. 
Phrynium, 39. 

Phycella, 157. 
Phyllotaenium, 319. 

Phytelephas, 269. 
Pinanga, 269. 
Pinellia, 3 19. 
Piptospathe, 3i9. 
Pistia, 319. 
Pitcairnia, 6I. 
Placea, i57. 
Plagiolirion, 157. 
Plectocomia, 269. 

Plectogyne, 215. 
PodoCOCCUS, 269. 

Podolasia, 319. 
Polianthes, 159. 
Pollia, 225. 
Pontederia, 223. 
Pontederiaceae, 223. 

PothoS, 319. 
Pourretia, 67. 

Prestoea, 271. 
Prionium, 229. 
Pritchardia, 271. 



Prochiiyanthes, 159. 

Protamomum, 39. 
Proteinopliallus, 321 . 

Pseudophoenix, 271. 
Ptychococcus, 271. 
Ptychor aphis, 271. 
Ptychosperma, 271. 
Puya, 67. 
Pyrrheima, 227. 
duesnelia, 69. 
Raphia, 273. 
Ravenala, 39. 
Ravenia, 273. 
Remiisatia, 321. 
Renealmia, 39. 
Restiaceae, 329. 
Restio, 329. 
Rhaphidophora, 321. 
Rhapidophyllum, 273. 
Rhapis, 273. 
.Rhodostachys, 69. 
Rhopaloblaste, 275. 
Rhopalostyle, 275. 
Rhynchanthus, S9. 
Richardia, 32 1. 
Rigidella, 99. 

Roezlia, 159. 

Romulea, 99. 
Roscheria, 275. 
Roscoea, 4i. 

Roxburghia, 165. 

Roxhurghiaceae, les. 
Sabal, 275. 
Sagittaria, 329. 

Saguerus. 275. 
Sagus, 275. 
Salmia, 287. 

Sandersonia, 215. 
Sansevieria, 77. 
Sauromatuni, 323. 
Scheelea, 275. 
Schismatoglottis, 323. 

Schizocasia, 323. 

Schizostylis, loi. 
Schizothrinax, 277. 
SciUa, 21c. 
Scindapsus, 323. 
Scitamineae, 17. 

Seaforthia, 277. 

Semele, 217. 
Serenoa, 277. 
Sisyrincliiuin, 101. 
Smilax, 217. 
Socratea, 277. 
Spar axis, 101. 
Spathantheuin, 323. 
Spathicarpa, 323. 
Spathiphyllum, 325. 
Spironema, 227. 
Sprekelia, i.>9. 
Stemcna, 16-. 
Stenomesson, 159. 
Stenospermation, 325. 
Steudnera, 325. 
Stevensonia, 277. 
Strelitzia, 4L 
Stromanthe, 4i. 
Strumaria, 159. 
Susum, 227. 
Syagrus, 277. 

Symplocarpus, 325. 
Synandrospadix, 325. 
Synantherias, 325. 
Synechanthus, 277. 
Syngonium, 325. 
Synnotia, loi. 
Syringodea, loi. 
Tacca, 163. 
Taccaceae, 163. 
Taccarum, 327. 
Testudinaria, 165. 
Thalia, 4i. 

Thamnocalainus, 339. 

Thaumatococcus, 43. 
Theropogon, 217. 
Thomsonia, 327. 



Thrinax, 277: 
Thyrsostachys, 339. 
Thysanolaena, 339. 
Thysanotus, 21 7. 
Tigridia, 101. 
Tillandsia, 69. 
Trachycarpus, 279. 

Trachyphyuium, 43. 

Tradescantia, 227. 

Trichonema, 103. 

Trichopteryx, 339. 
Trichopus, 165. 
Trimezia, 103. 
Trithrinax, 279. 
Tritonia, 103. 
Tulbaghia, 219. 
Tupistra, 219. 
Typhonium, 327. 
Uncinia, 331. 
Ungernia, I6I. 

Urania, 43. 

Urceocharis, I6I. 
Urceolina, 16I. 
Urginea, 219. 

Uropetalon, 219. 

Vagaria, 161. 
Vallisneria, 17. 

Vallota, 161. 
Veitchia, 279. 
Vellozia, I6I. 
Veltheimia, 219. 
Verschaflfeltia, 279. 

Vieusseuxia, 103. 

Vitiphoenix, 279. 

Vriesea, 75. 

Wachendorfia, 79. 
Wallichia, 28 1. 
Washingtonia, 281. 
Watsonia, 105. 
Weldenia, 227. 
Welfia, 281. 
Willdenovia, 329. 

Witsenia, 105. 

Xanthorrhoea, 229. 
Xanthosoma, 327. 
Xeronema, 219. 

Xerophyta, 161. 

Xerotes, 229. 
Yucca, 221. 
Zalacca, 231. 
Zebrina, 227. 
Zingiber, 43. 



HAN l}^rLrS>T 




Excluding Orchidese, 


189 7. 



l^ri:ntei) for her majesty's stationery office, 







Kew, Eng, Royal Botanic 

Hand-list of tender