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Full text of "Hankinson news : marriage and death announcement extractions from the Hankinson News, Hankinson, Richland County, North Dakota"

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SzptmbeA 7, 1900 - VzcmbeA 27, 1901 



EJUzabeXh M. CotUru, 
11638 SE 164th. St 
RENTON, WA. 9S058 


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Film # 6314 ■ sept. 7, 1900 - Oct. 22, 1903 

HANKINSON NEWS (Issues Missing ) Jul. 21, 1904 - Mar. 19, 1931 

A marriage license was issued last week to Wm. Knaack and Miss Ella Kruger, but we 
are informed the wedding will not take place before the early part of October. 

********** September 14, 1900 

Invitations are out for the wedding of Mr. Henry Bull and Miss Annie Konpelman of Great 

Bend. The event takes place on October 18th in the German Lutherein Chvirch south of Great 


October 5, 1900 

William Knaack and Miss Ella Krieger were married at the home of the bride's parents, 
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Kreiger, on Tuesday of this week. A large number of friends attended 
the wedding festivities and joined in congratxilations to the happy couple. 

********** October 12, 1900 

Invitations are out for the wedding of Mr. Gustav Stach and Miss Ida Medenwald, to take 
place at the German Evangelical Church on Wednesday of next week. 

********** October 12, 1900 

The betrothal of Queen Wilhelmina of Holland to Dvike Henry of Mecklenburg-Schwerin 

is annovinced. *^^*^*^^^^ 

********** October 19, 1900 


A very quiet wedding occurred at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Parsons on Oct. 14th, 

when their daughter Stella May was tinited in marriage with Rev. Austin L. Wooley of Velva, 

ND. Only the immediate family were present. Simple decorations of carnations and autumn 

leaves adorned the rooms and tables. 

Following the ceremony a delicate repast was served, after which the young couple drove 

to Fairmount and took the 4:15 train for their future home at Velva. 

********** October 19, 1900 

Invitations are out for the marriage of Arthur H. Brown and Miss Mary Coppin to occur 

on Wednesday October 24th. 

********** October 19, 1900 

Rev. W. H. Gimblett went down to Fonnan Tuesday night, where he officiated on Wednes- 
day at the wedding of two of Sargent County's popular young people. 

********** October 19, 1900 

A quiet home wedding took place at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Parsons, east of 

town, last Sunday when their daughter Stella was united in marriage to Rev. Atistin Woolley, 

pastor of the M. E. Church at Velva, ND. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Hamer in the 

presence of relatives (the remaining cannot be read.) 

********** October 19, 1900 

The maxriage of Mr. Gvista.v Stach to Miss Ida Medenwald was solemnized at the German 
Evangelical Church Wednesday morning at 11 AM in the presence of a large gathering of 
friends, Eev. Fred Walter performing the ceremony. The chvirch services was followed by 
a reception at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Medenwald, where the 
happy cov^ile were greeted with the best wishes of a large gathering of relatives and friends 

The groom is one of Hankinson's most highly respected yovmg men eind the bride is well 
and favorably known, having resided here for a ntanber of years. All join in wishing them 
a happy and prosperous married life. 

********** October 19, 1900 

Wilhelm Krotzel and Miss Mary Hader were married at the German Lutheran Church yest- 
erday morning. Rev. Walter officiating. A large ninnber of friends witnessed the ceremony 
and participated in the reception following at the bride's home south of town. 

********** October 26, 1900 

The marriage of Miss Mary Coppin to Mr. Arthvir H. Brown was solemnized at the home of 
the bride's brother, Mr. George Coppin, west of town, on Wednesday evening, in the presence 
of about fifty invited guests. Rev. Win. H. Gimblett officiating. Miss Mae Laterell acted 
as bridesmaid and Mr. Fred Coppin as groomsman. At the conclusion of the ceremony a boun- 
tiful repast was served to the friends assembled and a ninnber of handsome gifts were pres- 
ented to the newly wedded couple. The contracting parties are well known and highly est- 
eemed cind all join in wishing them a happy and prosperous married life. 

********** October 26, 1900 


Mrs. Mary Krump and Robert Culvier, both of Hankinson, at Wahpeton, on Monday of last 

Miss Francis Pokomy of Mantador to John Wacha of Wyndmere. Helena Haffner and Duncan 
McKinnon, both of Mooreton. 

Christina Eckes and John Schneider, both of Great Bend. 

********** November 2, 1900 

Invitations are out for the marriage next Wednesday of Wilhelm Voeltz to Mrs. Bertha 
Schroeder, to take place at the German Lutheran Church. 

********** November 9, 1900 

Ccirds have been received here announcing the maxriage of Miss Mary E. Oschsner to 
Frank H. R. Schtols at Port Arthur, TX., on Wednesday evening, the 14th of November. The 
bride is well known here and her many friends join in extending congratulations. 

********** November 16, 1900 

It is reported that B. L. Bogart, the well Joiown Wahpeton attorney, is to be meirried 

tomorrow to Mrs. R. N. Ink. 

********** November 23, 1900 


Robert Grouchke and Miss Gusta Mllbrandt, both of this place, were united in marriage 
at Wahpeton on Wednesday of last week. 

********** November 2 3, 1900 

John Hayden and Miss Lizzie Lenzen, two well known and populeir young people, took Mon- 
day's Soo train for Wahpeton, where they were united in marriage the following day. They 
were accompanied on the trip by Henry Lenzen and Miss Anna Rinderman. Congratulations and 
best wishes are extended by a large circle of acquaintances. 

********** November 23, 1900 

Frank Clintsman and Miss Katie Kanera, both residents of the north side, were united 
rriage last Monday. ********** December 7, 1900 

Oscar Miller of Minneapolis and Miss Mary Ponath of Hankinson, Richland County, were 

married this week at the handsome photograph gallery of Miss Ida Ponath by the Rev. Mr- Ott. 
The yoxmg couple were tendered a reception at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ponath, 
this city, where a wedding dinner was served and much enjoyed by all who were fortunate eno- 
ugh to be in attendance. Mr. and Mrs. Miller will make their home in Minneapolis. . .Wahpeton 
Times ********** December 14, 1900 

John Kath, a brother of Fred and Charles of this place, was married at Millersbury, MN., 
to Miss Martha Colterman last week. Fred is now wearing a mysterious smile and his friends 
are wondering if he is next on the list. 

********** December 21, 1900 

19 1 

A. K. Maloy and Mrs. Belle Carter were vinited in marriage at Glenwood, WI., on Simday 
afternoon in the presence of a few relatives of the bride, and left the following day for 
Florida, intending to stop at Chicago and other eastern cities enroute. They will return 
to Hankinson and take up their residence about the first of April. The contracting parties 
are well known and popular residents of this place, Mr. Maloy being one of our leading mer- 
chants and his bride, a sister of Mrs. C. E. Taylor, with whom she had made her home for 
several months past. A message of congratulations was telegraphed to Mr. Maloy by a large 
number of his gentlemen friends on Monday afternoon, to which he responded in a happy manner 
The many friends of the happy couple join in extending best wishes and congratulations. 

********** January 18. 1901 

The marriage of Albert Weber and Miss Ida Linek occurred recently and now the parents 
of the young lady claiim she was under age and that the license was fraudulently procured. 
The couple are living on a farm near Stiles leased by Weber. Prosecution is threatened by 
the pairents, who were very much opposed to the match. 

********** January 18, 1901 


Today is being celebrated as a red letter day among the Germans in all lands. It is 
the thirtieth anniversary of the restitution of the German Empire, on that eventful day 
when in the palace of Versailles, in the presence of the dignitaries of all the German 
estates, Bismarck proclaimed William I, King of Prussia, as German Emperor. This date 
is also the two hundreth anniversary of the founding of the modem kingdom of Pnossia, as 
it was Jan. 18, 1701, Koenigsberg, that the Elector Frederick William of Brandenburg assum- 
ed the crown of the theretofore Polish dependency. 

********** January 18, 1901 

Among recent marriage licenses issued waa one to A. L. Howard of Lidgerwood and Miss 
Mary E. Meyer of Mantador. ********** January 25, 1901 

Next Wednesday will occiir the marriage of Miss Elsie E. Hankinson to L. E. Horton at 
the home of H. L. HanMnson in Minneapolis. 

********** February 22, 1901 


A notable event in social circles yesterday, was the mcirriage of Miss Elsie Etta 
Han3cinson, daughter of Mr. cuid Mrs. R. R. Hankinson of Hankinson, ND., to Lawrence Eustis 
Horton, which was solemnized at 8:30 at the home of the bride's brother and sister, Mr. anc 
Mrs. H. L. Hankinson, at 2300 Pleasant Avenue. 

The ceremony took place in an alcove off the pcirlor, which was arranged to resemble a 
chapel. Southern smilax was wreathed axound the walls, which were lined with soft folds 
of white material. Easter lilies were banked at either side and candelabra containing 
white shaded tapers occupied pedestals at the entrance. 

The parlor was in white and green, a tracery of Southern simlax around the walls and 
banks of lilies on the mantel and in the windows, giving the desired effect. Pink and 
green were the prevailing colors in the library . The mantel was banked with ferns , and 
simlax was festooned about. The lights were shaded in pink. The staircase in the hall 
was hung with simlax and the lights were shaded in white. 

An orchestra concealed by a bank of palms played the "Lohengrin" chorus to announce 
the entrance of the bridal party. The little ribbon girls, Madeline Doolittle and Marg- 
aret Barnard, preceded the bride, untied the white ribbons drawn across the entrance to 
the chapel, and held them back, forming an aisle for the bridal party. The bride entered 
with her father. 

Miss Myrta Holliday, gowned in white silk null over taffeta with a bolero of Baten- 
burg, was maid of honor. She carried a bouquet of pink roses. W. Hale Horton was best 
man and the service was read by Dr. J. S. Montgovery. The bride's gown was an exquisite 
creation of white satin finished crepe de chine. The bodice had a bolero of Duchesse lace 
and the stock and sleeves were also trimmed with lace. The skirt was finished with two 
plaited flounces topped with ruchings of mousseline de sole. Panels of Duchesse lace were 
inserted at intervals. She carried a shower bouquet of lilies of the valley. 


During the speaking of the vows "Cavaleria Rusticana" was played softly. After the 
ceremony there was a reception for 150 gruests, and among them were: Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Mc 
Donald, Duluth; Mrs. C. Doolittle, Dtiluth; G. W. Horton, Hale Horton, Wahpeton, ND. ; B. S. 
Riossell, Jamestown, ND. ; Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Hankinson, Hankinson, ND. ; Maj. Edwards, Fcirgo; 
Max Wipperman, Hankinson, ND., and Maj. Black, Valley City, ND. The g\aests were received 
by Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Horton, Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Hankinson and Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Hankin 

Assisting through the rooms were Mrs. Frank Barnard, Ellery Holliday and C. F. McDonal 
the Misses Carol Chamberlain and Merry Holliday. Dainty refreshments were served in a cozy 
nook on the third floor. The decorations consisting of a cluster of lilies in a tall vase 
on the table, and simlax was festooned arotmd the walls. The lights were shaded in red. 

Mr. and Mrs. Horton left for a wedding trip in the evening. They will be at home afte 
March 20th in Wahpeton, ND. The bride's traveling gown was a golden brown broadcloth trimir 
with velvet of the same shade. 

********** March 1, 1901 


Paul Bemdt, it is reported, secured his marriage license last week. Tin pans and 
shot guns will be on the program next. 

********** March 8, 1901 


The marriage of Max A. Wipperman to Miss August Olien was solemnized at Wahpeton on 
Wednesday afternoon at the home of Ja. Purdon in the presence of a few intimate friends. 
Rev. D. T. Jenkins officiating. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wipperman drove over from Wahpeton shortly after the ceremony, arriving 
here too late, however, to enjoy the reception that had been planned for them by their 
Hankinson friends. 

They will go to housekeeping at once in the Albrecht property which Mr. Wipperman 

recently purchased. ********** 

March 22, 1901 

John Peitz and Mrs. Mary Kriesel were united in marriage at Wahpeton on Wednesday. 
The contracting parties are well known here and have the congratulations and best wishes 
of a large circle of friends. ********** March 22, 1901 

An Arizona rancher has posted the following notice on a cottonwood tree near his 
house: "My wife Sarah has left my ranch when I didn't Doo a Thing To Her and I want it 
distihkly Understood that Any Man as takes her in and Keers for Her on my accotmt will 
get punroed so full of Led that some tenderfoot will locate him for a mineral claim. A 
werd to the wise is svifficient and orter work on fools." 

********** April 5, 1901 

A marriage license was issued at Wahpeton on Tuesday to Albert Engfer and Mrs. Annie 

Rippie, and on Thursday to Charles L. Green and Miss Clara J. Shea. 

******* *** April 5, 1901 


Monday morning at the Catholic Church, occurred the marriage of Charles L. Green 
to Miss Clara J. Shea, Rev. Father Studnicka performing the ceremony, which was witnessed 
by a large number of relatives and friends. The bride is the accomplished daughter of 
Jas . Shea and the groom a popular and worthy young man who is at present in the employ of 
John R. Jones. The happy couple have the congratulations and best wishes of all for a lone 
and happy married life. They, at once, went to housekeeping in one of the Jahr properties 
on the north side. ********** April 19, 1901 

A story is told of a neighboring county deputy sheriff who called to serve an attach- 
ment 6n a widow. He called and said: "Madam, 1 have an attachment for you." She blushed 
and said the attachment was reciprocated. "You misunderstand? he said, "you must proceed 
to court." She told him she knew it ought to be leap year, but she would rather he would 
do the courting. "Madam," he continued, "this is no time for trifling, the justice is 
waiting." "Oh, I prefer a minister," said she, "a squire married me the first time and I 

had bad luck." ....Portland Republican 

********** April 26, 1901 

A girl named plain "Maxy" at her birth, dropped the "r" when she grew up and became 
Miss May. As she began to shine in a social way she changed the"y" to "e" and signed 
her letter "Mae." ABout a year ago she was married and now she has dropped the "e" and 
is just plain "Ma." That's evolution. 

********** April 26, 1901 

Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Tubbs left on Monday's delayed train for Monticello, MN., to 

attend the wedding of Miss Mildred Tubbs to a prominent young man of that place, which 

happy event occurred the following day. Mr. Tubbs returned Wednesday, leaving his wife 

to visit with friends for a few days . 

********** I^ay 10, 1901 

SHELDON PROGRESS: A contemporary scoffs at that frequently used expression, "a 
quiet wedding," and wants to know what a quiet wedding is, and whether they are not all 
quiet and so forth. Now a while ago a Leonard young lady thus described a quiet wed- 
ding: "yes," she said, "it had to be a quiet wedding on account of the recent death of 
ma.... just a barrel of beer and a few fireworks from the roof." 

********** >jay 17, 1901 

A marriage license was recently issued at Wahpeton to Albert W. E. Hingst and Math- 
ilda W. M. Mohs, both of Great Bend. 

********** l^ay 31, 1901 

H. H. Berg, a prominent Wyndmere business man, has been sued for breach of promise 
by a young lady whose home is near Delamere. She thinks her feelings have been outraged 
to the extent of about $10,000 and wants damages in that amoiint. Berg was married a 
couple of weeks ago to Miss Emma Harris, a Silver Prairie belle. 

********** June 7, 1901 


John Doyle, a prosperous young fanner living south of town, left this morning for 
Boston and will return in a couple of weeks with a life partner. 

********** June 14, 1901 

SONORA ITEMS Albert Hingst and Mathilda Mohs were married at the Lutherein Church 

last Thvirsday. ********** June 14, 1901 


Last evening, at the home of the bride in Enderlin, occurred the marriage of Wilber 
J. Chapin to Miss Iva Smart. Only a few intimate friends of the contracting parties were 
present and the happy couple arrived here this morning. 

The groom is in charge of the jewelry department of the Hankinson Drug Company and 
has made many friends during his residence among us. The bride is a prominent young lady 
of Enderlin emd is heartily welcomed to our town. 

Mr. and Mrs. Chapin will at once go to housekeeping in the Apfeld property on south 
main street, where they will be at home to their friends after July 10th. 

********** jyj^g 28, 1901 

Cards were received here last week annovmcing the marriage of Dr. I. J. Sampson, 
formerly of this place, at Hope, ND., on Wednesday, June 26th. The bride is a daughter 
of Rev. J. T. Killen, formerly pastor of the Congregational Church at Forman, where Dr. 
Sampson was located for awhile after leaving Hankinson. The Hankinson friends extend 
hearty congratulations and best wishes to the happy couple. They will make their home 
at Mellette, SD. ********** j^y 5^ ^^qj^ 

Rev. Hilgendorf of Mantador returned this week from Nebraska with a bride. The 
many friends of the reverend gentleman extend congratulations. 

********** jyj^y 5^ j^gQj^ 

The marriage of Mr. Orin Albrecht to Miss Pearl Russell occurred last evening at the 
home of the bride's parents, in this village. Rev. H. E. Walker officiating. Only the 
immediate relatives were present and the happy couple left on the night train for Towner, 
ND., whre Mr, Albrecht has accepted a position in a bank recently established. The con- 
tracting pcorties are well known in this vicinity, the bride being a daughter of Mr. and 
Mrs. Jay Russell and the groom having for several years, been employed as bookkeeper for 
John R. Jones. They have the congratulations and best wishes of a large circle of friends 

********** August 2, 1901 

Jerry Snow, our boss carpenter, svirprised his friends this week by returning from 
Wcihpeton on Tuesday with a wife. Not until a couple of days later did the commimity 
learn of his matrimonial venture but all join in extending congratulations. The bride 
is Miss Catharine Hannan of Colfax, Richland Cotinty, and the ceremony was performed by 
Rev. E. S. Shaw at the Congregational parsonage in Wahpeton Tuesday afternoon. The 
happy couple have gone to housekeeping in the dwelling Mr. Snow erected here the past 
stmmer. ********** August 16, 1901 

Among the society items in the Minneapolis papers we find the following: 

"Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Healey cuinounce the engagement of their daughter Dora and 
Henry Percy Wood of Oakes, ND. The marriage will take place in October." The groom to be 
is a well known ball player who appeared here and at Lidgerwood in a number of games the 
pa^t season. ********** September 6, 1901 

Caxds are out for the marriage of Miss Elizabeth Marie Patretzke, formerly of this 
place, to Theo. F. Domask, the wedding to occur at Alexandria, MN., on the 18th of this 
month. ********** September 13, 190 

Hemicin Stoltnow and Miss Anna Miller were married last week at the home of the bride* 
parents. Congratulations. ********** September 20, 190 

Col. and Mrs. R. H. HanMnson went over to Wahpeton via the Great Northern Tuesday, 
going from there to Grand Forks to attend the wedding of Miss Josie Gotzian of that city 
to Mr. George W. Horton of Wahpeton, which happy event occurred Wednesday. The groom is t 
father-in-law of Mrs. Elsie Horton, nee Hankinson. 

********** September 27, 190 

Local W. C. T. U. workers will be interested in the rtanor that Miss Preston, State 
President, is soon to wed Rev. Jas. Anderson of the Bismarck M. E. Church. The groom-to- 
be formerly had charge of the H. E. work at Jamestown, Forman and other points in the stat 

********** September 27, 190 

Two marriage licenses were issued by Covmty Judge Wakefield at Wahpeton on Wednesday, 
Nicholas Wagner of Vernon to Miss Mary Herding of Hankinson, and Nicklavis Bey_er to Cath- 
erine Wagner, both of Vernon. ********** October 4, 1901 

Justice Herbert performed his first wedding ceremony last Friday evening, the con- 
tracting parties being Miss Maggie Triner and Oliver Dlaton, both of Lidgerwood. The 
happy couple left for Buffalo the same night on a wedding trip. 

********** October 4, 1901 

The marriage of Miss Hattie F. Thacker to Cyrus B. Rice was solemnized at Minneapolis 
on Wednesday of this week. The contracting parties are well known in this community, the 
groom being head book keeper for M. A. Wipperman and the bride a nurse at the hospital for 
a couple of years past. They will visit Chicago and other eastern points before returning 
and will occupy the Kreig cottage on the north side. The newly wedded couple have the 
congratulations emd best wishes of a large circle of Hankinson friends . 

********** October 18, 1901 

GREENFIELD G WALDO: A large crowd attended the double wedding at the home of Mrs. 

Herding on Tuesday. ********** October 25, 1901 

A pretty double wedding occurred at the Catholic Church on Tuesday morning when Rev. 

Fr. Studnicka joined in wedlock Nick J. Wagner and Miss Mairy Herding, and Nick Beyer and 

Miss Katrina Wagner. The parties all reside in the vicinity of Vernon except the first 

nameed bride, who is a daughter of Hubert Herding of Greenfield Township. 


The ceremony was witnessed by a large nuinber of friends and was supplemented by a 
big dance and supper near Vernon in the evening, where a large crowd participated in the 
festivities and wished the young people long and happy married lives. 

********** October 25, 1901 

C. B. Rice and bride arrived home Wednesday from a short bridal tour and were welcomed 
at the depot with all the manifestations of good will for which the town is noted. 

********** October 25, 1901 

Among the marriage licenses recently issued was one to George Krueger and Miss fimanda 

Schulz, both of Great Bend. 

+ + + + + + + + + + 

Another license issued was to Herman Gehler and Miss Augusta Stoltenow, both well 

known young people of Great Bend. ****^*^^^^ 

********** November 1, 1901 

Marriage licesses issued this week: Otto Griepentrog of Great Bend to Paulina Mohs 
of Senora. Gustave Code John to Annie Kallmann, both of Great Bend. 

********** November 1, 1901 

A marriage license was issued last Friday by Judge Wakefield to William Weiss and 
Mathilda Krause, both of this place. 

********** November 8, 1901 

The marriage of Wm. Weiss to Miss Mathilda Kratise occurred yesterday at the home of 

the bride's parents. Both are well known young people and the wedding was attended by a 

large number of friends. ^^^^^^^^^^ 

********** November 15, 1901 

Seven weddings have occurred in the vicinity of Great Bend this fall, and several 
others are said to be in prospect. 

********** November 15, 1901 

At the home of the bride near Great Bend yesterday occurred the wedding of Gristave 
Godejohn to Miss Annie Wallmann. A large number of friends witnessed the ceremony and 
participated in the festivities which followed. 

********** November 15, 190I 

Leon F. King and Miss Kate Hebel were united in marriage by Judge Herbert on Monday 

evening at the home of Frank Clintsman. The groom is a ball player known professionally 

as Tommy Stout.... and the bride's parents live near Lidgerwood. They will reside at Hank- 
inson. ********** November 15 1901 

A Justice of the Peace living within a htmdred miles of Hankinson is said to have 
recently performed a marriage ceremony for a couple who had secxired a license in another 
county. His error was unintentional, nevertheless he is liable to a fine of not less than 
$50 nor more than $500 for the offense. The blunder of the J. P. does not invalidate the 
marriage, however. ********** November 15, 1901 


Wedding of Popular Hankinsonite at Sheldon Wednesday 
From the Sheldon Progress .... 

Miss Mary Jane Goodman and John Daniel Greene were married on Wednesday evening at 
8:30 PM at the home of the bride's mother, Mrs. Janette Goodmain. The ceremony was per- 
formed by the Rev. T. Arthur Olson, using the Episcopal ritual. 

The wedding was very prettily arranged and carried out. Although only a few intimate 
friend could be invited outside of the two feunilies, the bridal couple have so many rela- 
tives that quite a large party was assembled in the parlor, which was tastefully decorated 
with white and pink carnations. As the bridal paxty entered Frank Goodman played Mendel- 
ssohn's wedding march. The bride looked extremely pretty. She wore a very handsome white 
gown of French lawn over taffeta silk and carried a bouquet of white roses. The Maid of 
Honor, Miss Hattie Goodman, wore white organdie and carried roses and chrysanthemums. Lee 
Bev Greene was best man. After the brief ceremony congratulations were offered and the 
young ladies present scrambled for the bride's bouquet as she threw it from the stairs. Mis: 
Edith Fowler being the fortunate one. An hoxir or two was very pleasantly spent with music 
and conversation and a dainty oyster supper was served. After the bride had cut the weddin 
cake the parting good wishes were escpressed and the guests took their leave. 

There was a great array of very handsome and valuable presents. Mr. and Mrs. Greene 
left on Thursday morning for their home at Hankinson, where the groom is very successfiolly 
established in the drug business. 

The out of town guests were Alexander and Miss Mary Wilson and Samuel Cummings, of 
Wild Rice, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Russ, of Casselton, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Grange, of Lisbon, 
Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur J. Chapin, of Hankinson, and Walter Probstfield, of Moorehead, while 
in addition to the best man. Miss Edith Fowler, Miss Maud Manning and Paul Greene came 
down from the Agricultural College for the occasion. 

********** November 22, 1901 

Mr. Charles Witt and Miss Anna Witzel were married at the home of the bride near Man- 
tador on Wednesday of last week. The contracting parties are both well known and have the 
best wishes of a large circle of friends. 

********** November 22, 1901 

The marriage of Elder Anderson to Miss Elizabeth Preston, state president of the W. 
C. T. U., is set for Dec. 11th at Tower City. 

A marriage epidemic seems to have struck Richland County, judging by the number of 
licenses issued by Judge Wakefield recently. 

********** November 22, 1901 

A case of rapid transit matrimonially is that of 0. E. Schaefer and Mrs. Alec White, 
both of Breckenridge . Mrs. White secured a divorce at Morris a week ago. Death removed 
Mrs. Schaefer from the path of the enamored pair three weetks ago, and last Saturday Mr. 
Schaefer succeeded in procuring a marriage license from Judge Wakefield of Wahpeton for 

a 01 

the legal union of himself cind Mrs. VThite. Mr. Schaefer is ' in the real estate business 
at Ereckenridge. ********** November 22, 1901 

A marriage license was issxaed on Wednesday to Rudolph H. Gollnick of this place and 
Miss Martha Bohn of Great Bend. 

********** November 29, 1901 


Married, on Thursday, Dec. 5th, Rudolph Gollnick of Hankinson to Miss Martha Bohn 

of this place, by Rev. Hink. The yovmg couple have the best wishes of their large circle 

of friends. ********** December 6, 1901 

A marriage license was issued last week to Fred Willm and Mrs. Elizabeth Hentz, both 
of Hankinson postoffice. ++++++++++ 

"Hie marriage of J. W. Hargrave and Mrs. Mary D. Hargrave was solemnized at their home 
on Thanksgiving Day (Nov. 28th), in the presence of a few intimate friends. 

********** December 6, 1901 

Rudolph Gollnick and Miss Martha Bohn were married at the home of the bride at Great 
Bend yesterday. Rev. T. Hink officiating. Both parties are well known eind have the con- 
gratulations cind best wishes of all. 

♦****-***** December 6, 1901 

Miss Dorothy Wolter received a letter the first of the week announcing the marriage 
of her sister Rose to a railroad conductor in Idaho recently. Details were lacking, even 
to the name of the groom, but the bride's many friends in Hankinson, extend congratulations 
cuid best wishes. ********** December 27, 1901 

A pretty wedding occurred at the country home of Mr. and Mrs. George Haycraft south- 
west of town yesterday evening, when their daughter Cora was united in marriage to Mr. 
Oscar Kutter. The ceremony was performed by Rev. H. C. Compton in the presence of a few 
invited guests, all from this vicinity except Mr. and Mrs. N. M. Wright of Cayuga, rela- 
tives of the family. A dainty repast was served at the concl\asion of the ceremony. The 
ycving people have lived in this vicinity for years and are well and favorably known. They 
have the congratulations and best wishes of all. 

********** December 27, 1901 

(The rest of this film If 6314 is the same as on film if 11523) 



Film # 6314 Sept. 7, 1900 - Oct. 22, 1903 

HANKINSON NEWS ( Issues Missing ) Jul 21, 1904 - Mar. 19, 1931 


The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Emil Klavietter, living a short distance from 
town, died Tuesday from the prevailing ailment among children. 

********** September 7, 1900, 

The 10 month old child of Mr. and Mrs. Vfa. Glasner died last Friday morning after a 
brief illness. The parents have the sympathy of all in their bereavment. 

********** September 7, 1900 

The little son of Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Nesson died Wednesday morning after a brief 
illness, from cholera infantum. The funeral was held yesterday afternoon. The sympathy 
of all Is extended to the bereaved parents. 

********** September 7, 1900 

The 3 months old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Bass died Monday morning. The little 
one had been feeble since birth and its death was not unexpected. The funeral was held Tues 
day afternoon. ************ September 14, 1900 

Mrs. Jos. Brusch, Jr., Shoots Herself Because of Family Troubles.. 

Tired of family quarrels and strife, Mrs. Jos. Brusch, Jr., wife of a farmer living 
twelve miles southwest of town, turned a revolver on herself and fired a bullet through her 
body with suicidal intent about 6 o'clock last Sunday evening. The aim for the heart was 
true and death would have been instantaneous had the ball not struck a rib and glanced down- 
ward, passing half an inch below the heart and coming out at the back. 

Mrs. Brusch' s maiden name was Kubish and she was married against the wishes of her rel 
atives, turning a deaf ear to the suggestion that the reputation of the family as quarrelsom 
neighbors would make Joe Brusch an undersirable life mate. They were married a year ago las 
February and the prophecy of her brother and other relatives proved only too true. She foun 
life almost unbearable. .. .owing largely to too much mother-in-law as Brusch himself is said 
to be not such a bad fellow. . .and after living with her husband about a year left for Minnes 
Ota, intending to get a divorce, before returning. She relented, however, and returned to 
her husband about three weeks ago on his promise to make things more pleasant for her. She 
found the condition of affairs had not changed any for the better, however, and driven to 
desperation she made the attempt on her life. Mrs. Brusch is a young and attractive woman, 
well thought of by the neighbors, and her rash attempt at self destruction is generally 
regretted. Dr. Spottswood reports her out of danger and unless unexpected complications set 
in she will be all right again in a short time. 

Mrs. Wm. Garlow, who was burned to death on the reservation by an explosion of kerosen 

a couple of months ago, was a sister-in-law to Mrs. Brusch, „ ^ w innn 

********** September 14, 1900 


Two legal hangings were scheduled to take place in the state this morning. . .Ira 0. 
Jenkins, for the murder of one Stark, a ranchman near Bismarck, and Hans Thorpe for the 
murder of his wife at Minot. .......... September 14, 1900 


The little infant of Mr. and Mrs. Gotlieb Roth died Wednesday evening of cholera 
infantum. The funeral will be held today. 

********** September 21, 1900 

A 12 year old boy committed suicide near Lisbon because he could not manage a herding 

pony. He secured a revolver and shot the pony, and becoming frightened at what he had 

done, sent a bullet into his own brain. 

********** September 21, 1900 

Easton Olson, who was kicked in the forehead by a horse about a month ago at his farm 
16 miles south of town, died yesterday morning. The horses hoof crushed his skull and the 
brains have been oozing out slowly ever since the accident. Death came to his relief 
yesterday forenoon. ********** September 28, 1900 

The five months old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Just died last Sunday night after 
a brief illness of cholera infantum. The funeral was held on Monday. The sjrmpathy of 
all is extended to the unhappy parents in their bereavement. 

********** September 28, 1900 

J. A. Dyer received a message Monday evening announcing the death of his aged mother 

at Lone Rock, WI. Mr, Dwyer was called to her bedside some time ago but urgent business 
compelled his return before the end came. 

********** September 28, 1900 

Ole Quelle, a farmer residing five miles south of Sisseton, died Saturday morning from 
the effects of a club wound on the head, administered about a month ago by Sampson Renvilli 
an Indian merchant of Keller, a little station between Sisseton and Wilmot. It appears th; 
Quelle, in company with his neighbor, A. A. Paulson, was driving through Keller at a late 
hour of the night and in an intoxicated condition. Renville struck Quello over the head 
with the butt of a gun. Renville has been placed under arrest, charged with murder. 

********** September 28, 1900 

The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Klavietter, three miles northwest of town, 
died the first of the week after a prolonged illness, of the prevailing children's sick- 
ness. ********** September 28, 1900 

J. W. Hargrave received a message Wednesday evening announcing the death of his only 
brother, W. H. Hargrave, at Denver, CO. He left this mcmlng for Omaha, NE., to meet the 
family of his brother and accompany the remans to their final resting place at West Branch 
lA., the old home. ********** September 28, 1900 


The Infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Boldt, Jr., living four miles south of town, 
died the first of the week. The funeral was held Monday. 

********** October 26, 1900 

Edward Calahan, who was shot on Monday of last week by ex-Chief of Police, P. H. Cala- 
han, at Enderlin, for alleged intimacy with the latter 's wife, died as the result of his wou 
nds and the accused has been arrested and charged with murder. 

********** October 26, 1900 

Mrs. F. W. Nurnberger, who has been very ill for some time past, died at the hospital 
last Saturday morning. She was taken sick while en route home from Bowling Green, OH., and 
was barely able to reach Hankinson before becoming entirely helpless. 

********** November 2, 1900 

Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Carpenter were called by telegram to Beloit, WI., last Friday on 
account of the sudden death of their son's wife, Mrs. W, S. Carpenter, who passed away early 
that morning of heart trouble. . . .Claremont, MN News.... 

********** November 2, 1900 

Michael Peterka, a laborer, was killed by a Great Northern train at Wahpeton on Tues- 
day night. The body was discovered Wednesday morning and was badly mangled. It is thought 
he attempted to get on a moving train and slipped under the wheels. He was about thirty 
years old and had a mother and brother living in Wahpeton. 

********** November 2, 1900 

Charles G. Bade of Wahpeton, ex-county auditor, recently received word of the death 
of his aged father in Germany. ^ ^ ^ ^ * ^ ^ * * * November 16, 1900 

A Well Known Characted Shot Dead at White Rock Saturday Night. 

Louis Halvorson, better known throughout this section as "Big Lou," was shot in the 
back and instantly killed by Henry Blllitt in Benson's Saloon at White Rock, SD., shortly 
before 6 o'clock last Saturday night. The shot was fired from both barrels of a shotgun, 
the charge striking Halvorson between the shoulders and passing clear through him. He livec 
but twenty minutes. 

The shooting was the result of an argument over politics. Halvorson, Albert Reedy, 
Alfred and Henry Blllitt, the first named a republican the others democrats, were drinking 
in the saloon and Halvorson emphasized his argument by knocking Henry Blllitt down. On 
rising Blllitt exclaimed "I'll kill you." and left the place. He was seen returning In a 
few minutes with a gun and Halvorson was warned of his approach, but refused to get out of 
harm's way, He was standing at the bar with his back to the door as Blllitt entered, and 
the latter raised his gun and fired at a distance of not more than twenty feet. A jagged 
hole was torn clear through Halvorson, who turned around and attempted to speak but was 
choked by blood and fell forward on his face, dying twenty minutes later. Blllitt escaped 


but was captured in a short time and lodged In jail. It is reported that he was later re- 
leased on bail, but this seems hardly probable. He is a farmer on the reservation just west 
of White Rock and has hitherto borne a good reputation. The shooting was witnessed by a 
number of loungers in the saloon. 

"Big Lou' was a giant Swede, well known here and in the reservation country south and 
generally feared on account of his quarrelsome disposition. He was frequently engaged in 
brawls and was stabbed with almost fatal results at a dance near Vernon last winter. He 
was frequently seen here, having been in Jake Glasner'e employ for a short time. So far as 
known he had no relatives in this country and was buried at VJhite Rock on Tuesday with littl 
ceremony , 


November 23, 1900 

Mrs. Jacob Neisinger, whose home is several miles northwest of town, died on Sunday 
from the effects of a surgical operation. 

********** November 23, 1900 

The little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Glander died on Monday morning from an attack 
of croup. The funeral was held on Tuesday afternoon from the German Lutheran Church. 

********** November 23, 1900 

Battle Lake Review:.... A man in Becker County was struck and instantly killed by 
lightning while in the act of refusing his paper at the postoffice. The same streak of 
lightning killed a Sunday School Superintendent, which spoils our moral. 

********** November 30, 1900 

A message was received here Tuesday afternoon announcing the death of the 3 months 
old son of Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Parslow at Minneapolis where they are visiting. The little 
one was unwell when Mr. Parslow left here Monday but his condition was not considered ser- 
ious. The funeral was held on Wednesday. The bereaved parents have the sympathy of the 
entire community. ********** November 30, 1900 


"GRETCHEN" Youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Theo. Albrecht, on Saturday morning, 

November 24th, 1900, at the age of two years, eight months and sixteen days. 

Little Gretchen was ill about two weeks before she died, and in spite of the best 
medical skill passed peacefully away at an early hour Saturday morning. She was a chid of 
happy disposition, a favorite with all, and the news of her death caused a feeling of genu- 
ine sorrow throughout the community. 

The funeral was held from the Albrecht home on Sunday afternoon, Rev. W. H. Glmblett 
conducting the service. A large gathering of friends assembled to witness the last sad rite 
and many followed the remains to their final resting place. The casket was loaded with 
flowers sent by loving friends and the entire service was touchingly beautiful and impressl^ 

Mrs. W. H. Whlpps, Mrs. Albrecht 's mother, accompanied by her daughter Marlon, came ir 
on the evening train from Minneapolis, and the march to the cemetery was delayed until aftei 

their arrival. 

She has gone In her childish purity, 
At peace from all earthly care: 
We submit to the will of an All Wise God, 
Though our hearts are torn with despair. 

"Suffer the children to come unto me".... 

A message the Master gave: 

With our trust in the Saviour all will be well. 

True life begins at the grave. 

********** November 30, 1900 

J. R. Nelson, who with his brother ran a threshing rig in this vicinity during the 
fall, died at the hospital on Monday night at 11 o'clock of strangulation of the bowels 
after less than a week's illness. He was 32 years old and leaves a wife and 18 months old 
baby boy. He recently purchased, from John R. Jones, a half section of land southeast of 
town and erected good buildings on the place, intending to bring his family here from their 
present home at Fullerton, Dickey County, in the spring. 

As soon as he was taken sick, B. V. Apfeld, who was an old acquaintance, sent for his 
wife and brother and they were with him during most of his illness. The remains were taken 
to Ellendale for burial. Deceased was only slightly acquainted here but those who knew him 
spoke of him in the highest terms. He carried a $3,000 policy in the Modern Woodmen, which 
will be of great financial benefit to his family. 

********** December 7, 1900 

Charles Schultz, 18 years old, died Thursday moring at his home near town after a few 
days illness of throat trouble. Deceased was a young man of excellent promise and his un- 
timely death is generally regretted. The funeral is being held from the German Lutheran 
Church this afternoon. ********** December 7, 1900 

The "Big Headed Girl" Dies Suddenly in Minneapolis 

Nathalia Wheeler, known as "the big headed girl," died suddenly at the Foster Hotel, 
1st Ave. N and First Street, this morning. The girl, who was not yet 7 years old, had att- 
racted wide attention in medical circles because of the abnormal development of her head, 
which measxired thirty seven inches, or over three feet in circumference. 

She was bom on March 31st, 1894, in Richland County, ND. , and had never been seen by 
half a dozen people out of her own family circle until Sept. 20th, when she made her first 
public appearance at New Ulm. She later appeared at the Red Wing County Fair, and was at 
a Minneapolis Museum the first week in October. 

She was to have gone to the Clark Street Museum, Chicago, last Monday, but ill health 
in the fainily prevented her departure. "Tallie," as she was familiarly called by her rel- 
atives, was a remarkably bright child for her age. In spite of the huge head, she was gift- 


ed with exceptionally fine features. She spoke English and Swedish fluently for a child, 
and sang very sweetly. 

"I was wrapped up in Babe," said her father with tears in his eyes this afternoon, 
"and her death is a great blow to me." Coroner Nelson conducted an autopsy. He decided 
that death was due to brain trouble, centering in the spinal cord. ...Minneapolis Journal... 

********** December 14, 1990 

The Callahan murder 'jrial at Lisbon resulted in the acquittal of the defendant after 
the jury had been out four hours. The case was closed Saturday evening at supper time, the 
jury reaching a verdict at 10 PM. The ballot was 11 to 1 for acquittal. The verdict meets 
with general approval, the sentiment seeming to justify the shooting of home wreckers under 
ordinary circumstances. *****^**** December 14, 1900 

The Richland County "big headed girl," an account of whose death in Minneapolis was 
given in last week's NEWS, was bom on the reservation southwest of here. The child was 
examined by local physicians but nothing could be done for her. Domestic troubles result- 
ing in the mother securing a divorce, gave the family considerable notoriety at one time. 

********** December 21, 1900 

Capt. John Courtney, who was one of the first M. W. A. organizers in this part of the 
state, is dead at Hecla, SD. Many members of the order will remember the genial and portly 
Captain C. ********** December 21, 1900 

19 1 

Well Known Former Resident Dies at Barrett, Minn. 

C. H. Junker, for ten years superintendent of the Keystone farm north of this place, 
died at Barrett, MN., last Sunday, Dec. 30th, at the age of 57 years. He had returned only 
three weeks before from Japan, where he went in June of last year to take charge of the Star 
dard Oil Company's Interests. While there he contracted a malarial fever and failing health 
required his return. The disease settled in his chest, however, and caused a hemorrhage las 
Sunday from the effects of which death ensued. 

Funeral services were conducted at Barrett by the Knights of Pythias and Modem Wood- 
men lodges on Tuesday, and the remains were brought here on the same day. The local Masonic 
Lodge took charge of the funeral here and he was buried with the honors of the fraternity 
Wednesday afternoon, the remains being interred in the cemetery just east of town. 

Deceased was bom in Wellsville, NY., on May 29th, 1843, and was 57 years old at the 

time of his death. From the age of 13 years he had worked at the oil business most of 

the time in the employ of the Standard Oil Company ... and was an expert in all matters per- 
taining to the production of petroleum. The ailment which resulted in his death was contrac 
ed while prospecting for oil in the interior of Japan, and the company's faith in his abilit 
is shown by the fact that he was superintendent of their entire Japanese business. 


Deceased came to Richland County in 1887 and for the succeeding ten years was super- 
intendent of the bonanza Keystone farm north of here. He was universally popular and the 
hospitality of the Junker home was noted throughout this section. In 1897 he moved from her 
to Barrett, MN., and engaged in the hardware business. In the fire which destroyed the bus- 
iness portion of the town last spring his store was burned with the rest, and shortly after 
he departed for Japan. 

A wife and four children. . .Bertha, Milton J., Dakota and Evangeline, the last two borr 
on the Keystone. .. .are left to mourn the loss of a loving husband and a kind and indulgent 

Mr, and Mrs. W. S. Andrews of this place, the latter a sister of the deceased, left 
for Barrett Immediately on receipt of the news of his death and accompanied the remains here 
as did also Roger Coit of Englevale, Ranson County, a brother of Mrs. Junker's. The service 
here were attended by the Masonic members in a body and a large concourse of friends follow- 
ed the remains to their final resting place. 

Deceased was a 32nd degree Mason and a member of the Knights of Pythias and Modem 
Woodmen Lodges. He carried $3,000 life insurance in the latter order. 

********** January 4, 1901 

Ignatius Donnelly, the well known Minnesota politician and author, died at Minneapolis 
of heart failure on Tuesday at midnight . 

********** January 4, 1901 

Ray T. Hitchcock, a brakeman on the Oakes branch, was fatally injured in the yards at 
Lidgerwood on Tuesday morning. There were no witnesses to the accident, but from the nature 
of his injuries it is supposed he was caught between the cattle chute in the stock yards anc 
the side of a box car. He was picked up and brought to the hospital here, but the poor fel] 
was beyond human aid and died about noon. He had suffered severe internal injuries and his 
legs were also badly bruised. 

Deceased had been working on the Oakes Braddock run but had taken Howard Hancock's plac 
just that morning while the latter took a short vacation. He leaves a wife and one small 
child. The family was quite well known here, having resided on the north side for a time a 
couple of year;, ago when Hitchcock was on the same run. The remains were taken to Minnea- 
polis today, accompanied by the family and other of the deceased. 

********** January 4, 1901 

Prominent Wahpeton Banker and Politician Succumbs to Tjrphoid Fever 
Don R. Davidson died at his home In Wahpeton on Wednesday morning. He. was taken ill 
with typhoid fever about two weeks ago and gradually grew worse until death ensued. 

Mr. Davidson was a leading banker and politician, well known over the county. He was 
postmaster at Wahpeton at the time of his death and also held the position of cashier of thi 
Citizens National Bank of that place. He was a leading fraternity man, being Past Master 


of the Wahpeton Masonic lodge and a prominent K. P. He leaves a wife and daughter. 

********** January 11, 1901 

Theodore Carl, the oldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Engles, on Monday, January 7th, 
1901. He was bom on May 22, 1894, and was six years, seven months and eleven days old at 
the time of his death. 

The little fellow was taken ill several weeks ago and made a hard battle for life, but 
passed away on Monday afternoon in the presence of his parents and little brother. The aff- 
licted parents have the heartfelt sjrmpathy of the entire community in the loss of their litt 
son. The funeral was held from the Congregational Church on Wednesday afternoon. Rev. W. H. 
Gimblett conducting the service. 

"There is no flock, however watched and tended. 
But one dead lamb Is there: 
There is no fireside, however defended. 
But has one vacant chair. 

In that great cloister's stillness and seclusion. 
By guardian angels led. 

Safe from temptations, safe from sin's pollution... 
He lives, whom we call dead." 

********** January 11, 1901 

Matt Hentz, living seven miles south of town, died last evening of an attack of typhoi 
fever. He had been sick for some time and was well on the road to recovery until a relapse 
came. He leaves a wife and six children. The family came here from the vicinity of Colfax, 
he having purchased the H. E. Wlllard farm south of town a few weeks ago. Two brothers, 
Peter and Jacob Hentz, live east of town. 

********** January 11, 1901 

RETROSPECTIVE: Looking back over old files of the NEWS dated Jan. 25th, 1894... 

Gottlieb Heln died at his home on the Rice at the age of 71 years.. 

********* * Jan. 25, 1901 

Queen Victoria died at Osborne House on Wednesday evening at half past 6 o'clock. 
King Edward VII rules in her stead. The civilized world mourns the death of England's 
beloved monarch. ********** January 25, 1901 

Robert, the ten year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Stach, died Saturday evening as 
the result of an operation for bowel obstruction. He had been ill just a week. The parents 
live about six miles north of here on the Wild Rice, and the funeral was held at the home 
on Tuesday morning, Rev. Hilgendorf of Mantador conducting the services. 

********** January 25, 1901 

MOORETON MATTERS: ... .Frank Herman left Saturday night to attend the funeral of his 
brother Albert at Antioca, IL. ********** February 8, 1901 


John Broxm died at his home in Pembina County recently at the age of 104 years. 

**,******** February 8, 1901 

Rev. Samuel Andrews, father of John and Sam Andrews of Lidgerwood (both well known 
here) was run down by a train at Wabasso, MN., last week and died from his injuries. 

********** February 8, 1901 

Mrs. Williams, an old resident of Hamlin just across the line in Sargent County, died 
last week at the advanced age of 91 years. 

********** February 15, 1901 

The body of Jacob Nelson was discovered last Friday along the shore of Dry Wood Lake, 
a few miles from Slsseton, frozen stiff, and had evidently been there for several days. 
He was unmarried, 68 years old and was living alone on a claim in the vicinity where the 
body was discovered. Coroner Brown of Roberts County held an autopsy which developed 
the fact that Nelson died of heart trouble. The supposition is that he was walking along 
the shore of the lake and suddenly dropped dead. He is said to have relatives in this 
part of the state and they are being sought for. 

********** February 15, 1901 

The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. William Wohlsdorf passed away the first of the week. 
The little one was only a few days old. 

********** February 22, 1901 

Fred Stlnson, frozen to death between Hunter and Casselton recently while Intoxicated, 
was a barber by trade and worked in a Lidgerwood shop for some time a couple of years ago. 

********** February 22, 1901 

The Infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gust Ellason died yesterday morning after a brief 
illness ********** February 22, 1901 

Over at Walcott a telegram was received that an aged lady who had been away would 
arrive home on a certain day. Her friends misconstrued the message and thought she was 
dead. A hearse was at the train to meet her but she preferred to walk. 

********** February 22, 1901 

Peculiar Fatality on a Farm in Southern Cass County.. 
Joe, the 13 year old son of Joe Habinger, met a horrible death on his father's farm 
near Alice Station, on the new Casselton Dickey branch. His father had set fire to an 
old straw pile, the outside of which was covered with snow and ice. On this account the 
inside burned out first, leaving the hollow center a mass of fire. 

The young lad was playing about on the icy coating of the stack and fell into this 
consuming furnace. It was several hours before the charred, unrecognizable remains could 1 
be recovered from the awful funeral pyre. 

A young brother who was also on the stack narrowly escaped the same fate. 

********** March 1, 1901 


LeMARS LOCALS Mr. Ruth Deans died recently after a long Illness. (MRS. ?) 

********** March 1, 1901 

Sam White, an Indian living near Veblin, froze to death during the storm a week ago 
Sunday night. He vft8 drunk and et^rted hone, 

********** March 1, 1901 


While transacting business in this locality today, Mr. Gortner, the machine man of 
Sisseton, found Julius Grande and wife lying in bed at their home a few miles northwest 
of Effington, overcome by coal gas, Julius already dead, while his wife was still alive. 

Dr. Brown was sent for, and arriving at the scene a short while after, started to worV 
to revive Mrs. Grande, succeeding after a couple of hours, she is now reported out of dang 
It seems that before going to sleep last night they had filled the stove and shut off the 
dampers, and the room was filled with gas. Mr. Grande was a young man and had only been 
married a few months. Mrs. Grande is a sister of Anton Dahl, a farmer living about 5 mile 
west of town. ....Effington Times.... 

********** March 8, 1901 

T. L. Moreland, on returning from a trip to Sisseton on Wednesday, found a telegram 
awaiting him here announcing the death of his mother. He left immediately for the old 
home at Luveme, MN. ********** March 8, 1901 

Mrs. E. L. Kinney and Mrs. W. G. Tubbs left on last evening's Soo for Elk River, MN., 
in response to a telegram announcing the death of a married sister yesterday afternoon. 
Deceased leaves a husband and four small children. 

********** March 8, 1901 


A Sisseton special says: Henry Billett from Traverse County, MN., has been sentenced 
to ten years in the penitentiary for the murder of "Big Lou" Halvorsen at White Rock on 
Nov. 17, 1900. Albert Reidy, who was an accessory to the crime, was cleared. 

On the date named the above parties and a brother of one of them, Alfred Reidy, met 
Halvorsen in Benson's Saloon at White Rock and Billett got into a quarrel with Halvorsen, 
whereupon Henry Billett ran out to his buggy and got a rifle. Halvorsen had meanwhile 
gone to Thompson's Saloon, and Henry Billett, accompanied by Albert Reidy, went in after 
him. On seeing them coming in Halvorsen started for the back door of the saloon, and 
Henry Billett raised his rifel and shot him through the back, Halvorsen dying in a few 
minutes. The saloonkeeper tried to grab the rifle, but Reidy grabbed him and held him so 
Billett could shoot. The prisoners and the murdered man had bad reputations. 

********** March 15, 1901 

Ex-President, Benjamin Harrison died at his home in Indianapolis on Wednesday after- 
noon after a week's illness of pneumonia. 

********** March 15, 1901 

(21 h 

A casket was purchased here last Friday afternoon for the aged mother of Evan Thomas, 
near Effington. The deceased passed away at the home of her son on Thursday night. She 
was 82 years old. ********** March 22, 1901 

J. A. Eastman, who formerly had charge of the Soo's pumping station here, recently 
suffered the loss of his wife at Harvey, ND. Mr. Eastman was a charter member of the 
local K. P. Lodge and a beautiful floral wreath was ordered sent to Brainard, MN., where 
the remains were taken for interment. Deceased leaves four small children. 

********** March 22, 1901 

Jno. D. Greene left Friday evening for Remington, IN., in response to a message 
announcing the death of his father. From the Remington Press we clip the following: 
"Friday morning our people were shocked to learn that E. H. Greene had passed away the 
evening before at his home in the north part of town, comparatively few having heard of 
his being sick. Mr. Greene was taken down Sunday with an attack of lagrippe which seemed 
to be yielding to treatment up till Thursday morning when symptons of heart failure began 
to be manifest, which failed to respond to all the agencies known to medical science, and 
he peacefully passed away at 11:30 PM Thursday evening. Mr. Green was 61 years old, a 
veteran of the civil war, president of our school board and a kindly dispositioned christ- 
ian man, whose death will be keenly felt in our social, religious, business and political 
circles. The bereaved family has the sympathy of the entire community in their sad afflict 
ion" Mr. Greene returned from his sad mission last evening. 

********** March 22, 1901 


Judge Joseph M. Bartholomew, for ten years Justice of the Supreme Court, of this stai 
who retired from the bench on Jan. 1st, dropped dead on the walk in front of his residence 
in Bismarck on Sunday morning while clearing away a light snow which fell the night before 

Judge Bartholomew had been a resident of this state for fifteen years. He located 
at LaMoure, originally coming to North Dakota from Iowa. 

He was nominated for justice of the supreme court at the first state convention and 
has held the position uninterruptedly until this year, he having failed of renomination at 
the last state convention, his place being taken by Judge D. E. Morgan of Devils Lake, 

********** March 29, 1901 

James Scott, an Indian whose home is near Slsseton, died last Friday of smallpox. 
It is feared serious results will follow if the disease spreads among the Indians as they 
are generally careless in their modes of living and do nothing to check the spread of 
disease. ********** April 5, 1901 

The year old child of Mr. and Mrs. Nels Satterlund, who live on the reservation 
south of town, died this week after a short illness. 

********** April 12, 1901 


A terrible tragedy occurred at Braddock, the present terminus of the Oakes branch, 
on Wednesday morning of last week. A Swedish farmer named Revenger shot his neighbor, 
Nels Olson, in the neck, the bullet emerging at the mouth. The murderer escaped at the 
time but later was found dead on the prairie with his head shot off . He had placed the 
muzzle of a shotgun in his mouth and fired it off with his toe. The killing occurred at 
a house moving bee in the presence of a dozen or more witnesses. Later it was learned tha 
the murderer met Pete Levine while on his way to kill Nelson and fired half a dozen shots 
from a revolver at his head. Levine 's life was saved by his leather cuff, the shot strik- 
ing his wrist. Letters left by Revenger show that the murder was premeditated, but it is 

thought he was insane. ********** 

April 19, 1901 

Last Saturday morning at about 10:30 AM Mrs. Mary K.. Stilwell, better known to most 
of our people as Grandma Stilwell, passed to the great beyond at the home of her daughter, 
Mrs. John R. Jones, in this village, surrounded by sorrowing children and friends who had 
done all in their power to make her last hours painless and peaceful. She suffered a pare 
lytic stroke several weeks ago and the end had been hourly expected for some time. Had 
she lived till the last day of this month she would have been 77 years old. Seven child- 
ren survive her: Mrs. J. R. Jones and Mrs. Osborne of Hankinson, Mrs. Kellogg of Minneap- 
olis, Mrs. Bent of Dell Rapids, Mrs. Munn of Ripon, WI.: Warren Stilwell of New York City 
and Lucian Stilwell of Deadvjood, SD. 

Funeral services were conducted here on Sunday morning at 9:30, the sermon being 
delivered by Rev. W. E. Gimblett, and a large number of friends paid their last tribute 
to one who in life had been loved by all who knew her. A devout Christian woman, faithful 
in the performance of her duties to God and those about her, the world is better for her 
having lived. The remains were taken to Ripon, OT., where they were interred in the famiJ 
lot in the old home cemetery. Mrs. Jones and Mr. and Mrs. Osborne accompanied the casket 
on the trip. ********** April 26, 1901 

J. W. Blanding, one of the oldest and best known residents of the county, died at 
Wahpeton last Friday evening of old age. 

********** April 26, 1901 

The remains of Charley Watson, a 20 year old boy from near Forman, who was committee 
to the Jamestown asylvim about two weeks ago, after making a murderous assault upon his 
father, passed through here on Tuesday evening, he having died at the asylum a couple of 
days previous. ********** April 26, 1901 

Paul Rinderman, 20 years old, of Britton, SD., a nephew of Oscar Rinderman of this 
place died in the hospital here on Tuesday of consumption. The funeral was held on Wed- 
nesday afternoon from the German Lutheran Church, the remains being interred in the cemetc 
southwest of town. 

********** April 26, 1901 


Clarence Starkey, a young man about 20 years old who was brought down from Forman 
last week, in the last stage of appendicitis, died on Wednesday morning and the remains 
were shipped to Forman on the evening train. An operation was performed immediately 
after his arrival but the case had been allowed to run too long before medical aid was 
summoned . 


April 26, 1901 

LeMARS TOWNSHIP. .. .Mr ♦ Horsman died on Friday, April 10th, at his home near White 
Rock. Funeral services were held the following Sunday. 

********** April 26, 1901 

Near Galesburg, Traill County, last Saturday morning, a widow named Kjoren and her 
two children were burned to death. They were alone in the house and the origin of the 
fire is unknown. ********** April 26, 1901 

The 10 month old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leopold Navratil, south of town, died the 
first of the week and was buried from the Catholic Church on Wednesday. 

********** May 3, 1901 

George Smart died here yesterday morning of a complication of diseases after an 
illness of a year and a half. Deceased was about 55 years old and leaves a wife and 
three children. . .Mrs. Richard Thomas and two grown sons. He settled just west of Hankin- 
son twenty-one years ago and is well known to old residents. He sold out his interests 
here about three years ago and returned east, but was taken ill shortly aftervards and 
as eastern doctors afforded him no relief he came back last fall and entered the hospital 
here. He improved for a time but the disease was too firmly rooted to effect a cure. 
E. A . Nelson of Mantador and A. Hamilton of Breckenridge, both old friends of the decease 
are here today and will take the remains to Mantador this evening for interment. 

********** May 3, 1901 

Wilbur Henderson, who ran a barber shop here several years ago, died at Wahpeton 
on Wednesday morning of typhoid fever. He leaves a wife and two children. 

********** May 3, 1901 

Henry Bader, superintendent of the County Poor Farm near Wahpeton, accidentally 
shot and killed himself with a revolver Tuesday morning while making an inspection of 
the farm. The ball entered his abdomen near the navel but just how the accident occurred 
is not known as he was alone at the time. He had been dead several hours when the body 
was found. Deceased was about AO years old and leaves a wife and family. 

********** May 3, 1901 

A seven year old daughter of H. S. Sven, living in Lake Township, Sargent County, 
was burned to death Wednesday. Her clothing caught from a bonfire and she was so sever ly 
burned that death resulted after a few hours of agony. 

********** May 17, 1901 


Nick Schultheis received a nessage on Saturday announcing the death of his mother 
at her home In Minneapolis. She had been 111 for several months and her death was not 
unexpected. The message came too late for Mr. Schultheis to take the east bound Soo so 
he went to Wyndmere In the evening and took the Northern Pacific night train to the 
cities. He returned last evening. 

********** May 17^ 1901 

The nude body of a man who apparently had been murdered was found Sunday morning 
in a gravel pit beside the Soo track near Kensal, Barnes County. A stranger Is under 
arrest at Valley City charged with the crime. A suit of bloody clothes and a hatchet were 
found concealed in a tree near Wimbledon, where the stranger fed his team and had dinner 
Sunday. LATER.... It transpires that the unknown man referred to above is James Carlon and 
he acknowledges the killing, claiming self defense. Carlon recently settled on a farm nea: 
Knox, Benson County, but little is known of him. He says the killing occurred Thursday 
and he carried the body in a wagon for three days before disposing of It. He has been 
taken to Mlnnewaukon for trial. 

********** May 31, 1901 

Mrs. Krump, mother of Nick Krump and Mrs. Peter Klnn, died yesterday at the home 
of the latter south of town. Deceased was quite feeble and had been failing for some time 

********** June 14, 1901 

The Infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hartleben, who live northwest of town, died 
last Saturday morning. The little one was only a few hours old. 

********** June 21, 1901 

Annie, the 16 year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. August Stabenow of Elma Township, 
died Wednesday afternoon as the result of an operation for appendicitis. She was appar- 
ently in fair health up to last Saturday, but at that time complained of feeling unwell 
and was brought to town for medical attention. An- examination showed a case of append- 
icitis in an advanced stage. An operation was the only hope, but the disease was too deep 
ly rooted and she died at 2:30 PM Wednesday afternoon. The parents have the sympathy of 
all in their bereavement. ***** * *■ * * * june 21, 1901 

Lldgerwood Girl Accused of Murdering Her Own Child 

Lena Mackhovich, a 19 year old girl whose parents live near Lldgerwood, is under 
arrest at Murdock, MN., charged with the murder of her own child about one month old. 

The girl with her child arrived at Murdock on Thursday morning of last week. She 
stopped at a hotel and shortly after started for a walk down the Great Northern tracks, 
carrying the babe. About 5 o'clock she returned alone and when asked by Mrs. Mathias Sch- 
lagel, wife of the hotel proprietor, what she had done with the child refused to answer. 
Suspicion was aroused but no action was taken in the matter until morning, when it was 
decided to make a search for the missing child. P. J. Johnson was among the searchers 


and about a mile northwest of town he found the body of the child in a wheat field. A 
handkerchief was tied tightly around the child's neck, indicating that it had been stran- 
gled to death. 

After returning to town the woman had taken the night train for Wahpeton, spending 
the early evening walking the streets. 

About 3 AM the next morning Night Policeman Mc Kenzie found the woman at the depot 
and took her to the City Hotel at Wahpetoa. In the morning she sought employment and was 
engaged as second cook at the Columbia restaurant. Sheriff Moody, on receipt of a mess- 
age from Murdock, placed the girl under arrest and she was taken back to Murdock by a 
Swift County Deputy Sheriff. 

Meantime a coroner's inquest had been held and a verdict returned that the child 
had come to its death by violence at the hands of persons unknown, presumably the mother. 

The girl was taken to Benson for a preliminary hearing. She was identified as the 
woman who had been at Murdock, after which the hearing was postponed to July 1st to give 
witnesses from Lidgerwood time to arrive. 

********** June 28, 1901 

Well Known Hankinson Resident Passes Away Suddenly 

The community was greatly shocked last Friday evening when word was passed from mout 
to mouth that Mrs. A. R. Shipe had died suddenly at her home at 6 o'clock. While it was 
generally known that her health was poor it was not supposed there was any immediate dange 
and the end came as a complete surprise to all. Deceased had been visiting relatives in 
Minneapolis and returned on the Friday morning early train suffering from nervous prostrat 
ion. Her illness continued through the day and brought on heart trouble, which was the 
limned late cause of her death. 

The sudden death of her husband, which occurred on March 5th, 1899, was a shock frot 
which Mrs. Shipe never fully recovered, and the additional sorrow caused by the death of 
her only daughter a few months before left her nervous system badly shattered. Since thai 
time the beautiful home in this village has been a house of sorrow, and the deceased glad- 
ly surrendered' her earthly bondage to join the loved ones who had gone before. 

Deceased had been a faithful wife and through the months of widowhood constantly 
mourned for her departed ones. As a mother she was fond and indulgent, satisfying every 
wish of her children as far as possible. Those who are left behind have the sincere sym- 
pathy of the community in their bereavement. 

The funeral was held Monday afternoon, and the service was impressive and beautiful 
Rev. W. H. Gimblett preached the funeral sermon and the remains were interred in the cem- 
etery, east of town, the Royal neighbors of America conducting the simple and touching fun 
eral service of the order at the grave. 

Beautiful floral offerings covered the casket at both the house and cemetery. 

+ + + + + + + + + + 


Angelina R. Shlpe was born at Mt. Shamokin, PA., on May 22nd, 1849, and was 52 
years and 30 days old at the time of her death. Her maiden name was John, and on Dec. 
8th, 1868, she was married to W. H. Shlpe at Mt. Comfort, PA., moving to Shamokin, same 
state, where they resided until September of 1880, at which time they moved to Minneap- 
olis. Of this union, three children were born, two sons and a daughter, the former of 
whom survive her...G. E. Shlpe, who Is married and lives on a farm southwest of Wahpeton, 
and S. J. Shlpe, who made his home with the deceased. Four sisters and a brother, all 
residing at Shamokin, PA., also survive her. In 1890 the family moved to Hanklnson where 
they have since resided, occupying a prominent position in business and social circles 
up to the time of Mr. Shlpe' s death. 

********** June 28, 1901 

A. Edan, a well to do farmer, was gored to death by an angry bull near Jamestown. 

********** July 26, 1901 

Solomon Scetus, an Indian, was shot through the heart by Chas. E. Hall near Siss- 
eton on Friday night. Scetus attacked Hall with a beer bottle and the latter did the 
shooting In self defense. ****jt**jt*jt j^^^y 26, 1901 

Jacob Kneople, a 9 year old boy of Ashley, was dragged to his death by a pony. 

His parents witnessed the tragedy. 

********** August 9, 1901 

The 17 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Estelle, whose home is four miles south 

of Lidgerwood, died here at an early hour yesterday morning as the result of an operation 

for bowel trouble. He was brought down on the Great Northern Wednesday, but the nature 

of his ailment was such that surgical skill was of no avail. The remains were taken to 

Lidgerwood yesterday for burial. 

********** August 9, 1901 

A A year old girl at Kulm was burned to death last week. She was left alone in the 
house and when the older children arrived home they found her sitting in a tub of cold 
water with her clothing entirely burned off and her body terribly burned. The little one 
survived but four hours. 

+ + + + + + + + + + 

The little 2 year old child of Mr. and Mrs. Carl A. Johnson at Fargo, drank fly 
poison and died in great agony shortly after. The same day Mrs. H. Kennedy, living just 
out of Fargo, placed a pall of boiling water on the kitchen floor, and her 3 year old 
daughter fell into it, being scaled to death. 

********* * August 16, 1901 

Michael Wennand, a thresher working for John Schlener near Mantador, was instantly 
killed by lightning during Monday afternoon's storm. He was standing in a wagon and the 
bolt struck him squarely on the head, killing him Instantly. He was about 20 years old 


and his home was at Avon, MN. The remains were taken to Wahpeton where a brother took 
them in charge and later they were shipped to Avon. 

********** August 16, 1901 

The murder of Miss Heinrichs recalls the fact that once before a domestic in the 
household of a Richland County Sheriff was slain by a jealous lover. This happened at 
Wahpeton in 1888 when one Miller, a deputy in the employ of Sheriff Pelham, shot the 
latter's hired girl dead because she refused to marry him. Miller did not commit suicide 
but was taken from jail at midnight by a crowd of prominent citizens and hung from the 
old Wahpeton-Breckenridge bridge. The lynching was the only one that has ever occurred 
in this part of the state and though the leaders (many of whom are well known citizens of 
Wahpeton today) were known, no effort was made to proecute them... in fact the l3mching was 
generally approved. * * * ^ ***** * ^^g^^^ 23, 1901 

Miss Lena Sletten, a Richland County inmate, died at the Jamestown Asylum last week 
of apoplexy. ********** August 23, 1901 

Death of a Character at Jamestown Who Mystified Prison Officials. 

The demented individual who spent a couple of days in Hankinson last June and was 
afterwards escorted out of town by "jerry," died at the Jamestown Asylum on Aug. 15th. 
He wandered from here to Grand Forks and was there taken into custody and afterwards com- 
mitted to the asylum. His actions at Grand Forks were the same as here, the fellow being 
caught by a policeman while eating pieces of bread and meat from a swill barrel. The 
asylum physicians pronounce it one of the most remarkabel cases that has ever come under 
their observation. From the time of his arrest till the day he died he never uttered a 
word. Apparently he understood what was said to him, but seemed utterly indifferent to 
everything. He refused to eat anything aside from bread and water, and appeared to spend 
much of his time in silent prayer, moving his lips but uttering no sound. ^•Then he was 
received there in July he was in an awful condition, being nothing but skin and bones, 
and improved but little in this respect till the time of his death. 

His identity is a mystery. There was nothing found on his person that would give 
the least clue as to who he was or where he came from, and when asked regarding this matti 
he would simply smile, and at times a far away expression would be noted in his eyes, as 
though he was thinking of some distant land. He was not violent at any time, and was 
obedient, doing whatever he was told to do without protest. He dressed himself without 
aid and kept his person clean at all times. Judge Hassel has received notice from Dr. 
Moore of the Jamestown hospital that the unfortunate man was taken sick on Aug. 12th and 
died Aug. 15th and was burled on the day following. While he was at the asylum every 
known means was resorted to to get the man to utter a sound but all was in vain, and he 
died and was buried unknown to anyone, and all hopes of establishing his identity have 
been abandoned. He was apparently a Scandinavian, smooth faced, light complected and 
about 35 years old. ********** August 30, 1901 


William Barrv, the curderer of >jidrew Mellec, vas takec to BisEarck yesterday and 
turned over to the state prison officials. 

********** August 30, 1901 

A rear end collision between freight trains in the K. P. yards at Valley City on 
Monday night resulted in the killing of Zd . Minks, a harvest hand vhc was stealing a ride. 
Ee had $1A0 en his person. 


August 30, 19C1 

A daughter of Senator Slotten of Vahpeton died at Jacestcvn this veek. She had beez 
a sufferer from a cild cental ailt:ent for sone tine past. 

********** August 30, 1901 

E. Volgenuth, fomerly editor of the Geman paper at Vahpeton, died at Peoria, IL., 

on September 2nd. Ee was the leading spirit in the Geman play "The Vahpetoner Pocken," 

produced here a year ago, and he was well known to nany of our people. 

********** September 13, 1901 

Word vas received the first of the week cf the death of Mrs. I. M. Jones' brother 
at iieenah, VT., last Friday. Mrs. Jones arrived there just twenty-four hours before he 
passed away. ********** September 27, 1901 

Dr. A. V. Benedict, formerly of Lidgerwood, died of diabetes at Eraindentown, FL., 
on September 15th. Ee was well known throughxut the county, having represented the 12th 
district in the state senate from 1894 to 1S98. 

* * ******** September 27, 1901 

M-rs. Carrie Lien died at Aneta, IZ: , recently, at the age cf 1-1 years. She had unti 
recently, cade her home at Colfax, th-is county. 

********** October 4, 1901 

Neil Springer, the young man who was injured in a threshing machine near Vyndmere 
last week, died on Thursday night cf his injuries. The funeral was held at Moselle on 
Saturday. ****** **** October ^, 1901 

The 3 months old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lenzen died en Sunday after a week's 
illness of pneumonia. The funeral was held on Monday, F^ev. Fred Valter conducting the 
services. The parents have the sympathy cf all in their affliction. 

********** October IS, 19G1 

Killiaia Geisler, a 14 year old son of Gus . Geiser, a farmer in Harmon Township, was 
accidentlly shot by his comrade while hunting ducks in Try Lake last Sunday. 

Ee died from the wounds before medical assistance could be had. %'e toicw of se\'er£l 
persons who h^ve been shot while hunting in that lake, but fortunately no one has been 
killed before as far as we h^ve learned. We hope the sad death cf young Geisler will here 

after warn ethers to be more careful with their shotguns while hunting Effington Times. 

********** October IS, 19C1 

J. B. Lockhart died at Fargo on Sunday night after a short Illness following a 
paralytic stroke. He was well known in the southern part of the state as a real estate 
man. representing heavy interests in Richland, Sargent and adjoining counties. 

********** October 25, 19Q1 

Augusta, the 18 year old daughter of William Marz, whose home is near Mantador, died 
Sunday morning after a prolonged illness. Deceased had been a sufferer from dropsy for 
several months and this was the cause of her death. The funeral was held on Wednesday. 

********** November 1, 1901 

John Rudd, a Spanish War Veteran, Dies on a Soo Freight. 
Last Friday afternoon, when the Soo freight from the east pulled in here, an unknown 
man was found dead under a threshing rig that was being shipped north on a flat car. The 
rig was owned by Dempsey of Wheaton, MN., and the dead man was a member of the crew that 
was going with the machine to the vicinity of Fessenden. Instead of joining the other 
members of the crew, however, he had fixed up a comfortable resting place on the flat car 
with the beding of his fellows. The last seen of him alive was just before leaving Fair- 
mount, at which time he mounted the car in an intoxicated condition. When found here the 
body was still warm and Dr. Spottswood worked some time in the hope of restoring life but 
without avail. The remains were taken to the village jail and Coroner Kaufmann summoned. 
He arrived Saturday morning and after examining half a dozen witnesses. . .H. C. Farslow, 
Frank and Joe Peitz, Nels Miller, Dr. Spottswood, Chas. Hein Ed. McLaughlin and a member 
of the crew... decided that the deceased came to his death from acute alcoholism, and that 
afternoon the remains were buried at the county's expense. Little was known of the man 
beyond the fact that he had been a local character at Wheaton for a year or more, spending 
most of his time and all of his money at the saloons. Even his name was unknown to his . 


It seems there was one man at Wheaton. however, who had served with the deceased in 
the Spanish War. and knew his true name was John M. Rudd, and he notified Major James 
Elwln at Minneapolis, where Rudd's people resided. No effort was made to find the family. 
however, and they would have remained ignorant of his death but for a brief item in Tues- 
day's Times which caught the eye of G. M, Rudd, a step-brother of the deceased. He Imm- 
ediately took the train for here and arrived the same evening. On learning the condition 
of affairs and that the body had already been buried, he returned to Minneapolis Wednesda: 
afternoon. In an interview with The NEWS he stated that the deceased was 38 years old anc 
for several years had been lost sight of by the family, who cast him off on account of hi: 
intemperate habits. The father. M. J. Rudd. lives at 1821 7th St. S.. Minneapolis. 

Deceased was five feet four inches tall, weighted 140 pounds; light complexion, blu. 
eyes and brown hair, and dressed in laboring garb. Deceased had at one time carried some 
life insurance, but it is thought the policy had been allowed to lapse. 

********** November 8, 1901 


Mrs. E. M. Jones received the sad intelligence on Monday of the death of her father 
William Williams, at 2:10 PM of that day at Neenah, WI. Deceased was 84 years old and 
death was due to old age. Mrs. Jones returned only recently from Neenah where whe was 
called to attend the funeral of a brother, 

********** November 8, 1901 

George Fetterly, one of the gang of horse thieves that has infested the vicinity 

of Woonsocket, SD., for several years, was fatally wounded by a farmer near Pierce, NE., 

last week. Geor. Moody, who was captured here early in the fall, and is now serving time 

in the Sioux Falls Penitentiary, was a member of the same gang. 

********** November 8, 1901 


WIRTENBERGER.. . .At Lidgerwood on Nov. 17th, of inflamation of the bowels, Delosse 

Coldener Wirtenberger, only child of Mr. and Mrs. P. Wirtenberger, aged five and a half 

months . 

Jesus, while our hearts are bleeding 

O'er the spoils that death has won, 

We would at this solemn meeting 
Calmly say, "Thy will be done." 

Though cast down, we're not forsaken, 
Though afflicted, not alone: 

Thou didst give and Thou has taken... 
Blessed Lord, "Thy will be done," 

The little crib is empty now. 
The little clothes laid by: 

A mother's hope, a father's joy. 
In death's cold arms doth lie 

Go, little pilgrim, to the home 
On yonder blissful shore: 

We miss thee here, but soon will come 
Where thou has gone before. 

********** November 29, 1901 


Died... on Friday evening, Nov. 29th, Erwin, the two year old son of Mr. and Mrs. 
Fred Sedler, of this place, after a two weeks' illness of lung fever. The funeral serv- 
ices were held on Monday at the German Methodist Church by Rev. Movius of Lidgerwood. 
The church was beautifully decorated with flowers and black and white drapery, for the 

occasion Reporter.... 

********** December 6, 1901 

Martha Elvick, cook on Gordon Bros' bonanza farm in Nelson County, was burned to 
death while rendering lard on Tuesday. The building in which she was. working caught fire 


and was destroyed, ********** December 6, 1901 

Mrs. August Krieg, wife of the former engineer in the mill here, died at Minnea- 
polis last week after a lingering Illness. She was In poor health at the time of leav- 
ing here last summer and contracted a slow fever which resulted In her death. 

Deceased leaves a husband and five small children. 

********** December 6, 1901 

Carl Johnson, a farmer living near Summit In Roberts County, was overcome with soft 
coal gas one night recently and was dead when found . 

********** December 13, 1901 

Henry Miller died at the home of his parents near Mantador on Tuesday evening at 
7 PM of pneumonia, at the age of 30 years. Deceased was the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. 
Mike Miller, well known old time residents, and had been 111 for quite a while. The fun- 
eral was held yesterday at Mantador, Rev. Fr. Studnlcka conducting the services. 

********** December 13, 1901 

GREAT BEND ITEMS ... .Died of Heart Disease. .. .Claus Fisher, living four miles east 
of here, died last Saturday morning at his home of heart disease. Deceased was of appar- 
ent good health, till the evening previous to his death, when he complained to his wife 
about having a headache, and this continued to grow worse, till it became necessary to 
send for a doctor. But all medical skill was useless, death had drawn near and he quietly 
passed away in the presence of his wife and a few assembled neighbors. Deceased was a 
Kealthy farmer, and well known by every one in this vicinity. 

He leaves a wife but no children. The funeral was held on Monday at the Lutheran 
Church, Rev. T. Hlnk conducting the services. The entire congregation followed the remair 
to their last resting place. The entire community as well as the widow feel the loss of 
their well liked friend. ^^^^^^^^^^ December 20, 1901 


News reached here of the death of Mrs. Knurr of Clam Falls, WI., formerly of thi 
place. The deceased was the wife of Peter Knurr, ex-miller at Hankinson, who died several 
years ago. The deceased died of typhoid fever. She leaves a daughter of 19 and a son of 
12 years. ********** December 20, 1901 

Nicholas Linberg, a tinsmith, was frozen to death near Glenwood, MN., during the 
cold spell of last week. He was returning home in an Intoxicated condition. 

********** December 27, 1901 

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SzbaJitLan Vohtntfi and VzAZotUka EmeAlch weAe moAAlzd at St. PklZLLpi ChuAch on Tau- 
day, fathdA StudrUcka o{i{^(u.ating. 

********** jananAy 11, 1900 

The. WahpeXon Globe, g-ivti an enteJitatning account o^ the. peA&t&tejvt z{,{iOfit6 o{, a GoJi- 
man naimd Anton KAaa&z to cowmit matAtmony. ...houo he pKopoitd to ^ouA gVitb trutde o{, tujo 
daiji> and woi {^InaZZtj mcceMiuJi in izcufUng a Mlf^e., Anton Zi a pAo6peAoa& {,aAmzA Ztving 
neAA ChA^tlnt. »»,,,,,,,« j^^^^^ ^^^ j,^^ 

John ZUcJioAd Oi$ XJitt city, and Hi&i ^^aggle. KlndzAman 0|J t!anklni,on, weAz maAAlzd 
at St. Jokn'i ChuAch on Monday oi$ Zait weefe. Thz bnlde. Ik one. o^ Hankln6on'6 eztzemed 
young ladles and the. gAoom om 0({ Wakptton' i popuZoA young mtn. The happy couple have 

the congxatuZatloni o^ a ho&t o^ lAlendi. Wahpeton Tlme^ 

«»*»»«»»»» fe-bAuoAy 1, 1900 

H. E. UUleA le.{,t SatuAday ^OA ULnnzapotU and we pAeJ,tmz fieAe, that he hai jolnzd 
the Aankii Oi$ the. bznedlctl>. Hli lt> an eJi^tXraable. young lady of, that city and M/i. 
yiZleA li, one o{^>on'4) moit populoA bui>lnej>l mtn. They wlZZ vlblt Chicago and 
othzA polnti on a wedding touA, AeXuAnlng to Hankln6on In about two weeki to take up 

thuAA abode.. Thz congAatulatloni, o^ a ho-it o£ Hankln&on {,Alend6 OAZ zxtended. 


TebAuoAy S, 1900 

MoVLced, at St. Vhllllpi, ChuAch, on Uonday FebAuoAy 12th, Wznzel SlailngeA and hilki 
GAace Roth, F/i. Studnlcka o ^{/.clajting . A loAge nimbeA o() {^fviendi, w^nziizd the ceAemony. 

********** FebAuoAy 15, 1900 


A mofuUagz MU happlty ceZebAoted Wzdnziday a^tzAnoon at 4 o'clock, at thz 
Azildzncz of, thz bAldz'-i aunt, Ua6,T.J. Kznz{,lck, 2218 Slxtzznth Aue. S., whzn Ulii 
Abblz M. Bladz «a6 to uozd Hojuuj E. hlUlzA, Hanklmon, NV. A company o^ 30 AehxJUive^ 
uxitnz&izd thz czAzmony, In ujhlch Rev. J. J. Kzanz oHlclatzd; among thz guziti ujaj> 
UAi,. CountwUght, Chicago, couiln o£ thz bAldzgAoom. Thz Aoomi weAe pAzttliy tAlmmed 
with imllax, palru, and cut flowzu, uxlth an z^^zct o^ pink and gAeen In thz poAloA 
and yzlloM In thz dining fwom, whzAz thz wedding collation ccoi iZAvzd by a cateAZA. 

Thz bAidz woAZ hzA going away gown o{^ pzoAl gAay bAoadcZoth, with white appllquz 
and itzzl tAlmmlngl, and hot to match. Shz waj> attended by Uli,6 LauAa Vavld6on, St. 
Paul, who WOAZ a pAztty talloA gown In bAown cjLitoA cloth with whltz tAimmlngi . Shz 
coAAlzd pink Ao^zi). ChanZzM HilZzA, bAothzA o^ thz bAldzgAoom, wa^ bzit man. Two 
llttlz ilowzA glAli) In whltz pAzczdzd thz bAldal poAty. thz bAldz'i, nlzcz, 
fCcn^, and EtheZ FalZ. Thz wzddlng muilc woi pZjxyzd by lUt,^ Viva McMillan, St. Paul. 

M^. and Atw. Hitltt Itit on ihz euenorg t/uUn iJoA. CkLcago and luUl iaka a t^o 
weefe^ ' tAlp, fiziafining to Honfe-mon, HV., to makz tkzln. home, w/ieAe Ma. tUZizA -a, 

local managzA. {,ofL the. Hanklnion hoaiz oi E. P. Staaij £ Son hlinnzapotii, TjUbtxnz 

Feb. nth, 1900. .»»,«»•,«,** 

FEBRUARY 22, 7900 

^ajvu.zd, at thz home, o^ the.' i> poAznti, Vji. and Ufa. E. A. StilzM oq 
SejLjmoofi, W., on Wed. , Fe6. Uth, Ufi. John Oiooki and VJib. UoAy J. Uatthem, Rev. E. 
A. Mou-coiu oiilcAjOLting. The. panXlu havz a hoi>t Oi$ {^fUzndji In Han\iLn^on 
who txtznd them congftatulatiom . 



MARCH 8, 1900 

Htnman K/uuuz, uxu, gJianXzd a dl\ ^Ajom kl& uu.^z, Annie. lOuuiiz, by Jadgz LaadzA 
at WahpeXon Zcut ujtzk, bzZng aZio gZvzn thz cmtody o^ theJji 15 yavi old 6on. J. A. 
VwyzA appmAzd cu (LttoKriZLj £oA IfJi. K/uia&z, 

MARCH 15, 7900 

Mili Bz^mann and Auga&t Lack^zzX. wz/iz maJihJ.zd out ihz Gznman EvangzLical ChuAch 

Uonday zvzning, Rzv. Woltzn. o^^-uuatuig. A novzZ izatuA^ oi thz znAzmony wcu thcut it 

tuoi pzfi{^onmzd Zn iwo Znnguagzi, haJL^ In Engtiih and haZ^ i.n CzAman. Thz gnuom Jit, thz 

Soo izcXion ^oAzman at tkii pta£.z and thz bAcdz -16 a daughtzA o{, Ma., and Ma4. Hztman 

Lack{,zet. Thz happy coaplz havz thz bz6t uiUhzi o^ a loAgz cUacIz o^ iAiznd6 . 

A ckivoAAl poAty dl6tuAbzd thz iuuaZ night'i htUUbKLbh about tzn o'clock Monday 

zvzning. Somz o^ ooA citCzzni miitook thz cormotion ioA a {^z aJbvm. 

• •««*«»»»«»» 

MARCH 22, 7900 

Wew4 hiu bzzn AzczLvzd o^ thz moAAiagz o^ Ma. WalZacz Jazck o^ tkli, to 

hlui, JziiZz VavZ& o{i O^hkoih, WT. A hoit oi iAlzndi, zxtznd congAataZatiom, . 

MARCH 29, 7900 

UoAAizd, at Wahpzton, on Wzdnzidajj zvzning OjJ laj>t uzzk, R. T. BAiitzn o(, 
FatAmount and EZviAa ShzphzAd o^ tkc& pZacz, Rev. Vavtzi o^ilcJjitLng. 

M^4 UabzL Wood, daaghtzA o^ Ua. ojad Ma4. W. H. {Hood o^ thU placz, uxu, moAAtzd 
on thz 26th in6t, at CkippoM. ToZZm to Vao^. J. C. Thomp&on, pAxjn.cJ.pat oi thz High 
School at ShziZ Lakz, WI. 

FAank SchAa.zdzA and Ht66 Enma Hohzn&tzJji weAe maAAizd at tzn o'clock thJji moAn- 

ing at thz homz o{ thz bAtdz'^ poAznti, Ua. and M/Li. F. Hohznitzin. Thz contAactlng 

poAtizi OAZ wztt known and havz thz congAotnJiationi and bz6t uiUhzi o^ a loAgz cxacIc 

0($ {^AieyidJi. 


APRIL 79, 7900 

UoAAizd, at thz Catholic ChuAch, in Lidgznujood, on h^onday, ApAil 16th, t-'A. 

John t^cVonald and Hiii Anniz Woixuodz, both o^ thti Thz contAacting poAtizi, 

OAZ MzZZ known hzAZ and a ho^t o{, (tAtzndi zxtznd congAotalaXiom . Wzdnziday Ma.. 

McVonald oittumzd thz pAopAiztoA6hip of, thz Wew England Rz6tauAa.nt which hz will 

conduct in thz iutuAZ. 



MAY 10, 1900. 

Emit ZZazzA MZYVt down to Le StazA, MW., taj>t weefe and iztivinzd TkuJi&daij uuXk a bfUde., much to thz 4>aA.p/uJ,z o^ hJj> ^nA-zndi . VuAAjig lvL6 abitnaz. he 
woi moAA^zd to Hcii ChfLOitAjiz Lang, an titAjnablz ijoung Lady 0|$ Le SzuzA, and thzy 
MiZt makz HankLmon thzOi homz. 

MAV 17, 1900 ..WIRTH - ROEVER 


On Taziday moAyiLng, at thz Gznjnan Lathz>uin ChuAck, Rew. WaZtzA^ p/ionounczd thz 
ujo/idi Mkich txnAXzd HzAman W^nXh and M-cii TiZtiz Rozdzn. ^OA U.(iZ. Thz gJioom at iappoKt- 
ed fat/ Ma.. AtbznX Andzuon and thz bnJjdz by Uiii Clajia Gkowz. Thz fa-tide woA.e paZz giay 
i-Ltk MiX.h vziZ and cxvinJ.zd K0.iZ6. Thz bKA,dz^maA.d uooAZ vohJjtz iMiii ovzn. pZnk. 

Thz czfizmony oczvJOizd Ln thz pxzizncz o{, a Ijon^z numbzA 0($ jj/u.end4 and aX Ajtd 
concZui^on a ho6t o^ mzZZ. uic4fieA<s go-theAed at thz Soo dzpot and ihoujztzd thz bfu.daZ 
poAty M^th kLcz, good mjthzi> and old ihoz6. 

Thz g/ioom hai faeen a xzi-idznt 0|$ ^OA about tujo yzoAk , bzZng a tAiutzd 
zmployzz 0|$ M. A. f/lLppznjnan, and duAing that timz hai) madz a hoit o(j {^KLzndui, . 

Thz b/hidz hai llvzd hzAZ 4-cnce zoAly gAAZhood and li popuZoA with aZl. Immzdl- 
aXlty a(jtzA thz czAzmony Ma., and Ma4. WZnth took thz Soo tAoln ^OA ChiZton, WI . , whzAZ 
thiy wJJJL vZiZt (^OA ahouX a month, a{)tZA which thzy wZlZ AZtuAn to HankZn&on and makz 
thzAA. (^atuAZ homz. 


Onz of, Hankinion'i PopaZoA Yoang Men MavUed at Wahpzton YzitZAday. 

Loit zvzning, at thz homz o{j thz bAZdz'i paAznti tn Wahpzton, Ma. Loluj, J. 
B£eecfeeA 0|$ thZi,, and M^4 PeoA^ VattZAbon wzAZ wnZtzd in moAAiagz. Thz wzdding 
wa6 a vzn.y qiiZzt a{^(^aZA, onZy thz AztativzA and Zmmzdiatz (^Aizndi 0|$ thz contAacting 
poAtizi bzlng pAz^znt. 

Thz QAoom ii oiiZbtant ca&kizA 0|$ thz fVut Statz Bank and hai faeen a KZiidznt 
o{^ Hankindon {^OK about a yzaA. VuAing that timz hz ha& won thz zitzzm o^ aZJ. and ii 
onz o(^ owi moit populoA young mzn. Thz bnidz -ii thz izcond daaghtzn. 0|$ Ma., and Maa . 
Vanizl PattzAion 0($ Wahpzton, hzA (,aXhzA bzing PAZi-idznt o^ thz HationaZ Bank of, Wah- 
pzton and aZio of, thz FiA&t Statz Bank of^ thZi, pZacz. Shz ih onz oi Wahpzton' h moit 
accomptiihzd young ladizi and hai a hoit o^ {^^zndi who join with thz Hankimon dAizndi 
o(i thz gfioom in zxtzndZng hzoAty congAataZationi and bzit wZihzi to thz happy couplz. 

Ma. and Uai, . B.£eecfeeA wiZt at oncz commence hooiefeeeping in thz Taylon. houiz 
izczntty vacatzd by W. H. Wood and (^amity. 



UoAAZtd Wadntidcuf, Jane 27, 7900, cut thz fiiu>ldzncz oi the. bAldz'i iaXkzn, 

\Um SylvAM. J. EovJlzttz to Wl. Rotta W. Ink, both o^ tku, cJJiij, Rev. W. A. BafeeA 
0|$ i^-c coating: 

Mc64 Zoutttttz woM boKn and tuujiZd In tkii vZcauXy, and aj> highly ZJ>te.amd In 
WahpzXon, wheAe. 4/te hoi made. htn. home. (^OK thz laj>t iMzJLvz on. lZ(^tzzn yzoju, . Shz u> onz 
0^ thz 4uccei4(Ju^ izhooZ tzazhzAi 0)$ thz county. lA/i. Ink haj, bzzn a pfiominznt ba&tnzii 
man o^ thz county, ^OA. mofiz than tuoznty yzofu, . Thzln. many ^Klzndi uii&h them alZ poiJitblz 
happtneJii and p/ioipznJjty Wahpzton Cazzttz. 

Thz bnJAz l6 uztL known in and about Hankin6on, having bzzn a tzachzn. in oun. 
public ichooti Ion. lomz timz, and thz g-toom alio koi quitz a widz acq^uaintanczihip 
in thii vicinity. 

JULY 13, 1900 

UanAizd at thz homz o^ thz bnidz at O^izo, UN., on Sunday, July Sth, 1900, 

Un. UuA/iay M. CanpzntzA to hlUi LUUUan Woltznj). Thz gnoom i6 wzll known in thi& vic- 
inity, having bzzn thz pubZiiheA 0^ thz NEWS at thii placz ioK ovzn. thAZZ yzau pnzvioai 
to la&t VzcembeA, Thz bnidz is at6o a ^onmzA Aziidznt oi Hankimon, a iiitzn. of, 
thz hlu^tZJ, VoKotky and Ro4e UoltzAi. Thz wzdding czAzmony took placz in thz pnz&zncz 
oi only a ^ew inizndi and thz neuily wzddzd couplz Iz^t immzdiatzly {,oA CloAzmont, MN., 
whzAZ thzy uxill makz thziA ^utuAz homz. Thzy havz thz congAotulatiom and bzit wilih^^ 
of a host of Mankimon fnizndi, including thz NEWS. 

JULY 10, 1900 

Joe f ev^e, thz RzpubZican nominzz foA itatz Supznintzndznt, uoas moAAizd to 

HLi4 UoAy Hauicom, a chanrning young lady of Hinot, Tuesday zvzning of tka, weefe. 


On July Sth moAAuagz liczmzi, wzAz issuzd to W. J. ClasnzA and LLzziz BoAticick, 

Max GoUnick and Hinniz Hzz&ch, all of thii placz. 

AUGUST 3, 1900 

A Kamai, EditoK thus phiZosophizeJi : It is hoAd foA a moAAizd man to oaaLvz at 
any scizntific conclusion in /letje/tence to why a foux month old baby should bz so 
much hzavizA at onz o'clock A.M., tha.n its mothzA uszd to bz at pneciszly thz 
samz houA. 


A moAJUage. tictnlt woi iMiizd Zmt week to {ilm. Knajxck and ULii, Ella. KfmzgeA, but wc 
oAe -in{iOAjne.d tht uJtddlng uiiZt not takz be.{iOAz the. zcuiiy pa/vt o{i OctobzA. 

JnviXattoni ajit out {^oK tkz wzddtng 0)$ Wi. HznUij EulZ and ^(c44 Anntz Koppzlman o^ 
Gn.zat Bznd. Thz zvznt takzi ptacz on OcXobzfi l&xk -in thz GzAJnxn lutkzfian ChuAcJn. ioutk 
0^ GKzaX Bend. , .«*,**,** OctobzA S, i900 

Jn\JAMutLon& oJiz out i^ofi thz wzddtng o^ M.. Guitau Stack and Mc44 Ida t^zdzmiaZd to 
takz ptacz at thz Cztman EvangzLicaZ CkuAch on Wzdnz^day q^ nzxt week. 

, «*♦«».*», OcXob^A 11, 1900 

UiZZLam Knaack ana Mi44 EJiZa KntzgzA. wzn.z moAAtzd at thz homz o^ thz bntdz'i poAznti, 
Hk. and Uu. UUiz K^zlgzA, on TuJil,da.ij o^ tkii, weefe. A loAgz numbzA. oiJ ^fUzndi attzndzd 
thz wzddlng ^z6tLvttU.zi> and jo-inzd tn congAjituZattoni to thz happy coupZz. 

» »»»»**»», OctobzA 12, 1900 

Thz bztAothaZ o^ Quzzn WtthzZmlna 0|J HolZand to Vukz HznAy o{t MzcklznbuAg-SckMZAtng 
l6 announczd. » *»**»»»»* OctobzK 19, 1900 


A vzfiy qulzt wzdding occuAAzd at thz homz o{t Un.. and M/Li. J. S. Pauom on Oct. 14th. 
Mhzn thzOi daughtzA StzWi Mat/ wai unttzd in moAAtagz votth Rev. ku^itin L. iUoo-Lizy o^ 
Vzlva, MV. Only thz Jjnmzdlatz {,amlly u)zAz piz^znt. Stmptz dzcoKationi, o^ coAnatlom and 
autumn tzavzM adoKnzd thz A.oomi and tabtzii. 

Tollou)lng thz czAzmony a dzllcatz fizpoMt wai> iznvzd, a{^tz>i Mhtch thz young couplz 
dAovz to FaOmount and took thz 4:15 tAatn ^OK thzlA lutuAz homz -in VzZva. 

********** Ocxobzn 19, /900 

Thz mzjonz&t man in thz uJOfiZd ii> 6aid to Kzi>idz nzoA EiimoAck. Hz moAAlzd a homz 
giAl to iavz zxpznizi; voalkzd a miiz ion. a wzdding tnlp, bought hzA a nickzt'6 woftth o^ 
candy {^OK a wzdding pAzJiznt, and 6uggz6ttd that thzy 4a.ue that ioA thz childKzn. 

********** OcXobzA 19, 1900 

Thz moAtiagz o{, ^JA. Guitav Stach to Uiii Ida Mzdzmoald waj> iolzmnizzd at thz Gz^man 
luthzAon ChuAch on WzdneJ>day at 11 AM in thz pKzi>zncz o^ a loAgz gathznlng of; 
iKizndi,, Rev. EKzd Waitzt pzA^onming thz czAzmony. Thz chuAch izAvicz wai iotlowzd by 
a Azczption at thz homz oi thz bnidz' i> poAznti, M^. and M/l6. TKzd ^^zdznlvaZd, wheAz thz 
happy couptz wzAz greeted with thz bz6t wiihti o{j a laAgz gathzAing Oj$ fizZativz6 and 
ii'U.zndi . 

Thz gfioom ii one o^ Hanklnion' 6 moit highly KZJ>pzctzd young men and thz bhJAz it 
wzZt and (^avoKohly known, having Azi>idzd hzfiz ioK a numbzK o^ yzau. Alt join in wiihing 
thzm a happy and pKoipzAou& moAAizd li^z. 

********** OcXobeA 19, 1900 


JnviXcutioni cuiz out {^on. thz mcvifuxige. o{, kfvthuA H. EAown and Mcii MoAy Copp^n, to 
occuA on Wzdn&i>da.y, OcXobfi 24th. 

******«»*« OcXobeA 79, 1900 

A qiMizt homz ujzddlng took placz at thz. homz 0($ Wi. and Wi&. J. S. VoAioni, zoit 0($ 
town, Za^t SiwidaL; when thzJji daugrvtzA StzIZa wai uruXzd In maJOiiagz to Rev. Aaitxn ^ootlzy, 
pa^toA. o{i thz M. E. Chutch at VzZva, NV. Thz czAzmony imu, pzJiionmzd by Reu. Hamz^ in thz 
pAjz.6zncz o{j n.zMttvzi> ana a (Jew intlmatz {^ntzncLi. Wi. and WUi. iiloolizy mJUi makz thzJJi 
homz at Vzlva. »,««*♦»,«* OctobzA 19, 1900 

Thz nwuitagz o^ IUm MoAy Copp-Ln to U^i. kntkuA. H. ^KoiMn wad 6oZzrmlzzd at thz homz 
0(5 thz bKtdz' i> bKothzM., Wi. Gzo. Coppln, wzit o{, town, on Wzdnziday zvzntng -in thz pAz^- 
zncz 0|j about ii-ity -Lnvitzd gu£J>ti>, Rev. Urn. H. Gimblztt oii^ciaXing, 

t<Uj,i A(ae LatztzLL actzd oi bAyidzimatd and M^. FAzd Coppin au, gfioomiman. kt -t/ie con- 
cZuJiton o{^ thz azAzmony a bountX^uZ xzpoit wa& izAvtd to thz ifiizndii, oiizmbzZzd and a num- 
bzt o{ handiomz gl{,ti weAe pKz^zntzd to thz nzwZy wzddzd zowptz. Thz contnacting pafitizt, 
oAz wzti known and highly zitzzmzd and ati join in wiihing thzm a happy and p/ioipzAoui, 
moAHlzd tiiz. ♦,»»»»«,«» Octobzn. 16, 1900 

WiZtiam KAotzzl and Mcii MoAy HadzA WZAZ moAAtzd at thz GzAman Luthzxan ChuAch yz^teA- 
day monning, Rev. WaltZA o{^{ficA.ating, A toAgz nuinbzA o{, ^Atzndi witnz66zd thz czAzmony 
and 'paAtictpatzd -en thz fizczption ioZLowing at thz bntdz'd homz iouth o{, town. 

,«»,»*»*», OctobzA 26, 7900 

Jnvitatlom aAz out {,oK tnz moAAiagz, nzxt Wzdnziday, o^ wiJUizJbn VozZtz to Wii,. 
BzAtha. ScnAozdzA, to taiiz placz at thz GzAman LuthzAon ChuAch. 

♦»»♦««,*«, HovzmbzA V, 7900 

iiHihzlbn Mozltz and hiu. 'BzAtha. SchAozdzA wzAz maAAizd at thz GzAmm luthzAon chuAch 
on Wzdnzitday moAning, Rev. [ilaZtzA oi^cating. A Azczption {^otiowzd at thz homz oi thz 
gKoom'6 paAantl.. ,,«,,*,,*, WovemfaeA 76, 7900 

CanxLi, have bzzn Kzczivza hzAz announctng thz mxAAiagz o^ M^i moai/ E. OcchineA to 
FAonk H. R. Scnuti at Vohx. AnthuA, TX. , on Uzdnz&day zvzning, thz 14th. Thz bntdz it> 
wzti unown hzfiz and KeA many ^/lizndi join in zxtznding congKatulatiom,. 

•**»*»'»*» NovembcA 76, 790u 


Jt U> KepoAJted that B. L. Eoganjt, the. welZ knouon wahp^;ton axtofinzy, l6 to bz 

moAAA-zd tomoifiow to Wli>. R. N. Ink. 

«»«»»»»»,* UovdjrheA 23, 1900 

RobeA-t GKouchke. and Mc44 Gaita MJtbKandt, both oi tkl& ptact, weAe uyujtzd In moAAiagt 

at liiahpaton on Wzdnuaay o^ Zoit weefe. 

»,««,»»,»« NovzmbeA 23, JvOO 

Jokn Haydeji and Hc6& Lizzie. Lenzen, tMo voeJit known and popula/i young ptople, took 
^ondjxy' & Sao tAain ioK wahpeXon whefie. they weAe united -en UoMlage the ^ottowlng day. 
Tney weM. accompanyCed on the txip by Henfiy Lenzen and Mc44 Anna HindeAman. CongfiatuZatxoni 
and beM uu^heJi OM. extended by a Zofige cJjvcJie oi acqua^ntanceM . 

»«»•*«*»»» NovemfaeA 2i, 1900 

TeteA Jokmon, wkoit popula/uXy oi Keg-uteA. ofi Veed6 waj, recently axteited by a 
ilatteAlng majoKiXy, uxu waJOu.ed thij> week -ot Cotohado to Ua>6 vlaJux Beatxy. I hey uUxZ 
KetuJin to WanpeZon about New Veau. 

»*««,«»*,» Ve.cesnbeA J4, 1900 

OiaaA Ultitn. o^ Ulnneapotii and M^4 ^^aAy Vonatk ojj Hanklnion, thU county, weM. 
moMled thU weefe at the Hand&ome photogKaph galZeAy o^ Wu4 Ida Ponath by the Rev. Ma. 
Ott. The young ^olki wefie tendeAed a Aecep-tion at the Ke^ldznce oi, Wi. and hifu. Tned 
Ponath, thli> cAty, wheAe a wedding dinnen. waj> ieAved and much enjoyed by alt who weJie 
In attendance. Un. and MA4. MJLteA wWi wake theJji home In Hinneapotii. . .Wahpeton T-cmei.. 

********** PecemfaeA U, 1900 

John Kath, a bfwtheA o^ Pfied and Choi, o^ tnid place, wai moAAtea at UitteAibuAy, 
MW., to WcA4 UoAtha CoiteAman Loit week. Pned ^ now weaAtng a my^teAtoui imite and 
hit, ^fLiendi ate wondeAtng i^ he -os next on the List. 

«,«»»»»,*« VecembeA 21, 1900 


19 1 

The. motAiage 0|$ AZheAX WzbzA. and Ucii Ida LLmk occuJifitd KdcznxZy and now xkn poA- 
zrvU oi the. young lady cJbUm 6he. wa4 imdeA age. and that the. ticem>t won, IfuxuduJizntiij 
pKocuAzd. The couple axe living on a ianm neoA Stiles le.a6e.d by WebcA. ?fio6e.cution li. 
thfiexvtzned by the paAent6, who weAe veAy much opposed to the match. 

* »,»»,»*,» January U, 1901 

Tfuid Kath went down to St. Paul on Sunday wheAe he woi joined by hl6 bfiotheA Witt- 
lam, and ^fwm theAe the pain. pKocteded to Falfibault, MM. , to be pxe^znt at the wedding 
0^ theJJi bKotheA John, which happy event waj> icheduled £oK the 15th. 

,«»,»«***» January IS, 1901 

A. K. tkiloy and Ma4. BeZle CoAteA weAe unlte.d In moAAlage at Glenwood, WJ . , Sunday 
alteAnoon In the pAzicnce o{, a ^eui Aelativti o^ the bAlde, and leit the {following day 
ioK FloAlda, Intending to &top at CivLcago and otheA eoiteAn dtLti en Aoute.. Th.zy wWL 
AetuAn to Hanklmon and take, up tkeln. Ae^ldence. about the ivut oi kpfiit. 

Tne contAactlng poAtieJ) oJie. well known and populxui Kti>ldenti> o{^ tkit, place, Ua. Maloy 
beA,ng one <?({ ouA leading meAchantS and hit, bfilde a 6l6teA o^ MA4. C. E. TayloK, with 
whom 6he had made hzA home ioK ievenal months poit, A meiiage o^ congfiatulatlonii woi tele- 
gAapned to Ma. t^aloy by a loAge numbeA o^ hll> gentlemen ^Alendi Monday af^teAnoon, to which 
he. Ae^ponded In a happy manneA. The many {^Alendi o^ the happy couple join in extending 

be&t wlineJ) and congAatulalioni , 

* * * * * ^ * * * * January IS, 1901 

Among xecent moAAlage licen&e& Ikiujed wa{> one to A. L. HowoAd of, LidgeAwood and Wc4i 

MoAey E. UeyeA 0)( MantadoA. 

«»»»'**»** JanuoAy 25, 19ul 

A lLcen6e wa6 Issued on Wednesday gfuxntlng the privilege ojj matfUage within the 
itate 0|$ NoAth Vakota. and County oi Zichland to m. Auguit SchmUt and MI&6 MaAy Naggatt, 
both oi Hankln&on. ....Wahpeton Globe... feJormoAu « 1901 

Ma. and Mai>. R. H. Hankini>on announce the appAoachlng moAAlage oi thelt daaghteA, 
Elite Etta, to LawAence Euitli HoAton, to occuA at the home oi the bnlde'i bAotheA, 
HeAbzAt L. Hanklm>on, In Mlnneapotu on TebAuoAy 27th. The gAoom-to-be Ih a ion oi 

Geo. w. HoAton, a leading Wahpeton builneJ>i man. 

* »•*»*»»• « TebAuaAy S, 1901 


hiinneapolii Tfubune, Feb. 28th a notable event In ioclal cOiclei yuteAday wai 

the moAAiage o^ Mlii Elite Etta Hanklnion, daaghteA oi Ma. and Mu. R. H. Haniiin^on oi 
Hanklmon, NV., to LawAence Euitu HoAton, which wai iolemlzed at 8:30 PM at the home 
oi the bhlde'i bAotheA and iliteA, Mn. and MAi. H. L. HaniUnion, 2300 Pleaiant Avenue. 

The ceAemony took place In an alcove oH zhe paAloA, which wai oAAanged to Aeiemble 


a chapzZ. SoutheAn imilcLX vo<Li> m.^athzd oAound the. waW>, wkich weAe tinzd uuXh io^t 
{)0£d& 0^ mHaXb. tKuitfUaZ. Ecuttn. tULieJ, weAe bankz-d at extheJi i-idz and candeZabAxi cjontxUn- 
AM.Q white, shaded txvpeAb occup-ced pzdeMtaJii) at the tntAance. 

The paftiofL woi .in wkitz and gfizen, a fyunjceAij oi SoutheAn i,mlZax oAound the waZJU and 
banki, oi tilleJi on the manteZ. and aji the uilndom, giving the deJiVied eiieat. Pink and 
gietn uieJie the pievaJUiing coIoaj> in the tLbfioAy. The majvteZ wo^ banked taith ^eJini, and 
imilax vXLi, ieJitooned about. The lighti voeAe shaded in pink. The itaiAcxne in the hall 
wot hung mXh ^rnitax and the lighti, weAe shaded in white 

An oH£.hej>tAa concealed by a bank o^ palmi played the "Lohengfiin" chofwa to announce 
the entrance o^ the blidal paAty. The little nibbon gi>il&, l^adellne VoolUXZe and UaAgoAet: 
BoAnoAd, preceded the, untied the white Albbom dAawn acAohi the entAonce to the 
chapel, and held them back, iohming an ai.i>le ^oA the bnidal poAty. The bfUde enteAed wiXh 
heA iatheA. 

Hili Uynta. HoZJiiday, gowned in whiXe lilk null oveA taiitta with a boleAo o^ Baten- 
bufig, wal mold oi honoA. She coAAied a bouqueX. oi pink K06e^. W. Hale HonJxin wa<s be^t 
man and the 6eAvice waj> Aead by Va. J. S, UontgomeAy. 

The bftide'^ gown woa an exqaiiiXe creation oi white 6atin iinished aepz de chine. 
The bodice had a boleno oi VucheJ>6e lace, and the i,tock and ileeveJi weAt alio tAiimed with 
the lace. The ikUit tuu iini^hed with two plaJXed ilouncei toppud with Auchingi oi rwui^e 
tine de hoie. Panels oi Vuchzi^e lace weAe inscAted at inteAvali. Sne coAAied a ikoweA 
bouquet ofi lilies oi zhe valley. 

VuAying the ipeaking oi the vom "CavaleAia. Ru&tiama" wai played 6oitly. AiteA the 
ceAemony thefie woa a Aeception ioA 150 gue^tb, and among them weAe M.. and Hu. C. F. Wc 
Vonald, Vuluxh, Uu. C. Voolittle, Vuluth; G. W. tionton, Hale Honton, Wahpeton, NV.; B. 
S. Ru4>ieZl, Jamestown, MV.; M.. and t^fu. R. H. Hankinion, Hankimon, KD.; Ma/. EdjMAd&, 
ToAgo) Max \UippeAmn, Hankin&on, NV. , and mj. Black, Valley City, NP. The gu£j,t!> weAe 
ficcelved by Wi. and Ma4. la^MAence Hofiton, M^i. and Uu. H. L. Hankin6on and Hfi. and Uu. 
R. H. aankinion. 

kbiihting thAough tne loomi weAe M'la. Tfuxnk BzAnand, ElleAy Holliday and C. F. Mc 
Vonald, the llii>i>eJ> CaAcl ChambeAlain and MeAAy Hoitiday. Vainty fieiAe^hmentii weAe ieAved 
in a co6y nook on die thlxd ilooA. The deconxutiom con&iiting oi a clu&teA oi tilie6 
in a tall va6e on the table, and 6milax wa& ie^tooned aAound the walti. The lights weAe 
shaded in Acd. 

Ua. and UAi,. HoKton leit ion. a wedding tAip in tne evening. They wilt be at home 
af^tzA MoAc/i loth in WakpeJ:on, W. The bnide'6 tAaveling gown was a golden bAown bnoad- 
ctoth tAimmed with velvet oi the 6ame ihade. 

GREAT BtUV GLEAMiNGs Paul BeAndt, -ct li Kepofvted, iecuAed his moAAxage license 

last week. Tin pans and that guns will be on the phogiam next. 

»««»»«»«,* UaAch S, 1901 



A ¥a/igo iiptCMiZ. to tht Ulnnexipotil, TfUbme., undeA dcutz o^ UoAch. Uth, 6a.y&: 
lAoKz. 6uxice^^>{,ut in IvU) tovz than potitlcxiZ aUcuJU, Max WtppzAmun wcu> na/Uilzd at WahpeXon 
on Tuzidcuj to ^ic4^ Aaguita OLitn. M/i. WippeAman wtu, thz QubtnnatCujcJi candtdatz 0)J tkt 
^LLitoni^ts ZcUit ^ati. He ti one. o^ thz bzAt known and ino6t popuLat GzAmans In NoKth. 
Vakota and thz bfUdz ti a uzZL knom. RichZand County gtnZ. Thzin. iutuKz homz uiUZ bz 
tn HantUn6on, ai, Wi. Wtppznmm hoi zomptztjzd a tznm 04 auditor o^ Zichtand County and 
Mitt no moAz KzM.djz at iilahpzton. 

M^. wtppzMnan lioi, not yzt appfuMzd kU Hankinion jjAxendi o^ hl& maAfua.gz, but it ii 
pfLZ6umzd thz abovz fizpoKt ti coAAzct, CongAatuZaxtoni aJiz zxtzndzd anyway. 


Thz moAJuxigz o{^ Max A. Wtppztman to HUi, Augusta Ollzn uioi iotzjrmZzzd at WahpeJjon 
on wzdnz&day a^tznjwon at thz homz o^ Ja&. PuAdon in tnz pnjtizncz o{) a ijew tnxlmatz inJ.- 
zndu,, Rev. V. T. JznkUju oft^cJjvclng. 

M/L. and M/ci. i)Jtppznman dAovz ovzA £fLom Wahpzton hhofitZy a{^zzn. thz czAzmony, ajuUving 
hzAz too latz, /loweueA, to enjoy thz Kzzzptxon that had been ptannzd ^ofi thzm by thzOi 
Hanktnion ^ntzndi. 

Thzy Mitt go to hou6zkzzplng at oncz -in zhz AtbAzcht pnjopz>ity which Mt. [)Jlppz>man 
fuLczntty puAcfuued. , ,»»»♦»,»« ^^^^ 22, ?90I 

- John Tzltz and Mt4. VaJiy KnA.z&zl wzAz unltzd -in moftfujagz at Wahpzton Wzdnziday. 
Thz corvtAjxcttng pantizi) oAz weJit known hzfvz and havz thz ccngfuxtutation^ and bzit Mc&hz& 
oi a toAgz cJjidiz oi {^nlendi. 


MoAch 22, 1901 

A rwAAlagz ticzni>z wai, li,i>uzd at Wahpzton on Tu£J>day to Albznt Bng^eA and M^. 
Anntz Zipplz, and on Thu/L&day to ChanZei> L. GKzzn and tAi66 CZafux J. Shza. 

ApfUZ 5, 1901 

Monday moAning, at thz Catholic ChuAch, occwiAzd thz mifOujigz oi ChaAJbu L. Gfvzzn 
to hUM CtoAd J, 5/iea, Rev. Vathzn. StudnicJia pztionming thz czAzmony, which wa6 wltnziizd 
by a ZaAgz numbzn. o^ AJiZativz6 and {^Aizndi. Thz bnldz li, thz accompLU>nzd daughteA o£ 
Joi. Shza and thz gAoom a popuZoA and wonthy young mm who t& at pAz&znt tn tkz zmploy 
oi John R. Jonzi. Thz happy coupZz havz thz congKatulatloYik and bz&t wlihzi o^ aZl ion. 
a long and happy mxAnizd tiiz. Thzy at oncz wznt to houidzzzping in onz oi thz JahA 
pKopzAttzi, on thz nofith 6ldz.. » ««»,*«,»« ^ ,^ j^^ j^^j 

A gvit namzd platn "Hafiy" at heA btAth, dAoppzd thz "a" whzn 6hz gAeui up and became 
Ui&6 May. Ai 6hz bzgan to 6hinz -in a social way shz changzd thz "y" to "z" and signed 
hzA leXteAS "MaeV About a yzaA ago shz was mxAAizd and now shz hoi dAoppzd thz "z" and 
its just plain "Ua'l That's zvolution. 

» «*,»«,««» ApAil 26, liOl 


A Monicce^o, MW., ^pe-claZ to ihz HLnmapoJLL& TAjirti, iayi: "Ulbi HlZdA.zd Tubb4>, 
daughteA. 0(J MayoK Tabb^ , mZl be. maJOuizd on Hay 1th to HtnbejLt KAtli, 40n oi ?oi,tm(UteA 
KAzli." The bfUdz-to-bz Ju> a. ilitzA o^ W. G. Tubb-i o^ thii plact and vldittd heA& a 
couplz 0(5 yexvii ago. Ma. and Wii. Tabb/^ tmve. on Uonday to aXte.nd thz we-ddlnq. 

********** May 3, T907 

H. H. BcAg, a pAomimnt Wyndmzfio, bLU,tnti..& man, hai fceen iued ^ofi bxe.a£.h o£ pfioml&z 
by a young lady whoiz home. -c4 neoA VeZameAz. She tkinki hex ieeLingi> have bten outAxxged 
to the ex^.tnt OjJ about $10,000 and wanti damages -In that amount. BeAg wai mamvitd a 
couple 0^ we.ek& ago to Hi&i, Emma HaAAZi, a StZveA V>uuju,e beZle. 

John Doyle., a pKoipeAoui, young ^a/vmeA Itvtng louth oi town, thU moaning {^OK 
Boiton and wtli fieXuAn -in a couplz o^ weeks with a tile paAtneA. 

SOMORA TTEM....A£be^ HLng/>t and UathXZda Uoh6 weKZ mafifUtd at the. Lutheran ChuKch 
la^t JhuJitday, ********** j^^^ j^^ j^^, 


Lajit evejiing, at the home OjJ thz bnlde tn EndeJitin, oac.uM.ed the. mafOUage o^ WtlboA 
J. Chaptn to HUi Iva Smofit. Only a jjew tntlmate i^Xendi oi the cjontfiacting pafititi wexe 
pKeMtnt and the happy couple aM^ived heJie. thii moA.nlng. 

The gfioom -U tn choJigz o^ the jewzlAi; dtpa/itment o^ the Han\>on VKug Co., and hoi 
made many iAlendi dufuing hi& Kei-idence among ui,. The ti a pAomineX young lady 
0(5 EndeAZin and -c4 heoAtlly welcomed to ouA town. 

Ma. and HA-i. Chaptn will at once go to housekeeping In the kp^eZd pAopeAty on South 

Main StAett, whejie. thejy will be at home to thelA ^Alends a^teA July 10th. 

********** jj^^^ 2Z, 1901 

0. S. and EoAl Chapln le^t on Wedne-idajj via the GAeat MoAtheAn ioA HiveA Falls, WJ., 

to atttnd thz we.ddlng o^ a itlsteA. 

********** j^^^ 2«, 1901 

CoAds wexe Kecelve.d hzAe. last weefe announcing the maAAlage o^ Va. 1. J. Sampson, 
iofmeAly oi this place, at Hope, W., on ^ednzsday, June 26th. The bnldz Is a daaghtzt 
o{, Rev. J. T. KUULen, iofmeAly pas to A oi the CongAzgatlonal ChuAch at FoAman, whcAe Va. 
Sampson was located ioA a white aiteA leaving Hanklnson. Tht Hanklnson iAlends extend 
heoAty congAatalatlons and btst wlshzs to thz happy couple. They wltl make thelA home 
at hitU-ettz, SV. ********** j^^ 5 j^^jj 

Rev. HltgendoAi oi MantadoA AetuAned this wetk iAom NebAoska with a bnlde. The 

many iAlends oi the Rtvexend gtntleman zxttnd congAatuZatlons . 

********** j^jj^ 5^ ,9(,j 


The. mafOujiQt oi Wi. OnA.n kCbfi^cJiX. to Mcaa VtoAl RuUieZZ occuAAtd Icut zvtnlng 
at the. homz o{^ the bAtde.'i> paM.nt6, tn thAJ> viJiZage., Rev. H. £. WaJUieJi of^^CA-Oting. 
OnZy the Itmediate leZatLvei, weAe pKe^ent and the happy cowpte te^t on the night tAxun 
ion. TowneA, KV., wheAz (An. AZbn.e.cht hca ac.ce.ptzd a position In a bank necentZy eMtabtUihtd 
Tkt contAocXlng pajitieM oKe, weZt knoion -in ttvU v-icinity, the b>u,dt beJ-ng a daxighteA oi AVi. 
and Uu. Jay Rui^eiX and the gn.oom ha.vtng ion. izveAxit yeanj, be.en e.mpJLoyzcL oi bookkeepeA 
ion John R. Jone4. They have the. congnjotalatiom, and btit wcific^ oi a toAge clnctz oi 
inlejidi. ' »»,»»,««, August 2, 1901 

JeAAy Snow, ouA boii canpenteA, 6uApnJj>zd hilt iAlendi, this weefe by netunntng inom 
Wahpeton on Tuesday uiith a wlie, Mot until a couple oi days lateA did the communtty 
Izann oi ha> matAunonioil ventune. but all. join in extending congnatulatiom . 

The bnlde i.6 Hi&i CathoAine Hannan oi Coliax, NV., and the ceAemony woi peAionmed 
by Rev. E. S. Shaw ax the Congmgattonal poAionage in WaJipetan on Tuej>da.y aitennoon. 

The happy couple have gone to hou6e.kzeping in the dweZting Un. Snow eAected heAt 
the pa6t iujnmen. •«,*«»«,,* ^^^^ ^^^ ^^^^ 

Among the loctntij item i.n the Hinncapotii papeA.6 we iind the ioUoicing: "Hn. and 
Mns. T. B. Hzaley announce the engagement oi thzin daughteA Vona and Henny Vzncy Wood 
oi Oakz&, WP. The mxAAiagz mJil takz placz in OctobeA." Thz gnoom-to-be t6 a uieM. 
knoim ball playeA i/oho appzanzd hznz and at LidgeAwood in a numbeA oi gamzi thz paJ>t 

^^^°^- SzptejihzA b, 1901 

Condi one out ion thz moAAuigz oi Hiii Elizabeth Uanie Vatnetzke, ioAmznlxj oi tliii 
place, to Thzo. F. Vomoik, thz wedding to occuA at Atzxandnia, MW. , on thz ISth oi thti 

'™"^^- SzptesnbeA 15, 1901 

HeAinan Stoltenow and Hi66 Anna HitleA weAz noAAizd Ixut weefe at thz homz oi thz 
bnlaz'^ poAznZk. CongnatuLitions. .. .GREAT BEWP 6LEAWIN6S... . 

*,«»«»««»» SzptzmbeA lO, 1901 

Two mtnAiagz ticznizi wzAz iMuzd by County Judge wdieiieZd at Wahpzton on WzdnzJ>day. 
Utckolai Wagnzn oi \Jznnon to Hiss Uany HeMAding oi Hankimon, and HickZaui EnzyeA to 
CathoAinz WagneA both oi Vznnon, 


OctobeA 4, 1901 

Justice HznbeAt peAionmed his iiut wzdding cznzmny last Tniday zvzning, thz con- 
tnacting paAtU.zs being Miss h^aggiz TninzA and OLivzn Vlaton both oi Lidgznuiood. Thz 
happy couptz Izit ion 'SuHalo thz same night on a wzdding tnip. 

•»««.»»»«, OctobeA 4, 1901 

Hiss Pnz^ton Is dztiveAing a szntzs oi tempeAance lzctuAe.s oveA the state... a sent 
oi Patti ioAZPoelt toun bzione hen. wedding to Eldzn hndznson oi Eismanck. 

«»,»*.«»,« Octobzn 11, 1901 


The. moAAJjiQZ oi Uiki HaJXie. F. TtocfeeA io Cyn.u6 B. Rice, wcu ^otesmyLztd cut Ucnne.a- 
potU on Wzdntiaay o^ tiiLi, weefe. The. confmctbig pajitie^ oAt weJUL known in the. conrnuivLty 
xkt QKoom bei-ng hejxd book-kzzpeA {^oK. M. A. WippeAman and the. bnlde. a. nu/uz at zhe h.oi>pi- 
tat ioK a. coupZz o{ yejOJUt pa&t. Thty vxUUL viMiX Chlaigo and otheA eaiteMi polnti be-ioKz. 
Aztunnying, and vxiZZ occupy thz Kmig cottage, on the. nofitk ilde.. Tne. newly we.dde.d couple. 
havt thz congKatulaXioni and beJtt wlihti o^ a £xvigz CAJicle. o{^ Hankinion {/u.end.6. 

• »•«»»«»«, OcxobeA n, 1901 

A £aAge Ciowd attended the doublz wedding at the. homz o^ Mti. HeAdlng on TueJ,day. 

«,»»,««.** OctobeA 25, 1901 

A pfieXty doublz wzddLng occu/txtd at tht Catholic Chu/icJi on TunMday mofmlng when Reu. 
Ffi. Studnlcka jolntd In wtdlock Nick J, W'agneA. to tAiii Uaxy Hfiding, and Hick Ezuzn. to 
Wc64 Katnlna Wagntfi. The. poAtlti all xeJilde. In the vicinity o{^ VeAwn except the ilni>t 
named, who Id a daaghtzA o^ HubeAt HeAdlng o^ Gfveenlleld Township. 

The ceAemony woa wltne.i>6ed by a lofige numbeA of^ ^filend6 and wtu supplemented by a 
big dance and 6uppeA neon VeAnon In the evening, wheAe a laAge cAowd poAtlclpated In the 
{,eJ>t<.vlXleA and wished the young people long and happy rroAAled liveJi. 

»»,»*,««,« OctobeA 25, 1901 

Among the noAAlage licenses Aecently Isswed wm one to Geofige Kfuieget and Hiss Ama- 
nda Schalz, both o{^ GAeat Bend. 


UovembeA 1, I'iOl 

Among ma/iAlage licenses Issued last week was one to HeAsnan GehleA and Hiss Augusta 
Stoltenow, bo^ well kjnown young people oi GAeat Bend. 

«««»»,»»,« NovemfaeA 1, 1901 

UoAAlage licenses Isswed this weem Otto GfiipentAog o^ Gfieat Bend to Pautina Hohs 
0(5 Sonona; Gastave Godejohn to Annie VJallimnn, both of^ GAeat Bend. 

««,«»»««,« NovembeA 1, 1901 

A moAAlage license was Isswed lai,t fulday by Judge Waheileld to Iflllllajn Weiss and 

Miss Matilda KAoase, both o^ this place. 

•«»»««,»*, Novemaet S, 1901 

lean F. King and Hiss Kate HebeZ weAe united In matfUage by Judge HeAbeAt on Monday 
evening at the home oi VAonk Cllntsman. The gfioom Is a ball piayeA. ..known pfio ie^slonalZy 
as Tommy Stout. ...and the bnlde's paAents live neoA LidgeAwood. They will. KeJ>lde at 

NovenheA 15, 1901 

Hanklnson. «,«»,«««»« 

At the home o^ die bKlde neoA GAeat Bend, yesteAday, occuAAed the wedding oi Gustave 
Godejohn to Hiss Annie WaZmann. A loAge numbeA oi ^Hlends witnessed the ceAemony and 
poAxlclpated In the festivities which {^oliowed. 

,»,»»«*,«» UovenhefL IS, l90l 


Thz moMlcLgz o{i liJ-UZiam WeZii to HU6 UautUbda Khauie. oatuAAtd ytiteAday cut Zht home. 
0^ Xhd bfuAt' ^ paxejvCi. Both oKz wdUi known young pzoplt and thz uzdding iwu attzndtd 
by a Z^t numbeA o^ f,Uznd^. ,»,,,,,,,, NouembeA 15, 1901 

A Ju4-ti.ce 0(5 tkz Vzacz JLLvlng uiithln a himdfizd mllzi o^ HankA,n6on l6 4>cu.d to havz 
fuLdtntty ptfi^ofmtd a tvaftfujxgt ceAzmony {^OK a. coupZz who had itzcu/tzd a tizzn&z In anothzfi 
county. H-U znAon waj> unlnZtntlonat, nz\iZAthztz6.i> hz aj> tiabtz to a (^inz oi not Izii 
than ?50 noK mofiz than $500 ^OK tkz oUznliZ. Thz btundzA o^ tnz J. P. dozi not InvaJLLdatz 
thz ftwauAgz, howzvzx. »,,»•,*,,, WovembcA ;5. 190? 

GREEWE - GOOVMN Wzddlng o^ PopuZoA Wan\>onltz at SheZdon on Wzdnziday.... 

ffiom thz ShzZdon VKogn.zi>6 Mt44 Many Janz Goodman and John Vantzl GKzznz weAe 

maXfU-zd on Wtdnziday zvznyLng at hat^ poMt zlght at thz homz o^ thz bAldz'6 mothzfi, Wii. 
Janzttz Gooaman. Thz czfiejrvny woi pzt^ofmzd by thz Rev. T. AAthuA Ol6o, aiing thz Ep-ci- 
copal lituaJi. 

Thz wzdding fMU, vzAy pKzttiZy oAAongzd and zaMJ.zd out. Although only a im IntxrvaXz 
i^tzndi could be -LnvZtzd outitdz o^ thz thz tuJO iamitizk, tkz bhtdaZ. couplz have 60 many 
Azlxuclvzi that quitz a loAgz pa/uty wa6 a&iejmblzd In thz paxloK, which wa6 ZoitziulZy dzc- 
ofiatzd with whltz and pink caxnatlon^. A6 thz bKldal paKty zntztzd Ffiank Goodman plmjzd 
t^zndzliiohn' 6 wzdd^jig moAch. Thz bfildz lookzd zxtuzmzly pAztty. Shz woKz a vzny hand- 
iomz whitz gown oi VKznch lawn ovzA taHzta. 6llk and coAAlzd a bouquzX. o^ whitz Kohzi. 
Th€ mold o^ honon., Ul66 Hattle. Goodman, wofiz whltz oKgandlz and cafvizd fioizi> and chfiy- 
ianthzmumi . Lzz Bzy GKzznz waJt bz&t man. Altzu tkz bnlzi ceAzmony congAatuZatlont wz>iz 
o^izAzd and thz young ladlzi pfiziznt iciamblzd iofi thz' 6 bouqueX a& 6hz thKm It 
ixom tnz iitOAXi, Mii4 LdJjJn. TowlzA bzlng thz ^oKtunatz onz. An hou/i on. two woi \izfuj 
plzoiontZy 6pznt wltn mixilc and convzuatlon and a dainty oyitzA 6ujppz>i woi 4eAvcd. 
A^tzA thz bfudz had cut thz wzddcng cakz thz poAtlng good wUhzi weAe zvpKzMzd and tiiz 
guzit6 took thZAJi Izavz. 

ThzAz wai a gfizat axxay o^ vzAy handiomz and valuabZz pn.zi>znXJ>. Wi. and wu,. Gfizznz 
Izit on Thu/u>day moKnlng iofi thzlA homz at Hanklnion, whzAz thz gnoom li vzty ^uccziiiutty 
Z6 taDlt6hzd In zhz dJiag boilnzi^,. 

Thz out oi town guziti wzKz Alzxandzt and Wcii Many WlZion and SamacJi Cummingi, oi 
Wild Rlcz, hin.. and M^. Ffiank 1lu66, oi Cai&eJUon, Wi. and WUt. Johzph Gfiangz, oi LUbon, 
Hfi. and Mw. WllbuA J. Chapln, oi Hanklnion, and Waltz/i PAobitilztd, oi Moofihzad, whlZz 
In addition to thz bzit man, Hi66 Edoch FowteA, Hlii Maud lAannlng and Paul Gn.zznz camz 
down iKom tkz AgnlcultuAxil CoULzgz ioK tkz occasion. 

»»»»»»»,«» NouembeA 22, /90I 

Ma. ChoA. wlXt and HU6 Anna WlXzzZ wzAz rnvwizd at tkz homz o^ thz bntdz nzoA 

UantaaoK on Wzdnziday oi lait wzzk. Thz confiactAjfig pafitizi> ojlz wzJUL known and havz thz 

bzit wl&hz& oi a laAgz clucJiz oi iKlzndui. 

«»»«»»»»*, UovznbzA 22, I90I 


The ma/uujxgz o^ EZdeA Andtuon to UU-i EtczabeXh ?Kz6ton, itatt pKej,i.dznt oi thz 
W. C. T. U., l6 i><it ioK Pec. JT-t/i aJ: Jowox QJUbj, 

»«»»««««•» NouemfaeA 11, 190) 

A moMlagt tix.ejii,t was tdluzd on We.dne^day to Rudolph H. GoiZnick oi tkU place, and 

mi& hkiAtha Bohn o^ Ghzat Bend. 

»«»«»«*»,» WovemfaeA 29, 7901 

A au>e. 0(5 fuxf)A.d tAomtt mat/UmorMnlZy aj> that o^ 0. E. SchazieA and M^i. Altc Wkitz, 
both oi^n'udgt. MU. WUXz. Azcxifizd a divoKce. at UofUvu a uiteJi ago. Vzath removed 
M^i. Schaz^eA ^Jiom the, path o^ the zrumofied paJji uie.eki ago, and SatuAday Ht. Sck- 
aeieA succeeded In phcauKLng a manAlagt llce.n6e ^fiom Judge Uakt{iield o^ Wahpeton ^oft the 
legal union o^ kiMel^ and UfU,. White. Hft. Schae^eA. -U, in the fieal estate ba&ine^ at 
BfieciitnAidge. ,«»»»»,«», NouembeA 29, /90I 

GREAT BEMP ITEMS. . .^^aVu.ed, on ThuA&day, Vec. 5th, Rudolph Golnicii oi Hankini,on, 

to UiMi Ikvitha. Bohn o^ thii place, by Rev. Hink. The young couple, have the beJ>t MiiheJi 

ol tkeiA Ixvige cifidLe oi ^Aiend&. 

»»,*«,»»,« PecerrtbcA 6, 1901 

A moAAiage licen&e wo* i&6ue.d lcu,t weefe to Vfved ^ilm and Wii. Elizaheth Hentz, both 
0^ Hoj'UUn^on poit^iicce. ««,»».»»,♦ VecembeA 6, 1901 

The noAAiage OfJ J. W. HaAgfiave and Hu. UaAy V. HaAgfiave woa iolermized at thein. 
home on Thank&giving Day [Hov. 18th) in the pAJe^ence ol a (Jew intumte ifiiendi. 

* •-»».»*»» VecembeA 6, l901 

Rudolph GolinicR and Mcii hioAtha Bohn weJie moAAied at the home 0)$ the bAide at 
GkcoX. Bend yci>tefuiajj , Rev. T. Hink o^fficlating. Both panXie^ oAe. well known and have 

the congKotulatconi, and but vxidheM oi ail. 

* •»»»*«•*« VecerrheJi 6, 1901 

Wednesday noon, at the home, o^ the bAide'6 poAenti in BeZ^ofid Township, the moAAiage 
o{ Hii>4, Reda lH-Ut to Vavid S. McJluMin was solemnized. Rev. MiigendoA.^ o^^ciating. The 
contAacting paAtiej> aAz weJU. known and popuZaA young people, the bnide. being the daughteA 
o{i Ma. and MAi. Cnas. Witt and the gAoom a memfaeA o^ the John R. Jones' ^oAce. The guests 
{iAom a distance weAe M^. and tJlAS. f^cllwain and tujo daughteAS o^ Minneapolis, pancnts and 
sistexs oi the gnoom AeJ>pectiveJLy', Ma. and Mas. RobeAts and daughteAS o^ Te^sendzn. 

The newly wedded couple leit yeJ,teAday on a b^ei wedding tAip to Minneapolis ana 
miU. be "az home" in Hankinson a^teA. JanuoAy 1st. They have the btst wlshe^ o^ the ervtUe 
community ioh. a happy wedded tf,ie. 

»««««,««,« PecemfaeA 10, 19u1 

Miss VoAothy Wolten. Keceived a letteJi the {,i>u>t oi the week announcing the moAAiage 
oi heJi sisteA Rose to a AailAoad conductoA in Idaho hzcently. VeJails weM. lacking, even 
to the name oi the gKoom, but the bfu.dc' s many iniends in Hankinson extend congAatulationS 
and btst wishes. »,»♦,««,** PecembeA 27, 1901 

A pJieXty wedding occunAzd at the. country kotm o^ M'l. and UfU. Ge.oA.gz HaycAa^z 
^oot/iwei^ Oj$ totm. ye.i,teJvda.y evejung when tkelfi dauughteA Cofia. waj, urUtzd -in mvaUage. to 
UfL. Oacoa KutteA. The ceAemony woi pexiofuntd by Rev. H. C. Compton In the pfieJience o^ 
a (Jew tnvited gueJiti, alt (J-tom thU MtcAjiitxj except Wi. and M^. M. M. lilAtght o^ Cayuga, 
fieJiatLveJ, oi the iamiZy. 

A dainty Kepoj^t woi AeAved at the concZaiton o^ the ceAemony. Tnt young people 
kavz Lived -in thii vtcxnty ^oK yeoAM and oAe weJUi and iavcmbty known. They have, the 
congAatuZattoni and beJ>t uiU>heJ> o£ aZL. 

«,<»,««,»« vecembe^ 27, 190) 


TiJbn * IT52Z HAWKIWSON NEWS Jan. 4. 1900-Vzc. 1901 

Wo fid woA Kzczlvad htfiz SatuKdaij a^teJinoon o^ the. dzath that day oi M.{,Ke.d MeMAl{,leId 
cut EZk ZLveA, MW. Peceoied uxu, the. iaXheM. o^ Ufu>. E. I. Hinnty, M/l6. W, G. Tabbi and 
E. S. MeMJUi-LeZd, alt oi whom lt{,t irmtdAjotdiy to attznd thz iundfial accompanlzd by M/t. 
tCinnty and Hlw. UeJUu-l^eZd. 

*»«»»«»«»* Januofiy 4, 1900 


Vl?.d: . . .EmdUnt Uzad P-ieAce, on Sunday, VzczmbeA 3l6t, 1S99, at the. age o{, 93 yejxu, 
6 month, and 23 dayA. 

Vecexuied moj, bofun. in the htate. o{, VeAinont on June. Sth, 1806, and wai moMUed on Mo/l- 
c/i 19th, 1826, to VfL. Paul VleAce. at Canton, W. She became a A.e^lde.nt o£ HanfUn&on 

about Ji-ix yexvu ago, coming heAz to be neoA hex chlidfien o^ whom iuAvlve hex 

UfieXta. V. Rui&eJUi oi thJU place, Ada Uomj Ta^t and Chat. Allen P-cCAce both oi Kifid 
Uland, MW. Vecexuzd woA a lovablz Chfil& lady and ncunded out a long and well 
i>pe.nt liiz Ajn the happy comcZouine^^t that hex ftewaAd auxuted heji beyond the. gfiavz. 

HeA. death bKexiki the chain o{i ^tve geneMvtioni o^ whom a gfioup photograph wai rec- 
ently taken at a family reunion heJie. Vu/ilng heA Ktkldence In Hanklmon the deceaizd, 
by heA kindly wayi, endeared heMel{^ to oil who knzM her, and the ^uneAol on Tuesday 
wdii attended by a Ixirge number o^ lorAowlng ^rlendii,. 

The. ieAvlce wa6 conducted at the. Congre.gatA,onal Church on Tue/iday by Rev. W. H. Glm- 
blztt, and InteAmznt took place. In the Hankln6on CemtteJuj. 

*«»»»»*»«* Janua/iy 4, 1900 

VeXer Etcker, a well known farmer near Uantador, dle.d Saturday a^ter a brlz^ 111- 
ne&i. He wai> burled hionday, the {.une/ial being conducted by Talher Studnlcka. 

January 11, 1900 

Ma6. a. E. SundeMhau^, wlf^z o{^ the. ex-re.gliteJi o^ the Fargo land o^^lce, dltd at 
Wahpeton on Saturday morning. She leavti a sorrowing huiband and tlx children. . . three 
boyi and thrze glrt& mourn hex loi6. 

»*,«»»,»,* JanujOAy 18, 1900 

The community wai, shocked lat,t Saturday to learn ojj the 6udden death oi Paul Kluge. 
VtcejOied wai apparzntty In good heaZth whzn, without a moment' i, warning, he dropped 
dead o^ heart dlieoie at hit, iarm home near town. Veceaied wai about il^ty yean o^ 
age and leavei a wl^e and {our children. .. .thxee iom and a daughter. 

He wai an old iettZer, well known by all, and hli iudden taking o^i wa& a great 
ihock to hli large circle o^ acqualntancei . The funeral lA^ai held on IfiOnday, Rev, Wol- 
teri officiating, and a large circle oi irlendi followed the remalm to their ilnal 

renting place In the Hanklmon Cemetery, January 18, 1900 

a 81 

Jim HoAJih fKituAntd toMt weefe iKom Hi&60u/U, wheAe fie wcu iujmomd kzczyUZlj by 
th^ d(uUh oi hAj, iaXhzA. ,,»,«**»*, joLmmAii IS, 1900 

A TofmeA HanfUmonitz Ha6 H-ci Hzad Bloujn 0{i{,. 

WeuLS wcu, htfit tmt wzzk oi iht a.c.(Ude.ntcLt dtaXh o{, Bznjamln UaXejikoii&t, 
a iofumeA KuZdznt o^ tka> pZace., cut VeAndaZz, MW. Peceoied w<l5 a b^thzn. o^ WZtLuun, 
kibzfct, Vav-id and Thoi . iJJaXzfihou&z, oJUi wztt knouin iaJimzu Living nzcui town, two o{, 

whom. . .W-Lttiam and klbznJt attzndzd thz ianzKoZ. Thz account oi thz accU.- 

dznt we. cZZppzd i^om thz VzfmdaZz S>u.n oi thz 19th oi JarwuxJvj, 

Onz oi thz wout azcldzntl, In thz annu.aJU oi hl&tofiy oi Wadzna County occuAAzd on 
thz RobzKt CZoAk ioAm In Wadzna Town&hZp onz and a haZi nUZz& iouth oi VzAndaZz, Monday 
moaning at about 10 AM. 

Bznj'amln Watzthou^z and Itii tuio iom, KtbzAt and Jamz6 , had wznt onto thz pKzml&zi 
vuXh thzAji honkz powzA wood iaw iofi thz puApoiz oi rawing a pZZz oi wood ion. J. 0. Zlch- 
andion, thz pKZiZnt KzntzK oi thz iafm, and aitzA gutting thz Zn poittion had bat 
iaZnZij zommzntzd woKk whzn, without thz Zza&t woAnlng, thz hugz JJion baZancz whzzZ bnokz 
Znto a dozzn pZzczi. Eznj'cmin WatzAhouiz wai, on top oi thz powzt dfiZvlng thz iouA tzami 
zngagzd In iuJinZiklng powzt, and iazZng thz ^ow. A pZzcz oi thz ilylng whzzi itnjuck thz 
unionXanatz man nimnZij bztuizzn thz et/ei, tzanZng cuoay thz uppzn pant oi hZi ikaZZ, i>zat- 
tz^ilng hZi bKaZni night and Izit. Thz tiizZzii body topptzd ovzA backwan.d4, to thz gnound, 
and thz tiiz light oi Bznj'amin Watznhoa&z had gonz out ioKZvzn. Ai ioon ai thz thzn 
zxcZlzd hoxizi could be itoppzd wZlZlng handi llitzd thz llizZzii nzmalm iKom nvuily bz- 
nzath thz hoK&zl,' izzt and tzndznZy zonvzyzd thm to thz iamlZy homz a haZi-mllz iouth. 
Vn. Rzld woi 4>uimonzd but hli iZAvlzzi, wejiz not nzzdzd othzn. than to makz thz wound oi 
Izii goitZy 06 poiiZblz. 

Bznjamin WatznhouiZ wad an old nzkldzntzn. In thziz paAt6 , having KZi>Zdzd hzAz ion 
thz poit iZitzzn yzoM and wai a hoAd wonklng ianmzn.. He Izavzi a wiiz and ioun. chlZdAzn 
04 iolZom: Jamz6, Albznt, Julia, and EZZa, aZZ oi whom weAe nzanly gnlzi itAlckzn. 

Employzd about thz mazhlnz wa6 J. 0. ZizhoAdion and too men inx)m nzan HeuxiXt and 
how all Z6capzd Injufiy, bzildzi, thz dzad man li a myitzMj. Thz pZzcz oi lnx)n that klZZzd 
Walzuhouiz itnuck thz n.ooi oi thz hoa&z about ioun iztt down inom thz wzathzn itilp 
with i>uzh ioncz at, to go through thz i>ldz nzxt to thz taw and on through thz ZJUtildz 
oi thz nooi, and up to thl& tlrnz ha6 not bzzn iound although a izoAch had bzzn madz by 
izvznal pantlzk. Anothzn. plzzz wznt thz oppoiZXz dlnzction and awj>hzd through two ildzb 
oi a boAn buUU oi Inch oak boaAd&, and ZX too hot, not bzzn lotatzd. Stltl anothzn 
piece wznl Znto thz aZn and Zn coming down itnuck on top oi thz buggy ihzd and cut 
thnough two Znchz& oi oak booAdi. Hot znough oi thz whzzZ wai Izit on hub to indlcatz 
thai thznz had zvzA bzzn amy whzzZ. Thz machlnz had bzzn Zn u4e ^Zncz 7S92 and thit, had 
bzzn thz iiut bnzak, which indzzd wa& a 6znlou& onz. 


Thz. {uniAoZ iztvZzti wzn.z zondactzd at tkz fiuldzjicz loath oi thz city yz6tZA.- 
djiLj adtztnoon and a Zangz gathfUng uxu, pfiuznt ta tiittn to thz lai,t lad rUtu oi, pzA- 
loKmzd by Rev. Manly. 

FEBRUAR/ S, 1900 

E. Knud6on and vxLit, an agzd coupZz tivZng nzoA. WZtmot, WZAZ ai'phyxiatzd by coal 
QOi SatuAday night. Thz ^Annt dooA o^ thz hoJid cnal hzatzn. woi blown opzn duAtng thz 
night and both wzfiz ^oimd dzad by a little, gnjind&on Sunday moAnlng. 

MARCH I, 1900 

Thz 11 months old chZld o^ Ma. and flu. Loali Lee, ioath o{, town dizd Taziday 
a{itzA bzlng ilck but a ihofit tlmz. 

M/uj. LoAj, Odland, living on thz Kej>zh.vation ioiitk o^ town, dizd hlonday a^tzA. 
a bAizi llZnzii,. Shz lzavz/> a hi&band and izvZAxil imall ckildAzn. Uonday, Fzb. 26th, Ida, thz 13 yzan old daughtzA oi MA., and 1^. 
FAzd RaddzA, living noAJJwzit o{ town. Vlphthznla It, glvzn ok thz caasz o^ hzA dzath. 
Thz {lOnzAol woA hzld at thz GzAman EvangzZicxtl ChuAch Tazj>day, Rev. TAzd WaltzA o{^il- 
cating. Thz bzAzavzd paAznti havz thz j,ympathy o^ a loAgz caAcIz o{ ^Alzndi. 

Chai. Slzgztman, 0(J GAZjot Bznd, Azczntly iznt to CzAmany {oA Mc64 HlzbAzcht, 
hl6 Intzndzd ml^z, and thz lattzA'^, mothzA. Thzy oAAivzd In St. Paul Sunday and 
whlZz waiting bztwzzn tAalni thzAz thz mothzA luddznty dAcppzd dzad ^Aom hzoAt 
£alluAZ. Thz Azmalni wzAz bAought to Hanklnion Tuzkday zvznlng, thz £unzAal occuAALng 
at GAzat Bznd yzitzAday. Thz cjuz ll, a poAtlcuLvily iad onz and thz daughtzA hoi thz 
sympathy o^ all In hzA luddzn bzAzavzmznt. 

MARCH S, 1900 

Va. W. S. Howard, iomzwhat known hzAz, dizd at Whltz Rock, SV., last weefe o{, 

MARCH i, 1900.... 

Paul EAzndt, a 15 yzoA old boy who6Z poAznti tivz nzoA GAmt Bznd, dizd a weefe 
ago Sunday, and pAzpoAatloni wzAZ madz ioA thz ^unzAal thz Wzdnz&day following. Whzn 
thz appolntzd day oAAlvzd, Azlativzi thought thzy dlicovzAzd J>lgni o^ liiz In thz 
iiWppoizd coApiz, thz ikln bzlng mol&t and upon pAU-ilng thz handi on thz {^Izih It 
bzcamz whltzA ai on a living pzAkon. Phyllclam, wzAZ luimonzd and thz ^unzAol poit- 
ponzd loA thz tlmz bzlng. EHoAtk to Azvlvz thz coApkz wzAZ, howzvzA, and 
oi unmlktakablz klgni o^ dzath bzcamz manl^Zit thz {^unzAol wu> hzld lait fAlday, 


MARCH 15, 1900 

Tnjink iiJoZ{,, a boy o£ IS, wcl6 caught Zn the. macJrujiVuj o^ a. ^zad milZ at SZ6izton 
ta^t ThuA6dajj, niitalning injUAlzi, ^Aom whtch fie dizd t^eZvz hoiiu ZatzA. He uxu a 
membzA Zn good standing a^ tht M. W. A. and uxu buAizd imdzA. the. oaapcce o^ that oxdeji. 

Fou/L bahleji wzfiz bofm ZjoJit weefe to Ma., and Mm. John UehfieA, oi StoAk County, W. 
Two weAe boy.& and tu>a wet.e gZnZi and aZZ. weAe bon.n aJLi\ie., but dJ.ed valthtn two daijh . 

A. G. Wemarway, weXL known to thz tKCLvzLing puhtic a^ the. pKopAieXoK o^ the. 
AAgyZe at Oakz&, died la£t Sunday, aged 75 yejvu>. Thz KzmaZnii paj,6exi through heJie 
Monday in choAqe. oi a ion o£ the. dtceoizd. 

MARCH 22, J900 

CoaZ UoKdtvzdt, who Azcentty gave ShzAc^i Jonzi coniZdeAoJuZz tAouhZz whiZz 

zn fuoutz to thz Znianz oiyZim, died Zait wzeJi o^ zxpoiuAz ^Aom jumping into thz Jim 

AAjjeA at that tunz. 


APRIL T9, J900 

Capt. RobeAt J. HitcheLZ, onz o{^ thz oZdz&t and molt Az^pzctzd citizzm o{, 

Shztdon, died Zoit weefe a^tzA a bAZz^ ZZZnZii o^ pneimonZa. 


Ma4. HzaZzy, mothzA o{^ FAank HeaZzy o^ tku pZacz, died at MantadoA toMt ThaA6- 

day, agzd 82 yzoAi . Thz {^uneJiaZ wai held at LcdgzAwood Zait SatuAday. 


MAy 3, 1900 

Ma4. HznAy EngzZi Zz^t ioA HamzapoZii FAiday on AZteJjpt oi a mz&iagz annount- 
ing thz death o^ a bAothzA, Shz wlZZ. bz abiznt a coupZz o^ weeLs. 

Ma. and Mas. A. C. AlZzAt went thAough hzAZ SatoAday zvzning zn Aoutz to EndeAZin 

£Aom Vzzp Haven, MN., whzAZ thzy had been to attend thz ^unzAoZ o^ Ma. AZZzAt'i mothzA. 


MAV JO, 1900 

MA4. Suian Lenzen Zz^t Monday ^oA WZ&comin to attznd thz iunzAoZ o^ a bAotheA. 

MA/ 24, 7900 

A dzpZoAobZz accidznt AZiuZtzd in thz death o^ HeJU Jzmon, a pAominznt ioAmeA 
ZJMing neoA HoieZZz, Zoit SatoAday zvzning. He wai> iitting on thz ipAing izat o^ a 
gAoZn tank whizh wa6 bzing dAlvzn to MoieZZz with a Zoad o^ ihzzp, and whlZz gotng 
downhiZZ thz hoA6eJ> itanXzd to Ann. Thz wagon whzeZ itAuck a itonz, Jzn&on bzing 
thAown ioAiMAd bzneath thz {^Aont whzzZi and thz hoAiei, thz whzzZi> pairing ovzA ka 
body. He wai picked up in an anconiciouA condotlcn and dizd in a ihoAt time. 

Vzczoizd wa6 a iingZz man about 30 yzoAi o£ agz and i.n comiaAtabZz ciAcumitanczi> . 


He ownzd a quoAtzA oi$ Zand wIvLch. uicU) ^n cAop ifu4 l/zoa, buZdu a. n.z.ntzd qaoAXeA. 
He woi cut onz t^jnz a mzmbzA o^ thz M. S. A. bat kad aZZowzd ka> ■ui&uAoncz poticy to 
Za.p6Z. He fuu a. b^othzA. and iZitZA. tiving at CzdoA Tatti,, Iowa, to which pZacz thz 
Kzmalyii weAe ihlppzd. 


MAy 10, 1900 

A pzcuLcoA. accidznt -ci KzpoKtzd {^fiom CanAlngton. AZ^Azd BzAgtand, a {^anmzt 
ZJ.vZ.nq noAXhzaitt 0(J that pZacz, dKoppzd a bottZz -into a ZjVlqz badgzA hoZz, and 
whiZz tn.Ljinq to {^Z&k it oat, hlt> ZJJXZz tix ijzax oZd daaghtzA.'^ hzad and a pofvtion 
o{^ kzn. body got i>o tlghtZy wedged Into thz hoZz that ihz coaZd not zxtnlcatz hzA&zli 
and In ^If^tzzn mlnutzi a^tzt ZzavZng thz hoaiz ihz woi {,oand by hzM. poAzntk , dzad. 




J. W. HoaqAjClvz, CcUikizA 0(J ikz Fo/une/u S Me/ichanti Bank, cut tkli placz, Aecexved 
a tzZtqfuxm SaXsxndajj tvtYu.nq (^Kom WaXzxtown, itaXXng thai hli mI^^z had been iz^oiuZi) 
■injuJLzd. LaXzA. In thz zvzning a second mziiagz woi A-Zczivzd tzZtLng him to zomz at 
once. He dAovz {^Aom kzAz to SZi-iZton, and {^Jiom thzAZ took thz tAaJji {^OK WatzAtoMn . A 
tzlzgAwn fizczZvzd Monday moaning announczd MA4 . Hajig/iavz'i dzaXk. ?aAti.ajJbJJi6 o(^ thz 
iod accJ.dznt an.z fiathzA mzagoA, but ai, nzoA ai> can be tzaA.nzd Wi6 . HaAgnmiz, who Zz^t hznz 
thz laXtzA panX o{t thz weefe, ;to v-U-it at ClzoA Lakz, SV., itoAtzd by tzam ^Aom WatznXoum 
i$OA. that placz; thz tzam took ^nXght and fuin away, thz u.n^0AXunatz Zjidy ipAang (, thz 
zoAAJ-agz, it/uJUng hzn. hzad and xzzzivZng ■iniuAA.zit which KZAuLtzd In hzn. dzath. 

PhyilcMini (, Bookings, CZzan. Lakz and Canby hzid a zon6uJLtatU.on bat nothing 
could be donz and ihz paMzd away /ia£($ an houA a^tZA thz oaaIvoI 0($ hzA huiband. 

Ma4. HoA^njxvz ha6 bzzn a Kzildznt o(^ Hanklmon only 6-Lncz lAit SzptzjmbzA, bat had 

won thz ei-teem o{^ all duAing that timz, and thz sympathy o^ thz znZOiz cormanJXy -U 

zxtzndzd to thz bzAzavzd hu^band and chlZdJizn. BzA-Ldz thz husband, a boy aged aboai 

5 and a glnJi oi 2, movuin thz lo66 o{^ a loving mothzA. Thz {^anzAol woi hzld at BMooklngi, 

Sooth Dakota, yzitzAday. 

*************** MA/ 37, 7900 

June 74, 7900 

CzoKgz RozdzA, aged 76 yzoM , dtzd at thz homz o^ hJj, daiightzK, Ma4 . H. Mzdznwald, 

nzaji OiujaZd station, Za6t Monday af^tzAnoon. Vzcza^zd hot, bzzn {^alLing {^oi i>omz tunz and 

ka, dzath moj, not unzxpzctzd. A MK.iJe and itx cklldAzn 6uA.\jI\jz kun, all 0,$ whom /iz^tdz 

in tki6 vicxncty F^ed, Jaliaa and AuatLii RozdzA, M/us. H. MedenwoW, Wu> . HzAman DJinXh 

and Ma4 . Geo/ige BZadoi*J. fanzAaZ iZAvicz^ uozAz hzZd Taz^day a^tzAnoon aX. thz GzAman 

LuXhsAjan ChaAch, Reu. FA.ed ^aZXzA oHicXaJxng. 


Loit SatuAday moKning, A. V. MoweA A.ecex.ved a tzZzgfum iKom ka> daaghtzA, Ma6 . 
HoAgAavz, o(^ Hanklmon, W., to meet hzA and two chlldAzn at WaXzAtoMn in thz aitzn.noon. 
Thz daughXzA wa4 comtng on a vlilt and to poAtlclpatz in a {^amllij Kzanion to be hzld at 
thz MoweA homz in Clzan. Lakz. In accondancz with thz tzlzgAom, Ma. MoweA. iecuAed a 
llvzAy Klg ay\d dAovz to WatzAXouJn. Hz mzt kli, daaghXzA and ckildAzn and dAovz back to 
ClzoA Lakz, oAtlvlng hzfiz about 10 o'cZock SatuAday zvznlng. Upon stopping at thz 
houAZ hz aZightzd mXh kli young g/uindion and iupp04,lng that kd daaghtzA woi oat 0|$ tlie 
coAAlagz hz took a gilp, Mznt totkz poAch, Kojppzd on thz dooK and fiztuAnzd to aM,li,t 
thz daaghXzA. 


He inen ouco ^^^ ge„«Mn ikoattd 

°1 Z rUtv^Ke. ^ ^e .^e.. rae ^ - .e. ^» ".^ pe.e.^« . 

r^Ie,.. ..^ ^e c^.e te. -"^^^^ ^^^^^ «.C"!^L ^^^ 

,0^ .... o< uvx„ =«.■ .^«. -^^ .«^-";rfj:*i':: I *i „,. .„„„ .o..^ 

-:: rr /-".rZcL. o«.ce .. .^ .... -„ e.^ ...- ..^ 

tlm^ alona iht ^ait had JUL 6e^ \inwn tkejiz wtu no ckiueA. 

Thz onccn^c^o. Zady too. takzn to KzA iaXKzA . hocue P^ 

. c«^o?«xx A A^\}eAZ bnjULUZ. on thz back, o^ zne. nza.a wi^ -^ 

,.,••., 1?/' r^/.A^na Suncfax/ oM ^ionday toZ aboaX. 4XJC o cu.o(_ii -c/ic ^ 

„< oU oo. peof^e <«e ieepi« "ovei i. '^zs'^^ -"<' ^endM"* ^i^"^ <"" ""' 
Tfes toMoZ pa^ "M.A accompanied tte imo^ "< «"• ^'"•" ""« 

M„„e, .^ »^e «o»e.. T.e -^ --"f ^'/f '' t. ITI.e. oj <^e^. 
Tfte p.cce..^n ^ «.e ee^ete^ io^ed ^e... and ^ ^^ 3-" ^ "■"'^ 
eondaoted 6, ...J. Je„«^' «-""'" '^";';rt' ' 

♦ »»»««*»•** 

Ma^. Ja;ne4 Pwce, £^v^g 'lezi^ "<^^' ^""^ . ^ ^7^00 ^uA- 

Z^t SaiuAday ayd dltd In Qn.zat agony. Shz l^vU 

anciz In the. da^KdZ ai konoK 


0,5 fzeAe, dJ.zd la^t Monday and wa^ buA^zd i^om znt 
Rev. fxzd WattZA o U-^c-ia^tlng . ,»,»».«♦ 


JULV 6, 1900 

A (i66^e^4-6ig accUdznt which KejtuLtzd Zn the. dzaMi oi Uaj>. Knjm. C. Gajitcw, 
occuJinzd abowt tuizLvz miZzi iouXh oi town, in thz Kti<iA.\jcutLon, Za6t FAZdatj moAyiir.g. 
WhiZz iicL/utcng thz i^AZ mXk feeAo^ene ikz za.n zxpZodzd and thz o-iZ icutuAoXzd hzA 
cZctklng and caught ^iAZ. Hzn. hm>band Aiiihzd to hzn. a&iZ&tancz and toKZ hzA. clothing 
{Axim hzn. body aj, qiUckZij aj) po-i.&ibZz, but ihz woi buAjfizd 40 ^iZvzAZy that dzath xz&uttzd 
in thz ho-ipZtaZ hzAZ Sunday monjiZng at 12:30 o'cZock. HzK. huiband, Urn. GanZxiw, had moit 
oi thz iZzih bunnzd ^KDm hZi handi, and kL& injuAizi afiz tUizZy to 6e pzAmanznt. Thz 
coupZz wzAZ tznanti) on onz oi John R, Jonz6' ioAmi, and wzaz wzZZ thought oi in thz 
nzighboAhoad. Bziidzi thz hu&band, two chiZdAzn. . .A/uthuA EanJL, agzd 4 yzoAj, and VzoaZ 
Agnzi agzd tuo yzoAJd. ..oAz Zzit. Thz ianzAoZ occuAAzd iAom thz Catholic ChuAch hzAz 
Uonday aitzAnaon. 

FAank Uik&chz, thz wzZZ known BAZckznAidgz saloon kzzpZA, woi iataZZy shot by 
John BAodzAick, onz oi kii hoAiz tAoinzAi, in a diiputz Sunday night. Thz buZZzt 
zntzAzd hU Izit iidz about two inchz6 abovz thz hzoAt. Hz woi a wzZZ known chaAactzA 
thAoughout thZi izction oi thz itaXz. Thz man who did thz ihooting iM in custody bat 
thz gznzAaZ bzZizi 4>zzjni> to bz that hz wiZZ be acquittzd. 

JULV 15, 1900 

CZoAzncz Go a, a young ioAmzA Living about, tzn nUZzi iouthwz&t oi LidgzAwood, 

woi 6tAuck by tighning and instantly kiZZzd last Sataxday. Hi& poAtnzA, EAnst Lamb, 

wed aZio stAuck at thz knzz but hu injUAczs wzAZ not szaLous. Thzy weA.e both in thz 

iizZd unZoading manuAZ whzn thz stoAm bAokz. Thzy had a contAact to Aun thz GoU ianm 

this szason. Young GoU and HL&6 EzAtha HzKniman wzAz zngagzd to bz moAAizd in thz nzoA 

iutuAz and shz is almost cAazzd with gAizi. 

• »»»«»«»»**» 

JULY 10, 1900 

John BAodzAick, thz man who shot FAank Uikichz at BAzckznAidgz a coupZz oi wzzki 

ago, was bAought bzioAZ a J. P. chaxgzd with assauZt in thz ^iAst dzgKzz. Thz zxanin- 

ation wa^ adj'oufuizd to July 23, and thz mattZA oi bail AziZAAzd to thz couAt comrnissijsn- 

ZA, who iixzd bail at thz amount oi $1000, which was pAomptly iuAnlshzd and BAodzAick 

Zs now at tcbzAty. MZkichz is slowly AzcovzAing iAom thz e.iie.ct oi thz wound and it is 

doubtiul ii BAodzAick will zvzA bz convictzd. Uee abovz ???] 

JULY 11, 1900 

A younq man namzd John SnodgAoss, woAking ioA Will LzathoAt nzaA TylzA, shot 
himszZi with a shot gun on Wzdnzsday moAning whiZz standing in thz middZz oi thz gnanaxy. 
Ho caasz is assignzd. On onz sidz oi his iacz, his tonguz, nosz, onz zyz and onz iouAtk 
oi his bAoin was shot away. His dzath occuAAzd at an dJiZy houA yzstzuday moAning. 

A \AooAhzad man had his thumb bittzn oH in a iAacas and dizd oi blood poisoning 
a coupZz oi days ago. 


AUGUST 3, 1900 

Wm. GoaZoui, whoiz uii^t uxii buAnzd to dejiXk by ihe. zxploilon o{ a can o^ keAo^znz 
xzczntly, tkcnki mU{,0AXuneJ> mvzn. comz iA-ngly. Hz wan, In town Monday and wfUZe. hvit 
A^czZvzd a leXtzA. onnoatKUJig thz duownZng o^ a bfijothzA. in thz Gfumd RlveA man. OnXoAlo, 
Canada. Tht bfiothzA bzcamz dvnejvtzd and zlwOng kU> kzzpeAi, waZkzd InXo ihz nJ.\JZA 
and wouS dfLOunzd. M^. GaAtoM futi ihz ^ympatiuf oi$ all In kU iAoublzi. 

VaXAlck King, j'li&t A.ztzaizd (jAom jail, uxu, imiantty kUJLzd joit zoit o^ the 
bJvidqz at BA.zcJiznAA.dgz by a UoAthzKn Facile tAcun Sunday night. Hz wai dAonk. 

Thz tittZz 2 yzan. old 4,on o^ Ma., and W/i4. HzAman StAz&^zl, oi GAzat Bznd, uiai 
poZionzd Wzdnzsday by dnJjxiUng a quxmtZty o^ CjOAbotic add and dlzd ihoAtZy a^tzA In 
gAzat agony. Thz bottlz containing thz acid uxu Iz^t on thz uiindow Zzdgz and wkiZz 
ku mothzn. woi down czJUbxA. thz tUtlz izULow took It and puXJLzd thz coAk. Hz had thz 
bottZz to hi6 Zip6 ai thz mothzA camz op iKom thz cztZaA, and bz^oAt ihz coixtd pAzvtnt 
it hz had i,waZtowzd a quantity oi thz iizAy ^hiid. Vzath occuAAzd in a \izAy ihoAt timz. 
Thz poAznti h£Lvz thz sympathy o^ aXJL in thziA a{^{jticXion. 

AUGUST 10, T900 

AndA-ZM HzZand £ztt in ^Ajsnt o^ a bindzA iickJiz nzoA. CoopzHMtown and wai aompZzt- 

zty di&zmbowzZzd. Hz dizd in a ihoAt timz. 


Jiut ai wz go to pAZi-i woaA. ii Azczivzd announcing thz dzath o^ GAandpa LZoyd, 

an old iztttzA and highly Azipzctzd citi.zzn o^ Waldo towmhip, thii monyiing. 


AUGUST 17, 1900 

Thz Kemaini a^ John C. Lloyd, who dizd at thz homz o{ hii ion ioath o^ town loMt 
TAidjay, wzAZ takzn to Nzznah, WI., ^OA buAial. Vzczaizd wai 7S yzoAi old and wzll 

known in thii vicinity. 


AUGUST 24, 1900 

Thz 3 monthi old ion o^ Mt. and Uaj>. bJm. Godzjohn, living {^ouA. mitzi iouth zoit 

0(J town, dizd lait FAiday and wai buJiizd in thz Catholic CmztzAy SatuAday a^tznjioon. 


Thz yoangzit child o{ Ma., and Uxi . Auguit lachoAixii , AZiidznti o^ thz noAth iidz, 

died Wzdnziday a^tzt a bniz^ illnzii. Thz £uneAJxl wai hzld yzitzAday £Aom thz Gznman 

LuthzAon ChuAch, Rev. WaltzAi oiiiciaXinq. 

********* «»« 

Maj>. Scott, wiije o^ a Soo iAzigkt condiictoK, committzd Suicidz at HoAvzy, 
tkii itatz, loit Sunday by ihooting hzAizli thAough thz Iz^t lung with a AzvolvzA. 
Shz livzd only a {^ew minutzi and gavz no zxplanation. Shz wai pKobably tmpoAotvU.y Imanz. 


AUGUST 31, 1900 , . . . .Fatal AcUdtnt 

JAMES MONROE, a. Soo E^afeeman, tCitle.d In tht VoAdi Hejiz SaXuAday MoAnlng,.,. 

AnoihzA vZcJUm htU been addtd to tkz lajiqz numbeA who iu{£zA v^oZznX. dzcutki 
Zn fwJJUiocLd ieAvZcz. 

Lent moKning Jamu HonAoz, a bAjikejnan fianning bztwtzn Hankimon and 
Oakzi, uiat> {^aXaJUiii ZnjuAzd by {^aZLLng undeA thz engine and du.zd a (Jew hoafUi laX.zn, 
Thz accJ.dznt occvAAzd j'ait as the. Oakzi tAatn wai coming Zn ^Aom thz wzMt. Voang 
MoMAoe MoZktd along thz i^dzbooAd 0($ thz ZozomotZvz and 6tzppzd Into thz p-Ltot to 
tuAn thz 6iM;tch at: thz MZit end o^ thz j'a&t oppoiiZz John R. Jonei ' AZi-idzncz. 
It had nnJinzd duAcng thz night and thz znglnz wa6 wzt and iZlppzAy . 

Whllz thz tAoln waj> itlll In motion hz cuttzmptzd to itzp o{,{^ bat itippzd and 
izll andzA, thz imall whzzl pa66lng ovzA onz Zzg jtut bzloui thz knzz, hli tzit hand 
and onz ^IngzA o^ hli, Alght hand. A numbzA of, pzuom u)ZAz itandlng on thz dzpot 
pZatdonm at thz tlmz and mXnz^lzd thz azcldzjat, among thzm J. W. HaAgAavz and E. S. 
MzAAL{,lzld, and fian down to uihzAz thz pooA ^zllow ujoi lying . He woA plckzd up and 
takzn IrmzdlatzJbj to thz hoipltal whzAZ VocXoAii Spott&wood and Colzman ampiitatzd thz 
Izg bztoM thz knzz and thz lz{,t hand at thz mJj>t. Thz 6hock oiJ thz accldznt. and 
loii o{, blood had bzzn too gAzat, howzvzA, and oi hz camz iAom andzA thz ln{iluzncz 
0(5 thz ckloAoiofun thz u-n^^oAtimaXz young man explAzd, 

BzioAZ hz dlzd an zHoKl woi madz to izciviz thz namz and addAzbi oi hli pzoplz, 
buX hz izzmzd AzlacXant aboiut giving thz dz&lAzd ln{;Onmatlon. It woi known that hli 
poAznti llvzd In Iowa but all zHoAti, to tocatz thzm weAe ^atllz, and thz Azmalm 
wzAz IntzAAzd In thz czmzXzAy o^ town Uonday af^tznnoon a(^tzn. a ^unzAal izAulcz 
at thz CongAzgatlonal ChuAch conductzd by Rzv . W. H. Glmblitt. Littlz wai known 
hzAz oi thz dzczoizd ai hz had bzzn Aunnlng on thz Oakzi bAa.nch o^ thz Soo ioA only 
thAZZ wzzki. VAzvloai to that hz had bzzn fuinnlng ^Aom Oakzi wz^t to ZAaddock {^on. a 
ihoKt tlmz, and altogzthzA had bzzn KoWioadlng (^OA ahouX. a yzaA. 

Hz wai a plzoiont, qalzt young izllow, wzll Zlkzd by hli oiAOclatti , but had 
Zlttlz to iay oiJ hli Zliz bzioAz zntzAlng thz iZAvlcz o{i thz Soo. 

Thz yzoA old ion o^. Ma. and Mas. VztZA Lenzen cLced lait Monday a(,tzA a bnlzi 
HULnzii iAom cholzAa Infantum, and wai buAlzd Wzdnziday af^tzAnoon, iZAvlczM bzlng 
hzld In thz Catholic. ChuAch. Thzy havz thz sympathy o{, all In thzln. aUticXlon. 


The. ln{ta.nt daaghtzA oi Un.. and hifii,. Emit Klavlzttzfi, tcvlng a ihoftt dlitancz 
(^fiom town, (Ue.d Tatiday ^fLOm thz pfizvouJUnQ cUImtrvt among chULdfizn. 

********** Szptmbex 7, 1900 

The 10-monthti-old cKiZd oi Wi. and M/Li. Wm, GloinM. dizd lait TKidaij moKnlng a^tzn. 
a bAyizi l^nzMi). Thz pafiznti, havz thz sympathy o£ att In tkzAJi bzAzavzmznt. 

********** Szptzmbzt 7, 1900 

Thz tittlz 6on oi Ma., and Ufa. WltbuA Nzi.ion dizd Wzdnziday moAning af^tzn. a bfUzi 
Ittnztii, iKom cholzAa ln{^antum. Thz £anzAaZ woi hzZd yzi> a{,tzAnoon. Thz sympathy 
oi all 111 ZKtzndzd to ihz bzAzavzd pafizntk. 

******** * * SzptZJnbzx 7, 1900 

Thz ihAzz-month&-old daugktzA of^ UK.and Wu,. J. A. 8044, dizd Monday mofining. Thz 

LCtttz onz had bzzn izzbtz ilncz bluth and Itk dzath wa6 not unzxpzctzd. Thz ianzxal 

woi hzZd Tu.z6day a^^tzfinoon. 

********** Szptmbzn. 14, 1900 

We OAZ poAjizd to annoancz thz dzath o{, thz 16 months old daughtzu oi UK. and UKk . 
AtbzAt Mzdznwold. Thz Littlz onz wcw takzn o^i by thz pKZ\} lummzA complaint. A 
loAgz cuAclz oi ifu.zndi) 4>ympatiu,zz mXh thz poAznti -in thzlA bzAzavzmznt. 

********** SzptzmbzA 14, 1900 

A 7 2 yzoA old boy commiXtzd iiucUdz nzoA Lcibon bzcauiz hz coatd not managz a hzud- 
Zng pony, Hz i,zzan.zd a KzvotvzK and ihot thz pony, and bzcoming i^Ughtznzd at what hz 
had donz, iznt a biitlzt tnto hJj, own bfwJji. 

* ********* Szptzjnbz/i 21, 1900 

Thz titttz Ajiiant oi Ma. and Maa. Gottizb Roth, dizd on Wzdnz6day zvznlng oi 
cholzjm. Iniantum. Thz ianzAat mJit bz hztd today. 

********** SzptzjnbzJi 21, 1900 

J. A. Vwyzt AzzZAVzd a mzi-iagz on Monday zvznlng announCying thz dzath oi hU> agzd 
mothzA at Lonz Rozk, WI. Ma. VwyzA wai calZzd to hzfi bzdi-idz 6omz timz ago but uJvgznX 
buM-inzi>i zompzZtzd hXi KztuJin homz bziotiz thz znd amz. 

********** SzptZJnbzn 2%, 1900 

Thz 5 monXhii old daughtzA oi Ma. and Atw. R. C. Jii&t d^izd lai,t Sunday night aitzK 
a bfUzi oi cholzAa tniantum. Thz iunzfuxl wai hzld on Monday. Thz sympathy oi 
all l6 zxtzndzd to thz unhappy poAznti, In thzlfi bzAzavemznt. 

********** SzptzmbzA 2S, 1900 

Clz Quzllo, a iafmZA AZ&ldlng ilvz mllzk iouth oi Sl&6zton, dizd SatuAday mo fining 
iAom thz ziizcti oi a club wound on thz hzad, admlnl&tzAzd about a month ago by Sampson 
RznvUZz, an Indian mZAchant oi KzlZzn., a llttlz i,tatlon bztujzzn Sl&^zton and Wllmot. 
It appzofu, that Quzllo, In company with hlb nzlghboK, A. A. Paul&on, wai, driving thtough 


KelZeA at a. tatz houJi ol thz yiight and Zn an ZntoxA.cate.d condAjtion. RznvZttz cZaJjni, 
he, took thzm ^oK thtzvu and tnlzd to lock thzm up. The. boy6 Ke^lkttd ann.ej>t and Rzn- 
\)Wie 4>tAjLick QaeZZo oveA thz hzad with the butt oi a gun. RenvlIZe ha6 betn placed 
imdeji oMAtit, choAged vxUh mafideJi. 

********** SzptembeA 1%, 1900 

■The Zn{,ant daaghtfi oi Wi. and Uu. Choi. KlavZetteA., thxee mU.ej> nofithwz&t of^ town, 
died the {^lut oij the wezk a^tfi a pKolonged Wine^ii oi the pKevalting chttdAen'A itcknui. 

********** SeptembeA 2S, 1900 

J. W. HaAgfiave fie.ceA.ved a me44age Wednziday evening announcing the death 0($ hli only 
bKotheA, W. H. HaAgAave, at VenveA, CO. He leit tiuji moKnljig {^OK Omaha, NE., to meet the 
damlZy o^ hli bKotheA and accompany the fiejnalni to thelA {^InaZ Keating at Wt6t Enanch, lA, 
the old homz. ********** SeptembzA IS, 1900 

Thz Inf^ant child of, Ma,, and M-W. HeAman Boldt, Jfi. , living fouA mlizA loath o{, town, 
died thz ilfikt 0(J tiie wzzk. Thz funeAoZ wa6 heZd on Uonday. 

********** OctobeA 26, 1900 

EdwoAd CaZahan, who wai i>hot on Honday of, lait week by ex-Chlzi oi Police P. H. 
Calahan at Endznlln ion alZegzd Intimacy with the latteA'i, wife, dlzd at, thz Kzkutt of 
kit, woundi, and thz accu&ed ha6 bzzn oAAZitzd and chaAged with muAdzA. 

********** OctobeA lb, 1900 

\lAJi. F. W. \iuM.beA%eA, who hju bzzn vzAy III £oa. 6omz tlmz pait, dlzd at thz ho-l>p- 
IXal loAt SatuAday moAJilng. She wa6 taken tick whllz en Koutz homz ifiom Bowling Guzzn, 
OH. , and wa6 boAzJiy able to KZjach Hanklnt,on bzioKz bzcomlng entlfiely hzlple^t . 

********** HovembeA 2, 1900 

Ma. and Hm>. T. M. CoApzntzA wzAZ callzd by tzZzgfum to Belolt, WJ . , lat>t Friday 
on account o^ thz iuddzn dzath oi thelA ion'i, wife, UfU . W. S. CaApzntzn. who paiizd 

away eMAly that moaning oi hzoAX. tAoublz QlaAZJnont,UH.,HEi)lS. . . . 

********** HovembzK 1, 1900 

Hichazl PeXzAka, a labofieA, wa6 kJJUizd by a Gfizat fJoAthznn thaln at Wahpztvn on 
Tuz&day night. Thz body wat, dl&covZAzd Wzdntiday moAyiing and wat, badly manglzd. It 
l6 thought hz attempted to get on a moving tJuun and clipped undeA the whezli. Hz wat 
about thlAty yexuu, old and had a mothzA and bKothzA living In Wahpetcn. 

********** November 2, 1900 

Chat. G. Bade oi blahpeton, zx-county aadltoK, fizczntly Aeczlvzd wond oi thz dzath 

oi hit, aged iathzA In Germany. 

********** NovembzA 16, 1900 


A lUeLi Known ChoAacteA Shot VeMjd cut White. Rock on Satafiday HLgkt 

LoiLU Haivouon, btttnA known thAoughout thU 6tcM.on at "B^g Lou.," woi ^hot -in thz 
back and ImtantZy kUJiz.d by He.nAy KiXLitt -at Ezm,on'i, Saloon at WluXc Rock, SV., 6hofitty 
bz^oxz 6 PM ta&t Satiihdaij nlQht. Thz ihot wot {^AJied £Jiom both boJUieZi Ol{ a shotgun, the. 
choAge. it/uJiing HaZvofibon beMuezn the ihouZdeA6 and poii-ing cJieaA thhcugh hJjn. He lJ.\)ed 
bat twtnty mlnutej, . 

Thz 4>hooting uxu the xeJ>uZt 0(J an oAgument ovzA poLutici. HaZvofibon, kUbefut Rezdy, kZ- 
iKzd and Hen/iy KitUtt, the i-Uikt namzd a Kepubtican and the. otheAM democAoXi,, weAz dAink- 
Zng In the i>aZ.oon and HaZvoAdon ejmpha.iZze.d fhii oAgumtnt by knocking He.nAy RltUXt down. 
On /uMlng ElLUtt excZaijne.d "TZl klZZ you," and leit the place. He wot, letn KetuAnZng 
A.n a ^ew mlnuteji wJith a gixn and HaZvoA&on wai> woAned o^ kit appAoach, but Ae^uied to get 
out oi hoAm'ii way. He wai standing at thz boA with kii back to thz dooA oi KilLitt znteA- 
zd, and thz lattzn. AOAjked hii gun and ^Jjizd at a dl6tancz c^ not moAz than twzntij {^zet. 
A j'agged hole wai toKn clzoA thAough Hal\JOA6on, who tuAnzd afiound and attemptzd to 
ipexik but wa6 choked by blood and ^zll (^ohwoJid on hti iacz, dy-ing twenty minuter latzA. 
ZJJULitt Zicapzd but wai captuAzd -en a ihoAt tAjmz and lodgzd Zn jail. It aj> Azpofited that 
hz wai lateA Azlzaizd on baJJi, but thZi izzmi haAdZy pKobable. He li a f^aAmzn. on the AZi- 
ZAvatZon j'uit wzit o^ Whitz Rock and hai hXthzAto boAnz a good Azputation. Thz ihooting 
wai witnziizd by a numbeA oi$ loungzAi in the ioZoon. 

"Elg Lou" wai a giant Swede, well known heAZ and in thz AZiZAvation countAy iouth and 
genzAoJUiy {^zaAzd on account o{^ hZi quaAAzliomz diJspoiition. Hz wai ^Azquzntly engaged in 
bAoujli and wai itabbzd with aJbnoit iatal AZiulti at a dancz nzoA VeAnon lait wintzn.. Hz 
wai {iKzquzntZy izzn hzAz, having bzzn in Jakz GlxuneA'i employ ^oA a ihot timz. So iaA 
Oi known hz had no n.zZativzi in thZi countAy and wai buAied at Wivite Rock on Tueiday with 
littlz ceAemony. 


MovejnbzfL 23, 1900 

MA4. Jacob NzliingeA, whoiz home -ci izvzAoZ miZzi noAthwzit 0($ town, dtzd Sunday {^Kom 
thz z{i^zcti o{, a iuAgical opzAotion. 

********** Uovembzn. 23, 1900 

Thz littlz daughtzu o{, Ua. and MA-6 . John GlandeA dizd on Monday moAning {,Aom an attack 
0(J cAoup. Thz {,unzAaZ wai heZd on Tuziday a^tzAnoon (^fiom thz GzAman LuthzAan ChuAch. 

********** MovembzA 23, 1900 

A mziiagz wai Kzczivzd hzAe on Tuziday a^^tzAnoon announcing the death o^ the 5 monthi 
old ion 0(5 Ha. and HAi . H. C. VaAilow at Hinnzapotii wheAZ thzjy aKZ viiiting. Thz little 
one wai unwell when Wi. PaAilow tz^t hzAZ on Monday but kli condition wai not coniideAzd 
iZAloui. Thz iuneAol wai held on Wednziday. Thz bzAzavzd poAznti havz thz iympathy of, thz 
zntiAz community. ********** UovejnbeA 50, 1900 


V : E V 

GRETCHEM, youns^t da^ght^ ^ M^. and Un, . Thzo. Alb^^cht, on ScUuAday mo^rUna 
Uov^btK im, 1900, at th^ o^e ^ 1 y^, , ^ontK, and 16 day,. 

UtU, QK^^kzn 0,0. WL about ^o «,eefe. b^oKz ,h^ di^d, and In ,pUz oi th, b^t 
m^cUcal ,iuU paj.,^d p^.<,iaZly as^ay at an ^y kou^ Saturday .oKy^n,. Shz ^a. a cUtd 
oi happy d^po,Ulon. a ^a.oHUz uuXh aU, and thz n^ oi heA death c^ed a i^eUna oi 
OZniujiz ^>oM.ou) thAjoughout tht coimu.nUy. 

The ianzAnl um hzld iKom the MbKecht home on Sunday aiteAnoon, Rev. 0/. H. G^blztt 
conduct^S the .e^v^ce. A ^ge s<M^s oi iUend, to uUtne., the la.t ,ad 

^^and many ioUo.ed the n.esna^ to th^ Unal Ae^tJin, place. The ca^keX ^ loaded 
'^ HoweM ,ent by loving intend, and the entlKe ,2Avice, u^a, touchtngly beautliuZ and 

N^. W. H. Whlpp,, W^. AlbAecht', mother, aecompanted by hex daughter UaUon came 
-en on the evening tAotn iKom Ulnneapol^, and the maAch to the cermteAy u,a, delayed untU 
o-iten. thzAA aMAval. 

She ha, gone -in hen ckcldUh puJuty. 
At peace inom all eoAXhly cane: 
We iubmit to the umJU oi an KU Wl6e God, 
Though ouA heoAt, one toKn wUh dei>pcuA. 

"SaiieA the tittle chtldAen to come unto me" 

A mei>,age the l^oiten. gave: 

'"•^^ ouA tmt,t In the SavlouA aJU mil be well. 

TKue Hie begin, at the gnave. 

Uovesnbefi 30, 1900 
Cha,. Sch.uttz, 18 yeoA, old, died ThuA,day moKntng at hi, home neoA torn aiteA a 
^CK- day, iUne^, d thAoat tAouble. Vecea,ed m, a young man oi exceUent pJwmi^e and 
hAA untijnely death ^ geneAaUy KegAetted. The iuneAol i, 6e^ng held iKom the GcAman 
LutheAan ChuAch thi, aiteKnoon. 

VecembeA 7, 1900 
J. R. Wei^on, who wiXh hU bKotheA Kan a thAethtng Ug in thi, victnity duAing the 
iaU, died at the ho,pitaZ on h'onday night at 11 Pl^ oi ,tAangalation oi the bowO, aiteA 
lu, than a week', iUne,,. He wa, 52 yeoA, old and leave, a wiie and an IS monthi old 
baby boy. He Kecently puAchcued, iKom John R. Jonei, a hali ,ection oi land ,outhea,t 
oi town and eAected good building on the place, intending to bn^ng ki, iamUy heAe iKom 
theiA pKuent home at FuUeAtcn, Vickey County, in the ,pUng. A, ,oon a, he wa, taken 
,ick, B. V. kpietd, who wa, an old acquaintance, ,ent ioK hi, wiie and bKotheA and they 
wsAe with hun duAing met oi hi, illne,, . The Kematn, wzAe taken to EUendale ioK buAial. 

Vecea,ed wa, only ,Ughtly acquainted heAe but tho,e who knew him ,peak oi htm in 
the highest teAm6. He coAJvied a $5,000 policy in the ModeAn Woodmen, which wlU be oi 
a^^at iinancial beneiU to hi, iamOy. ***** p,,^^^ ^^ ^^^^ 

The. "Rtg Hexidzd GaaZ" P-cei Sadde.nty Zn f^lcnmapotii 

^athoLLa. WhtelM., knou.<n ai "thz blQ h^jud^d qlnZ," dltd iuddznly at tht Tottzn. Hotzl, 
TAjhbt Ave. N. and VJut StJiztt, tiiU moA.ning. Thz gZ/d., who wa4 not yzt 7 yaaxji old, had 
attAactdd uildz attzntion In medico/. (UAcZz& bzcaaiz of, tht abnofmaJL de.vzZoprmnt o{) hdH 
head, which mc^uAed tJuAty ^even Znditi , on. oveA. tlnAtz iJeeX -in CAAcurr.£eA.ejicz. 

She. u)a6 boKn on t^ 31, H94, In Zichtand County, MV., and had neveA been ieen by 
hai^ a dozen people out o^ heA own ^omLiy cJjicZe atvtii Sept. 20th, when 6he made hefi iifiMt 
public appeMJuance at Wew Ulm. She latex appecuied at the Red WZng County FcwA and wot, at 
a Hinneapotii Mu&ejum the ^Ajiit week In OctobeA. 

She wa& to have gone to the Clofik Street Mu&eum, Chicago, lait Monday, but WL health 
in the damiZy pn.e\)et\ted hen. depantune. 

"Taltie," cu> ihe wai, {^anULianly cnZled by hen. neZatZve^, wai a nemafikably bnlght 
child ^on heA age. In ip-ite of, the huge head, i,he wai gifted with exceptionally {^Ine 
ieatuAeJi. She ipoke Engllih and Swedish {fluently Ion a chJJid, and iang veny iweethj. 

"I wai wna.pped up In Babe," icUd heA ^atheA with teau -in hi& eyu tkii a^teAnoon, 
"and heA death Xi a gneat blow to me." 

CoKonen. UeJUon conducted an autopsy. He decided that dtath wai due to bnatn tAouble, 

cententng -in the ip-inal cond. , . . .fiinneapoLii JouAnal 

»»»««»»««, VecembeA U, 1900 

The Hichtand County "bZg headed g-Oil," an account o^ whoie death -in HinnexipotU wai 
g-iven -in lait week'i WEWS, wai bonn on the nziZAvat-ion iouthiA)eit 0($ heAe. 

The child wai examined by local phyi-ictani but nothing could be done {,on hen.. 
Vome-ittc tAoublei, ne-iutting -in the mothen. iecuAlng a divonce, gave the family com-ideA- 
able noteAtety at one time. »««»«««*,* VecembeA 11, 1900 

Maa. a. C. W-ipeA o{, LidgeAwood gave b-Oith to a ion lait week, but the little one 
Uved only thAee dayi. «*««,,*»,« VecembeA 21, 1900 

Captain John Countney, who wai one o{, the (,-Oiit M. W. A. onganizeAi -in tkii poAt oi 
the itate, -ii dead at Hecla, SV. Many membem o{t the onden. wtUi nememben the genial and 
pontly Capt. C. ,»«»»«,»»» VecembeA 21, 1900 

Attempted MundeA and Suicide on the ReieAvation Neon Vebtin. 

A numbeA od {^niendi gatheAed at the home o^ John VypiaA, nean Veblin, to iit up with 
the nemaim o{, one 0|$ hii chiZdAzn, which had died. VuAing the evening Vypian wai iound 
lying between the houie and boAn with ieveAoJi gajihe-i in hii ikull and with hii thAoat and 
neck ieveAly injuned. He wai picked up {,on dead. 

Upon ieeing hii condition MoieJ, La Fnomboii diiappejoned £ the icene and a little 
laten wai dticovened hanging ^njom the limb oi a tAee nexiA the boAn. He wai cut down beione 


tifie. wcii txtZnct. At the. Za6t xzpontb VypAjUi woi in a {^cUa way to Ktdovzn., bat no poAtxc- 
uZau cU) to houi fie Ke.ceU.vzd hJiM iniuxiej) had been Aecexved. 

TheAz wzAz no Mltne.&£e^ to the a.^iaAA, but it -ci iappo&ed that La ffiomboij, inlticXed 
the ZnjufUe^, and he had fuZted VypiaJi, izcuAed a fiope and attempted 
The woald be woi pZaced ijn change o{, o{,{,tceA& to owoaX the Kei,att o^ the tniuJu.eJ, 
to VypioA. »*,,»««,», PecembeA 2i, 1900 


7 9 T 

WeLt Known VonmaA P.uldznt Vlti, at BoAHoXt, MW. 

C. H. JunfeeA, (Jo^ ien i/c^lw itupeAlntandznt oi ihz Kzy^tonz {,aAm nofcth 0($ thli plact, 
dlzd cut BoAAttt, MW., Icut Sunday, Pec, 30th, at the. agz o^ 57 yzaJU>. Hz had A.ztuAnzd 
onZy thfizz Mzdii, be^oAe {,Kom Japan, wheAt hz wznt In Janz o{, lait yzan. to takz choAgz 0({ 
thz StandoAd OIL Company' i, tntzAz^ti. Whltz thzAZ hz contactzd a maloAMil j^eveA and {,aZl- 
Zng kzalth KzciuUAzd hli KztuJin. Thz d^zaiz izttZzd In hl6 chztt, howzvzA, and caaizd a 
hzmohJihagz lat>t Sunday £fU)m thz z^^zcti o^ wlfbich dzath zniuzd. 

FunzAoZ iZAvldU wzn.z conductzd at BoM-Ztt by thz Knlghti, of^ Pytkau and ModeAn Wood- 
men lodges on Taz6day, and thz A.zmaZn6 wzAz brought hzKZ on thz iomz day. Thz local Moi- 
on/CC lodgz took zhcuigz o^ thz ^unzAol hzAz and hz uxu bufUzd lulth thz honou o^ thz Inat- 
ZAyuMj Wzdnziday a^tzAnoon, thz KzmaAJi6 bzlng intzMAzd In thz czmztzAy j'u&t zaj>t o(, touin. 

Vzcexiizd Mxu bon.n In WelZivXllz, MV . , May 29th, 1S45, and wa6 57 yzxvu, old at thz 

tlmz oi kit, dzjoth. FfLom thz age OiJ 13 yzaJn, hz had woKkzd at thz oXZ buitnz&i mo6t o^ 

thz tlmz tn thz employ o^ thz Standard Oil Co and wai an zxpzut In all mattzm, pzAt- to thz pKodaction o^ pztAolzxm. Thz a^lmznt whtch KZkultzd In hli dzath u.'a& con- 
tAactzd u)kllz pKoipzcXlng ioh. oU. -in thz J.ntzfU.o'i oi Japan, and thz company '6 {^aJJh. In 
hl& abZtiXif AJ, ihown by thz £act that hz woi i,upzru.ntzndznt o^ thZAA zntiAZ Japanziz bui- 

Vzczjuzd camz to Zichland County tn 1SS7 and ^oK thz iucczzding tzn yzaAi woi iupzA- 
■Lntzndznt o^ thz bonanza Kzy^tonz {^aAm nonth o^ hzAZ. Hz wai uruvzA^alZy popuZoA and thz 
hoipttoLiXy o^ thz JunkzA homz uxa notzd thioughout thii izction. In 1S97 hz movzd ^Jtorn 
hzAZ to BoAAztt, MW., and zngagzd In thz haAdwoAZ buitnz66 . In thz ilfiz which dz6tAoyzd 
thz buiZnz66 pofition oiJ thz town la&t /> hJj, itoKZ waj> buAnzd with thz Kut, and ihonJ:- 
ly a{itzA hz dzpafitzd ^oK Japan. 

A iM,{)Z and louA ckildAzn BzAtha, Hilton J., "Dakota and EvangzLinz, thz la6t two 

bonjT. on thz Kzyitonz, oaz Iz^t to mouAn thz Ion oi a loving huiband and a kind and Indul- 
gznt iathzA. 

Ma. and UKi . W. S. And/izwi oi tkli placz, thz lattzA a 6iitzA oi thz dzcexuzd, Izit 
iofi BoAAztt AjmzdUjatzly on oi thz neuii oi kii dzath and accompanlzd thz KzmalM 
hzAz, 06 did aJUo RogzA Colt oi Englzvalz, Ramom County, a bfiothzA oi Mm,. JunkzA'i. 
Thz iZAvlczi hzAZ WZAZ attzndzd by thz Moionlc mzmbzx6 In a body and a loAgz concouuz oi 
i^lzndi ioUowzd thz Jizmalnt to thzlA ilnal JiZ6tlng placz. 

Vzcza&zd wai, a 32nd degree Mai on and a mzmbzA oi thz Knlghti oi Vythlai, and UodzAn 
Woodmzn lodgzi. Hz cafinlzd $3,000 lliz IniuAancz In thz lattzA. oKdzA. 

********** JanooAz/ 4, 1901 

Zgnatlui VonnzZly, thz wzJUi known Hinnziota politician and author, dlzd at M-cnneap- 
ollk oi hzant ialluAz at midnight on Tuz&day. 

********** Janmafm 4, 1901 


Ray T. HAXchcock, a bfiak^man on the. Oakzi bfuxnch, wai {^cUoLiy A.njuJizd Zn tht yoAdU 
at LidgeJiwood on Tauday moAjtcng. TheJit weAe no mXnUiU tx) the accldtnt, bat ^Aom thz 
natuAQ. o{^ hii -injuAZu it Lit iwppoiitd hz wai caught bztuizzn thz CJXtXZz chatz In thz itock 
yoAdi, and thz itdz oi a box aoK. He mai> ptckzd up and bKought to thz hoipttaZ hzJiz, but 
thz pooK izJUiow woi bzyond human aA,d and dlzd about noon. He had ^uiJ^eAed izvzAz ZntzA- 
nal InjuKizM and kii tZQl WZAZ aZso badJLy bfwuMZd. 

Vzzzakzd had bzzn working on thz Oakz^i-BAAddock Kan but had takzn HouooAd Hancock' 6 
placz j'u&t that moKning vAuZz thz lattzA took a i,hofit vacation. He Zza\jc& a mC^z and one 
imaZJi chJJid. Thz lamiZy voab qUAJtz wztt known hzAz, having fiz^idzd on thz noKth lidz {^oh. 
a tUmz a couptz oi$ yzau ago u)hzn HiXchcock wai on thz 6amz fuin. Thz / weAe takzn 
to \lLnnzjapotli, today, accompanlzd by thz ^amCty and mothzA oi$ thz dzczxibzd. 

»»»».»«»»», JanujoMj 4, 1901 

Vfiominznt Wahpzton BankzA and Potitxcian Succumb-i, to Typhoid TzvzA. 
Von R. Vavid&on dlzd at hZi homz in Wahpztion on Wzdne^day moKnlng. He wxu t£ikzn iZZ 
with typhoid ^zvzA about tuo wzzk6 ago and gKaduaZZy gfizw wouz until dzjoth znbuzd. 

Uk. Vavid&on wa& a Zzadtng bankzA and potitician, wzLt known ovzA thz county. He wai, 
poitma&tzA at iilahpzton at thz tunc oi hti> dzath and atio hzZd thz po-iitlon o^ cat,hizA o{, 
thz Citxzzni National Bank ol that placz. He wai a Izading {,fiatzAnity man, being Poit- 
MoitzA 0(5 thz Wahpeton Mcuonxc lodgz and a phjominznt K. P. He IzaveA a wi^z and daughter. 

»»»,♦,«»«* JaKiuoAi/ n, 1901 


ThzodofLZ Caxl, thz oldest ion o{, Wi. and Ma4. HznJuj Ingles, on Monday, Jan 7th, 1901. 
Hz wai boKn Uay 11, 1894, and wa& iix yzafit, , izvzn monthi and zlzvzn daiji old at thz timz 
0]$ ht6 dzath. 

Thz little izllow wai taken ill izveAal weefe^ ago and madz a hoAd battlz {,ok tidz, but 

but poiizd away Monday af^tzAnoon in thz pKZizncz o^ hii poAznti and liXtlz b/iothzA. The 

a^tictzd poKznti havz thz hzaxtlelt iympathy o{, the entiAZ community in the loa oi thziA 

tUtlz ion. Thz luneAol wai held itwm thz CongKzgational ChuAch on Wzdntiday a{^teAnocn. 

Rzv. W. H. Gimblett conducting thz 

*««»*»«»«« JanuoAy 11, 1901 

Matt Hzntz, living izvzn mlle^ iouth OjJ town, dlzd lait evening o{, an attack oi typ- 
hoid izvzA. Hz had been ilck ^ofi iomz timz and wa& well on thz fwad to xzcovzAy until 
a Azlapiz came. Hz leavej> a wi^z and iix childAzn. 

Thz family came hzAZ thz vicinity oi Coliax, he having puAchoizd the H. E. WIU- 
and ioJim iouth oi town, a izw wzzki ago. Two bxothzAi , VeleA and Jacob Hzntz, live eoit 
oi town. ********** JanuoAy 11, 1901 

(JlAi. Jullui Roiiow, wiiz oi a pKoipeAoui ianrnzA neoA Cfizat Bend, dlzd Tuziday aiteA 
a long Ulneii. Veceaied wai one oi the old izttlzAt. In that izcllon and wzll known, 

Bzildei a huiband ihz leavei iouA childAzn, all daughtzM, JanuoAy IS, 1901 


In looking oveA old ^Itu, ol The. WEWS ihz othoJi day we fum aoioa a. copy datad 

Jan. 25th, H94. . . .jU6t 6tvzn yaiU ago. SzveAal -item weAe noted among&t them 

GottLieh Heln deed at hZ& home on the, Jlcce, at the. age Oj$ 77 yeaM. 

• »»»»»««»* JanuoMj 25, 7901 

Queen VZctoAia dizd cut OiboM.z home on Wzdne-iday evening at haZi pa&t iix o'cZock. 
King EduwJid \J II, rmZej, in heA &tead. The (UviZizzd voofdA mouAm, the death oi England'i> 
beZovzd monoAch. ,,<»»,,,,* January 25, 1907 

RobeAt, the. ten yexvi old ion oi Wi. and Uu. MbeAt Stach, dizd SatuAdaij evening (U 
the AeMuJit o(^ an opeAotion {^oA boweZ obi,tAucXion. He had bzzn ill juat a week. The 
paAe.nt& live about lix mile/, noAth o^ heAz on the. Wild Rice., and the {^uneAol wot held at 
tht home on Tue.iday mofining, Rev. HiZgcndoK^ o{^ HantadoA conducting the ieJivicti,. 

********** ja_naaAy 25, 7907 

John BAown died at hi& home in Vembina County recently at the age oi 104. 

********** TebAuoAy &, 7907 

Rev. Samuel AndAejM, {,atheA o^ John and Sam AndAem o^ LidgeAwood [both well known 
heAt] , wai Aun down by a tAoin at Waba&60, WW., lait week and ditd ^Aom hid injuAiti. 

********** FebAuaAy S, 7907 

MAi. wmiami, an old Ktiidznt oi Hamlin juit acAoi>i> the. line in SoAgent County, 
ditd la&t week at the. advanced age oi 91 yeoAb. 

********** TebfwuoAy 75. 7907 

The body oi Jacob hIeZ&on wai, di-&coveAed la&t F/iiday along the ihoAz oi Vfiy Wood 
Lake, a iejAJ milti iAom Si&ieton, iAozen itiH, and had evidently been theJie ioK ieveAol 
dayi, . He woi unmoKAied, 6S yeaAi, old and wai living alone, on a claim in the vicinity 
wheAe the body wai iound. CoAoneA EKown oi RobeAtu, County held an autopsy which devel- 
oped the iact that Nelion died oi heoAt tAouble. The i,uppoi>ition> ii that he woi walking 
along the ihoAe oi the lake and suddenly dAopped dead. He ii> laid to have. AclattveJi in 
thU paAt oi the itatz and they aAc betng i ought ioA. 

********** VzbAuoAy 7 5, 7907 

The iniant child oi Ma. and MAi. Wm. WhoUdoAi paaed OAiay the iiA&t oi the week. 
The little one wa& only a iew dayi old. 

********** VcbAuoAy 22, 7907 

F^ed Stimon, iAozzn to dejxth betuicen HuntzA and Ca&ielton Azcently white intoxtc- 
atzd, wai a baAbzn. by tAadz and woAkzd in a LidgeAwood ihop ioA lomz time a couple oi 
yzaA6 ago. ********** FzbfumAy 22, 7907 

The iniant daughteA oi Ma. and MfU,. Gu6t Etiaion dizd yz&teAday moAning aiteA a 
ihoMt iUnZil. ********** FcbAuoAy 22, 7907 



P^cuLCoA FataLLty on a FoAm aji SoatheAn Ca&i County. 

Joe., -t/ie 13 yzoJi old &on o^ Joe. HablnqeA, met a honAAhle dtaMi on hii> {^athcA'i iafun 
neoA Aticz station, on thz new Cci64,eLton Vlckejj bfuinch. Hl6 iatheA had izt ilne to an 
old itAow pU-t, the. oatildz ojj which woa coveA.e.d uuXh inow and Zee. On thli account the 
Ajutde. buAned out llfiit, le.avlng thz hollouo ctnteA a moii oi ilAt, 

Thz young lad u)a& plaiflng about on thz icij coating oi thz itack and i<Ul Jnto thl& 
con&umlng {^uAnacz. It wa6 izvzfial houAi bejJoAe thz choKAzd, unAzcognlzablz Aziralm, could 
bz AzcovzAzd ^Aom thz oMf^uZ dunzAal pynz. 

A young bAothzA idio woA aZio on thz itack noAAowly zicapzd thz iomz {^atz. 

********** Mo/Lch J, 7901 

I^A. Ruth Veani died Azczntly a^tzA a long lllnei,6. 

********** fj^axch I, 790? 

Sam Whttz, an Indian tivZng nzoA VzbLin, ^Aozz to dzath da>Ung thz itoAm a weefe 
ago Sunday night. Hz wai dAunk i/ohzn hz ^toAtzd ^OA home. 

******* * * * MoAcfi 7, 7907 


UhUz tAan6actLng builnzii Zn tki& locaLity today, Ha. GontnzA, thz machine man c{, 
SZjiizton, lound JuLLui GAandz and wcjje ly-ing tn bzd at theJA. homz a |$cu) miZzk noAthwzit 
o{i ^.{^{,-ington, ovzAcomz by coat ga& , Jutiiu, alAzady dead, whJJiz hli uu.{^z ^till wai ativz. 

Va. EAown ujai, iznt ioA, and oAHtvlng at thz icznz a ihoKt whJJiz a{,teA, itoAtzd to 
woAk to Azv-ivz MAi. GAandz, ^ucczzding af^tzA a couplz o^ houAi. Shz -id now fizpoAtzd out 
ol dangzA. It iizemi that bz^oAz going to ilzzp loit night thzy had {^Wizd thz itovz and 
iihut o{^{^ thz dampzAi), and thz Aoom wai, (^tlZzd with gai . Ua. GAandz wa6 a young man and 
had only bzzn moAAted a ^zw month6. UA6 . GAandz li a ilitzA o£ Anton VahZ, a £aAmeA living 
about 5 mllzs wzit oi$ town. .... E££lngton Tlmzi 

T. L. MoAzland, on AztuAnlng ^Aom a tAlp to Sliieton on Wzdnziday, {lOund a tzlzgAcm 
awaiting him hzAZ announcing thz dzath od hli mothzA. He Iz^t Isnmzdljatzly ^OK thz old 
homz at LuMZAnz, MW. ,««,*,,,»* V^aAch 8, 7907 

M/14. E. L. Klnnzy and UfU, . W. G. Tubbi Izit on loJ>t zvZYiing' h Soo ioA Elk RlveA, hW., 
In AZipcmz to a teZzgAom announcing thz death o^ a maAAlzd ilitzA yziteAday a{,teAnoon. 
Vzczoizd Izavzi, a husband and {^ouA imaJLl chlZdAzn. 

E. S. l^zAAiileld AetuAnzd Wzdnziday night {,Aom Elk RlveA, MW., wheAz hz wai> caZlzd 

Azczntly by thz death oi a ilMtzA^ »«»««»*»* 

HaAch 11, 7907 


A coikeX. wot puJic.hcu,e.d htnz Zxu>t TfU-daij a^teAnoon ^OK the. agad motheA o^ Evan 
Thomoi,, nejvi l{,llnQton. Tht deceased pu&td away at the. home. o{^ htfi ion on ThuA.6day 
night. Whe wai S2 ije.aAi old. 


MoAc/i 2?. 1901 

AndAew Edb£om ^ece^ved a mtiiagz ye^tzAday announcing the. /lad neiM o^ ka, bfiotheA'i 
dzaXh at Lake. IMJLian, UN. Thz tatteji vlt,lte.d htfie lofi a ihofut -tone about a yejOA ago. 

********** Ma/idi 22, 1901 

J. A. Eastman, who {^ohmeAJbj had choJigt ol the Soo'a pumpZng station hexe, fiecentZy 
m^ieAed the Zoil oi hl& um.£z at HaAvey, NV. Ua. Ea&tman was a choAteA membeA oi the 
local K. P. lodge, and a becmtliuJi wAzatk was oAdeAtd stnt to BfuxlnoAd, MW., wheAz the 
fiemalns weAe takzn £ok InteAment. Vecexi&ed leavej, {^oua small chlZdAzn. 

********** Maxell 22, 1901 

John V. G> It^t Thlday evening {^OK Remington, TW., In Az&ponst to a message 
announcing the dzaXJi o{, his £atheA. F/iom the Remington ?Kei>s we clip the {^oltouilng •■ 
"FAlday moaning ouA pzople weAe shocked to lejxAn that E. H. Gfie.ene had passed away the 
evening be{iOA.e at his home In the noKth poAt oi town, compoAotlvely ^ew having heoAd 
oi his beJ,ng sick. Ua. GKzene uxis taken down Sunday with an attack oi lagfilppe which 
seemed to be yleZdlng to tAeatment up tUil ThuAsday moKnlng when symptoms oi hexxAt ialZ- 
uAe began to manliejit, which ialZed to Ke^pond to all the. agtnclts known to medical sci- 
ence., and he peaceiully passzd away at 11:30 ?M ThuAsday evtnlng. 

. \hA. Queene. wajs In his 61st yeoA, a veteAan oi the Civil WaA, oi ouA school 
booAd and a kindly dlspos-Uloned chnlstlan man, whose, death wUU. be keenly ieZt In ouA 
social, religious, business and polOtlcal cIacZzs. The beAeaved iamlly has the sympathy 
oi the tntlAe community In thelA sad aHHctlon." Ma. Gneene fieXuAned ifiom his sad mission 
loMt eve.ning. ********** f^^^^ 22, 1901 


Judge Joseph M. EoAlholomew, ioA ten yeoAS j'ustlcz oi the supreme. couAt oi this state, 
who KeXlAed inom the bench on Jan. 1st, dAopped dead on the walk In i>iorvt oi his Ke^ldence. 
In ElsmoAck on Sunday mofining while cleoAlng away a Light snow which ielZ the night beioKe. 

Judge BaAtholemew had been a resident oi this state iox iiiteen yeoAS. He located at 
LamouAe, originally coming to UoAth Vakota iAom Iowa. 

He was nominated ioA Justice oi the Supreme CouAt at the ilASt state convention and 
has held the position unlnteAAuptedly until this yexui, he having iailed oi nenominatlon 
at the last stale convejotlon. His place was takzn by Judge V. E. Morgan oi VeviZs Lake. 

********** fj^^^ 29, 1901 

James Scott, an Indian whose home Is neoA Sisselon, died last Friday oi smallpox. 
It Is ieared seAlous rtsults will ioUow li the dlszase spreads among the Indians cu th.ejj 
are gzneAolly careless in their mode.s oi living and do nothing to check the spread oi 
disease. ********** ^pj^ 5^ J90j 


The. ysMA. old duZd oi Uk. and ^.{u. UeJU ScuU^AZand, who Uva. on thz KueJivajtion 
iouth o( town, died tivU weefe a^ttn. a ^HoaX AJitnui. 

A tejouhlo. tAagzdy occuAAzd at EAaddock, the. pfiutnt tfrnlnat, oi thz Oaku bKanch, 
on Wzdnuday moAticng o^ ixikt weefe. A Swzduh {^cvmtn. namzd RevengcA &hot Kit nztghboft, 
HeJU, Otion, A.n the. neck, the. buJULeX. emeAgtng at the. mouXh. Thz muKdeAex escaped at the. 
tUmt but latejL woi {^oand dzad on the. pnoUAXe with hi^ head ihot old. ^^ ^^ pZaae.d the. 
muzzle Oj) a ihotgan In kl6 mouth and ^Ifizd aJ. oi$j$ viitk hAj, toe.. Thz occuxned at a 
hoaitZ movZng bee tn thz p^e^ence o{, a dozzn on moKZ mXnzi>i,zi. laXeA -iX wad Iza/mzd that 
thz muAdzAZA meX VzXz Izvtnz whllz on hXi way to till HeZ&on and ^Zfizd hall a dozzn ihoti 
iKom a KzvolMzn. at hU hzad. LzVZnz'A li^z wai iavtd by hii IzaXhzn cuH, thz ihot i,tfu,k- 
i-ng hX6 wfiyUt. LeXtzu Iz^t by RzvzngzA ihow that thz muJidzA wai pfizmzdltaXzd , but Zt Zi 
thought hz wa6 In&anz. »«»*»««*«« KptUZ 79 1901 

J. W., onz o^ thz oldzkt and bz^t known /izsldznXi, o^ thz county, dlzd aX 

Uahpzton loit TKtday zvznZng 0($ old agz, 

********** ^p^j^ 26, 7901 

Thz KemaXni o^ ChanZzy \ilaXl>on, a 20 yexui old boy iKom nejxK. Tonman who wa6 commotXzd 
to thz Jamz&town aiylum abouX tico wzzki ago a^tzA. making a muAdzAou6 ai>iavJLX upon hii 
iaXheJi, pa6izd thAough hzAZ Tuesday zvzntng, hz having dizd aX thz oiylum a couplz oi dayi 
pKZvloui. ********** ^p,^ 26, 7907 

Foot ZLndz/man, agzd 10 yejou, o^ BfuXXon, SV., a nzphzw o£ Oicafi ZindzAman o{, thJj, 
place, dlzd in thz hoi,piXaJi hzAZ on Tuz&day o^ consumption. Thz ^unzAal wai, held on Wed- 
nzd6ay adtzAnoon ^Aom thz GzAman LuXhzJuin ChuAch, thz Azmaini being intzAAzd in thz cemz- 
tzAy iouthwe£t o^ town. ********** ApAil 26, 7 90 7 

ClaAzncz StoAkzy, a young man abouX 20 yeau old, who wa& bAought down {,Aom FoAman 
loit weefe in thz last stagz6 o^ appzndiciXii , dizd on Wzdnziday moAning and thz Azmaini, 
wcAe ihippzd to'foAman on thz zvzning tAoln. An opzAotion was pzA^oAmzd immzdiaXzly 
a^tzA kit, oAAojol buX thz casz had bzzn attowzd to Ann too long bz^oAz mzdlcal aid was 
Sarmonzd. ********** ^^^^ ^^^ ^^^^ 

Last SatuAday moAning at about 10:50 AW, Ma4 . Moaj/ K. Stilwztt, bzttzA known to 
most o{, ouA pzoplz as CAandma StUbwzJil, passed to thz gAzat bzyond aX thz homz o{, heA 
daughtzA, l/AS . John R. Jonzs, in this viUagz, suAAoundzd by soAAowing childAzn and {,Ai- 
znds who had done all in theJji powzA to make hzA last houAS pcUnZzss and{,ul. 

Shz sulizAzd a poAolytic stAokz szvzAal wzzks ago and thz znd had bzzn houAlij zxpzc- 
tzd ioA somz tunz. Had shz livzd tXU thz last day o^ this month shz would ha\jz bzzn 
77 yzoAS old. Szvzn chiZdAzn suAvivz hzA: Uas . J. R. Jonzs and Uas . OsboAnz oi tkls 
placz, M^. KzUogg oi Hinnzapolii, Mas. Bznt o^ VzU Rapids, f^ . f^unn o^ RXpon, WJ.; 


U'oAAen StAlwell oi New VoKk CUy and LacUan StUvoeZl oi Veadwood, SV. TaneJiaJi lexvlcu 
weAe aondiictzd hzAt on Sunday moJinZng at 9:30 AM, thz ieAmon b(u.nQ ddUvVizd by Re.u. (f. 
H. GAjnbZeXt and a loAgz nurmA. oi ^nltndi, paid tkeJji Zmt tfUbatz to ont who -in ti^z had 
been lo\j<id by aZZ who know hex. A dtvoat Ch/uMtlan woman, iaJjthiaZ In tkd peAionmance, o^ 
hzA datiu to God and thoht about hoA, tht woltd Z& beXtzA ^oK htfi having Livzd. Thz 
Kzmalni) wojiz takzn to Rlpon, WI., wheAz thzy wnAz InttnAtd In thz iamlty lot In tkz old 
homz cejnztvuj. Um,. Jonu and Ma. and MA4. O^boKnz accompanlzd thz cjuktt on the. tAlp. 

Neat Gale^buAg, TfialZl County, lait SatuAday moKyilng, a widow named KjoKe.n and hex 
two chlldAzn wexe buimed to death. They wexe alone In the hou&e. and the oKlgln o^ the 
ilxe li unknown. »»«»**»»»» ApnlZ 26, T901 

LeMARS TOWNSHIP Ma. Houman died on Ffilday, Apfill 10th, at hli homz nexui White 

flock. FuneAol 6eAvlcz6 wzAZ held thz iollowlng Sunday. 

*»»»»»»«»* ^p^^ 26, 790? 

William HzndeJikon, who fuan a baxbeJi i,hop hzfiz iZveAaZ yeau ago, died at Wahpzton 
on Wzdnz6day moA.nlng o^ typhoid iJcuCA. He leavzi a wl{,z and two chlldAzn. 

********** Hay 3, 1901 

Thz 10 monthi old daughtzA o^ Ma. and ^(^ . Lzcpold NavKatlZ, i>outh o^ town, died thz 
ilut oi thz wzzk and wai bufilzd iKom thz Catholic Chuxch on Wednesday. 

Hzn/u^ EadeA, Supexlntendent oi thz County Took Vanm nzoA Wahpeton, accldzntally 6hot 
and klllzd kaMeli with a tievobjzn Tuzi>day mofinlng whllz making an In&pzctlon oi thz ia>m. 

Thz ball znteAzd hli abdomzn nzoA thz navzl but juit how thz accident occunxed Id not 
known 04 he wai, alonz at thz tlmz. Hz had bzzn dejxd ievexal hoau when thz body wa& 
iound. Vzcexiizd wai about iofitif yeaxi old and leavzi a wliz and ianUly. 

********** May 3, 1901 

Gzofigz SmoAt- dlzd hexz yzitexday moKnlng oi a complication oi dlie/nzi aitex an Itt- 
nzii oi a yeax and a hali. Vzcza&zd wai about 55 yza/u> oi agz and Izavzi a wlie and thfizz 
gfiown childxen Wu> . Ulchaxd Thoma& and two gfiown ioni. 

Hz izttlzd juit wzit oi Hanklnion twenty onz yeaxJi ago and li well known to old fizil- 
dzwti . Hz iold out kli Intexziti hexe about thxzz yzaxi ago and tztwined zait, but wai 
taken III ihonXly aitexwaxdi and ai zuitexn doctofii aHotidzd kvm no KzLizi he aamz back 
loit iall and zntexzd thz hoipttat hexz. Hz Xmpfiovzd ioK a time but thz dlizaiz wai too 
ilxmty nootzd to zHzct a cuAZ. E. A. Nzlion oi Mantadofi and A. Hamilton oi Enzckzvxldgz, 
both old ifilzndi oi thz dzceaizd, axz hexz today and will takz thz nzmalni to h'.antadofi 
thli evening ioK Intexmznt. »»««»»«««* ^^ 3 j9^j 

kick Schulthzli Kzcelvzd a mziiagz SatuAday announcing thz dzath oi hli mothex at 
hex homz In Ulnnzapolli. Shz had bzzn III ioK izvzxal monthi and hex dzath wai not un- 


zxpzcttd. Thz mUiOQZ came, too IxLte. ioK Ufi. SchuZXheA^ to take, the eatt bound Soo 6o 
he. wznt to iilyndmeAz In thz evtYiiriQ and took the. UontheAn VacU^lc ntgkt tjujuin to thz 
c-CtLt6. He KetuAnzd Zait evening. 

********** May 17, 1901 

A itven Ljexui old daagktex 0|{ H. S. Sven, tcvZng In Lakz Twp, SoAgent County, wcu, 
bufintd to death on {iJednej>day. HeA cZothLng caught ^tAe ifiom a bon(,tAe and i,he uxu io 
itveAeZij buA-ntd that death tizbutted a{^teA a ^ew houu o^ agony, 

********** May 17, 1901 

The nude body o£ a man who appaAe.ntly had been muxdeJied wa& {^ound Sunday < -in 
a gKaveZ pit bejitde the Soo t/uack neat Kenial, Batnzi County. A itAangeA ti undzA oaa- 
ej>t at VaJilejj CiXy choAged with the CAlme. A />uaX oi bloody clothes and a hatchet weAe 
(,ound concealed In a tAce. neoA Wimbledon, wheAe the itAangeA jjcd hli team and had dlnneA 
on Sunday. LATER.... 

It tAaniplAei that the unknown man AeieAAed to above l& Jamti CoAton and he acknow- 
ledges the killing, claiming iel{ detente. CanZon Aecently settled on a {^aAm neoA Knox, 
Ben&on County, but tittle Ik known o^ him. He iayk the killing occuAAed ThoAiday and he 
coAAled the body In a wagon {^oA thjiee dayi be{,oAe dldpoilng oi -it. He has been taken to 
HinneMiaukon ^OA tAlaZ. »**«»*«»*» ^^ 3j jg^j 

^tw. KAump, motheA of. Hick KAump and Ma6 . VtteA Klnn, died yeiteAday at the home o^ 
the latteA kouXh oi town. Veceased waj> quite feeble and had been Raiting ioA iome time. 

********** Jane 14, 1901 

The Inf^ant child oi Ua. and UAi. RobeAt HaAtleben, who live noAthwe&t oi town, died 
lait Satunday moAnlng, The little one was only a {^ew houA& old. 

»»»»»»»»*» j^^„^ 21, 1901 

Annie, the 16 yeaA old daughteA o^ M^. and Ufa. August Stabenow oi5 Elma Township, 
died Wednesday a£teAnoon as the Aesult oi an opeAotlon (,oA appendicitis. She was appoAent- 
ly In ialA health up to last SatuAday, but at thaX. time complained o{, Meeting unwell and 
was bAcught to town {,oA medical attention. An examination showed a case o{, appendicitis 
In an advanced stage. An opeAatlon was the only hope, but the disease was too deeply 
Aooted and she died at 2:30 ?M Wednesday alteAnoon. The poAents have the sympathy o^ all 
In thelA beAeavement. ********** j^^^e 21, 1901 


LidgeAwood GIaI Accused oi MuAdenlng HeA Own Child 
Lena Mackhovlch, a 19 yeaA old glAl whose poAents live neaA LidgeAwood, Is undeA 
oAAest at MuAdock, MW., chaAged wlXh the muAdeA o{, heA own child about one month old. 

The glnl wlXh heA chlZd aAAlved at MuAdock on ThuAsday moAnlng of, last week. She 
stopped at a hotel and shofiXly a{,teA stoAted ^oA a walk down the GAeat HonXheAn tAacks , 
caAAylng the bcd)e. About 5 PM she AetuAned alone and when asked by Mas. Mathlas SchZagel, 


Mit^e od th hotel pAopfUeXon., Mhat 6he. had donz with thz chlZd, Ke.{,iU,td to amweA. 

SiU>p-icA.on 0)04 OAouied but no action wa6 take.n tn th^ mattex untiZ mofuUng^ when Zt 
wai dzcldtd to mafee a itoAch {^OK thz m^^^ng druZd. P. J. Johnson uxu, among thz izaAchzAi, 
and about a mite. noKthwe^t 0($ town he {,ound the body o{^ the thlid In a wheat {^leZd. A hand- 
keAchle{i woi tied tlghtZy atound the. chUid'i nedx.. Indicating that It had been itAangted 
to death. 

A^teM. fietxuinlng to town the. woman had taken the night tJialn {^oK Wahptton, spending 
the eoAZy evening In waZklng thz 6tAeeX&. 

About 3 AM In the moAnlng Night PoZlceman Mc Ke.nzle. ^oand the. woman at the depot and 
took heA. to thz ClXy Hotel, at: WahpeXon. In the moAnlng ihe iought emptoyment and wa& engag- 
ed 04 second cook at the Colxmbla. Ae.6tauAant. SheAlii hioody, on receipt o^ a me^iage iJ-wm 
MuAdocfe, placed the glnZ undeA aM.c6t and i,he woi taken back to MuAdocfe by a Swlf^t County 
Veputij Shenlii. 

Meantime a coKoneA'ii Inquest had be.e.n held and a veAdlct /letuAned that the child had 
come to lt& death by violence at the handi o{, peA.6on6 unknown, pKeMumahlij the motheA. 

The glnl wait taken to Benson ^OK a pfieJUsnlnoAy heanlng. She wot lde.ntl{^led ai, the 

woman who had been at MtiAdocfe, a^teA which the heoAlng wai pottpone.d until July Ut to 

give wlXneJt^eii lAom LidgeAwood time to oAAlve. 

********** jj^„^ 2&, 1901 

Well Known Hanklni,on Re/>lde.nt ?a64>Zi Away Suddenly 
. The community was gAeatly shocked la&t FfUday evening when woKd wab paired {^fiom mouth 
to mouth that: Ufii,. A. R. Shlpe had died suddenly at heA home at 6 PM. While It woi geneA- 
ally known that heA health waj, pooK It woi not luppoizd thexe wai) any Immtdlate dangeA, 
and the end came oi a complete huApnlMe to all. Deceased had been vliltlng Aelatlvei 
In Hinneapotil) and AetuAned on the TfUday mofinlng eoAly tAoln 6u^eAlng {,Aom neAvoui pKoit- 
Aatlon. HeA lllneMi continued through the day and bAought on heoAt tAouble, which wai, the 
ImmedlaXe caiu,e oi hen death. 

The i>udden death 0($ heA huiband, which occuAAed on UaAch Sth, 7S99, woa a ihock ^nom 
which M/u>. Shlpe neveA iully Aecovened, and the additional 60fiAow caused by the death o^ 
heA only daughten. a (Jew months, be^ofie le^t hen. neAvou6 iy&tem badly ihatteted. Since that 
time the beautiful home In thli village hoi been a hou&e o{, lohfiow, and the deceased gladly 
iuAAendened heA eoAthly bondage to join the loved onei who had gone be^oAe. 

Vecea&ed had been a ialth^ul wl^e and thfwugh the monthi oi widowhood con&tantly mouA- 
ned ioA heA depoAted onet,. At, a motheA ihe wai> iond and Indulgent, iatli^ylng eveAy wlih 
oi heA chlldAen a& ion oa poiilble. Tho-ie who oJie leit behind have the i.lnceAe sympathy 
oi the community In thelA bereavement. 

The iuneAol woi held on Monday aiteAnoon, and the iCAvlce wai, lmpfiei>i>lve and beautl- 
iul. Rev. W. H. Glmblett pAeached the iuneAal ^enmon and the Aemalni, weAe IntetAed In the 
cemeteny eoit oi town, the Royal nelghboAi oi AmeAlca conducting the i>lmple and touching 
iuneAol ieAvlce oi the oAdtn. at the grave. 


ZtcuuJxiuI. itonal oif^eJujiQi covejizd thz ccukzt cut bosth tkz houie. and cemeXeAy. 

AngzLina. R. Shipz wcu> boKn at Hi. ShamokU-n, PA., on HoAy 22nd, 1S49, and woi S2 ytau 
and 30 dayi old at tht tbnz ol keJi dz£uth. Hzk maldan name. Ma& John, and on Pec. ith, lS6i, 
Ahe. MOi moHAxtd to W. H. Shlpz at lit. Comilnt, PA., movlnq to Shamokln, PA., tchcAe thzy 
fiuZdzd anttZ SzptzmbeA oi ISSO, at which time, thzy movzd to Hinntapotii, . O^ thli union 
tknez ahiZdAe.n weAe boKn, two ioni and a daughteA, the. dofimzA 0|J whom iiuivlve. heA...G. E. 
Shipe., who li moAfUcd and tivej, on a {^ajm louthiMeJit o{^ Wahpeton, and S. J. Skipz who made 
hl6 home, wtth tkz de.ce.a6e.d. VoWi itiitzJid and a bKotheA, aZZ tieM-idlng aX Shamohtn, PA., 
0^40 itUJivtve. heji. In 1890 thz ^amtZy Kzmovzd to Hanktnion wheAZ thejy have, itnce. ne.ktdzd, 
occupytng a poittJjon Zn biiitne^A and iociaZ (UAc£e4 up to thz time o{, Wa. Shtpe.'6 
dzath. ».»»»»»»»» J^J^^^ 2S, 1901 

L4MAR5 TOWNSHIP ... .Vanlel WeubouACA ctced at kit home in thi6 towmklp on the evening 
oi$ June. 29th, a^teA a long Ztint6.&. Thz fiemalni we^e taktn to UatLim , MW., on July 2nd 
ioK bufUal. »»**««»»»« jj^ j2 I9(jj 

Jacob Kntople, a 9 ytoA old boy oi$ Ashley, wai dn/iggzd to dexUh by a pony. Haj> 
paAe.ntj> wlXne^&e.d the. tAagzdy. ********** Auqu&t 2 1901 

The n yejofi old iiOn o^ Wi. and Wii. C. H. Es^et^e, whoie homz -i& ^ouA miZzM iouth 
0(5 LidgzAwood, deed fiCAe at an toAZy houA yeJttzAday moAnlng at, thz fizi,ult oi an opeAotion 
j$oA boweJi tAoublz. Hz wai bfiought down on thz Gfitat NofithzAn Wzdnz6day, but thz natuAZ 
o{i kl6 aJJbnznt wai iuch that tuAglcaZ iktll wai o{, no avaJX. The Azmatni wzAz takzn to 
LidgzAJMood yz&teAday {^oA. bufUaZ. 


August 9, 1901 

Hichazl Wznnand, a thAZMhzA woAklng ion. John SchlzneA nenA hiantadon., wai Imtantly 

Litlzd by Lightning duAlng Monday a{iteAnoon'i itofm. Hz wai itandlng In a wagon and thz 

bolt itAuck htm iqaoAzly on thz hzad, kitting him Imtantly. Hz wai about 20 yzaAi old 

and hli homz wai at Avon, MW. Thz Azmalni weAZ takzn to Wakpeton whzAZ a bfiothzA took 

them In chaAgz and latzA thzy weAZ ikippzd to Avon. 

********** lb, 1901 

A 4 yeoA old glAl at KuJbn wai buAnzd to dzath loit wztk. Shz wai Iz^t alonz In thz 

houiz and whzn thz oldzA chlZdAzn afiAlvzd homz thzy {^ound heA ilttlng In a tub ci cold 

watzA with hzA clothing zntlAeZy buAnzd oU ^"^^ ^^^ ^°^y teAXibly buAnzd. Thz UXtlz 

onz iuAvlvzd but {,ouA houAi . 

********** Auguit 16, 1901 

Thz llttlz 2 yzoA old child o^ Ma. and Maa. CaAe A. Johnion oi TaAgo dAonk ihj pot- 
ion and dlzd In gKzat agony ihoAXly a^tzA. Thz iamz day Ufii. H. Kznnzdy, Living juit out 
o{, FoAgo, placed a pall o{, bolting watzA on thz kltchzn ilooA, and hzA 3 yzoA old daagh- 

tzA iell Into IX, being icalzd to dzath. 

********** Auguit 16, 1901 


CujcUm Sw^gle., the. wdUi known Wahpe^ton attoKnzy, dltd loitt weefe at St. Paul while. 
andeJi a iujiglaal opeAaHon lot appe.ncU(UtAj, . He Zejivez a wl^e and one ckiZd. 

********** AagtM^; 16, 1901 

The muJideA ol Ulk/i Hein>UcJi6 KecalZi thz {^act that once be^oKe a domz&tlc In the 
homehoZd oi a T^ZchZand County SheAZf^^ wai, Alain by a jeaZoixl ZoveA. Thi& happened at 
WahpeXon In HS8 when one HUleA, a deputy -in the employ o{, SheAii{^ Velham, i,hot the 
latXeA'6 kOied QlnJi dead because. 6he fieiused to moAAy him. UUlZen. did not commit iuZcide 
but wai> taken ^/wm the. jaiZ at midnight by a cAowd o{ pKomimnt cttxztm, and hung {,Aom 
the. old Wahptton-E/iecken/Udge iiAxdge. The lyncJUng woi thz only one. that ha& evex occ- 
uAAcd in tkii pant 0)J the itate. and though the leadeju, [many o^ whom axa weZl known cit- 
izens 0(5 Wahpeton today] weAe. known, no e^io>it wai> made, to pfiaecuXe them... in {^act, the 

lynching woi genefvaJUiy approved. 

»»*»»«»*»» Auga&t 23, 1907 

AWFUL T R A G E V y ! 

JejaJLouiy Catwei a HuAdeA and Sutclde 


\ULting OccuAAed Eai,t oiJ GKeat Bend Saturday MoKning 


And then CLAUS FISWER, heA 6layeA, takeJ> kii, own tide.. UuAdeA and iuJ.clde, pno- 

mpted by jealouiy, ended the tives oi M6i4 Anviit HeJ-nAicki and Claxu, FiiheA at the home. 
0]$ the lonmeA'l Aunt iix milzi, ejut 0(J GKexit Zend about S o'clock last SatuAday moKntng. 

The gifiZ was alone in the house and was seated tn the Litchen chuAning when FZsheA 
snexiked upon heA ^Aom behind and potnttd a shotgun thAough the open window blew the. 
enttAe back o^ heA head od{,. The HeZnAichs, at wofik Zn the {^ield neoA by, heoAd the shot 
and huAAied towoAd the house. They saw TisheA fuxn {^Kom the house to the gKanoAy but be- 
ioKe they could /leach htm he had placed the muzzle o^ the gun in hts mouth and lixed. 
The change passed out his check, howeveA, and FtsheA keloaded one boAneZ and again placing 
the muzzle in his mouth putted the tAtggeA, the entXAe iace and uppeA pojtt oi his head 
beJjig blown oii. The weapon used was an old {^ashioned piece brought by TisheA {,Kom Genmany 
having two shot gun baM.eZs with a fii^le boAAel undeA neath. He made no use o^ the latteA 

The giAl's body was {^ound in a pool 0|$ blood beside the chaJji on which she had been 
sitting, and heA death was instantaneous. FisheA stood with his back to the gfianany when 
he shot hJjrsel-i, and the side o£ the bulZding was spattered with blood, bhains and haiA. 
The sight ptiesented was honxlble in the extreme. The victim of, FisheA' s jealousy came 
oveA ^Kom Genmany six yeans ago and had made hen home with Mns . HetnAichs , a widowed aunt, 
most oi the time since. Recently she had been employed as a domestic in the f^amiZy o^ 
Shenl{,{^ h\oody at Wahpeton, but Ketufined to hen aunt's home eoAly last week. Fishen. was 
employed as a lanm hand by HenAy Teldeman, whose ioAm adjoins the Helnnlchs place, the 
two houses being only a quanteA o^ a mile apant. He had been with Teldeman ^on. sevenal 


^eoioni and had paJ.d the. ne^ghbon. qViZ ma/iktd atXe.rvtion, and aJ. voai, undeMJ>tood at one. 
time, tkejj weAZ zngagzd to be maAAA.zd. He. uxu a 6teM.dy young GeAman, 32 yean, old, Indait- 
nlouM and oi good hah-itit. He poneJ^itd aU. the thAt{,t {^OA. uohlch hit natZonoLitij li noted, 
and had accumuZated about $2,000 Zn onz 0($ the Wahpeton bank&. Hc&i HeA.nAJic.hi> woi a Ke- 
moAkabZy ptettij gtfii o{, ievcjnteen, quZte a beZle -in the. neyighbonkood, and of, late hoi been 
iomewhat IndtHeAznt to F-iiheA, the attzntiont of, otheA young men much to heA 
loveA'i diipleaiuAe. Thzy weJie both pJie-ient at a dance Tntdajy night and heji KeiukeZ to 
accept him ai an t&cont iJoA. the evening appoAentty dtove Ft&heA to dzjspeAotion. He ucent 
home eoAlij and AztUAed, but {^Aom lateA dzvelopmenti It ieem& he mu^t have, ipent the exuily 
houAi 0($ the mofinlng htdtng In the vicinity oj^ the glAt'i home, waiting {jOK heA to be le^t 
atom In the houie. 

Fl&heA had on i^evejmt occjxklotii, thAeatened to \uJUi hlmeJ^i l{, the glnt jilted him, 
but wa6 not taken ieAlouily. So {,aA ai, known he had neveA thAeatened the glnZ. 

The authorities at WahpeXon weAC Immediately notified o^ the tAagedy and a cofioneA'6 
juAy AetuAned a vejidlct In accordance with the ^acti . 

The (lUneAol o{, the glnJi ocaxAKed at iiJahpeton on Sunday, the remains being IntenAed 
In the Luthemn CemeteJuy. 

FliheA'i body wai, buAled on the County Poor Farm near Wahpeton. Fliher'-i only rel- 
ative tk a brother who resides near Great Bend and Hiss Helnrlchs parents are stilt In 
Germany, the Aunt with whom she made her home being the only relative In this country. 

********** Aagtii;C 23, 1901 

Hiis Lena Sletten, a Richland County Inmate, died at the Jamestown Asylum last 
week oi apoplexy. ********** ^^^^^ ^^^ ^^^^ 

[liUUjom Barry, the murdereA oi Andrew ^eZlen, was taken to Bismarck yesterday and 

turned over to the state prison oiilcijals. 

********** August 30, 1901 

A rear end collision between {^reight trains In the N. P. yaAds at Valley City en 
Uondojy night re&utted In the killing o{^ Ed. Hinks, a harvest hand who was stealing a 
ride. He had $140 on hl& peASon. 


August 30, 1901 

A daughter o^ Senator Slotten oiJ Wahpeton died at Jamestown this week. She had been 
a su£{ieAeA ^rcm a mild mental ailment ^or some time past. {? see article above S/ 25/ 01) 

********** August 30, 1901 

It Is thought by some that the Insane man who was here In June and later died In the 

asylum at Jamestown, may be A. A. Abrahamson oi Orlonvllle who disappeared about that 

time. The description Is somewhat slmlZoA. 

********** Septejmber 13, 1901 

Word was received the ilAst o{, the week oi the death oi Vas. F. M, Jones' brother 


at Ne-zyiah, U'l., la&t fn^day. M^. Jonu oKfUvtd ihtne. ^'a&t tuoanty- iouA houu bz{,oA.e. he. 
poM^zd amy. •,,,,,,*,, Sep^ernbeA 27, 1901 

Vfi. A. \I ., ionmenJbj oi LidgeAwood, died oi dlabete/, at BA^Undentown, FL., 
on Szpt. 15th, 1901. He uiai> weZt known thAoughout the county, having Kzpfizi>ente.d the 
Twelfth dl6tAA.cX In the itate lejiate ifiom 1S94 to 1S9S. 

»«««*««»,» SzptejnbeA 27, 1901 

Maa. QoAAle Lien died at knzta., NV., Keczntty at thz agz o^ 104 yzaA&. She had 
antU. AzczntZy madz hzn. homz at Colfax, thii, county. 

»««*«•»,,, OcXobeA. 4, 1901 

UzaJL Spfu.ngzfi, thz young man who woi ZnjuAzd Zn a thAZ6hing machZnz acctdznt nzaJi 
WyndmzAz tobt week, dizd ThuA^day night o{, kit, inju/Uzi,. Thz {^uneAoZ woi held at UoiztHz 
on Saturday. ********** OctobzA 4, 1901 

P. L. Ot&on'^ SkuJU. Cfuxbhzd South oi LidgzKood Vnlday Ulght 

P. 0. Otion, a ^oAmzfL loath oi Lidgznwood, wa& InbtantZy kJlZzd lait F/Uday 
ntght whttz KztuAnZng (jAom town i.n company with a nzlghboi. Hz wai waZkZng tn ^Jwnt o^ 
hJj> own toxun and ja&t behind thz netghboA'i wagon whzn both tzami took {^nlght and thz 
AzoA one knockzd hMn down, and one whzeZ o^ thz wagon paiizd ovzfi hU head, cAJU&hing thz 
ikutt. He woi dzad whzn ^ound. 

Cofvonzx Kauf^man and a deputy iheJitH v-i&Ztzd thz icznz on SatWiday and an Znquz&t 
wa& hztd, KZiatting Ln a veAxLict o^ accldzntaZ death. 

Vzcea&zd Zzavzi a wZ{z and ilx chiZdfizn. Hz camz {jAvm BeZgAadz, MW., about izvzn 
yzaju ago and izttZzd on izction 9 0(J VoJik Towmhtp wheAZ hz hat, iincz AZiidzd. 

********** OctobzA U, 1901 

ThAZihtng Engine Lett, Go - Onz KUlzd, One InjuAzd 
An old AmZ6 thAZ&htng zng-inz zxplodzd iouth oi CogiweZZ, SaAgznt County, SatuAday 
a{,teAnoon about 5 PM. Thz znglnzzA, E. J, A&hZzy wa& ZnitantZy kiZZzd and thz {^lAeman, 
Phit Hall, tzAAtbly icalzd about thz ^acz and nzck. Thz lattzA uxii bAought hzAz {)Jzdnz6- 
day moAnlng and l6 now at thz hoipltal wheAz Va. Colzman li making a hoAd (^Ight to iavz 
thz light oi hl& zyzi, . Thz watzA guagz got out oi oAdzA and thz pAZ&luAZ could not be 
detzAminzd AZ&ulting a& above. Thz znglnzzA'i nzck woi bAokzn by thz ioAcz oi thz zxploi- 
lon but thz body wai not mutilatzd. Thz {^lAzman wai blown lomz dtitancz and In addition 
to thz icaldlng o^ hli ^acz hli Alght collaA bonz wat, bAokzn. Thz zxploilon woi a tzA/ililc 
onz, plzcei o{, thz znglnz being picked up nzoAly hal^ a mllz OMay. Thz dead englnzzA wai a 
Uaion and coAAlzd a $2,000 In&uAancz policy In thz ModzAn Woodmen. Both thz znglnzzA and 
ilAeman weAz unmoAAizd. ********** OctobzA 11, 1901 

Thz 3 monthi old daughtzA o{) Ma. and hVu, . PetzA Lznzzn dizd Sunday a^tzA a wzzk'i 


m.nzMi> oi pnumonla. The. ^unc/iaZ Mca heZd on hionday, Reu. Fnzd WaZteA conducting ihz 
iZJiKjlcu . Thz poAcnti have. the. iympcuthy o£ att in theJji a{^iZA.ction. 

»»*«*««»«« OcXjobeA IS, 1901 


WAJitiam Gtl6leM., a 14 yeoA old 6on ojj Gui. GeJj,lzfi, a {^cumeA In Hcuunon Town&kip, uxii 
acCyidznXlly i>hot by hJj> comrade. whJJit hantinQ ducki In Vfuj lake liut Sandaij. 

Ke dizd ^nom the. woandi bejJoA-e mzdicaJi cu,6-Li>tance. could be. had, Wz knouj o^ itvenal. 
peMMoni who havz been ihot whiZe. huniing Zn that lake., but £ofitunately no one ha& been 
kJJZzd be(^oKe at, ioK a6 we have leoAnzd. We hope thz iad death oi young Gel&lzA heAz 
a^tzA Mill wajin othzu to be moKZ coAz^ul with tkeJji ihotguni whiZz hunting. 
. . . .l¥?lUGTOn TIMES.... * ********* OcXobeA U, 1901 

J. B. LockhoAt dizd at ToAgo on Sunday night a^tzA a ihoKt illnzM following a poAol- 
ytic itAokz. Hz wall well known in thz 60utheAn pant Oj$ thz itatz ai, a Kzal zitatz man, 
KzpKZkznting hzavy intzAz&ti in ZLchland, SoAgznt and adjoining countiti. 

*«»«»«,*«« OctobeA 25, 1901 

Augusta, thz IS yzoA old daughteA o^ William MoAx, who6Z homz ii nzafi Uantadon, dizd 
Sunday monviing a^tzA a pnolongzd i2lnz&6 . Vzczaizd had bzzn a iu^eAeA ifiom dnopiy ion 
izvznal wonthi and thi6 was thz cauMZ oi heA death. Thz iuneAol woi held iHzdneidajy . 

»*»*»««**« Uovembzn 1, 1901 

John Rudd, a Spaniih WoA VztzAan, Viz& on a Soo TKzLght 

Loit Tuiday aiteAnoon, whzn thz Soo ineight inom thz za&t puZZzd in heAz, an unknown 
man wa6 iound dzad undeA a thAZihing nig that wa& being ihippzd nonth on a ilat can. Thz 
nig wa& ownzd by Vzmp^zy oi Whzaton, M^f., and thz dzad man wai a mzmbzA oi thz cnew that 
woi going with thz machine to thz vicinity oi Fzi^zndzn. Tn&tzad oi joining thz othzn 
membzu oi thz cneu:, howzven, hz had iixzd up a comiontablz nesting placz on thz ilatcan 
wiXh the bedding oi kU iellowi, . Thz lait izzn oi him alivz wa& ju6t beionz leaving Tain- 
mount, at which, timz he had mounted thz can in an intoxicatzd condition. When iound hene 
the body wa6 htilt wanm and Vn. Spottiwood wonkzd iomz timz in thz hopz oi nzitoning liiz 
but without avoAl. Thz nemaim wene taken to the viZlagz jaiZ and Cononzn Kauiman iummonzd 
Hz annivzd Satunday monning and aiten examining hali a dozen wiXnzSizi,. . .H. C. Vani>low, 
F/L<xnfe and Joe Veitz, MeU MUen, Vn. Spott&wood, Cha&. Heln, Ed McLaughlin and a memben 
oi the CAZW... decided that the deczaizd camz to htk dzath inom acutz alcoholi&m, and that 
aiteAnoon thz nemain6 weAZ buAizd at thz county' i expense. LUtle wai, known oi the man 
beyond the iact that he had been a local chaAacten at Wheaton ion a yean on mone, spending 
mo&t oi hii tune and all oi hii money at the saloons. Even hii name wa& unknown to htb 

It ieemi thznz wai onz man at Whzaton, howzvzn, who had iZAvzd with the deceased in 
the Spantih Won., and knew hti tAuz name wa& John M. Rudd, and he notiiied Uajon Jamei, 


E-tiM.n cut Hinnzapotil, , wkeAt Radd'i pzoptz luldz. No z{,£ofU wcl6 madz to i-cnd tkz lanujjj, 
howzvzA, and thay would have. n.imcu,ntd A.gnonn.nt o£ hli dzaXh but {,0^ a bfu.z{^ -otcm Zn Tau- 
daxj'i, TAjmti ujfUch caughX. thz ei/e o^ 6. M. Radd, a ttap-btiothoA oi the. de.cexi6zd. He Immed- 
iateZy took the tfwJ,n ^OK hzAZ and aXfUved the icme evening. On Zeatnlng the condition 
o{^ allalu and that the body had aJL>ieadij been bujUed, he, KeXuAned to Mjineapotiii Wedwc^- 
day a^teAnoon. In an InteAvZew with The WEWS he stated that the. decea&zd wai, 38 yexutd old 
old and {^ofi leveJiaZ yeaA6 had been to&t ilght o^ by the iamiZy, who coit him oi{, on account 
0|5 hl& IntempeAote hablXi. The {^atheA, M. J. Radd, Zlvzi at 1821 7th St. S., ^ilnnzapoti& . 
Veceoied uxa ^Ive {^eeX iouA Inches tatt, u}eA.ghted 140 pounds; light' complexion, blue eye^ 
and bnx!U)n halt, and dAeMed In tabonlng gatb. Vzceaiied had at one time availed iomt Hie 
IniuAance, but It l& thought the. policy had been allowed to taphc. 

»*'««»«*»*» Hovejnbex S, 1901 

HKi. E. M. JoneJ, received the. iad lntelllge.nce on Monday o^ the death o£ heA ^atheA, 

Wm. WllZlam, at 2:10 PM ojj that day at Heenah, WI. Pececwecf woi 84 yexiM old and death 

wai due to old age. UKi. Jontl, AztuAnzd only fizcently f^Aom Meenah wheAe ihe wai called 

to atte.nd the ^uneAol o^ a bKotheA. 

»*«»»»»»,» NovembeA 8, 1901 

GeoAge FetteAly, one o^ the gang o^ houe thieves that hoi In^utzd the vicinity oi 
Woomocket, SV., ^ok ieveAol yeaxi,, wai fatally wounded by a ianmeA ncoA PleAce, Hl.,lait 
week. Geo. Moody, who wai captwied heAe eanly In the iall, and li now ieAvlng tUme In the 
Slgux falli PenltentaxAy , wai a membeA of, the iome gang. 

»**«»«,»», HovembeA 8, 1901 

VIED tt'IRTEWBERGER kt LidgeAwood on Mov. 17th, oi In^lxmatlon oi the boweLi. 

Veloae ColdeneA WlAtenbeAgeA, the only child o^ M^. and MAi, P. WljitenbeAgeA, at the 
age o{i live and a half, monthi. 


NovembeA 29, 1901 

GREAT BEW ITEMS Vied. . .Tntday evening, Nov. 29th, Enwln, the two yeax old ion 

oi Ma. and Ma4. Tfied SedleA, oi thli place, aiteA a two wecki IZlncii oi lung ieveA. The 
iuntfuxl iSAvlcti weAe held on Uonday at the GeAman Methodlit ChuAch by Rev. Movlu^ oi 
LidgeAwood. Tht chuAch wai beautliuUy decohote-d with ilowexi and black and white dAapzAy, 
ioA the occoilon. . ..ReponteA. . . . VecembeA 6, 1901 

MoAtha Elvlck, cook on GoAdon EAOi . ' Bonanza ioAm In UeZion county, wai buAncd to 
death while KendeAlng lohd on Tuesday. The building In which ihe wai working caught ilte 
and wai deMtoyed. ********** VecembeA 6, 1901 

Ma4. Auguit KAleg, wlie oi the iofimzA englneoA In the null heAe, died at Mlnntapotii week aiteA a llngeAlng lllneii. She wai In pooK health at the time oi leaving heAe 

loit iummeA and contfw.cted a ilow ieveA which ACiulted In heA dexxth. Vecexxied leaver a 

husband and ilve imall chldlAzn. 

********** VzcembeA 6, 1901 


HzMuj HWicA dizd at the. home. o{, h-id pcULtyvU, nexui UantadoK on Tuuday cut 
7 o'clock o{i pnzumonla., at the. age o^ 30 yzoAi. Ve.cexi&e.d wai the. youngest 6on o^ Ma. 
and Ma4. Hike HiZZeA, welt known old tirnz fieMldejvU, and had bee.n Wi {^oK. quuXz a wkile. 

The luneAoZ wa& heZd ye^teAday at UantadoK, Rev. FA.. Studntcka conducting the 

4eAux.cei. »«»«»«»»«« 

VecembeA. 7 3, 7907 

Wew4 Kea.che.d heJie o^ the death o{^ tW,. KnuAfi oi CZam Tatii, Wl . , lonmeAty o{^ thii, 

place. The deceoied wai the wt^e oi VeteA KnuM., e.x-mllleA at Hanktmon, who died 

/iZveAal yejOAi ago. The deceR&e.d died of, typhoid ^eveA.. She lexivzi. a daughteA oi 79 

and a ion oi 7 2 yeoAi. 

VzcembeA 20, 7907 


GREAV BEMV ITEMS Vied oi Heofit Vlizoie Clxuii, Tli^heA, tivlng iouA mlZe^ eoit 

oi heAe, dltd la6t SatuAday mohnlng at hli home oi heaAt dliea&e.. Vecea^zd wci6 oi app- 
oAent good health, till, the zvejilng pKZvloui to hli, death, idien hz complained to hli, 
wliz about having a hzadachz, and tkii contlnuzd to gKow woA6e, tllZ It bzcjomz nzczbioAy 
to tznd ioK a doctoA. Bat atl mzdlcal i,kUil wa6 VukeZzkl , dzxith had dAawn neoA and hz 
qulztly pai6zd away In thz pAZ&zncz oi hli wliz and a iew aiiemblzd nzlghboA6. 

Vzcza&zd was a wzalthy ioAmzA, and wzU known by eveAy one In thli vicinity. He 
Izavzi a wliz but no chlldAzn. Thz iunzAal wai hzld on Monday at the LuthzAan ChuAch, 
Rzv. T. Hlnk conducting thz iZAvlczt,. Thz zntlAZ congAzgatlon ioUowzd thz Azmalnb to 
thoAA Ijiit Az&tlng place. Thz e.ntlAZ community ai, well ai thz widow izeZ thz Ion oi 
thzlA well llkzd iAlznd. 

,«»»»»»*»« VzcembzA 20, 1901 

Ulcholai, LinbzAg, a tln&mlth, wai iAozzn to death nzoA Glznwood, MN., danlng thz 
cold ipeUL oi loit wzzk. He wai AztuAnlng homz In an Intoxlcatzd condition. 

««»»««***» VzcembzA 27, 7907 


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Lee 10 

Lenzen 8,21,27,46 

Lien 46 

Linberg 49 

Linek 9 

Lloyds 26 

Lockhart 47 

Luckf eet 3 

Mackovich 41 

Maloy 9 

Marsh 19 

Marx 47 

Mary 11 

Matthews 2 

Mc Donald 3 

Mc Ilwain 16 

Meanest Man 6 

Medenwold 6,28 

Mehrer 21 

Mellen 45 

Merrifield 18,37 

Meyer 9 

Miksche 25 

Milbrandt 8 

Miller 1,8,13,44,49 

Minks 45 

Mitchell 21 

Mohs 12,14 

Monroe 27 

Moreland 37 

Mower 23 

Naggatt 9 

Navratil 40 

Neisinger 30 

Neland 26 

Nelson 31,36 

Nesson 28 

Newbourer 43 

Nordtvedt 21 

Nurnberger 29 

Odland 20 

Oechsner 7 

Olien 11 

Olson 39,46 

Parslow 30 

Parsons 6,7 

Patretzke 13 

Patterson 4 

Peace 24 

Peitz 11 

Peterka 29 

Pierce 18 

Ponath 8 

Portner 1 

Preton 13,16 

Pypiar 32 

Quelle 28 

Revenger 39 

Rice 14 

Rinderman 1,39 

Rippie 11 

Rischard 1 

Roeder 4,20,23 

Rossow 35 

Roth 1,28 

Rudd 47 

Russell 13,18 

Scunpson 12 

Satterlund 39 

Schaef er 16 

Schmitt 9 

Schraeder 3 

Schroeder 7 

Schuls 7 

Schultheis 40 

Schultz 31 

Schulz 14 

Scott 26,38 

Sedler 48 

Shea 11 

Shepherd 3 

Shipe 42,43 

i/.iillU/ H!GTO;^Y I. , 
35 NORTH WEST Ti:'; 
^'T! AKECITY. M"' 



Siegelmein 20 

Slasinger 1 

Sletten 45 

Slotten 45 

Smart 12,40 

Snodgrass 25 

Snow 13 

Springer 46 

Stabenow 41 

Stach 6,36 

Starkey 39 

Stiles 2 

Stinson 36 

Stilwell 39 

Stoltenow 13,14 

Stout 14 

Sunderhof f 18 

Sven 41 

Sweigle 44 

Thacker 14 

Thomas 38 

TlTompson 3 

Triner 13 

Tubbs 12,18 

Unknown 25,41 

Victoria 35 

Voeltz 7 

Wagner 13,14 

Wallman 14 

Waterhouse 19 

Watson 39 

Weber 9 

Weiss 14,15 

Wennand 43 

Wheeler 32 

Whipps 31 

White 16,37 

Wholsdorf 36 

Whilhelmina 6 

Williams 36,48 

Wilm 16 

Wiper 32 

Wipperman 11 

Wirtenberger 48 

Wirth 4 

Witt 15,16 

Wltzel 15 

Woiwode 3 

Wolf 21 

Wolters 5,16 

Wood 3,13 

Woolsey 6,7 

Zacharias 26