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Full text of "Hankinson news : marriage and death announcement extractions from the Hankinson News, Hankinson, Richland County, North Dakota"

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• BEND ^ 

HANKINSON "^^^^^^ 



AUG 2 6 1998 

ITEM n. 


XL IB 7-102 

G. S. 

4:^19 2:055443 

SALT l^.KE CITY, UTAH 84150 



* * * 

Film No 

May 2, 1907 - May 12, 1910 



Ellzabtth M. Coltim 

1163S SE 164th St. 


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© 1993 Elizabeth M. Collins 
Copyright 1993 by Elizabeth M. Collins 
All Rights Reserved Worldwide 
Printed in the United States of America 

?lbn i> 157 J HANK1NS0N NEWS Ucuj 2, 1907 - Haij 12, 1910 

Wi. Wm. Eckz/i& and Hi66 AnnZz MoAcki weAe moAAlzd on lilzdnuday, May Ut, 1907, 
at UaniMofi. kf^teA the. ceAejnony the. young couple KeX.uxned to the home o^ Kick EckeJ>, 
iatheA. oi the gfioom, u)heAe a loAge cOicZe oi inlendi, and fieZatcve^ gatheAed to enjoy 
thejn&eZve^ oveA the event. 

The ghoom t6 a pfw6peAx)ai young {^anmeA, a ion oi Nick Ecke/>. The a daaghteA 
0^ Wm. MoAcfei oi Gxeat 'Bend. We extend congfiatuZatlom and uilih thejn a happy, pJioApeA- 
0U6 voyage thfwugh tlie. 


H. E. StnAJ>i>eZ woa absent on Monday attending the wtddlng oi hli bnx)theA.-ln-Zaw, 
Max VKonkiuAtk. ********** ^^ 23^ 7907 

3okn Hipp and MI&6 lizzie. Roth weA.e maMled at Uahpeton the ilut oi the week, 

and the cu&tomafiy wedding ieJ^tlvltlti weAe heZd Tue^iday. 


The wedding oi Max FnMnkiwith and Mlii Manle klbfiecht li> being ceZebKoted at the 
home oi the bnlde'l iatheA, Ben kibKecht, eoi-t oi town today. The young couple oKe 
weZi known and populaA and a ho&t oi inlendi extend be^t wishes. 

********** May 23, 1907 

Invitations ate out ioK a gfiand wedding on ThuAiday, May 30th, when Mn.. Choi. 

AndeAion and Mu>4> Emma Bohn, daaghteA oi Wm. Bohn, wUZ be joined In wedlock. The 

wntteA Id unable to get the fiepofit oi the wedding In thU l6iue but will do io next week, 


May 30, 1907 

Ed Loktn and Mlii CloAa Lund weAe mafiAled at 10:30 AM Wednesday moHnlng at the 
BfioondKotd ChuAch. The ceAemony waj, iollowcd by a deception at the home oi the bAlde'i 
motheA, Ma&. J. S. Lund, neoA VeAnon. The gfvoom l& poitmasteA at VeAnon and one oi 
ouA popuZoA gentlemen. All join In extending congfuLtulatlon& . 

********** June 13, 1907 

On Tuesday, June 18th, M^. Thank J. KnuppeZ and Ml&i MaAtha R06SOW weAe moMled 
at the LutheAon Ev. ChuAch, Rev. T. Hlnck oHlclatlng. The bnlde and gfvoom aAe well 
and iavonably known heAe. Mt. Knuppel l& gAoln buyeA ioK the EaAmeAi Mill and Elev. 
Co., and an IndustAcoui young man with an excellent fie.putatlon. 

The bnlde li a daughteA oi one oi oua welt-to-do ioAmeAi, Julius Rosiow. AiteA 

the ceAemony inlendi and Kelatlves gatheAcd to celebnate. the occasion. The wAiteA 

joins the HE\)1S In wishing the young couple a pAospeAous ^ happy voyage thAough Hie. 

M^. and Mns. Knuppel will be at home In GKejxt Bend when the canpenteAS have the 

dmeZllng house completed which In now undeA way. 

********** j^^ 20, 1907 


Jnv^Xation& OAZ out ion. thz manxaigz o^ Hzjmf Efib and Uli6 Mvlna. WtbeJi, weM. 
fenown t/otmg ptoplt oi BzZiofid, to takt pltjucz at St. John'i ChuAch on Tauady, June 27th. 

»«««»*»«»« jjyjg 20, 1907 

In the. Auih o^ ca/uiivaZ weefe itvtfiaJi local Item weAe. oveAlookzd, among them the 
moAfUage oi Ulii Lizzie BeaveA, daaghteA oi AiA.. and Hu. Hick BeaveA, to Wi. Anton 
HeAxiing oi Gxeendale. The. ceAemony wai> peAionmed at LidgeMXJod by Rev. F. Iimbaih 
on Tuesday, June 11th. The young people aAe voelZ knovon and have thz be^t wliheJ> oi 
all ioK a long and happy voyage on thz matAimonAjol hzja. 

«««»«»«««« J^J^J^^ 20, 7907 

Hem hat> been Azczivzd oi ikz moAnlagz oi Hi&6 Jo6ie Abfiahamion, ionmenty oi 
Hanklmon, to Hft. Stzvz Moti& at Vougloi^, HO., on the 10th oi June. 

»««««»»««« J^J^^ 27, J907 

HU>4, tkigdalen LambeAt and Ha. FAank Elzgel, populoA young people oi UantadoK, 
weAz unitzd In moAAiagz on DIzdnzl>day oi Ixubt weefe, Reu. TatheA Slmonl, peAiofming 
thz ceAemony. ********** June 27, 1907 

UlA. and Uu. R. B. Louviy AetuAnzd Tuesday ifiom thein. wedding tAip and mUJL go to 
housekeeping at, soon ait thz Li&k cottagz, which thz gfioom Azcently puAcha6zd l& vac- 
atzd. ********** jj^^ 27, 1907 

Tkz wzdding oi Hii>6 Mvlna WzbeA to Ua. HenAy EfiJb wa6 Aolemilzzd at St. John'i 
ChiAck noAth oi town tkii> moAnlng, Rev. HitgzndoAi oiilciatlng. Following thz ceAz- 
mony thz gazi>ti> xepalfizd to thz homz oi thz* & poAenti,, Ma., and Hu. bhn. WzbeA, 
wheAz thz usual wzddlng izitlvltles oAz being held. 

Thz bfildz l& a wzll knxiwn young lady with hosts oi ifu.ejn.ds, and thz gftoom li an 
Industfilous young ianmeA, highly estzemzd In his nelghbofihood. ThzlA many ifUends ex- 
tend cjongfiatuZatlons and best wishes. 

********** jj^^ 27, 7907 

HoAAlzd Hn.. H. HoAfUson to Hiss Annie Johnson, both oi Vofian, on Sunday last. 

lAfi. HoMAJtOn AztuAnzd to Sonofia on Twesday. 

********** J^y ,J^ ^9^7 


Ollva, MW. Tlmzi The St. Aloyslous Catholic Chufich oi this village was the 

scznz oi a veAy pfiztty wedding on Tuesday mofinlng when, at 9 AM, Uiss Lita VonnzlZy 
was unitzd In moAfiiagz to Ua. Anthony BeAnoAd, Rev. fathzA Vzfu,gofuL conducting thz 

Thz bfildz and gfioom weAz attended by Ml&s Edna Kiklnton oi EfiownsvllZz, WI., and 
Hiis lAoAgaAet BeAnaAd oi GAeat Bend, MP., Ua. Afmold BeAnafud oi GKzat Benct and Ufihan 
Vonnztty oi Kingman. The iloweA glfil was Magglz SheAln, and UasteA TeAcy Vzuting coA- 
filzd thz fling In a magnlilcznt Amefilcan Beauty fiosz. Thz bfildz was pfiettlly attlAed 
In a dAess oi Libefity satin tAiimzd with lacz and chlHon, and coAAlzd bftldz's fioszd. 


HeA vziZ wcLi caught Jin thz hcuA uxith tLtiej, o^ thz vaLizy. The. gtvoon wcw mntZy 
cuttUizd In thz convzntionaZ black. Thz bAA.dci,mald& wofie. whlto. and coAAZzd wkltz 
CjOLfuuvtioni. Thz ckuJich woi vtfuj pKeXtily dccofuatzd uxUh poitzd plant&, inoubatii, and 
bfiidaJL u}A.z/Uh, ^ox thz occa&A,on. Hi&i LLLilan BoAnlzA playtd the. wzdxiing moAch. 

/tC 12 o'cZodi a wzdding bKzak^a^t wa6 4>eAvtd to n.ztatlva> and Zimzdiatz ^Axendi 
at thz homz o^ thz bfbidz' l pafLznti -at IClngman Towmhip. kt 6 ?^ a dinnzA. and fizczpt- 
Zon was glvzn to which aZZ {^ntendi wcAe coAdiaZZy InvZtzd. A Znfigz numbzA injom thJjt 
VAJHagz U1ZA.Z -en attzndancz. Thz zvzning woa ptza.i>antZy ipznt Zn dancing. 

Thz bftidz, who Li thz only daughteA o^ Hfi. and f^u. A. H. VonnzlZy, -li, wztl and 
iavofwJbly known, having Kzildzd with hzn. pafizntM, until two a ft th/izz yzoAS ago whzn 4,hz 
wznt to HinnzapolLi whexz ^hz has bzzn zmployzd {oa. somz -tone -in onz o^ thz banking 
Zn&titivtioni oA a itznogfiaphzA.. 

Thz gfioom l^ a 6on oi Ufi. and M^. BeAnoAd, o^ Gxzat Bend, NV., and Jit, Jin thz 
zmploy oi thz SchulZ LumbzA Co., o^ Hinnzapolii, 04 bookkzzpzA. Both young pzoplz 
OAz po£iZ66zd 0^ happy dLiJ>poi.itA.onJ> , which havz madz them a laAgz numbeA o^ ^Alendi, 
and all wlih them a happy and contzntzd li£z togetheA. Thzy will Izavz tomoAAow ^oA. 
lU.nnzapolL& , thzlA {utuAz homz. 

Among tko&z iAjom out 0^ town who wzAz pA.eJ>znt at thz nuptlaZi wzAz- Wi. and Uaj,. 
BzAnoAd, paAznts 0^ thz gAjaom, Ha., and Haa. BzAnaAd, UncZz and Aunt, and HA., and Ma^. 
BzAnoAd, CouMhn oi thz gAjoom, and Hi66 HoAy GULil&, aU. 0^ GKejot Bend, htD. , Mc44 
LillLan AndeAion 0^ Uinnzjapolis , UUi CeZla Elklngton oi BAawn^vlIZz, Wl., J06. BeAn- 
and 0(J St. TAanci& SzminoAy. 

Vlck Knaak and Ma4 Tllliz (?) Huefcecfe weA.e moAAlzd at Wahpzton la&t SatMAday. 

********** August 1, 1907 

FAlzndi, 0^ Hlii Maudz Wood havz KzceZved caAxU announcAjig heA moAAiagz on SatuA- 
day, July 27 th to Ma. CoAlylz UumioAd To&teA. Thz bAldz li> a daaghtzA oi Ha. and HAi. 
W. H. Wood 0^ thli place and li wzll known, having bzzn a tzachzA In thz public ichooli. 
at onz timz. Shz hai many ^Alendi who zxtznd congAatuZatlx)ni and bz&t wl&hzi>. Ha.. 
and Ha£. Fo&teA will bz at homz at Hotel HcKay, VuZuth, a^teA Auga&t 10th. 

********** Aagoit 1, 1907 

Ha. and Ha6. A. Golditelji and chitdxen Iz^t ThuA&day zvznlng ^OA Hlnnzapotii to 
attend thz wzdding o^ thz {iOAmeA'i bAothzA David, who wa& employed In Goldstein and 
KulbzAg'i itoKz at onz tune and who will bz KemzmbeAzd by many oi ouA A.eadeA&. 

»««**«««»» Auguit 8, 1907 



On Scutanday moAnlng, KwQiUtt 3l6t, cut onz mimvtz pcu>t -ftoe/ue o' cZock, Rev. W. P. TlLck- 
eAt pAonounczd the. woKcUt uikldi joZne-d Zn hoty votdlock ka> daughteA, TZna., to lOt. C. F. Shaw. 
T/ie ceAemom/ wcu, pzA^oAmzd cut the. home, oi the bHJide. aji the. pxe^enct o^ a ^ew cio4>e {^Kiejndit 
and fieZcutiveJ) , and the neitity viedded coupZz teit immedicuteJiy on the Soo tJiaJbn. {ok Uameapotli> 
to 6pejid tke/Ji honeymoon. 

The li wett known, having been a Ke^ldent oi Hanklmon ion. ieveAaZ yexiu, and ha& 
a ho6t 0^ {i>u.endt> and uieZt uiliheja. The Qfwom ha& a KeMpomlbte po^-ition uujtk the Soo Com- 
pany and Zi t&teemed by aJiZ. ^ofi hit, many good quaJUictt&. 

The NBJS -in common uiLth otheA ^Alends extendi hejofutizit congfuututatZoni and beJ,t wcifiei 
^ofL a long and happy mvuiled ti^e. 

Un.. and Hu. Shaw KeXwmed e/vity Zn thz week {fLom theln. t/Up and axe. making theZn. home 
Zn the ZickeAt cottage ioA the. pfieMent. 

««««»««»»« ScptembeA 5, 7907 

HEIEV - l?£[MkD 

The moAXZage oi Mcii EZZzabeth HeZey to Ma. Hoy LeVan Xxetand woi AolejvnZzed cut the 
homz oi thz bhZdz'i paAejits, Mt. and Mai,. Tfiank C. Hztey, eoAty Monday monnZng, Zn thz 
pAej,zncz 0({ A.eZatZvz& and a (Jew ZimzdZatz ^AZendi. Rev. W. A. Whitcomb peA^omed thz 

Thli wa& an event that had bzzn cmtZcZpatzd uiZth ZnteAzit by thz many {Alzndi ci thz 
contAactZng poAtZei, both o^ whom oAz weZJL known and popvJLaA wZXk edit. The bfiZdz ha& gfiown 
to womanhood Zn HahkZn&on and nwnbeAi, heA ^KZzndi by thz iconz, beZjrig hZghJLy z&teejnzd {^ox 
heA many womanly quaJUtZzi. Thz gfwom Zj, a 4>on oi Mfi. and Mu. S. P. iKztand and thz JunZoA. 
membeA o^ thz iZfm oi JAzland S Son6. HZ& iAZzndi oAz ai nimeAoal, a& hZl> acquaintances. 

M'L. and Mas. IfieZand dzpanted on thz zoAJiy tAoZn ioK a bfUzi bKZdaJi tout and on theZA 
letuAn wZZZ go to hoaizkeepZng Zn thz homz which thz gfwom ha& pnovZdzd on the &owtk iZde 
oi town. They wZJUi be "at homz" to theZA iAZzndi aitzA Szpt. 10th. 

«»«»*««*«« SzptejnbzA 5, 7907 

A ieatuAz oi thz Minnz&ota Statz ToZa tkii wzzk that attAactzd a tot oi attention wa& 
thz moAAZagz oi MZii MZtdAzd Nulph oi WyndmeAz, and CaAl E. HaMZj, oi Watcott. Thz ceAemony 
took place on thz iaZA gAoundi, Zn thz pA.z&zncz oi thoa&andi oi pzoptz, and theAZ was doubt- 
less thz toAgzit assembly oi gazsts that zveA attendzd a wzdding Zn thz nonthmest. Thz bfiZdz 
Zs a niece oi Chas. A. Mulph oi thZs placz. 

«««««»,,,, SzptejnbeA S, 1907 

Sam CAandalZ and Miss LueMa Hunt weAz maAAZzd at lulahpeton on Monday, Aug. 26th, Rev. 
E. OlZn EtdnZdgz cuondiuctZng thz czAemony. We wish thz couplz a happy and pAxjspzAoas voy- 
agz thAcagh tiiz. ««««»«»«•« SzptejnbeA 5, 1907 


Lait eueivcng at 6 VU, at the. homz o^ thz'6 paAznt&, Rev. Kunz pnx>nounczd tht 
wondi, that jolnzd Zn wzdtock hUj>A EZnofia WoAnzA. and W^. HoAoZd KeZizy. Tht bfUdz vxu, 
attzndzd by hzn. 4-ci-teA, Mci4 ktiaz, and Gu&tav Racfeow actzd ai, bz&t man. Thz poAZou wzfiz 
pKiXXXZy dzcoAotzd in puAptz and whitz. Thz bnldz waa thz fizclpiznt o^ a lofigz numbzA. o^ 
bzaLuti£ut gZ^ti). 

Thz bfudz ti thz ztdzit daughtzA oi M^. and Wii. Thjzd WohneA and -U a nativz o^ Hich- 
Zand County. Hzt ^fu.zndi and wzU, uiiihzfu oAz nurribznZz&6. Thz Qtvoom am aZj>o wzZt known 
hzAz, bzLfig a nzphzw oi F. A. Rm^zZZ ^o^mznly o^ thl6 placz, and cZzAkzd in thz lattzA.' i> 
ittofiz ioK a yzax ok moKz. Hz -ii highly zitzzmzd by aJU. who know him and thz congfiotuiatiom, 
and bz&t wiihzi oi thz zntiAz community an.z zxtzndzd to thz young coupZz. 

MfL. and MfU>. KzZizy Zzavz tomoAAcw moAning ^oK a ihoit vi&it in thz citiz&, and wiZi 
bz at homz at BAook ToaJi, MW., a£tzA. Oct. Ut. 

»««»»««««« Szptvnbzn. 12, 1907 


St. Taut Vi&patch: A noon wzdding MW4 onz o^ thz ottAactiom at thz iain. gAoundi 
today. JuZiui E. WatkAjfU,, o^ Watcott, WP. , and HiSi HildAzd Nulph, o^ WyndmeAz, WP. , weAe 
mofifitzd by Rev. EmUi Sandi o^ UinnzapotU , at thz hlofithczstzAn AgnicuZtuJiUt Building. 

Ai might bz zxpzctzd thz wzdding pJwvzd a big attraction ^OK thz womzn in thz cfiowd, 
and thz mzn, alio, 6zzmzd quitz anxtoui to 6zz and hzoA zvzAything. A big cn.owd gathzAzd 
in {,Kont oi thz building and it waj> with dii^cuZty that thz policz iucczzdzd in cZzoAing 
thz way ^oK thz wzdding poJity. VfwbabZij thizz thouiand pzMon 4aw ok tnizd to 4ee thz 

Thz bKidz, hzK attzndant6 and ^owzK giKti wzKz dKivzn oKound thz gKoundi in automobiZz6 
zMcjoKtzd by a band, and when {^inaJUiy thz pKocz&iion itoppzd in thz cKowd in iKont oi thz 
building, thz gKoom &tood on thz poKch waiting. But thz gKoom wa& not thz peA&on in whom 
thz cKowd wa& intzKz&tzd, ^oK no i>ooneA had thz bKidz alightzd than aJLt zyz& weJiz tuKnzd 
upon hzK. 

Hiii Nulph woKz a light bluz gown, pictuKz hat and coAAizd a bouquet o^ whitz Koizi. 
Thz big CKowd zvidzntZy did not aloKm hzK, ^OK ai 6hz waZkzd to thz pKoch ihz wa& to alt 
oppzaAonczi) a& tittZz di&tuKbzd OM though ihz wzKz among hzK homz ^Kiendi. 

Thz zvangzlicaJi izKvicz wai, u&zd, and thzKz wzKz (Jew {^onmaJUtieJi. Thz cKowd gavz 
Kz&pzctablz attention, but zvzKybody wai immzn&elj/ plzoizd whzn thz gKoom kiu>zd thz bKidz. 
A wzdding bKzak^oit wa& 6zKvzd on thz poKch, iolZowing thz czKesnony. 

Thz ^athzK and mothzK 0)J thz bKidz, and thz mothzK o£ thz gKoom, with thz othzA nzoA 
KeJbativeM, wzKz pKz&znt. 

f^K. and HKi. bJatkini Kemainzd on thz ialK gKoundi thz balancz o£ thz day, and tomoKfiow 
thzy wiJil Izavz ioK Walcott, thziK {^utuKz homz. 

«*««»»<««» SzptembeA H, 1907 

Samuzl S. Uamizy and HUi Bziiiz A. Schuztt 6uKpKiizd thziK ^Kizndi by ilipping away 

to IUnnea.poli& and bzing moKKizd lait SatuKday. Thz event woi not unlockzd £oK but thz 
couplz took timz by thz ioKeZjDck and anticipated thz datz whLkpzKzd by theJji cloizit {^Kizndi. 


The. bnldz It, a. daughtzA. o{, Wi. and Wu,. Ci/m. Sckaztt and hoi, gKown to womayihood In TUck- 
land Coarvty. She. hxu a ho6t oi ifileMi in tkU iection and ii a {^avoJiitt uiUh alt. Thz 
QKoom Aj, baggage rrvuteA on the Soo and dwiing ku tiixez ok ^ouai, yeau ' fie^ldencz heAz hoi 
made ^endi by the icoie. kit join in extending congKxUutatlon& and btit wiihe^ to the 
young couple. Uk. and Hu. Ram&ey uUtt go to housekeeping in the SchiiUheii cottage. 

********** ScptembeA n, 1907 

The beti in the ckuAch touiex pextted iofttk iti, meMjy chimtit in ha/mony and joy at the 
houA 0^ 7 o'clock Saturday evening oveJi thz glad new4 that Cupid' 6 aMouo hoi again kit 
home. RobeAX. W. Wizi& and Hi&A MaAtha Lubenow, tMo oi ouA. mo&t populan. young pzoplz, wzAjz 
Joined in wzdtock at thz Gfizat Bend ChuAck, Rev. John Fi6heA oi^dating. 

kitzA. thz czAzmony thz young couplz and gujziti paAtook oi a gfiand wzdding 6uppzA oJt 
the home oi thz bnidz' & paAenti, M^i. and Mti. Vavid Lubznow. Ha. and HaJi. Wi^^4, olAz wztt 
and ^avoAably known in thzMZ poAti. Ma. Wiz66 i6 ca&hizA o^ thz TaAmeAJ, State Bank and 
ha.i> pAovzn, Mkltz in that position, thaJt fie ha& the abitity o^ a good bankzA and a tKuz 

Thz bAidz is a daughteA o^ ouA gzniat mzAchant Vavid Lubznow, and onz o^ Zicktand Cou- 
nty's laiAZMt daughtzM. Thz mitzA joins The WEWS in wishing the happy couplz a li^e o{, 
happinzss, joy, peace and pAospeAity on thziA voyage ovzA. tide's sea. 

«««»»»»»»« SzptembzA 19, 1907 

Hankinson ^Aiznds o£ Va. kt^Azd H. Uovius havz Azczi.ved invitations to his wzdding 
whicSi happy zvent is to take place at the HlttaAd Ave. CongAe.gati.ona/. ChuAxJi in Chicago 
on Oct. 3Ad. The name o^ the bAidz to be is Hiss HeZen M. ShepaAd. 

«*»»»«»»«« SzptzjnbzA 26, 1907 

Thz moAAAjogz o^ Julias BAummund and Ulss kmetia GAtzpentAog occuAAzd on Tuzsday 
evening, Oct. 1st, Rev. HitgendoAf, pzA^oAjrn thz czAzmony. Thz contAacting paAtiz/> oaz 
wztt known in this vicinity, being among thz pionezA szttlzu and alt wish them a happy 
maAAted Uiz. ********** OctobzA 10, 1907 


Thz rroAAiagz o^ Hiss Louisa Hein to Wi. Pout Kinn was solzmnizzd at thz Catholic ChuAch 
Monday moAning at 8 AW, Rev. Jos. F. Studnidza o (officiating. MiSS knna Kinn, a sistzA ojj thz 
gAoom, actzd as bAidzsmaid, and thz gAoom was attzndzd by Ha. A. J. Studnicka. The czAzmony 
was witnzsszd by only thz irmzdiate AeZativzs and ^Aiends o^ thz contAacting paAtizs. 

foltowing thz czAzmony a sumptuous wzdding bAeakf^ast was seAvzd at the homz ol the bAi- 
dz' s poAzntS, Ha. and Has. Chas. Hein, and thz nzuily wzddzd paiA Izit on thz Soo duAing thz 
ioAznoon ^oA thz citizs, whzAz thzy wilt Azmain £oA a wzzk oA tzn days. 

Thz young pzoplz oAe known ioA mileM oAound and numbzA thziA ^Aiznds and welt wlshzAS 
by the scoAz.. Thz bAidz is thz ztdzst daughteA o{ onz o^ ouA pionzeA. setttzAS and hzA many 
womanly quatitiz^ have won ^OA hzA a cinctz o^ intends o^ such pAopoAtions as to bz almost 


numbeAZz&6 , uchiZz the. gfwom Zi tikejMA^e. hJ.ghty thought o^ by aJUi. Hz .O) a ion o£ Ma., and 
MA4. Matt Klnn, who oAt among thz otd 6tttieAi oi Gnzat Bend, and ioA. thz poit tuo yzoAi, 
hoi been aiiodattd with ha, bAothzA -in the. LiveAy builneM heAZ. 

On fietuAning ^Axun theJji wedding t/ujp Wi. and Uu. Klnn vUZt at once go to hooitkeeplng 
■in the {^Ine home xecentZy compteted by the. gfwom on the iouth 4,Zde. o^ toim, voheAz they Mitt 
be. "at home." to theAJi piiendi a{yteA NovembeA Ht. 

»«»»«»«»«« OcXobeA T7, 7907 

Cupid iJi doing Aome gfieat woAk thl6 week by joining In wedlock thAee cowpte>i>, i>OKt> and 
and daughteAi o{ thAee o^ ouA mo6t popuZaA {^a/meJiM. The wfiiteA li unable to give, the iall 
detOAZi oi the weddings on account o^ The NEWS going to p>ieJ>i> on thz iome day that two o£ th 
thz wzdding^ take pla.ce. We will howzvex, tAy to do 6 o next wzzk. 

Thz ruonei oAe. a& ^ollowi: John StAzgz to Hi&6 Anna Bohn, thz latteA a daaghtzH. 0|$ Ma.. 
and M/L4. Wm. Bohn. RobzAJt Hoz^i, a 6on 0(J Aug. Hozi6, to Hiii Alvlna. Bladow, a daughtzA o^ 
AlbzAt BZadow. fhay\k llztlow, ion oi HeAman lleXLow, to Hi&i HaAy Roaow, daagkteA oi Jul- 
lal> R066OW. They oAz aZZ weZl and ^avoAably known In thl& vlcAjuXjy, and thelA many ^Alendi 
jol.n Thz NeiM In Ulihlng them a tii,z oi happlnzii (,lllzd with iun&hine, joy, heoJith, wealth 
and pAoipeAity. ********** OctobeA Z4, 1907 

UoAAlagz llczn&zi have recently bzen Ziiuzd by County Judge JzA&ln a& £olZow6: 
BzAt AndeAion and Lena Hippe, both 0^ Hanklmon; Jno. V. StAzgz 0^ LidgzAwood and Hi&i Anna 
Bohn oi GAeat Bend; fnank Ha/Jjow and Mc44 Lizzie V^oiiow, both oi GAzat Bznd. 

********** Oc;tobeA 24, 1907 

MooAzton Thz wzddlng bzlZi fumg ^oA Ul&i Ida Viet oi tlfuj, town, and Ua. HabeAman 

oi BoAnzy, at thz St. Anthony' 6 ChuAch Tuz&day mourning. F/i. Gzydoihzk conductzd ieAvlczi. 


Thz wzddlng oi IUm Lizzlz HaHnzA and AlbeAt Knapke took place at St. Anthony'i 
ChuAcJi Monday moAnlng at 10 AM. Both oi the young people oaz weZl known and we all wl&h 
them a long and happy jouAnzy tknough thzlA maAAled lliz. 

********** OctobzA 24, 1907 

Ma.. "RobzAt Hozii, a ion oi ouA pnomlnent iafmzA, Aug. Hoeii, wai maAAled on ThuAiday 
Loit to hUii AZvlna BZadow. We extend conghatuZatlom and uilih them much joy. 

********** OctobeA 31, 1907 

Fnjonk Ziztlow, one oi ouA InduitAioui young men, was moAAlzd on i)JzdneJ>day loit to 
Hiii Liz2A.e ?.oiiow, daughtzA oi Ma., and Hfii. JuLiui Roaow, at the LutheAon ChuAch, Rev. F. 
Hlnck oiilcMiting. A gAond wedding ieait woi ipAead and many iAiendi and KeZatlvzi gatheAzd 
ioA thz occasion. Ma,, and Ma4. llztlow aAz wztl and iavofiably known heAz and we zxtznd 
congAatulatxoni . ********** 

John StAzgz and Ulii Anna Bohn weAe. moAAizd on ThuAiday loit at thz LuthzAon Ev. ChuAch 
Rev. F. Hljnck conducting thz ceAemony. AiteA thz ceAemony thz happy young couplz p^czzded 

to enjoy themieZvzi togethzAz with a numbzA oi fcelatlvzi and iAiendi who gathzfizd ion. thz 
occation at thz home oi thz bAidz'i poAznti, Ma. and Mw. lilm. Bohn. 


fAfi. and Mw. S-ttege oAz wzJUi and {avoAabZy known htfie.. Ufi. StfiZQt -ti a pfU3lptn.oiiii 
young lanmtn xej,-LdAjn.g noAH LLdgtnwood. Thz bKidz -U onz oi ouA {/jiut young ZaxUej,, heZd 
In high eJ>te.em by aJUL who know hex. The. wtUteA joajh, The. NEblS aju wliklng thejn joy and 
ha.ppim4>6 on theJji jouAnty through tl^z. 

»««»«««»»« OcXobeJL 31, 1907 

ln\}liatiotii> ofiz oat £o^ the wtdding o^ Hii6 ClemeyvUne Woiwodz, daughteA oi Wi. and 
Wa. ChoJ,. Woiu)ode oi Hantadox, to hin.. Theodore blctte. The happy event mZt take, place at 
St. PeteA 6 VauZ'i ChuAch at MantadoA next Tuesday. 

»««»«»«««» OctobeA 31, 1907 

Invltatixsni have been ii^aed ^OA the. maAAcage oi Paul BoeZke and Hfu,. AmeLLa SedleA, 
to take place at the LuutiieAan Chwich neoA Gxejout Bend next Tue&day. Both aJvt weJil known In 
the. GKeat Bend i^ecUon. ********** OctobeA 31, 1907 

On Tuesday oi ta&t week the wedding belli) nang ioK M/t. Paxil BoeZke and HfU,. kmelia 
SedleA, uko weAe joined In wedlock at the. Ev. LutheAan ChufuJi, Rev. T. fUnck oHlclatlng. 

Mt. Boelke li> one oi oun. Indu&tAloui young iafmeAi>, a man oi good quatitle^; and a 
iAiend to eveAybody. Uu. SedleA. haj> Lived In GAeat Bend a numbeA oi yeoAi, and thoie who 
know heA can ioy that she lit a woman oi high pAinclple^, leading a Hie oi puAlty. They 
wllZ KeMlde In Grveat Bend In the ilne home Aecently built \by Hu. SedleA. Ma. Boelke will 
fient hli, ia/m. We wi&h to gAeet thyii happy couple and wlih them a Hit illled with joy and 
pejice. ********** NoveJnbeA 7, 1907 

The. moAAiage oi Wc44 Clej^enttna Woljwode to Ha. TheodoAe Wltte wai solemnized at St. 
PeteA and Paul's ChuAch at UantadoA on Tuesday, Pev. Jos. Studnlcka oHlclating. 

The ceAejnony was ioHowed by a Keception at the home oi the BAide's paAents, Ha. and 
Hfis. Chas. WolMJode, wheAe a loAge numbeA oi iAiends assembled and made meAAy, the couple 
being showzAed with congratulations and beJtt wishes. 

The contAoctlng pantieA oAe. well known, the bAidz having gAown iKom childhood to 
young womanhood In this vlcLnltij, while the gnoom has ioA seveAal yeaAS been a Azsldtnt oi 
HantadoA. They will make thelA home at KnameA, fW., wheAe Ma, Wltte has a position as gfialn 
buyeA. ********** NovejnbeA 7, 1907 

A young Hankinson bAide was told that she had a modeZ husband. She looked In the 
dictionoAy the next day and iound that model, was a small Imitation oi the Aeal thing. 

********** hlovembeA 7, 1907 

Judge JeAsln, oi Wahpeton, peAioAmed a moAAiage ceAemony last week that was a little 
out oi oKdinoAy. Ole P. Eggen oi GAanvUle and Hfis. Mathilda Eggen oi Walcott appeaAed be- 
ioAe him ioA a moAAiage License, and It developed on qutstlonlng them that many yeoAS ago 
they weAe. moAAled and aiteA thAee chlldAen had been bohn to them thzy became. estAanged and 
weAe divorced. HoweveA, the little god Hymen would not let them Aest In peace and aiteA 
a ieui yeoAS they fienewed acquaintance, and again moAAied, thus Aeunitlng thz iamily ciAcle. 
BetteA luck to them this time. ********** HoverheA 7 1907 

knotkzn. b^g wtdding took pZxice. nzan. l\ajnXa.doK on TuudcLy of^ ikli weefe, thz corvtAact- 
AjfiQ poAZie^ bzAJfiQ ^ici-s Emma iiSltt and M/i. KZhznt Lofitnz. Both oAt wzU. known, tht bfvide. ■- 
being a daught^t o^ Mt. Loaa> dlZtt, onz o{t BeZioAd'i pAcminent ^onineM. Thz gfwom li an 
Znda6t/u,oui, young man., kighZy ei^eemed by aSJ., and congAxituZjation& and beJ>t wZ6h^^ ajit 
zxtendzd by a hoU oi iUznd^. ,,,»♦,,♦,• Nove^nfaeA U, 7907 

A pfuntty harm wzdding was 4o£emtczed at tkz homz oi thz gfwom' 6 lathzA in Mome4o-Ca 
Towmhlp on ThuMday, Nov. 7th, thz contAa.cting poAtlzi bzing Ul6i CaAotina. KLzZn and F. 
W. We-otfeouiJ. Mc44e4 JvJUm. Ktizn and PauLinz GaiZikz actzd ai bfUdz&maA.ds and thz gfwom 
woi attzndzd by kvugabt Uzlt^iaa^ and Gzo. KLzaji. Rev. Kunz oi thli pzfiiofmzd thz 

Thz bfUdz -04 a. popataA and cuZtuAzd young lady {fwm Lyon County, MN. , and thz gfwom 
■il, a wzJU. known young lafrnzfi oi Ucnnz&ota. Towmkip, whzfiz thzy voiZZ makz thzJifi homz. 
CongfLotuZationi, axz zxtzndzd by a tofigz clfvcJiz oi ifUzxidi. 

««*»»«»«»« NovtJJibzA 21, 1907 


Thz wzddlng bzZZ& again weJiz flinging on Taziday ovzn. onz oi thz gfmndz^t wzddlngi oi 
thz iZJJLion. VauZ BzAndt, uihzat bayzA iofi thz UonoAch Elv. Co.-, and a 6on oi onz oi Tlidi- 
Zand County'6 mo4tt popuZaA iofumzU, to m&& Anna UJjtzzt. Thz wzddlng woi onz oi thz gfumd- 
t&t occoJtloni In thz hlitofty oi Gfizat Bend oa thli young couptz aAz ifilendi oi zvzfiybody. 

Thz czfizmony woi iotzmnlzzd at thz Hon ChuAcJi, Rev. Tlihzfi oOlclatlng. Thz pfw- 

czi>.6lon wa6 tzd ifwm thz chuAch by thz bfioM, band In unliofm, and maAchzd to thz homz oi 

thz bfildz'& poAznti, Mfi. and Ufa. F. HctzeZ, whzfiz zvzfiyonz znjoyzd thzmizZvzi and pofitook 

oi a gfiand iuppzA. Wi. and M^. BzAndt uUH tzavz ioK 6omz zoMtzfm point on a. wzddlng 

toufi, aitzA which thzy wltt be at homz on thz ZoAgz iaAm ownzd by Ma. BzAndt. We all join 

In wUhlng thz couptz a tiiz oi happlnz&i. 

«*«»«»»*»« NovzjnbzA 28, 1907 

MoAAlagz Zlczjiizi Kzczntly l66uzd: ?aat Bzfindt and Hl&i Anna, fiitzzl, both oi Gfizat 
Bznd; Otlo StAzgz oi Lidgzfuoood and HL&i MaAy Roaow oi Gfizat Bend. 

»»*»»*«»*« NovzmbzA 28, 1907 

A Zlczmz was l&iwid thz ilfUt oi thz wzzk iofi thz moAAiagz oi Choi. J. Szba and 
^^^4. M. A. Abbai, both living nzaA Vofuxn. Thz gfwom fuw iofi lomz tlmz actzd 04 cofiAzi- 
pondznt ioA thz Tzlzgfmm ifwm thai izctlon and am onz oi tkz itzady, Aztiablz young men 
oi thz county. Thz bfiidz !& wzZl and iavofiably known. Wz hzoAtily congfiatulatz thz 
happy couplz B/iecfeenAcdge Te^eg^iori. . . . Pecembe^ 72 1907 

Thz IjOCoZ papzA In a. hUj>6l66lppl town AzczntZy had occasion to dzkcfiibz a wzddlng. 
On thz 6amz day an antlcLz woM wfUttzn conczAnlng tuoo impudznt txamps who had vli-ctzd 
thz town. Thz new boy In thz oHlcz managzd to gzt thz ilugi mlxzd, with thz iollowing 

"Thz bfudz zntzAzd at thz flight z&cofitzd by hzfi bfwthzA, who knocked at thz dooK 
and dzmandzd 6omzthlng to zat. Shz wa^ bzautliully gownzd In a gfiay tAavzting coitimz. 


The. gKoom uioKt tht convejationaZ AvuX. {ox iuck a^icuA6, a. fuagQzd bfwvm coKdu/wy 
iuaX, a. iiOltzd ith/Jit and a. battzAz.d dsAby hat and wa& accompanlzd by a ^eAcz tooklng 
buttdog. Both weAe difuty and unkempt. They Iz^t town in a. lidt doofi itteepeA o^ a local 
^Kzlght tAjdin {^oltowtd by ihovieM oi fu.ce., old 6hoe^ and good vxcihti. Ti they should be 
caught heJiz agaZn they oaz likeZy to be fioaghty handled by indignant cltizeni. 

«»««««««»« VecembeA 12, 1907 

The maA/ilage oi Mc44 Annie Sladoio to M^i. Paul. UiZlen. woa iolemiized at the GeAman 
Evangztical. Chwich ye^teJiday moAning at 10 AM., Rev. Kunz oiiicJjvting. The chwich uku 
voetl iiZZed laith invited gu£j>ti> and a hoit o^ i>u.endi> ha&tzned to extend congfiatulationl) 
and be^t MiiheJ>. 

Thz bfude. i^ a populaA. young Ixidy, daaghteA. o^ Mx. and M/ifi. Auga&t Eladoui, and the 
gfvoom iM a young man OjJ many exceZtent quatititi. A long and happy mViAied Hie -c6 tiie 
pfwphecy o^ theiM. loAge cificJLe o^ ^Kiendi. 

«««»»««»»« VecembeA 19, 1907 

The announcement o^ the engagement o^ H. E. Moen to Hli6 UabeZ F/u/e oi FeAguA Talti, 
uxu announced at the home oi Vk. A. B. Neuman, be^ofie. a numbeA. o^ uiitnz&ie^ who aaembled 
in honoK o^ the occasion on ThuMdojy evening. 

««««««»«»« Vecemben. U, 1907 


19 8 

Atc44 EikzZ Va{iiy, ^ofumfiZy o^ tiuj> plcLce., wai mcMuzd at WahpeXon la&t weefe to 
Hcuauj C. oi ^yndrnt/it. Tht cfitmony took plcLct -in thz }^t>iciuinti> HotzZ panZoK, 
Rev. Gatta.ght'L oi^^cavUng. Thty iMZZ makt tktUi {^utuAt homt -in Wyndrnttt. Tht bxldt'i 
Hanklnion ^AA.tnd6 fxttyid congAatulatiom and bti>t uxiikti). 

«,*«»»»»*« JanuoAy 9, 190S 

Tht iroMAJigt o^ (Urn. Bfindt and Uiii Enrna BZadow otcuJiAtd at lilahptton fitctrvtty, and 
tht happy couptt oAt nou) at homt on tktifi ^afm iouthuJtit oi town. Tht NEWS, although a 
titttt tatt with tht ■ittm, txttnds congAotatationl, and bt&t mJihti to tht popuZoA couplt. 

«»«,«»»»«» JanuoAy 23, 190S 

Tht NEWS hxU) fitctZvtd tht announttmtnt o{i tht moMAXLgt o^ Rev. HtAhttt E. Compton 
to Hu. LydZa. C. Baltty, which happy tvtnt took plact loit (Monday at M-ckUon, KS. 

Rev. Compton waj, paitoA. o^ tht CongAtgationat ChuAcA at tkib ptact ion. tuo ytoAi 
btlng 6accttdtd by Rev. W. A. iilhitcomb, and a IxxAgt cOicZt o^ ^nitndi txttnd congnatuZ- 
atZoni, and btit wl&hti. Rev. and Hn.6. Compton wWi bt at homt at 9)9 Jackion Blvd., Cki- 
cago, IL. ********** JanuaAy 23, 1908 

A imnAlagt tictnit waj, iMtitd ta&t Thauday at Wahptton to LouZt Bohn oi Gntat 
Bend and Btntha. StXtgt oi Lidgtnwood. Both pantiti ant wtti known and havt tht btit 
Ml&hti oi aZt ioA a long and happy wtddtd IZit. 

********** JanuoAy 30, 1908 

[Ttn VtoAi, Ago Column) Tht mannZagt oi HL66 AZvZna Hoti^, daaghttn oi Hn. and Hn.6. Aug. 
Hoti^, to Wm. Mtdtnwald otcanAtd on Ttb. 22nd. [1898] 

********** fehnjuoAij 6, 1908 

Htnny Back and UZii Uantha Stdltn., t^o oi oun. popuZoA young ptoplt, wzAt quietZy 

moAAltd at tht homt oi VtdnZch Buck Ixat wtdi. We wlih to txttnd congnatuZatlon& to tht 

ha.ppy couplt who havt many inZtndi in tht community. 


A gnand wtddZng occuAAtd on ThuAiday la6t at tht homt oi M^. and Hm. StAtgt ntoA 
Lidgtnsjoood. LouZt Bohn, a ion oi ont oi ouA pnoiptnoai iaAmtAi, Htnman Bohn, to hUj>& 
Btntha StAtgt, a young lady living ntoA LLdgtnuoood. 

We join in wZ&hZng thli young couplt a IZit oi happinti6 and good luck. Tht wnZttA 
-C6 unablt to itatt on which oi tht itvtAol ioAmi owntd by Ma. Bohn thty wiZZ makt thtZn homt. 

********** ftbAuoAjy 6, 1908 

MARRIEP: At tht Gtnman Luthtnan Chunch, 6 milti iouth oi Lidgtnwood, on Wtdnt&day, 
JanuoAy 29th, HattZt, daughttn oi Ma. and Hn&. John StAtgt, and Louli Bohn, oi GAtat Bend, 
Rev. J. KZotttn oiiicZating. Aittn tht ctAzmony at tht chuAch a Atctptlon wai givtn to a 
loAgt numbtA oi congnatuZating initndi at tht homt oi tht bnZdt'-i pantnti. Tht young 
couplt wiZZ makt theAA. homt on tht gnoom' i ianm, ntan Gntat Bend. Ttbnxiany 6, 1908 


Fxzd BaZdeAJ>on and HL&4> Lzna. Roth, boandzd the. Soo t/uvin hoAt Wzdnuday moAnlng 
^oA. HinnzapoLii, and on theJA. aAAivaZ weAz to havz been moJifUzd. Thz uitddLng doubttui 
took place. ye^teAday. 

Thz bfujdt l& a wzZZ kjfiom. young lady oi thi& pZacz and Iuls many {/u.z.ndi> and wzZl 
uiuhzAi. Thz gAxiom li a bfiothzn. oi WUi. S. H. Woolizy and hai, vJUltzd Hanfu.n&on on 6zv- 
zJiat ocaiiloni. He -U engaged in ^afming -in Uamom County and a^tzt a bfu-zi konzyrroon 
thz young coupZz uuM. nvxkz thzin. homz on thz iJoAm tzn mitzd nonth o^ Liibon. 

««»««»«*« « Tzb^uioAy 6, 1908 

WUJL PxLzii, a iofmzfi Haniuni>on boy, voai xzczntty maAJiizd to a pAominznt young lady 
at AmbAX36z, this itatz, whzfm hz -u now ca&klzn. o^ a bank. 

«««««»*»«« TzbAuoAy 27, 1908 

Thz moAAiagz o^ hlbojit ?.ormzn.zim, a wzll knowi lanmzn. oi GfizzndaZz, to Hil>6 UaAy 
Mej/eA oi FoAAjmount woi holzjnruxzd by Judgz JzuZn at Wahpzton on St. Valzntinz'i> Day. Thz 
young pzoplz oAz highly fizgofidzd among tkzVi acquoAjitanczi and a loAgz caAcZz oi lAizndJi 
zxtznd cjongAjatulatyiom and bzi>t wlihzs. 

«»»«»««»» « VzbnjujjAjy 27, 1908 

A moAfUagz licen&z uioi li>i>uzd TzbfumAy I6th to Wm. E. KfwjgoA oi HankAJi&on and Hiii 
Lydla W. Jen^ o^ Mantadofi. 

********** HoAch 5, 1908 

Thz moAAlagz o£ Hu. Anna PonaXh to Hfi. VanVyk took plaaz Tuz&day. Thz ghoom Lb a 

6tAangzn. hzAz but thz bKidz hoM many ^fUzndi who zxtznd congfLatulationi and bzit wlihzi. 

********** y^j^^ jg^ j9^g 

EfUghtujood Wm. Knaak ukL& at Uantadon. attending Wil>. Knaak'6 bfwthzfi'i wzdxiing 

loMt Wzdnz&day. * ********* kpfUZ 2, 1908 

A moAAiagz that z&capzd notizz In thziz coZumni woi that o^ Otto KAauiz and HUi Anna 
BaAtz, which happy event wa^ lolejmlzzd a couplz o^ wzzk6 ago. 

********** ApA^ 9, 1908 

R. H. HaAmon, onz oi thz Soo'6 bfiakzmzn, llippzd oif^ to Towa lut wzdi and 6uApnAAzd 
hi& {/u.zndt> by fiztvAning wctk a bfiidz. Thz couplz oajz stopping at thz Wz&t Hotzt at pKzs>- 
znt and thz happy gfvoom li thz Kzciplznt oi congKatulatlonl, ihom a loAgz cJjiclz oi fuxJil- 
Aoad iAiznd6. ********** Apfiil 9, 1908 

Wu. 0. ¥Kli>wold oi \liahpzton attzndzd thz wzddJjng oi HUi Jennie Bo^gan to Alifizd 
{>lA.dnz66, V/uday. . . .UooK(iXon. . . ********** ApfiiZ 16, 1908 

Thz iroAAiagz oi Ht&6 Uyhtlz Stzvzni to M^. HizUon occuAAzd loit Tuziday. Thz bnldz 

la a nizcz oi thz Watzthouiz b/wthz/u and thz g^oom l6 a bnathzfi oi Wu. V. WatznJiou&z. 

ThzVi GKzzndaZz i^lzndlt zxtznd bzit uicifcei. 

»«»»»«»»»« ^p^^ 23, 1908 

02) ■ 

V'vizndi, 0^ Wm. WoAneA mlZ. be pZexi6e.d to hejxn. that hz wcu, mvifu.zd at KbzAde.ejn, SV., 
on Monday zvznlnQ. Thz uvUtzA hoi be.zn unahZz to ^Ajid out who the. ll>, but we uil&h 
to itate that alt hli GKejxt Zend pUendi joZn In iejidlng congAotatatLom . 

MtidameJ, ChanJieM and TiobeAt EZadow, Eamoi and Hen&eZ VAochnow and Eunice Pfwdinow 
havz Ketunned ifwm Gfioton, SV., wheAz they attended a wedding. 

********** May 14, 1908 

SonoAA. . . .A wedding took place at thz home o^ Ma., and M^. CofiZ Mohi, Monday moAning 
at 8 AM. Thz gAoom wai, MA. W. Tunk and thz Mcii Minnie Mohi. 

********** May U, 1908 


ThzAz woi a quiet wedding czlzbAatzd in Bennington, VT. , SatuAday a^tzAnoon when Mii,6 
GAjocz a., the daaghtzA o^ M^. and Alw. W. E. HoAmon of, CormzAciat StAzzt and John A. BoA- 
kzA., o£ Minneapolii , weJie madz man and wi^z. 

Thz bAide ii> one of^ thz bzit known young women OjJ thz town, having fceen boAn hzAz and 
zducatzd in the public ihcoot&, bzing a gAoduatz oi thz high school daii oi 1890. Shz 
hoi always Aziidzd hzAz and ha6 many ^Aiendi. 

Ma. BoAkeA ii a weJxZthy Az&idznt o^ Minneapotii, , and hoi bzen intzAzited in gAoin 
ztzvatoAj, thzAz ioA a gAeat many yejVtM. He haj^ a numbzA oi ^Aiends heAe, having vi&ited 
hzAz a numbeA oi timzi. The couple wUJL leave tomoAAow moAning ioA Minnzapolii, , whzAz 

thzy will Az&idz Bennington, [VT.] PatAiot 

«»«««<«««» May 21, 1908 

Mt. and MAi. CaJil JoimzA and ckildAen, accompanied by theiA. daughteA and ion-in-law 
Ma. and MAi. Edwin Stack, AetxiAnzd SatuAday ^Aom AbzAdzzn, SV,. whzAz thzy attended thz 
wedding oi a nzaA. AeZativz. ********** Hay 28 1908 

It ii AjzpoAtzd that Ed fJJoAnzA woi moAAizd on l^zdnz&day, June 24XJi, at iomz placz 
in Minnesota. 

A moAe dziinitz AzpoAt wllZ bz goven on hii AetuAn. We wiih him ^nd M/la. WoAnzA 
joy and iucczii. 

********** j^^ 25, 1908 

A gAond wzdding took placz at GAeat Bend on Wednesday, June 24th. Hugo MitzeZ, 
onz oi QUA. popuZoA. young men, wai joined in wzdlock to Miii Ida Bohn, daaghtZA oi Albznt 
Bohn oi thii vWLage. Both OM. wzJUi and iavoAably known, having tivzd in GAeat Bend 
ioA a nwmbzA oi yeoAi. A pleaiant time wai znjoyzd by alZ thoiz pAzient and we heoAtiZy 
congAatutatz thz happy couplz and wiih them a long, pAoipzAoui , joyiuZ jouAney thAough 
liiz. Thz czAemony wai peAioAmzd at thz LuthzAon Ev. ChuAch, Reu. Hinck oOiciating. 

********** j^^ 25, 1908 


Ge.0. W. Renn^ dvpoJvtzd thz iofio, pafct o^ thz uie.di ioK fiinnzapoZii, and yuteAday uxi& 
ikz date, iixzd ioK kit, mvuiiage. to Mc44 EZtzn C. Han6on, daaghttfi oi Wi. and Vju,. 3.3. 
HaniiOti oi that city. The. gn.oom'6 many ^fUends an.t anxA.oa&Zy awaiting the letuJin oi the 
bAldaZ coupte that they may extend cxjngfvatuJLatJjoni) and hej>t mj>heJ> accoiding to the. time 
honoAzd cui torn. He Zi one oi oan. mo6t populoA. young men and ^-cnce tocating hexe a iew 
months ago hot, hetd the poiZtion oi ai^-i&tant caihieA at the FaAmeM 6 Uefichanth Bank. 

M^. and Ma4. Rennl6 afie expected to aAAJi\ie hefie aiteA. a bfUei uedxiing toon, and mZH at 
once go to hoa&ekee.pying in the KaiZou} cottage on the. iouth Aide. 

«««»««»««» jj^^ 25, 1908 

Among the itani oveAZooked in Za&t week' 6 Au&h ww the maMlage oi 3eni C. Ve.deAJ>en, 
om oi GKe.endate' i welt known young ioMneAi,. Ma.. PedeAien twu maxfu.&d at BAoinaAd, MN. , 
on 3am nth, the being Uii>.i> MoMyie. AZbeAt oi that city. 

The. young couple, aiteA a bfiiei wedding toon., annived heAe la&t week and oAe now settled 
in theJji home, aji GKeendale. The gfioom hoi many ifiiendi who extend theJA. beit wi&heJi. 

********** July 1, 1908 

G. R. VowleA departed the. ione. poAt oi the week iofi Neenah, WI., wheAe. hii> moAAlage. 
to Mc44 KatheAine foKfieJtt iit announced to take place next Tae&day. 

********** J^ g^ J9(jg 

bleddlng oi Vfuominent Voung Coupte oi Hankimon 

Neehah (WI.) VaAMf Nem, 3uty 14th At high noon today occuAAed the maAfuage oi kliii 

KathAyn FonAe&t oi tki& city, and Ua. Ro44 TowteA oi Hankin&on, MP., at the home oi the' i 6i&teA, Hu. V. V. HoKfiii,ey, CommeAclat itAeet. Rev. M. A. Vxeuo peAiofmed the ceAe- 
mony in the pxeience oi A.eZativei> and intimate ifiiendi. The hoa&e wai, pfiettity deconated 
ion. the event. Foltowing the ceAemony a wedding dinneA wtw 6eAved. The bnZdat couple Ae- 
ceived numeAooi pfvetty wedding giiti. 

Hx. and Hu. VowleA leit on the 4:20 tAain tkii, aiteAnoon {oa. and aiteA a honey- 
moon tAip wiZl Aeiide at Hankln&on wheAe the gAoom ha6 exten&ive d/uig inteAeiti. The happy 
couple have the v^elt wiiiheii oi a ho&t oi i^iiendi heAe. Among the out-oi-town gae&t6 in 

attendance weA£. C. B. EdiMAd6 and Hii,6 VeAna Juciion oi t^oAihiieZd. 

********** j^ j^^ j9^g 

Hankyiniton Va&toA. UaAAied VeiteAday to Twin City GiAl 

The moAAiage oi Rev. J. P. KlMUlex oi thii> place to Ui&A Amanda B. HuntzikeA wai, 
solemnized Ixut evening at the TnJjiity GeAman LutheAon ChuAch in Hinneapoli& in the pKeience 
oi a hmaJUi poAty oi invited gueiti. 

The ii a daughteA oi M/i. and MAi. 3ohn HunzikeA, who axe prominent GeAman Ae^identi 
oi fibineapolij, , and wiZZ be welcomed to HankZn&on by the membeAi oi Rev. KlaiuleA'i congAe- 
gation&. The gAcom ha& been a Aeiident oi thiM ptace but a iew monthi but a6 pa&toA oi the 
GeAman LutheAon ChuAch he has won the Aeipect and e&teejm oi aZZ, and ki& many iAiends Join 
in extending congAotuiationi and beit wiihei. 

A£tz/L a bfUz^ wzddcng tnlp. Rev. and Ufu>. KZcuxitzA wltt go to ho(Uzke.zplng Zn thz 
LuuthzAan ?afU>om.gz, wfieAe thzy laiZi be. "cut homt" to thz/Ji ^fU.zndi a£teA Auguit 15th. 

A qiUzt wzddaig took pta.ce. at UayvtadoK Tat&day wfcen Reu. M. J. Sunon imltzd In mat/U- 
mony Uu-i EZmIz Woiimde and EdtMAd J. Sma/it, both weZZ ktwwn young people, o^ Richland Cou- 
nty. The -ci a dcuxghteA o^ one of, thz ploneeA {,ajnlLit& of BeZfoAd Totm^kip and the. 
gfwom li a -son of UfU>. C. E. SmaJit, poi>t3nU,tA.Ui at MantadoK, and both the confuLctcng 
paAtie^ have the congfiaXatatlonA and be^t uxiihzi, of a. laAge cOicle of fAZendi. 

JimedaiteZy folZouilng thz ceAejnony the. young couplt Itft on. a b/u.ef wedding tyiip to 
the tuiLn CyUtieM, and on theAA. n.etann uiiZt go to hoaizkceping at Uantadon. 

I. hineAon of McCloiky uiai ma/uUtd to Hi&4> ChKUtlne. Landa of LidgeAtoood lait Twei- 
dajy. The neMily woAAled couple left the lame day foK theln new home at HcCLa&ky. 

....LidgeAwood ********** Auga&t 6, 1908 

Vfi. ChoAlei) L. HodgeM, who hai been a Hankimon vJUltoK on. a numbex of occaiZoni, 
wa^ mafuUed at Uinneapolli, ye&teAday to ULii Tfumcel L. Wood, uAoie paAent& one phominent 
HlnneapotU people. Vi. Rodgeu li> a nephew of Vk. Spottiwood of thii place, and a lafige 
CAJicle of pUendi heAe extend congfiatulatZoni . 

********** Augalt 6, 190S 

VopuZoA Young People WeAe MaAxLed La&t Evening 

La&t evening at 9 ?M, at the home of the'6 motheA, occuAAed the moAAlage of 
Hi6& CloAa 0. HeZing to Hn.. AAne KjeUtAup. The cefiemony wai peAfofmed by Rev. HZJigen- 
dcfif In the pA.ei>ence of AeZativei of the contAacting paAtxei and a few intxmate fnlendi. 

The home imi beautifully decorated fofi the occasion and immediately folZowing the 
ceAemony a lumptuoai) wedding Kepait waj> leAved. The newly wedded couple left on the 
ejOAly moAning tnain fofi a. wedding tAlp and on thexA. AeXuAn wilZ be "at home" in Hankin- 
ion afteA OctobeA Ut. 

The ii one of HanlUn&on'l molt popuZoA young ladies and hoi lived heAe lince 
chiZdhood. Hen. choAming peA&onatity hoi won foK heA a ho&t of ffitendi, and well wiiheAi. 
The gfwom li a membeA of the finm of Lindeke, KjeZitAup S Co., and dufUng the time he ha& 
been a. fuzMldent of oua city hoi gained the Aeipect and e&teem of all. The MEft'S joim with 
theiA many ffilendi in extending congfuUuZation6 and best wiihei foA a long and happy moA- 
fiied Life. 

The out of town gae&t6 pAjeMent at the wedding weAe: Ha. and Maj,. ?. N. KjeZitAup of 
Hoffman, MM., poAenti of the gAxjom; CaAlvZg and NoAman KjetitAup of Hoffman and ChnZit 
Kj'eZitAjup of UndeAwood, NV., all bAotheA£; Hi66e6 VetAa and Vagny, ititeAi; M^. and M^. 
N. E. Rutien, H. J. CAcnbeAg and Cha6. WiZd, all of Hoffman. 

********** kuguMt 13, 190S 

B/Ughtuood A big paruty wa6 heZd Zn HeAmm Ultbfiandt' i, gncve. loMt Simdcuf in 

honofi oi ihz appfio aching ma>vua.gz o^ Mi44 Annie. lUZbfiandt to Ma.. Otto MzdzjmaZdt. A loJigz 
cAowd cu>6ejnble.d to do tkt coapZz konoK. 

«»«»«»»««« kuavLl>t 15, 1908 

Wm. Woieka and Hit>6 Sophia Mai>uZzk voojiz mJViitd ixu>t Monday and ioi tkz pKziznt 
aJUL makying tkzAA homz mMi tint Budgz iamiZy. 

Thz bfUdz Is i^m VdLano, MW. , and tixz gfwom li a member, oi thz {,lnm oi (flaseJia 8^4., 
pfU3p}u.ztofa oi thz new Czntnxd. Mzat Uankzt, and untU a couplz o^ weefci ago uiat, a Kzildznt 
oi B/cecfeen^dge. •«.•....•. AagtM;t 20, mi 

Cxuidb havz bzzn fizzzAMzd hztz by i^zndi, announcUng thz maMZagz O)} Ma.. Kznnzth H. 
Szvzuon and ML&& Maymz V. H. Refee at HuntzA, tW. , on Augmt 3Ut. Thz gfioom cZznkzd 
fJoA. Wm. Gfijowz ahout a yzaJi ago and haj, many ifiiends In Hanklnson who zxtznd congfuUuZaZion^ . 

• »«««»««« » Szptejnbzn. 3, 1908 

Thz maAAlagz oi Ma,6 Manian LaQaa and Mk. Adolph J. Studnicha mlZ takz placz at thz ■ 
C&thotic Chiifidi nzxt Monday mo fining. 

********** Szptmbzn. 10, 1908 

La6t Monday moknlng, at thz CatJiotiz ChuAxih, occuM.zd thz maAfilagz of, Miii Maxian 
LaQiio. to Ma. Adolph J. StwinA.cka. Thz cztzmony was pzA^ofrnzd by Rev. 3o6. F. Stu.dnA.cka, 
bfiothzn. oi thz gAoom, and a ZoAgz nimbzA oi iAlznds oi thz contAacting pantiej> wzaz In 
attzndancz. Aitzt thz ceAemony thz bfUdaZ poAty wa& z&cofUzd to thz Soo dzpot wftcAe thzy 
took thz fiain iofi an zxtcndzd Mzdding tAlp. 

Thz bfUdz ll> a danghtzA oi Mfi. and Ma&. E. P. LaQiia oi thii placz and ha& a loAgz 
ciAcZz oi acqujointanczi . Thz gloom -ii a vaZazd empZoyzz oi thz Wippzfman MzAc/wtllz CO., 
and duAjing hii Azl>-idzncz hzAz hoi galnzd thz zitzzm oi a 6tzadiZy -incAzca-ing caJlcZz oi 
iAizndi. Thz WEWS jo^oii u)lth othzA ifu.znd6 In congfuvtulaZioni and bz&t uxi&hzs. 

AitzA thzAA. wzdxiing tAip, Ma. and Mai>. Studnicka vOtt AztuAn to Hankin&on and makz 
thzU homz hzAz. ********** Sz:ptznbeA 17, 1908 

A imAAMJugz ticzniz wa6 ll,6uzd Azczntly to NzL& A. Han&on oi LidgzAivood and MiiA Anna 
MWizA oi MantadoA. ********** 

An itzm which tou mLb&zd tat,t weefe wtu thz noAAiagz oi Vim. Bladow to ^li&6 Etta Mzdzn- 

waZd, both wzti known young pzoptz oi thii vldnitij. 


Mai,. John R. Jonzi Izit Wzdnziday ioA VzZl Hapldl,, SO., to attznd thz wzddlng oi hzA 

Jttece, M^44 Vznt, who ^ c^ultz wzti known hzAz, having bzzn a guzit at thz Jonz6 homz a 

„^„„ „^^ ********** 

yzoA ago. 

Tuziday ioAznoon, Ju^ticz Wm. C. l^oAman iaid thz wotAb that uniZzd A(/t. Hugh M. Bolton 
oi Hankyin&on, and Mtl>6 Amanda U. Olion, oi MUlnon, in thz holy bondul, oi matAimony. Thz 

Qhoom l6 39 yzau old and thz bAidz iM 26. 

********** Szptzjnbzn. 17, 190S 

■ ■ aei • 

GA.zat Eejid Thli weefe a Qfiand uizddCng took placz. l\n.. Gto. HeJ-dntn. and Aic44 

Mo/ur WoAneA, both o^ tkU v-icAjutij, weAe joine.d In thz happy bondi o^ mat/Uwonif. Both 
oAe weZt and {^avofiably known. hUi. HzldntK li> a young man o£ good hab-iU, a ion o^ one. 
0^ ouA uieZZ fenown and popuZoA ianjnzn^. 

The. -ca a daugkteA 0({ lOu. Ed. Laboda, and a young lady who Lk heXd Jin high 
e^ttejn by all who know heA. Thejy wilt make theJUi homz on the. {^aAm oi Aug. Bohn, which 
Mt. HzA-dneA hoi Kented. 

We wlih to extend ouA hexuvty congnatulatiom, to tkii couple and Mi6h them health, 
wealXk and pAOipeAlty . ««««»««»»« OctobeA 1, 190B 

A 4>ocA.ety Item that wa& oveAZooked -ui theJ>e column& la&t weefe woi the moA/ilage oi 
GeoKge. VahZ and HfU. Anna JngieA, both well known Ae.6ldent2) o^ tkii nelghbonkood. 

«»»«»«*««« OctobeA 8, 1908 

The. moAnJjige o^ Ua. Wbi. A. KoekleA and Hi66 Rachel O^tby woi solemnized TueJtday mon.- 
nlng at the LatheAan ChuAch, Rev. KlaaileA oxidating. The young peoplz oM. well and 
iavoAobly known and have a laAge CAAcZe o^ ^Kiendi who extend congKatulat>ioni> and best 
uiishei ioK a long and happy wedded ti^e. 

W.LLtiam J. f^oAquaAdt and Ui&s PetAeZ Hemmingson weAe matAied last week In Montana 
and oAAlved in this city a ^ew days ago. On SatuAday evening a numbeA o^ ^fUejids o^ the 
couple, assembled at the home oi W. F. MaAquaAdt to celebAate the event. They wiJUi fiejiide 

on the MoAquaAdt ^oAm adjoinin the ciXy LidgeAwood HonitoA 

««««««»«,« OctobeA 8, 1908 

On Sunday oi Isust wee.k occu/iAed the moAAiage o^ TeAdinand W. BeckeA o^ BaAney to 
Hiss Alma Hohenstein, daughteA o^ one o^ ouA pfwminent ianmeAS. The young people aAe. 
weJUL known and have a host ol iAiends, alZ oi whom join in extending btst wishes. 

««««,««««« OctobeA 8, 1908 

Invitations oAe. out. ioA the moAAiage of^ \UjiS Hinnie Hoe^ and Ua. AAthuA KAuegeA, 
to take place at St. John's ChuAch in Bel^oAd nejct Tu&sday. 

The iJS a daughteA o^ hin.. and Hfis. August Hoe-^s and the gftoom a son o^ Ma., and 
Mfis. VAed KAuegeA o^ Bfiigktwood. 

««<«,,,,,« OctobeA 15, 1908 

A gfiand wedding took place at the home o^ John lentgfta^ on Wednesday, when his dau- 
ghteA was moAfiied to Mt. FAedeAich Buck. The. young couple aAe well, and {^avonablij known 
heAz. The bfiidz is a daughteA o^ ouA County CommissioneA ^fiom this distAict. hin.. Buck 
-c4 onz 0)5 oufi pfwspeAous young ^aAmeAS. OveA 70 {,amiHeJ> weAe pfizsent and a gfumd time 
was poAXicipated in by all pAzsent. The wfuXeA joins the NEWS In extending congfiatulations . 
....Gfieat Bend ExamineJi... ********** OctobeA 11, 1908 

a 71 

Two pAxjmintnt GzAmcm iamUU,tit o^ thU ZocatLty become connected by iKVaUagz teat 
Tuesday uihzn -C/ie weddoig o^ Hu>4> ULnnlz Hoe.^ to f^ln.. kfithafi KAazgeA W(U ceZzbfLcute.d. Thz 
zzA-zmoYuj uocUi pejiiofumd at St. Jokn'i Chwich -en Bzt^ond by Rev. HllQtndoKl In thz p/teience 
oi a. numbzA o^ Zn\Ute.d gtiea-ts, ^oiZouiing uiiUck an eZabofuitz xtczptCon took placz at thz 
homz 0(J thz bAldz'^i pofiznti, Hn.. and Ma6. Augoi-t Hoz^, -en B^umdznbuAg. 

Thz yU a young Zady o^ many accompZa,hmzyvt& and has a ho At o^ inyiznd&, havZng 
gAouon to womanhood -in tkli vZc^Lnity. 

Thz gfwom l6 a ion oi Ma., and Hu. TKzd KfujLe.gzA, old and highZy fieJtpzctzd fiziZdzntl> 
0^ EfUghtuiood. Hz -cA knoum ai an Ajnda&tAloai young man and hat, thz Utzzm o^ att. 

CongfiatuZationi aAe. zxtzndzd by a ho&t oi iAizndi. 

»«»««»»««« OctobzA 22, 1908 

Onz oi Hankln&on' i young bachzZoAi joZnzd thz fuudu oi thz bznzdixit& yzitzAday whzn 
Hfi. HeAhzAt A. ^zfifu-ilztd woA unctzd Zn mafifua.gz to ULi^i Lofia Bacizy at E£fe TlivzA, MW. 
Thz lOzddAng wa& attzndzd by Atw. A. H. UzAMlilzZd and Mw. E. L. tCinnzy, i^wm hzfiz, mothzA. 
and iZitzA fizMpzctivziy oi thz gfwom. A mofuz zxtzndzd account oi thz wzdding viULL bz 
givzn nzxt weefe. 

»«»»»»«<«« OctobeA 22, 1908 


At thz Gz/man luthzfum ChuJich -en BztioKd on Wzdnz&day, Oct. 2Sth, at 10:30 AW, occ- 
uAAzd thz moAAlagz oi Mc64 Anna, daughtzn. oi Ma., and Ma4. Wm. VzddzA, to Mt. ?auZ Knahn, 
youngzit ion oi Ma., and MAi. FA.ed K/iahn oi ToztzAvWiz, lA. 

Thz bfUdz woi bzjOutiiuLiy attinzd -en a gown oi paZz btuz taHzta. &l£k; 6hz voofiz a 
wfizath and coMlzd a bouquet oi AOizi. 

Thz gfwom MoAe. thz convznttonat bZack. Thz maldi, oi honox wzfiz Miii Anno IfAj^tumdt 
and Mc44 Tzjm. Ruchou), and ChafiLzy VzddzA and Otto MzdzrwaZdt actzd ai> "be^t mzn." Many 
ifu.zndi> wcAe pA.e-6en-t to uiitnzii thz ceAzmony. 

Thz young couptz wltt tzavz nzxt weefe ion. Iowa lohzAz thzy mZt makz thzAJi homz on thz 
thz gfwom' 6 iafm. We vxUh thzjn a long and happy Hiz. 

»«»*««,«,, OctobzA 29, 790? 


E£fe ReveA, MM., StoA Newi4 Thz mafOiLagz oi Mei^ LaiVux. UoAy Bailzy to Hzfibzfit A. 

[hzfifu-ii-zld occuAAzd at thz homz oi thz'i paAznti, Judge and Maa. A^beA-t Bailzy, 
yz&tzfiday aitzfinoon, Rev. Hixon pzAiofming thz czAzmony. OutiZdz oi fizlativzi oi thz 
fiz&pzctivz iamilyizii, thzfiz wzfvz a izw Intimate, ifitznai oi thz bfitdz and gfwom. 

Thz fwomi weAe dzcofiatzd valth autumn Izxivz^ -en bzautliul ihadzi oi fizd and yzlloui, 
and imlLax woi aUiO u6zd. Thz ceAzmony took place -en thz fitting fioom, whzAZ an altoA 
oi imilax and gfizznzAy woi oAfiangzd .in thz bay uundou). Fz6tooni> oi imLZjxx hung ifwm 
thz czAJbing, and on zlthzfi l-idz wzAZ bouqwztA oi ch'Ly6anthzmum& . Mcii CoAo RengAxj^e 
iang "I Lovz You Tfiuly" bziofiz thz czAzmony, and hiiiizi Sa&an Vafuz and Huth f^ooLton 
playzd Mzndzl&iohn'i Wzdding t^lafich oAtangzd ioft vZolLn and piano. 


Thz bfildz zntoJitd thz i-Ltting fuoom mXh heA. iatkzA who gavz heA. in rmAAlagz. Wc-54 
(UlrUiAzd Bou&^iZd amxitd a bcakzX oi {^loufu, and Vonald Vcuie. actS-d cu> fUng bzoAeJi. 
hUj>6 Vapknz VoAz woi ht>i couiZn'6 maid o^ honoK and MOfiz an ejnpViz goum oi KLizz. gfiatj. 
Shz avubizd a bouquzt o^ Aoizi. Thz bKidcUL gown woi an empViz modzZ o^ Ffiznch batl&tz 
zlahoAotzZy fUmmzd with tacz and zsnbnxildzfuj . Jht bouquzt woi a ihowtn. o^ bfiidz Ko^&i 
titd with white, latin fiibbon. An .inioAmaZ AzczptU.on ioUowzd thz czAzjmony and A-Z^Kzih- 
mznti wzfiz izfivzd. 

Ufi. and MA4. MzAAyi^zid tzit at once ^ofi HaniUn&on, WP. , thzlx ^utuxz homz. Among 
thz out oi town gaz&ti who attzndzd thz wzdding wzA/i: M/t4. A. S. UznJiiiizZd and Mw. fCcn- 
ne.y o£ Hankin&on; Hu. A. Zoui>{flzJbi and daaghtzA oi Vuluth; lAu. Ttizd BaJUzzLi oi StiU- 
watzA; Hu. fznd Hoa^z and Wti4 HabzZ Mouz oi tUnnzapotU. 

«•»*»*«««« OcXobzn. 29, 1908 

GfLZjot Bznd ExaminzA ThzAz wiZJi bz a. gfumd wzdding /,oon oi onz oi oafi popuZoA 

young touplzi>, wzti known to aJUL Wi. RobzKt W. Eohn, 6on oi Wm. Bohn, to Ml&i Lizzlz 

Radkz, daughtzA oi John Radkz. 


BeZioAd On Wzdnziday, Oct. 28th, a ghand wzdding zzAzmony took ptacz out thz 

homz oi Dim. Vzddzn. that oi hi& daaghtzA Anna to Ha. Paul lOiahn. Thz bnldz li a wM. 

known and kighZy zitzzmzd young lady and hoi thz bzit wi4>hzi> oi a toAgz cJacZz oi pUzndl,. 
Thz gfLoom Li> an Iowa fumckzA. 

Among fizzznt wzddlngi -in thJj> vlcAJiittf wa6 that oi Jo6zph AchtzA to Ui&i Ulzza-Z 

ThzLi, both wzlt known young pzopZz Kzi-iding nzan. Hantadofi. 

««««»«»««* OctobzA 29, 1908 

Gfvzat Bznd ExaminzA On Wzdnz&day Za6t M^. RobzAt W. Bohn and Hii-i Lizzlz Hadkz 

uzAZ unitzd -in thz holy bondi oi matfUmony at thz LuthzAon EvangzLccaZ ChuAch, Rev. T. 
Hindi oiilcAjvUng. AitzA tkz czAzmony thz young cowptz wzAz iottowzd by many inZzndi 
and Kziativzi) to thz bnidz^ i homz whzAz thzy 6pznt thz day and zvzning. Evz^f onz znjoyzd 
thzm6zt\JZi>. Ua. and Mw. Bo fin wzAz pAz&zntzd with many co&tly wzdding pfvzi>znti>. And 
thz day woi, onz to bz long KzjnzmbzAzd by tho^z pAz&znt. biz aZJL join -in zxtznding to 
thii pnoipzhoui) young couptz, congfiatuZation& and bzit wL&hzs. 

********** hlovzjnbzA 5, 1908 

Thz moAfiLagz oi fiichola6 J. FzaXz and Mc44 Agnei f^cMonAow occuA/izd In thz CorrmzAcioji 
HoteJi poAJLofU) at illahp^ton on Wzdnziday, Nov. 4th, Judgz JeA&-in pzAioAming thz czAzmony. 

Thz bfiidz -U thz daughtzA oi Hu. H. B. HcMoaaow oi GKzzndaZz and li, wzZt known; 
thz gAoom Z& a 6on oi B. Vzitz oi thii placz and aZi>o ha& a toAgz caAcZz oi acquaintanczi . 
Thz newty wzddzd coupZz havz gonz to hou^zkzzplng -in thz Fztton building . 

********** NovemfaeA 72, 1908 


ULcJiotaa J. Thtzde. o^ Sonafux. and Hci4 KcutheAlnz BznnaAd o£ TyZeA weAz maAAlzd 
xccjmtty. The. confmcXAJig poAtLzi oAz weJLi knotm. and havz a ho&t o£ ^fu.tndi who zxtend 
but uilihti. ********** NouemfaeA 12, 1908 

W. v. ZickzAt and Ulii, SabZna V-LzAjcz dzpoAtzd f^onday night ioK ULnnzapoLii, uohzAz 
ihzy weAe unitzd ijn. noAJuJiQZ thz ^oZZouiing day. The. mxny ^A^endi o^ the z&tlmabZe. couple 
zxtend heoAty congAatuZatiorU) and be^t wcifeea. 

Thzy Izit at once ion. VzAmont wheAz they zxpzct to ^pend moit o^ the MlnteA. with 
ftjeZxitiveM , and exinZy next yeoA vxilZ fuztunn to Hankcn&on to make thzVi home. 

********* « NovemfacA 12, 190S 

Among Azcent weddlng^> In thli vldbuty woi that oi Emit Watbnan to Uli6 UoAjy Sckulz, 
both weU knoim young pecplz. ********** Novembzn. 12, 1908 

Invltationi oKz out ioK thz wzdding oi fUM CeZia. HzdAZck to Mt.. Joz KZcAteAmn uihich 
(oUZ take place at thz homz oi thz gKoom on Wzdnz&day, Nov. 25th. 

********** NovejnbeA 19, 1908 

Thz iolljouilng announczmznt, Azcelved by Thz NEWS thli wzzk iKom thz oi^cLatZng cleAgy- 
man, villi be oi lacaZ. InteAzit. 

MARRIEP By thz HzveAznd John EtUion VoMaA, pa&tofi oi thz Baptl&t Chuxch 

oi HlagaJia. TaZl, NY., HzveAznd WlZZLam V. ZlckeAt oi Hanlvinion, WP., to Hl6i EmlZn SatLna. 
PleAcz oi BlaZnz, WA., at thz homz oi thz oOlcavUng cZeAgyman. Tfiom KiagoAa Falti 
thz bfildz and gfvoom pfwczzdzd on thzAJi viojy to VzAmont to vlilt KzZatlve/t oi thz gfwom. 

********** November 19, 1908 

Wm. Scku-eXt tooi stepping high Tu£j>day aitzAnoon, having Azczlvzd wotvd oi the moAAlagz 
oi hl& ion Wm. to a young lady oi Glzndlvz, MT. Thz happy zvznt took placz Sunday evening 
and thz young couplz mlZ fizildz at Wibaux, Uontana, vAteAz thz gnxjom li a tAoitzd employee 
oi thz HofithzAn Paclilc Railitioy Co. Hli Hantin&on iAlendi zxtend congAotulatCom and bz&t 
uilihe/,. ********** Uovembzn. 26, 1908 

A coAd fLZczlved today iAom EJ>tabzn, Saik, &ay&: "Ma. and HfU,. Choi,. 0. Tyion. VaAt- 
IculoAi lateA." Which would Indlcatz that L. A. Tyion ha& a neui daaghtzA-ln-law. 

********** VzczmbzA. 3, 1908 

John E. Tfumdt and Ulii Lena Hentz, well known and populax young pzoplz Living &outh 

oi town, weAe unitzd In moAAlagz loit week. Thz NEWS jolm a ho6t oi othzA i^ilendi oi thz 
young couplz In zxtejidlng congfiatuZatlom and bzit wliheJ>. 

«»»«««»»«» VzcembeA 3. 1908 

Wz oAe plzaizd to AzpoAt thJji wzzk thz moAJilagz oi Ufi. RobzAt BoeZke to Ulii hiaAy 
HzAmz& idilck took place on Wednesday, Nov. 25th. Thz poAtlzi oAz well known to thz many 
Azadzu oi Thz NEWS and havz icoAzi oi iAlendi who zxtend congAatulatlom . Ma. BoeZke 
Zi a pAo^peAoai ianmeA, a ion oi Wm. BoeZke. Thz bfildz li a daughtzA oi Jacob HeAmzi, one 
oi ouA pfwipzAoui ianmeAi weZZ and iavonably known to all. 


Tkzy voUJL Kti-Lde. at tht old home, o^ Wm. Boefee, two mitzi 6outh o{ thii u-c££age. 

«»«»»»»»»» PecembcA 10, 1908 


{fllbaux (WT. ) PionteA, Pec. 3Ad Thz 6zcond we IzoAnzd o^ tluji weefe -c4 

that oi W^ZUjm 0. Sckuztt and Hiii L. Ada Vackzy, iofmzKttj oi Glejidlve., who weAe wfuXtd 
■in thz holy bondi o^ matfujnony at. Gtzndivt on FfUday zvening, Nov, 20th; Rev. E. W. Eng- 
LL6h {i{ficAjate.d. 

Only a iwi intimate. ^Aitndi o^ tha bfu.dt we^e p^eieni at thz weddcng. Ufi. Schuztt 
Kztu/mzd to liltbaux thz ^oiZouUng day to takz up hJj> dutizi, oi opzfiatoK, and thz bnldz 
Kzjnalnzd at hzfi homz tn Gtzndlvz untUZ Thank&gZving Vay, whzn thz happy coupZz took up 
thzAJi ^izA-idzncz at thz Gnaham Hotzt. "BUZ" zvZdzntZy wantzd to huApfiUz hil, WZbaux 
iKizndi) "Ayightf' whzn hz A.ztuAnzd to WZbaux atonz and hz czAtainly d^d, a& no onz hzJiz 
kneu 0^ thzJji wzddlng untiJt ka> bzttzA haZi avUvzd in thi& city. 

Hn.. SckusXt hoi iaUh^uLty and z^^clzntZy ilttzd thz po4,-ition a& optnatoA. at thz 
dzpot hzAz ioK thz poJtt thfizz yzau, duAZng which timz hz hai, pAcvzn kcmzli to bz o^ thz 
thz typz that wini>, and li> wzZZ tikzd by alt in social cJjiclz^. 

Thz bfildz Id onz ojj Glzndivz' & hightly z&tzzmzd young Zadiz&, having fiziidzd thoAz 
pAAcXically all hzn. tiiz, and dwnZng hzA ^Azqwint visits to Wibaux ha& madz many fifiizndi 

Ha., and Ufa. Schuztt zxpzct to Zzavz 6oon ^ofL thz iofmzA.'6 homz in thz east on thziA. 
honzymoon, and will on thzZt KztuAn to Wihaux, takz up thzZn. fiz&idzncz at thz Gnaham. 

Thz TionzzK with thzZ/i many £AZznd& in zxtznding congftatulationi and bzit 
wZ&hzi) ^oK many happy day6 o^ wzddzd Ic^z. 

*********** VzczjnbzA 24, 1908 


7 9 9 

A laxgz numbfi o^ GKzzndaZe. young pzoplz cutte.nde.d ChAyiit BeAg'i wtddlng dancz'at 
Mnjmsn labt Scutmday night. ********** JanuoAy 28, 1909 

Oh, joy! Tht uizdduig beZi& pzaJizd iofvtk thzAX mvouj dUmzs on Tu&J>day when tfio oi 
ouA popular young pzoplz weAe jalntd in wzdlock. Gdohjgt lHonntn., Jx,, and UiS6 Alvlna 
BzdUel, both oi Gfizat Bend, we^e mvaUzd cut the. Hon ChuAck, Reu. John TlidieA oi{tlcl(U- 

Thz gAjoom Zi a i,on o^ ouA gtneAaZ meAchant, Ge.o. WonneA, Sk. , and the bAcde. a. daugh- 
teA 0^ Jacob BeahteZ who woi ^ofmeA pa&toK heAe at thz ZZon ChuAcJh. Thz couplz mZt take 
up tkzlA abode In thz uppzA itony o^ thz itofiz which l& ^Ittzd up Into comlontablz Aoom. 
We aZZ join In uiiihlng them a. long, pfwipeAoait and happy jouAnzy thAa ll^z. 

A{,teA thz maAAiagz ceAemony the happy couple dAove oveA to Ua. and Mti. TAonk Vopp'i 
to czlebhatz thz occasion. Ua. Bzcktzt, ^athzA oi thz bAidz, li con^zd to hli bed theAz 
with a izveAz Winzt,i> and only a ^eui AeZatlve/i wzAz pAeJ>znt. 

....GAzat Bend ExjomineA... ********** MoAcA 4, 1909 

A 4tofLy l6 told 0^ a moAAlzd lady who compaAzd heA husband to a hand&omz piano lamp 
that hz had pAze>zntzd to hzA. HeA haiband izlt qultz {JLattzAzd until ihz mzntlonzd thz 
poAtlculau oi thz Ae/>emblancz. 

"blell," ihe laid, "you know my dexui. It hoi a good deal o^ bAa66 about It, It li 

handiomz to look at, It l& AejnoAkably bfulZlant, AzqulAzi a good deal o^ attzntlon, li 

iometlmzi un&teady on iti lzg6, liable to zxplodz when hati iull, ^loAzi up occasionally, 

lit always out at bzdtlmz, and lt> bound to &mokz. " 

********** f^^,^^^^ jj^ jg09 

At Monango, loit weefe, occuAAzd thz moAAiagz o^ Ma. Evan GAzzn to Mc44 Gladys B. 

VliZz. Thz gfioom Is a nzphew o^ thz Jonzs bfwthzAS oi this placz and at onz timz was 

a student In thz Hardunson schools. His ifilends extend congnatulatlons . 

********** m^yj^ jj^ j9^9 

VzlbeAt J. Bovey, BfizckenAidge, MN. , and Hiss Maymz Thompson, Wahpeton, WP. 
LeAoy J. Hzslop, BAltton, SV., and Hiss Edith J. ¥ofid, LidgzAood, htV. 
Geo. H. Knott, ToweAS Lake, MP., and fliss Nzva Jones, WyndmeAe, KV. 
HznAy J. Jonzs, Casselton, MP., and Hiss Myfitlz SpnlngeA, Wyndmzfie., M). 
Al^Azd Schlzy, Hanklnson, NV., and Hiss Anna ?MX}chnow o^ thz samz placz. 

********** Hj^j^^^ 25, 1909 

Bfilghtwood Hiss Anna PKochnow was maAnlzd last Sunday zvenlng to Ht. Al^Azd 

Schlzy 0^ South Dakota. Rev. HilgendoKft pzAf^ofmed thz czAcmony. 

********** f^^^ 25, J909 

A pAztty wedding took place last Sunday at thz St. John's ChuAch noAth oi town, 
the contAactlng paAtles being Hi. Alf/ied Schley and Hiss Anna Vxochnow. 


The. csAzmony woi peA^ofumd by Reu. H^ZgtndoK^, 'in tkz pKuznct o^ a. numbeA. o{, {^ftiund^ 
and KeXaXJ-vu . Tkz bKide. -c6 a. dmighteA o^ M^l. and Uu. HeJumn Pfiochnoui, pnaminznt n.zi-Ld- 
ejvtit noKthooMt o{^ tcMn, and ha^ ipzyvt mat o^ hzA ti^z -in thi& locaZiXy. Shz -U, a popuZoA 
^avoKltz uiitk a loAQt cOicZz o^ axixiaaJjttanc.eyii , bzA-ng zitzzmzd ^on. heA. mxny high, qaatitiu 
0(J hdOAjt and mind. 

Thz gKoom, M^fizd 8. SchZm, Li, a pKomiilng young man o^ StAot^oid, SV. , at u)kich ikz young zouptz viiZt makz thzVi homz. Pany ^/viendi zxtznd congKatulrutiom and 
but Mli>hzi. * ********* UoAck 25, 1909 

MA4. a. E. liiUJbxAd and ion Wattzn. wznt to Wahpzton Tuziday to attznd tkz wzdding 
o£ MoS4 Ruby ^UloAd, vjkick occuAAzd that day. We havz not Izaftnzd tkz namz oi tkz gloom. 

»«•»«»««,, ^p^^ 29, J909 

"TEN VEARS AGO" Colwm Thz maxnlagz oi ffmnk J. VzLtz to Ulii Anna Hzl&zn. 

loaj, iiotzjnnizzd at WAhpzton. *»»»»*«*«« ., .. 

Hay 6, 1909 

Thz moAAlagz oi Hii>^, Phatinha IznthzA to M^l. Pe^eA BakzK mUZ occ.uA at thz Cathotic 
ChuAdi nzxt Tuudojj trcnnlng. ««»«»«»**♦ Maw 20 1909 

InvitatiorUi vxiZZ bz Z&^iuzd 4,oon ioA. thz ioAthcoming moK/ujxgz oi (t'm. CoppZn oi thii to Uaj>j> Tew, daughtzA oi Ma., and Uhm. OZz Tew, who AziZdej, nzoA ijJahpzton. Thz 
moAAJxigz -C4 to occuA on June 9th. 

»*»«**»«»» Hay 10, J909 

HooAzton Thz moAAJjigz oi MiA4 VoAothza FoeAtch, daughteA oi Mt. and Haj, . B. FoeA- 

tch, and Ha. Joizph SchuLtz oi HanfUn&on took ptacz at thz St. Anthony'^ ChuAch Tuesday. 
A Kzczption at tkz bAZdz'i homz iottowzd thz czAzmony. TheJji many i^Zend!) oUzA congAat- 
ulatlom. «»»•»*««»» May 27, 7909 

Thz mofObiagz oi Ha. PztzA BakzA and Hl&4> ThaLinka IznthzA occuAAzd at thz Cathotic 
ChuAch Tuz&day moaning. Thz bAZdzimaZdi weAz Hi6.izi, Katiz HammznJLing and AnnZz VaZenJ^kz, 
and John WoZi and AndAeno JaAikz acted oi bzit mzn. Thz uiuaZ wzdding izitivttiz& ioZZow- 
ed thz czAemony: ««»«»»«»«* Hay 11, 1909 

..."TEW VEAVS AGO" T^ie maAfUagz oi Hl&i Annie SchaZthzli and Chai . HcLaaghtin 

OCCUAAZd. ********** j^^^ 3^ jgQ9 

E. H. Hozn Lt, ah4,znt at TzAgui TaZJU. It It, Kzpontzd that hz uiltZ Zzavz ioK thz 
coodt on a wzdding tntp and on hti AztuAn hz wLtZ take up hLb dutizi heAZ again, and bz 
at homz In thz Wm. W-ceii houJiZ. 

********** Jj^^^ 3^ J9jjg 

Tfie moAAJjigz oi Ma. WZZZZam CoppZn oi tkii pZacz to Hli-i HoAy Tew occuAAzd yeiteA- 
day at thz'i homz in OJahpzton. 

Thz bftidz Zi a daaghtzA oi onz oi ouA oZd iztttzu nzaA Wakpeton and Zi hJ.ghly ipo- 
kzn oi by tkoi,z who know heA. Thz gAoom fioi gAown up iAom boyhood In thii vZcinity and 
enjoys thz AZipzct and ei-teem oi aZZ. AiteA a bAZzi honzymoon thzy wlZZ itoAt houMZ- 


kzzpZng -in thz homz o{, thz gKoom on the. ^>ouXJi iZdz. A cuAcZz Oi$ {^fUzncU, jo>ufi Zn zxtznd- 
AjiQ congAaXuZcuUjoni and bziX: uicihu. 

GA.zzndaZe. Choi. Olion cwuvzd homz ^lom Hinnzapotu with a bfUdz a ihonX tmz 

ago, and fu4 ^fUzndi zxtznd hza/Ulzit congKoXutatloni . 

Ma4. W. Pztzuon Izit io^ Oiokli,, UN., Uondcuf to attznd thz wzddLing o^ hzA buotkzA, 
Wi. O-icoA Bon^an to M^4 Otion. 

Jo4. Re-oifee and llktzx Mi44 E. tzit Taziday ^oK Gznuzo to attznd thz werfdcng oi 
a KzZaUvz. ********** J^^^ j7^ jgjj, 

A qtju.zt wzdding took placz hzKZ loJ>t Tuziday at thz HUzzZ homz. ThzAJi daaghtz/i, 
Maa. ULnniz FZ&hzfi, waj, joZnzd In wzdZock wZth Wt. J. Stz^^zni, who livzi about nlnz 
mitzii ^outhza&t o^ thZ& placz. Both poAJJiztt anz vozit and ^avofiably known hzA.z and alZ 
joZn Zn zxtzndcng congfuituZatZoni. 

Rev. Hlnck pzx^oAmzd thz czAZjnony. 

********** Jj^^ J7^ jg^g 

A u)ztt known bdchztoK o^ Gfizzndatz wai> moAJiizd KzczntZjj, and kind kzoAtzd {,Alznd&, 

to thz numbzA o^ a 6coKz on. mon.z, tzjndzAzd thz newly wzddzd coaplz a iAA.zndty izKznadz 

danlng thz zoJily hou/ii oi thz mo/mlng. Thz gKoom did not takz klndty to thz attentions 

ihown by kii nzighbonJ> , and zxpn.zi6zd kilt ^zztings by hza\j-ing a lamp thAough thz chambeA 

uilndow Into thz wld6t o^ thz cAowd o{, fizveZleu. O-U woa not what thz Ciowd zxpzctzd, and 

a(,tzK the zxplo6-ion thzy diipzued without ceAemony, a 6uddzn buduizlieA bunch. 

********** J^^^^ j7^ J909 

A doublz wzdding occuAAzd at FaAgo on Wzdnziday o{t la6t wzzk which wtlZ bz o{^ InteA- 
ejit to Hankiniion people inasmuch at, one OjJ tkz pAincipaZi woA a {^oAmzA te/xchzA in ouA 
itchoots and has Aziidzd hzAz ^oA szvzaoZ yzoAi. Thz contAacting poAtizi wzAz M-tii EZia 
Jonzs and Ma.. knthuA Campzau, and Ha>i Lo/ia. Campeau and Ua. Kznnzth Lukz. Thz czAzmony 
woi pzAf^ofmzd by Rev. ?A. Regan 0($ ToAgo in thz pAZizncz 0($ a (Jew AeZatives and intimate 
iAizndi, . 

Hiii EZia Jonei, wfio became thz bnidz o^ Ua. AAthuA CampZjau, i& a daughtzA o{i Ma.. 
and Mas. J. R. Jonei, JA., o£ thJj, placz, ii a gnaduatz o^ thz Hankin&on High School and 
ioA thz past yzoA has, been a tzachzA in thz gAadzi. Thz gAoom is a pAominznt business 
man o£ Olga, NV., whzAZ hz id zngagzd in th<i dAug businzss , and thz newly wzddzd couplz 
win makz thziA home at that placz. 

Thz othzA bAidz in thz doublz wzdding is a si&tzA o( Ua. Campzau. Among thosz who 
witnessed thz czAemony wzAZ Ua. and Uu. J. R. Jones, lA., and Uiss Jessie Jones, poAznts 
and sistzA xespzctivzly o^ the bAidz. 

********** j^^ J7^ jgpg 


Sononji Wc44 StelZa MzZion, {^oAimAZy o{i tkU bat now tivZng ndofi EZimoJick, 

W(LS mcuinizd to ChfuJ) Roiium, who at&o LLvzd In tLii neJ.Qhbonkood ^OA. iomz tAjnz. Thz 

datz and pcvUZcuJLaM a^e. not known to thz wnltzfi. lilz wlih thz young coupZz a long and 
happy JUiz. ********** j^^^ 24, 1909 

Inu-ctoXconi anz oat {^OK thz moKfuAgz oi Hi&i Annlz UUhfiandJ:, daughtzn. o{i Ma. and 
M/iA. Hznman HUbKondt, to Ma.. Otto Uzdzmialdt. Thz maJoUagz wUl takz on Jaly 8th. 

********** Jy^ J^ J9(J9 

H. H. Eladow and bnldz i)pzjvt a (Jew dnyii cut thz homz oi hLs> ^athzA, Choi. BZn.dow, 
njzXuJiKuig to EUioy, WI., Sunday nj.ght. Uk, Eladow li a fuouZfioad zmployzz at ZVioy and 
a^tzn. kU manAMngz a (Jew day^ ago dzc^dzd to bfUng hii uK.($e to HofMi Dakota, ion. a bfu.zi 
honzymoon. ********** j^y^^ 7909 

Hani Goth camz homz iwrn thz wzbt to attznd hc& 6litzn.'& wzdding lait zvznlng. 

********** j(^ j^ 7909 

knotkzfi popuZoA. young coaplz wzAz joZnzd In wzdlock lait zvznZng, Ma. Wm. J. EA.zn- 
nzA and Mii4 t^oAgoAzt Goth. Thz czAzmony occuxnzd at thz homz 0(J thz bhldz'i paxznti, 
Reu. Kunz oi(^lcJjaJJjig. Hiii Emma HzJji actzd ai bhldzimaid and Uk. J. WaZtzn. Gfizzn ai 
bzit man, with only thz fizZaXlvzi o^ thz contAncting panXlzi pfiziznt. 

Thz b/hidz li a daughtzA oi Mk. and M^. Fn.zd Goth and li onz o^ thz mo&t populan. 

mzmbzAJ, oi thz yaungzfi izt. Thz gxoom hoi bzzn a KZi-idznt 0({ Manklm,on ion. a nimbzA oi 

yzoAJi, bzAjig emptoyzd oi opznaton. at thz Soo, and li highly zitzzmzd by all. Thz NBIS 

jolni with a loAgz clAcZz 0(J ^nlzndi In zx;tzndlng congnRtatatlom and bzit wlihzi . 

Un.. and Wn. B^enneA wUZ occupy thz Goth cottagz on thz zait ildz oi town. 

********** jijj^y 7^ 7909 


Lait zvznlng aX thz homz o^ thz bnldz'6 poAznti In UlnnzapotU, thz manjUagz oi 
MX44 ElZa C. Johnion to Wi. Otto L. Llndzkz wai iolemnlzzd. Only a ^zui Intlmatz inlzndi 
o£ thz contAjactlng panXlzi wzJiz pn.ziznt. 

Thli li an zvznt that hai bzzn antlclpatzd with Intztzit by thz Hanklnion inlzndi 
oi thz young coaplz. Both axz fenown tx} pnactlcaUy zvzAyonz hzAz and Thz UBjJS but volczi 
thz izntlmznt oi th<uA loxgz clAclz o^ inlzndi In zxXzndlng hzanXy congnnXaUtlon^ and 
bzit wlihzi ion. a long and happy voyagz on thz maXAlmonIaZ J>za. 

Thz bnldz hai bzzn a tzachzA In thz Hanklnion Vubllc Schools ion. thz pait thnzz 
yzoAi and by hzn. chanmlng pzuonatUy won thz inlzndihlp and zitzzjm oi alt. Thz gnoom 
li thz iznlox membzn. oi thz ilnm oi UndeJkz, KjzZitnup S Co., and li onz oi thz town' 4, 

Izadlng bailnzi-i mzn. 

kitzn. a bnlzi honzymoon at onz oi thz ^iinnz^ota iummzA. n.zionti Un.. and Um . llndzkz 
wUUL go to hooizkzzplng hzAZ. ********** July S, !909 

ManAlzd, at thz Evangzlical paA^onagz. on ThuA^day zvznlng, July lit, Ulii Lzna 
EnMimund to Un. AagtM^ Knaak, Rev. Kunz pznionmlng thz cznzmony. 


The. bfUdz Zi a. daaghtzn. o^ M/l. and Wu,. Htfman Enummund wfio fiuZdt nofithwe^t o^ 
toifjn and ihz gfwom Zi a vooJUi \inavin A.e/>^de.nX. o^ thz nofuth pant o£ town, whcAZ the.y wUZ The. contAactZng poAJbie^ one weZZ known and have, the btit wiiheJi o^ a Zjoaqz 
cUidie oi acqaeuintjinceM . ********** jj^ ^^ J9^9 

Thii moAning at the GeAman EvangeLicaZ Chwick tht moMMige o^ Hii-i Anna Hitbnjandt 
to MfL. Otto UedznwaZdt woi io^emitczed. Rev. H. Ktmz o {^ilcilaJUnQ . Tht cenejnonxj wa4 wlt- 
neJ>i>ed by a tafige numbeJi o^ JnvZtexi gutiti and wWi be ^ottowed btj thz uiuaZ wedding 
£ej>tbjitxej) at the home o^ the bfUde'6 poJientl, In BfUghtwood Towni,hip tkii af^teAnoon. 

The young people have KeJ>i.ded tn thUM neyighbonhood iJyize ckiZdhood and have a 
ho/)t oi ifiiendi, and weZt wliheAi, aZZ o£ whom join In extending heafitX.e/>t congAjotatat- 
lon&. ********** j^^y j^ J909 

EfLneMt E. RzjjnoZd/, ojj Hankln&on and HU& MoAie Haiveth o^ TaAAmoant weAz mafoUed 

by Rev. E. V. GaZtaghzA. at WahpeXon on ThuAJ>day. 

********** jj^ g^ J9Q9 

The many ^fUendi o^ ^tc44 Ro.4e JeAeczefe ofie. ptea&ed to extend congAotuZatlom . HeA 

moAAyiage to Ma.. HenAjy Moacfe o^ LidgeAwood occ.aM.ed at (tlahpzton on JuJLy 6th, Rev. ¥k. 

Caydtuhek o^^cJjvting. 

********** j^ j^ J9Q9 

The edJXoK o^ an exchange, got Into tAoubZz fenee dzzp Azczntty. A coaptz of^ young 

pzopZz, Newton Land and Jznniz HztpzA, got manAlzd and thz zdyitoA u&zd thz uiuaZ hyphzn- 

atzd hzjidlng, lond - HeZpzfi, i.n hii> uVLctz-up o^ thz zvznt. 

********** jy^ j5^ J9(j9 

Choi. Hlchal6on, thz poputoA Soo znglnzeA, luApnJjtZd hli ^AA.end& by bfUngZng homz 
a bAldz Tuz&day mofuujig. Thz young lady wa& ^oAmzfiZy HL&& HelLie W. HaZZ o^ Jame.itown, 
at which. thz moAAtagz wai, ioZemnZzzd on July 1th. SZncz that time thz newZy 
wzddzd pain, havz bzzn znjoylng a bfu.daZ t^ip, oAAlvlng hzAZ Tuesday monjting ilncz which 
tlmz thz gfvoom hoi been buiy Kzczlvlng cong/uvtuZatljoni o^ hU many {^Klzndi,. 

Ua. and Hu. NlchoZion wlZZ go to hou&zkzzplng In thz HungeA cottage ju&t noAth 

o£ thz hoipltaZ and wlZZ bz "aX. homz" a{^tzA Augu&t 15th. 

********** j^y 29, 7909 

Vou havz heoAd of^ the ccut>e wheAz a woman fuxn a nzddZz Into heA thumb and a^teA 
twenty yeoAL It woAJizd ItieZ^ out oi hzA big toz. WeZZ, hzAz'i a ca6e tkaJ: hai, that 
beat a mlZz. 

la/it yeoA one oi thz young Zadlzi o^ thl6 city madz a ml&takz ojj pinning hex bztt 
with a nzzdZz and thz nzedZz Aon Into heA and couZd not bz ^ound; ju6t thz othzn. day 
IX iM laXd to havz bzzn £ound coming out o^ thz afm o^ onz o^ ouA young men. We don't 
know how thz nzzdZz woi Azcognlzzd oa thz Aomz unZzii by thz zxpAZiilon o{, Iti zyz. 

How It got ^Aom thz young Zady't wadt Into thlj> young man'i oAm li a izcAzt which 
baiiZzk icizncz. ********** Kaguit 5, 1909 


The. NEWS thyii) weefe ^ecex,ved an annoancejnznt o{^ the. mcuifLiage. o^ ULii Cofui Ztikemee 
to Ma.. Pav-cd V. hioAqueXtz, which happy event uxu iolemKized lai^t SatuAday at AnnandaZe., 
MW. Thz gKoom Zi> a ^on o£ Wm. t^oAqaette, one. o£ Zichland Coanty'-i ploneeA. (, 
and hoi lived in tiuJ> vicinity pJiacticaZZy aU, hik LL^z and a ZoJige ciAcZz oi {^Aiendi 
extend congAotuZatiom . The. young couple Mill be at horm at KuJlm, thil, ^tate, a^tfi I^it, uihejie the gfwom hoi a poiiXion as gAoin buyeA.. 

********** Auguit n, 1909 


A pKztty wedding occuM.e.d at the. home, o^ Hfu. Ge.o. MacAee£ on Wzdneiday evening, 
Augait 25th, when hen. daughtzA, Hii.1, BeAtha Rockow, wai united in moAfUage. to H/l. John 
A. BAad^oAd. The. ceAemony took placz at hal^ pait 6 o'clock, in tkz pAej,e.ncz o{, Kzlat- 
ivei, and a ^ew intimate ^Aiendi,, Rev. OedeA oi GKeaX Bend oOicMiting. 

Thz bftidz woi attended by Wc64 HeZLiz Baim ojnd thz gKoom by Wi. Guitav Rocfeow. 
Littlz UyAtZz RoAn actzd 04 ilowzA giJd., and thz wzdding maAch was playzd by Ufa. C. 
H. UcVoneZZ. Thz Aoom wai beauti{)UZly dzcoAotzd with ilowzfu,. Af^tzA thz ceAemony, and 
thz congAatuZation& that iollowzd, thz newly wzdded paiA lucczzdzd in eZuding thziA 
hiloAixjui ^nZzndi and dzpafttzd ioA a bfiiei honzymoon in tkz cxtiz&. 

Thz bAidz il> onz o^ Hankimon's most e/>timablz young ladizi> and hoi a ho6t o^ 
^Aizndi. Shz haj) livzd hzAZ &incz childhood and numbzu hzA wzUi wiiheAi onZy by the 
CAJiclz 0(J hex acqualntanczi . 

Thz gAoom it, a popuLoA Soo zmployzz and Zi highZy Az/,pzctzd £oA hii indu&tAioui 
habitlt and 6teAting manhood. A£tzA a bAiz^ honeymoon. Ma. and Ha& . BAad^oAd will bz at 
homz in HankZnSon. ********** Auga&t 26, 1909 

M^. Hatt SchAom attzndzd thz wzdding o^ a nizce in Uinnzapolii on Monday. Thz 
bAidz Zi a taZzntzd vocaZZit and thz newly wzddzd couplz will 4,pznd thz nzxt thAzz yexuu 
in GzAmany whzAZ ihz will takz vocaZ tAoZning undzA 6omz, o^ thz wofild'i moit ^amou6 in- 
t,tAactoA&. ********** Auga&t 26, 1909 

....TEN /EARS AGO ... Column Thz maA/Uagz oi John Rahn to Hi&6 TiZZZz Rockow 

occuAAzd on Szpt. 6th at thz LutheAan ChuAch, Rev. WalteA o {ideating, 

********** Augu&t 26, 1909 

yeJ>teAda.y af^tzAnoon at 5 ?U aZ tkz homz o{, Ua. and Ma6. Gzo. BakeA neoA Guzlph, 
VZckzy county, occuAAzd thz maAAlagz o{, thziA daughtzA Nina C. BakeA to Ma. AhZhufi C. 
HaAgAavz. Thz ceAemony wai pzAloAmzd by Rev. Sandzuon oi AndovzA, SV., in thz pAZizncz 
oi thz immzdiatz AzlatZveJ, and a £ew inxjZtzd.gazitl,. Thz pAZiznti wzAz numzAoui and 

Thz bfiZdz Zt> a daughtzA o^ onz o^ Vickzy County' i moit pAominent ({o/une^ and ii 
quZtz weZZ known heAz, having viiZtzd HankZmon {^Aiendi on izvzAoZ occa&Zoni,. She ii a 
highZy taZzntzd young lady and ii, bzlovzd by heA zntZAz cZacZz oi acquaZntanczi ^OA hzA 
many zxceZZznt qwalZtZzi ojj hzaAt and mind. 


Thz gKoom Zi a 4o« o£ Ma., and Uu. J. W. Hcuigfiavt oi tkli ptace. and KuZdtd 
fie/te untit fie zjnttKzd tkz. Stautt UnJivtUAjUj 04 a 6tadznt ^zveAoZ yexiu ago. He woi 40 
4ucce44jjat -01 kl& wofik. thzte. that ihoKtZy a^teA. gfuiducuting he. uxu tzndeJitd and acczpt- 
ed a. poi'itLon 04 ZnstfiuctoA. Zn manuat t/uaXnlng at thz U., which poiJitJion he. ititt hoZdi. 
He. ha& a ho6t o^ £fU.end& in Hankimon who extend heaAtleJ>t congfiatuLationit and beUtt wliheJ). 

Thoiz ijAom fiete who atte.nde.d the. wedding wefie. Mt. and Ufvt,. J. W. Haxgnave. and family 
and iiJUi. v. A. 

kiteA. a bhiei honeymoon at. the. ^MnneMota. lake^, Un.. and M/ii. HoAgAave wJJJL make 
tkeJUi home, at GKond Fofdii wheAz thz gfioom witt enteA. on hii zducatlonaZ dutizi in about 
ten dayi. ********** SzptembeJi 9, 1909 

Lait Sunday a^teMnoon at iJXve o'cZock the. moAAlagz oi UiM Lena Pankow to AZbeAt 
Hoz^6 occafifLzd at thz homt o^ thz'6 paJientk noAthwzit 0^ town. Rev. HiJtgendoA.i 
oiiicMJJting. Tfie ceAemom/ wai, wiXnt&izd by theiJi pajienti. The bJiidz Zi a dmightex oi 
Wl. and Hu. Aug. Pankow and ha& ipznt att heA. ti^e. with hzA pafiejnti on the. tJoAm and 
thz ghoom iM a hon oi Aug, Hoz^ and ha& aZio lived with hii poAenti on thz £aAm. 

Thzy wiZt AeJ>idz on Wi. Hotifi i°'^^ aJbong tht Wild Rice. Thty have thz bej>t wi&he^ 
0^ a ZoAgz ciKcZz 0^ {^fLiend/t in tkLtt vicbiLty. 

* ******** * SzptembeA 23, 1909 

A pAzttij wzdding occafiAzd at thz homz 0^ Ma., and HAi. Czofigz Tubb6 Wzdnz&day 
zvzning, Szpt. 29th, whzn at 7 PM theiA daughteA, Miil Uyfittz, was joined in matAbnony 
with Ma.. Bznjamin J. Abbott. Thz ceAemony wa& peA^oAmzd by Rev. C. S. Johnion in thz 
pAZizncz 0^ A-ztativzi and a (Jew intimatz {^fiiendJi. 

Thz bfiidz W0IZ a whitz 6atin gown and madz a pKztty pictuAz ai, 6hz appnjoachzd 
ioA thz czfLemony. HeA ^i&teA, Mc44 Lola Tcdibi,, acXed ad bfudzimaid. Thz gAoom wai 
dxzidzd in thz convzntionat black and wai attzndzd by Ma.. Chai. Gfuxviz. GeAtAudz Gold- 
/itzin and Tloiencz King actzd ai {^lowzA gihZi. Thz houiz wai eZaboAoteZy dzcofiatzd 
and izldom hoi a pfizttieA homz wzdding bzzn wiXnziizd. 

FolZowing thz ceAemony and thz ajttzndant congAjotulatiom , thz gueiti iai. down 
to a boantzoui wzdding Azpait and lateA thz poAty accompanizd thz newly wedded paiA to 
thz Soo tAoin which thzy booAdzd ^OA. a bAiz^ tAip to thz citizi. 

Thz bfiidz iji onz o£ Hankin&on'i bzit kwown young ladizi and hai a hoit 0^ {^nZendi 
who zxtend be^t wiihzi. Thz gKoom ii a Soo condactoK and on hii viiiti to Hankimon 
hai iofmzd a ciActz i wanm ^fiiendi . 

A^teA a bfiiz^ honeymoon, Ma., and UAi. Abbott will bz at homz to theiA {^Aiendi in 
HankZmon. ********** Szptembzn. 30, 1909 

Jnvitationi afiz out {^OA thz wzdding 0^ Ma., ftta. Vumkz and Mc44 Anna. SpJizcklzi, 
to takz plxLCZ at thz GzAman Ev. ChuAch on Wzdnziday, Oct. 20th. 

********** OctobzA 14, 1909 

Thz wzdding 0^ two well known young pzoplz who havz gnown up in tkii nzighbonhood 


occuAAzd at the. GeAman Ev. ChuAch ijUtzfidaij mon-ning, th^ corvtAactlng panXlu 
Mt44 Anna SpAtckeZi and Ufi. WZttLam Vumkz. The. ceAmony uMU peA^oAmtd by Rev. Kimz 
Zn the pAtience. o^ KeZaXivei, and a £euj .bnmedJjxte £AZendt> o^ tkt young couple. 

Ua6. Kunz plaijzd the wzdding moAch ai, the b/ildal poAtij paired up the. centeA 
aute, tht bfiidz ^otiowed by Hu/> Ida SpKe.ckeZ6 a& bnlde^imaid and the gAoom by Chai . 
Sp/itckeZi ai be^t man. The. wo At a dAe^i, o^ eZabofuvtely tAAjnmed VeAiZan lawn 
oveA iaMi and caruiled bfUdzi Aoiti. The bAZdeimaZd was, gowned Zn white and coAftie-d 
coAnaXZoni. About ^oAty gue^ti weAz pAzient at the n.eceptlon which {^olZowed out the'& home. 

The. am a daaghteA o^ Hfi. and Dam. V. SpAeckeli and hoi many ^fu.e.ndi who 
WAJth heA joy and happine.&6. The. gfioom am an A.ndai,tfu.ouM and pfio.ipeAous young {^oAmeA 
who e.njoy6 thz eMteem ojj all. They uxiZL AeMlde. iouA rnHeM nofUh oi town. The NEWS 
JOAJU, with a ho/it o^ {^fiieyidl aji zxte.nding congfULtulxUlonM and bt&t wZiheM. 

««»•»*«»,« OctobeA 21, 1909 

W. J. ChapZn and {,curUZy OAZ Jin ToAgo tkil, we.ek to attend thz wedding o^ l^ifiM. Chapin'6 
&Aj)teA, Mc44 AZta Smafit, which happy event took place la&t evening. 

««»,«»,,«« OctobeA 21. 1909 

Ma. Afinold BeAnoAd and UlM/> GeAtAude. SchueZleA weAe joined In we.dl.ock on Oct. 
26th. Ufi. and Maa. BeAnoAd oAe both populoA and ^avofiably known heAe and have, thz beMt 
wliheM 0)J theZn. many £fu.endi. They wUH. bz at homz on thz ^ofm o^ thz late VzteA BeA- 
noAd. O/e extend congfuvtuZatZonM . ********** Novembzfi 4, 1909 

HfL. Wm, Gait and Mc6i MofiA weAe mofiAlzd loMt ThuA&day. Ut. Gait li an Induit- 
fUoui ^afrnzA living ^ouA mllzi zait o^ GAzat Bend and thz bfiZdz l& a daughtzt o^ Ma. 
and MA6. CoaI Mohc. Bzit wliheM to the young couplz. 

********** hlovembz^ 4, 1909 

Wm. Gait 0^ TylzA and liiii BeAXha Mo^ o^ falAmount 
SlguAd Oitby and Hiii Anna Hzzich both o^ Hanklmon, Nov. 10th. 
BoAnoAd CAOii 0^ Chlldi and Hiii Jznnle MulZen o^ FalAmount, Mov. 10th. 
WaZteA ChAZitlanion and Hiii Henfilztta fAovlui both o^ LidgeAwood, hlov. 8th 
VeZdAlch Vzzdz and Hiii KatfUna Vohfunan both o{, Wahpzton, Nov. 6th. 
EdwoAcf Johnion oiJ Napoleon and EAneitlna Lubenow o^ GAzat Bznd. 

******** * * NovembeA 11, 1909 

John Swanion and wl^z attznded a wedding o^ thz iofmzA'i ilitzA at FeAgui foLli 
and AzpofU a good tbnz. ********* * NovembeA 18, 1909 

A moAAljage llcenie woi liiued Nov. 11th to Chai. StolXznow and hiiii Alma Popp, 
both oi GfLzat Bznd. ********* * Novembzfi IS, 1909 


Thz moAAAjOLQZ oi Uk. Rudolph SduZtdfi and Mc64 Arma God(^fiJ.zd wca iotemrUzzd at thz 
CaXhotic Chafich Tuziday moKning, Rev. J. F. Stadru.cka. peA^onmlng thz czKemoYVj. The. aiuaZ 
i&6tivAXlti we/ie heZd danlng thz a{^teAnoon and tvayvLng. Thz young pzoplz oaz wtU. known and e.njoy thz good uilihzi and zitzem o^ att, 

«»•»*««««« NovmbzA. U, 7909 


Thz BachztofU, mouAn thz to6& o^ anothzA mzmbzn. Zn thz pzA/,on o^ Hk. Ffiank F. Uaahi, 
who uja6 manAlzd yzitzfiday at St. VauZ to HLl>6 Lola. B. TUnzhofU. OjJ Hampton, UN., daugktzA 
0^ (An., and Mw. Oizan. ZinzhoAt, {^onmzfi xziZdznti o£ Hanklnion. 

Whzn woAk uKU, commenced on Ma.. Maak& iJ-cne new Az&ldzncz on thz iouMi iZdz Thz NEWS 
vzntuAzd thz gue44 that it mzant dzizfction on thz paJit oi anothzn. bachztoK, but thii> hz 
itA.znaoui,ly dznizd. HI& dznlal wa6 a poAdonablz Kzbukz to thz quzAtzit o^ wzll mzanZng 
pUzndi, and all ii ^oAgZvzn. 

Thz bfu-dz ipznt izvzfiaZ yzau o{i hzfi g-OtZhood Zn Hankimon and ha& many {^tu.zndi, hzAz 
who uiilZ wzlcomz hzfi back to thz community. Thz gKoom hoi bzzn a vaZuzd zmployzz OjJ John 
GKzzn diLfUng thz yzsJU> hz hai AZ&Zdzd hzfiz and aj> highly z&tzemzd by all. Thzix ifiizndi> 
zxtznd congfLotuZatijoni and bzit wijthzi and a KoyaZ wzlcomz awaits thz nemly wzddzd couplz 
on thziA KztuAn. 

Following tkz mavUagz czAzmony M/t. and Hk6. Uaahi lz{,t ^ofi a tAi.p to Aaitin, UN., 
Uilwaukzz, WJ., and othzn. pointi. Thzy wiZZ bz at homz in Hankin&on af^tzA. Pec. 10th. 

«»«*•*»»»» Novzmbzn 25, T909 


Thz iiut blizzoJid 0|J thz ^za&on wiZZ long bz KzmzmbzAzd by a IZttlz company which 
gathzAzd at thz homz 0|$ Ua. and Uu. Hzzich, who IZvz about izvzn milzi iouthza&t o£ Mank- 
in&on. Thz occasion wai thz maAtiagz o£ thzix daaghtzK Anna Izna. to Siguaxd N. O&tby, it 
woi, Nov. 14th. Thz iiofm had been nxLgijng aZZ day untiZ about £ouA o'clock whzn thzfiz woi 
iomoMhat o^ a luZZ whzn intzfizitzd ^Kizndi o£ thz bntdz and ghoom bfvavzd thz itoAm and 
/inowdfUf^ti, and izcuAzd thz Ty^on paiton., Rev. F. F. Boothby, and about 5:30 ?U thz moAAiagz 
czAemony wai pzJi{^ormzd. HznAy Eozltz actzd a6 gfwomiman whZlz thz bfiidz'A liitzn. LauAa 
attzndzd hzn. duJiing thz czAzmony. Thz fwomi wzfiz bzauti^utly dzcofuxtzd Ion. tkz occa&ion. 

Thz itofm kzpt izvznjol who wzfiz Znvitzd to thz wzdding {fiom attending. Ufi. and Uki>. 

Oiitby oJiz wzZZ fizipzctzd young pzoplz 0($ thz community and we wl&h them a happy and pfio&p- 

ZAoui, jouAnzy thAough li(z. 

********** Noue/nbe^ 25, 7909 


UoAAtzd, at thz homz o^ thz bntdz'i paAznti, Ua. and Ua6. F. L. VwyzA, 0252S Glzn- 
wood St., Spokanz, WA., Nov. 17th, 1909 at S ?U., HUi OKa E. VwyzA and Clydz C. Rowland, 
Rev. GaZZageA o£ thz Fifut Unitzd BAzthAzn o HicAjxting . 

Thz bnJAz wai, handdomzly gownzd in a cAzam coloAzd iiZk azolZzn dAZJsi, tAimmzd in 
iatin no\Jzltij bfuxid, and coAAizd whitz Aoizb. Thz gncom woAz tkz conventZonaZ black. UiJ,6 
HazeZ Rowland woi bfiidzimaid and woAz whitz VzAiian lai/cn and cafUiizd pink caAnationi . 


Clank A. Stonz um gAcom&man. The. bfUde. Zi thz only daaghtzA oi l^. and HJik. F. L. VwyzA 
and -Li an accompLii>he.d yovLng lady. Ton. thz pa&t Xuio yzanj, 6hz hob been itenognaphzA Ion. 
ColtuUi Bju}J>. Thz gfLOom li, ikz only 6on o^ iW/t. and Un/,. J. M, Rowland and li a young man 
0^ txzmplany hablti,. He hold& ihz position oi shipping cleAk o{, thz box dzpanJjnznt 0(J ihz 
Wa^hingion UUZ Co. 

A£teA the. ceAemonif a boantzoai, dlnnzK waa ACAuecf. Thz many gZ^ti WZA.Z bejaati£ul and 
coitlif. kitzn. a ihonX t/u.p to Czmzrvt, WA., thzy will bz at homz at 02S2S Clznuoood St., 
Spokanz, O/A. •»•••»»»»* UovzjmbzA 25, 1909 

Gzongz Fabzn. and Mci4 El&lz Bohn wzJiz manAlzd Monday and Iz^t thz i>amz day ion. lUnn- 
zapolU. Thzy uuM 6pznd a iew weefea on tkeln. honzymoon bzion.z nztuAning. Wz zxtznd 
congnjxtJjiZatlon&. ********** hiovzmbzn. 25, 1909 

JnvAJjotioni anz oat ion. thz moAAiagz oi M/l. Waltzn. Gznbzn. and Wi44 Aaga&ta Wzndt 
to takz placz at thz homz oi thz'6 pan.znt& In BeZiond Towmkip on Wzdnz6day Pec. Ut. 

********** Uovzjtibzn. 25, 1909 

Thz moJOiiagz oi ULii Aagtuta Wzndt to Mn.. Waltzn. Gznbzn. occuJOizd yzitznxiay monning 
at thz homz oi thz bnldz'i pan.znti, IfJi. and Uju,. John Wzndt, In Bzlion.d Town&hlp. 

Thz bxLdz hai, ipznt hzn. zrvtoiz tiiz In RlcMand County and hoi a lan.gz cJacIz oi 
inA.zndi who utzzm hzn. ion. hzn. many womanly quatLtiz&. Thz gnxjom li, a man oi zxzjnplany 
hahlZi> and znj'oyi thz KZMpzct oi all. Thz young couplz uUll makz thzJji homz hzAZ, ^z 
QKoom bzlng an zmployzz In thz Soo njiund hoaiz. Thz NEWS joini thzln. othzn. inA.zndi In 
zxtzndlng congnatulatlonl). ********** VzczmbzA 2, 1909 

Thz wzdding oi Wt44 HzZzn hlzhnzn. and Hn.. HzAman ICnaaiz will takz placz Tuziday 
Vzc. ZUt. ********** Vzczmbzn U, 1909 


A pn.ztty homz wzdding occunAzd Chnij,tmai, night at thz homz oi M/i. and Un^. John R. 
Jonei, Jn.. , whzn thzyin. daughtzn., Ha,^ Jeaa^e, woi jolnzd In wzdlock to Mn.. Alin.zd Vnlon.. 

Thz czAzmony wai pzAionmzd by Reu. C. S. John.&on In thz pn.z&zncz oi n.zlatlvzi> and 
a izjw Intlmatz inA.zndi. Thz wzdding moAch wa& playzd by thz bKldz'i .i-Utzn., Mn^. AnthuA 
Campzau. Thz bnJjLz woxz a gown oi whllz 6Hk and wai attzndzd by t-li66 Catha Jont&, who 
aZ&o woKz whltz 6llk. Thz gnxjom wa& attzndzd by hli bnothzn., hin. Raymond Pnlon.. 

Aitzn. thz czAzmony and congnatatatlon& , thz wzdding paxty 6at down to a iumptuoai, 
Azpa&t, and a Littlz latzA thz bnldal couplz dzpanXzd ion a lAlp to points In Soutli Dakota. 

Thz bnldz li onz oi Hanklmon'i moit populan young ladlzi, zitzzmzd by all ioA hzA 
many zxczllznt quallM.z& oi hzaxt and mind, and ihz hai a hoit oi wzll wl&hzAi. Thz gAoom 
li a pnomlnznt young man oi McLaughLLn, SV., whzAz fie li zngagzd In thz lumbzA bailnui 
and whzAZ thzy will Azildz. 

Thzy wzAZ thz Azclplznti oi many bzmitiiul gliti iAom Azlatlvzi and inJiejndi. Thz 
out oi town guzJ)ti In attzndancz at thz wzdding wzAz: M/l4. Young oi Nzznah, WT.; Ma. Ray- 
mond PaIoa and Ma. AbnzA Stnalt oi Hannah, NV.; M. and M/t4 . R. W. Wzlii, Hi&i Lydla Lubz- 
now and Hiii Myntlz Hawzi oi GAzat^Bznd. ^ ,»,,«, VzczjnbzA 30, 1909 


Judge Jo.t>t peA^ofumd ihz czAonony ThuA&day zvejiing Mhich jo-imd -in wzdZock hlL&i, 
Mo/u/ Baxj^cJi and Ma.. John 0. Johnion. Both anz weZt knou)n young pzopZe. o^ tkz. UuAAoy 
neXghbofihood, thz gKoom boAJng ejnptoyzd Zn hZi bnxitheA'i i>toKz oX that A loJigz 
CAjicZz oi ^xLzndi zxtznd congfuvtuZation&, not only to the. nmly wedded couple., bat to 
Judge JoA-t ^oA. the. {/jruMhcd monneA in iduick hz tizd tkz nwptiodi knot. 

• »•»««»«** VzcembeJi SO, 1909 


19 7 


The. moAAlagz o^ Hi6^, UoAij KUichvi and Vk. I. E. ^cVonM. ocauJiAzd cut 8:30 PM Uon- 
day vjzvujiQ, Jan. Sfid, out U.a.v\kcuto, MW., Reu. Hubtfi o^^Zcicuting. Thz ceremony uocu, wZt- 
nej^iQjd by fieZcutisjU and a. |{eic Intimatz ^/unzd& and at JUU dio&e. the. neuity ujedde.d coupZz 
tz^t iJo/i thz cttiz6 ^ofL a bnlzi honzymoon, oAfUvZng Zn Hanfujiion on Uonday z\jening o^ 
thii w)zzk. 

Thzy uUIjL go to hoa&zkzzplng Zn thz ipfujng ok ai ^,oon ai a icUJjabIz hou&z can bz 

Thz b/iidz woi ^OA. izveAoZ montk& head nauz at thz hoipZtaZ and had a. nwnbzA. o^ 
^AA.zndi hzAz. Thz gfioom aJ> ouJi wztt knovon vzteJUnafUan and hai, lofunzd a ZaAgz (UAcZz 
0^ acqvuUntanczit 4-cnce Zocjotuig -in Hankim>on a coaptz o^ yejvu ago. 

Thz NEWS jo-bii voith thz many ^/ilzndi o^ Vfi. and Wu>. UzVoneZt -tn zxtendlng congfiat- 
ulatloYU, and beMt uxUhzi. «»«««•»•»» JanuoAu 73 79 70 

Announczmzntit havz bzzn Kzczlvzd hzAz o^ thz moAfiiagz o^ Hui Knna Tmndt to Vfi. 
J. E. AmbKolz 0|{ Kzrmafiz, at Ulnot on Jan. 5th. Thz bKidz Zi a daughtzA. o^ John Tfumdt 
o£ GfLzendaZz and ti a nati\iz o^ Richland County, highly z&tzzmzd by oJUL. 

Thz nei/oZy uizdded coaptz mJit make thzlA homz In Kznman.z whzAz thz gfioom ha& an ex- 
czlZznt pfiacttcz In hZ& prwizMlon. Thz NEWS joln& thz many ^Klzndi o^ thz bfuidz In 
thU pant oi thz count/iy In zxtzndlng congAntulatiom .. 

««»«»««*«» Januany 73, 7970 

Thz l^antadoA. lezdding bzlZi vozfiz tuJinzd loo-iz Taziday. On Znvzitigatlon we ZzoJinzd 
that Hii^ KatheAlnz Ktump ujoj, unltzd In manxijagz to Ux. Hznman Hzltkamp oi$ Bafmzy. Thz 
young couptz oaz uiztt known In thU vtcZnlty and we alZ uxiih them long tivz& and happl- 
nzi,6 In thziA. new /,tzp In ti£z. . . . .l^antadofi. . . 

»«»«****»» Januxviy 27, 79 70 

Thz uizddlng o^ Hui Bzxtha Boelkz and Hn.. Otto C. Stzln was iotemnlzzd yz&teAday 
a^tzAnoon at thz homz o^ thz'i) pafiznti, Rev. J. P. KZau^leA officiating. Only the 
fieZativzi and a (Jew Intimate ^Klznda weAZ pAZiznt. 

Thz bfildz li a daughtzA o£ onz o^ thz plonzzfi iatniLieJi o^ thii izction and hai, a 
LoAgz clAclz 0(J woAjn ^Klzndi. Thz gAoom l^ alio uielZ knovon and znjoy.1, thz Kzipzct and 
zi>tzzm oi aZJi. 

Thz NEWS jolni uxith thzxA many ^Alendi In zxtzndlng congfuituZatloni, and beJ>t uit&hzi . 

»,*«*«»,** January 11, 7970 

Thz moAAlagz o^ L. MoueA and Wc44 Tzna God^ftizd woa 6ol.emtu.zzd at thz Catholic 
Chu/Lch on Tuesday, Jan. 25th, Rev. Jo4. F. Studnlcka oi{^clatlng. Thz contracting 
paAXlz& OAZ wztt known young pzoptz o^ ooK city and havz thz congfiatatatlom o^ many 
{,fUznd&. •«»««»«»« « Fzb/iuoAy 3, 7970 


The. moLfifUage. of^ M/l. F/ied {slZlm and f^Jj>i Lizzie. Manx occuAAzd at the. Catholic 
ChuAck on Monday mofmlng, Rev. Joi. F. Studnlcka oi^icxatlng. The QKoom Ik a prominent 
{^aJmeJi o{^ EJbna and the oAAlved. a £ejui monthi ago ^Acm GeAmany, ilnze u)hidi time 
6he feoi KeJ>i.ded. In HankAJiion. They have th^ cangfiatuZatA.oni> and bej>t uilihek o^ aJUi. 

«»«»«»•«»« TehHMOJui 10, 19 70 

Two PopuZaA. Voimg Veopte United In HaAJLcage. 

The mafiAlage o^ Hiik Clana. M. Gfiawe to M^. Edmund H. VeteA&on took place Tuesday 
evening at the home o^ the'6 paAent&, Ma., and Ma/> . Wm. GnoMC, In the pKeJtznce 0(< 
Kelatlvej, and a 6malZ panty oi Invited gueits. 

The home uxu, beautl^ulZy decofuxted {^OK the. occoilon, the coloK scheme being In white 
and pink, with laAge bouquets o^ coAnatlons. 

At the hoan. f^xed iofi the ceAemony the wedding pafuty entered the panJioK, the bfilde 
becomingly gowned In a pAxnctik dfie^i, oiJ meJ>i> iatin, Emma. Heln acted oi maid 0(J 
ho no A.. The gfwom wa& attlAed In conventional black and wal, attended by F. W. Gfvawe. 
The. wtddlng ma/ich woi played by Mw. M. H. King, and at It'-i concZuilon, Rev. C. S. John- 
son conducted the /simple but IjnpKUilve King mafixiage leAvlce. Florence King acted a& 
King beoKzn.. 

A£teA. the ceAemony and congKotulatlom that ^oZZowed, the wedding paJity KepalAed to 
the. dining fvoom, which wa/> tit wlXh pink and white candles, and aU. did ample juitlce to 
a ^>umptuoui iuppeA. Edith UacheeZ and Anna Hengtl acted ai waltKek4>e£. 

The gut&t& weAd Ua. and Maa. John R. Jone6, Va. and Mw. \AcVoneJLl, Ma., and M^i. E. 
P. WlAth, UfL. and Ma4. C. A. ChlnbzAg, Hi6i J. M. ValmeA, att o^ Hankln&on; Uu . F/toncei 
WelZand o^ St. VauZ, Leioli FfLtekk o{, hU.nnejapolii , fAu. Fouland o^ La CAoiie, WT., the 
latteA a ^iliten. o^ the gAoom. 

The nsMJly wedded couple oAe among the but kvwwn young people In thli poAt o{, the 
county. The. bfilde ls> a daughteA o^ one o^ ouA ploneeA builnzii men and li highly fiegoAd- 
zd by all £oA heA many good qualities. The gfioom ^oKmeAly fiej^lded heAe but ioA ieveAol 
yeoAi has heJid a Aekpomlble poiltlon with the LidgeAwood UlUUing Company. 

Ma., and UAi. Peteuon e&caped a deluge o{ Alee that had been pAepoAed ^OA them, and 
took the GAeat NoAjtiieAn tAoln ^OA an extended wedding tAlp thAough Ulnne^otn., (ullicomln, 
AAkamoi, TexxUt and othex points. They will be. at home In LidgeMiood a^teA June I^-t. 

• **««•«««« TebAixoAy 17, 1970 

Announcements have been Aecelved o^ the moAAlage oiJ Hi&k EitheA VahlbeAg to Ma.. 
AHhent AmboAy 0($ Vontland, OR. The bAlde'k poAenti Atslde at FeAgus falls and ihe has 
visited Hanklnson a numbeA o^ tlme/> as a gue^t o^ Mas. E. HungeA. HeA Hanklnson {,Alends 
extend congAjatutatlons and bej>t wishes. 

* * * * * TebAuoAy 77, 7970 


Though ihU Ztan -ii a LUttZe. beJLcutzd, The. MEWS takeJ> pZzoiuAz -in announoing ike. 
Kzcent mcxAAMigz o{ Mc44 SoAoh Odzyibach and /.tt. Aaga&t Wexnkau^. 

The. tit a. daaghteA. oi Hn.. and Uu. John Odenback o^ ih^ji place, and the. gfioom 
Z& a pJu36peAjOU& young {^onmeA Zn ULnneMota Town&hZp, uiheJie the. neuZy uie.dde.d couple. uUZl 
make. theJjL home.. 

HfU>. J. Vankow le^t Ion. knnamoo^e. to attend tht wedding o^ hen. &on HenAjj to a pop- 
uZoA young lady oi that place.. BeJ,t uiZihe/i to the young couple. 

• «««.»«,.,»• ^j^j^^ 24, 7970 

Richland County Boy CaptuA.e.i> a Hinot BeZZz 

PatAZck White, oi ¥aUAmount hai a lot o£ ({A-cencLs Zn tkZi vZcZjiZty who wZZl Kzad wZtk 
Zntzfiej>t the. ^olZoitiZng account o^ hZi moAAZagz to a Hinot young Zady. The. itoAy Zi pnZnt- 
ed undeA a Hinot date, line., and whZZz Zt Zd dated KphZl Ut thz itofiy Zt> no kpfiZZ Tool 

On the eve o£ hex wedding, Hiii6 UoJigafizt Elackman, a iocZeJby beZZe., hah eZope.d. 
McS4 EZa.climan wai to have, bzen maAJiZzd on kpnZl 20th to Cht&teA RZplzy, CaihZzA o^ a 
bank, at folt Vate^b, UD., at owe tJjne a i>tudent oi the Hinnz&ota UnZveA&Zty. SeveAaZ 
monthi ago ihe. went to Vogden to gZve. maiZc leMi>0YU>. A ittofm came up and hhe. wai snow- 
bound loK tkfize. we.e.hi Zn a Little, town. WhZle. pasi>Zng the timt away untZZ the blockadz 
could be IZ^ttd, TatnZck (iJhZtz laZd 4-tege to heJi heafit. Wi. White Zi a tAavelZng iaZe/>- 
man ^OK a FoAgo conceAn. 

The. aiiaZn. aX Vogeden led to izveAoZ tAysti at Hinot and the couAt&hZp among thz 
snowbanks o^ Vogdzn culminatzd yesteAxiay Zn the. eZopemznt. Thz couplz weAz located at 
BZitmoAck last zvzning. 

An attempt was madz to stop thz wzdding but Hiss Elackman Zi o^ Izgal age and Zt 
woM oi no avaZl. ********** ^p^^ 7^ ,g,^ 

TEN YEARS AGO... Column Thz moAAZagz oi John UcVonaZd and Hiis Anna Woiwodz 

took at LZdgznwood. 

********** ^p^j^ 7^ J9j^ 

Joszph KotschzvaA and Hiss Anna Slzko, both wztl known young pzoplz oi (>{antadoA, 

weJiz unZtzd Zn maMlagz at Wahpeton thZs weefe. 

********** f^^f^jj^ 2S, 7970 

Sonoha Ham HaAJiZion and UZiS Johnson, iAom Washington, wzAz moAAZzd on Monday. 

Wz zxtznd congAotalatZom and best wishes. 

******* Uojy S, 1910 

HznAy Hazn, Jl., AztuAnzd ifiom RznviZlz whzfiz hz attzndzd hZs sZiteA's wzddZng. 
t^AS. VvoAak also went aZong and was taken iZZ wZth typhoZd ieveA down the/ie. 

********** May 5, 7970 


TEW VEARS AGO Column The. mevoUaQe. oi Emit B-CazeA and Hii^ ChAlitlnt Lang 

occMAAzd aJt LeSeueA, MW. (Ma.. ZZjx.zvi Xm yand man {^oK John R. Jonei and hU ^fUends uiZZJL 
fae pZza&zd to fenow that he. hai, diange-d kd, mind about going to Canada and tkU t&tlmabte. 
family wllZ. fieMiln fieMldeyvtit o^ Hanklyit^on... .wheAz thejj have. tLve.d thz ^lut teji yeafU) 
o£ theJjL moAAled Hie.. ) ********** 

Tfie moAAlagz o^ HeAman WVith and TiZtLz RotdeA. wai> AoZemnlzzd at the. GeAman 

Ev. ChuAch. (AiJ-teA fLe^^dlng In Honfe-mion ^OK ttn yejiu, Hfi. and Ma4. WVitk mXZ. le.avz 

Zn a 6hoKt tune, to leXtJLz on a {^anm wkicJi thejy puM.ckai>e.d Jin Wun.neJ>ota.) 


Hay 5, 7910 


TUm " 1571 HAUKTMSOU hlEWS . Hay 1, 1907 - May 12, 1910 

VZut page, li thz and poQZ o^ HanlUn&on. Wewi zdLUon ^OA. ApfUZ tS, 1907 

In toit wzzk'i ^4ae Tkt NEWS gave an account 0(J ihz goldzn wzddlng o£ M/l4 , Schnam'-l, 
poAenti at Edeji Vattzy, MW. TlUi weefe ^ l6 oua. lad duty to duwnicZz tht dzath o^ onz o{, 
thz pJUncA-paZi , hiu . Ma>iy FouAjfiiti, motktu o^ Wij>. Sduum. 

A teZzphonz mui,aQZ KzceA.\)td tkc6 moxntng annoancej, thz dzath o£ thz agzd lady a^ttn. 
a b-fUzi Ztbizi,&. VzczoMtd wad a juttcue ol County LimeAlck, lA.ztand, and had Kzackzd thz 
fu.pz oZd age o^ 78, 

UfU,. SchAjOm and daugktzn. HoAy Zzavz today to attznd thz ^unzAat, 

********** ApA^ 25, 1907 

Thz (J^ve monthi' old 6on o^ Ma. and Hu. F/izd Slzittdt, who A.zildz nzxui Vz/uwn, dlzd 

Tuz&day a^tzA a bfUzi Zllnzii. Thz ^unzfiaZ wllZ bz hzld tomoKfiow a^tzAnoon, with iZAv^czi 

at thz Gzfman EvangzLLcal 

********** Hay 2, 1907 


School clo6zd Tuuday a^tzAnoon to znablz pupZti and tzacAzu to attznd thz ^unztaZ 
0^ "Roland Tofman, whoiz dzath on Saturday lait {^lllzd aJil hzanti, with ioKKow. 

?.oland wad one o{^ thz bfUghtzit pupZtd In kU> gfvadz and Kankzd ^Zut £oft. thz month 
0(5 ApfiU.. It Zd haJid to gZvz km up, and hz wiZZ bz gfizatZy mZidzd by hZ& tzacJizn., pZay- 
rnatzi and oZdzn. {^fiZzndi. Thzy zxtznd hzaAt^zZt sympathy to thz loKfiowZng pafiznti and 
fLzZatlvzi. ********** Uay 9, 1907 


Oufi baby Zi dzad! SofUvow too dzzp {ox woKdi hangl ovzn. thz homz, {oK oafi {Zut boKn 
haJi gone iKom ui. Thz don Zn whom oua. £utuA.z wonZdZy hopzd and ambZtZond wzaz czntzAzd^ 
whodz dzvzZopmznt Ihom babyhood to young boyhood had been watchzd by mothzA and £athzfi {^OK 
nzafiZy nZnz yzau, had bzzn KzZZzvzd o^ wonJidZy cafizd. WoA.dd oKz empty thZngd. Thz mem- 
ofiy oi ROLANV Zd too dacAzd to dZdcudd outdZdz oun. {^aniZy cZtcZz. 

VlEV....On Saturday, May 4tk, 1907, Roland TZddzl Tonman, zldzdt don o^ AlA. and Maa. 
W. C. Tonman, JK. , agzd Zyigkt t/eoAi, e-cg^ monthd and dZx dayd. Vzatk wad pJwbahly thz 
Az^uZt 0(5 hzafit iaZZuJiz caadzd by duddzn inlght. 

VuAZng thz a^tzAnoon RoZand had bzzn playZng cJjiaid aZonz Zn thz yoAd nzoA thz pfiZrvt- 
Zng o^fiZcz, pzA^oHmZtig voAZoud dZmpZz iZRtd wZMi a tAapzzz and dwZng madz a dhauit dtAap. 
VKobabZy about {ouA o'cZock hz attached thz zndd o{, thz dtAap to a dZctZon o{ gad pZpz ex-. 
tzndZng outdZdz thz pAZntZng o{,{iZcz and ZndZAtzd hid head thAough thz loop thud {oAmzd, which 
wad ZoAgz znough Xo havz admiXtzd thz body oi a gAown man In domz mannzA hz Zodt condcZou- 
dnejid, pnjobabZy Zn tAyZng to dzz how Zong hz couZd hoZd hid bAzath, and whzn iound dhoAtZy 
bz^oAZ iZvz o' clock hz wad dtandZng with hid izeX on thz gAound, hid nzck thAough thz laAgz 
loop, uncondcioud and pAobably tiizZzdd, ioA tixough taken to thz hodpZtaZ with alZ hadtz, 
ziionXd to AZvZvz kirn wzaz {^AuZtZzdd. HzoAt iaZhiAz wad undoubtzdZy thz caiidz o{, hZd death, 


(JoA. thz itiglttut itAuggZe. cut aruj tAjnz wouZd kavz KzZojcUizd fum {^fwm thz Mulng. 

The. ^anzAoZ w<ls field Tat&day a£teAnoon, ieAvZce^ bzZng conducted at the. CongKegat- 
ZonaZ ChuAch bij Rev W. A WhLtcomb and W. V. ZickeAt. - ■ 

The. tiny casket u)a6 Zoade.d mlth ^loKoZ o^^eAlng^ iKom f^anuZy ifUend&, the. school 
duZdfLZn and teacke/U), Sunday SckooZ and ua/Uoui iocUztie^ and oKdzfii. The school cKULd- 
Kzn attended In a body, and at thz concZa&Zon o^ thz AZfrnon ioAAowiulty iolZoMzd thz, 
OjJ thein. pZaymatz to thz new cemeXe/ty 4iOuthwz6t o{ town, whtfiz Zntzfmznt wai madz. 

Tho^z ^ftom a di&tancz ivho attzndzd thz ianzfiaZ ivzAZ hOi. and Wn , Roland TZ&deZ, o^ 
Hatton, WP., M^. and Uu. E Compton, Oj} Whzaton, MW,, W, C. FoAman, 5a., iltc44 CZoAa FoAman, 
M/i. and Ma4 . Wm. HuAZy, Hi&^Z6 Edith and AjJjJ-ce HtxnZy, John HtmZy^ R, E, Hufily and bJrn. HuJiZy, 
Jk., o£ FoAman, WP. 

OuA £Aj.znd6 mint ^zeZ fiathzn. than heoA. ouK appKZdiation oi thz kZndnz6i and sympathy 
ihouin dtvUng thz pa6t weefe. It ha6 KZdtoKzd ouJi {^aJth In humanity and vnWL aJboayi, bz chzfi- 
AJthzd among ouA iwzztzit memoAj.zi>. 

********** Max/ 9. 7907 

[Thz abovz oAticJiz aJ> zncZoizd in a black bondzn. with a wi.deA. whitz bofidzA all. 
W. C, Fofunan, JA.., wai thz EdiXoA. 0(J thz Hanlvinion Wew4 and thz ^athzA 0({ thz young man 
who dizd. ) 

Wm. LoveZacz, a young man o^ 27 yzoAM, dUappzofizd ^Aom FoAt: Rani,om, RantiOm County, 
t3f}0 month& ago, whzAZ hz had bzzn employzd Zn hl& UncZz'i itoAZ. 

Tuz&day o£ thZ6 wzek hU body wa6 ^ound lz6.l, ^an a miZz ^Aom homz Zn a 6mall. Aa\)inz. 
Thz cauMZ oi hL& death ha& not yzt bzzn a&ceAtai.nzd, but thz myitzAy will, bz pAobzd to thz 
bottom. «««•»«»»»« Hay 9, 1907 

HeZvia. Paulion^ a wztZ known young ^oAmzA AZii-ding neoA. VzAnon} dizd FAJdajy a^tzA 
6u^^ {^oA montki with a tumoA o^ thz thAoat and othzA zompticjatA.oni, . Vzcza&zd Izavzit 
a tcc^e and onz child a (Jew wzzki old. Hz wa6 highZy AZipzctzd, Thz bzAZjavzd {^amiZy havz 
thz sympathy o£ a loAgz cZacIz o£ iAlzndi. 

********** Hay 9, 1907 

lAAi. BeAtha BzAndt, wi^z o^ WiZJU.z ZzAndt, died at hzA homz 14 miZz& iouthwzi>t o^ 
town la/it FAyiday ojj comumption a^tzA monthi, o^ iZlnz&6. 

Vzcza6zd wa& (^oAmzAly Hii^ EzAtSia Klugz and wa6 moAAlzd to Ma. SzAndt about t^io yzaA& 
ago. Ez&i.dzi> thz ioAAowing huiband ihz Izavzi onz imaZl chiZd to mouAn hzA loi>i , Vzcza&zd 
wa/> wztl known Zn Hankin&on, having Livzd hzAz ioA lomz timz, and a ho4it o^ ^AZzndi, extznd 
sympathy to thz bzAzavzd ^amiZy. Thz {jUnzAaZ wa& held Tuz6day. 

»»•»»»,*,, May 16, 1907 

Rzv. Gzo. H. Pau-cea, a wzU known Eapti&t mini.6teA and ^otheA o^ Pao^. VavZzi ioAmenly 
0|{ Haniu.vibon 6chool6, died at Hojwlzy, UN., Sunday a(,teA an Zllnzii o^ about ^ouA wzzki. 

«,«**««,*, May 16, 1907 


6. B. CZatk die.d -in Spokanz, WA., on May Sth. He. had been 4Ui{^eA^ng iKom d/wpiy 
£oK oveA. a yzjoji, and bujt two dayA be.^oA.e. kz dcecf hz had an attack oi pnzumon^, Hz uxu> 
onz o£ thz zanLLz&t izttZzu Zn GftzzndaZz ToMniLcp, uihzAz hz and hii ^athzn. zntzAzd a 
iZctZon 0^ land, and whzAz kil> ^athzA and motkzx dlzd. 

Ma.. Ctafik woi ^OK many yzjou County CormuJ,lA.onzA, and wait a man oi 6tzAtLng quaLctizi . 
Hz tzjivzi a mI^Z, tKO iom and tSrJizz daughtzu and a toJigz cJjictz o^ iOAAOMing {^Hyizndi, to 
mouJin hli dzath. ********** May 16, 1907 


Mfi&. Emma F. CoAJi^ mL^Z 0^ Gzo. E. Com., pai&zd pzacziuZZy away at hzA homz Zn tJzZi 
vZZtagz Monday mofinLng at 6:15 AM 0)J a comptZcatZon o^ di&za&zi, havZng bzzn an Znvatid 
jJoA. many yzoAi, . HzA dzath vxa not anzxpzcXzd yzt ca&t a gZoom ovzfi thz zntOiz communAXy, 
dzczjoizd havZng zndzoAzd hzuzZ^ to zvzfiyonz by hzn. thofwugh goodnzii to aZt uuXh whom ihz 
came Zn contact. Hzn.'i wa& a ti£z o^ 6zZi tacAlf^lcz and ihz bfUghtznzd many a iZck ckambzx 
by hzA. mothzhZy pKZi 

Thz KzmaJiYii, wzfiz ihZppzd on Tuz&day to thz old homz at ^ut Concofvd, MW., £oA. ZntzA- ■ 
mznt, accompanZzd by thz ^oAAow-Lng huiband and Mt.. and Mk& . W. A, GogitztltzA. A ihoxt iZA.' 
vZcz wai hzld at thz homz Tuz&day mo^Jilng attzndzd by nzlghbou and family £fu.znd6. Rev. 
H. E. WalkzA, a {^fu.znd o{^ dzczaizd ^ox tJuAty yzoA^, oHlclatAJig, 

Emma F. Lz{^{i/jngwzZl wai> boKn Zn Onldea. Coivtyl NY., on Oct. Ut, 1847. OJhzn -dlx monthi 
old 4 fie ^zmovzd with hzn. paKznti> to Vancz County. WT., whzAz thzy Lived a numbzA. oi yzau , 
going ^Axjm tkzAZ to Vodgz County, Wiicomin, whzfiz 6hz wai, mofOilzd to Gzongz Canx on July 
4th, 1871. ?Kom Vodgz County, WJ., thzy movzd to Vodgz County, MW., wfie^e thzy i>pznt tkoity 
happy yzau togzthzfi. Thzy bzcamz Hanlun&on Kz&idznti ^ivz yeaJii agOj and in zveJiy homz 
whzfLZ Ahz wai known thzftz Zi Kzal 6onAow oveA thz dzath o^ a noblz ChfilitUan woman, a tnnz 
ihZznd and wofMiy nzZghboK. ********** ^ 23 1<)07 


"Aa^eep in Jeaoi/ Elzs4,zd ilzzp! F-wm which nonz zvzfi wakz to weep. 
A caJbn and undiitimJuzd Kzpoiz, UnbKoken by thz lai,t oi iozJi." 
+ + + + + + + + + + 

Thz ihJiznd whom we mouAn today wa6 oi HzvolationaAy itock. Hii gfieat^gftandiathzA 
on hii mothzA-'i lidz wca, a captain in thz wafi iofi libzAty in 1776. Hii namz woi John Rou&z, 
oi Gznman zxtnaction. Hii gfLzat-ghandmothzft, Hannah Smith, wca Engliih. Twztvz chJI.dn.zn 
blzi^izd thzin. union. John and Hannah Rouiz livzd to 70 and 98 yexvii KZipzcXivzly, 

On hii iathzfi'i iidz ouK inlznd Claxk dziczndzd iKom Engtiih, Scotch and Jfiiih blood. 
Hii iaXheJi, John Rouiz ClaAk, and CathzfUnz Claxk (nee ZoAitow] , weAz highly KZipzctzd 
ciXizzm. Two chiZdAzn wzfiz bofin to thzm, WiiJUam Lzach C, hiitohian oi VitZibuAg and 
ThiZadelphia, and Galzn BoAitow C. Thz lattzA, thz zldzit, wai bofin at Lyndon, Whitziidz 
County, IL. Hii binthday wai thz 23Kd oi Auguit, 1850. 

Hii poAznti wzfiz ioAmzAi. Hz wai zdjucatzd in thz common ichooli and in Eoitman Buii- 
nzM CoUzgz, Chicago. Hz aitzAwaxd taught ichocl izvzAol yzoAi nzoA ^zb4,tzA City, lA. 


He uxii moAfUed on the. 3l6t o£ UoAch, 1S76, at thz homz oi hzfi p(VLe.nt6, John J. and 
EtlzabeXh Thoma&, to thiuA {^ouJith chiZd UoJuj kticz. Thz QHOom wcw 26 and thz kfoidz 18 
yza/Ui 0(J age. Thzy wzAZ anltzd by t/UnlitzA. Ray ojj thz M. E. ChuAcJi. Thz young pzopZz 
conZimizd iomz yzau nzoA. Ik'zb^tzA. Hz thzn moved to HC&&ouaa., ivkzA.z hz taught a yzoA and 
thzn fiztuAnzd to Wzbitzn.. 

In ISSO hz movzd with hZit lamUiy to BJizckznAA.dgz, MW. Hz Kz&Zdzd thzAZ {^Imz yza/u,, 
engaged tn thz zxpfLZ&6 boaZnei^. Hz iztvzd two yzAAi, as con&tablz wkitz A.n Efizckzn/Udgz, 
A^tzn. A.zitding thzKz two yzjvu, hz zntzAzd a homz6tzad and tA.zz cLjum in TUchZand County, 
-Vakota TzMltofoj^ Hz buitt thz ^Zut good hou&z -en that nzA.ghbonh.ood, HZi, ^athzn., John 
Rotwe CLvdi, zntznzd ft-ci homz6tzad and tfizz chum adjotning, TogntiizK thzy had a Azction 
ol land. PZantlng twznty acAz& o^ tJizzi thzy had onz o^ thz ^Znz&t gnj}vu In Vakota.. 

Hz took a pfLominznt poKt Zn divAxLcng thz tznAitoAy Into thz itatzd ojj NoKth and SoutJi 
Vakota, Hz woi zZzctzd and izfivzd ^zveAoZ tzAm& a6 County CormltiitAjonzn. 0)J ULchZand County. 
Hz hzZpzd to oKganizz thz county pooK iafm nzaJi Wahpzton, thz county izat, hiany pooK, lick 
and oppKzCilzd pzoptz uiltt btz&.i him and dfwp a tzoA to kii mzmoKy^ Hz uxu atuxiyi {oKZjno.lit 
Zn zvzfiy wonthy pubtic zntzApnl&z. Hz held thz o^^tczs o^ school cJizfik and tnmtzz OjJ EZma 
Townihip, whzAz hz Lived and hztpzd Zn thz dtvZ&Zon o^ EZma and ol Gxzzn^tzZd 
TownihZp. Hz uxu p/iomlnznt tn tocat {^tnancZng, and buZtding 6chooZ houizs, zjnpZoyZng tzach- 
ZU and oKganZzZnQ dZitAZcti to ^acZJLUatz zducatZon ai thz popuZatZon Hz wai, 
touin&hZp ai&ziiioK izvzfiaZ tzAmi, 

Hz iotd hZ& Zand6 Zn 1903 and fizmovzd to WaihZngton, Hz bought 6zvzAaZ ^a/uni Zn thz 
gAzat bznd o^ thz CoZumbZa ZLvzA. uhzAz hz JiziZdzd onz yzan. voZth hZi ^amZZy nzan. WZZbufi. Hz 
ownzd a good homz at W, S28 EucZZd Avenue, Spokanz, vihzAz hz Azmovzd uxlXh hZi> £amZZy tJnJizz 
yza/Ui ago [Zn 1904) vohz/iz thzy havz KZiZdzd to thz pA.ziznt. 

To mounn hZ& untZmeZy dzpattwiz hz Zzavzi hZi wofithy vaZdow and ckZZdxzn, and hZi 
bhothzfi and a wZdz caacZz oi mouJinZng and appKzcZatA.vz ^KZznd^i, Thz chZZdxzn OAZ, Zn ofidzK 
OjJ age, Ezfttnam GaZzn, mafUiZzd to thz izcond daughtzA o^ thz wfUtzA, EZma AZZcz, StzZZa 
BeIZz, RaZph WaZdo, and CZady^ Lznofia CZa^k. 

OuA ^tiZznd who hot, pa&izd bz^ofiz had a f^Zftm ^aZth Zn thz VfwvZdzncz o{ God. Hz wai 
o£ a happy, iunny tzmpzfiamznt, thz ZZ^z oi thz iocZaZ cZficZz. Hz Zovzd a good itofuj, wai 
a good ZZ&tznzn., whzn hz told onz hZ& ^KZznd/, couZd 4ee thz poZnt uUthout zxpZanatZon. 
But mo6t 0^ aZZ thZngi zoAthZy, hz Zovzd to izz thz pAoipzAZty OiJ hZ& country, hZ& ^fUzndi) 
and hZ& {^amZZy . Hz wai a ZoyaZ RzpubZlcan and KzjoZczd Zn thz vZctonZzi oi hZi panty . Hz 
izAvzntZy bzZZzvzd Zti phZncZpZzi to 6e thz bzit ioK thz fLzpubtic. Hz Zz^t hZ& ^amZty 
vzfiy wzZZ pfLovZdzd {^ox. 

"Rzit, deoA ^/iZznd Kz&t, Ltije'4 itAaggZzi o'zA, 
Stzzp thz iZzzp that known.1, no wakZng! 
LZ£z'i wofik weZZ donz, annoyi no moAz! 
NoK dayi o£ iuf^^zAZng, nZghti oi$ wakZng " 

Hz zxpZKzd with but tUtZz paZn, at K AM, hiay 8th, 1907 . Hz wai iZck nzanZy thnzz 
weefei, o{^ a compZZcatZon o^ dZiea/>Zi zndZng Zn pnzimonla. Two doctofu zxhauitzd tiizZn. 


^>LUJ. -in vcUn to pA.otong hZi tL^e.. 

Thz {,aneAal wan {fKom the. homz. It wcl& loAgzZy aXtzndzd. Thz uvUteA wznt In thz 
moKninQ to Qzt thz data weerfed jJoa. tlvii axtxcZt, wfucA Lt^ wfuXz.n bij fizqae^t ai Hu. ifafuj ■ 
ALicz CloAk. T ijoand pfiutnt aJLZ thz {^axuMjj Unz, . Re6ecca John&on and Wa. Jazph H. Thomoi 
oi SzattlZj bxothzn. oi Maj, . CloAk. k{^tzA uvUtlng i,omz tunz In thz poAloi, Mc44 Elmo, aikzd 
-C({ I had Aeen hzA. iatkzfi^ hzt zijZi> ilUJjng uuXh tzaA&. I icUd T had not, Shz ltd me to wfieAe 
fee toy, Z.n thz noAJthwz&t Aoom, He uxu, A.zpo.&Zng an, a.£ -en 6lzzp, -in an ztzQont gfiay-bftocadzdt 
vzZvzt, iZtvzn. tuimmzd za&kzt. It u:ai covzAzd uxlth bzaiitZiuJi w/ieotfei and bouqazXi OjJ coitly 
■ cat ^Zowzu . 

ThzAz was, £Axim Ufa,. F. CoKzy^ a lovzty ^ZowzA cAoa , F/tom tJiz Spokziman - Rzv-iew a 
bouquzt oi tCLizi, fioiziij cxumationi, and IztYib, Thz Uodzfin Woodmzn o£ AmzAZca, a vaiz and 
ZoAgz uvizath o^ cut £ZowzA^. hiKi. GoAdnzn. gavz a (J-tne boaqazt o^ iZowz^ii . Wu, . HoAAy LydzZZ 
bfioaght a boaquzt o£ loveZy ^louizu Ufa. NzZ&on a va&z o^ coAnatlom , Uu . RobzAt A. Ty^on 
a bouquzt o^ uihltz cafinatiom, , Um, . GZtiztt 4>znX. a voie o^ lafigz apptz and chznAy bZoiiomi, 
Thz GAotz-RanlUn Co., thAoagh Hfi. Joizph Logan, iznt a ^Znz la/igz bouquzt o£ EaitzA titiz&, 
Kzd, yzZtovi and u)kitz KOizk , and izAni^ bzoAlng a daZnty caAd vilth thz wofidi, "A tokzn o^ 
sympathy ^Kom thz itofiz." Va6z& o^ exit ^Zouozu wzfiz iznt by (^A& , Spznczfi, MA4 . R. Johmton 
and M/Li . AihmyzA. 

Thz lanzAoZ zxzficZ&z& wzAz hztd by Reu. Roamoi and Reu. Tfilpplzt o^ thz V.tthodZi>t 
CkuAch. Thz hymn& U6zd by thz £zmalz ch.olfi wzAZ Ut, "Uzoaza Uy God To Thzz"- 2nd, "How 
Blzit thz TUghtzoui Whzn Hz VZzi," and la&t "Ailzzp Zn Je^oi ." 

Thz caikzt woi, thzn placzd Zn thz dZnZng fwom, whzn {^nZzndi, Zookzd (^on. thz Zait tZmz 
on zoAth, upon thz kZndZy iacz o^ thz dzan hu6band, ^athzA and {^AZznd who wa6 boAnz by thz 
mzi&zngzA6 o£ God to hZi Hzavzn of, EvzAtcUttZng LZ£z, HZ& b^thzAd Zn fizgaZZa^ thz UodzAn 
Woodmzn 0(J AmzAica, Kzmovzd hZm to thz hzoAiz. Toun. ZoAgz cab6j dAoum by {,Znz houzi, wzAz 
£ZZJtzd by tiiz iamZZij and £nZzndi and dAovz to Gxzznwood Cemztzny, Thz czAzmony o^ Zntzfi- 
mznt wa& pzfi^oAmzd by thz Woodmzn. Thz iZXz o^ thz gAavz ovzAZookl Spokanz amZd bzautZ^uZ 
natuAoZ ^iCznzAy. Thai pa66zd away onz o{^ thz cho-izn onz& of, zoAth, Hz zxzmpZZ^Zzd thz 
thz ZZnz oi thz poeJt WZtUam CaZZzn EAyant; 

"So ZZvz that whzn thy tuAn comzi, To j'oZn thz ZnnumzfiabZz coAavan gone bz£oAz, 
Thou go, not a& thz quoAAzij iZavz aX nZght scoufigzd to hZi dungzon. 
But ZZkz hZm who wAappZng thz dAapzAy o^ hl6 coach about hZm, 

Lizi down to pZzoiant dAzami." RobzAt A. Ty6on. 

«««»««»,*» May 23, 1907 

Thz thAzz monthi oZd 6on o^ Ma, and MAi. AZ^Kzd PKochnow, o^ EnZghtwood, dZzd ThuAi- 
day a^tzA a bKZz^ ZZZnz6i. Thz ^unznaZ Zi bzlng hzZd today. Thz ioAAowZng poAznti havz 
thz sympathy o^ aZZ Zn thz Zoa od thzZn. ZZXttz onz. 

*»,»«,««»• May 23, 1907 

GfiRndma SchtztzK, mothzA of, Ma& , W. TZx, pa&4,zd aumf at thz homz o^ hzA daughtzA 
zoAiy Monday mofinZng. Shz wai 83 yzafu oZd^ Thz iunznaZ wai hzZd today wZtfi £zn.vZczi 
aX. thz CathoZZc ChuAch. Mofiz zxtzndzd obZtuoAy wZJiZ bz pfUntzd nzxt wzzk. 

»,»*»*«»** May 23, 1907 


Vltd kt 17:55 ?U, hicuf 19th, Mw . CcutheAlnz Sc.hZQ.dVi, OQtd 81 yexuit and 12 dajji , 

Hoxuvt ^a-ituAe. uxu th.a camz of^ dzcuth^ the. dzctcazd having been a 6u^Iqaza. ion. 6omz tlmt. 
FaneAot iCAv^cei weAZ heZd at St. PhLtip'6 CathoLic Chiuich TueJ>day monninQ at 10 AW., and 
thz xzmalM weAe laud to fizit Zn thz Cathotic Czmztzny wzit o^ town. 

Ca; EhA uxu, boM. on Uay 7th, 1826, In the. town oi OveAwliz, Gvmamj, whzfiz i>hz 
gfieui to woman hood and met hex htiiband, Ma.. GeA, SchZzdeA, and wa6 majuUzd Zn 1853. Szvzn 
chZZdAzn weAZ boAn o^ th.z unZonj two dyZng Zn chZZdhood. Thz ^.uAvZvZng cKiZdxen oAZj Anton 
SchZzdzn. and MX6 . B. McCoAvZtZz o^ TaZniax, Sf,; Ma4, L. S, TfioaoilztzA oi Kzni>aZ UV,; 
Geo, SchZzdeA oi BancAoitj Ik,; and M/l4. W, TZx. oi thZ& ptacz, Vzcexi&zd had madz hzA homz 
with thz taXZeJi ion. many yzjofu, , Thz iZvz cSuZdAzn weAZ alZ pxz&znt at thz iunzAoZ, 

Vzczoizd camz to thZl, coantAy wZth hzA ha&band Zn 1868, ZocatZng at BancAoit, Koji&uth 
County, Ik., and thzAZ hzA ha&band dZzd 18 yzaA& ago. Vzczaj^zd came tc HankZnion with hzA 
daughtzn.'£ iairuZy iZvz yzoAli ago and Az&Zdzd hzAZ up to thz tLmz oi hzA death., 

Shz wa4 a dzvoat membzA oi thz CatJiolZc iaZth and hzA iZiz wom iXZZzd wZth dzzdi, oi 
chanZty and kZndnzii ioA humanZty, 

»»»»«««*»* Uay 30, 1907 

Vzmzntzd Woman VeAZ6hzd Hi6 ZAably at LZdgzmvood 

Thz body oi Ufib , WaZZZn wa& iound h\onday moAnZng Zn an opzn cZstzAn In thz AzoA oi 
thz MeAdhanti HotzZ at LidgeAwood. UAi . WaZZZn, Zt wltt bz AemembeAzd, dZ&appzaAzd Za&t 
NovembeA and zHoAti to tocatz heA wzAZ Vint>aczzt>& iuZ , Shz wai> thz wliz oi a ioAmzA ten 
mZtzi 6oathwz&t oi LZdgznwood and had bzzn aZ HinnejapoZZi ioA mzdZcaZ tAzatmznt. 

Shz iaddznZy dzvztopzd mznZaZ tfioablz and wai placzd on a tAoZn and iznt homz. Juit 
whzn thz tAoZn Azachzd LZdgeAwood /thz ipnang oH thz platiorm and Aan. 

HeA hiUtband and inZzndi, Zn&tZtutzd a ^zaAch ioA thz unioAtunaZz woman bat weAz anabZz 
to iZnd heA and at, a ^zveAZ i>tonm afio&z that nZght It wai> gzneAoZZy thought 6hz had wandeA- 
zd away and had bzzn loht on tlxz pfunZfiZz. 

Monday monnZng a hZxzd gZnZ at thz hoteZ iound thz body Zn thz cZiteAn. Tt Z& iuppoAzd 
that M/Li . WaZZZn had zndea.\Jon.zd to ieefe iheZZzA inom thz 6tofim by zntznZng thz hoteZ injym 
thz back way, and had ialZzn Into thz opzn cZ&tzAn. 

Bz&ldeM thz ha&band tzveJiaZ young chZtdAzn weAZ tzit, A Azwand had bzzn oUzAzd by 
\slaZZZn ioK thz AzcovzAy oi thz body and thZi wZZZ pAobably go to thz gZnZ who madz thz 
gAuz6omz iZnd. ••««««»»«« Hay 30 , 1907 

Thz Zniant chZld oi Ua. and ^tw. Gu&t UuehZzA oi EnZghtwood dZzd tJiZi manning. Thz 
babz woi 24 day-t, old and iuccumbzd to ZniantZZz tnoublzi. 

»»»«,,**,» Hay 30, 1907 

Ha. and HA6. kuguit ^Zllzn Izit yz&teAday ioA Wahpzton to attznd tixz iunznaZ oi 

Ma. and M/l4. H. J. EzckeA'4, ILttlz ten yzoA old ion HanAy, who pa&izd away Tuz&day, 

HankZnliOn inZznd6 oi thz bznzavzd poAznti zxtznd dzzpz&t sympathy. 

,«,,»««,,, Hay 30, 1907 


Thz 15 morvthi old cJviZd oi l{fi. and Mw . Giu>t V^tzuon dlzd TtvLday a{^teJincon a^teJi 
an <IZneJ>^ 0(J a jjew dayi. Thz poAzrvU {^oAmeAZy A.ej>Zde.d nexm. VzAnon and th.t mothtn. woa 
planyujnQ to Izave. -in a ^honX tbna to join hzfi ka&band In Canada. Thz ianzAoZ wai> hzld 
Sunday, Zntznmznt bzZng made In thz VzAnon CzmzXzAy. 

********** May 30, 1907 

At SZiiZton la6t weefe tCtttz Tommy CakiiZ, 6on o^ a uieJU known buaZnzii man, i^ZJL 
andeA. tiiz uikzzll oi a thfLuhcng AzpaJia^toA. and Ivic h.zad wa& cfui&hzd In a hofuUktz mannzA, 
dzaXh bzlnQ Ajiitantanzoui, . Thz lad wa6 4-tx yzaA6 old. At Oakzi anothzt dutAz&ilng accl- 
dznt occuAAzd, a load ojj b-ttcfe bzlng dumpzd onto a imalZ dhCld In thz boizmznt o^ a new 
buuiJbiing undzA conitniictionj thz tittlz onz bzlng klZlzd In&tantZy, 

A Aod dzath uioi that 0)J Wu,. Hinniz Hai£man, nee Hoz^t, who pa&6zd away nzan. UooKz- 
ton on Wzdnz&day o^ lait uizzk, coniumptlon bzlng thz caa&z ojj dzath. 

Vzcza6zd camz down ^fwm Humbott, Alhtfuta, about a month ago accompanlzd by hzfi two 
chUidfLzn. FalZing Aapldly, ihz pa&6zd away bz^0A.z hzA hjuband could bz notl£lzd and 6o - 
£aA IX hoi bzzn ln\po^6lblz to communlcatz with him, 

Thz body waj, zmbalmzd by M. A. WlppzAman and buJiLal li bzlng poitponzd ^Aom day to 
day In anticipation oi thz ha&band'6 oaaIvoZ. 

»»»»»»««•» j^^ 20, 1907 


Mu. bl. V. Zickzfit paazd away at hzA homz In thli vlZlagz at 2 AM thii moxnlng. 
Thz znd camz pzacz£ully wtth alZ thz mzmbzA& ojj thz family at hzA bzd&ldz. 

Vzcza6zd woi, a^^tictzd with Intznnat canczJi and hzA dzath haj, bzzn zxpzctzd {^ofi 
iomz tlmz. HzdLcaZ ikULl had bzzn zxhau&tzd In an zHofit to ckzck thz InAoadi oi thz 
dliza&z, and 6hz wai Kzczntly dlMchaJigzd a& IncuAablz ifwm thz hospital at Rochz&tzA, MW. 
¥uZZy awoAz o^ apphoachlng dzaXh, i>hz meX thz gfujn Kzapeji with tAaz Chil&tlan ^onXltudz. 

Vzcza&zd l& 6UAvlvzd by a ioKHowlng hu&bandf two young daughtzu and a UXtlz 6on, 
to whom thz tzndzn sympathy o£ thz zntlAz community gozi out In thzlA gftzat iofuww. Shz 
wa6 a daaghtzA. oi Rzv. H, E. WalkzA. o^ thti, placz and thz iufivlvlng bKothzAi and ilitzu 
OAZ A. I. Walkzx 0(5 Edmonton, Albzfita; Wil>. W. E. Spottzn, Hankln&on; HXi . F. M. WhlZtU, 
LidgzAwood; M^ . Guy Oncatt oi UantofivlJUiz, MM.; ^Iw Kajtlow VznvzA, CO. AlZ ofiz hzJiz 
zxczpt thz ilfUt namzd. 

Thz ^unzAol will bz hzld tomoiAow monnlng, iZAvlczk at thz homz at 10 o'clock, 
IntzAmznt wllZ. bz madz at HllZ&ldz CzmztzAy iouth o^ town, 

«•»«***,«« j^^ 27, 1907 

Thz Jizmalni o{t f^A&, Ho^^man wzfiz laid to A.Z6t In thz GKzat Bend CemztzAy on SatuAday 
loit, Reu, John FZ&hzn. conducting thz 6zn.\jlcz&. It wai a iad day £oK thz many ^Atzndi and 
KzlaXlvzi who {fOllowzd hzfi to thz A.z&tlng placz. 

Thz ^unzAoZ wa6 poitponzd {,0K izvznal dayi waiting {^on. Ufi. Hodman to oAAtvz, but In 
iomz way thz mZ6.&agz iiznt to him did not Azach him and hz oAAlvzd too latz to 4>zz hli, loving 


wi^e OKice moKe.. It l& a hofid bZow to kan and thz tU]o chLtdA.e.n 6h& ZzavU to mouAn hzA 
Zo66, and thty have thz mo^t pAc{;Ou.nd sympathy oi the. whoZz coimuruXij, Tke. dUZdntn waJUL 
have, a good homz with Ma., and ¥ju>. JlUUxh Hoz^t, tkzln. gKandpoAznti Thz new hzoA&z o^ 
Max WyippeAmanSi '' caMA.exi hzn. thfuough tkz Za&t j'ouAnzg, Thz dmAck and caikzt wcAZ dzconatzd 
uUXh ^Zowtfii ^fLom many ^Klznd^, ^ihoMing thtVi iait txlbatz to thz dzjad, 

+ + + + + + ++ + 
Wt uxd>h to extend oua thank& to oua £AA.end&, and aZio to thz UodeJm Woodmen o£ AmeJUca 
who aiiZ&ted ui In the biuuaZ oi ouA beZoved daaghteA and icc|{e. 

Ma. and MA4 . JuZiui Hotfit 

Joseph Hodman 

• ««»**»»»« j^^^ 27, 7907 

UooKtton.,.^,The -infant o£ Ma., and Uu . C. V^ck died lAondaij. Jane 17, 1907 

EeAnaAd Pohl, a ^oAmeA two mlZz& ioatke£U,t of, VeAnon, dX.e.d la6t week as the KziuZt 
of a kick (J/ujm a tioo yeoA old cott. He len.\jej> a wZ£e and jJZue cfhitdA.zn to mouAn hi& un- 
timely death. ********** j^^^ 27, 1907 

The Zn^ant daaghteA o^ Ut. and Ma4. Geo. Tabb£ died Sanday night afttA an llZne^i 

of a few houA&. The faneAat was heZd TaeJiday^ Zntenmervt beJjng made Zn the HZZZiZdz Czmet- 

eAy /iOutJi of town. The poAznts havz the sympathy of aZZ Zn thz loll of theZn. IZXtZz one. 

********** J^^^ 4^ j9^7 


FAZzndi of Ma., and Uki,. Wm. BJiazkZn weAz shocked to leafin of thz sadden dzath of 
theJji &on John H,, which occafiKzd at Homzstzad, PA., on Taziday, JuZy 2nd, at 11 o'cZock 
PM., and his death havZng AzsaZtzd fJiom an attack of ceAzbKo spZnaZ mznZngZtcL. Hz was 
itAickzn f/U-day afteAnoon and pa&izd away thz foZZowZng Tazsday night dzipZtz thz bzst 
mzdZcaZ sluZZ ffiom thz neaA by cZty of PZXtsboAg. 

(I'm, EAjackZ.n, fatheA of thz dzceaszd, was wZth him at th.z end, thz two havZng j'a&t 
/LztuAnzd fAom a tAip to thz Jamestown exposition. The giZef stAickzn paAznt had thz body 
embalmed and what had been Zookzd fonwoAd to as a pZzasuAz tAip was cJiangzd to a sonAowfuZ 
KetuAn to thz 1U.chZa.nd County homz. Ma.. E^ackZn aAAZ\izd TfiZday zvzning and thz AemaZns weAz 
taken to thz home Zn WaZdo Township, whzAz faneAoZ seAvZczs weA.e heZd Sanday afteAnoon, 
IntznjT.znt was madz Zn HZZisZdz Cemetzfiy />oathozst of HankZnson. Thz fiemaZns wzAz followed 
to theZA loJit: KzstZng placz by a sofiAowZng pfvoczssZjon of fieZatZvzs and fAiendi, 

John H. BKaclUn was 22 yeoAS , 10 months and IS days old at thz timz of hZs dexith, 
Hz was a natZvz of Douglas County, MW., and camz to Zichland County nZnz yzoAS ago when 
thz famZly settled Zn lilaZdo TownshJ.p. Hzfiz hz AemaZned foA szvzn yeoAS, winning thz nsjspzcJt 
and zstzem of all by hZs ZndastAZoas habits and many excellent qaalZXZzs . AmbZtZous to 
makz hZs monk Zn th.z gfizat ZjidastAial wofild, hz Izft thz faAm a yzoA ago last VecembeA and 
went to PZttsbuAg, zntzAing thz employ of thz CoAnagZz Stzzl CoKpofiatZon. HZs ZnteZJLigent 
appLication to thz woAk won foA him promotion fAom time to timz, and though Izss than 


:tujzrvty thAte. yejvu old fie heZd a fieJupomlblz poi,itlon In the. die.ctAAX.aZ dzpaJitmznX. at 
Homej>teja.d at the. turn o{ hLk dfjni&&. 

Bw-cde the i,tfilcke.n paAent6 hz tzavej) iouA bfiothexii and tuio iZiteAj, to mouAn hZ& 

untimely end. «»»**»,»« » 

July 11, 1907 

Ralph Boj'kjo., a 17 yeoA old boy, wa4 dAowntd A.n the OtteA ToaJL ZiveA nejxA blahpeXon 
white, batking Sunday. HZi homz loaa £ouA miZzi exat o^ EAecke.nAA.dge.. 

Soo TAoln 101, thz new coa^t ilyeJi, kZlled Otto Sckug, a. {^ajm hand, neoA Fe44 enden 

ejvilij Tueiday moAncng. The tAai.n waa Ixvtz and going at the. Aate o^ 70 mllej) and houA, 

Thz body o^ the. young man was thAouin 6t (Jeet and AolZed 28 ^uAtheJi, wkiZe. onz oi the. hoA&e^ 
he. wa6 dnlvlng uxi6 thAown 112 ie.zt and the oth.zA 91 leeX. 

R. E. Smith received the iad ncw4 Tuesday o^ the. de.aXh o{, hlit age.d {^atheA at thz 
old homz on PfUncz EdwoAd Uland, ********** J^^ jg^ jg^7 

W. C. Boycz, 6tatz manageA {^oA thz Mutual ll^z ImuAance Company o^ hlew VoAk, died 

In bJliconiln lait uizzk, lOi, Boycz uxii qultz voeJil known hzAz, having done conildzAablz 

bailnz&6 £oA hli company In thM> teAAJXoAy, 

********** j^^ jg^ J9Q7 

Wm. HClbAandt, onz o^ thz plonzeA iztXleAM hzAz, died aJL thz homz 0(J hli, bAothzA 
HzAman 4)0athwzit o^ town SatuAday, at thz agz o^ 63 yeoAi, 

Vzcea&ed woa a native o^ Germany, but ^zttlzd In ZLchland County many yeaA6 ago, 
Hz l& 4>uAvlvzd by thAZZ bAotheAMj HeJman, at who&z homz hz dlzd, TAzdzAick, who llvzi 
4>outhea6t o{, town and anothzA AZdldlng at Web&tzA, SV . kll weAz pAZkent at thz ^uneAol, 
which wai) held Uonday, iZAvlczii being conducted aX. thz GeAman Evangelical ChuAch by Rev, 
Kunz. A loAgz concouA&z ojj AOA'wwlng ^Alzndi {^olZowzd thz Aemalm to thz cemztzAy iouth- 
wz&t 0^ town whzAZ IntZAmznt took placz. 

G. E, BeAg AztuAnzd yz&tzAday ^Aom Battlz Lakz, UN., wheAz hz wa& 6uimonzd lait 

ThuAsday by a mzi>6age announcing thz death o£ hli ^oXheA. 

»«,«**«,»« jj^ 25, 1907 


Colonel E. S. Lovelace oi EoAt Ramom, noKth oi Ll&bon, wai oAAZitzd yziteAday on 
a choAgz oi muAdznlng William Lovelacz, hli nzphew. Wm. Lovelace, who clzAkzd In hli 
Uncle' i itoAZ, dliappeaAzd lait wlnteji and hli body woi iound thli ipfiing with a bulleX. 
holz In hli head. It li claimed hz embzzzlzd hli unclz'i iundi and it li fumoAzd that 
hz had allenatzd thz aHzctloni oi hli unclz'i young wiiz. 

Thz motlvz ioA thz cAimz li iold to bz woAAy ovzA looting oi hli itoKZ and jzalouiy. 
Knton VztzAion, a AZildznt oi VoKt Ramom, wai oJiAZitzd ievzAal wzzki ago and ij, thought 
to bz an accompUcz. It li thought Lovelace woi muAdzAzd In an out-building In thz nzoA 


0(J ihe. &ion.z and the. body Jvmovtd to an undeA-buuih, tvo handAzd yoAdi away, whzAe. -it ujoi 
^ound tihU />pfUng, LoveZacz aiJitfuU Ihii AJinocznct and ctaMn6 to have, fceen Zn St, ?aat at 
the. time, o^ kii> Ncpheui'^ dl&appeaAanct. The. pfujiOneJi lit a pJuomex and wenZthij, 

«»«*««»,*« Augtw;t S, 1907 

Giejit Bend ExaniineA.. . .On Monday a titttz q-UiZ vxu, bofin at the. homz oi Ma., and Ufu>. 
Laboda, weighing bat two poundi, and died on TfiZdajy, The. KemaZnli weAe bvJvied In the. Gti£.at 
Bend CenzteJiy. ********** August t, 1907 

A TAa.n6l.znt Ouiihzd to Death In LocaZ YaAd 

Joe HaJuHna, a laboKen. agzd 18 yzau, uxl& cAuihzd to dzath by thz vAzeJii o£ a box 
can. on thz Gneat UofitheJun. lldz tfuick oppo^ttz thz dzpot TKlday a^teAnoon at 2:40 ?U, 

HaAdina and kii poAtneA, A, L, Chapln, hud been woAklng £oA tCinn Bao.6, In thz hay 
{flztd ioA about a wzek, Ffilday moAnlng thzy weAZ paid o^i and dzcldzd to AztuAn to thelA 
homzi neoA KlddeA, SV. Thzy puAcha&zd tlckzti at thz G, N. Vzpot and Intendzd to takz 
tAoln No, 235, which puZtzd In 4,hoAtZy a^tzA two o'clock, CondactoA E, T, Wltion wznt 
ovzA town ^oA dlnnzA with kii cAew and whllz waiting ^oA thz tAoln thz two boyi waZkzd 
acAoa thz tAack and 6at down In thz ihadz o^ a box coA at thz za&t znd o£ thz loading 
pZat£oAm, HaxdZlna 4,at on a AalZ, hit, ^zzt oat&ldz, and tzanlng agaln&t thz canwhzeZ, 
Chapln iot on thz znd o^ a tlz about ilx ^zzt dlitant, Thl& coA woi thz zaj,t onz o^ a 
6tAlng 0(J ^ooA and In switching It wai nzcz&iaAy to movz them. Thz znglnz backed In ^Aom 
thz wzit end o^ thz iwltch with a itAlng 0){ ^oaA;t.zen coAi and bz^oAz hz had -tune to movz, 
thz cat whzzt caught HaAdZlna*£ ovzAaZZi at thz hip, hz wai th/wwn on hli back Zengthwl&z 
o£ thz AalZ and thz whzeZ pat,6zd ovzA thz Zi^t ildz OjJ hll, body and head, klZZlng him In- 
iitantZy, Thz body and head wzAZ cAiidhzd In a hoAAlbZz mannzA, 

Thz body waa Aemovzd to WlppzAman'i UndzAtaklng Rooiu, but a teZzphonz mz6iagz to 
FalAmoant did not Azach CoAonzA fCiteZy who wa6 oat o^ town, Jastlcz PaA&Zow wai pAZiizd 
Into iZAvlcz 04 acting coAonzA and a juAy wai empaneZzd comlitlng o^ E, L. Klnnztf, F. 0. 
HangzA and 0, Llndzkz, A^tzA viewing thz body and examining Chapln and thz membzAi o^ thz 
tAaln CAew, a vzAdlct oi accidental death daz to thz vlcttm'i own coAztziinzii, wai AzndzAzd. 

Thz an^oAtunatz man'i ^athzA, Jos, HaAdina, Sa,, and an ancZz afiAlvzd SatuAday moAnlng 
and accompanizd thz Aemaim to KlddzA £oA IntzAmznt. 

********** Augoit 15, 1907 

A ^ad accident occuAAzd nzoA VzbZln lait wzzk. CajiZ, thz IS yeoA old ion oi UAi, 
Louli Hanion, wai Aaklng hay when onz o^ thz tzzth OjJ thz Aakz bAokz, ^Alghtznlng thz hoAiz 
j>o that It Aon away, thAowing yoang Hamon andzA thz Aakz, thz tzeth Inflicting an ugly 
wound on thz Izg ^Aom which hz btzd to dzath ihoAtZy a^zA bzlng takzn to thz Lidgznwood 
HoipltaZ. ********** Augoit 15, 1907 

Co, E. S. LoveZacz^ thz ToAt mzAchant, ha^ bzen heZd to thz VlitnZct CooAt 
on thz chaAgz o^ moAdzAlng kii newhew, Wm, loveZjxcz. Thz zvldencz IntAoduczd by thz itatz 
wai all oi a clAcumitantial chaAactzA. Thz dz^zniz IntAoduczd nonz exczpt bzoAlng on thz 

' CA6i 

gzneAoZ good KtpLUbation oi thz pfU&oneA. ThzAZ woi no^Utlng In thz 4>ta^z'4> zvldzncz In- 
votvZng, -en any way, /^. Lovzlace.. 

********** August 15, 1907 

Thz A.maA.n6 0(J the. latz Wm. VafikzA, who woa buJUtd on tht AndA.ew MoufieA £aAm, wznt 
movzd loit weefe to HZJUiZde. CematzAy and A,nX.eAA.zd buldz ki& um.{^z, M/ia. Mofiy VoAkzn. who 
cited a ytoA ago. (!lm, VankeA wot, an exuiZy nu^dznt hzAz and dlzd tkOuttzn yejiti ago. 

»»«***««»« Augu&t 22,1907 

Many o£ tht bodiiti, Zn thz old Cathotic CzmeXzAy oAZ fcC/Oig dAJtintzJUizd and Kzmovzd 
to thz new cemeteJiy which tiej> jti6t noKth oi the. new Vfvotz&tant baftytng gfioand, wlhich hoi 
fceen chAlitejuzd HUJUldz CemeXcfiy. MJi the bodies oAe to be movzd zvzntaalZy and thz old 
CemztZAy abandonzd ai, a buJiying gAoand. 

•«»*»»•»«» AuguA^ 22, 1907 

EngXneeA. A, 6. HZggZm o^ EndzALin, qiuXz weZl known heAz, was dxownzd at Gtznwood 
Monday whitz iZihing. In changing 4>zat& thz boat wa6 ovfituAnzd. H^ two compayu,on& kzpt 
hoZd oi thz boat untit A.zica6zd by a gai,oLinz tatxnck. 

********** August 22, 7907 

M/lA. Gustai MaehZeA pai6zd away at hzA homz thxzz miZzi nofUhza&t oi town zafiZy 
Sunday moKnlng aitzfi a tong pzAyiod oi AuHzfUng i^om a zomptiaitU.on oi dJiopiy and hzant 
tAoubtz. Vzczoizd wa& 50 yzau and 6zvzn monthi old and wai a daaghtzn. oi Ma., and M'la . 
TAzd Eladow. 

A hu6band and izvzn imaZZ cJUZdAzn OAZ tzit to mouAn hex untimzZy dzath and thz 
sympathy oi aZZ Z& extzndzd to thz bzAeavzd iamZZy. 

Thz ianzAoZ was heZd Monday aitfinoon, szAvZczi bzZng condactzd at St, John^s ChuAch 
and Zntzfunznt wai madz -at tJiz cemztzfiy nzoA. by, 

*«***««««« Augu&t 29, 7907 

Fnank UZtzeZ and wZiz and TKzd Stoltznow and wZiz attzndzd thz ianz/iaZ oi Gnandma 
MovZu6 at LidgzAwood on SatuAday loit. 

LouZ&z MzAchant, a domestic empZoyzd Zn thz homz oi Vfi. Kznnzdy at EndzAZZn, was 
iatalZy buAnzd by thz explosZon oi an aZcohol stove last ThZday. 

********** AagiLiJt 29, 7907 

Thz Zniant son oi PhZZZp AcktzA. dZzd on Tuz&day last wzzk itom pneumonia, aitzn. 
SuiizfiZng ioK szvzAjoZ days. Thz KzmaZns wzAZ laZd at fiest Zn thz St. Jospeh Cemztzny. 

********** SzptembzA 5, 1907 

Among thz sad "opznZng day" hunting accZdznts was thz dzath oi HznAy hIeZson, a 16 
yzoA old boy whosz pafiznts msZdz nonth oi VzblZn. NeZson was hunting Zn a boat and his 
gun was accZdzntaZZy dZschaAgzd, thz choAgz taking zHzct In his hzad. Whzn iound by his 
companZons a iew mZnutes ZatzA hz was lyZng Zn shaZZow watex and IZiz was extinct. 

********** Szpiembzfi 5, 1907 


T/ie> o^ h\<vutha Ba/utz oAJuvzd hzAz on ScutuJiday Za&t and tccAe ixUd to Kdit In 
Xke, LuMi&ARn CemeXznjj, Shz had been an inmate, o^ the ho^p-itaZ iofi i,omz time.. 

«»*»«*»«», SeptembeA 19, 7907'" ' 

Hi64> ihanXha BaAtz died at the State Ho&pitaZ at Jame&town loit week and the fLemaini, 
we/ut taken to GKeat Bend {^ox Zntenment. Vece/ned woi weZZ known kefie, havZng been employed 
as a dom&itic Zn AtveKaJi Hankyin&on home& at dZ^^enent timei. 

»»»«««»««» September 19, 1907 


Hidale, Sa&k., Sept. 16th MfU, John Andefiion, wi^e o^ a ^anmen. xeiZdlng a mile 

and a haZ^ ^fwm Hidale, on the Soo Line, took hen. thuee cJuZdKen, all boyi, to a potato 
patch and thene knocked them on the head with a hammen., af^tefi which ihe cat tiiem up in a 
hofuuJble mannex with a big kni^e. 

She had not showed any Aign& o^ in&antiy be^ofie, but had been iZl and woi 4U(J^eA^ng 
^Kom JieligiouJ) mania. She ii 35 yeoAi o^ age. Hen. hu6band wa6 not at home. 

The woman ihowi no KemoKtte ion. what £he hoi done and axpectit to be hanged. She 
betieve6 it to be 4ome kind o^ blood lacni^ice. She woe, taken to Tiegina la&t night. 

The M'Li, A.nde/L&on above Ke^enKed to woi the wi^e oi a £anmen. who ^onmenly Keiided 
6authea6t o{ Vennon. They le{,t £on. the Canadian we&t thnee on. ^oun. ye/vu ago, 

»•««««,»»« SeptembeA U, 7907 

E. M. VaviM, who ha6 made hi& home with Ma.. Hengen. ion. the la6t iew yeanjt, woi 
iound dead in bed Tue&day manning , The n.emaini, wene taken to Wahpeton to be bunied theJie. 

»»•»«»»»*, Septembvi 26, 7907 


Columbia, MO., HERALP. . . .Ma4 . lauAja Atmonette Condon, wi^e oi Wellington Gondon, 
died at hen home on t-liiiouni Avenue at 9:50 AM Sunday monning, Sept. 15th, 7907. She 
wa& aiilicted with panalyiii duning the lait yean oi hen Hie and hen death, wai not tincxp- 
ected, M/L4. Gondon wai the daughJ:en oi Jame6 I. hmomtJte and ^anganet Fleetwood and the 
gnanddaughten oi Uile6 Fleetwood, a pnominent lawyen oi Cincinnati, Hen ia;Uien wa& a Ving- 
inian by bijith who pnacticed law in l>femphi6 , TW , , and accumulated pn.openty that wa6 at 
one time wonXh $200^000, He died oi yellow ieven in MempfuA in 1S76, 

Mn^ . Gondon wai> bon.n in Zichmond Vanish, Louisiana on Vec, 25th, 1S46, Hen mothen 
died thnee yeam, laten leaving Launa Armonette a child oi tenden yean/,. The latten wai 
educated at the Sacned Heant Convent Memphii, TN,^ and at the Viiitation Convent, St. 
LouiJt , She wai oi Engliih and ¥n.ench Tnoteitant anczitnjy and wai ion. mone than ionty 
yeoAi a memben oi the Tneibytenian Chunch, 

Hiii Lojuna Armonette mannied Wellington Gordon in l^emphii, Vec, 13th, 1S63. They 
came to Columbia immediateJly and have made thii thein home even iince. 

She wai intimatelif connected with the ipAead oi culture in thii community. Up to 
two yeafii ago hen won.k in the Tuciday Club wai among the beit pnoduced. She wai intelZ' 
ectual yet loved hen. home and devoted moit oi hen time to iti inteneit. Hen. wonh ion. the 
chuAch wai pAoductive oi gneat good. 


Shz Zi iiUAvlvzd by two haZ^ i-Utzu , K'JU. Emma A. Chambti66, 0(5 UmphA^, and f'.A6. 
CaAAA.z A. Hlchol&on, oq CoLl^oajum.- 

Shz wxu, tfiz moikzn oi ieji cJuZdA.zni Un^ . Ju^e. P. Voty, 0|$ Loi AngeZt6, CA., {,ofmzA.- 
ly Katz. hmoneXtz Gondon, Vk, BzvznZy Johmon Goidon, oi ULrmzkeR, Tndlan TzJOiLtofujj hWiu 
FlzztiAiood GoKdon, o^ the. tzQot dzpa/itinznt o^ tkz Hew Vofik JnteAbon^ugh TAa.ctX.on Sifitemi, 
New Vofdz City, Mn^. WtZtli VunZap ojj Hankln&onj MV., {^ofmeAly lliki Ida V.oot Goxdon. She 
hoi two ckiZdAen, WXZtci and LauAada. Alci^ed LauAo. and HeZen GoKdon and HofioZd J. Gordon 
0)5 CoZumbZa, 

Thfiee cJuIxOien an.e dead.: Uafitha Sta^oA.d Gofidon, WeZLcngton Condon and hmonette. 
Condon^ Vx. Gordon Fleetwood Gordon and M^. VunZap weJie hefie at the time o^ theln. mo^eA'i 
dzath. HeA ha&band, WeZtingtxsn Gofidon, ha& been a pfwmlnent lawyzfi and CyUtizen o^ Columbia. 
£ofL yea/ii. He beZonQi to the weZZ known and much Ae^pected Gondon {^amJiy that have been 6o 
ZntUmateZy aaocZated with the county 'i deveZopment. 

The £uneAaZ wait heZd at the iamiZy KzcZdencz at I ?U Monday af^teAnoon. The bufiiaZ 
wai, Zn CoZunbZa CeneteJiy. Hen. paitoA., the Rev. W. W. EZwang, conducted the lefivZce, 

««•»*,*»*• September. U, 1907 

TKedtnZck, the iion o^ Ma., and Mu. F. A. Bagg, died Monday evening at 7 VM af^tex a 
£ew houA6 ZtZnz&A , caiu,ed by dJiinkZng iZy poZion. The beAeaved pofienti have the i>ympathy 
oi aZZ Hoofieton *«•«»••»*« OcXobeA 3, 1907 

Tfee Zn^ant daughteA o^ Wi. and MAi. John SchwankZ died on ThuAiday Zaitt week a^teA 
izveAoL weefea oi ZZLneJi&, The AemaZni, weAe ZaZd at Azit Zn the St. Joseph CemeteAy. Ma. 
and Wilt. SchwankZ havz oat sympathy Zn the Zo6.i oi theZn. baby. 

...:GAeat Bend ExamZneA,... ********** OctobeA 5, T907 

Thz unZdentZiZed body oi a man about 30 yeaA& oZd wa6 iound Zn the Soo yafidi at 
EndeAtin TfiZday. He had been 6een Zn town a ijew houAi> beioAe and wa& pAobabZy kZtted whZZe 
tAyZng to &teaZ a fiZde on the wz&t bound pa66engeA tAoZn, One. oAm and a Zeg wcAe tonn iKom 
hZl. body, ********** OctobeA 3, 1907 


John PeteA KAeh4>bach the iubjzct oi thZi iketch, wa& boAn Zn 1S39 at HeZgeAZngi, 
EzzZfikcobtini, , KonZgAeZch, TeAZ&zn, and dzpanXzd thZ& tiie on Sept. 25th, 1907. 

In 1853, at the age oi iouAtee/i, he emZgAated to fmenZca, i>ettting at GAzen Bay, WI., 
whzAZ hz wai> moMAZzd Zn 1S67 to MangaAzt SaZdicheZdeA, Oi thZ& unZon ten chZZdAzn weAZ boAn 
and aZZ oAz ZZvZng, vZz: Jo&zph oi EndAe^i NV.j John J. oi BeoAdsZey MN., Hike, PeteA 
and Benjamin, aZZ oi Eimond, MV.j hIZck J., oi HankZmonj H, S. oi V.ydzA, W.) WilZiam, oi 
EndAz&i , hJV., MA4. Kate UZAZch and HoAy KAeb&bach, both oi EndAZii, M). 

In 1S69 thz iamiZy moved inom GAzen Bay to SpnZng HZZZ, MW., wheAZ they AZ&Zdzd ion 
37 yzoAi. In 7906 they Aemovzd to HankZmon but nz&Zdzd heAz only iZve monthj>, leavZng 
Zoit kpnJiZ ioK EndAZhh, whzAZ th.z zZdz^t i>on Zit zngagzd in ioMjning. 

On Wzdnziday moAning oi Za&t week thz dzcza&zd wai oAound and Zn hZi uiuaZ good heaZth 
appoAzntZy. ShoKtZy aiteA thz bnzakia&t houA hz compZaZnzd oi a chokZng izntatZon, and with- 
Zn twznty mZnutzi had pai,i>zd to thz bzyond. HzaAt iaZZuAZ WOA thz caaiz oi death. 


Peceoiecc laitl be Kerr.esnbzn.e.d by many o^ oat. Kzadexii on, a. qaitt and umuiunoig wan, ike. 
louZ oi honoA. -en bai^neAi t^xiniacMjini . . .aji ikohX. a modzd cuXizzn Zn tvuMj way. In addction 
to tkt ^anUZy OjJ tzn c}uZdA.e.nj tvci agzd uii^e. AuAvZveJ, turn, and thz j^ympathy o^ oLt go^i out 
to tk^ oneA . 

Tht ^aneAol uxu heZd SatuJidaif at thz EndJieJti CaXhoLic ChuAck, ^nte/unent being made A.n 
the. cemeteAy neax that place. kZZ the chJJidAen wejie. pKe^ent except John J, tOiebiibach who 
couZd not Aeach thefie -en -tone ioK thz 4 eAv-tcei . 

»,«»»»««,» October 3, 1907 

A -teat, end cotLiiZon occafUizd on the Soo neaA bJendeZZ, between hexe and HinneapoLii , 
toit Satu/tday, between a {^KeJjght and a gAMvet tAaZn. Conductor Tfviptett, quUte weJit known 
fie-te, wcw Zn&tantZy kllZed and two bAakemejn. itfLiotxthj ZnjUAed. The condactoK leaver a wl^e 
and thfLte chiZdAen fLti-idir^ at EndefiLin. 

,««,»,«,,, OcXobeA 3, 1907 

The &ad neu36 Keached hefie tojbt weefe o^ the death o^ Ma.4. VZvzt at WahpeXon. Mt, and ■ 

Ha&. VtveX. wefie among ouA. eoAZij 6ettleA.& and Lived nejxA GAeat Bend ^OA a numbeA. o^ yeaA/,. 
We extend oua. sympathy to the beAea.ved hu&band and ckildAen. 

********** Oc-tobeA 10, 1907 

A iad accident happened on the old LeLacheueA iofm, tjxio miZe^ ea&t o^ Ef^^Zngton tat>t 
weefe, Ae.i, -tn the death OjJ tht 9 yean. oJLd daughteA o£ John Olion, who occupZez thz 
ptace. The. ZZttZe. giAt oaoaz -en the moaning and attempted to itoAt a ^XAe wtth keAdene. 
An exptoiZon f^olZowed and the chctd wa& 6o badly buAned that ihe died the 6ame night. 
The houie and contenti weAt completely deAtAoyed and the. £anUly le^t almost destitute. 

********** OctobeA 10, 1907 

Wo Ad wai, Aecelved heAe Monday o^ the death oi GtlbeAt Gotien at SZbley Butte, ND. 
No parvticuZoAi) weAe gtven beyond the ^act that hi& death occuAAed on ? lai,t. Vecea&ed 
AQJitded -ui thil> vtcinity ioK leveAal yeoAi, being employed ^/A&t on R. H. Hanfe-c.n40n'4 ^anm 
06 ^oAeman and lateA having change o^ M. A. dUppeAman' 4, Aanch 60LLth o{ town. He l&^t leJ)4> 
than a yeoA ago to AziZde on ki& hornet tea.d neaA Siblejy Butte. He wai a qiUet, ha/cd wonklng 
man and had the Ke^pect o{, aJUi. kn>uAa.nce policy oi $1 ,000 In the Goodman o^ the. Wofild 
-ci payable, to ka, wi£e. 

********** OctobeA 10, 1907 


Thz ^ijani ahXZd oi UK. and Ma& . Robwd Uolu> dltd lcu>t weefe and uiai bafUe.d SatuAdatf. 
Tht ^anzAaZ uoi held at the. LuutheAan ChuAch.. 

********** OcXjoboJi 17, 1907 

The. Zn^ant alvild oi Wi. and f^'ju. Gee. Jaknkz, Mho Kz&Zde. iouJhxeMt oi town, dt^d 
tho. {^oKt pafit oi the. wzeJi a^ttn. a bfUe.^ AMne.&i . 

«**«»»*,,, October 77, 1907 

M/Li. E. M, Jomi UKU ^,ummone.d to Spokam, WA., Sunday by a mej>6agz announcing the. 
death oi a mamUed iliteA. at that place. She Ze£t on the a^teAnoon tnaZn to attend the 
iunexjal. «»«*««*»,» OctabeA 17, 1907 

Ole 0. Ekfie, a wealthy loJmeA living tav nuZz& nonth oi Walcott, thu county, wai 
iound dead In bed Tue6daif moKnlng. He lived alone and the la6t ieen oi him wcu, Wednesday 
a^teAnoon. A coAoneA'6 juAy decided that he died £Aom natuAal cau.6e&. 

»»•»«*»,,» OctobeA 17, 1907 

AnotheA shocking iatoLitij occuAAtd on the Sao neoA Naihua ta&t week, ChoAlei AndAewi, 
a ilAeman, being Aun oveA and Imtantly killed. Ua. ArvdAejM wai, walking towoAd the engine, 
which wail moving iZowhj down the to take a aiding . He wai, outilde the fiaUU , and 
iiuppo&edly oat o^ dangefi, but when within a (Jew {eet o^ an oncoming Soo paaengeA tAoln 
he stepped on a itone which fuolled ^Aom undeA hli ^eet. He thui, lo&t hli balance and, 
falling ^Idewlie, came down acAoi,6 th.e fvalli. The engine wait upon him In&tantly and the 
pltlleiit wheeli pa&ied dlAectly oveA hl& ch.eit, cAuihlng It and caiulng In&tant death, 

««»*»»»«*» OctobeA 24^ 1907 

EoaI Stapleton, 22 yeOAk old, and Floyd BuAAel, 13 yeaAi old, weAe dAowned In Bull 
Head Lakz^ ^ouA mllei ea&t o^ Wllmot, RobeAti County on Oct. 3Ut. 

They weAe accompanied by Eli Soule and Pug Hill and weAe attempting to Aeach the 
Ikland In the lake In a boat while on a duck hunting expedition. The itAong wind and high 
wave^ iwamped the boat, and pAeclpltated the ^ouA Into the ley wateA. All managed to get 
hold oi the caplzed boat and dAl^t with It. HoweveA, Stapelton, benumbed by the cold, loit 
hli hold and iank. He wai ioon followed by the boy. The otheA two hung to the dnlitlng 
boat, ilnally Aea.cUng th.e bank. »«,,,,,,«, NovembeA 7, 1907 

CaAl hlllion, who livei, oveA tlie line In South Vakota, oAAlved home thli moAnlng 
£Aom Canada wheAe he wai called Aecently by the lllneM and iubieqaent death oi a bAotheA. 

»»*»,»,,,, hlovembeA 7, 1907 

A hoAAlble catoitAophe li AepoAted iAom neoA KenmoAe. WalteA, the 16 yeoA old ion 
oi VeteA Johnion oi Ucflnney Jiland, dlicoveAed a lynx and pAocuAed a 22 calibAe Alile and 
itoAted In puAiult. Upon getting ilght oi the animal the lad made eveAij eHoAt to within 
ihoAt Aange and evidently the bfmte wai not aloAmed, The boy mined hli aim wheAeupon the 
lynx ipAang upon him with gAeat ieAoclty. TeAAlble cAleJ> attAacted men at a dlitance, but 
when they oAAlved ihe lynx wai Aapldly devouAing the body. The pAeience oi ievzAol peAiom 
did not itop the beaj,t ihom devouAlng the body, and It wai neceiioAy to pKocuAe. ilAecAir\& 

(51) FAMIIY HISTORY LI nr:/^vH/ 


umMi which to ikoot Lt. Thz £ace. and o{, the. boy uieJiz cdinoi,t. complzteJbj duttAoyzd, 

»»»«,«««,, Nouem5eA 2t, 79(77 

Reu. John 1=l6hzA. uicu, cut Vofian. MM., lout weefe, whzKz he. ptieachzd the. £uneAaZ i>eJmon 

ojj M/L4, Seba., motheJi o^ Choi, Seia^ who was weXJL known fiate. 

*«»««»««», _ VzcemheJi H, J907 

{Two weefei lateA ) 

The. Kzpofit 0^ a yoang man fce^cng kZlZzd by a v^(u.oai lynx, a^tzA he. had ihot and woundzd 
the. an^al, man HcKlnney a coapZz 0(J weet^ ago htx/, tannzd oat to bz a gzmUnz "i-iih itony,'' 
Thz young man who wa& iwppoAzd to havz bzzn fuZizd Z6 aJiivz and weZZ. 

»»*«»»««», Vzcembzh. 12^ 1907 

Wm. VznnhoAdt tz^t Sunday loK Hzenah, WT., on o^ a mzsAagz hJj, 
OQZd ^atheA'4) death, Vzczoizd was an old and highly xzpzcted citizen o^ Nzznafi., 

««««»«*«»» VzcembeA. 19, 1907 


Otto F. StAAMZl pa&^zd pzacz^ulZy ojmuj on Tuziday night oi la&t wzzk at thz homz 
0^ Ma.^ and HfU. TKed Ilzgelman. Veath camz a& a KeZlzi to hlM ^uHeAlng, Hz had bzejn. lit 
lofL thz pait izvzAal monthi ^Aom a livzA and stomach complaint and hl& ^u^^ZAlngi wexz 
pitiful, Hz had Been walXlng and longing ^OA. thz znd to come ^OK thz pait £euj weefei . 

Otto wa6 a man o{, good pAlnclplzi and zveAyonz who knew him can iay that fee wab an 
honzct boy with a good hzoJit, who wilt bz ml&^zd among hl& £Alznd,£ ^ Hz wa.6 56 yzaxi old, 
Thz iuneAcdt woi heZd ^Kom thz LutheAan Eu. Chafich on Vnlday at 2 o'clock PM., Reu. T. Hlnck 
conducting thz 6ZfLvlcz&. Hz tzavzi a wl^z, thz daiighteA oi Mt. and Ufu>. Tfizd Zlzgelman, to 
whom fie wot j'olnzd In wzdlock about two yeafu, ago, al&o {^athzfi, bfu}thefu> and 6litzu to 
mouAn, all o^ whom havz thz sympathy oi thz whotz community In thzlfi bzAeavement. 

Ma.. StJduitzt, oi Reg Stonz City, wat, heJiz to attznd thz {^unzAal o{ hl& &on Otto on 

Tnlday . .Hznman Efuindt oi Hanklmon attzndzd thz iunzAoZ o^ Otto F, StAliieZ. on Ffu." 

day. «•*««*»•»» VzcembeA 26, 1907 

Wm. Hutton oAnlvzd homz thz ^oAz poAt o^ thz weefe ^Aom PeAUj TW., whzAz hz woi Kzcznt- 
ly summoned by thz death o^ hli {^athzA. 

Wm. VznnhoAjdt^AztxxAnzd Sunday ^Aom t^zznah, WJ.^ whzAZ hz wa& callzd by tliz death o^ 
hl& lathex, ChAl&tlan G. VznnhoAdt, which occuAAzd on Vzc 15th, Vzceaizd would havz bzzn 
87 yzoAj, old had hz llvzd until Jan. 10th, Hz li luAvlvzd by two i)0n6, Wm, VznnhoAdt o^ 
this, ptacz and J. H. VznnhoAdt o^ [/Inland, WJ., and tu}o daughtzAij UA.& . GzoAgz Vaynz and 
MA4 . A. C. KlAchbzAg o^ Nzonah, alio ilxXzzn gAandchltdAzn and tuio gAzat-gAandchltdAZn. 
Thz iunznaJi mxw held on Tuesday oi tobt week, 

«,«»«»«,«, VzcembeA 26. 1907 


Thz dzcjtk o){ "Sllvtfi Vlck" iiom thz e.^^e.cti> oi a doublz opiAjitLon cut Cki- 
cago taut weefe Kvnovti a pZ(ituA.ej,quz ilqafiz Ifiom UoKth Dakota. poZXZi(U>. Me wom (^onmznZy 
iaZzMman ^oK a coUzz hoa&t and tJuiough kU znXinLi,Aju>tic diampZonihA.p o£ E/u/an'A pAuZdznt- 
laZ candidacy Zn 1^96 Become known oi "SZtveA Vlck"....and thz nZcknamz i,tuck. Vzczazzd 
wa6 wztt known to many pzoptz in HankZmon u)ko mXZ fizgizt hZi dcmiiz. He <z i,anvi.\izd by 
a. vu-iz and onz ion. «•»••«««», Vzcmbzn. 26_, 1907 

A izfujoujt w/izck occafUizd on thz Soo *<Jo rrUZzii wzt>t o£ KzmZngton, MM., zaftty Tnldaty 
moKnlng. TfuUn 705 Zz^t thz tn/ick owZnq to a bxokzn luxJX and thz zntZfiZ tAoZn uxi6 dznaZZzd. 
Thz dz/uuJbnznt occuAAzd on a thZ/itif {lOOt ejnbankmznt and thz imokzfi twinzd ovZK izvzhjaZ tZmzi 
and itoppzd flight iidz up, 0. L, Andzfuon baggagz maitzn. u!a& imtantZy kiZZzd and a 
numbzn. o^ pa&izngzu inj'uAzd, Thz baggagz coA wa6 imoihzd to ipintzu, and it uxa hzn.z 
that Andzuon mzt hZi dzath. A hzZpzfi AtandZng bz&Zdz him wa& anhuAt, Thz ujfizck dzZayzd 
tAaiiZc ioK iZKiVuit houA&. ,,»«»»«»•» Vzcembzn. U\ 1907 

Mw. J. A. Vuiyzn. KzczZvzd a mziiagz Tuz&day announcing thz iuddzn dzaXh o{, a nzphzw 
AbnzfL Lathfiop, who was kitZzd in thz N, P. yafidi at VuZuth zoAZy l^hnday moKnZng whzn.z hz 
wa& Zn thz company^ i iZfivZcz, 

Vzczoizd woi a young man 17 yzoM old, unmoAAZzd, and hii paAznti KZiidz nzoA TaAgo. 
He had madz i^izquznt vi&iti to HankZn&on dixfiZjng thz pa6t jjew yzau and had ^oninzd quZtz a 
cZacZz oi acquairvtanczi hzfiz, all o^ whom wzn.z ikockzd at thz nuM oi hit, untZmzZy dzatk, 
iW/Li. Vwyzfi Zzit Tuziday nZght and hzfi hu&band Za&t nZght to attznd thz ^unznaZ^ whZch wZZZ 
bz hzZd at foAgo today, ********** VzcembeJi 26^ 1907 


• 1 9 S 

Newi 0^ ihe. iuddzn dzcuth o^ Ffitd faJULojj came, oi a 4eveAe ihock to old A.uZdtnti o{ 
the. county, Wt. TaZZcy had 6een Zn the newipapzA fcoi^ne^i at t'ahptton ion. jiut txervtij yexifiit 
and dafUng that time cJbxayi, took an active tnteAZht -en thz pottticaZ a^^aAJii and mateJujoZ 
pKOQfLeJti 0^ the county . A& an eduXoKlai. wfuXeA he had ({ew ejqaaZi) and the Gtobz tooi aZway^ 
a. Zejading {^actoA. tn poZyittcaZ campaU.Qni,. While an opponent aivcaiji, to 6e {^eoAed^ hz had a 
QZniaJi pzfi&onaLityj and tn hZs dzath thz neiMpapeA. {^AoteAnigy £o4W one Oj{ -iti valued membzu. 

»«»»*«*»«* January 2, 1908 

WeZl Known Zichland County EduJtoK VZzi Suddenly 

TKed Fallzy, ex-SeoittoAy o^ State iofi hlo^Jth Vakota. and zdltofi oi thz Wahpzton GlobZ' 
Gazzttz, dAoppzd dead at HinnzapolAJi la6t F/Uday Hz, hli uil^z and ion wznz guziti 
0(J ^fUzndi, In that city. Wl, ¥allzy a/wiz appaJizntly In good hzalth and appafizntly^ about 
t o'clock^ whiZz leatzd In a chaZfi, hz iztl ovzfi dzad. Apoplexy was, thz cau&z o{, dzath. 

hOi, Fallzy was a tittlz ovzn. 48 yzoAj, old and wai bon Zn JUZnoli , HI& poAznti dizd 
whzn hz wai young and hz IzoAnzd thz pnlnting tfiadz In thz o^{ficz o{, the Ghjxnt County Hznald, 
LancoMtzfi^ WI. 

Twzn^ 4 even yza/u> ago hz fiemovzd to Uo/ith Vakota, locating at Wahpzton^ whzAZ hz wonk- 
ed a& a pfhintzfi ^oK about thfizz yzoAi^ and thzn itaxtzd thz TzZleJi at. PJJinofi, which hz con- 
ducted till '87, when hz pufichoizd thz Wahpzton GlobZj which hz pubtiihzd a6 iolz pKopKizton. 
tilZ a iJew monthi ago, whzn hii publication and that ojj thz Gazzttz wzfie con&oLidatzd, EdLLtoK 
Hughzi o{, thz latteA bzcoining builnzii manageJi. 

Wl. Fallzy wa& SecAztoAy o^ thz Senate ^oft many tznmi. He wai zlzctzd SectetoAy O]} 
Statz -tn 1896 and h.z~zlzcted In 1898, ieAvZng louK yzau In that capacity. 

Mt. Fallzy wai, twtcz manAlzd, {^tut In '85, hii wl^z dying In '92. Hz wai xemafuUed 
In '96 and Li> &uKvlvzd by a widow and ton, 

Hz wai a 52nd dzgfize Moion and thz {^unzJial wai, hzld undzt Moion-tc auiplczi at WahpeJ:- 
on on Sunday. Many pfiominznt membzu oi thz ^natzAnity {.fiom othzn. panti o{i thz ttatz wene 
In attzndancz. ********** January 2, 1908 


Ufu,. Ludvalg Witt paitzd atuay to hzA. (Inal KejwoAd Sunday at 12:50 PM. Thz dzczaizd 
wa6 lovzd by all. who knew hzn., tivlng hzn.z {^on. thz pa&t 20 yzoju,, and lzavz& behind hen. 
a loAgz iamlly o^ childA.zn and a loving hu&band to moufin thz lo66 0^ a dzafiZy bzlovzd wl^z 
and mothzn., Thz dzceatzd wa6 In hzK ilxty tlxth yzax, and hat not bzzn In good hzaZth ^ofi 
tome timZj yet hzK dzath wot not expzctzd to toon, Thz family havz thz tympathy o^ thz 
community. ********** JanuaAy 9 1908 

N, J, KfLzbtbach Kzcelvzd a me^tagz Saturday mo fining announcing thz dzath oi hit mothzK, 
Ufit. VaAgaKzt Kfizbtbach^ at EndAZttj W,, thz pKzvlout zvznlng, Cwlng to pooh, tfiain conn- 
zctiont hz wat unable to Azach EndAztt In timz ioti thz {uneAolj which wot hzld hionday a{,tzA~ 
noon, Intznjnznt beZng made bztldz hzn. hutband who dlzd Szpt, 25th, Vzczatzd wat ioA 


AZveAol morMui a KZMldzrX o^ HanfUnion, IzavZng la&t kpnXZ £oA EndJiUii wfieAe -tfie ttdut 
ion AJ> engaged In ^oAiUng. Shz wca thz motkeji oi ttn chMd^eji aJUi oi whom OAz tivZng. 

Bofm In Fond da Lac, tt'T. Zn H45, ihz u](U moAAlzd to John P. KxzhibacSi In 7S69 and 
in 1869 the.ij movzd to SpAlng HiZZ, MM., whfiz thejj lezldtd {^oK 37 ifzoAi . Thz bzAzavzd cklZd- 
Kzn havz thz sympathy of, a ZaAgz cJjicZz o^ Hankyin&on ^fu.znd& . 

********** JanaoAy 9, 190S 

C. JcamzA and ion Tfizd uient to Endzfitin to attend thz ^antnat o^ Ma.. Uahlkz, the. 
taXtzn. bzing a bfvothzK oi UAi , JoimzA. 

********** JanuoAy 11, 1908 

In a IcLttzK. to thz HEWS ^Kom Claud VwyzA o^ Spokanz, WA., datzd Jan. 14, 1908, Ma.. 
VwyzfL itatzi that hlxi. BzAt Clank iRobzAt Tyion'i daaghtzA Etta] dZzd o{t comumptlon on 
Jan, nth. ********** January 23, 1908 

Eduxuid FztzeA'i vliit to hli old homz at ThzxJbnan, MW., woi iaddznzd by thz dzatk 
0^ ki& motkzfi, who dizd OjJ hzoAt laiZiifiZ ZoMt Sunday moAnZng, 

********** JanuoAxf 23,' 1908 

Thz titttz daaghtzA. o^ Ma., and Ufi6. V.obzfct Totltz oi GfizzndaZz paiizd away Zait 
Thiiuday mohning a{^tzA a ^zuo dayi' o^ AUjJjJeAxng, agzd ^Z^tzzn month&, Thz sympathy o^ 
aJUi goz& out to thz bzAzavzd pa/iznti Zn thz loii o^ thzln. ^lut and onZy chZld. Thz 
{lUnzAoZ wa& hzZd Za&t SatuAday^ iZAvZczi bzinQ conductzd by Rev. Kunz at thz Gzfman Ev. 
ChWLch and a laAgz aiiZmbZagz o^ ^Aczndi attzndzd^ £oZZoMcng thz mo/vtaZ Jizmalni o^ thz 
tittZz onz to thz czmztzAy iouth o^ txiwn. 

********** JamoAjy 23, 1908 

Voiizd Auiay EanZy FfUday Moftning kitex a EjUz^ TLtnz&i 

Thz iuddzn dzath o£ AtW. Choi. Oibofin at about 1 AM Tnlday moAning ta&t wa& a gnzat 
ihock to thz zjntUiz zommutuXy. 

Wut, Oiboxn had not bzzn Zn vzAy good hzaZth (^OK iomz tlmz, but nzLthzA ihz noK hzA. 
^fUzndi con&ZdzAzd hzn. malady izAloui. Even ai latz a& Wzdnz&day ihz hopzd to be ablz to 
attznd thz annual iuppzn. 0({ thz CongMzgational ChuJich to bz hzld that evening. Whzn even- 
-cng camz ihz wa& unablz to go out, Shz gA.ew wouz naptdly oveA night and ioon izil Into 
a dzzp ilzzp which pKovzd to bz thz ilzzp o^ coma ^Aom which ihz did not wakzn. 

Hzfi huiband wai on hii ihzzp Aanch In Wyoming, about 50 milzi ^Kom thz Aoilway, Ai 
ioon ai HAi. OiboAn'i aloAmlng condition woi Azalizzd a tzlzgAom wai iznt to Ma.. OiboAn, 
Thz dZ&patch wai pAomptly coAAizd thz long diitancz to f-iA OiboAn'i Aanch Azaching him at 
11 ?U at night, . .only two houu bz^oAz hii wif^z^i dzath. A izcond mziiagz tzlLing oi f-'-Ai. 
OiboAn'i dzath did not Azach him. Ma.. OiboAn took thz tAain at 4 ?M on FAiday at ToAAing- 
ton, WV.^ and aAAivzd at Hankinion Sunday zvznlng at 5:30. He IzoAnzd thz iad nzuii {,iAit 
^Aom thz lipi oi John R. Jonz&j hii bAothzA^in-law^ who wai waiting hii aJiAival. 

Thz {fUnzAol wai hzld at thz CiboAn homz, whzAZ thz many ^Aizndi 0(J thz dzczaizd 
cAowdzd thz houiz. Thz iZAviczi wzaz in chaAgz o^ hzA poitoA aaiitzd by Rev, l^A, WalkzA, 


Ma4 dbofin hcu> been 4Znce cluXdhood. a membeA o£ ihe. ConQXtQCutioruxJi, S-incz thz 
thz iamiiy mouecf to HtmlUnion ahoiit 4cven yzoAj, ago ihe. ka& takzn an actZvz ^nteAz&t i.n aJUi 
pha&u o{, ChAl&tian /teAvlct. Shz i/xu> tiuB. devotzd tzachoA of, a clxui o£ high, idxool glfdU ' 
uihohZ gAA.z^ at h.ZA dzaik -c6 a bzantlf^aJL morwmznt to hzA mzmoAy, Mti. Oibofun. vxu, al/>o an 
activz mzmbzn. o^ thz IocjoZ. V. C. T. U. 

Thz body vxu, takzn ^ofi ba/uxxZ. to htfi chcZdhood homz at Mztomzn, WT._, InzoA Zipon] 
vohzftz otkzu 0^ tiiz ^amity Liz buJu.zd. 

M/Li. P-s6oAn'4 maZdzn namz wa& Annzttz E. StAjUbjozJUi. Shz waa boKn at Mztomzn^ WT.^ 
on Feb, ISthj 184S. Hzfi paxznti namzi wz/iz Lomon StiUwztt^ and mctJe MoAy K. StUIwztt, 
Skz uja& moHJu-zd to Choi. C.l>boKn on Nov 2ith^ 1S67, Ezildzt, thz ha&band^onz daughtzn. 
Mc44 BzLiz OiboAj^j iuAvtvti hzn.. 

Thz bKothzu and iZitzu afiz I. tt". StUZweZZ, Vzadwoodj SV.^ UfU. F. R. 
Munn^ ZLpon^ WT,_, M/ii, E. C. Bznt^ VzZZ RapZdij SV.^ WoAAzn StZJUwzZZj HiZmukzz^, WI.. and 
Ufu,. J. R, Jonzi. oi HankZmon. ********** JanuaAy 30, 190S 

At KrvtLgOj WI.^ tkii> weefe occuAAzd thz dzath o^ thz agzd ^athzA o^ Wm., Hzfunan and 
JuZMu Bmmmund^ iH/Li. John KAjOu&z and Ma4 . t'm. Vumkz, aZZ o^ thZj, vZcZnZty. Thz AzmaZm 
ofLZ expzctzd to afiAZvz hznz today and ujZZZ bz buJu,zd Zn thz GzAman Ev , CzmztzAy aovM. 0($ 
touin. ********** Janwvuj 30, 1908 

M/L4. J, G. Neubauz/i, quZXz wzZZ known Zn HankZmon, dZzd at hzn. homz iouthzoAt o^ 
town on Wzdnz&day moAnZng o^ ta&t wzzk. Vzath wa& cauiizd by pnzjumonZa ^olZouxLng an attack 
ol gfiZppz, Vzczjo&zd lzavz& a loAgz ^amZZy and a pathztZc ^zatuAZ o^ thz coiz wai, thz ab~ 
6zncz ol thz ha6band Zn thz nofith.zn.n Hinnziota Zimbzt woodi. A mz&iagz Kzachzd hZm Zn tZmz 
^oA hZ& AztuAn bz^oAZ thz {lUnzAaZ which woi hztd at TaOmoant on SaXuAday. 

********** JanaoAy 30^ 190S 

Coaplz WzlZ Known HzAZ VZz PAom Coat Got, at Wahpeton 

Wm, WZttman AzczZvzd a mz&^agz SatoAday zvznZng annoancZng thz dzath o^ both hZj> 
iathzA and motP.zA, at Kahpzton. Thz agzd coaplz WZAZ ^ound dzad Zn tkzZA homz whzAZ thzy 
ZZvzd aZx)nZj havZng bzzn oiphyxZatzd by coaZ gat,. 

Thz tA/igzdy became known thtough a vZj>Zt madz to thz IZtttz homz by SyZvz&tzA VzZtz 
a Jton-Zn-Zxm, who wznt to thz hoa&z with pAjovZl>Zoni, . {flhzn hz zntzAzd tliz otd man PztzA 
WZttman, wai, iZttZng Zn a chain nzoA. thz &tovz and hZ& wZ{,z wa6 ZyZng nzoA thz bzd ai 
though ^,hz had bzzn ovzAcomz ju6t ai, 6hz wai, about to aZj,z, Thz itovz pZpzi, wtAZ aZJL down 
and jjAom appzoAxinczi, Zt would ^eem that WZttman had takzn thz pZpz down to clzan Zt and 
bzcomZng ^atZguzd had iat down Zn thz chaOi, whzAZ hz iuccumbzd , At thz Znquz&t Zt wa& 
dzcZdzd that dzath waj, accZdzntaZ, 

VztZA. wai, 73 yzxiAi, old and hZj, wZf^z 70. Thzjy camz to thZJ, county ^Aom WZ^coniZn 
Zn an zanZy dojy^ iZlZng a homz&tzjad zntAy on thz ^anm now occapZzd by R. CollnZck nzoA. 
GAzat Bznd. Thzy latzA dZipoAzd oi thti> land and ^oA izvzAol yzaA& havz AZ&Zdzd at OJah- 
pzton. Among thz iuAvZvZng chZZ.dJizn aAz Wm. B, WZttman and MA4, Hznman Bladow o^ thZj, 


place., MA4. S. VzaXz o^ WahpeXon and Eafinzy WZttman u:ho -i6 cut 6ome. point Zn thz noKthzAn 

VzhfrnoAjj 6 190 1 

pajvt oi the. htatt, ««•»•««*«« 

John M. lOump TaZti a Victim to Pneumonia 

KnothzA. Zichtand County plomtfi hoi cAoaed to the. gfieat bexjond and In the. dexith o£ 
John M. KAwn the. WlZd Zicz Coantfuf Zo6e/, one. ol Iti, moht fie^pected (utlzeji& 

VzcexUiZd wad Wi but a (Jew dayi , having tjxken to kU bed on ThuA&daif. A 4e.veAZ coZd 
dtveZopzd Into pneumonia, and hz pa&^zd awaij todt Sunday, 

Ve.ce£iizd wo* bofin In GeAmany In SeptembeA of, lS64j coming to thZi countAy 11 t/eow 
a%o, HeAe he gAew to manhood ai a plonzzA lettZeA, and wai> numbeAzd among thz highly 
KeJ>pe.ctejd and pAoipzAjoai, ^oAmeAi o£ thlj> itctlon. He l& 6uAvlve.d by a gfcle.^ itAlckejn Mi{,e. 
and aIx chltdAzn, the. tattex Aanglng In age. ^Aom 14 to 1% yeafu. ThelA munea^ In oAdeA o^ 
thelA age. oAe.; Lejw., MaXj VeteA, UaAgaAet^ TaAt66a and Johnnlz. A bAothzAj PeteA Knumpj 
AeJilde^ nenA U.antadoK and thzAe. oAe, aJUo thAtz il&teAi,.. . Ha& ChAl&tena Hz&i o{, ElimoAck, 
HAi. t^ax Icheju o^ PaAk Rapld&^ UN., and HfU . Kdotph Haf^^neA o{, UooAzton^ alZ of, whom ukeAZ . 
pAzitnt at thz funeAat, 

The. itlnceJit sympathy of aJUL gozi, out to the g>u.ei itAichzn wlfz and famlZy In thelA 
lAAtpoAabtz to&i,. The. funeAat ^eAvlczi wzAZ heZd In St. PeteA and Paul'£ ChuAch yzitzAday, 
Rev. M. J. Simon officiating. Thz funtnnt pAoce&ilon ima onz of the. longest zveA 6zen In 
thii vicinity and attested the. high z&tzem In whlcJi dtceoizd wa& heJid among hli nelghboAi, 

InteAmznt -iook placz In thz CathoZlc CemzteAy we^t of UantadoA. 

»»»»*»«**» FeJbmoAy 6, 1908 

WoAd Kejachzd heAZ Monday of the dexith of Matt lOump, who Zlvez about 4>lx mlZeJ> welt 
of CAzat Bend, He wai weJit known to thz pexiptz afwund hzAZ. 

Pneumonlja hai, cZalmzd anothzA victim, thJjt tlmz one of ouA moit highly KZipzcted young 
mzn. . . .WlMtz Hlng6t, agzd 24 yeaA&, 6on of EdwoAd Hlngit. He pa.i>/>zd away Tuziday zvznlng 
at 8 PM at thz EAZckznAldgz Ho&pltal, whzAZ hz had been taken foK tAejvtmznt aftzA thz dl&- 
zoiz Kzachzd an acutz itagz. HI& dzatk wai a gAzat 6hock to thz community, wheAz hz ha& 
gAown to manhood and wai z&tzemzd by ail foK hli many good quaZltlzi. Thz funeAoZ wltt bz 
held FAlday aftzAnoon^ ieAvlczi to bz conductzd at thz LuthzAan Ev. ChuAch at 2 o'clock, 

Thz death of HzAman Contzy occuJiAzd at thz ZAzckznAidgz HoipltaZ on Wzdnziday moAn^ 
Ing^ fAom pneumonia. Thz young man wai wzll and favoAabZy known hzAZ. He camz fAom Tznn. 
ziizz and hai been In CAzat Bznd foK thz poit two yeoAi. He wai hzatthy and itAong up to 
a fejw dayi bzfoKZ hZi death, which wai duz to a bad cold izttllng on hii lungi and cauilng 
pneumonia. UoAd wai at oncz wlAzd to hll Azlatlvzi but no tAacz of them could bz found 
and hz wai laid at Azit In thz county cemetzAy. He wai a membzA of thz M. ft'. A. having 
jolnzd thz oAdzA a fevo toeefea bzfoAZ kd death and wai undeA thzlA coAz In hli lait dayi on 
thZi zoAth. ********** FzbmoAy b, 1908 


Wi. and fM^, We.nzeZ Va&bab^k cutttncitd tkz £aneAal oi the. laXtzK'i, ^otheA John 
Rifaa, nejxA. Gznej>zo on Wcdnuday o^ Icut uiztk. Vzczaitd wa& 82 yzoAi old and dzaXk xtiuZt- 
zd jj^m a iatt iKom tliz top oi a itoAJMoij aX tlie. home, oi hli />on T/iank^ hd head ^tnMUng" 
thz wooduoAk at th.e. bottom o{ the. itaZu. 

»»*»«***«« Fefa-tua/Uf 13^ 190S 

M/i. and hOi& , J, ft/. BoAQfuave., ifJH , V. A. i'oung, M/ia. H. C. VoAilou} and A. S. Hodman 
attended the ianeAoZ o^ Waite/i H. BoomeA at. Cayuga Sandatjj hav-cng been invited to ai^Z&t 
laith the moi-cc, VezexUted waa a pKcminer\t 6a4-cne44 man o^ Cayuga and ^CAued a teAm ai> 
TAu&tee oi the. State InduitAcat School at ElZendaZe:, tie had been Ztl ioA about a month 
uiUh 4,tomadi tAouble, »»«««*«««« fzbnimAjj 73^ ]90Z 


The death oi Mu. FAedeAtcka. LieAminn, toZie. oi John LieAmann, occuAAed at heA home 
nexLA UantadoA on Honday. VecejoMed wai, Zn heA &evejnty lixtk yeoA and had been a^ZZng iAom 
the. 4JfiiVwiitLt& oi oZd age ioA 6ome time. 

Vecexued waj> bofun. on Nov, 6th, 183Z, Zn GeAmany and at the time oi heA dejoth had 
attained the Atpe old age oi 75 ytau, 3 month6 and 11 dojyi. She came, to AmeAtca vUth heA 
husband Zn 1S82 and diuUng the gAeateA paAt oi the timz 6Znce. ha& been a Ae^Zdent oi Zichr 
land County, EeiZdzi the aged huiband^ i,tx. ckitdAen AuAvlve heA; Cha& . LieAmann^ Mw. tfm. 
NehmeA and IVu,. Choi. KAam>e, oi HantadoAj Ihu. kfmold BeAnoAd oi GAeat Bend; Ha6 . Wm. 
KAOJuiz oi WebiteA, SV.) and Mts. H, A. Mm oi thti, place^ all oi whom weAe pAe^ent at the. 
iuneAal which wa& held ytiteAday at 1 PM. ieAv-ccea fcC/cng conducted at the Wild Zice ChuAch 
by Rev. HiZgendoAi. 

The 6eAvi.ceJ> weAe attended by a laAge gatheAtng oi lOAfiowlng ihlendi, who a&^embled 
to pay theiA la&t tAibute to one who wa& unZveAially Atipected and esteemed, InteAment 
took place Zn the CemzteAy neoA thz cJuiAch. 

««»,«,,»*, FzbmoAy 10, 1908 

HooAeton. . , ,Eduiin SetheA oi thZi place pa&ied away qutetly at the. BAeckenAidge Hosp- 
ital FAlday mofining, blood potson caa&ing hl& death^ and the Aemalns weAe latd at Aezt In 
the UoAwegtan CemeteAy eoit oi town. 

Reuben SetheA oAAived iAom ToAgo SatuAday moAning. 

*««*»*«»»« FebfuioAy 10, 1908 

Aa will be noticed by qua hiooAeton coAfLeJtpondence^ Eduiin SetheA^ the young man who 
wew 40 badly InjuAed In the ele.vatoA at that place loit week, died at the BAeckenAixige 
Hospital Vfujday moAning^ the immediate came oi death being blood pol&onlng. Veceased 
was 25 yeoAl, old and a ion oi ^^A.. and M-w . John SetheA^ well known iafmCAS neoA UooAeton 

«»»*»»»*«« TehmoAjy 20^ 1908 

Old timeAS wilZ AemembeA Chas . VameAal a ionmeA Wahpeton haAdwoAz mtAchant, who was 
at one time, an InvestoA In Hanklnson town pAopeAty. Sevenal yeoAS ago he moved to Catii- 
oAnJia and now comes woKd oi hit, death at the advanced age oi 86. 

»«««**«,«« rebmaAy 20^ 1908 


A Kz.ponJ: hcu, n.zache.d heAz o£ the. fuILing o^ John SvLumon, hnown to many o£ ouA 
fLZadzfu, Swamon wznt oat to HzttZngeA. county iomz tone, ago and zngage.d am. the. Keal 
estate. buaJjieJii , Accofidlng to the />toAy that A.ea.chzi hojie he became -involved iyi a dUpate 
vUXh a komeJitejadtfL and woi &o badZy beaten that he died a ^eu houAi tateA, kii ikuIZ having 
been auUthed with a kajmen. in the metee. Swanbon waj, a Keildent o^ HanlUmon j$o/l a ihofit 
time and laXen. wat tocated at LidgeAwood and Fofman. Ke was one o{^ tlie pKomotenj> o^ the 
VebJLin S I'loKthweitten.n RaWioad scheme. 

»«****«** * febnuoAy 27^ 190S 

Wu. WlZZii Vantap KeceZved a mei^oge Taejiday conveying the iad new6 o£ hen. ^otheA'i 
death at the old home In UJj,60vJLi, Btxt a jjew monXhi, ago ihe wcw caZZed home by the death 
0({ hejL mothen. Ovolng to the aniavonabZe iejuon o^ the yeoA and the dl^^lcuLty o{, making 
the t/Up with the chlZdn.en, t^ . VtwZap wlZt not attend the ^aneAoZ o^ hen. ^athen.. 

Much sympathy l& ^ett ioK Wi. and Hfu, . Ga6tav BZadow, JR., In the death oi theMi 
lyittZe iouJi yean, otd daugkten., who paz&ed auxiy Li&t Monday mofinlng a^ten. an lZZnei£ o^ 
but a iew houxi,^ ********** ^^^^ J2^ J9(jg 

Wm Koennen., the Bfiecken/Udge agent {^oa. the Mlnneapoti&}lng Co. died at BA.ecfe- 
enAldge the ^oAe poAt oiJ the week {^Aom blood pol&onlng, Vecea&ed wa& weZt known and wai, 
a ^Aequent vliltoA In Hanklmon, The {^uneAoZ wai, hetd Tue&day_, the Aemalni being shipped 

to Wew SaZem, NV,, ioA Intenment, UoAch 12 190S 


B. Peltz Aecelved a me&^age SatUAday the death o^ hU daaghteAj M^ . TAank 

J. VleubZe, at Ven.ndaZe, MW. She had been ailing ioA lome tune but hen. condition wa& not 

con&ldeAed 6enlou6 until a ^ew houA.& bef^oAe hen. death. 

Vecea&ed wa& well, known among the eoAly letttenjs, In thli vicinity and the nem oi hen. 

death wlIZ be Aecelved with geneAal AegAet. She wa& boAn at St. Jame&j MM. on Jan. llit^ 

1875 and wa6 moAAled to F, J. Vleuble at EAeckenAldge on \'ov. 11, 1S95. A^teA a lew yeaAi 

Apent at EAeckenAldge, they moved to Venndale when.e they Ae&lded at the time of, hex death. 

Be&lde& the huiband and thAee imall chlZdAenl Helen, loult, and UoAgoAet axe left 

to mouAn heA untimely end. The {,unenal. wai held Tuesday at MdfUch^ MW. and among those 

In attendance weAe B. Peltz, F. H. Peltz, J. J. Peltz, Jo4>. H. Peltz, Mamie and TheAe&a 

Peltz; Wu>. Ellen VudZey o^ BAadZey, SV. The otheA bAothen. and 4,l6teA, Nick and Ha.6. 

LongAen, could not make txatn connectlom In time. 

The ^unenal leAvlce wai attended by a loAge numbex of lonxowlng fnlendi, ihowlng the 

high eiteem In which the decea&ed wa& held. The xelatlvei ffwm hexe cannot 6ay enough In 

pAol&e and gxatltude foA the kindly Intexeit and aal&tance Aendexed by the people of 

VexndaZe. Evexything In theix powex wa.i done to 6often the soaaow of the bexeaved ones, 

and theiA solicitude fox the family will even, be Aemembexed with deepest gnatltade. 

The thxee tittle chlldxen will make thelx home with Wu>. Bxadley, a slitex of the 

deceased, at BAadley, SV. 

********** ^^j^^ j2, 1908 


CaM. Stoltznow oi SpenceA, WT., -U heAt to attend the. ianeAjcdi oi hU bfiotheJi TKed 
StoUmoui. ********** 

On ffvLdjouj night the 6ad newi KeaxJizd ai that Tfvid Stottznow, one. o^ ouK moi>t highly 
AZipzctzd citlze/U>, had pca&zd away, and the entiAe ccrmunity axe In mouAiUng ^pK Ait. 
Stoltenow who had not a h-ingtz enemy, he woi fve^p^<lted and loved by eveJty onz. Hz woi 
one 0^ the pZonzeA ^zttteM, coming heA-z about 30 t/eoM ago and izttJLing nzoA. GKzat Zend 
whzAZ hz wonkzd kt& way up untiZ hz bzcamz onz OjJ thz moit pAjOApeAoui {^afmzm .en Richland 

Hz leavzi a uii^z who Li almost pfio&tJwtzd with ghtzi, two daughtzM and thfizz lom,. 
Hz wa6 a good membeA o^ thz Evangetical Leon ChuAch. Thz cmu>z o^ hli> dzath wai, typhoid 
pnzumonla. Hz bzcamz III about thAzz wzzfii ago, and thz loit ^ew day^ It wai, thought hz 
would AzcoveA, but on Tntday hz wa& calZzd Into thz betteA would wheAz h/j, 6ui{eAing6 
wlZZ iotizvzA cexiiz. One by onz thz wzaAjy tAa.veZeA& oAz catlzd homz. (Ma.. Stoltenow waj> 
66 yeoAi, old] Thz ^unzAoZ wa6 heZd on TueMday at 1 PM ijAom tkz Hon ChuAcJi and wa& loAgeZy 
attendzd. Tho&z who weAz pAe/>znt ^fiom dUtant polnti wzAz CoAl Stoltenow o^ SpenceA, WJ., 
AZ^Azd and fiAthuA Wo^meA o^ tkmkato, MN. , and Ma., and MA4. BeAndt oi South Vakota. Rev. 
Mo v^ai oi LidgeAwood pAe.adn.zd thz iuneAaZ ieAiwn. The Aematni weAz laid at Azit In thz 
Gnzat Bend Cemetzny. ********** ^^^^ ^^^ ^^^^ 

Wm. Ma44 and daaghteA LiLLian attendzd thz iunzAot o^ Wm. KoeAneA oi BKzckznAidgz 
loj^t wzeJi. ********** f^g^j^ jg^ j9(jg 

Thz AzpoAt 0^ thz dzath o^ John Suxtnion in a {^ght out in HettingeA County Ajzczntly 

ii, denied. Rzlativzi nzoA Vzbtin claim that he ii aZivz and almost iuULy KzcoveAzd ^Aom 

thz ziizcti 0^ thz bzating hz Azczivzd. 

********** y^j^y^ 26, 190i 

Thz Little infant oi Mk. and Mw. Steve Mo^ta dizd la&t wzzk. Thz littlz onz had 

been inaiZ &incz biAth and iti death was not unzxpzctzd. 

********** y^p^j^ 2, 190S 


FoA thz izcond timz within twzlvz monthi thz Angzt o^ Dzath hoi viiitzd thz hou&ehold 
0)5 Thz NEWS zditoK, thii timz removing ijAom ui tittle Jamiz, ouA youngzit, who would havz 
faeen onz yzaA old on May Ut. Hz wa& taken ill Monday night and thz bz&t mzdlcal 6klll 
wai unablz to copz with thz ^atal ceAzbAo spinal menlngitli,. Hz poiizd peacz{,ully away 
at 12:50 Uzdnziday a& though falling Into a dzzp &lzzp. 

Jamiz hoi bzzn hl& mothzA'i gAeatz&t comf,oAt duAlng thz yzoA (^allowing thz dzath oi 
Roland, which ocauAAzd but iouA dayi a^tzA Jamiz came to gladden oufi home. Having thai 
iul{fillzd hli zaAthly miiiion, hz wai iummonzd by an Kll Wiiz Vnovldencz to hl& homz abovz. 

A iimplz iunzAol iZAvlcz wai held fnlday monnlng at thz homz. Rev. Whltcomb madz 
a ({ew fitting AemaAki, iomz com^oKting hymni weAZ iung, and thz montal Azmalni o^ ouA bz- 
lovzd baby weAz laid to Kzit bz^ldz hli eldzit bAothzt In thz new cemeteAy. 


We Hict£ not atZzmpt, -in woKdi, to conv^y oat auppfizcMxtion o{^ thz klndneZA and 
CLi^i^tancz 0^ {^KltncU cUvUng thz tlmz -it wa6 io />0A.zZy ntzdzd. 

M^. N. J. KAtb^back w<u iummonzd to hzA. old home at OJaha&ha, MW., (/Izdnz&day by a 
mzi^>agt bzanlng thz 6ad neJM o^ hzA tnothzn.'6 dzatk. Wi. KAzb^bacJi koi aJUo bzzn bzn.z{,t 
o£ both hil, poAznti mXhin thz pa&t 6tx months. 

Supt. R. E. Smith Azczcvzd a mz&4>agz Mondccy announcing thz dzath o^ hZ& ^aXhzt at thz 
old homz on ?/Uncz EduaAd. Utand. Only a ^euJ montJu ago thz moth&A. pat>6zd away. Thz dU- 
tancz makzjk it impo^iiblz iofi M/i. Smitk to attend thz imzAaZ. 

********** ^p;aZ9, 1908 

John Su}an4,on ww in torn. Wzdnz&day and &tatzd that thz fizcznt /izpofvt o^ hii dzath 
iAom thz zUe-ct6 oi injuAiz& In a fww in HzttingzA Couty woa g^oAiZy zxaggzAotzd. Hz l& 
ZaofUng aitzn. intzAz^ti in thil> pajvt oi thz Matz at pA^znt and booming thz land baiinz66 
ion. thz WzitzAn Loan Agzncy viiXh hzadquoAtzM at Boiman, MP. 

••*••*•*** ApAU 9, 1908 


PionzzA Hanhln&on Rz&-uient ?a66zd Away at Kzn&at. 

A wavz oi iofOiovi iwzpt ovzA ouA community UOnday uihzn wond vxu, Azczivzd ifwm Kzn6al oi 
thz dzath oi Wii. F. A. Ru44e^. WhiZz thz neios had bzzn zxpzctzd ioA 6zveAal dayi, itUUi 
it camz tti a ihock to all who knew heA. 

Vzath wa& duz to blood poi&oning which iollovozd an opzAotion. Evzfiything known to med- 
ical science wa& donz to chzck thz ipfiead oi thz di&zoiz, and ihz izcoveAzd iuOicizntly 
to KetuAn ihom Olegon to heA homz at Kenkol, wheAZ ihz poJiizd away Uonday moKning at 8 AM. 

Vzczojtzd wa6 37 yeaA6 old and wai among thz zoAly Aziidznts oi Hanktmon, whzAz &hz 
gKew to womanhood, Az&pzctzd and beloved by all with whom 6hz wai a&4>ociatzd. 

HzA maiden name tww Maude R. (AcLaugktin and it woi in Hankin&on ihz wa& maAAlzd to F. 
A. Roi^ell, who iuAvivz& heA. ThAzz childAzn. . . .EoAl, VzoAl and a baby daughteA. . .oAz 
alio bzAzit. To thz iOAAowing onzi thz sympathy oi all Hankinion iAizndi gozi out. 

Thz iunzAol wai held yzitejuday at [>lahpeton and wai attended by thz ioUowing peAiom 
iAom hzAJZ'. Ua. and Ma4. E. L. Kinney, h\A, and Mw. F. 0. HungeA, Wi. and Mw. TAzd WoAneA, 
Va. and M^. Spottiwood, lAAi. John McDonald, Geo. E. Coaa, and J. H. CoAteA oi UantadoK. 
SzAviczi wzAz conducted at thz homz oi Mw. A. 6. Vivet, a iiiteA oi thz dzcexazd, and 
thz coikzt wai loaded with iloAol oHeAingi iAom inatzAnal oAdeAi and peAional iAiendi oi 
thz iamily. following a touching 6zAmon by thz Epiicopal cleAgyman, thz Aemalni weAz laid 
to Az&t in. thz bJahpeton cemztzAy. 

Loit wzek thz HEWS mentionzd thz dzpaAtuAz oi Uu. N. J. KAzbibach ioA Waboiha, MW. , 
to attend thz iunzAol oi hzA mothzA. Jnitead oi heA motheA it wai an aunt who paazd away, 
a mzi^age Intended ioA thz ckildAzn oi thz dzczaizd having been delivzAzd to M^. KAzbi- 


back. Tfie Zcuttzt did not tzojm o^ thz ^aajok until. heA afu.vaZ at the. old homz. A^eA 
attejfidlng the. iuneAoZ Mw. Kfizbibach dtpanted {^01 Rocket ten. to undeAgo medlcaZ txzntment. 

The baby datxghteA. oi Ma., and M/14. Ffied FaZk dle.d Sunday vjening a^teA a ihofit JiJJineM,. 
She um iouA monthi and two dayi old. The ^uneAoZ uxa held Tuesday, ieAvZce^ being con- 
ducted by Rev. Kunz at thz GeAman Ev. ChunxJi. The paAenti have the sympathy oi aJUi in 
theAA beAeavement. ********** ApxiZ 23, 190S 

WoAd waj, brought to thli city Tuuday 0^ the burning to death In a pnalAle ^lAe, oi 
M/L4. fA£.ejmn, the vxi^e o^ a lafuneA, neon. oZA ToAt Sl&ieton, lait Sunday. 

TheAe. l6 at&o an uncon^iArmd lepoKt oi the buAnlng to death o^ anotheA womin and 

HfU. TKeexnan attempted to 6ave. a team oi hofiizi by getXlng them Into a slough, but 
woA oveAtaken by the ilame^ and ifie and thz hofL6e/> weAe buAned to death. The. {iiAU weAe 
io cZo6e to Sli>&eton It uxu, ^ound necei^>aAy to i>tnd out about 50 men tjo ilght them. 
Thousands o^ dottau woith oi pfwpeAty had been de^tAoyzd, and heveAoZ. {^onmeAi have loAt all. 

********** ^p^^ 23, 1908 

Uu. Taut HilZeA pai,/>ed auoay at the. home 0^ hex pafiejiti, Ufi. and Alw. Augu&t Eladow, 
noAth ojj totm tai>t SatuAday eveviing a6 a KeMuZt o{^ chlZdblnth compticatlom. 

Deceased woi sixteen yexvu, otd and iatu> nafifiled to Pout HcZZeA a ^eu) months ago. She 
had g/uiwn to womanhood In thl& netghboAhood and a toAge. clAcle oi iAlendA mouAn heA 
untlmety end. The ^uneAoZ wai> heZd TueJ>dai(. 

********** ^p^j^ 3^^ jgpg 

Uo&t oi the otd tlmeAit heAe uiiZt AemembeA thz excitement coined by thz Ending o^ thz 
body 0(5 a man In thz gAovz naAth of, NeZ& VetteA&on'i ^aAm houiz, a mite and a haJii wzit oi 
town, 4,omz thlAtzzn yzaAJ> ago. Thz body wa6 ^ound undeA thz tlmb o£ a tAzz ^Aom which onz 
end 0^ a handkeAchlei wai suspended, giving thz ImpAz&ilon that It was a case o^ suicide. 
Thz body was In an advanczd stagz 0^ dzcompositlon and thzAe was no means o^ Idzntlilcatlon. 
Thz thzoAy that a hobo had comnlttzd sulcidz was geneAoZZy accepted, nothwithstandlng some 
suspicious clAcumstanczs and the Incident was soon ^oAgottzn. PAobabZy ({cw know oi thz 
szquaJL, howzveA, which pAovzd by thz concession, on thz sca{,{,otd loA anotheA muAdzA, that 
thz man ^ound In thz TztteASon gAovz was a muAdeA's victim. 

About iouA yeaAS a^teA the finding o^ thz body as abovz dzscAibed, a hobo was oAAzstzd 
In a smaZZ Hinnzsota town ^oa thz muAdzA oi a pat. Hz was convicted and hangzd ioA his 
cAlmz, and on thz scaHotd hz dztaitzd how fie had ktZtzd a man a mltz and a hati west o^ 
HaniUnson by stAlklng him oveA thz head, aiteAJWoAd oAAonglng the body to make It appeoA 
tikz a case oi suicide. Thz motlvz was AobbeAy but a smaZt sum was tz^t In thz pockets 
to avoid suspicion oi iout ptay when thz body should bz iound. But ioA thz second cAlme 
committed iouA yeoAS lateA, thz muAdzAzA would havz zscapzd punishment entlAzty. 

********** ^p^^ 3^^ jg(jj 


The. Infant daugktzA o^ Wm. Koppdbmn dlzd on f^onday Zoit o^ pntumonla.. Sundcuf It 
MKiA thoaght ihe. hxu Zmpncvlng but on Monday ihz pa66e.d away. The. poAejvU have. ouA sym- _. 
pathy In tkz Ion oi tkeAJi tittZe QlnZ. 

********** May 7, 1908 

ConAod CZoii, IcMiex o£ Joe Cloii, oi Ei{^nQtan, deed cut kU homz nejox that place, on 
Kpfiit 22nd. Thz Aejntim weAe. takeji to Iowa {^ok buJuxit. 

********** ucuj 1, 190S 

Ma4. Wm. VeymhoAX: uxu aittzd to Nzejnak, WI., tivi& week to attend thz iimennl oi hzfi 
youngzit &li>tzx, Ulbi Mafiy WachhoZz, who dizd at VznveA, CO., a ^zw dayi, ago. 

********** Mcur 7, 1908 

Thz iunznat o^ W. J. Koppzlman'i Infant child woi heZd Wzdnziday la&t ifiom thz Livth- 
ZAon Ev. ChWich with Rev. H>aicfe conducting thz ieAvlczi. 

»«««»«»»«« Uay U, 1908 

Hu. Choi. L. May and Hu6 TofOieMt havz bzzn callzd to WZiconi-in by thz death o^ a 
iliteM. and Izit Satwiday night to attend thz iunzAal. 

W. W. Letter/ fmceA-Mzd a meMiagz Sunday ol tkz dzath o^ hl6 tli^teJi, Ma6. knthuA TowleA, 
o£ Vziktigo, WI., and Izit that, zvznlng to attend thz ^uneAoZ. 

Thz death oi MfL&. WHJUiz Bladow occuA/izd at heA. homz iouthwzit oi town Monday aitzA.- 
noon, A£^ultLng piom chLdblAth comptication^ . Vzczaizd woi a daughteA oi Cha6. Stach, SR. , 
oi thU) placz and woi woAfiizd about a yean. ago. She had tivzd In Hanklnkon ilncz childhood 
and heA untimeZy death wa6 a gAzat ihock to a Ioaqz cOiclz oi i^zndi. Thz hu&band iuAvlvzi 

Thz iunzAol wai held Wzdnz&day, 6ZA\)lceJ> being conducted at thz GeAman Ev. Church by 
Rev. Kunz and wa& attended by a laAgz numbeA oi lofiAowlng iALznd6. JnteAment took place 
In thz cemeXeAy &outxz&t oi town, within a iew fwdi, oi heA glnZhood homz. 

********** May 14, 1908 


Wewi oi thz death oi Anthony J. Tlx, which bzcamz geneAoLiy known la&t Tnlday mohn- 
Ing, wa6 a gAzat &hock to hit, iKizndi, oa It waj, geneAolZy iwppoizd that hit, condition wai, 
not dangeAou!). foA ten day6 hz had bzzn UUL with typhoid izveA, but a iatal teAirlnatlon 
W(ri not lookzd ioA up to wWUn an houA oi thz end. Death camz at 10:30 ThuAiday night. 

Vzceoizd wai a natlvz oi BancAoit, Koauth County, Iowa, and wai, bonn on hlov. 19th, 
1882, and theAz hz ipent thz ilut twenty yzoAi oi hli lliz. With hii, poAznti he camz 
to Hanklmon In 1902 and ilncz that tlmz hai> fiz&ldzd at homz on thz ioAjn a mllz 6outh oi 
town. Hz wai oi a quiet fietlAlng dlipoi-itlon, Indmtnloui and oi good hablti, thz maln- 
itay oi hli poAznti and fizipzctzd by all ion. hli kindly dlipoilton and gzneAoZ upnlght- 
nzii oi chanacteA. Thz Kzipomlbltlty ioA thz management oi thz ianm wai wittingly aaum- 


ed and hii good bai-Lm^i jadgemznt, couptzd mXh a. mWUngnuii to wonk, ■indiaxte.d a. 
4ucce64^u£ ow-eeA. 

Vtcejuizd was a. dtvout Cathotic. and wait buxizd {^Kom St. VhlZip'i, ChuAxik on Monday 
noKnbiQ, Rev. Jo4. F. 5-tudru.cfea condiLcZlng thz lzA.VA.ttl>, oi-iZitzd by FathzA Iimbmh o^ 
LLdgtnwood and Tathtn. S-Onon 0(J MantadoA.. The. iunzfuxZ woi attzndzd by the. Cathotic OndeA. 
oi foKz&teM -61 a body, thii being the. ilfut dzath among the membeA o^ thz HanLunon 
bfLondi 0^ the ofudeJi.^ the ioMovUng pafiejvti, decexazd Is, iuAvZved by ^ue iZsteAJ> and one bfiotheA. 
Oat 0(5 town fieZativti aoho weAz pKz6ent at the iuntnaZ. wzAe- Ma., and Hu. A. SheZdon [Sl&teA] 
oi FJiank^oAt, SD.; M^. and M^i. TfiownieJUeA [Aunt] 0^ Ken&aZ, UV,; Ul&i Ro4e McCoAvlZZe 
[Cou&in] oi HeAxLck, SV.; and Geo. SdledeA [Uncle.] o^ BancAo^, lA. 

•f + + + + + + + +•+ + 

The. undeA&A.gnzd m^h to expfLe^4, qua. ilnceAe thanki to thz many ifu.ejn.di who oi&Z&ted 
ui In zveAy way duAlng the iZZneM and ^oZZowlng the. death oi ova. depafited one. Thz 
thoagktiuZ fUndm/>.i and expxz&6Zoni> o^ iympathy have been a gfieat comioAt In ouK beAeave- 
ment and wiii always be cheAlihcd among ouA tendeA mejr\ofu.z6. 

Ma. and MAi. Tox and iomULy 

Ua. and Mas. ,V. Go die 

Ma., and Hu. Geo. J. Mack 

Ma. and MA4. Wm. WiXttrmi 

»««*«»»««» May 21, 190S 

Judge LandzA oi WahpeXon wa6 caJULcd to Hammond, WI., thz {glut oi last week, by the 
deaXh oi ha> 6on, ChaAlz6 W. LandeA, who died Tuz&day oi consumption oi thz boweZs, which 
hz wkilz in thz ?hilippA.neJ> , oi a membeA oi Co. I. 

MaXt KalseA, a well, known ianmeA A£j,lding neoA VeAwn, died last week aiteA a ihoAt 
lUnzsi. Hz wa5 43 yeoAS old and unmoAAizd. Thz iuneAol was held ThuAsday, Rev. Jos. F. 
Studnicka conducting thz ieAvlczs, and InteAmznt was made In the Catholic CejneteAy neon. 
VeAnon. ********** May 1) , 1908 

UoofieXon Ma. and Mxs. Lzo Lznzen KeXuAnzd inom WzbsteA, SV., Monday aiteA attend- 
ing thz iuneAol oi the latteA'i b^theA-ln-law. 

********** May ZS, 190S 

OscoA, thz ieven yeoA old 6on oi Ma. and Ma6. S. 0. HaS6, died SatuAday at 7 PM oi 
thz InjuAlzs Kzcelvzd by ialling ifwm a wagon whilz dAlvlng with the hlfizd man. Thz 
iuneAol seAvlczs weAz held at thz Nofwczglan ChuAch Monday aiteAnoon. Rev. Gunhas oi 
MilnoK oiiiclatzd. ********** ^^y ^^ T)Og 


***TEN YEARS AGO*** Column. . .^fA£. Hayi6on, daaghteA oi l\fii>. C. E. StmaJvt oi Elm., 
ditd at hex home. nzoA StiZu o^ pnzimonLa. a^teA a. ^hofut ItinoJti. 

********** u^28, 1908 

Tht JiemUni o^ the. Zn^ant 6on o^ Un.. and Hfu,. UcZntyfiz o^ HelendaZe., tka, county, 
weAe bAoaght hexe. ioK InteAmeyit Sunday. Thz mo then, li, a iliteA o^ HKi. John StengeA 
oi Eimi. ********** ^^^^ 2«, 1908 

Vejoth 6ummone.d onotkeA oi ouA pione.eM ye^teAday when M^. ¥Ae.d foeJitz poiied away 
at heA hone, -in tkU vUlage.. ■Peceoaed wai> a luHeAeA ifwm ejpU.e.pi,y and the. gfujn fieapeA 
came, almost uiithout waAning. Thz newi wai a gAeat ihock to thz toAgz cOlcZz oi ifUendi 
uiho knew heA many vlntuejt and zxceLient quaZ^Xlzs. 

Vzcza&zd wai faoAn Zn GeAnany 62 yzoAi ago but uxa among thz eanZy Azt>Zdznt6 oi GKzen- 
daZz Township, moving to torn, a couplz oi yeau ago. Shz l& luAvlvzd by a gnlzi ^tAickzn 

ha&band and thAzz cklZdhzn Ma4. Wm. Heeic/i and VobeAt ToeZtz oi GKzzndaZz and HexiAy 

ToeZtz who JU htUUi at homz. 

Thz iunzAoZ witt bz hzLd tomofiAow at thz GzAman EvangzticaZ ChuAch. 

********** May 28, 1908 

A. A. Aimy, onz oi TaUmount' i, bzit known dtizzm, dlzd Za&t wzek, agzd 85 yeau old. 

Hz wai iound dead in hli chain.. Vzcza&zd was, a veteAan oi both thz Mzxlcan and Clvlt Wau 

and wai weJit known oveA thz county, hav-ing fiz&^zd at falnmount i,lncz 1880. 

********** janz4, 1908 


iHahpeton, HV., Junz 13th PeteA Matthla&, about 49 yeoAi old, committzd ialcldz 

■in thz CoimeAcial Hotel loit night by hanging hlm&eli to thz bzdpo-it. Hz li> laid to 
havz a bncthzA at TnteAnatlonal Falli, l^N., and anotheA In South Dakota. A bAotheA-ln- 
law hoj, al&o bzzn locatzd at Kzn&al, this &tatz. A will {ound In hit. pocket -indlcatzi 
hz hai, 6zveAal ckildAen, but theAA wheAeo-bouti l& yet unknown. 

Hz amz hzAz with onz John GzoKgzn on Hay 19th, and bought a i>maZl 6tock oi miAchan- 
dl6z. Hz and GzoAgzn had met thz wzzk bzioKz at AlzxandAla, MN. , and at that timz hz 
had about ^1,800 In. cash, thz lavZng/, oi a tcietlmz. Hz let GzoAgen havz $500 with 
which to buy thz itock, $500 moKz to buy nesjo goodi and $400 mofvz lateA iofi zxpen&eM. 

RzaZlzlng hz had bzzn dupzd, hz wznt to an attonnzy and GzoAgzn woi oAAz&tzd and 

placzd In jail. Thz loo, oi monzy li bzllzvzd to havz unbalanczd UatthlaM^ i, mind and 

caoi zd kirn to takz hll, lliz. Hz had KzmoAkzd to izvexaJi peA&on6 that hz might 04 well 

km hlm&eli. GzoKgzn had oveA $400 In hl6 pockzti whzn oAAz&tzd and thl& waj, tanned 

ovzA to hl& attonnzy on thz ondeA oi thz 6tatz6' attohnzy. Hz wai, to havz a hzanlng 

today but thz complaining wltneM being dead, woi A.elza&zd. 

********** j^^ jg^ j9(,g 


JeaneXtc, daughttfi o^ h'Ji. and M^. 0. E. Lien AuZdlng moA VeAnon, pcu>6Q,d (wxuj Tudidcuj 
a£teJi a. long battle, with the. dJLejxdzd tubeAcuZoiZit . Vzcexiizd wouZd have been 4^xteen ijejafu>_. 
otd ne.xt month and hoi a ZoAgz caAcZq. oi school {^Kiendi> heA-z who moann heA untimeJb} ejid. 

Thz iuneAoJL li> being held today and AzveAoZ ionmeA diaM,mate^ ^ficm heAz oAt In attend- 
once. Thz dzzpzit sympathy -ci zxtzndzd to thz AtfUcktn poAznti -at thzlA beAzavzmznt. 


Mw. Agnei PohJL pa^&zd aimy FfUday moAning at 6 AH at thz homz oi hzA &on HzAwayi Voht, 
In Gfizendatz Toum&kLp, at thz agz oi 70 yzoAi, 2 montJii and 2.4 dayi. Kldnzy tAoublz uxu 
thz caaiz o^ hex demiiz. 

Vzczoizd, uUth heA ha&band, afiAivzd heAz ifvom Vofma, II., on HoAch 26th, Zntznding to 
6pznd thz AuimeA wctli hzn. 4oit. Shz imu 6t/u.ckeji with kldnzy tAoubtz and g/iadiwlty lank 
laweA untiZ death xeLizvzd heA 4U({({eAcng. 

Vzczoizd wa6 thz mothzA OjJ rUnz chitdAzn, (^Ivz oi whom &uAvJivz heA. Thz haiband U> 
aJiitO tivJing. Onz oi thz 4on4 -c6 a wztt known Azildznt oi GfizendaZz Town&hip; thz otheA 
thAzz, JuZlni, Adolph and Ga&tav, fizitdz at Uon6on, IK., ai> doz6 thz daughteA, M^. BeAtha 
Lutz. AlZ weAz pKz6znt at thz iunzfiaZ zxczpt GuMtav who wau, unablz to fuzach heAz. TheAz 
oAe. aZio ninztzzn gfianddnJULdAen. 

Thz iuneAoZ wai> heZd Uondasj, ieAvlczi beZng conductzd by Rev. HU-gzndoA^ Zn thz WlZd 
Rcce ChuAch, and ZnteAmznt wait wadz In thz neio czmetzty nofith oi town. 

********** Junz 25, 1908 

***TBl YEARS AGO****Colmn...?atAick Swzznzy dizd at hZi homz In Elma, agzd 77 yzaAi. 

««»»««*«» t jj^ 2, 1908 

M. A. WlppzAman oAAivzd homz yz&tzAday ^Acm ChiZton, WI., wheAz hz wa& caZZzd owing 
to thz dzath o^ kii agzd motheA, M/Li. Hetzn WlppzAman, Hz Iz^t hzAz SatuAday in Az&pon&z 
to a mziAagz announcing heA zfUZicaZ iZlnz&i, but ^aiZzd to Azach thz otd homz in timz to 
izz hzA aJUvz. Vzczoizd uxii in heA zlghtizth yzoA and woi among thz ejoAZy pLonzeM oi WiJiC- 
oniin. HeA hu&band dizd 6omz tweZvz yzoAi ago. Shz ii luAvivzd by ten cJuZdAen. . . .thAzz 
daugktzu and 6zvzn 4,oni.... aZZ oi whom wzAz pfiziznt at thz iunznaZ on Monday moAning. 

»«»»««««,« jy^^ 2, 1908 

Thz wholz community ii in mouAning oveA thz dzath oi Wii. Uaggiz StoZtznow, wi^z o{, 
CoaZ Stoltznow, who pa&izd away at heA homz on FAiday moAnlng. VAopiy wZth oMtkma comp- 
ticjcutioni wa& thz cmjj>z oi hzA death. 

Vzczaizd wai, boAn in Winona County, MM., and wa& 43 yza&i, old on Oct. 3, 1907. Shz 
wait moAAizd tiineZzzn yeoAi ago and Zzavz& a ^amiZy oi eZght chiZdfien bziidzi thz ioaaow- 
Zng huiband to mouAn heA untuneZy dzath. HeA zntiAz moAAizd ti^z ha6 bzzn ipent on thz 
StoZtznow iaAm noAth o{, thZi viZZagz and 6hz wa& known and beZovzd by aZt ioA heA many 
wommZy quaZltizi. Shz wai an ideaZ wl^z and motheA and thz beAzavzd onzi have thz 6ym- 
pathy oi aZL in thzlt aiitiction. A iliteA, MA4. HeAman EeAndt, tLvz& neoA heAe and 


anothzJi 4,-16 tzx and one. bKotheA In Hinnz^ata. 

The. iunefwZ wcu heZd Monday, iexvlczi being conducted by Rev. FZ&hfi at the Eu. Hon 
ChuAch, and the edi^ce imi, pitied wUh lonAomnQ i>iiendi> and nelghbou. The Kejr.alni> weAe 
tabid to Kz^t AJi the cemeteAy neon. by. 

********** ju£^ 9^ J9(jg 

F/tanfe J. Glenn, who conducted a AeJitauAont on the We^t HoteZ itjieet i>e\ieAaZ yeam ago 
but moved to BowbelZi In 1900, met volth a hoKfu.bte death at that place lait week, ml&tafUng 
bedbug poZ&on ^on. alcohol and dnZnklng a laJige quayvUty o^ the deadly ita^i. 

Mt. Glenn had been ailng the alcohol to fieZieve a flight cold and In 6ome manneM. got 
hold oi a bottle oi bedbug pol6on which happened to be standing cZo&e to the bottle o^ alco- 
hol, and beiofui KeaJLizAjn.g kU teAAZble mistake took a long draught o^ the poison. Immed- 
lateZy realizing what he had done, Wt.. Glenn Ka&hed to a physician, but tittle could be done 
to Aetieve. him and he died in tzAKible agony. 

He waJi engaged in the iuAnituAe baslneJiS thejie and wai, alio dfu.veA o^ a fwJial mail fwute. 
He woA about 41 yeoAd old and leaver a wlf^e and tw chitdAen,a boy o^ 71 yeoAi and a giAt o^ 
iive yeaAi. ********** j^ g^ j^^j 

On Sunday a baby wai boAn at the home o^ Ha. and Ma^. Jo6. BechteZ and died the same 
day. The AejnoAJii weM. IxUd to KeJ>t in the LutheAan CemeteAy. 

********** J^ J^^ jg^g 

The body o^ Ha&. Stolba was ^ound tut Sunday at 8 ?M by heA nelghboAS, lying beneath 

a 6matl gate neaA heA AeMldence. VoctoAi, think that she died some time on SatuAday and 

that heA body lay out&ljie. atl night and all day Sunday unnoticed. She was 61 yeaA& old and 

and active until the iudden death came. ...LidgeAuood... 

********** j^^ j^^ jg^j 

LidgeAwood. . . .The body oi Wu,. Thomas Stolba, an aged woman who was ^ound dead at heA 
home In the ea&teAn paAt o^ the city last week, was examined by CoAoneA. KlteZy and he dec- 
ided that heaAt disease was the cause o^ heA death and an Inquzst was unnectssaty. 

The ^uneAat was held on WedneJ>day oi last week at St. John's ChuAch, Rev. Jos. Gaydu- 
4efe o^^ciating. JnteAment took place at the Cathotic CemeteAy. She was 65 yeoAS old at 
the time o^ heA death. ********** j„^ 23, 1908 

Vk. C. H. MtPoneZl Aecelved a m&ssage Tuesday af^teAnoon announcing the death oi an 
old Aoormate by dtownlng at SlgouAney, lA. LeJ>s than two houAS lateA Va. L. E. McVonell 
Azcelved a slmitoA message bfilnglng new* oi the death oi a iofmeA classmate by dAownlng 
at the same place. IflhetheA the -two men weAe togetheA at the time oi thelA death Is not 
known as yeX. ********** j^^ 23, 1908 


Neuu oi thz dzath oi ^t/lA. Gzo. BZadow Tuziday aiteAnoan wai a gxzat 4)kock to thz many 
£fu.zndl> 0^ thz ^amiZy 1/1 tkii v-Lcyinlty. CompLiccutlom ^oZZoMcng dUZdbZ'vth uxu thz immzd- 
juatz couie o^ dzath. 

Thz tnaldzn namz OjJ dzcza6zd uxu> V.ozdeA and ihz qKvjo to womanhood Zn JUditand County. 
Shz 4J> iuAu-cuecf by a gxlzi-6tfUckzn huiband and u.x chltdAzn, thz youngz&t but a ^ew houU 
oZd at thz tlmz oi hzA. dzath. Shz atio lzavzi> tun i-Utzu and thAzz bKothzAi ^z&Zdlng in 

thi& vicinity Ww. Hznman WVith, M^. HzAman MzdzrumZd, Auga&t, VfuXz and JuZiui RozdzA. 

¥ofi izvzAaZ yzaA6 thz iamiZy fiziidzd in town but movzd to thzAJi ianm f^ivz mltz/> 6outhzaj>t 
£ouA OK (sivz yzoM ago. 

Vzczcuzd vxu, poi,zl)i>zd oi many womanty qaatltizi and by hzt kindZy dLidpoiition and un- 

tiAing dzvotion to hzA chiZdAzn zjonnzd thz z&tzvn and admUiation oi aXJL with whom ihz came 

in contact. Hzn. untimzLy dzath i& mounnzd by a. tajigz cOlcZz o^ ^Kiznds. 

Thz iunzfvaJi wilZ bz hztd tomofOicw a^zAnoon at onz o'clock. 

*««»*»««»» jy^ 23, 1908 


Wood Alcohol Cauiz^ Dzath oi TouA Hzdikiru Hzafi Si&Azton 

Ai a KZyS>ult oi dtinking a bottle, oi wood alcohol, which thzy had itolzn {,fLom thz bann 

oi a ioAmzA. nzoA thz Si&.izton Agzncy, Red Bind and hU wi^z and anothzt man namzd Stzveni, 

and hli wi^z ofiz dead. Thzy wzAz all. Sioux Indiana and had takzn thz alcohol to an Indian 

dancz. OthzM dtank 6omz ojj thz tiquofi, but aAz 6titl atCvz. 

********** ju£^ 30^ T<)og 

A. M. GAonzA, a pfwminznt citizen o^ SaAgznt County, dizd at hi& homz in Fo^mon on 

Uonday oi typhoid izvzfi. Vzcza&zd izAvzd two tzAmi a& t/izoiuAzA 0(5 SaAgznt County and 

woi an activz wonkzA in thz CongAzgaticnal ChuAch, bzing known to a numbzA oi oun. pzoplz 

thAough attzndancz at conizAznczM hzAz. 

********** jfjiy 30^ 79(,j 

Otto SoKznion, zxpfLZii mzl,£zngzA, wai izAiouily injuAzd at Naihua, MN., zoAly thlh 
mofining. Thz dooi oi thz zxpKZJ>& cjoa ^lammzd 4,hut againit hii hzad, and fee 6a6tainzd pain- 
iul b/ULciZi. Vk. Voung met thz tAain hzAZ and caJizd ion. him tzmpoAOAily and hz was takzn 
on thfiough to thz hospital at EndzAlin. A tzZzphonz mti^agz Kzczivzd hzAZ iKom thzAz thl& 
ioxznoon 6tatz6 that hz had a hzjnofUihagz and ii, in a cAiZical condition. Hi6 wiiz'4, poAzntb 
who Kz&idz hzAz, intend to go up on thz aitzAnoon tAain. Thz injuAzd man hoi a hoit oi 
ilizndi hzAz who anxZoa&ly await iuAthzn. newi oi Ivii condition. 

********** Aaga&t 20, 190S 

Mw. John Higgiju, dizd at Si&.l>zton la&t Friday a6 a Az&ult oi buAni Kzczlvzd iAam 

thz zxptoiion oi a gaiolinz itovz. 

********** Augu&t 10, 190S 



Lout Thauday'4, l&^ae. o{ Thz NEWS made. mtrutLon o£ thz aacUdznt wfUch bt^zLL Otto SoK- 
ZMon, expA.U6 mei^cngeA on thz Soo, at Na&haa, the. izcond station exLi,t oi hejie.. ScoAceZy 
had thz papeA bzen pivinttd ukeji woKd came, iiwrn EndeAJUng that ht had died injom kU lnjuju.ej> . 

SoA.eji6on'6 death uxu due to /jiju/Ue^ to hU hejid, uihidi neMulted ihcm the. bumping to- 
getheJi o£ the. ve^itlbuZtd coaches on the. tfuouin whe.n fee woi looking out {^ok hoboes which ht 
woi ae,/>yi&ting tht cnew to dnivz ^Aom thz top oi the tfuUn. He uxu, coni,cioa6 when the tAoln 
Kzached heJie. and wai, able, to j>it up and dZica6i kii condLUtLon. We woi given mexLicaZ attent- 
ion and wai taken on to the. EndznLin Hospital, wheAz fie 4U({iJe/ted a hemoAAhage. ioon a^teJi 
and paired away. 

Hii young wi^z, daughtzn. o^ ^k. and Hu. BeAnoAd MaueA oi thi6 place., AexLched heJie. the. 
iome e.vejrung in AeJ>pon6z to a teZtgAam, but did not know o^ heA hoiband'i death until in- 
iofmed by AeZative^ ftete. The. body wa& b/wagkt to thU place and buAizd SatuAday a^teAnoon, 
ieAvice^ being conducttd at the. Monet hoirn. The. ^uneAol wa6 undzA thz auipicej> o^ thz End- 
eAlin Lodge, o^ liailway TfuUnrntn and thz auket wai loadzd with beauti{uZ £loAal o^izAingi. 
IntzAmznt wai made in thz new cemztzAy loath oi town. 

Vzczoizd wai about 25 yeoAi old and wai vzAy popuZafi among thz kaJHway men. He aJiio 
had a laAgz ciAclz o^ ^Aizndi in Hankimon, having AZiidzd hzAz {ok a ^zw montJu about thxzz 
yzoAi ago. Hz ii iuAvivzd by a young wi^z and littlz ion o^ thfizz yzoAi, and hzA ioAAow 
at thz loii o£ hzA haiband touchzd thz itoutzit heoAt. Hii mothzA ii alio living but could 
not Keack hzAZ ^OA thz iunzAcut. ThAzz maAAied iiitzAi and a bAothzA ^Aom St. Taiil weAZ in 
attzndancz. ••«•*»««»» Auguit 27, 190S 


Wheaton, UN., Aug. 21it VAonounczd dead, C. H. ColyeA, a pAominznt citizzn o^ thii 

county, and a Izgiilativz candidatz, Azvivzd and appoAzntly clzoA in mind, AzZatzd a cZeoA 
and gAophic account o^ a viiit to Hzavzn. Thz itAangz itoAy ^iniihzd, he admoniihzd thoiz 
at hii bzdiidz to Izad bzttzA livzi, and thzn o^^zAing an eloquznt pAayeA, hii voicz gAod- 
ually ionk to a whlipzn. and again thz chill o^ death paazd ovzA him, thii timz thz loit. 

About 9 PM ^ thz zvzning, Ua. ColyeA iank Aapidly, and {inaliy wai pAonounced dead, 
thoiZ about him beLizving that thz ipi/iit had £lzd. An houA latzA hii puliz beat again, 
and hz oAouizd himieZ^ and Azgaijied £uli. comciouinzii. He in^oJimzd thoiZ about him that 
hz had fceen in heaven, and that it wai a moAz beautiful placz than any mind could imagine. 
He told hii wi^z that hz would AetuAn and would ajwaiX heA thzAz. He told hii bAothzA that 
hz had izzn and talked with thziA mothzA, and oiiuAzd him moit zoAnzitly that hz wai laboA- 
ing undzA no dzZuiion and wai iinczAZ in what hz iaid. He thzn tuAnzd to hii oiiembled 
iAiendi and admoniihzd all to lead bzttzA livzi. 

Thzn, o^^ZAing thz moit impiAing pAoyzA that thoiz about hii bzdiidz had zvzA heand 
hz quietly poiizd Into the gAzat bzyond. It ii iaid that hii voicz wai itAong, clzoA and 
diitinct and could be heaAd thAoughout thz houiz, although an houA bz^oAz it had gfiadaally 
iaiJied until it iank to a whiipzA. 


Hl6 appoAtnt coming back to Li^z and kl6 itfrnngz. itofuj hoi dzzpZy impKUitzd tkoto. 
wfio hejoJid aX, 

l\n.. Qotytfi hoi not bttn known a6 a paJiticuLanZij n.dU.Q-iouj> man, though fie woi (Htzzmtd 
in tkt community ^OA. kii iine. ciuutaxittn.. Pzoplz who knew him have, been dzzply impKUitd fat/ 
kit i>tU3fuj. ««•»«•«««« August 27, y90« 

Two HoAvz&t Hand6 KiZttd in RobeAti County. 
ShoKtZy faeijo^e noon on Tuesday a 6howz/i pa&ied iouthuioMt oi Whitz Rock and oi, it poitzd 
ovzA tkt ianm oi Vzttfi ?zdzfu>on eJjghX. miZti iouthwut oi town iX. itnuck and killzd Uagmii 
John&on and Moh4 NzZ&on. Thz boy/) wojiz ihocking gficUn -ox thz iizZd whzn thz thowzA came and 
thzy took iheLtzA. in a thock which wai> ttAuck and both boyt kiZtzd. Magna5 Johnton wa6 about 
23 yzoM old and thz eZdzi,t ion oi M/l4. Hantin John&on. Hzti^on'l homz wai, in UinnzapoLii . 
HLti iatkzn. i& zmpZoyzd in Miz Gfizjot Uofitkzmn. dzpot. 

»•««»»»«»« Augtus^ 27, ]90t 

Thz littLz dmightzfi oi UK. and hUu . ChanZzi HoUman dizd yzitzfiday moKning at thz age . 
oi tioo yzau, aitzA /^uHzfUng ioK izvz/iat dayi i^om bowzZ tAouhtz. Thz iunzAot will bz 
hzZd today. ********** Aug(M;t 27, J90S 

"VEH VIKRS AGO" column ChoAZzi SchnozdzA dizd at hli homz In thU viLtagz aitzA 

an iZZnzii oi iZvZAal. wzzk6. Thz iunzAaZ wai hzZd undzA thz auipiczi oi thz h^odzAn Woodmzn, 
dzczaizd bzing a choAtzfi mzmbzA. oi thz tocaZ camp. 

********** Sep^temfaeA 3, 190S 

EUW....M/Li. Math Sand dizd la&t Tuziday at thz EAzckznAidgz Hoipltal aitzA an iZlnzii 
oi izvztaZ monthi. Thz znd wai unzxpzctzd and wai a gfLzat ihock to hzA many ifLizndi in 
Elma and nzoA VzKnon wheAz ihz had Aziidzd iincz hzfi moAAiagz to M/i.. Sand 12 yzaJU, ago. 

Vzczaizd wai thz oldest daughtzA oi Wi. and Vm. Matt Sckiltz oi Elma and wai 35 
yzoAi old. A ioMcwing huiband and two chiZdxzn oAe Izit to mouAn hzA loa. HzA poAznti 

Aziidz in Elma and thzAz oAz atio tuio iiitzAi and two bAothzAi Uu. Nick Sand, hiiii 

Uafujsn ScJiittz, John and Matt SckUtz, JA. Shz wai boAn in GzAmany but camz to tkii countAy 
at an zoAly agz. Thz iunzAat wai held Sunday and intzAmznt took placz in thz czmzteAy 
nzoA VzAnon. A laAgz ciAclz oi iofiAowing iAlzndi attzndzd thz iZAviczi. 

********** SzptzmbzA 3, 190S 

Thz iympathy oi all paAznti goz& out to Ma. and MAi. C. L. KAzbi in thz laii oi tkziA 
tUtlz iivz monthi old baby boy who dizd oi iummzA complaint lent Sunday aitzA an iltnz^i 
oi a izw houAi. funzAoZ izAviczJ) wzAz hzJbd Tuz&day aitzAnoon at thz homz. Rev. Kunz oH- 
ioiating. ********* * SzptzmbzA 3, 190S 

Tuziday moAning oi lait wzzk tlttlz Sophia Schmidt, iivz yzoA old daughtzA oi Ma. and 
Mw. VztzA Schmidt oi Wahpzton, oAoiz izzZing pooAty. HzA mothzA had givzn hzA a izw dAopi 
oi whiikzy to tonz up hzA itomach, and thz littZz ginZ, izzing thz bottlz on thz tablz, tho- 
ught ihz nzzdzd iomz moAz. Without hzA mothzA'i knowlzdgz ihz took about iivz oA iix oun- 


CCA. ki, iiOon an, thz act uxu diiccveAzd, a docXoK wa^ ^uimonzd, bivt though he. afifUvzd 
McthLn hjiii an hovJi, and thz itomoLck wca Mcahzd out, ihz rnvzK thz con6CA.ou&- 
ne44 which 6hz had lo6t a^tzx taking, what 4,hz 6uppoie.d would fee mtdiclnt, and at. 4 AM 
the. ioiZowing moAnlng ihz pai>6zd away. 

«««»««««»« SeptejnbeA 3, 1°0S 

J. J. Jonei A.eceA.vzd a me^-iagz Za&t evening bzoAlng the 6ad newi o^ thz death of, hl& 
tUtlz da.ught.eA Ifume at St. BoAnaboi Hoipital In l-U.nnea.potu, wheAe ihz had been undeA 
tAzatmznt ioK izvzAoJL wzzkM. Thz newi woi not unzxpzctzd ai ihz had bzzn itzadZly lalting 
ioK 4ome timz. ThAough monthi o£ iu^^eAlng ^Aon an InzuAobtz aiZmznt thz tctttz g-inZ bofiz 
up with woruizA^ut ^oAtitudz and thz znd cjmz pzacziuZly with hzA mothzA at thz bzdildz, 
whzAz &hz had bzen a constant watckeA f^oA months. 

Vzcza&zd woi thz only daaghteA o^ Ma., and hiAi. J. J. Jonzi and was bofui hzAz nejanZy 
n yzoAS ago. Shz wai o^ a iwzzt, lunntj diipoiltion and newi o^ hzA condition hai> bzzn 
auoaltzd anxlouily by a hoit OjJ tittlz ^Alzndi a& well ai otdzn. membzli oi thz community. 

M^. Jonzi and othzA fieZatlvzi wiiZ oaaIvz tomoKAow mormlng with thz fizmalm and thz 

iunzAaZ wlZt bz held tomoKAow a^tzAnoon at thz family homz at 3 ?^. 

*«««»«»««» Szptesnbz^ 3, 1908 

Thz Infant child o^ Gzo. Eladow poiizd away lait TAlday moAnlng. Thz motheA died 
at thz tunz oi thz tittlz onz'i blnth a (Jew week6 ago and the baby wa& too ^zzbtz to 
6uAvlvz, though tovlng handi did zveAythlng poi&lbtz to pAotong ltd ti^z. 

Thz ^uneAal wa& held SatuAday itZAvlczi bzing conductzd by Uzv. Kunz at thz Gznman 
Ev. ChuAch, and thz Aemalnl> wzaz buAizd bz&ldz thz motheA In thz czmzteAy 6outh o(, town. 

»*«««*»«»» SzptejnbzA TO, 1908 

FuneAol izAvlceJ- oveA thz Aesnalm o^ tittlz JAenz Jonzi wzaz held at thz family homz 
lait Tfilday a^zAnoon. Thz 4>eAvlcz& wzaz conductzd by Rzv. W. A. Whltcomb, and thz ca&kzt 
woi Zoadzd with itonal o^ieAlng-i i^om iofowwlng {^Kizndi, oi thz family. 

Thz icznz wa& a mo6t touching onz and It wa& a ioMxiwlng pAoce^ilon that iotiowzd 
thz KzjnalnJi to thz {final fizitlng ptacz In Hlll&ldz Cesnetzny. Many outdldz Aelativejt^ 
WZAZ In attzndancz. ********** SzptembzA 10, 1908 

New6 haj> bzzn Azczlvzd oi thz death oi Julz F. SwltzeA, who haj, appzoAzd heAz a num- 
bzA oi tlmzi with Thz CAowi thzatAlcal company . Vzcza6zd wa& qultz well known among thz 
local play goeA6 and with othzA membzAi oi thz company had zxtzn&lvz Azal zitate lnteAzi>t& 
nzoA -Ray, thll, 6tatz. ********** SzptzmbeA 17, 1908 

LidgeAWOod....WLi>, M. HaiU> died at thz hospital aiteA a long Ulnzi-i. 

********** SzptejnbeA 24, 1908 

CAzat Bznd....Thz Iniant 6on oi Mn.. and Ma&. ¥Kzd Hlng&t dlzd LoJ^t wzzk. He wai 
2h yzoAi old. Thz fiemaim will be told to fieJtt In thz luthzAan CzmeteAy. 

********* * SzptejnbeA 14, 1908 


f^ooKeXon The. Infant 6on o^ M^. and Ufii. M. HafiKOA dizd ScutuAday. VanzAot AZA- 

wtcei weAc hzZd in the. St. Antlwny'6 ChtxfLck In town Honday. 

«««»««»«»» Oc;tobeA 1, 190S 

The. teji montJU) old 6on o^ M/l. and Hu. Hlkz J. HaiineM. poMtd auiay nofttk o{, town 
tkii wzdi aitzK an litne^i oi ^e.vzAaZ day&. Inttfmtnt oi the >vmaU.Yik took at 
UooKeXon. ********** OctobeA 1, 1908 

Thz titttz ion o^ Wl. and M/i4. Otto Pappz paiizd asmy T>u,day. He was th^zz iizau old. 

Surmz/i complaint woi thz caa&z oi hJii dzath. Thz ^unztal wai hzld Sunday. Thz 6ympathy 

o£ many ifUzndi ii zxtzndzd to thz bzAzavzd paAzntS. 


John HammznLing, Sa, , dizd at thz homz o^ hii 6on, John, in tka> viZlagz, at 10 M 
thii ioKznoon. Vzath wai due. to thz in^OunUizi oi old agz. Vzczaizd ii iuAvivzd by thz 
ion with whom hz hai bzzn making hii homz, and by onz daughtzA, M/t4. FAonk Jaukz, alio 
oi tkii placz. Thz ^uneAol wiZl bz hzld at thz Catholic ChuAch SatuAday mokning at 10 AM. 

********** Octobz^ 1, 190S 


Tfux-vzLing Uan Vizi A^tzA Suddzn HejnoMhagz 

JoAvii G. blfiight, a tAavzting ialziman loK John I/. EaAwzlZ S Co., o^ Chicago, dizd 
in hii fioom at thz CommzAciaZ Hotel yzitzfudaij monning a^tzA iu^zAing ^oi a f^zMi houAi. Hii 
dzath woi duz diAzctly to a hzmoMJiagz, and ii onz o^ thz moit pzculiaA caizi on AzcoAd. 

blfiight oAAivzd in town itlzdnziday moAning and put in thz day at Golditei-n S KulbzAg'i 
itoAz. Hz woi a loAgz man and uiually in thz moit fiobuit health, but duAing thz day hz 
complainzd o^ a bad cold and lookzd jJoA ^Aom wzll. kf^tzA Izaving thz itoKz In thz evzning 
hz puAchoizd iomz quininz capiuZzi. In iwalZowing onz o^ theie thz tao halvzi o^ thz out- 
iidz covzAing o^ thz capiulz izpoAotzd and thz ihoAp edge pznztAatzd thz dzlicatz mzmbfianz 
o{ thz thAoat, AuptuAing a blood vziizl. Hzdical aid wai iuimonzd but littlz could bz donz 
to itaunch thz ^low oi blood and thz un^oAtunatz man paiizd away at an zanly houA in thz 
mofufuj/ig . 

VzcexUtzd woM an Engliihman by biAth, about 45 yzaAi old and had no AzZativzi in thii 
country. Hz wai highly zitzzmzd by thz ^ew with whom hz wai acquaintzd hzAz and UziiAi. 
Golditei-n and KulbeAg, who havz known him {^OA hzoAi, cannot iay enough in hii pAaiiz ai a 
hone>it and flight living man in thz bzit izniz o^ thz teAm. 

Thz Aejmini wzAz takzn to WippeAman'i UndzAtaking Roomi and a AzpAeizntativz o^ thz 
^iAm ^oA whom hz woAkzd ii zxpzctzd tomoAAow to takz choAgz o^ thz ^unzAal which will bz 
heZd heAz SaXuAday, thz deczoizd bzing abiolutzly without AeZativzi in tkii countAy. 

********** OctobzA 8, 1908 



Pa66td fiuiay In Wew lltxlco SatuAday MoKning 
"Tfie.d PkeZpi -U dsMi!" When wond to ihii z{,ie.<it wa6 pcu>6e.d ^Aam month to mouth thno- 
ugh thz commuiiAXy teat SatuAdny thzfit wa6 genacne i>oKfwvo In zvzAij htant. Evtnijonz izLt 
that thz Gfuejat Whltz PZclquz had addtd to iti u^ctuni one. oi natuJtz'i noblzjnzn, a tnan fizi- 
pzctzd and zitzzmzd by zvz'iyonz uUth Mhom hz camz <.n contact. And thzAz uifiz iziti dfuj zyzs 
whzn thz iiOinximjnQ uu.(,z and ^athzAZzi>6 tittZz gixJU wzM. thought o^. 

liloKd camz inom kbuwgonxLo, WM. , two uizzks ago that hz woi Waiting AofUdJiy, and UfU. 
Phztp^ dzpantzd at oncz ion. ki& bzd&Zdz, IzavZng thz duZdxzn wict/i {^fu.znd& hzAz. Shz 
oAfiivzd tkznjz Wzdnziday oi taj>t weeii, and not antit thz doctou Zn^ofunzd thz patxznt that 
hz couZd not tivz did hz gZvz up hopz. Ttiom that tanz on hz 6ajnk itzadJJiy, paiti>lng away 
at an zoJiZjj hoWi SatWiday moAnlng. 

Vzczoizd wa4 34 yzau otd and had bzzn a Kzi>-idznt o^ HankAjiion 4-cnce Januafiy o{, 1901 
whzn hz puJidiaizd thz conizctconzAi/ bas-inzii now conductzd by LUk Eko6. He wa6 in pzA- 
^onat ckaJigz oi thz itofie. untU. hz 6otd out a yzoA. and a haZ^ ago, and lonmzd thz azquaint- 
ancz o{, nzoAZy zvzty fizi-ldznt oi thz cormunZty and ^uAAoundlng counfiy. La&t uxintzA. ki6 
hzaJLtk bzgan to ioAji and an zxamination in Uojj oi thii yzoJi da,cZo6zd thz iact that hz uxla 
/>aiizfiing inam tubzn.cuJio.iii,. On thz advicz oi phy^iclani, hz cZo6zd up hl6 aHaiM oi quick- 
ly 04 poiiiibtz and wznt to Colorado and ZatzA. to Wew Mextco. Thz diizoiz had bzcomz too 
dzzpty izatzd to hopz iox Kzcovz>iy, howzveji, and aitzfi ipznding izvzAoZ. weefei thzfiz hz 
camz homz iox thz lummzfi. Vuning thz tanz hz uiai at homz zvzAything that Loving iAlzndi 
could do Moi donz ioK kii iztizi, and it woi only a month ok 6o ago that hz again Izit iot 
Wew Mexcco, iinm in thz bzZizi that a cuAz would be zHzctzd. Tfu.ejn.di> knew bzttzA, how- 
zvzA., and thz new6 oi hi6 death camz oi no iiuApfiitz. 

Vzczoizd wall manfiizd in 1901 to Hiii Joizphinz Adtian oi Hinneapolii, , who iuAvivzi 

him. ThAzz tittlz daughteAi aAz ali>o Izit iathzAlzi^ ViAginia, agzd iivz; Lillian, 

agzd two and a kali, and VoKothy, agzd ninz monthl>. Thz paAznti oAz aZ&o living, and 

thzAz OAZ iouA bAothzAi, Clydz S. oi thii> placz, onz in Florida, onz in HinnzapoliJ, 

and onz in LitchiieZd, MN. , whzAz thz poAznti Aziidz. 

Vzcea/>zd wai, a membzA oi thz Uoionic oKdzA and alio oi thz local homzitzad oi thz 
Amznican Yzomzn. He caAAizd $2,000 liiz iniuAancz thz latteA ofidzA and $1,000 in a hiai- 
onic Company. 

Thz Kzmaim havz bzzn bnxsught back iAom New to thz old homz in Litchiizld 

whzAz. thz iuneAol wiiZ bz hztd today. Wi. and Wii. C. S. PheXpi, dzpoAtzd lait zvzning 

to bz in attendancz. Bzaatiial ilonaZ tAibutzi havz bzzn ioMwandzd by thz Maiom and 

Yzomzn, and thzAz ii hoAdly a pzAion in thz community but izeZi a diitinct peAional 

loii> in thz dzath oi FAzd Phzlpi. 

,»,«»»»»»* Octobzn n, 1908 

Williz, littZz ion oi Ua. and M^. Cofil Laboda, dizd yzitzAday at thz iamily homz 
noAth oi town. He wai thAzz yzaAi old. Hii dzath woi thz Aziult oi an attack oi boweZ 
tAoublz. Thz iunznal will bz held tomoAAow, izAviczi to bz held in thz Hzthodlit ChuAch 


aX GAzat Bend. •«««**««»» OcXobzA 15, 190S 

Wc44 Anniz VaZzn dlzd at hzA. homz iouXk o^ -town on Sunday o^ lait weefe, a^eA a tin-. 
QZAAJiQ iZJb].eJ>& oi con&umption. Shz uxu 11 yzoMM old. 

Ske. -U ituAvlvzd by ikt mothex, a. 6^teA. and fyoo bfwtkz/n,. Thz iunznaJi wot, hzHd at 
tht Vattzy ChuAck acAo^t^t tht itatz tinz and uxu attzndzd by a Zofigz gathzAlng o^ &ofoww- 
-tng ifa.zndl>. ********** OUobzn. 15, 190S 

ToucJujig In thz exttene wa6 thz ^uneAaZ ieAu-cce cx)nductzd at thz ConQKZQotLonat Chafick 
Sunday a^tzfmon ovzA. thz AejnxAjii o£ thz latz JoAv-ci 6. WAZght, thz fiavzZlng 6aZziman who 
dbizd hzAz 4)uddznZy lait weefe. Thz izfivlcz woi aonduucitzd by Rev, W. A. iilhltcomb and vicu> 
attzndzd by thz tfiavzting mzn who wzAz -in town on that day and by qaitz a numbzA. oi ouA 
cLtizzni. MuiXc was iafuii&hzd by a maZz quoAtettz and zveAything po6&'LbZz donz to 6how 
thz z&tzzm In which thz dzcza&zd woi hzZd by ki6 os^ocoLtei, but thz pathztic izatuAz woi 
thz ab&zncz o^ any fizZativzi a& mouAnzAi. 

Thz dzcza^zd woi a nativz o^ England and alZ hli A-zZajtivzi wztz -en -t/utt countAy. ThAzz 
KvpAzJiZyitajtivz oi John V. TafMzZZ Co., oi Chicago, thz ilfun by which thz dzcza&zd ahd bzzn 
zmpZoyzd, wzAz -in attzndanzz and ipoAzd no zHoht to i>how pfiopzA fiz&pzct ioK thzJji latz 

BzioKz Izavlng town thz Qzntlzmzn Azqujz&tzd thz NEWS to convzy to thz cctmmdtjy thziA 
thanki iofi what had been donz by thz CAM,zzni to a{,iii,t -in a bzi^tting buAiaZ oi thz dz- 
cza&zd, and zipzCyiaZZy to Ue^■i>K6 GotditzZn and KuUDZAt ioA thziA lUndnziA. 

********** OcXobzfL 15, 1908 

Thz iunzAaZ oi thz Iniant ^on oi CoaZ. Laboda, ZivZng nzaA HankZmon, wa& hzZd hzAz 
on ftu-dajj Zait. SzAvZczi> wzAz hzZd at thz lion ChuAch, Rev. Jofin TZdhzA conducting 4,amz. 
GAzat Bend... *********** OctobzA 11, 1908 

?a6AZ6 kjoay SuddznZy at HZi Homz Zn VuZuth 

VuZuth, MW., Oct. 16th FoAmzA GovzAnoK John UiZZzA oi Uolth Dakota dlzd hhohtZy 

aitzn. 8 AM todojy at. hZi homz, 419 Ea^t Szcond StA&tt, oi hzant iaZZuAz. 

Wl. (iitZzA woi onz oi VuZuth'^ ioA.zmoJ)t cltizzni. Hz was a mzjnbzA oi thz BooAd oi 
TAadz oi VuZuth and oi thz Chambzn. oi Commence oi HinnzapolZi and aZway& took a pAomin- 
znt paAt Zn any question oi pubZic ZntzAz&t. Hz woi bonn at Vxydzn, NY., on Oct. 19th, 
1843. Hz 6pznt hZi boyhood on thz ioAm oi hii paAznti, nzaA Vfiydzn and thzn zntzAzd thz 
mzAcantiZz baiZnz&6, KzjmainZng thzAz untiZ 1880. 

Hz thzn moved to Vakota, which was at that timz a tzAAitofiy, and bzcamz ZntzAzitzd 
Zn whzat gwwZng on a laAgz 6caZz. Hz aZ&o zngagzd in thz KzaZ ojttatz boi-cnesi. 

He was zZzctzd to thz Vakota TzAAxXofiZaZ CouncZZ Zn 1888 and Zn 1889 wai zZzctzd thz 
iiAit GovzAnoK oi thz new 4.Cate oi NoAth Vakota. Hz fiziaizd a fiz-eZzction. 

WkiZz Ma.. mZZzfi was, govzAnoA thz LouZ&Zana lottzAy tAizd to gain a ioothold Zn HoA- 
th Vakota but ht oppo^>zd Zt iuccz&^iuZZy. It wai Kziatzd that whzn a iuZtca&z contaZn- 
Zng $100,000 wai takzn to thz zxzcutZvz chambzn. and hz wad toZd thz monzy was hZ& Zi ht 


Mould tzt thz lottthJj -in, thaut he. ihoutzd, "My p/w^ce lit moAe. than that," cut the. iome 
tarn kicking the. tottexy agznt out o^ hli oHlce. In JS96 Wi. HUZeM. move.d to VuZuth 
and hoi Zlvzd heAt zveA ^Ince. that time, beJjig engaged In the gfialn commliilon bw&lnti^. 
He wait pKeJildeJut o^ the John UiLieA GAaln Company. 

Mfi. IWiteA leaver a wl^e and one daaghteA, 16 yeau o^ age. A niece, t-'M. R. W. 
Cha^^ee, aJUo llve^ In tkii> city. 

+ + + + + + + + + + 

Mt. tiitteA. Mat, manager, o^ the bonanza Vuilght ^ajm In this county at the tAjne 0|J hilt 
eZzctlcn oi goveAnoA, and li, weZL known to ouJi plonefi citlzem, aJUi of^ whom teaxn wltJi 
^lnceA£. fije.gfvet oi kilt demlie. He woi In Hanklnion the latteA. pant oi SeptembeA In the 
lnteAe/tt6 o^ the. commi66lon houie idUch bejvu hli name. 

»«««««»««» OctobeA 29, 1908 

The iuneAoZ o^ the Inf^ant ion o^ Mt. and Mw. Jo6. Ho^^man wai> heZd at the Ev. Hon 
ChuAxih on Sunday tait, Rev. John Tl&heA conducting the AeAvlceJi. The child died 0){ itum- ; 
meA conipljaA.nt a^eA. a /thofit llZntiit . ... .Gxejot Bend ExamineA. . . 

The. youngest child o^ Hfu and Ufii>. John GlandeA, about one. yeoA old, died thl6 
week aiteA a buiei lUneMt. ********** 

WUt. NeZit JngvaA6on and tu}0 chUdAen weAe banned to death at Sl66e^n on Wedne^itdaij 
oi loit week by the exploitljon oi a keAo6ene can a&ed to itant a ilne.. The. woman'i body 
wait choAHed almost beyond AccognLtlon and the cJUZdnen weAe. 6a^{t0cated. 

«»«»««»»»« OctobcA 29, 190S 


UichaeZ Laboda, a ploneeA 6ettleA o^ tkii pant o^ the country, committed suicide 
at the home oi Wii>. Hittag on the 6outJi ilde la&t fnlday night by dnlnklng a potion oi 
4ttAychnlne and whlltkey, dying wlMun a ieui minuter aitsA taking the polbon. 

Laboda walked In ihjom the count/iy and ipent molt oi the aiteAnoon aileep In the tMttag 
home.. In the evening M^. HiXtag went down town to geX. lomeihlng ion. heA gue^t'6 iuppeA. 
He Aemanked beioKe ihe that hz would be gone when 6he Aetunned, but 6he though Little 
oi the matteA. It li iuppo&ed that oi ioon oi he wai leit alone In the houie he mixed 
and dnank the itnychnlne and whl&kzy, and when Hu. Hittag AetuAned he wai lying on the 
ilooA unconitcioait. Medical old wait summoned but he died a iew minuter lateA. 

Vecea&ed wait an eoAly izttleA but ioA iome. time, with hli wlie, he hoi made hilt home 
with a ion, Choi,. Laboda, In GAzendate Town&hlp. He hoi tiuo otheA 6on6 Abiding neoA 
GAeat Bend, and ilve daaghteAi aZio iuAvlve him. 

Thz iuneAal wait held SatuAday at GAeat Bend, Rev. FliheA conducting the ieAvlcei. 

«««»««»««» NovembcA 5, 190S 

GAzat Bend ExamineA The cctczeni weAe ihocked on Sunday lait oveA the Aepont 

that: M^. Laboda had committed iulcide by taking polion. He wait 66 yearn old and leaver 
a widow, thxee. ioni, and tioo daaghteAl, to mouAn kii death. The Aesnalni weAe laid to 


Kz&t In tht Guzcut Bend CemeieAt/, V.zv, John TZ&heA conducting tkz 6eJi\!lc<U>. 

««»»»«»*«« UovQjnboJi 5, 190& 

Old timeM uUZZ fizmambtfi ihz Ozch&nzn ^amiZy who Kt^ldtd -in Haniun&on up to about 
tzn yeMJL& ago, Newi woi ^czlvzd thl& uizzk oi a teJiAlblz accidtnt that bzioJit Lutu, a 
14 yzofi old daughtz^, on Oct. 3Ut. Thz motkzA mu, KzndzAlng land at about 11 o'clock 
AM and a dUh oi iat caught (fOiz; thz tittlz giM. plckzd It up and nan outdoofL&, thz 
banning gfiza^z ipattzntng ovzn. hzK clothing and &hz wa6 6o badly buAnzd that dzath zn- 
iuzd 14 hou/U latzA.. Thz motkzn. and a thAzz yzan. old ion vozAZ aZbo badly buAnzd but 
will A.ZCOVZA. though thz motkzn. lit in a izAi-oui condition. 

Thz iatkzfi ionmzAhj conducted thz hoAdwaM. bu&lnzii novo ownzd by John Gnzzn and 
thz vlctin 0|5 -Cfte ^ataZ accidznt vxu boAn hzfuz. Thz family movzd (Aom hznz to Wahpzton 
and about tz-n yzaJH ago movzd inom thzAz to VoKt fiJithvA, TX. , whzfLZ thz accidznt occu/uizd. 

«»»«««»«»« Novzmbzn. 12, 190S 

A mzJi^agz woi Kzczlvzd hzAz SatuAday announcying thz dzath o^ thz agzd motkzA o^ thz 
JonzM bnotkzM at thz old homz in Nzznah, Wl. Vzczoizd uxu, 6S yzaU o^ agz and hzA dzath 
wai> thz xz&ult 0^ pnzumonla. Tzn cKiZd^zn iuAvivz hzJi, &ix oi whom xz&idz in tkii> iitatz; 
John R., J. J. and Evan M., o^ thi& placz. Van R. o^ Wahpzton; V.J. o^ Vofman-, and Ben 
oi KzmaZ. 

Two ioni and tvoo dojughtzM Az&idz in Nzznah, and thz zntiM. {amily attzndzd thz 
iunzhal which waz hzld Monday a^zAnoon at 2 PM. Vzcza6zd wai, onz o^ thz pionzzn. >isj>L- 
denti oi Nzznah. HzA hu&band dizd about two yzau ago. A moxz zxtzndzd obituaAy wiJLl 
bz publishzd nzxt wzzk. 

««,,«»»««« NovzjnbzA 12, 190S 

Whilz W. S. AndAzjM wai in town tkii wzzk hz iupzntntzndzd thz hejnoval oi thz fiz- 
maini oi thz latz C. H. JunkzA, hii bAothzA-in-law, and annangzd to havz tkzm ihtppzd 
to thz pAziznt homz oi tliz widow in EllicottviJLie., NV. 

Vzczaizd wa& iupzAintzndznt oi thz Kzyitonz iaAin iox izvzjml yzaju, and wai among 
thz bzit known oi thz old Ajziidznti In thii izction. In 1S98 thz iamily movzd to BaA- 
fiztt, Va., whzAz Wl. JunkzA dizd about izvzn yzoAi ago, ihontty aitzA Kztunning ihom a 
flip to Japan. Thz iunzAol wai hzld hzM., intzfmznt bzing madz in thz czmztzAy zoit 
oi town. ShoHtly aitzA, thz widow and iamiZy KztuAnzd to thzJUi old homz in Nzio Vonh itatz. 

««»,«»«»«» NouemfacA 12, 1908 

Hoiy, thz thintzzn yzax old daughtzA oi Wi. and UfU>. Guitai Lznz, dizd at thz 
iamily homz in Elma Tuziday moKyiing oi diphtheJiitic ioAz thjioat. Thz dzath oi thz 
littlz giAl, who livzd hzA znt/Jiz liiz in thli pant oi thz county, comzi oi a gfizat 
ihock to thz many iAizndi oi thz iamily, and all unitz in zxtznding iympathy. Owing 
to thz contagioui natuKz oi thz diizoiz, thz iunznal, which will bz hzld today, will 
bz pfiivatz, and thz homz hoi fceen quaAontinzd to guoAd againit iXi ipKzad. 

»«««<»«»«« NovzmbzA 12, 1908 



Mti. Hdfi/iieX Jonz&, KdUct oi thz latz Evan Jont&, dle.d tivU mofuUng aX 7 Af>{ cut 
heA home, on ChuAck itAzzt. Peceoied wcu, boKn ^n Uonjtk WaZzi -in 1840, and camz to AmeA.- 
i.cA when a younQ qVUL, iztttiriQ mXh keA poAznti) In Um Vofik itatz. 

Shz iMJ> moA/iizd and camz to Nzznah 4,omz ^^ yzaA6 ago and hoi Azii-dzd at thz iomz 
homz zvzA i-incz. Shz uxu> a \und motkz>i, tuiiilnQ a ZoAgz ^amiZy, aZuiayi, iollcAXoLU, ion. 
tkzjn, and zvzn taZiiing o{, thzm to thz end which camz a^tz^ a titio weefe'4 WLnzkh. 

Shz woA an active chwich voonkzA loK thz old liizJUh ChuAch untiZ It wa4 abandonzd 
whzn 6hz jolnzd thz TAZibytzAcan ChuAch. HzA ^Aizndl) wzAz many and uxlZZ mouAn thz toi>^ 
oi a noblz woman. Thz 4,uAvlvlng chlZdAzn oAz; John R. , Evan M. , and Jonaxiab Jonei o^ 
Hanklnion, NV.; David o^ Fonman, NV.; Van oi WahpztonjNV.; Bzn oi Kzn&aZ, tW.; WltUam, 
RobzfU, EtLzn and KathAyn oi Nzznah. Nzznah, WI., Tlmzi... 

««««««»»»• NovzmbzfL 19, 190S 

EZma.. . . .V . H. Stinz, a ion-ln-taw oi Wi. and Uu. C. E. StewaAt oi EJbna, dLizd at 
LidgzAwood but mofming. VzczaJtzd uoa6 ^tAickzn mJh. paAaZij&lt, &zvzfiaJi wzzki> ago 
and nzvzA xzcovzAzd. He was one oi Lidgz>iwood'6 pAcmlnznt cctczen6 and among thz plonzznj> 
oi thU 6zction. A uoiiz and tuio chCLdAzn aAz tzit to moafin hl& loii>. 

«»««««»»«« NovznhzA 19, 1908 

UfLi. Et&Zz ChAutinz NZzl&zn paiizd aiaay at thz Han& PzXzMon homz in GKzzndaZz la&t 
Tfiidaij aitzA a tingzAing lZtnzi>6. Shz had bzzn a patiznt iuHzAzt ifiom canczt oi thz ito- 
mach and oJUL that loving handi, couZd do wa& donz to prolong hzA lliz. 

Vzczaizd uxLi bonn In Vznmvik on ¥zb. 20th, 1871, and camz to AmzAica In 1907 vxith hzA 
husband, ZocjOtcng In GKzzndalz. ToK iomz tanz pa&t thzy havz madz thzlA homz (tilth thz 
PzteAion iamiZy. A & ha&band and thAzz daughtzu, thz lattzt agzd 16, 14 and 6 
^.zipzcXlvzty, aAz tzit to mouAn hzA ZjO&&. Thz iunzAot ccoA heZd Fnlday, 4>zAvlczi> bzing con- 
duuctzd by Rev. Book, and thz Kejnalni> wzAz laid to fiz&t In thz Gxzzndalz Czmztzny. 

Thz iamLiy thJiowgh thz NziM mj,h to zxtznd hzafitiztt thanks iofi thz k^ndnzii oi nzlgh- 
bofU> and iAlzndi, duAlng thzOi tanz oi ^oAfiow. E&pzclally do thzy uxi&h to thank Rev. Book 
ioA hll, klndnzi>4, duAlng thz pait izw wzzki. 

»«•«»««* «» NovzmbzA 26, 1908 

Rev. H. E. WalkzA l& 6ZAioul,ly III. Sho fitly aitzt xztufinlng ifiom Cayuga, whzfLZ hz 
conductzd izAvlczi Sunday, hz wa4 takzn with an attack oi hiccoughs which thz doctofiS havz 
60 iafi bzzn unablz to ovzficomz. TfUznds anxiously aualt news oi his condition. 

+ ++++++++ + NovzmbzA 26, 1908 

Wzdnzsday moaning 6oon aitzA sunAisz thz iplAit oi ELdzA WalkzA took lt6 illght. At 
9 AM oi ThuAsday molnlng a iunzfuxl hzAvlcz woA hzZd. at thz CongfLzgatlonal ChuAch. AddAzsi- 
zs WZAZ madz by Rev. W. A. Whltcomb, local pastoK and by Rev. G. J. Vowztt, thz SupzAintznd- 
znt oi Congfizgatlonal Homz Uis^lons In Nonth Dakota. Thz ilASt addAzsh was In thz ionm oi 


peJiionaZ fLzmlyuJtcence^. Tkz i>zcond vicu> the. izAsnon pAopeA ^Kom thz. tzxt " T have, fought 
the. good ^Ight. I havz the. ioUXk." A tnnge. attendancz at thz ieJivi-ze and the. beaa- 

ti^uZ itonal> gave, zvldencz o^ the. high e^tzem In which EZdzA WcuUieA ( a. io kii 

neoA. iAA,znd& Zovzd to caZi kirn) wo* heZd Zn thz town whzAz hz had {oA many yzau bzzn an 
honoAzd citlzzn. SzveAoZ wzAz p/veMent £Aom Cayuga and HutZand AzpAzizntlng thz CongAzgat- 
lonat CkuAche^ o^ whZch hz had bzzn pcL&toA up to kii death. 

Thz Azmaini weAz then taken by tAaln to Wei^ ConcoAd, MW. , whzAz hz tivzd ioA many 
Zong yzoAi, thzAz to Ae^t bz6ldz hXM uxi^z who dizd 6omz thcAtzen yeaAi, ago. EZdzA WaZkzA'i 
AJUnej>6 wa& ^hoAt. Sunday bz^oAe. la&t hz pAzadizd as a&uat In Cayuga and Uutland. bJhen 
hz Azachzd Hankinion nzat midnight that night hz wa& 6o HZ that hz acczptzd aid ^Aom a 

nzlghboA to get homz. A stow paAoZi/sls camz ovzA him and hz gnaduaZZy k asfiay. OnZy 

£oA a 4,hoAt tlmz was his mind cZzaA, and -tfcoug/i hz szemzd to Azcognlxz piZends ioA a ^eu) 
dayi, thz La^t cZzax gleams oi cxitiscAjou^neMS had gone bzioAe. thz wzek wom out. His only 

4,on, WaZkeA., camz ^Aom fiZbzAta SatuAday but too Zatz to have wofuis ^Aom kis ^athzA. 

Hks. u tt also had come ^Aom ^e^t ConcoAd, MW. , and M^. WkilZis L idgzAwood. Hks. 

Spottzn and Uu . KasZow thz otheA daughters llvz hzAz, thus thz family wzAz togethzA except 
Has. RickzAt. [EZdeA WaZkeA's szcond child] who dlzd a yzan. ago last suimzA. 

EldzA WaZkeA was 71 yzas old on thz 13th oi last July. Hz was bo An In Ohio. 0.'hzn hz 

came. , at about thz tlmz he. camz o^ , hz tivzd a shoAt time In Wisconsin, was 

moAAlzd theAz and kis ^lut child was bo An thzAz. Hz then moved to Wei^ Concohd, MW. [oa 
that Immzdlatz Azglon) and contlnuzd to tlvz theAz until about seven yzoAS ago when he: 
ioZZowzd kis son to Hanklnson. Soon a^zA hz moved ^Aom Wisconsin to Hinneaota, and when 
about Z5 yeoAS o^ agz, hz was conveAtzd, and almost at oncz began pAzachlng In thz Wzslzyan 
tAeXhodlst ChuAch, the chuAch with which he became connected at conveAslon. He has pfvzached 
almost contlnuoasty (^m that day to this. ToA many yeoAS he engaged In evangelistic wonk. 
AZso ^oA many yeoAS he was State Evangelist with the Westeyans. . o^^cz coAAespondlng 
somewhat to thz oi{^ce o^ the ?Aesldlng EldzA In the M. E. ChuAch. When he came to HoKth 
Dakota he ^ound that the Westeyans wzAe not extensively oAganlzed In this state, but he 
soon was pAessed Into seAvlce with the CongAjegatlonaZists , and dunlng the last thAze yeoAS 
has held a continuous pastoAote at Rutland and lateA at Cayuga. 

His mind was useful and active aZsmjjS. He wojs an oAdent PAohlbltlonlst, but lelt a 
bAoad InteAest In all poAtles. With his wl^e he had established a home In Hanklnson. He 
had moAAled again af^eA the lapse oi some nine yeaAS {Aom the death o^ his ^iASt wi^z. 
ThexA InteAest In local matteAS was stAong and EldeA WalkeA's death Is widely ieZt thAough- 
out the comrrdinlXy. ********** Vecemben. 3, 190i 


James Shannon, Soo agent at Nashua, shot kimszlfi thAough the heaAt last ThuAsday moAn- 
Ing., death being Instantaneous. He had been speculating In wheat options with the comp- 
any's money and a shoAtage o^ about $1,000 was the cause o^ his seZi destAuctlon. 

Shannon was ^onmeAZy agent at HantadoK and was also hetpzA at FalAmount at one time. 
He was 22 yeoAS old and leaves a wl{^e oi seventeen In a delicate, condition. 

The day be{,oAe he suicided was spent In wlAting tetZeJis to his wlf^e and helpeA. In 


tha>z Z^XteAi hz gave, minutz doizctiom cu, to ku buJiial and gavz the. ihofiXage ca thz 
cjuii>z oi Ifvii, wrUempZatzd death. At the 6uppeA table he talked coAunZlq uiUh iKiendi> oi 
to the exact location o^ the huimn heant. In the mofming an age/it 0|{ the bond company 
appealed In the dzpot and knocked ioK admission to the agent' 6 apantmenti. Shannon replied 
"all flight, In a minute," stepped out oi ilght, and a moment lateA the nepoht oi the Kevol- 
ven. Aong out and he ieU. to the iloofi dead. 

»««»»»»««« VecejnbeJi 10, 190S 

MooAzton The infant child o^ M^. and Mx&. MbeAt Knappke died Tu&^daij. Tunefml 

6tA.vlcz& uJZAe heZd at the St. Anthony' 6 ChuAch on Uednt&day. 

«««*»•««,, Vzcejnbzn. 10, 190i 

M/t4. KatheAlnz WagneA., an aged Ke^ldent o^ HobeMts County, died at the home oi hefi 
ion, W. J. itlagnex, neon. Vennon la6t Satafiday moAning. Vecexued woi the mo then, oi Wn.. A. 
HeAding oi GKeendaZe. The. iuneAol waa heZd Tuesday, Rev. Jo4. F. Studnicka conducting 
thz &eA\!lce^ ********** VzcembeA 10, 1908 


Ma^. Su&anna Lenzen died at heA. home In t^ofieton Monday mofming aitzA. an lllnzi>6 
covzAlng a peAtod oi about thfiez yzoAi. Vzceoizd was 69 yeofii old and had bzzn ialllng 
itzo-dily ioA Aome time poit, 4o thz end woi not unzxpectzd. 

Vzczoizd woi the mothzfi oi zlzven cklldfizn, ten oi whom an.z living ... .TzteA. Lznzen 
Hfi6. UoAy Mc Ikunuub, Wii>. Cafifviz CheAnlck, Leo Lenzen, HenAy Lenzen, Louti Lenzzn, Mw. 
Suion Luzpkz, Mw. Anna EaicheA, tAfU>. Kate Ba&ckeA, and HfU,. Lizzie Hayden. One daagh- 
tzfL, the late. t^. CloAa WebeA li dead. Thz huiband dlzd neaAly twenty yeofii ago. 

Vzczoizd woi held In high ziteesn and had a numbzA oi dcqualntanczi In Hanklnion 
uihzAz ihz hoi madz iAzquznt vl&lti to hzA chlldxen. She woi a woman oi many noble quaZ- 
Itizi and hzA dzath l6 mouAnzd whzfieveA ihz woi knovon, 

Thz iunzAoZ. woi hzld at Hoofizton at 10 o' clock Wednesday mofming. 

********** Veczjnbzfi 17, 190S 

UantadoA Atw. ElzgeZ, onz oi thz zoAly iettlzAi nzafi BoAnzy, dlzd at Mantadofi 

Sunday zvening, wheAe. ihz had Azildzd with heA huiband iofi about a yeoA. 

********** VzczjnbzA 21, 1908 

Ma4. BlzgeZ dlzd at heA home In tfantadoA Sunday night oi thz InilAmltizi oi old age. 
Vzczoizd li iuAvlvzd by heA huiband, and Joi. Zlegzl, a ion, who Itvzi at BaAnzy. 

********** VzczmbeA 24, 1908 

Thz Iniant child oi hift. and Uu. Choi. HoUman dlzd h^onday zvening oi itomach tno- 
ublz aitzA an lllneii oi a couplz oi dayi. Thz poAznti havz thz iympathy oi all In thz 
loii oi thelA littlz onz. ********** VzczmbzA 24, 1908 



Rev. R. L. VoaghzAty, the. CongAe.gatlonaZ Pa&tofi cut Eachanan, and aZio Cong^gcuUonaZ 
puJLplt 6apply cut BafuUz, ZLchlcLnd County, committdd at about 7 AM Sundaif moKning. 
by cutting hlb tlnJwat iljom zafi to zoA uUXh a nazoK. 

In a. nott which, vxu, ^ound uUth the. body, addnej>i>td to ku icuthoA and bfwtheA, Voagh- 
eAty itated that tkz act woa the KeMuJLt oi a neAvoai cottap^e. 

A second note which wcu, £ound tatzA. showed that he had Intended to end hU> tiie on 
WedneAday, the llfid, but that ku neAve had galled him at that tone. 

A^teM. cutting hit, thAcat VoagheAty heZd a bucket betueen hi& kneeJ> and caught the 
bZjood In It untii he lo&t coni)Cloai>nzi>& when he evidently toppled oven, and the blood woi 
iplxuihed oveA the Koom. 

The cuct woi aomnitted In VougheAty'i fwom In the fveaJi oi the Buchanan Statz Bank. 
?fu.end& o{t thz un^oAtunatz man, K. A. Buchanan and F. H. KzeZzn., aZafmzd bzcaasz hz had 
not itoAted loK BclmIz, wheJuz hz was ichzduZzd to pizach In the mofinlng, bnokz In thz 
doox about S AM and ^ound thz body which waJL alAzady cold. 

Vougktznty woi 10 yeau old and It, iuAvlvzd by kii ^athzA, who llveJ> In Kani>a& City, 
KS., and a bkotheA who llvzi at Kan&aj, City. 

«»«»»««««« VecembeK 31, 1908 

H. J. BzckeA woi 6ujmonzd to the bzds,ldz o{, hid dying {icuthzn. at Wdtklm,, MM., ChAlit- 
moj, Vay, and thz end come Sunday evening. Vzcea&ed was a plonezn. Azildent o^ that loc- 
aLity and hzld In high zitzzm. 

««»«««»,«« VzcembzA 31, 190S 


7 9 9 


Rei/cden^ of^ cUZ pcvUi o^ ihz county vozAz 6hockzd uihen mim cairn lent ThuAidcuf that 
Vol VoKn oi Wakpzton had &hot iujn&eJLi and MoaZd pfiobably dlz. Thz end came, at 7:50 PM the 
evening o^ the 6ame day. 

VafUng the eaJiZy mofmlng he uiai in the lobby o^ the City HoteZ at Wahpeton, uihich 
pfLopeAty he owned, and a^teA taUiuig vnith devenjot by6 tandem uxtUied to the tolZet fioom. 
A moment lateA a 6hot Kong oat and when 6eveAaZ by&tande/u fui&hed in he uxu> ^ound fiedHning 
agalndt the imZZ, uxith a buZZet wound in ki& Iz^t iide neaM. the heafit. A smoking Kevotven. 
at lfUJ> ijeet totd the dtanxf. He wa4 removed to a fvoom at once but did not fizgain con6cioud- 

VaZ Vonn woi one 0({ Wakpetjon'd 6uhf,tantiaZ citizeni and woi uoeZl known thAoughout 
the county, nunteAing kLl> ^Alendi in eveAy towmhip. Ton. &ome. time poJit he had bKooded 
oveA imaginoAy tAoubZed and it ih thought he wcw mentaZZy unbaZanced. EoAZy duAing the 
pa&t dummeA he woi pAominentZy mentioned oi a candidate ioi SheAi^^ bat ^naZZy decided not 
to make the. fiace, and duAing the {flZZ cainpaign wai one o^ HeZey'i i>tAongeJ>t iappo^eAi in 
iilahpeton. Ui6 death wai> a gneat &hock to the comnunity and aniveAiaZ dympatky goe^ out to 
thz ioAAowing ^amiZy. ********* jonuo/L./ 7, /909 

J. J. Vevine, Soo fwund hou&e ^oA&man at Wiihek, woi initantZy kiZZed Za^t ffiiday 

mofuiing wkiZe making a coupZing. He. wa6 caught between two coAi and kii head cAu^hed. He 

Ze/iveJi a wi{^e and ^amiZy, the ZattjeA having poiied thAoagh heAe only the ione pa/it o^ Za&t 

week to make heA home, at Wii,hek. ********** 

JanuoAy 7, 1909 

The CongfiegationaZ paitox woi 6uinmoned by Zong di&tance phone to take chaAge o^ a 
^uneAoZ in Havana Wednesday. Utj,. UoAgoAzt Hanion o^ that viZZge died Monday. Vecea4>ed 
had tived ^ox 79 yeoAi in Havana at the homz o^ heA daaghteA, M^. Emma MeZion. Rev. l6aac 
0)5 LidgeAwood, theiA paitoA, had been oiked to taJie choAge, bat owing to Aicknz&.& in the 
ZatteA'6 (^amiZy he wa& unabZe to Zdjavz. 

********* * JanuoAy 14, 1909 

T. H. PeeveA, one o^ Si&6eton'6 pioneeA bu^ineMi men, died Za&t week af^eA a 6hoAt 
iZlne^6. He 4>ettZed in SiM>eton at tkz time tkz Ae^eAvation wad opened to de^ttZement and 
wa6 po6tntU)teA undeA the CZeveZand adminLitAation and the clty'd ^iAit mayoA. 

********** JanuoAy 14, 1909 

The aged motheA o^ M^. CoaZ OJaLZman o^ BAiglitwood died Monday manning a^teA an 

iZZneAd 0(5 ieveAoZ dayi. She had made heA home with the WaZZman iamiZy ^OA a Zong time. 

The ianeAoZ wlZZ be held thii a^teAnoon. 

********** JanuoAy 14, 1909 


Two VoXeJumi) oi the. Clv-LZ filoA havt aniuieJizd the. loAt >wlt caZZ in Zichland County 
u.ncz thz ^lut oiJ the yejifi. Thzy ate Gzoxge. Vemofuvj aind ChaHteJ> Maa£e4. The.y weAe both . 
plonzeA. fi£^ldenti> ol the. itatz, coming to tKa> ie.cXA.on In the i>zventLeJ>, and wzAZ mznbeAM 
o{^ Michigan volante.eA fLzgimznti duAing the. uioA. 

********** JanuoAxf 14, 1909 

Vfuig CleAk ShaUl^ OU ^-^ i^^ Polion Route. 

HznAy W. KLeAjn, a. dJmg cteAk employed by Ge.oKge. itlVitznbeAgeA at LidgeJiMood, commiXtzd 
^loLcldz by toting poiion SatuAxiay. Hz went to kii Koom at thz MeAcSianti HoteJi at noon and 
immzdiatzly theAza^tzA caZtzd {^ofi a. doctoK to whom hz &tatzd that hz had bzen dnugzd and 
Ajobbzd. Hz Za.p6zd -into uncomcioal>nzi>6 uaithout making ^uAthzt zxpZanatlon. Thz fioom woi in 
a diiiiOKdeAzd condction and tt -it, thought hz had bzcomz mzantaZty unbaZanczd thtough thz u&z 
0^ d/uigi. 

LittZz uxu known o^ thz dzcza&zd oi hz had bzzn Zn LidgeAWood onty about a wzek. Hz 
wa& 36 yzafiM old. A iza/vck o^ kii bztongZngi fizvzaZjzd ceAti^catz& oi dzpo&lt to thz amount 
0^ $1800. Hz was, unmaruUzd. 

M. A. WZppeAman went omzA to LidgeJtwood Monday and embalmed thz body ^oA. ihlprnznt 
to UaMA.on, lA. ********** fzbnmAy 4, 1909 


Otz J. HoagZund, whoiz homz Ld ^^tzen mitz& 6outh o^ hexz, died at thz SuJzdiih 
Hospital in UinneapotO) Tuzsday. Hz woi taken to thz hospital zightzzn days ago and undeA- 
wznt an operation {^on. tubzAculoA mzningitis. Hz szemzd to bz doing nicely until within a 
(Jew hou/ii 0)5 thz end, wrfien hz sank fiapidly until dzath came. 

Vzcza&zd was 27 yeau, 8 months and 25 days old and is suJivivzd by a wi^z and thtzz 
small cKildn.zn. L. J. Wallst/iom fvetuAnzd this moaning ^Kom Hinnzapolis with thz fizmains 
and thz £uneAal szAviczs wilZ bz held Sunday at thz LutheAan ChuAch in Ei{/.ngton. 

********** FzbAuoAy 4, 1909 

Wis. LauAa Andrews Hhodzs, a talented singeJi o^ Sisszton, who appzoAzd in conceAt 
hzAZ a couplz oi yeoAS ago, dizd at heA homz in Sisszton last wzek. 

********** FzbAUjOAy 4, 1909 

Wofid was Azceivzd iiom J. F. Holtgzn thz ^iASt o^ thz weefe stating that his sisteA, 

to whosz bzdsidz at Cando, WO., hz was callzd last wzzk, had passzd avoay. Wis. Hozltgzn 
Iz^t Monday night to attend the ^uneAol. 

********** VzbmoAy 4, 1909 

AiteA months o^ patient saHzAlng M^. knna A. Shipz, beloved wi^z o^ G. E. Shipz, 
passzd to thz otheA wonZd Sunday zvzning, Feb. 7th, at 8:25 PM. 

Vzczaszd was a vuxtivz o^ lU.nnzsota and was 35 yzaAS old. Shz was a daughteA o^ Un. 
and Mas. PeteA Stz^es, pionzzA szttleAS neoA Wahpeton, and was maAAizd to G. E. Shipz on 
Oct. 25th, 1898. O^ this union ^ivz childAzn weAz boAn, ^ouA o^ whom saAvivz the mother... 

thAzz boys and onz ginl. 


She. wa6 a.{,{itLdzd imMi canceA. and undtnwznt an opejuvtion at hU-nnzapotu, toit iaZJi. 
EveAytking poi6^lz uxl6 donz to cAecfe tkz pfwgn.eA6 0({ the dcAeoie bat to no ava^X. Shz 
bofiz heA 4uiJi{eAtng4 bAxLvtly and poi&zd au)ay pzazziatly in tkz p^£4ence OiJ tkz ionAoMlng 

Fun&nal ^eJiviczi uozfiz hzid at thz Cathotia Chivick Wzdnz&daif manning and wzaz attzndzd 
by many ^oMowlng ^nA.znd6. Thz motkzA, thizz bfiothzti and a ilitzn. viztz among tkz motvuizu. 
IntzAmznX. wai> madz in thz CathotLc CzmzteJuj ioatk of, town. 

********** fehnwviy II, 1909 

Thz iympatky o^ a loJigz cJuidiz oi ^/iczndA ii zxtzndzd to Hn. and Hu. Vfind KLingzn. 
in thz lo4>& of thzin. tUXlz boy of 3k yzau, which occuAAzd f^onday mofming following an 
opznation foK appzndicitijt . Thz fuufizAaZ wlZZ be hzZd tJuA aftzAnoon, SzAviczi will be 
conductzd by Rev. KZaa&ZzA at thz Luthznan ChuAch. 

********** VzhfiaoAjj ]&, 1909 

3ohn SzthzA, a foAmzA Kzhiding nzoA Uooizton but well known hzAz, dizd ta/it wzzk 
aftzfi a JUngzAing iUnzM>. ********** VzbAuoAy 25, 1909 

John Sztkzn pod^zd au)ay Vfiiday. Hz had bzzn ailing fon. a numbzA of yzaA(, but hii 
dzath woA unzxpzctzd to all who knew him. Thz KzmaA.n6 wzAz laid to fizit in thz NoAwzgian 
Czmzt&Ay on Tuesday. Thz bzAzavzd family hoi thz sympathy of thz community. 

Uooxzton ********** VzbfmoAy 25, 1909 

...TEN /EARS AGO, Colamn. . . .On Sunday tnofining, MoAck 5th, 1899, tJiz community wai, 
gfizatly shockzd by thz iaddzn dzath of iJ. H. Shipz, onz of thz town' 6 Izading bu£inz6i mzn 
and a mzmbzA of thz fOim of WippzAman S Shipz. Vzczaszd, in company with J. J. Jonzi), zit- 
abllihzd thz Richland RoZZzA UiZJU in 1S90. At thz timz of kis dzath thz famiZy had occupy- 
izd but a few montki> thzAA fine homz which lateA wait bought by E. L. Kinnzy. 

********** ^^^ 4^ J9(jg 

"Onz AAmzd Jim," 6appo6zd to be thz oldest Indian on thz fizszAvation, dizd la&t wzek 
at UoAlow. Thz wniteA KejnzmbzAS "Jisif' as an old man 14 yesvUi ago, when hz aizd to go f^m 
toMn. to touin aitking almi on thz itAzngth of a ceAtificatz ffwm an oAmy officzA that hz had 
bzzn a fAiznd of thz whiter when hit, fLzd&kin bfiothzAi wzAz on thz waApath. 

He wai a govzAnmznt scout foK szvzAoJi yzsxfUi and lost an anm in a skuAmi&h, hzncz his 

nicknamz. He was probably not fax ffuom 100 yzoAS old at thz timz of his dzath, 

********** l^j^j^^ jj^ ,909 

M^. and fAu. C. Lisk wznt to TaiAmount Tuz^sday to attznd thz funzAol of a 17 yzoA old 

son of Wi. and Wis. C. A. Gallup of Wahpzton who dizd Fniday of znlaAgzmznt of thz splzzn. 

Thz case was a vzAy rioAz onz in mzdicjot annals. 

********** H(^^ jg^ J9Q9 

Killian JazgzA dizd at his homz on thz nonth sidz of town last Friday zvzning of con- 
sumption aftzA szvzAol months of suffzAing. 

Vzczaszd was 43 yzau old and has bzzn a Kz^idznt of Hankinson fox szvznal yzoAS. He 


tzoMZit OL MU.|Je and (Jive chitd/Lzn. The. ^uneAoZ Mca hzZd Honday moiricng, 6eAv-LCU beAJig con- 
ducXzd at tkz Cktkotic ChwicJi. 

Tonif SchumakeA, a pKomuiznt laAmzn. o^ Hinn&ioia. TcMmhlp, died Za&t Thu/iiday ^Axim 
canceM. o^ the Atomack. Hz had bzzn oaJUjiq f^on. a long timz but h^ii condition did not bzcomz 
6e/u.oai until about i-ix vizeklt ago. Vzce/tizd woi about 40 geafU, otd and tzavzi> a m.^z and 
£ouA ckiZdfizn. The ^uneAaZ wa4 hzZd at Lldgzfwoood Taz&dacf. 

EA.z6tin BuAvzz, a uiztZ knoam fie^-idznt o^ tkz Sonafia. neA-ghboftkood, dizd at tkz homz 
0)5 hl& 4)0n, F. E. Bufivzz, yziteAday o£ compticjation& Zncldznt to old age. Vzcza&zd woi 
76 yeoAJi old and hm madz hAJ> homz ioK tkz past ^^tzzn yzoAA vxitk kU son. Thz othzA ckitd- 
A.zn ate dauughtzfUt ^zilding -tn Wew Voa/j itatz. Thz ^unzAol vxill 6e held tomonxow, seA\)tc.zi> 
to be hzld at tkz homz. , ««»»««»«« UaAck 25 J909 

P. W. Goggln KeXufinzd thli moaning ^ftom Bataboo, WT., wheAz hz viznt to attznd thz 
^uneAjoZ 0^ kl6 bKotkeA'i vnif^z uko dizd suddznty last SatuJiday. 

Gladys, danghtzt oi Wi. and Wis. Hzls Osbzy OjJ QfizendaZz, dizd zanty Monday moHnlng 
0)J quAxk zonsumptijon. Thz tittZz gVil woi six yzoAS and ^{ftzzn duoys old and hzn. untimzly 
dzath cast a gloom oveA. thz zntiAZ nzighbonkood wheAz shz Mas bzlovzd by all. Thz ^uneAol 
u)as hzld Wzdnzsday. Thz stnicken family havz tkz sympatky o^ aJil in tkzZn. beAzavement. 

********** ^p,^ 5^ jg^jg 

HzaJvt TaiZuAz Claims John LieAmann o^ ^^antado^ as a Victim 

Knotkzn. Tiickland County pionzzA passzd suddznly {^ tkz scenz o^ zoAtkly things last 
fKidatj moKning at 10:30 AM oohen John LieAmann o^ Mantado^ dizd o^ hzoAt ^aiZuAz a^tzA an 
iZlnzss 0^ but a £ei/0 houAS. Vzczaszd was 75 yeans, taa months and {^fgtzen days old and had 
bzzn su^{izning ^fiom thz iZls o^ old agz iofi somz timz, but thz Sudden end uias not zxpzctzd. 

Vzczaszd Mas a nativz o^ GzAmany but camz to this countAy wltii his ^amiZy in H82... 
nzoAly 27 yexins ago... and locatzd in what is now Bzt^oftd Township, being among thz pionzeAS 
oi thi^ szction. Thztz hz resided up to thz timz o^ hZs dzath, but ^o^i somz timz had madz 
his homz with his son Chas. lieAxnan. His wi^z dizd about a yzoA ago, and brooding ovzA tkz 
loss o{i his liiz matz doubtlzis hastzned his dzath. Hz was a good spzcimzn o^ thz stuAdy 
manhood that accomplished so muck in thz zanly dzvelopmznt o^ this pant o^ thz countAy. 

A vzteAan o{^ thAzz o^ thz GeAman waAS, hz was inatzd to thz haAdships that aAz paAt 
0^ pionzzA li^z and his steAiing honesty and high sense 0(J peASonat honoK gainzd {^ol him 
tkz Kzspzct and estezm o^ his nzighbons. 

Hz is suAvivzd by six. childnzn, ^ouA o^ whom fizsidz in this viciniXy. Chas. LieAmann, 

hifis. Wm. NehmeA and Wis. Chas. Knausz oi Hantadon.; Wis. H. A. Abn o^ Hanfiinson; Wu>. A. 


BzAnoAd o{, Cold Spilng, MM., and M^. Wm. KAauiz o£ We.b6teA., SV. TheAz oaz 41 gnxmdckUid- 

Kzn (uid thfiZQ. gn.zat-gfiandckU.dAzn. 

Tkz iunzfuxl Ma^ hzld Monday and thz St. John' & ChuAck on thz WU.d TlLcz nonth oi town 

woA cAovodzd uxLth 60fifwwlng {/viznd& voho paid thzOi .but tnlbatz o£ Az&pzct to thzln. dzpoAt- 

zd nzlghbofi. Thz ieAv-ccei wzAz conducitzd by Rev. HAJLgzndoxf^ and thz KzmalrK, mzaz laid to 

fiz&t bz&ldz tho^z 0(5 thz dzpantzd tacije In tkz czmztzny nzoA thz ckuAck. 

********** ^p^j^ ,5^ jg09 


At thz fu.pz old agz oi 92 t/eo/Li Wiltiam FoaAntza, ^atkzA o^ HAi. M. Sckuun ojj tha, 
ptacz, pa64ed away la&t ThuAiday at hlii homz -in Edzn VaZLzy, MN. Foa many months hz had 
bzzn hzZpZzi4> and thz znd had bzzn zxpzctzd at any tlmz. 

He wa4 bonn ^n Canada tn 1S17 whzAz hz tivzd untiZ thz agz o^ 10, whzn hz camz to thz 
iitatzi, hli iiAit Az&'idznzz bzlng Zn Mainz wtfieAe hz Monkzd Zn thz gAzat uioodi. HXi nzxt 
movz wa^ to St. Paul and St. Anthony, whzAz hz Monkzd on thz filvzA Zn iuimzA and -in thz 
wood6 in thz uiLntzA timz ioA ^vz yzoAS. He hzZpzd thz latz FathzA Ravoux to takz oat 
plnz log& and ^loat thzm down to St. Vaut to baild St. PauZ'i {flut chuAzh, thz chuAch 
a^tzA which St. Paul dznlvzi iti namz. 

He wa6 TKXAAizd on Apnlt 75, MSI , and 2 yzoAi, ago thz agzd couplz czZzbAatzd thzlfi 

il{fizJk wzddlng onnivzAiaAy. foK 39 yzxifu> a^tzA tkziA moAAlagz thzy tcvzd on a ioAm nzoA 

thz town oi Plymouth, Hznnzpin County, and whzAz i-ix cKULdAzn wzAz boKn to thzm. Thzy 

ZatzA movzd to hU.nnzapoli6 , but 6-ix yzoAi ago movzd to Edzn VaLizy, MM., to makz thziA 

homz with a daxxghtzA, Mw. 3oi>. pfiizdzman. Thz wi^z dizd about a yzoA ago, agzd 7S. 

********** ^p,j^ j5^ 79Q9 

Mc64 lueJita Vozuch pa&izd away at thz hospital thin moKning following an opzAation 
ioA appzndiciti6 . Shz hai, bzzn tzacking Azhool in thz Hozi6 dutAict nofitk oi town and woi 
in a &znlou^ condition whzn brought to thz hospital. Thz opzAotion Azvzatzd thz iazt that 
tkz diMza^z waj> in an advanczd Atagz and littlz hopz was zntzAtainzd oi a azzo\jz>uj. 

Vzczaizd wa6 about IS yzoAi old and hzA paAznti, Aziidz at Lidgznwood to which point 

thz body wa6 takzn tka, aitznnoon. 

********** ^p,,^ ;5_ 1909 

A (shocking accidznt occuAnzd on thz nohtk iidz oi town yzdtzAday aitznnoon which will 
pAobably nziult in thz de.ath oi Katiz, thz tUtlz &ix yzoA old daaghtzA oi M^. and Un.i . 
John Rzichitzld. Thz littlz ginZ wai playing nzoA a Aubbi^h hzap {/Jiz and hzn. clothing 
caught iiAz inom tkz ilamsA. Shz 6cAzamzd and itoAtzd to nun, which iannzd thz blazz all 
thz moAz and by timz oiiiitancz oAAivzd i>hz wai izaAiully buAnzd about thz ahdomzn and limbi. 
Evznytking poi>i,iblz to nztizvz thz littlz giAii'A &u.iizning6 has bzzn donz, but thz buAm 
anz 40 deep that thzAz ii tittZz hopz oi hzn Azcovzny. 

********** ApAil 75, 1909 

Anthony Kubzla, wztl known to many oi tkz old tannAl, oi tka, \jicinity, died at hii 
homz nzan LidgzAwood lait Pniday. Vzcza^zd wai thz pKopnlztoA oi thz iiA&t gznzAal 6tonz 


cut MantadoK and u)a6 cut onz turn a nvmboji o^ thz tocuaZ M. W. A. camp. Thz HBilS ha6 no pa/vt- 
IcuZoAS 0^ kiA dzcutk. ********** Ap^^ ,5^ jg^g 

A tctttz baby woi bonn to Un.. and Ww. Hugo HiXzzZ loit f^onday and dizd thz icmz dmj. 

We AympathLzz uiiXh than In thz to66 o^ thzln. ^lut boAn dilld, 

********** ^p^^ 22, 7909 

WoHd A.zachzd hznz lcu>t Scutu/iday that Mt4. V. Vzzdz pcu,6zd auiay at hzt homz zlght mlZ.zi> 
nonthzai>t o^ GKzat Bznd. M/u and Mw. Vzzdz ate we££ knoim. hzA.z and hzfi dzath -U mouAnzd 
by alt -in tkU izction. Tkz voKLtzn. hcu, not tzannzd thz paAticuZaAi> o^ hzA dzatk. Thz iunzfi- 
aJL woi kzJid Tuesday. ********** 

We xzgfLzt Indzzd to fizpoAt tkz dzath 0(J onz oi oafi bztovzd ^znd& and nzlghbon^. Hu 
PzteM. GLiLii dizd at hzn. homz la^t Vfuiday a^zA a ihont ittnz&i. Shz wa& -in pzA^zct. hzalth 
a ijew houA6 bz^oxz hzA dzath. 

Thz family aj> In gKzcut &okjww ovza. thz lo4>& o^ a dzaA. wt($e and mothzn who wcu, a iliznd 

to zvznjjonz. Thz ^unz/iaZ wcu, kzid {^Kom thz St. Jo6zph ChuAcJi and wcui Za/igzly attzndzd. It ' 

WCU) a i>ofUww{^uJi day and many tzoAi, wztz ihzd omzh. thz paAting o^ thziA tovzd onz. Tkz bz- 

^Lzavzd ^ajnily hcu thz sympathy o^ aZJi In tkzoi £o44. 

********** ^p^^^ 22, J909 

Katce Rzlchstzld, thz titttz itx yzax old gVit who was io badhj bu/mzd lait wzzk, 
pai>6zd away Tnlday monning as a Kziott o^ hzJi InjuAlzA. Thz coiz wcu wzZZ nigh hopzZzi6 
^m tkz ^lut and dzath cxmz as a fuzti^ to thz ^fuiznd i^o wiinesied thz tcttZz onz's 
^u-iieJilngi . Thz {^unznaZ wcu, hztd Sunday, 6zfiv-icz& bzlng condactzd in thz Catkotiz ChuAch 
by Rzv. J. F. Studn^Jika. Thz sympathy o^ thz cormunity ^OK thz 6tAtckzn pcuizntl, can bz but 
izehly zxpAZ66zd In wonjd&. ********** Kp>uJi 22, 1909 

M^, Vzldnidz Vzzdz, wi^z o^ VzA.dAick Vzzdz o^ Suimit Township, dizd at St. fficmcZl, 
Ho&pitaZ. Ajn BAzckzMldgz, MW. , Za&t Sunday monning following an opznation ^oA. appzndlcltll, . 
Vzczcu>zd wcu> 33 yzoAi, old and Zzavzi {fivz ckcZdAzn. Shz wcu, a daixghtzA oi John Budack o^ 
EZma and many jjAx-ends In thu vicinity zxtznd sympathy to thz bzAzavzd fizZatlvzi . Thz 
iunz/wit wcu hztd In thz Summit Town&hl,p Chu/ick Tuz^day a^eAnoon, Rev. Hlnck o^{flclatlng, 
and nzoAty onz hundxzd tzcuni, wzAz In tinz following tkz Azmcuim to tkeJji ^InaZ Az^lng ptacz. 

********** ^p^j^ 22, 1909 

Reu. Gzofigz B. Ba/mzi>, a ^onmzA Az&ldznt o^ Wahpzton and wztt known In tha, pcuut o£ 
No/vth Vakota, dizd cut \Mnnejxpotii, o^ pznumonla on Tuesday, agzd 71 yzoAi,. Vzczcuzd woa thz 
ilut pAz^ldznt 0^ FaAgo Cottzgz and {^OA yzafu, wcu plominznt In Congfizgatlonat ChuAck CAAcZzi, 
In tkz 4,tatz. Hz Izavzi a widow and thAzz ion!,, onz bzlng Co. Supt. BoAnzA 0){ tkU county. 

********** y^ ^^ jg^g 

AndzAA G. Holt, 85 yzoAi, old, wcu cut to plzczi by a Soo ^Azlght tAcuin wkiiz hz wcu 
picking up coat aZong thz tAacii out Elbow Lakz, Monday. 

********** May 20, 1909 


JznA MeZi>on, Mhoiz home. -Lit at ChAyUtinz, NV., mu ^ound dzad -in MoZlan'6 Hoip-UaZ 
£on. thz ■indonz cut Hinnza.potli Za&t Thauday night, hav-ing cut kll, thAoat. Thz young mm " 
wa6 23 t/eoAi old and woi unde/i tAzatmzwt f^ot m&ntaZ fioublz. 

********** Mai/ 20, 1909 

School TzacheA Oatnagzd and MuAdeAzd MzoA Wlihzk 
TAolnrntn nxmining bztMzzn hz/iz and KLimVLck tzZZ o^ a InZghtiaJi occwoizncz ntax an 
ZiZand Azttlemznt bztuzzn W^i&hzk and Lzhn. la&t Tiidaij. Fou/i Synlani wayZcU-d a young lady 
ichoot tzachzn. at a tonzty spot, a&iauttzd and outAagzd hzA, af^zn. which thzy exit hzn. ton- 
guz out. Thz young woman dizd o{ kzn. tnjWvizi). 

iilhzn thz ^znd& oAz captuAzd, ai, thzy undoubtzdZy wiZZ. fee, thz pzopZz o^ thz nzlghbon.- 
hood wltt doubtZz&& wahz shofit wonk of, KiddUng thz wonZd o^ thzin pfto^oyicz. 

********** Uay n, 1909 

Wz iZnczfizZy fizgizt to KzpoKt thz dzath o^ onz 0(J oan. nzighbofU), Uu. Ffizd Stottz- 
now, who poi-izd away at hzn. homz Sunday zvejving at thz agz o^ 68 yzoM. 

Tkz cjomUz 0(5 hzn. dzath woi hzoAt {^aJJiuAe, whZch had bzzn txoubting hzn. ^on. a long timz. 
Un^. Stottznow wai> wztt known ^on. hzn. Itindnzi>6 to hzn. nzighbonj,. Shz wai> aiuiayi n.zady to 
hztp out a piiznd In nzzd and shz axilZ bz mi&szd not only by hzn. njzJLati\}Z& but by aZJi o{^ 
hzn. nzZghbonJi, Hzn. husband, ?njzd Stottznow, dizd only about stx months pxzvtous to hzn. 
dzath. Th/LZZ sons and tuio daughtzns aJiz Iz^ to mounn thz loss o£ a kind mothzn.. Thz 
iunznjoJL woi hzld Wzdnzsday at thz Zion ChuKch. 

********** Ifiajy n, 1909 

Vzvastatlon and Vzath tn Wakz o^ Stonm Nzat Tylzn. Last Satunday 

A cycZonz dzvastatzd a noAAow stAZp o£ countAy ^on. a distancz o^ tfiznty milzs, ^nxim 
a point iouA. miZzi zast o^ Tainmount to thz Schmidt plazz on tkz ^AJLd Hicz nlvzA, SatuAday 

AZbzAt Voss, an IS yzoA. old boy, was Instantly klllzd and anotkzn mm, a tzlzphonz 
tinzman whosz namz we havz bzzn unablz to IzoAn, dizd Tuzsday at thz BKzckznAldgz Hospital 
as a n.zsult o^ InjuAJ^zs n.zcztvzd. Two othzn. mzn wznz painfully InjuAzd but will kzcovza. 

Thz pKopznty loss incJbidzs thz almost total dz&tAuction o^ thz ^aAmzns zlzvaton. at 
TyldA., tkz smaLi Hilwaukzz Railway Vzpot, dzitAuctlon oi ElzvatoK Agent Thompson's dwztl- 
'ing at thz samz plazz, and damagz to many banns and smalZzn. buiZdingS In thz path o^ thz 

Thz cyclonz onlginatzd nzaA tkz Wm. Cnoss ^aAm ^oun. miZzs zast o^ VaiAmount, whzAz 
It nazzd a loAgz machinz shzd 40 x 60 {^zzt. Tnavzting nonXhwzst, -it stnucJi and dzmotishzd 
a ^namz school housz a quoAtzn. o^ a milz ^Aom ChUZds but did not touch thz vlHagz. Voung 
\Joss was kJlZzd whilz dnlvlng a tzam Into thz baAn, thz noof^ 0)5 thz stAuctuAz cnushtng his 
hzad -in a ^Aight{,uZ minnzn and causing Instant dzath. 


Bz^on.z KzcLckLtiQ TyZeA. ihz itoKm dzmotlihzd a ZoAgz boAn on thz ^oAjn o{, Joizph Matz- 
jtk, and iX. wa4. kznjg. tkcut the. thAzz tinzmzn vizn.z -injuAzd. Thz looi and waZIU, oi thz 
6iAucXuA.z MZAz plckzd up iJ/u?m tkz czmznt {^tooK, and thz zntOiz &tniicXiiAz uiai, AJLUzd abovz 
thz tAzz top6. SzvzAal kofiAz^ wzAz takzn viiXk thz buZtd^ng and though. cjxAAlzd abovz thz 
tAzzJi Kzachzjd thz gnaund mXhout 6ZAioul> -LnjuAy. 

kt TylzA. thz faAJKA.'i EZzvatoA wa6 KodLcjoZly dzmotUhzd. Thz looi oi thz baildlng 
tLz6 -in onz, thz viaJUUi abovz thz bZm -in anothzA, and what fimoAjii, Jj, titii^tzd out 0|J 
plumb. Tkz only 6tofLZ building at TylzA, that woi not In thz path oi thz 6tonm, thz iua- 
tion 0^ thz uilnd dxw out thz ^ftont and Iz^t thz uiatti oat OjJ tinz. Thz homz o^ Elzvatox 
Agznt Thompson, on thz edge o^ thz viJUagz, wo-s bixMn to atom& and tzn pzMOYU> &a\)zd thzAJi 
tivzi by toting Kz^ugz In thz tiXtlz 8 x S teJUoA. bznzjoth thz itAuctuAe. j'a&t bz^oAz thz 
buAj.ding colZapizd. 

Tkz itofm woi nofiAjovi, not moAz than louA fwdd at any timz, and ipzctatou. iay it 
fLZ4>6zmbZzd a giant imokzitack a milz high. A ({ew fiodi ^Kom thz path OjJ thz itoAm hoAdly a 
bAzath 0(J uxind itiAHzd duAing tkz pa66agz o^ thz twiitzA. It movzd iZowZy and pzAiom who 
6aw it coming had piznty 0(J timz to gzt oat ol ith path even a^tzA iX had appKoachzd within 
a ^eu) hundAzd ^zzt. Onz ^oAmzA pZcMing zait oiJ TyZzA did not noticz thz itofm until it woi 
within a hundAzd ^zzt o{^ him, and hz experienced no eu-cdence ojj thz blow zxczpt what hz 
could 6ZZ. 

Thz ^Azakl) 0^ thz itofm oAz aJbno6t bzyond bzLiz^. k(^tzA pacing TyZzA it icoopzd thz 
pZowzd diAt iAom thz muddy {^zZd ai> nzatly oi i^ donz by a ditching machinz, pZadtzAing thz 
accumuZatzd wad ovzA a highioay a ZiJXZz {^uAthzn. on. Vzbxi6 ^Aom thz TyZzt WKzckagz woA picii- 
ed wp zigkt mllz& away. A 6malZ pizcz o^ condwood ^fiudz a tzZzphonz polz and zjmbzddzd iX.- 
iiZZi, ipZitting thz poZz {,0A a diitancz o^ zight izzt 60 that daylight could be izzn thAough 
thz 6pZiX. A canZoad oi galvanizzd calvzAtl> at TylzA woA ^cattzAzd Ion. a long diitancz, and 
thz hzavy matzAial was twiitzd and txinn in zvzAy conczivablz /,hapz. Thz Soo agznt at Tain- 
mount 6tood on thz dzpot plat^oAm and 6zcuAzd hzvzAol ^nz viem o^ thz dzath-dzaling cloud, 
ukich W(X4 plainly viiiblz ^on. 6ZvzAal milzi. Box coAi, on thz Aiding aX. TylzA wzaz badly 
wAzckzd, in iact thzAz ii> haAdly a 6tAactuAz in thz viZZagz but what, ihowi thz zHzct^ 0|$ 
thz iitonm. A i>maZZ dog in thz Thompson hoa&z woa coAAizd auay by thz Atonm which occuAKzd 
at 3:30 PM and limpzd homz in a badly bnui&zd condition at 3 o'clock thz nzxt moAning. 

Thz Zinz^ 0(5 thz HonthozsteAn TzZzphonz Company we/te put out o^ commi6-!>ion {^on. a ihoKt 
time, but OAZ now in wonking oAdzA again. Tkz pzoplz o{i TylzA 4eem itunnzd by thz dZdoitzn. 
and ^oA a couplz o^ dayi 6zzmzd poAoZyzzd by thz zHzcUi o£ thz itoAm. Hn.. Thompson, thz 
zlzvatofL agznt, ii confined to kii bzd {^Aom nznvoui, ihock. 

A imaZlzA i>tonm oi timiZxiA natuAz itAuck thz wzi>t edge o^ Wahpzton at about, thz i>amz 
timz bat thz only damagz wa6 to thz 4,hzdi> on thz Coun.ty FoaA gnaundi which wzaz damagzd to 
thz zxtznt oi about $1,500. 

An account o{i thz itonmi, at Langdon and ypiilanti, wfieAe 6zvzAal ZivzA wzn.z Zo-i,t thz 
iomz a{^tznnoon, appzoAi zZizwhzAz in thJj> iiiuz. 


Thz ^umnaZ o^ Hm. Ffizd StottznoM woi loAgzZy attmdzd lent Wedneicixt/. Rzu. 
F'U.heA pne.a.chzd thz innxnon, aA6-Utzd by Rew. Mov/^u4 o^ LidgtAuiood. 

....GfLzaut Bend Examine/L. . . . June 3, 1909 

HcWAf/ OllvzA, wkoiz dzaXk occuAAtd cut LUbon tzazyitly, woi hzad zonMil oi thz Uodzin 

Woodmzn ion. tka, 6taX.z and izvznaZ yzcLU ago dztivzAjzd an addAzdi, to thz Haniiuvbon camp on 

thz new Kcutz plan v)kich woi thzn about to fae adoptzd and u)hlch ha^ viionkzd oat i,o mcczi^iutty. 

********** ju^e 3, /909 


M^. Ham Andzuon, a young woman zmployzd in thz Soo RzAtauAont, ula^ takzn -iuddznty 
iZt Sunday noon Mith an zpiZzptLc {[iX and dizd at 6:30 PM thz iomz evening at thz Thompson 
komz vikziz 4>kz had bzzn looming. 

Vzcza&zd wcw a maAAizd woman and aAAivzd hzfiz {/lom Zn/XAjiznd, MW,, buX. ^ouA daif6 pn.z- 
vioai to hzA dzath, zntznJjig thz zmptoy o^ thz Soo VzstauAant a& ukuXA-Zii. Nothing woi 
knoown oi hzn. hzfiz but thz ha&band wa6 ^inaZZy tozcutzd at BKoinzAd and thz poAznti at Adami, 
MV. Tuz^day nighX Han& Andzuon, thz husband, Ed. Rombztg, a bKothzfi, Uu. H. Johmon, a 
4ii6tzn. aAAivzd i^om EAainzA.d and anothzA i,i&tzn., Mc44 Ma6e£ ?.ombzAg, {/lom Adami. Tkzy Iz^t 
ixut zvzning uiiXh thz Azmaini ^OA. BAainzAd, wkzfie. thz ^unzAal uiWL bz hzid. 

Thz AzZativu havz a^kzd Thz NEWS to zxpKzAi, thzin Aincztz thanks to aZZ who KzndzAzd 
ai>6ij,tjanzz daning thz 6icknz£6 o^ UfU,. AndzA&on. Though among zntiAz itAangzA& , zveAything 
po6iibZz woi donz ^OK thz iick woman' £ comionX. duning hzn. bnizi itLnzi>6. 

********** J^^ J(j^ j9Qg 

Wu. Choi. Jai>mzn.'6 agzd mothzn. dizd at. thz homz o^ hzn. daagktzn. in BnA-ghtwood thii> 
manning. An obiXuoAiy witi bz pnintzd nzxt wzek. 

********** J^^ J7^ J90g 

John lAzVonaZjd oJinivzd homz SatuAday {/torn PonXagz, WT . , whznz hz wa& aattzd to attznd 
thz ianeAxil o^ hi6 mothzn who dizd Tuziday o^ la&t wzzk. Shz wai> 65 yzoAi old and had 
bzzn a 6uiizn.zn oi-iniZajmatoxy nhzumatiim ^on iomz timz. WhiZz 6hz wai not zxpzctzd to 
iuAvivz many montJu thz iuddznnzi>6 o^ hzn dzath wai, a gnzat ihozk to thz iamiZy. Thz 
husband 6uAvivzA hzA. ********** j^^ ,7^ ,909 

..Gnzat Bznd Examinzn. . .Thz iunznaZ oi M^. Chas>. Ja(,mzA'6 mothzn wai hzZd at thz 

Luthznan ChuAch ZoMt SatuAday, Rev. Hinck condazting thz sznviceA. 

********** j^g^ 24, 1909 

Conduciton MuAphy oi thz G. M. mixzd tAoin wa^ luZlzd at CZanzmont, SV. , Tuz^day whiiz 
rnxking a coupZing in thz yoAdi. Hz wai, quitz wzZZ known hznz, having had a mm on thiA 
bnanch ^oa 6omz tunz. ********** June 24. 1909 


Tfie SMe.znzy bfiothtu o^ EJbna Toum&hip fie.ceA.vzd wond tivii weefe o^ tkz dzcuth o^ tkzAji 
bKotkeA Jamz6, w/io pai-izd away at kLi homz -in Thofinz, MP., on June 14th. The. iod meAiagz 
woA fLe.czA.vzd too Zatz iofi them to attznd thz iimeAoZ. Vzczanizd woi 32 yeafu, OjJ aQZ and 
ZzcLvzi a uil^z ayid t^o ckitdfuin. 

C. J. SuZJLivan, thz FoAgo optician who ^oAmzAty madz fLzgutoA v-i6it6 to Hanklnion, 
dizd at ?oKt HuAon, MI., on Tuesday. He had bzzn &eAloai)ly iJLt ■di.ncz la&t MoAch uihzn hz 
wai, it/ilckzn viltk paAaZyA-ii. He wa6 {^ofmznZy ai&oclatzd with kil> biiothzn. V. V. SuZLivan 
OjJ FoAgo -in thz opticaZ. 6u4-ate44. 

********** j^ g^ jqgq 

Sunday's StoAm Szvznz i.n Vicinity o^ &cg Stonz 

OKtonviZZz, MN. , 3uJbf 12th. ...fowi pzA&onl, uizAz kiZZzd, and ovzK a &coKz wztz in- 
j'uAzd by a toKnado uikich i,u3zpt thUt vZctnity at 4:15 yzitzAday a^tznnoon. Thz tofmado 
coAAlzd iuck czntAaZ zne/igy that it 6ackzd watzA high up out o^ Big Stonz Lakz, hanZzd 
it&zti {^eAceZy acA066 that body o^ wateJi ^ftcm thz nofithwzit, vznting iti deAtftuctivz 
^ofLcz upon thz fioAlfvoad ya/idi in thz za&tznn pajvt o{^ thz town. 

Thz pfiopzAty loi>& itiitZ. fizach $150,000. Thz HUbuauiizz station, Kound houiiZ, thz 
coaZ iuppZy buiZding, thz woAeAoaieA and othzK buiZdingi which cAowd that izction o^ thz 
city caught thz ^uZZ bfumt o^ thz 6tofm and ^zZZ with {^ght^uZ dztonatiom, bz^ofiz thz 
bZoit, thzin. ipZintzAzd Zumbzn. fu^ng in a cXoud through thz gynaXlng atmoiphzAz. 

CottageA aZong thz Zakz wz/iz dzmoZiihzd and xzi>idzncz& in thii city and Sig Stonz, 
SI?., weAe bZown ^fu)m theJJi {foundations. Thz ^a/m hou&z and ZxxAgz ^a/m buiJZdings 0)5 Wm. 
E. ChambeJiZjoin, nzoA thz city, oAz a totaZ wfizck. 

Thz dzad oAZ'- John Vz Gfii^^, an oZd 6zttZeA Ziving aZong thz 6hoA.c!> o^ Big Stonz 
Lakz, itAack by frying tirrbzu, thAzz ItaZiani, namcf> unknown, bufiizd and mangZzd bznzath 
fmilAoad coASt and dzbAli 0)J -t/ie UiZwaukzz Aoad'i fwundhoal>z. 

Thz injuAzd: AZbzAt HoAmon, zmpZoyzd on thz iafm o^ W. E. ChambzAZain, buAizd bznzath 

thz dzbfiZi 0^ thz ^oAmhouiz, MfU>. HaAmon, 6o-t/i ZzgA bAokzn and pAobabZy ^ataZ contai>ioni 

about thz chz&t, Mt. and Ma4. Gzo Agz MooAz o^ Big Stonz City, ninztzzn ZtaZian fLoiZAoad 

Zabofimzn, many with bAokzn oAmi, and Zzg6, iomz o^ whom may dlz, buAizd in thz Auin& of, 

AaiZAoad buiZdings. 

Many othzA pzfi&on thAoughout thz city and countAy Azczlvzd minoA injuAizi. 

********** j^ j5^ j9(,9 

John W. ChAi&tian, County Judgz o^ SoAgznt County, dizd at FoAman Tuesday o^ canczA 
0^ thz bowzZlt. Hz had bzzn a 6u^^zAZA ^OA many months. Vzczased woi one o^ thz pionzzA 
szttZzAi 0^ thz county and woi 6ZAving kli ^ouAth tzAm ai county judgz. Thz iunzAoZ wiZZ 
bz heZd today. ********** j^^^y 22, 7909 

C. P. Chzinzy, a SoAgznt County pionzzA, wai) kiZZzd by a wzZZ dzAAick ^aZZing on him 

ThuAiday o^ Za6t wzzk. Vzcza&zd szttZzd nzoA Tonman in 1SS3 and hoi hzZd thz o^iczi o(t 


County Comma>6lon&A, RugliteA o{, Vzzdi,, Skviiii and Vzpaty Sh&fUfi^. Hz woi i^glz and 
tza\JZM con&ldeAxibZz pfiopeAty. The. body woA takzn thAoagh Hon/^cn^on SatuAxiay nlghX to 
hli old kcmz In the. za^t. *««»«»«»«* j^ 29 ]<)Qq 

Vtptofiabte. Accldznt on Hankin&on Lakz. 

Tkz dAoujntng 0^ Joknny Bankzx and WiltLz SpfizckzZi bA.oaght p^^ound 60fUiou} Into 
zvzAy komz -01 Hanktnion. Tkz accJ-dznt occuAAzd loit TkuMday euewxng wkiZz thz boyi wzAz 
boating on thz takz and Mithln tzn ofi tMzZvz Avdl, 0^ 4>hofLZ. UUi Emma Sp^ckzti, who Mai 
thz only othzt occupant o^ thz boat, had a vzty noAAou) zicapz, but uai, fizicazd whzn about 
to go down ^oA. thz tait timz. 

Thz zxact dztaiti 0(J thz accldznt uiUJi nzvzfi be known, and thzAZ OAZ many conitict- 
■ing ^toKtzi 0^ houi it occuJiAzd. HaZ^ a dozzn young pzoptz had bzzn boating on thz Zakz 
and thz thAzz mzmtionzd abovz £taAtzd out togztkzA. Whzn but a ^ew Ax}d& £Aom thz nontk- 
uzit &honz, and wkLiz thz young pzoptz wzAz znjoyZng thz pZzaiuAz and novzZty o^ thz ex- 
pzAAlzncz [it woi thz {jVu>t timz zithzA SpAzckzZi oA hli ii^tzA had zvzA been in a boat) , 
onz znd ^uddznly dippzd watzA. and In thz contusion that ^olZoi^^zd aZZ thAzz wzJuz pAzcipi- 
tatzd into tkz watzA, which at that pZacz' woi bzXwzzn zight and tzn ^zzt dzzp. Johnny 
uiai thz'only onz o£ thz thAzz abtz to £mjn; WiZtiz 6ank at oncz and mu&t havz bzzn 6zizzd 
Mith cAompi ^oA hz nzvzA camz to thz ^uJif^acz at aJUi. Aa 40oki oi t^e boat capiu.zzd Johnny 
QAoipzd thz gapping giM. and madz a hzAoic z^oAt to iavz hzA Zi^z, and it iJt undoubtzdiy 
duz to hli uMzt^h zndzavoAi) that &hz i£ oLivz today. Juit ai hztp aAAivzd and thz haZ£ 
dAownzd giAZ. wa4 dAaun ^Aom thz watzA, Johnny di&appzoAzd bznzath thz 4)aA^acz. Thz az&cuza 
woi a young man mpZoyzd on thz Hankinson ^oAm who was at&o out in a boat nzoA by and who 
ha&tznzd to thz Acene o{^ thz accidznt OA ioon 06 hz hzoAd thz icAzami 0^ thz young pzoptz. 

Thz hat^ con&CA.au6 giAZ wcw takzn to -ihoAz and Azvivzd within a ^ew minutzi. Thz tztz- 
phonz 6ummonzd hztp ^Aom town, an zxcitzd cAowd wai> on thz icznz in a ihoAt timz. Johnny'6 
body wa& takzn ^Aom thz watzA within about haZ^ an houA and zvzAy zHoAt made, to Aziu&citatz 
him but without Az&uZt. It took about two houA& to tocatz WiZZiz'6 body, and zvzAy boat 
in thii tocaZity vooi pAz66zd into 6ZAvZcz. Thz bottom wai> dAaggzd thoAoughZy and {^naZty 
thz body wom bAought to iuA^acz. 

Thz community hai nzvzA Azczivzd a gAzatzA ihock than thz dzath 0^ thziz tu]o young mzn. 
Johnny BankzA wa4 17 yzoAi, otd and hal^ hii ti^z had bzzn 6pznt on thz hhoAz 0^ thz takz 
whzAz A. J. BaAkzn. tocatzd with hli, ^amiZy izvzAoZ yzoAi ago. He woi a daiZy vi^-itoA to 
town in connzction with hi6 f^athzA' 6 ipAing watzA tAodz and wai htghZy Z6tzzmzd (^OA hiA 
qaizt and gznttzmanZy dzmzanoA at aZZ timeA. Thz ztdeAt chitd, hz had a66umzd Az&ponsib- 
iZtttzi bzyond hZ& yzau in connzction with hil, ^athzA'i bu&inzii, and thz ^act that hz 
6uAAzndzAzd hiM ti^z in an zndnavoA to 4aue anothzA Zi but typicaZ o^ thz nobiZity 0^ hii> 

Thz iunzAoZ oi Johnny BankzA wai hztd Sunday, and Xhz CongAzgationat ChuAch woi ^iZtzd 
to ovzA{jtowing with &oAAowing ^Aiendi o(, thz sttickzn (,amiZy. Thz coikot wai atmo6t con- 

cejitzd by thz {^toHjcUi o (,{^eAAJiQ& , and thiiAz we/te {^ew d/iy zyzi ai tkz toudvuig i>znv-icz con- 
ductzd by Rey. W, V. TU.diz'U. pAccztdzd. A p^czi>6Zon o^ oveA ^^ty caAAlagu ^oiZowzd 
thz monXaZ. ^ejKu.n6 to tkeJji yjnaJL fiz6tinQ -en HZit&yidz CzmztzAy. 

Thz out o(J tou)n ^AAizridi pn.z£znt cut thz ^anfiaZ voeAz Wu>. Wood and .son Jay oj} Hinnz- 
a.pota>, Ww. BuAchiZt o^ Vatizy C^Jy and Judge VanAfmam oi Wo/ipeton. 

WZtUz SpfLZckzls wai 10 yzoJUs old and had ILvzd In HichZand County all o^ h^J, ti^z, 
bztng a 6on OjJ fin., and Wu>. V-Lzd/u.cJi SpKzdizL!> o^ thd pZacz. He woi a quA.zt and unaiium- 
■ing young man, tndui.tfu.ou/i and ttvil^ty -en hi& habits, and was hZghZy thought o^. Thz ^un- 
zAjoL wa4 hzXA SatuAday a^tzAnoon, AeAu-tcei 6etng conducted at thz Gznman Ev. ChuAch by Rev. 
H. Kunz, and thz diuAch ovzA^Zowzd wMi thz cAowd o^ iOHAOMing ^Alznd6 and nZyighbou in 
attzndancz. Thz KejfnaLm, we-te ZjOyid at fLZSt -in thz czmztzJiy 6outhwzi>t o^ town. Among thoiz 
■in attzndancz £Aom a di&tancz vizJiz Wi!>. Otz AndzJiion and daughtzA, Hu. Jutiui, Schock, Wii>. 
Hugh HuS4>z, Hi66 Ida ZachoM and Uu^i CZoAa R06SOW, coui-tni o£ thz deceased, and August 
lofiting, an uncZz, att 0^ S^zdiznAidgz. 

********** August 5, 1909 

Thz LuthzAon CzmztzAy has been gKzatZy impAovzd by a {^inz 6tzit ^zncz buiZt taA>t 
Mzzk, ^uAniihzd by thz WippzAman MzAcantiZz Co., 0^ Hankin&on. 

********** ^^^^ 5^ jg^9 

Thz dzath 0^ fiu. Ffizd VzddzA occuAfizd at 5 AH this mofining, and whiZz not unzxpzctzd 
thz nzJM woi a shock to thz mvnxf {^fiizndi 0^ thz ^amUuf. HzK dzath was duz to complications 
^oZZouiing ckitdbiAth, a two weefei otd baby woA Zz^t mothzAtziS . Vzczaszd woA a daaghtsA. 
0^ Ma. and Wis. HzAman UiZbAondt and gAZMi to womanhood in thZs vicinity. Thz bzAzavzd onzi 
havz thz sympathy 0^ aZJi in thziA gAzat soAHow. Thz ^unzAot wiiZ bz hzid SatuAday a^tzAnoon. 

********** ^^^^^ j2, 1909 

fins. LaAi LaAson passzd away at hzA hom. j'ust south 0^ fAuAnay last SatuAday a{tzA a 
lingzAing iZZnzss. Vzczaszd Izavzs a sonAowing husband and szvzAol srralZ childAzn, and 
thz casz is a most pathztic onz. Thz iunzAal was hzld on Monday. 

********** August n, 1909 

Lzna Hznkz dizd at thz family homz in fiinnziota Township on Wzdnz&day o^ last wzzk 
a^teA a long ^ght against thz gAzat whitz plague.. Vzczaszd was 19 yzoAS and 10 months old 
and had been ill with thz dUzasz sincz a yzan. ago last ApAil. Shz was a patiznt su^^zAzn. 
but gAadually sank until li^z ^lickzAzd out. Vzczaszd is suAvivzd by a mothzA, ;two bnothzAS 
and a sijttzn.. Thz ^athzA was buAnzd to dzath in thz mzmonablz ^iAz that occuAAzd six yzans 
ago within a milz oi his homz. Thz ^unzAal was hzld on Vnlday at 2 PM, szAvices beXng 
conducted {^inst at thz homz and latzA at thz LuthzAan ChuAch by Rev. fdozXzA. Thz bzAzavzd 
family havz thz sympathy 0|$ all in thziA solAow. 

********** August 12, 1909 

August BeAndt passzd away at thz homz ojj his son WilLiz Bcindt in Elma last Sunday, 
a^tzA a shonjt iUnzss, duz to thz inf^inmLtizS 0^ old age. Peceoied fiod been making kli 


home. Mitk ka> i>on iol iorm. timz and /izcejvtlxj vZiZtzd kci nzZativu In tkl& ZoccLtitif, 

A,n{ton.ming thejn that hz did not zxptct to llvz long and woi making a ^aAewell visit. 

Vzczaszd IzaveA two i>oni>, blUULiz and Gaita^, and a bnotkeJi, Mbzxt BeAndt, tht ZatteJi a 

welZ. known iz&ldznt o(, Bend. The ^uneAoZ woA held Tuesday, seAvlces beJjig heZd at 

oi Si 
* * « 

the GeAman LutkeAan Chanch souXiwoe^t oj Stiles. 

*«*^«»»,,« August 19, 7909 

John A. Bfuxdiond, a well known Soo employ ez, xecelved the sad nejas tost wzek o^ the 
death o^ hl& {^atken. at the old Kentucky home. The new* was not entOvely unexpected as the 
deceased had been In pool heZtk {^on. seveJuil months. 

«»«»»*«,«» August 79, 7909 

TuneJial services weAe held at the. luthefuxn ChuAch last SatuAday a^teAnoon oveA the 
Azmalns o^ the late Uns. Vfied VeddeA, and the intends ojj thz sofiAouilng family {filled the 
chuAch to oveA^ouilng. Rev. J. P. KlausleA delivered a most touching seArxin and at Its 
conclusion the Kenalns ueAz InteAAed In the GeAman Ev. CemeXeAy south o^ tovon. 

»»«»«»*««< August 79, 7909 

A ^oAm hand mfiklng ^OA HeJvmn Sedlex died Tuesday mohning ^Aom choleAa monhus. 
Hz came ^Aom GeAjmany 13 yeoAS ago and stoAted to woAk ^OA Theo. SedleA and has uoonked 
{^ofi the SedleAs eveA since. He was a ^alth^ul and tAustwonthy man and had accumulated 
consldeAable monejy which was dAowlng InteAest. 

********** August 26, 7909 

M'li. Budzstfwm, the aged motheA o^ Mai,. LobeAg who lives acAoss the tine. In South 
Vakota, died Sunday ^Aom the ln{/Junities o^ advancing yeoAS, having attained the Hlpe old 
age. oi 92 yeoAS. ********** August 16, 7909 

The ^ouA monXJu old son o^ M^l. and Hns. Wm. WuaI died Tuesday monnlng a^ten. suHeAing 
iJo/L seveAal weeks innm zAyslpelns. The ^uneAal was held yestzAday, seAvlces betng conduct- 
ed at the LutheAon ChuAch by Rev. J. P. KlausleA. The beAeaved poAents have the syrrpathy 
OjJ all In the loss oi theJji little one.. 

********** August 26, 7909 

Many o^ ouA AeadeAS will fizgftet to leoAn o{^ the death oi Jacob Funk who nzSAdzd heAe. 
some, time, ago. He was dAowned while out In a boat (fishing nexiA his home In iMnnesota. 
Hz had been moAnied about onz yeoA and leaves a wl^e to mouAn his death. 

********** SzptejnbeA 2, 7909 

^old fieojcked heAe last week iiom Canada o^ the death o^ Jacob Bechtzl. Wi. Bechtel 
was well known heAe and was pastor o^ the Hon ChuAch ^OA ^ouA yeoAS. Hz Iz^t fvzcently 
ioA Canada to visit his old home, and while theAe was taken III and no mzdlcal old could 
savz him. He leaves tuoo dojughteAS and a son living hzAz to mouAn his dzath. . . . (Ans . F. 
Popp, Uu. Geo. WoftneA, Jn. , and Josh Bechtel. His wl^e was with him duAlng his last 
moments on eaAth. Wi. Bechtel was a kind and loving ^otheA and husband and his many 
iAlends mouAn hlA depoAtuAz inom this woKld. Szptzmb&n. 2, 7909 


The. yLn^ant ckULd o^ Mn.. and Hu. Fnank StuxiLckeA tiv-biQ nofvtk o^ toMn, died thii 
moJining a^teA an ZtiniM o^ a (Jew day6. 

********** Sep-temfaeA 2, 7909 

Tfee Zn^ant ckitd o^ Vnz.d Vzddtn. pa6izd away Satunday. The. mothzn. dlzd tSiAzz weefe4 
ago. Thz iimzHoJL oi tkz tittZz onz wa6 fie^d Sunday, 6ZA.v^czi> bzlng conduc;tzd at thz Eu. 
ChuAdi by Rev. Kunz. Thz 6tfu.ckzn ^athzA. has tkz sympathy o^ all. 

********** SzptzntzA. 2, J909 

Thz body o^ Hani ChAtitlanion, who comnittzd by dAovonlng In Lakz Tnavzuz 
Zoit wzeJk, ujoi fvzzovzuzd VfiLday and takzn to S-ci^eton. Vzczaizd wait ^onrnzAZy a ^a/mzA 
0^ Ghant TownkhAjp, Robznt!) County, but was, zngagzd -in thz tivzMjj biM.cne44 at SZiizton 
at thz timz o^ hii, dzath, * ********* SzptzmbzA. 2, 1909 


SyvzAt 0. Tlaa, a wzlt known ^anrnzA nzoA kbzHjcJiomblz, dizd ^fiom thz z^^zcti OjJ po-cson- 
-oig. He ■iwatiowzd a quantity o^ Voaaj, gfizzn a^tzA which hz attzmptzd to &z\JZfL tkz bZood 
vzi6zZ tn kii tzit wnJjit with a ruizoK. Thz cut was not dzzp znoagh to do much izAiouA 
tnjufiy. Immzdlatzty upon hzoAlng what had bzzn donz a docX.oK wai, caJUizd but upon afiniv- 
■Lng theAZ thz wonk o^ thz po-lson had gonz too {flA. and although zvzAytklng woa donz to i>a\jz 
him, he. dizd about 9 PM that zvzning. He wai avzuz to any tAzatmznt whatzvzn., malting hid 
coie a hoAd onz to handtz. He admlttzd to thz doctor that po-Uon wai takzn intzntionaZJUj , 
iuZJLy thz KZiuZt. TzmpoAOAy Imanity cxm&zd by aZcohot ti thz oicAibzd Azaion 
ioA hAJ> action. * ********* Szptznitzn. 2, 1909 

F/ied HohznitzAn paiizd away at hli homz noKth o^ town Zait zvznlng at S-30 PM a^tzA 
a ZlngzAlng lilnzii. Vzczxuzd wa4 a nativz o^ PomzAn, GzAmany, whzAz hz wai bo An on June 
I9.£^, 1S44. Whzn a young man hz migKatzd to Wlicomln and ZatzA to Uonth Dakota, iztttlng 
In thii vlointy 29 yzoAi ago. He znduAzd thz iliz o^ a pLonzzA In thii izctlon and Aalizd 
a ^amiiy o^ zlght chiidAzn, alt o^ whom Az^ldz In this vicinity .... tAu . E. StzlnwzhA, M/ls. 
F. SchAozdzA, UAi. VzAd. BzckzA, Hu. F. Tzlgi, MAi. W. H. Witt, fliii UoAjfka HohznitzAn and 
Otto and TAank HohznitzAn. Hli wi^z alio 6uAvlvzi him. 

Vzczoizd wai highly Kzipzctzd by his ^Aizndi and nzighboAi and thz bzAzavzd family 
havz thz sympathy o^ alt. Thz iunzfuxt wltt fae hztd Sunday a^tznnoon at 1 o'clock at thz 
Wild Rtce ChuAch nofith o^ town. Rev. HltgzndoK^ wltt conduct thz iZAvlczi. 

* ********* Szptzjnbzfi 9, 1909 

Wm. Kozhlzfi, an old AZildznt o£ Richland and SaAgznt Countlzs, dizd at hli homz at 
Pznham, MW., a ^zw dayi ago. Hz ownzd at onz timz thz AtbzAt Bohn ^oAm nzoA GKzat Eznd, 
and szlLing that about tioznty yzaAi ago hz movzd to SaAgznt County, nzoA Havana, whzAz hz 
madz hli homz until thAzz yzoAi ago whzn hz movzd to Vzuham. 

* ********* Szptzjihzn. 9, 1909 

A nzphew o^ Uu. John Gn.zzn, Richand PopptzA by namz, zmptoyzd ai a Soo btakzman, 
was klttzd last wzzk at tkLhnomzn. MM. Whltz zngagzd In hli duUzi hli ^oot caught xjt 


a guoAd fuxlZ and tko. CLanM pcu>6e.d ovoji him. Hz wcl6 olLLvz whtn the accyidznt mu diicovzA- 

zd buX. dizd latzn. at ihz VztAoli. HoipitaJi. VzczoMzd woi 23 yzoM old and kli paAznti .- 

fieJiidz at Voajso. 

********** Szptmbzn. U, 1909 

A tzlzgnam Kzcz^vzd hzAz lait Sunday announczd thz dzath o^ W. R. BaZion. at ToAm- 
ington, WA. Vzczoizd wm a ^ofmzA. xej,Zdznt ojj Elma TowmlvLp, Izavtng hzAz zlgkt yzcuu, 
ago ioK Waihuigton itatz w/ieAe kz hcu, iincz ftzi-idzd. Hz Izavzii a ul^z and a ^ainiiy 0({ 
twzZvz cJUtdAzn. HfU. EoLioK l6 a daughtzt o^ Wi. and MA4. C. E. StzuioAt o^ Ebna and 
Hk. Stzuant tzit Monday to attznd thz ^unzAaZ. NothAjig aj> known hzAz ajt> to thz caa&z 
oi hit, dzath. ********** SzptmbzA 16, 1909 

UfLi. A. B. Jacobion wai Auimonzd to Nzw YoAk City la&t wzzk by a mzi^agz announc- 
Ing thz dextth oi hoji mothzfi. V. S. Pztzuon o^ thl&, thz only ^uAvZvZng ion, fizt- 
uAnzd but a ihoKt tunz ago ^fiom a vZ&Zt to thz bzd&Zdz o^ hi6 mothzA, and woi unahlz to 
Izavz .in timz to attznd thz iunzAaJL. Thz bzAzavzd family havz thz sympathy o^ all in 
thzAJi loii. **********. SzptZjnbVL 16, 1909 

Edicin, tittlz zight yzaJi old ion oi Mfi. and Mju. John Odznbach, dizd at thz BA.zck- 
ZMJjdgz Hoipital lait Sunday ntght a^tzA lu^^zAtng with pzAltonitU ion. about thAzz loeeiii. 

Thz littlz izllow vxu> a patiznt laHzAzA. and hil untimzly dzath bningi ioaaow not 
only to thz immzdiatz iamiZy but to thz holt oi playmatzi wiXh whom hz wal a populoA 
iavoKitz. Thz A-zmaini, wzhjz brought homz and thz iunzAol hzld on Taziday aitzfmoon, a 
pKoczAlion oi ichool chLZdAzn two blocJii in Izngth accompanying thz hzafiiz i>wm thz homz 
to thz GeAman Ev. ChuAck whzAz wzAz conductzd by Rev. Kunz. 

Intzfunzjnt WOM mode -en thz czmztzAy louth oi town. Thz iamiJiy havz thz lympathy oi 
alt in thzAA. loll. ********** SzptembzA 16, 1909 

HiM Uinniz EiLlington, daughtzA oi onz oi Hankinion'l zoAly izttlzAi, viiiXzd 
ifUzndl hzKz IzvzAoL dayi laj>t loeefe. HzA iLltzA. Julia, whom old fiziidzntl will KzjnzjnbzA, 
dizd lait July at hzA. homz tn South Dakota. 

* ******** * SzptzjnbzfL 23, 1909 

Sunday aitzAnoon Knutjz Haagzn oi Shzyznnz Townihip, tkil county, wal inltantly 
iiAjJizd by thz diichaAgz oi a ihotgun in thz handi oi SzvzAzt BAzdzn, agz 12 yzaAi. 
It izzjnl that thz Bxzdzn boy with lomz companionl had bzzn hunting and upon nzoAlng homz 
onz oi thz boyi volantzzfizd to unload thz gum whilz thz Bfizdzn boy opznzd a gatz into 
thz baAnyaAd. Haugzn, who wal itopping at thz Bfl.zdzn homz, wznt to thz wagon, took onz 
gun idUxik wai unloadzd and pointzd It in play at a UXtlz boy, laying hz wai going to 
ihoot kun. SzvzfU UfLzdzn izizzd thz othzA gun and playiulty pointing it at Haugzn puZlzd 
thz tnlggzA, lappoiing thz gun unloadzd. Thz coAtAi-dgzi had not bzzn Kzmovzd, howzvzA, 
and thz choAgz wai zxplodzd itAMUng Haagzn ovzA. thz flight zyz, tzoAlng away thz top 
oi hll ikuU and kltUng him inltantly. ShzAlU Hzlzy wai callzd but ai thz ihooting 


wcu> ployLnZy an accA.dztvt the. co>wneA was not caZtzd. Haagtri wcu, about tkifcttj jj^uc j/eow 
old and unmaAAldd. ********** StptesnbeA 23, 1909 

Tkz Zn^ant chLZd o^ Hfi. and Ufa. CoaL Tfvizzk oi EZma dlzd this uozek a{,teA bzing 
JUUi but a im dayi, . Tht iunzAoZ. ioa<s held WtdneJiday. 

********** SzptmbeA 30, 1909 

Uk. and Ufii. HobeAt GAohnk& havz the. sympathy ojj aZt in thz to66 o^ theJji Infant 
la&t Sunday a^tzA a bfUe.^ UJine^6. The. iune/ial woi held Tae^sday, 

********** Se.ptmbeA. 30, 1909 

Thz body oi a mayi who had evJAervtZij dlzd o^ hzoAt dii&a&z wai ^ound in RzzdeA.'6 
aZJLzy at WahpeXon Tuesday. Th& body woi 4>titZ woAin wheji ^ound and a Koti o^ about $100. 
woi in thz pockeX^. The. body wa^ idzntiiitd an, that oi a man iAX}m ^omewheAje. in South 
Vakota, ********** SzptembeA. 30, 1909 

Thz youngzit child oi Ufi. and Hu. HeAman WoAnzn. dizd iMt Sunday at thz agz oi 
iouA monthi. Thz iuneAaZ woi hztd on Tuziday. We zxtznd ouK pKoiound sympathy to thz 
poAznti in thz toii> oi thzOi baby. 

********* * OcXobzA 14, 1909 

Thz iivz wzzki old chUd oi Wi. and Uk6. S. Smith oi UooKzton dizd Monday aitex 
a. bUzi ilUbieMh. ********** Octobzfi 14, 1909 


At 10 Mi thii moAning tcttlz Hzgina, hix yexm. old dauQhtzt oi Ufi. and Wi6. A. Gold- 
itzin, pa6izd away aiteA an illnzi,6 oi but a iew dayi. A lOKz thAoat wai ioUowzd by an oi dipthznia, but thz littlz onz'6 aondiXion wai not consideAzd CiiticaZ, and ^hz 
paiiizd away aZmoit without woAning. 

Rzgina woi but iix yzaAS old, yzt in thz bfiizi ^pciJ^ oi liiz that ha& zndzd 4ihz 
zndzoAzd hzfUzZi to aZl with whom 6hz cxmz in contact. Bnight to an zxtAoofidinoAy 
dzgfizz, aJbjoajyi wzoAing a 6unny ^miZz, 4 fie woa a iavoAijtz with hzA playmateJ> and thz 
pzoplz oi thz community in gzneAat. God hoi gathzftzd to Hi& bo^om onz oi Hit, iaJjieit 

Thz stJiickzn iamily havz thz dzzpz&t 6ympathy oi all in theJA i>ad beAzavement. Thz 
KzmaAjii, will bz taken to Hinnzapolij, tkii, aitztnoon ion. inteAmznt in thz Jewiih cemeXz/iy 
at that placz. ********** Octobzn U, 1909 

Olz M. PetzMon oi Havana, pa&izd away at thz hospital heAz iilzdnz^day, wheAz hz haj> 
bzzn undeA tAexvCmznt iofi tubeAculo^ii ioK 4,omz timz. Vzczaizd woi 29 yzoAi, old. Thz 
Azmainl) weAz ihippzd to Havanna ioK buAial. 

********** OcXobzn. n, 1909 


GKin HzapeA Etoig^ SofOiow to WelZ Known ¥amili.zi 


Sudden and unzxpzctzd was thz dzath oi Tfiank E. SchZenzA, onz oi the mo&t p/iominznt 


^anmeAJ) Zn tkU pofit oi the. county, at hU kornz nzafi hiantadoA. lcu>t Thaudcuj euen^g. 

KztuAtiing ^nxim a tnlp to Gfizat Btnd, he. atz a hzoAty iuppzA and aiteJiwaxdi seemed 
ZndUpoizd. Lying down on a coach, fee appoAzntty ieZl oi^eep, but It pAovzd to be the. 
4>lzzp that knoM6 no wdUng, ^oA. he. had zxplAed o^ hzant iaUnAz uiithoui a. AtAuggle. 

Ve.czaie.d was In thz pfujne oi tL^e. and appatzntly In the bej,t o^ hexiZth. The. nem 
0^ kit, untAjneZy death woi a gKeat ihock to a laxge. caJicJLz o^ {nA.end& and acquoAMtanczi o^ 
thz iamiZy. 

Vzczai>e.d wai one. o^ out ptonzeA {,a>uT\eA6 and l& iuAvlved by a gfieli itnlcken m.^z and 
a. family o^ gfiovin chltdhzn. 

He. waj, a pAomlmnt membeA oi the. Knlghti oi CoZumbui, thz HaniUmon CouJvt oi thz 
Cathotic OndeJi oi FoKz&tzM and thz ModzAn Woodmen o^ AmeMca. He cajviLzd $1 ,000 o^ ZniuA- 
ance. In thz C. 0. F. and $2,000 In thz Woodmen. 

Thz iunzAoZ. wai hztd Sunday moAntng at MantadoK, izAv-icti being cxinductzd in thz 
Cathotic ChuAch by Reu. Fk. Simon. Bziidzi a loAgz gatheAing o^ lOftAjOviing itu.zndl> and 
nzighboAi, deZzgatiom weAe pfizAznt ^Kom Hankln&on, Wahpzton and LidgeAwood AzpAz&enting 
thz ihat&nnaZ iocletiz6 oi which dzcza&zd wai a wzmbeA. BzautiiuZ iZciaJL oHeAingi cjo\j- 
zfvzd thz casket. 

Thz pA.ocz^6ion that iotZowzd thz fiemaZni to thziA iinaZ /uzMting pZacz in thz Mon- 
tadoA. Catholic CzmzteAy wa& onz oi thz loAgz^t in thz hi&toAy oi thz county. 

«««»«»««»» NovzmbeA 4, 1909 


Mti. F/Led figgz, whoiz c/uticaZ ilZnz&i was notzd in the^z colimm ta^t wzeJi, poiizd 
away at thz iamiZy homz ioathuoz&t oi town Sunday moAning. AiteA a bAavz batttz, dzjoth 
conquzAzd thz aJbno&t indomitablz &piAlt ihz had diiplayzd duAing a month oi gAzat iuHeA- 

Vzcza^zd wa& thz eZdeJ>t daughtzA oi Wi. and M^. Looci leJbn and woa 26 yzoAt, old. 
Fivz yzaAi ago ihz wai, moAAlzd to Ua. VAzd Tiggz and oi tku union thtzz childAen weAz 
boAn, thz youngz&t a babz eZzvzn monthi old. Thz itAicken huiband and mothzAZeMi liXtlz 
chiZdAzn havz thz dzzpe^t sympathy oi oLL in thziA lad bzAzavemznt. 

Thz iunzAol wai hzld yzitzAday aitzAnoon izAviczi beZng conductzd at thz GeAman Eu. 
ChuAch by Rev. Kunz. 

«»•«««»»»» hlovembzA 4, 1909 

CaAl Hzttig, well known to many oi ouA AzadzAi, dizd at thz BAzckznAidgz Moipital 
on Honday oi thz iniiAmitizi oi old agz. 

Vzczaizd wai 75 yeoAi old and ii iuAvivzd by iix chiZdAzn. . .Joz Rzttig and Uaj,. John 
SchiZtz oi Elma, FAonk Rzttig oi Wahpzton, Stzphzn Rzttig oi BAzckenAidgz, Mick Rzttig oi 
RothviZZz, W., andWa. Kohz oi Wzithopz, UV. 

Thz iunzAoZ wai hzld at BAzckznAidgz today and wai attendzd by John SchiZtz and iamiiy 
Ma;th SchiZtz and wiiz and Jacob Hzntz oi tkii vicZnity. 

********** NovzmbzA 4, 1909 


AZbzAt Ua&ch, onz o{, ouJi e.aAZy ioXtlzAi, dizd loit ThuA&day aiteA a. iw days 0(J 
AJZneJti, Mt. Raich woi one OiJ oat lndaitfUx)u& ^oAmeAi, an komit upfUgtvt actczen A.e^p^ct- 
ed by aZt. He woa a mmbeA o^ the, ZLon EvangztccaZ Chwich and had Kzachzd the. agz o^ 49 
yzoAi. He tzjavei a Mlit and thxtz dauglvteAi. The. iuneJiat wai, heJLd on Sunday and many pejo- 
pZz attendzd to {^oUjow the. Kesnaxm to theJji ttibt Kejt>tJunQ pZacz. Rev. C. OzdeA. pKejachzd 
thz &eAmon. ********** Hovzmbzn. 4, 1909 

GAzat Bend ExamlnzfL. . . .Wz dzzpZy fizQfizt to Kzpofit thz dzath o^ Fxank SchZznzft, who 
wai a man hzZd in high zitzem by alt ivho knew kirn. Ufi. SchZznzn. was Zn GKzat 'Bend on 
ThuAiday and ihook handi with hii {fUendi and in thz zvening, a^tzA hii KztuAn homz hz 
enj'oyzd a hzoAty iuppzA. A ihoAJt tbnz a^teAimAd hz comptainzd o^ not ^zeZing weJtt and 
bz^oKz mzdlcat aid zouZd bz iummonzd hz paiizd away, Hzofut tAoubtz tMJ, iwppoizd to be 
thz cauiz. 

Mt. ScA^eneA wai a pAoipzAoui {a/imzA, a {/tiej/vd to zveAyonz, and wiZt bz miiizd among 
hli nzlghboii and itu.ejn.di. Hz tzjavzi a laAgz iamity to mouJin hii dzpoAtu/iz. Hz wai a mem- 
bzA. oi thz M. W. A. in which hz had iniuAancz. Thz ^uneAaZ wai heZd Sunday and hz wai laid 
to fizit in thz MantadofL CzmzteJiy. 

********** HovembeA 4, 1909 

Hm. M. H. King dzpafitzd yzitzAday ioK Bfiandon, ItlJ., in fiziponiz to a tztzgiam 
announcing thz dzath oi heA. motheJi at that pZacz. 

********** Novejnbzn. 4, 1909 

Vfuxnk Swzznzy o^ EZma ?aiizd Away TiiZi Wzzk 

Vfiank Swzznzy, onz oi thz zanZy izttteM o^ Elma, poiizd away at hii homz on Monday 
zvening ihoAtty bz^ofLZ iix o'cZock <w thz KziuZt oi inJuAieJ, iuitainzd by patting ^Kom a 

Vzczaizd in company with hii hiAzd man attzndzd thz W. H. Bakzn. auction iatz ThuAi- 
day aitzAnoon. A^tzA thz iatz thzy itoAtzd homz but itoppzd at At HuntzA'i ioA iuppeA. 
A Zittlz tatzA thzy Zz^t thzAz ioA homz thz hOizd man dfUving a bwggy and Wi. Swzznejy on 
a iaddtz hoAiz. Thz hiAzd man Azached thz boAn ^iAit and a momznt ZateA thz iaddZz homz 
aAfiivzd without thz AidzA. Thz hiAzd man huAAizd back and ^ound Ma. Swzznzy tying on thz 
gAound atmoit in ^Aont oi thz houiz. QjxAAying him into thz houiz, hz pZaczd thz unconicioai 
man on thz bed and ZateA iuirmondzd mzdlcat aid. Va. Spottiwood madz an examination and 
iound that hz wai ia^izAing ^Aom concuiiion o^ thz bKain, thz Kziutt o^ a ^aZt £Aom thz 
hoAiz. BAuiiZi on thz head ihowzd thz cauiz o^ hli injuAy. EveAy zHoAt wai madz to 
Azvivz him but without avait, and hz paiizd away, Monday zvening, without Azgaining con- 

Vzczaizd wai a iingZz man o^ 32 yzoAi and wai boAn in St. CAoix County, WJ. Hz camz 
to UlchZand County with hii paAznti at an zoAty agz and wai a Aziidznt o^ thz county ioA 
27 yeoAi. Whzn thz AeizAvation wai opened ioA iettlemznt in 1892 hz Zocatzd in Etma Town- 


ifvip on the. iafm wkick hz hcu i>lncz ocaxpZzd. He. wcu> u)eZZ thougtut of, by kl& nexghbo^ 
and hit, tAOQlc dzatk woi a gKecut 6 hock to the commuyictij . He had hztd va/Uoai town&klp 
o£iZce^ and woi oMeMo^ at the tune, o^ hli dejoth. He vias a membeA. oi the HankJjuon 
KzAlz od Eagles. 

Veceoied li> iuAvive by one bfiotheA, Van, who aZ&o fie^ldzi in EJbna, and {ouA ilitefn, 

tuio o£ whom oAfUved Tuziday evening hlu. John Finn o^ HLveA. TaULt>, Wl., and hiK6. Stephen 

Htxnt 0^ Yankton, SV. The otheA tuio 6ij,teA&, f/JU. T. G^ieA o^ G^uuUte TaJUU, WA., and Hu. 
Jennie Vonovan o^ Tacoma, WA. , aAe expected tka> evening. 

The iimeAoJi wiU. be held Satwidojy manning at 10 o'clock, 6eAviceJ> at the Cathotic 
ChufLch and inteAment uiiZZ fae made in thz cemeteAy juuit loutk o^ town. 

»«,«,*»»*» HovejrheA 11, 1909 


ChaAtzi Hzttig, ^otheA o^ Stevz ReJXlg o^ thU city, died at the hoipitaZ Monday 
a^eAnoon o^ heoAt dcietue. H-ci age wa& 72 yeoAi, and 1 month. He came to tJvii countAy 
i.n 1S63, ieXtling in Indiana, wheAe hz stayed about {^vz yzaA6. He then moved hi& ^amlZy 
to ULtieAviXiz, MM., and thzAz kLi wi{)Z di.ed in 1893. FAom theAz hz went to Hankimon 
wheAe. hz wai, takzn sick about ^ouA yeaAS ago and a^teA bzing in thz hoipitaZ theAz ioK a 
yexxA camz tjo St. TfuxncAJ> HospitaZ o^ this city wheAZ he Aemai.nzd untit dzath ended his 
6u^^ Hz l& iuAvivzd by ^ouA 4>on& and two daughtzAs: fnank Rittig o^ Wahpeton, M'lxS. 
John Sckiltz o^ Har^Un&on, Jos. Rzttig oi Hanizin&on, Wis. Susan Kaick o^ islzsthopz, WP., 
Stzvz 0^ this ciMj and Uicholas o^ WiZtiston, who could not be Keackzd by wiAz and is thz 
only one o^ thz childAen who ij> not hzAz. 

Thz ^uneAol was held at St. Uajuj's ChuAch thLf, mofining at 10 AM and intznment was in 
the Cathotic CemetzAy. A ^oAtunz o^ $12,000.00 well invzstzd, was tz^t to be divided among 

his chltdAzn BAzckznnldgz TzlzgAam. . . . 

«*»»«»««»» ■ i^o^j^^^^ J J, 1909 

0. L. LindeJzz Azceivzd a mzASagz yesteAday monnlng announcing thz dzath oi a maAAlzd 
sistzA at St. Paul. Ua. and M^ii. Lindzkz Iz^t this morning to attend thz ^uneAol. 

»«««*»»«»» NovembzA 11, 1909 

ChaAlzy Paulson, Al^Azd LaASon and Uti. L. Lunde AetuAned {^Aom Battle Lake, MM., 
Wzdnzsday oi last weefe whzAz they attzndzd thz ^unzAol o^ theiA. sistzA, Wis. B. Skibnzss 
o{t GAond FoAks, whose dzath occuAAzd at Phoznix, AZ., on Oct. 50th. Vzceaszd Izaves a 
husband and one son. ********** MovembeA 11, 1909 

On Sunday night one moAz was callzd to that sleep which knows no awakening. Wis. 
Josh. Bzchtzl died at hzA homz a{ytzA a shoAt illness. HzA dzaXh was suddzn and unexpected 
and was a sad blow to Wi. BechteJ. and otheA Aelatives. Wis. Alma Bzchtzl was a daughteA 
0^ AlbzAt Bohn o{, this viUagz. Shz was a ^aiXh^ul and induStAious wi^z and mothzA. Be- 
sides a husband shz leaves a littlz daaghtzA and bAothzAS, sistehs and iathzA and motheA 
to mouAn heA depaAtuAZ. Shz was callzd in thz pAimz oi ll^e, bzing 26 yeoAS old. 


The. iuyieAat woi heXd on ^zdnzAday cut thz LutkeAan ChuAch, Reu. T. HZnck conducing 
tkz ^eAvldZA, ********** UoMZjrheji IS, 1909 

Thz wany {^fvidndi, o^ zx-SkeAl^^ Robb^LnS utlti 6e painzd to tzoAn o^ tkz dzcUh o^ kli 
z&tinabZz uii^z cut thzoi home. Zn LidgeMwood cut 10 PH ThaUday zvzning. Shz had bzzn -in 
pooA. hzaJLtk {^ofi 6zveJwJL morvtki but kzt condition Mcu> not con&-Ldtn.zd dcLngeAoui untiZ a. ({ewj 
houAi bz^oAz thz znd. Bzi-idzi thz st^ckzn hai>band, izvzAoZ young ckildfizn oAz tz^t 
mothzAZz64>. ********** NovmbzfL IS, 1909 

GREAT BENV EXAMINER Tkz Zlttlz dau.ghX.ZM. oi Wi. and Wui,. Hznman Szdlzn. dizd ThuAi- 

day night, cut thz agz o^ 5 months. Thz ^unznaZ woi heZd Monday at thz Z-con ChuAck uUth 

Rev. OzdzA conduxitLng thz 4>z^\H.czi. 


Jabt oi thz wfUtzn. -ci concluding thz Kzpofut OjJ NEWS lox GAzcut Bznd and vZclnity thz 
beJUi In thz chuAch bzglm to toZZ ^oA anothzn. dzpoAtuAz ^AjOw thli wofitd, and upon InqaOiy 
we CLAZ In^ofunzd o^ thz dzath o^ Mu. EduJoAd lott Mho pa&&zd aim.y Taziday monning. Mas. 
LolZ hcu> bzzn aiZing ^oA iomz time. ^Aom that dAJiad dtsza&z coniumption and dzath cam. au, 
a AeZiz^ to hzA &u.{^ Wz zxtznd ouA. pAo^oand sympathy to Wl. Lolt and ^amlZy. Thz 
mlZ 0^ thz Almighty RoteA mast bz donz. 

********** HovznbzA 25, 1909 

Among thosz who cuttzndzd thz ^unzAol o^ Mai,. Josh Bzchtel uizn^. Aug. SdiAozdzA and 
UfL6. Chas. Adamson o^ Fe^gui fallj, and Mosz Bzchtzl o^ GAand FoAki. 

********** NoveiAeA 25, 1909 


CogsuooJil, HV. , Uo\j. 30th. . . .Samuzl Gant, who muAdzAzd Louis MaxwelZ In thz pool Aoom 
cut EnglzvaZz Thaydisglvlng a{ftzAnoon, and his bxothzn., pas^szd acAoss tkz state, tinz Into 
South Dakota ffiiday evening. They stopped at tkz mzcut moAkeX In hlejwoAk to puAchasz suppllzs. 
EoAly ScutuAday moArUng a posse ^Aom Umank ^ound thz youngzA Gant aslzzp In a stAwi pllz 
jast 4>outh 0^ KlddeA, about szvzn miZe^ southzast ojj NewoAk. Hz suAAzndzAzd pzace£ully. 
Thz old&A bAothzA had szcuAzd a hoKSz and had a good stoAt on tkz possz. 

Monday a{,tznnoon tkz possz was Azpomtzd hot a^zA thz muAdeAzA, who wa6 Aiding kis 
iouAtk hoAsz, stolzn slncz tkz chxLSz bzgan. Hz was tuAnzd oAound, accoAdlng to a AzpoAt, 
and was coming nonth. Nwxs o^ his captuAz ts expected at any momznt, but It Ls not thou- 
ght hz wilt suAAzndzA without a {^Ight. Hz Iz^t hJj, Ki(,lz with kis bfwthzA but Is hzavllxj 
oAmed with colt AevolvzU and Ia sold to bz a ciack shot. 

********** Vecejnbzn. 2, J909 

Mas. Wm. Hzzsch Is at Hutchinson, MM., wfie^e she wznt to attend thz {unzfial o^ an 
Aunt. ********** VzczmbzA 2, 7909 

Thz iunzAal o(^ Wu,. EdwoAd LolZ was hzld last (ilzdnzsday and wa^ loAgzly attzndzd. 

********** VzczmbzA 2, 1909 

a 00 1 

kt Englzvaijt, Roniom Couyvty, on Thanks glvA,ng Vay, Louli Maxwzll mcu> ikot by 
VanizZ Gant, a TzxjH couiboy. Thz mzn had a dl6putz ovzn. an account o^ $3.50. MamzZZ 
{iOitd thz ^lut 6hot wklch was p>wmptly /iztuAnzd by Gant. Gant and a bnotkzA rradz. theAA. 
z^capz and havz not yzt faeen take.n. Thzy we/ie hzadzd 6outh at Za&t izpoKt, hzav-LZy oArmd 
and MiU. mountzd, and It l& ^zoAzd thviz wWL be iantkzA bloodihe.d bz{i0n.z thz mzn oAz cap- 
tuAzd. ********** Vzczrrbzi 1, 1909 

WoAd Ma& KzczLvzd hzAZ yz6tznAay o^ thz dzath o{, hifu,. R. C. Cfu}66 at Bo-i&z, TV., {, 
thz ziizctii oi an opznation. Vzcza&zd u)ai> thz zldzit iiAtzi o(^ Wid. F. 0. Hungzn. and hoi 
\)Li,itzd hzAz ^A^quzntZy, kzA homz bzZng at Tintah, MW. HzA daaghtzA., Uu. P. H. Ro44 od 
Nampa, IP., ^ at60 vozZZ. known to irony o^ ouA pzopZz. Vzczai>zd woi 4S yzanM old and kzn. 
unexpected dzath woi a gnzat hhock to pvizndi o^ thz ^amiZy. 

********** VzczirbzA 9, J909 


Sablziki MouZton pai>6zd away at thz homz o^ hli daaghtzA, M^. H. E. Walkzn., Sunday 
moaning, having bzzn unablz to tzavz hZ& bzd 6Zncz hz izlZ. on thz itippziy Molk and wa6 
InjuJvzd about t^o wzzki ago. 

Vzczoizd uioi bonn -in Jz^zAion County, NV., on Szpt. 10th, ISZS. At thz agz oi$ 20 
hz movzd to Wlicond-in, vohznz. hz woi mxAntzd to Lucy kU.zn In 1&55. Thzy moved to Hinnz- 
6ota, Living nzan. and In Ofionoco ^on. {fiity thtzz yzau. Thz Za&t yzoA oj} hiM Zi^z woi 
ipznt uilth kii daughtzA, Uti. H. E. WaJZkzA, and at whoiz homz hz dlzd on Vzc. 5th, at thz 
agz o{, S6 yzaJU> , I montki, and 28 dayi>. 

Hz woi thz Za&t 0^ thz plonzzA 6zttZz/i& o^ Oxonoco Town&hip. He dizd a mzirbzA oi$ thz 
Pnji&bytzAian Chu/ich, having bzzn convzAtzd vohzn a young man. Hz woi >iz&pzctzd and Zovzd 
by aZl who knew him {^ofi ki& ChnZitian choAjactzA. . .a man who Zovzd God and hii {^zZZow mzn 
and uiho was aZway& Kzady to hzZp tho6z in need. 

He was thz iathzA oi thAzz chiZdAzn, tHJo o{t whom i>uAvivz M/l4. H. E. Wo^eA oi tki& 

pZacz and A. W. MouZton oi St. Paul. A daughtzA, 1^. H. T. Hannon, dlzd thxzz yzaA& ago 
in Szattlz, WA. 

funz/ial &zAvlcz& wzAZ hzld at thz WalkzA homz Monday moaning. Pec. 6th, condactzd 
by Rev. C. S. John&on, Pa&tofi oi thz Congnzgatlonal ChuAch. Thz body wa& &znt to thz 
old homz In M.nnz&ota4ox buAlal In thz Plza&ant PnalnZz Czmztzny whzAz iouA. oi ka> bKo- 
thzAi, Za.z at fiz&t. 

WUi. WaZiizA hoi thz &ympathy oi thz community in thz houA oi hzA iotAow. 

********** Vzczmbzx 9, 1909 

Thz Iniant child oi Wi. and Wi&. John HaHnzA dizd ffilday. 

********** Vzczrtbzl 16, 1909 

a 01) 

p. 0. Hzgtit 0^ Walcott, onz o^ Rcchland County'i plone.eA&, dizd tkli, wzdz Ifiom 
typhoA.d iJeveA. VzczxiAzd took a. pfLomLnznt panX. In the. potitccaZ and Zndu^fujxi. dzveZop- 
mznt o£ the. coimty and 6eAvzd a tdAm In the. Izg-isZatuxe. a {^m ye.afu> ago. Hz iM6 a can- 
dldatz ioK County TKzaiuAzn. at thz pfUmvUzi ia&t June. Pfiominznt men £Kom alt ovzn. 
thz county att&ndzd thz ^uneAoZ TusJ>da.y. 

»«,»»«»»»« Vzzzmbzn. 30, 1909 


19 10 

...."TEM YEARS AGO" . . . .Coluim Thz dtcUk o^ Ermtinz Meorf ?z(Vicz occa/oizd on Pec. 

3Ht. Vzcza&zd had KeAcktd thz advanczd agz o^ 9 5 ye.(Vi6. 

********** Janucuiy 6, 1910 

....GfLzat Bend ExamlnzA The. {^uneAat oi the. thAtz t/eoA oZd &on o^ Wi. and WiM. HeA- 

moufi SzdteA vxu, heZd Monday £xom the. 1-ion Chafick, Rev. OedeA conducting the. ieAvlcz^. 

Vox the. 6zcond tune, -in thz lait tU)o montki> the iad leapeA Vtcuth v-ii>-itzd at the. home. 
0(5 M'l.. ayvd Wi&. H. StdtzA. Tkli time. aX took {/lom them thsAA. tlttZz 6on, agzd thtze yejvu>. 
Thz beAzaved poAznts havz the ^ympaXky o^ aJUi i.n thzln. to4>^. 

********** JammAy 6, 19 10 

R. E. Adam, a young nan zmptoyzd by thz zZzctAtc tight company at EndeAtin, wcw 
■Ln&tantty kiZizd Tuziday mofmlng thAough contact with a tivz miAe. caAAytng 1100 volt&. 

He woi wo-^fccng at thz ^iiMitchbooAd and had zv-idzntty taken hotd oi an -in&atatzd win.z 
Mith a. poAJi oi 6tzeZ ptizfiM having a ihafvp edge, which cut thAough thz insulation. Hz 
Mas atone at thz timz and thz body was ^ound somz timz a{^eA thz accidznt, huddtz up bz- 
sidz thz switchboatd, thz ptizAS stiti adhzAing to thz witz and thz buAnzd patm o^ thz 
night hand indicating how thz accidznt occuAzd. 

********** JanuoAy 6, 1910 

Thz 16 months otd chitd o^ Mt. and Mns. N. ViHeAding dizd at thz ^amity homz east 

0^ town tost FAyiday {/lom conptications ^oltowing smattpox. Thz ^unzAoi was hztd Satur- 
day, intZAmznt being nadz in thz Cathotic CzmzteAy. 

* * * * * * * * * * JanuaAy 15, 1910 

An zxchangz in glancing oveA thz papeAS has discoveAzd a nuirheA o^, cases wheAz pzA- 
sons havz bzzn injuAzd in vaAiouS pants o^ thz anatomy. HzAz oaz a (Jew caszs cJjtzd: 

Whitz Uiss ?zaAt KinmoKz o{t East Wing, IN, was coming down staiAS shz stippzd and 
bAuiszd hzASeli on thz landing. Amos Uittlzby, o{, Woodpost, KS., whitz hoAnzssing a 
{/lacZious konsz was kickzd just south oi thz coAn cAib. Hz is abtz to bz out again. 
WhiZz HoAotd &izzn o^ Bzutah, MS., was zscoKting fAiss Good homz ^nom a chuAch social on 
a SatuAday night, a savagz dog set upon thzm and bit M/l. GKzen ({ouA times in thz public 
squoAz. Joszph TuXt, o^ GirmzlsbuAg, lA., ctinbzd on thz Kooi oi his house last wzek to 
iind a tzak and izU., stAiking on hii> back poAch and causing seAious inJuAles. 

********** JanuoAy 15, 1910 

Thz infant child oi fAt. and Mus. Alhznt Hozis passzd away this wzzk a^teA an illness 

oi a Xew houAd. Thz iuneAat is bzing hztd today. 

********** lanuoAy 10, 1910 

A mzssagz n.zczA,\)zd by F. 0. Hungzn. last zvzning announczd thz sad nei^s o{i tlxz dzath 

a 03) 

0^ R. G. C^044 cut Uarrpa, W. No pajvticuZa/u LOeAe. glvdn. Ve.czcu>zd woi qactz we££ known 
hzA-Z and v-Uitzd tkz HungeA. family ^on. 6&veMJtt da.y{, Zcu,i {^aZJL. Haa iMiiz dizd ovdxj a £zlo _ 
weefei ago and -Lt -u pKobabtz that gnx.z{, htutzmd kis dtatk. 

Ve.cejuzd uxu a bfiothzA-ln-lau o^ Hu. F. 0. Hungz/i and onz o^ kil, daaghteA, Hu. P. 
H. Ro44, wa4 a ^zquznt vldltoK hoAt bz^oAz ikz fmmovzd to Idaho. 

««««»»»»»« JanuoMj 20, 1910 

The. ^olZouiing itzm fuiganding FKe.d RlnkzA, ^oKinzAZy o^ HankinO'!>n, oxUUi 6e ojj>ieJ>t 


"FAzd Hinktfi, biL& dxlvzA. ioK a. ElimaAcJi Hotzl, AzceX-Mzd new4 o^ thz dzath oi 

an UncZz, Cai>peA VacJzdi, at Sauk CtnteA, MN. , and In thz iomz tzlzgAom uiai, noticed that 
hz had bzzn Iz^ a deed ^OA a 160 acAz ioAm with, all 6tock and zqulprnznt. Thz ^aJim aj> 
valu&d at $30,000. Young RinfeeA, who li, a. &on o^ thz oZdzitt locomotcvz znginnzn. o^ thz 
Soo linz and nzphzio o^ Ccttf EnglnzzA Hinkzn. o^ Mlnnzapolii, afoUvzd In KUmx/idz {^t^tzzn 
monthi ago and wonkzd {^oi tzn monthi> a4 bAokzman on thz Soo. 

Since thzn hz had been d/ilvlng bal> to and ^om t/iainl>. Hz had livzd with hli> UncZz 
^OA nlnz yzaA& until tzn yzoAi ago, but did not gzt along with him and wai iruch 6uApAii,zd 
whzn hz hzoAd o^ kilt good ^oAtunz. He li> holding onto hi6 job." 

********** januoAy 20, 1910 

Mc44 Alpha HunnzULi o^ thz local tzlzphonz zxchangz was callzd to foAgo thl6 weefe to 
aXtznd thz iunzAal o^ a bAothzA-ln-lasti. HeA motheA. l& al&o cAUticaHy III at thz 6amz placz. 

********** 3anuaMj 27, 1910 

CARD o{i THANKS To thz ^Aczndi and nzLghbou who io kindly a^^litzd al> duAcng 

thz lltnziti oi my wl^z and dzath o^ ouA baby, we wl&h to zxpAzS6 ouA dzzput gnatltudz. 
WoAdi cannot zxpAzii thz appAzcA,atlon wz ^zzl. 

H. C. Schultz and Family 
********** JanuoAy 21, 1910 


R. C. Ga&t, a {^oAmzA fizildznt o^ Hanklnson, pa&6zd aiaaiy at thz Statz Hospital at Jamu- 
town loAt ThuA&day a^tzA an lltnz^6 zxtzndlng ovzt ^izvznal yzoAi. Hz woi a victim o^ Bnl- 
ght'6 dl&za6z and tkii allmznt Aziultzd In hli dzath. 

Vzczoizd woi a nativz o^ GzAmany but camz to thU countAy whzn a young man, and lot 
JiiZvzAol yzaAii woa a fiz&ldznt o^ Hankimon. At onz timz hz woi, ownzA o^ thz Wz&t Hotzl 
pfLopz'ity and wai zngagzd alio In moAon wonjz hzAz. A^zt dAJ>po6lng o^ thz hotzl pAopz>ity 
hz mvzd to Voagloi,, UV., but thz InAoadi, OiJ BAighti, dJjtza^z a^^zctzd ha> mind and thAzz 
yzoAi ago hz woi iznt to thz asylum. Hl6 mzntal tAoublz was o^ a mild natuAz and duz 
mo&tly to weafene64. Onz oi hU la^t /izquziti wai that kz bz buAizd bzildz hil> two ckild- 
Azn In thz Hankln6on CzmzteAy. In compliancz with hli, H.zqu.zi>t thz Kzmalni wzAz ^hippzd 
to thU point and ^uneAal 6ZAvlczA wzAz conductzd by Rev. H. Kunz In thz GzAman Ev. ChuAch 
SatuAday a^tz^noon, IntzAmznt bzlng madz In thz czmztzAy 60uthwzit o{, town. 


Pecenied iwu> 4B yzoAA old and 16 6uAvive.d by a uaidow and ninz dfuldxzn. . .Hznhznjt, 
Ray, Btanckt, CzcaJL, Lila, Izoruvid, GuAtav, UiJiton and Gladyi. A bnjotkiA KziideA nzoA 
S<A6zXx)n and thAzz i>-i6tzAl> -in Waiklngton 6tatz. 

*»,*»»»*«« Feb/uxa^ 3, 19)0 

Sou;di 0^ Lidgznwood Column Thz tzn months old 6on o^ Mt. and Wis. klbztt ThzAmzn. 

dizd at thziA homz <S-cx miizi ioathwz&t o^ Lidgznwood o^ acutz ■inltamation o^ thz stomach 
and ■intzitlnzs . FunznaZ szAvtzzs uizAz conductzd by Rev. J. Ctothzn. -in thz Gzfiman LuthzA.- 
at\ ChvJich TKidny a^tzfmoon, -intzAmznt beJ-ng madz wzst oi thz ckuJich. Thz bzAzaxjzd poAznts 
havz thz sympathy o^ alt. ««»««*«»*« FzbKuaA.y 10, 1910 

W. TztzASon Kztufinzd Monday ^Aom BattZz Lakz, MhzAz he. attzndzd thz £unz>ial of, his 
bKothzA. S&S6SS6S6S FzbKaoAy 17, 1910 

Emit ThlzZ dizd suddenly at thz homz oi his buothzA, HzAman Tkizl, SatuAjday zvznlng. 
Thz caasz o^ dzath was a hzmoAAhagz o^ thz bfiain. Thz Azmalns mzaz takzn to W-isconsln 
^OA baUat. ********** FzbAuoAy 17, 1910 


M^. Anna KAausz passzd avoay last ThuASdatj zvznZng ^Aom thz zf^^zcts o^ a diAoniz ail- 
mznt 0^ which skz had bzzn a sai^izAzA £oA szvzAot yzaAS, Vzczaszd was an zanly szttlzA 
AM this locaJiity and Izavzs a toAgz clAcJtz o^ {/ilznds to mouAn hzA loss. 

Shz was boAn In GzAmxny on My 19th, 1S63, coming to tJvis countAy whllz stilt a young 
glAl. Shz was moAAlzd, hzA {/Jist husband bzlng EdwaAd Stzln to whom shz was moAAlzd 
at fzAgas FaULs. Thz lattzA dizd In 1903, and &omz time. tatzA shz was moAAlzd to HeAmin 

KAaasz who i>uA\)l\JZS hzA. Shz Izavzs szvzn ckitdAzn {,ouA sons and thAzz dauqhtzAS, also 

slstzAS and onz bAotkzA. HzA aged motkzA, Has. Ponath Is also living. 

Thz iunznal woi hzld Sunday, szAvlczs bzlng conductzd at thz LuthzAan ChuAck by Reu. 
J. P. KlauslzA, and IntzAmznt was madz In thz czmzteAy nzaA town. 

Thz soAAOwing {family havz thz sympathy o^ alt In thzlA loss. 

********* * fzbAuoAiy 17, 1910 

CARD OF THAMKS We wish to zxtznd qua hzoAtieJU thanks to thosz showing th&lA kind- 
ness In thz dzath o^ ouA littlz onz. Aug. ScSmidt and Family 

********** FzbfuioAy 24, 1910 

Hikz UiitlzA dizd Tuesday a^tzAnoon a^teJi an lltnzss o^ thAzz weefcs, oi old agz. 
.... tJiantadoA.... **********:: FzbAuoAy 14, 1910 

FfUXz JakA, a ioAimA Ae^ldznt o^ Hanklnson, and thz zldzst son 0|J H>is. iHm. JahA o^ 
this placz, dizd at thz SAzcJiznAidgz Hospital last FAiday o^ congestive pneumonia. Vzcza- 
szd was SI yzoAS old and lejave^ a wliz and {^Ivz chitdAzn. Hz was a natlvz oi GeAmany but 
camz to this countAy 13 yzoAS ago, locating ilASt In HanUnson and thAzz yzoAS tatzA going 
to BAzckenAidgz. Thz body was bAougkt to Hankinson ioA buAlal by H. C. Hof^^man who tz^t 
hzAz Monday night ioK thz puAposz, and thz iunzAol tooi hzld Wednesday a^teAnoon at thz 


P, Wo Gogg^n. and mL^z cutte.ndzd the. ^umAoZ o^ Uti. O'Kanz, an otd ^amtiy {i>u.z.nd, 
who dted o^ tubeAcuZoA^ at Zfmckzn'udgz tkz ioiz poAt oi thz weefe. 

***•»****»* Ma/LcA 24, 1910 


Thz ^oZZoioing iX.ejn takzn {/Lom tkz foAgo Tofum mLUL bz o{^ inteJizit kznz Inasmuch a6 
thz pan.znt6 o^ tkz boy-i mzntlonzd, lAn.. and Hu. H. F. Gfum, ^ofmzAty wzfiz zjmployzd on 
tkz E. H. CafitzA nxuick ioath o^ HanLinson: 

HARVEY, MP., MoAjck ZSth GzoKgz Gnam, 12 yzoM old, madz a dz&pzAotz zHolt to 

iaxjz IfuJi 7 yzax otd bxotheA, VaZz GAam, {/torn dzath by d/uMning -in a hugz KaAJUvoad Kzi,zn.- 
voAJi nzoA kzfiz. VaZz Gnam had gonz on thz wateJi -in a Izaky boat Mhlck 6oon f^Wizd Mltk 

GzoKgz, bzing on i>hoKz, junrpzd i.nto thz -icy watzfi and 4wani out to thz zdgz o^ thz 
on uihtch thz yoangzA Zad um attzmpting to &uppofit himizZ^. Thz zZdzn. tad uiai onZy a ^zio 
izzt iiom hi& bKothzA uohzn thz ZattzA 6ank, but Gzotgz 6tiZZ madz zHofiti to 6avz kU 
bnathzA by dLi\ 

FZnaZZy zxhaaitzd, thz MouZdbz KZyicueA had to Aztahn to i,honz. Thz viatzA woA tsMztvz 
izzt at thz po-int whzAz thz d/ioimZng ozcuAAzd. 

********** y^j^^ 3J^ jgjg 

J. F. SALgg4), 94 yzau old, dizd at Wahpzton Monday. Hz woi a vztzAon o^ thz ClvZZ 
WaA and woi knoMn oi "UncZz Sanf' 8-tigg4 by xza&on o^ hii fLzmmkabZz ^zizmblancz to UncZz 
Sam. Hz ha& appzoAzd at a numbzA o^ natlonaZ G. A. R. zncanpmznti, in thz chaAactz>i o^ 
UncZz Sam. ********** ^l^^^^j^ 3,^ ,9jj, 

Victim 0^ FouZ Play Found In RivzA at Wahpzton 

Thz body o^ a man, a^tzAWOAdi, Zdzntl^zd a& that o^ AZbzAt Uozn, woi ^ound Zn thz 
Red ZLvzA about a miZz nonth o^ Wahpzton Sunday. An Znqua>t AzvzaJLzd thz iact that hZi 
ikuZZ had been cAackzd, and a hoZz In ku b^za^t had zvldzntly bzzn madz with a buZZet. 
Thz advanczd 6tatz o^ dzcompoiZtZon madz Zt dZ^^cuZt to diicovzA thz zxact caiu,z o^ dzath. 
A gold watch wai> ma>6Zng ^fiom thz body, thz buckikln chain having bzzn cut In two, and thzAz 
wzfiz othzA CAAcum&tanczi) that Indlcatzd muAdzA {^OK thz puApo&z o^ fwbbzAy. 

Mozn had bzzn zmpZoyzd on thz big C. M John&on ^aAm at Vwlght but Zz^t {^on BA.ecfeen- 
fildgz on Oct. 9th to makz iiOmz puAckoMZM, pfiomulng to fiztuAn. Hz had 6omz monzy coming 
^nom Johmon ^on. wagzi but nzvzA tizXu/inzd to cZalm It. It woA thought poiAlblz hz had 
gone nonth to thz woodi, {^on. tkz winWi and no Invz^tlgatlon o^ hilt dl&appzoAoncz was, madz 
until about a wzzk ago whzn a blotkzA oAHlvzd In BxzckznAldgz ^Kom UndzAMood, MN. , In 
izoAch o{t him. Thz Zoit 6zzn o^ him aZlvz wai In a ZfizckznAidgz i^aZoon. It Id 6uppo6zd 
hz wai thz victim o^ thug-i who thought hz had monzy, and 6omz Alight cZueJ> oAz now bzing 
iollowzd up, but It It, hoAdZy pxobabZz thz muAdzAZAi will zvzA be bfLoagkt to joitlcz. 

Mozn wa6 a ilnglz nan, 32 yzoAA old and had woAkzd anaund Vwlght ^OA. 6zvzAaZ 4,Z£U,oni>. 

********** Ap;^^ 7^ J9J(J 


GzAimn Ev. ChuAch. NzWizA the. laidow ox any o{^ thz ckiZdAzn wzAe. able, to fae p/ie^eni. 

CARP OF THANKS We Miih to thank the. ifu.endi, who oMl&ted duAlng the pfiepoAjoution -■ 

ion the. iune/iat o^ my 6on. ThexM. ktndne^i was a help tn my beAexivemtnt. 

M^. Wm. JahA. 

********* * UbnjooAy 14, 1910 

Hike. liUJieA, a. plonteA 6ettleA In tkli, pant o^ thz county, pa6ied away at the hoim. 
oi luiii 6on-tn-lau}, Fnank Wo-a-Jodz, at f^antadon. Tuesday o^ the Iniinmltiu o^ old age. 

Peceosed uxu, 81 yeoAi old and leaveA two daaghteA^i and £oua Aoni M^. Fnank Woi- 

wodz, Uu. HeJU Hanson, Ca&peA WJleA, Mantin MMen, Se£eAn UilleA and John HilieA. All 
but thz Ixut named ne^-Lde tn thAJ> vtclnity. Ve.cea!>ed was kighly ne^pectzd and hai, many 
i-rlendi, e-6peclatly among the ploneeA izttZeAA, who mounn hU death. The iuneAol l6 being 
heZd today at the Catholic ChuAch at Ikintadon.. 

********** VebKuany 24, 1910 

Uantjadon. John SeZlneA. nzcelved the. 6ad newi o^ kii motheJi's death Sunday and Iz^t 

on the evening tnain ion St. Paal. 

******** * * f^^^ 3^ j9j(j 

Mc44 Vagny Enland^on died at the J. Suion&on home la&t week a^ten a lingzning -illneM. 

Thz nemaim uiznz laid to nut -in thz czmeteny za&t o^ town Mooneton. . . . 

********** f^anch 3, 1910 

Mn6. A. J. Zanken wa& called to ValZe.y City tka> week by thz sudden death oi hzn 
nizcz, Mc44 Tanniz Buxchilt, Thz mz^iagz did not give any pantlcuZani> as to thz caui>z 
oi hzA death. ********** j^^^j^^ j7^ ,9,^ 

ELMA Thz Infant baby oi Louli Kuttzn died Iji&t wzzk. Thz iunznal uia6 heZd on 

Tuziday. ********** ^<^j^^ 24, 1910 

Tnlzndi) oi Mli6 Ingzbong Nanum sympathize with hzn In thz death oi hzn iathzn, news 
oi which sad zvznt annivzd by cablzgnam inom HoHway on f^onday evening. Hz had bzen In 
poon health ion sevenal weeks and Hiss Nanum was pnepaning to netuAn to Nonway whzn thz 
meAsagz oi kis dzmisz was nzcelvzd. She will now dzizn hzn tnlp ion a time at Izast. 
Vzczaszd was a hzavy land ownzn In one oi the most pnodactlvz pants oi Nonway. 

********** f^^^ 24, 1910 

tJins. Chas. Klnsch passzd away at thz hospital Satunday about noon aitzn suiizning 
ion many iwnths. Two opznations wznz pznionmzd but only pnolonged the thnead oi liiz ion 
a timz. Vzczaszd was about 3S yzans old and Is suAvlvzd by thz husband and iivz chlldtzn 
to whom thz sympathy oi thz community Is zxtendzd In theZn bznzavement. Thz iunznal was 
held Honday, sznvlczs being conducted at the Genman Ev. Chunch by Reu. H. Kunz. 

********** i^anch 14, 1910 


....TEN /EARS AGO... .Co^uwi. ...Tfie motkzA. o^ ffumk HtZ&y dizd at heA. homo, yizoa Uan- 

tadoA. at the. 03^ o^ 82 ife.a/u,. 

Wu. krmJLLa HeA-ti, motkzA o^ Cka^. H&ln 0^ tkoi placz, dLzd at die. komz 0^ heA 

daaghteA, Hfii. John Wzndt, neoA Uantadon at the age ojj S5 t/eow. 

********** ^p^,^ 7^ j9j^ 

Ckiid VncMYU) In Hole Vug ioK TeZephonz Pole. 

A hhodzlnQ accident beieM. the tittle 3 yeaA old 6on o^ !^. and Uu. LemM Ruehl, 
occuplng the old CloAk ianm about a mile thi6 6-ide o^ LidgeAWOod, Ixiit Friday. 

Hn.. Reukl Moi ofomnging to luave ht& home connected viitk the telephone tine and po&t 
hotejt had been dag ujhich poAtiatly filled vilth wateA. The child, u)hlte play-ing about 
the pA^jniizi ^ell -into the hole and uas dnamned be^ofie dl&coMeAed. The mothen. ^ound the 
tittle one but ti^e ans extinct. 

The iympathy 0^ eve/u/ parent goej> out. to the 6tAlcken ^amiJly i.n thelA &ad beAejavement. 

The motheA woa pKo&tAatzd by the ihock 0^ the accident and ^ox a time wai> Jin a 6eAiou!, 

condition. The ^uneAal iMU, held Sunday. 

* ********* ^p^j^ 7^ j,jQ 

South 0^ LidgeAwood The 3 yexiA old 6on ojj Wi. and Mu. Louie Reuhl paired awojj 

veAy suddenly loMt fnldojj monnlng. The child had been playing outitde and woi ^ound 

In a telphone hole. Mk. Reuht woa to have the phone put In hl6 house, the hole ion. the 

po&t^ wefie. alAeady dug, and one hole wa4 ^uLl oi uJoteA. The child ^ell -into the hole and 

IMS dead when ^ound. The iuneAot was held Sunday. 


West UillaAd, an oAte^lan will dnllZeA fieslding at Cayaga, was stfuxck on the head by 
a deAAlck on the machine tost Tnlday a^teAnoon. His -injuAies weAe such that he became 
unconscious be^o^ he could be taken to town and he died that evening. The iunetat was 
held Sunday a^teAnoon. ********** ^p^^^ 7^ ,9j(j 

The 16 monAJis old son o^ Ma.. and Uhs. Geo. Copptn passed auay tfio weeks ago a^teA 
suiieAing jj^m an tn^antile. albnent ^on. some time. The sympathy o^ all is extended to 
the stnlcken family In thelA loss. 

********* * ^p,^ 7^ jgj(, 

The sympathy o^ the entiAz community goes out to Vn.. and Wis. I/. A. Voung in the 

death o^ thzifi infant daughtzn. which occuAAzd at an zaftly houA this manning. The tittle 

onz was bonn Jan. 26th and had been a suHeAZA inom stomach tAoublz {/lom biAth but thz 

slendzA thAzad o^ ti^e was zxtzndzd by thz watchful coAz o^ loving hands until human skill 

could do no mon.z. 

FunzAal szAvices will be held at thz homz tomonAow [Fnlday] a^teAnoon at 3:30 PM. 

********** ^p^^^ 7^ j9j(j 


ChoA. Mulph uxn, doltzd to WyndrnzAz lout weefe to attmd thz btdildt o^ kli aged 
^otheA uko pa64ed away af^toA m^^zAlng ^ox 6oim time, i^m thz ln{flnmi;bi^ o£ old agz. 
Thz £unzARZ wa6 kzld Mondtiy o^ Ixut weefe, IntzAmznt faeoig made, in thz HuZpk CmzteMj 
neat. WyndmzA^.. 

********* * Ap/t^^ 7, 1910 

Tkz 7 yzoA old 6on o^ Mn.. and M/u,. Gzokqz St^jong u)ai> dAou)ne.d In thz fu,\)z>i nzoA Wah- 
pzton thz {fiAMt 0(5 thz weefe. Thz ZUtlz izULow was {^hing ifiom a. itwmp on thz bank and 
thz AtAong Mind blew him Into thz fii\JZA. Thz body had not been Kzcovztzd at laAt izpott . 

* ********* KpnAJL 7, J9I0 

^zJUi Known QjJxzzn Posted kaajy Suddznly 

M. E. Cox, one o^ Hankln&on's wzlZ known buA-inzs6 mzn and Kzipzctzd citizznd, dizd 
TueAday a^tzAnoon at 4:50 PM {,Aom itAangalation o^ thz bouizZi a^tzA an lllnzi>i> oi lz66 
than thtzz dayi. 

Hz was takzn iuddznly -iZZ wkUlz woniiing -in his, boAbzt ihop SatuAday zvzning and wa6 
Kzjnovzd to hit) homz. Mzdicxil aid was Auirmonzd and ^ofi Aomz timz hz ihowzd impfiovzmznt 
but TwzAday hii condition become vzAy gKa\JZ. Thz tontuAzd body {^ailzd to ^.zApond to thz 
mzdicinzi and an opzKotinn was dzcidzd upon. SuAgzons ptom Wahpzton wzAz iummonzd to ai,6i6t 
in thz wonk but hz poAAzd away a Ahont timz bz^oKz thzy oAAivzd. 

VzczoAzd was boAn on Fe6. 12th, 1S70, in Wyoming, II., whzAz hz gAzw to manhood. He 
dzcyidzd to cait hiA £onXunzi in thz gAowlng wzit and locatzd at Glznwood, MM, , whztz hz 
was zngagzd in baiinz&A ion. azvzaoI yzoAS. He was moAAizd on Jan. ZZfvd, 1S95, to ULi>6 
Jziiiz M. Ba/mzi, who iuAvivzA him. 0^ thli, union ^ouA ckUidHjzn wzAz bofm, . . .HoAold and 
Howand, twin boys,, now 13 yzoAA old; AvanzlZz, 5 yzoM old and HiLton 3 yeau old. Thz 
widow and ^ouA ckildAzn iuAvivz him as dozi hii agzd ^athzt, SamuzZ Cox, who s,tiZl!> 
at thz old homz in JlLinoii. ThzAz oAz aJUo ^ivz blothzAt, but thzy oaz widzly 6c.attzn.zd 
and only two ojj thzm wzAZ ablz to fizach hzAz ioA thz ^unzial. 

Vzczoizd locatzd in Hankinl,on in AuguAt o^ 1900, and hoi bzzn in thz boAbzn. bu&inz66 
continuously i,incz that timz. He was highly izipzctzd by aZZ and dzvotzd hii, utmoit znzA- 
giz6 to thz end oi acqalntng a compztzncy ioK himszli and iamiliy. Hii, wzlZ known ^IguAz 
will be 6adZy mii,i>zd by hundAzd6 o^ ^nizndA not only in Hankimon but in thz countAy ^on. 
milzA aAound. 

Hz wa4 at di^izAznt timzA a mznbzn. o^ thz K. P. Lodgz, M. W. A. and thz Eaglzi but 
had pzAmittzd hiA, mznhzA&hip in alt thzi>z oKganizationi, to lapiz. 

Thz AtAickzn widow and iathzntzM) chiZdAzn havz thz AinczAz sympathy o^ aZZ in thzin 

gAzat loAA. 

funzAoZ szAviczi WZAZ conductzd at thz homz at 9 AM tki& monning by Rev. C. S. Joftnson 
0({ thz CongAzgational ChuAch and thz Azmaim> Ahippzd zait on Soo tAoin *> lOS ^OA bafUal 
in thz iamily lot at Wyoming, II. » »»««»**** Apntl 14, 1910 

Wm. ZimmzAman camz in ^Aom Bzach Tuziday moAning on ^lOS and Apznt thz day visiting 
hiA many fJvizndA. Hz was znAoutz to kboAdzzn to attznd thz ^uneAol oi hii, iatheA who 
^ "^ (109) 

dlzd iaddzniy. He ha& a harm uyidzA. coMtAuctlon at Bzack and Ma4. Zirmzfuran vxUUi joZn 
IvLm tkzA.e. aUt iioon a^ ■it i^ compZeXzd. 

********** ^p^^ J^^ jg,^ 

W. W. UZZzy donattd to thz HUZiZdz Czma^Ky AiiocZatlon 350 ^z boxzldeJi tAzz6 

and thzif havz bzzn &iJ: out dxjJvinQ tkz poAt vozzk. Thzy oAz o^ good i>lzz and add gJieatZy 

to thz appzoAoncz o^ thz czjnzte.'uj . OtkzA nzzdzd tmpKo\}ZMZnti> -in thz czmztzfiy gnjoimdi> anjt 

pAomuzd tki6 4>zai>on, 

* ********* ^p^j^ j^^ j9j^ 

South. 0^ LidgzAMood WiSt. Looci HzJbnzA dlzd Tn^day mofming 6kontty bz^o/iz W AM 

^m ^tAonguZatlon o^ thz bowzJ^, a^tzA. an <Jilnz66 o^ a ijew day&, 

Wu,. HzJLmzn. amz to thil> countxy zJ-ght yzofu, ago {/vom GzJunany and hai, ■U.vzd hzAz zvzji 
6.incz. Tunzfuxt 4e^v^ce6 we/te conducted Monday a^teAnoon by Rev. CtothzA in thz IrmanazZ 
ChuAch. Thz 6tnyLckzn ^athzA. and motkzAJiz^& chitd/izn havz thz sympathy oi aJUi ^n thzVi 
Qfizat l066. ********** ^p^^ j^^ ,,jQ 


HznAy UzyzA, a wzZZ knovin fizildznt o^ Ulnnzl>ota Town&hlp, pa6&zd away at thz Hankin- 
6on Hoipltat Tuziday a^zAnoon o^ kzafit ^aLiuAz. 

Vzczoyizd had been a Au^^zaza. ^fiom a weafe hzoAt ion. a tong timz and had takzn tAzatmznt 
at Hanktn&on and Roc/iei-Ce^, which ai^ofidzd only tzmpoioAy nzLizi. Hl6 OAJimznt wa6 o^ 
Audi a natuAz that a cuAz wai i.mpo^&ibZ.z. 

Vzczaizd Mai a pZonzzA fiz&i,dznt o^ tAinnziota ToMnihip, tocating thzAz uohzn thz Azd- 
ZAvation wa6 opznzd to iztttzmznt -en IS92. He woi tuiicz mofuvizd and tzavzit a widow and 
a iamiZy o^ 6i.x ckitdnzn. A bxothzn., MoAtin UzyzK, and a nzphzw, Adolph MzyzA, aZ&o tivz 
■in thz -damz JLocatiXy. He wa4 highly AzgaAdzd by thoiz who knzw him bzAt and wait a modzZ. 
nzlghboA and upKight citizzn. H-ii untimzZy dzath -ii a itnczAe. ■ioi6 to thz community -in 
which hz had madz hiSt homz ioA IS yzau. 

Thz iunzAaJL wilt bz hztd tomoAAow {Fnlday] a^tzAnoon with 6zAv.iczi at thz homz and 

tatzA. at thz chuAxih nzan. by o^ which Rev. CloztzA ■is pa&toA. 

Thz WEWS joim with othzA iKizndi> -in zxtzndtng iympathy to thz bzAzavzd ^amiZy. 

********** ^p,^ j^^ j9,(, 

Young Man CAuihzd by PondzAoui Stzam BAzakzA 
Onz o£ thz AoilAoad mzn who Aum bztitJzzn hzAz and BiAmoAck AzZatzi to Thz NEWS thz 
6toAy 0)J a 6hocktng accidznt nzoA W-i6hzk zoAty thi6 wzzk. 

Otz A&zzZdon, about 2 7 yzoA old, a nativz o^ Honway, had bzzjn. In thii countAy only 
a iew monthi, wa6 Aun ovzA. by a big itzam bAzaking plow two milzi> noAth o^ (ili.ihzk and 
■instantly kMzd. 

It izzmi thz young man, who accompanizd thz bAzakzA out(^ as iOAt o^ gznzAol utility 
man to look a^tzA thz plowi, and othzA wonk Incldzntal to thz opzAation o^ thz big machinz, 
woA walking alongUdz thz znglnz to pAotzct himszl^ ^Aom tiiz chilly wind. It li> 6uppoizd 


that hz 4>tuirhltd and ^eZt undeJi one. oi tkt bZg dfUvzAi. The. znglmeA hzoAd no outcAy 
and did not knoM ukat had happentd untiZ hz Zookzd oAound and 6aw the mangled fiesmlYit, 
0)5 tkz undofitunatz young man tangled tn the plcM4>. The uielght u)hick paj>6ed oven, 
thz iofm oi the dzcexned lengthalie cn.uu,hed him {/at. He lea.vej> an uncle rveax BuAnitad. 

***,**»*»» ^p^^ 2«, 1910 

South 0^ LidgeAuJood M/l. Ah/iem, died Monck^ at a fvipe old age. TuneAal ieAvlceM 

we/ce held ThuA^day. ********** ^p^^^ 2«, 7910 

Wm. WZtt and Max Witt depantzd Monday ^oA. Hiluaukee, WI., tn nej,ponie. to a meMage 
announcing the sudden death o£ a bAotheA-tn-lau. The ^OL6t named Mill Kenviin in Hilwaukee 
Ion. i>ome time but Max mUZ nztuAn 04 i>oon aj, the £uneAal ij, oveA. to look a{^ten. the wonk 
on hiJ> ioAjn. ********** ^p^j_^ 2«, 1910 


Joachim Aknzn6, an old Kzdidznt o^ MLnnziota TownlJiip died on Monday o^ la^t week at 
thz homz 0^ his 6on, Hznn.y, agzd 72 yza/u. He had been in pooA health ^on. 6ome time. 

Hz -C4 6un.vivzd by zcght chiJ.dn.zn, John, HenAy, and VizdAich, ion&, and Mai,. HenAy 
SchAxm, MAb. Gu6t BeAndt and Mn.&. H. Kohl, Azsiding in tha> vicinity and two daughteAl> in 
Red Wing County, MN. 

Vecza^zd camz to thd vicinity ijAxxn Minnz&ota about 15 yzaAi, ago and ha& 4-cnce nz&idzd 
In Minnziota Township. Hz had a loAge numbzA o^ ^ni.znd6 who zxtznd thziA sympathy to thz 
family. Thz ^uneAol 6ZAvices wzaz hzld on ThuA&day. 

********** May 5, 1910 


MINOT, W., May Ut Thz IS monthi, old daughtzA o^ Ma. and Mas. CaAl Mzwgnln died 

at thzlA homz, SOS Anllngton StAzet, la&t Fntday a^znnoon ^nom mzai>lzi> and pnzumonla. 
Thz {^unzAal wa4 held Sunday ^Aom RoMn's UndeAtaking VaAloAi,. Rev. R. P. Blunt, paitoA 
0^ thz Bapti&t ChuAch, dzlivzAzd a bAiz^ ^unenal 6enmon and the nzmaim wzAe. intznAzd in 
Ro6z Hill Czmztzny. ********** ^j^ 5 j^j^ 

VAizndS) oi thz HzAman Kubz family zxtznd sympathy in thz loss o^ thziA 11 yeaA old 
daaghtzA who passed away Tuesday evening a{^zA a pAolongzd illnzss. Typhoid pnzumonla 
and a complication oi neAvou6 tAoublzs aAz given aj> thz caasz o{, the dzath. 

The iunznal will be hzld Fnlday a^tznnoon witk szAviczs at thz {^amily homz in Bnlght- 
wood at 1:30 ?M ^oliowzd by szAviczs at thz Gznman Ev. ChuAch in Hankin^on. 

********** May 5, 1910 

M^. Gzo. WonnzA, Sa., aHzctionateZy known amoung hzA old {^nlznds as Gnandma Wonnzn. 
passzd away at Gnzat Bend last night o^ in{tiAmUlzs incldznt to old agz. Shz had bzzn 
{^ailing ^oA szvzAol wzeiis and thz end wai, not unzxpzcted. Vzczaszd was one oi the {fUist 
szttleAS in thz GKeat Bend Azgion and heA dzath will be mouAned by a host o^ inlends in 
that locaUty. ********** mo^ 5, 1910 

a 11) 

GREAT BEWP EXAMINER M^. Ge.o. WofimA, Sfi. , bztteA known OA HothzA. Wofin&A, pcii,4>e.d 

auxiLf at hzA homz on ThuA6day cut Z AM cut thz age. o£ 67 t/eo/LS. Shz had bzzn UJL 
£oA. 4>omz time, and aictkin thz la6t ievi u)zzii& QHodaaJLty ^cuZzd and dzcuth. came 06 a nzJiizi 
to kzA 6u^^eAln36. Vzczoizd waj> uU.deZy knoim thAX}agh tkU county. Shz woi a tfuiz ChAl&t- 
ijxn Moman and a kind mothzA Mho Mitt be miii&zd by kzn. chitdnzn and many f/ujzndSi. 

ktt oi hzA. 6oni> and daughteA6 wzAe. pfizi>eyvt zxczpt Cfioi. WoAnzt wfio could not fae toc- 
cutzd. Thz ^unzfLot woa hztd Satu/uday and moa toAgzty atte.ndzd. Reu. Ozdz/i condwctzd thz 
i,zfivlczi, and &hz woi taid to xz6t -in thz cmztzAy bzi^lde. kzn. hu&band who dlzd about ioun. 
{/eaA4 ago. »»»»»»,««*• Uay n, 1910 

Un.. and Uu. N. J. KAjzhibach attzndzd thz {uneAjoZ of, thz tattzn'& bfiotheJi-in-tiM, 
thz tatz. ffuxnk Wohlwznd, at LidgzMwood yzstzfiday. Vzcza^zd dlzd Sunday o^ typhoid ^zvzA 
a^teA a &hofit IZtnz&A. Hz tzavzi a um.£z and a toAgz ^amiZy. 

********** Moi/ 12, 1910 



Abbas 9 

Abrahamson 2 

Achter 19,A7 

Adams 102 

Adrian 73 

Aherns 111 

Albert 14 

ALbrecht 1 

Allen 101 

Aim 84 

ALmy 65 

Ambary 34 

Ambrose 33 

Ammonche 48 

"Anatomy" 103 

Anderson ...1,7,48,53,89 

Andrews 51 

Arneson 15 

Aszeldon 110 

Bagg 49 

Bailey 11,18 

Baker 23,27 

Balderson 12 

BaLsor 94 

Barker 13,91,106 

Barnes 86,109 

Barstow 39 

Bartz :..12,48 

Beaver 2 

Bechtel .22,67,93,99,100 

Becker 17,42,80,94 

Berg 22,45 

Bernard 2,20,29 

Berndt 9,11,38,66,92 

Biegel 2,79 

BiLLington 94 

BLackman 35 

Bladow 7,10,11,13,16,25 

to Film # 1571 - HANKINSON 

Blazer 36 

Boelke 8,20,33 

Bohn ..1,7,11,13,19,31,99 

Bojka 45 

Bolton 16 

Boomer 58 

Borgan 12,24 

Bovey 22 

Boyce 45 

Brackin 44 

Bradford 27,93 

Breden 94 

Brenner 25 

Briggs 107 

Brosch 32 

Brummond 6,25,56 

Buck 11,17 

Buckstrom 93 

Budack 86 

Burchill 106 

Burrel 51 

Burvee 84 

Cahill 43 

Campeau 24 

Cam 39 

Cemetery 110 

Chapin 29 

Chesney 90 

Christian 90 

Christianson 29,94 

Clark 39,55 

Class 63 

Colyer 69 

"Comparison" 22 

Compton 11 

"Confession" 62 

Conley 57 

Coppin 23,108 

Cox 109 



Crandell 4 

Cross 29,101,104 

Dahl 17 

Dahlberg 34 

Dahlen 74 

Dameral 58 

Davies 38 

Davis 48 

Deede 29,86 

De Griff 90 

Demoray 82 

Dennhardt 52 

Dennhart 63 

Dent 16 

Devine 81 

Dieuble 59 

Differding 103 

Dille 22 

Divet 50 

Doersch 85 

Dohrman 29 

Donnelly 2 

Dorn 81 

Dougherty 80 

Duffy 11 

Dumke 28 

Dunlap 49,59 

Dusbabeck 58 

Dwyer 30,53 

Eckers 1 

Eggen 8 

Ehr 42 

Ekre 51 

Erb 2 

Erlandson 106 

Faber 31 

Falk 62 

FaLLey 54 

Fetzer 55 

Fierce 11 

Figge 97 

Fisher 24 

FLaa 94 

Fleetwood 48 

Foeltz 55,65 

Foertch 23 

Ford 22 

Forman 37,60 

Forrest 14,63 

Foster 3 

Fournier 37,85 

Fowler 14 

Frankfurth 1 

Freeman 62 

Frundt 20,33 

Frye 10 

Funk 93 

Gallup 83 

Gant 100,101 

Cast 29 

Georgen 65 

Gerber 31 

Gillis 86 

Glander 75 

Glenn 67 

Godfried 30,33 

Goggin 84 

Goldstein 3,96 

Go lien 50 

Gordon 48,49 

Goth 25 

Gram 107 

Grawe 34 

Green 22,94 

Griepentrog 6 

Grohnke 96 

Groner 68 

Gust 104 

Haas 71 

Haberman 7 

Haen 35 

Haffner 7,72,101 

Hall 26 

Hammerling 71 

Hanson ...14,46,65,81,106 

Hardina 46 

Hargrave 27 

Harmon 12,13 

Harris 4 

Harrison 2,35 

Hasveth 26 

Haugen 95 

Hedrick 20 

Heesch 29,30,100 

Heglie 102 

Heidner 17 

Hein 6,108 

Heiser 23 

Heitkamp 33 

Heley 4,108 

HeLing 15 

Helmer 110 

Hemmingson 17' 

Henke 92 

Hentz 20 

Herding 2 

Hermes 20 

Heslop 22 

Higgins 47,68 

Hingst 57,71 

Hoaglund 82 

Hoefs ..7,11,17,18,28,103 

Hoeft 43 

Hohenstein .....17 

Hohenstern 94 

Holt 86 

Holtgen 82 

Huebeck 3 

Hunger 103,104 

Hunt 4 

Huntziker 14 

Huss 64 

Hutton 52 

Ingfer 17 

Ingvarson 75 

Insensee 27 

Ireland 4 

Jacobson 95 

Jaeger 83 

Jahnke 51 

Jahr 105 

Jarske 72 

Jasmer 13,55,89 

Jentz 12 

Jereczek 26 

Johnson 2,25,29,30 


Jones 16,22,24,31 


Junker 76 

Kaiser 64 

King 98 

Kinn 6 

Kinney 18 

Kircher 33 

Kirsch 106 

Kjelstrup 15 

Klausler 14 

Klein 9,82 

Klinger 83 

Klosterman 20 

Kluge 38 


Knaak 12,25 

Knapke 7,79 

Knott 22 

KnuppeL 2 

KoehLer 17,94 

Koerner 59,60 

KoppeLman 63 

Kotschevar 35 

Krahn 18,19 

Krause 12,31,84,105 

Krebs 70 

Krebsbach ..49,54,61,112 

Krueger 12,17,18 

Krump 33,57 

Kube Ill 

KubeLa 85 

Kutter 106 

Laboda ...17,46,73,74,75 

Lambert 2 

Landa 15 

Lander 64 

Lang 36 

La Qua 16 

Larson 92 

Lathrop 53 

Leffingwell 39 

LeLm 97 

Lenz 76 

Lenzen 64,79 

Lien 66 

Lierman 58,84 

Lindeke 25,99 

Loberg 93 

Lokken 1 

LolL 100 

Lorenz 9 

Lovelace 38,45,46 

Loury 2 

Lubenow 6,29 

Luke 24 

Lutheran Cem 92 

Maack 26 

Maahs 30 

Macheel 27 

Maeles 82 

Mahlke 55 

Marcks 1 

Marquardt 17 

Marquette 27 

Marx 34 

MasuLek 16 

Mathias 65 

Mauer 33 

Maxwell 100,101 

May 63 

Mc Donald 35,89 

Mc Donnell 33 

Mc Intyre 65 

Mc Laughlin 23,61 

Mc Morrow 19 

Medenwald/t ..11,16,25,26 

Merchant 47 

Merrifield 18 

Meyer J2,110 

Milbrandt .16,25,26,45,92 

Millard 108' 

Miller 10,62,74 


Mitzel 9,13,86 

"Model" 8 

Moen 10,107 

Mohs 13,29,51 

Mot is 2,60 

Moulton 101 

Movius 6,29,47 

Mueller 41,47 

Mullen 29 

Murphy 89 

Narum 106 

"Needle" 26 

Nehmer 31,84 

Helson 25,47,70,87 

Neubauer 56 

Newgrin Ill 

Nicholson 26 

Nielson 77 

Nierson 12 

Ni Ison 51 

Nitzel 24 

Nulph 4,5,109 

Odenbach 35,95 

Oechsner 76 

O'Kane 107 

Oliver 89 

Olson 16,24,50 

"One Armed Jim" 83 

Osbey 84 

Osborn 55,56 

Ostby 17,29,30 

Pankow 28,35 

Pappe 72 

Parker 47 

Paulson 38,99 

Pearce 103 

Pederson 14 

Peever 81 

Peitz 19,23,59 

Peterson 24,34,43 


Phelps 73 

Pierce 20 

Pohl 44,66 

Ponath 12,105 

Popp 29,93 

Priess 12 

Prior 31 


Prochnow 13,22,41 

Radke 19 

Rahn 27 

Ramsey 5 

Rasch 98 

Reichstad 85,86 

Reinke 24 

Reke 16 

"Relocation" 47 

Rennis 14 

Rettig 97,99 

Reynolds 26 

Rhodes 82 

Riba 58 

Rickert 4,20,43 

Rinehart 30 

Rippe 7 

Robbins 100 

Rockow 27 

Roeder 36,68 

Rogers 15 

Romberg 89 

Rommerein 12 

Ross 101 

Rossow 1,7 

Rossum 25 

Roth 12 

Rowland 30 

Rouse 39 

Ruehl 108 

Runnels 104 

Russel 61 

Saldscheider 49 

Sand 70 

Schiller 30 

Schiltz 70,97,99 

Schlener 96,98 

Schleter .- 41,42 

Schley 22 

Schley 22 

Schmidt 70,105 

Schram 27,37,85 

Schroeder 70 

Schueller 29 

Schuett 5,20,21 

Schug A5 

Schultheis 23 

Schultz 23,104 

Schulz 20 

Schumaker 84 

Schwankl 49 

Seba 9,52 

Sedler ...8,11,93,100,103 

SeLLner 106 

"Serenade" 24 

Sether 58,82 

Severson 16 

Shadrick 53 

Shannon 78 

Shaw 4 

Shephard 6 

Shipe 82,83 

Siefeldt 37 

"Sioux" 68 

Skibness 99 

Sleko 35 

Smart 15,29 

Smith 39,45,61,96 

Sorenson 68,69 

Spreckles 28,91 

Springer 22 

Stach 63 

Stack 13 

Stapleton 51 

Steffens 24 

Steffes 82 

Stein 33,105 

Stevens 12 

Stewart 65,77 

Stillwell 56 


Stine 77 

Stolba 67 

Stoltenow ..29, 60,66, !}7,89 

Strege 7,11 

Strissel 1,52 

Strong 109 

Studnicka 16,94 

Sullivan 90 

Swanson 29,59,60 

Sweeney 66,90,98 

Switzer 71 

"Teacher" 87 

Tew 23 

Theede 20 

Theil 19,105 

Thermer 105 

Thomas 40 

Thompson 22 

Tiegs 94 

Tix 41,63 

Triplett 50 

Trizek 96 

"Trouble" 26 

Tubbs 28,44 

Tunk 13 

Tyson 20,55 

Van Dyk 12 

Vedder 18,19,92,93,94 

Viet 7 

Voss 87 

Wachholz 63 

Wagner 79 

Walker 43,77,101 

Wallin 42 

Wallman 20,81 

V'aseka 16 

Waterhouse 12 

Watkins 5 

Weber 2 

"Wedding" 9 

Weinkauf 9,35 

Weiss 6 

Wendt 31,108 

White 35 

Widness 12 

WiLLard 16 

Wilm 34 

Wipperman 66 

Wirth 36 

Witt 9,54,111 

Witte 8 

Wittman 56 

Wohlwend 112 

Woiwode 8,15,35,106 

Wood 3,15 

WooLsey 12 

Worner ...13,17,22,96,111 

Wright 72,74 

WurL 93