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Full text of "Hankinson news : marriage and death announcement extractions from the Hankinson News, Hankinson, Richland County, North Dakota"

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HANKINSON "^'^'-^^' 
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AUG 2S 1998 



XL1B 7-102 

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AKECn^Y UTAH 84150 

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April 20, 1916 - May 8, 1919 



Hanklnson, Richland County, North Dakota 


Elizabeth M. Collins 

11638 SE 16Ath St. 

Renton, WA. 98058 


(S) 1993 Elizabeth M. Collins 
Copyright 1993 by Elizabeth M. Collins 
All Rights Reserved Worldwide 
Printed in the United States of America 

FILM * 1574 ApA.. 10, 1916 - Ucu/ 15, 1979 

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W/i. Gay fztt and Mt44 Zena Mc fcoinon 0|J Waltpzton, HO., on kpKU. 11, Rev. Simfizy o^ 
the. CongAzgcuUonal Chu/LcJi o^^clcLting. 

Tke.y wzrvt -umzdlatzZy to Uinne.apoti6 wheAZ thzy mUjL makz thzln. {^utunz harm. 

*!********* Ap-tcd n, 1916 

Thz mafifiLagt oi Wcii Ida. SpAtckzli to M^. W. M. Conitan occMAAtd at WahpeXon thz 
ionz pant o{ tkt uitzk, but tht NEWS ^ not in poiiu^lon o^ the. paAtlculaM. The 
JU a. uett knoum fLe^idznt oi thU city, a daughteJi oi Hfi. and Uu. V. SpJLe.cketi> , and hai 
ho4>ti 0^ pUendi uihxi extend be^t vuMheM. The gKoom U, Ket>Jids,nt oi TaAgo uiheAe. the young 
couple vxLLt Kejklde.. 

The hlBilS joins thzAJi many i!u.end& in extending congfiatulationi . 

»«««»»•«•» Hay 4, 1916 

The moAfUage o^ Wm. Vumke, Sa.., and Hu. LowUa WiebeA. (oa6 lolejmized at the. Luthr 
eAon PoA&onage on Wednesday evening, Hay Zhd, Rev. J. P. KZauitfi oi^clating. The con- 
t/LOcting poAtiti axe weZt known and among tht pioneer, nesidenti oi tkU section. 

********** Hay 11, 1916 

Hay nth, to AZbeAX. iHiZtijam BeLUn and Hiss Olga HeyeA, both oi Hankinson; Hay 13, 
John Hcitkamp and Hiss Angetine PiJiOAski, both oi Hoofieton. 

»««»»» t •« » Hay IS, 1916 

FAflnfe J. HaAtinek, one oi ouA. pfiominent ia/mzns south o^ town, was moMied last 
weefe. The NEilS hoj, been unable to obtain the. name oi the iontunate. young lady but joins 
a host oi iAiends in extending best wishes to the. happy couple.. 

«••«»»•«•% Hay 18, 1916 

mOCHUOW - S£Vim 
The mvoiiajge oi Ha.. RobeAt ScdleA and Hiss Adtlia PAochnow was solejnnized at 10 AH 
this moAning at thz lutheAon ChuAch, Rev. J. P. KlaiisleA. oiiicLating. The ceAejnony was 
witnessed by AeZat/MZS and a ieao intimate iAiznds. The young people, have gAown up in 
this pojvt oi lU.chZand County and aM. weJU. and iavoAably known. 

««««•««»»* Hay 15, 1916 

The rKvaUagz oi Wenzle HaAtinek and Hiss AntoineXtz Vanek is to take place at LoWAy, 
MM., on Hay 19th. The gAoom-to-be is a pAospeAous young ioAmeA Ae^iding south oi Hankiji- 
^,on. ••••«•«•«« Hay 15, 1916 

■ ■ ID ■ ■ ■ ■ 

A mcw/Lcage tiaznite. wcu, liiuzd tiuj, uitzk to feXtn J. KAump atidHu^ l^any VozAtdch. 

********** June I, ms 

Invitation^ ajvt out ioK the. iKLfuUagt o^ HU6 Saionna HzZidoK^eA. to UK. Uatheui 
WZnteAJ>, J/u, to take, place at St&. PeteA S ?auJL'& Chunck In UantadoK on Tuziday, June. 
27th. ««•••««••• j^^ j5^ j9j^ 

The. moAAlagt oi Hii^ Etizaheth E. Lee to MR. Wm. VahZ&tKom uia& iotemUzed at ST. 
?hiZJ.p'^ ChuA^h one moKnJjiQ last week. Rev. JOi. F. Studnicka peAiofmlng the ceAejnony. 
Thz bKide. iM a Hanklmon QlnJi with a toJige clficte o^ ptlend& who one. pteaied to extend 
be^t wci/iM ^OA. a long and happy natnlmonlaZ ll^e.. 

•••«•«»»«« June 15, 1916 

PUEWTE (CA.) VJCTOHy: GeoKge M. HafLgAave KttuAned WtdneJ>day iKom a vlilt to San Vedxo, 
CA., wheAz he attended the. wedding o^ hU 6l6teA Hli/> Myfil HoAgnave to M/u Efme/t ShteXJ>. 
The. ceAemony being a veAy qultt a^^acA peA^oAmed at the home o{ the bAlde.'i poAejits, Ma.. 
and Ww. J. ill. HaAgKave, In San TedAo. McA4 Hangfiave taught ichool ioA thtee yeoAt,, up 
until thli yeoA, at Lesmon, SV. , wheAe the Aomance began, M'l. Sheeti coming to the. cooit 
to claim hli bAlde. Un.. and Ma&. Sheeti wilt KeJ>lde. In Leimon. 

Uliti, EeAtha Hengel and Ma. Tfuunk Hohen&teAn wete manfiled at the home oi the gAoom 
noAth oi town on Monday, Rev. HltgendoA^ peA^oAming the ceAemony. The bAlde. hoi lived In 
thli, locality ioA about a yeoA, coming {^m liinneJ>ota., and the gAoom Ih one o^ ouA pA04>- 
peAooi young iaAmeA^. A loAge clAcle o^ pilends OAe pleaded to extend congAatulatlom . 

June 22, 1916 
UaAAlage HcemeJt have been l&6ue.d Ae.cejitly to FAonk Hohen&teAn and Mc44 BeAtha Emetic 
Hengel, both oi Hankln/>on'- John F. KAome o^ TalAmount and Uii,6 Ida Hoe^ o^ Hankln&on: 
Ce.0Agz P. Smith and Ua>A Lydla BuA^end, both oi falAmount'- Loul& Stone oi UileJ, City, MT. 
and Uii>4, Je^&lt TeAn Hulph oi WyndmeAe.: BoAney E. Bakken oi CuilnneA, NV., and Amanda Jentz 
oi MantadoA. ««••»«••«• j^^^ 22, 1916 

GREAT BEhW EXAMINER A quiet wedding took place on Tue^day oi lait week at the. 

home oi Uti. and UAi>. GeoAge WoAneA, Sa. , when the solemn woAd& weAe spoken which united 
tkelA daughteA Ma4 Hilda and Rev. S. H. SnydeA. The happy couple leit on the evening 
tAoln ioA a wedding tAlp. We wlih to extend ouA heoAty congAatulatlom . 

»••«»•«»•• ju„^ 22, 1916 

SOWORA Johnny KAoii&e and Hi6^> Ida Hoei6 weAe moAAitd la&t ThuA&day. We. all 

extend congAotulaXlom and beit vxa^hti^to dit ha^p^ couple. ^^^^ 

C21- • • • 


A ve/uf pxttty wzdding ozcMM.zd cut the. EvangiLicat ChiVich aji GAzat Bend whzn Uk. and 
M/t6. Gexifigz Wo^neA. gave tktln. daugktzA. Hitda. In meuifUagz to Rev. Heuviy H. SnydeA. o^ GJiand 
FoAfes. The. ceAemony took place at 2 ?U TueJ>daij a^eJinoon and urn uxitne^ed by cZoie JieZ- 
otLveJt oi the cantKoctlng poAtUzi. Aa Mc44 SteZta PeA&cIibacheA o^ the Tango ComeAvatoKy 
o{ Mu&^ played UendeZion' & wedding moAch, the bfude and gtioom, attended by Hus Sadie and 
M/L. ElAoy VoAneA uiith little. feAn and FloAence WofineA ai itoweA. glfilt>, enteAed the ChtiAch. 
They weAe met by Rev. Thiete who peAiofmed the ceAemony. The bfiide. woKe a giAtUh gown o^ 
white, hltk cAzpe with tone. OveA. heA. iulZ bfudeal \ieJit woi, a wKenih oi litiei o£ the valley. 
She coAAied a boujquet o£ Ao6ei>. 

FolZowlng the ceAemony a thAee couAie dinneA was leAved at the bJLide'6 home. Rev. and 
M/14. SnydeA Izit the lame evening ioK thetA wedding tKip to UinneapolU, Chicago and WateA- 
loo, Ont., to the gAoom'i home. Tfuom theAt they will go to Toronto, NlagaAa FalZi, Bai^alo, 
Roche/>teA, New YoAk and otheA points . They wULL be at home In Gftand Fofiki a^eA. Sept. Ut. 

The blide l& a gJiaduate o^ the HofithwejtteAn College School o£ Mailc. Rev. SnydeA. li 
a gAoduate oi the h^oflthoe^teAn College Academy and li now a j'unloA. In the State UnlveAity. 

Rev. and Mt6. SnydeA weAe pAeiented with many valxuxble gliti, which, ihow the eJ>tjeejn 

In which the young couple aAz heZd. 

• ««««««««« J^^^ 22, 1916 

The moAAlage oi Hu. HeAmine LeJbn and Ma. fKzd KfielgeA, both oi thi& city, wa6 lol- 
emilzed on IUedneJ>day, oi Ixut week. They will occupy Wi. KAclgeA'A fie&ldence on CanlitzA 
Avenue.. ••••«•««•• ju„^ 29^ J9J6 


The wedding o£ tico welt known young people who have gAown up In thii neA.ghbofdn.ood 
occuAAzd at the GeAman LutheAon ChuAch In Gfieat Send on ThuAiday, June 15th, at thAee 
o'clock, the. contAoctlng panties being Mcaa Ida Hoe{)i and Ma. John F. KAaaie. The ceAe- 
mony wai peAiofmed by Rev. T. Hinck, In the pfte&ejnce oi a loAge ciAcZe oi ifuiejuk and 
fieZative^ oi the young couple. 

Ma. HubeneA, ofiganiit oi the ChuAch, played the wedding moAch aj, the bfildat panty 
pa66ed up the centeA ai&le, the iollowed by Ulii, t^yfitle Sfumdel oi ClxuAe City, a 
couLln oi the bfUde, ait bAldeimald, and the gfioom by Rudolph Hoeii, bfiotheA oi the 
Oi be/>t man. 

The bfude woi gowned In a pfietty white cAepe de chene tAtimed In heavy lace and 
caAAled bfilde'4, fui^eyi. The bfiide.imald woi gowned In an embfwldeAed net oveA ilZk and 
caAAled pink coAnatloni. 

About 130 guejitb weAe pn^ent at the fveceptLon that iolloued at the bfilde'i home 
wheAe a big 4uppeA waa ^eAved with everything good to eat Imaginable. 

The bfiide li the only daughteA oi Ma. and MA4. Wm. Hoei6 oi fflaldo and the goom It, 
a &on oi MA.and Ufu,. Chai. KAau6e. The young couple wilt go to homekeeplng at once on 
the ioAm fiecently puAcha&ed by the goom. June 29, 1916 



A fu^ wtdding occuMzd heAe. TvuiMdaij wheji WcA4 Amanda. Jentz and BaAnty E. Bakkai 
uitKe. uniie.d In imfLfUagz. A^teA the. ceAejnomr a gAand Ktczfition woe, kttd at thz home o^ the. 
bJudz'A poAenti, Mt. and M^u. LoviU Jentz, ne/vi MantadoA. The, many ^Kiendi oi the bfUde. 
ihe gJiew to womanhood In Richland County, ate pleaded to extend be&t tclshu, 

********* June 29, 1916 

GREAT BEWP EXAMINER. .. .The uieMlng beLLi -totg thli week at the home oi Ua. andUu. 
Pout StAubel. On ThuA&day, July 6th, theiA duaghteA, Mlii Viola., and Uk. Simon Voich oAe 
the happy young couple. It li too late to give the detalli tkU week ai we go to pfce&i be- 
^oAe the event. HoweveA, we will tAy to have a AepoKt next week. 

GREAT 8EWP EXAMINER.. . .A veAy pAeXty home wedding took place on Thuuday o^ loit week 
when McS4 Violet StAubel, daughteA o^ Un.. and Uu. Foul StAubel, wai j'alned In wedlock to 
Ua. Simon Voich, Rev. G. C. Thlele officiating. A^teA the ceAemony the happy young couple 
weAe ioZlowed by many ^endi and fLelailve& to the bnxde'i home wheAe the occabljon wai, ob- 
leAved In due iofan. A gKand iea&t wai ipAead and the old band, which had not played In many 
months, gatheAed up 6ome mailc, hunted up theln. ImtAumeti and autoed oveA to {gill the alA 
with moilxi and 6how thelA fuiMpect and expKeiJi thelA beit wlihei to the young couple. Att. 
and Wl&. Vo6ch have a ho^tt o^ ^endi> who join In extending heanty congAatulatloni . 

^ChoAlei M. F. Jacobion oi Bli^iablk, MW. , and Mci4 floJience Hai^neA o^ UooKe^n we've 
moAAled tajt,t week. The gAoom l6 a bAothen. oi A. B. Jacjobion, ^otmeAly o^ thl& place, and 
had choAge oi A. B'4 bKonch dfuig itoAe at Uoofieton at one time. 

«««»««»««» Auguit 10, 1916 

ChaAiei SpAeckeli and Ma&. Addle Pletz weAe moAAied at Wahpeton by County Judge Van 
AAnxm on AuguA-C 2nd. ThelA ^Alendi oAe ptexued to extend congAotulatlom and beJ>t wlihei. 

«••«««« t « « August 10, 1916 

It li AepoAted that a young man oveA In RobeAti County, who wai a victim oi unAequlted 
aiiectlon, hot weatheA, oA iomethlng o^ the ioAt, attempted to ihu^ile oU -tft^ moAtal coll 
and end hlM tAaublej,. He thought he wai taking a big doie oi poAli gAeen, but Imtead got 
hold oi a bottle oi colic Aemedy, and It wai Kzal hot itu-H, too. It li iald that he iaA 
exceeded the ipeed UmU. In getting out oi the coAn ileld wkeAe he had gone to commit the 
Aoih deed. The sequel to thli iod itoAy hoi. not been WAltten yet. 

• «••«»««•« AuguM 17, 1916 

Ua. F. H. LohA and Ulii Lytii Gait weAe moAAied at Ulnot, fW., on Monday, Aagi. 14th 

at 11 AM. The. gfwom ij, a. hon oi MA. and Ma4. Looca lohji oi tku cLtij and 6ptrvt kU 
boyhood heAZ. He. ^4 now ejrnployed ai teJUphone. opeAotoA. at Vouglai, HV., biding aZ&o 
izcAztofuf and one. oi the. dlAzctou oi the Vougtai, Telephone Company. 

••««»» t «« t Aagoit 17, 1916 

We have the plea&uAe. thii week o^ chtorvicting the wedding o^ Ma. kdotph BeZing and 
McA4 Somite WoAneA, both o^ thii pltme, on Wednesday, Aagmt 16th, at the home oi the bAlde'i 
pafLSJiti, Ufi. and HfU. Geofige WoAntt. We anz unable to give the dttcuJU on acxiount oi thii 
wtujting being In advance oi the happy event. HoweveA, we wl&h to extend oan. heatty congfiat- 
atajtlanit to the populan. young couptz, and wl&h them a long tiie oi health, wealth and prwi- 
peAlXy. ..GREAT SEKV EXAMINER..' ********* Auga&t 17, 1916 


A vtfuf pAztty wedding took place on Augait 16th at the EvangeZlcal Chafich In GKcaZ 
Zend, when Ma. and Ma4. Gtoige Wo^neA gave theln. daughteA Sadie In moAAiage. to Ma. Adolph 
BeZing, ion oi Ma. and MA6. Gu&tav Beting. The wedding took place at Z PM. The young 
couple. enteAed the chuAch attended by Uiiits Hazel Popp and Lena GAlepentAog oi bfildti- 
maldi and Ma. ElAoy WofmeA and Rudy BeLing oi be^t men. Little TeAn and TloAencz WoAneA 
acted 04 iloweA giAZi. The we.dding moAch woi AendeAtd by Ma4. H. H. SnydeA.. 

AfttzA the knot wai tied by Rev. Thlele, thejy AetuAned to the bKide'i home ioK a ium- 
ptxwui wtddlng dinneA. The young couple leit about midnight ioA fUnnejopolii and Chicago 
on a wedding tAlp. We wlih thejn mach joy In thelA wedded li^z. 

••«»••«»«• August 21, 1916 

GREAT BEhW EXAMINER Ma. and Ma6. HenAy Jacobl&h and Ma. and Maa. ChAii Ho^i^mon, 

both coupler being nevolywedi at Fafigo, ipent Thuuday heAe. at the home o^ Ma. and Ma4. 

H. W. WofineA. They weAe on a wedding touA a^teA ceZebxatlng a double wedding. The bnldej, 

maiden nameji weAe. Hiii Ruth RlckeAt and Hiii dana. Radke, both oi Wahpeton. 

»«««««•««« Auguit 11, 1916 

tnvltatloni will be. out In a iew dayi ioA the moMlage oi fliii Lena UwehleA to Ma. 
0. H. BakeA. The wedding li to occuA on Sept. Z3Ad. 

«««»«»«»*« SeptembeA 7, 1916 

Wedding oi ?Aominent Young People at Hinneapolii, 
The maAAlage. oi Hiii hianle SheULey to Da. Vennli E. Ryan wai iolemnlzed at St. Loio- 
A^nce ChuAch In Hinneapolii on Tutiday moAnlng at 9 AM, Rev. J. F. Studnlcka, oi tkii 
city peAionming the ceAemony. 

The wedding wai an eZaboAate ioclety event and wai attended by a loAge numbeA oi 
AeZatlvej, and Invited gue^iti. Aiilitlng Fa. Studnlcka duAlng the ceAzmony weAe. Fa. Sch- 
limeZ, Rev. J. Simon oi Flngal, hW., Rev. Fa. CoMy oi Cando, NV., and Fa. J. Lee oi 
Shakopee, MM. Immediately aiteA the. ceAemony a Aeceptlon ioA the neM)lywedi wai held at 


the home 0($ the. bxide.'/> poAznti, Ufi. and Ufu. Eagznz SheUey, 401 E. 4th St., Mpli,. 
LateA. In the day Vk. and Maa. Vjyan te{^ on a. AhoJit wedding fUp to Hoche&teA, MW. , and 
they mJLt fieXofin to Hanklmon the ioKe pant oi next week and go to Iwoiekeeplng In the 
gAoom'6 fteiZdence on Canliten. Avenue.. 

The contnactlng paAtLt& aAje well known to many o^ oun. fieadeu. The bnlde was p>un- 
clpal oi the Hantlmon High School iofi tm yeofu,, and by hen. pleas>lng peuonatity ioimed 
a. tange CAAcle o{ ^Alendi. The gnoom ha& pfiacZieed kit p/uoiekllon heAe. ioK leveAal yexsJU, 
and nankJt among the leading men oi ouA. tittle city, both pnciei&Zonally and -in a 6o<ual 

The nmly wedded couple will be a welcome addition to the hodal clfuJLei, oi Hank- 
Inion, and the congAatuljation& and but wl&hci oi all one extended. 

• •«••«••»» Septmben. U, 19U 

A manxiage licen&e was ij>6ue.d la&t week to Max C. Hanxit> oi Glemoood, Mn. , and Hi&i 
Elizabeth E. CKoppefi oi Hanklmon. 

»«««»««»«« SeptembeA 14, 1916 

In diit/Uct count at faxgo loit week, Ufii. Amelia. Putnam, ioJmenly oi Hanklmon, 
woi gfuuited a dlvonce i^om Chanle& C. Putnam, a dAaaghtiman In the employ oi CAone S 
OndiMjy Co., by Judge PoUock. In heA pAoyen. ioA dlvoAce, M/ls. Putnam alleged cAuel and 
Inhuman tneatment and non-iuppoAt. No deien&e woi oHeJied. 

********** Septemben. 14, 1916 

Wedneiday moAning at 11 AM, at the home oi Hugo Klan. In Getty GAjove town louth oi 
the city, mxu iolemnlzed the maAAlage oi hit, niece, Hc44 GeoAglanla KlaA, to FAedeAlck 
J. iilagnen.. The ceAemony woi peAionmed by Rev. E. C. SchmelieA In the pAtience oi a im 
Aelatlvei and iAlendi. UiiJ> Be&^le KloA, ilJtteA oi the bAlde, wai, bAlde&maid, EAne&t 
WagneA, bAotheA oi the gAoom, wai gAoom&man. The bAlde li the daughteA oi Ha. and MtA. 
W. KloA oi Hankln/>on, NV., and hoi vlilted hene iAequently at the home oi hen uncle. 
The gnjoom lit connected wltJi the cneameAy at Lernnon, SV. , wheAe the couple will be at 
home aittn. Nov. Ut. They will leave PAlday ioA a 6hoAt honeymoon tAlp to the tsaln 
cltlci and the iouthenn pant oi the &tats.. 
[Sauk CentAz [Mi.] Henald ********** SeptejnbeA It, 1916 

Two Weddings, Thl& Week oi Hankimon Young People 
SatuAday moAning at 10 o'clock M/l. Oao. H. Baken. and Hi&i Lena Maehten weAe united 
In moAAAjage at the LutheAan ChuAch, Rev. J. P. Klau&leA peAionmlng the ceAemony In the 
pA£J>ence oi a laAge a&iemblage oi Aelatlve& and iAlendi. At the concLi&lon oi the ceAe- 
mony the wedding panty pnoceeded by auto to the palatial countAy home oi the bnlde'i 


paA£jiUt 'in EAA.ghXuood vohsAe. the. giiti>ti> p<i>vticA,pcute.d. -in an appAcpfUatt ob^teAvanct o£ the. 
happtj e.vejvt. EveAijone. knom thU. Hie. UaehZ.eA'.i neveA do ant/tfUng by haZvti, and thz wed- 
ding vooi one that uULi long be fiejnejnbeJie.d, 

The cont/uicXxng panXiei oAe. both nativej> oi fU-cktand County. The. -ii a daughter 
o{ UfL. and M/L4. Ga6tav MueAZeA, pAomine^ m^^identii oi Bfilghtwood, and the gfwom Ui the 
only 40rt oi W. H. BakzA, ioAmeAZy oi Elma. Both afie. weXJi and iavoKablij knousn. 

M/i. and Wii>. BafeeA vuJJL occupy the John EZtli iofun in Elma which the gKoom hoi Kented 
ioA. the comuig iejuon. 


At 8:30 ?U Monday evening, at the home oi Ma., and Hfu. John Cfuoppex, thtVi daughter 
Etizabeth bzcamz the buide. oi Max C. HaAAli oi Gterwoood, MM., the. ceMjnony beting pexiofmed 
by Rev. H. C. JutZL. Mii>i> Many CuoppeA acted ai, iloweA gVit and Mc44 Ratfc CfwppeJi oi 
/Ling beoAzJi [both tvieceM oi the bftide) , and they enteAed iOat, iottowed by the. young 
couple and attendanti, white Mii4, Agnei Peltz played the wedding moAch. 

Tfie bAldt wa& gowned In white GeoKgettt oupe and cjxAJiied a bouquet oi bAxde'A 
AoieJt and tiZiti oi the valZe.y. Mu^ei TheAeJ>a ?tLtz and Emma Tklel attended the. bAlde 
and Me4iA4. CaAt OitAone and l)leJ>ley Stem,on acted ai, be^t men. VuAlng the ceAemony Mi&.i 
TheAe^a ?vitz lang, "I love Vou TAuly" and "A PeAiect Vay." 

JmmexUatejty aiteA the ceAemony a Azceptlon wai, held to AzlatlveM and Intimate iAlendi. 
Thz coloA scheme. thAoughout the Aoomi waj> pink and whJjte oAAanged with ieAni,. 

The. bAlde.' i, fuLveting iuit wai a gAcen bAoadcloth with hat to match. 

The out oi town gue^tl> weAt'- Ma. and Maj>. W. CAoppeA, Ma. and M/u. Sam CAoppeA, Ma. 
John Ro-pion and 6on&, atl oi MlnneapotU; MAi. Hall and M/ti. Ett&on, Glenwood. 

M/u and Mai>. HaAfiiii the 6ame. evening on the GAtat HoAtheAn ioA a two weeki 
tfUp aiteA which they wUJi be. at home In Glejwood. 

VuAing the time ihe hm^ Az&lded In Hanklmon the bAlde hxu> endeoAzd heAieZi to all 
who knew hex. She l& a mo6t choAming young lady, daughteA oi Ma. and Ma4. J. W. CAoppeA 
oi thii city, and cxuiAle^t with heA to heA new home the. be^t wl6he^ oi a loAge clAcle. oi 
Hax\iiiniiOn iAlend&. 

The gfwom lit ejnployed In the pAlntlng buJ>lneJ>i at Glenwood and li highly ipoken oi 
by tho&e who know him. 

• «»«»«»««« SeptembeA 28, 19U 


GREAT 8EWP EXAMINER A pAetty autumn wtdding took place la&t evening at 8 ?M In 

the. GeAman LutheAon ChuAch, when Mi6l> Alma WoAneA, duaghteA oi M/l. and M/u. H. W. i)loAneA 
woi unite.d In maAAlage with Zoy flagg, by Rev. GtfdbeA. About iiity fittative^ and iAlendi 
weAt pAeJ>ent to wltnt&i the ceAemony. 

The bfu-dumatdti weAe Wa^ei Anna Smeby and Ella. VafUch, and the gfioom&men weAe Zich- 
oAd StAohmeZfi and Rudolph liJofineA, the latteA a bfictheA oi the. bAlde. Luetta Ko4,tzn and 
FAcda WoAneA actzd ai iloweA glfili. Mc44 Cofw. Sachman played the wedding maAch. 

FolZouiLng the. ccAzmony, a. iwo cootie 6uppeA mcu, 4eAved cut the. home. o{ the. bfUdt'l 
^oAejvtj), 301 iik Ave. S^. Out oi town guej>t^ pJitiznt weAe the.' i gAandpaAejvti, , M/u 
and (Jiu. AZbeAt Bohn, Uix. and tVu. WaLteA Beting and Ha,6 Gladys UUzeZ oi GAent Bend, 
fin., and Hu. ¥lagg (oiZt go iirmediateZy to ho(U>ekee.plng In thU city, the ioiimJi being 
employed in the MeXAopotUan bowling alley. 
[Aberdeen, SV. Vaily AmenZcan] ********** SeptejnbeA It, 1916 

The many ^Alendi o^ Hfi. KnthuK UakeA oi Bficckennldge and MtiA Vautine VavZi oi 
VoAan uieAt gfiejotly iwipfii&ed la&t ueek when announcement oi theJji moAJiiage weu made. 
They had be£Ji moAAlcd Xn Hinneapolii, , on July 26th, and had kept the aiialA. a heoiet 
uniJ± loJit week, when Ha6. HaheA leit ioK Havfue, IfT., to join hen. huj>band who li employed 
-in that cUy. CongAxitulationi oi many i^iendi ioUow them to thexJi new home.. 
[Globe-Gazette] •••«•«•»•« OcXobeA 5, 1916 


STILES S l/ICINIT/ UaAxied at 1 o'clock Tuesday, Oct. 3fid, 1916, at the Lutheran 

ChuAcJi &outh oi LidgeAU!ood, Rev. CloeleA. oiiidaiing, Hiii tUnnie Vfuthexm and Ha.. FAohk. 
MoAqueXte. The bAidz li the eldest daaghteA oi Ha. and ^(/L4. Aagait VAahcim oi Stiles. 
The gAoom li a pAominent young ioAmeA oi Tenney, tW. ThelA many iAlendt, join u4 In ex- 
tending congAatuZatiom to the happy couple. They will Ae^ide in lUjintbota. 

«•»»«»»»•«* OcXobeA S, 1916 

HaAAiojge licemcit iiiued duning the pa&t week: 
TAonk L. BAamon and Hii-i Rubt/ Allen, both oi FaiAmount. 
John J. Held and Mc44 EitheA M. AlZen, both oi TaiAmount 
Leo B. SimmeA oi WahpeXon and Ha,^, Etizaheth i/Ja&muth oi Rot^ay, MM. 
HeAman HilbAondt, J-^. , and Mc4i VeLia Eladow, both oi HankbUiOn. 

»««««» t «» * OctobeA n, 1916 

The. wedding oi HeAman UiZbAondt, Jx., and Uit>^> Adelia. Bladow ii> announced ioA Wed- 
nesday, OctobeA nth, at St. John'i LutheAon ChuAch in BeZionA. Town&hlp. 

«»«««••««• OctobeA 12, 1916 

HoAAiage ticemes weAe iii-uzd the pa&t week to: 

Augui>t A. GeAeszek and Mci4 TilZie Scheleny, both oi UdgeAwood, on Oct. 13th 
HeAman Hadig oi Lone Hock, Iowa, and Hi&i Alma KAeM>in oi BoAneAy, on Oct. 14th. 

••»«»»»»»• OctobeA 19, 1916 

HaAAlage licenieA is&uzd duAing the pa&t week: 

PeXeA WaweAi oi Hankim,on and Hi6& Sckola&tica A. BeAnaAd oi TyleA, Oct. 24th. 
WalteA J. KAMjJte and Hiii Roia KAc&iin, both oi BoAney, Oct. 21&t. 
AlbeAt W. TonaXh oi TyleA and Ha,& Lydia Eva Be/in oi KiagoAa, MN. , Oct. 19th. 

C8) ■ 


STILES S VKJUITY MatfUzd: A;t 8 AM on Tuesday mofirUng at St. John'i Catholic 

Chivick In LidgeAuood, Aagint A. GeAeizet o^ Stilti and Hi&i, TWLit SheZttny o^ Lidgtn.- 
wood. The. l& the dauqhteJi oi Ufi. and Uaj>. Vnank ShelZeny oi Lidqe/woood, a hlgkty 
accomptUed young lady. The. gJwom le, the i>on oi M'l. and Ufa,. Joseph GeAeJizek oi StUeJ>. 
He li a pfiominejvt young ianmeA. 

They mete attended by Mii.6 Ro4e SheHeny ^liteA oi the, and TheodoAz GeMMzek, 
bfLothtn. oi the gfwom. The woi attlfted in a beautiful gown oi whitz taiieta. and 
geofigette cAepe, tfUrmed uiith white iwi, and wofie a tutte veil wfiejitkzd with llliei, o^ 
the valtey. She cjviAied a 6howeA bouquet o£ pink and white cjaAnation6. 

The bfu-de^nuiid wo fie. a cAeatlon oi white leA^e tfUimed with whitz iatln. The gfuoom 
wait attlted in the conventional black. 

A£teA the ceAemony a tkfiez aouue dinneA was leAved at the homz oi the bfiide'& 
poAenti. Only the iimedlate fizJbiti\fe/> wzAe pfiz&ent. The happy couple took a tjiip 
thfujugh the wzit and will be at home to tkzAJi {/iiendt> in Hankin&on a^eA Pec. Ht. 

TheifL many ^fiiendit join in extending them congfiatulatiom and bz&t wiihes. 

• • t ««•«•« • OcXobzfi 26, 1916 


The band tuAnzd out on Wzdntiday zvzning Ojf last week to play at the Hilbfiandt- 
Eladow wedding. EveAyone fiepofiti a vefiy good time thAoagh the hospitality ol the bfUde 
and gfwom. The event will bz long fiemembefied by the Gfieat Send band and thzy all join 
in extending congfuitulation& . 

The band was callzd out again on Tuesday evejiing to assist in czlzbfiating thz 
wedding oi Ua. John Gilles and Hiss Tfiacy Hejmzs, both oi Summit Township. M/i. Gillzs 
is one o£ ouA pfwspzfious young iofmeAS and thz bfiide is a daughtefi oi Ua. and IfAS. Jacob 
He/imes o^ Wahpeton 

A goodly gatheAing o^ fielatives and ^fiiejids weAz pAesent and thz occasion was gAeatly 
enjoyed. Thz band iuAnlshzd thz music and young and old danczd away happily until thz 
wzz sma' houASo^ Wednesday mofming, when zvzAyonz lz{^ with thz thought "we havz had 
onz good time." GAzat Zend ^fiiends wish to extend hzaAty congfiatuZations to thz happy 
young couple and wish them a long Hie oi happiness and pfiopeAlty. 

«««**«»»«« OctobeA 16, 1916 

Manfiiagz licensee weAz issuzd this week to: 
HoAvey Gzofigz SmiXh oi ChfUitinz and fUss f^ay Alien oi Walcott 
James E. Hzywood, WyndmzAz, and Uiss J. TAessa PatteASon, UiZnoA 
AlbeAt Uelson, Walcott, and Hiss Ida Mzslow, blalcott 
Hahlon 01. SteAneA, lilalcott, and Has. HoAtha E. Ista, Walcott 
HenAy Kfuwrp, Hankinson, and Hiss Ella ToeAtsch, Uoofieton. 

•«•»»«««»• NovembeA I, 1916 


AU4. Matt SchAom (VUu.vz± home. ScutunAcuj zvejujig i^om UlnntapotU wehM. iht attejidzd 

the. we.dding oi a. nzpheu an We.dne^day oi lcu>t weefe. Sht oLio htopptd avex at Eden VaLtej/ 
to vAJtlt a. A4J>teA who Kz&ldeM at that pZaxie. 

«•««»»«««• WovemfaeA 2, 7976 

GREAT BEMP EXAMIMER Tfce band boyi autoed oveA to thz home o£ Ma., and M^. Ed. 

Ponath Satu/udiUj evening to iuJmuMh mii-ic ioK the deception to Hn.. and UKi. KlbeAt Vonath 
who weAz moAJiitd Ke-cently at the. homt o£ the bfUde at KiagaAo., UN. Mt. Vonath wat, Kec- 
ently admitttd to the. ban. oi an attoKney at taw, and we an.e. Iniofmed wUJi open an oiiite 
at Hanklnhon in the neaJi iutvJvt ioK the. pAxicticz oi hii pfvoieMlon. 

We. Htci/i klm 4UCCW4 and theAZ -ci no doubt but what kii e^^oAti wltL be cAownzd with 
aXL fundi o^ it. The. evening was one continuaZ fiound oi ptejuituM. and oi AJtbeAt fizminked 
in hi& welcome addAzii, it wiLL be an e.vent to took bach, upon in the yeoAj, to come and 
eack one pA£J>ent wilt most 4>uA.ety not iofiget the. happy hoafu, ipent that night. 

The bJiide ii a mo6t chaAming and bexuitiiut young tody, 4o tet ui once mo fie. txtend 
heoAty congAotutationii . 

»•••«»««»» WoucjnbeA 2, 1916 

nx - EHR 

A veAy pKetty wedding occufUizd Wednesday mo fining at 9 AH at St. PkUip'i ChuAck 
when Etizabtth Victofiia. Tix became the. wi^e oi Jacob H. EhJi. 

The wai> attended by Mci4 TheAeJ>a Peitz and the gfioom by M/t. Hick ?. Ehfi. 
Solemn High Mai4 was sang with Rev. Fa,. Studnicka. o^iiciatlng, and Fa.. Schimmel as 
dzacon and Fa. Simon o^ Fingal as sub-deacon. 

A^teA. the ceAanony a bounteous dinneA was seAved at the home o^ the bfiidz's poAents, 
Ma. and Ma6. N. Tix. The bfiide has been oua local telephone. opeAatoA ^ofi the past thfiee 
ye.aAS and the. gfioom has been a fiesident oi Hankinson ioA a long timz. Both have, many 
^Aiends and well wisheAS. 

The happy couple, will make theiA home in Hankinson ^oK the pfiesent and will fae 
"at home" af^teA VecejnbeA 1st. 

Wzdding gatsts inom out 0(J town weAe. Hick EhA oi lilateAloo, lA, TatheJi Gfwom and Ma. 
Tfvost oi ULnot, MP. 


UovembeA 9, 1916 

TWENTY /EARS AGO COLIMI [1896] TeteA Kinn and Hiss GeAtAude Kfiump weAe. moAAied 

at UantadoA, Rev. J. F. Studnicka ol^ciating. 

»««•*»•«»« NovembeA 9, 1916 


A pfietty wedding was solemnized yesteAday mofming at hall past 10 o'clock at the 
LutJieAon ChuAck in this city when Rev. J. P. KlausteA pfwnounced the wofids that joined 
ioA tiie Viss Lena. Uadenwaldt and Ma. At^Aed Bohn. 

The ceAemony was witnessed by a toAge numbeA. o^ fielatives and ^ftiends oi the con- 
fuLcting panties, and at its conclusion the wedding panty Aepained to the home o^ the 
bfiide' s poAents, Ma. and Ufis. Wm. Uadenwaldt, whefie. a fveception was held. 


The. Hankinion oAchuiAa. iuAjvUhtd the. maiZc and the. £t6tiv<XZt& continutd lofi Into 
thz night. The. young pejopte. axe weZt known and have a toAge. cOicZe. o{ iAiendit and weJU. 
iulihe/u,. Thejj uutt makz thexA. home, on the. ^Znz iajm o^ ike. gfwomi, neoA GKexvt Bejid. 

********** NovesnbeA 16, 1976 

Jnv^UcuUoni have, been li6ue.d ioK tkz wafiAiage oi Uli^i Etizabeth M. Elonlgtn to Ha.. 
VzteA J. TkieZ, boik. oi UantadoA.. Thz happy evejit l& to take, ptace. on TUt&day, Hov. Itth. 

*•»««»•»«» WouemfceA U, 19U 

A moKfiiagz ticen&e. wai iMiucd lajtt week to ktinzd E. Bofen oi GKeat Bend and Lena. 

UovembeA H, 1 9 16 

M. HadejwaZdt oi HaniUn&on. •««•••««•» 

GREAT EEHV EXAMlUER....AZiKzd Bohn, one. oi ouA young and pJioApeAjoal, iaMnzfu>, wai 
jolnzd In wtdLock lUzdneJiday to Hiii Lejia UaderwoaJbit, a pfwwlnent young lady Ke.&ZdLng 
neaJL HanlUn&on, daughter oi Mt.. and M/Li. iilm. UadenuiaZdt. A numbeA o£ KeJtative^ and 
^AA.e.nd6 weAe. pKe^ent to wltneM^ the. ceAemony, af^teA which a day and night oi plexuuAt 
woi 4,pe.nt in honofi oi the. occasion. We wLt>h to txtejid ouA nat heoAty congAatulation& . 

• • * * * HovesnbeA 16, 1916 

GREAT BEWP EXAMIWER J^Aonk Witt aAAivtd heAe. ont day lait wtek acc£impanA.ed by 

a bfilde whom we. undeAitand ti a young lady jjAom BeJUiz VlaJinz, MW. Thejy Iz^t thz 6amz 
day ioK MantadoA wheAz thzy wiJil Ke^idz. We wtl>h to oHeA ouA ilnceAz cxingiatutatLont, . 

««««•««*** VzcvnbeA 7, 1916 


Loit week in ouA huitUng city thzAZ occufOizd a Komancz o^ moKz than uiual lnteAeJ>t 

. a Komancz that hoi nzveJi been zquaZZzd in Uofitk Dakota, Zn thz no>itiweJ>t, and peAhapA 

in thz Unitzd StatzA. 

Friday moAning, 6zatzd at thz bAzak^a&t tablz, weAz two o^ ouA. young pzoplz. ThziA 
acquaintanczihip zxtzndzd loK about two wzeks pAzvioui and then only a pa&iing onz. 
Thz lady [whztheA jokingly oA. in zaAnzit, it mattzu not] pAX}po6zd a bet o^ ^vz dolXoAS, 
with thz gzntlzman ieatzd at hzA &idz, that hz did not doAz ta moAAy hzA. To imauginz 
that thz gzntlejnan woa taken plumb o^i hii, {zet would be no moAz than expected, but nzvzA- 
thetej^i, not to be outdonz by thz gzntleA 4 ex, hz ^iAzd back thz iamz challangz to thz 
young lady, that ihz did not doAz to moAAy him. Aj, ii, coitomoAy in thz betting game, thz 
money wai placzd in thz hand6 o£ a tklnd poAty. Now camz thz AzAioui paAt o^ it. It woj, 
a ca^e oi going thAoagh with thz deal ok ^oAie^iting thz monzy, and undoubtzdly thz iivz 
dolZoAj, wai ^guAzd to be away ahovz paA. 

Long bzioAz thz houA hand had made, itl, Aacz to thz noon houA, thz couplz wzAz headed 
ioA TownzA as ^ait as thz ability o^ an automobiZz could caAAy them. kppzoAing bzioAJZ 
onz oi thz county oi^ciali, thz nuptial knot was tizd and thz couplz KetuAnzd to thil> 

city to Kzczivz a 4,howeA oi congAatulationt> PRA/CE NEWS 

««•••««« t « Pecembe^ 14, 1916 

cii) ■ ■ ■ 

T 9 J 7 


Caxd6 have, been njtc.iA.vtd. koM. announcing the. moMlage. o^ Ul66 SieMa L. HtnckJUon 

and Wi. Otz A. Oti^oti out BZg Sandy, WT. , on Sunday, Pec. 17th, at thz homz o^ the. bAZde.'i 

paAznti, M^ and Atw. HeJiAy HtndeAJ>on. Thty uiiU. wakz thtin. homz at Tacoma, WA. 

Thz gfwom woi ioAmeAty Zn tht ejnpZoy oi John R. Joitea fieAe and ha& a ho6t o^ ^AZzndi 
hi HanlUnion who ofie. pZejO&zd to zxtznd congAatuZation& . 

«•»•••»««« JanuoAjj 4, 7917 

GREAT BENV COLlMi Although we iaitzd to Jizpofit thz manAiagz OfJ HUi Etta BeZing 

and Wl. Le^tiz BeAt&at, which ocaiKfizd on Thuuday, Vzc. 17th, we oAe ptzjOiz to do &o 
now. ..bzttzA. latt than nzvzA... .and we wl&h to zxtznd oufi hzoAty congnjOtuZatLom. Thz 
bJUdz -U a daaghteA o{ MfL. and HfU,. Wm. Bzting, wzZZ and {^avonahty known to att Jin this 
tocaZcty. Ma.. BoAtiaZ Z& a pnominznt young man oi CZoJjlz City, SV., zmployzd ai, mcJLL 
cjomZzk out oi that plox.z iofi UncZz Sam. Thz happy coaplz tzit Zmmzdiatzly aitzn. thz 
wzddZng ioK thzln. homz theAz. HeAz'i to lucczii. 

»»•«««»•«« JanuoAy 4, 1977 

Thz zngagzmznt panty oi J. Bfiwmund and HU^ Hinniz HUbfiandt woi hzZd at thz 
mZJbnandt homz in Gfizzndalz on Wzdnzsday oi lait weefe, and aZZ pAz&znt fizporut a 
dzLightiuZ timz. «»«««««»«« January 18, 7977 

Jo6. J. Gfizen had nzczivzd announctmznt oi thz moMZagz oi hZ& bAothzA A. L. Gfizzn 
and m&i Wanda Iztkz, which happy zvznt took placz at Bfiitton, SV. , on SatuAday, Jan. 
20th. Thz newly wzdi wilZ fveMldz at Bfuj>tol, SV. 

» « t « • t « « » « January 25, 7977 


Thz mofuUagz oi Mci4 Anna Bagai oi thi& city and Hk. A. C. Btaeifee oi StiZzi took 
placz hzfiz on TueAday oi lait wzzk at 10 AM in thz pKzsencz oi a iew fielativz& and imm- 
tdiate. inizndi oi thz cont/iacting pantZzs. 

Rev. Jo4. F. Studnicka pzAiofmzd thz ceMmony. Thz bnZdz was, gownzd In wkitz iiZk 
and cMAfiZzd pink cannationl,. Elizabeth Hzntz actzd oi bfudzimaid and wai dKZJilzd in pink 
cAzpz dz chinz. LouZi Voyzk oi LidgzAwood actzd a& bzit man. 

A wzddlng dZnntn. woi izAvzd aitzn. thz czKemony by UZiieJi Faint and f^ofilon SckZLtz. 

Thz bfudz hai livzd In Hankln&on iox iomz tunz and hoi, a lofigz cUlcZz oi iAZznds. Thz 

gfwom ha& bzzn agznt ion thz St. Anthony S Vakota ElzvatoK Company at StlZzi ion. a nwnbzn 

oi yzau and znjoyi thz and e^tzejn oi all who know him. Thz NEWS jolni with 

thz nany inizndi oi thz young couplz In zxtznding congnatulationi and bz&t wl&hz&. 

Mn.. and Hu. E^eifee wUZ bz "at homz" in StiZzi aitzn ApnZl 15th. 

• ••••*«»•• Tzbnuani/ 8, 7977 



Si. Pcuit, MW, Feb. 12tk CktvUti F. OtLveJi, 25 yzafu old, a fianchzA oi Zicktand 

County, NcUh Vakoia., who went to thz MzxyLcan bonAtK oi a mtmbeJi o^ thz Tlxit Iniantnjj 
oi that itate., wai mvuu.zd heAZ today by Cou/it Commii^^oneA, Hzn/iy GalZick to Uil,6 UoJiiz 
Han&on, 20 yejo/a old, o^ Wahpeton. 

• «•«««•••• Fehfuuviy 15, 7977 

Le.0 EJiaikman' Jt HariUni^on ifU-truh oM. plzaszd to zxtend congAatulatlori& on kU moAA- 
jLoqz. at Hinmapoti& last SatWiday, Feb, 17th, to dlis BaLtzy o^ LidgeMoood. The. WHi'S 
/loi no pofiticulau. In £act Leo intendzd to keep the matteA a iecAet 4o ^oA oi ka, Hank- 
Zn&on ^Kiendit wexe concerned, but the newi leaktd out and the gfioom wltt doubtltii be 

4>uApAl6ed to see this announcement. 

•»«««»»••« FebKuoAy 22, 7977 

Ed. J. BAwmund and Ulsi Hinnle HitbAandt, well known young people o^ ouA. city, 
weA.z moAAied by Judge Van AAnam at Wahpeton on Feb. 26th. 


Wi. Kdloph ZiegeJbnan and ^tti4 Vofia Gast wzAe happily maAAled last They 

wtAt 6ecAetly mviAZed and thought no one fenew anything about it. But ouA bunch o^ 

young people. suApni^ed thejn with an uninvited appeaAonce at thz home the iame evening. 

»•«««*«»*» j^^j^^ j5^ J9J7 


Ma.. Adolph ZiegeJbnan and His.s VoAa Gast weAe joined in wedlock on Ffiiday loJit at the 
Ev. LutheAan ChuAch. Both oAe weZl and ^avoAohly known hejie. Ua. liegeJbnan Is a son o{, 
Fxed liegelsnan, living Ih milts nofithiueMt oi this village, and the bKide Is a daughteA of, 
FAed Gast. The young couple havz ouA congAatulations and be^t wishzs. 

A rroAAlage license hjzs been ls&ue.d to Otto llzgeJbnan and Ulsi Vella Bohn, both o{ 
GAjzat Bend. ••.«•««.«« ^^j^^ 29, 7977 


Otto Ziegelman and Hisi Velio. Bohn weAz moAAZed on Wzdne&day o^ la&t wzzk, and we 
oajz plexiszd to AzpoAt the happy zvznt and zxtznd ouA most hzoAty congAatulations. Ua. 
ZizgeZmxn is a son o^ FKzd Ziegelman neoA. town and thz is a daughtzn. of Thzo. Bohn 
both populoA ianrnzAS o^ this vicinty. 

Thz happy couplz will make thziA homz on thz FAzd Uzgelmm ^aAm 2% milzs noKth- 

wzst oi hztz and we wish them success. 

»•«»»«»«»» ^pj^ 5^ J9J7 


SinatoK and Mm. P. J. Mc CwmbzA have, annaunczd thz zngagcmznt o^ tktvi daughteA. 
Htlzn ia HoMl&on SAond, Jx. , ejigZmeA coA.pi, U. S. A. Thz date, o^ the. wedding hcu not 
been iixe.d. ********** ^p^^ ^^^ ^^^^ 

PoputoA Hankaiion GlnZ Becomes the Bfilde o^ Uontana BankeA 

A pnztty wedding otaxAJied at the home oi Wu>. loKea. E. KAJinty on SatuAday evenifig 
when Hazel Atice Tubb6 woi maJuUed to Ha.. David Ltoruuid ?.empet. Rev. H. C. JudUL pe/c- 
£oAme.d the. ceJiemony -in the pKeJ>ejn.ce o^ KeZojtive^ and a ^eui Intimatz ^Aiendi. 

The. home woi beajujtiiatty decoAate.d with a pKo^m-ion oi ^ZcweAi. A iolo by Hn.. Jamei 
P. Tattoch preceded the ce/iemony, iolZowing which the blldat panty entered the pantoK to 
the &tAauu> 0^ Uendel&^ohn' 6 wedding mofick played by Mci4 GeAtunde MuAly. The bfilde. woi 
attended by HU^ HeZen Tubb6, heJi &lj>teA, oi bfLldcimal.d, and tcoi given away by H. A. 
t^eAxi^eZd. Mt. William Reinpel, bfwtheA oi the gfioom, acted ai bej>t man. Little Louam. 
BA.enneA wai Alng beoAeA, coAAylng the symbolic. clAxilet oi gold In the. dzpthi, o( an EoiteA 
lily. The bAlde wai becomingly attlAed In a gown o^ whlXe cAepe de. chine and coAAled a 
ithoweA bouquet o^ Aciej> and iweeJ: peoi. 

UndeA a canopy o^ iloweAi, Rev. Ha. Jaell met the bAldal paAty and peA^oAmed the 
solemn ceAzmony that united the tKo young people. ^oK tl^e, u&lng the Alng ieAvlce.. 

CongAatulatloni ioUowed, and ihoAtly a^zAwoAdi. the wedding paAty poAtook oi a 
dainty luncheon. The dining table wai beautifully decoAated with imilax and AxiieM. Ua. 
and Wii. Rempel le^ on the. 11 o'clock Gxe/vt UoAthzAn tnaln ioA Vutton, MT. , wheAe they 
will be "at home" a^teA June Ut. 

Thai Hanklmon loieJ> one o^ Hi moit populaA young people. The bAlde. hoi made. heA home 
home In thii city ^oa neanly heA entlAe Hie. She li the daughteA o^ 01m. G. Tubbi, o^ 
Tillman, TL. A^teA gAadaatlng ^Aom high ichool heAe., ihe enteAed CaAleton College at 
UoAthileld, MN. , gAaduatlng with high honoKi. BAlde and gAoom wzAe claiimateJ> at CaAleton, 
and It wai thexe thelA Aomance itoAled. A^teA ^nlihlng at CaAleton, ihe made a touA oi 
the pAlnclpal EuAopean countAlzi, and on heA AttuAn accepted a po&ltlon oi ajulitant In 
the Hanklnion High School In which capacity, ihe hoi izAved ioA thAee yeoAi with erminejit 
^alli faction to tht patAom. Since the Ion oi heA motheA iouAteen yeoAi ago, ihe hoi 
made heA home with heA aunt, M'Li. Loaa E. Kinney, and by heA chaAmlng peAionallty gained 
the love and esteem oi all. HeA depoAtuAe. iAom oux tittle city leave^ a place that will 
Azjnaln unbilled In chufich and iocial clAcle^. 

The gAoom li the eldest ion oi Uk. and HAi. W. P. Rempel oi HoAth^leld, MW. , and li 
coihleA oi the State Bank oi Vutton, MT. , In which hli iatheA li the pAlnclpal itockholdeA. 
He. itandi high In bailneM clAclci and li Aapldly ioAging to the iAont a& one oi the lead- 
ing young builneM men oi ouA nelghboAlng htate. 

The gucit In attendance at the weeding weAe'- Ha/>. W. V. V.empel and Via SoAoh V.empel, 
motheA and ilitzA Acipectlvely oi the gAoom, and William and HeAbeAt Rempel, bAotheA oi 
hloAthiield; Wii. H. A. UeAAlileld, Sa., Rev. and M/la. H. C. Juell; Ma. and Uaj,. H. A. 


UeAAA-iieM; Mt. and Ufa. W. J. UfizjnmA; Ux. and Vju,. tC. C. Fofuran, 2fi.; M. Jamu P. 
Tultock; MfH. BzcuOu-Ct HolkcJ>vlg; M/i4. UyAl Shttti o^ Lejmon, SV.; l^'Ju,. KaXz Spotti- 
wood; HU^tt) kdeJLaldz PkLcz, JanzX. Sandy, GeAtnudz KuZbeAa, GeAtfmde. HanZy, CaXha., 'Rzba. 
and Eva Jont&, He/en Tubb4> and LuxUZe. fUnnzy. 


A iKVaUage. ticejiie. woi iM&wtd on kpfUZ 16ih to TfizdeJildi MzdznwaZdt and Hii4, Etta. 

Heeic/t, both ol Hanklmon. 

********** ApAx^ T9, 1977 

Uu. Ida. Bafutz Ik kzeJiUnQ a. dbjolcje. piom hvi haiband, Otto Eantz, wko dl6appejCJie.d 
pwm thtln. home, dufiing tht hoZldag^. Vutfvtion aj> choAgzd. Bajitz wai fizczntty KtpoKttd 
to be. in a Canadian deXeJintion amp on />a&plclon o^ being a GeAman ipy, but the. WEWS 
luLi been unabZe to veAl^y tkii ktoKy. 

********** Ap/i^ 79, I9I7 

TWO mwiHGs THIS mmiuG 

l\u^ moAKing, at tht limanuueZ EvangeZicjol ChuAch, the moAfiiage oi Ull.6 EUm. Hte^ch 
and M/i. FeJidinand Uedzmaldt woi solemnized. Only MlatZve^ and a ieu) Intonate ^nlendi 
weAz pfieMenZ. A fLzzeption ioK the neuoly wedded couple imH be. held at the home, o^ tJne 
bAlde'i poAJMU thli a^teAnoon. The. cjontARcXlng paxtleJ:, oM. well and iavounxibly known, 
having Kt&lded In tkU vicinity ilncz childhood. The bnlde li> a daughteA. oi Ux. and Ma4. 
Wm. HeeJiCk oi GAtendale and the goom a pAominent young iaAmeA oi the iome nelghbonkood. 
A ho4,t oi inlends, extend congAatuLatloni . 


Mfii. VeAonlca Relnke o^ tkU place wa^ manAled this, moAnlng at. St. ?hllllp'& ChuAch 
to HfL. Hichael Gln^bach. The. ceAeimny and nuptial moi-i waj> conducted by Rev. Joi. F. 
Studnlcka at 9 o'clock. 

The bfilde. li well known hejie, having Ke^lded In Richland County the gficateA poAt 
ai heA Hie. The gAoom Is a pxospeAous ioAmeA oi AmeAy, WT., but has leased his place 
theAe and thz nevily wedded couple will make thelA home on the P.elnke ioAw In BAxundejibuAg. 
Ha. and Uas. Glnsbach have known each otheA ioA moAe. than thOcty yeoAS. 

Ua. and Uas. Glnsbach leit todojy on Soo tAoln lOS on a. two weeki' tAlp to the cities 
and easteAn points aiteA which they wUZ AetuAn to thelA Vlchland County home. 

»««»«*««*« Uay 3, 79J7 

Ray PeteASchlck and Mas. Uoajj HimeAman wejie. united In moAnlage on Monday oi last 
week. Both oajl well kjio'nm AeJSldej\iJi noAthwe^t oi Hanklnscn and mnay iAlends extend 
congAatulatlons ********** May 3, 7977 



Thz moKKijUQt oi Mc44 VtnneXia. t^aA6h and M/i. Ch/u. J. Stivvii ocjujuAJitd at Tango 
yeJitzfiday. The. WEWS hai, no dztalti> oi die. u)e.dding, but af^eA a vlilt to the. home, o^ 
the QKoom'i paMjvU Zn CAookiton, MM., Ma., and Uu. Steveni taUZ KetuJm to HanlujUion 
to Ke^ide. 

The bfudz -U a daughteA o^ Ma., and Uu. Joiner Mawfc o^ GfueendaZe and gKeta to wowan- 
hood in HichZand County. The. gnoom -ci employed 04 bookkeeper at Ixeland S Soni, oif^ce. 
Both have many ^fiiendi who join in extending beMt vxUhei. 

»«•»»•«••« Hay 10, I9T7 

Vfiorninent Hankln&on Young Man Wed& En.zckenAidgz GVit 

mECKENRJVGE TELEGRM, MAY 9th. . .On Uondoif evening the. wedding o^ Uii,i hioAgueAite 
EaueA to Ma. Van G, iKeiand woi solemnized at the. home oi the bfiide' i pafventi, Ma. and 
Hnj>. F. J. BaueA oi thi& city, in the presence oi thinty invittd gue/>t6 and KeJboitiveM. 
iilhite. Ma4. W. V. Poiko played Uendeliiohn'A wedding manck, Vibi BaweA. entfied with heA. 
iatheA, who gave heA. in manjiiage.. They weAe doltowed by thz bAideimaid, Hiii AdeZe 
BaueA, a cousin o^ the bfiide. Ma. Ifieland and his best man. Ma. Ed. HungeA, joined 
them undeA a boweA oi ieAns, smitax and AmeAican beauty fioses, wheAe the. maAAiage 
ceAemony took place, "Rev. TatheA Haupt oidiciating. 

The bnide woAe a gown oi siZk. voile and laund/iy slik, heavily bnaided. HeA only 
oKnament was a studded comb. The bAidzimaid was attOitd in pink ta^^eta, txiimed with 
silveA lace. Each coAAied a bou^juet o{ AmeAican bejauty fioses. Af^teA the. ceAemony a 
bounteous lunch was seAved. 

The out oi town gu&sts weAe Ma. and Ma4. G. L. Ifieland ol Gnand FoAks, NV., Ma.4. 
S. P. jAeZand and R. L. lAeiand 0^ Hankinson, Ma, and Wis. Jos. BaueA oi TeAgus fails. 
Wis. C. J. KaiseA oi BaAnesviile, h\essAS. Cap. Venning, AAthixA AAneson, ChesteA Aim, 
Ed. HungeA and Wiss Ann Veschong o^ Hankinson. 

Ma. and Wu. Van iKeJLand le^t at midnight iofi hiinneapolls . A^teA a shofit time they 
will make theiA home in Hankinson. Wu. Ifueland is the only daughtzA 0^ UasteA Mechanic 
and Wu. F. J. BaueA oi this city, and although she had A.eside.d heAe only a shont tone 
has won many ifiiends who will wish heA much happiness. Ma. iKeland is in the limbeA 
business at Hankinson. »«•»*«»*«« ^^ ^q J9J7 

TEN /EARS AGO COimn TWEmV /EARS AGO COliim John StengeA and fiiss Mafiy Wall weAe. 

moAAied at the catholic chuAch. 

»«•«»»«««« May 17, 1917 



Announcement hcu> /oi-C bztn made, of, the. moAAiage o( Wci4 Anna. HajneJdUk and Ma.. Gecfige 
Schue^tt. The happy event took pZace at Humeapotu on febfUiOJuj Ht, but the young couple 
kept the tmfuUagt a iedtt until a {em dayi ago. 

The b/Lide lit a. daughter o{ Ma., and Uu. Uatt HameAlik o{ Wahpeton and li well known 
heAz, having taught ievzAol iacct&4>iul teAmi o{ school In tkii, pant oi the county. She 
-C4 a mo6t eJitijnahle lojdq and ha6 a ho6t o{ iAiendi and welt uil6heAj>. The gAocm l6 a ion 
o£ Wi. and Ma4. ft/m. Schuett o{ tki& city and gAetc to manhood in ZLchland County. He li 
employed ait baggegeman on the Soo and ii de^ttvedly populoA. The NEWS joim thein. many 
iKiendit In extending congAotulatiom . 

Ma. and MA4. Schuett will go to houiekeeping in Hankimon ihontly. 

«»••««*«•• Hay Z4, 1917 


The moMiage o{ McA4 Kate HaimeAling o{ thii city and Ma. LeJ>ttn. T. Soull o{ Alex- 
andria, MW. , wai solemnized at Altxandnia, on Wednesday mohning, the Catholic pfiitit oi 
that city oiiiciating. Only a {ew intimate iKiendUt and Kelati.veJ> o{ the contracting 
paAtiti weAe in attendance. 

The bride ii known to everyone in Hankimon and numbeu her friends by the icore. 
For a long time she woi a membeA o^ The NEWS houizhold, and we can truthfully 6ay that 
the fortunate groom hai drawn a prize in the matrimonial lotteAy. The groom i6 a well- 
to-do ba&ineii man o£ Alexandria, MW. , wheAe the young couple will make their home. 

The NEWS joini, with nearly everyone In Mankin&on in wishing Ma. and Hr&. Soull 
a long and happy married tile. 

********** Hay 31, 1917 

May 23rd. ..Frank Trinka, LidgeAwood, Blanche Hobza, lidgerwood 
May 24th. ..Archie C. EonzeA, LidgeAwood, Ladle Theauich, LidgeAwood 
May 24th...Vavid Levison, Viborg, SV., Mamie E. Cole, Mooreton. 
May 2 ... WillLam R. Novotny, LidgeAood, Anna R. Volezal, LidgeAwood 
May 26th. ..Lawrence Saihey, Zickiord, VT , MoAJie Muim, LidgeAwood 
May 2Sth...Erick A. EnkeAi, Hankine>on, Anna Ru&tan, Greenba&h, UN. 
May 2Sth... Paul H. Ohm, Hankinson, Alice KutteA, Hankimon 
May 29th... Wm. W. VreZvitz, Mantador, MoAle Schroer, Mantadar 
May 3Ut...Jo6. T. ToUeison, Noonan, NV., Vuth Halaa&, ChAc&tine 
May 5Ut. ..Henry J, SchuiteA, Hankinson, Emma Hein, Hankinson 
June Ut...Auguit MaehleA, Hankin&on, Hertha HoedeA, Hankin&on 
June 2nd. . .'Ranval Ol&on, Tower, NV., Annie Vavii, VoweA, NV. 



PopuZoA Young Cowptz Wtddtd Mondcut A^eAnoon 

Thz maMAjLgt oi Hiii Eima Hqaji and Wi. HejiAy J. SchaiteA. votu iolamnizzd on Uondny 
aiWinootL cut hati poMt 5 o'clock at ike. homt oi the. bKLdt'h pofiejvti, Uk. and M/C4. Choi. 
HeAJi, in Hankimon. 

The. ceAejnony wu> peAio>une.d by Rev. ObeAdot&teA., pa^toK oi thz chafich mih which 
the. bAlde. hoi fceen aii^JUted nzoAZy aJUL heJi U-ie. Only KelJxtlve/i and a £eM} Intimate. 
^Alend^ weAe pAe/ttnt. Thz homz um, bzaiitiiully duzcjofiattd In a cjoloK. ickemz o£ pink and 
gJizzn, and thz bxidal pajitq znteAzd thz paJitoK to thz iftMlnM o^ a. wedding moAch pZayzd 
by lUii LoAo. Hzln. Wm. J. ShzlveA acted oi bz&t man and thz bfUdz uxu> attended by heA 
4Jj>teA, Mcs4 Wllhelnina.. Thz bnldz twoi attlAzd In a bzcoming gown o^ white net oveA 
6atln. Thz ImpAz&llvz maAAlagz heAvlzz oi thz Jrmanuzt Evangelical ChuAch was med, 
a.^tzA which Ha. and M/t4. Scha&teA weAz ihoweAzd with congAatulationi, by thz guefi^. 

Ha. and Ha6. SchuiteA aAz known to neoAly eveAyonz in i,outheAn TUchland County. 
Thz bAidz i& a Hankiniton giAl and ha& gfvown to womanhood amoung oi. Shz ii a mo4)t glit- 
zd tody and haj, developed una&ual ability along whatzveA ilnzi 6hz ha/> Azzn (^ to en- 
gage. foA the paj>t yeoA oA 6o ihz hat bzzn in choAgz o^ thz Ca&h Supply Company'i bAonch 
itoAz at LldgeAwood aj> managzA. HeA baiinzii ability detAacti not a poAtlclz iAom heA 
many womanly qualitlzi and hzA ^ALendi, oAz tzgion. Thz gAoom hai> been in choAgz oi thz 
CaAgill elzvatoA hzAz ioA izveAol yzaA& and hju UJkesfil&e made many {^nlendi, in thz com- 
munity. Thz NBUS joine, thz ^coazs oi "Richland County people who oAz pten^ed to extend 
xiongAatulatloni and bz&t wlihej). 

Mt.. and Ha&. SchoiteA le^t Tuesday ioA a lAcp to Towa pointi and will. fee. "at homz" 

in Hankim,on a^tzA July Ht. 

• *«««»»»»« jjyi^ 7^ 79J7 

The moAAlagz oi Hiii HoAiz E. SchfioeA to H^. (iJilllajn W. PAelvitz occuAAzd at Mon- 
tadoA yzitzAday, thz izAvicz bzing held In Sti. VeteA and Paul'6 ChuAch. Zoth oajz well 
known Az^idznti oi HantadoA. 

Invitatloni havz been ii>i>uzd ioA thz wzdding oi Hi&i Annie EbeAhoAdt oi thli city 
to Ha. KlbeAt Ru&iell oi finlayi,on, MN. The happy event ii> to take place nzxt Tuesday 
at St. Philip'^ ChuAch. 

Mc44 GAetcAen JoubeAt, teackzA oi maiic and dAauiing in thz Hankinion school ioA the 
pa^t two yeoAi, wai moAAled at hzA homz in Wheaton, HN., Tuesday to Ha. C. Campbell, 
oi lubon, MP. Thz gAoom is a dfuiggiit at LL&bon whzAz tkzy will makz thelA iutuAz 
homz. Hanklnion iAlzndi oi thz bAidz oAz pleaded to extend bz6t wiihzi. 

******** June 14. I9I7 


The. moAAAjUQt o^ HUi Anniz EbeAhaJid to Hn.. AlbzJit Roi^etd ocaviM.d Tuesday mofin- 
ihg cut St. PkiLLp'it ChuAck, Rcu. Jo4. F. StudjUcka oHlclcutinQ. The. bfuAd Iti a. daughteA 
o{ Un.. and Hu. Martin EbeAhaAd o^ thii, city and tkz gfioom -ii> a iucct&iiuZ bankeA o^ 
FZnlayian, MW. , (oheAe. the. young couple villt makz thexJi ^atwiz home.. CongnajtuZatLom 
aJie. zxttndzd by a ho^ oi Hankin&on £Aiejid& o^ the. b^de.. 

«••,,**««« June U, I9I7 

HixihoAd BeZLln'i Hankuiion {^fu.endi afie plexi&zd to extend congftjatuZaZion& on kii 
moAJilage wkich occuAAed at foAgo on Taejidauj evening at ilx o'clock, the being 
a Nl6^> NeJUon oi that cuty. We have no detcuiti oi the wedding otheA than thai. Al^Aed 
Heln acted aj, be6t man. M/i. and Hfu>. Bellln le^t that evening ^oa the cLtle^ on a 
&hoAt honeymoon and lateA villi AetxjJm to ToAgo to make tkelA home. 

• »«»»,«««« 3uJLy S, I9I7 

A moAAlage ILceme wai, iMsaed on Auguit 7th to Vavld Lubenow oi GAeat Bend and 
UAi. ChAutlna. Kluge o^ Hanklmon. 

««*«»•*»*« Auga&t 16, 1917 


YeiteAday, at the home oi the' & paAents, Judge and Ufu. Bottum, at Faulk- 
ton, SV., oeciiAAed the maAAiage oi theln. daaghteA, Vofia, to Ma.. Geofige A, Tlynn, oi 
thli clXy. The NEWS ha& no detalZi oi the wedding, but Joins a holt oi Hankln&on 
"pilendi In extending congfuvtulatlonj, and best wishes. 

The. bfilde hju been a populaA teackeA In the Hanklnson schools and Is de^eAvedly 
populoA with all who know hen.. The gfwom Is employed aj, a telegfiaph opeAotoA at the 
Soo heAe and has a loAge clfuite oi ifilends. 

kiteA a bfUei honeymoon, Ma. and Hfu. Tlynn will AetuAn to Hankinson and go to 
housekeeping In the VowleA Aesldence which thy have leased. 

«««,«»««** Aagust 23, 7977 


HeAman A. NonueileA, iofmeAly an employee oi J. J. Jones in the mill heAe, was 
maAAied at St. Vaul last week to Hiss UoAy HutslnpUlen. oi Cakzs. They will make 
thelA home In Oakzs. «••«««»»»» August 50, 7977 


At the home oi Ha. and Hfis. Silas Nlms In this city on SaXuAdajy evening, Sept. 
1st, Hiss Nina Nlms became the oi Ha. Tfiank Nelson. The maAAiage ceAejnony was 
peAiofmed by Rev. H. C. Jwell In the pfieJ>ence oi a ieio Intimate ifilends. 

Pfiomptly at six o'clock, the bfUdal poAty appeoAed to the stAolns oi Mendelssohn's 
wedding moAch played by Mfu. W. A. HeZey. The bfilde was gowned In a cAeatlon oi whUie 
satin and geofigette and cjvuued a bouquet oi KlUoAney fwszs. Miss Janet Biggs acted 
as Bfildesmald. The gfioom was attlfved In the conventional black and was attended by 


KLifizd 'Bu.QQi, 3k. The. cexunony urn ptfiionrntd imdzA a^bowzn. o^ yzZtow dcLUZti, tkt kLtlq 
4eA.v-c.ce beatg vuttd. 

A^teA tht ceAzmony a wzdduig dinneA. i«Li ieAvzd, the. 6amz aoloK AcAeme oi wfvcte. and 
yeJUiovo bzing iu>ed in thz de.coAxvtion&. 

Thejve. weM. itixtztn QweMt^ In auttendancz'- Rev. and Mju. JuztZ, Ufc. and hUu. W. A. Helzy, 
ktfjuLd and Janet Slggi, M'l. and lAfu,. A. E. B-cgg^, m&4, Ratfi HomZ&, Wc44 Helen BeAg and Vm. 
Mafae£ Ho{^{^man o^ FocAmouitC. 

Tht young couptz ate uieZZ known -in Hankin&on. The gfvevi to womanhood in thij> cou- 
nty and by hei many uiomanty tfialti oi choAacteA fuii ocqitcted a hoit o^ iAZendi, and uittt 
MOtheAi. The gAoom tit coihieA at the Soo depot heAz and haj, the -teipect and z&teem o^ aJUL. 
He tit on the cximcUptlon tut o^ men £oA oAmy AeAvZce ^Kom the county and max/ fae obtiged 
to teave ioK tAolning camp usithin a (Jew weefei. 

Hn.. and Hfu. Netion le^t SatuAdojy evening on Soo tAoin 106 ioA lUnnexvpotUt and otheA 
points in HinneJiOta., but wiJUL fietuAn to Hankin&on to make thziA iutuAe home. 

««•««»««»« September 6, 7917 

A KeaJ. Aomance wait dLiitctoi,ed lait week when Etoi John&on, a young man who hoi been 
working ion. ExUi HilXbeAg oveA in RobeAtit County, woi caZZed to Siiizton undeA the 
ion. physical exnmination. He claimed exemption on the gfwund oi being a moAAied man, 
and investigation KeveaJLed the iojct that, he wojt moAAied to Hiiit Olena. Oitby eoAZif in UaA- 
ch oi thli yeoA. It waUt a compZete ituApKitte to theiA numeAoait iAiendi, who ate now ex- 
tending congfiatuJLatAJOnii. The young couple had planned to keep the matteA a iecAet, but 
Uncle Sam'i call to a diHeAent kind oi aAmi made it neceJt&oAy icK him to chooic which 
kind he pKeieAfied. . .and he choltc the aAmi ieminine nathzA than the anmi, miLLtoAy. 

«««,»*«•»« September. 73, 1917 

A maAniage licen&e wai l&iued Tuesday to Lee VuAdy oi Bfiitton, SV., and HUs Lovina 
Vosch oi GKeat Bend. ,,«,««««,« SeptembeA 10, 1917 

A matAiage license was issued this week to Vominick Meide and Hiss Agnes Velvet, 
both oi this cUy. »»,«,»«,»* SeptembeA ll , 1917 


Wt. Lee PuAdy and Hiss Lovina Vosch weAe joined in wedlock on ThuAsdaxj oi last week 
at the home oi the, Ua. and Wis. Ceo. Vosch. h'A. VuAdy is a pfiogxessive young man 
oi EfiUton, SV., and the is well known heAe, having spent the last ievefial yeoAS 
neoA Gfveat Bend. The many ifUends heAe join in extending congfuxtulations . 

««•«»««»«« SeptembeA 27, I9T7 


Mc44 Cl£itxi faZk oi tkii cJMj bzcamz a "wan." toMt SaXuAday at WahpeXon when 
ifie woi uruXtd In moAJujiQZ to R. Stzpheju>on, a member, o^ Comapny L. Tht was bofin 
In tkU city and Zi well knoim. The. gKoom ij, a fiecent KecMiit In Co. I. aund departed 
Monday rUght uiith kU cjomnajdeM iofi thz -fuujxotg camp <n Uontk Cafwtina. 

• • • • • OctobzA 4, 1917 

John WeZui and bfUde, piom nofith oi Uantadofi, uifit in the. city TaeJ>day to havt thcOi 
bfUdat pictuAe taken by VhotognxvpheA. Gfizene.. 

«•»•••»»•« October 11, 1917 

STILES 6 VZcutcty.. ..Jot StAoeht, a pAcminzrvt young man oi tkU vicinity, n'Oi moAfUzd 
one. day Z/x&t weefe. We have, not tzoAnzd the.^6 name. But we wlih them aXJL the. happi.- 
neM in ike. woUd. ••••,,,••, ^^^^ j^^ j,^^ 

InvitaZiorUt axe out ioK the we.dding oi Uli,6 Hinnle Hippie to (An.. AnXhwi KAxitiie.. The. 

happy event i^ to take. pZjxat next Taaday at the home oi the' l paKentt,, Un.. and Uni. 

GeoKge VahZ, In Mo nan. 

«««*«*«««« OctobeA 18, 1917 


We one pteoMtd to ntpont the manjilage oi Mi<S4 Lena lott which occuAAed on ThuAiday 
oi la&t weefe. The wAiteA wa& unable to teann the name oi the gAoom. HoweveA, we wLtth 
to zxtend ouA mo&t heanty ccngnatatatiom . Wci4 Lott iJ, a daughteA oi EduioAd Lott and 
wett and iavoAabty known to aLt heAe. 

• ««««•*<», OctobeA 18, 1917 

Wc44 Anna Etadow and Ma. Henny WuaZ weAe united in maAAlage at the LutheAan ChuAch 
Wzdnciday, Oct. 24th, Rev. J. V. KLamteA peAionming thz czAemony in thz pne^zncz oi 
mtativzii and a iew intimate inlendi oi thz contnacting paAtieM. 

Thz bAidz ij> a daughteA oi Gzongz Btadow and ijt a nativz oi ZidnJtand County and hai 
nej>i.dzd hzAz att hzn. tiiz. Thz gnoom tt, a 6on oi Un. and Ma4. Wm. WuaZ and i/, atio a 
ZichZand County pnodact. Both anz wetZ and iavoAabty known and have a tangz ciActz oi 
iAizndi and wztZ. wij,heAi. Thzy wiZt nzt> on a iaAm nexui Vi.cton. 

««»»«««««* OctobzA 25, 1917 

Thz moAAiagz oi Hi&i fiinnlz Hippiz and Mn. AnthuA KAouiz wai, iotemnZzzd at thz homz 
oi thz bnidz'6 paAznti, Ma. and Ma6. GeoAgz VahZ, in Monan Township, on Tuesday, Oct. llnd. 
Rev. J. P. KLmiteA pznionming thz cznemony. Thz young pzoptz anz wzU known in tkii, pant 
oi thz county, having nz&idzd hznz sincz cSUldkood, and they have a host oi intends who 
zxtend connnatutations and bzst wishes. They wiZt nzsidz on a ianm neon Stitzs. 

»«««•«•**» OctobeA 25, 1917 


GREAT BENP EXAMINER U U fitpalttd that Vlcton. Nzt&on and HU4, UtUan KakUioi£ 

iceAe utUtzd in we.dlock on Hlzdnz6day oi Itut weefe. Both oAt i/czZZ and iavofuibly known hzAz 
and we wcife to txtejid htoAtij congKatatatlon&. 

••««»««««• OctobeA IS, 1917 

We. oM. ptextitd to Kvpofit tkU weefe tht moAAlagt oi ^.^fl. Wm. tUtzeZ to HUi ktma. Gat- 
zme'i. Tfie Qfuoom JU a i>on oi Uk. and Maa. Hvman fUtzeZ, tivZng thn.ze. mUUM iouthza&t oi 
fieAe, and the. bfude. ^ a daughteA oi FAzd GutzmeA, llvAJig iouth oi Hanklmon. We wiUh to 
extend ouA. moit hejxAtij congAatulatiorU) . 

• •««««««« t OctobzA. 25, J9I7 

Tht HB)JS Z& In fitctlpt oi annovm.cejnejit oi tht manJuxigt oi HU6 ^nnle. QathtfUnz Up- 
ton, and WaZteA. Wlgg, both oi CaZgoAif, Canada., which occvJiAed on OctobeA. 4th, In 
that city. The uxu ioAmeAty Hl6.i> Laepke oi HaniUn6on, second daugkteA oi Ua and 
HAi. Wm. Luepke, bat ihoAtZy aiteA the outbAeak oi the woA Maa. Luepfee kad heA name chan- 
ged by tegoL p/wczM> to Lipton. The bAlde.'^ chULdhood iAlendi, heAe oAe plea&ed to extend 
congAotuZxUion^. •••,♦•.♦,• NovembeA J, I9I7 

Tht ioiZcwlng moAAlage ticen&ti) have been Ziiaed duAing the paj>t week'- Vhicent J. 
Peatz and VeAOKica. G. BakeA, both oi WyndmeAe'- John Buben, FenjumoAe., WI., and KathAyn 
Podhota., LldgeAwood: SZguAd M. KAogntii, and UaAie L. GAomimke, both oi Haniunbon: EtAoy 
AAthuA GAawe, Hankbuion, and EZmi Atv^na GfiiepentAog, CAeat Bend. 

********** Nouembe/i. 1, 1917 


The maAAAjOjge oi Mc44 KJbna GKiepentAog to Ha. AAthuA Gaowz occuAAzd at 4 o'clock 
Wednesday aittAnoon oJt the GeAnvm Evan. ChuAch at GAeat Bend, Rev. G. C. Tkiete peAioAm- 
■ing the ceAemony In the pAtience oi AeJiatlveJ> and oi a iew Intonate. iAA.endJt. 

The. nejjoZy wedded young people aAe weJit known, havZng lived In Zichtand County all 
thelA tiveJt. The l& a daaghteA oi Ha. and Mw. Aug. GfUepentAog, ptomlnent ioA- 
meAii neaA GAeat Bend and the goom li the ion oi Ua. and MAi. Wm. GAawe oi thli cxty. 
They wiZl wake thelA home In Hankini>on ioA the pAeMetit. 

The HEWS joim, theJA many iAlendi In extending congAotulatiom and but wlihe^. 

«•»«»«»«•* HovembeA 15, 1977 

The. maAAiage oi MoJ4 VeAonlai G. BeckeA to Ha. Vincent J. Paetz wa^ iolejnnlzed at 
St. PeteA and Paul'i ChuAch at HantadoA Tae^daif oi thii week. The ceAemony woi peAioAmed 
In the pAjt&ence oi a iesfi AelativeM and Intimate iAiendi. The gAoom wcls attended by John 
BecfeeA, and Hiii CoAAine PueXz acted ajs> bAide^mald. A wedding iuppeA woi ieAved icltowlng 
the ceAemony. The contAoctlng paAtleJ> aAe weJil known in the HantadoA neighboAhood and 
have a ho&t oi iAlendi and well wliheAj,. 

• ••«««•»«• NovejnbeA 15, 1917 


Invltautioni, oAt oat {^OK the. {ofithcoming moAAlag^ o^^ f.{l66 Tfuxnczi ThlzZ to M/i. [t'LU.- 
■iam HtAJtkamp. Tha happy zvznt l& ichzduZzd ioK Nov. 27th at Uantadon. Both ofte. uizJU. 
known young pzoptz o^ that nZyighboAhood. 

• •»*«»,,«, hlovzmbeA 75, 1977 

Inv^Uationi oAe out ioK the. mvuUage. o^ HUi UafUz CAjmlnike. to Ma.. S. M. Kfuigmii, 
to take, place on Wedne^dojf, NovembeA 28th. 

«»•»»»«»*« NovembeA 22, 7977 

A qiiieX. wedding took place on lai>t Thauday at the GAeat Bend home o^ Cant Stolte- 
now when thtVi daughteA, Hl&i UoJUU,e, was joined In wedlock to Ua. Tony GAlepentAog. 
Both oAe well known hexe and thelA ho4>t o^ lAlenda wUh to join In extending hexwty con- 
gAatulatlon&. The happy young couple leit on the evening tAcu.n inom Tainmount ^oA tkelA 

honeymoon. «»«»»««»«« ., -„« ,«*^ 

'* NovejnbeA 22, 7977 

hloAAlage llceniz^ have been lj,6ued duAlng the pait ^eu) day6 a& ^oltowi: 

Nov. 23Ad...0llveA P. Hagen, AbeAcAomble, and ChAZ&tlne 0. Moe, ChAl&tlne 
Nov. 24th. . .EdwoAd A. Campbell, foAjmount, and KathAyn G. O'Kee^e, TaVmount 
Nov. 24th. . .FAancli A. Schmidt, Wahpeton, and Elizabeth A. FoAmaneck, itlahpeton 
Nov. 21th...HaAtAjn. J. Eohen&tingel, VaAihalZ, NV., and Anna M. Eckes, Lldgenwood 

********** November. 29, 7977 

L. W. GalZagheA, well known and popuLoA conductoA on the Hanklnion S KUmoAck line 
icA &eveAal yeaAi> poj^t, iM AepoAted to have been moA/iled to a HinneapolU young lady 
lajtt week. We have no paAtlculoAi, o£ the happy event, but the gAoom'i, many Hanklmon 
{iAlendk aAe pleaded to extend ieJU-cAXatlom, . 

««,««»,,»« VecembeA 6, 7977 

Lew GaZlagheA, weZl known Soo condactoA, dAopped Into the NBUS oiilce Monday monn- 
Ing to itate that the AepoKt oi kii maAAlage, which appeoAed In theie columm loit week 
woi gA066ly exaggeAoted. In ^act the only thing thaut made him think he might be a 
benedict was what he Aead In tka, papeA. He makei a bnoad denial oi the alLigation 
and de^lei the aZligatoA. 

Weil, h'A. GallagheA ought to know the tAuth oi the matteA and we aAe glad to apol- 
ogize ioK the eAAoA. The Inionmation may have been ipAead by alien enemlei . . . icA come 
to think oi It we iecuAed ouA InioAmatlon iAom a citizen oi GeAman blAth. La&t week 
we extended congAotulatiom on kli 4tippo4ed maAAlage. . .now we congAatulate again on the 
iact that he II not. ********** VecembeA 73, 7977 


Judgz Van A^mcur. peAioAjre.d ihz czAonony that uyuXzd In moAJiLaqz HUi BtiUe. HoplUru, 
and AndAew E. Old& on t?ecemfae/i. 7th. The. c(>A£jnony wom ptniomzd in thz County Judge '-s 
O^f^ce. hi Wahpzton. ,,*,,,»•*• Pece^nbeA 20, ?9T7 


1 9 1 S 

TWENTY YEARS AGO Column f/umk GloMnzn. and Hi66 MabeJ. John&on w^ne. moAAltd In 

St. PcuiZ, and wen-t to hoa&kzzping -in HantzAJiion. 

JANLlAW W, 1918 

EmiZ HatveXh and Mii4 Emma Eng.6t/iom weAe fizce.ntly moAJilzd at Jimzbz^Ay, MW. The 
Qficam Aj) qaltz u:eZZ knouin In Ebna whejiz hz {^onimnZy Kuldcd and hcut been a 6zp- 
aJwJjoK {^oK C. H. Sundz ioK thz pa&t ^ew ^oLii. HXi ifu.zndl> aAz plza4,zd to zxtznd con- 
3KatuZatloru>. •,,**,,,,, j^^^^ 3,^ j^j^ 


FAIRMOUMT NEWS.... A wzdding o^ unu&uaZ ZnteAzit took placz at the. CathoJiic VofUtonagt 
on Uondajj moKning whzn M/t. Aaguit Buck and Mi<i4 ELizabzth NzubaueA weAe jo/jizd in holy 
uizdlock by Rev. Fa.. John Vmy. 

Thz wai, gownzd In paZz gfizzn cAzpz-dz-diznz and wa& attzndzd by hzA -iXi-teA, 
M^4 CoaaLz Hzubaazn, who wajt d/Lz&6zd -in pZnk cAzpz-dz-chznz. 

Thz gAjoom wofiz thz convzrvtlonaZ bZack and u)a6 attzndzd by Ma.. AAnoZd EztkoAd who 
woKjz thz iojnz coZjoA. 

Thz bfLidz -ill thz daxightzfi oi Ma.. John NzubaazA., untii a ^ew» yzoM ago a wzlZ known 
and Az^pzctzd lafmzn. o^, tkU v-icinlty, now oi Chz&tzfi, Montana.. Shz ^6 wzlZ known hzAz, 
whzAZ &hz haj> gAown to womanhood. 

Thz gfioom Z6 a 6on o^ Ma. and Maa. C. Back and l6 wziZ. tikzd in thz cOictz -in vihich 
hz oi^ocLatzi. 

Thz young pzoplz nxitZ go to hcu&zkzzp'ing at oncz at HanJzln&on whzn.z thz wzZZ wlihzt 
oi a ho&t oi iKizndJi ioiZcw thzm ioK a happy wzddzd tiiz. 

«»»*«,«»»» Vzbfuuvm 21, 1918 

Thz moAAAjagz oi Ma. AAthuA P. AAnz&on and U<J>6 MaAx.z L. HoZton -a> to takz ptacz at. 

thz homz oi thz bttidjz at Kznyon, MM., on MatcA 9ifi. Thzy mcIZ makz thzAJi homz -in Hinn- 
zapotu. •»««»««««* ^^j^^ 7^ J9jg 

A manjujxgz Liczm,z woi -U6uzd Uonday, UaAck 25th, to HUi TfUzdjz Rudolph and ChanZzi 
BA040Hiifee, both oi Bojmzy. Thzy wzAz mvifilzd thz -iome day at thz horr.z oi Rev. E. MexeA. 
^n Wahpzton. ThJj, Lt, thz i^/ut woMAjagz llczn&z liiazd In ZlcJiland County i-incz FetAu- 

"^ ^^^' Wanxih 28. 1918 


MoAA/age ticzn&zi wzAz Z&iuzd fuzzzntly oi iollowi: 

Apfiit 2...Wm. lubznow oi GKzat Bznd and Mci4 Bzfitha hUZbAondt oi HanJUn&on 

MoAc/i 30...Cliunznt P. Hlnklz, Athzni, WT., and HI&6 Alma F. Hoiiman oi WahpcJton 

MoAcA n.,.AlbzAt TfuXtin oi HankAJi6on and Ua>£ Ella Uafiohl oi Hanklnson 


MRS. AUGiST euanvt maitriep 
A nuxAAlagz tlczniz uai ■ti^u.zd cut t-linnzapatii Tae^daij to AaJJiuA W. Tacutz and Ma4. 
Augui>t£i Ew.ndt. The. bnldz li> tkz fidiicZ oi tkz latz Tfumk Zfiandt. Thz nzin/i oi heJi 
moAAiagz ll> no itoApfiUz to hzA Hankln&on ixizridl, and aJUi jai.n ijn. zxtzndLng conQfuvtu.- 
latLorU and bz&i uilihzi. ««»»«»»««« ApfuZ U 19U 

Thz moA/Uagz o^ Hii-i HzZzn Paulinz HzAxLLng to M/l. Bwuu-Z L. Vztonzy uioi iolzmiizzd 
at St. VhJJLLp'ii ChuAcJi Monday moAning at 10 o'ctock in thz pxz^zncz o^ KzZativz^ and a. 
^ew -Lntlmatz {,AA,znd&, Rzv.' Jo4. F. StuudnLcka. o {^{/.cLatlng . A fizczptAjon {oA. thz young 
coupZz waj, hztd at thz homz oi thz bKidz'i mothzA, Mw. HubzAt HzAding, in GfjizndaZz 
a{ytzM. thz czAzmonif. Thz bKidz gAzw to womanhood in tkU county and Lk dzizAvzdZy pop- 
uZjoa, having 6coA£J> oi iAizndi and vizZt tcuhzM. Hfi. VzJLonzy ij> a nxLilAoad man uict/i a 
Aim out oi AbzJidzzn, and it uia^ ujkCiz thz b/itdz was cZz/diing in an AbzAdzzn itofiz that 
thz fiomancz bzgan which fiz&uZtzd in Monday' i wzdding. Ho6ti, oi iKiznds> thxoughout thJj> 
paAt oi ULchZand County aM. plza&zd to zxtznd congKotuZatijoM and bz&t lolihti. Ma. and 
Hu. VzJLonzy wiZi bz "at homz" in AbzAdzzn aitzA July l6t. 


A wzdding oi intzAzit to many,on pzopJLz occuAAzd at f^lumzapotii Tuziidaij whzn 
M6i4 GzAfiudz KutbzAg bzcamz thz bxidz. oi Lizutznant M. J. ShapiAX). Thz czizmony woi pzfi- 
iofmzd according to thz Kltz^ oi thz Jziolih ChuAch in thz pfvzMzncz oi KzJUxtxvzM and a ijew 
tntimatz iAiznd&, including thz poAznti, and AztativzJi oi thz i^orr thJj, city. 

Tuej,day z\Jzning thz young couptz tzit ion. Camp Vodgz, Towa, wheJiz thz gAoom uxiLi at 
oncz zntzA upon activz J>zA\)icz in thz hohpijtit izAvicz ci thz a/my. Thzy uiitt go to hoa&z- 
kzzptng thzKz aitz/i a bfiizi honzymoon. 

Thz bAidz iJi a HanklnMon giJit oi many accorrptiihmznti , bzing thz daaghtzA oi Ma. and 
MAit. I. KulbzAg, and a good 6haAz oi hzA tiiz wa6 ipznt in tkii city. Loa^ uzoa &hz u'oa 
a tzjachzA in qua klgh ichooZ. HzA iAczndi axz nwnbzAzd onJby by thz cUicZz oi hzA acquaJji- 
tancz^, and Thz NEWS joini uuJJi thz pzoplz oi Hanki.nion in zxtznding congfuxtuZationA and 

June 27, J9I« 

bej,t vilihzM. • •»»««»»», 

Thz moAAlagz oi Hi&A Lzna KAump and Ma.. Uatt WaxwiZdzA was iolzmnizzd at thz Cathotic 
ChuAch in UantadoA on Tut&day moAnlng at 10 o'clock in thz pKUzncz oi AzZativzA and a izu: 
intimatz ifiiznd6. thz czAzmony a big Azczption (oA thz young couptz wa^ hztd at 
thz homz oi thz bfiidz^' mothzA, M-W. Mfl^tt KAump. Thz bAidz gAzu to womanhood in thz nzlgh- 
bonhood and ij, a mo6t z&timabtz young tady. Thz gAcom ij> a i>on oi Uatt (x'axwiZdzA., Sa. , 
who puAcha6zd thz AtbzAt EAbz ioAm a izw yzaA& ago, and li an i.ndai,tAioai young man, hlghZi 
Az^pzctzd by aZt. Nzw buiZding6 havz bzzn ZAzctzd on a paAt oi thz toAgz ioAm. which thz 
nzwtywzdi wiJit occupy at oncz. Thzy havz a ho&t oi iAtzndui who zxtznd congAatutatioKi and 
be^t wlihzJ,. »,«,*,«,«« June 27, 191S 


A moAAJjige. ZA.czniz u:cu> .Uiuzd on June 24ih to Ucutk TkieZ and U-liS TeAeJ>a. SpAAjfigeA, 
both 0^ Uooizton. 

A ticzmz uiaj> gAorvtzd at EA.e.ckzn'u.dgz tlvU we.eJi to Ffitd A. t'aht and Hiii 
Gaita BoeJirUng, both uieZi kjioum young pzopte. fiej,ldJjf\.g ioutki'tit o^ Hankln&on. 

********** July 4, 1918 

^ofid ixaji n.zc&A,ve.d htn.z yoMtwdcuj ol the. moAJiiage. o^ h>a. M. HuAitt to ^tci4 LULie If^aij 
Connotty at GaZveJ>ton, TK. Thz gfioom ^ofmeAZy woi in the ernploy oil. P. EhJi bat entUttd 
04 a mojiine oveA a. yeoji ago and hoi 6eeit 6t£itione.d Zn GaZvt&ton. 

Ui66 TAxmcLSJ) McKtan Lau d eA o^ Wahpe^n and Captain HoAold H. KmbteA wexe. moAXitd 
In ToAlit, ffuxncz on JuZy l6t. The. U> a daughteJi oi Judge and M/la. W. S. LaadeA. 
oi Wahpeton and hai teen acting aj> a nuAiz In a IjOAjge rrlLLtaAij hoipltal In PaAZi. The 
gAoom li, a gfuxdaate o^ the ^IjL&t o^ilceJu' tAalnlng cojvp at ToKt SheAldan, IL. The nevily- 
uJzdi weAz itadejiti at the Univ. of, Wl&c. at the. ^amt time. 

«««»««»»»« AuguA^ 8, 1918 

Wi44 louAJie. 'RatkgzbeA. oi thli, city and FAzdeAidi A. Balxhiln oi EndeAtin weJiz moAAled 
at: WahpeXcn on Augtxit Ut by Judge. VanAAnam. The. bnlde. i& a native, ol Hankin&on, daughteA 
oi Ua.. and Wu,. John RathgebeA, and hoi a toAge cUidLt oi {,fu.endi aiio exttnd beJ>t vnUheJ>. 
The Qfwom ii a Soo tine. empZoyte.. Thz young couple uiiZZ make. theiA. home, at EndeALin. 

«««»««»««» Auga&t 15, 1918 

The. moAAlage. oi Mc44 Je^le. Ra&ieZi to Ha. C/uwXei Ktnneth Spottiwood occuAAzd yeJttzn.- 
day In Hinneapolli . Thii, bAle^ announcement wlU, be fiead wUJi moAz than uiuaZ InteAe^t by 
tkz pzople oi Hanklmon oi, the. young coupZe. oJie io weZZ known hzAz. 

The. biide woa a. teacheA In qua. 4,cJwoli> ioA leveAoZ yejOAS and ionmed a loAgz clAcZe 
oi ifU.end6 by heA chanming peA&onaLcty and womanZy quaZitlti. Hen. hom.e lA aJt Bottineau, 
WP. Thz gKoom li a natlvt o^ Hankln&on, i>on oi Uu. Kate Spott&wood oi thl& city, and li 
known to eveAyonz. foK izvzAaZ yzaA6 hz wa.6 a valued employee oi Thz WEti'S but went to 
Hinnzapota, a yzoA and a haJii ago to acczpt a po^,ltlon with thz JouAnal Vfiintlng Company. 
That hz haj, madz good In thz loAgeA ^leld Li ihown by thz ^act that hz hai bzen pfwmotzd 
izveAaJi timzi and now hold6 a njeJ>pon.ilblz position with thz company. 

Thz newly wzddzd couplz will go to hou^ekzzplng In thz city at once. 

«•«»«»«*«» AuguA;C 29, 1918 

M^4 Mattlz llZlg and Wm. McZntyAz weAz moAAlzd at EllzndaZz la&t wzzk. Thz bfiidz 
Im quite. wzlZ known keAz, being a daagktzA oi Wi. and Hu. HzAman lUlg oi Havana. The 
gfioom clalmi a KccxiAd; hz fizgliteAzd SatuAday, znllitzd Monday, woi moAAlzd Tusj>dau, and 
woi a ioldleA l:Jzdnziday, leaving that day ^ofi tAoining camp at Camp Leuiii, WA. 

««*»»»«»«, Szptzmbd 11, 1918 

A moAJUagz tLCtn&e. woi Zi^azd to John G. ChAjjtt and Hi&A J?04e SaZzivtdeJ. at Wakpzton 
la^t weefe. The. gioorr. woi {^ofrntfity a Soo {/Jiwan but -cA now -in thz oAmy, homz ^OA. a ^hofut 
^anZoagh. Thz buLdz -ti a daughteA o^ Ma., and M/la. Wm. SlaTWzdzZ. Both oAe. weZt known 
and havz many {^Kitndi> and wzJU. uxUhzAi. 

««««««««»« StptejnbeA T9, I9IS 

Thz maAAiagz otj Hii>& Uofitka Stack and Ma. HzAnhaAd Btadow woa 6oZemu.zzd 
zvznAJig at thz homz o^ thz bnJAz'i paAznti, Mx. and MA4. Hznfuj Stack, -in Etma. Thz 
czA.zjnony woi pz>i{^ofivnd by Rev. ObzAdoz&tzA -in thz pKz&zncz oi fizZativzi and a £zw -uitlm- 
atz ifu.zndl. M^A Izna. EZadou, a iU-6tXA. oi thz gfioom, vooi bAldzimaZd, and thz gfvoom wai 
attzndzd by Ma.. John Stack, a bnxithzA. oi thz Thz bAldz li> thz only daaghtzA. o^ 
hiA.. and Maj,. HznAjj Stack and thz gAoam a &on oi Ma., and Maj>. ChanZzM Bladow. Both havz 
gAjoum up -in thz nz-ighboAhood and havz 6coAzii oi iAlzndi and wzlZ uiUhzAi. ToK thz pAz-i,- 
znt thz new^i/wecLs oaz mak-ing thzAJi homz uuth thz bAyidz'A paAe.ntl> oi thz goom zxpzcti to 
be axJULzd to mLLitoAy 6zAv-icz at an zoAZy datz. 

• «»»»»«««» SzptzmbzA 16,19U 

lasfiKzncz J. fti&Acm and Minnlz E. Bohn wza.z moAXizd at BA.zckznA-idgz thz tattzA. paAt 
oi ta-i,t vozzk. Monday zvzning a panXy oi iAlzndA iAjom -town gave thzm an old ia&hlonzd 
izAznadz to commzmoAotz thz happy zvznt. 

»,«««•«««« OctobzA 10, 1918 

Mlii Pzanl RuMzll and Capt. SzymouA I. Well&, Commandant oi thz UnlvzAS-cty TajoIh- 
Ing-Cojnp at GAond FoAk&, wzAz moAAlzd Sunday zvzning. Thz ujzddlng -ii oi local -intzAZit 
by Azaion oi thz iact that thz bAldz -ii a. daughtzA. oi thz latz Mji. and MA-i. BzAt Ra&6zll 
and n'oa boAn -in Hanlnion. Captain Wzlts and hl& bAldz Izit Sunday zvznlng ioA. Mlnnzapotii , 
whzAz thzy mil znjoy a ihoAt honzymoon, and thzn Captain Wzlli lalll go to Camp Tun^ton, 
uchzAz hz hai bzzn tAomizAAzd. Ma^. Wzll& wlU. AztuAn to GAand ToAki, to makz hzA homz 
ioA thz pAz^znt. •«<,»»«»«» OctobzA 10, 1918 


Thz moAAiagz oi Ml&4> Ottillz Hozii> to EduiaAd Roth woi iolzmnlzzd at Wahpzton on 
TAlday oi lait wzzk, 4>lncz which timz thz young pzoplz havz bzzn bu6y Azczlving thz con- 
gAotulatloni oi thzlA many iAlzndi. 

Thz bAldz -ii a daxightZA oi MA. and Mai>. koQU-kt Hozii and ha& gAown to womanhood in 
thl& county. Shz hoi hoiti oi iAlzndi whzAzvzA ihz -ii known. Thz gAoom hai tikzvxiiz 
tivzd -in Hanklnion mo6t oi kii tiiz and li In thz zmploy oi thz Soo RaltoAod Company. 
Hz -ii a ipZzndid typz oi haitting young AmzAicaniim and -ii dz-izAvzdly papulaA. 

Thz neMilywzdi wWi oi couAiz continue, to makz Hankimon thzcA homz. 

«t««»«*»*« OctobzA 17, 1918 


A maAAyiage. tlcznie. icoi -ci4ued at BA.zckejUu.dgz loMt M-'eefe to Puxbtph SchnozdzA and 
TUJU-e. Stzln, both oi tkz JijlzA nzLghbonhood. 

• »»«•***»* Hovzjnbzn. U, 1918 

InvZtoutionlt oAe. out ioK thz iofithccming moAA-coge o^ Atc44 Ewrrxi A. Ti.ZQii to Hugo R. 
Lzntz, thz happy zvznt to takz plaaz on ThuMday, Nov. Zl , at St. John'i ChuAch. 

»«•«««*»,» NovzsnbzA 14, I9T« 

Well Known Young Vzoptz Mannlzd at St. John' 6 Chu/ich Thli h{onnlng 

At haZ^ past 10 o' cZocJi tku moAnZng, at St. John'6 ChuA^Ji aji Zztiond Town&kip, Rev. 
R. HA^gzndoA^ pfionounczd thz wofids that joZnzd ioK tif^z M^4 Emma A. TA.zgi> and Ma. Hugo R. 
Lzntz. Thz czAonony woi pzA^onrnzd In thz pAz&zncz o^ -umzdiatz AzZativzi o^ thz contAocX- 
ing poAtxzi and a &matt poAty o{t Invltzd gazitii. 

Thz young pzoptz oAz wztt known, havZng ipznt thzOi zntiAz tivz& -in tkci pant o^ HicJi- 
land County. Thz bfiidz -u a daughtzA oi Ma. and MA4. FAonk TZzgi, pionzzn. Az&-idzntl, o^ 
EzZ^oAd, and hoi a ZoAgz cOicZz oi iKizndi). Thz gKoom Zi a pAominznt young ^a/mzA ^Aom 
^outk 0^ LLdgzAwood. 

Thz MEWS joini with 4C0Ae4 o^ othzA Hanklmon ^znd6 In zxtznding cx)ngA£ituZatA.on& and 

bzJ>t uiUhe^ to thz n2Wlyu]zd&. 

»«•*««•««• Novzmbzfi 21, 191S 


EndzAJUn Indzpzndznt; Loit Sunday a^tzAnoon at EAzckznAA.dgz, occuAAzd thz moAJilagz o^ 
M^4 UoAthja KAontz to Ma. ¥Aan(U6 Jo6zph VAzy, both of, thU city. Thz l6 thz daaghtzA 
Oi$ h{A6. C. KAnntz and haj, tivzd hzAz mo6t o{^ thz tanz ilnzz hzA zanLy g-ifUkood. Shz ^i a 
^pZzndld young lady who&z iAA.znd6 oAz only timitzd by thz zxtznt oi hzA acqurUntancz. Thz 
gAoom -u onz o^ qua Sao tinz diapatchzfu, , an zxczLtznt young man who htu, tlvzd hzAz iox thz 
pa^t tivo yzoAJt. Thz Indzpzndznt joZm with many othzfi EndzAZin ^Atzndi In wishing thzm a 
long ti{iZ oi happZnzi>6. 

Ma. and MA4. VAzy Iz^t EAzckznAldgz Sunday zvzning on a tzn day wzdding tAlp, duxing 

which thzy wZlZ vZ&it at hiinnzapotli , Vuluth and Chicago. Thzy wiZl be at homz to thzlA 

iAZzndi In EndznJUn a^zA Vzczmbzfi l6t. 

«»*»»**«»t NovzmbzA 21, 19U 

Thz goldzn wzddcng o^ ^^A, and Maa. HzAman TZzgi> wai, czlzbAotzd in a quizt way at thziJi 
hojnz -in tkli, city yz&tzAday. Owing to thz pAzvaZzncz o^ thz ^lu only a jjew AzZativzi wzAz -in 
attzndancz. Ma. and Ua&. Tizgi wzAz maAAizd -in ^-iicon&in {jlity yzaA& ago yzitzAday. Thzy 
came to Vakota in 1S80 and havz Aziidzd in TlichZand County zvzA iincz. UndzAgoing alZ thz 
hofixLiihip^ incidznt to pionzzA liiz, thzy witnz&6zd thz zvolution o^ thz wild pAoiAizi oi 
Hichland County to thziA pAziznt pAo^pzAoui condition. 

A ^ew yzau ago Ma. and Maa. Tizg.1, AztiAzd piom jJoAm V-iz and havz iincz madz thzlA 
homz in Hankimon. Thzy havz ^vz chiZdAzn, thAzz o^ whom Az&idz in this vicinity. .. .¥Aank 
Tizgi, Rcbznt Tizgi and Wu. ChoAZzi EzZZin. Thz othzA tuoo aAz Aziidznti o{, Vickzy County. 

ThziA many ^Aizndi join in wiihing thzm many moAz happy annivzUOAizi. 

* * * * *(|9)' * * ^ NovzmbzA 21, 1918 

A mcLAJujxQz llcznsz n'oi Zi-iazd la6t weefe to Tzd P. GeAwzefe and Wc44 ChAJjttuw. V-l^^za- 
dlng, both o^ tkz Stiles ntighboKhood. 

Efinut GutzmeA and UL&^ MoAXJia Wtege, well known young pzoptt o^ thz StLtt& ntlghboA.- 
hood, WiAz by Coanty Judge. VanAnnam on Hovembcji 13th. 

• «»»«««««« NovmbtfL ZS, 1918 

A FaAmeA'4 Love. LeXteA.'- 

"Do you. ^coAHot' aJUi {ok me, ion. my he.aAt 'bteti' loK you, and my love, li, oi J>oit 
a& a 'iqujOih' but oi it/uong ai an 'onion.' ToK you. OM. a 'peach' with youA 'fiadl&h' haln. 
and 'tuAnlp' noiz. Vou. axe the 'apple' oi my eye, 4>o Z^ we 'cantalope' then 'lettuce.' ma/iMj 
anyhow, ioK I know we would make a happy ' peax. ' " 

««««««»««« PecembeA 19, T9T? 


7 9 7 9 

The. ^ottouicng Item, wfUck appeaxed beZow a. pZcttvie oi lleut. Kajiq and bnlde. in teat 

Sundcuj'4, Vlonee/i PAa>i, uUIZ be o^ InJteAJeMt to the Qfwom' & old Han}Uru>on i/u.ejidi, &ald 

Qfioom bexng none othfi than FAank tClng, a HaniUmon High School gfiaduate and {oAmeAZy em- 
ployed ^ the flfUtt National Bank heAe; "Lieutenant and H/u,. F. M. King decently weJie moA- 
fiied at St. Louii. She woa ionmenZy M^4 VeAna. LawAjence ol llinneapoti. Lieutenant King 
iJ> the son o^ Mfi. and M/t4. M. H. King, 1024 Van Slyke Avenue.. Lieut. King ii stationed at 
Camp Mc AAthuA, TX. He leit St. Paul in Septejnbex, commanding the Eleventh Division o^ 
dAaiteeJi and waS) 6ent to Camp Vodge. He uxa, ient to Camp Pike lateA, idieAe he uia& advanced 
to the fumk oi SeAgeant and uxu, admitted to the o^iiceAi tAoining ichool, wheAe he tcoi com- 
mii&ioned a second lieutenant. LateA he woi ient to an advanced o^^cieAi tAoining camp at 
Camp PeAAy, Ohio, wheAe he wan, made ^iA&t Lieutenant. 

«»»»«««»«» JanaoAj/ 1, 7979 

A new dance catted the "ilu llitteA" has been invented. To dance it, you take one 
itep ioAua/id, then sneeze tm.ce, pivot and swaZJLow tico quinine tableti, 6uiing youA pofit- 
neA, then cough in uniion, take two 6tep6 bachooAd and blow youA noie, then waltz home 
and conJtult a doctoK. 

««*«,»»**« JanuMAjj 9, 1919 

^lc44 UcUbj UyhAa, ionmeAly deputy countif 6upeAintendent, i£ to be mafuiied at the home 
o{ hzA paAenti in Hinneapotu on Jan. 25th to AAthuA To&ium, £oAmeAly oi ChAUtine and now 
connected with the Economy Vniig Company oi Tcuigo. 

»«««***»»* JanuoAy 16, 7979 

We oAz pleaded to KepoAt with this, Lb&ue the manAlage oi one o^ ouA popuZaA young 
laAmeAM, Living ^ouA miZeJ> nonthwe^t o^ thii village. .. .Ma. Eklc Fendke, who onAived heAe 
loit week ^Axim ULnnz&ota accompanied by a We wiih to extend ouA beJ>t wiihe^ loK 
much joy to the young couple. They wilJL settle down on the iaAm known as the CaAt Popp 
place which Un.. Ten&ke A-ecently puAcha&ed. 

««««»»*«*« JanuoAy 16, 1919 

EAnzit ReinhoAd Ei&ckeA and Hi&6 Ida. HiJUie Hubfiig, both o^ Hankimon, weAe. mxAAied 
by County Judge Van AAnam at Wahpeton on Wednesday o^ la&t week. 

««*««*««»« JanuoAy 23, 7979 

GREAT BEHV EXAMINER E^jne^t. HeA.dneA, s,on o{, H. C. HeidneA o^ KbeAdeen, SV., oAAived 

heAe AzcentZy accompanied by a They weAe on a bnie^ wedding tout. The gAoom'6 
many piiends> extend congAitulation&. 

««»»««««»« JanuaAy 23, 7979 

A pAetty home wedding occuMJid on Sunday oi laMt week at the home oi Va. and Wa,. HeA- 
man Medenwaldt when theiA daughteA Ida was united in moAAiage to Ma.. Otto A. Eladow, Rev. 


C. ObeAdotiteA. o^^cavting. Thz young pzoptz havz tive.d In tkU mZghbofihcod 4-cnce ckLtd- 
hood and have. icoAeJt C(J iKizndi, and MeZt nxifceAi. They have gone to housekeeping in the 
cottage, next to the Cash GfwceAy itoie. o{^ wkidn the gKoom U> now pfiopKlzton.. 

«•»««««««« JanuaJiy 30, 1919 

WaZZace f.\anlkow&ke., pAominejit young ^oAmeA oi the Uooneton neZghbofthood, and lfJj>i> ^Lice 
TlameA. of, UiZnoA. voeKe moftAled ytiteAday a^teAnoon at ToAgo. They uxUZ make thtOi homz on 
the. Manlko(»ike {oAm neoA Moofie^on. 

•«««*««»»» January 30, 1919 

T/vank Jauki and HfU. ICiitian JaegeA, weAe. moMled by Rev. Jo6. P. Studnlcka Tuesday 
moAnJjig. Both oAt weJU. known xtiidenXs o^ ouA cZty. 

««•«»» t «• » UbfwJXAy 13, 1919 

mCUa - LEMZ 

On Tuesday mo fining, Feb. lith, at Uantadofi, occWiAnd the wedding of, tnoo o( Hichland 
County's pfiomine.nt young pexiptt, the pAlnclpati being hli&s Anna lugeAt, one o^ UantadoK'i 
most popuZcA young Zadiej>, daughteA oi Ha. and MA4. Jaspeh LugeAt oi that place, and Wi. 
Leo Lenz, a pfwminejxt young ^onmeA neoA WyndmcAz. The wedding took place In Sti . TeteA 
S PauZ's ChuAch at lOM., the solemn nuptial high mass being celebrated by Rev. J. H. 
LugeAt oi KLict, UV. , a bfiotheA oi the bnldz, who was assisted by fn. Wltkes oi UantadoK 
and Fa.. VueAA o^ LidgeAwood. The wedding was attended by a loAge numbeA o^ Relatives 
and Invited gujests. 

The young couple leit on a shont honeymoon ion. KdAlan, MW. , and oii\eA points, and 
upon thelA KztuAn wilt fee at home, on theln. ^Ine ianm six miles east oi WyndmeAt. 

»«««»«««»« FzbKuoAy 27, 1919 

EduoAd Budack and bnldc one spending a iew days at the home oi Has. AlbeAt SteAn. The 
bnlde is an UndeAwood, MW. , giAl and the. we.ddlng took place at UndeAwood last weefe. The 
gAoom's many Hankinson iJilejids oAe. pleaszd to extend congAotulatlons and best wishes. 

Hiss Alvina ViHeAdlng and John Schmidt, both oi Falnmount, weAe maAAizd on HaAch 
3Ad and wlti Aeslde. on thz gAoom's ianm nzaA that place. 

*««««««»** ^^^ 20, 1919 

Rzcent maAAlage licenses: Theodofie 0. Schuschke and Hiss Rose T. Iflall, both oi Lid- 
geAwood, HoAch 13th; TeteA L. SoAcnson and Hiss Ranvie AndeASon, both oi Galchutt, 
HaAch nth. ••««•»«««« ^^y^^ 20, 1919 

The moAAlage oi Hiss HaAgoAet BeZZin to Ha. Geofige William SchuZtz was solemnized at 

St. John's ChuAch in Beliofid on Wednesday moKnlng, Rev. R. HilgendoAi oiiicaltlng. Only 

fvelatives and a ievi intimate inlends weAe pAzsent. The bnlde is a daughter oi Ha. and Has. 

Henman BeJUUn oi BeZiond and the gftoom is a son oi Ha. and Ha&. Gust Schultz, residing 

south oi Hankinson. The young people grew up in Richland County and are welt and iavor- 

ably known. A host oi irlends extend congratulations and best wishes. 

4 «•»«•«»» » ^^AcA 20, 1919 

C32) • • 

John Bozhnlng o^ Vllzaa Towmhip and hlii-i) Haxle. M. Schz^^ZeA. o^ LLdgeAuJood wcAe mcuvUzd 
cut WahpeXon on MoAch 27th by Judge. Van A/inam. The. It, a. duvming young lady oi ou/i 
neyighboiing city and the. gfwom li a ion o^ Wi. and hi/u,. Jutloi Boe.hnlng, plonteA KtJ>ldejiti> 
0^ VueAJi ToiMUthip. A ho^t o^ ^xLejids e.xXend cangfiatuZiLtLoni and be/)t wZ&he^. 

GREAT BEWP EXAMINER The. wtdding beJLZi, fiang out taj,t SatuAday announcing the. moAAiage 

o£ Ha. G. H. ULttag to Hd,6 Lejia. Hielke.. Hn.. Hittag ti the. manojgeJi oi the. bianck houie. heAe 
oi thz WZppeAman MeAcantiZe. Company and -ii, a young man who vuIZ make. good. The. btilde. li a. 
popuZoA young lady and koi been teaching school Zn EAondenbufig di&tAA.ct. We luish to extend 
ouA. mo6t hcaAty congAatuZation&. 

««««»««««« ^p^j^ 24, 1979 

VflEUTY YEARS AGO COLLMt The maAAZagt ai F/iank H. Pcutz and fiiii Anna He^UeA. vma 

■iolejmized at Wahpeton. 

********** f^ay 1, 1919 

blm. KlauiitteA, beXteA known heAz oi "KiHy" woi maAAied yeiteAday. The. ll> Mi44 
{ilallenkeAM, daughteA o^ Ma. and Ufu,. Hick lilolZejiheim, who AeMldz ilve. mitc& Aouth oi LidgeA- 
wood. The. gAoom'6 Haniujiion ^fUendi extend bc&t uilihe£. 

********** HcLy S, J979 


nUi « 1574 ApA.. 20, 1916 - May 15, 1919 

♦ + + * + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + 

HobeAJt UzZdA-vn, a pnomintnt young £aAmzn. A-ZiZding tuio mltu ioatHnuiut o^ WhZte. Hock, 
wai, kJJJizd TKidajj moKrUng by {^aZLing £Aom thz nxioi o^ fUi btvin. In loading hay into tke. 
mow itomt pafit o{ the. tilting dzvZcz got out 0(J ofudzA.. He dUmbzd to tkz fcooi ^ adjuit 
a. putZzy and in Izanlng ovzA toit hli baZancz and izJLt, &tAAiUng on kU hzad and ihouZdzA. 
tlCi back uxut bJLokzn and hz dizd vxithout KzgaAjting con&cJjoainzi.s . 

************ ApA^ 70, 1916 

E. K. StewanX, viztt known to tkz dancing population o^ Hankln&on ai tkz IzadzA o{ thz 
popular. Stewant OKchzbtAa., having ^iZlzd many zngagzjmznti at thz Gfuawz Halt, dizd at Hzd- 
iizld, SV., on KpfUt 8th. Thz OKchzitAo. will continaz on tkz fwad undzn. tkz Izadzuhtp o^ 
Ua/>. StZMont. 

GREAT 5EWP EXAMINER Thz nzpofit oi tkz dzatk o^ TzAdinand Gzhlzn. camz oi a ihock 

to zvzfiyonz on TKijday moAning, whzn tkz ckufick bzJil tolZzd out thz lad newi in tkz znAly 
houu 0^ thz molning, caAAying thz tidings o^ anotkzn. itout caltzd to tkz ztzfvnaJL tiz^t. 

FzAdinand GzhlzA wai bofin in thz Pfwvincz o^ Efiandznbu/Lg , Gznmany, in thz yzoA. 1S53, 
bzJ/ig 63 yzau, onz month and 14 day^ old at thz timz o^ hti dzatk. Hz camz to tkij> cou- 
ntry whzn a young man and izttlzd in Fond du Lac, WI., latzA coming to NoAth Vakota whzAZ . 
hz iztttzd on a ^oAm thAzz mitzi noAthwzit o^ GAzat Bznd. ThzAZ hz AZiidzd untiZ about iix 
yzoAi, ago whzn hz and hi& ^aith£ul. wi^z AztlAzd £Aom thz ^oAm and izttlzd in thli vilZagz 
to 4>pznd thziA dzclining yzau . 

Ha. GzklzA woi a man o£ good pAinciplz&, honz&t, upAight and induitAioui , and always, 
Ztvzd a good clzan li^z, making ^Aizndi o£ aZJL who knzw him. Hi/, dzath camz Auddznly cau- 
izd by hzjoAt ^ailuAz. Hz AztOizd on ThuAiday zvzntng in appoAznt good hzjxJLtk and pa^izd 
atoay pzacz^ully in tkz night. Hz Izavzi a widow, onz ion [HzAman] who haj, choAgz o^ tkz 
iaAm, and two dajughtzAi, Hu. W. C. Bohn and Ma4. John Stoltznow, Ja.., alio 12 gfiandchitdAzn 
to mouAn hii loll . 

Thz iunzAol wai hzld Monday ^Aom thz Ev. LuthzAan ChuAch, Rev. T. Hinck conducting thz 
iZAviczi, and thz Aemaim wzAz lai.d at AZit in thz LuthzAan CzmztzAy. 

************ ApAiZ 20, 1916 

Child oi Ma., and Ma4. John M. JaegeA LoiZi LL£z in CzlloA 
Stanlzy FAonfe, littlz ion oi Ma. and Maa. John M. JazgzA, wai dAownzd in thz czlloA 
oi hti homz duAing thz noon houA loit SatuAday. Thz cztloA containzd about thAZZ and a. 
kali ^zzt 0^ watzA and thz chitd izUL in ^Aom an outiidz opzn dooA Izading to thz baiz- 
mznt. Hz wai izzn playing alonz nzoA tkz houiz a ^eio minutzi bzloAZ twetvz and whzn thz 


irUxMay mzaZ was nzjudij he. coatd not be. iound. A koMtij oi the. buemejnt wai, Ifuiit- 
teM, and not untiZ thz ^athex made, a second ^ejVLch uxa the accident dUcovexed, Medical 
old was hajttiZy ituimoned but tL^e uxu, extinct. 

StanZey tooi one o^ a iamttif o^ nine. ckiZdJien and was 2 yeoM, 11 months and 4 dayi 
old. A ipeclal lavo/Ute becooje oi IvLi iwiUiuaZZy iunntf dli>po4,itton, the ihock o^ hU dexvth 
iaZti heaviZy on the. gxLei-itA.icken paxejiti, and the. deepeit sympathy o^ eue/u/ pajiejnt goei 
out to the £amlty In theAji gfieat bereavement. 

The iuntnoL waj> keZd on Monday moAjrUng at 10 AM, ^eAvXcw bexng conducted by Rev. Fk. 
Stujdnicka at St. Phittp'i ChuAch. InteMnent wa& made tn the CathoZA.c CemeteAy. 

************ Ap/t6e 27, 1916 


John G. Ol&on, a ptoneeA KtcJident oi GfieendaJie towmhip, died at the Suiediih Ho&pitaZ 
in St. Pout SatuAday evening, ApAit Z9th, uiheAe hz went about a wzzk beioKZ ioA medical 
tAzatmznt. He uxu, tAoubled viith a comptication oi kidney and bladdzA ailmznti and an opzA- 
ation uiOjI, peAioAmed, hit, uieakznzd condition AzndzAing thz moAZ deZicatz iuAgicaJL woAk 

Vzcza&zd woA 65 yzoAi 1 month and 5 dayi old. Hz iwu> a nativz oi Suoedzn but came to 
AmzfUca wften htJUUL a young man. Hz wa& one oi thz zoAly 6eXtlznj> Jji what ij> now GAzzndalz 
townikip wheAZ hz acquixzd a tAact oi valuablz land on which thz iamiZy havz madz theiA 
homz up to thz pAZ&znt timz. Hz ii iUAvivzd by a widow and iix chiZdAzn, thAzz ions and 
thAzz daughteAi. 

, _ UndeAgoing thz haAdi,hip^> and pAA.vationi oi iAontizA Hie, hz laboAzd diligently and 
lived, to i>zz hit, ianm develop into onz oi thz iinej>t in thij> &zction. A kindheaAted nzigh- 
boA and iaithiul iAiznd, hz won thz Z6tzem oi all who kneui him and hU death i& iinczAeZy 

Thz Aemainii weAC bAought to Hankimon, aAAi.ving hexe Monday moAning, and the iunznal 
4>ZAvicei weAZ heZd in thz Tyion ChuAch in GAzzndalz at 2:30 PM Wzdnziday aiteAnoon, Rev. 
lAa McFoAtand conducting thz iZAviczM. Hz had bzzn a membzA oi thz MeXhodiit ChuAch ioA 
many yzaAi. ••••««.»•.«♦ May 4, 1916 

FAonk Kuehl wai called to Nzznah, Wl., lait Friday by a mzi4,age stating that hJu tittle 
thAZZ yeoA old nephew had been dAowned in thz AivzA at that placz. Thz iunzAol wa6 held on 
Sunday. ••••• •» May 4, 1916 

Thz F. 0. HungzA iamily wzAZ called to Campbell thz iiA&t oi the week by thz death oi 
WaltzA Mace, SR., Mw. HungzA'i iatheA. Vzcza&ed wa& itAicken with paAolyiii ieveAol weefei 
ago and owing to kU advanczd age, 89 yzoAi, no hopz was held out ioA hU AecovZAy. Hz 
pcu,4,zd aiMy an SatuAday. 

• ••««•«•«»»» 

May 4, 1916 


Uany o^ qua. fizadtnj, wltt JizmembeA. JeAAy Poitand, an eccenit-cc chaAa.cteA who made. 
Hanluji&on kU htadquofuteM ^on. izvtnnJi yzau bat moAz A.zcejutly o£ LLdgtnwood. Weiui o^ 
fvU dzaXh at ihz BA.zcJiznfUdgt Ho/tfUXat fiza.dn.zd htKe. a ^ew dajji> ago. Whitz mzjvtaZZy dz^c- 
Zejit, Je/t/ur wait an inolizni>i.vz iout, gznznaui and good-hzoAtzd, and hli own wout znemy. 
He po^&ziizd many o£ thz Zmtincti oi a gznttzman lax abovz ki& station, wkLck tzd to thz 
ofujiion that hz came o{ a good ^anUZy, E^oAti to communicate with fLzZatCvZi in Moi^adi- 
uJiZtti wzfLZ iatJULz and hz wai ba/Lizd at pubtLc expzn&z. 

********** Hay 4, 1976 

T/umk Hznatt, a tznant on thz Vatz ^a/m nzan. thz old town o^ Vznjwn, dizd at (linnza- 
poUjt SatuAday {following an opzAotion {oA. what wai zomldzfLzd a mlnoK aUZmznt. He with- 
stood tkz opznatlon nlczly and wa/> gaining itAZJigth, beijig abtz to bz up and anownd thz 
hospital, but othzn. cx>mplication& ^ottowzd, and although opzfuitioni wzAz pzn^onrnzd in thz 
hopz o{ KzZizving thz new tfioublz, hz paiszd away. 

Vzcza&zd wa& about 45 yzafu, old and Izavzi a wi^z and izveAoZ childAzn. He had KZii- 
dzd in thz nzighboAhood but a compoAjotivzly shoKt timz but had gainzd thz iAi.zndi>hip and 
z&tzzn oi all who knew him. 

Thz it/Lidkzn family havz thz sympathy o^ aJLl in thzin. bzKzavejnznt. 

********** uay 4, 1916 

Gznuinznz&s o^ Suicidz Notz in Voubt in fonman Cosz 

FORMAW, KV., May 9th Voubt as to thz gznuinznz&s o^ a notz ^ound at thz sidz o^ . 

thz dzad body oi Tahiz FaAkes, a {afimzA. xesiding east o^ town, has Kzsultzd in a thorough 
investigation o^ thz casz, with thz stAong pAobabiZity that instead o{ being a suizidz, 
it will bz ^ound that FanJies was muKdzKzd. 

A notz, add/iesszd to Fankes' bnothzn., is not in thz dzad man's handwriting, accord- 
ing to thz b/Lothzn., and thz oHiciaJis havz causzd a post moKtem to bz madz oi thz nemains 
to dztznminz thz causz o^ death. 

Thz notz, whijch it is cZaimzd was Iz^t besidz thz body to diionm suspicion, was a 
£olZows: "EAothzn. Joe: I donz it myseZ^. Take cafiz oi zveAything. Let thz othzfis know.'' 

Kt tkz sidz oi thz body an empty bottle, labeZzd stfcychninz, and anothzA bottlz, haJLi 
^illzd with watzfi, weAe alio ^ound., a bacheZoK iafmz/i, had been about hii ioAin during thz day przvious with his 
bfwthzn., and had diicusszd with kim plans ioK thz season's work. Hz appended chzzr^ul, 
and no known cause ^or suicidz has bzzn iound. Hli accounti wzrz in good shape and hz 
was not in ill hzaZth. «••*«•«»•« y^ jj^ jgj^ 

It is rzportzd that thz body a^ a Mr.. Sty, a iarmzr o^ Easter Township, Roberts County, 
who mystzrijously disappexuied ^rom his home szveraZ days ago, hai ^zzn ^ound in a lakz six 


nilej, za&t o^ SZiitton. TheAZ weAe eu-ccfenceA o£ iouJL play, and the. anXhorUtiu ate look- 
Zng iJoA. tMO Jndiani who OAZ Aoipected oufid uiho havt 4)-incz (La>a.ppzxin.zd. 

********** May n, 1916 


fKzdzAAjik. KoppzJbnan, onz o^ thz ^Zut ieXttzAJi o{ ZichZand Courvty, dlzxi at the. home. 
o£ hAj> daughttn., Hu. Hejvuf EtLii, o£ FaUAmount on TaeJidaif, May 16th, o^ paAoty^^i. 

Thz limeAoZ iZAvZce^ uiltl be heZd at the EvangeZicaZ LutheAa.n Chwidi at GJieat Bejid on 
FAAxLay, May 19th, Rev. T. \iinck pKe^ldJing. 

Uk. Koppelman uxu, oven. 70 yeoJH old, a. o£ Germany, who came to tha, countAy -in 
the. eoAJiy day^, and iettted In the GKeat Bend country Zn the dayi wheji iz^tttefu had to 
ieA/iy acAc&j, the Red Riven, to get into Nonth Dakota. Mete he tlved, pA.o4>peAed, maA/Ued 
and Axbiied a ^airUZy. tVu. KoppeJbnan died about tuo yea/u ago; thejie ane ieuen dkitdnen 
iuA.vlvlng. They a/ie aJLL moAAled and live In tkii county; HenAjy, W, J., ErrUZ and Ffied, aZt 
neilding at Gneat Bend and MAi. Henny EtLu of, Falnmount, Hm. HenAy BolZ and M-tA. Tfieo. 
Bohn 0({ Gneat Bend. 

Ua. KoppeJbnan wa^ weZt and wldeZy known, and hli death came oi a ihock to the entJjie 

community. Be/,lde the 4on4 and daughteA^, thzAe axe a numbeJi o^ gAandchlZdAe.n and a hoAt 

0^ iAlenduk who mouAn hl& Zosi. 

********** Hay U, 1916 

Wm. McGoAAy, a middle aged tAanilent AoltAoad man, committed 4>ulclde by cjuttlng hl& 
thAoat at BAeckenAldge duAlng Sunday night. The body wai, found upAlght In a chalA In the 
office of the old HelZman BAeuxing Co. building eoAly Monday manning. At flA&t It wai 
thought thzAz weAe evidences of foul play but It developed that UcGoAAy had been 4>een 
the pAevloui evening acting In a J^u&plclout manneA, tAylng to effect an entAonce Into vac- 
ant buildings and had been oAdtAzd out of town by a membtA of the night police foAce. 
He had bAoken a window and foAced the lock of the noom, although It wai evident he had cut 
hli, thAoat outilde befone thli. Fnlendi wejie located at St. VauJL fAom whom It woi leanned 
he. had left St. Paul lait week foA AbeAdeen wheAe he expected to iecuAe wonk. 

********** May 25, 1916 

The Infant chlXd of RobeAt Mofi4, one week of age, died on ThuAiday of la&t week. The 
funenaJi wai held SatuAday fnom the Luthenan ChuAch. 
GREAT BEND EXAMINER •••••» t •« t May 25, 1916 

FAedeAlck Koppelman, one of ouA old ploneeA ACildenti , died on Tuesday of lait week 
at the home of Ma. and MAi. HenAy EhleAi, at the age of 76. Ma. Koppelman woi one of qua 
honest, upnlght, Inda&tAloui fanmeAi and leavej> behind him a life filled with iuccti6. 

He wtu bonn In Gtnmany In the yeoA 1840, came to AmeAlca In 1874, and settled flAit 
In Vodge County, Q/I. LateA he came to Nonth Dakota whene he settled on a homatead among 
the. ploneem of thli county. Ten yzoAi ago he AztlAed fnom active fanmlng and moved to 


the. vAjLtoLge. mXh iruM uU-ie., who dlzd about yzjuu ago. Since thzn fie ha/> Live.d aJt 
-tfie fiome q{ hU, ckitdnui. Hz Izavu loan. ioru> and thAtt daxightzAJi . . . .Hzmjj , Ffizd and 
Emit, aXJL ^aAjiUng man. htn.t, and Wi&. HtnAy EhZeAi o^ Sumiit, MA4. Tfieo. Bohn and Hu. 
H. C. Boll 0^ tki& vHtagt. The. iuMAoJi wa6 fie^d la^t FfUday, Rev. T. tUnck conducting 
tke. itZAvlcu, and tkt ^ejno-ais weAe laid to n.ut in the. luthejuan CemzteAy. 
...GREAT BENV EXAMINER... •••«••«••• May 25, 1916 

Fnight^ul Accldejit at VictoK Rz&ulti, in Jnitant Death oi S-VeoA-Old Boy 

Eldxed, the iive yean, old 4,on o^ Un.. and Unj,. A. V. Tean.e o^ Victon., met instant death 
laj>t week whzn he uxu fum ovtn. by the whzeZ o£ a manun.e 6pn.eadtn.. CanZ Kettlt&on wa& haul- 
ing manjuA.e., and Eldxed, in company with otheA. boyi, wai attempting to "catch on" ^OK a nide. 

Un.. KeXtltion had n.epeatedly woAned the. boy& and dAive.n them oH, but like all boyi, 
they wanted a nide., aid. the little ietlow had gone back iox anotheA. tnjy at. It. Uo one 4>au} 
the accident, but It i& iuppo/izd he wa& hanging to the iide o£ the machine and laing hit, 
hold ^eJtl undeA, The wheel paired ovex hli head, cnji&hlng the. ikuZl and caailng Instant 

The entln.t community ii ihnouded in gloom oveA the teAAiblz event and the heant^eZt 
sympathy o^ all goes out to Ma., and Mu. Teofie in theln. aw^ul bereavement. No blame, can be 
attached to the dnlveA oj fie had done whcut he could to keep the boy6 o^^ the nig and was 
ondeA the impfiejiiion that he had succeeded when the accident occot/ied. 

TaneAal hzfivlcej, went held at Ro4,holt and the buAial occuAAed in the White. Rock Cemet- 

Tfie death ojj JameM J. Hill thii week Aemovzj, a pictuAej,que. liguAz ^Aom the wonld, one 
who fuu been moAt closely allied with the development o^ the gAcat no>ithuiej>t than any one 
0(5 thit, geneAatlon. But it ii well to AemembeA, in Aeading the itoAy o^ hii Hie, that the 
noAthwzit made Jim Hill while the nonXhwzit would have been developed AegaAdle/>6 o^ Hill' 6 
activitizi. He was a wondzA^ul man and the gAeat nonthwzit gave him hii oppoAtHnlty at an 
emplAe buildzn.. •«•••«•••• j^^ ,^ j9j^ 

W, S. Nulph, well kjwwn heA.eahout&, woi ^oand dead in bed at hi6 fiome in WyndmzAz 
one moAning Ixut wzek. Hz wa& 6S yeaAi old and had Az&idzd in Richland County thiAty yeau. 

Hz leaver a wi£z and thAZZ chlldAen, all gAown. 

• •««••«••« J^^^ ,5^ j9j^ 

STILES S VICINITY ... .UAi . Joe GzAZizek and daughtZA Clana attended thz iunzAol o^ 

Ma4. iloAizka at GenzttZO lat>t ThoAiday. 

• ^ ••«««•• « jj^^ j5^ j9j^ 

Matt Savidgz, Who View HzAz Last YeoA, Falls to His Vzath 
Matt Savidgz, thz aviatoA who madz such a satis ^actoAy flight hzAZ last yzoA at thz 


turn oi ike. HantUmon-CampbeXZ bcuzbaZZ gamz, wan, kltZzd cut Euilng, NB., SaXuAdaif night. 

It Zi thoaght thz cjontfuot uujiz oiJ JfUM machLne. Jarmzd. Hz ^eZZ ^AMtn a. hzlght o^ 350 ^zzt 

and woi dzad whzn pZckzd up. 

• ••«••«»•« jj^^ 22, 7916 

HAJiam Bogg oi MooKeXon Lo-iZi Li^z WhiZz BcutiUng uxUh Pcuuty oi Bot/A 


Suottzn by Hza.vy Heilru,, SmaZZ C^tzzk ClcUmzd Victim at a Point UiuatZy Shattoui 

HlAam Bagg, 19 yzafi oZd ion o^ Ma. and Mxi. F.A.Bagg, pAominznt xz&ldznt/> o{ HooAz- 
ton vlttagz, was dAownzd In thz iwolZzn watzAJ, oi Antztopz Qjizzk, at a point hat^ a rniZz 
nofutk ol that ptacz, at about 9:30 PM Saturday evening. Thz body wai not Kzcovzfizd ujvtUL 
Sunday mofming. 

In company mtk haJL^ a dozzn othzn. boy4> o^ about hli oum age, young Bagg wznt to thz 
iMimmlng hoZz In thz zvzning at thz cto6Z oi a hot and oppKZ&ilvz day. On zmztglng 
thz uxLtzn. aitzn. thz iuUm, young bagg woi iound ni&iZng by hJj, companioni, . Hz had madz no 
outcAy and had not bzzn mjtizd by hti matzi untit thzy emzAgzd iAom thz uiatzA. HuAAyZng 
to town, thz boyi gave thz aJLanm, but by thz timz Kz&cutng pafitizi nzachzd thz ipot it 
was alKzady dank, and It wai> not untiZ aitzn. daytight thz iottowtng moKntng that thz body 
was fizcoMZAzd at about thz ipot whzn.z hz wad toit 6zzn. Thz young man was a iain. iwimnzn. 
but Zi iiuppo&zd to havz been takzn with a cnamp. Thz it/izam Zi oAxLinofUZy tltttz moKz 
than a nivuZzt but had bzzn iwolZzn to a aomidzAahZz dzpth by thz Aoois . 

- Peceosed woa bonn in ZichZand County and thz iairUZy 16 wzZZ known. Thz iathzA. was 
ioA. many yzau thz iupzfUntzndznt oi thz bonanza Downing ianm and hai, hzavy buiZnzii -int- 
ZAz&ti in MooA-zton as wzZZ oi owning a ioux dzction ianm nzan. thz viZZagz. 

deceased was thz zZdzit ion and gnaduatzd thti ipning ixom thz Wahpzton High SchooZ. 
Hz was pZanning to zntzn. coZZzgz nzxt iaZZ. ExzzptionaZZy giitzd in many wayi and thz 
idoZ oi thz hou&zhoZd, hz had a bfUght iutwiz and hi& untimzZy dzath ha& cait a gZoom 
ovzfL thz nzighbonhood whzAz hz was boAn and gJizui to young manhood. Bziidz6 thz it/iickzn 
poAznti, hz -cs iuAvivzd by a bfiothzA and thn.zz lii>tzAJ>. 

Thz iunzAoZ was heZd at thz MooKzton ChuAch yz&tzAday, intznmznt bzing madz in thz 
czmztZAy nzoAy by. «••«»«#•«» J^J^ ^^ J9J5 

FAzd EAick&on, a pionzzA ioAmzA nzoA RutZand, was dAownzd in thz liliZd Riaz nzoA that 
pZacz thz moAning oi thz FouAth, Zoiing hij> Ziiz whzn hz dAovz oH thz gAadz at thz app- 
Aoach to a bAidgz. 

Thz bAidgz, appAoachzi to which oAz undzA watzA fcecouse oi Azcznt zxczi-iivz Aaim, 
had bzzn nzgotiatzd, but in dAiving oH, EAickion 6znt hZi tzam oH thz gAadz into a dzzp 
ditch. Thz hoA&zi WZAZ dJiownzd and EAick&on wa6 caught undzA kii Aig, bzing unabZz to zxt- 
Aicatz himizZi. A companion wai AZicazd. 

********** jaZy 6, 1916 


Vfwmintnt ToAmiA. UejiA. WahpeXon Taku Haj> Own LL^t 

FAjOJik A. Lz^i, a young ^cumzn. tlvZng on thz R. M. Eiack {oAm ^Zve. trUZu wz&t oi Wah- 
peXon, &hot himAzti tfULOugh the. ktoAt and dizd Zmiantlif Za^t Tat&dcuf mofming, 04 the. A.W- 
utt 0^ tAoubte. beXovoeen hunteJii and uic^z uikich had extended ovzA. a couple oi yejoxi time. 

A iZngle bajuieJL ikotqun wci4 oied, loaded with heavy i,hot. The gun watt kung ^Aam a 
doofwoay at the KeoA. oi the hoa&z, with a ^tfUng attached to the tfUggeA. and paired oveA the 
hinge, 60 that It «xi4 only nect&6aAif to give the gun a illght jeAk to dlichofige IX. The 
wound waj, In the lowen. le^t bKeoit, and the ckoAge enteAlng at 6uch clobe Konge toie a jag- 
ged hole In the. bKeabt, canjujlng auiat/ the lowen. portion o£ the hea/it. Veath wai ahiolutely 
Imtantanexjui . 

NelghbofUt antlved on the Acejie veAjj ihofctly aitenwafidit , and a call wai> 6ent In £oA. the 
SheAi^i and CofwneA.. The. SheAl^^, StaZe'i KXtoKnejj and otheAz went out to thz icznz 0^ the 
tAagzdy but the CoAoneA woA not locatzd until latzA and it woi noon bz^oAZ thz inquzit wae> 
held. Thz vexdict KztuAned wai death by luicidz. 

Hk. leii had had tAoublz with hii wi^z ion. a couplz o^ yeoAi, thz camz being an allz- 
gzd intimacy bztwzzn Uaj>. Le^i and FAonk Auman, who had bzen employed oi a hifted many by 
Ma.. LzH ioA. thz pa&t tUio ieoioni) and who had bzen woAking on thz Lz£i ^oAm thJjt i>uimzn. up 
until a month ago when hz wai diichoAgzd. 

On thz day bz{,0A.z thz shooting, Ha. Lz^i went to Wahpzton and madz oAAongemzntt, to 
tAjoniizA all hi6 pfwpeAty to hii, chiZdAzn, which hz did by bill oi lalz. Hz alio tAam, ieJi/i- 
zd what imuAoncz hz coAAizd to them. Hz told a numbzA o^ hi& iAizndi that hz wai bzcomlng 

discouAagzd with thz way kU wi^z actzd that hz had given hzA zveAything hz could and 

done zvzAything ^OA hzA but did not izem ahlz to iotiiiy hzn. noK to i>top hefi aHaiJi with 
Auman; and hz hinted that hz might end it all in lomz iuch way. It ii alco undzutood 
that divoKcz pAoczedingi had bzzn taUizd o^, but ai yet no action had bzen taken. 

Fnank A. Lz^i wai bonn in Bohemia 36 yeau ago and came to thii countAy with hii paAznX 

whiZz itiUi a 6mall boy. Thz family ipent a couple o^ yexuii in Chicago, a-itzn. which they 

movzd to a iaAm neoA Gnaito, WaZih County, NV, whzAz they lived £oA ^ivz yzoAi. Thz iamily 

then moved to Wahpeton, wheAe FAonk g^ew up and wai moAAied, and thzAz he hoi lived evzA 

i,incz about twenty yeoAi in all. A daughtzn., agzd 13, and a ion, aged IT, iWivive, him. 

• *«••«»•«» jj^ ^^ J9J6 

LidgeAwood'i Lzading Citizen Succumbed A^teA. lllnzii oi a Wzzk 

Vlayzd VAominznt VoAt in MateAial and PoU^cal VzveZopmznt oi ZichZand County 
A telephone mzaagz i^jom LidgzAwood announczi thz death oi Emil A Moviui at 9 AM thii 
moAning. Whltz thz newi did not come zntOizty aa a iuApnliz nevzAthzlzii it i«l4 a ihock 
to many oi ouA people moAe zipzcially thz pionzzA AZiidznti . Veceaizd woi itfilcken with 
apoplexy on Monday zvzning oi loit wzeJz and nzvzA AzcovzAzd iull comclouinzii zxczpt ioA 
vzny ihoAt intzAvali . He had bzzn in pooA health ioK a long timz and hii weakened coniti- 


tutlon woi wnabtt to uiltkitajid the. ihock. 

Thz HBUS 4J> tacfUng thz mauttfLiaJi ioK an zxtejidzd obZtuoAy, but ihz put tkiftty yzau 
oi IvU tl^z havz been 6pe.nt Zn Zichtand County whtnz hz has toAned a. poiiltion oi pAominzncz 
In evcA^ tint oi zndzavoK utith vatUck fie hcu btzn ldzntl(^i.zd. Ki>ia(uatzd uiCth hii bfiothvut 
in thz mznjiantitz and banSUng ba&Znzt>.&, hz had unJUmitzd {^aith in thz ^uXuJiz oi thli, />zct- 
lon and woi alMoyi odLbiz in pAcmoting thz intzfiz&ti o£ kit, homz town and thz Aofuwunding 

He /uu fizpKZizrvtzd tkL& IzgZ&lativz dij,tfu.ct both aj, ^zpKZttZntati.\JZ and Statz Sznaton., 
zntzfiing poZitic& again&t kii own tai&hztt and onZy at thz uAgznt ^oZiciXatiom o^ hi^ i^zndi. 

A uii^z and two gA^wn iont> afiz tz{t to mouAn fu4 dzath. Thz ^unzAoZ wiLL be hztd at 
Lidgznwood tomoAAow iffUday] a^tztnoon at 1 o'clock. 

* * * * * July 6. 1916 

?Ajominznt ToAmzA Uzo/l EoAnzy Vizd o{ Hii InjuAZzi 
Bzfit Vink, a wzZZ. known iaAmzn. nzoA. BaAnzy, dizd Sunday o^ injuAizi laittainzd on Wzd- 
nz&day o{ tcu,t wzzk whzn hz ^zZZ undzA a load o^ ZumbzA whiZz on thz way homz iKom BaAnzy. 
Thz whzzti paiizd ovzA hii body, cauiing intzAnat inj'uAizi ^Aom hz dizd 41 houAi 

Vzczoizd Izavzi a uxi{,z and a loAgz family oi cKiLdAzn. Hz was 41 yzoAi old. Thz £un- 
znaJL wajtt hztd thii moAning, iZA\jiczi> bzing condacX.zd at thz Catholic ChuAch in UooAeton. 

********** July 6, 1916 

VAowning at AbzAcAombiz 
BaAnzy LzonoAtz wa£ izZzzd with CAompi whiZz bathing in thz AivzA at AbzACAombiz on 
Monday and dAownzd. Eduin Bontzith aJbno&t mzt a iimiloA ^atz in attempting a Azicaz. 


HAi. Paul lizgeJbnan oi Anamoo6Z, hW., dizd at a Hinnzapotii Ho6pital on Tuesday ni.gkt 
at 10:15 PM as thz AZiult o^ a. ieAi.zi o^ iuAgical opzAatiom pzAiofmzd a (Jew dayi bz^oAZ 
Thz end wai, unzxpzcXzd until within thz laj>t {em houAi . 

MoaU-Z iilzitphaZ was boAn on thz £aAm o^ hzA poAznti, Ma. and hOu, . lilm. WzitphaZ, juit 
ouXiidz thz city oi Hankinion, 2S yzoAi, ago nzxt SzptembzA. HzAZ 6hz gAeui to womanhood, 
beZovzd by all who knew hex, and about ten yzoAM ago was maAAizd to Paul Lizgelman. Foa 
AeveAod yzoAi pa&t thzy havz livzd on thziA ^inz iaAm nzoA Anasnooiz. Two childAzn WZAZ 
bonn to them, a boy and a ginJi, both o£ whom aAZ now Iz^t mothzAlzi^, . 

Only a littlz ovzA a wzzk ago ihz wajt taken to thz city ioA hospital tAzatment, and 
&z\JZAaZ opeAxvtioni, wzAZ pzA^OAmzd. Shz ^zemzd to Aotly nicely at ^iA&t but thz itAain wai 
too much ioA hzA wzakznzd comtitution and ihz paiizd away Tuziday zvzning. 

Thz Aemaim weAZ bnjoght to Hankimon aAAiving on Soo tAoin * 107 loit zvzning . 
TunzAjol 6eAviczi aAZ bing held thii a^teAnoon. .. .at thz poAzntal homz at 2 PM ^ollowzd by 
iZAviczi at ImmanaeZ Ev. ChuAch. InteAment will bz madz in thz CemeteAy Juit iouth oi thz 


Bea-cde thz hoiband and tuo cfUZdAzn, dzczaizd Zi 6uA.vZvzd by ht/L ^athzA. and mothzn., 
i5-cv£ bAc^zAS and i,ix iZittfu. hXJi AZiZde. In tkU vZcUjuXy zxczpt JvJUm who oAAvJzd thli 
moAJUJig ^A^m Anamoo^iz. The. sympathy o{ aZZ gozit out to thz beAzav&d onti. 

********** July 13, 1916 


A titttt Qifdi, daugkttn. o{ a blackimiXh aJi Caifuga, was dftownzd in the. Wttd ZLcz HivzA. 
on Uonady. In compayaj with itvzAaZ imaZZ ptaymaX.u 4fie had gone to thz imatt b/u.dge acAo-ii 
the. Axvtn. and ^eZt in. The. otheA d/vLtdfiejn fuvn. to town and i^pKejad the. aJLa/m bwt it woi too 
Late.. The body uiai, Azc.oveA.ed latzA on. 

********** July 13, 7916 


StAickzn with Hexuit faiZuAZ, the End Cairtz Suddznly, Cormwuity Shockzd Beyond 

ExpAZdlijon, and Many Fzzt that TheJji ZeJ>t FAiend ii Gone 


EduioAjd HungzA, a pionzeA. Aziidznt and onz o^ Hankijiion'i) moi,t pAominznt cZtizeni, died 
at an zaAZy houA thiA moAning at thz home o{ hLi ion, F. 0. HangzA. Hz vxu 6tAi.cken with 
hzoAt ^aiZuAZ and pa&^zd away vzAy ihoAtly a^tzA the aAAivat o^ phyiZcian&. Hz poMied away 
at about 9 o'clock without Aegaintng comciouitnz&i. Thz body now Zte6 at thz home on Can- 
non Avenue. 

EduxLAd HungzA was boAn in Roienow, PAovincz o^ SchZeAten, GzAmany, on UoAch 13th, li4S, 
and had theAz^oAe pa&ied thz aJULoted ipan o^ thAez ico Az and tzn. Hz wa.6 AzaAzd in kd, native 
countAy and Aemained thzAZ untiZ 1878, uAen he emigAnted to AmeAica. A^tzA AZiiding in St. 
Paul, MW., ioA a ^ew monthi, he came to Vakota tzAAitoAy in FebAuaAy o^ 1879, and iiZzd on 
a homz&tzad in what i& now BeZ^oAd Town&hZp, a (Jew milzi noAth o^ thz pAeJtent city d^ Hank- 
inion. Hz continazd to (anm thZ& placz ^OA nine yeaAi. He then moved to HaniiijUton and 
engaged in thz mzAcantiZe buiinej)4> in poAtnzAihip with hi6 ion. Viipo-iing o^ thZi buiinzii 
in 1905, he oAganZzed thz Citizzni, National Bank o{ whtch imtitution hz woi pAziident evzn. 
iincz. Hz wai, aZ&o a heavy ownzA o^ AeaZ z&tate and at onz tunz watt the poiiZiiOA o^ twznty 
4 even hundAzd acAZi o{ Richland County ^aAm land beiidzi a lot ojj city pAopzAty. 

Hz wtti liAit maAAied in hi/, native land to Anna HochhauileA. M^. Monger, died in Hank- 
inion on June 28, 1892, Izaving one 6on, FAed 0., who ii now poitma&teA at HanhZmon. Ma. 
HungeA woi latzA maAAied to Ui&i Anna Jamen, a native o^ NoAway, at FeAgui FaZli, MW. , and 

ihe iuAZvzi him a devoted wi^e on whom thZi blow ^aZZi heavily. ThzAZ weAZ no chiZdAzn 

by thZi izcond maAAiage. 

To know EduoAd HungzA wai to zitzzm and AZipect him ^OA hii Augged honzity. HZi woAd 
woi abiolxiteZy ai good oi hii bond undzA any and aZZ ciAcumitanczi . StAong in hii convic- 
tiom, hz itood IzaAleiily ^oa what hz comidzAzd Aight and juit and thought moAz oi hii 
good name than o{ powzA oA Atchzi. Hz wai abioluteZy tAuitwoAthy and long be^oAe he engaged 
in thz banking buiineii icoAZi o^ ^Aiendi madz him thz cjuitodian oi thziA. iuAplui iundi ioA 
invzitmznt, oitzn without thz ioAmality oi zven a Azczipt. Hz nevzA duAing hZi IZietimz, 


atthough handUjig ihooiandi and thodiondlt o^ dotlau o^ otkeA pzoptz'i, monejf In tkU way, 
^aUJ-Zd to account ^oA. zvzJuj ptnny zntAsntzd to hii cofit. 

Hz. MOi many timu tntfui&tzd uiith pubtic oai.ce. by kl6 ^zZZou) CyCtizzm. Ton. many yzoAi 
fee AZAvzd tti pKti>-idznt 0|J tht vXZtagz boand o^ tnu&tzu and MOi impofitujitd to ieefe poiJjtionii 
oi kighzA. honoK, but to thzzz znViejatcz^ hz tuAnzd a dza^ zofi. 

H-C4 pzAionaZ honoA. wai hii mat pfJjzzd po-i/iZ/>zion and we can att tAutJi^uZty iay at 
tkii timz that an konz&t man ha& gonz. 

fuMAot 4ZA.vZczi uiiZZ bz held Satufuday moKrujng at thz lanULy komz. A i>u.znd iiam Hitm- 
zapotU uxUZ conduct thz izA\ilcej>. Thz houK ^txzd Z& tzn o'ctodi. 

• ••»«•«««• 

ToucJUng T/ubutz by NzZghboAj, to OuK Vzczaizd Tnlznd 

BzautZiu/. tn tt& ^impltcity wait thz ^unzAoZ o^ Edwajid HungzA., hzZd Satafiday manning. 
On thz lawn In Ifuant oi thz iamlty homz not tzj>i, than iZitzzn hundA.zd inlzndi and nzigh- 
boKi> a&izmblzd to pay thzln ilnaZ t/iMnutz oi nz^pzct to onz who^e. tiiz ion. monz than 
tkOity yzoM hoi bzzn intznwovzn wtth gnowth and dzvzZopmznt oi thz cUXy. Thz a&izmblzdgz 
iZttzd thz yand and ovzAilowzd into thz 4,tn.zzt, and izui in thz thnong but izlt thzy had 
Zx}4)t a ctoiz pzA&onaZ iniznd, 

Thz ca&kzt wa& placed on thz gnoM whejiz aZZ. could 4ee thz well known izatuAzi, and 
ilonal oiizning^i wznz pilzd high on aJUL 4,idzi. At 10 AM thz Ua&onic Lodge membzM, with 
a numbzn oi viiiting Ua&om, matched in a body to thz homz and took changz oi thz ieA.\jicz. 
Moxz than iiity mzmbzAi, oi thz lodgz oi which dzczaizd woa a chantzn. membtn, poAticipatzd 
in thz iZAvicz, and thz membeAJ> oi thz Ea&tenn Stan, went alio pnz&znt in a body. 

Rev. H. C. Juell, a cloiz pzA&onal iniznd oa well as a bnathzn Moion, deLivznzd thz 
iuneAoJL addn.zi,i and it woj an zZoqaznt tni.butz. Hz nzviewzd thz liiz oi thz dzpantzd, pay- 
ing a dz&zAvzd tnibutz to his pznsonal inttngnity and honon, and nzcallzd thz many viAtuzi 
and ^tznJLing manhood which mankzd hi& caAzzn. It wai 4ac/i a tnibutz a& oun. old iniznd io mznitzd. 

Onz oi thz loit nzquziti oi thz dzczoizd wa& to bz laid to nzit on thz hill ovzAlooking 
Lakz EJUiz and which i6 a pant oi hii iavonitz ianm. HithzA a pnoceJt&icn oi mon.z than onz 
hundn.zd automobilzi and couttzi^ ni^i ioUowzd thz nemalm . At thz gnavz thz impnzJiiivz 
Ma&onic £,znvicz wai given and thz body comignzd to thz zanth that gave it...ioA that long, 
long ilzep that we all mu&t make ioonzn. on latzn. 

Thz pall beoAzm wznz A. P. 3oneJ>, Wm. Schaztt, John R. Jonzi, Auguit Hozi6, Albznt 
EnJb and Wm. VzddzA, 

Tfto4e inom a diitancz in attzndancz wznz Un. and Unj, . H. G. Schnarm, oi St. Paul Pakn, 

MW.; Ma., and HAi. A. B. Enickion and tuio daughtexi and MAi . Lan&on oi FeAgoj FaLli, MW., and 

Ua. and UAi. W. S. AndAzm oi VzSmeX, SV. 

«««««*»*«t J^J^ 27, 1916 


Woman Choked to Vejvth by EnAoqzd Haiband k^ttn. a QuoaazZ 
huizMtzd. On Account o^ SoipZcZoai Actton& Fottcuitng thz TansAot and Maku 

FuLL Con^UiZon.. 

EttiJidaZe., MP., JuZy Z6ih....Uxi. KathfiLna Schon, uil£t o{ HJichLoi Schon, Kt&Zdlng two 
mCtzit ifiom ELLtndaZt, urn, choke.d to dzaXh by hzn. husband, the muJidzAeA. 4eeLaig to covtfi 
tnojczi) oi kCi cfumt by ^.OUng the. home, only to abandon that plan and extinqiLcih the. ij-cte, 
accoA.ding to a itgned con^e^^Zon oi^ZciaZi ioy Schon ha^ made, to them. 

Schon, afinzited by ShcAZi^ BZihop a^teA hz had ^la^hzd kc& thAXiot ^Aum exvi to eon., 
and jumped Into a ilough, wa& bound ovzn. to the dC&tAZct couAt at a heoAing heJid yeiteA.- 
day a^teAnoon. HZi wound ti not deep. 

SaiplcZoni cfieated by hZi pecuJUoA. actZon& a^teji Mki, . Schon'6 iunenat ^a&tened the 
CJLunz on the huiband, and when ki& £ouA. daughter quiX. hUm, becaii&e o^ theZfi £eaA. o^ theln. 
£atheA., he uviote a note declofUng hZ& intention oi ge-ttoig out became the glnJU weJie a^AaZd 
o{ kim. 

Found /,ome houu latefi, hiding Jji a ctump o£ bu&hei,, and AecognizZng the AheAZ^, 
Schon Zeaped to ki& ieet and fion away, iZa^king cut ki& thAoat ai he went. LeapZng intxs 
the pooZ oi wateJi, bZood ^Zovning {Aom hZ& wound, he wai, quZckZy captuAed by the o^^ctaZ. 

Schon, in hZi con^e&Aton, dectoAed he and hij> wZ^e quoAAeZed, and oi a ctimax o£ the 
quoAAzZ, he cZaZmi 6he itoAted towoAd him, ^tove pokeA in hand. To woAd oi£ the pending 
bZow, the htuband cZaZm& he grabbed ki6 wi£e'6 thAoat, and 4fie died whiZe he wai holding 
hzA. That he choked hzA about, a minute and a haZ(, Zi the iulu>tance o^ the conieMiZon, 
o^^ZcZaZi 4 tote. 

Attempts at AevZvZng hZi wZ^e, Schon decZaAe/>, ^aZZed, and becoming panZc-.&tAZcken at 
the outcome o^ the quoAAeZ, Schon itanjted a iZfie Zn the home, attemptZng to coveA up evZ- 
dence o^ the cnZme Zn thZi manneA. Then he undeAtook to extZnguZih the ^Zac, succeeding 
Zn doZng 6o. 

GZvZng the aloAm, Schon then toZd a itofoj oi how he had oAAZved on the icene to ^Znd 
hZi wZ^e Zn £Zame&, caused by the expZosZon o£ oZZ. ThZ6 stoAy was geneAatly accepted, 
and no que&tZon wae, AaZied Zn connectZon with the a££aZA. 

A£teA the ^uneAoZ, the huiband began actZng quezAly, and membeu oi the iamZZy began 
to suipZcZon that eveAythZng woi not nZght. He became awoAe o£ thZi iuipZcZon, and when 
hZi) duaghteAi quZt the home, he alio decZded to leave, pennZng a note be^ofie io doZng. 

The dZ&appeanjinct o^ the oZZ can Hai,. Schon wai iuppoied to have used, as welZ at, its 
mystenZous AeappeoAance, weAe ZncZuded Zn Schon's pecuZZoA actZons . 

Schon Zi 64 yeoAS oZd, and thene ane sZx chZZdfien Zn the {amZZy. 

•••••»*•** jy£y 27, 1976 

John J. Chezik, a pAomZnent ^onmeA and pZoneeA AesZdent just south oi Wahpeton, died 


^ottouiing an opz/uition. He. woi 48 yzaxi old and Zejivti a voliz and {/.vt cKUidAtn. 

********** AugwX 3, 19U 

KLiKtd John&on, iaikeJi o^ Mu. C. S. ?he^ and Unj,. 0. L. Lindzke. o^ thU (uXy, uia& 
kyittzd Zn UinmapotLi on Sundaif moKnAjiQ. Vtczoizd uxu, ejnploye.d oi a night watchman ^oA. 
the. Repubtic EtevatoK Company. He woi cmight benenth a itanding tAnZn whzn he. attemptzd 
to paij, thfioagh to get a dfUnk on the. oppo&ltz iJAz oi the tfiack. The tAjUn itoAted uikitz 
he. wall beneath It and the. tAucki caught him be-ioKe. he couZd ^cAombZe oat. 

Veceaied uxa 65 yexifu> otd and Z& by the uil^e and leveAnJi gAjown chitdKen. 
Um. PheZpi, Ua.. and Ma4. Lindeke and Ma4. StoweAJ>, the latteA. being hen.e on a vZt>lt vaith 
hen. &Z&teA£, le^t Sunday moAning to attend the ^une/uit. 

********** Augtui 70, 1976 


It /j> Azpoxted that Capt. PAlce, the. kigh diveJi uiho uxu uiith the CaAnivat Company 

heJie. laj>t month, woi kUJLed Ktctntly ukiZe making a dive iKom the tS loot towtA. at 6omt 

point: In Hinnt&ota. • « • « • 

'^ Auguit 10, 7976 


Hany Hankln&on people. usllZ be gAA.eved to leoAn o^ the. death o^ dcax ZindeAman, which 
occjuJUied at hli home In Ogden, Utah, on Augait 8th. 

Ua.. ZindeAman wa& 63 yexvu old and had moved to Ogden ievtAol yeaxi ago, a^teA. ieZllng 
hli ihoe itoAe and pAopeAty In Wahpeton. PaIoa to locating In Olahpzton he conducted a ihoe - 
itoTte In Hankln&on ^OA AeveAol yeaA&, being located In a imall building on the old mill 

The {uneAol wa& held loMt SatuAday at Ogden. Ma. ZindeAman li iuAvlved by hli wl^e 
and ion HobeAt, and daughteJU, ihn. C. H. Smith o^ BAoadvlew, MT. , UAi . T. UaAd o^ Ogden, 
M^. Thie/ten oi Canada and M/ls. J. J. ZiichoAd o^ Wahpeton. Alt wexe pAeJ>ent. at the ^uneAol 
except M/L4. Thlej>en and UAi. RlichoAd. C. H. ThatcheA o^ (linot, a ion-ln-laui, alio attendee 
thz ^uneAoZ. 

Ma. ZindeAman had been In pooA health eveA ilnce leaving Wahpeton. He woi conducting a 
imalt ihoe itoAe In Ogden, and on the. day o^ hli death woAked up until, about 2 PM, when he 
quit, iaylng he did not ^eel well. About hal^ poit thAee o'clock death occuAAed. 

••»•««*•»• Auguit 17, 1916 


Edoln EAlckion, a tAonilent who was wonklng In the vicinity oi IXulght, wai oveAcome by 
heat duAlng the latteA paxt o^ July. He woi taken to the hoipltal at EAeckenAldge wheAe he 
died £Ajom the e^^ect oi$ the iumtAoke, on Auguit 8th. 

•••«»«•««• Auguit 17, 1916 

A FoAmeA Hanklmon Reildent Paaei Away at Oaeo, UN. 


OSSEO, UN., REUIEW: UKi. T. M. CanpejiteA, 70 yzoM old, cLLzd at ht>i Kuidzncz fieAe 
txZ 1:10 AM TaeMdoLj, iottovilnQ an .UZneM o£ but a ^eu hotiu. StomacJi iJwubtz in<u.dzjnt 
to hzn. advanced age cauizd thz dzath. 

M/14. CofqpejnteJi, ^oAmeAZy Hiii Hztzn FJiancz Uofith, vixu, bofun. in tkz town&kip o^ UuMjoy, 
UofLtkumbtnZand County, Newca&tle. VZitAA.ct, OntaJujo, Canada, on JuZy Itth, 1846. On Oct. 
12tli, 1863, Ahe. manju.e.d ThzodoKz M. CafipejitZA. at OiwzQO, NY. Tfvom thtfiz the. couptz moved 
to ZtUjio^, and tattfi to Wt&comZn, tivZng at BeZoXt, untiZ thuj came to O^^eo iouA yzjafu> 

Mk6. CaApe.nteA.: wa& a tifieZe^A ckofick wo/tfeeA, and woi active, in the o^anization o^ the. 
Union Sunday School o£ Oiiieo. She. was alio an active. membeA 0(J tht Womam ReLii CoKpi ^oA. 
thVity yejvut and was pA.z&ident o^ thz Seloit CoAps at one. time.. She. uxu aZio a membeA o^ the. 
EoiteAn Stan.. 

One 6on, M. M. CaApentzA. oi Ouzo, and hzn. hu&band, ThzodoAZ M. CaApzntZA., iofcvivz. 
Tunznal iZAviczs will 6e held at thz family AZiZdzncz at Z PM Tkwuday. Intzfanent mXZ bz 
in thz ThinkzA. Cemetzny. 

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + 

Unj,. CoApzntzA. woi a KZiidznt o^ Hankimon dwUng 1899 and 1900. Thz ion nzieAAzd to, 
M. M. CoApzntzA, was zditoK o^ thz Hankin&on NEUS ^Aom 1S95 to 1899 whzn hz iold out to thz 
pA.zi>ejit ownzA.. Vzczoizd laith hzK haiband occupizd thz living Aoomi ovzA. Thz NBjJS o^icz 
doAing thziA. AZiidzncz heAZ. Uany old timz Hankimon ^AA.zndi uUZl leaAn uiith iOAAow o£ 
hzA dzath ********** Augubt 17, 1916 

Thz infant child o^ Ha. and Mai,. F. W. Wzinkaa^ o^ HammZA, died Monday a^tzA a bAizi 
iltnzii, at thz age oi tuo monthi. Thz ^uneAol uxu held on Wzdnz&day. 

********** Aaguit 17, 1916 

0. L. Lindzkz aAAivzd homz iAom MinnzapoUj, on Sunday but AztuAned to thz citizi on 
Tuz&day night ouiing to thz impznding death o^ a littlz nizcZ' l^- Lindzkz and Ha6. Phzlpi 
aAZ itiZl in thz citizi whzAZ thzy WZAZ caZlzd tvoo wzehi ago by thz iuddzn dzath o^ thziA 
iathzA. * * • * August 17, 1916 

Thz infant child o^ Ma., and Ma4. Al^Azd CoovzA died at thz homz oi iti gAondmothzA., 
M/LS. Wolamki, at thz age o^ one weefe. Thz lunzAol was held an Tuz&day. 

* • • • August 21, 1916 

A. T. Bowzn, Jait Moving to thz City, VAopped Vzad on thz StAzzt YzitzAday 

Came ^Aom Tainmount NzoA Which Vlacz He Had Been FaAm.oig ioA thz Poit TouA YeoAi 
A. T. Bowen, a new Aziidznt oi ouA city, dAoppzd dead oi heoAt iaiZuAZ on main itAzzt 
in iAont oi thz James Novack AZiidzncz ihoAtly aitzA 9 M tilzdnziday moAning. Hz was dzad 

bzioAZ medical aaiitancz could bz iummanzd. 


The. body woi takzn oX oncz. to the. W^ppeAman tindzAtaiUng fworru, cund pKepofied ^oA. bu/UaJL. 

The. ^amiZy, comZ&ting o^ the. dtcejued, kii uiLii and thA.e.e. hcU.^ g^uin 4,on&, (VuU.ved 
In thz dty by texun SatuAday o^ lait wzek and had gone, to hotueJizzfiuig .in thz Augu&t Sch- 
rrujdt cottage, on the eait aaAz. faux yexiU ago they came to Zichland County ^Axim Kamas 
and ion. the. il>ii>t two Aeojoni rented thz Jame^ TUchaAdi placz nUZe.& nofithwej^t oi 
TaAjimount. The poit ieoion they wejiz on the. HUi&che place, tuo rrUZeM ioatheoit o^ ?alnmount. 
TheAJi cjwp6 weJit aJUL dnxwnzd oat theJie and the {^amiZy dzcidzd to izek a new home. Ai uaeZt 
04 ^anming, the dzczjued uxu qtUtz voeJtt known 04 a honj,e tAjideA. 

Ve.cejz&ed ujoi a natZvt oi Ohio and was 61 yejiu old on kpnJUL \^th. No oAAangementi In 
>ie.gand to thz iunzAoZ. uuZl be made antit uJOKd can be fizctlved iAom A.eZatLvej, in thz exut. 

Thz poKteA on tA/Un lOi Monday mofining oi taj,t uizzk. dZed oi heoJit iaiZu/iz a ihoKt 
time. bzioKZ the tJuuji puttzd Into Ende/iLLn. E/ia.keman Lowz caught the man 04 he ieZt and 
he. woi not able to ^pzak, bat pcii&e.d away a iew minuter lateA. Thz body woa takzn on thno- 
agh to thz (UUez. «««•••»«•» Kaguit 37, I9I6 

GREAT BEWP EXAMIWER. . .M^4. Augui* BzLing paired away on {)Jzdne^day, Auguit ZSaA, aZ S M 
at thz age oi 77 yzoAi,. VzcejOizd uxl6 bonn in GeAmany and came to tkii coantAy uUth hex huk- 
band in 1S69, settling at Itwn Zidge, O/I. In 1872 they come to MonXh Vakota. and izttZzd 
on a homestead nzaA. thZi viZZagz, being onz oi thz iiA/>t 6zttZeAJ> in tixAJ, poJiX oi thz coun- 
try. SzveAaZ yexuu, ago thzy ittixed inom thz ioAm and izttlzd in GKeat Bend. Ma.. BzZing 
dizd thjizz yeafu> ago. Ma4. BeZing uxu, a membeA oi thz EvangztlcaZ Chafich, onz oi thz iix&t 
to join uihzn thz congfl.zgati.on u)a& oKganizzd. ThKzz i>om>, Ga6ta.v, WiZZiam and John, and 
two daughtzAi, Ma4 . Augoi-t GfUcpentAog and Uu . Void. Popp, OAZ to moanji thz loi>6 oi a 
loving mother. Thz iuneAol uxu held FfUday, Rev. G. C. ThizZz conducting thz i,ejwicz. 

»••••**»»» Kugoit 31, 1916 

V. K. UcVheJUiOn, County kuditoK oi SaAgznt County, dizd at kci, home in Fo/unan on Tru.- 
day. Hz had been in pooA. health ion. iomz timz bat hij> conduction wai> not con&idzAzd cnit- 
ical until a iew houA& bzioKZ thz end. 

• •••««*•«» Szptejnbzfi 1, 1916 

19 YeaA Old Boy KaJJU TatheJi in Vzizru,z oi thz Mothzn 
Fathzn. Had Been Vninklng and QaaAAzlzd vaith Wiiz who uxu, Suing ion. a 
W. E. Bauch oi FoAman uxi6 ihot and kiZlzd at that placz SatuAday evening by hti 6on, 
Raymond Baach, 19 yeoA^ old, duAing a iamily qaaAAzt which oAoiz oat oi a dlvoAcz ca/sz pznd- 
ing between Ha. and MAi. Baach. 


I-C appzoM thaX action izziUng a. cUvoAct was ^itoAXtd by M^. Boadi iiorm tone, ago, 
and the, iamz was itt ^OK hzafUnQ at the. tzAm o^ dAjbtxict couJit «rfUc/i convejizd thii weefe. 
Uu. Saudi had caZtzd htfi &on Raymond ai a uiltnu& in htn. bzhaZi, and thz two, uUth ano- 
tktfi youngeA. ckitd vwiz. staying aji FoAman auaOtlng the. catLcng o^ thz case. Uk. Baach had 
be.eji dAjjiklng htavZty, Zt Zi ^aZd, £oA. ahoat a monjth, and one night Zndaczd hii 4>on Raymond 
to go ioK a uUtk kirn, at which turn he. madz ^JiAzati about whojt hz would do anJizbi kCi 
wi^z abandonzd hzA. luiX. {oA divoAcz. 

On SatuAxiay zvznZng, Baach, Sa. , wznt omza to thz hoa&z whztz kl6 wi^z and ion WZAZ 
staying, and tAizd to itoAt a quoAAeZ with hLb wi^z, who toZd him It «xw no ase, ihz wouZd 
not qaoAA-zt with him. At thi^ point, young Baach ctaimi, hij, {^athzA. dAew a AzvotvzA, and 
thAzatenzd to i,hoot both hij^ wi^z and &on. Thz boy jumpzd ^oAuxvid and gAobbzd hi.& ^athzA 
by thz hand, at thz iomz timz caZJLing to HAi . Baach to tAy to takz thz gun oat OjJ hzA hai- 
band'i hand. In thz AtAaggZz tdiich zn&azd, thz young man got thz gun away, and when thi& 
did not qaizt thz oZdzA man, Akot him, £o that fie dizd ihoAtZjj a^tzn.. 

Young Baach Z& in jaiZ aX. FoAman chaAgzd with mamlaaghXzA. ai it was ue/u/ plain that 
a choAgz 0(J muAdzA could not bz pZaczd against him undzA thz ciAjca6tancz& . Bail wai, {^ixzd 
at $5,000 hz wai, anablz to ^uAnlih. 

Thz boy gavz ai, hij, Azoion ^oA shooting, thz ^act that hi6 iathzA. wai, 6till itAuggting, 
and hz wai, a^Ajuid that hz would &zciia.z thz gun again and kill them all. 

Wot^ S SchnelzA o^ Wahpzton had bzzn Aztainzd by fVu. Baach in hzn. divoAcz i>aiX., whilz 
M/L. Baach wa& AzpAZ6zntzd by W. S. LaadzA. Thz ioAmzA iifun hai, bzzn Aztainzd to condact thz 
dz£zn&z 0^ young Baach, whilz thz Statzi AttoAnzy o^ SoAgznt County will condact: thz pAOi- 
^<^^^^^^' ,••••»•»•« SzptembzA 7, 7916 

V. K. McPfieASon, County KaditoA oi SoAgznt County, dizd at hij, homz in Foiman on FAi- 
day. Hz had bzzn in pooA health ^OA iomz timz but hii, condition wai not coniidzAzd cAiticai 
until a (Jew hoafu bz^oAZ thz end. 

«••»»•«««« SzptembzA 7, 1916 

Thz £unzAal oi A. T. Bowzn, who dAoppzd dead on thz itAzzt hzAz on Wzdnz&day o^ lat,t 
wzzk, wai, held SatuAjday moAning, iiZAviczi, being conducted by Reu. H. C. Juell, at thz Con- 
gAzgational ChuAch. JnteAment wai madz in Hilliidz CzmetZAy. 

• ••*•*«•«• " szptembzn. 7, 1916 

Boy CAo&hzd to Death Whilz WoAJzing UndeA Automobilz 
A tzAAiblz accident accuAAzd at thz homz o^ Ha. and Mai,. Swan CoAlion, AZilding iix 
mllzi iouthzoit 0^ Whitz Rock, on Wzdnziday o^ tait weefe whzn thzlA eldzit ion CoaI wai 
CAjoihzd to death undzA an automobilz which hz wai engaged in Azpal/iing. Thz young man wai 
woAking with hli big OvzAland coA. in thz automobilz ihzd and had jackzd up thz AZOA znd oi 


th^ can. and Kunovzd the. whzeZi. He uxu ty-ing on hii back undeA the. fizivi axJLt maiUng iomz 
;iepac/L, whzn the. jack become toaejied, thAjOuxing thz zntiAe. weJ.gkt o^ the. ccui upon hU body. 

The. dl^^eAejitlaZ auZng itAuck bun juit oveA. the. heoAX. and cnodhzd oat hii ti^e.. He. 
uxu wofdLLnq Zn tht ^hzd alone biU woa ^ound iioon a^teA the accA.dznt. UzdZcaZ a^id uia& 
iumnonzd at oncz but ti^z uiai, extinct bz^oKZ the doctoK anjuvzd. 

• • « » t • • • « « SzjptembzA 21, 1916 

?ionzzfi RziZdznt and Pnaminent Bu&Znzii Man OjJ the City 
Ha& Had an Active ?aAt In Zichland County VzvzZopmznt and Wcu W^deZy Known 
The dexLth oi Eugznz I. Klnnzy, wfiich occuAAzd at 10:30 AM Tuziday manning, iejno\JZi> 
^m zjvuthZy ajctivltZzi, anothzn. oi oufi pAjamuizt clXizeni, who^z cafizefi hoi bzzn cZoizty 
connzctzd with thz dzveZopmznt o^ Hanklmon and Zichland County 6lncz plonzzn. day6. 

WhlZz It h£L& bzzn known ^OA montkt, that hl& alZmznt wai, Incufizablz, woKd that hz wot, 
gonz bKoaght lol/vow to many heoAti and camz oi a pzfiltoraJL bzAzavemznt to moKz than one home. 

Lzii than a yzoA ago dzceatzd wznt to Rochz&tzn. to con&utt thz Uayoi and It wot, thzKz 
IzoAnzd (JoA thz ^lA&t tlmz that he wa6 6u{^^ ^nom canceA o£ thz 6tomach, and kz wai In- 
lonmzd that nothing could be donz to pAolong hJj> ll^z moKZ than a ijew months. Shortly a{,teA 
that hz was taken to Ttonlda whzAZ hz ipznt thz balancz o^ thz wlntzn., accompanlzd by kli 
uti^z, Mi44 AdeZaldz VfUcz, thz Tubb^ and CaAtzfi (^amltizi, and othzA old {^fiizndi, . 

Tamoujt ipzclaJLlitti) weAZ comultzd and thz latent 6 denticle dl&coveAlzi> wzAZ tfilzd In 
an £.{^{^0Kt to 4,tay thz pfwgn.Zi6 o^ thz dlizoiz. Thz family KztuAnzd to Hanklnbon In thz 
SpAAJig and zvzAytiilng poi&lblz hai> bzen. donz to makz thz lait wzzks eoiy ioA thz a^^llctzd 
patient. Hz gKaduaZly gn.ew wzakzA and poiizd away qulztly ai, Into dzzp ilzzp, iully pfiz- 
paAzd ^oK thz znd. 

Eugene I. Kinney uxu bonn at on, Wl., on VzcembeA 15th, 1S60, and wai thzAzioKZ In 

thz ility izventh yzoA oi hii ti^z. At thz age o^ ^ouA yzoAi hz movzd to veA Fail, WI., 

whzAZ hl6 boyhood wai ipent and hz izcuAzd an zducation. In 1S79 hz movzd to Elk ZivzA, 
MN., and In ISSl wai manAizd to LoAa HzAAiileJid oi that placz, who iuAvlvzi him. TheAZ hz 
alio j'olnzd thz Union ChuAch. 

In 1SS2, izelng thz poiilblZltlzi o^ thz new Dakota CountAy, thz young couple iettlzd 
on a homzitead In Robzfuti County, SV., a ihoKt dlitanacz wzit oi Znjownj> Vallzy. Thz countAy 
wai then wHd and umettlzd, and thz hoAdihtpi of, ^AontlzA ti^z wzAZ met with counagzoui 
hzoAti. Hz ioAmzd thzAZ ioA ilx yeoAi, tzachlng ichool duAlng thz wlntzn. monthi. In liS9 
thzy movzd to Wahpeton, NV., ilncz which timz dzczaizd hai bzzn an actlvz iactoK In thz 
dzveJiopmznt oi Zichland County In many tinzi o^ endzavoA. Hz zngagzd In thz ilouA and 
izzd builnzii thznz at ^lAit and latzn. wai employ zd ioA izvzAol yeoAi by thz Piano Company 
04 ilzld coUzctoA ioA a loAgz tzAnltoAy. 

Hti ability did not zicapz thz notlcz of Olahpeton builnzii men. who owned a chain o{, bam 
and hz wai oUzAzd and accepted the caikieAihlp oi the FlAit State Bank oi Hanklnion. The 


{aunlty came to thJU vaJIoqz in KpfuJL ai 1S94, and toA^eJbj ihAough iht ti^oAt& o^ the. new 
ca&kLtn. thz bcunk uxu bAjoaght £^m a. ^tnuggting a^^aOi to one oi the iotid Xn&titutLoM o^ 
the. county. It wo* conveAttd to a. nationat bank tn 1902, and UK, lUnney contUjmed oi 
cxuhieJL untiZ JanaoAif o£ 1904, ^Znce whCcJi time he kaj, been Zti pKz.e,ident. 

In 1901 he. uxu AJiduced, contAjoAij to hli peA&onaZ uiUhei, to become a candidate ^OA. the 
te.g.iitatan.e. He. waa ttected oi a Repubtlcan, ieAvtng one tenm wZth ab^itity and chaAjicteA- 
4j>tic AJidependence. A membeA. o£ the mlnoAUMf ^actAJin o£ the paAty at that time, he. 4,hou3ed 
hit) beJ>t manhood by ^ottouujig the coaue that seemed Kight to him, Ke.gan.dte&.6 oi the oven.- 
tuA£/> 0^ tho.&e 0(J a di^^eAent mind. 

White. banlUng uxu kii, builnt&A, {oAmlng woi fU^ hobby. We had unboanded iaJJk In HonXh 
Vakota and became an extemZve land owncn.. He devoted a gKeat deat oi time and itady to 
the. development o{ the but typej> o{^ live lock and was constantly expenlmenting vulth new 
Idejii oft loll cultofLC, cnjop fLotatlen, ctoveK, al^al^a and the tike. He did a gKeat deal 
In thl& uoay to b/Ung about a betttn. lyitem ojj ^oJimlng that uUll leave a penmantnt e^ijec^ 
on thli paAt 0|J the country. In thii and othtn. wayi he did much ^oK the development oi 
hi& home community, both town and fuiAol. 

About live yeaju, ago he became InteAeited In a flofilda colonization pfwject In company 
uilth othzA wealthy Zichland County men and Kttalned heavy Inte/ie^ti thzAc. 

He was a membeA o^ the Ma&onlc Ofvdcn., the Eaitfin Stan, and HodeAn Woodmen, and duAlng 
hli tilttime took an acXlve InteAzit In the woAk o^ the^e otideAi. 

''Gene!' Kinney, ai he wa& ^amlLioAly known, was a tAue. man with high Ideali. By example 
and pAecept he itood ^oa the betteAment oi mankind, moially and InduitAlally . Ey honoAoble 
builneJii methodi he gained the confidence o^ thoie who dealt with him, and was alwayi Aeady 
to extend a helping hand to thoie teJii loAtunate than hlmiel^. Many a itAogglelng ploneeA 
was given the lubitantial help and encouAoglng woAdi ^Aom hli llpi that Induced them to 
go on when almoit In dtipalA. He will be gAlevou&ly milled by thoie. who have known him 

Be^lde.1 the itAlcken widow, otheA membzAi o£ the household le^t to mouAn hli ton axe 
Hiliei Luclte Kinney, Hazel and Helen Tubbi, all o^ whom have been membeAi oi the family 
llnce childhood. 

The iunefuil will be held tomoAAow [FAlday] moAning. SeAvlcci will be conducted at the 
home. at. 10 o'clock and at the CongAegatlonal ChuAch at 10:30. Rev. H. C. Juell will dellveA 
the. leAmon, and the Maionlc Lodge will have chaAge o^ the leAvlce. at the cemeteAy. The. 
pall beaAeAi will be H. A. Aim, G. L. lAeland, W. C. ToAman, ]A., John R. Jones, ¥Aed 
WoAneA. and J. A. VwyeA. InteAment will be In Hlllilde CemetzAy. 

• •«•**•%•• Se^itembzA 28, 1916 

Young Man SmotheAed In Tile TAench Neon White Rock 
A shocking accident occuAAed on Tue.iday a^teAnoon o^ tait week on the ianm o^ F. M. 


fiJitiion, iJcuA. nitu iouthwut o^ WhUXe. Rock, in which HanAy VzLanty, a young man o^ Itlhitz 
Rock townikifi, toit hli Hit. Hz and KtbtnX ZumeAman unvie. tiying titz -ai a t^znch ahoat 
iuizZvz izzt dtzp, wheji thz iZdt cavzd in, catcKing HafUvj and covzAAJig fujm to a dzpth o^ 
about tight inchti. AZbtfit ■ipAong to fU& aiiZ&tanct, and had almost iuccttdtd in exthact- 
ing han, HaAAy admonZihing him mtamihctt to "huAJuj up" 05 a pfioj'tction jubt ovtn. him uxu 
about to ialU., wktn tht mai4 oi gfuavtt and diKt, uitighing about tiuo torn, ptficipiXattd 
upon them. 

It compZtttly bwUtd Haxfuj and covtfitd Mbfit to hi& 6houtdtnj>. kibtfut'i AhovtL had 
bttn covfLtd up, and uiith hit, boAt handi it took him ^ulZy tutnty-^ivt minatt& to dig him- 
itti out. Vufujig thiJt timt HoAAy had Kztaijitd a g/iip on tht anktt o^ AJibtnX., uiho coutd 
(Jee£ tht tighttning and xttaxation oi hii gAxup and htan. tht Aound o^ hi& voict, though 
ve/uj faintly. He couZd dtttct tht la&t AtAuggZt o^ tht dying man, and htvtnjiZ. minutti a^ttn. 
tkii ttapjitd btioKt ht succeeded ijn gttting out and iignaJLing to Ma.. WLUiOn at tht houit 

NtighboKi uitn.t noti^itd and tvfiytking poi&iblt dont, but it Ktqulntd iulty a haJii 
houfi a^ttA. AZbtnX'i Ktltait to gtt tht body out. A doctoK mxls caZZtd but tiit uia& txtinct. 

HoAAy VtZanty'i Mothtn., Uxi. Chti^t VtZanty, A.t&idt& lix miZti uitit o^ Whitt Rock. 
Two Ai^tfii, Ha£. Tony GiLitipit and Mas. T. B. Jonti, aJUo Ktiidt in that vicinity. 

• «•»••«•*, Sz:pt(Mbt>i 1%, 1916 


Thomoi WattAkouit, PionttA o^ tht County, Vitd Wtdnt&day 


- 80 YtoAj, Old, a Hativt o^ England, But Had Livtd in Thii County iinct tht '806. 

Thomai, WattAhou&t, a pionteA Kt&idtnt o^ GKttndalt Township, ditd ytittAday £Aom tht 
t^^tcti, 0^ bting kicktd by a hofut duAing SatuAday night. 

VuAing Satufiday night ht tnttAtd tht i>tablt on tht V. J. WattAhou&t plact, whtAt ht 
madt hLi, homt with hii bKothtA, ^OK tht puApoit OiJ ctoiing a window. Ht ukls alont at tht 
timt, but it ii tvidtnt that in pac&ing tht italli, ont oi tht young hon^ti kicktd him ju&t 
ovtA tht htoAt. Ht managtd to cAjowI to tht houit and tht othtA mtmbtu o^ tht hou&thold 
wtAt awaktntd by. hii gAoam o^ pain. HtdicaZ aid wai iuimontd but it wai ^ound that tht 
bAtoit bont wai bfioktn and inttAnal inju/u.ti cauitd and liXtlt hopt wai htZd out Ion. hii 
AtcovtAy. Ht tingtAtd until about noon ytitfiday. 

Vtctoitd wai a nativt o^ England but camt to thii countAy at an tanly agt, itttling 
with hii family in Wlicomin. LattA tht WattnSiouit bfvothtfii Aemovtd to NoAth Dakota, and 
in tht tanly '806 btcamt htjivy land holdtAi in what ii now Gnttndalt Towmhip. Thomas 
ntvfi moAAitd but madt hii homt with hii bnothtn/,, V. J. and AZbtAt. Ht had ntachtd tht 
nipt old agt oi 80 ytoAi and had tht Atiptct and tittem o^ all who knew him. 

Tht iuntAol wilt bt htld SatuAday a^ttAnoon at 2 ?U with itAvicti cut tht V.J. WateA- 
houit homt. Jnttnmtnt wiZL bt in tht Ty6on CemtttAjy. 

• •*»»«•*«« 

OctobtA 5, 1916 

^^ ^ ^ 35 N O RTH WEST TE lA P LE 

021 7977 SALT IJVKE CITY UTAH 841 50 


. JTl rr^ r^^. "e « ...-. .. ..-e. .e ». n ,^ .. .0. 
^U;^ .ic ,c:m «. a ''"Xi^rf oi^tW. county. ^ _ _ ^^^^ ^^ ,„^ 



TOEt/rV VEAPS AGO.. ..The .2 !fe<« ^ «. oj J. E. Se«.e/l, 

TEN VEAPS AGO. . . .A.^» B«o^<(, S'^^^'^^f/'^, .^,„, „^ c^*«..d .<^" « '""^ 

Ae aead. The bo^ « -* <""" .'"''^"f.tir He »«. ^^^ "^ « «™ """^ '■'*°'':, 

along ihz coaJ>t i^e^- ,,,.•**«•• ^^''^ '^' '^^^ 

P^ P..e, . ....., — J --■ - » r:! t^eel .ee.e.e. 

T«„e^e, n^ *e.^". ^^"""^ 7"^/. tl^ee. d »Ue.. «e - ^^-^ - ^ "^- 

pocfeeii itaSJed •Mk ihe^, xj: ^ bece 

„, Zc^vei a «^ie and {«««/ <'<=*■'■" "• 

HU^EP HLlEt. NEAP MUNOP^ ^^ ^^_^ ^^ ^^ ^^^,. 

Jel «.e a™. Ke died be<c« Ae^P^ -uid^se^^^'f „^,^ „, „„ 


Itiofid woi Kzctivtd Zn tkii city thli weefe annoan(Ur.g thz dzath oi Raymond Thomca, 
a i,on oi Ma. and Ma4. A. W. Thomai, iofmzAZy Kuldznti, oi Mofuin Town/^tUp, now Ke^lding 
at f^kLand, OR. The. yoar^ man uxl& tzacJUng ichooZ Zn Idaho and uxa a membtn. o£ a mountaJjn. 
ctOnbZng poAty. Ouiing to thz ^ndlcxitioni o^ a itoAm, moiit oi the. panXy de.dLine.d to cLimb 
the. mountajin and wojnted. to azXuaji to theZn. homti. Ma.. Thomai and a mmbeA. continued the 
a&cent and wejie caught in a i,evexe i,to>m and wfien {^ound the next day hU mind uxU) a^^ected 
and he. died ihofittij a{^teAwaA.di . 

• ••«••««•« OctobeA U, I9I6 

Re:poKti, have been Kecelved that Choi. McUiLian hxu been \uZted Jbi one. oi the a64>uZts 
on the Somme. He waa boAn In tjihlXe Rock Town&kip, ioutheojbt oi hefie and kc& poAenti moved 
to Sa&katchewan ^eveAaZ ijeaJi& ago. He. entc&ted i.n one o^ the. i-Uict CajwidLian fiegimejnti> and 
had ieen much haJid leAvlce. 

********** October 26, 1916 

Ffiank C. Gaejnthtfi, manojglng edUXoK o^ the Volk&zeZtung, a St. VauJL Gtfmojn. newipapeA 
uiith an extensive cOicuZation In thU locaLity, died at a St. Raul Ho&pltat on Monday, He 
hoi been uUXh the VolkMzeltung ^on. nzoAZy ^Ive yejaxi. 

«•«*•»*»«« November 2, 1916 

3o&. Eaue/L o^ GKeendaZe onAlved home on ^edne^day o^ la6t weeJi ^lom hlinne.i,ota uihexe 
he uxu, caZZed a ^ew dayt, beioKe by the death o^ hAJ> ^tep-^atheA, 

'••«»«. t * « • November. 2, 1916 

WEtrry years ago COLUm M. N. Pond, Ke^Zding llx mU.eJ> iouthea&t oi town, died 

oi typhoid ievZA. •••,..,,,. UovesnbeJL 9, 1916 


HenJiy KalieA. oi ?hitip4,bufig, KT., ipent a iew dayi at the Heading home In GKeendale 
the poit week. He wai hzAe on a lad enAjand, having brought the AemalrUt oi hJj) bAotheA 
WlZLiam, who died fiecentZy, to the old home ioA InteAment. 

Veceji&ed woi a victim oi tubeAcuZoA itomach tAoubZe. He wai In the pfume oi tiie... 
honeit, upnlght, eneAgetlc, iaU. oi ambition and wai> oi exceJitent hablti . He mku weZJL 
acquaJjited oAound HanJUmon and leaver iooA bAotheAi and many cZoie iAlendi to mouAn hli 
Zoii . FuneAal ieAvlceJi weAe conducted In tUahpeXon by Rev. Tk. Ridden., and the Aemalm 
wzAz laid at AeMt In the cemeteAy Ih mlZej> wej>t oi that city beside thoie Qi hZi, motheA 

^^ ^'^^- •••..••.,» NovembeA 9, 1916 

Leona, the Little daughteA oi Ma., and HAi. A^thufi H. MttcheA, died SatuAday manning 
at 6 M oi dlphtheAla aiten. an lllne/,^ oi exactly one week. The tittle glAl'6 condition 
waa not comldeAed cAitlcal untiZ a iew houA begone the end. 


The. antunzty dzath ol the. tittle. QlnZ wan, a. gKzcut ihock to the iamily and 4coA.e4 oi 
£/U.ejuil> extejid sympathy. The. ^uneAoZ uxu heti SattinxLay a^teAnoon and wa& pfuxate, 

********** WovembcA 9, I9J6 


Rev. J, KoeAbe/L, iZut fie^Zdejit pa&tofi o^ thz tacaJL LutheAan CongJiegatZon, died cut 
Pfiz&cott, Uafuftand, on We.dnt&datf mofirujig, accoAxUng to a dZ&patcJi KzceZved by the AbAokam 

He li ^ofLvZved by the uii^e, lofmeAZy HLi& Ktma Abraham o^ tkU city, and ij^ue cKLLd- 

A.en....tU}o glnJU and boyi. 

•«««•••»«• UovembeA 9, 7916 


At^Ked TeAuiltUgeA, Aged hUne., Vl(vUm oi Sad AccU-dent 


Lad Went Th/ioagh Ice Zn Fxve Fee^ o^ Wattn. and Rescue uxa Vetayzd Until Boat woi Secufied 

Al^Ked, tiXtle 9 yeoA. old Aon o^ Ma., and Uu. J<u. TzAuUttigeA, wai dAowned In the. 
Backhatu plough tuo mUiej, 6ouXh o^ town about noon on SatuAday. He wai ovut on the tkin 
Zee and bA.oke thAough, and lack o^ a boat prevented hZl> Kt&cuz. 

The. TeAMitLigzA ^amZly had occupZed the Backhaaii place {ox only a (Jew weefei. The home 
standi on the. zait bank o{ the iloagh and Alf^Ked and hZi tittle bKotheA took advantage o^ 
the newly {oAmed Zee to ventuAe out on the pond. Al^fied wtu about ^{^tee.n Kodi {Aom &hoKe 
wfeen he bKoke thAoagh. The youngeA boy wot, 4>ome dZ&tance behind hZm and Ainhed to the houiz 
and Zn^oAmed the pan.enti. The (athzA Aan to the ihoAe and waded out Znto the Zcy wateA to 
wZihZn a ^hoAt dZitance o{ wheAe the. boy had gone thAoagh the Zee, bat the wateA wai up to 
hZi anmpZti and he wai {^oAced to AztuAn to ihoAZ. A phone mzjtiagz to town bAnught out a 
haZi dozzn aiitoi wZthZn a |$ew mZnatz^, among the /leacaeAi beJjng W. J. ChapZn and AaJJuia 
Gaouiz wZth the {oAmeA'i duck boat. WZthZn a {^eui momenti they iucczzdzd Zn bnZngZng up the 
body to the ihoAz, thZi takZng about 45 mZnutzi ^Aom the time o{ the accZdent, but all 
z^ioKiU, to AevZve the vZctm wzAe Zn vaZn. 

The pafLznti an.e weZl nigh pfw&tAJJutzd wZth gAZe{ and have the iympathy o£ all Zn theZA 
bzAejxvejnent. The {uneAol wai held Monday a^tzAnoon, iZAvZczi beting conducted by Rev. ObeA- 
dozitzA at the ImmanuzZ Ev. ChuAch, 

»•«»««»«»• NovzmbzA U, 1916 


Card. LZzAmann, a vztzAan o{ the Gznman Afmy Zn the woAi o{ li66 and 1S70-1 and a AtiZ- 
dznt oi RZcJiland County iZncz 1883, dZed at the homz oi Wm. NzhmzA Zn BeJiioKd TowmhZp on 
Monday at the agz oi 82 yeoAi . 

Vecejuzd wtu a native o^ VotmeAzn, GeJmany, whzAZ he wai boAn on Oct. lit, 1834. ThzAZ 
hz wai moAAZzd, and hZi good {aou died about {ouAteen yeau ago. They came to the United 
Stateji at the cJLoie oi the woa oi 1870-1 and izttlzd Zn lAon RZdge, WT., and Zn 1883 camz 
to Zichland County, izttlZng on the land now occupZed by Wm. NzhmzA iouth oi UantadoA. 
Choi. LZzAmann oi thZi cZty Zi a nephew, but deczoied lzjavej> no chZldAzn. 


Vtcza^e.d uxii a. lujidty otd gejvtteman and had many ^/uiejidi among ihz pZonzz/a atong 

Xht WZid Zice.. 

The. ^uneAaJi uxu hzZd yt&tfiday aitz/inoon, azavZcza conductzd at St. John' a 

ChuAjck bu Rev. R. Hilgzndoii, 

********** NovanbeA 16, 1916 


Thz ^vt weefes otd baby 4ow o^ Un.. and Uu, VtteJi C. died Satufidasf moAiUng o^ 

In^oMtitt tfiouhtej). The iimenaJL vxii> heJLd Monday at the limamieZ Ev. Chuxdi. The VtedfUck 

ianiJiy ojie compofuitlve 6tAAngeAi In the commanity, havZng oKfU-ved hen. {^>uom WZsconiZn only a 

coupZe. o£ monthi ago. 

«««•«»«««• NovembeA 16, 1916 

The death oi EmpetoA. Ffiancli Jo6e.£ o£ Au&tJuja A.emoveJ> one o^ the cent/uU. ^Zgu/Lti In 
thz gKeat Bafiopean Wan.. Many HaniUn&on n.e£Zdejvti acknouitedged the dead empeAOK oa the/Ji 
AoveAetgn be^oKe coming to thU land oi the. i>iee. . . .u}hen.e we aKz "too pnoad to flight." 

•««•••»••« WovemfaeA 23, 1916 


HichoAjd ClZbeMtion woi kZtied neoA. HlZnzn. Jbiit ThuA.&day when kti automobJULe twined 

tjjjitte a ihoht dZ&tance wej,t o£ HiJLnoA. HZi, neck woa bfwkzn. He leaver a tuc^e and one 

child and Ae^lded noAth o^ Cog^iuielZ. 

«««»»«»*«« PecembeA 7, 1916 


FAonk RobeAti, ToAneA HeoA. Roiholt, fULZled When CoA TuAned TuAtlz 


Many Acctdentt, Vae to StippeAy Condition o^ the Roads and CaAele£6nt&6 o^ the VntveAi, 

fAonk RobeAti, a well known ^oAmeA. Ae/>-idLing thjiee mHz6 iouth o^ Roiholt, was imtantZy 
killed when hii> coa tuAned tuAtle on the Aoad to town tajtt week. HZ& neck was bnoken and 
death was in6tantaneou& . 

Hli little daughteA wa& the only otheA occupant and ihe e.6caped unlnjuAed. She fuxn to 
the. nejxAej)t iafm house ^oa help and a bnotheA. oi the unioAtunate RobeAts happened to be vlsijt 
Ing theAe. He with the owneA. o^ the place huAAled to the scene o^ the accident but too late 
to do moAe than xemove the body iAom undeA the caA. 

The victim was ^ound lying £ace downwoAd, pinned to the gAound by the Aunnlng boatd, 
uiith the whole weight oi the coa Aestlng on his neck. 

Veceased had been a Aesldent oi WhlXe Rock Towmhlp ioA about ilve yeoAs and Is saAvlvec 
by a wlie and Ux chUdAen. ••..••,,,» VecembeA 14, 1916 

Twelve miles nofith oi FoAgo, on the GeoAgetown Aoad, t^o cau skidded oH a 10 ioot 
bnldge to the Ice on the BuHaZo RlveA. The accidents happened about two houAS apant and 
two oi the occupants oi the second cat weAe killed. FouA. otheAs wene seAloasly Inj'uAed. 

«•••*««**« PecembeA 14, 1916 


DETROIT, MN., Pec. nth,...FouA peAioru, we^e fUU.e.d wfien a Soo tine. tAJuji kit thz 
aubtomobAZe. in which thzy WZAZ Aiding l£U>t night at VeAgai,, OitzA. TcuZ County. 

The. dead: AZ^KeA Koptin, M/ts. kt{^zd Koplin, Ma4. PhiXip Koptin and Ma4. VeXtingtn.. 
Ffumcii Koptin, aged 13, ion o^ M/i. and Ufu. AZ^Aejd Koptin, was 4)eAioa&Zy hjuKt, bat 
an infant ion OjJ M/i. and Ufa. Koptin was uninjuA.e.d. kU. Live, at T/iazee, BecfeeA Countij. 

********** VzcembeA. 14, 1916 

MofuUn Ronnz, EmpZayed In tkz Wahpeton MoAhle WoAki, Endi Hii Own Li^t 

SiUci-dz VeJUbzfuvteZy Vtinned, Victim Buifing a Revolver 
vxith SeZi VeJitAJUCtion in flind 
UoAtin Ronne, 53 yeoAi oti, employed as a ioteiman ^oi the (tiahpeton MaAhle. OJoAki, ihot 
himieZ£ in the head mth a 38 catibKe fizvolvzA in thz o^^ice oi the above named £Zftjn toit 
FKidaij evening, death fi&iuZting-initantly. 

Ronne came to Wahpeton in FebAuafiy o^ tki& yeoA. and enteJied the employ oi HenAy KoA.^. 
He. uxLi on the Axiad a good deaZ o£ the time but made Wahpeton hii headquoAteM . Hih actiom 
had been iomen^at queet. o^ late and he had ihovon iigni o^ dzipondency. It i^ laid that he 
madz a pA.zvioai attempt at iuicidz something ovzA. a yeoA. ago, but only iuczzdzd in wound- 
ing himieZ^. 

Ronne wa& divoAced by hi& wi^z about two yzoM ago, and had bezn a heavy dJujnkzA.. No 
othzA. A.zaion i& known ^OA hi& Ao&h act. Hz caAAtzd $1000 iniuAoncz in thz M. W. A. 

Vzceaied had bzzn a Az&idznt o^ CAookiton, UN., ^oA many yeanj, up to thz timz o^ coming 
to Wahpeton, and hii ^oAmzA wi£z and two chiZdAzn itiLL makz theJji home thzAz. A ion, AAthuA 
M. Ronne, came down ^Aom CAjookiton and took choAgz o^ thz Aemaini, taking them with him to 
thz old homz wheAz thz family wilt havz choAgz o^ thz ^unzAol. 

Zt ii ioid that Ronnz puAchaizd a AevolvzA in onz o^ thz lHahpzton hoAduiaAz itoKZi a 
numbzA o^ dayi ago, but that hz AztuAnzd it to thz itoKz thz zvening o^ thz ihooting, iay- 
tng that it won "no good" ... .that hz had bzejn. out tAying to ihoot Aobbiti and it would not 
ihoot. On examination it waj, {ound that hz was aiing Aim ^iAZ caAtAi-dgei in a czntzA. iiAZ 
gun. Thz ialzimaxi gave him iome of^ thz pAopzA. coAtAidgzi, whzAzapon he went down to thz 
o^^icz, ipKead hi& coat out coAz^ully on the £looA, lay down and pulled the tAiggzA. Joe 
SimoAd, who ii employed at thz manblz woAki oi itonz cuttzA, diicovzAzd thz body about 
7:30 FAiday zvening whzn hz AztaAned to izz that thz o^^icz woi pAopznly locked up. 

An inquzit woi heZd Saturday a^tzAnoon, Juiticz W. P. Robbim acting ai coAonzA., thz 
vzA.di.ct being death by izt^ inf^lictzd gumhot wound. 

•*••«•**•• VzcembzA 14, 1916 

We OAZ in^oAmzd that Azlativzi will makz no {uAtheA attempt to AZCovzA. thz body o^ 
P. Ritza, thz znginzzA ooho wai dAcwned in Lakz TAXivzAiz lait iall, until next ipAing. We 


ajiz. ^nctlnzd to think that a lULCtahtz fiewa/id oHeAtd {oA. the. kzcovzalj oi the. body uoouJLd 
texud to activity on thz poAt oi locaZ pajitizj), mjjth good pA04pect6 o^ 4ucce44, as X/t 
AhouJid not be. a. di^iZcuZt mattzA. to AuXvejj thz bottom o^ the lake In that vicinity thAough 
hoZti In the Ice lulth the aZd o(J a {^h hxiaiz. 
...WEATON GAZETTE- REPORTER •••••••••• VecembeA 14, J976 

J. T. Wood, HeJi^ding Neon. Neui E^^Zngton, Vlzi> oi Hzaxt TauJiuJie 

J. T. Wood, a pXjoneeA. Kej>Zdent o^ the New E^^^ngton nzlghboAhood, uxu ^ound anconicZoiu 
and Zn a dyZng condition Zn the ckickzn coop on hit lanm ta&t ThuAiday evejiing. He pa&^zd 
away uuMvin a ihoftt time uiithoat AegaAjiing coiwccownei^. 

Vecejued twu one o^ the plonezA AtiZdenti o£ that locality, having lettled on a home- 
it tead. tMO and one hal£ mlte^ noAth o^ the pAZiznt town o^ New E^^lngton at the. time the 
Slit&eXon and Wahpeton Indian Ae4>eAvatlon uioi opened to ieXtlejnent In the ipAing oi 1193. 
TheAe he hoi AeMlded £oA the pai,t twenty ^oua yeoAi, , 

He w<u bo An In Penni ylvanla. and at an eafily age moved to Iowa and {^Aom theAz to Wltmot, 
SV. At the time o^ hl& death he u>a& 70 yeoAi, TO monthi and tweZve day4, old. He li> iiUA- 
vlved by the uJlf^e, two iom, Cha&. and Ray, and ^ouA daughtzAi . 

The ^anzAol wai hzld Monday a£tznnoon, iZAvlczi being condacX.zd In the Swedlih ChuAch 
ejiit o{ New E^^lngtan, Interment being made In the cemetzAy nzoA by. 

• •••««•* t t VeczjnbzA ZI, J9T6 

MRS. WU. R. OflTT CkllEV 
Well Known Rzildznt Pa&6Zi> Away A^tzA a LingzfUng JllneJ,i>. 

HAi. Wm. R. Wi;tt dlzd at hzA homz In tkii city SajtoAxLiy, Vzc. 16th, at the age o^ 
25 yzoAi), a^tzA an Ittnzii that extended ovzA a pzAlod o{ two yzoAi, . Acute dlabetzi woi 
the cauiz o^ dzath. 

Vzcexi&zd wa& a. patizrvt hiUzaza and hzA dalzi conczAn woi, {,0A thz tiXtlz onzi whom 
4>hz wai, callzd upon to Izavz. 

Vzczxuzd wai, a d au g htzA o^ Ua. and M/L6. Loul& BAandel oi ClaJjie City, SO., and wai> 
boAn In Richland County, Az&ldlng heAe all hzA Hie. She wai, maJinled tevzAoX. yeoAi ago 
to Wm. R. Witt who ^uAvlvzi heji, togzthzA with iouA imaZZ chlldAzn. Thz dzath oi thz 
young wliz and mothzA ts> pathztlc In the extAeme, and thz sympathy oi all gozi, oat to thz 
iitAlcken iamlLy. 

Thz Avnalni wzAz taken to ClalAz City thz ilAit oi the week wheAe thz iunzAol wai> hztd 
yzitzAday, IntzAment bzlng madz In thz iamlZy lot In thz cemetzAy nea/i that place. 

«••«»»»«*» VecembeA 11, 1916 

Evan M. Jonzi dzpoAtzd Sunday night ioA Nzznah, Wl., to attend thz iunzAol oi a 17 

yzoA old nlzcz who paazd away that moAnlng aitzA a bfilei lllnz&i. Vzcza&zd wai a daughtzA 

oi Wm. Jonzi,, a vztzAan nnAol mall coaaIza oi Nzznah, and bzildzJ, thz paAznt& li 6UAvlvzd 

by one bfiothzA. Shz hoi, been attending ichool at Wahpeton. Evan It, expected home In time 

to ipznd ChAi&tmai , 

•«•••••*%* VzczmbzA 11, 1916 


Ulii LotU&a Hcuiioitzn. Saccumhi to CcMCfi 

Wii4 Lotii&a. HamotizA, ion. ovtn. 21 yzau /lOoiefeeepeA ^ok Rev. Joi. F. Studnicka, . 
poiAtd away pcjUCt^uiZy on Tiiuday moAJUjig. SZnce. a yean, ago, wheji the. CathoJLLc ChuAch 
uxu Aji dangeA oi btlng deJ^tfujytd by {^e. and on which occoi-ion 4 fee taboned 4>tA.zmwaitty , 
4fee tomploAjizd oi paZni Zn htn. AZde. and tungi. On Oct. IZth ihz uxi& comptttzd to 4eefe 
expzAt mzdicaZ advZce., and on Oct. 16th undtnuejit a &e/Uoa6 opzAcution ^oK cajictn. Zn 

HeA Axibuit phyiZqaz and an indonujtabtt uxULt bnoaght about a napid co nuclei cence. 
On Pec. 9tk ihz xztufinzd to Haj\kJju,on ion. a. ihont vJit,it, Zntzndcng to nztann to Hinnta- 
poZli iultiUn a £eu} dayi. InitaimatAjon o^ thz 6pinz 6zt Zn and napldly htn. condition be- 
gan to gnx)uj iiVUotil,. On Sunday a hernnonnhage o^ the, tangi speeded on a napZd end. On 
TueJtdojy manning, having necelvzd the. lai>t nlteJ, o^ the. chanch £Kom FatheA Stuxinlcka, 
and lunAoundcd by hex bnotheA and a ^ew cZo^e £nlendi,, ihe peace£uiZy tnaniieAne4 heA 
iouJL Into thz hands oi heA CAzaton, at the Catholic Panl&h Hou&e. 

Hu4 HauiotteA, aJbuayi una&Mjuing, mltd and gentle oi hexuit, could count heA ^nlendi, 
by the thouiandi. Those who knew could not bul admine heA kind and gentle manneAi. A 
welcome smite met eveAyone at the dooA, to please eveAybody was heA aim In Hie. Above 
all heA gneat wonk was heA devotion to the deconating and keeping up oi St. Philip's 
Chunch. It was not uncommon to see heA wonk, the day beion.e any special occasion, until 
the small houAS aji the monjiLng In the chuAch. To pAepoAz the. chuAch was the pnlde oi 
heA Hie. 

St. Philip's Chunch has lost a devoted membeA, Pathtn Stadnlcka a ialthiul seAvant 
and the community at lange, though shz was neven known i.n social Hie, a peASonallty 
whom they wltl long nemembeA. 

The iunenal seAvicts weAe conducted ThuAsday monnlng inom St. PhltLp's Chunch, Rev. 
Jos. F. Studnlcka conducting the seAvi.ceJ>. The seAmon was pneached by Veny Rev. John 
BakeA, V. 6. oi Valley City, while about twenty pnleMts weAe pntsent In. the sanctuoAy. 
The chunch was ~ilLLed to capacity. TnteAment took place In Calvany CemeteAy. 

Hiss HausotteA was bonn 45 yeans ago In Kunzendoni, kustnla. She Is suAvtved by 
one slstex and thAee bnotheAS who live In Austnla. HeA bnotken Eduiand, who Is a manu- 
iactunen. In Minneapolis , attended the iunenal. 


• ««««••««*« VeceJtheA 2S, 1916 

19 17 

Vzcuth oi Hath Ro^ 

Hath Roih, a. fu^ldtnt oi Hardujuon ^ofi the. paiit ^ouAte.zn yeoM, ditd at hl6 home. In 
tkii (UtLj Tat&day a^tn. an JULtneJ^h oi htxt thuzz dayi. TniZfmCUe^ due to old age caused 
hu death. 

Vecexaed uxu, a native o^ Btmckenthat, GaLi(Ua, AintfuA, and woa boAJi 75 yeau ago 
IcUit November.. He came to tki& countAxf uicth hii {amity Zn 1902 and located In HaniUnson 
wheAe. he hae, itnce Kz^lded. HU uu.{e dZed tuio yexvu, ago, but he l& iuAvZved by thiee 
drtildAen. . . .PeteK, Tnank J. and Adam, all o{ whom Jie^lde hexe. 

TunenaZ ^eAvZce^ weAe heZd th^J, moKning, conducted by Rev, Jo4. F. Studnlcka at St. 
VhUJjp'i, Chufich and Interment was made Zn the Catholic Cemettnjj. 

********** JamoAjj 4, 1917 

It li KepoKted that RobeJit Slnctaln. o{ Stinum, SoAgent County, who was sentenced to 
a long tenm In the perUtentuviy la&t ipAlng {oUouxlng the mundefi o£ an lUegltxmatz child 
at a Wahpeton Hotel, hai been KeZexibed ^Ajom pfUion and xetuAned home. It Li> 6ald that 
SlnclaZn. li In the loit itage^ o^ con&umptlon. 

********** January 4, 1917 

TofmefL Resident ?aMi,eJ> Away 

WoAd iMi fiecelved hen.e tlUi week o{ the death oi Hn^. Ue&ley C. Mc Vowell at heji home 
In HofUon, MP. Pneumonia, following an attack oi the gfilppe, was the cause o{ h&t death. 
She passed away SatuAday evening and Is suAvlved by £oun. chlldAen, the youngest about 
eZeven yeans old, and the stKlcken husband. 

Veceased came to Hanklnson as a bAXde about seventeen yeoAS ago, Ufi. Mc VoweZl being 
at that time In the employ o£ the Acme Hafivesten. Company as block man {ok this tzAAltoiy. 
LateA they moved to LidgzAwood and {A^m theAZ to MoAlon, fW., wheAe Ma.. Mc Vowell Is now 
President o{ the FlASt National Sank. He has been pKomlnent In democAotlc clAcle/> and 
seAved one teAm as senatoA. £Aj)m the LaUouAe district. VuAing the ijew months they Keslded 
In Haniunson the young couple made many wafm {Aiends to whom news o^ t.Ois. Mc VoweZl' s 
death comes as a personal be/ieavement. 

•••«•«*»*« JanuoAy 4, 1917 

Shot to Veatk In FAacas at East St. Louli, JtUnols, Recently 

Found on Street with Seven BuZZets In Eody and Veath Ensued In Pew HouAS 

VetalZs o{ Tnadedy Unknown 

filyndmeAe PloneeA. , . .woKd was A.ecelved heAe ThuAsday o^ last week o^ the death o{ 
F. R. Thofipe who has made WyndmeAe his home ($0A the past eight yeoAS. The past seasons 


he. ka.d made, an excejpt! ovwditij {^ine ihovxinQ ai, the. head o£ a c/iew o^ cafipenteM. Hn.. ThoApt 
accompanizd L. C. CotUjii in. a. cox to hli home at GKeen{^eZd, IL., tut tut {att.. The 
iottouung, taken ^A^m the GfieenileZd. AAgai, Z& explanatoAif oi the ruutuAe o£ kU untuneZy 

The AiaAttLng KepoAt Keached hefie Wedne&day ^Kom eoit St. LovuLi that liobeAt Thonpe had 
been 6hot and uiai, in a ho6pitaZ in that ciXy in a cJiiti.caZ. condiXion. Hi^ &ijiteA, lU/ti 
E^{ii.e ThoApe, and J. R. StickeZ went down yejitendajj moAning and ye&te/idaif a^teAnoon kit, 
motheA., and J. A. UeXcaZ^ wexe aJUo caZZed to the bed^tide. We leoAn thli moAning that hl& 
death occxinjied at 1 o'cZock ta&t rUgkt. We weJie unabte to iecuAe any detaitt, oi the tAogedy. 

The injuAed man wa& uncon&ciotut when ^ound on the itA.eet in the middle o£ the night and 
neveA. Aegained con&cloa&nejt^t. He had been ^hot 4even time^, thAee times in the body and 
£oaA timeJi in die oAm. MZi money wai ^ound on hii peAion so it was not a case o^ Aobbtny. 
He. had been down thtue ioK the past ijew weefei woAking at the canpenteAing tAxide. 

"Hob, " ai he was known to the community, wai about 2S yexvut otd and woi an expert in 
hib pAoiej>4tion as a coApenteA. and a kind and geneAous peAson, who woutd stake his last doUbvi 
on a iAA.end. HZi loss will be seAiously ieZt by thsoe who knew him. 

•«««t««*»» JanuoAy 11, 1917 

WoAxL has been received heA.e oi the death oi Wis. Jos. Jamtgaofid, ^oAjntAly o£ GA.eendale, 
at the {amily home neoA. Vouglas, W. The bzAeaved husband and motheAJtess chiZdAen have the 
sympathy o^ a host oi otd ^Aiends heAe. Death was due to pneumonia. 

********** JanuoAy 11, 1917 

The infant child o^ Ma., and Has. VauZ Vopp died on Tuesday oi last week a^teA a long 
stige 0^ iJLtneJiS. The poAents have ouA sympathy in the toss o^ theiA baby. 

«««••**••* JanuaAy 11, 1917 


A pecuLLoA and sad a^aiA happened at the OscoA. MeyeAS home neoA. the viZtage o^ Fogies, 
VZckey County, Aecently. TheiA 10 day otd bahy appoAentZy died on Pec. 25th and the follow- 
ing day the tittle one was dAessed and wAopped up to be taken to Leola wheAe the buAiat was 
to take place. The paAents stoAted out with the little babe ioA Leola, but a bad stoAm was 
Aaging that day and they got lost and put up at the home oi FAed FeZckeAt to wait until the 
stoAxn abated. 

The supposed coipse was placed outside on the poAch wheAe it was te^t ioA an houA oa so 
when iinaZly it was taken Into the house a shoAt time it commenced to cAy. The tittle one 
MXU taken back home wheAc it lived ^oa nine houAS moAe when it finally passed away. 

•«•«*•« t * » JanuaAy IS, 1917 

Van TaytoA o^ TaiAmount died at 4:45 PU last Sunday at VavenpoAt, lA., at the age oi 
S5 yeoAS. Hi/, Kemains wexe taZd at Atst at PaOimount at 2:30 PM yej>teAday, having been 
bAjouqht home by hZs daughtexs Elizabeth and Otive and hZs son StanioAd. 


He le-^t ffuj, uii^z and one oihzA. daughXzA, Mi44 Gfuicz, Zn VavejipoAt, tht mothsA faeXng 

uiiablz to xeXuAJi homz now. 

********** Janwviy 18, 19/7 


Tluth EfUha. LabZna KZamteji, bofun HoAck 28XJi, 1916, In Luihtfuin Ho^tplial at Wahpe;ton, 

dlzd on Jan. 2Ut, 1917, at thz age o£ nine, montki and thfizt wzzki, o^ pmumonla., a^ttn. 

an ZtZnUi 0^ only onz day. Rev. HltgzndoA.^ o^iA.cUatzd at. thz houiz, Reu. Ctottzn. pKza.ckejd 

thz Gzfman, Rev. Mac Kzni^zn oi TaAQO, thz EngLibh iznmon and Rev. Hlnck conducted thz hZK- 

vlczi at thz g/tave. 


Thz coAjd oi thanki -ii zomZdzAzd un^aiLionnbiz and oat-o£-datz now-a-day/, , but Wl&. 
Ktauitzn. and I aA.z g-tad to avaZZ otiuztvej, o^ thl& mzani, to exp^ei^ ouA. hzoAt^ztt gAotitadz 
towafuh aJUL qua. ^AZzndi ^oA thzlA many couAtzinizb and fundnz&4,Zi ihown U6 dwUng thz ihoAt 
lttnzt>4> and a^tzn. thz iuddzn dzath oi ouA. titttz Rut/i. Thz knowlzdgz that many heoAti OAZ 
sympathizing llghtzm thz toad oi iOAAow. 

• «•»»»•»•» JonuaAi^ 25, 7917 


Owzn Egan, a uizil known plonzzA choAjactzA In SoAgznt County, dlzd In UlnnzapotU 
toit wzzk aitzA Aziuilng to go to thz zxpzniz oi caZZlng a doctoA. A izoAck oi hit, ziizcti> 
unzoAthzd notzi, moAtgagzi and othzA vaZuabZzi, to thz amount oi $40,000. Egan had bzzn a 
chaAactzA aAound Ru.dge SquoAz In. Ulnnzapolle> ioA izvzAat yzoAi. Hz 6tzpt at thz dizapz&t 
"i-top" houiZ6, ipznt but 25 cznts a day ioA mzali, and put Zn moit oi hit, tJjnz iZguAlng 
IntzAzitt on hli, invzittrnzntii . Much oi hli monzy woi -en thz kandi oi SoAgznt County bankzAi, 
and Invzttzd In SaAgznt County Zand. Chajt . EAzmon oi Backui, MN., a Nzphew, li, thz only 

^^^' •••••••»•. FzbAuoAy 1, 1917 


UAi. Synzva NzlUon, aged about 80 yzoAi, dlzd thl6 moAning at thz homz oi hzA daughtzA 

Mw . Jatian Lzz, In thli, city. No iunzAoZ aAAangemzntj> havz yzt bzzn announczd. 

t «••«*•*» * FefaAuoA^ 1, 1917 

Thz thAzz monthi old child oi Ua. and M^4. IveA. Jofinion oi MantadoA dlzd Tuziday 
aitzA a bAlzi HJLnzit&. Thz iunzAol wa6 hzZd yzitzAday. 

«•••«»»»«« FzbAuoAy 1, 1917 

Thz dlimembzAzd body oi a ?oll&h laboAZA, iuppoi,zd iAom papzAi iound to be John 
Ewonlck oi Jamz&town, NV., wa6 iound on thz Soo tAack six mltz6 iouth oi Lucca Sunday 
aitzAnoon. Thz authoAltizi bzlltvz thz man wa& tAyZng to bzat his way and In iomz 
mannzA iztl undzA thz whzzU . Thz body was cut In. twelvz pZzczi . 

«»•«««•««» fzbAuaAy 1, 1917 


Vlitfu.ct couAt convener at Tofmojn. today, Judge, kttzn pKuZding. Tht case o^ mat 
gzneAaZ irtt/iut on the. catzndeA ii that o^ Haipnond BaucJi, diofigzd with, the £ataJL ihootcng 
oi hli iathen. taj,t iuimeJi. Young Bojuck, aX uxUZ be A.emembeA.ed, 6hot kU ^athen. to dejath 
when the Zatten. made an appaA.ent attempt on the ti£e o^ hd motheA. and othen. membeu o^ the 
^anuJbj. BoucA cJtcUmi he wKe/tted the Kevotven. {^Kom hU {^athex and ihot tn de^eme o^ the 
Ke/tt oi the ^anUZy. A dJivofme cjit>e wae> pending at the time between young Baach'i poAenti. 
The shooting occjuJUied at fonman and cAeated quite a Aematlon at the time, the eJLdeA Baujch 
beting meJLt known thAoughout that countAy ai> a veteAlnoAy. CKoa. E. Wot^e o^ WahpeXon uuJUi 
a^i,Aj,t in the de^eme o^ young Bauch. 

••••«•««•« febAuoAy S, I9T7 

John R. Jonei Aecelved woAd white he woi absent in South Vakota tait week that an 
aged Uncle had died at Randolph, WI. He went dcAect £Aom Aberdeen to Wiicon&in to attend 
the iuneJial and Zi expected home thci week. 

■ • • « FefaAuoAxr 8, 7977 

GREAT 8EWP EXAMINER Wu . HenAJietta. Loll pa&^ed away at the home o^ heA daughteA, 

Ma4. Ottc GutzmeA, on Monday moAning. Ua& . Loll had Aeached the age o^ 79 ytaA6. She had 
been an Invalid. {oA the pa&t yeoA and death came as a welcome AeLlei. 

Veceau>ed toos boAn in CzAmany and came to thli countAy with heA huiband and woA one o£ 
ouA pionezA. ^ettleAi. Ua. Loll died about Jtuienty yeaAi ago. Twelve childAen weAe boAn to 
the couple, ^,ix o£ whom oaz Living ... .Uam . TAonk Hitzel o^ N. Yakima, WA., Uai,. Paul BoeZke 
otJ ihjii, viZtage, M/ls. F. HammtnmeiittA, ^Ois. Otto GutzmeA. and EdwoAd oi tha, county, and 
Hugo Loll 0^ Cali^ofinia. The ^uneAol will be held Thuuday at the lion Ev. ChuAch in thli 
viZZage. The AuAviving childAen have the sympathy o^ all in the loii oi theiA motheA. 

••«»•*»«•« FtbAuaAy S, 7917 

6REAP 8EWP COLUMN... Wo Ad Azached hzAe loit week announcing the death o^ AlbzAt Benndt 
at AbzAdeen, SV., wheAz he had been in a ho4,piXal ioA the paj>t yeoA. Hij> death occuAAzd 
on Monday a^tzA a lingeAing iJUinzMi. 

AlbzAt BzAndt was a son o^ the late ChAi&t BeAndt and wai 34 yzoAi old. 0^ latz yzaAi 
he Lived on a ^aAm south o^ Hankimon. He leaves a wi^e who is expected to oAAivz hzAz 
with the Azmains on ThuAsday and the luneAal will be held at the Zixin ChuAch. Rev. G. C. 
Thi.zlz will conduct the szAviczs and the Azmains wiZt be laid at Azst in the lion CemetzAy. 
[Vied Jan. 29, 7977) •••••.»»«. Fefa/iuzWi/ S, 7977 

The iunzAjaJL ojj Mas. Loll last ThuAsday was laAgely attended considzAlng the extAemely 
cold wzathzA. 

M^. FAank Mitzzl oi Honth Yakima, WA., aAAived heAe ThuAsday to attend the ^uneAol 
0^ heA mothzA, Mas. Loll. She made the tAip by team ^Aom Wahpeton undeA vzAy disagAzzable 
weathzA conditions . Mas. Mitzzl Aeponts lots oi snow thAough Montana. 

• ••••••«•« TabmoAjj S, 79 7 7 


Raymond Boac/i F/ieed A^tZA. T/umJL ion. Shooting HZ& FcutheA. to Vexiih 
JuAz/ ScutiiiZzd tfuvt KULuig waa -at Pe^ense o^ H-onae^iJ and OihcA Membtu o^ the. Family. 

Zaymond Eaack, chojiged with th& muAjdzn. o^ hl& ^athfi, un& acqalttzd In dl&tAA.ct couAJt 
at To/man SatuAday. The. juny moa out only a ^hoAt time. 

The. ioiit 0(J the fUZZlng woA undi&patzd. Young Eaudi, 6tcit Zn fucs teeji&, wKe^ted a 
A.e.votveA. (jAom the. hand^ o^ kit, parent, and In the. AtAMggtt the. eJideA man wai> ihot ieve/ial. 
tlmeJt, dying within a ^eu) momejiti. 

A dlvofice. ca&e. wcu pending betiozen Ha., and Ua6. Bauch at the. tlmz, and thz haiband 
had madz numzAous thAexuU. Hz MXta a AnthzA dlc^otiitz choAjoctzA, weLi known ovzA thz county 
ajt a hoxiz doctoA. Hz waa a heavy dAlnkzA, and thz dlvoAcz wa& boizd on thz gAoundi oi Wi 
tAzatmznt and non-iuppoAt. Thz shooting occoAAzd within a (ew dayi OjJ thz tlmz -tfte divoAcz 
cjoitz waj, to come on ioA tAlat. Thz zldzA Bauch calZzd at thz hoa&z whzAZ hli, wl^z wait 
staying with ^Alendi and oikzd-to Azz hzA. Hz wai oAmzd with an aatomatlc AzvotvzA and 
waj) zvldzntZy bznt on tAoublz. Thz 6on woa pAt&znt and whzn hz thought thz ^otheA Intended 
to axAAy out lomz o^ hli thAzati hz gAoppted with him ^OA poiAZMlon oi thz gun, AZ6uttlng 
04 abovz ieA: ^oAth. 

Young Bauch' 4 acquittal l& In accoAd with public 4,zntlmznt. 

•••«*••»«. FzbAuoAy 15, 1917 

Cot. lUateAi, who dlzd In Kania& City Azczntly, had pAactlczd law longzA than any 
othzn. lawyzA In Kamai City. Hz wa6 admlttzd to thz baA In Macomb, JL., bz^oAz hz wai, 
21 yzafu, old. AbAoham Lincoln wai a lajwyzA pAactlclng In thz Aomz dlitAlct then and 
iilateAi Ajodz on thz i>ame cOiciUt with him. Oncz Col. \)latzfU> employed Lincoln to oillit 
him In a cjuz. Thz opposing tauiyzA demanded o^ onz oi thzln. wltnzi-izi that hz should. 
aniwzA. a czAtaln quzitlon with a dlAZct "yzi" OA "no". Ma. Lincoln contendzd that thz 
quzitlon could not be amweAzd In that way. "TheJLZ'i no quzitlon on eoAth that can't be 
aniwzn.zd with a dlAzct 'yzi' oA 'no'" dzcloAzd thz lawyzA. "Vou takz thz itand a moment 
and I'll ihow you," iald Lincoln. Thz lawyzA. took thz itand and Lincoln aikzd him: 
"Havz you quit beating youA wliz?" Thz lauiyzA became Indignant and Lincoln Azpzated thz 
quzitlon. Thz Judge laughzd hzaAtlly, and Imlitzd that thz lawyeA muit aniwzA. lillth 
thz old oi Lincoln, WatzAi won hli coiz and Lincoln chaAgzd him $25, a laA^z izz ioA 
thoiz dayi. «•••••««•« FzbAoafiy 15, 1917 

Suddzn Vzath oi Well Known ToAmeA 
Thz people oi thli vicinity weAZ gAl.zvzd Monday to leoAn oi thz dzath oi anothzA old 
iAlznd and nelghboA. VztzA Holm dAoppzd dead In kli dooAyaAd Monday, Feb. 6th, without 
a moment' i wanning. Hz had been aalitlng hli ion In cleaning away thz inow about thz 
yaAd and ihontly bzioAZ dlnnzA went to thz boAn a ihont dlitancz away. 


Upon go^Jig to the. hoai,e. ^OK dinmA. CaJdL ^oand that kii iathzA. had net KetuJimd. Hz 
wtnt Zn JiZjOAcik o^ kirn and £ound tkz. body a^ fuj, ^atfiZA Zn a. hoZJLow beJiuzzn turn dju.^t& orJbj 
a. IzM fiodi {Ajsm tchzAZ hz Had Seen at twifdi. A dacXoA mu iunrntontd buX tkzy fenew thxLt ihz 
gAMn mz&.izngtA. had atn.zadif cattzd. 

Ma.. Hoim Ma& a man uruMZfuaZZy tliizd by alt kz mzt. We sztttzd on tkz homz ianm In 

7J93, and pZonzzfLzd it tcith tkz othzAi. Hz wai always a cloiz ifU.znd o{ tkz latz TaytoK 

Uoodi who^z dzatk ozavuizd onty-a £zw wzeJu ago andzA (UAcum^tanczi 40 vz/iy i,imlZjaA to kU 

own. ...Nzu) Ellington Reco-tcf. ... 

••••*••••• l^zbAxuviy 15, 1917 

Lo^t ThzJji Uttlz Onz 
Tkz Infant ckLtd 0^ Ma., and Uu. EckZund o£ GAzzndalz dizd tait uizzk a^tzA a bAXz^ 
ZZZnziA, at tkz agz 0^ about onz month. 

«•«»««•••« fzhfumAJj IS, 1917 

Victim 0^ Pnzumonia 

EdiuoAjd, tkz littlz ijoot yzoA. old ^on 0^ Un.. and MAi. fAzd Radloi^, dizd thJj, moAn- 

ijig (7|J pnzumonia a^tzA an iZlnz&/> oi only a ^zm dayi> . Tkz {,anzAaZ usill fee hzld Sunday 

a^tZMJioon. Thz sympathy o£ all gozi out to tkz bzAzavzd family in tkz lo.&.l> 0^ tkziA. 

littlz boy. 

««•**•*•«• FzbAuoAy 15, 1917 

Was ?Aominznt Rziidznt o^ thz County and Onz 0^ thz VionzzA. SzttlzAi 

HundAzdi o£ Old FAizndi Tktoughout thz County MouAn thz Vzath 0^ Wzll Known PionzzA.. . . 

Ed. H. CoAtzA. dizd at thz Wakpzton HoipitaZ at 4 AM Monday moAning, Hz uiai itAickzn 
with apoplzxy tzn dayjt bz^oAZ, and a izcond 6tAokz SatuAday AZ&uZtzd in hij> dzath tuo dayi, 

Uzioti oi kci dzatk cajnz 04 a pzA&onal bzAzavemznt to hundAzd4> 0^ homz thAoughout thz 
county, ^OA hz znjoyzd a loAgz acquaintanczihip and uia& uni.\iZA6ally zctzzmzd. A AZiidznt 
0^ tkz county iincz tkz zaAly '80^, hz took an activz poAt in. thz dzvzlopmznt oi tkii pant 
OiJ thz iitatz. ToA yzoAJi hz did an zxtzmivz Azat zitatz bu&inzii and Izavzi, a com^oAXablz 
^oAXanz incluxLLng a {inz izctian {oAm ^ouA miZzi wzit o£ MantadoA. On tkii hz madz 
ka, homz ^oA izvzAoZ yzau. It wa& uiidzly known 04 thz CantzA Aonck, and thz pAopAiztoA 
znj'oyzd thz ^Azquznt vZiiti oi kii old timz ^Aizndi. 

Ed. CoAtzA woj a nativz 0^ hlzw England and woi boAn 6i yzoAi ago. Hz inhzAitzd thz 
Auggzd manhood o£ thz Mew England pionzzAi and wa& a conicZzntiooi and upAight citizzn 
and a tAaz iAZznd. TAuZy, he. waj, onz o^ natuAz'i noblzmzn. Hij> zZzction a& County TAza- 
4UAZ againit onz oi thz moAt popuZoA dzsnocAoti in thz county mku a dziZAvzd tAibutz to ku 
&tzAXing woAth. Hz i^ iuAvivzd by onz bAothzA, A. J. CoAtZA oi Elma town&hip and tao 
£ij,tZAi, Ma&. StAohan and Ma^ . G. K. PzA&om,, both oi whom AZ^idz in thz zoit. 


Thz lunzAoZ uUll be hzZd out Wahptton tkU, a^izAnoon out 2:30. The. ieAvZc&i luctt be. 
condacX.ed cut thz UeXhodui ChuAch and the. paZlbeaAZAi, mJUi fee 4-6c men who have at dl£^- 
Kznt tanez iWLzd the o^iZce oi Coaniy TKeoMJJLtn.., ..3 . Q. EanJbank, 0. K. UZiakeA, Stephen 
BKoun, Vonatd W^Zght, KoaJL HLkkeZion and 01. G. UJoAJieA. 

Bu/ujoZ mZt be. made. Zn thz family lot in thz OJahpeton Czmztzfiy whexz thz poAznti, oi 
thz dzczaizd wzKz laid to A.zit maru/ cfzofu ago. 

•••••••••* FzhAwvuf 22, 1917 


Thz infant 4ori o£ Ma., and MAi . Jw . CAuba, about onz month old, dlzd Monday a^tzn. 
a b/Uz^ -WLnzii, . Thz ianeJwJL uiai, heZd on IHzdnziday ^oKznoon. Thz bzA-eAvzd paxejiti, 
havz thz sympathy oi aZt In thz toii> oi thzZA -Uttlz onz. 

•••••*•••• MoAdi J, 1917 


ft/m. Gott^Alzd WAzgz dZzd at hci homz Zn thZi city at 9 M Tuesday mo fining a^teJi an 
ZZZnz&i 0^ about tuo wzehi,. Hzajit tAvublz uUth thz Zn^ZAmltZzi oi old agz mzaz thz coxLie 
0^ death. 

Vzczoizd woi a native o^ Speck, PormeAn, Czfmany, whexz hz gAew to manhood, was manxizd 
and bzcamz thz iathzn. oi eight chZldAzn, iZvz oi whom, with thz agzd wZdow, iuAvZz him. Hz 
HKU faoAJt on Vzc. 27, 1S33, and was theJizioKZ Zn hlt> 84th yeoA.. In Uay oi 1S92, the. ianily 
camz dZAzct to HankZmon iAom thz iathzAZand. FoA iZvz yeoju, thz head oi thz iamZZy woAk- 
zd Zn thZi vZclnty and then iZZzd a homzitejid on thz land now occwpZzd by Chat, . Kath iouth- 
wgi,t oi thZi placz. Twzlvz yzoAl, ago thz iamlty AztZAzd iAom thz ioAjn and havz iZncz IZvzd 
Zn HankZmon. 

Oi thz moAfiZagz, which occuAAzd on KpKZZ 6, 1S63, iZvz chlZdAzn aAz IZvZng AZbzAt 

Ci/A-ege oi ZAightwood towmhZp, Choi. W^ege oi BemZdjZ, MW., John WAzgz oi HaUlihzA, Sai>k., 
a moAAlzd daughtzn. Zji GzAmany, and lAAi. HeAman Budack oi thZi city. 

Thz iunzAol wZU. be held tka> aitzAnoon at thz LuthzAan ChuAch, Rev. J. P. KlaoileA 
condactZng thz 6ZAvZcz. JnteAmznt wZZt bz made Zn thz LuthzAjin CemetzAy. 

********** fjioAch 15, 19/7 

AnnZz TomayzA died at thz homz oi hzA paAznti , Ma. and Ma4 . V. TomayeA, Zn thli city 
on Monday. Vzcea&ed would havz bzzn IB yeoAi old had ihz IZvzd until nzxt Sunday. FoA 
thz poit iouA yzoAi 6hz haj> been an ZnvalZd, iuHzAZng iAom a ttmoA oi thz bAoln. 
Thz ianzAoZ woi held (I'zdnziday moAnZng wZth iZAvZce^ at St. PhZlZp'i ChuAcJi. 

********** MoAc/i 22, 1917 



The. dzatii c^ Hittcn CanZ ?opp at hli home. nonXh. teat oi tkU caMj on Tatidcuf a^tzA- 
noon bAj:ught pAJS^oand ^ofOusw to many keJinXi, not onZtf Zn thz iimzsLijatz ntZghboAhood o{ kci 
home. buX Zn HankZn&on as uieZt oi he had been a student Zn oun. kigh ^cJiooZ ^oa. the past yea/Li and ojai a {^a\jofuXe uUXh hZi ^eULow &tudenti and otheAi who had ZeuAned to know 
and Ae^pecX. klm. 

mZton woa boAn on the home {^anm thAte mZZti ioathwezt o^ CAeaZ Bend and ZZved thzAe 
aZZ hZji ZJ-ie. He was boin on Nov. 17, 1899, and wa& theAe^oAe Zn hZj> eZghteenth yeoA. 
K^ttA goZng as ^oa 04 he coaZd Zn the auaoZ JichooZ he enZeAed the. HankZn&on HZgh SchooZ 
and woi doZng hZj, thZAd yeoA's wonk hexe. ViviZng hli hZgh ichooZ ZZ^e he endejxAed hZm- 
■ieZ^ to teackeAi) and ietZow student/, by hZ& quZet and gentZemanZy dejneanoA, and enteAed 
heoAtZZy Znto the ichooZ ZZ^e Zn zveAy phase. He was a membeA 0^ the £oothaZZ team and 
Zn the socZaZ iZde o^ ZZ^e dZ&pZayed the stzAtZng quaZZtZes that be^poke ioA hZm a kigh 
pZace Zn the yeau to come. 

A ye.aA ago he sa^^eAed a pAotAicted sZege o^ typhoZd ^eveA. He xecoveAed and woa 
abZe to Aesume hZs schooZ woAk, but the. ^eveA appanentZy te^t hZm Zn a weakened condction. 
T/i/iee weeks ago he was ioAced to KetuAn home owZng to ZZZness. He gA.ew steadZZy woAse 
and the ZZtness proved to be spZnaZ menZngZXZs . Hope o^ his KecoveAy was pAactZaaZZy 
abandoned Sunday, but he ZZngeAed untZZ 1 W Tuesday af^tzAnoon. 

Sympathy ioft the gAiei stAicken ^amZZy Zs unZveAsaZ Zn thZs paAt oi the county. Be- 
sZdzs the panents thzAe oAe Ze^t to mouAn hZjs Zoss one sZsteA, Hiss HazeZ and one youngeA 
bAothtfi, AZZen. 

HZs cZassmates Zn the high schooZ leeZ Zn his Zoss a pcASonaZ beAeavement and the 
gAie^ 0^ the young peopZe Zs a touchZng tAZbute to HUXon's popuZoAZXy and pZASonaZ woAth. 
The schooZ wZtZ send a ^ZoAoZ cAoss ioK the iuneAoZ. 

The iunzAoZ wZZZ be heZd Satwiday a^^tzAnoon. . .seAvZce£ at thz home at 1 o'cZock and 
at the EvangeZZcaZ ChuAch Zn GAeaX Bend at 2 PH. 

«•««*••*«• y^^^^^ 2Z, 1917 

The Zn^ant chZZd 0^ Ua. and Has. FAed ZZegeZman, 3a., died on FAiday Zast and the 
Aemains weAe ZaZd at Aest Zn the LutheAjon CemeXeAy. The poAenXs have the sympaXhy 0^ 
aZZ Zn the Zoss o^ thelA ZZXXZe one. 

«••••«»*«» ^^^ 22, 79/7 

GREAT BEND EXAMINER. .. .The home o^ Ma. and Mas. film. Popp Zs Zn gAeaX soaaow and 
mouAnZng. TheZA eZdest son HiZXon passed auxiy on Tuesday aX thz age 0^ 17 yeoAS . In 
the pAime 0^ young manhood, wZth a pAomZsZng ^uXuAe be^oAe hZm, he was caZZed to a beXtzA 
Zand. HiZXan was a ^Zne boy o£ exceZZenX habZXs and good dZsposZtZon, but "Zn the mZdst 
o£ ZZ^e we ate Zn death." EveAythZng possZbZe was done and he was gZven the bej>t medZcaZ 
attenXZon but aZZ to no avaZZ. A i{ew days ago he was thought to be ZmpKovZng but on Mon- 
day took a tuAn {^oK the woAse. !Ue AeaZZze the gKeaX soaaow Zt has cast upon the home 

o^d we sympathZze wZXh the poAenXs and one bAotheA and one sZsteA. 


The. {uneAdt Mill fee keZd ScutuJidaij out ike. EvangcLlcaZ CkuJich In CKzcut Bznd at Z ?Ui. 

********** Ma^cA 22, 1917 


WoaA Jizachtd hzjiz la&t evening o^ the. ioddzn d&aMi o^ Hu. Enkejii, cut BA.e.dzzn- 
Jtidge. yutzAday a^tzArwan. Skt e«t4 Zn the. dzrvtaZ cheuA o£ a. locaZ dejvtiit cut EA.zc.kejvu.dge. 
and he admlnZitzAzd ga& to fieZlve. the. pain o^ ejxjOiactijng a tooth. She. {auXzd to revive 
ijAom the. eiJa'eii^ 0(J thz cuvutheXZc and dZzd uiiXkln a j,hoAt timz. 

M/i. and Uaj> . Wm. EnkeJU,, pan.ejitl> o^ the. A-tticfeen haiband, Iz^t but evening loK EKtck- 
en/uidge ca &oan 04 the iad netui reached hexe. 

********** ucuick 29, 7917 

Efuneit A. KtauxLtten. Vied SuddenZy o^ HeanX. TalZuAe VuAlng Monday flight 

End Waj, Who-lZif Unexpected, the Vecea6ed Being In the Pfume o{ Ll{e, LexLvei Wl^e and Tlve 


The people oiJ HanklMon wexe gKzntlij shocked to leaxn oi the madden death 0^ E^nei^ 
A. KlauiitteA which occuJUied about ^ouA o'clock Tu.eiday mo-^nuig at hJj, home thjiee mltei 
weit 0^ thli city. Hejvut ^alLuAe wcu, the ccuue and he peaked away iome time a^ten. mid- 
night unbeknown to hii wl^e and ^amlty. 

Veceajted woa o^ a itAjong and Jiobu&t constitution and had always enjoyed excellent 
health and hli, sudden, death came cu, a complete suApAlse to everyone. 

EJufie&t A. KZawltten. was boAn In St. Paul, MW. , on Nov. 3Ad, 1875. HZi poAenti weAe 
Ua. and Wis. John KZawltteA who emlgAoted ^Aom GeAmany and settled In St. Paul In 1S_I. 
In li78 the ^arnlZy moved to Dakota tZAAiXoKy, locating neoA the pxesznt city 0^ Hanklnson. 
HeJie the subject of^ tkls sketch spent his boyhood and has Azslded zvzA since. In 1901 

he was moAAlzd to AmzLia WlntZA and 0^ this union thzAZ OAe ilve suAvlvlng chlZdAen 

£ouA daughtzAS and one son... the oldest being HeAtha, 14 yeoAS old, and the youngest 
ElmeA, about one yeoA old; the othen. tittle glfils oAe leJbna, Raphena and Ada. The widow 
Is also le^t and thzAe one thAee suAvlvlng bAothzAS, Tn.ed, EmlZ and ChoAtzs, all o£ whom 
Ae&lde In this vicinity. 

About ten yeoAS ago deceased puAckased a hal^ section oi land thAee mllej, west 0^ 
Hanklnson and had It wzU equipped with bulZdlngs and othzA ImpAovzmznts . Hz always 
took a pAomlnznt paAt In local aliaJjus and ^OA thz past il{,tzen yeoAS szAved as township 
clzAk. He was also manageA o^ the HankXnson RuAol Telephone Company, a conceAn with a 
good list oi suhscAibzAS, and In otheA a^alAS oi the nelghbonhood wcui always numbzAzd 
among the pAogAesslvz ones . 

The iuneAzZ will be held this aitzAnoon with szAvlces by Rev. KlaaslzA at the home 

at 1 PM and at the LuthzAon ChuAch about 2:30 PM. InteAment wllZ be made In thz LuthzAon 

Cemetery noAth oi the city. 

• • * • * • t t • « jy^c^j 29, 1917 



Body oij Ole. UphzAjn Toard Hexui Havana A(J-CeA lylnq Ou^ ion. S-cx Weefci 

Woi a Bac/ie£oA Lcv-oig AZont and the. NzA^hboA^ Thought Ht had Gonz to ULnnz&ota to VZiZt 


HAVANA, NV. UoAcA Z7th Olz Uphzlm, 61, thOity thA.te. yejvu a backtioK ioMjnzA. mxvi 

tkii, cJXij, uxu iaand jjAozen to dzatk ij-ive miZti, notth o{ Havana and onz.and one haZ^ miZti 
^AJim hJj, home.. He. li> beZctvzd to havz bzzn vZctiin o^ thz izvCAZ j,toAm oi TebmuoJuj 3Kd 
and 4tk, thz bodij having tcun in thz inow moxz than iZx Mzzki . Hz woi Zazt izzn aJLivz on 
FzbAoanif iJid, 

UphZAjn wcLj a land ownzfi, bat. did not ^oAm, KzntZng fU^ land zack yzoA. and woAjLcng 
out duxing thz iuimzA.. Nzighbofii goring to kil, homz iottouxing thz iitonm, and ^ZridZng 
it unoccapi.zd, thought nothing o£ thz (UACumstancz, beJLizving he had gonz away on a vihit. 
Thz body uku, £ound by a young man hauJLing hay. 

Thz body ii beJjig ^hippzd. £Aom Havana to LuvzKnz, MN., ^oA. intznment. 

»•••••«••» ^^^ 29, I9I7 

Voung Uan Goz& to Hi6 Long Rzj>t 

Thz iunzAot oi llitton Papp, 17 yzafi old ion o^ Ma., and Haj,. OJm. Vopp, an account 
oi whaz dzath appzoAzd in thz lai>t Ziiuz o^ thz WEft/S, wai heJid at GAzat Bznd Sata/iday 
a^tzAJWon and woi attzndzd by an immzn&z gathzAjjig o^ iAA.zndi o^ thz dzczaszd. SzAviczi 
wzJiz iiJUtt hztd at thz homz, thz caikzt w<lj then takzn to thz dioAch. TZoAot o^izAingi 
aZmoit compZztzly covzAzd thz ca&kzt, and iX It, z&tunatzd that not Izii than, iivz hundxzd 
pzAioni uizAZ in attendance. Among thz gAj.zi itAickzn ^AZendi wzAZ a laxgz numbzA. o^ 
Hankinion High School itadznti Mho thai, paid a linat tA^ibutz to onz o^ theJji claamatei 
who wai a popuZoA. {avoAltz. 

Thz wai) conducted by Reu. G. C. ThieZz, pa&toA o^ the GAzat Bend chuAch, 
aiiiijitzd by Rev. H. S. SnydzA. o^ GAond FoAki, . Veczoizd was boAn and ipent hii entiAZ 
ti^z in thz GKeat Bend nzighboAhood, and thzAZ wzAZ ^eui pAZiznt who did not ^zzt in hii 
death a peA&onat bzAeavement. Thz Aemaim weA.z laid at Ae&t in thz iamlty lot in thz 
GKeat Bend ChuAch yoAd. 

«••»««*«•» y^^ 29, 1917 

CHEAT 8EWP EXAMIWER Wm. MoAch'i cow pa&izd peacz^uZZy amy loit wzeJi a^tzA a long 

4^£ge oi iZZneM and wa& laid at AZit in the village dump gAoundi . She wai a good old cow. 

• ••••«•«»« fj^^^ 29, 1917 


TAjCLgZc End o^ Phy.i4.diin FoAmzAZy Ai/>0(ujvtzd uuXh Vx. Spottiwood HeAe. 

The. VAA.VZA. and Team At&o Lo6t in Attempt to ¥oA.d Swottzn StAzam to Ani>weA LUigznt SZck CaZZ 

Vk. I. J. Samp&on, {^ofmeJily OMOcZatzd axiXh Vk. Spottcvoood Zn the old Hanklmon Hoip- 
JitaJL, icoi dfiownzd Zn a iuioULzn cAzek neoA. UeZleXte, South Dakota., SatuAday nZght. 

In Azipame. to an uAgtnt coantAy iZck taJUL, the. doctoA itoAtzd bij ttam on a dnZve. 
acc.ompaju.zd by hZi, azquZoa dAZvzA. FaZting to Aztuuir. uihzn expected, M'ui . Sampion phoned 
to thz homz whzAz hz waj, ioppo^ied to bz only to IzaAn that hz had 

^zoAch poAty woi ZmmedZjvtzly ^oAmed. On thz bank o^ a MnjolZzn CAZzk not £aA ^m thz 
cZty thz body o^ thz doctoA waa ^oand and neoA by thz team woi aZio located, both hoAizi 
bzZng dead. Thz body oi thz dAZvzA had not bzzn ^oand at KZpoAti . Thz paAty had 
zvZdzntZy attempted to iond the AtAzam and mzaz ivozpt away by thz AuihZng {^lood o£ watzA. 
Thz body o^ Da. Sampion uxu, ^oand wathzd up on ihoAZ and thz hoAiZJi uizAe Zn ihaZlow uxutZA. 
nzoA by. 

Da. Sampion wZtl bz AzmembeAzd by old timzAi hzAz. Hz imu aaocZated aaZth Da. Spotti- 
wood Zn thz hoipZtaJL ^oA Aomz tZmz, IzavZng HankZmon Zn the zoAJLy '90.&. Hz uioi a coaiZn 
0|J Va. ShZeJZdi and Jzi6e ShZzldi, both ^oAmeAly o^ LZdgzAMood but now located at Wahpzton. 
Hz Zi iuAvZvzd by a uiZ^Z and thAZZ chZZdAzn. Thz ^anzAxiZ uuZl bz heZd today. 

********** ^p;ui 5, I9?7 

Ua. and Maa. FAonk Hohzn&teAn havz thz sympathy o^ all Zn thz laii o{^ theZA weefe old 
baby. Thz babz dZzd Sunday nZght a{^teA an ZZlnzii o^ only a ^zw houAi . 

********** ApAZl 5, J9I7 


Hon. PatAlck H. RouAkz o^ LZibon, onz of, thz leading lawyeAi o^ LZibon and wzlZ 

known thAoughout thz itatz, dZzd at Lakz Al^Azd, FloAZda, l^onday nZght. Hz had bzzn Zn 

pooA hzaZth ^OA a long -tune. Hz unu U.S. AttoAnzy ^OA NoAth Dakota iAom 1907 to 1910. 

• • • • t « . t • « ^p,^ 5^ J9J7 


In thz account o^ Ma& . EfUk EnkzAi' death Zn lojit uizzk'i MEWS, iX uxa itatzd that 

ihz dZzd ^Aom thz z^zcti o^ ga^ admZnZiteAzd whZlz ihz wai havZng dzntaZ woAk done Zn 

thz oi^Zcz 0^ a BAZckznAZdgz dzntZit. ThZi wai co/iAect zxczpt ^OA thz ^act that ihz 

uioi Zn thz oi^Zcz o^ a Wahpeton dzntZit. Wz havz iZncz leoAnzd, alio, that thz anaitk- 

ztZc u}a4) admZnZitzAzd by a pAjictlcZng phyiZcAjm o^ OJahpzton, AzlZzvZng thz dzntZit o^ 

AZJiponiZbZlZty ioA thz accZdznt. 

««*«•«««** ^p^^ 5^ J9;7 


W. J. ShzZvzA tvttzndzd tkz {^oMAaJL o^ an Aunt at ShzZdon Mondai/, fiztanjiing to 

HaniUMoyi thz icme. evenotg, 

•••••••••• ApAA^ 5, 7977 

Rev. G. C. TfUeZz o^ tkli vZtlagt «W4 caZZzd to HiZBank, SV., la&t ThuAidai/ to 
attejid the. laneAoZ o^ a deZovzd ^onmeA. pa&toA. oi aim. EvangeZlcaZ ChuAjch, Rev. E. C. OzdzA.. 
VzcejUtzd vMJt thz Zocat poitoA hznz ^ox thfLze. yzaJn, . fiii dtath corner as a pvniorwJL Zo^6 
to icoA.u 0({ ki& old pofiiihomAi. 

Rev. OzdzA Mxu aiitlcXzd uxith gatt />tone^ wfUch cam zd fiii dexUh at thz agz o^ 57 
yzoJUi. We hxu a hoAd moaJiza. in thz LoA.d'i \llmyajui, and he. hoi o£tzn A.ejnan.kzd that "I 
wouZd Kathe/L wejvi out than Aa&t owt." He uxltt 6e gfiejitZjj niii.izd in thz Aanki o^ thz 
Vakota Con^zAzncz. Hz uxu VizoAuAZK and tAa&tzz o^ thz BZimoAck HoipitaZ. He lzave^ a 
uil^z and tuio ^oni to mouAn thz dzpoAtuAZ o^ a Zoving husband and £atheA.. 

...GREAT BEWP EXAMINER... ApUl 5 , 7977 


PoiiZi Auxiy at (tlaihington UnzxpzctzdZy foZZowing OpZAotlon ^OA Appzndi.cLtU 

GovzAnoA Hoi Wo PowzA to Appoint Succz6iOA and a SpztUaZ EZzztion WilZ fae HzcziioAy.. . 

Wa&hington, ApAil 10th Rep^es eJvCo^ve HznAy T. HzZgzizn o^ NoAth Vakota, RzpubZican 

and MzmbeA oi CongAZMt ^incz 797 7, dizd hzAz today, Hz AzczntZy undzAuznt an opzAntion 
ioK appzndicUtu . 

H. T. Hztgzizn woi boAn in VzcoAah, lA., Junz 26th, 7 857. He waj> AzoAzd in kli 
nutivz pZacz and Azczivzd a good zdaavtion thzAZ in thz gAadz idiooti and thz noAmaJL 
imtitutz oi VzcoKoh. Hz tocatzd in KUZton, HV, in 1887, and ZAZctzd thz iiA&t buiinziJt 
kou&z in thz town and zngagzd in thz haAduxuiz buiinzi-i, to wkich hz aitzAwoAdi addzd 
iumbzA and iuAnituAz. Hz aJL&o Mali intzAZitzd extzn6i\JzZy in CavatizA County Azczntty. 
Ma. Hzlgz&zn, at thz iiAit itatz zZzcti.on in 1889, MOi zlzctzd commli^ionZA oi agAicut- 
tuAZ and taboA, and AZ-ztzcXzd to a izcond tzAm in that capacUty, bzing thz Azpub-LLcan 
candidatz. Hz wa& a Azgtnt oi thz itatz uni.\>ZAi,iMf to u)hich oHicz hz uxu appointzd in 
1898. Hz alio had bzzn mayoA oi Hitton. Ma. Hzlgzizn was eZzctzd congAZiliman in. 1910, 
and AztzcXzd in 1912, 1914 and 1916. 

Ua. HzZzge^zn uioi mavUzd at VzcMAoh, lA., to Mc44 Zzi>iiz NzZion oi Winni.ziheU.k 
County, lA. Thzy had 4 even childAzn. 

To iiZt thz vacancy cauizd by thz dzath oi CongAZl,.iman HeJ.gziZn, a ipzcJjal zlzction 
calZzd by thz govzfmoA, wiZt be AzquiA.zd, Thz govzAnoA haj, no appointing powzA ai A.e- 
latzi to thz ZowzA houiz oi congAZM, though hz maxf appoint iznaXoAi. 

Thz iiA6t dUtAict, which Ma. HzZgzizn AzpAZizntzd in congAZM, , incladzi thz countizi 

oi Zichland, Caii , SoAgznt, Raniom, TaoaJX, StzzZz, Ram&zy, Nztion, CAand Tonki, UaZ&h, 

Pzjnbina, CavaZizA and TouinzA. 

• *«««t»**« ^pj^^ 12, 1917 



PAjOmaiejii Cctizen fUZZzd in Cold Blood by AnoAckiit F-ted Uukz 


Evan Woi Auditing ComtabZe. lilZtt HeJLzij In o^ LzgaZ PapeAi Evan Skoi WhLlz 

EndzavoAjjig to Act cu> PeACZmakzA. fzzLing Rum High AgcUn&t Mzikz LcuttzA Noui In 

County JaiZ at Wahpzton. . . Mzikz At&o ¥in.zd at HzZzy MclZwain and Hijizd Man AJUo 

MembzA. o{ thz Vafity FunzAnZ o£ Victim uja& Hzld Taz^ day. .. .Community Bzmmbzd by 

Aw^at Tnagzdy. 

A tfuLgzdy that 6hook Hankiiuon to it& ioundatloru, occuAA.zd ta&t SatuAday zvzning 
whzn Evan M. Jonti, zx-ihzAi^^ and onz o£ thz city^' mat pnximinznt citizzni, , wai ihot 
to dzath by TAzd Me^fee, an ignoAont Rui^iian, uihiZz aaijiting County Comtablz W. A. HzZzy 
in JtZAving tzgaJL papzAJ,. 

Meafee uizd a Azpzating ihot-gun, iiAing {^Aom a dij,tancz o£ not moAz than ten. izzt, 
thz ckoAgz pairing thAough Evan'i Aight tzg abovz thz knzz, izvzAing thz main ofitzAy and 
cAiLihing thz bonz. Hz died luithin tzn oA tuzZvz minatzj, ^Aom Zo4,i o^ blood. 

Meifee UXL& takzn into cu&tody ihoAtly a{^tzA thz ihooting and ii now in thz county 
jail at Wahpzton auaiting tAial. 

Thz ^acti Izajding up to thz 4ihooting OAZ iuhitantially ait ^olloui: Me^fee, luho ii a 
coApzntzA by tAadz, had madz a voagon box ^OA Auguit AbAaham but a diiputz oAOiz whzn AbAo.- 
ham tfiizd to tuAn a mzat moAkzt. account on thz dzaJL and Me^fee Az^uizd to givz up poiJ>zi.&- 
ion 0^ thz box. Rzplzvin papzu voZAZ madz out by AbAaham 4ome day-4 CLgo and givzn to 
CfUzi °i 'Poticz G. R. Thoma& to 4>ZA.vz, but thz lattzn. was dAivzn oH thz pljicz my Me^fee'i 
uU-iz. Subizquzntially thz papzA& wzAZ givzn to County Comtablz Will Hzlzy and SatuAday 
a^tzAJWon hz wznt to thz Mzikz placz in thz itouthwzit coAnzA o^ town ts makz iZAvicz, 
taking EAik Witt along ai a ipzcial dzputy. Again Meifee'i uii^z dz^izd thz oHiczA and 
and dAovz thz mzn ^Aom thz pAzmiJiZ& with a goAdzn Aakz. ShoAtly a(^tzA iix o'clock Scut- 
uAday zvzning Hzlzy callzd aX thz Evan Jonzi homz and Azquzitzd Evan to a6.&ij,t him. Thzy 
AzquiiiitLonzd thz Mclluiain dAoy j'u&t acA06/> thz allzy ^Aom thz Jonz6 homz, and a poAty 
0^ ^ouA coniiiting o^ Hzlzy, Jonzi, V. S. McJluxiin and thz lattzA'i, hixzd man, Oswald 
Ponath, dAjovz to thz Meifee placz whzAz thz wagon box in diiputz Azmainzd chainzd to a 
4wing in thz yand. Vzvzlopmzntb ^Aom thJji timz on wzAZ io Aapid that thzAZ aAZ iomz 
di£CAzpanci.Zi in thz i,to>u.ej> o{^ thz thAZZ iuAvivoA6 , but it iM agAZzd that UAi . Mtifee 
again. appzoAzd with hzA tAa&ty nakz. Shz itAuck onz o^ thz hoAiZi acfwii thz iacz and aX. 
thij, junctuAZ Hzlzy jumpzd to thz gAound and attzmptzd to di&anm thz woman. Shz itAuck 
him acA044 thz OAm oA hzad, bAzaking thz Aakz handlz, and in thz icuit^lz that ^ollowzd 
gAobbzd Hzizy'i thumb in hzA mouth. About thu timz Meifee camz out o^ thz houiz, pickzd 
up a Atonz hammzA and itaAXzd towoAds Evan Jonzi who had by thii timz jumpzd to thz gAound. 
Meifee appaAzntly changzd hli mind, dAoppzd thz hammzA and itoAXzd ioA thz kouitZ. Evan 
AzmaAkzd to Hzlzy that hz would go up and talk to Me^fee and zndeavoA to z^^zct a pzaczablz 
^zttlemznt oi thz mattzA. Whzn Evan had appAoachzd within tzn £zzt o^ thz dooA Mzikz 

appzoAzd in thz dooAway with a AZpzating ihot-gun. Evan told Mzikz not to ihoot, that 

thz matteji ihouZd be taUzzd omza. In a ^Alzndly waif, buX mXkout mcdtlnq any A.zpZy Me^fee 
dzZyibzAJVteJbj fuujizd the. gem ajid {^jjizd. Thz choAgz pcu^zd ih/iaugh. Evan'i >u.qht ZtQ, 
zrvtzAZng ^Jiom tkz. outiZde. aX. a. poXjfVt miduiay beJlozeji thz fenee and kip, and cjimz oat j'aiit 
abovz thz knzz on thz -uUtZdz o^ thz Zzg. Thz wound wa& a 4,hockAjig onz, thz chofigz tzoA^ng 
away thz maXji oA^zfuj and ^hattZJUng thz bonz, and Evan iank to thz gAcand, JuuJ,-ing ku 
hand and impioAJjig Meifee, who itiZZ. hzZd thz imolUng gun Zn hii) hand, not to ithoot agaZn, 
4ayZng "yoa havz ^,hot my Zzg oi£ now," 

Mai fee paid no ^uAthzn. attzntion to Evan thzn but tuinzd on HzZzy and thz Zattzn. zndza- 
voKzd to gzt out oi fizojzh. Mzikz ihot once and pAobabZy .6acce at MzZzy, but UclZwaZn, itoyi 
that whzn thz iZA^t ihot wai ^ZAzd (lu, Uz&kz wa^ in a dOizcX Zlnz bztuizzn Meifee and HzZzy 
and thz gun wai dZbcha/igzd hZgh, pKobaJbZy wZth thz Zdza o{ not zndangzAing thz woman, and 
thz choAgz pAobabZy paazd ovzA thzZM. hzadi . Thz izcond ihot wai at Zong nangz, but. thz 
choA^z gAazzd HzZzy'i Zzg and onz pzZZzt wai ZmXza nzmovzd iKom thz iZzih. Thz whoZz 
choAgz wznt cZoiz znough to Zzavz a bZack and bZuz ipot thz iZzz oi a doZJLoA. 

UclZwaZn wai itandZng aZang iZdz and wZXhZn a coupZz o^ izzt of^ Evan whzn thz Zattz^ 
wai ihot but Kan bzhind thz dnay, ^zafiing ^OA hli own ZZiz. A (Jew momznti ZatzA hz and 
Vonath wznt to Evan'i oiiZitancz, Zoading hZm on thz dJuiy . Thz vZcjtbn oi thz ihooting 
wai itZZZ conicioui and hzZpzd to KaJiiz hZmizZ^ on thz dnay by gfioipZng onz o^ thz itaku . 
Hz wai Auihzd homz ai quZckZy ai poiiibZz, but wzakznzd by Zoa o^ bZood hz paazd away bz- 
^oA.z hz couZd bz taken Znto thz hooiz. HzZzy Zn thz mzantZmz had izcuAzd po-iiZiiZon o^ an 
automobZZz and had Vk. Vahtzzn at thz dooK whzn thz dnay anxZvzd, bat pooK Evan wai bzyand 
mofitqZ aid. 

Thz naui ipKzad AapZdZy and uUthZn twznty mZnutZi an zxcZtzd and angnjy ciowd o^ town 
pzapZz and ^anmzu wzAZ cAyZng ioK vzngzanzz. HaZ^ a dozzn autoi Zoadzd wZth dzXzAsrZnzd 
mzn, iomz o^ thzm OAmzd wZth ihot-gum, iuAAoundzd thz Meafee homz, ^zoAZng hz wouZd zndza- 
voK to Zicapz Zn thz gathznZng daA.knzii . Mzikz, izzZng thz guatdi , phonzd to M. A. WZppZA- 
man that hz had ihot Evan Jonzi and that hz wouZd gZvz hZmizZ{, up Z^ WZppznman wouZd come 
aitvi hZm Zn pzAion, but th/izatznzd anyonz zZiZ who da/izd approach thz houiz. WZppznman 
j'ujnpzd Znto hZi zaji and ioon Kzachzd thz Me^fee p^ce and had no dZ{^{,Zc.utty Zn pzuuadZng 
Meifee to accompany hZm to thz cZty jaZZ. A dozen dzputZzi weA,e at once iwoAn Zn to dz^znd 
thz pfiZionzn. aqaZmt mob vZoZzncz, but aZZ thz CKowd nzzdzd wai onz OA. tuo dztznjnZnzd 
ZzadzAi and thz pAZionzA wauZd havz bzzn itKung up to thz nzanzit tzZzbAoph poZz. ToKt- 
unatzZy cooZzn. coumzZ pKZvaZZzd and within an houA. moit o^ thz cAowd had diipzAizd. 

Mzikz izzmzd not to AzaZZzz thz {act that hz wai a muAdztzA and ihowzd no emotion 
whzn Zn{^Qtmzd that hZi vZctZm wai dead. He AoZZzd Znto thz czZZ bunk Zatz Zn thz zvzning 
and iZzpt ioundZy thnough thz nZght zxczpt whzn awakznzd by thz gaoAdi to aniwZA quzitZom 
and A.ece-c.ue a vZiiX ^Aom hZi wZ^z who expAei^ed a dziiAz to izz hZm bz^oAz hz wai takzn 
to Wahpzton. 

ShznZi^ iiloZd woa noticed by phonz wZthZn a ^ew mZnutzi a^tzA thz ihooting occuAAzd 
and Zz^t Wahpzton Zn an auto wZth hZi dzputZzi at 8 o'cZock thz iomz zvznZng, OAAZvZng 


hzAZ duxing tkz nlghX. EanZy Sandcu/ monyujiQ he. took the. pKUiOneA. to FcuAjnoant and ^AXJm 
tkeJie. to WaJipeXon wheAz tkz mat.deA.eA Zi now con^Znzd in the. coantif j'cuZ. 

CoAonzA MazAtz came o\ieA ^Aom LLdgeAwood Sandajj and heZd an -Inqtizit, the juAOAi 
belnq E. L. GAzen, G. R. FowZeA and Uatt SchAom, 

Thz Znqazii woi meAeZy a IzgaZ {^onjnaJLity, the {finding bzZng In accoAdanzz uiith thz 
ijocts izt {oAth abovz. 

Thz (utZzzn6 0^ ouA zltij wzaz camptztztij itunnzd by thz tAagzdy and titttz eZiz wa& 
diicuiizd duAZng thz dayi ioZlouiing. TzzLing agaZn&t Uzikz Kuni high, ^oA ai, a mattzA o^ 
£act kli vZctim uxu tfujZng to ptonj tkz AoZz o^ pzacemakzA at thz timz o{ thz ihootZng. 
TheAZ woi abioZiitztij no jaitiiZcatZon ^OA thz ihootZng oi nonz oi tkz conitaliZzi 'i poAty 
WZAZ OAjmzd. 

Meafee -a a RuM^Zan, a natZ\JZ o^ thz countAy tAlbutoAy to thz SZack Sza. Hz ha^ 
nzvZA been natuAoZZzzd Zn thz UnZtzd Statej> and Z& an anoAchZit by hit, own admZaZon. Loc- 
aZZy hz wa& comZdzAzd a dangzAooi and undziZfiobZz cZtZzzn by tho-iz who know hZm bzdt. 
Hz had made tkAejoti tkat hz wouZd "get" tkz iZut man that attemptzd to Aemovz thz wagon 
box ^Aom hZi pAemliZS, 6o thz kZlZZng woi pAzmzdZtattd AotheA than thz AZiuZX o^ a iuddzn 
buAit 0^ tempzA. Thz (^acJ: tkat hz shot hZi \jZctan Zn thz Zzg at a dZj,tancz o^ only ten 
izzt Izadi to thz thzoAy, howzvzA, that hz dZd not Zntznd to kZZZ hZi vZctZm outAZght. Hz 
came hzAZ £Aom noAthcz&teAn Canada tu:o yzoAi ago, and fumoA Zi to thz zi{,zct that a ^Zfiz 
whZch dz&tAoyzd hZi homz tkzAz wot a{^ a iuipZcZoai natuAZ and tzd to hZi dzpaxtuAZ ^Aom tkz 
countAy. Cn afUuvZng hZAZ Zn 19 7 5 hz buZZt a hoaiZ on Zot& whZck hz puAcha&zd ^Aom M. A, 
WZppZAman Zn thz extAzmz iouXkwzitt poAt o^ thz city, and hai ZZvzd thzAz wZth hZi wZ^^z and 
^amZty o{, ten imaZl ckJJLdAzn zvzA ^>Zncz. Thz zntiAZ iamZty havz had an an&avoAy nzpuXat- 
Zon and mattzA& wzaz made woA6Z at tZmzi when thz poAznti tKZzd to dAawn thzZn. tAoablzi Zn 
dJiZnk. Meifee wai a good woAkeA bcuC AemaZnzd Zdlz when hz covJLd not get tkz $4,00 a day 
hz demanded {^oa hJj, iZAvZczi. Hz had a vZoZznt tempeA and cajjuzd dZituAbanczi Zn biii,Zne.&4> 
pZaczi about thz cZty on moAz than onz occaiZan. UA6 . Mzikz wonkzd out occoiZonaZZy at 
^amZZy wa&hZjig, but thz combZnzd zaAnZngi o^ thz coupZz weAZ not iu{^^ZcZznt to kzzp them 
out o{ iZnancZaZ 6tAaZti, and thz dAZnkZng addzd to theZA domzitZc tAoublzi . Thz coupZz 
oAz Zn mZddZz tZ^z and havz bzzn avoZdzd by thzZn. nzZghboAi . VZoZznt domzitZc quoAAzti, 
have bzzn ^Aejc^uznt and Hu. Meifee, who Zi ai zxczptZonaZZy loAgz and haiky woman, wai gzn- 
ZAoZZy Azputzd to bz thz bzttzA man o^ tkz tuio Zn a phyiZcaZ zncounteA. 

IiJ a juAy Zi dAoujn ^oa tkz June tzAm o^ couAt Meafee wZlZ pAobably bz pZaczd on ZaZoZ 
at tkat tZmz, othznwZiZ thz cjuz can haAdZy comz up ^OA tAiaZ untZZ nzxt JanaoAy. 

Mzikz wZtZ pAobabZy bz gZvzn a pAzZZmZnoAy heoAZng at ^'ahpzton today. That hz wZtt 
waZvz examination and bz hzZd to thz diitAZct couAt Zn aniwzA to a choAgz a^ muAdzA ii 
pAactZcaZZy czAtaZn. 


Evan. UoAgan Jonzi wai boAn at Hzenak, Ci'I., an Junz It, 1S5S, and waj, thzAz^oKZ Zn 
the. iZ^ty-nZntk yzoA o^ hZi ZZ^z. Hz woi o^ WeZih onczitAy, tkz poAenti bzZng Evan W. 


JoneJt and HcuvUeX RobzA^ti, Jont& . He. was ihe. itzzard oi zZtveji ckctdfizn, naie. o^ uhxim ojlz 
tivZng. . . .John R. Jont& 0(J HcLniuju>on, OJ^iZiam L. Jonti o^ Uztnah, WT . , J. J. J one^ o^ 
Haniu.nion, VavZd J Jonzi o^ Tofman, HoAy EtZzn Young o£ Vzadwood, SV,, Van R. Jonti o^ 
Wahpzton, HobzA^t T. Jonti o^ Nttnah, WJ . , Btn J. Jonti o^ Gtntito, hlV., and Ma4 . ICuttit 
Novak 0^ Hanlujiion. Ont iZitzx, M/w. Annie GKttnt, uii^t o£ H. L. GKttnt oi RuXtand, HV., 
ditd at Cayuga, WP., aji 1896. 

Tht iZfiit ZS ytoJii oi hti ti^t waj> iptnt ckltily on Ivii iaXhfi'i ioAm ntan. tht cJJjj 
oi Nttnah, WI. On kCi 2iih b-OUhdaij ht uxa moAAltd to Hi&4> Anna W^iZLiami oi Ntznah, who 
uilth tk/itt gKown daaghtfti iunvZvt klm. Mc44 Catha who Z& new ttacklng icJiooZ at iiltit- 
hopt, NV.; Refca, taking po4t gfuuiuntt woxk at tht nofmaJL ichoot at ValZtij City, and Hiii 
Eva, ttaching at Voity, NV. All oi tht daughttu oaz gAaduatti oi tht Vattty City Normal. 
Tht ilfiit iew monthi oi thtix moAAltd tiit wca iptnt at Pkittlpi , WJ . , Zn tht limbfi cam- 
pi and iaw mUJLi oi tht John R, Vav^ii lumbtn. Company. In UaAch, oi T8S7, ht tamt to TonX 
HankJjiion, at which timt TonX HanLimon moj, tht tfavinui oi both tht GKtat NoAthfin and 
Soo muJUioadi, and booittd a pt>mantnt population oi not to txcttd iU-itttn ptoplt. Tht 

iottouUng iall ht uioi jaZntd by hii and Zniant daiightzx Catha., and Hankin^on hen 
bttn hAJ, homt tvtn. iZnct hJj, ilfut afoUvaZ. In tht iall oi 1S96 ht uai tltcttd ShfUH 
oi Zickland County and itfivtd /ji that oUZct ioK ioun. ytoAi and It woi duJujng thtit iouK 
yzoAi that Zichland County ioA tht i-iut timt iJjnct itatthood had ittn tht pnjohibiJu.on 
law tnioA-Ctd uxithin iXi bowndnJ-ti . Through kii iaJJhiuZ pt^ioAmanct oi hJj, dutiti oi 
ShtAA-ii and kii unti>Ung tHoKti to makt Hichland County a law abiding plact, tht County 
Jail M,u4 ktpt iZlltd to ovZKilouxing uUth convtcttd bZindpZggfu and gamblfii , dzmonitnnt- 
Ajng that tht tiquoA. lawi could bt tnionjizd. Whtn ht KttVitd innm tht ShtAtH'i oUZct 
ht woi knouin ion. and uiidt ai ont oi tht btit ihfUHi tvtn. zltcttd -en tht itatt. Uany 
timti pKioK to and aittn. ht i^Zltd tht oUZct oi ShtA^H, ht ifivtd oi vXXLojgt maA&hal, 
ckiti oi potict ion. Hankinion and dtputy 6htnA.ii oi tht county and alwayi ihowtd tht iamt 
ztal and itanJLti6ntii In tnioKcXng tht lawi oi tht 6tatt. 

Ht uxut alwayi an andtnt Ktpubtican in poLitici and acttd ai county chaJjman oi tht 
paAty ioA. two ytajii and always took a vtnsj acttvt pant in tht politia oi tht county and 
dtvottd a gn.tat dtal oi /lc4 timt and tntngiti to tht iuccti-i oi tht panty nomintti and 
tht pAtncipZti ion. ujhich thty 6tood. Ht uoai an activt mtmbtn. oi tht Modtnji Woodmtn oi 
Amtnica Camp at Hankinion. 

Ht uxu tvtn diligtnt in hii pKivatt buiintii aHaixi and accumulatzd a comiontablt 
ioKtunt, thui Itaving hii uxiit and iamily in vtAy comiontablt cincumitancti . Ht waj, ont 
oi tht OKganiztnj, oi tht Tanmtnjt 6 MtKchanti Bank oi tkii city and hai iZAvtd on iXi 
boand oi dLifitctou tvt/i iinct iti onganization. Ht had othtn. banking inttntiti and iomt 
valaablt KtaJL titatt invtitmtnti . 

Ht btccmt a mtmbtn. oi tht CongxtgationaZ at Hankinion a vtny ihonX timt aittn. 
it waj> ioundtd. EAjOught up in tht chuAch i^xym childhood, ht uioi tvtn iti axdtnt iupponttn. 
and hii daily an txzmpliiication oi tht ttachingi oi Chniit. Alwayi a ptacvnakvi , 

u^ilLing to Itnd a htlping hand to tht wtak and aHHcttd, hii Hit ujoi iinally iacAiiictd 


Zn an e^jOA^ to make, an Zgnowjvt aJLizn andzAitand that an of^l^zZA o^ oan. itatz muit 
not be KziZitzd and thaX. thz ofidvii oi oan. coanjti, mait be obtgzd, With kandZy a cJiancz 
to />ay a wond fie wai> ihot down in coZd btood by thz man hz had gone to bz^;u.tnd. 

Evan Jonz& uxii a xzaZ man. Thoi,z who knew kirn bzit appAzciaZzd hun mo4-C. Somztimzi 
gAJi^^ to thz point o^ bAjm,quznz64) , hz had a hzoAt o^ puAz gold. KggfizMiivz bt/ na;tuAz, hz 
vaJLLanZtij j>tood ^OA. tho&z tking-i hz bzLizvzd to be >UghX. nox ^zoAzd to takz thz anpopulan. oi any quz&tion. GAotZtadz £oA a lavon. done, and thz titmoit loyaZZy to hJjt {^nJ.zndii 
WZAZ vi/ituzi that dZitUngibLihzd kirn abovz thz avznxigz monXaJi. He woi typicaZZy AmzAican 
in hJj) idzaj,, bztczving £iAmtif in thz zqaaJUXy 0|{ aZJi mzn, and uuu a6 A.zady to zxtznd thz 
nJ^ht hand o{^ ^zttowihip to thz most totoly at, to tho^z uiho iat in pZaczi . He seemed 
to dzfU-vz a KzaZ plzaiuAZ in doing £oA. othzu and woi zvZA a tAJHZ ^Ai-znd to thoiz hz dzejnzd 
duzAving. TAiity, thz voonZd i6 bztXzA {^on. kii hiving Livzd. 


Thz ^LmztaZ, hztd Tazidai/ a^tzAnoon, woi onz o^ thz ZoAgzit zvzfi 4een in thii poAt 

0^ thz itatz. HandAzdj) o^ town pzopZz and ^Aizndi £ thz iuAKounding countAy wzAZ in 

attzndancz, and thzAZ ujzaz ^coA.zi £Aom Wahpzton, GKzat Eznd, LidgzAwood, Wyr.dmzAz and othzA 

towm 0^ thz county. .. .aZZ oMembzZzd to pay thz Zait tAibutz o^ Kz^pzct to onz o{^ thz 

county' i vzAy bzJiit ciXizzm,. ThzAZ wai an zipzciaZZy ZoAgz dzZzgation ^Aom Wahpzton, Judgz 

AZZzn ijAom Lei bon, A. C.WipzA and uxi^z ^Aom BowbzZZi , in iact iX wa& impo.64>ibZz to 6ZCUAZ 

thz namzi o^ moA.z than a imaZt poAtion o^ tho-iz {^Jiom oat oi town. 

SzAviczi WZAZ. condactzd by Reu. H, C. JazZZ at thz homz at 2 o'clock and at thz Con- 

gAzgaXionaZ ChuAch at 1:30. Thz honoAOAy pall bzoAZAi wzAz G. R, TowZza, Chai> . Hzin, HzA- 

man WiAXk, Vk. C. H. HoAt, UiZZ A. HzZzy and U. C. Fonman, Ja.. Thz caj>kzt woi coAAizd 

by thz bAothzu. Thz membzAi o^ thz UodzAn Woodmzn camp wzAz p^ziznt in a body. A 

quoAXeX. comiitzd o^ MAi . VahZzzn, Hi&i Vona BottoAn, Jamzi P. TuZZock and Gzo. W. Rznnix 

iuAni^hzd maiic with Ma{, . HoZkzivig aX thz oxgan. Thz chafich wa6 iiJLlzd to iXt, capaciXij 

and handAzdut, o^ pzopZz wzAZ anabZz to gain admiiJiion. Rev. JaztZ dztivzAzd a ipZzndid 

citizzmhip oi thz dzczaszd and kilt wiZtingnzM to do thz anpZzcu>anX duXizi 40 o^tzn ihiA- 

kzd by othzAi. ■ Thz cn&kzt wai, almost hidden uuXh iZowzu , and thz zntiAZ city izzmzd 

bznX on paying tAibatz to thz mzmoAy oi thz dzczoizd. Eaiinzii hoaiZ& wzAZ cloizd duAing 

thz houA& oi thz itZAvicz, and a long pAoczi^iion iolZowzd thz KvnaJjUi to thzJji iinaZ n.Z6ting In HiZZiidz CzmzXzAy. 

*»»*•«.«•» ^p^j_^ j2^ J977 

ThzAZ Lit a bfwthzAhood. dzoA iAiznd, A gAzaXzA onz, no onz knew: 
It buZld& to zoAXh'i Azmotzit znd; It Zi "Thz RoyaZ EZaz." 

CaZmZy, ^wzztZy, and gzntZy, we lay thz zvzAgAzzn oi IrmoAtaLity to thz mzmoAy oi 

May thz GkzoX AAchiXzct oi thz UnivzAiZ, buiZd op thz hzanXi> oi hli Zovzd onZi, with 
hJj) iavoA, abiding comioAt, and pzacz. 


J. S. John6on 
E. K. SkiAlzy 

ChA^tAJLt, WP., USA, ApJuit 9ih, 1917 

ApJuZ n, 1917 

fAjonk A. Andejuon, wzaJLthy KztOizd ^ajuneJi and pi.ane.t/i n.ZM.dznt oi SaJigznt County 
woa iUZZzd Sunday by ^oLLLng down /ttaVii aji hUj> homz at GuxinniA. Hit, ikuZZ uxu CAu&hzd 

and ht dlzd uuXivin a {.om momznXl . 

• «.«•«•.«. ^p^j^ j2. 1977 

HAPVENWCS 0^ LONG AGO Tzn YzoJii Ago WWizJbnina. ScMozdeA, uil^z oi John 

ScJiAozdtn., Sa.. , died at hzn. home. Zn tkii, <uXy a^teA. an <Zlnu6 oi tzveAaJi monXkt,. 

AXbzKt LoKznz fieAuinexL Mo'nday zvejujig Injom AizxandfUa., MW., uoheAZ he. uxu, catted to 
attejvi the ^uneAot oi hi& bKotheA-ln-taw' 6 ckltd tjut Thunjiday. He xepofdUi a much moxe 
backward izaion theAz than hzAZ uUth iomz inow Zz^t and thz Aoad6 atmoit Impaiiahtz iJoA. 

automobZtz txaveJi. 

• »«•«•**«« ^p^^ ,2, 1917 

MothzA oi Tlvz Lctttz ChZtdAzn ?a6^Zi Away Unzxpzctzdty 

Man.gaA.zt, uiliz oi Thzo, C. Nzumann oi tkii cJXy, dizd at thz Wakpzton Ho-ipZtat at 
10:30 AM tait SatuAday moAning. Comptlcatloni iottovalng thz biAtk oi a totttz ion iAX 
wzzki ago Zi gZvejn att thz cauiz oi dzath. 

Vzceoizd uxu boAn In BattZmoAZ, MO., on Nov. 11, 1884, and teas theAeioAz aji thz 
23Ad yzoA oi heA tiiz. HeA poAznti amz iAom GeAmany to BattunoAZ and whzn ihz MOi 
ZA.ght yeoAi otd thzy camz to NoAth Vakota, tocating on a ioAm 4\ nuZzi ioutkzoit oi 
Hanklmon. Both poAznti dizd thzAZ, and ouA iubj'zct thzAZ aiteA made heA homz uitth 
Kztativzi, in thz nzighboAhood. On Auguit 2nd, 1894, ihz wai moAAizd to Thzo. Neumann 
who iuAvZvzi hzA. ThzAZ oAz aJUo ilvz tUtttz ioni tzit, thz otdz&t twztvz yzoAM and thz 
yourgz&t ixx wzeJa. 

fottowing thz biAth oi thz babz on MaAch 4th, IW> . Neumann izemed to bz getting atang 
niceZy but icuitzd to azcovza heA itAzngth. About two wzzki ago ihz wai takzn to thz lilah- 
pzton Hoipltat but even then hzA condition wai not zomideAzd iZAixjui. On ThuAiday oi 
toit ujzzk ihz undzAuiznt an opzAation iAom thz zHzcti oi which ihz nzveA AZCOveAzd, iink- 
Zng gAoduatty untit dzath AeZievzd heA iuHzAingi on SatuAday moAnJjng. 

Thz AemaZni wzAZ bAoaght to Hankimon and iuneAat iZAvicti wzAZ heZd Tuziday aiteA- 
noon, at thz homz at 1:20 and Zn thz Immanuzt Ev. ChuAch at 2:00. Thz pattbeoAZAi wzAZ 
memfceAi oi thz Hankimon TiAz VzpoAtmznt in unlionm, and theAZ weAe numzAoui iloAot 
oiizAingi iKom thz iiAZ boyi and iajtuJty iAiendi. Intznment wai made in thz JjmanueZ 


PeceAied uicu, a ^cuMi^uZ uil^z and a. ^ond and tovZng motht/i. BziZdu the. i-t'u.cfeejt 
haiband and jj^ve tiXtlz boy-t, thtKz OAZ ihAzz 4)UA.vA.\ bAjsihzAJ, . . .Pant PauXz, whoiz 
pA.eJ>ejvt wheAe. aboiits oJiz imknom}, T/uunk VauXz oi Tottzy, NV., and John VauXz in Canada.; 
aZio onz iZitzA, MAJt . John Sckfuizdzn.. 

•••••••••• KpnAJi 19, 1917 


Littlt OitOVL EvangtfL, ^ve. t/znAj, old, uxu icaZzd to dzath at thz {^airUZy home. ntoA 

LUbon wheji he. oveAtuAne.d a boiZtn. o^ baiting uxutZA. on hinUtzZ^. The. lad'i iiitzA woi 

waihinq cJLotkeJi , and uiai> in the acX. of^ pouAing the baiZex o{^ Ma;te/L into a tub uihzn the 

tittZz ieZtow Kejicked up, g^iabbed thz iidz oi the boilzA. and oveAXuAnzd iti contzrvti 

on himizZi. Hz Zivzd ontu a £ew hoivii . 

••••••••*• ApAU 19, 1917 

Augiiit Hzinz, a pKominznt cXXizzn o^ ^ahpzZon and weJLt knoum to many o^ oaA. KZJidzAJ, , 
dizd oi hza/it iaJMuiz at hit, komz in that (uXij on Olzdnziday zvzning ai taj>t wzek. Hz -ci 
iuAvivzd by a uii^z and iix ckcldAzn. 

•••*••»••• ApKil 19, 1917 


HoAjotd EoaZ Lackzy, ion oi Ma., and Mk6. TKzd Lackey oi EZma, onz and a kaJLi yejva, 

old, dizd at thziA. homz tajt,t Sandaif. TaneAoJi iZAvizzi uiztz heM yz&tzfiday at thz homz 

and aX. St. PauZ'i CeAnan EvangztiaiZ ChuAch, Rev. H. C. JaeZt oi thii city had choAgz 

oi thz &eA\jizzt> 

********** Hay 3, 1917 

GAim RzapzA CZaim Onz oi Qua Uo6t Pfwminznt Voting MotheAi, 
PanzAoZ SzAvicz HeAZ Tuziday Evening, AitzA which Remaim weAe Taken to Jamzitown ion. 

M^. HeULiz Hichotion, tuiiz oi Cha&. W. Hichol&on, dizd at hzA homz in thii city 
at an eoAty houA Taz&day ioAznoon. CompLicajtLoni, iottouiing thz biAtk oi hzA baby dangh- 
tzn. abotxt a week old, cau6zd kzA untimely death. Skz wai doing nicely ioA thz iiAit ieui 
dayi aitzA thz oAAivaZ oi thz baby, bcut compLication& zniuzd that: baHled thz ikill oi 
thz local docXoAi ai well a& tho-iz calZzd i^om LidgeAwood and Jamzitown, heA old homz. 
Vzczoizd amz to HanJzimon aj, a bAidz zight yzoAi ago and Izavzi a dzvotzd ciAcZz 
oi ixiendi, to mouAn thz lo-i-i oi a kind nei.ghboA and good chAiitioji woman. 

Hu. hlzUie Micholion wai boAn at CzntAol, MI., on UoAch 23Ad, 1882, hzncz wa6 thiA- 
ty-iivz ye/vu oi age at thz time oi heA death. HeA poAznti weAz Ma. and Mu . ZichaAd Hall, 
lilhzn a babz oi mzAzly a yeoA heA paAznti, movzd to Jamz&town, UC., wheAZ thzy madz theJA 
iutuAe homz. At thii placz Uu. Hicholion ipznt moit oi heA liiz, gAaduating iAom thz 
Jamzitown High School and aiteAwoAdi taking a couA&z at thz Valley City nortjnal school. 


The. yejox pKzvZooi to hzA manjuAge. 4 he taiiQkt In the. puhtic ichooZi at Oakzi, wkt/LZ 4/te 
become acqtuLinted uiith hex ^utimz hiuband, ChaU). W. Hichotion, who wca emptoyzd tu a 
Sao eng-cneeA. On Jaty 7, 1909, 4/i.e became the. bKLde. OjJ Ma.. Hicholion and the. nemly moA.- 
fu.eji coapZe. movexi to Hankimon wheAe. thesj havz Kej>Zde.d iZncz that time.. 

A tiXtte dauqhteJi, AvZi , Z& now tkn.e.z yexuu old, and to heji ha&band and baby H/u. 
HichoZiton wai) devoted to an anuAuat SupA.emeZy happy In heA. homeZi^e, heft inf^lixence 
ioA. good extended thAoaghout the cZtcte o{ heA acquaintance, and heA untlmeZi/ end Im a dii- 
tincX loi.t> to the people 0^ oua tittle city <l4 weJiJi 04 the. irmedilate iamllij. 

Bejtidu the hoi>t oi ^Aiend^ who Aemaln to mouAn heA dearth, Ua&. Nlcholion leaver, heA 
haiband and tujo tittle ckildAen....AvZ&, thAee, and a baby daughttA only a tittle oveA a 
week old. HeA paAznti iuAvlve heA, and oaz ttJill living at JameAtown. She leaver £lve 
bAotheAi . . . .Thomoi o^ KcimaAck, SecAetaAy 0^ State: UlchoAd 0^ Baite, MT.; Hugh o^ PoAt- 
land, OH; Geofige oi Staples, MW.; and William and WatteA oi Jamestown and Has. Clxvm 
SquiAeJ, 0^ SplAUiwod. 

Ma4. Hlcholion wai a membeA oi the Ea6teAn StoA, and alio o^ the CongAegatyionaX. Ch- 
uAch, whZch ihe joined zaAly In ll^e. 

FuneAal iZAvlceJi weAe held Tuzidaif evening. . .at the home at 7:30 PM In choAge o^ the 
EoiteAn StoA Lodge, and at 8 Pt^ at the CongAzgatlonal ChuAch. Rev. H. C. Juetl deZlveAed 
the iuneAoZ addAtii, and the chuAch wai ^ULled to ovexilowlng with nelghboAi and ^JUendi 
aiiembled to pay thelA ^Inal tAlbute to one o^ Hanklmon'i nobleJ>t and be^t women. 

FloAol decoKotiotii almoit hid the coiket and pulpit and £loweAJt weAZ alio oAdeAed 
by many ^oA ihlpment to Jame.itown, wheAe the Aemalm weAe taken Wedne^daij moAnlng ^OA 
IntzAment. The pall beoAZAi hzAZ wzAZ G. R. FowleA, W. J. Chopin, John A. ZAod^oAd, R. 
G. Stock, V. J. Coitzllo and H. A. MzAtUileld. 

FunzAol izAvlczi will be held at the old home In Jamzitown today. SzAvlczi will be 
conducted by Rev. Choi. H. Phittlpi , the paitoA who Azczlvzd heA Into chuAch membzAihlp, 
pzAioAmzd hex moAfilagz iZAvlce, and hoi been a poAtlcuZoA ^Alend moit o^ heA LL^e. 

SzveAoZ JuuZAoad men, ^Alzndi o^ thz £amlZy, Iz^t thii moAnlng ioA Jamzitown to attend 
the ieAvlce. IntzAment wUtZ be made In the family lot at the Jamzitown CemztzAy. 

********** May 3, 1977 


ClliioAd Evani Gowln died at thz homz o^ hii poAznti In LoMoAi Towmhlp yzitzAday 
a^tzAnoon a^tzA a llngzAlng ILlnzii at the agz o^ 23 yeoAi . 

Vzczjoied Mxu a iu^^eAeA ^Aom BAcghti dZizasz and the end wai not unzvpzcXzd ai hz 
had bzzn Raiting ^oA iomz tlmz pait. 

Vzczaizd wai boAn on ApAil 5th, /I93, In Wlicomln, whzAz he lived thz ^lAit tzn yzau 
oi hZi tliz, coming to RldnZand County with hii poAznti In 1903, and hoi AZildzd hzAZ eveA 
ilncz. Hz wcLi a. young man oi zxzmploAy hablti and hii untimely dzath li mouAnzd by a loAgz 
numbzA oi iAlzndi . Hz li iuAvlved by thz poAznti, iouA bAothzAi and thAZZ ilitzAi, all oi 
whom AZildz In thli vicinity except one moAAied ilitzA whoie home li In Montana. 


TwniAjal iiAvZcu uiltt be. heJid iomoAAxiW [Tnlicw] a.{^t.iAr.oon aX. 3 o'c^cfe at ihe. Tyion 
ChiVich in GA.e.zndaZz, and ZivtzAimnX. uxLti be madz in the. GA.e.e.ndaZz Cvnttvuj. 

••••*••••• Maz/ 3, 19/7 


Remain& o^ T^aitnnad Man, V)iowne.d Lat>t ¥att, found in Lakz TAnveAitz 

The. body o{ Paat RiXzke, UonXk Vakota kclUuioij enginttn. oi VilwoKth, dnxiwned in Lakz 
Tjulvza&zz nzoA WheaXon Tfiidajj a^teAnoon, Oct. I6th, J 9 16 woi A.zcovzA.zd at 4 o'cZock taj>t 
Ffiiday a^teAnoon by an expzKt Indixm divzA. ^m StiZluxLtZfi, MW., empZoyd by izvz/il ViZ- 
woAtk AaiZuxuj Zodgzi. 

Thz body woi iZoating nzoA. thz ^uA.^acz but a ihoit di&tancz ^AomuikzAZ ht uxu dAownzd. 
It uia& badZy dzc.ompo.izd and idznti^ication uxa z^^zctzd thAcugh Lodge Azcztpti and papznj, 
in the pocketi . Thz body uxa taken to ToAgo ^oA intznmznt. 

mtzkz met death vckULz a mzmbzA o£ a hunting paAty . EvzAy z^^ont was madz to £ind 
thz body la/,t ialZ, but the wofik had to be given up whzn icz ^oAmzd. Thz ■ieoAch waj, 
AZiumed {/.vz daiyi be^oAe the finding o£ thz body. 

********** Hay 10, 19)7 


Edw. VauUion o^ TaJjmount KiZtzd at Wahpetan uihen CaA ij> Hit by TAoin.,.. 

Eduxuid Vawion o^ Taijmount ujoj, initantZy kiZZzd, and F. E. Hztion oi the iamz 
4tZightty injwizd, in a coZZLiion betxzzn thz 5; 45 HoKthzAn Pacific poiiengzA tAoin. wzit 
bound and an ajutomobiZe occupied by thz tMO mzn, Za^t zvznlng, at thz CA0j,4,ijig on J^outh 
Stcond itAzet in Uahpeton. 

Thz mzn uizAZ juit itoAting home a^tzA a buiineiii vijsit in Wahpeton and had pAocezdzd 
Oil ^aA 04 Second itAzet ujhen they coZZidzd iMith thz incomZng tAoJin. Juit how thz accid- 
ent occufuizd hxii not bzen ZzaAned. 

EduJOAd VaiMon woi a young man who had bzen connected with thz Coih StoAz at Wahpeton 
ioA 6ome time. He Zeavzi a wi^z but no chiZdAzn. 

F. E. Nztion, who woi only iiightZy injuAzd and ii abZz to be about aZZ Aight, ii a 
butchzA in FaiAjnount. 

Bath mzn oaz wzZZ known in thziA own community. 

********** Hay 10, 1917 

TEN YEARS AGO Column Wewa Azachzd hzAe oi the death at Spokane, WA., oi G. E. CZoAk, 

ionmzA County ComrnZiiionzA and weZZ known {^oAmzA oi GAzendaZe. 

UAi. Gzo. B. CoAA died at hzA home in thZi viZZagz. She had bzzn an invaZid (^OA a 
long tZmz. «.»•««• t » » Hay 17 , 1917 

VilEHTY VEARS AGO Column Wm. Tyj>on, {^athzA o^ L. A. and RobzAt Tyion, died at thz homz 

o{ thz latteA on Uay 22nd at thz Kipz oZd agz o^ ninety yeoAi . 

********** Hay 17, 1917 



EejijanUji PcUnz dizd at thz homz o^ hZi danghtzA, M/l4 . HiZLit Knapp, ^ FcuAjvoarvt 
on Sunday a.£tiAnoon o^ pnzimonai, cut thz age o^ ahovJ: SO yzjOJii . 

Vtcza&zd Moi) a plomoji ieXtZzA. in GKzzndaJiz bat a^tzA. the. dzath o^ hi& uii^t a. jjew 
yejvu, ago hz sold hCi ^oAm and ka& iincz madz hli, hamz uxith fvii cJUZdfizn. We -ii 6uA.vivzd 
by two ioni and tujo daughtzAi, . . . . ChanZzi o^ WfUtz Rock, BAjtakztt, who l& iomewkzAZ In Can- 
ada, MKi. Hzttiz Knapp o^ Talnmount and Ma4 . Lamia HuJU o^ WtUtz Rock. Hz uxu, a kindZy old 
gznttzman and had manif ^Aizndi among thz pZonzzA. iztttzu. 

Thz ^unzAoZ uioi kzZd TueJtday a^tzAnoon, AZAvZczi, bzing condactzd by thz Faumount 

poitoK at thz Tyion ChuAch Zn GAzzndaZz. Hz wai oi-iZitzd by Rev. 0. G. VonaXk and Rev. 

I. J. McFoAZand, uiho camz down ^ WyndmZAZ ^ox thz puApoiZ. IntzAmznt was, madz In 

thz GA.zzndaiz Czmztznjj. 

********** May 17, I9I7 


Wztt Known Rziidznt o^, OuJi ViZiagz CaJLLzd to thz Gn.zat Bzyond 

Vzjoth hoi again viiitzd qua town, chooiing at, iXi>' victim Ufi& , Gait Bating . Hzn. 
dzath camz ai a ihock to thz whoZz community. Shz had been aiZing bat a ihon;t timz and 
hz/L condiXion wa6 not thought to bz iZAioai by phy^iciani, and membzAi o^ thz {^amity . 

On SatuAday a^tzAnoon, f^ay IZth, Ma. and Uu. Bzling autozd to Wahpzton and comutt- 
zd a physician but thzy wzaz Kzai^uAzd aj, thz doctoA ^aid hz coutd ^ind no iZAiooi ail- 
mznt. Thzy AztuAnzd homz aboujt 6 o'clock PM and Uai> , BzZing wai a&iiitzd to thz houiz 
by hzA &on itJaltzA. Hz Iz^t hzA appanzntly £zzLing aU. night. About ^if^tzzn minatzi laxzA 
thz huiband camz in and ^ound hzA ancomcioui, , and within a ^eic minuXu ihz pai^izd away. 
Va. Jacob/, oi WahpeXon wai iummonzd and it/vtzd that ihz dizd o^ hzmoifikagz. 

Thz iunzjmt woi onz o^ thz ZaAgzit z\jza hold in ouA viZtagz, handAzdi oi ^AZzndi 
gathzAing to pay thzit la&t tAibatz to onz who waA univzA6atty tiZApzctzd and zitzzmzd, 
a tayaZ ^Aiznd and a^^zcXionaXz mothzA. A ihoAt iZAvicz wa& hzZd ajt thz homz a^tzA which 
thz Azmaini wzaz takzn to thz E\jangzLicaZ ChuAcJi wkZAZ Reu. ThizZz dzlivZAzd an zi^zctivz 
^ZAmon. Thz choin. KzndzAzd izZzction& app/iopAiaXz to thz occoiion, and f>U. HzAbzAt Uoajiza 
Aang a ioZo, "My Mo^za'6 PfiayzA." Thz Woman'i Mi&iionaAy SocieXy, o^ which dzczaizd wai 
a mzmbzA, aJLio fizndzn.zd an appAopAiatz izlzcXion. ItvtzfmznZ wai madz in thz EvangziicaZ 

Mai,. Aaga&ta BzLing (nee SzdZzA] wai boAn in Gzfmany on May 29th, 1S63, and dizd 

in thz iuJU hopz o^ zXzAnaZ li^z on May 12, 1917, at GKzat Bznd, W. On Jan. 27th, 1SS3, 

&hz wai anitzd in moAAiagz to Ma. Gait BzJLing. Thii union wai bZziizd with tzn chitdAzn, 

^ivz 0^ whom pAzczdzd thz mothzA in dzath. Shz Zzavzi a haiband, thAzz iom and two 

dojoghtzAi WaJLtzA, Adolph and Rudy BzLing oi Gfizat Bznd, MAi . J. M. SmzoAZA Oj{ FoKgo, 

and M/ui. AAthuA WoAnzA o^ GazoX Bznd. MAi. BzLing wai a tfuiz ChAiitijin, onz who Zovzd 

hzA homz, hzA coantAy, hzA chaAch and hzA God. Shz wiLt bz gKzatly mLiizd in chuAch and 

iocloL ciAcLzJ>. ««»«»*«»«• 

Mom 17. 19 1 7 


GREAT BEMP EXAMINER Thz ^nf^ant ckLtd oi Un.. and Ma4 . Aug, Eokn, Livinq 40tUh o^ Hank- 

iiUiOn, dU.zd on Thauday o^ Zmt weefe. Thz iumAMZ uuca hzZd SatuAday. Tho6z attznding 

£Ajm kzAt uieAz: H, A. Labznow, Ma., and UKi . R. W. WtZi^ , hln..and Uxi . Wm. Bokn, Ux. and 

Haj,. At^A.zd AmbacJi, Ma., and t^Xi . EAnzit Bohn, Choi. Adamion and ^amiZy, aJUL n.eJjitA.\ju . 

********** May 31. J977 


MuAjdzA 0^ Evan JoneJ, WZtt be. TnJ.zd In Vlt^txicX. CouaZ at WahpzXon. 


Thoiigfvt Thexz WZtZ be LcttZz VZi^.(.c.uZXy In SzaifUng a JuAy fxom ihz 36 Men Vfiawn ToK 

Thz TzAm 

V^iAlzt Coofit convznzi aZ WahpzXon nzxt Taziday, June 5ih, and Judge Attzn uiiZZ 

pAz&idz. Thz only juJiy co^e that mJU. bz tnJ.zd Zi tkaX. OjJ thz StaZz u4 . Exzd Meifee, 

chaAgzd uUXh moAdzn. in thz ^ZAit dzgAZZ. Meifee -ci thz llayzA o^ Evan M. Jonei in Hank- 

Zmon a ^eui weefei ago. Thz shooting occuAAzd uihZtz Evan uja& a^iliting Coanty Con6tabZz 

WZIZ HzZzy Zn thz iZAvZcz o^ tzgat papzAi at thz Meifee homz jiiit iouth o^ HankZnion, and 

CAZRtzd a bZg izn&atZon, thz vZctZm bzZng onz o^ thz bz6t knoujn mzn Zn thz county. Hzskz 

uioi takzn Znto custody thz iomz zvznZng and ha6 6Zncz bzzn con^Znzd Zn thz coanty jaZZ 

at Wahpzton auiaZtZng tAZaZ. 

Statz& AttoAnzy FoAbzi mZH bz Zn choAgz o^ thz pAozcutZon and uiZLt pAobabty bz gZvzn 

an oiiZitant dwiZng thz tAiaZ. Meifee, who Zl, thz ^athzn 0({ tzn chZtdAzn, Zi pznnlZzi-i and 

uUZZ havz to bz contznt uuXh an attoAnzy appoZntzd by thz covJtt at coanty zxpzniz anZzii 

hZi bAothzA, who Zii wzZt-to-do and ZZvzi at NapoZzon, thZi itatz, comzi to thz ^Aont uxiXh 

thz £and& ^OA hZi dz^zn^z. Tha6 ^OA hz hoM dzctinzd to gZvz {^ZnancZaZ aZd aZthoagh M'la. 

Meifee hoi madz a coapZz ok tAZpi, to NapoZzon to znZZit hZi aZd. 

**^ ******* May 31, 1917 

Mzikz'i AttoAnzyi fZtz A^^ZdavZiU, o^ PAZjadZcz AgaZnit Jadgz AZZzn... 


JoAOAi HotZiZzd Hot to AppzoA UntZZ That Vatz . . . LaadzA and Vwi^zA AppzaA ioA Mzikz 

Tfie tAZaZ oi FAzd Mz6kz, chaAgzd uZth ^ZAit dz^Azz mandzA, hai> bzzn poitponzd to 
Monday, June 18th, and thz joAOAi dfixwon ^OA thz June tzAm o^ VZ&tAZct CouAt havz bzzn not- 
Z^Zzd not to appzoA antZi that datz. 

Thz po-itponzmznt uxii thz AZiaZt o^ a^^ZdavZt oi pAzj'adZcz agaZnit Jadgz AZZzn, thz 
pZaZntZii aZZzgZng that owZng to thz itAong pzxionaZ ^AZzndihZp zxZ&tZng bztwzzn Jadgz 
AZZzn and Evan M. Jonzi, ioA who-iz muAdzA Mzikz Zi to bz tAizd. Judge AZZzn uiouZd bz 
bZoizd and pAzjadZczd agaZnit thz dz^zndant. Jadgz CooZzy oi GAand FoAki mZZZ pAZiZdz at 
thz tiujiZ. 

Thz poitponzmznt coJtZ ai a iuApAZiZ a& Zt woi gznzAoZZy iuppo6zd thz ZaZaZ uJOuZd 
bzgZn oi 60on ai thz caiz coaZd bz Azachzd thZi weefe. 

Statz AttoAnzy FoAbzi appzoAi ioA thz itatz Zn thz Mzikz pAo^zcatZon, and Meifee Zi 

AzpAZizntzd by J. A. VuiyzA and W. L. LaadzA. June 7, 1917 



Hziviy Pankow, FoAmzn. R(U,Zdejvt Hzaz, tUJLU Man Who WJizckzd HU Homz 

CoJiomA'4> JuMj ReXannzd a VzfuUct oi Joitl^lablz HomlcUz and SzrvUjnznt U En^tUzLj 
uuXk ParJiow 

HzMjf Pankow, a. ioJmzA fiuldznt. oi tka, vZcujioty and uizlt known to many o£ ooa A.zadeA6 
Jthoi CkoAZzi ZoxchoJuit aX. ikz Pankow komz nzan. Anamooiz on Taz^dajj nighX: o^ Zjut weefe, and 
Botckajidt dizd two daiji> latzfi {Jiom tht z^^zcti o{ fUi ujoundi . 

BoKchz/idt had a bad KzpatatLon in tkz nzighboAJiood and izntimznt in thaX vizauMj (uZly 
juLitL^izi, Pankow. Thz Cofwnzfi'i juJiy Kztwmzd a vvuHcjt oi jiuti^iablz homlcidz. Pankow 
wcii, nZMZA locked up and -a now at tibzAty, iuAjvUhinq a bolt bond o^ $5,000 wiXhout dLL(^ii- 
cuZty. In iazt, a bond oi tzn timzi thz amount would havz bzzn givzn by hli nzigkbou i^ 

BoKcJhzKdt had at onz tlmzwoAJizd ^OA Pankow on thz iaJun and bzcamz unduly Intimatz with 
Ma4. Pankow. Hz wai a man o£ about 23 yzoju, , laj\jgz and powzA^ul, wkilz Pankow li a cjUpplt. 
Pankow knzw oi tkz KzZatloni zxl&tlng bztwzzn ka, wl^z and thz kOizd man, but thz lattfi 
thfizatznzd tkz InjuKzd huiband with bodily hoAm i^ hz intzA^vizd. It l& claimzd, in jjact, 
that on moKZ than onz occaiian BoKckzAdt hju mij,uizd Pankow, uiing phy-iizal vialzncz. 

BoAckzAdt had oLio madz advanczi to hal^ a dozzn othzfi maAAizd womzn in thz nzighboA- 
hood but had bzzn KzpuZizd. Thingi came to iuck a pan a ijew monthi ago that a dzlzgation 
o{ neU.ghboAJ> viiitzd thz Pankow homz and gave Boxdiztdt twznty ^ouA. houAJt in which to Izavz 
tkz county. BoAchzAdt diiappzoAzd thz next day, but about tzn dayi ago AZtofinzd and again 
viiitzd thz Pankow homz, OAAiving latz in thz zvzning. Hz began at oncz abuiing Pankow, 
stating among otkzA tking^ tkat hz woi no ^it huiband {oA iuck an attAactivz woman ai Uaj, . 
Pankow. Pankow, whzn hz IzoAnzd o^ BoAckzAdt'i pAzizncz in tkz nzighboAkood, had izcwizd a 
38 calibAZ AZvolvzA. and had it loadzd. VuAing thz diicaiiion BoAchzAdt tkAzattnzd Pankow 
and finally lunged towoAd him, wheAZJupon Pankow ihot him tiaicz in thz bAzoit and oncz thAo- 
ugh tkz nzck. Pankow then caAzd ioA tkz injuAzd man, dAovz to town and notified thz authoA- 
itizi . BoAckzAX livzd two dayi and in a itatemznt madz bz^oAz hii dzatk, conf^ziizd tkat hz 

woi zntiAzly in tkz WAong and dziZAvzd kUling. MAi. Pankow claimi that ihz woi compzllzd 
to iubmit to BoAchzAdt by thAzati o^ kiZUng and acknowlzdgzd hzA illicit Azlatiom with 
tkz dead man. 

Auguit and PAzd Pankow, bActkeAS, and Guita^ Mzdznuxildt, a bAotkzA-in-law, Iz^t Hank- 
inion PAiday night ^oA AnamooiZ and AztuAnzd on Monday. They itatz tkat tkz pzoplz oi tkz 
locality ^zzl tkat Hznnjj did tkz countAy a good tuAn in ihooting thz wAZckeA o^ kii homz. 

HznAy Pankow wa4 an zoAly izttlzA nzoA Hankimon. Hz movzd to tkz vicinty oq Anamooiz 

in 1906 and waj, maAAizd thzAZ In 1910. In addition to hli wi^z thzAZ OAZ two ckiZdAzn. 

Hz alwayi boAZ an excellent Azputation hzAZ and hii many Hankimon ^Aizndi aA.z iatii^izd 

that hz woi iuLLy j'uiti^izd in killing BoAchzAdt. 

«••*•.<«.. j^^^ 7^ j9,7 


k/vthiiK VnAjnkwaXeA, bonji on a ^oAjn nzoA WyndmiAZ, znZZiizd aboLUt Aco i/zoAi ago undzA 
thz Cam-dAjJun. coZoA^ and woAjd hcu, joit been KzczZvud o^ ki6 dzaXh on ikz fA.znch boKdzA. 

**•••••••* Jane 7, J977 

InabZUXy to Szcwiz a Judgz aZ Tkli Time. Zi Givzn 04 thz Rzaaon Juaom, and WZinzi^zi Anz 

An.z Sujrmonzd to AppzoA at That TZmz. . . .Oatcomz AwOyCtzd uiith Intz^z^t. . . . 


Thz Meifee moAdzn. tAlal hcu, agoAJi been po-itponzd, tkli tLmz to Uondaif, Jane 25th. 
Inability to izcuAz a jadgz to takz thz o^ Jadge AZtzn, duJ, quaZc^Zzd bij a(^{^J.da.vxJi 0^ 
pAZjudZcz ^ZZzd by thz dz^zrUiZ, Zi gZvzn ai thz couie 0^ thz izcond poitponzmznt. 

Thz ttZaZ 0^ thz ccwe uioi oAZglnaZly ^Zxzd ^oA Jane 6th, but at that tlmz Mzikz'i 
attoAnzyi, W. S. LauAzA and J. A. VwyzA, (^ZZzd an a^^ZdavZt 0^ pAzjadZaz agaZn&t Jadge 
AZZzn uihZch diiqaoLi^Zzd him ^Avm pAZiZdZng duAZng thz tJujxJi. Thz poitponsmzyvt uxu, to 
Jane ISth. Jadgz CooZzy 0^ Gkdnd FoAk&, who Zi to AZiZdz Zn Jadgz AtZzn'i, {,ound 
Zt wouZd be Zmpo-iiZbZz ^oa hZm to be aX Wahpzton on that datz and thz caiz hoi bzzn po4t- 
ponzd to Jane 25th on that account. 

********** jt^e 14, 1917 


M^4 BzAdz StewoAX., a ^onmzA AZiZdznt 0^ EJbna TowmhJjp and mzZZ known thAoughout 
thZj> poAt 0^ thz county, dZzd at hzA homz Zn LidgzAwood TAZdajy zvznZng. Shz had bzzn 
ZXZ loA iomz tZmz, bat had AZCOvzAzd iu^^ZcZzntZy to bz up and aAound thz houiZ. A AzZapiz 
AZiuZXzd and 6hz iank AapZdZy untU. thz znd came. FZzuAZiy wZth puZmoncAy compZZcatZoni 
wa^ thz cauiz o^ dzaXh. 

Be/uie StewoAt wai, a daughtzA 0^ C. E. StewoAt, onz 0^ thz pZonzzAM 0^ EZma TowmhZp, 
and wai boAn Zn Jz^^zAion County, PA., on July 22nd, 1S74. In 1S76 ihz mavzd wZth hzA 
^amZZy to PZppZn, WI., and Zn 1S84 thz ^amZZy camz to RZchZand County, ZocatZng on a 
homzitzad iouthwzit 0^ HanLinion, whzAZ dzcza^zd madz hzn. homz unXZZ iZvz yzoAi ago. SZncz 
thajt tZmz ihz hai bzzn a AZiZdznt 0(J IZdqzAwood. 

Shz bzgan tzachZng ichooZ at thz agz o^ iZxtzzn yzoAi and taught contZnuouiZy Zn thz 
county ^oA many yzaAi . SZncz thz dzaXh 0(^ hzA mothzA a ccapZz oq yzoAi ago ihz ha.i kzpt 
houiz ioA hzA agzd {^atkzA. 

VzczoJizd had many ^AZznd^) thAoughout thz county and nziM o{, hzA antZmzZy dzath camz 
(LS a ihock. FanzAoZ iZAvZcz^ weAe hztd Sunday a^tZAnoon, Rev. HoAnzA {^{^ZcMxZZng . A 
ZoAgz numbzA o{^ {^AZzndii ^Aom Hanltauon and thz iUAAoundZng countAy weAe Zn attzndancz. 
JntzAmznt woi madz Zn thz StZnz CzmztzAy. 

BziZdzi thz ^athzA tkzAZ oaz ^oua iZitzAi Zz^t to mouAn hzA Zoii . . . .HAi . A. StZtzi 

0^ New EngZand, NP., Mw . W. R. BaZj>OA o{i ¥aJmZngton, WA., HAi. U. E. StZnz and HAi . 

PhZLLp WZAtznbzAgzA o^ LidgzAuiood. 

• ».«»«*•«• j^^g^ T4^ 7977 


The. Aji^ant daagktzA. o^ Ma. and Ma4. Mtfee SdvitizA. pcu,4>zd ouiollj ¥/u.dajj a^tzA. a bAA.zi 
exu-tence o^ iuio dayi,. The. ^oneAoZ ujcu> heZd SaXundaij. 

The. poAznti) de^-Oiz tktaagh thz MEWS to expxe^-i tkeJA. ihanki to neJ.qhbofUi and {^Ki^ndi 
£oA. thz IUndneJ>^ ihown duJung the hoau o^ theJji 4>oajiow ovza the £044 o^ thzJji LUttZz one. 

********** Jane 14, 79/7 

STILES S l/TCTWITV. . .Ma., and MA4 . MoAtot 8e4c/i and lamiMj voeAZ -in LidgeAwood SaXuJidaij 
to attznd the ^aneAoZ 0^ Gzofigz Hoopi,. 

********** Jane 21, 1977 

"Death CZxumed Foua VZctam in tkU V-LcAjiitij Vu/ung thz Poit Wezk 
John Pot^uiJ,, Sa., LeonoAd Scha^e/i. Uu . Hina Stack and IAm . At BoAAZtt An&MeA. PajwJ. Suimonii 


John C. Potf,u&Js, Sa. , died at hZi home on the Wild ZLcz nlveA bank, noAth o£ tkU city, 
at 6 AM lajtt SaXuAdaij moKnLng in thz 7Sth yzoA 0^ hijt Zi^z. Hz had bzzn in ^aJZing heaZtk 
ioK iomz -tine, diiz to thz in^iAmitizi 0^ advancing yzaJU, , and a compZA.cati.on 0^ dn.opiy ha&t- 
znzd thz end. 

Thai anothzn. 0^ ouJi vZAij zanJiy pi.onzeAj> hoM bzzn cattzd to kilt AewoJid. Hz uioi faoAn in 
Wz&t Pnn&iia on Oct. 27th, 1S39, wheAZ he gAew to manhood, coming to Amzfiica in 1866. On 
JuJLy Ut 0^ thz ioZZomng yean, hz Mai manjiizd to WiZhzlmina KAuzgzA at lion Zidgz, WI . , uiho 
iUAvivzi him. 0{^ thii union thAzz 6oni weAz boAn, two o^ whom oAe ZivZng . . .Gu6ta^ and 
John C. both pAomZnznt ^oAmzAi nonXh o^ tkii city. Hz aZ&o Zeavzi iix gAondckiZdAen and 
^otiA gAzat-gAondckiZdAzn, aZZ Ziving nzoA hzn.z. ThzAZ oAe tuio iuAvi.ving iiitzAi, onz in 
GeAmany and onz in lUZwaakzz. Hz camz to Vakota tzAAiXoAy in 1873, 44 yejvu> ago whzn thzAZ 
weAe onZy a veAy (Jew 4ett^eA4 i.n ZichZand County. An Indian, Joe MoAan, had a cabin in 
thz woodit on thz banki o(, thz WiZd Ricz, and whiZz he had no ZzgaJL titZz to thz Zand, Ma. 
PaZ(^uj)Ji paid hJjn $300. in oAdzA to obtain pzaczabZz poiiziiion. Hz thzn madz thz Zong 
jouAney to Pejnbina to ^iZe on thz quoAtzA. thaX bzing thz nzoAzit Zand o^£icz at that zoAly 
date. ThJj, Zi thz homz ^aAm on which thz iamiZy ha& Az&ided z\jza iincz, and Ma. PoZ^aii 
Mitnziied the tAan&(,oAjnaton 0^ thz pAaiAizi o^ RichZand County ^Aom a uuZdznjfizii inhabZtzd 
aZmoit zntiAeZy by Tndiani to onz o^ thz Aichzit {,aAming communitZzi in thz wonZd. In tkZi 
dzxjeZopmznt hz did hij, {^ulZ ihaAZ. Hz znduAzd aJLZ thz haAdLihipi and pAlvationi incidznt to 
^AontZzA. Zi.^z, winning thz good uiiZZ and z&tzem 0^ kii ^zZZow izttZzAi and nzi.ghboAj> . 
ThAl^ty and ditigznt, hz accumuZatzd a compeXzncy , but continazd to do activz woAk about 
thz ianm op to uiiXhin a ^ew weeLs 0^ kii death. 

Thz {^unzAoZ MOi hzZd Mondaif a^teAnoon with 6ZAviczi aX. thz homz at T-30 and ZatzA at 
St. John'i ChuJick, intZAmznt bzing madz in thz cemztZAy neanhy. Hz wa& oAiginaZZy a mem- 
bzA o{, thz GAzat Bznd congAzgation but ZatzA hzZpzd to oAganizz thz St. John'i ChuAch. 
Rev. R. HiZgzndoAft, absent at a big chuAch meeting in HiZwauJizz, wai 6ummonzd homz by 


tzZzgAJxph and had chaxgz o^ tkt ^eAvZce.. Thz paZt bzoA-Zfu uieAe. alZ zcuily iti^ttzAi, and 
ikz wai aitzndzd by a \jznjj loAgz numbzA o^ old mJ.ghboAj, gatheAzd to pay tkeJji 
{^^naZ tfUbate. oi Ke^ptcX to one. who uiai onlveAioZZif eJ>teejne.d. 

••••••••*• Jane ZS, J9/7 


Lzoruvtd Sdia^eA., another. ZicJitand CouyUy pJ.oneeA, who had been at thz poZnt o^ death 
^OA. iesjeAcdi MteJu, paired qiUetZy Znta the GKzat Eejjond at an eMAZy houA ¥nJ.daij maJining at 
thz agz oi 74 yzau . 

Vzdzajtzd waii anothzn. oi thz thfu-ity Gzfimani who iaw thz po66ZbA.LLti.zi oi Zicktand Co- 
unty and acqiMAzd a comiofitahZz iofitanz iAom hex 6oZl. 

BoAJi Zn FteZden Hu66Zn, Na6an, GzAmany Zn. 1843, hz dzcZdzd to zjnZgAJXtz to AmztZca. Zn 
zanZy manhood, and tandzd Zn thZ6 countAy Zn Uay oi T867. Hz woi ma/uiZed thz 6amz yzan. 
to LouZjta MauZ at ToZzdo, OH. Thzy camz to Dakota tznAJXoKq Zn 1882, and thz iottoMlng 
yzoA. Zocatzd on a homzitzad Zn what Z6 now EZma TowmhZp. ThzAZ tkzjy Kej>Zdzd untZt 19 1 2 
uAzn thzy came to HankZn6on and havz 6Zncz AZiZdzd. 

In izzbZz hzaZth ioA a Zong tZmz, hz wa6 ioAczd to takz to hZi bzd diviZng thz zanZy 
6pnZng and gAadaaZZy gKew wzakeA untZl death AzZZzvzd hZi 6aiieAZng6 . Hz wa6 a kZndZy 
oZd gzntZeman, AZipzctzd and zitzemzd by aZZ who knew him and a thAong oi oZd neZghboAJt 
and iAZzndi attzndzd thz ianeAaZ iZAvZcz whZch wa6 heZd at St. FhZZZp'i ChuAch on Monday 
moAnZng. Thz 6eAvZczi wzn.z conductzd by Reu. Jo6. F. StadnZcka and thz AemaZn6 wzAZ laid 
at AZit Zn thz CathoZic CzmeXeAy. 

Ez6Zdz6 thz agzd widow, thzAZ OAZ iouA 6uAvZvZng chZZdAzn Wm. SchaizA oi EZma, UAi . 

Jff6. WZnkzt oi BZimaAck, Ma6 . M. Jo6t oi thZ6 cZty and Mas. C. Ba66 oi WZicon6Zn. CZemai 

SchaizA, a bAX)thzA, AZ6Zdz6 at SAZckznAZdgz. 

«*».»,*,.« j^^^ 2«, 7977 


}Aa6 . flina Stack, a AZiZdznt oi qua caJjj ioA thz pa6t tweZvz yzoAi , dZzd at hzA home 
an Sandajj moAnZng at onz o'cZock aitzA an ZlZnzi>6 oi 6eveAaZ month6. A weak hzoAt wZth 
compZicatZoni oi Zing tAoubZz and dAop6y waj, thz cau6 z oi dzaXk. 

VzczajiZd wa6 bo An Zn GzAmany 60 yzaA6 ago and camz to thz UnZtzd StatZ6 with hzA 
chZZdAzn Zn 1902, iettting iZut at MayvZiZz, WJ. Shz camz to HankZmon Zn 1912 whzAZ 6hz 
hajt 6Zncz AZiZdzd. 

A dzvotzd mathzA, 6hz woi, wAappzd mp Zn thz weZioAZ oi thz chZtdAzn, and thz 6ympathy 
oi aZZ gozi oat to thz bzAeavzd onz6 . 

Shz Zi 6UAvZvzd by thAZZ iom and onz daaghtzA. . .Gait oi Jamzitown, PauZ oi EzaZih, 
HV., and CoaZ oi thii cZty and f^. Uanij HzndzAion oi MayvZiZz, WJ . 

Thz iunzAoZ wai heZd Taziday aitzAnoon at 2 o'clock at thz InmanaeZ E\) . Cha>ich, Re.v. 

CbzAdozitzA conducting thz iZAvZcz and Zntznmznt wa6 made Zn thz cemeteAy oi that congAe- 

gatZon iouthwzit oi thz cZty. 

«t*««««*t* j^^^ 28, 1917 



WoAd A.zache.d hzxz thz ^Zut o^ ihz weel oi the. dzath o^ IW,. At BanxeXZ, nee Pe SZtva, 
at hzn. home, in Iowa.. Vzczoizd wcu, a iixidznt In thz Hanlun&on High School up to a. {zm uizzki 
ago when ihz wait moAAizd to kL BoAAztt, thzn in thz zmpZoy o^ V. S. Uzliwain. JrmzdiatzZy 
a^tzA. thz manAiagz Hazzt and hzn. haiband wznt to hii otd homz in Towa whzfiz thzij haxiz 
6incz KZbidzd. IWt. Vz SiZva and onz o£ thz ii^tzu Zz^t immzdiatzJLj on xzazipt of; thz ia.d 

neuUt to attend thz luneAjoJL. 

• ••«•«««*» jj^^ 2«, I9I7 

CanZ Vaib/ug ajviJbjzd homz TtLZiday {Jiom Ho-fUcon, wheAZ hz wait cattzd toit weefe to 

attend thz ^anznaZ o£ hilt mo thzn.. 

• »»•«••»•« j^^ 28, 1917 


OfiviJi JoKgzniton, an 11 yzoA. otd boy, wah caught in a cavz-in at thz iand pit neon. 

Huttand taitt Thuxttdaij , and wait iu^^ocaXzd. An otdzA bKothzx wai with him at thz timz bat 

tuaJi unabtz to dig thz victim out in timz to l>a\jz hi& tiiz. 

«••»»««•«« j^^ 2S, 1917 


Joizph Jahn, a. pionezn. iiZttteA o£ thz coanty, dizd at hij, homz itouthwz&t o^ thii 
ciXij tajtt Sunday moAning a^tex a tingzAing iZlnzii , at thz agz OjJ 67 yzaxit , Thz iunznat 
woi hztd Taz&day moAning at 10 o'clock, ieAMiczi being conducted at St. Vkitlp'l, ChuAch. 
Jntznmznt wai, madz in the Catholic CemeteAij. 

A moKZ zxtendzd obituoAJj witl bz puhUjthzd next wzzk. 


ll-yzoA-Otd TaiAmount Boy Victim o^ Fatal Accident 

An U-yzafi-old l>on o^ Un.. and fVu. Jamzi And/ieim , f^ojmexi, Living juit outJ>idz thz 

FaiAmount vilZagz limiti , wai imtantly kitlzd undeA the whzeli oiJ Soo ^Aeight tAoin Wo. 

21 Monday. Thz tad wa& hzAding cattlz and tAizd to CAOii thz tAjxck ahzad o^ thz tAoin. 

Hz wai nzoAly bzhzadzd and dzath wai initantanzoui . 

CoAnoA MazAtz o^ LLdgznwood hztd an inqazit, thz ^indingi being in accoAdance with 

thz ^acti abovz given. 

»»«»»*« t « » J^^ 5^ ,9,7 

PztzA CaipzAion, FoAmzA ManageA o^ thz Soo ReitauAant, VAowned Sunday Evening. 

ViichoAgzd that MoAning by Hii EmployzA, It -6s GenzAolZy Thought 
that Vzipondzncy Lzd to Szt^ Vzi tAJj.cti.on 
PztZA CoipZAion, manageA o^ thz Soo AZitauAant hzAZ ioA thz pait ixuo yeoAi , wai 
dAownzd on thz noAth ihoAZ o^ Lakz Etiiz Sunday zvzning. Hz wai atonz at thz timz and 


tkz e.xa.ct (Jacti cuiz. not known, buut ikz gznzfiaZ opAjiion 16 that hz puApo^zZy zndzd kii 
zxlitzncz. The. body wai (^ound by a pcuUy o^ UJM.Z qinJU In Zz^-i than a. loot o^ watzn. 
aund uUtkLn thtizz qunAtzfii o^ an houA o^ thz timz kz zntzAzd thz takz. 

Caipzuon boAZ an zxczZtznt fizpuXaJtion among thz 6a4^ne44 mzn o^ ouJi cJJbj hut ^OK 
thz poit iuio on. thxzz weefea had hzzn dfUniujig moKZ than u&ujzi. A new man to takz hZi 
ptacz ai managzA. o^ thz KZbtauAont aAAJ.vzd on thz zsvxJbj moKnJjng tAoin Sunday, wkcch uxa 
thz IJjUtt AjitimatA.on CoipzA&on had thaX. he had bzzn diichjvigzd. 

A tittZz laZzn. .in thz day hz badz kii mL^z good-hyz and toZd hzn. to takz thz vUght 
tJioJjn. to thz homz o^ hzn. pzopZz in Hinnz&ota bat Kz^uJizd to tzLZ hzA. kli, pZam . HoweveA, 
KomAJii madz to othznj, ZndLcaXzd that hz contzmpZatzd nu.(, aZthoagh no one took thz 
mattzA. iZAAjooiZy at thz tanz. 

Hz uiaZkzd out tc thz Zakz about noon and 6pznt thz tbnz inom 1 o'cZock antZZ 6:15 
on thz bank o^ thz Zakz Zn convzAJ>atlon Moth L. SpningzA who occuupZzi> thz Hankin&on ^ofm. 
Bznt OZdi woi aZio pnziznt a panX o^ thz tbnz, and common mattznj, wzAz diicaiizd. 
He appzoAzd chzzA^uZ and ihonXly a^tzn. 4^x o'cZock Ma. SpAA.ngzn. Kzsnankzd that hz wouZd 
havz to go to iuppzA. Coipzuon thzn iatd hz gaz64izd hz wouZd takz a bath Zn thz Zakz, 
and hz wcu Zn thz act o^ hii ihozi whzn Ma.. Spfiingzn. Zz^t hJjm at 6'- 15. On ajvi- 
Zving at thz houiz hz mzt thz GZoinzA. and TzZton ZZttZz gZnZi, and thzy itappzd ion. a dntnk 
0^ untzn, thzn uxLndznzd aZang thz Zakz j>honz exut o^ thz hoaiz. tilZthZn haZ^ an houn. thzy 
camz nunnZng back wZth thz uioKd that a man had bzzn dnownzd. Ua. SpnJjigzn. imnzdLatzZy 
phonzd Zn to Vn. McVonnzZZ and thz Zattzn. dAovz huAAtzdZy to thz icznz. MzantZmz onz of, 
thz Spntngzn. boyit had dnaggzd Caipzn&an ^nom thz uiatzn, but Zt^z uxu zxtZnct. Thz body 
uioi ^ound cZoiZ In to ihonz, iacz down, and thz watzK wai not dzzp znough to covzn thz 
body, Hz had nzmavzd hli cZothzi zxczpt undzMuzan. and pZZzd thzm nzatZy at thz ^oot of, 
a tnzz with hZi gZojiiZi on top. It Zi not thought that hz woi Zn watzn at any tZmz monz 
than tuio ^zzt dzzp. 

Coipzuon woi, a natZvz o^ VznmoAk and wai j'uit poit thz agz o^ 49 yzaxi. Hz Zzavz& 
a uiZ^z but no chZZdnzn. Hz had bzzn Zn thz ZjnpoZy o^ W. M. laiZzy , ownzn. 0|J thz Soo chain 
o£ zating hoaizi, ^OK many yzjvut . Hz had no nztativzi in thii countny. 

Thz body wa6 takzn to thz WippzAman undzntakZng poAJLom, and Zatzn. waj, ihippzd to thz 
homz 0^ hij) wi{,z'i pzopZz at MontzAzy, MM. Intznmznt wtu madz at ShzAbuAnz, MM, 

SZayzn. o^ Evan M. Jonzi E&capzi with ExtnemzZy Light PznaZty 

Outcomz oi Two Wzzki' TniaZ ToA. ^Aom Satii, ^actony to thz Fnizndi 0|J Me^fee'^ Victim 

Bzgini Szntzncz at Oncz 
A{^tzn. dztibzn.ating onJZy a lew houA.&, thz juAy in thz coiz oi thz Statz VS fnzd Me^fce 
brought in a vZAdict o^ mamZaughtzA Zn thz izcond degree at 3 AM Tuziday moAning and thz 
iZayzA ol Evan Jonzi wai at oncz izntznczd to iZAvz onz yzoA Zn thz pznitzntioAjy ioA hii 


The. jafuj woi iimzdlcutzZij diichaAgtd and Judge. Cootey, who pfie^Xdzd duAAjiq thz tAJLoL, 
tt^i. haZ^ an hoan. taX.eA. ^oa. hii home. In Gnxind FonhM . 

Meifee woi takzn to ElimoAck yeJitzAday to beg-cn hu 6zntence. The. veAxLict and iznt- 
ejice oieAe A.zceJ.vzd mitk gznzAoZ iuAptyiiz hzn.z whzAZ tkz {lacti axz bz&t known. Thz qznznxU. 
op-inion izemi to bz that Meifee ihomtd ziXhzn. havz bzzn acquuLtzd oatKiqht on. gZvzn a iznt- 
zncz gA-zatzn. that that o^tzn metzd oat to bZX.nd p-cgge/w. 

HouJzveA, thz caiz Zi zndzd 4o ^an. aa thz majz&ti/ o£ thz taw Zi conczAnzd. It dozi, no 
good to CAiXA.CA.zz. 

Thz tzitimony waa compZztzd SatuAday zvznZng and Monday uoai takzn up mcth oAgumznti 
0^ coun&ztand thz Zn&tAuctZoni o£ thz coafit to thz juJiy. ScoKZtt o£ Wan/j-otion pzopZz madz 
thz tfiZp to thz couMty izxit Monday to hzoA. thz aAgimzntl, . Thz choJigz agaZnit Meifee wai 
muAjdzA Zn thz ^Zut degree, but thz j'uAy woi gZvzn a lot of^ ZatZtudz and thzAZ Zi no quz&t- 

Zon that advZcz (?) waa tibzAjiZZy tempzAzd wZth , It Zi Kzpofitzd that thz iZut tot 

wait nZnz ^OA acquZttaZ and onZy onz {^OA convZctZon wouZd havz 

gZvzn about oa much iiOtZi^actZon a& thz onz that wai, AZtuAnzd. 

********** July 72, T9I7 


Jo4. John dZzd at hZ6 homz Zn EZma o£ cancZA o^ thz stomach on July lit, a^tZA an 
Zttnzi-i oi ovzA a ijzaA.. 

BoAn Zn Hz&6Zn Nai,4,un, GzAmany, Zn 1S50, hz come to fijnzAZca Zn 18S1. Thz ^oZlowZng 
yzjoA hz ipznX. Zn PiXtibuAg, PA., thzn hz camz to HoAth Dakota, and {^ed on thz homzitzad 
whzAz hz ZZvzd untZJL hZ6 death. 

He woi moAAZzd Zn 1900 to KUnnZz Cookz. ThzAZ weA.z ^ouA chZZdAzn and tujo itzp-daugh- 
teju: MA4. CZaJji VZeXl> oi MoAjnath, HV., EliZz Cookz, TAank, LauAa, EmZZ and FloAzncz. 

Thz ^unzAoZ woi held Juty ZaxL at St. PhZZZp'i ChuAch and thz AejnaZm wzaz ZaZd at 

AZit Zn thz CathoZZc. CzmztZAy. 

• ••«•**,«« j^ j2, 1917 

Wz undzA6tand that MA4 . FAzd Mzikz wZtt not AztuAn to HankZnion but ^ottow hzA hus- 
band to BZimoA-ck and thzAZ awaZt thz tZmz o^ hAj> dLZtchoAgz ^Aom thz pzn. An z^^oAt woi, 
madz to havz thz tzn chZtdAzn iznt to an OApham' homz but voaZoui, dZ^^cuttZzi aAoiz and 
tkz chZtdAzn wZtL lemaZn wZth thz mothzA. Thz KemovaZ. o^ thz zntZAZ £amZZy ^Aom thz 

county wZti bz emZnzntZy iatZi^acXoAy to thz pzopZz o^ HankZmon. 

«»»*«»«**« j^ ,2, 1917 

Me^fee TamlZy Cozi to EZ&moAck. 
Atw. FAzd Mzikz and hzA ^amZZy o^ tzn chZtdAzn fiztuAnzd to HankZnion ta&t wzzk and 
AzmaZnzd untZZ Sunday makZng pAzpoAotZomt ioA thzZn. jouAnzy to EZ&moAck whzAz thzy uiZtt 
AzmaZn dunZng thz tZmz thz hzad o^ thz iamlZy Zt, iZAvZng hZi izntzncz o^ onz yzaA Zn thz 
pzn. Wz undzutand that RZcktand County wZtt contnZbutz $40 a month to thz iujppoAX. oq 
thz {amZiy. •••««««»*« j^^ J9^ j977 


STILES S V^clniXy A. C. EAn.^^k^ MOi caZZzd to ktzxandfuji, MW., to cutttnd thz 

lanzAjoZ 0^ hli moikzA-Zn-taw Zoi-t wzeJz, Azmcujujig ovtn. {^OK a. ihoAX vZi^ uuXh A.eMiti\;zi 

jjn. that \jA.(UJuXij. 

********** JuJU^ 19, 1917 

Statz Humanz O^^^^czA. ICUZzd 
WZttiam o£ Jamzitown, ^taXz humanz o^(^Zczn., uica Zmtantly bJlZzd aX Gaxlcz CiXy, 
ikLi, iiaXz, THyidaij moAyving Mhzn a GKZJzt UonjdiZAn tfiaJjn. cA^akzd Lrvto ki6 oatomobAjiz. 
Vzczjcazd uicu> quZtz wzZZ knoiMn hzAZ, havAJig v-i&Ztzd HanltLmon izvz/iaZ tlmzj, . 

********** July 26, 1917 

VzaXh 0|J LittZz One. 
Thzodoxz, tctttz ion oi M/i. and l{fii, . Choi. iiUhKondt, dizd ast ikz ^airUZtf homz 6outh- 
zoJit 0^ thz city FAA-day zvznlng o^ zhotzfia moxbuuS, , kavZng bzzn -LiZ but a {eui kouA^ . 
Thz tiXttz £zttouj uxU) 6 t/eoAiS, S montk& and 12 dayi old. Thz ^anz/LoZ uxu hzLd on Monday 
a^tZAnoon. Thz bzAzavzd poAznti havz thz iympathy of^ aJLZ. In thzln. gn.zaJ: ionjww. 

********** j^ 26, 1917 

Baby CKo&hzd to Vzath UndzA Whzzli 0|$ FathzA'i AuXomobZiz. 

Tnojnk MoAjqaaAdt, a ^oAmzA AZiZdznt o^ ZAJ.ghtwood TownihZp and uizZZ known to many 
AzadzAi oi Thz MEWS, -Lb g-tiej^ itAickzn ovza an accZdznt that KZiuZtzd in thz dzath o{, 
hAJ) LittZz two yzoA old ion at thz iairiiiy homz nzoA Ba^^alo Lakz, SoAgznt County, loit 
FAlday, TAank had dAixjzn hii automobZtz into thz yoAd and gonz into thz houiz ^OA a ^ew 
momznti . RztuAning, hz itzppzd into thz coA without noticing that onz o^ thz chiZdAzn 
had Zz^t thz baby coAAiagz behind thz can. duAing hd bAiz^ abizncz. Hz itoAtzd to- back 
thz COA up, hzaAd a cAaihing iound, and on invzitigation wai hoAAif^izd to diicovzA that 
thz COA had ovznXuAnzd thz baby cab and thz ZittZz onz had bzzn CAuihzd to dzath bznzath 
thz uihzzZi. Thz ^unzAoZ uxa hzZd Tuziday . 

Thz MoAquoAdt family weAe pionzzA izttZzAi of, BAlghtuiood Town&hip and occapizd thz 
^anm j'uit zait o^ thz lOiuzgzA pZacz an thz Aoad ^owl miZzi wzit o^ 
thii city. ••.»,«,,»* ^^^^ 2, 19/7 

TWENTY VEARS AGO Column f^Ai . EvzAztt GAZZn dizd at hzA homz izvzn miZzi iouthza^t 

0^ town. »»«.«»..». Auguit 2, 1917 


lajit SatuAday moKnlng, at thz homz o^ hzA ion, Wm. SaZzwzdzZ in tkii city, occwiAzd 
thz dzath o^ MAi . WiXhzlmina. SaliwzdzZ, SO yzoAi oZd in JanuoAy. Vzczoizd wai a nativz 
o{ AuitAia and camz to thii countAy in thz zoAly '90i with hzA chitdAzn, o^ whom thzn.z 

OAZ iouA 6un.\jiving WZltuim, M^4. AZbznt Knaak and M/i4 . F-tanfe Guitman o^ thZi vicinity, 

and ¥Azd whoiz wheAzabouti oaz unknown. 

Thz ^unzAoZ wai hzld Monday at 2 o'clock. SzAviczi weAe conductzd at thz ImmanuzZ 


EvangiLicaZ ChuJicJi by Rev. ObeJidautteM.. TnttnmznX. ujcu> madz Zn thz cemz^tzAu/ j'liit 4)0LUth- 

Atiguit 1, 7977 

wei^ oi thz (uXy. «•»«««»•«« 


NZkoloi Tlx dLLzd aJt thz homz o^ kii daughXzA., M-w . Gzo. J. Mack, cut New E^i^gton, 
SatuJidaij night, aitzn. an ZZZneM o^ owe wzzk. VzaXh wcu diiz to a gznzKoJi hfizjikdown and 
thz AJiiZ/wictLzi oi advancJjig yzoju,, 

Hikotait T-ix MOi boA.n Zn Gznmaru/ and uxu, 73 yzoAi old an JuZy ZZnA. Hz amz to thz 
Unitzd Statzi In 1867 and izttZzd at WatzAZoo, lA. Jt uiai thzA.z hz maruUzd Anna Manjj 
Sckztdzn. on Jan. Snd, 1877. ShoAtZy a^tzK tkii moAfujagz thz coaptz moved to BancAoit, 
Iowa, /LZ&ZxUng thzAZ antUZ 7902 uihzn thzy movzd to thz iZnz ianm one hat^ miZz ioath oi 
HankZn&on wheAZ thzy ha\jz 6tncz llvzd. Stncz Za&t iaZZ hz hoi madz ki& homz mXh hJj> 
daaghtzn. at Wew EHZngtan. 

VzczRizd Lt> ^iUAvZvzd by thz uxldow and ilvz ckiZdn.zn. . ,Jo.izph Tlx, H^Ji . Jakz EhA. 
and (Ak&. John EhA oi Hanklmon, M/l4 . Gzo. J. Macfe oi New EUtngton and Uaj,. Hick Gochz 
oi VzAndaZz, MW. Hz Mai a kind and toving hatband and an Zjidatgznt iathzfi and uUZZ bz 
kindZy AJZjnzmbzAzd by many inJ.znxLi> in Hankin&on and v-icinity. 

Thz ianzAoZ wai hzZd at thz homz at 9:30 AM Taziday moinZng, ^>ZA.viczi bzing conductzd 
by FathzAi Studnlcka, Sch.zmmzZ and UngzA, and at thz chuAch at 10 o'ctock. Thz Kzmaini 
weAz Zaid at xzit in thz iamiZy Zot -in thz CathoZZc CanztzAy iouth oi thii cZty. 

««•*».*•* t Aaguit 9, 7977 

buhmev in barn fire. 

Two ChiZdAzn Lo&t ThziA Livzi NzoA Jznizn'6 liZand 

Thz -&00 chiZdxzn oi Ua. and Ma6. GzoKgz Nzuman, who ti\jz on a ioAm nzoA Lakz TkovzaIiZ, 
a iew mZZzi ifiom Jzn&zn'i liZand, wzAz buAnzd to dzatk in thzAA boAn Za&t ThuAiday aitzn.- 
noon. It waj, a tzAAibZz and ghoitZy tAagzdy, and ihockzd thz cormaniXy oi no othzA tAag- 
zdy couZd. 

Thz childAzn had bzzn Zn thz hoaiZ ihoAtly bzioKZ ioK thzAA aitzAnoon Zunch and toZd 
thziA mothzA what a good timz thzy wzAZ having. A tittZz ZatzA ihz hzoAd thz KooA oi 
iZamzA and Aoihing out iound thz boAn a AooAing iuAnacz. Shz had no dziinZtz knowZzdgz 
that thz chiZdAzn wzAZ in thz boAn and Azidizd to bzZizvz that io tzAAibZz a iatz had 
bziaZZzn them. Jt woi thziA gAondiathzA who diicovzAzd thzAA AzmaZnl, in thz aihzi in onz 
coAnzA oi w/ieAe thz boAn had bzzn, whzAZ thzy had iZzd in a iutiZz zHoKt to zicapz thzJA 
iatz. Thz tittZz bodZzi wzaz buAnzd bzyond AzcognitZon. Thz iathzA and gAondiathzA izZZ 
/izmzZzi/i ai thz awiuZ tniUh waj, ioAczd upon than. 

Thz iunzAoZ wai hzZd Sunday iAom thz GzAman EvangzZZcaZ ChuAch oi that vZcZnZty. 
Thz whoZz countAyiZdz tuAnzd out to ihow thziA AZipzct and sympathy ioA thz bzAzavzd iamZZy 

Thz chZZdAzn wzAZ agzd 3 and 4 yzAAM. An oZdzA child Zn thz iomz iamZZy havZng dZzd 
Za&t iUTimzA, thz gAZzi itAZckzn poAznti OAZ Zzit with an iniant to mouAn thz tAogZc £o4.6 
oi thz AZ&t oi thziA tittZz iamZZy. 


No onz knom houj the. bcuun. caaghX on i-Ui.e., bat iX -U iuppoizd that thz ckU.dn.zn 

had got Aome matchzj) , and in playing i,eX the. hay on {^in.t. 

A honjiz^ tkKZ.e pig-i, iomz caZvej, and a lojigz quantiXy o^ hay wexe aJi&o comtrnzd 

in the. hoZaaaa&t. 

••••*••••• August U, 1917 

John T. iileZJU, CZzaJi o^ Count o^ WiZkin County ^oK 20 yejvii,, ii deoA o^ hejwt iaiZ- 
UA.Z at Efizckznfiidge. He uxu, boAJi in Uadi6on, O/I., in 1853, and in 1880 locatzd at Wah- 
pzton. iAu. Wztii, and daaghtzx, Rt4 . Mo4e Gidding^, o^ EAzckzn>iidgz 6UA.vivz kim. FunzAoZ 
iZAviczi wzAZ hztd Tu.z6day. 

********** Aagtu^ 23, 7917 

ToAinzn. Zziidznt CommiXi Suicidz 

fA.zd Kzmp^, who wai zngagzd in thz photography buiinzM in Hankinion about. 6zvzn- 
tzzn yejvu ago, commiXtzd 6uicidz by shooting himi>zti thAough thz heoAt at thz homz oi 
hAJ> bnothzA, AZbznt Kemp{^, in KuZm, onz day Zoit weefe. Hz had bzzn in Raiting hzaZth 
and iomzuihaX dzipondznt ^oA tkz poit ^eui monthi. Thz dzczoizd moj, 41 yzau o^ agz and 
had bzzn zngagzd in thz photagAaph buj,inzi.l, at KaJbn ^oA thz pabt IS yzau . 

When Thz NEWS man itAiick Hankinion a tittZz Zzi.1, than 18 yzaAi ago, Kemp^, wiXh a 
coapZz o{t oi^ociaXzi, wai, doing buiinzi^ in a poAtabZz gaZZzAy Zocatzd on thz coAnzA noui 
occapizd by CuZ\JZA'i bowZing aZZzy . Thz thAZZ ujZAZ membzAi, Oj^ thz "happy {^amiZy" that 
booAdzd uUth thz WoZtzA ^ti&tzAS in thz AZitauAont thzy weAe condactUng in thz buiZding 
novo Uukzd by tkz John EoitAum ^amiZy at, a Az&idzncz. Thz gaZZzty ujaj> movzd ^Aom hzAZ 
tkz {^oZtowing 4urraneA. and Kzmp{ hai bzzn in baiinz&i at KuZm nzoAZy eue/t. iincz. 

********** Augoit 23. 1917 

STILES S Vicinity f-Oi. and MAi . Joe GzAZizzk attzndzd thz lunzAaZ oi liXtZz Anniz 

Baunchzn, daughtzA o^ Ua. and Ma4 . John Baunckzn o^ FoAman. 

,«**»«».«« August 23, 1917 

Wz ijoiih to thank oua ^Aizndi and nzighboAi ^OA thz kindnz6-i and iympaXhy ihown 
duAing tkz tad houAit ^oZZowing thz death of, ouA tlttZz daughtzA, HildAzd. 

MR. S MRS. RobeA^ Eohn S RzZativzi 
«*»»«**.»« Augoit 23, 1917 

KiZZzd by Mowing Uachinz 

WaZteA L. Mzii , tuznty yeoA oZd ion oi MAi . H. 8. HzZt, oi Mamton TowmhZp, Wilkin 
County, died at tkz BAZckznAidgz Hospital on AuguMt 18th, (,Aom thz AZiuZt o^ an accident, 
uiith a mowing 

Hz had bzen dAiving a mowzA on tkz Mzi6 ^oAm. A dog Aan up in ^Aont o^ thz iickZz 
and woi in dangzA of^ bzing ckoppzd op by thz blade. WaZtzA itoppzd thz machinz and nan 
in {jAonZ to dnivz thz dog away, whzn thz team bzcamz {^nightznzd and itoAtzd lonwand. Ak 


thz tejm itoJitzd ihz i-ickZz aiaghX. hJjn at the. anklt and thAouxing trUm dawn, ikzoAtd o^^ 
ihz zntOiZ caZ^ o^ ihz lag aJbnoit to the. fenee. 

••••••*••• August 23, I9I7 

M^. J. J. LohA. woi zaZtzd to Euhband, Ik., laj>t MzeJi to attend the (^oneAnZ oi heA. 
^athzA. u)ho died at Kamoj) City, the body beJjig taken to thz oZd homz at HabboAd ^oa intzA- 
mznt. UAi. LohA -cA vZiZting uUth {^Aiendi, at hlinneutota. poZnti, en Aoate homz. 

********** Aagui^ 23, I9I7 

VfLOwned In thz WU.d Jlcce 
Thz iouA yzaA old 6on o^ Ma. and MAi. HowoAd WZLLam^ o£ HamLin uxu, dAownzd -en thz 
WXZd ZLcz at that pZacz Sunday a^tzAnoon. Thz LLttZe £ztLouj mxls playing nzaA thz itAzam 
and ^zZl -in dAouning bz^oAZ hii ab-izncz woi noticzd. 

»*«**•««»» August 23, 7917 

Ed. OZitad, a tAam-ient thAej,hzA woi impaZzd on a p-itck^oAk .in ^aJiting {^m a bucn- 
dZz toad at ChAlitinz thJj, uizzk and a coaptz ol dojji ZateA died ^Aom hii A.njUAA.zi at a 
FaAgo hoJ^p-Ual. ,.,,,»,,», ^^^^^ 3^^ ,g,7 

Rav. J. P. KZaiUiZzA and ^am-ity Zzavz today by auto ^oA Hinneapotii to attend thz 
{lUnzAaZ 0^ a bAothzA 0(J UAi. K. Thzy uuZt KztuAn In timz ioA Rev. KLmiteA to hold iex- 
vZczc at thz LuthzAon ChoAch ai lUaaZ next Sunday. 

*«»»»«,«,* Aogcu-C 30, ?9I7 

Vzath 0^ lUlitiam EbeJL 
WAXtiam Ebzi. died at hii homz on thz oZd liaac CAooki ^aAm iouth o^ tkli, cJJjj on 
Monday moAning at 4 o'clock, at thz agz o^ 24 yzoAi and 8 months. 

Vzcejuzd wa4 a va.cX-ut\ oi tubeAcuZo-iZii and had bzzn ZLt ^OA about a yeoA. He wa& a 
njotivz ojj ZichZand County, a ion o^ Ma. and Hu . Herman EbeZ AeJt-iding iouth o^ Lidgznmood, 
and woi maAAizd about iuo yzoAi ago to M-iii HZtda Bozhning uoho, uUth a babz o^ onz yeoA, 
iuAvZvzi kirn. 

Thz iunzAoi wai, held at LidgzAuiood yzitZAday at 3 o' cZozk ?M. Thz sympathy o^ alZ. 
gozit out to thz itAidzen uii^z and UjttZz babz -in thziA ionAow. 

• *•»««»**« SzptembzA b, 1917 


Otto AndzAion, a tAaniZznt ZaboAZA ^Aom lttino-ii>, was Zmtantty kJJJizd whzn a FoAd 
coA which hz wai dAivZng ovzAtuAnzd cZoiz to thz towzn. at the tntzAiZction o^ thz G.N. 
and N.P. tAacki zait o^ BAzckznAidgz at 12 midnight on Monday. 

HZi companion, SZvZAt BuAman, wai paAtiaZZy itannzd and dazzd ^OA iomz timz a^tzA 
woAd, but appoAzntly has iu^^eAed no iZAioui comzquznczi. 

AndeAion had been woAking ^OA a ianmzA zait o^ BAzckznAidgz and had quit thz job, 
dJiawn hii pay and gonz to town. That night hz dziZted to AztuAn to thz ^oAjn ^OA iomz 
Azaion, and Zeaizd onz o(, FAjnZmjion'i tivzAy coAi to maJiz thz tAip, takJjxg hZi ^Aiznd 

^uAman with him, TAavzting at a htgh Kate oi ipezd, a tJjiz bZew out, thz macKinz bzcamz 


urnianagzablz and KolZtd ovzA thAe.z tanu . AndiAj,on'i nzdz uxii bAX)kzn, tikemlie. kci Jaw 
a.nd kU {act uiai, badly mcutUatzd. Tht ctvi lay on top o^ Ivun uihzn ^oand. BuAman KeXuAnzd 
to town, whzAt omjiQ to ivU dazzd condition iX. woi 6orm timz bz^ofie. he. made, the accXdent 
known. The. auto wai not 6eJu.oaiZij damaged. 

The Kemainii o(^ the dead man axe. bexng held In the mo/igaz at EA.ediejvu.dge, awoAXing 
JihAjpment to hii home aji IZLaioZi . 

SeptembeA 6, 19/7 

TWENTV YEARS AGO COLUMN FeAdlnand Poppe woi, \uJULed by iaZLing In ^/lont oi a bA.nd- 

eA on kci ^aAm noAXhza^t oi town. HZi fU.ght Ze.g waj, ie-vejied by tht iZckZe. and he. wai 
otheAwZiZ teAAJJbZjj ZaceAaXed. 

•••*•••••• SzptembeJL 6, 19/7 

■ ThAZZ Vzathi, -in Hanfujuon and {/.cclnity VufUng the Pa&t Wzzk 
Two T-Oat Warned wzAZ PlonzeA SeXttzu ol Zlchiand County, 
Szttting HzAZ in the EanZy Vayi> o{^ the TznJiyitonjy. 
Lzvi. T. RJjiing, a n.eJ>Zdznt o^ ZlcJiZa.nd County (^on. the pa&t thjuXy yzoAM , dbied at kli 
komz Zn thL& <Uty Saturday moxning ^Kom a 4-ttofee o{^ apopZzxy. Thz itAoke came Mlthoat 
woAnlng and anothzn. zanZy izttlzn. waj^ caJLZzd to ki& KZwaAd aJbnoit in thz twinkling o^ an 

Ma.. Riling had afiZizn oi oiaal in thz moAning and a^tZA. bAzak^oit wznt to thz poit- 
o^^icz and AztiiAnzd homz with thz mail. Giving hli> daaghtzA a IzttzA to Azad, hz put on 
kiit gla.6iZ6 and iot down to Azad ka, papzA. A ^ew momznti latzA thz daaghtZA diicovzAzd 
that hz had paired away. 

Vzcza6ed mxlj boAn at Oiwzgo, NY., on ApAil 13th, 1845, and woi theAzioAZ in hli> 73Ad 
yeoA. At Oiwzgo hz gAzw to manhood and woi maAAyied to Ellzn Spi-CZA who dizd ^i(,tzzn yeoAi 
ago at thz ^aAm home neoA FaiAmoant. In IS SB thz {^amZly camz wzit, locating ^iAit at 
BAzckznAi.dgz, MW. Two yeaA& latzA they moved to Hankimon and in 1 S89 Jtzttlzd on a ^oAm 
which Ma.. Riiing puAchoizd ^oua and onz-hal^ miZzi nonXhzoit o^ FaiAmoant, on thz banki, 
o{i thz BoZi dz SiMux Ai.\jeA, whzAZ thzy AZiidzd up to a ZiXtZe lzi6 than a yzoA ago. Then 
Ma. Rising, with kU> two daughtzAj, , Mc44e4 Edith and Jennie, movzd to Hankimon and havz 
AZiidzd hzAz iincz. 

Vzcejiizd iM iuAvivzd by ii.\JZ chiZ.dA.zn, aZZ o{^ whom AZiidz in thii viciniXy . . .f^-iii 
Edith Ziiing, EAnzit RZiing, AAthuA Rising, HowaAd RZiing and Hiii Jznniz Riiing. 

Ma. Riiing woi known oi a kindly oZd gzntZeman and had thz AZipzct and zitzem o^ all 
who knew him. 

Thz {^uneAol WfW hzZd Monday, iZAvZczi being condactzd by Reu. H. C. JuzZZ both hzAZ 
and at FaiAmount. IntZAment woi madz in thz (^asniJiy Zot in thz FaiAmoant Cemztzny . 

*«•*..».«* SzptembzA 13, 1917 



John EULu, a. n.ej,Zdznt o^ BfUghiujood Touiml^lp iZncz 1S82, dlzd cut tkz harm o^ kli, ion 
Samazt EZZli, iiOuXh oi tkli) <uXy cut rtu,dru.qht on o^ tcL6-t u)ze.k. tfe had been a ia^f^zAHA 
ijAom cxuficzn. £oA. moxz than a yzaji. 

Vzcza&zd ujoi bonn Zn Cattajuigai , County, W., and wouZd havz bzzn 14 yzaxh oZd on Szpt. 
18th., oi tkli yzoA. Thzfiz hz g^ew to manhood, and 52 l/zou ago Mai ma>uu.zd to f^janczi 
GadgzA who pa&^zd auxiy MkiLz thz iairuJLj n.zi,Zdzd on tkz PacliA-c coa&t {^on. a ihonX. timz about 

IS yzoJUt ago. 0£ tkii union thzAZ an.z 4-cx ituAviM-ing ckUidAzn EAnzit, who A.zi,A.dzi cut 

Tagu6, MP., ¥A.zd who Z& on thz old homzitzad -In BAA.ghtwood, Etizabzth who -65 now on thz 
?acu.{iA.c Coaitt, FAjinzzi, Samazt who Zi ^aAmlng In EZma, John who -Li -in Washington Statz. 
Onz son, HaAAjj, Zl, dzad. 

ShoJvtZij a^tzA thzZn. manjuAgz thz EZLU ^amiZy moved to Hii-ioofu. and ^Aom thzfiz came 
■Co llichtand County 25 yzafu> ago. Zocxitlng on a homzitzad jait zait o£ Lakz EZiZz in what 
Z& now BAZghtwaod Towmhip. With thz zxczption o^ a couptz o^ yzaju> ipznt on thz Paci.^-c.c 
Coast, Ma.. ElLiii conZinuzd to KZiZdz i.n ZichZand County up to thz timz OjJ his dzath. 

He was a hcuid working, honzst and God {^zoAJjig man, a good nzighboK and a kind and 
ijndaZgznt husband and ^athzA. His dzath Zs sinczAzly mouAnzd by a toAgz cJjicZz o^ i^Zznds , 
zspzcJMJLiy among thz pZonzzA szttZzAS whosz fianks axz so KopZdZy thinning. 

Thz lunznjjJi was hzZd Monday a^tzAnoon, szAvZczs bzing conductzd at thz Sam Ettis homz 
in EZma and at thz CongAzgat^onaZ. ChuAch in thZs ciXy. JntzAmznt was madz Zn HZttsZdz Czjn- 
eXzAy. •«««»»* » « » SzptzmbzA 13, 19 J 7 


Johan BzckzA, 75 yzoAS otd, dZzd at hZs homz Zn HankZnson on Wzdnz&dai/ o£ last weefe. 
Vzcuth was due to Zn^iAmitizs o^ advanzZng yzoAS . 

Vzczaszd was a ncutZvz o^ AustAZa but has AZsZdzd Zn thZs cJMj ioA a rumbzA o^ yzoAS . 
Hz Zs suAvZvzd by thAZZ gAown chZldAzn. . .Jacob and TAonk BzckzA o^ this cZty and Mas. Jacob 
BjoAn who ZZvzi on a (,aAjn nzoA TaJjtjnount. 

Thz ^unzAol wa& hzld FAiday, szavZczs bzZng condactzd by Reu. Jos. F. Studniaka, cut 
St. PhZtip's ChuAch.. JntzAmznt was madz Zn thz CatholZc CzmztzAy. 

»«»,»»»«»» SzptmbzA 13, 1917 


OAZZn Southam o^ WahpzXon, wZdzZy known thAoughout thz county as "LZttlz Judgz" , dZzd 
Zn an ambulancz on thz wcuj to a hospZtaZ Zn MZnnzcqpoZZs FAZday o^ diphthzAZa. Hz was 
StAZckzn with thz dAzad dZszasz whZZz cuttznding thz t-iZnnzsota Statz FaZA. FoA szvzAoZ yzjOAs 
hz was zmpZoyzd as stznogAophzA Zn Judgz LaadzA's oUZcz at Wahpzton and ZatzA Zn thz samz 
capacZty by FoAhzs S LounsbuAy. »«•*«*•»«» SzptzmbzA 13, 1917 


UoAy, ZZttZz daughtzA of, Ua. and Mas. L. B. Budge, dZzd at tkz homz o^ hzA GAondmothzA, 
Mas. John RZtchztdt Zn thZs cZty Monday mOAning at 2:30 o^ tymphatZc ZzukzmZa, at thz agz o;$ 
7 yzoAS on Zast May 1st. Thz ZZttZz suiizAZA had bzzn ZZl ioA somz tZmz and was takzn to th 


Swzdliih HoiipAXaZ In Ulnnzapotii, iuo weeLs ago, bat ike. t^ofiti o^ ihz ipzcuALUtii wzAe. 
0^ no axauZ. Bt&Zdu tkt itAidnzn poAznti, thzAz oAz Ld^t to mouAn keA. -to44 thAzz ilitzu , 
LucJJLz agz 12, Agnei agz 5 and KaXhzAaiz age 7, and onz bKotkzfi, John, agz 10. Shz had 
bzzn maiuyiQ hzA homz mXk hzfi aunt, Ua& . John SduZtzn., In.. , ^oK thz lai,t tjzoA. 

********** SzptembzA 13, 1917 

HoAoZd Wol^z, a pAbjatz -in Co. J at Wahpzton, dZzd in thz En.zckznfU.dgz Ho&pitaJi on 
Tuz&day monnZng ai thz xziuZt o^ thz faAeoLotg o^ an abcz6i lahcch ^onmzd duAcng a 4eueAe 
'iZZnzi^ OjJ plzoAiiij. Vzczoizd wai a 4>on o^ Ma. and MA4 . (i/. S. Wolf^z o^ Lidgznuiood. 

»»««»««»»» SzptejnbzA 13, 1917 

^An^. HzAman SchuZtz, Nonthwzit o^ Town, Vlzd Taziday A^tzA a BaLz^ IZZnzi^, . 

SuAvZvzd by Eight ChlZdAzn, Somz c^ Whom Rzitdz -in thU VlcujuMj 
Huiband VZzd FouA Vzau Ago 
Hu. Hznjnan SzhuZtz, a plonzzA n.zildznt o^ Richland County, dlzd at thz homz o^ hzn. 
i>on Jo-izph noAtkuzit o^ tkii clXy Tuziday a^^tzfi a bAiz^ IZtnzii . Inflammatory nhzumatlim 
viltk compllcatlom woi thz caa6Z o^ death. 

Vzcejuzd Moj) a natlvz 0({ JoA.dan, MN., and MOi boAJi 56 yzafu, ago. Shz woi moAAizd on 
Azadilng womanhood to Hznjnan SchuZtz who dlzd about ^ouA yzoAts ago. Shz waj, thz mothzA o^ 
zZzvzn chlZdAzn, eight o^ whom OAZ living. Thz NEWS hoi bzzn unablz to get iull Inf^oAmatlon 
but. among thz chlldAzn oaz Va^. Paul Lzack o{, LidgzAwood, Joizph Schultz who li on thz old 
homzitzad and Hznman who llvzi In Hlnnzapoll& . 

VzczoMzd wad lit only a ^eui daij^ , and hzA condition wa6 not con^ldzAzd cAitlcaZ until 
loit SatuAday. Hzn. untunzly dzaXh li a gxzat ihock to a laAgz cIacZz o^ old ^Alzndi and 
nzlghbo Ai . 

Thz lunzAoZ wai, held at MantadoA. thli moAnlng, Intznjnznt being madz In thz Catholic 
CzmztzAy at that placz. 

«»•••»»««» Szptembzn. 10, 1917 

Thz llXtlz child ofi Ma. and Ma6. Aaguit Swamon, xzildlng iouth o^ thli city nejxA the 
/itatz llnz, dlzd tanit night a^tzn. a bAlz^ ItlneJii, aged onz and ^ yzaAi . Thz itAlckzn 
poAznti have thz sympathy o^ all In thzlA bzAzavement. 

»»•»•«••»» Szptejnbzn. 10, 1917 

lAznz LojuAa, daughtzn. oi Ma. and MA4 . Paul HilbAandt, dlzd at thz family homz on thz 
P. K. BeAgeA ^oAm, juit acAoa thz llnz In South Dakota., on Monday o^ thli wzzk a^tzn. a 
llngznAJig lllnzii. Thz lltttz onz woi nlnz monthi and two dayi old. Thz ^unzAol woi held 
thli a^tznjioon, iZAvlczi being conducted by Reu, ObeAdoZitzn. In thz GeAman Immanuzl ChuAcJi 

In thli city. The young poAenti havz thz iympathy o^ all In thelA beAzavemznt. 

«».».»».•, SzptejnbzA 17, 79/7 


SoAznt Cowntij Cox Tannzd TanXte. and PKomlnejit yoang Lady Jmia/vtly KJlZtd 

Mci4 Ida Hohaui Plnnzd Undzx Can. blhJXz En Route Enjom Tonman to ValZzy CUg Monday AjJ^eAnoon 

Mc44 Ida Hohaui, a pAxiniaie.nt. young SoAgznX. County i,ckoot tzackex and a mejnbzA o{^ one 
oi thz covufuty'j^ pAj>nzeJi ^anULLti, uia6 Zmtantty iULtzd nzan. Homz, ZoAm^ County, Mondajj 
a^teAnoon uihe.n thz auuto 6hz uxUi AA/iing in tuAnzd tanXZz. Shz wai pinnzd andzA thz cafi and 
uxu dzad uihzn fizmovzd ^A-om thz um.zck. Hzn. mothzA, Uxi . GzoA.gz Hohaak, iui{^zn.zd a biokzn 
anm. Thz dKbJZfi, John C. Johmon o^ Rutland, zxcapzd uuXh but itight ijijUAj,zi. 

m&A Hohaai uiai, to havz bzzn maJifu.zd -in a Izw daiji, and hzA ^iancz. Ma.. John&on, wai 
tailing kzx to ValZzy City to vliiX ioK a day on. tuo. Thz mothzn. oi M^4 Hohaiu, madz up 
thz tkind. mzmbzA o^ thz pajcty. 

Mc44 Hohaui woi boAn in SoAgznt County and a^tzA hex gKadujution f^iom thz ValZzy City 
nonmaZ school taught at dLiUzAznt pointi in thz county, Zait yzaji at RuXZdnd, whzAZ ihz wai 
uioozd and won by Ma. John&on, a- pKominznt. gznznaJL mzAckant oi that ciXy . Shz uiaj, thz young- 
zit unmoAAizd daughtzn. in thz ^amlty and hzx untimzZy dzath, joit on thz eve 0(5 hzn. appnoa- 
ching manjiijagz iL poAXlcuZanJiy pathzXic. 

»»«»»**««* Szptzmbzfi 11, 7917 

Gotttizb Hath, South 0($ LidgzAwood, Vnank Canholic. Acid 
_ Had Zzzn Rziidznt o^ VuznA. ^on. Many YzoJii, and Mo Reruon Known ^on. thz Roih Act 

Gotttiih Huth, an zanJiy izttlzn. in Vuznn. Touinihijp, dnank caAbolic acid with iuicidat 
intznt iomz timz duning Satuxduy night and woi ^ound dzad in bzd zanZy thz ^olZowing mon.n- 

Vzcza&zd woi about 60 yzaA6 oZd and in com^onXabZz cLtcurmtanczi , and 6o ^OA a& known 
had no tnjoublzi> on. wonJiizi that might havz Zzd to hii 6zZ^ dzitnuction. 

Hz woi moving o^^^^ a n.zntzd £anm to ki6 own pZacz about two miZzi wzit o^ JuLiu^ Boz- 
hning'i, whznz Augu&t Abnaham and cazm weAe zngagzd in moving iomz buiZding'i {^on. him daning 
thz wzzk. Hz oppzaAzd in good ipiniti and Satunday zvzning dnavz to Lidgznwood to kinz a 
pzx&on to iinZih up iomz wonJi on thz pZacz ion kirn. Hz aAAivzd homz ihontZy bz^oxz mid- 
night and a panXZy zmpty bottZz ^ound th.z ^oZZowing monning indicatzd that hz dnank thz 
acid j'uit bz^onz zntzning thz hoaiz, diZuting it with watzn. at thz wzZZ. Vuning thz night 
JuZiui Wzi.i.6, who wai working with Abnaham on a moving job, hzoAd Huth making a pzcuZian. 
noiiz but did not invz&tigatz. Uhzn £oand in bzd ZJ3J\Zy Sunday monning hz had appanzntZy 
bzzn dzad ion izvznaZ houJUi. CononzA. SaM,z wat, caZZzd ^Aom Lidgznwood and dzcidzd that no 
inqaz&t wai nzczM,any. 

Vzcza^zd is, ianvivzd by thz wi^z and thnzz gnown chiZdnzn, two daughtzu and onz ion. 
Thz iunznaZ wai heZd at thz Gznman ChuAck in VuznA Towmhip oi which Rev. CZoztzn ii poitoK. 

**•««»«*«• OcXobzn 4, 1917 


Indcan 8/U.cfe ComUXi, Stu.< 04 Haiband Leaver uilih Tnxsopji 
Vzipondznt bzcaa&e. hzA. hmband uiai to Izavz uxiXh tkt Szcond Rzg^zrvt, Unj, . Sojuxk JoK- 
dan, an 18 yzjOJi old Indian b^Udz , connvcttzd bij dfUnLing avibatLc acJ.d at a BZimoAck 
hotzt Monday a{jtzAnoon. ?nJ.\jatz Joizph Jordan, a mejnbzA 0^ Company I OjJ, n.ejmaJ.nzd 
aX. KUmoAck {^on. thz ijnqazJtt and tkz (^antfujdi and uiitt Jo-in hii company ZatzA at Camp GKZznz. 

Ma4 . 3oA.da.n Zz^t hzA huiband aZonz at thz hotzt ikoKtZy a^tzA. noon and Mhzn ihz KztuAn- 
zd ihz ^n^oAmzd him that ikz had takzn aviboLic acid. Hz bzcamz {^fumtxc and caZZzd {^qk a 
doctoA.. Mm. Jofidan <mu> Auihzd to thz St. Atzxiui Ho-ip^otaZ whzAZ ihz dlzd ihoAtZy a^tzA.- 

Pfilvatz Joxdan, a SZoux Indian {^fwrn thz Standing Rock KZ^ZAvation, can aiiZgn no cau&z 
£oA hii young uxiiz'i deed, othzA than that ihz had been dzipondznt {^on. izvzAaZ. dajyi o\jza. 
thz pAOipzcti ^oK kii dzpoAtuAZ ioA camp at ChoAlottz, NC. Jordan -ii onz oi izvzwJL Tndiani 
who bzZong to thz BZimoAck Company. 

.*•»««»*»* OctobzA 4, 1917 

VzaXh May CZoAjn ThiAd Victim 0^ Caiotinz ExpZoiion 
Vzath ii zxpzctzd to takz thz thiAd victim o£ thz zxpZoiion and {^iAZ in thz Lzihoviky 
pooZ halt at VoAan, MN. kZ(^n.zd Lzihoviky, {^athzA 0^ thz tuo ZittZz chiZdAzn u.ho Zoit thzln. 
Zivzi ii a pajtiznt at thz EAZckznAidgz HoipitaZ, ia^f^zAing buAni uikich aAZ zxpzctzd to 
pAovz ^ataZ. 

EtAoy Lzihoviky, tu:o yzoAi oZd and kii ZiXtZz iix monthi oZd ii^tzA, Anna, u)ZAZ thz 
victXmi a{^ thz zxpZoiion and iiAZ uikich dzitfwyzd thziA ^athzA'i pooZ haZZ and thz {^amiZy'i 
apoAtmznti ovzA thz baiZding. Hii iiitzA woi io badZy buAnzd that ihz dizd a ihoAt timz 
a^tzAwoAdi . MAi . Lzihoviky uiai badZy buAnzd and takzn to thz BAZckznAidgz MoipitaZ, but 
hoi AzcovZAzd. 

Thz VoAon tAagzdy wai thz iziuZt of^ an zxpZoiion which occuAAzd whzn Ma. Lzihoviky 
itoAtzd to pump up thz cUa pAZiiuAZ 0^ hii gai Zighti with a hand pump. In a izcond thzAZ 
woi an zxpZoiion and thz buiZding woi a man 0^ ^Zamzi which ipAzad KapidZy . Thz ^athzA, 
painiuZty buAnzd-^Aom thz zxpZoiion madz a ^AanXic zHoAt to KZicuz thz chiZdAzn. 
Thz buiZding wai tataZJLy dzitAoyzd. 

• *•,»***«* Oc^tobzA n, 1917 

MothzA and VaughtzAi Loiz Livzi in Finz MzaA VzbZzn 
At thz HoAfuj VuMoAiZ homz nzoA VzbZzn, Sunday night, occuAAzd a {^Aight^aZ accidznZ 
AZJiuZting in thz dzjith 0($ thz mothzA and two daughtZAi , ^Aom thz zxpZoiion 0^ a kzAOiznz 

Ma.. VuMoAiZ ^iZZzd thz itovz in which hz had nzgZzctzd to zxtinquiih thz {^Zarnz, and 
accidzntaZty ovzA-Aun thz tank. An zxpZoiion ^oZZowzd, damaging thz MitzAioA oi thz hou^z 
comidzAobZy and thAowing thz buAning oiZ ovzA thz occupanti . Thz imaZZzA chiZd, thAZZ 
yzoAi 0^ agz, dizd thz ^oZZowing moAning and thz mothzA and thz izvzn yzoA oZd chiZd thz 


^ottouxing day. Ma. VuMcui&z woi bafimd quite. izve^Zy about, tkt cumi but mJUL A.zcoveA. 
Thz tAyiptz. {^unZAoZ woi keZd Wzdnziday a^tzAnoon and uxu vz/vj toAgzZy attzndzd. 

*«»«•«•«•* OcXobzA IS, I9J7 

Hu.l> CoAO. GzAmOAjfi, RziZding HzoA Ro^koZt, Initantty ICilZzd Whzn Foxd Twim OvzA 

LauVLZncz KaUjizn. woi VtUsjAjig and He and Hi&i GzAmaJji WeAe tkz Only Occupanti o{, thz Can. 

M^4 CoKO. GzAmain wai, Znitarvtty kxZZzd tujo nUZzi louth o^ thz KoAJtzn. lafm 4,outhz£U,t 
OjJ tkiii cUty Sunday zvzning ivhzn thz FoKd coJi tn udbich ihz uioi A.ztuAning homz tuAnzd omzk Shz uia& thAown cZzafi oi thz am. but zvidzntZy itAJUck hzn. hzad and wai, dzad whzn 
pictzd up. 

LoMfizncz KaZizn., who uxu, dfiivZng thz can. and wa& thz onty othzA occupant, zicapzd 
with onZy a 6Zvzn.z ihaking up and minox bniuMZi. 

Mc44 Gznmain had attzndzd a iun.pAAj>z panXy at thz KaJjizn. homz duAing tkz a^tzAnoon 
in honoA o^ LauJAzncz'6 zightzznth biAthday, and LawAzncz wai d>u.ving hzn. to thz family homz 
izvzn rrUZzii louth of^ thz KaJj,zA pZacz, and onty a ^hont diitancz ^Aom Roiholt, whzn thz 
accidznt occunAzd. Thz coa had Azachzd a hitt and thz bnjikz Az^uizd to wonJi £oA 4)0mz Kzjuon, 
Thz dJUvzA toitt contAot and thz coa tuAnzd two compZztz iommzA6auZtl, , {^inaZZy coraing to a 
itop with thz ^Aont whzzZi standing i,tAaight up in thz oiA and thz coa AZiting on itl, AZOA 
znd in thz diXch. Young KaJjizn Azmainzd in thz izat bzhind thz whzzZ and wo^ not iZAiouiZy 
injuAzd.. Mc64 GzAjnain wai thAown 6omz diitancz and Kai^zA pickzd hzA up and coAAizd hzA to c 
a ioAjn hou6Z nzoA by. Shz wai zlthzA klZZzd imtantty OA dizd bz^oAz hz got hzA to thz houii 

Thz victim 0|{ diz accidznt ij> wzZZ. known in that poAt o^ thz countAy, hzA poAznti bzing 
pA04,pzAoa6 i$aAne/L4 nzoA RoihoZt. Thz ^unzAoZ wai hzZd Tuziday at St. NickoZoi ChuAch two 
mcZz6 zoit 0^ oZd VzAnon, and wai> attzndzd by a \jaj,t thAong o^ ioAAowing {^nA.zndi o^ thz 

^°^"'^- OctobzA IS, 19/7 

PAominznt FoAmzA Vizi SuddznZy o^ HzoAt FaiZuAZ 

L. J. WaZZ&tAom, onz o^ thz pfwminznt ^aAmzA6 o^ noAthzAn RobzAti County and a AZ6i- 
dznt thzAz £oA thz poit twznty-^^ivz {jzaAi, dizd iuddznZy oi hzoAt ^aiZuAz on Monday moAn- 
ing at 1:15 AM. He AztOizd in hii uiuaZ good hzaZth but wa& 6tAickzn duAing thz night. 

Vzczaizd wa6 a natJMZ o^ Swzdzn and woutd havz bzzn iixty yzoAi oZd nzxt FzbAiiaAy. 
He camz to thz Unitzd Statzi in ISSl , 6zttZing at Rzd Wing, MW. He wai, moAAizd in 1SS5 
in PizAcz County, WI., to Hi66 CoAoZinz Mation. 0^ tkii unA.on ninz chlZdAzn WZAZ bcAn, 
{^ouA oi whom oAZ Ziving. . .t^oAy, AAthwi, QicoA and EZZzn, thz youngzit [EZZzn] bzing now 
iiitzzn yzaA6 oZd. FAom Rzd Wing thz ^amiZy movzd to Popz County, izttZing nzoA Kzmington. 
Whzn thz Si&izton Indian RziZAvation woi opznzd to izttZzmznt in tkz ipAing o^ 1S92, Ma. 
WaZZjttAom wai onz oi thz ^oAtunatz onz6 who izcuAzd a ^inz homzitzad twzZvz miZzi iouth 
0(J tLLi city. ThzAz tkz ^amiZy haj, AZiidzd eveA iincz, Ma. WaZZitAom adding to hJj, ^oAm 


^Axsrn timz to timz ontiL he. had a. 4S0 acn.z ^<vm zqiUppzci vxiMi goad biuZding^ and om. o^ 
the. madzt pla.czj> oi that iecXion. He Zi iaAvZvzd by the. w-idow and the {^ouA cJvitdA.zn men- 
tione.d abovz. 

In the death o^ Ma.. WatlitAvm tkU panX. o^ the cowntKy Z.oi>eii one o^ JUti) heMt cctczena . 
ThA^ity and -LnduuitAZotu, , he. Ma6 at att timej, hone.&t and (^aVi -in kl6 boiZnesi deaZZng, ad- 
hejviing it/LicXLj to the qotden nnte -in att the a^^^aUAi o^ tif^e. He uoom honored and A.t6p- 
ected bij aJLt who knew him and MOi, o^ten catted on to ^Ztt po-iiXZom o^ tAuit by tkoit uUth 
uihom hz wcLS oi^ocMited. 

Hz uioi a ZZ^z long membzA. o^ thz SuizdL&h liithejian ChuAch and onZy thz poit 6uirmzA wom 
onz 0|J thz Sooth Vakota dzlegatzi to thz ^ynod heZd in 'LlJUnoZ& . Thz ^unz/iaZ mZt bz held 
thiit a^tzAnoon at thz LatheAan ChuAch nzoA hLi homz and o^ iohLch hz uwu onz o^ thz ^oandzAi . 
IntzAjnznt uiitt bz madz in thz chuAch yoAd neoA thz iicznz o^ hZi zoAJJnJLy acZLxiitlzi ^on. thz 
pa/>t qaoAteA o^ a czntiviy. 

********** OctobzA U. 19/7 

Thz izvzn dayi otd chJJid o£ Ut. and Uai, . SJjnon VoicJi, n.zj>lding nzoA GAzat Eznd, dizd 
yzMtZAday. ,,,,,,,,., ^^^^ ^^^ ,,^7 

Adot^ Kotcklan o{^ LLdgzniuood ihat klmizt^ with ^ataZ KZituJtti neoA PoitaJt on Taziday. 
Thz MEWS hai no paAtLzvJtoAii oi thz iad a^ialA. Thz body li> zxpzcXzd thAoagh hzAZ tonight 
on dzZayzd Soo tAoin lOS. Vzczjuzd wcu wz-tt known and kii antimeZy death ii a gAeat ihock 
to^a toAge ciAcZz oi ^Aizndi . He woi a ion-in-tavu oi A. F. BonzeA oi Lidgznwood. 

««•***»««. OctobzA IS, 19/7 


ChoAtottz, WC, Oct. 23Ad OHiciat annoancemznt woi madz today oi thz dzath yzitzA- 

day oi VfUsJOtz RaZph EaAty , IS, oi thz 164th IniantAy, oi thz AZMitt oi blood poisoning. 
Hii poAznti) A.Ziidz at Wahpzton, NV . , and a mLLiXoAy iunzAot woi hztd hzAZ thii moAning and 
thz n.zinaim shipped to hii homz tonight. 

Wahpeton, NV., Oct. Z3fid. Ratph EanZy, who dizd at Camp GKZznz yz&tzAday oi blood 
poZitoning, iM a ion oi Jack EoAly, a xeXVizd ianmzA, who i& living in thii city. Hz zn- 
liitzd in Co. T oi the FiAit Regiment and went to Camp Gizznz with that Azgimznt. 

TheAe have been anconiiAmed fiepoAti hzAZ to thz zHect that anothzn. membzn. oi what woi 
Co. I, by thz namz oi Choi. Nzlion, had alio died, bat coniiAmaticn oi that Kzpofit wai 
impoi^ible at a late houA tonZght. 

•**»».*»*» OctobzA 25, 7977 

GREAT BENV EXAMINER. . .Thz iniant child oi Ma. and I.Uii . Simon Voich dizd on Wednziday 

oi lait weefc ihoAtly aitzA bZnth, and thz ianeAol woi hztd fAiday. Thz poAznti havz the 
iympathy oi att in thz loa oi thzZn. baby. 

•••»*•**•« QctobzA 25, 7977 


In^oAmcutlon oM io ikz whfizabonti o^ Gordon BcuAd, ta^t hzafvd o£ cut HankAJi&on about 
Xioo monthii ago, aj> uxmtzd cut kli home, cut Vcuik TIL\jza, NV. HZ6 ^cuthzA. ditd on Oct. 12th and 
hJj, iZlitzn. has nzqai^tzd The. NEOJS to zndzavoK to tocatz him. Kvujonz knouilng hAJ> pAZiZnt uuJJL con^zn. a ^avoA. by notZ^yAJig thU o^^a-CZ. 

*«•»«««*», Novembzn. J, 19/7 

CzntznoAAJin VZz6 Hzaji VzJbtzn 
Hznfuf OfutZzy, age 705 yzoJu^, deed aJt hCi homz noAthwzit OiJ Vzbtzn on Oct. 17th. We 
uxU) -en appcuiznt good hzaZth up to nzcuity thz timz o^ hii dzath. 

• •«»».«••. NovzmbzA. T, 1917 


John KznXz, wzZZ knouin KziZdznt o{^ UantaxioK, dlzd oi hzjvut ^oaZuaz Monday 
and uxu> bwUzd Wzdnziday. Ton. 6omz timz pcu,t hz hcu, bzzn acting aj, j'aniton. at thz Cathotic 
ChuAch and ichoot thztz. f^ondojj mofuiing thz ^Ztzi, we/ie not buctt cu, uiuaZ, and imiz^ti- 
gcution Zzd to thz dcicoveAx/ that hz wcu, dying In a imaJLi bulZdlng at thz KZOJi o£ thz chufich 
Mkich hz U6zd oi itzzphig quoAtzAi. MzdlcaZ old uxu 6ummonzd but hz dlzd uilthln a ihont 
timz. Hz had bzzn txoubZzd with a wzak hzoJUt f^on. iomz timz but. hli condition MZi not con- 
/.IdzAzd auiticaJL. ••♦»»«»»«« Hovzmbzn. 1, 1917 

ChanattzA o^ Plonzzn. Vayi Poi-ieA ktioy A^tzn. Long llinziii, 

A coAzzn. which wa6 vlAtuaZty an zplc o^ thz conquzit o^ thz Stcutz 0(J Nonth Dakota. 
H«4 bnjought to a concZuilon In a BlimoAck Ho&plXcd. wlXh thz dzcuth Sunday o£ Danny Hanna.- 
£ln, "iquattzA govZAnon." a I this itatz. 

kt thz age o^ S2 yzaAi , Vznny Hanna(^ln, ioZdlzA o^ {,OAtanz, plonzzn., Indian ^IghtzA, 
homzitzadzn., and ClvlZ uxla vztZAon, fought hl& land bcuttZz and thz ctoilng chaptzn. oi hl& 
Zl£z wcU) MAottzn. PnababZy thz nontJwiZit'i bzit known choAactzA, a (^nJ.znd o^ ShzAman, 
ShzAldan, GAant, Logan and Cu&tzA, cu, ujzXZ oa many othzn. notablz& , Vznny hai, Zz^t a n.zcon.d 
to fae pAoud OjJ and onz which lit Idzntl^zd vlvldZy with thz hibtony 0|J thz itatz. 

Vznny Hannd^ln waj> bonn In JAzZand an thz 15th o(, UoAch o^ 1S35, and whzn hz wcu, tzn 
LfZOAi oZd hz zmlgnatzd to AmzAlca wlXh hli poAznti . On thz way ovZA hli lautkzA dlzd and 
Vznny ImmzdlatzZy took thz n.ziponilblZltlzi o£ hzad o^ thz {^amlty upon hli ituAdy ZlttZz 
ihouZdzAi . Upon thz ^amlZy'i oAAlvaJL at Bu^^^aZo thz boy ioZd nzwipapzAi, bZackzd ihozi 
and wonkzd at voAloui odd jobi hz couZd ^Ind. Out o^ thz monzy which woi uizd to iuppont 
thz (^amlZy, Vznny iavzd znough to acqulAz a common ichooZ zduccutlon. 

At thz age o^ 15 thz boy waj, wonJUng on thz JZZlnoli CzntAaZ. RallAoad which tooi bzlng 
buiZt at that timz. On thz ^ouAtzznXh oi JuZy at Amboy, JL., Vznny znZlitzd In thz 75th 
JZLinoli In^antAy and thAzz monthi ZatzA woi commliilonzd a Lizutznant ion. complcuoui 
bnjx\jzny at thz battZz o^ FznAyvlItz. At Oiab OnchoAd hz wai woundzd and at Stonz RlvzA hz 
condactzd himizZ^ complcuouiZy with thz plonzzn. bnlgadz commandzd by lamzi St. CZalAZ 


UoAXon, iwppoKtinQ ikz Ckicago boafid oi i/iadz baXtzAy. He was acXZvz -in thz biUZdcng o^ 
ikz {^aAjti^Zciztioni cut UuA{,A.zz6boKo and hz moAchzd to tkz iza. mJk ShzAman. 

A^tzA. ikz QJbjU. WoA, Hanna^Zn cii4,0CMiX.zd k-imizZ^ uuMi tkz UviLan ?a.cJ.(^lz RaulAaad 
uikich wan, buUZding -Uti, ZJjiz uitiiuxvid and Vznny agaJji madz klmizZ^ oi a ^amoiU> 
ckoAJictzn. at tkz ^AvntLzx po-inti, ZncZadlng Tzmontonjj VoAjit, LoAorniz and Ckzyznnz. iaXzA 
hz wzjfit uUth tkz NoAtkzAn Pacu-^-lc and tivo i/zoAj, ZatzA, In 1872, Hanna^Zn itakzd out one o^ 
tkz iZnjit ctoAjni at MooAkzad, MW. Tkz iomz ijzan. fie wtu onz o^ tkz ^-Oiit to Zocatz on tkz 
pAZiiznt iZtz oi Kuma/ick. 

LzoAyUng tkat 4omz St. VanZ capZtal^ti wzAz coming to ZitahLUh a towm^Xz at tkz 
pAZ&znt location o£ tkz itatz'i, capZtaZ, HannaiZn piazzzdzd to fwund u.p a numbzA. o^ luJ, 
old iKizjidi and tkzy bzat tkz St. VauJL poAty to tkz iitz and pAzzmptzd aZJL tkz land on tkz 
ilLvza bank adjolnijxg tkz AoZVioad. Among tkziz ai,60CAjitzii mzaz John J. Jaakinan, itUZl 
Li\jJjig at EZimaAck; GzoKgz G. San^oxn, latZA o{^ Taxga; John H. ZickoAd!,, Azczntly ai,^>acl- 
atzd uuXk tkz Ckicago booAd oi tAadz and lilZtUxun Woodi , latz o^ Lo4> Angzlzi, , CA. When 
tkz St. Paul paAty finally oAAlvzd thztf uiZAZ obtigzd to locatz tkz toMn&lXz a mllz zoit 
0^ tkz aLvza whzAz ElJimoAck now standi. 

Hanna^ln clalmzd SO acAei wkick now Ik In tkz hzoAt o{^ EZimoAck'^ AZildejvtail izct- 
lon and had hz not dJj,poizd o^ It would havz bzcomz zxtAzmzly wzaltky . Thz gambling iplAlt 
wkick madz kan tkz ckoAactzA tkat hz wai kzpt Hanna^ln J>pzcuZatlng In Azal zitatz and 
^oAXunz zludzd him. 

HowzvzA, Hanna^ln'i, l/vtzAZit In BlimoAck contlnazd until thz day o^ kli dzatk and hz 
madz many tAlpi Into thz wzit {lAom tkat locatity on tkz aIvza. In SzpitzmbzA o^ 1S73, hz 
wai fighting hoi>tllz Sioux wltk tkz otkzA ^AontlzAimzn on tkz bla{^^£ now occuplzd by tkz 
ciXy o£ Mandan. FAcm hzAZ tkzy wznt to thz pAZiznt iltz o{i Vlcitin&on and took po-iiziilan 
o{i a coal mlnz. Thzy buZlt FoAt Hanna^ln which tkzy wzAz obllgzd to hold ^OA two weefei 
aga^jUit contlnazd attacki by tkz Indiani . 

At tkz {lA&t zZzctlon In ElimoAck, Hanna^ln wai zlzctzd County AudltoA but hz dzcLinzd 
and ^toAtzd to pAactlcz law. HowzvzA, hlJ> woi too ad\iznXuAou6 a iplAAX and Vznny, who had 
bzcomz £amouj> £oA tkii poJiticuJlaA ability madz many long hlkzi tkAough thz noAthwzit. Szv- 
ZJuxZ yzaAi ago hz woi, a condldatz icA tkz Unltzd Statzi Sznatz and hz madz hl6 campaign 
on ^oot ovzA tkz itatz. 

Vznny Azczl\izd a pzmlon tkAoagh hli iZAvlczi In tkz Civil Woa and thz loit yzoAi o£ 
hli ll^z WZAZ ipznt In BlimoAck whzAz kll, AZmaXm will ^Ind tkzln. la&t AZitlng placz. 

« * t »*«»*» » MovzjnbzA 8, 7917 


pAzd hillbAondt dlzd at hli homz iouXkzait o{, tkli city Tuziday moAnlng at ilx o'clock 
a£tzA a tingzAlng ItZnzM . Hz had bzzn conf^lnzd to hli bzd ^OA about a yzoA and thz znd 
woi, not unzxpzctzd. 

Vzczoizd i«L6 boAn In Wzit PAoiila, CzAmany, 77 yzoAi ago. ThzAZ hz gAzui to manhood 
and moAAlzd, nlnz chlldAzn bzlng boAn to tkz couplz, ilvz o^ whom oaz living: CoaI, Jullui, 

a 01) 

M/L6. ft/m. WohtidoK^, Uu . ¥A.zd GcutzmeA and Wu. GKej>.i>kn.zutz . Thz titttn. Ke^Zde^ at Kzn&aZ, 

HD., aJUL thz oihzru, -in tlnJjt vZcAjrUty. Vzczcazd uxa an zoxILlj izttZzA. hzfiz, locating on a 

homziitzad juat zait o^ LcghtnAjig ' ■& Hzit, and hju xzi-idzd thzAZ z\jzn. iAjicz. Thz uiZdoM iuA.- 

u^uei hMn. Hz wait uizlZ known, zipZ(UaZly among thz zokZjj iztttz>u Zn tkii poAt oi thz zou- 

nty, and had thz A.Z6pzct and Zitzzm o^ aZi.. 

Thz iunznxil uuZt bz hzLd tkii a£tznjwan ^Aom thz Gznman Tmmanazi ChuAcJi o£ thz 

dzczojizd wa<s a membzn.. 

. «,•««.«»,«« OctobzA. S, 19 J7 


WoAd Azazhzd hzAZ la^t Mzzk announcing thz dzath o^ J. A. Aa&tin, {^otmznZij oi Gizat 
Bznd, at Tndzpzndzncz, UO . Hz hztd ImuAoncz Xji thz M. W. A. bzing a mzmbzn. o{^ thz Gxzat 
Zznd camp. ««,*•«»•»« Hoyjzmbzn. 8, 1917 

?AX3rninznt FaAmzn. VZzd Sundajj A^tzA Itlnz&-li o^ a Tew Monthi,. 
SzZi Uadz Uan, Nativz o^ iKztand, Hz Wcu a SplzndLid Typz oi LoyaZ AmzfLican CUtizznihip 

WaZtzn. RU.chaAd B^g4, one o^ thz mo&t pAominznt ^oAmzu tn tkii pa/it oi thz coantij , 
dizd at kii homz tn GKZzndaZz Towmkip Sundxiy moAning at tzn o'cZock a^tzA an ZlZ.nzi,.i zxt- 
zndLing o\jza a pzAJ.od oi a tittZz tzki, than a yzoJi. HZi condition uxu, not coniZdzAzd cnJjt- 
■IcaZ. untlZ a ihonX. tunc bzioAz dzath zmazd, and thz znd wai a gAzat 4,hock to icoAZi oi 
iAlzndt, . 

Vzath uxu, daz to o&czndAJig poAaZy^Zi . Thz alZmznt ilAJ,t manZiz&tzd Itizti Zoit vilntzA 
and thz bz6t oi mzdlcaZ ikJJJL couZd do nothing moAZ than &taij ioA a ihoAt tlmz thz ZnAoadi 
oi thz dZ&zaiz. Ma.. BZggJ> AztuAnzd onZy a ihoAt timz ago iAom a tAxp to thz mad bathi and 
wai pAzpoAlng to makz anothzA tAZp to thz iomz pZacz. Hz woi ahZz to bz wp and about Sat- 
uAday, but thz iattowZng moAning hz g^ew itzadUiy uioAiz untlZ dzath zn&azd. 

WaZtzA. RlchoAd B-cgg4 wai boAn In 1866 about iZx mitzi iAom thz city oi Conk, jAztand, 
and tnithZn iZgkt oi thz klitoAlc EZoAnzy Ca&tlz. HZi iatkzA wcus Jacob T. B-cgg4 and thz 
mothzA'^ maZdzn namz hxu laneZ TaoijA Hajih. Thz iamZty migAotzd to Amzxica whzn thz boy 
iilaZtzA uxU) 6Zx yzaAj, old, i>z;ttting i<A&t at BzAza, Ohio. fAom thzAZ thz iamZlg moved to a 
iaAm nzoA Shzldon, Iowa, In 1879. WZth kii> tuio bxothzu, AZiAzd and Hznnjy , hz Monkzd out 
04 a ioAm laboAZA ioA izvZAoZ yzoAi,, thz thtzz bAothzti pooling thzin. ejiArUng.& and iZnaZZy 
buying SO acAZ& oi land nzoA Shzldon whZck -in a ijew yzoAi thzy ZncAZOizd to 400. In 1894 
WaZtzA ioZd out kii ZntzAzit In thZi ianm to thz bAothzAi and bought anothzA placz nzaA 
GAZznvlZZz, loun. ThzAZ hz tivzd and pAoipzAzd ioA izvzAoZ yzoAi, and In SzptzmbzA oi 1899, 
hz moAAtzd M-ci4 AAzla CovzlZ. TkAzz chlZdAzn weAe boAn oi tkii unZon, all oi whom iuA.v-ivz: 
LoMAzncz, agzd 17, WaZtzA, 3a., agzd 16, and Opal agzd 12. Thz wZiz dizd Nov. 26th, 1904, 
and thz iamZly ioitaZnzd thz lai>J> oi a iplzndld typz oi mothznhood and uiliz. Thz two' EZggi 
bAothzAi had movzd to RZchZand County In 1903 and bzcamz hzavy land owmxi. Thz thAzz bAo- 


ihfU), by iuhiejqaznt. puAchaiU, acqtuAzd hZSJZAaJi ihomand acxu o^ land in GA.e.zndaZz Town- 
4hxp CLnd otkeJi ZocatLtiti and havz cdwaijit been rumbzAzd among ouA mat pAogA.&Mivt ^OAmzAi . 
k^teA. bzJjiq a wZdawzA. Ion. izveji cfzoAi, WaLCzn. mofvUzd Hil>.i ELizabzXh TayZox -in Maxdi 0($ 79 74, 
and 6hz iiin.\jivzi hLm. 

Thz iaikzn. wtu manM.zd and tkz/iz ujzaz ^ooa. ckiZdAzn by thz i-inj>t moAAAJigz. Thz 
tjoo iotU) dlzd AjTL Jouia in thz zoJiZy ' S04> bat thz tuo daughtzAi . . .haZ^ iZstz^Ut to thz dzcza&zd 
OAZ htJUit -LLvAjig, Atw. VfujiCott in Chicago and (.iu . FoA.d, who ii a AZiidzrvt o^ LimzJiick, 
iKzJLand; Hznfuf and A. E. o^ thi& piacz, and tW, . W. H. fxzzman o^ Mgom, Iouxl. 

Vzcza^zd wcLi a iipZzndA.d typz oi AmZAican citizzmhip. EAoad-mindzd, {^aJi-izzing in 
baiinzi.& maXtzu, pAogAzi-iivz in hii idzai , hci opinion on oJUi mattzAj, o^ a ba^inzii on. 
poZiticat natuAZ MOi vaZtizd by hU ^Aizndj, and nzighboAj, , and hii jadgzmznt MOi kzzn. Loyat 
to hii iAA.zndi, hz uioi, a ^iAm bzLLzvzn. in thz Gotdzn RuJLz, and ^oZZowing thz dzath o^ hii, 
iiAJit wi^z hz woi dzzpZy dzvotzd to thz mothzAZziS chiZdnzn tzit behind. In thz dzath o^ 
WaZXzA Bigg4> thz zntiAZ community iuHzAit an iAAzpoAoblz Zoii , 

Thz thAzz chiZdAzn, bzAzf^tnow o^ both (^athzn. and mothzA, oAz nzvzAthoJLzhh Zz^t mzZZ 
pAovidzd ^oA. in a matzAiaZ wajy. 

Thz ^unzAoZ MOi hzZd yzitzAday a^tzAnoon. SzAviczi weAe conductzd by Reu. BznneXt o{i 
thz Tyion M. E. ChuAch at thz homz at 7 PM and at thz Tyion ChuAch at 1 o'cZock. Thz Zitttz 
zdi^icz MOi ^ilZzd to ovzA^Zowing uUXh iAj.zndi and nzighboAi , many ^Kom HanJzijiion bzing in 
attzndancz, and thzAz wa& AzaZ ioAftow in zvzAiy hzoAt. Bziidzi thz KzZativzi living in thii 
vici.nity, a ii&tzA, HAi . fAzeman, aAAivzd in timz {,0A thz {^anzAoZ. Thz paZZ bzoAZU uizAZ 
R. T. BnxXtzn, V. J. Watznhoa&z, R. C. KizZ, Aagtut Swamon, E. C. EzAg and PztzA Hzntz. 

ZntZAmznt woi madz in thz Tyion CzmztzAy bz&idz hJj, ^iAit Mi^z. 

«»»»»«»*»« NovzmbeA 75, 7977 

A mej>.iagz Kzachzd hzAz Zait wzzk announcing thz dzath o^ M^4 Coajx. Vwitt, who dizd at 
thz Statz SanitoKium in thz TuAtZz Mountaim ^Aom that dAzadzd dl&zoiz, tubzAcuZdii . Thz 
dzczoizd uxu, a dasightzA o^ thz Zatz Lziliz Pfuitt, who dizd about tujznty yzoAj, ago, and hzA 
mothzA dizd about tuio yzanj, ago. Shz Zzavzi tuio bAothzAk and thAzz liitzAi, to mouAn thz 
dzpoAtuAz 0^ a dzoA iZitzA. Thz ^unzAoZ i,ZAviczJ> wzAZ hzZd hzAZ on Tuziday at thz lion 
ChuAch, GAzat Bend, with Reu. ThizZz conducting thz 6ZA\jicz& and thz KZjnaim wzAz Zaid at 
AZ6t in thz lien CzmztzAif. 

OaZo PAott and iistzn. HUi h\abzZ oi fan du Lac, O/T., anAivzd hzAZ on FAcday to attznd 

thz iunZAoZ OjJ thziA iiitzA CoAa. 

«»t««***** MovzmbzA 75, 7977 

NzZ6 MoagZund, wzZZ known ^anmzA nzoA Wew E{^f^ington, dizd Tuziday oi thii wzzk. Thz 

lunzAol iji bzing hzZd thli a{^tzAnoon. 

»••*.«»««* MovzmbzA 11, 7977 

EAought HzAZ ioK BuAiaZ 
Thz n.zmain& o^ LzAoy Shznman, ion of^ Uai,. V. H. UoAvin o^ ^aZdo Town&hip, oAAivzd 
hzAZ Tuziday manning ^Aom Malta, MT. A me^agz woi Azczivzd announcing hll, dzath at that 

a 031 

pZacz (jAcm tubzAcuZc4i-ii on ii.'^day c^ lent n;eefe. 

Vzcz£iizd u:cL6 bo^n at ^cvtlnjxood, Iowa, Pec. ZQtln., 1S77, faecng a ion o{, Mxi . WoAv^n btj 
hzA i-Oiii. moAAAJigz. Wkzn about twzrXy ljzoam o{^ age hz movzd to CoZumbai , KE., uihzAz kz 
Moi maAJiA,zd Zn 190S. A(,tzA KZJiZdZng at Colwnbai {^OK izvzfiat yzoAJi Ua.. and M-w . Shznman 
mcvzd to VcnZtand, OR., whzAZ tiizy tvjzd ant^ thz condition o^ Uu . ShzAman'i hzoLth A.ei- 
altzd i.n hzA KztuAning to CoZumbai, , WE. ThzAZ ihz dizd iji OctobzA o^ 19 76, o^ canczn. o^ 
thz ittomack,\ thz 4ttAA.ckzn koiband and onz tittZz daaghtzA, Rubif, 6 yzoAJi oZd. 

A^tZA thz uu.{;Z'i dzatk, Ma. ShzAman bKoaght ki& tiXttz daughtzA. to thz homz 
whzAZ 6hz hall 4>-Lncz AZi-idzd. Ma. ShzAman thzn izcuAzd empZoymznt -in (ilZicomiji but tubzfi- 
cuZoiZ& had cZaimzd hJjn {^OK itA own and hz wznt to UaZta, IKT . , in hopz that thz changz o{i 
cZXmatz wouZd pKOKiz bznz^ZciaZ. Tkz dlizaiz madz A.api.d inAoadi and hz a-oi obZigzd to go 
to tkz ho-ipitaZ about two wzzki ago whzAZ hz iank AapZdZij untiZ thz znd axmz. 

Vzczoizd Zi iuAvZvzd by thz ZittZz daaghtzA Ruby abovz mzntionzd, and by thz mothzA 
and 6tzp-^athzn., Ma. and Wti. V. H. MoAu-cn, onz ^uZZ bAothzA, EAnzit ShzAman, who oAAivzd 
Monday zvzning ^CA thz ^unzAoZ; ^ouA haZ^ bAothzAi , F. A., Sam, CkoAtzi and LauAzncz MoA- 
vin, and onz haZ^ itZitzA, Mi6.6 GzAtAudz MoAvZn. 

FunzAoZ iZAviczi wzAZ hzJLd at. thz MoAvin homz Tuzidaij moAning, Rev. H. C. JuzZJL zon- 
ducting th.z 6ZA\jZczi,, and ZntzAmznt woi, madz in HlZZiZdz CzjnztzAy. 

»«»*«*«**» NovembzA 29, 1977 


San MoAvZn and wZ^z c^ Uahpzton and bAathzA LawAzncz, FAzd MoAvZn {^Aom Leedi and 
EAnz Skznman came homz to attznd tkz lanzAn.t o^ thzZA bAothzA, LzAoy ShzAman. 

*»*»««,«,* NovzmbzA 29, 7977 

PAominznt FoAmzA, fathzA Oj^ Ma<s . Gee. CoppZn, Viz& WeoA tJJahpzton 

OZz Teu, a ^oAmzA AZ&Zding about iZx and a kat^ miZzi noAthwzit a^ (x'ahpzton, in VwZght 
Town6hip, dizd at kii, homz Tuziday moAnZng, a(,tzA an iZZnzi>6 o^ a coupZz o^ month6' duAcut- 
Zon. ThzAZ Zj> a dZ^izAzncz o^ cpZnZon aj, to -t/ie cmjuJiZ o^ dzath, but pAobabZu thz thzcAy 
0^ oZd age coupZzd with Zong yzoAi o£ wonk ii thz moit ZikzZy onz. 

Ma. Tzw waj, boAn in WZicomZn on Szpt. 10th., 7S57, bzZng 67 yzoAA oZd at thz tZmz ol 
kZi dzath. In 1S74 hz wai maAAZzd to KiZ66 MoAtinz HabbzAitad, who was hZs conAtant com- 
panZon untZZ hzA dzatk Zn 1910. In 1S76 Ma. and Maa . Tew camz to NoAth Vakota. Thz Zoc- 
atzd a homzitzad nonthivzit o^ lilahpzton, and tiizAz thzy havz madz thzlt homz eveA 4-cnce. 
Thz CZz Tzw {^oAm Zi wzZZ known alZ o\jza tkz county. 

ThzAZ OAZ two 40Ri and tkAZZ daughtzAi, who mouAn thzZA {^athZA'i dzath, ai wzZZ oi 
ninz gAandchiZdAzn . Thz iom, oAZ OZa{^ M. Tew o^ Wah.pzton and MzJivZn 0. Tzw o^ EZn{,oAd, 
W. Thz daaghtZA6 oAZ MA<i . Gzo . CoppZn o^ Hantu.n6on, MAi . IHZZZ CoppZn o^ li'ahpzton and 
MA6. C. V. SZmcndi O;^ BonnzAi fzAAy, Idaho. Thzy wZZZ aZZ fae pAZiznt at thz iunznaZ which 
uiZZZ fae hzZd FAZday. BuaZoZ wZZZ bz madz Zn thz VwZght CzmztzAy. 

a 04) 

M-t. Tew woJi 0^ a mzku qiiieJ: and diifCiZtLcn, and ^.OLigh. txzZZ knoi^n and Likzd. 
tivtcagkouX. iuji commufilty kz neueA cauZd fce Zndactd to acczpt pabtlc oi^^-izz except oncz, 
whzn hz iZKvzd {^oK a iho^Jt timz aj> towmlu.p 4 tipe-tu-ci OA. . We woi kJjid hzoAXzd and tkfu.£iy, 
and a ^OAXh^^uZ mzjmbzA. o^ hij, ckuAck. 

Coming to Dakota Mcth pnacJU-caZlij, ai, aJbnoiit aJLZ. o^ thz pionzzAi, dLLd, kz ha^ 
acquJjizd a. goodly 4tkaAZ o{; tltii voonZd'^ good&, and -en thz ownzA. Oq conii-cdzAn.bZz Zand -in 
tlr.z M-iCAjuXy o^ hli {,Zut homz^tzad. . .iX -ii io^d about nZnz qcuzAtzA. izctlom In aU.. 

A.(a. Tew mXJL be gfizaXZy mii^zd by alZ (dio feneiu klm and aZZ thz oZd tXinzJU In zvzAjy 

pojvt 0^ thz county fcnew kcm wzIZ. . .and aZZ joZn Zn zxtzndLng iympaXhy to th.z bzAza.\Jzd 
iamlZy. ».».»»»«»» Vzazmbzn. 6. 1917 

FoAmeA HankZn^on RzJiZdznt On TamxZ at EZimoAck on a ChoJigz Oi$ MuAdzA. 


That WZZt 6e thz Qaz^tZon ^oK thz Jafiy to VzcLdz UmvUttzn Law and SzZ^-dz^zmz ajiz 

Both TactoKi . 
Hzrjiy Vankow, ^o^mzA A.z^Zdznt o{, tliZi vZcZniXy, Zk on tAZaJL at ZZimoAck thZ^ weefe 
cAoAged uuXh manxizA. Hz kZZZzd ChanJLzi EoKchzAt on Waij 29th Zjo&t u:hzn BoKchzAt, Zt Zi> 
aZZzgzd, {^oKczd hjj, ccay Znto thz VankotA; homz nzoA Anojnoo^z Zn an zfi^oAt to pzAAua.d'^ Hli. 
Vankou: to zZopz uUth hZm. 

Thz cjuz woi takzn to BZAmoAck ^OA. tAZaZ on a changz oq vznaz ^Aom UcHznAy County. 
AiiZitant Attofinziy GznzAoZ BKznnan Zj^ aZdZng Zn thz pKO.iiZcatA.on and wz undzAitand E. R. 
SZnflZzA, onz oq thz bzJit lawyzAi Zn thz &tatz, ha6 choAgz o{, thz dz^zn&z. 

HaZ^ thz cormunZty at Anamooi,z Zi> Zn EZimoAck attzndZng thz tyiZaZ. ^tAi . Pankow took 
tliz itand yz^tZAday to tzZZ Oj^ alZzgzd unuJzZcomz attzntiom o^ BoKchzAt ixhtck Izd to thz 
4>hootZng. Shz uoZZZ bz tiiz onZy ujZtnzM ^ox thz dz^^zniz. 

Thz ^oZZoMZng account o^ thz tfiaqzdy Zj> xzpAZntzd ifiom thz HankZnion Nzsm o^ Jane 7th., 
1917, and thz (,act6 gZvzn aAZ ituhitjoLntZaJULy conAzct: 

HznAij Vankow, a f^cnjnzA KZiZdznt 0^ thZj> vZcZnZty and ixzZZ kncixn to many o^ ouA Kzad.zu 
Jihot ChoAZzi Eoickandt at thz VanJzov: homz nzafi Anamooiz on Tuziday nZght o^ Zoit ivzzk and 
EoKchoAdt dZzd tAio dajji ZatzA ixom thz z^^zcti o^ kZi ixcundi . 

EoKchoAdt had a bad KzputatZon Zn th.z nzxghboAhood and izn-tZmznt Zn that vZcZnZty 
iuZZy juitZ(iZzJi Vankow. Thz CoKonzA'6 juMy fiztuAnzd a vZAdJ.ct C;^ juitZfjZabZz homZcZdz. 
Pankcu: woi nzvzA Zockzd up and Z^ now at ZZbzAtij, ^uAnZtthZng a baZZ bond oj $5,000 uiZth.cut 
any dZ^^ZcuZty. In ^act, a bond o^ tzn tZmu th.z amount tA.'ould kavz bzzn gZvzn by hZj> nzZ- 
ghbofUi Z^ nzcziioAjy. 

EoKchaAdt had at onz tZmz imKkzd ^OA. Pankou) on thz {jOAjv and become undaZy ZntZmatz 
wZth Mas. Pankow. Hz wai a man o{^ ahcut 33, toAgz and powzK.(^uZ, wkZZz Pankow Zi a cAZppZz. 
Pankou: knzw o^ thz Kzlattoni zxZj>tZng be-iic-een hZj> wZ^z and thz kZAzd man, but tliz Zattzn 
thAzatznzd thz ZnjuAzd ka&band uuXh bodZZy hoAm Zi kz ZntZAf^ZAzd. It iM cZaZmzd, Zn ^act, 
that on moKz than onz occaiZon BoKchaAdt had mZAuAzd Pankow, uiZng pkyiZcaZ vZolzncz. 

a 05) 

EoKchcvidt had cJLia madz advanczi to kaZ^ a dozzn aihzA mojinJ-zd women -in ikz nzZgk- 
boAJiocd bat had been KzpuJLlizd. came to iuch a. pa44 a ^ew months ago that a dzZz- 
gcution o(^ vZi-iXzd thz Pankow homz and gavz BoA-ckoJidX. tuznty-^ouA houAJi i.n wklch 
to Zzavz thz county. BoA.chaxdt dlioppzoAzd thz nzxt day, buut abouX. tzn djuji ago Kztannzd 
and again vZiiZzd thz PankoM homz, anAA.vZng Zatz in thz zvznlng. Hz bzgan, at once, abu6- 
-cng Pankouj, 6 toting amor^ othzx things that hz wa6 no ^it kiuband ^OA. ^ach an attAactlvz 
woman oi MA4 . PanJzow. Pankouj, when hz ZzoAnzd oiJ EoKchoAdt'i pA.zi,zncz -in thz nzighbo^hood 
had izCLUizd a 38 caZibAZ n.z\iot\}zn. and had it Zoadzd. VuJiZng thz dZ&ciLi^Zon BoKchandt 
tknzatznzd Pankoui and {^ZnaZZy Zangzd towcvid him, w/ioteupon Pankoui j)hot him tuxicz Zn thz 
bAzait and once th/iough thz nzck. PankoM thzn coAzd {^on. thz ZnjuAzd man, dxovz to town 
and notZ{iZzd thz aathoKZtZz& . 

BoKckoAdt tivzd two day4, and Zn a itatzjrnznt madz bz^oKZ hZi> dzaXh, con^zi^zd thxit hz 
wa6 zntZfizZy Zn thz uifiong and dziZAvzd kZZZZng. Uu . Pankow cZaJjm, that ihz uioi tompzZZzd 
to ^abmiX to BoAchoJidt by thfizaXi ■ o {, kZZZZng and azknowZzdgzd hzA ZZLicZt A.zZatZon6 vcZtk 
thz dzad man. 

Augoiit and FA.zd Pankow, bxothzAJi , and Gu6ta^ l^izdzmjaZdt, a b Ko thzn.- Zn- taw, Zzit Hank- 
Zmon TKZdojj nZght (^oi AnamooiZ and KzXannzd Monday. Thzy itatz that thz pzopZz of^ ^hz 
ZozaJUMj izzZ that Hznnjy dZd thz covjvOvj a good tuJin Zn i>hootZj\.g thz WAzckzA 0|$ hZ& homz. 

Hznfiy Pankoui uxu, an zanZy XtZzn. nzan. HankZji&on. Hz movzd to thz vZcZnZty o{j Anasnooiz 
Zn 1906 and uoi moAAZzd thzAZ Zn 197 J. In addZtZon to hZi wZ^^z thzAZ afiz two chZtdfizn. Hz 
aiwayi boxz an zxzzZZznt fizpatcutZon hzAZ and hZi many HankZmon (,nZzndi aJiz 4>atZi{^Zzd that 
hz woi, ^uZZy juJttZiZzd Zn kZZting BofizhaJidt. 

««««,«««,, I7ece;7ifaeA 6, I9I7 


Hznnjy Pankow, FonmzA HankZmon RzitZdznt, fKzzd o^ UuJidzn. Chajigz. 


Jany Hztd That ShootZng oi BoKchzAdt uxjj, JvatZiZzd on thz Gnoandi o(, Szt^^-VzizniiZ 

and thz UnwnJJXzn law. 

Thz juMj Zn thz Pankow muAdzA. za/,z at n.ztiinj\zd a mzajUcX o^ not guZitu Sat- 

uJiday af^tzniwon a^tzA dzZlbznjiiXZng but a ihont tZmz. Thz vztdZzt Zi, backzd up by publZc 

iznXijnznt Zn thz nzZghbonhood whznz thz tAagzdy occuJUizd, and ail who loltowzd thz tzitZ- 

moYvy {^ztt thaX Pankow um {^utty jaitZ^Zzd and woA zntZtZzd to hZi {^Azzdom. Old ^nZzndi 

Zn thZi vZcZjity, whzxz Pankow boKZ an excei^en^ KzpatatZon bz^onz movZng to Anamooiz, a,\z 

pLzoJizd to zxtznd congn^ututatZonl, to Hzn/iy on thz outcomz o^ thz cjziz. 

An zxtzndzd account o^ thz ihootZng which occunjizd at thz Pankow {^am nzax Ammoaz 

loit May, woi pnZntzd Zn thZi papzn. loit weefe. Thz dzdejiiz woi boizd on itZ^-dzizmz and 

thz wrwnJXtzn law. 

»••«»•**»» PecembeA 13, 19 17 


ti'm. Pankou; n.zXa/imd home, f.'.onday night {,xcm Bi^maAck u:heAz hz ixca, lmX/izh, -in th.z 
trilcd. cj hZi bKoikzJi, Hznnij Panfccic, which n-Ziattzd in an acqaZttat {^lom thz duLXgz o^ 
muJidzA.. iJ-'iZtiam uiai dzJbujzd on thz fizJxuin tfiip by ihz Soo a'Aecfc nzoA faZZzAton in which 
tzn ^A.ZA.ght caA6 mzaz dzAoiZzd and ihz t^acki tonn up ^oA. iomz 

»*«»«««»»* Vzczmbc-i 13, 1977 


Augui^!: Pohl dizd at thz homz o^ ka> ion HzAman PohJ. iovuth o^ tkci city on T>iidxuj, 
Vzc. 7th, 0^ lUdnzy tAoublz at thz /u.pz old agz o{, SS yzafu, . 

Vzcza&zd woi, a nativz oi thz PKovincz o^ Po^zn, GzAmany. The^iz hz gxeui to manhood 
and [AKU, manjiizd to Locbcia KAuzgZA in 1S5S. Szzing thz oppoAtunAytizi oUzAzd in thz nZM 
uJOAZd, thz {^amiZy znigrjztzd to thz Unitzd States in ISSl , AZttZing {^iAit ojt VoAjna, II. 
ThzAz thziy Livzd antiZ 190S whzn thzy came to Ri.ckl.and Coanty and madz thzJji homz ucith 
tkziA 6on Hzfunan. Thz tac({e dA.zd a {^zjm monthi, a{,tzA thziA anjU.\jaJi hzAZ, and thz iubJzcX. 
0^ thij) ikztch continazd to makz hii homz uuXh HzAman mp to thz timz oi hJj, dzath mXh 
thz zxczption 0^ tuoo yzoAi, 6pznt icith anothzA ion, Guita^, in Toixa. 

Vzczaizd woi thz ^aXhzA o(^ ninz ckiJ.dn.zn, (^ivz ol whom iuAvivz him. Thfizz dZzd in 
Gzfunany and onz in thii> courvtiy. Thz ZA.ving chiZdAzn oAz: JuLcLLi Pohl o(^ l^asnon, TA.: 
HzAman PohZ o^ HanlvLmon: Gcata^ PohJ. o^ JzHzAi, MW.; Adolf^ PohJ o^ I'.amon, lA.; ^k4 , 
BzAtha Lutz o{, CZaJjiz, lA. ThzAZ an.z aJ^o 31 gAandchiJdAzn and ^ouA OA moAZ gAzat-gKand- 
chJXdAzn . 

VzczoAzd ujoi, a ZjxboAing man aJJ kii Li(,t and. by huA apAZght Living and itAict idzai 
03 iionoA and jiuticz {^iJJzd hii placz wiXh cAzdit and honoA. Thz bzAza\jzd AzJaJu.vzJi havz 
thz iympatjny oi aJJ in thziA ton. 

Thz ianzAoJ u:a6 hzJd Tazidaij, Vzc. llth. SzAvicz^ iceAe condactzd at thz homz at I PM 
and at thz chuAch at 2 o'clock. Rev. KlauilzA wai in choAgz. IntZAmznt uiat, madz in thz 
LuthzAan CzmztzAu noAtli oi thz cJty. 

Goitai PohJ oi JziizAi, MW,, wa6 thz only onz oi thz chJJdAzn iAom a dlitancz ablz 

to 6e pAZiznt. 

********** VzczmbzA 13, 1977 

flcii Janzt Sandjy AztuAnzd to Vazzy Monday iAom l^fooiz Jaw.', Saik., whzAZ ihz had bzzn 
to attznd thz ianzAoJ-oi hzA unclz, Alvin VuAfuint, whjch u'o^ hzld at that placz. 
...Vazzy itzm in EaAnz^ County Citizzn. Miii Sandy ii iapzAintzndznt oi thz Vazzy ichool 
thJj, yzxxA. »»*»«*»»», VzczmbzA 20, 7977 


WiJLicm l':zinkaai, a pionzzA iztXJzA and AZipzctzd ioAmZA oi thz HammzA nzighboAhood, 
dizd Monday moAning aitZA a bAizi iJJnzii , aX thz agz oi 76 yzoAi . Hz ii iuAvivzd by thz 
uxidow and iZvzAoJ gAcwn chJJdAzn. It Moi only a izu.' monthi age that thz agzd coaplz czlz- 
bAotzd thZAA goldzn wzddJng. 

Thz ianzAol ii bzing hzld today. 

»»»«.«** t * VzczmbzA ?7, 7977 

a 07) 


SeAgean^ Lzo Ntb/uzikz, Company T, T64tk ln{^c.ntn.i/, Zi dejzd. TiuJ, nzu:i wan -tece-cued 
fat/ hjj) 4-ci^e/L, M/Li . Ted Manlkcnu>izZ 0(^ B^ecfcenAxcige, Monday o^ thii a'eefe. 

T^e me44age onnooncoig ^e ddoik did not g-ive. thz cooie, and tkaX. Ajn.{^oKma;tion halt 
not yzt faeen n.z.cZA.\}Z.d by kiit 4-c<5-t2A. Mou'eveA, -ct wcla fewown that SzAgzant NzbKa6kz had 
been <Zi ioi 6omz time, and that uihzn thz company Zz{^t {^OK F/Dince hz had bzzn lz£t bzLind 
uxLth 4,zvz^uxZ othzfi6 bzcaaiz a^ Ztinzii. 

Lzo Hzh>iaj)k.z wai, Zl yzaJik otd. Hz had 6ZA.vzd with Co. J dimming thzVi zlght monthi, 
6tay on thz Mexican boAdzA. and uiai, known ai an zxtxzmzZy compztznt ^oZdlzA, and a ma&tzA 
0^ thz va/U.oai dJuZU,. Hz kai g-cuen fUi Li(iZ ion. ki& coantAjy a6 fmly oa Z^ hz had bzzn 
LilZzd in action "ovzA thzAz". Thz AemaZm, anz hzJing 6znt to thz old homz at la CAo.i.iz, WI. 
ion. bafUaZ. 

John H, Jonzi , anothzn. mzmbzA. a^ Company I and 6on o^ John R. Jonzi , a lojmzA AZiZding 
noAthwz&t oi Wahpzton, wcw AzpoKtzd in a dying condition in a mzi^agz Azczivzd ChAJjttmaji 
Day. AnothzA bAothzA ii aJLio in thz ho-ipitaZ. 

»»*»««»»,* Pece^TifaeA 27, I9I7 


I 9 7 g 


Hu. EfUck WZtt dizd at htn. home. nonXln. o^ tiiii city on SatuAday, Jan. 5th, aX 9:30 
o'dLodz Zn tkz ^aA.ejioon, a^ttn. an Zttm^^ o^ about ^Zve. yzivu, du/ tuhZch time, tve/uftking 
po4>i>-Lbtz. urn, done, to Kej>ton.e. hex hzoLtk, bat -in vain. Vzce.a6e.d wai 40 yeoju, , 9 months 
and 29 daif^ old. 

She uAxs boAM. Zn GeAmany on Ma/tcA 6th, 1877, htn. pafiznt^ being W/l. and Ma4 . HeAman 
Racfeow. When 6hz mu Azven yzanj, otd tkz ^ainity came to tkz Unltzd StaZeJ> , izttLing In 
Zicktand Coanty. Shz mos moAA-izd to EAlck WlXt on Oct. 17, 1S99, and o^ tkii imlon ^zvzn 
cJUldfLzn 4uAu^ue hzA., th/izz iont, and ^ouJi daaghtzu . Ez&ldzi, tkz &oiruiuujng ha&band and 
ckiZdAzn ihz tzavzit onz b/iotkzA, two ilitzn.i and an agzd motkeA-ln-Zaui. 

Vzczaizd woi a mzmbzA o^ thz LixtheAan ChuAch and Zzavzi a taJigz cifizZz o{i ^.Aizndi ujho 
mouAn thz Zxni, o{^ onz uiho hxls kigkty fLZ&pzc^zd and beZovzd by aJit. Thz sympathy o^ thz 
cormanity gozi out: to thz itAlckzn ^amiiy In tkzln. gxzat Zo-i,^ , 

Thz ianzfiaZ woi heZd Taziday at St. John' 4, ChuAck In BzZ^oAd, Rev, HitgtndoJii cjon- 
dacting tkz 4eAu^ce4, and a toAgz gaXhzAlng o^ otd {^filendnt weAz on hand to pay thzlA {^InaJi 
tAibuJiz to tkz dzcza&zd. 

Jntznmznt wa.6 madz In St. John'i ckuAckyoAd. 

»«**«*«*»« JammAy 10, 191S 

'TWEhrry years ago COLUh{N...Tho.i. Haydzn, a plonzzA ^OAmzA, dizd at kii home {^ouA rruJLzb 
za&t o£ town on Jan. 20th, o^ a complication o^ dcseo^ei. 

GREAT BEWP EXAMINER Mu . EAlck UJltt dizd on SatuAday laj>t a^tzA a tingeAing IZlneM 

at hzA homz iouA miZzi wz&t o^ tkii, vlZlu.gz. Thz MfUtzA {^aiZzd to get thz {^acts ^OK an 

obitULOAy. VzcziUzd teavzi a hmband and a toAgz family oi ckltdAzn. We Mlih to zxtznd 

ouA hzoAt^ztt i,ympatky to thz bzAzavzd onzit . Thz {(ineAoZ woi hztd on Taziday at thz Lutk- 

ZAan ChuAch MZi>t oi hzAZ. 

»«•»,,»*•» JamioAy 10, 191S 


Anotkzn Rickland' County plonzzA omuieAzd tkz linaJL i>ummon6 yz&teAday whzn Aaguit 
f>\aeZlzA dizd at kit, homz a iew mlZzi nofitk oi tka, city. Vzczaizd had been in (^aiting 
hzaJUk ioK 4,omz timz but hli condition uiai not comidzAzd iZAioui untiZ a ^ew houi bz^oJiz 
tkz znd. He woi abZz to bz up and oAound tkz day bz{,oKz. 

Vzczoizd uiaj, boAji In ThzAa^zn, GzAmany, Sept. 6th, 1840. ThzAZ hz gfiew to mankood and 
woa moAAizd to Anna KAuzgzA. ThiAty onz yzau ago thzy camz to thz Unitzd Statzi, and ^oa. 
many yzaA& thzy hjivz Lived on thz ^oAm noitk oi tkii city. TheAZ aAZ zlght luAviving ckiZd- 
Azn: iouA 4,on6, Guitav, Rudolf, RobzAt and JuLiui , and ^ouA daughtzAi, ; Emma, HuZda, EmiLiz 
and Alvina. TheAZ OAZ 17 gAondckiZdAzn, thAzz 6oni-in-law and onz daaghteA-in-laui. Vzcea.- 

&zd uxu a kindly old gentleman, xzipzctzd by all who knew kirn. Hz waj, a membzA oi thz 

CI 09) 

GeAman Irmamiel. ChuA.cJi and ih.z {^LUf.dAjxZ uiiZZ fae hzZd {^Kom ihcut ckafidn. SaXuAdajj cut 2:15 PU. 

«•*«•»*»»« Jamuvu/ 77, 79/S 

John G. Sia.j'g-'L, LLvZng hizoA. MantadoA, Commit^td S( Honday HLght 

Wait Vaz at WahpeXon ¥oZZouiing Vay to TaJiz Examlncution aa a MemfceA o^ Vnxilt CZcu,^ WtwifceA. One 

John G. StajgA, a. pAomlnznt yoimg {^anmzA. xu<.ding uUth hit, poAznti th/izz rruZz& nofith- 
wut o{ Mantadon., zndzd kL& ZZ^Z uxitk a. iihotgan at an zajiZy haan Uandajj moAJilng, dl&choAgZng 
both banxztit o^ a ihotgan Into hZi light bAzoit and ^acz, Vzath mtut havz A.z6uZtzd uxitkin 
a ^ew momznt6 . 

Young Stajgx uxu 28 yzoAi oZd and a mzmbzA o^ cZom onz tn thz a/mij dAa^t. Hz had been 
noti^^zd to appzoA. at Wakpzton ioK phyitcat zxaminatian Taziday. Hz had bAoodzd ovzA thz 
dfiaf^t (JoA. iZMZfwJi wzzhi and tlruj, <J, i,uppoi,zd to havz anbaZancz kii mind and bJioaght aliout 
thz tAagzdy. 

Monday zvzning hz 6havzd and madz othzn. pAzpafuvtionit {^oK hZi tfUp to thz county i,zat 
thz ^ottouiing day. ShoAtZy a^tzA. midnight hz wai hzoAd to gzt up and tzavz thz hoa&z. A^tzA 
an ah&zncz o^ an houn. hii, pa/iznti bzcamz unza6y and madz a izoAch o^ thz outbuiZding.& and 
pAZjniizi but aouZd f^ind no tAacz o^ lum. SzvzAoZ nzighboAi, wzAZ aJiou&zd and a gznznnZ i,zaAch 
woi madz. No tfiacz couZd bz £ound o^ thz mZi-iing man untiZ dayZight uihzn a bAothzA ^ound 
hij) tAack& ZzxuLing towan.di> thz WiZd Tliaz ZivzA. foZZouUng thz tAaaki, ^oA a miZz and a haZ^, 
hz camz upon thz body in a imaZZ. patch o^ bfuUih bzZow thz AivzA bank. Hz had takzn a doubZz 
boAAzZzd shotgun with JrJjn and on Azacking thz bAuih had tizd onz znd of^ a pZzcz o^ tuiinz 
to thz tAiggzA&, pZaczd thz butt o£ thz gun agaZn&t a txzz and thz muzzZz againi,t hZi bAZOit 
and Aight iZdz o^ thz £acz. Hz wait ^ound in a fitting poi>ZtZon in thz bAu&h and dzath had 
zvZdzntZy bzzn aZmo^t imtantanzoui . 

Thz body wa6 bAought to Hankimon Tuz6day a^tzAnoon and pAzpaAzd {^oA buAiaZ at thz 
WZppzAman UndzAtakZng Roomit . NzlghboAi, camz down on Soo tAoin 106 Tuziday nZght and took 
thz Azmain6 homz on thz tAain thz ^oZZowing moAning. TunzAoZ 4eAu-cce4 wiJiZ bz hzZd at thz 
homz today and intzfunZYVt wiZZ bz madz in thz NuZph CzmztzAy. 

Vzczajizd wa4 boAn on June 13th, 1S89, and ^OA many yza^d hoi Aziidzd with hU poAznti, 

nzoA MantadoA. Hz wai wzZZ thought o^ and hii tAagic znd cornea oi, a gAzat ^>hock to many 

^AZzndi o£ thz iamiZy. 

» • » t » » « * t » TtihnuaAjj 7, I9IS 


AnothzA RZchZand County p-ionzzA wai caZZzd to hli Zaj>t AZit whzn FAzdAZch ZZadow 
poaaed away at thz homz o^ hii ion, ChoJiZzJi BZadow, noAtli o^ thZi city Zait FAcday a^tzA- 
noon, FzbAuoAy 15th, at 3:50 PM. 

Vzczaizd wai boAn on Szpt. 30th, 1830, in PommZAonZa, GzAmany. ThzAZ hz gA.ew to man- 
hood and wa& moAAizd to iiJiZhzZminz KAupkz. 0{i thZi union tzn chiZdAzn weAe bo An, a even, o^ 
whom iuAvZvz thz agzd ^athzA. Thz ^ojniZy zmigAotzd to AmzAica in 1871 , izttZZng ^iA&t at 


I/ton Zidgz, Wl . Tkzy vcejit aXJymcJtzd VaJnatauxuxd In thz boom dcuf6 o^ the. zoaZij '806 and 
Zx3C.Cii.zd Aji Zickland CawnXij Zn ISSZ. Thz uw.(J^ and kztpmzzt oi ihz ztViZy ifmggZzi, dlzd 
4jn. 1903. Vzczoizd hxLi bzzn .in ^zzbZz hzaJLtk ^OK iomz i^z and dzaXk u)ai duz to thz -in^Zfrn- 
Ztlzi 0^ oZd agz, bzAjfig Zn luj, SSih yzjvi. 

Thz iiUJivAxinq cJuZdA.zn, aJZZ a^ whom A.ZJ>-idz in tihU vZcZnity, OAZ M/u . HzAman EzZZUn, 
hlAi. Hz/man Kampkz, klbzfct EZadow, Maj,. HzAman PKochnoui, Augmt ZZa.dow, Cha6 . EZadow and 
UfUt. Wm. WuaZ. ThzAZ aA.z 63 gAjindcJUZdAzn and 34 gA.zat:-gAJindcKcZdAzn. 

Vzczoizd atti a klndZy oZd gzntZzman and dLid kii {^uZZ ihoAZ towoAd thz dzvzZopmznt o£ 
ZidnJZand Count:/ Jjn. thz pionzzn. dayi . Hz had a ZoAgz cln.cZz oi ^Ayizndi, z&pzciaZZy among 
thz zaJiZij 4zttZzu, aZZ o{^ wham mou/ui hli dzaXh. Thz ianzAoZ waj, hzZd at St. John' 6 ChuAch 
-en BeZ^oAji on Taziday, Fzb. 19th, and uxu, attzndzd. by a ZoJigz gathzAAJig o^ nzZcutivZi, and 
{^fLizndit . Vzczajtzd had bzzn a membzn. o{^ thz St. John'4, congfizgaJJjon {oa. mauvf yzoAj, and thz 
A.zmaini WZAZ Zaid at KZi>t in thz choAJihyaJid whzAZ io many o^ kii pionzzA ^AA.zndi OAZ out AZit 

«»•»,»»,,, FzbAuoAJj 21, 191S 

fonjnzfi HankirUion Rz6idznt Victim o^ PoAaJbjtiz ZtAokz at Oakzi 

Wo Ad ujoi, KzzzA.vzd hzAZ fAidaif moAning o^ thz dzath o^ RobzAt WziizZ aX. Oakzi duAing 
thz zoAjiy houAS o^ that day. Hz 6a{,{iZAzd a paAoZytic itAokz ThuAiday and nzvzA A.zgainzd 
conici.oai,nz66, patting avoay zoAJby FAyiday moAyujig. 

Vzczjuzd uxu, a pAominznt Az^idznt o^ Hankimon in thz zoAZy day6 . Hz woi ip'ZciaZ 
iioZzii agznt ^on. a {oAm machinzAy conczAn and waj, widzZy known thAoughoat UlchZand County. 
HZi -poAznti wzAZ zoAZy pionzzAi, nzoA Wahpzton and AzZa^tivzi 6tiZZ Az&idz in that vicinity. 

"Bob',' a& hz waj, ^amiZioAZy known hzAZ, took an activz poAt in thz zoAZy ZJ.iz oi Hank- 
inion. To A. 6ZvzAaZ yzoA^ hz wa6 town moAihaZ, waji a mcmbzA oi thz K, P. Zodgz hzAZ duAing 
thz day-i o^ itM acXiviXy, and 4,coazj> o{i oZd ^Aizndi, in thii viciniXy wiZt KzgAzX. to hzoA 
oi kli, dzath. 

Hz Zocatzd at OakzA about ^i^tzzn yzoAi ago and wa6 appoinXzd poitma6tzA at that. pZacz 
duAing thz zoAZy day4> o^ thz WiZion adminiAtAMXion, a poiiXLon hz htiZZ hzZd at thz time Oj 
hXi dzjoXh. Hz woi, moAAizd tzvZAoJi yz/vu ago and thz widow iuAvivzi, him. 

FunzAoZ iZAvicze, wzAz hzZd SaXuAday at thz CathoZXc ChuAch in Oakzi. 

«*«,»*»«•« FzbAuoAy II, 1911 

C. C. Hzjjoby oi thz Coih SuppZy StoKZ wa6 caZZzd to FaiAmount Za&t wzzk by thz dzath 
oi hZl, mothzA. Shz had bzzn in iaiXing hzaZXh ioA iomz timz and thz end wai, not unexpzctzd. 

Shz ii ^uAvivzd by thz huiband and iouA chlZdAzn M^4 Ruby, who ii quJXz wzZZ known hzAZ, 

having taught ichooZ in BAightwood Towmhip; CZay C. oi tkU pZacz and WziZzy and Joycz. 

«»»««»»««» FzbAMOAy 28, 1918 



FoAmeA HanizAJiion TzackeJi DZzd SaddtnZy cut Vttntywood, l.\atitjancL 

Wm. GAjOWt n.zcZA.\Jzd a. tzJie.gfum Scutufidcuj a^iz/inoon announcujig thz dzatk o^ hJjt dmxqktzA.- 
Zn-law, MA4. F. W. Gajju^., out PZzrutywood, MT., ^hoAtZy a^tzA noon o^ thoit dajj . Thz cxuJUtZ 
0^ dziudi uxLS nut gZvzn, bat the. 4>a.d neuii mcu unexpected oi diz A.zlatZvzi hzAz had no Kza.- 
i,on to bzLLzvz ihz iaxu not Zn tkz fcei-t 0({ hzaJitk. 

Vzczoizd wcLi a. {^onmzA. tzacheA. -ui thz HcLnLLmon ickootit, kzA maUdzn namz bzZng Jzoji 
PaZmz/L, and j>h.z wai bonji at Tofit Tottzn, NV. It woi iduZz tzacking hzfiz that ihz ianmzd 
thz oi hzn. liituJiz ha&band. 

hln.. and Uu. Wm. GAjOWZ Iz^t SatuAday night ^OK Vtzntijwood whzAZ thz ^anzAoZ uxu> hzJLd 
on Monday. In addi;tatn to thz itftLckzn huiband thztz axz tkfizz tiXtZz chlZdfizn Iz^t to 
mouAn thz £o44 o^ a moit dzvotzd mothzA. 

Vzczajizd had many ^AZzndi hzAZ and nesm oi hzA uwvtunzty dzath camz 04 a g/izat ihock. 
Thz i,ympajthy o^ aZJL gozjt, ovut to thz ioAAowlng husband and motkzALeJii> tittZz onzi> . 

*••«»»«*»« fzbKuxviy U, 1918 


Jamzi KZapztka, 57 L{zaA6 atd, wzLi kvwwn ioAmzn. oi LLbzAty Gaovz Town&hJ^,, izZZ iAxim 
hii chaVi aX thz homz oi ku nzlghboAi , Jonei and FJiank HavZzna, Wzdnziday night 0^ ZjXMt 
cveefe, and whzji hlA ho6t6 and othzA guz&ti wznt to pZck him up, thzy iound thaX. hz wai dzad. 

Hz had dAA.\jZjn. ovzx iAom hJj, homz, two miZzd dl&tant, to thz HavZzna. homz to 'atXznd 
a ZZttZz nzlghboAZu pcAty and had takzn kid wZiz, onz don and thz hiAzd man uiith him. Hz 
dfiovz thz tzam and izemzd to izzZ at, vuzZJL oi hz z\jza dJid in hid ZU-iz. Hz madz no mzntixin 
oi izzting iZZ, and indzzd dzzmzd to be -in thz bzdt oi dpiAJjtd. ShonXZy aitzn. hz aAfuMzd 
uUXh hid ioZkd at thz HavZzna homz and ui/ien thz panty waji at iXd hzZght hz woa dzzn to 
KzZax and ^ body bzcamz ZJjnp and dZJjppzd ifwm thz chaJji to thz iZooK. Thodz nzoA him 
hzoAjd no dound iAom him and Zt wad i^Jidt thought hz had iaintzd. Bat Zt u;a4 doan dzzn 
that dzath had ZntzAvznzd in thz mzAAymaLing . A phydZcian wad dammonzd, bat kid dZAviczd 
uJZAZ adzZzdd, thz podd-ibZz cojodz oi dzath bzing g-ivzn, In hid opinion, ad apopZzxy OA hzmoA- 
Ahagz oi thz bfuLcn. 

Thz dzczodzd id dan.vA.vzd by a uxiiz and iamiZy oi thifttzzn ckiZdAzn. 

»••»«•*»«, fzbfwjvuj n, 19n 


Thz Iniant chiZd oi M/i. and Uaj, . UoAtZn WoZiz dizd Zadt night oi dcafiZzt izvzA. 
Thz dtAickzn poAzntd havz thz dympathy oi aZZ in thziA Zodd . 

******** FzbAoam IS, 191S 


W'u . AdoZph GAizpzntAog paddzd away at hzn. homz in LibznXy Gaovz Towndhip on Friday, 
UoAch Idt, 1918, at 12:15 AM aitzA duUzAing ioA dzvzAoZ yzaAj> i^om tabzAcaZodid oi thz 
hip and back. 

Vzczadzd uod boAn at lAon Ridgz, Ci/T, on Pec. 15, 1876, hzA poAzntd bzing HzAman Tizgd 


and Johanna nee EAini . She. mo^ chAAJitznzd EniLiz. Ai the. aqa. a^ thAzz cfza/u ihz aczcmp- 
anizd hzA. poAznti to Dakota, and hajt 6.aicz A.zi.<.dzd in ZidiZand County. Shz moj, zdacatzd 
hzAz and bzcxunz a mzjnbZyi of^ thz LathzAOJi Chuxch. On May 25th, 7194, ^he. moj, moA/Lizd to 
Kdotph GfU.zpzntnxiq Mho 4>uA.v<.vzi hzA. fouA ckcZdAzn wzn.t bonn, one dbjinq ^hoAXZi/ a^tz^ 

Seven yzau ago 6hz ^zZZ a. vi.ctlm to tubzAcuZoiZi , and aZthoagh zvzAuthing po-i^ibtz 
u}a& donz to azZlzvz htn. ihz itzadlty ^aZtzd. Shz woi opzAotzd on tuxicz, at BA.zckzn/u.dgz 
-in 1912 and at Hinnzapotii> Zn 1975. In 7976 ihz ipznt 10 vozzkj> Zn thz KUnnzapotU Hoi,p- 
■iXaZ, bat nothing couZd itoif thz ZnAoadi o^ thz dZ^zoiz. SZncz SzptembzA o^ 7976, ihz 
hoi not Zz^t homz, bat thAoagh thz Zang montki o^ ZnXzn&z paZn ihz woi a patZznt ia^^^^zAZA 
and awaZtzd thz znd uilth caZm ^oAtZtadz. 

TanzAoZ iZAvZczi uizAZ hzZd at St. John'i LathzAon ChuAch Zn BzZ^oAd on MoAch 4th, Reu. 
R. HZZgzndoA^ Zn choAgz. ScoAZi o^ {^AZzndi and AzZaXZvzi weAe Zn attzndancz to pay thzZA 
^Znat tAZbatz to onz who vooi bzZovzd by aZZ. Intzfimznt wa.& madz Zn thz St. John chanckyaAd. 

Vzczaizd Zi iuAvZvzd by thz ha&band, kdotph GAZzpzntAog, and thAzz zhZZdAzn, WaZtz'i, 
HzAhzAt and lAznz; tuio itzpchZZdAzn, HzAXha and Otto; hzA poAznti , Ut. and Hu. HzAman 
TZzgi; thAZZ bAothzAi, FAank, RobzAt and HzAman TZzgi , tuo iZ^tzAi, Mw . EAnzit HzZnZ 
WathZlda] , and Ua6. Chai . EzZZZn [Ida]. 

Thoiz {iAom a dZitancz Zn attzndancz at thz ^anzAaZ we/ie: Ma. and Uu. EAnzit HzZnz 
and Ma. and Maj. Hzfman TZzgi o^ EZZzndaZz; Otto GAizpzntAog o^ HoAZcon, ft/T.; EmZl Lazbkz 
Ofl lAon Zidgz, WT., and Aagait PagzZ o^ HoAZcon, WI . 

••••*•*** • MaAch 7, 1918 

A. J. IngeAjon woi caZZzd to hZi old homz at HatchZnion, MM., SatuAday by a mziiagz 
annoancZng thz iaddzn dzath o^^ a yoangzA bAothzA, MoaaUj, . He Zz{,t at oncz to attznd thz 
ianzAoZ. Thz yoang man'i dzath xai zntZAeJbj anzxpzctzd and ^aZZi oi a hzavy bZoui on thz 
itAZckzn paAznti, zipzcZaZZy by Aza^on o^ thz iacX that anathzA ion Zi mth thz old Com- 
pany L boyi "iomzuAzAZ Zn FAancz." 

•••••*••** MoAdi 7, 797S 


It um thz thAZZ- yzoA-oZd chZZd o^ fAA.and Mas. MoAtui WoZ{,z that dZzd on Wzdnziday 
zvznZng oi Zoit wzzk,' not thz baby oi ZnadvzAtantZy itatzd Zn Thz WEli'S loit wzzk. 

Ma. and Maa. WoZ^z havz a.ikzd Thz NEWS to zxpAZii thzZA thanki to nzZghboAi and ^AZzndi 
(JoA thz many acti o^ kZndnzii ihown Zn thz doAk hooAi 0;$ tkzZji bzAza\Jzmznt. 

S. H. WooZizy handi ai a copy o^ thz WatznZoo [Ind.] VAZii contaZnZng nzua o£ thz 
dzath o{t f.lAi . John Shuman at hzA homz Zn that city. Dzczoizd ujai a SoAgznt Coanty pZonzzA, 
ZocatZng on a homzitzad on thz banki o^ Bu^^a/o Lakz Zn 1SS3. HzA haiband uxu pAomZnznt Zn 
thz coanty and Moi a mzmbzA o^ thz NoAth Dakota comtZtutZonaZ convzntZon. 

MoAc/t 14, 191S 

• *•«•»*««« 



?AJ3nzvi RziZdznt o^ ZicJiland CoatvCy li CaZZzd to HzA. Reuxvid 


SuA.v4.vzd by Haiband and S^x G^wn ChXZdAzn FamAjoZ Woi HzZd Taz&day moAJiing 

cut the. Caihotic CkuAch 

Hu . Mcuiy Hzntz dX.zd at kzA homz ioath o^ thU city on SatuAday, MoAck 9th, a^tzn. 
^u^^zAAJig ^OA. moKZ than a yzan. ^Kom dfLOp&y and othz/i compLLcatlo ris . 

VzczMzd MOi boAn on Jan. 24th, 1864, In Fon du Lac County, WI . Hzn. poAznti mzaz 
Ua. and Ma4. liickazt l^atzoj, and thzy mzaz among thz zoAtiz&t izXXJLznj, in that poAt oi 
WZiconiiZn, coming ^Aom GzAmany 77 yzoAi ago, thz zntiAZ jouAnzy bzing madz by boat ^Aom 
thz ^athzAtand to GAZzn Bay, ti/I. fAxm thzfiz thzy ^ottouizd thz miZiXoAy tAoiZ to thz vic- 
iniXy 0^ Fon da Lac ujhzAZ thzy ipznt thz Aemaindzt o^ thzin. tivzi> . In liSS, thz JtubjzcX 
0^ ouA ^kztch camz wzit, ipznding two yzoASs at EAzckznAidgz. About thiAty yzoi, ago ihz 
«XL4 moAAizd to Lzopold 80504, viho dizd f^ivz yzoAi, tatzA, Zzaving hzA with tknzz imaUL 
chiZdAzn. On Feb. 10, 1S96, ihz wai again moAfiizd, and thz husband, Jacob Hzntz, 6uAvivzi> 
hzfi. Shz alio lzavz& iix chiZdKzn.. .Anna M. Bagai, Hznman Bagu6 , Lzo Bagai , EZizabzth B. 
Hzntz, John A. Hzntz and Rzgina Hzntz. Shz imu a diUti^uZ uii^z and a kind and loving 
mothzA, bztavzd and AZipzctzd by all uiho knew hzA. 

Thz {^unzAol wai, hzld Tuziday ^oAznoon with 4>zn.vicz& at St. PhiZip'i ChuAch. Thz ChuAch 
(WW iiZlzd uUth old ^Kizndi, , gathzfizd to pay thzin. loit moAk a^ AZipzct to onz who aw4 uni.- 
vzA&alZy zitzemzd. 

Among tho-iz in aXtzndancz weAe Joizpk f^atza&, itzp-bKcthzn., oi Fon du Lac, WI.; John 
LoAdZo{£, bAothzA-in-law and ion llikz 0^ Fon du Lac; Joz UzyzK and fliii Elizabzth MzyzA, 
0^ BAZckznAidgz, and ^lAi . Fnjznk Rzttig o{^ Wahpzton, couiim . 

Jntzfmznt vooi madz in th.z CathoLic Cemztzfiy hzfiz. 

********** i^oAck 14, 191S 


M^. fWiz KAooiz, fiZiiding on thz Evan Thomai ^anm noAth 0^ HaimzA, dizd FAiday, Mo^c/t 
lit, 0^ pazApzAol ^zvzn.. Vzczcu^zd mh a Y\ati.vz 0^ Rui4,ian Poland and wai 20 yzoAi 0^ agz. 
Shz wcLj thz mothzn. OjJ ^ivz childAzn, thz youngzit ^ouA day4> old and thz oldzit izvzn yzoAi. 

Thz ^unzAjil woi hzld in. thz Gznman LuthzAan ChuAch noAth o£ Hammzt, Rzv . KlajuilzA 0^ 
th^z caMj conducting thz iZAviczi. 

Ma& . C. EAlandion, pionzzA AZiidznt o^ thii pant oi thz countAy, dizd at hzn homz 
zlzvzn milzi iouXh o^ thii city Monday a^tzAnoon. Shz had bzzn in failing hzalth (^OA iomz 
timz but hzn. condition wai not comidzAzd cAltical until a ^eiv houAi bz^on.z thz znd. Thz 
NBilS hxLi bzzn unablz to izcuAz thz data loA a complztz obituafuj, but thznz oAz izvzAal 
gAown childAzn Iz^t to mouAn thz Ion 0^ a dzvotzd mothzn.. Thz huiband dizd 6ZvznaZ yzoAi 

^ UoAch 21, 1918 



In the. cjULLoZXif tUt (^lom ikz. (^AjOfit In Tnjincz one. dcuj tcUii. weefe tk^ namz oi Roy 
WX/JLLam EAjickin appeoAzd cu, kav-Lng dlzd o^ njaJuvmZ C(mi,z&. WkUZz onty tkz ncmzi now 
appzoA in ihz za&aaltLf td>t&, uuMi no othzx mzam o^ Zdznti^iccLtLon, tkexz li, titXtz 
doubt that thll, Zi a. ion oiJ Ma. and Unj> . Wm. EAackln Mho ^oAmeAZy Lujzd on thz Hankin- 
lon {^afun and uAo tz(^t hznz ioK Idaho about twenty yzanj, aqo . Thzy had a tltttz ion 
about 5 LfZOAi old at that timz and hZi, namz u:a& Roy WZlLiam. It Zi known by xztatlvzi 
hzAz that thz boy wai In thz izfivizz and Zt -Li pAactZcalZy czAtaUn that hz wai thz onz 
mzntxonzd In thz honoK /loZZ oi thejji country. Thz ^athzt, tilm. BAa.ckin, li a bfiothzn. oi 
John BAackln o^ WaZdo Towmkip. 

S-cnce thz abovz urn, put in typz, AzLJutlvzi, hejiz havz Kzzzlvzd o^^ZclaZ noticz o^ 
Roy'i dzath. »••••«•»*« J^^^^ 21, 19 IS 

Gznuinz KZQieX wZtt be {^ztt throughout NonXh Vakota among thz pZonzzm omza thz death 

oi Judion LaUouAz, which occuAAzd in FZoAj.da thz pa&t wzzk. Thz men who ihapzd thz eoAZy 

dz&tinizi oi thz itatz afiz iait paaing, and iew had gKzatex iniZuzncz in thz IzgiiZativz 

haJULi at RiimaAck than thz iagz oi Pembina. A good iightzn., loyal to hii i^lendi , LaMouAz 

itood head and ihouZdzu a& a man ovzfi many oi hi& dztfiactoKi . Hundfizdi oi kindly acJji 

among hii pooK nzZghboAi oi zaxly dayi ajiz xzcoAdzd only in thz othzn. wo^ld'i izzoidi, . . . 

and we izzl that they will count hzaviZy in hii iavon. whzn hz iacej> hJj> MafeeA. Hij> itzK- 

Ling worith woi appAZCAjotzd at homz whzAZ hz nzvzn. mzt with political dzizat in twznty-iivz 

yeoAi oi politicaZ activity. 

«*«««,».«« ^^(^ 27, 191S 

TWEWTV YEARS AGO Column Hm, . Jamzi Shea pa&izd away at hex. homz in Elma at thz agz 

oi 41 yzau. 

UnA . Lewii PjUzh died oi oi thz hzanX a wzzk aitzn. thz bZnXh oi a child. 

Jznti Jenien, a ianmzn. nofith oi StiZzi, commiXtzd iuicZdz by hanging himizli in thz 

baAn ********** 

• ApAU 4, 191 S 


Ed. C. FztzeA, a ionmeA well known xz&idznt oi Hankimon, died in a UinnzapolZi Hoip- 
iXal about 4 o'clock Tuziday monning, t^oAch 26th, ioZlowing a iaZZ on thz pavzmznt whZZz 
aZZghting iAom an automobZlz. Thz accidznt occuAAzd thz pAZvZouA SatuAday, Ma. Fe^zeA 
Azcziving a iAactuAZ oi thz ikuZZ. 

FuneAol 4eA.u-cce4 weAZ held ajt thz UelandeA S QuZit UndzAtakZng PaAloAi , HZnnzapolii , 
Wzdnziday aiteAnoon, Rev. W. P. ChAiity oHiciating. Thz Aemaim, weAz taken to thz homz 
oi Mas. RobzAt UcCAackzn, Glasgow, MW., a iZitzA oi Ma. FztzzA, and buAiaZ wai, madz in 
TaAAview CemztzAy at Wz&t Albany, 

EdwoAd CZoAzncz FztzzA wai boAn in thz towmhip oi Wzit Albany, Wabaiha County, MN., 
on Nov. 29th, 1869, thz zldzit ion oi thz IxLtz PzAAy PztzzA. Hz iollowzd thz occupation 
oi maion in HankZmon ioA izvZAol yzoAi and ioA thz pait iZx yzoAi IZvzd in IZinneapolii , 


whzAt hz. had a. ^maZt qJiaczfiy i,ton.e.. HZi maJvuAqz to \tc54 UyKtZz. Ha/utgAovz o£ Wcfridmejiz 
took on JuZy 7, 1900. To tkzm mzaz boAji {^a.\jz ckcldfLZn: Eva. Eduynnt, VeZbzAX. Itoyd 
tlLchata^, AZva. Roi-i and EduioAd VonaZd. Thz i,tAU.ckzn ^anCZy hoi thz i>ympathy a£ att old 
HaniUjiitOn i>u.zyidi, in tkzAA. toi-i. 

liloxd uioi, Ktc<UMzd hzAz tSvii wzzk o^ thz dzath o^ Ezam. A. StU-Zi at hJj> komz on thz 
Paci^c coa&t. Vzczoizd woi onz o^ thz pn.onu.nznt pionzzn. AziZdznti o^ tkli poAt o^ thz 
county and n.z6idzd on a homzitzad nzan. StiZzi StaXion, bztiozzn HankAn&on and Lidqznwood, 
which stopping point on thz GKzat HonJJxzfin woi njmzd a^tzA him. Hz movzd to thz Pacific 
coa&t ^zvzfiat yzaju, ago bat madz occai>ioniiZ u^-cti back to tki& pant o^ thz coantfaj, thz 
Zait onz duAing thz pait iaUL. Hz had ptannzd a viiiX to thz oZd homz in thz zait taith- 
in a ijew weefei. Scofizi oi oZd ^Aizndi hzfiz uxiti Izofin with KzgfizX oi kii dzaXh. 

»•«*»»,»*« ApnU 4, 19TS 

J. A. Vwyzn. fizczivzd a tztzgfiam todajj annoancing thz dz/ith o^ a cotiiin, Thoi . Vwyzfi, 
in ^ILJbmjuJzzz. Hz tzAvzi tonight to attznd thz {^anzfiaZ. Vzczoizd hoi thxzz J^oni, in thz 
oAmy tuio in fAAncz and onz in tfiaining camp voiXh thz mzdicaZ coKp/t. 

Hothzn. and ThAzz ChiJ.dn.zn Lo-se Livzi to Caiolinz Stovz ExpZxnion.. . 

Onz oi thz mo6t hoAAi^ying tnagzdizi, in thz hi&tony o^ thz county occuAAzd SatuAday 
moAning on a ioAm ^ouA miZzi nonXli 0|J WyndmzAz, thii counXy, whzn thz zxpZo.ii.on o^ a goi- 
oZJjiz a A feeAo^ene i,tovz itoAtzd a con^ZagAoXion that aJbnoitt compZztzty con&umzd thz bodizi 
0(J MAi . E. L. Szaton and thAzz imaZZ chiZdAzn, whiZz thz huiband vainZy tAizd to zntzn. 
thz hou6z and z^^zct a A.zicuz. 

1/ e/u/ ZittZz i& knouin ai, to /tow thz tnagzdy occuAAzd. Mt. and Ma^j . Szcuton CMmz to 
Wyndmzfiz 6omz timz duAing thz pa6t yzoA, whznz Wl. Szaton had madz a Ziving by voAiooi 
mzani>, and thii &pning had bzzn zngagzd in pZoMing ^on. vaAioui ia/mzAi, in thz vicinity. 
Thz iamiZy uxu, living in a hoa&z on thz Zand ^ouA miZzi noAth o{ WyndmzAZ, knoun ai thz 
oZd OZz JzgZrnn pZacz,-n.ou) ownzd by J. A. ZLckzAt o^ Wahpzton. Thz £aAm ii moitZy poituAZ 
Zand, and vzAy ZittZz o^ it ii undzA cuttivatijon. 

Nothing -u known aj, to thz fizaZ caaiz o^ thz zxpZoiian. Ma. Szaton wai at homz at 
thz timz thz con^ZagAotion itoAtzd, but uxu not in thz kitchzn. Hz hzoAd kii wi^z'^^ cfuj 
loA hzZp, hz zxpZainzd, and tAizd to zntzA thz kitchzn but it wai iuch a man o^ ^lamzi 
that hz couZd not zntzA. SpAZnging thAough a window on thz kitchzn poAch, hz attzmptzd 
to opzn thz back doon. and gain admiHiion, but appoAzntZy thz dooA wai Zockzd on thz imidz 
Oi it wouZd not opzn. Owing to thz izvzALty oi thz iinz it ii pAobabZz that aZZ ^ouA 
occupants o^ thz kitchzn. . .mo thzA and chiZdAzn . . .wzAz aZmoit imtantZy kiZZzd by thz iZamzi 

Thz hooiz wai compZztzty dzitAoyzd and aZZ that couZd bz ^ound ai zvidzncz that thz 
bodizj, had bzzn comumzd wai thz biti o^ choAAzd bonz and ^Zzih which caaZd hoAdZy bz 

/izccgnizzd om human fieircujii) . Sack ca coaZd be. gaXh.ZA.zd mzaz takzn to Uyndrnz/iz. 

Thz ^ajniZy uxu, not wzZZ k.navi:n .in UifndmzAZ, and tkz hooiz waj, izvzAxit tniZzi (^Ajom a 
nzZghbo-n., 60 that none fenew Ojj tkz tAJigzdy untit iX. uiajt aZt oveA. It -U itatzd that tkz 
SzaXoni, camz to HonXk Vakata. ^Ajom f-linmAota., havAjig oAyigAJiaZty come £AMm louia. AJUiangz- 
mznti ion. tkz iunZAoZ iZA\jZcz6 had not been madz up to Taz^day noon, oi uioxd ^Jiom Ma<s . 
Szaton'6 pafiznti, Mho A.ziZdz 6omzu:hzA.z -ui ^.iontana, waz bzlng awoAXzd bzioA.z hoZdlng thz 


WoKd woi KZdZAXZd today o^ thz dzatk Zn a Hinnzapotii Ho^pXJUiJi oi tkz LitXJiz 5 yzaJi 

otd daaghtzA o^ Ma., and M/ls. MoAtxji Bommzuback. Shz dizd at an zofity houA. tkii moAjujig. 

Thz titttz gZnZ woi takzn to thz ho^pAXaJi a ^m daiyi ago ^OA t/Lzatinznt. 

• »*«««»«,, ^p,^^ jj^ J9JJ 

Cha&, LohA, ^on o^ Ua. and Hu . J. J. LohA o^ tkci caJjj , dZzd o^ pnzwnania. at Camp 
Vodgz Zoit a^tzA an ■Lttnz6.i o^ about tiw wzziu . Vzczaj>zd uiai, a membzA o^ thz 
Jn^antAy -at tkz NatlonaZ AAmy, having bzzn cxitZzd ^Aom LaMouAZ County. J. J. LohA, tkz 
latkzA, wat> uxitk him duAing kl6 ilZnzi^ , and HAi, . LohA Iz^t Uondai] f^oA EdgzZzy whzAZ thz 
ianzAoZ woA hzZd. Quiing to tkz ^act that tkz poAZnti havz not yzt AZtuAnzd we ha\jz bzzn 
unabZz to izcuAz tkz data ^OA an zxtzndzd obiXuoMj, 


Thz -infant cKiZd o{, Ma., and Ua& . August GabbzAt o^ EJZma, dizd Zaj>t Ffujdaij and woi 
buAizd SatuAday iAom tiiz LuthzAon ChuAck. 

l{aAgaAzt Kinta VAibbzAnow, 15 monthi oZd daaghtzA o^ Ua. and UAi, . TAzd VAibbzAnaw, 
dizd Uondasj. Thz zai>z voa^ a pzcuZixvity pathztic onz. Thz motkzA woi auiay andzA tAzatmznt 
at a ianiXoAium and did not AZack homz untiZ a^tzA thz baby had pa&j>zd aumj, Thz iunzAoZ 
ujoi hzZd Wzdnzidai/ at tkz LuthzAon ChuAck. 


FAzd FaZk dizd at hii homz in tkii city Taz&day moAning o{ pnzumonia a^tzA a bAiz^ 
iZZnz6.& . He moj, onz o^ tkz ^iAit JtzXtZzu in Hankimon, having Zivzd hzAZ iincz tkz ' SOi . 

Vzczoizd uxU) boAn in Gvunany and wa& 52 uzaAi> oZd on UoAck Stk. He camz to tkii coon- 
tAy vahiZz itiiJL a young man and mxli moAAizd to AmzZia VozZtz. 0^ thii union iijxXzzn cKLZd- 
Azn wzAz bo An, tkinXzzn o^ whom aAZ Ziving. Nonz o^ thz ckitdAz oAz maAAizd and aZZ OAZ 
■itiZZ Ziving at homz with tkz zxczption o^ HzAman who id at (iJoZ^ Point, Montana. He MiZZ 
be homz SaXuAday in timz loA tkz ^unzAjaZ whick vniZZ 6e hzZd ^Aom tkz GzAsnan IrmanazZ ChuAck 
Sunday a^tzAnoon, with Reu. QbzAdoeJ>tzA in chaAgz o^ tkz iZAvicz. 

Bziidzi thz u3i(tZ and 13 chLZdAzn dzczaizd ii iuAvivzd by tkz agzd motkzA who makzi hzn. 

homz uxiXk hzA daughtzA, UAi . HzAman BoZdX; tkAzz ii6tZA& . . .fiA6 . Hznman BaZdX, UAi . CoaZ 

Papp oi WakpzXon, and UAi . PAiXz Backkaoi . 

«,«•••*«»« ^p,^^ jg^ J9JI 


Thz Copp-Ln ^onLLLti and hin.. and Maa . A. H. B/LCtvn motoA.zd to WahpaXon Uondaif to aZtejid 
tiiz ^uneAdt 0^ ]<u>4>e. G. BakzA. KUu . BaJieA -U a iAjttzA. o^ the. Copp-in bfiotkznj, and M/ls . Eajouih. 

Mw. KZaiL&ZzA. Iz^t TLLZ^'dnij {^OK Hcnmapotli to attznd thz lanz/vaZ oi hzA tZitzfi, M/u . 
Rev. G. ?AJiQAAjn, oi IkoKfili, MW. 


ChaAlz6 WziiZzy lohji, ^zcond 6on o^ KOl. and Uai>. John J. LohA o^ Hankimon, WP., wai 
boAn ajt HubboAd, Iowa, NovzmbzA 15, 1891. He dZzd at Camp Vodgz, Iowa, ApA^ 13th, 191S 
o£ pZzuJio-pnzumoruja., at thz age 0(J 16 yzau, 4 monthi and 28 daiji, . 

Hli zjoaLj yzoAj, we^e i,pzyvt at Huhband, Iowa. In 1907 with ka> poAznti he Zocatzd Zn 
KiddzA Countxj, NV., whzn.z hz AZildzd untLt MoAcJi 13, 1917, whzn hz ^.lizd on a homzitzad In 
(^adiion County, Montana, 

On Janz 5th, 1917, hz AzqLi>tzAzd ^oA thz &ZAVA.C.Z oi hyii coimtAy and on MoAch 16, 1918 
ijujit onz month ago] hz wa6 caJLtzd to thz coZoAi and oxdzAzd to Camp Vodgz, bzlng a&j,^nzd 
to Co. R, 5th BattaZion, U3Ad Vzpot EAigadz. 

Thz membzAi oi thz iamlZy iuAv^vAJig OAZ thz poAZnti, onz bxothzA, W^CLtiam T., Aldzfi, 
Montana, thAzz iZatzu . . .Ma6 . CZaadz R. Rowlzy, EdgzZzy, Wf., M/t4 . Hoaaij \J . HitchzU., 1173 
BzdioAd Avenue, BAookZyn, MV and Hii,^ GZady6 AZMldtng with hzA poAznti, . 

Thz ianznaZ ^zfivlczi weAe hzld iAom thz W. E. ChuAch, Edgzizy, WP., on kpnJJi 16th, 
191 S~, alt AjnmzdJjotz AdZativzi bzlng pAZiznt zxczpt Ma6 , MltchzZl. OthzA AzZati\}Zi pAZ&znt 
weAe Ma. and MA6 . John T. BoyZan, Aaitln, MM., ancZz and aunt oi thz dzczoizd. 

Tzd StanZzy, PAominznt BachzZoA Fa/mzA, Endzd Lc^e with RzvoZvzn. BuZZzt 

Vzcza6zd woi Man oi MlddZz Liiz and Had SaHzAzd flnanclaZ Rzvzuzi) . .Livzd 11 HouA6 aitzA 

thz Shooting. 
Tzd StanZzu, a pAomlnznt bachzZoA Az&ldlng on thz ioAm oi thz Zatz Homzt WzathzAbzz 
wzit oi TalAmoixnt, commlttzd Aulcldz by ihootlng kamzti In thz hzad with a AzvoZvzn. Sat- 
uAjday moKnlng, dying twzivz houAi ZatzA. flnanclaZ tAoabZz pAobabZy mjoa thz motlvz. 

He Zzit thz hoa&z In thz zvznlng and appoAzntZy ipznt thz night In thz gAovz neoA by. 
Thz ihootlng did not occuA tlZZ wzJZZ towoAdi moKnlng* Thz azvoZvza wai pZaczd at thz back 
oi hlj> hzad, thz buZZzt zntzAlng thz baiz oi thz bKaln. Hz wa& ancovUiClauJi whzn ioand and 
Aemalnzd 4,0 antlZ hz dlzd tuizZvz houAi ZatzA. 

Vzczaizd wai about 45 yzoAi oi agz and a bachztoK. Hz iuitalnzd a Zoii oi izvzAoZ 
handAzd doZZoAi In a fizcznt dzaZ and had been vzni/ dz&pondznt. . .had attzmptzd izZi dzitfia- 
ctlon two OA thAzz timzi bzioAZ, In iact, but had bzzn pAzvzntzd by iALzndi . Hz wai, highly 
AZipzctzd and hil, tAoglc dzath woi a gAzat ihock to thz commanltij. 

Hli paAznti AZildz In (Uahpzton. ApAlZ 15, 1918 


WeZl Known Rzi^dzjnt Saccumb-i to Tijpho^d pYinumonLa. 

OiJto SchAjotdzA, pZonzzA. HcLnliZnion A-uZdznt, duizd cut kilt home, -in tkii cJJjj ihoAJJiij 
bz^0A.e. zZzvzn o'clock Uondjzy ru.Qkt, at thz age o^ 46 tjzjviit and 10 dai/i . He mcu, itA^cktn 
uictk priztmonla. a cowpZz o^ weefei ago, and typhoZd zniazd ^ottoujzd by a Zzakagz o£ thz hza/it 
thai lAxii thz dLifizcX caa6Z o^ dzath. 

Vzczoitzd ujoi boAn .in lAnn Ridgz A.zg^on nzoA. Uajj\;Ul.z, WI., KpfUZ 12, 1572. Hli, boy- 
hood wai> 6pznt. thzAZ buX whilz 6tiLL a lad thz family come to RA.cktand Coujvty, locating 
on a homzitzad about S milzit noAthwzit o^ hzAZ. On ¥zb. 24th, 1S9S, hz uioi maAAlzd to 

Awzlla Sackhaai and o^ thZi anion thzAz oAz tzn AUAvlvlng chlZdAzn. thz oldzit In hl& 

19th yzoA. and thz yoangzit a babz o{, 14 monthi . Hz wai, a caApzntZA by tnadz bat f^OK thz 
pa6t yzan. hoi, been In choAgz o^ thz Hankln&on school building ai, janltoK. Qule;t and anaJt 
gaming, hz attzndzd it/ilctly to hli own a^^alu, bat woi a kind and Indulgznt £aXhzn. and a 
tALLZ ^Alznd. Hli antlmzZy dzaXh li mouAnzd by all who knew him. 

Hz l6 iuAvlvzd by thz agzd ^athzA, John SchxozdzA, Sa.., now In hlj> 86th yzoA, thz wl^z 
and tzn chlZdAzn; tJiAZZ bAothzu , John A. and EmlZ who llvz nzaA TaOunoant and ktbzfit. o^ 
Hanklnion; ^ouA ilhtzni , Mw . Choi, . Hzln, M-U . FztzA. Lznzzn, Unj, . R, EzUln and^Ai, E. A. 
King, all o^ thu city. 

Vzczoitzd woi a mexrheji o^ thz M. M. A. and cafUtlzd $1 ,000 In&uAoncz In that oAdzfi. Hz 
wai otto a mzmbzfi o{^ thz flAZ VzpoAXmznt. 

JThz ^anzAol woj, hzld thl6 a{itzAnoon at thz Irmangazt Ev . ChuAch, Reu. C. ObzAxlozitzA. 
conducting thz 4>ZA.vlczii. Thz ichooti WZAZ dl^ml&4,zd ^OA thz a^tztnoon and thz tzachzAi and 
school chlldnzn attzndzd In loAgz mmbzAi, . Thz chuAch wa& ^IZizd to o\JZA{^lowlng with old 
^Aizndi and nzlghboAi a&izmbZzd to pay thzlA ^InaZ tAlbatz. Thz caikzt wai, Zoadzd with 
{^ZoKot oi^jZAlngi {jAom vaAioui Individual, and oKganlzatlcm, . TntzAjnznt wai madz In thz 
cemeXzAiy j'oit ^auXh a{^ thz cJjty . 


kpfUJL 25, I9JS 

EAnz&t A. Meye^, ^oAjnzA wzZZ known 6oclatiit ^zildlng nzoA LldgzAwood, bat ^oA thz 
pait yzaA OA moAZ a nonpaAtl&an tzagaz oAganlzzA In hiontana, dlzd Zait weefe In Tango o^ 
mzajiZzi , aagmzntzd by'pnznmonla.. Hz Zzavzi a wl^z and tUJo hmaZZ chlZdnzn. 

«*»•»«»«»» ^p^^ 25, 1918 


Johnny, thz 17 yzoA oZd &on oiJ M/t. and Ma4 . John GZandzA o{ thli cliij , dlzd oi pneu- 
monla at ^e Wahpzton Ho6pltai on Monday. Hz had bzzn ilck bat a ^ew day6 and hli antlmzly 
dzath li mooAnzd by aZZ who knzu him. 

Johnny woi, boAn on thz GZandzA {^oAm j'a&t wz6t o{ thli cJJUj and hli zntlAZ Zl^z had 
bzzn ipznt In thli nzlghboAkood. Hz wai a qulzX Zad, bat uJOi highly thought o^, a datliaZ 
6on itAlckzn joit zntzAlng manhood' i z^tatz. Hz li ioAvlvzd by thz ioAfuowlng poAznti , icon. 


bAo^eJii and ikn.zz iZiiZA^. The. iynpaXkij o^ att gou out to thz bzA.zavzd onz& . . 

The. {^anzAoZ. wcu> kzZd thJji a^tzAnoan at the. IimanaeZ EvangeLiaaZ ChuAck, Reu. C, ObeA.- 
doejiteji candactyinq thz &iin.vA.cej> , and the. KzmoAjnj, weA.z laZd at: A.ej,t yin tkz cemztzAy ioatk- 
we^t ai the. city. •..».»««.« May 2, 191S 

PJiomcne.nt Young BeZ^oxd FoAjneA. VZctim o^ Vmumonia. 

Rudolph W. mttag, a pAom-inznt .young ^oAmeA o^ BeZ^oAd Towni>h,cp, dU.e.d at. St. John'i 
Ho^pltat Aji foAgo at 3 o'ctock Sunday manning, a^tzA a weefe'4 -CitmAA. Vneumonloi uxu, thz 
cauie ol dzaXh. 

Ve.ceAi>zd woi a natbje. oi BAlghtioood Toumkcp, having faeen boAn on a ^ofm on thz banki 
0(5 Lakz Elilt n ytoAi, ago lai>t iaJU.. While. 4,tUZZ a imaZZ boy he. movzd uiith hli poAentl, 
to EAondenbuAg TouirUihip ioheAz he. gA-ew to manhood on the. ^anm. On NovejnbeA 27th, 1914, hz 
wa4 moAAizd to EZilz HieZke who, uUXh onz ^ton tuo yzoAi, otd, 6uAvZve.& him. Thz poAznti, oAz 
aZ&o living on thz old ^oAm, and thzAZ oAz thAzz bAothzAi and thtzz tlitzAi, all o^ uhom 
Az&ldz In thz iojnz nzlghbonkood. . . .HzAman, Call and GzoAgz; Ha& . Elvlna O^boAn, Hattlz and 

Rudolph wa& an lndaitAlou6 and zxemploAy young man and kLd unXlmzly dzath li ^InczAzZy 

mouAnzd by 4,coAZi o(, {^Alzndi . Hz MOi juit gzttlng a itoAt on thz ioAm hz occaplzd 

^hoAtly a^tzA ma/vilagz, and had a bAight and pAomlilng ^uXuAZ. Thz sympathy ai aJil goz6 

out to thz ioAfiouUng mI^z and othzA KzlaXlvzit . 

_ Thz AZmalm OAAlvzd hzAZ ^Aom FaAgo Monday night and WZAZ taken ^Aom thzAZ to thz homz. 

Thz iuneAol wlZl be hzld tomofiAow at 2 o'clock In thz altzAnoon with iZAvlczi In Jjnz Evan- 

gzllcal ChuAch at CAzoJt Bznd. 

********** May 2, 191S 


Mc44 MoAy Ulkkztiion, 15 yzoAl, old, o^ thz Havana nzlghboAhood, met uiith a ^KlghtiuZ 

accident laJit weefe, Azi>ultJijng In hzA dzath. Thz young lady was dliclng duAlng thz ab^izncz 

oi hzA ^atheA. A fmnaway took placz and ihz wcLi tJiAown undzA thz dl6c and dAaggzd about 

eighty Aodii. The: hoAi,ej> then itoppzd and 6hz wai, ^ound dzad undzA thz dlic. 

********** May 2, 1918 

FKonklln I. VwyzA, plonzzA AZ&ldznt o^ Richland County and uko iZAvzd In. thz Lzgli- 
laluAz ioA onz ttnm In thz eoAly day6 o^ itatzhoad, dlzd al Spokanz, WA., la&t weefe, whzAZ 
hz had Azildzd ^OA thz pott il(^tzzn yzoAi, . Thz VwyzA& izttlzd In BAandznbuAg Touimhip In 
thz zoAly ' SOi and ^OA many yeoAb occuplzd thz ^aAm now ownzd by HzAman Pfwckrww, 3a., ilvz 
mllzi noAtheoit o^ Hankln&on. LateA thz family movzd to town and Azildzd hzAZ ^OA ^zveAol 
yzoAi, bz^oAZ leaving ioA Woihington italz, AltogzthzA, thzy llvzd In thz county ^OA 23 yzau 
Thz following clipping (^Aom a Spckanz papzA glvzi an account o^ Ma.. VwyeA6' dzath: 
"Fnanklln L. VwyzA, who dlzd hzAZ Monday and who4>z iunZAol wot, hzld Tuesday, waj> a {^on.- 
mzA mzmbzA o^ thz itatz IzglilatuAZ ai Honlk Vakota, In which itatz hz fizhldzd ioA 23 yzoAi . 


Hz Mcu, aZio a. mzmbcfi a^ Rznc ?06t, G. A. R., and kzld a numb<iA o{ county o^iA.cej, 

\k. VwyzA. Mdii boKn In QhU-O QcjtobzA. Hii"., 1S42, and movzd to U^comZn aX thz agz o^ 
6. He znLiitzd -in Company V, 30th xzgAjnznX., W^zon&Zn ZnianJyuj , wAen thz (U.\ WoA. fa/tofee 
out. He 4teA.vzd tlnxzz yzoAj, and tlruizz montki,. He majvu.zd Roxzy MaXtz&on on Augu&t 3Kd, 
1S6S, and o^ {^vz ckitdAzn boAn to them, tuuo iufivZvz, Cko. E. Rowland and CZaudz C. Vwijzn. 
Cnz itZittzA, Mxi. M. C. Fowlzx, o^ Tacoma, aJUo ^unvivzi . M/i. ViMjzn. tivzd aji Spokjont iZncz 
1902, thz iamiZy komz bzing at hlZBZS Columbia StAzzt." 

********** 11,0X1 I, 191S 

Uaj> . MoAy mttzn, a ^ajnitian. ^Igwiz to patAom 0({ thz MzAchanti Hotzt at Wahpzton 
ioK many yzaxi,, dizd In that cUty ¥ moAnLng, at thz agz o^ S8 yzafu,. Shz hoi bzzn a 
A.z&ldznt 0^ Wahpzton &lncz 1SS&. 

********** Moz/ Z, 191S 

Uztl Known CitLzzn Poised Auxuf Sunday Evznlng 
Ffizd lOuui&z, wzll known KZildznt and {^onir.zn. builnzi-i man o^ oun. cJXy, dlzd at hJji 
homz at 6:30 Sunday z\JZrUng a^tzA an Zllnu^ zxtzndlng ovzA. a pznJ.od 0($ many montki. Hz 
woi a(^lticXzd with anemia and had bzzn {,alZlng ^oa. iomz tlmz, £0 thz znd wai not unzxpzctzd. 

FKzdzfilzk TzAjd. Kaoo&z wcls boAJi on Octobzn. l6t, 1S67, at Uayvlllz, Vodgz County, WI . 
Thzn.z hz itpznt kli boyhood, coming to HonXh Dakota with hli poAznti about 36 yza/U) ago. Hz 
waj, maAAlzd to ULs-i Ellzahztk Bzllln on Nov. 7th, 1S93. fox a timz thzy llvzd In GAZzn- 
daZz, latzn. moving to thz ioAm noAMmizit o{, town which hz ^tlLl ownzd at thz tlmz oi hli 
dzath. Thz iamUiy movzd to Hanklnion 15 yzoAj, ago and hz zngagzd In thz ^AMlt and con^zct- 
lonzny bu&lnzii, ilnuJUbj izlLLng out on account o^ falling hzaZth. 

Hz wa6 thz {^athzn. oi ilx chM.dn.zn, thz thAzz {^lut boKn dying at an zoAly agz. ThzAz 

ofLZ tkfizz 6un.vlvlng chlldfizn Edwofid, Edith and CloAa. 

Hz li iuAvlvzd by thz wl^z, thz thAZZ chlldAzn namzd abovz; thJizz bAothzu , HznAy o^ 
Bzl^oAd TowmhJjp, Paul o^ SwanvllZz, I^N., and Chaxlzi o{, Hankln&on; {^ouA ilitzu, MA4 . John 
?ol^u&^, ^tw. Cuitav Vcl^uii, Ua&. Wm. Wza,^ and Mas. RobzAt Vumkz, oLt o^ tkii vicinity. 
Hz u;(L5 a good cltlzzn, dzvotzd to hli wl^z and {^amlly, and a llizlong mzmbzA Oq tSiz 
LuthzAan ChuAch. Hz had hundAzdi o^ ^Alzndi who ilnczAzly mouAn hl& untlmzly taking oH. 
Thz iunzAoZ wai hzZd Wzdnziday a^tzAnoon, izAvlczi bzlng conductzd by Reu. KlauilzA 
at thz LuthzAon ChuAch. Thz attzndancz wai vzAy laAgz and ico AZi o£ autoi iollowzd thz 

Azmalni to tkzlA ^Inat AZitlng placz. 

*••*»»*»*« May 9, 191S 

Jean Joy, a young ^oAmzA ^Aom zoit o^ FalAmount, wai buAlzd on Wzdnziday o^ lait wzzk. 
Hli li onz 0^ thz iaddzit cxiizi o£ which we havz hzoAd Azczntly. Hz woi iolz iuppoAt o^ 
hli mothzA and Izavzi alio a young wl{,z. UhlZz iZAvlng UncZz Sam at Camp Vodgz hz contAact- 


ed pneumonia. ^Axim u:tU.di kz cLLzd. Tkz ^umAoZ mcu, tkz toJiqut eueA hzZd In fcuAmount ihz 
pJLOZtitl-icn <7j$ a.atamobZtz& bZAJiq nzoAty tuo rrUZzi, Zong. Thz agzd moihzA and tkz uii^z, 6oon 
to bzcomz a mothzA, fiavz tkz i,lnzzn.z ^ynpatky a^ zvzAi/onz in tkzAji. bzAzavzinzyvt. 

********** Max/ Z3, 191S 

M/LS. Katz Smitk, uii^z o^ ?xzj>idzjnt ¥n.zd E. Smith o^ thz itaXz 4cceKce ickooZ, dizd 
cut kzA komz in Wakpzton Uondajj zvzning, CL(^tzX a. long iZtnzt^ ^Aom AOAcomatoul, tumoAi . Shz 
imdzAuJznt an opzAotion ^OA. a ^imiZoA. a^^licXion zoAJbj la&t iaU., and untiZ a coupZz ojj montki 
ago it woi ^uppo^zd tkat: hzA xzcovzAy uxu, compZztz. 

•«««**•»«» May 30, 191S 

Mju,. Anna. I. llmbn.ziX, 39, MK.|$e o^ EmiZ Umb/iziX, ckizi o^ poZicz o^ t^zdicinz LaJiz, MT, , 

dizd in a Faxgo HoipitaZ SatuAday £oZZouiing a ^zvzAaZ montki iZZnzi.i> ^Aom tubzAcaZoA mznin- 

gztcl,. Thz UmbAzit^i {^ofmzAZy Zivzd nzoA. GAZjit Bznd btut movzd to Mzdicinz Lakz ^zmzaoZ yzau 
ago. •««««•«««« j^^ ^^ jgjj 

GREAT BEhW EXAMIhlER Ma4 . HznAy f^oki dizd at tkz homz 0^ kzA ^an-in-Zaw, Augoit 

Matt, noAtkzaJtt o^ GAzat Bznd, on Tixziday moAning, at tkz agz oi 66, f^Aom pnzimonia., a^tzA. 
an iZZnzi^ of^ onz weefe. Vzczaizd Mai boAn on June 15, 1S51 , in MzckZznbuAg, SckwzAin, 
GzAmany. Hot haiband dizd about twznty yzaAi ago, Shz ii iuJvjivzd by tuo iom and tkAzz 
daaghtzAi . . .RobzAt Uok& o^ Summit Townitkip, HzAman Uahjt ol South St. PauZ, Wu, . Aug. Matt 
ol CzntzA Town&hip, UAi . C. VahZkz o^ CAj04,by, htV., and W^. G. SchAozdzA oi FeAgai ¥aZJU , MW 

Sincz tkz dzatk o^^ hzA husband ihz had madz hzA homz with hzA ckiZdAzn uiho uiitZ mtiJi 
hzA. 4>miLLng ^acz and izzZ tkz Zoi>^ o^ a good mothzA. FunzAjoZ /iZAKjiczi mzaz hzZd at thz 
Matt homz on FAiday at 11 ASl and ZatzA at thz E\j. luthzAon ChuAch nzoA GAzat Bznd. BunlaZ 
woi madz in thz E\j. LuthzAan CzmztzAy. iSopkla Mohi] 

Rzcznt ca^iUaZty ti&ts, incZadzd tkz namz o{, Bzn BAondt o£ ToZZzy, NV., among thoi^z 
kiZZzd in action. Thti young man ii a ion o^ M/l. and ^ki. Joe BAandt, {^onmzAZy o^ LLdgzA- 
vjood, and iji a ne,phew o^ FAank and lUznzzJL PaAizzk o^ LidgzAwood. 

GREAT BENV EXAMIWER WoAd Azachzd hzAz Zjiit wzzk announcing tkz iuddzn dzatk oi MAi. 

H. E. StAtiizZ at TzAgui FaZZi, MN. Shz ^zZZ dzad o^ hzoAt ^aiZuAZ whiZz woAking in tkz 
goAdzn. Thz ^amiZy (^oAmzAZy AZiidzd in GAzat Bznd and thziA many {^Aczndi extend sympathy 
to thz Aztativzi. ********** j^^ j3^ j97^ 

Thz n yzoA aZd dmightZA oi Ma. and MAi. Wm. KZoitzAman, wzZZ known Aziidznti ol thz 
MaoAzton nzZghboAhood, dizd Zoit SatoAday oi BAight'i cf^erue aitzA a ZingzAing tZtnzii . 

********** j^^e 20, 1918 


Toon. Vzjoa Old Eduiin O'Uzaxa. tCUZzd iJJh.zn Wagon Foi^zi Ovzn. Hun 

Edmji, £ouA ifzan. aid 4011 o{^ .Ua.. and linj, . Ed. 0' 0^ Waldo Tawn&lvip, zaAJiij 
Satan day moAyiing ^A^m <jijti>u.ti Aa&toAJizd thz pA-Zv^om a{^tzAnaon whzn a Zoadzd wagon pai^zd 
ovzn. kl6 fa/ieoAi. 

Tkz lad, who woaZd kavz bzzn ^ouA yzau old -in Szptembzn, pAobabZy had clambz^zd onto 
thz Kzax whzzt oi tkz wagon. Thz iaXhzn had juii. dJUvzn into thz yoAd and Zz^i ikz tzam 
standing. Th& haM>zi^ 4>taAXzd up and thz tcttlz izJULow izlZ bznzath thz wagon, thz whzzt 
poi^iyLng ovzn. hi& bA.zait. A docXoK wait Xmnzdiatzty iurmonzd bat an zxanuiation KzvzaZzd no 
iiZfiiouuit injUJuy. Thz boy wa^ coni<u.oa6 att thz timz and izzmzd to iU|{iJeA no pain. In thz 
ZMZning it wai> dzcidzd to takz him to thz BAzchzn/iidgz HoipitaZ and J06 . J. GAZzn and thz 
f^athzK took him ovzn. by auto. Thz docto-u thzfiz dzcidzd that nothing couZd bz donz, and 
thz Zitttz IzLLow poMizd away at 3 M SatuAday moKning. 

Edwin woA thz zidzit o{i thz thAZZ chiZdAZn in thz {,amiZy and woi thz idot o^ thz houiiZ- 
hold, A bright and manZy Zitttz chap, hi6 Zoii ii a g/izat bZow to thz ^tfiickzn poAznti who 
ka.vz thz hzoAt^iZZt sympathy o^ zvZAy lathzn. and mothzt who hoi ia^f^ztzd a iimiZoA Zoi>^ . 

Thz ^anZAoZ wai hztd Uandaiy moAning at St. PhiZip'6 ChuAch. Reu. J04 . F. Studnicka 
condactzd thz 4>ZA\jicz and thz tiny ca6kzt wai, hiddzn bznzath thz iZoKoZ o(^{^ZAijngi o^ sym- 
pathizing ^Ai.zndii and nzighboAi . lntznjn<mt waj, madz in thz czmztzAy iouth 0^ thz city. 

- knathzfi ZlchZand County boy ha& givzn hi& Zi^z iji thz i>ZA\jicz. ZazZZ Wzthznhzz, i>on 
oi Uk. and Uai>. E. W. Wzthvihzz o^ Tatnmoant AzczntZy dizd o^^ typhoid pneumonia whiZz on 
duty in thz navy in {^OAzign watzAi , according to woKd joit Azczivzd by hii paAznt& . Ancthzn. 
boy, ioAmzAZy 0^ Lidgznwoad but zntznijig thz SZAvicz ^fiom Lakz City. BAoZandzA by namz, 
ii xzpoAtzd kiZZzd in action in fAoncz. 

********** JuZy 4, 19U 

TWENTY YEARS AGO CoZumn PatAick Swzznzy dizd at kU hcmz in EZma, at thz age o{t 77. 

A AzpoAt woi CAAcuZatzd that RobzAt WziSzZ had dizd oi i^eueA at Camp GKigiby, but RobznX 
4,uAvi\;zd ^oA. nzoAty a 4>coAz oi yzoAi a^tzA that. Hz dizd at Oakzi, only a im months ago. 

•***••**** July 4, 191S 

Thz agzd mothzA o^ Ua^. E. M. Jonzi dizd at Hzznah, WJ., this weefe. ^tw . Jonzs has 
bzzn at hzA bzd&idz ^OA szvzaoZ wzzki. Vzczaszd was ovzA 80 yzoAi old. 

********** July n, 191S 

John GAzzn and family Zz^t Sunday by auto ioA Chaska, MM., to attznd thz ^unzAoZ oi 

Ua. GAZZn's bAoihzA, AndAew GAZZn, who dizd at thz AshbuAy HospitaZ in HinnzapoZti ioZZaw- 

ing an opzAotion ioA tumoA oi thz bZaddzA. Vzczaszd was a bacheZoA, 57 yzoAS old, and 

had bzzn iZZ but a shoAt timz. 

• ••««*«•»« JuZy n, 19 IS 


Tkz NEWS haj, KzcUvzci a. copy a^ th.z JoAdan {lAarUana] Gazzttz aoyvCoAjUng an account 
oi the. dzaXh oi Sianizif W.iLLum, ontij ton oi ^. and Mas . Eimo F. Thomas, idio dlzd on 
June 19ih o^ ptomaujiz po-i&oning cau6e.d by zatlng cannzd tomato<u>. A tlZZti. i,Aj,tzA. voai 
aJUa taJizn vAjolzrvtbj WL at tkz &amz timz but hzn. ti{,z wa6 tavzd. Thz ^athzn., Elmo F. 
Thomai,, X4 a ^OAmzn. HankyUiion boy, 4on o{, M/l. and Uaj,. G. K. Thomas, and Zi, Ajn. thz Nat- 
ZonaZ khmy, bzlng itationzd at ToKt SnzttLng, MW. HankJjuon £AU.znd& zxtznd sympathy to 
thz £amliy. , *«»«»»»t* J^^ jj jgj^ 

Wm. Gnxmz A.zczZvzd a mzisagz yz&tzfiday thz dzath a^ M/W. Mzruuf BA.zu.zn. at 
a Hinot Hoip<Xat (^oU.oiMJig on opznjvtton. Vzczoizd Mas takzn to thz hospitaJL a couptz o^ 
wzzki ago and thz opzAjotlon ^jivoZvzd thz nzmovaZ o£ a tan.gz timon. £njom thz xzgtan o^ thz 
LLvzn. Thz ^amiZy ^onmznZif n.e^Zdzd Zn HankJjuon but hauz bzzn holding down a homzitzad 
about zlght mZZzi {^njom Annlih, nzan. thz HCssouaa. Zivzn. Bzitdzs thz stnA.ckzn husband, 
thznz an.z six smatt chtZdnzn sunvZvZng. 

Fn^nk W. Hzn.zog was ZnstantZy kZttzd and kcs cocjje Z& Zn a dyZng condition as a Kzs- 
uZt o£ an automobZlz acddznt nzan. thzin. homz -in l^ontana Sundny a^tznnoon. A daaghtzA, 
a son-in-Zaw and an aunt mzaz atso szntousZy inj'un.zd. TkeAZ OAZ no panticuZanj, so {^an. o^ 
thz sad ali^aVi. Thz HzAzogs weAe j{oa. yzans pAomlnznt n.zsA.dznt o{i Gznzszo but movzd to 
f^lontana two on. thAzz yzoA^ ago. f-Oi. HzAzog was quitz wzlZ known hzn.z, zspzclaZZy among 
thz'mzmbzns o^ thz UasonZc Fnntzn.nity, having bzzn a ^Azquznt vlsttoA at todgz mzztings . 
Hz was aJLso an actlvz membzn. 0({ thz Lidgznwood chaptzn.. JovljiZ in disposition, hz was 
thz ti^z o{^ amj gathznlng which hz attzndzd, and news oi thz tAagzdy was a gxzat shock 
to oZd ^Alznds throughout Sangznt and RlchZand countlzs . A son, fnank HzAzog, 3k., Is 
assistant cashlzn. o^ thz MantadoA Statz Bank and tz£t Sunday zvznlng ^oA thz scznz o^ thz 
tnjigzdy. »,.«,.,*», JuJiy U , 1918 

OZz K. UZsakzn, a Azsldznt o^ ZichZand County slncz 1S7S and ^OA a pznlod o^ tzn 
yzans, ^Aom 1880 to 1890, County Tazosuaza, dlzd at Wahpzton f^oZZowlng a paAaZytlc stAokz. 
Hz was In kis 69th yzoA. 


July 18, 1918 

Andnew HzgZlz, a nzsZdznt o^ thz WaZcott nzlghbonhood, dlzd at his homz Zast wzzk, at 

thz agz o^ 70 yzoAS . Vzczaszd had nzsldzd In thz county slncz 1878 and was a mzmbzA o^ 

thz iZASt staXz ZzglsZatuAZ. 

»««*,»,»», jj^ 25, 1918 

A mzssagz was Azczlvzd hzAZ Satunday announcing thz dzath o^ hiAS. Wm. Zlmmznman at 
hzn homz In Bzach, hlV. Shz had bzzn an InvaZld ^oa many months and thz znd was no sua- 
pAlsz. Thz body was shippzd to UantadoA whznz It was mzt by thz Wlppznman auto hzoASZ 
and convzyzd to thz oZd £ainlty homz Sunday zvznlng. Vzczaszd w£L6 ioA many yzoAS a azjsI- 
dznt 0^ Hanklnson, bzlng zngagzd In thz mlZZlnzny buslnzss hzAZ with hzn sZstzA Mae, and 

C1241 . 

iX. w<L4 kzJLd ikaX ihe. meX hzA iJoiUAe haiband. A^itn. hzA. maA/Uagt to Wm. LarmeAman tkijj 
moved to Bzach, MV., and /laue KtiZded theAt ioK about tzn yzaxi . Vzczoizd uictt be. A.em- 
embzA.ed by oua people. <li M^4 Kojte ThJJJL. Uanij old ^Aj.endi In tkci tocnZity mJU. lejvin 
uiLth AoAJiow o{ htn. untimely dznth. Bei^ea the itAZcken husband, 6h.e Zi iaA\ji.ved by the 
mothzA. and one. bJiothzA, VetzA, who LiveJt on the old home £aAm u}e^t o^ Uanta.dofL, and one 
itJiMteji, Ma4. Cita. Mutton. FuneAol ieA.\jZce^ wexe keZd at the CathoLLc ChuAch In UdgeAwood 
Tuesday moAiUng and ZnteAment waj, made Zn the ^amiZy lot Zn the cemeXzAy neon, that place, 

• * * * * July 25, 1918 

HaAjold, 6eveji yeoA old ^on o^ M/i. and Ufii. PeteA NoAjum tivZng necui Rutland, ieJUi ^Axim 
a iuuj6tach. and ^a^^eAed ZnteAJial lnjunJ.e^ £Aom which he dZed kal^ an houA lateA. 

• ••••«•*•• J^J^ 25, 1918 

VedeA Johnion, the aged ^atheA o.( SevzAZn and HelmeA VedeAJ>on oi Lien Towmkip, died 
on July 18th, at the age oi 90 yeoAM , 8 monthi, and 11 dajy& . He uxu a native o£ Honway 
and settled in RobeAti County in 1896. 

• «•«»»*«»• AugiLSJt 1, 1918 

Wahpetan, hW., Aug. 2nd. . ..Lieut. ChanZti Lloyd iiJatLin& o^ Wahpeton and Gieat Fatti, 
MT. , iwLS kiZted in an aeAoplane accident on a {flying ^ieZd in France hZi £atheA Kzceiving 
a lettzA ij^ujm a paZ oi hU 6on, giving detaiZi o{ the. accident. Liejit. WatkZni , accoAd- 
ing to the IttteA, went into a no^e. dive, at a height o^ about 400 ^eet, and failed to 
fiegajjn. contAol o^ hi& machine. ********** Auaoit 8 1918 

The iuneAjoJL ol BuelZ WztheAbte o^ FaiAjnount, a ioiloA. in the United Statej> Navy who 
dizd in ioKeign wateAi iome. ^ive weefei ago, wa& heZd in FaiAmount loit ThuA&day a^teAnoan 
the body having oAAived theAZ on Tuesday. The attendance wai vzAy loAge. 

********** August 8, 1918 

Grandpa Mc Kinnon, pioneeA JieJiidznt o^ Uooizton, died at hZi home neon, that place 
tkii we.ek, at the age oi about eighty yeau. 

********** August 8, 1918 

GREAT BEWP EXAWTWER Loulh BeAiuvid, 75 yeoA. old, ion oi Ha., and Uu. GeoKgz BeAnoAd 

died on ThuAj>day oi la&t weei at hii> home iive. milzj, iouXheoit oi Bend. The cavae 

oi death, wa& a swelling oi the fenee which developed into blood poiioning. LauiJi wai weZl 

and happy a iew dayi beioAe he paired away and none oi the iamity ia&pected any dangeA and 

thought it only a flight bnsjuUe oi the. knee. "While in the midit oi Hie we oAe. in death." 

Louii woi a iine boy and a gxeat htlp to the home. It ii a hand blow to the bejieaved poA- 

enti, bKothexSt and iiktefit, and we alt sympathize with them. The Kemaini weA.e laid at Aest 

in the. St. Joe CemeteAy la&t SatuAday. 

********** Auga&t 8, 1918 


iiUXon Ste.vejuon o^ Tcujimauyvt and Jchn M. Haf^zneA oi Wahp^ion fUtttd In. AcXZon 

F/tanfe Nelson o^ HcudUnion Oi^ZcUaZty RzponXe.d HU-i^g, Hoyt Ycvtz^ oi W.hpzton SLiQhXZij Woundu 

Tvjo Zickland Count:/ boy^ havz gZvzn up ihexA. ti\j<u on. the. baXtZtiZeZdi o^ F/umce. TTiej/ 
dfiz fiitton C. Sttvzjuon o^ faJjunouni. and John M, Ha^zniJi o^ O.'ahpe:ton, both o^ whom weAe mem- 
bzAj, oi Comparuf 1 oi Wahpzton. 

Stzvvi&on'A name, appzaxzd in the. OLiaalti/ tut pubZiihzd Imt Uondcuj an "kLEZzd In act- 
-ajn" We waa 20 j/eow otd, unmoAAZzd, and hl& motkan., Ua/, . Hay Stzvtn&on, hoi teen a tzachzx 
in thz ToAJmowni 6ckoot& ioA many yzoJU,. Hz gA.iw to manhood thzKZ and wai, wzlZ known. 

John M. HaiznzA.'^ dzath woa announczd Zn a mzi^agz ^.zczZvzd Taziday moaning by ki& iath- 
zx, Kdolph HainzK. oi Itlahpzton, iAJim thz Kan. Vzpantinznt. He dZzd at thz bajttiz ifiont, iZght- 
■Ing ion. kii countny. Hz wai ih^qtz, a rwutivz oi tkU county, havZng bzzn boAn nzan. Mooxztcn, 
bujt ion. thz poit 4 even yzofu thz ianvLly hoi n.z6Zdzd at Wahpz^on, 

Both oi thz&z 6pZ.zndJ.d young mzn ha\jz madz thz iupKzmz ^acxiiyicz, gZv^ng thzJji LLvzi 
that we who iWwZvz may znjoy thz pnJ.\jAj.zgz oi lAMAjig oi ( and -indzpzndznX. Amz/cLcians . 

Thz thought, comzi homz to u&, how ZU^ttZz wz who n.zmain aX homz aJiz doing in thij, gn.zat 
coiUtZ, even though wz buy LUbznjty Bondii, zantnAJbutz to thz Red Cnjoi>& and aid along thziz 
Zinzi to thz limit, oi oun. ahiJLity, In&tzad oi compZalning, wz ought to n.zj'oicz in thz opp- 
ortunity to do thz things wz anz aikzd to do and only n.zgKzt tkajt wz cjonnot do mone.. 

Hoyt Yatzii oi OJahpzton, anathzn. Company I man, wat> ^ZightZy woundzd in Fnancz on Juty 
19th. HZi namz did not appzan. in thz zoduaZty Uj,t in thz nzuipapznj,, and thz iiAit wonA 
Azczivzd wtw in thz ionm oi a tzttzn. to hi& wiiz. A.6 fee was appanzntZy abZz to uiz thz 
inj'uAzd ansn in wfiiting, it i& pn.ziumzd thz wound wai vzny iZighX. 

• •««•«•,», Augui^t 15. 191S 

Sadly Vzcompo4)Zd Body oi StARngzn. found in Whzat Fizld 

Thz badly dzcompo^zd body oi an unidzntiiizd man woi iound in a whzat iizZd on Nzti, 
Uzliom,' ioAm ioun. miZz& 4>auXh oi Victon. lait Satanday aitzAnoon. Hn.. Nzlion dl&covznzd 
thz body nzan. thz n.zmaim, oi an old ilax itack a& hz wa6 cutting whzat. A young woman oi 
thz houiihold had bzzn dni.ving bindzfi in thz ioAznoon but on accounX. oi thz hzat 
hOi. Uzliion n.zliz\jzd hzn. ioK thz aitzAnoon and had only madz two nound6 whzn hz iound thz bod 

Thz Shzni.ii and thz coKonzn. weAe at oncz notiiizd and camz out inom Sijii,zton to vizw 
thz n.emain&. No moALs oi idzntiiication weAe iound and thz body bzing in iuch an advanczd 
itatz oi dzcompo^ition iX wa6 incijiznaX.zd whzn.z it lay. 

Hz had zvidzntly bzzn an zldznly man. Thz only thing, appoAzntly, Izit in hi& po^^zi-t)- 
ion wai a iew empty inaoi,z boxu and a couplz oi cob pipzi . In one oi hii pockzti wa6 a 
tightly bound ball oi whitz itni.p^ oi cloth. Pn.ziumably hli dzaih woi inam natunal cauizi. 

»•••••»««, August 15, 1918 

a 26) 

Edwafid W. SpejiczA dizd ajt kci harm -in WakpeXon LoJit Sundrnf, cut tko. tigz o^ 69 yejzu . 
Vzceoizd was {^onrnzAlij conne.cX.zd vuXk the Clobz-GajzeXtz In an zdiXonJjoJL capacity and laXeA. 
pabZiifizd ihz tUahpeXon Tlmti Ion. abouX a yeoA. 

•••'*••••• August 11, 1918 

Thz dzaXk oi KaXhzAJjiz Schack occuAAzd aX thz homz o^ KLbzAX Ci'A.ege on FAZday, Aug. 
23A.d, oi a. compticaXlon o{ aJJjntnti daz to old agz. Shz was S3 ytoAi and 9 morXfu, old. 

Vzczditd wcLS boAJi in Gonblnun, on Uovzmbzx 25th, 7 835 and thzAZ Ahz gKzu to 
womanhood. Shz wai tuiicz manjiLzd. Hzn. {^t ha&band dLizd i-iity yzoAj, ago, and hzA. izcond 
moAAMigz u}a& to FA.zd Schack, who dizd 14 ifzafi& ago at AlbzAt ft/Aege'4. Shz had no ckitdnzn 
0^ hzA. own bat ^hz had two 4tzp4,oni, both In GzAmany, and onz itzpdaaghtzA, UUi& . AtbzftX 

Thz ^anzfiaZ wa6 hzld Sunday, 4>ZA.vZczi bzing condactzd at thz LuthzAon Cftatc/i by Rev. 
J. P. KZau^lzA. •.,.,,..,• ^^^^ 29. 1918 

Magnui NzZ&on o^ Wyndmzfiz hoi bzzn KzponXzd oi dzad o^ woundi KzczZvzd -or acXion in 
TKoncz. We aj, thz thJjud majn. {^om Co . I to to^z hJji ti^z -in action. Hz wai, 19 yzoju, old 
and znLLbtzd a 6hoAX timz bz^oxz thz company Iz^t Wahpztan a yzan. ago. 

»•»«••»,•• /^agast 19, 1911 

Vfwminznt TanmzA VZz6 A^tzA a LingzAZng llZnZii 
^Augait Anndt, wzlZ known {^anrnzn. xzilding ioathcz&t o^^ town, dizd Saturday at 11-10 ?U 
a^tzA a LingzA-ing Ztlnzii . Hz had ^tu^^ztzd {^Kom stomach tAoablz ^oA. many yzau and comp- 
IZcaXiom XZiulXing {^Kcm thii caaizd hJjt dzath. 

Vzczoizd wai boKn In Gzfmamj on Augait 3, 1861, whzAZ hli boyhood woi ipznt. At thz 
agz 0^ 19 hz camz to AmzA-ica, Living wiXh KzlaZivzi at ZumbAota, MM., {oK a timz. Vzciding 
to zntzn. thz LathzAan mijuiitAy, hz aXtzndzd thzological ichooli at SpAing^Zzld, IL, and 
Uzui UZm, MM. On ApnUZ 15th, 1890, hz waj, matuU.zd to HL&i Many Langz. Ton. ttoo yzam thzy 
Livzd at Uongan, UN., and thzn ^on. twzlvz yzoJii hz hzld a pa&tonatz at Wood Lakz, MW,, and 
laXzA. at GnojuXz FaZti and Echo. MW. FaJJLing hzalth madz -it nzcziiany ^on. him to 4eefe an 
ouXdoon. occupation, and twzlvz yzoju, ago thz family camz to Zichland County, buying a ^anm 
izvzn mi-lzi nonXh o^ thz pAZiznt town o{ HamnzA. Thznz thzy havz iincz nzii.dzd. 

Vzczoizd waj, thz ^athzn. o^ ^oantzzn childnzn, twzlvz o^ whom onz living. All anz 
i-inglz and axz at homz with thz zxczption o^ thz oldzit, WiZUjcm, who iJ> in thz national 
anmy and itationzd at Vancoavzn., WA. 

Vzczaizd wa6 highly nzipzctzd by all who fenewj him. A God ^zoning man, honzit and up- 
right In all hi-i, ba&inz6.i> dzoLingi, hz woi an zxvnploAy ciXizzn, a loving hoiband and a 
kind and indulgent ^athzn. Among all who knew him LiA dzath i-i iincznely moannzd. 

Thz ion tsliLLiam i-i zxpzctzd to anjuvz inom Vancoavzn to day, and ^unznal axnangzmznti 
wiZl not bz madz until hz hat, bzzn con&altzd. 

••••«•*»•« SzptembzA 5, 1918 


Vauqkttn. oi M/t. and Ma4 . Pot Fatton o^ EJbna CalZzd Home. 

Gaacz, eZdut cSUtd o^ Ma., and IAaj, , VatAlck. TaJLLon o^ EJbna, died at the. EAzckejuUdge. 
HoipiXaL Tfu.dnjj moAjUng at 8 o'cZocJz at the. age. o^ IS ijejvu and 1 day. Hen. untijneZy dejith 
ioULouitd an opeJiatlon ^OA. appenrUcZtU peA.^oAmed by Vti^. ShieZdi and Ou744 Tij.ej>day night. 

Cajicz uiai) ^Zut taken UUi on Tue.idatf moAJiLng. The Aome. a{teAnoon ^he wai taken to 
EA.eckejvu.dge and the opeAjvLion wa& peA^oAmed AjmediateZy . She AzvZvzd niceZy but a At- 
action occuAAzd and ^ht paired away on fAtday moAJiing. 

The Aesno-ini, wejie bAoaght to HanLin&on the Aome day and the {^oneAoZ wtu heJid Monday 
moAnlng at St. Pkitipi' ChaAcJi, Rev. Jo4 . F. StadnZcka condacting the &eAvZc.e. InteAment 
UKU, made Zn the Catho-Lic CejneteAy. 

GAaczi' untanely death vxu, a gAeat. ^hock not only to the iamiZy bat to the 6c.0A.ej, o^ 
£AA.endi who knew and tovzd hzA. She woi boAn on the home. {^aAjn Jji EJbna and theAe had gAown 
to budding young womanhood, and everyone who knew heA. wai hzA ^Aiend. HeA beauti^at young 
choAocteA endeoAed heA to aJit, and the loAge attendance o^ neighboAi, at the £uneAat 4,howed 
how geneAal woa the &0AAaw at heA untimeZy taking o^. 

GAdce toLS the eldest chitd and bej,Zde6 the 4tAtcken poAentj, Zi iuAvtved by thAee bAo- 
theA& and iouA £ZiteA&, atZ o^ whom w/JUi mijS>& theiA. eZdeA jtZ&teA moAe than woAdi can tetl. 
The hzoAt^eZt sympathy o^ aJU. goej, out to the beAeaved ^aintty. 

«»»««•««», SeptembeA 5, ^91S 

HeAman JaAdheAjn, nine yeoAi old, ion o£ Ha. and Wu . Knot JoAjdkeim wa<s 

initantZy kZtted Monday moAning by being thAown ^Aajn a hoAj,z he wae> Aiding. Hz had Aiden 
into Watcott on lome ZAAand, the paAent6 Living about one miZe out oi town, and whiZz on 
thz way thz hoA&z bzcamz unmanageabZe and the ZittZe ^eZZow was thAown to the gAound with 
6u^^Zcient ^oAce to caoie ^AactuAz a^ thz ikuZZ, cajuing instant dzath. 

«*•«««»»»» SzptembzA 5, 1918 

TTVEAny YEARS AGO Column Cha& . SchAozdzA dlzd at hZ& homz in thii viZZagz a^tzA an 

iZZnei-i o{ AZveAaZ weeki . The ^uneAoZ wait heZd undzA the ampiczi, o^ the ModzAn Woodmen, 
dzceoizd having been a choAtzA membzA o^ thz Hankimon camp. 

«•««•«»«*« SzptembeA 5, 19U 

GzoAgz Kubucki o^ Gznzizo died at Camp Vodgz, lA., SatuAday a^tzA an iZZnz&.& o^ onZy 
a £ew houAi. Vzceji&ed was 11 yzoAi otd and wai> one o^ the SaAgznt County dAa^tzzi . Hz 
woi known in thz GAzat Eend countAy, thz iamiZy having AZiidzd in that vZcinity ^oA many 
yzoAi bz^oAz locating nzoA Cznzizo. Hz wait a couiin o^ thz Reinkz £amiZy, a numbzA o^ ivhom 
attended thz {^unzAoZ which wa& hzZd at Genzieo eoAly in the week. 

********** Sepiemfew. 5, 191 S 


?ioM.zn. BiZ^OAd FoAmeA. Pa&JiZd Auxu/ UnzxpzctzdLf Monday UoflJiing 

PztzA. Kiump, St., a. xz&Zdejit o^ EzZ^oAd TowmfUp ^oa 3S yzjvu, dlzd ^uddznhj Uondcu/ 
moAjilng ^oZZouUiig a. kemoAAhagz. He had 6een izeJLinq umizJU. {^OK a cowptz oi day4 btjut ap- 
pzoAzd to fae QiXt-inQ bejttzx and uxu up and oAjsand the. koa&z but a 6hoAJt time. bz^oA.z the. ejid. 

Vzcejued uxu o^ GeAman bXJith but came, to thci countAy utlth kl& pa/ienti tofien a boy o^ 
eZtveji yejVLi, the. ^canity ^ettting neoA St, Paul. TheA.z he. gA.eio to young manhood, bat the 
catt oi thz west bA.ought kim to ZicJUand County 3S yea/u, ago and fee haj, XZiZded on kci old 
homeJitejid In EeZ^OAxL Toumhlp evet 4-uice. ThOUy sajx. yeau ago hz manAled HU^ Lzna Btoom 
w/uj 4atu^ue4 him. Thzfie. OAZ. hlx Living chitdfieji. . . .UA.& . MaggZz Ha^nzA and Ua^ . Katiz Hzit- 
kamp <7(J UooAeton, John M. and PetzA J,, who ojlz on thz old {anm, HznAy J. 0(J HanhJjiitOn and 
Adol^ who tivz& at homz, ThzAZ OAS. tsno living iZitzKi, M^. Adol^ MaiznzA o^ Wakpzton and 
Uaj,. Max Eichzn& o^ Pa/ik ^apidi, UN. Vzczaizd wai 61 yeoAj, old on KuguJtt Hth and wai plan- 
ning to fieXiAZ ifijom aztivz ti^z at thz clo&z o^ thz pAZiznt sza&on. 

Among hci neA.ghboA.i and ^Kiznd& hz uxa highly zitzemzd and A.zi>pz(itzd. Tndu&tAZoai and 
thfti^ty, hz had accumulated a goodly ihoAjz oi tkli woAld'6 goodi, bzing thz owneA. o{ a izc- 
tion 0^ land in EzZ^oAd and a quoAteA. szction in McLean County. A iiindly nzighboAj a loving 
haitband and an ijiduZgznt {^athzA, hJj, Auddzn taking o^i wcu, a gAzat shock to zveAyonz, and 
/lcj loss will bz kzznly iett. Hz did hli shoAs. among thz pionzeAS to dzvzlop Zichland Cou- 
nty, and adds anothzA. to thz long test o^ zoAly szttlexs who havz passed away divUng thz 
past £ew yeoAS. They havz Izit a azcoaA o^ ackizvemznt weZl woAthy oi emulation by thz 
youngzA. gzneAotion. 

Thz £uneAal was hzld this moAjiing, szAviczs bzing condactzd at Sts. PztzA S Paul's 
ChuAJih at UantadoA., Rev. H. Olilkzs condticting thz szAvicz. An immense CAOwd o^ old ^AZends 
and nzighboA^ wzAZ on hand to pay theiA. iinal t/Ubutz o^ xzspzct to onz oi thz neighboA- 
hoods' pionzzAj,. InteAmznt was madz in thz CathoLic CemetzAy at MantadoA. 

• • • Szptembzn. 12, 19U 

W. C. Vznnstzdt Ktczived a mZMSagz Wzdnzsday moAnlng announcing thz death o^ his ^otheA 
at OLivija, UN. at thz Aipz old agz oi 94 yzoAj,. Vzceaszd czlebzAotzd his biAthday on Vaa.- 
dajj oi last wzek. Ua.. Vznnstzdt madz a visiX to Olivia only last wzeJi to attend thz wed- 
ding oi his youngest sZstzx and kcs iathzA was izzting iinz at that timz. Hz leaves to- 
night to attend thz ianzAoJL. 

• ••«••«•»» SzptesnbeA 12, I9I« 

PionzeA. Tlzsidznt oi this County Vizs iAjim SunstAokz EHzcts. 
hOu. Loaisz Amelia Kobzlt died at thz Suizdish Hospital in Uinneofotis last pAlday 
moAning iAom thz zHzcts oi a sunstAokz suHeAzd about thAzz wzeks ago, nzvzA having Aegain- 
zd conscij3asness . 

Vzczased was boAn in GzAmany 49 yzaAj> ago but camz to AmzAZca with hzn. poAznts whzn 


fattt tzn yzuns otd. The. icauJLj i>eXZtzd at HoKicoti, Itil., and thexe. ikt QJiew to young uioman- 
haod. In 1SS3 4fte came to Vakoia. TvuuXanj^ to makt htn. home, uxltk htn. iuj^tt/i, tOu, ftte. 
SchueXt, in vtkat ^J> now Uofum Towntthlp. It mku tkt/it /the. ionmed the acquaintance o^ AZd- 
Kldn KobeZt to whom ^he mwa mcULfu.ed the ^oZZow^jig tfean. The young aoupte iettted at once 
on the. KobeZt homestead two mltzi noKth o^ UantadoA. and theA.e they havz AuZded evex ^.Ince. iom wexe. boJui o£ the anion, att o£ whom aite. /,Zngte. . .WaZteA and EduiLn who axe at 
home and Kihext who Zi a Soo opexatoA. at EndexLin. 

The aged mothex, Uu. UeZchext, Z& ititZ. LLv/jig at thz otd home, aji HofCicon, WJ., and 
thexe axe ^oux iuxvZvZnQ_ ^Z^texi and one bxathex, . . .Ihu, . WZltiam Schaett o^ HantUnion, Uxi. 
Panzex o^ Juneau, WI., Wis. UeZchext oi LauxeJL, WI., )lfu>. fU^tingex oi Hawtonvltte, Wl., 
and AJthext UeZchext o^ HoJilcon, Wt. 

Deceased was known thxoaghout thi& paxt o£ the county. Hex kindne£.& aj> a ne^hboA. and 
many excettent txautl, ol chaJiactex endeaxed hex to alt, and £he woi atuxufi fieady to hetp 
thoie Zn iUtxejii. SJjice the wax began &he haj> been vefuj active in Hed C/UJ44 woaJi and ipent 
a. gfient deaJi oi time knitting loK the ^otdiexi. Thi& activity woi typicaZ oi hex whote ti{e. 
The. Atxicken husband and £oni have the sympathy oi att in theix ixfiepaxoLte to6i , 

The iunexaJt. waj, hetd Tatiday a^texnoon in. Hankimon, lexvicej, being (conducted at the 
Luthexan Chuxch. Rev. J. P. Ktaiutex detivexed a &exmon in Engti&h and Rev. Hinck o^ GAzat 
Bend in the GeAman tangaage. Be^idej> the i>coKeJ> oi otd ^AA-endi and the fLetativeA, thexe. 
was pxeAent at the iantnat M^. UeZckext, oi Lauxet, ill., a &ij>tex oi the decea&ed. Tntex- 
ment waji made in Hitt&ide Cemetexy. 

********** Septembex 19, 1918 

A menage wai received hexe yeatexday announcing the death oi UAi. F. G. PAulibexnow 

at a hoipitat in HinneapotZi whexe. she had been andex treatment. Veceaied was a victim oi 

tuhexcutosis and had been an invaJtid ion. many months. She is suxvived by the husband, F. 

G. Pxibbexnow, who is emptoyed as a Soo opexatox hexe and one young chitd. The remains wiZt 

be. bxought hexe ioi buxiat tomoAXow. The NBUS Zs unahte to seauxe the data ioK a complete 

obituaxy thiM Zssae. 

•••«•««••• Septembex 79, 1918 

Hubext Ueyex, Pioneex Resident oi the County, Victim oi Apoplexy. 

Hubext Ueyex, a Atsident oi Zichtand County ioA thixty six yeaxs, dxopped dead just 
aitex the midday meat on the Caxt Hikketson iaxm ZH mitej, noxtheast oi SonoAa, on Thuxsday, 
Sept. 19th. He was assisting in hauling gxain the machine to the etevatoA. and aitex 
dinnex leit the table and stoAted ioA the wagon. Suddenly he collapsed and was dead when 
help Aeached him a moment tatex. He suHexed a stxoke oi apoplexy last spxing and nevex 
iully Aecovexed iAom the eHects, although he had been able to do light woAk duxing the 

Vecexised was boAn in Wisconsin and would have been SZ yeaxs old next month. When a 
lad oi sixteen the iamity came to Zichtand County and the iathex took up land in what is 


noia krwum ca ike. St. Joe cormanctif, 5k rrUZu nonXkejUit o^ SononM.. Hzxi. the. 4,abjzct o^ 
ouA. ikeXcJi fuu tived aueA 4-cnce. In Tzhfiuajuj, 1SS6, ke. uxu tiKVLftlzd to CeAtMuLe. LeXneji and 
0^ thZi ujujon thejiz oJiz. eZe.veji ^uAvZvZng ckiZdAznt Jacob, vaho tZvzi nexiA. Soiwaxl; fJUu . 
^(Vigtvizt ReAm o^ Wahptton; Um. MoAtf tommtfiZAjn o£ Ro^lyn, SV.; HeAheJtt who iJk Jbn. thz Knmy 
itaXZone.d at San VZtgo, CA., GeoAge, Matt, HzZen, ElncKo., TAjonk, HznAy and EduoAd, at komz. 
ThzAZ oAe aJUo thA.e.z bfljthzAi, and two ^Z&tzAi tbjZnq. 

Vzczjiizd uKii klqhZij A.z&pe.ctzd and titzzmzd by hii neA.ghbon£ and hJj> ioddzn dzath uxi& 
a gKZcut Jikack to tkz. cotmuncty Zn uihZch fie had tivtd ^on. io manif yejvu . 

The. ^uneAat uxu, hzZd thl& [ThuAj,d£U{] a^teAnoon, be-oig dzZaye.d to peAmlt the. attznd- 

ance. o^ thz 6otdJ.ex &on HzAbzAt who ha^ oAJiivzd horm ^m San VZego . Thz ^zA.vZcz& mJJL 

fee kzLd In thz St. Joz ChuAch and uiltt bz condactzd by Rev, F/i. A. Jandz aaZitzd by Reu. 

Fa.. UzyzA. o^ RzynoZdi, NV., thz lattzn. feeing a nzphew ojj thz dzczoizd. JntzAmznt uiltt bz 

madz In thz St. Joz CemzteJuy. 

********** SzptzjnbzA lb, 19U 

Matt HzttsAoth, a p/jsnzzA. xzi-idznt o£ thz StZtz& nzlghbofihood, dizd Sunday a^tzA. an 
-iZZnz&^, ol only a ^zw hoau . Hz Zi iuAvZvzd by thz uiL^z, tnjo ion^ and tvoo daagktzAj,. 

»»»«»»•«»» Sep^ejnfee^ 26, I9I« 

WoKd UKU) xzczZvzd hzAZ thJj> wzzk 0^ thz dzath o^ J.la4 Szna BeAg at hzn. homz at Uojvuj> , 
MW. Vzczoizd MXL6 a vZctZm o^ tubzAcato-iZi and thz end wa4 no ionpAAJtZ. FoA. a Zang tZjnz 
4/ie uxLi ejnpZoyzd a& itznogAaphzA. Zn tkz John R. Jonej, LumbzA o^^cz kzxz and kad many 
uxLAm ^AZzndi among thz pzoptz ol HankZn&on. Tkz sympathy o^ zvzAyonz hzAz goz& oat to tkz 
bzA-zavzd paJiznti, and othex AzZatZvzi . 

««•«««•»», SzptembzA U, 19n 


BzAXha UZiteZakz wai boAji on Oct. 29th, U93, at Ea^^alo, MW., and dZzd Szpt. IStk, 
191 S, Zn UZnnzapoiZi . Shz gAzw to womanhood Zn Za(^{^aJLo and izvzji yeoAj, ago wai moAAZzd 
to F. G. PAJlibzAnow wko iUAvZvzi kzJi. A bahy gZJit, tkz only ckZtd boAn o£ thz unZon, 
dizd loit /,pAZng. 

SkoAtty a^tzA tkzZx moAAZagz thz young couptz movzd to Canada wkzAz thz husband woi 
zmpZoyzd oi a tzZzgAopk opzAotoA.. Tkzy movzd to HankZnion Zn JuZy o^ 1917, iZncz wkZck 
tZmz tkz kaiband kai bzzn Zn tkz emptoy oi thz Soo aj, opzJiatoA.. SzvzajlL months ago i>kz 
wai) itAA.dkzn wZjth tubzAcuto-iZi and zvzAythZng po^iZbZz wot, donz to 6tay tkz ZnAoadi o^ tkz 
dZj>zai,z, but wZXkoat avaZZ. SpzcZaLi&tj> wzA.z con&uZtzd, a changz oi cZZjnatz waj, madz, and 
zvzAjj z^^oAJt put ioKtk by tkz lovZng kuj)band to pAotong keA. IZ^z. Eat thz GAZm RzapzA 
cZaZmzd hzA and ihz pai.&zd pzacz^utty away, £uZZy pAzpoAzd loA tkz {^ZnaJL luimoYitt . Skz woi 
a patZznt />a^£eA.zA, tkZnkZng moA.z oi otkzAJ> than kzAJiZt^ at alt tZmzi , and tkz bzAzavzd 
kuiband and othzA. AZlatZvzi, havz thz hzoAX^zlt sympathy o^ all. Bz&Zdzi thz haiband, dzcza- 
Azd Zj, 4UA.vZvzd by thz agtd mothzA., who itZtZ IZvzi, at Eu^^alo; onz bAotkzA, CkoAteM, who 
Zji Zn thz oAmy; anothzA bxothzA, FKzd M., wfeo^e homz Zi at Ea{,^alo; and onz iZjttzA, Uaj, . 
Joz KZpp OtJ Eu££alo. 

a 311 

The. ianzARi uxu httd Saiuxday a^tznjwan, iZAv^czi be^jig conducted by Rev. J. P. 
KJLauuUitzA. out ike. LuXhe/um ChuAck. InZtnimnX. uocut made. Zn the. LuthzAon CeimteAy twKth oi 

^^'^' •••....••• Septe:rbeA 26, I91i 

14 Yejix Old Boy Victim oi a. Shotqun Accident 
Son o{ Pxonujiejit TamlZy In&tantty tCitted WkiZe Hunting Sunday Evening . . . 

Accident a. TejoUhtz Shock to the. TamlZy and TAXendi 

FuneAot Wai HeZd YeJttenAajy A^teAJWon, . . . 

Roy Coppln, 14 yeoJi old &on oi Un., and tVu. GejjKge. Coppln oi EjUghtuoood, mxu Imtantly 
kitted by the accldentaZ dlMckoAge oi a ihotgun Sunday evening about 6:30 PM. The ckoAge 
took eiicct In the xlgkt &lde oi hl& iace. and neck, coming oat behind the eon., and death 
uooi lnitantaneou& , 

Hoy and kli cousin EoaI oi about the iame age had been hunting ducki dafUng the aiteA- 
noon In mud lake, which llej> clo^e to the Coppln home. The Coppln iamlly KzXuAned iAom an 
auto dAlve ^hoKtly aiteA 6 o'clocJi and noticed the two boyj, walking up iJiom the lake. Royi' 
tittle bKotkex EJbneA noticed them and aiteA the can had stopped In the yaxd nan down to 
meet the kuntexi . Meantime the two boyi had &at down ilde. by 4,lde. In the gAA44 to xe4,t. 
When ElmeA came up he oiked how many dacki they had. They Keptlcd "two" and reached 
oveA to pick up the blAdt, to &how him. At tkii time the gun wait di&chaAged, the hajmen. 
pfiobably catching on thelA cZotheit oA the. gfiaj>^,. The choAge took eUcct oi above stated, 
Hoy^iatUng back on the gAa&4>. The tittle lad Jtuihed to the hoaie. and called hJj> iatheA 
who huAAled to the scene. He coAAled Roy to the house but Hie was alAeady extinct. In 
iact the natuAC oi the wound was such that he most have died Instantly. 

News oi the accident spxead Kopldly and the community was pAoioundly shocked, Roy being 
well known In the city whefie he had attended school ion sevzAol yeaAS . The gAlei among his 
sckoolmat^^ was touching, ioA. he. was a geneAal iavolte. To The NESS iamlly It was a Aeal 
peAsonal beAzavement, ioK Roy had been an Intlmajte chum oi ouA son GeoAge. The boys weAe 
oi the same age, 14 last Hay, and they had oiten "stayed all night" at each otheA's homes, 
and weAe togeXheA a gAzat deal. Thus, we came to know Roy Intanately and leoAned to 
appAeclate. his woKth. Shy and nztlxJing, he made iAU.ends slowly but was o. most likeable 
little chap and his untimely death Is most deploAoble. 

The heoAtielt sympathy oi eveAyone goe4 out to the stAicken poAents, the oldeA slsteA 
lla and the tittle bAxstheA ElmeA. Only those oi us who have undeAgone a slmllan. beAeave- 
ment can know the iull mejLSuAe oi thelA gAlei. 

The iunzAol waj, held Wednesday aiteAnoon. SeAvlces at the ianm home thxee miles we^t 
oi the cLty at 1 o'cloek, and at 2 a public seAvlce at the CongAegatlonal ChuAch. The 
pallbeoAeAS weAe Boy Scouts ... .playmatzs and iAlends oi Roy.... and the otheA Scouts ioAmed 
an escoAt oi honoA, The tittle caskzt was hidden with iloAoZ oUzAlngs iAom soAAoaUjtg 
iAlends, Including wAeatks iAom the school ckULdxen and scoAe^ oi iamlly iAlends. Rev. 
J. S. Rood conducted the seAvlce and dellveAcd a beaxitliul and touching tAlbute. to ouA. 


d&paAXzd tiXtte. pu.ejid. Thz. ichooZ ckitdAzn xz/iz pAej>ejii Zn a. body and thz chuAch looi 
flitted to ovzA^loMoig. 

Thz matvtaZ A.emcLiru> o^ titttz Roy luzxe. taJid. cut KiMt in tkz Copfuji dmeXzAy in. the. kiZti 
oveAZaoking Lakz Eiiie. wfeote othzA. mzmbeAi o^ thz Cappin family oaz at A.zj,t. 

•••«««.,*• OctobzA 3, 79J« 

Jt was only tkU utzk Xhat Thz NBUS IzoJuied oi tkt dzath o^ Reu. W. H. GimbliXt, ■ 
jJoAme/L CongKzgationaZ paztoA. kzAZ, tuhicJi occafUizd at St. PauZ moKz than two yzji/iA ago .... 
OA., to be zxact, on June. 2nd, T)16. Rev. GimbZztt iaxu a KuidznX. oi HaniUn&on ifiom 1901 
to 1^04 and uxa prominent in CongAzgationaZ woaJi in the. itate.. 

He. waa boAn July Stk, 1859, at VoAJLington, Ont. , Atadizd ion. tkz niniitAy, and uxu, 
ondained at CoAAington in 1891. Hz uxu majuUzd on Jan. Ut, 1906, to UoAgaAzX McLzod who 
ia/ivive^ him. It -c4 poA.&ihZz that hJj, death uxu knoum heAZ bz^oKZ tkU, bat we ZzoAnzd 
oi it iox thz iiut iimz ^Aom Rev. J. S. Rood, the new poitoA hzAZ. 

«••«««««•• OcXobeA 3, 1918 

Neuxi AZJicked hzAz thi^ uizzk o^ thz death ^Aom diizoiz in tAaining amp o^ EZZeAud 
VzdeMon, oZdeJ>t iton o^ T. PzdeA&on, who uxu a JeweZzA in A. B. Jacob^om' V/uig StoAz 4ev- 
eAoZ yeaAi ago. Vzcejuzd uxu, a gAaduatz o^ thz GAa^ton High SchooZ. 

»«•«••••«• OcXobzA 3, 1918 

FAonk WziiZA oi Tznnzy, MM., a bfuothzA o^ UA6. R. C. BeZLLn o£ thi^ pZacz, uxu Azcznt- 

Zy kJJJZzd in action in F/umce. 

*••*•****• OctobeA 10, 1918 

AmbAo^iZ O'Kzz^z, a bAothzA o^ M/w . Jack. McVonaZd, wai AzczntZy kJJJLzd in action on 
thz wej>teAn ^Aont in fnancz. Ua^ . McVonaZd ii in foAgo with heA home {oZiu, untiZ they 
become iomejwhat AzconcJJLzd to thzlA Zo^4 . 

••••*•«»«• OctobzA 10, 1918 

A mziiogz uxu, Azczivzd hzAZ Sunday bAinging thz &ad nesM oi thz death o^ GzoAgz J. 
LagzAt oi EeZioAd TowmfUp at Camp CuiteA. Vzczoizd wa& a &on oi Ma. and Uu. Joi. luq- 
ZAt, wzZZ knoum AZ& idznti oi thz UantadoA neZghbonhood and death woi, daz to Spanish iniZuz- 
nzza. Thz iatheA Zzit at oncz ioA Camp Ca&tzA and uxitt bn^jig thz Aesnaim, homz ioA buAiaZ. 
Wz havz no iuAthzA poAtZcjuZoAi ai, to thz ianzAoJL. Thz sympathy oi aZZ goeJ, oat to thz bz- 
Azavzd onzi in the Zo-ii oi thtuji ion, who gavz hi& Ziiz ioA hi6 coantAy j'ait a6 tAuZy ai 
ii hz had died on thz battZziZzZdi oi Ffiancz. 

»••«•«•««» OctobzA 10, 1918 

OZd Hankimon AZ&idznti, weAZ ihockzd Zait week to ZeoAn oi thz death oi Lynn RaiizZZ 
which occuAAzd at St. ?aaZ an TAiday, Sept. 26th. Hz had bzzn iuHeAlng iAom heoAt tAcabZe 
ioA iome timz but had Zzit thz hoipitaZ and woi thought to 6e AzcovzAing nicely. Vzceoizd 
uxu, a ion oi kOi. and UAi. Jay Ra&izZZ, pionzzA HaniUmn Az&idznti , and Lynn g-tew to man- 
hood hzAZ. Hz uxu, a iinz ieZZow, populoA and highly Az&pzctzd. FoA izvzAaZ yzoAi hz wai in 
thz Soo tAoin iZAvicz bat oi Zatz yzoAi hoi bzzn AaiZAoading out oi Chickaiha, OK. Hz ii 


JiUJi\jA.\jzd. by a. lai^z and ^o ciUZdKzn. 

••••«•«••» OcZobiA 10, 191g 

WeuM twLS A£.czlveji heJit JLaj>t zvejujig o£ thz dzaih oi llfu . Ktbzntirwi Langbekn, wkicJi 
j,ad zvejit occwuizd cuC Spokant, WA., Zaitt Monday night. The. Langbzhn& wzn.z ZjofiJiy JiuZd- 
dzntj) o{ HajikyLnion but /Lejnove.d to Spokanz a dozzn yzoJUt ago. Ufu. Langbzkn uxu a iZitex 
0^ Ma4 . Thzo. HzLing. 

Jim NeZ&on, ion o{ Ma., and Hu. E. M. Nation o{ nzaji EaAnzy, dlzd thz ^lut oi thz 
tazik In a tnuUnlng camp at Mtanta, CA., ol SpaiuJth ln{Zaznza. Hz waj, In onz o{ thz A.zc- 
znt dfUL^t contlngzntA which Zz^t thLi county In Szptembzn. ^ofi Camp GAxint, IL., {Ajsm uihccJi 
ptacz hz had only Kzczntly bzzn tAOJUif^zfUizd. Thz Azmalm wzfiz bKouqht to BoAJizy Taz&day, 
thz ^unZAoZ bzlng hzld yz&tzAday at Wyndmzn.z 

Mk&. Jack UcVonaZd l^ back. Ifvom Fafigo whzfiz 4hz uiznt to bz valtln. hzn. mothzn. ^oA. a ^zu! 
dayi on fizczlpt o^ thz iad neu3£ that hzfi bfwthzn., hnbfioiZ C. UcVonaZd had bzzn klZZzd In 
action In Tfiancz. Vzcza^zd uxa 10 yzau old and had znLUtzd on Oct. 5Ad, 19 1 7, ju&t a 
yzaJL ago. Hz m«ls a cook In thz AzgulaA. atuny and tz^t ion. F^ancz at EajttzA. tlmz. Hz izZJL 
In thz ivivljcz oi hit, coant/iy on Szpt. 13th. A tzttzn. uvilttzn a month pAloA. to that tlmz 
UX16 xzczlvzd a^tzA. hz was kltZzd. 

• »••»•«•*, Octobzn. 10, 19U 

Two Richland County Boyi Glvz ThzlA Llvzi ioA. ThzlA. Count/iy. 

EmlZ Wlzbzn. oi LldgzAuiood, a 6on oi M/L4." Wm. Vumkz oi Hanklmon, dlzd KzczntZy In 
fKancz iKom thz zHzcti, oi thz wound& hz Kzczlvzd In battZz iomz J>lx wzzki> ago, on thz 
TKznch inxint, zlthzt at Chatzau. ThlzAy on. thz Ealllza QJoodt, . It hoi bzzn Azpontzd that 
hz had Za^tt both oAmit, bwt thz dztalti, oi hli wound/, an.z lacking and pAobabZzy will bz ioK 
iomz tlmz. 

Thz dzjczoizd wai about 21 yzaju, old and gKZsa to manhood on thz ianm nzan. Lidgznixood, 
latzn. Living In town ion. a yzoA. on. two. Whzn wan. woi, dzcZan.zd and thz itatz guand wa^ 
calZzd ln;to i,zn.vlcz, hz znti&tzd In Co. J at Wahpzton and aitzn. bzlng at Camp Gnzznz ion. a 
iziu wzzkli, wznt a(VL044, landing In England Chnlitma& manning and a izv3 wzzki tautzn. In fnjmcz 
latzn. on hz woa tnam, izKXzd to thz 26th Jniantny and was In a numbzn. oi battlzi and In onz 
oi thz zngojgzmznti, Kzczl\jzd thz woundi, that ca&uzd ha, dzath. Hz had bzzn oHlclally com- 
mzndzd ion. bna.vzAy and It hat, bzzn KzpoKtzd that hz Kzczlvzd a Tn.znch dzconatlon, but no 
Inionmatlon on thl6 point can bz 4,zcuA.zd at thli tlmz. 

Augoit Kniizgzn. li, anothzA. Lidgznwood boy who4Z dzath wa6 aHlclally n.zpoAtzd by thz 
Wan. VzpaJitmtnt to n.zlatl\JZi . Hz woi a llttlz undzn. thz agz llmlti. In thz ilxit and 
zntiitzd 4,hoKtly aitzx wan. woj, de.clan.zd. Hz wzyit to Tnancz loit yzaJi. 

«••«•«*»•« OctobzA 17, 1918 

a 341 

iil-iZLLam Ja&imA Vlu cq Wew.' C^ezwe aX. Camp Cu&teM.. 

WZttiam JaameA, ion o{, Ma. and Uaj>. WZlticun Jcarr.zA 0|J E/UghMcood, dlzd cut Camp Cuit&n. 
on fJ.onday moAJvLng o^ Spanish Zn^laznza, We had been iZck ioK 4eveAa£ dayi and Ha. and Maj, . 
Ja6meA. weAe uxiih hxm ujkzn tkz e.nd came.. 

Thz body wa& bA.oughX back to thz old harm ion. bivUal, but ouiCng to thz pA.ej>ejit KzguZ- 
atlom thz ianzAaZ woi pfUvatz. InXzAmznt wai, madz In thz LathzKan Czmztzty nofitk oi thz 
cJXlj Wzdnziday a^tzAnoon. 

Vzczcjtzd MOi a nat^vz o^ Zichtand Countu and ipznt hJ^ zntUAZ tiiz on thz ianm in 
BAA.ghtUJOod untUl caJLtzd to 6za.\jZcz on July 23Ad o^ thjj, yzoA. Hz wai mXk thz ZLchZand 
County contZngznt iznt to Camp Cuitzn. on tliat datz. 

Hz uioi 24 tjzoAJi old, unmanjiizd, and had a ZoAgz cOicZz o^ inA.zndit uiho mouAn kU un- 
tUmzZy taking o^^. Thz sympathy o£ alL gozi out to thz bzAzavzd poAZnti , bnothzM and iic- 
tzA^ ^ho ^oAv^ve hijr.. ,,.,.,,,,, ^^^^ ,7^ j,j^ 


MAi . Johanna Knaak dizd at hzA horr.z in thJji cJULlj thonJJiy a^tzK one o'clock Sunday 
moAjving at thz agz o^ 69 yzaAi , 9 monthi and onz day. thz tu^^^ZAzd a paAaLytic 
4-tAofee and tka, AZ6uttzd in hzn. dzath. 

Vzczohzd wait bofin in GzAmany on Pec. 12, 184S, whzAZ i>hz gJiew to womanhood and uxa 
mojifiizd on Jane 20, 1S67, to Auguit Kmiak. Thz coupZz camz to thii, ccunXfuj a ^ea' yzafu> 
ZaXzx and iztttzd in tkii vici.niXy in pionzzA. dayi . ThiAtzzn chitdAzn wzAZ boKn to thzm, 
buX. only ^ivz iom iuAvivz th.z mothzA: AZbzAt, Auguit, IJlilhzIm, fzAdinand and Emil, and 
onz daughtZA, UoAtha. Vzczaizd woi a kind and loving mothzA and a good nzighboA and hzA 
dzath ii liinczAzly mouAnzd. 

Thz iympathy o{ all ii zxXzndzd to thz itAicJizn hu&band and othzA mzmbzAi, o^ thz 

Thz {lUnzAol ^^'04 hzld an Taziday, bzing pfuxaXz undzA thz pAZiZnt hzaJith A.zgulation6 , 
and intzAmznt woi madz in thz Irmamizl Ev. CzmztzAy. 

********** OctobzA 17, 19n 

Thz ^i^tzzn monthi' old ion o^ Kit. and Ma<s . Ed. Stzcn, onz a^ thz tlvim , dizd Wzdnzi- 
day moAning. Thz tittlz onz had bzzn {^zzblz iincz biAth. and thz znd woi no iuApAUZ. Thz 
buAial will be pAivatz, to bz held thii a^tzAnoon. 

»«•«««**«* OctobzA 17, 191S 

FoAmZA HantadoA Boy Civzi Hij, Li^z ioA Hii CountAy . 
bJiZliam PAzlvitz, {^oAmZAly o^ UantadoA, ivoi killzd ir. action accoAdlng to a mziiagz 
Azczivzd by Azlativzj, Ijut Vnlday. 

Vzczoizd wa& ^oAmzAly zmpZoyzd ai gAoin buyzA ^oA thz Atlantic ElzvatoA Company at 
t^antadoA but wai caZLzd to thz colons with thz dAa^t contincznt ^Aom thii couitty lait liay , 


Hz Zzavzi a uocr.q xi{^z and onz imaZZ dhAJid who oAe ix^Jih KzZautAMZM Zn I'Jjfinz^ota. A bKo- 
thzA.-Zn-Zcw:, L. F. EozckzA, Zi new ^OAirUjig a. pajvt Oj tkz oZd Kzyitanz ^cvun nzoJi hiantadcA. 

VfieZvZta. ivoi Zji tkz ^cmz zcmpcunjj wZtk HznAy Sahuitzfi o{, HankZniiCn, Zn io-cX thzy wzAz 
Zn ckcuigz 0^ a imaZZ ttzncJi gun iogzthzA^ and ZX Zj, thcagkt tkzy had bzzn Zn action onZy 
a. ijew hoau whzn hz wai kZZZzd. 

Thz ioZJLowZng cLZppZng Zi inxim a WZZmont, UN., papzA: %Uu> . ti/m. TnzZvZXz, nouo vZj>ZJ:- 
Zng cut thz homz o^ hzA poAznti, M/i. and Uu . MznAtf ScJiAozA, xzczZvzd a mzi>^agz Taziday 
convzyZng to hzn. thz 6ad nzici o^ tkz dzath o^ hzA ha&band, iz/ivZng 04 a pfUvatz i,omzwhzn.z 
Zn Tfuancz. He woi woandzd Zn batttz on thz wz&tznn ^Aont and dZzd on Szpt. Z9th. KUi. 
VfLzZvZXz ^oamzaZlj opzAotzd a gJuxZn zZzvatoA. at UantadoA., WP., and zntAaJjizd loK hWjZcz 
{Ajom thai ptacz duAZng thz month 0^ June and had bzzn Zn FAonce but a ^hoKt tZmz." 

Olai fZikz oi CoZ^ax Zi> anothzA oi ZichZand County '4, KzpoKtzd kZJLizd Zn action duJUng 

thz pa&t wzzk. ««•«»«*»«« 

*** Octo.bzA. 14, 191S 


and hJj, antlmzZy dejiXh mcu, a. qKzat ihcck to oZd ^A^zrdi kz/ie.. Tkz body u:cii ihXppe.d 
thAcagh hzxe. Sunday yiighX to thz old home -in. Minmj>ota {^oa. buAA.aJL. 

»*****»*«« Uo\>mbzx 1, 1918 

ThzAZ -ii) a. bfiavz LLXXZz woman ^n Har^z^jUion, known to bat vzkjj ^ew OjJ oim pzopZz, who 
Aj> pAovZng heJi IxitjaJLttj and pat/i-lot-um C4 mack 04 any 6oZdU.eA on thz batZtz{^njOYit -in fAjincz. 
tilz Kz{^ZA to Mji6. Vfiank C. Uyznj, oi CZzveZand, OH., who cjmz hzAz a6 a tAOAjizd nuAiz to 
attznd In^Zaznza pat-iznti . SZncz hzA anJuxaJL hzfiz ihz haj, A.ecex.ued new* 0^ tkz dzath 0^ 
thAzz nzoA AzZativz& Zn tkz mZZttafuf iZAvZcz. Two wzzk6 ago 4he Kzczivzd woKd o{^ tkz dzatk 
oi a bfiatkzA (^Kom Zn^Zaznza aX Camp LeuuJ> , WA., whz/iz hz wot, Zn tkz oAtZZZzAy b/ianch. A 
^zuj day6 Zatzn. cainz wcfvd 0^ tkz dzath oij a bxothzA-Zn-Zaw Zn F/iancz. Me wai Zn tkz iZyZng 
C0A.p6 and hZi mackinz wa6 4)hot down Zn action, tkz body bZAjig ZdzntZ^Zzd by tkz uioaZ tag 
woAn by aJLZ iaZdZzfUt. Aa a cZZmax to tko&z two {^ajtaUXizit a mzaagz camz FAyiday noon oi 
Zoit wzzk ^tatZng tkaX. hzA hoiband'i body had bzzn ^oand Zn F/iancz banU-Zd Zn tkz w/i.ecfc 0^ 
kZi> ^ZyZng mackZnz. 

WoAn out. by Zong hou/u, o£ nuuZng 0^ izvzAaZ Zn^Zaznza patZznti , M^u> . Uyznj, coZZapizd 

undzn. tkz itfuxZn cl tkz ccmbZnatZon ol ^aXatotizi among hzfi Zovzd onzi and new ZZzi Zn a 

crJJLicaZ condJjtLon at tkz KAoatkAzmzA homz. Evzn Zn kzn wzakznzd condJJxon hzn. (^Z/iit 

thought Zj, ion. hzn. patZzrJt6 and ihz Zj> mon.z concznnzd about thzZn condZtZon than hzn own 

Azcovzny. Gnzatzn hoJioZ^m and dzvotZon to duty hai not bzzn ihown danZng aZZ thz yzanM o^ 

tkz wan. than Zn thU ca&z, and .nz pnxujznj, o^ aZZ go out ion. tkz nzcovzA oi tkii itAongzn 

Zn oan mZdit. 

********** NovembzA 7, 1918 

hlzti Hagzn, hoAduanz mzAckant oi Moonzton, dZzd oi ZniZaznza thz ionz poAt oi thz wzzk. 


MA4 . Matt tiJZntzm , Ja.., AZ&ZdZng iooA mZZz& nonXhwzit oi MantadoA, dizd Satandaif 
nZght oi pnzumonAM. bnoaght on by an attack oi ZniZaznza. Vzczoizd wai, a young moAA^zd 
woman, a dau^htzn oi John HzA.dzAi,ckzZd, who Z& ioAmZng onz oi thz oZd Kzyitonz quanXzAi, 
and Zi iuAvZvzd by tkz huiband. Thz young coupZz had onz ckJJZd but Zt dLczd Zn Zniancy. 
Thz iunznaZ wa4 hzZd yzitzAjday at l\antadoA, iZAvZczi bzZng conductzd by Reu. Tn. ^ZZku 
at thz Catkotic ChuAck. *««»«*»«*« HovzmbzA 7, 1918 


M/L4. FAzd KniLzgZA dZzd at hzn homz Zn tkZi cZXy Wzdnziday at 7:45 ioZZowZng a 
4>tAokz oi paAaZyj,Z6 whZck occuAAzd about a wzzk ago. 

Vzczoizd wai bonn Zn Gznmany on Uay 51, 18S4, and wai thzAzioAz Zn hzA 65th yzoA. HzA 
maA.dzn namz wai HzfimZnz ¥nZickzAj,zn. Shz gnzw to womankood Zn thz oZd coatvtAy and wai 
manjiZzd tjo louZi LzZm 43 yzam ago. Ci tkii unZon thzAZ oaz icuA iuAvZvZng chZZdnzn... 
Otto oi TuAtZz Lakz, WP,, Guit who AZiZdzn Zn WZicomZn, and AZbzAt oi HankZmon) onz dau- 
ghter., Ma^. CZoAa Hzkn, oi ToAtlz Lakz. In 1892 tkz iamZZy camz iAcm Gznmany to HankZmon. 



Thz dejoXh ci Maj, . EthzZ ChAAAizn&on, uciiz ai Ch/Ui C. CkfUiizn&OK, ocaiAAzd zoAZy 
TKldxuj moAjuJig. Shz moj, thz ^-cAi-t pzA&on -Lr. Hanklmon to iucamb to thz cUiza&z o^ 
Spa>L65/i Tn{^lu.znza.. Thz ca&z Zi a mc&t pathztic onz ca ihz Izavzi ij-tve /imaZi duJ.dn.zn bz- 
4,A.dzi thz AonAvuilng haiband. 

Cuilng to thz dzpantuuiz o^^ th.z iairuZy iiom thz cJXlj we hcvz bzzn anablz to ^ecuAe thz 
data £oA. an ob^ituoAy. 

HzA. mothzA. and 6^tzn. WZAZ kzAZ ^Kom Humbotdt, M\'., dafujiQ thz laJit (Jew daijii o{, hzA 
<Ztnzi,6. Thz ckiZdAzn had bzzn down uilth thz iZu. and Uaj, . ChAlitzn&on tcoi woKn oat £xom 
nuAiZng thzm whzn ihz uxu attackzd, Shz paiizd away a^-teA a bfiavz 4>tnju£gZz. 

Thz body wait taJizn to thz old homz at HamboZdt, M\'., ^OA. bafujxZ. Ma. ChfLLitzn&on 
took thz ckiZdAzn to OnZzayii,, MW., whzfiz thzy uUZJL makz thzJji homz with AzZativzi . 

• ««»«««» «« Octobzn. 11, 191S 

?Kank FZihzA, 15 yzax old 6on o^ ^iA. and Maa. Paiit FZihzA, dizd (Monday at 4 o'clock 
ijAom In^Zuznza and ccmpticatiorj, . Hz had gfiown up hzAz and wai, wzZZ known. Thz ^unzfial 
u.tu hzld Tuziday monjiLng, 6ZAvicz6 bzZng condactzd at thz homz. Jntznmznt wai madz in 
thz Catholic Cemztzfiy. 


OctobzA 31, J9IS 

MAi. John Bo.l,tAmn /izceZvzd woxd lut wzzk o^ thz dzath o^ hzA hii^tzK, Hh^, SiguAd 
CthzAjn, nzoJi OJzitby, MT. , ^Aom thz in^laznza, Shz Izavzi a htuband and tuo imall chiZd- 
f-zn, ^ix a.nd two yzau eld /iz^pzctivzly . 

«**»«*««** Octobzn. 31, ?9IS 


MA4. AZbzAt Knaak, pionzzn. n.zi)idznt o^ thz county dizd iuddznty o^ hzant ^ailunz 
TAidojj manning at about 4 even o'clock at hzn. homz ja6t iou^ o^ -t/u^ city. Shz aA.06z in 
thz monning appoAzntly in hzn. uiaal good hzalth. Suddznly ihz izZl to thz ^looA. without: 
wanning, and pai^zd away within a ^zw momznti . 

Vzczaizd wai fcoAn in Eu^£alo , W., and wai 44 yzoAi and 2S dayi, old. In babyhood 6hz 
accompanizd hzn. pafiznti to Cznmany whznz ifie ipznt izvznjjl yzoAi, AztuAning thzn to thz 
UrUtzd Statzi. Hzn. maidzn namz wai t^inniz Salziuzdzl and at thz agz o^ 12 6hz wai manju.zd 
to AlbznX. Knaxik who iuJivivzi hzn. Elzvzn chil.dA.zn iceAe t>cAn to thz couplz, but only tknzz 
0^ thzjm anz living. Shz Izavzi onz bnxthzn., Cita. Salzwzdzl o^ thi/, city, and onz iiitzx, 
Mas. FAanfe Guitman, who-iz homz ii z^at o^ town. 

MAi . Kncjxk wai highly zitzzmzd by hzn. nzighboAj, and ^Aizndi and thz sympathy OjJ all 
gozi ouJi to thz itAA.ckzn huiband and mothznZzi^ childAzn. 

Thz {^unznal wai hzid Sunday a^tznnoon, iZA-viczi bzing conductzd by Reu. C. (?6eAcfoei^eA 
at thz Irmamizl Ev . ChuAch. Intznmznt wai madz in thz czmztzny j'uit iouthwzit o^ thz city. 

• *•...«,,« Woue/nbeA 7, 19U 

a 38) 

Hu. F-tanfe JcuukU. cUzd o^ Zn^Zuznza. at hzn homz on th.z John R. Jcnzi ^cLtm in C-Kzzn- 
dalz on Sandajj. Vzcejuzd wcu, ihz mothzA o^ zlglvt chM.dn.zn, thz zZdzii only U yzafu, old 
and ikz cojiZ a. mo6t pathzXic one. Thz {^aneAoZ wca hzZd {sizdne^day a^tzAnoon. 

********** NoyjzmbzA 7, 1918 

KUZlan SchzZZzA. dizd cU thz Wahpzton Ho/>pitaZ Sunday o^ in^laznza. He had fceen ZIZ 
ioK 6omz tanz and w^oi takzn to thz hoipitaZ onZq a coapZz o^ dayi bzt,o/iz. 

Vzczaizd uia& a natZvz o^ Atnt/Ua and had tivzd Zn thZi coantnif 17 yzafit, , aZZ o{^ ixklch 
tZmz aw4 ^pznt Zn HankZn&on. Hz Zzavz^ tboo bxothzn^, John R. SchzZZzA and Lee SchzZZzA 
and one ^ZitZA, KUu,. PztzA JazqzA. 

Thz ^unzAoZ Mai hzZd Tu.ej>dmj, ZntzAmznt fcexng madz Zn thz CathoZZc. CzmztzAy. 

********** NovzmbzA 7, 19n 



AAtkuA E. liiZZZaAd, a pZonzzA fiZJtZdznt o^ HankZnson, dfwppzd dzad o^ hzoAt laZZvAz at 
thz RiUtizZZ HotzZ Zn hUnnzapoZZ^ Zait ThuAidaif. HzanX ^aZZuAZ wai, thz colhz Oq ku dzath. 

Vzczaizd wai zn Aaatz to thz Mayo HoipZtaZ at RockzitzA £oA tAzatmznt whzn itAZckzn. 
Fox thz poit ^zw monthi hz had been Zocatzd at Tacoma, WA., whzAZ hz Mai zmpZoyzd Zn thz 
govzAnmznt ihZpyoAdi . 

^AAthuA E. UZZZoAd u:ai boAn Zn WZicomZn 5S yzoAi ago and qazu to manhood Zn thz Bad- 
gZA itxLtz. He wcw tuu-ZZ moAAZzd, hZi £ZAit uu.{,z bzZng Emma RuiizZZ. Oi thz £ZAit moAAZjogz 

thzAz OAZ two iuAvZvZng chZZdAzn Maa. Vzmond o^ Staples, MM,, and Oka WZZZoAd who Zj> 

new an o^^ZczA Zn thz AmZAZcan Anjny Zn Fxancz. 

A ^zw yzoAi a^tzA hzA dzath hz wai moAHZzd to MM,i EZZzabzth KAomzA at Ci'ei^ ConcoAd, 
MN,, whzAz hz wai thzn Zn btJLiZnzii . MAi . liJZZZaAd, now a AZiZdznt Oa thZj> cZty, iuA^Zvzi 

hZm and Zi thz motkzA oi iouA o^ hZj, chZZdAzn WaZtzA, a iZJigzant Zn thz Znf^antAy now 

Zn actZvz iZAvZcz Zn Tfiancz, CoaZ, FAanczi and who aAZ ifUth thz mothzA. 

MAi . WZZZoAd and thz thAZZ chZZdAzn Zz^t Sunday night loA Mu.nnzapoZii and iAom thzAZ 
acccmpanizd thz Azmaim to thz oZd homz at Ci'ei-t ConcoAd whzAZ thz {^unzAoZ i/.ui hzZd thz {^iAit 
0^ thz weefe, ^K^eAment bzing madz Zn thz (^arruly tot bziZdz thz body o^ hJj> {^iAit wZ^Z. 

•««*,»»«»» WovembeA 7, 191i 

AZ^Azd Hamon, Wahpzton, W., ii AzpoAtzd "kiZZzd Zn action" in thM wzzk'i caiuaZ- 

^ ■'^^- HovZjnbzA 7, 191S 

WoAd wai AZCzZvzd hzAZ SatuAday o^ thz dzath o^ C. R. KlZnz at EndzAtin {^Aom iniZaznza. 
Vzczaizd wai a Soo baggagzmon and Zivzd at HanLimon (^oa a Zang tur^z. At thz timz o{, hLi 
dzjith M/Li . KZJjiz wai Zn a vzAy cnxXZcaZ condition iKom thz iZja bat ZatzA AzpoAti itatz 
that ihz ii ZjnpKoving. ThzAZ aAZ iJouA imaZl chiZdAzn Zz^t ^athzAlzii , and icoAzi o^ Hank- 
imon ^Aizndi zxtznd hzoAt^elt iympathy to thz bzAzavzd onz^. Vzczaizd wai zitzzinzd by aZZ 


kitzn. vconhJjiQ oai ^ca. a. ccapZz C;< yzcan thzy pivtch.cazd tkz ctd Chafd-Zi H(u.n hcmz- 
itzad iouXh o^ l\arXa.dofi wihich tkzu ^<vmzd ^on. ^zvZAcut yzoAi, . Eight yzoju ago thzy movzd 
to tcu:n and tuo yZ£iA6 latzn. thz h.a&band dizd. On Junz 28, 1916, MA4 . Lelm majvitzd Tn.zd 
KfiuzgzA. 0^ tkii, <uty u-iio iuAvtvzi hzfi. Hzn. agzd mothzx woa ^tLit oLivz -in GzAmany up to 
thz timz thz Unitzd StatCi zntzAzd thz woA, atio tlvc b^othzfu and ^ouM. ii^tzfii, , bat oq 
covJiiz notklng aj, known ol thzm ^on. thz pa&t IB montSii. 

Vzcza&zd woi a IvLndZy oZd ladij, bzZovzd by many old timz {^AU.zndi, and thz sympathy 
o{^ atZ gozi out to thz bzKzmjzd onzii . HowzvZA, hzn. dzath camz ai no 6UApAZ&z ai> tkii woi 
thz izcond paKaJljytJ.z itAokz 6hz had 6u£^zA.zd. 

Thz {fUnzAoZ uuZt bz kzZd SatuAday a^tzAnoon, thz i, to bz condactzd by Rzv. C. 
ObzA-dozitzfL 0^ thz JnnamazZ Eu. ChuAch. fill thz chltdAzn uiitl bz pKZiznt uUth thz zxczpt- 
Zon 0^ f-Uu, . Hzhn, who Zi cfUtlcaZZy JUUi with In^Zaznza at TuAtlz Lakz. 

««««»»»,»» NovembzA 14, 191S 


Uti , Katz rnttag, wl^z of^ ChoAlzi, Hittag, dlzd at hzA. homz Xn EAxmdznbuAg Towmhlp, 
4-cx nUZzi noAth o^ Hanklniton, fAlday zvznlng. CalZitonz& with compZZcattoni, wai, thz cnu6z 
0^ dzath. 

Cecea6ed wa6 bonjx In Wticcns-in on Kiay Ht, 1865, hzA maldzn namz li'oAnzAy and at 
thz timz oi hzn. dzath wai> 54 yzoAi old. Shz gAzw to wcmanJiood thzAZ, coming to ZichZand 
County wZth hzn. poAznti who wzAZ among thz iVii>t izttZzAi, Zn thz GAzat Bznd nzA.ghlioAhood, 
■Locating thznz -in thz '7(74. In 1885 ihz wa.6 moAAizd to ChanZzi f-Uttag who iuAvZvz6 hzA. 
FoA-izvznaZ yzoAi tkzu ZA.\:zd wzit o{, Hanklmcn, moving ^Aom thznz to thz pnz&znt homz Zn 
BAondznbuAg. S-ix drJJZdnzn tueAa boAn to thzm, aZZ Zlvtrg with thz zxczption of^ RudoZph, 
thz izcond ion, who dJ.zd Zjiit ApAlZ. Thz iuA\jZ.vZng ckiZdAzn oAz: HzAman liittag; Uai, . 
HoAAy Oiibonnz; Hattiz; CoaZ, who Zi Zn 4eAu-cce at. Camp Vodgz and who onAZvzd homz ju6t a 
{fZW houAi bz{^on.z hAj> mcthzA'i dzath; Gzongz and EZZa. ThzAZ oAZ aJZio thAzz bAothznj>; F/ied 
iHoAnzA 0(J HankZji&on, GzO'tgz and John WoAnzA o^ CAzat Eznd. PJUo two haZ{,-bnx>thzA&, HzAman 
WoAnzA and W. V. WonnzA, both o^ AbzAdzzn, SV. 

Vzczoizd wai. wZdzZy known, zipzcZaZZy among thz oZd iiZttZzm, Zji thZi paAt o^ thz 
county, and hzn dzath Zj> mouAnzd by 4coA.e4 o^ oZd ^Aizndi . 

Thz iunznaZ. wot hzZd Tuziday a^tzAnoon at GAzat Eznd and wa6 Zjvigzty attzndzd. SzAv- 

Zczi wzAZ condactzd by Rev. G. C. ThZzZz at thz IZon ChuAch and ZntzAmznt wa& madz Zn thz 

ZZon CemztzAy. 

««»•»*«»*» Novzjnbzn. 14, 1918 

GnxLCZ LoAion dizd at thz homz o^ hzn iZitzA, him. C. H. Hant, Zn thM> cZty, ZxUit 
fnZday nZght o^ Zn^Zaznza a^tzn an ZLZnzi,^, oi about a wzzk. 

Vzczoizd, whoJ>z poAzrXi ZJ.vz at VaJUizy CZXy , wai> a gnadaatz oi tixz nonmaZ 6chooZ o^ 
that and wa^ a ichcoZ tzachzn by pAo^zi^Zon. At thz tZmz ihz woi takzn ZLZ ihz wai 
tzjichZng Zn GAzzndaZz towmhZp, icuthwzit o^ HankZmon. Thz untZmzZy dzath o^ thJj, ipZzn- 
dZd young woman Zj, iZnczAzZy moannzd by aZl who knzw hzA. 


Thz xuncuju, n-eAe takzn to VaJilzij CiXu a-/te^te ^le {^uneAoi mch hzZd yejyieAdaij ca^eAnocn 
cuC 1 o'clock ^^m -thz Olion UndeAtcJUng PoaZoa^ . The. Rz\j . Ma. Lycn6 o{, thz VaLtui CUy 
CongAzgaX^onaZ condacXzd thz izn.vA.czii. 

Vzczoizd Zi iuA.\JA.\Jzd by tkz poAznti and izvzAoZ kfioihzAj, and i-iitzfii, . Hiti . C. H. HoAt, 
iZitzn. p{i ikz dzczoizd, who nuAizd tkfioagh hzn. laj,t Ztlnz&i, camz dovcn uUXk A.n^lu.znza 
SatuA-doij nZght. Shz had a mild attack and wa^ ncAmaZ on Tuziday moAjiing. It hoi Zz^t hzn. 
vznjj wzak, hcwzvzK, and ihz uUZZ KzmaJjx Zn VaZZzy CZtij {^Qfi a wzzk OK io. Whzn ihz A.ztuArji 
a mafiz compZztz obZtuoAy mIZZ bz pubZZihzd. 

.*«.*.««*« NovzjnbzK U, I9IS 

?fu.\jajtz WZZZLam P. Lotzzn. OjJ (tlahpzton Zi, nzpoKtzd kZZZzd In action in thZi u:zzk'6 
coMLoZty Ziiti. Vztzn 0. kndzmon oi CoZ{^ax Zi xzpontzd iZMZfizZij woundzd. 

Recent dzathi Zn LZdgznicood tvmJjtonxj {^Kom Zn{,Zu.znza ZncZudz John HeZzy and Edvioxd 
HzZzij, ^athzA and ion, and uncZz and couiZn AZ&pzctZveZu o^ ft'. A. HzZzy o^ HankZmon; 
flu. FKcnczi KaZ&, UM.IZ oi FAjink KaZj,; l.\Ai> . Jzanzttz fZihzA, wZ^z o^ Vztzn. FZihzA; Ruby 
Eabb, agzd 53, mho had madz hzn. homz Zn LZdgznivcod f^an. tkz pait tzn yzaxi.. 

AZvZi BaZIZ o{; thz GKzat MonthzAn dzpot ioKcz woi caZZzd to WZtZwan., WW., TazTday to 
attznd tkz {anznaZ o^ hZi iZitzn-Zn-Zau: uAc dZzd o^ Zn{^Ztiznza. 

M/L4 . Uojuj ThuZZzn, uU^z o^ tiiz Soo izction at HantadoA, dZzd yziteAdjiu o^ 
Zn^^aznza. Shz imu 22 uzoAi cZd and tzavzi tkz haiband and onz imaZZ chJJid. Hza. {^onmzn 
homz wai at KZjnbcZZ ?njuMZz, MW. 

Lewici ^eJjihanJi, a {^onmeJi HankZmon boy, was kZZZzd Zn action in Fnjzncz on Szpt. lith, 
accoKdZng to uionJ. n.zczZvzd tkii wzzk. ^tc44 Tn.znz Moanzn o^ GnzzndaZz had u^nZttzn to him 
and thz Zztteji ixaii xztuAnzd uiiXk th.z ^olZouiing inicnZption acAoii thz ^acz; "KZZZzd in 
action on Szpt. TSth. Capt. H. V. Coy." 

Lzuiii camz to Hankin&on ^Kom tkz chiZdxzn.'i homz in Fango and ^on. a time, wai, a mzinbZ''i 
oi thz Reu. ft'. A. fjlhitcomb hoa&zhoZd, LatzA hz madz hZi homz with thz AndAzu: K'.ouAzn. icrUZy 
ion. a long tanz and attzndzd thz Hankin&cn High School. Sabizquzntlii hz movzd to ncnXh.- 
wzitzAn Canada and at thz oathnzak oi thz Man. znZZitzd Zn thz CatvidZan knmy. 

»»«»*»»»» t HovejnbzA 14, 191S 

GREAT BEMV EXAA<LVER On SatuAday moKning lait thz chaAch bell tollzd out thz mzii- 

agz that Hu. Canl Hittag had poiizd au:ay at hzn homz tknzz miZzi xzit oi thii viZZagz, 
anothzn. onz oi tkz maniy victimt oi inilaznza. KlAi . Katz ULttag, nte ^onnzA, wai bcnji Zn 
iiliiccmin, a daughtzA oi thz iatz Gzo . t'onjizn, Sn.., 53 yzoAi ago. Shz wai a dutZiuZ and 
Zovir.g wiiz and mcthzn. u.ho uUZZ bz gKZatZij mZ&izd. Shz Izavzi a hu&band; thAZZ dau.ght.ZAi>, 
h'Ai. HoAAif Cibonnz, HattZz and EZZa; tknzz ioni , HzAman, Gzongz and CanZ. AnotkzA ion, 
Rudolph, dZzd loit ipnZng. ThzAZ oaz alio izvzAil bnotkzAi and iZitzAi Izit to mounn tkz 


•£c44 05 a lovzd cm. Vzcza&zd mcu, a. mzrha^. ci d".z Ev. Thz ^unzAaZ uccu, held en 

Tuziday and ikz AzmcUn6 ZcUd cut Kz^i In thz l-icn Czmztznjj . Kev. G. C. Tiviztz zonductzd 

ihz 6 ZAvZczi . 

«*•»«»•*». Novzmbz^ 14, 191S 

CzAhaAd RadZo££, HanlzAJi&on Bay Succtmbzd to Vnzumonia. 
GzAhoAd liadZo^^, zZdzii 6on ai Ma. and Uu . FAzd RadZo^^, o£ tkU (uXy, dlzd oi pneu- 
monia, in FAoncz on Oct. 6ik. A mz&.6agz ihz lad annoanzzmznt voai, xzczivzd by thz 
paA.znt6 ^Ajcm thz Wan Vzpatttmznt tait Satafidcuj moKning. HZi dzath u:ai caxazd by pneumonia 
ioZZoMing an attack 0^ inf^luzma. 

No dejtaZLi, ajiz known bzyand tho-iz givzn abavz. Czthatd RadZoH, bzttzn known ai 
"Hocky," wa4 boAJi in Hankin&on 23 yzafii ago and tivzd hzAZ alt kit, ti^z until about lix 
monthi age whzn hz was, dfia^tzd into thz afmy. A^tzA about ^ouA. montki in tAxLinZng camp 
hz woi, 6znt ovzAizai and had bzzn in F/iancz but a ^zu: wzzki whzn hz dZzd. A bAothzA, Tivitz, 
iJi alio in thz iznvicz and hai> bzzn in fnancz ioK izvzAol montki,. 

Bz6i.dzi thz panznti thzAZ oAz iix bnothzu Iz^t to mauAn hii Ion. 

»»»*»,«,«» NovzjnbzA 21. 19U 

Mz&iagz Sad Neui& Rzczi.vzd VzitzAday 

foAmzn. HankZmon Boy Vizi ion Hij, Country in thz Cloiing Vayi oi thz Wan. 

ti'oA Vfia^tzd ^Jiom McLean County WhzAZ Hz Locatzd on Hzfiz Two Vzanj> Ago . . . 

A mziiagz wa6 xzczivzd by Ma. and Um . Joi . Bauzn o£ Gxzzndalz lait zvzning ^Aom thz 
WoA. VzpoAtmznt thz iad InteJLLigzncz that thziA. ion, John V . BauzA, wai kJJLtzd in 
action in Tnjxncz on SzptzmbzA 2Sth. Cf^ couAiz no dztaiZi anz available at thli timz. 

Thz death 0^ thJj> iplzndld young man on thz battZziizZd ij, doubly iad by Azoion 0^ 
thz ^act that it occuAAzd in almoit thz lait dayi 0^ thz gAzat woA whzn paAznti fondly 
hoped that thzix lovzd onzi ovzAizai would icon bz iaf^z ^Aom thz dangzAi 0^ battlz. 

John P. BauzA waj> boAn In Cook County, TX., on Szpt. 25th., 1S95, and had thzAzioAZ 
celzbAotzd hyii 23Ad biAthday only thAZZ dayi bz^oAZ hz {ell. The BauzA family camz to 
Rtchland County about twznty yzoAi ago, whzn John wai little mo AZ than a baby, and hzAz 
hz gASJW to manhood. Two yzoAi ago loit ipAing hz locatzd at UndzAwood, Mc Lzan County, 
zngaging in thz hoAdwoAz builnzii with, kii bAothzA Rudolph. Thzy WZAZ doing a pAoipzAoui 
builnzii whzn thz dAa^t caught them both, loit ipAing. John Iz^t with thz He Lzan County 
conttngznt ^oA Camp Vodgz on UoAch 29th, and wai in camp thzAZ only about thAzz wzzki when 
hz wai iznt ovzAizai. Hz wai a membzA o£ Company I, 138th In^antAy, a detachment that hoi 
izzn a lot 0^ hand {fighting duAtng thz poit thAzz montki. Thz loit lettzA Azczivzd {^Aom 
John wai undeA date 0^ Szpt. 8th, and at that timz he ipokz guoAdzdZy 0^ izetng a lot 0^ 
haAd iZAvicz. It li pAZiumzd hd detachment poAtidpatzd in thz battlz in which AmeAtcan 
tAoopi had a Izading paAt j'uit bzioAz thz iigntng 0^ thz 

Tkii iplzndid ipzciman 0^ young AmzAican manhood had madz thz iapAZjnz iacAZf^lcz ^OA 

tiLi cooK^it/. . . .g-cven hJj> -tije H^.aJ: u:z cut homz mighX. corvtiniiz jCo znjcy ih.z bZziiZng^ of 
ouA £azz QovzATjnzrX. In ccmpcVLdor. u:AXh hJj> ^aotia-cce, M.-hat H.'e hjvoz donz cut hcmz ^OA. thz 
ccui&z ikfuxaZji Zrvto Zn6Zgr>J.{,-Lccincz. 

SpzciaZ mzmafuxd. iZAv^czi uuXZ bz heZd out St. Vkttlpj, ' ChuJich <u 6oon ca thz chuA.ckz/> 
aJvL pzAjnittzd to n.z^umz iZfvjZczi> . FoAXhzA CLnnomnczinznt ^n /izgcmd to thL& iZAv^cz uUZZ bz 
madz thAoagh thz coZimm, o^ Thz NEWS. 

********** KovzmbzA 21, 191 S 

Andfizw H. BuAkz, Ro4e ^Axim CbicvjUtij to High. Ptacz -in Statz 

Thz tiiz 0^ Anckew H. BuAJiz, o'oAmeA govzAnoA o{^ NoAtk VaJiota., w/io^e dzath at Rc&wzZJi, 
NU., woi annoanczd -in ki^^ocJjitzd ?AZii-i> dAjipatchzit tkc6 wzzk, tTu.ght loAm thz plot Oi( one 
0(J thz OtivzM. Optic "Do oA Viz" i,zAA.zi>. 

BoAn in Wew Vonk in 1&50; Zz^t an oAphan at thz agz o^ 4; kztd ayitiZ 9 oi a woAd of^ 
thz ChiZdAzn'6 Ajid Sociztif at RzynoZdi l^iland, tiizn bound out to a wzZt-to-do {^OAmzA nzoA 
NcbZz6vlLtz, Tnd.; zntiiting Zn hli zoAty tzzn6 oi a dfammZA boy mXh an Indiana Azg-irr.zrJt 
Zn thz CZvZZ (iJoa, AzXuAning, itlZZ. a uJoZf,, at thz znd o£ that con^ZZcX to thz only hcmz 
hz knzw, uihzAZ hz zmaZatzd tln.z boyhood o^ LincoZn by toZJLing thAough thz Zong houAi Oi$ 
thz dajj and itudyZng by candizZZgkt at nZght, young BuAkz xoAkzd hJj> way thAoagh AcihbuAy 
CoZZzgt, Vz Pauw UnlvzAiZty and Zn 1880, 6tZIZ a young man, ^oZZcwzd GAZzZzy'i advZzz and 
come wziit to gAow up uiZth thz countAy. 

Ma. BuAkz Zocatzd at Coi^z^on, Zn Ca&i, County, {^ZAit a6 a bookkzzpzA Zn a counXAu 
iitoAt. Two yzoAi, latzA hz become coihlzA o^ thz TZAJ^t NatZonaZ Bank at Coi^zZXon, and 
Zn 1884 hz wai zlzctzd Tazo&uaza oi Can County and iZAvzd thAZZ yzoAi . In 1S90 hz woi, 
thz tman^ooi nomZnzz cf th.z RzpubZZoan PaAty ^ca GovZAnoA o^ thz itatz of NoAth Vakota, 
which had bzzn admZttzd to itatzhood Zn 1889, and hz woi zZzctzd by a bZg majoAitij. 

Tzn yzoAj, bz^oAZ hz had zntzAzd thz tzAAZtoAy of Vakota wZXh r65. and hit, bAZdz, 
iofrnzfiZy Hii,i CoaaZz E. Clzvzland oi flinnziota., oi hJj, 6otz aiizti. He zntzAzd thz ofo'ice 
of CovzAnoA a wzaZthy man oi AZchzi wznt Zn thoiZ dcyi , and hZJ> admZnZztAat^on wai, an 
zxzmptaAij onz. 

Thz {^oAmzA goMZAncn woi a 23Ad Mo^on and pAcmZnznt Zn thz councZZj, of thz 
EpZJiCopal ChuAch and thz G. A, R. FoA many yzoAi pAZoA to thii AztZAZmznt bu&ZnZi-i 
hz wa6 a ^ZjiancAJiZ powzA Zn thz Rzd RZ.vzA VaZlzy. Hz wai thz izcond gcvzAnoA of NoAth 
Vakota. and hzZd efface Zn 1891 and 1892. 

• .»•»«.«.« No\JZinbzA 21, 191S 


A tztzphonz mei4age ^Aom Wahpzton Monday zvznZng convzyzd thz tad new6 of th.z dzath. 
of MA4. RzlnhoJU Bohn. Influenza wct/i compticatiom was thz crunz of dzath. 

HzA maZdzn namz woi HattZz BAumrrund, a dojughtZA of f-t^. and f/Aj> . JuLiui BAunnumd of 
thci cZXy, and ihz I'.m boAn Zn RZchZand County about 25 yzoAi ago. HzAZ i>hz qazu: to woman- 
hood and about tzvzn yzaA& ago wai, moAAizd to RzlnhoAt Bohn of C-Azat Eznd who iuAvZvu hzA. 


Fo/t iomz time. pcu>t ikz hen bzzn tr'.pZctjzd cu> /ul.-jxZ maJJ. coJUxJizA on OKie oq -t/ie amuXzj, ouX oj 
UJakp&ton whZA.z the. ccaptz kcuoz xz&A.dzd ^OA. 6Z\jzarZ ijzoam. 

Neuui oi hzA. dzath u:ai a. gA.zat 6kock ta many aZd £AA.zr.di, kzAZ who j'oZn In zxtzndlng 
iympcudiif to ihz beA.Zja.vzd kuiband and otheA xeZativzi . 

»»•*«.***« NovzmbzA. 21, 191S 

UoAy, tkz TO ijZRK old daaghtZA o^ Mx.and IVu, . Jacob EzckzA, KzsX.dU.nQ on the nonXh 
4,-Ldz 0^ town, dLLzd Tuziday moAyUng o^ dcpktkzAAM.. Ai soon ai tkz natoAZ o^ hzA ZtZnz&i 
wai knoun thz cihzA mzmbz/u> o£ tkz {^airUZtj wzfiz vaccLnatzd and zveMf pKzcatxtion ti faeotg 
takzn to pfLZMZnt tkz ipfizad oi tkz diszaiz. Thz remains o^ tkz LittZz g-Oit mzaz Za^-d aX. 
Kzst Zatz Aji thz loKznoon oi thz sair.z day -in thz CathoLcc CzmztzAy, and o^ zoafisz no pub- 
Uiz szAvZczi wzfiz pzAnvittzd. 

HzAman G. HeZgeson o{ OJaZcott was kUIZzd Zn action du/Ung tkz cJLosZng days o^ tkz 
iZghting on tkz wzstejin ^Jiont, according to tkUs wzzk's casvuxZXy ZXsts . 

Ions AadZand, weJUL h.nown £aAmzA KzsZdlng soutkiczst of, tkz cJXy, dLLzd oi Zn^Zaznza at 
Lake City, MW., Zast wzzk, whexz uxLtk hus wZ{,z and poAznts, hz uxls vXsZting fizaJZatoj es and 
oZd ^Alznds. Hz Is svJivZvzd by his wif^z, one ckiZd, onz bfwtkzA, and kis poAznts, A.iA. and 
M>ti . Goodman AadZand. 

News Kzachzd hzAZ tkZs wzzk. oi tkz dzatk o^ Hzyxaij W. KzU-ZA at HzbAon, hW., wkzAZ hz 
was-asst&tant caskizA oi tkz FZnst NationaZ Bank. He was a vtctim oi ZniZuznza. Vzczaszd 
was zjr.pZoyzd hejiz as ass-istant cashlzA oi tkz FoAmeAS £ hizAchants Bank iofi somz timz and 
neiM& oi kis antimzZy dzatk Zi AzczZvzd wZth dzzp Kzgxzt by scoKzs oi oZd iKiznds hzAZ. 

He was Zn HankZnson ion. a iziv houAi about a morJJa ago , appoAzntZy Zn tkz best oi 

hzjoZtk, bat izZZ a vZctZm to tkz pfizvadUng scouAgz. He Zexives a wZiz and iamZZy oi srr.aZZ 

ckZZdAzn to mouAn hZi Zoss . 

»*«*«»*.*« UovzmbeA 21, 191S 

NOTE: Thz ZXstZng oi names oi tkz chZZdAzn oi HojmZnz KAuzgzA, ionmoJiZy HznmZnz 
LeJZm wzAz: Otto htuJL Johannas LeZm, Gustav Hugo AZbzAt LeZm, AZbzAt GeAoZd ZichoAd LeJbn, 
CZoAi BzAtha [moAAizd name] Hzkn. HzA Zast wZZZ submZttzd ioA p/iobatz aZso ZJjitzd txo 
mZnoA6, WZZJUxm FZzgg'z and EZsZz FZzggz and tkeJji guoAdian, C. J. KackzZkoHzA. 

»««»«*«««» UovembzA 21, J97S 

IniZuznza cZaZmzd anotkzA vZctim Tuesday whzn Mas. LawAzncz Jzntz oi Manta- 
doK passzd aacajy aitzA a shoAt ZJZZness . Vzczaszd, whose maiden name was Amanda Rossow, was 
a daughtzA oi hlA. and Uas . JuZlus Rossow oi GAzat Bznd and was 29 ljzoas oZd. A iew yejvis 
ago shz was moAAZed to LawAzncz Jzntz and tkey have madz UantadoA tkexA home. Besides the 
stAlckzn husband tixo tittZz glAZs oaz Zzit to mowin hzA Zoss. Thz ianeAxiZ wZJZZ be held 
^'^- «••»,««,.» Hovembe.r 21, 19U 


R. L. HAjnd:<mgh, zcukizA c^ the. ¥-iH6i National Bank aX FcAjnan, teJLzphcmd ihz NEWS 
man aX nocn todau oibUng l^ Hankin6on had a docXon. to ipoAz. CuA. IK V.'i an.z. too biULf 
at home, tc g-cue ou^Zdz asiZ&tancz, and MA.fiimeboug^ u;a6 40 ad\jZie.d. The. £Za li zpZdz- 
mZc thzAZ and In a ^eue^e {^OAjn. Tico dzathi, occuAJizd yzJ^tzJuday, onz o^ tS^.z vZcX-ciu bzlng 
tlr.z F^UncUpai o^ thz vZlZagz 6chool6 and thz oth.zn. a Htw . VzAnan. uii^z oi thz local zdiXoK. 
Two CA. thAZZ othzAj, MZAZ not zxpzctzd to ti\JZ thAoagh todaif. WZth only onz doctoA. In thz 
town, thz pzoplz thzAz an.z facing a iZAZoiii i,ltijjation. 

********* * NovzmbzA 21, 191S 

M/14. Anna Falk dlzd at thz homz oi hzx daghtzA., Ma^s . HzAman Boldt, Taziday a^tzAnoon, 
at thz agz oi S6 yzau and onz month. Shz wa& UX but thAZZ day^ and death AZ&ultzd ^Acm 
thz iniAJunitiZi 0^ old agz. Vzczxuzd wai> boKn ^ GzAmarjj and camz to thz Unltzd Statzi wZth 
hzA husband, 6zXttcng In ZickZand County In thz zoAly dayi , Shz Zi ^uAvZvzd by tkAzz child- 
Azn, all oi whom In thli vtCAjuty. . .HaJ) . HzAman Boldt and Uaj> . CanZ Eackhaoi oi$ Hank- 
Inion and Wii . Choi. Popp o^ Wahpzton. Thz latz fAzd Falk wai a 4on 0^ dzcza&zd. Thz ^un- 
ZAoZ will bz held at 1 o'clock tkli, a^tzAnoon, hZA\jlceJt, to bz hzld at thz Boldt homz. Uam . 
Falk wai) thz oldej>t peA^on AZiZdcng In BAlghtwood Town&kip at thz tbnz o^ hzA dzath. 

********** NovejnbzA 21, 1918 

RzpoAt Azachzd hzAZ on ^.'onday oi thz dzath 0^ Haj, . Tank, motkzA oi Wm. Tank, ti\jlng 

zlght mZlz6 iouthza^t 0^ kzAZ. ^Ai . Tank had bzzn llvtng wWi hzA 6on ^oa thz poit 4eu- 

eAol yzau. Hza huiband dtzd about [13-1S-1& ?) yzoA^ ago. Shz had Azackzd thz agz o^ 

to yzaAj>. »»,..««,,, 

GREAT BENV EXAMINER November 21, 19 U 

6r:m reaper takes heavy toll 

SzveJial Vlctarut oi In^luznza VuAtng ?a6t Wzzk 
Unj, . BzAt AndzAion and Vlck Hcppz, SZ&teA. and BAothzA, Among thz Vza.d. 

ttVi. Stabno, PAomZnznt FoAmZA., ?a64,Z6 Aj^ojj AlbzAt La FAjxnz o{, StileJ>,AnothzA.. 


Jn^laznza clruanzd U.AM. BzAt AndzAion ai a vZctan on Monday. HzA dzath occuAAzd at 
9:30 AM a^tZA an iZlneJ>& o^ about a wzzk. Shz Zi iuAvlvzd by thz kuiband and a baby boy 
bcAn loiit lanuoAjy, ths. only child thz couplz zvzA had. 

Sznn. [RJjppz] AndzAion woi boAn ijn Iowa f9 yzafu, ago and camz to Richland County with 
hzA paAznt6 whzn but eight yzau o^ agz. HzAZ ihz gAZw to womanhood, and In 1907 waj> moA- 
Aled to BzAt AndzAion. In JanuoAy o^ thlM yzoA thzAz wai gAzat Azjolclng In thz homz oveA. 
thz blAth ol a baby boy, thz only child zvzA boAn to thzm and who li now Iz^t mothzAlzi^ . 

Vzczoizd l& aJtj>Q i,uAvl\jzd by hzA mothzA, Ua6 . Gzo. Vahl, who Az&ldzi 0($ Hantin- 
^on; {,ouA ilitzA6 and onz hal^ bAothzA. Thz dzath 0^ hzA only iulZ bAothzA, Dick Rlppe., 
occuAAzd j'uit tu:o day^ bz^oAZ at hl6 homz nzan. Hltlhzad, ovzA In hioAihatl County, SV. 

A doublz iunzAol ^OA thz bAothzA and ilitzA waj, hzld yzitzAday a{^tzAnaon. Both bodlzi 
had bzzn takzn to thz homz o^ thz mother, Ma&. Gzo. Vakl, whe.iz bAlz^ iZAvlce^ wzAZ held, 


^cZlcuzd by a. puhlZc iZAv^ct cX the. LaikzAan CkvJich loaih ci LidgeAnvod c^ xklch Rev. 
CLoeXzn. Zl, pcu>toA. Tkz ^anzAXLt wcw Za^giZy cuttzndzd. IrXz/mzrvt wcU) madz ^ onz qkovz 
Zn thz czmztZAJj nzoA thz chuAch. 


V-lck Zippz, bfwtkzfi oi M/ti . EznX AndzA6on, who4tZ dzcuCk -u fizcaKzd abovz, puizd (ucay 
Satafidajj cut IvLi ^cuim homz nzcui HZZZhzxid, SV., about ttuAXy-iAJC houA6 bz(,OAZ Uu . AndzAion'i 

VzczcL&zd, tikz kli ^Aj,tzA, woi a nativz o£ Iowa and MOi 25 yzoAi o^ age. WkiZz itilZ 
a vzAy imati boy hz come to TLickZand County mJJr fvti patznti and gAZui up Zn tifuj, \jZcA.rUMj. 
FoA a couptz 0^ yzoAi pa&t hz hai, bzzn {^oAminq nzoA HZtthzad, SV . Hz ^ iiUAvZvzd by a uii^z 
and £ouA imatt duJidAzn. Thz 4uAu-cue-utg AztatLvz^ oaz thz Mimz, o^ cooAiz, ai gZvzn abovz 
Zn tkz ca&z o^ Ma6. kndzAian. 


WZttiam Stabno, pAomcnznt young ^anmzJi o^ tkz Shza r.zZghbonkood, dizd Sunday nZght oi 
pnzumonla whZch ^olZowzd an attach. 0(J -inllaznza. 

Vzczaizd wai, bcAn -in Wahpzton 32 yzoAi ago, hZ& paAznt6 bzZng Ma. and Mas. August 
Stcd^no, and kl& znJUAZ ti^z n'cu j^pznt Zn RZchZand Coantif. About itvz yzoAi ago hz acai 
moAAZzd to M^4 LuZck c^ l\oAan Towni,hXp, who wtth two tittZz druightZAi, , iuAvtvzi hZm. Tujo 
bAothzAS, Ed. and Ezn, AZiZdz in Hinnzapotii , and a youngzA bAothzA, CzoAgz, -c6 tn iZAvZcz 
-in TAancz, Thz agzd motkzA ij> aiio Living and makz-i hzA homz in BAZckznAidgz. ThzAZ a^iz 

atho thAzz iuAviving iiitzAJ, UAi . VztzA fox oi hUnnzjapo-tU and Hii^iZi Catha and ThzAZia 

who oAe tzaching ichooZ nzoA ViAgzZZz, MT. 

Vzcejzizd wai> an Zndu-6tAZoa& and ^,uccz-6.6iuZ young ia/unzA, AZ-ipzctzd and zj>tzzmzd by 
aZZ, and hiA untimzZy dzath ii mouAnzd by a Zoaqz cOicZz oi iAizndj,. 

Thz iunzAoZ waj, hzZd at LLdgzAwood, iZAviaz-i bzing conductzd at tkz LuthzAan ChuAck. 


AndAzw La FAanz, who hoi ioAmzd thz old StZZz4> placz moA Stilz-i itatian ioA thz pai>t 
zight yzoAi, dZzd fAiday, adding anotkzA to tkz Zong ZZdt oi ZniZuznza vZctimi . Vzcza&zd 
Zi 4>uAvZvzd by a wZiz and iamiZy oi zight ckiZdAzn, thz oZdzit 12 and tkz youngut a babz 
only a wzzk oZd. Thz caiz Zi a poAticuZanZy patkztic onz. 

Vzcza&zd wai, boAn in CzAmany in li72 but 4>pznt moit oi hZi liiz in tkZi countAy. Hz 
woJi a haAdu'OAking and thAiity iaJunzA, highly AzgoAdzd by hZ& nzighboAi , and thz iympathy 
oi zvZAyonz gozA out to tkz widow and iamiZy oi iathzAtzj,^ -tittiz onz-i. 

Thz iunzAaZ wa6 hzZd at LidgzAwood on Sunday, iZAvicz6 bzing conductzd by Rzv . Movia6 . 

Thz two montki old child oi Ua. and UAi . Cuitav Bladaw oi thz CZaiAZ City nzZghboA- 
hood dZzd thz ioAZ poAt oi thz wzzk. (146) l^ovzmbzA 28, 191S 


ELizabeXk KaXh, S yzax otd daaghXeJi o^ A!a. and KiA^ . John Kcuth, die.d SaXuAdrnj {^Kom 
^^Zu-zriza. a^-tzA an ZU.nej,i> on ieue/tu^ dayi . Tht ab^zncz o£ the. pajie-nti {^fuam home, at tkz 
time, uioi, a poAXZcuZoAZif iad ^ejiXuAz of^ tkU au,z. 

^.Vl. and \.Uii,. Kath had gonz to TcuAbauJLt, MW., to attznd tkz goZdzn uizdding o^ thz 
lattex'i fan.ejntii. Thzy did not think tkeJji tittLz gZuZ'i cond<Xcon cfUtlcal at thz timz 
0^ thZAJi dzpoAtu/LZ, and ivzAZ luaahZz to Kzack homz antit izvZAot hoau a£tz/i ihz had paazd 

Thz titttz g-iAZ woi boAn at fa.OibauZt, MW., and would havz been zight yza/u, old on 
Taziday oi thJjt ti-eefe. EziZdzi thz panznti 6hz Zi &afivlvzd by tzvzKoJi bAjothejiM and iZitzAi . 

Thz ^iineAoZ uxu hzld ^[ondaij. Rev. J. P. KZavu^teji conducting thz ^.zAv-iczi. 


Emma Stach dizd at thz homz o{ hex paJiznti , Ma., and Uki, . HeMman Stach, Zn EA^htH'Ood 
TownihZp on Taziday night. VneMmonia ^oZZeuU-ng an attack o^ A.n{)Zaznza tcoi thz cacuz o^ hzA 

Vzczoizd wtti bcAJi Zn Bfilghtwood and hzn. zntiAZ tiiz wai ipznt on thz homz ^aAm. Shz 
wai 79 yzoAi otd. Known to zvzMjonz throughout that nzighbonhood 4>hz uxu> unZveJiialJiy 
popuLoJi and hzn. dzath -in budding young womanhood ha& cau&zd iZnczAZ mcuAnZng among thz 
many {^Alzndi o^ thz ^ojnciy. 

Shz -iti iun.vZvzd by thz pofiznti , one bfiotheji and ioufi iZitzu. Emma wai, thz oZdz&t 
ckiM. Thz iuneAnZ wai> hzZd thZi a^tzn.noon at St. John'i ChuAch in Ezt^oKd, Reu. R. HZl- 
gzndoA.^ conducting thz 4i zxviczi . 

Ray Edwand, baby ion oi UK. and MA4 . Sam Ellli , dizd at t!iz family homz icuth o^ town 
thz iint ol thz weefe, at thz agz o{^ 13 dayi . Thz {unznuZ wJJJ. be heJid tomoAAow. 

• .*.,«•.»» hiovejnbzn. 28, 19U 

TzrvUZL BAothzu o^ Otd Compayiy L. Saw Lot o^ SzAvicz 

0{t thz otd Company L boyi who tz^t Hantimon a titttz moAZ than a yzaji ago, alt OAZ 
ativz 4 ^oA (M known with thz zxczption 0;^ onz. I'zAnon TzAAilt o{, FoMmount wai wcundzd 
in action and iubizquzntty dizd in a hoipitat ^Aom hii woundi. By a itAangz tAick o^ iatz 
hii bAothzA OJiZLiam TzAAiZt, alio a mzmbzA o£ thz otd Company L., wai AzpoAtzd miMing in 
action, and a mziiagz wai Azczivzd ^Aom hJjn by kii poAZnti at ToAjunount tkli wzzk itating 
that hz hai bzzn woundzd in action, takzn pAiionzA by thz advancing CzAmam, and at thz 
ctoiz ol hoitititizi had bzzn tibzAotzd and wai again back in thz AmZAican tinzi , ia^z and 
iutty AzcovzAzd ^Acm hii wound. 

Thz TzaaJJJL bAothzAi camz avzA ^Acm TalAmount and zntiitzd in Company L. about thz 
tbr.z thz company wai oAganizzd. Thzy zntAainzd with thz company at thz timz iX tz^t {^OA 


ihe. tnjujiing camp faot IcutnA. tceAe truini, IzAA-zd to ikz xji^arvOiij . 

OtkzA mejrbvui oi -the cZd Co. L havz teen wcandzd -in CLztion, bmt 40 (^oa cu known at 
tkZii tmz VzAnon TzaaaJLL Zi thz onZy one to makz tin.z iupAzmz i, HZi dzatln. mos, 
A.zpoAXzd Ajn. thz Octobzn. ca^ujLttjj ZJj,t& . 

<•*•*««««* Uo\JzmbzA n, 19U 

Sam Lzz, thz Ckinaman wh.o Aon a Zaandfty -in Hankinson ^OA. a ihofJt timz AZvzAoZ yzaA& 
ago, dlzd at thz Efi.zckzK>U.dgz Hospital Zxu,t weefc. We izttZzd Zn (Uahpzton J.n 1882 and tcoi 
wzZt known among thz old timzA^ . A4 nzoA. a& can bz Jadgzd kz wai about 92 yzoju, 0^ agz. 
Hz had no known xzlatxvzi -in thAJ> coantfuf. 

»»**»»»«*« Novembzn. 18, 1918 

Va.. EanZ Sati&buAtj, who hxu, pAactLczd dejvtiitAy at. Lidgznicood £ox thz pa&t tzn ljzoju 
dZzd toit wzzk 0^ Zn^Zuznza. Hz was 34 yzc/Ui old and Jj> 6uA.\jZ\Jzd by a wif^z and two ckltd/izn. 

»»«*«*«*«« NovzjnbzA 18, 1918 

Rzczntiu Thz MECt'S mzntxanzd thz dzatki 0^ John and EdwaAd Hzlzy, iatkzA. and 6on, 0^ 
Jn^Zaznza nzdA. Lidgzwood. La&t weefc anothzA ion, GzoKgz, iuccumbzd to thz dliza^z. Hz 
woi, 19 yzoAi oZd. 


NovzmbzA 18, 1918 

GREAT BEhlV EXAkZ^EF. Thz 6ad newii Kzachzd hzAZ on Tuzidasf la&t oi thz dzath 0^ 

Reu. HoAAy SnydzA. 05 Ccce, NV. i)lon.di, ^aUl to zxpxz&6 thz gKZjot g>u.z(, izZt by hli, {^Altndi, 
andjieXatU-vzi,. Hz wai> 1 'Znz young man in thz pfUmz o^ ti^z, and wa6 xzczntZy 0A.daA.nzd 
04 nUnl&tzA 0(J thz go^pzZ, iZAv-ing Zn hJj, ^Zut {^IzJid at thz timz oi kii dzath. It wa6 
ZoAgzZy thz AZiutt o^ hii oA.dixauJi dutlzi, in vZiZting thz 6lck that hz contactzd pnzumonla 
which AZiuZtzd in hli dzaXh. 

Hz Zzja\jz6 a young wi^z and d^AJid, having maJiAizd MiM Hilda WoAnzA, a daughtzA. o^ Ma. 
and h\Aj>. GzoAgz WoAnzA o^ thJj) pZzcz about thAzz yzoAi ago. Ct'e oAe unabZz to givz a dztailz 
obituaAy at thZi timz but wiZZ tAij .tc do 10 with nzxX AzpoAJi. 

»»..«««,,« Wouembe^t 18, 1918 

fatz OiliciaZZy Annzun.czd by WoA VzpoA-tmznt 
Wai ¥iAJ>t Hanizimon Uan CaZZzd by ti<z VAa^t. . .PAzviouiZy RzpoAtzd iiiiiing in 
Action. . .Lzavzi Widow, Having Been h'aAAinu Juit ThAzz Weefei BeiJoAe EntiZAing Camp. 

A mziJiagz ^Aom thz lUoA VzjpaAtmznt wa6 xzczivzi FAiday zvzninq by Uaj, . FAank NzZ6on 
stating thaX. hzA hu&band wa6 kJJZZzd in action in F.^ancz on JuZy 18th. On Augu&t 6th. hz woi, 
A.zpoAtzd Oi miitiing in action lincz JuZy 18th, but iinzz that datz abioZutzJZy nothing haj, 
bzzn hzoAd o^ hZi ^atz untZZ FAiday zvzning. Ma4 . NzZjiC-r had been coni^.cden-t that FAank woi 
a pAiionzA oi woA but othzA iAizndji did not ihoAz hzA ccK'^.'.dzncz in tkii AZ6pzct and thz 
wo Ad that hz had bzzn kitZzd in action wa& not i>uApAM,ing to ouA pzopZz gznzAoZZy. 

FAjonk NzZion wai boAn at PaynzivitZz, Ml., on Pec. Ut, 1'91 and t'.-oi thzAZ^oAZ in hti 
twznty-Aixth yzoA. Hz gAzu: up in that viciniti/, attzndzd ichooZ in Paynz^viZZz and ZatZA 


took a covutii. A.n thz ^^Jjr.nzapotii) ELLiinui CoZZzgz. Tkzn kz zntZAzd thz ejnpZcy 03 X^z Sec 
JuuMvcuf company and fiamaJjizd icith XJtzm aruUZ kz zrUz/izd ihz OAmy . He came tc HanLin&on 
^ TzbJwuaAy 0^ 1913, and iZAvzd -en vaJvLouj, capaciJ^zi -at tkz Soo dzpot, and a;t. thz -tune 
kz Iz^t ikzlx uxu, locaZ ca&klzA. He dJiew a vzMj tow oxdzA ntmbzA and tccu -C^.e ^-uut 
Hajf]Ju.nion man caZZzd ur.dzn. tkz dAO-ii.. Knottiln.g that kz uiouZd bz caZlzd ZnXo thz a/my uuMvin 
a 4)ho/it -tune, hz uxl6 maJVLizd on Szpt. 1, 1917, to HiM NZna ^^im4 . Ja6t thAzz uczzki tatzt, 
On Szpt. 21, 1917, kz woM caZZzd andzA tkz dJia^t and m,-£W a mzmbzA o^ thz ZichZand Countif 
zotitJjigznt tha^ tz^t Wahpzton on Szpt. 2Ut, 1917 , ^on. Camp Vodgz. In ^pfUZ 0^ tLii yzoA. 
hz madz thz ttip ovzA&zoi aj> a membzA 0|{ Co. E, Sitk Inf^antXij , and icon thzAza^tzA woi on 
tJiz AmZAA-can {^KOYit. On Aug. 6-t/: a mzMagz woM AzczZvzd itating that hz Ma& m^MZng -ut 
action ^-cnce JuZy 18th, and It -Li thought kz "wztit wei-t" danJjig thz Ckatzau. ThzJjtAy battlz, 
onz 0^ thz mo4-C 4>angLU.nafuf contziti -in wkich thz kmzxican tJwop-ti paAtA.CA.patzd in thz 
zntOiz uxVL. KOut. HzJUton KzczA.\)zd a ZzttzA. ^Aom kJjn wJuXtzn but a cowpZz 0^ day^ bz^oAZ 
JuZy l&th, and -in that hz /itatzd that kz zxpzctzd to 4ee ^Zgkting 6ZA.vicz vzfuy ikoAtZy. 

fAank a'a4 higkZy thoagkt 0^ hzAZ. 0^ a qiUzt and AZkZAvzd natuAZ, hz madz {^Aizndi 
itouxLy, but all. idia ZzoAnzd to knouj him hztd kirn in high AzgaAd. Hz ujaj> a mzmbzA o£ tkz 
CongAzgational CkuAch and took an activz pant in oJUi chuAch and Sunday school mattzAi . He 
wtti at onz timz Scout UadtzA £oA thz ZocaZ oAganization OjJ Boy Scoots and woi gAzatZij intzA- 
ziitzd in thziA uzt^aAz. He moj, cZzan Zi.ving, Aight thinking, and izt a ^pZzndid zxampZz 
ioA thz boyii in hjj, choAgz. 

M-W. KzZiiOn kali thz kzant{,zZt sympathy oi alL in kzA iOAAow. Skz kaj, Zivzd at thz 
komz ol kzA poAznti, , Ma. and IW> . Siloi Hijr^ , zvzA 4-cnce kzA maAAiagz and ij> at pAZiZnt 
zmpZcyzd 06 a gAadz itchccZ tzachzA in th.z Hankimon 6chooZi. VzczcUizd ii aZj,o 4,uA.vivzd 
by hii pcAzntd, who Az&idz nzat Paynz&vilZz; thAZZ bAothzAi,, onz OiJ wham ih on thz wz6tzAn 
^Aont in FAancz, anothzA in HamZZnz UnivzA&itif, and thz thiAd ijd attzndlng thz PaynziviZZz 
High SchooZ. Onz iiitzA ij> rroAAizd and Zivz6 in hlinnzapoZii . 

A ipzci&Z memoAiaZ iZAvicz in honoA oi Ua. UzZjiOn wiZZ bz hztd Sunday moAncng at 11 M' 
at tkz CongAzgationaZ. CkuAch. Thz zdi^icz wiZZ bz appAopAiatzZy dzcoAotzd and it ii kcpzd 
that thzAZ wiZZ bz a ZaAgz attzndancz to honoA tkz mzmoKy o^ onz o^ ouA komz bcyi who gavz 
up hJjt Zi{,z {,0A hii countAjy. Tkz Boy Scouti wiZZ attznd in a body. 

»«*«*»«»«* VzcmbeA. 5, 19U 

A mziiagz wai Azczivzd kzAZ yz&tZAday announcing thz dzath o{i Hui Katz Stabno at 
ViAgzZZz, MT. Wo dztaiZi wzAZ givzn and kzA AzXativZi hzAz and at BAZckznAidgz did not 
know that ikz kad bzzn iZZ. Vzczaizd wai boAn in EZma TowmkZp 23 yzoAi ago and ipznt hzA 
ZOAty ginZhood thzAZ. . .bzing a daaghtzA o^ Ma. and KiAi . Auguit Stalino, picnzzA izttZzAj, 
0^ that nzighbonhood. Lzii than two wzzki ago hzA bAothzA, Wm.. Stabno, dizd at kli komz 
in EZma. Skz ii iuAvivzd by thz motliZA, who Zivzi in EAZckznAidgz; th.Azz tAotkzAi , Ed 
and Ben o^ hUnnzapoZii and CzoAgz who ii in iZAvicz in FAancz; and two i ii t zAi , K'JU . VztzA 
Fox 0^ hUnnzapoZij, and f.'Zii TkzAZia who ii tzachUng nzoA ViAgzviZZ, MT. Thz Azmaini wiZZ 
bz ihippzd to EAZckznAidgz ^oa buAcaZ. 

* * * * \u9)* * * VzczmbzA 5, 191& 

Wl. and Hnj> . AaMiua Kajzlhz o^ SXUZti havz tke. 6ipnpaJ:hL/ 03 aZi Zn thz Zc-i^, o£ -theAM. 
c'ouA mcrMu old babif. The. LcttZz one. poi-izd acay t(Ut ThuJUiday a^tzA. a. fa/u.ej{ iZZmjti,. 

«»•««»«.«« VzcvnbfLA. 5, 197? 

Jo4. J. Gxtzn Izit Sunday (^on. ZfLUtoZ, SV . , aji Kt&pomz to a mzi,.iagz announcing thcut 
JrvU only btwtkzA, AZbztt L. CAZzn, Mca -ItZ uuXh pznumonicL and not zxpzcXzd to Za.\jz. tVi. 
GAZZn aJifU.\JZd at BfuJttoZ. at 1: 10 Uondatj moxncng bat IvU bAothzA. had pa64,zd away about an 
hoa/i and a hat^ bz^oAZ hJjt aJinJbjaL. Vzczoj^zd n'ouZd havz bzzn 30 yzoAA oZd nzxt Ap^UZ and 
wait a nativz 0^ OkLo. Hz KziZdzd i.n Haniiuii^on dufUyig poJit o£ hU boyhood and attzndzd 
^chooZ hzfiz ion. about tkxzz yzaJii, . Hz znZZ&tzd Zn thz navy about izvzn yzau ago and 
^zn.vzd ^owi yzjvii on onz o^ UncZz Sam'.i) fc^g ^ZghtZng boati . At thz znd o^ hl^ &zn.vlzz hz 
v-L&Ztzd hzn.z ioK a ihoxt timz and thzn Zccatzd at BJuXton. Hz waj, maAAZzd tujo yzau ago 
and thz uu-^z iuA.v/.vz& klm. ThzAZ aAZ no cKiZdJizn. VuAxng thz pait yzcJi on. moKz thz lanuJLy 
ZU.vzd at BfUitoZ. Thz iunzAaZ uilZZ be hzld today at EAitton, SV. 

********** VzczmbzA 5, 19U 

Thz WJ.ppznman hzajtiz lit out today .. ,b zing ondzAzd ^on. thz ^unznaZ. o^ t^nj, . CajiZ W. 
Otto, pu-onzzn. nzi-ldznt oi CzntZA Touinsklp, uho dizd at hzA homz 6zvzn miZzi uizit o^ Uah- 
pzXan 0^ tn{^Zu.znza Zju>t Sunday. IntzAmznt wZZZ be A.n thz WZZd ?J.zz CzmztzAy. 

********** VzczmbzA 5, 191g 

GREAT BENV EXAMIMER E^thzA SchuZtz, daaghtZA o^ Uaj.. Ed LoZZ, U yzoju, old, dizd 

on Sunday a victim o£ -inf^Zaznza . Thz £unznaZ wai, hzZd on Tuziday and thz nzmaZni ZaJ.d 

at h.zi>t in thz Lion Czmztz/iy. We extend sympathy to thz iajnlZjy In thz Zoi>4> oi thzZn. ZJMJiz 

VzczmbzA 5, 19U 

g-UiZ. ********** 

Rev. HajiAy HoZ&wcntii Snydzn. wa<j bonn on Oct. 26th, 1885, at HzZdzlbzug, CMT., and dizd 
at LU hcrr.z at ALicz, NV., whzAZ hz iznvzd, Nov. 25th., 1918, 0^ acutz pnzumonla. HanAy u:a6 
thz iizcond Aon o^ a ^ajmlZy o^ q'oua bnothzu and onz ^Zittzn., and ipznt hZi boyhood yzojii in 
hZ6 hcmz whzAz hz oZmo AzczZvzd ku, zanJZy ChAZj>tian tAOAJiZng ^Aom hZi pioui pan.znt6 and 
dzvotzd irUnZitZA o^ thz goipzZ, C. A. Sdvnith, which doubtZzi-i corJUuJbutzd muck Zn bAingZng 
him to a IZnm dzcZ&Zcn ^OK thz Land Zn hih zZzvznth yzoA. To thZi zvznt hz aZway4> Zookzd 
back mjth. much joy arCd gAxutctadz. Soon a^tzn. hLl> convznjtZon hz ^zZt thz cZzan. caJZZ to thz 
mZnZ&tfiy o^ thz gcipzJZ and aJiio yZzZdzd io iulty that hit, 6chooZjnatz6 o^tzn caZZzd him "thz 
pAzachzA." HZi itadZzi and pAzpoAotZon ^oA thz mZnZjttAy hz continuzd at MoAtku:ziitzAn CoZZ- 
ege, HapzAvZZJLz, II., ioA a numbzA o^ yzafU, , and Zn 1914 hz camz to Vakota, AZCzZvzd hi& 
ZZczniiZ oi pAzachzA at thz annaaZ can{^ZAzncz hzZd at liJaZcott by KU^hop SamazZ P. SpnZng, 
and ^OA two yzoAi hz continuzd hii itudizi at thz UyiivzAcZty ol Gnand FoAk6 , and iZAvzd 
at BantAy onz yzoA and at Mc AnthuA thz nzxt. At thz annaaZ con^ZAZncz hzZd Zn May, 1916, 
hz Mai oiiZgnzd to AZZcz cZACuit. Thz iomz yzoA Zn Junz hz moj, unZtzd Zn moA/Uage to M-tii 
HZZda L. WoAnzA o^ CAzat Bend. VuAing hii ZZZnzii ar.d gAzat iuf^f^zAZng hz wa^ vzAy patZznt 

and much moAz conczAnzd about hZ& ^amZZy and thz pzopZz of, hii panlih than himizZ^, and 


u!he.n ki6 Mlf^e. n.zpzaX.zdZy cutguzd tkaJ: kz caJJL a. dccXon. hz icUd, "J am no* io i-ick." 
NzAXhzA. fuLi M.Xj$c OK ihz nZA^kba/u, KzaJiizzd hcix A^cfe Ma. SnydzA. xca ujvtit tkz znd wca at 
hand. He VmJLj had tkz ^p-ifUX o^ iZAvZaz and ia.cfu.iA.zzl He wa^ a (^altk^ul and tovZng 
haibajn.d, a dzvotzd {^athzn. and ZayaZ nzlghbofi and citizzn. HZi body MOi ta.kzn to GkzoX. 
Be.nd, thz ionmZK komz o^ Klu . SnydzA, whzAZ a bKiz^ poAtoA. iZAvZcz cuoi hztd in dioAgz o^ 
F. H. EAJScknillzA, pA.ziZding ztdzfi oi tkz dutfUct. Reu. E. J. EicJvtzZ o^ faJigo pKZJickzd 
tkz iZAmon and tkz Reu4 . G. C. Tkiztz and E. F. Uovamm aJL&o pajvticu.patzd, H/j> motkzn. and 
tu;a bAjotkznj) o^ OntoJiio u:za.z hzAZ Ion. tkz lanzAoJL. He tza\jzti to mouAn, hZi iofiAouilng ml^z, 
tkz ZlttZz daaghtZA, paJiznti , onz iZitzA., tkfizz bKotkzja , and a hoit oi ixlzndi. 

•••••••••• VzzzjnbzA 5, 1918 

VKonLnznt RziZdznt o^ EAjindznbtvig VZctun o^ Tn^Zuzma 

AnotkzA dzvotzd mZ^Z and motkzA woi addzd to tkz tang Liltt of, Ajt^Zaznia vZctlmi uihzn 
t'iu. Wm. J. KoppzZman oi Enjxndznbang Townih^p pa&izd auaij on Monday evening. Shz gave b^AXk 
to a ckild iAjc hcivu^ bzioAz tkz znd and tkz titttz onz aJUo dLLzd. MotkzA and bahz mJLL fee 
iaA.d at fiz&t .in onz g-tave. 

Vzczoizd woi boKn -in Summit town&hip and wclj in hzA 35tk yzoK. HzA pa/LZntl, WZAZ Hn. 
and Maa. Vizdfiich Vzzdz, pionzzA AZ&idznt6 oi tkz zoanty, and dzczatzd g^ew to womankood 
hzKZ. On JuZy 11, 1905, ihz waj, manAizd to [I'm. J. KoppzZman, and oi tkii anian izvzn ckiZ- 
dnzn MZAz boAn, iivz oi whom oAz tivijig. Shz woi a dzvotzd uaiiz and motkzA, a kindZy 
nzi^hboA, and anivzAiaZZy bzZovzd thAoughout tkz nzighboKkood whzAz hzA Ziiz wad ipznt. 
HzA'u-ntijnzZy dzath comz6 a& a pzA6onaZ bzAzavzmznt to 6coAZ6 oi oZd iAizndj, oi wzZZ oi thz 
imnzdiatz iamiZy. Bziidz& hzA haiband and tkz iivz ckiZdAzn, ihz ii iuAvivzd by iivz bKo- 
tkzAM and tkAZZ iiitzAi , aZZ oi whom AZiidz in tkz CKzat Bend nzighboAhood, 

At tkit wAiting ianznaZ oAAangzmznti havz not bzzn compZztzd, but it ii pAobabZz tkz 
ianzAoZ wiZZ bz hzZd Tfiidaij aitzAnoon at tkz ckuAzh -^'o mi/e^ ioutk oi GAzat Bznd, Rzv. T. 
Hinck to conduct tkz iZAvicz. 

Conditiom, at tkz KoppzZman homz aAZ poAticuZafLZy di^tAZiiing at tki& timz, thz zntiAZ 
icjniZy bzZng iJLZ with iniZuznza. Ma. KoppzZman wai abZz to gzt up Monday bat ijb itiZZ vzAy 
wzak and thz chiZdAzn oaz aZZ down with thz axZmznt. 

•*••»•«**» VzczmbzA 11, 191S 

VziauZting CaihiZA RzpoAtzd Vzad 

A nzwi diipatch in tkz FoAgo CouAizA-NzjM iAom Vodgz, WP., 6ayi: 

Thz man who wai iound dzad in a box coA hzAz Zaj,t wintzA hoi bzzn idzntiiizd at, 

Ho/man Cabannz, a ioAmzA bank coikiZA at ¥oAman, WP. 

Cahannz wai coihiZA oi thz FoAmzAi Statz Bank at foAman and myitzAioa&Zy dLLiappzaAzd 

about two yzoAi ago wkzn it wai diicovzAzd hz woi ihoAt in hii accouJ^- Wo tAacz wai zvzA 

^ound oi kirn and hz ha.i nzvzA bzzn hzoAd iAom. fAizndi bzZizvz hz wznt to Canada and znZZiti 

in tkz Canadian oAmy, andzA an oiiumzd namz, and do not bzJLizvz tkz man iound in tkz box ca- 

ijt tkz mZiiing coihizA. 

•*«••*•««« PecemfacA 11, 191S 


FonmeJi Hankiru>on Boy VZzd Zn Gznman Ho-kp-UjciZ. 
Ct/oa Wounded and CapiuAzd, IcutzA. Vy^g i^m E^£zctii o^ Wound aund Congej,t/.cn o^ tkz 

Lungi Body Now Repo4e4 Zn Town CemztzAy OjJ Tjizvu , CeAmany 

¥Kzd RestmzAA.ejn aj> anathzA ^oAmzA HankAJUon boy to die. oi the. fie^uZt o£ wounds iaitcunzd 
in the gAent waji. Thz following notz In thz cmaalty tC&t tku weefe teZli> thz itaKy: 
"CofvpofijaZ TfLzd R. Romme/u.ejn o^ Zo&JLyn, SO., li Kzpafutzd to havz dZzd on Oct. 
27th ajt RZ6ZA.VZ Ho&pZtaJi Ho. 4, TKZveJt, GzAmany, daz to a ^AjUctuAZ o^ thz Kight 
tklgh iAjOm gun&hot, and congzition o^ thz Zungi. Hz woi ba/u-zd cut Town CemztzAy, 
TA.ZVZ, Cejmany." 

fA.zd wai a 4>on o^ Ma. and Maj,. N. W. RznrneAzZm, ^onrnzAty o^ CAzzndaZz TowmhLp and 
ipznt hZit boyhood in tJzii vicinity. FoA a time hz luoi maiZ coAAizA on fuviaJi Aoute. Mo. 4 
and woi, wztt known hzAZ. At thz ouJibAzak oi thz woA thz ^anUZy AZiidzd at Ro^Zyn, SV., 
and it woi ^Aom theJiz hz zntzAzd thz 6ZA\jicz. 

Hz ii, a bAothzA o{, hleZi RommZAzim o{ old Company L who il, now in FAoncz and o^ HznAy 
0^ tliii Many ^Acznca o^ thz family kzAZ zxtznd iympathy to thz bzAzavzd onzit. 

«*•»»,»*»« VzczmbzA 72, I9I5 

HznAy Jen&zn, ion-in-taw oi I. A. and E. M, Tyi,on, at Red lakz TaZti, UH., abouX. 37 
yzoJUt oZd, oi pznumania., iottowing a tong pzAiod oi iniZaznza, bzing coniinzd to hi& bzd 
ioA about iix wzzkJt . Hz tzavz6 to mouAn hU u.nXimzZy znd hii wiiz Anniz and iouA young 
ckiJtdAzn, UaJiion, ChanZzi,, Jamzi and Raymond. 

»«««*««*«« VzcmbzA 72, 797& 

Eduiin, thz 16 yzoA otd i^on oi John M. TkieZ oi BoAnzy, dizd aX thz iamity homz onz- 
haZi miZz noAth oi thxut vitZagz on Wzdnz&day, Vzc. 4th, at noon oi pnzumonia which iotiow- 
ed an attack oi inilaznza. Hz had bzzn iZZ onz wzek. Thz ianzAaZ wai, hzZd FAiday at thz 
LuXheAan ChuAch in BoAnzy, Rev. R. HiZgzndoAi oHiciating. Thz iamity hai, thz sympathy oi 
a toAgz ciAclz oi iAizndd in thz lo6i oi Edwin jUJ>t clj fee wai, about to zntzA man'6 zitatz. 
Hz -ci ^uAvivzd by hJjt poAznti,, two bAothzAi and iivz ^iitzAi . 

««•*,*•»*» VzcmbzA 72, 797S 

ChAiJttinz VoctoA CommOU Suicidz 
Va. LouZi U. IvzA&on, ioA 35 yzoAi a physician and 6UAgzon at ChAiitinz and at onz 
timz county coAonzA, committzd iuZcidz by shooting hJjuzZi thAcugh thz kzad with a AiiZz 
which hz pZcczd in hii mouXii. Hz had bzzn ioAczd to givz up hii pAacticz bzcaa&z oi pooA 
hzaZXh, and i& bzZizvzd to havz bzzn tzmpoAO/UZy dzAangzd. Hz wai 54 yzoAi oi agz and ii 
^uAvivzd by kii wiiz and iouA chitdAzn, 

••«**««««* VzcembzA 79, 797S 

CI 521 


tt'AR PEPARB:EWT Ma/:e4 CoAAzcXlon oi Flfu^t Rzpo/ut... 
Tkz dzaXk o£ Tizd V.ortmzA.<Ujr. .in a. GzAman ho^pZtaZ {^Ajom Moandi> n.zcZyivzd be.(,0Kz Jnij, 
ccuptuAz hapfUZij pAX}vZ6 to 6e an zAn.on. on ike. panX o^ thz tt'oA VzpoAimznt. F/ied kjols -ui a 
GzAman p^U&on Camp atZ AZght, bust a zoAAtctLon OiJ tkz zoMoaiMj Liiti itaizj, thaX kz hoi 
been xeXwinzd to ¥Ka.ncz and aj, now aZJivz and wzJU.. Thz xzpoAX. o^ hii dzxvtk u:ai pfu.nX.zd 
■in ikz WEC/S Icutt wzzk, boizd on o^^ZcajxZ caiuaLty JLii>ti> givzn ouX by thz tt'oA VzpoAXnrznt. 
It uuii 6tatzd that kz had been woundzd, takzn pnJjionzn. and tatzA dZzd o^ kl6 uicundi, bzLng 
boAylzd at Xtevei, GzAmany. HU poAznti at Ro-iyZn, SV., havz &Zncz fizczivzd thz ^ottoMing 
m^^6agz ^AJim thz WoA VzpoAXmznt: 

"Vzc. IZth, 1918. . . .Fxzd RommzAzim, kzA.zto^oA.z A.zpoAXzd a6 having dZzd at 
TA.ZVZ& on Ott. 27th, Za now, bij cahtzgfiam j'u&t Azczlvzd, Kzpoitzd (LJ being Kz- 
Zzoied (J/LOm GzJman pAlion camp and KztuAnzd to Ffuince. ajppaJizntJbj In good hzoLth." 
Thli A.emo\JZ6 any doubt oi to fA.zd'^> wttt and l6 mo4)t weZccme new6 not only to 
thz family bat to a ho4,t o^ hii old {^nlzndi In tkii vlcUjuMj. 

» « • * * t * * « « Veczmbzn 19, 19U 

knothzA GA.zzndaZz CatZzd to thz Gfizat Bzyond 
I'lu^ AtvZna EzAgitfiom, who hoi been zmpZoyed ai tzazhzfi Zn QKZzndatz ichooZ. Mo. 4 
thJji yeoA, dterf o{i Ajn{^Zaz.nzja wJjth compZlcatlom Zajtt Sunday. Shz wai 22 yeanjt, oZd and 
hzn. paAznti fiejiZdz nzrui l^oihoZt. Thz lanzfiaZ wca kzZd at ?.oihoZt Tuziday. 

VzczoJiZd wa/) a hlghZij accompZJj,hzd lady and klghZy zitezmed by aZZ who knew hefi. 
HzA antAjnzZy znd looi a gfizout ikock to thz paAznsti and cKlZdfizn 0(5 thz dLitfu-Ct whzAZ ihz 
had donz iiich laJXhiaJL an.d 4uccei4({a£ wofik. 

««»«»»»»«* VzczmbzA 19, 191& 


AZhzAt Stzfin deed at ka, homz In thM, city on Monday, Vzc. 16th, a(^tzfi iu^^zAlng 
^OK about two yzafU) with canczfi oi thz itomach, at thz agz o^ 56 yzafii, 8 monthi and 
1 S day 6 . 

Hz wail bofin on Aug. 28th, 1862, In PormZAanla., Czfimany, and came to thz UnlXzd Statz6 
In 1884 OK 1885 ZocaXlng at FeAgui FaZti . VoAlng thz nzxt ^ew yzoju, fie wofikzd anoand 
GkzoX Eznd. On Uaxch 24th, 1893, hz wai, moAAlzd to Kilnnlz KZlngbzlZ o{i FzAgui FaZZi, . 
Thzy madz thzl/i homz on a ^afm ioathzait o^ Lidgznwood ^ofi many o^ thz ioZZowlng yzafii and 
4even chlZdfLzn wzAZ boKn to thzm, onz dying In Infancy. Tho.iZ iuAvlvlng ofiz- Hzfunan, on 
thz oZd komz&tzad; Fxzd, HznXha, AAthuA, EZJZa, AZbzAt. Thz iamlZy movzd to Hankln&on In 
1911 and havz AZ6ldzd hzfiz iilncz. 

Bz&ldzi, thz tutije <ind chlZd/izn, dzczaj>zd Ik 6uJivlvzd by thz mothzn, iouA bfiothzfil,, 
Zlvlng In Fofman, Wahpzton, Plngfizz, W., and BZack^oot, Idaho; onz il6tzn., KifU, . H. HoZit 
0^ Fztgui FaLZi. 

VzczjUtzd Mxu a patlznt iu^^z^zn. and icofiZM oi oZd tlmz ifilzndi, zxtznd iympttthy to thz 
bzn.zavzd fizZativzi . Thz ianzAjoZ wah hzZd fzdnziday at thz LuXhzAMjn ChuAch, Rev. J. P. KZ^- 


u&ZzA ilr.z iZAv^czi. Zntznjr.znt i/ica, madz -in th.z LuXhznjin CzmzZzPoj . 

• «•*«**««« VzczmbzA. 79, I9/« 

Thz moAMA-zd daagktzn. oi ^^A.. and Ma4 . John Hzbzfi, KZiZding juA-t aiCAjOiJ> thz SouXh VaJz- 
ota. tinz, dizd yzitz/iduiif o^ Zn^Zaznza uuXh compLiccutLan& , and a ion -Li io -LLl tkcut kZ& 
ti^z -U dzipcuAzd 0^. Thz ax-iz -U doab-iy 6ad bzcauiz o£ ihz iact tlnat thziz wzAZ thz onZy 
ch-iZdAzn -in thz lamlZij. 


Vzczmbzn. 19, 79J« 

VuA-ing thz pa-kt month Thz MEWS hcu, Kzcoxdzd thz dzath o^ tixa mzmbzfu, oi thz Stabna 
iam-itij, W-iZtiam and Cathjufn, both o^ xhom £zZZ v-ict-imi o^ -in^Zaznza, and now -it bzzamzi 
ouJi iad duty to Kzcofid thz ton ol itUZt anothzn. i-iitzA, Hiii ThzAZia Stab no , who dizd 
aX. V-Uig-iZ, UT., on ^ondajj o^ loit wzzk a^tzA an lU-nzii oi onZy a £eu: dayi with -in^Zaznza. 

Vzczoizd woi tzach-ing ichooZ -in Montana and wai it/Uckzn io iuddznZy that A.ztatx.\JZi 
had no woKd until a mz&iagz announczd hzn. dzath. Shz wai 27 yzjvu old and izvzAjzt yzoAi 
0^ hzA. Z-i^z wzfLZ ipznt -in EZma Towmhlp. Shz wai wztZ zduca;tzd and had madz thz moit o^ 
hzA oppoKtunltizi,, bz-ing an zxczptZonaZZy bnJjUJ.ant young woman, and hzA dzath ^oZ-iow-ing 
40 cJLoizZy a^tzA. thz derUiz o^ hzn. bnothzn. ar.d i-UtzA. -ii a tznju.bZz bZow to thz lamlZy. ' 

Thz Stabnoi wzAZ coui-im o^ thz r.zZnkz iamlZy. Thz {^unzAoZ wai held at. EA.zckznAidgz 
Za-it TKldoLj, iznvZzzi bzlng conductzd at St. MoAy'i CathoZZc Chun.di. 

********** Vzzmbzn. 19, I9IS 

Vztzn. U-in-tz fiztwinzd Zoit wzzk ^ a tnlp to EAlZZlon, (t'T,, to attznd thz {^unzfiaZ 
oi hii bAothzA. lah-iZz thzfiz kz v-ii-itzd at hli oZd homz pZazz which hz had not izzn ^OA 
a nunbzn. oi yzoAM . GKEAT BEW EXMiWER ****** Vzczmbzn. 19, 19 1 « 


Ida. EeZtin dizd Sunday moKning aX. 6:50 AA( at thz homz oi Hznman MiZbAondt, JR., o^ 
pnzumonia ^oZZowing an attack oi ini'uznza. Shz had bzzn iZZ ioA about a wzzk at thz 
KUZbAandt homz whzAZ ihz had bzzn hzZping out ioA a il^u: dayi . 

Vzczoizd wai a daughtzA oi Ma. and M^ . Hznman BzZZin, AZiidlng noAthwzit ai thii 
city, and wai boAJi thzAZ on JuZy 13, 1892, bzing 26 yzaJH, 5 monthi and 9 djoyi oZd at thz 
tAjnz oi hzA dzath. Shz ipznt hzA. zntiAZ Ziiz in thii nzighboAhood and wai a manbzA oi 
St. John'i ChuAch in BzZioAd. 

Shz ij> iuAvivzd by thz paAznti, tJiAZZ ii-itzAi and iouA bAothzAi , onz oi thz ZaXtzA 
now in Camp CuitzA, Ail.,; two haZi-iiitZAi , UAi. AZbzAt Hozii and Ma4 . Ctto Paapz; two 
haZi-bAothzAi, Edwin Fankow and fAzd Pankow, thz ZaXtzA now in Idaho. 

Thz iunznaZ wai hzZd Tuz&day iAom thz iaxniiy AZiidzncz noAthwzit oi town and iAom 
St. John'i ChuAch in BzZioAd, Rzv. J. P. KZauiZzA oHiciating in Rev. HiZgzndoAi'i abizncz. 

********** VzcmbeA 26, 191S 

a 54) 

Chutzr- KUr.nzy, a 6on o^ Ma. and MA4 . A. G, ICLnnzy and a ncutivz o{^ ZKigh^o od Town- 
ihZp, dizd 0^ pnzimonA.a at ¥cKt SmZtlng on ¥nJ.dJVj. Hz vooi an tnLcitzd man -in ihz rrULi- 
toAsj tZAMJizz. Haj, poJizniJ) mzaz Mcik kim duJu.nq hZl, ZttneM and it cvoi tkoiiQhX hii chancer 
£oK kzcomhAjj wexz good up to uiiXkln a ^zix kouAi, OjJ thz znd. Haj, bKoikzA, E. A. ICinnzy and 
lul^t o£ WaZdo, Izit SatuAday ^OK KzZJUhzn., MW., to attznd thz ^unZAol. 

• •«••««««« VzczjnbzA U, J97S 

Reu. R. mZgzndoA-i tz^t SatuAdai/ moKnLng £oA. EdgzZzy, W., In ^Zipon&z to a mziiagz 
announcing thz aUticaZ>t o^ fUi bfwthzA WattiZA HAJLgzndoli, luXkz/uin paitoA. at. Edgz- 
Zzy. BzfiOKz hz afuuvzd, kowzvz/i, thz bKotkzA had atfizady pa&^zd away, dzath fizMiJLting 
iAjom pnzjumonA.a, ^ottouung Zn^Zaznza. Hz Zi 4UA.V4.\JZd by kc6 mAovo and two Infant ckiZdAzn. 
He had bzzn a nuMA.atuviy /ji Montana ^oA. izvzajxI yzjiAM, and had takzn ckaJigt oi thz congxz- 
gation at. EdgzZzy onZy ^tncz ^pAcng. Reu. R. HtZgzndoA.^ accompanZzd thz body o^ kU bfiathzA. 
to t4s.bAaika, and couZd ^oA. that Aza&on not bz back ^OA. ChA^tmoi Hotidayi, . 

««*««»•«*« VzazjnbzA 26, 191& 

It -ci zitanatzd by mzsLLcaZ aathoAA^zi that the. ^lu haj, cauizd 4-cx miZtion dzathj, 
■in thz woAjid during thz poit hlx monthi . And thz zptdzmic -ii by no mzani at an znd. 

«*•«»««»,, VzczjnbzA. 26, 19U 

In tkii tt'eefei coioaZty ta,ti Pvt. HzrAy 0. t^agznton o£ li'aZcott -Li AzpoAtzd kJJUizd In 
action, and Pvt. Agmut Kamzt of^ EoAnzAy to havz ditd o^ woundi . 

.,•«,,.**, VzcvnbzA 26, 191S 

Loit weefe we AzpoAX.zd thz dzath o{ thz onZy daaghtzA o^ hit. and MAi . John Hzbcn., 
A.tiA.dLng bztwzzn old VzAnon and Whitz Rock. ThL6 wzzk tkzAA. onZu ion dizd, a vtctOn o^ 
Zn{,Zaznza. Thz i,tAJ.ckzn poAznti havz thz hzjvUizZt sympathy oi oLL In thz lo.i,.i o^ thcot 

only chiZdAzn. 

• »••«««**» VzczmbzA. 26, 191 S 

A imoAt: izZLow uxUh an lngzru.ou& tuAn oi mind oA onz o^ cuaIoiu, izzklngi , thought 
to ilnd thz izquzl to thz zndlng o^ tlxz batttzi at thz 11th houA oi thz 1 1th day oi thz 
nth month, and i>oujght thz 11 vzAiZ oi thz 11 chaptzA oi thz 11 book oi thz Rib£e and 
hzAZ Zi uihat hz iound In 1 KWCS 11:11: "WhzAzioA.z thz LoAd 6ald unto Solomon, ioAza6- 
much Oi tha> ti dcnz-oi thzz, and thou ha&t not kzpt my covznznt and my itatutzi uikldi 
I havz commandzd thzz, T uilU iuAzly Aznd thz lUngdom iAom thzz and uuM glvz It to thy 
bZAvan;t. .»««««*•»• VzczjribzA 26, 191 S 

tAA6. Ed. Lokzn, uM-iz oi onz oi thz zoAly day mzAchantJ> at old VzAnon, dizd at hzA 
homz at Roiholt lait ThuAiday, a vtctlm oi Iniluznza uilth comptlcLotlon, . 

********** VzczjnbzA 26, 191S 


ffu.zjvdli ol GzoA^t HoAQKovz, a icfmzn. Haniujiion boy, lympaXhizz waMi kirn ^n the. dzcXk 
o(^ kl6 uu.{,z ivlvich odcuJiAzd cut tkzAJi homz i.n Vejiba. Linda., Ck., ahouX. a. month ago. 

An IS monXfUt oZd ion JLk tz^t -U faexng coAed ^oK ajt thz homz oi -iti, QfiandpcviztvU 
Ma., and Wa4 . J. ft'. HoAgAjivz, In. Vznha Linda.. 

• ««»«««**« Vzzembzn. 26. 1918 

A txipZz ^anzAoZ woi heZd at old VzAnon ta&t Mzzk. A mothzA and babz wzAZ buJu.zd 
In onz aukzt and tujo ckltd/izn o^ dLiUzfLznt ^omiLizi wzAZ ba/Lizd aX. thz iomz iZAvZcz. 
Thz young mothzn. woi, UXi. Haa&, and onz chiZd uiai, a mzmbzA. o^ thz Jonei ^ajnity and thz 
otkzn. oi thz LzonoAxL iamiZy. AJLZ. wzn.z \ji.QjJjr\i oi thz in^Zuzma zp-idznu.c. 

«»»»*•»*• » VzczmbzA 26, 191S 


? 9 J 9 

Mw . CoAotaie. He.uma.nn Had Rej,.ide.d. HsAz Scnce 1S73 
Pa&izd Away on the. OZd Home ToAm HoKth oi Hanklmon on tkz CZoixjig Vay o{, thz Old 
Vzcui Had AttaZndd ihz Zipz Ctd Agz o^ 84 Lzavu Thn.zz VaughteAJ, , Two Som. 

VuJu.nQ ike. cZo-i-ing houAi o^ the. dyZng cftoA ikz ^p^ifuX oi Ufu> . CoaoZajiz Neurrann, weZZ 
known pA.onzeA oi ZLcJitand Coantif, dzpoAtzd thuJ, tiiz. Coni-Lnzd ta hzn. bzd ioA. thz paj>t 
thAzz montki uuXh tlnz InilfnnLtLez oi old agz, 6kz paiizd pzacziuZZif awajj on the old homz- 
J>tzad wzJtt oi GKejxt Bznd Zi new cccupZzd by hzn. ion, C, W. Nzumann and iamlZy w^uth 
whom ihz has, KZiA.dzd duAAJig thz pa&t yzoA. 

Hzfi dzath moAti thz paiiAjig oi onz oi thz vzfuj iZut izttZeAJ> in tkU pcAt oi thz 
County. EoAn in GzAmanif in SeptembzA. oi 1S34, ^hz was S4 yzaxi , 3 montki and H dayi old 
aX. thz timz oi hzA dzath. Shz gxew to womanhood in thz otd coantny, woi manjiizd and izv- 
eJiaZ oi hzA ckltdAzn wzjiz boAn thzAz. Shz wa6 thz motkzfi oi tzn duXdnzn in all, iivz oi 
u>hom oAz Living and Az&idz in tkli vici-niXy . . M->ii . Anna HiZbAandt, K'n.i. LollUz Vumkz, TKzd 
Kzumann, Thzo, Nzumann and Otto Cf, Nzwvann. 

Thz iamiZif camz to thz UniXzd Statzi in 1872, and aitzA ipznding a uzoA. in WiAcomin 
camz out to thz wildd oi Vakota tZKAiXoKy , locating on a homzitzad in thz WiZd Zizz Zivzn. 
4,zttlemznt, wzit oi thz pKZ&znt viZlagz oi Gn.zat Bznd. Thz kuiband dizd IS yejvii ago. Ton. 
mang yzofii, Wa4 . Kzumann Kej>idzd in thii city and wa6 wzlZ known to mo-it oi ouA pzcplz. 
About a yzoA. ago ihz bAxikz up hou&zkzzping and hoi 6incz madz hzn. homz with hzn. 6on Otto. 

Vzczoizd wci a kindly old lady and had many i^iendi , zi pzciaLly among thz ejvJiy i>eXt- 
Iznji who ihanzd with kzA thz dangzAj, and pAivationi, oi inontizA. liiz. Shz livzd to 4ee 
thz AMui pnaiAizi oi Richland County dzvzlop into onz oi th.z gandzn ipoti oi thz wonZd. 

Thz iunzAoI wiU. bz hzld tomonxow iFnlday] with iZAviczi by Rzv. ObzndozA&teA at thz 
Ev. Immanuzl ChuAch at 2 o'clock in thz aitzAnoon. 

•••«».«»*» JanuoAy 2, T979 

Fivz Months Old Eabz Accidzntally Volionzd by LUtlz BAotheA thz 13th , will always bz a 4>ad day in thz memony oi Vn. and M^ . ff. C. CocpzA 
oi AbzACAombiz, tkif county, ion on thU day thziA. iivz montki, old ion, Znu-cz Linnz CcopzA, 
Azczivzd thz doiz oi poZ&on which AZiulXzd in kl& dzath thz ioltowing day. 

Thz thAzz CoopzA cklldAzn, Vonald, agzd 5, Jean, agzd 3, and thz iivz montki old baby 
wzAz togzthzA in onz Aoom, thz baby lying in a cAib. Thz tUtlz giAl wai bothzAzd with a 
cold ioAZ on hzn. mouXk, and dz&iAzd to get: iomz mzdicinz ion it. Being unablz to Azach 
a cznXoAJi battle wkick woi on a high ihzli, ihz zntiitzd tkz aid oi hzA iivz yzan old bno- 
theA, who helped heA gzt it. Shz applied a tittlz oi tliz "Medccoie" to hzA ioAZ ipct, and 
tkzn to hzA baby mind it izzmzd that iX would bz no moAZ than night to "docXoA" tkz baby 


too. So, up uo-Uth XJzz bottZz ovzA tht edge o^ ihz cJu.b, ikz tLttzd on. Zn iomz 
uxuj iipjJJLzd ikz conXznti, on iiiz babi^'^ ^acz and down kU thAocX. Tkz conXznti o^ thz 
boiZlz MOi, ucod aZcohoZ. 

Beth Vk. ajid M/l4. CoopzA MZfiz Zn thz hoa&z at thz time, and hzoAd thz baby icAZjom. 
Ruihlng down, thzy ^ound kvn -in agony. HzZp waj, iunmonzd at oncz and aJLi that covJid po44- 
abZzy havz bzzn done uiai, tAXzd In thz z^^oAt to iavz thz duJLd'6 LL^z. It wot unavaZLing 
haujz\JZA, and thz titttz onz'-i ti{^z ^LlckzAzd out zanZy thz ^oZZouiing moAyUng. 

«*««**»»** Janijuvuf 1, J9I9 


MA4. J. A, VoJLtii, thz Aubjzct o^ thz ^ottouiing itzm ^Kom Uondojy'i HumzapoLi6 VoaJjj 
Uewi, uioit {^onmznZy Uu. Tn.zd ?hzZp4, o^ tki6 city. Wewu oi hzA. dzath JLai>t Sunday mofuUng 
came a& a gfizat ikock to hzn. many iAZzndi hzAz: 

"FunzAoL 4eAvlcz& ioK Jo6zpkLnz AdnMzn VaAth, ^oA. many yexvu pAominznt in tocaJi mtLS- 
i.Q.aJi <uA.cZej>, who dizd o^ ln{^ZiLZnza at hzA homz, 2657 Plzoiant Aue., yzitzAday, will be 
hzZd at thz John&on UndzfitakJjig FoaZoaj, , 3020 Hznnipzn Ave., at 2 ?M tomafOiow. IntZAmznt 
wlLt bz madz at Lakzivood CzmztzAy. Shz -it 6uA.VA.vzd by hzK hatband, tkuzz daughtzju , hzA. 
mothzA, two iXjttzfii and tu:o bAothzAi, , att Kej>ZdJjn.g Zn thz tuiin (UtZzi, . 

«•»**««*«* Janiuvuf 2, 1919 

WaMi hzn. huiband, EAnzit T. CoAcoAxm, wttZ known mzAchant o^ CoZf^ax, at thz point o£ 
dzath ({-torn pnejMonlji, hiAi. Lcttian May CoKzofian, 21 yzoAi oZd, dizd In a FoAgo HoipltaZ 
at 3:30 Zoit ThvAtday a^tzAnoan a^tzA a nlnz montki' IZZnzit ^Aom> loZZawlng 
dnJZdblAtk. Uai, . CoAcoian wai> a daugktzA oi Ua. and Uai> . W. J. Roblmon o^ Wahpztan. 

*•»»•*«**« Januruu/ 2, 1919 

LLdgzAwood li In ttAlct quoAontLnz again, thz IZu. having appzoAzd thzAZ woAAZ than 
zvzA bz^oAZ. Among thz dzatkt, In that tzAAltoAy Za&t weefe M,'eA.e thz ^oZtowlng: HL&i Uyfi- 
tZz WokZwznd, a.gzd 18, daaghtzA Oq M^. and Wi6 . AZbzAt WokZuiznd; Anton KZozppzZ, agzd 47, 
Zzavlng a wlf^z and izvzAoJL chlZdAzn, Kz&ldlng In Vuzaa Towntthlp; WaZXzA Tlich, agzd 37, 
Zzavlng a wl^z and onz chlZd; Atw . H. C. BzAnatz, who ZzavzA a hatband and thAZZ tmaZZ 
chJJidAzn •••«««»•«« Janiuvty 2. 1919 

Tho.6. A. CuAtlitj onz o^ thz bzJit known attoAnzyt In thJj> poAt o^ thz ttaXz, dlzd at 
hJi homz In Liibon Zait wzzk (^Aom pznumonla ^oZZowlng In^Zazma. We hat Aztldzd In Lltbon 
tlncz 1883 and wai, pAomlnznt In Ran&om County poZltlct loK many yzoAi . He wai, a candldatz 
ioA VlttAlct Jadgz agalm Judgz kZZzn at thz zZzctlon tmo yzoAt ago but wa/t dz(^zatzd. 

»•«*»»»*». JanuoAy 2, 1919 

Ma4. Ben Cook, a {^oAmzA Aztldznt o^ GAZzndaZz whzAZ thz tpznt mott oi hzA cklZdh.ood 
dlzd 0^ In^Zaznza at hzA homz at Anoka on Pec. 17th. Vzczatzd wot a daughtZA o^ Jot. Adamt . 
an zoAZy tzttZzA In GAZzndaZz, and wa6 about ^oAty yzoAt oZd at thz tlmz oi hzA dzath. Shz 
It tuAvlvzd by thz hatband and ^Ivz chlZdAzn^ thz zZdz^t ton bzlng In Fxancz. Thz tympathu 
o£ many oZd ^Alzndt hzAz goz^ out to thz ttAlckzn hatband, chlZdAzn and othzA AzZatlvzt . 

• ••,«*%•.« JanmiAy 2, 1919 


Mai/ Be thz TfuxdCtLonaZ ?z6tU.tnct thcut Alwaij^ Follouu, GXQjvt Con^tlcXi 

The. Spanlih Zn^Zaznza ep-ccfem^c ujhlch kcu n/igzd thAcaghouX. pAjzcZLcatty the. trvtOie. 
wonJid. may be. the. "pZagae and putXZzncz" uihich tKadotcon ioyi, aJbjoojji (,olZaw6 wan. Hod- 
ZAn sanitation and hygZzne. have dam much to i-n.ez the u;oAZd ^.tcm the donujilon 0)$ pZagae.i, , 
but. Zn time o^ wan. even science ij, thwofvtzd. 

A ^oAmidabte weight o^ medicaZ opAjUon hotd& that the in^Zuenza. epidemic which has 
swept Evjwpe amd AmeAZca duAing the tost eighteen months is due to the {iZthy candLitions 
0(J tKznck tiie, the miZLions o^ AJits and veAmin bxed at the inant, and the anboAjned dead 
on the battZe^ieZds . CzaXoajiIi/ this wan. woatd be di^£eA.ent ^nvm aZt those tve/i fought i^ 
it dJ.d not bnJjng pestilence in its wake. 

It is hoAdly pAobabZe that the 1S4S choZzAjx epidemic caused the numbeA o^ dejiths thcut 
influenza hoi done. The toZZ the tkn.e.e months, Sept. 1st to Vec. 1st, was 350,000 
peAsons. AJiZ. otheA pestilence in histoAt/ havz had the^in. stoAt in the ^an. east. Egypt and 
Ethopixi WZAC the pZagae bAeedzAs o^ the ancient wonZd. China and TuJikzy o^ moAZ modeAn timzz 
Thz ZxLtest theoAy is in{jZaznxa OA "pneumonic pZaguz" as manij physician caZZ iX, is no 
zxczption. AccoAding to Va. James fCing o^ thz Anmy UzdJicaZ CoAps , thz diszasz was impoAtzd 
£Aom ChJjw., thAcugh thz cooties used on fAznch battZz {^Aonts. Thz diszasz has bzen no Azsp- 
zctoA oi cZimates. It has Aaged in ^Aozen V.ussia and Alaska, in dAy AAizona, in damp heat 
Zike^thaX o{^ ItaJLy, and in damp coZds Zike that o^ thz gAzat Zakzs Azgion. TAopZcaZ VonXo 
Rico and Hawaii, havz not bzen spaAzd, noA thz dAy, bAacing noAthwest. Jn{iZaznza is not un- 
known in hZstcKy. It is Azpontzd to havz swzpt EuAopz in 1557, 15S0 and 1593. In 159 J iX 
Aagzd thAough GzAmany aZonz, stopping abAuptZy cut thz P.hinz, and thAzz hundAzd yeoAS ZatzA, 
in 1891 , iX swzpt GeAm.any agauin. 

PestiZence szzms aZways to takz those in thz pAimz o^ ZZ^z and in^Zuznza has bzen no 
zxczption. In thz zpi.demi.c {Aom which this countAy is now su^^zAing, statistics show that 
80 pzAcent ol thz victims oaz undzA 40 yzoAS oZd, and 60 pzAcznt of^ them andzA 35 yzoAS oZd. 
Thz dzath Acute in anmy camps has bzzn about ticicz that among ci.viZiji.ns . 

ModeAn sciencz is not ZzavZng thz i.n£Zuznza to nagz uncombattzd as did thz pZagues oq 
a ijeio czntuAizs ago. ' Va. E. C. Rosenow oi RcchzstzA, MW., dzcZoAzs thcut a success^^uZ SZA- 
um has aZAzady bzzn discovzAZd that wiZZ Azducz the iniZuznza moAtaZity by moAZ than 90 %. 

JanuoAy 1, 1919 


Hey SiruXh, pJicnu.nzrX j'aAjneA A.e^A.tiing aboiU. (^Z^ttzr. mZtzA j>ouuthiUUi c^ Hontcnicn, 
cLizd tajit ?fu.dcuj e.vzricng o^ pnzumaruA. Hz uxju, ZLt only a ^zu: daif.& and tvii dzfutk come 
04 a. gAZJii ikcck to ^AA.znd& o^ ihz iamUbj . Hz tzaveM a. wl^z and {amiZy, Thz ianzJmt 
waJi kztd Sunday. 


Jamuviy 2, 1919 

lifdian liljUUUcm PaeXz, 19 yzaA6 aZd, only 6on o^ Ma., and Ma4 . M. PtizXz o^ Wahpzton, 
poiJizd auiaij Monday a^tzAnoon o£ Zjxj,t uizeJz at St. F^ancZi Ho^p^Mit -in BA.zckznfu.dgz. Hz 
woA a itadznt at St. John'i ColZzgz, home. ^OA. X^z hotlday/^. Thz ianzfiaJL vaat, hzZd on 
ThuA&day moAning ^Aom St. AdaZbzAt'^, ChuAch -in Wahpzton. Thz FoAZitzAi o{ thz UantadoA 
zouJtt attzndzd in a body EuJlLoZ vdoj, -en CaJivaAjy CzmztZAy. 

HZ& poAznti movzd ^Aom }^antadoA to (i.'akpztan about a month ago. Ctd ^AZzndi Zn 
tkii poAt Ofl thz county zxtznd dzzpz6t sympathy to thz bzAzavzd ^airUZy. 

««««»*««»• Janujviy 9, 1919 

Vzath& in thz LidgzAwood tzAAitoAjy duAing thz pa6t uizzk incZadz thz ^oltouiing: 
HazzZ (^oAqaoAjdt, -infant daaghtZA o^ ^U.. and Wu . FAank t^oAquoAdt, at thz age o^ 14 dayi,; 
baby Hzgtmanzk, onz o^ thz tminj, boAn to ^^A.. and Ua& . Choi. Hzgtmanzk on Vzc. 16th; 
Hinniz Baach, dmightzA oi Ma., and lUii. GzoAgz Baach. o^ Gznz^zo; VominLak Gott^Aizd^ 
65 yzjOAi old, a uildowzA, at thz homz o^ hii 6on noAth o£ Gznzj,zo; AndAzu; HzubzA, a {^oAm- 
ZA. AtitixUng nzoA Rajuom. 

«»*«•««»»• JanuoAy 9, 1919 

Thz dzath o^ ThzodoAZ T!.004>z\jztt at Lu QyitzA Bay homz Monday moAning AZinovzi onz 
OjJ thz mo.l,t pictoAZiquz {^iguA.zi in ouA nationaZ ti(^z. ft/e do not think o^ him ai thz zx- 
pAZiidznt, ai wouZd uiualZy bz thz ca&z undzA tuck CMicuMitanczii , bat AathzA a/, joit 
Tzddy . . . .itatziman, poZitician, advznXuAZA, and thz viAitz AmzAican. Hii woi indzzd a 
AzmaAkabZz can.zzA and pAobabZy no pAivatz citizzn uiizZdzd a gAzatzA in^Zazncz OA had a 
ZoAgzA pzAionaZ {^ciZowing than hz. Many o^ oi did not appAovz oi hii poLLticaZ couamz thz pa&t dzcadz, but kli ^eoA^e^^ couAogz commandzd thz AZipzct and izcAzt admiA- 
ation 0^ zvzn hi& potiticaZ znzjnizi . Wz havz izZt that -t/ie ujoa ihouZd havz a^^oAdzd an 
outZzt ^oA 6omz 0^ hu ipZzndid znzAgy and linczAzty bzZizvz that poZiticat comidzAotiorj) 
had much to do uJith kzzping hjjn in thz backgAound. Ai a AxmchzA in thz zanZy daifi oi Vak- 
ota uiz havz aZujay^ AzgaAdzd kim ai cZoiZA to thz pzopZz o^ thz wzit than any pAZiidznt o^ 
thZi county. Hii namz Zoomzd ZoAgz in connzction vcith thz next pAz^idzntiaZ zZzction and 
hii dzath at thZi timz aZtzAi poZiticaZ conditicm a6 a^zcting thz 1929 naXionaZ campaign. 

**••«««*«« JanuoAy 9, 1919 


KzZZMizA, ifiurjiziota] JouAnaZ, Vzc. 21th 

ChzitZA Lloyd Kinnzy o^ KzZZihZA viZZagz dizd o^ pnzumonia on fAiday moAning, Vzc. 20, 
191 S, at thz UniMZAiity baiz hoipital, FoAt SnzZZing. Hz had contAactzd a cold duAing onz 


0^ ihz itAzmiCLLi miLLXcMj dfLitti, eU^hX dayi bz^oA.z. Tkz wznkrizii ^A^m thz izvzAZ ccld 

aggAavcUzd, no dcabt, by thz Kza.citior. Inxim a A.zzzrvt vac<ujfiati.on, Zndu.czd pnzvjnonia., ^Aom 

wkLcJi hz did net fialZij . 

VujUng tkz wzzk'i ZlZnzii hz had ihz com^onX o^ good ho4,pZiaZ cjviz and thz iolacz o^ 

ihz pA.zizncz 0|$ boih {^aXhzfi and mcthZA. HZi body uioj, bKought to KzZtckz'i SatuJiday 

InteAmznX. took pZacz at: thz tocaZ czmzXznij on Tiiziday. 

EziZdzi kli ^athzA nad motkzA, hz tzavzi bzhind to mouAn hU antbnzJLq dzpoAXuAz thz 

ioZZomjig bKotkznz and 6Z&tzfii: Hu . ft/. H. RoiZ, ValkoAa, ¥L.; MA4 . ELs-ce ZingAa6Z, SzatXJiz, 

O/A.; Ma4. CkaJtizi> Wz^t, Lo6 AngeZzi , CA.; Eagznz A. tCinnzy and uxi^z, Hankln&on, W.; KLbzKZ 

ICinnzy, Camp Vodgz; Maude KJjmzij, KzltLhzfi; Lonjuji Klnnzy, KzttihzA. 

Chz&tzn. uioi boAJi at>on, MV., on Uajj 14th, 1S97. With ha> paA.znti> hz movzd to 

KziLLhzA In CctobzA o^ 1912. Hz attzndzd thz local 6ckooti ^oA. iZMZAoZ yzoju, and Mat, g^ad- 

LLoXzd ijAom thz EzmidJ-L High School on June Ut, 1917. 

Both at homz and In Bcmldjl hz was biuy In good dzzdi . Hz jolnzd tJiz chuAch hzAZ In 

1915, and u:a6 one o{^ thz {oundzAi o£ thz ChAl&tlan EndzjavoK SoCA-Ztjj and a IzadzA In thz 

organization hzAZ. Hz took, activz poAt In thz Sunday School. VuAlng thz past iummzA hz 

OAganlzzd a Boy Scout patAol and Azmalnzd Ita IzadzA to thz loAt. Hz was a mzmbzA o^^ thz 
local band. Jn ^act, hz Iznt a hand to zvzAy good movzmznt In tkz community, and hz uioi 
only 21 yzoAj, old at thz -tone oi hZ& dzath. 

It l6 not zxtAavagant. on thz poAt o^ thz MAltzA, who knzic hJjm u.'zH aj, a ^Alznd, to 
i>ay, tkaX In tkz patitlng o^ Chz&tzA Klnnzy, onz c^ thz moit juit, iZnczAZ, and lovzablz 
mzn "oi ouA community hoi zntzAzd thz ^plnJJi land. Thz gznwinz AzgAzt ^OK kli loa li wzll 
nigh unlvzA6al. I do not bzLLZMZ thzAZ uxu, a ilnglz zlzmznt o^ zvll In hlA hzoAt oA c/ioA- 
actzA. Hli homz ll^z waj, bzautl^ul In hzZp^ulnzi^ . Hl6 family -tees wzAZ i-inguloAly a^{)Zct- 
lonatz and dzlight^ul. It li thzAZ wz {find woe and ioAAow IjnmzoJiUAablz; ^OA to poAznti , 
bActhzAii and itltttznji hz woi thz zmbodimznt a^ goodnzi,.6 . 

LzZ hl& young ^Aizndi not {oAgzX hli constant itAlvlng to gain that zdacaXlcn aj, nzc- 
e64a/u/ nowadays ^oA az/lI iZAvlcz to thz woAld. Hz had itzAn stAoggllng to do In oAdzA to 
gain thz mzanii ^OA gAadaaXlon ^Aom high ickool, but thaX. did not dztzA him. Thz wnJXzA 
uizlZ AzmzmbzAi hJj, znthuilA&m whzn hz galnzd thz covztzd chancz to znAoll In thz Studzntl> 
AAmy TAojjiLng CoAfi, at tkz StaXz Uni,vzA6lty . Hz Azallzzd hcu: dl^^lculX IX. wa<5 icA a young 
man to makz hJjt uiay thAou^h thz Unl\JZA6lty. But hz fenew al&o thz valuz o£ 4udi on zducaXlor. 
Hz was deXzAmlnzd to gzt unlvzAJilty tAoinlng iomzhow. 

Hz dlzd as hz hjxd llvzd: bAavzZy, chzzA^^ully, hopz{^ulZy . Hz wai> con6CA.oui to thz loit 
and nzoA thz znd thzAZ carr.z £Aom hl6 lipi ieAene mz.&.iagzi> o^ good xlll to bAothzAi,, i,l&tzAi 
and (jA-cends. 

fAom hli gAavz gozi {oAth thil, mzMogz to alZ young pzoplz who fenew,' hJjr\: Zt iM high 
IdzaJU, ckzzA^ul counagz, obzdlzncz to duXy and loving iZAvlcz to youA ^zllowrr.zn, whaXzvzA 
may bz youA placz a A pAoizMtlon; thz6Z quallXlzi will win ^oa you a Azally iucczii^ul llf^z. 
It l& livzj, iuch oi thz6Z that makz ouA counXAy gAZaX. 

a 61) 

To thz young meji and u-omen u:hc toot qauti.crJ.nQty ahzad ^Aom ihz th/iukoZd c^ tZ^z. 

ZeX ikzm pondzn. thz tzi,J>on ai Chz6tzA'i &hcAZ tif^z. Thz Zz66on li ploAjn. It Jit,: "THaj, 

Zi thz way, icaZk t/e -ai -it." 

«*«*«*»«•» Janiuvuf 9, 7979 

GREAT EEW EXAMIWER: RzpoAX ftzackzd kzfiz on t-iondcy ixut announcing thz 4>addzn dzath 
0(J HzAman WoAnzn. o^ AbzAdzzn, SV. Ufi. Woajiza woj, wzZJi known hzfiz, hav-Lng many iKizndi and 
A.zZativz6 in thci vicinity. He woi fco^jt nzoA. GA-zaut Bznd on thz ^oAm, a ion o^ thz 
tatz CzoA.gz UoAnzn., Sa.. Hz wa6 maJifiizd to Emma Zohn, a daughtzn. o^ AZbz/iX Bohn. Seven 
chiZdJizn an.z Izit to mowm thz laa o^ thzln. lathzfi. Thz ^anzAoZ tJoa6 hzid aJt AbzAdzzn 
and thz nzmaini, laid at izit thzfiz. 

*««*•**«»• janwvuj 9, 7979 

Gaitav J. PzlviX, Tofmzn. Hankinj,on Boy, Vzad in F-tance 

Thz caiuatty ti&t& tha> weefe bAing neics o^ tiiz dzath o^ Guitavz VzJivit, a ionmzK 
Hankinion boy, {^tiom wounds Azczivzd on thz battZz^Aont. 

Thz PzZvit ^amiZy AZiidzd ^OA iZvzAaZ yzoAi on a ^oAm iouthwZ6t o£ Hankinion. Thzn 
thzy movzd to town and about two yzoAi ago rr.ovzd again, thi& timz to BAzdiznAcdgz. WhzthzA 
Cuitavz zntzAzd thz iZAvicz ^Aom ZcchZand County OA a^tzA thz ^ajniZy movzd to BAzctznAidgz 
we havz fceen unabZz to ZzoAn, but hid namz woi on thz dAa^t Zi&t in thit> county at onz timz. 
No poAticuZoAi aAz known ai, to hii woundi othzA. than thz AzpoAt givzn in thz caiuaity Ziit. 

Thz iympaXhy oiJ many oZd ^Aizndi in thii vicinity goz& out to thz poAznti and othzA 
Ae^^tUvi^. ••,«*»,,,, JanuoAy U, 1979 

Wahpzton VAintzA KiZZzd by GAzat HonXhzAn Fait TAoin 

VaXAick FZahzAty, a pAintzA zjnpZoyzd on thz RichZand County FoAmZA aX Wahpzton, wai 
itAuck by thz GAzat HofithzAn iZy ZA on thz CAoiiing nzoA thz iZouA mitZ at 7:3C PM. A cloud 
oi itzjom poAtiaZiy hid thz Zocomotivz and Ma. FZakzAty woi itAuck bz^oAz hz AzaZizzd thz 
pAoximity 0^ thz tAoin. Maa . FZahzAty, who woi waZking by hMi iidz, wai uninjuAzd. 

Vzczdizd movzd to Wahpzton £Aom Lidgznuood Zoit iunrnzA, having bzzn zmpZcyzd on thz 
BAoadaxz bz^oAZ that papzA wai ioZd to thz nonpaAtiian Zzaguz and movzd to Wahpzton. Hz 
woAkzd on thz FoAmzA -{oA about two monthi whzn hz woi dAa^tzd into thz afuny . Juit bzf^oAZ 
hii dzpaAtiiAZ, in Auguit, hz woi majuiizd to ULii CZivz PichoAdion, daaghXzA oi Pzv. Pid-.aAd- 
ion oi PydzA, HV. On Azaching thz tAoining camp hz wai Azjzctzd ^oa phyiicaZ diiabiZity 
and AztuAnzd to Wahpzton. FoA a timz hz wai zmpZoyzd on thz Gazzttz at EAZckznAidgz, but 
AzczntZy again zntzAzd thz empZoy o^ thz FanrnzA. 

Thz Azmaim wete takzn to PydzA FAiday moAning ^oa buAiaZ. 

• «««»***** Jamuvof 16, 7979 


LLtttz Vofiotkij FZzpzA., HdOA GJizaJ: Ezr.d, Thz lUatm 
ZmttintLf KUZZzd Uhan Shatgixn u:cu, V-i&dicULge.d. . . .ThoagfU thaX. tkz LUXZt 
GZaI VuJitzd the. Gu.n TouxVid& Hzn. by ihe. MazzZe. Thz iAagzdy OcciWizd Taej,dmf In thz P.M. 

The acCA.dzrvtaZ dxJ,chaAgz Ol$ a ihatgan cut tkz Wm. LizQZJbnan homz, ikfizz nUZzi noAXhwzit 
0^ GKZcut Bznd, fiziuuLtzd in XJiz Inttajivt dzcuth oi Va/wthij MoAxe Aaqaitta., iZx tjzaJi otd daughttn. 
oi Wi. and KUu. ti'm. H. Vlzpzx, bztiAizzn 12 and UOO o'cZock Tuz&day afttzAnoon. Thz ckoAgz 
took z^^zct ja6i abovz thz Litttz gJjiZ'6 {^oKzhzad and came oiut at thz ba&z o^ thz bKaZn. 
Vzath wai -ui&tanXanzoiU, . 

Thz VlzpzJi iamiZtj {^onmznZy A.z&Zdzd nzoA GKzat Bznd but movzd to BuJinztt, WJ . , izvzAoZ 
yza/u, ago. A (Jew weefei ago thzy ccmz badi to th.zJA. otd ZichZand County homz and mzaz plan- 
ning to Kznt a lofm nzan. CfizaX Bznd and xemain hzA.z pzAmanzntZy . K'.zantunz thzy weAe staying '. 
at thz Wm. ZLzgzZman homz. 

Cn Tuz&day iomz o^ thz men {^aZkJi wzAZ pZannlng to go ovzA and wonk in a wood tot on onz 
0^ thz othzn. IZzgzZman {^ofuni dvJving thz a^tzAnoon. Onz o^ thz boyi dzcldzd to takz thz shot- 
gun aZong ^OA. thz puJipoiZ o^ hunting /labbiti in th.z bKuch. Thz gun icoi Zoadzd and tz^t 
standing in thz coKnzn. o^ thz Koom duAing thz dinnzn. houJi. Thz tittZz giM., it ii> pKZMmzd, 
wznt into thJ^ xoom and ipizd thz gun. Taking it by thz muzzZz 6hz puZZzd' it towaJidi hzA, 
and in 6omz mannzfi it MOi dZichoAgzd. Thz zntiAZ toad zntzJizd Juit abovz hzA ^oAzhzad and 
paji&zd dounwofid, coming out jait abovz thz back o^ thz nzck. 

Va.. Mc VomzZZ and UznAjj IflippzAman uozAZ catZzd up on thz phcnz and dAOvz out to thz 
pZacz, but o{i C0UA6Z nothing couZd bz donz bzyond pAzpojving thz tiXtZz body ioA buAiaZ. 
Thz iunzAJit wiZZ be hzZd tcmoAAow [FAiday] uUth iZAviczi at thz chuAch tuo miZzi iouth o^ 
GAzat Bznd, o^ whicii Rzv . T. Hinck ij, paitoA. 

Thz paAznt6 OAZ almost cAn.zzd uiith gAizi and onZy tho4,z ujko havz 6ui{,ZAzd a iimiloA 
bzAzavzmznt can iuZZy 6ympathJ.zz with thzm. LUtZz VoAothy woi boAn May 17, 1913, and 
Zackzd ^ouA. monthi o^ bzing iix yzoAl, oi agz. 

••»**«*»«« JanaoAy 16, 1919 

Vzathi in thz LidgzAwood tzAAiXoAy Zai>t wzzk: Gznzvizvz Hovotny, daugktzn. oi Ua. and 
M/us. Jazph W. Hovotmj, oi iniZuznza. Joseph Kubacti oi Cznz6za, iniZuznza. hlii,6 Caiton 
HzAbzAt, a ioAmzA LidgZAwood tzachzA, at EZZzndaZz, iniZuznza. 

«••,»»**«* JanuoAy 16, 1919 

GREAT BEWP EXAAHWER A tzAAibZz accu,dznt happznzd at thz homz oi Wm. PizpZA, living 

thAZZ milzi ncAtlvx'Z&t oi thii> viUagz, on Tuziday whzn thziA tittlz daughtZA, iix ytoAi, 

oZd, woi, imtantZy kiZJLzd by thz di^chiAgz oi a shotgun. In iomz mannZA unknown thz gun 

W(L5 dij>chaAgzd, zntzAing thz iAont pant oi thz hzad abovz thz iacz and kilZlng hzA imtant- 

ty. Thz poAznti OAZ pAoi>tAMJizd with gAlzi and it ii indzzd a vzAy iad aHaJji. It it. not 

known zxactZy hew thz accidznt happznzd, howzvzA it i& anotkzA cai^z oi dtildAzn playing 

with iiAzaAjn6. Wz zxtznd ouA sympathy to thz gAizi i>tAickzn iasniXy and AzZaXivz^ . 

********** Januwiy 16, 1919 


John E. SeZtneA., Z1 yzoA^ old, cUzd o^ tubzAcuZai^ cut ikz home, o^ hlii poAzrvU -in 

LidgzAwood teat weefe. Thz dzczaj,td had LLvzd Zn thCi zcanty aJUi hJji Ia.{z., havZng bzzn 

boKn at EoAnZif on Feb. 20, 1S96. 

*»«««••»** JarwuiAjj 23, 1919 

Thz {^uneJiaZ oi tittZz. Vofwtky, daughtzA o^ h'A.. and M/l4 . tt'm. VZejptK, vcai hzZd on SatuA- 
daij tajit and wai> tafigeZy auttzndzd. 
GREAT BENV EXHUMER ********** JanimAij 23, 19 79 

Rev. J. P. ICtaaiZzA Zz^t Sandaif zvejUng ^OA. Rzduiood FaZZ&, MM., Zn xzi,pom,z to a mei4- 
agz announcing thz 6uddzn dzaXh oi hJj, oZdzMt 4-LitzA, U>i6 . ft'm. (.UZbAjodt, idio pa&izd auiay 
^oZZouU-ng a itAok.z o^ apopZzxy. Thz (^imzAoZ wai hzZd Uondajj a^tzAnoon, and Un.. KZojuZza 
oAXvjzd homz yzj^tzAday ^ hyii, itojl zAAond. 

********** Tzhniiajuj 6, 1919 

Thz coiuaZty ZZit6 Zi-iuzd thziz day-i oaz i,uAz a jokz. . .zvzn Z^ a gha&tZy onz, fAonk 
J. RZnzhoZjdt hoi been homz ^Aom France ^OK ^zveAoZ t*:zzt& , havZng bzzn woandzd Zn thz hand 
by 6hAapnzZ Zn onz o^ thz bZg iZght6 ovzA thzAZ, but Zn no £e44 than tAzz Kzcznt coiuaZty 
ZZ&ti hjj> namz appzoAi among thz "SzvzaZj/ woundzd." Tfvank iiayi, Z^ hz uxu> woundzd at, o^^tzn 
oi hZi namz appzoA^ Zn thz ca&uaZty lAj,t& hz MouZd iZmpZy be "dUZ 6hot to pZzczi." 

********** Tzbfwuvai 6, 1919 

Thz baby boy o{, UK. and Un^ . Jo6 . JazgzA, ZZttZz CZzZdzth, dZzd thZi moAjiZnq at 10 AAf 
cut thz agz 0($ 10k month& . Thz bahy had thz iZu. {^oK iomz tZmz cmd wejtt Znto convuZ^Zoni 
Za&t nZgh^ pcu>.iZng away thci {oKznoon. Thz poAznti havz thz ^,ympathy o£ aZZ Zn thz Zo^4> Oj$ 
thzMi tUXZz onz. ********** FzbAMRAy 13, 1919 

CzoA.gZxinc, Zn{^anct daughtzA o^ Ma. and hOi6 . Ed. EZadow o^ BzJLioAd, dZzd Scukufidajy 
mofinZng, ¥zbKVJVuj 15th, a^tzA an ZZZnzii 0(J a ^zw houA& , at thz agz o^ tuoo montlii,. 

Thz ^unzAoZ wai, hzZd Monday, iZAvZczi bzZng conductzd by Rev. R. HiZgzndofi^ at St. 
John'i ChuAch. Thz young paAznti havz thz sympathy o^ aZZ Zn thz toi>^ oi thzZ/i baby. 

********** FzbAwviy 10, 1919 

ChcuiZzJ) HznAy Nelson pcu,izd auay at thz homz oi hZj> 6on, Roy Nzlion, Zn EAZghttcood 
Toun&hZp, F/iZday nZgkt at thz agz o^ 64 yzau . We had bzzn ZZZ Ion. iomz tZmz and dzath 
uicu> duz to hoAdznZng o^ thz oAtz/Uzi and thz Zn^ZAmZtZzi o^ advancZng yzau . Thz body 
UJCU) 4,hZppzd to thz old homz at Lakz CZXy, MN., Sunday nZght ^oK bunZaZ. 

Vzcza&zd woi boAji cut StockhoZm, WJ . , and mo^t o^ hjj, IZ^Z woA ipznt. thzAz and at 

Lakz CZty. He Z& 6UAvZvzd by £Zvz lom and two dojughtzAM Roy and PcuiZ o^ thZ-i pZacz, 

Lzon, Enjizjit and FnzzdZoth, Ma4 . Howofid and VZolzt NzZ^on, aZZ o^ whom uiZth thz zxczpt- 
Zon oi Roy and PauZ ZZvz at poZnt& Zn MZ-nnz-iota. and WZ&con&Zn, and EZZa M. Ho/utan oi Wew 
Vofik CZXy. ThzAz oAz aZio two ^uAvZvZng iZitzAi and izvzAjoZ bAothzAi. 

********** Fzbmafty 20, 7919 


Ma. and MA4 . Wm. WziipkaZ, f-i^ . Jatui6 Wz6X:pahZ and Wm. H. Radda^z fiziuAM.d ^cnduOLj 
moAJUjig injcm Sanhonn, MN,, wheAz tkzij mzaz. zaJLLtd LoMt wzzk to aXtejid ihe. ^umAoZ o^ a 
KeZaZivz, CanZ KAohn, who pca^zd aujoy cm tkz fiziulX o£ a poAaZijtic itiJuoke. ia^^zjizd aji 
VzzejnbzA. He haul btzn uncom,clo(i6 ^Aj}m ihz timz oi thz itnokz, anZiZ dzatk zmazd. 

«»««»••»•» FzbKiuvu^ 11, 1919 

WoaA uxU) KzczAMzd hz/iz Monday o^ ikz dzath o^ Eduiln Copp'in on Jan. IHt, at luj, homz 
In England, at tkz agz o^ 78 lfZaA^. Vzcza&zd uxa a ruitivz oi EngZand bat camz to ZicJitand 
County Zn 18S0, 4>ztttLng on a homz^tzad ja6t voz&t OjJ thz pJiz&znt cJMj oi HankZn&on. Hz 
xz&Zdzd hzAz antZt 1899, bzZng zmployzd at onz tunz oi gKoZn buifzn. hzn.z. In H99 kz iz- 
tuAnzd to EngZand, MOi KZmoKxLzd and Zzavz& tuuo ioni by thU 6ZCond anion. ThzKZ an.z 4even 

&afi\}lvlng druZdJizn In thZi vtclnZty Ufu . J. J. BakzA o^ Wahpzton, Wu, . A. H. Zficwn o{^ 

HaniUnion, CzoKgz, E. J. and ?(Ul 0|$ HaniUmon, fJizd o^ Mew E^^Zngton, Tom Zn. CaZZiofinZa 
and WZiZZam 0|$ Uahpzton. Vzcza6zd woi pKorrZnzntZy known hzfiz Zn zanZy dayi and oua. pZo- 
nee/L6 uuZZ ZzoAn with Kzgfizt o£ hZi> dzaXh. 

«»«»««**•* FzbnwLfiy 11, 1919 

ye4, we'-td m^4 ZJJJi VajmZnt and tkz otkzA ipZcy (^zatuAZi o^ thz HinnzapoZli JouAmZ'i 
ipoAtZng pagz. John H. RZtdUz, thz JouAnaZ'j, ipoAtZng zdZton., dZzd thZi wzzk, and th.ui 
EZtt VoAmlnt pii64e4 £Kom thz ipoAtZng pagz. 

» •*«•,«,•, TzhfWuaMj 11, 1919 

(UoA.d Kzachzd hzxz today ojj tkz dzath o^ E. A. Rzmmzn, weZZ tnown plonzzA {^anmzn. who6z 
homt'li &oatk oi{ town. He had bzzn liZ ^OK iomz timz. We havz no poAtZcvZafU aj, to tkz 
iunzAoZ OAMjingzmznt^. , •,.•,.,, , fzbAuoAy 11, 1919 


On Mondaif Zoit camz thz iZnaZ caZZ o^ AZbznZ Bohn o^ thZi vZtZagz, who pa&4izd away 
zoJiZy Zn tkz a^tzAnoon o^ that day. M/l. Bohn had bzzn a ia{,^zA.zA ^Aom canczn. o^ thz sto- 
mach £oA thz pa&t yzoA and dzath. camz <l5 a wzZcomz AzZZzi a^tzA Zong months o^ paZn. 

AZbzAt Bohn woi, onz a{^ ouA pAomZnznt cZtZzzrj> , a man o^ many good qaaZZtlzi . Hz wa& 
boAn Zn Tzchnow, CzAmanif, 63 yzoA^ ago and camz to thZ6 countAy Zn ISIO. In 1873 hz i>ztt- 
Zzd In RZchZand County and wai numbzAzd among thz zanZZz&t ^zttZzAJ, Zn thz GAzat Eznd 
nzZghboAkood. Hz iZZzd on a homzitzad Zn 1816 and Zn 1811 wai moA/iZzd to TAzd/iZcka Hoz^i. 
Thz wZdow and zZght chZZdfizn iunvZvz hZm oi wzZZ oi 14 gJiandckZZdn.zn and tkAzz gAzat-gAond- 
ckZZdAzn. SzvzaoZ bAothzAit and iZitzAi aAZ aZio ZZvZng. We cannot but ioy that anatkzn. 
good man li gonz and zxpAZ&i ouA sympathy to thz many AzZatZvz& and ^AZzndi . 

Thz iunzfrnZ wlLZ fee hzLd Thauday at thz LuthzAan Ev. ChuAch, Reu. H. HZnck to ccnd- 
uct thz izAvZczi. ...GREAT BEhW EXMWER... fzbmoAu 11 1919 


0. E. HuuiA, wztt kncu:n ^anmzn. o{^ Lat-^OA^ TowmhUf, cLizd ¥nA.dajj moKning cu, ihz kzauIX o^ 

0^ a i-ttofee 0^ paAjoZifiZi, 4U|J(JeAed iuo dayi bz^oxz. VzczcLizd wcu, 53 yzcuu, old and Zi iuA- 

vZvzd by a uii^z and tknzz gAown dvitdA.zn Auo 4cr4 and onz daaqirutzfi. Tkz £aneA£Lt uxu 

kzAd Sunday a£tzAnoon. 

********** Ma/LcA 6. 7979 

NzZi W-itcox, a pAominznt citlzzn o^ SZ6£zton and onz o^ tkz ownz/a o^ tkz SZi,izton 
Eottting WoaJh, was buAnzd to dzath on Monday zvzn^nq oi Za^t wzzk. Hz had gonz to tkz 
ipAAjng Mcth a bZouitoKch to thaw out tkz hydfuuiLLc nam uiKich It ^,zzm6 had ^Aozzn. Hz did 
not xztufufi, and izoJickzu {^aund tkz dzad body badZy buJinzd. It appzafu, tkaX. idUZz tuZng 
tkz toAch /itzam had ^oAmzd in tkz con^inzd oAza in 6u^iciznt quantity to blow o^^ tkz 
top 0^ tkz num. b,'heXhzA kis dzath AZiaitzd ^Aom tkz zxplaicn OA by bafming dozM not 
4zzjn clzoA. •••••*,•,, y^^ ^^ jgj, 

La6t Sunday' 4, Hinnzapotii papzA& announczd tkz dzath in FAancz o^ Lizut. Jamei EaZl- 
zntinz, uko gavz up hi& ti^z on tkz iizZd oi battlz. Hz wai, a {^amouji football playzA on 
tkz U. 0^ M. tzam at onz timz and wai, known to lomz oi ouA pzoplz, having vijtiXzd an aunt, 
llAi . E. F. WiAth, whzn tkz i^iAtk {amiZy livzd kzAz izvZAaZ yzoAJk ago. 

********** Mo^eA 6, 7979 

G&nzvizvz Klo-itznman, 8 yzoA old daugktZA o^ Ma. and MAi . W. J. KJLoitzfman o^ tkz 
MooAzton nZA,ghboAkood, dizd in a FoAgo Ho-ipiXal at 4 M.\ Uzdnziday moAning ^Ajom pznumonia 
^olZowing a Azlapiz oi tkz ilu. Tkz poAznti, wzAZ at tkz bzd&idz whzn tkz znd camz. SuA- 
viving OAJZ tkz poAznti and onz 4-a-teA, 5 yzoAi old. 

********** MoAc/i 20, 7979 

Ma&. Hattiz CamzAcn, 55, wiiz oi E. S. CajrzAon, iofmzA zditoA oi tkz Wahpzton Tiir.zi , 
wzlZ known ovzA tkz county, dizd at Wakpztan Monday moAyUng at 3:40 o'clock. 

Vzczaizd woi moAAizd to Ma. CamzAon jait 33 yzoAi ago. Shz ij> iuAvivzd by thAzz daa- 
ghtzAi, BzuZak BzlZ, wiiz oi Va. SawyzA oi Twin Fatl&, IP.; Viala, wiiz oi WaltzA UoAnzA 
oi iilakpzion; and Mii^ FzAn CamzAon who AZiidz6 at homz; and a 4ton, Max, who Zi itationzd 
aJ: Camp Vix. WJ. . **,««•,«»« j^,^^ 20, 7979 

PatAick tJJhitz, onz oi tkz bz6t known citizzm oi ouA nzighboAing viZlagz oi FoAjimourtt, 
dizd. ituddznly SatuAday moAning oi kzanX iaJMiAZ. Hz izttlzd in Faifmount in tkz zoAly dojjii 
and A£UAzd a Ioaqz iamiZy, hiikz WhJjtz oi tkii city bzing onz oi tkz ionii. 

«•»*«•**»« y^^ 27, 7979 

Ma. and Maj> . ThzodoAZ VuwznhozggzA oi MantadoA ^ecexuecf tkz iad newi la6t wzzk that 

hzA &iAtzA had dizd in tkz MankaXa Hoipital. Ma. and Ma4. VuwznkozggzA Izit tkz 4>amz 

zvznlna to attznd tkz iunzAol. 

• ••««*«»»« MoJick 27, 7979 


Ux. and hlnj,. UcuCh Eaiimann, hsi^band and tcij'e, dle.d u^iaMuji 24 hciuu o^ zach oihz/L 
moA. LLdgeJiwocd iaj>t u:e.zk, compZA.caXA.onii ^oZZouxing thz £Zu.. Tu:c tcttte. ckiZdJizn an.?. lz{^t 
OAphoju,, ogei I and 4 c/ejxAj, A.z6pzcXA.vzZy . Thz kiU>band woi 30 yzofu old and ikz Miiz 24. 
Thz £amtiif ionrnzAZtj A.z&^dzd Jjn. thz nz^hbonkood o^ Stiiz& . 


Wm. UuzZZzfi, MztZ known /iZiZdzni o^ GfizzndaZz TowrUihlp, dlzd In St. MoAi/'i HoipAXaZ 
ojt VJinnzapoUji Za^t FAZday ioZZouiing an opzAoutLon {^on. an a-iZjrtznt o^ thz J^iomach. Thz 
KzwoAjUi uiZAZ ilfujppzd to HankAJUton, aAAA.vZng kzn.z Sandojj moAjUng, and thz {^unznaZ woi hzZd 
Taziday a($^e/t.noen, iZAvZcZi bZAjig condactzd at thz Luthzfian Chvuich by Rev. J. P. KZ.aiiiZzA. 
IrvtzAjnznX. woi In thz LuthzAan CzmztZAy. 

VzczojiZd tvaa boAn Zn WZnona. Coantij , MW., and wai 47 yzoAi and 6 dnjji, oZd at thz tZmz 
0^ kli dzath. In Ivii boyhood hz movzd ^Kom kZi natZvz homz to Sooth Dakota and Zn IS9Z 
came to RZchZand County, ZocatZng nzoA. Gxzat Bend. ThzAZ hz uxl& moJifLizd about fZ yzaAj> 
ago to UZi,^ EzAtha ZZzgzlman who togzthzA uxoth a f^amZZy oi zZzvzn chZZdAzn, iuA\;Z\JZ& hZir. 
A ^Ziv yzoAi, ago thz ^amZZy movzd to a iaJun Zn GAzzndaZz TownihZp whzAZ thzy havz ^Zncz 
AZiZdzd. VzczoiZd uxi& an Zjiduit/Uoui and upAZght cZXZzzn, a tovZng haiband and kZnd (^atkzn., 
and thz bzAzavzd onz6 havz thz iympaZhtj o^ aZJZ. 


(Anji. ElZzab(Lth ZZch, wZdow 03 M. T. Zlch, thz ^ZAJ,t iztttzn. Zn Wahpzton, dZzd on Tuzi- 
day 0^ Za6t wzzk ijAcm aZd agz. M/ui. ZLch woa boAn Zn GzAmany on Jane 19, 1S36. Shz accam- 
panZzd hzA. ^athzA and tu:o bAothzA.1, to AmzAZca. at thz agz oi 17 yzanj,, thz mathzA dyZng whzn 
Uaj,. ZZch woi, but a 6maZZ chZZd. Thz iamZJiy ^zttZzd on a a'aAm Zn Goodhuz Caunty ^ MN., about 
thA-zz mZZzi £ Red Ct'-uig. HeAe thz young woman madz hzA. homz untZZ ihz woi moAAZzd to U. T 
TUch on June 4th, 1S57. 

ThAzz daughtzu wzAZ boAJi to thz coupZz, aZZ oi whom 6uAvZvz: ULit-i CoaaZz E. RZch 0^ 
Wahpzton, Uu. Hzlzn J. CAoutt o^ Spokanz, and Maj>. S. R. TaZZzy oq Wah.pzton. 

********** kphU. 3, 1919 

Vvt. Ci'm. RadZoii oi LZdgzAivcod wa6 NOT kZZZzd Zn actZon a& wai AzpoAJizd iomz tanz ago 
Zn thz cjuuaZXy tiit 'Zj>iuzd by thz wax dzpaAtmznt. In thz coKA.zctiot\^ oi tlrz tZbt Zt.i>uzd 
thZji wzdz, ?AA.vaXz RadZoH Zj> AzpoAtzd woundzd Zn actZon, degree undztzAmZnzd . 

»»t**«t«** KpAAZ 3, I9T9 

HzAo H. TayloA, County Judgz o^ SoAgznt County, dZzd Zn a UZjnnza.patU HotpZtat la^t 
TAAjday ^oZZowZng an opz/vatZon ^oa gaZlitonzi, . Thz TayloAj, wzaz pZonzzA AZ&Zdznt^ o^ SoAgznt 
County, TayZoA Towni,hAjp bzZng namzd ^OA thzm. Thz {,athzA o^ thz dzczmzd, who dZzd a ^m 
yzoAM ago, waj, a wzZZ known choAactzA. He wa& AztZAzd hlUil&iZppZ ZLvzA ^tznmboat captcAn 
and loA. tSiz gAzaZzA poAt oi a yzoA, Zn hAJ> boyhood dayi, ihoAzd an attic bzd Zn hZ^ homz 
wZth AbAoham LZncoZn. Lincoln wom zmployzd by hJj, iathzA, and Ua. TayloA Azlatzd to thz 


MnuXzfi how -impcutizrvC hz a&td to get tcct^ young LincoZn u.-hc iuzd to tLt op and fizad ^oa 

.into thz rJ^hX, dl&tuAhAJig M^. TciyZoA.'6 6luinbeJu> . Thz itofiy o^ LinccZn'i tmploymznt 

by the. eZdzA. TayloA. appzoju, In i^vzAoZ i,toAA.Z6 0;$ Lincotn'^ tiie.. Judge. H, H, TaujloK <j, 

iuAv^yjed by a. ml^z and th/izz damghteju, . 

• •-*«*•»««« ^p;^^ 3^ J9J9 

kdzLinz LejwJia, tkz llttZz daugfvtzA o^ W/t.. and Ma6. JuLau, Wz.u,^,, dizd laj,t ffUday 
a^tzA. a. bAlzi lUbiZM) at tkz agz o^ 2 yzcuu,, 10 months and 4 dayi . Thz iunznxiZ uxls hztd 
Sunday mXk iZfivZczi condacXzd at thz luthzAon ChuAch by Rzv. J. P. KLm&ZzfL. Thz itA.ickzn 
poAznti havz thz sympathy o^ aZZ Zn thz to&i, o^ thzAJi LittZz onz. 

^pfUl 3, J9I9 

A me44age vuai KzczA.vzd hzAZ yzi,tzn.daif announcung thz dzath c^ M/Li. J. P. Cunningham's 
mothzA, juit a couptz o^ doj^s a^tzA f^JU, . Cunnyingham had dzpoAtzd jJoA TZofiida ^ox thz bznz- 
IaX oi hzA hzaZth. 


kpJiU. 3, 1 9 79 

GREAT 8EW EXAWIWER Thz sad fizpont Azachzd hzAZ tost wzzk oi thz suddzn dzath o^ 

iL'lLtiam MuzllzA who pas-izd away at a hoipltat c£ stomach tAoubtz. Vzczaszd voas wztt known 
Ajn. thzsz paAti, having tivzd hzAZ slncz hUj, youngzA days. Hz moAAlzd a daughtzA oi F, "Lizg- 
ztman, fliss Ezntha, somz yzoAS ago and to thzm zZzvzn dUZdAzn wzAz bo An. Thz many ^Klends 
and AzZatlvzs o^ thz iamlly sympaXhlzz with thzm In thz toss o^ a good husband and ^athzA. 

Simon Odzgaafid Slays Wl^z with RzvoZvzA, Thzn TuAns thz Wzapon on HlmszZ^. 
Simon Odzgaafid, living £ouA mlZzs noAth o£ bJalcott, shot and klXZzd hli ivl^z last 
.ThuAsdaij mofmlng about 9 AM, and thzn Zz^t thz housz and wznt to a gfwvz o^ tAzzs and shot 
and kUUizd hlmszl^. Thz shooting was donz with a 38 caZlbAZ kzvcZvza. ShzAl^i WoZd and 
CoAonzA Nzss WZAZ caZZzd to thz scznz but ^ound thz (,acits as abovz and a coAcnzA's Inquzst 
was hzZd, but that znds thz tAagzdy so ^OA as thz oHlclaZs OAZ conczAnzd. 

Thz tfiagzdy was uttzAJLy unzxpzctzd. Thfizz o^ thz iouA sons o^ thz coupZz Zlvzd with 
thzlA. poAznts, whlZz thz thAZZ daaghtzAS wonli out. Thz sov\s say that not only was thzAz no 
quoAAzZ OA tAoubZz that monjiing, but thz iathzA szzmzd In a paAticuLaAlij gzntaZ mood as thzy 
wznt about thzlA ^oAm woaJi. Thz youngzA boy was woAklng oAound thz boAn and camz In and 
£ound his mothzA on thz iZoofi dzad, with bZoad stAzamlng ^Aom a wound In hzA nzck. and back 
0^ hzA hzad. 

LatzA hz iound his ^athzA's body. Thz dzad man had put thz AZvoZvZA to his mouth and 
thz buLZzt camz out at thz top o£ his hzad. ThAZZ Ojf thz ^Ivz chambzAS O]^ thz AzvoZvzA 
U3ZAZ empty. Thz coupZz weAe each, about ^l^ty yzoAS o^ agz. 

• «••»«*»*• ^p^^ 24, 7919 

M^4 AdzZaldz FaLcz Zz^t Sunday noon ^oA VznvzA, CO., In Azspcnsz to a mzssagz announc- 


Zng tkz dzaXh oij an aurX uuXk u;hcm ikz madz heA kcmz Jja kzn. young gZnJUr.ocd. 

Hojifuj Jzi-iof, one o{, tkz bzi,i known tfiavzLing mzn in thLi tznJuXcfiy, dJ.zd In ^linn- 
zapoLU) Sunday a^tzA a i,honX lZJiir.zi)& . Vzczcazd "madz" HanhZmcn ^OA. many yzoAi and a lajvgz 
oJjicJLz oi old {^fu.zndjt vuZt IzoAn, u!,iMi Kzgfizt o{, (Ui dzaXh. HU, uu-^z iuAv^vzi fum. 

• • • « t . * . , « ^p,j^ 24, 79 79 

Thz &ad tizponX A.zacJizd h.zAZ lent Thunj>day of, tkz dzaXh a^ John Stzi(^zn, onz oi qua. 
pKominznt ^oJimzu A.Z6ZdUjig zigkt mZlz6 AouXhwzii o^ tkii yj-cttagz. VzaXk uxa daz to icmz 
^■tomack diioA.dzA ^Jiom uifUch hz fuid bzzn cUZing ioK lomz -time. A w-cjje and toJigz iarnLZy o^ 
drUZdfizn OAZ Zz^t to mouAn thz Zo.6.6 o^ a good ha&band and {^aikzn. M^. Stz^zn mom a man 
oi zxcztZznt KzputaXZon and a {^AZznd to zvzfiijonz, and thz communitij i,u(^izAi, a gKzxit toi,i 
-or hJji dzpajituJiz to a bzttzn. uionZd. hZa i-Uiit wit(Je dLizd many yzaju> ago and hz w<lj manAZzd 
Aomz tzn yzau ago to M>w. C. F-cicAeA, nee M^nn-ce Nzitzzt. Thz £unzAaZ wai, hzld ta^t Uondmj 
GREAT BEWP EXAWIWER... «»*««»«»» t ^p,,,^ 24^ ,g,g 

Pfiomlnznt Ba6lnz&6 hian o^ t!Jahpzton VZc^tim o£ HzoAt FaJMiAz 

E. R. Gamblz, a {^ofmzn. AZ&Zdznt o^ Fa/igo and ^on. 15 yzaJUi a AZiZdznt o^ Wahpzton, and 
mzmbzA. ol thz uiholz&aZz i-Uim oi Lzach S Gamblz o{, that cJXy, dLizd Sunday moaning at Long 
Bzach, CA. He wu, 50 yzoM old. 

VzaXh Mai> duz to hzant laUZuAZ. Un., Gamblz, a gAza^t dzvotzz o^ thz gamz c^ 
goli, had compztzd -en a touJinamznt at Long Bzach, and had won a i^vZK tfwphy. Hz wai 
appaxzntly In thz bzit oi kzalth Satufiday night. 

Fox thz last ^ew,' yZJa^^ Ma. Gamblz had bzzn KZildlng in Long Bzach, making a vZilt to 
NoxXh VaJiota zvznjy turmzA. HZs uii^z dLizd at Lang Bzach about a yzoji ago, hzA. dzath bzing 
ac suddzn oi, that o^ hzn. huiband. Ma.. Gamblz woi a 6on o^ Alzxandzn. Gam.blz, onz o{i thz 
oldz6t A-ZiA-dznti 0^ FoJigo, and ivho was a choAtzn. mzmbzA o^ thz tAoionic Lodgz o{^ that Cyity. 

E. R. Gambz l& iuAvZvzd by a bAothzA, AlexandzA Gamblz o^ Loi Kngztzst , and a i^-CeA 
Mas. J. C. VAobznX. oi FoAgo, who wai onz ai thz izlatAMZi, pAZiznt at thz timz oi kii> dzath. 

»«•*»*»»«* May 1, 1979 

Wzll Known Bzliond Rz&Zdznt Rececuei Final Summom 
HznAy KAimp dLizd aJ: thz homz oi kii> mothzA in Bzlioxd Towmkip loit Thufuday moAniMg 
aitZA a tingZAZng iLlnz&s. Hz wai a victim oi thz gAzat whitz plaguz and ioA months batilzc 
bAavzly agaimt thz inAoadi oi thz di6zaiz. 

Vzczoizd wai) a nativz oi BzZioxd Townsip and wai IS yzoAi , 7 months and 4 dajj6 old at 
thz timz oi hi& dejxth. Most oi hli tiiz was spznt on tiiz homz ioAm. Hz AZCzZvzd a common 
school zdjucatixn and latzA took a businzss cowisz at a Ccmmzn.cial Collzgz. Bzing iiXtzd 
ioA busijizss tiiz, hz took up bank woAk and ioA szvzAol yzoAS was on thz staH oi Hankinson 
banks . Hz ^oxkzd in tt-.z FanmZAS S MzAchants Bank until a ijew weefe^ ago whzn his condition 
madz iX nzczssoAy ioA him to quit. Hz thzn KztlAzd to thz old homz wh(biz loving hands did 


aZL Zn tir.eJji pcwzA. to makz luj> cJialnq daui an, zcuy cu, po-i^-cbtz. 

About iouM. ijzafu, ago kz mcu mtVi'u.e.d to UUm, FceAtidi Cq the. UanXadoK nzx.gkboAkood, 
who, uuXh tU)o tlttie. dauqhttnji , iuJivive. him. Haj, latkvi deed iaddzmZij a. ^ew,- montki age. 
Tfte motkzn. and ievfiaZ. bfiothvii, and ^^-te/us afie. aJUo It^t. 

The. uvUteA. teivimd to knew HznAjj Kfwmp qiLotz IntunoJteZij . Ve/,pite. the. phif.iA.caZ iZJU 
^Ajom wkick hz u;a& a comtant iu^^zAZA hz wai zvzA dizzfi^uZ and A.zmalnzd at h-ci dej,k manij 
tAjnzi, when a tzt,i, ombAXLctu -indA.\jAAuaZ wouJLd havz bzzn undzA thz doctoK'i, zaJiz. Hz madz 
a bKa.\JZ ^-ight ^OA ti{^z but tkz oddi, ujzaz too gAzat. Haj> uyvtOujig zneAgy and ^unnif tejnpzA- 
mznt cautd not ^aiZ to Zn&piAZ aZZ. wJUth. whom hz woa aj,i0CA.a;tzd. Thz NEWS joZni, uUth ^C0AZI> 
0^ Hanlujiion ifiiendil, Zn zxtznding sympathy to thz bztzavzd onzi. 

Thz lwn.zn.aJL ttvii hztd SatuAdojj, iZAvA.czii bzlng condactzd at thz homz at 10 M\ ^oZZowzd 
by iZAvA-CZi, at thz CatkoLic ChuAck Zn l^lantadoA. Reu. F^, WiZhzi, condactzd thz ieAvZczi and 
AjitzAmznt u.<a6 madz in thz ^amity tot in thz UantadoA CemzteAy. 

********** lAay i, 7919 

Vk. John H. SdrAjozdzA oi Ulnnzapotii a Victim o{^ Vi.phtkeAj.a 

Vk. John H. Sch/iozdeA., pnximinznt hfinnzapotli phuiician, dizd tait Tftiday o^ diphtheAia 
contnactzd ^Aom a patiznt and thz body a'Oi bAooQht heJiz Ion. buAiaZ at hu boyhood homz. 

Vzczaizd uxu a 6on o^ Ma4 . Ci'm. Boztkz o^ tha> city and hii axAzzn. uxu, that o^ .a iaccz64i- 
luZ 6zZ£ madz man. Hz wiM bonn at Junzau, WJ., 55 uzaA& ago and camz to thz vici.ruMf o^ 
Hankin6on whzn but tzn yza/u o^ agz. A^tzn thz common ichooti hz and hiA bnothzA 
H. Si. SchAozdzA uiejiX to (iinnzapoZiJ, vihznz thzy woAkzd theJji u)ay titnough high ichool and latz 
thAough thz Hinnziota Uni-VZAiZty . John took up and kii bnothzA th.z taw, and both 
gnxiduRtzd mXh honoAi. FoZZouUng thz compZ.eXi.on o^ thziA. uni.\Jznj>iXy couA&zi thzy zrXeAzd 
upon thz o^ thziA. pAo^z6^ion6 in HinnzapoZli . In iivz yzoA^ timz Va. SchAozdzA had 
gainzd a AzpataXixn ai anz o^ thz Zzading tknoaX. 6pzci.aZi^t6 o^ thz city. Hz nzvzA moAAizd 
and duAing thz Za&t ^ew monXhi woi making onAangzmznXi, to takz hii mothzA and heA hoiband tc 
thz ciXy to maintain a homz ion him. 

WhiZz attznding a diphthznia patient hz contAacXzd thz dnzad dLuzoiz, itAlcken 
on Taziday o£ Zait wzzk and pai,i,zd auay Fniday monjving. 

Thz nemaim, wzaz bnought to Hankimon, accompanizd by thz bAothzn H. W. FuneAjoZ. izn- 
vi-cz^ WZAZ condactzd by tliz ZocaZ Ma&oni.c Lodgz, dzcza&zd bzing a membeA o^ thz InateAnJjty, 
and thz nemaim, wzaz intznAzd in HiZZiidz CemztzAy on Sunday a^tznnocn. 

Vzceoizd ij, iuAvivz by thz mothzn, Wu . Cv'm. EozZkz, oi tkli cZty; loan bnatiiZAi, , F. Ci'. 
SchAozdzA oi$ tkii, ciXy, C. W. SchnozdeA oi New Vonk City; H. R. SchnozdeA wiXh thz anmy o{i 
occupation in CzAmany; H. ft/, SchnozdeA o^ ^.UnnzapoZi.i and a haZ^ bnotkzn and diJiteA, knnoZd 
BozZkz and Etta EozZkz oi tkii ciXy. 

»»•«««*»«* Woi/ S, 19/9 

hiichazZ Gi.nibach Zz^t SaXanday ^on f^zncminzz, t'l., to atXznd thz ^unzAoZ o£ hU ii^tzi 

^iW , BoAhana Ke^izZ, ukich wai hzZd m.onday. 

********** Moi/ «, 1979 



Aadland JA4 

AamdahL 52 

Abraham 54 

Adams 158 

ALLen 8,9 

AmbLer 27 

Anderson 76,92,145 

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to film # 1574 - HANKINSON 

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